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This Page Intentionally Left Blank jim moody, editor judy graham, managing editor 1969 seminole university of florida gainesville, florida volume 59 " endless staircases " 4 administration 26 academics 36 service 70 leadership organizations 128 greeks 156 student life 242 sports 302 graduates 368 " a song of my own " 416 indices 432 All around me is an address become real. Those summer months mother brought me envelopes from an office in a catalogue. They sent the schedule of my days, the registrars been paid, I have a new place to live. 4 5 I feel I ' ve been left on the steps of a postcard, so familiar and so new. Bricks and books pile up about me eager to educate this body of lead, 6 I love above all here the southern sky and early fog crying each to each and the live oak and the peach and Gothic halls and all traditions that began here in greek letters soon forgot the brotherhood not, of evenings that will linger after music turns to quiet, and the dancing slows, then stops. 9 One week later I ' m half dead, a hundred dollars poorer. thinner than I ' ve ever been. Loneliness sets in. Who are we? Where do we go? We walk fast always to some early class, hurrying after work I haven ' t done, turning from questions I can ' t answer. 10 11 In a few weeks we celebrate Homecoming in a place that is not my own. Shiny band will play songs I do not yet know. 12 l4 For all the questions I find a few replies. Some sure things settle into me. My number is an insult I hardly notice anymore. 166-96-8065. Now that you ' ve made it once, you can grow sure of going on. 15 4 In this school I always worked toward I work beyond myself into my own life. Yet out of fear, I keep small luggage by the door taking leaving bit by bit, in letters from home and yet unrealized dreams. The girl next door cries a lot and gets sick in the mornings. Somehow, there should have been something safer, some leaving kinder than this. 16 18 by the second spring I can walk out of Little feeling old. I can remember when its gardens were a dusty lot, and now new freshmen stand here drinking milk and it grows hot. High school seniors younger than they ever seemed orient on the college scene. In June there is tubing, dancing by the pool. 16th avenue ' s air conditioned cubes pour music and singing heat on our new brown skin. 20 October. A bar on saturday night. My favorite prof is slopped in the corner, the air is darker than my mood. On campus we could pretend we were younger and dance a lot. Could I bear watching a freshman giggling sliding down the wall into some blind dates strange arms. In the northsection its smaller rooms, a tighter group of seekers, a select doorway sentinel, scavenged cash and a higher high; just a thimble of gold to get you where you ' re going and remind you when you ' re down. 21 Each of us turns into our curriculum, for one last try at carving a mark on Florida ' s frozen earth, for making the all nighter mean something that will get us a job in the real world. Classes will get cut more as I recognize more faces, find more places to talk. We meet in the plaza at noon and t alk of newer music, newer books. I wonder if this isn ' t what I really came here for. I reregister, not quite sure. NEXT LEFT I will always think of these as the undergraduate years worried of child, forlorn wandering endless staircases in search of the mysteries ' magic key One thing I ' ve found; there are no rules. And the answers lie within the bones of one ' s own body, quiet, waiting for studies ' deft expose. 24 25 administration president 28 plague inaugural year " I pledge to make the University of Florida first in the South, second to none in the nation. This is a demonstration, a protest, that all can join and hail as a constructive effort and one that I pledge to lead, " said Stephen C. O ' Connell as he was inaugurated as the sixth president of the University of Florida on October 8,1968. This year, as president, O ' Connell faced the problems of an expanding university along with the pressing demands for change from both the faculty and student body. Problems arose over the disputed rights to Gatorade, the Lav on Gentry case, the Action Conference, the budget, and SSOC. O ' Connell was the first alumnus to attain the office of the presidency, although presidencies at the University of Florida are not new to him. While a student at the University, he served as president of five organizations — the sophomore class, student body president, Florida Blue Key, ATO fraternity, and the Newman Club. He served as captain of the boxing team and coach of the freshman boxing team. While in law school at the university, he was a member of Phi Delta Phi, legal fraternity. O ' Connell graduated in 1940 with a law degree; he had a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees behind him. Prior to his becoming president of the university, he served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida. By this time, he had already distinguished himself as the recipient of numerous citations. In 1961, he received the Annual Brotherhood Award by the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Florida region. He was chosen Man of the Year, 1964-65, by the Knights of Columbus in Orlando. And, in 1967, he received the University ' s Distinguished Alumni Award. Governor Claude R. Kirk governor Governor Claude R. Kirk visited the University of Florida in Spring, 1968, when he toured the campus with President Stephen C. O ' Connell. Kirk hoped, in this way, to familiarize himself more with the needs and problems of the university. With similar objectives, he had previously stated that he planned to attend every meeting of the Board of Regents while he was Governor. The Board of Regents coordinated the state university system in Florida, overseeing activities at seven campuses, including the University of Florida. Nine regents, serving terms ranging up to nine years, were appointed by the Governor and met each month to determine system policy involving curriculum, personnel, finance, and administration. This year, the Board recommended a $25 tuition hike to the State Legislature which Chancellor Robert Mautz felt was small in proportion to the rising costs of operation. Board Chairman Chester Ferguson, drew widespread attention for his vigorous defense of the censorship of college newspapers and the compulsory R.O.T.C. program. Yet, the Board of Regents passed a resolution making R.O.T.C. voluntary at the State Universities and autonomy was granted for the Student Board of Publications. Front row: Mrs. ED. Pearce, Coral Gables; Henry Kramer, Jacksonville (Vice Chairman Chester Ferguson, Tampa (Chairman); John C. Pace, Pensacola Back row: Dr. Louis C. Murray, Orlando; Clarence L. Menser, Vero Beach; Chancellor Robert B. Mautz, Tallahassee, D. Burke Kibler III, Lakeland; Julius F. Parker Jr., Tallahassee. kirk Iends ear to UF troubles Kirk kicks off " Operation Concern " with a tour of Gainesville ' s Negro district. administrative deans administrators join in effort to Dr. Lester L. Hale, Vice President for Student Affairs Ph.D., Louisiana State University Dr. Frank T. Adams, Jr., Dean of Men Ph.D., University of Florida Dr. Betty W. Cosby, Dean of Women Ph.D., Syracuse University 32 bring university closer to students Important changes took place in the administration this year. Former Vice President Dr. Frederick W. Conner became Vice President for Academic Affairs replacing Robert B. Mautz, who was named the new State Chancellor. Dr. Gustave A. Harrer took office as Director of Libraries and Museums. George W. Croker became the Director of the newly established Division of Sponsored Research. Incessant demands by both students and faculty finally resulted in the administration ' s consideration of such ideas as the pass-fail system and the expansion of the teacher evaluation program. Under the former, a student would be able to take certain electives without the grades affecting his average. It was suggested that the latter, currently in modified use, be expanded to include participation of the entire faculty. Admissions, curriculum, registration, personnel, financial aid, forms, and more forms were all a part of the business that flooded Tigert daily. William Elmore, Vice President for Business Affairs B, S., The Citadel Dr. Frederick W. Conner , Vice President for Academic Affairs Ph.D., University of Penn sylvania William John ( " Bumper " ) Watson, Jr., Director of Division of Alumni Services B.S.P.E., University of Florida Richard Holmes Whitehead, Director of Admissions and Registar B.A., University of Florida W. Ellis Jones , Director of Planning B.S.B.A., University of Florida 34 George W. Croker , Director of Division of Sponsored Research M.A., Boston University Dr. Gustave A. Harrer , Director of Libraries and Museums Ph.D., University of North Carolina Dr. Joshua G. Dickinson, Jr. , Director, Florida State Museum Ph.D., University of Florida William B. Harvey., Director of University Press B.A., University of Pittsburgh university college Dr. Franklin A. Doty Dean 38 student council aids in u.c. Bridging gaps, whether student-academic or student-faculty, was the goal of the University College this year. In bridging the student-academic gap University College planned a new type of course. It was a freshman-sophomore seminar available as a four hour elective to all University College students except first quarter freshmen. The seminar was offered as a supplement to all seven required UC courses: institutions, physical sciences, English, math, humanities, and biology . In bridging the student-faculty gap a University College Student Council, guided by University College Dean Frank Doty, composed of 12 freshmen and 12 sophomore students, worked in forum to discuss problems and exchange their ideas and suggestions for policy. Action taken by the student council included furnishing rosters of council members ' names and addresses to every dorm area and resident assistant so that ideas, problems and suggestions could be forwarded to the right people. Ideas for a spring orientation for college bound high school seniors also received the council ' s attention, along with attempts to give recorded formal recognition to students in departmental honors. As recognition of an outstanding University College faculty member, the college again gave the Thomas Jefferson Award. Dr. A. G. Langford, a comprehensive English professor, received the award for excellence in classroom teaching. agriculture Dr. Marshall O. Watkins Dean adds more space for science Seventy-three thousand square feet of additional space for food science departments, administrative and business offices, home economics extension units, and food crops units were made available for the College of Agriculture in the new wings of McCarty Hall which opened in January. According to the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Marvin A. Brooker, the new wings were needed to get people out of temporary areas and extend programs. " The Food Science extension will be one of the finest in the country, " Dean Brooker said in the fall. Two major appointments were made at the beginning of the school year by University President O ' Connell. Dr. Alvin T. Wallace, geneticist and head of the Plant Science Unit at the UF, was named assistant dean for research with the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Ernest T. Smerdon was appointed chairman of the Agricultural Engineering Department of the Institute. Some of the programs worked on in Agriculture this year involved problems whose solution was considered essential in keeping agriculture the number one industry in the state. Development of successful harvesting systems particularly with fruit and vegetables and pressing irrigation and drainage problems were major concerns of the college. 41 Dr. Robert S. Bolles Dean What did the ancient Romans and UF architect and building students have in common? Underfloor heating systems, that ' s what. With grants from the United States Forest Service, architect and building construction students studied underfloor heating and cooling systems in a test house built on campus. The ancient Romans heated their houses with underfloor systems; the UF students added the idea of cooling. Other research in the College of Architecture and Fine Arts included the development of a new musical instrument for the primary grades. A music professor worked at developing a musical instrument which would provide musical tones which are normally below the range of the young students. Florida students were treated to varied and unusual art exhibits at the University Gallery. The exhibit from the Florida State Fair came to the gallery. For a wild experience in art, the gallery presented " Environment, " described as " one of the most unique and creative presentations yet offered, " by Roy C. Craven, director of the gallery. The College of Architecture and Fine Arts held to the credo that the applied and fine arts were an important part of man ' s cultural heritage and that the duty of the college was to impart that heritage. Through classes,. exhibits, research projects, and unique experiments, the students of the college and of the university were able to better know and understand this very important heritage. a.f.a. 42 environment exhibit comes to uf arts and sciences Swahili? Yes, students of the College of Arts and Sciences were offered variety as never before at the University as expansion was both mental and physical this year. In the largest of the upper division colleges study was offered in everything from Chemistry to Chinese with a total of 29 majors offered for a bachelors degree. New courses varied from the Philosophy Department ' s " Philosophy of the Body " which professor Dr. James Millikan qualified for those interested as " not a lab course. .. " to the Foreign Language Department ' s " Swahili " taught by professor Haig Ter-Houssikian. Taking over the renovated old Florida Union, the College of Arts and Sciences moved their departments of Speech, Foreign Languages, Anthropology and Philosophy into offices there. Space for additional foreign language labs was also made available by the move. A new $1,690,341 Life Sciences building was added to the campus. Dedicated early in the first quarter, it was named after William Bartram an American botanist who was responsible for early exploration in Florida. On the graduate level areas for master ' s degrees were extended from 18 to 19 to include astrology. From June through December of 1968 the College of Arts and Sciences awarded approximately 180 master ' s degrees and 90 Ph.D. degrees. philosophy of body Dr. Harry H. Sisler Dean 45 business administration business administration ranks fourth largest Dr. John B. McFerrin Dean With an enrollment of 1,301, the College of Business Administration ranked as the fourth largest upper division college on the UF campus. Growth for the Business College was so great that expansion into space vacated in the old law school building was necessitated in January when the College of Law moved to their new complex. A new dean was also in order for the College of Business Administration. In December, 1968, Dr. Robert F. Lanzillotti, chairman of the Economics Department of the University of Michigan, was named the Dean of the College of Business Administration, effective July 1, 1969. Dr. John McFerrin acted as temporary dean until Dr. Lanzillotti could take over the position. In degrees granted by the college from June ' 68 through December ' 68, 333 undergraduate degrees were awarded, 70 masters, and 17 doctorates. 47 education student faculty Experimentation went hand in hand with Education at the University of Florida this year. In October the Undergraduate Committee of the College of Education, consisting of 15 faculty members, voted to admit two students as visiting members. As members of the committee they were able to give student opinion on requirements for granting degrees, course requirements, and general college policy. A $207,520 grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity made possible four, 8 -week intensive training programs for teachers of child development centers under the direction of Dr. JoAnn Strickland. The emphasis on academic freedom continued to be the major force behind teaching at the P.K. Yonge Laboratory School, a department of the UF College of Education. P.K. Yonge had an enrollment limited to 930 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Dr. Bert L. Sharp became the first University of Florida doctoral alumnus to head the College of Education when he was appointed at the beginning of the academic year. Dr. Sharp succeeded the late Dean Kimball Wiles whose productive four year tenure was cut short with his death in an auto accident in February, 1968. discussing policy Dr. Bert Sharpe Dean 49 engineering 50 apollo 8 tracked at UF station Completion of a four year program, a tracking station for the Apollo 8 moon orbital flight, was just one of the projects that fell under the College of Engineering this year. Sponsored by the Department of Electrical Engineering, equipment for the station was provided the department by the Telstar Ground Station at Cape Kennedy and Eglin Air Force Base near Ft. Walton Beach. Succeeding John Natress, Dr. Robert E. Uhring was named the new dean of the College of Engineering. Some of the tasks undertaken this year in Engineering included revision of the baccalaureate curricula, defination of the role of computers in engineering education, study of the administrative structure of the college, and experimentation with learning techniques. Needs of industry and graduate education throughout the state were met through the use of the GENESYS Network and the programs of the Division of Continuing Education. The GENESYS Network, consisting of closed circuit television with a talk-back feature for student questions, was extended into the West Palm Beach area with plans for extension into the Fort Lauderdale area. Students of the College of Engineering worked on the publication of the FLORIDA ENGINEER, the quarterly engineering magazine with a circulation of over 2,000 copies per issue. The distribution of the magazine included schools throughout Florida, UF alumni, and numerous engineering firms throughout Florida. Dr. Robert E. Uhrig Dean 51 forestry funds for research awarded ed Twice as much wood for useful products! Twice as much water for domestic use! Three times as much land for outdoor recreation! These future needs were the incentive this year which pushed the School of Forestry students and faculty to research in the field of tree genetics, expansion into computer use of forestry data, and investigation into rodent control. The School of Forestry which divides its studies into the areas of Wildlife, Forestry, and Forest Products Technology boasted an enrollment of over 90 students with 15 to 20 students involved in graduate work. A grant of $10,000 was awarded to two members of the school ' s faculty for research work in outdoor recreation, a relatively new area of exploration for the School of Forestry. A team of 16 professional teachers and scientists, two separate forests of over 2000 acres each and three specialized research laboratories enabled students to receive practical, on-the-job training in their respective fields. In cooperating with the United States Forest Service, students were given an additional opportunity for realistic training. According to Dr. Jacob B. Huffman, associate professor of Forestry, the school had a wide variety of job offers for thei r students after graduation, ranging from tax assessors to land managers. S2 John L. Gray Dean The University of Arizona OF WATERSHED MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences journalism fourth floor adds more space for labs New was the watchword at the College of Journalism and Communications — a new editing lab, a new photography lab, and new honors. John Paul Jones was named dean of the college to succeed Rae 0. Weimer, first director of the school in 1949. Jones was previously a professor in the college. He was also national president of a journalism scholastic honor society, Kappa Tau Alpha. Work was done over the summer of 1968 to remodel the spacious fourth floor of the stadium, home of the college, into two new labs, classrooms, and more office space. The photography lab, with all its new equipment and extra space, enabled about 120 students to take the course in one quarter. Previously only about 80 students could take it. The College maintained its standard of excellence through national competitions. Florida placed first in the William Randolph Hearst Foundation competition for the second time in the past four years. In formal student advertising competition in 1967 — 68 with nine other southern universities, the " Florida V " advertising agency team captured second place. Advertising students in the College won more awards in national advertising copy-writing competition than any other competing students, also in 1968. Leading newspapermen, broadcasters, public relations executives, and advertising experts were again invited to participate in the eleventh annual Communications Week, a unique seminar program. The program was divided into three separate parts, one day per quarter for each of the major topics, journalism, broadcasting, and public relations and advertising. Students studied in one of five sequences — advertising, broadcasting, news-editorial, public relations, or technical journalism. Enrollment in the college continued to climb with over 750 students, making the Journalism and Communications college the largest in the United States. Dr. John Paul Jones Dean law law complex opens in " It ' s 12 o ' clock. Do you know where your Governor is? " And the Law School struck again in the law skits during Homecoming. And again with the brand new law complex dedicated in January by Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The new law building had classrooms to accomodate 1200 students, a courtroom, office space, and a library housing over 100,000 volumes with space for 100,000 more. But law students weren ' t just concerned with new buildings, important guests, or digs at the governor. They prepared themselves through studies and work for a rewarding career in law. The first year law students were provided with a foundation for further study. Upperclassmen pursued a course of study sufficiently broad to prepare them for the legal profession. They also concentrated on those subjects of particular interest to them. When the law students got away from books, there were many opportunities for practical experience. The most familiar to the UF student was the Honor Court where law students occupy positions ranging from lawyers to chancellor. A second courtroom application of study was the Moot Court which supplied a simulated real-life situation in which the young lawyers worked. These mock cases were tried before a judge in the County Court House. An important service to Gainesville came with the UF law student participation in the Legal Aid and Defender program of the 8th Judicial Curcuit. This program provided attorneys for indigent clients. The law students worked with the practicing attorney. The Law Review, written by law students, provided them with the opportunity to research, discuss, and offer opinions on legal questions. Participation in the Law Review was an honor conferred on those with a certain grade point average. Dr. Frank E. Maloney Dean Five health-oriented colleges were included in the University of Florida ' s medical complex, the 12 year old J. Hillis Miller Health Center. They were the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Related Professions, and Dentistry. The College of Dentistry was not yet a physical reality in 1968-69, but on the drawing board were plans for a $32 million dentistry college. The money, pending matching funds from the Florida State Legislature, came from the U.S. Government in the sum of almost $20 million, with matching funds of $13 million from the state. Adjacent to the six-story Health Center was the Shands Teaching Hospital, which celebrated its tenth year in October, 1968. The hospital was the clinical training ground for all students in the colleges of the health center. Three factors were present in the hospital, education of the students, patient care, and research in all fields. Only those patients who were referred by their personal physicians were admitted to the hospital; they came from all over the state. Emergency care was, of course, given to anyone who came to the Emergency Room. Two fields of work continued to be outstanding features of the hospital — op t ha m o logy, the specialized field of medicine dealing with the eye, and open heart surgery of which about 850 were performed each year. Dr. Samuel Martin Provost, Health Center 58 dentistry established Dr. Edmund F. Ackell Dean, Denistry 59 nursing male joins ranks 60 Miss Dorothy M. Smith Dean Typically a woman ' s field, the University of Florida ' s college of Nursing boasted one male student. He joined 90 other nursing students who graduated from the College of Nursing in June. They all received a bachelor of science degree in nursing, following a four year program of general education and professional training. Two large grants from the United States Public Health Service were awarded the college in 1968-69. One dealt with the development of new methods of teaching concepts in rehabilitation. The other was a consecutive summer program leading to a masters of nursing degree. The availability of a masters program in the nursing college enabled nurses to return to college to further their education and become clinical specialists or teachers of nursing. Many representatives from the faculty and staff of the College of Nursing attended a convention of the Florida Nurses Association in October in Hollywood Beach. 61 medicine Dr. Emanuel Suter Dean 62 pharmacy computer pinpoints Injuries Predictive medicine — an innovation at the College of Medicine. Through the use of an IBM 360 computer, Dr. Ewen Clark was able to pinpoint football players who were prone to knee injuries. Those who were shown to be susceptible were then assigned to a special exercise program to strengthen their knees. Research in the College of Pharmacy included development of new pharmaceutical techniques, such as experimentation with new dosages of drugs and new material for medicine. Together and apart, the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy worked toward making good health easier to attain and keep. Professors and students of the two colleges continued to win awards and receive recognition for their outstanding work. Dr. Leighton Cluff, chairman of the department of medicine, was appointed to the United Nations ' World Health Organization ' s Expert Advisory Panel on bacterial diseases. One outstanding graduate of the College of Pharmacy was Mrs. Ida Bakula who received the J. Hillis Miller Award for her outstanding scholastic and leadership qualities. The award was given to one student in each of the colleges of the health center. Dr. Kenneth F. Finger Dean 63 health related professions hrp tenth year Celebrating its tenth year of operation the College of Health Related Professions boasted an enrollment of over 200 students. The college graduated approximately 60 students with bachelor ' s degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medical technology. Graduate students earned master ' s degrees in rehabilitation counseling or graduate instruction in speech and hearing therapy, health and hospital administration, and clinical psychology. Research was conducted in conjunction with the clinical psychology and business administration departments. A grant of $70,000 a year for research in personnel utilization studies of physical therapists and occupational therapists was granted to Health Related Professions by the Social and Rehibilitation Service of the U.S. Health, Education and Welfare Department (HEW). A $45,000 grant was also awarded by HEW for studies concerning rehabilitation counselors roles and duties. Dr. Darrel J. Mase Dean 64 physical education " Yes, Virginia, there really is a bait casting course at the University of Florida. " But the courses offered the major in physical education went much farther than that. Courses such as anatomy, physiology, administration of physical education, and first aid and medical self help were required of those students who majored in some area of physical education. Job placement in 1969 was considered very successful. " There was so much demand that we didn ' t have enough graduates to fill the job openings across the country, " said D. K. Stanley, Dean of the College of Physical Education. The Department of Intramural Athletics and Recreation served the Florida students through league tournaments, sports clubs, and recreational facilities for personal use in the gym. This department was funded partly by the University and partly by student government. The Department of Professional Curriculum also offered those majoring in Physical Education the opportunity and facilities for a variety of research tasks. Equipment was available for monitoring physiological response to activitiy both directly in the lab and remotely through telemetering devices. Research conducted in 1968-1969 also included studies related to physical fitness, body composition, and fat levels of the blood in adult males; evaluation of dietary supplements for athletes; the role of exercise in increasing the ventilatory capacity of emphysema patients; physiological responces of athletes to stress; and an evaluation of cardiac responses to exercise. Dr. Dennis K. Stanley Dean co-ed intramurals inaugurated graduate school draft deferments abolished Dr. L.E. Grinter Dean for many graduate programs Fear that the Gradu ate School enrollment would be reduced by recent draft deferment changes did not materialize substantially this year, though the projected annual increase of ten percent did drop to five per cent. Actual enrollment this year was close to 2950. Draft deferments were abolished by the Federal government for graduate studies in all fields but medicine and denistry. In 1967-68 the total number of graduate degrees was 1170 in 84 fields. The UF Graduate School ranked in the nation ' s top 30 institutions in annual production of Ph. D. degree holders. In 1967-68, 172 Ph. D ' s and 43 education doctorates were awarded. The Ph. D. was offered in 49 separate fields ranging from areospace engineering to zoology. Statistics was the area most recently authorized to award the Ph. D. One of the newest ideas in graduate study was discussed in the Graduate School. This was the subject of interdisciplinary programs which allowed a candidate in one area to study related topics in other areas. 69 service 71 today ' s feature The young artist creates imaginative work and posture. Lunch break in the union cafeteria means reunion time for friends. 72 F in the ballroom Florida students watch the Apollo 8 shot. Pool sharks regularly invade the union recreational center. It was a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds! The new J. Wayne Reitz Union became the pulse of student activity offering innumerable services, shows, and facilities. Among those featured this year were, for example, the National Shakespeare Theater ' s presentation of " Othello, " Journalism Day featuring Chicago Tribune Editor Bill Anderson, the film " Blow-Up " with Vanessa Redgrave in the theater, and F. Lee Bailey speaking on " The Defense Never Rests. " Ping pong tables, bowling alleys, and game areas offered recreation. Art displays, an arts and crafts center, and two theaters lent a cultural atmosphere. A stereo listening room and TV viewing area helped ease study-inflicted tensions. Within a complex of offices functioned publication staffs and student government administration. Two floors of hotel accomodations housed visiting alumni an d guests of the University . . . six floors of pulsating life and an oasis in the midst of classrooms. Passengers and riders are continuously beckoned by orange and blue notices. 73 student publications Brent G. Myking, General Manager Gaile Woodham, Reception Mike Davis, Student Business Manager Eddy Bunch, Bob Wheeler, Assistant Student Business Managers Klara Lehoczky 74 financing rolls the presses Serving the publications staffs such as the Alligator, Seminole, and the Florida Quarterly in the capacity of an advisement-management organization was the Office of Student Publications. This office served to maintain the business operations involved with student publications. Through its various channels staff editors sought technical financial advice about color reproductions, printing costs, and budget allowances. Brent G. Myking, general manager, and his staff also acted as liason between the administration and the publication staffs themselves. The Office defends the right of editors while simultaneously carrying out the administrative functions of the university. Barbara Leavitt Cecilia Andress, Bookkeeper Ed Barber, Operations Manager Norm Going, Editorial Advisor 75 gators invade the mass media wruf and wuft-tv The University ' s twin broadcasting stations, WRUF and WUFT-TV, offered the college and community varied entertainment and educational opportunities. As a commercial radio station, WRUF affiliated with NBC to provide interesting programming seven days a week. From Gator football and basketball to musical selections, it offered much for the listening student. WUFT aired evening news and varied presentations for the viewing public, while providing daily educational programs for public schools. The studio also provided training facilities for aspiring broadcasting students of the College of Journalism and Communications. The skills of a cameraman determine success of media. Broadcasting students become professional before graduation police officer helps gators Stop where you are, buy a . . . In order to bring about a more regulated flow of traffic on campus, the University Police Department established check points at the main entrances this year, checking identifications for proof of official business on campus. This became one of the routine functions of the force along with issuing privileged parking permits and speeding tickets. More emphasis was also placed on after-dark security. The well-traveled paths from the dorms to sorority row to the library and back again came under constant surveillance . .. It was an all day — all night vigil bringing safety to all. Check points render a safer traffic flow for pedestrians. on a clear day A few bruises. . . but only in the name of jest. With the intense quickening of pace brought on by the quarter system, the hours of the day grew shorter. Students and professors, however, learned to rob the shorter day of just enough time for a leisurely trip to Camp Wauberg. New equipment in the forms of canoes, row boats, horseshoes, and volley ball sets added more to the recreational facilities sponsored by this university retreat. There was also swimming, skiing, sailing, touch football, and general " romping " in the sun to boost waning spirits and make classes a little easier to face. A Florida man needs no introduction! plants and grounds sprinklers may I? It was a rare day when the plants and grounds crew were not noticeably improving the " face " of Florida. The grounds surrounding the new J. Wayne Reitz Union received particular attention. New parking lots were scaled into the scenery, and the landscaping of the rock and palmetto gardens surrounding the pond was a continuous project. Other places on campus workmen were constantly busy trimming hedges, mowing the lawns, and synchronizing sprinkler systems to avoid sidewalks. Such was the force behind the beautification of Gator Country. Such is the " King " of walkways and the fear of curled coeds. Teamwork hastens the day and extends beautification of the campus. A spade, a cigarette .. . a boost to Mother Nature. 79 servomation pains Servomation served the University student as a haven for hunger pains and as a " break from the books. " Improving its facilities, a " scramble snack bar " at Jennings Dormitory was introduced to eliminate the constant hassle with lines. Rathskeller, a joint project with Student Government, opened the renovated main cafeteria into a quaint German pub. Servomation employees frequently cater to hearty appetites. 80 information placement services COrp A request for information on the Gulf Stream by national television program " Discovery " — the result — a feature for the " Discovery " series on the Green Turtle and the research work of University of Florida professor, Dr. Archy Carr. This was all in a day ' s work for the university ' s Division of Information Services. With a staff of nine, including the new position of Director of Publications, and three student assistants, Information Services busily flooded the mass media with UF news and publicity. Responsible for the planning and preparing of news releases for UF President Stephen C. O ' Connell ' s Inauguration in October, Information Services sponsored the accompaning Legislative Day Program which included a slide presentation on the University. Also included in Information Services list of responsibilities was the radio interview program " Question Mark " sponsored in conjunction with the Alumni Service. These campus promotional pieces of four to five minutes were aired on WRUF and 29 other radio stations in such Florida cities as Panama, Jacksonville, Key West, St. Petersburg, and Ft. Lauderdale. Directed and produced through Radio Center by Gary Christianson, a graduate assistant for Information Services, " Question Mark " included interviews with such visiting personalities as Attorney F. Lee Bailey, City Editor of the Chicago Tribune Bill Anderson, and various Peace Corps volunteers. " University of Florida Days " which sponsored a number of speakers across the state, and the publication of the faculty newsletter " The Compass " and the alumni newsletter were all functions of the Division of Information Services. Expansion into overseas job placement for interested students has been a successful goal of the Placement Service Office, according to Director Maurice E. Mayberry. UF graduates were placed in such unusual and exciting positions as " flying auditor " for Pan American Air Lines, " Research Clam Digger " for an Oceanographic Institute, bacteriology work in defoliation projects to be used in Vietnam, and chemical specialists working on the manufacture and marketing of synthetic turf. Services offered by the Placement Office included providing list of companies that interview on campus, maintaining bulletin boards of available employment, and publishing a monthly bulletin. 81 hub Remembering friends . . " Replies " to " no mon. . . no fun " letters home are deposited at the hub. Campus shops offer interesting items for interesting people. 82 soap posters checks TAPE The Hub had a particular product to sell to the students — one-stop service! Under its one roof was the student depository, bookstore and a " corner general. " The depository offered banking services to the students all year ' round. The bookstore shelved not only books, but posters of all styles, magazines, and maps. The store supplied hair tonic, candy, sweatshirts, and typing paper . . . all to accomodate the busy student on the run. Yes, even girls need drafting tape. " Let ' s see, now what else do I need? " 83 infirmary 98.6 and all is well Ear aches and sore throats find cures at the hands of the infirmary staff. Controversy and service marked the work of the Infirmary this year. Headed by Dr. Wilmer J. Coggins, director of student health, the UF infirmary faced Alligator reporting on the prescribing of birth control pills to university students and resulting policy decisions. A new program, dubbed " Dial-a-Doc " was initiated during the winter to afford students with problems a chance to discuss them with a professional. This program was part of the Mental Health service offered at the infirmary. The infirmary also made immunization shots available for students planning foreign travel or studies and free allergy shots. A drive was held by the health service for blood donations to be used in studying the Hong Kong flu which bothered not only students but persons across the nation this year. A much needed appointment system was also initiated this year to avoid the endless waiting. Eight regular doctors allowed for individual attention during appointment hours and emergency care was available continually. R teaching resources With a wink of an eye photo reproductions are made available. " A picture is worth a thousand words. " Responsible for providing a variety of audio-visual services and for the support of instructional and research programs throughout the entire University, the Teaching Resources Center has been the center of continuous and rapid expansion. Five thousand new slides were added to the center ' s stock of records, tapes, slides, and films. New recordings such as Walt Whitman ' s " Leaves of Grass " , and new films such as the film entitled " Innocent Eye " , a study of the work of Henri Rousseau, were made available for use by instructors and students in individual and group work. The Teaching Resources Center also handled the necessary equipment for making these audio-visual aids available for presentation. Twelve new booths for cassette and regularly operated tapes were added to the center. Preparing art and graphic, audio, photo, cinema and CCTV materials for instructional and research programs was included in the center ' s activities and carried out by a staff of qualified technicians. Career plans materialize through placement services. 85 recreation Completion of new fairways, three new driving cages and an additional practice green completed for the University ' s golf course and club a program of improvements which beckoned the student to turn from studying to the rolling greenery of the Country Club. A pool rounded out the facilities of the club offering to faculty and married students the opportunity for a swim from May though September. Tournaments were sponsored every month by the University of Florida Golf Association, while those just out for a relaxing game of golf had facilities available to them seven days a week. Golf pro Coach Conrad Rehling was available for the enthusiastic student to pick up pointer on his game. Only six more feet to go! alums sponsor Being a member of the Alumni Association didn ' t just mean preferential seating in the stadium for the football games. It meant time and monetary contributions to the University. The Alumni Association was the mainstream through which many former students continued their involvement with the University. Services extended by the Alumni Association included contributions to schools and colleges within the University and sponsorship of an information program of speakers, film, television programs and publications. Added to these were the association ' s part in subsidizing Dollars for Scholars and its presentation of alumni scholarships. Cicerone Sara Jane LaFrance conducts a tour through the Union. Four financial aid programs were offered to students this year through the Office of Financial Aid. They were scholarships, loans, grants, and college work-study programs. In the work-study program jobs were available in such areas as modeling, lab work, library, typing, drafting, graphic arts, accounting, and law research. In February the minimum wage for work-study students went up to $1.30 an hour. Freshman were able to earn up to $1.50 an hour, sophom ores up to $1.70, juniors $1.80, and seniors $2.00, with a work schedule of up to 15 hours a week. Over 2,000 UF students participated in loan programs through the Federally Insured Bank Loan which made possible a maximum of $1,300 for year-around study . Over one million dollars was committed this year for students participating in the National Defense Loan program. Ira D. Turner, Director Student Financial Aid R ' 7 library there ' s a hush all over Additional micro film and equipment, new tapes, reference books and lounge chairs were added to the college and graduate libraries to facilitate students in study and research, while photographs appearing in the University Report of a nude female in the book stacks provided university members with the unique in controversy. Seven days a week the midnight oil burned as students used library rooms as that quiet place they needed to study for midterms or finals. 89 leadership The 25 students elected for the University ' s Hall of Fame this year have proved themselves to be outstanding in one or several areas of campus endeavors, incorporating all imaginable phases of campus life. Senior status, commendable leadership and service rendered to the student body are the essential qualities looked for by the selection committee, composed of students and administrative deans, in choosing members for the Hall of Fame. Harold Aldrich Marti Cochran Phil Burnett John Dodson 92 1939 hall of fame 4 Roddy Grubbs Gary Goodrich Sharyn Hackney Mary Jo Holland 93 John Morton Manny James Jean Johnson John McPhail 94 1969 hall fame Renee Millard Ric Katz John Ritch jim Moody 95 1969 hall of fame John Toppe Clyde Taylor Joan Schaffel Larry Smith Sue Ellen Winkle Pete Zinober Bill Zewadski Jack Vaughn 97 1969 who ' s who Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities honors outstanding students in over 700 schools throughout the United States. The national organization sets a quota for each school according to the school ' s enrollment. This year, Who ' s Who honors 42 outstanding students in diverse fields and areas of extra-curricular service, academics and leadership. A 2.0 overall average and superior contributions to the University are traits looked for in the selection of those students honored. A student may be elected to Who ' s Who at the University as many times as he shows outstanding achievement in working for the student body. Skip Berg Roger Brown Phil Burnett Gary Christiansen Marti Cochran 98 Jim Devaney Janet Dippenworth John Dodson Dave Doucette Deborah Fien Judy Graham Joe Hilliard Roddy Grubbs Sharyn Hackney Eric Katz Doug Lamb John McPhail Renee Millard Jim Moody Lee Pletts Joan Schaffel John Toppe Jack Vaughn Bill Zewadski Pete Zinober One of the most active and well-known organizations on campus and in the state, Florida Blue Key continued its fine tradition of service to the University of Florida. One of its main objectives was to promote the university throughout the state. Through a Speakers ' Bureau, student speakers travelled throughout the state talking to high schools and service clubs about the UF. " The Second 100, " a 30-minute television series promoting the university was shown on commercial stations in Florida. " Dialogue " was initiated to bridge the communications gap between the administration, faculty and student body through a series of discussion groups on subjects ranging from the need for a coliseum to the role of student dissent on campus. While alumni members included state and national senators and representatives, governors and jurists; student members included campus leaders from student government, publications, sports, and other service areas. Percy Beard, the Athletic Department ' s assistant director, spoke to the " Keys " on his office ' s cooperation during Gator Growl and Homecoming. Florida Blue Key. Front Row: Ed Koren, Steve Hull, John Dodson, Tick Solomon, Sam Block, Bob Buck, Jeff Weather, Bill Zewdski. Second: Allen Casey, Eric Hougdahl, Mac Irvan, Jim Kinkaid, Jay Scheck, Manny James, Bill Wack, Tom Cope, Shelley Finman, Bill Slippy. Third: Franklin Harrison, Roger Brown, Rob Blue, Fred Taylor, Harold Aldrich, Jack Arkness, John O ' Shea, Bill Gregg, Ed DuPont, Gary Goodrich, Greg Johnson, Back Row: Bill Hollingsworth, John Mica, Bruce Bokor, Larry Smith, Bob Hollmeyer, Charles Harris, Jack Vaughn, Bill Sparkman, John Ritch, Cliff McClelland. 100 theme tapped for gator growl Food and fellowship were first on the order of business at Blue Key ' s monthly dinner meetings. Blue Key ' s biggest production. Politics is often the topic when " Keys " congregate. 101 Diane Baron receives her mortar board. Dean Betty Cosby participates in the tapping ceremony. Sara Aptheker Sherry Atherton Bonnie Burnham Carole Cepeda Ann Dore Sandra Fuller Barbara Gibson Jeanne Johnson mortar board Eileen McDargh is congratulated after being tapped. Larrie Johnson Marilyn Marcy Renee Millard Becky Pierce Lee Pletts Beth Rupp Babs Smith Linda Tarler Suellyn Winkle christmas tree Strolling across campus in their black caps and gowns, newly tapped members of Mortar Board were recognized as the outstanding women at Florida who have by their junior year maintained a 3.0 overall average and excelled in service and leadership. In December students gathered at the University Auditorium to join Mortar Boards in singing carols at the Christmas-on-campus tree lighting ceremony. Members also sponsored their annual Homecoming Ladies Buffet in November. Mortar Boards arrive to perform their traditional tapping services. 103 omicron delta kappa runs course-teacher evaluation Omicron Delta Kappa, the UF ' s only National Mens ' Leadership and Scholastic Honorary, enjoyed its first full year as a member of National ODK during the 1968-69 school year. With encouragement from ODK Brothers Regents Chairman Chester Ferguson and Universities Chancellor Robert Mautz, ODK inducted a new class of 18 initiates in November bringing its total membership to more than 40 men, including students, and faculty. In the Fall of 1968 ODK also published the first edition of its newsletter. The newsletter revealed that ODK had big plans for the future. The " Laurel Crowned Circle, " in addition to taking on the student-run Course and Teacher Evaluation also announced plans for a $30,000 festival of the arts called CELEBRATION to be held in the Spring of 1970. ODK President Fred Breeze said CELEBRATION would include film, music, the dance, drama and other arts. Tapped for his work on publications, Howell Ferguson was entered on the roll of initiates last Fall. Omicron Delta Kappa. Front Row: John Toppe, Bart Kimball (vice president), Alex Nicholas, Dr. Robert Braswell, Raul Ramirez, Harvey Alper, Andy Owens. Second Row: Prof. Buddy Davis (faculty advisor), William Goddard, Steve Ely, Charles Shepherd, Fred Breeze (president), John DeLancett. Third Row: Dean Frank Adams (faculty secretary), David Burke, Jamie Pressley, Brian Page, Joe Hilliard (treasurer), John McPhail. Fourth Row: Jim Rouse, Gary Schaffel, Bruce McCurry, Jeff Klink, Joe Marsh, Ron Flick. 104 Omicron Delta Kappa initiation ceremonies were attended by UF President Stephen C. O ' Connell, and Regents head Chester Ferguson. Trying to encourage underclass student leaders recognized by Squires, Omicron Delta Kappa Brother Harvey Alper spoke on the opportunities open in the field of student publications at a joint meeting of the organizations. Squires Bob Marshall, Guy Demoret, Frank Hearne (president), Ira Giller, Elvin Phillips, and Tom Seybold discuss plans to integrate their efforts with their sponsoring organization, Omicron Delta Kappa. savant uf Following the Tower ceremony, new Savant members had a torchlight procession through the rain to the Union for a " get-acquainted " party. At the base of the Century Tower, symbolic of Savant ' s motto--Together Outstanding Women Encourage Responsibility. 106 leaders retreat to lake geneva The thrill of recognition for leadership and service is Linda Satlof ' s as Jan Dickens performs the tapping ceremony. lake geneva In it ' s third year on campus Savant-UF women ' s leadership honorary attempted to extend their annual leadership conference to all women leaders through-out the state. After the selection of 22 new members Winter quarter the traditional retreat and discussion session was held at Lake Geneva, Florida, in February to acquaint the newly tapped women with the goals and ideals of Savant leadership. Savant members also included in their activities hostessing for the Blue Key Smoker at Homecoming. Savant-UF. FRONT ROW: Jan Dickens, Debbie Fien, (vice president) Suellyn Winkle (president), Linda Tarler, Barbara Nunn, Becky Pierce. SECOND ROW: Elaine Fuller, Marti Cochran, Babs Smith, Mary Jo Holland, Leslie Cauthen. THIRD ROW: Barbara Lindsey, Donna Lurch, Nancy Eisenberg, Dianne Baron, Jean Hanna, Judy Graham. phi eta sigma Although academics was the central concern of the men of Phi Eta Sigma, a freshman honor society, the members also busied themselves with activities and services for fellow students. After the first fall prog a dance was co-sponsored with Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman honor society for women. The two groups also held a joint banquet. Resolutions concerning the abolition of compulsory ROTC and physical education were sent to the administration. Donuts and coffee were served at the libraries during the winter finals. Phi Eta Sigma. Front Row: Lee May, Don Carter (secretary), Craig Goldwyn (president), Stephen Brown, John Englehardt (senior advisor). Back Row: Gus Vazquez, Dean Mott (faculty advisor), Steve Franco. theta sigma phi To students in and out of the College of Journalism and Communications, Theta Sigma Phi became synonymous with bake sales as the traditional money-raising project for the women ' s professional journalism honorary was to keep all communications students well supplied with cookies for their long afternoons of labs and classes. Behind the scenes, however, Theta Sigs were busy attending the New York Collegiate Career Conference in April where members were informed of job opportunities in the Northeast. Other activities included joint meetings with Sigma Delta Chi, hostessing for Journalism Day luncheons, and presenting fashion shows for the public relations and advertising day luncheon. Theta Sig ' s ended the year with the Pica award banquet honoring the outstanding graduating female in journalism. Theta Sigma Phi. Front Row: B. Perlmutter, K. Scott, C. Raskin (vice president). Second Row: J. Stecher, J. Faust, G. Fuller, R. Kamper (treasurer), L. Harris. Third Row: J. Forsberg, L. Daniels, R. Shore, B. Shirek, J. Luehrs. Fourth Row: B. Swann, K. Keim, B. Babnew, K. New (secretary), D. Skigen. Fifth Row: L. Kilpatrick, S. Dacre, S. Evans (historian), G. Brown, P. Brasch (president). log alpha lambda delta Beginning each quarter with initiation ceremonies held for newly elected freshmen women Alpha Lambda Delta selected from women who earned a 3.5 average for one quarter. Socials and post-prog dances with Phi Eta Sigma, men ' s freshman honorary, provided activities for the organization. Alpha Lambda Delta also lent assistance, as one of their functions, at the annual Mortar Board banquet. Alpha Lambda Delta. Verna Novak (vice president), Cindy Chapman (treasurer), Kathy Corrigan (president), Janey McCrillus (historian), Judy Nash (executive vice president). sigma delta chi A journalist is by the nature of his work a " Lonesome Man " according to Sigma Delta Chi banquet speaker news director Bill Groves (Channel 4 WJXT, Jacksonville) and so destined were the members of this men ' s professional journalistic honorary organization. Activities centered around the professional and field of communications as members enjoyed speaker Jim Pidgeon of the Tampa Tribune and sent three students to the national Sigma Delta Chi Convention in Atlanta for three days in the fall. Also included in the year ' s plans under President Jim Pearson was the annual faculty-student cookout held at Camp Wauburg in the spring. Sigma Delta Chi. Paul Henon (secretary), Jim Congleton (treasurer), Bill Killingsworth (vice president), Ken Anderson (president). gargoyle The Beaux Arts Ball attended by students and faculty spring quarter highlighted the year for Gargoyle, honorary society of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts. Two formal reception-initiations and informal gatherings at the beach and in Gainesville brought the diverse departments of the college together. Gargoyle also helped further the endowment fund of the late and highly respected faculty adviser, M.H. Hohnson. Gargoyle. Front Row: D. Donley (president), L. Soler (treasurer), B. Cofer, C. Johnston, S. Parks, C. Rodriguez, J. Toppe, G. Stine (secretary), S. Fleischman (vice president), W. Andrews (pledgemaster). Second Row: P. Frazier, R. Peattie, H. Sorenson, D. Gradick, J. Loyd. Third Row: R. Palma, S. Krone, .T. Cogan, D. Ogram, E. Anderson (faculty advisor), A. Dasta. Fourth Row: S. Harris, O. Larrauri, W. Hundley, R. Londeree, S. Bassett. Fifth Row: J. Crosby, S. Curtis, A. Rodriguez, J. Gleeson, R. Bass. Sixth Row: G. Ebert, D. Paris, R. Foreman, D. Scully. Seventh Row: A. Obregon, F. Paredes, T. Steinwender, D. Whiteman, G. Chapman. tau sigma delta Initiating a student tutorial program this year in the College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Omega chapter of Tau Sigma Delta, an honorary society for scholastically outstanding members of this college, strove for service to those in its field of endeavor. The recently established chapter also continued its registration assistance program by informing students of course content and course availability. Tau Sigma Delta. Front Row: Rick Peattie, Lourdes Soler (treasurer), John Toppe, Hank Sorenson. Back Row: Derek Donley, John O. Crosby (president), John Clees. 110 sigma tau sigma The Student Tutoring Service probably didn ' t come to the aid of any student the night before a test, but it did offer valuable assistance to those students who made a sincere effort to work over a period of time with the tutor provided by the service. The STS offered free, private instruction to undergraduate students encountering scholastic difficulties. Tutors were qualified undergraduates who desired to render assistance to their fellow students. The tutor had to have a 3.5 overall average and an " A " in the course he tutored. Sigma Tau Sigma. Front Row: Lynn Barger (vice president), Judith Goldstein, Robin Moran (business manager), Pat Nichols. Back Row: Lee May, Lee Austin, Joe Trawick, Frank Markwell (president). gamma beta phi Providing tutors for the Challenge Free Academy for high school dropouts was one of he many activites of Gamma Beta Phi, a leadership organization whose goals were to promote scholarship and provide service to the university community. In pursuance of these goals, other projects were a Christmas party for underprivileged children in Gainesville, a collection drive for the Heart Fund, organizing Beta Clubs in high schools in the Gainesville area, and providing counseling assistance to freshman. The members of Gamma Beta Phi also established an open file and tutoring service for all members, as well as having socials for the members. Gamma Beta Phi. Front Row: Mary Jane Sparks, Heidi Dougherty (secretary), Richard Spool (president), Gail Wolff, Cary Gavant. Second Row: Donna Wyatt, Soos Foresman, Carter Jones, Jim Kirkpatrick, David Stein. Third Row: Mike Lehtoli, Laura Young, Elaine Pressman, Mark Spool, Ed Nathan, Phil Spool. 111 117 sigma tau In its 46th year of serving the University of Florida Engineering College the Upsilon chapter of Sigma Tau is the University ' s oldest college-wide engineering honor society. Its members must not only meet high academic standards, but must also exhibit practicality, sociability and a high moral character. Striving, through leadership, to serve the Engineering College, Sigma Tau played a major role in production of the Engineering Fair Queen ' s Contest, the Annual Engineering Scholarship Breakfast, and the Teaching Excellence Awards assembly. Besides these major tasks, Sigma Tau performed numerous other activities in attempting to enrich the Engineering College. Sigma Tau. Front Row: R. Moore, G. Gayden, B. Schnitzler, R. Edelstein, J. DeVore, D. Howse (president). Second Row: J. Browning, R. Lydick, L. Austin, L. Brady, J. Smith (secretary), H. Labadorf (treasurer). Third Row: L. Whipple, C. Radonich, D. Hamilton, A. DeLaney, P. Giralt, D. Knudsen (historian). Fourth Row: R. Mills, F. Markwell, J. Burns, G. Wise, P. Paulsson, G. Hemp. Fifth Row: R. Stevens, C. Stone, M. Rogers, R. Sierakowski, H. Fuehrer. Sixth Row: G. Lawson, A. Camero, E. Crooks, B. Goddard (vice president), R. Herson. phi kappa phi Presentation of scholarship awards to outstanding juniors, one totaling $500 and four totaling $250 each, were awarded as a function of Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society for the recognition of superior scholarship in all fields of study. Striving to encourage further scholarly effort rather than to reward past achievement, the official motto of the society Philosophia Kratei Photon translated: " The love of learning rules the world. " Phi Kappa Phi. Dr. S. J. Locascio (secretary), Dr. C. D. Covey (president), Mrs. Jean Ewing (journal correspondent), Dr. E. M. Sawyer (treasurer), Dr. R. S. Eastwood (vice president). kappa tau alpha Student journalists who were members of Kappa Tau Alpha, a national journalism honorary society, held a banquet at the end of the year to honor outstanding members who had contributed much to the organization. Primarily an honorary organization rather than a service group, the society initiated new members each quarter rather than only once a year as was practiced in the past. Membership in 1968-69 increased to about 45. Members were chosen from those journalism students who had maintained a 3.0 scholastic average. The final decision of membership was left to a faculty board of the College of Journalism. Kappa Tau Alpha. Front Row: Jeff Weil, Bob Mayer, Robert Crawford (sponsor), Marlyn Rubin, John Jones (national president), Phyllis Brasch, Janice Forsberg, Jane Stecher. Second Row: Larry Berrin, Ronald Bloom, Howard Vogel, Sally Evans, Neil Linden, Dennis Sercombe, Kay Usborne. Third Row: Neal Litman, Hank Silverman, Mike Brown, Clifford Schulman, Miles Francis, John Brett. Gamma Alpha Chi. Front Row: Barbara Perlmutter, Cheryl Raskin ( historian). Second Row: Kathy Cleghorn (corresponding secretary), Gail Zeltman (vice president), Davida Skigen. Third Row: Gail Brown (recording secretary), Bobbie Weaver (president), Phyllis Brasch (reporter). gamma alpha chi A field trip to Jacksonville took the members of Gamma Alpha Chi, a national advertising fraternity for women, through an ad agency, a billboard company, the Jacksonville Times Union offices, a television station, and the advertising department of a local department store to see the advertising practices. The group was accompanied by advertising seniors from FSU. A free desk blotter was handed out at spring registration in cooperation with Alpha Delta Sigma, the men ' s counterpart to GAX. GAX, the only professional advertising fraternity for women in the world, held joint meetings with ADS, as well as going to Atlanta for another field trip. The group was affiliated with the Advertising Federation of America and through this organization extablished contacts with advertisers on the national and local level. 113 alpha epsilon delta Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary society consisting of pre-professional medical and dental students of superior achievement. Its purpose is to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, to promote contacts and cooperation between medical and. pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education, and to bind together similarly interested students. Activities for the year were centered around premed orientation featuring some of our finest doctors, discussion sessions with those in the know concerning medical school, tours of the medical school, and the writing of a pamphlet for freshman and transfer pre-med stude nts. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Front Row: Sandra Oldham, Suzanna Veldhuis, Agnes Tibor. Second Row: Larry Huber, Lee Austin, Tim Paulk, David Burtner, Michael Engelman. Third Row: Barry Setzer, Craig Spencer, Earl Marshall, Greg Williams. alpha epilso n rho Alpha Epsilon Rho is a national honorary fraternity for outstanding students in the field of radio and television broadcasting. The University of Florida chapter, Alpha Beta, was established to recognize the academic and creative achievements of students of broadcasting. Although AEP is an honorary fraternity, the Alpha Beta chapter is an active chapter. AEP members are involved in many challenging radio and television productions both here at Florida and on an exchange basis with other AEP chapters around the country. These include special programs produced by the chapter, as well as participation in programming and production at WUFT-TV and WRUF, radio. The Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho is a fraternity to honor the academic achievement of the student, and, at the same time, it is an organization encouraging the creative talents of the outstanding broadcast student at the University of Florida. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Chuck Broward (historian), Stephen Craig (treasurer), Bonnie Brown (secretary), Bill Sykes (vice president), Bob Estes (president). 114 rho chi An honorary professional society in the College of Pharmacy, Rho Chi sought to increase the awareness of the ethical and social responsibilities of ' the profession. Through their efforts, the society ' s members hoped to enhance the prestige of pharmaceutics. Regular chapter meeting, and special activities brought students and faculty together in a useful fraternal association. Operation of a closed circuit television system for showing pharmaceutical and medical films was a major project of Rho Chi. Those interested in tours of the College of Pharmacy were provided guides by members of Rho Chi. In addition, the club conducted informal seminars in sciences related to pharmacy, and erected window displays for National Pharmacy Week, and on drug abuse and poison prevention. Rho Chi Front Row: Admiral Rogers, Jr., Karen Lynn, Roger Croswell (historian), Louise Bakula (secretary-treasurer), Will Gecosky (president), Gladys Moon. Second Row: Paul Williams, Charles Becker, Norman Davis, Richard Angorn, Charles Haupt. Back Row: Jerry McDonald, Carl Johnson, Gerald Yakatan, Kenneth Finger (dean), Robert Baird. Not pictured: L.H. Gramling, (faculty advisor). tau beta pi Frequently referred to as the " Phi Beta Kappa of Engineering " Tau Beta Pi ' s exhibited superior academic performance and engineering excellence to attain membership. Sponsoring such annual programs as the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award Assembly, the Scholarship Breakfast, and the Engineers ' Fair, Tau Beta Pi actively promoted scholarship and leadership in the engineering world. Tau Beta Pi. Front Row: Bill Colter (treasurer), Art Camaro (cataloger), Bob Edmunds (president), Victor Zue (vice president), Bob Herson (corresponding secretary). Back Row: Don Irons, Jr., William Edens, Russ Mills, Harry Karabinis, Danny Howse, Gary Lawson. Initiated since posing: Bertrum Barbay, Robert Cusumano, John Edwards, Arye Ephrath, William Ferguson, Donald Fraser, Jr., Donald Hayden, Jr., James Hayden, Cecil Kirksey, Charles Kundsen, Blake Masters, II, Ronald Meyer, Perry Peterson, James Rennak, Robert Rogers, Lyman Scribner, Jr., Richard Weddington. 115 Seminole A hard-working core of writers, layout artists and photographers work from September to April to produce the annual Seminole. Besides afternoon activity in their corner of the third floor of the Union, many nights are spent doing the final editing and thousand and one things that always happen the week before the final deadline. Telephones ringing and cries of " Where ' s my burnisher? " combine with new changes and old memories to form the finished product. It ' s a lot of work, but as the campus changes, the 1969 Seminole will help students remember how it was when they were here and what happened. Jim Moody, Editor-in-Chief Jim Okula, Executive Editor Carmen Smith, Greek Editor Bob Marshall, Leadership Editor Andrea Newmark, Administration Editor Celeste Hardee, Activities Editor Carol Still, Editorial Assistant Linda Satlof, Organizations Editor 116 and deadlines Ken Driggs, Sports Editor Karen Kaye, Academics Editor Judy Graham, Managing Editor Jackie Erney, Seniors Editor Kathy Scott, Copy Editor Sue Raily, Service Editor Barbara Shirek, Assistant Copy Editor Linda Golden, Editorial Assistant Jessica Everingham, Poetry Editor 117 alligator autonomy finally obtained Working under the double pressures of deadlines and a full academic load, the student editors and staff of the Alligator produced a daily newspaper to bring the university community the latest campus, state and national news. A national first-place winner of the Pacemaker Award last year, the Alligator staff strived to retain its high journalistic standards while enlarging the paper to a record-breaking nineteen page average edition. Emphasis was placed on news content, with less space devoted to views and commentary. The source of controversy in the past, the paper ' s endorsement of Student Government candidates was an issue in Student Senate deliberations. Vicki Vega, Assistant News Editor Dave Doucette, Managing Editor Neal Sanders, Reporter Carol Sanger, Assignments Editor Marc Dunn, Sports Editor 118 Dave Reddick, Associate Editor Raul Ramirez, Executive Editor Ted Remley, Entertainment Editor Harold Aldrich, Editor•In-Chief Dill Dunn, Assistant Sports Editor Kathie Keim, Reporter Glenn Fake, News Editor 119 production Jimmy Dicks, Seminole Photographer Pam Pemberton, Sales Manager Doug Case, Darkroom Manager Dave Huskey, Advertising Manager Tom Kennedy, Nick Arroyo, Photographers Bill Andrews, Sales Representative Joyce Gehrke, Advertising Staff Artist Carolyn Killingsworth, Lois Garda, Production 120 staff provides professional finish Dave Mathews, Seminole Photographer James Cook, Production Assistant Gus Mustelier, Fashion Photographer Bud Skidmore, Darkroom assistant Clark Thomas, Seminole Photographer Roger Umstead, Production Assistant Brian Goodheim, Alligator Photographer Bill Sweat, Local Sales Manager 121 As the March deadline approached and Student Government ' s future was put into the hands of the voters, student leaders stressed the accomplishments of their administration. Student Body President Clyde Taylor made good his campaign promise to allow a student vote to abolish SG, but offered in defense of the present system his record of office. Probably the most popular of the achievements of the Taylor-Goodrich administration was the conversion of the extra space in the Main Cafeteria to a replica of a German beer garden. The project ' s success, in spite of obstacles from the State Board of Regents to the State Beverage Department, was largely credited to the work of Rathskeller Committee Chairman Joe Hilliard. In response to demands for greater involvement in community affairs, Student Government initiated Project Samson. Established to aid in the development of closer relationships between students and the young people of Gainesville, Samson was highlighted by a volunteer tutoring program. A film-lending program, and establishment of Homework Centers for area youngsters, added to the scope of this ambitious project. The Ombudsman, Student Government ' s troubleshooter, was Taylor ' s answer to the complaint that the " bureaucracy " was too complex to lend itself to solution of the little day-to-day problems of students. Automatic telephone answering recorded each individual complaint, and the Ombudsman used the power of Student Government to arrive at an acceptable solution. Fighting the monopoly situation in used book sales, SG instituted an exchange program providing used texts at costs substantially below those of the book stores. An off-campus housing investigative body was formed to deal with complaints against landlords. Other student-service efforts included a grade appeals board, the teacher evaluation program, and Wauburg redevelopment. The Dollars for Scholars loan fund was greatly assisted by Carnigras a spring amusement festival enthusiastically received by the students. Gary Goodrich, Vice President of the Student Body. taylor sg future on the line Rick Katz, Executive Assistant; Mark Glick, Administrative Assistant. Pete Zinober, Honor Court Chancellor. Clyde Taylor, President of the Student Body. 123 124 Before instituting changes to give the Senate a permanent presiding officer from its own ranks, Vice President Gary Goodrich presided over meetings. The first elected President of the Senate, Jack Vaughn took the gavel and the responsibilities of leadership from Goodrich. Intense interest in the business of student government was visible in the expressions of student Senators. student senate maps course for UF A homeless organization for months, the Senate took what it could get in meeting rooms until permanent chambers were set up on the third floor of the Union. The Student Senate ' s first full year of operation since its reorganization from previous years ' Leg Council saw increased concern in areas of faculty-student communications, student unrest, publications autonomy, coordination of student activities, and infringement on academic and expressive freedom. In a move to prevent possible political interference with the Alligator ' s editorial policy, the Senate passed a long deferred measure to insure financial autonomy for the newspaper. As elections approached in the the spring, the senate defeated an equal-space provision which was to guarantee non-favoritism in editorial space endorsing candidates. Controversial issues were faced squarely in opinion resolutions, which dealt with events from the Lavon Gentry case to the Tom Slade ultimatum. The larger issue of a general lack of communication between the faculty and students was partially resolved when student pressure, including action by the Student Senate, resulted in opening of faculty deliberations. Student leaders from the Senate worked to moderate a proposed policy statement put before the faculty on student demonstrations. Majority Floor Leader Charlie Harris was the voice of Party during the Winter Quartet 175 In a series of events which created confusion greater than that of last year ' s Taylor-McBride controversy, the fall Union Board elections unfolded before an increasingly disillusioned and skeptical student body. The source of the problem and basis for the precedent-breaking popular election of Union Board officers, was a Union Board charter revision passed by the Student Senate during summer ' 68. Attempting to stay the election with an Honor Court injunction, the incumbent appointed officers filed a complaint questioning the legality of the Senate ' s revision. Despite the opposition, the campaigns of Commitment Party, a United-First and Forward coalition and the New Movement, an aggregation of Forward dissidents and independents, continued. The New Movement claimed to have held the first open nominations for a UF election, with Union Board Presidency candidate Steve Hull aligned against Commitments ' s Bob White. October ' s elections were a decisive defeat of the New Movement, as thirty-seven of forty Senate seats and all Union Board posts went to Bob White ' s Commitment Party. Less than a month later, the Honor Court stepped in, and declared the election unconstitutional. After Student Government had seemingly discarded the entire issue, from charter revision to the balloting, the Union Board of Managers earned the last word by accepting the results and procedure of the controversial election. White had won. Student self-government is practiced in the voting booth. contested accepted Special voting procedures were put into effect to curb the kind of violations which overturned a previous Student Body Presidential race. Union Board President-elect Bob White enjoyed the taste of victory. The New Movement ' s Larry Jordan presided at an open " nominating convention " in the Plaza of the Americas. 127 air force rotc Milton Caniff, creator of the Steve Canyon comic strip, was the guest speaker at the Dining In, a formal military banquet held each year by the men of the Dale Mabry Squadron of the Arnold Air Society. Open to all Air Force ROTC cadets who showed a high degree of interest in the Air Force, Arnold Air Society was the national honorary professional organization of the Air Force ROTC cadets. The society was named for General H. H. (Hap) Arnold who was commanding general of the Army Air Force in World War II. The men of Arnold Air Society sponsored the Beachwood Cabin for boys at Sunland Training Center. They entertained the boys with parties, and played football with them. Formed at the University of Florida in 1950, the Dale Mabry Squadron took part in many university, civic, charitable, and service activities. The Billy Mitchell Drill Team marches in formation weekly. Arnold Air Society, FRONT ROW: John A. Bartlett, Dennis J. Tyra, Anthony Manganello, Thomas Stambaugh, James Slaton, Dennis Hood, Robert Gates, Robert McGraw, and Charles Self. SECOND ROW: James Erwin, Marvin Chavis, Greg Bullock, James Bryant, Mickey Dansby, Kenneth McLaughlin, Peter Quinn, Gary Garr, Jack Harvey, Steve Prior, Patrick Tidwell, and Capt. Gordon H. Fair. THIRD ROW: Victor Segall, Richard McCarl, Michael Braun, Donald Hamilton, Sandford D. Mangdd, Alexander Mauro, Patrick McDonald, Chris Litherland, Robert Martin, G. Ronald Smith, and Douglas Lamb. 130 FRONT ROW: Marlene Schneider and Babs Smith. SECOND ROW: Lt. Col. Mike Braun, Jan Druckman, Becki Hucks, Leslie Perry, Arlene Margolis, Corrine Conlon, Ann Clark, Eileen McDargh, Peggy Rosenberger, Cathy Bennett, Beth Rupp, DeDe Walshon, and Capt. Sherouse. THIRD ROW: Beth Roffelson, Cathy Amick, Patti Donahue, Micki McCartan, Carolyn Cart, Jerri Taldman, Ann Dunwoody, Kay Chandler, Madeline Philippaon, Pam Pemberton, and Diana Leach. FOURTH ROW: Jane Whitman, Margie Sekle, Nancy Goldman, Candi Wright, Jan ey McCrillus, Kerry Werner, Margaret Gavan, and Pat Tuck. angel flight As the coed auxiliary to the Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight worked to advance and promote interest in the United States Air Force and the University of Florida. Members served as hostesses at Air Force ROTC functions, as well as at university and civic functions. Angel Flight collected clothing, personal items, and other articles for children in South Viet Nam. They also sold candy to raise money for their other service projects. Competition for membership in the group was keen. Angels were chosen on the basis of interest, personality, appearance, and academic acheivement. Rush for new members was held three times a year. Angels are instructed about rush procedures army rotc " Right Face! Forward March! Present Arms! Stack Arms! . . . " These were but a few of the myriad commands shouted ou t by the officers of Army ROTC at drill every week. In spite of a drop in enrollment due to the change to voluntary military training, ROTC continued to promote the finest military tradition. A new Junior Battalion was organized as a result of the change to voluntary training. Cadet Brigadier General John McPhail was an example of the leadership that Army ROTC builds. McPhail was recognized as the first student at the University of Florida to hold the rank of Cadet Brigadier General. Concluding his career in the Army this year was Professor of Military Science, Colonel Arlo Mitchell. Thus, founded as a military institution, the Army Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps of the University of Florida has continued to prepare men as the future backbone of America ' s defense. A moment ' s relaxation from drill. Cadets stack arms during weekly drills. army sweethearts FRONT ROW: Dianne Baron and Carolyn Maslanka. BACK ROW: Linda Kent, Maida Sokal, Kathy Hatcher, Cheryl Watson, Randy Roehl, Candy Fien, Maria Junquera, Wendy Jackson, Donna Lough, Linda Edmunds, Susan Harris, Suzanne Rogers, Martha Parrish, Susan Westberg, Shella DeShong, Judy Lipschutz, and Brenda Levin. Cannon gets special attention from sweethearts. Sweethearts boost morale of ROTC Cadets. Entering a new phase of activity this past year, the Army Sweethearts adopted an orphanage in Southeast Asia. Collecting clothing, toiletries, and educational aids from the Gainesville community, the Sweethearts broadened their organization objectives to include a vast area of service. In addition, they continued their regular program of drill and appeared on the military field weekly to bring spirit and friendliness to Army cadets. Sweethearts appeared in parades as far away as Louisiana and hostessed special university events, financing all expenses personally through various fund-raising projects. 133 Officers of Alpha Kappa Psi plan activities for year: John Kassab, secretary; Hale Stancil, treasurer; Ivan Gellert, president; Bob Weis, first vice president; Joe Rowley, second vice president; and Dr. Bradbury, faculty advisor. Participating in intramural sports and a Homecoming breakfast began a long list of activities for Alpha Kappa Psi, professional men ' s business society as they blended the social and professional in their field. Bloc seating arrangements were made for the members at football games and socials were held with Phi Chi Theta, women ' s professional business sorority. Business films and panel discussions were also incorporated into meetings to relate concepts to the practicalities of the business world. alpha kappa psi Alpha Kappa Psi. FIRST ROW: Kevin M. Davis, Bob Stirk, Bruce C. Byrd, Gary Adams, Steve Harris. SECOND ROW: Dick Dallas, John Hilke, Harvey Budd, David Zeidwig, David Keller, Jim Geiger. THIRD ROW: Paul Vogel, John Kassab, Michael Sullivan, Edward Nash, David McDonnell, John Kirtz, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Brit Minthorne, Bob Rand, Terry Hedden, Torn Frankland, George Lambing. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Ivan Gellert, R.W. Bradbury, Tom McCormick, Art Wroble, Tom Alan Howes, Peter Brown, Austin Dayton, Hale Stancil, Kenneth Heller, Richard Newell, Ralph Jacobs, David G. Bunn, Jerry Conerly, Joe Anson, Jim O ' Neill, Jim Lineberger, Bob Weis, Dale DeMott, Barry G. Runyon, Joe Rowley. 134 association of women students AWS. Front Row: Joan Schaffel, Jan Halker and Linda Satlof. Second Row: Brena Gibson, Francine Leventhal, Mary Ellen Kerwin, Connie Knight, Diane Mazur, Dianne Baron, Susie Wright, Linda Strauss, and Ann Hockstein. Third Row: Jean Swanson, Rosalind Gould, Kathy Maxfield, Janet Bernstein, Marlene Stewart, Susan Klein, Peggy Langstaff, Eileen Cantor, and Susan Blumberg. To give women students an effective voice in the regulations that affect them was the aim of the Association of Women Students. Projects for this year included an action retreat where ideas and grievances were discussed, an orientation program for new coeds, and a Grievance Committee to handle campus complaints. AWS, the largest organization of women on campus, included every undergraduate woman student on campus. The business was carried through by the AWS Executive Board, Women ' s Judiciary, and the AWS Council. Representatives from the UF ' s AWS attended the national convention of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students at the University of Alabama. FRONT ROW: Dianne Baron (vice president), Kathy Maxfield (Judiciary Chairman), and Jan Halker (Junior Class Representative). SECOND ROW: Peggy Langstaff (recording secretary), Joan Schaffel (president), Linda Satlof (Sophomore Class Representative), and Susie Wright (vice president). 135 athletic council Given the responsibility of giving all athletic awards, the Athletic Council also coordinated athletic events with the student body. The council met at the end of each athletic season to select those athletes to receive letters, special awards and honors. The Athletic Council was composed of seven student representatives--one each from the cheerleaders, three selected sports, Florida Blue Key and the student body. Bringing the membership to ten were three faculty representatives. Andy McPherson, Coach Hobart Hooser, Joe Scafuti, Max Steen, Gene Peek, and Bill Edgar. University of Florida Choir university choir The University of Florida Choir, under the direction of Dr. Elwood Keister, is a mixed group of 60 well-trained voices. The choir has travelled throughout the country, including performances at the opening day ceremonies at Montreal ' s Expo ' 67. The group exemplifies the dedication and capabilities of a fine choral group. This year ' s officers are: John Beatty — president, Steven Brown — vice-president, Mary Jane Bowles — secretary, Linda Barber — tour manager. 136 baptist student union " English in Action, " a program to help foreign students with their English was held twice a week in the Baptist Student Union. Discussion groups, socials, intramurals, films, and retreats were also a part of the activities of the Baptist Student Union. In addition, the Union sponsored a boys ' cottage at the Sunland Training Center. Personal counseling was available for all students as part of the overall program to aid in the spiritual and social needs of the students. Baptist Student Union. FRONT ROW: Lorry Bass, Melba Green, Carolyn Massey. and Linda Knight. SECOND ROW: Bob Bamberg, Harold Jones, Barry Snyder, and Franklin Shepard. beta alpha psi Co-sponsoring the annual Graduate Accounting Conference, Upsilon chapter of Beta Alpha Psi actively promoted accounting on the Florida campus in the fall quarter. Members of the accounting honor fraternity, who must have attained a 3.0 average and fulfilled service requirements in the field of accounting, also held tutoring sessions for students in Introductory Accounting. In addition, Beta Alpha Psi offered consulting services during the tax season to any member of the University community who had questions concerning the completion of his tax return. Various projects involving assistance to university students and association for the members with practicing accountants during the year were carried out under the direction of president Janis Ridenour. Beta Alpha Psi. FRONT ROW: Wayne Dodd, Jack Miller, Austin Dayton, Curtis Green. SECOND ROW: Ivan Gellert, Charles Gaboardi, Knowlton Shelnut, Lawrence Lipman, Kevin Davis, Stanley Bilsker, Julian Mack. OFFICERS: President — Kevin Davis; Vice President — Bob Strick; Secretary — Janis Ridenbur; Treasurer — Julian Mack. 137 block and bridle Entering FFA and 4H events, horse and livestock shows, the Block and Bridle club, which catered to future cattlemen, spent the year planning and taking part in activities that would offer professional insight and technical knowledge to its members in preparation for their future. Field trips in Block and Bridle were given greatest emphasis by the members for practical experience, as the importance of the cattle industry growth, especially in Florida, was seen as vital to those preparing for a future dealing with livestock. FRONT ROW: Bill Burgess, Greg Carlton, Dr. J. W. Carpenter, Lyn Quarrier, Eleanor Myers, James Harper, and Barry Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Ralph Raymond, Karen Riddell, Kathy Marshall, Sheryl Whittaker, Gayle Feurbacher, and Nancy Eaton. THIRD ROW: Ron Stephens, Suz Morris, Kathy Beschen, Gloria Gay, Janet Glendening, Yvonne Barber, Jim Griffin. FOURTH ROW: David Parrott, Sherrie Harper, Ray Crawfo rd, Peggy Vasse, Nancy Smith, Suzzanne Reed, and Mary Moore. FIFTH ROW: Phil Fields, Jim McClellan, Joe Arcuri, and Derril Moody. SIXTH ROW Jim Percy, Bob Suber, Charles Clark, Joe Walter, Alex Smith, Dean Bell, and Tom Allison. SEVENTH ROW: Quentin Emery, Don Glenn, Tom Curry, Art Alston, Jim McCoy, and Harold Platt. EIGHTH ROW: Wes Pittman, Jim Melton, Steve Koch, Bill Farrell, and Doug Weaver. New branding techniques are used. Block and Bridle have special judging teams. FRONT ROW: Hank Hough, Paul Maliska (vice president), Gene Peek (president), Jamie Pressley (treasurer), Larry Rentz (secretary), and Phil Shehee. SECOND ROW: Jerry Fannin, Ernie Golin, Mark MacKee, George Dean, Mae Steen, Guy Dennis, andy Owens, Boyd Welsh, Tom Brown and A rmstead Neely. F Club recognizes athletes of all sports. f club Homecoming weekend, among the many going ' s on, also saw returning lettermen joining for a reunion sponsored by the University F Club. A number of winter and spring activities were also held by Florida ' s athlete organization. A Christmas party was held at Sunland Training Center along with the annual sports day and visit to the Rodheaver Boys Ranch. Members also enjoyed speaking engagements at various high schools, banquets and clubs throughout the state as a year long activity. Delta Sigma Pi FRONT ROW: Ron Rodgers, Daniel Lucas, Joel Wolpe, Raymond Allen, Preston DeVilbiss, J. Harry Miles, III, Bert Blades, Rick Reader, Steven Hennessey, Steve Twedell. SECOND ROW: John Fox, Tex Wooters, Nick Didio, Mike Collier, Bob Davis, Dave Musgrave, Jeff Gilstrap, Dyane Osborne, Jack Miller. THIRD ROW: Ron Beckman, A.A. Thomas, Mike Smigel, Gray Laney, Bob Lonsdale, Roger Ingley, Gus Van Eepoel, Vernon Pickhardt II, Hardy Pickard, Richard Davis, Dale Kelly. FOURTH ROW: Ron Stenstrom, Fred Myers, John Prewitt, Jeff Davidson, Jeffrey Yost, Mike Richardi, Bos Wolfson, Richard Rossi, Bill Fricks, Willis J. Ozier, John Barron. delta sigma pi Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity sponsored a yearly curriculum that offered a blend of professional and social activities. Professional ly, the chapter had three speakers and one or two field trips each quarter. For example, during fall quarter Delta Sigma Pi was visited by Keith Austin, a self-employed CPA; Frank James, assistant to the president of Food Fair in Jacksonville; and Allen Kennel, past president of the chapter who had been with Ford Motor company. Beta Eta chapter toured the Hudson Pulp and Paper Company in Palatka, Florida during the fall. During the winter term, the members went on a four day field trip to Atlanta where they visited General Motors, IBM, Carling Brewery, and Sears Roebuck and Company. Socially, Delta Sigma Pi had two parties per quarter. In the fall.the New Brother ' s Banquet was held at the Holiday Inn, with a party for all members following. Smokers were held at the beginning of each quarter and a barbeque was held in the winter and spring quarters. florida cicerones So what if Washington, D.C. has Perle Mesta. The University of Florida has a whole group of " hostesses with the mostert " the Florida Cicerones. The newest and one of the largest organizations on campus, the Florida Cicerones was established in the spring of 1968 as the University ' s first permanent student hostess corps. Sponsored ,by the Alumni Association the group served as guides and hostesses, daily promoting a favorable image of the University of Florida. The Cicerones got their name for a greek word meaning " someone who guides or serves as hostess. " Cicerones were seen at all student g overnment productions, the Presidential Inauguration, Frolics, children ' s concerts, Alumni week-end, and the Homecoming barbeque. FRONT ROW: Linda Post, Susie Shapiro and Judy Panning SECOND ROW: Dee Schiano, Arleen Pasetti, Marie Perrone, Barbara Beaumont and Karen Meyer. THIRD ROW: Judy Roberts, Karen Kinnin, Marjorie Minson, Bonnie Campbell, Elizabeth Robinson, Chee Chee West, Karen Chorost, Jane E. Romita, Jean LaBauve, Merry Reidenbach, Susan Davey, Barbara Little, Nancy Dalton, June Cowperthwaite, Sue Railey. 140 Homecoming float captures prize for Graham Area. Bunnies invade Graham for Playboy Night graham area council Play Day, a new happening at Graham Area, was initiated this year with all dorms participating. Graham kept up with activities holding their annual Playboy Club, a hayride, a Halloween party, and a Powder-Puff game with Hume Hall. The dorm took first place in the Homecoming on-campus float division. They also sponsored a family for Christmas. Henderson section was victorious in Football Intramurals. The dorm council was active in the " Dollars for Scholars " drive. GRAHAM COUNCIL. FRONT ROW: Bill Buck, Stuart Farb, JoAnn Trippe, Alan Braboy, Tom Vanek. SECOND ROW: Neil Drake, Susan Johnson, Mary Tunstall, Mark Baker. 141 gator band Richard W. Bowles directs Gator Bands. Gator Marching Band entertains at halftimes. Assistant Director, Robert Foster gatorettes Band tips hats for the Fightin ' Gators. Front Row: Charlotte Meak, Verna McKinney, Gloria Robson, Beverly Cantor. Back Row: Karen Tuttle, Helen Windmuller, Becky Pierce, Nancy Wolfson, Jan Hatcher. Not pictured: Sharon Hackney, Elaine Howard. Jackie Johnston, Carla Mosley, Sue Morgan. Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi Band FRONT ROW: Kathy White, Jorja Perkins, Vice President; Cathe Rising, Treasurer; Jane Kindsey, Joanne V. Swanson, Janet Nafgizer, Sue Nungesser. SECOND ROW: Dale Peck, Margie Zander, Lee Quintana, Anne Towers, President; Gena Spivey, Coralie Scherer, Gloria Close, Eslene Froelich. THIRD ROW: Mr. Richard W. Bowles, Nancy Walters, Roger Pierce, Rick James, President; Ron James, Secretary; Percival G. Brown, Vice President; Bob Takami, Clyde Hager, Bill Hager, FOURTH ROW: Andy D ' Ambrosio, Mike Chesser, Bill Davis, District President; Rob Ireson, Fred Vyverberg, Bob Mullin, Alan Lewis, Bill Phillips, Charles Carroll. BACK ROW: Charles Carney, Bob Clayton, Doug Finley,.Jim Williams, Tom Swanson, Stirling Close, Wayne Spivey. FRONT ROW: Martha Stark, Margie Zander, Sarah Fouse, Jorja Perkins, Sally Simonis, Janet Ewing, Donna Thomas, Dale Johnson, George Davis. SECOND ROW: Brent Smith, Carolyn Chesser, Hale Pringle, Mike Chesser, Claire Johnson, Steve Kress, Dayle Peck, Dan Ferrari, Glenda Spencer, Jim Hickey, Pat Frye, Fred McKenzie, John Sauls, Tom Gregory, Susan Magner, Ronna Lehman. THIRD ROW: James Williams, Tom Carnahan, Rolf Kuhns, Terry Myers, Linda Younker, Janice Gillespie, Charlotte Overbey, Anne Esry, Alan Lewis, Bob Pyle, Kay Duman, David Miller, Mike Samball, Henry Wolking, Richard Fox, Jerry Hogsette, Jim Stevens, David Paul. FOURTH ROW: John Horner, Greg Lawrence, Pam Pope, Denny Wells, Dennis Blackburn, Steve Alvarez, Ron Wilder, Danny Bowles. FIFTH ROW: Dan Silvas, Louis Gouz, Bill Booth, Pete Zinober, Bernard Mackey, Richard Bowles, Director; Robert Foster, Associate Director; Dick Hord, Barbara Abersold, Les Harding, Bob Clayton, Pat Silvas, Dave Jones. Hours of rehearsal lead to success. 1 A A Front Row: Bruce Mitchell, Jack Fueyo, John Sauls, Bill Faust, Brent Smith. Second Row: Director Robert Foster Denny Wells Steve Alvarez, Bruce Gore, Greg Lawrence, Ken Jones, Bob Clayton. Third Row: Dale Witt, Henry Wolking Jim Stevens. Charles Carney, David Paul. At events ranging from a Jazz festival to athletic contests and bon fires, the Gator Band succeeded in representing the University of Florida on and off campus. Composed of six component bands, the group claimed approximately 300 students. Seen on national television as well as at other events in the state, the 1968-1969 Gator Marching Band added much to the pageantry of football season. The Pep Band playe d at pep rallies while the Concert Band gave an outdoor concert. The highlight of the symphonic season was an annual tour featuring performances held throughout Florida. The Gator Variety Band, a jazz ensemble, was a semi-finalist in the Mobile Jazz Festival in Mobile Alabama, which afforded them an opportunity to perform in the first All South Band Clinic at Jekyll Island, Georgia. The members of all the bands joined in a host of activities not regularly scheduled on the rehearsal calendar. These included Wauberg parties, hootenannies, cook-outs, sports events, and the Annual " Banquet " held Gator Band Officers: Front Row: Mike Chesser. (pres.); Kathy White (sec.); Charles Warren Back Row Lamar Sawyer (drum major): Wynn Hancock (social); Marty Maggenheim (see.); in the spring. Stirling Close (Publicity). 145 men ' s and worn en ' s glee club Touring through New Orleans, Memphis, Charlotville and Atlanta, the men ' s and women ' s glee clubs this year extended their agenda to include nation-wide appearances. Participation in the combined Christmas concert as part of the pre-holiday activities at the University auditorium and the annual concert before their tour rounded out glee clubs schedule. Men ' s glee club, the oldest musical organization on campus performing in the past all over the United States and parts of the Caribbean, also entertained at Central Florida Junior College and the Georgia-Florida Alumni barbeque in Jacksonville. Participation in programs on campus brought a closer look at the cultural side of college life, while providing welcome relaxation in the middle of a hard day of classes. Men ' s Glee Club. FRONT ROW: Rand y Hugill, Jim Strauss, Sid Heidt, John Sweet, Alex Nicholas, Larry Lancit, Richard Harman, Paul Shipskie, Allen Stine, Stanley Stein, John Tsacrios, and John Grigsby. SECOND ROW: Tom Shepard, David Kosler, Darryl Kelly, Earl Smith, Bryan Page, John Clees, Rick Oliver, Mike Cassares, Bruce Mitchell, Tom Vanek, and Ted Jessups. THIRD ROW: Barry Eisler, Phil Ware, George Stabler, Pete Wilson, Joel Austin, Ed Rose, Bill Davis, David Welch, Charles Wilson, Toby Ellis, Clint Duke. 146 Women ' s Glee Club. FRONT ROW: Patty Chiaro, Kitty Oliver, Paula Lancit, Patsy McDermott, B.G. Porro, Oel Wingo, Faye Vaughn, Martha Stark, Sandra Bonner, Belinda Jones, Sunny Burnsten, Benneth Stamm, Barbara Miles, Susan Nungesser, Jody Yeary, and Director, Mr. Grigsby. SECOND ROW: Alice Cully, Linda Lassiter, Bobbi Lemlick, Beth Rupp, Sally Evans, Becky Hoodwin, Alison Martin, Lori Preece, Melissa Shepard, Alice Zwicke, Sara Baldwin, Catharine Blackwell, Patsy Maxwell, Janet Holzer and Nancy Stapleton. THIRD ROW: Linda Hill, Kathy O ' Shea, Sharron Britton, Sharon Hennessy, Tammi Scialdo, Lori Willey, Anne Willey, Carol Westfall, June Kirkpatrick, Michele McCartan, Linda Langley, Diane Bookman, Betsy Young, and Susan Burbridge. FOURTH ROW: Carol Van Gundy, Connie Smith, Gayle Tippins, Evelyn Beaty, Deborah Scott, Becky Corwin, Vicki Vining, Cheri Mansir, Carol Roshon, Sandy Smallwood, Linda Snyder, Carolyn Wilkerson, Jean Nichols, and Pat Lytle. 147 Two color television sets were given to the College of Engineering by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The men purchased the sets with money made on the daily coffees held in the college. The IEEE held picnics for its members; the menu included free beer! IEEE also held a banquet for its members. More serious activities of the IEEE, which is an organization to promote professional attitudes, included a field trip to Cape Kennedy and Radiation Corporation and guest lecturers from industry to inform the engineering students of the latest developments in their field. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. FIRST ROW: M.H. Latour, Myron Merritt, Don Irons, Jessie Lundy, Larry Allen, Gordon Bassford, John Bouchard, Fred Salem, John Edwards, Clifford Newton, James Tye, Kra ig Lenius. SECOND ROW: Wayne Wall, Charles Durick, Wayne Harringron, Jim Olivenbaun, George Clark, Larry Holley, Larry Anderson. THIRD ROW: Butch Harden, Albert Morneault, Frank Bowden, Carl Peterson, Don Jordan, Herb Winfield, Larry Whipple, Angelo Macchia. jennings dorm council A living and learning residence area on the move, Jennings Hall was made coed for the first time. A new government was initiated and varied activities took place, including an Italian night, a slave auction, and a pancake breakfast for which all proceeds went to Dollars for Scholars. A " Profs and Coffee " session was held weekly to which a professor was invited to speak to interested residents in an informal gathering in the lobby. Other speakers for the year represented VISTA and the Peace Corps. A newspaper, the Jennings ' Eye was published weekly. A classical music club, a photography club, singing groups, and a Jennings ' band were formed. Also logic and humanities classes were held within the dorm area. Decorations for Homecoming, Halloween, and Christmas parties, as well as dances, were also parts of Jennings ' happenings. Jennings Dorm Council. FIRST ROW: Claudia Kriebel (secretary), Kathy Corrigan (vice president), and Susan Brown (president). SECOND ROW: Dave Taylor (treasurer), and Jeff Mazor (vice president). 148 Kappa Epsilon members promote the study of pharmacy. kappa epsilon Several service projects were held at the Sunland Training Center by the members of Kappa Epsilon, the professional pharmaceutical sorority. Other activities included a Founders ' Day picnic where members of the pharmacy faculty and their families were entertained by the members of Kappa Epsilon. The purpose of the sorority was to unite women students of pharmacy and to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship and a professional consciousness. Kappa Epsilon. FIRST ROW: Gray Mumbauer (vice presiden t), Audrey Alderman, Angela Gatti, and Judy Taylor (president). SECOND ROW: Virginia Schwartz, Beverly Baker, Sharon Westlund, and Karen Lynn (treasurer). 149 kappa psi A field trip to see the Atlanta industries and to the Jacksonville Food Fair were among the highlights of a successful year for Kappa Psi, the national fraternal organization for pharmacy students. The Florida chapter of Kappa Psi promoted a high standard of social and professional conduct by participating in the general campus affairs. Kappa Psi. FIRST ROW: Joe Hughes, John Critz, Edwin Olowin, Bill Hardy, Ira Greenwald. SECOND ROW: Lee Godwin, Danny Jula, Ken Harding, Jim LeFils, Jerry Amyot, Greg Anderson, Joseph Prado, Tony Tagarelli, Ed Phillipa. THIRD ROW: Norman Barrett, C.H. Johnson, Bruce Derby, Tom Jackson, Ronnie Perez, Joseph Mistretta, Bob Parrado, Larry Diaz, Ernest Doering, Ivan Dobbins, Bob Mount, Peter Sagonias, David Harrell. FOURTH ROW: Roger Croswell, Arthur Veritzan, Terry Canfield, John Munson, Kyle Ward, Ken Turner, Larry Alford, Jerry McDonald, John Furlong. lambda tau The chief project of Lambda Tau this year was to send a member to the national convention of the American Society of Medical Technologists (ASMT). To develop a spirit of unity and cooperation, to stimulate scholastic effort, and to develop the professional character of their work were the main goals of the Lambda Taus. They also strove to get others interested in the field of medical technology. Lambda Tau. FIRST ROW: Marilynne Schrader, Karen Briefer, Patty Bunch, Linda Jones, Suzie Barnwell. Second Row: Pat Whitfield, Mary Ann Moffett, Suzanne Colee, Sherry Boise. rho pi phi Promoting the advancement of pharmacy, the members of Rho Pi Phi, international pharmacy fraternity, prepared and delivered a program on drug abuse to the students of Gainesville high schools and junior high schools. The men of Rho Pi Phi participated in National Pharmacy Week with a display in a window of the union. They also prepared a display for National Poison Prevention Week. The fraternity encouraged scholarship by awarding a scholarship to the brother most active in the advancement of pharmacy. Various social events, such as picnics and parties were held for the members. Rho Pi Phi. CLOCKWISE: Vic Bagnato, Bill McClintock, Eugene Provan, Butch LaBorde, Jose Navarro, Bob Story, Norman Davis, Burnette White, Alex Yewtuck, Donald Ray Houston, Thomas Moss, Terry L. Gordon, Jim Zelch, Thomas Kenny, and Dane Carter. m.b.a With a field trip to Cape Kennedy in November, speakers from IBM and Ford Motor Co., and student-faculty mixers, the social organization of Masters of Business Administration promoted close relationships among the graduate students of B.A. Also in November the club had a social that included breakfast, a handicap golf tournament at the University golf course, and dinner with wives and dates in attendance. The MBA club under the leadership of President Paul Grummer included a membership of 52. The club initiated a MBA alumni mailing list as a source for employment opportunities and included in winter and spring activities a trip to various businesses in Jacksonville and a speaker program of company recruiters. Masters of Business Administration. (L-R): Joseph Neihardt, Nicholas Gillert, John Gwynn, Paul Grummer, Skip Simons, Larry Killingsworth, Robert Catto, Stephen Mason, Brian O ' Doherty, William Owra, Jim Mroch, Clement White and John Moore. 151 Winning first place in the Homecoming on-campus decorations division and a scholarship for being the college having the best representation by alumni at this year ' s Homecoming events, started the year off right for S.A.P.H.E.R. S.A.P.H.E.R. or Student Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, under the leadership of President Donna Drendal, organized programs for its members which included featured speakers, socials and a picnic at Camp Wauberg where faculty and students participated in organized recreational games. 1. Robert Eisenstein 24. Toni Gitles 2. Linda Tonks 25. Nancy Barber 3. Ronnie Block 26. Thena Mathe 4. Donna Drendel 27. Fred Thibault 5. John Fowles 28. Bill Matthews 6. Mary Neck 29. Mike Sheehe 7. Pam Scheile 30. Charlene McCormick 8. Vicki Graham 31. Judy Atkin 9. Mary Torontino 32. Cynthia Dogastino 10. Helen Zeiler 33. John Crimella 11. Mike Leatherwood 34. Barbara Kirklan 12. Barb Gustin 35. Mary Jane Noll 13. Charles Lyons 36. Paul Emery 14. Darrell Cochran 37. Mary Bates Feldham 15. Rosa Knight 38. Belle Barnhill 16. Celia Reginbald 39. Charles Hansen 17. Judy Kinney 40. Frosty Jordan 18. Terry Noyes 41. Katie Hester 19. Dale Chemerys 42. Sarah Driggers 20. Karen Kinnin 43. Bill Webster 21. Ryan Gable 44. David Reeder 22. Connie Gaugh 45. Mike Rutan 23. Ann Sandefour 46. Robert Krause 152 s.p.t.. The clinical facilities of the physical therapy department of the university were opened to the public in the fall in an " open house " sponsored by the Student Physical Therapy Association. Representatives were also sent to the national conference in San Francisco through money-raising projects sponsored by the club. Picnics, lectures, and field trips were also provided by Student Physical Therapy Association whose purpose was to encourage professional growth by providing learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure. Front Row: Barbara Helton, Trish Hulsey, Tracy Hinshaw, Beth Wilson, B.J. Sellers, Susan Davey, Carole Botts, Cherry Boyce. Second Row: Pan Webb, Susie Scott, Jean Nichols, Audrey Davis, Jan Dyro, Mary Gene Pearsall, Sally Goodwin, Marion Dooley Bates, Judy Thames, India Brown, Kathie Hiebink, Mary Gavette. Third Row: Joseph Sabl, Peggy Johnson, Arnie Kuypers, Judith Phillips, Mike Sorrentino, Brenda Walker, Elise DeLoach, Janet Hamilton, Edd Lundgren, Billy Bracenell. FRONT ROW: Carole Cepeda, Danna Sagman, Janice Alvarez, Carol Gwin, and Susan Mutzer. SECOND ROW: Pam Stringer, Janet Smeltzger, Lee Quintana, Bea Burridge, Jan Baker, and Kathy Monagham. THIRD TOW: Mrs. Johanna Barbati, Dan Ford, Miss Anna Scott, Pat Matthews, Margaret Pater, Kay Price, Sharon Townsend, Phyllis Toops, Marnie King, Barbara Beaumont, Mary Ann Tanner, Helen Edge, Mary Edge, Mary Farber, and Barbara Luzader. FOURTH ROW: Donna Robson, Dianna Payson, Sally Bendroff, Mary Ann Gorman, Ben Grantham, Bill Page, Joy Newton, Marti Southam, Carol Bauer, Betty Brown, and Nicola Goodman. s.o.t.a. Honoring Alice Jantzen, head of the occupational therapy department, the members of the Student Occupational Therapy Association held an open house reception during the celebration of the tenth year of occuptional therapy at the UF. The members of the Student OT Association also entertained children from the Children ' s Mental Health Unit at the J. Hillis Miller Health Center. Faculty demonstrations showing new techniques and improved methods were held at various meetings. Other open house receptions were held in the clinic each quarter for students interested in the health related profession. With other professional groups in the health related professions, the Student OT Association held socials. The Student OT Association was open to all students interested in occupational therapy. 153 scabbard and blade Vietnam was high in the minds of many students this year. One group who did something constructive about it was Scabbard and Blade, the national honorary military fraternity. The men of Scabbard and Blade constructed a memorial to the American dead in Vietnam, held a blood drive, and supported a unit in the rice paddies of that small Southeast Asian country. Members of Scabbard and Blade were those ROTC cadets of the Army, Air Force, and Navy who demonstrated outstanding qualities of future officers. The purpose of the fraternity was to encourage these qualities of leadership desirable of officers and responsible citizens. Scabbard Blade. FRONT ROW: Roger Strickland, Walter Simon, Sterling Close (Public Information Officer), Maj. R.H. Ross (Advisor), Glade Ligget (Captain), Stephen Rice (2nd Lt.), Jay Hamilton, John Sorensen (1st Lt.). SECOND ROW: Larry Enlow, Stephen Cole, Craig Troup, Henry Matta, Thomas Minihan, Wayne Spivey. THIRD ROW: R.M. Brooks, Henry Bezold, George Cappy, Wayne B. Revels, Michael J. McNerney, Charles C. Appleby, Art Wroble, R.B. Mouldin, Tom Ball, Dick Fargo, David R. Battiste, Tom Spencer, Louis Pucci, John McPhail. 154 student ag council Handling budgets for individual clubs and acting as the governing council of all organizations within the Agriculture College, the Student Ag Council acted traditionally as an administrative help to others within its field. Activities included a Scholarship Convocation in the spring at which time awards were presented to outstanding individuals in agriculture. Ag Council which is made up of the president of each club and one other member also put out a quarterly newsletter for the college. FRONT ROW: A. Brooks Humphrys, Donald P. Driggers, Catherine Cammack, Linda Stewart, Douglas Weaver, and T.L. Andrews. SECOND ROW: J.F. Gerber, Daniel O. Spinks, Allen Hanchey, Howard Foster, Mickey Page, and Bud Riviere. THIRD ROW: Lewis Ward, Jack Shuler, John Hooker, George Herrick, and Dale Heard. FOURTH ROW: Jim Griffin, Sam Poole, Joe H. Walter, Don Nelson and John Hadden. university symphony orchestra The University Symphony Orchestra this year continued its tradition of presenting works from the standard orchestral repertoire in concerts both in Gainesville and off campus. Numbering 75 participants, the Orchestra played four regular concerts in the University A uditorium, and joined the Choral Union for their fall term presentation, Honegger ' s King David. Bassoonist John Kitts, of the faculty of the Department of Music, was soloist for one program, playing a bassoon concerto by the contemporary German composer Erich Sehlbach. Each of the Orchestra ' s programs included representative music from the twentieth century, as well as longer-established masterworks such as Schubert ' s " Unfinished " Symphony and Mozart ' s " Jupiter " . Noteworthy was the first local performance of Calendar for Orchestra, a recent piece by Dr. Didier Graeffe of the Humanities Department. As in past years, all of Alachua County ' s isxth graders attended concerts by the University Symphony Orchestra during the fall. In the winter quarter, the Orchestra traveled to Lake City to play for students from local schools and at Lake City Junior College. 155 greeks Serving the needs and interests of the 26 fraternities is the Interfraternity Council. This year the IFC extended itself even further in areas of service, academics, social activities and campus communication. The new Gator Greek Monthly provided the campus with news of the fraternities and their outlooks on campus issues. By providing this communication to the campus, Greeks have assumed a new responsibility of leadership. Fall Frolics featured The Four Tops, and Winter Frolics in February saw comedian-impersonator David Frye and the Vanilla Fudge entertain. Greeks bonded closer together this year with the first campus-wide Greek Week. Highlighting the week were chariot races, banquets and the all-fraternity dance. Fraternity men, in order to provide a closer relationship with the faculty, presented top professor awards through campus-wide poll. A professor selected from each college was given an award. The initiation of the Florida Greek movie helped fraternity men show people around the state what the Greek system is all about. Service projects such as Project Begin Here building of a community center in the ghetto, and the shower-a-thon for United Fund proved that Greeks were active in community service. Fraternities match booty during fall rush. Delta Gamma and Theta Chi work on a joint project to fix up Camp Wauburg. Bob Ziegler, Adm. V-P, Steve Zack, President, Jerry Abascal, Exec. V-P, Miles Wilken, Treasurer. Not pictured: Pete Marovich, Secretary. 15R gator greek week Winter Frolics. Project Begin Here extended Greek efforts in community service. 159 The Panhellenic Council is composed of the president and a senior and junior representative from each of the 15 national sororities on campus. Panhellenic was delighted to welcome Pi Beta Phi as a new colony in Winter rush. In addition to planning rush and pledging activities, Panhellenic Council is concerned with affairs of all chapters including scholarship, pledge training, social and cultural functions and with campus events in which Greek organizations participate as groups. Panhellenic also serves as foster parents to a young Philippine girl and participates in various University activities. Panhellenic sponsored a drive for the Gator Loan Fund by selling campus pats and collecting money at a basketball game. The result of this was a $1000 check from Panhellenic Council to the Student Government Committee for the Gator Loan Fund. On Feb. 14 the First Annual Panhellenic Ball based upon a Sweetheart theme was held in the Union Ballroom. 200 girls sought greek pins in winter rush. Panhellenic Ball success promises a long future. 160 panhellenic pi beta phi new addition Front Row: Ellie Kuypers, Vicki Krezdion, Deianne Baron, Esther Smith, Lohse Barton, Pam Pemberton, Barbara Sivils, Maxine Kasselman. Second Row: Diane Tasis, Kerry Sheehan, Janis Halker, Karen Kay, Ann Brown, Debbie Lederman. Third Row: Bonita Cohen, Pan Geist, Dianne Berman, Kathy Bennett, Handle Heck, Lorraine Shampoe, Nancy Wolfson, Jan Dickens, Kay Usborne, Liz Taylor, Linda Siverstrin, Kathy Dolan, Jamie Sinnett. Front: Dianne Baron, Vice-President; Esther Smith, President; Back: Lohse Barton, Rush Chairman; Kerry Sheehan, Secretary; Debbie Lederman, Treasure. Dianne Baron talks to panhellenic about the super Alligator coverage of Panhellenic Ball. 161 Pres. — Kay, Karen 1st V. Pres. — Perry. Leslie 3rd V. Pres. —McDargh, Eileen Treas. — Wiggins, Elaine. Corr. Sec. Ryan, Sandy Rec Sec.— Mary Abbott, Susan Black, Beverly Brown, Ilene Brown, Linda Brunson, Carol Carmona, Rita Carmona, Therese Carter, Linda Carvel, Deborah Chemerys, Dale Cohen, Jane Concordia, Jane Conora, Je Cowart, Sandra Crawford, Patricia Davey, Susan Dowd, Joan Dowd, Joyce Fox, Maureen Gavan, Margaret Gerkin, Lynn Gilmore, Carol Gollnik, Jacquelyn Hevdel. Pamela Helliwell Anne Gladys Graham, Judy Kazaros Leslie Kelly, Christine Klausner, Deborah Kuhn, Janine Liedke, Pamela Lloyd, Joan McConnaughey, Jane McHose, Gaylynn Maurer, Jane Milling, Kathleen Morell, Mary Moustakas, Dionysia Norton, Linda Olson, Linda Parramore, Kathy Pierson, Nancy Pink, Peggy Pletts Lee Poe Diane Promoff Pamela Reid, Nancy Reiser, Pam Roberts, Margery Roberts Judy Rodriguez, Viveca Roesch, Donna Rupp, Martha Rupp, Ellen Sattler, Mary Schmid, Carolyn Shaughnessy, Cindy Shore, Reyna Silverblatt, Janet Smith Barbara Smith Ginger Smith, Linda Svane, Pattis Treadway, Gracie Utley, Cindy Valdes, Linda Winger, Lynne Yuschak. Dorothy Way, Susy 162 alpha chi omega a chi o produces tv. program With the appointment of Nancy Pierson to Secretary of University Relations, Alpha Chi ' s claimed the honor of having one of their members as the first woman to hold a major student government position in University of Florida history. Tapped for honoraries were: Sandy Johnson, Phi Beta Kappa; Beth Rupp and Lee Pletts, Motar Board; Judy Graham and Bonnie Brown, Savant; and Lee Pletts, Phi Kappa Phi. Selections for Who ' s Who included Alpha Chi ' s Judy Graham and Lee Pletts. Debbie Jones served as Secretary of Alumnae Events for the Homecoming festivities and was busy as Executive Secretary of Second One Hundred, a student produced television program which concerned itself with controversial issues here at the university. Many long hours of work were donated to publications by Judy Graham as Managing Editor of this year ' s SEMINOLE and Karen Kay, Academics Editor. Military honors went to Angel Flight members Beth Rupp, Eileen McDargh, Leslie Perry, Margaret Gavan, and Army Sweethearts Kathy Hatcher and Ginger Smith. Fraternities also honored Alpha Chi ' s as Pi Kappa Phi Rose ; Sig Ep Sweetheart; and and Lambda Chi Pledge Class Sweethearts . " For me? " " A " is for Alpha, " C " is for Chi . . . Just some of that old Alpha Chi spirit. 163 This year ' s pledge material included " lion taming? " ADPi ' s hold living room sing-in. The Ideal Chapter Award was given to the members of Alpha Delta Pi at their national convention in June, 1968. This surprise made the fall retreat at Olena State Park a tremendous success. Homecoming, as usual, meant long hours of work, fun and anticipation. Donna Betts reigned on the Homecoming Sweetheart Court. Carol Butler was executive secretary for Gator Growl. The ADPi skit captured fourth place at Growl. Spring activities included the annual State Alumnae Day, Parent ' s Day, the Founders ' Day Banquet and ADPi Weekend at the Golden Hills Country Club. Marilyn Marcy and Ann Dore were tapped for Mortar Board and Pam Pemberton was crowned Miss Wauburg. Mary Jo Holland was named to Who ' s Who and UF ' s Hall of Fame. Kathy Amick was secretary for the Gator Loan Fund. Art Consultant for Accent was ADPi Sue Durham. Serving the Seminole Staff were Celeste Hardee as activities editor and Pam Pemberton as sales manager. Six ADPi ' s were pledged by Alpha Lambda Delta and seven sisters were tapped for Angel Flight and Army Sweethearts. Theta Chi honored Christie Koontz as Dream Girl. Three other sisters graced the sweetheart courts of Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, and Pi Kappa Alpha. SAE Little Sisters elected three ADPi ' s to offices. ATO Little Sister Janel Overholt was president serving with Debby Dalton as secretary-treasurer. Eleven other sisters were chosen SAE, ATO, and Pike Little Sisters. 164 alpha delta pi honored as ' ideal chapter Pres. — Sinnett, Jamie V. Pres. — Betts, Donna Rec. Sec. — Roberts, Rush Chmn. — Still, Carol Guard — Youngman, Ann Amick, Kathy Amick, Laurie Amos, Deborah Bell, Rebecca Burton. Janice Butler, Carol Cameron. Lynn Chambers, Pamela Clark, Joyce Dalton, Debby Dent, Linda Dickerson, Linda Donne, Jennifer Dore, Ann Doyle, Sheila Durham, Susan Eggner, Mary Eloff, Carla Fechtel, Roslyn Fooks, Linda Foster, Suzanne Fulghum, Lenora Gray, Mae Gunther, Drue Hamilton, Kitty Hardee, Celeste Harris, Barbara Hazen, Susan Heaton, Sarah Hegen, Ilse Hester, Katie Holland, Mary Jenkins, Joanne Junquera, Maria Karst, Rebecca Koontz, Christine Langland, Cherie Lawson, Kathy Love, Barbara Marcy, Marilyn Martin, Loretta Mason, Alice Meyer, Gwenn Moler, Candy Morrison, Kathy Ohman, Pamela Oppel Joan Otis, Jane Overholt, Janel Park, Sydney Parrott, Gwen Parsons, Druscilla Peacock, Donna Penberton, Pamela Picton Susan Jo Pijot, Jo Poston, Nina Richards, Ronni Robinson Elizabeth Ruskin, Nancy Schaff, Dona Schiele, Pamela Seashole, Kathryn Stratton, Susan Sturgeon, Lynn Tison, Dolly Trumbo, Carol Ullman, Kathy Veckman, Nina Zenzel, Beverly 1 alpha epsilon phi Pres. — Wolfson, Nancy 1st V. Pres. -- Hirsch, Judy 2nd V Pres — Singer, Phyllis Treas. — Goldstein, Toby Corr. Sec. — Berman, Diane Rec. Sec. — Shapiro, Susan Feinberg, Eileen Finn, Janice Goldenberg Deborah Goldfarb, Barbara Goldstein, Ronna Goodman, Carol Greenberg, Judy Gruen, Irene Hartwell, Karen Coltun, Carol Cowen, Elizabeth Cumins, Ilene Davis, Jane Davis, Michelle Diamond, Linda Eisenberg, Carole Fairbanks, Marlene Falk, Judy Abrams, Susan Aronson, Cydney Blinski, Wendi Blumenthal, Cathy Bohn, Mary Braver, Vicki Bursten, Sonya Cantor, Beverly Cohen, Barbara Heiman, Gayle Horn, Anita Horne. Kathy Jaffe, Hazel Jantel, Andrea Jarrett, Ann Kames, JoAnn Karol, Phyllis Katzen, Joan Keshen, Jan Kruglick, Karen Lancit, Paula Landau, Anne Leavitt, Barbara Leifert, Donna Liebesfeld, Ellen Mandell, Joanne Marder. Maryann Mamlin, Jean Margoles, Arlene Marienthal, Judy Markman, Katie Miller, Sheila Nathanson, Margie Newman, Myra Ragon, Barbara Rarback, Sheah Reich, Sandra Satin, Nanc y Schupler, Bonnie Segal, Beth Segerman, Sherry Selditch Robin Seligman, Freddie Silverstein, Linda Simons, Nancy Smith, Barbara Stahl, Ronna Stillman, Susan Swartz, Ellen Tarler, Linda Tepper, Susan Trautman, Eileen Walshon, DeeDee Weinberg, Marianne Wiener, Rose Weiss, Marianne Weissman, Michele Wool, Susan Wynne, Susan 166 a e phi marches as head majorette A meeting of the minds. The women of Alpha Epsilon Phi started in 1968 with a pledge class of 31 girls. With this addition to the sisterhood, the AEPhi ' s worked in their house and on campus. Scholarship was exemplified by Karen Kruglick who was named the number one student in the College of Education. Four girls were chosen members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Leadership, too, played a big part in the house. Babs Smith and Linda Tarler were tapped by Mortar Board and Savant. Nancy Wolfson was chosen head majorette. Babs Smith was commander of Angel Flight, Susan Tillman was secretary of WSA, and Linda Tarler served on the Union Board of Mangers. AEPhi ' s were also represented in the social aspects of campus life. For the third consecutive year an AEPhi was named TEP pledge class Sweetheart. With little sisters of SAE, Phi Tau, Pi Kap, ATO, Kappa Sig, and AEPi, The AEPhi ' s were well represented among fraternities. AEPhi ' s were also members of the Delta Upsilon and Theta Chi Sweetheart Courts. A midnight snack in the AEPhi kitchen. alpha epsilon pi world shower record set Selected the outstanding chapter in the national fraternity for ' 68- ' 69, Phi Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi began the ' 69 school year with a big role to live up to. Brothers Levin and Davis were named as the Outstanding Delegation, with Brother Davis tapped as Outstanding Delegate. Bruce Levy was named the Outstanding Undergraduat e in the national fraternity. The Phi Gam ' s set the world ' s shower record, while collecting over $1300 for the United Fund, in diligent pursuit of the Dan McCarty Trophy. Scholastically, AEPi continued to rank among the top 5 fraternities on campus. The Phi Gam ' s pledge class, one of the year ' s largest, added to their future plans of continued achievement. AEPi ' s and " Company " participate in their record-breaking shower-a-thon. 168 Pres. — Davis Roger Treas. — Graham, Allan Sec. — Giller, Ira Abbott, Elliot Abraham, Gary Alder, Alan Alperstein, Steven Aronwitz, Marshall Baron, Stephen Baumgard, Jonathan Bellows, Jan Bercu, Lawrence Berkowitz, Paul Bernard, Warren Binder, Alan Book, Steven Br eger, Jack Carlton, Roger Cheuvront, Allen Cohen, Harvey Cohen, Larry Cohen, Stuart Dayan, Rick Donoff, Brad Dubinsky, Paul Edelstein, Ronald Ettlinger, Elliott Farrow, Robert Fein, Steven Fien, Richard Freedman, Robert Freeman, Alan Ginsberg, Jeffrey Goldberg, Kenneth Goldberg, Mark Golden, Arthur Granoff, Roy Haber, Daniel Howard, Peter Kahn, Jerry Kirow, Sergio Krasner. Keeve Lamela, Luis Landon, Lon Lederman, Don Lederman, Jan Linden, Neil Moore, Stephen Mornick Neil Morse, Maury Myers, Ronald Pearl, Michael Peyeri, Fred Reiner, Steven Rodriguez, Larry Rosenthal, Paul Schimler, Barry Schuster, Andrew Sepler, Harvery Shields, Fred Siegel, Frank Slutzah, Steve Smallman Richard Smith, Brian Stein, Barry Stein, Laurence Turetz, Alan Vogel, Howard Vova, Philip Whitstein, Michael Willens, David Weinstein, Stanley Weisenthal, Howard Wildstein Bruce Winton, David Zack, Mark Zack, Stephen 169 alpha gamma rho Pres.,— Marovich, Pete V. Pres. Hanckey. Allen Treas. — Belhorn, B. Ashton, Burton Beardsley, David Brown, John Brown, Reggie Burgess, William Cain, Michael Carlton, Gregory Cockrell, William Colbert, Timothy Conoley, Evander Couse Miller Dann, William Foster, Howard Gerber, Charles Harrell, David Hooker, John Hunt, Jim Hunter, John James, Lawson Jeffres, James Knight Jimmy Lane, Donald Leclerq, Michael Lee, Carey Lee, Chester Poe, Leslie Presley, Michael Pula, Charles Putnal, Recie Roe, Richard Selph, Jerry Shivers, Joe Smoak, Edward Stewart, John Thomas, R. Vidrichsen, Harold Ward, Lewis Warren, Wayne Weaver, Douglas Young, Kenneth Alpha Gamma Chapter was honored this year with the election of Chapter alumnus Dr. J. Clyde Driggers as National President of Alpha Gamma Rho. This year ' s Most Improved Scholarship trophy was awarded Alpha Gamma Chapter at the National Convention held at the University of Nebraska. Brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho were active in numerous campus organizations, several distinguishing themselves in their service. Brother Fred Dietrich was tapped for Blue Key. Interfraternity Council elected Pete Marovich as Secretary. Bill Dann was elected Honor Court Justice from Forestry and Brother Howard Foster became Senator for Agriculture on the Legislative Council. This year Sig Ep Heart Fund trophy went to the AGR ' s for the third time and Alpha Gamma Chapter retained the Scholarship banner for being among the top five fraternities scholastically on campus during Winter and Spring quarters. The new Secretary of Agriculture Clifford Hardin is a Brother of Alpha Gamma Rho, adding yet another contribution to the fraternity. Could it be the " Sweetheart of AGR " 1 70 scholarship firsts Leadership in agriculture was of prime importance to the AGR ' s as the Brothers of the Sickle and Sheaf were encouraged to take an active part in agricultural organizations. The Student Agricultural Council elected Lewis Ward as their president. Brother Paul Click was elected president of the Univeristy ' s Dairy Science Club and vice-president of the Southern Division of the American Dairy Science Association. Bill Burgess was elected president of Block and Bridle, the Animal Science club and the Agronomy and Soils Club chose Brother Miller Couse as its vice-president. The Unviersity of Florida branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers elected Bert Gerber as its vice-president. Bud Revere was elected Collegiate FFA president and Jerry Selph became president of Collegiate 4-H. The AGR house decked out for homecoming. Pink Rose Weekend — Always a highlight of the year. 171 Red rover, red rover . . . Pres. — Kesterson, Barbara Corr. Sec. — Krezdorn, Vicki Treas. — Bartlett, Joyce Adams, Debora A. Banks, Barbara A. Barnes, Susan C. Bennett, Diana D. Bierley, Jane Blauer, Constance A. Boyd, Beverly A. Bridges, Ruth E. Burchard, Mary E. Casey, Nina J. Ciesinski, Gaye K. Collins, Marty B. Conlon, Corinne A. Cook, Leslie S. Cox , Marti A. Creswell, Brenda M. Curry, Jill L. Demaree, Michelle E. Dobson, Mary E. Edwards, Susan A. Farr, Elaine M. Fuller, Sandra S.. Fussel, Muriel M. Golden, Kathleen M. Granado, Brenda J. Greene, Trish E, Hansen, Judith L. Hayman, Jane C Heaton, Pamela G. Heidema, Carol A. Hennessey, Susan Hill, Eileen 172 Postmarked — " Alpha Omicron Pi House. " AOPi ' s get melancholy a o active With members members in all the fraternity little sist ex, organizations AOPi ' s were well represented in the Greek world in ' 68- ' 69. Marti Cox was president of the Delta Tau Delta Little Sisters. Marsh Dugan was chosen Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl. Spreading the AOPi spirit, Sue Salerno was a varsity cheerleader. Carol Holmes gave the gymnastics team a little extra bounce. Sally Bendroth and Marti Cox charmed the campus as Miss Seminole and third runner-up, respectively. Taking honors in a wide range of campus activities and organizations were Sandra Fuller, Motar Board; Bev Matson, Phi Beta Kappa; Judy Matthews, Ford Foundation Scholar; and Pat Tuck and Corinne Conlon, Angel Flight. Corinne also held the office of Comptroller in Angel Flight. Both chapter presidents during the year, Dana Bumguardner and Barbara Kesterson were tapped by Savant, as was Marti Cochran. Marti served as Clerk of the Honor Court and extended her local record of service and leadership in AWS becoming the national president of JAWS. Getting into the thick of things, AOPi ' s were active members of the student senate and the legislative council. At election time, Barbara Kesterson, working as the party secretary for United-First, and the chapter pledged and gave 100 per cent effort and support to a winning slate. Howell, Cynthia Howell, Terry Humphreys, Catherine Kautz, Linda Kendall, Susan Leith, Meg Leith, Patricia McMunn Susan Marino, Carol Mince, Robin Moore, Debra Mullarky, Mary Munoz, Hortensia Pope, Carol Reid, Sandra Roberts, Melody Smith, Barbara Sto, Reba Thompson, Pamela Thornton, Sara Tompko, Andrea Toops, Sharon Tuck, Patricia Tulino, Faith Willard, Dawn Williams, Elizabeth Wright, Carol host gator olympics Pres. — Hollmeyer, Bob V. Pres. — Moore, Mike Treas. — Dee. Paul Sec. — Wyllys, John Anderson, Robert Baldwin, Russell Barks, James Barnette Dean Battaglia, William Bean, Clifford Bell Gregory Bell, Thomas Bewley, Raymond Bo one, Donald Booth, Ronald Boze, Edward Brown, Edgar Bullard, Timothy Burns, Jay Buskirk, Frank Butler, Robert Canavan, John Cappy George Cassaras, Michael Coakley, Thomas Cochrane, Thomas Coe, Philip Cole, Stephen Cooley, Joseph Cox, William Crews, Michael Crowder, Ronald Curley, Fred Darby, Gregory Dart, John Dooley, Randy Dore, Herbert Doster, Jeff Duncan, Douglas Dyson James Eason, ' Thomas Eastman, Joel Elliott, Stephen, Enlow, Larry Erick Erck, Theodore Espy, Bow Ferrer, Thomas Fly, James Fox, Lawrence Gage, Fred Gates, Philip Gilbert, Lawrence Gonzalez Frank Gurkin, Michael Pledges show who ' s boss. 174 The Gator Olympics, held to raise money to send Johnny Lee Samuels to the Deaf Olympics in Yogoslavia, were sponsored by the men of Alpha Tau Omega. Through tickets sales and contributions, nearly the whole amount needed was raised. Under the leadership of Bob Hollmeyer, the ATO ' s contributed to the community and to the school. Some of the brothers entertained a group of boys from the Boys ' Club at a Thanksgiving party. Later some pledges went to the Sheriff ' s Boys ' Ranch to help the boys decorate for Christmas and to give them a Christmas party. Gator football was greatly bolstered by the prowess of Larry Smith, Guy McTheny, Mac Steen, Jack Youngblood, Mark Ely, Brad Powell, Mike Kelly, and Ben Sellers. Number one of the golf team was Steve Melnyk. Mike Moore, Larry Smith, and Steve Melnky were admitted to Blue Key, while Mac Steen was chosen for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa. The home of Alpha Tau Omega. Hackney, William Hart, Douglas Hayes, Thomas Heath, Thomas Heath, Tom Hill, Albert Hollmeyer, Robert Holmer, William Hooper, Mike Hooten, Earl Horton, Thomas Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Kenneth Hones, Michael Jones, Richard Joyner, William Judy, Jay Kelly, William Kerslake John James ames Lane, Alonzo Lassiter, Charles Lawton, William Lehmann, Miles Losson, Richard Luoma, Stephen McCarty, Mike McClellan, Richard McCollough, Claude McGurk, Patrick McInnis, William MacMillan, Neil McNaull, Thomas McTheny, Guy Malin, Robert Martin, Bud Massey, William Matta, Henry Meek, Robert Minton, Richard Mobley, Mel Mollohan, Michael Moyles, Briant Murphy, Charles Murphy, James O ' Connell, Tomas Olson, James Pavlick, Charles Peterson, Gary Pressly, James Prokes, Donald Rice, Kenneth Rich, Mihael Sanders, James Sargeant, James Sawyer, Tom Shiplett, Roscoe Slaton, James Smith, Ronald Sprague, William Squillante, James Straehley, Andrew Sykes, Stephen Terry, Glenn Thomas, David Waugh, James Weisner, John Weiss, Scott Westbrook, Ronald White, Christopher initiate tallhassee social A weekend trip to Tallahassee was a new idea in fraternity socials attempted by the Beta ' s this year as they joined their sister sorority Pi Beta Phi at Florida State On the Florida campus, senior brothers Jeff Klink, Alex Nicholas and Dave Birk, all members of ODK, were named to the Arts and Sciences High Honors Seminar. Bill Sparkman, Administrative Vice-president of IFC was tapped for membership in Florida Blue Key. Bill and Jeff Klink also became members of the Order of Omega. Dave Birk, chairman of the Teacher Evaluation Committee, was the University ' s nomination for the Rhodes Scholar Award. Richard Hirte and Richard Spears became distinguished Military Students at ROTC summer camp this past summer. Andy McPherson, last year ' s most valuable swimmer, captained this year ' s Gator Swim Team. Bob Appleget and divers Bob Link and John Scafuti were the other Beta ' s on the team. Mike Healey held down the defensive-end position and made the most tackles on the " Fightin Gator " football team. Tallahassee social Beta house mom is honored. Mahood, Ronald Messing, John Miller, Rick Manahan, Charles Morey, Jerry Morrison, Tommy Mullon, Christopher Mumfort, Richard Nawrocki, David Newman, Gene Briscoll, Michael Epting, Christopher Falana, Tom Field, David Fifer, Paul Fleck, Robert Fredericks, Keith Gallucci, Michael Griffiths, Michael Haeffner, IV Anderson, Einar Baxter, Philip Bean, Lewis Becker, Stephen Berrier, Chuck Birk, David Blanchard, Wayne Bloodworth, James Boyle, Thomas Bradbury, James Hansen, Chuck Healey, John Healey, Michael Heydt, Mason Hirte, John Holcombe, Randall Johnson, Raymond King, Lawrence Klimas, Lawrence Klink, Jeffrey Kroll, Stephen Lackey, Allen Landgraf, Tom Latiff, Stephen Lauter, Talbert Leech, Gary Lyons, Samuel McKenzie, Charles McMillan, Patrick McNary, Scott Bryant, James Campbell, Walter Carlisle Pat Chorlog, John Clark James Clarke, Michael Clements, Edwin Cochley, Herbert Dearborn, Dennis Dixon, Benjamin beta theta pi Pres. — Scafuti, Joe V. Pres. — Sparkman, Bill Treas. — Pickering, Jim Soc. Chmn. — Ebert, Steve Ohnstad, David Olsen, Jeffrey Payne, Lee Perrin, Donald Pillmore, Robert Post, Charles Prose, Richard Remsen, Larry Richards, Paul Charles Rupect, D. - Saunderson, James Schell, George Schell, Wilkie Scott, James Scott, James Shambaugh, Robert Clifford Taylor, David Thomas, Tommy Tullos, James Walker, Frank Wallace, James Winoker, Edwin Lucky guy — surrounded by Beta little sisters. 177 house decorations receive first Fall rush brought 37 new pledges to the Chi Omega house, making it the largest sorority on campus. Pledges and sisters combined to present the winning sorority house decorations of Homecoming 1968. Pinky Chapman placed 2nd in scholarship in the junior class of the University of Florida, while the sisters were first in scholarship for spring quarter. Chi Omegas belonged to Beta Gamma Sigma business honorary, the education honorary, and the accounting honorary. Cherry Boyce succeeded Beth Wilson as president of the Pi Kappa Phi Little Sisters of the Star and Lamp. Many other Chi O ' s served as little sisters of Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Upsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternities. Diana Leach was president of Cicerones, campus hostess committee, and seven other Chi Omega ' s were active members. The Chi O Owl keeps a watchful eye over rush! Every Chi Omega ' s FAVORITE person — Mom Williams. Cindergator reigns in ' 68 Homecoming campaign. chi omega for homecoming Treas. — Sechen, Bernie Personnel — Lasseter, Mary Pledge Trainer — Browning, Ann Adams, Jan Adkins, Suzanne Amann, Mary Jessica Ayers, Elizabeth Baxter, Barbara Bjork, Diane Bohn, Barbara Bowen, Shelley Boyce, Cherry Brownrigg Brenda Cantrell, Cheryl Chapman, Laura Collins, Mary Covington, Cornelia Covington, Susan Craggs, Crannell, Karen Crowe, Bonnie Dekie, Margaret Derry, Portia De Vane, Alice Farmer, Penny Frambach, Cy nthia Frate, Elaine Genkinger, Lauren Goodman, Sheri Grossman, Peggy Hammond, Judy Harby, Ginna Headley, Marie Heipt, Cheryl Hembree, Carla Hembree, Janice Hosek, Dayle Jacobs, Kathy Jarvis, Kathy Keet, Joann Lappin, Schatzi Lasche, Kathryn Lasche, Tricia Leach, Deanna Leach, Diana Lufkin, Hollis Madden, Marsha Manning, Patricia Marchant, Katherine Minson, Marjorie Noble, Penelope O ' Brien, Peggy Tracey Otto, Linda Owen, Joyce Palmer, Linda Pease, Jacquelyn Pierce, Becky Poe Cheryl Poll, Cynthia Pons, Terry Pratt, Nancy Railey, Susan Reed, Jane Reid, Sharon Reilly, Kathleen Ridenour, Janis Robertson, Onelia Rogers, Katherine Schoen, Kathleen Sechen, Betti Sollner, Diana Tapley, Sarah Totten, Janie Tronco, Susan Turner, Lynn Tylander, Cookie Velliquette, Joan Walker Cheryl Ward, Merry Wenig, Constance Westberg, Susan Wiborg, Susie Williams, Janey Williams Pamela Wilson, Elizabeth Wood, Stephanie 179 football trophy passed to chi phi phi ' s An empty lot now, but a new home later for the Chi Phi ' s. Bruce Weeks sets up the ball. Homecoming provided the highlight of the year for Theta Delta chapter of Chi Phi. After winning the second place trophy for floats in Blue League, the Chi Phi ' s traveled to their lot on Fraternity Row, where they broke grounds for a $260,000 house. Construction, started in January with plans for completion in August. Front-runner for the President ' s Trophy, Chi Phi captured first place in four out of six events in Swimming, with Carl Holzier named as Most Valuable Swimmer. Next, Chi Phi took the first place title in Volleyball; Steve Kaufmann and Bruce Weeks were chosen for the all-campus team. Continuing to add to their trophies, Chi Phi, won the first place title in intramural football. Chi Phi also stood out in campus service. Ralph Nobo was elected to the Student Senate. Andy Berky served as President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers. President Bob Wattles was editor of the Gator Greek and James Okula was Executive Editor of the SEMINOLE. Sweetheart Dee Dee Horn was a feature writer for the Alligator. Mom Langdon, Chi Phi ' s housemother for the past ten years, was honored with a testamonial dinner in her behalf. In national scholarship, Chi Phi brothers won two coveted awards. The National Science Foundation Award was presented to Gary Noyes while J. Lofton Westmoreland was awarded the Sparks Memorial Scholarship. On campus, Chi Phi ranked fifth out of twenty seven fraternities. The third annual Sorority Pledge Class Presidents Banquet, providing a means of communication among sorority pledges, was held in November. Chi Phi ' s roar on to victory. 180 chi phi Pres. — Wattles, Robert V. Pres. — Last, James Treas. — Supinski, Richard Sec. — Allemier, David Austin, Charles Berky, William Bernstein, Stephen Bird, Warren Blaney, John Bryant, Joseph Callahan, James Carter, Bill Pete Caudel, Charles Condron, Michael David, Thomas Degler, Edward Dorrie, Ric Drake, Hames Earnhardt, Michael Ellis, Philip Elrod, Gerald Forlenza, Randy Franks, George Gres, Wright Hansell, Brent Haskins, Gilbert Heaton, James Heller, Kenneth Hershey, Terry Holzer, Carl Hussel, Stephen Jennings, Thomas Johnson , Lynn Kaufmann, Stephen Kaydas, Richard Lawrence, Steve Levinson, Mark Linares, Luis Lovell, David Lucas, James McCarthy L McCarthy, Lawrence Moran, Scott Noblet, Norman Nobo, Ralph Okula, James Parker, Charles Parker, Richard Pike, David Prior, Harvey Pyle, George Proeger, Terry Purvis, Martin Repceik, Andress Rice, Albert Robinson, William Rollins, Douglas Spitler, Terrance Struss, Richard Sykes, Bill Weeks, Bruce Welly, George Wetzel, Robert Whitlow, Danny Widener, Ronald Wolfe, James 181 Service . . . a continuing theme in Delta Chi. Pres. — Almand, Jim V. Pres. — Lang, Larry Corr. Sec. — Miller, Rick Sargeant at Arms — Martens, Joe Pledge Counselor — Lambert, Bill Albers, John Andersen, Bruce Bailey, Vinson Baker, Mark Banks, Dennis Bernard, Richard Bifano, Vincent Bobo, Russ Brandy, Andrew Broom, Wiley Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Ronald Brunt, Bruce Calloway, Jack Carmen, John Cohn, Robert Cook, John William Crook, Harry Cusumano, Robert DeGraff, Richard Dick, John Dilmore, Morris Donaldson, Glenn Drew, Richard Drew, Robert Dussia, Robert Erickson, R. Ethridge, Edwin Fogle, William Brooks Grubbs, Nicholas Hartman, Clinton Hassler, Steve Henderson, James Henson, Douglas 182 delta chi " delta chi ' s finance tower chimes While celebrating its 47th year on the Florida campus, the men of Delta Chi pledged over 50 men who turned in top academic honors. Jerry Schecter won IFC and Delta Chi national scholarship awards. Two more brothers joined Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Chi took honors for the third consecutive year in Homecoming float competition with their 100-foot long entry " Gators Reign Around the World. " Service continued as a dominant theme in char ter activities as Delta Chi donated $100 for Century Tower chimes, entertained under- priviledged childern, held a United Fund Car Rally, adopted an orphan child overseas, helped with SAMPSON projects, donated monthly to VISTA, sponsored a Heart Fund Turkey Shoot, won first place in the World University Service and won first place in the IFC blood drive for the fourth consecutive year. Alumnus Brother George Wallace polled 14% of the national vote in the November elections. Life hurries on at the Delta Chi house, while memories of outstanding members linger in the background. Herriott, T homas Hotst, Thomas Hills, Richard Hillyard, Richard Hine, Eugene Hood, Jerry Irvin, Robert Jaeger, Thomas Jeffrey, Robert Jurkowski, Joseph Kane, Joseph Lee, Richard Leonhardt, F. McCall, Russell Maldonado, Argelia Mason, Robert Mica, John Miller, James Morfi, Orlando Murphy, Harry Newton, James Nickerson, David Nicholson, Robert Nuhfer, Edward Parker, Kenneth Peck, Robert Rohlfs, Douglas Rousse, Curtis Rowe, Philip Rudolph, Michael Sargent, Craig Sebesta, Wayne Shoaff, Howard Sidway, Ernon Smith, Scott Stewart, Gregory Stutzel, Richard Sumner, Daniel Sweet, Jeffrey Tani, John Tenczar, Robert Thompson, Joseph Turk, James Turk, Robert Turnier, Walter Wall, Howard Webster, Philip Wellborn, William Westling, David Yost Jeffrey delta delta delta tri delts Pres. — Dickens, Jan Treas. — Stewart, Nancy Sec. — Cotthoff, Trish Pledge Trainer — Piercy, Susan Allen, Eileen Anderson, Deborah Atherton, Nancy Beers, Kassy Benson, Beverly Bock, Barbara Bradbury, Joan Booker, Janet Caola, Bonnie Cannon, Jacqueline Carlin, Nancy Carrell, Patricia Cogburn, Dolores Collins, Kathleen Camparato, Linda Connolly, Pamela Corrigan, Kathy Dent, Karen Deshong, Shella Dieffenderfer, Drendel, Donna Edwards Pam Farwell, Jill Fricke, Susan Gammon, Nellie Godwin, Nancy Hackney, Hine, Elena Hirshberg, Donna Hubener, Katie Imburgia, Virginia Jackson, Wendy Jones, Catherine Karst, Janice Keller, Sharyn King, Nancy Knowles, Ruth Kohlhorst, Kathi Konas, Deborah Lang,Susan Letts, Betsy Linwick, Sally Lockwood, Robbie Lytton, Beverly McCurry, Dotty MacKinnon, Cynthia MacKinnon, Patricia Mitchell, Barbara Nichols, Kathleen Ostland, Karin Owen, Ladye Mary Parsons, Susan Peoples, Julie Pierce, Kathleen Porre, Barbara Ray, Janice Register, Nancy Roehl, Randie Rudasill, Kay Schmid, Susan Schooley, Kathy Scott, Kathy Shannon, Maureen Singer, Jill Smith, Diann Smyth, Elizabeth Swan, Sharyl Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Thibault, Jean Wall, Carol Watson, Cheryl Werner, Kerry Westfall, Lynn Williams, Diann Williamson, Walda Winkle, Suellyn Withers, Susan Young, Katherine 184 capture three queen titles " American Bandstand 1958 " First for the year in scholarship, the Miss University of Florida title and a Gainesville Dragway trophy gave Alpha Psi chapter honors as varying as her members. In beauty contests Tri Delta claimed Homecoming Queen for the third time in the past four years and Engineering Fair queen for the second consecutive year. In the Mrs. University of Florida contest Bunny Williams, DDD alumnae and wife of student body President Clyde Taylor, claimed the title making the list complete. In service Suellyn Winkle served as President of Savant while Jan Dickens held the office of Historian. Peggy Langstaff was elected in fall elections to Recording Secretary of AWS while Suellyn Winkle served as Historian of Motar Board. Executive Secretary of the week-long Accent activities in the winter was held by Nancy Register. Two Hall of Fame members and Who ' s Who were also selected from Alpha Psi ' s ranks while Cathy Corrigan held the presidency of Alpha Lamda Delta, the second year that this honor has been held by a Tri Delta. Football and basketball seasons saw cheerleaders Janet Martin and Susan Engleman out in front for the Orange and Blue, while head majorette Sharyn Hackney stepped high at the head of the Gator Band. The Florida delegation from the Tri-Delt house. delta gamma outstanding woman Pres. — Gibson, Tegie 1st V. Pres. — Biskup, Charlotte 2nd V. Pres. — Blanton, Kaye Rec. Sec. — Smith. Carmen Corr. Sec. — Knight, Connie Treas. — Bower, Babs Aiken, Sandy Allen, Nancy Anderson, Liz Atkinson, Susan Boarman, Mary Brennan, Kathleen Burr, Linda Bush, Barbara Cleaves, Charlene Cook, Carol Copeland, Carol Davis, Pam Faircloth, Amy Fletcher, Deborah Forcier, Mignon Gergen, Christine Gross, Elizabeth Hall, Martha Harris, Sharon Harrison, Phyllis Hixon, Roberta Hollyday, Mifflin Horder, Robin Hulsey, Patricia Inex, Helen Johns, Barbara Johnson, Olivia Jones, Bonnie Jones, Leslie Jordan, Deborah Keely, Robin Knoche, Kathleen Langworthy, JoAnn MacCallym, Deborah McClendon, Michell McGinnis, Susan McKee, Helen Mays Cheryl Ann Miller, Julie Miller, Pamme Montgomery, Margaret Moyers, Rena Newman, Barbara Onorato, Chris Osman, Karen Pamp, Stephanie Pasteris, Joan Pinuel, Tena Ponce, Carol Powell, Donna Ritz, Dianne Shelnut, Conni Silverthorn, Cassandra Smith, Ester Sparkman, Ceci Spiegel, Joan Spinale, Anna Tolbert, Diane Vitunac, Ann Watson, Janie Watson, kristin Williams, Peggy Wolfman, Donna Wright, Candice Wright, Sue Terry 186 graduate wears delta gamma pin The look of intramural champions. Five fraternities chose DG ' s as their Sweethearts this year — SAE, Pike, ATO, Delt and TEP — giving the Delta Gamma ' s the sorority reign in the Greek world. Beauty honors were also awarded Candi Dobson as 1968 Military Ball Queen and Mary Long as Gator Gras Queen. One of the top honors on campus also went to a DG as Carolyn Greany was chosen Outstanding Woman Graduate. Leading Panhellenic as president was Ester Smith while Susie Wright held office in AWS and Carmen Smith worked as Greek Editor for the SEMINOLE . Working together on various service projects, DG ' s furthered a spirit of giving. The annual Blind Party, given jointly with the Delts, for students from the St. Augustine School for the Blind was a grand success as was the work with the Theta Chi ' s in beautifying Camp Wauberg. Delta Gamma teams up with Theta Chi to clean up Wauberg D.G. ' s whoop it up at Raunchy Ranch. 187 delta phi epsilon receive scholarship award What! Meatloaf again? A first place for a homecoming float started a winning year for Delta Phi Epsilon. After winning the Triangle Plaque at National Convention, the Deephers were f ired for rush where they pledged 32 girls. In order to raise money for their favorite charity, the sisters published an address book. They also entertained some underprivileged children at a Halloween Party. Campus activities boasted a number of Deephers. Angel Flight Commander was a DPhiE. In Army Sweethearts, Brenda Levin served as secretary. Another Deepher was vice commander. Diane Baron served as vice-president of Panhellenic and AWS. Debbi Fien, vice president of Savant, was named to Who ' s Who. Participating in fraternity activities were Robbie Jaffee, pledge class sweetheart of Delta Upsilon; and Marcia Cypen, pledge class sweetheart of Pi Lambda Phi. Various Little Sister organizations found Deephers in membership, including AEPi, Pike, Phi Tau, DU, and ATO. Pres. — Gilbert, Laurie V. Pres. — Baron, Diane Pledge Trainer — Strauss, Linda Treas. — Hoff, Barbara Rec. Sec. — Bussey, Carol Friedman, Mary Friedman, Robin Grabiowsky, Verne Hachel, Marcia Harris, Caron Harris, Susan Jaffe, Roberta Kerben, Deborah Kohler, Janice Koppe. Charlotte Kurtz, Toby Lacedonia, Barbara LaCivita, Degna Landau, Sheila Laufman, Rita Lazarus, Susan Corenswet, Ellen Convert, Susan Cypen, Marcia Eisen, Susan Fien, Candy Fien, Deborah Finkel, Francine Fitterman, Sandra Asher, Andi Barnett, Jane Binderman, Beth Blumberg, Susan Bondy, Marcia Carr, Joanne Cohen, Benita Cone, Patricia 188 Levin, Brenda Lipschutz, Judy Mardorsky, Marsha Manheim, Janet Mann, Madalyn Mann, Wendy Marks, Lynn Marisch, Shelley Paver, Nancy Peiper, Joan Phillips, Jane Pressman, Audrey Rabinowitz, Linda Reff, Eileen Rieback. Jessi Roemer, Susan Rubin, Jill Salzman, Diane Satlof, Linda Seidman, Karen Shinbaum, Gail Siden, Laurie Silberfarb, Eileen Sokal, Maida Soloman, Carol Solomon, Paula Ward, Bonnie Weiss, Davida Weksler, Marla Wolf, Sue Sisterhood unites the DPhiE ' s in song. 189 delta sigma phi Pres. — Howard, Tim V. Pres. — Weber, Jay Sec. — Cervone, Bill Treas. — Hornyak, Ed Adams, William Avery, Benjamin Barb, Thomas Behrendt, Lloyd Bunnell, Richard Clark, Walter Davis, Clint Dean, Dan Duncan, Bazil Farren, John Feldmann, Richard Feldser, Brad Fort, Charles Glover, Mathew Goodburn, James Herring, Richard Jewett, Douglas Krauskopf, Jeffrey Lane, Glenn Long, William Lushbaugh, Robert McCarty, Gerald Mathias, David Miller, Greg Peterson, Richard Philips, William Redinger, Tom Rhoades, Maynard Delta Sigs reign in Gators ' ' 68 campaign. A little sister adds to the success of a prize-winning float. 1 0 11 beast reigns at delta sig house An autumn afternoon with little sisters, Sue and Heidi. September sparked renewed hopes for the long-awaited new house. With the acquisition of lot number 12 on Fraternity Row, the fall centered around finalizing plans and making construction arrangements. After fall rush, the largest pledge class in Delta Sig history wore the pledge pin. Rush for " Little Sister of the Nile " gave the brothers interests which ranged from sororities to models to Gatorettes. The Scholarship Banner from IFC, which placed the Delta Sig house third on campus, was given at Fall Frolics for the second quarter in a row. Fall quarter featured continued success as Delta Sigma Phi again placed in the top of the IFC Blood Drive. The annual Sailors Ball found the brothers on Delta Sig Island for a luau party. Leadership training sponsored by the Delta Sig house offered a course in leadership techniques to all campus organizations. Plans for the spring quarter included a possible cruise to the Bahamas for White Carnation Weekend in May. Also planned was participation in the Beauty and the Beast contest which helped sponsor foreign students at the university. The Delta Sigs won the contest in May, 1968. Roberts John Roth, Frederick Schulz, Tom Scott, James Smith, James Sodders, Mathew Solomon, Herbert Waters, Allen Wilkinson Bruce Zirdola, John 1 Q 1 two on golf team. The Year of the De lt began with one of the largest pledge classes in Delt history. The " If you can believe your eyes and ears " theme began in Spring 1968 at the Golden Hills Country Club with the Delt ' s Rainbow Weekend. Barbie Bush, Delta Gamma, was crowned sweetheart. In athletics, Jim Hadley and Britt Skrivanek were once again the mainstays of the highly rated Gator defensive unit. Bob Gallagher continued to pace the University of Florida Track Team while Bernie Smith and Dan Shipp represented the Delts on the NCAA Championship Golf Team. Delts continued their winning ways in intramurals fielding strong teams in Basketball, Golf, and Track. In service, the Delts teamed up with the Kappa Deltas to capture the second place trophy in the World University Service Contest. Bill Wack joined the many other Delts on the membership rolls of Florida Blue Key. Bob White was elected president of the Florida Union Board. The Alpha Chapter of the Sisters of the Iris continued to grow in number with the addition of seven beautiful new coeds. Mom Sayer, housemother of fifteen years, left the " Delta Shelter " to become Mrs. William Wray. Delts . . . . always on top. A highlight of the year: the Delts winning their fifth straight parade trophy. The charm and love of a mother was lost when Mom Sayer, housemother for 15 years, left to become Mrs. William Wray. delta tau delta Abdenour, George Allen, Robert Alton, William Bancroft, William Barba, Stephen Barnhart, Robert Barthle, Randolph Bogue, David Brown, Charles Blue, David Campbell, Neubert Carver, Richard Crawford, David Della Porta, Mike DeNegre, Harry Dragseth, James Emerton, Robert Eriksson, Ralph Evers, Johnny Farrey Francis Gallagher, Robert Goebel, Arthur Gordon, Alexander Greenlees, Charles Herman, Steven Hinkle, Donald Hope, Keith Hubbard, Michael Pres. — James, Phil V. Pres. — Gustafson, Steve Rec. Sec. — Roach, Dan Imhof, Patrick Kellogg, Mark Killingsworth, William Kluft, Gerald Koeppel, Scott Larsen, Jim LaRue, Sonny Martin, David Masi, Albert Maslanka, Jim Miller, Harley Morgan, Robert Morgan, Walter Olmetti, Daniel Omenhiser, Terry Owens, James Paleuich, Paul Pappas, Brian Peel, Fred Ponce, Sergio Poulos, Pandy Raich, Bruce Raitt, Robert Ratcliff, Robert Rizzo, Guy Rodriguez, Alfredo Ropes, John Ross, R. Scharrer, William Schommer, Nichols Seide, George Shaw, Charles Shipp, Daniel Shull, David Smith, Bernard Spivey, Danny Stanton, George Stauton, John Stark, Lewis Stock, Gary Tullis, David Tworoger, Thomas Tynes, J. Underwood, James Walker, James Webb, John Whitaker, Patrick Williams, John Williamson, Charles Yates, Kenneth 193 du ' s get rewired Making news on the campus this year, the members of Delta Upsilon initiated the " DU Debates, " Florida ' s Interfraternity debate tournament. Victorious AEPi ' s received the 40 inch Lester Hale Debate Trophy. Also along debati ng lines, DU brother Gregg Mathews continued as one of the top ten debaters in the United States. Realizing scholarship as a vital function, the DU ' s placed in the top ten academically and were the recepients of one of the IFC top five scholarship awards. DU ' s chose a new Little Sister court in which Ginny Coffman, Zeta Tau Alpha, was chosen chapter Sweetheart. Pledges also got into the act chosing their own Sweetheart court with Robbie Jaffee, Delta Phi Epsilon, as pledge class Sweetheart. Among the actives, Tom Pritchard continued to excel on the varsity baseball team. Gregg Mathews was initiated into Florida Blue Key, and Jeff Bayman was elected to the Student Senate. The DU ' s finished strong in intramural football, posting a 4-1 record. At the DU House the TV room was entirely redecorated and DU ' s version of " Where Were You When the Lights Went Out " was rectified through the complete electrical rewiring of the house. Water fight! What water fight? The banner sums it up as DU members hold initiation rites. 194 delta upsilon Pres. — Adorno, Henry V. Pres. — Malone, Mike Treas. — Barnett, Robert Norman, Ronald O ' Dell, William Owens, Gene Pierce, Paul Pritchard, Thomas Reynolds, Robert Rogers, David Sarsva, Jose Schallern, Mike Sexton, Doug Stang, Jerald Tracy, Mike Trent, John Valdes, Jorge Voss, Larry Vickers, Bob Altman, Stephen Bailey, Rodney Barnes, Randall Bayman Jeffrey Bryan, John Clary, Thomas Connolly, Daniel Denlinger, Harry Duink, Scott Fielding, John Gentry, Robert Glickman, Garry Glukstad, Richard Green, Edward Gresser, Charle Hammond, William Haynes, Michael Hennessy, Steven Herman, Bradley Hervating, Frank Ivey, Robert Kennedy, Thomas Koteen, Mark Lampila, John Meece, Carl Meeker, Jeff Morris, William Munoz, Luis Newcomer, John Nichols, Rex kappa Pres. — Zeigler, Bob Rec. Sec. — Dobbins, Fred Corr. Sec. — Ferguson, Gene Baggs, Mercer R. Beard, Thomas G. Biron, Louis R. Boone, David E. Borden, James L. Boutwell, Mark W. Bowden, Tommy R Burner, Charles D. Burnett, Wesley L. Burrows, Arthur E. Callaway, Tully S. Carmody Jr., Edward R. Carrison, Daniel G. Casey John A. Clark, Thomas M. Colesberry, Jr., David K. Cooksey Jr., Grady M. Crowley, Thomas J. Darring, Paul H. Davis, Reid H. Dickman, Paul R. Douglas, Barton A. Dunn, Frank M. DuPont, Edwin R. Dupont, John D. Edgar, William H. Fernandez, Alfred J. Fox Jr., John L. Frost, Marle M. Fuller Jr., Joe George, Christopher B. Giebert, J. Holland Greene, Raleigh W. Gregg, Charles W. Harlan, Bruce M. Hellrung, John M. Henderson, James M. Henderson, Ronald A. Howell, Thomas G. Hild, Steven T. Humphress, John K. Jackson, Luke Johnson, Iassc W. Kazaros, William R. Knight, David T. Latham III Tobias B. Leavengood, Theodore H. Lynn, Lawrence W. McKinney, Frank D. Meeks, James L. Mitchell, Joel I. Mundy, Charles E. Nesbitt, Harry W. Nifong, J. Michael Norred, W. Jim Partridge, Ben W. Pierce, Donald K. Pitts, Larry R. Raulerson, James E. Register, Robert P. Rivers, James A. Ruman, Daniel J. Saunders, James C. Sawyer, Mark G. Simpson, Clyde B. Smith, Steven R. Stringer, James D. Suber, Robert L. Tidwell, Ritchie P. Townsend, Dale T. Vespucci Paul D. Wade, James N. Walker, Frank W. Ward, Michael G. Watson, James N. Weddington, Richard D. Weyer, John J. Wiggins, Joseph A. Winchester, Gary E. Wright, Charles W. 1 ka mansion down While stoically surviving in a temporary house, affectionately named " The White Barn, " the Kappa Alpha brotherhood paced through a year of growth and rebuilding. Plans for the new KA mansion were made in hopes of a 1970 completion. Representing KA on the campus fraternity scene was Brother Bob Zeigler, who was elected Administrative Vice-President of The most recent Blue Key tappee, Ed DuPont, joined Bill Edgar and Bill Gregg in the honorary elite. On the political battlefield were Bruce Harlan, Secretary of Student Activities; Fred Dobbins, Secretary of Alumni Affairs, and John DuPont, Honor Court Justice. As a service project Kappa Alpha entertained the Gainesville Boys ' Club by taking them to the Orange and Bl ue game followed by a dinner. Despite a lack of funds, KA placed third in the Orange League float competition during Homecoming. In sports Andy Owens was an important cog in the Florida Basketball machine, a leader in scoring and rebounding. Lynn Bloodworth continued as a top defensive player and power hitter on the varsity baseball team. Thanks to Mr. Lederman, better known as " Shelly, " Brothers Charlie Wright and Sam Traina shared Shelley ' s Annual $250 KA Scholarship for the last two quarters. Kappa Alpha ended their extensive social calendar with Old South week-end in Ocala where the " Steps of Rhythm " provided entertainment for Plantation Ball. The KA Rose for ' 68- ' 69 was Mrs. Lorrane Langford. Included in her court were Mrs. Jeanne Hinson, Miss Gail Ward, Mrs. Jane Lanier, and Miss Joanne Webber. It ' s plantation ball time again! 197 kappa alpha theta Shades of Ben Franklin. During Kappa Alpha Theta ' s seventh year on campus, many new fraternity little sisters were initiated. The SAE ' s claimed Julie Crawford and Marty Smith; Kathy Lowe went to Beta Theta Pi; the Kappa Sigs wooed Jo Ann Pratt and Connie Black; Petty Gritman and Terry Trautwein joined Pi Kappa Phi little sisters. Sweetheart Court members selected were Lana Harris for ' the SAE ' s and Laura Prochaska for the Sigma Nu ' s. Jennifer Leverett was chosen pledge class Sweetheart for Phi Delta Theta and Valerie Dodd was chosen by the Delt pledge class as their Sweetheart. David Campbell, a Sigma Chi, was elected Theta Man. Active on campus were Susan Erb on Student Senate; Ann Valentine, Cyndy Hoey, and Linda Edmunds in Cicerones; Lana Harris, Jean Luehrs, Lane Kilpatrick, and Val Snelling, Theta Sigma Phi; Kerry Sheehan, Panhellenic Secretary; Karen Davis, SOTA; Susan Froemke, Lambda Iota Tau. Kay Ingalls was chosen for MADEMOISELLE ' S College Board. Angel Flight members number Jean Luehrs, Area Administrative Officer; Cyndy Hoey, Vice President: Susie Clarkson, Marlene Schneider, Ann Clark, and Madeline Philippson. Donna Lough and Linda Edmunds represent Theta in Army ROTC Sweethearts. Derby Day was Theta oriented as Mickie Luckhardt captured the Derby Queen Crown and Theta ' s happily placed second overall. Also proudly held is the Pike Cane trophy. Luly Baumgartner, Kathleen Baxter, Kathi Bebout, Jill Black, Connie Boldizar, Janet Brannon, Charlotte Catron, Jan Clark, Ann Crawford, Julie Crooke, Chris Davis, Barbara Decker, Karen Duamn. Kay Eaton, Peggy Edmunds, Linda Erb, Susan Flagg, Pam Fox, Sharlene Foremke, Susan Furey, Cecilia Gibson, Lee Glass, Katherine Good, Barbara Greenawalt, Barbara Gritman, Patty Harris, Lana Hoey, Cyndy Holman, Dorothy Ingalls, Mary Kilpatrick, Lane Leverett, Jennifer 198 theta ' s nab pike cane trophy Pres. — Luehrs, Jean V. Pres. — Casey, Nancy Treas. — Forbes, Linda Rec. Sec. — Clarkson, Susie Corr. Sec. — Graves, Katherine Loos, Karen Lough, Donna Lowe Katherine Luckhardt, Michelle Luvisi, Anne Mclnroy, Trudie McKnight, Betsy Miller, Cindy Nielsen, Sherry O ' Dell, Taunya O ' Donnell, Margee Penland, Gail Philippson, Madeline Phillips, Pam Phippen, Bonnie Pontones, Sherron Pratt, JoAnn Price, Marilyn Prochaska, Laura Robertson, Barbara Roop, Janet Rovlands, Barbara Schneider, Marlene Schwicker, Barbara Sheehan, Kerry Smith, Marty Snelling, Valentine Struble, B.J. Tasis, Dianne Thomas, Pamela Tonks, Linda Trautwein, Terry Valentine, Ann Vick, Dianne Vick, Suzanne Wantland, Mary A Theta pledge " flew her kite " the easy way. 199 kappa delta " I bid two aces! " Overall award and spirit trophy in Sigma Chi Derby finished off the ' 68 school year for the Kappa Delta ' s and inspired work and honors for the ' 69 school year. Judy Silver was runner-up for Best-Dressed Coed, Sharon Lynn a finalist in the Gator Gras Queen Contest, while Linda Edwards became an Engineering Fair Queen finalist. KD ' s reigned on the Sweetheart Courts of Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, Delta Upsilon, Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Nu fraternities. In campus leadership, Judy Schnabel was named most valuable member of AWS and Panhellenic, Bonnie Burnham was voted Secretary of Mortar Board, Leslie Cauthen and Debbie Moschell were selected for Savant and Patti Barbarowicz and Ann Curran served in the Senate. Patty Le Master was Personnel Secretary for Homecoming. A successful fall rush brought thirty-four enthusiastic pledges. Members of the pledge class became little sisters of Kappa Sigma, SAE, Beta Theta Pi, and Alpha Tau Omega fraternities. Ackland, Kay Bangasser, Deborah, M. Barbarowicz, Patricia A. Barres, Dana Beaudoin, Carol A. Bohner, Sandra L. Bowers, Tanya I,. Bryant, Peggie A. Buckley, Sharon E. Burgan, Earlene Campbell, Bonnie D. Collins, Agatha E. Collins, Barbara L. Collins, Donna L. Curran, Ann T. Donahur, Deborah N. Dziadul, Jean F. Edwards, Linda X. Eilber, Kay W. Eppes Dianne R. Evans, Elizabeth E. Fumero, Ida E. Godfrey Louise K. Hildebrand, Sharon J. Hines, Mary B. Hoppins, Suzanne Johnson, Tery G. Jones, Carolyn L. Knight Jean M. Koepka, Kitty Kuypers, Jannigje E. LeMaster, Patricia J. Lindberg, Christine A. Lloyd, Rebecca L. Love, Kimball Lovett, Paula A. Lundquist, Brenda E. Lynn, Sharon E. McDowell, Chris L. Mckinnon, Judy L. McLiod, Nancy L McKillen, Margaret MacRostie, Judy McWhirter, Mary M. 200 Pres. - Plumer, Elizabeth V. Pres. - Cauthen, Leslie Treas. - Hucks, Becky Sec - Lee, Linda Editor — Burnham, Bonnie Maltby, Kris M. Maloy, Molly E. Menninger, Carole A. Merk, Patricia E. Moore, Francis K. Nicoletti, Christine Oxford, Bonnie G. Parker, M. Linda Parr, Sherrye C. Prescott, Jimmye R. Sadler, Kay I. Sayre, Linda L. Seibert, Jeri Seymour, Priscilla A. Smith, Schelly Spicola, Angela R. Stanton, Celeste Stewart, Mary E. Summers, Sally A. Sweat, Cynthia K. Tripp, Jane A. Vickers, Mary A. Watt, Helen M. Weber, Joanne M. Whitney, Maurine E. Wiant, Barbara L. Wityak, Nancy L. Wyman, Mary M. KD ' s rise early to sell doughnuts on campus. kappa sigma Honored among the Greeks by the selection of Jim Devaney as president of IFC, Kappa Sigma fraternity completed another active year as one of the nation ' s largest fraternities. Jeff Weathers, as Kappa Sig president was tapped for Blue Key while also serving as chairman of a Homecoming division. Pledge brother Ross Henderson served in IFC as president of the IFC pledge committee, while Bo Thagard served as chairman of another IFC committee. Stepping down from his post with IFC, Jim Devaney then was elected president of the Order of the Omega. Kappa Sig also proudly increased their little Sisters of the Star and Cresent to 35 girls. Man overboard! That infamous KS Club balcony. 202 kappa sig leads ifc ka V. Pres — Thagard, Bo Master of Ceremonies — Betz, Gil Guard — Wieand, Bill Deschenes, Paul Develle, Albert Devaney, James Edmonds, James Fascell, Rudy Floyd, Fred Freeman, William Goodwin, George Gwin, Norris Hemphill, William Jandrucko, Robert Hotaling, John Jones, Thomas Kandel, Daniel Kindred, Tony Knoll, Robert Lane, William Macloskey, Louis Mendel, Edward Mitchell, Larry Morris, Donald Moss, Gary Nowlin, Thomas Quinn, Patrick Reiser, Paul Richmond, Henry Saxon, James Schultz, Lou Shackleford, Steve Skarda, Steven Spain, Richard Spoto, Ronald Steele, David Steward, Gary Streeter, David Sword, Richard Swords William Ward, James Zeigler, Gary Ain ' t open house grand? 203 Water, tubes and beer! V. Pres. — Skeath, John Treas. — Kohler, Hagan Soc. Chmn. — Despriet, John Rush Chmn. — Cornell, David Argo, Bureus Armstrong, Bennett Avery, Donald Beldt, Roger Botner, George Boyles, Jesse Bradford, Dana Brady, Louis Braunbaugh, Don Byrne, Killian Campbell, Stuart Cannon, James Carbone, Richard Chastain, James Clements, Thom Close, Stirling Crow, Douglas DeWitt, Steven Gates, Rovert Eflein, Dennis Ellington, William Ellis, Ronnie Elmore, John Esping, Edward Fazio, John Foster, Kent Galloway, Samuel Griffin, Hugh Hall, Terry Halstead, Larry Hanes, Houston Hartman, Gregory Helms, Larry Hesse, Michael Hoyle, Robert Key, Ray Knadle, Edward Koperski, William Lind, Allan Lowe, Michael Macaya, Alfredo Mann, Keith 204 lamda chi alpha Lambda Chi ' s blow it out. band Each quarter began with a new pledge class for the men of Lambda Chi Alpha. The rest of the time was spent in campus and house activities for pledges and actives. Brother O ' Shea and Thoman were tapped for membership in Florida Blue Key. Thoman was also featured in Who ' s Who. Brother Abascal served as vice-president of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Great bands, dates, and bars highlighted each party at the Lambda Chi house. The men of Lambda Chi carried their party spirit into socials, as well, entertaining the Alpha Chi Omega ' s and the Zeta Tau Alpha ' s, among others. Brother O ' Shea was named Sweetheart of A OPi . Imagination and industriousness rewarded the Lambda Chi ' s with the second place trophy for house decorations at Homecoming. Fourth Place in the Orange League last year place the Lambda Chi ' s among the top contenders in the Big House intramurals. Other activities which busied the men of Lambda Chi were the Charity 500, Paglialugo Rally, and Splash In. Marchese, William Mason, Ron Minto, George Molica, Frank Moody, Gary Murphy, Michael Nation, Barry Nickerson, James Pollock, George Ponce, Manual Poucher, Loren Poucher, Mike Propst, Edward Renner, Robert Riley, William Sapp, Michael Sims, David Skinner, Thomas Smehyl, John Smith, David Stalnaker, Thomas Stansfield, Jerry Stewart, Gary Still, Richard Szaltis, Raymond Warmath, Stephen Wells, John Wheeler, Robert Withington, Peter Witters, Curtis Woodford, Larry Woods, John phi delta theta starting players Remodeling Was the keyword for the men of Phi Delta Theta in 1968-1969. The fraternity improved everything from Doby ' s kitchen to the girls ' powder room. To what purpose the remodelling had been remained undetermined. According to the Brothers, the food still tasted the same and the plushness of the powder room lasted until " some sophisticated coed began eating the wallpaper during one Saturday night party. " More serious work was accomplished by the Phi Delts as they made their mark on campus. Eleven of the 22 starting football players were brothers of PDT. Phil Burnett, treasurer of the student body, was tapped for membership in Blue Key. Steve Wood was elected as clerk of the Honor Court. Larry Cuthill served as president of the University Religious Association. In service the brothers worked hard on the IFC Blood Drive. Donations to the eye bank were made by various brothers in the fall. The Boy ' s Club found many PDT ' s working with the youngsters there. Jeff Warner was named Tri-Delta Man for 1968-1969. Jack Mill was honored as the Delta Gamm a ' s Anchor Man. Susan Piercy, Delta Delta Delta, reigned as the Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart. Phi Delts give blood for the I.F.C. blood drive. Pres. - Warren, Jeff Treas. - Marshall, Harry Soc. Chmn. - Montgomery, Jeff Steward - Lauback, Bill Ammer, Geoffrey Anderson, Robert Atwater, Randy Barben, Robert Barnes, Thomas Bigham, Greg Bourgea ' s Roger Burnett, Philip Chasteen, James Crenshaw, Herbert Cuthill, James Deas, William Dobresk, Darrell Doddridge, Rock Dowlen, Eugene Eatman, Roger Fancher, Charles Gantt, Robert Harrell, David Harper, James Haviland, John Hill, Guy Hutt, Joseph Jochem, Robbie Johnson, David Learne Kadric, Gary Kinder, Randall Lapointe, Kenneth Lowery, Richard McKinley, Terrence Norris, Robert Osman, Rc Reid, James H. Retzke, James E. Rice, John S. Schiavone, Daniel C. Smith, Ray M. Southwell, Michael A. Stewart, Robert G. Sullivan, Steven Dean Tarquineo, Norman P. Trammell, Andrew E. Treece, Thomas D. Watson, James T. Triple-threat quarterback, Steve McCain, puts on a few moves toward a winning season. Pres. — Lodge, John Treas. — Templin, Bruce Rec. Sec. — Griffin, Dane Corr. Sec. — Ford, Jim Aliberti, Peter Atkinson, Steven Baglier, Samuel Barnard, Michael Barron, William Beene, William Binney, Ronald Bivans, William Boreske, Keith Bracewell, William Bradburn, Bruce Bradley, Donald Brannon, Larry Brewer, Roy Brna, Bruce Broadhurst, Michael Butterfield, James Calhoon, Rus sell Cone, Thomas Christiansen, Keith Culver, Christopher Dodson, John Doyle, James Englehardt, John Estes, Jeffrey Fogle, Robert Fox, Richard Gallegos, Louis Goldwyn, Craig Griffin, Robert Hall, Hardy Hanson, David Hegert, William Hendrickson, Edwin Hendrickson, Philip Herrman, Harry Hill, Brian Hobart, J. Hoover, James Hughes, William Hull, Richard Jackson, John Kramer, Paul Kellar, Edward Kenyon, Thomas Kuester, Paul Lamb, Douglas Lancaster, Lewis Forty-seven new members donned the Black Diamond of Phi Gamma Delta for the first time before school adjourned for the summer last year. Behind was a year spiced with socials, serenades, water fights, and highlighted by the fraternity ' s most gala celebration, FIJI Island Weekend. The Fijis were well represented on campus as Brothers Fox, Swanson, Reid, Calhoun, Singletary, and Dodson were tapped for honoraries, while Cone and Sadowski were awarded Blue Keys. Brothers Hull and Goldwyn were elected President and Vice-President of the Freshman Honor Society. Thanks to the efforts of Englehart and Cone, technical aspects of Homecoming and Growl went smoothly, at least until game time! Dodson and Fogle introduced more than 4000 new students to the University as directors of orientation. Dodson was later recognized by U of F Hall of Fame and Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Fogle was chairman of Commitment Party, and Brother Lamb was also selected for Who ' s Who. Laws, Dennis Lewis, Craig Lightfoot, Robert Lime, Daniel Lloyd, Gary Lodge, Richard Lundquist, Gordon Luttrell, George Mabe, James MacNamara, Patrick McCain, Steve Miller, Richard Neill, Robert Oller, Keith Parrish, Daryl Penegor, James Perez, Luis Pikula, Mike Popejoy, Kyle Prins, Peter Read, William Reid, Mikell Reynolds, John Rinehart, James Rodriu Rodriguez, Emilio Rose, Peter Russell, Michael Sahl, Joseph Schwied, Ronald Sear, William Senn, Charles Shaffer, Barry Spahr, David Suarez, Robert Swanson, Thomas Templin, Gregg Tharin, Robert Thompson, Tony Tietjen, Edward Wallace, Craig Warnock, Edward Wiggins, Harold Witt, Charles Witt, Dale Yarbrough, David Santa Sahl visits a FIJI pinmate. Wonder what she wants for Christmas? phi kappa tau three alligator editorships held Pres. — Riggle, Frank V. Pres. — Remley, Ted Treas. — Frock, Charles Sec. — Simmons, Dave Ballantine, Robert Beckworth, Randy Bergenstal, Richard Besley, Randy Blacker, Harrison Buzzell, Stephen Buzzell, William Call, Roger Carrera, Larry Chell, James Conklin, Douglas Carlos Cosgrove, John Cravey, Jerry Crawford, George Curington, Gerald Curl, Brian Dalton, Randy Darden, Edward Dedmon, Robert Robin Doucette. David Fedele, Thomas Fowle, Kenneth Fuqua, Richard Garvin, Robert Givens, Robert Gray, James Greene, Randall Hall, Danny Handley, Larry Hardenstine, Walter Harmol, Thomas Hayes, Thomas Hubener, Hal Kinzer, Dick Janz, Fredrick Edward Kirchner, Dan Kopher, Dana Korge, Thomas Lampp, David Latimer, William Llewellyn, David David Loomis, Peter Louis, Charles Mackell, Larry Martinson, Walter McMullen, Charles Miller, James Minoreau, Carlos Mintz, Andrew Woon, Wilson Myer, John Okon, Walter Overman, Charles Page, John Penoyer, David Pesek, David Register, Dennis Rinkel, Michael Rish, Jay Rogers, Raymond Sanders, Neal Sawyer, Bob Sawyer, Lamar Seaton, Terry Shuler, Jack Simmons, Michael Smith, Craig Stanley, David Story, David Suarez, Luis Swan, Peter Taylor, Michael Tew, Douglas Tinnell, Charles Twitchell, Ted Vrrutia, Rudy Villacorta, Stephen Wagner, David Weir, William White, Dennis Williams, Randall Wray, Wayne " Fairest Princess " speeches are an initiation tradition. Formal pledging is the first step to Phi Tau brotherhood. Phi Tau is the undisputed intramural volleyball champ. Phi Taus were on the move to a new $400,000 house on 13th Street in the fall of ' 69. " Phi Taus Reigned in ' 68 Campaign " with first place in house decorations and second honors in Growl Skit Competition. Brother Randy Williams was Program Director of Gator Growl. At the football games Brother Lamar Sawyer led the Gator Band as Head Drum Major and Pledge Bob Latimer did a fine job on the Baby Gator Team. In the academic circle Brother Dave Hoffman graduated at the top of his class in Electrical Engineering. Phi Tau Little Sisters of the Laural led by ZTA Barbara Sivils included AEPhi President and ' 69 Head Gatorette Nancy Wolfson, ZTA President Lorraine Shampoo and Phi Tau Dreamgirl AOPi Marcia Dugan. Brothers Dave Doucette, Ted Remley and Neal Sanders served as editors on the Alligator. John Cosgrove led the Phi Tau ' s to their best rush on campus three quarters in a row and served on the Student Senate along with Mike Taylor and Frank Riggle. Jack Harkness was elected vice-president of Florida Blue Key. Outstanding Phi Tau alumnae Florida State Treasurer, Editor of the Tampa Tribune, Florida Supreme Court Justice and U.S. Marine Corps Commandant attended the annual Founders ' Day Celebration. 211 reign in children campaign Pres. — Heck, Janelle V. Pres. — Peifer, Joyce Rush, Chmn. — Coeyman, Louise Treas. — Gibson, Brena Adkins, Ellen Bastin, Sherry Blaisdell, Patricia Byrd, Margaret Caldwell, Sheri Carswell, Carol Dyro, Jan Eason, Diana Ford, Mary Forum, Patricia French, Patrice Frey, Mary Gatewood, Linda Gay, Kathryn Geist, Pamela Giddens, Constance Guritz, Cari Hall, Liz Healy, Karleen Hicks, Betty Hill, Linda Hillman, Sharon Howard, Katherine Kampschulte, Roberta Kaniosky, Palmira Karns, Judy Kendrick, Eleanor Kovlski, Joann LaFrance Sarah Lockwood, Mary Logston, Shirley Long, Cynthia McCall, Celia McCrillus, Janey Morkert, Catherine Menke, Susan Miller, Marilyn Osguthorpe, Barbara Pearsall, Gail Pudney, Jo Roberts, Susan Schubert, Linda Shewchuk, Kathy Smith Karen Smith, Wendie Snyder, Elizabeth Starling, Shirley Steers, Laura Sudduth, Catherine Tippins, Gayle VaLiante, Denise Vickers, Joyce Welguisz, Frances White, Susan White, Susan Whitehurst, Kristin Willey, Anne Willey, M. 212 phi mu " Phi Mu ' s Reign in Children ' s Campaign " was the theme as the Phi Mu ' s combined Halloween and Homecoming spirit to help and entertain the underprivileged children at Bell Nursery and North East Day Care Center. Not completely abandoning the usual activities of Homecoming, five beauties from Phi Mu graced the floats for Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi, and the Engineering fraternity. Janey McCrillus flew high in Angel Flight and Denise Valiante reigned as the Sweetheart of Delta Chi. Denise also served as editor of the Florida Coed Magazine. Phi Mu ' s were pledged to many fraternities as several girls were little sisters in ATO, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Sig, and Pi Kappa Phi. Tigeresses Connie Giddens and Carol Carswell roared from the pages of the Gator Girl Calendar — but " we refuse to move! " The Sigma Chi ' s recognized the Phi Mu spirit and placed them on the winner ' s list of Sigma Chi Derby Day in the spring of 1968. Panhellenic awarded the Phi Mu ' s the Service Plaque for 1968. Bottoms froze as the Phi Mu ' s and their dates went tubing down the Itchatutknee River for Phi Mu weekend. A campfire later that evening provided a good way to thaw out. Phi Mu ' s find study breaks are fun this way. Dean Hale and Gator Ray join in Halloween--Homecoming. 213 selected for national exec council Mom Clarke receives a sweetheart pin. On returning from summer vacation, the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity learned that one of their number, Brother Stafford was elected Archon, a member of the fraternity national executive council. Another surprise awaited members as they learned that they had placed fifth scholastically out of twenty-seven fraternities in scholarship for ' 67- ' 68. After a vigorous rush, the chapter settled down to the ' 68- ' 69 school year activities which included sponsoring Carol Carswell in the Homecoming Sweetheart contest. Diligent work on Homecoming decoration brought Phi Psi another trophy. Plans for a weekend and service projects were begun for the Spring quarter. Clearing fields at the Sherriff ' s Boy ' s Ranch. Homecoming trophy for Phi Psi. 214 phi kappa psi Pres. — Lahey, Jerry Treas. — Suleiman, Orhan Corr. Sec. — Knoles, David Brodeur, Timothy Chesney, Lloyd Christianson, Kenneth Clarke, Richard Dowler, Frank Feldman, Robert Friedberg, Howard Fung, Yee-on Goplen, Robert Green, Richard Hitchcock, David Keith, Robert Kich, Gruce McDowell, James Malik, David Morris, Norman Rile, Robert Salter, Jefferson Smith, Thomas Trachsel, Richard Wooten, Robert Thumbs up for Wales ' Tales. 215 phi sigma sigma phi sigs boast From a fun rush to a happy initiation, the members of Phi Sigma Sigma worked through another year busy on campus and in the house. Sister Jackie Jedel and Debbie Lederman served respectivesly as Panhellenic rush chairman and treasurer. Jackie also represented Phi Sig as a member of Savant U.F. and Task Force. Many Phi Sigs were active as little sisters of several fraternities. For the little sisters of the Golden Lion of AEPi, three Phi Sigs were elected to offices. Busy on campus was Barbar Greenberg who served as undersecretary of Women ' s Affairs. Bobbie Klein began the year as AWS recording secretary. Entertainment Chairman for the new Rathskeller was Phi Sig Fran Belous. Nancy Goldman joined Angel Flight in the winter. Aware of the needs of others, the sisters worked with Project Gray, Project Samson, and VISTA. Before Thanksgiving with the help of the men of AEPi the Phi Sigs collected baskets of food for needy families. Pledges entertained the active sisters with a " Sundae Party " and a pledge-active banquet. Double, double, toil and trouble... Phi Sig line-up. 216 chairman Pres. - Rutanski, Helene V. Pres. - Sager, John Treas. - Goodman, Beverly Corr. Sec. - Grayson, Doreen Rec. Sec. - Steinheimer, Linda Aaronson, Andi W. Boatwright, Harriet A. Burton, Francine R. Cohen, Lyn R. Distiller, Marsha L. Edelman, Cathy R. Elkind, Phyllis G. Epstein, Ellen R. Epstein, Jeanne M. Faggen, Lorrie D. Fegelman, Susan R. ' Friedman, Sharon L. Galanti, Sherry Gitten, Cynthia H. Gold, Ruth Z. Goldman, Nancy J. Gordon, Lois J. Graff, Ricci C. Greenfield, Patricia S. Halprin, Karen K. Imber, Marcia C. Jenks, Bonnie G. Kaplan, Cheryl M. Kitman, Cheryl M. Kronberg, Barbara S. Laden, Roberta E. Lederman, Debbie Leiken, Marsha L. Lippman, Karen A. Lipson, Gerrie L. Lundy, Robin D. Mardee, Shirlee R. Mars, Marilyn A. Matz, Barbara R. Mazur, Diane E. Meyer, Anita J. Meyers, Arlene L. Mitchell, Ferne E. Ozell, Camille D. Reed Jane E. Reinberg, Roberta Salzberg, Sandra I. Scialdo, Tammi C. Stein, Lisa R. Talley, Claudia L. Wise, Margie E. Wolfson, Rebecca E . Zeientz, Judith A. Zion, Clara J. pi kappa alpha first place Celebrating their 100th year as a national fraternity, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha initiated 38 pledges from the fall pledge class. First team All-American guard Guy Dennis led the Fightin ' Gators as football co-captain. Brothers Dan Flynn, co-captain of the track team, and Steve Keller, formed half of UF ' s two-mile relay team, fourth best in the country. Mike Flanagan, the first Gator to clear 16 feet pole vaulting, made the Olympic trials. John Darr, second team All-American, led the golf team to their NCAA championship. Four Pikes earned top spots on the Gator ' s great tennis team. Frazier Solsberry was the Pike leader in politics, serving as majority floor leader in Student Senate and as a member of the Accent committee. John Farris was public relations chairman for IFC and Mike Middleton was a varsity cheerleader for the second year. The Pikes reigned in the ' 68 Homecoming campaign as they received first place in skit competition and two first place awards for their float. Could it be the " beauty " and the beast? Bartlett, John Beeland, Steve Bowers, Roger Bradshaw, Kenneth Brinkley, Michael Brooks, Ray Burklund, Bernard Burklund, John Colmenares, Thomas Crawford, Stephen Darr, John Davis, Samuel Deignan, James Dempster, Randy Douthit, Rich Ellison, Sandy Eppley, William Evans, John Farris, John Faulkner, Jack Fernandez, John Fernandez, Robert Fichelberger, William Field, Michael Freeman, Terrence Fritsch, Paul Fuller, John Graves, Jerry Gunter, John Gunter, William Hernandez, Alfred Hewetson, Gary Hill, Russell Holloway, Scott Hutchinson, P . Jacobs, Phillip Johnson, William Kalas, John Karran, G. Keller, Stephen Kennerly, Lee Kilgore, Louis Kuypers, Arnold Lambert, David Larson, A. Lewis, J. Little, Kent Loewen, Dennis growl skit awarded pikes Lubrano, Thomas Lunetta, Paul McAloon, Edward McCann, John McCluan, William McCracker William McCurry, James McKan, John Middleton, Michael Morell, Alan Myrick, John Nater, Dennis Northup, William Ogier, Frederick Olsen, Richard Owens, Charles Petrozella, Philip Pettijohn, Fred Portfolio, Roger Riechman, Charles Rogers, Dwight Salet, Michael Schneider, Ronald Schreiber, Gary Sharpe, Marcus Smith, A. Smith. Carl Smith, Richard Smith, T. Spicer, David Starling, Alan Stephens, Robert Thurmond, Edgar Tison, Gerald Tyler, James Vinning, Geoffrey Wagner, Richard Walker, Paul Waters, David Wilder, William Williams, Jeffrey Williams, Thomas Wilson, Charles Wohlust, Robert Zeleznik, Dennis Pres. — Brackins, Charles Treas. — Betts, Chuck Pledge Master Armbuster, Phil Sec. — Atwater, Mike Love that petal paper! 219 house dedicated to dr. pierce The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity dedicated their house to Dr. James Martine Pierce in honor of his 44 years of service to the Alpha Epsilon Chapter. Dr. Pierce , a professor of chemistry at the University of Florida, worked closely with the men of Pi Kappa Phi. Pi Kaps were active in many facets of student affairs. Manny James was elected president of Florida Blue Key. He also served as 1968 Homecoming Chairman and was elected to Who ' s Who and the Hall of Fame. Brother Larry Nixon was tapped for membership in Blue Key and served as chairman of Honored Guests for Homecoming. Bob Burns was in charge of Homecoming Alumni Barbeque. Elected president of the Hume Area Council was John Kessler. He was also appointed executive president of the Florida Union Board. Dave Lottier was appointed Rush Chairman of the Inter-Fraternity Council. During orientation, Lottier was chairman of traffic. Pi Kap President Mike Hill also served as chairman of Dialogue. In sports, Bruce Hicks and Marty Solomon made the all campus defense team for Orange League football. Sock It To Me! Sock It To Me! Sock It To Me . . I-yi-yi-yi In China They Never Eat Chili . . 220 pi kappa phi Archon — Hill, Mike V. Archon — Lottier, Dave Treas — D ' Haeseleer, Ron Sec. — Antista, Jim Adams, Robert Ashley, Frank Barton, Bernie Bird, William Bodwell, Kenneth Buechner, William Burns, Robert Byell, David Bishop, Robert Brewer, David Cato, Robert Corte, Gary Craig, Barry Culdpepper, Brett Duncan, Stephen Eidschun, Charles Fink, Ord Gallagher, James Goette, Michael Gravel, Kenneth Hasis, Thomas Halcron, Robert Harpel, James Hixon, Richard Jayner, Robert Kerr, Gary Kesler, John King, David Lahey, Jere Laval, Bruce Lee, Louis Lowder, Robert McCoy, Joseph McClure, William McGrail, Joseph Malone, Donald Maenza, Paul Martin, Robert Mathews, Thomas Maurer, Kurt Miller, George Monteleone, Alan Murphy, Steven Nixon, Lawrence Price, John Pockey, Bruce Raffa, George Rickert James Riggs, Charles Roepuack, Robert Saffron, Daniel Sanders, Bill Santangelo, Richard Saunders, Stanley Schmierer, Eric Slaght, William Smith, Herbert Snyder, Robert Sorenson, Early Soughers, Daniel Sullivan, Michael Timberlake, Robert Trettien, Jay Van Volkenburgh, Carl Weiss, John Wilson, Calvin Williams, Michael Wood, Edward Zeigler, William 221 " Here come the Lammies! " Pi Lams have fun at a social. ' 68- ' 69 saw the men of the Florida Delta Chapter of Pi Lambda Phi collecting honors as Bob Mandell was tapped for Florida Blue Key, Jeff Fenster served as Accent Publicity Chait tian, and Jim Schram was selected to Phi Beta Kappa. Nick Nicosia, who led the SEC in 1968 with a .418 batting average, and Tony Dobies were back for another year on the Gator Baseball Team. On the National level, Brother Marshall Nirenberg, Class of ' 48, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Biology. Fall quarter saw a fine pledge class smash their opponents to the tune of 25-19 in the annual Nose Bowl game. Pi Lam, which won the IFC Scholarship Trophy more than all other fraternities on campus, was again awarded this honor. The addition of a new color TV plus some of the best bands on campus kept the house occupied in leisure time. Sorority socials, the annual Christmas party with the Flavet Village children, plus a campus-wide " Great Turtle Race " kept Pi Lam ' s name out in front among Florida fraternities. Flavet children are entertained. 222 alum receives peace pi lambda phi Pres. — Soden, Allen V. Pres. — Fenster, Jeff Treas. — Levi, Allen Sec. — Alterman, Fred Adler, Irwin Asatanowicz, B. Bergsman, S. Bogen, Robert Borgia, Philip Burton, Gerald Coleman, Henry Cor, Ira Coverman, Randall Dayan, David Dobies Anthony Dorn, Mark Dunn, Marc Evans, John Fisher, Howard Forster, Leslie Fried, Michael Friedman, Mitch Gordon, Mark Harris, Alan Hauser, James Hirsch, Jeffrey Hoffman, Robert Hummel, Mark Kan, Alan Kantzler, Garrick Kaufman, William Klausner, Stephen Klepper, Russell Koslow, Mark Kramer, Steven Lehrner, Michael Leventhal, Alan Levy, Robert Lohoon, Joseph Lubow, Neal Robert Max, Rodney Meyerson, Barry Miller, George Morgenstern, Michael Morris, Norman Raymon, Arnold Rokeach, Steven Rodney, Gary Rose, Harry Rosenblum, Mark Rosin, Michael Safron, David Schulman Clifford Scurran, Jeffrey Sedlik, Barry Shamis, Mark Silber, Barry Spellman, Marc Stampelos, Charles Stein, Warren Stevens Ronald Stevens, Sheldon Swiren, Bruce Tydor, David Wachholder, Robert Warshowsky, Joseph Weiss, Kenneth Wood, Michael 223 santa visits flavet children The SAE lodge dressed out for homecoming. Pres - Jake Schickel V Pres - Ed Cimino Sec - Wayne Nellums Treas - Fred Johnson Ahrens, Richard C. Audriakos, Robert I. Arden, Denis E. Baetz, Bruce B. Bartlett, Ronald Bruce Boyette, Ronald G. Bridges, Robert D. Briggs, Randy R. Burton, Michael E. Caldwell, John L Christopher, Jack R. Cimino, Robert O. Clarke, Robert G. Cole, Pak A. Collins, Preston M. Connell, Daniel W., Jr. Craig, Stephen R. Crim, Robert C. Davey, Kevin Dickinson, James E.,Jr. Dievel, Charles R. Dozier, Laurie L. Franklin, Ben O. Furr, Michael B. Hardaker, Paul R. Harper, John L. Hawkins, Otis Mason Hess, Donald G., Jr. Hiens, Ludwick H. Hulsey, Mark, III Johns, William John Kirby, Richard W. Kirby, Timothy T. Lifsey, Julian Stanford Lister, Johnny L. Loomis, Hugh I. McKee, Mark A. McKinney, Daryl E. Macon, Rod Maguire, Michael M. 224 sigma alpha epsilon " Anyone for a close shave? " Continuing as a headquarters for all types of campus activities, the SAE house spread its services not only throughout the university but into the community also. The SAE ' s participated in the annual IFC blood drive and the March of Dimes. SAE ' s also gave their annual Christmas party to the children of Flavet Village. SAE excelled athletically with brothers on every major varsity team. Three All-American swimmers, Macri, McKee, and Russo and an All-SEC Tennis champ, Neely, were among the athletic stand-outs in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Maurer, Bruce A. Merrit, John W. Milbrath, Mike L. Miller, Robert Herald Myers, Wade C. Neely, Armistead C. O ' Brien, Dennis E. Padgett, Kenneth Earl, Jr. Pope, John P. Powers, John M. Pyles, Sam R. Robinson, Robert A. Sanchez, Vandy Surren, Ned Sasser, Norman Lee, Jr. Shashy, Rap Sheele, Phillip N. Seidenberg, Philip N. Sherwood, Will C. Smith, Michael S. Snyder, Charles E. Steffen, Wade Edward Stober, Daniel R. Storm, Bayard D. Stowe, Jack L. Jr. Taylor, Frank E. Thomas, James E. Thompson, Lex C. Tomlinson, John L. Ullman, Stephen T. Van Dyke, Jesse M. Warren, Charles E. Waters, George M., Jr. Watson Robert F. Webb, Drew H. Webb, Michael J. West, William Crai Wiechens, Kenneth L. Williams, John Edward 225 homecoming triple crown ' won Consul—McPhail, John Pro Bob Tom Jay Annotator Marshall, Bob Allen, Randy Ayers, David Ballard, Walter Berg, Skip Bergert, Glen Bertine, Skip Blanton, David Bogert, John Bond, Thomas Brannon, William Braun, Edward Brooks, Edward Brown, Kirk Bunch, Ed Campbell, David Cashin Ken Caudill, James Chapman, Bruce Christiansen, Gary Coffee, Wendell Combest, Phil Comfort, Robert Coppola Henry Crannell, Jack Crumpton, Steve Curry, Craig Dale, Robert DeMarco, Tom deVenny, James Dicks, Jack Dismuke, Keith Doyle, Ronald Driggs, Kenneth Driggs, Randy Dunn, Terrence Faircloth, Ralph Feaster, Fred Force, Lester Foster, Robert Ford, Bennett Forman, Austin Fort, James Frink, Skip Funderbuck, Paul Grandey, Mike Grieser, Skip Greist, John Halfhill, James Hall, Young Hamilton, Donald Harrison, Franklin Henderson, Mark Heydel, Gregory Hichland, Michael Holbrook, David Hood, Dennis Hoover, Jerry Howell, Kenneth Hudson, Davis Huntt, Harry James, John Johnson, Charles Jones, Curtis Kerrins, David Kinard, Richard Ko valeski, Charles LaBarbera, Marty Laing, Samuel Landt, Frederick Little, Richard Loos, John Lundgren, Edward McCaldin, Russ McCall, William McCarty, Lawrence McConnell, Patrick McGinnis, Michael McGinnis, " Dub " Midyette, Mac Mingledorff, Kenneth Moody, Jim Moody, William Moss, Barney Murphy, Alan Murray, Geoffrey Nagle, Gerald Nelson, Bubba Nienaber, Larry Odell, Carlos Pischke, Steven 226 sigma chi Continuing as one of the outstanding Sigma Chi chapters in the nation, Gamma Theta ' s fall rush netted 39 new pledge brothers. Homecoming efforts directed by Dave Harman won the " triple crown " as Sigma Chi won trophies for " Best All Around, " " Most Humerous " and " Orange League Champion " for the first time a fraternity has taken three first places. Kirk Brown was named Kappa Delta Man of the Year while Tom Clarke concluded his year as Alpha Delta Pi King of Diamond, Bill Bavoso as Phi Mu Carnation Man, and Dave Campbell as Theta Man. Florida Blue Key tapped brother Franklin Harrison to join numerous Sigs already a part of the organization. Dave Holbrook was chairman of Religion in Life Week, John McPhail headed Army ROTC and Jim Moody served as SEMINOLE Editor. Spring activities included Sigma Chi weekend held in May at Jekyll Island, Georgia. A visit from alumni J. Wayne Reitz and cartoonist Milt Caniff added to the year ' s excitement. In the fall Sigs campaigned for State Supreme Court Candidate and alumni Wade Hopping. The Sigs make it snow in Gainesville. Page, Thomas Price, Gary Purser, John Ring, Charles Robinson, John Rogers, Wayne Roper, Michael Ross, Barry Ross, Brent Sadowski, Chester Scarborough, Richard Seybold, Thomas Schmidt, Carl Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Rupert Stevenson, Frank Stiff, Robert Stuart, Jacob Syfrett, Charles Tirabassi, Fred Thampson, Thomas Todd, Brad Tolle, Ed Wagner, William Watson, Philip Watkins, Richard Wells, Grier White, Charles Whittemore, Kent Wright, Rod Wolf, John Young, Stuart sigma kappa Pres. — Halker, Jan 1st V. Pres. - Perrone, Marie 2nd V. Pres. - McGowan, Mary Treas. — Jenkins, Kathy Rec. Sec. — Sargent, Carin Alvarez, Janice Bartko, Donna Bennett, Linda Brant, Bonnie Chidester, Nancy Crawford, Patricia Culley, Alice Dalton, Nancy Diaz, Olivia Eggart, Janie Forschner, Pamela French, Donna Galka, Barbara Gantt, Darlene Gill, Cheri Goldman, Hillary Graham, Sara Garlow, Karen Haderer, Irma Hayes, Linda Hill, Janice Hixson, Julia Hodkin, Terry Hosty, Karen Jernigan, Patricia Johnson, Patricia King, Marilyn Kingdon, Victoria La Ponte, Mary Liles, Cheryl Lyons, Agatha McCown, Margie Malinick, Marie Mtzger, Carolyn Meyer, Karen Meyer, Susan Millar, Penny Monaghan, Kathleen Moore, Linda Newton, Joy Nigels, Debe Ortega, Odalia Orth, Margaret Panning, Judy Pasetti, Arleen Post, Linda Powell, Nola Price, Katherine Ramers, Mary Rogers, Sandra Schiano, Diane Seipp, Wendy Shefner, Susan Shoat, Cynthia Slavis, Rebekah Smith, Kathleen Worth, Donna Wurst, Liz projects keep sigma kappa ' s busy Excitement reigned in Sigma Kappa ' s ' 69 campaign. Sigma ' s returned from the National Convention in San Diego with the national scholarship trophy. With the hubbub of fall ' s rush parties came weekly gerentology projects, serenades, a bridge party for Mother Chandler, and an all-out effort to retire the President ' s trophy, having won it two years out of three. Sweetheart Jack Overman of Phi Kappa Tau provided the brains and organization behind Sigma Kappa ' s award-winning second-place Homecoming decorations. The holidays brought the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, an evening of panhellenic caroling, and balcony visits from Sig Ep ' s Santa. Campus activities kept Sigma ' s busy with little sisters in Beta Theta Pi, Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Tau and Lambda Chi Alpha. Cheryl Liles served student government as Director of Personnel while seven other Sigma ' s participated in the Florida Cicerones program. 1969 also found Sigma ' s active in Savant, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Women ' s Judiciary. Kathy Raners acted as an Honor Court Justice and President Jan Halker as an A.W.S. representative. White Pearl weekend was planned as the highlight of Spring Quarter for the Sigma Kappa ' s. President and Mrs. Stephen O ' Connell join the Sigma Kappa ' s for dinner. 229 sigma nu Saturday night at the Sigma Nu house. Brothers forever! Keeping their first place in intramurals, the Sigma Nu ' s retired their fifth Miller trophy. The Sigma Nu ' s have won intramurals 14 out of the last 20 years. Sigma Nu Clyde Taylor, a past commander, was elected student body president. Aggie Howes was crowned sweetheart at Sigma Nu weekend. The annual Sigma Nu Christmas Carol was dedicated to housemother Mary Avera and was again a highlight on the Florida campus. Dave Cheshire took over from Frank Gramling the office of commander and Mr. Jay Gebnardt served in the capacity as Sigma Nu adviser. " Hot Dog " won intramurals but lost to draft. " Hindu " directed skit, but moaned loss of big game. AB tamed lions. Red Lion, Traders, became second homes. Barney retired. " Sneakers " finally graduated but was still a boy. The ivy halls of Sigma Nu. 230 fifth trophy retired by sigma nu ' s Pres. — Cheshire, Dave V. Pres. — Butler, Russ Sec. — Terry, Matty Treas. — Hutchins, Tom Aertker, Steven Artwood, William Barnes, Rusty Boggs, Gerald Brown, Geoffrey Bruch, Stephen Bulnes, Evaristo Bundschu, Charles Burns, Glenn Campbell, Edward Clark, James Coleman, Donald Cook, H, Gary Connolly, William Corning, Robert Craven, Stephen Davis, James Dragon, Barry Dressel, Gary Fabiani, Frank Ferniany, Demitre Fields, Charles Ken Fuller, Victor Giordano, Daniel Gramling, Frank Grella, Michael Griffin, James Hamilton, Jay Heard, Charles Hibbe, Steven Howes, Alan Huff, Bruce Icard, Tony Jett, Daniel Joyner, Millard Lance, Randall Landrum, Richard Lazzara, Philip McCarl, Richard McCourt, James McMullen, John Magness, John Mendez-Peuate, Rene Menezes, Marco Merritt, John Nunn, Bartlett Oliver, Richard Ostergard, Don Parks, Ronald Parks, Stephen Peeples, Bill Ponticello, Charles Quinby, Franklyn Reep, Richard Register, Douglas Saenz, Bernard Scally, Mark Schwencke, Kim Simonsen, Alan Spradley, Daryl Stoltz, John Supinski, William Tanner, Leonard Terry, Matthew Thornton, Edmund Uspensky, Michael Whelan, michael Weil, Joseph Wicker, James Wicks, Keith Winterbottom, Charles Wyatt, Arthur Zohn, Frank sigma phi epsilon Armfield, Pete Armfield, Stephen Barger, Charles Boudreau, Bruce Brickor, Donald Britton, Don Bumgarner, David Crane, Daryl Crane, Stephen Curington, Tim DeRosier, Leo Dorman, Frank Dunlap, Bruce Edwards, James Emerson, David Feldhusen, Lawrence Geiger, John Graham, Robert Griffin, Alfred Gruene Peter Guassburn, Jeffery Hallmark, Robert Harris, Charles Hawley, Michael Heidt, John Hobbs, Douglas Hogan, James Hogg, Terence Holmes, Kennon Hollingsworth, William Howe, Fletcher Hughes, Paul Kennedy, Steven Kinard, Steven Kuhlman, Bruce Lott, Ernest McLeod, William Marcinak, Jeff Mayo, David Meacham, Warren Meldin, Leslie Moller, Eric Olson, Donald Palko, Thomas Parrino, Richard Peglar, John Pinyerd, Terry Pounds, Lacoy Prior, Lane Rhods, Fred Rohlwing, Richard Schroder, Aage Shore, Brent Simonetta, Louis Simpson, Bert Siuda, Mike Spooner, John Smith, Michael Stone, Thomas Taylor, Donald Taylor, James Tindall, Donald Tremel, Paul Turlington, Donald Underill, Harry Westman, James Wheatly, Charles Whisler, Albert Witters, Arthur Woodeock, Bill Yancey, Robert Yant, John Pres. — Levens, Bill V. Pres. — MacLaren, Rimmie Treas. — Hembree, Mike Recorder — Fuzy, Paul Sec. — Treadwell, Ken 232 raise $2003 for heart fund drive Joining the political atmosphere of the past election year Sig Ep ' s claimed contributions to the campus by brother Charles Harris as majority floor leader in the Senate and ' chairman of the Forward Party. Florida Blue Key tapped Charles Harris and Fred Taylor for membership. Bob Hudson and Joe Godfrey were selected for O.D.K. The Sig Ep ' s were cited for outstanding community service by the Alachua County Heart Fund Association in raising over $2000.00 in on-campus donations. The S.P.E. ' s also won the I.F.C. Blood Drive for the second straight year, donating 109 pints, hosted foreign students for dinner, were active at Sunland Training Center, and provided needy families with Christmas dinner. Three trophies out of four isn ' t bad. Big run comes home. 233 tep ' s top intramural standing A top year in rush for the TEP ' s led to the initiation of 46 new brothers for Tau Epsilon Phi — more than any other house on campus. TEP ' s sports prowess continued as the house won the volleyball championship and the fourth consecutive football championship. Five TEP ' s received Orange League All-Campus football honors. Selections for honoraries and participation in activities were given greatest stress as Larry Berrin headed Accent ' 69. Dilegent " tooling " payed off as TEP placed second and first, respectively, in scholarship during fall and winter quarters. TEP ' s work on service projects included Dollars for Scholars, March of Dimes, collecting for magazines for servicemen in Vietnam, and a visit to Sunland. Good drink and good song make TEP men merry. A typical swingin ' evening at the TEP house. 234 tau epsilon phi Alberts, Phillip Arak, Steven Barnet, Simon Berrin, Lawrence Bettman, Jack Blake, Stanford Block, Bart Bloom, Ronald Bluestein, Harold Bruce Davis, Joseph Feeney, Edwin Feldman, Lawrence Freid, Larry Gilbert, Eddie Gillman, Stephen Gilmore, Harvey Gloger, Kenneth Goldberg, John Goldring, Barry Gora, Bruce Grayson, Mark Green, Mark Greenberg, Andrew Grossman, Arthur Hammer, Howard Horowitz, William Huber, Laurence Kadden, Robert Kanarek, Paul Kaplan, David Kasper, Russell Katz, Barry Kobetz, Steven Lee, Ronald Levine, Neal Liebowitz, Alan Lipman, Ronald Litman, Neal Malter, Barry Margol, Rodney Margolis, Michael Markowitz, Jerry Mehlman, Henry Mehlman, Laurence Mehlman, Stuart Meranski, Mike Perlman, Martin Pineus, Jeffrey Pollack, Mark Prettyman, Henry Rafkind, Andrew Schemer, Howard Schwartz, Steven Setzer, Barry Shaw, Michael Sigel, Harvey Silverberg, Randall Silverman, Frederick Silverman, Henry Silvers, James Simon, David Simon, Richard Singer, Robert Sperry, Martin Spira, Henry Spitzer, Alexander Tannenbaum, Douglas Tenenbaum, Terry Tobias, Ivan Truplein, Alan Weil, Jeffrey Weiss, Robert Wolfson, Gary Zinober, Peter 235 tau kappa epsilon tekes go trick or treating Just a bunch of the guys. The TEKES started off the year by moving into their new house at 1236 SW 1st Ave. The house, formerly an a partment complex with a new social-dining wing added this summer, brought a new concept of fraternity living to the University of Florida, affording the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon the luxuries of apartment house living with all the benefits of fraternity life. TEKE service was in the spotlight this year when on Halloween night thirty brothers and pledges went trick-or-treating in Gainesville for canned-goods to be distributed by the Red Cross to needy children throughout the world. By the end of the evening 714 cans of food were collected, reflecting and excellent response by the community. Service to the community was the main event during Homecoming weekend too. Instead of building house decorations, the TEKES used their homecoming budget to buy fifty canned hams for UF alumni fighting in Vietnam. For the first time in a number of years TEKES were elected IFC Treasurer and to the Student Senate. TEKES also served in the Student Body Presidential Cabinet, on the Rathskeller executive committee, I FC committees, and as cadet officers in Army ROTC. The new home of Tau Kappa Epsilon 236 Pres. — Aptheker, Steven V. Pres. — Kamen Mark Treas. — Hagel, William Sec. — Ash, Gene Alvarez, Michael Anderson, Kenneth Bielow, Andrew Brown, Richard Bryant, Paul Buker, Russell Cheek, Leon Coleman, Carl Corbella, Juan Couch, Warren Coury, Michael Cromer, John Dunn, Fields, John Gage, Mark Gauronsky, Michail Gomez, Herman Gray, John Green, George Guinart, Claudio Hauerty, John Kurtz, Michael Montgomery, Macy Mosrie, David Nelson, Douglas Norton, John Pickard, Hardy Reding, Ed Richardson, Zaccheus Shactman, Douglas Simpson, Robert Stevens, Robert Stewart, Dana Tallman, Lawrence Trifiletti, John Vansant, James Wofford, Randall " Hey, how come he gets champagne? " 237 intercourse directed by theta chi An Alumnus of Theta Chi at the University of Florida, Dr. Marvin Fleming, was elected national president of Theta Chi National. Fall Sports saw Glenn Repple and Jack Tanksley making all campus volley ball for the second straight year. Mike Dunn was playing baseball for the freshmen and Scott Hurley was pole vaulting for the track team. The house received its share of honors as Head Cheerleader Roddy Grubbs was selected for the University of Florida Hall of Fame and Who ' s Who. Gator Growl ' s Technical Director, Russ Wicke, was tapped for membership into Florida Blue Key joining Jim Kincaid and Eric Haugdahl. Mike Davidson served the campus as Secretary of Student Affairs. Director of Student Government ' s " Intercourse " was Theta Chi Mick Callahan. Another Theta Chi served as Rush Chairman for IFC. Joe Still was elected to the Student Senate. To keep up the tradition as " the house with spirit " Phil Johnson and Rip Gray joined the cheerleading squad. Coaching football at Sparr Junior High School, Joe Still, Roddy Grubs, Phil Johnson, and George Stork, participated in Project Angel. With the Delta Gammas, the men of Theta Chi worked on a general fix-up and repair job at Camp Wauburg. Christy Koontz, an Alpha Delta Pi, reigned as Dreamgirl of Theta Chi. Conversation at dinner. Study time at Theta Chi. Swinging out — Theta Chi style. theta chi. Pres. Ball George V. Pres. — James, Dick Treas. — Fargo, Dick Sec. — Johnson, Phil Baker, Donald Baker, Thomas Banks, Edwin Barnes, Dan Beatty, Gary Bollard, Bill Boyd, Larry Cochran, Darrel Cole, John Davidson, Michael Dennison, Denny Dexter, James Digges, Alex Farnsworth, John Ferry, Michael Folk, Jay Frampton, Scott Frederiksen, Neil Gelli, Tom Gray, Richard Grimm, Gerald Grubbs, Roderick Harrelson, Kim Hoffmann, John Huizer, Robert Hurley, Scott Jerger, Thomas Karvonen, John Kella, Randall Koepp, James Lindsay, Joel Lovell, Daniel Lovern, Jeff Maddock Richard Marino, John McDowall, Michael McGee, James McGraw, Robert Meierhenry, Lester Messersmith, Roger Mewhirter, George Misiazek, Mark Morse, James Nettles, Darrell Ossowski, Robert Pelleya, Jose Pfeifie, Charles Pittman, Clyde Pollard, William Repple, Glenn Richardson, Thomas Ringwood, Thomas Ruse, Charles Rutkowsky, Walter Schaefer, David Schumaker, Mark Seip, Bryan Shepard, Thomas Shoemaker, Oliver Still, Joseph Stoddard, Gerald Stork, George Sullivan, John Thompson, James Thursam, Michael Weathersbee, Paul Weeded, White, Ronald Wielgorecki, Richard Wilcox, George Wilkerson, James Williams, Doug Willis, John Weeden, Roger Time to cover up all that fraternity art world zeta tau alpha Zeta days began with a highly spirited and " prankful " pledge class. Homecoming brought honors for the Zeta float. Thanksgiving and Christmas meant service as food and toys were distributed, and cards mailed to servicemen in Viet Nam. Zeta weekend featured a formal ball and a gypsy party. O ' leno State Park hosted a chapter retreat and a pledge-sister football game that ended in a tie? Pledges held auctions, painted the sidewalk and chased chirping crickets. First place scholastic honors were won by the pledges, and several sisters were tapped for honoraries. Zetas were active in fraternity little sister organizations. Barbara Sivils was elected president of the Phi Tau little sisters. Ginny Coffman was DU sweetheart. Zetas were members of the Sig Ep, Lambda Chi, and Theta Chi sweetheart courts. Benni Stamm served as president of glee club and three Zetas marched as Gatorettes. Zetas on Gator Bandwagon for Homecoming ' 68. 240 state park hosts zeta retreat Pres. Shamoe, Lorraine V. Pres. — Romita, Jane Pledge Trainer — Biggs, Sandy Corr. Sec. — James, Linda Treas. — McCready, Janet Anderson, Kathyrn Appel, Ada Baldwin, Sara Bolte, Gail Bragunier, Elissa Boutchyard, Patricia Chellos, Daphne Coffman, Ginny Craig, Celia Davis, Jean Dumont, Kathleen Dunbar, Bonnie Eng, Karen Evans, Sally Fedyshyn, Susan Firkins, Lynne Franklin, Christine Fuller, Sara Goffe, Diane Hatcher, Janice Helm, Bonni Helton, Barbara Hitchcock, Karen Hochstein, Ann Hosek, Gayle Hutchins, Patricia Johns, Pamela Johnson, Carolyn Kerns, Kathleen King, Emmy King, Nancy Kintz, Elizabeth Kolmer, Pamela Kroups, Audrey Kunzs, Jane Kutz, Sarah Lawless, Fayette LeClerc, Marelisa Lincoln, Meredith Lipich, Clare Lisborne, Katherine Lucas, Lauren Luzader, Barbara McDaniel, Elizabeth Mann, Marcia Markland , Cathy Maxfield, Kathleen Messing, Janet Moore, Sandra Moran, Carol Morgan, Marilyn Muniz, Shirley Newlan, Marylinda Nielsen, Alicia Payne, Kristina Perkowski, Charlotte Prows, Deborah Reed, Cathie Ronald, Nancy Scott, Patricia Sellers, Susan Shaffer, Megan Smith, Sharon Stamm, Benneth Stark, Martha Stringer, Pamela Sturmer, Kay Vance, Romelle Walter, Donna Simonis, Sally Singler, Margaret White, Julia White, Nancy Windmuller, Helen Young, Sandra Zinkovich, Karen 241 student life 243 Boundaries dividing " Gator Country " from the outside world were seldom visible. Thousands of newcomers crossed unconsciously to the easy-going ways of the " Florida Man Who Needs No Introduction. " Gator spirit soon transformed freshmen, transfers, and veteran students into a united community. Countless bumper stickers claimed " This is Gator Country! " as Florida fans awaited, despite Playboy ' s predicitions, the arrival of The Year of the Gator. 244 welcome to gator national election nixon trims humphrey ALLIGATOR election issue highlights closeness of ' 68 race. Crowds of well-wishers seek autographs and handshakes. Election is A Tossup Humphrey, Nixon Even At Midnight UF ' s Clyde Taylor and other student body presidents from FSU, U. of Miami, and Florida A M applaud Humphrey in Jacksonville. 246 In pre-election determination, Vice President and presidential hopeful Hubert Humphrey, came to Jacksonville seeking Florida votes. Florida ' s universities were represented by their student body presidents. Acknowledging impasse in Viet Nam negotiations, President Lyndon Johnson bowed out of the ' 68 race leaving Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Senator Robert Kennedy in open contention for the Democratic nomination. After the celebration of victory in the California primary, an assasin ' s bullet ended life for Robert Kennedy — senator, statesman, champion of youth. Humphrey ' s path opened for the Democratic presidential nomination. Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York, came to campus in May, 1968, to gather pre-convention support for the Republican nomination. R ockefeller ' s hopes died with Nixon ' s Republican Party nomination in July. Though support for third party candidate George C. Wallace threatened to throw the election to the House, Nixon ' s victory was insured by mid-morning tabulation of Illinois ' deciding electoral votes. Police barrier stops rush of Wallace supporters. President Richard M. Nixon 247 Florida Governor Claude R. Kirk Republican candidate Richard M. Nixon won a hard-fought campaign to top Vice President Hubert Humphrey in a nose-line finish that defied prediction. Though support for third party candidate George C. Wallace threatened to throw the election to the House, Nixon ' s victory was insured by mid-morning tabulation of Illinois ' deciding electoral votes. Nominated at the July Republican Convention in Miami Beach, Nixon carried Florida. Riding in on the Republican tide, Ed Gurney defeated former Governor LeRoy Collins to become Florida ' s first Republican Senator in recent history. Gurney and Collins brought a spirited Senate campaign home to Gainesville November 1st to join thirteen hundred public officials for Homecoming festivities and the Blue Key Banquet in honor of retiring Senator George M. Smathers. Senator John Tower backs Nixon-Agnew ticket. 248 miami convention breeds victory Collins confers with Senator Smathers. Gurney mingles with Gainesville supporters. the of our discontent Signs of protest appear on campus. Doves lead anti-war rally. 250 winds of protest that blew stormy in Columbia and Berkely dipped southward to chill Gainesville and quicken marching footsteps. While Action Conference searched for solutions to campus problems, demonstrators opposed national policies in Viet Nam, the arrest of civil rights leaders Carol Thomas and Jack Dawkins, and the American political system. The " Apolitical Rally " held on election eve drew a motley crowd of four hundred who witnessed the burning of an American flag, draft cards, and peace candles in silent protest. Flag burning symbolizes protest at " Apolitical Rally. Demonstrators oppose imprisonment of civil rights leader. 251 soul folk, rock. fill house Sylvia ' s zither adds variety of sound. Raelette soul sisters accompany Ray Charles. The soul-covered sounds of Ray Charles echoed to the beat of the " Raelettes " in the April heat of the Florida Gym. Audience response was spontaneous to Lyceum ' s last popular presentation before summer Senate m em bers created " Student Government Productions. " Folk artists Ian and Sylvia graced Florida ' s stage for IFC-sponsored Summer Frolics. June heat discouraged many, but enthusiasts thrilled to the personality of Ian and Sylvia ' s performance. The Beach Boys outdid themselves to aid Interfraternity Council ' s fund drive for the proposed coliseum. A perfect May evening on Florida Field set the stage for an outstanding performance of Beach Boy favorites. Ray Charles plays to capacity crowd. Ian and Guitar blend into one. four tops rock florida gym Four Tops ' Work Out ' for Fall Frolics. Mantovani leads his musicians. A fast-paced concert season opened in September featuring popular music from the Four Tops to Mantovani. With lively stage personality, the Four Tops " frolicked " in Florida Gym with a relentless barage of the best in soul. The 5th Dimension carried students " Up, Up and Away " to return weeks later to the more mature style of Mantovani. Master of light music, Mantovani ' s program of popular to pre-classical favorites started a well-rounded season of musical activities. 5th Dimension perform intricate maneuvers. Fall series opened by the 5th Dimension. 255 panhellenic initiates annual ball Valentine ' s Day features first annual Panhellenic Ball The First Annual Panhellenic Ball brought sorority women and their dates together socially in a formal dance featuring " The Orange Peel. " A highlight of the winter quarter, its success ensured a new tradition for the fifteen Panhellenic sororities on UF ' s campus. 256 winter frolics the vanilla fudge David Frye, popular comedian of Smothers Brothers and Ed Sullivan Show fame, gave night club style to Frolics with impersonations too good to call just funny. Representing the voice and looks of personalities from President Nixon to William F. Buckley, Frye ' s good-natured mimicry handled political controversies with no holds barred. Representing the " aristocracy of the underground music movement, " The Vanilla Fudge met mixed reactions at Winter Frolics. Nationally renowned, the Fudge played against a projected background of pulsating red and green to a totally fascinated audience after a mass exodus half-way through the performance. Acid jazz reverberates in Florida Gymn. Vanilla Fudge experiments with wild sound combinations for Frolics audience. David Frye sets lively mood for Winter Frolics. drug use rises to new high Grass grew and so did the trouble for UF ' s illegal drug users as marijuana was confiscated in dormito ry and off-campus housing while grape-vine reports of increasingly popular pot parties caused serious concern and a rash of surveys. A university infirmary doctor estimated marijuana use at 50 per cent among students. Summer quarter of ' 68 found the issue brought home to everyone as two UF students were found with 80 pounds of marijuana worth more than $25,000 in a raid on a Gainesville rooming house. Other statistics pointed to the direct involvement of university students in the actual trade as " middle man " for a drug ring from Mexico and Cuba to Miami and New York. It was also found that three-quarters of UF users bought pot locally with the main shipping points in Miami, Tampa, and New York. Due perhaps to the nearness of the sought after drug, Gainesville prices were estimated at $15 to $30 an ounce, while in the north prices ranged as high as $80 a pound. Taking a stand on the issue, university President Stephen C. O ' Connell emphasized that drug laws would be strictly enforced in dealing with students who saw dit to break the law. Concentration was placed on finding the pushers and their suppliers in an effort to stop drug distribution at the roots. A greater effort was made in all areas of the nation to educate the susceptible drug user to the dangers involved in habitual use. There was evidence that a definite decline in LSD use was made after reports were issued concerning their effects on the genetic code. However, as with most medical reports warning against physical danger, the scare and resulting let-up were only temporary. Reports showed drug use was again increasing as it was estimated that in one weekend 12 million joints would be smoked in the US and an estimated 675 million marijuana cigarettes would be consumed during the year. In another, and perhaps more thought-provoking direction, the American Civil Liberties Union voted to urge the removal of criminal pernalties from the use and possession of marijuana. In student polls published by Blue Dey ' s " Dialogue, " students also favored legalization, while specialist Jean Houston of the New York Institute of Mind Research advocated the use of hallucinogenic drugs for medical treatment. Ticket scalpers add to athletic department troubles. First-time students at U of F adjusted rapidly to patient and not-so-patient waiting in endless lines. Homecoming date ticket troubles nearly became a major disaster for disappointed students, but quick action by Student Body President Clyde Taylor averted the crisis. Commuters faced daily traffic woes while campus planners searched for solutions. Suggest regulations included $10 parking fees, elimination of freshman-sophomore restrictions, and a shuttle bus system from fringe areas to campus. Every area of campus activity gave ample opportunity for line-standing exercises as student enrollment reached a new high. Lines form early to beat the rush. lines form for tickets and traffic Slowly-moving traffic tries patience of on-campus drivers. SEMINOLE picture lines grow longer as deadline nears. Students mob date ticket windows. STUDENT gayness ville When a university community exceeds 20,000, the city community tends to become indistinguishable from the campus. So it was in Gainsville as week-night trips to the Red Lion, shopping sprees in the newly opened Gainesville Mall and movie dates at one of the seven theatres filled the leizure hours of busy UF students. Students, faculty and staff of the university contributed sixty-five per cent of Gainesville ' s income as university life expanded to make an economic and political impact as well as a cultural and academic impression in Alachua County. Real estate and apartment enterprises continued to expand beyond the popular " sin -city " to Tanglewood on the west and the new luxurious Camelot complex on the east side. As off campus living grew, so did the traffic problem requiring reivision of street patterns and traffic lights. New restaurants sprang up and old eateries expanded their delivery service and extended their hours. 262 provides week long diversions 263 Julian Bond Pollster Louis Harris Madalyn Murray " Man of La Mancha " gives enchanting finish to ACCENT Week. Anson Mount, PLAYBOY Public Affairs Manager 264 In essence, ACCENT represents the University ' s reason for being. As an institution of higher learning, a university has a special obligation to offer a forum for all points of view, regardless of their popularity. ACCENT ' 69 thoroughly analyzed and investigated all aspects of the topic, " The Dimensions of Freedom, " including Viet Nam, religion, drugs, sex, civil disobedience, due process, the cities, race, legislation, and the political process. ACCENT featured William O. Douglas, Strom Thurmond, Wayne Morse, Tobias Simon, Melvin Belli, William M. Kunstler, Michael Harrington, Frederick Flott, Madalyn Murray, John Finlator, Anson Mount, Julian Bond, and Louis Harris. ACCENT ' s mission was to create an academic tradition by producing maximum exposure of the speakers to the students and to develop a meaningful and responsible exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Of the 18,000 ACCENT participants the concensus of opinion was .. mission .accomplished. ACCENT Staff - Front Row: Chairman - Larry Berrin, Tom DeMarco, Tom Blackman, Barry Malter, Frazier Solsberry. 2nd Row: Nancy Register, Speakers Chairman - Jeff Weil, Ronnie Bloom, Joe Hair, Jeff Fenster, Alan Fletcher. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas Senator Strom Thurmond 265 gator beauties 1968 Homecoming Sweetheart Suzanne Rogers, Delta Delta Delta. Miss International Queen Rekha Mehra, India Club sponsor. Miss Wauburg, Pam Pemberton, Alpha Delta Pi Military Ball Queen Candi Dodson, Delta Gamma. 266 miss seminole beauties reign gator Miss Seminole Ronna Goldstein, Alpha Epsilon Phi 267 miss seminole omar sharif ' s favorites Second Runner-up Kathi Horne, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Third Runner-up Joan Spiegel, Delta Gamma. 268 Fourth Runner-up Marti Cox, Alpha Omicron Pi First Runner-up Jan Kuhn, Alpha Chi Omega. Actor Omar Sharif judged the Miss Seminole Contest. royalty shines competition Homecoming Queen Suzanne Rogers, Patty Bohannon, and Donna Betts. Florida Citrus Queen Kathy Young. gator beauties Miss International Queen Court: Cheryl Swan, Hope Chen, and Queen Rekha Mehra. 1968 Military Ball Court: Vicki Iverson, Queen Candi Dodson, Vice—President Hale, and Cheryl Watson. 111 " Sergent Musgrave ' s Dance " introduced a busy season for theatre enthusiasts. A controversial work of Englishman John Arden brought to the UF and problem of war a solution which was equally horrible. On tap for winter quarter were three full-length plays with T. S. Eliot ' s " Murder in the Cathedral " ending the fall season. A theme was woven through " Serjeant Msugrave ' s Dance " to re-enforce the idea of war in the play. Florida Players -Front Row: Barbara Gibson, President; Diana Skek, V. P.; Anne Taylor, Fernando Fonseca, Susan Diner. Second Row: Hang Soo Hoo, Glenn Hosken, Butch Tully, Claude Pinkston, Michael Hopper, Al Wehlberg. Dan Jesse, as Bargee, told the story of " Serjeant Musgrave ' s Dance. " Carol Knauft and Claude Pinkston shined in supporting roles in the Florida Players first production of the year. Tim Denesha portrayed a man who ' s bitter resignation to death was counterbalanced by his affirmation of life, in " The Man With the Flower in His Mouth. " 273 florida players Four contemporary one-act plays were highlighted by Carol Nuremberg ' s production, " The Man With The Flower In His Mouth. " Tennessee Williams ' s " The Long Goodbye " depicted loneliness, separation, and departure. An emotional duel in " Escurial " and " The Successful Life of Three " , a comedy of vaudeville, rounded out the three-day production. Shakespeare ' s " Othello " , a fall presentation of the Union Fine Arts Committee, and the professional " H. M. S. Pinafore, " performed this spring, showed favorable comparison of UF ' s amateurs with the professionals. Players capture human passion. pro finish heightens impact Facial expressions show skillful character-fitting. " Othello " provides lesson for critical amateurs. Sailors ' horn-pipe enlivens " H. M. S. Pinafore. " 275 Computer break-downs lead to chaos. Hunting for needed books fills hours of registration days. Registration became quarterly dilemma for students plagued by closed sections and schedule conflicts. Improvements shortened lines for drop and add, but the inevitable irritations of the computerized multiversity continued. Erasing the certainty that students lost in the battle of man against machine, personal contact on campus gave support and mutual sympathy for friendly Gators. Course selection creates anxious moments. 276 quarter furious pace Elusive code numbers may cause inconvenient schedules. Unlucky ones discover closed sections at " Step 3. " Officially registered students smile in relief. NAACP field worker Charles Evers talks about civil rights with UF students. Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti speaks at " Bust the Draft " rally. talent Noted modern poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti fascinated students, faculty and guests in a summer program sponsored by the Union Board. A leader in the draft protest movement, Ferlinghetti adressed the " Bust the Draft " rally on the Plaza of the Americas. Mississippi ' s NAACP Vice-President , Charles Evers, discussed race relationships with crowds gathered in the Union Ballroom. Bizet ' s " Carmen " was superbly performed by the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater, a talented group of aspiring singers. Negro opera star Debra Brown starred as Carmen with her soldier lover aptly portrayed the dashing Thomas O ' Leary. A Student Government Production, " Carmen " was a brilliant interpretation of the most popular French opera in modern history. Straight from Bourbon Street, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band entertained February 1st with swing-band style and " home-made " blues. A taste of New Orleans pervaded UF as mixed sex-tette delighted jazz enthusiasts. Preservation Hall Jazz Band brings hot music from New Orleans. Carmen. 279 co-ed living boosts dormitory spirit Graham Area Playboy Party highlights winter quarter week-ends. In September, Jennings, Yulee, and Tolbert made the move to coed living to join Hume and Graham Areas. Air conditions and carpets soon to be installed, and telephones in every room added to dormitory appeal. No curfew privileges excluding only freshman narrowed the gap in the difference between apratment and dormitory living. Students transformed empty rooms into new homes as new open house rules extended visiting hours. Dormitory spitit soared as rules relaxed and housing innovations benefited UF ' s dormitory residents. 280 " The New Folk " performs both popular and spiritual numbers. Engineering Fair exhibits 3--D checkers. " the box " walks Drumming up an enthusiastic audience for " The New Folk, " presented by Campus Crusade for Christ, student helpers distributed balloons and " the box " walked on campus. April ' s annual Engineering Fair brought a wide display of the latest in technological improvement and discovery. Fifty thousand jammed the newly opened Engineering Complex to see exhibits from rockets to robots. ON OUR FLUIDIZED BED, YOU ' LL HAVE SAILING YOU ' LL SURELY BE AILING. YOU ' RE LOOKING FOR rat narrows communication gap Bartenders pose toast for future success. Crowds are encouraged to " Sing-a-long. " German-style foods are served by smiling co-eds. Beer, made its debut as a campus-sold commodity at the gala opening of the Rathskeller--UF ' s own German-style pub—on January 17. Dubbed one among " the most ambitious projects attempted at the UF, " the " Rat " featured a wide range of comedy and musical entertainment, local and national talent, plus weekly " intercourse " discussions with prominent leaders. A congenial atmosphere, created by soft light filtering through stained glass windows and smiling fraulein hostesses, was maintained by student personnel. Rathskeller philosophy put communication first to lower barriers among administration, faculty and students. " The Voice of the Rathskeller " welcomes students and faculty. " Your Father ' s Mustache " provides lively entertainment. 286 culture crosses age barrier Faculty art shows individual taste. " The Environment ' s " psychedelic taste thrills visitors with visual and sound sensations. 287 parade kicks off festivities Cancelled classes freed students to join Gainesville citizens, alumni, and visitors on University Avenue for the 1968 Homecoming Parade. Election year gaiety and football fever doubled enthusiasm. High school bands throughout the state joined Florida and Florida A M bands to lead a caravan of floats, cars and special units. Taking first place in float competition for the Blue and Orange Leagues were Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Chi. Delta Phi Epsilon won the honors in the sorority division. Delta Tau Delta captured the humor division. Phi Kappa Tau takes second place in Gator Growl competition. Sorority First Place--Delta Phi Epsilon Place-- Beta Theta Pi 290 Orange League First Place--Pi Kappa Alpha Left to right, Homecoming Sweetheart Suzanne Rogers, DDD; Patty Bohannon, DDD; and Donna Betts, ADA Florida A M Band entertains at half-time. Kirk comments to President O ' Connell on Growl activity. Senator Edwards mc ' s growl. FSU President Champion suffers in Growl skit. Florida A M Bandsmen perform intricate maneuver. 297 political spices flavor gator growl Featuring skits with strong political slants, Florida A M ' s high-stepping band, and the coronation of lovely Homecoming Sweetheart Miss Suzanne Rogers, Gator Growl played to a crowd of sixty thousand students, alumni, and honored guests. Lending wit, charm and personality, Senator L. K. Edwards presided over Growl activities. " Mission Ridiculous " gave Pi Kappa Alpha first place followed by Phi Kappa. Tau ' s 2nd place " That Wonderful Year 1968. " Dazzling displays of fireworks closed Growl climaxing anticipation for the UF-Auburn Homecoming game. Homecoming Sweetheart Suzanne Rogers and Bill Boode watch spellbound from the sidelines. ' 67 Sweetheart Carol Still crowns ' 68 Homecoming Sweetheart Suzanne Rogers. 293 gators reign in Sorority: 1st – Chi Omega Off-campus: 1st – Georgia Seagle Hall Orange League: 1st – Sigma Chi 294 68 campaign UF ' s campus put on a new face a week before Homecoming. Poles and chicken wire went up on front lawns, paint transformed windows, and victory banners flew in a preparation for UF ' s annual House Decoration Contest. Months of planning and weeks of work parties were traded for trophies for the lucky winners. For days following Homecoming, abandoned structures stood in solemn witness to Auburn ' s " sweetest victory. " Blue League: 1st — Phi Kappa Tau 295 Homecoming finalist Donna Betts, ADPi, thoughtfully examines the Auburn-Florida game program. election brightens The John Marshall Bar Association presented its annual attack on local, state, and national politicians in pre-game escapades November 2nd. Dubbed " Ted Hack ' s Original Amateur Hour, " the open-air production played to a " full court " of visiting dignitaries, alumni, and special guests. Marring the finish of a perfect week-end, the Gators fell to a fired-up Auburn team. Defeat brought passing sadness; it was Auburn ' s " sweetest " win. JMBA skits hit Viet Nam policy. vietnam Law students mock party candidates. 296 President O ' Connel greets audience. homecoming ' 68 " Johnson " backs out of office. 297 students frolic at wauburg playdays Nose-line finish ends three-legged race. Sun worshippers gather on Wauburg shores. Skier prepares for dock-start. 298 Water-ski experts practice daily. Bikini-clad co-eds attract girl-watcher attention. Wauburg playdays filled lazy days and week-end breaks to rescue students caught in the summer-school grind from the humidity and heat of land-locked Gainesville. At Lake Wauburg Student Government sponsored programs included day camp sessions for underprivileged children, popular " field-days " and moonlight dances. Tension-releasing touch football games, picnics, and water sports made Wauburg the favorite sport for summer recreation. 299 KD victory marks Sigma Chi derby Success in " Mystery Event " means more than a trophy. Chairman Jim Moody coordinates " pledge dress-up " contest. 300 UF ' s " sorority queens " rallied May 18th for the biggest Sigma Chi Derby in Florida history. Derby Daddies spent a week, coaching fourteen sororities for maximum performance in ten relay events. Practice paid off for Kappa Delta Sorority winning both First Place and the coveted Spirit Trophy. Highlights of the week included a " Sig " -nature Contest, Derby Day kick-off parade, and the crowning of Derby Queen Mickie Luckhardt, Kappa Alpha Theta. At the Sig house, glitter, glue and paint brushes transformed black felt derbies into spirit hats for the participants. Open House with the Nation Rocking Shadows and the presentation of trophies ended Derby Days. Sigma throughout the nation joined the brothers of Gamma Theta to combine spirit, fun, and service for another week-end in the Derby tradition. Sorority girls mob pledge brother in ature scramble. Derby Daddy Dave Campbell leads Theta cheers and ' 68 Derby Queen, Mickie Luckhardt (in white), momentarily forgets her approaching appearance. sports Jack Eckdahl fires a pass while All-America Guy Dennis blocks. Skrivanek (81) gives no outside room to this Falcon back. Gene Peek hauls in an Eckdahl pass, all alone. 304 air force gators rally past air force Falcons find Larry Smith a hard man to bring down. Steve Tannen leaves the last Falcon on a 64-yard punt return. TAMPA Florida ' s fourth ranked Gators carried their press clippings to Tampa but found it took home-town-hero Larry Smith to dump stubborn Air Force 23-20. Smith rushed for 109 yards and scored twice, his final TD pulling the Gators from a 20-16 Falcon lead. Air Force halfback Billy Martin stunned the crowd of 52,626 with a 98-yard return on the opening kickoff. The Falcons built up a 13-3 lead before Steve Tannen returned a punt 64 yards midway in the second period. A later Smith TD gave Florida a 16-13 intermission lead. But Air Force was not to be denied their upset bid and scored a few minutes into the third stanza. But Smith capped a late Gator drive with a three-yard run to paydirt giving the Gators a victory in the season opener. Smith again, drives off tackle for short yardage. florida gains revenge, 9-3 florida state Revenge belonged to the Gator and Florida State knew it. TALLAHASSEE - Revenge belonged to the Gators as a fired up defense throttled Florida State ' s fearfull scoring machine and produced a 9-3 victory. The bone-cracking defensive unit refused to allow the Seminole ' s aerial circus to perform and twice held when FSU gained first and goal situations on the Florida four. The victory avenged last year ' s 21-16 loss on Florida Field. The two teams traded licks and punts until midway in the second period when a poor kick gave the Gator offense the ball in enemy territory. Florida backs pushed the ball close enough for Jack Youngblood to notch a 30-yard field goal and gave UF a 3-0 lead. Moments later another short punt repeated the opportunity, this time the offense went all the way with Smith carrying the ball the final three yards. The PAT failed and the lead stood at 9-0. With seconds to go in the half a Seminole bomb slipped by the secondary and was good for 34-yards to the four. But the defense refused to yield and FSU settled for the field goal, their only score. In the fourth quarter a drive again left the Seminoles knocking at the one, nobody came to the door but Gators. It was their only sustained drive of the afternoon. Three runs up the middle and a flat pass netted minus one and Florida took over. Williamson aborts another Seminole halfback ' s outside run. David Ghesquire smothers a second quarter Florida State sweep attempt. GIG Mike Healey gives FSU quarterback Gary Pajic a rough ride while Skrivanek comes in. Hmmm?? Larry Smith muscles closer to the Seminole ' s goal line. Moments later he ran over three defenders to score and give the Gators a 9-0 lead. 307 mississippi state Jim Yarbrough leaps on a Tom Christian bobble. Christian coughed up the ball just as he crossed the goal. Jack Youngblood boots a fourth period field goal. Walker goes for the outside in the second period . 308 christian, gators smash bulldogs GAINESVILLE - A winless but fired up Mississippi State team battled Florida tooth and nail before bowing to Tom Christian ' s explosive running, 31-14. Christian scored on 58 and 51 yard scampers, lost a third TD as he fumbled at the goal line, and ran for 128 yards. Florida jumped to a quick 21-7 first period lead, including Christian ' s 51-yard run, and appeared to be headed for the romp they were predicted to turn in. But the option running of Bulldog quarterback Tommy Pharr brought the visitors to within 21-14 by the half, a score which stood through the third period. Florida ' s defense straightened up after the intermission, but it wasn ' t until a Jack Youngblood field goal made it 24-14 that Florida fans could take a deep breath. Christian ' s final long run completed the scoring and gave the Gators a victory margin impressive enough to advance them to fifth in the Associated Press ranking of college teams. Jack Youngblood and Bob Coleman pounce on a Bulldog back. " Super Gator " Larry Smith leaps to the Mississippi State 15 yard line as the Gators drove to a first period score. 309 GAINESVILLE - Ranked fourth in the nation, Florida defeated a weak Tulane squad on the stength of a fourth quarter TD explosion that saw a 3-3 contest balloon, into, a 24-3 Gator victory. The Greenies marched to a 34 yard field goal the first time they got the ball. Florida tied it up in the second period but there was little other excitement for the 48,106 Florida Field fans until the final quarter. A midfield drive mounted late in the third quarter ended with Tom Christian ' s four yard touchdown run. Jack Youngblood ' s PAT made it 10-3 in the opening moments of the final period. The Greenies took the kickoff and drove inside the Florida ten, but ran out of downs on the one. A jarring tackle by Mark Ely on what appeared to be a sure fourth down TD was the turning point of the game. The Gators later drove to midfield where QB Jack Eckdahl hit big tight end Jim Yarbrough with a dramatic 43-yard touchdown pass. The PAT made it 17-3 and out of reach. A later touchdown by Larry Smith completed the scoring. The game, counting as an SEC contest, pushed the Gators record to 4-0-0 and 2-0-0 in the conference. Tom Christian turns the corner against the Greenies. tulane fourth quarter dunks wave Eckdahl finds no more room to scramble and gets a free ride. Florida defense halted a late charge when score was 10-3. Larry Rentz pitches. 311 north carolina si Larry Smith watches helplessly as a Tarheel lineman drops on one of his three fumbles. 212 fumbles, tar heels burst bubble Flanker Larry Rentz coughes up a slippery pass. Gator defenders smother Tarheel quarterback. CHAPEL HILL, N. C. - Rain by the buckets and 13 Gator fumbles washed away the dream of an undefeated season as the North Carolina Tarheels flattened Florida 22-7 at the victors homecoming game. The Florida fumbles, eight of which UNC recovered, stopped all but one offensive drive. Larry Smith was magnificant in defeat, gaining 146 yards and scoring the lone UF touchdown. The Tarheels opened the scoring with the first of three forty-plus yard field goals by kicking specialist Skip Hartig. Field goals of 47 and 44 yards and a touchdown gave the home team a 13-0 first period edge before a second quarter eight-yard run by Smith and Jack Youngblood ' s PAT cut the score to 13-7. Hatig ' s third boot, good for 42 yards, gave UNC a 16-7 halftime bulge. Rain continued through out the second half which saw more Florida fumbles but less North Carolina scoring. Florida ' s only major threat of the half ended with a Tom Christian fumble at the one. UNC ' s Tom Bomar notched his second touchdown of the afternoon on a one-yard fourth quarter plunge to complete the scoring. North Carolina defenders forced this Larry Smith fumble . vanderbilt vandy ties gators, 14- 4 NASHVILLE, TENN. - Pesky Vanderbilt refused to accept defeat and pinned an upset 14-14 tie on the heavily favored Gators. The Commadors twice came from behind to tie the score while Florida had to learn to play with a hobbled Larry Smith for the first time of the season. Tom Christian opened the scoring with a one-yard second quarter plunge . The PAT gave UF a 7-0 intermission lead which Vanderbilt tied in the third period. Steve Tannen fielded a Commador punt on the 28 midway through the last period, and raced 72-yards for the go-ahead score. Gators 14, Vandy 7. Late in the game the Commadors mounted a last ditch drive for the tieing points. Quarterback Bill Cunningham sent 15,500 home fans to their feet with a spectacular 33-yard TD strike to end Dave Miller to knot it up. The tie left Florida at 4-1-1 and 2-0-1 in conference play. Larry Smith broke the all-time Florida rushing record though he gained less than 30-yards for the day. Vandy defender knocks Guy McTheny loose from a long Jack Eckdahl pass. Florida ' s defensive line breaks down Vandy blocking on a third-and-short situation. Vandy didn ' t get its first down. 314 Tom Christian (31) eludes one tackler while Guy Dennis (77) looks to knock over another. One too many Commodores and QB Rentz is snared for a ten yard loss Larry Smith is helped from the field after an injury early in the game. 315 auburn Alternate quarterback Larry Rentz looks for a receiver. touchdown. Big Jim Yarbrough snares a key pass on the way to Florida Rollout specialist Jack Eckdahl in third quarter action. 316 uf bows 24-13 GAINESVILLE - Loren Carter fired three touchdown passes as his Auburn team spoiled Florid ' s homecoming bid 24-13. The Gators jumped to a 10-0 first quarter lead and appeared ready to end their two game misery streak, but Carter ignited the Auburn attack in the second quarter. His passing knotted the game at 10-10 by intermission and stretched that lead to 17-10 midway in the third stanza. Florida closed the doors to Carter ' s ground game and managed to stay within a few points at 17-13 before his final touchdown pass late in the fouth period put it out of reach. Over 67,000 fans filled Florida Field for the contest. The Auburn victory dropped Florida to 4-2-1 and gave the Tigers undisputed lead in Southeastern Conference play. It also marked the first time a Ray Graves football team had gone three games without a victory. Jack Burns and another Gator defender catch a Tiger back . Jerry Vinesett can ' t turn the corner in second quarter action. Kim Helton, Garry Walker and Guy Dennis watch as the blocking breaks down. 217 JACKSONVILLE - Little can be said except that Florida played like an injury plagued football team and Georgia played like national champions in the rain-soaked 51-0 disaster at the Gator Bowl. Over 70,000 fans braved the torrential rains to see Georgia ' s Mike Cavan throw pin point passes in the rain, he hit 13 of 16 for the day, as the Bulldogs took a 35-0 halftime lead. The victory avenged a 17-16 Gator win last season and was the worst defeat of the ancient rivalry. Only twice in Florida football history had a Gator team suffered worse defeats at the hands of anybody. Mark Ely breaks up a Bulldog pass. and Palahach skid in first quarter mud while a Georgia back clutches a reception. A water-minded Bulldog runner splashes by late Gator defenders. 11R georgia dogs, rain humble gators Another Georgia running back splashes down in the rain-filled Gator Bowl. 319 kentucky LEXINGTON, KY. - Florida ended a five game famine with a 16-14 conference victory in what state newspapers termed the " Save-the-face Bowl. " Larry Rentz and Harold Peacock guided Florida to a 16-7 lead, then the defense hung on in the heat of late Wildcat charges. Rentz scored the first touchdown on a two-yard run moments before he exited with cracked ribs. A second quarter field goal gave the Gators a 10-0 intermission lead. UK trimmed it to 10-7 before Jerry Vinesett ended the Florida scoring on a two yard run. The PAT failed but never was of consequence. Both Kentucky and Florida faced losing seasons going into the contest, UK coach Charlie Bradshaw had already resigned as the result of pressure from Wildcat grid iron failures. The victory assured Florida of a winning season, upping their recored to 5-3-1 and closing their SEC season at 3-2-1. Wildcat turns the corner but finds no room. David Mann (55) and Dave Ghesquiere (82) tie up a Kentucky pass receiver. 320 Bill Gaisford (25) intercepts. Tannen defends, but Wildcat pass is wide anyway. Skip Albury horse-collars a ' Cat while Jack Burns grabs for a leg. 321 miami Smith breaks past the last Miami tackler and sprints for the end zone " " " .. Smith ' s effort sent over 55,000 fans into hysteria. A rugged Miami defense held Florida at bay with gang tackling like this. 322 smith bulls by miami GAINESVILLE - Florida ' s Gators put it all together in the second half and roared from a 10-0 deficit to dunk favored Miami 14-10 before 55,857 screaming Florida Field fans. The victory was won largly on the ailing legs of former All-American Larry Smith and closed a 6-3-1 season. Smith charged for 96 yards, the final six for the game winning score with 2:38 to play. His TD came on a busted play when he turned an intended off tackle run into a sweep. Miami rode the defensive heroics of Ted Hendricks to a 10-0 halftime lead but found the Gators too much in the second half. Hendricks and company halted the first Gator drive, good for 88-yards, on the one-foot line. But Florida roared back when Mark Ely stole a David Olivo pass and returned it 32-yards to the Miami four. Gary Walker scored moments later. The final drive came late in the fourth quarter after the defense repeatedly halted Miami effots to retain the ball. A long Jackie Eckdahl to Paul Maliska pass set up Smith ' s final run. The Tampa back closed out his career as the most productive runner in Florida history. He gained 2,473 yards in three seasons. Graves and victory cigar were carried to shake hands with Miami ' s Coach Charlie Tate. Jerry Vinesett picks up six yards as Florida struggled to get out of its own territory in third quarter action. Florida ' s freshman used the aerial circus acts of quarterback John Reaves and top receiver Carlos Alvarez to post a 3-1 record and hope for the Gator ' s future. The team averaged 32 points-per-game in downing Auburn 54-17, Georgia 17-15 and rival Florida State 50-7. The lone defeat came at the hands of strong Miami 20-17. The defense yeilded only 59 points in four frosh contests. Reaves passed for over 700 yards with Alvarez and Andy Cheney the most frequent receivers. Tommy Durrance (20) fights for yardage against Auburn. The 1968 Baby Gators. Front Row: Doug Sorensen, John Reaves, Steve Noriega, Charles Hood, Frank Hancock, Robert Taggert, Andy Cheney, Jim Getzen. Second Row: Gary Peterson, Carlos Alvarez, Bill dowdy, Deff Ammer, Gary Kadric, Randy Ostrander, Dale Hutcherson, Bruce Cutright, Jay Lane, Norm Tarquinio, David Edmonds, Tony Canadeo, Roby Dobelstein, Billy Latsko. Back Row: Richard Kensler, Roy Newsome, Boyd Bagwell, Mike Rich, Jimmy Barr, Keith Gilbert, Coleman Stipanovich, Tommy Durrance, John Schnebly, Tim Good, Bob Latimer, Richard Buchanan, Fred Abbott, Harvin Clark, David Peek. frosh finishes 3-1 Quarterback John Reaves (16) fakes while Tom Durrance (20) follows his blocking. Mike Rich (42) protects John Reaves (16). Doug Sorensen rides down a Tiger in 54-17 wIn. 325 Front Row: Mike Santille, Terry Morris, Steve Tannen, Dave Barnhart, Gary Duven, Bill Gaisford, David Mann, Larry Rentz. Second Row: Jack Burns, Britt Skrivanek, Bill McBride, Skip Amelung, Mike Palahach, Paul Maliska, Guy McTheny, Jim Killey. Third Row: Bernie Byers, David Ghesquiere, John Faix, Robbie Rebol, Randy Warbritton, Ricky Schmidt, Ted Hager, Harold Moore, Sandy Ellison. Fourth Row: Mark Ely, Brad Powell, Skip Albury, Greg Wiggins, Mike Field, Ray Pilcher, Dennis Zeleznik, Ben Sellers, Ken Ratcliffe. Front Row: George Dean, Harold Peacock, Ed Foster, Jim Yarbrough, Larry Smith, Gene Peek, Bill Dorsey, Tom Christian, Mike Healy, Guy Dennis. Second Row: Jack Youngblood, Danny Williams, Donnie Williams, Jim Hadley, Nick Sinardi, Wayne Griffith, Brian Hipp, Tom Abdelnour, Alan Brown, Don Grambling, Bill Cox. Third Row: Buster Brooke, Paul Hughes, Tom Whitehurst, Jeff Warren, Bob Coleman, Jim Yancey, Rocky Doddridge, Jim Kelley, Rocky Robinson, Alan Cole, Harrell Reid, Garry Walker. Fourth Row: Jerry Vinesett, Mike Uspensky, Steve Ely, Tom Kennell, Bill Lee, Joe Agee, Mike Kelley, Bob Stephens, Wayne Compton, Kim Helton, Mac Steen, Tom Warner, Larry Williamson. Ed Kensler, Assistant Bubba McGowan, Assistant coaches coax season Jim Haines, Freshman Coach Gene Ellenson, Assistant Fred Pancoast, Assistant Ray Graves, Athletic Director and Head Coach no like home Florida Gym once again was a haven only for Gators and a hell-hole for everybody else. Kentucky came to the Gator ' s court ranked number four with a perfect SEC record, they left with an 82-81 televised upset. Tennessee followed two days later as a leading contender for an NIT berth, they bowed 65-63. High scoring Louisiana State brought Pistol Pete Maravitch who scored 50 points, but UF swept the Tigers off the court. The Kentucky and Tennessee upsets avenged earlier defeats and thrust the Gators into the national spot light and NIT consideration. In three years, Coach Tommy Bartlett has defeated the Wildcats four times in six games. Basketball action at Florida has become fast and furious. Neal Walk muscles past an Auburn Tiger. Ed Lukco shoots from the corner. 328 The object of the game... Boyd Welsch commits a flying foul. Maravich gets two of his 50 point A fat lead and a rest for the starters. 329 basketball SCOREBOARD 64 Jacksonville 67 111 Miami 62 56 Alabama 45 89 LSU 93 71 Wisconsin 66 72 Northwestern 76 82 Georgia 77 74 Bucknell 70 68 Auburn 59 55 Vanderbilt 62 67 Kentucky 88 63 Tennessee 64 110 Furman 65 70 Mississippi St. 64 88 Mississippi 66 73 Georgia 69 80 Auburn 81 75 Vanderbilt 73 95 LSU 79 82 Kentucky 81 65 Tennessee 63 96 Mississippi St. 79 77 Mississippi 79 96 Georgai 78 75 West Virginia 57 73 Alabama 60 Neal Walk bumps a Tiger and gets caught. Owens hits a key bucket as the Gators play catch up with power Kentucky 330 Adolf Rupp lost in his bid for victory number 800. Maravich scores for LSU. McGinnis gets a layup against Kentucky. Florida Gym was filled to over flowing during the Gators late hot streak. 331 closes brilliant career All-American Neal Walk continued to shatter just about every Florida basketball record and the Gators learned the real meaning of team play. While Walk ' s averages were down from his junior year, those of his teammates were up. Walk was among the team leaders in assists. Junior Andy Owens added scoring punch and several times filled in scoring totals when Walk was double or triple covered by opponents. Surprising Boyd Welsch emerged from obscurity to stardom his senior year; it was his pressure shots late in the game that sank Kentucky. Senior Mike Leatherwood never scored many points, but remained the cool field general of a tough Gator defense. He lead the team in assists. Todd Lalich and Ed Lukco were sophomore surprises providing hope for the future while super-sub Mike McGinnis was Coach Tommy Bartlett ' s sixth starter. McGinnis was the only substitute in many tight contests. Richard Vasquez was another reliable reserve. Lou Bello, the king of referees. 332 Andy Owens leaps high for a second shot under the boards. McGinnis and Welsch team up against LSU ' s Maravich. Foul trouble was an early season problem for the Gators. All-American Neal Walk scores against Vandy. uf finishes with a flurry The home crowd whoops it up before the UF-Kentucky game. Nick Fotiou throws one up. Owens lofts one against LSU. No. Name Ht. Class 13 Richard Vasquez 15 Mike Leatherwood 20 Jerry Hoover 21 Jeff Miller 23 Kurt Feazel 24 Todd Lalich 25 Skip Lewis 30 Nick Fotiou 31 Mike McGinnis 32 Vernon Chewning 33 Ed Lukco 34 Boyd Welsch 35 Tony Duva 41 Neal Walk 44 Robert Agee 45 Andy Owens Senior Senior Sophomore Sophomore Senior Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Senior Sophomore Sophomore Senior Junior Senior Sophomore Junior 6-0 6-0 5-11 6-0 6-3 6-4 6-4 6-2 6-0 6-5 6-1 6-1 5-11 6-10 6-5 6-5 All-American Neal Walk stretches for a rebound against Vanderbilt. Andy Owens banks one against UK. basketball baby gators , hope for the future A stubborn Gator graples with Vandy for the ball. Florida ' s baby Gators posted a 15-8 season record and hope for the future. Six-foot-ten Gary Waddell led the scoring with a 20.9 average as Florida scored impressive victories over Vanderbilt 98-79, Tennessee 75-59, Georgia 98-73 and Alabama 74-69 in the Southeastern Conference. Other leading scorers were Cliff Cox with 13.4, Hal Kelley with 11.5 and Dan Boe with 10.7. The freshmen closed the season with five straight wins over Tennessee, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach Junior College, Georgia and Alabama. Other victories came over Central Florida JC, Brevard JC, North Florida JC and Lake City JC. The team averaged 79.7 points per game, two more than the opposition. The baby Gators also grabbed 47.7 rebounds per contest, one more than opposition. Vandy ' s seven-foot-two center defends against Jim Below. The Baby Gators whoop it after a 98-79 victory over Vanderbilt. 336 Basketball with Tennessee, a non-contact sport. Little men grab the rebound from big Vandy. The 1968-69 Baby Gators. First row: Coach Jim McCachren, Roger Jones, Jim Below, Darryl Ceravolo Kevin Rinehart, Hal Kelly, Coach Tommy Bartlett. Second row: Coach Dick Davis, Scooter Houston, Cliff Cox, Gary Waddell, Dan Boe, Frank Wattenbarger, Coach David Miller. Coach Tommy Bartlett has never been associated with a losing team. Coach Tommy Bartlett came up with another first rate basketball team in his third season at Florida. His Gators started slow and were only 6-6 at mid-season, but the last half of the season was not a pleasant one for UF opponents. Bartlett ' s college coaching record prior to the 1968-69 season was 112-54. His previous records at Florida were 21-4 and 15-10. He was assisted by coaches Dick Davis and Jim McCachren and student assistant Dave Miller. Miller was a starter on the 1967-68 team. The 1968-69 Gator basketball team. First row; Coach Dick Davis, Kurt Feazel, Mike Leatherwood, Tony Duva, Mike McGinnis, Boyd Welsch, Richard Vasquez, Nick Fotiou, Andy Owens, Coach Tommy Bartlett. Second row; Coach Jim McCachern, Jeff Miller, Skip Lewis, Robert Agee, Neal Walk, Vern Chewning, Todd Lalich, Ed Lukco, Jerry Hoover. 338 gators under bartlett Student Assistant Dave Miller Assistant Coach Dick Davis Assistant Coach Jim McCachren nit gators bow nit opener Florida ' s Gators traveled to their first post season basketball tournament at New York ' s National Invitational Tournament. UF took it on the chin 82-67 against Temple University in the opening round. Coach Bartlett ' s squad lead 37-35 at the half but suddenly went cold in the opening minutes of the second half. The Owls had build up a 10-point lead before Florida could get the lid off the basket. All-American Neal Walk delighted the crowd of 10,000 with 26 points and 17 rebounds. Boyd Welsch scored 15 points before a flying Owl elbow benched him late in the game. Andy Owens chipped in 10, Ed Lukco six, Mike Leatherwood, five and Mike McGinnis and Kurt Feazel two each. Florida hit a so-so 40 per cent from the floor while Temple shot 56 per cent. Temple went on to win the tournament with several upset victories. Neal Walk watches a Temple score. Gators defend under the boards. One of Walk ' s 17 rebounds. Boyd Welsch battles an Owl for the rebound. Walk watches the Boyd Welsch shot that put the Gators into a 37-35 halftime lead. Mike McGrady Susan Engelmann Helen Powell Phil Johnson Mike middleton Sue Salerno Rip Gray Debbie Moschell 342 Roddy Grubbs cheerleaders The Gator spirit thrived in Gainesville throught the 1968-69 school year and it was the Florida cheerleaders who helped generate it on the athletic fields. Their tumbling forms of orange and blue, clenched fists and horse yells and week-long appeals to student and team pride helped pull the Gators out of disappointments to new victories. Both Florida Field and Florida Gym reverberated with " Go Gators, " UF oponents usually took fearfull heed. The 1968-69 cheerleaders; Mike Middleton, Helen Powell, Mike McGrady, Susan Englemann, Janet Martin, Roddy Grubbs, Sue Salerno, Donna Wolfman, Rip Gray, Debbie Moschell, Phil Johnson. Donna Wolfman Janet Martin 343 Florida swimmers amoung A good start is as important in swimming as it is in track. Bruce Williams, the nation ' s pace setter in the 200-yard freestyle. The Gators dive to a lead against North Carolina State. 344 UF divers perform against N.C. State. All-American Andy McPherson is congratulated on another victory. nation ' s best The judges report in diving competition. Florida ' s swimming team once again was among the nation ' s best. The tankers avenged their only duel-meet loss last year by downing North Carolina State, but split a pair with rival Florida State. The Seminoles fell twice in 1968. All-American Bruce Williams was ranked in the nation ' s top ten in the 200-yard freestyle, at one point he had the number one time. Both the Gator 400-yard medley relay and 400-yard freestyle relay teams were ranked. Besides Williams, the Gators returned All-Americans Barry Russo, Andy McPherson and Jimmy Perkins. 345 Freestyle competition, Gators in the lead. A boost from the sidelines for strength in the pool. The 1969 Florida Swimming Team. First Row; Dave Nawirocki, Richard Ahrens, Henry Hough, Bruce Page, Andy McPherson, Barry Russo, Bob Bridges and Dennis Ferguson. Second Row; Jeff Montgomery, Glenn Hoffman, Peter Prims, Phil Sheehe, Bruce Williams, Bob Appleget, Fred French, Mark McKee, Jimmy Perkins, Bob Link, Mike Chalbeck, Ray Smith. Third row; Coach Eddie Reese, Tom Peek, Greg Marshall, Skip Voves, Bill Strate, Steve Hairston, Jeff Anderson, Coach Dave Deutsch, Coace Bill Harlan. tankers split with fsu Head Coach Bill Harlan lead his tankers after a fourteenth straight Southeastern Conference championship. In six seasons prior to 1969 Harlan ran up a 48-17 duel-meet record. Assisting Harlan were Coach Eddie Reese and graduate assistant Dave Deutsch. Seniors on the 1969 squad were Bruce Page, Barry Russo, Henry Hough, Andy McPherson, Bob Bruridges and Richard Ahrens. Everyone awaits the starting gun. Congratulations on a revenge victory over North Carolina State. track gators grab state championship High jumping seven feet is old hat to Ron Jourdan. Tim Oaks and Paul Maliska Mike Burton 348 state championship title Dan Flynn, Eamonn O ' Keeffe and Bob Lang 149 Bill Ballinger track jourdan sets ncaa record Coach Jim Carnes, sometimes better known as the " Hawk, " directed his track team to again challenge mighty Tennessee. The Vols have dominated Southeastern Conference track for years with the Gators a persistent second. Leading Florida and catching national attention was junior high jumper Ron Jourdon. The Pensacola trackster regularly cleared seven feet and set an NCAA Indoor meet record with a jump of seven-feet-three-fourths-inch. Two-time All-American John Morton was also a steady winner in the shot-put and discus. The Gators retained the state track title at Tampa ' s second Jesuit Invitational Meet, but placed second behind Tennessee at the SEC Indoor meet in Montgomery, Ala. UF defended its title in the annual Florida Relay Games in March. The event has grown into the top track meet in the South. Jourdan brought national attention to UF ' s track program. Coach Jimmy Carnes, known as the " Hawk " to his team. John Morton was again a winner in the discus and shot events. Johnnie Brown and Frank Betts Florida ' s Cross Country team was the state leader again. 351 golf capture tournaments Wendell Coffee Dick Spears, Wendell Coffee and Bernie Smith take a breather. Dick Spears Florida ' s NCAA Championship team was introduced at a home football game: Wendell Coffee, John Sale, Rick Spears, John Darr, Steve Melnyck, and Coach Buster Bishop. Florida ' s golfing Gators set out to defend the 1968 NCAA championship they captured last summer. Coach Buster Bishop had all six members of the champion team returning. They were Richard Spears, John Darr, Steve Melnyk, Wendell Coffee, Hal Hutchinson and John Sale. Darr and Melnyk received All-American honors as well. Early wins in the Senior Bowl Tournament, Florida Intercollegiate Tournament and Gaspiralla Tournament countered a match loss to Florida State in February. The Gators defended their Southeastern Conference title in May and NCAA title in June. All-American John Darr 353 national championship golfers golf All-American Steve Melynk Bernie Smith 354 Ron Mahood and Coach Buster Bishop Ed Causey The 1968 Gator Golf Team, defending NCAA Champions. Front row: Ron Mahood, Hal Hutchinson, Mark Landrum, Wendell Coffee, Rick Spears, Don Rambo, John Sale. Second Row: Andy North, John Robert Baggs, Steve Melnyk, Mike Estridge, Tony Kindred, Joel Eastman. tennis Paul Lunetta ranked in top ten Armi Neely Score-keepers await their matches. 356 Jamie Pressly 357 tennis conference Steve Beeland. Charlie Owens 358 crown again Florida ' s tennis Gators returned to defend their 1968 Southeastern Conference Crown and shot for higher than last season ' s number five ranking. Coach Bill Potter, 1968 ' s SEC Coach of the Year, lead his tennis team through a rugged 23 duel-meet schedule. He returned every man from the 1968 team. The team smashed their early opponents handily until national power Miami. Leading the squad were All-American Armi Neely, Jamie Pressly and 1968 Prep National Champion Charlie Owens. Coach Bill Potter, in 17 seasons at UF, he has compiled a 144-71 match record. Greg Hilley 359 baseball South Florida catches a Gator off the bag. Tom Eason takes a big cut against SFU in an early season game won by the Gator 360 batgirls new under the sun A familiar in any game A race with the baseball. UF stretches a base hit to a double. 361 baseball diamondmen Umpire and catcher await the opening pitch against Florida Southern. Coach Dave Fuller leaned on returning veterans and strong pitching arms to defend Florida ' s Southeastern Conference Eastern Division Title. UF lost out in their championship bid when Alabama bested them two out of three in the SEC play-offs. All-SEC pitcher Glen Pickerin lead the mound crew while only Richard Trapp graduated from last year ' s slick infield. The Gators stumbled in the early going, they dropped their first two games to Miami, but gained practice at the expense of Florida Southern, St. Leo ' s and SEC Georgia as the 1969 season broke into full swing. The 1969 baseball Gators, Front row; Will Harmon, Alan Boyce, Steve Arthur, John Flad, Tim Haines, Ronnie Williams, Ken Nibling, Tommy Blankenship, Bill Moon, Dit Fernandez, John Schmidt, Leon Bloodworth. Second row; Billy Seagraves, Mike Jacobs, Glen Pickren, Jim Courier, Nick Nicosia, Tony Dobies, Rod Wright, Guy MeTheny, Rod Macon, Bobby Downs, Larry Kessig, Rick Scarborough, Dick Whittaker, Dennis Franklin, Ray McHail. Third row; Terry Stromer, Mike Dunn, Jim Gruber, Bill Zeigler, Fred Bretz, Tom Eason, Wayne Rogers, Tony Showbert, Tom Seybold, Steve Norieaga, Dale Turlington, Larry Shefield, Skip Lujack, Mike Ovca (capt.), Mike Piccano, Coach Ray Rollyson, Coach Dave Fuller. 362 bid for conference title A deep, strong pitching staff made the Gators a contender. Coach Dave Fuller looks to another division title. 363 batgirls became the new thing on the Florida baseball diamond soccer uf a soccer power George Corefield boots a penalty shot. Mike Schikorr is president of the Soccer Club. 364 Florida ' s Soccer Club was once again power supreme in Florida. The Gator team has long been one of the strongest in the south and the 1968-69 team, coached by Alan Moore, was no exception. Mike Schikorr was president of the student athletic club composed largely of foreign students more skilled at the sport. Florida ' s Soccer Club does not originate from the Department of Athletics but is organized and operated by its student membership. Coach Alan Moore Co-Captain Everando Gonzalez boots the ball away from Florida Southern. 365 Independent bowling in the Reitz Union. intramurals Intramurals at the University of Florida involved over 10,000 students the 1967-68 school year and even more in 1968-69. Students could chose from a wide variety of sports for both men and women, ranging from rag football to tennis. Sigma Nu won the Orange League championship last year while Pi Kappa Phi nosed out Theta Chi for the Blue League Championship. The Betas, Teps and Sigma Chis sparred for the Orange League lead in 1969 while Chi Phi gained a substantial lead in the Blue League. The Ro Dans won the Independent League title last year while the B.F. Bombers, the Tally Whackers and the Flavett Tigers lead in 1968-69 competition at the mid-way mark. Fraternity football is one of the most popular sports. The Pikes and the Sigma Chis in fraternity volleyball action. 366 Tennis drew both men and women into competition. Handball was popular as an unorganized sport as well as organized Sorority softball action featured slick fielding and power hitters. 367 graduates seniors at last William Abbey Arts and Sciences Joan Abdella Arts and Sciences George Abdenour Arts and Sciences Judith Abel Education Ignacio Abella Business Administration Amy Abrams Arts and Sciences Michael Abrams Journalism Frances Accursio Education James Acker Arts and Sciences William Adams Arts and Sciences Linda Adelman Education Irwin Adler Journalism Marjorie Adler Health and Physical Education Henry Adorno Arts and Sciences Richard Ahrens Business Administration James Alexander Arts and Sciences James Almand Journalism Janice Alvarez Health Related Professions Michael Alvarez Education Kathy Amick Arts and Sciences Barbara Anderson Education Jacalyn Anderson Education Kathryn Anderson Arts and Sciences Vicki Anderson Health and Physical Edication Herman Andress Education Cindy Annis Arts and Sciences Ronald Annis Architecture and Fine Arts Ada Appel Education Sara Aptheker Arts and Sciences Steven Aptheken Arts and Sciences George Archibald Engineering Denis Arden Architecture and Fine Arts Susan Arnold Arts and Sciences Elaine Aronovitz Education Mitchell Aronson baw Donald Arthur Architecture and Fine Arts 370 and curfew is abolished Bernard Astanowicz Business Administration Ashton Burton Argriculture Sherry Atherton Arts and Sciences Steven Arts and Sciences Charles Austin Architecture and Fine Arts Donald Avery Journalism Robert Ayers Arts and Sciences Barbara Babnew Journalism Bruce Baetz Journalism James Bagley Arts and Sciences Theodore Baida Architecture and Fine Arts John Bailey Business Administration Rodney Bailey Business Administration Vinton Bailey Pharmacy Gwendoline Bain Agriculture Donald Baker Business Administration John Baker Arts and Sciences Kenneth Baker Education Louise Bakula Pharmacy Sara Baldwin Arts and Sciences Teri Balint Arts and Sciences George Ball Business Administration Barbara Banks Education Patricia Barbarowicz Nursing Nancy Barber Physical Education and Health Yvonne Barber Agriculture David Barclay Arts and Sciences Tommy Barker Arts and Sciences John Barnes Arts and Sciences Susan Barnes Arts and Sciences Robert Barnett Business Administration Alan Barnett Business Administration Robert Barnhart Agriculture Susie Barnwell Health Related Professions Marlene Baron Education Dana Barres Education 371 ba-bo growth identity Donna Bartko Education Bernie Barton Arts and Sciences Louise Bass Education Roger Bass Architecture and Fine Arts Gordon Bassford Engineering Larry Bastberg Education David Battiste Arts and Sciences Edward Bauer Business Administration Mary Baures Journalism Barbara Baxter Education William Baynard Law David Bayne Arts and Sciences John Beatty Engineering Barbara Beaumont Health Related Professions Betty Beaver Arts and Sciences Jim Bebout Journalism Allen beck Arts and Sciences Jon Becker Engineering Stephen Becker Journalism Stephen Beckett Pharmacy Sharon Beckham Education Ronald Backman Business Administration William Bedaro Arts and Sciences Linda Bedell Education Philip Bedient Arts and Sciences Steve Beeland Arts and Sciences Linda Belden Arts and Sciences Bruce Bell Arts and Sciences Rita Bell Education Robert Bell Business Administration Thomas Bell Business Administration Theodore Bellhorn Agriculture James Bennett Education Linda Bennett Education Skip Berg Business Administration William Berkey Engineering 372 direction and understanding ing Candice Berman Education Stephen Bernstein Arts and Sciences Chuck Berrier Business Administration Lawrence Berrin Journalism Sandra Berry Education Robert Bertha Architecture and Fine Arts Charles Betts Business Administration Henry Bezold Business Administration Sandra Biggs Business Administration Greg Bigham Agriculture Stanley Bilsker Business Administration Lisbeth Binder Arts and Sciences Beth Binderman Education Kathryn Byrd Health Related Professions Catherine Birdsong Education David Birk Arts and Sciences John Bishop Architecture and Fine Arts Marilyn Biwer Arts and Sciences Kathryn Blackburn Education Ronald Blake Business Administration Wayne Blachard Arts and Sciences Blanco Humberto Arts and Sciences Judith Blanton Journalism Kaye Blanton Education Willard Blitch Architecture and Fine Arts Helge Bilwernitz Education Louis Block Arts and Sciences Ronald Bloom Journalism Stan Bloomfield Business Administration Harriet Boatwright Education Beverly Bodner Education Ronald Boenau. Engineering David Bogue Engineering Sherry Boise Health Related Professions Bruce Bokor Business Administration Suzanne BoIs Architecture and Fine Arts 373 ho-ca academics first, Sandra Bonner Education David Boone Business Administration David Boone Business Administration Evelio Bosque Agriculture George Botner Arts and Sciences John Bouchard Engineering Shelly Bowen Arts and Sciences Mark Bowers Arts and Sciences Cynthia Bowman Education Thomas Boyle Journalism Jesse Boyles Business Administration David Bozeman Education Josepn Bradshaw Journalism Louis Brady Arts and Sciences Elissa Bragunier Arts and Sciences Lynn Brainard Arts and Sciences James Brantley Engineering Phyllis Brasch Journalism Catherine Braun Education Jane Braun Education Richard Breitmosser Arts and Sciences Patricia Brennan Education John Brett Journalism Barbara Bridge Arts and Sciences Robert Bridges Business Administration Randy Briggs Agriculture Michael Brinkley Education Don Britton Business Administration Stephen Broch Architecture and Fine Arts Gail Brown Journalism Ilene Brown Journalism Percival Brown Arts and Sciences Reggie Brown Agriculture Richard Brown Engineering Robert Brown Architecture and Fine Arts Roger Brown Law 374 adulthood ...much later Sandra Brown Education Susan Brown Education Thomas Brown Business Administration William Brown Journalism William Brown Business Administration Stephen Bruch Agriculture Don Brumbaugn Arts and Sciences Michael Bryan Business Administration Paul Bryant Business Administration Judith Buckley Education Sharon Buckley Education William Buechner Architecture and Fine Arts Drexel Bullivant Education David Bumgarner Arts and Sciences Edgar Bunch Business Administration Patricia Bunch Health Related Professions Richard Bunnell Business Administration Charles Buresch Arts and Sciences William Burgess Agriculture Philip Burnett Law Bonnie Burnham Architecture and Fine Arts Glenn Burns Arts and Sciences Robert Burns Business Administration Beatrice Burridge Health Related Professions Arthur Burrows Business Administration Gerald Burton Arts and Sciences Michael Burton Engineering Frank Buskirk Journalism Bryan Butler Engineering Carol Butler Education JoAnne Butt Arts and Sciences Stephen Buzzell Architecture and Fine Arts Bruce Byrd Business Administration Kathleen Caldwell Arts and Sciences David Campbell Engineering David Campbell Journalism 375 Neubert Campbell Arts and Sciences Wayne Campbell Arts and Sciences Jacqueline Cannon Arts and Sciences Deanne Canova Education Bonnie Caolo Arts and Sciences Arlene Caplan Journalism George Cappy Journalism Gregory Carlton Agriculture Roger Carlton Business Administration Rita Carmona Arts and Sciences Carol Carswell Education Linda Carter Education Irish Cason Education Enrique Castells Engineering Charles Caudel Engineering Leslie Cauthen Arts and Sciences Carole Cepeda Health Related Professions Laura Chapmans Nursing Brenda Chase Education Leon Cheek Arts and Sciences Leila Cheshire Education Dale Chemerys Education and Health Lori Chmielewski Education Gary Christiansen Journalism Valerie Cigan Education Bobbi Clark Nursing George Clark Engineering Thomas Clark Business Administration Thomas Clary Engineering Mary Cleghorn Journalism Kathleen Clementson Architecture and Fine Arts Barbara Cobb Education Darrel Cochran Physical Education and Health George Cochran Agriculture William Cockrell Agriculture Barbara Cofer Architecture and Fine Arts 376 to college just for grades.. John Cogan Architecture and Fine Arts Dolores Cogburn Architecture and Fine Arts James Cogswell Arts and Sciences Marjorie Cohen Education Stephen Cole Arts and Sciences Walter Cole Arts and Sciences Suzanne Colee Health Related Professions Nancy Coleman Arts and Sciences Alan Collins Forestry Barbara Collins Education Donna Collins Education Kenneth Collins Journalism Mary Collins Education William Colter Engineering Fairlie Colyer Education Jan Concordia Nursing Corinne Conlon Arts and Sciences Gerald Conner Arts and Sciences Wallace Conner Engineering Susan Connolly Arts and Sciences Evander Conoley Je Conord Nursing Carlos Consuegra Education Carol Cook Journalism David Cook Arts and Sciences Thomas Cook Engineering Carolyn Cooper Nursing Carol Copeland Arts and Sciences Henry Coppolas, Business Administration Ira Cor Business Administration Thomas Corbett Physical Educat ion and Health Joel Corley Education Catherine Costello Arts and Sciences Nancy Covert Education Susan Covington Arts and Sciences Sandra Cowart Education 377 co-do rathskeller gets beer license, Roy Martin Crews Arts and Sciences John Critz Pharmacy Harry Crook Journalism Johnnie Crosby Architecture and Fine Arts Roger Croswell Pharmacy Ronald Crowder Business Administration Jill Curry Education Paul Curry Business Administration Robert Cusumano Engineering James Cuthill Arts and Sciences Frank Dadabo Architecture and Fine Arts Ronald Dailey Engineering Howard Davies Arts and Sciences Barbara Davis Arts and Sciences Eugene Davis Architecture and Fine Arts James Davis Education John Davis Forestry Kathryn Davis Arts and Sciences Bonnie Crowe Business Administration Ouida Crozier Arts and Sciences Stephen Cumbaa Arts and Sciences Fred Curley Business Administration David Currie Business Administration Philip Currin Business Administration Glen Cox Education Marit Cox Education Mildred Craig Nursing Stephen Craig Engineering Melody Crane Education Jack Cranell Business Administration Eleanor Dalton Arts and Sciences Jeanne Dammas Arts and Sciences Gloria Danovitz Education John Darr Business Administration John Dart Arts and Sciences Michael Davidson Arts and Sciences 378 Michell Demaree Educattion Camilo Denarvaez Agriculture Charles Denmans Arts and Sciences Denny Dennison Agriculture Linda Dent Arts and Sciences Janice DeRidder Education Lenora Davis Arts and Sciences Norman Davis Pharmacy Robert Davis Arts and Sciences Gary Dawson Business Administration Austin Dayton Business Administration John Deamond Engineering Judith Dearmin Education Karen Decker Education Paul Dee Arts and Sciences Sonia de la Fe Arts and Sciences Dike Della Porta Business Administration Jimmie DeLoach Arts and Sciences Janet Deppenworth Arts and Sciences Benjamin Dixon Arts and Sciences Mary Dobson Arts and Sciences Wayne Dodd Business Administration John Dodson Journalism Derek Donley Architecture and Fine Arts Shelly DeShong Arts and Sciences Alice DeVane Education James Devaney Arts and Sciences Ronald D ' Haeseleer Business Administration Virginia Dick Nursing Georgena Dickey Education Janis Dickman Arts and Sciences Paul Dickman Business Administration James Dicks Journalism David Dicksons Engineering Russell Dickson Engineering Jeanne Dietz Arts and Sciences 379 students experiment with Ann Dore Education David Doucette Journalism Joan Dowd Education Joyce Dowd Arts and Sciences Michael Doyle Engineering Paul Doyles Engineering Donna Drendel Physical Education and Health Gary Dressel Agriculture Donald Driggers Agriculture Sara Driggers Health and Physical Education Conchita Duca Arts and Sciences Kay Duman Education Bonnie Dunbar Education Bazil Duncan Arts and Sciences Robert Duncan Business Administration Marc Dunn Journalism Edwin DuPont Engineering Sue Dye Arts and Sciences Connie Dykes Education Jan Dyro Health Related Professions Thomas Eason Journalism Francis Echols Engineering Margaret Echols Education Ronald Edelstein Engineering William Edgar Business Administration Diane Edwards Nursing James Edwards Arts and Sciences Linda Edwards Education Robert Edwards Architecture and Fine Arts Janis Eggart Architecture and Fine Arts William Eichelberger Agriculture Diane Eisenhart Education Thomas Eisenhart Arts and Sciences Phylis Elkind Health and Physcial Education Faye Elliott Nursing Michael Elliot Business Administration 380 William Elliott Architecture and Fine Arts Ronnie Ellis Engineering Carla Eloff Arts and Sciences Sue Elson Education David Emerson Arts and Sciences Paul Emery Physical Education and Health Larry Enlow Journalism William Eppley Business Administration Christopher Epting Arts and Sciences Ralph Eriksson Business Administration Antonio Espino Engineering John Evans Business Administration Sally Evans Journalism Johnny Evers Engineering Mary Fagadore Education Deborah Falck Education Alan Falk Arts and Sciences David Falleur Health Related Professions Mark Farber Engineering Richard Fargo Business Administration John Farren Aris and Sciences John Farris Journalism Jill Farwell Education Sandra Fassano Pharmacy Elliot Fassy Education Susan Fedyshyn Arts and Sciences Susan Fegelman Arts and Sciences Lawrence Feldhusen Business Administration Jerri Feldman Nursing Robert Feldman Journalism Brad Feldser Business Administration Jeffry Fenster Arts and Sciences James Ferguson Arts and Sciences Michael Ferguson Business Administration John Fernandez Arts and Sciences Deborah Fien Education 381 but dad, it ' s cheaper Robert Fogle Business Administration Linda Fooks Nursing Mignon Forcier Education Daniel Ford Health Related Professions James Ford Arts and Sciences Janice Forsberg Journalism Jack Forsythe Education Howard Foster Agriculture Robert Foster Business Administration William Fouraker Journalism Diana Fowler Education Maureen Fox Arts and Sciences Diane Fien Journalism Marc Fine Business Administration Vallis Fineberg Education Richard Finlay Business Administration Marie Finlon Education Ken Finney Business Administration Valerie First Arts and Sciences Donna Fichalow Arts and Sciences Raymond Fisher Arts and Sciences Robert Fisher Journalsim Stephen Fischer Business Administration Charles Fisk Arts and Sciences Dale Franke Engineering Joe Franklin Agriculture LaVaughn Fraser Business Administration Elaine Frate Education Paul Frazier Architecture Niel Frederiksen Journalism Ignacio Fiterre Engineering Sandra Fitterman Journalism Pamela Flagg Arts and Sciences Charles Fletcher Arts and Sciences Mary Flood Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Flynn Arts and Sciences 382 to live in an apartment " Barbara Freeman Arts and Sciences Mary Frey Arts and Sciences Robert Frink Engineering Terrence Freeman Business Administration Susan Fricke Education Paul Fritsch Arts and Sciences Eslene Froehlich Architecture and Fine Arts Susan Froemke Arts and Sciences Gerald Fry Engineering Gary Fulford Agriculture Sarah Fuller Journalism Greer Fuller Journalism Sandra Fuller Arts and Sciences Sandra Gadsden Nursing Richard Gaitley Engineering Robert Gallagher Business Administration Rolando Gallor Business Administration Darlene Gantt Education Amado Garcia Engineering George Garraghan Business Administration Linda Gatewood Education William Gay Agriculture Charles Gerben Engineering Daniel Gerry Arts and Sciences Barbara Gibson Health Related Professions Constance Giddens Journalism Cenia Gilbert Education Pamela Giles Education Cheri Gill Arts and Sciences Patricia Gilmer Education Stanley Gill Business Administration Daniel Giordano Business Administration George Giorgianni Business Administration Pedro Giralt Engineering Michael Goette Journalism Diane Goffee Arts and Sciences 383 there ' s no death Terry Gordon Pharmacy Donald Gorenberg Arts and Sciences Ted Gottfried Physical Education and Health Judy Graham Journalism Vicki Graham Physical Education and Health Karen Gralow Arts and Sciences Mark Goldgerg Journalism Morris Goldstein Agriculture Jesus Gomesz Architecture and Fine Arts Linda Gonzalez Education George Goodwin Business Administration Sarah Goodwin Health Related Professions Frank Gramling Business Administration Brenda Granado Education Kenneth Gravel Engineering Judith Gray Education Curtis Green Business Administration Barbara Greenawalt Education Barbara Greene Nursing Sharyn Greene Education Patricia Greenfield Arts and Sciences Ronald Greer Arts and Sciences John Greist Architecture and Fine Arts Michael Grella Journalism Paul Gross Engineering Roderick Grubbs Journalism Irene Gruen Education Drue Gunther Education Carol Gwin Health Related Professions Sharyn Hackney Education Wright Gres Journalism Alfred Griffin Agriculture James Griffin Agriculture Linda Griffin Education Larry Griffin Pharmacy Gerald Grimm Forestry 384 in the sex revolution William Hagel Engineering Thomas Hagler Education Don Hale Physical Education and Health Thomas Hale Business Administration Hardy Hall Arts and Sciences Kinton Hall 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Administration William Hollingsworth Late Iris Hollis Arts and Sciences James Hollis Engineering Robert Hollmeyer Arts and Sciences Mifflin Hollyday William Holmen Business Administration Phyllis Hood Education Earl Hooten Education John Hoover Arts and Sciences Keith Hope Arts and Sciences Suzanne Hoppins Education Richard Hord Architecture and Fine Arts Edward Hornyak Business Administration 387 Robert Horswood Engineering Mark Horowitz Business Administration Glenn Hosken Arts and Sciences Susan Hostetler Arts and Sciences John Hotaling Journalism Susan Houux Arts and Sciences Roberta Howard Education Kenneth Howell Arts and Sciences Terry Howell Education Thomas Howell Business Administration Alan Howes Business Administration Robert Hoyle Pharmacy Lawrence Huber Arts and Sciences Lu`cy Hudspith Arts and Sciences William Hughes Business Administration Floyd Hulsey Journalism Arra Humphrey Education Brooks Humphreys Agriculture Catherine Humphreys Education Christine Hundley Arts and Sciences Wayne Hundley Architecture and Fine Arts John Hunter Business Administration Patricia Hutchins Arts and Sciences Darlene Hutchinson Education Peter Hutchinson Agriculture Marcia Imber Edication Barbara Imlay Education Mary Ingalls Architecture and Fine Arts Don Irons Engineering Nancy Isenberg Arts and Science Pamela Isehour Nursing Linda Jackson Nursing Thomas Jackson Pharmacy Paul Jacobs Arts and Sciences Richard James Engineering Robert Jandrucko Engineering 388 Andrea Jantel Architecture and Fine Arts Ann Jarrett Business Administration James Jefferies Agriculture Alwin Jensen Journalism Philip Jensen Engineering Karen Jerke Journalism Patricia Jernigan Education Jean Joel Education Pamela Johns Journalism Daniel Johnson Arts and Sciences Jeanne Johnson Arts and Sciences Kenneth Johnson Arts and Sciences Larrie Johnson Journalism Linda Johnson Education Maryann Johnson Education Bruce Johnston Engineering William Johnston Arts and Sciences Bonnie Jones Arts and 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Lazzara Law Kathleen Lea Arts and Sciences Deanne Leach Physical Education and Health Marelise LeClerc Education Debbie Lederman Education Brenda Lee Arts and Sciences Carey Lee Agriculture Gary Leech Physical Education and Health Barbara Lehman Nursing Sandra Lehnert Education Meg Leith Arts and Sciences Margaret Leitner Pharmacy Patricia LeMaster Education Kraig Lenius Engineering Barbara Lentz Education Nancy Lester Education Margaret Letts Arts and Sciences William Levens Arts and Sciences Donald Lewis Forestry George Lewis Architecture and Fine Arts Alan Liebowitz Business Administration Robert Lightfoot Architecture and Fine Arts Luis Linares Engineering Meredith Lincoln Education Christine Lindberg Journalism Neil Linden Journalism John Lindlof Engineering David Linn Arts and Sciences Clare Lipich Education 392 Neal Litman Journalism Richard Little Education Warren Little Engineering Dorothy Livingston Education Mary Lockwood Arts and Sciences Richard Lodge Engineering Wiley 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Marcia McDermid Physical Education and Health Edward McDonald Education Kathleen MacDonald Arts and Sciences Carla Mace Journalism Nancy McFarland Education James McGee Business Administration Nancy McGee Education Lizbeth McGehee Arts and Sciences Michael McGinnis Physical Education and Health Gaylynn McHose Arts and Sciences Sarah McInnis Arts and Sciencs Helen McKee Education Terence McKinley Engineering Frank McKinney Arts and Sciences Rimmie MacLaren Arts and Sciences Margaret McLaughlin Journalism Louis MacLoskey Business Administration Donna McManus Education Patrick McMillan Journalism Susan McMunn Education John McPhail Arts and Sciences Joan McQuade Arts and Sciences Marsha Madden Arts and Sciences Michael Madden Engineering Michael Maguire Business Administration Susan Malcom Education Robert Malin Business Administration Marie Malinick Education Molly Maloy Education Barry Malter Arts and Sciences Robert Mandell Journalism Elinor Maney Journalism Susan Manley Education 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Administration James Miller Journalism Judith Miller Education Rick Miller Arts and Sciences Robert Miller Business Administration Robert Miller Business Administration Sharyl Miller Nursing Stewart Miller Arts and Sciences Robin Mince Arts and Sciences Kenneth Mingledorff Journalism 396 Andrew Mintz Journalism Mario Miqueli Architecture and Fine Arts Mark Misiaszek Business Administration Robert Mitchell Arts and Sciences Ronnie Mobley Arts and Sciences Janis Mohrbacher Arts and Sciences Candy Moler Arts and Sciences Frank Molica Law Kathleen Monaghan Health Related Professions Gary Moody Journalism Jim Moody Business Administration Mark Moore Engineering Patricia Moore Nursing Paul Moore Engineering Carol Moran Education Sharon Moran Arts and Sciences Daniel morgan Agriculture Marilyn Morgan Education Robert Morgan Business Administration Walter Morgan Business Administration Mitchell Moriber Arts and Sciences Mary Morrell Journalism Mary Morrison Arts and Sciences Joel Morrow Architecture and Fine Arts Anne Morse Arts and Sciences James Morse Business Administration Orville Moseley Journalism David Mosrie Arts and Sciences Robert Mount Pharmacy Gordon Moyer Business Administration Christopher Mullon Journalism Cynthia Muller Education Ilona Muller Nursing Richard Mumford Arts and Sciences Charles Mundy Arts and Sciences Enrique Muniz Arts and Sciences 397 Margery Munroe Education RosalIe Munson Nursing Rodney Murphy Education Susan Mutzer Health Related Professions John Myrick Business Administration Gerald Nagel Business Administration Edward Nash Business Administration Dennis Nater Agriculture Barry Nation Arts and Sciences Mary Neck Physical Education and Health Armistead Neely Arts and Sciences Donald Nelson Engineering Marion Nelson Business Administration John Newcomer Business Administration Barbara Newnan Education Barbara Newman Education Carol Newman Education Rex Nichols Architecture and Fine Arts Jenaro Noriega Architecture and Fine Arts Wanda Nolan Arts and Sciences Lawrence Nixon Law Debe Nigels Education Christine Nicoletti Arts and Sciences William Nickerson Engineering Frank Norris Business Administration William Norris Arts and Sciences Carol Norton Arts and Sciences Thomas Nowlin Architecture and Fine Arts Barbara Nunn Arts and Sciences Bartlett Nunn Business Administration Lorraine O ' Brien Education Thomas O ' Connell Agriculture Nancy O ' Connor Arts and Sciences Frederick Ogier Business Administration Pamela Ohman Arts and Sciences Sandra Oldman Arts and Sciences 398 tuition hikes Pamela Olen Arts and Sciences Richard Olsher Engineering Mary O ' Malley Arts and Sciences Diane O ' Neill Education Margaret Orth Business Administration Richard Osen Engineering Jane Otis Education Murray Osgood Engineering Mary Overfield Nursing Charles Overman Engineering Ladye Owen Education Anthony Pace Arts and Sciences Stephanie Pamp Education Judy Panning Education Faustino Paredes Architecturee and Fine Arts Donlad Paris Architecture and Fine Arts Charles Parker Journalism Frank Parker Arts and Sciences Sara Parks Architecture and Fine Arts Miguel Parlade Engineering Daryl Parrish Arts and Sciences James Parrish Agriculture Gwen Parrott Education Druscilla Parsons Education Donna Pascual Education Julio Pastoriza Arts and Sciences Margaret Pater Health Related Professions Charleen Pattee Education Susan Paulk Education Paul Paulsson Engineering Robert Padecky Journalism Kenneth Padgett Business Administration John Page Arts and Sciences Robert Page Business Administration Paul Palevich Arts and Sciences Nancy Palmer Business Administration 399 pe-re Gail Pearsall Journalism William Pearson Engineering Edith Peck Nursing Fred Peel Agriculture Jose Pelleya Journalism Margarette Pemberton Arts and Sciences Deborsh Penick Arts and Sciences Christine Penny Education Francisco Perez Arts and Sciences Barbara Perlmutter Journalism William Persons Arts and Sciences Perry Petersen Engineering Jane Phillips Education Judith Phillips Health Related Professions Hardy Pickard Business Administration James Pickering Business Administration George Pickhardt Agriculture Becky Pierce Education Susan Piercy Arts and Sciences Nancy Pierson Arts and Sciences Mike Pikula Business Administration Robert Pillmore Engineering Robert Plapp Arts and Sciences Lee Pletts Arts and Sciences Susan Plume Architecture and Fine Arts Elizabeth Plumer Education Beverly Pogue Education Linda Pond Architecture and Fine Arts Manuel Ponce Arts and Sciences Margaret Pons Education Louise Poole Arts and Sciences Paige Poole Architecture and Fine Arts Anna Porter Education Kenneth Porter Journalism Joyce Portman Arts and Sciences Mike Poucher Business Administration 400 ever be a dorm word? Lacoy Pounds Business Administration Faye Predny Education Stephen Press Arts and Sciences James Pressly Arts and Sciences Gary Price Arts and Sciences Kathleen Price Arts and Sciences Terry Proeger Arts and Sciences Henri Profenius Architecture and Fine Arts Donald Prokes Business Administration Jose Puentes Architecture and Fine Arts Juan Puentes Architecture and Fine Arts Nancy Pullum Education Joanne Purcell Education Recie Putnal Agriculture Gordon Quick Business Administration Patrick Quinn Arts and Sciences Lee Quintana Health Related Professions Jose Quirce Engineering Linda Rabinowitz Education James Radiker Arts and Sciences Andrew Rafkind Business Administration Barbara Ragon Education Linda Ragsdale Education Richard Ragsdale Business Administration Mary Ramers Education Carolyn Ramey Education Oscar Rayneri Engineering Richard Reader Business Administration Morris Reamy Business Administration Tom Redinger Arts and Sciences Jerry Redmon Business Administration Jane Reed Education Larry Reese Architecture and Fine Arts Celia Regimbal Physical Education and Health James Reid Physical Education and Health Paul Reiser Architecture and Fine Arts 401 lavon gentry wins the battle Theodore Remley Arts and Sciences Larry Remsen Journalism Robert Renner Agriculture Glenn Repple Physical Education and Health Charles Ricards Engineering Thomas Rice Arts and Sciences Mary Ricevuto Education Paul Richards Journalism Linda Richens Nursing Janis Ridenour Business Administration Charles Riggel Architecture and Fine Robert Rile Forestry Sara Riley Journalism William Riley Journalism Thomas Ringwood Business Administration Dianne Ritz Arts and Sciences Marion Rivere Agriculture Dan Roach Engineering Robert Rogers Engineering Sandra Rogers Education Wayne Rogers Business Administration William Rohan Business Administration Harry Roisman Engineering Jane Romita Arts and Sciences Paul Rodebaugh Engineeri ng Marilyn Roden Education Armando Rodriquez Architecture and Fine Arts Carmen Rodriguez Architecture and Fine Arts Wendy Roeder Education Jean Rogers Education Charles Robbins Business Administration John Roberts Education Margery Roberts Journalism Sandra Roberts Education Anne Robinson Nursing Elizabeth Robinson Arts and Sciences 402 Mary Ruzycki Nursing Richard Ryckaert Journalism Faith Saal Education Chester Sadowski Business Administration Joseph Sahl Health Related Professions Margaret St. Jacques Journalism Linda Rozier Education Marlyn Rubin Journalism Linda Rudd Education Martha Rupp Arts and Sciences Jean Russo Arts and Sciences Dennis Rust Journalism Mina Rosenthal Journalism Barry Ross Business Administration Jane Ross Education Paul Ross Agriculture Richard Rossi Business Administration Arnold Rowland Engineering Sharon Rooks Education Maria Rooney Nursing Janet Roop Arts and Sciences Peggy Rosenberger Education Howard Rosenblatt Education Mark Rosenblum Engineering Cheryl Santuro Arts and Sciences Jose Sarasua Architecture Craig Sargent Business Administration Marjorie Sathra Education Nancy Satin Education Stanley Saunders Journalism Jaime Salazar Agriculture Mary Salemme Education Pedro Sanchez Engineering Ricardo Sanchez Arts and Sciences Williams Sanders Engineering Betty Sanford Education 403 Donna Saymon Health Related Professions Joseph Scafuti Business Administration Warren Scarborough Arts and Sciences Judy Scarr Arts and Sciences Dona Schaff Arts and Sciences Joan Schaffel Education Diane Schiano Education Pamela Schiele Physical Education and Health Bruce Schnitzler Engineering Sherrie Schreiber Arts and Sciences Linda Schuette Arts and Sciences Clifford Schulman Journalism Tom Schulz Education Linda Schwahn Arts and Sciences Jill Schwartz Education James Scott Engineering James Scott Engineering Kathy Scott Journalism Sheryl Scroggie Arts and Sciences Ann Scruggs Arts and Sciences Jeffrey Scurran Journalism David Scussel Business Administration William Sears Engineering Kathryn Seashore Arts and Sciences Barbara Segal Education Sherry Segerman Education Enrique Segovia Engineering Philip Seidenberg Arts and Sciences Freddie Seligman Education James Selph Arts and Sciences Dennis Sercombe Journalism Ronald Settle Business Administration Barry Setzer Arts and Sciences Douglas Shachtman Business Administration Steve Schackleford Engineering Megan Shaffer Arts and Sciences 404 fades with first mistakes Lorraine Shampoe Arts and Sciences Maureen Shannon Education Charles Shaw Arts and Sciences Kerry Shefhan Arts and Sciences Diana Shek Arts and Sciences Susan Shellow Arts and Sciences Conni Shelnut Education Knowlton Shelnut Business Administration Franklin Shepard Architecture and Fine Arts Thomas Shepard Architecture and Fine Arts Roscoe Shiplett Business Administration Joe Shivers Agriculture Jan Shoemaker Education Brent Shore Business Administration Reyna Shore Journalism Robert Shows Arts and Sciences Jack Shuler Journalism David Shull Journalism Regina Shull Education Lila Shulman Journalism Patricia Sidney Nursing Ennon Sidway Arts and Sciences Richard Siefert Engineering Harvey Siegel Business Administration Patricia Siegel Education Lauren Silverberg Journalism Henry Silverman Architecture and Fine Arts Sharron Silverman Education James Silvers Architecture and Fine Arts Betsy Simmons Education Lynn Simmons Health Related Professions Russel Simpson Arts and Sciences Robert Singer Journalism Steven Skarda Business Administration John Skeath Journalism 405 arts and sciences Davida Skigan Journalism Dennis Skigen Journalism Thomas Skinner Arts and Sciences Sandra Skjoldager Education William Slaught Law James Slaton Engineering Linda Slomowitz Business Administration Janet Smeltzer Health Related Professions Clifford Smiley Business Administration Barbara Smith Journalism Esther Smith Education Janet Smith Education Kathleen Smith Education Michael Smith Journalism Peter Smith Arts and Sciences Ronald Smith Business Administration Thomas Smith Engineering Valentine Snelling Journalism Judith Snyder Education Robert Snyder Arts and Sciences Allen Soden Journalism Terrel Solana Mathematics Lourdes Soler Architecture Bill Southern Architecture William Sparkman Arts and Sciences Linda Sparks Education Lois Spector Business Administration Herbert Speir Arts and Sciences Adeline Spellman Arts and Sciences Martin Sperry Business Administration Alexander Spitzer Law Gena Spivey Education Wayne Spivey Business Administration Richard Spool Arts and Sciences John Spooner Agriculture Ronald Spoto Journalism 406 degree program Daryl Spradley Journalism William Sprague Business Administration Thomas Stalnaker Business Administration Jerry Stansfield Fine Arts John Stanton Engineering Lewis Stark Business Administration Alan Starling Business Administration Robert Stearns Business Administration Jane Stecher Journalism LauraLee Steers Education Theodore Steinwender Architecture and Fine Arts Ronald Stenstrom Business Administration James Stevens Engineering Robert Stevens Engineering Dana Stewart Arts and Sciences John Stewart Engineering Linda Stewart Agriculture Grant Stiff Robert Stirk Business Administration Carol Stobs Arts and Sciences Thomas Stone Business Administration Bayard Storm Business Adminstration William Stowe Arts and Sciences Robert Strawn Forestry David Streeter Arts and Sciences Pamela Stringer Health Related Professions Terry Strout Engineering Luis Suarez Architecture and Fine Arts Sally Summers Education Richard Supinski Business Administration John Sullivan Business Administration Joseph Sutter Engineering Peter Swan Business Administration Rebecca Swann Journalism Ellen Swartz Education Robert Swope Business Administration 407 Robert Sworp Arts and Sciences Charles Syfrett Business A dministration Bill Sykes Journalism Herman Sylvester Engineering David Talbert Education Claudia Talley Architecture and Fine Arts Louis Tally Arts and Sciences Leonard Tanner Journalism Sarah Tapley Arts and Sciences Linda Tarler Arts and Sciences Helen Tatalovich Arts and Scienes Edward Taylor Education Frank Taylor Engineering John Taylor Education Judy Taylor Pharmacy Michael Taylor Agriculture Robert Taylor Business Administration Mary Jane Tebo Education Kenneth Thomas Business Administration Norman Thomas Agric ulture Pamela Thomas Journalism Donald Thompson Arts and Sciences Glenn Thompson Arts and Sciences Pamella Thompson Health Related Professions Peyton Thompson Journalism Marlene Thorn Arts and Sciences Michael Thrift Education Michael Thursby Linda Tidwell Arts and Sciences Ritchie Tidwell Journalism Mary Tieslau Journalism Phyllis Tilghman Nursing Patricia Tinker Education Dwight Tinsley Pharmacy Ivan Tobias Business Administration Harris Tobin Business Administration 408 the vote and drink vi wi flu epidemic hits James Wade Engineering Craig Waff Arts and Sciences Larry Wagemaker Architecture and Fine Arts Gary Wagner Architecture and Fine Arts Elaine Wagstaff Health Related Professions Virginia Walborn Education Eugene Walenius Architecture and Fine Arts Joanne Walenius Education Charles Walker Architecture and Fine Arts Cheryl Walker Nursing Frank Walker Arts and Sciences James Walker Arts and Sciences Suzanne Vick Journalism Sharon Vickery Education Robert Villa Architecture and Fine Arts Otero Villar Engineering Howard Vogel Journalism Philip Vova Journalism Cheryl Watson Arts and Sciences James Watson Business Administration Janie Watson Journalism Kristin Watson Health Related Professions Philip Watson Business Administration James Watt Law James Ward Agriculture Lewis Ward Agriculture Elizabeth Warren Education Jeffrey Warren Business Administration John Wassman Arts and Sciences George Waters Arts and Sciences Dorothy Wallace Education Connie Walter Education Donna Walter Nursing William Wanamaker Agriculture MaryJo Wantland Arts and Sciences Bonnie Ward Arts and Sciences 410 Robert Wattles Journalism Samuel Watts Arts and Sciences James Waugh Arts and Sciences Barbara Weaver Journalism Drew Webb Arts and Sciences Susan Webb Arts and Sciences William Webb Arts and Sciences Jay Weber Arts and Sciences Larry Weber Agriculture Richard Weddington Engineering Jeffrey Weil Journalism Marianne Weinberg Architecture Fern Weinstein Arts and Sciences Stanley Weinstein Agriculture Michele Weissman Education Frances Wilguiz Education George Welly Arts and Sciences Gail Werner Education John West Journalism William Westberg Arts and Sciences Robert Wheeler Business Administration Larry Whipple Engineering Albert Whisler Engineering Charles White Agriculture Kathy White Education Ronald White Journalism Daniel Whiteman Architecture and Fine Arts Shirley Whitmore Education Barbara Wiant Education Keith Wicks Engineering George Wilcox Engineering Rebecca Wilcox Arts and Sciences Daniel Wilder Agriculture Anne Willard Nursing Carolee Willaims Education Diann Willaims Journalism Williams 411 Gregory Williams Arts and Sciences Jeffrey Williams Arts and Sciences Michael Williams Business Administration Peggy Williams Education Paul Williams Pharmacy Richard Williams Arts and Sciences Thomas Williams Journalism John Willis Business Administration Michael Willis Architecture and Fine Arts Wayne Willis Arts and Sciences Diane Wilson Education Linda Wilson Arts and Sciences Mary Wilson Education Suellyn Winkle Arts and Sciences Bernette Winn Education Charles Witt Journalism James Wolfe Business Administration Donna Wolfman Physical Education and Health Bob Wolfson Business Administration Rebecca Wolfson Education David Woodham Arts and Sciences Michael Woodham Agriculture John Woods Arts and Sciences Howard Woodyard Arts and Sciences Janice Wooters Journalism Donna Worth Education Joan Wortham Arts and Sciences Charles Wright Arts and Sciences Sue Wright Arts and Sciences Walter Wrobleski Architecture and Fine Arts all hail, florida, hail Mary Wyman Education John Yant Business Administration Patricia Yaros Nursing Kenneth Yates Engineering Thomas Y azell Journalism Jeffrey Yost Business Administration Alan Young Business Administration Ann Young Education Cecelia Young Nursing Katherine Young Education Kenneth Young Education Stuart Young Journalism Dorothy Yuschak Arts and Sciences Stephen Zack Arts and Sciences Anita Zadeh Architecture and Fine Arts Judith Zeientz Nursing Elaine Zeifman Education James Zelch Pharmacy Gail Zeltman Journalism William Zewadski Law Robert Zeigler Engineering JoAnn Zinober Journalism Pete Zinober Law Donald Zussy Arts and Sciences Nancy Zussy Education 413 414 here to do or just here to prepare? The pine remains, the ivy vines crawl up this school of our state fathers. The seasons circle around our studious city, bringing changes, growing up, 418 4 1 9 420 each advance on life that we earn. When we came here, green and seventeen, it was not unreasonable to expect our childishness, a certain longing to go home. Each term has bred that out of us until the present registration makes a home of this campus, each building familiar, each oak a friend. 422 In this last year it is hard to recall that early, vacant longing. Our eyes grow level with the future and we see ourselves and life becoming one. 423 This is what it is to leave here. Out of all the early loneliness I found myself 424 425 426 One thing I learned: there are others to build a world with. Often in winter, the wind would narrow my warmth the cold would sting me beyond freezing; 427 with no sense left to my skin I kept on, spring walked in. I can keep the hope of changes in me now. 428 429 430 It ' s been a long time since I was lost. Having made it once, I feel more possible of going on. These four years I have worked toward something without a name a noise in my head that widened with time. Out of all the money spent, and the longer, priceless nights awake, the worry that grew in my blood like a bad dream has come something extra: the voice of a singer, a song of my own. 431 index general a Academics 36 Accent 244 Administration 28 Agriculture 40 Alligator 114 Alpha Chi Omega 162 Alpha Delta Pi 164 Alpha Epsilon Phi 166 Alpha Epsilon Pi 168 Alpha Gamma Rho 170 Alpha Kappa Psi 134 Alpha Omicron Pi 172 Alpha Tau Omega 174 Alumni Service s 86 Angel Flight 131 Architecture and Fine Arts 42 Army ROTC 132 Army Sweethearts 133 Arnold Air Society 130 Arts and Sciences 44 Association of Women Students 134 Athletic Council 136 b Baptist Student Union 137 Baseball 360 Basketball 328 Basketball Coaches 338 Basketball Freshmen 336 Beta Alpha Psi 137 Beta Theta Pi 176 Block and Briddle 138 Board of Regents 31 Business Administration 46 C Camp Wauburg Facilities 78 Camp Wauburg Playdays 298 Campus Police 77 Campus Shop and Bookstore 82 Cheerleaders 340 Chi Omega 178 Chi Phi 180 Cicerones 140 d Delta Chi 182 Delta Delta Delta 184 Delta Gamma 186 Delta Phi Epsilon 188 Delta Sigma Phi 190 Delta Sigma Pi 140 Delta Tau Delta 192 Delta Upsilon 194 Denistry 58 Drug Use 258 e Education 48 Elections 126 Engineering 50 f F-Club 139 Fall Frolics 252 Ferlinghetti 278 Financial Aid 86 Florida Blue Key 100 Florida Players 272 Football 302 Air Force 304 Auburn 316 Coaches 327 Florida State 396 Freshmen 324 Georgia 308 Kentucky 320 Miami 322 Mississippi State 308 North Carolina 312 Tulane 310 Vanderbilt 314 Forestry 52 Four Tops 254 g Gainesville 262 Gamma Alpha Chi 113 Gamma Beta Phi 110 Gargoyle 111 Gator Band 142 Golf Team 352 Governor 30 Graduate School 68 Greeks 162 Graham Area 141 Hall of Fame 92 Health Related Professions 64 Homecoming 290 Homecoming Sweetheart 266 Hub 82 Indices 432 Infirmary 84 Information Services 80 434 Inter-Fraternity Council 158 Intramurals 366 Introduction 4 J J. Wayne Reitz Union 72 Jennings Dorm Council 144 Journalism and Communications 54 k Kappa Alpha 196 Kappa Alpha Theta 198 Kappa Delta 200 Kappa Epsilon 148 Kappa Psi 150 Kappa Sigma 202 Kappa Tau Alpha 112 Lambda Chi Alpha 204 Lambda Tau 150 Law 56 Library 88 Masters of Business Administration 150 Medicine 62 Men ' s Glee Club 146 Miss International Queen 266 Miss Seminole 267 Miss Wauburg 266 Mortar Board 102 Mu Beta Alpha 150 n National Election 246 New Folk 280 Nursing 60 0 Organizations 128 Omicron Delta Kappa 104 p Panhellenic Council Pharmacy 62 Phi Delta Theta 206 Phi Gamma Delta 208 Phi Kappa Phi 112 Phi Kappa Psi 214 Phi Kappa Tau 210 Phi Mu 212 Phi Sigma Sigma 216 Physical Education and Health 66 Pi Kappa Alpha 218 Pi Kappa Phi 220 Pi Lambda Phi 222 Placement Services 80 Plants and Grounds 78 President Stephen C. O ' Connell 28 Publications Business Office 74 Publications Paste-Up-Lab 118 Radio and Television Stations 76 Rathskeller 282 Republican Convention 248 Rho Pi Phi 151 Savant............... ............. ............ 106 Scabbard and Blade 144 Seminole 116 Seniors............... .......... ..... 370 Servomation 80 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 224 Sigma Chi 226 Sigma Chi Derby 300 Sigma Kappa 228 Sigma Nu 230 Sigma Phi Epsilon 232 Sigma Tau 112 Sigma Tau Sigma 110 Soccer 364 Sports 302 Spring Coaches 342 Student Government 122 Student Life 284 Swimming 344 Table of Contents ....... ..... ........ ..... ........2 Tau Sigma Delta 110 Tau Epsilon Phi 234 Tau Kappa Epsilon ............ .......... 236 Teaching Resources Center 84 Tennis 356 Theta Chi 238 Title Page 1 Track Team 348 Union Program Council 126 University Choir 136 University College 38 University Country Club 86 University Symphony Orchestra 144 Vanilla Fudge V 256 435 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 98 Winter Frolics 254 " Winter of Our Discontent " 250 Women ' s Glee Club 167 z Zeta Tau Alpha 240 pictorial index Aaronson, Andrea Woolf 2UC, 214 Abascal, Gerardo Diego 3AS, 158 Abbey, William Ray 4AS, 370 Abbott, Eliot Charles 2UC, 169 Abbott, Frederic M. lUC, 324 Abbott, Susan Alice lUC, 162 Abdella, Joan Mary 4AS, 370 Abdelnour, Thos Allen 3EG, 326 Abdenour, Geo Esse Jr. 4AS, 370 Abel, Judith Etta 4ED, 370 Abella, Ignacio J. 4BA, 370 Abersold, Barbara Anne 4AR, 144 Abraham, Gary Allen lUC, 169 Abram, Amelia Sue 4JM, 370 Abrams, Michael Elliot 4JM, 370 Accursio, Frances C. 4ED, 370 Ackell, Dr. Edmond F. Acker, James Herman Jr. 4AS, 370 Ackland, Doris K. 2UC, 200 Adams, Debora Ann 2UC, 172 Adams, Dr. Frank, 32, 104 Adams, Gary Alan 4BA, 134 Adams, Jan Claire lUC, 179 Adams, Omar J. 1UC, 220 Adams, Timothy James lUC, 190 Adams, William David 4AS, 370 Adelman, Linda 4ED, 370 Adkins, Ellen Holt 1UC, 212 Adkins, Suzanne 2UC, 179 Adler, Barry Michael 4JM, 370 Adler, Irwin Noel 4AS, 223 Adorno, Henry Nissim 4AS, 195, 370 Aertker, Steven Garic 3BA, 230 Agee, James Martin 2UC, 338 Agee, Joseph Ryan HI 3AS, 326 Ahrens, Richard Craig 4BA, 224, 346, 370 Aikin, Sandra Ann 1UC, 228 Albus, John, 182 Alberts, Phillip D. lUC, 134 Albury, Donald 2UC, 318, 321, 326 Alder, Alan, 169 Alderman, Audrey P. 4PH, 149 Aldrich, Harold Eli Jr. 4JM, 92, 100, 119 Alexander, James Reid 4AR, 370 Alberti, Peter Joseph 2UC, 208 Allen, Eileen, 184 Allen, Larry Wayne 4EG, 148 Allen, Luly, 198 Allen, Nancy Lucinda 2UC, 186 Allen, Randolph Thomas 2UC, 226 Allen, Raymond Edward 4BA, 140 Allen, Robert Leonard 2UC, 193 Allison, Thomas Howard 3AG, 132 Almand, James Wylie 4JM, 182, 320 Alpersten, Steven, 169 Alper, Harvey Martin 1LW, 104, 105 Alston, Arthur Dean 4AG, 138 Alten, William, 193 Alterman, Fred Joseph 3BA, 223 Altman, Stephen Robert 2UC, 195 Alvarez, Carlos lUC, 324 Alvarez, Janice Susan 4HP, 228, 370 Alvarez, Michael Angel 4ED, 237, 370 Alvarez, Steve, 144, 145 Amann, Mary Joyce 3AS, 179 Amick, Kathy Christine 4AS, 165, 370 Amick, Laurie Beth 1UC, 165 Ammer, Geoffrey George lUC, 220, 324 Amos, Deborah Susan lUC, 165 Amyot, Gerald Ernest 4PH, 150 Andersen, Bruce Knox lUC, 182 Anderson, Barbara N. 4ED, 370 Anderson, Deborah Lynn lUC, 184 Anderson, Einar, 176 Anderson, Elizabeth 3NR, 110, 186 Anderson, Jacalyn Lea 4ED, 370 Anderson, Gregory Jos 4PH, 150 Anderson, Jeffrey B. lUC, 241 Anderson, Kathryn W. 4AS, 241, 370 Anderson, Kenneth E. 3JM, 108, 237 Anderson, Lawrence T. 4EG, 148 Anderson, Robert Leo 3BA, 206 Anderson, Robert Malcolm lUC, 174 Anderson, Vicki Marie 4PE, 370 Andres, Cicilia, 75 Andress, Herman Roy 4ED, 370 Andrews, Thomas Lewis 4AG, 154 Andrews, William Fred 4AR, 110 Andrews, William Henry 3JM, 120 Angorr, Richard, 115 Annis, Cynthia J. M. 3AS, 370 Annis, Ronald Paul 5AR, 370 Anson, Joseph Bruce 3BA, 134 Antinori, James V. 2UC, 220 Appel, Ada Claire 3ED, 241, 370 Appleby, Charles Carleton 2UC, 154 Appleget, Robert Lee Jr. 3AS, 346 Aptheker, Sara Jane 4AS, 102, 370 Aptheker, Steven Bart 4AS, 237, 370 Arak, Solomon Steven 2UC, 234 Arant, Jessica Susan 3ED, 279 Archibald, Geo Fredk 5ED, 370 Arcuri, Joseph Dennis 4AG, 138 Arden, Denis Edmund 5AR, 225, 370 Argo, Bureus Wayne 3EG, 204, Arkness, Jack, 100 Armbuster, Phillip K. 2UC, 219 Armfield, Peter David 2UC, 232 Armfield, Stephen C. 2UC, 232 Armstrong, Bennett H. 2UC, 204 Arnold, Susan Kay 4AS, 370 Aronovitz, Elaine R. 4ED, 370 Aronow, Michael 1UC, 370 Aronowitz, Marshall A. 2UC, 169 Aronson, Cydney Louise lUC, 166 Arroyo, Nicholas A. 6JM, 120 Astanowicz, Bernard 4BA, 223, 370 Ash, Lawrence Gerald 7EG, 137 Asher, Andrea Joan 2UC, 188 Ashley, Frank M. III 3AS, 220 Ashton, Burton Lester 4AG, 170, 370 Atherton, Nancy Lynn 1UC, 184 Atherton, Sherry Ann 4AS, 102, 307 Atkin, Judith Ellyn 3PE, 152 Atkinson, Steven D. 4AS, 208, 370 Atkinson, Susan Lynne 3AS, 186 Atwater, Randolph S. 2UC, 206, 219 Atwood Wm. Harrison 3AR, 230 Audrinkos, Robert, 224 Austin, Joel Newton Jr. 3AS, 146 Austin,Lee Scott 4EC, 111, 112, 114 Avery, Benjamin David 2UC, 190 Avery, Donald Ray 4JM, 204, 370 Ayers, Elizabeth Ella 1UC, 179 Ayers, Robert David Jr. 4AS, 226, 370 Babnew, Barbara Ann 4JM, 108, 370 Baetz, Bruce Burton 4JM, 224, 370 Baggs, Mercer Robert 2UC, 196, 355 Bagley, James Landon 4AS, 355, 196 Baglier, Samuel A. 2UC, 208 Bagnato, Victor 4PH, 151 Bagwell, Archie B. Jr. lUC, 324 Baida, Theo Stanley 5AR, 370 Bailey, John Jacob 4BA, 370 Bailey, Rodney Dean 4BA, 195, 370 Bailey, Vinson David 4PH, 182, 370 Bain, Gwendoline Linda 4AG, 370 Baird, Robert Marcellous 5PH, 115 Baker, Beverly Jane 3PH, 149 Baker, Donald Murray 4BA, 239, 371 Baker, John William 4AS, 371 Baker, Kenneth Edwin 4ED, 371 Baker, Mark Lee 2UC, 141, 182 Baker, Thomas Merton 1UC, 232 Bakula, Ida L. Talton 5PH, 115, 371 Baldwin, Russell R. 2UC, 174 Baldwin, Sara Cornelia 4AS, 247, 241, 371 Balint, Teresa Lynn 3AS, 371 Ball, George Thomas 4BA, 259, 371 Ball, Thomas Michael 6JM, 154 Ballantine, Robert Leon 1UC, 210 Ballard, Walter A. Jr. lUC, 226 Bancroft, Wm Louis 3AS, 193 Bangasser, Deborah M. lUC, 200 Banks, Barbara Anne 3ED, 172, 321 Banks, Dennis Lester 2UC, 182 Banks, Edwin Burgess 2UC, 234 Barb, Thomas David 3PH, 190 Barba, Stephen Anthony 2UC, 193 Barbarowcz, Patricia 4NR, 200,371 Barben, Robert Hartt 2UC, 106 Barber, Ed, 75 Barber, Nancy Joyce 4PE, 152, 371 Barber, Yvonne Synthia 4AG, 138, 371 Barclay, David Edward 4AS, 371 Barger, Charles Wm. Jr. 4LW, 232 Barger, Lynn Marie 3ED, 111 Barks, James Albert 3AS, 174 Barnard, Michael Dean 3JM, 208 Barnes, Dan Terry Jr. 2UC, 239 Barnes, John Carpenter 4AS, 371 Barnes, Randall Lee lUC, 195 Barnes, Rusty, 236 Barnes, Susan Crale 4AS, 172, 3 ' 71 Barnes, Thomas M. Jr. 2UC, 206 Barnet, Simon Michael 2UC, 230 Barnett, Jane Lee 1UC, 188 Barnett, Robert Andrew 4BA, 195, 371 Barnette, Dean Alan 4BA, 174, 371 Barnhart, David Lee 3JM, 326 Barnhart, Robert B. III 4AG, 193, 371 Barnhill, Belle Eileen 2UC, 152 Barnwell, Cleora W. 4HP, 150, 371 Baron, Dianne Sue 3JM, 102, 133, 135, 106 Baron, Stephen Jaime lUC, 169 Barr, Jimmy Darrell lUC, 324 Barres, Dana 4ED, 200, 371 Barrett, Ralph Norman 5PH, 150 Barron, John Edward 3BA, 140 Barron, William W. Jr. 2UC, 208 Bartiko, Donna Marie 4ED, 228, 372 Bartlett, John Allan 2UC, 218, Bartlett, Joyce Elaine 2UC, 172 Bartlett, Ronald Bruce lUC, 224 Bartlett, Tommy, 337, 338 Barton, Bernard A. Jr. 4AS, 220, 372 Barton, Hohse, 161 Bass, Louise Ellen 4ED, 372 Bass, Roger Lamar 4AR, 372 Bassford, Gordon Edward 7ED, 148, 372 Bastin, Sherry Lyne 2UC, 212 Bates, Marion M. Dooley 4HP, 153 Battaglia, Wm. Parker 1UC, 174 Battiste, David Ray 4AS, 154, 372 Bauer, Edward Robert 4BA, 372 Baumbey, Bob, 137 Baumgard, Jonathan D. lUC, 169 Baumgartner, Kathleen lUC, 198 Bauers, Mary Margaret 4JM, 372 Baxter, Barbara Lynn 4ED, 279, 372 Baxter, Kathi Dawn 3AS, 198 Baxter, Philip M. 2UC, 176 Baymen, Jeffrey Davis 2UC, 195 Baynard, Wm Thorn Jr. 3LW, 372 Bayne, David Alan 4AS, 372 Bean, Clifford Carroll 2UC, 174 Bean, Lewis Chapman 2UC, 176 Beard, Pearcy, 100 Beard, Thomas Gordon 2UC, 196 Beardsley, David Lewis 2UC, 170 Beatty, Gary David 1UC, 239 Beatty, John Raymond 4EG, 372 Beatty, Evelyn Louise 3AS, 147 Beaudoin, Carol Ann 2UC, 200 Beaumont, Barbara Ann 4HP, 140, 372 Beaver, Betty Anne 4AS, 372 Bebout, Jill Anne 4JM, 372 Beck, Allen Marcus 4AS, 372 Becker, Charles, 115 Becker, Jon Albert 4EG, 372 Becker, Stephen B. 4JM, 372 Beckerman, Sheldon I. 3BA, 140 Beckham, Sharon Ruth 4ED, 372 Beckman, Ronald R. 4BA, 372 Beckworth, Randy D. lUC, 210 Bedard, William Peter 4AS, 372 Bedell, Linda K. Holton 4ED, 372 Bedient, Philip Bruce 4AS, 372 Beeland, Edgar S. Jr. 4AS, 218, 372 Beene, William Harold 2UC, 208 Beers, Kassy Jo lUC, 184 Behrendt, Lloyd F. C. 3AS, 190 Belden, Linda Freeman 4AS, 3T Beldt, Roger James 3PH, 204 Bell, Bruce Ritchie 4AS, 372 Bell, Dean, 138 Bell, Gregory Keity lUC, 174 Bell, Rebecca Joy 3ED, 165 Bell, Rita Catherine 4ED, 372 Bell, Thomas Ward 3BA, 174, 372 Bello, Lou, 332 Bellows, Jan Elliot lUC, 169 Bellow, James Russell lUC, 336, 337 Bennett, Catherine M. 3ED, 161 Bennett, Diana Dale 2UC, 172 Bennett, James Edward 7ED, 372 Bennett, Linda Grace 4ED, 228, 372 Benson, Beverly Ann 3JM, 184 Bercu, Lawrence Robert lUC, 169 Berg, Hjalmar R. Jr. 4BA, 372 Berg, Jeffrey Bruce 3LW, 226, 98 Bergenstal, Richard M 1UC, 210 Bergert, Glen Franklin lUC, 226 Bergsman, Steven Mark 2UC, 223 Berkowitiz, Paul Howard 2UC, 160 Berky, William Andrew 4EG, 372 Berman, Candice Rae 4ED, 372 Berman, Diane Sue 2UC, 161, 166 Bernard, Richard, 182 Bernard, Warren Jay 1UC, 169 Bernstein, Stephen N. 4AS, 361 Berrier, Charles Stephen 4BA, 176, 373, ' Berrin, Lawrence 4JM, 113, 234, 373 Bertine, Wilbur V. Jr. 3BA, 226 Beschen, Kathleen Emma 3AG, 130 Besley, Randy Scott lUC, 210 Bethea, Robert F. III 373 Bettmen, Jack Walters 1UC, 234 Betts, Charles Arch Jr. 4BA Betts, Donna 2UC, 165, 219, 291, 296 Betz, Gilbert Calvin 2UC, 202 Bewley, Raymond C. 2UC, 174 Bez old, Henrey E. III 4BA, 154 Bielow, Andrew Pablo 3EG, 232 Bierley, Jane 3AS, 172 Bifano, Vincent John 2UC, 182 Biggs, Sandra Kay 4BA, 241, 373 Bilsker, Stanley E. 4BA, 136, 363 Binder, Anan Mark 1UC, 169 Binder, Lisbeth Ann 4AS, 373 Binderman, Beth Rae 4ED, 188, 373 Bingham, John Gree 4EG, 102 Bingham, Greg, 206 Binney, Ronald Morgan 2UC, 208 Bird, Kathryn Ann 4HP, 373 Bird, William Wylie 3AS, 220 Birdsong, Cathrine L. 4ED, 373 436 Birk, David Ralph 4AS. 176, 373 Biron. Louis Richard 1UC, 196 Bishop, Coach Buster, 353, 355 Bishop, Robert Stuart 1UC, 220 Biskup, Charlotte 3ED, 186 Bivans, William John lUC, 208 Biwer, Marilyn Jean 4AS, 373 Bjork, Diane Eva 2UC, 179 Black, Beverly Martin 2UC, 162 Black, Connie Ann 1 UC, 198 Blackburn, Dennis B. SAR, 144 Blackburn, Kathryn Ann 4ED, 373 Blacker, Harrison F. 1UC, 210 Blackwell, Catharine P. 2UC, 147 Blades, Bert James 4BA, 140 Blaisdell, Patricia J. 3NR, 212 Blake, Ronald Wayne 3BA, 373 Blake, Stanford 3JM, 234 Blanchard, Wayne M. II 4AS, 176, 373 Blanco, Humberto 4AS, 373 Blanton, Brenda Kaye 3ED, 186, 373 Blanton, David Edward 3BA, 226 Blanton, Judith Ann 4JM, 373 Blauer Constance Ann 2UC, 172 Blinski, Wendi Lynn 1UC, 166 Blitch, Willard B. 4AR, 373 Bliwernitz, Helga 4ED, 373 Block, Bart William lUC, 234 Block, Louis Stuart 4AS, 373 Block, Ronnee Suzan 2UC, 152 Block, Samuel Allen 4JM, 100 Bloodworth, James R. lUC, 176 Bloom, Ronald 4JM, 113, 234, 265, 373 Bloomfield, Stanley H. 4BA, 373 Blue, David Allen 1UC, 195 Blue, Robert Clarence Jr. 3LW, 100 Bluestein, Harold lUC, 234 Blumberg, Susan Carol 2UC, 135, 188 Blumenthal, Cathy Ann 3JM, 166 Boarman, Mary Eugenia 2UC, 186 Boatwright, Harriett A. 4ED, 216, 373 Bobo, Arlie Russell Jr. 3JM, 182 Bock, Barbara Jean 1UC,184 Bodwell, Kenneth Ala n 2UC, 220 Boe, Daniel Clair lUC. 337 Boerner, Barry Richard 7AS, 373 Bogen, Robert Lawrence lUC, 223 Bogert, John Michael 2UC, 226 Boggs, Gerald Duane 3JM, 230 Bogue, David 4EG, 193, 373 Bohannon, Patricia D. 3PE, 291 Bohn, Barbara Jean 2 UC, 179 Bohn, Mary Linda 3AS, 166 Bohner. Sandra Louise 3AS, 200 Boise, Sherry Gale 4HP, 150, 373 Bokor, Bruce Howard 4BA, 100, 234, 373 Boldizar, Janet P. 1UC, 198 Bolles, Dr. Robert, 42 Bolles, George Frank, Jr. 3AR, 234 Bolte, Gail lUC, 241 Bond, .Julian, 264 Bondy, Marcia Kahn 1UC, 188 Bonner, Sandra Alyson 4ED, 147, 373 Book, Steven Michael lUC, 169 Boone, David Edwin 4BA, 196, 373 Boone, Donald Bailey 4BA, 174 Booth, John C. II 7AS, 293 Booth, Ronald Scott 4BA, 174 Booth, William Ross 4AR, 144 Borden, James Lawrence 1UC, 196 Boreske, Keith Paul lUC, 208 Borgia, Philip Albert 2UC, 223 Bosque, Evelio Ignacio 4AG, 374 Boss, Harry, 137 Botner, George, Jr. 4AS, 204, 374 Botts, Carole Anne 4HP, 153 Bouchard, John Henry 4EG, 374 Boucher, Susan Lenore 1UC, 200 Boudreau, Bruce James 2UC, 232 Bourgeas, Roger, 206 Boutchyard, Patricia D. lUC, 241 Boutwell, Mark Wayne lUC, 196 Bowden, Otto Roy T., Jr. lUC, 196 Bowen, Shelley Ann 4AS, 179, 374 Bower, Barbara Ellison 3AS, 186 Bowers, Mark Stoyer 4AS, 374 Bowers, Roger Allen 3PH, 218 Bowers, Tanya Lynn 2UC, 200 Bowles, Danny, 144 Bowles, Richard, 142, 144 Bowman, Cynthia, Oneita 4ED, 374 Boyce, Cheryl Ann 3HP, 153, 179 Boyd, Beverly Ann lUC, 172 Boyd, Larry Ray 2UC, 239 Boyette, Ronald Gary 2UC, 224 Boyle, Thomas Michael 3JM, 176, 374 Boyles, Jessie, 204, 374 Boze, Edward Franklin 2UC, 174 Bozeman, David M. 4ED, 374 Braboy, Alan Blair 1UC, 141 Bracewell, William Ray 3HP, 153, 208 Brackins, Charles Gordon 2UC, 219 Bradburn, Bruce Gordon 2UC, 208 Bradbury, James Edmund 2UC, 176 Bradbury, Joan Eliz 3BA, 184 Bradbury, R.W., 134 Bradford, Dana Gibson 3AS, 204 Bradley, Donald Edward 1UC, 208 Bradshaw, Colbert Jos. 4JM, 374 Bradshaw, Kenneth Edward 1UC, 218 Brady, Lawrence Roy 4EG, 112 Brady, Louis P., Jr. 4AS, 204, 374 Bragunier, Elissa H. 4AS, 241, 374 Brainard, Lyn, 374 Brannon, Charlotte Sue 3AS, 198 Brannon, Larry Lee 2UC, 208 Brannon, William B., Jr. lUC 26 Brant, Bonnie S. 4ED, 228 Brasch, Phyllis Joan 4JM, 113, 374 Braswell, Robert, 104 Braun, Cathrine, 374 Braun, Jane Gerolstein 4ED. 374 Braver, Vicki Carol 1UC, 166 Breeze, Fred John, Jr. 3LW, 104 Breger, Jack Paige 2UC, 169 Brennan, Kathleen M. 2UC, 186 Brennan, Patricia F. 4ED, 374 Brett, John Brendan, Jr. 4JM, 113, 374 Brewer, David Robe " , lUC, 220 Brewer, Roy Edward 2UC, 208 Brickor, Donald, 232 Bridge, Barbara Ann 4AS, 374 Bridges, David 4BA, 224, 246, 374 Bridges, Ruth Elaine 2UC, 172 Briefer, Karen Jane 4JM 150 Briggs, Randy Robert 4AG, 224, 374 Brinkley, Michael C. 3ED, 218, 374 Britton, Sharron Jane lUC, 174 Britton, Weldon C., Jr. 4BA, 232, 374 Brna, Bruce Daniel 2UC, 208 Broadhurst, Michael A 2UC, 208 Brock, Stephen, 374 Brodeur, Timothy P. 2UC, 214 Brooke, Ewart G., Jr. 1UC, 326 Brooker, Janet Lynn 2UC, 184 Brookman, Diane, 147 Brooks, Edward M. II 3BA, 226 Brooks, R. M. 154 Brooks, Raymond T., Jr. 2UC, 218 Broom, Bert Wiley 2UC, 182 Brothers, Barbara A. 4ED, 374 Broward, Charles S. III 4JM, 114 Brown, Alan Harry 7AR, 326 Brown, Anne Frances 3AS. 161 Brown, Charles Robert 4ED, 193 Brown, Edgar Alexander 2UC, 174 Brown, Patricia 4JM, 108, 113, 374 Brown, Geoffrey Holmes 2UC, 230 Brown, Ilene Bonnie 4JM, 374, 114 Brown, India Carolyn 3HP, 153 Brown, Jeffrey Richard 1UC, 182 Brown, John William, Jr. 2UC, 170 Brown, Linda Susan 2UC, 162 Brown, Michael Bruce 3JM, 113 Brown, Percival George 4AS, 374 Brown, Peter Chester 4BA, 134 Brown, Reginald Leland 4AG, 170, 374 Brown, Richard Eugene lUC, 237 Brown, Richard Joseph 4EG, 374 Brown, Robert Douglas 5AR, 374 Brown, Roger Lindsey 3LW, 98, 100, 374 Brown, Ronald Wayne 3ED, 182 Brown, Stephen 2UC, 108 Brown, Susan 4ED, 375 Brown, Susan, Rae 2UC, 148 Brown, Thomas Hampton 3BA, 375 Brown, William Jerome 6EG, 226, 375 Browning, Ann Dickey 2UC, 179 Browning, Jan Errol 4EG, 112 Brownrigg, Brenda Mary 2UC, 179 Bruch, Stephen Edward 4AR, 230, 375 Brumbaugh, Don 4AS, 204, 375 Brunson, Carol Cay 1UC, 162 Bryan, John Letcher, Jr. 2UC, 195 Bryan, Michael Wayne 4BA, 375 Bryan, Paul Franklin 2UC, 237 Bryant, James Michael 3AS, 176 Bryant, Margaret Ann 1UC, 200 Bryant, Paul Gregory 4BA, 375 Buchanan, Richard A. 1UC, 324 Buck, Robert Morris 4BA, 100 Buck, William Russell lUC, 141 Buckley, Judith Elaine 3ED, 375 Buckley, Sharon Elaine 4ED, 200, 375 Budd, Harvey Maurice 3BA, 134 Buechner, William Ray ' AR, 200, 375 Buker, Russell S., Jr. lUC, 237 Bullard, Timothy Bruce 1UC, 174 Bullivant, Drexel T. 4ED, 375 Bulnes, Evaristo B. 1UC, 230 Bumgarner, David 3PE, 232, 375 Bunch, James, Jr. 4BA, 74, 226, 375 Bunch, Patricia Ellen 4HP, 150, 375 Bundschu, Charles C. HI lUC, 230 Bunnell, Richard Lee 3BA, 190, 375 Burbridge, Susan D. 1UC, 147 Burchard, Mary Eliz 2UC, 172 Buresch, Charles Edward 4AS, 375 Burgan, Earlene lUC, 200 Burgess, William 4AG, 138, 170, 375 Burke, Dane, 104 Burklund, John Bayley lUC, 218 Burner, Charles Davis 2UC, 196 Burnett, Charles Roy 1LW, 98 Burnett, Philip Lee 4LW, 92, 206, 375 Burnett, Wesley Lee 1UC, 196 Burnham, Bonnie 4AR, 102, 201, 375 Burns, Glenn Lewis 3AS, 230, 375 Burns, Jack Charles 2UC, 112, 317, 326 Burns, Jay, 174 Burns, Robert Alvin 4BA 220, 375 Burnsten, Sunny, 147 Burr, Linda Kristine lUC, 186 Burridge, Beatrice L. 4HP, 375 Burrows, Edward, Jr. 4BA, 196, 375 Bursten, Sonya Lynn 1UC, 166 Burtner, David Emerson 3AS, 114 Burton, Francine R. lUC, 216 Burton, Gerald Kenneth 4AS, 223, 375 Burton, Janice Sibley 1UC, 165 Burton, Michael Edward 4EG, 224, 375 Bush, George Anthony 3ED, 186 Buskirk, Frank A., Jr. 3JM, 174, 375 Bussey, Carol Wendy 2UC, 188 Butler, Bryan, William 4EG, 165, 375 Butler, Robert Spencer 2UC, 174 Butler, Russell, Jr. 2UC, 230 Butt, Joanne Bradshaw 4AS, 375 Butterfield, James L. lUC, 208 Buzzell, Stephen A. 5AR, 210, 375 Buzzell, William Albert lUC, 210 Cain, Michael, 170 Caldwell, Cheryl Jean 2UC, 212 Caldwell, John Albert 4AS, 224 Caldwell, Kathleen J. 4AS, 375 Calhoun, John Russell 1UC, 208 Call, Roger Merle 1UC, 210 Callahan, Dan Woody 3AS, 208 Callaway, Tully Smith 1UC, 196 Calloway, Jack David 3EG, 182 Camero, Dorothy M. 1UC, 165 Cammack, Catherine I. 3AG, 154 Campbell, Diane 2UC, 140, 200 Campbell, David C. 4EG, 375 Campbell, David M. 1UC, 226 Campbell, David Reid 4JM, 301, 375 Campbell, Newbert 4AS, 193, 376 Campbell, Stuart Homer lUC, 204 Campbell, Walter G., Jr. 3AS, 176 Campbell, Wayne Enzor 4AS, 376 Canadeo, Anthony John lUC, 324 Canavan, John Patrick 4AS, 174 Canfield. James 4PH. 150 Cannon, Jacqueline Ann 4AS, 184, 376 Cannon, James Alan 2UC, 204 Canova, Frances P. M. 7ED, 376 Cantor, Alice Eileen 2UC, 135 Cantor, Beverly Ann 3ED, 143, 166 Caolo, Bonnie Louise 3AS, 184, 376 Caplan, Arlene H. 4JM, 376 Cappy, Bruce 4JM, 154, 174, 376 Carbone, Dona P. D. 4ED, 204 Carlin, Nancy Anne 1UC, 184 Carlisle, Patrick A. 2UC. 176 Carlton, Gregory A. 4AG, 170, 376 Carlton, Roger Michael 4BA, 169, 376 Carman, John Clarence 3BA, 182 Carmody, Edward Robert, Jr. 1UC, 196 Carmona, Rita Marie 4AS, 162, 376 Carnahan, Thomas Leland 2UC, 144 Carnes, James, Track Coach, 350 Carney, Charles Louis, Jr. 4EG, 145 Carpenter, Barry Lamar 3AG, 138 Carpenter, Dr. J. W., 138 Carr, Joanne Elizabeth 3ED, 188 Carrell, Patricia K. 4AS, 184 Carrera, Larry Craig 1UC, 210 Carrison, Daniel G. 2UC, 196 Carswell, Carol 4ED, 376 Carter, David Dane 3PH, 151 Carter, Donald D., Jr. 2UC, 108 Carter, Linda Elizabeth 4ED, 162 Carter, William Lee 2UC, 180 Carvel, Deborah Ann 2UC, 162 Carver, Richard C. 2UC, 193 Case, Douglas Delos 3JM, 120 Casey, Allan Lewis 4BA, 100 Casey, John Alvin lUC, 196 Casey, Nancy Susan 2UC, 199 Casey, Nina Jull 1UC, 172 Cashin, Kevin William lUC, 226 Cason, Irish Dianne 4ED, 376 Cassaras, Michael John lUC, 146, 174 Castells, Enrique Y. 4EG, 376 Caterina, Peter Jon lUC, 180 Cato, Robert Thomas 3AS, 220 Catron, Jan Ann 1 UC, 198 Catto, Robert John C. 7BA, 151 Caudel, Charles Robert 4EG, 376 Caudill, James Roger, Jr. 1UC, 226 Caudel, Charles, 180 Causey, Paul Robert lUC, 355 Cauthen, Leslie Ann 4AS, 106, 201, 376 Cepeda, Carole Jeanne 4HP, 376 Cepede, Manuel L. 4MD, 102 Cepero, Colores P. 6PH, 337 Cervone, William Paul 2UC, 190 Chalbeck, John Michael 1UC, 346 Chambers, Pamela Elizabeth 2UC, 165 Champion, John 292, 80 Chapman, Eruce Dixon 2UC, 226 Chapman, George Lawrence 5AR, 110 Chapman, Laura Marie 4NR 179, 376 Chapman, Ludinda Lee 2UC, 109 Chase, Brenda Jo 4ED, 376 Chastain, James Roy, Tr. 2UC 204 Chasteen, James R. III lUC, 206 Cheek, Leon Blakely 4AS, 237, 376 Chell, James Allan 1UC, 210 Chellos, Eugenia D. 1UC, 241 Chemerys, Dale M. 4PE, 162, 152, 376 Cheney, Andrew Bruce 1UC, 324 Cheshire, David M. 3BA, 230 Cheshire, Leila C. 4ED, 376 Chesney, Lloyd C. III 2UC, 214 Chesser, Carolyn Ann M. 4AR, 144 Chesser, David Michael 4AS, 144, 145 Cheuvront, Allen Edward 2UC, 169 Chewning, Thomas Vernon 2UC, 338 Chiaro, Carmelina P. 2UC, 147 Chidester, Nancy E. 2UC, 228 Chmielewski, Lori L. S. 4ed, 376 Chorlog, John Winton. Jr. 2UC, 176 Christian, Tom 3PE, 308, 310, 315, 326 Christiansen, Gary A. 7JM, 98, 226, 376 Christiansen, Keith A. lUC, 208 Christianson, Kenneth 2UC, 214 Ciesinski, Gaye K. 2UC, 172 Cigan, Valerie Ann 3ED, 376 Cimino, Edward Justen 2UC, 224 Clark, Ann Louise 2UC, 198 Clark, Charles 3AG, 138 Clark, George Walker, Jr. 4EG, 148, 376 Clark, Harwin, 324 Clark, James Karl 2UC, 176, 230 Clark, Joyce Penelope 1UC, 165 Clark, Robert Steven 2UC, 224 Clark, Thomas Miles 4BA, 196, 376 Clark, Walter Hugh 3AR, 190 Clarke, Richard Edward, Jr. 7AS, 214 Clarkson, Linda Susan 2UC, 199 Clary, Thomas Edward 4EG, 195, 376 Clayton, Robert Beville 3AR, 144, 145 Clees, Robert John, Jr. 5AR, 186, 110, 146 Cleghorn, Mary Kathryn 4JM, 113, 376 Clements, Edwin R. 2UC, 176 Clements, William Thomas 3AR, 204 Clementson, Kathleen P. 4AR, 376 Clint, Duke, 146 Close, Stirling S. 3BA, 145, 154, 204 Coakley, Thomas Lee lUC, 174 Cobb, Barbara Ann 3ED, 376 Cochley, Herbert L. III 1UC, 176 437 Cochran, Darrel Gene 4PE, 152, 239, 376 Cochran Martha Lou 2UC, 83, 98, 106 Cochrane, Thomas E., Jr. 2UC, 174 Cockrell, William Patrick 4AG, 170, 376 Coe, Philip Sidney lUC, 174 Coeyman, Louise Edna 2UC, 212 Cofer, Barbara McCarty 6AR, 110, 376 Cofer, Rufus Huell, Jr. 7EG, 355, 352 Coffee, Wendell G. 3BA, 353, 226 Coffman, Virginia Edna 2UC, 241 Cogan, John Joseph 5AR, 110, 377 Cogburn, Dolores Diann 4AR, 184, 377 Cogswell, James B., II 4AS, 377 Cohen, Barbara Sue 1UC 166 Cohen, Benita Robin 2UC, 161, 188 Cohen, Harvey Ira lUC, 169 Cohen. Jane Susan 3ED, 162 Cohen, Larry Jay 2UC, 169 Cohen, Lyn Robin lUC, 216 Cohn, Robert Jay 2UC, 182 Colbert, Timothy Lee 3AG, 170 Cole, John Robert 4EG, 239 Cole, Pak A., 224 Cole, Stephen 0. 4AS, 154, 377 Cole, Walter Scott, Jr. 4AS, 377 Colee, Carole Suzanne 4HP, 150 Coleman, Carl Randolph lUC 237 Coleman, Donald Morrow 3EG, 320 Coleman, Henry Leonard 1UC 223 Coleman, Nancy MeLeod 4AS, 377 Coleman, Robert Wesley 2UC, 309, 326 Colesberry, David K., Jr. lUC, 196 Collier, Michael 4BA, 140 Collins, Agatha Elizabeth lUC, 200 Collins, Anita Gayle 2UC, 200 Collins, Barbara L. 4ED, 377 Collins, Donna Lynn 4ED, 200, 377 Collins, Kathleen Elizabeth lUC, 184 Collins, Leroy, 249 Collins, Lynn Alan 4FY, 377 Collins, Martha Boone 2UC, 172 Collins, Mary Jane 4ED, 179, 377 Collins, Preston M., Jr. 2UC, 224 Colmenares, Thomas Joseph 2UC, 218 Colter, William Charles 4EG, 115, 377 Coltun, Carol Joy 2UC, 166 Colyer, Fairlie Elizabeth 4ED, 377 Combest, Philip M. 2UC, 266 Comfort, Robert Dennis 2UC, 226 Comparato Linda L. 2UC, 184 Concordia, Janet D. 4NR, 162, 377 Cooksey, Grandy M. Jr. lUC, 196 Cooley, Joseph Arthur lUC, 174 Cooper, Carolyn M. 4NR, 377 Copeland, Carol J. 4AS, 186,377 Coppola, Henry N. 4BA, 226, 377 Cor, Ira Lee, 4BA, 223, 377 Corbella, Juan G. 1UC, 236 Corbett, Thos Fredk Jr. 4PE, 377 Corenswet, Ellen B. lUC, 188 Corrigan, Kathryn C. 2UC, 108, 148, 184 Corwin, Rebecca Louise lUC, 147 Cosby, Dr. Betty, 32 Cosgrove, Carlos, 210 Cotthoff, Patricia Ann 3JM, 184 Couch, Warren Andrew 3EG, 237 Coury, Michael Paul lUC, 237 Couse, Miller 3AG, 170 Coverman, Randall B. lUC, 223 Covert, Nancy Lou 4ED, 377 Covington, Cornelia M. 3ED, 179 Covington, Susan Jan 3AS, 179, 377 Cowart, Sandra Elaine 4ED, 162, 377 Cowen, Elizabeth Jennifer lUC, 166 Cos, Clifford lUC, 337 Cox, Glenn James 3ED, 378 Cox, Martha Ann 4ED, 172, 378 Craggs, Merrilyn Marie 3ED, 179 Craig, Barry Lynn lUC, 220 Craig, Cecelia Grace 3JM, 241 Craig, Mildred Kay 4NR, 378 Craig, Stephen Robert 4EG, 114, 224, 378 Crampton, Donald Ralph 4AS, 182 Cranford, Robert, 113 Crand, Daryl Scott Jr. 3JM, 232 Crane, Melody Ruth 3ED, 378 Crane, Stephen Allan 2UC, 232 Cranwell, Jack Warren 4BA, 226, 378 Crammer, Karen V. 3JM, 179 Craven, Stephen Bruce 1UC, 230 Cravey, Jerry Ronald 4BA, 210 Crawford, David Edwin 2UC, 193 Crawford, Julie Lynn lUC, 198 Crawford, Patricia A. lUC, 162 Crawford, Stephen W. 2UC, 218 Creswell, Brenda Marie lUC, 172 Crews, Michael William lUC, 174 Crews, Roy Martin 4AS, 378 Crim, Robert Claiborne 2UC, 224 Crimella, John Louis 4PE, 152 Cromer, John Heller 2UC, 237 Crook, Harry Wayne 4JM, 182, 378 Crooke, Christene 2UC, 198 Crooks, Frank Emmett 4EG, 112 Crosby, Johnnie Oniel 4AR, 110, 378 Croswell, ' Wayne 5PH, 115, 150, 378 Crowder, Ronald Glenn 4BA, 174, 378 Crowe, Bonnie Jean 4BA, 179, 378 Crowley, Thomas Joseph lUC, 196 Crumpton, Stephen C. 2UC, 226 Culley, Alice Ann 3ED, 147, 228 Culpepper, Ernest B. 2UC, 220 Culver, Christopher R. 2UC, 208 Cumins, Ilene Terry lUC, 166 Curington, Gerald B. lUC, 210 Curington, Timothy R. lUC, 232 Curl, Grady Emmett 2UC, 210 Curley, Frederick 4BA, 174, 378 Curran, Ann Therese 3NR, 200 Currie, David Matthew 4BA, 378 Currin, Philip R. 4BA, 378 Curry, Dennis Craig 3BA, 226 Curry, Jill Leslie 4ED, 172, 378 Curry, Paul Francis 4BA, 378 Curry, Thomas Longino 2UC, 138 Curtis, Sally Stowell 7AR, 110 Cusumano, Robert Louis 4EG, 182, 378 Cuthill, James Lawrence 4AS, 206, 378 Cutright, Bruce Lee lUC, 324 Cypen, Marcia Kay lUC, 188 Dacre, paul Arthur 4AS, 108 Dadabo, Frank Joseph 5AR, 378 Dahl, Steven Charles lUC, 152 Dailey, Ronald Berry 4EG, 378 Dale, Robert Olin lUC, 226 Dallas, Richard Wayne 3BA, 134 Dalton, Deborah 2UC, 165 Dalton, Nancy 4AS, 146, 228, 378 Dalton, Randy, 210 Dammas, Jeanne Angela 4AS, 378 Daniels, Linda Louise 4JM, 108 Dann, William Scott 2UC, 170 Danovitz, Gloria F. 4ED, 378 Darby, Gregory James lUC, 174 Darden, Edward Boyle III, lUC, 210 Darr, John4BA, 355, 218, 353, 378 Darring, Paul Hardy 2UC, 196 Dart, John McRae 4AS, 174, 378 Dasta, A, 110 Davey, Patrick Devin 2UC, 224 Davey, Susan Jean 3HP, 40, 153, 162 David, Thomas Joe 3AS, 180 Davidson, Jefrey M. 3BA, 140 Davidson, Michael H. 4AS, 239, 378 Davies, Howard Lefils 4AS, 378 Davis, Audrey Lee 3HP, 153 Davis, Barbara Faye 4AS, 198, 378 Davis, Buddy, 104 Davis, Clint lUC, 190 Davis, Eugene Russell 5AR, 378 Davis, George Ender 2UC, 144 Davis, James Francis 4AS, 130, 378 Davis, Jane Sydney 2UC, 166 Davis, John Ernest 4FY, 378 Davis, Joseph William 1MD, 234 Davis, Kathlynn, 378 Davis, Kevin Michael 4BA, 134, 137 Davis, Lenora Elaine 4AS, 379 Davis, Mary Michell lUC, 166 Davis, Mitchell Glenn 3ED, 74 Davis, Norman Bruce 5PH, 115, 151, 379 Davis, Richard (Coach), 337 Davis, pamela Jane lUC, 186 Davis, Reid Hawthorne lUC, 196 Davis, Richard S. 3BA, 140, 338, 339 Davis, Robert George 3BA, 140 Davis, Robert Wyatt 7AS, 379 Davis, Rober Barry 3JM, 169 Davis, Samuel A. III, lUC, 218 Davis, William Calvin 3ED, 146 Davis, Zelma Jean 3ED, 241 Dawson, Garry Wayne 4BA, 379 Dayan, David Marc lUC, 223 Dayan, Richard Alan 2UC, 169 Dayton, Austin 4BA, 134, 137, 379 Deamud, John Wilder 5EG, 379 Dean Daniel H. 3EG, 190 Dean, George Ross 3PE, 32 6 Dearborn, Dennis Woods, 2UC, 176 Dearmin, Judith Elizabeth 4ED, 379 Deas, William Bruce 2UC, 266 Decker, Karen Patricia 3AS, 198, 379 Dedmon, Robert Earl Jr. lUC, 210 Dee, Paul Terrance 4AS, 174, 379 Degler, H. Edward Jr. lUC, 180 Degraff, Richard Bruce 2UC, 182 Deignan, James Richard 3BA, 218 Dekle, Margaret P. 2UC, 179 Delaff, Sonia 4AS, 379 Delancet, John Gerald 1LW, 104 Delaney, Allen Glover 4EG, 112 Della Porta M.J. Jr. 4BA, 193, 379 Deloach, Else, 152 Delo ach, Jimmie C. 4AS, 379 Demarco, Thomas A. Jr. 2UC, 226, 265 Demaree, Michael E. 7AG, 172 Demaree, Michelle E. 3ED, 379 Demoret, Guy Warren II 2UC, 105 Demott, Charles Dale 4BA, 134 Dempster, Randy Kirk 3AS, 218 Denarvaez, Camilo 4AG, 379 Denegre, Harry David 2UC, 193 Denesha, Timothy John 7AS, 273 Denlinger, Harry Ryder 3BA, 195 Denman, Charles George 4ED, 379 Dennis, Guy 4PE, 304, 315, 317, 326 Dennison, Denny Barton 4AG, 239, 379 Dent, Karen Sue 2UC, 184 Dent, Linda Elizabeth 3AS, 165, 379 Derby, Bruce Michael 4PH, 150 Deridder, Janice E. 4ED, 379 Derosier, Leo Joseph 2UC, 232 Derry, Portia Kay 2UC, 179 Deschenes, Paul Martin 2UC, 161 Deshong, Sheila Vier 4AS, 184, 379 Deutsch, David Theo 7PE, 346 Devane, Alice Lynne 3ED Devane, Alice Lynne 3ED, 179, 379 Devaney, James E Jr. 4AS, 203, 98, 379 Devana, James Dean 2UC, 203 Develle, Albert L. III 2UC, 203 Devenny, James E. J. III 3JM, 226 Devilbiss, Preston Jr. 4BA, 140 Devore, John Alexander 4EG, 112 Dewitt, Steven Allen lUC, 204 Dexter, James Ross 2UC, 239 Dhaeseleer, Ronald V. 4BA, 220, 379 Diamond, Linda Carol lUC, 166 Diaz, Olivia Ann 3ED, 228 Dick, John Lawrence lUC, 182 Dickens, Janice ' 3Ed, 106, 161, 184 Dickenson, James, 224 Dickerson, Linda K. 2UC, 165 Dickey, Georgena Hay 4ED, 379 Dickinson, James Edward Jr. lUC, 35 Dickman, Janis Yvette 4AS, 379 Dickman, Paul Ray 2UC, 196, 379 Dicks, Jack William 2UC, 226 Dicks, James Earl 4JM, 120, 379 Dickson, David Michael 4EG, 379 Dickson, Russell K. Jr. 379 Didio, Nicholas II 4BA, 140 Diefenderfer, Ann K. 2UC, 184 Dietz, Jeanne Louise 4As, 379 Dienal, Charles R., 24 Digges, Alex Perry III 2UC, 239 Dilmore, Morris F. 3EG, 182 Diner, Susan Marlene 3AS, 272 Dippenworth, Janet Lee 4AS, 98, 379 Dismuke, Keith Alan 2UC, 226 Distiller, Marsha Lee 3Ed, 216 Dixon, Benjamin F. Jr. 4AS, 176, 379 Dobbins, Ivan Dennis 4PH, 150 Dobbins, Owen Frederick 2UC, 196 Dobies, Anthony James 2UC, 223 Dobresk, Darrell S. 3JM, 206 Dobson, Mary Elizabeth 4AS, 172, 379 Dodd, Carl Wayne 4BA, 137, 379 Doddridge, Edward 2UC, 206, 326 Dodson, Candice Kay 2UC, 266, 268 Dodson, Frances B. 2UC, 208 Dodson, John 4JM, 92, 98, 100, 379 Dodelstein, Roby, 324 Doering, Ernest B. Jr. 5PH, 150 Dolan, Kathleen F. 2UC, 161 Donahue, Deborah Nancy 2UC, 200 Donaldson, Glenn Barry 2UC, 182 Donley, Derek Bland SAR, 110, 379 Donley, Robin Keith lUC, 210 Donne, Jenifer, 165 Donoff, Brad Lee lUC, 169 Dooley, Randy, 174 Dore, Ann Marie 4Ed, 102, 165, 380 Dore, Herbert B. III 2UC, 174 Dorman, Francis Nolan 2UC, 232 Dorn, Mark Evan 2UC, 223 Dorrie, Richard S. 3AR, 180 Doster, Jeffrey Robert lUC, 174 Doty, Dean, 38 Doucette, David R. 4JM, 118, 210, 380, 98 Doughtery, Huti, 111 Douglas, Barton A.J. 2UC, 196 Douglas, William, 265 Douthit, Rick William lUC, 218 Dowd, Joan Mary 3ED, 162, 380 Dowd, Joyce Ann 4AS, 162, 380 Dowdy, William Ernest lUC, 324 Dowlen, Eugene Michau lUC, 206 Dowler, Frank Henry IV 3AS, 214 Doyle, James Rovert 3EG, 208 Doyle Michael Wayne 5EG, 380 Doyle, Paul Frederick 4EG, 380 Doyle, Ronald Lee 3JM, 226 Doyle, Sheila Mayr lUC, 165 Dosier, Laurie L. III lUC, 224 Dragon, Barry Leslie lUC, 230 Drake, Joseph, 180 Drake, Neil Alan lUC, 141 Drendel, Donna Lee 4PE, 152, 184, 380 Dressel, Gary Todd 4AG, 230, 380 Drew, Richard Darnall 2UC, 182 Drew, Robert Shurtleff 2UC, 182 Driggers, Donald P. 4A0, 154, 380 Driggers, Sara Sue 4PE, 152, 380 Driggs, Kenneth David 2UC, 117, 225 Driggs, Randolph Kurt lUC, 226 Driscoll, Michael Joseph 3BA, 176 Duann, Kay, 198 Dubinsky, Paul Lewis 2UC, 169 Duca, Concepcion Linda 4AS, 380 Dulin, Ramsey W. III 4AS, 195 Duman, Kay Louise 4ED, 144, Dumont, Kathleen Gail 3HP, 241 Dunbar, Bonnie Luene 3ED, 241, Duncan, Bazil B. III 4AS, 190, 380 Duncan, Douglas Wm. 2UC, 174 Duncan, Robert Elsworth 4BA, 38 Duncan, Stephen Dudley 3JM, 220 Dunlap, Bruce Randall 2UC, 232 Dunn, Frank Marion 3AS, 196 Dunn, Marc Jean 4JM, 118, 223, 380 Dunn, Terrence James 4ED, 226 Dunn, Wm.Bruna HI 4JM, 118 Dunn, Youris Malone Jr. 3EG, 236 Dupont, Edwin 4EG, 100, 196, 380 Dupont, John Dennis 2UC, 196 Durham, Susan S. 3AR, 165 Durick, Henry Charles 7Eg, 148 Durrance, Thomas Louis 1UC, 324, 325 Dussia, Robert Clare lUC, 182 Duva, Anthony William 2UC, 338 Duven, Gary Gene 3PE, 326 Dye, Sue Ellen 4AS, 380 Dykes, Cosntance Faye 4ED, 380 Dyro, Janice Patricia 4HP, 153, 212,380 Dyson, James Ernest lUC, 174 Dziadul, Jean Frances lUC, 200 e Earnhardt, Michael P. 3JM, 180 Eason, Diana Jean lUC, 212 Eason, Thomas Albert Jr. 4JM 174, 380 Eastman, Joel Morgan lUC, 355, 174 Eastwood, Dr. R.S., 112 Eatman, Roger Allen 3EG, 206 Eaton, Nancy Carson lUC, 138 Eaton, Peggy Jane lUC, 198 438 Ebert, Gregory Blain 4AR, 110 Ebert, Steven Monroe 2UC, 177 Echols, Francis S. 4EG, 380 Echols, Margaret Ann M. 4ED, 380 Echols, Terry Clark 3AS, 304, 311 Eckdahl, Jack Lee 3PE, 314, 316 Edelstein Bart 4EG, 112, 169, 380 Egar, Henry 4BA 115, 136, 196, 380 Edleman, Cathy, 216 Edmonds, David Wittkop lUC, 324 Edmonds, James Howard 2UC, 203 Edmunds, Linda Ann 2UC, 133, 198 Edwards, James Randall 4AS, 232, 380 Edwards, Linda Ruth 3ED, 200 380 Edwards, Ron, 184 Edwards, Robert Burgess 4AR, 380 Edwards, Susan Annette 1UC, 200 Eflein, Dennis John 3AR, 204 Eggart, Janis Colleen 4AR, 228, 380 Eggner, Mary Jo lUC, 165 Eichelberger, Wm Robert 4AG, 380 Eichorn, Raymond M 4PE, 220 Eilbert, Kay Wylie 2UC, 200 Eisen, Susan Harriet lUC, 188 Eisenberg, Carole, 166 Eisenberg, Nancy, 106 Eisenhart, Diane J. P. 4ED, 380 Eisenhart, Thomas S. 4AS, 380 Eisentein, Roberta C. 4PE, 146 Elkind, Phyllis Gail 4PE, 216, 380 Elleison, Gene, 327 Ellington, Wm Ross 2UC, 204 Elliott, Faye Annette 4NR, 380 Elliott, Michael Lynn 4BA 380 Elliott, Stephen, 174 Eng, Karen Ellen 2UC, 241 Engleman, Michael W. 4AS, 114 Engelmann, Susan Nicki 2UC, 340, 341 Englehardt, John Charles 3AS, 108 Enlow, Larry Daniel 4JM, 154, 174, 381 Eppes, Dianne Rebecca lUC, 200 Eppley, William Bruce 4BA, 381 Epstein, Ellen Ruth lUC, 216 Epstein, Joanne H. 2UC, 216 Epting, C. Christopher 4AS, 176, 381 Erb, Susan Elizabeth 2UC, 198 Erikson, Ralph, 193 Erney, Jackie Mae 1UC, 117 Esping, Theodore James 2UC, 204 Espy, Bowers Wood, Jr. lUC, 174 Essy, Anne, 144 Estes, Arthur Jeffrey 1UC, 208 Estes, Bob JM, 114 Ethridge, Edwin Clark 1UC, 182 Ettlinger, Elliott F. 1UC, 169 Evers, Johnny Clyde, II 4EG, 193, 381 Erving, Mrs. John, 112 Erving, Janet, 144 Evans, Elizabeth Evan 2UC, 200 Evans, John Mac 4BA, 223, 381 Evans Sally 4JM, 108, 113, 147, 241 Everingham, Jessica M. 2UC, 117 f Fabiani, Frank R., Jr. lUC, 230 Faggen, Lorrie Diane 2UC, 216 Fairbanks, Marlene J. lUC, 166 Faircloth, Amy Lynn lUC, 186 Faircloth, Ralph F., Jr. lUC, 226 Faix, John Vincent 326 Fake, Glenn 176, 119 Falck, Deborah 4ED, 381 Falk, Alan David 4AS, 381 Falk, Judith Sherry 1UC, 166 Fancher, Charles Edward, Jr. lUC, 206 Farb, Stuart Henry 1UC, 141 Fargo, Richard Ellis 4BA, 134, 239, 381 Farmer, Penny Anne 3ED, 179 Farnsworth, John F., Jr. 2UC, 239 Fan, Elaine Marie 2UC, 172 Farrell, Wilburn C., Jr. 3AG, 138 Farren, John Leonard 4AS, 190, 381 Farrey, Francis X., Jr. 3AS, 193 Farris, John Michael 4JM, 218, 381 Farwell, Jill Maureen 3ED, 184, 381 Fascell, Rudy Michael 2UC, 203 Faulkner, Jack C., Jr. 1UC, 218 Faust, William Henry G., III 3AR, 145 Fazio, John Arthur 2UC, 204 Feaster, Frederick T. 3AS, 226 Feazel, Kurt Van 4BA, 338 Fechtel, Rosilyn Ann 1UC, 165 Fedele, Thomas Roy, Jr. 3JM, 210 Fedyshyn, Susan Kay 4AS, 241, 381 Feeney, Edwin Thomas lUC, 234 Fegelman, Susan Rae 4AS, 216, 381 Feinberg, Eileen lUC, 166 Feldham, Mary Bates, 152 Feldhusen, Lawrence E. 3BA, 232, 381 Feldman, Jerri Sue lUC, 234 Feldman, Robert David 4JM, 214, 381 Feldmann, Richard L. 2UC, 190 Feldser, Brad Sidney 4BA, 190 Fenster, Jeffrey Mal 4AS, 223, 265, 381 Ferguson, Chester, 65, 105 Ferguson, Dennis Lorne 2UC, 316 Ferguson, Gene, 196 Ferguson, James Allen 4AS, 381 Ferguson, Michael E. 4BA, 381 Fernandez, Alfred John 2UC, 196 Fernandez, Robert M. 4AR, 218 Ferniany, E. Dimitri, Jr. lUC, 230 Ferrari, Danilo Carlo 7ED, 144 Ferrer, Thomas Lynn 3AS, 174 Ferry, Michael Kenneth 1UC, 239 Feuerbacher, Gayle A. 3AG, 138 Fichelberger, William, 218 Field, David Gadd 3BA, 176 Field, Micha el Scott 1UC, 218, 326 Fielding, John Charles 1UC, 195 Fields, Charles Edward, Jr. lUC, 230 Fields, John Allen lUC, 237 Fields, Phillip Arthur 4AS, 138 Fien, Cynthia Dale 1UC, 133, 188 Fien, Deborah 4ED, 98, 106, 188, 381 Fifer, Paul Reed 1UC, 176 Fien, Diane Joan 3JM, 381 Fine, Marc Jeffrey 4BA, 382 Fineberg, Vallis M. 4ED, 382 Finger, Kenneth, 63, 115 Fink, Stephen Wayne 3BA, 220 Finkel, Francine Nan 2UC, 188 Finlay, Richard D. 4BA, 382 Finman, Sheldon Eliot 1LW, 100 Finn, Janice Robin lUC, 166 Finney, Kenneth Glen 4BA, 230, 382 Firkins, Lynn Pearl lUC, 241 First, Valerie Jean 4AS, 382 Fischer, Ronald Martin 4JM, 382 Fischer, Stephen Gary 4BA, 382 Fishalow, Donna Rae 4AS, 382 Fisher, Howard Noel 1UC, 223 Fisk, Charles Lewis, Jr. 4AS, 382 Fiterre, Ignacio E. 4EG, 382 Fitterman, Sandra Lunn 4JM, 188, 382 Flagg, Pemela Louise 4AS, 198, 382 Fleck, Robert Charles, Jr. 2UC, 176 Fleishman, S. Joseph, Jr. 5AR, 110 Fletcher, Alan John 3ED, 265 Fletcher, Charles Corbin 4AS, 382 Fletcher, Deborah Lynn 1UC, 186 Flick, Ron, 104 Flood, Mary Ann 4AS, 382 Florlenza, Randolph, 180 Fly, James Lawrence lUC, 174 Flynn, Elizabeth Annetta 4AS, 382 Fogle, Howard Robert 4BA, 208, 382 Folk, Jay Eugene 3EG, 239 Fonseca, Fernando A. 2UC, 272 Fooks, Linda Barrett 4NR, 165, 382 Forbes, Linda Faith 2UC, 199 Force, Lester E., Jr. 3AS, 226 Forcier, Mignon J. 4ED, 186, 382 Forchner, Dan, 228 Ford, Bennett R., Jr. 3AS 226 Ford, Daniel Thomas 4HP, 382 Ford, James Steward 4AS 382 Ford, Mary Elizabeth 1UC, 212 Foreman, Robert Cullen 4AS, 110 Foresman, Susan Louise lUC, 111 Forman, Miles Austin 3JM, 226 Formke, Susan, 198 Forsberg, Janice Lee 4JM, 113, 382 Forster, Leslie Ronald 2UC, 223 Forsythe, Jack Norman 7ED, 382 Fort, Charles Robert 3PH, 190 Fort, James Reynolds, III 1UC, 226 Forum, Patricia K. 2UC, 212 Foster, D. Suzanne 165 Foster, Ed, 326 Foster, Howard 4AG, 154, 170, 382 Foster, Robt . 226, 142, 144, 145, 382 Foster, Tereas Ellen IUC, 176 Fotiou, Nicholas Thomas 2UC, 338 Fouraker, William Lee, Jr. 4JM, 382 Fowle, Kenneth Owen 2UC, 210 Fowler, Diana Clare V. 4ED, 382 Fowles, Joan Amy 3PE, 152 Fox, John Charles 3JM, 140 Fox, John Lincoln, Jr. 1UC, 196 Fox, Lawrence Steven 3AS, 174 Fox, Maureen Carmen 4AS, 162, 382 Fox, Richard Paul 2UC, 208 Fox, Richard S., III 7AS, 144 Fox, Sharlene Dorothy 1UC, 198 Frambach, Cynthis Jo lUC, 179 Frampton, Scott Lee lUC, 239 Francis, Miles N., Jr. 3JM, 113 Franke, Bale, 382 Frankland, George Thomas 3BA, 134 Franklin, Benjamin 4AS, 224 Franklin, Christine M. 2UC, 241 Franklin, Joe Murray 4AG, 382 Franks, George, Joseph, Jr. 2UC, 180 Fraser, Lavaughn H. 4BA, 382 Frate, Elaine Marie 4ED, 179, 382 Frazier, Paul Herbert 5AR, 110, 382 Fredericks, Keith Robert 3AS, 176 Frederiksen, Meil Ryle 4JM, 239, 382 Freeman, Barbara Leigh 4AS, 382 Freeman, Terrance Neil 4BA, 218, 382 Freid, Alan 2UC. 234 French, Donna Lee lUC, 228 French, Fredrick Bruce 346 French, Patrice Lynn 2UC, 212 Frey, Mary Margaret 4AS, 212, 382 Fricke, Susan K. 4ED, 184, 383 Fricks, William Reece, 4BA, 140 Fried, Michael David 2UC, 223 Friedberg, Howard A. 2UC, 214 Friedman, Mary Judith lUC, 188 Friedman, Mitchell M. lUC, 223 Friedman, Robin Elyse IUC, 188 Friedman, Sharon Linda lUC, 216 Frink, Rovert Oscar 4EG. 383 Fritsch, Paul Franklin 4AS, 218, 383 Froehlich, Eslene Joan 5AR, 382 Froemke, Susan Lea 4AS 382 Frost, Mark Malcolm 2UC, 196 Fry, Gerald Rovert 4EG, 383 Frye, David, 257 Frye, Patricia Anne 4PE, 144 Fuehrer, Hans Robert 7EG, 112 Fueyo, John Louis 2UC, 145 Fulghum, Lenora Lynn 3AS, 165 Fuller, Greer Elaine 4JM, 383 Fuller, John Bush 3AS, 218 Fuller, Joseph C., Jr. IUC, 196 Fuller, Sandra Sue 4AS, 102, 172, 382 Fuller, Sara Elaine 4JM, 106, 247, 383 Fuller, Victor Lee 3BA, 230 Fumero, Ida Esther 2UC, 200 Funderburk, Paul Edward lUC, 226 Fung, Yee-On 2UC, 214 Fuqua, Richard Wayne lUC 210 Furey, Cecilia 1UC, 198 Furguson, Howell, 104 Furlong, John Henry 3PH, 150 Furr, Michael Brooke 2UC, 224 Fussell, Muriel M. 1UC, 172 Fuzy, Paul James III 2UC, 232 Gable, Ryan, 152 Gadsden, Sandra Howard 4NR, 383 Gage, Fred Harrision lUC, 174 Gage, Mark David 3EG, 237 Gaisford, William 4JM, 321, 326 Galanti, Sherry Lea 2UC, 216 Galka, Barbara Ann 3AS, 288 Gallagher, James Vincent 193, 220 Gallagher, Robert 3BA, 383 Gallegos, Jose Luis 1UC, 208 Galloway, Samuel B., Jr. 3BA, 204 Gallucci, Michael A.. Jr. 3BA. 176 Gammon, Penelope Gay 2UC, 184 Gantt, Darlene 228, 382 Gantt, Robert Melvin, III 2UC, 206 Gabonadi, Charles, 137 Garcia, Amando 382 Garda, Eduardo Carlos 3AS, 120 Garrachan, George Wayne 4BA, 382 Garvin, Robert C., III 3AR, 210 Gates, Phillip C. Jr. lUC, 174 Getes, Robert Milton 3EG, 204 Gatewood, Linda Layne 4ED, 212, 382 Gaugh, Connie Jane 3PE, 152 Gavan, Margarett Jean 2UC, 162 Gavant, Cary 4BA, 111 Gavatte, Mary Evelyn 3HP, 153 Gavronsky, Michael 3AS, 237 Gay, Gloria Ann 4AS, 138 Gay, Kathryn Linda 3ED, 212 Gay, William James II 4ED, 382 Gayden G., 112 Gecosky, William Stanley 5PH, 115 Gerke, Joyce Cherie 3AR, 120 Geiger, James Patrick 3AB, 134 Geiger, John Edward 2UC, 232 Geist, Pamela Louise 2UC, 161, 212 Gellert, Ivan Nicholas 7BA, 134, 137 Gelli, Thomas Jeffries 3AS, 239 Gentry, Lavon Louise 2UC, 195 George, Christopher B. 3AS, 196 Gerber, J.F. 154 Gerber, Charles Bertran 4EG, 170, 382 Gergen, Christian C. 3AR, 186 Gerken, Lynn Dumont 2UC, 162 Gerry, Daniel Joseph 4AS, 382 Getzen, James Glenn 1UC, 324 Ghesquiere, George 2UC, 306, 320, 326 Gibson, Barbara 4HP, 102, 272, 382 Givson, Brenda 2UC, 135, 212 Gibson, Lee Ann 2UC, 198 Gibson, Turay Elise 2UC, 186 Giddens, Constance L. 4JM, 212, 382 Giebert, Joe Holland 3BA, 196 Gilbert, Diane C. Allen 4ED, 382 Gilbert, Edward Harold 2UC, 234 Gilbert, Keith William lUC, 324 Gilbert, Laurie Jill 2UC, 188 Gilbert, Lawrence G., Jr. 1UC, 174 Giles, Pamela Ruth 3ED, 382 Gill, Cheri Violet 4AS, 228, 382 Gill, Stanley Ray 4BA, 382 Giller, Ira Dean 2UC, 105 Gillert, Nicholas 7BA, 151 Gilleski, Janice, 144 Gillman, Stephen B. 2UC, 234 Gilmer, Patricia Lee 4ED, 382 Gillmore, Carol Lee 2UC, 234 Gilmore, Harvey Alvin 2UC, 234 Gilstrap, James Jeffrey 3BA, 140 Giordano, Daniel J. Jr. 3BA, 382 Giordano, Donald M. 4BA, 230 Giorgianni, George M. 4BA, 382 Giralt, Pedro Pablo 4EG, 112, 382 Gitles, Toni, 152 Gitten, Cynthia Helen 1UC, 216 Givens, Robert William 2UC, 210 Glass, Katherine H. 2UC, 198 Glendening, Jean L. lUC, 138 Gleeson, James Francis 4AR, 110 Glenn, Donald Hugh 3AG, 138 Glickman, Garry Marc 2UC, 195 Gloger, Kenneth Roy lUC, 234 Gloger, Matthew U. 2UC, 190 Glukstad, Richard W. 2UC, 195 Goddard, Bruce Charles 4EG, 112 Goddard, W. 104 Godfrey, Louise K. 1UC, 200 Godwin, Nancy Louise 1UC, 184 Godwin, Willie Lee, Jr. 5PH, 156 Goebel, Arthur Jay lUC, 193 Goette, Michael Juan 4JM, 220, 382 Goffe, Nancy Diane 3AS, 241, 382 Goke, Louis Rodney 7EG, 75 Goldberg, John Douglas, 1UC, 234 Goldberg, Mark Robert 4JM, 384 Golden, Kathleen Marie lUC, 122 Goldenberg, Deborah R. lUC, 166 Goldfarb, Barbara V. 2UC, 166 Goldman, Hillary Nan 1UC, 223 Goldman, Nancy Jean 2UC, 216 Goldring, Barry 2UC, 234 Goldstein, Judith M. 2UC, 111 Goldstein, Morris Ira 4AG, 384 Goldstein, Ronna Lynn 3ED, 166, 266 Goldstein, Toby 2UC, 166 439 Goldstone, Richard A. lUC, 223 Goldwyn, Craig Dennis lUC, 208 Gollnik, Jacquelyn Ann 2UC, 162 Gomez, Herman Eduardo 3EG, 237 Gomez, Jesus Miguel 4AR, 384 Gonzalez, Frank, Jr. 3EG, 174 Gonzalez, Linda Rose 3ED , 384 Good, Barbara Ann lUC, 198 Good, Timothy Alan 1UC, 324 Goodburn, James Robert 1UC, 190 Goodheim, Brian Lee 2UC, 121 Goodman, Bradley Paul lUC, 216 Goodman, Carol Joy 2UC, 166 Goodman, Sheri Rene 2UC, 179 Goodrich, Lee, 4AS, 93, 100, 122, 124 Goodwin, George Edwin 4BA, 384 Goodwin, Sarah Lee 4HP, 153, 384 Goplen, Robert Alan 2UC, 214 Gora, Bruce Thomas lUC, 234 Gordon, Alexander Robert 2UC, 193 Gordon, Lois Joan 2UC, 216 Gordon, Marc Allen 2UC, 223 Gordon, Terry Landon 5PH, 151, 384 Gore, Bruce, 145 Gorenberg, Donald 4AS, 384 Gossett, Robert Lee 2UC, 227 Gottfried, Ted Alvin 4PE, 384 Gould, Rosalina, 135 Gouz, Louis, 144 Grabiosky, Verne, 188 Gradick, Herman W.I. Jr. 6AR, 110 Graff, Ricci Carol 2UC, 216 Graham, Judy 4JM, 98, 106, 117, 162 Graham, Robert James Jr. 3AS, 232 Graham, Sara Joy 2UC, 228 Graham, Vicki Dawn 4PE, 152, 384 Gralow, Karen E. Barr 4AS, 228, 384 Gramling, Donnie Lamar 3PE, 326 Gramling, Frank Robert 4BA, 230, 384 Granado, Brenda Joyce 4ED, 172, 384 Grandey, Mike Ed, lUC, 226 Gravel, Kenneth Robert 4EG, 220, 384 Graves, Jerry Allen 2UC, 218 Graves, Katherine G. 4AS, 199 Graves, Ray, 323, 327 Gray, James Madison 2UC, 210 Gray, John Owen 7EG, 53 Gray, Mae Martha lUC, 165 Gray, Rip Preston 2UC, 239, 340, 341 Grayson, Doreen 2UC, 216 Grayson, Mark Edward 1UC, 234 Green, Curtis James, Jr. 4BA, 137, 384 Green, Edward Carl 1UC, 195 Green, George Daniel 3EG, 237 Green, Mark Michael 3JM, 234 Green, Melba Joyce 3ED, 137 Green, Richard Doublas 2UC, 214 Greenawalt, Barbara 3ED, 198, 384 Greenberg, Andrew W. lUC, 234 Greenberg, Judith Myra lUC, 166 Greene, Barbara Lou 4NR, 384 Greene, Patricia Ellis 3NR, 172 Greene, Raleigh W. III 2UC, 196 Greene, Randall Frederick lUC, 210 Greene, Sharyn Marlene 4ED, 384 Greenfield, Patricia S. 4AS, 216, 384 Greenlees, Charles Joseph lUC, 193 Greenwald, Gary F. lUC,150 Greer, Ronald Harrison 4AS, 384 Gregg, Charles Wayne 1UC, 196 Gregg, William Carter, III 3LW, 200 Gregory, Tom, 144 Greist, John David 4AR, 226, 384 Gres, Wright Waller 3JM, 180, 384 Gresser, Charles S., Jr. 2UC, 195 Griesser, Leonard Frank 2UC, 226 Griffin, Alfred D. Jr. 4AG, 232, 384 Griffin, Hugh G. Jr. 3EG, 204 Griffin, James 4AG, 138, 154, 230, 384 Griffin, Larry Ray 5PH, 384 Griffin, Linda L. 4ED, 384 Griffin, Robert Marion 3PE, 208 Griffith, Todd W., Jr. 2UC, 326 Griffiths, Michael D. 2UC, 176 Gulsby, M., 147 Grimm, Gerald Alan 4FY, 239, 384 Grimme, Brooks Hardy 6EG, 182 Gunter, Dale, 68 Gritman, Patty Bullard lUC, 198 Gross, Elizabeth Ann 2UC, 186 Gross, Paul Joseph, Jr. 4EG, 384 Grossman, Arthur E. 111C, 234 Grossman, Peggy Ellen lUC, 179 Grubbs, Roderick 92, 93, 230, 311, 384 Gruen, Irene Flora, 4ED, 166, 384 Gruene, Peter Hans lUC, 232 Grummer, Larry Paul 7B A, 151 Gaussburn, Jeff, 232 Gurney, Ed, 249 Guinart, Claudio L., Jr. 3AR, 237 Gunter, John S., Jr. 2UC, 218 Gunther, Drue Ann 4ED, 165, 384 Guritz, Karne Noreen 1UC, 212 Gurkin, Van Michael 3AS, 174 Gustafson, Stephen A. 3MA, 393 Mary Amanda 2UC, 162 Gustin, Barb PE, 152 Gwin, Carol K. Hawk 4HP, 384 Gwin, Norris Emmitt lUC, 203 Gwynn, John David 7BA, 151 h Haber, Daniel Marvin 1UC, 169 Hackel, Marcia Sue 1UC, 188 Hackney, Sharyn Lee 93, 98, 134, 384 Hackney, Wm Ayeres Jr. lUC, 175 Hadeen, John Millard 4EG, 154 Haderer, Irma Helene 4EG, 228 Haefener, W. 176 Hagel, Wm. Schuyler 4EG, 228 Hagel, Teddy Conrad lUC, 326 Hagler, Thomas Evans 4ED, 385 Haines, Jim, 327 Hairston, Steven C. lUC, 346 Hale, Don Daniel 4PE, 385 Halehill, James Lindsey lUC, 226 Halker, Janis Mary 2UC, 135, 161, 228 Hall, Daniel 3AS, 210 Hall, Elizabeth 4ED, 212, 385 Hall, Hal Van IUD, 208 Hall, Hardy Lockhart 4AS, 385 Hall, Kinton Earl 4JM, 385 Hall, Martha Elizabeth 1UC, 186 Hall, Norman Douglas 4AS, 385 Hall, Terry Allen 4BA, 204, 385 Hall, Vicki Elaine 4ED, 385 Hall, Young Edward Jr. 2UC, 226 Halleck, Theodore Thomas Jr. 4BA, 385 Haller, Arthur Gorder 4AS, 385 Hallett, Sandra Lee 4ED, 385 Hallmark, Robert R. 2UC, 232 Halperin, Harriet S. 4ED, 385 Halprin, Karen Kirk lUC, 216 Halstead, Larry 2UC, 204 Hamilton, Ann Blanton 4HP, 165 Hamilton, Donald 4EG, 112, 226, 385 Hamilton, Janet Louise 3HP, 153 Hamilton, Jay Morton 3AG, 154, 230 Hamm, Barbara Anne 4AS, 385 Hamm, James Thomas Jr. 4AR, 385 Hameer, Howard Elliot 2UC, 234 Hammock, Claude M. 4BA, 385 Hammond, Judith Neel 4ED, 179, 385 Hammond, William M. Jr. 2UC, 195 Hamrick, Mary Ann 4PE, 385 Hanchey, Elray A. Jr. 4AG, 154, 385 Hackey, Allen, 170 Hancock, Frank M. Jr. 1UC, 324 Hancock, Joseph Wynn 2 UC, 145 Handler, Gail Ann 3AS, 385 Handley, Larry Dent 2UC, 210 Hanes, Samuel H. Jr. 3EG, 204 Hanna, Jean 6ED, 106 Hansell, Brent Henry 2UC, 180 Hansen, Charles Walter 3PE, 152, 176 Hansen, Sharon Elizabeth 4ED, 385 Hanson, Darrell R. 4BA, 208 Harby, Mary Virginia lUC, 179 Hardaker, Paul Ridgely 2Uc, 224 Hardee, Celeste 2UC, 116, 166 Hardenstine, Walter A. lUC, 210 Hardin, Michele G. 4ED, 385 Harding, Kenneth Charles 5PH, 144 Hardy, Willaim Laurence 6PH, 150 Hargraves, Richard B. 4AS, 385 Harlan, Bruce M. 4AS, 196, 385 Harley, Diane Patricia 4ED, 385 Harlon, Bill, 346 Harman, Richard Lee 4AS, 146, 385 Harmol, Thomas, 210 Harmon, Jack Douglas 4EG, 385 Harms, Theresa Lyn 4JM, 385 Harpel, James Correy Jr. 4AS, 385 Harper, James Trammell 4AG, 138, 385 Harper, James Carman Jr. 3BA, 206 Harper, John Liddon lUC, 224 Harper, Sherrie Anne W. 6AG, 138 Harrell, David Benson 3AG, 206 Harrell, David Gregory 5PH, 170, 385 Harrell, Davis, 150 Harrelson, Kim lUC, 239 Harrington, Wayne D. 6EG, 148 Harris, Alan Jay lUC, 223, 351 Harris, Barbara Jo 4BA, 165, 385 Harris, Caron Ann 2UC, 188 Harris, Charles 4AS, 100, 125, 232 Harris, Charles Wilson 4AG, 386 Harris, George Marion 4AG, 386 Harris, Hours, 264 Harris, Lana Joan 4JM, 108, 198, 386 Harris, Samuel Steven 4BA, 134 Harris, Sharon Frances 1UC, 186 Harris, Stanley Dale 4AR, 110 Harris, Susan Margaret 3AS, 133 Harris, Steven, 386 Harris, Susan Merle lUC, 188 Harrison, Barbara I 4ED, 386 Harrison, Franklin 4BA, 100, 226, 386 Hartmann, Clinton C. 2UC, 182 Hartwell, Karen 2UC, 166 Harwood, Linda Golden 2UC, 117 Haseltine, Charles Edward 5AR, 386 Hasis, Thomas Albert 4BA, 386 Haskins, Gilbert J. 1UC, 180 Hassler, Steven Kermit 1UC, 182 Hatch, Ira Carlton Jr. 4AS, 386 Hatcher, Janice Eliz 2UC, 241 Hatcher, Jim, 143 Hatour, M. H., 248 Hauerty, John 237 Haup, Charles, 115 Hauser, James Aaron 3LW, 223, 386 Haaver W. 35 Haverty, John Curtis 4BA, 386 Hawkes, Frederick Odell 4EG, 386 Hawkins, Otis Mason 2BA, 224 Hawley, Michael Scott 2UC, 232 Hearne, Frank Lee 2UC, 185 Heath, Thomas Clark 3BA, 175 Heaton, James Munson 4AS, 180, 386 Heaton, Pamela Gail lUC, 172 Heaton, S. Catherine 3AS, 165, 386 Heck, Janelle Eliz 3AS, 161, 212 Hedden, Terry Potter 3BA, 134 Hedgecock, Brenda D. 4ED, 386 Hegen, Ilse Maria 4AS, 165, 386 Hegert, William Thomas 3AR, 200 Heidema, Carol Ann 4AS, 172, 386 Heidt, John Sidney 4AS, 146, 232, 386 Heiman, Gayle Terry 2UC, 166 Heipt, Cheryl Anne 2UC, 179 Heirs, Ludwick H. II 2UC, 224 Heller, Kenneth 4BA, 134, 180, 386 Helliwell, Anne Eliz 2UC, 162 Hellrung, John Marvin 2UC, 196 Helm, Bonnie Laurie 2UC, 241 Helms, Larry Stephen 2UC, 204 Helton, Barbara Ann 3HP, 153, 241 Helton, Kim 2UC, 317, 326 Hembree, Carla Claire lUC, 199 Hembree, Mike 232, 386 Hemp, G. 112 Hemphill, Wm, 5AR, 203, 386 Henderson, James 4JM, 182, 196, 386 Henderson, Mark F. Boyd 1UC, 226 Henderson, Ronald A. 4AR, 196, 386 Hendricks, Patricia P. 4AS, 386 Hendrickson, Carol Sue 2UC, 208 Hendrickson, Philip W. 2UC, 208 Hennessey, Susan L. 1UC, 172 Hennessy, Sharon Eliz 1UC, 147 Hennessy, Steven P. 4BA, 140, 195, 386 Henon, Paul Geoffrey 4JM, 109 Henson, Douglas Owen 2UC, 182 Herbert, David Wayne 4AS, 386 Herman, Steven Thomas 2UC, 193 Hernandez, Slfred 4As, 218, 386 Hernandez, Heriberto L. 4EG, 386 Herrick, George Marvin 7AG, 154 Herring, Richard Edward lUC, 190 Herriott, Thomas Ray 3EG, 183 Herrman, Bradley D. lUC, 195 Herrmann, Harry 0. Jr. lUC, 208 Hershey, Stewart Robert 4AS, 386 Hershey, Terry Allen 3ED, 180. 386 Herson, Robert 4EG, 112, 115, 387 Hervantine, Frank Robert 4AS, 195 Heshelow, Susan Gayle 4ED, 387 Hess, Donald G. Jr. 3AS, 224 Hess, Stanley Paul 5AR, 387 Hesse, Michael Erwin 3AS, 204 Hester, Allie Jo 4ED, 152 Hester, Katie Dianne 4PE, 165, 387 Hewetson, Gary Alan 4BA, 218, 387 Heydel, Gregory Alan 2UC, 226 Heydel, Pamela June 3ED, 162, 387 Heydt, mason Charles 2UC, 176 Hibbe, Steven Herbert 2UC, 230 Hickey, Jim, 144 Hickland, Michael B. 3BA, 226 Hicks, Betty Sue 4ED, 212, 387 Hichk, Carolyn Renne 3ED, 387 Hiebink, Katherine C. 3HP, 153 Hild, Steven, I. 2UC, 196 Hildebrand, Sharon Jo 2UC, 200 Hilke, John Herman 4BA, 134 Hill, Albert R. Jr. 3BA, 175, 387 Hill, Brian Donovan 4AS, 208, 387 Hill, Eileen Clara 4BA, 172, 387 Hill, Buy Charles 3LW, 206, 387 Hill, Janice Martha 3AS, 228 Hill, Linda Jean 2UC, 147, 312 Hill, Michael Peter 4BA, 357 Hill, Russell B. Jr. 4AS, 218 Hilliard, Joe W. Jr. 7AG, 104 Hilliard, Joseph Q. Jr. 4AS, 98, 387 Hillman. Sharon Ann 3AS, 212, 387 Hills, Richard Lee lUC, 183 Hillyard, Richard M lUC, 183 Himelfarb, Barbara J. 4ED, 387 Hine, Elena Barrett 1UC, 184 Hine, Eugene Silvio 1UC, 183 Hines, Mary Beth 1UC, 200 Hines, Robert Max 4ED, 387 Hinkle, Donald Gary 3BA, 193 Hitshaw, Tracy Ann 3HP, 153 Brian Edward 2UC, 326 Hirsch, Jeffrey Allan 1UC, 223 Hirsch, Judith Robin 3ED, 166 Hirshberg, Donna Marie 2UC, 184 Hirte, John Richard 4BA, 176, 387 Hitchcock, David John 3AS, 214 Hitchcock, Karen Leigh 1UC, 241 Hixon, Roberta 3PE, 186, 387 Hixson, Julia Annette lUC, 228 Hobart, J. 208 Hobbs, Douglas Helseth 1UC, 232 Hochstein, Ann Camille 2UC, 24 1 Hockstein, Ann, 135 Hodkin, Terryl M. lUC, 228 Howy, Cynthia 2UC, 198 Hoff, Barbara Lyn 2UC, 188 Hoffman, Bruce Edward 4EG, 387 Hoffman, Robert Michael lUC, 223 Hoffman, Thomas Glenn 2UC, 346 Hoffman, John Bruce 4JM, 239 Hogan, James Michael 3BA, 232 Hogg, Terence Maxwell 6EG, 232, 387 Hogsetter, Jerry, 144 Hohh, Susan, 387 Hickstad, Alfred B 4EG, 387 Holbrook, David Lyle 3AS, 226 Holcombe, Randall Ga. lUC, 176 Holland, Mary 3BA, 93, 165, 106, 388 Hollaway, James Patrick 4BA, 388 Holley, Larry Dennis 4EG, 148, 388 Holley, Toni Ann H. 4ED, 388 Hollingsworth, S. Diane 4BA, 388 Hollingsworth, Wm. 3LW, 100, 232, 385 Hollis, Iris Barbara D. 7AS, 388 Hollis, James Lee 4EG, 388 Hollmeyer, Robert 4AS, 100, 175, 388 Holloway, Scott Walter 2UC, 218 Hollyday, Mary Mifflin 3JM, 186, 388 Holman, Dorothy Eliz lUC, 198 Holmen, William James 4BA, 175, 388 Holmes, Kennon G. 2UC, 232 Holzer, Carl William 2UC, 180 Holzer, Janet Claire 2UC, 147 Hood, Charles Henry 1UC, 324 Hood, Phyllis Ann 4ED, 388 440 Hoodwin, Rebecca Susan 2UC, 247 Hooker, John David 3AG, 154, 170 Hooper, John Michael 2UC, 175, 272 Hooten, Earl Byron II 4ED, 175, 388 Hoover, James Dwight 2UC, 208 Hoover, John Wesley Jr. 4AS, 388 Hoover, Jerry 2UC, 226, 338 Hope, Keith Edward 4AS, 193, 388 Hoppins, Suzanne 4ED, 200, 388 Hord, Richard Erlic 5AR, 144, 388 Horder, Robin Allison 2UC, 186 Horden, Butch, 148 Horne, Kathi 2UC, 166, 269 Hornyak, Edward Joseph 4BA, 190, 388 Horwith, Mark, 388 Horowitz, William Neal 1UC, 234 Horswood, Robert Charles 4EG, 388 Horton, Thomas Jay 2UC, 175 Hosek, Dayle Ann 1UC, 179 Hosek, Gayle Alyce lUC, 241 Hosken, Glenn Robert 4AS, 272, 388 Hostler, Terry Richard 1UC, 228 Hotaling, John James 4JM, 203, 388 Hotst, Thomas, 183 Hough, Henry Anthony4BA, 346 Houghdahh, Eric, 100 Houston, Donald Ray 4PH, 151 Houston, Harold Edwin lUC, 331 Houx, Susan Sharee 3AS, 388 Howard, Katherine I 3AS, 212 Howard, Peter Keneth 2UC, 169 Howard, Roberta Sue 4ED, 388 Howard, Timothy John 2UC, 190 Howe, Fletcher Sam 2UC, 232 Howell, Cynthia Nan lUC, 173 Howell, Jay Charlton 2UC, 226 Howell, Kenneth Carl 4AS, 226, 388 Howell, Terry Anne 3ED, 173, 388 Howell, Thomas Gordon 4BA, 106, 388 Howes, Alan 4BA, 134, 230, 388 Howse, Daniel Neil 4EG, 112, 115 Hoyle, Robert Steven Jr. 4PE, 204, 388 Hubbard, Michael Edward 4EG, 193 Hubener, Katie Anne 1UC, 184 Hubner, Hal Harbort 1UC, 2 101 Huber, Laurence 4AS, 114, 234, 388 Hucks, Rebecca Diane 3AS, 201 Hudson, Davis Cameron 1UC, 226 Hudspith, Lucy Ann 4AS, 388 Huff, Bruce Wayne 2UC, 230 Hughes, Joseph Arthur Jr. 5PH, 150 Hughes, Paul Stephen lUC, 232, 326 Hughes, Wm. Clayton 4BA, 208, 388 Hugill, John Randall lUC, 146 Huizer, Robert Charles 4EG, 239 Hull, Richard Art 2UC, 208 Hull, Steve Douglas 4BA, 100 Hulsey, Floyd Stephen 4JM, 388 Hulsey, Mark III lUC, 224 Hulsey, Patricia Ann 4HP, 153, 186 Hummel, Mark Henry 3AS, 223 Humphress, John Kent 2UC, 196 Humphrey, Ana Rosa 4ED, 388 Humphreys, Catherine A 4ED, 173, 388 Humphrey, Hubert, 246 Humphrys, A. Brooks 4AG, 154, 388 Hundley, Wayne Scott 5AR, 110, 388 Hunt, Jimmy Eugene 3AG, 170 Hunter, John William 4BA, 170, 388 Huntt, Harry Andrew, Jr. 3AS, 226 Hurley, Scott Allen 1UC, 239 Huskey, James David 1LW, 120 Hussel, Stephen D. lUC, 180 Hutchins, Patricia C. 4AS, 241, 388 Hutchinson, Darlene 4ED, 388 Hutchinson, Dale, 324 Hutchinson, Harold R. 3BA, 355, 353 Hutchinson, Peter F.A. 4AG, 218, 388 Hutchinson, Thomas H. III 2UC, 230 Hutt, Joseph Daniel III 2UC, 206 Icard, Tony Sherril 3BA, 230 Imber, Marcia Carole 4ED, 216, 388 Imburgia, Virginia E. 3AS, 184 Imhof, Patrick Louis lUC, 193 Imlay, Barbara Clare 4ED, 388 Ingx, Helen, 186 Jackson, John Thomas II lUC, 208 Jackson, Linda Kay 4NR, 388 Jackson, Luke, 196 Jackson, Thomas Carter 5PH, 150, 388 Jackson, Wendy Leigh 1UC, 133, 184 Jacobs, Kathryn Mary lUC, 179 Jacobs, Paul Lee 7EG, 388 Jacobs, Phillip Bryant lUC, 218 Jacobs, Ralph Marlin 3BA, 134 Jaeger, Thomas Charles lUC, 183 Jaffe, hazel Fern 3ED, 166 Jaffe, Roberta Mosheim 1UC, 188 James, Donald Richard 2UC, 162 James, John Wilbur 2UC, 226 Lawson Kemper 3FY, 170 James, Linda Carol 2UC, 241 James, Manuel Winston 3LW, 94, 100 James, Philip Coleman 3AS, 193 James, Richard Hunter 4EG, 232, 388 Jamison, Anna Lynne lUC, 162 Jandrucko, Robert Alan 5EG, 203, 388 Jantel, Andrea 4AR, 166, 389 Janz, Frederick Karl lUC, 210 Jarrett, Ann 4BA, 166, 389 Jarvis, Kathy Ann lUC, 179 Jeffrey, James Lynn 2UC, 388 Jeffrey, Robert John 2UC, 183 Jeffries, James Edward 4AG, 170 Jenkins, Joanne Edith 1UC, 165 Jenkins, Kathryn Ann 2UC, 223 Jenks, Bonnie Grace 2UC, 216 Jennings, Thomas D. lUC, 180 Jensen, Alwin Henry 4JM, 389 Jensen, Philip Wayne 4EG, 389 Jerger, Thomas John 3BA, 239 Jerke, Karen Elizabeth 4JM, 389 Jernigan, Patricia S. 4ED, 228, 388 Jesse, Daniel Edwin 4AS, 273 Jessup, Theodore Raymond 4JM, 146 Jett, Daniel Niles 2UC, 230 Jewett, Douglas Philip 2UC, 190 Jochem, Robert 3JM, 206 Joel, Jean Beth 4ED, 389 Johns, Barbara Kay lUC, 186 Johns, Pamela Gayle 4JM, 241, 389 Johns, William John 2UC, 224 Johnson, Bruce Parham 2UC, 175 Johnson, Carl H., 115 Johnson, Carolyn Ann 2UC, 241 Johnson, Charles Holland 3BA, 150, 226 Johnson, Claire Elaine 2UC, 144 Johnson, Dale Stanley 2UC, 144 Johnson, Daniel David 4AS, 389 Johnson, David Wearne lUC, 206 Johnson, Gregory Wm. 4AS, 100 Johnson, Issac, 196 Johnson, Janice Lyle 2UC, 98 Johnson, Jean M. Long 4AS, 94, 102, 389 Johnson, Kenneth D. 4AS, 175, 389 Johnson, Lauride J. S. 4JM, 103, 389 Johnson, Linda Ann 4ED, 389 Johnson, Lynn Kenneth lUC, 180 Johnson, Mary Ann 4ED, 389 Johnson, Olivia 1UC, 186 Johnson, Patricia Ann 2UC, 228 Johnson, Peggy, 153 Johnson, Philip 3EG, 239, 340, 34I Johnson, Raymond M. lUC, 176 Johnson, Susan Lee 2UC, 141 Johnson, Terrence Gail 2UC, 200 Johnson, William H. III 2UC, 218 Johnston, Bruce Hall 4EG, 389 Johnston, Constance J. 7ED, 110 Johnston, Wm Ray Jr. 4AS, 389 Jones, Belinda Kay 2UC, 147 Jones, Bonnie Ellen 4AS, 186, 389 Jones, Carter, 111 Jones, Carolyn Lee 1UC, 208 Jones, Catherine C. 1UC, 184 Jones, Curtis Theodore 4JM, 226, 389 Jones, David Kenneth 3JM, 144 Jones, Ellis, 34 Jones, Harold Charles 4AG, 137 Jones, John P. 55 Jones, John Fremon Jr. 7BA, 1131 Jones, Kenneth Paul 7ED, 145 Jones, Letty Kay 4ED, 186, 389 Jones, Linda Ann 4HP, 150, 389 Jones, Mary Jacquelyn 4AS, 389 Jones, Michael Joseph 3AS, 175 Jones, Richard Guerry 4AS, 175 Jones, Roger, 337 Jones, Samuel Carter 4AS, 389 Jones, Sylvia Ann 4ED, 389 Jones, Thomas Towers lUC, 203 Jordan, Deborah Jean lUC, 186 Jordan, Donald P. J. 4EG, 148 Jordan, Frosty, 152 Jordan, Lawrence 3JM, 127 Jordan, Mildred Elaine 4ED, 389 Jourdan, Ronnie Lee 2UC, 348, 350 Joyner, Albert J. Jr. 1UC, 230 Joyner, Robert Carter 4BA, 389 Joyner, William Thomas 4AS, 175, 389 Judy, Jay Kay 1UC, 175 Jula, Daniel William 4PH, 150 Junquera, Maria Josefa lUC, 133, 165 Jurkowski, Joseph Thomas Jr. 3BA, 183 k Kadden, Robert Stanley 4JM, 234, 389 Kadric, Gary Signor lUC, 106, 324 Kahn, Jerry Phillip 2UC, 169 Kalas, John Thomas 3AS, 218 Kalos, Alan Vincent 4AS, 389 Kamen, Mark Jay 3JM, 327 Kames, Joann lUC, 166 Kamper, Rita Saunders 4JM, 108, 389 Kamper, Stuart Francis 4EG, 389 Kampschulte, Roberta K. 4NR, 112, 389 Kan, Alan Joseph 4BA, 223, 389 Kanarek, Paul Bruce lUC, 234 Kandel, Danile Ian lUC, 203 Kane, Joseph Michael, 1UC, 183 Kaniosky, Palmira Anne 3NR, 212 Kantzler, Garrick B. 3AS, 223 Kaplan, Cheryl Marcia 3JM, 216 Kaplan David Eugene 3ED, 234 Karabinis, A. Harry N. 4EG, 115 Karns, Judith Arlene 4AS, 212, 389 Karol, Phyllis Ellen 4ED, 166, 389 Karran, George Richard 1UC, 218 Karst, Janice Lee lUC, 134 Karst, Rebecca Jewel 2UC, 165 Karvonen, John Edwin 1LW, 239, 380 Kasper, Russell Harold 4BA, 234, 389 Kassab, John Gerald 4BA, 134 Kasselman, Maxine .2UC, 161 Katz, Barry Paul 3AS, 234 Katz, Eric Stephen 6JM, 98, 389 Katz, Richard Alan 1LW, 95, 123 Katzen, Joan Louise 2UC, 166 Kaufman, William Paul 1UC, 223 Kaufmann, Stephen 4BA, 180, 389 Kay, Karen 3JM. 117, 161, 162 Kaydas, Ridhard Henry 2UC, 180 Kaylor, Edward Michael 1UC, 210 Kazaros, Jean Leslie lUC, 162 Kazaros, Wm. Ronald 3AS, 196 Keeley, Robin Mary lUC, 186 Keet, Joann Christine 3NR, 179 Keim, Kathie Marie 4JM, 119 Keim, Linda Jane 2UC, 390 Keiser, Robert Wm. Jr. 4AS, 390 Keith, Robert Paul 4BA, 214, 390 Kella, Randall Robert lUC, 239 Kellams, Janie Darlene 1UC, 208 Keller, David Wharton 4BA, 134, 390 Keller, Sharyn Lynn lUC, 184 Keller, Stephen Robert 1UC, 218 Kellogg, Mark Edward 4AS, 193, 390 Kelly, Christine Erin lUC, 162 Kelly, Dale William 4BA, 140 Kelly, Daryl Harry lUC, 146 Kelly, William James 2UC, 337 Kelly, William Leland 4EG, 175, 390 Kendall, Martha Susan 3ED, 173, 390 Kendrick, Eleanor P. 3ED, 212 Kennedy, Robert L. III 3LW, 232 Kennedy, Thomas Gerard 4EG, 120 Kennedy, Thomas Russell lUC, 195 Kennell, Thomas H. 3BA, 326 Kennerly, Phillip Le 4AS, 218, 390 Kenny, Thomas James 5PH, 151 Kensler, Richard Byard lUC, 324, 326 Kent, Linda, 133 Kenyon, Thomas Frenerick, 2UC, 203 Keramiti, Bijan 5AR, 390 Kerwin, Deborah Alice 2UC, 188 Kerns, Kathleen 2UC, 241 Kerslake, Jno, Townsend 2UC, 175 Kewin, Mary Ellen, 135 Kessler, Eliz L. C. 4ED, 390 Kesterson, Barbara Jo. 3JM, 172 Key, Wilbur Ray Jr. 2UC, 204 Keyes, Scott Avery 4BA, 390 Kibler, Bucke, 60 Kich, Guss, 214 Kiley, James Michael 2UC, 326 Kilgore, Louis P. III 2UC, 218 Killingsworth, James L. 6BA, 151 Killingsworth, Carolyn, 120 Killingsworth, Wm. 4JM, 109, 193, 390 Kilpatrick, Dorothy L. 3JM, 108 Kilpatrick, Louis, 198 Kimball, Alice Gail 4AS, 390 Kinard, Tony, 355 Kinard, Stevens Stanton 3AG, 232 Kinder, Randall William lUC, 206 Kindred, Tony 2UC, 203 King, David Kennedy 5AR, 390 King, Emma Louise 2UC, 241 King, John Richard 5EG, 390 King, Marilyn 4HP, 228, 390 King, Nancy Elizabeth 4AS, 241, 390 King, Nancy Lynn 2UC, 184 Kingdon, Victoria Lee 4AS, 228, 390 Kinkaid, Jim, 100 Kinney, Judith, 152 Kinnin, Karen Sue 4PE, 152, 390 Kinsey, Kathee Ann 3ED, 390 Kintz, Elizabeth Ann 4NR, 241, 390 Kinzer, Richard F. 3JM, 210, 890 Kirby, Timothy Theodore lUC, 224 Kirchner, Danny Paul 3AS, 210 Kirk, Beth Lynne 4ED, 390 Kirk, Claude, 248, 292 Kirk, Linda Ruth 4ED, 390 Kirkland, Barbara Jill 3PE, 152 Kirou, Sergio 3AS, 169, 390 Kirtz, John Peter Jr. 4BA, 134, 390 Kitman, Cheryl Mae 4ED, 216, 390 Kizer, John Thomas 4BA, 390 Klausner, Deborah Lee lUC, 162 Klausner, Stephen A. 3JM, 223 Kleckner, Irma Ann 4AS, 390 Klein, Susan Amy 2UC, 135 Kleinman, Kathleen 4ED, 390 Kleiser, Daniel Robert 4BA, 390 Klepper, Russell Lyle 2UC, 223 Kling, James Henry 4EG, 390 Klink, Jeffrey Hale 4AS, 104, 176, 390 Kluft, Gerald McElroy 4AS, 193, 390 Knadle, Edward Arthur 1UC, 204 Knight, Constance Mae 2UC, 133, 186, 191 Knight, Fredrick William 4EG, 390 Knight, Jean Marie lUC, 200 Knight, Jimmy Vernon 3AG, 170, 390 Knight, Linda Lee 4ED, 137, 391 Knight, Rosa Karleen 3PE, 152 Knoche, Kathleen C. lUC, 186 Knoll, Robert Wilson 2UC, 203 Knowles, Mary Ruth 4ED, 184, 391 Knudsen, Charles D. 4EG, 112 Knudsen, Elsa Louise 4ED, 391 Kobetz, Steven Allen 2UC, 234 Koch, William Stephenson 3AG, 138 Koepka, Kathleen lUC, 200 Koepp, James August 2UC, 239 Koeppel, Scott Richard 2UC, 193 Kohler, Janice Penny 2UC, 188 Kohlhorst, Kathy Lou lUC, 184 Kolmer, Pam, 241 Konas, Deborah Ruth 2UC, 184 Kootz, Christine M. 2UC, 165 Koperski, William Metzger lUC, 204 Ingalls, Mary K. 4AR, 198 Ingley, Rober Avin 3BA, 140 Ironos, Don Allen Jr. 5EG, 115, 148, Irvan, Mac, 100 Irvin, Robert Julian 3AS, 183 Isenberg Walda Nancy 4AS, 388 Isenhour, Pamela Jo 4NR, 388 Iverson, Vicki, 268 Ivey, Robert Marshal lUC, 195 441 Kopher, Dana Anthony 2UC, 210 Koppe, Charlotte Jo 2UC, 188 Koren, Edward Franz 4BA, 100, 391 Korge, Thomas Joseph 2UC, 210 Kornick, Henry Paul 3AG, 391 Kosler, David, 146 Koslow, Mark Barry 1UC, 223 Koteen Mark Alan 3AS, 145 Koouremetis, Michael M. 4AS, 391 Koutsourais, Jim E. 4AS, 391 Kovatch, Dennis Herman 4EG, 391 Kovolski, Joann Vada 3AS, 212 Kramer,Henry, 66 Kramer, Paul Mervin Jr. 1UC, 208 Kramer, Steven Martin 3ED, 223 Krasner, Keeve Elliot 2UC, 169 Krause, Robert Allan 4PE, 152, 391 Krauskopf, Jeffrey A. lUC, 190 Kress, Steven Morton 2UC, 144 Krezdorn, Vicki 2UC, 161, 172 Kriebel, Claudia Allen 2UC, 148 Kroll, Stephen Paul Jr 3BA, 176 Kronberg, Barbara Sue 3ED, 216 Kroups, Audrey Eileen 3ED, 241 Kruglick, Karen Fay 4ED, 166, 391 Kuester, Paul Allen 2UC, 208 Kuhl, Gary William 4EG, 391 Kuhlman, Bruce Robert lUC, 232 Kuhn, Janet Sue 3AS, 162, 269 Kuhns, Rolf Michael 2UC, 144 Kuppatuck, June 143 Kurland, Sharon Alison 4ED, 391 Kurtz, James Lynn 4EG, 391 Kurtz, Michael Jay 4AS, 237, 391 Kutz, Sarah Elizabeth 4JM, 241, 391 Kuypers, Arnold 4HP, 153, 218, 391 Kuypers, Jannigje E. 1UC, 161, 200 I Labadorf, Harry Albert 7EG, 112 Labarbera, Martin Jos 3EG, 226 Labauve, Jean Marie 3AS, 140 Laborde, Calude Jos, Jr. 5PH, 151, 391 Lacendonia, Barbara 0. 1UC, 188 Lacivita, Degna Lynn lUC, 188 Lackey, Allen Wayne 2UC, 176 Laden, Roberta Ellen 3ED, 216 Lafrance, Sarah Jane 4ED, 87, 212, 391 Lahey, Jere Kirkland 3AR, 214, 220 Laing, Samuel David II 2UC, 226 Lalich, M. Todd 2UC, 338 Lamb, Douglas Gary 4EG, 208, 391, 98 Lamb, Melinda Ann 4AS, 391 Lambert, David Dungan 1UC, 208 Lambing, George Russell 3BA, 134 Lamela, Luis Esteban 1UC, 169 Lampp, David Lee 2UC, 210 Lancaster, Lewis A., Jr. 2UC, 235 Lance, Randall Michael 2UC, 230 Lancit, Laurence Alan 4JM, 146 Lancit, Paula June lUC, 147 Landau, Anne 4AS, 391 Landau, Sheila Kay lUC, 188 Landen, Susan Diane 4ED, 391 Landgraf, Thomas Walter 3BA, 176, 391 Landow, Lon Louis 2UC, 169 Landrum, George Edward 4AS, 391 Landrum, Mark William 2UC, 355 Landrum, Richard H., Jr. 2UC, 230 Landt, Fredk Edgar III 3JM, 226 Lane, Alonzo E. III 4JM, 175, 391 Lane, Donald Alvis D. 3AG, 170 Lane, Glenn Edward 1UC, 190 Lane, William Marion, Jr. 2UC, 203 Laney, Edgar Leslie, Jr. 4AR, 391 Laney, Marion Gray Jr. 3BA, 140 Land, Jane Roberta 4BA, 391 Lang, Larry Clark 2UC, 183 Lang, Susan 2UC, 184 Langford, Eva Sue 3ED, 391 Langland, Charlotte Lu lUC, 165 Langley, Linda Carol 2UC, 147 Langstaff, Margaret J. 2UC, 135 Lapointe, Kenneth Joseph 4JM, 206, 391 LaPonte, Mary, 228 Lappin, Wendla C. 4AS, 179, 391 Larmoyeux, Helen Ann 4AS, 391 Larrauri, Oscar Andres 5AR, 110, 391 Larson, Arlie Ladd 2UC, 218 Larson, Lynne C. 4ED, 391 Larson, Marta Lee 4PE, 392 Larue, Sonny 2UC, 193 Larue, Wallace Anthony 4ED, 392 Lasche, Kathryn M. 2UC, 179 Lasche, Patricia Anne 4JM, 179, 392 Lasseter, Mary Kathryn 3ED, 179 Lassiter, Cahrles Malcolm 2UC, 175 Lassiter, Linda Lee 3AR, 147 Last, Frank James, III 4EG, 180 Latham, Tobias B. III 2UC, 196 Latiff, Stephen Guy 1UC, 176 Latimer, William Robert 1UC, 211, 324 Latsko, William Lawrence 1UC, 324 Laubach, William Norbert 3JM, 206 Laufman, Rita Lynn 2UC, 188 Lauter, Talbert Earl 4EG, 176, 392 Laval, Bruce Guido 4EG, 220, 392 Lawless, Fayette L. 4ED, 241, 392 Lawrence, Guy 4AS, 141, 145 Lawrence, Stephen L. 2UC, 181 Laws, Dennis Earl 2UC, 209 Lawson, Gary Lee 5EG, 112, 115, 392 Lawson, Kathy Gene 1UC, 165 Lawton, William Edward 2UC, 175 Laylor, Judy, 149 Lazarus, Susan Gale 2UC, 188 Lazzara, Philip R. 4LW, 230, 392 Lea, Kathleen Anne 4AS, 392 Leach, Dianna Fay 2UC, 179, 392 Leatherwood, Michael D. 4PE, 152, 338 Leavengood, Theodore H. 2UC, 196 Leavitt, Barbara Nan 2UC, 75 Lebman, Ronna Sue 4AR, 144 Leclerc, Marelise I. 4ED, 241, 392 Leclercq, Michael W. 3FY, 170 Lederman, Deborah 4ED, 161, 216, 392 Lederman, Don Barry lUC, 169 Lederman, Jan Craig 2UC, 169 Lee, Carey Lowell 4AG, 170, 392 Lee, Chester James, Jr. 2UC, 170 Lee, Louis Paul 2UC, 220 Lee, Richard George 1IJC, 183 Lee, Ronald Howard 3BA, 234 Leech, Gary Wayne 4PE, 176, 392 Lehman, Barbara Ann 4NR, 392 Lehmann, Miles Robert lUC, 175 Lehnert, Sandra Jean 4ED, 392 Lehoczky, Klara A. 3HP, 74 Lehrner, Michael Roy 2UC, 223 Lehtola, Michael Gene 1UC, 111 Leiken, Marsha Lyn lUC, 216 Leith, Margaret Mary 4AS, 173, 392 Leitner, Margaret Eliz 5PH, 392 Lemaster, Patricia J. 4ED, 200, 392 Lemlich, Roberta Lynn 3AR, 147 Lenius, Kraig Alan 4EG, 148, 392 Lentz, Barbara Nan 4ED, 392 Lester, Nancy Carolyn 4ED, 392 Letos, Margarit, 184 Levens, William Philip 4AS, 232, 392 Leventhal, Francine J. lUC, 135 Leventhal, Robert Alan 3LW, 223 Leverett, Jenifer, 198 Levi, Allen, Steven 3BA, 223 Levin, Brenda Nan 2UC, 133, 189 Levine, Neal Lawrence 1UC, 234 Levinson, Mark 2UC, 181 Levy, Robert Alan 1UC, 223 Lewis, Alan Robert 7AG, 144 Lewis, Carig Clifford 3AS, 209 Lewis, George Carter SAR, 392 Lewis, James Donald Jr. 4FY, 392 Lewis, John Braxton, Jr. 3AS, 215 Lewis, Sidney H. III 2UC, 338 Liebowitz, Alan Fredk 4BA, 234, 392 Lifsey, Julian S. lUC, 224 Liggett, Glade M. 4AG, 154 Lightfoot, Robert Orrin 4AR, 209, 392 Liles, Cheryl Marie 2UC, 228 Lime, Daniel Abraham 2UC, 209 Linares, Luis Carlos 4EG, 181, 392 Lincoln, Meredith Alama 3ED, 241, 392 Lind, Edgar Allan, Jr. 3AS, 204 Lindberg, Christine A. 4JM, 200, 392 Linden, Neil Preston 4JM, 113, 169, 392 Lindlof, John Chapin 4EG, 392 Lindsay, Joel Addision 2UC, 239 Lindsey, Barbara, 106 Lineberger, James Robert 4BA, 134 Link, Robert Stephen 1UC, 346 Linn, David Brooks 4AS, 392 Linwick, Sally Ann 2UC, 184 Lipich, Clare Agnes 4ED, 241, 392 Lipman, Lawrence Roy 4BA, 137 Lipman, Ronald 1UC, 234 Lippman, Karen Ann 2UC, 216 Lipschutz, Judy Ann 2UC, 133, 189 Lipson, Gerrie Lynn 2UC, 216 Lisborne, Katherine, 241 Lister, John Lanier lUC, 224 Litman, Neal Stuart 4JM, 113, 234, 393 Little, Kent Ralph 2UC, 218 Little, Richard Bruce 4ED, 393 Little, Warren Eugene 4EG, 393 Little, Richard, 226 Livingston, Dorothy L. 4ED, 393 Llweellyn, Lionel D. II 1UC, 210 Lloyd, Gary, 209 Lloyd, Joan Andrea 3BA, 162 Lloyd, Rebecca Louise 1UC, 200 Lockwood, Mary Jill 4AS, 184, 212, 393 Lodge, John Sterling 3AS, 208 Lodge, Richard W. 4EG, 209, 393 Loewen, Dennis Arthur 1UC, 218 Loften, Wiley Dent, Jr. 4BA, 393 Logston Shirley B. 2UC, 212 Lokoon, Joseph, 223 Londeree, Robert Douglas 5AR, 110 Londeree, William Patrick 2UC, 393 Londono, Jaime 4AS, 393 Long, Cynthia Edythe 4ED, 112, 393 Long, William Franklin, Jr. lUC, 190 Longnecker, Paula A. 3AS, 210 Lonsdale, Robert Douglas 4BA, 140 Loomis, Hugh Inman 3AS, 224, 393 Loomis, Peter Charles 1UC, 210 Loos, John Thompson, Jr. 3BA, 226 Loos, Karen Jean 2UC, 199 Looson, Richard D. 4BA, 175, 393 Lott, Ernest Graham 2UC, 232 Lottier, David Blair 2UC, 220 Lough, Donna Lee 2UC, 133, 199 Louis, Charles Edward 4BA, 216, 393 Love, Barbara Cordes 2UC, 165 Love, Kimball 1UC, 200 Lovell, Daniel Lewis lUC, 239 Lovell, David John 2UC, 181, 239 Lovern, Jeff Kervin 2UC, 239 Lovett, Paula Susan 1UC, 200 Lowder, Robert William 3BA, 220, 393 Lowe, Katherine Sue 1UC, 199 Lowe, Michael Phillip 1UC, 204 Lowery, Richard Travis 4BA, 206, 393 Loyd, James Leo, Jr. 5AR, 100 Lubow, Neal Irwin 1UC, 223 Lubrano, Thomas Joseph 1UC, 219 Lucas, Daniel Eugene 3BA, 140 Lucas, Elliott Heywood 4AS, 393 Lucas, James Michael lUC, 181 Lucas, Lauren Elaine 2UC, 241 Luckhardt, Mary M 3NR, 199, 393 Luehrs, Jean Anne 4JM, 108, 199, 393 Lufkin, Hollis 4PE, 179, 393 Lugbold, Tom, 105 Lukco, Edward John 2UC, 329, 338 Lundgren, Edward Albert 4HP, 226, 393 Lundquist, Gordon M 1UC, 200, 209 Lundy, Jessie James 4EG, 148 Lundy, Robin Debra 1UC, 216 Lunetta, Paul John 1UC, 219 Luoma, Stephen Ross lUC, 175 Lurch, Donna, 106 Lushbaugh, Robert Chism 2UC, 190 Lutkehaus, Theo Charles 5EG, 393 Luttrell, George Harrision 3AR, 209 Luvisi, Anne Marie 2UC, 199 Luzader, Barbara Jane 3HP, 241 Lydick, Roger William 4EG, 112, 393 Lynn, Karen Elizabeth 4PH, 115, 149 Lyons, Agatha Anne 4ED, 228, 394 Lyons, Charles Nace 3PE, 152 Lyons, Samuel Herbert 4ED, 176, 394 Lytle, Jeanie, 394 Patricia Kay 3AS, 147 U Lytton, Beverly Ann 2C, 184 m Mabe, James Edwin 2UC, 209 Macaya, Alfredo F. 1UC, 204 Maccallum, Deborah A. 1UC, 186 Macchia, Archangelo P. 4EG, 148 Mace, Carla Lynn 3JM, 394 Mack, Julian Sidney 4BA, 137 Mackell, Larry Richard 1UC, 210 Mackey, Bernard Allen 5AR, 144 Mackinnon, Cynthia J. 1UC, 184 Mackinnon, Patricia A. 2UC, 184 Maclaren, Robert Ian II 3AS, 132, 394 Mccloskey, Louis James 4BA, 203, 394 MacMillan, Neil Thomas 1UC, 175 Macnamara, Denise 2UC, 209 Macon, Max Roderick 4EG, 224 Macrositie, Judy 1UC,200 Madden, Marsha Ann 2UC, 179 Madden, Michael Charles 4EG, 394 Maddock, Richard Joseph 2UC, 239 Maenza, Paul Joseph 3EG, 220 Magenheim, Martha Alma 3ED, 145 Magner, Susan Jeanne 3AS, 144 Magness, John Mikesell 1UC, 230 Maguire, Micahel M. 4BA, 224, 394 Mahood, Ronald Thomas 2UC, 356, 176 Malcom, Susan Ruth 3ED, 394 Maldonado, Argelio A. 2UC, 183 Malik, David Scott lUC, 214 Malin, Robert Edward 4BA, 175, 394 Malinick, Marie J. 4ED, 228, 394 Malone, Donald F. 3AS, 220 Malone, John Michael 2UC, 195 Maloney, Frank, Dr., 56 Maloy, Molly Edith 4ED, 201, 394 Maltby, Kris Marlyn 3JM, 201 Malter, Barry Leonard 4AS, 234, 265, 394 Mandell, Robert Alan 4JM, 223, 394 Maney, Elinor Frances 3JM, 394 Manheim, Janet Ruth 2UC, 189 Manley, Susan April 3ED, 394 Mann, Keith Alan lUC, 204 Mann, Madalyn Leslie 1UC, 189 Mann, Marcia Elaine 5AR, 241, 394 Mann, David 4PE, 320, 326 Mann, Wendy Anne 2UC, 189 Manning, Patricia Ann 2UC, 179 Mansur, Richard W Tr. lUC, 147 Maravich, Pete, 328, 330 Marchant, Kathrine M. 2UC, 179 Marchese, Antoinette 4AR, 394 Marchese, William 2UC, 205 Marcinak, Jeffrey Joseph 4EG, 232, 395 Marcus, Robert Brown, Jr. 4AS, 395 Marcy, Marilyn Ann 4ED, 103, 165, 395 Marden, William Edward 4JM, 395 Marder, Maryann 3AS, 395 Mardorsky, Marsha, 189 Margol, Rodney Stuart 1UC, 234 Margolis, Michael Jay 4BA, 234, 395 Marino, Carol Thompson 4ED, 173, 395 Marino, John Joseph Jr. 4AS, 239, 395 Markel, Alice T. 5AR, 395 Markert, Catherine F. 3AS, 212, 395 Markland, Cathy S. 3AS, 241, 395 Markowitz, Jerry M. 2UC, 234 Marks, Linda Ellen 4ED, 395 Marks, Lynn Susan 3ED, 189, 201 Markwell, Frank R. 4EG, 111, 112 Marovich, Peter W., Jr, 4AG, 170, 395 Marr, Thomas Johnson 3BA, 134 Marrich, Shelley Sue lUC, 189 Mars, Marilyn Adele 2UC, 216 Marsh, Joseph Durward 7EG, 104 Marshall, Earl W., III 4AS, 114 Marshall, Gregory Paul 1UC, 346 Marshall, Harry C. 3BA, 206 Marshall, Kathleen Lee 3AG, 138 Marshall, Robert D. 2UC, 105, 116, 226 Martens, Joseph M. 2UC, 283 Martin, Alison 2UC, 147 Martin, Bud, 175 Martin, Charlotte Ann 4NR, 395 Martin, David Allan 2UC, 193 Martin, James L., Jr. 4JM, 395 Martin, Janet Ellen 4JM, 341 Martin, Loretta Marie 2UC, 166 Mattin, Robert Douglas 2UC, 220 Martin, Ronald Dean 4BA, 395 Martin, Samuel, Dr., 58 Martinez, Enrique George 5AR, 395 Martinson, Walter M. 3BA, 210, 395 442 Mase, Dr. Darrell J., 64 Mashikil, Paul, 326 Masi, Albert N., Jr. lUC, 193 Maslanka, Caroline M. 2UC, 133 Mason, Arlene Frances 4ED, 395 Mason, Barbara, 395 Mason, Constance Ann 1UC, 165 Mason, Dorothy Alice 3AS, 165 Mason, Robert Garst 3BA, 183, 395 Mason, Ronald Earl 3AS, 105 Mason, Stephen Doublas 7BA, 151 Massey, Carolyn Ruth 3NR, 137 Massey, William Henry lUC, 175 Mathe, Thena Catherine 3PE, 152 Mathews, John, 395 Mathews, Katherine N. 4AS, 395 Mathews, Thomas Alan 3JM, 220 Mathias, David Edward lUC, 190 Matta, Enrique L., III 3AS, 154, 175 Matthews, Dave , 121 Matthews, William PE, 152 Matz, Barbara Rose 4ED, 216, 395 Maurer, Bruce Alan 4BA, 225, 395 Maurer, Kurt Richard 3AS, 220 Mautz, Robert B., 60 Mavro, Alexander P., Jr. 4AS, 395 Max, Rodney Andrew3AS, 223, 395 Maxfield, M. 4HP, 135, 241, 395 Maxwell, Patricia Nell 3ED, 147 May, Allen 4EG, 395 May, Lee Calyton 2UC, 111, 108 Mayer, Robert Barry 4JM, 113, 395 Mayo, Daivd Griffin 3JM, 232, 395 Mays, Cheryl Elizabeth lUC, 186 Mazur, Diane Elaine 2UC, 135, 148 Mazur, Susan 4ED, 189, 216, 395 Mcaloon, Edward Joseph 3AS, 219 McBride, William August 4AS, 326 McCachren, Jim, 337 McCain, Steve Ruffner 2UC, 209 McCaldin, Russell William 2UC, 226 McCall, Celia Armatha 2UC, 212 McCall, Russell Warren lUC, 183 McCall, William Hugh lUC, 226 McCann, John Robert 3AR, 219 McCarl, Richard Allen 4AS, 230, 394 McCartan, Michele 2UC, 147 McCarthy, Kathleen A 3ED, 394 McCarthy, Laurence, Jr. 4BA, 181, 394 McCarty, Gerald Reed 1UC, 190 McCarty, Jerry Eugene 4EG, 394 McCarty, Lawrence K. 2UC, 226 McCarty, Michael S. 3AS, 175 McClellan, James Michael 3AG, 138 McClelland Clifton. Jr. 4LW. 100 McClendon, Michelle L. 3ED, 186 McClintock, William Walter 5PH, 151 William Thomas 4EG, 219 McClure, William Howard, Jr. 2UC, 220 McCollough, Calude, Jr. lUC, 175 McConnaughey, Jane E. lUC, 162 McConnell, Patrick D. 2UC, 226 McCormick, Charleen J. 2UC, 152 McCormick, Thomas Ward 3BA, 134 McCourt, James Charles 4BA, 230, 394 McCown, Margie Grace 4ED, 228, 394 McCoy, James Pande 4AG, 138, 394 McCoy, Joseph Alex, Jr. 2UC, 220 McCraken, William 4EG, 219, 394 McCready, Janet Emily 2UC, 241 McCrillus, Janey 2UC, 109, 212 McCurry, Dorothy Elizabeth lUC, 184 McCurry, James 3AS, 104, 219 McDaniel, Elizabeth Ann 2UC, 241 McDargh, Mary Eileen 3AS, 103, 162 McDermott, Patsy Ann 2UC, 147 McDonald, Jerry Wayne 4PH, 150 McDonald, John Edward 3AR, 115 McDonnell, David R. 4BA, 134 McDowall, Michael William lUC, 239 McDowell, Christine L. 1UC, 200 McDowell, James F. 2UC, 214 McFerrin. John B., Dr., 46 McGee, James Alan 4BA, 239, 394 McGee, Nancy Jane 4ED, 394 McGehee, Lizbeth A. 4AS, 394 McGinnis, Willard D., Jr. 4BA, 226 McGinnis, Michael 4PE, 226, 330, 338 McGinnis, Susan Alice 1UC, 186 McGowan, Bubba, 326 McGowan, Mary Ellen 2UC, 228 McGrady, Michael B. 4EG, 340, 341 McGrail, Joseph Paul 4BA, 220 McGraw, Robert Luther 3ED, 239 McHose, Eliz 4AS, 162, 394 McInnis, Sarah Jo 4AS, 3941 McInnis, William Edward 3BA, 175 McInroy, Gertrude King lUC, 199 McKay, John Keel 219 McKee, Helen Marilyn 4ED, 186 McKee, Mark Alexander 2UC, 224, 246 McKenzie, Charles L. Jr. 3EG, 176 McKenzie. Dick. 144 McKinley, Terence Lee 4EG, 206, 394 McKinley, Verna, 143 McKinney, Daryl Eugene 2UC, 224 McKinney, Frank David 3AS, 196, 394 McKinnon, Judy Lynn 2UC, 200 McKnight, Betsy Jean 2UC, 199 McLaughlin, Margaret E. 4JM, 394 McLeod, Nancy Lee lUC, 200 McLeod, William Player 2UC, 232 McManus, Donna Marie 4ED, 394 McMillan, Patrick Hill 4JM, 176, 394 McMillen, Margaret 3ED, 200 McMulen, Charles L. Jr.1UC, 210 McMullen, John Laird 2UC, 230 McMunn, Susan Jane 3ED, 394 McNary, Scott Roberts lUC, 176 McNaull, Thomas Eugene lUC, 175 McNerney, Michael Joseph 3BA, 154 McPhail, 94, 93, 104, 154, 171, 226 McPherson, Andrew Moss 4AR, 137, 346 McQuade, Joan Eileen 4ED, 394 MeTheny, Guy Corbett 2UC, 175, 314 McWhirter, Mary M. 2UC, 200 Meacham, Warren James 2UC, 232 Medick, James Thomas 4BA, 395 Medlin, Leslie Alan 5AR, 395 Meece, Carl Edward Jr. 4EG, 195, 395 Meek, Charlotte Ann lUC, 153 Meek, Robert Adamson 4AG, 175, 396 Meeker, Jeff B 7AS, 195, 396 Meeks, James Leroy Jr. 2UC, 196 Mehlman, Henry Edwin 4LW, 234, 396 Mehlman, Laurence M. 3AS, 234 Mehlamn, Stuart Eliot lUC, 234 Mehra, Rekha 7AS, 266 Meierhenry, Lester D. 3AS, 239 Meisner, Melvin Chet 4AS, 396 Melin, Leslie, 232 Melnyk, Steven N 3BA, 355, 354, 353 Melton, Jim AG, 138 Melton, Robley B. Jr. 4EG, 396 Mendel, Edward Bowman lUC, 203 Mendelson, James M. 4AS, 396 Mendez, Juan Antonio 4EG, 396 Mendez-Penate, Rene I lUC, 230 Menendez, Manuel Jr. 4AS, 396 Menezes, Marco Souza 2UC, 230 Menke, Susan Nadine 4ED, 212, 396 Menninger, Carole Ann 2UC, 201 Menser, C. L. 60 Meranski, Michael L. lUC, 234 Merk, Patricia Ellen 3ED, 201 Merritt, John Irving 3LW, 230. 396 Merritt, John Webster, 2UC, 225 Merritt, Myron Robert 4EG, 148 Messersmith, Rober J. lUC, 239 Messing, Janet Louise 2UC, 241 Messing, John Wesley 3BA, 176, 396 Mewhirter, George A. III lUC, 239 Meyer, Anita Joyce 2UC, 216 Meyer, Gwenn Lee lUC, 165 Meyer, Karen Louise 4ED, 140, 228, 396 Meyer, Susan Marie 3ED, 228 Meyers, Arlene Linda 4ED, 216, 396 Meyerson, Barry David lUC, 223 Mica, John Luigi 6ED, 100, 183, 396 Michalak, Matthew L. 4AR, 396 Michener, Catherine J. 4ED, 396 Middleton, Mary Ann 3ED, 396 Middleton, Michael 219, 340, 341, 396 Midyette, William M. III 2UC, 226 Milbrath, Lawrence M. 2UC, 225 Miles, Barbara E. 1UC, 147 Miles, J. Harry III 4BA, 140, 396 Millar, Penny Lee 2UC, 228 Millard, Reneee Dee 4AS, 95, 103 Miller, Ann Gordon 3ED, 186, 98 Miller, Cynthia Sue 2UC, 199 Miller, David Aaron 4ED, 339 Miller, David Edward 4BA, 337 Miller, David Patrick 5AR, 144, 396 Miller, Donald James 4BA, 396 Miller, George Edmund lUC, 220 Miller, George Edward lUC, 223 Miller, Gregory Walter lUC, 190 Miller, Harley Walter 4AR, 193, 396 Miller, Jack Charles 4BA, 140, 137, 396 Miller, James L. Jr. 4JM, 396 Miller, James Louis 1UC, 118, 210 Miller, Jeffrey Walter 2UC, 338 Miller, Judith Selene 4ED, 396 Miller, Julianne lUC, 186 Miller, Marilyn Eliz 1UC, 212 Miller, Patrick Charles 2UC, 186 Miller, Richard Alan 1UC, 209 Miller, Richard Joseph 3ED, 118 Miller, Richard Laird 3AS, 176 Miller, Robert Emil 3BA, 396 Miller, Robert Harold 3BA, 224, 396 Miller, Sharyl Alan 4NR, 396 Miller, Stewart Carl 4AS, 396 Milling, Kathleen Ann 2UC, 162 Mills, Russell L. 4EG, 112, 115 Mince, Robin Lynn 3AS, 173, 396 Mingledorff, Kenneth P. 3JM, 226, 396 Minihan, Thomas James 3AG, 154 Minson, Marjorie 2UC, 140, 179 Minthorne, Richard B. 4BA, 134 Minto. 205 Minton, Oma Richard Jr. lUC, 175 Mintz, Andrew Peter 4JM, 210, 397 Miqueli, Mario, 397 Misiaszek, Mark 4BA, 239, 397 Mistretta, Joseph James 4PH, 150 Mitchell, Barbara Jo 184 Mitchell, Ferne Ellen 3ED, 216 Mitchell, Joel Ivan lUC, 196 Mitchell, Lorry W. Jr. 2UC, 203 Mitchell, R. Bruce 4AS, 146 Mitchell, Robert S. II 4AS, 397 Mobley, George Melton Jr. 3AS, 175 Mobley, Ronald David 4BA, 397 Moffett, Mary A. Dewees 4HP, 150 Mohrbacher, Janis M. 4AS, 397 Moler, Candace Jane 3AS, 165, 397 Molica, Frank Henry 4LW, 205, 397 Molina, Enrique Juan 2UC, 232 Mollohan, Michael John lUC, 175 Monaghan, Kathleen Gay 4HP, 228, 397 Monahan, Charles A. 2UC, 176 Montelene, Alan Paul 1UC, 220 Montgomery, Jeffrey M. 2UC, 186, 206 Montgomery, Macy S. 2UC, 237 Moody, Derril Paul 3AG, 138 Moody, Elise Taylor 2UC, 98 Moody, Gary, 204, 397 Moody, James, 25, 116, 126, 300, 397 Moody, William Cone 2UC, 226 Moon, Gladys Bessie 4PH, 115 Moon, Wilson, 210 Moore, Debra Cecille lUC, 173 Moore, Francis Kay 2UC, 201 Moore, John William 7BA, 151 Moore, Linda Jo 2UC, 228 Moore, Mary, AG, 138 Moore, Mary Patricia 3NR, 307 Moore, Michael Terry 2UC, 175 Moore, Paul Eugene 4EG, 397 Moore, Richard Gerald 7EG, 112 Moore, Sandra Lynn 3AS, 241 Moore, Stephen Bernard lUC, 169 Moran, Carol Sue 4ED, 241, 397 Moran, Scott 2UC, 181 Moran, Sharon Eliz 4AS, 397 Morell, Alan Anthony 3PE, 219 Morey, Jerry Scott 2UC, 176 Morfi, Orlando 1UC, 183 Morgan, Daniel Bruce 4AG, 397 Morgan, Marilyn Sue 4ED, 241, 397 Morgan, Robert Lester 3BA, 193, 397 Morgan, Walter Lee III 4BA, 193, 397 Morgenstern, Michael H. lUC, 203 Moriber, Mitchell R. 4AS, 397 Morneault, Albert W. 4EG, 148 Mornick, Neil Jay 2UC, 169 Morrell, Mary Jane 4JM, 162, 397 Morris, Donald Edward 4EG, 203 Morris, Norman 1UC, 214 Morris, Suzanne M. 3AG, 138 Morris, William Terry 3AR, 195 Morrison, Mary K. 4AS, 165, 397 Nagel, Gerald Allan 4BA, 226, 398 Nash, Edward Franklin 4BA, 134, 398 Nash, Judith Ann 2UC, 109 Nater, Dennis Michael 4AG, 219, 398 Nathan, Edward Charles 1 UC, 111 Nation, Barry Hamilton 3AS, 205, 398 Navarro, Jose Felix 4PH, 151 Nawrocki, David Edmund lUC, 176, 346 Neck, Mary Virginia 4PE, 152, 398 Neely, Armistead C. 4AS, 224, 398 Neihardt, Joseph Howe 7BA, 151 Neill, Robert Danby 3AS, 209 Nellums, Wayne N. 3BA, 224 Nelson, Donald M. 4EG, 154, 398 Nelson, Souglas R. lUC, 237 Nelson, Marion G. Jr. 4BA, 226, 398 Nesbitt, Harrison W. Jr. lUC, 196 Nettles, Darrell Wayne 2UC, 239 New, Katherine Miles 4JM, 108 Newcomer, John Ray 4BA, 195, 398 Newell, Richard Allen 4BA, 134 Newlan, Mary Linda 2UC, 241 Newman, Barbara Claire 4ED, 398 Newman, Barbara Lee 4ED, 186, 398 Newman, Gene Lewis 3PE, 176 Newmark, Andrea Iris 2UC, 116 Newson, Ray, 324 Newton, Clifford C. 4EG, 148 Newton, James Robinson lUC, 183 Newton, Joy, 228 Morrison, Tommy C. 3BA, 176 Morrow, Joel Ernest 4AR, 397 Morse, Anne Ebba 4AS, 397 Morse, James Robert 4BA, 239, 397 Morse, Maury Lee 2UC, 160 Morton, John Watson Jr. 4AS, 98, 94, 351 Moschell, Deborah L. 3ED, 340, 341 Mosley, Orville J. 4JM, 397 Mosrie, David 4AS, 237, 397 Moss, Benjamin Barnett Jr. 3AS, 226 Moss, Gary Allen 1UC, 203 Moss, Thomas Edward III 4PH, 151 Mott, Dean, 108 Mouldin, Richard Be. 4EG, 154 Mount, Anson, 264 Mount, Robert Eric Jr. 5PH, 150, 397 Moustakas, Dionysia V. 1UC, 162 Moyer, Gordon Seekins 4BA, 397 Moyers, Rena Claudia lUC, 186 Moyler, Briant G. 175 Mroch, James Alvin 7BA, 151 Mullarky, Mary Rene lUC, 173 Muller, Cynthia Rosa 4ED, 397 Muller, Ilona Louise 4NR, 397 Mullon, Christopher G. 3JM, 176, 397 Mumbauer, Eliz Gray 4PH, 149 Mumford, Richard J. Jr. 3AS, 176, 397 Mundy, Charles Edward Jr. 4AS, 196, 397 Muniz, Enrique 4AS, 397 Muniz, Shirley Anne lUC, 241 Munoz, Hortensia Marta lUC, 173 Munoz, Louis Augusto 1UC, 195 Munroe, Margaret 398 Munson, John Karman 5PH, 150 Munson, Rosalie J. 4NR, 398 Murphy, Alan Mitchell 3BA, 226 Murphy, Charles Otis 2UC, 175 Murphy Harry Staub 1UC, 183 Murphy, James Brannen Jr. 2UC, 175 Murphy , Michael Brian 3EG, 205 Murphy, Rodney Arthur 4ED, 398 Murphy, Steven Gregory 3JM, 220 Murray, Geoffrey P. lUC, 226 Murray, Madalyn, 264 Musgrave, David E. Jr. 4BA, 140 Mustelier, Gustavo III 3JM, 121 Mutzer, Susan Lynn 4HP, 398 Myers, Eleanor Mahon 2UC, 138 Myers, Frederick John 4BA, 140 Myers, John Albert 7AS, 210 Myers, Ronald Bruce 2UC, 169 Myers, Terry Ray 3AS, 144 Myers, Wade Cooper lUC, 224 Myking, Brent, 74 Myrick, John Lanier 4BA, 219, 398 443 Oshea, John Thomas 4AS, 100 Oshea, Kathleen Ann 1UC, 147 Osman, Karen Louise 3ED, 186 Osman, Richard Lee 3EG, 206 Ossowski, Robert John Jr. lUC. 239 Ostergard, Don Carl 2UC, 230 Ostland, Roru, 184 Ostrander, Randy Brent lUC, 324 Otis, Jane Adele 3ED, 175, 399 Otto, Linda Lea 3JM, 179 Overbey, Charlotte Ann 2UC, 144 Overfield, Mary Gresh 4NR, 399 Overholt, Janel Gay 1UC, 165 Overman, Charles H. III 4EG, 211, 399 Owen, Joyce Karen lUC, 179 Owen, Mary Adelaide 4ED, 184, 399 Owens, Andy 104, 219, 330, 332, 334 Owens, Gene Tunny Jr. lUC, 195 Owens, James Norwood 2UC, 193 Owra, William Martin 7BA, 151 Oxford, Bonnie Gaye lUC, 201 Ozell, Camille Diane lUC, 216 Ozier, Willis John 4BA, 140 Nicholas, Alexander S. 4AS, 104, 146 Nicholetti, Christine, 201 Nichols, Jean Frances 3HP, 147, 153 Nichols, Kathleen L. lUC, 184 Nichols, Rex Lamar 5AR, 195, 398 Nicholson, Robert C. Jr. 1UC, 183 Nickerson, David George lUC, 183 Nickerson, William Wesley 5EG, 398 Nickeson, Carl James 7AS, 205 Nicoletti, Christine, 398 Nielsen, Alicia Anne lUC, 241 Nielsen, Sherril Ann 2UC, 199 Nienaber, Edward Lawrence 2UC, 226 Nifong, James Michael 2UC, 196 Nigels, Debe Lynn 4ED, 228, 398 Nixon, Richard, 247 Nixon, Lawrence Joseph 1LW, 226, 398 Noble, Penelope Susan lUC, 179 Noblet, Norman Chester 2UC, 181 Nobo, Louis Heradio 3AS, 181 Nolan, Wanda Marvina 4ED, 398 Noll, Mary Jane 4PE, 152 Noriega, Jenaro A. Jr. 5AR, 398 Noriega, Steven lUC, 324 Norman, Ronald Farris lUC, 195 Norred, William James lUC, 196 Norris, John Frank Jr. 4BA, 398 Norris, Robert William 4BA, 266 Norris, William Paul Jr. 7AS, 398 North, Andrew Stewart 1UC, 355 Northup, William Edwin 2UC, 219 Norton. Carol Anne 3AS. 398 Norton, John S. Jr. lUC, 237 Norton, Linda Elaine 2UC, 162 Novak, Verna Marie 2UC, 109 Nowlin, Thomas Blair II 5AR, 262, 398 Noyes, Therese E.R. 4PE, 152 Nuhfer, Edward Clifton lUC, 183 Nungesser, Susan Rhea 2UC, 147 Nunn, Barbara Elaine 4AS, 106, 398 Nunn, Bartlett Zinn 3BA, 230 Obregon, Abelardo A. 4AR, 110 Obrien, Dennis Edward 3BA, 225 Obrien, Lorraine Marie 4ED, 398 Obrien, Peggy Anne 3ED, 179 O ' Connell, 28, 105, 229, 238, 292, 297 O ' Connell, Thomas M. Jr. 4AG, 175, 398 O ' Connor, Nancy Carolyn 4AS, 398 Odell, Carlos Everett, 1UC, 226 Odell, Taunya Gem 2UC, 199 Odell, William Joseph 2UC, 195 Odoherty, Brian A. 7BA, 151 Odonnell, Margaret D. lUC, 199 Ogier, Frederick Carl Jr. 4BA, 219, 398 Ogram, David Ralph 4AR 110 Oham, Pamela W. 4AS, 166, 398 Ohnstad, David Wayne 2UC, 177 Okon, Walter James 2UC, 210 Okula, James Robert 2UC, 116, 181 Oldham, Sandra Alice A 3AS, 114, 398 Olen, Pamela 4AS, 399 Olivenbaum, James Edward 7EG, 148 Oliver, Kitty, 147 Oliver, Richard F. 3JM, 146, 220 Oller, Keith Alan lUC, 109 Olmetti, Daniel James 2UC, 193 Olowin, Edwin J. Jr. 4PH, 150 Olsen, Jeffrey Charles 2UC, 177 Olsen, Richard Sigurd 3EG, 219 Olsher, Richard henry 4EG, 399 Olson, Donald Gordon 1UC, 232 Olson, James Raymond lUC, 175 Olson, Linda Carl 2UC, 162 Omalley, mary Jane 4AS, 399 Omenhiser, Terry Allen lUC, 193 O ' Neill Dianne Monica 4ED, 399 O ' Niel, James Edward 3BA, 134 Onorato, Christine A 2UC, 186 Oppel, Joan Eileen lUC, 165 Ormandy, Tracey Burt 2UC, 179 Ortega, Odalis 3BA, 228 Orth, Margaret Loretta 4BA, 228, 399 Osborne, Duane Lee 4BA, 140 Osen, Richard Jr. 4EG, 399 Osgood, Murray G. 4EG, 399 Osguthorpe, Barbara A. lUC, 212 p Pace, John C., 60 Pace, Sal Anthony 4AS, 399 Pacsons, Susan 184 Padecky, Robert E. Jr. 4JM, 399 Padgett, Kenneth E. Jr. 4BA, 225, 399 Page, Brian, 104 Page, John Bryan 4AS, 146, 210, 399 Page, Mickey, 154 Page, Robert John 4BA, 399 Page, Thomas Michael 3AG, 227 Page, William Bruce 4BA, 104, 346 Palahach, Michael 2UC, 318, 326 Palevich, Paul 4AS, 193, 399 Palko, Thomas Bernard 2UC, 232 Palleya, Jose, 239 Palma, Ramiro Rosendo 4AR, 110 Palmer, Linda Jean 3BA, 179 Palmer, Nancy Lillian 4BA, 399 Palmour, Mary Martha 1UC, 184 Pamp, Stephanie Ruth 4ED, 186, 399 Panning, Judith Ann 4ED, 140, 128, 399 Pappas, Brian James 2UC, 193 Paredes, Faustino Jose 5AR, 110, 399 Paris, Donald Michael 4AR, 110, 399 Park, Sydney Geneva lUC, 165 Parker, Charles Richard 4JM, 181, 399 Parker, Juleus, 60 Parker, Kenneth Allen 3BA, 183 Parker, Linda Susan lUC, 201 Parker, Richard Wynn 3ED, 181 Parks, Ronald Roy 2UC, 230 Parks, Sara Marie 5AR, 110, 399 Parks, Stephen Randall lUC, 230 Parlade Miguel A. 4EG, 399 Parr, Sherrye Chase 2UC, 201 Parrado, Robert Mario 3PH, 150 Parramore, Kathy Owen lUC, 162 Parrino, Richard A. 2UC, 232 Parrish, Daryl Clyde 4AS, 109, 399 Parrich, James Lowell 4AG, 399 Parrish, Martha Louise 3ED, 133 Parrott, Gwen Marie 4ED, 165, 399 Parrott, John David 3AG, 138 Parsons, Druscilla R. 4ED, 165, 399 Partridge, Ben W. II lUC, 196 Pascual, Donna Jean 4ED, 399 Pasetti, Arleen Gail 2UC, 140, 228 Pasteris, Joan Marie lUC, 186 Pastoriza, Julio 4AS, 399 Paul, David Eugene 4AR, 144, 145 Paulk, Susan Elizabeth 4AS, 399 Paulk, Tim, 114 Paulsson, Paul Gunnar 4EG, 112, 400 Pavlick, Charles Richard 2UC, 175 Payne, Kristina S. 1UC, 241 Payne, Lee Michael 2UC, 177 Peacock, Donna Lee 2UC ' 165 Pearce, Mrs. Edward, 60 Pearl, Michael Howard 3ED, 169 Pearsall, Gail Ellen 4JM, 212, 400 Pearsall, Mary G. 4HP, 153 Pearson, William David 4EG, 400 Pease, Jacquelyn 2UC, 179 Peattie, Richard D. 4AR, 110 Peck, Edith Dayle 4NR, 144, 400 Peck, Robert Charles lUC, 183 Peek, David Hudgins lUC, 324 Peek, Eugene G. III 4BA, 137, 304, 326 Peek, Thomas William 3PE, 346 Peek, Frederick Dwyne 4AG, 193, 400 Peeples, William Henry Jr. 230 Peglar, John Shrapnel 2UC, 232 Peid, James, 206 Peifer, Joyce Lynn 2UC, 199 Pelleya, Jose Luis 4JM, 400 Pemberton, Margrette A 3AS, 400 Pemberton, Pam2UC, 120, 161, 165, 266 Penegor, James Almor 3BA, 209 Penick, Deborah Janet 4AS, 400 Penland, Gail Patrice 2UC, 199 Penney, Christine C. 4ED, 400 Penoyer, David H. Jr. 1UC, 210 Peoples, Julie Marie lUC, 184 Percy, James Leland 3AG, 138 Perez, Franc isco I. 4AS, 400 Perez, Luis 2UC, 209 Perez, Ronald Anthony 5PH, 150 Perkins, James Roy 2UC, 346 Perkins, Jorja Ann 3ED, 144 Perkowski, Charlotte A. lUC, 241 Perlman, Martin Irving lUC, 234 Perlmutter, Barbara 4JM, 108, 113, 400 Perrone, Marie Annette 2UC, 140, 228 Perry, Leslie Anne 3JM, 162 Persons, William Ernest III 4AS, 400 Pesek, David James lUC, 210 Petersen, Perry Bruce 4EG, 400 Peterson, Carl Hugh 4EG, 148 Peterson, Gary L. 178, 324 Peterson, Richard Kimo lUC, 190 Petozella, Philip William 3AS, 219 Pettijohn, Fred P. Jr. 2UC, 219 Peyerl, Fred lUC, 169 Peyser, Joan Debra lUC, 189 Pfeifle, Charles Edward 1UC, 239 Phelips, Ed, 150 Philippson, Madeline S. 2UC, 199 Philips, William Charles 3EG, 190 Phillips, Jane Susan 4ED, 189, 400 Phillips, Judith S. 4HP, 153, 400 Phillips, Pamela Ann 2UC, 199 Pickard, Hardy 4BA, 140, 237, 400 Pickering, James C. 4BA, 400 Pickering, Bill, 177 Pickhardt, George Dominic 4AG, 400 Pickhardt, Vernon C. II lUC, 140 Picton, Susan 3ED, 165 Piefer, Joyce, 212 Pierce, Donald Kenneth 4EG, 196 Pierce, Emily , 103, 106, 143, 179, 400 Pierce, Kathryn Dawn 1UC, 184 Pierce, Paul Arthur 2UC, 195 Piercy, Susan Margaret 4AS, 184, 400 Pierson, Nancy Jeanne 4AS, 162, 400 Pijot, Jo Lynn lUC, 165 Pike, David, Hankins 7EG, 181 Pikula, Mike R. Jr. 4BA, 209, 400 Pilcher, Ray C. Jr. 326 Pillmore, Robert Jay 4EG, 400 Pineus, Jeffrey, 234 Pink, Peg gy Jo Ann 3ED, 162 Pinkston, Claude A. Jr. 4AS, 272, 273 Pinuel, Tena Lee lUC, 186 Pinyerd, Terry L. lUC, 232 Pischke, Steven Keith 1UC, 226 Pittman, Carl Wesley 4AG, 138, 239 Pitts, Larry Ray 3EG, 196 Plapp, Robert Lee 4AS, 400 Platt, Harold Calvin 3AG, 138 Pletts, Lee Alice 4AS, 98, 103, 162, 400 Plume, Susan Wendy 3AR, 400 Plumer, Elizabeth Ray 4ED, 400 Pockey, Bruce James 2UC, 220 Poe, Cheryl Ann 1UC, 179 Poe, Diane Louise lUC, 162 Poe, Leslie Newton 3AG, 170 Pogue, Beverly Nan 4ED, 400 Poll, Cynthia Ann lUC, 179 Pollack, Mark Elliott lUC, 234 Pollard, William Earl 2UC, 239 Pollock, George Kay 3AS, 205 Ponce, Manuel 4AS, 205, 400 Ponce, Olga Carol 3NR, 186 Ponce, Sergio Daniel 3BA, 193 Poncoast, Fred, 327 Pond, Linda Lee 4AR, 400 Pons, Margaret Teresa 4ED, 179, 400 Ponticello, Charles E. 2UC, 230 Pontones, Sherron Rae lUC, 199 Poole, Louise, 400 Poole, Samuel E. III 2UC, 154 Pope, Carol Ann 3NR, 173 Pope, John Reeves 2UC, 225 Pope, Pam 144 Popejoy, Kyle Keith lUC, 209 Porro, Barbara Gene 2UC, 147, 187 Porter, Ann Claire, 4ED, 400 Porter, Kinneth, 400 Portfolio, Roger Scott 2UC, 219 Portman, Joyce Lynne 4AS, 400 Post, Charles George 3AS, 177 Post, Linda Lou 3BA, 140, 228 Poston, Nina Faye 2UC, 165 Poucher, Loren Alfred 3BA, 205 Poucher, Michael Leigh 4BA, 205, 400 Poulos, Pandios Speros 2UC, 193 Pounds, Lacoy Fred 4BA, 232, 401 Powell, Donna Woodburn 2UC, 186 Powell, Eugene B. Jr. 2UC, 326 Powell, Helen Laboon 4PE, 340, 341 Powell, Nola Gail 3ED, 228 Powers, John McLeod lUC, 225 Prado, Joe Jr. 3PH, 150 Pratt, Joann Kay 2UC, 199 Pratt, Nancy Jean 2UC, 179 Predny, Faye M. Krause 4ED, 401 Preece, Lauranne 3AS, 137 Prescott, Jimmy e Riley 2UC, 201 Press, Stephen Joseph 4AS, 401 Pressley, Michael D. 2UC, 170 Pressley, James Jr. 4AS, 104, 175, 401 Pressman, Audry N. lUC, 20, 189 Pressman, Elaine Lee 2UC, 111 Prettyman, Henry S. Jr. lUC, 234 Prewett, Johnnie Wayne 2UC, 140 Price, Gary Curtis 2UC, 227 Price, John Anthony 2UC, 220 Price, Katherine L. 4AS, 228, 400 Price, Marilyn Jean 2UC, 199 Pringle, Hale, 144 Prins, Peter Early 1UC, 209, 341 Prior, Harvey, Leroy lUC, 181 Prior, Lane Buckner 2UC, 232 Pritchard, Thomas Alex 2UC, 195 Prochaska, Laura Evatt 2UC, 199 Proeger, Terry Shannon 3AS, 181, 401 Profenius, Henri Duval 5AR, 401 Prokes, Donald Richard 4BA, 175, 401 Promoff, Pamela Ellen 2UC, 162 Propst, Edward Harold 3AS, 205 Prose, Richard Allen 2UC, 177 Provan, Eugene Douglas 3PH, 151 Prows, Deborah Renee lUC, 241 Pucci, Louis Anthony 3BA, 154 Pudney, Jo Anne 2UC, 212 Puentes, Jose Lorenzo 5AR, 401 Puentes, Joan Antonio 5AR, 401 Pula, Charles 4AR, 170 Pullum, Nancy Sue 4ED, 401 Purcell, Joanne Lynne 3ED, 401 Purser, Jno Palmer III 1UC, 227 Purvis, Martin Edmond 3BA, 181 Putnal, Recie Russ 4AG, 170, 401 Pyle, George Anthony lUC, 181 Pyle, Robert B. 4AR, 144 Pyles, Sam Robert III 2UC, 225 q Quarreir, Doris Evelyn 2UC, 138 r Ragsdale, Linda Eliz. K. 4ED, 401 Ragsdale, Richard W. 4BA, 401 Raich, Bruce Wallace lUC, 193 Railey, Anita Sue 2UC, 117, 140, 179 Raitt, Robert Franklin lUC, 193 Rambo, Donald Fay 2UC, 355 Ramer, Mary Katherine 4ED, 228, 401 Ramirez, Raul Jr. 3JM, 104, 119 444 Rand, Robert James 6BA, 134 Rane, Joy, 324 Raskin, Cheryl Ann 3JM, 108, 113 Ratcliff, Robert C. 3AS, 193 Ratcliffe, Kenneth D. 2UC, 326 Raulerson, James Edwars 2UC, 196 Ray, Janice Sue lUC, 184 Raymon, Arnold Larry 1UC, 223 Raymond, Ralph W. Jr. 4AG, 138 Rayneri, Oscar 4EG, 401 Read, William Gordon III lUC, 209 Reader, Richard Ronald 4BA, 140, 401 Reamy, Morris Robert 4BA, 401 Reaves, Thomas Johnson lUC, 324, 325 Rebol, Richard R. 2UC, 326 Reddick, David Kayle 3JM, 119 Reding, Robert Edward III lUC, 237 Redinger, Tom Carter 4AS, 190, 401 Redmon, Jerry Kyle 4BA, 401 Reed, Cathie Fae 1UC, 241 Reed, Harrel, 326 Reed, Jane Edna 4ED, 216, 401 Reed, Suzanne AG, 138 Reeder, David Lee 4PE, 152 Reep, Richard Bennett 1UC, 23 Reese, Eddie, 346 Reese, Larry Dale 4AG, 401 Reff, Eileen Toby 1UC, 189 Regimbal, Celia L 4PE, 401 Reginbald, Celia PE, 152 Dennis Paul lUC, 23- Register, Nancy 2UC, 184, 230, 265 Register, Robert Peirce 2UC, 196 Reid, James Harrell 3PE, 401 Reid, Mikell Robert lUC, 209 Reid, Nancy Anne 3AS, 162 Reid, Sandra Kay 3AS, 173 Reidenbach, Mary F. 2UC, 140 Reinberg, Roberta 2UC, 216 Reiner, Steven Meyer lUC, 169 Reiser, Pamela Louise 1UC, 162 Reiser, Paul Edward 5AR, 203. 401 Remley, Theodore 4AS, 119, 216, 402 Remsen, Larry Michael 4JM, 177, 402 Renner, Robert Lewis 4AG, 205, 402 Rentz, Ralph 3AG, 311, 313, 314, 316, Repeik, Andrew F. John lUC, 181 Repple, Glenn Allen 4PE, 239, 402 Retzke , James Earl lUC, 206 Revels, Wayne Bryant 2UC, 154 Reynolds, Arnold Gene 7EG, 195 Reynolds, John C. 1UC, 209 Rhoades, Maynard S. 1UC, 190 Rhods, Fred 232 Rice, Alfred, 181 Rice, John Samuel 1UC, 206 Rice, Kenneth L. Jr. 2UC, 175 Rice, Stephen Theodore 4BA, 154 Rice, Thomas Luther 3AS, 402 Ricevuto, Mary C. 4ED, 402 Rich, Michael Lee lUC, 175, 324, 325 Richardi, Michael John 3BA, 140 Richards, Charlse 402 Richards, Paul A. 4JM, 177, 402 Richards, Ronni Sue lUC, 165 Richardson, Thomas N. 2UC, 239 Richardson Z.C. Jr. 3AS, 237 Richens, Linda Teresa 4NR, 402 Richmond, Henry Jno. Jr. lUC, 203 Rickert, James Edward 2UC, 226 Riddell, Karen Anne 5AR, 138 Ridenour, Janis 4BA, 137, 179, 402 Rieback, Jessica Ann 1UC, 189 Riechman, Charles Ruffin 1UC, 210 Riggle, Charles F. III 4AR, 210, 402 Riggs, Charles Dewey III 3ED, 220 Rile, Robert Norman 4FY, 214, 402 Riley, Sara Ann 4JM, 402 Riley, William Joseph 4JM, 205, 402 Rinehart, James Forrest lUC, 209 Rinehart, Kevin Lewis lUC, 337 Ring, Charles Bernard III 3JM, 227 Ringwood, Thomas 4BA, 239, 402 Rinkel, Michael Joseph 1UC, 210 Rish, Ronald Lee Jr. 3MD, 210 Ritch, John Burrnette 4LW, 95, 100 Ritz, Dianne Patricia 4AS, 186, 402 Rives, James Alan 2UC, 196 Riviere, Marion C. 4AG, 154, 102 Rizzo, Guy Thomas 2UC, 193, Roach, Dan Riekert 4EG, 193, 402 Robbins, Charles Elwinn 4BA, 177, 402 Roberts, John Lawrence 4ED, 191, 402, Roberts, Judy Rosebud 2UC, 140, 162 Roberts, Margery Jean 4JM, 162, 402 Roberts, Melody Carol 2UC, 173 Roberts, Sandra Sue 4ED, 402 Roberts, Susan Lee 2UC, 212 Robertson, Barbara Ann 2UC, 199 Robertson Onelia Anne 3NR, 179 Robinson, Anne Irene 4NR, 402 Robinson, Elizabeth 4AS, 140, 165, 402 Robinson, Claire, 143 Robinson, John Dennis lUC, 227 Robinson, Robert A. III 2UC, 225, 326 Robinson, William S. Jr. 1UC, 181 Rodebaugh, Paul David 4EG, 402 Roden, Marilyn Ruth 4ED, 402 Rodgers, Ronald G. 3BA, 140 Rodney, Gary Lee lUC, 223 Rodriquez, Alfredo lUC, 193 Rodriguez, Armando C. 4AR, 110, 402 Rodriguez, Carmen C. 4AR, 220, 402 Rodriguez, Emilio E. 3AR, 209 Rodriguez, Lawrence W. 4EG, 169 Rodriguwz, Viveca Mary 3ED, 162 Roe, Richard 170 Roeder, Wendy Ann 2UC, 412 Roehl, Randolfe Ann 2UC, 133, 184 Roemer, Susan Deborah 2UC, 189 Roesch, Donna Lou 3PE, 162 Rogers, Admiral G. Jr. 7PH, 115 Rogers, David, 195 Rogers, Dwight L. III 2UC, 219 Rogers, Jean Susan 4ED, 402 Rogers, Katherine Read 3JM, 179 Rogers, Suzanne 2UC, 179, 293, 268 Rogers, M. 112 Rogers, Raymond L. Jr. 1UC, 210 Robers, Robert Michael 4EG, 402 Robers, Sandra Jean 4ED, 228, 402 Rogers, Wayne Alan 4BA, 227, 402 Rohan, William Patrick 3BA, 402 Rohlfs, Douglas Scott lUC, 183 Rohlwing, Richard H. 3EG, 232 Roisman, Harry Mark 4EG, 402 Rokeach, Steven Alan lUC, 223 Rollins, Douglas L. 2UC, 181 Romita, Jean 3AS, 140, 241, 402 Ronald, Nancy Ruth 2UC, 241 Rooks, Sharon Ann 4ED, 403 Rooney, Maria Elaine C. 4NR, 403 Roop, Janet Lee 4AS, 199, 403 Roper, Michael Allen lUC, 193 Rose, Edwin Alan lUC, 146 Rose, George Peter 2UC, 209 Rose, Harry Simon lUC, 223 Rosenberger, Peggy Ann 4ED, 403 Rosenblatt, Howard M. 4ED, 403 Rosenblum, Mark Stuart 4EG, 223, 403 Rosenthal, Paul Charles 1UC, 169 Rosenthal, Wilhelmina 4JM, 403 Roshon, Carol Ann 2UC, 147 Rosen, Michael Aurel 1UC, 223 Ross, Barry William 3BA, 403 Ross, Brent Dwane 2UC, 227 Ross, Jane Kathryn 4ED, 403 Ross, Paul Wilfred 4AG, 403 Ross, R. H. Major, 154 Ross, R. W. , 193 Rossi, Richard Arnold 4BA, 140, 403 Roth, Frederick lUC, 190 Rouse, James David 4BA, 104 Rovlands, Barbara 199 Rowland, Arnold Edward 4EG, 403 Rowley, Joe Newton 4BA, 134 Rubin, Jill Arlene 3AR, 189 Rubin, Marlyn Ann 4JM, 113, 403 Rudasill, Karen Nell 3JM, 184 Rudd, Linda Cheryl 4ED, 403 Rudolph, Michael John lUC, 183 Ruman, Daniel, J. 196 Runyon, Barry Gene 3BA, 134 Rupert, Donald Wayland 2UC, 177 Rupp, Adolf, 330 Rupp, Ellen Corinne lUC, 162 Rupp, Martha. 4AS, 103, 147, 162, 403 Ruse, Charles Kenneth Jr. 2UC, 230 Ruskin, Nancy Ellen 1UC, 165 Russell, Michael M. lUC, 209 Russo, Barry Regis 3JM, 345, 346 Russo, Jean Flora 4AS, 403 Saal, Faith Arden 4ED, 403 Sab, Joseph, 153 Sadler, Kathryn Irene 3ED, 201 Sadowski, Chester P. Jr. 4BA, 403 Saenz, Jesus Andres 4EG, 230 Safron, Daniel Harvey 3AS, 220 Sager, Jo Ann 3ED, 216 Sagonias, Peter, 147 Sahl, Soseph George 4HP, 209, 403 Salazar, Jaime M. 4AG, 403 Sale, John Rupert 4PH, 355, 353 Salemme, Mary Anne 3ED, 403 Salet, Michael Stone lUC, 219 Salter, Jefferson C. 2UC, 214 Salzberg, Sandra Irene 1UC, 216 Salzman, Diane June lUC, 189 Samball, Michael Loran 5AR. 144 Sampson, Bonnie Lou 2UC, 162 Sanchez, Pedro Lazaro 4EG, 403 Sanchez, Ricardo Dario 4AS, 403 Sanchez, Servando 1UC, 224 Sandefer, Lillian Anne 3PE, 152 Sanders, James Larry lUC, 175 Sanders, Neal Hallman 2UC, 118, 210 Sanders, William Joe 4EG, 230 Sanford, Betty Ann 4ED, 403 Sanger, Carol Ann 3JM, 118 Santille, David Mike 4JM, 326 Santuro, Cheryl Diane 4AS, 403 Sapp, Michael Keith lUC, 205 Sarasua, Jose Ignacio 4AR, 403 Sargeant, James 3JM, 175, 403 Sargent, Carin Sue 2UC, 228 Sargent, Craig Thomas 4BA, 183, 403 Sarsva, Jose, 195 Sasser, Norman Lee Jr. lUC, 225 Sathra, Marjorie Marie 4ED, 403 Satin, Nancy 4ED, 403 Satlof, Linda 2UC, 116, 135, 189, 197 Sattler, Mary K. 2UC, 162 Sauls, John Laurens Jr. 5AR, 144, Saunders, Stanley Cole 4JM, 403 Saunderson, James Edgar 1UC, 177 Sawyer, C.M. Dr., 112 Sawyer, Mark Gilbert 1UC, 196 Sawyer, Robert Lamar 2UC, 145, 210 Sawyer, Thomas Martin 2UC, 175 Saxon, James Hendricks 1UC, 203 Saymon, Donna Sue 4HP, 403 Sayre, Linda Lee 2UC, 201 Scafuti, Joseph James 4BA, 136, 403 Scally, Mark Joseph 2UC, 230 Scarborough, Warren D. 4AS, 403 Scarr, Judy Anne 4AS, 403 Schaefer, David James 1UC, 239 Scaff, Dona Lyn 4AS, 165, 403 Schaffel, Joan 3ED, 96, 135, 404 Schafuti, Joe, 177 Schallern, Michael R. 4AS, 195 Scharrer, William H. Jr. 2UC, 193 Schechter, Jerome Robert 3ED, 183 Scheck, Jay Tucker J.r 3LW, 100 Scheile, Pam, 152 Schell, George Powell lUC, 177 Schell, Wilkie Jay Jr. 3EG, 177 Schemer, Howard Ronald 3JM, 234 Schiano, Diane 4ED, 140, 228, 404 Schiele, pamela C. 4PE, 175, 404 Schmid, Carolyn Lee 3ED, 162 Schmid, Susan 3JM, 184 Schmidt, Carl Frederick Jr. 2UC, 326 Schmierer, Eric B. lUC, 220 Schnebly, John Martin 1UC, 324 Schneider, Marlene F. 2UC, 199 Schneider, Ronald L. lUC, 219 Schnitzler, Gruce 4EG, 112, 406 Schwickee, Barbara, 199 Schoen, Kathleen Ann 2UC, 179 Schommmer, Nicholas G. 2UC, 193 Schooley, Kathy, 184 Schrader, Marilynne A. 4HRP, 150 Schreiber, Gary Alan 3EG, 219 Schreiber, Sherrie B. 3AS, 404 Schroder, Aage George III 2UC, 232 Schubert, Linda Rose 2UC, 212 Schuette, Linda Adele 4AS, 404 Schulman, Clifford A. 4JM, 113, 404 Schultz, Louis Edward 2UC, 203 Schulz, Thomas Charles 4ED, 190, 404 Schumaker, Mark Lane lUC, 239 Schwahn, Linda Louise 3AS, 404 Schwartz. Jill 4ED, 404 Schwartz, Virginia I. 3HRP, 149 Schwencke, Kim Michael lUC, 230 Schwied, ronald J. 3EG, 209 Scialdo, Rosina C. 1UC, 147 Scott, Deborah Ann 1UC, 147 Scott, James Bequette 4EG, 177, 191, 400 Scott, James Morefield lUC, 177 Scott. Ann 4JM, 117, 184, 404 Scott, Patricia Gael 3HRP, 241 Scott, Susan Anne 4HP, 153 Scroggie, Sheryl Ann 4AS, 404 Scruggs, Ann Marie 4AS, 404 Scully, David Michael 5AR, 110 Scurran, Jeffrey Alan 3JM, 404 Scussel, David Wilson 4BA, 404 Sears, William John 4EG, 209, 404 Seashole, Kathryn 4AS, 165, 404 Seaton, Terry Lowe 2UC, 210 Sebesta, Wayne Francis lUC, 183 Sechen, Bernadine 3AS, 179 Sechen, Elizabeth 1UC, 179 Segal, Barbara May 3ED, 404 Segerman, Sharon Linda 4ED, 404 Segovia, Enrique Leon 3EG, 404 Seibert, Jerome 2UC, 201 Seidenberg, P.N. Jr. 3AS, 225, 400 Seidman, Karen Ann lUC, 189 Seip, Bryan Douglas 3JM, 239 Seipp, Wendy Lee 3AS, 228 Seligman, Freddie Kay 4ED, 404 Sellers, Barbara Jean 4HP, 153 Seller, Benjamin Lee lUC, 326 Selman, Susan Lee lUC, 241 Selph, James Felder, Jr. 4AS, 404 Senn, Charles Jeffrey 2UC, 209 Sercombe, Dennis A. 4JM, 113, 404 Seskong, Sheila, 133 Settle, Ronald Wade 4BA, 404 Setzer, Barry Philip 4AS, 114, 234, 404 Sexton, Douglas Lloyd 2UC, 195 Seybold, Thomas James 2UC, 105 Seymour, Priscilla A. 1UC, 201 Shachtman, Souglas A. 4BA, 237, 404 Shackleford, Steve D. 3EG, 203, 404 Shaffel, Gary, 104 Shaffer, Barry Stephen 3BA, 209 Shaffer, Megan Wynne 4AS, 241, 404 Shambaugh, Robert Linden 2UC, 177 Shampoe, Lorraine 4AS, 161, 241, 405 Shannon, Maureen L. 4ED, 184, 405 Shapiro, Susan Gail 2UC, 140 Shariff, Omar, 269 Sharpe, Bert Dr., 48 Sharpe, Marcus W. Jr. 1UC, 219 Shashy, Abraham N. M. Jr. 2UC, 225 Shaughnessy, Cindy Ann 3ED, 162 Shaw, Charles Wayne 4PE, 193, 405 Shaw, Donavan Brown 4BA, 405 Shaw, Michael Arthur lUC, 234 Sheehan, Kerry Michael 4AS, 161, 199, 405 Sheehe, Michael James 4PE, 152 Sheehe, Phillip Jerome 2UC, 346 Shefner, Susan Adele 2UC, 228 Shek, Diana Lynn 3AS, 405 Shellow, Susan Lynn 4AS, 405 Shelnut, Conni Magum 4ED, 186, 405 Shelnut, Knowlton H. Jr. 4BA, 137, 405 Shepard, Charles M. IV 4EG, 104 Shepard, Franklin D. 4AR, 137, 405 Shepard, Melissa Jane 3AS, 147 Shepard, Thomas 5AR, 146, 239, 405 Sherwood, Willis C. HI 2UC, 225 Shewc huk, Kathy Ann 1UC, 212 Shinbaum, Gail 3AS, 189 Shiplett, Roscoe W. Jr. 4BA, 175, 405 Shipp, Daniel Neal 1UC, 193 Shirek, Barbara Jo 4JM, 117 Shivers, Joe Wade 170, 405 Shoaff, Howard Leroy 2UC, 183 Rust, Dennis Arden 4JM, 403 Rutan, Michael L. 4PE, 152 Rutansky, Helene sue 3AS, 216 Rutkowsky, Walter F. Jr. 3AS, 239 Ruzychki, Mary Susan 4NR, 403 Ryan, Sandra Elaine 2UC, 162 445 Shoat, Cynthia 228 Shoemaker, 0. Scott lUC, 239 Shore, Brent Douglas 4BA, 232, 405 Shore, Reyna Dawn 4JM, 162, 405 Shuler, Jack Arthur 4JM, 210, 405 Shuler, Jack Jr. 4AG, 154 Shull, David Alan 4JM, 193, 405 Shull, Regina Chylak 3ED, 405 Shulman, Lila Adele 4JM, 405 Sidaway, Ernon N. III 4AS, 183, 405 Siden, Laurie Ann lUC, 189 Sidney, Patricia Ann 4NR, 405 Siefert, Richard Lee 4EG, 405 Siegel, Harvey Michael 4BA, 405 Siegel, Patricia Anne 3ED, 405 Siemkowski, R. 112 Sigal, Harvey, 234 Silberfard, Eileen J. 2UC, 189 Lisvas, Paul, 144 Silverberg, Lauren 4AR, 405 Silverberg, Randall J. lUC, 234 Siverrblatt, Janet 3AS, 162 Silverman, Frederick Alan lUC, 234 Silverman, Henry M, 113, 234, 405 Silvers, James Frank 4AR, 234, 405 Silverstein, Linda T. 1UC, 161 Silverthorn, Cassandra 4NR, 186 Simmons, Dave, 210 Simmons, Michael Kent 3JM, 210 Simmons, Olive Elizabeth 4ED, 405 Simon, David Frederic 3BA, 234 Simon, Richard Bruce 1UC, 234 Simon, Walter Louis 4EG, 154 Simonetta, Louis F. Jr. 2UC, 232 Simonis, Sharah Jane 3AS, 144, 241 Simons, Skip, 151 Simonsen, Alan 1UC, 230 Simpson, Clyde Banks 2UC, 196 Simpson, Elbert Charles 3EG, 232 Simpson, Robert Michael 1UC, 237 Sims, David Paul 4BA, 204 Sinardi, Nick Joseph 2UC, 326 Singer, Jill Dee lUC, 184 Singer, Robert Scott, 4JM, 234, 405 Singler, Margaret Jean 3NR, 241 Sinnett, Jamie Anne 3HP, 161 Sisler, Hary, Dr., 45 Siuda, Michael Robert Jr. 2UC, 232 Sivils, Barbara Ann 2UC, 161 Skarda, Steven Arthur 4BA, 203, 405 Skeath, John Elbur 3JM, 406 Skepsku, Paul, 146 Skigen, Davida Salles 3JM, 113, 406 Skigen, Dennis 4JM, 406 Skinner, Thomas 4AS, 205, 406 Skrivanek, Britt Edward 2UC, 304, 326 Slaght, William, 220, 406 Slaton, James Henry 3EG, 175, 406 Slavis, Rebekah Edith 1UC, 228 Slippy, William Albert Jr. 7EG, 100 Slomowitz, Linda Carol 4BA, 406 Smallwood, Sandra Jean 2UC, 147 Smehyl, John Charles 2UC, 205 Smeltzer, Janet Sue 4HP, 405 Smigel, Michael Alan 4BA, 140 Smiley, Clifford Earl 4BA, 177, 405 Smith, Alexander Hugh 3AG, 138 Smith, Armin Franklin 3BA, 219 Smith, Barbara Ellen 2UC, 162, 173 Smith, Barbara Gail 4JM, 103, 106, 406 Smith, Bernard 3JM, 354, 352, 295 Smith, Brent, 145 Smith, Carmen Louise 2UC, 116, 186 Smith, Constance Lynne 2UC, 147 Smith, Craig Arthur lUC, 210 Smith, David Bruce 3PH, 205 Smith, Dianne, 184 Smith, Dorothy, 61 Smith, Ester Ruth 4ED, 161, 186, 406 Smith, George Ronald 4BA, 175 Smith, Herbert Dixon 4PE, 220 Smith, James Albert 3AR, 191 Smith, Janet Claire 4ED, 406 Smith, J. 212 Smith, Karen Rutledge 2UC, 212 Smith, Kathleen P. 4ED, 228, 406 Smith, Linda Margaret 3AR, 162 Smith, Martha Lynn 2UC, 199 Smith, Michael Bruce 3JM, 232 Smith, Michael Sanford 4JM, 225, 406 Smith, Nancy Jo 3AG, 138 Smith, Peter Miller 4AS, 406 Smith, Ray Gregory 1UC, 206 Smith, Raymond M. Jr. 3BA, 346 Smith, Richard Edwin lUC, 219 Smith, Ronald Earle 3BA, 406 Smith, Schelly, 201 Smith, Scott Harold 2UC, 183 Smith, Sharon Elaine 2UC, 241 Smith, Steven Risher lUC, 196 Smith, Thomas Henry 3EG, 214 Smith, Timothy Eugene 2UC, 219 Smith, Virginia lUC, 162 Smith, Wendie Marie 2UC, 212 Smith, 96,98,307,309,312,313,322 Smoak, Edward Lester 3AG, 170 Smyth, Elizabeth, 184 Snelling, Valentine 4JM, 199, 406 Snyder, Barry Russell 4ED, 144 Snyder, Charles Edwin 1UC, 225 Snyder, Elizabeth Anne 2UC, 212 Snyder, Judity Jane 4ED, 406 Snyder, Linda Lou 2UC, 147 Snyder, Robert Donald 4AS, 110, 406 Sodders, Matthew R. III lUC, 191 Soden, Allen Michael 3JM, 406 Sokal, Maida Joy 3ED, 189 Sokol, Marsha 2UC, 133 Solana, Terrel Marion 4ED, 406 Soler, Lourdes C. 5AR, 110, 406 Sollner, Diana Louise 3AS, 179 Solomon, Carol Joy 2UC, 189 Solomon, Herbert Fred lUC, 191 Solomon, Paula Lee lUC, 189 Soloman, Richard, 100 Solsberry, Robert F. 2UC, 265 Sorensen, Douglas Paul lUC, 324, 325 Sorensen, John Hardy 4BA, 154 Sorenson, Early M. 2UC, 220 Sorenson, Henry E. Jr. 5AR, 110 Sorrentino, Michael A. 3HP, 153 Soughers, Daniel V. 1UC, 220 Southern, Bill Fair Jr. 4AR, 406 Southwell, Michael A. 3BA, 206, 406 Spahr, David William 2UC, 209 Spain, Richard Jr. lUC, 203 Sparkman, Cecelia E. 1UC, 186 Sparkman, William 4AS, 100, 177, 406 Sparks, Linda Jane 4ED, 406 Sparks, Mary Jane 1UC, 111 Spears, Lucille 6AS, 353, 352, 255 Spector, Lois Diane 4BA, 406 Speir, Herbert A. III 4AS, 406 Spellman, Adeline Bert 4AS, 406 Spencer, Glenda Carole 2UC, 144 Spencer, James Craig 4AS, 114 Spencer, James Thomas 2UC, 154 Sperry, Martin Jay 4BA, 234, 406 Spicer, David William 2UC, 219 Spicola, Angela Roslyn 2UC, 201 Spiegel, Joan Hilarie 2UC, 186, 269 Spinale, Anna Cecilia 2UC, 186 Spinks, Daniel 0. 154 Spira, Enrique Miguel 2UC, 234 Spitler, Terrance Lee lUC, 181 Spitzer, Alexander 3LW, 234, 406 Spivey, Danny 3BA, 193 Spivey, Gena D. Timmer 4ED, 406 Spivey, Wayne 4BA, 154, 406 Spool, Mark Douglea 2UC, 111 Spool, Philip Gary 2UC, 111 Spool, Richard Dana 4AS, 111, 406 Spooner, John Farr 4AG, 232, 406 Spoto, Ronald Americus 2UC, 203, 406 Spradley, Daryl Edward 4JM, 230, 407 Sprague, William Richard Jr. 3BA, 175, SQuillante, James Thomas lUC, 175 St. Jacques, Margaret N. 4JM, 403 Stabler, George Allen lUC, 146 Stalnaker, Lance K. 3JM, 205 Stalnaker, Thomas Gaston 3BA, 407 Stamm, Benneth Jean 2UC, 147, 241 Stancil, Hale Ralph 4BA, 134 Stanfield, James Fordham 3JM, 205 Stang, Gerald 1UC, 194 Stanley, Dennis Dr. 67 Stanley, Franklin D. Jr. 2UC, 210 Stansfield, Jerry Thomas 4AR, 407 Stanton, Celeste, 201 Stanton, John Cooper 3EG, 193 Stanton, John W. Jr. 3EG, 407 Stapleton, Nancy Sue 2UC, 147 Stark, Lewis R. 4BA, 193, 407 Stark, Martha Ann 5AR, 144, 147, 241 Starling, Alan C. 4BA, 219, 497 Starling, Shirley P. 2UC, 212 Stearns, Robert Goodhue 4BA, 407 Stecher, Jane Legare 4JM, 113, 407 Steele, David Barry lUC, 203 Steen, Malcolm Everett 3BA, 136, 326 Steers, Lauralee 3ED, 212, 407 Steffen, Wade Edward 2UC, 225 Stein, David Efic 2UC, 111 Stein, Lisa Rose lUC, 216 Steinheimer, Linda G. 3AS, 216 Steinwender, Theodore L. 4AR, 110, 407 Stenstrom, Ronald Paul 4BA, 140, 407 Stephens, Robert Louis lUC, 219, 326 Stephens, Ronald A. 3AG, 138 Stevens, James Daniel 3PE, 144, 145, 407 Stevens, Robert 4EG, 112, 237. 407 Stewart, Danna Nelson 4AS, 237, 407 Stewart, Gary Lee 1UC, 303 Stewart, Gary Wallace lUC, 205 Stewart, Gregory Thomas lUC, 183 Stewart, John Elliott 4EG, 170 Stweart, John S. III 5EG, 407 Stewart, John S. III 4EG, 407 Stewart, Marlene Jean 2UC, 135, 184 Stewart, Mary Elizabeth 2UC, 201 Stewart, Mary Linda 4AG, 154, 407 Stewart, Robert Gregory lUC, 206 Stiff, Grant Kirkland 4ED, 407 Still, Carol Elizabeth 3JM, 116, 293 Still, Joseph Koger, Jr. 2UC, 239 Still, Richard Charles 4EG, 205 Stine, Allen Eugene lUC, 146 Stine, Virginia Higgs 4AR, 110 Stipanovich, C. Coleman lUC, 324 Stirk, Robert James 4BA, 134, 407 Sto, Rebeca 173 Stober, Daniel Richard 2UC, 225 Stobs, Carol Sue 4AS, 407 Stock, Gary Walter Jr. 2UC, 193 Stoltz, John Crozier lUC, 230 Stone, Charles Joseph 4EG, 112 Stone, Thomas Edward 4BA, 232, 407 Stork, George Harold 2UC, 239 Storm, Bayard Dewitt 4BA, 223, 407 Story, David Kent 2UC, 210 Story, Robert Bryan 4PH, 141 Stowe, Jack Livesey Jr. 2UC, 225 Stowe, William Mason 4AS, 407 Straehley, Andrew C. 3BA, 175 William Edward lUC, 346 Susan Janie 2UC, 165 Strause, Linda 3AS, 241 Strauss, James Lewis 3JM, 146 Strauss, Linda Sue L. 2UC, 135 Strawn, Robert 4FY, 407 Streeter, David A. 4AS, 203, 407 Strick, Bob, 144 Strickland, Roger K. 3BA, 154 Stringer, James Daryl 2UC, 196 Stringer, Pamela 4HP, 241, 407 Strout, Terry Howard 4EG, 407 Struble, Elizabeth J. lUC, 199 Struss, Richard Gerald 1UC, 181 Sturgeon, Lynn Claire 3AS, 165 Strumer, Katherine Ann 3AR, 241 Stutzel, Rickard Keith 1UC, 183 Suarez, Robert James 2UC, 209 Suarez-Villa, Luis 210, 407 Suber, Robert Lee 2UC, 138, 496 Sudduth, Catherine M. 2UC, 212 Suleiman, Orhan H. 3AS, 214 Sullivan, John Francis 3AS, 239 Sullivan, John Joseph 4BA, 407 Sullivan, Michael B. 3BA, 134 Sullivan, Michael James lUC, 220 Sullivan, Steven R. 3JM, 206 Summers, Sally Ann 4ED, 201, 407 Sumner, Daniel Yates lUC, 183 Supinski, William lUC, 180, 230, 407 Surrency, Ronald Dell 2UC, 225 Suter, Emanuel Dr. 62 Sutter, Joseph Eugene 5EG, 407 Svane, Patricia Louise 2UC, 162 Swan, Peter 4BA, 210, 407 Swan, Sheryl Lynn 3ED, 184 Swann, Rebecca Anne 4JM, 407 Swanson, J. 135 Swanson, Thomas Ward 3ED, 209 Swartz, Ellen Martha 4ED, 407 Sweat, Cynthia Kay 3HP, 201 Sweat, William Eugene 4JM, 121 Sweet, Jeffrey Carl lUC, 183 Sweet, John Elliott 2UC, 146 Swope, Robert Lawrence 3AS, 407 Sword, Richard Moses 4AS, 203, 408 Swords, William David 3AG, 203 Syfrett, Raymond Larry 3LW, 408 Sykes, Stephen Arthur 2UC, 175 Sykes, William John 4JM, 114, 181, 408 Sylvester, Herman, C. 4EG, 408 Szaltis, Raymond Glen lUC, 205 t Tagarelli, Albert A 3PH, 150 Taggart, George Eric lUC, 324 Talbert, Bonnie, 408 Talley, Claudia Louise 4AR, 216, 408 Tallman, Lawrence M. 2UC, 237 Tally, Louis Albert 4AS, 408 Tannen, Steven Olson 3AS, 305, 321, 326 Tanner, Leonard S. 3JM, 230, 408 Tapley, Sarah Jordan 4AS, 179, 408 Tarler, Linda Diane 4AS, 103, 106, 107, 408 Tarquino, Norman P. lUC, 206, 324 Tasis, Dianne Lee 2UC, 199, 161 Tatalovich, Helene 4AS, 408 Taylor, Carol Ann 2UC, 272 Taylor, Clyde M. Jr. 4LW, 96, 123, 149, 242, 302 Taylor, David Lloyd 3BA, 177, 148 Taylor, Donald Richard 5PH, 232 Taylor, Edward Marvin 4ED, 408 Taylor, Elizabeth A. 2UC, 161, 184 Taylor, Frank Edwards 4EG, 225, 408 Taylor, Fredrick M. Fr. 3BA, 100 Taylor, James Landy 2UC, 232 Taylor, Judy 408 Taylor, John Walker 4ED, 408 Taylor, Michael Carl 2UC, 210 Taylor, Michael Otis 4AG, 408 Taylor, Robert Locke 4BA, 408 Taylor, Sandra Clayton 2UC, 184 Tebo, Mary Jane 4ED, 408 Templin, Bruce Vincent 3BA, 208, 209 Tenczar, Robert Neal 2UC, 183 Tennenbaum, Terry S. 3JM, 234 Terry, Glen Meyers 4BA, 175 Terry, Matthew Alan 2UC, 230 Tew, Douglas Lorinza 2UC, 210 Thagard, Jim Bowen 2UC, 203 Thames, Judy Ann 3HP, 153 Tharin, Robert Manley Jr. 3AS, 209 Thibault, Frederik Hunter 3PE, 152 Thibault, Jean V. 1UC, 184 Thomas, Clark 121 Thomas, David Kieth lUC, 175 Thomas, Donna Jean 2UC, 144 Thomas, James Eady II 2UC, 225 Thomas, Kenneth H. 4BA, 408 Thomas, Norman Angelo 4AG, 408 Thomas, Pamela Suzanne 4JM, 199, 408 Thomas Robert Reese 2UC, 170 Thomas, Tommy, 177 Thompson, Donald Robert 4AS, 408 Thompson, James Gordon 3EG, 239 Thompson, Joseph F. 7EG, 183 Thompson, Lex Charles Jr. 2UC, 225 Thompson, Pamela Kay 4HP, 173, 408 Thompson, Peyton D. 4JM, 408 Thompson, Thomas Nicholas 3BA, 227 Thompson, Tony Allen 3AS, 209 Thorn, Isabel Marlene 4AS, 408 Thornton, Edward B. 7EG, 230 Thornton, Sara Kathryn 2UC, 173 Thrift, Michael L. 4ED, 408 Thurmond, Strom, 265 Thursam, Michael Joseph 3JM, 239 Thursby; Michael H. 4EG, 408 Tibor, Agnes 3AS, 114 Tidwell, Linda Marie 4AS, 408 Tidwell, Ritchie Paul 4JM, 196, 408 Tieslau, Mary Lynne 4JM, 408 Tietjen, Edward Peter lUC, 209 Tilghman, Phyllis Rose 4NR, 408 Timberlake, Robert B. 3EG, 226 Tindall, Donald C. 3BA, 232 Tinker, Patricia Ann 4ED, 408 446 Tinnell, Charles A. Jr. 1UC, 210 Tinsley, Dwight Dixon 4PH, 408 Tippins, Gayle Ann 2UC, 147, 212 Tirabassi, Ferrer A. 2UC, 227 Tison, Dorothy Helen lUC, 165 Tison, Gerald J. Jr. 3AS, 219 Tobias, Ivan Marshall 4BA, 234, 408 Tobin, Harris Albert 4BA, 408 Todd, Walter Bradford 3JM, 227 Tolbert, Catherine 4ED, 409 Tolbert, Diane R. 2UC, 186 Tolle, Edgar Earl III 4JM, 227, 409 Tomko, Andrea Dale 4AS, 173, 409 Tomlinson, John Lewis 2UC, 225 Tonks, Linda Carole 2UC, 152, 199 Toops, Phyllis Irene 4HP, 409 Toppe, Christophere M. 2UC, 98 Toppe, Jonathan R. 5AR, 96, 104, 409 Torontino, Mary PE, 152 Tost, Jeffrey 183 Totten, Catherine 4AR, 409 Totten, Nane Margaret 2UC, 179 Townsend, Dale Turner 5AR, 196, 409 Townsend , Sharon Ann 4HP, 409 Townsend, Tucker Alan 4BA, 409 Trachsel, Richard T. 2UC, 214 Tracy, Michael Terence 1UC, 195 Trammell, Andrew E. 2UC, 206 Trammell, Tona L. 4Ed, 409 Trautwein, Terry 2UC, 199 Travieso, Ruben R. 5AR, 409 Treadway, Gracie E. 3AS, 162 Treadwell, Kenneth A. 3BA, 232 Treece, Thomas Daniel 2UC, 206 Tremel, Paul Dennis 2UC, 232 Trent, John Charles lUC, 195 Trettien, Jay Frank ' , 3AS, 220 Trifiletti, John Jr. 3ED, 237 Tripp, Jane Allison 2UC, 201 Trippe, Jo Ann 1UC, 141 Tronco, Susan Andrea 4PE, 179, 409 Troup, Craig Arthur 4JM, 409 Trumbo, Carolyn Rich 3AS, 165 Truplein, Alan, 234 Tryk, Donald Alexander 4AS, 409 Tsacrios, John Carl 3BA, 146 Tuck, Patricia 2UC, 173 Tuhy, Lyndia Ludmila 4AG, 409 Tulino, Faith Lee 2UC, 173 Tullis, David Wilson 4PE, 193, 409 Tullos, Janes Ray Jr. 1UC, 177 Tully, Randolph Hyman 7AS, 272 , 4ED, 409 Tuno, Carole Jeanne 3ED, 409 Tunstall, Mary Louise lUC, 141 Turk, James Donald 4JM, 409 Turk, Robert Allen 3AR, 183 Turlington, Donald 232 Turnbull, John III 4AS, 409 Turner, Ira Douglas 6ED, 87 Turner, Kenneth Gale 4PH, 150 Turner, Lynn Lavonne 2UC, 179 Turnier, Walter C. Jr. 5EG, 183, 409 Turnipseed, Judy Ann 4AS, 409 Tuttle, Karen Lee 2UC, 143 Twedell, Stephen Edward 4BA, 140 Twitchell, Russell T. lUC, 210 Tworoger, Thomas Michael 2UC, 193 Tydor, David Pat 4EG, 409 Tylander, Caroline C. 1UC, 179 Tyler, James Wade 3AR, 219 Tynes, Jesse Paul III 2UC, 198 Tyra, Dennis James 3AS, 148 Unhig, Robert Dr. 51 Ullman, Kathleen Ellen 1UC, 165 Ullman, Stephen Thomas 3AS, 225 Umstead, Rober Nelson 3AS, 212 Underill, Harry J. III 2UC, 232 Underwood, James Wayne 4AS, 193, 409 Upson, Ann Elaine 4HP, 409 Usborne, Katherine J. 3JM, 113, 161 Uspensky, Micheal N. 230, 326 Utley, Cynthia M. 2UC, 162 V Valdes, Jorge John 1UC, 195 Valdes, Linda Joyce 3AS, 162 Valenti, John George 4FY, 409 Valentine, Ann Shelby 2UC, 199 Valiante, Denise Maria 2UC, 212 Van Dyke, Jess Michael 2UC, 225 Van Eepoel August M. 3BA, 140 Van Gundy, Carol Marie 1UC, 147 Vance, Romelle Erlene 4AG, 241, 409 Vanek, Thomas Gary lUC, 141 Vansant, James P1 III 3AS, 237 Vanvolkenburgh, C. R. lUC, 220, 409 Vasquez, Richard G. 4PE, 108, 338 Vasse, Peggy Ann 2UC, 138 Vaughn, Patricia Faye 2UC, 147, 98 Vaughn, William 4AS, 91, 100, 409 Veckman, Nina C. 1UC, 166 Vega, Charles Peter 4EG, 118, 409 Veldhuis, Joanna Marie 4AS, 409 Veldhuis, Suzanna L. 3AS, 114 Velliquette, Joan C. 3AS, 179 Veritzan, Arthur Lee 5PH, 150, 409 Vick, Dianne Marie 4JM, 199, 409 Vick, Suzanne Marie 4JM, 199, 410 Vickers, Joyce Marilyn 3NR, 212 Vickers, Mary Adalyn 3ED, 201 Vickers, Robert Leon 4AR, 195 Vidricksen, Harold Jr. 2UC, 170 Villa, Robert David 4AR, 410 Villas, Othero, 410 Villacorta, Stephen F. lUC, 210 Vinesett, Jerry Dean lUC, 317, 323, 326 Vining, Cecil Goffrey, 1UC, 219 Vining, Vickie Verlou 3ED, 147 Vitunac, Ann Emily 2UC, 186 Vogel, Howard Micheal 4JM, 113, 410 Voss, Larry Barnes 1UC, 195 Vova, Philip Sanford 4JM, 410 Voves, Martin Charles III 1UC, 346 Vrrutia, Rudy 210 w Wack, William Henry III 3LW, 100 Waddell, Cary Lloyd 1UC, 337 Wade, James Norman 4EG, 196, 410 Waff, Craig Beale 4AS, 410 Wagemaker, Larry W. 5AR, 410 Wagner, David William 4EG, 210 Wagner, Gary Edward 4AR, 410 Wagner, Richard Emory 2UC, 219 Wagner, William Bradley 2UC, 227 Wagstaff, Elaine Rich 4HP, 410 Walborn, Virginia Kay 4ED, 410 Walenius, Eugene Carl 4AR, 410 Walenius, Joanne F. R. 4ED, 410 Walk, Neal 3JM, 330, 328, 333, 335, 338 Walker, Brenda Joyce 3HP, 153 Walker, Charles Richard 5AR, 410 Walker, Cheryl Ann 4NR, 179, 410 Walker, Frances Jean 4AG, 410 Walker, Frank P. III 4AS, 177, 410 Walker, Garry Ladon 2UC, 308, 317, 326 Walker, James Brent 1UC, 193 Walker, James Joseph 4AS, 410 Walker, Paul Randolph 2UC, 219 Wall, Carol Ann 3AS. 184 Wall, Howard Ivison 1UC, 183 Wallace, Craig Stuart 2UC, 209 Wallace, Dorothy Ann M. 4ED, 410 Wallace, George, 247 Walter, Connie V. 4ED, 410 Walter, Donna Jean 4NR, 241 Walter, Joseph Henry 3AG, 138, 154 Wanamaker, William Kenneth 4AG, 410 Wantland, Mary Jo 4AS, 199, 410 Warbritton, William R. 2UC, 326 Ward, Aubrey Lewis Jr. 4AG, 154 Ward, Bonnie Gaye 4AS, 189, 410 Ward, James Dwight 4AG, 203, 410 Ward, Lewis, 170, 410 Ward, Merry Mac 3AR, 179 Ward, Michael Glenn 4AR, 196 Ware, Phillip Whitford 1UC, 146 Warmath, Stephen S. lUC, 205 Warnock, Joseph Edward 3AS, 209 Warren, Charles Edward 4AR, 145, 225 Warren, Elizabeth Hutt 4ED, 410 Warren, Jeffrey 4BA, 206, 326, 410 Warren, Wayne Lee 3AG, 170 Wassman, John Philip 4AS, 410 Waters, Allen Henry 3JM, 191 Waters, David George 3AS, 219 Waters, George Morgan Jr. 4AS, 225, 410 Watkins, Marshall Dr., 40 Watson, Cheryl 3AS, 133. 184, 268, 410 Watsonk James N. Jr. 4BA, 196, 410 Watson, James Tillman 1UC, 206 Watson, Jane, 410 Watson, Kristin E. 4HP, 186, 410 Watson, Marjorie Jane 4JM, 186 Watson, Philip Wayne 4BA, 227, 410 Watson, Robert Francis 3AS, 225 Watson, Williams 34 Watt, Helen Mae 3JM, 201 Watt, James L. 3LW, 410 Wattenbarger, James F. 1UC, 337 Wattles, Robert Charles 4JM, 180, 411 Watts, Samuel Joe 4As, 410 Waugh, James Stephen 4AS, 175, 411 Way, Suzette Marie 2UC, 162 Weathers, Jeffrey S. 4ED, 100 Weathersbee, Paul 239 Weaver, Barbara Carol 4JM, 113, 411 Weaver, Douglas M. 3JM, 138, 154, 170 Webb, Drew Holland 4AS, 225, 411 Webb, John Scott 2UC, 193 Webb, Michael John 2UC, 225 Webb, Pamela Sue 4HP, 153 Webb, Susan Celeste 4AS, 411 Webb, William Lloyd 4AS, 411 Webber, John Jerrold 3LW, 190 Weber, Jay Clar, 4AS, 190, 411 Weber, Joanne Marie 2UC, 201 Weber, Larry Allen 4AG, 411 Webster, Philip H. H. 1UC, 183 Webster, William Clark 4PE, 152 Weddington, Richard D. 4EG, 196, 411 Weeden, Roger Lee 2UC, 239 Weeks, Bruce Dwight 2UC, 181 Wehlburg, Albert F. C. 7AS, 272 Weil, Jeffrey 4JM, 113, 234, 265, 411 Weinberg, Marianne 4AR, 411 Weinstein, Fern Lea 4AS, 411 Weinstein, Stanley B. 4AG, 411 Weir, William Richard 5AR, 210 Weis, Robert Michael 4BA, 134 Weisner, Jno. Turner 3AS, 175 Weiss, Davida Sue 1UC, 189 Weiss, John Albert 2UC, 226 Weiss, Robert Alan lUC, 234 Weiss, Scott Fenwick 1UC, 175 Weissman, Michele 4ED, 411 Weksler, Marla June 1UC, 189 Welch, David James 5EG, 146 Welguisz, Frances E. 3ED, 212, 411 Wellborn, William Robert 2UC, 183 Wells, Franklin Dennis 2UC, 144, 145 Wells, John Emilus, Jr. 3BA, 205 Wells, Samuel Grier 4JM, 227, 411 Welly, George Joseph 4AS, 181, 411 Welsch, Boyd 3AS, 133, 329, 338 Wenig, Constance Lynn 1UC, 179 Werner, Gail Andrea4ED, 411 Werner, Kerry Ann 2UC, 184 West, William Craig 2UC, 225 Westberg, Susan L. 2UC, 133, 179 Westbrook, Ronald B. 1UC, 175 Westfall, Carol, 147 Westfall, David Noel 1MD. 184 Westlund, Sharon Eliz 3PH, 149 Westman, James C. lUC, 232 Wetzel, Robert Harvey, Jr. 1UC, 196 Wheatley, Janet 1UC, 232 Wheeler, Robert Cameron 4BA, 74, 205 Whipple, Larry Alan 4EG, 112, 148 Whisler, Albert D., Jr. 4EG, 232 Whitaker, Patrick, III 2UC, 193 White, Burnette Wayne 5PH, 151 White, Charles Stuart 4AG, 227 White, Christopher A. 1UC, 175 White, Clement Hancock 7BA, 151 White, Dennis Ray 4BA, 210 White, Julia Kathryn 4ED, 241 White, Kathleen Maria 2UC, 145 White, Nancy Kay 4ED, 241 White, Bob 1LW, 127 White, Ronald Keith 3JM, 239 White, Susan Chandler lUC, 212 White, Susan Pauline 2UC, 212 Whitehead, Richard, 34 Whitehurst, Kristin M. lUC, 212 Whitehurst, Thomas H. 2UC, 326 Whiteman, Daniel E. 4AR, 110 Whitfield, Patricia V. 4HP Whitlow, John Daniel, Jr. 2UC, 181 Whitney, Maurine Elizabeth 1UC, 201 Whittaker, Sheryl Lyn 3AG, 138 Whittemore, Kent Guy 2UC, 227 Wiant, Barbara Lynn 4ED, 201 Wicker, James Joseh, II 1UC, 230 Wicks, James Keith 4EG, 230 Widener, Ronald S. 1UC, 181 Wieand, William Richard 2UC, 203 Wiechens, Kenneth Leo 3BA, 225 Wielgorecki, Richard E. 2UC, 239 Wiggins, Elaine T. 2UC, 162 Wiggins, Harold Quinn 2UC, 209 Joseph Ardene 3AS, 196 Wiggins, Lloyd Gregory 2UC, 326 Wilcox. Jr. 3EG, 239 Wilder, Ronald Patrick 4AS, 144 Wilder, William David 1UC, 219 Wilkerson, Carolyn D. 3NR, 147 Wilkerson, James D., Jr. 2UC, 239 Wilkinson, Bruce M. 3AS, 191 Willard, Anne Elizabeth 4NR, 147 Willard, Dawn Elizabeth 2UC, 173 Willey, Mary Anne 2UC, 212 Willey, Mary Louise 2UC, 14 ' 7, 212 Williams, Bruce Lynch 2UC, 344, 346 Williams, Daniel M. 2UC, 326 Williams, Diann 4JM, 184 Williams, Douglas Bell 1UC, 239 Williams, Eliz Harper 2UC, 173 Williams, Gregory D. 4AS, 114, 412 Williams, Janey, 179 Williams, Jeffrey Sage 3AS, 219, 412 Williams, John Edward 2UC, 225 Williams, John Richard 1UC, 193 Williams, Margaret A. 4ED, 186, 412 Williams, Michael D. 4BA, 220 Williams, Pamela Faye 2UC, 179 Williams, Paul A. 5PH, 115, 412 Williams, Randall C. 1LW, 210 Williams, Richard D. 6AS, 412 Williams, Thomas Robert 4JM, 219, 412 Williamson, Charles B. 2UC, 193 Williamson, Larry C. 3BA, 306, 326 Williamson, Walda Anne 3ED, 184 Willis, John Lester 4BA, 239, 412 Willis, Michael, 412 Willis, Wayne Shelton 4AS, 412 Wilson, Calvin L., Jr. 3EG, 220 Wilson, Charles Ruford 2UC, 146, 219 Wilson, Diane Marie 4ED, 412 Wilson, Elizabeth Gordon 4HP, 153, 179 Wilson, Linda Jane 4AS, 412 Wilson, Mary Margaret 4ED, 412 Wilson, Peter Andrew 1UC, 146 Winchester, Gary Edwin 2UC, 196 Windmuller, Helen Ann 2UC, 143, 241 Winfield, Herbert, III 4EG, 148 Winger, Lynne Ellen 2UC, 162 Winkle, Sue , 97, 103, 106, 184, 412 Winn, Bernette, 412 Winoker, Edwin Allen 3AR, 177 Winterbottom, Charles, III 2UC, 230 Wise, George Gardner, III 4EG, 112 Wise, Marjorie Ellen 1UC, 216 Wither, Susan 2UC, 184 Withington, Peter K. 2UC, 205 Witt, Charles Russell, Jr. 4JM, 209, 412 Witt, Dale Martin 2UC, 145, 209 Witters, Arthur George, Jr. 3PE, 232 Witters, Curtis Lee 2UC, 205 Wityak, Nancy Lynn lUC, 201 Wofford, Randall Robert lUC, 237 Wohlust, Robert James 1UC, 219 Wolf, John Stuart, Jr. 3AS, 227 Wolf, Sue Ellen 1UC, 189 Wolfe, James Melton 4BA, 181, 412 Wilfman, Donna 4PE, 186, 341, 412 Wolfson, Bob Earl 4BA, 140, 412 Wolfson, Nancy Ann 2UC, 143, 161 Wolking, Henry C., Jr. 2UC, 144, 145 Wolpe, Joel Richard 4BA, 140 Wood, Edward Tolle 3EG, 220 447 Wood, Stephanie K. S. 3AS, 179 Woodcock, Harry William, Jr. 2UC, 232 Woodford, Lary Steven 1UC, 205 Woodham, David Bruce 4AS, 412 Woodham, Michael Louis 4AG, 412 Woods, John Francis 4AS, 205, 412 Woodyard, Howard Dale 7AS, 412 Wooten, Robert Monroe 1UC, 214 Wooters, Holman Hill 4BA, 140 Wooters, Janice Lunn 4JM, 412 Worth, Donna Lynn 4ED, 228, 412 Wortham, Joan C. 4AS, 412 Wray, Wayne Charles 2UC, 210 Wright, Candice Lynn 2UC, 186 Wright, Carol Susan lUC, 173 Wright, Charles William 4AS, 196, 412 Wright, Roderic Mack 2UC, 227 Sue Ellen 4AS. 135. 186, 412 Wroble, Arthur Gerard 3BA, 134, 154 Wrobleski, Walter Edward 4AR, 412 Wurst, Elizabeth Ann 1UC, 228 Wyatt, Arthur Louie 4FY, 230 Donna Fay 2UC, 111 Wyllys, John Nelson 2UC, 175 Wyman, Mary Margaret 4ED, 201, 412 y Yakatan, Gerald Joseph 7PH, 115 Yancey, James M., Jr. 2UC, 326 Yancey, Robert White, Jr. 2UC, 232 Yant, John Lowry, Jr. 4BA, 232, 412 Yarbrough, David M. 1UC, 209 Yarbrough, James 3BA, 308, 316, 326 Yaros, Patricia S. 4NR, 412 Yates, Kenneth Lynn 4EG, 412, 193 Yazell, Thomas Alex 3JM, 412 Yeary, Joanne Ross 1UC, 147 Yewtuck, Alexander William 4PH, 151 Yost, Jeffrey Egan 4BA, 140, 412 Young, Alan Tilton 4BA, 412 Young, Alex Stuart, Jr. 3JM, 227 Young, Ann Myrle 4ED, 412 Young, Betsy Lee 3ED, 147 Young, Cecelia Emrich 4NR, 412 Young, Katherine 4ED, 184, 412, 268 Young, Kenneth Joel 4ED, 170, 412 Young, Laura Lyn 2UC, 111 Young, Sandra Diane 2UC, 241 Young, Terrell Ann lUC, 186 Youngblood, Herbert lUC, 308, 309, 326 Younker, Linda Irene 2UC, 144 Yuschak, Dorothy Vera 4AS, 162, 412 Zack, Stephen Neal 4AS, 158, 412 Zadeh, Anita Sue 4AR, 412 Zander, Marjorie Fay 3AS, 144 Zeientz, Judith Ann 4NR, 216, 412 Zeigler, Gary Jos eph lUC, 203 Zeigler, Robert, 412 Zeigler, William Eugene 2UC, 220 Zeiler, Helen Louise 2UC, 152 Zelch, James Frnacis 5PH, 151, 412 Zeleznik, Dennis Roger 1UC, 219, 326 Zeltman, Gail Florence 4JM, 113, 412 Zenzel, Beverly Elayne 3ED, 165 Zewadski, Edith Brown 1UC, 412 Zewadski, William 4LW 97, 98, 100 Ziegler, Robert Lee 4EG, 158 Zinkovich, Karen Anne 3NR, 241 Zinober, Joann R. 4JM, 98, 412 Zinober, Peter 97, 123. 144, 234, 412 Zion, Clara Jo 1UC, 216 Zirpola, John M., Jr. 1UC, 191 Zohn, Frank Michael lUC, 230 Zue, Victor Waito 7EG, 115 Zussy, Donald Duane 4AS, 412 Zussy, Nancy L. Roche 4ED, 412 Zwicke, Alice Mae S. 2UC, 147 448

Suggestions in the University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) collection:

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