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iuiii• uinvciiiiy mvciiuc riduiciiy non vveuner n jii ncuarty nail tmerson 'Alumni nail onal Center Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Harn Museum 34th Street Wall The uburg Corry Apartments Hume Hall Jennings Hall Yulee Hall Lakeside Springs Grin J The Hub Broward Skate Park Florida Bo ha Botanical Gardens Sledd Goerings Architecture Building Rolfs Hall Gator's Docksid Shands at UF Lake Alice Field Devil's Millhopper Hume Field The Swamp 13th Street iop St. Augustine's Catholic Church Wild Iris Hillel Jewish Student Center Brick Oven F f Mill Deli Broward Beach Florida Museum of Natural History Reitz Union Game Room ; ricas Ben Hill Griffin Stadium University Avenue Matherly Hall Weimer Hall M onnell Center SW Recreational Center Phillips Center for the Performing Arts He d Hall Gator Corner McKethan Stadium Flavet Field Fraternity Row Sorority Row Lai t's Mansion Rinker Hall Lake Wauburg Corry Apartments Hume Hall Jennings Hall Yi enter New Engineering Building Little Hall Carleton Auditorium Archer Road The Hub Course Norman Hall Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Sledd Goerings Architecture Buildir lub Bat House Pony Field Shands at UF Lake Alice Field Devil's Millhopper Hume Fie irbucks Maude's Coffee Shop St. Augustine's Catholic Church Wild Iris Hillel Jewish Sti » Santa Fe Zoo The Bakery Mill Deli Broward Beach Florida Museum of Natural Histon ne Reitz Union Plaza of the Americas Ben Hill Griffin Stadium University Avenue Math )rium Florida Gym Stephen C. O'Connell Center SW Recreational Center Phillips Centei ns Science Library Broward Hall Gator Corner McKethan Stadium Flavet Field Fratern ierson Hall :08 President's Mansion Rinker Hall Lake Wauburg Corry Apartments Hui sics Building Baughman Center New Engineering Building Little Hall Carleton Auditorii wlings Hall Ironwood Golf Course Norman Hall Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Sledd G • Racquet Club University Club Bat House Pony Field Shands at UF Lake Alice Field jater Constans Theater Starbucks Maude's Coffee Shop St. Augustine's Catholic Churcl Sky Market Street Alley Katz Santa Fe Zoo The Bakery Mill Deli Broward Beach FI er Turlington Plaza J. Wayne Reitz Union Plaza of the Americas Ben Hill Griffin Stadiu Criser Hall University Auditorium Florida Gym Stephen C. O'Connell Center SW Recrea Smathers Libraries Marstons Science Library Broward Hall Gator Corner McKethan Sta • Fine Arts Buildings Gerson Hall :08 President's Mansion Rinker Hall Lake Wauburg loyd Hall Leigh Hall Physics Building Baughman Center New Engineering Building Litt ;on Hall Murphree Hall Rawlings Hall Ironwood Golf Course Norman Hall Kanapaha B Student Recreation Center Racquet Club University Club Bat House Pony Field Shand! lie Hippodrome State Theater Constans Theater Starbucks Maude's Coffee Shop St. i Jerry's Gator City Sky Market Street Alley Katz Santa Fe Zoo The Bakery Mill 8i I me Center Century Tower Turlington Plaza J. Wayne Reitz Union Plaza of the Americas Hall Beaty Towers Criser Hall University Auditorium Florida Gym Stephen C. O'Conne Wall The French Fries Smathers Libraries Marstons Science Library Broward Hall Gat Keene-Flint Hall Dauer Hall Fine Arts Buildings Gerson Hall :08 President's Mansion rings Grinter Hall Griffin-Floyd Hall Leigh Hall Physics Building Baughman Center N • Florida Bookstore Williamson Hall Murphree Hall Rawlings Hall Ironwood Golf Course Dr's Dockside Paines Prairie Student Recreation Center Racquet Club University Club 3th Street Downtown Gainesville Hippodrome State Theater Constans Theater Starbucl ; Oven Pizza Krispy Kreme Ben 81 Jerry's Gator City Sky Market Street Alley Katz Si ne Room Music Building Welcome Center Century Tower Turlington Plaza J. Wayne R tall McCarty Hall Emerson Alumni Hall Beaty Towers Criser Hall University Auditorium ng Arts Harn Museum 34th Street Wall The French Fries Smathers Libraries Marstons y Row Lake Alice Anderson Hall Keene-Flint Hall Dauer Hall Fine Arts Buildings Gen s Hall Yulee Hall Lakeside Springs Grinter Hall Griffin-Floyd Hall Leigh Hall Physic; id The Hub Broward Skate Park Florida Bookstore Williamson Hall Murphree Hall Ra ure Building Rolfs Hall Gator's Dockside Paines Prairie Student Recreation Center Ra iume Field The Swamp 13th Street Downtown Gainesville Hippodrome State Theater ;wish Student Center Brick Oven Pizza Krispy Kreme Ben 8i Jerry's Gator City Sky M » tower Welcome to the tower! E-mail: Password: University of Florida Tower Yearbook 2006 Vol. 24 Population: 49,000 306 J. Wayne Reitz Union Gainesville, FL 32611 (352)392-1665 ext. 309 The Next Step Enjoy memories from the 2005-2006 school year by looking through the pages of the Tower yearbook. I (9fed9Ptl)Table of Contents Home_______ My Photos Homecoming My Parties My Courses 3PQ!tS_____ My Groups r.mum es Sororities Friends Sponsored Links losing Home My Photos Campus Life- 8 Homecoming Let the Gator Growl!- 40 ft; My Parties I Events- 56 My Courses Academics- 78 Sports Gator Athletics- 116tower Table of Contents My Groups iv Organizations-170 L Fratemities Sororities tj Greeks- 218 WswP My Friends b o People- 316 Sponsored Links m Advertisements- 3344 [Opening] Table of Contents Home My Photos Homecoming My Parties _________ My Courses__________ Sports______________ My Groups :raternities Sororities ly Friends_________ Sponsored Links Closingtower Welcome to the tower! A university of 49,000 seems like an unlikely place to meet people and make lasting personal connections. Truly though, all that number as big as 49,000 means is that there are that many more opportunities, opportunities to know 49,000 different faces and have 49,000 different of experiences. In February of 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, students at Harvard University had the idea to start an online directory for college students that connects people through social networks. Modeled after a traditional university face book, full of freshman mug shots, the Web site became wildly popular among college students throughout the country. The University of Florida was no exception to the facebook phenomenon. In fact, at times UF has had one of the highest membership numbers of any member school. allows students to have their own personal profiles where they can post information about themselves, photos, party invitations and comments to their friends. (continued on page 7) Friends at UF Diana Delgado Cinthia Sandoval Eliana Burns Rachel Gomez Galey Alexis Gravenstien Yuleiny Cardoso Kirsten Schmitt Vero Mendez C. Terrell Cummings Sinthana Umakanthan (Opcr»ng] 56 [Opening] Table of Contents Home My Photos Homecoming My Parties My Courses__________ Sports______________ My Groups Fraternities Sororities My Friends__________ Sponsored Links Closingtower Welcome to the tower! While the Tower Yearbook is in no way officially affiliated with, the staff thought that the set up of the popular Web site would be a fun and effective way of taking a look at the Gator nation. Every year, we begin our next chapter in college anticipating and expecting the instances that shape us into the people that we are supposed to become. Just like that, every year brings us new surprises and takes us down unexpected paths; blazing new trails and exploring different avenues. Sometimes life doesn't turn out as planned and we walk away from our old plans and embrace our new realities. The next 400 pages are meant to encompass the realities of the 2005-2006 school year. -Leslie Veiga Friends at UF Allison Cullin Laura Maria Trimeshia Smiley Gonzalez Amanda Eckert Greg Edwards James Darlson Chad Anast Amy Crowe Jay Dompor Garrett DeRosset8 [Campus Uf«] Body Copy Tableofgntems My Photos______ Homecoming My Parties_____ My. Courses____ Sports_________ :raternities Sororities. IS___________________ JLWli IIWIBtllW losing J Links Tower Announcement This section edited by: Leslie veiga who is interested in: books, movies, tv, politics, yearbook, hockey, ploting, scheming, working for worthwhile causes. Create Your Own! It's difficult as a UF student to say, “There is nothing to do." In a campus as large and diverse as ours, there is always something to do. Whether it's studying in that quiet spot m between Larsen and Bartram Hall or attending an athletic event, or even participating Gator Nights there is never a dull moment. There are more than 60 intramural and club sports ranging from archery to weightlifting. Students also take advantage of the numerous outdoor courts and playing fields on campus, as well as those in the O'Connell Center, the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, the Southwest Rec Center and the Florida Gymnasium for indoor sports. UF consistently attracts world-class symphony orchestras, Broadway plays, operas and large-scale ballet performances. Among UF's artistic venues is a permanent collection of more than 6,000 original works, the largest natural history museum in the Southeast, musical and theatrical centers, two television stations and four radio stations. The learning experience at UF continues outside the classroom through the Student Activities Center. This is the hub for all campus organizations. It serves as an information source for involvement on campus. Many a leader has gotten their start on the third floor of the Reitz Union. The SAC is the home of the Student Government offices which are open to all students. Dorm life is also a big part of campus life. This is where many freshmen meet and make their first friends. It's an exciting experience getting to know different things and a variety of people you would normally not meet otherwise. Another huge part of Campus Life is the Gator spirit that encompasses and connects each student. Tradition is deeply rooted in everything at UF. From Procrastination to Homecomings, things haven't changed much in over 150 years. Campus life is a hustle and bustle of so many things to do. There are so many experiences to have, so many people to meet. -Diana Delgado Connection View More Photos of Campus Life This is your life. tat Above: -ifrom frt arcon a lt v ennx A itulrrti to (f|o, Pv trtnjurtv c-n . r«v »cp(} Cota tAa at P cv-cut bevrr je provdrr. fra ) rdkWS HUjrtl Abttra: iar Af'dnvjn t- » to fiwi t OOM word on W routr i but (Atn tv fnMStudents wait near Gate 13 of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to pick up tickets to the UF-Tennesse football game. Unclaimed tickets to the game went on sale on Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. The Gators beat Tennessee by a score of 16-7 two days later. My Photos Study Abroad Create a Photo Album________ Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums Students studying abroad in Italy enjoy the view from the top of II Du mo. photo provided by: Rachel Gomez Culture greets study abroad students as they enter Venice. photo provided by: Rachel Gomez Back to Album Gondolas in Venice. photo by: Rachel Gomez Back to Album UF students can appreciate art history and good architecture as they stand at a well in San Gimignano. photo provided by: Rachel Gomez A UF study abroad group in Seville, Spain. photo provided by: Desiree Pena UF study abroad students at the Roman colosseum. photo provided by: Rachel Gomez Previous Next Body Copy Where have you always dreamt of going? England? Australia? China? Well, the study abroad program is an exciting way to discover all these beautiful places while attending classes and getting school credit. Study abroad also gives you an opportunity to travel with a group, not having to worry about being lost or by yourself in a new country. Study abroad is also a wonderful way to have some hands-on research of other countries and their people. Instead of reading about them in books and through journals, students get a chance to live in these countries and interact with natives. Students many times get a chance to live with families while they are studying abroad. They are exposed to all aspects of these cultures daily. They learn about the food, music, arts, and much more. Being able to attend classes in a different country is also a very exciting experience. Students might be learning ordinary things, but the fact that they are learning in a country foreign from their own, adds that thrill. Whether doing it for the chance to explore another culture or just to get away from the routine, studying abroad is an experience like no other. The University of Florida offers many opportunities and programs that students can take advantage of. They can learn a new language, a new culture, and come in contact with a way of life different from their own. -Carmen Bustillo Back to Album Previous Next Carmen Balsa tries out her new fan as she rides on a train in Europe. photo by: Rachel Gomez Bryony Blood Friends at UF Allyson Cooper Ashley Awtxey My Photos Summer Vacation Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Back to Album Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums Aaron Wessling hands out toilet-ries and toys to children in Brazil. photo provided by: Aaron Wessling Preview staff member Danny Martinez teaches a group of freshman about UF. photo provided by: Danny Marti-ncz Vilmarie Estrella enjoys the water in France. photo provided by: Vilmarie Estrella Back to Album Steve Mmegar interns at the office of State Representative Ric Keller. photo provided by: Steve Mmegar Angeltque Thomas enjoys time with her grandmother in Ft. Myers. photo provided by: Angehqoe Thomas Cassandra Bianco does a handstand on the beach m St. Augustine, photo provided by: Cassandra BiancoBody Copy Summer vacation is that time of year awaited by every student on campus. At last we are free to enjoy time with our friends without the worry of homework and exams. Many students go back to their hometown to see family, old friends and catch up on much needed sleep. They take pleasure in long, sun-filled days at the beach, followed by cool, breezy nights; nights in which many enjoy summer movie releases. Students also take summer vacation as an opportunity to participate in internships related to their fields of study. This is a great way to get some work experience without running into the problem of it interfering with school. Some internships are paid, which allows for saving up for the next school year. Summer vacation is also a time when students take classes in order to get ahead in school. Some take the option of taking classes at universities back home while others stay around the UF campus. It is widely known that some classes are easier to succeed in over the summer than they are during the regular school year. Therefore, students take advantage of this during their vacation. No matter what they are doing, UF students look forward to summer vacation all year long. We look forward to that time when classes are over, finals are gone from our minds, and the only thing that matters is that warm feeling of summer fun. -Carmen Bustillo Back to Album Previous Next Matt Dean, Leslie Veiga, Allison Cullin and Melissa Bersach take in the sites at the nation's capital. photo provided by: Leslie Veiga Brittany Black Friends at UF Anesia Bums Sandy ChiuNy Photos Spirit Traditions Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums lliana Zelaya, Diana Delgado, Jose Otero, Desire Pefta, Leslie veiga and Carmen Bustillo revel in the victory against Louisiana State after singing the fight song with the football team. Students go all out on game days even donning Orange and Blue mohawks. photo by: Venita Popoca Back to Album Fans in the student section were named The Swamp Things this year. Here fans praise Head Coach Urban Meyer (and eat cake), photo by: Leslie Veiga Back to Album Tailgating is a classic game day activity as students and alumni bring out their picnic tables, barbecues, coolers and refreshments to get psyched for the game to come. photo by: Venita Popoca "Well sing a song for the flag today. Cheer for the team at play." Members of the UF Football team raise their helmets as they sing the fight song. Coach Urban Meyer required the whole team to learn the song and sing it with the marching band after victories. photo by: Onthia Sandoval UF's cheerleaders rile up the crowd at the Homecoming game against Mississippi State, photo by: Cinthia SandovalBody Copy Before freshman begin classes in the fall, they experience two overwhelming days at Preview, specifically intended to learn how to become a gator fan. Upperclassmen show new comers how great it is to be a Florida Gator while teaching them the classic chomp. This exciting approach for new students and their families was not the way it was in the past. In the 1920s, freshmen were required to wear beanies, called rat caps, during their first semester. It was because of these caps that they were called rats. In addition to wearing the hats, freshman had to salute passing seniors and attend all athletic events while sitting in the cheering section of the arena, singing the memorized fight songs. If freshman decided not to obey these rules they had to go before a Vigilance Committee made up of 12 sophomores. Ironically, these students also monitored the upperclassman when and if hazing occurred on campus, mainly between freshman and seniors. Students don blue and orange paraphernalia at every game whether home or away. Traditional accessories include poofy wigs and light-up necklaces. And for the ultimate fan, full-body art is a necessity on any game day. Pride and support for the University of Florida can be seen any day of the week. Teeny toddlers sport orange and blue socks with matching shoes and senior citizens wear faded shirts from their generation. According to Student Government President Joe Goldberg, UF has the best fans. It is because of the faculty, students and alumni that UF is more than a name. It's a tradition to hold and pass along. -Sharilyn Wiskup Back to Album Previous Next Sophomore Matt Dean intimidates the enemy and shows his Gator pride as he paints his face and body in the beloved Orange and Blue. photo by: Leslie Veiga Friends at UF Aaron Leech Richard G»bbens [Campus Life] ISMy Photos You are connected to 48,000 people Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums The facebook frrthday reminder tool ensure ttvse users vwi never forget the fnends'birthdays aga . Let the writing on the wad bc n' photo by: Leslie Vaga Semor Russes Semmel is in a facebook group c jflctj 1000 Elite The group® debated to members of facebook that hive more than 1.000 fnends. At the bmc of publication, Semmel had 1,056 friends. Back to Album Senior Thomas Jardon, a very avid facebook user, checks updates on h« home page, photo try: front Ddgodo Back to Album Students and organizations alike use the facebook to send out event invitations. The Coiege Republicans used the facebook to send out an invitation about their second annual People Enjoying Tasty Animats (PETA) Barbecue after the original date of the event was changed. At right, senior Mefcssa Bersach serves free meat to atcndocs. photo by: test Vetgo for the longest time, Junor Carmen Bustfto could not get onto the facebook. Her fnends had a group dedicated to her called 1 Heart Carmen, but she cant get on the facebook In late November of 2005, Bust ) found a way to fa her face-book problem. The group name changed to 'I heart Carmen, and she FINALLY got on the facebook Her group photo ® at right. photo by: Lcskc VVspa One of the most popular groups on the UF facebook «s caned Pra«e Oban Meyer and Eat Cake It has over 5,400 members. photo by: Onthu SondovotBody Copy The name “facebook" comes from the paper facebooks that many colleges grve to incoming students, faculty and staff depicting members of the campus community. The well known social networking service site for high school, college and university communities, connects students across campuses from all over. Finding long-lost friends, organizing a party and getting information on a dass by asking a student who is currency taking it are Just some of the ways students use Facebook. ’I was able to sublease my apartment using Facebook," Cristina Rivera, UF senior, sad. '"AM I did was make an album titled ■Super Sublease' with pictures of my room and apartment at different angles." Lest we forget to mention the dating side of Facebook. Facebook romances, while they don't always turn out for the best, are fairly common. Carmen Balsa, UF Junior, met her current boyfriend through Facebook. She says when they first met on Facebook, it wasn't with that intention, but she's happy it has turned out the way it has. “You can easily find and become friends with people who have the same interests as you which is probably why dating through Facebook is popular," Balsa said. “With my relationship, it sort of just grew into what it is now. I know other people who weren't as lucky." As of December 2005, Facebook has the largest number of registered users among college-focused sites with over six million US college student accounts created. While the site has some stmila-rites to MySpacc, it differs in account availability, user control of display content, real-world identity and, according to a survey of many opinions, overall neatness of appearance. AJI in all, Facebook seems to be building bridges that extend with every new person you meet' •Rachel Gomez Back to Album Previous Next Accounting graduate student Christopher Carabaflo refuses to become an active participant m the facebook phenomenon because he says « takes over people's lives. photo by: LesAe itoga Friends at UF Nicole Domenech Gordon OwenMy Photos Albert Alberta Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums Albert and Alberta nde around the Homecoming Parade m style in a car from the Gamesvde Class Cat Oub. photo by: Qnthta Sandoval Alberta gets the crowd pumped with the Orange and Blue cheer. photo by: Onthta Sandoval Back to Album Albert shakes hands and bnngs smiles to the faces of gator fans everywhere. photo by: Onth»a Sandoval Back to Album AJbert struts his stuff around Ben H4 Onffm Stadum dunng a home football game. photo by: Cmttua Sandoval ...and then I vxj 1 don't even own any-thng that's not orange and blue... Albert shares a laugh w h a UF alumni before Gator Walk photo by: Onth»a Sandoval Alberta shows her camg side by hugging this young fan dixmg a footbJA game photo by: Onthta Sandoval Previous Next Body Copy At every major UF event. Gator fans can usually count on four things. Orange and Blue, and Albert and Alberta. The alligator duo visits everything from football games, to banquets to alumni fundraisers all in the name of UF spirit. Fans crowd around the Gator mascots with cameras and autograph books reminiscent of childhood trips to Disney work). Albert and AJberta love to give hugs to Florida fans of all ages and are always ready to make people smile and do the Gator chomp. Albert and Alberta get the most notice at the annual homecoming celebration. The mascots get top billing as they ride in a convertible during the homecoming parade. They are also the ones to kick off the festivities at the Gator Growl pep rally. They are always clad in their most formal attire for special occasions such as these. In 2003 Albert and Alberta were immortalized in bronze statues outside of Emerson Alumni Hall. These figures have become a prime photo spot for people visiting the UF campus, not to mention a fixture for graduation photos in cap and gown with loved ones. Albert is one of the most popular mascots in the country, and has made the Capital One All-Mascot team along with other SEC rival schools such as Tennessee, Auburn and Kentucky. Although, in their hearts, UF fans know that Albert and AJberta are the best mascots in college sports. -Leslie Ve»ga Back to Album Previous Next Albert and Atocrta nog along w«h the footban team as they bet out the fight song after a home wn. photo by : Onthu Sandoval Friends at UF Adam Wilson Daniel Maland Hope Wiggins Beatnz BlancoNy Photos Around Campus Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums S kc many students use txydes to get around campus. bAc racks are often crowded, such as this one outside of the RciUUnon. photo by: :le kc Wogj Junior Matt Nobles enjoys lunch served by the Hare Knshnas on Plata of the Amen-cas outside of Library West. Library West underwent a vanety of changes of the last two and a half years and is scheduled to open in rrvd-2006. photo by: L« e Wnga There is a txeeteway between Marstom Socncc Library and the Computer Soence BofcJng Cher head students can look at geometric shapes created by the archtcc-ture. photo by: Onthu SonOovjl Back to Album Ben Gnffm Stadum is the home of the Honda Gators football team. R val schools fear comng to the swamp where the crowds get rowdy and the on held temperature, at times, reaches 120 degrees. Back to Album The Century Tower is a fixture of the center of campus. The carrion with n the tower gives students to the feme in 15 minute intervals. At times the bells wd play music that can be heard throughout campus. Previous Next photo by: Leslie itega Previous Next photo try: Gnthia Sandoval Body Copy UF's campus is one of the most picturesque in the country. It is often called the Harvard of the south because of it's old-fashioned brick buildings. The alma mater gives a description of UF as students and alumni alike sing the words "‘shine forth thine noble gothic walls, thy lovely vine clad halls." Over the years the campus has undergone a variety of changes to become the place that Gators have come to know and love today. The 2005-2006 school year has been no exception. Dorms along University Avenue received a make over. The main attraction was the fact that dorms that previously had no air conditioning received units to cool them off. The main change that UF saw this year was the near completion of Library west. The project, which began in December 2003, was originally scheduled to open by January 2006. However the addition to the buildint took longer than expected, and the new and improved Library West is now scheduled to open sometime in the early summer of 2006 once all the books have been returned to the shelves. The renovations saw a 60,000 square foot addition to the building. The addition added a facade to the north side of the building giving it large picture windows and a fresh look to the south entrance. These changes should allow for more storage space as the UF library system accommodates more than 4 million books. -Leslie Veiga Back to Album Previous Next The prehistoric rock m Turlington Plata, affectionately known as the potato, is a pnme Spot for student demonstrations. At left. Dan Fitzpatrick participates in a Student Government party weddng. photo by : IcsAe Vagj Friends at UF AJyssa Drake Jaime Heath John Hunt [Campus Ufel2lMy Photos Friday, February 24, 2006 (Part 1) Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create AJbum Your Friend's Photo Albums We took in a Carnival: A student tncs h«s lock at the IRMA Week Kick off Carnival. photo by. Dana Delgado We took in a game of box ball: Students play four square on Turtngton Plata every Fnday afternoon photo by: Dana Delgado Back to Album The brothers of Zeta Beta Tau ask people to 'Get on the Bar and help raoe money for Chddren Mrade Network, photo by: Lesbe Vtoga Back to Album The Swamp Party: Members of the Swamp Party campaign on Turtngton Plata. photo by: Leshe Vtaga We went to La Casita: Angekca Rodn-guet and Diana Delgado at the Institute of Mrtpamc labno culture. photo by : Leske Wiga John Boyles and Jared Memandct decide who w start the Turlington Plata debate wth a game of rock, paper, scissors. Stephanie Ruby moderates, photo by: Dona DelgadoPrevious Next Previous Next M Body Copy Everyday at the University of Florida is an exhilarating one. However, there are some days that are more exciting and eventful than others in our lives as Florida Gators. February 24, 2006 was one of those days. Diana, my partner in crime, and I set out from our humble office in the Reit2 Union on a trek to take pictures of as many campus happenings as possible, and boy did we find some interesting ones. Our first encounter was with the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau. They had spent the week rolling a giant beach ball around campus asking people to put their John Hancock on it. Each signature was worth a donation to the Children's Miracle Network. As we made it over to the North Lawn we saw that the Inter Residence Hall Association was having a kick off carnival for IRHA Week. We munched on the free hot dogs they were giving out and tried to win a prize by tossing some ping pong balls in a cup. Our luck failed us and we moved on to the next part of campus. As we made it to Turlington Plaza we noticed that a weekly Friday ritual was already underway. Students gather every Friday to play box ball amidst the tables, as we ducked out of the way of a wayward kickball we saw that the Student Government campaigning season was in full swing. Elections were to take place the following Tuesday and Wednesday and members of the Swamp Party, Unite Party and the Susan for Treasurer Campaign were courting student votes. (continued pg. 25) Back to Album Previous Next volunteers serve Krishna lunch to hungry students on the Piwa of the Americas. photo by: Lot Wga Friends at UF Amanda Kane Brian AquartMy Photos Fri. February 24, 2006 (Part 2) Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create AJbom Your Friend's Photo Albums We took in a debate: John Boyles of the Swamp Party presents his plan for the following school year, photo by: lesfte Wiga Wc took In a debate: Jared Hernandez of the Wrote Party presents his platform ideas for the fotowng school year, photo by: lesfcc Moya Back to Album The vmrmcrs of the RECURSO food and muse festival dance competition. Andrew Lewis and Irene Aguerrcvcrc perform a saha dance, photo by: Leshe Veya Back to Album We went to a vigil: Jessica del Va6e. Angelica Rodnguez. Thomas Jar don, and Oavicr Rodngucz remember the passangers of the Brothers to the Rescue plane who were shot down on Feb. 24, 1996 by F def Castro's government, photo by: Leshe Wvga Wc went to a festival: Celebrity Food Judge E.J. Wahcb samples a Cuban pork sandweh at the RECURSO food and music festival at Rue Bor. photo by: Leshe Vtega Oavter Rodnguez and Ida Bovdi, treasurer canddtae for the Unite Party, enjoy the Unite party at Velvet Night Club. photo by: Leshe W»gaPrevious Next Body Copy Next, we headed to Plaza of the Americas where the Hare Krishnas had a line of people, a block long waiting for their healthy food. As we continued our health kick we headed over to the Institute of Hispanic Latino Culture where their healthy living week was taking place. Unfortunately, the week's final program had come to an end, so we just decided to sit around and talk with some friends. I heard my phone ring and answered a call letting me know that there was to be a Student Government presidential candidate debate on Turlington Plaza in IS minutes. Diana and I dashed out and went over where were we witnessed John Boyles and Jared Hernandez go head to head after a game of rock, paper scissors. Our day wasn't over following the debate. We attended a silent vigil put on by the Cuban American Student Association to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of two planes of the Brothers to the Rescue organization being shot down by Fidel Castro's government. We took a break after the vigil, because we knew that we had more fun ahead of us. That evening, we attended the RECURSO food and music festival at Rue Bar. We sampled cuisines from all over the world and watched cultural dances. Our final stop on the journey of this long day was the dub party being thrown ty the Unite Party at Velvet night dub. We had some fun as we danced the night away and tried not to think about what a long day we had just had. -Leslie Veiga Back to Album Previous Next 3us in Bings, Mackenzie Mono and Rose mane Oouston of the Susan for Treasurer Campaign watcfi the presidential debate on TUrington Ptaza photo by: Lest e Voga Friends at UF Amanda Stem JackieCahan Kellian McDonald Ny Photos Campus Hideaways Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create AJbom Your Friend's Photo Albums The fountain outside of the Mur-phree area allows student to relax in the middle of campus. photo by: Ashley Pack The pond outside Jennings Hall allow worries about the next test to subside. It helps take students out of the city and into the country, even if for only a second. photo by: Ashley Pack Back to Album to reflect ts surroundings. It is open to the public or meditation on weekdays and often holds weddings and Back to Album The bat house provides entertainment every night as the bats leave their habitat for their nocturnal hunt. photo by: Ashley Pack Although Lake Alice is home to several alligators, the spot provides for beautiful vistas and scenery. Students enjoy reading, and having picnics by the lake. photo by: Ashley Pack Lake Alice «s one of the most serene spots on the UF campus, photo by: Ashley PackPrevious Next photo by: Ashley Pack Previous Next Body Copy Turlington Plaza, the Reitz Union, the Plaza of the Americas. These are common places where the students talk, listen to music, and even play four-square. It seems like there is no where to go on campus that is not already filled to the brim with people. After all, there are over 50,000 people who could be at any ooe place at any time. Despite this, there are still places that a student can get away to and not be bothered with the hustle and bustle of everyday UF. Perhaps the best and certainly most serene place is Lake Alice. Located on Museum Road, it is a short walk or even shorter bus ride to a small hideaway. Different species of birds are commonly visible, hopefully to be seen instead of our mascot. Across from Lake Alice is the bat house, which is a favorite pastime for many of the residents in Gainesville. Every day at dusk bats fly out of the house. It was built because the bats were living under the concrete bleachers of the tennis and track stadiums. The bats were relocated in 1991 and immediately disappeared. However, the reappeared for an unknown reason m 1995 and have been there ever since. It is now the largest colonies of Mexican Free-tailed bats in the southeastern United States. Another area of relative serenity is the water fountains in the Murphree Area. People can enjoy the water just as they did in sprinklers as children. Jennings is another dorm that has a unique, calming feature. To one side, hidden by the shadows of the building, is a small pond with a bridge. It is a quaint pond hidden in the bustle of student life. When going back to an empty apartment seems dull, the Reitz Union is not the only place to hang out. T ke a Journey around campus to see the hideaways it had to offer. Who knows, you may even find one of your own. -Ashley Pack Back to Album Previous Next For the less playful at heart, the Murphree area has benches where students can sit and study amongst giant trees and bright flowers. photo by: Ashley Pack Friends at UF Bryan Ruiz Emily NongNy Photos Little Known Facts About UF Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create AJbum Your Friend's Photo Albums UF is a partner construct the Gran Telescope Cananas. the world’s largest telescope. The telescope a located the Canary Islands. photo prodded by: Uf Deportment of Astronomy The UF agriculture program is a leader in citrus research. photo by : Jane M. Sawyer Back to Album UF was the Fust university to have a residence ha« exckiweiy for honors students. Mime Hal opened its doors m Fall 2002. photo by: Lest itoga Back to Album When seen from the sky the Murphrec Dormitory makes the shape of an ntertock-mgUF. photo provtded by : University of Honda Library Archives. The UF CoBege of Mc6one is a national leader m d a0etes research. The research is funded through grants from the American Diabetes Association. photo by : Onttua Sandoval The levmg Coflege of Law has produced more American Bar Associate Presidents than arty other law school the U.S. photo provided by: College of LawPrevious Next Prpvini ic Novt Body Copy 0(3 you know the UF was not officially named the Unrversky c Florida until 1909’ Pnor to 1909 the university was named Urwerpty ofthe State of Florida. Od you know during World War I the Unrverpty of Florida become home to 400 setters displacing students to local boardng houses’ There are many unknown facts about UF which continually add to its history and make Uf one of the best urwersibes in the U.S. It was trNMdtdng coming to UF from out of state snee the campus is over 2000 acres, there are over 900 buildings and the student body ts around 49,000 said marketing major Sami Weber. 'I managed to find an my classes and adjust to the changes UF ranks second m the number of National Mere Scholars enretted and is among the top ten coieges m the Association of American Urv ervt s for FuF bnght awards. It is also the first cofege to design and construct a residential cofege for honors students. Uf has aho become a leading institute n many areas of research. The university is home to the largest otrus research center and the faculty has attracted more than $4S8 million m research grants. Furthermore, UF partner m the construction of the Gran Tdescopio Cananas, the world’s largest telescope located m the Canary Islands. Several buildngs and areas on campus hjvc mportance m UF history. ’The Murphree Area makes a UF In the sky and arc named after influential people who lead UF nto the future, said Murphree Area Council President Mara Sk»n. Century Tower which rings in every hour, half an hour and quarter hour, is a memorial to those who fell in World War I and World War II. Addtonalfy, UF created housing for married students who returned from war called Flavets and named a field after them. Each college at UF is leading mthetr fields. The Cortege of Medione «s the prnopal leader in diabetes research because of funding from the American Diabetes Association. More presdents of the Amartcan Bar Association have come from lewn College of Law than any other school. NASA has also contributed money to a UF led program m developing a reusable launch vehicle. "UF not onfy offers a ton of opportunities «research, but is constantly developing a stronger academe program, Morgan Sommers satt UF has becomng a leadng institute m the research of space, otrus and medeme by providing students wrth opportm«es These kttle known facts about the ikwervty of Ftonda contribute to becoming a better university for ts student's everyday. -logon Snvth Back to Album Previous Next Century Tower was built as a memorial to UF students who fought m World War I and World War II. photo by: Qntha Sandoval Friends at UF Gaboefla Mart me? Andrew Strozier Carolyn BosworthNy Photos Gator Night Life Create a Photo Album________ Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums Kevin Reily, Andy Rothberg and Brett Mike enjoy a night of dinner and drinks at Chili's. Market Street Pub in downtown Gainesville draws crowds in every week. Back to Album The Luau Band plays at a party at Gainesville Place apartments Students catch a late night snack the Italian Gator on University Avenue. Alejandro Piekarewicz, Andy Rothberq, Mandy Kageff, Kevin Reily and Samantha Kaye wait for the Later Gator which provides late night bus service to downtownBody Copy During the day, students are often swamped with a never ending list of things to do. Studying for tests, researching for pro)ects,and attending meetings all have to be done m between classes. When the sun goes down, it's a whole different story. Gainesville nightlife is always bustling with students anxious to rid themselves of the day's stress. In Gainesville, the "weekend" is ambiguous, as there is always something to do around town. Downtown Gainesville offers a plethora of things to do. Maude's Cafe attracts those looking for a relaxed night of after-dinner coffee and dessert. Common Grounds, a bar and concert venue, hosts both local and well-known bands. There are also a number of different bars and nightclubs, each with a slightly different atmosphere. For an upscale scene. Rue Bar is often packed with students looking to dress up, dance and socialize. Eight Seconds, geared more towards Country line dancing fans, fills up on Thursdays. For a more informal atmosphere, students are attracted to the bars that line University Avenue. The Swamp, Gator City, Grog House and XS are Just some of the options. On a weekday night. University Ave is swarming with students. To avoid cover charges, many opt to have get-togethers at home, especially on the weekends. Throwing a house party has many benefits. The only downfall is the clean-up the next morning. Of course, not everyone has 3:00 pm classes the next day, and have to opt for earlier night plans. Movies run at theatres around town and bowl.-ng is also fun and cheap alternative. Several local businesses are open late to serve students looking for an excuse to get out of their house and escape the books. Whether it's going out to get some ice cream with the roommate, or getting a group of people together for a night downtown. Gator nightlife is seldom quiet. -Christina Blood Back to Album Previous Next Student and bartender. Matt Battistini pours drinks. Friends at UF Amina Lowery Andrew Vogeneypus Life) My Photos It Pays to Be a Gator Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create Album Your Friend's Photo Albums Two-year track runners Valeria Rodrigue and Ana Scguro are up bnght and earty cheermg on the assistant coach, Sytoa Kamp, as she participates n the Games-vilte Marathon. The gets sported their free gear to show their support for Kamp and the Gators. photo by: Gafry Grasrrwtcin Former svnmmcr Kns Wlebeck and former basebai player Chns WTtfney enjoy the bmetts that come with having lettered m a varsity sport. ‘I hjve a Irfetimc pass to Ben Mil Griffin Stadium’s exclusive T-Oub' and use it before every football game " sad YAcbock. photo by. Galey Gravenstem Back to Album Back to Album ftxnt guard Taurean Green and h«s grl-fnend, da rter Knstm Youngblood, met after he noticed her on the sddnes of tu$ basketball games at the Stephen C OConnei Center. On their way to the women’s S£C Cross-Country Champxjnshp in South Carokna, sophomore runner Lindsay Sundefl and freshman runner Jacy K uiel enjoy the snacks and Gatoradc provided for them on the chartered bus. photo by: Galey Gravenstem Butctue RowfcyBody Copy With the 18 to 36 hours a week athletes are sweating it out for their sport, benefits are more than a privilege; they are a right. The one benefit every athlete receives, no matter the sport or scholarship, is free Gator gear. From sweats to shoelaces, their wardrobes are abundant with orange and blue. 1 love that I get the free gear, but the best part is that they do my laundry for me," said sophomore cross-country runner Valeria Rodriguez. All on-campus training facilities provide athletes with free laundry services, Gatorade, Gatorade Energy Bars and on-the-spot massage therapy. Between practices and classes, student-athletes may also eat at any on-campus dining location for free. The favored eatery being Training Table, an athlete-only buffet room located in the back of Gator Dining. Here, athletes can enjoy the company of their teammates as well as a better quality and more nutritious cuisine. "Sometimes we even get steak and breadsticks from Olive Garden and pasta from Carraba's," said junior shooting guard Lee Humphrey, who walks to Training Table every night after his three-hour basketball practice. Of the many benefits awarded to him, Humphrey said the most significant is having four years of full-paid tuition. "You just can't beat that," he said. -Galey Gravenstem Back to Album Previous Next XmKx guard Lee Humphrey's mam incentive for joining UFs basketball program was the academic scholarship Head Coach Wly Donovan offered him. "My school «s pad for now so my parents don't have to pay any money,' sad Humphrey. ’and I get to cat whatever I want on campus for free'" photo by: Galey Gra- venston Friends at UF Brooke Hudson A SC TvTMy Photos Hurricane Relief Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create AJbum Your Friend's Photo Albums A Life Sooth nurse prepare , equipment to accpt a blood donation during the Mur-phree Area blood drive. photo by : Gnthia Sandb al On October 6th, Gainesvfle residents participated m One for America, a nation wide effort to raise funds for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. photo by : Lest Vcqa During the home football game against Louisiana Tech, the flags flew at half staff and 50 cents from every concessions sale was donated to the American Red Cross Hurncane Relief Fund. photo by : les e V ga Lola Bosefl and Oavsec Rodrigue; host the 2005 Hispanic Student Assembly. At the event, students cocid donate to the American Red Cross through the Dean of Student's office Center for Leadership and Service dnve. photo by: Leshe Wrpa Back to Album A sister of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority hands out flyers encouraging students to come out to a humcane relief event. photo by: Qnthia Sandoval Back to Album Students grve the $ft of life by donating Wood for victims of the 200S hurricanes, photo by: OncNa SandovalPrevious Next Body Copy A neon orange poster greets the potential donors passMtg by the Red Cross bus on the Rett L non lawn, written in sloppy mag marker: GOAi FOR TOOAY: 19 DONORS. But this ultimately has Uttte effect. The true catalysts for blood donors to roll up then sleeves are those trumpeting from newspaper headlines and inundating televison news W«h the recent devastation caused by the passing of Hurricane Katnna, citucns and students alike feeling a sense of community chose to get on the bus rather than walk on by. "WeVe had a tot more business starting a day or two after the hurricane,' said Brandy Stnckland of Red Cross. "To g ve an example, the center on Newberry Road saw an increase of 10 donors to 30 donors last week .' life South, a nonprofit, volunteer community blood center located « Florida, Georgia and Alabama, is always experiencing a Wood shortage, said Christine Evan. 'However, we have far less of one now due to the hurricanes' She added that th«s because they has been instAng people with a sense of community. For students am«ng by the Red Cross bus on campus in recent times, they may notice the fraternity members danong around outstoc of it-smies Wg, Greek letters present. With the Greek Stood Dnve underway, members of Pi Kappa Phi eagerty approach any student stroking by in dose range to the bus. attempt «g to bang in donors for the sake of the Blood Bond. The Blood Bowl is a trophy gwen to the grcck chapter with the most donors. Decked cxA in sunglasses and sweat, two of P Kappa Pfx's pledges enthusiastically cite their reasons for bemg out there. •It's a podc thing," sad Greg McOosky, 18. ’We've won, like, 20 years a row.' McOosky said that they've brought n a bunch of people. He believed that the tact for recruiting donations worked. The Greek system m general reaty stepped it up to help out the New Orleans victims. Thousands of dollars were raised simply by passing around buckets at dnner time. r fc? S t0 at this time,’ sad Lindsey FoWkes, Junior. "Who could sit around and do nothing at a time like ttxs Especialty not a Gator.' -Lindsay Williams Back to Album Previous Next Apart from monetary donations, students took a more spiritual rout and prayed for the victims Of Hurricane Katnna wfxh devastated the oty of New Orleans, and the rest of the coastal Gulf region. photo by: Onto Sand ’ Friends at UF Chad Hubsher Adma Thompson Ben AndersonMy Photos 2006 NCAA Men's Basketball Create a Photo Album Have any photos to share? Add them here... Create AJtxtm Your Friend's Photo Albums On Apol 1st. students who participated in Dance Marathon, at the Stephen C OConnefl Center, along with hundreds of other other spectators, donned foam gator hats and watch the Gators beat George Mason m the Final Four game in Indianapolis. This game took the gators to the National Champtonshe game against the UCLA Brums, photo by: Leslie Itoga Thousands of students opted to watch the National Champtonshp game agamst the UCLA Brums on a jumbo Iron screen at the ODomc, home of the Gators photo by: les e Mnga Back to Album Lee Humphrey holds up the National CharrxxnsNp trophy a Joalum Noan, Coach IMBy Oonovan and other players and staff look on TheGatcrs were wefcemed home by a cetcOraeon at the Gamesvde Speedway, and by a pep ra y on Friday Acri 7th. photo bn tatmt Hun Back to Album Students sp out of bars and restaurants on Unwersity Avenue following the Gator's victory agamst UCLA. Poke officers were on hand to prevent possible riots, although none occured. photo by: Leslie Vtoga Sophomore Guard Taurcan Green tafcs to the cameras after the UCLA National Champmnship game. Taurean, what are you gomg to do next Going to Disney World photo by: Matt Dean Students watch the Gator Men's BaUuettoi Team unveil the Aenr from the Final Four Tournament at the OXonne« Center on Friday. Apr! 7, 2006 at the pep raty hosted for the team photo by : Gnth Sanbov I National Champions! Friends at UF Body Copy The Gators didn't have a Cinderella season, m fact, they put the Cinderella season to bed when they beat George Mason University in the first game of the Final Four Tournament in Indiana. Gainesville erupted during the George Mason game as students packed bars and restaurants across town, and those that were participating m Dance Marathon watched from the floor of the O'Dome, but that was all a prelude to wtiat would happen two rights later. The UF Men's Basketball team made history this year, and boy d J Gator fans everywhere celebrate. GamesvAe Po cc,thc University Police Department, and even some UF basketball players were womed that students would riot regardless of the outcome of the game against UCLA. Forward Adrian Moss passed along a few words of advice via The Independent Florida Alligator. "Don't not. Don't get arrested over this," the forward said. "You've got school the next day and you're going to give a great town a bad rap." April 3, 2006 saw a repeat of the George Mason Game, but mirftiplied several times over. Students packed Gator Gty, Swamp, and the O'Connell Center to watch the Gators beat UCLA by a score of 73-57. Those "Gator Boys (Were) Hot" on the court as Joakim Noah, lee Humphree, AJ Hor-ford, and company didn't give the Bruins a chance to recover as they led the whole game. Following the game the mayhem continued as everyone spilled out onto University Avenue, and students who had been watching the game in the O'Dome spnnted to jom the celebration. Although there were no cars turned over, or shots fired, things (fed get pretty rowdy. Students climbed the light posts outside of the Swamp Restaurant, carried one another on each other's shoulders and cheered and shouted as they enjoyed the sweet sm HI of victory. When the Gators came back to town they got a heroes' welcome at the GanesviUe Speedway, as fans gathered to see their National Championship team. That Friday, the celebrating continued as the University Athletic Association hosted a giant pep rally at the O'Dome, their very own House of Horrors was now home to a championshp team. Florida Championship Basketball' Fantastic1 -Leslie Veiga Back to Album Previous Next Sophomore Guard Jack Berry shows his appreciation for the fans after the National Championshp game. Me loves you guys, photo by. Mott Dean Man Dean Allison laboon Thomas Jardon 6£ rvimdui-Ol40 [H Table of Con ten WIIKMJIIIUL' ly Parties ly Courses Sports My Groups s Fraternities Sororities ly Friends Sponsored Links Closing Tower Announcement This section edited by: Cinthia Sandoval who is interested in: knitting... yeah ...knitting. Fark. Photography. Producing. Rocking out. Randomness. Create Your Own! View More Photos of Homecoming Connection This is your life. Far Above: SEC referrees and Incyncn keep a dose v atcti over the Gators and Bulldogs Above: Comedmn Wayne Brady entertains the crowds at Gator Growl with hs improv brand of comedy. Today Homecoming at UF means Gator Growl, football. Gator Gallop and other things for students to celebrate being a gator. It's hard to imagine how it could be any different from what it is today, but it was. There was once a time when UF had no alumni—back in 1907, and homecoming was called Dad's Day where the students' fathers would meet the professors and enjoy special programs similar to the ones we enjoy today. However, it wasn't until the 1924 Homecoming that many of the festivities and traditions we have today came about. Homecoming began on the Wednesday of Homecoming Week with Blue Key members, which had been around since 1923, greeting the visitors and escorting them to their hotels and boarding houses. That evening the crowd would pack the school's gymnasium for a giant pep rally. Sounds just a little like Gator Growl, doesn't it? After recovenng from Wednesday's pep rally, Gator freshmen kicked off Saturday's festivities with a cross-country run. Wait a second, is this another familiar event? Gator Gallop' The run was followed by the ROTC military parade and motorcade of decorated cars. Hmm..., a parade, huh? After the parade, the crowd proceeded to Fleming Field where the Gators crushed the Drake Bulldogs 10-0. At halftime, the entire student body rushed the field and formed a human "F" while the band played, We Are the Boys' (remember, it was an all boys school!). Since then. Homecoming has proved to be nothing less than a week full of fun, hope and surprises. This year's celebration has been dubbed Gator Nation and the week's festivities began Friday morning with Gator Gallop. The homecoming parade, which follows Gator Gallop, featured some famous Gator grads including Emmitt Smith, former Florida running back and NFL all-time rushing leader, and Kendra Todd, winner of The Apprentice in season three. The Homecoming evening activities began with the Florida Blue Key Homecoming Alumni Reunion and concluded with Gator Growl. This year's pep rally featured Wayne Brady from Whose Line is it Anyway and Grag Giraldo, one of New York City's top comedians and a regular on Last Call with Carson Daily as the special guest. With out a doubt, Homecoming has become a thrilling string of events that no Gator should miss or ever forget. -Rachel GomezHomecoming Let the Gator Growl! Members of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority and Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity show off their island theme float as they make their way down University Avenue during the Homecoming parade. The 82nd annual Homecoming parade took place on Friday, Oct. 7. The parade ran from Gale Lemerand Drive to Main Street and was free and open to the public. The UF Homecoming parade is the largest student-run parade in the nation. Friends at UF Adam Moss Carlos Pena Amanda Judges Brittany Bouffard Beau Beaubien Jessie DaSilva Julie Cessna Josh Tomar Eric Sheely Desiree PenaHomecoming Events The most outstanding female leaders on the UF campus strutted down a runaway at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in the middle of September. The traditional Pageant was one of the first events to kick of this year's Homecoming extravaganza. Gator fans attended the Meet the Coachs event which united loyal fans and athletic all-stars. With games, activities and autographs, coaches and players had a chance to meet and interact with the community. Famous UF alum, Emmitt Smith, was a guest speaker at the Alumni Reunion where generations of dedicated and successful alumni mingled. Homecoming week is also famous for Gator Growl, the largest student-run homecoming in the nation, where more than 100,000 fans congregated to enjoy a night full of loud laughs and bright lights. Students enjoyed comedian Wayne Brady, who was •s cooler to see on stage then through a screen, and the sarcastic video clips shot at the "other school." The event is so big that it was viewed by more than 300,000 on a live TV broadcast . { throughout Florida. V Soulfest, Gator Gallop, the Alumni BBQ and of course, the big game versus Mississippi, were all reasons to wear more orange and blue and celebrate! "I heart the unlimited number of events that go on during Homecoming week, it gives me a reason to wake up early this week," said Bryan Ricke. Having activities and events to attend, it seemed impossible to forget why "It's great to be a Florida Gator." -Sharilyn Wiskup I heart the unlimited number of events that go on during Homecoming week... -Bryan Ricke As Gator Growl concluded, fireworks filled the sky with wonder. Homecoming T-shirts were sold at each Homecomng event. The brothers of ZCta Beta Tau entered the 'Gator Nation' themed Fraternity lawn Decorating Contest.Students chomp thcw way down University Ave where the parade was held. An enthusiastic fan lets her feelings about the gators be known. Numer one m the Swamp, nothing ■ -can-besakk__________________________________________________________________ Fashonat»V clad m be-dye, these girts just arc worried about finishing the race. The Association of Hispanic Alumni Guayabera Encore at La Casita. Oub Creole performs a traditional Creole dance m hopes of winning a trophy at Soulfcst. Friends at UF Adam Rieth Alisha Bhimam Jonathan EasonFriends at UF Kief Gross Atsuko (Soki) Omata Carmen Bastillo The song goes: ’Bend over to the front and touch your toes. ’ These ladies are crowd pJeascrs. The lades of Delta Sigma Theta sure do know how to move as they perform their stepping routine for the crowds at Souffefst. Several students show off the moves with others attendng the event.Music sounds through the colonnade as ttw musician makes sure his instrument is tuned It celebrates the fact that we are different, and I love that about Soulfest -Sandy Thach Homecoming Soulfest Those who celebrated UF's Homecoming Week kicked off Sunday night with Soulfest, a multi-cultural extravaganza and outdoor concert event. The event was held at the Reitz Union Colonnade where 1,000 students gathered to partake in the activities. "It celebrates the fact that we are different and I love that about Soulfest," said Business Junior Sandy Thach. Diverse platters of food, such as salad from the Olive Garden, BBQ, bread rolls, cotton candy and pizza, quieted the hunger of attendees. With food in hand, and in some cases, both hands, the students found a place to watch the entertainment. Groups and student organizations were given a chance to exhibit their talents through dancing, singing and stepping. Seven groups, including last year's Filipino Student Association winners, competed for a trophy while other dance groups performed as guests. The African Student Union, longtime performance veterans of Soulfest, became first-time winners as they claimed the trophy prize. Judges of the competition included Student Government President Joe Goldberg, Institute of Black Culture Director Darius Bostand, Director of Campus Programs Beth Waltrip. Creativity, precision and originality were some of the criteria the judges based their decision on. The night ended with Raffle prizes being awarded to students who answered trivia questions correctly. Prizes included gift certificates and two Howl-o-Scream tickets, donated by Busch Gardens. The Black Student Union sponsored the event with contributions made by several companies. -Cinthia SandovalHomecoming Gator Gallop Gamemae locals trot Oo vn UrwroAv Averse. In what some would call the "good old days" at UF, the freshman class was required to run in an event during '’Dad's Day." If any freshman didn't show up, his name stood out on the roll list - and the upperclassmen knew where to Find him. This year, more than 1000 people attended the Gator Gallop, which has grown and changed into a two-mile "fun run" down University Avenue. Run, walk or rollerblade, go alone or with friends; no matter the age, many completed the race. Whether you were an elementary school student or an experienced runner, the run was open to everyone. According to Brett Milke, Gator Gallop director and building construction sophomore, the success of Gator Gallop is no accident. Milke has to sit in the Blue Key office and register people all day long while he coordinates a team of staff members to table at heavily student-populated locations. Flyering, postering and tabling for several weeks had a lot to do with the number of attendees but word of mouth was what really sold the event. Part of the success of the event can be attributed to the participation of the loyal runners who run every year and the schools that took part in the event. The large number of both cohorts factored into a large percentage of the overall number of runners. However, there are also people who run Gator Gallop each year for the first time, and whether they are new to UF or just to the Gallop; they find it a positive experience. "It's great to know I'm a part of something like the Gator Gallop. It's the easiest run ever because everyone is cheering you's just a great feeling," said Andrew Clay, Santa Fe telecommunications sophomore who is planning on transferring to UF. -Kirsten Schmitt us ine easiest ever because everyone there is cheering you's just a great feeling to have -Andrew Clay lOlTVitime. Mom's use strollers to walk wth their children and dose friends. Some )og, others speed walk, cither way, completing the race was the 90a!. mends 3t UP Participants take off running as Gator Galop begins. Leslie Jean This Ktk? boy looks like a a Gator-to-be as he crosses the finish Inc. Alyssa Casats Carmen BalsaFriends at UF Amanda Thomas Lauren Solomon Logan Smith Lauren Gcnzfcr Several women, alongside fellow Krtshnas, sing and dance to the sounds of rhythmic chants. Martial arts students work together to grve We to a dragon, whfe being lured with a nove y. A couple of zealous Zeta Tju Alphas walk with the sisters getting the crowd n cd up with enthusiasm. Aquestonabty certified teacher gives lessons on the Gator Nation to a float ful of UF students.Horn 1 ecoming Parade A glimpse of the Gator Nation was seen culminating on the sidewalks of University Ave. Hundreds of University of Florida Alumni, Faculty, Students, and Gator fans lined University Avenue to see the 82nd Annual Homecoming Parade. Having similar acknowledgements as Gator Growl, the Homecoming parade is the largest student-run parade in the nation. The parade gave friends, family or visitors from out of town, an excuse to spend even more quality time together. Numerous floats paved the streets including floats from the Greek organizations, clubs, U.F. Cheerleaders, Dazzlers, the Homecoming Court, and local businesses. The Sunshine Fighting Gator Marching Band, along with other musically endowed high school marching bands, provided musical entertainment for the crowd. Among the most famous participants in the Homecoming Parade U.F alumnus Emmitt Smith, the NFL's all-time leading rusher, waved to the fans. Alongside Smith was the parade's 2005 Grand Marshall, Kendra Todd, winner of NBC's The Apprentice (season three). The parade started at the intersection of Stadium Rd and University Ave and proceeded down University Ave to Downtown Gainesville. Freshman Jenine Gomez said, "I loved the parade and all the activities that have been going on during the weekend of Homecoming! I've never experienced anything like this in my life!" This tradition of showing Gator pride and spirit ultimately brings the community together to cheer on the Gators to victory! -Cortney Jones I loved the parade and all the activities that have been going on during the weekend of Homecoming! -Jenine Gomez UF band members walk down University Ave playing —catrtiytunts.______________________________________ (Homccomng] 49Homecoming Gator Growl The pulsating tunes of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" rang through the ears of more than 40,000 people on October 7th, 2005. Covering the green turf of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the UF band marched in synchronization to the music. The Dazzlers dazzled, the cheerleaders tumbled and Albert sprinted to the center of Field. The crowd was in up-roar as Mr. Orange and Blue directed each side of the stadium to shout their represented color. This was the scene at Gator Growl, the largest student-run homecoming in the nation. Anne Imanuel, telecommunications graduate and president of Zeta Tau Alpha, reined as Homecoming queen. Onstage, the show began with talent show dancers and singers. Keynote speakers such as Student Government president Joe Goldberg and football coach Urban Meyer commemorated several UF sport teams. Guest comedians included "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn's" Greg Giraldo and Wayne Brady from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Greg Giraldo's routine proved to be provocative, poking fun at sexual innuendos and Christian values; where as Wayne Brady's improv act focused on the answered questions of the audience. After using a variety of words chosen by the crowd, such as flower, plusanimous and SpongeBob, Brady proved to be the same spontaneous king of improv that we know and love on TV. Some students couldn't make it to the event but were there in spirit. "I wasn't physically present but I astroprojected there and it was awesome ... no, no phenomenal," Ben Grove, political science freshman. The 2005 Gator Growl extravaganza concluded with a rainbow of fireworks and pyrotechnics. The end result was a pumped up crowd ready for a night out and a murky cloud of smoke wading in the swamp. -Sharilyn Wiskup I wasn't physically present but I astroprojected there and it was awesome... no, no phenomenal. -Ben Grove Students stand for the National Anthem. Wayne Brady points at the crowd who shocked colorful words for his adlib performance. Skydrve teams fty in on parachutes and enter the stadium from a bore Students gather together (and mostly eat) before the Gator Growl show. Performer and members of the marching band coat the field with spmt and energy. Fireworks displayed at the end of the show bght the crowd with a red 9 °w Friends at UF Rachel Behr Ashley Pack Megan DonahueMarc Boursiquot Friends at UF Shannon McGee Christina Blood Mil's Bor 8 Q and Catering moke the AJumni B8Q a tasty experience. These soon-to-be gator alum attend the event to get a feel for the activities offered. Kids at the barbecue get their faces colorful pointed to show off their Gator spint. lounging around after senous walking, these alumiw enjoy the pleasure a Char provides.Homecoming Alumni BBQ ...(the Alumni BBQ) is always a great time, with great food, and great people. -Derek Martin Heiptng serve B0Q it this boy's deed of the day. Barbeque chicken and turkey, baked beans, and freshly baked cookies are only some of the mouth-watering food served at this year's Alumni Barbeque. Held at the O' Connell Center on October eighth, it was more than 1, 500 Alumni and family members made it. Tickets for the event were only seven dollars, for an all-you-can-eat feast provided by Hills BBQ and Catering. Surprise appearances by Albert and Alberta were made. With prizes like autographed footballs being given away, and live music, the Alumni always found themselves enjoying an atmosphere. Alumni Derek Martin believes the barbeque " always a great time, with great food, and great people." Several colleges and clubs held booths at the occasion to update Alumni on their current projects. The Society of Auto Engineering was working on machines that could look through walls, and develop new diagrams of the human body. Whereas the Automotive society was giving free rides to alumni and their kids, in the go-karts they had built. To ensure the amusement of children of Alumni, the Homecoming Committee had face painting, and sign making to keep the children entertained. Students found the event pleasant. Sophomore and accounting major Samantha Lawrence, wanted "to continue the legacy of my family by attending the barbeque, since my parents are alumni." The Alumni Barbeque was a fun event for all, adults and children alike, helping to foster even more Gator spirit for the unforgettable football game against Mississippi State. -Logan Smith54 (h Homecoming The Game The week's homecoming events all lead up to the ultimate moment of truth: the Homecoming football game. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the Swamp, was swarmed with a sea of orange and blue gator fans. Vibrant and rowdy, gator enthusiasts proved to make the Swamp the toughest of stadiums for opposing teams. Florida, the 13th ranked football team, won its 17th straight Homecoming victory. This time the gator chow was the Mississippi State Bulldogs. After pitching the ball to Chad Jackson, Chris Leak, UF quarterback, was crushed into the turf by Mississippi State defensive back Kevin Dockery. With his flaccid arm laying nest to his side showing no signs of life, the game seemed to be over. The hit was hard and taking into account Leak's prior shoulder injury at the Alabama game, the game looked dim. "I really thought we were finished ... but come on, it's the Gators, of course we came back" said Tommy Thach, aeronautical engineering senior. The offense finished the game with 480 yards of total offense and 289 passing yards. Running back Markus Manson contributed 45 yards of seven attempts. Freshman quarterback Josh Portis carried the ball five times for 40 yards and was 3-for-5 for 45 yards and one pick. It wasn't all about the game; the halftime show entertained the crowd with the crowning of the Homecoming queen, Anne Imanuel. The Dazzlers, cheerleaders and the UF marching band made their rounds and hyped up the gator spirit. Overall, the game never failed to give the students what they wanted. -Cinthia Sandoval I really thought we were finished... but come on, it's the Gators, of course we came back -Tommy Thach A fan proudly places h s gator hat over hts heart during the National Anthem. Perfect and serene weather is reflected off this student’s sugfav Interconnected, these first-row enthusiasts smg and sway to "We are the old boys from Florida 'Gator fans constructed a mini shrine to the Gators in hopes of a win. Displayed on the side wall o the stadium, no one ever forgets that GamcsvJlc «s "Gator Country.' The three Mome-consng Queen finalists give a wave to what could potentially be the L .nnrlniw Mogoocrv These UF students aren’t going to a water polo match; they are here to see the Gators play. Tnst Rivera SS :6cu ox oh:56 lEvunts] Sports My Groups fraternities Sororities MyJrDgq J5___________ Sponsored Links Closing Tower Announcement This section edited by: Eliana Burns whose favorite movies include: Face Off, Crash, Love and Basketball, Lion King, DodgeBall, Beettejuice, Red Eye Create Your Own! Body Copy UF has a reputation for having a very active campus life. Events presented by organizations are an enjoyable way to get involved and take a break from school work. Events for students are not exclusively hosted by student groups. Different colleges, companies and university offices put on activities throughout the year. For example, this summer, the Dean of Students office presented Gator Mania. Gator Mania is a multicultural tabling fair that allows students to explore some of the organization options available to them. Along the same lines, IDEAL hosts a Student Organization Fair at the start of every semester. Events at UF aren't all about having a table set up to promote an organization. These groups get to work and produce renowned programs. UF is home to the largest student-run Hispanic Heritage Month in the country, as well the largest student-run Chinese New Year celebration in the country. Black History Month at UF has attracted popular African American figures like rapper Snoop Dogg and filmmaker Spike Lee, who spoke to kick off this year's BHM. Accent Speaker's Bureau and Student Government Productions, put on high profile shows throughout the year that draw out throngs of students. This year Accent welcomed, among others, former Democratic presidential candidate General Wesley Clark, Family Matters star Jaleel White and congenital amputee and college wrestler Kyle Maynard. SGP put on shows by Slightly Stupid, Meter Maids and jam band OAR. The University is home to the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts which attracts acts from around the globe. This year alone the cast of CATS, the Ballet Flamenco Company and the martial arts acrobats of Chi graced the stage at the CPA. All in all, the university lives up to its reputation as an active and vibrant campus. Browse through these pages and see what UF has been up to. -Leslie Veiga View More Photos of Events Connection This is your life. Above SMm uke theogt erf W Cow IAmcm. ho 0 K OCovrt Ctntt cm Aum » Wow: K fyAct tnl ccArsjf a'PHV OKOnionrcrfNi among nevn Mn Wd 19 tluatft tb xc osmvemog »KVvt ywtiumgicm Ho». I. PMMh OtwJtWrfMy Parties Events Members of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and the Black Student Union enjoy a pajama party. The party was hosted at the Alpha Epsilon Pi house on Sept. 5. The event had a House Party theme. Friends at UF Anum Khan Dan Murphy Charamy Vicoy Katrina Ruiz Kevin Andrews Paul Anderson Andrew Marcus [Evtotsl S7lMy Parties June- July- August Party Info Party Name: Gator Mania Hosted By: The Dean of Students Office Date: 07.09.05 Party Info Party Name: Step Show Hosted By: Phi Beta Sigma Date: 07.08.05 Party Info Party Name: Career Showcase Hosted By: Career Resource Center Date: 08.28.05 RSVP to this Party RSVP to this Party RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Remove from My Parties Remove from My PartiesCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Parties I'm Invited To Party Name: Career Showcase Hosted 8y: Career Resource When: 08.28.05 Party Name: College World Senes Hosted 8y: NCAA UAuim. VfnCn. 07.25.05 Party Name: X-Men Dorm Demo Hosted fy: Inter-Residential Housing Association When: 06.25.05 Party Name: Dorms Open Hosted By: University o Honda When: 08.16.05 Party Name: Select Start Concert Hosted By: Student Government Productions When: 08.22.05 Create Party What's Going On at UF The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta perform on the set during Blue and White Weekend. The Impact Party and the Progress Party join forces. A Gator exclusive... Gators test run the new X-men game. (Events) S9Ny Parties September 8 Party Info Party Name: Opening Ceremony Hosted By: Hispanic Heritage Month Date: 09.11.05 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Party Info Party Name: General Wesley Clark Hosted By: Accent Date: 09.14.05 Party Info Party Name: Homecoming Formal Hosted By: Black Student Union Date: 09.30.05 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Friends at UFCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Parties I'm Invited To Party Name: 9 11 Memonal Service Hosted By: Coiege RcputAcans When: 09.11.05 Party Name: Hispanic Student Assembly Hosted By: Institute oT Latmo Culture When: 09.06.05 Party Name: Asian Student Assembly Hosted By: Asian American Student Association When: 09.01.OS Party Name: Talent Show Hosted By: Black Student Union When: 09.29.05 Party Name: Sooal («n) Security Debate Hosted By:Co0e9e Democrats and Colk 9e Republicans When: 09.22.05 Create Party What's Going On at UF The Pride of the Sunshine Marching Band performs at the O-dome to kick off the football season. Gators step in to aid in the Hurricane Katrina Relief. Students wait in line to get tickets for the Gators vs Tennessee Vols football game. (Events] 61My Parties October Party Info Party Name:U.S. Senator Mel Martinez Hosted By:University of Florida Law School Date: 10.21.05 RSVP to this Party________________________________________________________ party Info Remove from My Parties Party Name:Halloween Hosted By:U.S. Holidays Date: 10.31.05 Party Info Party Name. Florida-Georgia Game The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Hosted By:Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Fla. Date: 10.29.05 RSVP to this Party RSVP to this Party f UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Friends at UF Remove from My Parties Remove from My Parties Bruce Haupt Benjamin FariasCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Parties I'm Invited To Party Name dosing Ceremony Hosted By Hispanc Heritage Month When: 10.20.05 Party Name: Halloween Picnic Hosted By: Hispanic Student Association When: 10.23.05 Create Party What's Going On at UF Party NamcComcdy Night Hosted By.Mrtpar Heritage Month When: 10.13.05 Party Name: National Book Award Wnner Carlos Eire Hosted By. Hispanic Heritage Month and Cuban American Student Association When: 10.02.05 Party Name: Student Government Conference Room Dedication Hosted By: Student Government When: 10.14.05 Student Body President Jeff God berg unveils the naming of the SG conference room. The Conference room was named for former student body president Christopher Tompkins who passed away carter n the yw. Friends at UF (Events) 63Ny Parties November Remove from My Parties Remove from My Parties RSVP to this Party Party Info Party Name: The Great Wal Mart Debate Hosted By: SG Community Affairs Cabinet Date: 11.13.05 Party Info Party Name: Gainesville Arts Festival Hosted By: City of Gainesville Date: 11.12.05 Party Info Party Name: Speaker Kyle Maynard Hosted By: ACCENT Date: 11.01.05 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties RSVP to this Party Friends at UF Amanda Luecht Brian HaWon Dana PrebleCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Parties I'm Invited To Party Name Gamesvi e Arts Festival Hosted By Oty c GatnesvAe When: 11.12.05 Party Name: V.)dy Prashad Hosted By Kaleidoscope Month When: 11.14.05 Party Name: Organization Elections Hosted Hispanic Student Association When: 11.30.05 Party Name: UF beats FSU at football Hosted By University Athletic Association When: 11.26.05 Party Name: Dine with $G Executives Hosted By: Student Government When: 11.06.05 Create Party What's Going On at UF The University of Fionda Cotle9e of Fme Arts School of Theater and Dance presents a production of the musical ”Mc o, Dolly" in November. The Nabonal Panheflemc Council's Black Greek Extravaganza took place m November. (Events] 65Ny Parties December RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Friends at UF r. Adriane Lawson AJcx Cosimano Party Info Party Name: Fall Final Exams Hosted By: University of Florida Date: 12.10.05-12.16.05 Party Info Party Name: Fall Commencement Hosted By: University of Florida Date: 12.16.05-12.17.05 Party Info Party Name: Grad Bash- Fall 2005 Hosted By: UF Alumni Association Date: 12.05.05 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties RSVP to this Party Remove from My PartiesCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Create Party Parties I'm Invited To Party Name ftA Banquet Hosted By: La Cas a Peer-2-Peer Mentor Program When: 12.07.05 Party Name: Jaw Band Concert Hosted By UP School of Muse When: 12.01.05 Party Name: Holiday Party Hosted By Rett Scholars When: 12.02.05 Party Name: Elections Meeting Hosted By: Hisparvc Student Association When: 12-01.OS Party Name: Bohndi Day Hosted By Buddhists When: 12.06.0S What's Going On at UF The Jewish HoMay of Hannukah began on December 26. and ended on December 31. Chnsbans celebrated Chmtmason December 25. The world rang in the year 2006 on December 31. (Events) 67My Parties January Friends at UF Party Info Party Name: Fashion Talent Show Hosted By: Carnbean Students Associate Date: 01.20.06 Claudia Rey Darrin Vogeli Chrts Kozak Party Info Party Name: Fashion Talent Show Hosted By: Carnbean Students Association Date: 01.20.06 Party Info Party Name: Sleep Out for the Dream 2006 Hosted By: Alpha Phi Alpha Date: 01.15.06 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Remove from My Parties RSVP to this PartyCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Parties I'm Invited To Party Name: Grease Camrval Hosted By: H«span Student Association When: 01.28.06 Party Name: Skate Night Hosted By Alpha Ph. Alpha When: 01.18.06 Party Name: Canddate Annoucements Hosted By Swamp Party When: 1.27.06 Party Name: CanOdate Announcement Hosted By Unite Party When: 1.29.06 Party Name: Poetry Night Hosted By Phi Beta S gma V hen: 1.11.06 Create Party What's Going On at UF UF student. Bnttany McCants posmg w h Jeffrey Johnson. Jeff Johnson was one of the many speakers who came to UF during Black Hdtory Month. The HSA Grease Carnival was a great welcome back edebraton. Students gather and patiently wait as the carwJates for the Swamp Party are announced on the Hertz Union Cokmadc. Friends at UF EJ. Walidci Elizabeth Prann Felipe Izqwerdo (Events] 69My Parties February Party Info Party Name: KkJs Day Hosted By: Black History Month Date: 02.04.06 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Party Info Party Name: Speaker Spike Lee I Hosted By: BHM and Accent Date: 02.01.06 Party Info Party Name: Soccer Tournament Hosted By: Society of Hispanic Engineers Date: 02.25.06 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Friends at UF James Glenos Fernanda Andrade Hunter Amor WilliamsCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Create Party Parties I'm Invited To Party N3fT c: Brothers to the Rescue Hosted By Cuban-American Student Association When: 02.24.06 Party Name: Ball for CMN Hosted By Zeta Beta T u When: 02.24.06 What's Going On at UF Black Student Urton president Dense Jean-Loud and Black History Month Director Btty Hotocomb worked hard wth their staff to plan an eventfii Black History Month. Party Name: Food and Music Festival Hosted By: Rccurso When: 02.24.06 Party Name: Turlington Debate Hosted By: Student Government When: 02.24.06 Party Name: Women's Retreat Hosted By: UF Campus Crusade for Chnst When: 02.3-S.06 The Swamp Party gets down in the Whiskey Room. Friends at UF Jason GOson Jessica Noafic Jessica P. Celaya (Events] 71r------ Ny Parties March R Party Info Party Name: Support Our Soldiers Hosted By: Student Honors Organization Date: 03.08.06 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Party Info Party Name: SG Elections Campaigning Hosted By: Student Government Parties Party Info Party Name: Speaker Nicolas Quitana Hosted By: Architecture School Date: 03.01.06 RSVP to this Party RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Remove from My Parties Friends at UF JodCarpw Jordan Daniefc Josh PriceCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Create Party Parties I'm Invited To Party Name: SG Elections Camoaignng Hosted By: Student Government Parties When: 03.01.06 Party Name: Pakistani Cultural Snow Hosted By: Pakistani Student Association When: 03.04.06 What's Going On at UF 0x90 19 SG President Joe GoWbcrg announced the results of the Student Government Elections. Party Name: VISA Talent Show Hosted By: Volunteers for International Student Affars Students wortr with HotXJt for Humanity to help build the Archer House. When: 03.26.06 Party Name: PET A B8Q Hosted By College Republicans and Alpha Gamma Rho When: 03 08 06 Party Name: Run-Off Treasurer Debate Hosted By: Susan for Treasurer When: 03.06 06 The Swamp Party John Boyles. Lydia Washington, and Ryan Moseley are the new elected Student Government Exccutrvc Branch. (Events] 7374 [Events] My Parties Party Info Party Name: Men's Basketball National Champs Pep Rally Hosted By: University of Florida Athletic Association Date: 04.07.06 RSVP to this Party RSVP to this Party RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Party Info Date: 04.03.06 Party Name: Speaker Ann Coulter Hosted By: ACCENT Date: 04.06.06 Party Info Party Name: 2006 Men's Basketball Champshionship Hosted By: National Collegiate Athletic Association Friends at UF Remove from My Parties Remove from My Parties Melissa Bersach LuxJsay PeterCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Create Party Parties I'm Invited To Party Name Fmal Spring Senate Meeong Hosted By Student Government When: 04.25.06 Party Name Grad Bash Hosted By Student Alumni Association When: 04.24.06 What's Going On at UF The Gator Football showed off ts sfc s to Gators alike during the Orange and Blue Game. Party Name: Dance Marathon Hosted By Dance Marathon When: 04.01.06 Party Name: HSA Formal Hosted By: Hispanic Student Association When: 04.26.06 Party Name: SG Banquet Hosted By Student Government When: 04.21.06 Dance Marathon, one of the larges chanty events in the Southeast had another successful year. Gators packed into the Stephen Otonndl center to watch the highly antiepated championshp game between UF and UCLA SiMy Parties May Party Info Party Name: Gator Guayabera Guateque Hosted By: Association of Hispanic Alumni Date: 05.13.06 je RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Party Info Party Name: Carillon Recital RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Hosted By: Century Tower Date: 05.21.06 Party Info Party Name: Spring Banquet Hosted By: Hip Hop Collective Date: 05.01.06 RSVP to this Party Remove from My Parties Friends at UF Reshdle Srrrth Sarah Festa Scott MillerCreate a Party Want to organize a party? Get started... Create Party Parties I'm Invited To Party Marne Washington DC Top Hosted By: Gty of Gamesvtfe When: 05.07-05.12.06 Party Name: Commencement Hosted By University of Florida When: 05.05-05.07.06 What's Going On at UF Students celebrated the Mexican holiday of onco dc Mayo. Party Name: Commencement Hosted By ; Levin College of Law When: 05.12.06 Party Name: Doctor of Med one Commcncmcnt Hosted By: College of Mcdcmc When: 05.20.06 Party Name: Commencement Hosted By: College of Dentistry Wticn: 05.26.06 Spnng foal grades were released on May 8th. Vt ■ S’ .•m-Q : c—» c ■ a a c p.» . ■) ««• (Events] 77Body Copy R Table of Contents____I pome_________________ |Mv Photos___________ Homecoming___________ Sports_______________ My Groups____________ Fraternities Sororities My Friends___________ Sponsored Links______ Closing Tower Announcement This section edited by: C. Terrell Cumings who is interested in: Dancing, Money, Television, •Spirits', PRETTY INTELLIGENT ladies, taking road trips, band, and most of all....FAMILY GUY _____________________________ Create Your Own! View More Photos of Academics Connection This is your life. tat Afeo : u» cvrr Or CJtn) tv tMrC CW rcn« room to tomy» SC Ici tura cw ituJrt the cmp f tnl an wwtnh to j« outMSr NP»hO thtw tv. V«vi What realty makes the University of Florida stand out above the rest is the fact that it offers a quality education at an affordable price. UF prides itself on its high academic standards. It offers various programs that fit the needs of all students. It is a well-rounded curriculum that leaves students with a world of knowledge beyond their major. UF has 16 colleges and more than 100 research, service and education centers, bureaus and institutes. More than 100 undergraduate majors are offered. Nearly 2,000 freshmen and sophomores participate in the honors program, which offers 90-100 honors courses per semester. Most classes are limited to no more than 25 students. The University Scholars Program introduces UF undergrads to the exciting world of academic research by allowing them to work one-on-one with Florida faculty on selected research projects. The Graduate School coordinates almost 200 graduate programs. Professional degree programs include dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. From the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, that lets you explore all facets of academia to the College of Engineering, which focuses on hands on industry experience, each college at UF caters to its students and prepares them for their futures in their respective fields. In comparison to other universities around the country, our colleges usually rank at the top. Amongst other universities in the state, UF ranks as one of the best. Students are also fortunate to have a world-renowned faculty. Both undergraduate and graduate students are able to participate in research that has attracted scholars whose curiosity about the world around them has resulted in new inventions and procedures that have benefited the citizens of Florida and beyond in countless ways. The UF Board of Trustees is the public body corporate of the university. It sets policy for the institution, and serves as the institution's legal owner and final authority. The UF Board of Trustees holds the institution’s resources in trust and is responsible for their efficient and effective use. Our athletics are great. Our community involvement is outstanding. But, it is in academics that UF prides itself most on. -Diana DelgadoMy Courses Academics The University of Florida was founded in 1853 when the East Florida Seminary took over the Kingsbury Academy in Ocala. The seminary moved to Gainesville in the 1860s and later added the Florida Agriculture College. UF now has a 2,000-acre campus with more than 900 buildings. The university is home to 16 different colleges. 3 Kris Wiebeck Lauren Passard Phil Hurm Ryan Hankins Raina ZantoutTower President J. Bernard Machen's Profile View More Photos of President Machen View All of President Machen Friends Send President Machen a Message Friend Detail J. Bernard Machen was the president of your university. UF Friends Eugene Zdn r?ki Mtko Rc o Own Machen JOc VjOODCTQ Irvn Jon FcxA Information Account Info Name: Network: Basic Info Relationship Status: Residence: Hometown: Contact Info Email: Office: Web site: Personal Info About Me: Work Info: Company: Position: Company: Position: Company: Position: Company: Position: J. Bernard Machen UF Staff Married to Chris Machen President's Mansion Greenwood, Miss. 226 Tigert Hall The University of Florida Board of Trustees unanimously elected Dr. James Bernard Machen as the university's 11th president on Oct. 8, 2003. Dr. Machen, who previously served as president of the University of Utah, assumed his new position on Jan. 5, 2004. University of Florida University President University of Utah University President University of Michigan Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs UNC-Chapel Hill, School of Dentistry Professor, Associate ProfessorShow: UF Vice Presidents v Search within Friends There are 11 UF Vice Presidents. Name: Janie Fouk Position: Provost Senior Vice President Academic Affairs Name: Position: Jane Adams Vice President of Government Relations Name: Position: Jimmy Cheek Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources Name: Position: Jeremy Foley Director of Athletics Name: Douglas Barrett Position: Vice President of Health Affairs Name: Position: Paul A. Robell Vice President of Development Alumni Affairs Name: Position: John E. Poppell Vice President of Finance Administration Winfred M. Phillips Vice President of Research Name: Position: Patricia Telles-Irvin Vice President of Research Name: Barbara Wingo ?-------------------Board of Trustees m Name: Manny A. Fernandez Position: UF Trustee Name: Joe Goldberg Position: UF Trustee, Student Representative Name: Alfred C. Warrington, UIV Pos t on: UF Trustee Name: Danaya Wright Position: UF Trustee Search within Friends Show: Name: W.A. "Mac" McGriff, 111 Position: UF Trustee There are 13 Members of the Board of Trustees Name: Carlos Alfonso Position: UF Trustee Name: Joelen Merkel Position: UF Trustee Name: C. David Brown, II Position: UF Trustee N i rr Dianna Fuller Morgan Position: UF Trustee Name: Courtney Cunningham Position: UF Trustee Name: Cynthia O'Connell Position: UF Trustee Name: Roland Daniels Pos’tion: UF Trustee Name: Earl Powell Position UF TrusteeShow: College Deans v Search within Friends ] There are 18 College Deans Name: Wayne H. Smith Portion: Interim Dean College of Agriculture Life Sciences Name: Kenneth Gerhardt Position: Dean Graduate School Name: Kathleen Long Position: Dean College of Nursing Name: John Kraft Position: Dean College of Business Nam Jill Varnes Position: Dean College of Health Human Performance Name: William Riffee Position: Dean College of Pharmacy Name: Jay Stem Position: Interim Dean College of Design, Construction Planning Name: Terry Hynes Position: Dean College of Journalism Communications Name: Robert Frank Position: Dean College of Public Health Health Professions Name: Catherine Emihovich Position: Dean College of Education Name: Robert Jerry Position: Dean Levin College of Law Name: Pramod Khargonekar Position: Dean College of Engineering Name: Neil S. Sullivan Position: Dean College of Liberal Arts Sciences Name: Eugene Zdziarski Position: Dean of Students Name: John Thompson Position: Intenm Dean College of Veterinary Medicine Name: Barbara Korner Position: Intenm Dean College of Fine Arts Name: Craig Tisher Position: Dean College of Medicine A 83My Courses College of Agriculture Life Sciences |My Courses •ALS 1001 Intro to Careers in the Agricultural Sciences •ALS 3203 PC Use in Agriculture •AEE 3070C Dtgital Media Production in ALS •AOM 3073 Safety in Agriculture •AOM 3333 Pesticide Application Techniques 3 The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences encompasses a variety of programs. Along with its more than 20 majors, the college is also home to the School of Forest Resources and Conservation and School of Natural Resources and Environment. The college's programs cover a range of things from agricultural sciences and natural resources to social sciences, life sciences and preprofessional studies. The College of Agriculture was integral in UF's founding as a university. In 1884 Florida Agricultural College opened in Lake City. In 1903 Florida Agricultural College changed it's name to the University of Florida, that changed in 1905 due to the Buckman Act which consolidated state-funded institutions. The Florida Agricultural College combined with the East Florida Seminary and became the state school for white males in Florida. UF is still widely known for its Agricultural College. This year UF hosted the 11th annual National Agriculture Ambassador Conference. It was the first time in the history of the conference that it was held outside of its original home, San Obispo, California. CALS is also home to the IFAS program, which aims to to help Florida realize its maximum potential for food, agricultural and natural resource development and to contribute to the solution of social, economic, environmental and cultural problems of concern to the people of Florida. Leslie Veiga Two members of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Ambassadors participate m the 11th annua) National Agriculture Ambassador Conference which was held m GanesWle this year. photo provided by: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students are honored at the FaB 2005 Honors Reception. photo provided by: Cortege of Agriculture and Life Sciences High school and commumty students learn about the College Of Agriculture and Life Soences and s 20 majors programs at the 2006 Gator Encounter. photo provided by: Cortege of Agriculture and Ute Sciences The CALS Alumni Friends host a silent auction at the 2005 TailGator. photo provided by : Cortege of Agriculture and Life SoencesCALS Dcon Kirby Borne gives the official welcome at the 11th annual National Agriculture Ambassador Conference in Gainesviie. photo provided by: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Students learn about the Cofegc of AgooAturc and Life Sciences An.mal Sciences Department at Gator Encounter. Gator encounter gves prospective students of the coflege a chance to see vitiat programs CALS has to offer photo provided by: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Friends at UF Analiz Velazquez Brad Jahnke All RclkmMy Courses College of Business Administration |My Courses •GEB 3035 Effective Career Management in Business •ACG 2021C Introduction to Financial Accounting •BUL 4443 Ethics in Business •MAR 3503 Consumer Behavior Let's talk Business; the UF Warrington College of Business was awarded high rankings from esteemed media sources such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. U.S. News and World Report named Florida MBA programs among the top 25 public programs in 2006, with the Undergraduate programs ranked among the top 20 public institutions. One of the larger colleges on campus, the Warrington College had approximately 8,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students enrolled in its classes. "I think the study of business opens unlimited opportunities and can be applied daily to real world situations,” said Finance major Parker Ellis. Students pursuing business had many paths to choose from. Undergraduate programs were offered in Accounting, Computer and Information Sciences, Decision and Information Sciences, Economics, Finance, General Studies, Management, and Marketing. Online Business programs were also available, making it possible for thousands of students to be watching the same lecture via cable TV, internet, the classroom, or even miles away in another city or country. "I like having the option of watching lectures online, but I prefer to attend the actual class,” said Finance major Connor Sheppard. A Masters of Science with a concentration in Entrepreneurship was the newest degree program. It aimed at serving a variety of people with different backgrounds and needs. The College offered two undergraduate minors in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration However, many students were more than interested in Business- it was their passion. "I was m leadership positions all throughout high school and found that I really liked organizing events and managing people. It seemed only natural for me to study Management in college,” said Management major Brent Fernandez. -Christina Blood Bryan Hall was onpnaiv buft to house the UF College of Law. The 92 year old bukSng is now the eastern butdng of the Co«ege of Busmcss trtangle. Sturm Hail is home to three of the coiege’s programs Department of Decision Information Sciences. Department of Finance Insurance Real Estate. Department of Management as well as the Undergraduate Program's office. Motherly Hail is the mam building of the Warnngton Coiege of Busmess Admm«s-trabon. Gary R. Gerson Hal «s home to the Fisher School of Accounting. photos provided by: CoUrgc of SusmessStudents of the Wamngton College of Busaiess Administration receive a quatty education in state-of-the-art facaoes. photos provxJed by: College of Bmtness Business students awart the start of class on Plata of the Americas which is near the business panhon. photo prodded by: College of Business Friends at UF Sean Cubillos Andrea Ayala Chris FellNy Courses College of Dentistry •DEN5100C Head, Neck Oral Structures Functions •DEN 5127 Infectious Diseases •DEN 7319 The Pnnciptes of Genatric Oral Medicine • DEN 8827L CItmcal Pediatric Dentistry 2 The college of dentistry opened its doors to students in 1972. The college Is apart of the Health Science Center, which also includes the College of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine; Shands Hospital at the University of Florida; and the University of Florida Shands Qinic. The publicly funded institution is a national leader in dental education, research and service. The college of Dentistry is placed 4th in federal funding research, and about 80 students every fall are accepted into the DMD program each year. The college renovated the west entrance which now is an attractive entrance and lobby area establishing a professional and friendly environment. Clinic 1A also underwent $350,000 renovation, which was funded by the Provost's Office. The renovation transformed Clinic A1 into a beautiful state-of-the-art facility. Throughout the years, the college has opened several satellite dental dinics around Florida. These clinics have provided patients with dental care and given students a well-rounded curriculum in order to further perfect the skill of dentistry. In 2004, the college of dentistry made huge strides towards diversity. The freshmen dass of 2004 induded 35 women and 19 percent of the population represented ethnic minorities. Graduating seniors of 2004 also made history. The Students who took the Florida Dental Licensure Exam passed with a 92 percent "first time" pass rate. This feat alone exceeded the college's expectation of an 85 percent pass rate and the unofficial statewide pass rate of 78 percent. These accomplishments are just markers for the future and the future for the college appears very bright. A College of Dentistry student cxpUns the coiegcs programs and services. The CoBege of Dentistry Class of 2005 Commencement Ceremony. Members of Project MEAL, v»t ch provides dental services to children »n less developed countries, raise money for the tnp to Ecuador through pizza sales Students of the Coiege of Dentistry present the ftnd-ngs on a research project, photos provided by: College of Dentistry -Eliana BurnsStudents get hands on experience using modcH and manequins in the Dentistry lab. photo provided by: Cortege of Dentistry A College of Dentistry student teaches kids about proper oral health through the Give Kids a Scrde program. photo provided by: Cortege of Dentistry Friends at UF Chris Hall Emmanuel Gamor l! Jennifer Bums Michelle Svwen 8My Courses College of Design, Construction Planning •BCN 3223C Soils, Foundations and Equipment •BCN 4023 Creating Affordable Housing •LAA 3352C Planting Design Studio •ARC 3181 Advanced Topics in Digital Architecture The College of Design, Construction and Planning has been an important part of UF's history since 1925. Today the college has become one of the leading design institutions in the United States, with more than 1,500 students m six independent professional disciplines and a historical preservation studies program. Dunng the month of December students m the historical preservation studies 5 program traveled to Mississippi and Louisiana I to Iearn about alternatives to deconstruction for historical structures damaged by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. For one week these S- students undertook restoration projections within this region, with the goal to save historical buildings. (Insert quote here]. The Rmker School of Building Construction is one of the best in the nation, and also is the oldest continuing school of building construction in America. Rinker Hall uses 55 percent less energy than typical buildings of its size and has received a National Award for Architectural Design excellence. The school of Building Construction also prides itself on giving students hands on experience to help develop their skills. "I recently headed up a phase of an antique caboose revamp for Archer. The project will ultimately turn it from an eyesore into a beautiful concession stand for the City's recreational park," said graduate student James Manni. The college offers several programs which take students to Hong Kong, Germany, Italy and several other countries to study construction of monuments and innovative buildings. For more than 80 years the College of Design has educated students in architecture, building construction, interior design, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning and a doctoral program. The college has given back to the community by designing charrettes, planning and service work. •Logan Smith Bu ng Construction students survey the tend on the UF campus as pert of a class project. Students look at the nfastructure of a building i New Orleans after the damage that Humcane Katrma left behnd. Students carrfuty cany the»r 3-0 projects for an architecture class. A student uses a Wade to precisely cut p ces for a model. photos provided by: College of Design, Construction a PlanningA student works on a surveying project wtile standing outstdc of the Rmker School of Budding Construction, photo provided by: College of Deign, Construction Planning Friends at UF Andrea Simon Isabel R al Miguel PortoMy Courses College of Education •EDG 4203 Elementary and Secondary Curriculum •EEX 3616 Core Classroom Management Strategies •EOF 3214 Learning and Cognition in Education •SOS 3340 Career and Life Span Planning This year the College of Education celebrates its 100th anniversary. They are celebrating preparing teachers, counselors, administrators, college professors and school psychologists for roles in education. The college has grown from its humble beginnings in 1906. In 1934, Peabody Hall became the first permanent home of the teacher's college, as it was originally named. In the early 1940s P.K. Younge became the college's laboratory school. The name of the building was eventually changed to Norman Hall after Dean James Norman. Today the college employs 115 full-time faculty members, teaches over 1,900 students and offers more than 40 bachelor's programs advanced-degree programs within five academic departments. In April of 2006, the College of Education hosted a school improvement showcase that drew more than 300 teachers and administrators from over 14 school districts in North Central Florida. Instead of traditional professional development relying on outside “experts," this pioneering showcase featured an emerging "inquiry-oriented" approach in which practicing educators and UF education students collaboratively assessed their own teaching practices and shared new knowledge with each other. The Inquiry Showcase featured more than 70 breakout discussions and student poster presentations scheduled over five half-hour sessions, plus a closing presentation by UF Center for School Improvement Director Nancy Dana, the showcase organizer. -Leslie Veiga Teachers and administrators from across North Central Honda participate m a school improvement showcase hosted at UF. photo provxkd try: CoOege of education A member of the Student Reading Council, which explores new methods of improving chid literacy, explains what the orgaru atxyi ■s about. photo provided try: CoHege of education Chns Overstreet a German instructor, works to KOr per ate technology mto her three German classes. By ustfig or ne builebn boards, Overstreet participates m the coiege's Teaching through Technology Initiative. photo provided by: College of Education Students of the College of Education get hands on experience by wodung with elementary through high school-aged students at the P.K. Younge Laboratory School, photo provided by: Cortege of Education Dean Catherine Envhcmch pops a wheel on a motorcycle to show that the Cortege of Education « much more exoting that some people thmk. It’s not your mother's Cortege of Education. Interesbngfy enough, the Cortege of Education d«d not adm.; women until 1947 when Uf went coed, photo provided by: College of Education Friends at UF Austin Riopelle Barbara Gneas Brooke LockwoodNy Courses College of Engineering •CIS 4930 Human Computer Interaction •CWR 3201 Hydrodynamics •EGN 4930 Sales Engineering •EMA4161C Physical Properties of Polymers Throughout the quiet hallways of Weil Hall, Engineering students help develop innovative ideas that will, in one way or another make our lives easier. From home computers to space rockets, the College's 11 departments give Gator Engineers the opportunity to work in diverse, cutting-edge disciplines. When you first enter the College's mission, "fosters and provides world-class programs in engineenng education, and service to enhance the economic and social well-being 5 of the citizens of Florida, the nation and the I world ." | Almost 100 years ago, the College of Engi- neering began with only 48 students and 5 faculty members. Today, enrollment exceeds 6,000 students. Gator Engineering also ranks among the top programs in the country. This year, the College of Engineering has had many accomplishments, including an eighth consecutive win in the International Micro Air Vehicle competition. The Department of Civil Coastal Engineering also announced the establishment of the Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security (CIPPS) with an initial contract from the U.S. Army Research and Development Center (ERDC). Its focus will be homeland security. Gator Motorsports also came in 8th place at the Society of Automotive Engineers international competition. Up to date information about the College of Engineering can be found on their website, There, you can subscribe to elinks, the bimonthly electronic newsletter highlights Gator Engineering's current activities and successes. And so, in those same quiet hallways and classrooms, Gator Engineers learn how to build stronger structures, computers, rocket ships, environmental technology and how to put it all to work, enhancing our world. -Diana Delgado Students from all over the world study engeiecnng at the Unmersity of Ronda. photo provided by: College of Engineering Sooety of AiXomotrve Engneers and their competition 2004-2005 Formula One Racecar. photo prodded by: College of Engineering Engineenng students gam hands on experience in state of the art labs and research faciWtics. photo provided by: College of Engineering Gator Engneers show the pndc during the 2005 Home-commg parade. photo provided by : College of EngineeringFaciAy and student eng eers workng together to design and buikJ a micro air vehicle. Gator Engineering MAV team has non first place m the»r national competition the past seven years. photo provided by: College of Engineering Graduate research at the University of Honda is the leader m bmc travel. A graduate electrical engoeering student can be seen here testing the world's first flux capacitor photo pwxJed by: Cortege of Engineering Friends at UF Roy Hernandez Michette UghtbourneMy Courses College of Fine Arts •MUN 3343 University Chamber Singers •DAA 2381 World Dance and Intercultural Performance •THE 4260 Historic Costume for the Stage •ART 2500C Painting: Investigations m Black and White The College of Fine Arts provides instruction for students who seek professional careers in the arts, and provides creative and cultural opportunities for all students at the university and members of the community. The College was developed from the School of Architecture which was established in 1925. In 1975, the previous College of Architecture and Fine Arts was divided into two colleges, the College of Architecture and the College of Fine Arts. The College of Fine Arts is composed of the School of Art and Art History, School of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance; the Center for the Arts and Public Policy; the Center for World Arts; the University Galleries; the Visual Resources Center; Center for the Performing Arts; and the New World School for the Arts, Miami. The College offers professional undergraduate and graduate curricula in Ceramics, Photography, Drawing, Electronic Intermedia, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Art Education and Art History, Music Composition, Music Theory, Music History and Literature, Music Education, Accompanying, Conducting, Performance, Pedagogy and Sacred Music; Acting, Music Theatre, Dance, Costume Design, Scenic Design and Lighting Design. Approximately 900 students major in these curricula, while more than 5000 other university students enroll in courses and participate in various creative and cultural opportunities offered by the College of Fine Arts. -College of Fine Arts Web site Jonathan Lontt, AJIyson Tofcert, Jennifer Anderson and Kira Spunar as the mam cast of ‘Hello, DoWy!'. The quarted makes up the senior class of the Musical Theater Department of the UF School of Theater and Dance. photo provided by: Jennifer Anderson The percussion section of the UF steel drum band performs at the Un«vers«y Auditorium. photo provided by : College of Fine Arts A student m the New World School of the Arts Visual Arts program adjusts her work on the waN of a gallery showing. photo provided by: College of Fme Arts Members of the UF percussion band perform on the Re j Umon Colonnade. photo provided by: College of Fine ArtsTheater Performance graduate students Laura Refiner and Josh Pnee perform in the Ceflege of fine Art's production of Shakespeare's Harriet, photo provided by: Josh Pnee Dance students of the New World School of the Arts dance program perform a baiet dance. The New World program in Maim worts with UF the UF College of fine Arts and Miarm-Dadc College. photo pcovxied by: Cottege of Fme Arts Friends at UF Ashley Suggs Amber Hendnekson Andrew GuvetisMy Courses College of Health Human Performance •PET 2622C Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries •HSC 3201 Community and Environmental Health •LEI 3705 Letsure Services for People with Disabilities •PET 4948C Practicum in Exercise and Sport Sciences In 1946, the College of Health Human and Performance opened. The college provides its students with three degree programs. They include the Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, Health Education and Behavior, and Tourism, Recreation and Sports Management. ? The College of Health and Human Perfor-k mance ranks among the largest professional preparation program in the U.S. The college contains a faculty staff of 60 and enrolls about 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students. The College of Health and Human Performance is located in a recently renovated building, which now includes state-of-the-art research facilities and lecture halls. At this location students are provided with education and research programs that focus on helping people protect, maintain, and improve their health, fitness and quality of life. In 2001, the college became one of the two dozen programs across the country with a specialization in Health Communication. This formal specialization is offered at the graduate level. The students who graduate from this college have gone off to become active members in their professions. The College of Health and Human Performance continues to stride in perfection and strengthen the Gator Nation. -Eliana Burns Darren Rove«, an ESPN reporter, presents to me Sports Management Oub. Dr. Stephen Holland, the Chair oT the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sports Management participates in a meet and greet with students, photo presided by: Coaege of Health and Human Performance At right is the group Of undergraduate students who received scholarships from the College of Heafth and Human Performance. photo provided by: College of Health and Human Performance Darren Rovefl and Tony Mcdna, presxlnet sports management club, pose for a photo after Rovell spoke at the organisation's meeting. photo by: College of Health and Human PerformanceA student teams about what takes to manage the PGA tour at the sports management career forum m February, photo provided by: Cotiege of Hearth and Human Performance Friends at UF Carty Mautner Aysha Daniels Brooke MahoneyNy Courses College of Journalism Communications [My Courses •MMC 2100 Writing for Mass Communication •JOU 3101 Reporting •ADV 4101 Copywriting and Visualization •RTV 3304 Advanced Radio Reporting From very humble beginnings 75 years ago, tlx; College of Journalism and Communications is now one of the country's premier journalism and communications programs. In 1925, m a dimly lighted basement of Language Hall (now known as Anderson Hall) the first Department of Journalism was bom. Or land K. "O.K." Armstrong served as the first head. Three years later, the first three students v received journalism degrees. £ Smcc then, more than 20,000 students have received journalism and communications degrees. 8 By the 1960s, UF's School of Journalism and Communications became the fastest-growing journalism program in the United States and the fastest-growing unit at UF. The growth was directly related to its national prominence as the college began dominating the annual Hearst Foundation's national collegiate writing competition. In 1967, the School of Journalism and Communications became a college, with Ralph 0. Weimer as its first dean. John Paul Jones Jr. followed as dean from 1968 - 76 and oversaw major enrollment growth and the organization of the college into departments of advertising, broadcasting, journalism and public relations. Ralph L. lowenstem, dean from 1976 • 94, supervised the construction of Weimer Hall and its dedication in 1981 as well as the Flanagan Wing addition in 1990. During Lowenstem’s tenure, the college s academic programs received top-ten national rankings, and the college enjoyed success In recruiting a diverse faculty and student population. Dean Terry Hynes succeeded Lowenstem in 1994. She continues the college's long-time commitment to combine theoretical conceptual classroom instruction with opportunities for practical application and to maintain the college's cutting edge m the use of new journalism and communication technologies. -College of Journalism Communication Web Site Photojoumafcsm professor John Freeman etpiams how to use the manual features of a camera. photo provided by: College of Journalism and Communications Dean Terry Hines recog-ncres alumnus of disbnction songwriter Johnny TiDotson at the colege's annual award banquet. photo prodded by: College of Journalism and Communications Seniors of the Cofcge of Journalism and Communications are recognized for the achievements and service to thccoiege. photo pronded by: Cotiege of Journalism and CommucahonsThe firs Amendment is integral to the professions of the college, that «s why they display the portions that relate to the freedom of the press on the wans of Weimer Mall, photo by: Onthu Sandoval Friends at UF Defencia Emperator Danni Bayard David ProNeNy Courses College of Law •LAW6430 Estates Trusts • LAW5700 Torts •LAW6302 Federal Courts • LAW6366 Trial Team The University of Florida Levin College of Law was founded in 1909 and today s one of the nation's most comprehensive and well respected law schools. Its Graduate Tax Program is consistently rated m the top two programs m the country, and the college offers more joint degree opportunities than nearly any other school in the country as well as certificate programs in Environmental and Land Use Law, Estates and Trusts Practice, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law and International and Comparative Law. From fostering collaboration among accomplished students, professors and practitioners m the classroom to nurtunng a strong alumni network in the workplace, the school has an enduring tradition of developing talent, leadership and public service. It is ranked among the nation's top 20 public and top 50 ovcral law schools, and efforts such as the $25 million expansion and renovation project it completed m 2005 are steadily enhancing its already strong programs. The college's faculty are highly accomplished scholars, practitioners and educators whose broad knowledge base and teaching skills challenge each student to reach new heights of intellectual achievement. Many are authors of treatises, casebooks or major books used by law schools and practitioners throughout the nation, and author hundreds of articles m law reviews and specialty journals published by law schools. The law school also is known for graduating state and national legal, political, business, government, and educational leaders. UF law graduates include four of the last 30 ABA presidents, numerous federal and state judges, partners in major national and international law firms, members of Congress and the Cabinet, governors, and state legislators. Alumni support from donors such as the college's namesake, prominent tnal lawyer Fredrtc G. Levin, has built the endowment into the one of the largest in the country for public law schools. This, combined with the state's financial assistance, allows the Levin College of Law to remain affordable while its academic quality rivals many of the best known private colleges. -Knsten Hines, Levin College of Law Communications Office An archway that repkates the entrance to Bryan Hal, home to the UF law school from 1914-1969, opens up to the spaoous Stephen C Otonne Supreme Court Readng Room, in the coteges renovated and expanded Lawton Chiles Legal IrVorma-tionCenter. photo by: Knsten Mines Jackie Brettncr. 31. Aaron Hutchinson, 2L. and AJejandra lope . 31, were among the 32 Mew Orleans-area students who came to the Levin College of Law to continue their studies after Hurricane Katrina shut down higher education-and everything efce- in the Big Easy. photo by: Khstcn Mines I Ti i’anL JL.. mvuHt LA Federal judicial derks mdude UF law students chosen for 2006 Tob Butcnsky. left. Mono Via, Meaghan Gragg, and Kurt Zaner. A term as a federal law clerk can be a steppmg stone to a br »ant career photo by: Knsten times Dean Robert Jerry introduces U S. Senator Mel Martinez of Florida to visitors at the Chesterfield Sm«h Cerenxxvai Classroom. photo by: Leshe W »gaJustice Sandra Day OConnor took questions from law students after lecturing on We and work at the U S Supreme Court Sept. 9. O'Connor was the featured speaker at the dedication for the $25 m cn expansion and renovation of the law school. pho(o by: Krrsten Mnci ___________________________________________ Moot Court Team Member Oshia Ganer presented her case to current and fan" ' | m the Fma' Four Competition, hefcJ New 4 »n the Levin College of law's new Chesterfield Smith Ceremor ai Classroom, photo by: Knsttn Hoes _____________________________________________ Friends at UF Kurt Zarter Christian Waugh Molly Cox ,] 103Ny Courses College of Liberal Arts Sciences [My Courses •CCJ 4466 Victimology •AML 4311 Major Figures of U.S. Literature Culture •ZOO 4435 Comparative Biology of Birds and Mammals •REL 3131 Cults and New Religious Movements When it was formed in 1909, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was quite small. At that time, there were only twelve teachers and fifteen degree programs. Now, there are more than 800 faculty members and 36 majors. Those teachers see 35,000 students each year! However, it took many accomplishments and promising students to make it what it is . today. Several graduates of the college have gone on X to win major awards, such as the Nobel Pnze. .V Marshall Nirenberg won it in 1968 for his work in deciphering the genetic code. He earned his £ BS from UF in 1948 and his MS in 1952, both of which were in zoology. The past and present professors of the college also have some outstanding achievements. One example is Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. She wrote The Yearling, a classic children's book that went on to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1939. She taught a creative wnting course while at UF m 1938. A second faculty member of the CLAS who won a prestigious award was Professor Donald Justice. He won the Pulitzer Pnze in 1980. He taught English at UF from 1982 until his retirement in 1992. Even with all of the prestige this college has already won, it is still expanding and its faculty and students keep trying to learn something new. The college is working on building the world's largest optical telescope on the Canary Islands. This project, with help from the Spanish government, is going to cost about $93 million dollars. The telescope will be used primarily for finding new planets around distant stars. The CLAS is ever-growing and changing. With the 12,000 students currently enrolled in the programs offered by the college, there are sure to be more awards won and exciting projects completed. The future of the college is in the hands of its current students. U.S. News World Report's recent rankings of the nation's top proyams ranks chemistry department at 14th and the analytical chemistry division at 7ih photo try: Jane Domnguet German Professor Frank Futterknecht and Assistant Professor o Italian Mary Watt recently merged their courses on the Protestant Reformation and teh Renaissance, strengthening the curriculum w h their combined expertise. photo by: Jane Dotnnguej Sign language instructor Michael Tuccdii drives to Alaska and back on his Honda Silver Wing motorcyde each summer to raise money for deaf mfants and servor citizens. photo provided try : Michael Tuccclt UF Geographer Abe Goldman mtcrwews farmers who kve near Kfcale National Park in Uganda Me and his cot-leagues at UF and the Universities of Colorado and North Carolina, have received a two-year $166,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study farmers and others m landscapes around national parks ei Tanzania and Uganda. photo provided try: Abe Cold-man •Ashley PackFriends at UF Uf Astronomer -an Ge onS cc eag es haw discovered a new panet crtsbng a young star 100 fcgft yc« away located o the drection of tf conste atien Virgo The photo shows an artist's rcndoon of a wry young, actw star ortxed tv a planet wte the or recent dncov ered DyCe Named CTl, the planet isoen of the first comparucnt ever lew ) wth a star just 600m«on warsdd photo provOed by Gaoeswdp Sen ft-ewmg courtesy of: P MareofdW and HQtQ,'ALMS'S The OAS at UF »the Urgest co ege on campus. wht more than 800 faculty members nho teach more tfvm 3S.OOO students each year ClAS has 12,000 students pirsung 36 majors and 42 moors tfroujh 23 departments, ftxx acadennc programs and fhe centers In «M tico, the college « home to 34 centers and nsbtutrs photo by. Jane Dorn ngue.- I Hayley Ball Jason Levin Kara KennedyNy Courses College of Medicine •MEL 6204 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology •MEL 6151 Human Behavior •MEL 6003 Medical Genetics •MEL 6500 Medical Physiology This school year marked the 50th anniversary of the University of Florida College of Medicine. In this short time of existence, the college has graduated more than 3700 physicians and has been consistently ranked as one of the leading colleges of medicine in the United States. To commemorate this milestone, the college held a week long series of activities that began March 11 to celebrate the success of the school as well as to reunite many of its long removed alumni. Throughout its 50 years, the college has stood firm on its main mission E to "prepare tomorrow's doctors and physician 0 assistants as well as to train those who are 1 pursuing graduate degrees in the sciences or g gaining further experience through residencies and postdoctoral fellowships." With facilities in Jacksonville and on the main campus in Gainesville, students are able to not only take part in research and innovations within the field of medicine as well as train with patients to further enhance their bedside manner. The college of Medicine saw the grand opening of the Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville this year. The facility is home to one of the most precise ways of delivering radiation to cancer patients through the use of a proton beam. The technique is efficient and shows promise of speeding the cure rates of cancer victims. Also at the College of Medicine, research physicians made strides in the fields of pediatric cancer and diabetes. Other areas that the faculty have attain national prestige and accolades is in the fields of bram and spinal health, genetics, organ and tissue transplantation and drug design. At the College of Medicine, faculty members take great pride in knowing that their pupils are taught to provide compassionate, skilled and innovative healthcare of the highest quality. With innovative teaching methods taught at the Harrell Professional Development and Assessment Center, faculty train students to handle the most sensitive and delicate procedures as well as effective patient communication and diagnosis. Or. David Kays, a pediatnc surgeon atthe University of Honda College of Medone, reflects on provxSng emergency medol care to Oakon Sumner, age 11, in the after-math of a tragic crash that bled seven n Labe Butler. Ha. Wednesday. With Oakon are his parents. James and Corma Vaughn. photo by: Sarah Kxwci Students of the College of Medtcme take a break from classes outside of the Heokh Soence Center. photo provided by: Cortege of ---- riCCKlOC Unrveryty of Honda researchers U Uu, Bradley Retcher and Cathryn Hah have densed a novel technque to perform gene therapy for hemophaa The researchers have successfully treated neonatal m e using the techrvque, according to find-ngs published n the journal Molecular Therapy. photo by: Sarah feewef Or. Robert Hatch is presented with the 2006 Mopocrabc award. The award is 9wen to the doctor that demonstrates the highest ideab of professionalism, humamsm and teaching prowess. photo provided by: College of MedoneNeuroscientist Sue Semple-Rowland of the University of Florida's McKn ht Br n Institute poses vnth a type of Rhode Island Red cNckcn bom Wind. Rowland has developed a gene therapy that enables these animals to hatch w h their sight »ntact wh h pro-res in principle that a smilar treatment can be developed for an incurable form of Nm e» n children, photo by; Sarah KievwH I Or. Victor lechtenberg from PunXic University (left), vice chair of the AD£C board of Erectors, presents the 2006 AD€C Award of Excellence to Drs Ian Tcbbett and Wdkam Riffee (nght) from the UF Distance Education program. photo provided by. Coiege of Friends at UF Chris Dyer Enka Albert Gary ShresthaNy Courses College of Nursing K Courses • NUR 3145 Pharmacology for Nursing • NUR 3355 Nursing Care Management: Children • NUR4535L Mental Health Nursing • NUR4945L Clinical Nursing: Practicum The University of Florida College of Nursing aspires to be a model of excellence, recognized nationally for innovative education, dynamic programs of research and creative approaches to nursing practice. The College is committed to preparing nurses as practitioners and scientists who reflect and care for a diverse society, and to fostering interdisciplinary approaches to address the complexity of health-care needs. As part of the University of Florida, the College of Nursing has all the resources g of the state's flagship university at their fingertips, including a top-notch interdisciplinary Health Science Center and centers and institutes like the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute of UF, the UF Genetics Institute, the UF Shands Cancer Center the UF Institute on Aging and the UF Office of Global Health. The college has 70 faculty members, about 700 undergraduate students and 230 graduate students, including approximately 48 doctoral students in three departments: Adult and Elderly Nursing; Health Care Environments and Systems; and Women's, Children's and Family Nursing, on both its Gainesville and Jacksonville campuses. It's consistently ranked in the top ten percent of all baccalaureate and graduate degreeawarding nursing schools in the nation. The college graduates one of the largest number of baccalaureate prepared RNs in the state, and they achieve high RN licensure pass rates, consistently surpassing state and national averages. It's also the only college of nursing in Florida affiliated with a top-ranked AAU university, and UF maintains the largest number of funded nursing research faculty in the state. •Rachel Gomez Students of the College of Nursing get hands on experience and training from theu professors. photo provided try: College of Numng A nursing student prepares chemicals for a laboratory test. photo prowkd try : CoDegc of Numng Nursing students practice bas health care techniques by irung manequms. photo provided by: College of Honing Recent graduates of the College of Nursing program get together with Albert the AJfcgator for a snapshot. photo provided by: College of Numng.The Evelyn F. Wiliam L Me Knight Brain Institute of the Unrversity of Florida rt one of the world’s largest research institutions devoted to the challenges resulting from brain and nervous system disorders. The Cofege of Nurs sg conducts several research projects at the McKmght Institute. Friends at UF Liu Jacks Teresa (Tern) Jacks Yi Lin Pei ;) 109Ny Courses College of Pharmacy •PHA5433 Fundamentals of Med tonal Chemistry •PHA6425 Drug Biotransformation Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity •PHA6125 Biopharmacokinehcs •PHA5127 Dose Optimization 1 The University of Florida's College of Pharmacy is one of the premier pharmaceutical education institutions in the country. The College of Pharmacy at UF has also recently been ranked one of the top colleges in the nation by The U.S. News and World Report Magazine. The College of Pharmacy's curriculum is designed to provide students with an exceptional edu-_ cation that will prepare them to be the best pharmacist in the healthcare system. | The college contains multiple degree pro-.y grams, but the most prominent one of them all is the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program - m which a PharmD, Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, is attained. The Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program consists of a curriculum that spans over the time period of six years. The first two of the six years is spent by fulfilling numerous prerequisites at the undergraduate level by majoring in Pre-Phamacy. After finishing the Pre-Pharmacy course requirements that can take longer than two years to fulfill if a student chooses to do so, students then apply and attend Pharmacy School for four years. Luckily for Students who are majoring in Pre-Pharmacy at UF and other universities the College of Pharmacy has expanded its enrollment by adding three new campuses in addition to the campus here in Gainesville. This program has also achieved national recognition as A model of quality educational practice in distance learning" by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Even though the College of Pharmacy is considered to be on the best Pharmacy Colleges or Schools, faculty and staff members are constantly trying to improve the college so that they can continue to provide student with the opportunity to receive and excellent education and also to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical industry. A Pharmacy graduate students observes test results in one of the college's computer labs. Current Pharmacy students leave a Grand Guard reunion event. The Grand Guard is a society of alumni who have mariced at least SO ears smcc the UF graduation. Students who are part of the College of Pharmacy portal group wa outsde the college's building for instructions. Students, with white coats in hand, head mto the Cortege of Pharmacy building for classes, photos provided by: Cortege of Pharmacy -Cortney JonesThe College of Pharmacy works with the College of Nursing tr Generosity that Inspires and Transforms program. The program garners donations to ensure the highest quality patient care available, photo pc 7,rlcd by: Cortege of Pharmacy Friends at UF Tiffany Robbert Mariana Fonseca Andrew BoothMy Courses College of Public Health Health Professions • HSA6152 Health Services, Research, Management, Policy • PHC 6406 Issues in Public Health • HSA3111 US Healthcare System • PHT6302C Principles of Disease PHHP students slant m the Heafch Science Center ptwa between the three colleges housed withe bcrfdng. photo provided by: Coliege of PubK Health and Health Professions The College of Public Health and Health Professions is one of the largest and most diversified health education institutions in the nation. Established in 1958, the college was a prototype for health professions education and the first college of its kind located within a health _ center. The college took another innova-| live step in 2003 when it expanded its 3 offerings to include public health pro-3 grams. The combination of the populace tion emphasis inherent to public health with the college's long-term focus on the management of chronic health conditions creates a powerful model. We educate students in public health; clinical and health psychology; communicative disorders; health science; health services research, management and policy; occupational therapy; physical therapy; rehabilitation counseling; and rehabilitation science. In addition, the college is committed to the development of cutting edge science in areas such as health and behavior, the rehabilitation of central nervous system impairment, and health systems functioning. Traditionally, universities had scattered public health and health professions disciplines across campuses in various colleges, such as liberal arts and sciences, and education. The UF College of Public Health and Health Professions was the first to unite these disciplines as one college and locate them within a health center. -College of Public Health and Health Professions Web site Students learn about job opportunity m the physical therapy field at the corteges job far. photo provided by : College of PotAc Health and Health Professions The college « housed m the Health Science Center. The buttng was completed a few years ago and provides the college w h state-of-the-art facilities. photo by : College of PutAc Health and Health Professions A PHHP student presents a case study project during a poster and project fair. photo provided by: Cortege of PutAc Health and Health ProfessionsP c Health and Health Professions student Cawc Sloan works with a pediatric patient as part of the college's physical therapy department work m Nicaragua. photo provided by. CoMege of Public Hearth and Hearth Professions UF Presdcnt 6cm Machen cuts the ceremonial ribbon at the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center's Gator Tech Smart House. photo prowled try: College of Pubhc Health and Health Professions Friends at UF Wes Scruggs Yi Chiang Tyler Edmonds I tit (tMy Courses College of Veterinary Medicine •VEM 5737 Large Animal Surgery Clerkship •VEM 5551 Food Hygiene •VEM 5311 Avian Diseases •VME 6326C Helminthology Established in 1976, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine continues to excel in the education and production of first-rate veterinarians. Ranked among the top ten schools nationally by the U.S. News and World Report, the College of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to advancing animal, human and environmental heath through its teach-C ing, research, extension, and patient care t activities. .y As a national center for the education of veterinarians, the college is comprised of more than 330 DVM students and 120 doctoral and gradate students. Students have the opportunity to train at the Veterinary Medicine Hospital that traffic over 37,000 animals per year with state-of-the-art technology and incomparable professors and faculty members. Within the past year, the College of Veterinary Medicine began an Emergency Medicine Rotation facility in Tampa in conjunction with Florida Veterinary Specialists. This became the first public-private partnership of its kind to deliver veterinary clinical education. In addition, the college has also established a Cardiology Service as well as a Small Animal Reproductive Service in the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. The four year program not only educates its students to handle all sizes and species of animals, but they are also trained to care for humans. With a curriculum of core classes as well as practical field practice, students are more than prepared after leaving the program to practice in the field of veterinary medicine on a national level. -Terrell Cummings Or. Geoffrey R. Gardner holds a mule swan from Orange Lake Resort Country Club as father Dt Wade G. Gardner looks on. Both are team members of The Regal Swan and attended the Jan. 18 presentation of the U.S. Oa y Pc m of ught award to The Regal Swan team members held at Orange Lake Resort Country Out)« Orlando. Ra. photo provided by: CoOcge of Veterinary Medone Or. Brent Leytem with Sebastian and the famdy cat alter Sebastian's surgery at the UnrversRy of Flonda Veterinary Mod-cal Center to repair a spontaneously leaking king. photo by: Barbara Leytem Adam Whitehead shows off a completed hoof belonging to Mercury, a 5-year-old grtdng with club feet. This photo was taken after the th d shoeing by WNtehcad foaowng surgery performed by Uf large ammai surgeons to help treat Mercury's condfton. photo by: Sarah Carey Squirt enjoys bemg turned out to pasture after her many surgeries at the Urwersity of Florida Veterinary Medical Center to correct tonb deformities photo by: Crovanna Mofbrook- Squirt s owner o Nkki HdckenCjN (right), a smal anmal medicine resident, and Or. Amya Estrada (left), a veterinary cardokogst. are shown with Yankee, outs-de the Unnersity of flonda Vetennary Med cal Center. Yankee, a yeflow labrador retriever. was reteased home with her owners Feb 3, 2006 after surgeon Or. Mark Bterwen. who as director of UP Congenita hwrt Center typ a»y treats human patients, performed open heart sergery Jan. 27 to remove a bamboo barbecue skewer that had p erced her heart. photo Ev 5c»ryi Gh-ey When Denso Mail «comptctcd n late 2006, the faculty and staff of the coflegc's Food A vmai Reproduction and Medone Service wiU finaty have all of (hew base operations under one roof. The ground breaking of Denso Hai is shown abcr.v photo provided by: Cortege of v r(cnoary Mortonc_______________________________________________________________ Friends at UF Tiffany RrnakJi Vcnrta Popoca Vanessa VeraBody Copy Table of Contents Home My Photos Homecoming My Parties My Courses Sports My Groups gglCSMULI ies Sororities ? My Friends Closing Tower Announcement This section edited by: Diana Delgado who is interested in: Business, Politics, Public Relations, Community Service, Travel, Learning new things, Meeting new people, Sports (esp. Baseball) Create Your Own! View More Photos of Sports Connection These are Your Teams. I ' Mum "h OkttV rr» (urp up c (TvmJ iXrrf t C er »00G » 9m M 9 fmamp Abov«: rvwonribMOiltNmMvitficwAn M SMW tV CrtTW $ « UF Athletics are among the best in the country. Our intercollegiate athletic program pursues and achieves excellence across the whole spectrum of sports competition. With SEC titles, and appearances in NCAA final tournaments. Gator Athletics went into the 2005 2006 season ranking at the top of every poll. The baseball team this past summer made it to the final round of the College World Series for the first time since 1998. Gator football went undefeated at home this season thanks to the coming of Urban Meyer. With wins against Tennessee, Georgia and long-time rival FSU they finished the season with an Outback Bowl appearance. Gator men's basketball fought to keep the reign as champions of the SEC. Winning their 11 first games; the basketball team did an excellent )ob fighting to keep their title. Women's basketball won their first 10 of 11 games making them tough competitors in the SEC. Both men's and women's athletics are tough competitors in the SEC. Each sport strives to be the best in the conference. The energy in the arenas and stadiums is always electric, especially when playing rival teams like FSU or Tennessee. Sports wouldn't be what it is without its fans. And, Gator fans are always the best fans. Call us. Rowdy Reptiles or call us the "Swamp Things." There is nothing like being a Gator sports fan! It's because of the fans that opposing teams are scared to play the University of Florida because not only are we an intimidating force on the playing field, but our fans are intimidating too. We all feel connected when our teams get that big win against FSU, and even when we lose we feel like we've lost. Gator Athletics is what brings us all together as students at UF and as a Gator Nation. -Diana DelgadoSports Gator Athletics Gator quarterback Junior Chris Leak gets ready to throw a pass dunng a home football game. The Gator football team did not lose a game at home during the 2005 season, under the direction of Head Coach Urban Meyer. It is the first time the Gators have had a perfect home game season. Friends at UF Anaid Benitez Amy M. Akel Liz Cordell Ashley Bauman Jimmy Carlsen Jon Berg zii [was]118 [ Congratulations! 2006 NCAA Champion Florida Gators611 [ivoads dR|Suoiduicto leuoqeu,120 (Soorts] Football UF v. Wyoming first down. lot of excitement for both players and fans. Friends at UF Mana Kirschner Margarita Yerastova Manssa Merdinger Marty Arguelto Saturday Sept. 3rd, saw the beginning of an era as well as record breaking statistics. The Florida-Wyommg game was the debut of Urban Meyer, UF's much heralded new head football coach. All of the expectations of the preseason summer, came down to this one night, and Meyer was sure not to disappoint as the Gators walked away with a 32-14 win over the Cowboys. Chris Leak had an impressive season opener as he broke the school record for most consecutive completed passes in a game with 17. This broke Steve Spurrier's record of 16 from a game in 1966. Chad Jackson became the eighth Gator to score four times in one game, as he scored his final touchdown in the fourth quarter. Chris Hetland started his career as a Gator by sticking the extra point on the Gator's first touchdown, providing fans with great expectations for the season for the junior kicker. Hetland also landed his first ever field goal attempt from 40 yards out. Florida was up 23-0 at the half and continued their scoring in the third and fourth quarters. Although Wyoming put points up on the board during the second half, they maintained a lead to beat the Cowboys. Florida rang up 411 yards of total offense on 70 plays, featuring 36 rushes and 34 passing attempts. The Gator defense kept Wyoming at 222 total offensive yards Quarterback Chris one or the running backs dunng a first downFootball i UF v. Lousiana Teel h [ The Gators had an amazing game as they trampled Lousiana Tech 41-3. The Gator football team achieved 475 offensive yards and scored six touchdowns. The fans were there. Junior running backed DeShawn Wynn made iis first collegiate appearance of the season scoring 3 touchdowns and carried for 101 yards. He also had his second career receiving touchdown. Junior quarterback Chris Leak also had a great game completing 13 of 22 passes and a touchdown. Not to mention Junior Chad Jackson achieved his second consecutive 100-yard receiving effort with five catches for 105 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown reception. Lousiana Tech's only score of the night came from a Florida fumble that led to a 37 yard field goal. Senior Linebacker had his first career interception at the Bulldogs' 25 yard line. In front of 90, 099 fans the Gators held the Lousiana Tech Bulldogs to only 162 offensive yards. Senior cornerback Vernell Brown, junior linebacker Earl Everett and junior safety Reggie Nelson each had five tackles against the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were no competition for the mighty Gators. The 1CP ranked Gators are off to a great start with new head coach Urban Meyer who has led the team to a 2-0 season record after the win against the Lousiana Tech Bulldogs. Megan Edwards Megan Vrenjak Friends at UF Mary Shannon (Sports) 121122 [Sports] Football UF v. Tennessee Before a record-breaking crowd of 90,716 fans at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 17th, the then sixth-ranked Gators claimed its Southeastern Conference opener with a 16-7 victory over then fourth-ranked Tennessee. Florida scored first with 4:14 left in the first quarter on an 18-yard run by Caldwell. The Vols evened the score at 7 7 with 9:29 remaining in the second quarter on an eight-yard pass from sophomore quarterback Erik Ainge to junior wide receiver Bret Smith. Following a fumble recovery at Tennessee's 31-yard line by junior cornerback Tremaine McCollum, Florida later went ahead to stay on a 38-yard field goal by Hetland with 11:41 remaining in the third quarter. A 16-play, 68-yard drive spanning 7:42 yielded the Gators' final points of the night, a 20-yard field goal by Hetland that completed the margin at 16-7. The Gators managed a 247-213 edge in total yards over the Vols and had a slim 68-66 rushing advantage. 3rd quarter. complete the Gators score. Friends at UF Michelle Keba Mohammad QureshiFootball __ UF v. Kentucky Pryxo provided by UAA Quarter back Chrts Leak, throws the ball tor 1 of 4 touchdowns of during the game Saturday September 25, 2005 was an uncharacteristically sweltering day in University of Kentucky's Common Wealth Stadium. 89 degrees, swamp-IJce humidity—perfect conditions for the Florida Gators to catch some bait. With an astounding victory of 49-28 against the Kentucky Wildcats, the University of Florida football team started the game off with a bang. Minutes into the first quarter, a block punt created uproar in the stands. But by the time the first quarter ended, the Gators were in the lead with 14 points. The second quarter got even more intense with 35 more points added to the scoreboard, totaling 7 straight touchdowns for the first half. Quarterback Chris Leak, one of two "Players of the Game," scored four touchdowns and threw the ball a total of 319 yards, making it the sixth time in his career that he had thrown the ball over 300 yards in one game. "Chhs Leak played his best; I wasn't here obviously his first two years, but that was as well as he's thrown the baa," said proud Coach Urban Meyer. The second "Player of the Game," Earl Everett, made a couple tackles and two interceptions- making it the first two career interceptions of his college career. The game held a total of 14 possessions and the Gators had 7 of the 14-- 4 punts, 2 picks, and 1 fumble. The team had a lot of offense Strength, 537 total yards, and a whopping 27 first downs (compared _ to Kentucky's 19 first downs). tf While the Gators did not score the second half, they remained in| command at the fourth quarter enough to have a three-touchdown — victory over their opponents, marking Gator Football season at 4 0. £ Morgan Woodfaef point. Friends at UF124 (Sports) Football UF v. Alabama The Gator's suffered a hard loss to the University of Alabama on October 1 , losing at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. Alabama player Tyrone Prothro scored an 87-yard touchdown on Alabama first offensive play, only a little over three and a half minutes into the game. To add insult to injury, one of Chris Leak's passes during the first quarters was intercepted, for the first time all season. This interception led to Alabama's Chris Harris, returning the pass to the Gators' two-yard line. Which then enabled Tim Castille to score a touchdown giving the Crimson Tide a 14-0 lead. Alabama then added three more points by a 22-yard field goal. Florida's only points came in the second quarter when junior Chris Hetland kicked a 37-yard field goal, set up by the team work of Chris Leak and Dallas Baker. Alabama continued to dominate the Gators scoring another touchdown in the second quarter, leading the Gators 24 to 3 during half time. Alabama finalized their win scoring yet another touchdown in the third quarter. The Crimson Tide defeated the Gators 31 to 3. play to begin before crossing the line of scrimmage.Football UF v. Mississippi State Gator touchdown! _ ____________________ n arcu nomas oesfor ac not a let? c7ensiv B a sack on the Mississippi State Quarterback. Friends at UF vents the quarterback to be sacked. Week-long events led to the final moment of truth: the homecoming game against Mississippi State. Florida scored First with a 10-play, 53-yard drive that led to a Field goal from junior Chris Hetland. The Bulldogs contested the Field goal with one of their own; a 49-yard Field goal. By the second quarter, with a season-high 65-yard punt, the Bulldogs' were pinned at their own one-yard line. Consequently, MSU's quarterback was pressured into an intentional grounding penalty in the end zone; resulting in a safety and a 5-3 lead for the Gators. Florida's last recorded safety was in Nov. 21 1998, against Florida State. Florida went into the half 12-3 and came back with three-yard rushing touchdown by leak to make the score 19-3. With 59 seconds remaining in the third, a sack by Florida resulted in the Gators' second safety of the afternoon and a 21-9 lead. The beginning of the third quarter saw a 15-yard scoring toss from Leak to Baker creating a 28-9 advantage. By the fourth quarter, with 12 minutes still left on the clock, a blocked punt in the end zone resulted in a f touchdown and a win of 35-9 for the Gators; making it -Florida's 17th straight Homecoming victory. 5Football UF v. Lousiana State « median a miwii. Friends at UF Moira Shuman 6 fCrfftPixl Melissa Germain Melissa Lematty Florida and lSu met for the 52nd time in the history of the senes on Saturday, Oct. IS at 3:30 p.m. The Gators' record of 15-11 at Tiger Stadium as well as a 5 1 overall record and a 3-1 S£C mark after a 35-9 win against Mississippi State the previous Saturday in Gainesville however didn't help them. The 11th-ranked Gator football team endured a 21-17 loss to 10th-ranked Louisiana State in front of a record crowd of 92,402 fans at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. With the win, the Tigers improved to 4-1 overall and 3-1 in the Southeastern Conference play, while UF dropped to 5-2 overall and 3-2 in league play. ISU scored on its opening drive with a 43-yard reception by Benme Brazed, and later extended its advantage with a 27-yard touchdown pass from Russel to Dwayne Bowe to grab a 14-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. With just under nine minutes remaining in the second quarter, freshman running back Kestahn Moore rushed 32 yards mto the end zone or his first career touchdown. Following an extra point by kicker Chris let land, the Gators narrowed the gap to 14-7 with a dove that lasted 16 seconds. An interception by senior safety Jarvis Herring set up a 22-yard field goal by Hctland on UF's First possession of the second half to trim ISU's lead to 14-10. Duong the drive. Junior running back DeShawn Wynn dashed 36 yards to move the Gators' offense down to LSU's 10-yard me. With slightly more than four minutes left in the third quarter, Florida ei ed the lead following an interception by Junior Joe Cohen that gave the offense field position at the LSU 32-yard line. Wynn capped a three-play. 32-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown. The junior accounted for all of :hc offense during the drive, including a 20-yard toss from junior Chns Leak on the first play. Hetfand tacked on the PAT to put UF up, 17-14. However, LSU answered with the final points of the game with a 12-play, 75-yard drive that ended on a three-yard rush into the end zone : y Addai. The Bayou Bengals took 6:27 off the dock and completed the light's scoring at 21-17. runs the ball after a pass. Cornelius Ingram,Football UF v. Georgia first down past the Georgia defense. The Gators and Bulldogs met for their annual contest at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville. High winds were blowing on the day of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and the 16th ranked Gators were hungry for victory against the number four Bulldogs. Chris Leak led his offensive line to scoring on their first possession, for the first time this season. The second and last touchdown for the Gators came from a short touchdown pass from Leak to Sophomore Tate Casey. Chad Jackson got his first reception of the game at the end of the second quarter, making it the 20th straight gameduring which he had a reception. The Bulldogs scored a field goal to close out the second quarter. Although they would score all the points of the second half, it would not be enough to catch up to the Gator's set of touchdowns. UF beat UGA by a score of 14-10 , winning the classic for the first time in two years. Georgia reeetver. est Coktail Party, in Jacksonville, FL. Friends at UF Mendith Pelton Meredith Pelton MtchaeT GlKkman 128 [Sports] Football UF v. Vanderbilt the then 13th-ranked Gator football team held off Vanderbilt, 49-42, in double overtime on November sixth, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to improve to 7 2 overall and 5-2 in the Southeastern Conference. With 90,140 fans and a national television audience looking on the Gators, used an interception by Junior Reggie Lewis on a pass by Vanderbilt senior quarterback Jay Cutler to end the game. Leak finished with a career-high 32 completions in 41 attempts for 257 yards and passed for three touchdowns. He also ed the Gators with a career-best 67 yards rushing on 12 carries, scored on a pair of one-yard runs and completed passes to 10 different receivers. In the second overtime, Florida opened the drive with a nine-yard rush by freshman Markus Manson. On the next play, Cornelius pulled down the 16-yard pass from Leak and the Gators waited out a review of the replay upstairs before junior Chris Hetland booted the point after to put the hosts on top, 49-42. On the Commodores' first play on their second turn of the overtime, Lewis made his first career interception on the sideline in front of UF's bench to secure the victory. Gators! j jdyefen Friends at UFFootball UF v. South Carolina When Florida played South Carolina on Nov. 12, 2005, excitement, hype and booze permeated the Swamp. This game marked the 26' time the Gators faced the Gamecocks, and the first time former head coach, Steve Spurrier stepped back on UF's turf as South Carolina's new head coach. Spurrier coached the UF football team from 1990 to 2001. He is considered to be the only major college coach to hold a 122-27 1 record for 12 seasons, while at UF. Spurrier also received the Hetsman Trophy in 1966 as UF's quarterback. Despite his strong connections to the University, in 2004 Spurrier moved to South Carolina to coach, what proved to be a successful team, and walked away with a win. UF entered the game with a 7-2 overall record and 5-2 in the SCC. South Carolina entered with a 6-3 overall record and a 4-3 league record. Although the game did not end in UF's favor, 22-30, the spirit and energy brought on by 83,421 fans with held up to the last minute. Photo by Jay Metz. Dallas Baker saves the ball from going out of bounds on the 1 yard line. Photo by Jay Metz. South Carolina running backs had no Cbm Leak on offense. Friends at UF (Sports) 129130 [Sports] Football UF v. Florida State Behind a tenacious defense that created four turnovers and a pair of touchdown passes by junior Chris Leak, the then No. 19 Gator football team handed then No. 21 Florida State a 34-7 loss m front of 90,669 fans at The Swamp on Thanksgiving weekend. The Gators increased their lead to 17-0 with 7:27 emaining in the third quarter on a 44-yard field goal by Hetland. The Seminoles averted the shutout with 6:35 left in the game on a five-yard scoring toss from Weatherford to Fagg. Florida State covered 85 yards in 10 plays, highlighted by a 45-yard eception by freshman Greg Carr down to the Gators' five-yard line. Leak finished 19-for-28 for 211 yards and two touchdowns 3nd one interception, while Jackson had nine receptions for 97 yards and one score. Manson led the Gators with 39 yards rushing on 11 carries. Weatherford was 24-for-42 for 285 yards and one touchdown, with two picks, while senior Willie Reed had a team-"»gh seven receptions for 66 yards. Senior Leon Washington totaled 16 yards on 11 carries. FSU held a 334-284 edge in total offense but committed twice as many turnovers as the Gators. have out-scored Florida State. Friends at UF Rachel Kramer Ray Seaman Rebecca DobrowskiFootball Outback Bow 1 Photo by Jeff Gage. Tate Casey runs the ball for a first down Gator fans were expecting a bowl birth for their football team, that was greater than the Outback Bowl, but losses to SEC teams like LSU and South Carolina left them out of the running for a BCS bowl. Still, the Gators hadn't won a bowl game since the days of Steve Spurrier, and they were ready for a post-season victory. They went into the January 2nd game against Iowa fresh off a win against arch-rival FSU. The Gators finished the first half with a 17-0 lead with touchdowns from Vernell Brown and Tremaine McCollum. In the second half the Gators continued scoring as they upped the score to 31. Punter Eric Wilbur had a stellar game as he averaged 46.3 yards per kick, highlighted by a UF bowl record punt of 63 yards. This Gator team became the first in school history to defeat Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State and win its bowl game m the same season. The Final score of the game was 31-24. first dawn, Defense, Friends at UF [Sports] 131132 [Sports] Ny Teams i Dazzlers Sara Kelsey Sarah Atterman one of the UF footbatf home games. Friends at UF Samanths Suoflen ShOtf They dance. They practice at teas three days a ww for two and a half houn, at a time They drag themsehes out of bed for an 8 AM workout three days out of the week. They cam a new routine practically every practice. Then they perfect that routine on the iwn time outude of practice. Oh. they 90 to school too. Host important, they dawk? Jfofhoal dance team. The Dazzlers, could be found wortang up a crowd at many ■vents such as Gator Grow . McJmght Madness, and chanty functions Ike March o mrs, American Cancer Society, and Dance Marathon Midnight Madness was one y the most important events they prepared for as it was a celebration of the bas ■etbaii season ludung off. They were more than anuous to show off what they hac wen practicing ail fafl and, of course, were more than ready to support therr team. To become a Oazzfer, each 9 1 had to partake 1 a two-day audition in wt»ch they leamcc md performed a yu . udekne, and hip-hop routine along w h a personal ntcrvicw Technical .md artistic abtty were «n port ant components m picking the team, though rsociality and court appeal were also deciding factors CXit of about 100 girts, 2-t jirts were chosen. This year. 15 dancers performed for men's basketball and 9 dancers lanced for women's. They practiced and performed together for school-wide events, knd the girts don't dazzle the crowd for nothmg. The 26 Dazzlers received a membership 0 Orion Rtness n Gancsville and receive warm-ups, bags, and sneakers from NAc as w as other apparel. This year marked the first true Daz lcrs rocctvcd partial scholar-Zips. With the mception of the Mr. Two Bits Golf Tournament, their spirit program has « etwd over S11.000 for their scholarship program. They also get a chance that not too nany gators experience- a free ride to travel to post-season basketbai tournaments. 1 hi Dazzlers are a noncompetitive team, so they strrve to make the performances • .-phonal. They performed at all home men's and women's basketball games, the tomcconwg football game, gymnast meets, and voAeybal matches. They aho trave to the men’s and women's basketball SEC tournament (usually hckJ over Spring Break) ind selected squad members travel to the men’s and women’s NCAA tournament But the best part of bemgaDaz ler’The wonderful friendshipsthat form and the fun time? during the practice .md performances. said Coach and Former Dazzter Melissa MarquezTop Left Top Right: Dancers dazzle the crowd during half time. Left: 2005-2006 Dazzlers at the Homecoming Parade. Friends at UF Sarah Luk Shannyn Brooke Schott Sarah Cnser [Sports] 1331 4 (SpOrtS) Ny Teams 1 Cheerleaders They are always out there on game days with tons of energy cheering on the football team, the basketball team, gymnastics and volleyball. Without them the crowds might as well be lost. Orange and Blue and Gator bait are only some of the several cheers the Cheerleaders help infuse the crowd with energy. There are two co-ed teams, the blue squad and the orange squad. The blue squad features six to eight females and six to eight females, who represent UF on the road for football games, men's basketball and gymnastics. On the other hand, the orange squad features eight to ten females and eight to ten males who cheer for home football games, volleyball and women's basketball. Both teams make appearances for charities and alumni to promote a better image for UF. The cheerleaders have mandatory practices two times a week during the mornings at 7 a.m. and evenings at 5 p.m. with the entire team to prefect their routines. Also the cheerleaders have intense individualized workout plans 2-3 times a week to keep them in physical and healthy. The cheerleaders' usually have their workouts with the Gator football team in the South End Zone Weight Room of Ben Hill Gnffin Stadium. Additionally, this sport season is the first time the gator cheerleaders' have been able to do any stunts that require them m the air, such as pyramid and basket tosses. The cheerleading squad really do put a lot of their time and energy into making Gator games as fun as they can! -Logan Smith rile up the student section. The Gator Cheerleaders wave their pom poms The Friends at UF Robyn Tenenbaum Roy Hernandez Russell SemmellTop Left: It's great (uh huh) to be (a what?) a Florida Gator! Top Right: A UF Cheerleader leads fans in the Gator chomp. Left: The cheerleaders welcome UF's opponents to Gator Country. Friends at UF Ryan Michaels Samantha Reho Samantha Campbell (Sports) 13S136 fSports) Ny Teams Women's Soccer The women's soccer team may have lost rive starters, but they still held onto six returning players plus a remarkable surge of new talent. Their winning season of 13 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie attributed to the abilities of many of the girls to play several positions on the field. This gave Head Coach Becky Burleigh, assistant coach and former UF player Danielle Fotopoulos, and Associate Coach Vic Campbell more options and opportunities to place benched girls on the field at any time and still maintain the game's intensity. The team underwent intense strength and conditioning training from Kerin Werth, the Assistant director of Strength and Conditioning Women's Sports. All of the athletes were given an individualized training program designed to enhance their strength, power, speed, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. They needed a vigorous workout to prepare for their fall schedule, which held some fierce competition. Approaching the season, they knew they'd be up against 2004 NCAA champron Notre Dame, making it the 6th time in the program's 11-year lifespan that the previous season's national championship would be one of their opponents. With victories against competitors Georgia, Auburn, and Central Florida and an SEC success of 8-2-1, the women's soccer team gained both team and individual strength and by doing so represented the orange and blue at its best. Friends at UF Robyn Tenentwum Roy Hernandez Russell ScmmeilTop Left: Photo by T. Casey. Kelli Eisen-brown kicks the ball towards the goal for a winning goal. Top Right: Photo by T. Casey. Melanie Booth “ celebrates a UF goal! 3 Left: The 2005-2006 UF Women's Soccer Team. Friends at UF Ryan M chaels Ryan Sherry Samantha Campbell138 (Sports) My Teams Women's Volleyball R ady, set, spike’ That is exactly what the women's volley bo I! :eam did when they woo the ISth stra jht Southeastern Conference eguiar season title. The season began with the defeat of Jacksonville on August 29, or the 26" straight time. They continued their winning streak to beat Dayton, Missoun State and the University of California Santa Barbara m the quafina Volleyball Invitational. The team persisted to play strong until hey fell to Notre Dame by two points in two games. After regrouping from their loss to Norte Dame, the team went jn to beat Florida State for the 1 T straight time, ensuring the women's •oUeyball team the eighth undefeated home season m school history. The team then got ready to participate m SEC matches, where :hcy lady gators dominated the game with Kisya Ki ngsworth and Amber McCray producing more than 10 kills m important matches against Centucky and South Carolina. However, the team was upset after their 14 -straight winning itreak ended, when they lost in Tennessee. They took the energy from :hew loss and put it back onto the court to defeat the undefeated Crimson Fide 23-0 in a sweep. The lady gator’s continued to play their hardest defeating Georgia, Arkansas and Alabama claming the SEC Tournament crown, SEC -’layer of the Year and SEC AJl-Tournament Team. The NCAA Champtonship first and second round was hosted 5y the lady gators at the O’Connell Center where they hand a sweeping Jefcjt to Florida Atlantic University and Kansas State. Unfortunately m their last game, the women’s volleyball team lost, is Nebraska proved to be a strong competitor agamst the gators. The Gators ended their season with a 33-3 record and another NCAA Elite Eight appearance. The Volleyball team pumps itself up before a game. Friends at UF mate. Samantha SuHlen Shoaf Sara Kelsey Sarah AttcrmanTop Left: Photo provided by UAA. Rhian Davis serves the ball into play. Top Right: _ Photo provided by UAA. Rachel Engel bumps the 5 ball over the net for a point. Left: 2005-2006 Gator Women's Volleyball Team.140 [Scots] My Teams Gymnastics Rhinestones spelt out the word "Florida" on metallic blue eotards, and muscular bodies conformed to those tight costumes at every competition. With pride and confidence, 13 women on the gymnastics team represented UF and continued to excel after each practice and perf or mance. Rhonda Faehn hasbeencoaching UF gymnastics for more than four years and said she «s continually pleased with the talent on the team. "Th s year is the strongest we've had so far," she said. Thedifficufty, for Faehn, in making a strong team ischoreographmg outmes that are complicated, original and can be performed flawless. "It's a challenge to do those difficulties perfect," she said. We x?ed to make it cleaner and keep pushing." Despite the constant pressure to stick a landing or stay within boundary, the gymnasts have worked harder this year, than any team in the past, she said. Winning against tough and competitive teams such as Auburn, LSU and Penn Stale have made these girls confident during home and away meets Faehn said the true test of a team is dependent on how well they car perform on the road, in a new atmosphere, using new equipment. After more than eight road trips to states like Oregon, Arizona, Cent ixkyand Alabama the gymnasts have found a deep love for competmg Jt home. When the Georgia gymnasts came to compete, the O'Connell Center was filled with more than 8,000 gator-blooded fans. Faehn said that competing at UF was a huge home court advantage because theatmospherewaspositiveandthefanswerecrazyexcited.They especially loved watching the girls tumble and dance on the floor exercise. Each gymnast has the gator chomp incorporated m their floor routine as a signature move representing Gator pride. Whether they are eating, sleeping, dreaming or practicing gymnastics, these women are strong, healthy and professionally talented Faehn said. comes to an end, Sherrie Owens prepares to dismount. mot xovide A lea oadi, Rnonda Faehn gives Tiffany Murray a last minute pep talk before her turn on the balance beam oprwtf JM orey Hartaung gives a top score pefformanceon theJ»isinceJ?fidm,_________ ■ Friends at UF Shantyn Wiskup Shasta Johansen Sheila HaileyTop Left: Photo provided by UAA. Katie Rue finishes off her floor performance with a little flair. Top Right: Photo provided by UAA. Making sure to stay within bounds, Nicola Willis tumbles across the floor. Left: 2005-2006 Gator Women's Gymnastics Team.142 [Sports] Ny Teams Men's Basketball The 2005-2006 has been one of the most rewarding seasons, here at the University of Florida. Coach ally Donovan completed his eighth season as head coach, and made incredible strides for the basketball program. In fact, Coach Donovan has been mentioned for possibly receiving the ever so honorable Coach of the Year Award, currently renamed Jim Phelan Award. Under the watchful eye of Donovan the Gator basketball squac tas made seven straight NCAA Tournament appearances anc seven straight winning seasons. Coach Billy Donovan continues to bring prestige and honor to the University of Florida Basketbal Program. The Gators had a remarkable season starting game play m January with a 12 consecutive game wining streak; the most in UF history thus far. The players they have been setting records personally. Guard Lee Humphrey has become an Academic All-American since, by maintaining 3.76 grade point average. Humphrey also received All-District 3 Honors, and was named as part of the SEC Good Works Team. The Gators won the SEC title beating South Carolina. The Men's Basketball team also made the first Sweet Sixteen appearance in over five years. However, the Journey does not end there. The Gators continue to shock the basketball nation as they dimb the NCAA bracket reaching the Final Four. The journey to the top ended on April 3, 2006 when the Gators became the NCAA Basketball Champions beating UCLA. The University of Florida has become the first school in the state to win a Men's Basketball NCAA Championship. Next season is especially bright as all of the starting players are returning along with Coach Donovan for another season.______________ during one of the games on the road to the Final Four. Xs the b UOA- Friends at UF Vanessa Vera Yvette Gunman Suzanne Kef pel (Sports] 143144 [Sports] My Teams Women's Basketball The 2005-2006 year has been a great season. The Gators women's basketball program accomplished several huge goals. The Lady Gators beat No. 5 University of Tennessee in Knoxville, in overtime. The Gators also delivered a blow to No. 2 Louisiana State University. These defeats are just of the few crucial games won this season. With a winning season the Lady Gators were ranked the No. 5 seed for the 12-team Southeastern Conference Tournament held in North Little Rock Arkansas. Unfortunately, the Lady Gators lost to New Mexico in the first round of the SEC conference. On the other hand, the athletes themselves also made personal accomplishments. For the third consecutive year, the Gators placed in the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll. This season the Gators had a team -ecord of seven recipients, all of the eligible players. In January, Marshae Dotson was named the Southeastern Conference Women's basketball Freshman of the Week. Another remarkable player on and off the court was three time captain, Sarah Lowe. She was named, :he ESPN The Magazine All Academic All-District 3 Team, obtaining a 3.90 grade point average. Sarah Lowe also became the first Gator ever named an All-District First Team and was awarded the Boyd McWhorter Southeastern Conference Scholar-Athletes of the fear Award. It is also is the first time that two Gators have earned district recognition in the same year. Fellow Gator, Dalila Eshe was chosen by the Seattle Storm In the second round of the Women's National Basketball Association Draft. Eshe was the 25 of 42 young .vomen drafted into the WNBA for 2006-2007 season. The women's basketball team finished the season strong and the future of the basketball program is very bright. A ttooti the bjfl w opponctnt. Ww»o pfOvxSabv UAA RinirUe Sartio 3rt ts the tv i acrew the court. Coach Carolyn Peck strategies with her team during a time out. Friends at UF Teresa Y«p Vanessa Vincent Massaro Zachery JacobsonTop Left: Breaking away from her two defenders, Sarah Lowe goes for the basket. Top Right: Dalila Eshe, shoots and scores two-points for the Gators. Left: 2005-2006 Gator Women's Basketball Team Friends at UF Stephen Ruso Sury Ueoerman Timothy Wojtytak Tnoa Heame [Sports) 145146 [Sports] My Teams Men's Swimming and Diving im Burgess. WBor, eca swims Friends at UF to by Jim Burgess. During competition, Ryan Locf the 20Q Individual Medley,__________________________ I Who beat South Carolina, Georgia, Florida State, LSU, Alabama and Tennessee this year? Sadly, the football team did not. However, the men's swim team did that and more. The team finished second in the SEC Championships and won first at the Purdue Invitational. This team is not a fluke either. Since the new coach, Gregg Troy, joined the Gator staff, the team has placed second in the SEC five of the past six years. One of the shining stars of the 2005-2006 season was Ryan Lochte. Last year, Lochte was the NCAA 200 meter backstroke champion. He was also a member of the 800 meter freestyle team that returned with three of the members for this season. Furthermore, he is considered the best individual medley swimmer that the University of Florida has ever had. Lochte swam this event in 1 minute and 41.71 seconds, a new Gator record. The competitive edge of the Gator swim team can be in part credited to their coaches. Head coach Gregg Troy has been coaching the men's and women's swim team at the University of Florida for six and seven years, respectively. He was named the 2000 and 2002 SEC Men's Coach of the Year for his work with the Gators. Together, the Gator swim team dominated the 2005-2006 season and will continue to dominate in the future. dive. Philip Wolf Pncc Do Hay Regina SturmTop Left: Photo by Brad Person. Brian Hartley swims the breaststroke. Top Right: Photo by Stephen Morton. Lucas Salatta prepares to begin the backstroke. Left: 2005-2006 Men's Swimming and Diving team. [SpOfti] 147148 [Sports] My Teams Women's Swimming and Diving Michette Drucker Mike Spegele Adorn loscy The 2005-2006 women's swimming team started this year off well, with the hope to succeed as much as the team did last year. One of the top swimmers from last year, Vipa Bernhardt, returned to have a fantastic season. Bernhardt, who was a member of the 2004 Olympic swim team for Germany, was honored at the 2005 SEC Women's Scholar-Athlete of the Year. She is a five-time SEC champion, as well as a 19-time All-American. This year, she was the SEC champion in the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke. She is also the record-holder at UF for both of those events. As far as the regular season with the Gators, Bernhardt had 22 first-place finishes. However, Bernhardt and the other lady Gators excel out of the pool as well. Bernhardt was named Outstanding International Student through UF's College of Fine Arts in 2005. Seventeen of the swimmers and divers were named the to 2006 Southeastern Conference Winter Academic Honor Roll, including Bernhardt. Gregg Troy was bead coach for the men's and women's swimming team this season. In his seven year span at UF, he las been the coach for 40 SEC titles. Since he has come on the scene, the lady Gators have been undefeated against Florida State (8 0), South Carolina (6-0), and Tennessee (7-0). With the returning swimmers and newcomers to the team, the UF women's swim team will keep making the Gators proud in coming years. Photo by feet backstroke during competition. N’t! { v. Photo by Jim Burgess. Vipa Bernhardt takes her mark before taking orff dunng the 100 M breaststroke.___________________________________ Photo by m Burgess During the 200 M freestyle. Jam Tannhauser, is ahead of the competition.______________________________________________ Friends at UF Top Left: Photo by Jim Burgess. Caroline Drab executes the breastroke during competition. Top Right: Photo by Jim Bur-Caroline Burckle wims the 200 M Free “ le. Left: 2005-2006 5 omen's Swimming and Diving team.My Teams Men's Cross Country Jongraccs. the University of Florida men’s cross country team had another winning season, and made the tnp to the championship n consecutive years for the first time in school history and this year, finished 23rd of 31 teams with 520 points at the MCAA Cross Country Championships in Terre Haute, Ind. The Gators 23rd place finish was not as high as the gator team was loping for, but was a four place improvement from a year ago For the first time all season Florida had a new top finisher, as freshman Jeremy Criscione ran a career-best 10K time of 31:01.5 to finish 112th overall. Criscione's time was the fastest by a Gator individual at the NCAA Championships since 1990. Sophomore Henok Lechebo finished second for the Gators and 127th overall with a time of 31:13.0. Sophomore Steven Hassen finished third for Florida with a time of 31:17.0, good enough for 137th overall. Junior Daniel Parker ran 31:22.5 to finish 142nd overall and 4th four the Gators. Junior Jeremy Miller rounded out the scoring for Florida with a career-best time of 31:30.7 to finish in 160th place overall. Junior Ryder Leary anc sophomore Enoch Nadler were Florida's sixth and seventh runners finishing in 201st and 214th places with times of 31:55.4 and 32:05.3 "Our one, three, four and five guys weren't here last year and they did a solid job," head coach Jeff Pigg said. "The good news s we return this whole team for next year. This is a sport where ■ maturity makes a big difference, so I expect us to do better next year.' Phot I provided Ey UM fn i group c Gators EaS n my n the competition._____________________________________________________ Photo provided by UAA. Henok Lechebo runs Friends at UFTop Left: Photo provided by UAA. Hassen, Nadler and Criscione keep the same pace throughout the meet. Top Right: Photo provided by UAA. Jeremy Miller runs past his opponent. Left: 2005-2006 Men's Cross Country team. [Sports] 1S1152 [Sports] My Teams Women's Cross Country The Women's Cross Country team concluded a winning season with the NCAA South Regional Meet in which the top five individuals in the women's race achieved the top five fastest times ever ran in a 6K race at the University of Florida Golf Course. Sophomore Lindsay Sundell set the record for the best time by a Florida athlete in a 6K race on the UF Golf Course with her time of 21:33.95. It was also the second fastest time by a Florida athlete on any 6K course. She finished 16th overall to earn All-Region honors. Freshman Jacy Kruzel was Florida's second finisher in 26 overall with a time of 21:49.44. Freshman Kathryn Kramer was the fourth Gator Finisher in 44th overall with a time of 22:27.07. Freshman Sara Petrick rounded out the Florida scoring in 57th place with a time of 22:43.70. Sophomore Kristen Johnson and freshman LeeAnn Nawrocki finished sixth and seventh for Florida in 99th and 130th places respectively. Sophomore Valeria Rodriguez had a great race, improving from being Florida's six or seventh finisher during the regular season to third in the regional meet. She was 36th overall with a time of 22:12.86. The top four finishers in the race automatically qualified for the NCAA Championships. Gators in three meets and was the first Gator finisher at the Disney das-Top Left: Photo by Ron Irby. Freshman LeeAnn Nawrocki scored in Florida's First three meets of the season and finished among the top seven Gators in the last three. Top Right: Photo by Ron Irby. Sophomore Lindsay Sundell was Florida's top finisher in three of six meets and scored in all six. Left: 2005-2006 Women's Cross Country tean. {Sports] 153154 [Sports) My Teams Women's Golf Marking the first title of the year and the first title since the 2003-04 season, Freshman Mallory Blackwelder and the Lady Gator golf team each received First place finishes at the Lady Wildcat Invitational in Lexington, Ky. Alongside her win, Blackwelder is also the First medalist for the squad since Aimee Cho claimed top lonors at the 2003 SEC Championships. I The Florida women's golf team finished out its all season with a 3-2-0 win over Tulane, in the Final of the Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship at the Mission Inn Resort; winning three out of the four Hooter's match plays. Recovering from the 11th place finish, out of 16, at the Regional Challenge in Palos Verdes, California, Florida won their second tournament at the Puerto Rico Classic. While leading the team into their second title of the season, Sophomore Whitney Myers took an individual Finish in second place. Anthony Bonaventure Jostyn Oa;[Top Left: Photo by Jim Burgess. Whitney Myers gets the ball out of the sandtrap. Top Right: Photo by Jim Burgess. Sandra Gal measures the distance to the hole before taking her swing. Right: The 2005-2006 omen's Golf team. (Sports] 155156 [Sports] Ny Teams Men's Golf Friends at UF or the sa 4 1 Jim L l 1 1 Down by 12 strokes at the Iverness Invitational, the Gators were able to quickly overcome the deficit and capture the first win of the season, showing a great start that would end in a great season. The 2005-06 team brought about newcomers Tyler Rucarean, Tody Ragland, and Billy Horscheltop who joined top returnees, Brett Stegmaier, James Vargas and Jessie Mudd. After a 7 place finish, out of 15, at the Shoal Creek Invitational, the team bounced back full force to win the Gary Koch Invitational in Tampa. With five strokes to spare, the Gators won the SunTrust Gator Invitational again for the 20"' time in its 29-year history; they could have used those strokes at the Puerto Rico Classic where they came in second jlace and four strokes behind the University of Georgia. Although the match was not won, Freshman Toby Ragland lelped Florida finish in second place with his career-best score of 67 (-5), Alongside the collective's achievements; individual acknowledgments were given out within the group. Matt Every's name was added to the 2006 Ben Hogan Award list for the third time in his four-year career. One of his most recognized accomplishments was this August, when Every was part of the United States Walker Cup team that defeated several countries, including Great Britain, at the Chicago Golf Club. Charlie Hollinger Chnsbna Martinez Chnstine Woodruff Photo by ) Left: Photo by Tim ey. Toby Ragland Cches the ball as follows through on swing. Top Right: )to by Tim Casey. y Horschel measures distance to the hole ore taking his swing, ht: 2005-2006 Men's f team. Darcy Fawcett Friends at UF Clayton Thomas Cra«g Klein (Sports) 157158 [Sports] My Teams Women's Tennis Friends at UF The Women's Tennis team began the season ranked No. 2. The tennis squad won its 21st-straight season-opening match Wednesday by a Final count of 7-0 at Linder Stadium at the Ring Tennis Complex. The Gators swept through doubles and singles competition for the victory over the Knights. The team finished its regular season ranked third and had a 4-0 victory over South Carolina. They also posted a perfect 11-0 record in Southeastern Conference action to capture the league title outright. The Gators earned the No. 1 seed in the SEC Tournament and received one of four first-round byes. Florida played host to the four-day event which began Thursday, April 20 at the Ring Tennis Complex. The Gators captured their fifth consecutive and 15th overall SEC Tournament title in the 19-year history of the event, as Florida earned the league's automatic berth into the NCAA Championships. For the Final season update check back to www. 3atorzonc.comTop Lett: ynoiu by Jim Burgess. Team members celebrate an SEC Victory! Top Right: This player, backhands the ball. Right: 2005-2006 Women's Tennis team. Friends at UF Devin the Moderate George Kong Evan Lundy 6SI [ P0d$]160 [Sports] loto by Jim Burgess, Photo by Stephen Morton. ‘StefaiHeIRnd Nestor Bnceno and Assistant Coach Jeremy Bayon discuss team strategy. Friends at UF Marking the first title of the year and the first title since the 2003-04 season, Freshman Mallory Mackwelder and the Lady Gator golf team each received First place Finishes at the Lady Wildcat Invitational in .exington, Ky. Alongside her win, Blackwelder is also the First medalist for the squad since Aimee Cho claimed top tonors at the 2003 SEC Championships. The Florida women's golf team Finished out its fall season with a 3-2-0 win over Tulane, in the Final of the Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship at the Mission Inn Resort; winning three out of the four Hooter's match plays. Recovering from the 11 place Finish, out of 16, at the Regional Challenge in Palos Verdes, California, Florida won their second tournament at the Puerto Rico Classic. While leading the team into their second title of the season, Sophomore Whitney Myers took an individual finish in second place. Carlos Cardo David Adato David Edgcrton inn oprvpc after a match victo Top Left: Photo by ephen Morton. Greg jellette serves the ball his opponent. Top ght: Photo by Jum jrgess. Stefen Tell hits e ball to his opponent, ght: 2005-2006 Men's jnnis Team. Jessica Celaya Joanna Garcia (Sports] 161162 [Sports] My Teams Before an overflow crowd of 4,488 fans at McKethan Stadium on February 10th, the Gator baseball team, ranked No. 1, raised the curtain on its 2006 season with a 10 0 shutout of Cincinnati. They started the season with high aspirations but ell short of repeating last year's success. The Gators Inished 28-28, overall and 10-20 in the SEC. The Gators finished the season with a series win against LSU. Florida celebrated Senior Day at McKethan Stadium on May 20' by posting a 10-5 victory over LSU. The win enabled the Gators to earn their first series riumph over the Tigers since the 1998. Unfortunately, the Gators were not able to clinch a spot in the SEC Tournament to defend their title this year. Coach McMahon and the Gator Baseball team ook to a better season next year. Photo by Tim Casey. Matt LapQfta hits a double dunng his at-bat. ___| ) B f m „ PhotobyTicn (!ascy The Gator's celebrat™ 3-rnn homer by Brian Jerotoman __________ Friends at UF Photo by Tim Casey. Senior right-the batter. Darren 0Tjay pitches a strike to rasshopper Heshan Itongkoon__________ Jared Hernando Jenny Popcil Jesse ReibkhTop Left: Photo by Tim Casey. Junior third baseman David Cash the ball the ball to the pitcher after an out Top Right: Photo by Tim Casey. Junior shortstop Adam Davis hits a line drive to center field. Left: 2005-2006 Baseball team. O w Friends at UF T Jennifer AkJeguer Joey Fierro Jordan Magbch16 [Sports] My Teams Softball The Gator's Softball team began the season ranked No. 19. They picked up a 3-2 win in their home opener on February 15th. Florida Finished the season defeating Stetson 1-0, on Senior Day at the Florida Softball Stadium May 9th. The Gators traveled to Athens, Ga. for the Southeastern Conference Tournament. The Fifth seeded Gators faced the fourth seeded Tennessee Lady Vols but were eliminated with a 6-0 loss. Despite the loss in SEC Tournament play they advanced to the NCAA Regionals, where they fell short of a NCAA Super Regional berth. They Finished 43-25, overall and 17-13 in SEC competition. For the season's Final results check, www. picks off a runner on first base. Jenny Kampmeter Justin Gromlcy Kara CzemiakTop Left: Photo by Jim Burgess. Freshman outfielder Kim Waleszonia prepares for her at-bat. Top Right: Photo by Jim Burgess. Junior Melissa Zick catches the ball to out the runner on first. Left: 2005-2006 Softball team. (Sports] 16S166 [Sports] Ny Teams Men's Track and Field the Men s Track Field team had a strong year, lacing in the top ten in not only the SEC Championships but in the NCAA Regional Finals. Both the indoor and outdoor teams faced a rigorous season with tournaments and invitational competitions all over the coun-ry including Ames, Iowa and Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Gators indoor team placed 3rd in the SEC Championships in Gainesville and 9th in the NCAA Championship in Arkansas. The outdoor team also placed third in the SEC Championship, but fared better at the Regiona NCAA level placing 2nd at the Eastern Regional Championship and 37th in the NCAA Championship. Two gators made the outdoor All-American team, Mike Morrison for the Long Jump and Willie Perry for the 200m. The indoor team had its own All-American Honors with Sekou Clarke for the 400m and the 4x400m, Mike Morrison with the High Jump and the Long Jump, Willie Perry with the 200m and the 4x400m, Shane Stroup with the mile and Bernard Middleton and Chris Gilchrist, both with the 4x400m. Photo by Jim B xgcss 'PresRman Will Peny bunt on the scene and firrjhed fourth in the 200m at the NCAA Indoor Champonshps the fourth-fattest Friends at UFLeft: Photo by Tim Junior Mike Mor-became the first since 1970 to the SEC Indoor high and long jump and the first since to accomplish the at the SEC Out-meet.Top Right: by Jim Burgess Shane Stroup the first Gator 1990 to win the Outdoor 800m title he finished second the mile at the SEC meet. Right: Men's Track (Sports) 167168 (Sports) r 1 Ny Teams Women's Track and Field The Gators women Track Field team traveled from its own backyard, to the happiest place on earth to the city of brotherly love for a strong season whicf ended with a strong showing at the SEC Champion ship and the NCAA Championship. The women's indoor team placed 8th at the SEC Championship and 39th in the NCAA Championships Rachel Longford was named a member of the All-American team for her performance in the weight throw. The worn en's outdoor team placed 9th at the SEC Championship. At the NCAA tournament they placed 6th in the East Region als and 37th in the NCAA Championship. The Gators hac six All-Americans named Seniors Dara Altman for the Pole Vault, she placed fourth, and Jyn Wynn for the Hammer. Lakecia Ealey, Natalie Knight, Dominique McLeggan, anc Nadine Palmer were all named for the 4x100m relay. -LeslieVeiga vault m 2006, deanng a height of 4.10m 13-S.25 at the UTEP Invitation. !. which ctocied one of the top-10 tunc .n school Iwtory at the Penn Relays. tn the triple )ump m indoors. Friends at UF Maroe Keyset Matt Metz Kacy O'GradyTop Left: Photo by Jim Burgess. Lindsay Sundell set the school-record in the steeplechase at 10:21.10 at the Penn Relays in 2006. Top Right: Photo by Jim Burgess. Rachel Longfors wrapped up her stellar career at UF in 2006 with qualifying and scoring points in both NCAA Championships meets. Left: 2006 Women's Track and Field. [Sports] 169170 [ Dafa! contents iy Photos m Parties ly Courses WWllfc My Groups taternities Sorprities ly Friends b LLjnk$_ osing Tower Announcement This section edited by: Kirsten Schmitt who is interested in: baseball, horses, gangsters, cowboys, singing off-key, firefighters Create Your Own! Body Copy Welcome to UP! It's now time to get involved! Whatever your interests trust us...there is a club for you! From academic honor societies to leadership honor societies to cultural organizations there are over 600 registered organizations. Some are funded by student government. Student Government funds about 50 dubs. The student senate and cabinet are both great ways to get to know people and get involved. UF's senate has some of the most analytical student minds on campus which handle about 11 million dollars that come from activities and service fees. With this money they bring us the free rides on RTS, free gym membership. They also provide the happy medium between the students and the administration. Student Government has agencies such as the ACCENT speaker's bureau and Student Government productions that bring us all the great speakers and concerts respectively. There are also unions for all the major ethnic cultural groups on campus. Such as, the Black Student Union, Hispanic Student Association, Asian-Amehcan Student Union, Pride Student Union and the Jewish Student Union. All these groups are powerhouses that bring together their respective groups to become a strong force on this campus. Smaller dubs, such as the Paper, Rocks, Scissors club or the Scrabble dub cater to student's hobbies. Others such as the Falun Gong Society or the Animal Activists of Alachua cater to spedfic issues affecting our community and our world. Home to all these organizations is the Student Activities Center on the third floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union. The SAC is where the Student Government offices and agencies reside. Some organizations also have offices where the executive board holds office hours and members can go socialize and find out more about a respective organization. Aside from academics, it's important also to get involved within the different aspects of the campus. UF's organizations usually provide a network for students as well as a home away from home. -Diana Delgado Connection These are your groups. f m MU Wtn uM r«rc«x » » • V I C« »r in tf aoorwui rt rn « ' Co Nn’ ‘lit • » Uy n »moc t )n tct « «c ic » «t $ ewfrrtw W (At.h u»» V r » A « -»V I P »" » ________________ View More Photos of OrganizationsMy Groups Organizations Friends at UF wmm Members of the University of Florida Fightin' Gator Marching Band watch the score at the Homecoming game against Mississippi State. The Fightin' Gator Marching band intimidates opponents in the Swamp, while keeping fans excited as they play the gator bait cheer and the fight song throughout the game, the alma mater at the beginning and end of the game, and "We are the Boys from old Florida" at the close of the third quarter. Friends at UF ■ Adam Park Ariel le Gaydosh Charles Hollinger Edith Gonzalez James JacksonTower Student Government Information Group Info Name: Student Government Type: Student Organization Description Student Government at the University of Florida is committed to tirelessly advocating on behalf of the student body, enhancing the entire student experience and promoting the image of the university and its students by upholding ourselves to the highest standards, leading with integrity 7 and selflessly serving the university and beyond. S Contact Info £ Office: 306 Reitz Union Web site: Executives View Discussion Board Join Group___________ Report Group Joe Goldberg Joyce Medina Student Body President Student Body Vice President Lindsay Cosimi Student Body TreasurerShow: SG Executives Search within Friends n:m n Ctvnto(t n Vmvrjd SltffMc Ctrpj» Refxrd BeAzjre Omje md ( « Uzabeth 8w « I«rrc 09v Oinry Vrmten- IVq Gltor lede G o» R twf Nmdfcrd WAdnm Av%l Arte frwt' One Affwi Ammia Carter - AARI5T Own Ouw VP Om of-Sun Xnen Cole- CaptH Kvwtwh M a Cant - Suw IWjiih Jot« CcntcttJttc itofttcn R-cmJo Cortez- IG8TQ Alton Strptun Ouchme Honor Coe t Ovm KyV fftmj Student A J x.Ky Nkem tzeworv - HjReiffural Aff r M rort fieednm Gary GcWtXn Cttanct Owpcnon V«v « Goodww Ftntonm Itudenhp Could AaMey GreerwwW PU c Kc onv Ane l Gutmm- VP OMtflfSUff Alex hm o cu Attorney C«ne a 6» ey Hancock- Cibnct 0 » Bruce Mutt Ncn-Tr d cnj» Students A)ex Mug Orange jnd Blue toytor iBcrvigen- Mmoxn S«jt« trtKlXNwn- Sjm Kennedy Pr . CMcUf-Stiff Alex Harden- Rrtejrcfi Kite H amer- IMAGE Reef Unde Cm X Imo Suty Dedermm- Catmff Ox Juvtn lurvi Omrt K md Supcrvncr of BecoorH AuNey Metzet MmOtag Omny Hffer- fYe . 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Andrew Barrows- Business Lauren Asher- Disl. A Georgia 8uckha cr- Ost. A Michad Gehnng- Dist. A Rachel SandcUt- Ost. a Sasha Tatenfdd- Ost. A Tanaz Vaghawaiia-Ost A Brian DevWv Ost. 8 Rebecca Guerra- Ost. B Alfred Lojo- Ost. B Ryan Moseley Ost. 8 Ryan Nelson- Ost. B Robert Agrusa- Ost. C Anr»que Desiandes- Ost. C Enn DfVstra- Ost. C Rene Carbaflo- Ost. C Lacy Logsdon- Ost. C David Drescher- Ost. C Justin Bell- D«t. DLola Bovcfl- Det 0 Zachary Clark- Dist. D Allison Culm- Dist. 0 Paul Drayton- Dm. D Laura Gonrata- Dtst. D Deneek Grant- 0«t. D Martssa Motsen- Out. D Trung Tran- D«t. D John Uoyd-Montgomery Dist. D Ann Edmond- Dist. D Nicholas Baragona- Det. E Meghan Walters- Education Ke th McCartney- Engneermg Fei Long- Family Housing John Oayton Brett- Frshmn Enka Jones- Frshmn JtAanne M a- Frshmn Brian Prokes- Frshmn Bay Holcombe-Grad Michael Bowen- Grad Christopher Ekkmd- Grad Cathlena Martm- Grad _ Curtis Oows- Graham Joyce Olushola- HHP Paul Anderson- HeaAh Ben Grove- Hume Hyzcns Marc- Journalism Gordon Owen- Journalism Adrian Ogle- Keys Springs Keith Hardwick- Lakeside Jared Hernandez- Law Mon jue Dieuvil- CLAS Russell Semmel- CLAS Lias Suarez-Isata- CLAS Meera Iyengar- Medione Gabriel Dupree- Murphrce Diana Masters- NRE Henry Simmons- Pharmacy Lauren fcngsberg- Soph. Shannyn Schott- Soph. Jusbn Stone- Soph. Lndsay Johns- Tolbert176 [( Hy Groups Dorm Area Governments Donunejue Sacaoan- Pre-vder Casey Barret- Secretary S mi Wnstcn-Treasurer Robert Memandet- Business Manager Cnsbna ZAcM- Hotoruo Tara BUtodi Co Pubioty (Vetter Me ssa Ubano«- Co-Pub oty (Vetter Graham Area Council Kerry Ann FuSer- PrrsOcnt Trudy Safcnon- Wee Ptevdent Afcion Churfy- Secretary Ructir Sh»tv Treaarer Oaroe Thomas Buvrrrst Manager Sean ftf gebons- Historian TjAara OTfcul Pubbaty (Vector Vion Alpert Graham Hal President I £ J. Wafadu- President Paul Lmdtn- Vce President ladue SctuAd-Secretary Trffany Gnrr«v Treasurer Jon Sheffield- BumessMana r Inter-Residence Hall Association ennings Area Government Ke Murphy- Prevdent Bruce M uct Vke Prevdent Stccrsanc Lamb- Treasurer OrH Peters- Bcruness Manager Mara Sloan- President Meena Nuth. Wee Presoem AAaSotmagei Secretary " • Payne- Treasurer locren Case- Buvrvss v.w»QrrJu t« Hawker- PrevOcfC Leah Boom' Vkc Pres«Jer Teona Cofcm Secretary Ken [ito- Treasurer Halt BrtJcr Bnnnw Harder Undtay Holmes- PiAtoty (Vector Jacy K utei- Pub c y (Vector Jaru Wafcer- PutAaty (Vector Ashley Adde Bu V»j 2 Rep Etaabeth M«tr- President Jade Ward- Vce President Robyn Hnds- Secretary Wo Ur- Treasure Itf Germanafcy- PuMoty (Vetter Starts Memmngway- Vice President Eltabeth Row- Business Manager Jessea Gordon- PutAoCy (Vector Loo Mckmon- Reid Mai President Meghan Zanona- Yuiee Hal Preside 5 Sabnna Khatorv President Sabetsa Myttoo-Treasurer Tolbert Area Council Daniefie Vitale- Prevalent Undsey Wto Vice President Rc?na Baptiste- Treasure Paui Gunter- Busmess Manager Orett Kjntoo-fSjbloty (Vector Towers Area Government Oana Barack- Tower President- East Tower Christopher Sams-Tower President- West Tower Jenna OA -V President Rachel Oawson-Secretary Nicole lanoone- Puttoty (Vector- West Tower178 [ Ny Groups Asian American Student Union's Photos Information Group Info Name: Asian American Student Union Type: Student Organization The Asian American Student Union exists to promote the cultural and ethnic uniqueness and unity of the Asian communities. There are seven subsidiary organizations that fall under AASU; the Chinese American Student Association, the Filipino Student Association, Health Educated Asian Leaders, the Korean Student Association, the Khemer Student Organization, the Thai Student Association and the Vietnamese Student Organization. AASU and each umbrella organization puts on its own programs to serve the interest of their membership. AASU hosts Kaleidoscope Month. Kaleidoscope Month, or Asian American Awareness Month, strives to educate and empower the students and community with interactive and informative programming that focuses on Asian American issues. This year Kaleidoscope Month hosted artist Denizen Kane, Def Poet Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, and Comedian Eliot Chang. The theme of Kaleidoscope Month was Amplify, as AASU tries to get the voice of Asian-Amcncan students heard on campus. •Leslie Vetga View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group______________________________________ Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF African Student Union Agronomy Soikl Club Alpha Tau Omega Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos AASU members enjoy the bus nde bade from Washington DC where they participated m the Eastern Conference Asian American Student Union. hoto 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos The Filipino Student Association, one of AASU s umbreAi organizations, held a formal event for its members. Friends at UF Catarina Sarabando Ashley Ray Carolyn MartinMy Groups Black Student Union's Photos American Assoc. Pharmaceutical Students The HUU-Hoop Girts perform at the 8SU Talent Show. Argentine Tango Oub American Society of Civil Engineers Group Info Name: Black Student Union Type: Student Organization The Black Student Union was established in 1968. It was established to form a community for the African American Students at the University of Florida. Throughout the years the Black Student Union has continued to strengthen the student body and the community. This year was no different. In October, the BSU put on their annual Homecoming Week. During this week, the Black Student Union also crowned its own Homecoming Court and had a formal dance as well as many events for UF students. In February, the Black Student Union put on the best celebration to date, during Black History Month. With the theme, Return to Royalty, the Black History Month committee had many events as well as many guest speakers to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans. Among the guest speakers was Jeffrey Johnson, Spike Lee and Dr, Michael Eric Dyson. The many events included film senes, programs, and community service projects. The Black Student Union, is a great community, that supports its students and offers them opportunities to enlighten themselves and give back to the Gainesville community. -Eliana Burns There are more than 700 Organizations at UF View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group ito 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All PhotosPhoto 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Members of the Week Student Union enjoy the pajama party co-sponsored by BSU, Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, photo by: Onthla Sandoval BSU members enjoy the dub's homecoming festivities. Friends at UF Claudia Ramirez Basbasoji Mauricc-Dtya Christina Dreibhdz182 [i My Groups Hispanic Student Association's Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: View Discussion Board Since 1985, the Hispanic Student Association has been promoting the interests of Hispanic students through activities, issues and cultural awareness. HSA has 8 subsidiary organizations that cater to specific Hispanic origins. For example, they have the Cuban-American Student Association, the Colombian-Amencan Student Association and the Venezuelan Student Association. The Hispanic Student Association is in charge of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15th- October 15th. They also host an SG Presidential debate during election time. This year, HSA kicked off 2006 with a Grease-inspired carnival and hosted its first ever End of the Year Formal. They also had return events such as Love Actually II and the Cigar and Hookah night hosted with the Jewish Student Hispanic Student Association Student Organization Union. Also dedicated to serving the community, HSA participates in Relay for Life and for the first time, Dance Marathon. Join Group Report Group -Diana Delgado Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF HSA members enjoy the organizations second annual Valentine's Day event, reminting them that Low Actually s afl around us.Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos The Hispanic Student Association hdd their annual elections on December 1. 2005. 2005 MSA President Katrina Rwz presided over the elections, photo by: LesAe Mhpa Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos H5A held 's first organization formal at the end of the Spring 2006 semester. Friends at UF Crystal Runk Eryfca Permenter Ashley Shewey Courtney Moyer18 [( My Groups Jewish Student Union's Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: Jewish Student Union Student Organization Reaching out to more than 7,000 Jewish students at UF was this year's goal for members of Jcwtsh Student Urvon. President Lander Gold sa«d the year was a big success due to the diverse and creative opportunities JSU provided students. The Manukkah party included al you can eat kosher sushi and proved a huge hit in December. And, m March during Jewish Awareness Month, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner and author, Elio Wiesel, visited and spoke to hundreds of curious students. UF has the largest number of Jewish students than any university in the world, outside of Israel. "I hope to reach out to Jewish students and help them find the»r Jewish identity Gold sad. In effort to continue rarsing awareness about Judaism, JSU has several smaller, more speeded organizations. Gators for Israel are a group of loud and proud pro-Israel voices who express their care and passion for the holy land. And Chabad lubavitvh Student Group provides a home away from home for students who want to enjoy Shabbat dinners, Torah classes and social events throughout the year. With the financial support of Student Government and the sptfitual support of the students, Jewish Student Union hopes to continue to spread a strong message of Judaic awareness within the comng years. •Sharilyn Wtskup View Discussion Board___________________________ Join Group_______________________________________ Report Group Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Agriculture College Council Campus Advent JSU members participate m the Avaha Spa night photo pr rtkdbyrJSU___________________i Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos JSU cwoXtvc board members enjoy dinner at the Swamp, while planing club activities, photo presided by: JSU Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos Daniel Vflanueva and Patricia Pomareda participate in the Cigar and Hookah Night hosted by JSU, the Hispanic Student Association and H el. photo by: Jesse Wnght Friends at UF Fatah GulakJ Courtney L. HokJen Deanna Sommettar------------------- Ny Groups Pride Student Union's Photos Information Group Info Name: Pride Student Union Type: Student Organization Description: Pnde Student Union is an educational and support organization for Gainesville's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer student community. The mission of the Pride Student Union is to provide and inform members of the University of Florida with regards to LG8TQ issues and concerns by providing social programs, guest speakers, panels and discussions. To get their message out their, PSU's events have included National Coming Out Day, where a door was construction by PSU and students were abte to ‘come out of the doset" in Turlington Plaza. Additionally during Pride Awareness Month, PSU hosted events which were sure to get people's attention. Paint Your Orgasm was a program 3. designed for student's to learn about sexuality 2, and sex, while painting their orgasm on a t-shirt. 28 America's Divas is another program during Pride Awareness Month, where drag queens invaded the Reitz Union Ballroom to put on an entertaining show for those in the audience. PSU is helping to change the diversity on campus through their educational, yet fun and outrageous programs. •Logan Smith View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group Photo 1 of 3 Back to Profile See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Caribbean Student Association Catholic Student Fellowship Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship PRIDt STUDENT UNK PSU numbers ride «i the organization's HonKCom g parade float. the Gayflower. photo provided by: PSUMembers of the Pnde Student Union demonstrate on Turlington Plaza, spreadng the message that love, m any form, is beautiful. photo provxJcd: PSU focardo Cortez participates m PSU1! National Coming Out Day n vrt ch students could come 01A of the closet as whatever they preferred, photo provided by: PSU Photo 2 of 3 Back to Profile See All Photos 3 of 3 Back to Profile See All Photos Friends at UF Francesca lyn Brad Barker Gloria Valladares 18! 0My Groups University Economics Society's Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: University Economics Society Student Organization The purpose of the U€S is to provide a casual and friendly atmosphere in which students can discuss things of current or general interest to them. They arc a group of friends who come together to discuss anything and everything. Formerly known as the ‘Undergraduate" Economics Society, they changed their name in 2004 to reflect their students diverse backgrounds: law, dentistry, philosophy, etc. While they welcome all majors and members of the community, their main constituency remains Economics majors and minors, and the content of their meetings is thus geared towards the interests. Among the services they try to provide, are after-graduation tips for Econ majors, study-abroad opportunities, and a preview of the coming semester's course listings in the Economics Department. The organization also has a blog called Akward Utopia, a tribute to their self-proclaimed awkward introductions at the beginning of meetings. Whenever possible, UES mvttes faculty members to speak on important issues not ordinamy discussed outside of class. Past guest speakers have included Professors Denslow, Rush, View Discussion Board Berg, Okver-Smith (Anthropology), and Figlio. UES tries to go on at least one field trip per semester. They have traveled to the Jacksonville Federal Reserve and the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama for example. •Diego Madrigal Join Group Report Group __________________________ Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Cicerones Club Creole Cuban American Student Association UES members discuss economic issues at one of trie ckib’s regular meetingsPhoto 2 of 3 Back to Profile See All Photos UES members kick off the year wth a soaal event. photos provided by UES hoto 3 of 3 |Back to Profile |See All Photos UES member Raju V yas participates the dub's debate on ecooom s dunng the Fall of 2005. Friends at UF Haytey Rosen Jameson Heise Iliana Zeiaya Irene GaricI) 061 Ny Groups Order of Omega's Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: Order of Omega Student Organization Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in 1959, as a group to recognize the efforts of fraternity men on college campuses; namely their contributions to the Greek system at their university. The purpose of the organization expanded. The organization now states its purpose as the following: "To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership i mterfratemity activOes, to encourage them to continue along this bne, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attamment. To bring together outstandwg fraternity men and women to create an organization which w help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs. To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution's fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. To help create an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek Unes and to help work out solutions.” The Order of Omega chapter at the University of Florida was originally founded by Or. Frank Maturo. The Omega Zeia chapter was revived after a hiatus in the Fall of 2005, by Morgan Sell and Gaby Leon View Discussion Board Join Group___________ Report Group among others. •Leslie Veiga There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Dance Marathon Overall Team Danza Danon' Gators Dominican Association Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Day. wh h w« hosted by the xg»niz»txxi. photoprwidcdPy OJS !ff Photo 2 of 3 Back to Profile | See All Photos TNr act ve members of the Omega Zeta Chapter of Order of Omega, photo provided by: Order of Omega Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile |See All Photos An Order of Omega member talks to chfcJren who were present at Greek Service day. photo provided by: Order ot Onega Friends at UF Jacob Venal Jackie Brenner Jackie Heila Cool HireInformation Group Info Name: Dancin' Gators Type: Student Organization Description: The Dancin' Gators are a unique dance dub at UF, there is no experience required to be a member. The team practices at least once a week to prepare for their two shows: one at the end of fall semester and the other at the end of spring. The dancers also added a performance at this year's Dance Marathon, which was a huge success and they are hopeful that other performances will be added next year. This semester's 6th semi-annual spring show was called 'That's Entertainment' It featured the dancers performing to songs from popular movies and Broadway plays. The head choreographer, Pam • Staik, choreographed several numbers in the show. The officers for the 2005-2006 Dancin' Gators were President Katie Vitale, Vice President Bne Cintron, secretary Jessica CHiveros, head choreographer Pam Staik, assistant choreographer Jacqueline Ambrose, historian Deanna Sommella, Dance Marathon director Lorna Love, facilities director Jessica Craven and publicity chair Blair Nolan. Most of these officers have been with Dancin' Gators for three or more semesters. They have watched the organization grow each semester and hope that it continues to grow and foster creativity at UF. •Ashley Pack Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos ----------— View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group i There are more than 700 Organizations at UF'Do You Wjrnj RxJe' (Sprmj 2006 hp hop)- Choreographed by loma lo e and Thee Rachel Schoenberg, featuring M hefe Bw en, Stcphanc Bncfman, l ra IXAJberto. Taryri Fink, Paige Granger. kr Mrtey, KetaVJ Lyoi , Sarah Haloney, Jesso 06-vw». Ccrey Regenen s. Alen R upper! Thee Rachel Schoenberg. Kat Srcac Dc Soomei . Pam Stafc. Orov S-vectn fwh TaMnn. Rate Vita and Natakc Whency ________ ito 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos ’Can-Can Endng Pose' (Fe» 2005 todane)- Choreographed by Pam Stark, featuring Jacqueine R. Ambrose. Sara Berry, wo Bogvno. M Figueroa. Ashley Heffner. Rachel lee. Car n Pepose, Pam Sta . and t e«a ThoguKwa. Friends at UF Jamie Titen Jessica Marie Olrveros Jenmiee Jean-Pierre i] 193Ny Groups Sistuh's Photos Group Info Name: Type: Description: Sistuhs Student Organization In 1998, the University of Florida established its very own chapter of Sistuhs. It was then reinstated in 2003 and since then has been a force on campus. Sistuhs is an organization, strengthens the black community in Gainesville and the student community. Through programs such as Black Male Appreciation, which celebrates and honors the African American Male, Sistuhs is setting the trend of a positive future for young black males at the University of Florida. Other programs that benefit the community that include: Girl Scouts, March of Dimes, Thanksgiving Canned Food Drives and City of Gainesville Easter Egg Hunts to name a few. The organization also builds a lasting bond of friendship among its members. Its members learn to be a productive member of society through philanthropy and working with a group of equally dedicated young women. Sistuhs is an assest to the University of Florida and in the years to come will continue to grow as it molds young women with values and life lessons. -Eliana Bums Join Group Report Group Gator Sports Management Club View Discussion Board Photo 1 of 3 Back to Profile | See All Photos i Members of Sntuhs gather for a group photo during a club meeting photo provided by: Ststuhs_______ Gator Team Tennis Gators Supporting Our Troops There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Friends at UF Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos SnftUts and the Progress Black Men often participate many events together, photo provided by: Sutuhs Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile (See All Photos A member of Stttuhs handtes dtancr rotts wh e volunteenng at the kitchen at St. Francs House. photo provided by: Sntuht Jeff Jarrard Jenny Salomon Jamie Stolarzi] 961 My Groups Florida Players' Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: Florida Players Student Organization When the year began the Honda Players didn't know what to expect from this year's production. This student-run theater organization produced two or three selected shows each semester. Students or members of the organization suggest plays the Gainesville community and UF students might be interested to watch. Then, the performed plays are specifically chosen among a variety of diverse scripts and used throughout the year. Brittany lesavoy was president this year, and she said she loves being a part of an organization that has a new director and cast for every production. She said Student Government funds the organization with about $30,000 each year. The money is used for material to build sets, lighting and costumes. This year the organization put on performances such as "Urinetown , selections from "O, Brother Where Art Thou? and "WASP." Lesavoy said she hopes to have a stronger production team in the future, which will make students more excited and enthusiastic about UF's dramatic performers. -Sharifyn Wiskup View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Honors Ambassadors Journalism and Communications AmbassadorsI [ 1 Joey Hun . Brittany Parte; Katy Kertez, CMS Kozak. Lauren Nortfng and Patnoa James in the Honda Player's production of Unnetown. photo prodded by: Brittany Lcsavoy hoto 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos Josh Price. Ryan Ruty, Edwin Unger, Nadir Matccn and Marty Lamar in "O Brother, VStiere Art Thou singing Big Rock Candy Mountain, photo pnewded by: Solomon Strut Friends at UF Jessica de la Torre Jesse Colston Jessica Munoz198 [ My Groups Fighting Gator Marching Band's Photos Information Group Info Name: Fighting Gator Marching Band Type: Student Organization Description: The "Pride of the Sunshine' Fightm' Gator Marching Band is Florida's first marching band. It is comprised of 310 musically talented students not only from the University of Florida but also students from Santa Fe Community College who are dual enrolled at U.F. The marching band performs in front of more than 85,000 Gator fans at all of the home football games in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, better known as 'The Swamp." Numerous members of the band also travel with the football team and cheerleaders to perform at away games. Members of the band practice four times a week to perfect the familiar songs that they play for the crowd during the games such as: the tone from "Jaws," We are the Boys of Ole' Florida, and U.F.'s Alma Mater. At Half-Time the Fightin' Gator Marching Band takes the football field to perform a show that they have prepared all week long for which sometimes includes familiar Pop songs from the radio. View Discussion Board Lauren Kelly, a freshman who plays the flute says, "Joining the marching band helped me meet new people and make new friends when I first arrived at U.F. in the fall. I am very proud to be a part of such a great college tradition! " -Cortney Jones There are more than 700 Organizations at UF nnrt Judo Club La Casrta Embajadores Law School Republicans Join Group Report Group Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos The Pride of the Sunvnc Fighting Gator Marching Band performs during half time at a home football game, photo by: Lost VogaA member of the Marching Band s s amides drums dunng a home football game, photo by: Onthw Sandoval Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos The Marching Band drum ma)or stands atop the wai next to the band section of Ben Md GnffSn Stadium waiting for an opportune time to play, photo by: Cinthia Sandcr al Friends at UF Jibu Vergis Jordan Me BeeMy Groups Gatorettes' Photos Information Group Info Name: Gatorettes Type: Student Organization They can be seen on Florida Field during half time at every football game, marching with the Pride of the Sunshine. The Gatorettes are UF's own baton twirling team. The squad is seen not only during home games, but during the Homecoming Parade, Gator Growl, and even some away games like the Florida-Georgia classic in Jacksonville. They impress crowds with their baton twirling skills and their splits. During the off season, the Gatorettes spend their time between special performances and competitions. For example they compete in the National Baton Twirling Association's National Championship. -Leslie Veiga View Discussion Board Join Group______________________________________ Report Group Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Lebanese Student Associate Mcthua Student Association The Gatorettes perform on the field at Gator Growl. photo by: Onthto SorxfovalThe Gatorettes wav in the Homecoming Parade wth the color guard and the marchng band, photo by: Gntftu Sandoval Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile (See All Photos A Gatoretted does a spat whlc performing at a home football game, photo by: CVK wa Sandoval Friends at UF Jordan See Kan Noblett Katie Pursino Joshua Goldman i] 201Ny Groups Hip Hop Collective's Photos , Information Group Info Name: Hip Hop Collective Type: Student Organization The Hip Hop Collective is an organization that goes beyond the borders of UF. There are versions of the Hip Hop Collective on five campuses in addition to the local one; Hip Hop Collective at Santa Fe Community College, the Break Dance Sports Club at Florida State, and Hip Hop Clubs at the University of Central Florida, the University of Miami and the Savana College of Art and Design. Members of the Hip Hop Collective perform at organization functions and participate in events such as the RECURSO Food and Music Festival, and the IDEAL organizations fair. The organization's main event is Soul Cypher during 3. spring semester. The event consists of a pre- party that features several DJs and Emcees, and of the Soul Cyper event itself which spans three days. This year, the break dancing portion of Soul Cypher was held at Santa Fe Community College and the UF Rion Ballroom and consisted of crew battles and popping competitions. View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group •Leslie Veiga There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All PhotosHp Mop Cofectne performs at the RECURSO Food and Music Festival as part of the dance competition portion of the evening, photo by: Lesi Vei$a A member of Mp Mop Coflective performs at the Lake Wau-burg Lodge dunng the MSA Halloween Barbecue, photo by: Lest Vetgi KELLY sIMS Friends at UF kAT mAUSHEWSKY kATHLEEN dUFFY tOZ I'My Groups Inter-Residence Hall Association's Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: 5 Inter-Residence Hall Association Student Organization The Inter-Residence Hall Association is the organization responsible for representing more than 7,000 residents that live on campus. IRHA represents the on campus residents to the Department of Housing's Residence Life Education, Student Government, and the UF Administration. “This year IRHA put on a record number of programs," said IRHA President Edward Joseph Walicki. "Additionally, IRHA has won three regional and one national award." IRHA works to create a community throughout the residence halls, by promoting diversity and collaboration between residents. There are 12 very distinct areas on campus and each one has their own Area Government, which reports to IRHA. These AGs, in addition to IRHA, plan countless programs throughout the year ranging from fundraisers to social programs, including poker nights, karaoke and ice-cream socials. Join Group Report Group View Discussion Board Working hard all year long, IRHA makes living on campus like living at home. _______________________________-Logan Smith_____ There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Florida Crew Pakistani Student Association IPhi Beta Ddtal Phi Beta Lambda Ryan Nchon deals cards and poker chips at the IRHA week Tics n Tails formal event. Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Resdcnts frtghten the fellow students as they dress up in ghoufy fare for Haunted Thomas one of IRHA's marry Halloween events. Every year, as part of IRHA week, the organization hosts a targe concert called IRHApaiooza. Friends at UF Ken Schwenke Kier Ancona Kendra Gentry 3My Groups NORML's Photos Information Group Info Name: NORML Type: Student Organization Description: UF's chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, has grown m number not only to protest its current illegal status, but atso to advise student marijuana users to exercise precaution and be aware of their rights. NORML also offers assistance to students by providing access to legal advice. The main goal of NORML UF is to stimulate discussion surrounding the highly debatable legalization of marijuana. They have done so by bringing speakers to campus and surround areas, tabling at Turkngton and the Rc«tz during the weekdays, and maintaining a web hst-serv advertising ways to get mvofved or show support at events around Gainesvfle. •p Members view marijuana as a legitimate medicine 5 for those suffering from a variety of Gnesses. They believe consumng marijuana m the privacy of their 6 own homes and in designated areas should be seen 5 in compansion to consummg alcohol, which is a legal personal freedom. NORML's platform also questions the reasoning of spending so much coflectrve tax dollars locating, arresting, prosectmg and imprisoning people who consume marijuana for recreational or medcal reasons as well as letting violent criminals out of ja»l earty to make room for marijuana users. And while some may assume NORML consists of a few bberal loafers, it is simply not the case. Nearly 1500 Uf students belong to NORML. -Chrtsttna Blood Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group Pre-Pharmacy Society Progressive Black MenPhoto 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos I Members of NORML enjoy a social outing at Mellow Mushroom. Photo 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos Allen St P crre, Exccotree Director of the national NORMi orgarwation speaks at the organization's meeting. Knstina Hernandez Friends at UF Kip Cdms Kody WaUace i] 207My Groups VISA'S Photos Information Group Info Name: Type: Description: 8 VISA Student Organization Volunteers of International Student Affairs (VISA) claims to be the largest student organization in the state of Florida, with over 3000 members. It was founded in 1953. VISA'S members are devoted to spreading cultural awareness and diversity to UF. VISA has over 30 subsidiary organizations, all dedicated to the same cause. VISA'S main educational initiative is International Week which promotes awareness through speakers, presentations, and other forms of programming. However, VISA'S most high profile and well known events come during the organization's International Month. The month is traditionally held between March and Apnl. This year, the theme of VISA'S month was One Love. Organizations practice for months on end to participate in one of VISA'S oldest traditions, the International Month talent show, which has been going on for 43 years. The event now draws over 6000 spectators each year to the O’Connell Center. •Leslie Veiga View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Russian Club Sabor Latino Sigma Alpha lota Members of a VISA umtxc a organization set up for the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Performing Arts Center.Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Indian Inc. performs at the VISA Talent Show. The talent show is one of the man events of VISA Month. V Mr. and Ms. VISA 2006 wave to the crowds at the VISA Talent Show. I Friends at UF Lauren Mauer Kristine loper Laura Finton Lewie Curtwright s ) 013 My Groups Women's Leadership Council's Photos Information Group Info Name: Women's Leadership Council Type: Student Organization The Women's Leadership Council is a diverse group of student leaders at the University of Florida whose mission is to empower women with the resources and the skills that prepare them to lead in the diverse and ever-changing settings of the 21st century. Located in the dean of Student's Office, the Women's Leadership Council designs specific programs that provide women with peer support, role models and educational programs that will help them to develop a sense of self. The Women's Leadership Council is also in charge of Women's History Month, which takes place in March; the Women's Leadership Council, which takes place in February; and Artistic Reflections Today. They also sponsor the Woman Leader of the year award which is designed to recognize outstanding female leaders on the University of Florida campus. They also have a mentoring for undergraduate women looking for positive role View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group i models. •Diana Delgado There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Red Cross Gators Reformed University FcUowstvp Hockey Club Member of the Women’s leadershp Council gather for a phoio after the Women s learship Conference. Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Sfr.Friends at UF Lina Krystal Kazemba lashawnda B en-Aimc Photo 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos Women’s History Month organizers admire a WlC tee soApture. WHM was held throughout most of March and the beginning of April. The theme of the month was ’Women Behaving Badty' t. The Women’s Leadership Counci at the University of Florida. Photo 3 Of 3 to Profile (See All Photos i) 211My Croups ACCENT Speaker's Bureau's Photos Information Group Info Name: ACCENT Speaker's Bureau Type: Student Organization Description: Some come from the left. some from the nght and some from out of nowhere but they arc all brought here vwth the intent to further educate the student body on current topics that are not touched upon in the classroom Known for controversial speakers and interesting presenters, ACCENT Speaker's Bureau is the largest, student-run, speaker's bureau m the nation. For over the past 40 years since their vauguration, ACCENT has provided the LhwersJty of Florida with a surplus of big names, mdudng past Presidents, Pnme Ministers, media, business and sports legends. The student body knows when a speaker is in town; all they have to do is look up and open the»r eyes to the puNotcd events m the residence halls, bflboards, radio, television, and even on the bus. This school year atone brought in big names such as Margaret Cho, Ann Coulter, Kyle Maynard and Spike Lee. Even when some of the names aren't big, they are still o sure to be important and enlightening. 2. ACCENT isn't solety response for all the speakers, other student groups cosponsor events. One such occasion includes the Jewish Student Unon cosponsoring Elie Wtasel. ACCENT'S repertoire of speakers ranges and offers at least one show a month, but they usually don't stop there. Events are ahvays open and free to the public, so there is no excuse to miss what may be a once m a Hctimc opportunity to sec a prominent figure of society. -Cinthia Sandoval View Discussion Board Join Group Report Group Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos S«tuhs Society for BiomatenaH Student Health Outreach Team Amputee and college wresttng star Kyle Maynard uses some of Ns moves off the mat to demonstrate his sioRs despite disatoAty.Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesei speaks about his We and hit experiences to a crowd at the Philips Center. The speech was cosponsored by ACCENT and Jewish Awareness Month, photos by: Gntfw Sandoval Asexual comedian Margaret Cho perforins at the O'Connell Center. The speech was co-sponsored by ACCENT and Pndc Awareness Month. Friends at UF Evan Tyroler MacKenzie Moritz Luts Villavicenoo214 [l My Groups Student Government Production's Photos Information Group Info Name: Student Government Productions Type: Student Organization Desc r i ption: This school year's Student Government Productions is not like anything we have seen before; they strived to fully bring a well-balanced variety of entertainment to the University of Ronda and to wholly incorporate an important part of Gainesville culture; the local music scene. Further dehring mto the local music, SGP succeeded in introducing many of the student body to a much needed experience with the Gainesville music scene. Though broad market research and an open discussion, SGP aims to meet the diverse tastes of the UF community. Those distinct preferences can be seen in the list of performers this past school year has seen; artists including Hot Hot Heat, the Black Eyed Peas, Of Montreal, Velveteen Pink, Sbghtfy Stoopid and Yerba Buena. Since its establishment in 1969, SGP has brought a wide slate of musical and comical acts to Gainesville. Famous acts such as the Dave Matthews Band, Outkast, Kanye West, Rascal Flatts, Reel Big Fish, Busta Rhymes and Cher have all graced the stage at the O' Dome. Over the years, UF students have explored nearly every musical niche through SGP events. SGP continues to operate at the bonk of musical innovation. New musical trends bong new artists into the spotlight. SGP identifies the growth and works to bong the spotlight to the Gainesville community. •Cinthia Sandoval Join Group Report Group_______________________________________ Photo 1 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Student Investment Club Student Physical Therapy Assoc. University Economics Society Hot Mot Meat performs at UF. photo by : Cirthia SandovalPhoto 2 of 3 | Back to Profile | See All Photos SGP brought a variety of artists throughout the year. Many of the programs were presented as co-sponsor-ships with student organizations and cultural months, photos by: Gotha Sandoval I I SGP used a variety of on-campus and off-campus venues for the programs inducing the OConodl Center and Abbey Road. Friends at UF Lindsay Herbert Joey Vandetoogart Lydia Washington! Ahoa Karlin216 [i My Groups Tower Yearbook's Photos Information Group Info Name: Tower Yearbook Type: Student Organization Description: From time to time a phenomenon comes around that garners attention like few things before it. On a campus of 48,000, it is difficult to find one uniting factor that many students share. The faceboc is one such phenomenon. The Web site started out small m 2004. Two yeais later, few things escape the gursc of fxebook. Everything that’s funny, touching, or noteworthy makes its way onto somebody's profile, or has a group made for it. That’s nght, you know you’ve heard it "That’s going on fxebook ’ So one day, the facebook addicts that spend their time m room 306 of the Re t2 Unon, other wise known as the yearbook staff, joked around that the yearbook should be themed after facebook. And so, Ike many great ideas that start out as jokes, they took it and ran with it. As piannng for the book progressed and the facebook grew and changed, it seemed more and more like a perfect match. The 24th edition of the Tower is meant to capture the faces of the Umvervty of Flonda. Every fxc that is seen along the s Je of every spread joined the "1 Want to be m the UF Yearbook ’ group on the facebook, making it so that more people than ever before were featured m the book. Every fxc m this book is someone who has made their memories at UF, and the staff of the Tower wanted View Discussion Board Join Group to make sure that as many of those moments were captured, printed and tagged er. remembered. We don't even know what a p ca is Too dose for zoom. I'm using a wide-angle -Leslie Veiga There are more than 700 Organizations at UF Women's Leadership Council Women's Lxrosso Team Women's Water Polo Team Women's Rugby Team Report Group ■ — T Photo 1 of 3 I Back to Profile I See All Photos Tower staff members Ashley Pack, Mchefe Drucker and Christina Stood participate a staff meeting, photo by: Q anj PHgadoElia na Boms, Shanlyn Wtskup, Ashley Pack and Kirsten Schmtt en)oy a staff hobday dinner. photo by: Lake Veiga 3hoto 3 of 3 |Back to Profile [See All Photos The yearbook craziness hes photographer Gotha Sandoval as she starts making advances on inanimate men. photo by : Diana Delgado Friends at UF Leslie Vetga Jose Otero Christopher Caraballo i) 217218 [Greeks] Table of Contents Sponsored Links_____ Closing_____________I Tower Announcement This section edited by: Leslie Veiga Diana Delgado who are both members of the group: Uf Saved By the Bell Re-run Watchers Create Your Own! Body Copy Greek life at the University of Florida is a popular option for many students. Approximately 4,700 of current UF undergraduates are members of either a soronty or fraternity. At UF, students have the option of joining chapters that fall under one of four governing councils: The Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Panhellenic Council. The 1FC consists of 25 fraternities, the majority of which have privately-owned chapter houses. IFC chapters host recruitment at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The MGC consists of 5 fraternities and 6 sororities that are culturally based nature. There are Latino, Asian, South Asian, multicultural organizations. MGC organizations traditionally have membership intake once a year either in fall or spring. The National Pan-Hellenic Council consists of 5 fraternities and 4 sororities. These are historically-black organizations that each typically hold membership intake once a year, either fall or spring. The UF Panhellenic Council consists of 16 sororities which all have privately-owned houses and participate in recruitment the week before classes begin in the fall semester. Several Panhellenic chapters also have limited informal recruitment during the spring semester. UF Greeks strive for scholarship, service, leadership and community involvement. The UF Greek grade point average has traditionally been higher than the all-UF student average. Each semester members of the Greek community strive to advance UF and Gainesville area communities through service and philanthropy. Many unique leadership opportunities are available to members of the Greek community at the chapter and council levels. In addition, to these leadership opportunities, members of the Greek community hold a significant number of the prominent leadership positions on campus. Having one of the largest and strongest Greek communities in the nation, the 4 councils and 61 chapters on campus work year-round to plan events on the chapter, council, and community level to strengthen the bonds between their members. •Diana Delgado Connection These are your brothers and sisters tm v m ml Hn c til Vrorty (TfWt 9 » w Mt n Um. lattr of Mi D i D«J A®«r 9 AfepK - View More Photos of GreeksFraternities Sororities Greeks Friends at UF Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity flip through a scrapbook as their organization tables on the Reitz Union Col-lonade. Alpha Phi Alpha is one of the nine organizations that makes up the National Panhel-lenic Council. The other Greek Councils are the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council and the Multicultural Greek Council. The Greek councils fall under the office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. Friends at UF Carolyn Bosworth Erika Albertie Hayley Ball Jackie Cahan Caroline Chance Christina Dreibholz Jennifer Bums Melissa Daniels Nancy Alexandre eiz220 [Cfttkj] Fraternities Sororities Greek Councils Interfraternity Council--------------------------------------- The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at the University of Florida is the governing body for 27 men's fraternities on campus. The Interfraternity Councilis responsible for ensuring communication among the fraternities, as well as coordinating specific events, including Fall and Spring Recruitment, the IFC New Member Education Speakers and other Greek activities. The Interfraternity Council awards the President's Cup and Service Cup to the individual chapters that excel in athletics and community service respectively. IFC also acknowledges individual and organizational successes at the Greek Awards Banquet, where the Greek Man of the Year and the Buddy McKay (best overall IFC Chapter) are awarded. All events are planned and executed in the spirit of the four pillars of the IFC which are Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Community. OmtoQhcr Prodcnt Ors Fffrrtt Executive VP ■ ■ttEa Ber.) mr CwnH Steve Greene Joe Fleece VP of Operated VP erf Aff n vP rf France The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is the governing body of the internationally and nationally recognized ethnically based fraternity and sorority chapters at the University of Florida. The MGC currently has give fraternitites and six sororities. Although ethnically based, the Multicultural Greek Council embraces men and women of all different backgrounds. MGC organizations take pride in their diverse membership. The MGC was founded on November 15, 1999 to unite and serve the ethnically-based Greek letter organizations at UF. The founding organizations were Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity, Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, and Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. Since then, seven other organizations have been added to the council: Gamma Eta, Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Sigma Beta Rho, Delta Phi Omega, Kappa Phi Lambda, Pi Delta Psi, and Theta Nu Xi. WAom Rune (MmrwtMtwe VP). Vetor Robin (ProxJent). lv% VrinquM (Scoeury). Cnct Yu (Ewcubve VP), not pKturd Angtftc Ro 3r i (Tf vjrtr) National Pan-Hellenic Council The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (NPHC) is composed of nine historically-Black Greek Letter organizations that evolved at a time when Blacks were denied the essential rights and services awarded to others. Each of the nine NPHC organizations were designed to foster brotherhood or sisterhood and serve as conduits by which action plans could be formulated to influence social action and change in the Black community. NPHC organizations have pledged to devote their collective resources and services in an effort to enhance communities throughout the nation and world. Despite the diversity inherent in the individual groups, the NPHC provides the forumand impetus for addressing issues of mutual concern. Through collaboration, the nine affiliate organizations have discovered that the effect of their educational, social and economic programs were greatly improved by uniting and coordinating efforts through the NPHC. panneiienic council The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), founded in 1902, is the umbrella organization for 26 national and international women's fraternities and sororities. Members are represented on over 620 college campuses in the United States and Canada and in over 4,600 alumnae associations. The established chapters and alumnae associations comprise over 3.6 million sorority women in the world. When you join one of the 16 National Panhellenic Conference sororities at UF, you also become a member of the Panhellenic Council. The UF Panhellenic Council is the governing body for the 16 NPC socorities, and is responsible for organizing activities of mutual concern and interest to all of the sororities. The Panhellenic Council is made up of elected officers, 14 divisions, and delegates from each of the 16 chapters. fftrcnca Owcpo Cruder M»»Wx iNpYP lav vwot tucutwe VP Evan Nerton Attl HcrrtxnhC VP V Hn,tt4rceOt ActMti«VP r wfT«oo Comrnmcabon VP Gatfcy L«on rntnotVP Amanda Baron222 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Alpha Chi Omega Chapter Information Nickname: Alpha Chi Founded Nationally: October 15, 1885 Founded Locally: April 2, 1949 Colors: Scarlet Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation Symbol: The Golden Lyre Mascot: Angel Philanthropy: Peaceful Paths Chapter Size: 140 Enri Andrews Marissa Arauho Jen Armstrong CMlm Ayilt Jenna Backer Enn Bailey Dana Barack Kalce Beaver Taryn Benson losfce Boucher Kelly Boyle Robyn Braun Elizabeth Burkhard Rebecca Crccract Sarah C ouch Angie Davis Jenny DeMarco Katetyn Dentine Aubrey Ocsgum Lauren Deubert Anarwj Dionis Jenny DuRant Lucy Fedonm Anne Foss Katie Furman Stephanie Fusco Michele Gage Megan Gagne Jactyn Garcia Tracy Gau AJexis Georgous Heather Grareer Elizabeth Guro-nch Enn Higgns JiB Horn . Kanberty Jacobs Knstin Johnson Erica Jones Meagan Jorgensen Christina KassarCrystal Kelts Jennrfer Kim Samantha Labcfl Kelley Lamb Alysso Lee Tessa Unde Erika Ittch Ashley Loveless Elizabeth Macbeth Knstin MaNcr Christina Marsh Courtney Masters Mary Kate McCaguc Kefly McLaughlin Betsy Mct acen Courtney M«s Alison Mi'nood Amanda Mousa Christine Moyc Tami Nedbor-Cross Linda Ne+son De n ©Conner Kan Parrish Kim Patterson Ke«V Perona Hannah Peterson Cameron Petrie Jennifer Pfingstcn Amanda fheken Crista Porpiglia James Powe« Therese Rasch Anne Ratz Jessica Rocdncr Heather Salovm AJison Schcnkdbcrg Kathleen See ey CasueSeno Heather ShankJotf Kristen S«chau Johanna Sierra j£ Jessica Sanluns K Amanda Smith Stacy Smith Shawna Snow Knstin Soltis Kelly Spencer M he«e Spoto Oaudia Tamayo Jennifer Taylor Kimberly Treadwell Kc«y Tuerk Serena Ugarte Meghan Waters Stao Wifcenson Knstcn VAstcdt Lam. WolfChapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: AD Pi May 15, 1851 September 12, 1948 Azure Blue White African Violet Diamond Lion Ronald McDonald House 190 3 KX CV OvVr» Rjct DMnr SvafiDy to Owl » { W»nS WsowyDta Svj fMhrtori AmcUra “ ntr tntmky ■ebri An ncn H A c« kf A0x »« , r«knMo d GxrtnevM Kjr, Okc 0r4 MnraeMh rv TilOlMmCifl' V N»rv« UW«nn n U'»C« L«u» (U9t« AtNryC M ey Ca % f $ +( - kracy CjrpnKn AruntfU Cnaod IruChtcm Au ry Ownjn (ijfcnci CNjppo On«{«uO » VttttrryCo trv Co" Cv JC -Cc v J KrnMnWAjM OrMniC«iti UtlCArtt U C vn?(r CXnfrviOivr SwjhCnvr Oc lVon[Greeks] 225 226 (Gf« s) Fraternities Sororities Alpha Epsilon Phi Chapter Information Nickname: A E Phi Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: October 24, 1909 October 24, 1948 Green White Lilly of the Valley Columns Giraffe Elzabeth Glaser AIDs Foundation 180 G m Atearm an %» ? m n t»TT BaiU-r Trvi BnWtlnj Crv V mlrr •WMfhrr IWmlcn MwuMtOwa (nu BoCotw Mouhcf Bo»r. V«M timS Mrctw inh r HnuOvw torn Cfihtn VihWw «rCoiflnO» Vvn »0 ►VmOO' Opgrwi A mjC « CU'fcrrg JsdMtwn Ojr j Imjm (feVU Ojrw frtCVrjn OVtaton v« f fo. SkWV« Ff«« Sumtwj l rm »v OrtroOe Wttl WtM Mm Mare tflucjtor JC « 8o»fMn Hfti'jtmrm Vmm CokXx » vr iundMi InuCVlocnJ f»r%dw« Mkjn Mrr-Tvr WOprrrfum XA CcraW ffyurtfrtvt UntyCcU»-foo Mr. Cwrwett-W Pioyewwj S«MMMC v«n B"00k Cjftfwr iKtuc Ob.'Cwg ■ i _ t ■ ii__ I •■XT UAXIry UMCoUbrrg Wfw CokYnjn VrrrffrUrtrt CUJTijn AdMKM UnltmNm«»« » HoVtOwC ( U«l VtVUfti HXXWf A berCerg vcr W ton «owf Wurtn HmuMpUn «JCt UCton « b»n t»p n U(Un Mmupm STtn-yUMm ■i +» ImnUtW HnuKnw SucyiOMw »o or OMimiy Wrlmn l«m trvnr n Itxrmtn McateUOto) Klf J 1(01 Moon Kim UMMtntdcrf WKUMKrt Mt w Hr vt rwHw Kl ry HrO-tOi UtHyni kivti Nratatt VkvIMomc; ln ir fttruir GjyV PjfjvK lUjr, K » HM ktH»Qn SW t b»n Kxiwmom todyn (Yxf InJvpy ajttvr, Hrttvn BjOo MRKr Uv«n teviic OmilbcMA VvKf Nofem OrtoVn L v« Nowrtor HUftinttowtffg rj(U»rrf 3 iMtntocta Vmfcr Sk lt. OWM ijrOrr MnwnSMow A»M »mjSch ct c« Jonlm Sctv njn Om SchuMrts IVcM dmartj KrKvi Jttwart; Ull 9vw«0 AaNCvSM- l«W Hjtonf Shm UWSftxM toe ! ® Xmc SAyrrUm iMjmrmo M(«u«Sc xw kk Sq •UcMStwamm to n AmmdiStan jN nUttf uciL»V(vw AmniiSHtur «tot »em SWpMn SOTcUand Some Jtrouw iMHArMl •tatym Tynan " tow Tun Hir-Wto?e- T_I_n. _ « - - - eriWW n w toc jeVfcww Ctoi Wwwwn Sftem Wmvw U Ct Wnww StinWitt yn-.tty«nWd S-r-i n ovoo Star y«V «M l »9]Fraternities Sororities Alpha Omicron Pi Chapter Information Nickname: Alpha Omicron Pi Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: January 2, 1897 September 11, 1948 Cardinal Red Jacqueminot Rose Sheaf of Wheat Panda Arthritis Research 163 a (MUYAbtfuman WuMihaon Uum IVvnrtt left! Ibcbnon Uwr K (Undton) Vvm owi ft fitor tV' 'Twttrr Ha , tarWrom ■JC Itoo HNrdilKdi Tru CftiWfi o ce knnBonm Kjncy i AiNry •uchtton A w CM MMonOrtcr LNhC«t(r uevCMtro CKjru Cfnvmm Kn OmnO '■MPKiCw •AttroCoftm Menu Cot+tt VvmjCoc Cm Cory Mjn gr«Al Ct 0 Mjcftov CU»W Nctfe 0 «tn G vO »i MduUD(Lini KftW'Onrr, Drt DuCJ •r CVmrr K 9?e ( r ««ry Wtw toOnon ►« (k ai IUMCUmii OvnJfti CXXvWtJ MiMnti Mkm (Mngrr Art'll IWCWWY trow »« feMrvftA Cjry fumtn Cowfav (wtk rr Orvn CJpibl iujc v gm« l r«n McN t Gcayvn UwCffw " Cnw(Greeks) 229230 [Greeks] Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: ChiO April 5, 1985 September 10, 1948 Cardinal Red Red Straw Carnation None Owl Make-A-Wish 153 Am, AM Cotrtnry Ain Ay AnVnon Ar»«J AftXw 0 n»A«MW InMAnoMUl Uu Anemut laiAtAtmun StrfAmw Ban] MKClfKhBirtiti Mg «r Dim BcvwHart Bert . KM )» »!' (»aMh ftecw Rctnn 6 K Artwiewi VnArv ft o n UndMvCipcn leCwvn Hr, Cllrt A »Cc fc V v » Cc vn MogmCttt AfrtCowt AnwiCiwsi Oe nne CuOrr v wu U Ln Tw .0 r AJuCV « cn An»OA« Sjfjn 0.n OrawOMi) AMHn Ate Cwkylucf Att»Mf« Al twAt«rtrtw AAe fcvmra Cj(« ftmww Atf rv Iwrron Am Gagnon NlMrCMK Ajr Gcx»rr AnAwCungn Am»»v «■ mnA » MrwunJ IWlMMt LnJMHcmon XAiMffc(Greeks] 23![WO] Zil Fraternities Sororities Delta Delta Delta Chapter Information Nickname: Tri Delt Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: November 25, 1888 September 11, 1948 Silver, Gold and Blue Pansy Star and Crescent Dolphin St. Jude Hospital 190 (VocAcMm HtMrMM Iatj Antrou) Indwr Mmcn IV tuny VOi'j ln»ni o « SAr Vx Qtrttv IVtf» tiMn OftMOtW ar+ lArm Brmtc InWIWrC; ton lymwyi Mor »n BUknto? W8Wfr«t(Y Av drt enrgmycr Cmlnr tuVurtf MmM fmtvrr ImCrtWon utCttiMi VwCiflM" SitiCr trt IJLTJ CjtfHi HrancnOMtaood WtoCMn liuCctoi CaM«OwA« tomjiCm WnK.[m. SwMto MWwOlOUMfW Otototo Oonoaon Ai-Mtrv OrtOr au» i jc (outnrv tdnrn U««f l wxt Mr«toOr Ourtn Croon 'Vngjtftonj Kjtr'r } BrtUny Crar.vtU ivojrt tfrao' Sxto Ootw Mo Grai SUcrvCMUl V v.Gc© XAtoCmr VmGorflirwJaeneGoMart Me . GoU 4 Octant Gordon tr«X»r Proven InucaGuOO OrymH LrOvr, K -if OOnMarm ClMNMt licMNMy tUjtatn V cW AnjnKHmon Jnw HI MctaatfAmHC HMtr « IVTUy tfurwKjjr W« KmtnMwAan Mo Mom«bv lUtthwfMI ONkobt frei Jjcotv Wiw Jwnn}' Wrfcffw KWWwo HmdOi Wnun )rn towwm Knyur Keen low Mom Harwitng U«0v rMu« l« i uk(in w; K r tVOlane l«leyljn on Onunon One Ido Witney lewn» »«A l x« Mjnem MtMmu Gwotne KOmruck MotyKCo Oratni McCur Trudy McOonaW ScoK MePOnwn MvntHo Gen Mtfyeflr KjueHkrt CaweMortero lucy Mccrr vv li Him ion Hx K »e yn Niton Oenteia twwin % Xrfon KrtenNeten x un ♦ ♦ Dmlicm GnynnrfKttfi WUfyifcjrt ftonOtcmH Ante Ctaon iKlKtM lit (rjWort MIW t Wtnftaara (nwNwy arfljnyRjnlm H »WMl AJCU Boning KaBwyn Roeven Ut en ftvyclj Oartooe xr«x )nvoMU.-« «w y"Si«r Margot StfwvMe Octaea Setanfl UK5Wu( K » SO r G vy W« Mete 5tta« Shannon Street An ( W«li firtmxa Senna kntaUtorr Inu tabe Cony llrV» iKMntVnGAi StqMm Grt UUicy league Mery lane Thompson InMJ Ismcrjk Tnjtjn Tortnky Mwn Vfpe OrMniVaqm KntttmVbcetr Anre- Vogm Kat Wagner Aenano Angle Yi-M , _,, tf|»| BIA ■ Uutnwaunan MueWtaon Man Vend [Gr«ta] 233234 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Delta Gamma Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Dee Gee December 24, 1873 April 8, 1949 Bronze, Pink and Blue Cream Rose Anchor Happy Hannah Service for Site 178 Mctaftr Dime Mrrgo rr e Mjm ■ft unrUm Mrtwu Wmw Wwtonno A o Mfvttrr 6c rx irduvBrt Brrgr«r Unjrtfv Brnrun AfMnd»Oc«« CWkw IuV BrCUr Bu.Uv ImiCJtwt KsaU CjrHcn xnWCM Cert tewCactw Coopt Vitf flC«unr (jrafcv Ccuwn Ibv ( n i« o« Ut CXrV »»J"t c Of Gftfjm Atf oOk 3o 'V 'Dt wo OontrOMky tn'ftow SMs e h« Cncjfmtf f ?" Conner »ljt»u )n u (wMnNfrtJmcr ULnwCaiyn e 9 Gjrt»x3 JBKCfflfJf Hd vG(A4 JcftCcW-jn MrtM ir CastncvKirt «r YNr«an W««I» St vW»rv»n[Greeks] 235236 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Delta Phi Epsilon Chapter Information Nickname: D Phi E Founded Nationally: March 17, 1917 Founded Locally: 1955 Colors: Royal Purple Royal Gold Flower: Purple Iris Symbol: Equilateral Triangle Mascot: Unicorn Philanthropy: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Chapter Size: 173 Sharon Ag.imi Jodi Alexander Jaw Alman AJcxrs Alvare Manssa Berman Jess Berrm Stephanie 8estuhch •niwwi Pen Brouth Jennifer Burner Paige Butensky Courtney CapJm Cat e Case Knsten Cetoios Usa Cohen Samantha Cohen Shelby Cohen Veronica Cooper Koike Dale Maria Dao Courtney Ertwm Dan «e Emspak Morgan Fawthome Amanda Fartah Came Fcrtig Diana Franco JiAe Galante Ashley Gale Steph Genet Ashley Guldens Gena Golden Wyn Graham Carty Greenfield Briana Guanche Jade MeKant Marm Jacob Enka Kane AA Kantor Elana Kieran Lauren KJem WKW Sarah Kraft Meredith Kufcnn Lauren Kmgsberg Bnttany Lcngyd Casie Lewne Andrea Levy RmiS m . Davita Mabourakh Menssa Makraut Enca Mantei AA Marks Lauren Morocco Jessica Mclntire K8aPflKhn Sam Newman Taryn Pasternack Amanda Pavtock Donna Pycher Lauren Reese Zona Rockovwt E«5!SlSS®S{a - Haley Rosen Lindsay Rosen Ryannc Deitch Mami Sachs Sam Cohen Jodi Schneider MSS ORUv Pamela Schefing AJi Sherman Enca Singer AJy Sp«vak Dana Swart Amanda van Doren Mansa Warren (Greeks) 237238 [Greeks] r FraternitieSi Sororities Delta Zeta Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Dee Zee October 24, 1902 February 1, 2003 Rose Green Pink Killarney Rose Roman Lamp Turtle Speech Hearing Impaired 180 Vrmy AXxjno To Ktx.jn K-r rtU Asrtmn Vw, A v Jrtfe UutnAum Istaltrtn Stnhtoujra (tewfua Sjr jh fcrtWcM ttvnMV CjrVfry Co£xr o OmtrOniW KrntiM GrrjAvo «H Cnvm VxrmfT Cc c A rtoc C( o» k( Cu9 «Tt Cjrj 0 mo (Ucfart CVrrwJ CWW tmCfuef Sjt i torn AdrttffN Ctirnori ljumtiincnh tr« r HKt«W(N« (n rf«mvi K«9M Inner Hkkitr r SMron r« un Mhtoftmrv Vtfn iVnlmtt VuFontrc UteFo jn loiAn tWx T frtOc-xV Vrwj rrntv fm Atv fryc MFw}Mr J Mrtl fwnrw «w»Wo IWvtGUo[Greeks] 2392 0 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter Information Nickname: Theta Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: January 27, 1870 October 15,1961 Black Gold Black Gold Pansy Kite Cat Court Appointed Special Advocates 175 iKtXACftJM l»«H Afmstfon) Alc« Antrcr Xalonne toicy hiu Pjtt Hcok-d .- ItnSWiKNd K Hlcn 9V»T1 9rt» ftcyw •rtWiftwto to 6udnun MruiVdcniOupo 5ui wO«1b Vrrjnt (tw OnCctKiy Sv CoUngcto JwviCrat) CcnnrwOotod Cd6r f OAJjmo tftJjeoVi CVftOrtrt J Nrr«e OcCeurc XX VWOiviJBi •ntmlXfbp tmfftMtmxre Kwn tXmoorr ►Vrcrbrv tdrOjf itranOi ti« (nw HUiEvcty MtfwaeFMOu Pjrrrtj Mjnc »J.TC-«Xl«An» VruiM C n» tv»ct« Wryn Hjnt tope M •AWO UrC (fiC4 CiMtMrTO •vxow Jorfljn (.mCvnj CVr GtCT UtxnGoM IrOs«»6Ml AAM» e4 Mhr M mon(Greeks] 241242 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Kappa Delta Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Kay Dee October 23, 1897 September 11, 1948 Olive Green Pearl White White Rose Dagger Teddy Bear Prevent Child Abuse America 172 Xtvnfcr to'iw njttyMrm CM A cr lorcn 0nry 'orjMfcrti C4T4 (V»n As« y fc vr« IMNyC » CcuVnCwnlUoi MliwOKt AiNeyOAkfe »JChrt Cu x AmrOrrv KjeeOwt Arunb Owen Ccutnty Oewert (Vcvwtn SuTvi cm x» KjnPontfaon H(IV4f CVX4CV CXOi V v»f CSi ro e oou u% torn LATCftfotMn (mt, (.X re ¥ Corner Courtney Gr lf m HinwC« r NjteyCrfT luruGngonron UV» Gnsud Atr« Cu«j w AjNevM 6o« VmniiHil Vn»njrwit KtVuAHAW ftochdHnt K vn£« (WO)244 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Kappa Kappa Gamma Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Kappa October 13, 1870 March 4, 1978 Dark Blue Light Blue Fleur-de-lis Golden Key Owl The Children's Table 151 WnKntom $ n ir«V» Mm %M(Mncn )ruu ir t»Mnan UnnMnalM WntHko TIUrvMOMi CtwWyW 6«dJY OjBm «« » • cvn Ovntnr tonm (v.'jtrto Bcyd ItrOrtvOm IJTVM Q«n« IrU ItUntlroMv SNniyngwn toUBufron AiNoeugrM In' BuWf Ur a«V«cfc kuuCcrm HrtwCtfm Atroan Cooper Ww w ylfOoHrg Uftt rxOc HnnuCnMcy SwihOMn Dr Jong Vunrcr Dmie • Vr CWjT-Wj CumKf Cjn t S loJwre-SWO SlNldl M l IW 0|I U»G»r Kc rCee UnobM(Greeks) 24S 111Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Phi Mu March 4, 1852 1949 Rose White Rose Color Carnation Quatrefoil Lion Children's Miracle Network 112 Ektabeth Aker man Mdi«a Alfonso lissette Alvar « Mjllone B Ekrabeth Bavle Stcphane Basile Darby Berg Knsten Bormck Christy Bowen Mansa Buford f cho»na CamiBen Heather Canner Ana Ccpcro Carokne Chance Jenny Cohen Elizabeth Coppedge Kathleen Culen Kaday Cutler Ashley Czajrkowski Cahssa D. Ashley Danncwti Ann Mane Denrang Monica Diaz Shako Dmaty Emily OPe ro Lisa Dorto Ananda Edebtem Jessie Engelmann Anexa Eses Maggie Farbstem Sabnna Free Leva Fred Corey Frank Ashtce Frederick Ensley GkMS Jessie GnlTm Tabana Gutierrez Ann Hager Joslyn Hager ShcOey HcksAshley M Selena Hoheratcin Amber Holmberg Patnaa ohmon Samantha Kanal Tina leger Tracy Loope liana Lukachcr Kristen Lunny M.E. Sabnna Masters Mranda McOand Sade McKee Oirrstnc Mclauglm Boo Mereness Kan Momson Lauren Morrison Sasha Muradah Kelly Novak Maggie On»eon$ki Chelsea Owens Sarah Pashaee Nicole Perez Knstcn Sa ck Margot Salman Kristen SeOel Jessica Simon Julia Srrrth Candace Snyder Jenna Spurgeon SaraT Brooke Tepttz Martha Jane Toms Amanda Varney Chnsbna Vdsscr Amanda W Megan Wails Kendra Wekman Jenna W id ness Amanda Wilson [Greeks] 247inter } AWpr Mm 1 ft tl y l Anw Ardcnon Wftvr Arbmon kMntoto GKMft •rwfcM WWl l tf S « U «Mv lo ftnMd ktuuSertm fcnitjBu I KrtMftfrntow Mr B VMTdlM J»TWC W i tfrfCdrw Come AfcyCarwg CmiCuH Mt Cdsbtqe "£ Mtir, CVrm OmliviCWvn Afcioft I y OKntt C 0w r Mrur»i fiMJ Si w(Mh(|(r hmT frrtm l Trf, M«t fc Mr prr«r« e ctfai M » » r v HmGenhp Chw Onn » lodpr TW »« l r»« l6n VT VrOi fcSarcreyrft fcr hw v» Ho»H ANvemtm Nj J N»Rov •frt» c«r V Soon toOTCcmt CVvrt'oT « cn«C v»’ 0« HttoftApi SootfCNM V«irt Hr,- T» c«r K DM Kr Vww G»ivj W’.' WvlWiV .V JMi[Greeks] 249 » . c f P 250 (Greeks) Fraternities Sororities Sigma Kappa Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Sigma Kappa November 9, 1874 April 2, 1949 Maroon Lavendar Violet Heart Dove Alzheimers Research 100 Beatru Alemar Woody AJexaitis Kvn Ban mo Kathryn Bchvderc Lmdsay Bojalad Ashley Bossenbcrger Kat»e Bucca Megan Bucnis Anve Capoz i Robin Conley Jen Craig Lauren Davis Rachel Dawson Jackie DeCrotfa Christina Dretbhoi rtcheflo Duffy Lyndtey Eadkr Amy Ellison-Cherny Undo Esteban Jessica Evans Katy Evans Gabnellc Ferro Lucy Fort Clave Gamble SiMaGaroa Stacey Gamer Jennifer Gerhardt Sarah GershLauren G»ardano Christine Gleason Alexandra Greacen Jennifer Gnnnan Christie Guerrero Knsten Guifoos Shot la Halley Courtney Hannah Jennifer Heller Kara Hennessey Trista Hicks Lizzie Holman Efczabeth Houston Kim Hughes Megan Johnson Lauren Kern pm Amanda Kush Jenrrfer LaBrte Katie Laity Kristen L»ebd Jennfer IMngston N de Lopez Lauren Lostctter Amanda Cheyenne Manis Elizabeth McKinnon G«aii Mukherjee Stephanie Murdoch MaggeMurphy UndseyOre Page Painter Amanda Pearcy Sara Peebles Jessica Pnaife Danidlc Qu nones Jul»a Sadowski Tara Santa Mana Janelle Savndu Bretany Scroggins Brooke Smith SkySer Smith tthltneySmeh Suzanne Stambaugh [Greeks] 251[ •0) ZiZ Fraternities Sororities Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Zetas October 15, 1898 April 2, 1949 Streel Gray Turquoise Blue White Violet Crown Strawberry Zebra Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 192 9 Swun AtmKji CWO A(MCUl» MUtMdUlO Onlrrtohm rrra Anjo Branra ArTto fat'd fa UrBeMM Vrj Ann fttrt. Bean telwAotm InXnlVun) Megtn fl»tO UwcnftiCS MMiwRA OwTMfaCtrrv CmHyC«A ««•» Otrt Uur l»nn Owmt KmConwf InKtyCovm VwiOtoJlt) Wntto C e fatw OnmOM'to Vtmr Drfa'tf’ fajurt 4c C»t Itkrrri Drtucu Vu IVNVrv hNnDoMi UuwMm Ourctn CwBomOm Uwfaiw AVttn f ■ Ww l«d» Xmfa fcoaoHM Uwfwd ffanfaj 9 r rt far tatrwGtmc Cktncfa Ctufcf VwjUxf faCtry CmJc 254 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: AKA 1908 1975 Salmon Pink Apple Green Ivy Leaf Pearl None Girl Scout Troup 5503 35 Tolu Adebanjo Trffany Men Jessica Anderson ShcttyB Jennifer Bonds Ourmfca Bros Jud h Brown Trffany Brown KMrtce C LiU Clarke JenmferCow Jaime Dan Median deSfra Karen Derby Monique Dtcvwl Lauren DuBose Chimira Sunsd Edwards OsNa Gainer Vancsa Goodwin Vamsia Mam Sanad Mcrvey Ke«hee Amy K. Howard Rwanda Joamce Ashley Jones Utoda Lockey Keft Murray Eik Nijoh V torv RandV Amanda R Spoghts Cynthia Joy SPeights Afyson TolbertFraternities Sororities Delta Sigma Theta Chapter Information Nickname: Deltas Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: January 13 1913 March 11, 1975 Crimson Cream African Violet Fortitude Elephant Take a Pal to the Polls 50 lAmNnUcr Oomnpjt BoM« n M C4rp r««r Ov rtx Ctrttr OxAvOwh J VTnr OxCTto't ilwln tWi HvsiOirttt. UiMftJiOuhrl IknfooBmn OtrtM tontti OWO OKr»a Gotcn tttMflcv »K« Smane Umn KMflr )nr-)J4jn Dmw Injo Jorm «im)M W» DuntUHM Candace Une MrvyiLmm (k-euny Hanfsal luMn Kartn Am KHJkwct Trt vnKaR« Morgan Opatota T'rvti (Vic.-towM (W 3 Gba Ragnba SRvrra i«r Ro}nt Cos tnry SjnWi t w 4 Sa cn Wrrj Scr«r WN»«mr twrgUrwrt Ha .T»na« Vm«MV»V t [Greeks] 255256 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Delta Phi Omega Chapter Information Nickname: DPO Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: December 6, 1998 April 13, 2003 Red, Black Silver White Orchid None Bengal Tiger Service for Site 14 Anu Bobu Christina OoCavakanti Anusha Gandhi Sujj John Arab Mahara) Christina Mathew GeraWne MonUus Desvee Panganrtian M alPatd KntfcaSatooja Sarxtya Shrvashanfcar Sooal SinghFraternities Sororities Gamma Eta Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Gamma Etas August 2, 1999 August 2, 1999 Purple Teal Sunflower Sun None Breast Cancer Awareness 45 «d» «r«v ScmkoiU GrtrvtaSevjn CjmcefcMUto kmtt" Cmtn tm Cr ron D-miOfQtao OKdrfOyir X «nCk«ng tavntCaoi IwOfConMtn TtrtiOcr.'w; • Horn Htmandu Mooo Htfnandu UMHdn In JttCtt Wu Juta (OJN IWJ KvntMaruitnji JoKcMcan WCWH4U Hct « Of » SfrttPKk Ortt»M P| W Ndi j o«c rwo Itrotado frntn H«ri Vgifcj todv -' Vjnyrtouin C4rti«J« CjU r t IUkOj Mce Gade fLu ■JbNftu OKrSrUni « "U5mw ) 257258 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter Information Nickname: Kappas, KPL Founded Nationally: March 5, 1995 Founded Locally: 2004 Colors: Scarlet Red, White, Heather Grey Flower: Orchid Symbol: Diamond Mascot: Phoenix Philanthropy: Various Community Service Chapter Size: 25 Ana Buncayo Kim Cabrera JcanicChen Sandy Owu Kimbcrty Daorok Stephanie Dice Sheena Fong Cccctia Kim Jacklylene Lau Sandy Leung Diana Uan LizLian EKyliao JamicUm tan Nguyen LeeAma PhamFraternities Sororities Lambda Theta Alpha Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: LTA December, 1979 Spring, 1996 Burgundy, Grey None Shell Crescent Moon None National Hispanic College Fund Chapter Size: 25 Brum Agosto Marta Aguilar Ida Soph Novell Carolina Cete Kadyzshea Cintron Jeanny Cruz Lauren Duff Dama Echevern Krist«na Fernanda Stella Garoa Camfla Gonzalez Frankie Gonzalez Maryam Laguna Kimberty Lopez GabrMa Otcga Chaca Patel CamiteQmtes Crotal Rangel Elizabeth Rodriguez Katnna Ruiz Jeannette Srlvas CyntNa Valdez Kathy Valle Anakz Vetoquez (Greeks) 2S9Fraternities Sororities Theta Nu Xi Chapter Information Nickname: Theta Women Founded Nationally: 1997 Founded Locally: 2005 Colors: Lavender, Carolina Blue Black Flower: Sterling Silver Rose Symbol: None Mascot: Butterfly Philanthropy: National Conference for Community and Justice Chapter Size: 15 n Natoya Abel Jennifer Castro Jenn cr Fajardo McfesaGaroa Jess a Gocxhvn Liana Gregory Fakza Iqbal Charlene Liu 260 [Greets]Fraternities Sororities • _____________________ Zeta Phi Beta Chapter Information Zetas January 16, 1920 April 3, 1974 Royal Blue Pure White White Rose Dove Cat March of Dimes 17 Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: ApniRoile Latoryu Thomas Donna Thompson KaOa Ramer Tigrezj KimberV Alums Mrtvu Anderson Sharhonda Carter Tanya G t son Edwyna Theresa HiB Tchrttta »knes Deanna Kc )ornsen Krystal Rajkimar (Greeks) 261262 (Greeks) Fraternities Sererities Alpha Epsilon Pi Chapter Information Nickname: A E Pi Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: November 7, 1913 May 12, 1951 Blue Gold None The Cofa Lion Magen David Adam's Israeli Cross 105 Sloven Abbott Joshua Ackerman Matthew Me MifC Ad r Eton Achpolovsky Bryan Arbeit tan BachcUujv Matthew Beers Mark Berman Steven Blank Matt Bloom Douglas Boneparth Andrew Brown Chad Bubs Steve Burros Davxl Burton John Connor Andrew Cooper Noah Dei. one Enc Diehl M«chacl Brandon Fish Jason Freed Josh Freeman Matthew Futch Daniel Galnsky Danny GMis M haei Ghckman Under Chase Gold Michael Gown Jason Gd bon Darwi Green Matt Haber Jason Haodn Brian Hebertem Aaron Hershman Jonathan Moorman Chad P. Hubshcr Grant Hubiher NN JacobsAdamKoUin Matthew Klem Andrew Kosoy Justm Kusher Jason lamanna Zach Levine Jod Lewis Sam Upshutz Enc Litow Dan Ludin Jod Magdo-ntz DankHMaland Oawd Markus MattMewel Danny Miller ElanMder Matt Montag Ryan Moss Shawn Mycote David Ntglwao Michael pace Zach Payon AlexPesk Jeffrey Peterson Tom Pctroro Jared Peyster Kevin Pickard Lenny Platt JOSh POfcXk Arthur Portnoy Dan Rappaprot Andrew Rophie Joshua Roth Andrew Rothstcm Manny Rutxn Josh Sachs Jordan Schenkman Sam Schkman Russell SemnvH 9ar»d Shaban Zach Shader Matt Shapiro Gabe Shook Matt Shorstein Ian Stulman Evan S egall Jason Sregd Brad Sobei Spenser Solis Darren Sparer Darren Stern Xjstin Stone Greg Stupp Evan Tyrolcr Max Tyroler Seth van der Stdt Matthew Waas Aaron Wasserstrom Matt Wem Josh we«ss Max Weiss AJex Whitman Aaron M Wiener Jared Wirokor [Greeks] 263Fraternities Sororities Alpha Gamma Rho Chapter Information Nickname: A G R Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: January 15, 1908 May 17, 1975 Green 8i Gold None Plow None Sheriff's Youth Ranch 45 ooy Barter Jason Beutke J«on Bridge Ryan Burley Drew Cotton JakeCowen Matthew D«ttoff Casey Oc on Tans Douglas Kamry Dymmcfc Chns Faileta Tyler Fnxh Rxhard Foch Cutis Garnson Paul Hayman Patrick Moic John Hooker Gary Johns tests Johnson Randy Johnson Scott Johnson Bryan XxJah Darnel Keough Jimmy Kidwell 264 [Greeks]Mtchod Lope? Austin Mortoo Anthony Peace Jake Ratwm M h»d Rarmcy Justin Sharpless KylcShaw Rhett Smith Matthew Soud Jordan Spat; David Susa Brian Sweeney Samuel Tnpson Trent Vina Beau Walden Andrew WaVrvsIey (Greeks) 26S266 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Alpha Tau Omega Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: ATO September 11, 1865 1885, 1904 Azure Gold White Tea Rose Maltese Cross None Make-A-Wish Foundation 100 Casey Arnold Tom Barr Jonah Barth Carson Bassett Spencer Belt Jack Berry Kirby BrSSdl Jesse BocfxNo Andrew Brenner Ross Brooks Lee Bryan Vnmy Buck Kyle Chance Vince Chdura Crosby Crane Scott Curtin Mack Dalton Christopher DeGroat Karan Dev Raul OeSano Stephen Deutsch Matt Donovan CJayton Dofcttle John CXinham WJliam ERis Chris Evans Camron Fakhar Blake Fernandez Jay Fields Matthew FWwty Enk Frederick OeeGendron Christopher Glenn Daryl Gottlieb Worth Graham Joshua Gricb Graham Hampton Jordan Hoover Matt Johnson Ryan JohnsonPaul KessJmg Vn Lang Christian Leger Igneoo Leon RickLevm Brent Lowman Kevin Marlin Jorel Martinet AJ. Mason Mattehw McCue Matt McGumn David Mevoii OovxJ M a Brian Milter Spencer Moore Logan Murphy Dan Joseph Navarro Kcvm Neal Andrew Nelson Matt Nelson BoOffenhauer Charles Otson JonOrebaugh Matt ThOoUt Palterdy Danny Pert; Thomas Phlpot Frank Pierce Lee Pierce Michad Poktepovic Brian Proves Ricky Rasmussen Andrew Redfen Simeon Rcgster Patrick Reid Preston Reid Ryan Reynolds Jack Robtxns Bnan Roberts lan Robmson Phibp Rohtfmg Mark Rudacilte Fletcher Rush Danny Scott Greg Seftck Matt Simmons Ph SJoate Jason J. Smith Nick Smith Justm Splinter EricSpotts Joe TcKhett Doug Tutwiter Kerry Webb Dawd M. Williams Dunn Wdliams Michael W ams (Greeks) 267268 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Beta Theta Pi Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Beta August 8, 1839 Deceber 12, 1930 Pink Blue Rose None Dragon MADD 126 Robert A. Priurtt Ojv«J T. Runyon X Tom Brown Utaro Gan Tom KasUncfc Georg trmperg Jarod Roc h Bobby North Autfn Mocrc Aaron S mon TrimSrHtt) James A. Fortman X Andrew Wtther DaXDarr A OOtfembnnfc Zach Wetendorf Sce« Fcrsman Enc MetArr IwWKr German EkM BcnFpnte (bum Hunt Spencer Sangurp Hxv.wO Werrww Brian ScNang Ata A outlet Aaronshcetod Evan Trurrbui Chrte Fee Time Gotdc EncScjntan XrttmBuOcr Row Outturn (VOy Educator John Wefrermerer- Secretary Troy Ve« - Treasurer Steve Brotman- Ewcubve VP Stewe Greene- President James Bach- Admmstratrve VP Danny Bernstein- Rmrrmtmmt Chafisn Brian Barry- Socu» CharmanMatt Cofenm - AJumn Secretary MAc Brooks CXxkI Schrocdcr Javon Tho bur9 Ouve Summer Matt Bet Matt Home Brian S e Roy Rjve Jordan See Wwy HcEntec AJexKammet Si even Rushng Marsfai Pretty JettWem tern George Knolach WnBiUf Ryan louvJv Andrew Petryvak John Carton Mi Hamrberg Jason YeBn Jon looie Jacob San DewSdei Austen Come BrrttOwxK Stoan Stuart VSnrec Acardb Taylor Aider man Jordan RAey Enc Wotthcr Max DeAtevedo Cater Mascot kmx P jrs y- Sweetheart Seamus Eddy- House (Vector fecardoEkat Orntoc er Demon Matthew Det (too Anthcny AnguV OAan Jones SeanHtpworth Ryan McAndrew Andrew legrand MchaetKampH Mchaet Raudctough Aubrey Parsley Brad Bubervec Tanothy J. Ackerman Josh Smtti RaU Johnson Bobby Ccnrcy Bnan Anderson ZachAJruU Ben Artis Matt Bains Patrick Carr Thomas Carson Robbie Oarke Scott Darn Phd Defabo Andrew DeVne Diod Eden Westcn Ertiman AsNcaan Fahanposr Ryanfunck Jason lost Derick Greying OrewMwfct T,Vr Ha e RndKarm AAetHudak Ryan Xmey Sean Ke y Ak « Landback Tomlertrsch A . Maf cod Corey Martn »Nagy Dan Hokc [GrwksJ 269270 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Delta Tau Delta Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Delt 1858 March 25, 1925 Purple, Gold White Purple Iris Southern Cross None American Cancer Society 91 Daniel Ague! Jordan August Dana Awad Robert Bcncd t Trey Bice Andrew Btrdsall Cnstan Boldan Mike Brandcr AJ Bndgham Brock Brockschmidt Matt Brock way Andrew Broussard Galen Bruno Matt Bocks Joslyn Buroaga Ben Burns Bnan Carolan XCasano MfceOowc Drew Coggn Scott Crawford Chris Danner Bobby Decker Chnstopber DtTomaso Randall Devon Dan DVto) Nathan Easley Benjamin Farias St CSC Fowler Gary Goldberg Casey Golden Dan Goldman Jeremy Hall Aaron Mamstara ChrtsHarma Ta 4er Mardng John Harrison Chris Merman Jordan Jarvs Darnel JohnsJeremy Johns Justin Johns )e» Johnson Jack Jcnas Ethan Katt MattKeUy Jesse Kirsch Michael Knox Kyle Kraft Bryan Kurth Joe Lamb Ryan laMcc Papo Manrara Don Markovich Kenny Maskdl Kevin Mastaler Chns Ma c Joe McDermott Doug McOuffle Thomas Medcros ChnsMJuHl Jonny Miller Paul Mfler Scott M r Craig Mukahy Bmh Nguyen Keith Nguyen Christopher On Mike Palmer Mike Patrone Mark Pvllmgcr BJRosendahl Jack Samson Tyson Savoretti BrianScanlon Cameron Schoettter Enc Sheffield Tom Short Ryan Sparks Trey late Tim Taxter Drew Vitale Adam Wallace Doug Wallace Jonathan Walace Brian MUM Matt Williams Sean Wtftams (Greeks) 271272 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Kappa Sigma Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Kappa Sig December 25, 1869 April 28, 1922 Scarlet, White Emerald Lily of the Valley Star Crescent None Centr for Autism Research 126 Robert Agruvj Drew AsNock Greg Auger George Baker Jordan Be Chad Berry Justin Berry My rcti Ben Boyd Jeff 8randt Erin Brodsky Tim Brown Ben Bo-end’d Jonathan Burke Danton Carttala Jmfcn Castffo Newton Chan Evan Christoff Bernard Chu Andy Cochran Andy Conner Greg Cornwcfl KyVCornck Ex Crow-son MattCUten Gate Oe Jesus Josh DoWitt Jacob DcWtte Bnan Dubrcw Forres Dearer Thomas E ott ManEstter David Feoster Chns FitrgerakJ Gary Glen Foster PTW Freo Cotoi Fnednch Andrew Futon Vnce GaJkiro Scott Gatfmkd(Greeks) 273274 [Qrttks] Fraternities Sororities Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Lambda Chi November 2, 1909 November 23, 1933 Green, Gold Purple Wine Rose Cross Crescent None North American Food Drive 80 tommy ftnfcston Robert Got Iff CXjv J Schur Mfelmor Vretny Halpcm XT|fcsM Rufry Schmcdccke Larry Stwjte NNtardC 8rvm Towm WnKnoMo TfovKohlu Mmo Bacon BradBamo Tom Bknb Moammar Brown Bron Campovmo PtW OcBcrjrd ChmOwJJr BftyOoohn Jknon Eg M»m Endrc mai Air Enhock Oiyton Fargafon Ian nuibeeg tojrc (rnt« HolGeafy Marc Gratify [Greeks] 275 Fraternities Sororities Phi Kappa Tau Chapter Information Nickname: Phi Tau Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: March 17, 1906 March 25, 1926 Harvard Red Old Gold Red Carnation None None Hole in the Wall Gang 99 £ Brett Adcock M«ke Adbns Jose Alavarcz Jason Allen Seth AJphcf Michael A xHtxxt Joy Bagwell Michael Beach Brian Beane Greg Bender Domtfwc Beovich Bnan Bomtxassaro Charts Caraway AJex Carney Daniel Cho Jonathan Oouser Jeff Cowan Bnan Deal Petar DurKnjevic Jon Doyle Greg Ersinger Russ Evans DkV Fetherotf FranbcFctto Thor Fielland Scott Fodgncr Brian Gaigay Ian GoWbergerTrent Swan Patrick Thornton Justin Waketoy Danny Waters Ryan Yarn Jason Goldman Alex Gordin Jason Granados Adam Greenberg Kevin Gregg David Grossman BcauGudry Brett Haring Jeff Mecht Jace Henderson Crotos Ifanbdcs Kyle Knopf Ben Krasnc Nick Lambert) Mkhaei Levin Brian Lind Tim LindStrom Jason Has Uounakos Taylor Lurey Adam Malley Andrew Manguart Anthony Matonb Matthew MattdreMa Scott McKaig Brett Mfler Shane Moser David Moyai GregOley DanOney Justm Ojner Paul Papastavrou Bryan Pate Stephen Pemberton Marc Poles MocR Scott Rarmrci Jeff Rechtman Roy Reed Brian Rood Brett Roth Scott Sandcrval Cra ScNottman Dan Scianandre Stuart Searic Josh Shapiro Evan Shenfcm George Skrobtnski Ryan Michael Smith Brett Sternberg LLZ (WrO)278 (Greeks) Fraternities Sororities Phi Delta Theta Chapter Information Nickname: Phi Delt Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: December 26, 1848 April 25, 1925 Azure Argent White Carnation None Owl Lou Gehrig's Disease 126 Jonathan AJonso Nek Alves Erik Barkley Ford Bor Phil Bean Kevin Bccfccr Oscar BekJen fS!K£r«SSI Ethan 8 xh Grant Bond Andrew Booth Clayton Boxdl Mark Boyle Nathan Bradley ?$ DanCasale Bnan Cotyer James ContestaWe Brendan Coughbn Chns Crawford James Dartson Ovate Deuschie RossDhyne m Ooody Paul Do«o« Tom Dudash RottxLYf EvSfPcMS Justm Fefcer Bart Fktcher M uei Flores Greg Foremny Matt Fncks Scott Fntch M ke FuocoJacob Garoa Casey Gaskins MfceGchnng Christopher Gleeson Mchad Giccson 8nan Goldberg Joe Goldberg Frank Gon aie Jeffrey Graham Bnan Graham Billy Greene MAjeGnBo Jason Gross Don Gudadas Casey Gunther Ryan Haflett Kienan Hanrahan Rob Masbrouk Cameron Hathorn Geoff Hendricks Erik Hogkmd Jaikc Momrcrch Matt Hoyman Scott Hubbard Mchael Hutshneker Jeff King Ma labrada Matthew Lear M«ke Lemus Ian Ucberman Ryan bpps Jeremy Martar Kyle Marin Donny McGrow Tim Moore Stephen Morse Stephen MocAe Ben Neff Enk Neudortf Chns O'Bannon Crevan O’Ceaiaigh Ryan Orstachcr Mike On Errol Parsons Darren Perry Sam Poole Matt Pnlaman Jason Raymond Jackson Reid Jonathan Re d JsAo Rengrfo Matt Richardson Michael Rodngue; Rytand Rogers Mike Ross Adam Rothsten Max Rudolf Ruwan S Jusbn Saar Michael- Dane Saavedra BenSchrybcr Chris Seber RyanSefcs Brendan Skomeany Ashlyn Mfler Sm h Mac Smith Sean Spence Tommy Stedem Brent Stem berg Oanid Sbdcy Chns Stout Blake Tdefman Rob Tucker Spencer Upchurch Ryan Vickers Chns Warner AJex Waters Danny Wayne Ben Woodard Ben Zatebcrg MattZafcberg Brian Zavcrtn [Greeks] 279280 (Greeks) Fraternities Sororities Phi Sigma Kappa Chapter Information Phi Sig March 15, 1873 April 22, 1951 Red, White Silver Red Carnation White Tea Rose Equilateral Triangle Grey Spotted Owl Ronald McDonald House 80 Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Gc J Bankuty Bnan Bttncy Jason Broady Patrick Brodcnck Chris Cameron Patrick Cam Mike Cohen Clark ConodV Ryan Oecs Christopher Dmu Nathan Scott Drury Xian Fernandez Ben Ficrstem Robert Gaddis Chase Gaunce Leo Guzman AJex Male Parker Harvey K fe Ingram Zachcry Jacobson Tory Legqo Justin Long Bmh Thai Ly Ryan McAfe Chm Hms Jeff Monahan Jonathon Neff Tyan NefsonChase O’Malley Eric Otte Adam Park. Thomas Robnson Nek Rosjnia Brett RyVwoWer Anthony Salem Mike Sdlors Christopher Sherman Bryan Tarr Matt Van Osterom f ck WcidcnnxBer Jonathan Wfc» Drew v dski [Greeks] 281282 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Pike March 1, 1868 November 17, 1904 Garnet Gold Lily of the Valley Fire Truck Dalmation Gainesville Fire Department 90 John AJken Avian Angulo Andres Barrantes B»akc Baynham Jason Becker Don Bktcnan Robert B»ch Scan Bobnc Kareem Bohsak Ocvin Bowesox Alex Brasher Chris Brooks Tyler Brown Ben Browning Larry Calhoun MMt Chohorus Joshua Cosscy Tommy Cume Franco D'Ascamo Tom Dietrich Priemek Dommkom Fernando X. Donoso Patrick Ouffey Sean Dunn Karnes Fodder Matt Forerva Jorge Fors Graham Gar by JonGgdc Aaron Grfman Scott Gluctatem NishantGogna Antony Goureau AdamGrieper Darnel Mart Jeremy Hayes Michael R. Heflnger Dustm Blake Herman Thomas M« Vaughn MoRand Robert Wagner Max Weber ChrtsWecg Trae Wengardt Grant Wieczorker Josh Williams Herb Hopkmscn Gwn Hurst George Kantrales Jesse Karr Clay Kearney Chuck Kettcrer Joe Ketterer Justin Kjnt Jeffrey Knaggs Andrew Koumi Jason Krbec Bobby Ladyzhensky Tommy lavery Andrew Mack Jordan Magbch Robert Matveeux Nick Mann MAe Maxim day McDonald James Mirras Matt Okmon Jonathan ocmto Rob O'Shea Mike Paiahach Oego Paneiia Gerald Payne Mike Pijanowskj James Pinckney Brandon Phon Anthony Prestia Jordo Rodriguez Alex Scheffer Mark Schreiner John Schwencke Ken Schwencke Eric S errs Jimmy Serrano Mayan Sh i Derek Shortz Ashneel Singh Adam Srslcr Kenny Slezak Devon Spencer Bobby Sweeting Logan Templeton Clayton Thomas Austin Trupp Ken Verner [Greeks] 283284 [Grccfcs] Fraternities Sororities Pi Kappa Phi Chapter Information Nickname: Pi Kapp Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: December 10, 1904 February 23, 1904 Gold, White Blue Red Rose Bell Raider PUSH America 126 Tony Jabara Meholes Burnett Andooy txoma Drcvi Edwards MehadR Chard SU WunBUr tXyny RuJnvwcf Jon GO Adam Wenguer Qsnslophrr WTsOdon Aeter Sehrvaru WAom Krauts Jason Harrcnc Geoff Doro Todd Susvrsan Andrew Coury Jared KJewvnan Can Coton Jon KcjOnQ Doug Barker JoshuafVds (Xmny Grunwatd Ernesto Padron MaoGcM Adam MarowtU Brock Hcmng Mxrrxw Kcvak Todd Gross Matt Rochman H o Sends Ben Krrssky Iksn Obrcgon Morgan Ce Blake Bodvsack Oavd Gnshman An Barge Ryan Johnson Enc Gregory Corey Goods.Retort Ore Jordan Light Mathew JamAonxv MtoCart Enc W nce Bryan Ruih Amrrry ABura Brian Johnston XAo Legmoa AJ. Uteque Jeremy Monti Steven 0hw Mon Mum Joshua Sttorc Darren Palest «v Justn Richardson Booty Etn dartnoe i rter Lance RjIcy TateryftekJ KKtSaWKk Evan WaHman Aaron Bateman Scan Gatoy Cl Sawyer Zach Brass MAePWrsen ErA Atrams Gregory Wencr AdamRubn (Xfttn fiofcmson Paul Andenon Tayter Daugherty Matt Krettnvsn Vrscce DcMmo Ste.vRi.Vc Enc Hord James Conway Man Bre Dave McOctand Nek AJbaneic Steve Porto RyanSuAvan Iordan Roscnstock Chns May JeTnSwOer Ky MoratVO JoshStdd MAe Carter Kem Young ShannPandet XAan SanQuedOtec Brandon Brooks Air GcAtttcrg Zachary Ba ara Ethan Tnetor Kyle Htchcock Derr GOtdynrth Andrew Choquette John Stanton Stew Zufcowsk) Carlo Almrola Ryan Connor Kyle Can [Greeks] 285Fraternities Sororities Pi Lambda Phi Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Pi Lam March 21, 1895 1925 Gold Purple Woodbine None Lion Friends for Life 75 Ross Adams Noil Walker YVUlHfcJ Robby Newman Keith Kimmcl-MattChamoff R hard Mdycjo Scan Baker Ertk AJper Allen Bartons Will Bergct Paul CaKwen Tonan Cherry Harris Cohen Roberto Colon A) Correa Ke-nn Correa James Curtrt Omar Fagundo Mark Fahey Shocn Fisher Mott Grosswald Brian Gruskm Bnan Guttonptan Tyler Hamilton Trevor Hartvng Adam Higman Jeffrey HolstAiexander Wotfion Xistm Worttey Lee Hurwitt Keith IrYine Rot) Kams Philip Kern Bnxe Keep Zachary Kopf Gaurav Kumar-Saxena Lawrence bpp Evan Lundy Richard Luflon Lours Lee- Cook Chhs MacowsJu Brian Malcy Vnek Manoharan 8 yMas an Zachary McMullen Knss Mehaffey Ivan Minkin Brendt Montgomery Joe Nasonvento Andres Ortega Mark Owens Darwin Rmera Sddcn Ross Bryan Ruu Christopher Rutf Matt Scanian Daryl Schneider Bobby Seiner Matt Smith NahunSobhno Chns Spence Fefcj Tai Jared Weisser Kevm Wctsscr (Greeks) 287288 [GrccksJ Fraternities Sororities Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter Information Nickname: SAE Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: March 9, 1856 February 11, 1884 Purple Gold Violet Minverva Lion Ronald McDonald House 105 Ian Andes Manny Florin Jo Btilis Geoff Church Trey CiApepprr T)Vr Parramorc Jake Hardm John HcakJ Dave Kanarek Jeff Kmmd Kyle Warren Matt Hill Tyler Lehman Chris Maddern Ryan Carroll SamWarfMd Jake Glass Ian beberman Scott Sumhen Mike Ehrhart Brandon Bullard Travis Son! OS Dei Dailey Danny Hendrickson John Fontana Bryan Tudccn Cory Ftschman Brandon Griffith lan Davis Ty Tcdcastle Enk Bcrtl R o Duarte Ryan Bishara Cory Keirn Alfred lojo Ben Raiierson Matt Bates Kirby Fulerton Dave Gandy Mark HulseyAdam Komrsar Joey Moore Matt Pavese J.R. S rra Comswigier Joey Townc Austin Wood Matt Mostly Patty Murphy Noi Regan 8renden Adams Ben Christman Om-eDarfey Lane Early Mackenzie Farnham Ricky Hart) Russel Jeter R.B. Mcteno VWI Murphy Ryan Patneaude Scott Stepiow Craig Thompson Bo Wefts Chris Bracken Jett Gams Da.e Mtrcfl Stephen Meek Etaabcth Dye- (Souse Mom Marshal Mentz Coikn O' Bncn Tony PeiuSO Ryan Smyth EncAJpert Adam Birch Robert But ora Andrew Cavtn Josh Chandkr Drey Oatey Bnan Dienes Wes Edwards M c Eger Brian Fitzpatrick Chns Gibson EJ. Gonzalez Shaughn Mil Stewart HiH 8cn Keister Adam Leber man Josh Lusk Bobby Maldonado Done! Mart ez Dan Martino Ehren Murburg Damon Parramore Ryan Plate Thomas Ratchford Austin R hardson Ryan Rodngucz Bryan Rosander Trevor Santos Scout Shepard Trams Senpson Ryan Sm h Mike Stamps290 [Greek ] Fraternities Sororities Sigma Chi Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Sigs June 28, 1855 October 4, 1924 Blue Old Gold White Rose Norman Cross Eagle Children's Miracle Network 107 Ryw wrder Brett Keyser Jarett OcPttia Sean Wdiamson EJ. Semmerlmg Oarrcfl Carpenter Kevin Norris Jarett Hughes Josh Hudson Kevin Mahler Ryan Milary Travts Sorter Grant Webber John Mccfcm Kake Evans Trevor McCsndlcss Matthew H»tte Danny Smith Mchaei Adams Stokes Waface Oins EKcy Robert Stuart Bo Morgan Brian Boo Joshua Perry Ryan Fticher Ricky Pfaffendorf EncBkkker DavnsTalmage CobyMokJe Rob Burnett Jusbn Greene Christopher Smajdor Dan Coyle Grant Thompson Zachary Sadow Jercmtah Sadow James McCaul Darryl Reed Joe LettiereKcvn Duffey Aron Katoostian Danny Owen Jonathan Mart Boomer Oylcr Jordan Wilder John Gbboncy John L Dels II Thomas Raab Steven Thum David Swtgkrr Enc Battrtfone Adam Mofloy Steve Meins Jordan Srwgha Taylor Wyatt Paul Walsh Chris Thompson Chris Whttemorc Michael Wathen Robert loesman Kewn Ball J.T. Smith Michael Dutery Ryan Click Jeffery Morgan J.T. Sanders III John Hettinger Dennis Hamm Vanessa Hams BrilOtagcr Steve Nassau Nicholas Richmond Nick Yanfcopdus James Batey Steve Lowry Chase Tend I Jason Hoyos Travis Byrd Dustin Echcrvguc Mitch Coffey Christopher Chnstianson Christopher Fnkbeiner Andrew Ward Matt Sand Kyle Ndson Mike McNamara Richard Witty Brock Johnson Brantley Muscato Russel Dmgman Dustin Mill Aaron Rttsimmons RJ Pearce 8iity Stechschuite Cliff Magee D.J. Dougherty Matt Jones Brandon Salt marsh Brett GumJo Ben Wurttd Brian Straessie Matt Allen Matt Funderburk (Greeks) 291292 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities ■ Sigma Pi Chapter Information Nickname: Sig Pi Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: February 26, 1897 Fall 2003 Lavender, Gold White Lavendar Orchid Radiant Triangle Bearded Clam Sigma Pi Education Foundation 60 Uptown Queens SIGMA PI ipus experience M jd Abraham-Srngh MikeAdada Alfredo Arauz Anthony Am Richard Baltentmc Jonathon Balkcrano Joseph Benavides Jared Bmstock Tyler 8099s Ryan Camphe Sean Clark Unay Cruz M had()e l i Chris Diaz Randy Diez Drily DressH ChnsFerrante Javier ftvrero Charges Fletcher Patrick Gamero Ray Garoa Justin Geicynski Peter Gonzalez Christian Oawd Guzman Charles Harriott DanHushia M«had Inzarry SZiakey JakeShawn Joseph Jon Levy AJcj ndro Martmcz OsvakJo M reles A) Mendoza Andrew Meyer Arten Mrtram Jaime J. Mitram Kenny Molestina GuMcrmo Moratono Joel Nabethaus Miroo Nagahara Rush Norton Ian Cartos Padol Gary R'ncttc Tareq Rahman Oawd Robnson Kyle Salman AdamS t)Ol Andrew Sibol Ryan J. $m h Mtchael Stoner Kyle Stevenson Marcus Thomas Patrick Tunano Gonzalo Valdes RoshndValmc ChnsVillar [Greeks] 293(w-o) z r----------- Fraternities Sororities Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter Information Nickname: Sig Ep Founded Nationally: November 1, 1901 Founded Locally: March 28, 1925 Colors: Purple, Red Gold Flower: Violet Dark Red Rose Symbol: Skull Cross Bones Mascot: Knight Philanthropy: Surfrider Foundation Chapter Size: 109 PMKk BoJChOT Bryson RxJgway Scott Young Jonathon Keren Brian Shore Don Unden Matthew Armstrong Dari Vtogel Andrew Niemann Monud Vargas OovidGlhs JoseRmcon Matthew Olarmo Christopher Gapstur Thomas Rush Russel Hal Janvson Evert Chris Marheflu Benjamin Caswef Justin Gangrandc Patrick Dunngan Ryan McIntyre Chns Bocoarelli Travis MydOCk RyanMosdey David Rusort Alexander Rangel Eric Rathjens Arthur Nagan KevmKopdman Benjamm WUes Nick Rice Dane Eagle AchKk Ndiforchu Benjamin Ahren Michod McDonald Gray Kvkmyer Robert McCoy Jeff Oden Matt JordanRichard Dotchm Bradtey BuchwakJ HchadManam Benjamin Song Kevin Dunphy Ryan Kurrte Johann Bom James Hanrdhan Darren Brunner Nicholas Rb Michael Yandre N19H Bafey Giovanni Benedetto Ryan Wdorg Paul Scott Aaron Cohn Rich Huff Robert M. Brown Omar Issa Daniel Gladstone John Dommench Derek mene Matthew Tucker Frank Young Andrew Barrows Ryan Philips Bnan Soares Jason Nerem WUkam Broadway Adam Ward Charles Marshall Grant Valter Matthew Thomas John Wohtwend John Clayton Brett Domrx Aquilma Derek Brown Justin Mark-wood Ryan Randal Thomas Hayman Colm Dean Vincent Picasoo Michael Donovan Troy Pashuck Mark Butler Brett Messner Adam Engel Matthew Martano JessRichman Andrew Studt Cory Stout Richard VW harm Stephen Galovtch Enc Karmaicr Zachary Mandler Darshan Nadu Derek Bloor N. Takashi Doscher Shaun Gentry Matthew Greene Christian Hertenstem Christian laab Mark Musselman Mathew Paiardy [Greeks] 295296 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Tau Epsilon Phi Chapter Information Nickname: Tep Founded Nationally: October 10, 1910 Founded Locally: February 1925 Colors: Lavendar White Flower: Violet Lily of the Valley Symbol: Lamp Sword Mascot: None Philanthropy: American Cancer Society Chapter Size: 70 KCW Albert Patrick Annesty Spencer Bachow Enc Balas Seth Berkovntz Jonathan Brockman Andrew Conner Matt Coenter OovkJ Damnjanowc Darnel Drescher Dowd Drescher Matt Eisdmon Alex Epsten Adam Ftschcr Jared Fleet Ross Fnedman Alex Gamer Dowd Greenberg Benjamin Grerf Ed c Grossman Matt Kahn Robb Kalkstcm Bnan Levy Jason levy Jeff levy Jason Upton Joseph Malca Scott MandeilBren Marcus BradMilcr Fabian Moguer B y Monet Jenny Movtady Ron Mixam Ben Newman Matt Novak Grancarlo Ortega RaviPatd Scotty Pepper Alex Perez Ryan Perez TyKr Pk»hn k Dor on Posner Noah RasNond Brett Reese Josh Robins Evan D. Rosenberg Jesse Rosendum Issac Sapozmk DavxJ Schwartz Michael Schwartz Darren Schwbger Jason Silver Bradley Senon Adam $mo»cr Jacob Spiegler Jeremy Standiford Josh Steinberg Mike Stem Ryan Sulak Jonathan Szymula Jesse Tannenbaum Bcell Tdnch (Greeks) 297298 (Greeks) Fraternities Sororities Theta Chi Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Theta Chi April 10, 1856 October 9, 1915 Military Red White Red Carnation None Rattle Snake Ronald McDonald House 100 fijy f Adkins Frank Aguilera David AiromkX) Josh Barkan Stuart Barks Larrry Benson Ryan Bentrvcgna CaH Beyer Brian Blum Carey Brad bum Seth Bremer FVhad Brcvda Matt Brooks Dave Brosnan Dan Bryan Rick Cabrera Joe Calabrese Cory Carmody Timothy Carswef Chns Coffey Jusbn Cote Hchad Contreras Richard Crackman Bnan Devlin Matt Dourd Steven Dourdis Jason DcySe Kyle Epting Troy Ferguson Jonathan Fernandez Scott Filhaber Greg Gamer Ted Gibson Mike Gnrwd Cristobal Gonzalez Leo Gottgcm-Syfrctt Jonah Gropper MarcGuaRicn Calvin Hamilton O MamikonTrevor head Josh Metier O Hughes Kyle Humphreys Kyle Jarvis Dernck Jesup Alexander Karnares Brian Kastcn Brian Koffman Travis Kolbjornsen Vtad Korepanov David Kutch Mahmaoud Labatxk Chns Latham Ivan Lcchowtch Niko Lowry Daniel Lynes lay Mayfield Jeff McOonald Andrew McGrath AkashMehta Brett Mike Mike T. Miller » .i LU-, Jen roonvon Rottue Moreno Matt Ochs Andrew OGonnell Hunter Outcalt Mark Pantom Matt Pew Matt Perryman Alejandro Piekarcwicr Kevin Reilly Matt Roberts Conrado Rodrigues Bnan Roof Andy Rothbrrg Andre J. Santo Jonathan Santo Kyle Savoy John Schranti Bnan Seel Dawd Seitr Ryan Shedd Justin Shrvers Alex SAano Brandon Sngcr David Spacht Chaney Tucker Joey Van de Bogart Ptwllip Varnadore Justin Wasko Adam Weigie Aaron Wc gard Robby Weingard Eric Weds (Greeks) 299Fraternities Sororities Zeta Beta Tau Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: ZBT December 29, 1898 1921 Blue Gold None Skull Cross Bones None Children's Miracle Network 55 Joey Abramson Justin Basse Chris Bell Gxcy Berman Larry Bernstein Matt Bcrnstcm Bor it Philip BottfeW Joe Brand AJcx Braunstetn Adam Bergman Allan Chrony Alex Curry Michael Dcmn Michael Drobtxn Steve Ersenband Matthew Emanuel Seth Entm Jusbn Fetder Sean Fme Jordan FfshTidd Jason Fneder Scott Friend Barry Gilbert Jeff Goodman Jared Greenberg Joshua Lane Gutter Jeremy Harriet 300 [Greeks]Jonathan Meet Darren Adam Heitner Matthew Katr Kessler Mike King osh Landsman Mike LoWang Andrew lcdov»c Brad Lerman Shaun Mahsn Jon Mann M hael Markowicz Steven Marks Sammy Mataton Enc Nestter Patrick Osborn Alex Ramirez Joe RandoU Matt Romano Adam Rosen Chris Rosenberg AJ Rosenthal Adam Rosner Greg Rub«n J son Rudder man iason Sandkr Schneider Chad Sevfcrt »"v«r»ein ►VcNhH S-verstcwi hSomerstem Joe Wald Joseph Young302 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Alpha Phi Alpha Chapter Information Nickname: Alphas Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: December 4, 1906 August 9, 1973 Black Gold Yellow Rose Alpha Phi Alpha Sphinx of Giza Project Alpha 21 Joseph Akoot Kerb J. AXxJor Mauno Andrews Wil Atkm RcyCBaby BonHomme Kenneth Copeland Ronald Oft Joseph Gnmcs Jordan Hate Toney Jones Sdney McLaunn Ezra Mcmtt Mtchad Mitchell Johnny P. Morctte Ola Osikoya John Pnnty Perm Registrc Henry lee Simmons Jonathan Thomas MAeTomFraternities Sororities Delta Upsilon Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: DU November 4, 1834 December 7, 1957 Sapphire Blue Old Gold None Shield Mallard Boys Girls Club 45 Joshua Shane Sampson GlenWcgd Jason Adams Trey Anncf Robert Anratone Derek Armstrong James Bames Adam Begley Lester Brrd Caleb Btoodworth Joshua Breskxv Alex Fernandez Darren Goldman Sergio Gonzalez Edwin Gouticr lawence Granger Kris Howe Nate Kramer Taylor Kuhn Rob McAleer R ky Merola Ryan Ntson Thomas Roland 10£ lw!Fraternities Sororities Iota Phi Theta Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Iotas September 9, 1963 January 24, 1998 Charcoal Brown Guilded Gold Yellow Rose Shield Centaur Sickle Cell Anemia 14 5 Kevin Owst A rHov Anwar Archer fVhaud Burgos Ruben Cafcctrc Oay Carton A) Carter Roan Cox Rafael Oominguei Stephen Francis Co o James Jeremy Jones Re nakJ Laroche Gmo Lerebours Stephen Liverpool John M. Lloyd Montgomery Tompson Luton Jeffrey Paul McKervoe Pehon Oorncfl PtWippe Jermaine Carl Rotortson £on Josh Schnoor Quentin Scott Andrr Stephenson Chris Tait Carlton Tjfcot Shota Joshua TojuolaFraternities Sororities Kappa Alpha Psi Chapter Information Nickname: Nupes Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: January 5, 1911 May 28, 1972 Crimson Cream Red Carnation Shield None NAACP 12 Zacchcus Austin Paul Drayton Sam Muhngs Maurice Mynck Jmrrry Opriee TrcOrr Claudel Prcssa EvalSn h Tavares Warrington Jeremy Watson Jcrod V atson Bernard WBams SOi [s »iD)Fraternities Sororities Lambda Alpha Upsilon Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Lambdas December 10, 1985 April 7, 2001 Red, Yellow, White Black None None Andean Condor None 4 Anibal Migud Jimenez EmAano Manon Mamo Zurego 306 [Greeks]Fraternities Sororities Lambda Theta Phi Chapter Information Nickname: Lambdas Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: December 1, 1975 March 5, 1995 Brown White White Carnation Shield El Conquistador March of Dimes 15 Antony ) Barrios Manny Chavarria G ancarto Owe Daw! Gatvez Edgardo Hernandez Carlos lara Roberson Josue Mc a Steven Mejia Marco T. Mena Arturo Mofana Luis Carlos Nobnga Christian R vcra James Ruiz Anthony vaides Samuet Viana (Greeks] 307308 (Greeks) Fraternities Sororities Phi Beta Sigma Chapter Information Nickname: Sigmas Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: January 9, 1914 Winter, 1974 Royal Blue Pure White White Carnation Dove Camel March of Dimes 24 Charles Anyikawa Chmtopher Anyikawa Orfcfy DeruS Auguste Doug Barry Tommy Bcmjvtl Marco Broughton Taurcan Charles Jon Demps Trey Ford Tony Gay SamudGreen OwisGwm Terrence Holmes Che Jeanty Christopher Johnson Da Juan Lawrence Myzens Marc Dwayne Mills Mackenzie P Larry Pryor Jukan WeyFraternities Sororities Omega Psi Phi Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Oues November 17, 1911 November 5, 1973 Royal Purple Old Gold Crysanthemum None None Assault on Lilliteracy Project 6 § Richard Bctaairc Jordan D Marcus Madison Wiliam Madison Claude Miket latecf OpabotaFraternities Sororities Pi Delta Psi Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: PDPsi 1994 2004 Red, White Black N A Shield N A Tutoring @ McGuire Village 30 Arif H. Ahmed Tn Bui Kir-Sheng Chen M had Cheung Ryan Sung-Eun Cho Perry Chung Ryan Oeus Robert W Fung AJcx Ho Huy Huynh NM) Huynh Vincent Kong John Lam Alexander lavigne locle f dl Leung KnstopherLi Dennis Ngn Bronson Ngo Jere N90 Nam Nguyen Peter Nguyen Fernando Nin Justin Quck 310 (Greeks) Fraternities Sororities Sigma Lambda Beta Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: Betas April 4, 1986 January 30, 1999 Royal Purple Pure White Red Carnation None White Stallion Mustang Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation 17 Ivan Cebaitos Alex Cosvnaoo AnJGanarthlal Luis A. Gome; Robert Domnk Kanwadu Jose Maiave Danny Navarro Bnan Pico Benjamin Raushbaum Mark Ray ChrtsRACh Victor Robles (Greeks] 311312 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Sigma Nu Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Sigma Nu 1869 1920 Black Gold N A Sigma Nu Badge Snake Gainesville Youth Baseball SN Educational Foundation Chapter Size: 40 Andy Apceila Del Aqm Javi A enado Jonathan A non Jonas A htwugh Andy Batson PM Bcrredo Ed Buckley B y GAchnst Steven Graham Mkc Haynes N k Henrique; Chas Hoppe Joshua Jackson Taylor Kennedy Ivan Llanos Robfioy Maclnncs Josh Matzke Graeme McDonald Dav d Nash Jimmy Neale Robert Oljnn David Otawa Matt Pack Brian Page Chrw Palermo Jonathan Parker Robert Persmgcr Brad Pokorny Doug Pokorny Christopher Reyes Aaron Rot hen berg PM Signore Joshua Snyder Ate Sootey Scott Stewart Rahul Suchde Jordan Wan Daniel Watson Tyler Young 6 ATOM .-VFraternities Sororities Tau Kappa Epsilon Chapter Information Nickname: Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Teke January 10, 1899 January 19, 1950 Crimson Lake Pure Silver Red Carnation Knight of Classic Lore Apollo Ronald Reagan Alzheimers Foundation Chapter Size: 58 (Greeks] 313314 [Greeks] Fraternities Sororities Chi Phi Chapter Information Nickname: Chi Phi Founded Nationally: Founded Locally: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Mascot: Philanthropy: Chapter Size: 1824 1935 Blue Gold N A Star N A Boys Girls Club 50 Inc va CVmd Mkjryan 8r dBy w«n MjHBov Os J BcRMon Ovi f ArruVr Otrf-tcn 0Twitnx XrUnCtrrxY Xntr C« jrO Dcvn Cinv im AlcCu«On Wv Ohm "© JjMOHiMt JEckwt iwon Etrtc {"wtslW Q r» fwW» rv n riwrtt ConcC Dr 3ta-J Coc aVHTt Mott Kjnrj JonjCNtn H ftw fruceHM [•MeMjkCt SOMC )OftKS« Or»» i»»Ml KwnttncTtt (hWKMn Jwtwsm »J nUC r towvMmpcrt H«cK« M tCn Cr » M©,n jn VomHkO Jurtn Nenfiswi EAScRjOi ft'jn rr 3 )M MOMdO Djf rf SrtcwU) 'Jmrr iettrkt MckTsrrtnwn Jowr'SwW Cjrt ccr n » l Ck» WFraternities Sororities First Go Gator, Then Go Greek flf that's vour thing")__316 [Peoo«e] .Table of Contents Tower Announcement This section edited by: Leslie Ve ga who, by this point, thinks that the 13 walls of room 306 are starting to dose in on her. Add to Friends! View More Photos of Your Friends Connection These are your friends. r«T Mm Wwn tXom« tax and Kean Canco caMCnto rw Ow oryi® vnton eem uoa tow toow j i m « » iwh, w IHU li e end Itol «« »• Body Copy How many friends do you have? Do you friend everyone that you meet or speak to? Or, are you more particular and require that you know someone's first and last name without having to search for them? Let's face it, here at UF the word friend has become a verb, just like table and flier. Everyone does it. Here's how, directly from the guys at facebook: You can invite anyone that you can see on the site to be your friend. Just use the "Facebook Search" to find people you know and then click on the "Add to Friends" button on the right side of the screen. A friend request will be sent to that person. Once they confirm that they actually are friends with you, they will show up on your Friends List. There are 48,000 friends to be made at UF. They major in everything from Anthropoloty to Zoology. They are part of every organization, and hold too many jobs to even count. They are the ones you put your arms around to sing with at the end of every third quarter at the Swamp. Some of them are in your favorite memories and others you have yet to come across. Just remember how you met them so you can provide accurate friend details. Oh, and be careful who you poke, because that can get tricky. •Leslie VeigaMy Friends People Friends at UF Students peruse a University of Florida Tower Yearbook at the Spring 2006 Grad Bash at Emerson Alumni Hall. Grad Bash is hosted by the UF Alumni Association as a celebration of graduation and as a means to recruit new members. photos by: Leslie Veiga Jorge Rodriguez Delores Deferrari Frank Ortega Melissa Parrish Ricardo Campos Hi318 [People] My Friends Hall of Fame Pedro AJlende Justin Bangs Ovis Bucdereih Corey Campbell Anthony Carter John Dicks Latoya Edwards Emrfy Fncnd Joe Goldberg Anne Immanuel Scott Johnson Dtane KassimJcwcalOahr Matt Kynes Sarah Lowe Jeremy Martin Joyce Medina K Murray Jon Riley Bnan Roof Katrrta Run Wfliam Sexton B 9an Sfuban Alexandria Smith [People] 319320 [People] iLka ? s CD |£ CL I 5 n 3 cn Iw 3 a (Aictmon- M rct»o w ft CHI So- E».M Pwlcf Ptf c RfWcm Shirron Ror wyiokh SoocAw PVjmno Roxtti Arthrtpcksv MCO L SchKWr fcKtttftion. fjrn jnd Mn KjWr,r» SiWCrr G - roto9v •jrn SpcvaA- JSychjto r O'ratOtWw Spcm- Spcrt Management lo C Vpgi- Xxm hm ft Hntory Vvrfcn C WWW- fvwtt K r x»rvrx DotoOm Wftrrov Xxrrofcv'i Mcoie ZWv Jer- Hjrtrtoj ft IrXrcpr,- £ r urV p 322 (People) My Friends Students AdcKo Aqm Sascha Cordner taken Dovts Diana OS ado Ivorme Dcmanno Osvaldo Gonzalez Denns Mall James Jackson Vivian lamolli Pedro B. Morales Vanessa Oquendo Ashley Pack Judah R hardson Ja«mc Stoiarz Gloria Tavcra Charmay Vicoy Sharllyn WiskupFounded in 1947, CHARLEY TOPPINO fit SONS INC. is a construction company specializing In underground utilities (water, storm drainage, sanitary sewer) site preparation (lot clearing, debris disposal and fill), roads and parking lots (base work and asphalt), sidewalks, curbs, demolition, equipment rental and hauling. Locally owned fit operated, CHARLEY TOPPINO fit SONS INC. Is located on Rockland Key and serves the lower keys from Key West to Marathon. Demolition: Concrete, wood Buildings, Trailers Construction Debris Disposal Site Work Parking Lots Road Building Asphalt Paving Underground Utilities: Storm fit Sanitary Sewer, Water Mains Fire wells Injection Wells Concrete Work: Foundations, sidewalks, curbs, driveways, retaining walls Equipment Rental: Backhoes, Front End Loaders, Bull Dozers, Dump Trucks, Bob Cats, Cranes, Drill Rig Fill Aggregates: Sand, Pea Rock, Topsoil, Recycled Fill Aggregates Landscaping Tree Removal Clean Fill Disposal r+ »• CLINTON NURSERIES Since 1921 Connecticut Florida Extensive selection of: • Broadleaf Evergreens • Coniferous Evergreens • Flowering Shrubs Vines Clinton Nurseries of Florida, Inc. P.O. Box 997, Havana, FL 32333 (850) 539 5022 Clinton Nurseries, Inc. PO Box 932, Clinton, CT 06413 (860) 399-3000 “Career Opportunities Availabletn Good Luck 2006 Graduates! From our companies... Atlantic, Dolphin, Seminole and American Building Materials, Inc. Top Quality Products Competitive Prices, Prompt, Dependable Service • Gypsum Drywall U Accessories • Roofing Materials • Stucco b Plastering Products • Synthetic Stucco • Hand and Power Tools Serving Your Building Needs With 10 Florida Locations Since 1980 945 Wagner Place • Ft. Pierce, FL 772-464-6900 I) 323324 [, Congratulations Class of2006 Become part of our team building excellence in luxury residential homes. Serving Florida ► Commercial Since J966 ► Residential » Industrial ► Underground ► Service Arlington Electrical Electric Contractors INC. LEONARD ALBANESE SONS BUILDERS. INC 1200 South Rogers Circle, Suite 11 Boca Raton. FL 33487 Phone: (561)994-1375 Fax: (561) 997-2626 Web: http 3251 S.E. Dixie Highway, Stuart; FL 34997 (772)287-1353 Email: AEI1966® http: Lien EC 127 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 2006!An Originator Of Manufacturing Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment In Florida. Come Explore Our Challenging Positions Now Available In our Engineering Department. For More information, Visit Our Website at: www. a u tola be. com BANASZAK CONCRETE Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! Ready Mix Concrete • Concrete Block Dispatch: 954-475-9200 Office: 954-476-1004 FLORIDA LOCATIONS NORTH CAROLINA LOCATIONS VIRGINIA LOCATIONS Where YOUR FUTURE BEGINS At Avante Skilled Nursing And Rehab Centers we understand the vital role our therapists play in our patients' recovery. That's why we're commited to making your experience with us the most rewording it can be. We offer TOP salaries, premium benefits and much more... Equal Opportunity Employer Drug Free Workplace Ml. Dora Inverness Jacksonville Melbourne Leesburg Lokeworlh Boca Ralon Orlando Ormond Beach Si. Cloud Wilkesboro Wilson Charlotte Concord Reidsville Roanoke Harrisonburg Lynchburg Waynesboro Email your resumes lo: Email your resumes lo: Email your resumes to: (321) 2784864 (704) 701-2732 (336) 668 7191 ft szt [CvwSovT326 Join our growing circle of care. Our growing circle of care means expanding choices for you. Our five Jacksonvillc-arca facilities offer exciting opportunities to he part of a unique, high-tech, family-centered environment. Be part of a skilled, caring team where your voice and experience arc valued. • Nursing, nursing support, allies.! health, clerical and service positions available immediately • ExpanMon at our Downtown. Beaches and Nassau hospitals — plus the region’s only children’s hospital • Addition of our brand-new hospital, Baptist South • Competitive pay and benefits packages offered within a caring, supportive work environment • 1 quality rating for nurses, 10 years running As a regional leader, Baptist Health can offer you a multi-faceted workplace, providing you the opportunity to achieve the hest in work lifc balance! For a complete list of available positions and to apply online, please visit us at: careers. tot on rSrBAPTisT U HEALTH Depend On Us For LiferBECAUSE LIVES DEPEND ON US Baxter is committed to a diverse workforce. EOE M F D V If making a Irving is just as important to you as making a difference, consider joining our team. As a global leader dedicated to building the best team in health care. Baxter offers competitive compensation and full benefits. For more information or to see available job openings, please visit us at: As a global provider of critical therapies for life-threatening conditions. Baxter Healthcare Corporation works with a great sense of urgency towards enhancing the effectiveness of health care. With experienced professionals and innovative technologies, we have the greatest breadth and depth of resources in the industry. This allows us to really make a difference in the lives of the patients who come in contact with our products and services and gives our employees a greater sense of professional accomplishment in their everyday lives Congratulations Class of 2006! Join a great team... Join the Berg Pipe team! Since its inception in 1980. Berg Pipe has become a major force worldwide in the production and supply of large diameter steel pipe. Using product quality, innovative fabrication. and customer service as springboards, Berg Pipe has quietly achieved the status of one of the most widely acclaimed manufacturers of double-submerged, arc welded steel pipe in the world. __ Berg Steel Pipe Corp. a Comjxtny of the Europipe Group J Panama City. Florida 800-874-0384 ext. 7940 Solidly Rooted in Quality Bartow Ethanol of Florida L.C. Captures Sunshine In Pure Citrus Fcrmentobles 0BKm 1705 East Mann Road, Bartow, FL 33830 863 533-2498 • Fax 863 533-1225 « Law Offices BILLING. COCHRAN. HEATH. LYLES. MACRO A ANDERSON. P.A. frxixiac m he Souh FVnli mt» coommwO) mk« 1977. A V. from Manadik-lfcSUU The fentpecuheci m deiraae. ec«lK«l ml dcaul nulprMtice. hotpul. tuning heme ml kr Mk c ee U». pncTunctral liufjoca. •w»o«noNlt. prorate ml prodxu tubdity. «nl tpprlUu prxtac . (LAlIkJ (OCKKAY JX menus r.KLUii Pt-NMSr. LYII5 io«N w. ai o CAICOXVT. UOfXSCn W HOUR (HAM. kjnnfihw u x«.a ;r RaS«ARDD.CAY OMMlUVum BRIO vi luVtSXY CRi'CORS H U1VX HVbr.DtUClL ClSAldl-kMCHT SHAWN B. VRXAMIS V1VUN H FA JO T.OOttSmT.KRfZ M U I AMHRM CAROL KUASCO SJ RA L HAG.A.N 0 AMI 11-1mis JAMSB.MSMX MKMAfl V. BAXTTR KJUSTA K. MAYFIFXD raiuirw.THRON ASDRIAA A. Rill FRK r.C fllMA JISTIN 0 GROW UIMO VURCAVTOMO UK HAH J tAWm SK JOHN B. SUWR1 UK SX 3" Avme. SeMe 301 Fort l.auderdik, FI. 33316 (954)764-7150 (954) 764-7279 (IjcOmfle) 400 Aattrallaa Avraar. Satie 50 W« i Palm Beaek. FT. 33401 (561) 659-5970 (561) 659-4173 (FacMatilt) Integrity . . . of our product. . . of our people 3601 N. Kaeiy Fatal Drtw Fat . Salle 201 Taapa. FL 33607 (B13) 2 1-4671 (BI3) 2 9-774 (FatMmlk) Wb aro the Crsdit Union of Old Florida. f-l-o-r-i-d-a CAMPUS •mnciFxi Call 1 800 367-6440 and press 4 or visit today! NCUA I licitioos in CaiaisvHli. Lika City ul 8ula frw BnUnltsI CAMPUS ial Pnllix Pristil AIMS Uttar Markit laaa and Cl litis 5 CareMedic •••SYSTEMS QO qmens! 100 First Avenue South Suite 400 St. Petersburg, FL 33701 (727) 896-2731 ______________________________ CATALFUMO Construction and Development, Inc. Building South Florida, Block by Block OEvaoruEKT Headquartered in Southeast Florida’s Gold Coast Largest General Contractor in Palm Beach Count, 2nd Largest General Contractor in South Florida One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Florida FL 33410 561.694.3000 www.catalfumo.comCentral Florida Drywall Plastering, Inc. 3307 NE 2nd Street, Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 376 6606 fax: (352) 372-6606 Quality commercial work since 1982 We employ experienced craftsmen and have a professional staff We specialize in: Metal studs, Gypsum Wallboard, EIFS, Insulation, Metal Trusses, Stucco and Plastering ' «Froni C’ampus IU)dge Congratulations Seniors! Wc lake pride in supporting our support stafT. artopex A riJTinjturc , Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! P.O. Box 399, 571 W. Kings Highway Center Hill, Florida 33514 352-793 3671 • Fax: 352-793-2227 I] 329W. MEADE COLLINSWORTH CPCU, ARM, AIM, AAI Management Professional Liability Specialist LEE R. FOWLER, AAI Construction Insurance Specialist of Collinsworth, Alter, Fowler, Dowling French Group, Inc. PO Box 9315 Miami Lakes, FL 33014-9315 e-mail: Dade: (305) 822-7800, Ext. 254 Broward: (954) 463-8601 Fax: (305) 362-2443 1-800-822-9303 The Only A E Pronet Member in Florida Trtsk “Ho Trills ?7 C’fruse-tfM] hl C'le.urWfrte.r, Tl (7Z7) Z10-V1? 0 Itujyor Outdoor Pininy wwwxrfrVbykilU.tofa '1° a -bo 0 tz CL hy- Ctve c . — Wiki- jo oc jl-JrKUt fail riict. jfue L- UXul «o y PHONE 232-1401 CURA SOD COUP, SODDING CONTRACTORS BAHIA — ST. AUGUSTINE — FLORATAM BITTER — BLUE — BERMUDA Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! 6006 N. 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33610Spray ‘N Play GO GATORS! Com-Pac Spray 'n Play, Inc. 1323 West Church Street Jacksonville, Florida 32204 C 0 S C H N CONSTRUCTION Congratulations Class of 2006! To lean} alwui career opportunities with one of the fastest growing companies in South Florida, nr invite you to contact us at: CAIUNKTS • APPUANCKS • PLUMBING FIXTURES IUhm .biuiti Htffy S0tx Contractors Choice Supply 5555 Anglers Avenue, Suite IA Fort hinder dale, Florida 35512 Phone 954.620.1000 Fax 954.620.1001 mni. coscanhomes. com Congratulations to the Class of 2006 Wc invite graduate to i it our career pane at mvw.rout • |»t»Jctpo(1 0 nmrtrr | «k«n • Fc 1 Mmv. VVwxli X»l 3 i] 331HATS OFF TO THE GRADUATING CLASS A COMPLETE LINE OF TILE, MARBLE AND SUPPLIES NINE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS wit) ;i ?m?4 b m—oohwwo 1685S 'jutr to.wi I IWIIS tXi»»w, 83W NW S»«« n 33V3 II 3)151 ft X3166 '••it rVv«l HM.MO 147CO I4W 4 . V»..« It 3W5 IVn n,f 54 0J»JO66 1551 N Kwwli FW w H )XW» Wf Wish You The Best of Luck! a n i56u «w? 81 S Caqm «• CM » II 3)4 5 Omnia (40 ?) » «?; 4 55 (Won O CkUnta II 3 808 r- - «nKM56i 4784 4 3346 4 5 5»w« W ftnbjth ll 3340T GanxyuUulcdiand, The First Step to o Beautiful Home is Stepping into D B Tile CUSTOM . Plastic Card Company’ Website: DAIQUIRI DECK Siesta 7Zey, Conida “Sarasota’s Favorite Place To Meet” Located on Beautiful Siesta Key Florida 25 Frozen Daiquiries and combinations Full Menu American and Caribbean Cuisine Happy Hour Daily 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 5250 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34242 (941) 915-0302 Visit us online: www.daiquirideck.comr WE’RE PROUD OF OUR STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!.. —AND WE CELEBRATE THEM! David Hurst Junior-History UF Baseball Team trm Courtney Moyer Junior-Sports Mgmt. iptist Collegiate Ministries Austin Lohman Sophomore-Political Science UF Air Force ROTC Ann Marie Denning Sophomore-Recreation Event Mgmt. UF Phi Mu Sorority deermeadows Kyle Cooper • Julie Cromer • Laura Edwards • Wes Edwards Chris Gleeson Senior Civil Engineering Chris Gleesor Baptist Collegiate Ministries • Mike Gleezon • Jonathan Kay Logan Walker DEERMEADOWS BAPTIST CHURCH 9780 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32256 (904) 642-2200 Spiffing mu r on± iuc iont Mnc. Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! 3830 Airfield Court West Lakeland, FL 33811 863-644-1211 • Fax: 863-647-1865 w w w.d i vgloba 1 .com SiUNufJ1™ DESSa uii. DitgggHDMDA Congratulations Class of 2006! Congratulations To The Class of 2006! Cong atuCat ions CCass 0 2006! "Make the most of your set), for tfuxl is atT there is of you. " -KaCjyfi 'WaCdo ‘Emerson "Try not. ‘Do or do not. There is no try." yodd CHRYSLER Jeep Winter Haven ....... 299 Cypress Gardens Blvd., Winter Haven, FL 776 Bennett Dr. Longwood, FL 32750 (407) 830-510017624 Dccnvood Park Blvd., South Jacksonville, I L 32256 904-724 6045 Fax 904-721 -2496 Congratulations! Class of 2006 Rinker School of Building Construction Graduates General Contractors - Design-Build - Construction Management 2 Best of Luck University of Florida Graduates! Help uk deliver tomorrow' proce volution today- Visit u at w ww.«pxairtrvattm‘nt.coni SPX Treatment A part of the Florida community. SPX Air Treatment i recognized worldwide for comprehensive product diversity and excellence in manufacturing practice . We have gained strong brand and market leadership po»ition% by inventing in improved technologic and strong talent. At SPX Air Treatment, we work in a fast-paced and goal-driven environment definrd by demanding leadership stand.n ds. Our employee are our l»e l assets. They continuously strive to exceed their commitments to the organization and valued customers. We welcome the opportunity to open our glottal door to you and guide you toward many outstanding carter path within SPX Air Treatment. Ifyou are enthu ia lic. motivated, and have the skill and determination to flourish in an ever-changing environment, we are ready to hear from you! Headquarter, — Ocala, Florida336 [ CONGR AT U LATION S University of Florida Class of 2006 Incorporated Loaders in Liquid Silicone Molding 10610-75th Street Largo, Florida 33777 FIDELITY FEDERAL Fidelity Federal Bank Trust is committed to helping our customers find solutions to their financial needs and improving the quality of life in our community. COME AND BE A PART OF THIS TEAM! NOW HIRING in Palm Beach County, Broward County and The Treasure Coast For details ond opportunities, visit or coll 561-803-9989 Congratulations to the Class of 2006 You can reach us at 800-226-13- } or visit our website at Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. Congratulates the Gator Class of 2006 A fully integrated cGMP contract manufacturing organization (CMO) of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for prcclinical and Phase 1 11 III clinical trials. With over 14 years experience as an independent contract manufacturer, GBI has worked with companies of all sires from small university spin-offs to major research institutes, government agencies and large established companies. 100+ clients served. 80% repeat business Always seeking biology’ majors. Email resume to Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. 1850 NW 69th Avenue Plantation, FL 33315Here in our laboratory, every day is a new adventure. Ain't science fun? Mk Roataf hisFtuuj or B Marine S|ie nccs VISIT: www an! akr groups studcnts.c f m Bay Islands 7 niqht ill-inclusive 5tudent Group pockoqes from 675 per diver ( S75 non-d.tir) APAOI 5-Star Gold Palm Rcvxt . . ‘i .'.afafalUVaMiwiWUVi-tv • Cal mention promotion code Ur Ob 0OO.227.3403 954.g29.00g0 ij 337338 [AAvtrt«mentsJ Macon, Inc. of Southwest Florida has more than earned the esteem of the building trades industry. Specializing in both commercial and residential work, Macon has been involved in concrete and masonry projects all over the Southwest Florida area for more than a decade. The professionals at Macon understand the need for problem-free service and have the nonpareil ability to foresee problems before they disrupt the project. Macon will strive for the finished project that is exactly what you wanted. Many years of working with general contractors, engineers, architects and designers has enriched Macon to be efficient and detailed in minimizing overruns and keeping the project on schedule and on track. With safety, quality and teamwork, Macon handles every concrete and masonry construction job with a passion and precision that is second to none. State Certified Contractor: CGC 1510116 If you are looking to start a successful career in Southwest Honda with the area's leading concrete and masonry general contractor, we invite you to learn about our current opportunities. Either visit our website at or contact us: Human Resources 24311 Production Circle Bonita Springs, Florida 34135 Phone 239-949-0807 Fax 239-949-4956 An Equal Opportunity Employer Since 1952 Phillips and Jordan, Inc. has been providing quality construction services across the country to a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. P J's areas of operations include land clearing, site development, heavy civil construction, and disaster recovery services. To keep up with the ever growing Florida market, we have career opportunities available in our Florida heavy construction group. This division's primary focus is on commercial, industrial, and residential site development. If you have what it takes to succeed in our challenging and fast paced environment, contact us. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE ph 813.783.1132 fax 813.783.3140• Construction Management • Construction Administration • Sales • Customer Satisfaction • Land Acquisition Development • Product Development • Supply Management • Finance • Information Technology ® •• ■ I L- •' feJ TOUSA IS THE PLACE TO BUILD YOUR CAREER At TOUSA, you will learn by doing and working with other associates who are the best in their field. You will have Job empowerment, gain and share knowledge by sharing best practices, and grow in your career right along with the company. At TOUSA we achieve high quality results by doing the right thing, hard work, and focus. Here are some facts about the TOUSA Family: Today, TOUSA (NYSE:TOA) is a leading homebuilder and financial services company operating throughout Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, Texas and the West. We are a national homebuilder with local ambitions, connecting a family of powerful local brands to a network of world-class resources. TOUSA designs, builds and markets high-quality detached single family residences, town homes, and condominiums. We offer homes to “first time' homebuyers, “move-up' homebuyers, transplants to a new city, vacation and second home buyers, and "empty-nesters" looking for an active community lifestyle. We market homes under leading brand names including Engle Homes, Newmark Homes and Trophy Homes. In addition, TOUSA offers a variety of financial services such as mortgage financing, title insurance, homeowners insurance and closing services, to both TOUSA homebuyers and other real estate buyers. We market our financial services under brand names including Preferred Home Mortgage, Universal Land Title, and Alliance Insurance and Information services. For more information about joining the TOUSA team anywhere across the country, please contact Karen Hoffman at 281-243-0151 or ;] 339[ 3uxu WAApy] OK Skin and Body since 1967 Congratulations, Class of 2006 Want a career you can feel good about? Consider joining our team. nhattan Ave., Tampa, FL 33614-7650 : For Information call 1-800-237-4270 www. a u brey-organ ics. com Care Eckerd Youth Alternatives CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 2006 We invite you to bring your skills and talents to EYA. Make More Than a Living Make a Difference.Discover The Difference At Sea Star line. k» rmvon is clear —to exceed our customers expectations by provfdng the most irmovotne and Nfftcfl entity transportation services in the market Our service commitment o consistent « all tha we do—from the vessels we select and operate to the way we orgmue our Customer care teams. By msking retabbty and versa! ty the cornerstones of our operations, we hive developed a service offer mg and performance record that arc second to none. Experience the difference - call Sea Star line todiy. The Next -J'f J f' Years WilsgnMiller New Directions In Planning, Design Engineering 800-649-4336 • wiUonmillcr.com342 [Advert Arthur Rutenberg Homes congratulates the graduates from the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction. Now that you’ve earned your degree, arc you ready to start your career on a solid foundation? At Arthur Rutenberg Homes, we build more than great homes...we build great careers. For more than half a century, Arthur Rutenberg Homes has become synonymous with innovative design, quality craftsmanship and a unique style of building that is miles apart from others. It has also come to mean a great place to work! Arthur Rutenberg Homes offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities in our Clearwater corporate office, our ARH Design (Centers, and at our 30 franchised building companies throughout Florida and parts of Georgia and Alabama. We offer a great working environment, competitive salary and benefits, and the opportunity to learn front a legendary name in homebuilding... Arthur Rutenberg Montes. Arthur Rutenberg Homes Call 800-AR Homes (800-274-6637) or visit us on the web at AnhurRutenbeigHomes.comHOME Build your future. Join the KB HOME team. At KB HOME, we don't just build homes; we build careers. We'll give you the tools you need to be successful in a highly rewarding environment. And we promote from within—an average of 1,000 employees per year. A place called home. Since 1957, KB HOME has been one of America's premier homebuilders, with domestic operating divisions in many of the fastest-growing areas of the country. Kaufman and Broad S.A., the company's majority-owned subsidiary, is one of the largest homebuilders in France. • • industry-leading homebuilder for nearly half a century • rapidly expanding company with locations across the country As part of the KB HOME team, you'll enjoy: • a competitive compensation structure • an industry-best training program • safe working conditions and environment • potential for growth into management • opportunities in construction, land acquisition and development KB HOME builds in some of the fastest-growing areas in Florida, including Daytona, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Palm Coast, Port St. Lucie, Tampa, Vero Beach, Destin, Sarasota, and Lakeland. ■ I JJ 49 1 When you work for you are a part of o America's fastest-g most respected coi {terror's 500 Best Performing Companies Business Week S P 500: The Best Performers Forbes America's Best Big Companies Forbes America's Top 500 Companies Fortune America's Most Admired Companies Fortune 500 Largest American Companies Visit our website at: and submit resume online Or you can e-mail it to: ckGreenSouth Equipment, Inc. JoHn Deere Thomasville, GA 229-2264881 Hastings, FL 904-692-1538 Ocala, FL 352-351-2383 Tallahassee, FL 850-877-5522 Newberry, FL 352-472-2112 Orange Park, FL 904-272-2272 Cairo, GA 229-377-3383 Chiefland, FL 352-493-4121 Gainesville, FL 352-367-2632 Visit us at www.greensouthequipment.comVITAS INNOVATIVE HOSPICE CARE HospiceNursing... Career of a Lifetime VITAS, THE nation’s leading hospice provider, invites you to BRING COMPASSION AND COMFORT, QUALITY OF LIFE AND DIGNITY TO f OUR HOSPICE PATIENTS AND THEIR LOVED ONES. IMMEDIATE RN OPPORTUNITIES Programs throughout Florida and Nationwide Contact Us Today! Tel 800-950-9200 x.6018 Or visit us online and apply at • Flexible Hours • Comprehensive benefits package for full-time employees! • Supportive, friendly, family-like work atmosphere • Mentoring Program offering personal professional growth EOE AA M F D V Drug-Free Workplace WWWVITASCOM sk I'i Consumer Credit Counseling Service Conqratulations Class of 2006! Are you ready to purchase your first home or condominium? CCCS can assist you! • First time home buyer financial assistance • Up to $30,000 in select Florida counties Are you ready to take control of your credit card debt? CCCS can assist you! • Lower your interest rates • Lower your monthly payment • Protect your credit rating! (800) 741 7040 NOW. you CAN BUILD WALLS 10 HANG IT ON! masters in the fine art of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Masterpiece Homes would Mce to congratulate you on your graduation and. at die same time, invite you to consider a career in home building With us. Few careers are as rewardmg as this one. We help make the dream of homeownership come due for families of all shapes and sues And wo do it well Masterpiece Homes has an award winning reputation among our peers and our customers We're three divisions strong and growing - and we’d like you to come grow vwth us. Contact us at our corporate offices or through our website Let's build something together 300 Treemonte Drive Orange City. FL 32763 386.775.4137 www.masterpiecehomesflonda.comJoin our growing circle of care. Our growing circle of care means expanding choices for you. Our five Jacksonvtllc-area facilities offer exciting opportunities to be part of a unique, high-tech, family' centered environment. Be part of a skilled, caring team where your voice and experience arc valued. • 20-32 week Graduate Internship Programs in: Medical Surgical, Progressive Care, Critical Care Emergency • Expansion at our Downtown. Beaches and Nassau hospitals — plus the region's only childrens hospital. Wolfson Children’s Hospital • Addition of our brand-new hospital, Baptist South • quality rating for nurses, 10 years running • Opportunities to leam, grow and be challenged • Caring, supportive work environment • Competitive pay and benefits package As a regional leader. Baptist Health can offer you a multi-faceted workplace, providing you the opportunity to achieve the best in work life balance! For a complete list of available positions and to apply online, please visit us at: www.e-baptisthealth.coni careers. r_ RAPTIST tjl HEALTH Depend On Us For Lifer For The Future? At CHS We Have High Hopes Everyday! • Skilled Nursing • Rehabilitation • Adult Day Care • Home Health Care • Assisted Living • Special Education • Elderly Housing • Catholic Cemeteries Catholic Health Services 4790 North State Road 7 Lauderdale Lakes. FL 33319 (954)484-1515 www.catholichealthservices.orgktvrrtnemcd The Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority is committed to providing a better, safer and faster expressway system to improve the quality of life m Central Florida. Our system is a $4 billion community asset, funded by user fees, wtiich every day saves 110,000 Central Floridians something they cannot get back—time. ov rkere... (jje TCU. IQU. TOU. rou © ExpresswayAuthority.comen tre pre neur one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of business or enterprise. The entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind Earthcore Industries, Incorporated. Started by a student of the UF School of Building Construction in 1988, Earthcore Industrie's has flourished into eight regional sales offices, over 130 dealers and distributors nationwide and over 50 employees. Earthcore Industries offers an ideal environment for the entrepreneurial mind. An organized business structure, efficient team organization and an exceptional product line are but a few characteristics that help our company and employees grow. We invite you to learn more about our company and our products at: earthcore' INDUSTRIES, INC. 6899 Phillips Industrial Blvd. Jacksonville. FL 32256 p. 800-642-2920 f. 904 363-3408 Congratulations, 2006 Gator Grads! Now here’s something you can really hang your hat on: Everglades Direct, a leading business-to-busincss direct mail marketing company, has several job and internship opportunities in the following areas: • Sales • Database Marketing • Product Development • Brand Marketing • Creative Interested? To apply, go to click on "Job Opportunities" and e-mail your resume. Everglades Direct. Inc. W 6K [no»u»siitfApv)350 [Advwteemenu] Gustafson’s, LLC The Only Farmer-Owned Processor in Florida Congratulations Class of 2006 UF College of Agriculture P.O. Box 338, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF THE SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE I I CLASS OF 2006 ESMERALDA Esmeralda Far fcgan industry leading breeder, grower and distributor of premium quality, fresh cujjffivers. Based in Miami, Florida- Esmeralda Farms is a multinational corporation v tfjSrations in Holland, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. We spedSHze a vast selection of novelty flowers and distinguished bouquets. For more information, visit us at or call (800) 888-8994.Commitment To Service Excellence Great Florida Gulf Coast Locations Best Nurses, ’Best Choices Stake Medical Center Brandon Regional Hospital tratfjea. H. vwtivdoNi niiQspOctn LOmmUnliy nOSptQI WrwPMRKfcT.Fl mm ccrormfylnra con Doctors Hospital of Sarasota i. a idoctncfciusottcor Edward White Hospital SlPf fcr a wwMtfrfciWi Englewood Community Hospital .a Fawcett Memorial Hospital PwiCfciiefc.a Galt Coast Hospital RNym a MM OatCOtfSlOSOtt com Largo Medical Center Lvfc.a wwwUrpOTtfcalCOT UAittu Jta UmoiKI f rfOnitpoe nGSpudl 6 Tampa Bay Heart Institute St Prtrnfcgfl www .xrtadehcipu com Oak Hill Hospital StfVlWUl www otfMtospeu cor Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point COT Tuesday. 7JOamr Bi lung on my fovorilc bcocH. PI South Bay Hospital SfcCfcOttfw.a. W SO OlytlOSO£t COT Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center ft Mien, fl wwwswftmcCOT St. Petersburg General Hospital ftPtfmfcry a rawsttfigtntrafCOT HCAs commfnxnt to ncdfcnee in nursing is further eajenxd by the etcir nx .'a if schtdjty cebons. nme appreciifeon and rccognton programs; erMabte kxabon alon; the G J1 ot Msnco. home lo seme ot the rutonS Tot : are at Do otter hekri o®. and Pk potetol lor notes paduor. contn j WUlfW US But Vi HCATAMPABAY HCA SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Join one of these HCA affiliated hospitals today! rA i ni of our commitment to education and I he lommunities » • srrrr, nr'rr fir him! lo offer seholaiships in the arras A of Xurvitj; and rhormiuy M Excited about graduating? Fed the excitement everyday. i You’ll love what you do with Memorial Healthcare System 1 I As )XXJ emhirk on your CArcer rcuK, we invite you to ▼ I explore opportunities with a leader id cartng. As one d J the nwu ncufcle healthcAre vyvtetm in the ruoon Mctnoruu Health, aic Syvlcni can pvr you more opportunities to love v, lui vow A VeVe been W £ encourApn.e people to be iheir hot foe more dun lull a century. Anil luve built ooc .a ihc world s premier teams wuh a divert mix .4 imruls jnd rjJeni» l.xi.iy over 'i.vXV ySg dnven outMjndin pr.' -a. ek vvh:n ir jw.uJ wireim ')X ni loxtng wbx ilk-. Jo And now .xi un Dbcovrr why chocwing the nfjit first )oh can be ptvcul in setting the ma x lor xxu enure oner To Ajipf online or to learn more About die Memotul IlcAkhcArr System limilv. os .rvjjljblc scholarships and employment oppommmet. visa us .u .w.youcan ifipll our yofcbi I H8H 2SI-JOBS M Memorial llrnlllxnrv S xtcm Vlrmyul KrtkWlI llospHAl, llolhwux] for l)iVt w..Or hUmiXItnpul. llnlK«axl MmxUl Itmfwul 'csi. lYmfctokr Hiks Mcmfal UohwuI VUnuur. Miaanr Mrtnxul llmpul IVw n4t, IVmbeotr IW» Vlrnvxul 'linof. Urmtwir IWs VI. MMil w Wk w sywrim «IO W n ojwI ISC I LANDIS Strategy Innovation Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2006 The Future is Yours to Own Landis Strategy Innovation helps global brand leaders unlevel their playing field to generate sustainable and renewable sources ol profitable growth. We guide senior management in the right strategy decisions by empov ering them with breakthrough actions that close the growth gap. Visit us at http : www CongratuCations (graduates! Ready to take that next step towards your future? Work, live and play all in Pinellas County...the home of America’s 1 beaches, year round sporting activities and a rapidly growing professional job market. Let WorkNet Pinellas give you the opportunity to meet some of Pinellas County's top employers. CaroUrm Manni.x 38500 US Hwy 19 N Palm Harbor. FL 34683 EauA ctnannixirworinctpincllasorg Phone: 727-324-2846 Fax 727-324-2856 Wcbsrtc wxwvwnrVnctpmcItaorgOFAB is ISO 9001:2000 Registered AS9100A Compliant. Ofab is a state of the art contract manufacturer providing fabricated and machined components to original equipment manufacturers throughout the south. Since 1984 Ofab has produced millions of quality parts in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, from prototypes to production runs. ■ We are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of quality and service through technology, state of the art equipment, and the continuous improvement philosophy." 2817 NW8th Race- Ocala FL 34475 (352) 629-0040 - (888) 878-5882 - FAX (352) 629-7931 Congratulations Class of 2006! Interested in a career in...? ♦Great Benefits Engineering Human Resources Information Resources Accounting Logistics Sales ♦Competitive Salary ♦Leading Consumer Products Company -♦Co-op, Intern fi and Entry Level Programs Send resumes to: Georgia-Pacific, College Recruiting, 133 Peachtree St. NE Floor 24, Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 652-5463 iim GPjGeorgia-Pacific Palatka Pulp and Paper Operations www.gppalatka.com354 [, Tel: 407.298.8812 Toll free: 866.6FL.FIRE Fax: 407.297.5882 Corporate Office: 637 Triumph Court Orlando, FL 32805 Lie EF0001162 FIRE ALARM • SOUND NURSE CALL • INTERCOM CCTV • SECURITY 24 Hour Monitoring Commercial Industrial Licensed Insured AYNES . 1corporation FUEL INJECTION SYSTEMS PRECISION MANUFACTURING CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2006! For 34 years, Haynes Corporation has manufactured quality fuel injection systems and precision component parts for locomotive, marine, and industrial engine applications. Haynes has locations in Naples, FL and Norwalk, CA. Career opportunities available in: ■ Design Engineering ■ Process Engineering ■ Production Management ■ Quality Control ■ Sales ■ Accounting ■ 800.299.0111 ■ 3581 Mercantile Ave., Naples, FL 34104 Class of 2006! Come Grow With Us! Please consider us for your future! Locations Throughout North America For Career Opportunities Call our Employment Hotline: 800.355.5266 Managing Your Liquid Assets visit www.dbiservices.comJS8 I Advert TALLAHASSEE ORLANDO WWW.gOVSerV.COm dll over Florida to maintain and enhance the quality of life. Our unique special district COO management approach and experience in water wastewaier utility management make us a perfect choice for communities statewide. WE ARE PROUD PARTNERS WITH THE UF IFAS EXTENSION PROGRAM in many count across the state. This invaluable relationship helps us bring umely. accurate and vital information to the communities we serve. G S G OOvt HSVIST Mftvicts OMU IHC ancm GSG works with communities w life. RCYCKUC ALTIKNATMS UTIUTY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING TECHNICAL SERVICES For more than 22 years. Catalina Marketing has innovated the art and science of behavior-based marketing for many of the world's leading manufacturers and retailers. While the company is reaching new heights with the introduction of color communications, new geographies and channel expansion, the foundatxsn of Catalina remains m providing the most advanced services m behavor-based marketing - wherever and whenever consumer packaged goods are sold We also offer excellent growth opportunities and a professional work ermronment for people who strive for excellence. 888-322-3814 • CATAUNA MARKETING0 Jf 006 ybf 4 vt t' US 0r ffrs'r 0 ft s s s S0 rrr t 60 r v s tr r ' rfrJ ffis Jr rfrj y0t r6 s 's y trs 'Z f rs ss J rrrU. TW MCretrflW4.w« » A«.W wvrf .iM 1w -w».FV,imeS .FW fw M Wk Bw»«. »• «l l« ,4 .ey.TW.$w U □ TIIK RCLATtDCROUPOr nX)BIDA Congratulations, Gator Class of 2006! Express Consolidation wishes you 1. A Spotless Credrt Report 2. A Healthy Financial Future 3. Sound Money Habits Premier Source of Financial Knowldege and management (800)330 - 6982 wwwexpressconsolidabon org y l£l [SVJXUJWUfcW)] «t Jjvt 5% rff tkt Ocem Spectacular oceanfront, Udcefront, fairway and Intracoastal Waterway lurituj awaityoto Hammock Dunes, one of the Southeast's premier ocean front golf club comma-ntties offering Equity Ou6 membership, is located oktng Florida's Atlantic shoreline - just south of historic St Augustine. Hommock Dunes hos everything you could kvonf: residential options thot redefine what it means to live ot the ocean and two unique, yet exquisite, golf courses designed try renowned architects. The extraordinary omenities include the masterfuloceonside links course by Tom Fazio and the classic new Creek Course by Rees Jones. Coupled with the stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, the Hommock Dunes Clubhouse offers tennis ond seaside croquet os well os casual ond fine dining. Cali 1-800-552' 1136 or visit,. Hammock Dunes L 7W Ocean front Cjolf Qtmmunity Hammock Otuur Real L stale Company Humber Tin UmUo del Mat, Palm. Coast, FlcruU 32137 1 00-552-1136 - 386-446-6200 »■•«» «l •»» O © Hor r if Men VKtation wt wb rr tr m ajt «cf«» a Crf cos »»J cxtfouv rt $r- rt rtA « c WP q«r t=I r--.-—-UfYB XX experience is everythine WCI Communities, Inc., Florida’s premier builder of award-winning communities, is growing. Dynamic Project and Construction Managers who strive for excellence and enjoy a fast-paced environment are invited to join the WCI Team. Opportunities are available in our Tower and Homebuilding Divisions. For consideration, visit www.' WCI Communities, Inc. “Congratulations, Graduates! ” WCI Communities, with over 30 luxury communities and growing, would like to say:Tlic Bonita Bay Group has established very high standards for our master planned communities, and our employees. And as the company grows we’re always looking to attract talented individuals to help us create enjoyable and rewarding work environments. We’re searching for qualified candidates who share our core values • professional pride, a positive attitude and personal integrity. If you're looking for a career with a company that helps employees to Ik- and do their In st, and you share our commitment to excellence, we’d lose to hear from you! To learn more, visit a ftnnlr. The Bonita Bay Croup Hunt la Hay • Medilrrra • Sandoval • Shadow Wood Preserve • TwinF.anles • Verandah ,] 359RIPA Associates, Inc. Civil Utility Constructors A family-owned company founded in 1990, offering a wide range of construction services. RIPA is a full GONGR ATGLATIONS! service site development company specializing in grading, paving and stormwater detention facilities, water, sanitary sewer (gravity, forcemains and lift GO GATORS! stations) and storm water systems. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2006 RAVE LLC wishes the University of Florida Class of 2006 the best of luck in your future endeavors. RAVE Our company is a leading Florida manufacturer of capital equipment, serving the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology industries. Our nanomachining products are instrumental in shaping 21 st Century technology development. We are continually searching for bright, creative, innovative engineers and scientists to assist in our growth plans and future success RAVE LLC 430 South Congress Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33445 Phone (561) 330-0411 Visit us at http: INJanomachiningYOU WERE PASSIONATE ABOUT EARNING YOUR DEGREE. NOW BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR CAREER. We offer our employees the TOOLS needed to be PASSIONATE about their careers in Real Estate Development. They provide us with EXCELLENCE in service and development. To learn more about the DYNAMIC career opportunities with a Real Estate Development Company, visit GrayHawk Group's website at GrayHawk Group of Companies, a LEADER in real estate development specializes in planning, engineering, permitting, development construction of MULTI MILLION DOLLAR real estate projects throughout the United States. 1 -866-GRAYHAWK GWMMmVK ,7 . A — ■onsttuction has more than 6 decades of +•1 1 rience with Build a Better Future Odebrecht values individuals. We invest in talented people and train them in a practical work environment under the guidance of seasoned leaders. This creates a stable work environment with low employee turnover. Well-trained teams ultimately benefit our clients, who gain a highly motivated group working on their behalf. 2006! e In the US For career opportunities. contact us at 201 ARtamfcra Circl . Sirta 1 Coral Gablaa. Florida S304 P 90S 341-MOO F« 305 509.1300 www odabract oop i r i i i i J S 4 a VNertaemcnts] 3611VI.T, CAUSLEY, INC. CONSTRUCTION INSPECTIONS. TESTING CONSULTING Congratulations to the Gator Graduating Class of 2006 Providing Inspection and Plans Review Services to Private Industry, Higher Education Facilities (including the University of Florida), Healthcare Facilities and Municipalities 97 N.E. 1 5th Street Homestead, FL 33030 (305) 246-0696 V 3 Congratulations University of Florida Graduates Dedication Experience Teamwork WEST PALM BEACH PORT ST. LUCIE SARASOTA 561.689.4299 772.343.9787 941.379.0621 DE T offers a casual, yet professional working aimosphoro for people who strive lor r I IVII CI DCD CD excellence. Established In 1994. DE T is a 110- - person M-service. professional U U 11 l L L D L l U L l onginooring firm specializing in geotechnical, construction materials testing and ENGINEERING TESTING, INC. Inspection, and environmental services. DE T is a rapidly growing, dynamic firm offering excellent career opportunities tor gootochnical. environmental, and construction engineers. Internship positions available. DFWP EOEPinnacle Medical Croup... neipiny yuu take your career to new heights Pinnacle Medical Croup is committed to helping young doctors like you gain the experience they need to work, grow and contribute to one of the area's leading medical facilities. With multiple offices throughout the area, including the development of a new 18.000 square foot medical complex in Bradenton and a 16.000 square foot expansion to our urgent care facility. Pinnacle will continue to offer endless opportunities to take your medical career to new heights. Our patients choose us because of our dedication to provide the very best in comprehensive quality medical care. And providing the best possible medical care starts with choosing the best doctors and treating them right, if you're interested in a challenging and rewarding career, we invite you to discover Pinnade Medical Croup - the ideal place to make a difference in your life and the lives of your patients. Pinnacle MEDICAL GROUP “ companionate healthcare tram committed to the best in tomprrhmsive quality medical care." 94i.761.1998 7252 Manatee Avenue West • Bradenton. Fl 54209Inspire an entire community. And call it a career. Making a difference in people's lives. Caring for our neighbors. And working together to protect the health and well-being of more than 8 million Floridians. This is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida and its subsidiaries, and this could be you - inspiring families and friends and the entire community. In addition to being an important part of one of the nation's preeminent companies, at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida you will receive competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits and. of course, the opportunity to do amazing things with your career. l-or immediate consideration, visit our website and click on Careers with Us w u w.bebsll.eoin linGuard tas installed more than , windows 1W5 ONE’S Find your window of opportunity! Cusrom Windows and Doors WinGuortT Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors aro popular w h homeowners because theyre l______________ We?6 f humcar e codes in the nation. and thoy'ro effortless, unlfce shutters or plywood. PGT'. the naton's leadng manufacturer and supp'ior of resident ! impact-revstant windows and doors, is a'so a popular place to work On© of tho state s largest manufacturing employers, with opportunities m professional, tochmcai. sales, marketing and manufacturing. | Visibly Better. Visit and click caraers or call 1-877-550-6006.aa. s Adjustable Elbows PERFORATED DIFFUSER PSR PERF DIFFUSER REMOVABLE FACE 4 WAY PATTERN INLET COLLARS MUST BE FIELD INSTALLED 3611 NW 74 STREET Miami, FL 33147 339-2290 Ceiling Radiation Damper Boxes -ARI. Rated 1 boor) -V-J or lop ooelrt available -R 4 2 or H 40 Available ■ Available Mm : 6 6" to ISiir USP PERF RETURN REMOVABLE FACE WITH FILTER IHH PDB SQUARE CONE DIFFUSER MOLDED R-6 FIBERGLASS PLENUM Long Tab Collars •Available OpIlMa: Snap Daaper Cart r stud air -Available Sim : 4‘ lo2T Access Doors •Model IIS(btot «■ IIMdoot4e c aai) ooheraal daoe ■M«Wi 140 t»J 101 for axial dart •Modrh II tad III for Ibce m doff •AtadaMe Mm : 4 4 to 24 24" 521 Ceiling Radiation Damper Boxes •ARL Rated AvadaMe K-4.2 or R-44 •Side ootlel Uaodard ■Atubldr Sim : 4 4" to 20 20" Dynamic Fire Dampers •Modrf ISI AOtelaral'Wuootel) •Available with factor laUalietl i (IT to 14% aod or a a lev ir UL raird [ aam : 4i6 la 24 24 Galvanized Roof Vents -A ailablr »itb collar and Or daaptr ■Available bright : Uaodard. tall, or ritra tall ■ Available Sura : 4" to 14” CUBECORE REMOVABLE FACE SCFIU PRF LOUVERED FACE T-BAR PANEL Register Boxes with Collars •A aaM4e »Hb R-4.2 or R-4d -AvadaMe »Mb • Mooaded corner for added alet ■ Other oaodclt available (HI 81 R-6 UNIVERSAL BACK ALLOWS FOR FIELD CUT-OUT AND INSTALLATION OF COLLARSnary technology? global opportunities! Siemens Power Generation (PG). headquartered in Orlando. Florida, is the regional business entity in the Americas for Siemens Power Generation's global fossil power generation business. With more than 8.000 employees and operations all across the US and Canada, the company offers a full spectrum of gas and steam turbine-generator technology; world-class process control and power management systems; operations and maintenance support; power plant modernization and upgrades; fuel cells for the distributed generation market and environmentally compatible wind turbines. We hire creative thinkers who have the unlimited energy to meet the challenges of a successful global business, in a rewarding atmosphere geared to innovation and exploration. Siemens, our parent company, is one of the largest employers on earth, giving us the potential to give more power to you. See us online @ powergeneration SIEMENS M ti the pofccy C Swum flower Generation. me. to net dnerimrotr on ff buis at race. gender. erred. color, age. rt gwn. national or n. OwWfy or veteran jtatuv and to provide equal employment opportunity. Power Generation(jcowc H. Warren Corporation is a diversified petroleum products marketing organization, that distributes, trades and exchanges refined petroleum products in the Gulf Coast. Midwest and East Coast. The major portion of the Company’s activities is concentrated in the heating oil and gasoline markets. Additionally, the Company enters into forward commitments to purchase and sell petroleum products in the cash market, and also buys and sells product futures and option contracts on regulated exchanges. Originally based in Boston. MA since its inception in 1907. the owners decided to relocate the Company. 30 employees and their families, to Vero Beach in 1989. The Company occupied 12.000 square feet in a two-story office building for 13 years, and recently relocated to new space on the second floor of a prestigious building over-looking Veto’s beach on the Barrier Island. 3001 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach. Florida 32963 • 772-778-7100 CREATE THE GRAND EXPERIENCE. We’re Hilton Grand Vacations Company - a strong reputable industry leader filled with talented, passionate people just like you. We’re doing some fantastic things in our industry and would love to have you be a part of it. It’s a unique opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of a lot of people -and in your own career as well. We’re having a wonderful time - wish you were here! For more information or to apply online, visit us at and click on careers. click on careers Hilton Grand Vacations Company EOE AA370 [. Enabling the world's commerce... one transaction at a time™. Information: Opportunity: FIRST DATA Construction Grads We Are Looking to Grow Our Team First 1 Ionic Builders of Florid.1 is a part of the K. Hovnaman building family, a top 10 homebuilder in the U.S.We are based in Cape Coral. Florida, with operations growing throughout Southwest Florida. If you are looking for a great career in the industry, tins is the company for you. We offer excellent benefits, and great career advancement. Our staff of over 700 employees in our Southwest Florida office work together as a team, allowing us to he the largest builder in the region. 1 riRST lnoMt IUULDKKS OF FLORIDA «K HwwnUn Cc«0a«9 For career information please visit our website: or e-mail Ryan Benson at: rbcnsonffl Uniqueness: FLORIDA HOSPITA1 Fish Manorial ohers |ust I lie opportunities you need to drover your hidden talents, as you provide deeply meaningful care that lieaK ll»e mind, body and sprit. Career Positions For New Grads Croduate Nunn: Receny a S4.S00 Sign-On Bonus with o 4-year degree • Close To Orlando Daytona Beach • Atm leading Benefits Package • Orientation. Training ht I due at ion • Not-for-Protit. 119-Bed fadity • Spiritual Environment H More Our taah based twoitlxarc environment n a wonderful pkxc to explore our goals, your dreams and your future, fan us today and celebrate (he joy of your unique potential! For more information and to apply, please visit: Or e-mail: tarin. I awrence f Fax:386-917-5282 Fl ORIHA HOSPITAl Phone: 800 529 1077 IfcgQ . lot. Ou iw huh Memorial 4 S Ttt m IItjMi Sett FLORAQUATICS, INC. 15720 Okeechobee Rd. Loxahatchee, FL 33470 A Palm Beach County, F.D.O.T., S.F.W.M.D. Hillsborough Certified M W DBE Firm (866) 791-7957 (561) 791-7957 Fax: (561) 791-2015 Good Luck Class of 2006!PHKmK«uticji Drttributort Pharmaceutical Sales New Business Development Representative BioMed Plus, a Pharmaceutical Distributor in the South Miami area, specializing in plasma derivatives, is looking for New Business Development Representatives. Full-Time inside positions. Responsible for generating leads with a goal of ultimately prospecting secunng clients. These posilions require a high level of client contact through heavy cold calling and follow-up. If you have excellent oral and written communication skills and possess the ability to build business in a competitive environment, give us a call! These are entry-level positions with growth opportunity. Applicants must be proficient in Windows. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Benefits include health insurance and 40IK plan. Please contact Francis at 800-809-2308 or (305) 666-0389 Congratulations Class of 2006 Cain and Bultman, Inc Jacksonville, FL Come work for one of the most well established construction companies in Southwest Florida... FREDERICK DERR COMPANY INCORPORATED 3801 North Orange Avenue Sarasota, FL 34234 (941)355-8575 Specializing in road building and site preparation for over 40 years. parkins structures • architectural concrete • bridges manufacturing facilities • stadiums • correctional facilities Dur.i - Stress Inc. Pfrilrened And Architectural Precast Concrete Products Since I Dura-Stress The Solution ofChoiccat UF PO. Box 490779 • LccsOur$, Florida 34749-0779 800)349-9939 • Fax 359)787-0080 www [ Advert ivno] 371U Hallmark Construction '“t Industries, Inc. Hallmark Construction Industries, Inc. Certified Florida General Contractor CBC002798 Business over 15 Years Hallmark Services Include the New Construction of Commercial, Retail, Medical, Restaurant, and Office Space Including Tenant Buildouts Satisfied Clients Include: Bassett Furniture Tropical Smoothie General Nutrition Center CheeBurger CheeBurger Wing Zone Equity One, Inc. Urban Retail Properties Lennar Homes AirTime Technologies, Inc. Branch Locations in Ocala and Orlando 1-800-813-6007 For More Information Contact Us at: Corporate Office 6415 Lake Worth Rd., Suite 203 Lake Worth, Florida 33463Full-time Opportunities Nationwide Internships and Scholarships Also Available Marketing sales INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Construction Management accounting Finance Purchasing Estimating Land Development Top Ten national builder Competitive salaries and industry leading benefits Continuing education through Bcazer University Building in over 40 markets across the U.S. Fortune magazine “Most Admired” Company Building quality homes and communities since 1952 A model of financial strength and stability oc s r Learn more about this dynamic company, Beater Hornet it am tqua! opportunity employer listed on the New York Stock Kxctuuigc (NYSK:BZH) HZ I374 [Advert . Marble Granite, Inc. Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! Marble • Granite Travertine • Limestone 6267 Lee Ann Lane Naples, FL 34109 Tel: 239-366-7402 Fax: 239-566-3359 N Opportunity. NOW SURJACINQ. i An Urj an Oasis on Tampa's Waterfront New Port {)Wtar (hr rihj met (hr !wj. I Ie9art Tcwmhomr charming VAjge Rais and lavish Tcwver Rr fcrK«wi arise dong 52 acres of re-imagined Twnpa vwj cricr . An incredWe opportunity An incomparable Hcstyfc An IrreshaWe new adekesv For more hbtmation vrs New Pod or cal800 940 NPTB{6782). Sdhri erkrwd P KXXFCXr fc , Thr SacsOxp rtf'- Bui M u Mr J -1; ,, l ljn .(n uf u « l»n n.l|.". BUCB Eastern Financial -to your Advantage Attention Graduates: the possibilities are endless with the right financial partner. As a Member of one of the notion's largest credit unions, you con take odvontoge of o full ronge of finoncial services: • FREE Checking • FREE Online Bonking • FREE Unlimited Bill Poyer Low-rale outo loans ond up to 100% financing AutoAdvisors - FREE eiperl ossistonce when buying your neit outo Variety of mortgoge options, including the First-Time Homebuyer's Program - with NO points and NO PMI Eosy occess to o finoncial plonner Boot. Motorcycle ond Jet Ski Loans A Join us today! Congratulations Class of 2g0fy For more information call: (954) 704-5000 • (305) 882-5000 • (800) 882-5007 visit us $ YES3« EASTERN FINANCIAL Florida Credit UnionBUILD YOUR FUTURE with G.W. Robinson Builders Join Xorth Floridasleading builder of custom homes in sales, construction, customer service, purchasing, administration or community development. For more then «? years, uv luive been dedicated to integrity and gua ity in our homes and employees. G.W. ROBINSON liUll.OER H DEVELOPER Equal opportunity employer. Drug-free workplace. _________________________________________________ 6208 NW 43 Street Gainesville. FL 32653 (352) 373-1724 HARE |LUMBER READY-MIX, INC. Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! 425 East Haiti, Clcwiston, Florida 33440 863-983-8144 • Fax (863) 983-0259 Heat P pe Tocnnotogf r a high-tech corrparTy founded, gro n and operated by U? AGmm We •pecotee « both re«Jcrti»i and commceoai apptceton lo peonde • Comfort Health • Energy Severe • Hurrwtty Control Congratulations to the Class of 2006 Heat Pipe Technology. Inc. 4340 NE 49th Ave GamesvAe. FL 32609 Phono 352-367-0999 vww heatpipo com Humidity Control • Energy Recovery • Indoor Air Quality' Baltimore Copiers • Printers • Fax Machines 800-886-2329 For career opportunities go to mmPioyami mx) fWWihei » Jw as to cndirssand th porrfcal Iv «it«n«civ m tr touc » INNOVATE. INTEGRATE. INVEST. OUR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. LEARN MORE ABOUT PR06RESS ENERGY'S ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP ANO INITIATIVES. Visit us at to read or request a copy of our 2004 environmental report. CMOS P S7W» li Ht IW K At Progress Energy, we're committed to Imdmg new ways to produce energy cleanly and ertoentty WTech is why we're utfiang some o the most cwovative technology in the world to reduce air emissions and mprove water quality. The rcfcnctess pursue oftKC« ence It's what we re ai about )£ Progress Energy People. Performance. Excellence.378 [ Congratulations To The Class of 2006 Harold Holland Development, Inc. 129 Juniper Way Tavares, Florida 32778 lc left the erf phene 1 heme and dug cur tea mo the und Turned off the TV and bvik the worij't btffcu udctnie Soaped ctMMdof art and couaxd mn teasead- Ate madao oe Thunda Pla tenw and pinhrf Thumb wrestled to determine uhowoukd deep in the bunk bed in cur nmome juruor tune We wmdmrfcd and incrkded. Plated pun pen geff in the morning and id cannceihala undo the nooedghe. Thu n a Wi dran vjocm, -----(®) Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort Sjui 4XC Sandutu Bhd So , DttM. Flor a 335M • 1 190 3 71271 • mm urdetteteactoto coo I HEISORY CORPORATION 1650 Hemlock Street Tampa, FI. 813-241-9206 Hendry Corporation Proudly Serving the Needs of our Nation’s Maritime Defense Team U9CGC Tempest IMPLANT INNOVA TIONS, INC. A BIOMET COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 2006! implant Innovations. Inc. 4555 Riverside Drive Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 800-443-8166 ooo DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS, INC Congratulations To The Class of 2006! 7101 NW 32nd Avenue Miami, FL 33147 Systems, Inc. The Leader in Intelligent Controls l-Con Systems, Inc. is a state of the art company revolutionizing water and energy conservation through innovative and technologically superior electronic control systems. 1724 West Broadway Street Oviedo, Florida 32765 Phone: (407) 365 - 6241 Fax: (407) 365 - 7944 http: www. i-consystems. com Congratulations to the Graduating Class l) 379GE . Capital Solutions Congratulations to the class of 2006 from GE - Capital Solutions, Technology Finance GE - Copeol Solution . Technology f nonce G€ - Copital Solutions. Technology f nonce provides o full range of brond-independent JO31H Rociypont Dr W fnoncing solutions for technology assets Suite 400 Tompa.fl 33607 Our fooncing ond osset monogement progrom gne customers the fleubJity to stay current 813-513-5400 vMth today's kjtest technology ond heps preserve capital for other busness needs www ge com 200G CHRYSLER TOUJN S COUNTRY • The Industry's First And Only Stow TV Co Seating And Storage System 200G MEW GRAND CUEROKSE • Five-Star Government Crash Test Rating • Standard Electronic Stability Program™ • Best-In-Class Cargo Capacity’ • Five-Star Government Crash Test Rating 2006 CHRYSLER RT CRUISER •2.4 Liter 150 Horsepower Engine • Standard 3.7L V6 Engine • Best-in-Class Available Towing of 7,200 lbs™ 2006 JEER WRANGLER • COMMANO-TraC PART-TIME 4WD System a 2006 JEER LIBERTY •Fne-Stor Government Side Crash Test Rating 2006 CHRYSLER 300C SEE YOUK LOCAL CUKYSLEK OK JEEV VEALEK TODAY! CHRYSLERCOM 1-800-CHRYSLER . |OOn JttPCOM UVV|J 1-800-925-JEER : wad oo 2006 nc Wiocr conpeiirt rowons. EkMk otter DotafaOiiptcr pwdxts. AtofS (few n»ff consafcrt wrfi ccnfccrc H of wor yew act beit HCTJ w end obey css 1 Wf » pioperfy (QjfpK Chrysler, Jeep and Stow 'N Go ore registered trodemorks of DoimkfOqrsJer Corporation.Good Luck Grads! fa Louis Dreyfus Citrus I p | 8 A multi plant citrus processor and packer. Equal Opportunity Employer (407) 656 1000 MIDWEST STEEL.INC 2525 E. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48211 313-873 2220 e-mail: AlSC Crrtficd A jnccd Stcd Crfttor ISO 9002 Quaky Meridian PERSONAL. GLOBAL. t t Meridian Aviation, Inc. Stuart. Florida Aircraft Management Global Jet Charter Aircraft Sales Toll-Free: 1-877-Flight-O Mainline: 1-772-463-5858 Pahn Beach Mew York Los Angeles Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! Lumber • Plywood • Moulding Doors • Hardware • Drywall 2449 NE Avenue, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Tel: 954-537-0444 • Fax: 954-537-1415 E-mail: laudlumber@lx4lsouth.netCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2006 FROM ticto f oors coti utac ( o te t for yc«, ficr6on t i antf tro cun aa y. Founded in 1925. Masonite is known worldwide for product innovation and commitment to the I t fiuto isa j a • building industry. Masonite's wide range of products add beauty and elegance to any home. Masonite International Corporation 1-800-663-3667 Congratulations Graduates! Martin Professional The Worldwide Leader in Intelligent Lighting -Concerts -Theatre -Nightclubs -Television and Film -Architectural and Retail Martin www.martinpro.comFinally, a Prepaid Service That’s Straight Forward You can have all the conveniences of cellular and nationwide service without signing a contract. The smart way to own a cell phone is the pay-as-you-go way. More and more people arc graduating from complicated plans, inflexible contracts and lots of hidden charges to the simplicity of NET 10. Pick up a NET 10 phone online or at a nearby retailer for under $30.Then buy airtime cards as you need them, paying just 10 cents a minute, anytime to anywhere in the U.S. People are getting wise to NET 10. Maybe you should, too. netIo PAY AS YOU GO MADE SIMPLE “There is no education like adversity!” -Benjamin Disraeli • • • Academic Publication Services 3131 Clark Road, Suite 101 Sarasota, FL 34231 335JSI 1 111111111111111111 protective shutter Completely transparent hurricane shutters Made with GE Lexan XL10 Miami-Dade Approved (877) 834-6188 Join Florida’s top independ- ent accounting firm. SP;: BEST PLACES TO WORK Voted the best place to work in South Florida KAUFMAN ROSSI NH p A PROFESSIONAL V U. ASSOCIATION sex. otvoNO tk NuMOtna www. kauf manrossin .conVcareers Get a taste of our award-winning workplace for yourself, and see just how refreshing a job with Leesburg Regional Medical Center or The Villages Regional Hospital can be! • 1 Top Company For Working Families (Orlando Sentinel) • Great Benefits Package • Commitment To Life Work Priorities • Learning Growth Opportunities • Unique Scheduling Options More Visit us at or call 352-323-5235. EOE. r Ampak i (S V GO GATORS!! MONITOROUTLET is proud to support the University off Florida Do Plastics Turn You On? Yeah, plastic has the same effect on us...and just wait until you see what we can do with it! Our company, Nailite International (Miami, FL) is the premier manufacturer of speciality siding panels that replicate the look of real wood. And if that’s not enough of a turn-on, our state-of-the-art facility utilizes robot-assisted, injection molding of impact reinforced polymers in the manufacture of our specialty products. If you have an interest in cavity pressure monitoring or innovative plastics engineering, turn on to Nailite. Send resume to: Nailite International, Inc. E: F: 305-623-8227 a Nova Consulting, Inc. yy—’vg 4 »i itqrwwu Warmest Congratulations to the Class of2006 ENVIRONMENTAL CIVIL ENGINEERING " REMEDIATION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT • WATER WASTEWATER STORMWATER CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT “Nova’s commitment to client service and satisfaction is our number one priority “ The right tools for your professional and personal world! LCD Monitors Projectors Plasma TV Panasonic r i 1 "--I L I L- -1 MONITOROUTLET con. Committed to Customer Serv Jupiter, Florida 888-478-6161 ice Corporate Headquarters 10466 N W 31- Terraco • Mom. Fkxkte 33172 Ph 305-436-9200 • Fax 305-436-9265 • www novi«x o»ul»iog.comWe have an Ocean of career opportunities for you! Established in 1982. OCEAN bank is the largest independent commercial bank headquartered in Florida. With conveniently located branches throughout Miami Dade and Broward counties. OCEAN BANK offers its customers a w ide range of banking and financial services. sOCEAN BANK Our merest is You h'H'h . occanbunkcareers. com IfradfMmrlen: 'SO V. It: 42nd. Ur. -Miami. Ft. SSI26 Tel: (SOS) 442-2660 .Member • ) ( F.quid OpponunityVAfflrmatnr Action F.mploicr i Warmest Congratulations V to the Class of2006! m 's . i l O. R. Colan Associates, Inc. has specialized in land acquisition and relocation assistance for federally funded projects for over 30 years. We invite graduates to visit our careers page at O. R. Colan ASSOCIATES tEAl ESTATE SOlUTIONS fOK PUBLIC AGENCIES ORC is an Equal Opportunity Entffloycr As a true local bank. OCEAN BANK invests funds in projects that strengthen our local economy, making for a better future for those who live, wort; and play in South Florida. We offer our employees a nurturing and dynamic working environment, competitive benefit packages and a lucrative tuition reimbursement program. Join the OCEAN bank team of banking professionals and ride the wave to . a successful career! CLASS OF 2006 c lar wor r edeyves muc recoa jfo ’ f'Pc Q)o?tc Gifting luRWTwrtm inj Ufcw tn fur om 4 k Jn llrrr n yatt cpfnmifnty to br [Mft of it. Oriole mr I0r«y4 hfDOoimt Awn« ».Va) Rato . n S6I-W9-IRN) Orxftlfemo um Building a better tomorrow. TODAY THE JACKPARKERCORPORATION Start your cirttr off right. Build on a good foundation with a trusted company. The Jath Parfctr Corporation hat boon a pioneer tn the real-ottato dovolopmont butlnett tincc I tSS and H regarded at a national leader in comtruttion and real ttUlt development. Contact ut today and ttart building your future .. 9001 DANIELS PARKWAY SUITE 200 FORT MYERS. FLORIDA 33912 TEL 239.481.5040 FAX 239.425.0527 NCWVORK fLORlOA C At II OMNIA NOffTH CAROLINA COSTARICA ww« thecae kparhercorporMtontomyourpcbscxution Interconnect Congratulations To the Graduating Class 1165 N.W. 55th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 35309 Phone: 954-776-5600 Fax: 965-776-5615 Web: email: i nfo@pc tS CITRUS PRODUCTS Congratulations To The Class of 2006! P.O. Box 730, Arcadia, FL 34265 (863) 494-0440 • Fax (863) 993-3161 WHOLESALE PRESSURE TREATED CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2006 FROM RIDGE LUMBER TREATING, INC THE MEAN GREEN TREATING MACHINE IF WE DON'T HAVE IT WE'LL TELL YOU WHERE TO GO... LAKELAND, FL • 800-282-3178 LUMBER DECKING TIMBERS PLYWOOD Pinkerton Laws Building on a 50-year tradition of integrity, value and professional excellence. Atlanta 770-956-9000 Orlando 407-660-9494 5 THE RABCO mA CORPORATION Go Gators! The Rabco Corporation P.O. Box 27, Ocoee, FL 34761 (800) 989-0220 Fax: (407) 877-9065 E-mail: Congratulations to the Graduating Class! CONTRACTING, INC. HOSFORD, FL A Heavy Construction Company Serving Florida and South Georgia Asphalt Plants and Area Offices located in Hosford, Tallahassee, Freeport, Wildwood and Panama City Please contact us about career opportunities. Corporate Headquarters P. O. Box 188 • 22574 NE SR 20 Hosford, FL 32334 Ph: (850) 379-8116 Fax: (850) 379-8188 C. W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ( WWW. RALLY Local. Smart. Growing. Management and Associate Positions Available in Pinellas County. See store management for details, apply online at or fax your resume to (727) 572-9075 §V] 06£ CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING WWW.DESIGNBUILD.COM 1-800-741-3188 Congratulations on your 2006 NCAA Basketball Championship! Find a good job and a better lifestyle in Manatee and Sarasota counties Hot jobs in • Computer network administration • Healthcare • Teaching • Business Sen ices and much more Let Jobs ETC help you explore your future Visit us online at n initiative of the Suncoavt Workforce Hoard Member Emplox Honda to the Class of 2006 ! Are Our Future! Schickedanz A MmcSSMCt OS' Schickedanz Capital Group 7741 N Military Trail. Suae 1 Beach Garden t. FL 33410 561 84$ 8797 FAX $61 84$ 9392 SYSCO FOOD SERVICES JACKSONVILLE, INC. 1501 LEWIS INDUSTRIAL DRIVE QcuuyuUulotei and Utpfu di the Uniue bUty of fyl uda itudenti. IdJe wiih you, welt ut ycuifi jjutusie etule uofiA'. For career opportunities, contact our Human Resources Department at: (904) 786 2600 jCongratulations Class of 2006! Go Gators! Employment opportunities: Landscape Architects Please call or fax resume. Office Toll Free 877-776-2897 x303 Fax 836-804-0041 Ocala 352-307-2239 Sarasota 941-776-2897 Ft. Myers 239-332-0677 r f , . Tampa Bay 813-332-0677 Sun State Landscaping Visit Signature Flight Support Worldwide • Amenities indude eteoont possenger lounges, business focities, conference rooms ond fufy CQjtpped fight plomng oreos • Services include executive termind fodtes, orcrcft fielng ond ground support, hongor end office renfd, ond ossisfonce wish cotering, hotels end ground tionsportofion • More rhon 75 worldwide locations Signonre fight Support 201 South Gonge Avenue SuteUOOS Odondo, Florida 32801 407.648.7200 407.648.7351 for more information on Signotue flight Support, visit www.signoturefBght.cornStanley and Jimmy Tate Graduates of the University of Florida and owners of TATE ENTERPRISES Salute the GATORS and the Graduating class of 2006 == = ■ Behind every win, there is preparation, strategy and execution. Graphix. DISCOVERY • TRIAL CONSULTING • PRESENTATIONS 800-444-6766 inc SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 5910 W. lohnx Rd. Tampa, FI 33634-4422 Tampa’s premier aerospace manufacturer congratulates the 2006 graduates and the national championship basketball team! For employment opportunities contact: phone: (813)888-8151. TEL 904 3I 7040 FAX 904 731 9847 I 9000 Cvpic»» Green Drive SuUo ?00 Jacksonville. Honda 32?Sg|Invest your future in a company that is a literal American success story, the product of hard work, ingenuity, determination and ample patience and fortitude. Founded in 1963 by former coal miner Jake Townley, a pathfinder who initiated a vision that propelled the company into national prominence. Townley is a company with an in house foundry, metallurgical lab and CNC machining and mold making capabilities. Products to Help Feed Fuel America and the World Townley Engineering is the nation’s leading supplier of abrasion and corrosion resistant wear parts. TOWNIPRENE , a special formulation that is cast and cured to create a superior combination of hardness and resilience for excellent resistance to most mine acids and reagents, is our primary lining material. TOWNLEY CO GATORS! Townley Engineering Manufacturing Co., Inc. P. 0. Box 221 Candler, FL Conqratulations Graduates!! PH: (352) 687-3001 FAX: (352) 687-1862 WWW townley, net Contact Janie at above number for job opportunities. r Fresh Florida Tomatoes Taylor Fultonf Inc. Grower and Shipper P.O. Box 1087 Palmetto, Florida 34220 (941) 729-3883 Congratulations To The Class of 2006! V___________________________) Congratulations Class of 2006 For Career Opportunities In Aircraft Maintenance Please Contact: CIregory Coon, Technical Recruiter TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc. 102 SE Academic Ave. Lake City, Florida 3202 S www.timco.acro • Toll Free (866) 846-2635 Ext. 488 Office (386) 758-3000 Ext. 488 Fax: (386) 755-7355 Cell: (386) 623-4875 i) 393iVPG) Vanguard Products Group Congratulations to the University of Florida and its graduates! Go Gators! For career opportunities, contact our Human Resources Department at: 813-855-9639 www vanguardproductsgroup com Congratulations To The Class of 2006! WRS Infrastructure Environment, Inc. An Environmental Construction and Remediation Firm with Locations Nationwide Foe employment opportune , wit us on the Web at www.wTPC-coni or contact Wendy Perer. Human Resources Manager, at our Corporate Headquarters 2211 Hobbs Street. Suite 108 Tampa. FL 33619 (813)684-4400 V Gainesville Office 3131 NW 13th Si. GainsviUe, FI. 32609 (352) 338-1447 y The Villages, Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, Needs Your Help! Located little more than an hour south of Gainesville, The Villages is Florida’s fastest growing community. It recently surpassed West Palm Beach in population, and at its current rate of growth, it will be more than 100,000 in just five years. Growth creates career opportunities! In The Villages, a complete, full service hometown, careers are continually created in every field. So, no matter what career you choose to pursue, The Villages will welcome your resume and a subsequent discussion of your career objectives. «nie vjiag VCOK20UVMCongratulations To The Class of 2006! Site Development Road Construction WESTWIND CONTRACTING, INC. Main Office 3501 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Pembroke Park, FL 33023 Superheroes Wanted Musi deal daily in matters of life and death. Be capable of carrying the weight of the world. Yet stay light on feet in times of crisis. Willing to give everything you’ve got. Then give some more. If we haven't scared you off yet, we have some big shoes for you to fill. BUS.(954) 961-7200 Fax (954)961-7222 .8 Wayne T. Fellows, Inc. PtncmUztx) f vrwv; IS PROUD TO SUPPORT Th£ STUDSkJTS of TH£ ukJivhrsitv of Florida. Contact us at 800-422-8752 or visit us on the web at We are currently seeking new grads in a variety of areas, including: Nursing Allied Health Research Business Professional For detailed information on a complete listing of available positions and our excellent benefits packages, visit Fax: (813) 975-7827 or email: Cancer Center Research Institute W A National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center Ai t v Vnrvrnitf of Sadh Florida EO’-UE 4 druc-hM «c»hpt»t«.Zimmer-Hester Furniture Liquidations Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! Corporate Office: 10) First Street P.O. Box 770503 Winter Garden, FL 34777 407-656-3217 x JTriangle Construction r ROAD BUILDING, INC. Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! 5437 Star Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32404 • (850) 784-0291 Family Owned 8c Operated Since 1970 12620 South Tamiami Trail .Just South of College Parkway on Rt. 42 Fort Myers www. valward. coinT T CONSTRUCTION OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Concrete l Masonry 1 Tilt Panels Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 2006! For more information contact: Ph: 407-831 -5506 Fax: 407-831 -5531 “Quality Cleaning and Maintenance Services” Efite Enterprises of Gainesviile, Inc. Licensed, Insured Bonded Congratulations To The University of Florida Class of 2006 A special congratulations to our nephew, Vincson Harris who graduated from UF’s Warrington College of Business. We are proud of you, and we love you very much! Larson Dairy, Inc, atulations To The Graduating Class of 2006 P.O. Box 1249 Okeechobee, FL 34973 (863) 763-7330 Nate McAllister • Kathy McAllister • PO Box 5005, Gainesville, FL 32627-5005 352-379-0485 • Fax: 352-372-6193 I] 397Do yo« thirst for on excitmg cod chalengmg career with o foil-pored. Averse orgadiotion? H so, Pepsi Is the place for yon. The Pepsi system (Pepsi Bolting Group «d PepsKcio North America) offers greet opportunities fee tdenled, innovative people who know how to work hard cad hove fen! As a world-doss consumer products orgamtatioa, we strive for exrelenre in everything we do, from new prodort toonches to detvcriag product to o »e interested in tosting the sorcess thot on o winning term, look for career h Pepsi in one of the folowing pieces: Florida Career Center - PIG rrcruils oo ond the spring for opportunities in our Soles and Operations Development Programs. Experienced candidates can search opportunities onytime by logging on to the PepsiCo Career Center at looking for work whle in school? find part-time, evening and seasonal opportunities by logging on to UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDAFlorida Southeast Development Congratulates Kristin Mamula and all her fellow graduates in the Class of 2006 Florida Southeast Development A progressive development and property management company... Multifamily - Commercial - Land Development 3816 West Linebaugh Avenue . Suite 105 Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 968-8230 Q EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITYStrengths Talents The Mosaic Company has combined two respected industry leaders to create one of the world's leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphates, potash, nitrogen fertilizers and feed ingredients. Mosaic's employees are richly diverse in their skills, experiences and backgrounds. From engineers to dragline operators, our team is full of people who came to Mosaic not just for a job, but for a career. Mosaic. Delivering distinctive value to world agriculture and to all we touch. Visit for career opportunities at Mosaic. C CopymN TOCftTh Momk Cowyny (NYS UO$) AJI r hn rn+fvn)Electricity powers our liues. Every minute of every day we benefit from electricity. It lights the room, keeps the milk cokf and cooks the meal. Considering the high costs of gasoline and Otfyr fi s, electricity from your local «fectr cooperative is a great value. ifiic ESCAMBIA RIVER ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE. INC. A Toodutone Encore Cooperative Title Escrow Services Technology Solutions Real Estate Related Services Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 2006 'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a tire ’ WB Yeats 601 ftantdeAmB 322W tfmUam Pv-sl fidelity CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2006 90 Acres of Nursery Specializing in Palms 2401 N. River Rd. Venice, FL 34292 (941)485-1272 Mailing: P.O. Box 236 Venice, FL 34284 I) 401Jackson Jacksonville Gainesville n if-Ucak Hudson Clearwater ! St. Petersburg Sarasota Ft. Myers Napl Daytona Orlando ak land Printers • Fax Machines Dealer• C3You Make it Happen. Be an important part of building successful communities and creating fantastic lifestyles with Florida’s 1 Builder. Make your mark on the world with a company that rewards you while bringing out your very lx st. Work with a team of people who are setting the pace in the industry and creating a lx tter future for our homeowners and employees. G.L. Homes promotes individual development and offers long-term career paths throughout Florida with a comprehensive benefits package. Log on to learn more at careers or call Human Resources at 954-755 1730. GLHOMES'MALETA Salulo (he C'la%% of 20 I6 General Contracting Construction Management Interior Construction Committee) to building long-term relationship Out Maud the test of time. Makla ConstructionCo. Inc. 1350 Northeast 56 Street. 100 fort I JKiderdale. Mori da 33334 Telephone: 954.6lj{.9»00 lav 9S4 938-99X8 wmu. NCUA 1= »A I • LENDER fLULHAL CNLUIT UNION erm Is your next move to Metro Orlando? Now that you are officially a college grad, you need to think smart about your personal finances. • Internet banking and Bill Payer • Visa Check Card • Low-rate consumer and real estate loans • Low cost loans To learn more about all that CFE has to offer, visit, stop by any convenient branch location or call 407-896-9411 (or 1-800-771-9411 outside Orlando), option 3. a TECHNOLOGIES 772.335.5655 Manufacturing tor the Future Contract Manufacturing Product Distribution Metal Stamping CNC Machining Production Welding www.clttech.comYOUTH FAMILY SCRVKXS Are you looking for a challenging but rewarding career? I lie Florida Network of Youth Family Services is always looking for graduates in the Human Services field to work with at-risk youth. We have several shelters throughout Florida who are always looking for dedicated professionals to help our teens make it through the tough transition to adulthood. I lere are a few of our shelters located in Central Florida: Corner Drug Store. Gainesville. 352-334-3800. w w .comerdruestore.ore Crosswinds Youth Services. 321-452-0800. w ww croNsw indsvoulhservices.ore Family Resources. St. Petersburg. 727-521-5200. www.familwcsourccs..ori: Father Flanagan's Girls Boys Town. 407-366-3667. w w .uirkuulbm stow n.ore Hillsborough County Children's Services. Tampa. 813-264-3821. www.hillsborouidicouim .ora Orange Co.Youth and Family Services. Orlando. 407-897-6360. w w w.oranuecount ll.nci cms dcfault.htm Youth Family Alternatives. 727-835-4166. www.vfainc.ore For a complete listing of our shelters you can visit our website at w w w lloridiinetwork.ore or call us at 850-922-4324. Mission Statement: The Florida Network values young people and therefore creates safe pathways to their future by building strong families and communities. Join Our Winning Team! Bowyer-Singleton is an ENR “Top 500 Design Firm.” Expect to be impressed! Open Positions • Transportation Land Development Engineers • Planners Landscape Architects • Professional Surveyors Mappers • Surveyors-in-Training Field Crew Surveyors • Engineering Survey Technicians • Project Administrators Company Benefits • Health, Prescription Dental • Employee Stock Ownership 401k Savings Retirement Plans • Generous Holidays PTO Days Overtime Pay • Professional License Fees Seminars Jean Martin, Director of Human Resources Recruitment Bowyer-Singleton Associates, Inc. (Corporate Office - Orlando) Email: - Phone: 407.843.5120 x3200 - Fax: 407.649.8664 Visit our website at Orlando - DeLand - Ocala - St. Augustine - West Palm BeachRed Lobster DARDEN RESTAURANTS. smokeybones.comDriveline - Hydraulics - Machine Shop - Suspension - Brake Wheel End Just SOME of Our Services... • t ftt t Pick-up A Delivery • Compulcri Ml All-Wha.1 Alignment • On Vohicl. Tire Balancing • Tire Truong • D O T. In»pec lion • Mot Tank Cloaning • Engine Dfognoktlc. A Overhaul. • RrtiuiMing A Krpjut • Rear end Rebuild. • Cummin. Warranty Service Complete AtC Service A Repair. Complete Brake Service Sukpen.ion Repair. Hydraulic Pump. A PTO'k Driveline Pert. A Repair. Differential Repair. A Rebuild. 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FLORIDA TELEPHONE; (407) 841 4670 Graduating Class of 2006! 524 STOCKTON STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32204 SPECIALIZING IN INDUSTRIAL PROCESS AND POWER PIPING. ENVIRONMENTAL BAl-ANCE AND CONTROL. AUTOMATED TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEMS. HEATING, VF.NTII ATION. AIR CONDIIIONING AND PLUMBING £Carl Wolf Studio, Inc. THF. Official Yearbook Photographer 401 Elmwood Ave Sharon Hill, PA 19079 www.carlwolfstudio.cum (phone) 1-800-969-1538 (fax) J-610-522-1343Albert wants you! Stay Coririttctad with rti UF Alumni Association KKWb db'iih run MAKl Tfvnivvi •it iur ah-JBtqp; it ir yirm IK•• 4 rfL t!"B labial JLms li Ammm 1 Jllfl Hi Mf. .fc U 4%T riaurvvii, ai IUiiUj l unit, Int fVrr «4 -rn %4»fwrt «A HH M l-Vi Hw-r tower The Editor Information Account Info Name: Network: Concentration: Personal Info Activities: Favorite Quotes: About Me: Leslie M. Veiga UF'06 Journalism, History Tower Yearbook Editor 2004-2006 ■’Memory is the most potent truth. Show me history untouched by memories and you show me lies. Show me lies not based on memories and you show me the worst lies of all." -Carlos Eire, Waiting for Snow in Havana I've been editor of the Tower for the past two years. Some people calle me crazy for taking the job a second time. I'm pretty sure that they were right. But being with this book has been one of my greatest experiences (good and bad times included). The people below are the ones that made this book possible by supporting me, and my efforts. I would like to thank them for what they've done. The Wall • Ycu r the untr I n w k w« | iwnerd. tut wet ctMouUy OntrvC 0 h e Thar I you to tw j or ct 9 ntM OCtlTtytK people n my Mr Thaft you |g, temg w (pong and Ipoato . and to mitotj mr V « W «o»e oatv than I tvtr rta»y need to be I with you tf i toe WMWK'iMmxw tont hrMate to cal on me when you nead toy even an )jit became | uymror che ix Onvt ndt toe ngort et toe » I tout you frem the txxvor cf Heart (pengyoj) 51 Cir-w ! woiiOnT have been at r to make t though ton year wtheut you 'toi rt one or the fe« pret » rai I Ml! caJ6 ihm toe oMt - • comm weh. and I appreciate Pat mere than you? ever knew rm to Happy that Me rnd» yov vj iwi, CKAArCcdlnxnxvflnnvrt I heart Carmen (tcnxehy tacc) TMwy Jordon1 oM Vi thngi a jtout 1.000 m e» M( from toe IM yetotOt (MOUKI I Mvobr to you. but t en a»ae tomet been a tot d wrervj Mmw Pen and now haunt the . I too y x Vtf Vwtarnr nv to for you nlfrren tear. ugly. tulpnmtn T4 Thar you lor bong ei my Mr and pUtmg u) wth my hj.w an) M jng ray and cpmonw Ow day. I m war yojl Ufcr ever thr w« anj 11 Or ngN Pen by vow ulr (noMOoc and pen »n hand). ov» Otrro- The pad cf rra t x- ' I Mur Iramed 0 itv » from you. and « a (Sat I hold w» drat I a » vOu to yoix tore and wcport, and to ton bong down o» Swamp f» day Body •» uyrg gwl h« to yearbook mw. r’j . W (y boot a raiy to hal the1! bad I'm happy that Ortando treating you we , atd I with you al the bent you oirit to trea national rrcondt and (OMMMlyMacniM. - Horn- • u ar m, rc e model to yoix ton! wert, Ortermrutov and JX toe ngft amoxt Cd arrtvtw " vshrn prop te aw |im Ml tor ycu. I lau a at re tojo ctrnptmnrt too cm pay nr. Thar you to KCCtoing ne P i a » ny yearn at ur n at of »o endoanwv and to vndmtanong when I had to wo and coctonl come Name became d e. I Pvam Ccd to gun) mr uch an anunng moth bccautr I am wry tidiy to have you I tove you r you for a the wort Put you pX xto ton boc Woe ««ex to ycu al. PM boo nhrre rarar Put pood (too at me toctn] at horn) Thar you to wcrVung » ne« yap t wat (rcoatty onr nyr »augr nt yoan. au M afr that I attod at you. and I hopr Put - ■ -___U--------- -»___I--------- w - --W.-..Jk .w.. aayStvt- rNatoyyyjl W! lx ns whirr i mrdan)whtMi[.-------------------------------- you rrgayrd woMmg wth m M «toh at I « W0 "dtoig wth you Chrh CarabaOo- I am atway haepi to ko you. an3 that n a thort Ml. I'm rot gym K I thr you « brtbart and that onr day you r pong to ba tanoua. and IVm gong to»e pce tc about hpn I tor that M bat mcoirgr Then, It cal you and tr you Put trow propM y » M»y npmw) Thar you to atwryy bang to Poughtfwl. ; tooy. and honrtt and to «wtino thr yrartoc tr r toi b V m vp my day any-tmr I tor you I wnh you P« brtt c x n CaMoma. I Inow youte go» 3 to mafce « !bg VOutrio money ami you dont eutn Imow I. MMmj tortath-l m war yoil be amcog Pvat happeit Put th mtvtt yeotoc hoj «v dcr » 0 c»to wth |im not roaly wav hew you pul i« wth bnry) my xrrmafr to tox ywv and row weW wg d cm to methc two, but w» managed noSV beeaute wore never ham ) Than »Ou to Menng to a my craiy Vd ftoer ytonrv IVa wrr thry nr er coned to amutc you I with you thr brtt m trachrg and m vox matter program, and whmrwr you md up geetrg mimrd I r p«el P £ i iri ctttogr rcerrmx rvObon rnk- Than you to a you ccrrpuier aMw to wmg put toe , atoi I though everything wt to toi r a toe taut and I am mry toTxuBe to have you « trother Co OU there and to toe wortd tee everythng you hne to olVr. to thM they ear tM Pe tame amaorg penon Pto I do. Itowyou Hy Irtondt ft F amt hr- f veto thne are peofte I wgid to ntrroon and I never mean to Itoarft everyone «too had an rrpact on my Me Pm year rach and everyone one U you unew Who you are YOx tufport •» what made me get through PM year boe and the year I am proud cd the product, and proud to h e a (rf you m it tor Than Ou toruchtower The Staff Special Thanks Special Thanks to the People Who Helped Make This Book Possible •Joe Goldberg •Tamara Johnson •Sharon Eldred •Cheryl Henniger •SAC Front Desk Joyce Medina •Sandy Vernon •Tara Rivolis •Randy Bush •Laura Gonzalez •University Athletic Association ►UF Alumni Association •VP of Student Affairs Patricia Telles- Irvin •President Bernie Machen •Lindsay Cosimi •Glenda Frederick •Jose Otero •Carl Wolf Studio •Jostens College Public Relation Offices Dean of Students Office •Chris Cupoli •Pat Shore •Tom Jardon •SG Finance •Steven Kristen [Staff Special Thanks) 413414 loosing] TabJe.oLContents, Home Photos. 1 L J 11L—11111 iy Parties My Course? Sports 1y Groups :raternities Sororities 4v Friends_________ jDonsorec nk tower Logout A university of 49,000 seems like an unlikely place to meet people and make lasting personal connections. Truly though, all that number as big as 49,000 means is that there are that many more opportunities, opportunities to meet 49,000 different faces and have 49,000 different types of experiences. One year later, it seems that 49,000 just isn't enough as you take that last final, and pray that you pass that last class. 49,000 photos snapped, jokes made and nights too crazy to remember. Hold on to those crazy college days as life takes you where you're meant to go. Look back at UF, at what you did here and what happened during your time at the Swamp, and know that your experiences were unique ones among the 49,000. Now go off, and build the Gator Nation. -Leslie Veiga Friends at UF The Tower The Swamp The Squirrel The Little Man The Swamp The Turlington Preacher The Chomp The O'Dome The Editor (Closing] 415r Tower Yearbook 1 Colophon The 2006 Tower Yearbook was produced by a student staff at the University of Florida and covers from June 2005 to May 2006. Students faculty and staff could preorder the 2006 Tower online at www.yearbooksonsale. com and reveived their book in September. The Tower was created suing Adobe InDesign CS 3.01 and Adobe Photoshop 6.5 and 4.0. The edition of the Tower used both digital and hard copy photographs. The 2006 Tower was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing at the plant located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Randy Bush was the plant consultant and Cheryl Henmger was the area representative. The 416 page book has a trim size of 9x12 inches and was printed on 100 pound doulbe coated enamel finish gloss paper using black and Pantone c285 U ink. The cover is a lithograph with blue UV coating and a blind emboss of a gator head. The book bind- vr flO| :ing is Smyth with rounded and back edging. The 266 Tower has 96 process color pages. The fonts used in the 2006 Tower wer AYT Eddie and Tahoma. Financing for the Tower came from sales of individual books and advertising revenue from advertisement space sold by Academic Publication Services. The Tower is an executive agency of the University of Florida Student Government. The staff was composed of UF students. Photographs in the yearbook were taken by staff members, other UF students, the University Athletic Association, Custom Composites, Fraternal Composites and the office of News and Public Affairs. Student portraits were taken by Carl Wolf Studios of Philadelphia in one session in March 2006. There is no expressed relation with any college or administration. The content of this book does not reflect the opinions of the University of Florida, Student Government, the student body, faculty or administration. No portion of the book may be reproduced without concent of the Editor-in-Chief. Please address all correspondence to Tower Yearbook, 306 JWRU P.O. Box 118505, Gainesville, FL 32611. Emails can be sent to 

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