University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine - Veterinarius Yearbook (Athens, GA)

 - Class of 1988

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University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine - Veterinarius Yearbook (Athens, GA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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1" . c 1. Qu-' , ,vH. J. w , .. . 1 ' , .. fy 7 . J m - ,- - , ,. , ':4..1 -1 NV I , .4 . f.. .V ,. . .Jw , . Y M, . X. Q .m, N-, -iQ.' HAWZB2 , . 1 , L, 1 . M Elin' ,..' , I. ,- 3.5, .Q M e A - 1 - .. v .W 4, .... fn, 1 v 1 1 1 I w 4 Altn .I X ', J .15 fy.-. xx THE VETERINARIUS College of Veterinary Medicine University of Georgia Athens, GA 30601 q404y 542-3461 Table of Contents Opening Faculty Classes Soph. Fresh. Activities Closing Advertisements 120 y 1 1 A - 4 A x f 0 I 'X -, -4 - . x . ., ,.-.1 ,' N ,ui 4 AEM, -wr-M 'WA- . I ' 'v' 2 'YY My . ,fu -f . . ' X . V "N-I? 'ML v I xy' .ww X A " rf v " - .-K, YJ N5-,:. V XJ K 5, I , . Q., '.-' H ", '4 4' -I 4---A-v, , Jw' r-:Q -wx K 1 ., M, N 4 ' , f:: 1 .- , -w -f .- g- A I .My xxx- , X im ,pn H, w..,',. . L-.I , . uf ,. X7 'y 'j M xx- - M I' " rfb ,A .QW ., w 4 ' , nv- V 'Y ' . , ' uf , V J , x .N 'iff ' v.r": J-1 1- N ,' ' -QXx,4N'N H - .- 'vfliw ' ' S ' " NWN x " ., ' if ' ' ky 4 , -lm ,- FRN .,.. . , E I, - l ...M , M, K - N I, W ,. .W , ,, ., Qi,-, ,jx yy-A-Qhcvf ' ' 1 'MQ n.,x-V1 X, 'M--N V 'J 'K ,X uf . 4 ,X --",xg5-,,',m X ,.,m.4 I A , , WA, ,., . N! -, L 4 ,M W , ,, wf' ',f: "J f Wm wi, W, , T 2.4 ' ' I , . V, , 1 A ws M wk .A IW V., K W . .rt1"v," w W 1,-1 1 N N 'N W If 'Q H ,A 3 w,L'Fv W vm, ' ., , , - aw- ,. I f L , --1 , I -A , . -33: W ,,,....-v--" ' I 'wx " N 'V K ' ' . rw Mr' - ' ' M ,x ,lg -A .1 K A Nam.-D.1..'.g....4' ...AA , ' f. 554' Q X? Y V ,aff an Z Xa W if The dean, Dr. Burton was charged not only with disseminating infor- mation throughout the state, but also with the teaching of the students. The freshman class of 1918 was the first class to start a full four-year course leading to a degree of D.V.M. Only 8 students began in this class. Unfortunately, World War I took its toll and several students left. Those that remained, continued toward their degree. 4 Opening The new school was off to a good start, but the beurocratic machine took care of that. The Georgia legis- lature and University officials be- lieved that the Veterinary depart- ment should support itself. Better yet, it should make money, not cost money. However, the division was not faring well fiscally. After refus- ing recommendations to spend mon- ey upgrading the school, the degree course was cancelled. In 1933 the last class graduated. ,fe 'K- si' .V 1 V . . n f, ffgigw ,wXfQf,Z,w ,Q , fmff' ff " Pl aw an X f f , ,Z ,, , ff f wa .., f A , 4 55 Q f 4 Q I ' , .J A . ., A ' . .. ., ...... K A " I I ' - '- V H "" -' . X f 1' riff 1 " "" ""' " ' ' x 55: , ' ,. '22 'fwf,L30 ' ., w":. - f .'3'T'5?1f'- + V- A ' 1 f y, v , Q. LJ . .gf , -, '11- f . fn' ,1 m':',:4, Yfii fx fff y- -57 qw , '. .5 " 1-5:s'9. '51??x 5? cl --,.Y 4 f"4E21"'I . ,,,. 1 '- VFW.-F'. J,-1:--C4"'.Ef'r.-, -"QE ..k. ' , M "" " ,. 7 fry ::,,,I.v-Elf 'f' 1 Y - 4, 1 . 'f' 4V .' ' 3-i 2:, 1 A , X lhnyk ,puuqw ,fy ' Q' 2 h f fffwf Msn- af M rv- ii, .r ' Y 1 f all vg T I xsdqig 4 QW 45 AP' f 4 Q .M Q35 M' 'YT' rm ww I. Q X 1 Y fi . 2 L L . , , 9 lg 1 ,,,,.,...-.fv--""- H , .,. W. ...l4vOv""' . Q Q frm mv If E, tk 5 fir 44' A ' :QL . 37 76 Y . Y rf. 5-3 .- s f. - In the fall of 1946 University regis- tration was held in Stegman Hall for the record number of 6,200 UGA stu- dents. Some veterinary applicants had acceptance letters, others only had a non-recorded verbal commit- ment. There were no formal, nerve- racking interviews like what today's student must endure. A class of 56 students out of 107 applicants was accepted and school began the next day. Gross anatomy was the only purely veterinary course offered during the first quarter of that first year. It was taught underneath the north bleach- ers of Hardman Hall. Most of the other courses were taught in other university departments. Before the purchased skeletons arrived, the class spent several weekends on field trips - collecting bones. With the remainder of the quarter, they stud- ied osteology. Dissection began in the winter quarter with 6 or 7 horses suspended from the ceiling. X -'f'21w1.f 'aff' . . ft sais.. eww- : fn: " 21 J . ' Tim! va-'MX' l:'f5:':f i ' " ' QMS' J -1 - wiv. W2,..A y 1 , X S Bak 6-Qpzvi---'fre-f-. P-6 f riff. A W.--ff,'c"wrzfswn- ....:..1.45 rv " - ' '- Q. .,.1,Q.f-x-v-s,6-use.Offs,fig -te -.1 A 5 'Y X bf' 2 X ff ...W ,,,,,,,,,. .,, ,. gf.. . g " . Q Q6-ss. X Y .. QV, ,,... . I-1-. .Arm .....,...N. ,,. Q - Wir if . ' 'L '- E VYSKS ll 2-fr , L! ' ww .wp-'12, V... 1 .re ' ' ' 6 W?fA??f3wc- -Q Er QQ t .if..Qaa,..s..Mg-E iq 6 W QM W W , 3 .Q X E 1.2.- - - K 22342 . . wa Lx. .cw . 1 ' f We,-LZ . . . ,w 4 V . 1- N , -my 1 We 8 Opening :wr 'Wi 4 ' ef kiwi .L f Opening 9 1? iii . N , ,X ,..t.,W..,.m ' I , yr r s .ef N A , 'P A, ' W f , PJ .. J' - 'l2"5f9'F -- 5' f A-,m l .haf . Hx, ,wa J, 1 451 .555, A . 941212:- 1, ,gg K N . .H xi , X . D 1aT11'f2w:z,?ff.3t ' ' N - iw V -13: . ' 91Q+,,,:,. -1,43-xii, - f - Ag 3,.V:,,, w-ff-, - wi-,MEV M, .5-'Hz X :sq M ,W " 14 3 V 1 .nz ' 1 ff "1 1 ,s:g,w' A , - M . - , W ff ' " " J -, .f .-as. . ...U Mw55,,5gqz5hZsa- A t , V , . . ,1.,..w-w' , r A I 'J F , , . Q 1 . 'Q ww K . ' ' ' ,L A ,VM A fi kj- - 'aj -- 6. .. ' ' 4, . Z - I 4 J' lr A .. ' 'L 1.2.1 K . , ': gin- , A - -A , " -1 ...rwm ' N . "Um "':,' -7 :Ta gr K A.,--1 ,-. AF ' ' . i- T ' ' K - , -ey' 1 w '-3. W ' """ I , : f , . 1,-4-4 V W' ' J' " ' . . - ' ' ' 'ir' ,. .. M ' 2" ' " N, , - 2 AL.. ., A,,.n,.,4f Qj,'4' . W g V. -,Q .vm W .L 5--3, ' 9 - . L',.A ,y ly '- 1 + N 'K ' H-.. 1. if -41 A WMU .. .n K S .0 V- M , x' " I - ., . A! , " vMa OIF-.. R -, d . f-fl-2.-H,-za " - ., , W j .. -f , 4 Y X ., K . , ,- V- ' -'Q' 4 . -'.' - , . .. - ' -. .- , ,' ..f' . A, 1 .I n. ,1,,' . f.,..,, Q-. . , M: .P 75" ir.-Q' P '-1 A I A MA ' ,A F' M VT' fm! . V I.: ,z 'L I ', -, - W- ,. ..: L. Y f. ,-.: 1. -, ' --. f .., ,.." Q 1" N ., I 1- ,',, ,., 3' ' 1-,.w' I, -, 1'-,:'-'J F' f- Q,-1-,f., yy'-..'. -.-T' " '- ' 4 ,-W. :.vpA'g,--1.4: ,p - . -- , . , 4 -ulmuff .-t,:1,:.-1i4, ..1 H'-314 ,,M:,Nl94AjM . NVQ, LQ. f, A , N 1 X V I D A Q ,uf ,-1 "" 1. " v ' '--,.h' ., - . ."-f V' ' -fb f. . -p, f pf- W-r-',,m ,, r ' ' , ..- qg' .4 ,fm 1. ur .1 , x, . 1 , , . 1 1- I fm '- :.flqj,w, Q- , ,wi A ix gg, ' f"'x T, ,jg I' -.ff'V'.f..,, ' 'f - 'w.A. M -,H f . A , - . - .L A- - .,--,-pf-,M J .ff 14.51 :t:,,-1-' g F fi: ' x -f'-x.,-1. -3.3. --fx , ' - -' -e' -W-fr -X' 4 -vw. . ' .A : 'f f -Y -1-'- "' ' ' ' I ',1h.',5.,:". mf ,,. , ' -N., - 4:' : - 'J' x ., .. . an 'Dil T.- . 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E as 2 2 X ff izfwggggig 3155, gsiggggggxkfrf, Sfigfiibg , 4? 5 E5 51:31 f.: 12 s1g' : ,x,g wi g' 115- . , Y a 5 2 : e1 aE':.i iim fifszfiis divan. 2 51' ' EES 1 2' grew? 32552 ig .ggi 25igfs?'s?i2Sg glgiiii fi 21115 iEwf i:svai3a1:1Si. :vi m W if if if its ffiffgfzewizfzz ts ii ig if? 452 522525252-2? if k i f lifgvs W X S if J 2 gf W 'f fi Q 3 2 5 UQ Piizsac Q 1 x ,.rs:,:.irE.E:::Awzisezifcrriiasef 12 Opening ,.., 4,-,! 51 sei sz S S:::.,.: 1-rms? wtf During the second year, a deserted army barrack was renovated for use by the vet school. Two prefabricated buildings from abandoned army camps housed the small and large animal hospitals. When the clinics opened in '48, the lst class began clinical instruction in their third year because there was no senior class. Thus completing two years of clinical practice before graduation. The new dean, Dr. Thomas Jones . I .. . 4 1 1 . Q W,.aWms-Qf.m..xa,-MsaQf,-aaasw-.-.W-,svsw:WQawnrzzsf-,-.w:fZIst,-f:2r:'v,.:-wwfii:-:asv-.s:Z1:1,2sewe.4W-Q1asV-m.:fri.aQ.ei.f51:-.f-,5:if-..:-.We-,.vss:-:s::a.sf.:1:swzz:'22,1, was an aggressive, progressive, and colorful character who could be an- gered at the political process, but he himself was a master of political ma- neuvering. Also, Dr. W.F. McLen- don, himself a graduate of the '24 class, became department head of the clinics. He was known for his roughness on the outside, but being warm underneath. He was also known for entertaining every few months with a fish fry, steak or "mountain oyster" cookout. 'ffm N I 8' IM' Opening 13 14 Opening 1 4 QF Q va :RF W ff! XE f X , ?,, , , 6.5 Of the 56 students who started the course, 45 graduated in 1950. All but three were WWII veterans. These graduates suffered with makeshift facilities, borrowed equipment, new and unsettled faculty and an unchar- tered course. Obviously, many things have changed since then. The school has new facilities, nationally and inter- nationally known faculty, a well-de- fined curriculum, and larger student body. On the other hand, many things appear to be the same - an unchartered course, caring faculty, and the students' drive to do the best that they can. Opening 15 16 Faculty FACU LTY Q38 F X X335 +4 T i ,mmf N x ' ' mb - , . A fi - X , I 1 mv, xww , ,X M 4 ww? 92 -L' c .ww N. x A11 s V F 9 ' iv 5 M-.VM x L , M, 3 9 ' , jg i Faculty 17 John M. Bowen Charles N. Dobbins, Jr. B.S., Michael D. Lorenz B.S., D.V.M., Oklahoma State Harold E. Snyder J. Derrell Clark John T. Mercer B.S.A., D.V.M., Georgia 18 Dean's Office Dean' ffice D.V.M., Georgia Ph.D., Cornell North Carolina State D.V.M., Georgia David P. Anderson, Dean B.S., D.V.M., Washington State M.S Ph.D., Wisconsin -9 I B.S., Ball State M.S., Purdue D.V.M., M.S., Georgia D.Sc., Tulane Lari M.N. Cowgill 1 x i. B.S., M.S., Bringham Young University Ph.D., University of California at Los Donna Decker Angeles A.A., Buena Vista College B.R.E.,Philithia College lm Q. aww' '27 fwr" aa" ie- . I. N A A s 1 r . Q as N , W, 1 A id, - 'A 'f ,Q xr n -. M F, Q I i 1 . A , wb I.. 1. I g .,'. r i if 1 f Ai .iff- bak r x ,i ,a 'N 'G?"'??' -mips Ruth Tucker Yvonne Wilson uf" , Janet Edwards Mary Hooper Brenda Horton Amanda Kohlman Janice Leisure Lucy Rowland fcenterl Dean Anderson with his constant companion, his pipe. irightl Brenda Horton is always available to help the students. Dean's Office 19 John F. Munnell, Department Head V.M.D., Pennsylvania Ph.D., Cornell Sharon L. Crowell-Davis D.V.M., Auburn Ph.D., Cornell Robert E. Lewis D.V.M., Michigan State M.S., Purdue Mary Mahaffey D.V.M., Oklahoma State M.S., Kansas State Stewart Odend'hal D.V.M., California Ph.D., Missouri Paul T. Purinton D.V.M., Kansas State Ph.D., Minnesota Royce Roberts D.V.M., M.S., Texas A 8a M Barbara A. Selcer D.V.M., Purdue Fred G. Smith D.V.M., Purdue M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Walstine Lon Steffens M.S., University of Texas, El Paso Ph.D., Louisiana State University fthis pagel . . My ego wanted to name them 'Stu,s space', but I settled for 'Diffusely Infil- trated Areas,," said Dr. Odend'hal. Qopposite- top rightb "Craig, this is liver, not prostate." lopposite-top leftl Dr. Purinton examines his favorite anatomic landmark. iopposite-bot- tomj Dr. Ahn intently dissects. 20 Anatomy and Radiology , : . If gf it V H W. f . :Q :. 5 5 ' if W " ,s K ,Rigs : l i, .ff it .s my X b .1 W , in ' W ,. ..f, il V AAA, 5-e gg.. U gl aff: W 5 lan 2 P A .44 3 s Anatomy 84 Radiology The Department of Anatomy and Radiology has 10 faculty members. Its major teaching responsibilities center around instruction in the morphologic sciences in the first year of the curriculum Cgross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy and embry- ologyl and in radiology in the third and fourth years. In addition a course in animal behavior is taught in the first year and our faculty members participate in teaching practice management in the third year. The department also conducts a graduate program leading to the M.S. degree in anatomy. Research in the department is char- acterized by its diversity. The radiol- ogy group is investigating new appli- cations of ultrasound, nuclear medicine and special radiographic procedures to a variety of disease problems in both small and large an- imals. Cooperative anatomical stud- ies with the surgical faculty are ex- ploring means of dealing with reparative approaches to limb trau- ma. Fine structural studies are aimed at developing markers for viral iden- tification and work is continuing on the immune function of the skin in a variety of domestic animals. With support from the Snyder Founda- tion, studies on equine reproduction and behavior are producing results. New investigations of developmental problems in endangered species of sea turtles are just getting underway. Interest in domestic animal ecology has taken one faculty member to In- dia and China within the last year for studies which will continue over a 5 year period. Instructional innova- tion, particularly in the area of com- puter assisted instruction, is an ac- tive area of research. An active program of consultation service in the areas of radiology, ani- mal behavior and practice manage- ment is available to practitioners in the state and region. l ,,. t 1' 1. Q .15 QA Anatomy and Radiology 21 saluxyf Physlology 84 Pharmacology The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology has 14 faculty mem- bers and 11 additional members with Joint appointments There are also 2 adjunct faculty members and 2 pro- fessors emerltl Research interests are not limited to the traditional disciplines denoted by Physiology Pharmacology and Toxicology Areas of research em- phasis include in-vltro fertilization experimental embryology reproduc- tive endocrinology therlogenology environmental toxicology cardiovas- cular physiology and pharmacology thyroid neuroendocrinology central nervous system pharmacology and toxicology dlabetes renal patho- physiology nutrition biochemical mechanisms of nephrotoxiclty and fescue toxicosis The Department serves as the home for the Georgia Animal Poison Infor- matlon Center which supports the Veterlnary Toxicology HOtllH6 Through the hotline veterinarians and others can obtain up-to-date 1n- formation about toxic substances 1n- cluding their biological effects haz- ardous food residues treatments and methods for handling and dis- posal As a service to practlclng vet- erinarians Dr Thompson performs testosterone progesterone and other endocrine assays and provldes con- sultation to assist in handling of dif- ficult cases Dr Huber serves as Ex- ecutive Secretary for the Georgia Sheep and Wool Growers Assocla- tion and also as Director and Presi- dent of the American Hampshlre Sheep Association which has 3000 U S members Benjamin G. Brackett, Department Head D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Dwight B. Coulter D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State Duncan Ferguson V.M.D., PhD., Pennsylvania 22 Physiology and Pharmacology Delmar Finco Roger C. Hatch Q D.V.M. Ph.D. Minnesota D.V.M., Michigan State M.S. Ph.D. Purdue agile AWP!! Margarethe Hoenig D.M.V., Hannover Ph.D., Pennsylvania Thomas L. Huber M.S., Kansas State Ph.D., Delaware Carol L. Keefer Ph.D., Delaware V Royal A. McGraw M.S., Ph.D., Florida State Rick Schnellmann . ' Ph.D., Arizona " A' i'il Frederick N. Thompson Mm D.V.M., Georgia If Q J M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State Sf' Copposite-leftl Dr. Finco grading freshmen Biochemistry quizzes. icenterl Sheep shearing demonstration by Dr. Huber at Open House. fabovej Dr. Hatch: "Just say NO to DRUGS!" Physiology and Pharmacology 23 John B. Gratzek, Department Head D.V.M., Minnesota M.S., Ph.D., Wisconsin John Brown D.V.M., Georgia M.S., Ph.D., Wisconsin Donald L.Dawe D.V.M., Iowa State M.S., Ph.D., Illinois David W. Dreesen D.V.M., Georgia M.Ph., California-Davis Donald E. Evans M.S., Missouri Ph.D., Arkansas Solomon Kadis M.A., Virginia Ph.D., Vanderbilt l Y I M dlcal Microbiology The Department of Medlcal Micro b10l0gy provldes tra1n1ng for profes sional veterinary and graduate stu dents The department 1S involved ln numerous research act1v1t1es cover 1ng the areas of lmmunology, bacterl ology vlrology and epidemiology Many of the research projects 1n volve organlsms pathogenlc to both man and animals Research act1v1t1es cover the spec trum of animals from flns to feathers and everything 1n between Fin studies 1nclude lnvestlgatlon of prop ertles of non spec1f1c cytotoxic cells found 1n channel cat f1sh as well as protozoan and bacterlal dlS6aS6S of fish In the feathers department extenslve research IS being done on poultry specific dlseases and poultry diseases transmlsslble to man In the porcine department studies 1nclude development of new vaccines and immunologic based dlagnostlc tests Community services cover a Wlde spectrum of act1v1ty Statlstlcal and ep1dem1olog1c consultatlons and ana lyses are frequently requested from the department The rabies vacclna tion program headed by Dr Dree sen has been an invaluable service to veterlnary health care providers and students Clinical immunologic stud 16S have asslsted practltloners and researchers nationwide ln maklng dl agnosis In add1t1on fish consulta t1ons are provlded on national and lnternatlonal baSlS I I O . . . . . . . ' 4 . , - - O . . . . . . , . . . . . . . ' 1 . - , . - 9 . . H . ,, . . . . . . . . . . . H ,, . . . - 9 . . . . . . 'P4 Medical Microbiology I L fix..--J Phil D. Lukert ' """ x " D.V.M., M.S., Kansas State nf' Ph.D., Iowa State S Emmett B. Shotts W7 M.S., Ph.D., Georgia it s Richard E. wooiey ' "a -' D.V.M., Cornell ,v,......... Q, M.S., Ph.D., Georgia sfffyw f J -1 l 3 5 2 . Q k mu itop-leftl Dr. Wooley: "Anybody can see from here it's Pseudomonas." ibottom-leftj Dr. Shotts: "Wait 'til you hear the yell when I lay this baby on those smart alec freshmen." ibot- tom rightl Dr. Lukert: "Straight up or on the rocks?" -5 ,, - , . ""Wx H 9 1 l .+, , A , , HZ." fisfimf ,J i 3 A 521953 ' A i V W ,..w 25+ WWW, ff' I Medical Microbiology 25 fbelowh Dr. Prasse contemplates the realm of "Prasse-ism". iopposite-top leftl "So, Dr. Prasse says this is a lymphocyte and Dr. Ma- haffey calls it a monocyte. Frankly, we don't know what it is," says Dr. Duncan. fopposite- bottom leftl Dr. Crowell showing off his slides of Dr. Tyler in drag. iopposite-bottom right! Chad Aderhold looks on as Phil Arnall sur- vives another AQS session with his buddy, Dr. Tyler. X453 Nam' 'ww 5 4 Pathology Ten pathologists are housed in the Department of Pathology Of these 5 are board certified in anatomic pa thology and 3 are certified in clinical pathology Q2 are dual cart1f1edJ One is a board certified MD patholo gists Pathologists that are Joint ap pointed in the department reside at Laboratories and at the Poultry Dis ease Research Center The department IS known for its out standlng teaching Two members, Drs Crowell and Tyler have received the Josiah Meigs Award recognizing the most outstanding teacher in the Un1vers1ty The International Veter mary Pathology Slide Bank 1S ad ministered by the department Graduate training IS offered in ana tomic and clinical pathology Cur rent research in the department in clude hemostatic mechanisms in disease mechanisms of anemia, neu trophil and macrophage function in disease, immunocytochemlstry in the diagnosis of tumors renal pa thology gastrointestinal pathology eases nutritional skeletal diseases, normal and neoplastic growth fac tors, and avian clinical pathology The clinical pathology laboratory performs a variety of tests for the Teaching Hospital Diagnostic Lab, and college research projects The hlstopathology laboratory provides sections for the necropsy service to the Teaching Hospital and a mail in biopsy service to veterinary practitioners the Athens and Tifton Diagnostic pathology of tropical parasitic dis: J.Robert Duncan, Department Head D.V.M., Georgia Ph.D., Iowa State Willie L. Chapman D.V.M., Auburn Ph.D., Wisconsin Wayne L. Crowell D.V.M., Colorado State Ph.D., Georgia Fred C. Davison D.V.M., Georgia Ph.D., Iowa State Robert L. Farrell D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State J aroslava Halper M.D., Toronto Ph.D., Minnesota 26 Pathology ,Z if 'WCW' ,, Barry Harmon D.V.M., Auburn Ph.D., Texas A 8: M Kenneth S. Latimer D.V.M., Ph.D., Georgia Edward A. Mahaffey V D.V.M., Oklahoma State Ph.D., Kansas State Keith W. Prasse D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State David E. Tyler l D.V.M., Ph.D., Iowa State l M.S., Purdue W ,f,,R,A,r..,M- ,1 IV ' is Q N I f 4 4- l f.' B Pathology 27 William L. Hanson, Department Head William R. Davidson Forest E. Kellogg M.S., PhD., Georgia M.S., Ph.D., Georgia M.S., Ph.D., Georgia ,gi ami -ffm--....,.4.-.-4-1 John W. McCall Victor Nettles M.S., Ph.D., Georgia D.V.M., Auburn Annie K. Prestwood i A ""' 28 Parasitology D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Georgia , ,ki , 7 f , iv, fa' Q ' . ' f ah ff, Q - f qi Q-.N "" W , I' J 4 Jw M, f 4 5 , X M bf , WWI f f 1 Z Z Q af f fypff rl' f f , Z ' 6 aa W gf f W 4 .W W f Edward L. Roberson M.A.T., Duke D.V.M., Ph.D., Georgia Parasitology The Department of Parasitology has 9 faculty members involved in vari- ous areas of research The research projects Include studies 1n biology and chemotherapy of GI parasites of dogs and cats Other projects are 1n- volved ln chemotherapy, lmmunolo- gy, and development of models for camne heartworm, trypanosomiasls, lelshmanlasis, and coccldiosls Nu- merous studles on various aspects of parasites of W1ldl1fe with emphasis on the transmission of dlS8aS6S from w1ldl1fe to domestic animals The department provides several services to the community Faculty members are available for consulta tions wlth veterinary practitioners throughout the U S regardlng para site problems encountered in their daily practices Training programs, workshops, and seminars in wildlife diseases for personnel from various state and federal agencies are also of- fered Speciallzed wildlife dlagnostlc tests are maintained for fish and wlldllfe agencies Several faculty members have served or currently serve as officers in vari- ous sc1ent1f1c societies Also, some faculty members serve on grant re view commrttees for agencles such as the World Health Organization and National Institute of Health One member recelved the Norden Teach ing Award and others have recelved awards from the Unlverslty 'saw WW we Jack L. Blue, Department Head B.S., D.V.M., Michigan State M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Anant V. Jain M.S., Meenit College Ph.D., Purdue Doris M. Miller D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D. Georgia Pauline Rakich D.V.M., Minnesota Ph.D., Georgia A lg X Raul Weiss V ,A XX 0' D.V.M, Universidad de Havana - sr, fb? :tw K .,.. :.fQ!N Athe s D 'a t' L b The Athens Diagnostic Laboratory also participates in federal disease provides animal diagostic services to eradication programs. Currently, livestock- producers and companion there are 18 employees of which 6 are animal owners in Georgia. All sub- faculty members and 12 are staff em- missions must be made by a practic- ployees. The annual caseload is ap- ing Georgia veterinarian. The Lab- proximately 40,000 cases which re- oratory provides services to the quire over 200,000 testing procedures College of Veterinary Medicine for processing. Teaching Hospital.The laboratory itopj Dr. McCall helps Jeff Brantley diagnose a difficult case of pediculosis. Cbottoml Dr. Miller checks a dog to make sure that it sur- vived pet visitation unscathed. Athens Diagnostic Lab 29 Oscar J. Fletcher, Department Head Richard B. Davis John R. Glisson D.V.M., M.S., Georgia Ph.D., Wisconsin D.V.M., M.S., Georgia M.A.M., D.V.M., Ph.D., Georgia Stanley H. Kleven D.V.M., Ph.D., Minnesota R. Kenny Page William L. Ragland D.V.M., M.S., Georgia D.V.M., Georgia Ph.D. Washington State Dr. Davis, one of the few PDRC members that Vet students see, was caught inside the Vet school. 30 Avian Medicine A S Nfuv-v..i'f re A , N Q f fd' fx . . , X in v-1 fw X f it ,.,. Eftwr .7 15' if ll , , ,L 5 i A - ! ,V My j ff X ,fffff Stanley A. Vezey Pedro Villegas Avian M dl ln The faculty and staff of Avian Medi clne are housed ln the Poultry D1s ease Research Center CPDRCD locat ed approxunately 2 miles from the mam veterinary medlclne complex grams, the Department of Avian Medicine offers course work for DVM degree students courses for undergraduate students in the Col lege of Agriculture, and provides di agnostic assistance and consultatlon to Georgia poultry producers Well equipped laboratories for v1rol ogy, mycoplasmosls research b1O chemical pathology, lmmunogenet ics and hlstopathology are in the poultry disease research facility Dragnostic laboratories include a cent ancillary laboratories for bacte nology serology and virus lsolatlon Facilities also lnclude a seminar con ference room a necropsy faclllty for research, a darkroom and office space for faculty, staff, and graduate students George N. Rowland D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State Louis W. Schierman Stephen G. Thayer D.V.M., Texas A 8a M D.V.M., Universidad del Tolina Ph.D., Georgia I 0 0 0 In addition to the graduate pro- new post-mortem facility with adja- M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Avian Medicine 31 Charles L. Martin Robert L. Gearhart Douglas T. Kemp 32 Hospital Adm. f Library D.V.M., Washington M.S., Ohio State B.B.A., Georgia Pharm D., Mercer Ellie Davis Peggy Hale Martha Tillery Y " wc, Z .,.,., X Hospital Administration The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hos- pital QVTHD has as its prime mission to provide a laboratory setting for the instruction at various levels of veterinary medicine for the veteri- nary technician students, veterinary students, interns, and residents. The instruction is provided to small groups in sit-down rounds, ward rounds, and individually by problem solving in diagnosis and manage- ment of clinic patients. The VTH is indebted to these vari- ous categories of students because they also provide much of the nurs- ing care and assistance necessary for the complex cases that are typically hospitalized. This intensive care, availability of expensive diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and availability of diverse expertise also places the VTH in the function of serving as a referral resource for the animal-owning public and veterinarians. The VTH has about 14,000 acces- sions in a year, with about 3,000 cats, 7,500 dogs and 3,000 horses examined. Faculty spend about half of the cal- endar year Working in the clinic and the remainder is allocated for class- room teaching and preparation, ad- ministrative duties, continuing edu- cation programs, and research. Small Animal edicine The Department of Small Animal Medicine has 16 faculty members, 1 staff veterinarian, 9 residents, and 6 interns. All of the current faculty are certified in their specialty except one who is currently working on a degree program. The faculty have an outstanding na- tional and international reputation. For example, 1986-87 there were 29 funded research projects, 109 journal articles and book chapters, 4 books published, and 93 presentations made, 7 of these at international meetings. In the past three years we have had two faculty members re- ceive Creative Research Medals from the University. Two faculty mem- bers are editors of Journals, and 10 are on editorial boards. The faculty serve on 12 national committees, and 6 more are Chairmen of national committees. Members of the faculty have been Presidents!Chairmen of the Boards of specialties of Ophthal- mology, Surgery, and Internal Medi- cine fthe third for this group is in office nowl. Three individuals have received Norden teaching awards, and a Lilly Teaching Fellow, the first for this college. All of this is accomplished by a facul- ty whose primary focus is on teach- ing. All faculty spend a minimum of 6 months teaching in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, in addi- tion to teaching the lectures and lab- oratories of the preclinical years. This department is recognized na- tionally as a leader in clinical educa- tion. This department was the first to implement the Weed System of Problem Oriented Records and in- struction, which is now used by most schools. Our internship is one of the most popular in the country, attract- ing over a hundred candidates annu- ally for only 4-6 positions. 1 fx-rl li QSSHIYU' .wifi Yij-wat,- Dr. Oliver can't wait for those Filaribits Plus. ,ff K W Wf Z 'ff M, John E. Oliver, Department Head Sheila W. Allen Dennis N. Aron Jeanne A. Barsanti Clay A. Calvert D.V.M., Texas A Sz M Ph.D., Minnesota D.V.M., Cornell D.V.M., Ohio State D.V.M., New York State M.S., Auburn D.V.M., Illinois Jonathon N. Chambers D.V.M., Iowa State Small Animal Medicine 33 Larry M. Cornelius Dennis T. Crowe Craig E. Greene Gilbert J. Jacobs Renee L. Kaswan Linda Medleau 34 Small Animal Medicine D.V.M., Purdue Ph.D., Missouri D.V.M., Iowa State D.V.M., Davis D.V.M., Ohio State D.V.M., Georgia D.V.M., Ohio State M.S., Georgia rf, W ' ,, Wffh A 11' 6-.navel fs f f I.. 'M .4 ave ' X warns' A 7 .aww . JF w to-,r ,lfv X 1 ! iopposite page - rightj Dr. Hoenig from the Pharmacology department helps students in the clinics from time to time. iopposite page - leftj Never a dull moment for Vicki McConnell in the clinic's pharmacy. fbelowl Dr. Jacobs looks like he is giving his heart a rest. ibelow leftl Tony Hughey can usually be found helping students in the pharmacy. Cleftl Dr. Tumas, a resident, instructs a freshman, Patricia Vander Broek on how to palpate. Branson W. Ritchie Cheri Roberts Clarence A. Rawlings D.V.M., Illinois Ph.D., Wisconsin D.V.M., Georgia D.V.M., MS., Georgia 'X savvy" w Small Animal Medicine 35 Dilmus M. Blackmon, Department Head D.V.M., Georgia Douglas Allen, Jr. D.V.M, Auburn M.S., Georgia Alfred B. Caudle D.V.M, Missouri ...N-3' Susan Clark D.V.M, Louisiana State Paul E. Hoffman D.V.M, Cornell Karen L. Jacobsen D.V.M, Georgia M.S., Michigan State 'fy-:QW sw. 36 John E. McCormack D.V.M, M.S., Auburn Hugh T. McDaniel, Jr. D.V.M., Georgia James N. Moore D.V.M, California Ph.D., Missouri This is an all too familiar scene in the breeze- way of the large animal clinic. 36 Large Animal Medicine fwf K Large Animal Medicine The Department of Large Animal Medicine, consisting of 14 faculty members, 4 interns and 7 residents, commits itself to teaching. The De- partment participates in and has re- sponsibility for courses of profession- al curriculum. All faculty participate in the regular fourth year clinical teaching program. Also, clinical fac- ulty provide opportunities for special projects for senior students interest- ed in gaining some degree of special- ization in various areas. Research interest in the department includes food animal and equine spe- cies. Projects include drug and effica- cy studies, swine diseases, reproduc- tive problems, studies on vascular and intestinal disease, mineral nutri- tion, and the production of bovine interferon. The Large Animal Medicine Depart- ment has a special program investi- gating equine colic which was started in 1980 and continues to grow under the leadership of Dr. James Moore. This program attracts funding from many segments, including private donations and grants from outside foundations. The department re- ceived a generous gift from the estate of Byron F. Snyder to support re- search in equine reproduction. This is the largest gift in the history of the College's 36 years of existence. The department has had several awards and recognitions this past year. Dilmus M. Blackmon, the de- partment head, received the Alum- nus of the Year from the College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Associ- ation. Paul E. Hoffman received Life Time Membership in the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Also, Karen L. Jacobsen received the Norden Distinguished Teacher Award for 1987 and Class of 1988 Faculty Recognition Award in 1987. In addition this department provides a dermatology referral service for veterinarians throughout the coun- try for difficult and complex derma- tology cases. .91 2 Debra Deem Morris Andrew H. Parks Cynthia M. Trim D.V.M, Purdue M.S., Pennsylvania M.R.C.V.S., Cambridge M.S., Michigan State M.R.C.V.S., Royal College of Vet. Surgeons Charles E. Wallace D.V.M, M.S., Ohio State Susan L. White D. John Williams Ill D.V.M, California M.S., Georgia D.V.M, Georgia M.S., Auburn Large Animal Medicine 37 Alan R. Dorton, LA Intern James W. Frampton, LA Intern Bradley L. Jackman, LA Intern Jeffrey LaKritz, LA Intern Jennifer Adams, LA Resident Gary Baxter, LA Resident Joan B. Carrick, LA Resident Michelle Henry, LA Resident Robert Hunt, LA Resident Jennifer Johnson, LA Resident Shellie Wallace, LA Resident Lisa Williamson, LA Resident Lisa Yoder, Radiology Resident 38 Interns and Residents S trightb Dr. Hunt caught holding up the wall in the large animal clinic. fbelowj This horse turned just in time to pose for the camera and dragged Dr. Williamson into the picture with him. N ,N . X f 6 f 1 X QQ - L " "Q X fl 2 A ss as X f N0 S , Yi 4' max. 'Wx 516, K'-V' Bradley Poff, SA Intern Joe Prostredney, SA Intern Susan Simmons, SA Intern Rance Sellon, SA Intern Diana Stuckey, SA Intern Dan Tumas, SA Intern Karen Comer, SA Resident Laine Cowan, SA Resident Mary Jean Gorse, SA Resident Andre Jaggy, SA Resident Willard Keller, SA Resident Cynthia Otto, SA Resident Ross Palmer, SA Resident Jeanne Ramsey, SA Resident Mary Alice Salisbury,SA Resident Daniel Ward, SA Resident Interns and Residents 39 40 Classes 'Y 46 ,lo Q95 ff' , ani ov W W ff ,ann www ,QSWQK f gm n.5K'2 of ix .0 CLASSES M7 f f W9 'Wh :- .Q K 'W' fp 2? Seniors Robert E. Alderson Sherri T. Almand Ralph M. Askren Jana L. Bass Margot A. Boerner Roswell S. Bowersett fleftl Class officers - Jimmy Cobb, trea- surerg Krista Evans, secretaryg Lisa Nolan, presidentg Bob Hill, vice president. Coppo- site pagel The Bob Poser Fan Club - Ralph Askren, Bob Poser, Will Stringer, Mary Ellen Dickens, Jack Stih, and Mark Colicchio. REMEMBER WHEN . . . University police threathened the freshmen class of '88 with a lie detector test to find the palpation dog, Tamara, who was allegedly stolen. While on the cruise, Mark Tribby and Matt McCord took their pants off in front of everyone in order to help their team win a treasure hunt. During physical diagnosis, Clay- ton McKinnon's demonstration of sheep flipping turned into the sheep's demonstration of Clayton McKinnon flipping. Class of 1988 43 Seniors 44 Class of 1988 I W D. Neal Brackett Robert A. Brewster F. Elizabeth Brown Karole E. Brown Kevin L. Chapman Edie M. Clark 1755 "alll !N f' Fl f - P P8'S1i0?08Ylwzixi6S4 ?f7l43idil?8Ck'i ' Durham baby picture. 1REMEMBERog..... When Andy'Smith had a "portal shaval ,M ant". B B Suzanne Newsom had a 2.'7 G.P.M. fgigglesper minutel. r 'Vx ,M N, -Q.: fi K v x X . f 'TT' ' V w v""f of W--Q' .Jil Mark J. Cobb Mark A. Colicchio R. Ernest Compton Richard W. Conger Cregory A. Cranford Bryan K. Cribb Frederick E. Cullens Mary Ellen Dickens Daniel L. Doherty Richard L. Duffey Robert H. Durham Krista L. Evans Seniors Class of 1988 45 Seniors 46 Class of 1988 Diane Febles Kerry Y. Franks Diana R. Greenwood Angela R. Hansard Russell R. Henley Robert J. Hewitt Robert L. Hill Mary Ann Hollick K. Lynn Horton Norma J. Inqui Randall J. Itkin Howard B. Johnson 'iw Y"I...g:w TN. 4. Seniors 77 F ia. 1 4" L "K Cabovel Tia Joslin: "I have to go now - there is Bryan." Cleftj Kevin McE1Wee shows Roy Smith how to do a half hitch. I REMEMBER . . . That Ed N eel was the only stu- dent at Vet school long enough to retire. It was predicted that Neal Brack- ett would someday learn to dance. Tia D. Joslin India F. Lane fife- Deanne M. Livingston Dawn C. Lloyd Maryann Martinovich M. Eve McAndrew Class of 1988 47 Seniors i 48 Libby M. McClure Matthew L. McCord John G. McDevitt Kevin W. McElwee Clayton S. McKinnon William B. Morgan s 1 ' EMR if ' Av' -f AW ll ibelowl Bob Hill: "Yes sir, both of them are there." Crightl Deanne tries to convince herself that this calf is just another large dog. I REMEMBER . . . What is Bob Poser, Krista Evans, and Matt McCord? A big nose, a brown nose and a who knows? What is Kevin McElwee, Suzanne Newsom, and Diana Greenwood? A jiggle, a giggle, and a wiggle. '75 VU' f-x"!""'. YQ: .Q ix sqm rg. l. Seniors J. Edward Neal Karen L. Nelson T. Suzanne Newsom fflin 1 1 -+99 Q, ,ab C.V. "Dino" Nicopoulos Lisa K. Nolan Mary E. Orff Christine A. Orlin Sarah J. Owen Rebecca L. Patterson 'Q Q I W Robert D. Poser Alexandra G. Psillos Julie C. Radcliff Class of 1988 49 Seniors 50 Class of 1988 Gerald T. Ramsdell Sarah E. Rawlings Julian S. Reville N. Claire Ringger Bruce F. Rose Nancy R. Rose Sandy L. Shattles Eric S. Sjoberg Andrew P. Smith Roy H. Smith John A. Stih William K. Stringer ww -rw . l 'IW X Q X vs A 1 tw 1 3 . , ,ff 3 E. W1 1 A.:,W5E:.:::E' k 1 X Q +f sb xi - - QX N X X Q Y l x X fig y 3 R221 x ' A l 1:21 -- vw., ' n igga IE X keg 3 . 1 1 X nm' ,mf N A 'r Q sg ,Wm gf f, if 4 Il' 'LSB' J., , N .ff .ffss 47 vi V X '17 fr z.1,t,f up I 3 3 ,, . 4 Seniors Patrick A. Tanner J. Todd Thompson Mark D. Tribby Margaret W. Tumas Jan M. Valinoti Stephen J. Van Lue John W. Warner Caroline A. Weber Michael D. Wills Mark Colicchio and Kevin Chapman show what kind of shape one is in by the end of the senior end. MOST LIKELY . . . to offend people in Louisiana -- Randy Itkin. not to get sued - Dan Doherty. to wear a cardigan sweater and smoke a pipe -- Ralph Askren. to get a raise by baking chocolate chip cookies -- Jana Bass. to say, "At Georgia, we . . ." - Krista Evans. yu mga s Q47 P7 wwf Q, Xi. p- ., .si fee luniors Diana Alexander Kathryn Anderson Nancy Anderson Bill Baker Jennifer Bell Eddie Bennett Tinker Blount Harriet Brawley Cindy Brown Sally Brown Nancy Buchinski Steve Camp fleftj Class officers - George Mixon, trea- snrerg Tracey Williams, secretaryg Bob Pat- rick, presidentg Lindley Pursley, vice presi- dent. ioppositel Trisha Durrence in jnnior surgery. I REMEMBER . . . Most of the class of '89 celebrating at Harry's after passing anatomy, returning to Dr. Munne11's class and having the entire class sit on one side of the room. Dr. Wooiey picking on Mike Krue- ger. Class of 1989 53 juniors Dixie Cely Carla L. Clark Karen Clark Charisse Cleare Susan Clingenpeel Lisa Collier Jana Cooke Bo Curles Steve Deibler Luke Delpo Jane Doyle Judy Duncan YW 'Nw ' f . - 1111:-A Til-' ' " 'E s 3f-773i'f V3 faboveli N side ofthe Bookswfeyffigixta km-,'Jane Doyle, and Deb mate What can MPPGU to brain overload. E11 iili ,Q lill ifllQigffiQg ffQEf2f I REMEMB liii eC:5 When the goats escaped on East Campus and Paul Wan finally had to tackfilfgiTffgf le one to catch it. ilel J xii Jlfir elor xfiff lii 54 Class of 1989 23' Tv , J 5: ,N w ' '.4'eYf' f ,w mv on ,iii in iiJ 5 , ' "l', l .. f zf- . 'en' ill 51 ' 1' 5" SN, ., r f, QQ ? I ', " 7 .g,I,,i2"f fa , My J 'fl' f f iV,i iire J X, X2 JT? ., .W . ,, ,H 4 , ,WM W ,X ,, , ., , eww , f 1 ,, ., or-lewww.. Jew-ww"ef'Q2wwafwf wr-'f'Qf?Hww ' M 23,5-V, r. 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W 1 YS fg, ' 7, me f - 7. f, 9 f Z ,f ,M .,, ,W 4 Z, ta1sa6elniiBe1ieif6limi mf Bin Rusigerz wma:iyffsgueieszilefzy Whge aid Man Mm- zoftiiaiglhorse? JQ1 2 A ff u Whenia professor suggested thatii Bell see la chiropractor Q21 , ' 1 1 , flvvprlieckewhiie Sleeping ' A ff F , "AAA" G vgwewwwew ii, - 1 V, 1 f F V ?' ' f 2 f ' if , , ' ' , 'f ' f A Trisha Durrence Fran Fletcher Mark Freeman Scott Freidrichs Deb Fulton Bill Gibson Phil Graham Mark Guilloud Laurie Hanna Todd Holbrook Debra Howell Todd Keener juniors Class of 1989 55 luniors Casey Kimbrell Mike Krueger Bruce LeRoy Robin Livingston Mark Lloyd Alice Martin Beth Martin Mary Ann McCrackin Kate McDuffee Robin McFerren Anne Midgarden George Mixon -Q 'N wi I .T-ff """""! 10" 56 Class of 1989 A 352 1 53 We Q ANS s ty ff N! i'1.Q12-Tw - X - ,.: .-we , x ., V X ff - , x -. gssszw s 'ifc2s':'T,e 1 ' 1. ,we 1 irva .f,,,w,., w .A L km. ' ' ' ' ,,s,.3sS,5- iz YC V , , ,f - A . .X ,tf,swf,w..,sf.eQ. ,.., . a,,gg,r ?o , V - - . .. X. 1.-ss f.- ,1-,f 1, . ., V X X ,, s .,: ,x.Q.vm,-'Peas f :, .fi -rf: is clwfig,-y sg-3 gif' e-,' Q 'f Q1 Z " vaffif- ",uwA-'wkrxvxigf-isgqiixgz, "-,' ' -.,. ' W ' it f . 1 , - f t, ,s,., N ry: X f I3-Xu .f Qeiv: -' " ,, ,, . X . ,, . ,.,,, . .,.. . ,,,,V,,,,,.W,W,,. ,,.t . sm, HWI, .WM ,,s, .V ,s., A ,T ,. mv, W3 ffm ,gf-gr' '15, :QC warg. 1" we K . reefzm'w.fasQs:QeawSfN.-WW-5'fel'-WN-af-it af? P W X ,O fz :, . mf., ',.t:fmt.,.Q -sawwwfezmsw.-faves, sw' " ' e -V ,- ,, ., sg,-v,.??f,prt1.rayQg..:gsmSQ,giffisf-.5-jf,.sQe3S3?51,51, it if - 'z , Y. .. f Q , 1 ' 3 ,, I ,Q ,W ' :gif i N W" i M W , "f' 1"'7 4 L? W 5 Z 1 W 4. 1-M ' Q' Steve Morris Joan Mulrerman Matthew Murphy Beth Niagro Susie Niamatali Steve Nilsen Foster Northrop Judy Owens juniors iit, fi has at is' ileasiie 0fffJ0di7S lfexpensvsgl its be' Whiffhibriiigs tfi1142ii'Sf1i61i?iQ' efhHt indie iref'intoeisharperttfeeusf uradding up, .is be M 1 ffflf ff! i s 'r I it Asrthe fthesciassxef fi Several M, , irigl is t 0119 Of??i8ifrifQ15fS51T13f65Q'1396i illembefsi 'Wmf9'ii19ff91'Sif0 fist bww ii 1s golfelfbvrwv h31df8fi1?3l715Qf?iU9 andrdenatf rfb er'ii J bds fwavsff and Lradia2i6iis1iheiFap?i's ii ,'iii i farisf-mis-S 'irr M ror S 'M J rttu S S ,tre t ,tt r S S M Twig and her mother Spent Hmm thevef M001 before Jodi feff 'Betiiegfiaff Md' t'tZi tt'ft i'tt 'ftt Y t ' i r S he it Class of 1989 57 .uuaupgfq juniors labovel Jennifer Bell stops to do a little pleasure reading. irightl Karen Clark and Sally Brown help to convince OTS presi- dent, Bill Baker that Alpha Psi parties arenit that bad. I REMEMBER . . . Dr. Coulter picking on Todd Wheeler. B ,. ,,,.. Q, f,f.i5L.3,m.,.: ,, ,, ,, ,argl ' ' A f X wwf -,-"1Wi:,:':1'f ff?f"M" f-emw.MeWf::9w' 'r ze 21 We .3 Dan Pate Bob Patrick Walter Perry Jodi Peters Wendy Propst Lindley Pursley Kristine Quaghebeur Margaret Roberts Bill Russell Becky Schwiebert Kevin Smith Michael Smith 58 Class of 1989 ,- has VN' K. ff: I' gs Avi: Fi KW ii Vi, 43 , , 4 . 1 VGA? 5 ew. , We i Y Za 2212 X' fv rv 32 2 fe, KW ra , , Q im f fi? Kiwi f gl 42 V273 ?H: we 'fe nga, 4 233 fa 4227, '41 ,.. ,,k.. , . 1 1 , 1 74,-,,,. X. 1 iw.-zmqifwgs::ew X,-qfyg53333,g:,igg.:5,ggg,,gg45ggQ,ia1z,sa-Q,,fs,.,,f Q-.4 he we , S X - -f Q --6 fe 1 f. .-.,,.,,W,eases,.-mm-W,.esa,.sz.s,W ,-at Hr MJ f, M,s,.,- My Q., -,WW ., , ei ,M .l ,l - N' W f f X M,sgc.s.,,.zismfs,,s,,.,,,-e..nim,-ofQW if, ,,5:,smgZz-ygecy: ,-f,ff2,-r N . 3 I 5 la " wifi fr n., aa., Ja Sir- A f 'f Q cy - ,M ,ff yM,gzwswzfws,, t,,,,. , , Ma.. .,,,,:2,,5,Q,,,, - s ff Q l..,.s,s.ssf.,f-trswWa,Wasesr.rrsWsQ N .Q 5 x T ,Q 6 if 2 -ms ,G 1 X 1' K Q A IQ Q , ..-fjsa 'x Q fm S' Q as-WK fu- fm. rut ,f Q ' 5 -' M. 5 NAR' I ' five ' -' X ' X ,.,, ' , juniors 4. r Bill Smith Becky Teal -lodi Travis Paul Wan Tracey Waters Scott Westmoreland Tracey Williams Ruth Ann Wilson Kevin Winkler Steven C. Winokur ,MX , Asha Wise Mike Zboran E uv' W" SI' A Cleft! Jodi Peters takes a pulse and won- ders how much longer surgery will go on. Cbelowl What secrets are Tracey Waters and Kevin Winkler sharing during this del- icate procedure? I REMEMBER . . . Wearing lighted antennas to class. When Phil Graham was a dwarf for the Uropathology skits. ,- l 4 E 7 Y S S Sv fx .fwui MQW, EE X .gf 3 X 3 vein? 0Pl-TEUORES ' as x , M ml Zh A 4 1 9 , ,K . ' abr ef M l di r .W Cv- ?i ' f ff- Gas Sophomores Chadwick Aderhold Philip Arnall Lucy Barrett Ben Benson ire , Y' N Q fl Marla Blackstone David Bohler Melissa Bondurant Penelope Bowden YF' Jeff Brantley Leslie Brown Virginia Brown Karen Camp lleftl Class Officers - Betsey Gresham, secretary: Sam Evans, treasurerg Terry Horton, vice presidentg Claude Schumpert, president. fopposite pagel Bill Ricken, Sam Evans, and Jake enjoy the Vet school jacuzzi despite warnings to the contrary. I REMEMBER . .. When Lance Jones described a li- poma to Dr. Tyler in pathology -- Hit feels like a nice firm breast". Chair dancing to John Berry's music in Wrappers our freshman year. ' Class of 1990 61 egg? Lori Campbell Linda Catoe Rudy Cerjan Guy A. Cheek Robert, Coleman Richard Craine J.D. Cunningham Thomas Doker Ryland B Edwards,III Ann English Diana Eubanks Samuel C. Evans 62 Class of 1990 ' QPF 1 i ..,,, l V fleftl The Study Buddies Carol Kei- dahl, Lucy Barrett, Debbie Reid and Lori Jones. labovel "Get down Ginger Brown!" Virginia Brown demonstrates how to be a pool shark. I REMEMBER . , . Wondering if those really were Nori Snead's underwear taped to f - -: V .,,, - 4? V f-QV' 13 ' i yx fr f 44957 af'-gm, . . ' i,,.i if f C W "-- f M . Q .f I :W 5, fy? ,,, X the blackboard. Qt ,V ,--'f'?- ,,,,,f-+'4,. Q, I :fi 5 ,y f 'Z' , f R W f4?5w'4L4 ' r 4f' 11.52 ' V7,22:u:X,a ' fi A .. , W . ,, M gig! . V ., A i -Q-.., l Sophomores Q.W' Pamela Fandrich Michelle Foster Greg George Kristine Golder .. - 1' f. fy i l i 'Eg' ml 4 f l,l0 Kelly Goodson Chris Grant Betsey Gresham Ray Haberman West Haberman Nancy Harbach Leslie Hart Stacey Joy Hershman Q, f cg... . ' 'xfii xl' Cieftl "Captain Madge Bud" alias Michelle Foster. Cabovel According to Michelle Sen- tell, Leslie Hart, and Linda Caisoe, there is life outside of the Vet school. I REMEMBER . . . Dr. Wooley giving Kristine Golder a new name tag describing her as "The Kissing Bandit". Class of 1990 63 Sophomores David Higginbotham I Cherie Hodges Terri Horton Todd Johnson !"ln- if yvk 'P"""w Suzie Johnson ' Lance Jones J Lori Jones A, ",, E Laurie Kavanaugh 5 me ew .1 , ' 1 Carol Keldahl Judy Kuechenmeister Nadine Lamberski Xnn Larsen Cbelowl The gggi R d C u y erjan makes an ,appearance for Gpen House. frightj The baby comes of. age - West Harm-yka on his 21st birthday. J 1 REMEMBER' ,.. L Dx. Coulter constantly pioking on R1c1e iCfa1neg who showed hiel apfi? preczation by leaving a Hlinthoiise Z on the podi1im duringethef fiizaig' no :,, ,fm ,LH .45 X ap, 1, V .yy qy' me A Q .., f J ff f Y 1 f , V, ff " 1, f f f Q " Z QV j ,- f ' X f f K ' ' ,INAV f, f ZZ af 4' W Z I 'f QW, X N M ff ' ' N 6 , , be 1 4 M 4 f Z, If f f R K nz! , e n f f . 4' x - fffw ' ru- 43 4 If fi Z 4 4 Q5 7 Z ? if is W fr 'Q ' 121590 Z2 f 4 2 6 V .7 f if f ' Q jeg ' X K f My Y E571 if we Mrk- Qin 5, was if , L., , ,N ef' ge we 1 J : , -W, iv ,' 'c A , ,ei ey .L f: 1351 5' ff f 3 ' T 1 , 'Tj Zigsfggyfyn. 1 V V5 6321 ' ' ' -fvfhfif' 5? WNKV5 Wffo' V1 Dr R17 , ,Q leyfg, ffeqers ie 75 I ,,, ao., , ,f f, , Eliza V -v M Q: gws, ff' .2533 if ax ' Ea Q X, Q 5 -1 1 Q V , ' E., .. 5 ,, Q E V. XVN, e,i, me w -1, , ':?v1wf-1-:4-:wwf - ,.,. , ..., A,-4,,..,. .,.. Y . -W ,-.-.--,WN -V V,-'1-.vez--1-:,:.-:-U:,:f- wet- "Ffa-ff ,L we . f 1 'Q' fff-ff - '- - . 5 - .W X ,, :tr i ., in i fa i I z 4 i . me wi f f e. - 1 5 . we a Q L X V, sk . J., Sophomores fleftl Tom Doker uses his head for more destructive purposes besides studying! iabovel Todd Johnson faking the ideal vet M student. L I REMEMBER Finding out Kelly Mann was "im- potent" in Dr. Purinton's lecture. Kelly finally got some help from the drug "Rigidex" in Dr. Hatch's class. M Leslie Lassiter C. Todd Lavender Jayne Loofboro Jay Lord Davis McGuirt Harold McKenzie Kelly Mann Andy Mathis Rose Niznik Javier Olano Miguel Perales George McCornmon Class of 1990 65 wa X -endif xiii Sophomores Debbie Reid Bill Ricken Gail Rockwood Davida Roof Ed Rowan Claude Schumpert Michelle Sentell Mary Sherman Addie Sides Nori Snead Caroline Sniff Bobby Springer W ,,,, 450. 'ww 4 ,,v, i ,,,,,, ,, f 1 - , f ' ff fi, Q ,,, , ., ' '. M ,551 , f , X I 25,1 X I gg XA ff f - ,,,V X Y 179 f i Q,Qxi,::'M' ' 'Q W .fx My i is ixli Qbelowl The party animal, Brandon Wich- man and sports fanatic, Jay Lord unite to study parasites for parasitoiogy. fright? At: work or at "play", Gail Rockwood is in the library. I REMEMBER . . Dr. Purintoxfs memorable imita' tion of a hypocalcemic monkey. ,. W: fun, fr" J f 'KSN' 1 f I ., , ,,,. ,A .,,A.,,,. , , ,,. ,.,,.,,,,,, 4 A if E' f il ' L .4-4 Mf-v'Y4sl'4-f H ms '11, ,, 4f,,,g,w,f, gba? : ,,',,X,6qy ,W - f .7,f, or ,. Q, em,-,Sow-Hc,f:+,' H , G f. fr , f ' f H ,fx f . .M , f.,H.X, .1 ,. f f ,lf 41 ff ' ,Zhi T,,,, , 4:4 ' 15197 5 1 mf! 1. ,y V5 .fy , 'WZ 1 ffl ff Wire 2 fi.. fir fab0S?QlgfV6ta Scfxfml'cgnilmakeQstrangefbativ ' l 2 ,wfieitwt iofiStedeliiSr,+ iliellv Maw, Les- f'- Q-Q B ivbikef-i.'ei1?ffJ 'Too faeifaad aw ' w51Wfe12nym0fefiiiCaSG1S6 -taiwan as i fi T B T il?-'fi T ' Mi' 'bbkifiifiiierikxiiaiibn V i' B B 4X1 , I 4 '. , 'T . , f 5 ' B K Y 5 ' ' 4 1, ' M mf K M 1 f f me A Ksffq I Sophomores Lydia Sullivan Dee Teders Brenda Temple Helen Thomas Eddie Tomlinson Beth Visco Mark Webster Brandon Wichman Laura Youngblood Class of 1990 67 Sponsored by: Merck ........... FRESHMEN -4-9 fleftb Class 'officers - Mary-Elizabeth lard, presicientg Steve McCarter, vice presi4 dentg Leslie Wilson, treasurerg Karen Mor- rissey, secretary. Qopposite page? 'Karl Yurkog "You gotta likeethat " 3 , Jn, ' 4 'L i -h , , ,L is, , f si , Q 9 C 27, 1 If ' 13? ' 2' vw? Zi, ,,, 'W Lf 1Q+:Y'Ss 2 Z 5- A Q 4 y 4 .V New W .fl A 4 40 'wg A , , M W f W 3 7, 2 2 f " ' A - ' V 1? 4 Y W X f f -2 if f 5 1, W M, f as . ww ff ' W f , . l Freshmen Kerry Jean Altera Perry James Bain Allison Paige Berkeley Russell Adam Breckwoldt Lisa Anne Bright Susan Joan Butler Mei Lin Castor Raymond Sox Caughman Julie Ann Champey Lora Lee Cheves Sandra Joan Christianson Debbie Clark f I vi a TAN! Class of 1991 69 Freshmen Ralph Franklin Claxton Eddie Crittendon Anne Lindsay Croom Diana Lynn Dallara Angeline Maria Davis Alice L. Day Wanda Gale Dean Buck Drummond -,- if -rg ",P T"3V ." Cl. f J fx. rvfii 3 TO Class of 1991 ' af -'SX fbelowl Since they are never seen apart, the class of 1991 wonders if Cheryl Schultz and Diana Dallara are fraternal or identi- cal twins. ffar leftj Aiiison Berkley and Perry Bain pretend to be "real" veterinari- ans under the guidance of senior student Suzanne Newsom. fleftl At the Halloween party Russ Wiessinger acts like he has nev- er seen a flasher before. I REMEMBER . .. When Lisa Roach stuck a needle into the side of an I.V. bag during a Physical Diagnosis lab and watched the fluid spray onto the floor. a K L J '57 lleftj Kim Smart: "So this is why I went to Vet school." ibelowj They think they are the Stud Club - Karl Yurko, Tony Mat- thews, Erik Johnson, and Eddie Critten- don. I REMEMBER . . . When Ray Caughman dressed as Santa Claus and carried around mistletoe. Dr. Crowell-Davis wouldzft kiss him but Dr. Hills- man dipped him. Freshmen 'nl' Terry Eades Jim Earley Mary-Elizabeth Ellard Hugh Madison Gibbs Dianne Carol Gilkey Cheryl B. Greenacre Christopher Gregory Lynn Carole Gross Class of 1991 71 Freshmen vzfV0.,,,g, fx ,,,, ffwggff 1. xfv, ,f , ,V y 1 -..xii Jenifer H. Gustafson Robb James Hardie Amanda Ingrid Hetzel Lance M. Hirsh Stacy Hollingsworth Erik Johnson Gail Lee Jones Amy Ann Kasprisin Robert Mayes Knight Charles Land Lindy Landron Susan Lynn Leck 72. Class of 1991 tix ? L , 3 A 2 Z ,f ,W Z w -.X 0 J , O 57 5 t 4 ,.yJ E fs-,W - X X m e Q so qqqq " 11 wg, 1, " x V.-4' XE f., ' J -awww .ww , 3 -S, . . lx f 'ffm Kar'-2' '4 Wil f Q24 6213 .25j'z33kf- 3? N f , ffir . ,, ,J ff V, ,V , , ' png ,f rf, ,Yi jf 1 Q ,K fa, ,Q 5 qg2,.,Q,4,fv f,zg,j!,Y3H53 .Wg75,.,.,, ' , , , ,,4f I ' f ,, f, ' ,f QW f f ,riff 'vp 'fr Vfbvj-'.,zf.3' Qbeiowl meryenef warez anatomyeyexamr 5,i1eftJCI'11e fozmaiqfehycieinai . , '4 yi- ' " Q,,:f:L f ff flnallya setting fi da I-Ietzel, Lxsag3,B9ach,z WandafffD9aH,r -7 fa 2 f ' f -f "" ' i 7 f Swmf , 4 fl ff ,JL w:,f'20f4ff , ffwQQf,ZfQffQ , ,' 'f ll rrorr J f ' ,r,., , f.ff .i,ir, , iy,r, ysy, Jyyyr, .- ,f , , w2Xff.r.r,,,f 4 V ' ff , . -, . , my.-,ff My . . J f ' f., .',wKf:4,54 Ma of ,, -WT' ,r M Y, 'f ' Q' fs f' f ff x ' -Jawa 0 fx: H, " M2f'X'.2i 'f ,,v,v,,f3gfzg' ,.,.f M, M4 :'4.:?P2' X-,. ,. ,a ,WW N I f W- .At ' vw., 4 1' f y ff ff, .4 Q ff. A , .f,f,., Z.. A X-WM, f f .vw-fm ww f f 'f tf- 1- X52 ' sf A 'f f , , wry a1 fnww.: V , - as ,f , V. , 5' f -wf ,Qi s-w.t,,.1,fv,,:, ,ye -f-ff, sm, 1' ef" , , 3,':g-swf, r X V, ra w.,,f..gx,,.M,, aw.-f.asa.r3if Ni, , f f , , ,qw , ,.f4,.,.,,,,,,4s,o,.:f ,vy-,.,.-,,f.f.Qf ,,. gy. f S., . ,rf - 2 44ffws,rf.., rw f,2zwJas2!v.'sfes ,X fa ffm X if W.. I .nw-. X fb I l tleftk A classic pose M a man and his dog, Adam Lefffwith his dog at obedience class. Cabovel Cindy Weagley finds out that there M is more to Vet school than taking notes. r aEMEMBER .. e Dr. Lukert standing on his head to keep our attention for two back to lectures. M Freshmen Adam Leff Paula Levine David Loh Stephen Marion McCarter Marjorie Leanne MCF6tTldg8 Franci Mathis Anthony Duncan Matthews Melissa Mays Philip Craig Mehaffey Michael Joseph Mines Karen Morrissey Rosalie Nicholas Class of 1991 73 Freshmen Meredith Ann Oakley Janine Ott Daniel Doyle Peck Lisa Roach ITN Cheryl Schultz Kim Smart Jeffrey Stallings Mickie Thompson Patricia Ann Vander Broek Michelle Waschak Cindy Weagley Pamela Lynn Wendel -.,-. LL iabovel Philip Mehaffey and Lisa Brighiify Q wear big smiles which is a rareileverit in histology lab. fright? The next Vanna White: Sandra Christiansen. I REMEMBER . . When Erik Johnson and Karl Yurko put a hole in the wall out- side of the library. S q 74 Class of 1991 z XN.N, Win . . W , leg: '23, ' 1 amy , ass. Q is X 'S ss A -W gas N A . ,N 1, if swf sos as cp gc- asf: Q 'Ni 2 S i X fl sw :mv r fx Ehilifig 5 'S 2 if N N1 f 3 was 529222. 924465 ffmzw 2 as Qs: -ws? -y xi .s , wmv.. is-gif N . . X. X, - , r ,Msvs:sserQ,'ws"w seff:'m'sww'ge2owafer:'e'wfwsvawsweL-C3531ik?"'SVyfleiifiggy,-gsvfkififiliESQ Q- , . 1 1 . X - s . H X L K as sms. Q ,wmns .f2f,,exs,e N-swfwvd fseswsss My s, . . :ff::,f'gf,,.s Q X- . :N . sQ,s,s0s -N-,X we Qwfm-ess,-fs-'Ma ' ravi,-savvy S-as .es J s s - -or ,xi 1-Q' Q' . A s ' . P :Sf xc: ns .Q rx, .C .. f ' f- x f -:M .-,mf-mizssf V iivli 59591 AZRQEJAQ. w.x2y.Mf-as X-wb, X 344562 :Jew eb 5: Af: f15vx?',AQaaN9'a13f1WmN' em: si 'ws' , N2 ,..s0 2. ' X 4' I Dr. Coulter tafjes a lead to Stacy Hol- ii riiiiiiiii I 'l lingsworth, the best legs the Class of 1993. has ta offer, labovel Always ready to use an little freeriabo1f,aSr.istudent Steve Van Lee putsaafreshman., Debbie Clark to work. me o fin pajamas for the Saturl- s in , i W W W W mwwf- ,, - 4 , ' - 1 , ff' K 'll i -ga fl we fr ,... 'Q Freshmen Russell L. Wiessinger Leslie Ann Wilson Gregory Winter David Richard Wonders Karl Yurko Mike Zimmerman Class of 1991 75 T6 Activities X, 'Q 'Rn 2 W M512 W fi. 6 If K bl Nu V as, Q M1 I , S ,, ACTIVITIES W V , , 9 'wx' A af. 4-A Qix 1? 'af ef M. Hi F43 , A i if K We Q s Activities 77 Flrst Occurrences On May 7 1988 while other University seniors recov- ered from their last midterm exams vet school seniors lined up for their commencement processlonal A1- though the Class of 1988 was the last class in the Col- lege of Veterlnary Medicine to matrlculate on the quar- ter system thls year s seniors graduated a month earlier than usual so that the next class could move into the clinics according to the sequential curriculum schedule Almost 1000 relatives and frlends attended the ceremo- ny in the Tate Student Center In h1s opening remarks Dean Anderson described the event as one composed of many first occurrences the first May graduation the first attendance of the University President at a vet Mark raduatlon school commencement the flrst graduates to receive actual diplomas on stage and the first class to receive special commendatlon by the faculty for outstandlng cooperation and communication skills Universlty of Georgia Presldent Charles Knapp offered this thought to the graduates Always know where you are in relation to your goals while Dr John McCor- mack emphasized the lmportance of family 1n deter- mining one s success Drs Doug and Sheila Allen hood- ed each new doctor as he or she walked across the stage to shake hands with the President and Dean and re- ceive a diploma 9 7 7 a a . . . . . , . . . . . a a - - ,ac . . . . . ,, . . , . . . . , . . . . ' 9 . . . . , . Honor Graduates Summa Cum Laude john McDevitt Magna Cum Laude Mary Ellen Orff Bruce Rose Cum Laude Robert Brewster Robert Hlll, lr Gerald Ramsdell Mlchael Wllls o o Q O 78 Graduation Y -1.1 , , I A If .. 1 fiefeewis 5 P 'Kem' 'Q . t fOpposite page! Drs. Sheila Allen and John McDevitt pose with Johrfs father after the graduation ceremony. lAbove, left! New graduates, Drs. Diana Greenwood and Layne Shattles give big smiles for the camera before setting off for new careers. iAbove, rightl Dr. John McCormack gives the charge to the Class of 1988. Excellence Brightens the Night The brightest stars shone on the eve nlng of April 22 durlng the 1988 Honors and Awards Banquet for the College of Veterinary Medicine The Upjohn Company and The IAMS Company sponsored the event which included dinner and presenta tion of awards Master of Ceremonies John F Munnell added continuity and much lev1ty as he introduced the presentors of each award Over 60 awards were named many wlth mul tlple recipients This year s students judged Dr Phil Lukert to be the brightest faculty star He recelved the Norden D1StlD gulshed Teacher Award for hls char acter leadership and teachlng ab1l1 Doug Allen for exceptlonal veterl nary servlce glven at the expense of other personal and professlonal de mands H1gh8St monetary awards went to Ms Mary Ann McCrack1n and Mr Todd Holbrook reclpients of the Salsbury Foundatlon Scholar ships Other senior honorees lnclud ed Margot Boerner fEqu1ne Award Hill s Senior Student Awardi John McDevitt fMerck Veterinary Cllnl cal Award Faculty Scholastic Plaque Sz Clifford E Westerfleld Awardl and Bryan Cr1bb fH1ll s Senior Stu dent Award Upjohn Cllnlcal Award Edwin L Freeman Awardl 9 ' 1 , - . , . . , . , . . .- ty. Clinical faculty recognized Dr. ' 9 : ' , . , . . 9 7 ' 9 . . , . - 7 7 Above: Dean Anderson presents the Norden Dis- tinguished Teacher Award to Dr. Lukert. Right: CDr. Munnelll "This is the head. It houses the brain and is covered with hair - sometimes." Opposite page, top, left: Mary Ann McCrackin accepts the President's Leadership Award. Right: Dr. Black- mon hands Richard Con- ger a check and a plaque. Opposite page, middle, left: Dr. Parks gives Mar- got Boerner the Equine Award. Right: Bob Hill walks away with the Dean Emeritus Thomas J. Jones Cup, presented by Dean Lorenz. Opposite page, bottom: Dr. Munnell ac- cepts the Class of 1991 Facuity Recognition Award from Mary Eliza- beth Ellard. A U? f JW' ' ' s 1'-' W -. c 6 1 ' 1' Off ,QA Talent Show Held on April Fool's Da Although the Talent Show was held on April first, it clearly showed the variety of talents within the Vet School. Jane Doyle and Phill Graham did an excellent job organizing the event and even entertained the audience be- tween acts. Jane clogged with the Bullfrog clog- gers, a local clogging group. For their second routine, the cloggers got into the spirit of the night and donned lab coats. For his part, Phill Graham became Fidget the Midget with the help of Kevin Winkleris arms. Everyone got involved including spouses After a solo by George Mixon George and his wife Martha sang a gospel duet Brenda Murphy Matthew Murphy s wife also sang a gospel hymn George Mixon appeared again with help from Matthew Murphy Bob Patrick and Bill Gibson to form a barbershop quartet Not to be outdone Dr Wallace represented the faculty by playing his clarinet Maintaining the same clas slcal mood Buck Drummond suprised some of the audience by playing the cello Even though musical numbers prevailed there were several hilarious skits Bobby Springer Javier Olano Helen Thomas and Miguel Per ales did a vet school version of Monty Python Afterwards rumors circulated of a repeat per formance next year Monty Python Revisit ed Bruce LeRoy had two enjoyable skits The first one good naturedly poked fun at pathology professor Dr Tyler The second skit was Bruce s own version of a Dominique Wilkins fAt1anta Hawks Basketball starl TV commer cial For more mformation call 1 800 PAL PATE Last but certainly not least was a re peat performance by Urethra Franklin fMatt McCordl Urethra was undoubtedly the hit of the evening with two encore performances In addition Anne Mldgarden organized an Art and Photography exhibit that was displayed in the reading room All contributions were by students and faculty members Overall the April Fools Talent Show was a huge success both with entertainment and fundraising Ap proximately S5350 00 was raised and donated to the Jodi Travis Fund 82 Talent Show 4 1 WA 'K 1 H N E ,Q iopposite page, topl Susan Clingenpeel assists the performer by hold- ing the cue cards. fopposite page, middlel Buck Drummond gives new meaning to the word "classic," Iopposite page, bottom? Everybody dance! Ctop, leftl Dr. Wallace proves that faculty members do have a sense of humor. irniddle, leftl George Mixon serenades the audience. Itop, rightl Urethra CMatt McCordl shows what kind of "natural woman" she really is. Cmiddle, right? Maybe someone told Bruce LeRoy that there is money in professional basketball - is this what is meant by alternative careers in veterinary medicine? Cbottom, rightl Phill Graham, is it true that you look taller with short hair? 84 Open House O en House Puts Fun Into Public Education What better way to enjoy a warm spring morning and afternoon than to join the fun at the Vet School Open House, sponsored by the Class of 1991! The day's activities began with the annual 5K Fun Run for the fit and energet- ic. Next came the Any and All Dog Show in which young dog owners presented their canine friends. Dr. Jeanne Barsanti demonstrated sheep herding with her bright and well-trained border collies. Farrier Wayne Blackstone demonstrated horseshoeing. Milking, sheep shearing, and horseback riding demonstrations fascinated a group of enthusiastic spectators. Guided tours through the vet school began each hour in the main lobby. 1 Other demonstrations included equine colic assessment and canine cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR and Life Support in the Dog, Parasites in Puppies, Poultry Diseases in the Sunbelt, and Embryo Transfer in Horses were just a few of the many films and displays on exhibit throughout the day. The Petting Zoo was a special treat for young and old. Pigs, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens, and a hawk were a few of the attractions. Dr. Al Caudle offered rides in his draft horse-drawn wagon. The fun and enjoyment lasted well into the afternoon until tired and happy participants packed up and headed home. iOpposite page, leftl Even pigs deserve to be loved! fOpposite page, rightl Dr, Finco, could you please give us your opinion on the role of "air-heads" in veteri- nary medicine? C0pposite page, bottomJ Dr. Barsanti uses one of her Border Collies in the sheep herding demonstration. iAbove, leftj Stacey Hollingsworth as- sists Wayne Blackstone during the horseshoeing demonstration. iAbove, rightj Michelle Thomp- son gets wrapped up in her work at the Petting Zoo. fLeftJ Lisa Bright, Wanda Dean, and Steve McCarter observe the dog show. CBelowJ Face painting was a big attraction for the youngsters. 86 SCAVMA SCAVMA Assumes Professional and Social Roles The Georgia Student Chapter of the American Veterlnary Med- ical Association fGeorgia SCAVMAJ, is open for membership to all veterinary students and strives to promote professionalism, enhance veterinary education and prepare students to particl- pate in organized medical practice after graduation The stu- dent chapters located ln veterinary schools across the country compose the Student AVMA CSAVMAJ which is a subsidiary of the AVMA Through this hierarchy the local members stay in touch with the concerns of their colleagues on a national level Blmonthly meetings provided time for routine business trans actions in the Senate as well as for special presentations to the Chapter Speakers included Dr Fred Smith Dr A K Prestwood Dr Jesse Derrick Dr Roy Hosek and Dr Doug Kemp who presented different topics of current interest in veterinary medlcine SCAVMA also sponsored llghter events such as the annual fall picnic at Dean Anderson s home Good food and good fellow ship gave seasoned veterans and new freshmen alike an oppor tunlty to get to know each other This year also saw the advent 1988 Officers: President Leslie Brown Treasurer George McCommon of SCAVMAS Sprlng Ice Cream Social For many chapter members the years highlight was the SAVMA Symposium held at the University of California m"R Q ,,.! IQ Vice-President Kelly Mann .rg Corresponding Secretary Michelle Foster Recording Secretary Steve McCarter U ' J iopposite page, middle, leftl Junior Senators: Cfront rowl Bill Gibson, Paul Wan, Casey Kirnbrell, Steve Winakurg lback rowl Bruce LeRoy, Steve Morris, Mark Guilloud, Dan Pate. Coppo- site page, middle, rightl Sophomore Senators: ffront rowl Terri Horton, Nori Snead, Karen Camp, Cback rowl Cherie I-lodges, Jayne Loofboro, Andy Mathis, Ed Rowan. fopposite Page, bot- tom, leftl Freshman Senators: ffront rowl Christopher Greg- ory, Mary Elizabeth Ellard, Lindsay Croomg lback rowl Eddie Crittendon, Mike Zimmerman, Terry Eades. fopposite page, bottom, right! 1987 Officers: Michelle Foster, Mary Ann Mcflrackin, Todd Holbrook, Scott Friedrichs. fabovel Andy Mathis and Lindy Landron enjoy a SCAVMA cookout to wel- come everyone back to school in the fall. Cbelow, left! Luke Delpo and Bobby Springer cook hamburgers for the fall cook- out held on the back lawn of the vet school complex. , .J vii' SCAVMA 87 Visitation Program Promotes Human nlmal Bondln In 1984 Dr Doris Miller implemented the Pet Visitation program with the purpose of exposing certain community sectors to the benefits of human-animal bondlng and to edu- cate them about pet care All partlcipants in the program are volunteers and include members of the Vet School s student body the UGA Prevet Club and students in the School of Social Work With their help Dr Miller visits nursing homes day care centers and elementary schools which among others this year included the McFall Center Timothy Road and Gaines School Road ens Adult Rehabilltatlon Center Types of animals used for visitation lnclude dogs cats baby chicks rabbits goats gerbils guinea pigs and piglets The Vet School maintains a few of these animals solely for the program but most are loaned for each vlsit by interested animal owners My ' to 9 f of My W O 1 O Elementary Schools, Athens Health Care Center, and Ath- 88 Pet Visitation ri i ."2fffqtX, CTopJ A young boy makes friends with a Kuvasz that probably outweighs him! fLeftJ Dr. Doris Miller looks on as an elderly lady and a dog learn that there is nothing to fear from one another. iAboveJ A cocker spaniel happily gets into the lap of a woman who seems eager to pet it. Georgia Veterlnar Educatlonal Supply Service Serves Students and Facult The GVESS provides a service that saves much cost to the veterinary students and faculty. As a non-profit organiza- tion, the vet bookstore sells medical texts and school sup- plies at prices that are much lower than the university bookstore would sell them. Last year, the GVESS moved to a new location from its small space on Lumpkin Street. The new store is behind Dooley's Sickroom Supply, a convenient location since vet students often need products that are sold by Dooley's. Two veterinary students organize and manage the store each year. Each receives a stipend for his or her hard work. One position is available every year and carries a two-year term of service. Applicants must write statements express- ing eligibility, desire, and need for the job. This year's managers were Beth Niagro and Cherie Hodges. Cherie Hodges rings up Scott Friedrichs, purchases. V 515035 E-WMM GVESS 89 Hard ork Pays Off For Veterinarius Diligence, experience, and a standard of excellence were the qualities of this year's Veterinarius staff. With good student support of book sales and hard work by the staff, The Ve- terinarius overcame existing finan cial problems and became fully self supporting Keen advertising sales strategy reaped adequate profit en suring a stable financial future for Marla Helen Lance Smith the book Special thanks to Blackstone Ray Haberman Thomas Margaret Roberts Jones Rob Durham Andy Krista Evans and Ralph Askren Editor: Caroline Sniff Faculty: Penelope Bowden, editor Mary Sherman Classes: Nancy Harbach, co-editor Kristine Golder, co-editor Activities Leslie Brown editor Todd Johnson sports Nori Snead Lori Campbell Greg George David Bohler Kevin Winkler Diana Dallara Howard Johnson Jimmy Cobb Jane Doyle Photography 90 Veterinarius Staff Copposite page, topl Laura Youngblood assist- ed the editor by typing copy and checking pages before production. Copposite page, leftj Todd Johnson oversaw the sports section. Cop- posite page, middlel Caroline Sniff was Edi- tor-in'Chief and Advertising Salesman. Cop- posite page, rightl Lori Campbell, photographer, has many examples of her work represented in the book. ltop, left! Greg George, photographer, took many of the pic- tures used in the book, also. ftop, rightl Mary Sherman -- the picture is self-explanatory -- thanks for all the help! Qmiddle, leftl Leslie Brown was Activities and Organizations edi- tor, and Nori Snead helped with photography. imiddle rightl Kristine Golder and Nancy Harbach were co-editors of the Classes sec- tion. ibottom, leftl Penelope Bowden was edi- tor of the Faculty section. Veterinarius Staff 91 American ssociation of Equine Practitioners ssumes Multiple Roles The UGA Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners CAAEPJ IS an active or ganizatlon in the College of Veteri nary Medicine Members support the Colic Team and the Foal Team both of WhlCh provide an lndlspensable service to the hospital s large animal clinicians Dr Michelle Henry was this year s chapter advisor and directed weekly viding in house service to c11n1c1ans and patients the club strives to en hance the educational opportunities of veterinary students inform stu dents about veterinary problems cur rently affecting the horse industry and obtain knowledge concerning equine diseases with an underlying purpose of improving the quallty of services offered to the horse owning public o 7 . . , . . . , hospital rounds. In addition to pro- , - , - 7 7 Qtopj Members: ffront rowl Harold McKenzie, Dan Peck, Nori Snead, Judy Duncan, Rose Niznikg lsecond rowl Melissa Mays, George McCommon, Diana Alexander, Asha Wise, Jodi Peters, Melissa Bondurant, Lora Lee Chevesg tthird rowl Mary Ann McCrackin, Gail Rockwood, Ruth Wilson, Trisha Dur- rence, Paul Wan, Dixie Cely, Perry Bain, Cfourth rowj Jayne Loofboro, Franci Mathis, Lori Campbell, Todd Holbrook, Qfifth rowl Mike Zimmerman, Scott Friedrichs, Jeff Stall- ings, Bob Patrick, Susan Butler. fbottoml Cin- dy Brown explains some of colic team's re- sponsibilities to newcomer, Marjorie McFetridge. 92 AAEP 'N 1 7 ff .fs 1 i li itop, leftl Jodi Peters wraps the leg of a colic patient in preparation for surgery. ttop, rightl Dr. Jeff Lakritz passes a nasogastric tube into a horse before it undergoes surgery while the foal watches warily from the mother's side. Cmiddlel Officers: lfront rowl Class of 1991 representative, Franci Mathisg President, Asha Wise, Vice President, Jodi Petersg fmiddle rowl Class of 1990 represen- tative, Nori Snead, Secretary, Judy Duncan, fu- ture president, Melissa Bondurantg iback rowl Class of 1989 representative, Paul Wan Knot pic- tured, Class of 1988 representative, Margot Boernerg Treasurer, Fran Fletcherl. fleftl Dr. Jennifer Johnson monitors the level of anesthesia during colic surgery. AAEP 93 X merican nimal Hospital ssociation Encourages Career Plannm The Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association QAAHAJ works to promote the veterinary pro- fession in many ways This year AAHA and faculty advi- sor Dr Dennis Aaron proudly provided the sophomore class with a career planning book containing 1nformat1on invaluable to young professlonals Topics included inter- view strategies and suggestions for alternatives to private clinical practice The Shock Trauma Team is a peripheral organization of AAHA members and other students Led by Dr Dennis Crowe and with the help of Resusc1Rover participants learn emergency procedures such as cardiopulmonary re- suscitation Their training introduces them to hospital protocol and basic concepts of animal nursing ftopj Tracey Williams checks a fluid bag in ICU. Cabove, leftl Ralph Claxton performs a partial physical exami- nation on a patient. fabove, rightl Shock Trauma Team: ifront rowl Ann Davis, Terry Eades, Rose Niznik, Claude Schumpertg fback rowl Suzie Johnson, Patricia Vander Broek, Paula Levine, Susan Leck, Rudy Cerjan, Cindy Weagley, Robb Hardie, Gail Jones, Betsey Gresh- am, Dr. Dennis Crowe, Jim Early, a vet tech. frightl Dr. Dennis Crowe explains emergency procedures to Susan Leek, Rudy Cerjan, and Jim Early while ResusciRover waits on the table. 94 AAHA AA Ay - htm 0 T 5 hngwtnlbl Q '- ls--f 5212 I Student Avian and Zoo Vets Look to Gam ffiliation The avian and zoo clubs applied this year for affiliations as student chapters of the Associ- ation of Avian Veterinarians and the Ameri- can Association of Zoo Practitioners, respec- tively. Led by faculty advisor Dr. Bran Ritchie, the exotics clubs discussed some of atlonal the many interesting Wildlife cases which came to the clinic this year. They also heard guest lectures concerning raptor rehabilita- tion and new developments at the Atlanta Zoo. The club also took tours of the local Athens Zoo in Columbia, SC. S, L.. Q- . fi? i ,A 1 is 5' 2 X S if il 4 f M. 81.-Mi. ' fTop, leftl The zookeeper at Me- morial Park Zoo points out some- thing interesting to the students: Nadine Lamberski, Adam Leff, Susan Leck, Rudy Cerjanl. CTop, rightj Officers: Vice President, Kelly Mann, President, Nadine Lamberskig Treasurer, Greg George. fLeftJ Members: ffront row! Adam Leff, Laurie Kavan- augh, Lance Jones, fsecond rowj Stacey Hershman, Nadine Lam- berski, Rose Niznik, Mary Eliza- beth Ellard, Debbie Reid, Kelly Mann, fback rowl Virginia Brown, Perry Bain, Susan Leek, Dr. Bran Ritchie, Rudy Cerjan, Claude Schumpert. AAVXAAZP 95 AABP Encompasses II spects of Bovme Medlclne The Student Chapter of the Amer1 can Association of Bovlne Practltio ners QSCAABPJ provides its mem bers with information involving bovine lnternal medicine, herd health, and reproduction Member ship IS open to all vet students This year s activities included hospl tal rounds every Tuesday at noon, interesting cases with faculty advisor Dr Charles Wallace Guest speakers lncluded Dr Marshall McCullough who presented a seminar on bovine nutrition to the chapter Members during 1987 88 were Diana Alexander, Phil Arnall, Neal Brack et, Sally Ann Earl Costello, Fran Fletcher, Leslie Hart Todd Hol brook, Stacey Hollingsworth Casey Kimbrell, Jayne Loofboro, Mary Ann McCrack1n, Bob Patrick Jodi Peters, George Mixon, Ed Rowan, Lydia Sullivan, Paul Wan, Tracy Williams, and Asha Wise o o o during which participants discussed , 1 ' w 1, ,, w .-ffjf , T I y A cow is a completely automatic milk manufacturing machine. It is encased i untanned leather and mounted on four vertical, movable supports, one on eac corner. The front end contains the cutting and grinding mechanism, as well as ligl sensors, an air inlet and exhaust, a bumper and a foghorn. At the rear is the dispensing apparatus and an automatic fly swatter. The central portion houses a hydrochemical conversion plant. This consists 4 four fermentation and storage tanks connected in series by an intricate netwol of flexible plumbing. This section also contains the heating plant complete wit automatic temperature controls, pumping station and main Ventilating systen The waste disposal apparatus is located at the rear of this central section. In brief, the externally visible features are: two lookers, two hookers, four stan: uppers, four hanger-downers and a swishy-wishy. - Author Unknown l ltopli Officers: Vice President, liff President, Bob Patrick, Secrefaryffreggqgey, Fran Fletcher. fright! A healthylcalfyrepiie- sfents the pgfoalsi of Qizgrerdi hgglth reprbdvuctiong A,,,,.V :L ,,V,,..VA.,,bV. 96 AABP Christian Veterinar Fellowship Offers Serenit midst ectic Schedules The UGA Chapter of the Christian Veterinary Fellowshlp KCVFJ is an affiliate of the national CVF Stu- dents estabhshed the chapter here during the early 1980s CVF wel- comes partlclpation by all members of the College CVF s purpose is to provlde Chris- tian support and interaction for the Vet School community Weekly meetings provide a time when stu- dents and faculty can slow down fel- lowship with one another and glori- fy God This year the chapter enjoyed presentations by community leaders and mlsslonary Veteflnafl- ans Other meetings focused on musl- cal performances and Blble studies "'f"' lk' itopl The photographer catches Terri Hor- ton by surprise. Cmiddle, left? Matt Mur- phy and Philip Arnali find plenty to smile about during a meeting. fmiddle, right! Of- ficers: Vice President, George Mixong Sec- retary, Terri Hortong President, Philip Ar- nall. Geftl Front row: Terri Horton, Betsey Gresham, Wendy Propst, Lydia Sullivan, Diane Gilkeyg back row: Denise Smith, George Mixon, Franci Mathis, Claude Schumpert, Mike Smith, Philip Arnail, Steve McCarter, Matt Murphy, Neal Brackett, Michael Mines, Dan Pate. CVF 97 98 Alpha Psi Ipha Psi Enjoys Reliefs From Stresses In 1907 students at Ohio State University stated this pur- pose for founding the mother chapter of Alpha Psi Frater- nity: to create a better feeling among all the students of all veterinary colleges and to promote a deeper interest in the veterinary science. The members of the Lambda Chapter at The University of Georgia promote a relaxed, informal environment so that students can escape the stresses of veterinary school. Most of the activities of the fraternity are clear examples of this attitude. This year Alpha Psi enjoyed a large pledge class. All pledges passed a three month initiation process to become full members. Other fall activities included the Kudzu Kooler Party tno casualties reportedl, block seat- ing Ubetween the hedges," intramural football, and the famous Friday afternoon kegs. 1 ,ll X' f -ful, virgins lg, s. is try :mam fi 'rf D 5 L , 5335 as Q i i Q c 2 n, " 15' 'Q T- L '- wmgf f ffm. www I t nigh, 4 si-f' W 42+ 4 -'fit is - A. ,. ., " A? , , ,A " ' f. ' 1 X' qi' .1 2 iw - Q .zzz 5' in Q-.1 , 1 H , .:.x f 'nag . fopposite page, leftl Phil Graham, Mark Freeman, Todd Holbrook, Luke Delpo, and Casey Kimbrell hold Ed Battles hostage for a life- time supply of wine coolers . . . Who was that masked man? Qopposite page, rightl Caroline Sniff's spouse, Danny Sniff and Karen Clark make a formidable team in foosball. Copposite page, bottornl Volley- ball is a great way to end a hard week tforeground: Steve Camp, George McComrnon, Davis McGuirt, Terry Eades, West Hamryka, Eric Johnsong background: Todd Johnson, Casey Kimbrell, Bill Ricken, Luke Delpo, Claude Schumpert, Kelly Mannl. Ctop, leftl Bryan Cribb, the shagging fiend, drags poor Margot Boerner onto the floor. ttop, right? Dr. Ed Roberson is Alpha Psi's faculty advisor. Qleftl Miguel Perales and Bill Ricken approve of Nori Snead's rendition of Eve. fabovel Eric Johnson could not seem to make it through the night on his feet. This is living proof lin this case, about 98 proofl that the bigger they come, the harder they fall! Alpha Psi 99 Convention and New Freshmen Round Out 'r lpha Psl s Year Lambda Chapter accepted the honor of hostlng the Alpha Psi National Convention thls year The event be- gan with a welcome party at the house and tours of the vet school Alpha Psi advlsor and National Ex- ecutive Council secretary Dr Ed Ro- berson arranged the Council s bus1- ness meetings The weekend s highlight was a banquet at the Con- tinuing Education Center The hu- mor of Dr. John McCormack the banquets keynote speaker led the students and alumni into the frolic of the annual Hobo Ball whlch fol- lowed the dinner As the year came to a close Alpha Psi welcomed 1ncom1ng freshmen durlng the annual Oyster Roast held in April. The John Berry Band pro- vided muslc suitable for chalr danc- 1ng and partying in general Alpha PS1 style' 1987 88 Officers Presldent Todd Holbrook V106 PfeS1dent Luke Delpo Secretary Karen Clark Treasurer Andy Smlth Historian Greg George Chaplain George McCommon Sgt at Arms Kevin MCElWee Kevln Wlnkler Rush Ch West Hamryka Mlchelle Foster Soclal Ch Sam Evans Rose N1ZD1k Sports Ch Ryland Edwards , . , . 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 I - 100 Alpha Psi ,J 1 Y. srl 7 gy i Wu X1 Qopposite page, top3 Alpha Psi members Diana Alex- ander, Kevin Winkler, and Susan Clingenpeel get together for a candid shot. fmiddlel Phii Graham gets a feel from Sally Brown during the Hobo Bal1's Hairy Face Contest while Michelle Waschak awaits V her turn. Qtopj Ernie Compton exhibits womanly wiles as Wayne Blackstone, Marla Blackstonefs spouse, gives a performance of his own. Cabovel John Berry performs everyones favorites at the Oyster Roast. Alpha Psi 101 ,ff ' ff ,-A! mega Tau Sigma Encourages Professionalism OTS established its ETA Chapter at the University of Georgia in 1948, forty-two years after the inception of the founding chapter at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then its members have included candidates for the DVM degree, OTS alumni, and other honorary members. In striving to promotr, the veterinary profession, OTS recognizes the following purposes: to encourage and foster the development of well-rounded, ethical veterinarians, and, through them, create a better profession based on friendship, cooperation, and respect for fellow men, to impart a desire to serve faithfully the needs of our animal kingdom and inspire members with the knowledge that a job done Well surpasses financial gain, to instill in members the principles of honesty, morality, resourcefulness, brotherly love and the ability to live happily with a group for the mutual benefit of all. 102 Omega Tau Sigma Qglbrb www' 546 Copposite page, topj That's good, Dr. Ja- cobs, but not quite as good as the original fBob Poser, seatedl. fopposite page, leftl The take-home message is: Don't let in- flammation be a part of your social life! fKaren Camp, Diana Eubanks, Caroline Sniff, Beth Visco, Michelle Fosterl Coppo- site page, rightl Karen Camp and Javier Olano dance the night away at the Hallow- een party. ftopl "Diane, I'11 tell you what I've got in my pocket if you'll tell me what's in yours." CDiane Febles, Mark Tribbyl Cbelow, rightj Lori Campbell, Su- zie Johnson, and Jayne Loofboro take their dogs through their paces during obedience class. ibelow, leftj Holy smoke - Helen Thomas and Mike Hughes. 1 ' A . 1 "we" rf. ,. . . s , , : .AMY V , X h x . L, Q ,. Omega Tau Sigma 103 upports arled Actlvltles In add1t1on to thelr many professlon al alms th1s year s OTS members en gaged 1n varlous extra currlcular ac t1v1t1es Some students enjoyed the soc1al and educatlonal opportunltles offered at the natlonal conventlon held at the Unlverslty of Ill1no1s ln October Another popular event the annual Halloween Party gave mem bers and guests an enjoyable break from fall classwork Other yearly projects mcluded dog obedlence classes held at the Llttle Arena ln the Cohseum on Tuesday mghts the annual Chrlstmas Dm ner the Whlte Carnatlon Dance and the Sprlng Party held 1n honor of lncomlng freshmen O I O O 0 n , - 9 I ' ' 9 7 - 7 . g . . - S S 104 Omega Tau Sigma lopposite pagel Linda Catoe's beagle displays a proud stance. fbelow, leftl Caroline Weber, Jane Doyle, and their friend, Cuervo, made the most of the Senior Roast, irightl Nadine Lamberski smiles for winning a prize while her champion exhibits slightly less than blue ribbon behavior. ibottom, leftl David, you simply must stop getting so excited, it's bad for you fDavid Higginbotham and wife, Eval. fbottom, rightl ls this the same guy that plays the cello? Naah! CBuck Drummondl E SZ 3 A . uma Q xi seams mann a s sly .5 Z H . bl. " ,J .sgy pw , mf ,,b4 hula 'ag'--'-,,,,. Omega Tau Sigma 105 o a X "S- ,W Vet School has Several Teams ln Intramural Football Sports activltles durlng the year were both tenslon release valves and at times very competitive events. Participants looked forward to the games as an excuse to break away from textbooks for a time and to abuse their bodies physically In the fall thoughts turn to football - and vet students were no exception The Vet School Wom- en coached by Claude Schumpert and J D Cun- ningham compiled a 6-1 overall record The wom- en advanced to the third round of the tournament before falling to the flerce competition In the men s football action both Alpha Psi fra- ternity and the Cremasters lined up in fall grid- lron actlon Later ln the winter the grudge match between Alpha Psi and Omega Tau Sigma frater- n1t1es continued 1n the annual Horsecollar Game In a game closer than the final score mdlcated Alpha Psi retalned possession of the coveted prlze with a 7-2 vlctory over OTS fray f I Q 106 Sports N. 'wt ' br Q. dsx. aainsn-iv' wwf ,Q Www 1 M. A,-." X . , N . '-", '-9-.. .iff 5. ,sv .xx 4 4... --H., , M A .. . 4 ,, 'Wil . I-:fx Mg, QQ ' Q, fir' 4, we , 55 ,-.44 1. N ,. .N f -.--'35 .N A'--9 .' f 'l'-- JP" " 'Tiff-f f -.3',,-. . E ' I PM " cfs?-'+f+ lv f 'fe , -9-' Y ' ' .W ' 1 dl---.?j' f.i'f'P"''f,l'i'Hg'f '-nf. biiTl"" ' :' 4 ,-LQ .QL .Malls . 4 ,fn ' ' " Y "'i'l"' ' Q ,,. ff V L, '. v-EEK' ' . "' ,iQ'fA"Z"Q,,.. ...nn N f - ' ' " Q' ' , , , -.W , , 1 L ,,,.,.,c 14 ' -L ff 1' J-f,,ir':. - - V 'Q , ,wiv is K' ' 1 ..45.V'Inb' . Ant' H . X 1 .41 .xyJ...1.-"fl 1 --.K ' 95 -H . Q - V 1 we .. topposite page, topl A common sight - Chad Aderhold wearing his outrageous shorts. Copposite, bottom leftj Claude Schumpert coaches the women's team to another victory. Copposite, bottom right! Michelle Foster and Beth Visco head down the sideline. ftop, leftl Rick Craine and Bill Ricken line up,again. ltop, rightj The pressure gets to J.D. Cunningham, but Lori Campbell, India Lane, and Leslie Wilson calmly watch the game. fmiddle, leftl Vet School Women: fstandingl Coach Claude Schumpert, Lori Campbell, Ann Larsen, Mi- chelle Foster, Beth Visco, Diana Eubanks, Coach J.D. Cunningham. Ckneelingj Paula Levine, Franci Mathis, Jodi Peters, Leslie Wilson, Caroline Sniffg fsittingl Suzie Johnson, Virginia Brown, Kim Smart, Diana Dallara, Lindsey Croom, Cmiddle, rightl Diana Eubanks goes air- born during kickoff. lleftl The girls anxiously await the hike Uanine Ott, Leslie Wilson, Franci Mathis, and Mi- chelle Fosterj. L f 'tx get l . -1 . ssl His . ts li .33 5' , ,Q 5 ,io XM -.1 ,ff t .L .ffizf . 7 575 4 -1 sf 'iw Sports 107 Basketball s ot Vet Students' Forte In basketball action, the Class of 1990 Cremasters finished the regular season with a 3-1 mark Led by cen- ter Jeff Brantley the Cremasters showed promise of advancing 1n the post-season tournament but fell 1n the second round of competition Alpha Psi took their basketball a 11t- tle less serlously No one ever knew quite what their record was but the players always managed to have a good t1me nonetheless The Vet School Women basketball team was in a rebu1ld1ng season this year Desplte thelr compet1t1ve drlve, the lady hoopsters ended the season Wlth an O-4 regular season mark 108 Sports "" if "" u rrr,ur, u ttvii 'A ' A ,,,t - --f'ffff ff' - 'Ir ,,,,f if ,,,1:,: ':,vv,5 vj,5:g.g:,gzA,- -1 ' "" :'i:: 2 . , .fi ' A ii ' 1 Q , w 'Fl wi 'f 2 " fs ' 'Y ' f Jr W ki. Q M, . Y,-74 'Q 0 E fe f ' ,, 'fx 3 f 13, , l. JZ Y f v 'f Z, 3 , Z2 ' M ff' Wi , X ' f viz, gf ,.- 3 1, W fy Q W ' 9' f f vw Q, - , f , M a 45, S61 gg igxgxxglzk I X my ' 'N fm. W fi, eh 1 :Q 6 W fk 1 1 Q xg 1 mf' Softball an olleyball Go W ll Thl Year On the softball dlamond thls sprlng Jay Lord led the Cremasters to a 3 1 regular season record Alpha PS1 also flelded a team and both clubs ended the season wlthout a slngle splenec tomy unllke the prevlous year The Vet School Women posted a 3 2 1 mark ln softball actlon th1s sprlng Desplte 1nd1cat1ons of strong post season potentlal the lad16S dropped the thlrd game of the tournament The Vet School Women volleyball team contlnued thelr w1nn1ng tradl t1on rollmg over team after team on thelr way to an undefeated season After complllng a perfect 4 O regular season the women led by team cap tam Mary Ann MCCTaCk1n won an other four consecutlve games to cap ture the tournament champlonshlp trophy X N K xXX XX N X X XXQ 4:!p,,..., 110 Sports L L 1 -Y X, 0 , lm , fn- . + ' . ' 4 we . 4 Q 'Q - ...K , , , , it - , h l Copposite page, topl Women's Volleyball team: ffront rowj Pam Par- nell, Beth Brown, Mary Ann McCracking lback rowl Susan Clingen- peel, Keetra Branch, Margie Lee, Sue Clark. Copposite page, left? Mary Ann McCrackin demonstrates her championship form in the final game of the tournament. iopposite page, rightl Sue Clark sets the ball up for a teammate. ltop, left? Laura Youngblood waits on second base. Cmiddle, leftl Lori Campbell beats the runner to first for the out. ltop, rightj Beth Visco knocks the ball into left field. fbottom, rightl Although not on the Women's softball team, Michelle Foster came out for the co-ed games. ibottom, leftl Diana Eubank shoots the ball with her finger before catching it in her glove. i- , 44011 V ' ..' -., -2' ' .-1 "ff, mmap K, - ' H J, - 1, ' l " Xe an... M ew ,W 1 . wp, eps.. - h-.gv Sports 1 1 1 f 1, E 1 1 ff SENICR BABY PICTURES I Pat Tanner - age 1 yr. Suzanne Newsom 112 Baby pictures 'Mm ,A-...... Will Stringer - age 3 yrS- Jerry Ramsdell - age 4 yrs. Mary Ann Hollick - age 4 yrs. fy QNX , Q ' ' S Diane Febles - age 6 months E is lu 5 K W x , , I WX l 5 .f NF' 0 fi , 2 JE . . ' Karen Nelson - age 1 yr. 'Qu of ,Q i . I R India Lane - age 3 YIS- J f ' Julie Radcliff- age 4 yrs. Clair Ringger - age 10 months W Sarah Rawlings - age 2 yrs. i ff!! Jimmy Cobb - age 15 months ,1' x ay Sandra Psillos - age 2 yrs. Bob Brewster - age 1 yr. Tia Joslin Baby pictures 113 Maryann Martinovich - age 5 yrs. Julian Reville - age 5 yrs. Dino Nicopoulos - age 6 yrs. S r ,F Dawn Lloyd - age 8 months Howard Johnson Margot Boerner - age 3 yrs. V A- '-mv w . Richard Duffey - age 18 months D' ' ,V .., 'ff y f :Yr V , W 114 Baby pictures Dlana Greenwood age 16 months ? 'unix ,N 2 .W , 6 1 G- vp ' xg ogrr fy! Wd ,J "X x fre- YL . 1 fl 19 IS x L. , A Bob Hill - age 6 months Ralph Askren - age 2 yrs. Neal Brackett - age 2 yrs. 1 I new yi, . Ax 'J Sherri Almand - age 4 YFS- Ross Bowersett - age 2 yrs. Russ Henley - age 17 months live 4-5215- K Norma Inqui - age 2 yrs. Baby pictures 115 O pn I a f. p 3 ' 1 'a w , ! A . ,. - 1 Kevin Chapman - age 5 yrs. Mary Orff - age 5 YPS- Kerry Franks AL . ...df Sarah Owen - age 8 months I If age 3 yrs. Clayton McKinnon Freddie " " 2 -?.A' , Cullens I Yi fi? - 1 4 -ntl f e. 'We x Eve McAndrew - age 1 yr. age 1 yr. -v f 'P' X X , '1 1 'N x 8 "fh- W 172 , .mp M L, it 'Y ,. We M J 1 f ' rv f , gfkfxffwk 2 Z' - dlp 1 "Q-fc '23 X ,. Jan Valinoti - age 10 weeks W,,r,h, My z 3 ,A, , any fx: 1 A, John McDevitt - age 2 yr. x ha-is Matt McCord - age 8 months 118 Baby pictures K Steve Van Lue - age 4 yrs. Todd Thompson - age 1 yr Nw i. DeAnne Livingston We- M Karole Brown - 18 months l Bryan Cribb - age 6 months Caroline Weber - age 18 months ,f Q .. in a :Q 11 an ' r 0 0 C ,H . 'SL I Mark Tribby - age 6 months Jana Bass - age 3 yr. Rob Durham - age 4 months Krista Evans - age 1 yr. Randy Itkin - age 7 months gli? Kevin McElWee - age 3 yrs. Baby pictures 119 fnffiill 1 t . A Q21 52 wtf W , nr . , V5 . I 4 ,I ak . ' 9 ee-'rf R ., X,-FUE L . ..L, . mrgtik E+- we ' 'Z P Y Our investment and commitment to you... After graduation ceremonies, where do you turn for disease control information? Norden, of course. We at Norden support our veterinary clients every way we can. Our knowledgeable field staff, customer service centers and veterinary services department are always available to answer questions. They'll provide you with the latest research and the latest products. You can be sure of Norden's dedication to you, the veterinarian of tomorrow. No company works more closely with veterinarians. And, because our products are sold only through veterinarians, no company promotes your role in animal health management like Norden does. As you grow in your education and practice, Norden will be with you every step of the way. 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Our own specialists fre- quently puhlish techriifal infor- mation and reference materials Q59 1 to N K-7, "Qs , 1 Q HK 'J X QXVW mes. 91590 gdifa vs.'fB-9 to benefit the profession. lt's all part of our efforts to help make you the best-inforinetl. hestaequipped health professional possible, .g Xx H I M Wm 4 Vx Vt 3 Box 20013, Rzilmznf, New .lerscytJTllti5-155413 Division of Merck GL Co., Inc. MK, X-12"-'.:-.... Stimulapts for learning Solvay aids the study of veterinary medicine with its Veterinary College Program. Yourveterinary college is devel- oping many fine doctors. And Solvay wants to support that development. That's why we established ourveterinary College Program. lt's designed to help students and their schools in a number of ways. Solvay awards three re- search grants to postgraduate residents annually. These grants can be used for research in a variety of disciplines. 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A 'Q ,:g':1-4 f -' I if , If y 'fl lik? ,g ,I I 9 '14 g 3:5::'A 5-,5., X' .1 , .2 ,' 4 jai'-1 XI' V2 ,za-:-" -V .5 E 4.,.j:i'E,,,1-1-my I f ft' WI W :f. A - V. v' , ' 1 -Q:fEj,-:".'3"1-'-,-1.1fff'71 , f. O .ag-,411-EF' 'iplfy' -1 O 4 lla 0" 3 E 'ST-'1?1www5mLm7,v.w,s971,m1.-. ,-225:.1-mtwhm::..-.-si-:muff.- wx Metmffif---' ' I ,. '7'QgIf1.".f,Q:f ffffgx L- p " : Im. 215:-,gill li 313g."f"3 ' -"9T?".-.'u IA, 1 ' dwg? -..+a...,:w:s5 wa, .- -' --A' ,, I , f , - , -I - W vm 3 - ,.... ..,.. nn- nn! nhl: W. :Av if 1 i .gage 1 if Q, gb ' :Ei ' 4 ' FS? L ii- ' 5.5 ,.:fg::gZg.g:,:-MX - 151113, 4 4:1 f-:-.5.g.:-: - x.g:f:::-ap. 'Q f .sbs :ffE1i1:f1r:zr---- ri 15:2 t uf. - 'fa i-1-' -ff: sf ' 1-:sazzgrgf ga: 3 ,l . 356, 3 ...4.e.-..-.1-.nriasw-'eswiwmgf 5 'Hel g' LgginXfxxxXixQsx ' ' ' . . 52" l P5 QI ff Z R o fb li' na , ' J Q ' XJ :J Y" FV '1 ill a- c FY '1 1. 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M29 M Ad S ' 1 CRT Systems, Inc., creators ol the WBOSS Veterinary Practice Management System give our sincere thanks to the following University ol Georgia Veterinary School Graduates who have made this project, through their use and con tlnued Input, an enormous success, and donate this space in the following names. Class ol 1954 Ilhrrnrr gf. 'llllrhn'K, ,7r. 'll hlter 'lil 'Dirksen C1858 of 1958 Znrfy illf. Sink, Class ol 1959 Zustin K, johnson Class ol 1960 Zmfrew ff. ,Stringen jr. Class 01 196 1 'llhfllnm YEL flfnrfin Clnss of 1963 john R, gffwflfflflfl Class 01 1964 'lwmnm Kenneth Test Class ol 1966 'lhomas gray 'Dickson Class ol 1968 'llhfhnrn Z. Cmnffe 'll-hfterfl. 9Vc:l'hniL jr. Geoqye Z. 'Tnfhot Class ol 1970 james 'I homas Dlfufhkjn Class of 1971 Bron Rpherf .Smith Class ol 1972 jnrtforrfflh Danief gnrrett Henry Ramsey Kay jorffan Kpmfaff Class ol 1973 Hrthur 951. Spencer CRT Systems, Inc. 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I am quite proud of how this book came together, and with other people with which to share the yearbook, it makes all of the hard work worth it. I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys The Veterinarius. We've certainly enjoyed seeing it come together, laughing at the baby pictures, and snick- ering at the "I remember when . . . " quotes. There are so many people which helped me, but several deserve special thanks: Dean Mercer, for helping me with the Vet school history, Janice Leisure, for stopping whatever she was doing so that she could help me when I asked, the ERC staff for coming through in a pinch, Dr. Smith and Craig Player, for helping me out everytime I was stumped by the computer program, Dan Woschitz, for all the hours he spent reviewing layouts, and Danny Sniff, for putting up with a publishing company in his home. Enjoy the 1988 Veterinarius! Good luck, Jim Cnext year's editorl, Caroline Sniff,editor 134 Advertising M-'53 L" U- ,T I I "- 5: HL-wg 13 "' S' 5' fl Q I. lo ' - - ' 1" .. 4 ' C o A ns ' "to L50 J I xl 'Q ll s Q' i I A "ip ' ' 0' 0 'o 1' It .1 .. . ,Q f ,G , 1 A C , . ' 9 0 , ' I, P 67 ' t ' 8 , 0 0 Cv aj' 5 ' 0 .- 0 A I- I 0 if I 6 au' H ' a A ' f , w,J A ,.,. g .E 'V'-.4417 "'..g '-'S' 9 -S 6 1-. C I 16 'H 'stir 4 0 P Av U w 1 , I O S I L? P' . I an I 1, , 0 4 O lp 1 L , O 9 1 .L ' 'l, Q A H .-i "1 W3 .,, T ""'.llQ" 'i , F L .I L A M- 5 1 X ' ,V M! , I 1 , ,1.1,-.' ,iq ' ' .1 ,lp '- " "1 ' ' ' 1' V Wu. 1 1, -- 1 1 1 4 -"-1:51, my , J" ..?, 1 1 . I 1' 1.1 wmlw' 1 I11. X' 'QE 1.. , n I 'I 1 DWP? ik., ' V 1 -,211 1 I T 1' H -Ia 1 u 'FM 121.1 Q? 1 , .V 1 ..',. L ' 1 i 1 '57 5' . Jar? I 1 , 1 v. 'K' ' .i- 1M ,. fl. Q 1, 1,,, V.. IVAI -11 . .J . fn 1 4 1 5 ', 'we rn., , 1 l' - 4 lpn 1 -wi 1 . 4 N69 ' I 1:2"1., T' ,Lg - 1 fb wjiii' 11 1 'l!ft"'Q 3. ' - 1 1 fn. -1' lr"L'L. I , .. 1 ,, ' , H 1?"n11"' t 1 I 'V' - A .1 41. 1 aq 1 . 5' 1 1 dl 1-A .c x 1,131.5 -V a , .P 1 , 'ar Q, ,""1 1 1 1, H 1, 11 A , , - . 1. 3 . 1 l1"p"h .,1 i , I " I J -argl mr .f ' 'u 1 I I 110.4 '- -X 'N ' A . . ' ' 9 Q. 1 -1 - ' 1. WI! e A ' n U 1 vi' ,th 7: 1 N , .. x 4..-1 .g ,JA .X --. r' fa 4 z Um.. . 1 . ? V ..x w 4, ' v vi" Q -M 'A g r 'Nl v 'KN . .N 4 3 fu qv .,v' M.. ...s f...7 X 5. R.. PQ 'x v 4.- 4 Cv W 9 W- , ' -alf, , . "ul 5 -" .F 'v , .. .. ,,,-, v' 'Vi-.Aj .! 40 .- m . ,. .,. . , 3 .Il X -X . J. ,Y .,,, N ,rv Y. s 1. I 1. 4 ..,. 9, V 11 ' ' P '14 YJ 1 s , 6 1 L' 'w . . f . . . N . -Q ' W vx .,f,-r.. f 4' r v, -, .x,,...'1P '. iw' , 1- V1 I . ,x 1 , . fm, a , ... .Q . . . . , .I . - . .Q I g h . , I. , . . r MQ' " .r 33 . 3 ' ., '.-, 4' -.1 .1 . x x '. Q 'J L., .vp '- "f-4.f' , m ,. , f. ,. f . V , v. q f 4 3 4 s .fat 5? i K ,K I' . "'Q'T,, ,.'., , 'qw . ., . , ' 9 ..,f, N -1. y. J . , :fx AV.-, .f"',Lx.',g3g "rd, S' .v '59 Lx ,A

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