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1967 SEMINOLE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA VOLUME 57 GAINESVILLE APRIL 1967 CONTENTS LITTLE THINGS BEGIN 1 INTRODUCTION 1 ADMINISTRATION 16 ACADEMICS 28 SERVICE 62 LEADERSHIP 94 ORGANIZATIONS 110 ACTIVITIES 138 HOUSING 190 SPORTS 208 GREEKS 282 GRADUATES 368 CLOSING 400 SENIOR DIRECTORY 408 INDEX 415-416 LITTLE THINGS open a new life for entering freshmen and make the year complete for graduates . . . little ones become future alumni, while parents struggle with homeivork and livelihoods . . . spring beckons in February ' s idling days and blasts into March ' s gales . . . Honor ' s fruits ' re much more than apples . . . and with the setting sun, little things bring the days to a close . . . each star making a new dream in the skies . . . V " I It ' s the man in the bleachers that counts . . . his determination puts life into the sunken gridiron . . . some memories bring disappointment; the campus shon-s its faces in victory and defeat . . . Orange and bines unfold into tradition, yells and the University . . . and the fire ' s warmth keeps spirit high into the night . . . ATTENTION POSITIVELY NO RECREATIONAL GOLF ON THIS FIELD EXCEPT ON SUNDAYS lUf F. LD. Required n i A timetable that beckons hurried passengers . . . Nature ' s prowess defies the cold and immovable . . . Tradition faces a new building program . . . mem- ories build from day to day . . . And people still come: making little things mean a lot and not realizing just tvhat they are . . . f fc XJ; ' xu ' _l_ J j u ADMINISTRATION Little things mean empty ashtrays in the morning, full at night . . . tico committee meetings at once . . . scores of inemos, letters and calls . . . more questions, what ' ll the anstver be this time? . . . ice to knoir ire have some friends . . . Christmas brings relief, note for those late Af ril da s . . . Home ' s Tigert Hall this weekend . . . another banquet, speech to make . . . ichere ' ll the dollars come from? . . . and little things all add up . . . 17 TDEMOKIRKS ' PUT KIRK IN Claude Kirk ' s " Demokirk " blitz of the No- vember general elections put the Grand Old Party in the drivers ' seat for Florida for the next four years. Kirk bested Democrat candidate Robert King High with over a 100,000 vote majority with a heated campaign in which Kirk called for more support to education, no hikes in state taxes and " cleaning up " the state ' s governmental and political machine. Miami Mayor High fought a hard campaign calling for more " integrity " in the campaign trail issues and government. Both Kirk and High visited the UF campus during the campaign, and High got an editorial endorsement of the Florida Alligator for his promises to higher education. Kirk, a Jacksonville insurance executive and investor, immediately pledged himself upon as- suming office in his January inauguration to clean up the state ' s government. He called a special session of the state ' s Legislature to con- sider the work of the constitutional revision committee. Gov. Haydon Burns, defeated by High in the second Democratic runoff, bowed out of the governor ' s seat with promises to serve the state whenever " it would call whatever the office. " Burns, a controversial figure on campus, was blasted in the fall trimester by The Alligator on numerous occasions for his treatment of the Board of Begents ' policies and his own direc- tives regarding University education. Gov. Kirk ' s first official visit to the campus was set in January during the Accent ' 67 pro- gram. Gov. Claude Kirk 18 Board of Regents 19 PRESIDENT J. WA YNE REITZ REITZ RESIGNS AFTER 12 YEARS THINKER, DOER, STALWART TO IDEALS President J. Wayne Reitz ' s a busy adminis- trator, overseeing everything from electric pow- er rates to incoming freshmen ' s problems. Tigert 226 ' s the pilot house of the adminis- tration and the president ' s office lights burn into the night making policies, writing speeches and directing university policies through deans and other administrators. Dr. Reitz, in his 11 years as UF President, is well at home in the university community; he ' s active in his fraternity, church, academic discipline agriculture and his family. He ' s been described by the state press as a " thinker, a doer and a stalwart to ideals. " His humor ' s noted in his sharp wit and his presence ' s noticed from Lake Alice to the dorm- itories. From Dollars for Scholars campaigns to football games he ' s the university ' s leader. 20 k " W L ' B FfP 1 21 A D. I IX LSI R A 1 1 7: DliA A " .S COUNSELING ' S ONLY PART OF THEIR WORK Robert B. Mautz Vice President for Academic Affairs Administrative work of the University is in the hands of the deans. Their work varies greatly from orientation to graduation, coun- seling, lecturing and receptions and teas. A large part of the concern of the deans lies in the solving of student difficulties and prob- lems. Deans constantly strive to improve com- munication between students and administra- tion. Deans counsel faculty and students, and rep- resent the UF in their many contacts from day to day. Deans work many long hours for the Flor- ida student to make campus life run smoothly. F. W. Conner Vice President Dr. Frank Adams Dean of Men Dr. Betty Cosby Dean of Women 23 VH THEIR WORLDS: BOOKS, BUDGETS, Lester L. Hale Dean of Student Affairs Richard H. Whitehead Registrar 24 BADGUYS, BUSINESS f PW W. Ellis Jones Director, Division of Planning W. E. Elmore Business Manager Stanley West Director, University Libraries RESEARCH, ALUMNI, DIRECTIVES L. F. Haines Director, University Press G. W. Corrick Director, Development Service W. ]. Watson Director, Alumni Services MAKE WORK FOR THEM A. J. Robertson Dean, University Relations and Development - . C. Dickinson Director, Florida State Museum 27 ACADEMICS Little things add up here, too . . . it ' s June 28, 1778, and Monmouth Courthouse for the historian . . . May 24, 1822, for the Latin American scholar . . . patient census and infec- tions for the nurses . . . mouths to feed for the agriculture students . . . It ' s a 4.0 for one and 2.0 for many . . . it ' s not how one learns, it ' s what he learns . . . knowing when to stop . . . com- mon sense . . . will we get enough professors and how ' ll we pay them? . . . admissions get rougher . . . and little things make the termpapers, tests and degrees of learning and re- tension . 28 I 29 UI 1 VJtlKMl I BASIC STUDIES EQUIP STUDENTS FOR UPPER If the student is willing, the University Col- lege, in administering his program for the first two years, does three things for him. It provides him with the elements of a liberal education aimed at helping him design the pat- tern of his life rather than primarily to make a living. It gives him time to explore and to choose the right upper division college and the proper field for the professional endeavor in which he will make his living. The University College provides continuing guidance and counsel in order to achieve the most perfect matching of the resources of the University with the talents of the student. The general education program adds up to a reasonably severe discipline, but the rewards are substantial and lasting. The enrichment of life, personal fulfillment, becoming a more than adequate parent and usefulness to the human community these follow from being well grounded in the arts and sciences, from having a reasonably thorough acquaintance with the sweep of the human experience. The general and liberal studies offered in University College equip a person with the sta- bility and resilience so much needed in an age of unprecedented change. .30 DIVISIONS Franklin A. Doty Dean, University College C-courses make its core, success for many, disappointment for others; its discipline means a proving ground for further study. 31 UK.I2. FOR FARMERS HUNGRY FLORIDIANS MAKE " BIG BUSINESS ' Agriculture is a skilled profession deeply rooted in science biological, physical and social. It is also a gigantic, vigorous industry, with in- vestment equal to half the value of all corporate stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The American farmer supplies food for him- self and 31 other persons. This is a record un- equaled elsewhere in the world. Americans are the best fed people on earth, a result of team- work of scientists, educators, farmers, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Agriculture reaches beyond its farms and ranches. Production is the basic segment, but agriculture includes supplies of feed, fertilizer, seed, machinery, tools, fencing and other items necessary in farming. It also includes those bus- inesses and industries concerned with assem- bling, processing, warehousing and marketing the products of the farm and ranch. The College of Agriculture is concerned with providing the best possible preparation for ser- vice in the broad areas of agricultural science, business and technology. Career opportunities are unlimited for graduates who are properly prepared for service in these areas. 32 I M. A. Brooker Dean Orchids, greenhouses, dirt a good physical complex, with labs over the state, agriculture ' s one of Florida ' s prized colleges. E. T. Yorfc, Jr. Provost 33 A1MLJ FINE ARTS . :3 THE . : NATION THE 60 TRMWGKODI IHt .OH AND D 3fc " - AND (( ' s ltlf I ' 1 - ' - FICTION ( WAl MNG A Mf!lC- IUCE OF ARCH1TI !ED IN HIS PH WE.AMR HALI THIS f fr bV THE IHE .1CTS ' 6(1 34 COMPLEX GROWS The College of Architecture and Fine Arts provides instruction for students who seek pro- fessional careers in the building arts and the fine arts; it offers to other students of the University creative and cultural opportunities in these arts; and it performs appropriate related services for the citizens of Florida. Its organization now includes the Division of Building Arts, with Departments of Architec- ture and Building Construction, and the Bureau of Architectural and Community Research; the Division of Fine Arts, with Departments of Art and Music; the University Center of the Arts and the University Gallery. Courses in architecture, interior design land- scape architecture, building construction, fine arts, art history, crafts, advertising design, art education, music and music education are offer- ed. The University Center of the Arts serves students, faculty and the general public in pre- senting exhibitions and performances of the best works in the visual and performing arts. The University Gallery is an intrical part of the college. The exhibitions displayed range from the creations by traditional masters through to the latest and most experimental works by the modern avant-garde. Robert S. Bolles Dean Ink form and lines are its expressions; its training devclopes talents, from sculpture to the oils. 35 AI L ITS TEACHINGS: HERITAGE OF WISDOM 9 In many respects, the College of Arts and Sciences has a unique educational responsibility. In contrast to the professional colleges, Arts and Sciences has the special task of teaching funda- mental knowledge which is considered to be of enduring significance to everyone, regardless of vocational goals. The college offers a student a liberal educa- tion plus specialization in the area of his choice. It provides instruction in those areas of know- ledge which serve to free men ' s minds by pre- serving, enriching and transmitting our heritage of accumulated wisdom. The basic philosophy of the college is that of continuing a program of general education extended in depth. It is its task t o provide our students with a broad and substantial education- al foundation. The college is not primarily interested in pre- paring graduates to enter the labor market; this it considers to be the task of the specialists in professional schools. Its fundamental concern is basic education and pre-professional preparation. 36 fl. E. Page Dean It concern ' s the past, present and future; its worlds are the core of the campus academic community. 37 AJJMIIMS 1 KA 1 1U1 BUSINESS LEADERS Opportunities for business leadership present an increasing challenge to able, aggressive and well-educated young men and women. The de- mands of a highly interdependent, complex eco- nomic and political system place heavy responsi- bilities upon businessmen. These responsibilities require an orientation toward maximum social service, if our nation is to continue to compete successfully with others. The College of Business Administration strives continually in its academic programs to prepare its students for this level of responsibil- ity and challenge. Requirements include em- phasis on quantitative methods of solving busi- ness problems, the human-relations aspects of business organization and management, organi- zational structures and functional operations. Underlying this framework is a broad base of the economic and social environment of business activity. The college offers a four-year baccalaureate degree program, a fifth-year sequence in profes- sional accounting leading to a second bacca- laureate degree and graduate programs leading to M.A., M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The col- lege also works actively with the business com- munity in providing research and continuing education services. 38 OF TOMORROW TRAIN Donald ]. Hart Dean Numerals, ledgers, theories all verify the economist ' s policies; accountants and administrators make tilings run smoothly. 39 TEACHING PROGRAMS ALWAYS CHANGING While expanding its horizons in education and educational research, the College of Edu- cation grows as a leader in these fields among the colleges of the nation. This year a grant from the National Defense Education Act has given the college 15 new doctoral fellowships in educational research. The program calls for an additional 15 fellowships to be added in 1967 and 20 in 1968. The grant provides the basis for a major training program in educational re- search. Three major institute programs being con- ducted within the college are the Institute for Curriculum Improvement, the Institute for the Development of Human Resources and the Insti- tute for Educational Leadership. These projects are providing a means for helpful interaction and sharing of services for the benefit of education. The College of Education has been a leader in the development of the concept of the Middle School, a school designed solely to meet the needs of the pre-adolescent and adolescent child. A year-long institute is presently studying the new concept. In addition to these advances, the college re- ceived for the first time this year eight fellow- ships in early childhood education and 12 fellow- ships in emotional disturbances. These fellow- ships will lead to the Master of Education de- gree. DRfVgRS DO NOT LEAVE CARS 40 Kimball Wiles Dean Their worlds are others to mold them in a democratic way, to help others understand themselves. 41 i Vi-1 1 1+ V. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES CHANGES CURRICULA Engineer rig ' s discipline ffoc.i via television tliroiiiili ' itit ' ' ' S v irorW.v complicated, but ri-,) ' -l ' (l in (icndcniif circlm. Engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sei- o enees gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. Engineering education has experienced tremendous growth and important changes, resulting from increas- ing population, new industries and an age of swiftly evolving technologies as well as a rising scale of technological needs. The increasing store of scientific and engi- neering knowledge and its application in the profession has had two important influences on engineering education. First, it lias been neces- sary to make frequent revisions to individual course content and to engineering curricula. Material is being taught today that had not been discovered ten years ago. Second, there has been a demand from engineers in industry for addi- tional education to bring them current with the new knowledge and its applications. The Col- lege of Engineering has met this need through its Graduate Engineering Education System, GENESYS, a closed-circuit talk-back TV system linking the College of Engineering with Orlan- do, Daytona Beach, Port Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Air Force Base. Grad- uate level courses leading to masters degrees and the Ph.D. originate from the first four lo- cations and may be received at all locations. In past years many engineering students have taken advantage of an education both at the University and in industry and in consulting engineering firms through the Florida Industries Cooperative Education Program. For a number of years the College of Engi- neering has invited representatives from industry and consulting engineering firms to visit the col- lege as a group for exchange of information and ideas; to provide a vitally interested and devoted forum against which new ideas on curricula, teaching methods and engineering research can be discussed and evaluated; and to bring the professional and industrial point of view to bear on curriculum and research projects. Currently, these industry visiting committees have been es- tablished on a department basis. 42 IV John Nattress Acting Dean 43 FORESTRY TECHNOLOGY ADVANCING The School of Forestry offers professional training at undergraduate and graduate levels in three applied science majors: forestry, wildlife and forest products technology. Students in the forestry major prepare for careers as large scale developers and managers of forest and other wild lands to meet society ' s expanding requirements for wood, water and outdoor recreation. Wildlife majors receive scientific training in propogating, protecting and managing wild an- imal and bird populations for hunting and re- lated recreational activities. Majors in forest products technology train for careers in wood products manufacturing, mar- keting and product development. All three programs require fundamental training in the biological sciences, physical sci- ences and mathematics, as well as professional subjects. The school is headquartered in Rolfs Hall. Special facilities for teaching and research in- clude two 2,000 acre University forests, a modern forest sciences laboratory and a small wood products laboratory. The school is accredited nationally by the Society of American Foresters. John L. Gray Director 44 Forestry technology takes in forests, logs and lumber; its discipline involves research and administration in undergraduate courses. 45 BOASTS AMERICA ' S 3rd HIGH ENROLLMENT One of the pace-setters in journalism educa- tion, the School of Journalism and Communica- tions became the third largest in America this year with an enrollment of 517. This 46 per cent growth was the highest of all units in the University this year. In addition, Director Rae O. Weimer report- ed approximately an equal number of lower division students taking pre-professional courses. The graduate program has doubled in the last two years. Based on a broad background in liberal arts and sciences, the school offers professional pro- grams in advertising, broadcasting, news-editor- ial, public relations and technical writing. Em- phasis in the professional fourth of the program is placed on practical experience through adver- tising and editorial work on the Gainesville Daily Sun, and in the University ' s radio and television stations, WRUF-AM-FM and WUFT-TV. In addition to serving all media with work- shops and seminars, the school operates the University educational television station in teach- ing college courses and public school courses in the surrounding eight counties. Rae O. Weimer Director 46 The School of Journalism and Communications offers experience in photography, typesetting, television and news fields. 47 LAW Frank E. Maloney Dean 48 LAW COMPLEX GETS ' SPADE ' AT HOMECOMING Several generations of lawyers have received their legal education in the present Law Build- ing but the old plant, completed in 1914, can- not hold out much longer under modern de- mands. Over 700 law students currently occupy a facility which would barely be adequate for half that number. It is anticipated that the new Center will be completed by the fall of 1968 and the site is located in Beta Woods. The College now produces doctors as well as lawyers for the degree of Juris Doctor is now conferred instead of that of Bachelor of Laws in order to accord recognition that this is a profes- sional school requiring each applicant to hold a baccalaureate degree as a basic prerequisite to admission. The goal of the college is to impart a thor- ough, scientific and practical knowledge of the law, together with an understanding of its role in a democratic society. Its purpose is to develop keen, efficient law- yers who will respect the ideals and traditions of the profession. The curriculum places emphasis upon practical skills as well as legal theory; problems of the modern world as well as histori- cal perspective; the creative aspects in drafting documents as well as legal doctrines. Law School means courts, entertainment, politics and more politics, intramurals and finally, a Juris Doctor. 49 HZALltl FLORIDA ' S TOP MEDICAL COMPLEX The J. Hillis Miller Health Center of the University is a modern complex of institutions which advance human health and train tomor- row ' s leaders in the health professions. It includes the College of Medicine, the Col- lege of Nursing, the College of Health Related Professions, the College of Pharmacy, a new College of Dentistry and the Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, which is its center for modern patient care and clinical training of new physicians and others in the health fields. The academic programs of the Health Cen- ter prepare students to understand that tomor- row ' s health care must focus on the community in order to achieve the long range health of man and to help them understand that meaningful health care involves the health team: the phys- ician, the nurse, the pharmacist, the dentist, persons in the health related professions; the educator, the counselor, the body of men and women who by training together and later by working together contribute more effectively to a person ' s well being and to the community ' s well being. The health-oriented professions exchange in- formation within the Health Center and draw upon the other resources of the University to further man ' s understanding of the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease. Samuel P. Martin Provost 50 fc From infections to X-ray therapy the Health Center does the impossible sometimes. trying to help man find a better world. Emanuel Suter Dean 51 NURSING MEDICINE NOT ONLY JOB FOR NURSES The College of Nursing is concerned with assisting persons to do those things which they would ordinarily do for themselves if they had the strength, will and knowledge. The goals of nursing practice are: to prevent or over-come illness or disability, to maintain health and to assist a person to complete his life with dignity and compassion. Knowledge from the psycho-social and bio- physical sciences and humanities is used to iden- tify the healthy aspects of a person, to define his health problems and to design nursing ap- proaches. Research activities of the nursing faculty are directed toward finding the nursing approaches which are most effective in solving patient prob- lems. Nurses work with physicians and other mem- bers of the health profession so that the patient and his family will receive a superior type of health care in the hospital and community. Dean of the College of Nursing and Chief of Nursing Practice, Miss Dorothy M. Smith, is re- sponsible for the nursing practice in the Shands Teaching Hospital and the nursing education of the students. Dorothy M. Smith Dean Nursing helps those who need encouragement, aid and purpose. Its talented professors are noted throughout the world. 52 TO% 53 PHARMACY PATIENTS ' CURE, PHARMACISTS ' WORK The College of Pharmacy, founded in 1923 through the efforts of Florida pharmacists, is the oldest college in the Health Center where it occupies the west wing completed in 1961. Its fine record emanates from a distinguished fac- ulty and is attested to by the success of approxi- mately 1,600 alumni, including 115 Ph.D ' s. It was first on the campus to offer Ph.D. work be- ginning in 1932. The undergraduate program embraces two academic years of prepharmacy studies in gen- eral education and three years of professional courses in the college. A new curriculum, ef- fective September 1967, features four majors: community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, man- ufacturing and research. Although 70-75 per cent of the graduates enter community pharmacies, the other areas of pharmacy offer expanding opportunities. The demand for pharmaceutical services in hospitals and nursing homes is becoming much greater. Manufacturing pharmacy is naturally expanding, calling for additional manpower, including those for research and development of new and better drugs. Dean 54 Camphor to asprin pharmacists ' world brings relief to many its academic discipline a study of chemicals and measurements. ; 55 HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS ACCLAIMED LEADER IN HEALTH TRAINING FIELDS Scientific progress has created new oppor- tunities for learning in fields which, until recent- ly, were considered secondary health services. This progress has also spawned shortages in health care, thus thrusting upon society the need to find new ways to martial health-care man- power. The College of Health Related Professions in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center is educating men and women in the various health fields as integral elements ' in the total health care picture. Juniors and seniors in the University who seek careers in the health sciences can earn bachelor ' s degrees in physical therapy, occupational ther- apy and medical technology. Graduate students may earn a master ' s degree in rehabilitation counseling, or receive graduate instruction in speech and hearing therapy, health and hospital administration and clinical psychology. Students in these health professions learn the principles and techniques of their various spec- ialties alongside students who are learning to become physicians, nurses and pharmacists. This " health team " concept gives them a unique op- portunity to learn how their individual respon- sibilities can complement each other throughout their careers and how they can work together to find improved ways of meeting the health care needs of persons and communities in an increasingly complex environment. 56 Research and teaching go hand-in-hand to make one of Florida ' s most advanced curricula. Darrel J. Mase Dean 57 PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH FITNESS: AIM OF MULTI-DISCIPLINES The College of Physical Education and Health was created in 1946 for the purpose of bringing together related disciplines under one administration. Changes have occurred over the years so that the college now provides curricula for professional physical education, health edu- cation and recreation; the programs of physical fitness and sports; and the intramural student- faculty programs of group competitions and gen- eral recreation. The over-all objectives of the college seek to provide an extensive program calculated to offer opportunity for an up-grading of the personal health and vigor of the individual through sports programs and physiological research. It assumes responsibility for the professional preparation of physical educators, athletic coaches, health edu- cators and recreation specialists. The faculty and staff feel a sense of respon- sibility to contribute to community, state and national professional leadership and aims at all times for the development of a sound mind in a sound body. Volleyball to conditioning, recreation and health, its purpose is making stronger persons. 59 GRADUATE SCHOOL RANKS 28 IN NATIONAL GRADUATE COUNCIL. Left to right: W. O. Ash, Agriculture; J. Wayne Conner, Arts and Sciences; A. T. Wallace, Agricul- ture; A. L. Koch, Medicine; W. M. Jones, Arts and Sciences; A. G. Smith, Assistant Dean, Graduate School; Wayne Chen, En- gineering; John B. McFerrin, Assistant Dean, Graduate School; Robert A. Bryan, Assistant Dean, Graduate School; A. H. Krezdorn, Agriculture; R. J. Anderson, Arts and Sciences; George K. Davis, Division of Biological Sciences; L. E. Grinter, Chairman, Dean of the Graduate School. L. E. Grinter Dean 60 Ph. D. PRODUCTION Since the awarding of the first Ph.D. degrees by the University in 1934, graduate study has experienced a phenonemenal growth. In 1950, 19 Ph.D. ' s and 4 Ed.D. ' s were awarded. In 1965-66, the totals were 144 Ph.D. ' s and 30 Ed.D. ' s. According to recent figures released by the U. S. Office of Education, the University is now 28th in the nation in the annual produc- tion of Ph.D. ' s and 34th in the nation in total production of Ph.D. ' s since 1956. The Graduate School awards the Ph.D. de- gree in forty-five separate fields ranging from aerospace engineering to zoology. The areas most recently authorized to award the Ph.D. are bioenvironmental engineering, systems engineer- ing (op erations research), pathology and- phar- macology in medical sciences. Aided by recent large grants from the federal government such as the 4.5 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to estab- lish a center of excellence in certain science and engineering fields, the Graduate School antici- pates the large expansion of graduate programs will occur in the next decade. Growing by leaps and bounds broadening its degree programs and more reasearch monies boost the University ' s prestige in state and national circles. 61 SERVICE Little things mean help . . . service to the university, com- munity and state . . . politicians, in fancy clothes, on the third floor . . . publications down in the bowels of the Florida Union ... a gap between third floor and basement . . . differing opin- ions, all striving for a better university . . . ' Seminole ' staffers publish yearbook Seminole another year, ... Parking tickets . . . money galore, but hard to get . . . quiet study back in the stacks . . . Release for the first time . . . Gator staffers put out All-Americans . . . ' University, may I help you please? ' . . . Infirmary ' s still passing out pills . . . 63 STRONG LEADERS FURTHER SG POLICIES The third floor of the Florida Union teemed with activity any weekday 2 to 5 p.m. It was. a flutter of busy workers, directed by Buddy Jacobs, who successfully completed 90 per cent of his campaign platform before the beginning of the fall trimester. Jacobs, the brainchild of the Student Party, pushed his programs in a strong Legislative Council, commandeered by Progress Party. Fred Breeze was acclaimed by Leg Council to be one of the most effective presiding offi- cers in its history. John Darlson kept the books balanced and presided over the budget requests with an iron hand. " Dorm stomping " again proved popular in finding out the students opinions of student government and how they thought it could be improved. Honor court officials worked out new inter- pretations of student rights and effective poli- cies for honor code violations. 64 Buddy Jacobs Student Body President Fred Breeze Student Body Vice President John Darken Treasurer Herb Schwartz Honor Court Chancellor Tom Smith Honor Court Clerk 65 CABINET BODIES AND ASSISTANTS Cabinet officers pushed successful comple- tion of Student-Progress platforms to create a better student government. International students benefited greatly from this cabinet position. Presidential assistants were the " real " work- ers on the Florida Union ' s third floor. Mimeo- graphing, making calls and pushing themselves into their crowded office to do their work all are a part of student government cabinet head- aches. Cabinet positions are the proving ground for future student government leaders. Their work often means success in future campus aspirations. STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET. First Row (l-r): BiU Lassiter, Inter-University Affairs; Carolyn Greany, Wom- en ' s Interhall President; Nel Laughon, Traditions; Bob Har- per, Legislative Affairs, Second Row: Wayne Rich, Housing; Charles Shepherd, Administrative Assistant; Patrick Kettey, Student Activities; Bob Imholte, Academic Affairs and Men s Interhall President; Bill Gregg, Alumni Affairs; Wayne Thomas, Organizations; Ed Karen, Men ' s Affairs. Third Row: Tim Donahue, International Affairs; Brue Rogow, Finance; Ken Mingledorff, Inspector-General; William Sul- livan, Traffic and Safety. MAKE POLICIES WORK Judy Miller Presidential Aide Mrs. Eudine McLeod Secretary Bt ' Charlie Shepherd Presidential Assistant Joe Hillard Presidential Aide BLOCS BUST, PEOPLE SCURRY, BIG JUMPS Sam Block, University Party First Party ' s Charles Shepherd blitzed Rob Blue and Larry Tyree to take the student gov- ernment presidential seat for 1966-67. Shepherd ' s 500 vote margin barely beat Uni- ted Party ' s Blue and University ' s Tyree. Shep- herd polled 3,247 votes; Blue, 2,860; Tyree, 1,630. First Party ' s presidential candidate drew strong support from independents both on and off campus, an Alligator poll showed. United Party took the treasurer ' s race with Don Braddock and the Honor Court chancellor- ship with Dave Welch and the Honor Court clerk position with candidate Andy Owens. The traditional fraternity-run elections floun- dered by the wayside with the First machine advancing with strong independent support and few fraternities to its count. United boasted the largest block vote, with University down nearly 600 votes from United ' s majority of fra- ternity votes. United Party garnered the majority of lower slate positions on the ballot. Rob Blue, United Party Lary Tyree, University Party 69 SHEPHERD MAKES ' FIRST ' Charles Shepherd, Jim Valentine, First Party 70 It ' s IBM all the way . 71 Mi !)i: T PUBLICATION BL ' S1 T-.SS OITICE Ed Karher. Production Manager Ed Cornwall. Sales Manager King White, Executive Secretary Charles Steadliinn. Ad Snlc.sintin Bill Dubcrh ' tj, Ad Manager Brent Myking, Rti.iinam 72 BUSINESS BOOSTS ' GATOR SIZE The Board of Student Publications is the organizing and governing body for The Florida Alligator, Seminole and Release magazine. It is composed of four appointed faculty members and three student members who guide and di- rect publications by the election of editors and advisement on any matter. The Student publications Business Office was established by the board to handle all financial matters for the three publications. Additionally, a publications director is responsible for the overall running of the publications. A full- time business manager keeps finances in the black and two charming secretaries console all of " the basement dwellers, " known almost ex- clusively by those who work in the Florida Union basement. Sern Seykora, Assistant Production Manager Charlotte Keefer, Receptionist Barbara Vangeldren, Bookkeeper Jim Simpson, Student Business Manager 73 SEMINOLE PEOPLE COLLECT ' LITTLE THINGS ' Theresa Deslits, administration Libby Schtitt, academic V? Mac McGriff, business manager Nel Latighon, editor Lee Pletts, activities Van Martin, assistant Drex Dobson, copy editor 74 Judy Graham, Greeks Donna Wilson, sales Tern Baines, Greeks Janet Parker, sales Joe Condon, managing editor 75 PI. 72 LIC A r a :s A B LAB PUTS ' GATOR TO BED ' Court emit Anderson, Don Dnnhar and Elaine Roberts, Typesetters I 76 RELEASE Earl Kickliter, editor Gary Corseri. Andrew Sheldon, managing editor. ' RELEASE ' NEW HUMOR MAGAZINE The first issue of Release included a liberal sprinkling of sundry styles and subject smarter. Chartered by the Board of Student Publica- tions, the magazine is an official University pub- lication to be issued three times a year. Editors are elected by the Board for one- year terms. The first edition was published in October and the second was set for distribution in the early spring. Jay Zimmerman. Martin A. Meyers, associate editor Mike Davis, photos. FLORIDA ALLIGATOR Nt Harvey Alpen, reporter Tt ler Tucker, sports Gene Nail, assistant Nick Tatro, wire Bob Menaker, managing editor Eddie Sears, editor Bob Beck, sports 78 AIMS FOR MORE CAMPUS COVERAGE Gerald Jones, photographer Dick Dennis, sports Newt Simmons, wire Nick Arroyo, photographer Steve Hull, executive editor 79 80 NEW ADDITION EMPTIES STACKS New Graduate Library was a mass of bricks and steel in December, a bustling building in April. Human computers search card catalogs for research keys. 81 CAMPUS SHOP RECORD SALES Servomation brought some New York tastes to campus. But, the hamburgers in the Cam- pus Club remained the same: small tasty bites. People go to the Hub for James Joyce, Bot- any 181 books, Spearmint, Crest and paper clips. The campus ' central supply has everything, in- cluding Time and Playboy. Serving the University is their goal, whether it be food by candlelight or Bluebooks. LEAVE BOOKS AND ' PARCELS HERE BEFORE ENTERING SALES AREA FOOD SERVICE Robert Overtoil, Directo 83 H RUF, WUFT-T 84 INFORMATIONAL SERVICES THEIR SERVICE MAKES UNIVERSITY WORK For the future " voices of America, " WRUF- Radio and WUFT-TV offer responsibility and challenge that adds up to limited experience in the broadcasting field. Broadcasting and journalism majors from the School of Journalism and Communications are employed by both stations to plan programs, write, announce and direct. WRUF has been in operation since 1928 and includes both AM and FM stations. It, too, is dependent on students for presentation of news, features and musical programs. Informational Services is responsible for pub- licizing the University to the state press and other media. It releases information and photo- graphs to the wire services, radio-television me- dia and newspapers. University Police ' re the guardians of the campus; their work involves armored-car service, babysitting, routine investigations and keeping the campus in general order. Chief Audie Shuler University Police 86 TICKETS, TRAFFIC, TROUBLE-THEIR HEADACHES 87 THEIR SERVICE MAKES Money and tickets re their business. Large sums flow through the hank, boosting students ' soon-to-be-depleted accounts. Tickets re the admission for games, social and artist events. Admission with a ticket and I.D. will almost guarantee a student a seat in Florida Gvin or Universitv Auditorium. lines form for football ducats. Banking, machines iict 88 UNIVERSITY WORK ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The University ' s Alumni Association serves the campus by keeping the alumni informed about their Alma Mater and soliciting talent for the University. The Alumni Associations are found on the Eastern seaboard and in almost every state in the South. Florida alumni contribute annually to Dol- lars for Scholars, the Loyalty Fund, various schools and other projects undertaken by the association. Athletics benefit greatly from alum- ni contributions. The association published The Florida Alum- nus and newsletters for the alumni. Alumni even get IBM-treatment. Stuffing envelopes brings in alumni money. LAKE WAUBURG Wauburg ' s gates open in early spring and last until November Its boundaries filled with fun, the University ' s retreat is sponsored by Student Government. FACULTY CLUB Faculty gather here for relaxation, golf and socializing; their world ' s a little different here: it ' s filled with fun and games. 91 INFIRMARY PINSTRIPERS VOLUNTEER William Hall, M.D. Student Health Director 92 LONG HOURS Waiting in line is the worst part of going. Then the nurse gets you, stabs you, feeds you pills and send you away aching. People don ' t usually like to go, but when mono, flu or anything else strikes, one finds his way there, sometimes to remain. Candystrippers are a new addition to the Infirmary which has been brightened with the colorful uniforms. A new spirit looms in the Infirmary, where students work to make other students happier. 93 LEADERSHIP Service ' s their calling . . . different areas of service, opin- ions united into the bettering of the student body . . . Blue Key manages Homecoming with professional flourish . . . Who ' s Who and Hall of Fame members tapped for their serv- ice, leadership and character . . . It ' s the little things that add up to well-rounded college life . . . and the honor that comes from helping others and the University . . . Jfaint A FLORIDA BLUE KEY UNIVERSITY OF FLORflB r I 95 FLORIDA BLUE KEY THEIR SERVICE: HOMECOMING, FLORIDA BLUE KEY INITIATES. First Row: Ed- gar Dunn, Lee Borden, Howard Freeman, Robert Har- per, William Chiara, William Lassiter. Second Row: John Upchurch, Pat O ' Donoghue, George Anderson, Pat- rick Kelley, Bill Gregg, Larry Beckman, Al Schlechter, Thomas Lang, Russell Blank. Third Row: Ron Lanier, Clif McClelland, Gerald Bennett, Jim Kincaid, Clyde Taylor, Bruce Flower, Ed Green, John Darlson, Bruce Rogow. fourth Row: Larry Tyree, William Sullivan, Michael Fields, James Harrison, Robert Mounts, Dana Venrick, William B. Conner. FLORIDA BLUE KEY. First Row: Alvaro Aguirre, Tom Backmeyer, Marty Edwards, Sam Ulman, John Wolf, Pete Zinober, Barry Benedict, Drew Haslett. Sec- ond Row: Jim Crabtree, Jim Hauser, Bill McCormick, Bill McCollum, Mike Crews, Andy Hall, David West, Skip Haviser, Buddy Jacobs. Third Row: Bob Kent, Barry Sinoff, Charlie Edwards, Joe Marinelli, John Ritch, Joe Condon, Jerry Livingston, Herb Schwartz, Butch Woolen, Chip Block, Eric Smith. 96 Bill McCoIlum interviews President J. Wayne Reitz on Florida Blue Key ' s " Second 100. " Sen. Spessard Holland was honored over the Thanksgiving holi- days at a banquet. SPEAKERS, TV SHOW Florida Blue Key fraternity is a goal most male students active in activities strive to at- tain. Students who have reached junior status may submit applications which are voted on by the fraternitys ' active chapter. Members of the or- ganization must have maintained a 2.0 aver- age, have completed five trimesters of study and have excelled in one extra-curricular ac- tivity. Membership qualifications were reduced this past fall to include more campus leaders. Activities of the fraternity include sponsor- ing Homecoming, Speakers ' Bureau and " The Second 100 " television show. Hubert Humphrey delivers Homecoming Banquet keynote address fORTAR BOARD CHRISTMAS, HOMECOMING ACTIVITY Dean llc iif C. l ij Dr. Carolyn Sinilli Mrs. Sfe icitii . ' S x nirr Dr. Dutiil Slrt kcr E ' Jvx . . The Trianon Chapter of Mortar Board was founded at the University of Florida for the pur- pose of recognizing outstanding women leaders on campus. The local chapter joined with over 100 other chapters throughout the country to be- come part of the National Mortar Board in 1960. The name Trianon stands for scholarship, leadership and service traits that are necessary for membership into this society. Other require- ments are that one must be an undergraduate woman with an average of .4 above the all women ' s campus average and have completed her junior year between the preceding Decem- ber and the following September of her ac- ceptance. This year Mortar Board sponsored its Annual Homecoming Ladies Buffet, Christmas-on-Cam- pus tree lighting and a drive to raise money for Dollars for Scholars. Mortar Board sponsors Homecoming ladies ' banquet. Christmas officially proclaimed by annual Mortar Board Tree Lighting. 99 SIGMA LAMBDA CHI First Row: Jim Markart (Secretary), Ray Varity (Treas- urer), Bob Salisbury (President), Jerry Miller (Vice Pres- ident). Second Row: Tom Paterno, Don Suffer, Larry Orth, Ben Gunter, Art Poole, Marshal Bone. Third Row: Lynn Snodgrass, John Enslow, Loys Johnson, Byron Prugh, Herman Block, William Caldwell. Fourth Row: Gene Crosby, Don Marshall, Jim Stakely, Duff Williamson, Morrie Trimmer, Dean Boyles. GARGOYLE. First Row: Martha Robin, Laura Mat- thews, Judith Blum, Glennda Whitehurst, Love Lucks, Nan Thomsen, Lydia Rubio, Judit Tibor. Second Row: Lynn Snodgrass, Don Suiter, John Enslow (President), H. A. Pecht Jr. (Treasurer), Joseph Farcus, Larry Sibley, Sergio Rodriguez-}arr, Ron Traupane. Third Row: Larry Orth, Ray Verrity, David C. Gleason, Worth Crow, Don Marshall, M. H. Johnson (Advisor), B. J. Prugh (Ad- visor), Bob Strobeck (Pledge Master). Fourth Row: James Anstit (V ' ice-President), Skip Sims. THETA SIGMA PHI. From left: Sharon Morlan, Sheryl Gold (Treasurer), Paul Hicks, Rita Greenberg, Eunice Tall (President), Eileen Einik, Ann Bardsley, Miss Joann Smith (Advisor), Karen Madsen. GARGOYLE THETA SIGMA PHI v u ivu 100 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes freshman women who have distinguished themselves by attaining a 3.5 scholastic average during one trimester of their freshman year. The purposes of the organization are to promote intellectual integrity and to encourage high scholastic achievement among freshman women. Activities include providing a tutoring serv- ice, and a ssisting with the Mortar Board Ban- quet at Homecoming. Members are eligible to work for three $1500 Fellowships, which are awarded to former Alpha Lambda Deltas for graduate work. A record number of 70 girls were eligible for membership in the Spring. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS. Peggy Rabin- ovitz (President), Joanna Veldhuis (Vice President), .Cath- erine Chisholm (Secretary), Phyllis Schemer (Treasurer). PHI ETA SIGMA The University of Florida chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1930, and since that time it has encouraged activities conducive to higher scholarship. To be eligible for membership, freshmen male students must obtain a 3.5 in their first or second trimester. The main project for the chapter is aiding the Dollars for Scholars Drive. PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS. Barry Malter (President), Steve Cole (Vice President), Ken Mingledorff (Secretary), 101 1967 HALL OF FAME The 16 students elected for the University ' s Hall of Fame this year have proved themselves to be outstanding in one or several areas incor- porating all imaginable phases of campus life. Senior status, commendable leadership and service rendered to the student body are the es- sential qualities looked for by the selection com- mittee, composed of students and administrative deans, in choosing members for the Hall of Fame. Nominations are made by administrative deans, deans of the various colleges, campus leaders and students may also nominate them- selves. Once elected to the Hall of Fame, the mem- bers are also honored as members of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities. This year ' s Hall of Fame was recog- nized at a reception hosted by President J. Wayne Reitz. Nancy Calhoun Bill Can Bill Conner John Darhon Ed Green Jim Harrison Jane Kimbrell 103 HALL OF FAME Irene Minkoff William Howard McBride, Jr. Bob Murphy Richard Robinson 104 Herb Schwartz Eunice Tall Steve Spurrier Louise Weadcock 105 1967 HALL OF FAME NANCY DAVIS CALHOUN Chi Omega Sorority President Angel Flight Commander Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board WSA Treasurer Dean ' List WILLIAM Cl ' RTIS CARR III Fellowship of Christian Athletes President F Club Secretary Florida Blue Key Varsity Football Co-Captain WILLIAM BORDEN CONNER Student Traffic Court Chief Justice Legislative Council Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity President University Religious Association Treasurer JOHN A. DARLSON Student Body Treasurer Phi Delta Theta President Florida Blue Key LEE ANN DRAUD Mortar Board President Women ' s Judiciary Chairman Kappa Delta Edith Bristol Tigert Award High Honors EDWIN A. GREEN II National American Pharmaceutical Association, President Mortar and Pestle President Sigma Chi Fraternity Varsity Swimming Team JAMES LEE HARRISON Phi Beta Kappa Florida Blue Key Gator Growl Director JANE ELIZABETH KIMBRELL Women ' s Student Association President Florida Union Board V ice-President Chi Omega Sorority Mortar Board WILLIAM HOWARD McBRIDE, JR. Dollars for Scliolars Chairman Alpha Tau Omega President Florida Blue Key Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma IRENE M1NKOFF Women ' s Interhall Council President Secretary of Women ' s Affairs Legislative Council BOB MURPHY National Amateur Golf Champion Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf Team Captain Walker Cup Golf Team RICHARD M. ROBINSON Florida Law Review Editor Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Florida Blue Key HERBERT T. SCHWARTZ Honor Court Chancellor Florida Blue Key STEPHEN ORR SPURRIER Heisman Trophy Winner Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Varsity Football EUNICE INGRID TALL Board of Student Publications Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Thcta Sigma Phi President LOUISE WEADOCK Dorm Council Mortar Board Dean ' s List 106 WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities honors outstanding students in over 700 schools throughout the Uni- ted States. The national organization sets a quota for each school according to its enroll- ment. This year, Who ' s Who honors 39 outstanding students in diverse fields and areas of extra- curricular service. A 2.0 overall average and superior contributions to the University are traits looked for in the selection of those students honored. Student ' s elected to Who ' s Who are selected by the same committee who selects the Univer- sity of Florida Hall of Fame. A student may be elected to the Hall of Fame only once but may be elected to Who ' s Who as many times as he shows outstanding achievement in working for the student body. Larry Beckman 107 Fred Breeze John DeVauU Drex Dobson WHO ' S WHO Steve Smith Clyde Taylor Wayne Thomas Dana Venrick Butch WoOMi 108 UNIVERSITY CIRCLE NEW HONORARY COMES TO CAMPUS The University Circle, men ' s leadership hon- orary, was organized to become a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary. Mem- bership consists of students, faculty, alumni and honorary. The organization recognizes men who have attained a high standard of leadership to encourage them to continue and to inspire others. University Circle draws representative men from all phases of collegiate life scholar- ships, athletics, student government, and religi- ous affairs, publications, speech, drama and other arts. The group also brings together fac- ulty and students on a basis of mutual interest. UNIVERSITY CIRCLE OFFICERS. Fred Breeze (Pres- ident), John Whatley (Vice President). UNIVERSITY CIRCLE. First Row: Daniel Bowles, Fred Breeze, Charles Shepherd. Second Row: John Bar- tholdi, John Whatley, David Robson, Armando Lozano. 109 ORGANIZATIONS Professional groups strengthen academic pursuits . . . their worth ' s proven in job interviews and learning more than the ' academic ' of a given occupation ... a little more than profes- sionalism ' s had from these groups . . . it ' s often a social, get- together or a friend-for-life . . . Home ' s Tigert Hall this weekend . . . another banquet, speech to make . . . where ' ll the dollars come from? . . . and little things all add up . . . 110 111 AIR FORCE ROTC A career in the United States Air Force of- fers excitement, experience and the deep pride and gratification of serving one ' s country. Op- portunities are provided for intense training and specialization in many fields of science, leader- ship and administration. The University ' s Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps seeks to motivate and train selected college students to become officers in the U. S. Air Force. Some of the activities with the organization include the Billy Mitchell Drill Team, Angel Flight, Arnold Air Society and Information Ser- vices. Marching in the Graduation Parade, the Arnold Air Society Dining-In and the Air Force Art Exhibit were some of the highlight of the year ' s events. ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS. First Row: Nancy Cal- houn (Commander), Debbi Fein (Executive Command- er). Second Row: Karen Gerlin (Pledge Trainer), Miffie Hollyday (Correspondent), Kay Melton (Drillmaster), Ann Mahan (Information), Thory Bennecke (Operations), Marilyn Harrie (Comptroller). ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight, an auxiliary of Arnold Air Society, this year was named " most outstanding flight in the area. " The Flight also became head- quarters of Area C-l, composed of Southeastern states. The University ' s Angels served as offi- cial hostesses at National Angel Flight and Ar- nold Air Society Conclave held in Miami. The purpose of Angel Flight is to boost the morale of Air Force R.O.T.C. cadets. It helps Arnold Air Society in social and service activities. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY First Row: John Bernat, Jim Orsborn, John Loughran, Duane Andrews, Dick Wannall, Bob Gomez, Michael Flynt. Second Row: Ken Apgear, Bob Vauehan, Bob Jamieson, Bob Croach, Joe Simonson, Alan Baker, Mich- ael Raim. Third Row: Lt. Col. Carl Grant, John Loyd, Everett Howe, Alex House, Bob Krone, Warren Turner, Richard Tiede, Bill Folmar, Donald Hardman, Marshall Bone, Michael Spence, Jim Simmons. Fourth Row: Lar- rt Martin, John McDonough, Michael Braun, Bill Du- gan, Phil Parrish, Ray Crockett, John Medlin, Doug Lamb, Richard Wainscott. 112 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Dale Mabry Chapter of the Arnold Air Soci- ety was named the second best chapter in the nation at the society ' s national conclave in Dal- las last year. The Dale Mabry Chapter made plans to host the National Conclave in Miami in late April. The society is the professional honorary for Air Force R.O.T.C. cadets and strives to further professionalism between basic and advanced cadets. ANGEL FLIGHT. First Row: Sharon Lawler, Nancy Adams (Area Administrative), Karen Gerlin, Sherry Jones (Area Comptroller), Ann Mohan, Day Melton. Second Row: Babs Smith, Sue Nichols (Area Commander), Beth Rupp (Area Information), Connie Ogle (Area Executive), Jeanne Dravenstadt, Linda Sapp, Donna Berger, Debbi Fein. Linda Saunders. Kris Watson. ARMY ROTC SCABBORD AND BLADE. First Row: R. Hodson, ]. Bruschi, A. Renzi, M. Spence (1st Sgt.), P. McDonnel (1st Lt.), T. Shaw (Captain), R. Trauwick (2nd Lt.), J. Ellis, S. Price. Second Row: J. Sullivan (Advisor), R. Thomas, ]. Stencel, V. Rice, R. Davic, A. Guarino, B. Byrd, D. Howse, G. Liggett, L. Orth, J. Manguso. Third Row: W. Muir, D. Hejna, C. Kelley, B. Pinner, E. Tay- lor, A. Gramlich, S. Watkins, D. Hempel, C. Troup. Cadet Brigade Commander, Col. Stuart Watkins, has informal chat with Army sweetheart. Col. Arlo Mitchell inspects Gator Raiders. C W T S I ! ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Alpha Delta Sigma, professional advertising fraternity, is organized to provide its members with opportunities and experience in the field of advertising. A major function of the organization is to help the members develop contacts and employ- ment opportunities in the profession before grad- uation. Through observation and practice the members gain a more thorough understanding of advertising as practiced by professionals. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA. First Row: Harry Tempkins, (Treasurer), Keith Sanders, Paul Lieberman, Bill Golden, (Vice President), Dave Buman, (Vice President), James Cotton, (President). Second Row: Phil Jones (Treasurer), Ed Cornwell (Secretary), Dick Monroe, David Estes, Don Waterhouse, Marvin Kerndran, Duane Owen, John Koch- er, David Booher, Jim Glass, Jim McCamphill, Bill Dou- berley (President), Harvey Stavin. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Founded in 1904 at New York University, Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity is the oldest professional fraternity in the United States. Established at the University in 1926, Alpha Kappa Psi has continued to promote and further research in business and encourage students to work toward degrees in business administration. Field trips to Florida industries, a traditional smoker and social affairs keep members busy throughout the year. ALPHA KAPPA PSI. First Row: F. Adams, M. Shams, D. DeBrunner, L. Roby, M. Gilman, T. Futch, P. Beat- tie, ]. Wacksman. Second Row: L. Wertheim, T. Thomp- son, D. Martin, B. Dahn, T. Boone, D. Hoffner, F. Didier, S. Feldman. Third Row: R. Simeon, F. Miles, R. Bristow, J. Clarke, R. Baumann, I. Easton. Fourth Row: D. DeMots, P. Rushlow, C. Stieghaer, E. Bauer. Fifth Row: ]. Turk, J. Lynch, M. Green, B. Stirk, H. Blakiston, H. Evans. Sixth Row: C. Sizor, J. Harris, W. Rich, K. Crenshaw, D. Weiglein, J. Toppen. Seventh Row: E. Sims, D. Gibson, E. Stumpff, D. Wavarro, A. Hutson, J. Mitchell, B. Miller, B. Gibson. 115 ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Council has as its purpose the coordination of athletic events with the student body. It is composed of representatives from the cheerleaders, Fall.sports, Spring sports, Flor- ida Blue Key, the student body and the F Club. Representatives of the Athletic Council are chos- en by the captains of the various sports or are appointed by the heads of the organizations. The council issues the stamp of approval on all athletic letters. It is also responsible for the types of letters that are awarded. ATHLETIC COUNCIL. First Row: Harry Winkler, Gene Peek, Tom Dioguardi, Andy Owens. Second Row: Martin Ivan Edwards, Watty Armstrong, Dr. W. E. Moore, Clifton Oliver, Hobart Hooser. 116 F CLUB This spring the F Club continued their an- nual service project by inviting the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch of Palatka to a spring football game and lunch. The club, composed of varsity lettermen, re- wards players in all sports. Striving to estab- lish a closer contact among the various university sports through service projects and other activi- ties, members attended an all-sports clinic. F CLUB. First Row: Ron Pick, Wally Armstrong, Dave Bentley, Dan Hale, Ed Gross. Second Row: Joe Scafuti, Joseph Berkeris, Dieter Gebhard, Bill Perrin, David Hodges, Dan Cushman. Third Row: Frank Lagotic, Paul Ackerman, Harry Winkler, Gary Keller, David Mil- ler, Mike Rollyson, Ed Cook. F CLUB OFFICERS: Frank Lagotic (Secretary), Joe Scafuti (Vice President), Dieter Gebhard (Treasurer), Harry Winkler (President), Joe Bekeris (Sergeant at Arms). 117 VOICES LEAD GATORS TO BANNER YEAR Bill Dixon, Head Cheerleader John Myrick I Roddy Grubbs Marty Stone Charlie Gore Jean Eagleson 118 Feldman 119 VF. FINE K FOR RECRf fl f ' " REGION j I Union ' s activity office is filled with posters, reports and memos. FLORIDA UNION BOARD Florida Union Board of Student Activities patiently waited out the long, cold winter for its much-postponed move to its sparkling new com- plex on Radio Road. The Union ' s programs were bolstered for the move and the Board predicted an increase in student participation in its new facilities. From the Craft Shop to the active ballroom, the Florida Union ' s the home of student publi- cations, University Religious Association and student government. Print sales attract largest crowd in January. 120 FLORIDA UNION BOARD OFFICERS: Ed Koren, Vice President; John McPhail, Director; Lesley Lorant, Director; Bruce Floiver, President; Skip Berg, Director; Marvin Lyons, Secretary; Terry Moore, Director; Jack Zucker, Treasurer. January ' s time for annual Awards Banquet. Skiing ' s part of " Playday " at Lake Wauburg. 121 GATOR BAJND Jackie Johnston, Pat Brady, Sharon Hackney, Sue Morgan, Ellen Wolfson, Bev. Cantor, Karin Ostlund, Kathy Zych, Becky Pierce, Tay Tanya. Richard W. Bowles, Band Director. Symphonic Band visits Cypress Gardens. 122 : . -. . 1. i :;, - . : L . ' ' I . . ' i. ' I Band has tense moments before the downbeat. The tradition " Florida " formation cheers Gators ' prowess. Florida Band presents special half-time show at the Orange Bowl 123 TAU BETA SIGMA KAPPA KAPPA PSI First Row: Mary Derrick, Dayle Peck (Secretary), Janice Gillespie, Anne Esrij (Treasurer), Sharon Kuetert (Vice President), Patricia Frye (President), Kathy Zych, Rita Carbuhn. Second Row: Marilyn Marshall, Jerry Stam- baugh, Marilyn Warner, Pat Hanna, Lee Quintana, Car- olyn Miller, Linda Hutson, Willa Sue Kligerman, Vicky Woods, Gena Timmer. Third Row: Tom Redinger, Percival Brown, Larry Middleton, Alan Lewis, Rick James, Steve Soloway, David Reddick, Richard Wains- cott, Wayne Spivey, Paul Matthews, Bernard Mackey (Vice President). Fourth Row: James Hickey, Louis Gouz, Dave Vezzetti, Rex Puliford, Ron Wilder, Bob Mullin, Dan Silvis, John Homer, Hale Pringle, Pat Mc- Donald, David Miller, Alex Pollock, Dan Bowles (Presi- dent), Louis Jaeger (Treasurer). BAND OF FICERS Louis Jaeger, President Patricia Frye, Secretary David Miller, Publicity Manager Marilyn Warner, Vice President 124 UNIVERSITY CHOIR Choir boards for annual trip. University Choir readies for concert. Dr. Elwood Keister, Director 125 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB MEN ' S GLEE CLUB: First Row: Tom Shepard, Steve Elbert, Steve Johnson, Grant Gerrish, Solomon Odenz (Business Manager), Eric Petersen, Robert Kilgo, Steve Heidt, John Van Duyn (President), Clyde Barton, Ber- tram Gable (Director). Second Row: Gerald Pfeiffer, John Ellis, Charles Wilson, Ted Williams, George Wynns, John Clees, Rick Carson, Larry Lanat (Vice President), Carlos Matas. Third Row: William Black- burn, David Welch, Thomas Hussey, Tom Smith, Rich- ard Illshey, Mickey Dansbu, Dave Paul, Bryan Page (Secretary), Rex Pulford. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB. First Row: Susan Hosteller, Sherry Atherton, Irma Roth enberg, Pamela Garl, Donna Duffin, Bette Mat , Jane Geltzer, Susan Murphy, Maddi St. Laurent, Gwen Stapleton, Diane Perone. Second Row: Cheryl Harrison, Elaine Glow, Nancy Weldon, Debby Falck,- Bunnie Frye, Donna Curtiss, Sandi Rothman, Sandra Mannion, Nancy Leach, June Cooper, Yvonne Whitson, Cassandra Beckham. Third Row: Linda Lassi- ter, Jeanette Sledge, Diane Davis, Leonore Bierbaum, Eslene Froehlich, Patricia Mitchell, Barbara Gibson, Sally Evans, Sue Johnson, Marianna Brown, Molly Cum- mings, Jean Nichols, Melissa Boreman. 126 CIRCLE K Circle K, the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis International, fosters leadership and service to the University and community. Circle K International is the largest collegiate service organization in the world. Delegates from the University attend the annual conven- tions. Circle K served as guides for visiting groups, sponsored the campus ' March of Dimes Drive, hosted the area Circle K clubs at a banquet, published a Homecoming brochure for alumni and helped produce Florida Blue Key ' s " Second 100 " television series. CIRCLE K. First Row: Daniel Wilder (Advisor), John Paul Jones (Advisor), Charlie White, Dave Miller, Man- uel Ponce, Tom Beckett. Row Two: Ed Bunch, Brent Hetzler, Ron Steger, Kent Durst. Row Three: John Harris, Dell Sterrett (Advisor), Kule Turner, Dub Mc- Ginnes, John Faube. Row Four: Jacob Stuart, Joel Wadsworth, George Stuart, Jim Moody, David Holbrook. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary education organization, was the first of its kind in the nation. Upsilon Chapter was established at the University of Florida in 1923. Activities include monthly meetings, guest speakers, luncheons, an annual initiation, banquet and convention. In order to become a member, a student must be in the upper third of his class, committed to edu- cation as a career and approved by the faculty. KAPPA DELTA PI. Dr. Robert Curran (Advisor), Mrs. Pearline Yeatts (Vice President), Jerold P. Bauch (Presi- dent), John Flynn (Treasurer). 127 BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB Miss Barbara Harkness, Block and Bridle Queen, repre- sented the university ' s group in February ' s Florida State Fair in Tampa. University ' s Livestock Judging Team took ninth place in the National Livestock Exposition in Chicago this year. First Row: R. Wynn, W. Sumner, L. Ford, A. Fulford. Second Row: D. Wakeman (Coach), L. Nobles, T. Chris- tian, M. Shackeljord,. H. Hollingsworth, P. Schwartz. First Row: Dr. }. W. Carprender (Advisor), P. Schwartz, L. Nobles, L. Ford, T. Christian, P. Williams, D. Wahe- man (Advisor). Second Row: F. Dietrich, F. Jones, L. Stewart, G. Gay, T. Moffses, R. Miller. Third Row: J. Bradley, M. Shackelford, R. Brown, S. Rumpf, A. Al- ston, G. Chesnut. Fourth Row: A. Hanchey, B. Smith H. Roberts, B. Wells, N. Smith, R. Almgreen. Fifth Row: D. Scarborough, W. Swords, K. Killingsworth, W. Sumner. 128 BETA ALPHA PSI Beta Alpha Psi seeks to encourage and foster the ideal of service and promote the study of accounting. The organizations sponsors a grad- uate accounting conference, tutors accounting majors and invites lecturers to speak to the mem- bers. This accounting fraternity was established at the University in 1919. First row: F. Rabell, ]. Soulary, T. Breslaw, P. Chem- burkar, C. Soong. Second row: H. Massi, A. Kashirad, G. Farris, T. Donahue, A. Kassem. B. I. A. International Week is the highlight of the year ' s events for the Board of International Ac- tivities. The Board presented guest speakers, a banquet in the Hub, the crowning of their queen, a panel discussion televised on WUFT, and the International Talent Show. Included among the routine activities for the year are picnics, speeches, movies, and guest speakers from Washington and around campus. The Board strives to promote friendship and under- standing among the foreign students and the American students. It is a form of cultural exchange. First row: F. Spiegel, P. Thompson (Treasurer), V. Menendez (Secretary), D. Justin (President), D. Knowles. Second rotv: C. Burnett, ]. Simpson, Dr. Stone (Ad- visor), S. Kern, J. Alderman, Y. Bhade, D. Law. Third row: W. J. Grasttj (Faculty Vice-P ' resident), L. Rim- bert, G. Johnson, R. Stone, C. Green, R. Dezern, W. Auzier. Fourth row: D. Gorton, W. Van Clief, S. Sack, L. Pointer, L. McCullers, G. Struck, D. Martin. LUTHERAN ASSOCIATION The human environment ' s rapidly changing . . . You must move fast just to stay in place . . . We intend to progress. First Row: D. Nelson, M. Maze. Second Row: S. Thompson, T. Nekon, S. Jarius, D. Donklefs. Third Row: N. Cernigli, C. Fouraker, C. Smith, H. Glotfelter, B. Fleming, T. Trammell. SRA An interest in the disabled is the only re- quirement for membership in the Student Re- habilitation Association. Objectives include the promotion of the aims of the National Rehabilitation Association by advancing and encouraging creativity and re- search in the area of rehabilitation, the promo- tion of better understanding of the disciplines philosophy, and the stimulation of communica- tion among those professions interested in re- habilitation. Taking field trips to rehabilitation facilities, holding picnics each trimester for members and their families and attending meetings of the National Rehabilitation Association and the Na- tional Rehabilitation Counseling Association are yearly activities of the association. First Row: B. Thomason, ]. Haney, D. Chan, B. Malik, ]. Theus. Second Row: D. Neal, F. Centner, S. Bitt- man, R. Craves, K. Touby, L. Puckett. Third Row: D. Cooks, Ph.D. M. Carroll, }. Collins, V. Stoutamire, H. Johnwick. Fourth Row: ]. Stone, I. Koonce, A. Combs, M. Bergor. Fifth Row: T. Milliard, T. Cahill, Dr. A. M. Barrett, F. Dean, R. Marotta. 130 FLORIDA NEWMAN CLUB A place to worship, a place of intellectual and social activities, a place to meet other Cath- olic students the Catholic Student Center is all of these things, and more. It is the home of the Newman Club, now in its 40th year on the Uni- versity campus. Among its activities and accomplishments can be listed first place in off-campus Home- coming decorations, first place in Independent League Intramurals at the end of the first tri- mester, a variety show for the children at Sun- land Training Center, " Football Weekend, " a joint endeavor with Miami Dade Junior College Newman Club, host club for the St. Augustine regional convention of Newman Clubs, the Fifth annual Foreign Students ' Dinner, the yearly pil- gramage to St. Augustine and the birthplace of Christianity in the United States. The 240 members of the Newman Club are under the leadership of Paul M. Zorovich, presi- dent; Hamp Elliott, executive vice president; Ray Fisher, internal vice president; Faye Krause, treasurer; Vivian Caring, secretary; and Karl Witkowski, sergeant-at-arms. Newman Club P. Zorovich (President), V. Caring (Sec- retary), R. Fisher (Vice-President), K. Witkowski (Ser- geant-at-Arms), F. Krause (Treasurer), H. Elliot (Vice- President). 131 LAMBDA GAMMA PHI Students wanting to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine find much satisfaction as members of Lambda Gamma Phi. This non- social fraternity strives to further its member ' s knowledge of Veterinary Medicine. Lambda Gamma Phi hopes to aid in the pro- duction of more and better Florida veterinarians by spreading interest in the profession. The most important activity of the fraternity is the presentation of outstanding veterinarians speak- ing in their specific fields. LAMBDA GAMMA PHI. First Row: Norman Greer, Evan Feist, Richard Brown. Second Row: Larry Kir- cher, Jerry Furnari, John Causey, Lester West. SIGMA TAU November 25, 1966, marked the passing of the highly esteemed William L. Sawyer, assist- ant dean of the College of Engineering. Dean Sawyer came to the University of Flor- ida in 1929. He served in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics as Department Chairman until he became As- sistant Dean in 1964. Since 1955 Dean Sawyer has been faculty advisor for Sigma Tau frater- nity. He has worked with and has given him- self continuously for this organization. The Brothers of Sigma Tau mourn the pass- ing of their long-time advisor, teacher and friend. SIGMA TAU. First Row: David EhrenzeUer, (Historian), Jesse Pipkin, (Vice President), Erv Grau, (President), Johanna Bloomer, (Secretan ), Robert Jamieson, (Treas- urer). Second Row: Michael Wiedemann, Ronald Steinle, Paul S. Weber, Rush Elkins. Third Row: Leonard Schlo- mer, David Howell, Charles Myers, Parker Lawrence. Fourth Row: Howard Kalter, Charles Dennis, Robert J. Crosson Jr. Fifth Row: Jad Batteh, Donald F. Dekold, Douglas McDuffie Jr., Jerri Kendrick. Dean William L. Sawyer. AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The student agricultural council, one of only three college councils on campus, was organized in 1925 as the Ag Club. The club ' s first presi- dent, Victor Nettles, is now on the faculty of the Ornamental Horticulture Department. The council was organized to serve the best interests of students, clubs, and faculty in the College of Agriculture and School of Forestry. Over 550 agricultural students are represented on the council by some 50 members from 20 clubs and 18 departments in Agriculture. STUDENT AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL. First Row: Dr. E. T. fork, Dr. O. C. Ruelke (Senior Faculty Ad- visor), J. Bellizio (V ice-President), ]. Northey (Treasurer), P. Mott (President), R. Marks (Secretary), Dr. M. Lang- ham (Junior Faculty Advisor), Dean Brooker. Second Row: ]. Persons, P. Williams, P. Kennedy, A. Streit, R. Brown, W. Swindal. Third Row: D. Hanson, F. dietrich, }. Windham, L. Kircher. Fourth Row: E. Taylor, B. Ash- ton, S. Lambert, D. Hejna, T. Andrews. SFE A The activity most important to the Student Florida Education Association is the sponsor- ship of service projects at hospitals, schools, and elsewhere in the community. The association promotes an interest in ed- ucation and informs the members of interesting and new topics in the field. The SFEA is a fast growing organization with much potential and it plays an important role in the College of Ed- ucation as a pre-professional organization. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. From left: Dr. Marian Young (Sponsor), Carlos J. Owens (President), Ed Hess (Second Vice President), Charles N. Turner (First Vice President), Naomi Dietz (Secretary), Robert Palmer (Treasurer), T. A. Anderson (Sponsor). ZETA PHI ETA Zeta Phi Eta, women ' s national professional speech arts fraternity, works throughout the year to give its members acting experience and speech projects. The fraternity entertained children at Alach- ua General Hospital once a week last fall. The winter trimester found them presenting plays throughout the state at Sunland Training Cen- ters. Members are planning to attend the national convention in Washington, D. C., in August. ZETA PHI ETA. First Row: B, Tischkr, B. Castro (President), K. Dempster (Treasurer). Second Row: E. Wilson, K. Blaney, J. Militant, K. Taccolini, D. Dukes, T. Mossman. Third Row: Mrs. Norma Einbecker (Faculty Advisor), A. Schweyer (Vice-f ' resident), S. Williams, C. Hale, M. Gresh, P. Mclntyre. SPTA One of the main purposes of the Student Physical Therapy Association is to encourage professional growth by providing learning ex- periences not offered in the formal course struc- ture. With membership open to any student interested in the field of Physical Therapy, the association creates and stimulates interest among college students in this field. The association ' s most important activity is the publication of Gator Greetings, a newsletter to students, alumni and other Physical Therapy schools. The annual Physical Therapy Depart- ment open house held at Shands Hospital is the highlight of the year ' s events. STUDENT PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION. First Row: Annette Lowery, Joanne Vitale, Sue O ' Neal, Cathy Kinken. Second Row: Janice Arey, Susan Dorian, Will Flory, Susan Nathan, Joann Patterson. Third Row: Sheila Glennon, Joe Gentzel, Ron Bonnett, Patty Cole- man, Stexe Xynidis. 134 WS A WOMEN ' S STUDENT ASSOCIATION. Row One: Jean Mamlin, Judith Moore, Marilyn Runis, Sherry Jones, Kris Dempster. Row Two: Judi Sanborn, Susie Wright, Jane Shelly, JoAnne Schall, Diane Groff, Jan Woofers. Row Three: Peggy Renfranz, Harriet Halperin, Nancy Isenberg, Linda Tarler, Jeanne Lowman, Beth Wilson. Row Four: Denise LaPointe, Gale Wolley, Gail Dun- away, Susan Froemke, Kathryn Richardson, Joan Schaf- fel, Kathy Gauch. Row Five: Susan Hart, Joan Brad- bury, Debbie Moschell. WSA OFFICERS. From left: Dean Jeanette Spear, Kathy Richardson (Junior Representative), Jane Kimbrell (President), Sara Kutz (Freshman-Sophomore Represent- ative), Kay Melton (Secretary), Susan Nieman (Treas- urer), Joan Schaffel (Freshman-Sophomore Representa- tive). 135 NORTH RAWLINGS , SOUTH RAWLINGS AREA COUNCIL NORTH RAWLINGS HALL COUNCIL. First Row: S. Hand (Secretary), L. Lawrence (Treasurer), C. Cooper (Program Chairman), M. Pankratz (President), J. Moore (W.S.A. Representative). Second Row: S. Gibney, E. Rosenblatt, M. Cochran, P. Toops, P. Rosenberger, S. Richey, C. Scheck, J. Halker. SOUTH RAWLINGS HALL COUNCIL. First Row: S. Hostetler, ]. Jedel, ]. Lamb, J. Sams. Second Row: Miss Carder (Resident Advisor), M. Middleton (Treasurer), J. Dippenworth (V ice-President), C. Marcus (President), ]. Wesolowski (Secretary), D. Ritz. Third Row: }. Gehrke, C. Regimbal, B. Rankin, B. Blaisdell, G. Dick, ]. Lawman. 136 REID AREA COUNCIL YULEE AREA COUNCIL MALLORY AREA COUNCIL REID HALL COUNCIL. Sherrti Wadsworth, Roxy Clark, Sara Davis, Maryfrances Bathon, Jane Jones, Sar- ah Mclnnes, Joan Carlberg, Sandy Biggs, Peggy Welch, Cheri Beck, Deena Pierce. YULEE COUNCIL. First Row: Christine Hollingsworth, Wendy Hobbs, Elaine Vaccaro. Second Row: Docia Catlin, Pat Koren, Marti Courson. Third Row: Terry Russell, Linda Rourke, Linda Johnson, Barbara Klein, Mary Robinson. MALLORY HALL COUNCIL. First Row: Sandy Kirk, Farrell Kaufman, Kathy Marfield, Sara Kutz. Second Row: Daren Hartman, Carolyn Greany (President), Kitty Costello, M. Dasher (Advisor), Barbara Nunn, Charlene Stewart, Mary Dobson. I 137 ACTIVITIES Summer to spring ... a complete year with everything . . . Only thing, not enough ' ree ' time for all the activities . . . Homecoming ' s biggest in the fall, elections challenge others for top ' activity ' spot . . . Derby inspires sororities on to com- petition for both brawn and brains . . . Accent billed as top speaker draw . . . " Who ' s Afraid of Bishop Pike? " . . . . and every little activity makes the social events calendar move . . . 138 139 , Pltiyday didn ' t help water conservation; par- liciixnila swallowed RaUonx of the hike ' s ' ( ' ' . SUNNY SUMMER ' S FUN-FILLED , The University ' s annual spring graduation lasted nearly two and one-half hours of degree-granting and handshaking. The Highwaymen, Summer Frolics. 141 BOB HOPE JESTS IN Bob Hope, honorary president of Arnold Air Society, staged a benefit performance last spring for Dollars for Scholars. Hope labeled Florida Gym, packed to a ca- pacity 8,000, " Florida ' s Garage. " Singer Iris Faith and Hope teamed up to bring the audi- ence both comedy and song. The talented co- median proclaimed Miss Faith ' s perfume, " Eve- ning In Paris, " was just fine, but he preferred his own brand " Afternoon in Micanopy. " J. Fred Muggs entered the stage via antics and left the howling audience with an imper- sonation of Mr. Hope himself. Dale Mabry Squadron of Arnold Air Society received plaudits from both the University and Gainesville for its successful scholarship drive. 142 ' FLORIDA ' S GARAGE ' WELCOME 30B ARHOlD-Alft SO 143 ORIENTATION 144 ' INITIAL SHOCK ' INTRODUCES CAMPUS LIFE Orientation is never a perfect thing, but it did try to present campus life to incoming fresh- men and other students. Counselors helped over 3,000 students through the complicated maze of beginning, and everyone probably felt a great relief when the week of follow-the-leader was finished. Students attended assemblies and freshmen lectures a few days early. Some had come for summer weekend retreats with their parents. All were told to study or fail. New students were urged to develop themselves through their studies, new friends and surroundings. Tom Backmeyer was student director of Orientation. CATH STUDENT CENTER 145 CAMPUS MOST PHOTOGENIC: MISS SEMINOLE Miss Seminole, Sandra Stallings, Wometco Theater, Chi Omega 146 Connie Giddens, Phi Mu Bonnie Arnold, The Florida Alligator Paul Newman, Judge Libbt Miller, Zeta Tau Alpha Julie Tat lor, Alpha Chi Omega 147 Afrs. University of Florida Mm Waubcrif, Linda Good, Signui Phi Ep.vilon Runners-up, I inda Spenser, Phi Kappa Tan Babs Blue 148 THEY REIGN OVER CAMPUS, ACTIVITIES Sigma Chi Derby Queen Nanct Lynn Bradley, Alpha Chi Omega Lilian Lei, Miss International, Chinese Club Engineering Queen, Nancy Bradley, Janis Biewend, Sandra Stalling. 149 Homecoming Queen, Carole Eastman, Broward Hall 150 Mrs. University of Florida, Mrs. James D. Simmons, Arnold Air Society Miss University of Florida, Suzann Hull, Delta Delta Delta DISNEY, BEAUTY, VICTORY MAKE IN MEMORY OF Jemmole Jammy VH05E FEROCITY both Xsfou ids, IN HIS GRAVE LIES One ioof THL OTHER LIE5 Out of bounds. Eagle sees Auburn s feathers fly. Tomb Catholic Student Center ' s entry. Swim Capades splash before gridiron clash. I 152 Caro Eastman ' s day brought sunshine and victory. HOMECOMING ' LARK ' Pickets greet Vice President Hubert Humphrey at Gainesville Airport. Delts take Humor Division. Alpha Chi Omega, Sorority first prize. Delta Tau Delta, Orange League first prize. Delta Upsilon, Blue League first prize. 154 UNIVERSITY AVENUE BRIGHTEST YET Orlando swimmers present pre-game festival. Gator Growl gets rising start. 155 MATCHES ' STRIKE UP ' JUMBA skits. 156 IP GATOR GROWL Phi Delta Theta machine moves to first in skit division. Alpha Epsilon Phi garners third place in skit contest. 157 GAY HOUSES BRIGHTEN GATORLAND NMHNC WIGHT WJREU HOT Kappa Delta, Sorority first place. 158 he Qeven GRTORSSW Their neves For WRR ERGLE Stew Cooked bv SNOW GRflVES Chi Omegas " Snow Graves and the 11 Gators " takes most humorous for campus division Kappa Alpha, Blue League first place. " These Are A Feu; Of Our Favorite Things ... " boosts Sigma Chi ' s " Candtjland " to first in Orange League. POLITICIANS STILL HOMECOMING ' S ' Operation Appreciation gets Miss America ' s attention at Half-time Show. 1 ' itiriilfi ' n Supreme C.nur! Justice Stephen O ' Cmtnell tuk a Innk at pre.-Ktnne in lit ' Alina ii ' itlt jurmiir (. ' i Liroii Collins. V ice-President lluherl lltimiilircy speaks fit Mne Key ' s Ranijuet. ' MAIN DISH ' Scott Kelly, Sen. George Smathers and Mayor Robert King High listen to JUMBA skits. Floyd Christian, Superintendent of Education, laughs with Claude Kirk, Republican aspirant for governor. m U.S. Supreme Court Tom C. Clark breaks ground for new Law complex. 161 Boh Norris and Bill Kugel take the lead in " Pappa Is All. ' Nancy Chaffin and Sandi Evans take a few somber moments in " Pappa Is All. " Sandra Khaprio and Jim Moott practice during dress rehearsal for " Ladies In Retirement. " .162 p r FLORIDA PLAYERS PRESENT SUMMER THEATRE Carol Nurenburg takes a telescopic look at her neighbors JL ' Carolyn Sadler and Mary King Humphrey bring old maids to the stage 163 FALL BILLING: ' JOHN BROWN ' S BODY, 164 ' MOSTELLARIA ' 165 JAMES BROWN, ' FABULOUS FLAMES ' ROGK 166 IN FLORIDA ' S GYM 167 FORUMS BRINGS Al Capp, cartoonist Justice, William Brennan Gerald Ford, House minority leader 168 NATIONAL, STATE FIGURES Jules Feiffer, cartoonist Jack Zucker, Forums committee member, greets Scott Kelly to Florida Crossroads Honorable Tom Adams, Secretary of State 169 LYCEUM ARTIST SERIES Concert pianist Lee Luvisi. " Rigoletto, " Goldovsky Opera Theater, New York. Verdi ' s " Rigoletto. " 170 DRAW TOP PERFORMERS " The Tempest, " The American Classical Theater. Nicholas Virgillio, tenor. 171 Serendipity Singers, Lyceum Council Al Hirt, Lyceum Council. THEIR MUSIC: JAZZ, SMOOTH, DELIGHTFUL Glenn Yarfcoroug i, Li ceum Council. Righteous Brothers, IFC Spring Frolics. 173 TORGY AND BESS ' 174 HEAD ACCENT ARTIST SERIES 175 ACCENT ' 67 SPICES CAMPUS THOUGHT The University ' s first Student Government- sponsored symposium hit the campus January 17-21 in Accent ' 67 in " The Responsibility of Dissent. " Richard Nixon, Sidney Harris, Max Lerner, Russell Kirk, Sen. George Smathers and James Farmer were featured speakers. Other events included " Porgy and Bess, " Electronic Sym- phony, " Nine Hours to Rama " and the Accent magazine. Charles Shepherd was Accent general chair- man. Sidney Harris. 176 Wayne Rich, Sen. George Smothers and Charles Shepherd discuss Accent magazine. Max Lerner, former University professor, and Rae Weimer, journalism school director, rehash week ' s events. Jaitics Partner 177 ' DISSENT ' : MANY CATEGORIES PRESENTED I Richard Nixon delivers keynote address. 179 REUGION-IN-UFE WEEK BISHOP PIKE HITS TRADITIONS IN TURMOIL ' J? ' " L 180 Dr. Robert Gordis. Dr. A. T. Mollegen. Dr. George F. Flanagan, O.F.M. Bishop James A. Pike. 181 FROLICS, RUN A LA FOREIGN 182 Otto, making his 14th appearance, gets a pre-fair checkup. I 22-YEAR RECORD RUN The College of Engineering for the 22nd year opened its doors to the University ' s and the state ' s displays of student, industrial and government exhibits of accomplishments and projects in the engineering disciplines. An estimated 30,000 visitors saw nearly 100 exhibits, Atlas missile, TV telephone, a mock-up version of the first spacemen on the moon and student engineers actually at work in their lab- oratories. Hovercraft has been an aerospace engineering project for about 6 years. The Hovercraft lifts to 6 to 10 inches above ground. Two students simulate an entire factory system with computer. SEMINAR DRAWS LARGEST CROWDS The National Security Seminar was presented at the University by the Industrial College of the Armed Forces January 16-27. The Seminar, hosted by the Gainesville Chamber of Co mmerce, drew the largest enroll- ment of the seminars in its history. The Seminar presented lectures from the military on national defense, security, world affairs, economics and other allied military events to reserve officers of the armed services, interested citizens and students. Provost E. T. Yorfe Jr., Seminar chairman. Got). Claude Kirk presented opening address in his first visit to the University campus. 184 President J. Wayne Reitz welcomed Seminar to campus. 185 NATIONAL BALLET PRESENTS ' SWAN LAKE ' 186 187 SIGMA CHI DERBY PHI MUS TAKE DERBY SWEEPSTAKES CHIO, TRI DELT SPIRITS SPARKLE KCREIIIB CASON BELLY RECEIffS BI.F mm ff IJf fRE lTMENT.r OR M: KIRKOIJTJOMY T ' S fl BIG PILL TO TAIfE 1 isr A 188 189 HOUSING Home ' s where the heart is ... ' Home Sweet Home ' in Gainesville . . . unbelievable, but true . . . 16th Street garners fame, from vice squad to love-at-first-sight . . . Dorms still yield the surplus freshmen . . . their first home, housework and noisy neighbors . . . Curfews extended by new deans . . . It ' s life at its best: freedom . . . Married Villages display Saturday ' s wash of lab coats, di- apers and more diapers . . . It ' s P.H.T. for " putting hubby through . . - 190 I 191 THAT ' S RIGHT, NEW EXPERIENCES 192 193 YEAR BEGINS WITH ACTIVITY f 3GBi ' f t 194 195 FANTASTIC NEW HOUSES MAKE CAMPUS ' CITY ' 197 COMMUTERS, FOR FOUR LONG YEARS I f t ' , 198 199 COMMUNAL LIVING: FOUR LONG YEARS 200 Curfew ' s extended, more time to study, stay out of the dorms . . . Telephones constantly ringing, male population always waiting. that ' s life in the dorms. 201 PARTIES , SOCIALS , SERVICE 202 Area Councils govern, help adjust to University life; it ' s a small world for so many girls, living and working together. LINENS, RAIN, PHONES ' Wednesday ' s my day ' let ' s celebrate rain ' s only a minor problem: Saturday ' s date ' s another. Long walks through Florida ' s air-conditioned corridors. FOLD ALL LINEN EXCESSIVELY DII?TX ILLNOT l 205 206 COMMUNAL LIVING: FOUR LONG YEARS Mail brings goodies: different kinds of sweet things; life ' s where the heart is but long walks, rain, noisy neighbors leave somethings to be desired. 207 SPORTS Night-time tennis moonlighting for some . . . swimming curtailed by practicing Gator-fins . . . Basketball ' s Keller still shooting high . . . their game draws more spectators than ever before . . . Gator Ray ' s king . . . over all the football domain . . . his work ' s never done from television to alumni . ... Sports provide enjoyment for all, participation for some and conversation for all . . . its little things make ' big news ' in the daily chronicles and talk ' s next year we ' ll be number one 208 209 GATORS TAKE MIAMI SPIRIT TO GAME Miami ' s holiday weather greeted spirited Florida fans and sent them away even happier. Florida ' s flashy victory over the Georgia Tech gridiron monsters topped off the first trimester with flourish. Saturday ' s Orange Bowl found the Gator band strutting down Biscayne Boulevard, with Florida cheerleader proclaiming victory at the start. The game ' s half-time fantasy was opened with the blaring trumpets of the Biggest Boom in Dixie and the Gators fought a successful sec- ond half making their victory banner headlines in the nation ' s newspapers. Georgia Tech coaches knew their team had to handle Steve Spurrier and Richard Trapp to win the Orange Bowl game but they forgot about one person a man named Smith. Gator drum majors get ready for game ' s half-time spectacular. 210 Game ' s pace makes referees take a little dose of oxygen. Florida ' s spirit ' s little taller than Georgia ' s. Victorious Gator Ray gets a magic cornet down the field Half-time magic takes Miami into Outer Space. 211 ORANGE BOWL GAME IT TOOK A MAN NAMED SMITH Trapp can ' t quite reach Spurrier ' s aerial. Barfield dives for extra-yardage. " Larry Smith was the hammer that busted us wide open, " said Tech coach Bobby Dodd. Smith, named the game ' s outstanding player, busted up Tech and the game with a 94-yard scoring run in the third quarter, shaking off six wouldbe tacklers to do it. " I almost lost my balance when I came through the hole, " Smith said, " but I got great blocks from Graham McKeel, Jim Benson and Terry Morris. " Smith ' s touchdown put the Gators ahead 14- 6 and broke Texas ' Ernie Koy ' s mark of 79 yards set against Alabama in 1965. " I don ' t really remember that much about it, " Smith said. " It all happened so fast. " Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier wasn ' t too unhappy about his showing in Flor- ida ' s 27-12 victory. Coons takes Wages ' pass for final Gator score. 212 Giordano rushes Tech ' s King. Barfield heads up field in third quarter action. 213 SPURRIER WINDS UP IN 2nd HALF Giordano and McCall reach out for Tech ' s Snow. Rentz ' s brought down after making interception in game ' s final minutes. 214 Smitli scores on 94-yard touchdown run. Rentz and Downs fight for pigskin McKeel goes up middle for Gator ' s third touchdown. 215 SPURRIER GIVES HEISMAN TROPHY TO FLORIDA Spurrier hands off on dependable lead play. Stephen Orr Spurrier made history in the nation for his football prowess, and Spurrier brought fame and a large trophy to the Univer- sity. Spurrier, at a national banquet in New York City, was the recipient of the Heisman Trophy, acclaimed the greatest collegiate gridiron trophy. Spurrier immediately turned to the University delegation and presented the trophy to Florida for the Gator football team ' s help in boosting his ability to win the award. Spurrier received a copy of the trophy at a surprise ceremony at a basketball game in Jan- uary. Spurrier left the Orange Bowl and went immediately for the Hula Bowl in Hawaii where he quarterbacked for the college All-Stars. The Tennessean-turned-Floridian was named to All-American teams by Associated Press and United Press International, plus other awards. Spurrier delivers well-aimed aerial. 216 Spurrier watches Downs in defense play. Two great stars: Spurrier and Smith. Spurrier turns corner against Tech. Spurrier and Tech ' s King discuss game ' s outcome. 217 NOR THWESTERN ' CATS GAME BUT TAME, GATORS WIN 43-7 The 340 yards gained passing by Gator quar- terbacks Steve Spurrier, Harmon Wages and Kay Stephenson is a Florida record. Spurrier, who began his assault on the Heis- man Trophy in earnest, completed 15 of 21 pass- es for 222 yards. Wages completed five of six aerials to lead both teams in percentage of passes completed, and led the team in rushing yardage with 65 yards in four carries. With a little over two minutes remaining, Kay Stephenson began a drive on Florida ' s 20- yard line. Utilizing 12 plays, Stephenson com- pleted seven of nine passes, including the clinch- era tackle eligible pass for a TD to John Pres- ton. Florida ' s passing attack began to steamroll after talented tailback Larry Smith was helped off the field midway through the second quarter. Rittgers and Dorset put the stop to Northwestern ' s Woody. John Preston ' s moment of glory as he scores on a tackle eligible plat . 218 McKeel provides protection as Spurrier throws. Trapp runs in the end zone for six. Don Giordano and Steve Heidt hault Woody. 219 MISSISSIPPI STATE NO DEFENSE LIKE LARRY RENTZ ( CO.) In August, UF grid coaches feared the de- fensive secondary would be the Gators ' weakest position. But the last two Saturdays have taught the coaches a lesson, entitled, " There ' s no defense like Larry Rentz and company. " Against the Wildcats, the fleet stringbean returned an errant aerial 19 yards to the North- western 42-yard line. Four plays later, signal- caller Harmon Wages ' 25-yard keeper made the score 36-7. Saturday Rentz put the game out of reach for the Bulldogs. With the score 14-7, the Coral Gables flash leaped high to deflect a Saget pass, batted it up in the air, and bobbled it one, two, three times before snaring the pigskin and dash- ing 18 yards to the Bulldog 25-yard line. Florida ' s running attack showed signs of strength and brilliance Saturday. The Gators scored two touchdowns on the ground. The 12- play 60 yard TD march for the second Gator score contained nine running maneuvers. Spurrier stuck to the ground completely for six plays and Florida ' s third score. Credit should be given to Bulldog quarter- back Don Saget, who beat the Gators at his end position last season. Saget faked beautifully to streak untouched into the end zone for the Bull- dogs ' only score. Spurrier pitches out to McKeel for the gain. Smith carries against Mississippi State. 220 Trapp carries as Carr leads the way and John Preston moves in from the side. m wo Don Giordano, George Dean and Steve Heidt make the tackle Mike Santille and Bobby Adams put the rush on the passer. 221 VANDERBILT VANDY GIVES GATORS SCARE NASHVILLE-Combining 10 minutes of of- fense with 50 minutes of goal-line defense, the Gators got tough when they had to, and rode some breaks to a 13-0 win over the Vanderbilt Commodores. Led by Steve Spurrier, the Gators unleashed its patented two minute offense to open the scoring with just 44 seconds remaining in the first half. After receiving the second-half kickoff, the Gators marched 72 yards in 17 plays to score with 6:25 remaining in the quarter. Spurrier passed for both scores, the first for 22 yards to Jack Coons ( tight end ) and the sec- ond, a wing pass, to tailback Larry Smith for five yards. But this was about the only time Florida had the ball. Vandy ran off nine more plays than Florida did during the game. Defense proved to be the watchword for the Orange and Blue. Orr displays blazing speed. John Preston watches as Larry Smith makes extra yardage. 222 Spurrier looks for receiver. Jack Card and George Grandy move in for the tackle. 223 FLORIDA STATE GATORS NIP SEMINOLES, 22-19 TALLAHASSEE Gator fans smashed a ja- lopy painted FSU ' s garnet and gold colors last Thursday, but after Saturday ' s Seminole defeat, 22-19, you could add yet another color blue. What FSU thought was a last-second, come- from-behind victory became shocking defeat when line judge Doug Moseley called FSU ' s Lane Fenner out of bounds after a catch in the end zone. This judgment call was about the only break the Gators got all afternoon. Two fumbles in the first half, one of which resulted in a Semi- nole field goal, held the score down to a 14-10 Gator lead at half time. Leading 16-14, FSU attempted a 52-yard field goal, which was short. But a roughing the kick-, er penalty was called, and Gainesville High School product Pete Roberts booted a 37-yard field goal. Spurrier, penalized for intentional grounding, was forced to try a 47-yard field goal, which was short. But, Florida ' s touted zip offense whizzed for a two-play, 61 yard drive for the come-from- behind winning touchdown minutes later. So things evened out. Sophomore tailback Larry Smith was six to eight yards behind his man on the winning touchdown pass, and raced in untouched. But the top catcher of the day was Richard Trapp. The Bradenton flash caught eight pass- es for 101 yards and two touchdowns, plus a two-point conversion catch. This gives Trapp 26 points for the season. The game was dominated from the onset by the offense. Both teams scored the first time they had the ball, and combined to roll up 653 yards. Florida State edged the Gators in total yardage, 336-317. Wayne McCall makes key interception. Spurrier throws behind a wall of protection. 224 Paige Cutcliffc displays fine form. Richard Trapp hauls in another one from Spurrier Hands over head as another TD is scored. 225 N. C STATE GATORS SNAP PACK FOR FIFTH STRAIGHT For three quarters the Gator team was lost. After a little over three periods were completed Saturday, the score stood 10-3 in favor of North Carolina State in Raleigh. But the Gators sense of victory came through for still another last-minute come-from-behind win, 17-10 over the Wolfpack. Early mishaps prevented State from tacking on six points to their early margin. Two field goal tries, of 48 and 41 yards fell short. Tailback Larry Smith capped the Gators first scoring drive in the fourth quarter, with a one- yard plunge. Smith accounted for 29 yards of the 74-yard march. Linebacker Steve Heidt, intercepted a Jim Donnan aerial with 5:48 remaining and the score at 10-10. After Heidt ' s interception, Graves ' charges were on their own 23-yard line. Six plays later, Richard Trapp was in the end zone, faking his defenders off their feet for a 31-yard pass play. Barfield kicked both extra points, as well as a first-half three-pointer. For the Gators, the leading pass receiver was Trapp, with four receptions for 65 yards, in- cluding the 31 yarder good for a tally. Tight end Jack Coons amassed six more receptions, good for 43 yards. Coons garnered two aerials for 24 yards during the second TD journey. Split-end Paul Ewaldsen caught five passes for 38 yards and carried tacklers several yards after the grab. His reception netting 10 yards set up the winning bomb to Trapp. Richard Trapp tries to spring free from State man. Steve Heidt crushes State ' s quarter- back. Chip Hinton and Brian letter cut state ' s run short. 226 Chip Hinton moves in on N.C. State ' s Gary Rouse. 227 L.S.U. L.S.U. FALLS UNDER GATOR PRESSURE BATON ROUGE - Florida ' s mighty Gators whipped Louisiana State University ' s Tigers to a pulp, 28-7. The fighting Gators handled the ball five times during the first half. Super-cool Spurrier led the Orange and Blue on scoring marches of 14, 80 and 25 yards. Defensive brilliance, spearheaded by Don Giordano, Jack Card and Wayne McCall kept LSU pinned down in its own territory most of the game. Forcing the Bengals to punt after the game ' s first three plays, Coach Ray Graves ' charges marched down field, only to gamble with a pass on third and two situation, and settle for a 34- yard field goal try. The Gators scored their third touchdown in less than a minute and one-half. A soaring leap over the goal line defenders by Graham McKeel put the Gators in a 28-0 score. For the rest of the game it was " Hold that Tiger. " Larry Smith plows through LSU line Tom Christian drives for yardage. Kaye Stephenson picks tip i ardage for the Cators. Jack Card and company stop LSU halfback. Trapp makes the catch despite close coverage. 229 AUBURN SPURRIER GREAT IN ' CLOSEST RUN-AWAY ' " Wizzard of Odds " Steve Spurrier shocked Auburn back from Fantasyland to reality before a record crowd of 60,511 Homecoming fans. The smooth senior unlimbered his strong right leg with 2:17 remaining and kicked the Tiger ' s rug out from under Head Coach Shug Jordan with a 40-yard field goal to give the Gators a 30-27 win. Splendid Spurrier earlier scored his first TD of the season, a one-yard plunge which gave the Gators a temporary 20-17 lead. Richard Trapp, the SEC ' s leading scorer and pass receiver, earlier chalked up the game ' s first tally as he stood all alone in the end zone wait- ing for a 10 yard aerial from Spurrier. Florida dominated this game more than prob- ably any other, but good field position and some " flukes " gave Auburn the breaks they needed to stay close. The Gators scored on drives of 13, 73, 69 and 71 yards. The clinching field goal march span- ned 49 yards. Auburn ' s offense had little hand in the scor- ing, despite the 27 points. Lary Ellis matched Florida ' s first marker in just 12 seconds with an 89 yard kickoff return. In the second quarter, linebacker Gusty Year- out stole the ball in mid air and ran 91 yards for a 14-7 lead. Speedy Trapp almost caught him, but could not ayoid two blockers. Yearout put Auburn into a 27-27 tie by grab- bing a loose ball at the 16-yard line late in the final period. Paul Ewaldsen watches as Larry Smith scores. Smith turns on the speed and gains 30 t ards. Smith displays open field form. Larry Rentz holds as Spurrier makes " The Kick. " Spurrier-to-Trapp combination clicKs agatn 231 GEORGIA BULLDOGS BITE GATORS ' HOPES JACKSOXVILLE-Florida ' s Cinderella foot- ball team turned into a pumpkin Saturday. The man who waved the magic wand of the 27-10 victory over the Gators was Georgia Safe- tyman Lynn Hughes. He intercepted a Spurrier pass in the third quarter with the score tied 10- 10 and ran it back 39 yards for the score, putting the Bulldogs out in front for keeps. The game started out in true Florida fashion, with the Gators scoring the first time t hey had the ball. From their own 14, the Gators went the dis- tance in just nine plays. The big ones were a 28 yard pass play to Jack Coons and a 38 yard jaunt by fullback Graham McKeel to Georgia ' s three. Two plays later, McKeel dived over from the one-foot line for the score. After that. Georgia added a field goal and a score in the last seconds of play, but it really didn ' t matter. A stubborn Bulldog defense put an incredible blitz on Steve Spurrier, limiting him to 29 yards passing in the second half. The Gators managed only one first down and 33 yards total offense in the second half as All- American tackle George Patton and sophomore tackle Bill Stanfill contained the Gators outside while their teammates blit ed up thc middle. Georgia came back in the third period, driv- ing from their own 36 all the way down to the Gator four, where fullback Ronnie Jenkins bulled over for the score. Bobby Ktter converted, tie- ing it at 10-10. Fourth quarter disaster struck, with Hughes intercepting perfectly-thrown Spurrier aerial and going all the way for the score. Florida couldn ' t get moving after Hughes ' in- terception, but the Bulldogs kept up their relent- less drive on the ground. They moved from their own 30 down to the Gators ' 17 where Bobby Ftter kicked a field goal with 2:41 left in the game, giving Georgia an insurmountable 20-10 lead. Don Hnrratt makes r it ft I f f for (.(V orv. McKeel ncurcn the C.ator touchdown . . 1 McKeel takes hand off from Spurrier, while line makes hole Spurrier barks signals that start Gator play. Fine effort bi Adams that stops Ga. ' s Lawrence for short gain. 233 TULANE GATORS WIPE OUT WAVE Smith scores on special play stolen from Cincinnati. Eddie Foster calls fumble recovered by Mike Santille which set up a Gator touchdown. Sophomores and seniors blended well to lead the Gators to a come-from-behind 31-10 victory over Tulane in front of 45,000 rain-soaked fans with undampened spirits. Many sophomores were pressed into unfam- iliary starting roles. Mike Santille, left end, re- covered a fumble on the Tulane 25-yard line to set up Wayne Barfield ' s game-tying 27-yard field goal in the first half. Later, Santille snatched an aerial up at the Tulane 40-yard line and raced 12 yards to the 28. Five plays later, sophomore Larry Smith bulled into the end zone from eight yards out. The score put Florida ahead 17-10, and the Gators never looked back. Spurrier strengthened his bid for the Heis- man Trophy, completing 20 of 36 passes for 255 yards and one touchdown. In eight carries, the blond super-star amassed 33 yards, despite 10 yards in losses. Giant Jim Yarbrough, surprised the crowd on two occasions. He pulled down one aerial late in the first half that was about nine feet off the ground. Spurrier shows composure while looking for receiver. 234 Bryan letter makes tackle as other Gators move in to help. Trapp set to step in the end zone. Wage returns kickoff against Tulane. 235 Heidi chases Miam brings him down. iller and Smith ' s throws to Spurrier for first-down. Chain shows not quite enough for Gator first-down. 236 MIAMI MIAMI TOPS GATORS, 21-16 The traditional Miami-Florida clash ended too soon for Steve Spurrier and the Mighty Mites. The Florida squad dropped their final game of the regular season, 21-16, to the No. 1 spoiler in the nation. Coach Ray Graves praised the strength of the Hurricanes, but he said he was more im- pressed with the determination his Orange Bowl bound Gators displayed throughout the hard- fought contest. Graves had no comment on Larry Smith ' s controversial fumble on a crucial fourth quarter drive when the score was 21-16, and still plenty of time left. The Gainesville Thanksgiving holidays were dampened a little from the defeat, but the Ga- tors set out to get final exams over and con- centrate on the Orange Bowl classic. Spurrier gets kick away with rush on. Grandy stops McGee short of goal and Santille flies over. Rentz disappointment in miss of near interception. GATOR COACHES FOOTBALL TEAM. First Row: Frank Cain, Carl Dunn, John Lamb, Bobby Adams, George Dean, Larry Rentz, Larry Smith, Dave Barnhart, Bill Gaisford, Gunner Paulson, Ed Warner. Second Row: Tom Christian, Steve Spurrier, George Grandy, Dan Manry, Mike McCann, Jack Card, Bobby Downs, Bob Kyle, Brian letter, Tom Hungerbuhler, Steve Heidt, Red Anderson, Paige Cutcliffe. Third Row: Paul Ewaldsen, John Preston, Don Barrett, Richard T app, Jack Coons, Graham McKeel, Wally Colson, Jim Benson, Bernie Byers, Don Knapp, Marquis Baeszler. Fourth Row: Bill Can, Larry McQuinn, Gene Peek, Bob Young, Wayne Barfield, Wayne McCall, Jim farbrough, Kay Stephenson, Chip Hinton, Gary Duven, Bill Dorsey, BUI McBride. Fifth Row: Lloyd Turman, Don Giordano, Edie Foster, Doug Splane, John Feiber, Bob McCullough, J. D. Pasteris, Terry Morris, Guy Dennis, Harmon Wages, Charlie Pippin, Mike Santille, Steve Ely, Tommy Glenn. Don Brown, Assistant Defensive Line Coach Ed Kensler, Assistant Coach 238 PUT GATORS TOGETHER i Ray Graves, Athletic Director and Football Coach Billy Kinard, Assistant Coach Bubba McGowan, Assistant Coach Gene Ellenson, Assistant Coach 239 FROSH PRACTICE FOR GATOR SLOTS Florida Gators are stopped by an alert Baby Gator defense in pre-season scrimmage. BABY GATORS. First Row: Guy McThcny, David Ghesquiere, Stete Tannen, Brian Hipp, Lex Thompson. Wayne Crompton. Bill Kelly, Joe Agec, Mike Maguire, Paul Maliska. Second Row: Tom Kcnnell, George Pom- eroi . Jackie F.ckdahl, Bob Gates, Erin Skrivanek, John Willey. Walter Holt. James Davis, James Hadletj, Henry Dunn. S ' tox- Elliott. Third Row: Alan Cole, Mark Ely, James ewmeyer, Wayne Griffity, John Humphry, James Welch, Bill Fra-ier. Frank Amelung, Richard Rebol, Bill Miller, Charles Helton. Fourth Row: Larry Williamson, Harold Moore, Bob Coleman. Nick Sinardi, Tom White- linrst, Mike Warriner, Bill Johnson, Mac Steen, Mike I ' alaharh. Totn Warner, Bill Lee. 2-10 Baby Gators win all games with Eckdahl in backfield. r i 1 Paul Maliska drives for the all-important first down against F.S.U. Bridges boots the extra point for insurange against F.S.U 241 BARTLETT ' S BARKING PROVES SUCCESSFUL Coach Tommy Bartlett came to Gainesville and changed a few things here and there: one thing for sure, he ' s produced a winning Gator basketball squad. While Bartlett was an assistant at Tennessee, he coached a defense which was considered one of the best in the country. Bartlett said he wasn ' t worried about the Gator offense, which included four men over 6-5, and he gave the team a strong offense. And a championship team, he produced. Gary Keller (6-9), Neal Walk (6-10), David Mil- ler (6-5), Gary McElroy (6-5), and Skip Higley (6-0) gave Bartlett the opener he needed. Front-line reserves included Edd Poore (6-3) Mike Rollyson (6-2) and Jeff Ramsey (6-10). Presstime found the Gators almost setting a University record with four games remaining in their regular season play. Gator Coach Tommy Bartlett set his sights on a 12 game SEC record. Dick Davis, Assistant Coach Jim McCachren, Assistant Coach .. 242 Tommy Bartlett, Head Basketball Coach Paul Morton, Assistant Coach BASKETBALL TEAM. First Row: Paul Morton (Graduate Assistant), Jim McCachren (Assistant Coach), Boyd Welsch, Kurt Feazel, Skip Higley (Captain), Harry Dunn, Harry Winkler, Dick Davis (Assistant Coach), Tommy Bartlett (Head Coach). Second Row: Mike Rollyson, David Miller, Gary Keller, Neal Walk, Jeff Ramsey, Gary McElrou, Andy Owens, Edd Poore. t m 243 HOLIDAY CROWDS CHEER GATORS Miller leaps in an attempt to stuff FSU field goal. Crowd arrotised by Gator ' s fine form. Higley picks up tlie 4 point play. 244 Neal Walk waits to gather rebound. From the liighest point of the gym 245 REBOUNDS BOOST GATOR SCORES Tense jaces await next moment of action. In a few years 246 McElrotj demonstrates advantages of height Rupp ' s Runts. Keller gets the fast break and drives for a lay up Higletj shows form that won him spot in North-South allstar game. 247 McElroy and Keller closely guard a Kentucky eager. Keller lays the ball up for a Gator field goal. The Gator ' s put their 3-1-1 defense to work. 248 KELLER, MILLER, WALK: LEADING SCORERS The court is blurred with excitement as the tension mounts 249 TALL ONES REACH FOR VICTORY Miller stretches to control the rebound. A battle to the heights as F.S.U. and Gator cagers lean for control Gators go to the floor to tie up the ball. 251 CAGERS HIT TOP TEN ' BASKETS Moral support given from the Florida bench. Neal Walk makes the last effort. 252 Cagers flex for the moment of action as both jump for the ball. Welsch and Higley combine forces to check Tennessee ' s drive. 253 RECORD CROWDS OVERFLOW FIELDHOUSE The Gators attempted to reverse an early season loss and tie a school record at. the same time against Auburn. The record would give Florida their 18th victory and most ever achiev- ed by a Florida team. In 1964-65 Florida finish- ed 18-7 and this year ' s edition, the first coached by Tommy Bartlett, is 17-4 with four games re- maining. The trend which Bartlett hoped to reverse is that of Auburn routing Florida teams. But, this year, the Gators have routed SEC and other competition: Florida State, Alabama, Kentucky, Miami, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Louisiana State, and Jacksonville University. Gary Keller led Gator scorers boosting the team ' s high score average. Keller was followed by Miller, Higley, McElroy and Walk. 1966-67 ROSTER Kurt Feazel 22 sophomore Mike Rollyson 25 junior Edd Poore 30 senior Gary Keller 31 senior David Miller 32 junior Harry Winkler 33 junior Boyd Welsch 34 sophomore Skip Higley (Capt. )._ 35.. senior Jeff Ramsey 40 senior Neal Walk 41 sophomore Gary McElroy 42 junior Andy Owens 45 sophomore Florida vs. Kentucky was televised because of demand for seats. Giant Gator ' s bound for ball dominance Ramsey leaps to tie up the ball against Florida State. Neal Walk fires from the key amongst Ten nessee defenders. 255 KENTUCKY FALLS IN FLORIDA GYM Keller, Walk, McElroy fight for rebound. " There was a quiet before the storm . McElroy shoots despite a Seminoles attempted stuff. 257 BABY GATORS WAIT FOR BIG CHANCE ' " ' 258 William Harlan, Swimming David Fuller, Baseball 260 MENTORS LOOK FOR GOOD YEAR W. M. Potter, Tennis Jim Carries, Track 261 TANKERS SPLASH UP VICTORY Blanchard Tual Barry Russo 262 Florida ' s tankmen rolled in some impressive victories with lettermen Tom Dioguardi, Blan- chard Tual, David Bentley, Ed Cooke and Robin Stone pushing the first places nearer reality in swim meets. Warm weather, good talent and spirit boost- ed Florida swimmers to record heights, Coach Bill Harlan said. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM. First Row: Coach Har- lan, Robin Stone, Joe Scafuti, Paul Ackerman, Blanchard Tual, Steve Maori, Steve Zarzecki, Ed Cook, Tom Bor- land, John Kirkland, Assistant Coach Reese. Second Row: Jim Hollaway, Richard Ahrens, Andy McPherson, Bruce Page, John Davidson, Hank Hough, Dave Bent- ley, Barry Russo, Mark Montgomery, Bob Bridges, Chris Mutton, John Primrose, Jim Lampman. Dave Bentley 263 Tom Dioguardi 264 POOL TEAM LAPS RECORDS 265 SAIER HAGER, LAGOTIC RUN AWAY WITH Jimmy Games ' trackmen pushed new heights in everything from broadjumps to distance runs in the coach ' s third year as head coach of Flor- ida ' s growing sport. Scott Hager, Frank Lagotic, Frank Saier, John Morton, Harry Winkler and Dieter Geb- hard boosted Florida ' s records and prestige in track. Some 80 men participated in track to set a University record, according to Coach Carnes. Jim Kelly 266 Dieter Gebhard, half-mile runner TROPHIES John Morton, discus 267 CINDERMEN PUSH CARNES ' RECORD 269 GOLFERS DIVOT FLORIDA ' S GREENS Florida ' s golf team, led last year by National Amateur champ Bob Murphy, tightened up its grips to face a tough season in the SEC. Florida, rated in the top SEC teams, pre- pared for nearly ten tournaments for the 1966-67 season. Last year ' s undefeated freshman team boosted the varsity golf team numbers to new heights this year. 271 GOALS: HOLE-IN-ONES 273 Tennis started its regular season on Feb. 18 against the University of South Florida. Coach Bill Potter started Armi Neely, the 1965 National Junior Indoor Champion from Tampa in the number one position. Jamie Pressly, the 1966 Florida State Open champion, and Steve Beeland, ranked llth in Florida, started in the second and third posi- tions. Neely, Pressly and Beeland are sophomores, boosting future Gator tennis teams to the ex- perienced ranks. Transfer Hank Veno, co-captains Bill Perrin and Ron Fick, freshmen Greg Hilley and Will Sherwood, sophomore Lee Steele and freshman Lance Novak rounded out the squad. A Neely Ron Fick 274 NETMEN PRACTICE FOR TOURNEY PLAY Lee Steele Bill Perrin 275 Greg Hilley Steve Breland GATOR MATCHES BRIGHTEST YET Hank Veno Lance Novak 277 Danny Cushman, third base 278 GATORS ' PLAY: FAST, AGILE, SMOOTH The Gator baseball squad took on a 36 game schedule for this year ' s season. The Gators, coached by Dave Fuller, played 15 Southeastern Conference games and three exhibition games with North Carolina and Wake Forest. The squad had 12 returning lettermen from last year and some outstanding sophomores up from the freshman ranks. Jim Courier, pitcher Mike Ovca, catcher 279 GATORS ' INNINGS MEAN VICTORIES 280 FLORIDA FENCERS TAKE OVER FLORIDA GYM Fencing champ Jose Sasek receives a hit from Scottish fencer Dr. Ewen Clark. Rick Leonard receives instructions from Coach Jose Sasek as Lloyd Chesney lunges. Florida Fencers ' first string fencing team in foil, epee, sabre and woman ' s foil. Florida Fencers held the 1966 Southeastern Collegiate fencing crown. This year they have been concentrating on building a stronger compe- tition team. GREEKS Fraternal groups mean brotherhoods, and a little more . . . they ' re a way of life . . . Their houses filled with hope, de- termination and spirit make the University a home for many . . . Greeks are often misunderstood, but there ' s one for every- body ' if only others knew . . . ' They ' re a busy group . . . Frolics, Derby, weekends, rush, parties and socials . . . their worlds . . . and their Rituals give them something extra only the initiated know . . . Little things the pledge pin, badges, brotherhood mean so much to them and the University which they serve . . . I 282 - I I 283 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL WATCHES OVER 27 BROTHERHOODS IFC OFFICERS. From left: Rob Williams, Secretary, Phi Delta Theta; Scott Bayman, Executive Vice President, Delta Upsilon; Manuel James, President, Pi Kappa Phi; Bill Sparkman, Administrative V ice-President, Beta Theta Pi; Jim Devaney, Treasurer, Kappa Sigma. 284 James Brown, IFC Fall Frolics. Uniting the twenty-seven Greek organiza- tions on campus is the Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil. With the aid of Harvey Sharron, advisor, the IFC settles disputes over a wide variety of problems arising in connection with fraternity life. Aside from their work as the governing body of the fraternities, the IFC sponsors Fall and Spring Frolics each year. FSU ' s Sammy Seminole gets strung up by spirited Greeks. IFC Pep-Rally. 285 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PANHELLENIC MAKES SORORITIES ' FAMILY AFFAIR ' The Panhellenic Council, comprised of rep- resentatives from the 14 sororities, coordinates sorority activities and acts as a sounding board for sorority problems and life. Phi Sigma Sigma became the University ' s newest sorority colony and began its rush in November. The Council starts each trimester with a For- um to invite girls to attend rush. Rush pro- cedure ' s explained and each sorority president is introduced. Dean Betty Cosby is advisor to the Panhel- lenic Council. Officers include: Kathy Lamb, president; Carol Henderson, vice president; Ann Aletti, sec- retary; Paula Sacks, treasurer; Kathy Young, rush chairman. 286 President Kathy Lamb, Zeta Tau Alpha, discusses meeting with Panhellenic advisor, Dean Betty Cosby. 287 ALPHA CHI O.Mt.CA HOMECOMING MAD GATOR BRINGS FIRST PLACE Another successful year signaled by 27 pledges . . . the " Mad Gator " at homecoming brings AX a first place trophy . . . Tina and Jo keep AX fires burning in Europe . . . Sally ' s got a living ring it grows . . . " But that ' s what he told me too! " . . . Cindi was Sister of the Cornea . . . surgery in IB Jan and Kathy on duty . . . little sisters in ATO, Delts, Kappa Sigs, Phi Taus and Pi Kaps . . . familiar Santa greets Heesie with a " Jo.JoJo " at Christmas party . . . January and the Maundy Quintet plays to honor new pledges at overflowing Open House . . . Marilyn raps the presidential gavel while inarching for Angel Flight and cheering on Gators . . . how did Salli and Marge end up at the 1 wrong rally? . . . Lee " jumps in " as soror- it coordinator . . . Paul Newman selects Julie for Miss Seminole Court . " As we toast our alma mater. " we also toast a wonderful year. President, Marilyn Harrie; First Vice Presi- dent, Xuncy Scotten; Second Vice President, Carol Sampson; Treasurer, Beth Rupp; Record- ing Secretary, Phyllis Pappas; Corresponding. Secretary, Angela Mcnezes. It ' s fun to icatch Hie downbeat. Marie Applegate Tern Bain Janice Baldwin Salli Benedict Sandra Bern Nancy Bradley Martha Brook Carol Camp Rita Cannona Bonnie Cawood Jan Concordia Sandi Cotcart Sally Dnnifon Barbara Fislier Patricia Fouler Mnruc Franklin Judij Girardean Marie Girardeati Kitty Col nik Jetta Goolsby Judy Graham Jan Grimnlat) Nancy Grisham Melissa Harmon Marylyn Harrie Kathy Hatcher Robyn Hermann Pat Hill Annette James Sandra Johnson Bonnie .lone Deborah Jonex Karen Kay Cindy Klausner Jackie 2-S8 Typical singing group pose . . . Pat McClure Angela McCoy Gaylynn McHose Maureen McNish Kathryn Martin Angela Menezes Karen Milner Arlene Obringer Carol Palmour Phyllis Pappas Lee Pletts Roberta Ready Carol Richards Gail Roberts Judy Roberts Beth Rupp Kathleen Ryan Bonnie Sampson Carol Sampson Betty Sanford Linda Scott Nancy Scotten Bev Shea Reyna Shore Barbara Smith Clair Smith Patricia Svane Cathy Swain Julie Taylor Millicent Taylor Nan Thomsen Sue Trottnow Cynthia Tunstall Linda Valdes Righton Willis Dottie Yuschak 289 ALPHA DELTA PI GRAPEFRUIT BECAME FAVORITE FOOD " Let us sing to Alpha Delta " rang on high at the 101 song practices we attended . . . the largest pledge class on campus . . . Kay Melton turns cheerleader . . . Emily Benson named to Who ' s Who . . . Spurrier adds another Starr to his collection . . . Rod the Bod . . . Linda wins Best Sister Award . . . The Wednesday night knitting circle . . . Cynthia becomes big-time movie producer . . . ADPi ' s win Dollars for Scholars for fifth year Tippy judged " Most Popular " at pie throw contest . . . Suzanne Teate, Gator Bowl Queen . . . grapefruit becomes favorite food . . . Kay wins fame for " We are the " boys " . . . Amanda gains eight pounds . . . Coons throws pass and connects . . . Miss Blake stops by ... A.M.A.B. . . . " but she ' s so nice, Girls. " President, Kay Melton; First Vice President, Linda Webb; Second Vice President, Roslyn Brown; Recording Secretary, Mary Jo Holland; Corresponding Secretary, Becky Spencer; Treas- urer, Bette Casey. Here is an easy way to get rid of those suppressed aggressions. Kathy Amick Jane Afheridge April Baur Margaret Bell Thortj Bennecke Emily Benson Martha Baling Kristy Brown Christie Bunnell Karen Campbell Velva Clark Patricia Coleman Lee Craig Susan Davis Ann Dore Joan Driscoll Peggy Frame Cynthia Grandee Joan Gorski Anne Gilbert Karin Gillespie Bette Goldenstar Drue Gunther Barbara Harris OQO Sisters can be a big help at study-time? Katie Hester Mary Holland Kristt Kimball Helen Labarre Deedie Lockhart Judith Lee Suzy Me Kay Pamela Madison Ann Mahan Marilyn Marcy Kay Melton Suzanne Miller Guyla Murphy Patti Nazzaro Connie Ogle Terry Pelton Cynthia Pharr Harriet Queen Frances Roberts Jane Setzer Rebecca Spencer Sandra Stephens Susan Stewart Gae Walters Jane Wanless Aneta Warren Jill West Part of the most successful sorority rush. 291 ALPHA EPSILON PHI IT ' S BEEN A VERY GOOD YEAR HAPPINESS IS ... 23 Great pledges . . . Jana, Cheerleader, ATO Little Sister . . . HAP- PY-TEP SWEETHEART . . . Babs in Angel Flight . . . Susan Kaplin your in the army now! . . . Anyone for Perquackey? . . . Ronna, AEPhi Pledge Class Sweetheart ... I got it first-hand, Setzer . . . Hirsch leading TEP pledge class . . . Margolis, Davis having 40 new AEPi Brothers . . . Carats for 4 happy fingers . . . Bite the Bagel! . . . Number two in WUS . . . SX Egg Drop Trophy . . . capping third place honors for GATOR GROWL SKIT . . . political campaigns . . . Tarler never having enough to do ... Parents ' Week-end and Green and White . . . Darlene pounding her gavel . . . Elementary Education majors . . . Unexpected Candle-Lights . . . But really to us we must admit, happiness is being a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi! President, Darlene Selago; First Vice Presi- dent, Susan Krivan; Second Vice President, Jo- Ann Kornicks; Recording Secretary, Betty Dia- mond; Corresponding Secretary, Linda Tarler; Treasurer, Sherry Segerman. Sing along with the Alpha Epsilon Phis. Susan Abrams Sherry Alexander Happy Arkin Leslie Bakerman Peggy Cohen Betty Diamond Susan Dobbie Carol Feldman Jana Feldman Feme Golfman Ronna Goldstein Ingrid Goldstrom Irene Gruen Sandra Gwaltney Judith Horovitz Judith Harris Eddyse Hershbein Judy Hirsch 292 Linda Horn Andrea Jantel Ann Jarrett Susan Kalin Donna Kandel Phyllis Karol Edith Kaufman JoAnn Kornicks Susan Krivan Barbara Leavitt Sandra Leven Iris Levine Sheila Lewis Frances McMillan Jean Mamlin Arlene Margoles Judy Marienthal Katie Markhan Judith Marx Ellen Miles Shanjn Nash Nikki Nedbor Joanne Orfinger Barbara Ragon Paula Richman Barbara Ross Bonny Sachs Carol Schwartz Sherry Segerman Darlene Selago Dianne Selditch Kay Seligman Beverly Setzer Frances Singer Susan Sirotta Susan Skirble Gay Slesinger Barbara Smith Linda Tarler Bonnie Tischler Jill Vandroff Cynthia Warner Marianne Weinberg Michele Weissman Natalie Zadoff 293 ALPHA l-PSILO PI BLUE AND GOLD WEEKEND: EdiL ' iird Buc iu.s Leslie Barniit Arnold Bauin Sheldon Beckcrman Michael Behrman Michael Bcrctim Ronald Bcrntnj William Bossak Jack Brcgcr Roger Carlton Allen Chcui-ront cal Eiehclbatim Gerald Eisnuni David Fier Louis Fingerhitt Joel Galpern James Giritlian Mark Goldberg Rodney Goldstein Alan Graham Iri ' inK Ilaber Kenneth Holler Mark Hcnnowitz Richard Hoffman Ralph Kaplan Todd Kliston Milton Klompus Randolph Koch Bruce KonigsbuTg Ricliard Krakow Bruce Kusens Neal Lavon Bruce Latter Jeffrey Lcrnard Larry Levin David Lea Lloyd Mandell Charles Papir Frederick Pollack Stephen Press Raincy Rissman Dennis Rockuat Sleet; Rosen Andrew Ross Jeffrey Sdicchler M ithcu: Schneider Martin Silncart: Slutztih Harry Small Brian Smith Richard Sull Allan Stern Jay ( ' rn Sl m Weinslein Steven 7,eit S ft 294 DOUG CLARK AND THE HOT NUTS AEPi ' s building Grade point average. Bull sessions fill idle time at the house. 1966, a non-stop year for Alpha Epsilon Pi ... pledges work September weekend on Marjo- rie Kinnan Rawlings ' home . . . Brothers and pledges spend October weekend collecting money for the association for Mental Health of Alachua County . . . Dollars for Scholars drive saw AEPi ' s all over campus selling potato chips . . . biggest homecoming show on campus highlighted by Del Shannon who was named an honorary " pledge of the year " by Master Bruce Levy . . . community service was high in the minds of every AEPi even during homecoming; wood used in the AEPi display donated to children of Flavet III to be used as a fort . . . Joel Galpern, National Junior Handball Champ . . . Roger Davis, National Junior De- bating Champion . . . Howard Freeman, AEPi ' s third Blue Key . . . Pledge class averaging 2.57, has two join Phi Eta Sigma freshman honorary . . . Blue and Gold Weekend brings Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts to the AEPi ' s Stage; a first for the University ... as always, AEPi ' s have made good their slogan, " The opportunity to be- come a better man. " Master, Bruce Levy; Lieutenant Master, Les Barnett; Exchequer, Roger Carlton; Scribe, Bar- nj Burak; Sentinel, Phil Shenkman. Left: Party-going AEPi ' s ham it n; for the camera. 295 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Alpha Gamma Rho ' re around a friendly camp fire. Hubert Allbritton Charles Babb William Baker Norman Black Eli Beasley Paul Click William Crews Fred Dietrich Daniel Faircloth Howard Foster Michael Fries Winslow Fredriksson Norman Greer Elray Hanchey Thomas Harper William Hedick David Hendon John Hunter Richard Joyner Skip Lambert Terry Lawrence James Lee Daniel McKinnon Robert Marks James Mixson William Morgan Paul Mott Leon Nobles Harold Osban Jacob Redman Joe Shivers Steve Skipper James Sumner Michael Warren Paul Williams Sam Wright ft O 296 II THEY ' RE PINEY WOOD ROOTERS Over 500 Alumni return for Homecoming and Founders ' Day programs . . . Chapter takes hon- ors at National Convention . . . J. Clyde Drig- gers elected Grand First Vice-President . . . Dr. E. T. York, Provost elected President of Ed- ucational Foundation of AGR . . . Kiddie Korps initiates two new members . . . Herdon takes speaking honors at American Farm Economics Convention . . . Bellizio Honor Court Justice . . . Lambert, Ward Leg Council Representa- tives . . . Boe picks Girines over U. of G. . . . FA YE ELLIOTT Sweetheart . . . Governor Kirk speaks at Third Annual Alpha Gamma Rho State Fair Luncheon . . . Lawrence falls in wrong hole, chin up Jerry . . . Brothers hold highest offices in Ag. Council, ALPHA ZETA, Block and Bridle, U. of F. Livestock Judging Team, Agronomy, Ag Economy clubs . . . Mortality Index on Cooks up two points one shot, one sot ... Guatemala recovers from Hosban ' s visit . . . Judge Black makes bid for Honor Court . . . Noble Bubble bursts in March . . . Hedick holds services for Cock Robin . . . That ' s right, Mom, they ' re piney wood rooters. President, Marilyn Harrie; First Vice Presi- dent, Nancy Scotten; Second Vice President, Carol Sampson; Treasurer, Beth Rupp; Record- ing Secretary, Phyllis Pappas; Corresponding Secreta ry, Angela Menezes. So he likes to be in pictures, you can ' t hold him back. Two new Blue Key brothers in the AGR house. Not exactly an AGR pledge. 297 ALPHA OMICRON PI A TRAUMATIC TRIMESTER AOPis chilled by new air-conditioning . . . Eddie bucks president ' s curse . . . The whit is watching you . . . Those body-warming kisses . . . chapter meeting at Dipper Dan ' s . . . Tanya Sig Ep Sweet oops! . . . Rumpy and Dumpy get engaged . . . Marti ' s been Delt with . . . Wild Things at a revival . . . Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl dreams of wed- ding bells . . . Dee ' s Notre Dame weekend . . . What next, Kesterson, the Presidency? . . . Sandy knows the Ropes . . . Speak English, Ivo . . . Mian ' s off to Germany . . . Benbad ' s bannisters . . . John Savage - Rose Man. Tremendous rush in spite of drips . . . Sue Ellen and Mephistopheles . . . Timmy flips over Diana . . . Does Alec like to hunt better than Sue Hunt? . . . Barb, the Pit ... A traumatic trimester. President, Eddie Young; First Vice President, Charyl Geyer; Second Vice President, Sally Ben- droth; Recording Secretary, Rosia Salario; Cor- responding Secretary, Linda Gehris; Treasurer, Linda Edwards. AOPis get their monies ' worth from AT T. Christine Amoral Deborah Anderson Judy Banks Sue Barnes Barbara Barett Dee Bateman Dana Baumgardner Shirley Bell Sally Benroth Cathrine Chappelle Barbara Clark Corinne Conlon Susan Corey Linda Corso Chella Courington Gail Cox Martie Cox Susan Deal Brenda Dennison Marcia Dugar Sue Dye Linda Edwards Linda Gehris Charyl Geyer Jeanie Goode Ann Hall Sue Hamilton Jane Hayman Katherine Heatherton Carol Hill Linda Hill Mary Hill Peggy Hock Pat Halley Terry Howell 298 Preferential! provide one last look at hopeful rushees. Alberta Hughes Catherine Humphreys Susan Hunt Carol Ann Jones Sherry Jones Barbara Kesterson Carol Longford Sheron Lawler Margaret Leith Linda Lundy Susan Malcom Beverly Matson Mary Metz JoAnne Mulholland Mary Ann Neff Sharon Nolan Susan Overstreet Pat Palmero Valerie Plumb Sandy Prescott Barbara Rogers Wendy Roth Valerie Rumpel Loraine Sadler Rosemary Salario Janet Santilli Virginia Shad Martha Shonter Fritzi Steinbecker Suzanne Sugrue Natalie Taylor Eddie Young Tanya Thomas Carol Thompson Charlotte Tolliver Susan Whitney Song practice fills living room with enthusiastic AOPis. ALPHA TAU OMEGA IN THE HALLS OF ALPHA TAU Smith wins most valuable player award pants down ... A Starr shines over Steve Spurrier with the Heisman Trophy and a Blue Key to boot . . . Harper challenges other par- ties to a karate match and wins another Blue Key . . . Pressly number one in tennis . . . Murphy pulls in fantastic Little Sisters and Gung Ho Losson makes rush a success . . . Jones is still flying Pan Am . . . Tri Delts still don ' t believe us ... Mallonee and Marcy spend a night in the dumpster while Malin and Rissier buzz off on a nature hike . . . Frog wins by TKO and Black Bart goes into retirement . . . Super Gar entertains . . . Sargeant still clapping . . . Norris frequents the low rent district while others try Brand X ... Reynolds also managed many service projects . . . Coot gets hurt by a falcon egg . . . such is life in the halls of Alpha Tau. Ray Angele Jim Barks Robert Beale Pete Belford Tom Bell Marvin Beaman Curtis Benefield Roger Blackburn Andrew Blackmon Pierre Blanchet Don Boone Jim Bridges John Butler Joseph Butler Richard Calvitt Walter Cannon George Cappy Jim Chapman John Chase Tom Cochrane Steve Cole Hubert Coleman Stephen Cottrell Jim Courier Jeff Cox Ron Crowder Paul Dee David Dickson Pete Dilts Jim Domenguez Steve Dowling Bill Dugan Doug Duncan Steve Elliot Larry Enlow Tom Ferrer Tom Fey Joe Ficarrotta John Flowers Walter Fly Stanton Gideon Tim Gill Hal Golforth Mac Greco Bob Harper Charles Harris Walter Harrison Bill Hewitt Frank Hewlett Albert Hill ATO ' s favorite pastime 300 Halloween party entertains underprivileged children. there is nothing else to do. WIB I Bill Kelly Mike Klein Bob Kump Mark Landrum Bob Lane Frank Lasseter Dick Losson Roger Lyle Bill McBride Mike McCarty Dick McCkllan Bob McTammany Bob Malin Byron Meek Mike Mallonee Tom Marcy Steve Melnyk Don Middlebrooks Mel Mobley Mike Moore Jim Moyles Bob Norris Tim O ' Connell Don O ' Leary Phil Pace Gary Patchen Gene Paul Fred Person Jeff Phelan Tim Philpot Charles Pollard Pierre Powell Jim Pressly Don Prokes Augie Quesada Julian Raymond Russell Reynolds Charles Ring Henry Rissier Rick Rodgers Tuck Rossmiller Jim Sargeant Ralph Sargeant Knowleton Shelnut Clark Sherwood Frank Smith George Smith Jim Spencer Bill Tackett Glenn Terry Jock Terry Chris Thibaut Lee Tulford Paul Waite Carlton Ward Jim Waugh Jim Whitney Jon Wilkins Charles Williams Scott Wood Randell Woodward Richard Wynn Edward Yeilding Bob Hill Bob Hollmeyer Bill Holmen Buddy Hooten Albert Hopcraft Tom Horton Dan Hrabke Mike Huddleston Greg Jones Mike Jones Ken Johnson Ron Johnson Steve Johnson Bob Johnston President, Bob Harper; Vice President, Tom Marcy; Treasurer, Don Middlebrooks; Annals, John Flowers; Scribe, Ralph Evans. 301 BETA THETA PI BETAS PLACE HIGH ACADEMICALLY Betas second academically in ' 66, and are on same road this year . . . sports are onup- swing . . . Bill Sparkman, IFC Administrative Vice President . . . Voslow, Gebhard, Scafuti, Sparkman, Betas in Leg Council . . . Diogardi, McPherson lead swim team; backed by Scafuti, Mullon Cooper, Applegate . . . Golf team has Betas Oakley Spears, Mayhood . . . track men Gebhard, Hale pace cross country, and spark relays . . . Healy mans football team . . . Novak plays freshman tennis ... in intramurals Mum- ford takes second first in 880 yard run . . . Schell, All-Campus football .-. . 31 new broth- ers ent er annals . . . sweetheart Verna Woodall, court Jackie Payne, Brinda Jones, Marvin Lyons, Sally Dunn, Paula Richmond, Ellen Miles . . . brighten Beta Scene . . . Red Baron Party sends everyone to attic for relics; all Snoopy could dig up was a bone . . . Beta Weekend brings Hawaii to Gainesville . . . Mai- lory carnival coins fill Dollars for Scholars purse . . . Christmas turns many pins to rings . . . initiation draws National President and Vice President. President, Mike Gable; Vice President, Clarke Vitulli; Secretary, Tom Landgraf; Treasurer, Ken Deen. Ice cream eating contest was messy fun. Bob Appelget Bill Barker Steve Becker John Benton Chuck Berrier Jack Bonham Bill Bothwell Tom Boyle Tim Brown George Brownlow Paul Bryant Dan Burke Bruce Caldwell John Chorlog Dick Clarke Lance Comfort George Cone Tad Cooper Sam Costanzo Dennis Dearborn I V -rf m tutl 302 J t [I1J John Duzzon Chris Epting Gene Erwin Tom Falana Bob Franklin Mike Gable Dieter Gebhard Bob Gill Bob Gower Terry Green John Griffiths Joe Gurri John Harrell Bob Havertstrite Tom Healey Mason Heydt John Hirte Vic Hulslander Jeff Klink Steve Kroll Tom Landgraf Talbert Lauter Paul Lavezzoli James Lawrence Gary Leech David Littlejohn Bill Luse Sam Lyons Dale Mallory Albert Meilan John Messing Dick Miller Al Montgomery Jerry Morey Chris Mullon Barry Nason Frank Norm Dave Oakley Dan O ' Connell Jeff Ohen Lenton Peaden James Pickering David Pugh Dorset Ouandt Jim Sanders Willie Schell Ryan Scholz Jim Scott Earl Smiley ]. D. Smith Bill Sparkman Jim Sparks Dick Spears Charles Tabscott Clark Vitulli David Vosloh Nelson Welman James Wallace John Welt on Don Wilkins Dennis Wilkinson Charles Wilson Ron Zimmet 303 CHI OMEGA TOP NEWS OWL- WISE Owls fly away with Sigma Chi Derby tro- phy . . . Chi O ' s make good political stand . . . House gets face lifting ... 29 fantastic fall pledges . . . How about an overall homecoming trophy . . . Most Humorous! Lambert prefers stocks to diamonds . . . Miss Seminole trophy caps attention at rush parties . . . Many letters to Viet Nam ... Three new Chi Omega faces in Hall of Fame and Who ' s Who . . . Jane Kimbrell heads WSA . . . Cal- houn ' s at attention: Angel Flight commander . . . Nel Laughon appointed National Collegiate Press Association Hostess . . . Friday ' s working on her M.D. . . . Noble becomes a wise owl . . . Chris! GO GATORS! . . . Streetman which aisle Pan Am or the church . . . This is ' 66, ' 671y speaking. President, Gloria Risk; Vice President, Carol Epply; Secretary, Marie Headly; Treasurer, Rhonda McMullen; Pledge Trainer, Becky Piece. Chi O ' s entertain at special Professors night. Nancy Adams Pam Bacharach Cathy Bennett Cheryl Boyce Barbara Bowman Shelley Bowen Ann Browning Nancy Calhoun Edna Caruso Bernadette Castro Laura Chapman Lee Christy Dorothy Dana Theresa Desilets Rene Diceistina Donna Di Tullio Patricia Fielder Mary Finley Martha Friday Marsha Goheen Christina Hall Marie Headletj Cheryl Heipt Nelle Johnston Joann Keet Jane Kimbrell Cynthia Lambert Elaine Langston Mary Lasseter Neville Laughon Dianna Leach Shawn Lipscomb Jo Longino Linda McKnight Rhonda McMultan 304 Homecoming celebration backed up by Maundy Quintet. Decorations which won Most Humorous for the Entire Campus. Who says there isn ' t a Santa Claus? Karen Manson Robbie Mattix Tiffany Middleton Mary Milton Cathy Moore Amy Nisbet Diana Noble Mike Noble Beaky Pierce Terry Pans Nancy Pratt Judy Price Peggy Renfranz Janis Ridenour Gloria Rish Patricia Robertson Sallie Scarborough Collie Smith Dianna Sollner Sandra Stallings Roxanne Thomas Claire Tulander Ann Weimer Susan White Susan Wiborg Janie Williams Elizabeth Wilson Katharine Wilson CHI PHI The Alamo, where old soldiers never die, but crumble slowly . . . Pledges . . . Howdy Doody comes as Batman to suppressed desire party . . . Sorority Pledge Class Presidents beautiful, gracious at Banquet ... 24 rat broth- ers; thanks to Reed, a modern miracle . . . Phi Mu Social a lasting memory . . . Chi Phi cops arrest dates for browery brawl during Chi Phi weekend . . . Theta yields to pressure, but DumDum, Harvey, Alfie, and Conrad prove themselves cool cats . . . the Sloths . . . yes, the sloths . . . Charity reigns as blood flows during IFC Blood Drive . . . Finals once . . . Finals twice . . . three strikes and you ' re out . . . Christmas Banquet; nonfat dry milk egg- nog? . . . Sigma Kappa social really great . . . Brothers beat pledges in Toilet Bowl . . . Mom Langdon. President, Andy Berky; Vice President, Bill Blizzard; Secretary, Steve Kaufmann; Treasurer, Mike Smodish. 306 illttllft a a Andy Berky hands incoming President Dave Okulla the gavel. Dwight Allison Charles Austin John Beck William Berky Stephen Bernstein William Blizzard Edward Buckspan James Callahan William Carter Charles Caudel Henry Cozine Thomas Cunniff James Dickenson Richard Dorrie Robert Emmet Federico Fernandez Jerry Glennon Wright Gres Gordon Hallgren Brent Hansell Glen Hayden James Heaton Kenneth Heller Terry Hershey Wilton Hogge Richar Illsley Stephen Kaufman William Kelley Stephen Herschleb Peter Langley F. P. Lawrence Luis Linares Lawrence McCarthy Michael McCarthy James Mills Franklin Morgan Gary Noyes Hal Noues Frank Oberhausen Charles Parker Robert Parsons Robert Peloquin " Suppressed Desire Party " held at the Chi Phi House. BROTHERS BEAT PLEDGES IN TOILET BOWL Terry Proger George Pyle Jose Quintana Robert Reed Bud Reeger Clarance Rice Donald Roberts Thomas Robertson LeRoy Russ Carl Sagro Jack Shively Michael Smodish IfeiJ James Spindler Richard Supinski Bradford Sweeney John Sydorick William Sykes William Vancil Robert Wattles George Welly Lloyd White Alan Wilkox James Wolfe Walter Woodward Chi Phi ' s rock out at another party. 307 DELTA CHI Well what needs to foe said for this picture: Bernard Allmaras James Almond Edward Balaz Arlie Bobo Bert Broom Carl Brown John Brunt John Chaperon William Crampton Harry Crook Charles Curley William Diamond Robert Fttttington James Fyler John Gibson Timothy Good 308 What a motley crew this is. AFTER FIVE YEARS. A NEW HOUSE After five years of waiting, the new house . . . our own yellow submarine surfaces with Luigi at the helm . . . How about our first place float in homecoming . . . Ice cream socials fills a large house ... its remarkable how Olympia Apartments looks like our house could be the Architect . . . We ' re sure Mrs. E is the sharpest housemother ... A Delta Chi was the first to notice that Godiva rode a horse . . . we have a very lucky guest from another fraternity . . . 1966-67 looks like the most successful year for DX . . . What exactly did you find in the woods, Curley? . . . Jonsey ' s joining the Navy he heard that alcohol floats . . . Mica is reading the best seller, " In Harms ' Way " . . . Lovitt, how can you juggle three love affairs? . . . B. G. wins the Tally Book award for the girls most mentioned . . . Way, be careful of whose toes you step on ... D. B. ' s just a brown nose . . . ask Mc- Ewen about Gorgon . . . Ryals makes his sing- ing debut at the Saki Shop with a stripped zipper . . . Hay Mills, this is a fast dance . . . Jerry and Donna should have great averages, theyre always " studying " . . . Fullington, flex for us once . . . Crook ' s on again-off again ro- mances prove " the chapter room is no place for petty love affairs " . . . President, John Mica; Vice President, Carl Brown; Secretary, Tex Turnier; Treasurer, Tom Herriott; Corresponding Secretary, Jim Almond. Michael Hencin Thomas Herriott James Hiemenz Richard Jones Tim Kaskey Gerald Keenan Thomas Kuznik James Lovitt Joseph Martens Jon Mathers Tim McEwen Craig McKinnon William McKinnon John Mica Robert Parks Michael Reavell Gregory Rowland Marvin Ryals Craig Sargent Jerry Schechter Steve Schmidt Larry Schneider Gary Soehner Christofjher Toppe James Turk Walter Turnier Jeffrey Yost Ronald Zic This music really moves me. 309 DELTA DELTA DELTA A SPECIAL YEAR FROM THE VERY FIRST Everybody knew this was going to be a spe- cial year for the Tri-Delts from the very first after all ... Tri-Delts were members of the EX, PiKA, DU, SN, and DTD courts . . . Jen- nifer McKinnon was SAE sweetheart . . . and Susie Owens was SN sweetheart . . . Jane San- defur reigned as International Beauty Queen while Jan was wrecking cars . . . Suzanne Hull was Miss Gainesville . . . Susan Hart served as Secretary of Legislative Council . . . During the year Tri-Delts got a handy man ... or at least one of us did . . . Tri-Delts became little sisters of ATO, DTD, KS, SAE, PiKA AEPi, and Phi Tau . . . Jan prefected her impersonation of our cultured friend . . . Cathy Chiste, what did you think about her? . . . Judy tiptoed around Tigert and successfully kept the registration asleep . . . Brenda made trips to the Dempster Dumpster . . . Linda Spencer modeled for Sev- enteen . . . Rushees were impressed by our sleeping dorm . . . and Ann finished her an- nouncements. President, Karen Read; Vice President, Ka- ren Gerlin; Pledge Trainer, Sue Nichols; Chap- lain, Susan Hart; Treasurer, Chris Claiborne. New pledges and " old " sisters share in joy of pledging. Mary Barnes Beverly Benson ants Biewend Bit Boales Joan Bradbury Elizabeth Camp Jackie Cannon Bonnie Caolo Cathy Christe Diann Cogburn Patricia Cotthoff Gail Cunningham Janice Dickens Ann Dieffenderfer Mary Evans Nellie Gammon Joan Gilmmtr Anne Goldkamp Kathy Green Barbara Grimes Sharyn Hackney 310 B M m$9 ' " T f f Farewell, but not goodby. Bev Nettles Sue Nichols Elizabeth Ostlund Ladye Owen Susan Owens Martha Parrish Susan Penk Susan Piercy Karen Read Nancy Register Robin Richards Randie Roehl Elizabeth Rothrock Jan Roy Jane Sandefur Margaret Sowell Nancy Stewart Ann Taylor Nancy Troxler Cheryl Watson Janet Webber Marilyn Westfall Diann Williams Katherine Young Barbara Harkness Susan Hart Kathleen Hayes Judith Huggins Suzann Hull Janis Jackson Judith Jasper Virginia Jasper Jennifer Johnson Karen Johnson Mary Knowles Robin Lambier Susan Lang Peggy Langstaff Gretchen Lay Beverly Lutton Pam McCaleb Jennifer McKinnon Joan Militana Mary Moore 311 DELTA GAMMA DG FRIENDSHIP CAME EASY Should old acquaintance be forgot, keep you eye on that grand old anchor . . . Janet and Bob ' s great exchange program ATO Sweetheart for Anchor Man . . . Candy may have Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, but a diamond is for- ever . . . Swigert sets standards for F.A.D.C. . . . Patti, Vitale cut up with the cadavers . . . " Don ' t play with me cause you ' re playing with fire " . . . Sally brings up our babies and decides to raise own . . . Michele my belle . . . Ponce gets hit by Tennessee snowball ... oh sigh- Dobbs for Anchor Man! . . . Sharen Black, Ka- ren Sams take Marriage and Family or is it tak- ing them? . . . Theresa retires load of month award . . . Dravenstat keeps irons in fire . . . Bonnie Jones, Bonnie . . . Paula Hicks, please, Paula Hicks . . . I ' ll be down in a minute, Dear . . . Helen (Maybelline) McKee . . . Susie Wright for Chicken Man . . . cool Pi Alphas initiate the Gainesville Space Program as Pledge proj- ect, hum snatches of " Do I See an Anchor in Your Eye " to themselves. President, Mary Kay Cooper; First Vice Pres- ident, Patti Coleman; Second Vice President, Diane Ponce; Recording Secretary, Linda Sapp; Treasurer, Michele Mulcahy. Squeals after rush fill the streets. Teresa Adams Diana Allen Peggy Benitez Sharen Black Thelma Bourdage Mary Boyd Patricia Coleman Claire Connors Carol Cook Mary Kay Cooper Carolyn Craft Carolyn Creany Barbara Dale Nancy Darr Diane Davich Jeane Dracenstadt Cherry Dean Sally Dullenkopf Mignon Forcier Tegie Gibson Karen Grayson Candace Hampton Pamela Harper Priscilla Hathawat Carol Henderson Paula Hicks Miffie Hollyday Ginger Jochem 312 DG ' s celebrate at Raunchy Ranch Weekend. Diane Lewis Mary Long Genny McGlannan Helen Bonnie Jones Patty Labrot Jo Ann Langworthy Lynda Lee Connie Mangum Stephanie Messana Sallie Mikesell Teresa Murphy Carol Ponce Diane Ponce Suzanne Pohlman Emily Reynolds Karen Sams Linda Sapp Linda Sear! Jo Ann Sievers Esther Smith Frances Spoto Margaret Swick Diane Swigert Jo Anne Vitale Carol Waters Kristin Watson Anne White Anita Wills Candice Wright Becky Wright Sue Wright DG sailors rush from the deck. 313 DELTA PHI EPSILON President, Judy Neuhaus; Vice President, Donna Berger; Pledge Mother, Melanie Russell; Treasurer, Rebecca Cohen; Recording Secretary, Debbie Fien. Smile you ' re on Candid Camera! DPhiE housemother Aunt Grace Haft serves mighty cold punch. Andrea Alter Dianne Baron Donna Berger Jill Berman Beth Binderman Gail Bradley Joanne Can Gladys Cohen Rebecca Cohen Deborah Fien Janet Fortunoff Michelle Friedland Laurie Gilbert Marsha Gilbert Barbara Gold Eva Goldberg Patricia Goldin Abbie Greene Susan Greenberg Arlene Kleinberg Janice Kohler Sandra Levitz Madlyn Levine Puddia Levine 314 BEST CHAPT ER AT NATIONAL CONVENTION Deephers ' Year on the Campus . . . Best Chapter in nation at national convention . . . campus honors are hard to exceed . . . " Number One " in community service . . . Eunice Tall Hall of Fame . . . Eunice Tall, Donna Berger Who ' s Who . . . Commander Joye Schwartz is " guiding light " to six other sisters of Angel Flight . . . Military Deephers Sweethearts of Gator Guard and Billy Mitchell Drill Team ... 11 Little Sis- ters of AEPi, four at ATO . . . Sweetheart of AEPi and PiLam ' s pledge class . . . Anita is Dreamgirl of Phi Ep . . . Faculty Disciplinary Committee appoints first female, Eunice Tall . . . cheerleader and Miss UF, Donna adds va- riety . . . Peggy is president of Frosh Honor Society ... 26 new pledges . . . The love that everyone does share makes Deephers .Number One anywhere! Sing-a-long with the pledges. Phyllis Lippman Linda Mallinger Lynn Marks Susan Mazur Patricia Minder Susan Nacht Judy Neuhaus Jane Phillips Nancy Paver Patricia Poaster Linda Babinowitz Bonnie Riseman Susan Roemer Wendy Rothenberg Melanie Russell Paula Sacks Carol Samuel Anita Satlof Marsha Schaumberg Billie Schwartz Joye Schwartz Maureen Schwartz Barbara Sharaf Marilyn Shinbaum Bette Siegel Diane Sokol Maida Sokol Eunice Tall Bonnie Ward Cheri Wax Nancy Weinbcrg Linda Wellens Joyce Wice Susan Wides Bonnie Willncr 315 DELTA SIGMA PHI ' LAND OF 1000 DANCES " REPLACED BY " GLORIA ' Delta Sig ' s hold their own pep rally. Bill Adams Randy Agee Tom Barb Lloyd Benrendt Dennis Blugs Chris Campbell Walter Clark Don Collyer Bazil Duncan James Earte John Tarren Brad Feldser Manuel Fernandez Charles Fort Dick Fort Jeff Giles Bill Gerber Bruce Harris Keith Hawthorne Ed Hornyak Tim Toward Delta Sig skit makes Gator Growl . . . " Glo- ria " replaces " Land of 1000 Dances " as theme song . . . Chris makes Alligator front page in drag . . . Mom Haase greatest yet . . . Remem- ber Kathi ' s broken finger . . . Little Sister shav- ing cream fights . . . Brother-pledge football game . . . Little Sister Connie makes Seminole Court . . . Bazil trades in mobile unit for Mus- tang . . . Lloyd hangs ten down the Nile . . . Flipper and Mary at P. K. Yonge . . . the Won- der Bunnie . . . Yuri loves Natasha . . . Manuel ' s paisley helmet goes to Viet Nam . . . Hryhor goes Mod . . . Barry puts Maureen to sleep . . . Doug walks the streets . . . Sigma Kappa sere- nade . . . Farren and his Pollock T-shirts . . . the Campbell soup kid . . . Tim ' s 4Q jersey . . . Would you believe Bruce in tight pants? . . . Ronnie in a red negligee? . . . Keith as a brain surgeon? ... a paisley dempster dump- ster? . . . Bob almost gets Dick ' s Mustang . . . Lord Nelson sleeps with the " Bird " . . . Joy looks great in a shower curtain . . . Allen dates his mother . . . Larry is still on " onesies " . . . Lloyd and Tom visit Stetson . . . Fresca is banned . . . Phi Mu rush smile . . . Dennis is protector of the weak . . . Brad and his con- tacts . . . Little Sister raffle . . . Jan, a Yank in Hollywood. President, Doug Wilkinson; Vice President, Rene Van de Voorde; Secretary, Don Kelton; Treasurer, Chris Campbell; Sergeant-at-Arms, John Farren. ft I rm -A v A A - w % f f-i n c ffi f itititiu itii d O J4UI J 316 Ed Hryhor Carson Johntry Don Kelton Tom Kenny John Mazur Martin Purvis Tom Redinger John Roberts flon Rodriguez Clyde Smith Terry Socall Russell Stewart Robert Vaughn Allen Waters Bruce Wilkinson Doug Wilkinson Typical folk singing group pose 317 DELTA TAU DELTA Brother Clark rules third H.C. Overall Su- preme . . . Delts keen on fair fifteen . . . Carol cops H.C. crown . . . The fighting Iris storm shelter . . . Cattlemen vs. Sheepherders . . . Piggy plows AEPhi ' s pole . . . Ropes gets racked up ... High school spring rush proves big suc- cess . . . Delt ' s retinue shakes Stetson ' s Sigma Nu . . . Campus heat cracks Campbel l ' s beat . . . C.B., Croucher, Oz, Green, Lumpy and Ring ice up! ... - Sam gets jailed while Delts get nailed . . . Meatball backs third loser . . . Tough deals on sportswear, see Byrd . . . Lanier finds KEY to Religious Life . . . Cigarette machine declares dividend . . . E.J. teams with Super Hog for the brick award . . . Flex Busched over work- ing details . . . Beloved . . . Cracked DAK gets 4-F . . . Rob Blues ' raiders ' go for broke . . . Shoeman strike again . . . Roz votes for a little P.C. . . . Delts in stir over rotten fur ... Garden edits Delt talk. President, Rick Harder; Vice President, Dave Ferryman; Treasurer, John Givens; Recording, Secretary, Willard Blitch; Corresponding Secre- tary, George Abdenour. Delta Tau Delta ' s Sisters of the Iris. John Allison Joseph Backe John Barley John Barlow Robert Barnhart Ernest Behnke David Bentley Calvin Billman Willard Blitch Robert Bloom Lawrence Bohannon Rob Blue David Bogue Harry Bopp William Browner Russ Burr Brownson Byrd Harold Carter Richard Culver Rick Davis Ralph Eriksson Roy Faulkner John Giuffrida John Gicens Bryant Heliker Eric Kangiis James Killingsworth Ernest Kluft Jerry Kluft Urbnn Koch Gam Longford James Larsen Stephen Lawrence Kenneth Lillquist Thomas Locktiart Jack Luzzo William Macklem Albert Marsico James Maslanka Harley Miller ft . ( 318 CAMPUS HEAT CRACKS CAMPBELL ' S BEAT Bofo Morgan Phillip Nolen Jack Pariso Fred Peel Michael Pent David Parryman David Ponce Bob Ring John Risher Guy Rizzo Dan Roach Dave Ropes John Ropes David Scully Joseph Semenak Brent Shore Don Smith Christopher Smith Warren Smith Dan Spivey Theodore Stozer Phil Vonn Mark Warner George Washburn Patrick Whitaker David Williams Thomas Williams Michael Wilson Edmund Woolfolk Henry Wright Ken Yates Robert fohe Winner of the ice cream eating contest UGH! Rocking out with all girl band after Florida victory 319 DELTA VPSILON DUs CHEER ANOTHER 320 Hallway is the meeting place for all If you can ' t play it is fun to watch. John Adams Terry Bates Bob Batson Scott Bat man Don Boykin Bill Carter Fred Congdon Roland Deaton Harry Denlinger Jack Farrell 114:1 Bill Flader Russ Flynn Mard Franke Arther Goldmen Richard Grant Greg Graves Chas Gresser Julius Gribou Eddie Grimes Frank Hervatine Barry Hodgin John Hopkins James Jarvis Hans Jaspers Dan Jones GREAT GATOR YEAR Fall trimester begins with most successful rush ever . . . DU ' s cheer another great Gator year . . . Belli demands privileged seating at chapter meetings . . . Sero turns on the heat . . . DU ' s celebrate victory over Vandy with romp in hay. Deephers, Deephers everywhere . . . Home- coming skit aborts miserably . . . ach der lie- ber . . . Cripple drowns elephant . . . DU ' s active in homecoming, orientation, student gov- ernment. The accent ' s on Tyree . . . Reddig wins fire escape " grand prix " . . . Pledges hole brothers . . . DU ' s popular with Eastern Steamship . . . M.P. wins green stamp of the year award . . . A Year to Remember. President, Mike Toolan; Vice President, Jerry Phillips; Treasurer, Tom Richter; Secretary Jay Stevens; Pledge Master, Bob Batson. It It It; Fred Kiehle John Lap Terry Lehman Mike Madsen George Maler Joe Marinelli Carl Meece George Martin Chris Meyer George Mueller Bill Myers John Newcomer Rex Nichols Jerry Phillips Donald Pruitt Richard Reddig Richard Reynolds Tom Richter Jesse Rigby Steve Ringer Jose Sarasua Charles Shanks Mike Slicker Bill Staley Jim Tabcott Louis Tarantino Mike Too an Jim Tulhj Howell Tumlin Bob Vanover Bob Vickers Richards Wilcox Judson Wilhelm David Wilson Mike Winter John Wyatt 321 KAPPA ALPHA KA ' S HAVE GREAT YEAR Thank God for football . . . Scott tries to go " Duke City " with the SN house . . . " Meet you in front of the lion, Frost " . . . Fingar has fun in Tampa . . . New color tube, lower grades . . . House decorations win first place . . . " Hey, J. Fred ' Newk ' , your slip is showing " . . . Hindu makes his grades . . . Mrs. Lynn Edgar Kappa Alpha Rose . . . King decides not to go to the J.U. game . . .-the Green Bean is wrecked . . . 23 new brothers added to the roll . . . Wirt left holding the bag . . . Rock finally gets Blue Key . . . Collins wins the " Nixdorf Trophy for Outstanding Dates " . . . " Look, 1-A ' s for every- one " . . . Chapter in Viet Nam? . . . Cal ' s car is wrecked . . . Gross wins the " Bob Dylan Award for Singing Excellence " . . . Fingar has fun in Tampa . . . Annual Old South Weekend better than ever . . . the Crazy Frenchman finally loses it but has to wait in line . . . Al- britton ' s car is wrecked . . . Beaver gets mar- ried . . . McColskey dates George Dickie one weekend . . . Sgt. Rock Ryder finds the Girl Scouts " too tough " . . . Fingar has fun in Tampa one last time . . . Wallberg ' s $35 sweater given to Salvation Army after he blows his mind . . . Ferguson ' s car is wrecked . . . Pilcher gets drunk on a drop of fermented grape juice . . . Fingar gets married but has the wedding in Gaines- ville . . . plans for renovation of the mansion . . . and the end of a highly successful year for the KA ' s. KA ' s and flag ... an essential part of every Florida game. Dale Albriton David Alfonso Wayne Alford Bibb Allen Mercer Baggs Wirt Beard Roger Bell }. W. Blackwell John Blanco Leon Bloodworth David Boone Tommy Brown Charles Burner Arthur Burrows Billy Bruce Sam Cain Tom Clark Bob Crowley Bob Collins Fred Dobbins Ray Dorman Jim Drake Sam Duke Carl Dunn Bill Edgar Henry Ellis Joel Embry Mike Ferguson ill 322 ft O A p ft ft Pete Fingar Dwight Fiveash Mark Frost Ed Gross Rick Hallenbeck Clayton Hanney Steve Hargrett Bruce Harlan Ron Henderson Steve Hinson Al Holland Tom Howell Davis Knoweles Terry Lanier Robert Lankford John Laurent Ted Leavengood Terry Linton Woodrow Lynn James Maddox Earl Matty Jim Maples William Minchin George McColsky George McLatighlin Sam McMillan Truman Miles Bob Moellen Dave Mosall James Naff Jack Newkirk Randall Nichols Robert Norton Stephen Oaklet Andy Owens Jerry Pilcher David Radcliffe Terry Rayborn Tom Rezek Lamar Rou Bill Ryan Richard Ryder Barkley Scott Jerry Scott Tim Smith Cal Streetman George Streetman Doug Swarm Tom Thetis Terry Thompson John Thrift Dale Townscnd Sam Traina Howard VanArsdall Lou Victor BUI Vosburgh Mike Ward Jim Watson Roger West Bob Williams Walter Weaver Bob Wilson Bob Ziegler President, George McColskij; Vice President, George Streetman; Secretary, Bill Edgar. 323 KAPPA ALPHA THETA FANTASTIC FIRST YEAR IN NEW HOUSE Sandra Alday Ann Aletti Lesley Anderson Vanette Anderson Saundra Atwood Constance Balch Jill Bebout Deborah Bennett Barbara Blue Louise Brown Jean Burkholder Judii Campbell Susan Chambers Alison Conner Mary Cooper Deborah Dail Kris Dempster Cherry Ellerbee Susan Erb Phyllis Everett Lyn Farwell Jeanne Glass Katherine Glass Peggy Glavey Barbara Greenawalt Marcia Griffin Jane Hancock Lana Harris Ruth Ann Hellwig Sally Hoenshel Cyndy Hoey Diane Holman KAT ' s second place HC float .194 Puppet show entertains Salvation Army children at Christmas, Fantastic first year in new house . . . ter- rific pledge class, second place on homecom- ing float, open houses and awards . . . Lynn Edgar, Kappa Alpha Rose . . . Dale Rubley, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart . . . Jean Luehrs, Kappa Sigma pledge class sweetheart . . . Mar- cia Griffin, Chi Phi Sweetheart . . . Wallace sleepwalks into bad situations . . . Jean and Ann have proof of exciting dates . . . What about that corncob, Wagner? . . . Pledges cause blackout after chapter . . . Ruth Ann still star of show ... " I move that we vote to revote on our revote! " . . . Lane Kilpatrick finalist in Gator Gras contest . . . Roya wins Super R award for third year in a row . . . Suzi and Diane make the drastic change . . . Theta ' s retire President ' s Trophy . . . Riha gets her Mustang but can ' t drive it! ... Thomas is on the ball . . . Fred hopes Ouija is telling truth . . . It ' s been real what more can we say? President, Jill Riha; First Vice President, Nancy Jones; Second Vice President, Cindy Wat- son; Recording Secretary, Sherry Neilson; Corre- sponding Secretary, Jill Bebout; Treasurer, San- dry Alday. Carol Jones Ellen Jones Randi Kelly Dorothy Kilpatrick Patricia Knesel Patricia Lax Carol Lederhaus Donna L. Lough Jean Luehrs Royalee Mackinnon Claire Miller Donna Morrison Sherry Nielsen Suzanne Otto Pant Parnell Pamela Phillips Hazel Richards Jill Riha Barbara Robertson Virginia Rubley Terri Shamblin Jackie Tait Pamela Thomas Peggy Tribett Matha Troetschel Linda Urbanek Ann Valentine Dianne Vick Suzi Vick Barbara Wagner Carol Wallace Barbara Walls Camilla Westly Susie Wlialton Nancy Wilkins Theta ' s practice for three-legged Derby race. 325 KAPPA DELTA Ah, September . . . Here we are togeth- er ... Jeannie " Scout " Eagleson pur cheery cheerleader . . . Disneyland descends into Ga- torland, leaves Davy crocked, and KD ' s with fourth place skit and first place house decora- tions . . . ' Judy, Sharon runners-up for Home- coming Queen . . . annex home away from home . . . " gracious ladies " welcome Dean Cos- by at formal reception . . . We dream of Molly with the light brown hair . . . Pinkie ' s sorority coordinator for WUS . . . Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities? Lee Ann Draud is! President of Mortar Board and Women ' s Judiciary, too . . . Nieman is W.S.A. treasurer . . . Give me some red roses for a BLUE lady . . . Paul Newman picks Bonnie as Miss Sem- inole runner-up . . . Did you know the Sigma Nu ' s have color TV? . . . California dreamers hit wild surf, become Hawaiian honchos . . . Fernald is waiting for a rainy day . . . Mom B snows them all over world . . . ATO block . . . Wheat, barley, green peas shoes, socks, belts . . . Verna is Beta Sweetheart for ' 66 and gets Beta sweetheart . . . Pledges perfect new tooth- paste formula ... A year of friendship, fun, laughter let ' s drink a toast to the Kappa Delts! The rushee ' s enter into the " Land of the Emerald. " Kerry Abernethy Laura Alfred Barbara Allen Bonnie Arnold Susan Bateman Barbara Bohner Elizabeth Brunson Donna Campbell Clare Crabtree Sarah Denman Sharon Desvousges Lee Ann Draud Sarah Dunn Jean Eagleson Barbara Edmunds Vicki Evans Kathryn Farrer Sarah Fernold Sally Floyd Pat Gautier Kaye Green Meg Gresh Pamela Gullatt Nancy Hart Carol Haselwood Ginny Hathaway Susan Hathawau Jane Houck Judi Johnson Jane Kennedy Marjorie Kingnj Karen Kleinhelter Kaye Knieriem Charleene Kurdziel Christine Lindberg 326 President, Judy Schnabel; Vice President, Mary Wyman; Secretary, Suzanne Meyer; Treas- A YEAR OF FRIENDSHIP, FUN, LAUGHTER Virginia Lipscomb Janis Laftre Sharon Lynn Linda McNulty Molloy Malay Patricia Merit Jacquelyn Modesitt Deborah Moschell Marley Myers Meredyth Myers Christine Micolette Susan Nieman Doane O ' Connell Elizabeth Plumer Jimmye Prescott Vicki Rodgers Ann Populewisa Linda Sounders Jill Sorenson Sally Summers Caroline Todd Katherine Vaughan Carolyn Ver Plunck Bobbie Warlick Helen Watt Andrea Westman Sharon Willcox Shirley Williams Valerie Williams Verna Woodall Judy Woolen Mary Wyman KD ' s ready rush line. 327 KAPPA SIGMA NEW HOUSE BRINGS A YEAR TO REMEMBER A new house and with it a bright future . . . Will " bigot " run again on platform of you have to spend money like you really have it ... at last a " T.V. room " , will it last? . . . Who are " ' Nightrain ' , ' Beak ' , ' CFer ' , ' Swallow ' , ' Bigot ' , ' Roach ' , ' Goody ' , ' Spook ' , The Erasers ' , ' Red ' , ' The Dancing Bear ' , ' Dutch ' , ' Rugman ' , ' Suave Cueve ' , ' Breeder ' , ' Fungus ' , ' Motel ' " ? . . . Thanks Zetas for washing our clothes . . . year of " Great Demons and Insolent Brood " . . . Fun and Frolic in attic . . . Road trip Deveney-how?-Please!! . . . R. E. Lee, only his hairdresser knows for sure . . . color tube, a study aid? . . . Neophytes, the epitome of organization . . . Damn campaign promises, full speed ahead . . . " Where does Parsons really live " . . . " The circle dance " . . . Seth, Wannall goodbye forever . . . nightrain rides again . . . THANK YOU, ALLIGATOR STAFF . . . Bless .Mom, she ' s wonderful . Grand Master, James Devaney; Procurator, Anthony Capitano; Master of Ceremonies, Wil- liam Coluin; Scribe, Ross Mason; Treasurer, Jeff Weathers. It ' s Saturday night and all is well? Harry Adkinson Mickael Alfano Rick Anderson Tom Baldwin Gregory Beaupied Richard Bell David Bobik David Bostian Anthony Capitano Mark Casselbeny Christopher Casso David Coggshall William Colvin Wellesley Corbett Ronald Crews Robert Cuevas Walter Danker James Devanetj Charles Doughtert Randall Wayne Dyal Ronald Edwards Timothy Gifford George Goodwin Frank Hackett Dan Hamlin Louis Hardin John Hotaling James Hoyt Thomas Hussey Mark Jackson Robert Jandmcko Janson Kinsley David Kiselick William Lane Robert Lenoir tM H D di 328 ft ttltiit. Hi ft (ft itfett taftfi flii ft fli i (p - Marc Lubet Louis Macloskey David Maltby John Marmish Ross Mason John Matthews William McBride Thomas McElaney Larry Mitchell John Moore Philip Morley Alan Morrow Ja ' mes Nichols Thomas Nowlin George Nuzum Ron Ogle Van O ' Neal Jeffrey Phillips Robert Piccolo Dan Powers James Prescott Lawrence Presley Steve Raffai Robert Reagan Paul Reiser Harry Royal Michael Schumm Steve Shakleford Steve Skarda Ronald Spoto Harold Sutton Richard Sword William Vitter Richard Wannall James Ward Marc Wilson John Wolf Rick Wood David Woodliam Jeffery Weathers Richard Westerman Is any explanation needed? Line up for your mug shot. 329 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA RINGS ON THEIR FINGERS Homecoming, Mom ' s reception, White Rose Weekend, Parent ' s And Alumni Weekend . . . entrance into the Orange League . . . Molica ' s in Law School . . . OF Red decides that his car won ' t make it to Tally, so he camps at Smelly Shelly ' s . . . Bobby says it ' s the red hair, but . . . Lance Trevor ' s new hit ... Vladimir, come home! . . . " Ho Hum " . . . Woods discovers that his mother ' s name is Beta . . . Rivers sleeps on the beach. Miles is Secretary of Lavor and Party Whip . . . " Oh rally, Louis! " . . . Zeus gathers the reins from Tumor . . . Wilson walks away with Homecoming trophy . . . Brother Whidby spots UFO ' s . . . Dodd and Parker make All-Campus Jerry Abascal Arthur Alvarez Francis Amato Roger Belap Tracy Bonnett William A. Bessent Norman Bledsoe Jesse Boyles James Broadwater Don Brumbaugh William R. Bryant Raymond Ciardiello Paul Dant Vernon Dodd Michael Duffy Ronnie Ellis John Elmore Guy Emerich John Fazio Douglas Firestone Philip Gardner Michael Gorman Lawrence Green Elliot Grosh Paul Guntharp Terry Hall William Hancock Robert Harris Harry Hayes Robert Hoyle Don Jones Joseph Kendrick James Knight Allan Line Ron Mason football team ... No more raids for Tumor . . . " So where ' s the Tube, Bert? " . . . Bryant says House decorations won . . . he ' s got films . . . Fratclub annex at No. 9 ... Green Pea beats the frat mobile. O Daytona, thou art lost forever . . . " Ger- aldo, de guns, dey are ready " . . . Goody receives his annual check from Wallace . . . Hey, Nay- root, let ' s go to Lum ' s . . . Parker and King ex- change the rings in their noses for the rings on their fingers. Mom Tarr, the Greatest. President, Norman Bledsoe; Vice President, John Woods; Secretary, Jerry Abascal; Treas- urer, John Schrote. anfe aj OCi fb O 1 T 4il Hiti4 330 any explanation needed? It ' s Saturday and dates rate fun . J Ji Dennis O. Metzcher Lewis Miles II William Miller Hugh Mazzei Raymond G. Naeyaert Barry Nation James J. Paglialungo Thomas A. Palmer Billy Parker Charles Pascual Raymond Peacock Marvin Pippin Manuel Ponce Johnny A. Potochki Gary M. Potter Laren A. Poucher Curtis M. Powell Ed Propst Robert Purple Thomas Rivers Pete Robertson Loren H. Roby John Schrote Sam Scrutchins Bert C. Simon John C. Smehyl James Stacey Tom Stalnaker Robert Thiton Thomas Thoman Tomothy Thomas William Turpin John E. Wells Robert Wheeler Paul Whidby James Wilson John Wolfe Ashley Wood John T. Woods Philip Wright 331 PHI DELTA THETA REMODLED HOUSE PREVIEWS GREAT YEAR I Big pow-wow takes place in the Presidents ' suite. A great year in the newly remodeled Phi Delt Bungalow ... A strong rush program pro- duced one of the best pledge classes ever . . . the Phi ' s took the overall " Most Beautiful " home- coming award and placed first in Gator Growl competition, thanks to " Gyro Screwloose and the Tiger Tamer. " Brothers Wages, Card, Christian, Dorsey, Jet- ter and many others helped the Gators to a fine football season . . . Sophomore Larry Rentz was an All-Bowl selection after leading the Gators to a victory in the Orange Bowl . . . Dave Miller led the Basketball team in their quest for the Southeastern Conference Championship. John Darlson elected Student Body Treasur- er, Tom Smith, Clerk of Honor Court . . . Drew Haslett and Darlson tapped into Florida Blue Key . . . Rob Williams elected Secretary of the IFC. President, Randy Ayres; Vice President, Gary Kinder; Treasurer, Steve Ernst; Secretary, Allen Ramsay. Bob Achee Kenny Allen Paul Anderson Randall Ayres David Beck Fred Beshears Ron Birchall Bill Bond Al Boniface Walter Bowden Charles Burt Bill Corbin Jim Cuthill Gerald Czajkowski Joe Davis Steven Davis Bill Dean Glenn Dunn Joe Farless Charles Fonvielle Sonny Foreman Ted Gagnet Bob Gantt Jim Garrison Emmett Goodman Steve Gravitt George Guy Eugene Hale Bill Hall David Harrell John Hartney Andrew Haslett Charles Helm Walter Hensley Mike Hickey 332 1 There ' s a " Free for aW in remodeled living room. f Cl |f?j (SI : ft! a( R - F 1( ' - ; PlTfl rffWiilM ffll Bob Houpt Don Iddings Bill Isbell Jim Kelly Gary Kinder Mike Knapp Tom Kozie Jerome Kusenerak Jim Lancaster Ed Laney David Lamer Bill Laubach Richard Lowery Mike McCarthy John McCullough David MacGillis Ed Mahoney Ron McMillan Ron Mickler David Miller Jack Miller John Moran Buddy Morrison Richard Osman Norman Pate I en Pellicer Jesse Pipkin Pete Pistell Harold Poole Steve Powers Lucien Proby Allan Ramsey Morris Reamt Paul Reilly Wayne Rich Joe Roberts Bob Rode Ron Rogers Jerry Scarborough Charles Schwaderer Don Sciglimpaglia Jack Seims Chris Sheppard Tom Smith Bill Spearman Clayton Stumpff Tom Triplett Greg Uzdevenes Steve Wagner Felton Walker Jeff Warren Noel Wells Bob Williams Don Zimmer Homecoming brings " Most Beautiful " Trophy 333 PHI EPSLLON PI YEAR OF FUN, HARD WORK, COMMUNITY SERVICE " An exciting year of fun, hard work, com- munity service and the true meaning of broth- erhood . . . Phi Eps seen throughout campus in wide range of activities . . . solid reputation built for young chapter . . . second place honors won for Homecoming house decorations . . . Marty Lavvson steals talent show at Gator Growl . . . Beta Upsilon chapter wins awards from national for outstanding community, religious service . . . Phi Eps made names individually . . . Mickey Ulmer, Administrative Assistant to Student Body Treasurer . . . Lenny Mazur, URA Treasurer . . . Harris Tobin, Hillel Treasurer, URA representative . . . Marty Lawson, IFA Executive Committee . . . C. D. Hobbs, IFC Community Service Chairman . . . Steve Solo- mon, Board of Examiners . . . Anita Satlof, crowned Dreamgirl at Homecoming festivities . . . new housemother, Mom Connerly, intro- duced at Parent ' s Weekend. Superior, Frank Ventura; Vice Superior, Mark Horwitz; Recording Secretary, Herb Gold- enberg; First Treasurer, Edward Himot; Second Treasurer, Frank Martinez. Through the Gators mouth to the Peep House. Vingil Adkins Peter Allinson Errol Eisinger Craig Exner Michael Fogos Andrew Friedrich Sanford Friedrich Fredric Gorfinkle Herbert Goldenherg Barry Goldfarb Leon Grover Lawrence Hale Joel Handshu Steven Handshu Dennis Hays Edward Himot Mark Horwitz Michael Kartt Martin Lawson William I.opalin Marshall McLeod 334 Guy Omer Aaron Salomon Steven Salomon Frank Martinez Leonard Mazur fro 1 Ooer ffte riuer and to GATOfl POND R " s?T Harris Tobin Mickey Vlmer Franklin Ventura Charles Weiss Arnold Willen Harvey Wolfson 335 PHI GAMMA DELTA Dave Adkinson John Alexander Peter Aliberti John Allison Steve Atkinson Robert Bamonte Mike Barnard Dennis Birdsall Robert Boddij Larry Broome Ken Calhoun Gerald Collins Donald Conn Kenneth Correll Richard Daniels John Dodson James Doyle Richard Durand John Englehardt Robert Fogle William Gay Larry Gayle Michael Gilkey Marion Goading Robert Gray Robert Griffin Allan Guarino William Hegert Gregory Henderson Leon Henderson Brian Hill Raymond Jones Edward Kellar Thomas Kimball Richard Kramer John Lodj. Richard Lodge John McDonotigh Ed MacLean John Medlin Edward Newberger Duane Owen Pledges against brothers in fight to the finish. a e .336 PHI GAMMA DELTA ' S A BUNCH OF GUYS A bunch of guys . . . Hook, Wop, Brillo, Bod, Bird and Howdy ... A rally from T.K. and A.R. . . . Guys working on cars, scooters, scrapbooks, floats, sewers, tool rack, loading docks and new phones . . . Guys cheering a winning intramural squad. A Social Fraternity . . . Fiji Weekend and Black Diamond Ball . . . Me and the other guys and the Maundy Quintet . . . Tailfeathers of the White Owl . . . Beatnik Brawl and Red- neck Weekend . . . Dancing on the grass and on floats . . . Serenades with grass skirt Fijis . . . Jeff and Rooms . . . Pins lost and ponds found. A Brotherhood ... 26 graduation seniors . . . 30 new brothers . . . Pledge dinner . . . Art ' s last brothers night . . . Frat Man . . . Long Chapter Meetings . . . Short chapter meetings . . . Chap- ter retreat . . . Pig Dinner . . . Water Fights . . . Quiet hours . . . Fraternalizing . . . Initiation . . . and Unity. r- President, John Dodson; Treasurer, John Vreeland; Recording Secretary, Bob Burnside; Corresponding Secretary, Bob Schackow; His- torian, John Allison. Fiji ' s work on Homecoming Fantasyland style. Daryl Parrish Samuel Perry Gordon Quick Armond Renzi Tom Robertson Arthur Robinson Bob Russo Robert Schackow John Schoendorf Ronald Schwied Wayne Singletary Gary Spinks Jerry Stencel John Steverding Thomas Swanson Richard Thompson John Tomlinson Thomas Townsend Warren Turner Gordon Watts Skip Whitnei Michael Williams George Windsor Michael Witt Jeffrey Wood Stephen Wood William Valentine Roger Urgcland 337 PHI KAPPA TAU Wedding bells ring, Dago Dan hits big Casino as 13 Taus go out in one big bang! . . . Marilyn calls Jerry " on again-off again sort of guy " . . . Jocklets go undefeated . . . Wright gives it one more " Tri " but has 4 stripes against him. Tau ' s upholstered in furniture deal . . . Sod- busters get busted . . . The load is here and things look Grim! Larry and Vic greeted in Mexico, " Ole " . . . Blakely goes over Hill . . . This paint looks like baby ! . . . Pledges keep brothers fn cold for 5 hours . . . The cat lives!? . . . Pledge class no longer smells Rosy . . . Mintz makes it! ... Louis ' trap catches mouse . . . Neesmith has Ball. Flowers passes from scene want to buy a towel? Jack makes Bob a New Man . . . Yankee Clipper wipes out Tucker ' s Elizabethian Era . . . Post office romances keep mail boxes full . . . The Pear passes, somehow . . . Homecoming becomes Passover, Tau ' s get another second in decorations. Strong in intramurals . . . some- one answer the phone. Volleyball trophy again ... All and all it was a good year, Bye George! President, Joe Liska; Vice President, Larry Oleck; Secretary, Charles Louis; Treasurer, Rog- er Ball. Phi Kappa Tau Little sisters stop Pi Kappa Phi run. John Barnum William Bartlett James Beaubouef William Brakeall James Brauss Frederick Brock Stephen Buzzell Buddy Conklin James Cruse Alan Domin Herbert Eckstein Robert Estes Richard Eveson Kenneth Fowle Charles Gaussiran George Gilbert Frederick Hartman David Hoffman George Hollingsworth Thomas Johnston Richard Kinzer James Klucar Charles Lakin Victor Liviccori Charles Lemasters Charles Louis Michael Mahony Stanley Maleski George Massey Robert Michaels Carlos Mindreatt Jeffrey Motyka William Nessmith James Newman Richard Orr ' -- ' , O t MAJf Jt:ht fti:lt;l 338 PHI TAU ' S FIND MARRIAGE IS THE ' IN THING ' tJfcih ffl Joseph Perez John Randolph Theodore Remleij Charles Riggle Wilton Rosier Keith Ryan Lamar Sawyer Joseph Scarboro Henry Schneider Joseph Seeber Jack Shuler Michael Simmons William Snyder Lee Southard William Steinle Michael Taylor Daniel Thomas Michael Thomas John Upchurch William Nail Thomas J. Weir Barry Williams Bruce Wilkins William Zoller What goes on in those huddles? The spirit behind the players always wins. 339 PHI MU REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER, Marcia Athena Carole Bennett Patricia Blaisdell Katlii Blancy Sandra Blasa Bev Bonder Barhara Brown Laura Clark Mary Cobb Louise Coetjman June Cooper Irene Daurclle Patricia Daurclle Carolyn Davis Lillian Dencc Cathy Dittmar Jan Di rd Nancy Dzioba Karen Ellin Cheryl Erickson Anne Fallcur Patricia Farrell Carol Fletcher Patricia Forum Judith Frantz Linda Catewood Constance Giddcna Man Gordon Elizabeth Hall Marti Hamilton Karen Harm, ' ; Linda Hilficrt Sandra Hill Sharon Hillman Patricia Holtsclaw Margaret Housholder Kathcrinc Howard .Ymiri Hurleij Juan Kirkland Sarah LaFrancc Starr Linko Deborah Lakin Dorothy LhAnuston Cynthia Long Ann Maloy Catherine Marker! Tlmlrnn Mom-man Marnnrct O ' Brien 340 REMEMBER We have 17 little sisters . . . Connie Gid- dens on the Miss Seminole Court . . . Cathy Lynn, first place in Gator Growl . . . second place Homecoming house decorations . . . finally got piano tuned . . . love the new TV cable . . . ' What ' s it all about, Alfie? ' . . . Critter? . . . Herman? . . . Busboard is recolonized . . . Beta Sigma Phi business is slow for a while . . . Weekend where? . . . We ' re in the know but our PR strikes back! . . . ' You will all bring six professors ' . . . scrapbook, scrapbook, scrap- book . . . Summer Frolics, a four month week- end! . . . dates would rather switch than fight . . . ' But you ' ve already met Mom twice! ' . . . lock your cars . . . this new song is GREAT! . . . Har de Har, where ' s your car? ... 56 or 66? . . . But said, and he should know . . . madras and paisley, go, go, go ... what do you mean the bus doesn ' t come at 4:30? . . . 10,20,30,40,50, and more . . . International Kitch- en Choir provides dinner music . . . one cut for you, one for me how noble . . . spray man kills wax job, leaves roaches . . . Way to go, Houp! ' ... we will meet, meet, meet after din- ner . . . Harville gets her Mustang, finally . . . ' But, you ' d look so cute! ' . . . USO comes to the Christmas Party ... ' I told him not to breathe a word, so they probably all know, heh, heh, heh! ' . . . Brenda Bird, Baby Chunk, Pattipoo, Gildersnarf, Thrill, Granny Duck, Pooh-bah, Holtzclaw?, Fletch . . . Icky-sticky . . . Cali- fornia here I come! . . . Madre Oso!!! ... re- member, remember, remember . . . M.D. for President. President, Julie Parker; Vice President, Patti Farrell; Recording Secretary, Sandy Hill; Cor- responding Secretary, Connie Satterlee; Treas- urer, Linda Rosseau. Would you believe, looking at the pictures? Julie Parker Susan Payne Gail Pearsall Laurie Pipper Priscilla Porter Paulla Price Grace Rizzo Sally Rosseall Linda Rosseau Rita Saltz Constance Satterlee Susan Shivler Annette Smith Virginia Smith Laura Steers Donna Thompson Karen Thompson Joyce Vickers Betty Warner Frances Welzuisz 341 PI KAPPA ALPHA BANNER YEAR FOR PI KAPPA ALPHA Santa Clans asks Guy Dennis what he wants for Christmas. Pikes and dates watch Homecoming parade in front of house. Pikes grind it in all year . . . Cushman can- cels subscription to Alligator . . . Dr. Zhivago lives on third deck . . . Reiman ' s yacht . . . Byers, Santile, McBride flesh pile at French Quarter . . . Brothers, 36-Pledges, 0-old sleeper never fails . . . Sparks sleep with real hog . . . Kersey, Gillmore, Tiede have demolition derby . . . Gal- lagher is C.P.P. . . . Armpit skit takes second in Growl . . . Davis starts Brown Key . . . This year Orange Bowl, nevt year Rice Bowl for Rotund, Grease Monkey . . . Mooty has White Christmas a little late . . . Stone ' s hosin ' hearse . . . Trivia 101, Sports 202, and Stereo 303 lead room 19 to new scholastic heights . . . Nig, Injun head up persecuted minority groups in house . . . Intra- murals joke ... 25 go in for $3.00 shot-say cheese . . . Dennis and Morrison hulk brothers . . . Tigert surrenders after 8-year battle gives Bud diploma . . . Bumpkin loses bout with beast . . . Gaff ' s bumper crop comes in ... Froth flows free at Fletcher ' s farm . . . Kersey banned from Engine House for cool threads . . . Jamie aces G.R.E Ears scares off new colony . . . Whitworth, Lambert, Sargent, Sals- berry All-Campus tide sliders . . . Roz, head of flying wedge . . . Talcott produces Possum show . . . Zues flexes for muscle mag . . . Little Sisters dress up for auction . . . Hose gets L.L. Award . . . Scott and Bob growin ' and brewin ' . . . Kaste, Krutch Krewe have PiKA derby . . . Ear float takes 3rd . . . Orme goes into the red . . . Roache sets good example for scholarship chairman . . . Tigert frowns on Farris . . . Mor- gan sends foreign aid overseas . . . Gilmare walks on water . . . Armstrong dates midget . . . Over- all Banner Year for Pi Kappa Alpha. President, Cliff Davis; Vice President, Rick Nail; Treasurer, Tom Jacowaij; Secretary, Chuck Betts; Pledge Master, Paul Jackson. Peter Allan Charles Appleby Walker Armstrong Mark Armstrong Edgar Beeland Charles Betts Donovan Boutz Bernard Burklund Chester Clarke Edward Cobhs Thomas Cole Steve Crawford Clifford Davis John Day James Deigman Randy Dempster Oscar Eaton Donald Eppert f rj 1VJ r T f J t kltfttifel:!! ki ft u J ft ll .342 HA ' yen !f f ' ( J-T ? ' I ; jF to- KB- mi-. Ronald Epperl William Eppley John Evans Francis Farrey John Fernandez Danny France Terrence Freeman Daniel Gallagher Robert Gates Tony Gillmore Tom Gordon Paul Gustat Gary Hardee Gary Hewetson Peter Hutchinson William Huttenhower Paul Jackson Tom Jacoway Johnis Jourdan John Kolas Phillip Kennedy James Kersey Vincent Krysiak Robert Lanteri David Lederman James Lewis William Lovelace William McCluan Teddy Macomber Thomas Martin Michael Middleton Bryant Morgan M. L. Mumbauer John My rick Charles Nail Dennis Nater Michael Neal Daniel Odea Fred Ogier Barry Patterson John Price Rollin Reeder Lawrence Rennell Lawrence Rich Michael Roache Edward Rosner Joe Sanders Joseph Smerker A. C. Smith John Smith Kelley Smith Jan Snedaker Frazier Solsberry Don Sparks Thomas Talcott Parry Thomas Richard Tiede Ronald Tiede William Tompkins Ken Torbett Robert Valentine Jeff Williams Thomas Williams 343 PI KAPPA PHI ANOTHER FINE YEAR I Big Ed goes Air Force ... Pi Kapps attain new academic-high . . . Socials with the AXO ' s and the AOPi ' s ... Pi Kappa Phi goes Orange League . . . Manny gets IFC presidency and Blue Key . . . The Red Baron shot down . . . Pi Kapps get new lawn . . . Jennings and Zetas get a serenade . . . Little Sisters throw Hal- loween Party for the Brotherhood . . . Leandros welcomed as latest Pi Kapp . . . Jolly Green joins the Army ... Pi Kapp ' s VC chapter in Saigon . . . Eric versus The Blue Flames . . . A fine pledge class . . . Pi Kapps throw party at Theta Chi ' s . . . Frowned on one a.m. cool studs rush sing-ins in room 6 ... Larry ' s traveling bed . . . the Fly . . . Cottin once again pulls it out grade- wise . . . Eric lifting weights . . . Snyder blows cool when Shadows park on lawn . . . Bing late for his own chapter meetings . . . Kustos versus Leandros . . . the Pledges kidnapping car caper . . . Aunt Marge ' s missing car bat- tery . . . Luaus and Super Bowl barbeques . . . Musical socks ... Leandros beats Snyder in Nose contest . . . Another fine year. President, Joe Liska; Vice President, Larry Oleck; Secretary, Charles Louis; Treasurer, Rog- er Ball. After a work day we always look like this. Gary Anderson Peter Armstrong John Belcher Brett Culpepper Larry Elkins Charles Eidschun Gerald Glow Jack Halabrin Felix Haynes Bruce Hicks Michael Hill Eric Johnson Grady Johnson Grady E. Johnson Rex Johnson John King Ralph Knudsen Richard Lasris Thomas Leavy Louis Lee Christopher Littell 344 V - James Manning Lawrence Nixon Richard Nunez John Price Dennis Rich Steve Rushing James Ruyle August Schildbach William Slaght Robert Snyder Robert Sotlenberger Martin Solomon Arthur Stackpole James Taylor William Witt Charles Woodham This is one way to soak up the rays. j jf No No( ie Pi Kap little sisters . . . Cheerleaders. 345 PI LAMBDA PHI PI LAMS PAST Dinner and dates rate fun at the Pi Lam House. pi Lams frolic for cameraman. Jeffrey Abrams Irwin Adler Fred Alterman Richard Arnovitz Alan Attias Joe Baron Michael Berman Andrew Blank Jeffrey Blum Robert Camner Frank Carrieri Alan Chotiner Ira Cor Harold Cypress Alberto De Almar Art Ehrenkranz Robert Feldman Bruce Friedin Gerald Furnari Joseph Goldstein Abbot Lee Granofl Donald Goodman Drew Greenfield Ronald Gottlieb David Halberg Myron Hauben Mark Hummel Garrick Kantzler Richard Kayz Stephen Klausner , 346 . . coveted scho- . finest football to win Orange . SAEs trounced . . inadvertantly YEAR SUCCESSFUL A successful year for Pi Lams ... Pi Lams win fraternity scholarship trophy three of last four years . . . brothers, pledges post outstand- ing academic averages in ' 66 . lastic title expected again . team ever seemed destined League championship easily . 32-7 for bracket championship leaving a brother ' s name off the fraternity rolls forced forfeiting game . . . " Baby " Lams com- pensate by beating TEPs (archrival) in annual " Nose Bowl " pledge game between the two houses, 12-6 . . . social life provides fun, frolick- ing, and memories . . . socials with outstanding sororities Tri-Delts, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Alpha Theta . . . big weekends well celebrated . . . p sychedelic parties Homecom- ing Weekend featured " Fabulous Shaggs " . . . Fall, Spring Frolics . . . " Blue-Jew " weekend with brother fraternity, Phi Delta Theta . . . fraternity weekend " Pearl Weekend " . . . serv- ice emphasized . . . active participation ip Dol- lars for Scholars, Heart Fund drive . . . aiding local Boys ' Club of Gainesville, Sunland Train- ing Center. Rex, Jeff Blum; Archon, Harold Cypress; K.O.E., Peter Jonas; Richard Sherman, Scribe; Marshall, Alan Chotiner. Michael Lack Mike Laurenzi Frank L ' Engle Allen Levi Robert Lurie Charles Mills Nicholas Nicosia Robert Packer Alan Paul Mark Press Stephen Rakusin Vic Richards James Robbins Hank Rodstein Michael Rokeach Robert Roller Steven Rosenblatt Mark Rosenblum Eric Rttbel Jeff Scliaefer Jim Schram Clifford Schithnan Richard Sherman Allen Soden Kenneth Solomon Guy Spiegelnwn Lee Steele Mel Steinberg Philip Steinfeld Myles Tralins David Tydor Mark Waldman Joseph Weil Barry Weiss Kennetli Weiss Jonathan Wershow Hands up one of us is bound to get a basket. 347 SIGMA ALPHA LPSILON SAE ' s HECTIC YEAR Battered house protector. The Lion Men of SAE in their fortress on (rat row, still maintained excellence on campus. Jacobs becomes Student Body Pres ... 11 SAE ' s in Blue Key . . . SAE ' s continue bolster- ing athletic program with Tual regaining his Ail-American power as a swimmer . . . Roily- son with the Fla. B-Ball team . . . Murphy ' s good show in the Masters, British and U. S. Open . . . Trapp, breaking the SEC pass recep- tion record . . . Hinton and sometimes, Peek, on the grid iron . . . increased academic stress, brought on by the lack of something better to do, produced a high for the lodge with 33 of 45 pledges making grades . . . still the prettiest Little Sisters on campus. Election of Comrade Adolf " that ' s the way they do it at Sewanee " McCammon . . . Jid Carta vs. Mohammed Jolly bout . . . President ' s trophy . . . our British houseparent ' s XKE, and their dream of starting a cricket team at the lodge . . . the after affects if the roundtable with Speer setting 24 hour in-the-bag record . . . Homecoming trophy third year in a row . . . third floor trendsetters . . . two back-to-back purges by the pledges . . . and the spirit of Grant still lingers on in the halls of SAE-Budd- row. President, George McCammon; Treasurer, Frank Snell; Corresponding Secretary, Rick Kir- by; Recording Secretary, Terry Burke. Robert Andriakos Denis Arden Robert Athens Bruce Baetz Robert Bridges William Brmcn Thomas Bryan Michael Buckner Carrington Bain Michael Berryhill Wilham Boynton James Bradford Terry Burke Calvin Campbell Steven Carta Clinton Chew 348 SAE ' .f lead Gators to Victory ' 4 f - 1 Can Collins Walter Dodson Glen Eckleii Lee Eggert Robert Fleming Thomas Fleming Harff Fromrne Ronald Garl Robert Glenn William Gentry George Gilbert Fred Graves Topper Hampton Wallace Holden Gary Jackson Fred Johnson Joseph Johnson William Knox John Lemoyne Charles Long Authur McQuillen Michael Maguire Joe Matthews Lawrence Mathews Robert Meek Daniel Merritt Michael Miller John Mitchell John Moore Henry Morroni Richard Mnllendore James Neff Allan Parsons Thomas Peek John Primrose Sam Pyles John Smith Frank Snell Gregory Speer Ernest Riggs James Roberts Robert Rudisill John Schickel Thomas Shad Hap Shashy Willis Sherwood Dorsey Smith Earl Smith William Stembler Willis Stephens John Stovall James Thomas John Thompson Bobby Threatt Ritchie Tidwell Blanchard Tual Stephen Ullman Jess Vandyke Charles Worsen Robert Watson Michael Webb Michael Windley Leither Witt Fraternity strength begins with successful rush. 349 SIGMA CHI Crier Wells goes for victorious touchdown against Alpha Tau Omega Paul Bailey Bill Bavoso Monte Bein Joe Bishop Bob Bloebaum John Briggs Kirk Brown Bill Bulger Ed Bunch Pete Bush David Campbell John Causey Tom Clarke Michael Coates Wendell Coffee Frank Couts James Creech Tony DeLosSantos George Deriso James DeVenny John Domeier Steve Epple Buz Etheredge Paul Ewaldsen Kurt Feazel Robert Flanagan John Flood Darryl Garner Sanford Garner Ben Girtman Jim Glass Bob Gomez Ed Green John Greist Scott Hager Dave Harper Franklin Harrison Drew Hartman Brent Hetzler Michael Hickland Dannie Hicks Norris Hoffman David Hotbrook Ken Howell Russ Hubbard Tom Hurst Charles Johnson Wayne Johnson Curtis Jones Randy Kaufman Gary Keller Rusty Kovaliski Fred Latsko Woody Leonard Dale Liechty Ed Lundgren Sigs remain campus leaders in all areas. . . Ewaldsen second among SEC receivers . . . Brother Bartlett ' s Gators are nationally ranked . . . Keller, Feazel and Winkler are some of his boys . . . McCall, Adams, Foster and Herbie are too much for Tech . . . Hager, Saier and Wink- ler lead track team . . . Rogers and Brown pitch for baseball Gators ... At least 20 Sigs in Law School freshman class . . . Stuart, Bailey head Circle K . , . Homecoming decorations take top spot . . . Wooten, Dobson make Who ' s Who again . . . Intramurals: We ' re funny and still win . . . Social calendar is better than ever . . . Sweetheart at Silver Springs . . . Winter tri is made for Sigma Chi Derby . . . Woody Tri-Delt Man of the Year: Two in a row . . . Brothers Reitz, Scudder and Wooten speak at rush . . . The Girl Of My Dreams: Kathy, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi . . . Mom Woods, the greatest . . . The Sigs: None Better . . . Consul, Tom Hurst; Pro Consul, Gary Mar- tin; Quaester, Skip Heath; Annotator, John Mc- Phail; Magister, Bob Gomez. Sigma Chi }. Brother L 350 1 BOAST SUCCESSFUL YEAR Wayne Reitz and Mrs. Reitz visit Gamma Theta chapter Wilson hammers up first-place Homecoming decorations. Dufe McCinnes Nifee McGinnw Don Mclntyre George McKeithen Ken McLatchetj Raf Madan Dennis Mahood Gary Martin Mike Millbrath Ken Mingledorff Jim Moody Jim Morgan Bob Nash Bubba Nelson Richard Nichols Gerry Nagel Ken Nome Mike Ortengren Lynn Pararo Gary Price Dan Raney David Rawlins Mike Raymond Rick Richards Jim Richeson Wayne Rogers Chet Sadowski Frank Saier Jon Sales Glenn Schaibly Bill Shewey Joe Simmons Paul Skinner Don Smith Rupert Smith Al Sistrunk Don Spongier Berney Stalzer Walt Stein George Stuart Jacob Stuart Brad Todd Ed Tolle Kyle Turner Bill Weimer Charles White John White Kent Whitemore Dale Willingham Daryll Wilson Bill Wilson Harry Winkler Frederick fancey Jim York Stuart " Young 351 SIGMA KAPPA HEARTS WON BY SMOKE-RING CHAMPION Sigma Kappa ' s go on lark on Homecoming float. Rah-ta-ta-ta-ta-da Take it Sigma ' s! . . . New housemother Mom Roberson, smoke-ring cham- pion, wins our hearts . . . Susan Hartley works overtime as Panhellenic President . . . White Pearl Weekend our sweetheart, Wayne Judson, SPE . . . The President ' s Trophy ensconced on the mantle . . . Bev on Leg Council . . . Dr. Carson, our faculty advisor and his after dinner serenades . . . Sig Ep ' s try parking cars on the front porch? . . . Wilkie, with helper, ho-ho-ho ' s as Santa Glaus . . . Sousa makes a hit with the Fiji ' s white owl . . . Bennett ' s dancing floors them at the SAE house . . . " Hotpot " reveals Joy ' s Tootsie Roll episode, others prefer to sit it out on the floor . . . Pompano Fats works it off ... Colby Annex and the Olympia crew . . . candlelight ceremonies another Lambda Chi bites dust! . . . MacGreg ' s lend out diamond service .- . . Pillow-Paddle party, Inspiration Week, Initiation, socials, parties, serenades, pin- nings " good times await you when you ' re a Sigma K. " President, Carole Oetke; Vice President, Di- ane Jones; Pledge Trainer, Kathy Earners; Sec- retary, Janice Luther; Treasurer, Linda Hayes. Wanda Argo Sue Hartley Linda Bennett Bonnie Brant Cheryl Carpenter Corrine Cherpak Ann Clark Kay Corson Nora Dalton Nancy Dolton Pamela Dormant Gladys Eckhart ants Eggart Beverly Faber Mavis Foster Diane Giersdorf Cher Gill Marty Graves Linda Graver Janis Halker Pamela Hansen 352 Linda Hayes Jeanne Hayslip Chislaine Heerens Mala Hinton Susan Huntley Mary Jones Marilyn King Victoria Kingdon Cheryl Leonard Jeuley Livingston Mary Luther Agatha Lyons Margie McCown Sandra McGregor Penny Millar Linda Moore Stephanie Morris Ardath Mueller Esther Newton Debe Nigels Janis O ' Connor Carol Oetke Marge Orth Janet Pagh Gredy Panning Dianne Pinney Linda Post Kathu Price Marilyn Purvis Katherine Homers Susan Rossman Beatrice Savarese JoAnne Seaberg Barbara Schumacher Roberta Seaman Cynthia Short Lauren Silverberg Patricia Sousa Daisy Stancil Mary Struthers Claudia Tillman Gladys Tucker Eileen Warren Joan Wittman Barbara Wording 353 SIGMA NU G. Aerther Timothy P. Alien Robert Baldwin William Barnes David Barnhort Joseph Barthmaier Jeffrey Berkley Kent Bleakley Ralph Blaunt Douglas Bonebroke Stan Bonchlos Wayne Bounton Allan Brown Bruce Burrtiss William Camp Thomas Cassidy George Chopman Russell Clacys James Clark David Cheshire Nick Cocks Stephen Connell Raymond Costello Robert Crown Timothy Culbertson William Diaz John Diehl David Deger David Doten Daniel Dupree Thomas Epperson Edwin Fletcher George Franklin Ervin Gran Frank Gramling Jay Hamilton Hunt Harris E. Hellwig Charles Housholder Frank Henderson Robert Hersh Stephen Higgins Timothy Hipp George Holsapple Dan Howard Bruce Huff Steve Hutchinson Thomas Hutchins Victor Jarvis Michael Katz Stephen Knanp Douglas Knowles Randy Kunkel John Lelekis Frank Lorenzo James McCann Richard McCarl John McMullen Griffith McSwine Bruce Majilton Thomas Marr John Marzullo John Merritt 354 PARTIES AND SOCIALS LEAVE ONE LASTING IMPRESSION Thanks brand X, " boy " is now a man . . . Crows nest, new recreational area . . . Ponde- rosa flicks ten-minute dissertation on eating without silverware . . . Morton and Tim, no mat- ter what shape your stomach ' s in ... Wolfgang becomes apartment geech . . . six-egg L. C. re- tires grocery bag trophy . . . Millard leads with orbital . . . Gib underrated and overweighted . . . Roaches exempt from heart attacks . . . sharpshooter " Lee Harvy " Berkly maniack de- pressive of Graham area . . . pledge gets fired up for Sigma Nu, hello infirmary . . . " How about a break? " President, Jack Bodziak; Vice President Frank Gramling; Secretary, Ed Fletcher; Pledge Master, Millard Nixon; Comptroller, Lee Terry. Sigma Nu presents Dean Hole ' s reading of " A Christmas Carol. " Robert Mims Thomas Minton John Morton Ray Negus Robert Nelson Jim O ' Connor John Olsson Douglas O ' Neal Ronald Parks Sam Parrino Stu Penk Albert Perotti Harold Phillips Carl Prati Fred Rebozo Paul Repp Frank Robinson Mark Rodriguez Karl Rolls Saint Rosemond Pete Saclarides Jeffrey Sanders John Schandelmayer William Sexton Carter Sharff John Tallarico Lee Terry Lee Thomas Byron Trapnell Buddy Turman John Vandervort James Wicks 355 SIC MA PHI I PS1LO SIG EPS GROSS OUT GATOR GROWL WITH ' VATICAN RAG ' ! ' ! serenades a campus tradition. Peter Armficld Ray Ball Stete BaHanfonto Richard Baker Jim Bennett Phil Berger Charles Bergmann ] hn Borum Bill Bowman Eric Brill Weldun Britton John Brook Jim Bryant Dave BumgarneT Bill Burns Jolin Clements B 1 Cogswell Philip Cole Michail Comrowich Randy Corrcia Dtirt 1 Crane Michcil Dar.i.i Jim Deleonarois Jim DeWitt Jim Edwards Bill Vanan Lawrence Feldh uscn Gibson 1 ' inley Robert I ' orsman John C ' .dllehct Wayne Gambel John Ccigcr Football season and " rotating " Fair Bloc Seating Bill . . . Foresnian returns to become SPK Plants Grounds Dept. . . . The downstairs worries before nipping upstairs 42-36 . . . Rogers overcomes the situation and leaves his mark in Jenks ' room . . . Sig Eps pull off a Gator Growl gross-out with the " Vatican Rag " . . . all hopes of a Homecoming trophy go up in smoke Lucas barely escapes with his life, Slots stays grim for weeks . . . Sig Ep-Phi Delt football game turns into foul mouth contest . . . " Crash Correia " makes first solo flight from a motorcycle? . . . the Phantom strikes again the stereo gleeped this year . . . Orange Bowl closes out 1966 . . . SPE ' s get two Blue Keys Yawn . . . Mauler Mead gets wracked in Lambda Chi pledge trouncing . . . Frick ' s Flicks Inc. begin casting for latest film . . . election time arrives, " We ' d rather fight than switch " . . . We initiate our 1,000th man with Grand National President, et al . . . Vann and McCay ' s service project stimu- lating the Lake City economy . . . " Who is Dave Bumgarner? Why is he smiling? " . . . " Pledge Power " slogan fails to live up to promise (threat?) . . . our last finals under the trimester befoie we go into the long, long summer. President, Joseph Martin; Vice President, Gerry McSwiggan; Recorder, Richard Baker; Secretary, James Shroads; Comptroller, Wayne Thomas. Back yard " Toilet Bowl " game sees Bergman drive through the middle. 356 JI G ff!) jfli f a o t I a a a 1 Roman toga party pits the Goths vs. the Romans. Gene George John Glenn Jim Hallmark Charles Harris John Heidt Glenn Hill Tom Hoffeld John Hoffman Bill Haughton Fletcher Howe Bob Hudson Bill Jenks Tim Johnson Bob Keating Norman Koestline Chas Koamerl Jerry Kubal Bill Levens Paul Lineberger Val Lumans Rimmie MacLaren Steve McCaii Steve McEwen Donald McKae Jerry McSwiggan Andrew Maloney Ted Mannelli Jeff Marcinak Joseph Martin Tim Matlock Michael Mazzine Bob Mead Richard Mims Gary Moorman Jim Moxley Joseph Pace Tommy Palko John Parker Joseph Passero Brad Pate Harris Patton Lawrence Pooley Roderick Pope LaCoy Pounds Michael Prescott Johnnie Prewett Dennis Ritchie Jim Robbins Patrick Rogers Bill Roias Louis Robles Brad Sawtell Dennis Schafer Bill Shek John Shipley Jim Shroads Mike Siuda Bill Slotto Mike Smith Richard Smith Tom Stone Fred Taylor Bob Tebow Don Tindall Ralph Turlington Mike Vann Vance Vaughn Tom Viuf Ben Walbert Neil Walker Allen Ware Jim Welch Charles Wheatly Albert Whisler John Wiederhold Bill Womble Bill Woodcock 357 TAU EPSILON PHI ACTIVE IN ALL ASPECTS OF CAMPUS Robert Altman Eric Ansel Bernard Baumel Leon Benlolo Mark Berson Bruce Bokor Lee Borden Ronald Chassner Stanley Chepenik Jerald Cohn Joseph Davis Jeffrey Doliner Albert Esformes Neil Feineman Evan Feist Robert f elder Edward Fletcher Paul Fletcher Larry Freid David Gamsey Gine Glasser Jeffrey Goldstein Scott Gorman Mark Green Alan Greenbaum Marc Greenberg Gerald Greenhouse Neil Grossman Allen Gruber Edward Guttenmacher Joseph Harris Bruce Heiken Mark Hoffenberg Lawrence Huber Stan Jackson David Kahn Stan Kahn David Kaplan Pete Kaplan Russell Kasper Barry Kay Jeffrey Koch Martin Krovetz William Labell Mark Lazar Stephen Leb David Liberman Bill Lichter Alan Leibowitz a Ci 3.58 The TEP basement and Saturday night par- ties, loud music and dancing couples . . . first on campus in scholarships . . . fierce competitors on the athletic field . . . active in all campus activity . . . The highlight of the social season, annual Homecoming party, featuring well-known entertainer Ben E. King ... In athletics the TEPs currently lead tough Orange League standings in quest for coveted President ' s Cup . . . intramural football crown won for the sec- ond consecutive year . . . TEPs placed well in all other sports . . . The TEPs have something to brag about when it comes to scholarship, hav- ing been the campus scholarship leader for the 1965-66 school year . . . Honors brought to the house by five Blue Key members, four Phi Eta Sigmas, various brothers holding Student Gov- ernment positions . . . Brothers Henry Mehlman, Alan Brunswick are current president and vice- president of the campus Hillel Foundation. Chancellor, Sid Sack; Vice Chancellor, Scott Young; Scribe, Bruce Bokor; Recording Scribe, Hank Silverman; Bursar, Gary Cohen; Historian, Mike Brown. Free for all. ILK A ki Alan Liebowitz Marc Lopatin Barry Malter Lawrence Newman Keith Pinchot Michael Reznik Bruce Rogow Steven Rohan David Rosenbaum Robert Rosenberg Rick Rovere Sidney Sack Craig Savage Howard Schwartz Robert Schwartz David Secunda Gary Shader Stephen Sheldon Joseph Shoff Harvey Siegel Hillel Segal Mike Siegel Bernard Silver James Silvers Michael Singer Robert Singer Bary Sinoff Lawrence Snetman Joseph Solove Martin Sperry Alexander Spitzer Harvy Tempkins Peter Tilton Jeffrey Todd Brent Turbow Steven Uhlfelder Chuck Weisbaum Alan Weissman Leon Yergin Jan Zeigler 359 TAU KAPPA EPSILON GREETINGS, NUMBER ONE FRATERNITY ROW! Farewell Falling Timbers, Greetings No. 1 Fraternity Row! . . . Margaret, Margaret, where are you, Margaret?. . . New housemother, " Mom " Sutton . . . the big heal bids farewell . . . Forty dollar lavalier, anyone? . . . Hey, Moses, when is Founder ' s Day this year? . . . Aptheker, how about a dorm stomp? . . . Capps, date much? . . . The dynamic duo . . . Who ' s on the right side? . . . Hey, Big C, you like my seester? . . . For you, a deal! . . . How are your flags, Gar- rett? No, Miles, the ice hockey team practices next week . . . Heavenly Hague . . . Goob, giggle for us ... Why Bookie Christmas! ... Yes Kurtz, he is alive and hiding in Argentina . . . Hey, I hear Ernie ' s going inactive . . . Bottom ' s up, weatherby . . . Gotcha! . . . Pajama party, Balloon party, Straw party amazing what you find under that straw. Moses, Bacardi, Christmas and Gilbeys equal trip out upstairs window . . . Cherish is the word . . . Mark, say " Long Island " . . . Pixie and Dixie . . . The Bear . . . Hotsie Totsie . . . Teke Week- end . . . Red Carnation Ball . . . After dinner jaunts to Cedar Key . . . Switchies, anyone? . . . Poepner, pardon me. Prytanis, Ernest Haslain; Epipnjtanis, Davis Mosric; Grammateus, Michael Kurtz; Chryso- phele, William Hagel. Tau Kappa Epsilon rush function gab session. Steven Apthekier Richard Auchter Joseph Bergeron Andrew Bielmv Paul Bizaillon Michael Brooks William Brooks Richard Brown Donald Buzzell Kenneth Camlet James Carver Leon Cheek Cuin Christmas James Claxton John Cramer Jerome C uncart Errol Eisinger Robert Fikc John Carrett James Gustinella Thomas Hall 1,14 360 TEKES enjoy healthy social life. r f IL M Charles Harmon Ernest Haslam David Haytvard John Healy William Hegel Alex House Michael laukea Mark Kamen Michael Kurtz Wesley Masters Arthur Miscally Macy Montgomery C. ]. Morris David Mosrie William Muench Charles Nowlin Barry Padgett Thomas Paine Hardy Pickard Richard Post Marshall Rhodes George Robison Michael Rulant Douglas Shachtman Robert Sistrunk Frank Slinkman Robert Soulby Thomas Steele Dana Stewart Rene Stinger Roger Strickland Tyler Thomas John Trifiletti Michael Weatherby David Whitehead Miles Wilken Working toward a new house 361 THETA CHI IT ' S A BIRD, IT ' S A PLANE, IT ' S RAT MAN Greg ,Arendt George Ball Greg Barnum Robert Bartusch John Bebout Charles Billington Steve Bloomfield Joseph Bruschi Thomas Cayce John Cole Charles Collett Carrado D ' Avanza Robert Cooke Mike Davidson Denny Dennison Dennis Elis Richard Farge Neil Fredrickson Stephen Fischer Charles Gore R. Gravlee Roderick Grubbs Rodney Hammond Roderick Harvey Kenneth Houp Al Ina Richard James James Jean David Jerry Phil Johnson Mac winds out on S-curves . . . Heard any good jokes lately, Gregg? . . . The Mackerel wins out over the Red Sea . . . Gravel meets girl in Hong Kong, sets all time distance record . . . Bartusch wins friends on airplane trip . . . McGee cramped under strain of second tri social calendar . . . Bruce wins " Ring through Nose Award " . . . Willis wins Marksmanship Award . . . Pollard places second to a horse . . . Tube Club President makes the big time . . . Don buys stock in hair growing company . . . Bucky and Dune and Donna. Best selling novel, " My Life and Times " by Wimpy ... Is it true that blondes have more fun, Ringwood? . . . Theta Chi ' s have Starfires for half their second tri parties . . . Well Herb, maybe if you put the ring around her tooth- brush. Did you lose something, Reinstatler? . . . Pious Perrin joins the " Corruptibles " . . . Tell us the one about the blue shark again, Foxer . . . Marino heads Pat Hum Fan Club . . . " It ' s a bird, It ' s a plane, It ' s Rat Man. " President, Rodney Hammond; Vice President, Bill Perrin; Secretary, Tom Ringwood; Treas- urer, Bruce Shaffner; Pledge Marshall, Bob Lee. Jill 44 J t kft I (P ' ft l (P 4 J A. I till Bowl, Bowl, intramurals. 362 iN ek esior Herl, er... T ld C o| f - T John Karvonen Herb Longford Robert Lee John Lynn James MacKinnon James McCarthy James McGee Frank Marconi Thomas Minihan Mark Misiazer Jerry Mitchell James Morse Jose Pelletfa William Perrin Bill Pollard Ken Porter Fernando Redo Richard Reinstatler Thomas Ringwood William Ross Bruce Shaffner Bryan Seip Thomas Shaw Michael Stanage Charles Strattan John Sullivan John Sultenfuss Lee Tavel Richard Thomas Ronald Traupane Edmund Tubel John Verdon Ron White John Willis Jon Winder Theta Chis varsity cheerleaders, Charlie Gore, Roddy Grubs, Bill Dixon. Gator ponding is an integral part of pinning. 363 ZETA TAU ALPHA MEMORABLE YEAR BEGINS WITH NEW HOUSEMOTHER " Pride of our hearts Zcta gray, Zeta blue " ... A memorable year began with delightful new housemother . . . second largest class on campus 32 pledges . . . Mary Gene ' s picket fence . . . Alyce in Florida Players . . . Sue as a Gatorette . . . GTR Club formed Barb disquali- fied as president . . . Kathy and Judy on Wo- men ' s Judiciary . . . Kappa Sigs get pink sur- prise . . . Atkins Shampoe professional paint- ers . . . Don ' t get in a rut, Hutch . . . Sheila sold for seven cents . . . Rod finally surprises Jan . . . String ' s social dance inspires romance . . . Lor- raine ' s nose, compliments of Lum ' s . . . Little Sisters of Pike, Lambda Chi, Pi Kap, Delta Chi . . . DU Sweetheart Court . . . Jana Donna the Bobbsey Twins . . . Rosie B. Sec. of Leg Council . . . Santa surprises all at Christmas party for adopted family . . . the night MM ' s bookcase fell . . . Dorsey ' s montage . . . largest winter pledge class . . . Sig Eps serenade again and again and . . . Kathy as Panhellenic Pres. . . . Libby on Miss Seminole Court . . . Randy as Zeta Man . . . Hairstyles by Alyce . . . Poo-Bah and Spot . . . May these memories live on as " emblems of a true love that make a ZTA. " President, Judy Rosenberger; Vice President, Shield Salisbury; Recording Secretary, Janie Stei- ner; Corresponding Secretary, Zinta Lumans; Treasurer, Romelle Vance. Is this what a Zeta means when she says she ' s tied up. Gaye Anderson Sharon Atkens Anne Baird Margaret Balfe Sandra Chappell Sharran Caldwell Claudia Chapman Cathy Clemens Linda Cody Carol Dorsey Terrell Eden Karen Eng Judy Evans Sally Evans Janice Feldt Betty Flournoy Elaine Fuller Jean Hanna Lynda Har[ ett Judith Head Connie Hicks 364 Date night at Zeta house brings men, hungry and curious. Janice Holland Patricia Hutchins Carolyn Johnson Lisa Johnson Suzanne Keel Elizabeth Kintz Linda Lahr Katherine Lamb Clare Lipich Donna Londeree Zinta Lumans Catherine McClane Libby Miller Sherleen Mills Linda Moody Sandra Moore Sue Morgan Louise Olson Elsbeth Puckett Barbara Rogers Judy Rosenb ' erger Sara Sanders Sheila Sansbury Alyce Schweyer Pat Scott Lorraine Shampoe Judy Shasek Barbara Sivik Gail Stebor Jane Steiner Pamela Stevens Katherine Sturmer Katherine Usborne Romelle Vance Donna Walter Karen Zinkovich 365 PHI SIGMA SIGMA A SPECIAL YEAR November, 1966 was an important month in University sorority history. Phi Sigma Sigma vas added to the sorority roster. The task of building a new sorority on an old campus was taken on by 33 girls who feel they may be num- ber 14 but they sure try harder. Biggest question of the year ... a house? Well, we can always put a few campers in Marsha ' s truck and take it from there. Are you kidding us, Judy? . . . Learn all the chapters and their officers? Joan takes the job of pledge mother seriously . . . It ' s about that $700, El- len . . . Meanwhile, Susan Committee is still going strong ... A little sweatshirt action would be appropriate . . . Extend the sorority like a party in Miami, a little get together in Atlanta . . . Sisterly love doesn ' t include sharing boy- friends . . . JoAnn and Marsha are our representatives in AEPi . . . Marcie and Phyllis make the scene for beauty contests . . . Susan brings a little sun- shine while the unholy trio of Rita, Harriet and Debbie break out the mop and washboard . . . A great beginning . . . PHI SIGMA SIGMA. First Row: Barbara Gcjen, Ellen Wolfson (Treasurer), Marsha Hobson (President), Susan Cohen (Vice President), Linda Stcinheimer (Correspond- ing Secretary). Second Row: Arlene Bcrkowitz, Doreen Grayson, Diane Shapnick, Cheryl Kaplan, Barbara Matz, Phyllis Elkind, Beverly Goodman, Harriet Boatwright. Third Row: Jo Ann Sager, Jackie Jcdel, Cheryl Kit- man, Irma Rothenberg, Susan Fegelman, Annette Van Dam. Fourth Row: Missy Marks, Mary Sliacter, Fern Mitch- ell, Nancy Isenberg, Debora Lederman, Pat Greenfield. Fifth Row: Lorrie Faggen, Phyllis Schemer, Rikki Kirz- ner, Marsha Distiller, Rita Etkin, Jane Solomon. r ALPHA CHI ' S TALLY BIG SALES Alpha Chi Omega topped 12 other sororities in the sales campaign for the Seminole trophy. Sororities are judged on the number books sold, the number of man hours worked and the houses buying 100 per cent subscriptions for their members. Alpha Chi ' s took the publications trophy for the year ' s best campaign in Seminole sales. GRADUATES Multi-disciplines gives us different careers our alma ma- ter continues in its traditions of academic excellence, democ- racy and pursuit of learning . . . Graduates don cap and gown, sheepskin in hand, moving out of Florida Field into a new life leaving the University, its brick buildings and many memories soon to be filled with new experiences and environs . . . The campus ' ll never be the same . . . but, the Class of 1967 will long remember the little things that made the years pass so quickly . . . 368 Richard Aliadie Business Administration Sn annc Ai her Art ant! Sciences John Ad.uns Hasnu ' .yv Administration Theresa Adams Education Odylc Addisi-ott Education Dane 1 Aclkinson Arts and Sciences Bill Agce Engineering Susan Albnry .Ar s urn Srirmvv Cheryl Alexander Education Sherry Alexander Aria and Sciences Charles Alford Late James Alford Business Administration Barhara Allen Journalism and Communications liih!) Allen Engineering Daniel Allen Enginci r ni; Clarence Alligood Pharmacy Janet Alligood Education Frank Almaguer Ar .s anrf Sr rnrrs Jose Almeida Engineering Xorman Altmann Physical Education Dilia Alvarcx Education Christine Aniaral Education Calvin Anderson Architecture George Anderson Education Henry Anderson Engineering Ruth Anderson Education Vunctte Anderson Arts and Sciences Raymond An ele Journalism and Communications John Anthony Education Marie Applcgate Education Jorge Ardila Engineering Beverly Arfaras Business Administration Wanda Argo Arts and Sciences Roger Arthur Engineering Eli .aheth Artnso Education Mary Asl.ell Education 370 Gail Ashman Education Marcia Athens Education Robert Athens Business Administration Sharon Atkens Education Frank Averill Arts and Sciences Janice Axley Arts and Sciences Charles Babb Agriculture Stephanie Baer Education William Bagley Business Administration Roger Bailey Engineering Lee Baker Business Administration Enngue Baloyra Arts and Sciences Robert Bamonte Architecture and Fine Arts Edward Bangasser Business Administration Nofal Barbar Engineering William Barker Arts and Sciences John Barley Architecture and Fine Arts John Barlow Arts and Sciences William Barnes Engineering John Barnum Journalism and Communicate Joseph Barthmaier Engineering William Bartlett Business Administration Sue Bartley Education Lesley Barton Nursing William Bassett Engineering Jerome Bates Arts and Sciences Dianne Batts Education Dale Baxter Architecture and Fine Arts Marvin Beaman Business Administration Wirt Beard Arts and Sciences Ernest Behnke Arts and Sciences Monte Bein Arts and Sciences John Belcher Arts and Sciences David Bell Business Administration Norma Bell Arts and Sciences Cheryl Benardini Education Curtis Benefield Business Administration Rita Benjamin Education ' - T . . F J 3 " 371 Carole R. Bennett Education Tracy O. Bennett Engineering Emily A. Benson Journalism and Communications David C. Bentley Journalism and Communications Michael Bercun Engineering Charles E. Bergmann Education Martin R. Berlanstein Journalism and Communications Michael A. Berman Business Administration John A. Bernat Physical Education Sandra Dee Berry Education Michael W. Berryhill Business Administration Charles E. Billington Architecture and Fine Arts Angelo V. Billiris Arts and Sciences Ronald E. Birchall Journalism and Communications Dennis Philip Birdsall Business Administration Joseph B. Bishop Engineering Larry M. Bishop Forestry Barbara M. Black Education Dellarae Black Education Norman L. Black Agriculture Johnson W. Blackwell Business Administration Peter R. Blake Pharmacy Andrew R. Blank Arts and Sciences Sandra E. Blass Health Related Professions Kent A. Bleakley Business Administration Jaime Guillerno Blew Engineering Robert B. Bloom Engineering Rob C. Blue Arts and Sciences Dennis L. Bluge Arts and Sciences Jeffrey D. Blum Arts and Sciences Robert Boddy Physical Education Suetta M. Bode Arts and Sciences Lawrence J. Bohannon Engineering Barbara L. Bohner Education Sally A. Boland Arts and Sciences Robert H. Bonanno Pharmacy Marshall B. Bone Architecture and Fine Arts Blythe E. Bonnabel Arts and Sciences David H. Booher Journalism and Communicatii on 372 I tfetv kfall David E. Boone Business Administration Summitt E. Boone Business Administration Robert A. Booth Business Administration Gordon C. Boats Engineering John Powell Borum Business Administration Stelios G. Bouchlas Arts and Sciences Susan E. Boutchyard Education Danna Sue Bowden Education Pamela Jeanne Bowles Nursing William H. Bowman Engineering Wayne A. Boynton Agriculture Beverly J. Bradburn Arts and Sciences Patricia A. Brady Education Barbara S. Brant Education Adrianne Brass Arts and Sciences Jacqueline Braun Education William R. Brawner Agriculture Rita A. Brenner Education Barbara J. Bricker Journalism and Communications John C. Briggs Journalism and Communications James E. Broadwater Journalism and Communications Sandra G. Brooks Arts and Sciences David Browder Business Administration Barbara J. Brown Physical Education Dawson E. Brown Physical Education Jeraldine W. Brown Journalism and Communications Kristy A. Brown Journalism and Communications Richard R. Brown Agriculture Sandra L. Brown Education Billy L. Bruce Engineering Elizabeth L. Brunson Nursing Joseph Bruschi Arts and Sciences Larry E. Bryan Journalism and Communications Thomas R. Bryan Business Administration Heidi E. Buchbinder Health Related Professions Sally G. Buettner Education 373 fi-iiii Buiklmld Heiilth Related I ' l Villi.tin Bur Journalism uml ( niinni iit ( ' l.iudia .A 7,v r ' K Sr cnccs 1 ' cllT Hllsli ' , H ' il ' l CI ' illL! Donald Hu , 11 Ar v mid Scion c.s Holx-rt liM ' d Ar .s (HK SriVii ' VA Jo c ( ' .ulrccliii Enfiincerinx Sliarran CakKvcll ; ,s nf Sri. i aiu - Call: Hicliatd C: Art ' , and S K IK- Kirliurd Calvitt Business Administration Charlenc! ( ' amp Education Laura Campbell Nursing Karen Campbell Education Arnold Carl ihn Bt is ness ; ( unistration Hitu Carlml i .Vf r.v nL ' Irene ( ' arise i Education Katlileeu (]; mona Nursing Barry Canu Business Ad linist ration Kli abrtli C rr Education Pearl Carsv, 11 Education Stcvm Cart A 7.v r j S ' iicc.v I ' liillip Cart Engineering Thomas ( ' as d - .- 7,v and Sr ' jtrr.v ' a Tie ( " as llo Arlx mid Sr ' mv.v Hernadettc astro Journalism id Communications Bonnie Ca MK! Art and Sf ' nrr.s ( icor e ( !eci Journalism id Communications ( ' aiol ( Ic-stagalli . r .v and Sricnrc.v lirnre ( Miandler Education Claudia ( Iltapman Pharmacy Hobrrt ( Ihiison Engineering Stanley C ' lu-pciiik fournaJism and Communications ' Dean ChenN Business Administration Kathy Cl.esliiK ' Education ' illiam ( iliiara ;7 c Mf Sc rijrc.v Ralph Climnblev . 7,s nf Sr cMcr.s Ted Cky yk . ' r ,v f Sri ' rnrr.v ff ' % f ) Juan M. Clark Agriculture Velva W. Clark Arts and Sciences Barbara A. Clarke Education Chester A. Clarke Agriculture Leslie K. Clarke Engineering Richard W. Clarke Arts and Sciences Carol A. Clary Arts and Sciences Edward L. Cobbs Agriculture Gene A. Cochran Arts and Sciences Harold F. Cochrane Engineering Nick Cocks Arts and Sciences Linda J. Cody Education Robert C. Cogswell Business Administration William L. Colbert Business Administration R. Collins Education Judith A. Colpitts Education Myra A. Combs Physical Education George W. Cone Journalism and Communications Bruce A. Congleton Journalism and Communications James H. Connell Engineering Alison W. Conner Arts and Sciences Cheryl Lynn Cook Education Robert D. Cooke Engineering Anita H. Cooper Arts and Sciences William A. Cooper Arts and Sciences William M. Corbin Architecture and Fine Arts Edward W. Cornwell Journalism and Communications Oscar Jose Corral Engineering M. Kay Corson Education Raymond P. Costello Arts and Sciences James K. Cotton Journalism and Communications George Shruder Coulter Engineering Chella Courington Arts and Sciences Jayne M. Covell Nursing Gail B. Cox Arts and Sciences Clare R. Crabtree Health Related Professions 375 Carolyn Craft Education Lee Craig Arts and Science James Creech Arts and Sciences Kami Creeden . ur in Susan Crespi Education illiam Creus Architecture and I- inc Art Chark ' S ( iromer Engineering Lnther Crowell Arts and Sciences Robert Crowley Education HobcTt Ciu ' vas Arts and Science.-) I imothy Culbortson Physical Education Kicliiird Culvrr incx.f Administration M riain Cunibie Education Mary Cunningham Education Dan Cushman rlujfiical Education Ronald C TC Pharmacy Stanley Dahnnvski Agriculture Rosa Dulton Arts and Sciences Dorothy Dana , r .v and Sciences Johns Darlson Laic Michael Davis ttuMnew Administration ancy Da is Education Hick Davis Education Susan Davis Journalism and Communication Susan Draton journalism and Communications Robert Dell Engineering Tony De Los Santos Journalism and Communications Fernando Del Yalle Engineering Marie Dencc Education Sarah Deninan Arts and Sciences (ieorge IVriso Arts and Sciences ancy Deutcrniann Education Ted I)eii(scb Art.s and Sciences Villiani DcA ' on Agriculture Ross De Vitt Engineering Hcne Dia T Sharon Dillard Arts and Sciences Charles M. Diveto Business Administration Susan J. Dobbie Art and Sciences Leslie A. Dodd Architecture and Fine Arts Corine M. Dodge Physical Education Joyce 1. Dolbiei Arts and Sciences Emily Ann Donaldson Journalism and Communications Floyd Ray Dorman Business Administration William M. Douberley Journalism and Communications Daniel R. Douglas Engineering Lester M. Dowling Journalism and Communications Lee Ann Draud Arts and Sciences George William Draughon Journalism and Communications Betty Carol Drury Arts and Sciences Dorothy E. Duda Nursing Sharon A. Dudasik Education Sally Jane Dullenkopf Education Bazil B. Duncan Arts and Sciences Sally Dunifon Education Carol E. Dunn Journalism and Communications Hubert Tolson Dunn Architecture and Fine Arts Jean C. Eagleson Arts and Sciences Ian S. Easton Business Administration Brian Eckersley Education Gladys Carol Eckhart Education Glen E. Eckley Engineering Carlyle Robert Edewaard Business Administration Roger R. Ehrig Arts and Sciences Eileen Einik Journalism and Communications Errol A. Eisinger Business Administration Dennis W. Elis Agriculture Charles E. Elliott Architecture and Fine Arts Guy S. Emerich Arts and Sciences John T. Enslow Architecture and Fine Arts Donald F. Eppert Arts and Sciences Ronald S. Eppert Arts and Sciences Rheda Epstein Education Janet S. Ernst Education Robert M. Estes Journalism and Communications William D. Estes Journalism and Communications 377 -p T-5 | Harold Evans Business Administration Judy Evans Education Robert Evans Education Phyllis Everett Nursing Richard Eveson Business Administration Paul Ewaldsen Business Administration Beverly Faber Arts and Sciences Mary Louise Faeth Education David Falkner Engineering Eugenio Farinas Engineering John Farone Engineering Jack Farrell Arts and Sciences Kathryn Farrer Nursing Roy Faulkner Agricu fure Evan Feist Agricu ture Stephen Feldman Business Administration Carol Feldmann Education Sarah Fernald Arts and Sciences Federico Fernandez Engineering Jorge Fernandez Engineering Manuel Fernandez Engineering Magali Ferrero Arts and Sciences Ronald Fick Arts and Sciences Kenneth Fields Arts and Sciences Robert Fike Engineering David Filipek Agricu fure Judith Findeisen Architecture and Fine Arts Louis Fingerhut Arts and Sciences Dwight Finkel Engineering Mary Finley Nursing William Fitzsimmons Arts and Sciences Steven Fitzwilliam Arts and Sciences Dwight Fiveash Engineering Margaret Fleming Nursing Thomas Fleming Business Administration Carol Fletcher Education Paul Fletcher Education Evelyn Folsom Education Charles Fonvielle Arts and Sciences Richard Fort Agricufture 378 Janet Fortunoff Education Annie Foster Education Clinton Fouraker Engineering Agnes Fowles Journalism and Communications Elizabeth Francis Architecture and Fine Arts Winslow Fredriksson Agriculture Howard Freeman Education Jane Friday Health Related Professions Sharon Friedman Arts and Sciences Andrew Friedrich Business Administration Sanford Friedrich Arts and Sciences Michael Fries Forestry Peggy Frome Education Harry Fromme Journalism and Communications Gerald Furnari Agriculture Michael Gable Arts and Sciences Susan Galbreath Arts and Sciences Luis Garcia Agriculture Jorge Garcia-Corrochano Agriculture Fredric Garfinkle Journalism and Communications Ronald Garl Agriculture Pete Garland Forestry Donna Garrett Nursing Charles Gaussiran Physical Education Patricia Gautier Nursing Cynthia Geake Education Dieter Gebhard Arts and Sciences Paul Geiger Business Administration Gael Gelfin Education Gene George Arts and Sciences David Gibson Business Administration Marsha Gilbert Education Michael Gilkey Architecture and Fine Arts Joan Gilmour Nursing Judy Girardeau Education Ben Girtman Business Administration 379 John GiufFrida .Arts and Sciences Eli abcth Gladstone Arts and Sri( m CN James Glanton Agriculture Stephen Glaros Pharmacy Herbert Glatfelter Business Adtninistni! inn David Gleason Architecture tind l- ' inc Arf.s Gerald i: m - Business Administration Barbara Coble Physical Education SliiTyl Gold Journalism and Communications PatrU ' ia Coldin Education Anne Golclkanip Education Joseph Goldstein Arfs 1 and Sr cncrs Richard Goldstein Arts and Sri nccs Robert Gome . Engineering Emmctt Goodman Journalism and Communications Tom Gordon Business Administration Joan Gorski Nursing Cheryl Gorsuch Education Lisa Grace George Graham Arfs am Science.! Abbot Granoff Arrs and Sciences Richard Grant Pharmacij Erwin Grau Engineering Daniel Gray Arfs and Sciences Clarissa Green A ' ursing Edwin Green Pharmacij Rosalind Green Journalism and Communications Gary Grccnan Architecture and Fine Arts Rita Greenberg Journalism ana Communications Earl Greene Engineering Drew Greenfield Arfs and Sciences Xorman Greer Agriculture MeR Gresh Journalism and Communications Marcia Griffin Education John Griffiths Engineering Jan Grimsley Education Edmund Gross Physical Education Evelyn Guerra Arfs and Sciences Raynelle Gulick Nursing James Gustinella Arts and Sciences Carole Guterma Education Edward Guttenmacher Business Administration Lawrence Haber Arts and Sciences Barnard Hagans Business Administration Scott Hagcr Arts and Sciences Randall Haines Business Administration Eugene Hale Agriculture Christina Hall Education William Hall Education Richard Hallenbeck ' ournalism and Communications Kenneth Haller Arts and Sciences Gordon Hallgren ournalism and Communications James Hallmark Engineering Suellen Hamilton Arts and Sciences Richard Hammock ournalism and Communications Rodney Hammond Business Administration Walter Handly Architecture and Fine Arts Pamela Hansen Health Related Professions Carol Hantman Health Related Professions Karen Harbaugh Arts and Sciences Michael Harden Business Administration Donald Hardman Education William Hardy Arts and Sciences Susan Harper Education Thomas Harper Engineering Bruce Harris Engineering George Harris Agriculture James Harris Business Administration Mary Harris Education Tom Harris Business Administration Andrew Hartman Business Administration Ernest Haslam Engineering Andrew Haslett Arts and Sciences James Hatch Arts and Sciences Susan Hathaway Health Related Professions Arlene Hauser ournalism and Communications David Hayward Arts and Sciences Judith Head Health Related Professions Thomas Head Engineering John Healy Physical Education Fvr fs Tw,jflw Ssrfy Thomas Healey Business Administration Kathleen Heatherton Arts and Sciences Theresa Heckwolf Agriculture Kenneth Heitel Arts and Sciences Carolynn Hejna Architecture and Fine Arts Donald Hejna Engineering Ruth Hellwig Education Peter Hemenway Education Michael Hencin Education Gail Henington Architecture and Fine Arts Miguel Hernandez Engineering David Herndon Agriculture Emilio Herrero Engineering Thomas Hickey Architecture and Fine Arts Connelia Hicks Business Administration Paula Hicks Journalism and Communii William Hicks Arts and Sciences Pam Hildreth Health Related Professions Carol Hill Nursing Glenn Hill Agriculture Heather Hill Education Linda Hill Education Robert Hill Business Administration Karen Hishinuma Arts and Sciences Dan Hixenbaugh Business Administration Ronald Hoenstine Arts and Sciences Barbara Hoffman Education Norris Hoffman Arts and Sciences Richard Hoffman Business Administration Dale Hoffner Business Administration Charles Hogg Engineering Edward Holbrook Pharmacy Patricia Holley Education Diane Holman Nursing George Hoslapple Business Administration Carol Holt Arts and Sciences Rhonda Hooten Education William Hoppe Law Mary Hough Arts and Sciences 382 Kenneth Houp Arts and Sciences Gary Huber Engineering John Hufford Business Administration Judith Huggins Journalism and Communications Harold Hume Journalism and Communications Jan Hume Arts and Sciences Diana Humphreys Architecture and Fine Arts Susan Hunt Business Administration Donald Iddings Arts and Sciences William Isbell Agriculture Mohamed Ismail Agriculture Gary Jackson Business Administration Stan Jackson Agriculture Deborah Jacohy Education George Jahnigen Engineering David James Business Administration Robert Jamieson Engineering Sue Janson Education Stefanie Jarius Journalism and Communications Ronald Jasco Business Administration Walter Jasin Arts and Sciences 1UJ fT J T Hte Virginia Jasper Education S. J. Jernigan Engineering Mary Jochem Business Administration Alerice Johnson Journalism and Communication Grady Johnson Arts and Sciences Guy Johnson Business Administration Marvin Johnson Engineering Wayne Johnson Business Administration Timothy Johnson Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Johnson Health Related Professions Nella Johnston Health Related Professions Bonnie Jones Education Carol Jones Journalism and Communications Daniel Jones Journalism and Communications James Jones Journalism and Communications Richard Jones Agriculture Wanda Jordan Arts and Sciences Stanley Kahl Education 383 Herbert Kahlert Engineering Gail Kamelhar Arts and Sciences Eric Kangas Business Administration Mark Kanov Journalism and Communications Esther Kaplav Arts and Sciences Ralph Kaplan Engineering Kathryn Kascher Arts and Sciences Michael Katz Arts and Sciences Edith Kaufman Education Randolph Kaufman Arts and Sciences Valerie Kaye Education Lena Keep Nursing Deidra Keinanen Education Gary Keller Business Administration Brian Kelly Business Administration James Kelly Engineering James Kelly Business Administration Richard Kelly Business Administration Donald Kelton Engineering Marilyn Kemerait Arts and Sciences Jerry Kendrick Engineering Sierra Kennedy Journalism and Communications Diane Kenney Physical Education Fred Kiehle Arts and Sciences John Kiker Architecture and Fine Arts James Killingsworth Business Administration Bart Kimball Journalism and Communications Jane Kimbrell Health Related Professions Jackie King Education Marjorie Kingry Education Robert Kinney Business Administration Lawrence Kircher Agriculture Douglas Kirk Arts and Sciences Lynn Kirk Agriculture Joan Kirkland Arts and Sciences Susan Kisner Physical Education 384 ' 7 P Arlene Kleinberg Education Alan Klimek Engineering Milton Klompus Journalism and Communications Nancy Klores Arts and Sciences James Klucar Engineering Ernest Kluft Engineering James Knight Journalism and Communications Jerri Knight Arts and Sciences Douglas Knowles Business Administration Ralph Knudsen Architecture and Fine Arts Jeffrey Koch Business Administration June Koepp Education Norman Koestline Education Michael Konter Arts and Sciences Charles Kosmerl Business Administration Stephen Kotler Engineering Clarke Koumjian Education Carol Kraemer Architecture and Fine Arts Spero Krevatas Pharmacy Martin Krovetz Arts and Sciences Cheryl Kuril ournalism and Communications Arthur Kurtz Business Administration Lois Kutum Health Related Professions Claudine Laabs Arts and Sciences William Labell Arts and Sciences Frank Lagotic Physical Education Skip Lambert Agriculture Elaine Langston Arts and Sciences Neil Lansman Architecture and Fine Arts Larry Larisey Arts and Sciences Richard Larson Business Administration Stephanie Lathrop Nursing Paul Lavezzoli Business Administration Sharon Lawler Arts and Sciences Parker Lawrence Engineering James Lawrence Agriculture Martin Lawson Education Ralph Lawson ournalism and Communications Mark Lazar Business Administration Carol Lederhaus Arts and Sciences 385 Carol Lee Education James Lee Agriculture Margaret Lee Arts and Sciences Robert Lee Business Administration Sherry Leffingwell Education Stephen Leggett Arts and Sciences John Lelekis Pharmacy Diana Lenhardt Journalism and Communications Robert LeNoir Journalism and Communications Charles Leonard Journalism and Communications Cheryl Leonard Arts and Sciences Sheila Levine Education Toba Levy Education Bonnie Lewinsky Arts and Sciences Cynthia Lewis Education Diane Lewis Education Lynda Lewis Physical Education Bill Lichter Arts and Sciences Kay Lin Engineering Hubert Lindsey Business Administration Virginia Lipscomb Health Related Professions Christopher Littell Architecture and Fine Arts Karen Littlecott Education Victor Liviccori Education Jeuley Livingston Journalism and Communications Juan Loaiza Agriculture Deedie Lockhart Education Donna Londeree Education Charles Long Arts and Sciences Ralph Lopez Engineering William Lovelace Engineering James Lovitt Arts and Sciences Clyde Lower Business Administration Robert Lurie Arts and Sciences David Lyons Engineering David MacGillis Business Administration Royalec Mackinnon Journalism and Communications William Macklem Engineering 386 p R J-r. " f W- J l mi( ' F W Dennis Maher Education Edwin Mahoney Journalism and Communications Michael Mahony Arts and Sciences Dale Malloy Health Related Professions Earl Mally Business Administration Ann Maloy Education John Manguso Arts and Sciences Ted Mannelli Arts and Sciences Judith Marcinak Nursing Frank Marconi Journalism and Communications Thomas Marcy Education Joseph Marinelli Education Robert Marks Agriculture John Mannish Business Administration William Marsh Business Administration James Marshall Arts and Sciences Albert Marsico Arts and Sciences Donney Martin Business Administration Kathryn Martin Arts and Sciences Frand Martinez Arts and Sciences Manio Martinez-Maio Business Administration John Marzullo Pharmacy Marlene Mastronardi Education Harold Matthews Education John Matthews Arts and Sciences Ronald Maxwell Business Administration Leonard Mazur Business Administration Mary McAuley Education William McBride Arts and Sciences Edward McCamphill Journalism and Communications Walter McCants Pharmacy James McCarthy Law John McDonough Arts and Sciences Thomas McElaney Business Administration Margaret McGee Education Mary McGuire Education 387 Emily Mclnnis Arts and Sciences Suzy McKay Education Daniel McKinnon Agriculture Jennifer McKinnon Arts and Sciences William McKinnon Arts and Sciences Linda McKnight Education Edward McLaughlin Arts and Sciences Frances McMillan Health Related Professions Cassandra McNiel Education Robert Mead Arts and Sciences John Medlin Business Administration Andrew Merizio Architecture and Fine Arts John Merritt Arts and Sciences Thomas Meschler .Engineering Donna Meyer Nursing Judith Meyer Nursing William Michaels Engineering Ellen Miles Education Ross Miles Engineering Joan Militana Journalism and Communications Carol Miller Arts and Sciences Diana Miller Arts and Sciences Margaret Miller Health Related Professions Sandra Miller Business Administration Steven Miller Business Administration Robert Minis Architecture and Fine Arts Carlos Mindreau Architecture and Fine Arts Daniel Minkel Arts and Sciences Irene Minkoff Education Jerry Mitchell Business Administration James Mixson Engineering Gloria Moloney Arts and Sciences Walter Monroe Journalism and Communications Al Montgomery Journalism and Communications Laureen Moody Architecture and Fine .Arts Jerry Moore Engineering 1 HI f i 1R V -r iT 388 X Judith Moore Arts and Sciences Mary Moore Arts and Sciences Bryant Morgan Architecture and Fine Arts William Morgan Agriculture Sharon Morlan Journalism and Communications Stcphenie Morris Education Robert Morton Architecture and Fine Arts Michael Moses Business Administration Susan Moss Education Jose Mota Arts and Sciences Paul Mott Forestry James Moyles Engineering William Muench Business Administration JoAnne Mulholland Education JoAnn Myer Journalism and Communications Meredith Myers Education Susan Nacht Education Raymond Naeyaert Agriculture Albert Naglreitcr Engineering Barbara Nanz Nursing Robert Nash Journalism and Communications Celia Navarro Education Patti Nazzaro Education Michael Neal Architecture and Fine Arts Mary Ann Neff Arts and Sciences Robert Nelson Arts and Sciences James Nichols Arts and Sciences Amy Nisbct Physical Education Mary Noble Physical Education Mike Noble Arts and Sciences Leon Nobles Agriculture Clover Norcross Journalism and Communications Richard Nunez Engineering George Nuzum Business Administration Anne O ' Brien Education Margaret O ' Brien Journalism and Communications Patrick O ' Donoghue Engineering Connie Ogle Business Administration James Olivenbaum Engineering 11! - . mf H 389 Janet Olivi Education Louise Olson Journalism and Communication Carolyn O ' Ncal Arts and Sciences Cheryl O ' Neal Journalism and Communication ' s Richard On Engini i _ ' Michael Orlennrcu Engineering Harold Osban Agriculture James O ' Steen Engineering John O ' Steen Engineering Susan Ovcislrcct Nursing Duane O vcn Journalism and Communications Judy Owen Education Hernan Padilla-Hidalgo Engineering Janet Pusjh Arts and Sciences Richard Painter Arts and Sciences Thomas Palmer Engineering Carol Palmour Education Jorge Palon Architecture and Fine Arts- Roy Parish Pharmacy John Parker journalism and Communications Allan Parsons Business Administration Jamie Lou Pusquarello Business Adm ration Xancv Pastore Education Lauren Patiteaux Education Vfi K p fcs -W Eugene Paul Agriculture Susan Payne Arts and Sciences Nelson Pearlman Business Administration Michael Pent Arts and Sciences Joseph Perez Engineering Virginia Persons Education Harold Phillips Pharmacy Melvin Phillips Engineering Dianne Pinney Education Jesse Pipkin Engineering Jorge Pire Engineering Peter Pistell Arts and Sciences Antonia Pleterski Arts anil Sciences Sn anne Pohlman Education Charles Pillard Business and Administration Edward Poore Physical Education Pamela Poore Education Priscilla Porter Arts and Sciences Johnny Potocki Journalism and Communications Charles Powe Agriculture Curtis Powoll Business Administration Sharon Powell Arts and Sciences Stephen Powers Journalism and Communications Carl Prati Arts and Sciences Margaret Pratt Business Administration Lawrence Presley Business Administration Lucien Proby Arts and Sciences Byron Prugh Engineering Sharon Pschorr Arts and Sciences Betty Ann Putnam Health Related Professions Harriett Queen Arts and Sciences Roy Radanof Engineering Gary Ragan Arts and Sciences Eduardo Ramirez Agriculture Simon Ramirez-Suarez Engineering John Randolph Journalism and Communications Carl Rang Business Administration Roberta Rankin Arts and Sciences Shirley Rappoport Arts and Sciences Terry Rayborn Education Freddie Rebozo Business Administration Robert Reed Arts and Sciences Ralph Reese Engineering Robert Regan Business Administration Joan Reiss Arts and Sciences June Renna Education Lawrence Rennell Business Administration Armond Renzi Business Administration Emily Reynolds Education James Rice Business Administration Janet Rice Education Wayne Rich Business Administration Carol Richards Pharmacy Edward Richardson Business Administration James Richeson Arts and Sciences Sandra Richey Education f le tr - " 1 W-jf z$ 391 Paula Rk-himn Bunincat Administration John Riggs Physical Education Kay Riles Pharmacy Jane Riley Education Raines 1 Rissman Architecture and Fine Aits James Bobbins Business Administration Albert Roberts Arts and Sciences Gail Roberts Arts and Sciences Joe Roberts .dminis Business Administration Peter Robertson Arts and Sciences Martha Robin Architecture and Fine Arts Arthur Robinson Architecture and Fine Arts Loren Roby Business Administration Kenneth Rodd Engineering Donna Rode Health Related Professions Robert Rode Arts and Sciences Antonia Rodriguez Engineering Mareos Rodriguez Journalism and Communications ft ft ft -r Sergio Rodriguez Architecture and Fine Arts Barbara Rogers Education Vickie Rodgers Education Robert Roller Business Administration Karl Rolls Journalism and Communications Ann Ropulewis Education Gloria Rosenberg Education Barbara Ross Education William Ross Business Administration Susan Rossman Health Related Professions Nanci Roth Health Related Professions Wendy Roth Education Elizabeth Rothrock Nursing Carole Roush Education Virginia Rubley Education Robert Rudisill Arts and Sciences Robert Ruffner Physical Education Paul Hugh Business Administration Valerie Rumpel Health Related Professions James Russell Arts and Sciences Marvin Ryals Business Administration William Ryan Law Enrique Saavedra Engineering Sidney Sack Business Administration Loraine Sadler Education Peter Sagonias Arts and Sciences Frank Saier Arts and Sciences Nobuko Saji Arts and Sciences Steven Salamon Journalism and Communications Maria Salazar Education Rovert Salisbury Architecture and Fine Arts Karen Sams Education Jose Sanches Engineering Patrick Sanchez Business Administration Jane Sandefur Journalism and Communications Joe Sanders Business Administration Barbara Sands Education Janet Santilli Education Bradford Sawtell Journalism and Communications Sally Scarborough Education Gary Schaffel Architecture and Fine Arts Edward Scheick Engineering Thomas Schiereck Arts and Sciences August Schilclbach Agriculture Matthew Schneider Journalism and Communications Susan Schneider Arts and Sciences John Schoendorf Business Administration Paul Schorr Pharmacy Carol Schwartz Architecture and Fine Arts Jeanne Schwartz Law Martin Schwartz Law Maureen Schwartz Education Robin Schwartz Education Alyce Schweyer Education Jerry Scott Agriculture Joseph Seeber Bttsiness Administration Hillel Segal Business Administration Jack Seims Agriculture Dianne Selditch Arf.9 and Sciences Dalia Serrano Arts and Sciences 393 Joseph Semenak Jane Setzer Health Related Professions Arthur Seymour Architecture and Fine Arts Thomas Shad Journalism and Communications Marvin Shams Business Administration Charles Shanks Arts and Sciences Linda Shapiro Education Barbara Sharaf Education Thomas Shaw Engineering Beverly Shea Nursing Gerald Sheehan Engineering Paul Sheehan Journalism and Communications William Shek Arts and Sciences John Shepherd Business Administration William Shewey Business Administration Marilyn Shinbaum Education Kathleen Sibley Education Larry Sibley Architecture and Fine Arts Bette Siegel Education Jo Ann Sievers Education Joel Silberman Arts and Sciences Bernard Silver Education Robert Simeon Business Administration Newton Simmons Journalism and Communications John Simpson Arts and Sciences George Sims Physical Education Frances Singer Education Barry Sinoff Law Albert Sistrunk Education Susan Skirble Education Ingrid Skow Education Patricia Slade Arts and Sciences Krysia Small Arts and Sciences Cristopher Smith Journalism and Comma Clair Smith Education Eric Smith Law Harrison Smith Engineering Jan Smith Education Jay Smith Physical Education John Smith Business Administration King Smith Physical Education Pamela Smith Education 394 Vedder Smith Education William Smith Arts and Sciences Michael Smodish Arts and Sciences Johnnie Sneed Physical Education Diane Sokol Education Linda Solovei Education Donald Songer Arts and Sciences Jill Sorenson Arts and Sciences Margaret Sowell Arts and Sciences Gregory Speer Arts and Sciences Jeffrey Spieler Arts and Sciences James Spindler Education Alexander Spitzer Business Administration Mark Springer Education Karen Stack Education Robert Stahl Education Bernhard Stalzer Education Daisy Stancil Education Virginia Starrett Education Thomas Steele Forestry Jane Steiner Education William Steinle Engineering Jerry Stencel Architecture and Fine Arts Sandra Stephens Nursing Harry Stewart Business Administration Russell Stewart Law John Steverking Physical Education Arthur Stirrat Education Robert Stitcher Engineering Ellen Stosser Education Charles Strattan Arts and Sciences Ann Strickler Nursing Mary Struthers Nursing Clayton Stumpff Business Administration Ronald Summers Arts and Sciences James Sumner Agriculture Cathy Swain Arts and Sciences Douglas Swan Journalism and Communications 395 Edward Sweet Arts and Sciences Margaret Swick Arts ind Sciences Diane Swigert Education George Szabo Architecture and Fine Arts Xeil Tagle Engineering Eunice Tall Journalism and Communications John Tallarico Agriculture Lee Tavcl Pharmacy Margaret Taylor Education Millieent Taylor Education Harry Temkins Journalism and Communications Fred Thomas Education Richard Thomas Art. ' , and Sciences Koxanne Thomas Arts and Sciences Xa ' i Thomson Architecture and Fine Arts Karen Thompson Architecture and Fine Arts Lawrenee Thompson Engineering Perry Thompson Business Administration Richard Thompson Engineering Ronald Thompson Agriculture Terry Thompson Ruthless Administration Bobby Threatt Business Administration Sandra Thrift Education Claudia Tillman Education Peter Tilton Arts and Sciences Martha Tinker Health Related Professions Bonn! Tischler Journalism and Communications William Tuber Education Matthew Tola Agriculture Michael Toolan liiisiness Adm inistration Ronald Traupane Architecture and I ' inc Arts Kay Tringle Education Henry Trujillo Engineering llllJ Blanchard Tual Arts and Sciences Cynthia Tunstall Journalism and Communications Jonathan Turk Business Administration Charles Turner Education Daniel Turner Engineering John Turner Architecture and Fine Arts Larry Turner Engineering Warren Turner Arts and Sciences Wayne Tutt Arts and Sciences James Tyler Arts and Sciences Thomas Tyndall Journalism and Communications John Upchurch Architecture and Fine Arts Martha Uraga Architecture and Fine Arts William Valentine Business Administration Emilie Valla Health Related Professions William Van Clief Business Administration Gisela Van Ness Education Susan Van Netta Business Administration Rogelio yarona Engineering Philip Vellenga Physical Education Franklin Ventura Business Administration Carolyn Ver Planck Journalism and Communications Rober to Vich Architecture and Fine Arts Roger Vickery Arts and Sciences Judith Victor Education Armando Villarroel Arts and Sciences William Vosburgh Arts and Sciences David Vosloh Business Administration James Wacksman Business Administration Thomas Waddell Arts and Sciences Thomas Wade Engineering Richard Wagoner Engineering Clarence Walker Agriculture Glen Walker Journalism and Communications Diane Walser Journalism and Communications Richard Wannall Arts and Sciences Cynthia Warner Physical Education Lawrence Warner Engineering Mark Warner Business Administration Louise Warren Arts and Sciences Michael Warren Agricufture Donald Waterhouse Journalism and Communications a c Mary Ann Watermolen Journalism and Communications Lloyd Watts Business Administration Cheri Wax Journalism and Communications Sherleen Weaver Education Walter Weaver Business Administration Patricia Wehner Education Samuel Weil Engineering Rae Weimer Journalism and Communications Nancy Weinberg Education Michael Weinroth Journalism and Communications Robert Weiskopf Engineering Charles Weiss Education Arthur Weitzner Arts and Sciences Noel Wells Journalism and Communications Shari Wendling Arts and Sciences Judith Westfall Education Andrea Westman Arts and Sciences Linda Whelan Education Lewis Whipple Architecture and Fine Arts John White Journalism and Communications Ron White Journalism and Communications Susan White Education William White Arts and Sciences Charles Whitney Business Administration John Wiederhold Business Administration Frederick Wight Arts and Sciences Don Wilkins Arts and Sciences Jon Wilkins Arts and Sciences Dennis Wilkinson Business Administration Douglas Wilkinson Journalism and Communications Barry Williams Business Administration Charles Williams Business Administration Gary Williams Arts and Sciences 398 ? ' Y. AJife James Williams Business Administration Norine. Williams Arts and Sciences Paul Williams Agriculture Robert Williams Business Administration Ronald Williams Journalism Shirley Williams Education Thomas Williams Engineering Righton Willis Education Bonnie Willner Education Anita Wills Arts and Sciences Charles Wilson Education David Wilson Engineering James Wilson Arts and Sciences John Wilson Education Michael Wilson Engineering Jon Winder Business Administration George Windsor Arts and Sciences Ronald Wing Business Administration Carol Winset Education Aletha Wirries Physical Education Leither Witt Arts and Sciences Carl Woerner Pharmacy John Wolf Law Barbara Wood Education Verna Woodall Education Victoria Woods Nursing Randall Woodward Business Administration Richard Woodworth Business Administration Edmund Woolfolk Journalism Myrtle Wright Health Related Professions Richard Wynn Agriculture Frederick Yancey Journalism William Young Business Administration Maria Ysern Business Administration Natalie Zadoff Arts and Sciences Kenneth Zaleski Arts and Sciences Ted Zentner Arts and Sciences Donald Zimmer Architecture and Fine Arts Honey Zipper Arts and Sciences Paul Zorovich Agriculture Judy Zuberer Education Jack Zucker Arts and Sciences 399 CLOSING Never good-bye, only now ' s the end . . . of dreams gone by, academic pursuit, friendly faces and long hours . . . it ' s all wrapped into one: little things mean a lot . . . There ' s Florida Field to be missed . . . new additions to campus never the same again . . . things come and they go, and still the University stands for what its graduates have made ... a reputation of excellence in pursuit of learning, center of wisdom and seat of justice for all who study, learn and live together . . . 400 Hi. 401 402 403 ' 104 v 406 .... LINE I SENIOR DIRECTORY ABADIE, RICHARD H. ACHEE, SUZANNE Delta Gamma. ADAMS, JOHN L. Delta Upsilon. ADAMS, THERESA A. Delta Gamma; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters. ADDISCOTT, GAYLE K Honor Council; Social Chairman Broward; Phi Theta Kappa; Order of Diana; Broward Program Committee. ADKINSON, W. DANE Phi Gamma Delta; Florida Union Recreation Committee; Chairman, Flor- ida Union Recreation Committee; Executive Board Florida Union Student Activities. AGEE, BILL J. Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronic Engineers; Benton Engineering Council. ALBURY, SUSAN A. ALEXANDER, CHERYL A. Chi Omega; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sailing Club; Ski Club; Angel Flight. ALEXANDER, SHERRY L. Alpha Epsilon Phi. ALFORD, CHARLES W. Kappa Alpha; Florida Blue Key; Phi Delta Phi; Executive Editor Law Review; Assistant General Chairman Homecoming; Party Chairman, Action Party; Finance and Procurement Gator Growl. ALFORD, JAMES E. Alpha Kappa Psi. ALLEN, BARBARA E. Kappa Delta; Florida Un- ion Projects Committee; Gator Growl Talent Winner. ALLEN, BIBB B. Kappa Alpha; American Insti- tute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Benton Engineering Council. ALLEN, DANIEL S. American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics; Society of Automo- tive Engineers. ALLIGOOD, CLARENCE S. Pharmacy Fraternity, Baptist Student Union, Vice-President. ALL GOOD. JANET P. ALMAGUER, FRANK Gamma Beta Phi Society, President; Phi Eta Sigma Honorary, Treasurer; Legislative Council; Men ' s Interhall Council; Murphree Area Council. ALMEIDA, JOSE M. IEEE: Automatic Control. ALTMANN, NORMAN P. Intramural Manager; Karate Club; S.A.H.P.E.R. ALVAREZ, DILIA M. AMARAL, CHRISTINE J. Alpha Omicron Pi. ANDERSON, CALVIN B. Florida Speleological Society, President. ANDERSON, GEORGE L. Honor Court Justice, Administrative Assistant to President of Stu- dent Body; Coordinator Special Functions; Homecoming, 1966; Chairman Summer Frolics; Executive Secretary Mayors Council; Blue Key Speaker. ANDERSON, HENRY Sigma Tau; ASME; Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. ANDERSON, RUTH K. ANDERSON, VANETTE E. Kappa Alpha Theta; Angel Flight; Florida Union Public Relations Committee; Kappa Alpha Theta Corresponding ANGELE, RAYMOND MATHEW Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Delta Sigma; Golf Team; Social Chairman Alpha Tau Omega. ANTHONY, JOHN JOSEPH. APPLEGATE, MARIE B. Alpha Chi Omega. ARDJLA, JORGE E. American Institute of Indus- trial Engineers. ARFARAS, BEVERLY J. Phi Chi Theta, Corres- ponding Secretary; Gator Sailing Club, Re- cording Secretary; Student Government; Choir; North Rawlings Intramurals. ARGO, WANDA FAYE Sigma Kappa; Alpha Lam- da Delta. ARTHUR, ROGER A. American Society of Civil ARTU SO ElflZABETH ANN Student National Ed- ucation Association. ASBELL, MARY A. Student Florida Education Association. ASHMAN, GAIL PATRICIA Sigma Alpha Eta. ATHENS, MARCIA ELAINE Phi Mu. ATHENS, ROBERT S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ATKENS, SHARON L. Zeta Tau Alpha. AVERILL, FRANK W. Sigma Pi Sigma. AXLEY, JANICE N. B BABB, CHARLES H. Alpha Gamma Rho, Noble Ruler; Agriculture Economics Club; Interfra- ternity Council, President ' s Council. BAER, STEPHANIE. BAGLEY, WILLIAM R. BAILEY, ROGER G. ASME. BAKER, N. LEE Student Finance Association. BALOYRA. ENNGUR A. BAMONTE, ROBERT J. Phi Gamma Delta. BANGASSER, EDWARD MICHAEL. BARBAR, NOFAL S. Arab Club, President. BARKER, WILLIAM G. Beta Theta Pi; Psi Alpha Epsilon. BARLEY, JOHN McKIM Delta Tau Delta; Stu- dent Chapter American Institute of Architects, Vice President; Graham Area Council, Presi- dent; Men ' s Presidents Council. BARLOW, JOHN M. Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Ep- silon Delta; Freshman Council. BARNES, WILLIAM JAY. BARNUM, JOHN M. Phi Kappa Tau. BARTHMAIER, JOSEPH P. Sigma Nu; Tau Beta Pi, President; Sigma Tau. BARTLETT, WILLIAM H. Phi Kappa Tau; Real Estate Society. BARTLEY, SUE K. Sigma Kappa, Activities Chairman, Rush Chairman, Songleader; Under- secretary of Student Affairs; Committee on Student Organization; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, President. BARTON, LESLEY J. BASSETT, WILLIAM L. Billy Mitchell Drill Team. BATES, JEROME B. BATTS, DIANNE P. BAXTER, DALE Student Chapter of the American Institute of Architects; International Design Competition Award; Sarasota, Fla., Chamber of Commerce Design Competition Award. SEAMAN, MARVIN L. Alpha Tau Omega. BEARD, WIRT A. Kappa Alpha. BEHNKE, ERNEST EDMUND Delia Tau Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. BEIN, MONTE F. Sigma Chi, President. BELCHER, JOHN C. BELL DAVID WILLIAM Delta Sigma Pi; Mensa. BELL, NORM A JEANNE Alligator Staff; Student Senate; Sophomore Council Dorm Officer. BENARDINI, CHERYL DIANNE. BEDEFIELD, CURTIS J. Alpha Tau Omega. BENJAMIN, RITA F. BENNETT, CAROLE R. Phi Mu. BENNETT, TRACY O. Lambda Ch i Alpha. BENSON, EMILY A. Alpha Delta Pi Recording Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board; Lyceum Council, Ticket Manager, Publicity Chairman, President; W.S.A. Elections Chair- man; Invitational Honors Program; Gator Gras, Stage Manager; Freshman Council; Florida Union Hostess Committee. BENTLEY, DAVID C. Delta Tau Delta; " F " Club; Swimming. BERCUN, MICHAEL Alpha Epsilon Pi; Ski Club, Vice President. BERGMANN, CHARLES E. Sigma Phi Epsilon. BERLANSTEIN, MARTIN R. Sigma Tau Sigma; Alligator; Florida Union Assistant Manager; Public Relations Committee; Gator Band; Ga- tor Guard; Pre-Law Society; Section Advisor. BERMAN, MICHAEL A. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Government; Army ROTC. BERNAT, JOHN A. Arnold Air Society; Veterans ' Club. BERRY, SANDRA DEE Alpha Chi Omega. BERRYHILL, MICHAEL W. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BILLINGTON, CHARLES E. Theta Chi; Cheer- leader; Pi Mu; Student Chapter American In- stitute of Architects. BILLIRIS, ANGELO V. Cooperative Living Or- ganization. BIRCHALL, RONALD E. Phi Delta Theta; Foot- ball; Baseball. BIRDSHLL, DENNIS PHILIP. BISHOP, JOSEPH B. Sigma Chi. BISHOP, LARRY M. BLACK, BARBARA M. BLACK, DELLARAE Student Florida Education Association. BLACK, NORMAN L. Alpha Gamma Rho; Agri- culture Council; Agronomy and Soils Club. BLACKWELL, JOHNSON W. Kappa Alpha BLAKE, PETER R. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity; Mortar and Pestle; Barbell Club. BLANK, ANDREW R. Pi Lambda Phi. BLASS, SANDRA E. Phi Mu. BLEAKLEY, KENT A. Sigma Nu. BLEW, JAIME GUILLERMO American Institute of Industrial Engineers. BLOOM. ROBERT B. Delta Tau Delta. BLUE, ROB C. Delta Tau Delta, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Religion-in-Life Council, Chair- man; University Religious Assoc.; Men ' s Inter- hall Council, Vice President. BLUGE, DENNIS L. Delta Sigma Phi. BLUM, JEFFERY D. Pi Lambda Phi, Social Chair- man, President; Fall Frolics, Publicity Direc- tor; Inter Fraternity Council, Business Mana- BOD 8 DY, ROBERT. BODE, SUETTA M. Rawlings Hall Council, Floor Representative. BOHANNON, LAWRENCE J. Delta Tau Delta. BOHNER, BARBARA L. Kappa Delta; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. BOLAND, SALLY A. BONANNO, ROBERT H. Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity; Mortar and Pestle; Legislative Council, Rep.; Kappa Psi, Vice President. BONE, MARSHALL B Arnold Air Society; Sig- ma Lambda Chi; Distinguished Military Cadet Award; Scabbard and Blade. BONNABEL, BLYTHE E. BOOKER, DAVID H. Alpha Delta Sigma. BOONE, DAVID E. Kappa Alpha. BOONE, WUMMITT E. Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals. BOOTH, ROBERT A. Ski Club; Veterans ' Club; Finance Association. BOOTS, GORDON C. ASME; University Choir. BORUM. JOHN POWELL Sigma Phi Epsilon. BOUCHLAS, STELIOS G. Sigma Nu. BOUTCHYARD, SUSAN E. Mallory Hall, Presi- dent, Social Chairman; Orientation Group Leader; Women ' s Interhall Council. BOWDEN, DANNA SUE S.F.E.A.; NEA. BOWLES, PAMELA JEANNE Sigma Theta Tau; Womens Glee Club, Business Manager; Resi- dent Assistant; Broward Hall Council, Treas- urer; Deans ' List. BOWMAN, WILLIAM H. Sigma Phi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers, Vice President. BOYNTON, WAYNE A. Sigma Nu. BRADBURN, BEVERLY J. BRADY, PATRICIA A. Gatorette. BRANT, BARBARA S. BRASS, ADRIANNE. BRA UN, JACQUELINE Legislative Council; Stu- dent Traffic Court; Rawlings Floor Representa- tive. BRAWNER, WILLIAM R. Delta Tau Delta. BRENNER, RITA A. BRICKER, BARBARA J. Student Public Relations Organization; Jennings Hall Floor Representa- tive. BRIGGS, JOHN C. Sigma Chi. BROADWATER, JAMES E. Lambda Chi Alpha. BROOKS, SANDRA G. BROWDER, DAVID Delta Epsilon Pi; Tolbert Area Council, Vice President. BROWN, BARBARA J. Pht Mu, Intramurals Chairman, House Manager; S.A.H.P.E.R., Pub- licity Chairman. BROWN, CARLETON J. Delta Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator Staff; Tolbert Area Council, Secretary. BROWN, DAWSON E. S.A.H.P.E.R. BROWN, JERALDINE W. BROWN, KRISTY A. Alpha Delta Pi. BROWN, RICHARD R. Block and Bridle; Agri- cultural Council; Lambda Gamma Phi, Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer. BROWN, SANDRA L.: MENSA Jennings Hall, Social Chairman. BRUCE, BILLY L. Kappa Alpha. BRUNSON, ELIZABETH L. Kappa Delta; Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau; Student Nurses; Little Sister of Minerva; Honor Court Justice. BRUSCHI, JOSEPH Theta Chi. BRYAN, LARRY E. Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Del- ta Chi; Gator Band; Cooperative Living Or- ganization. BRYAN, THOMAS R. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BUCHBINDER, HEIDI E.: SOT A Under Secretary Alumni Affairs; Social Chairman Dorm. BUETTNER, SALLY G. NEA; FEA. BURKHOLDEN, JOAN Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas- urer, President; Honor Court Justice; Angel Flight; Florida Union Board; SOTA. BURNS, WILLIAM F. Forestry Club, President; Veterans ' Club. BURR, RUSS Delta Tau Delta. BURT, CHARLIE G. Phi Delta Theta. BUSH, CLAUDIA W. Orientation Leader. BUSH, PETER W. Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau. BUZZELL, DONALD A. Tau Kappa Epsilon. BYRD, ROBERT D. CADRECHA, JOSE S. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Latin American Club. CALDWELL, BRUCE L. Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma; Beta Theta Pi; Insurance Society. CALDWELL, SHARRAN L. Zeta Tau Alpha. CALHOUN, NANCY D. Chi Omega, President, Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta: Seminole Staf f; Angel Flight, Commander, Comptroller; WSA, Treasurer: Executive Secretary of Home- coming; Orientation Group Leader; Religion- In-Life Week Committee; Florida Blue Key Speaker: Mortar Board; Freshman Class Sec- retary-Treasurer. CALI, RICHARD. CALVITT, RICHARD W. Alpha Tau Omeea. CAMP, CHARLENE S. Mensa; Student National Education Association. CAMP, RUSSELL W. Sigma Delta Chi. CAMPBELL, A. LAURA Broward Hall Honor CAMPBELL. KAREN ANN Alpha Delta Pi; Little Sister of the Laurel; Gator Growl Ticket Chair- man. CARBUHN, ARNOLD F. Beta Alpha Psi. CARBUHN, RITA LOUISE Tau Beta Sigma, Presi- dent; Gator Marching Concert Band. CARLSON, IRENE E. Kappa Delta Pi. CARMONA, KATHLEEN C. Student Nurses. CARNES, BARRY L. Beta Alpha Psi. CARR, ELIZABETH E. CARSWELL, PEARL Student NEA; FEA. CARTA, STEVEN W. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CARTER, PHILLIP R. Tau Beta Pi; Benton Engi- neering Council; Finance Chairman of Engi- neer ' s Fair: Student Chapter ASCE. CASSIDY, THOMAS Sigma Nu. CASTELLO. WAYNE P. CASTRO, BERNADETTE Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta, President; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross; Lyceum Council Member; Gator Growl Talent. CAWOOD, BONNIE A. Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List. CECIL, GEORGE W. Sigma Delta Chi. CESTAGALLI, CAROL A. Gatorette. CHANDLER, BRUCE I. CHAPMAN, CLAUDIA A Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Epsilon. CHASON, ROBERT M. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. CHEPENIK, STANLEY B. Tau Epsilon Phi. CHERRY, DEAN R. Delta Sigma Pi. CHESHIRE, KATHY. CHIARA, WILLIAM A. Legislative Council; Sec- retary of International Relations; School Pho- tographer; Honor Court Defense Council; De- bate Team. CHUMBLEY, RALPH B. CHYZK, TED. CLARK, JUAN M. Latin American Club. CLARK, VELVA W. Alpha Delta Pi. CLARKE, BARBARA A. Alpha Omicron Pi. CLARKE, CHESTER A. PI Kappa Alpha, Vice President. CLARKE, LESLIE K. American Institute of Indus- trial Engineering, President, Secretary. CLARKE, RICHARD W. Beta Theta Pi; Greek Council; Assistant IFC Rush Chairman. CLARY, CAROL A. COBBS, EDWARD (BUD) L. Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Treasurer. COCHRAN, GENE A. COCHRANE, HAROLD F. COCKS, NICK Sigma Nu. CODY, LINDA J. Zeta Tau Alpha. 408 COGSWELL, ROBERT C Sigma Phi Epsilon. COLBERT, WILLIAM L. Alpha Kappa Psi; Real Estate and Urban Land Studies Society; In- surance Society. COLLETT, CHARLES T. Theta Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. COLPITTS, JUDITH A. COMBS, MYRA A. SAHPER, Secretary; Panhel- lenic Scholarship; IOOF Scholarship. CONE, GEORGE W. Beta Theta Pi. CONGLETON. BRUCE A. Sigma Delta Chi. CONNEL, JAMES H. CONNER, ALISON W. Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Stu- dent Government Secretary of Women s Af- fairs- Union Board, Forums Chairman, Secre- tary; WSA, Sorority Representative, Vice President. COOK, CHERYL LYNN. . COOKE, ROBERT D. Theta Chi; Benton Engi- neering Council; Institute of Industrial Engi- neers; Assistant Cheerleader. COOPER, ANITA H. Psi Chi. COOPER, WILL AM A. University Choir; Section Advisor; Orientation Group Leader. CORBIN, WILLIAM M Phi Delta Theta; Fresh- man Swim Team: Varsity Swimming. CORNWELL, EDWARD W. Alpha Delta Sigma, Secretary; Alligator Staff. CORRAL OSCAR JOSE ASCE; Latin American Club. CORSON, M. KAY Sigma Kappa. COSTELLO, RAYMOND P. Sigma Nu. COTTON, JAMES K. Alpha Delta Sigma; Alliga- tor; Men ' s Glee Club, President, Secretary; Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Legislative Council; Finance Committee. COULTER GEORGE S. Alpha Tau Omega; AIIE. COURINGTON, CHELLA Alpha Omicron Pi. COVELL. JAYNE M. COX. GAIL B. Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Sigma; Panhellenic Repre- sentative; Legislative Council; Dean ' s List. CRABTREE, CLARE R. Kappa Delta; Lambda Tau. CRAFT, CAROLYN F. Delta Gamma; Lyceum Council. CRAIG, EDWINA Alpha Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Little Sister of Phi Kappa Tau; Angel Flight, Vice President; Orientation Group Leader; WSA Award; Sigma Chi Sweet- heart Court. CREECH, JAMES O. Sisma Chi. CREEDEN, KAREN LEE Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Theta Tau; Student Nurses, Treasurer; Rawlings Hall Council. CRESPI SUSAN A. National Education Associa- tion. CREWS, WILLIAM M. Alpha Gamma Rho. CROMER, CHARLES J. CROWELL, LUTHER C. CROWLEY, ROBERT J. Kappa Alpha. CUEVAS, ROBERT ANTHONY Kappa Sigma. CULBERTSON. TIMOTHY PETER Sigma Nu. CULVER, RICHARD B. Delta Tau Delta. CUMBIE, MYRIAM J. Kappa Delta Pi. CUNNINGHAM, MARY F. CUSHMAN, DAN M. Baseball; Letterman ' s Club; SAHPER. CYRE RONALD T. Rho Pi Phi; Mortar and Pestle. D DABROWSKI, STANLEY T. Alpha Zeta. DALTON, ROSA E. DANA, DOTTIE Chi Omega. DARLSON, JOHN A. DAVIS, MICHAEL S. Sigma Phi Epsilor. DAVIS, NANCY J. DAVIS, RICK W. Delta Tau Delta. DAVIS, SUSAN A. DEATON, SUSAN ANN. DELL, ROBERT D. Chess Club. LE LOS SANTOS. ANTHONY E. Sigma Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Student Public Relations Organization, Treasurer; Florida Union Bro- chure Committee. DEL VALLE, FERNANDO J. Latin American Club; American Society of Civil Engineering. DENCE, LILLIAN MARIE CLARA Phi Mu. Rush Chairman. Best Sister; Seminole, Leadership Editor, Photography Editor, Service Editor; Women ' s Judiciary Council; Undersecretary, Office of Labor; Administrative Assistant, Sec- retary of Interior. DENMAN, SARAH H. Kappa Delta, President; Freshman Council; Orientation Group Leader; Undersecretary of Labor. DERISO, GEORGE H Sigma Chi. DEUTERMANN, NANCY B. DEUTSCH, THEODORE Debate Team; Pre-Law Society, Officer. DE VORE. WILLIAM E. DE WITT, NATHAN Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Benton Engineering So- ciety. DIAZ, RENE O. ASCE. DILLARD, SHARRON. DIVETO, CHARLES M. DOBBIE, SUSAN J. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Corres- ponding Secretary; Alligator Staff. DODD, LESLIE A. Student Contractors and Build- ers Association. DODGE, CORINE M. Sweetheart of Phi Gamma Delta; Orientation Group Leader; SAHPER: FAHPER: AAHPER. DOLBIER, JOYCE J. DONALDSON, EMILY ANN Gamma Alpha Chi: University Choir; Choral Union: International Hostess. DORMAN. FLOYD RAY Kappa Alpha: Real Es- tate Club; Homecoming, Transportation Chair- man. DOUBERLEY, WILLIAM M. Alpha Delta Sigma, President; Alligator Staff; Seminole Staff. DOUGLAS, DANIEL R. DOWLING, LESTER M. Sigma Delta Chi: Accent Editor; Veterans ' Club; Student Public Rela- tions Organization, President. DRAUD, LEE ANN Kappa Delta, Secretary; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board, President; Seminole Staff: Legislative Council; Forums Committee: Judiciary Chair- man of Student Affairs Committee. DRAUGHON, GEORGE WILLIAM Alpha Delta Sigma: Student Public Relations Organization. DRURY. BETTY CAROL. DUDA, DOROTHY E. DUDASIK, SHARON A. Gamma Theta Upsilon; Geography Club. DULLENKOPF, SALLY JANE Delta Gamma, Sec- ond Vice President. DUNCAN. BAZIL B. Delta Sigma Phi. DUNIFON, SALLY Alpha Chi Omega: Greek Council: Hostess Committee. DUNN, CARL E. Kappa Alpha. DUNN, GLENN Phi Delta Theta: Gargoyle; Stu- dent Association of Interior Designers; Section Advisor of Hume Hall. EAGLESON, JEAN C. Kappa Delta: Army Sweet- hearts; Little Sister of the Maltese Cross; Cheerleader. EASTON, IAN S. Alpha Kappa Psi; Karate Club; Veterans ' Club. ECKERSLEY, BRIAN NEA; NBEA. ECKHART, GLADYS CAROL Sigma Kappa; Sig- ma Alpha Eta: Greek Council. ECKLEY. GLEN E. Sisma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE. EDEWAARD, CARLYLE ROBERT Aqua Gators; Swim Team: Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, President, Vice President. EHRIG, ROGER R. EINIK, EILEEN Theta Sigma Phi, President, Sec- retary-Treasurer; GAX; Seminole Staff: Orien- |- tation Group Leader; Rawlings Honor Council; Dean ' s List. EISINGER, ERROL A. Phi Epsilon Pi; Delta Sig- ma Pi. ELIS. DENNIS W. Theta Chi: Homecoming Tro- phy Chairman: Wrestling Club. ELLIOTT, CHARLES E. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Student Music Educators National Conference; University Bands; University Symphony Or- chestra; Men ' s Glee Club; University Percus- sion and Brass Ensembles. EMERICH, GUY S. Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma. ENSLOW, JOHN T. EPPERT, DONALD F. Pi Kappa Alpha. EPPERT, RONALD S. Pi Kappa Alpha. EPSTEIN, RHEDA Jennings Hall Council, Secre- tary, Floor Chairman, Protects Committee Chairman, Welcome Week. ERNST, JANET S. ESTES, ROBERT M. Phi Kappa Tau. ESTES, WILLIAM D. Alpha Delta Sigma. EVANS, HAROLD E. Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Finance Association; Ski Club; World Univer- sity Service; Wesley Foundation. EVANS, JUDY M. Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Chair- man. EVANS, ROBERT F. Dusty Diamond. EVERETT, PHYLLIS J. Kappa Alpha Theta. EVESON, RICHARD E. Phi Kappa Tau. EWALDSEN, PAUL H., JR. Sigma Chi; Varsity Football; President of " F " Lettermans Club; Secretary, Athletic Council. FABER, BEVERLY tuteof c h - P ; Member r. rJJtf of Chemical Engineers. JACK J ' Delta Gamma : American Insti- Eta Sig- L.-Kappa Delta: Women ' s Tau Deita: Aiha FERNALD, SARAH V.-Kappa Delta, Membership d Elf e of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. FERNANDEZ, MANUEL JR. Delta Sigma Phi. FERRERO, MAGALI A. FICK, RONALD L. Tennis Team; F Club; Mem- ber Florida Players. FIELDS, KENNETH L. FIKE, ROBERT M. Tau Kappa Epsilon; American Institute of Physics; Benton Engineering So- FILIPEK ' . DAVID M. Alpha Zeta. FINDEISEN, JUDITH M. Swim Fins Aqua Gators, President, Secretary; Freshman Council; Legis- lative Council; Jennings Hall Council. FINGERHUT, LOUIS Alpha Epsilon Pi; Gator Marching Band; Gator Symphonic Band. FINKEL, D WIGHT L. Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. FINLEY, MARY M. Chi Omega, Secretary, Rush Chairman; Little Sisters of Minerva, President, Secretary-Treasurer; Angel Flight; Legislative Council. F1TZS1MMONS, WILLIAM A. FITZWILLIAM, STEVEN J. FIVEASH, SWIGHT A. Kappa Alpha Order. FLEMING, MARGARET E. Dean ' s List; President of East Broward Honor Council. FLEMING, THOMAS L. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FLETCHER, CAROL A. Phi Mu. FLETCHER, PAUL G. Tau Epsilon Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Phi Alpha Theta History Honorary; Assistant Secretary of Athletics and Finance; IFC Rush Committee. FOLSOM, EVELYN S. FONVIELLE, CHARLES D. Phi Delta Theta. FORT, RICHARD A. JR. Delta Sigma Phi; Fruit Crops Club. FORTUNOFF, JANER L. Delta Phi Epsilon; Ly- ceum Council Usher. FOSTER, ANNIE R. NEA; FEA. FOURAKER, CLINTON W. JR. American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Luthern Student As- sociation. FOWLES AGNES M. Alligator Staff, Copy Edi- tor, Assistant Editor; Resident Assistant; Swim Fins; Newman Club; Jennings Hall Govern- FRANCIS, ELIZABETH G. Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer, President; Frances M. Reitz Music Awards; Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orches- tra; Singing Sweethearts. FREDRIKSSON, WINSLOW B. Alpha Gamma FREEMAN, HOWARD G. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Delta Sigma Rho; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Society; Legislative Council. FRIDAY, MARTHA J. Chi Omega; Phi Kappa Tau Sisters of the Laurel; Student Occupation- al Therapy Association, Secretary. FRIEDMAN, SHARON G. FRIEDRICH, ANDREW I. Phi Epsilon Pi. FRIEDRICH, SANFORD S. Phi Epsilon Pi. FRIES, MICHAEL H. Alpha Gamma Rho. FROME, PEGGY J. Alpha Delta Pi: Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Greek Council; Magna Cum FROMME, ' HARRY F. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Al- pha Delta Sigma: Alligator Columnist. FURNARI, GERALD D. Pi Lambda Phi: Alligator Staff Writer; Florida Union Board; Homecom- ing Committee. FUTCH, DON W. Alpha Kappa Psi; Veterans ' Club. GABLE, MICHAEL F. Beta Theta Pi. Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary. President: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Tau Sigma; Dean ' s List; Tolbert Area Council, Technical Coordinator. GALBREATH, SUSAN T. Alpha Lambda Delta. GARCIA, LUIS M. Agricultural Economics Club; The Latin Way Editor; Latin American Club, President: Dean ' s List; Co-Chairman of Inter- national Week. GARCIA-CORROCHANO, JORGE Soccer Club. GARFINKLE, FREDRIC W. Phi Epsilon Pi. CARL, RONALD M. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GARLAND, PETE R. GARRETT, DONNA E. GAUSSIRAN, CHARLES D. Phi Kappa Tau. GAUTIER, PATRICIA B. Kappa Delta: Judiciary; International Host Programs; Delta Upsilon GAZTAMBIDE, GEORGIAN A Kappa Delta; Dol- lars for Scholars. GEAKE, CYNTHIA E. Jennings Hall Council; Honor Council, Floor Representative. GEBHARD, DIETER Beta Theta Pi. GEIGER, PAUL D. Alpha Kappa Psi. GELFIN. GAEL A. GEORGE GENE O. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Psi Chi. GIBSON, DAVID H. Alpha Kappa Psi; Master of Rituals; Real Estate and Urban Land Studies Society, Vice President. GILBERT, MARSHA D. Delta Phi Epsilon; Fresh- man Council: Angel Flight. GILKEY. MICHAEL A. Phi Gamma Delta. GILMOUR, JOAN C. Delta Delta Delta. Treasurer, Executive Vice President. GIRARDEAU. JUDY A. Alpha Chi Omega. GIRTMAN, BEN E. Sigma Chi. GUIFFRIDA. JOHN TED. Delta Tau Delta. GLADSTONE, ELIZABETH HOLLAND. GLANTON, JAMES B. GLAROS. STEPHEN J. Kappa Psi: American Pharmaceutical Association. GLATFELTER, HERBERT J. Luthern Student As- sociation; Kappa Kappa Psi. GLEASON, DAVID C. Gargoyle Society; A.I. A. Student Chapter; Florida Solite Award. GLOW, GERALD T. Pi Kappa Phi. GOBLE, BARBARA K. GOLD. SHERYL F. Theta Sigma: Gamma Alpha GOLDWIN, PATRICIA ELLEN Delta Phi Epsilon. GOLDKAMP. ANNE K. Delta Delta Delta, Presi- dent: World University Service. 409 GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPH I. Pi Lambda Phi; Pre-Law Society; Florida Union Board; Homecoming Committee: Board of University Examiners. GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD B. Political Science Hon- GOMEZ ROBERT ARTHUR Sigma Chi; Arnold Air Society. Christian Science Organization; AFROTC Flight Instructor Program. GOODMAN, EMMET F Phi Delta Theta; Alliga- tor; Football. GORDON, TOM Pi Kappa Alpha. GORSKI, JOAN M. Alpha Delta Pi. GORSUCH, CHERYL A. Glee Club President. GRACE, LISA. GRAHAM, GEORGE V. GRANOFF, ABBOT LEE. Pi Lambda Phi; Honor Court Justice; Orientation. GRANT, RICHARD R Delta Upsilon, President, Vice President; Kappa Psi; Scabbard and GRAU, ERWIN F. Sigma Nu: Sigma Tau; Sigma Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Court Justice; Benton Engineering So- ciety; IEEE. GRAY, DANIEL B. Gator Band; Kappa Kappa Psi GREEN, CLARISSA P. Sigma Theta Tau; Dean ' s List; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship. GREEN, EDWIN A. Sigma Chi; Mortar and Pes- tle; Swimming Team; APA. GREEN, ROSILIND MARJORIE Alligator. GREENAN, GARY C Student Association of Landscape Architects. GREENBERG, RITA P. GREENE, EARL R. IEEE. GREENFIELD, DREW S. Pi Lambda Phi, IFC. GREEK, NORMAN I. Alpha Gamma Rho. GRESH, MEG Kappa Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Semi- nole; Swim Fins. GRIFFIN, MARCIA C. Kappa Alpha Theta. GRIFFITHS, JOHN F. Beta Theta Pi. GRIMSLEY, JAN Alpha Chi Omega; Secretary of W Jennings; Fine Arts Committee. GROSS, EDMUND K Kappa Alpha. GUERRA, EVELYN C. Pi Sigma Alpha; Broward Hall Council; Young Democrats. GULICK, RAYNELLE Angel Flight; Women ' s Glee Club; Graham Honor Council. GUSTINELLA, JAMES F. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Track; Circle K. GUTERMA, CAROLE J. GUTTENMACHER, EDWARD P. Tau Epsilon Phi; Alligator; Orientation. HABER, LAWRENCE C. HAGANS, BARNARD T. Veterans ' Club; Gator HAGER m jOHN SCOTT Sigma Chi; Track; F Club. HAINES, RANDALL C. Alpha Kappa Psi, Secre- HALE EUGENE ROBERT, JR. Phi Delta Theta. HALL CHRISTINA R. Chi Omega. HALL, WILLIAM E. Phi Delta Theta, Intramural Manager; Greek Council. HALLENBECK, RICHARD. HALLER, KENNETH Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alligator Photographer; Men ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; University Choir. HALLGREN, GORDON ELLIS Chi Phi. HALLMARK, JAMES A. Sigma Phi Epsilon. HAMILTON, SUELLEN Alpha Omicron Pi. HAMMOCK, RICHARD A. Student Public Rela- tions Organization. HAMMOND, RODNEY A. Theta Chi. HANDLY, WALTER L. HANSEN, PAMELA J. Sigma Kappa; SPTA HANTMAN, CAROL H. S.O.T.A.; Seminole Staff. HARBAUGH, KAREN F. Reid Hall Newspaper; HARDEN, ' MICHAEL p. Delta Sigma Pi, Treasur- er; Finance Association. HARDMAN, DONALD S. Arnold Air Society. HARDY, WILLIAM L. HARPER, SUSAN JOAN. HARPER, THOMAS JO. HARRIS, BRUCE D. Delta Sigma Phi; Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HARRIS, GEORGE M. Scabbard and Blade; Bap- tist Student Center, Vice President; Gator Guard. HARRIS, JAMES K. Alpha Kappa Psi. HARRIS, MARY G. HARRIS, TOM V. Delta Sigma Pi; Student Fi- nance Association. HARTMAN, ANDREW P. Sigma Chi. HASLAM, ERNEST G. Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s List; Chess Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Treasurer, President. HASLETT, ANDREW R. Phi Delta Theta; Florida Blue Key. HATCH, JAMES M. HATHAWAY, SUSAN B. Kappa Delta. HAUSER, ARLENE D. Ski Club. HAYWARD, DAVID L. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Gator HEAD Ua jUDITH L. Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chair- man, Rush Chairman; Student Occupational Therapy Association. HEAD, THOMAS C. IEEE, Village Government. HEALY JOHN F., JR. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Presi- dent; SAHPER. HEADLEY JOANNE ILENE Delta Gamma. HEALEY THOMAS LEO Beta Theta Pi. HEATHERTON, KATHLEEN C. Alpha Omicron Pi HECKWOLF. THERESA E. HEITEL, KENNETH L. Swimming. HEJNA, CAROLYNN S. HEJNA DONALD J. Scabbard and Blade; Ameri- can Society of Agricultural Engineers. HELLWIG, RUTH ANN Kappa Alpha Theta; Zeta Phi Eta; Florida Players; Zeta Phi Eta, Editor, Historian. gfS WA I IS! R J J OHN-Delta Chi, Social Chairman. HENINGTON, GAIL V. Student A.I.D. HERNANDEZ. MIGUEL A. Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical HERNDOM, DAVID E. Alpha Gamma Rho; Agri- culture Economics Club, President. HERRERO, EMILIO E. IEEE. H7CKEY, THOMAS WILLIAM A.I.A. HICKS CONNELIA A. Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Chi Theta, President; National Counselor. HICKS, PAULA J. Delta Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi ' Gamma Alpha Chi; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Military Ball Queen 1964. HICKS, WILLIAM B. HILDRETH, PAM S. Student Occupational Ther- apy Association, Vice President. HILL, CAROL Alpha Omicron Pi. HILL, GLENN R. Sigma Phi Epsilon. HILL, HEATHER E. HILL, LINDA A. Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian; Phi Chi Theta, Social Chairman. HILL, ROBERT B. Alpha Tau Omega. HISHINUMA, KAREN G. HIXENBAUGH, DAN S. Insurance Society. HOENSTINE, RONALD W., JR. HOFFMAN, BARBARA H. Geography Club. HOFFMAN, NORRIS W. Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sig- HOFFMAN, RICHARD A. Alpha Epsilon Pi. HOFFNER, DALE R. Alpha Kappa Psi. HOGG CHARLES B. Scabbard and Blade Honor- ary Society; American Society of Mechanical Engineering; Outstanding Service Award. HOLBROOK, EDWARD M. HOLLEY, PATRICIA ANN Alpha Omicron Pi. HOLMAN, DIANE M. Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President; Swim Fins, President, Secretary. HOLSAPPLE, GEORGE H. Sigma Nu. HOLT, CAROL A. Sigma Alpha Iota; University HOOTEN, ' RHONDA L. Student F.E.A. HOPPE E. WILLIAM, JR. Florida Blue Key, Vice President; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Assistant University Examiner; Florida Union; Executive Director Gator Growl; Secretary of Housing. HOUGH, MARY V. HOUP, KENNETH E., JR. Theta Chi. HUBER, GARY A. American Institute of Indus- HUFFORD, " JOHN ' F. Kappa Sigma; Real Estate HUGG " IN ' S, JUDITH D. Delta Delta Delta, Record- ing Secretary; Mortar Board, Vice President; Theta Sigma Phi; W.S.A.. Recording Secretary; Legislative Council; Yulee Hall Program Chair- HUME HAROLD NORMAN, JR. Alpha Delta Sig- ma. HUME, JAN A. HUMPHREYS, DIANA R. Sigma Alpha Iota. HUNT SUSAN M. Alpha Omicron Pi, President; Angel Flight, Commander; Phi Chi Theta, Pro- jects Chairman. IDDINGS, DONALD A. Phi Delta Theta. ISBELL, WILLIAM T. Phi Delta Theta. ISMAIL MOHAMED R. Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma. JACKSON, GARY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACKSON, STAN Tau Epsilon Phi; Lambda Gam- JACOBY, DEBORAH SFEA; SNEA. JAHIGEN, GEORGE AIIE; Track; Chess Club; C 1 ! O JAMES DAVID Delta Sigma Phi, Historian. JAHIESON, ROBERT Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Arnold Air Society; AIAA. JARIUS STEFANIE Alligator Society Editor; Yu- lee Hall Historian. JASCO, RONALD Phi Theta Kappa; Alpha Kap- JASIN, WALTER Arnold Air Society. JASPER, VIRGINIA Delta Delta Delta; Orchesis, President; Cheerleader; Little Sister of the Maltese Cross; Army Sweetheart; Orange Bowl Queen; Miss University of Florida; Miss Sem- JERNIGAN, S. J. Secretary ASME; Benton Engi- neering Council. JOCHEM, MARY Delta Gamma, President, Cor- responding Secretary; WSA, Recording Secre- tary, Freshman-Shophomore Representative; Blue Key Speaker; Little Sister of Minerva; Freshman Council. JOHNSON, ALERIO Alpha Delta Sigma. JOHNSON, GRADY Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. JOHNSON, GUY Beta Alpha Psi; Flavet III, Com- missioner. JOHNSON, MARVIN IEEE. JOHNSON, WAYNE Sigma Chi. JOHNSON, TIMOTHY Sigma Phi Epsilon, Presi- dent; Sigma Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Dol- lars for Scholars, Chairman; Legislative Coun- cil. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH. JOHNSTON, NELLE Chi Omega, House Manager; Yulee Hall. Secretary. Executive Committee; Leadership and Service Awards; Lyceum Mem- ber; WSA Service Awards. JONES, BONNIE Alpha Chi Omega. JONES, CAROL Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary; Gamma Alpha Chi. JONES, DANIEL Delta Upsilon; Undersecretary of Public Relations, Orientation. JONES, JAMES Alpha Delta Sigma; Alligator; Baseball. JONES, RICHARD Delta Chi. JORDAN, WANDA Interhall Honor Council. K KAHL, STANLEY. KAHLERT, HERBERT. KAMELHAR, GAIL. KANGAS, ERIC. Delta Tau Delta. KANOV, MARK. Alpha Delta Sigma. KAPLAN, ESTHER Psi Chi; Mensa. KAPLAN, RALPH Alpha Epsilon Pi; AIIE, Vice President. KASCHER, KATHRYN. KATZ, MICHAEL Sigma Nu. KAUFMAN, EDITH Alpha Epsilon Phi. Ritualist; Legislative Council; Greek Council; World University Service. KAUFMAN, RANDOLPH Sigma Chi. KAYE, VALERIE. KEEP, LENA SNUF. KEINANEN, DEIDA. KELLER, GARY Sigma Chi; Basketball; Baseball; Secretary of Inter-University Affairs. KELLY, BRIAN. KELLY, JAMES Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. KELLY, JAMES Phi Delta Theta; Swimming Team. KELLY, RICHARD. KELTON, DONALD Delta Sigma Phi. KEMERAIT, MARILYN Math Club. KENDRICK, JERRY. KENNEDY, SIERRA SUE Mallory Hall, Secretary. Homecoming Chairman, Welcome Week Chair- man. KENNEY, DIANE Alligator. KIEHLE, FRED Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. KIKER, JOHN Student Contractors and Builders KILL NGSWORTH, JAMES Delta Tau Delta; Chairman of Campus Life Conference. KIMBALL BART Veterans ' Club, President; Stu- dent Public Relations Organization. KIMBRELL, JANE Chi Omega; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; WSA, Vice President, President: Florida Union, Board Director, Vice President; Student Affairs Committee; Student Occupational Therapy Association; Women! Judiciary Committee; Little Sister of Phi Kap- pa Tau. KING, JACKIE Alpha Chi Omega. KINGRY, MARJORIE Kappa Delta. KINNEY, ROBERT Alpha Kappa Psr, Finance KIRCHER LAWRENCE Lambda Gamma Phi: Ag- riculture Council, Intramural Manager; Agri- culture Council Representative; Section KIRK, DOUGLAS Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- KIRK, ' P LYNN Sigma Nu. KIRKLAND, JOAN Phi Mu. KISNER. SUSAN KLEINBERG, ARLENE Delia Phi Epsilon; Fresh- man Council Representative; Hillel Foundation, Vice President; Orientation Group Leader. KLIMEK, ALAN Tau Beta Pi; AIAA. KLOMPUS MILTON Alpha Epsilon Pi. KLORES, NANCY. KLUCAR, JAMES Phi Kappa Tau. KLUFT ERNEST Delta Tau Delta, Intramurals Chairman, Social Chairman; Gator Guard Drill Team; IEEE: AIIE, Resident Assistant; Gator Amateur Radio Club; Dean ' s List. KNIGHT, JAMES Lambda Chi Alpha. KNIGHT, JERRI Dorm Secretary. KNOWLES, DOUGLAS Sigma Nu; Beta Alpha Psi- Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi. KNUDSEN, RALPH Pi Kappa Phi. KOCH, JEFFREY Tau Epsilon Phi. KOEPP, JUNE SNEA. KOESTLINE, NORMAN Sigma Phi Epsilon; De- bate Team. KONTER, MICHAEL. KOSMERL, CHARLES Sigma Phi Epsilon. KOTLER, STEPHEN. KOUMJIAN, CLARKE Rawlings and Mallory Halls, Social Chairman. KRAEMER, CAROL Tau Beta Sigma: Sigma Al- pha Iota; Gargoyle. KREVATAS, SPERO Kappa Upsilon. KROVETZ MARTIN Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Psi Chi, Pi Mu Epsilon. KURIT, CHERYL Theta Sigma Phi; Student Pub- lic Relations Organization; Alligator Associate Editor. KURTZ, ARTHUR Baseball Team. KUTUN, LOIS Lambda Tau. Vice President. LAABS, CLAUDINE LEAH Rawlings Hall Coun- cil; Under Secretary of Interior. 410 LABELL, WILLIAM R. Tau Epsilon Phi; Execu- tive Council; Hillel Foundation, Treasurer. LAGOTIC, FRANK J. Track; Cross Country, Cap- tain. LAMB, JUDITH. LAMBERT, LOUIS N., Ill Alpha Gamma Rho; Legislative Council; Agriculture Council; Greek Council. LANCSTON, ELAINE Chi Omega. LANSMAN, NEIL LAWRENCE. LARISEY, LARRY C. Baseball. LARSON, RICHARD E. LATHROP. STEPHANIE J. LAVEZZOLI, PAUL R. Beta Theta Pi; Murphree Area Hall Council. LAWLER, SHARON L. Alpha Omicron Pi; Angel Flight, Supply Officer. LAWRENCE, F. PARKER, II Chi Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. LAWRENCE, JAMES Beta Theta Pi. LAWSON, MARTIN S. Phi Epsilon Pi, President; University Choir, Vice President; Hillel Foun- dation, President; Interfraternity Council, Dis- trict President. LAWSON. RALPH B. LAZAR, MARK R. Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Finance Club. LEDERHAUS, CAROL MARIE Kappa Alpha Theta, Parliamentarian, Chaplain; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Angel Flight; Administrative Commander; Graham Area Council; Dean ' s List. LEE, CAROL A. LEE, JAMES P. Alpha Gamma Rho. LEE, MARGARET ANN Alpha Lambda Delta, President: Mortar Board. LEE, ROBERT R. Theta Chi. LEFFINGWELL, SHERRY A. Student National Education Association. LEGGETT, STEPHEN L. LELEKIS, JOHN MANUEL Sigma Nu; Rho Pi Phi. LENHARDT, DJANA A. Gamma Alpha Chi. LENOIR. ROBERT JOSEPH Kappa Sigma. LEONARD, CHARLES E. Sigma Chi; Delta Delta Delta Man of the Year. LEONARD, CHERYL L. Sigma Kappa, Social Chairman, Activities Chairman; Floor Repre- sentative Jennings; Broward Hall Council, His- torian. LEVINE, SHEILA GALE. LEVY, TOBA J. LEWINSKY, BONNIE H. Hillel Foundation, Cor- responding Secretary. LEWIS, CYNTHIA A. Student Florida Education Association. LEWIS, DIANE C. Delta Gamma. LEWIS, LYNDA M. Manager of Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Softball; Chairman of Sports Activi- ties; Student Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. LIGHTER, BILL Tau Epsilon Phi, President; Sec- retary of Academic Affairs; Legislative Coun- cil. LIN, KAY CHANG. LINDSEY, HUBERT K. Propellor Club, Vice Pres- ident; Veterans ' Club; Glee Club. LIPSCOMB, VIRGINIA C. Kappa Delta; Phi Kap- pa Tau Little Sister. LITTELL, CHRISTOPHER G. Pi Kappa Phi; Gar- goyle; Phi Mu Alpha. LITTLECOTT, KAREN LEE Florida Education Association. LIVICCORI, VICTOR P. Phi Kappa Tau. LIVINGSTON, JEVLEY M. Sigma Kappa; Alliga- tor Staff. LOAIZA. JUAN M. LOCKHART, DEEDIE D. Alpha Delta Pi. Dollars for Scholars Chairman; Religion-in-life Social Chairman; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart Court LONDEREE, DONNA LOUISE Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President, Recording Secretary; Panhel- lenic Council, Secretary, Vice President; Fresh- man Council; W.S.A. LONG, CHARLES G. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. LOPEZ, RALPH A. LOVELACE, WILLIAM W., JR. Pi Kappa Alpha LOVITT, JAMES T. Delta Chi. LOWER, CLYDE E. LURIE, ROBERT DONALD Pi Lambda Phi; IFC Academic Affairs Committee; Vote Party Dorm Coordinator; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Tau Sig- ma; Intramural Football; Water Basketball; Pi Lambda Phi Magazine. LYONS, DAVID E. Tau Beta PI. M MocGILLIS. DAVID CHARLES Phi Delta Theta. MACKINNON, ROYALEE B. Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President; Gamma Alpha Chi. President; Student Assistant. MACKLEM, WILLIAM A. Delta Tau Delta, Treas- urer; IFC Public Relations Committee; Election Official; Automotive Society of Engineers. MAKER, DENNIS V. MAHONEY, EDWIN R. Phi Delta Theta; Basket- ball: Track. MAHONEY, MICHAEL R. Phi Kappa Tau. MALLOY, DALE R. Beta Theta Pi. MALLY, EARL B. Kappa Alpha. MALOY, ANN A. Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; SFEA; SNEA. MANGUSO, JOHN M. MANNELI, THEODORE F. Sigma Phi Epsilon MARCINAK, JUDITH A. MARCONI, FRANK R. Theta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alligator Staff; Florida Conservative Staff. MARCY, THOMAS L. MARINELL7, JOSEPH J. Delta Upsilon; Florida Blue Ke y; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. MARKS, ROBERT L. Alpha Gamma Rho; Judo Club; Agriculture Council, Secretary, Repre- sentative; Agronomy and Soils Club, Vice President. MARMISH, JOHN E., JR. Kappa Sigma, Pledge Trainer; Orientation Staff Coordinator; Inter- fraternity Council, Rush Committee; Air Force ROTC. MARSH, WILLIAM R. Alpha Kappa Psi; Real Estate Club. Vice President. MARSHALL, JAMES D. MARISCO, ALBERT R Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean ' s List. MARTIN, DONNEY A. MARTIN, KATHRYN Alpha Chi Omega, Vice President: Alligator Staff; Orientation Group Leader; Dean ' s List. MAJWINEZ, FRANK R. Phi Epsilon Pi. MARTINEZ-MAIO, MANIO A. Propellor Club; Latin American Club. MARZULLO, JOHN A. Sigma Nu; Rho Pi Phi. MASTRONAR0I, MARLENE A Honor Council; Jennings Hall Council; Floor Chairman. MATTHEWS, HAROLD J. SFEA, Vice President. MATTHEWS, JOHN. MAXWELL, RONALD WILEY. MAZUR, LEONARD M. Phi Epsilon Pi; Beta Al- pha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; University Religious Association, Treasurer; Special Assistant to the Student Body Treasurer; Chairman of Frater- nity and Sorority Events, Homecoming 1964; Chairman of Scholarship Banner Design Com- mittee; IFC. McAULEY, MARY F. McBRIDE, WILLIAM H. Alpha Tau Omega. McCAMPHILL, EDWARD J. Alpha Delta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi. McCANTS, WALTER CHARLES Kappa Psi, Treas- urer, Chaplain: Kappa Sigma, President. MCCARTHY, JAMES M. Theta Chi; John Mar- shall Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi. McDONOUGH, JOHN R. Phi Gamma Delta. McELANEY, THOMAS JOSEPH Kappa Sigma; Karate Club. McGEE, MARGARET N. McGUIRE, MARY JANE Student National Edu- cation Association. McINNIS, EMILY R. Gator Sailing Club, Treas- urer; Orchesis. McKAY, SUZY Alpha Delta Pi. McKINNON, DANIEL A. Alpha Gamma Rho; Al- McK P IN a NONr ' JENNIFER L. Delta Delta Delta; Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer; WSA, Senior Representative; Little Sisters of Minerva; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart; First Runner-up Military Ball Queen. McKINNON, WILLIAM B. Delta Chi. MCKNIGHT, LINDA A. CM omega. MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD T. Alpha Epsilon Delta. MCMILLAN, FR ANCES B. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Lambda Tau, Treasurer; Mensa, Secretary; Undersecretary of Traffic and Parking; As- sociate Member Lyceum Council. McNIEL, CASSANDRA. MEAD, ROBERT W. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma. MEDLIN, JOHN M. Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Air Society. Advanced AFROTC. MERIZIO, ANDREW J. AID. MERRITT, JOHN I. Sigma Nu. MESCHLER. THOMAS D. MEYER, DONNA L. Orientation Leader; Student Nurses. MEYER, JUDITH LYNN. MICHAELS, WILLIAM M. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. MILES, ELLEN LESLIE Alpha Epsilon Phi; Angel Flight; Beta Theta Pi Sweethearts. MILES, ROSS E. Arnold Air Society; Advanced Air Force ROTC; American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineers. MILITANA, JOAN M. Delta Delta Delta. MILLER, CAROL E. Zeta Tau Alpha, Correspond- ing Secretary; Rawlings Hall Council, Secre- tary; Sisters of the Shield, Social Chairman. MILLER, DIANA F. Alpha Lambda Delta. MILLER, MARGARET L. Alpha Xi Delta. MILLER, SANDRA L. Phi Chi Theta. MILLER, STEVEN F. Alpha Kappa Psi; Real Estate Society; Orientation Group Leader. MIMS, ROBERT HAROLD Sigma Nu, President; Beta Chi Nu, President; Assistant Editor of Gator Greek; Chairman of Greek Evaluation Week; Social Chairman of IFC. MINDREAU, CARLOS A. Phi Kappa Tau. MINKEL, DANIEL T. Alpha Phi Omega; Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. MINKOFF, IRENE H. Bowling Team; S. Raw- lings Hall Council, Floor Representative; Homecoming Chairman, President; Women ' s Interhall Council, President; Student-Faculty Housing Committee; Student Government Cab- inet; WSA, Secretary. MITCHELL, JERRY DOUGLAS Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Gator Guard Drill Team; Outstanding ROTC Cadet. MIXSON, JAMES G. Alpha Gamma Rho. MOLONEY, GLORIA DONNA. MONROE, WALTER R. Alpha Delta Sigma. MONTGOMERY, AL E. Beta Theta P4. MOODY, LAUREEN G. MOORE, JERRY H. MOORE, JUDITH A. Mortar Board, Secretary; WSA Citation for Outstanding Service; WSA, Elections Chairman, Regulations Committee; North Rawlings Hall Council, President, Vice President, Floor Representative; Interhall Pres- idents ' Committee, Secretary-Treasurer; Inter- hall Scholarship Committee; Welcome Week Hostess; Baptist Student Union Executive Com- mittee, Secretary. MOORE, MARY E. Delta Delta Delta. MORGAN, BRYANT L. Pi Kappa Alpha. MORGAN, WILLIAM LOUIS Alpha Gamma Rho; Collegiate FFA, President, Treasurer; Tolbert Area Council. MORLAN, SHARON ANN Theta Sigma Phi; Jen- nings Hall Council, Secretary, Jennings Hall, President. MORRIS, STEPHENIE KAY Sigma Kappa: Brow- ard News Editor; Broward Hall Council; Little Sisters of the Nile. MORTON, ROBERT L. MOSES, MICHAEL R. Alpha Kappa Psi. MOSS, SUSAN D. Pi Lambda Theta. MOTA, JOSE A. Florida Union Board, Films Committee Chairman; Under-Secretary of In- ternational Affairs; Secretary of International Alumni; Orientation Group Leader; Murphree Area Hall Council; Accent; Student Party Platform Committee; International Host. MOTT, PAUL F. Alpha Gamma Rho; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Legislative Council; Student Agricultural Council, Presi- dent, Vice President. MOYLES, JAMES W. Alpha Tau Omega; Base- ball. MUENCH, WILLIAM L. Tau Kappa Epsilon. MULHOLLAND, JOANNE C. Alpha Omicron Pi, Social Chairman, Activities Chairman, Politi- cal Representative; Gator Party, Secretary; Sorority Co-ordinator Progress Party; Gator Gras, Secretary; Sorority Co-ordinator World University Service; Orientation Group Leader. MYER, JOANN Theta Sigma Phi; Student Public Relations Organization; Assistant Editor Coedi- kette; Jennings Hall, Vice President; Public Relations Committee; Dean ' s List. MYERS, MEREDYTH ANN Kappa Delta. N NACHT, SUSAN L. Delta Phi Epsilon; Florida NAEYAERT, RAYMOND G. Lambda Chi Alpha. NAGLREITER, ALBERT E. ASME. NANZ, BARBARA J. Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship; Women ' s Glee Club; Hall Council, Jennings. NASH, ROBERT Sigma Chi. NAVARRO, CELIA A. Latin American Club, Sec- NAZZARO, PATTI A. Alpha Delta Pi. NEAL, MICHAEL T. Pi Kappa Alpha, President; Scabbard and Blade; Student Contractors and Builders Association. NEFF, MARY ANN Alpha Omicron Pi; Angel Flight; Little Sisters of Minerva. NELSON, ROBERT P. Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma. NICHOLS, JAMES H. Kappa Sigma; Alligator Photographer. NICHOLSON, CARL D. NISBET, AMY CLAIR Chi Omega. NOBLE, MARY L. NOBLE, MIKE ANN Chi Omega; Little Sisters of Minerva; Orientation Group Leader- Orienta- tion Staff; Florida Union Board. NOBLES, LEON E. Alpha Gamma Rho. NORCROSS, CLOVER L. NUNEZ, RICHARD Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi; Latin American Club; Soccer; Tennis. NUZUM, GEORGE CREEL Kappa Sigma ' Alpha Kappa Psi; Florida Union Board of Student Activities. o O ' BRIEN, ANNE B. O ' BRIEN, MARGARET M. Phi Mu; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Theta Sigma Phi. O ' DONOGHUE, J. PATRICK IEEE, President; Ben ton Engineering Council; Engineers ' Fair Committee; Gator Growl Committee. OGLE, CONNIE Alpha Delta Pi, Historian; Angel Flight, Administration Officer, Executive Com- mand of Area C-l; Orientation Group Leader, Assistant Director. OLIVENBAUM, JAMES E. Sigma Tau; Gator Am- ateur Radio Club. OLIVI. JANET FRANCES Newman Club. OLSON, LOUISE E. Zeta Tau Alpha; Angel Flight; Alligator Staff Writer; Seminole Senior Staff; WSA, Representative; Rawlings Hall Council; Rawlings Social Chairman; Dean ' s List; Ticket Coordinator for Homecoming. O ' NEAL, CAROLYN J. O ' NEAL, CHERYL M. ORR, RICHARD E. Phi Kappa Tau ORTENGREN, MICHAEL L. Sigma Chi- IEEE OSBAN, HAROLD L. Alpha Gamma Rho. O ' STEEN, JAMES K. Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi: ASME. O ' STEEN, JOHN A. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Benton Engineering Council; Society of Auto- motive Engineers. OVERSTREET, SUSAN KAY Alpha Omicron Pi; Legislative Council; Student Nurses. OWEN, DUANE S. Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma; Greek Council; Circle K Inter- national. OWEN, JUDY K. 411 PAD1LLA-HIDALGO, HERNAN ANTONIO Amer- ican Institute of Chemical Engineering; Engi- neering Fair. PAGH, JANET. PAINTER, RICHARD C. PALMER, THOMAS A., JR. Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean ' s List; Undersecretary of Interior; AIAA; AIIE. PALMOUR, CAROL J. Alpha Chi Omega, Presi- dent; Alpha Lambda Delta: Florida Union Board; Sigma Tau Sigma, Chairman; Inter- national Committee. PALOU, JORGE A. Student Association of Land- scape Architects. PARISH, ROY C. Rho Pi Phi. PARKER, JOHN M. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chairman, Controller; Orientation Group Lead- er; Orientation Staff; Under-Secretary of Aca- demic Affairs; Chairman Fraternity and Sor- ority Decorations Homecoming; IFC Service Committee. PARSONS, ALLAN T., JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PASQUARELLO, JAMIELOU Phi Chi Theta. PASTORE, NANCY A. Collegiate Council for the United Nations; Student Florida Education As- sociation; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Hall Council. PATITEAUX, LAUREN C. Broward Honor Coun- cil, Chairman; Dean ' s List; Student Florida Education Association; Student National Edu- cation Association. PAUL, EUGENE STUART Alpha Tau Omega; Citrus Club, Vice President. PAYNE, SUSAN J. Phi Mu, Treasurer; Rawlings Hall Council, Newspaper Editor; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi Little Sister. PEARLMAN, NELSON Alpha Kappa Psi; Real Estate Society. PENT, MICHAEL R. Delta Tau Delta: Arnold Air Society; Gator Gras Chairman; Resident Ad- visor; Legislative Council. PEREZ, JOSEPH P. Phi Kappa Tau. PERSONS, VIRGINIA KAY Student Florida Edu- cation Association. PHILLIPS, HAROLD O. Sigma Nu; Rho Pi Phi. PHILLIPS, MELVIN R. IEEE. PINNEY, DIANNE L. Sigma Kappa. PIPKIN, JESSE E. Phi Delta Theta; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau, Vice President; Phi Eta Sigma; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi- neers, Treasurer; Engineers Fair, Chairman. PIREZ, JORGE V. PISTELL, PETER C. Phi Delta Theta. PLETERSKI, ANTONIA JEANE Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Sigma; Collegiate 4-H. POHLMAN, SUZANNE Delta Gamma, Social Chairman. POLLARD, CHARLES THOMAS Alpha Tau Omega. POORE, EDWARD S. POORE. PAMELA F. Chi Omega. PORTER, PRISCILLA C. Phi Mu, President, Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer; Junior Pan- hellenic Representative; WSA Representative; Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary to the Vice President of Student Body. POTOCKI, JOHNNY A., JR. Lambda Chi Alpha, Assistant Pledge Trainer; Alpha Delta Sigma; Sigma Delta Phi; All Campus Swimming Team; Gator Guard; Legislative Council; Homecoming Ball Chairman; Dorm Area Rep- resentative. POWE, CHARLES E. POWELL, CURTIS M. Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President; Mensa; Florida Players; Dean ' s List; Concepts, Editor-in-Chief; Judo Team Unlim- ited Champion; Karate Team; Sailing Club; Archery Club. POWELL, SHARON K. Psi Chi. POWERS, STEPHEN EARLE Alpha Epsilon Rho; Sigma Delta Chi. PRAT , CARL J. Sigma Nu. PRATT, MARGARET Phi Chi Theta. PRESLEY, LAWRENCE P. Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairman. PROBY, LUCIEN CLEON Phi Delta Theta. PRUGH, BYRON J., JR. Tau Beta Pi; Secretary of American Society of Civil Engineers. PSCHORR, SHARON R. PUTNAM, BETTY ANN Student Physical Therapy Association, Secretary, Treasurer; Aqua Gators. Q QUEEN, HARRIETT SUZANNE Alpha Delta Pi. R RADANOFF, ROY M. A.S.M.E. RAGAN, GARY E. RAMIREZ, EDUARDO A. RAMIREZ-SUAREZ, SIMON Achie. RANDOLPH, JOHN C. Sigma Delta Chi, Vice President; Student Public Relations Organiza- tion. RANG, CARL E. RANKIN, ROBERTA A. RAPPOPORT, SHIRLEY B. RAYBORN, TERRY S. Kappa Alpha Order. REBOZO, FREDDIE Sigma Nu. REED ROBERT B. Chi Phi, Vice President, Pledgemaster; All Campus Volleyball Team; Traffic Court Justice. REESE, RALPH. REGAN, ROBERT E. Kappa Sigma. REISS, JOAN Collegiate Council for the United Nations; Forums Committee, Secretary; Orche- sis; Dean ' s List; Mensa. REWNA, JUNE E. National Education Association. RENNELL, LAWRENCE M. Pi Kappa Alpha; American Marketing Association; Graham Area Council; Gator Growl. RENZI, ARMOND J. Phi Gamma Delta. REYNOLDS, EMILY LYLE Delta Gamma. RICE, JAMES F. Student Finance Association, Vice President; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vice Presi- dent. RICE, JANET L. RICH, A. WAYNE Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Secretary of Off -Campus Housing; Pro- gram Director, Accent ' 67; IFC Committee Chairman. RICHARDS, CAROL ANN Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Epsilon. RICHARDSON, EDWARD J. RICHESON, JAMES S. Sigma Chi; Track Team, Co-captain. RICHEY, SANDRA. RIGGS, JOHN W. Flavet III Athletic Director. RILES, KAY B. Kappa Epsilon. RILEY, JANE B. SNEA. RISSMAN, RAINEY S. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Sigma Lambda Chi; Gargoyle; Water Ski Club; Judo Club. ROBBINS, JAMES D. Sigma Phi Epsilon. ROBERTS, ALBERT J. ROBERTS, GAIL T. Alpha Chi Omega. ROBERTS, JOE E. Phi Delta Theta. ROBERTSON, PETER A. Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBIN, MARTHA V. Gargoyle; S.A.L.A. ROBINSON, ARTHUR O. Phi Gamma Delta. ROSY, LOREN H. Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. ROOD, KENNETH EUGENE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. RODE, DONNA L. Student Physical Therapy As- sociation. RODE, ROBERT R. Phi Delta Theta. RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO. RODRIGUEZ, MARCOS X. Sigma Nu. RODRIGUEZ, SERGIO F. Gargoyle; Dean ' s List. RODGERS, VICKI L. Kappa Delta; Alpha Lamb- da Delta. ROGERS, BARBARA A. Zeta Tau Alpha. ROLLER, ROBERT. ROLLS, KARL R. Sigma Nu. ROPULEWIS, ANN Kappa Delta. ROSENBERG, GLORIA R. Phi Theta Kappa. ROSS, BARBARA L. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pi Lamb- da Theta. ROSS, WILLIAM A. Theta Chi, Treasurer, Presi- dent; Gator Greek, Advertising Manager; Hon- or Court Justice. ROSSMAN, SUSAN BLODGETT Sigma Kappa, President; Student Physical Therapy Associa- tion. ROTH, NANCI S. Student Occupational Therapy Association. ROTH, WENDY M. Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Council Representative; Summer Frolics Com- mittee. ROTHROCK, ELIZABETH ANN Delta Delta Del- ta; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. ROUSH, CAROLE ANN. RUBLEY, VIRGINIA D. Kappa Alpha Theta. RUDISILL, ROBERT M. Gator Gras, General Chairman; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Gov- ernment Cabinet. RUFFNER, ROBERT L. Phi Kappa Psi. HUGH, PAUL B. Alligator Staff; Pre-Law Soci- ety. RUMPEL, VALERIE ELLEN Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Occupational Therapy Association; Phi Kappa Tau Dreamgirl. RUSSELL, JAMES L. Phi Eta Sigma. RYALS, MARVIN R. Delta Chi. RYAN, WILLIAM B. Kappa Alpha Order. SAAVEDRA, ENRIQUE IEEE; Latin American Club. SACK, SIDNEY V. Tau Epsilon Phi; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. SADLER, LORA NE D. Alpha Omicron Pi. SAGONIAS, PETER N. SAIER, FRANK P. Sigma Chi. SAJI. NOBUKO N. SALAMAN, STEVE J. Phi Epsilon Pi; WRUF; WUFT; Fine Arts Committee; Glee Club. SALAZAR, MARIA J. SALISBURY. G. ROBERT. SAMS, KAREN E. Delta Gamma; Gator Gras Committee. SANCHEZ, JOSE L. Tau Beta Pi. SANCHEZ, PATRICK L. SANDEFUR, JANE E. Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Miss International Beauty 1966; First Runner-Up Sigma Chi Derby Queen. SANDERS, JOE R. SANDS, BARBARA Mortar Board; Coedikette, As- sistant Editor. SANTILLI, JANET T. Alpha Omicron Pi. SAWTELL, BRADFORD P. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator Staff. SCARBOROUGH, SALLY. SCHAFFEL, GARY M. Sigma Lambda Chi; Legis- lative Council; Men ' s Interhall Council; Hume Hall Council, Treasurer; Florida Players. SCHEICK, EDWARD J. Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; AAIA. SCHIERECK, THOMAS C. Dean ' s List; Hume Hall Council, Secretary. SCHILDBACH, AUGUST J. Pi Kappa Phi; Gra- ham Area, President; Student Affairs Com- mittee; " Spectrum " Program, Director; Schol- arship Banquet, Chairman; Men s Interhall SCHNEH5ER, ' MATTHEW G. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Sigma Delta Chi. SCHNEIDER, SUSAN E. SCHOENDORF, JOHN J. Phi Gamma Delta. SCHORR, PAUL P. Kappa Psi; Phi Theta Kappa; SCHWARTZ, LYNNE Alpha Epsilon Phi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Sister; Honor Court Jus- tice SCHWARTZ, MARTIN Alpha Epsilon Pi; Florida Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; University of Florida Law Review, Associate Editor; Honor Court Staff; Moot Court Competition; Student Government SCHWARTZ, IP MAURE ' EN j. Delta Phi Epsiion, President; Sweetheart, Alpha Epsilon Pi; Flor- ida Blue Key Speaker. SCHWARTZ, ROBIN. SCHWEYER ALYCE Zeta Tau Alpha; Swim Fins- Aqua Gators; Legislative Council; Inter- national Committee and Special Projects Com- mittee of Florida Union Board; Orientation Leader; Executive Secretary of Florida Blue Key Homecoming Banquet. SCOTT, JERRY Kappa Alpha. SEEBER, JOSEPH Phi Kappa Tau. SEGAL, HILLEL Tau Epsilon Phi. SEIMS, JACK Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi- Agricultural Economics; Football Team. SELDITCH, DIANNE Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Student Association Judiciary. SEMANO. DALIA ELENA. SEMENAK, JOSEPH Delta Tau Delta, Vice Pres- ident; Basketball. SETZER JANE Alpha Delta Pi; Lambda Tau. SEYMOUR, ARTHUR. SHAD, THOMAS Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHAMS, MARVIN Alpha Kappa Psi. SHANKS, CHARLES Delta Upsilon; Circle K In- SHAPIRo!LINDA Women ' s Glee Club, President and Accompanist; Lyceum Council Associate Member; Rawlings Dormitory Council; Foreign Student Hostess. SHARAF, BARBARA Delta Phi Epsilon; WSA. SHAW THOMAS Theta Chi; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade, Vice President, President; Greek Council, Vice President; Newman Club; American Society of Civil Engineers; Benton Engineering Society. SHEA, BEVERLY Alpha Chi Omega. SHEEHAN, GERALD American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astronautics; Society of Automo- tive Engineers. SHEEHAN, PAUL Alpha Delta Sigma. SHEK, WILLIAM Sigma Phi Epsilon. SHEPHERD, JOHN. SHEWEY, WILLIAM Sigma Chi. SHINBAUM, MARILYN Delta Phi Epsilon; Alli- gator Staff; WSA, Junior Representative, Cor- responding Secretary. SIBLEY, KATHLEEN. SIBLEY, LARRY Gargoyle; Student American In- stitute of Architecture. SIEGEL BETTE Delta Phi Epsilon; Florida Blue Key Homecoming Banquet Secretary; WSA, Communications Chairman. SIEVERS, JO ANN Delta Gamma, Treasurer, His- torian; Phi Kappa Tau, Little Sister. SILBERMAN, JOEL. SILVER, BERNARD Tau Epsilon Phi. SIMEON, ROBERT Student Finance Association; Alpha Kappa Psi. SIMMONS, NEWTON Alligator Staff; Croquet Team. SIMPSON, JOHN. SIMS, GEORGE. SINGER, FRANCES Sigma Nu Sweetheart. SINOFF, BARRY Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Florida Blue Key: Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SISTRUNK, ALBERT Sigma Chi, Secretary; Chairman of Homecoming Campus Decorations; Freshman Council Executive Committee. SKIRBLE, SUSAN Alpha Epsilon Phi; Greek Council Representative. SKOW, INGRID. SLADE, PATRICIA Alpha Lambda Delta. SMALL, KRYSIA Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice Pres- ident of S. W. Broward Hall; Orientation Group Leader. SMITH, CHRISTOPHER Delta Tau Delta. SMITH, CLAIR Alpha Chi Omega. SMITH, CYNTHIA. SMITH, ERIC Florida Blue Key; Phi Delta Phi; John Marshall Bar Assn., Chairman Barrister s Brawl; Majority Party Floor leader. Legisla- tive Council; Secretary of Men ' s Affairs; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SMITH, HARRISON. SMITH, JAN Geography Club. SMITH, JAY. SMITH, JOHN Scabbard and Blade Society. SMITH, KING SAHPER; Gator Raider. SMITH, PAMELA Student National Education As- sociation; Choral Union. SMITH, VEDDER Phi Alpha Theta. SMITH, WILLIAM. SMODISH, MICHAEL Chi Phi. SNEED, JOHNNIE WSA. SOKOL, DIANE Delta Phi Epsilon. SOLOVEI, LINDA. SONGER, DONALD Phi Eta Sigma. SORENSON, JILL Kappa Delta. 412 SOWELL, MARGARET Delta Delta Delta, Record- ing Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; WSA, Representative, Service Award, Executive Committee; Secretary of Women ' s Affairs; Legislative Council; Resident Assis- tant; President ' s Service Award; Broward Hall Council, Honor Council Secretary; Orientation Group Leader, Chairman Judiciary and Coed- ikette Selections; Welcome Week and Home- coming Committee; Dean ' s List. SPEER, GREGORY Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secre- tary; Freshman Council. SPIELER, JEFFREY Intramural Sports. SPINDLER, JAMES Chi Phi. SPITZER, ALEXANDER Tau Epsilon Phi. SPRINGER, MARK Track; Legislative Council; Hume Hall, Vice President; Section Advisor. STACK, KAREN Student National Education As- sociation. STAHL, ROBERT. STALZER, BERNHARD Sigma Chi; Blue Key Speakers Bureau. STANCIL, DAISY Sigma Kappa; Collegiate 4-H Club; Block and Bridle Club. STARRETT, VIRGINIA Student F.E.A.; Homecom- ing; Jennings Hall Council; WSA. STEELE, THOMAS Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Vice President; Forestry Club, Secretary; Hon- or Court Justice. STEINER, JANE Zeta Tau Alpha. STEINLE, WILLIAM Phi Kappa Tau. STENCEL, JERRY Phi Gamma Delta. STEPHENS, SANDRA Alpha Delta Pi; Forums Committee; Hostess Committee; Tutoral Pro- gram; SNUF; Lyceum Council. STEWART, HARRY. STEWART, RUSSELL Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; JMBA. STEVERDING, JOHN Phi Gamma Delta; Track. STIRRAT, ARTHUR Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sergeant of Arms; Dean ' s List; Rush Chairman. STITCHER, ROBERT American Institute of In- dustrial Engineers. STOSSER, ELLEN Sigma Alpha Eta; Broward Hall Council. STRATTAN, CHARLES Theta Chi; Baseball. STRICKLER, ANN. STRUTHERS, MARY Sigma Kappa. STUMPFF, CLAYTON Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi. SUMMERS, RONALD. SUMNER, JAMES Alpha Gamma Rho. SWAIN, CATHY Alpha Chi Omega. SWAN, DOUGLAS Kappa Alpha. SWEET, EDWARD Treasurer-General, Children of the Confederacy. SWICK, MARGARET Delta Gamma. SWIGERT, DIANE Delta Gamma, Rituals Chair- man, Intramurals Chairman, First Vice Presi- dent. SZABO, GEORGE Student Chapter American In- stitute of Architects, President; Newman Club; Sailing Club; Real Estate Club. TAGLE, NEIL D. A.I.C.E., President, Treasurer; Benton Engineering Council Representative. TALL, EUNICE INGRID Delta Phi Epsilon; Theta Sigma Phi, President; Alligator Staff, Features Editor, Associate Editor; Seminole Staff Edi- torial Assistant; Coedikett, Assistant Editor; Gator Greek; Faculty Disciplinary Committee; Board of Student Publications; WSA; Orienta- tion Staff; Undersecretary of Student Organi- zations; Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau; Presi- dent ' s Retreat. TALLARICO, JOHN C Sigma Nu. TAVEL, LEE D. Theta Chi; Mortar and Pestle. TAYLOR, MARGARET ANN. TAYLOR, MILLICENT F. Alpha Chi Omega. TEMPKINS, HARRY Tau Epsilon Phi; Al pha Del- ta Sigma. THOMAS, FRED O. THOMAS, RICHARD. THOMAS, ROXANNE E. Chi Omega. THOMSEN, NAN Alpha Chi Omega. THOMPSON, KAREN L. Phi Mu. THOMPSON, LAWRENCE N. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. THOMPSON, PERRY R. Beta Alpha Psi, Treasur- er; Beta Gamma Sigma. THOMPSON, RICHARD L. Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Delta Pi; Arnold Air Society. THOMPSON, RONALD W. THOMPSON, TERRY PAUL. THREATT, BOBBY R. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THRIFT, SANDRA L. Alpha Lambda Delta. TILLMAN, CLAUDIA R. Sigma Kappa; National Education Association; Federal Education As- sociation; Seminole Staff. TILTON, PETER A. Tau Epsilon Phi. TINKER, MARTHA Student Occupational Therapy Association, President; Choral Union TISCHLER, BONNIE G. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Zeta Phi Eta; Mortar Board. ' President Treasurer - TRAUPANE, RONALD P. Theta Chi; Gargoyle; AID. TRINGLE. KAY A. TRUJILLO, HENRY PATRICK Institute of Elec- trical and Electronic Engineers; Scabbard and Blade. TUAL, BLANCHARD E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Swim Team. TUNSTALL, CYNTHIA M. Alpha Chi Omega; Al- ligator Staff; Gator Greek. TURIS, JONATHAN Real Estate Club TURNER, CHARLES N. TURNER, DANIEL ROBERT ASCE TURNER, JOHN C. Student AIA. TURNER, LARRY GEORGE Society of Automotive Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. TURNER, WARREN H. Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Air Society; Soccer Team; Freshman Council. TUTT, WAYNE E. Phi Eta Sigma. TYLER, JAMES C. TYNDALL, THOMAS BALCOM Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. u UPCHURCH, JOHN Phi Kappa Tau. URAGA, MARTHA Latin American Club; Sky Club; SALA, Treasurer. TOOLAN. MICHAEL P. Delta Upsilon, Treasurer. V VALENTINE, WILLIAM, JR. Phi Gamma Delta, Historian; Air Force ROTC. VALLA, EMILIE Student Occupational Therapy Association. VANCLIEF, WILLIAM Legislative Council; Gra- ham Area Council; Social Chairman; Young Republican Club, Treasurer; Dean ' s List. VANNESS, GISELA Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; SFEA; SNEA. VAN NETTA, SUSAN Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer; BSU-Secretary; SFA, Bits and Pieces, Editor. VARONA, ROGELIO. pfELLENGA, PHILIP Gymnastics Club; Barbell Club. VENTURA, FRANKLIN Phi Epsilon Pi; Delta Sigma Pi. VerPLANCK, CAROLYN Kappa Delta; Theta Sig- ma Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. VICH, ROBERT Latin American Club; AIASC. VICKERY, ROGER. VICTOR, JUDITH. VILLAROEL, ARMANDO American Sociological Association. VOSBURGH, WILLIAM, JR. Kappa Alpha Order. VOSLOH, DAVID Beta Theta Pi; Legislative Council, Budget and Finance Committee, Ex- cuse Committee, Rules and Calendar Commit- tee. W WACKSMAN, JAMES F. Tau Kappa Lambda, President; Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Circle K, Treasurer; Student Congress. WADDELL, THOMAS R. Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma. WADE, THOMAS E. Dean ' s List; Benton Engi- neering Society; IRE; Huge Memorial Schol- arship; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. WAGONER, RICHARD A. WALKER, CLARENCE K. WALKER, GLEN E. WALSER, DIANE M. WANNALL, RICHARD L. Kappa Sigma WARNER, CYNTHIA SUSAN Alpha Epsilon Phi. WARNER, LAWRENCE C. Phi Eta Sigma; AIAA. WARNER, MARK V. Delta Tau Delta. WARREN, A. LOUISE Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman; Assistant Secretary of Honored Guests for Homecoming; Florida Union Hostess Committee. WARREN, MICHAEL L. Alpha Gamma Rho. WATERHOUSE, DONALD F. Alpha Delta Sigma. WATERMOLEN, MARILYN L. WATTA, LLOYD T. " F " Club; Golf Team. WAX, CHERI L. Delta Phi Epsilon. WEAVER, SHERLEEN L. WEAVER, WALTER F. Kappa Alpha. WEHNER, PATRICIA T. Alpha Lambda Delta WEIL, SAMUEL H. PSE; IEEE; BES. WEIMER, RAE OTIS, III Sigma Chi; Freshman Baseball; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; In- ter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, President. WEINBERG, NANCY J. Delta Phi Epsilon. WEINROTH, MICHAEL D. Sigma Delta Chi. WEISKOPF, ROBERT E. American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Gator Band; Newman Club. WEISS, CHARLES M. Phi Epsilon Pi. WEITXNER, ARTHUR. WELLS, NOEL E. Phi Delta Theta; Football. WENDLING, SHARI R. WESTFALL, JUDITH B. WESTMAN, ANDREA L. Kappa Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta; Angel Flight; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters; Lyceum Council. President; Pan- hellenic Rush Chairman; Panhellenic Scholar- ship Award; Dean ' s List; First Runner Up Gator Gras Queen. WHELAN, LINDA A. WHIPPLE, LEWIS A. Student AIA. WHITE, JOHN W. Sigma Chi; Arnold Air Society WHITE, RON Theta Chi. WHITE, SUSAN D. Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi- Little Sister of Lambda Chi Alpha; Orientation Group Leader. WHITE, WILLIAM P. WHITNEY, CHARLES D. WIEDERHOLD. JOHN P. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WIGHT, FREDERICK R. WILIKINS, DON M. Beta Theta Pi. WILKINS, JON S. Alpha Tau Omega; Dean ' s List. WILKINSON, DENNIS E. WILKINSON, DOUGLAS R. Delta Sigma Phi. WILLIAMS, BARRY Phi Kappa Tau; Freshman Council. WILLIAMS, CHARLES CURTIS Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Florida Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau. WILLIAMS, GARY C. WILLIAMS, JAMES Business Administration. WILLIAMS, NORINE L. Florida Speological Soc- ciety; Florida Folk Dancers. WILLIAMS, PAUL D. Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas- urer; Alpha Zeta, Vice President; Block and Bridle Club, President. WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. Kappa Alpha. WILLIAMS, RONALD O. SPRO. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY ANN Kappa Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Orchesis. WILLIAMS, THOMAS E. Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; SAE. WILLIS, RIGHTON E. Alpha Chi Omega. WILLNER, BONNIE H. Delta Phi Epsilon. Vice President, Rush Chairman; Lyceum Council Usher; Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi. WILLS, ANITA. WILSON, CHARLES D. Chi Phi; Circle K. WILSON, DAVID L. Delta Upsilon. WILSON, JAMES R. Lambda Chi Alpha. WILSON, JOHN M. WILSON, MICHAEL D. Delta Tau Delta; AIIE; Dean ' s List. WINDER, JON M. Theta Chi. WINDSOR, GEORGE W. Phi Gamma Delta; Scab- bard and Blade; Orientation Group Leader. WING, RONALD C. Delta Sigma Pi; Circle K, Vice President. WINSET, CAROL L. WIRRIES, A LTHEA Baptist Student Union, Vice President, Secretary. WITT, LEITHER THOMAS Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WOERNER, CARL J. Kappa Psi. WOLF, JOHN H. Kappa Sigma; Florida Blue Key; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Alpha Psi. WOOD, BARBARA Florida Players. WOOD ALL, VERNA C. Kappa Delta; Sweetheart of Beta Theta Pi. WOODS, VICTORIA MAE Tau Beta Sigma; Gator Band. WOODWARD. RANDALL J. Alpha Tau Omega. WOODWORTH. RICHARD A. Arnold Air Society; Civil Air Patrol: Young Republicans Club. WOOLFOLK, EDMUND T. Delta Tau Delta: Freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Alligator Staff Writer. WRIGHT, MYRTLE J. Alpha Lambda Delta. WYNN, RICHARD E. Alpha Tau Omega; Block and Bridle; Pre-Veterinary Club. YANCEY, FREDERICK D., Ill Sigma Chi: Alpha Delta Sigma; Pre-Law Society; Debate Club, Vice President; Legislative Council. YOUNG, WILLIAM. YSERN, MARIA E. Latin American Club; Gator Ski Club. ZADOFF, NATALIE PHYLLIS Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. ZALESKI, KENNETH G. Phi Eta Sigma. ZENTNER, TED F. ZIMMER, DONALD F. Phi Delta Theta. ZIPPER, HONEY H. ZOROVICH, PAUL M. Newman Club, President, Vice President. ZUBERNER, JUDY MARIE Newman Club. ZUCKER, JACK Dean ' s List; Phi Mu Epsilon, President; Judiciary Committee. Chairman; Legislative Council, Majority Whip: Young Democrats, Founder. State Executive Commit- tee; Florida Union Forums Committee; Col- legiate Council for the United Nations, Presi- dent; Honor Court Speaker ' s Bureau; Orienta- tion Group Leader; Undersecretary of Finance and Legislative Affairs; Florida Union Board, Treasurer; World University Service Drive 1967, Chairman. 413 CONTENTS Academics 28 Accent 176 Activities 138 Administration - 16 Administrative Deans _ _ 22 Agriculture __... 32 Air Force ROTC - 112 Alligator 78 Alpha Chi Omega _ 288 Alpha Delta Pi - 290 Alpha Delta Sigma _ - 115 Alpha Epsilon Phi 292 Alpha Epsilon Pi _ 294 Alpha Gamma Rho 296 Alpha Kappa Psi 115 Alpha Lambda Delta _ 100 Alpha Omicron Pi 298 Alpha Tau Omega 300 Alumni Services - 89 Angel Flight _ 113 Architecture and Fine Arts 34 Army ROTC _ - 114 Arnold Air Society 113 Arts and Sciences - 36 Athletic Council .. . 116 Baseball - 278 Basketball 242 Beta Alpha Psi 129 BetaThetaPi -- 302 Block and Bridle 128 Board of International Activities .... 129 Business Administration 38 Camp Wauburg _ 90 Campus Police 86 Campus Shop 82 Cheerleaders 118 Chi Omega 304 Chi Phi ..... 306 Circle K -- 127 Coaches .. 238, 242, 260 Commuters 196 D Delta Chi .. 308 Delta Delta Delta _ _ 310 Delta Gamma _ 312 Delta Phi Epsilon - 314 Delta Sigma Phi _ 316 Delta Tau Delta 318 Delta Upsilon 320 Education . 40 Elections ...... 68 Engineering 42 Engineering Fair _ 183 F Club 117 Fall Frolics 166 Florida Blue Key _ .... 96 Florida Players . _ 162 Florida Rehabilitation Association 130 Florida Union Board of Student Activities .... . 120 Food Service 83 Football: Auburn 230 Florida State University _ _ 224 Freshmen . - 240 Georgia . - 232 Louisiana State University 228 Miami _ 236 Mississippi State 220 North Carolina State 226 Northwestern 218 Orange Bowl 210 Steve Spurrier 216 Tulane 234 Vanderbilt .. - 222 Varsity Group _ 238 Forestry - 44 Gargoyle 101 Gator Band .. 122 Girl ' s Dorm - 200 Golf Team 270 Governor 18 Graduate School _ 60 Greeks 282 H Hall of Fame _ 102 Health Related Professions _ 56 Homecoming - 152 Homecoming Queen 151 Hope, Bob . 142 Infirmary ______________________________________________ 92 Interfraternity Council ______________ 284 International Week ________ 182 Introduction . -------------------------------- 4 Journalism and Communications ... 46 Kappa Sigma 328 Lambda Chi Alpha ____________________________ 330 Lambda Gamma Phi ________________________ 132 Law __________________________ 48 Leadership ________ ..... ______________________ ..... 94 Library ______ ....... ___________________ ........ . ..... 80 Lutheran Student Center . ____ ..... ___ 130 Lyceum Productions _______ ......... ... ....... 168 M Mallory Hall Council .... - 137 Married Housing .... ..... --------------- Medicine ..... -------------------- ........ Men ' s Dorm _____________________________________ Men ' s Glee Club ___________________ 126 Miss SEMINOLE ____________________ . 146 Miss SEMINOLE Court .. Miss University of Florida 150 Mortar Board _____________ ....... _ Mrs. University of Florida -------- National Ballet ________________________ - 186 National Security Seminar . ...... Newman Club ...... ----------------- Nursing __________________________________ o Orange Bowl ___________ ......... __________ 210 Orientation _____________________________ Organizations _______________________________ Panhellenic Council Pharmacy Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Tau Phi Mu -..-. Physical Education and Health Pi Kappa Alpha .. Pi Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Phi Phi Sigma Sigma Playday Porgy and Bess President J. Wayne Reitz Publication Paste-Up Lab 76 K Kappa Alpha 322 Radio and Television Stations Kappa Alpha Pi _ 127 Rawlings Hall Council .. Kappa Alpha Theta 324 Registration Kappa Delta 326 Release Kappa Kappa Psi 124 Residences 414 SEMINOLE 74 SEMINOLE Sales Contest Winner _ _ 367, 416 Senior Directory 408 Seniors - 368 Serendipity Singers _ 172 Service _ 62 Sigma Alpha Epsilon _ ._. 348 Sigma Chi .. _ 350 Sigma Chi Derby . 188 Sigma Lambda Chi 101 Sigma Kappa 352 Sigma Phi Epsilon 356 Sigma Tau .. . 132 Speakers .. 152, 168 Sports - _ 208 Student Agricultural Council 133 Student Florida Education Association . 133 Student Government 64 Student Physical Therapy Association _ 134 Student Publications Business Office 72 Summer ..... . 140 Swimming .. 262 T Table of Contents .. _ .__. 2 Tau Beta Sigma _. . 124 Tau Epsilon Phi ... 358 Tau Kappa Epsilon 360 Tennis _ 274 Theta Chi . .. 362 Theta Sigma Phi .. _ 101 Title Page . 1 Track _ 266 u University Choir .. 125 University Circle 109 University College . 30 University Country Club 91 w Who ' s Who .. 106 Women Students ' Association 135 Women ' s Glee Club .. _ 126 Y Yulee Area Council 137 z Zeta Phi Eta _ .134 Zeta Tau Alpha 364 RAWLINGS LEADS HALL SALES l a vlm ' j Hall uirls topped the University ' s other twirls dorms in sellin.u Scininolc subscrip- tions. Kaxvlinns kee])s the donnitory sales trophy tor one year until the sales contest is conducted next fall. 416

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University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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