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This Page Intentionally Left Blank v CONTENTS Introduction 1 Administration 18 Academics 28 Organizations 60 Service 88 Leadership 112 Activities 128 Sports 170 Greeks 234 Residences 314 Closing 328 Seniors 336 Senior Directory 368 General Index 381 ADMINISTRATION in our administration, minds trained in a variety of places and diversified vocations unite to better our university both academically and qualitatively We recognize the import. once of each administrator and professor 18 Gov. Haydon Burns, a controversial figure on the UF campus, continued at the helm of Florida ' s expanding system. From the of the Board of Regents to the dispute of the Budget Commission, education played a dominant role in the political scene of the nation ' s fastest growing state. Gov. Burns visited the campus many times, including Homecoming and after the rumored resignation of President J. Wayne Reitz. .The Alligator blasted Burns ' " Bondoggle " and his attacks on higher education administration, making Gov. Burns a well-known person on campus. Working hard to abolish the trimester system, Florida ' s chief executive had the majority support of both students and faculty in his campaign to change the state ' s higher education system GOVERNOR HAYDON BURNS: ACTION-PACKED YEAR 21 PRESIDENT President J. Wayne Reitz keeps the pace of the university ever moving the future with his quick eye, his economist ' s mind, his public mindfulness and his eagerness to teach and counsel the highest dean or the lowliest freshman. The president of a large state land grant college is usually as an austere and foreboding figure. However, this is not the case for Dr. Reitz. He is always a familiar figure at pep rallies, football games, his fraternity, and other student activities. He says he enjoys " being with youth and students. " Dedicated to the high ideals of and education, President Reitz what he thinks right for the heart and energies of students and the J. WAYNE REITZ: A DECADE OF Robert B. Mautz Vice-President of Academic Affairs Frank T. Adams Dean of Men Byron Hollinshead Dean of University College L. E. Grinter Dean of Graduate School ADMINISTRATIVE DEANS: SMOOTHING OUT KINKS Complex, with responsibility to handle and hard work to do, the administration is behind the policies that help to form the image of the campus. Whether concerned with a physics laboratory in Williams Hall, working in the library, helping with a record registration or inspecting campus buildings, all deans and administrators are involved with campus life. The administrative deans work many hours per day to make the university machine move in its daily operations. And their work varies from participating in graduate seminars to attending teas. From counseling to teaching the deans shape university policy and spearhead students to become citizens of the university and community. Counseling both faculty and students occupies a vast amount of the deans ' time. Plagued with work, ever ready to help the needy and troubled, faced with peril or celebration, UF deans advance the roles of education for both students and faculty in their search for excellence, harmony and success. Marna Brady Dean of Women Lester L. Hale Dean of Student Affairs 25 Alan J. Robertson Dean of University Relations Development Samuel P. Martin Provost of Medicine E. T. York, Jr. William A. Bryan Melvin L. Sharpe Alvin V. Alsobrook Assistant to the President Assistant Director of Alumni Services Stanley L. West Director of the Library If we could learn through books alone, there would be no need for our university our specialized world a university is a must . . . We require individual colleges, departments and courses to give us more titan book-learning. 28 ACADEMICS 29 AGRICULTURE SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS The College of Agric ulture continued its program of new ideas, methods and materials this year to make it one of the South ' s strongest agricultural research and educational units. From the Institute of Tropical Agriculture to micro-climatology the college centered much of its instruction on citrus crops, the economic agricultural backbone of Florida. Research continued with the Institute ' s work in Honduras and other Latin American countries. Through dairy science ' s milk and ice cream plants and other services on campus, UF students benefit from the college ' s expanding production facilities and educational opportunities. The college sponsors many short courses and informational programs on many subjects for Florida ' s farmers and citizens throughout the year. M. A. Brooker, Dean 30 LEAD TO BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURE architecture PROViDes CREAtivE AND ARCHITECTURE CULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES PLUS CAREERS This school is interested in teaching students to be creative as well as knowledgable in the fields of and Fine Arts. -With the of the new buildings for this school, the college has been able to somewhat and to provide many new and improved faculties for its students. They are now able to exhibit their magnificient projects in buildings which truly do justice to the great amount of time put into them. Not only does the College of Architecture and Fine Arts offer much for the but it also endeavors to provide such things as lectures, concerts, festivals, special conferences and clinics for the faculty and the general public. Degrees in this college are offered in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Building Construction, Music, Art Education, Fine Arts, History of Art, Crafts, and Advertising Design. R. S. Bolles, Acting Dean ARTS AND SCIENCES FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE FOR PROFESSIONAL Embracing many areas of the quest for knowledge, the College of Arts and Sciences offers the most varied choice of courses and majors in the university. Learning from the ancients and with new concepts and ideas, students and faculty worked for harmony with the old and new energies for the future. All of the college ' s offerings—social sciences, languages, applied sciences and human development courses—play an important part in the UF ' s a nd study of modern man. The college contains the core of all higher education, providing student and teacher with the necessary facilities to advance the search for wisdom and contentment. Studying Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Orient, students come to participate in the fast expanding area studies programs the various offer. They offer programs in South American studies, Far Eastern affairs and other area concentrations. This year ' s foreign student population represented t he largest number ever enrolled in the college. The crossroads of learning sent more students on to graduate study than any other school, and others to professional schools, careers and research. R. E. Page, Dean 34 COLLEGES PROVIDES CREATIVE AND CULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES PLUS PROFESSIONAL CAREERS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEVELOPS RESPONSIBLE BUSINESSMEN The College of Business striving to expand its research program, called for active support from its alumni and faculty to increase its means of providing more information for Florida ' s commercial world. Publishing short papers on the aspects of Florida ' s economy is one of the many services of this fast-growing school. Through economics and industrial management the school provides future bankers and administrators for Florida ' s industry. Computers serve teachers and students in their search for technicalized fields and expression in the business 38 39 PREPARES STUDENTS EDUCATION FOR THE SCHOOLS OF FLORIDA Wisdom ' s many sides are taught, learned and practiced in the College of Education. To learn to teach, students observe, participate in and practice methods in one of the most advanced education schools. The College of Education has a long, seasoned history of teacher-preparation. Last year more than. 532 students were certified as teachers by the State Department and the number grows every year, according to Dean Kinball Wiles. Numerous studies are underway in the college. Such programs include training desegregation specialists in public schools; classroom experimentation in discovery learning, for science teaching, and effect of special tutoring on disadvantaged children. Efforts are also being made to assist a bi-national school in South America. Therapy programs, such as speech correction and rehabilitation, play roles of increasing importance in the college ' s growing prestige. Programs include preparation for teachers, psychological counseling and guidance, special teaching of the handicapped and culturally deprived, administration and supervision, research and constultant work in the historical, psychological and social foundations of education, and in curriculum development and theory. Kimball Wiles, Dean 41 ENGINEERING BRIDGES HUMAN NEEDS AND THE STOREHOUSE OF The College of Engineering concentrated. efforts this year on combating its space shortage by planning to move to the new engineering complex and by further implementing its graduate course program which is conducted throughout the state. GENESYS, the program for enriching graduate engineers ' educational opportunities, has increased enrollment at all of its centers, serving Cape Kennedy and other communities. Graduate and undergraduate enrollment increased in the college and Dean T. L. Martin predicted an enrollment of over 1,400 this year. A National Science Foundation grant inaugurated a program to assist UF ' s higher engineering education by citing the university as a recognized institution of excellence. The grant was partially used to employ fourteen full - time faculty members who will conduct research in specialized engineering fields. A NASA - sponsored Space Sciences Research Building will be used to house offices and laboratories devoted to interdisciplinary research in the growing space sciences, according to the dean. From bioenvironmental research and coastal landscaping studies, engineering instruction continued to aid Florida ' s engineering and allied industry. THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE T. L. Martin, Jr., Dean 43 FORESTRY ALL WORK MEETS HIGHEST FORESTRY INSTRUCTION The purpose of this school is to train men and women to protect and our vastly diminishing natural The three areas emphasized for specialization in the School of Forestry are forestry, wildlife, and forest technology. Students who go into the area known as Forestry usually are interested in botany. For these students, are abundant in Timber, Industry Forestry, of Forest Recreation. The area known as Wildlife is for students specializing in such things as the management of or research wild animals—game birds and mammals. Forest Products Technology offers perhaps the most diverse area in which to enter, including careers in research, industrial production, or marketing. This area of specialization also many opportunities for branching out into different related fields. The School of Forestry, which is greatly, now has available for instruction and research two forests, a nursery, a sawmill, a dry kiln, a wood preservation laboratory and a forest tree physiology-genetics laboratory. J. L. Gray, Director 44 REQUIREMEnts 45 46 JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATIONS STRESSES BACKGROUND IN LIBERAL ARTS Capture of first place in the 1965 Hearst National Writing Contest was one of many recent factors contributing to the School of Journalism and recently gained Boasting the fourth largest journalism school in the United States, enrollment has reached a record of 350 students. According to Director Rae Weimer, its graduates are acknowledged in every phase of By teaching the basic skills of the school utilizes many laboratories where students learn the trades of journalism. Revision of the undergraduate courses was extended into many areas. These revisions are coupled with an ever graduate program in terms of scope and number of students. Another first for the school this year was the appointment of two new Because of the growth of student population, President Reitz the creation of the new positions. ADVERTISING BROADCASTING 47 LAW IMPARTS A THOROUGH, SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE The primary goal of the College of Law is to impart a scientific and practical knowledge of the law, together with an understanding of its role in a democratic society. Because of increased enrollment the College of Law is planning to move to a new location. The architectural firm of Pancoast, Ferendino, Grafton, and Skeels has begun study on the building complex to be located west of campus. The increased enrollment brought with it a subsequent increase in student grade point averages and higher scores on the Law School Admissions Test. This attests to the fact that the University of Florida Law School is one of the finest iv the nation . Achievement ran high this year as the John Marshall Bar Association was as number one in the nation. The UF Moot Court Team, maintaining its outstanding record, placed first in state and regional competition. 48 OF THE LAW F. E. Maloney, Dean OPPORTUNITIES IN ALL MEDICAL FIELDS FOUND AT HEALTH CENTER The J. Hillis Miller Health Center houses one of the nation ' s most complete medical instructional and research units, and is known for its excellence. Housing laboratories, teaching units, and other facilities, the Center ' s varied schools cooperate to make the different medical and educational opportunities function as a unit. The colleges participating in the center include College of Medicine, College of Health Related Professions, College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy. The Center gained an addition in November when the University Infirmary ' s administration and operation shifted from the College of Physical Education to the control of the Health Center. A coming addition to the Center is the UF ' s newly authorized College of Dentistry. The Florida Cabinet extended a $37,000 grant to create a department and begin planning for the school ' s debut. Another addition, scheduled for completion next year, will bring needed laboratories and other facilities to the complex. Federal funds and other grants brought research and classroom usage to an all-time high in the Center. The most important college in the Health Center is the College of Medicine. This college has as its major theme, the education of physicians in the ability to cope with problems that will arise in medicine ' s future. Presently the college is seeking to train students for future work with artificial organs, treatment of the unborn, manipulation of the basis of life in genetic disorders, and in the biochemistry of life and disease. These areas are largely within the realm of todays ideas, but in the future will be a part of the everyday concern of all physicians. NURSING OFFERS COLLEGIATE AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FOR NURSES nursing D. M. Smith, Dean PHARMACY INSTRUCTION ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE The College of Pharmacy was in 1923 by act of the Florida Legislature. Originally housed in the of Flint and later in its own building Leigh Hall, expansion of the college led to its move to the Health Center in 1961. Projects of the coll ege involve the development of new and improved dosage forms, synthesis of new drugs, the growing of medicinal plants under Florida conditions, and the study of carcinogenics—cancer-causing and anticarinogenic chemicals and substances. Other projects include study of drug asorption rates, drug sability, and blood levels. The College of Pharmacy in many respects may be regarded as a child of the State Pharmaceutical Association, which has continued its interest throughout the years. This interest has been exhibited by sizeable scholarship funds. The principal purpose of the Florida State Pharmaceutical is assistance to the college and students. Demand for graduates of the college on the B.S. and graduate level far the demand. Every year there is a minimum of 150 vacancies in pharmacies through the state. P. A. Foote, Dean 54 OF PHARMACY HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS TRAINS NEEDED PERSONNEL 56 REPRESENTING VARIOUS HEALTH CAREERS The College of Health Related a newcomer to the University of Florida campus, was established in 1959. The college offers a full complement of upper division curricula in the fields of occupational therapy, medical technology, and physical therapy. also are graduate programs in rehabilitation counseling and health and hospital administration. Closely associated with the Department of the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Health Professions has made significant contributions in the areas of counseling and speech and hearing disorders. The College, located in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center, is staffed by a faculty of men and women chosen for their teaching ability, professional and outstanding research accomplishments. D. J. Mase, Dean PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH COORDINATES AND ENCOURAGES RESEARCH D. K. Stanley, Dean This department is designed to students for careers in promoting physical health and well-being to other members of their community. With the great concern for physical fitness the last few years, this department has been able to offer many new to students who are interested in actual participation occupations or to those who prefer a career in planning and advising of physical fitness The three specialized programs which are offered in this department are Physical Education, Health Education, and Recreation. The students in the Physical and Health College are striving for positions in the community as teachers, athletic coaches, directors of athletic programs, or directors of and public recreation services. The physical education department operates a very adequate research laboratory for the use of both students and in carrying out experiments with health and physical 59 ORGANIZATIONS We are many, coming from diverse backgrounds and different goals Yet we sometimes find one objective that others have in. common We organize. 60 61 AIR FORCE ROTC A career in the United States Air Force offers excitement, experience and the deep pride and gratification of serving one ' s country. Opportunities are provided for intense training and specialization in many fields of science, leadership and administration. The University of Florida Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps seeks to and train selected college students to become officers in the United States Air Force. Some of the activities within the organization include the Billy Mitchell Drill Team, Angel Flight, Air Society and Information Marching in the Graduation Parade, the Arnold Air Society Dining- In, and the NORAD Calvacade of Music are some of the highlights of the year ' s events. 62 ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight, an auxiliary of Arnold Air Society, has as one of its purposes, the boosting of the morale and the of the Air Force R.O.T.C. Besides this function, they aid the Arnold Air Society in social and work. Among the activities Angel Flight participated in this year is the writing of letters to soldiers in Viet Nam vietnam. They also marched in the Parade and served as ushers for Lyceum Council presentations. ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS—S. Nichols, comptroller; M. Gilbert, officer; N. Calhoun, executive comm ander; C. Ogle, officer; S. Hunt, past commander; S. Lawler, supply officer; J. Schwartz, commander; J. McKinnon, pledge trainer. ANGEL FLIGHT MEMBERS—CLOCKWISE: J. Schwartz, L. Olson, L. Whiteman, G. Empthen, L. Craig, P. Streetman, K. Green, S. P. Anderson, P. Canan, J. Bebont, K. Read, D. Berger, B. Bonnable, N. Calhoun, M. Gilbert, S. Turmail, G. Treiber, J. Modesitt, J. C. Ogle, K. Heatherton, C. Samuel, S. Lawler, S. Hunt. 63 ARMY ROTC This year marks the largest enrollment in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps in the history of the University of Florida. The Reserve Training Corps is required for all freshmen and sophomores. The objective is to instruct and train future officers for the United States Army. This year ' s activities include participation in the Mardi Gras Parade, Sarasota King Neptune Parade, and the Ocala Christmas Parade. The annual Military Ball featured the Count Basic Orchestra and the selection of the Military Ball Queen. This year the Army placed first in the All-Florida Invitatitonal Rifle Meet. The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps is headed by Brigade Commander, Cadet Colonel Harry Schindehette and Deputy Brigade Commander, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kromer. 64 ARMY SWEETHEARTS Army Sweethearts The purpose of the Army is to enhance the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the of Florida. The Sweethearts act as hostesses at the Alumni Bar-B-Que, at smokers, and for visiting generals. On their annual trip to the Citadel in Char leston, South Carolina, they the Florida Rifle Team. They are also presented roses during their visit. This year ' s captain is Suzann Hull and the Drill Masters are Bonnie Hanchett and Betty Wendt. ARMY SWEETHEARTS—FIRST ROW: S. Cacaro, G. LaFaye, J. Eagleson, B. Arnold. SECOND ROW: C. Henderson, J. Cook, S. Hull, B. Hanchett, J. Jasper. 65 BROWARD HALL Broward Have you ever had a date computed especially for you? Broward Hall girls used this system for a theme for one of their dances held this year. Floor contests for Dollars for and an art show where residents exhibited their own works were a few of the several other activities that members of the dorm participated in. At Christmas time the girls decorated their doors and enjoyed a party. During orientation, incoming freshmen were invited to hear a lecture from the psychology department. BROWARD HALL HONOR COUNCIL—ROW ONE: P. Gaston, D. Dail, M. Saltzman, L. Johnson, C. Cohen. SECOND ROW: M. Fleming, A. Strickler, P. Alter, W. Jordan. 66 JENNINGS HALL COUNCIL Jennings Hall Several dances, beauty contests and service drives added up to a busy year of activities for Jennings Hall, one of the largest of the girls ' dorms. At Halloween the girls had a party for the children of the married students and later in the trimester they held an auction to raise money for Dollars for Scholars. Miss Jennings, Beth Rupp will her dorm in the fall beauty Fire drills, all night discussions, dorm pranks----it ' s all part of college dorm life. JENNINGS HALL COUNCIL--FIRST ROW: D. Carroll, S. Morlan, J. Langworthy. ROW: P. DelaPena, J. Talbott, J. Smiley, H. Halperin, M. Greenblatt, J. Milano. THIRD ROW: Kathy McDevitt, J. Boyle, K. Walker, K. Keim, M. Slavin. FOURTH ROW: R. Koch, P. Hood, D. Collins, C. Hundley. 67 RAWLINGS HALL Adding to the honors of Rawlings Hall, the girls copped the trophy for collecting the most money for the for Scholars drive. To raise money girls auctioned off their services to the boys in the Hume Hall. North Rawlings won first place in the women ' s dorm competition for decorations. The girls in this section of the dorm feel that their Activities Forum was very successful. This project was held to invite deans and important students to the residence area to discuss campus activities. Writing letters to men stationed in Viet Nam, as well as sending them packages of candies, cookies and is another of their successful, and rewarding, projects that the girls this year. NORTH RAWLINGS HALL COUNCIL—ROW ONE: S. Hand, D. Piacente, J. Moore, B. Cochran. SECOND ROW: H. Lufkin, S. Smith, J. Mahrbacher, K. Wokott, J. Schaffel, S. Berger. SOUTH RAWLINGS HALL COUNCIL—SEATED: J. Shelly, C. Marcus, I. Minkoff, C. Oxford, B. Blaisdell, S. Derian. STANDING: C. Mirabella, K. Bills, D. Lutz, K. Creedon, J. Dippenworth, S. Bode, S. Clark. 68 YULEE HALL COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: K. Anderson, B. Beechley, J. Beechley, D. Ytreoy, Moye. SECOND ROW: J. Hall, S. Martin, J. Redding, S. Williams, P. Byrd, J. Boggs, N. Clawson. YULEE AREA A first in Yulee and Mallory Halls was the publication this year of " Yulee Daze " and " Mallory Murmur, " hall newspapers. During Dollars for Scholars the dorms sponsored a kissing booth and then the girls earned money waiting on tables. At Halloween, Yulee saw the coming of the " Great Pumpkin, " as well as pranks, parties and dorm fun. Valentine ' s was celebrated with decorations, an open house and prizes. Mallory ' s floor prize was won by second floor; fourth floor was boosting their queen, Carolyn Greany. MALLORY HALL COUNCIL—FIRST ROW: E. Legeod, treasurer; S. Kennedy, secretary; S. Barnes, vice-president; S. Boutchyard, president. SECOND ROW: C. Movesian, J. Magner, J. Smith, S. Bishenauer, C. Stuart, C. Koumjiem. THIRD ROW: G. McLaughlan, B. J. Padron, D. English, K. Rowlands, S. Kirk, L. Larkin, M. Dobdsin, S. Kutz, L. Hall, C. Greany. 69 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Since 1926 Alpha Kappa Psi has tried to encourage students to work in the field of business in research and pursuits. Traditionally, a smoker, pledge initiation and banquet are held annually. The activities for this year included a Homecoming walking race, a Homecoming breakfast with Scott Kelly as the guest speaker. and a mock government mediation board. Officers include: James Fletcher, president; Allen Mason, first John Corley, second Michael Moses, Master of Ritual; Ralph Wiebe, recording secretary; Michael Foreman, corresponding Henry Blakiston, treasurer. ALPHA KAPPA PSI—FIRST ROW: J. Harris, B. Gibson, T, Capitano, J. Corley, G. Nuzum, L. Roby, T. Thompson, R. Haines, J. Topper, R. Wiebe. SECOND ROW: T. Brabham, M. Green, F. Didier, R. McGinnis, D. McCardell, Cagnina, A. Bielski, L. Fletcher. THIRD ROW: D. Discoll R. Rogers, D. Matheny, D. Nunneker, F. Reichert, D. M. Allen, F. J. Walksman, D. Murray, M. Lazar, FOURTH ROW: M. Wexler, P. Good, R. Simeon, J. Rosenblatt, H. Blakiston, A. Hebert, L. Williams, R. Jasco, FIFTH ROW: M. Moses, J. Seims, R. DeCastro, L. DeBrunner, M. Shams, A. Fickett, BETA ALPHA PSI—FIRST ROW: E. Newton, B. Bond, M. Carson, E. Melgren, A. SECOND ROW: L. E. Rast (Faculty Advisor), S. Clark, G. Manito, L. Lackey, H. R. Boekhoff, C. H. Fields, J. M. Ruppersberger, D. H. Sarbey, THIRD ROW: J. Roshee, L. O ' Brien, R. Venezia, J. Powell, J. Seeber, S. Halecki, J. Cooper, W. J. Grasty. FOURTH ROW: J, McCackill, E, Calhoun, W. Hawkins, R. Bradley, K. Baker. BETA ALPHA PSI Beta Alpha Psi seeks to encourage and foster the ideal of service and promote the study of accounting, The sponsors a graduate accounting tutors accounting majors and invites lecturers to speak to the The group was established in 1919. R. Alan Whiting leads the as President, The remaining include Benjamin J. Bond III, vice-president; Susan Clark, secretary; Richard Secrist, treasurer. 70 BLOCK AND BRIDLE Main event of the year was the Little International in October featuring the Livestock Show, Bar-B-Q and Square Dance. Included in the show were classes of cattle, hogs and horses as well as audience participation events such as bucking barrel and greased pig contests. In February, the club had its annual Field Trip which is always the highlight of the year. This year ' s trip featured a tour of agricultural operations in West Central Florida for three days and with a fine time at the Silver Spurs Rodeo. A project started last year and added to annually is the erection of permanent concrete block benches and a Bar-B-Q pit at the Livestock Pavilion. These will be used at Bar-B-Q ' s for Swine, Beef and Horse Short Courses at which the club serves all the main meals. A proposed service project for the is to help the Advent Christian Home, an orphanage at Live Oak, Florida, to improve their farm management program through teaching demonstration ' s and work parties by the club. BLOCK AND BRIDLE—FIRST ROW: C. Dance, W. Caruthers, R. Cross, P. Serra, P. Kennedy, S. Macklin, B. Bennett, S. Thompson, Dr. J. W. Carprender (Advisor), SECOND ROW: B. Womble, G. Hauer, F. Berger, M. Fields, G. L. Ford. THIRD ROW: A. Davis, M. Demaree, A. Marshall, W. J. Gelabert. 71 BOARD OF INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES—FIRST ROW: E. L. Alexander, G. Farris, A. Shiralipour, H. Cortina. SECOND ROW: C. C. Soung, R. Vossoughi, N. K. Chandiramani, J. R. Aguirre, H. Masri, L. Hamilton. International Week is the highlight of the year ' s events for the Board of International Activities. From 13 to February 18, the Board presented guest speakers, a banquet in the Hub, the crowning of Jane Sandefur as queen, a panel discussion televised on WUFT, and the International Talent Show. Included among the routine for the year are picnics, movies, and guest speakers from Washington and around campus. The Board strives to promote friendship and understanding among the foreign and the American students. It is a form of cultural exchange. Hani Masri is the new president of the organization. The other officers include Khalik Nabti, treasurer, and Lee Alexander, secretary. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION As president of the Christian Science Organization at the University of Ruth Ann Lefter headed the organization this year in providing opportunity for the spiritual growth of its members. This growth is provided through participation in worship daily prayerful work, and all other activities of this organization. Ruth Ann was aided in the executive work by Vice-president Ron Cook, Secretary Jean Purser, and Treasurer Liles Garcia. The organization traditionally sponsors a free lecture on Christian Science and holds a reception in the fall for freshmen and transfer students. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION—FIRST ROW: R. A. Lefter, Y. Johnson, P. Dwyer, D. Linz, E. Sheffield. SECOND ROW: W. Sowards, H. Bolkhoff R. Gomez, R. Cook, R. Bodnar. THIRD ROW: L. Garcia, D. Baer, G. Webb, M. Jacobs, T. Miller, D. BAER. 72 CHEERLEADERS " Go Blue, Go Orange . . . " Fans can hear these words during the school year from one of the most loyal UF groups, the cheerleaders naturally. Traveling with the team, urging spirit among the crowds, always encouraging sportsmanship, the are selected by special faculty- administration-student judges. Their captain this year was jim Overstreet who led his cheerers through a busy athletic schedule. Marty Stone, Diane Scott Carl Heishman Jinny Jasper 73 Jim Overstreet, Captain Donna Berger Barbara Latham Sherrill Rutty Diane Cueny FLORIDA UNION BOARD The Florida Union Board for Activities presents a wide variety of activities for students on the campus. The Board presented plays, brought in, speakers, sponsored events, and trips. During the fall trimester there was a production of Macbeth, a speech by Ted Sorensen, freshman night, the fall kick-off pep rally, and a trip to Cape Kennedy. Activities the Winter Trimester included Gator Gras, productions of Naughty Marietta and The Miser, and a speech by Dr. Henry Kisinger on " America and A New Relationship. " All these activities are brought to campus by Larry Tyree, president; Jane Kimbrell, vice-president; Michael treasurer; Allison Conner, Skip Berg, Ed Koren, and Joel Montgomery, Directors. FLORIDA UNION BOARD FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES—SEATED: 1. Kimbrell, A. STANDING: L. Lorant, E. Koren, M. Monaghan, S. Berg, L. Tyree, J. Montgomery. 74 75 FLORIDA REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION FLORIDA REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION—FIRST ROW: Dr. B. Thomason, J. Balogh, Z. Newmark, J. Kanor. SECOND ROW: D. Knowlton, C. Fanelli, N. Borgeson, Dr. A. M. Barrett. THIRD ROW: J. Witt, J. Edwards, W. Chesnut, M. Nusinor. FOURTH ROW: Andrew Kraemer, L. Mauriel, M. Kihel, Dr. J. T. Stone. FIFTH ROW: J. Freeman. An interest in the disabled is the only requirement for membership in the University of Florida Rehabilitation Association. A sincere interest is necessary in order to carry out the objectives of the association. These objectives include the promotion of the aims of the Rehabilitation Association by advancing and encouraging creativity and research in the area of rehabilitation, the promotion of a better understanding of the philosophy of rehabilitation, among students and faculty, and the of communication among those professions interested in rehabilitation. Taking field trips to rehabilitation facilities throughout the state, holding each trimester for members and their families, and attending national meetings of the National Rehabilitation Association and the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association are yearly activities of the association. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary education organization, was the first of its kind in the nation, Upsilon Chapter was established at the University of Florida in 1923. Activities include monthly meetings, guest speakers, luncheons, an annual initiation, banquet and convention. In order to become a member, a student must be in the upper third of his class, committed to education as a career and approved by the faculty. Heading the organization is James Doyle, president; Mary Compton, vice- president; Garth Yarnall, secretary; Carol Keller, treasurer; Phyllis Meek, historian. KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS—Dr. R. L. Curran (Faculty Advisor), M. Compton, vice- president; G. Yarnall, secretary; P. Meek, historian; J. Doyle, president. 76 KAPPA EPSILON KAPPA EPSILON—FIRST ROW: D. Smothers, C. Sewell, J. Phillips, M. Lazzara, J. Dr. L. Fox (Advisor). SECOND ROW: S. Russell, C. Richman, J. Rubin, K. Riles, S. Trawick. THIRD ROW: E. Yaunkins, B. Lasseter, B. Wilkin, P. Nuccio. To unite women students in cooperate with the facilities of the colleges where chapters are stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, foster professional consciousness, and provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship arc the objectives of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Among the activities Kappa Epsilon participates in are campaigning to professionalism in pharmacy, display cases in the college, and performing in a skit at the Mortar and Pestle banquet. Plans for this year a presentation of films of interest to pharmacy, reading to children in the Health Center, and a Faculty-Wives Tea. Cheryl Richman heads the as president. The remaining officers include Elaine Younkins, vice-president; Andrea Yuhas, secretary; Marilyn treasurer; Kay Riles, historian. LAMBDA GAMMA PHI Students wanting to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine find much satisfaction as members of Lambda Gamma Phi. This non-social fraternity strives to further its member ' s knowledge of Veterinary Medicine. Lambda Gamma Phi hopes to aid in the production of more and better Florida Veterinarians by spreading interest in the profession. The most important activity of the is the presentation of outstanding veterinarians speaking in their specific fields. Officers include George E. Lewis, president; Al Marshall, vice-president; Dick Brown, treasurer. William Bennett Robert Greenburg Alfred Marshall Ken Seinberg (Above) Seniors graduating in the field of Veterinary Science. LAMBDA GAMMA PHI— FIRST ROW: A. Lewis, T. Dunn, G. Lewis, B. Greenburg, T. Brown. SECOND ROW: D. Ridgers, J. Kriplean, S. Thompson, D. Rowlands, T. Tallon, R. Rodgers. THIRD ROW: T. Taylor, S. Guthrie, L. Kephart, B. Majilton, R. Santa Cruz, D. Parhalo, W. Wood. FOURTH ROW: J. Knowles, J. Freeland, R. Brown, N. Greer, B. Bennett, J. Gelabert, 77 WOMEN STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Upon entering the University of Florida, all single undergraduate women students automatically are members of the Womens Students ' Association. Voting representatives from the residence halls, sororities, and off-campus areas, in addition to an executive committee, make regulations concerning the behavior, dress and conduct of all women. Kay Lundquist served this year as president. Other officers were Jane Kimbrell, vice-president; Nancy Calhoun, treasurer; Ginger Jochem and Karen Read, secretaries. WOMEN STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION—FIRST ROW: G. Jochem, K. Kervin, M. Nooney, S. Shapiro, P. Johnson, B. Beechly, K. Melton, SECOND ROW: Dean M. Jackson (Advisor), K. Lundquist, P. Pope, J. Gentry, J. Miller, M. Shinbaum, B. Shands, J. Schaffel, C. Hayes, J. McKinnon. THIRD ROW: L. Webb, C. Lambert, C. Freedman, C. Cohen, L. Olsen, N. Calhoun, J. Lindsey. FOURTH ROW: J. Shelley, S. Neiman, M. Myers, B. Wendt, S. Kutz, B. Nash, B. Faber, K. Read, J. Kimbrell. SIGMA DELTA CHI Its chapter being founded at the of Florida in 1929, Sigma Delta Chi is the largest of all professional organizations in the field of Journalism. Its activities this year included a Smoker each month with a speaker from the journalism profession and a banquet during Communications Week held on Journalism Day. The of a coffee shop in the Journalism Building was Sigma Delta Chi ' s most important project of the year. Sigma Delta Chi was organized to encourage within its members a deeper of its three foundations—talent, truth and energy; knowing that all three must be combined to fulfill the a member has assumed by his choice of a journalistic profession. The new slate of officers include Charlton B. Daniel, Jr., president; Skip Randolph, vice-president; Bruce secretary-treasurer and Bob historian. SIGMA DELTA CHI—FIRST ROW: C. Daniel, R. Osterhoudt, J. Randolph, B. Koegler. SECOND ROW: J. Kollin, P. Pringle, S. Buckley, W. Day, A. Galenes, W. Manning. THIRD ROW: JC. Waldorf, D. Dobson, H. Kernodle, E. Engle, A. Williams. FOURTH ROW: B. Swan, P. Trammell, G. Cecil, C. Wester, W. A. Darling, B. Cougleton. 78 SIGMA TAU To promote fellowship among and to encourage interest in are the objectives of Sigma Tau. In order to qualify for students in engineering must be at the top of their class. Sigma Tau participates annually in the Engineers Fair and places engineering exhibits at various locales around the state. Officers include Koy Cook, president; Peter Daniher, vice-president; Kenneth Close, William Cummings, treasurer; Bob Bongers, historian; Don DeKold, Pyramid correspondent. SIGMA TAU—FIRST ROW: M. Guerrero, K. Close, W. Cummings, K. Cook, P. Daniher, W. L. Sawyer (Advisor). SECOND ROW: C. Bonzon, J. Sardinas, J. Leon, J. White, J. R. Bongers. THIRD ROW: G. Pringle, D. DeKold, D. Paulus, D. Fillman, H. Blackmon, P. Eschenbach. FOURTH ROW: J. Cannon, G. Vusse, R. Jamieson, L. Soper, J. Raney, B. Darlington. FIFTH ROW: W. Cyre, R. Jaeger, B. Rodgers, D. Schmidt, S. Aiton, L. Bowden. SIXTH ROW: R. Motta, J. Olivenbaum, E. Grau. STUDENT AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL The student agricultural council, one of only three college councils on campus, was organized in 1925 as the Ag Club. The club ' s first president, Victor Nettles, is now on the faculty of the Ornamental Horticulture Department. The council was organized to serve the best interests of students, clubs, and faculty in the College of Agriculture and School of Forestry. One of its activities thi s year was to produce " Opportunities in Agriculture " , a show for the television series Sunshine Almanac. Over 550 agricultural students are represented on the council by some 50 member ' s from 20 clubs and 18 departments in Agriculture. STUDENT AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL—FIRST ROW: Dr. E. T. York, G. Uptagrapt, A. Steit, G. Walden, J. Douthat, C. Arnold, P. Mott, J. Bellizio, Dr. W. T. Manley. SECOND ROW: G. Hauer, C. Cammack, D. McKinnon, D. Harrison, J. VanDuyn, C. Russ, S. Johnson, J. Mann, Dean M. A. Brooker, Dr. 0. C. Ruelke. THIRD ROW: C. Dance, B. Leucking, L. Black, R. Greenburg, M. Braddock, P. Phillips, J. Lawrence. 79 STUDENT FINANCE ASSOCIATION Each year the Student Finance invites prominent persons from all areas of finance to speak at their meetings. Tins enables students in the field of finance to become familiar with financial institutions and financial which are not covered in their course work. These gatherings allow the student to hear " men in the discuss the outlooks and problams in the field of finance and offer related to career planning. An annual field trip sponsored by the Association gives the students an to observe financial institutions in action. Leading the Student Finance this year were Henry Mallue, president; Charles Rosenfelt, and Larry Hall, secretary-treasurer. STUDENT FINANCE ASSOCIATION—FIRST ROW: T. Scarborough, H. Mallue, D. M. Bent, N. Baker, B. Bonesio, R. Benduhn. SECOND ROW: J. Webber, L. Maleski, R. McNeece, B. Simeon, S. Hadley, C. Rosenfelt, R. Jeffrey, D. Murray. THIRD ROW: Dr. C. A. Matthews (Faculty Advisor), B. J. LaCour, B. Gillespie, J. Koch, L. Hall, H. Blackstock, J. Johnson, R. Canakaris, S. Tibbitts. STUDENT FLA. EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The activity most important to the Student Florida Education Association is the sponsorship of service projects at hospitals, schools, and elsewhere in the community. The Association promotes an interest in education and informs the members of interesting and new topics in the field. The SFEA is a fast growing organization with much potential. It plays an important role in the College of Education as a pre-professional organization. Officers include Kathleen Driscoll, president; Susan Clark, vice-president; Pat Bursten, secretary; Allison Schau, treasurer. . STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION—B. Kawka, Dr. M. Young, H. Matthews, T. A. Anderson, L. Marsh, B. Tober. 80 STUDENT PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION One of the main purposes of the Student Physical Therapy Association is to encourage professional growth by providing learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure. With membership open to any student interested in the field of Physical Therapy, the association creates and stimulates interest among college students in this field. The association ' s most important activity is the publication of Gator Greetings, a newsletter to students, alumni and other Physical Therapy schools. The annual Physical Therapy Department open house held at Shands Hospital is the highlight of the year ' s events. STUDENT PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION—SEATED: C. Pennell, M. Owen, B. A. Putnam, T. Carter. FORWARD: Miss R. Chambers (Advisor). FIRST ROW: L. Bowers, M. Joiner, B. Horowitz, K. Pendergrast, S. Blass, J. Barber. SECOND ROW: S. Hathaway, J. St. John, P. Gaston, G. Lipscomb, R. Mosely, S. Rossman, N. Meadows, S. Deakin. THIRD ROW: M. Robinson, D. Johnson, C. Garrett, B. Hoppes, S. Fouche, K. Johnston, F. Greenwald, N. Nash, J. Johnston, B. Veldhuis. FOURTH ROW: I. Wells, S. Nathan, G. Pell, D. Cusic, P. Bond, K. Deitering, D. Findley, P. Swiderski, L. Kelley, L. Campbell. STUDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS ORGANIZATION The Student Public Relations Organization is a local organization which started in the Fall, 1964. It is a pioneer college group for students planning careers in Public Relations. Their yearly project is to publish a special brochure to be used in conjunction with the Communications Week Public Relations and Advertising Day. The Brochure, which will contain pictures of the members will be sent to the personnel offices of the top one hundred corporations in the country. Any student with a 2.0 average and who is interested in public relations is eligible to join. This year ' s officers were John Chancellor, Jr., president; Diane Hoehne, secretary; Tom Green, treasurer; Joel Senger, historian. STUDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS ORGANIZATION—FIRST ROW: J. Chancellor, J. Moro, C. MacFarlane, J. McClure, A. Fields. SECOND ROW: P. Trammell, B. Koegler, T. DeLos Santos, B. Zinn. THIRD ROW: C. B. Daniel, D. Hoehue, S. Randolph, C. Wester. 81 ATHLETIC COUNCIL—SEATED: T. Dioguardi, P. Morton, D. Kirk. G. Cliett, C. Edwards, J. Overstreet, Coach H. Hooser, Professor W. E. Moore. F CLUB ATHLETIC COUNCIL Issuing a stamp of approval on all athletic letters awarded at the UF is the purpose of the Athletic Council. It is composed of representatives of the following: Cheerleaders, Florida Blue Key, Student Government, F Club, Fall and Spring sports. Coordinating athletic events with the student body, the council elected Allen. Trammell, president; Tom Dioguardi, vice-president, and Dick Kirk, This spring the F Club continued their annual service project by inviting the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch of Palatka to a spring football game and lunch. The club, composed of varsity rewards players in all sports. Striving to establish a closer contact among the various university sports through service projects and other members attended an all-sports clinic. Newly elected off icers include Dick Kirk, president; John Anderson, vice- president; Dieter Gebhardt, secretary; Dan Wells, sergeant-at-arms, and Bill Carr, treasuerer. F CLUB—FIRST ROW: D. Bentley, D. Wells, D. Pendley, M. Baezler, J. Kenworthy, B. Hawkins. SECOND ROW: D. Cushman, G. Grandy, A. Trammell, B. Bennett, D. D. Schulgasser, A. Punk. THIRD ROW; D. Kirk, E. Mahoney, R. Anderson, H. C. Hoye, L. Beckman, J. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: G. Thomas, G. Cliett, P. J. Preston, J. Benson, W. Colson, J. Whatley. FIFTH ROW: J. Ramsey, D. Griffin, H. Winkler, R. Rollyson, P. Morton, T. Dioguardii, B. G. Keller. 82 UNIVERSITY CHOIR The popular University Choir will long be remembered for its appearance at the Florida Pavilion at the World ' s Fair and its professional rendition of Handel ' s " Messiah. " Under the direction of Dr. Elwood Keister, the choir has presented throughout Florida and other Southeastern states. 83 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB MEN ' S GLEE CLUB—FIRST ROW: A. Sampson, S. Becker, C. Smith, D. Thompson, S. Heidt, B. Flower. SECOND ROW: B. Karow, J. Cotton, E. Welch, T. Evans, P. Stahnke, T. Shepard. THIRD ROW: H. Koross, P. Murlins, L. Lancit, T. Walters, J. Douthat, T. St. Johnson, B. Grussing. FOURTH ROW: S. Odenz, B. Howell, G. Mueller, D. Paul, L. McCoy, B. Estes, B. Rawlings, B. Hixon. FIFTH ROW: M. Maloney, M. Dansby, B. Beasley, B. Page, C. Elliott, D. Illsley, D. Welch, J. Stone, J. Fant. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Women ' s Glee Club has been organized eight years. In this short time they have toured the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the New York World ' s Fair, and all over the state of Florida. They have provided a program of cultural and entertaining music in such a way as to promote the best interest of the University and stimulate interest in vocal music. Projects include concerts in area high schools and on campus, as well as a Christmas and annual spring concerts. Linda Shapiro is the new president. Following her are Sue Martin, vice president; Diane Davis, secretary; Laura Temple, librarian; Loraine Sadler, business Manager; Gwen Stapleton, assistant tour manager. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB—FIRST ROW: S. Hostetler, C. Martin, C. Marke rt, S. Perry, T. Eno, L. Rietz, B. Aerlmutter, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: C. Koumtian, C. Kurdziel, L. Hall, S. Taylor, I. Shane, E. Summerall, M. Cobb, C. Harrison. THIRD ROW: D. S. Martin, J. Graham, C. Dorsey, B. Frye, C. Gorsuen, L. Lassiter, C. Ward, P. Kelly. FOURTH ROW: G. Stapleton, N. Schweitzer, L. Sadler, P. Carl, T. Caar, C. Bond, D. Curtis, B. May. FIFTH ROW: C. Regimbal, J. Bears, L. Tample, S. Evans, J. Fechtel, S. Naumann, D. Davis, V. Frees, D. Dolan. 84 BAND FRATERNITIES TAU BETA SIGMA TAU BETA SIGMA—FIRST ROW: D. Peck, S. Kuitert, P. Porter, V. Woods, C. Dramer, J. Smiley, C. Bell, A. Murdoch. SECOND ROW: C. Miller, G. Timmer, P. Hanna, J. R. Carbuhn, J. Huggins, L. Russell, M. Mueller, D. Franklin, P. Frye. KAPPA KAPPA PSI BAND OFFICERS—Bruce Matza, president; Pat Frye, secretary; Roger Kovach, vice- president; Louis Jaeger, publicity manager. KAPPA KAPPA PSI—FIRST ROW: B. Mackey, P. Matthews, L. Middleton, D. Miller, L. Jaeger, B. Matza. SECOND ROW: D. Bowles, T. Redinger, M. Rayneri, H. Pringle, R. Kovach, D. Gray, Mr. R. Foster. 85 GATOR BAND 87 SERVICE The course of campus life in influenced and guided by those who givve unselfishly of themselves to make life more for us while we are here. 88 89 Dick Thompson, Vice-President of the Student Body CAMPUS POLICY- The third floor of the Florida Union teemed as usual at the opening of the fall trimester with the orientation staffs working well into every night of the first few weeks of school. A campaign of bringing " spirit " back to the campus was undertaken by Student Government President Bruce Culpepper and the proponents of the victorious party of the fall elections, Progress Party. " Dorm stomping " was the medium SG officers undertook to take their work and suggestions to the students. Argumentation loomed in the Legislative Council where Dick Thompson, SG vice president, presided. Treasurer Steve Cheeseman worked with problems about financing student publications and published his annual report to the student body. President Culpepper sold spirit hats, endorsed the United Fund Drive, gave blood for Viet Nam vietnam and worked hard to bring more harmony to the UF campus. Bruce Culpepper, President of the Student Body MAKERS COOPERATE FOR BETTER GOVERNMENT Steve Cheeseman, Treasurer of the Student Body. Jake Dyal, Winter Chancellor of the Honor Court Sid Stubbs, Chancellor of the Honor Court; Fred Breeze, Clerk of the Honor Court. 91 GREAT STUDENT body Doug Thompson - Administrative Assistant STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET—FIRST ROW: D. Thompson, K. Melto n, J. Mann, P. Johnson, L. Bordon, B. Sandstrom, B. SECOND ROW: A. Hall, E. Smith, C. Tomphens, B. Ryals, P. Hicks, R. Thompson. THIRD ROW: T. Backmeyer, M. Malaghan, P. Zinober, I. Liebesfeld, G. Blaha, J. Kincaid, T. Lang. 92 NEEDS GOVERNMENT " Skip Haviser — Minority Leader Sam Block — Majority Leader (UNUSUAL CAMPAIGN DE-EMPHASIZES POOP? 95 DEBATES HIGHLIGHT ELECTIONS Alan Levin — Freedom Party Ernie Litz -- Apathy Party Pete Boylboll — Birthday Party 96 Buddy Jacobs — Student Party Steve Cheeseman — Decision Party VICTORY FOR MATURE STUDENT GOVERNMENT If one word could be used to this year ' s elections it would have to be " unusual " . Everytime you turned around, someone was doing something differently than it had been done before. Even the results of the voting turned out differently than What was different about it? We had a strong independent candidate; there was de-emphasis on the use of poop and banners; there were well run debates; there was a strong third party and there was a joke party (planned as such). Campaigning was aimed mainly at the independents; one party ran financial reports in the the Alligator had a very big in the voting and the top two positions were basically the only two in their party who won. Third party candidate, Ernie Litz (Apathy Party) gave Steve Cheeseman (Decision) and Buddy Jacobs (Student) a good run for their money; but they ran faster, with Jacobs coming out in the lead. It was a race in which no one was sure until the votes were actually counted. The battle was hard, but the campaign was clean. The candidates achieved something even through their campaign innovations. 99 A PICTURE IS WORTH 1000 WORDS Beth Kraselsky, Editor Marc H. Glick, Photo Coordinator Harriett Schubb, Seniors Editor Susan Sherman and Eileen Einik, Organizations Editors Nel Laughon, Managing Editor Jim Parsons , Greek Editor 100 Corning out once a year, the Seminole may not be subject to the controversy that the Alligator is. No one realizes April the immense amount of work that goes into the production of a No other UF publication experiences the unity of staff members more than the Seminole. Staffers are willing to put forth just a little more effort to help fellow staffers. When deadlines (don ' t they come just a little too soon?) and editors panic, there is always someone around to lend that needed hand. Much goes on behind the scenes to produce a yearbook. A mammoth amount of information must be muddled through, written, revised and printed. Pictures must be reaffirmed (was the mistake ours or the photographer ' s?), selected and printed. Layouts must be drawn, a job in which good design and ingenuity are essential. And all of this must be done in two Why? The Seminole is renown for being the " procrastinating publication publication. " Yet, somehow, with the help of old and new staffers, we make it by the skin of our teeth. the Seminole takes a few years off the life of the executive secretary of the Board, Gary Burke, as well, as the typesetters, photographers and printer. But all ' s well that end ' s well. It ' s a pity that only 3000 students bought the finished product. Janie Philips, Exchange Editor Joe Coudon, Copy Editor Lee Ann Draud, Residences Editor 101 Ron Spencer, Winter Managing Editor Andy Moor, Sports Editor Steve Vaughn, Fall Editor Benny Cason, Winter Editor and Fall Managing Editor Yevette Cardozo, Executive Editor 102 THE UNIVERSITIES MELTING POT OF INFORMATION Drex Dobson, Executive Editor " The Florida Alligator is more widely read than any other Alligator in northern Florida " . This is a true statement that our eager ' Gator staffers certainly Through all hours of the day and night you can see their fearless JM 301 students bothering professors, government officers, and the to bring you current and accurate news of what is going on around you, assuming that you couldn ' t possibly already know, since you are not a ' Gator staffer. Where else, in one newspaper, can you find a campus a battle between the Greeks and Independents ( M.D., WHO are you?), stories about Viet Nam, and the daily editorial opinions of the Alligator staff, the Student Government, and the Nowhere! It ' s a simple fact that if this is one of your pleasures, you have got to read the Alligator. In fact, their only problem is getting the paper to campus before your 7:30 Come down and visit their air conditioned office in the catacombs of the Florida Union. Steve Hull, Wire Editor Fran Snider 103 THE MACHINE THAT KEEPS Stephen Conn, Sales Manager Gary Burke, Executive Secretary John Webb. Donna Clyatt, Classified Ads; Nell Andrews, ALLIGATOR Secretary Jean Chance, Office Secretary Jim Marshall 104 PUBLICATIONS PRODUCING Jim Moorhead, Production Manager Ben Bond, Business Manager Charlie Steadman, Advertising Ed Barber, Assistant Production Manager 105 THE ANSWER TO ALL OUR NEEDS 106 107 HOME SWEET HOME? A home away from Home. That ' s what the infirmary is to many of our more prolific hypochondriacs around campus. And why not? The doctors and nurses are friendly, the medicine is free, and they have a Coke machine in the lobby. The infirmary offers a world of interesting pastimes for the students. You can get your temperature taken, watch students crawl down to the pharmacy, get your blood pressure talk to a psychiatrist, or even browse with yours friends while they are waiting, waiting. If you are sick, the infirmary holds even more for you. When all the talk is over, the fact remains that the doctors and nurses are all very competant, the facilities are ranked with the best, and the results are successful. There is more to the infirmary than first comes to mind. It is a fascinating, professional medical center. It is always open. If you are sick, go there. 110 SOLITUDE FOR SEEKING KNOWLEDGE The library is definitely not the place to go if you have a lot of studying to do. It is a wonderland of magical rooms that trap your attention and broaden your intellectual interests, or give them a beginning, whichever the case may be. Picture t he typical student who tries to spend a constructive day studying there. Upon entering the building he spends the first half hour cooling off or warming up and talking to the throng that use the library as their hangout. Then he ' s off to a busy afternoon of listening to records, or going through college catalogues and maps of foreign countries. After through the stacks to disturb the graduate students, he makes his way through the smoke-filled browsing room to look at original copies of first quarto in the rare book Finally, after reading his home- town newspaper, he ends up in the midst of the social whirl that is the main for the Humanities Reading Room. By the time he goes back to find his books, it is time to take his date back to the dorm for curfew. Then he has no choice but to retire to one of the branches around campus that stay open after dark. The only thing he has gained academically is the pleasure of telling his parents that lie spent all clay in the library. LEADERSHIP There are always those who gather the diverse ties, pulling others with them . We accept the necessity of this and even grow to admire those who have the fortitude and stamina to lead. 112 113 BLUE KEY . FLORIDA ' S FUTURELEADERS FLORIDA BLUE KEY OFFICERS—Bruce Starling, Bill Hoppe, Martin Schwartz, David West. 114 FLORIDA BLUE KEY TAPPEES (FALL)—FIRST ROW: J. Wolf, T. Backmeyer, B. D. Thompson, B. Ryals. SECOND ROW: L. Rock, J. Cooney, J. Hause, A. Hall, J. Douthat. THIRD ROW: S. Ullman, W. Alford, B. Robinson, P. Zinober, C. Piedra. FOURTH ROW: S. Stubbs, D. Thompson, G. Blaha, D. Haslett, H. Raattama, D. Poucher. Florida Blue Key The coveted honor of being tapped in Florida Blue Key is a goal most male student leaders strive to obtain. The primary activities of the leadership honorary include producing Homecoming, sponsoring the Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau and promoting the UF through the " The Second 100 ' television show on WUFT. Members of the organization must have maintained a 2.0 average, be enrolled as a student at the university, have completed five trimesters of study, and participated in three fields of extra-curricular activities. Officers are Bruce Starling, president; Bill Hoppe, vice-president; Martin Schwartz, treasurer, and David West, secretary. Sharon Hodge • • • Secretary LANTERNS LIGHT Connie Colwell Lynn Hall Jackie Liss Kay Lundquist Charlotte Mirabella Judy Moore Carol Shaw Nancy Stablein 116 THE CAMPUS . . The highlight of the year ' s activities for Mortar Board was the annual Homecoming Banquet. Approximately 300 people including members, Florida Blue Key and Legislators ' wives attended. Mrs. E. D. Pearce of the Board of Regents was guest Mortar Board, a national women ' s honorary, works toward high scholastic achievement, leadership, and service. The activities for the year included the Christmas tree lighting and a rummage sale with a part of the proceeds going to Dollars for Scholars. A Mortar Board section meeting was held in the fall. Members from the University of Florida State University, University of Miami, Agnes Scott, University of Georgia, and Stetson attended the luncheon. Dean Marna Brady was speaker. Tapping for Mortar Board takes place annually in the spring. The officers Lynn Wolly, president; Judy Huggins, vice-president; Judy Moore, Secretary; Jackie Liss, treasurer; Watt, editor; Connie Colwell, Carolyn Watt Louise Weadock Lynn Wolly Dean Marna Brady, Advisor Mrs. Stephanie Spanier, Advisor Dr. David Stryker, Advisor 117 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA For those outstanding freshman women who have averaged a 3.5 for one trimester, Alpha Lambda Delta is their reward. The organization, promoting intellectual integrity, encourages high scholastic achievement and provides a tutoring service for students. Officers included Kathie Taccolini, president; Joyce Naness, vice-president; Jane Cook, secretary; Susan Nieman, treasurer; Sue Peoples, social chairman, and Sandy Parker, sergeant-at-arms. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA—FIRST ROW: P. Bianco, S. Barnes, C. Satterlee, B. Ennlis, S. Nieman, K. Taccolini, P. McCaleb, J. Belger, J. A. Selin, J. Gilmer. SECOND ROW: G. Banks, K. Walker, B. Goldstein, Al. Hobson, A. Rumpf, M. Manley, C. Kimsey, P. Mydock, S. Bourg. THIRD ROW: Dr. M. Jackson (Advisor), M. Schultheis, A. Lehrke, A. Wieland, M. Lemke, C. Hirshberg, J. Kirkland, R. Butterfield, M. Jackson, C. Neel, C. Westly, Dr. T. R. Waldo (Advisor). PHI ETA SIGMA The members of Phi Eta Sigma are interested in scholarship at the of Florida. President Alan Brunswick, Vice-president Robert Imholte, Secretary John Bartholdi, and Treasurer Jay Rader, lead this organization in and promoting scholarship among freshman men on campus. In o rder to become a member of Phi Eta Sigma, a student must get a 3.5 average the first trimester of his freshman year, or have a 3.5 average at the end of his freshman year. This year the men of Phi Eta gave study " hints " to fraternity pledge classes. They also presented trophies to dorms and fraternity pledge classes for high scholastic averages, and presented three tuition scholarships to outstanding new freshmen. PHI ETA SIGMA—FRONT: B. Diamond, A. Brunswick. FIRST ROW: J. Barthold, B. Imholte, P. Currin, M. Posada. SECOND ROW: J. Rader, B. Burroughs. 118 Benny Cason Bruce Culpepper Diane Denning Barbara Lasseter Bill McCollum Bill Ryals Doug Thompson Bruce Lazar Bob Manly Joe Marinelli WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities honors outstanding students in over 700 schools throughout the United States. The organization sets a quota for each school according to its enrollment. This year, Who ' s Who honors 36 students in diverse fields and areas of extra-curricular service. A 2.0 overall average and superior to the University are traits looked for in the selection of these students. Students elected to Who ' s Who are selected by the same committee who the University of Florida Hall of Fame. The only difference between the two is that a student may be elected to Hall of Fame only once but may be elected to Who ' s Who as many times as he shows outstanding achievement in working for the student body. TOM BACKMEYER GEORGE JOSEPH BLAHA SEMINOLE HALL OF FAME The 26 students elected for the of Florida Hall of Fame this year have proved themselves to be in one or several areas all imaginable phases of campus life. Senior status and commendable leadership and service rendered to the UF student body are the essential qualities looked for by the selection committee, composed of students and deans, in choosing members for the Hall of Fame. Nominations are made by administrative deans, deans of the various campus leaders, and students may also nominate themselves. Once elected to the Hall of Fame, the members are also honored as members of Who ' s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. This year ' s group was recognized at a Leaders ' Luncheon held on February 19. STEPHEN CHEESEMAN Tom Backmeyer has shown his leadership abilities as Student Director of Orientation, Secretary of Finance, and Treasurer of the Interfraternity He is a member of Phi Gamma Fraternity and has been honored with membership in Florida Blue Key. George Blaha was kept busy this year as Secretary of Legislative Affairs and as President of the University Religious Association. For his consistent service to the UF student body, George was tapped into Florida Blue Key. Steve Cheeseman has proved his ability and interest by serving as Treasurer of the Student Body this year. A member of Florida Blue Key, Steve has been active in student government since his freshman year. MARY CONSTANCE COLWELL JOHN MARVIN DOUTHAT Connie, who was historian for Mortar Board this year, has excelled in dormitory activities. She has been awarded several service awards for her work in this area. Connie has also been active in Choral Union, the University Choir, the Women ' s Glee Club and was as a freshman by a membership in Alpha Lambda Delta. Besides being an outstanding student in the College of Agriculture, John Douthat has been active in the Men ' s Glee Club, as president of the Agricultural Council, and in student government. He was President of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Chairman of Dollars for Scholars this year, Steve Gardner has served the University in student government on Orientation, Summer Frolics and as a member of Leg Council. A letterman in tennis, Steve is also a member of the F. Club and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. JAMES STEPHEN GARDNER HALL OF FAME JAMES A. HAUSER CARL D. HEISMAN Lynn Hall has earned recognition for her work in the women ' s dormitories. She was president of Center Jennings Hall and received the Women Students Association Merit Award. For her and outstanding academic she was tapped into Mortar Board. President of the Interfraternity this year Jim Hauser has been active in student government on Legislative Council, Homecoming, Orientation and in politics. He is a member of Florida Blue Key and has participated in the FBK Speaker ' s Bureau. Jim has held the positions of Vice-president and Secretary of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. VIRGINIA LYNN HALL GORDON H. HARRIS A member of JMBA, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, and the Honor Court Bar Association, Gordon " Stumpy " served as executive editor of the Law Review. He was a member of the Moot Court Team that won the State and Regional Competition this year. " Stumpy " is also a member of Florida Blue Key and was quite active as an undergraduate. Carl has made himself known around the UF campus through his military leadership and as a Cheerleader. Division Commander in AFROTC, on the Billy Mitchell Drill Team, in the Arnold Air Society and a member of Scabbard and Blade won him the honor of Distinguished Military Cadet. Carl is a member of Florida Blue Key and was corresponding secretary of Kappa Alpha Order. 122 Beth Kraselsky has shown performance in UF publications since her freshman year. She served as Editor of the Seminole this year, a long line of traditional male Beth has worked on Homecoming and served as recording secretary of Sigma Alpha Eta fraternity. She was Pledge Mother of Delta Phi Epsilon. Kay held the tremendous job of of the Women Students ' this year. A UF Cheerleader, she was also active in Leg Council, Alpha Lambda Delta and Mortar Board. Kay was a Little Sister of the Laurel for Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. She was Vice- president of Chi Omega Sorority. LUNDQUIST " The 2nd 100 " , FBK ' s TV program owes part of its success to the work of its director, Zollie Maynard who is a member of that organization. Zollie has been an active participant in Religion in-Life Week, Orientation, activities and campus politics. He served as Student Director of and is a member of Sigma Chi BETH KRASELSKY ELLEN KAY ZOLLIE MAYNARD, JR. HALL OF FAME Honored by Mortar Board and Pi Sigma Alpha, Charlotte Mirabella has been active in Orientation and in the women ' s dormitories. She has served on Judiciary and as a Resident Assistant in Jennings and Rawlings Hall. Charlotte held the important post of political representative of Zeta Tau Sorority. As chief announcer for WRUF, Don Poucher ' s voice has been heard by thousands of UF students daily. A member of Florida ' s Blue Key, Don was influential in the production of " The 2nd 100. " He was active in student government and in the Gator Band. Don served as President of Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity and Vice-president of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. CHARLOTTE JEAN MIRABELLA Walter " Bud " Robinson had the colossal task of coordinating Gator Growl this year as its director. In the College of Law, " Bud " served as treasurer of JMBA, Editorial Board Member of the UF Law Review and representative to Leg Council. A member of Florida Blue Key and Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, he was a finalist in the Campbell Thornal Appellate Moot Court Competition. DONALD WALTON POUCHER WALTER LAWRENCE ROBISON III Carol was kept quite busy in the dormitories, having served as Welcome Week chairman and president of Hall. She was on the Interhall President ' s Committee and a member of Women ' s Judiciary. Among Carol ' s honors include Gamma Sigma Epsilon, chemistry honorary, and Mortar Board. CAROL ANNE SHAW Bill Slippy has proved his leadership in Village Government. He was Secretary of Married Students Affairs, Mayor of Flavet II, and on the Mayor ' s Council for several years. Chairman of the Benton Engineering Council, Bill was also president of the Benton Engineering Society. Bill did a commendable job as Technical of Gator Growl this year and participated in the FBK Speakers ' Bureau. Honored by Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, and Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing Honorary), Nancy Stablein has shown her scholastic and leadership ability to the University. She was president of Broward Ha ll and has been a Resident Assistant in the women ' s for two years. Nancy received the Broward Outstanding Service Award. WILLIAM ALBERT SLIPPY, JR. Sid Stubbs held one of the top five elected positions on campus this year as Chancellor of the Honor Court. He also assumed the task of being chairman of the Homecoming Smoker this year. In Law School, Sid served as chairman of Law School Freshman Orientation and was Executive Editor of the Law Review. Sid is a member of NBA and was treasurer of Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. NANCY LYNN STABLEIN SIDNEY A. STUBBS, JR. HALL OF FAME Dick Thompson has shown his to serve the UF student body in his capacity of Vice-president of the Student Body. Prior to assuming this office, Dick had served on Legislative Council, Honor Court, Homecoming, Orientation and the Florida Union Board. is a member of the Men ' s Glee Club. Dick was tapped into Florida Blue Key for his contributions to UF. Allen Trammell was familiar to the UF on the football field and baseball diamond. He was an outstanding member of the Gator football team and was chosen to be on the All-SEC team. He is also on the All-American Baseball Team. Allen was a member of Legis- lative Council and the F Club. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega ALLEN RAYMOND TRAMMELL RICHARD EMMETT THOMPSON Steve Vaughn held the precarious position on campus as Editor of the Alligator. As editor, he was subject to much criticism but, because of his ability, produced a newspaper representative of the UF student body. Steve was a member of Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Fraternity and Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. STEPHEN READ VAUGHN 126 LYNN WOLLY Carolyn Watt has participated in activities at the UF. She was of Coedikette, a member of the staff, and a member of Lyceum Council. Carolyn was an Orientation Group Leader and was active on the FBK Speakers ' Bureau, She is a of the Florida Players and Mortar Board. Carolyn has served as Vice- president of Phi Mu Sorority. President of Mortar Board Lynn Wolly has been prominent in campus She served as sorority coordinator for Action Party in 1965. In student government, Lynn served as an Orientation Group Leader, FBK Speaker, and Secretary to the Student Government Treasurer. She was Treasurer and Vice- president of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. A member of Florida Blue Key, Lee Willis is the producer of " The 2nd 100 " . He has held important posts on Homecoming, the FBK Speakers ' Bureau, and Religion-in-Life Week. In student government, Lee was Secretary of Public Relations and Chairman of the Miss UF Contest. He was a member of Interfraternity Council and has served as Vice-president and President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. CAROLYN JUDY WATT LEE LAWRENCE WILLIS 127 ACTIVITIES Each day we are pulled between listening to an eminent lecturer, attending a play or movie, enjoyi ng a prominent studying . . . We do the former, mostly, and are glad we did. 128 130 Paula Hicks; Tau- Epsilon Phi Marsha Goheen; Rawlings Hall MISS SEMINOLE Virginia Jasper; Delta Delta Delta Jacquelyn Modesitt; Sigma Chi Sean Connery, Judge Miss Seminole Sherry Sandler; Delta Phi Epsilon 131 Mrs. Nathan Eden, Mrs. University of Florida International Beauty Queen finalists: Patty Effron, second runner-up; Jane Sandefur, queen; Jackie Modesitt, first runner-up; and SuzAnn Hull, 1965 queen. 132 LAST YEAR ' S BEAUTIES SHARE SPOTLIGHT Donna Berger Miss University of Florida Virginia Jasper, 1965 Miss University of Florida. Kathy Green Homecoming Sweetheart 133 134 Kathy Green Homecoming Sweetheart Donna Berger Miss University of Florida Miss Camp Wauberg 135 Barbara Ward 136 IT ' S BEEN A YEAR . . FULL OF QUESTIONS University Religious Association. 137 HOMECOMING WEEKS OF PLANNING AND HARD WORK BLOSSOM HOMECOMING INTO COLORFUL ARRAY 140 HOMECOMING AUDIENCE GLIMPSES HOMECOMING FLORIDA UNDER FIVE FLAGS 141 HOMECOMING 142 CHEERS FOR FLORIDA ' S 400th YEAR HOMECOMING POTPOURRI TREATS 144 ALUMNI AND STUDENTS SUMMERTIME, STILL FOR THINKING OUT LOUD 147 FIRST WEEK PLANNED TO SMOOTH INITIAL SHOCK Orientation is never a perfect thing, but it did try to present campus life. Counselors helped over 3,000 new students through the complicated maze of beginning, and everyone felt a great when the week was over. were dominant. The students assemblies and freshman classes a few days early. Some had come for summer weekend retreats with their parents. All were told to study or fail. New students were urged to develop through their studies, new friends, and their surroundings. Frank Glinn was the Student Director and Mr. Cross, the Administrative Advisor. MANCINI, FOUR PREPS ANOTHER LYCEUM SELL 152 RASHOMON THE KNIGHT OF THE BURNING PESTLE ' PLATTERS, LESLIE GORE, FALL FROLICS 1965 Senator Fulbright—FBK Homecoming Speaker Dean Lester Hale—Christmas Carol DIVERSITY FOR A DIVERSIFIED UNIVERSITY University Choir—The Messiah Ted Sorenson—Lyceum Council 158 BACK TO CHILDHOOD VIA 160 INTERNATIONAL WEEK FOCUSES CULTURAL SPECTRUM BALLET DEMONSTRATES VARIED CHOREOGRAPHY OPERATION APPRECIATION FOR VIET VETERANS VIETNAM MACBETH PLANNING AND HARD WORK MACBETH PROVES THAT ' LIFE IS BUT A STAGE ' GRAB A SIG FOR A SIGNATURE Betty Wendt, Sigma Chi Derby Queen 168 1966 DERBY SPORTS That eagerly awaited change from the books—our chance to let off steam or to get hot under the collar We try. 170 171 172 QUICK START FELLS 24-14 Florida got off to a quick start upholding the pride of the South with a victory over Big Ten opponent Northwestern, 24-14. The Gator ' s exciting passing combination of Steve Spurrier to Charles Casey could click on only one pass, but it was good enough for the first touchdown of the game. A Don Barrett field goal as the first quarter ended made the score 10-0, Florida. Florida added another quick score with less than a minute left in the half when George Grandy intercepted a Dave Milam pass on the Northwestern 14 and ran it into the end zone for six points. Wayne Barfield added his extra point of the game and the Gators went into the locker room with a comfortable 17-0 halftime lead. It looked as if Florida was going to make a runaway of the game in the half. Spurrier guided the Gators 75 yards down the field with the second half kickoff for a score. The third ended with Florida ahead, 24-0. The fourth quarter was all as the Wildcats ' Bob McKelvey scored twice on one-yard plunges to make the final score 24-14, Florida. 173 DETERMINED MISSISSIPPI STATE DEFEATS FLORIDA Florida couldn ' t hold off a determined Bulldog second half rally and suffered its first defeat of the season, 18-13. The Gators drew first blood, taking the opening kickoff 59 yards for the score. With fourth down and 13 on the State 13, Florida lined up in field goal formation. It was a fake and Allen Trammel ran around right end to put the Gators ahead 6-0. Wayne Barfield missed his first extra point of the season. Mississippi State capitalized on a Gator mistake late in the first quarter. With the second string in, Harmon Wages handed off to Jimmy Jordan who fumbled. The Bulldogs recovered on the Florida 26 and scored six plays later. Hoyle Granger, the Bulldog ' s big fullback, bucked over from the one. State missed the extra point and the game was tied. Florida went into the locker room at half time with a 13-6 lead. John Feiber plunged over from the one on fourth down to give the Gators the lead. But the Bulldogs took over the second half. They took the opening kickoff 70 yards for a score. Florida ' s Dick Kirk blocked the point after and Florida went into the last quarter with a slim 13-12 lead. With 6:29 left in the ball game State quarterback Ashby Cook hit converted end Don Saget with a 23-yard touchdown pass to make the score 18-13 in State ' s favor. A two-point conversion try was stopped. Florida got off two more drives—going to the State 24 on one and the 12 on the other—but couldn ' t put the winning touchdown on the scoreboard. 175 THIRD QUARTER TOUCHDOWN UPSETS LSU 14-7 An undefeated Louisiana State team came roaring onto Florida Field, only to go out at the end of the game like a lamb as the Gators hung on for a 14-7 win. Neither team could put any points on the scoreboard in the first quarter. But when the second period began Florida took only three plays to go ahead 7-0. Steve Spurrier found sophomore Richard Trapp all alone in the end zone for a 22-yard touchdown pass. Not to be outdone, the Tigers came back three series of plays later and on a drive. With their sophomore quarterback Nelson Stokley guiding the team, the Tigers tied the score just before the half ended. With second down and goal to go on the Florida four, decided to take things into his own hands. He kept the ball and ran for the score. The third quarter told the story of the ball game. The two teams exchanged the ball twice before the Gators got their hands on it for the third time in the quarter on their own 14-yard line. On the play of the 86-yard drive, with fourth down and goal to go on the LSU one, Florida shunned the field goal and sent fullback John Feiber barreling into the end zone for the touchdown. LSU tried hard to stay unbeaten with two deep drives into Florida territory in the final quarter. With second and goal on the Florida three midway through the fourth it looked as if LSU would tie the score. But Joe Labruzzo went hurdling over the Gator line only to meet head-on with Florida safety man Bruce Bennett. Bennett knocked the ball out of grasp and Gator defensive end Lynn Matthews was there to recover. But LSU wasn ' t through for the Unable to move the ball from deep in their own territory,. the Gators had to punt and give the Tigers one more chance to score. The Tigers drove to the Gators ' 31- yard line before a stiff Florida defense arose to the occasion and pushed the Tigers back. 176 177 MISSISSIPPI HOMECOMING FOILED, Florida spoiled Mississippi ' s Homecoming festivities, shutting out the Rebels, 17-0. Florida ' s All-America quarterback Steve Spurrier put on an offensive show which was to earn him National Back- Of-The-Week honors. The Tennessee junior hit on 18 passes in 31 attempts for 223 yards—all of these figures being new school standards. He finished the day with 245 total yards to set another school record. Florida squeezed all of its points into the first half, then turned the game over to its defense for the rest of the game. Actually, Ole Miss could only sneak into Florida territory twice during the whole day. Once midway in the second quarter the Rebels were on the Florida 48 for one play. On the next play they lost four yards and didn ' t get back into Gator territory for the rest of the half. Mississippi finally mounted a drive late in the fourth quarter which pushed all the way to the Gator 17. But a fourth down pass failed to get the first down and Florida took over and ran out the clock. Held to a field goal in the first quarter, Florida scored twice in the second quarter to put the game out of reach. The first Florida touchdown came just as the second quarter got under way on an eight-yard Spurrier to Charles Casey pass on fourth down. Florida took advantage of an intercepted pass by defensive captain Bruce Bennett to put its final score on the board. Bennett put the Gators in business on the Rebel 35-yard line. Spurrier scored four plays later from the five. 180 NORTH CAROLINA STATE OVERWHELMED, 28-6 Charles Casey set a record for most passes caught in a single game as he and his teammates made homecoming a affair, beating the Wolfpack from North Carolina State, 28-6. Steve Spurrier broke all the records he had set in the Mississippi game, 21 passes on 39 attempts for 258 yards. His total yardage for the day was 252—also a new record. Florida got off to a quick start, scoring the second time it got its hands on the ball. Spurrier hit Casey on a 15-yard touchdown pass. In the second quarter the Gators again on a 2-yard run by fullback John Feiber. The Wolfpack couldn ' t score in the first half and the Gators went in at halftime leading 14-0. But N. C. State threw a scare into Florida late in the third quarter. halfback Shelby Mansfield bulled over from the one for State ' s only score of the game. Florida came to life in the fourth quarter, scoring twice on another Feiber one-yard plunge and a Spurrier to Casey pass, this one good for 18 yards. A tough Florida defense tightened its belt and didn ' t allow the Wolfpack a score the rest of the afternoon. 181 182 AUBURN HANDS FLORIDA ITS SECOND DEFEAT, 28-17 Florida suffered its second setback of the campaign against an underdog team. The Gators looked as if they were to make a runaway of the game in the second quarter. A 26-yard Wayne Barfield field goal and a 22-yard Steve Spurrier to Jack Harper touchdown pass sent the Gators into the locker room at halftime with a 10-0 lead. Auburn couldn ' t muster a first down until late in the second quarter. But the second half was a different story as the Tigers started to move second string quarterback Alex Bowden. Bowden found Scotty Long behind the Florida secondary and a 29-yard touchdown pass to the Auburn end to put Auburn back in the game. On the first play after the kickoff, Auburn linebacker Bill Cody intercepted a Steve Spurrier pass and ran it 29 yards for the score. The third quarter ended with Florida trailing 14-10, but starting to move. Florida marched all the way from its own 20 for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The drive, which started late in the third quarter, ended with hitting Charles Casey on an 11-yard touchdown pass. Two series of downs later, Bowden went to work again. On the very first play of the series Bowden hit Auburn end Freddie Hyatt on a 69-yard scoring bomb to put Auburn ahead to stay 21-17. Auburn added insult to injury late in the game as the ubiquitous Cody fell on a Spurrier fumble in the Florida end zone to get the Tigers their last of the afternoon. 183 FOURTH QUARTER COMEBACK STUNS GEORGIA, Florida covered 78 yards in two plays to score the winning touchdown against Georgia with less than four minutes to play, 14-10. With first and ten on its own 22, it looked as if Florida was about to lose its third game of the season to the Georgia Bulldogs. Vince Dooley has his team out in front 10-7, and had his secondary playing deep to protect against the long pass. But Steve Spurrier found Charles Casey cutting across the middle. Casey tucked the ball under his arm and raced 46 yards down the field. On the very next play Spurrier found Jack Harper in the end zone for the winning touchdown. Harper caught the ball, while falling backwards into the end zone over two Georgia defenders. Neither team could score in the first quarter, but Florida came back to push across a touchdown in the second. With less than two minutes to go in the half, Alan Poe raced around end for a six-yard scoring jaunt. Barfield added the extra point and the Gators took a 7-0 halftime lead. Georgia came back in the third quarter and scored on a Bob Etter field goal. In the fourth quarter Georgia went ahead for the first time in the contest. Bulldog quarterback Kirby Moore hit end Pat Hodgson on a fourth down and six pass from the Florida 8 for the score. This set the stage for Florida ' s late come-from-behind drive. 185 HIGHEST POINT TOTAL SWAMPS TULANE, Tulane blocked a Hal Seymour punt early in the third quarter deep in Florida territory. It took quarterback Dave East only three plays to hit halfback Jim Darnley with a nine-yard touchdown pass. A two-point try for extra points failed. Florida got back to its scoring ways in the fourth quarter. A Wayne Barfield field goal and a Spurrier-to-Barry Brown touchdown pass put Florida ahead 45- 13. The final score of the game came with second string Harmon Wages at the controls. On the first play of the series, Wages hit sophomore flanker Richard Trapp with a 72-yard touchdown pass to end the scoring for the day. Florida ran up its highest point total ever under head coach Ray Graves, as it swamped Tulane, 51-13. The tone of the game was set early in the first quarter when Florida cashed i n on two Tulane mistakes. On the first running play from scrimmage Tulane fumbled and Dick Kirk recovered for Florida. Three plays later Alan Poe scored to make it 6-0. Florida kicked off again. Five plays later George Smith fumbled for Tulane. This time it took Florida only one play to score as Steve Spurrier hit Charlie Casey in the end zone with a ten-yard touchdown pass. When Florida kicked off for the third time it already had a 14-0 lead. Tulane started a drive on the third kick-off, but a stubborn Gator defense forced a punt. Spurrier and the Gators marched 78 yards for a touchdown to make the score at the end of the first quarter 21-0. Florida didn ' t let up in the second quarter, scoring two more touchdowns to go in at half-time with a 35-7 lead. MIAMI HURRICANES UPSET FLORIDA, Florida ran into a Hurricane-sized storm and dropped its game with state rival, Miami, 16-13. The Gators scored the first time they got their hands on the ball on a 34-yard half-back pass by Jack Harper. Harper hit Casey in the end zone to put Florida ahead with less than four minutes gone on the scoreboard clock. Florida ' s defense held Miami and the Hurricanes had to punt. But Allen Trammel fumbled the punt on a fair catch and Miami was in business on the Gator 37 yard line. Sophomore quarterback Bill Miller marched Miami in for the score. Pete Banaszack bounced into the end zone for the touchdown from the one-yard line. Miami missed the extra point, and Florida still had a one-point lead. In the second quarter the only person to score was Wayne Barfield for Florida. Barfield got off two field goals of 24 and 30 yards to give the Gators a 13-6 halftime lead. Miami capitalized on a Florida miscue in the third quarter to tie up the Gators. A Miami punt hit Florida ' s Dick Kirk and the Hurricanes hit Florida ' s Dick Kirk and the Hurricanes recovered on the Florida eight yard line. Miller on the very next play with an eight- yard run around left end. An in tercepted pass, the second of the night for Miami led to the Hurricane ' s winning field goal. Art Zachary was the man who made it all possible for Miami, intercepting a Spurrier pass on the 47. With fourth down and eight yards to go on the Florida eight, Don Curtright kicked the winning field goal for Miami. Florida mounted a drive on the kickoff, marching all the way down to the Miami 15 yard line. an intentional grounding of a pass call pushed Florida out of scoring range. 189 SPECTACULAR FINISH CRUSHES FLORIDA STATE, 30-17 Florida came from behind in the last two minutes of play to beat rival Florida State, 30-17, in one of the most exciting games seen in the history of Gator football teams. The winning touchdown came with 1:12 left in the game. Florida ' s All- American quarterback, Steve Spurrier motioned All-American end Charles Casey into the end zone and hit him with a 25-yard touchdown pass. The score was then 23-17. Florida State took the kickoff and started to drive. Then Florida defensive halfback Allen Trammell put the game out of the Seminole ' s reach by grabbing an errant FSU pass and running it back 46 yards for a touchdown. Florida State scored first taking of a blocked punt. A tough Gator defense stopped the Seminoles at the 11, but Pete Roberts hit on a 28-yard field goal to make the score 3-0. Those were the only points the Seminole ' s were to get until late in the third quarter. Florida scored two second- quarter touchdowns on passes of 52 and 37 yards, both of them to Jack Harper. A Wayne Barfield field goal in the third quarter made the score 16-3 before the Seminoles started to come to life. With Ed Pritchett passing, the Seminoles marched 74 yards in five plays to score. The payoff came on a 31-yard effort from Pritchett to end Max to make the score 16-10. Then in the fourth quarter FSU went ahead for the second time 17-16 on a 21-yard pass from Pritchett to end Jones. The touchdown came with only 2:10 left in the game. Six plays after the kickoff Spurrier found Casey in the end zone for the winning touchdown. FRESHMEN TALENT MOVES UP FOR VARSITY DUTY Florida ' s Baby Gators, led by two All-Americans named Larry played .500 ball during their short four-game They opened up the year with a over Auburn on the War Eagles ' home field, then journeyed to Tallahassee where they dropped a contest to the Baby Seminoles. The freshmen ' s third road trip to Miami netted them an upset win over the Baby Hurricanes before 40,000 fans. The George Bulldogs were the Gators ' only home opponent and they made the Gators ' short home stand a sad one with a victory. But, as head coach Dave Fuller said, this was not a balanced freshman team. Recruiting emphasis was put on to replace the varsity ' s graduating But the backfield was not without its stars. Larry Rentz, All-America quarterback from Coral Gables and Larry Smith, All-America halfback from have the varsity offensive coaches licking their lips. 1965 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW: Lloyd Turman, Bill Price, Bob Young, William Dorsey, Gur Dennis, Harrell Reid, Coach Fuller. SECOND ROW: Bill McBride, Bob Kyle, Joe Shelnut, Frank Cain, Dale Turlington, James Kersey, Allen Brown. THIRD ROW: Jim Yarborough, Jim Maddox, Steve Clark, Walter Richie, Don Bozeman, Tom Christian, Larry Rentz. FOURTH ROW: Larry McQuinn, Larry Smith, Mike Chip Hinton, Joe Schiller, Nelson Davis, George Dean. FIFTH ROW: Steve Ely, Bernie Byers, Mike Santille, Tony Govekar, Dave Barnhart, Bill Gaisford, Ron Stopplewerth. SIXTH ROW: Gunnar Paulson, Bobby Adams, Jeff Warren, Gary Duven, Terry Morris, Eddie Foster, Walter Harrison, Mark Fitzsimmons, Davis Tullis. WINNING FOOTBALL --TRADITION BUILT Don Brown — A graduate from the University of Florida, Don Brown has taken over as the defensive end coach for the Gators. Brown was either an assistant head coach or head coach for area high schools for 10 years. Brown was one of three brothers to play end for the Gators. His brother Ray was captain of the 1956 team and a three year regular, as was Russ who graduated after the 1964 Ed Kensler — Ed Kensler stepped into the shoes of the now departed Pepper Rodgers as offensive boss of the Gators. His great coaching ability was almost lost to the Gators after his first year at the offensive reigns when his Alma Mater, Maryland, almost took him on as their new head coach. Kenesler works mainly with the offensive line and has earned great respect and loyalty from the boys he coaches. Ray Graves — Serving as both head coach and athletic director. Ray Graves has made winning football a tradition at Florida. Now the fans get disappointed when the Gators don ' t go undefeated. Graves has compiled a 40-21-2 mark since coming to the University. He has been one of the most successful recruiters in the south, by signing the top players in the area to football scholarships at the University. BY OUTSTANDING COACHES Bubba McGowan — Bubba McGowan is known as the passing man in the UF ' s coaching lineup. His golden arm has been throwing passes to would be Gator receivers for the past two seasons. He coaches the offensive ends and flanker- backs for Florida, working with them on their moves and pass patterns every day at practice. McGowan was once a halfback himself in the late 40 ' s and early 50 ' s. He came out of Dothan, Alabama, with All-State and All honors as a halfback. Gene Ellenson — Every time a head coaching job in the South is vacated, Gene Ellenson ' s name is invariably mentioned as a possible candidate for the position. Now assistant head coach under Ray Graves, Ellenson is as one of the defensive coaching geniuses in the college ranks. During his playing days Ellenson was a first team guard on the great Georgia teams of the early 1940 ' s and a performer for the professional Miami Seahawks after the war in 1947. Billy Kinnard — A hard driving, former Mississippi Rebel, Billy is the first one to lose his voice from shouting each spring and fall whe n practice first opens up. He has taken over the defensive backfield job and whipped this all important unit into a solid fighting team the past two seasons. Kinnard has the hardest task of all the coaches for the coming spring as he lost three of his top four starting backfield due to graduation. SUGAR BOWL New Years eve on Bourbon Street is fantastic. With one exception the loyal Florida fans who traveled to the old French city to see the Sugar Bowl game wern ' t disappointed with what they found. Missouri fans with " Tiger Caps " and Florida fans with " Show Missou " so packed the narrow streets it was almost impossible to move. It seemed as though strip shows, mounted cars honking horns, and tipsy alumni were all crowded into a few blocks to welcome in 1966. At midnight firecrackers went off, people kissed people they had never met, horns were louder than ever, and patrolmen took several aspirin in preparation for a long night. On balconies overlooking Bourbon Street, girls in high heels and short dresses threw red, white, or purple streamers into the crowd. People with glasses stamped Pat O ' Brien ' s or cards from Al Hirt ' s walked around in a daze. Everyone was ecstatic. 196 " SHOW MISSOU " BUTTONS AND " TIGER " CAPS MERRYMAKERS ROAMED NARROW 198 STREETS WELCOMING IN 1966 SUGAR BOWL 200 BUT SPURRIER SMASHED PASSING RECORDS The Gators were pushed all over the field during the first three quarters, but came roaring back to play a magnificent fourth period. Spurrier, an All-America Look selection, connected with his end, All-America Charlie Casey for one touchdown, tossed another to Jack Harper and carried the ball across for the third TD. The versatile quarterback was as the game ' s outstanding player as he smashed all major passing records. For example, Spurrier ' s 45 attempts and 27 completions broke a record set in 1939. His 352 yards clipped the old record of 242 set in 1963. Casey ' s catch for the third touchdown was described by veteran sportswriters as the " finest ever in Sugar Bowl He juggled Spurrier ' s high pass, trapped it against his face mask and finally pulled it in for six points , but the effort was two points short as the Gators fell 20-18 to Missouri. 201 SUGAR BOWL GATOR ' S FALL 20-18 . . . 203 HARD DRIVING COACHES LEAD TEAMS W. M. Potter, Tennis Coach Jimmy Carnes, Head Track and Field Coach TO OUTSTANDING YEAR Brooks Henderson, Freshman Basketball Coach Bill Harlan, Swimming Coach Dave Fuller, Head Baseball Coach Norm Sloan, Head Basketball Coach UF VARSITY LOOKS TO FUTURE WITH As the Seminole sports section goes to press the Gator cagers are in one of their worse slumps of the season. Winging along on a four game streak on the road the Gators walked into a buzzsaw at Mississippi State, losing 76-68. This halted a six game winning streak overall for the fighting Gators. But things got worse and they haven ' t gotten better yet. Florida dropped a game to Tennessee on the Volunteers court that their coach Norm Sloan termed a " disgrace " after the contest. Then the Gators came back with one of their best performances of the against the number one ranked Kentucky Wildcats. But the effort was wasted on a losing cause. However, the Gators failed to give up when behind by 18 points and narrowed the margin of victory to 10 points by the time the final buzzer sounded. The Gators were glad to get home, but some unfriendly visitors from the state of Alabama gave the Gators a rude homecoming present. The hot shooting Auburn Tigers led by Lee Defore ' s 35 point performance the Gators, 86-66. Florida started out the season with great potential in their tall men, Gary Keller and Jeff Ramsey. These two combined to give the Gators one of the tallest front lines in the country. But Ramsey came up with a deep chest cold that hampered him and Keller still hasn ' t developed into the super star Florida so badly needs to put it into conference contention. Jacksonville was the Gators first at Florida Gym, but head coach Sloan still maintained his team lacked depth. The graduation of three varsity starters, two of them guards, put a lot of pressure on some of the Gators promising sophomores. Florida romped through its first three opponents before losing in a road effort to a strong North Carolina team. Then the well traveled Gators took off for Washington and split a couple with the boys on the West Coast. 206 ANOTHER YEAR GONE Then it was the Gator Bowl which the gang from Florida had won for the last two years. This was the year of the northern invader though, as Penn State squeeked by the Gators in the finale 54-52. Florida won its first SEC contest of the year against Alabama at home losing to Kentucky. After that Florida went on its six game winning streak before hitting a slump. But the real story of the season has to be the coming of age of the on the club. David Miller has risen from a substitute to a regular and the second highest scorer on the team, behind only Keller. Harry Winkler and Mike Rollyson have given the Gators fine backup play at guard. And while this season is not over yet, Sloan must have had some dreams of next year—the freshmen have lost only one game all year. 209 210 211 213 214 215 218 219 220 221 Bill Harlan ' s swim team is suffering through one of its poorest seasons of the past decade. At this juncture the Gators are 6-6 on the year with a crucial meet coming up with the Florida State Seminoles. The Seminoles crushed the Gators in their first meeting this season and are slated to make a repeat performance at Florida pool. However, a strong freshmen team promises great things for the future. 222 MERMEN MAY BE ONE YEAR FROM GREATNESS 224 r 225 DASH FLASH ANDERSON HEADS VARSITY TRACK Hundred yard dash-flash John Anderson and decathalon man Harry Winkler will return to Jimmy Carnes ' track team this year. The Gators are expected to field a respectable team this season, but the real powerhouse may lie in freshman talent. Carnes went on a recruiting binge last year and has come up with some of the finest talent in the South on his rookie squad. With Carnes ' active recruiting program in high gear Florida is in line to become one of the major track powers in the south in the near future. Tony Bascelli—discus. Scott Hager—pole vault. Jim Kelly—broad jump. 226 Bill Tucker—hurtles. Jim Richeson—high jump. 227 Wayne Courtney—shot-putt. Pete Skafts, javelin, and Track Coach Welsch. Dieter Gebhard—half-mile runner. 228 Frank Lagotic—mile and two mile runner. Dave Wilson—mile and two mile runner . George Jahnigen—javelin and broad jump. 229 FLORIDA LOOK TO FUTURE Rick Chase—varsity tennis Jamie Pressley—freshman tennis, Bill Perrin—varsity tennis. VARSITY TENNIS—FIRST ROW: Russell Burr, Steve Gardner, Ron Cohen, Rick Nicoletti, Ron Fick. SECOND ROW: Coach Potter, John Shipley, Richard Onemyer, Bill Perrin, Bill Belote, Rick Chase, Coach Chafin. 1 Bill Belote—varsity tennis 230 WITH FRESHMEN Armstead Neely—freshman tennis. Freshman Doubles—Lee Steele, Steve Beeland. Ron Fick—varsity tennis. This year ' s tennis team should he about the same strength as last year ' s according to head coach Bill Potter. Rick Chase will be playing the number one position with Ron Fick, Steve Gardner and Bill Perrin backing him up. Like the swimming team, Potter is looking toward the future with his squad. A powerhouse freshmen team which includes national junior Indoor champion Armistead Neely from Tampa and Clearwater ' s Eastern junior Jamie Pressly should provide with excellent teams in the future. Steve Gardner—varsity tennis. Bob Murphy—Captain, varsity golf team. Wally Armstrong—varsity golf team. VARSITY GOLF TEAM—FIRST ROW: Eddie Hoard, Dave Oakley, Lloyd Watts, Coach Wally Armstrong, Bob Murphy. SECOND ROW: Joe Pavelchak, Ted Hanson, Mike Toale, Phil Smith, Chuck Arnold, Ron Murphy. FRESHMAN GOLF TEAM — FIRST ROW: Steve Melnyk, Rick Spears, John Darr. ROW: John Sale, Tom Baynard, Coffee. 232 BOPPIN BOB LEADS GATOR GOLFERS Lloyd Watts—varsity golf team. Dave Oakley—varsity golf team. Ron Murphy—varsity golf team. Florida ' s golf team, led by National Amateur champ Bob Murphy should be one of the best teams in the South, if not the nation. Head coach Buster Bishop has depth which he hasn ' t enjoyed for many Backing up Murphy is Lloyd Watts who is playing the finest golf of his career. Bishop also has one of the finest freshmen teams in the past decade at Florida. John Sale from Alabama, Spears from New York and Steve Melnick from Georgia spearhead a freshman team. Mike Toale—va rsity golf team. 233 GREEKS Ours is a strong Greek campus . . . We belong for sundry reasons but as Greeks we are bound to strengthen our campus and our organization. 234 235 236 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL GOVERNS 27 The governing body of the 27 UF fraternities is the Inter-Fraternity Council made up of representatives from the various social organizations. IFC provides events for the students within the fraternity system, such as Fall and Spring Frolics. (bringing Leslie Gore and Johnny Rivers to campus), and the blood drive, their annual service project. This year the IFC was able to present blood donated by students to the four Viet Nam veterans who visited the campus in " Operation Appreciation. " Other duties include settling disputes over rushing and fraternity problems. IFC Officers include: Clyde Taylor, president; Manny James, executive vice- president; Jim Kincaid, administrative vice-president; Joe Baron, secretary; Norm Bledsoe, treasurer. Panhellenic Council Representatives from each of the UF ' s 13 sororities serve on Panhellenic Council which coordinates sorority activities and makes and enforces rules. Each trimester the council sponsors a Panhellenic Forum to invite girls to attend rush. Rushing and descriptions of sorority life are presented at this time. Panhellenic also sponsors a money- making project during the year in order to raise funds to support a war orphan. PANHELLENIC SMOOTHS RUSH PROBLEMS PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS—Susan Bartley, president; Donna Londeree, vice- president; Candy Hampton, secretary; Susan Levine, treasurer; Andrea Westman, rush chairman. 239 ALPHA CHI OMEGA President Jane Palmour Vice-president Kathie Martin Recording Secretary Sandee Berry Corresponding Secretary .. Carol Cash Treasurer Roberta Ready WINED AND DINED Sellers pre sented with a teddy bear . Mr. W. loses out . . . Sig Ep Joyce marries her Sig Ep . . . 2nd trimester and an " Orange and Blue " cheer on the front porch . . . Patsy, Pam, and Kathie join the ranks of the engaged, while bouquet and a retrieved blue spell doom for a Pi Kap . . . Suite IB and Scuppernong calm many a nerve . .. Jigsaw puzzles are fun, but lost week-ends are huh, Carol? . . . Leslie must have studied sometime . . . A Pike from Purdue early . . . You think politics are strange bedfellows? Try Fritos or a hairy " Igloo " . . . There ' s a toad in Millie ' s room? . . . Versatile JoNez fingerpaints by day, is wined and dined by night . . . Bev ' s midnight music to shower by: the Star Spangled Banner . . . An overflowing mailbox with mail from New York, Australia, Maryland, Virginia, the Citadel . . . " And when our last dear college days are gone, may these memories live on . . . " ALPHA CHI OMEGA ' S A " cool " year for returning Alpha Chis begins with a great, new house- mother and a newly air-conditioned house . . . 21 enthusiastic pledges . . . Law students are an " in " activity . . . Jo and Kitty, cleverly disguised as a black cloud, slide down the bannister and hover over the phone ... We could count on Jeanabelle to remain single . . . An ATO pin returns home, this time on a card . . . The " clever little fox " is trapped as Jim calls it John? . . . After that religion test, MBK will never be the same . . . 820 pre- pares for a religious wave as a paper- shrouded spook stalks the dark . . . The candle went round and round as Judy and Carole flashed their rings . . . No Santa Claus? We saw him on the roof just before he left for Colonial Manor . . . Well, if you can ' t buy a Christmas tree, yo u just piece one together and pray . . . " Reindeer juice " inspired our Delt Santa Claus while the Alpha Chis were content with hot chocolate at our annual Christmas party . . . Mom Sellers 240 Adrian, Judith Camp, Carol Cash, Carol Clement, Phyllis Concordia, Janet Fisher, Barbara Fowler, Patricia Griffith, Kathryn Grimsley, Jan Grisham, Nancy Harrie, Marilyn Hermann, Robyn Jones, Bonnie King, Brenda Klausner, Cynthia Lamb, Dora Laramie, Elizabeth Leggett, Karen Love, JoNez Martin, Kathryn McKinney, Barbara Menezes, Angela Mims, Diane Myer, JoAnn Palmour, Carol Pappas, Phyllis Radney, Patricia Ready, Roberta Rupp, Martha Sampson, Carol Scotten, Nancy Shea, Beverly Sirmans, Connie Smith, Clair Smith, Meredith Swain, Cathleen Taylor, Millicent Thomason, Patricia Thomsen, Nancy Vidas, Janet 941 ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA DELTA PI ' S PLACE IN Bell, Margaret Bennecke, Thory Benson, Emily Bretz, Joanne Brown, Roslyn Caldwell, Cathleen Carey, Carol Carlson, Karen Casey, Bette Coleman, Patricia Cope, Cynthia Craig, Edwina Dent, Myra-Delia Frome, Peggy Fitzgerald, Sharon Gibson, Patricia 242 Goodman, Patricia Greenwald, Frances Griffith, Roblyn Hackett, Peggy Hale, Cynthia Harris, Barbara Helman, Susan Hester, Katie Holland, Mary Jewell, Jeanne Kiser, Linda Latham, Barbara Leinbach, Jennifer Lodmell, Julia Madison, Pamela Mahan, Ann Mase, Marcia Mathis, Nell McKay, Mary Melton, Marilyn Moler, Candale Moore, Bethany Morris, Rose Ogle, Constance GROWL SKITS President Tippy Bretz Vice-president Joni Lee Jones Recording Secretary Carol Goldenstar Corresponding Secretary Lee Craig Treasurer Charlotte Peregoy Touche turtle . . . Joni Lee ' s pups . . . Emily Benson, president of Lyceum Council . . . Sig pins are fad but ATOs win in the end . . . Latham captain of the . . . Suzy ' s kangaroo . . . The surfer girls ' dilemma . . . Kay Melton, Honor Court justice . . . Casey ' s catch . . . The senior prank with its awards . . . Third place in Growl skits . . . Suzanne ' s pep pills . . . The pledges ' blue punch . . . Carol executive secretary of Gator Growl . . . The charm of the PC-girls . . . We miss Jonas . . . Ruby ' s new headband . . . Kay ' s reasons . . . 26 great pledges . . . Beauty and the Beast Trophy . . . Pat is honorary Sig Sweetie . . . The bridge games. . . Juanita ' s crest smile . . . Those Chareleon eyes . . . Starr is housemother of the annex . . . Goodbye Charlie Viva la ADPi. Ohman, Pamela Payne, Eleanor Pelton, Terry Peregoy, Charlotte Peregoy, Paula Rose, Karyn Rouse, Virenda Setzer, Jane Skinner, Susan Spencer, Rebecca Stephens, Sandra Tallent, Jill Veldhuis, Elizabeth Walters, Gae Weadock, Louise Webb, Linda West, Jill Wilkes, Carolyn Williams, N ancy Williamson, Sylvia Wright, Amanda 243 ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA EPSILON PHI ' S " COOL IT " IN 1965 AEPhi ' s " cool it " in 1965 . . . and another 1st place award . . . What a habit! . . . 12 dollar phone bill and still no " ring " . . . Fall ' 65 pledges first in sorority scholarship .. . Zayden converts 2 more-2 and 2 makes four . . . How would you like to be pinned for a day? . . . AEPhi ' s first is Sigma Nu ' s Fran . . . Annex at the Manor . . . Three " Tri ' s " and finally a pin of pearl . . . Cool thing, not Ralph . . . Kidnapped fraternity housemothers help bring Dollars for Scholars. Miles and Miles of smiles . . . Babs is a great double for Phillis Diller, talent runs with the name . . . The parties begin after curfew—hors d ' oervres and caviar our bill of fare . . . Parents Weekend, Green and White Weekend, Senior Breakfast, annual events . . . Little Paula mounts big gavel and " new regime " in full swing . . . P. P. to New York, while Buns " times " it right with marriage in sight . . . SAE bids three for Minerva, AEPi takes six Little Sisters . . . Louis Armstrong at dinner . . . Bonnie T. tries to make the right " Decision " . . . Fun and frolic, love and laughter . . . in AEPhi. Krivan, Susan Letzic, Linda Leven, Sandi Marks, Harlean McMillan, Frances Miles, Ellen Nathan, Carole Popoff, Pauline Rappaport, Ruth Richman, Paula Ross, Barbara Rotman, Cheryl Sachs, Bonny Schwartz, Carol Segerman, Sherry Selago, Darlene Shapiro, Sandy Singer, Fran Sleswiger, Gay Smilan, Gail Smith, Babs Snider, Fran Stillman, Cynthia Tarler, Linda Tuchband, Barbara Weinberg, Marianne Weissman, Michele Zadoff, Natalie 244 Alexander, Lee Arkin, Happy Bloom, Babs President Paula Richman Vice-president Bonnie Tischler Recording Secretary Diane Selditch Corresponding Secretary Sue Dobbie Treasurer Gay Schlesinger Buns, Barbara Burbaum, Mimi Drue, Abby Feldman, Jana Felsenthal, Barbara Friedman, Susu Goldstrom, Ingrid Horn, Barbara Horn, Linda Jarret, Ann Kandel, Donna Karol, Phyllis Kaufman, Eydie Klein, Carol Kornicks, JoAnn 245 ALPHA EPSILON PI LOBSTER FOR THE ALPHA EPSILON PI ' S A small nucleus of unusual and Brothers led AEPi to unparalleled success this year . . . Master Philip Freidin kept the house wondering . . . A lobster dinner .. . The Royal Castle social . . Alan Medof consistently hit All-Campus athletes Freidin and Labbie with pinpoint passes to lead the AEPi ' s to a startling football season . . . Pledges finally beat the brothers in annual pledge-brother game .. Andy Hall was Secretary of Organizations and a of Florida Blue Key . . Marty Schwartz also Blue Key member . . . There ' s the " in " group . . . Christmas party for children at the Health Center . . . Jeff Chase served as Traffic Court justice and Legislative Council member . . . Steve Zak on Leg Council . . . calls to brother Betas .. Blue and Gold week-end— " the best ever " . . . Freidin, Medof and Labbie first on to paint the SAE lion with fraternity initials . . . An unstoppable band of maniacs sweeping through campus like a white tornado. 246 Berman, Michael Burak, Barry Carlton, Roger Chase, Jeff Faber, Avrohm Fox, Spencer Glaskin, Bruce Goldberg, Mark Goldstein, Rod Goldstein, Steve Gilden, David Jacobson, Bob Freeman, Mike Klompus, Milt Krakow, Richard Labbie, Steve Lauer, Wes Levine, Ken Newmark, David Norman, Larry Rappaport, Louis Repice, Dan Romer, Mark Ross, Larry Rubin, Bruce Shenkman, Philip Silver, Norm Slomowitz, Larry Soloman, Jerry Vishkoff, Harry Vova, Philip Waldorf, Ron Weinberg, Norm Wiesel, Robert 247 ALPHA GAMMA RHO LARGEST PLEDGE CLASS IN HM-ORY Noble Ruler John Douthat Vice Noble Ruler Charlie Black Secretary Glenn Walden Alumni Secretary Larry Black Treasurer Paul Williams Largest pledge class in chapter ' s begins year auspiciously . . . unbelieveably coordinated effort results in concrete slab and two brick walls . . . Pink Rose Weekend huge success as well as the annual Milk Bust . . . Helen Bretton, candidate for Miss UF wins first runner-up . . . Connie Snedler, AGR sweetheart . . . John Douthat, Noble Ruler, elected to Who ' s Who and the Hall of Fame . . . Douthat and Raattama tapped into Florida Blue Key . . . Leon Nobles wins showmanship contest at the Little International Exposition . . . Grand National Secretary, Maynard Coe, visits chapter in November . . . 300 guests attend Alumni Homecoming . . . Earl Faircloth speaks at AGR Florida State Fair luncheon . . . $350 contributed to Dollars for Scholars—more than half to sororities . . . Pledge class second among fraternities scholastically . . . Enjoy eating breakfast with knives when silver disappears? . . . Brothers swim from time to time . . . Officers welcome New Year with effective Work Week Bellizio, Jim Black, Charlie Black, Larry Boe, Bill Cammack, Owen Christian, Tom Crews, Mac Cross, Russell Douthat, John Douthat, Bill Draper, Dave Edwards, Wally Ellis, Mike Fields, Michael Ford, Larry Garris, Chuck Goodin, Larry Hall, Jack Hanchey, Allen Hanson, Don Herndon, David Hendry, Charley Horton, Allan Hunter, John Hurner, Tim Killingsworth, Ken Lawrence, Jerry Lee, Jimmy 248 Marks, Bob Morgan, Tony McKinnon, Dan Morgan, Bill Nobles, Leon Osban, Hal Perdue, Bill Pharo, Mike Porter, Norman Robinson, Clint Ross, Al Serra, Pete Southern, Joe Suhl, Gary Sumner, Dan Sumner, Wayne Taylor, George Tindel, Cecil Van Duyn, John Veal, Willie, Walden, Glenn Ward, Lewis Warren, Mike Whaley, Larry Williams, Paul 249 ALPHA OMICRON PI Anderson, Judy Anderson, Debbie Banks, Judy Bell, Shirley Bendroth, Sally Carpenter, Barbara Casey, Lynn Clark, Sue Clarke, Barb Connors, Patty Cox, Gail Cox, Marti Cretekos, Lynda Deal, Susie Dennison, Brenda Fairbanks, Bonnie Ladies, I hate to mention this again, but . . . Janie ' s harp . . . Susie Hunt, President, " Wake me in ten minutes. " . . . Plumb ' s 7:30 ' s . . . Bell the . . . Joni and Phief, the blond ' s blonds . . . You say the chapter meeting is at the Beta house? . . . Mian has trouble dodging people on the sidewalks . . . L.P. ' s for L.O.M.s . . . smile, it ' s Swan ' s eyebrows . .. Good morning, Gail . . . Ahoy, Mr. Godwin . . . Can I have a ride, Wendy? . . . Rubies and skit parties, Harry? . . . Charter members of Chi Rho Tau . . . Beta Beta . . Why would anyone want to hide Heatherbad ' s t-shirt? . . . And what did you get for Christmas, Judy? . . . Big Bad Bev . . . Sudfer-bod Santilli . . . Whitey, definitely class B . . . little kitchen raids . . . looking forward to Rose Ball and the hayride .. . Marcet, secretary of Engineering Fair . . little sisters of Phi Tau, SAE, ATO and Lambda Chi compete with Angel Flighters for new pledges .. . big Deal makes the rounds . . . baa ingees, 250 ALPHA OMICRON PI ' S . FULL OF QUESTIONS Fernald, Pam Forehand, Judy Gehris, Linda Geyer, Charyl Godwin, Susan Hamilton, Suellen Heatherton, Kathy Hill, Kathy Holley, Pat Hughes, Harriett Hunt, Susie Humphreys, Catherine Jones, Carol Jones, Sherry Kendall, Susan King, Ann Langford, Carol Lawler, Sharon Long, Carolyn Lundy, Linda Marshall, Barbara Matson, Bev Munnell, Laurie Naughton, Paula Neff, Mary Ann Nilon, Jane Pfeiffer, Lynne Plumb, Valerie Prescot, Sandy Rietz, Linda Roche, Linda Roth, Wendy Rumpel, Valerie Salario, Rosie Santilli, Janet Shacklett, Allie Shifflett, Evelyn Smith, Janie Stacks, Bonnie Swan, Connie Taylor, Natalie Thompson, Carol Toepel, Elizabeth Weeder, Karen Whelan, Linda Whiteman, Lin Whitney, Susan Young, Eddie President Susan Hunt Vice-president Judy Banks Recording Secretary Barb Clarke Corresponding Secretary Carol Jones Treasurer Lynn Pheiffer 251 ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA TAU OMEGA ' S PARTIED The neophytes entertain Tri-Delts for a social . . . Hardy engaged to Harriet . . . Topjun Cannon knighted Hell ' s Angles . . . DeShazo and Calvitt didn ' t have a thing to say . . . C. J. sang for the DPhiE ' s . . . Sweetheart— Liz Rothrock . .. Hewlitt ' s car burned while the band played on . . . McBride Vice-president of the IFC . . . and Gonzales roadtrip two KD ' s . . . Minerd got caught with a quick right on Sorority Row . . . Toy resigns from Ted ' s Hall of Fame . . . Annual events—ATO Weekend, Founder ' s Day Banquet, Little Sister Halloween Party . . . Angele got a haircut . . . Losson was winter rush chairman . . . The Ponderosa declared off limits . . . McCarty got pinmate of the year at the ADPi house . . . Intramural season . . . Havill, Logan Stick go from 2UC to P.F.C. . . . Wynn buils the Ark . . . Uncle Frank promised to give it up . . . Brothers chairs were stolen .. . Homecoming skit proves too risque .. . Les Hardy Bob Harper—Leg . . . Patchen " wiped out " in . . . Bungler finally did it and got pinned . . . Huddlerat and Criswell to study . . Evans doesn ' t get the last laugh .. Arnold, Chuck Brinson, Bill Angele, Ray Barnes, Bob Baynard, Tom Beam, Paul Bell, Tom Blackburn, Roger Burdick, Chuck Carroll, Bob Cole, Steve Colson, Wally Coons, Jack Cottrell, Steve Courier, Jim Cox, Jim Crowder, Ron Dessert, Rolly Draper, Steve Drew, Larry Enlow, Larry Evans, Ralph Fey, Rick Fletcher, Rick Flowers, John Fly, Walter Fricks, Bill Gideons, Stans 252 Goforth, Hal Hair, Joe Harper, Bob Harris, Chris Hernandez, Nelson Hill, Albert Hinson, Tom Hollmeyer, Bob Hopkins, Dusty Howell, Howard Hrabko, Dan Huddleston, Mike Johnson, Ronnie Jones, Greg Kelly, Bill Krone, Steve Lasseter, Fran Laverde, Alberto Losson, Rich Malin, Bob Marcy, Tom Massey, Ron McBride, Paul Melnyk, Steve Mikesell, Bob Mocnik, John Norris, Bob O ' Connell, Tim Olson, Ed O ' Neal, Pat Packwood, Steve Paul, Gene Pollard, Tom Preston, John Prokes, Don Quesada, Augie Raymond, Paul Reynolds, Russ Sargeant, Jamie Schmidt, Kent Sherwood, Clark Stephenson, Van Tart, Tommy Uebel, Steve Wall, Kip Warfield, Mike President Bill McBride Vice-president Les Hardy Secretary Bill Dugan Treasurer Tom Hinson 253 BETA THETA PI WILD ANNUAL EVENTS Pledge class places second academically while over-all Beta ' s are third .. . Surfer Bill, or, " How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Board. " . . . Beta potential turns into another All- American and the future ' s bright for more . . . Karen Vitunac-Beta . . . Dusty ' s deserts promote sale of Alka-Seltzer . . . Olie doesn ' t care for the new " twist " in water flights . . . Pins change to rings for Whitehouse and Harman . . . " Go to Hell Party " , " Tom Jones Party " , and Beta Weekend—wild annual events . . . Kohne will give med-school a try . . . Largest pledge class in history become brothers . . . make it! . . . Parsons gets ulcers as Greek editor of Seminole . . . Pass the Loving Cup around, Johnson wants some more . . . Just in time to miss Fall Rush, the new furniture arrives . . . The is dead! President Bill Johnson Vice-President Chris Bauer Secretary Mike Gable Treasurer Bim Semago 254 Andrews, John Barker, Bill Becker, Steve Benton, J. L. Berrier, Chuck Billing, Steve Bivens, George Blanchard, Wayne Boyle, Tom Byers, Bruce Caldwell, Bruce Clarke, Richard Cone, George Craig, Carl Comfort, Lance Deen, Ken Dunn, Tom Fisher, Richard Gable, Mike Garbett, Bill Gebhard, Dieter Gill, Bob Grafton, Larry Green, Terry Harling, Gene Harman, Dick Harrell, John Havenstrite, Bob Healy, Mike Hoffner, Dale Jennings, Terry Johnson, Bill Kampion, Duff Kiermaier, Dan Klink, Jeff Koehne, Bill Koscska, Bill Kroll, Steve Landgraf, Tom Lawrence, Jim Leech, Gary Mahla, Gary Malloy, Dale Messing, John Molitor, Doug Montgomery, Al Mullon, Chris Mumford, Rick Munro, Charles Nelson, Don Nettles, Vic Nihill, Mike O ' Connell, Dan Payne, Bill Pipkin, Jim Quandt, Butch Remsen, Mike Rodgers, Bill Ryll, Roger Sander, Larry Satin, Howard Schell, Wilkie Siebert, Gary Smith, J. D. Sparkman, Bill Thompson, John Van Veldhuizen, John Vitulli, Clark Weise, Howard Weiss, Brooks Welman, Nelson Witt, Bill 255 CHI OMEGA Adams, Nancy Austin, Joan Bacharach, Pam Baker, Morna Beaty, Patti Calhoun, Nancy Caruso, Edna Castro, Bernadette Cifers, Virginia Connell, Pam Cowart, Linda Crane, Marianne Dana, Dottie DeMarsh, Lynda DiTullio, Donna Drouillard, Mary Eaton, Lynn Edds, Pam Eppley, Carol Fogle, Carolyn Friday, Jane 256 SCOBE DEUX Fryer, Patty Garcia, Joan Goheen, Marsha Hale, Linda Hall, Chris Hardman, Dixie Henning, Jackie Hill, Bobbie Hirn, Mary Jackson, Nancy Johnston, Nelle Kimbrell, Jane Krouse, Shirley LaFon, Zantha Lambert, Cynthia Langston, Elaine Lappin, Schatzi Laughon, Nel Lundquist, Kay Maltby, Chris Marshall, Kathy McMullan, Rhonda Nisbet, Clair Noble, Mike Pierce, Becky Pons, Terry Rish, Gloria Robertson, Pat Schear, Marjorie Sparkman, Rosemary Streetman, Pat Thomas, Rocky Tylander, Claire Valentine, Ann Vrana, Joan Wallace, Wini Weimer, Ann Webber, Carolyn White, Susan Wilson, Beth Beta Beta founds a new chapter .. . Nelle is housemother? . . . First prize for Homecoming decorat ions . . . Then there ' s the nightly exercise club . . . Honorable pledges eat with chopsticks and go stomping through the carnations . . . Kay Lundquist, president of WSA . . . Happy candlelights . . . Surprise, lavaliered—no, it ' s not Stein this time . . . Maybe it ' s Bacaruda and 0.H. . . . Frustrations run high: Bobbie and Kay with distant lovers . . . drained president destroys French book . . . J ane Kimbrell, Veep of Florida Union Board . . . Connell ' s endless decisions . . . But joy comes .. . A 3.0 for Dixie . . . Mary turns 21 .. . L.D. for Cynthia . . . Lynn ' s green ring . . . Three times as much fun in room 11 . . . Chris has a new face . . . is the same, but that ' s the way Larry likes it . . . Questions arise . . . No shower nozzles? . . Uncombined . . . Where are our five carnations . . . What will I do without Grannie . . . What can I say but scobe deux. President Nancy Calhoun Vice-President Donna Ditullio Secretary Mary Finley Treasurer Joyce Carter 257 CHI PHI 258 WIN TROPHY FOR DONATING BLOOD Allison, Mike Austin, Chuck Beck, John Berky, Andy Blizzard, Bill Brown, Tom Cannon, Jim Cozine, Hank De Yot, Jack Dickinson, Jim Dillow, Alan Dorrie, Rich Hallgren, Gordon Gadsden, Tom Gres, Wright Heller, Ken Hines, Joe Hines, Ron Illsley, Richard Jacks, Bill Kaufmann, Steve Kelley, Bill Lawrence, Parker Linares, Carlos Lippard, Wayne McCarthy, Mike McCollum, Jim McLaurin, Porter Morgan, Frank Martin, Wyatt Nisula, Wayne Peloquin, Ed Proeger, Terry Quintana, Bo Reed, Barry Reed, Bob Reeger, Bud Richards, Gary Roberts, Don Rymer, Tom Sagro, Carl Smodish, Mike Spindler, Jim Supinski, Richard Watkins, Tom Welly, George Westmoreland, Lofton Whittenton, Danny Willcox, Alan Wilson, Chuck The Alamo, soon just to be . . . Founder ' s Day marks the groundbreaking date for our new house . . . Chi Phi ' s sweat and otherwise give blood during the Blood Drive, winning the trophy for the most blood donors . . . Florida ' s most beautiful women were honored at the annual Sorority Pledge Class President . . . Social with the Colonial Manor not to be soon forgotten . . . Chi Phi Cops were seen picking up dates for the Bowery Brawl during Chi Phi . . . Recollections . . . Eleven seen on nightly trips to Mac ' s for some fud . . . The annual Toilet Bowl, romped pledges 69-36 . . . New acquisitioned, a pup called . . . Chagrined pledges saw gimp squad—Reed, Spin, McCollum, DeYott, Willcox, Burnstein, and Brown—all on crutches . . . Lighting off fire engine during Homecoming, and sounding the trusty siren delighted neighbors who woke up just so they could listen . . . The Pig that moved too often . . . Gator Ponding . . . UNCLE parties . . . Mom Langdon. 259 DELTA CHI John Mica " A " Bill Pinto " B " Larry Schneider " C " Craig Sargeant " D " Carl Brown " E " Jerry Kennan " F " Allison, Richard Balaz, Edward Brannon, Joe Brown, Carl Clark, Buddie Crook, Harry Dauis, Terry Elliott, Roger Feeley, Joe Fielder, Dennis Frazier, Jim Hencin, Michael Jimenez, Humberto Jones, Richard Jones, Ronald Keenan, Jerry Kesten, Richard Lovitt, Jim Mallonee, John McAllister, Howard McGinnis, Steve McKee, Ralph McKinnon, Ben Mica, John Pinto, Bill Rowland, Greg Ryals, Jack Ryals, Russ Sargent, Craig Schneider, Larry Turk, Don Turnier, Tex Vara, Russ 260 " ECCO " REINDEER The cousins Ryals—a dog ' s best friend . . . Watch out for burglars or a Hairy Crook . . . McGinnis—rush chairman or lush chairman? . . Who said a new house? the future home for unwed mothers . . . Has anyone seen G.D.? . . . Delta Chi means number one . . . The trials and of Ben and the purple hat . . . God Nose Hencin . . . The night Lovitt ' s room was broken into by our illustrious alumni . . . the night that Patti Murphy died . . . Rowland gets his head shrunk . . . Moose and Snowflakes making the library scene . . . Tempi Mae gets the right guard award . . . The night our house mother threatened to evict us .. . A pledge class from Daytona . . . Frank Lloyd Kester on the drawing board .. . The Nightcrawlers spend the night .. . Keenan trying for body beautiful . . . Wazoo ' s Dating Association declared bovine . . . Try seventeen blind dates A DELTA CHI? from Jennings . . . Turk on the perennial rug . . . the " Ecco " reindeer couldn ' t be a Delta Chi . . . How Rank ' n . . . Schnozzie Herriot . . . Terry and Hector doing the Greek alphabet . .. Balaz is the most lavalliered Delta Chi .. . the modest neophytes and their egg race . . . Fielder says: " To thine own bod be true " . . . Hi—Proteen Pinto . . . Ronnie getting engaged just to get his pin back . . . Richard, Sue, The Nose, and Jeanne —a happy combo . . . More roses for Sandy . . . Schneider and Hencin win car excellence award . . . Sargentstein bills the house again . . . Jessie vs. Drun Sally wins The Girl Most Dated by DX . . . low flying deviled egg hits . . . When My Dimples Turned to Pimples by TEX . . . that infamous " Charlatan " starring Jonesy and Waz . Luigi ' s spaghetti dinner ... Tom Jones dinner a la Chrome Done pudding .. . Buddy—our greatest Ringo fan . . . flat tires anyone? 261 DELTA DELTA DELTA AWARDS PRESENTED AT STEAK AND BEANS DINNER Vice-president of Lyceum Council, Dianne Denning . . . Mortar Board veep, Judy Huggins . . . Editor of Becky Bearden . . . Homecoming Queen, Kathy Green . . . Miss of Florida, Jinny Jasper . . . SuzAnn Hull, Military Ball Queen . . . Anne Goldcamp, Delta Upsilon sweetheart .. . Dianne Denning, Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl . . . Jo Ann Notaris, Florida College Queen . . . 1965 winners of Sigma Chi. Derby . . . Beta Beta, an organization for busboys, established . . . Spaghetti dinner benefits Dollars for Scholars .. . Dr. Hartmann is guest speaker at Evening . . . Steak and Beans dinner found awards given to Sara Kincaid and Jan Baldwin. President Ann Goldcamp Vice-president Joan Gilmore Treasurer Dennette Mc Connell Baldwin, Janet Bearden, Rebecca Beck, Susan Boales, Geraldine Bretton, Helen Camp, Elizabeth Cannon, Jacqueline Clairborne, Anne Denning, Diane Domeier, Cathe rine Dygon, Susan Evans, Mary Gerlin, Karen Gilmour, Joan Goldkamp, Anne Green, Mary Grimes, Barbara Hackney, Sharyn Hadley, Barbara Harkness, Barbara Hart, Susan Henson, Jerry Hinchey, Deanna Huggins, Judith Hull, SuzAnn Jackson, Janice Jasper, Virginia Jasper, Judith Kincaid, Sarajane Knoebber, Susan Knowles, Mary Lay, Lois Lynn, Laurie Martin, Janet McCaleb, Pamela McConnell, Marie McKinnon, Jennifer Midulla, Nancy Milton, Elizabeth Moore, Mary Nettles, Beatrice Nichols, Sue Owen, Mary Owens, Susan Parrish, Martha Purser, Jean Read, Karen Rothrock, Elizabeth Roy, Janyth Sandefur, Jane Schmid, Barbara Shannon, Maureen Sink, Charlotte Spencer, Linda Taylor, Ayn Taylor, Elaine Troxler, Nancy Watson, Cheryl Webber, Janet Whyte, Robin Williams, Diann Winkle, Sue Young, Katherine DELTA GAMMA The days of wine and roses, of Hour on Friday afternoons and of a new penny for our thoughts . . . The passwords were Yippee Skippee and Ugly Bugly . . . Alarms synchronized on the single porch—speaking of the pledges . . . Ginger Jochem was of W.S A what about that Raunchy skit? . . Peggy retires the B.O.M. trophy after receiving it five months in a row . . . Pat Heath of Panhellenic . . Suzanne for Sandy, intercepting ' one of Spurrier ' s passes . . . Gunther takes over the presidential suite with her " Walk on By " trio, Little Annie Minerva Waters, and Mad Dog . . . Judiciary member, Candy . . . Susie and Ft. Myers make miraculous comeback, so did Reid Pardon me, did I hear you say Reid was coming? . . . Flora was the Lily of the West and Elms was Board of Standards . . . Berry catches the fool rushees ' acts and definitely thought they were the epitomy . . . Anchor Weekend and Raunchy Ranch . . . Tweetux chirps out the window at the Law Trio ' s serenade during finals . . . Collins takes another marathon shower and Sally takes the marathon sleep-in trophy . . . Yes, days of wine and roses are anchored in our memories and though school days and college may end, and old friends may part, all through life we ' re loyal, D.G., for you live in our hearts. 264 PASSWORDS WERE YIPPEE SKIPPEE AND UGLE BUGLE President Vice-president Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer - Ginger Jochem Diane Swigert Candy Hampton Mary Kay Cooper JoAnne Sievers Adams, Theresa Bartlett, Peggy Black, Sharen Bourdage, Judy Cave, Linda Coleman, Patti Collins, Janet Cook, Carol Cooper, Mary-Kay Craft, Carolyn Cveny, Dianne Davich, Diane Dravenstadt, Jeane Dullenkope, Sally Dunn, Valorie Elms, Judy Emthen, Gunilla Filipski, Linda Forcier, Mignon Gregory, Beth Hampton, Candy Harper, Pam Hathaway, Polly Heath, Pat Henderson, Carol Hicks, Paula Hollyday, Mary Holt, Kaki Jackson, Kathleen Jochem, Ginger Jones, Bonnie Kelly, Carol Langworthy, Jo Ann LaPerch, Jackie Littler, Gwen Long, Mary Lyons, Marvin Mahoney, Sharon Marks, Norma Maslanka, Carolyn McDonough, Judy McKee, Helen McNull, Betty Jean Mintner, Georgeanne Montgomery, Ann Mulcahy, Michele Neeley, Ann Nielsen, Sandy Nord, Rose Marie Pohlman, Suzanne Ponce, Diane Rabby, Tommie Sue Ralston, Carole Ransom, Sharon Reynolds, Lyle Rodriguez, Roberta Louise Sams, Karen Selph, Sue Sievers, JoAnn Smith, Esther Smith, Sandy Swigert, Diane Vitunac, Karen Walker, Sally Waters, Carol Wendt, Betty Jane Whisler, Diana White, Anne Wills, Anita Wright, Susie 265 Alter, Andrea Bakst, Hazel Berger, Donna Binderman, Beth Bookbinder, Iris Boral, Linda Caslar, Karen Cohen, Rebecca Fien, Deborah Fink, Susan Fortunoff, Janet Frohman, Lynn Gilbert, Marsha Gold, Barbara Goldberg, Eva Goldin, Patricia Greene, Abbie Granat, Bonnie Hinden, Michele Jacobs, Maxine Kaplan, Gail Kleinberg, Arlene Kraselsky, Beth Levin, Susan Levine, Eileen Levine, Madlyn Levitz, Sandra Lippman, Lynda Lippman, Phyllis Nacht, Susan Neuhaus, Judy Mallinger, Linda Mazur, Susan Miller, Judith Nash, Nancy Oken, Patricia Parks, Lois Phillips, Jane Poaster, Patricia Rabinowitz, Linda Rabinowitz, Peggy Reifman, Marcia Riseman, Bonnie Rosene, Pamela Rothberg, Sheryle Rothman, Margie Russell, Melanie Sacks, Paula 266 DELTA PHI EPSILON DEEPHERS PASS TEST Samuel, Carol Sandler, Sherry Satlof, Anita Schwartz, Billie Schwartz, Joye Schwartz, Maureen Sharaf, Barbara Shinbaum, Marilyn Siegel, Bette Sokol, Sossin, Arlene Stark, Regina Tall, Eunice Tepper, Barbara Tomberg, Barbara Weinberg, Linda Weinberg, Nancy Willner, Bonnie Wolly, Gail Wolly, Lynn President Maureen Schwartz Vice-president Bonnie Willner Recording Secretary Donna Berger Secretary Hazel Bakst Treasurer Abbie Green D—the 1st is D PHI E . . . For the 3rd consecutive year, D Phi E caine out on top in scholarship . . . We were also honored by the Seminole for selling the most Seminoles last year .. . E—each effort that we give . . Sisters and pledges gladly work together in all aspects of sorority life— " study buddies " , community projects, D Phi E Week-end, Parents ' Week-end .. . E—the everlasting love . . . Ours is truly a house with love in it. 40 girls live together, sharing all the joys and experiences of college with which we live . . . While only two years old, ours is the largest house on campus, and is air-conditioned. The house is completely furnished, with the living room furniture finally on its way. . . H—is honor for her name . .. Honors, indeed! Donna Berger, Gators ' cheerleader, Miss Camp Wauberg, and Billy Mitchell Drill Team Sweetheart, was chosen Miss University of Florida. Pi Lambda Phi chose Irene Hornstein as its pledge Class Sweetheart . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s pledge class selected Barbara Tepper . . . Eight of our pledges were honored to be Little Sisters of A E Pi . . . ROTC selected Peggy Rabinovitz as its SCweetheart . . . Sherry Sandler was chosen Miss Seminole .. . E—her everlasting fame . . . The University of Florida will long remember Lynn Wolly, President of Board; Beth Kraselsky, Editor of the Seminole; Eunice Tall, Editor of the Alligator . . . . . Susan Levin is Treasurer of Panhellenic Council; Rebecca Cohen serves as Secretary of Hillel; and Susan Nacht is included in the ranks of the Florida Players . . . R—she ' s high above the rest . . . 5 D Phi E ' s are proud to be members of Angel Flight—Linda Weinberg, Joye Schwartz, Marsha Gilbert, Donna Berger, and Carol .. . YES—the Deephers pass the test!! 267 DELTA TAU DELTA HOMECOMING HONORS GALORE FOR THE DELTS Homecoming soars, Delts get the big trophy . . . Year opens with biggest pledge class, great spirit, soaring and a " DECISION " in party . . . Tempa Eiford Delt Sweetheart . . . Carol Henderson, Pledge Class Sweetheart . . . Sisler, Swartz, Wilson, Lockhart, and Gruenwald see diamonds . . . Who threw that . . . Ford gets inside info, no baby bird . . . Larry Buchanan chairmans Homecoming Parade . . . Tyler gets horse award . . . Alan Poe sparks Gators to Sugar Bowl . . . Zetas raid our house with wrath; all are treated to a bath . . . Piggy handles books .. . Delts get screwed, " East Side " too crude . . . More to see on cable T.V. . . . thaws out . . Queen goes . . . W.F.F. . . . Ashley takes a bath . . . raise hell, get drunk, go naked Party features Lumpy Galore . . . Morrison takes a flying lesson, falls two floors . . . Florida Gardner takes out roots . . . Bowling team bowls them over . . . Delts annex Colonial Manor, quote Lanier, " URA drunk " . . . Hey guys, ever seen one of these? . . . In the end, a very successful year for the Delts. Backe, Joe Behnke, Ernie Benson, Don Blake, Tim Blitch, Willard Bloom, Bob Brinton, Charlie Byrd, Ford Campbell, Alan Carter, Butch Croucher, Bill Downey, Bill Evers, Johnny Gallagher, Bob Giuffrida, Ted Grunewald, Bob Gustafson, Steve Killingsworth, Larry Kluft, Jerry Langford, Geary Lewis, Robin Lockhart, Tom Macklem, Bill Marisco, Al Martin, Roger McCaleb, Michael Norris, Jim Northern, Braxton Parhalo, Dave Parsons, Bob Perryman, Dave Roberts, George Ropes, Dave Schaefer, Tom Sirmans, Jim Smith, Chris Stark, Ray Turbert, Frank Williams, Danny Willey, Al Willis, Jim Yates, Ken Zaloom, Vic 268 Rob Blue Charlie Brown Bill Macklem Ford Byrd Robert Ashley Vice-president Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Sec ' y. President 269 DELTA UPSILON FIRST PLACE IN SKITS The " S Whale " makes it from in record time . . . largest pledge class ever . . . all night gross-out in first place Growl skit . . . Anne reigns as sweetheart, a Delta U maid . . . Is 13 really Rick ' s lucky number? . . . Peeples and Jackson have experience installing " air in party room . . . Founders Day Banquet held in November . . . " god " is installed with drapes and " baptized " by Darr . .. Butch lulls cattle to sleep . . . Congdon entertains (?) at games . . . Bruce Page holds freshman record in 400 yd. freestyle . . . Harrell challenges Mueller for biggest dangle . . . Baum enters soap sculpture contest . . . McCoy on pool, " Don ' t jab at it, Jones, stroke it. " . . . Dave Wilson outstanding varsity distance runner for 1965 . . . Senator ' s pixies unreal cards . . . Grade point average follows cue ball down hole . . . DU ' s hope to fan flames with fire escape .. . Tree stumps popular of Ponderosa . . . Delts " Blue " over our new lights . . . Sisters Carr and Sherman perform at Deepher social . . . not again, Dolbier?! . . . Riot squad returns . . Rex moves in from slums . . . Smith takes over gavel, Grant takes over gavel. Who ' ll be the next in line? ' . . . littlest surfer wiped out at parties . . . Jody ' s library in great demand .. Roll call votes popular at chapter meetings . . Another great year passes by. Bakula, Rich Baldwin, Bill Barnett, Bob Batson, Bob Bayman, Scott Brady, Phil Carr, Bob Congdon, Fred Darr, John Deaton, Rol Garcia, Juan Grant, Dick Gribou, Julius Harrell, Butch Hein, Carl Hockenbery, Allen Hopper, Harrison Hyatt, Bob Jackson, George Jarvis, Jim Jones, Dan Kiehle, Fred McCoy, Ladd Loud, John Meeker, Jeff Morrill, Tom Mueller, George Nichols, Rex Nicoletti, Rich Ogden, Ron Page, Bruce Reddig, Rick Richter, Tom Shanks, Sonny Sherman, Jim Smith, Wayne Sweat, Jim Toolan, Mike Tully, Jim Turner, Al Wilson, David Winter, Mike 270 President George Mueller Vice-president Scott Bayman Secretary Rich Houk Treasurer Mike Toolman 271 KAPPA ALPHA THAT WILL NEXT YEAR BRING? Burnette decides University College is too tough . . . Elton goes inactive unexpectedly . . . SAE gets bloo d poisoning . . . Mrs. Toni Green Kappa Alpha Rose . . . Who wants to be One? . . . House decorations win second place . . . Annual Plantation Ball fantastic success . . . Wayne Alford tapped into Florida Blue Key to join Coudon, Kent, and West . . . First party has unexpected guest . . . Roach-A-Go-Go raided . . . Camp plays 200 pound Go-Go girl . . . Wooly Bully gets 2.7 and a wife . . . Andy Owens and Jack Newkirk lead freshman team . . . Horns finds floor of Hotel Jung soft . . . Skip decides to major in Humanities . .. Watson dates a " cool head " L. M. . . . George comes in last in Gainesville 500—beat by a VW . . . Fiveash and Swan incorporate .. . Flash Looses . . . Crowley outruns his Frolics date . . . Barrett finds tougher than Tulane Quarterback . . . Wirt Girth marries his blind date . . . Ron the V. now called Ron the Operator . . . Swany and McLog turn winos .. . Doug G. finds New Orleans girls and alleys pretty tough . . . Fingar gets pinned, but none of that love stuff . . . Who ' s pinned, George or Cal? .. . Billy can ' t remember, but knows he challenged lion . . . 007 ' s spot imposters . . . George introduces Kangaroo Rough-Riders . . . What will next year bring? Albritton, Dale Allen, Bibb Beard, Wirt Bishoff, Frank Burrows, Arthur Charnley, David Clark, Jim Clarkson, Earl Crowley, Bob Davis, Neal President George McColskey Vice-president Ed Recording Secretary Howard VanArsdale. Corresponding Secretary Doug Swan Treasurer George McLauchlin 272 Dorman, Ray Emanuel, Tony Embry, Joel Gregg, Bill Hallenbeck, Rick Heishman, Carl Hollard, Al Howell, Tommy Johnson, Steve Kelly, Jim Langford, Robert Lankford, Rob Lee, Randy Maples, Jim McCallister, Duke McLauchlin, George McLaulin, Doug Mixon, Bill Palmer, Tom Parker, John Pennel, John Pilcher, Jerry Presnell, Tommy Rayborn, Terry Rou, Donnie Ryan, Bill Scott, Jerry Seacrest, Bill Spooner, Jim Streetman, George Swenson, Wes Taylor, Jim Thompson, Wade Turnbull, Nat Turnbull, Sandy Victor, Lou Vosburgh, William Wallberg, Arthur Ward, Mike Widden, David 373 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ANTICIPATING NEW HOUSE Ask Jean about her cardboard . . . six engagements in one candle-lighting ceremony? . . . " High Politics " doesn ' t worry us . . . Fill up the pitcher, J. D.! . . The Internal Revenue wants you, Jill . . . Alison Conner, secretary of women ' s affairs . . . Not much longer, Vicci . . . Pledges, where ' s the apple pie? . . . F-O-R-K . . . You have a pledge named Fred? . . Fruit boots, monograms, and Tribbett . . Counting each brick as it goes up . . . Colonial Manor girls score scholastically . . . Roya, it ' s quilted . . . Robert, about that fire escape . . . Camilla, stay off the phone and study! . . . Betsy Sandstrom was secretary of Student . . . Someone ' s been sending her flowers . . . P.T. - 48 . . . Suzanne Honor Court justice . .. Oh, Ruth Ann—she had a plan, YIKE! MIKE! . . . Who ' ll get the black cloud next year? . . . Is Aunt El in the pantry again . . . Ann plants one date. President Jean Burkholder Vice-president Carol Wallace Recording Secretary Camilla Westly Corresponding Secretary Penny Anderson Treasurer Jill Riha Atwood, Saundra Balch, Connie Barnhill, Barbara Bebout, Jill Bell, Sandy Bittner, Linda BurkHolder, Jean Dail, Debbie Dempster, Kris Fording, Judy Glass, Jeanne Greenwalt, Barbara Halback, Susie Hartman, Justine Hellwig, Ruth Hoenshel, Sally Hood, Leslie Jack, Barbara Johnson, Fay Johnson, Pam Joiner, Marty Lederhaus, Carol MacMillan, Carol Nielsen, Sherry Parnell, Pam Riha, Jill Rubley, Dale Sandstrom, Betsy Tabita, Patty Tait, Jackie Tribbett, Peggy Vaughan, Carol Vick, Dianne Vick, Suzi Wagner, Barbara Wallace, Carol Walton, Mary Warnimont, Dyan Watson, Cindy Westly, Camilla Wobie, Kathie 274 275 KAPPA DELTA Sarah Denman President Vice-president Jill Lee Ann Draud Secretary Treasurer Judy Schnabel Abernethy, Ellen Arnold, Bonnie Belcher, Leta Bohner, Bonnie Boyer, Carol Campbell, Donna Corbyons, Candy Costello, Barbara Cridlin, Sue Daly, Claudia Dawson, Dale Denman, Sarah 276 IT ' S AN A YEAR . . . Five engagements in one week .. . Kappa Sig sweetheart Sandy serenades with the Sig Eps . . . Pikes charter little sisters with Sally one of the top . . . Excuse me, but there ' s the white stool? .. . Composite, composite, who ' s got the composite? . . . New ATO and SAE little sisters . . . Five Army plus the squad captain give lots of morale . . . Uncle Sam Ullman wants you! . . . How nice for Jackie that Sean Connery made her 3rd for Miss Seminole . . . Patriotic duty well fulfilled by Angel Flight ladies . . . Andrea ' s Executive . . . Mom B appears in slacks and hair curlers . . . Lester II burns the midnight oil . . . ' Twas the last night of finals when three law students came serenading at our door . . . Ruth W. C. ' s you . . . Schnabel ' s in the kitchen 1, 2, 3. Schnabel ' s in the kitchen hee, hee, hee . . . Only Silver could fall down the stairs every time she has a date . . . It ' s really been an year. Thanks a million to Sarah Denman and Housemother Mom B. Desvousques, Sharon Draud, Lee Ann Dunn, Sally Dunn, Winsome Eagleson, Jean Fernald, Sally Floyd, Sally Foreman, Sarah Gautier, Pat Gatzambide, Gigi Haselwood, Carol Huggins, Carolyn Kennedy, Jan Kennedy, Jeanne Kingry, Kathy Knieriem, Kaye Lindberg, Tina Madden, Christine Maloy, Molly Maynard, Jeanie McNulty, Linda Modessitt, Jackie Monte, Ginny Myers, Marcy Nieman, Susan O ' Connell, Doane Partlow, Kay Plumer, Elizabeth Ropulewis, Ann Saunders, Linda Schnabel, Judy Silver, Judy Silverman, Jane Skinner, Cathie Sorenson, Jill Stephen, Dianne Summers, Sally Swenson, Nancyann Turmail, Suzi Vaughan, Kay Westman, Andrea Williams, Shirley Woodall, Verna Wright, Dee Wayman, Mary KAPPA SIGMA A GOOD YEAR FOR KAPPA SIGMA It was a good year for Kappa Sigma . . . successful rush and many . . . Sandy Anderson, Kappa Sig Sweetheart . . Remember the great white hunters . . . Planning, working, more planning, a new house coming . . . Tom Lang Secretary of Student Affairs . . . The phantom pledge . . . The Jax boys and their productive all nighters . . . A year for pets, the bird men of the north wing . . . Anthony Capitano was majority floor leader of Leg Council . . Rural south Georgia . . . 100 gallons of beer on the wall . . . Rumor his it there ' s a worthy pledge class sweetheart . . . Stone ' s music, how we all loved it, the Law School on Fridays game again tonight . . . Joanne Lang .. . Heimi and J.M.C., folksingers they will always be . . . Jax hat fiasco . . . Mom never gets excited anymore, but never any less . . . Star and Crescent Weekend . .. The Intruders . . . We ' s a social fraternity . . . Yes, it was a good year for Kappa Sigma. Jones, Dick Maltby, Dave Marmish, John Mason, Ross Morley, Phil Nowlin, Blair Nuzim, George Parsons, John Ogle, Ronnie Quinn, Pat Seraphine, Alan Shad, Arthur Spoto, Ronnie Reiser, Paul Royal, Harry Wannall, Dick Westerman, Rick Wynn, Larry Grand Master Wayne Alfieri Grand Procurator James DeVaney Grand Treasurer Thomas Lang Grand Scribe Paul Reiser Alfano, Mike Alfieri, Wayne Bobik, Dave Bridges, Joel Buettner, Bill Colvin, Bill Corbett, Wes Danker, Walt Devaney, Jame Gifford, Tim Goodwin, George Gornik, Doug Graham, Terry Hinchcliffe, Glenn Holland, Steve Hussey, Tom 279 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SEPTEMBER AND THE NEW HOUSE September and the new house . . . Dedication both formal and informal that weekend . . . Homecoming saw four lovlies on our float . . . House decorations won second . .. Who ' s got the paper beer mug? . . . The Little Sisters of the Crescent were formed, and promptly treated us to a shave at dinner . . . Or was that paper in the trees? . . Poucher in Blue Key . . . Tumor is the new Zeus . . . Arabs and the Huns against the bad guys . . . Root loses his balance several times .. . Hog last seen in pursuit of Smoky the Bear, or was it Bambi? . . . Gaither gets Phi Beta Kappa, while riding his 600 cc " hog " . . . Initiation came and went with 22 new men on the rolls .. . Housemother kidnap for Dollars for Scholars . . . Jim Walks off with new Homecoming prize . . . Bessent in law school .. . The bridge players and the " tube " conflict with Jensen ' s studying . . . Uncle Sam taps a couple of the boys . . . Woods parties and the race track . . . Brother Gilbert had to walk back . . . Blunder in Saigon, maybe .. . Cain ' s place ain ' t what it used to be, and never will . . . Hopes to retire the President ' s Trophy after this year . . . Hair Man ' s back, weights and all . . . Mood ' s in love . . . Beggs, Pete Bennett, Tracy Bledsoe, Norm Boyles, Buddy Bradley, Jim Broadwater, Jim Brown, Mike Caton, Don Clements, Tom Cromartie, Bill Crow, David Dalton, Dave Demmler, Robert Demree, Don Dion, Jon Duffy, Mike Edmonds, Will Emerich, Guy Friis, Alan Gaither, Allan Gatewood, John Gilbert, Bill Gundlach, John Hanlock, Bill Abascal, Jerry Hancock, Scott Hohrath, Ralph Harris, Bob 280 President Tom Thoman Vice-president Norm Bledsoe Secretary Tom Reynolds Treasurer Dave Dalton Hellinger, Fred Howard, Bill James, Tom Jensen, Larry Kendrick, Louis King, Jeff King, Buddy Knight, James Koontz, Buzz Land, Henry Leonard, Michael Lindlof, John May, Eric McCartha, Bland Miles, Lewis Mixon, John Molica, Frank Moody, Gary Morgan, Gary Naeyaert, Ray Norfleet, Kenneth Norfleet, Stanley O ' Shea, John Parker, Billy Palmer, Tom Peacock, Ray Pfeffer, Jim Potocki, John Prevelige, Ron Purple, Bob Deader, Rick Reynolds, Tom Riley, Bill Schrote, John Scrutchins, Sam Scholler, John Steel, John Stewart, Bill Story, Vic Teal, Ronald Thomas, Gary Thoman, Tom Turner, Ted Wallick, John Whidby, Paul Willits, Dan Willits, Dick Wilson, Jim Young, David 281 PHI DELTA THETA SOCIALS AND FOR THE PHI DELTS September brought the return of the " Raider " . . Phi Delt Homecoming decorations—belittled at first as " Shea ' s Folly " —judged Over-All Most had their horns at the Viking Party . . . Phi ' s Charlie Casey and Lynn Matthews named to All- American football squads . . . A social with the Tri Delts- it was good this year! . . . John Darlson was elected Student Body Treasurer . . Blue-Jew Weekend featured the brothers . Brothers and pledges again aid in the March of Dimes . . . The still disputed Pledge-Brother game . . . Progress was made in the fight against oppression . . . It was a banner year for our self-appointed champions of justice—the Meekman, Robin Dart, and the Red Baron . . . Phi Delt Weekend was another classic, not soon forgotten . . . Phi ' s traveled to Palatka on Community Service Day for an afternoon of work and recreation with the boys at Rodeheaver Ranch .. . And then there were finals. Achee, Gray Ames, Eddie Ayres, Randy Battle, Joe Berninger, Gary Bigham, Greg Bischoff, Rick Bowden, Walter Brownfield, Tom Carcus, Rob Chandler, Sandy Corbin, Bill Curington, Jim Czajkowski, Gerry Davis, Jody DeLaney, Eddie Dorsey, Bill Driscoll, Dennis Ernst, Steve Fazzini, John Floyd, Walter Gaisford, Bill Govus, David Grout, John Gulliford, Bill Holloway, Paul Iddings, Don 282 Jones, Chan Kane, Jim Kelly, Jim Kent, Don Kinder, Gary King, Charlie Kirkland, Tom Kitchens, Craig Koru, DeMir Kozie, Tom Kusnerak, Jerry Lanier, David MacGillis, David Mahoney, Ed Matherly, Dick McCarthy, Mike McKinley, Terry Moni, Joe Moran, John Niro, Bob Pecarek, John Pistell, Peter Powers, Stephen Rankine, Tom Reamy, Chip Reed, Ridge Reilly, Paul Rich, Wayne Roberts, Joe Rope, Bob Scarborough, Jerry Schwaderer, Chuck Seims, Jack Seng, Pete Seymour, Goodwin Shea, John Sottile, John Spearman, Craig Stinson, Louis Stoeppelwerth, Ron Stumpff, Ed Taylor, Hal Tindel, Bryon Vehling, Ed Vrooman, Quinton Wages, Harman Wagner, Steve Williams, Rob Young, Jack Zimmer, Don 283 PHI EPSILON PI FRIENDSHIP BINDS ETERNALLY Adkins, Jim Blecker, Phillip Bolan, Harry Brown, Les Dunlap, Terry Eisinger, Errol Exner, Craig Frederick, Charles Friedman, George Beta Epsilon Chapter chartered on February 10th . . . Six years has seen the chapter grow to a solid membership of 40 men . . . New Phi Ep house site already selected—between Beta Theta Pi and Pi Kappa Phi on Fraternity Row .. . Brothers active in many areas on politics, Hillel Foundation, The University Choir, and the Interfraternity Council . . . Phi Epsilon Pi men endeaver to promote in all aspects of their life the ideal expressed in their motto— " Friendship Binds Eternally. " Superior C. D. Hobbs Vice-Superior Arnold Willen Treasurer William Lopatin Corresponding Sec ' y. Frank Ventura Recording Sec ' . Steven Handshu Friedrich, Andy Friedrich, Sandy Garfinkle, Rick Goldenberg, Herb Hobbs, C. D. Handshu, Joel Handshu, Steven Kartt, Mickey Koross, Herb Lawson, Martin Lupatin, Bill Malone, Don Page, Bryan Simon, Steve Skigen, Skig Stern, Bob Ventura, Frank Weiss, Charlie Willen, Arnold Wolfson, Harvey 284 PHI KAPPA PSI PHI PSI ' S OCCUPY FIRST HOME Florida Beta Colony began in 1965 . . . Now occupies its first home on N. W. 5th Avenue ... Future plans—expanded membership and a new residence in a larger and more adequate home . . . Expectation is to provide the university with an excellent group of men through a conscientious and careful program of growth . . . Annual activities—Homecoming weekend activities, Christmas Party, February 19 Day Commemoration, and Spring Formal . . . Phi Psi men raise a loud high! high! with the realization that future Phi Psi yells at Florida will resound both louder and further . . . Listen! President Dave Hague Vice-president Brad Williams Corresponding Sec ' y. Garnell Rogers Recording Sec ' y. Dan Garvy Treasurer Allen Porter Garvy, Dan Hague, David Harley, Wayne Luke, Jim Mehalko, Andy Poe, Michael Porter, Allen Renninger, Warren Rogers, Garnell Ruffner, Bob Waddell, Tom Williams, Rod PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI GAMMA DELTA ' S HAVE TORCHLIGHT SERENADES Social work all around town . . .Gator pondings . . . Torchlight serenades .. . Corky Dodge Fiji Sweetheart " Hide your sisters, etc. " —Tri Phis . . . Annual activities — Fantasia, Parent ' s day, Homecoming, Brother ' s Night, Fiji Weekend, Pig Dinner . The Hook . . . Homecoming float wins first place . . . Wop ' s food . . . Backmeyer and Crabtree—Florida Blue Key . . . The old fox . . . Doug stud—the gross . . . Band forgets . . . Our big is never wrong . . . Bod ' s brown grass . . . Girls from Boston . . . Laurie Hammer captains Golf Team . . . Floods in the cellar . . . Blond Bomber . . . Don ' t skirmish with the Sigs . . . Albino and Rosy . . . Little man with the big money . . . Night the bed fell . . . Pledges third in fraternity scholarship . . . Will Grant quiet hours . . . Greene —fifteen calls and no . . . Spot remover . . . Our man in the Army—Bruce . . . A delightful Housemother, Mom Dearing. Adkinson, Dane Bamonte, Bob Birdsall, Dennis Boddy, Bob Botner, George Brown, Alan Burnside, Bob Bush, Dick Conn, Don Daniels, Richard Davis, Bob Dodson, John Durand, Dick Gilkey, Mickey Grant, Bill Green, Nelson Greene, Herman Guarino, Allan Hanson, Mike Hayes, Rick Henderson, Leon Hospers, Albert Howell, Gary Howlett, Mitch 286 President Robert Boddy Treasurer Gordon Watts Corresponding Secretary William Adkinson Recording Secretary __ John Schoendorf Historian John Vreeland Kimball, Thomas Lamb, Sam Leavy, Tom MacLean, Ted McDonough, John McKechnie, Don Medlin, John Newberger, Chip Peck, Steve Peebles, Dave Reina Joe Renzi, Armond Riley, Art Robertson, Tom Robinson, Art Rosenberger, Robert Roye, Mike Rushlow, Dave Sadowski, Bill Schoendorf, John Schwied, Ron Simpson, Jim Singletary, Wayne Stechmiller, Bruce Stencel, Jerry Steverding, John Temples, Jim Thompson, Rick Turner, Warren Valentine, Bill Vreeland, John Waldorf, Joe Watts, Gordon Whiteside, Terry Windsor, George Wronske, Doug Zentner, Ted 287 PHI KAPPA TAU GOOD-BYE CLINT House comes alive in ' 65 as Taus . . . Randy hands gavel over to Harkness . . . Harkness gets Hammond organ lessons . . . Demon and " E " have ball . . . Taus Homecoming ship swims for awhile, sinks under fire of Fraternity Row boat . . . Fourth in Homecoming skits . . . More cows ski than any other animal . . Brillo head gets scrubbed by Jewish doctor . . Stick gone over the hill . . . Bert hurt by Phi Tau flirt . . . Vaughn puts many hours in as of the Alligator . . . Allman voted C.C. Rider . . . O ' Connor " Bull of the Woods " . . . Pope loses Marilyn but doesn ' t give up hope . . . Who ' s Dave Warlick? . . . Blake too fast for Florida trackmen . . . Osborn Delta flush, Delta wants new deal . . . Allman loses with mints after dinner . . . Weir goes to Olympics as a javelin . . . Val up the creek without Orr . . . Georgia peach fertilizer bad for new berries . . . My God Sheck is Secretary of Interior .. . Gilbert dates navel destroyer . . . drives " hot rod " . . . Taus get high over Dander ' s wedding . . . Goodbye Clint Fouraker, wherever you may be. President Jack Harkness Vice-President Bob Newberry Secretary Chuck Siler Treasurer Frank Beveridge 288 Allman, Roy Bartlett, Jack Bartlett, William Beckman, Larry Beveridge, Frank Blackstock, Henry Blakely, Richard Block, Chip Bryant, Gary Burris, Jack Church, Ray Dilgreto, Danny Eckstein, Herbert Foley, Jay Fountain, William Garst, Ken Gaussiran, Charles Godcharles, Mark Hall, Robert Harkness, Jack Heiman, Alfred Herrick, Richard Hoffman, Dave Hurd, Wilson Kaiser, Paul Lantaff, Kent Lemasters, Charles Liska, Joe LaFace, Ron Macrory, Robert Mahoney, Mike Milancia, Jerry Mindraeu, Carlos Mintz, Andrew Moore, Steve Moore, Thomas Mroczkowski, Harry Newberry, Robert Newman, Robert Norwich, William Notestein, Jim Orr, Richard Osborne, Ken Osterholt, David Perez, Pete Pittman, Bert Randolph, John Reid, Don Royo, Carlos Ryals, William Ryan, Keith Schneider, Charles Seeber, Joe Seufert, Benard Siler, Chuck Singleterry, James Smith, Victor Tess, Russ Thomas, Michael Vaughn, Steve Waits, Robert Weir, Thomas Wheeler, Charles Wilks, Sam Williams, Barry Williams, Bud Williams, Randy Wood, William Wright, Jeff Wightman, Dennis PHI MU Blass, Sandy Cobb, Mary Dees, Eleanor Dopler, Pat Dyro, Jan Linda, Gatewood Frisbe e, Judy Gildersleeve, Joy Hamilton, Maha Harms, Karen Harville, Melissa Herold, Pat Hillman, Sharon Jones, Letty Kiker, Lynne Maloy, Ann Mossman, Thelma Peacok, Brenda Pearsall, Gail Porter, Priscilla Price, Paulla Ritchie, Ruth Rosseau, Linda Satterlee, Connie Slinn, Martha Smith, Evalyn Smith, Sandi Smith, Virginia Steers, Laura Lee Watt, Carolyn Wedge, Linda Welguisz, Fran Woodman, Eileen 290 TROPHIES, LOVE AND FAMILIAR SOUNDS Blanco, Pat Blaney, Kathy Bowers, Sally Brown, Barbara Dalehite, Deborah Dence, Marie Dittmar, Cathy Dunnagan, Tina Erickson, Cheryl Farrell, Patti Hill, Sandy Lindsey, Jane La France, Sarah O ' Brien, Margaret Payne, Susan Phillips, Karen Saltz, Rita President Priscilla Porter Vice-president Cheryl Erickson Secretary Sandra Blass Treasurer ___ Susan Payne Rabbit Ears . . . Granny Duck rides again . . . Harville gets the silence award . . . Was THAT Phi Mu Week-end? . . . Your pledge pins will be here in a week . . . Priscilla has sole use of the coke machine during study hall .. . Debbie Dalehite was Panhellenic President .. . It does NOT look like a marshmallow house . . . Wattsy puts a meter in her car . . . Baby Chunk and Green Giant get pledge pinned .. . Parker gets and Fletcher makes herself right at home . . . Tromp, tromp, tromp . . . Marie Dence on Women ' s Judiciary Committee and service editor of the Seminole . . . Bloney spends all day in a beauty parlor . . . Porter majors in theology . .. Farmer Joy, I ' m engaged to another . . . Time-Joy and Kathi are Florida Union Board members . . . The bloodmobile has another successful year . . . Blah hah hah hah . . . More ribbon, more lace, more angel hair? . . . Thelma Mossman, Director of WRUF-FM . . . Gota present for ya . . . Christmas Party . . . Harville, have you got my . . . BSF membership increases over last year .. . Carolyn Watt in Mortar Board and was editor of Coedikette . . . Debbie an Flighter . . . Hot line comes through to Georgia . . . But he wasn ' t supposed to be my date . . . Pat, Connie, and Priscilla boast membership in Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Margaret in Sigma Tau Sigma . . . Smelly Shelly gets Carnation Man . . . Let Maloy entertain you . . . 192 minutes till 12:30 . . . We have a new winner . . . Busboard meets in the executive lounge . . . It ' s Wattsy sandwich time . . . We ' re for you, PI KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGES, LITTLE SISTERS YEAR Would you belive . . . Jet Set returns —Much excess baggage . . . F.A.D.C. organizes quickly . . . Turkey turns over gavel to Snake . . . PR man Mac— popular with cops and F.S.U. brothers . . . Dream Girl Lynne Beavers . . . Chuck " Frosty " Wohlust and the Orlando Shuffle . . . Rennell, Roache, Epperts keep Post Office busy . . . Roll call at Windjammer during " Happy Hour " . . . Annual activities—Dream Girl Weekend, Founders ' Day, Party . . . Kabat ' s closet—disaster area . . . Benjie, J. G., and Spare Tire hang around Navy yard . . . Tumblin ' Tom gets rusted . . . Little Whitey aces pinball final . . . Five on All-Campus Intramurals . . . Tide, Bodiford, given fog lights . . . Curly and Wino—tri, tri again . . . Wilson and Leo Rock—Florida Blue Key . . . Larry ' s F.S.U. date service . . . Superman flies A. R. to the Dean . . . Bill, Honda Whity drafted—ROTC for real . . . Farris still looking for riders to split costs . . . Jim whip of Leg. Council . . . Lance Rootman puts Jamie to shame . . . all racks moved to tube room for finals . . . Cleaning service keeps forgetting room 21 . . . Murph ' s machine starts competition . . . Pledge-Brother football clash—short break for game . . . Five on Leg Council . . . Don fined for not being himself . . . Worm, Bod, and city vs. lifeguards . . . Watch out, Crab run legendary house in Daytona- Chuck—Dodge Wipe . . . Al given seeing eye dog for dates . . . Gilbert will be off the phone in a minute . . . Bud celebrates birthday and becomes Grand Old Man . . . Time out—Hose in for Albert . . . Kyle ' s jungle—Bring A buddy . .. Mayberry hosed over by J. C.—grades too high . . . Hey! Who ' s the head waiter around here? . . . Linda, I ' d like you to meet fat, fat, fat, fat Bob . . . Mom, Little Sisters, active pledge class all help make memorable year for Pikes. Baggett, Dan Bane, John Betts, Charles Bodiford, William Bogner, James Bouland, John Boutz, Donavon Cobbs, Edward Crosbie, Gary Cushman, Thomas Eaton, Oscar Davis, Clifford President Vice-president Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Jake Varn Tom Jacoway Dan Baggett Jim Gaff Bud Cobbs 292 Eppert, Donald Eppert, Ronald Farris, John Fehr, Van Gallagher, Daniel Gillmore, Tony Goldman, Leonard Gordon, Thomas Gustat, Paul Guy, James Henderson, Pbert Hester, Richard Hoppe, Albert Hughes, John Jackson, Paul Jacoway, Thomas Jourdan, Johnie Kabat, Jack Kemp, Robert Kennerly, Phillip Kerry, John Kunz, Billy Kyle, Steven Lawson, Christopher Leitner, Dryden Lewis, Irvin Littlejohn, David Macomber, William Mann, John Mayer, George McCluan, William McMullen, John Morgan, Bryant Mousley, David Mowrey, Ronald Moye, Ralph Murphy, William Myrick, John Neal, Michael Odell, Thom Olson, Peter Palmer, John Pennington, Bruce Reiman, David Rennell, Lawrence Rosner, Edward Rowe, Chaules Sanders, Joseph Selvidge, Charles Shipsicie, William Smith, Bruce Smith, Armin Smith, John Sparks, Don Sorg, Thomas Swan, Robert Tasca, Charles Tiede, Richard Valentine, Thomas Varn, Jacob Ward, Richard Weaver, Maurice West, Richard Westmore, George Wilcox, Flake Williams, Jeffrey Williams, Thomas Williams, Wilson Wohlust, Gary Zukoski, Richard PI KAPPA PHI ANOTHER YEAR GONE PKPHI Jolly Green draws Peanuts . . . Karate chop Hagie vows revenge for missing crest . . . John ' s f ine southern cooking— Panama style . . . Sam vs. the midnight movers . . . God strikes out from room two . . . pledges take long . . . Retaliate with undercover work . . . Winners of Blue League Trophy — Homecoming House Decorations . . . The mansion gets a new coat . . . Blazing bonfire at Zeta serenade . . . Aunt Marge gets color TV . . . PI KAPPS attain a new academic high . . . Weebo meets Uncle Sam . . . Social with AOPi ' s . . . The apartment parties . . . Mallory and get a serenade . . . Animal pulls grades from room seven . . . Bolick study??? . . . Greg goes Delta Gamma . . . Keiber and his red truck . . . Grates fixed at last . . . Bill " Two Kegs " Baxter gets a phone call . . . Sterling Knudsen and his midnight ride . . . Willie Gator and his Gator killers . . . Ghost of U. of Va. strikes the chapter . .. Another year gone. Archon Ed Glatfelter Treasurer John Morton Secretary Sam George Warden Bob Jones Chaplain Bill Mehrtens 294 Acosta, Del Bell, Richard Burleigh, Tim Butler, Joe Chalmers, Stew Chastain, Bernie Collins, Phil Crockett, Ray Diamond, Bill English, Daryl Faden, Rogers Garrard, Jeff George, Sam Glatfelter, Ed Golden, Kim Grady, Jim Griffith, Clark Harrell, John Hawke, Steve James, Manny Kelly, Jim Johnson, Bud Johnson, Greg Jones, Bob Keiber, Fred Knudsen, Ralph Littell, Chris Mackoy, Dick McGrail, Joe Moore, Harry Morton, John Mourant, Rod Nixon, Larry Nowak, Mike Nunez, Richard Petterson, Chris Powell, Jim Prevatt, Jim Rand, Bob Rich, Dennis Schilling, Bill Slesnick, Don Smith, Russ Snyder, Bob Sutherland, Steve Taylor, Jim Taylor, Scott Van Duyne, Giles Wick, Dennis Wickersham, Frank 295 PI LAMBDA PHI Albert, Steve Arnovitz, Rick Brotman, Ed Caine, Bob Chotiner, Alan Coverman, Michael Crames, Paul Cypress, Harold L. Baron, Joe Barrios, Eccelind Blank, Russell Bramson, Frank 296 PROVED ONE OF THE BEST About Pi Lams . . . Scholarship trophy winners again, total wins more than al l fraternities combined . . . Annual Christ- mas party for Flavet children . . . creative house—Tom Jones Farm party (at a local Gainesville farm), and movie party . . . Canadian Legends entertain at Homecoming . . . Blue-Jew Weekend features Phi. Delt-Pi Lam festivities . . . Pearl terminated social Calendar . . . Politically strong house—brothers have run for top five offices for the last three years in a row ... Herb Schwartz elected Honor Court Chancellor . . . Athletic Pi Lams reach for top in Orange League competition . . . An outstanding year . Pi Lam house has proved once again that it is one of the best fraternities on campus. President Ken Burdick Vice-president Jerry Furnari Secretary Barry Scurran Treas urer Ray Kaplan Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Mandel Davis, Dan Dunn, Marc Ehrenkranz, Art Feldman, Bob Fenster, Jeff Fisher, John Foreman, Sonny Geiserman, Gary Goldstein, Joe Granoff, Peter Greenfield, Drew Harr, Marc Hauser, James Himot, Edward Joseph, Alec Kan, Alan Kaplan, Stanley Katz, Dick Lack, Mike Lansman, Neil Lebos, Lanny Lotterman, Mark Low, Gary Jon Lurie, Bob Mandell, Jim Mandell, Bob Marmorstein, Michael Marshall, Brian Nicosia, Nick Paul, Alan Podgorski, Robert Rokeach, Michael Rosenberg, Jerry Rosenblum, Mark Rubel, Eric Sadja, Sandy Schaefer, Jeff Schram, Jim Schrier, David Schulman, Cliff Scurran, Barry Scurran, Jeff Segal, Jerry Segal, Mike Sherman, Richard Singer, David Singer, Dennis Soden, Allen Sweet, Mark Tydor, Pat Waldman, Skipper Winokur, Peter M. 297 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The second year in the new Sig Alph Lodge produced another banner list of achievements . . . Politically, socially, academically, and athletically the Sig Alphs remained campus leaders . . . The tapping of Willis and Thompson into Blue Key brought our total to 8 members . . . a campus record . . Newly-elected Student Government President Buddy Jacobs became the tenth SAE to hold this esteemed office . . . Third floor Florida Union and Leg Council continue to be home away from home for House politicos . . . Annual Viking Party brought out the beast in us .. . Black and White bubbled over . . . Parties . . . Parties . . . Parties .. . Arthur, Steven Ashmore, Louis Athens, Robert Belote, William Bennett, Lesley Berryhill, Michael Boyd, LaRue Branch, Gregory Bryan, Thomas Buckner, Michael Burke, John Burke, Terry Campbell, Arthur Carta, Steven Church, Craig Coalson, John Coker, Howard Collins, Moseley Cook, Carl Cooper, William Cox, Thomas Craig, Stephen Crane, Lee Davis, Joseph Du Chanois, Robert Eckley, Glen Fleming, Thomas Floyd, Thomas Foster, Ronald Fore, Merritt Increased academic stress produced a few 3.9 ' s and 3.8 ' s to bolster the Lodge ' s average . . . Prospects high for Intramural trophy as we ' re again in Golf and Basketball .. . House continues to have a participant in every varsity sport . . . Backstroker Taul brings home All-American honors . . Rollyson is the surprising Sophomore of Florida ' s basketball team . . . National Amateur Golf Champion prepares for participation in this year ' s Masters, British, and U.S. Open . . . Homecoming Award taken second year in row . . . Tradition remains as record nine heads shaved of Would-be Lion painters in one night . . . A year of continued excellence. SAE ' S UPHOLD IMAGE 298 Franklin, Stephen Frommer, Harry Fuller, Samuel Garl, Ronald Gentry, William Graves, Richard Haig, Jon Hefner, George Henderson, James Hershfield, Sam Hickey, James Hilliker, Donald Huddleston, Prentiss Keller, Ronald Kelly, George Kent, James Kirby, Richard Knox, William Le Moyne, John Livingston, Thomas Long, Charles Long, Leonard Manderschmeid, James Marsh, Raymond Matthews, Joseph Mathews, Lawrence McElhanon, Donald McQuillen, Arthur Miller, Ralph Monrose, Herbert Mussoline, John Neff, James Overmyer, Richard Parsons, Allan Patterson, William Rejko, Kenneth Rives, Robert Roberts, James Rogers, Jr., William Rollyson, Mikel Rudisill, Robert Sanders, James Slott, Sherwood Smith, David Smith, John Smith, Stephen Smith, Wilbur Smell, Frank Speer, Gregory Spence, Walter Stembler, William Stephens, Willis Sterzinger, Robert Stoiwell, Douglas Taylor, Kent Thompson, Charles Thompson, Norman Thompson, William Threatt, Bobby Townsend, Larry Treece, Alan Tual, Blanchard Weaver, Herbert Yon, Jr., Terrell White, William Witt, Leither Underwood, Andrew VanWinkle, John Weidner, John Willis, Lee 299 SIGMA CHI SIGMA CHI SUCCESSFUL ON CAMPUS Sigma Chi praises . . . Bruce Student Body President . . This year ' s Florida Blue Key Presidents, Stu Parsons and Bruce Starling . . . Pinecrest . . . Got a Minute . . . Orange League Track Champs . . . Misty the pinmate . .. How ' s your . . . Keller and Winkler, on Gator starting five . . . Has anyone heard of Malcome Mil—never mind . . Who are John ' s " special cases? " . . . The boys on the second floor just want a little . . Put that bush back Russ .. . Was it funny? Joe was in stitches over it . .. Yeah, you ' ll be seeing me go for nine . . . We ' ll see you much later. President Jack Vice-president Skeeter Wooten Treasurer Bill Blomgren Secretary _ Charlie Smoleny Anderson, John Bailey, Paul Baymiller, Pierce Bein, Monte Bishop, Joe Blomgren, Bill Maurice Briggs, John Brown, Mike Brown, Kirk Burgess, Bon Bush, Peter Causey, John Coates, Mike Couts, Frank Cummings, Jim Dobson, Drex Echols, David Ellis, Jeff Etheredge, Buz Ewaldsen, Paul Fallon, Jim Falnagan, Bob Flinn, John Flood, John Fouts, Steve Gardner, Steve Gardner, Paul Garner, Darryl Geyer, Tim Girtman, Ben Glass, Jim Gomery, Bob Green, Mike Greist, John Gross, Norman Hager, Scott Handy, Jim Harrison, Franklin Hartman, Drew 300 301 Hartman, Mike Heath, Skip Hellwig, Todd Hetzler, Brent Hickland, Mike Hicks, Donnie Hoffman, Norris Horton, John Howard, John Howell, Bryan Howell, Ken Hurst, TOM Johnson, Julian Johnson, Wayne Jones, Oliver Keller, Gary Kovaleski, Charles Kuhl, Gary Latsko, Fred LeBas, Joe LeBrun, Nory Leavitt, Bruce Leonard, Woody Mairs, Tom Mahoney, Chip Mahood, Dennis Mahood, Jack Martin, Gary Maynard, Zollie McCall, Wayne McClelland, Clifton McGinnes. Dub McGinnis, Mike McIntyre, Don McLatchey, Ken McQuagge, Duncan Menendez, Buck Mingledorff, Ken Morgan, Jim Morris. Joe Nelson, Bubba Nichols, Richard Novak, Tom Pellicci, Joel Pendley, Don Phillips, Pat Raney, Jeff Raney, Dan Richards, Rick Richardson, Mickey Richeson, Jim Rogers, Wayne Ross, Kim Rowlands, Dave Sadowski, Chet Saenger, Karl Sanderson, Mel Scarborough, Truman Shewey, Bill Siebenthaler, John Smoleny, Charles Stalzer, Bernard Stark, Tim Stein, Walter Stokes, Vernon Stuart, George Turner, Paul Waldron, Gary Wallace, Fred Weimer, Bill Whitcomb, Jerry White, Charles White, John William, Jeff Willis, John Wilson, Louis Winkler, Harry Wilson, Walt Woodard, Wayne Wooten, Martin SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA SISTERS HIGHEST IN SCHOLARSHIP Sigmas have really been seen around campus this year . . . What ' s this about Nancy shooting down a falcon? . . . Recipient of new Scholarship Trophy for highest sister average . . Then there was the nigh t JoAnne and Dianne chased down the Boy Scouts . . . Our skit made a HIT at tryouts . . . How many times have you your pin, Lynda? . . . Susan Bartley—Panhellenic President . . the sacred Six vs. the God Squad . .,. Our a.p. supply is really low this year . . . Finals brings unexpected guests to and a midnight ride to the football stadium .. . We hear the Cherys have fallen into a Pit . . . Mala and her Supersonic Character Spotter . . . held a Saturday night chapter meeting at the Pi Kapp house . . . How ' s the Theta Chi Homecoming Trophy, Bev? President Barbara Chism Vice-President Diane Jones Secretary Janice Luther Treasurer Leslie Monk 302 Argo, Wanda Bales, Lynda Bartley, Susan Bennett, Linda Blanchard, Peggy Blome, Rena Bogan, Carol Caldwell, Caren Cherpak, Corrine Corson, Kay Crenshaw, Maria Chism, Bargara Dalton, Nancy Davenport, Joan Dormany, Pam Eckhart, Carol Eggart, Janis Faber, Beverly Felder, Susan Ford, Celia Grover, Linda Hansen, Pam Hill, Lynn Hinton, Mala Jones, Diane Leonard, Cheryl Livingston, Jeuley Mashburn, Linda McGregor, Sandy Monk, Leslie Morley, Kitty Mueller, Ardy Mumbauer, Mary Nigels, Debe Pagh, Janet Pinney, Dianne Post, Linda Prescott, Suezan Oetke, Carole Ramers, Kathy Reed, Sandy Schumacher, Barbara Seaberg, JoAnne Sitar, Sally Stancil, Renn Struthers, Mary Tillman, Claudia Watkins, Judy Wittman, Joan 303 SIGMA PHI EPSILON FIRST IN SCHOLARSHIP FOR WINTER September sees new look in the living room . . . Rush rithes on . . sees " Most Humorous Award " go to SPE . . . Brown places second in walking race . . . SPE first in winter trimester ' 65; second in fall . . . Joyce Grassman—sweetheart . . Johnson blows his cool with a " nice " date . . . " Pandora ' s Box " grosses out skit tryouts . . . Woodjammer parties courtesy Rex and Ron . . . Joe Caruso and Gene Clark in Phi Beta Kappa .. . R. C. ' s cast hinders his torrid in Jennings Hall . . . Hume and Thomas misplaced their room . . . H. J. gets a car but wrecks it . . . Gary Arnold—Cadet Colonel of Army ROTC . . . Johnson ' s SPE car gets pro- gressively sicker . . . Barbara Ricker? . . . Grosch Pepe! . . . Chas. Hits a cow . . Sambo gets tarred and pebbled over Christmas .. . T. V. gets gleeped by the phantom . . . ADB claims the middle stall . . . Shipley and his tri-delt under his window . . . Nice! . . . Body and Vic Tanny of the . . . Ross Small—All-campus Intramurals . . . P. J. the D. J. . . . Teddy Bear, Sawtell and Rojas go jock . .. Go-Go party and professional girls gross out Lela . . . Murph re-enters dorm as S.A. . . . Schafer plays games in the chapter room . . Pledge amoeba tag sticks . . . Evelio tells pledges how to " jell in and jell out " . . . Riche tries pharmacy . . . Swiggie ' s baldness he coaches Mazzina . . . Lela gets ' 66 Chevy . . . " The Pope " prefers Naval Reserve to chapter meetings .. . Todd comes over again . . . Ira gets an ivy hair cut—at last— . . Brook ' s shrunken head voted out by chapter . . . About the home movies, Bob? . . . Hanging beds from the ceiling becbrnes the thing to do . . . Cogs gets engaged at the Sugar Bowl . . - Hearts Week- end, Senior Banquet, Founder ' s day= Annual events . . . Thiger and the Heart Fund Drive . . . What a yea! President Tim Johnson Vice-president John Hume Controller Wayne Thomas Secretary Jerry McSwiggan Recorder Turner Coats Arnold, Gary Baker, Richard Bergen, Dick Berger, Phil Bergmann, Ed Bothe, Dave Bowman, Bill Brill, Rodger Britton, Don Brook, John Brown, Jim Bomgarner, Dave Cogswell, Robert Correia, Randy Davis, Mike Eaddy, Danny Edwards, Randy Feldhusen, Larry Ferguson, Mike Finnerty, Larry Glenn, John 304 Graham, George Godbold, Bill Godfrey, Joe Hallmark, Jim Hardy, Larry Harpel, Jim Harris, Charles Heidt, Sid Hill, Cliff Hoffeld, Tom Hudson, Bob Jenks, Bill Johnson, Tim Jordan, Skip Jordan, Forrest Judson, Wayne Kelley, Bob Kerns, Ira Kosmerl, Chuck Lewis, Bob Levens, Bill Lineberger, Mick Lumans, Val Mannelli, Ted Marcinak, Jeff Martin, Joe Mazzina, Mike McRae, Don McSwiggan, Jerry Mead, Bob Mederos, Evelid Medlin, Les Moorey, Tom Moxley, Jim Nelson, Don Pace, Joe Parker, John Reed, Rex Ritchie, Dennis Robles, Louis Rogers, Pat Rojas, Michael Rojas, Bill Sawtell, Brad Schafer, Dennis Schlechter, Al Shek, Bill Shroads, Jim Slotto, Bill Small, Ross Smith, Jim Smith, Rich Storace, Michael Taylor, John Walker, Neil Wattles, Bob Thomas, Wayne Van Meter, Harry Wiederhold, John Withington, Kent 305 TAU EPSILON PHI Allen, Larry Baker, Bobby Behar, Sandy Berendt, Gerald Berson, Mark Bloom, Bob Bloom, Ronnie Bokor, Bruce Borden, Lee Bronis, Steve Brunswick, Alan Harvey, Budd Burton, Gerry Cohn, Larry Cooperman, Alan Fahrer, Steve TEP ' S ARE TOPS Tau Alpha Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi . . . a great year for the TEP ' s .. . First place in Orange League going into second trimester . . . Proudest of winning the Dollars for Scholars drive, turning in more than $1,500 to be used for scholarships . . . Pledge class had highest grade point average on campus, and was also the campus ' largest class . . . 52 new initiated into the portals of TEPhi, the largest class in TEP and UF history . . . Socially, the best . . . Swinging with James Brown and the the Newbeats, the Shangrilas .. . Coasters appear for a great TEP ' 66 . . . Brother Mike Waxman, Gator tackle, played a great game in the Sugar Bowl . . . Bill Tucker made a fine showing as a Gator track star . . . Dave Kahn, mound heroics for the Baby baseball team . . . Wonderful advisor, Dr. Irving Goffman, without him TEP would be just another . . . 19 Fraternity Row, home away from home . . . new paneling and furniture in the dining room, central air conditioning, the famous TEP " glow place to live . . . Our Housemother, Mom Stern, a grand gal . . . without Mom, the house wouldn ' t be a home . . . Most of all, the brotherhood, in harmony to make the saying " TEPs ARE TOPS " a reality at the of Florida. Fleischman, Sol Feish, Evan Frank, Alan Glasser, Gene Blassman, Bob Goldberg, Joe Goldberg, Mike Goldfinger, Alan Gonzalez, Roy Gootson, Barry Gould, Bob Haber, Marty Harris, Sam Held, Eddie Heller, Craig Heller, Steven Howard, Gene Huber, Larry Hurwitch, Bruce Jacob, Steven Kahn, Dave 306 Chancellor Fred Shenkman Vice-chancellor Bill Lichter Scribe Sid Sack Bursar Eric Jonas Second Trimester Chancellor Jerry Levine Vice-chancellor Lee Borden Scribe Steve Uhlfelder Bursar Warren Cohen Kasper, Russ Koch, Jeff Kurnick, Hank Krovetz, Marty Lancit, Larry Lazar, Mark Leibowitz, Alan Levin, Kerry Levine, Jerry Levine, Peppy Levison, David Linsey, Jerry Lopatin, Marc Lucas, Elliott Lynne, Robert Malter, Barry Margolis, Mike Mehlman, Henry Miller, Gary Mitchell, Dave Mittman, Paul Moskovitz, Charles Parnes, Jerry Reisler, Barry Rodstein, Hank Rofkind, Andy Rogow, Bruce Rohan, Steve Ross, David Sack, Sid Sack, Tommy Sadowsky, Albert Salomon, Richard Sarrow, Jeff Schwartz, Robin Schweider, Michael Segal, Hillel Setzer, Barry Sheldon, Steve Shenkman, Fred Shoff, Joe Siegel, Harvey Siegel, Mike Silidker, Marty Silver, Bernie Silvers, Jimmy Silverstein, Ed Singer, Mickey Singer, Bob Sinoff, Lee Slott, Marvin Sperry, Marty Spitzer, Alex Tempkins, Harry Tobias, Ivan Trachtenberg, Roy Tucker, Bill Uhlfelder, Steve Ulmer, Mickey Weinstein, Marc 307 TAU KAPPA EPSILON YEAR OF THE " QUEEN " Working hard toward a new house at No. 1, Fraternity Row . . . Susie Huntley—sweetheart . . . Fike pulls the big shocker . . . Soon to bite the dust; Adrian, Max, John, And who knows? . . . Collecting for United Fund and Muscular Distrophy . . . Mike, Come down off that roof in that silly MUMU . . . Banks, Date with a purpose . . . Hoepner baby . . . Pajama Party, Supressed Desire Party, Ball Weenend—Annual events .. . Famous last words, " I ' ll never get pinned! " . . . Brooks steps in instead of out . . . Steele, plant much? Have a throat lozenge, Zack . . . 16 " Tons " in the " Make-Out Room " Please stay out of the USF women ' s dorms . . . Those taxes sure are a pain, Poor guy couldn ' t even go fishing . . . Orr wins again . . . Ken, you know what you can do if you can ' t take a joke . . . Don and Larry in Alaska looking for ???? . . . Hail the " Bear " . . . David, you know what she wants (?) . . . Gus is back in . . . Year of the 308 Altman, Jay Banks, Tommy Bell, Doug Bizaillon, Paul Borderieux, Joe Brooks, Mike Bryant, Paul Buzzell, Don Capps, Lloyd Claxton, Jim Mike Gustinella, Jim Hall, Tom Hashlam, Ernie Hayward, David Healy, John Howard, Max Howard, Bob Hurst, Tommy Kurtz, Mike President Max Morris Vice-president Paul Bizaillion Secretary Alex House Treasurer Ken Slinkman Lyon, Chuck Marsland, Art McPherson, Keith Moore, Merrill Muench, Larry Muller, John Nowlin, Charles Painter, Jim Rhodes, Marshall Richardson, Zack Robison, George Slinkman, Ken Soulby, Bob Steele, Tom Stirrat, Art Verizzo, Paul Watson, Wes Weatherby, Mike 309 THETA CHI Abbey, Neil Banks, Edwin Bekeris, Joseph Bruschi, Joe Burke, Jourdan Calvert, Steve Cayce, Tom Ehr, Bob Fargo, Dick Fox, Craig Gazdak, Joe Ghioto, Phil Gore, Charles Gravelee, Ralph Grothman, Fred Hammond, Rod Handley, Hugh Houp, Ken Isom, Woody Kellogg, Mark 310 WIN ORANGE LEAGUE HOMECOMING TROPHY Langford, Herb Lee, Bobby Lopez, Larry Lyle, Robert Marino, John McCarthy, Mike McComb, John McDuffie, Dave McGee, Jim McKnight, Mike Miller, Ray Mitchell, Jerry MumBauer, M. L. O ' Brien, Chris Osterhoudt, Bob Overstreet, Jim Pelleya, Joe Perrin, Bill Petas, Bill Pollard, Bill Reinstalla, Rick Ricely, Jim Ringwood, Tom Roll, Bill Ross, Bill Sauls, Steve Schwarzenbek, Gene Seip, Bryan Seip, Mark Shaw, Tomm Singer, Mark Smith, Ron Smith, Ron Steen, John Strattan, Rick Spirko, Jim Tavel, Lee Testa, Richie Thomes, Ted Tubel, Ed Van Middele, Eric Verdon, John Wallace, Bill Waller, Wayne Weeks, Stanley Wicker, Russ Wilcox, George Willis, John Winder, Jon Woodruff, Edward Testimonial: Before I started I didn ' t even know what a Weasel was .. . Perrin said WHAT? . .. finally gets a dangle . . . " Hey Lee, get the watermelon seeds out of the yard. " . . . Judy Lodmell—Dreamgirl . . . Rod Hammand, the only 2UC with 120 hours . . . " Jan, Marti, Elavin, Diane—Who ' s next, peats? " . . . Best chapter at Theta Chi Regional . . . " Isom, you ' d better get the damn tambourine back " . . . The Kalamazoo Carpetbaggar strikes again —FLUSH . . . " Lopez, quit worrying about your sister, R. C. ' s a nice guy. " . . Smith ' s gone, Houp ' s King . . . Pledges third on campus in grades . . . Wallace flunks Heating Systems 101 . . . Burke wins Brevity Award . . . Bzzzzzz, hey, its Sauls . . . " Rick, when are you taking Debbie out again? " . . . Theta Chi wins intramural trophy . . . " What ' s that in the sky? Is it a fly, NO, its a Swann! .. . " Has anyone, Cough, seen, Cough, Cough, Duffy? . . . of Orange League Homecoming Decoration Trophy . . . Sigs tremble when they hear of mad dog ' s return " Got a date yet, Fox? " . . . Past Chancellor of the Honor court—Sid Stubbs . . . " McKnight, we want a scrapbook! " . . . Dixon .sets an all-time class attendance record . . . Bill Ross; W.A.R. lover . . . " But Shaw, you only met her yesterday. " . . . " Come in Gemini 6, this is Beachcomber. " you got any Brillo Pads? " . . . " Herb, how could anyone lose thirty spirit hats? " . . . Jim Overstreet—Head Cheerleader . . . Kitchen shows profit when the Phantom graduates . . . Our dog ' s bigger than your dog . . . " Hey Kincaid, how about getting Little Stevie Wonder (backed by the Rovers) and Perry Como For Frolics? " President Jourdy Burke Vice-president Bob Osterhoudt Secretary Jon Winder Treasurer Bill Ross 311 ZETA TAU ALPHA ZETA SISTERS Bowers, Linda Broadfoot, Kit Byrne, Cheryl Cody, Linda Cook, Jane Cooney, Pam Cornwell, Pat Cuppett, Trisha Doerr, Bernice Drane, Peni Dusard, Sherry Evans, Judy Evans, Sally Franklin, Cris Greene, Linda Hadley, Kim Hanna, Jean Haskins, Valerie Holland, Jan Hoppe, Cheryl Hicks, Connie 312 ACTIVE WV CAMPUS Reception for Mrs. Lovin, our . . . Christmas party for . . . Zeta weekend . . . White Violet Banquet for new initiates . . . Many orientation leaders . . . Donna Londeree was Panhellenic Veep . . . Sherry on Coedikette Staff .. . Sigma Nu pledge sweetheart—Jane Steiner . . . . . Louise Olsen in Angel Flight . . . Four Army Sweethearts . . . Donna received Panhellenic Key for Service . . . Carol Swann, ATO Little Sister . . . Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters from Zeta were Libby Miller and Shiela Sansbury . . . Romelle Vance and Judy Rosenberger were Lamba Chi Alpha Little Sisters . . Alyce Schweyer, executive secretary of Blue Key Banquet . . . Linda Bowers was a Leg Council member. President Cheryl Bryne Vice-president Marcia Mann Recording Secretary Jane Cook Corresponding Secretary Libby Miller Treasurer Linda Greene Hutchins, Pat Keel, Suzanne LaFaye, Georgia Lamb, Katherine Londeree, Donna Lucree, Jan Lumans, Zinta Mann, Marcia McCasland, Pat Miller, Libby Mirabella, Charlotte Morgan, Sue Myers, Becky Nobles, Claudia Olson, Louise Park, Shirley Pfleger, Mary Platt, Linda Porter, Judy Rogers, Barbara Rosenberger, Judy Ryals, Jeanie Sansbury, Sheila Schumacher, Ann Schumann, Marcy Shepherd, Sue Simmons, Sandy Smith, Suki Starling, Susan Stebor, Gail Steiner, Janie Stringer, Pam Swann, Carol Sykes, Annette Ulrich, Linda Vance, Romelle 313 We who choose to remain independent assert our in a conforming way We li ve together, eat together and work together, exerting a significant influence on the campus. 314 a NOTORIOUS COMMUTERS INVADE CAMPUS An ever increasin g number of students attending the University of Florida have made the Off-Campus Housing Office a haven for finding suitable places to live. Those who desire to live off campus of the dormitories find the office performs a valuable service. Off-Campus Housing is a branch of the University Housing Office that a separate organization in 1955 because of the need for coordination and stabilization between landlords and in obtaining off campus housing. The office serves as a mediating body between students and local landlords and uses a policy of persuasion, not force, in seeking cooperation from both sides. Health and safety standards in off campus housing are a concern of this office, and it relies heavily on students for information concerning housing Before listing a residence as suitable for rental, the office makes sure that it meets acceptable requirements for safety. This year Off-Campus Housing is inaugurating a program to inform campus residents about off-campus housing. A series of meetings was held during the year to explain the services of the Off- Campus Housing Office to students who may want to utilize its services. 317 ROLLERS, RAIDS, READING The names Broward, Hume, Jennings, or Graham may be very unfamiliar to the incoming U of F student, but one of them may become his new home away from home. These are only a few of the many residence halls on campus in which a student lives. Whether the smallest, largest, oldest, or newest, all the dormito ries provide many services for students. Provisions for washing and drycleaning, eating, shopping and watching television are only a few of the advantages dorm provides. Most important of all, a dorm ha ' s to talk to, to be friends with, to do things together with. Most of the dormitories take an active part in campus projects, and with the guidance of the leadership provided by their governing bodies, sponsor many worthwhile projects of their own. Graham Area, one of the newest and the campus ' s only co-ed dormitory area, is best known for its annual Playboy Party, which is modeled after the real Playboy Clubs. This year Graham produced a Homecoming skit which placed fourth in Gator Growl. Murphree Area, well known for its participation in men ' s intramurals, has had several joint socials with women ' s dorms throughout the year. Hume Hall, a men ' s residence hall, has started the tradition of an annual Hawaiian party. The atmosphere at this year ' s party was livened by a dancer. Tolbert Area, a collection of men ' s residence halls, has participated in many socials with women ' s dorm ' s, notably the Tolbert-Jennings dance in January. Broward Hall, one of the largest dorms, sponsored a Lake Day and a Broward-Murphree Dance. The unique Computer Dance was also held at Broward. On the side, the residents have heard speeches by two University professors on life at the U of F. The newest women ' s residence hall on campus, Jennings Hall, has sponsored such projects as a Halloween party for married students and redecoration of the pond area in front of the dorm. also participated in Dollars for Scholars and won second prize in the Homecoming decorations contest. The women of Reid Hall are well known for their newspaper, the Digest. " Among their other are the Intramural championship and a successful Halloween party with Hume Hall. Reid, Mallory and Yullee, the other dorms in the area, also participate in many activities together. Rawling ' s Hall won first place in the campus Homecoming decorations contest. This women ' s hall also took first place in Dollars for Scholars for the dormitory areas. 318 COMMUNAL LIVING 319 320 CONFUSION, DELUSION, SECLUSION. . OUR DORMS MEN ' S DORMS 322 LACK A MOTHER ' S TOUCH 323 FLAVETS . . . SMALL WITHIN From 1946 to the present, the and quality of married student has greatly increased. The wood frame Flavets are gradually giving way to newer brick dwellings such as Village, completed in 1965. The Flavets, I, II, and III were built after the war to house the returning who wanted to complete their Hence the name fla-vet, which is short for Florida veteran. As the need for more married student housing grew, Corry, Schucht, and Diamond Villages were added. With over 950 apartments available for married students, the is still rising, and the Housing is planning to add more within the next few years. 324 THE UNIVERSITY CITY 325 326 COMMUTERS , MARRIED STUDENTS , DORMS SERVED RESIDENTS ZONE B -AND - COMMUTERS ONLY CONCLUSION What makes a university? Is it solely an intellectual or uniquely social? The changing times or the people? oes it incomporate the sporting life with the feelings of the people who make it up? Can a university be just the buildings or exclusively those who enter and leave these buildings? It is all of these things but much more. A university is made up of the changes, the contrasts, of each of these components working separately, but each the other. This university is the highest exemplifier of these qualities. 328 329 330 331 334 SENIORS Does time always go by so quickly? We prepare for knowing that tomorrow ' s challenge exceeds yesterday ' s struggle for excellence o o a Are we ready for the challenge? 336 337 A-Be Aatness, Richard C. Arts and Sciences Abbott, Katherine Architecture and Fine Arts Ackerman, Donald Arts and Sciences Adams, Donald Arts and Sciences Adams, Jacqueline Health Related Professions Adams, James Engineering Adams, Richard W. Engineering Adelman, Linda H. Architecture and Fine Arts Albury, Kathryn Arts and Sciences Albury, Woodrow Engineering Aman, Faisal Agriculture Ames, Carole Arts and Sciences Anderson, George Education Anderson, John R. Arts and Sciences Anderson, Ronald Architecture and Fine Arts Alexander, Cheryl Education Alford, Marvin Engineering Allen, D. Mason Business Administration Allen, Sherry Education Alvarez, Julie Ann Education Arteaga, Leonardo Pharmacy Austin, Joan Nursing Axelrod, Marilyn Education Babbitt, Rochelle Education Bacchus, J. Maxey Arts and Sciences Andrew, Patricia Journalism Annis, Charles Arts and Sciences Arak, Michael Architecture and Fine Arts Arnold, Charles Business Adniinistration Arnold, Gary Business Administration 338 Baldwin, Margaret Arts and Sciences Bales, Lynda Arts and Sciences Balkcom, John Pharmacy Barger, Thomas Engineering Barnes, Eugene Architecture and Fine Arts Barro, Manuel Agriculture Barnhill, Barbara Arts and Sciences Barry, Stephen Architecture and Fine Arts Barton, John Engineering Bauer, Christian Engineering Baumann, Barry Engineering Baylor, B. Daniel Business Administration Beatty, Patricia Arts and Sciences Beck, Robert Arts and Sciences Beechley, Barbara Arts and Sciences Beetley, Wayne Architecture and Fine Arts Bell, Clyde Health Related Professions Bell, Douglas Engineering Bellizio, James Agriculture Belote, William Education Beltran, Luis Agriculture Bembry, Charles Pharmacy Bergen, Richard Arts and Sciences Berger, Francois Agriculture Bernola, Vincent Business Administration Berry, Kris Engineering Bethea, Carolyn Education 339 Be-Bu Beverly, William Engineering Black, Charles Agriculture Black, Norman Agriculture Blackmon, Harold Engineering Blaha, George Arts and Sciences Blanchard, Margaret Journalism Bledsoe, Henry Architecture and Fine Arts Bliss, Kenneth Architecture and Fine Arts Bloom, Babs Education Blomgren, William Arts and Sciences Blome, Rena Arts and Sciences Bloom, Robert Arts and Sciences Bockhoff, Henry Business Administration Bogan, Carol Nursing Bogner, James Arts and Sciences Bon, James Engineering Bond, Benjamin Business Administration Bond, Patricia Health Related Professions Bongers, Robert Engineering Bootter, Mary Beth Architecture and Fine Arts Boots, W. Stewart Engineering Bookbinder, Iris Education Boral, Linda Arts and Sciences Bothe, A. David Arts and Sciences Bottoms, Charles Arts and Sciences Bovis, James Arts and Sciences 340 Bowden, Lawrence Engineering Bowers, Linda Health Related Professions Boyd, Larue Advertising Bozarth, Lois Health Related Professions Braddock, W. Bert Engineering Bradshaw, G. William Agriculture Brady, J. Philip Engineering Brady, S. Harris Education Bramson, Frank Agriculture Brewer, Janice Education Brinkley, Carol Education Brinkley, W. Michael Education Brinson, William Agriculture Britten, John Journalism Broom, Carole Architecture and Fine Arts Brown, Alan Business Administration Brown, Betsy Arts and Sciences Brown, James Physical Education Brunswick, Beverly Education Buck, Donald, Architecture and Fine Arts Buckley, Stephen Journalism Buettner, William Business Administration Buie, Patricia Architecture and Fine Arts Buns, Barbara Education Burford, Helen Nursing Burgess, Edward Agriculture Burholt, Romilda Education 341 Bu-Cr Burke, John Engineering Burke, Jourdan Arts and Sciences Burke, Karen Education Burner, Bruce Engineering Burrows, David Architecture and Fine Arts Bursten, Patricia Education Bursten, Susan Education Bush, Gayle Education Bush, L. Ross Architecture and Fine Arts Busht, Stuart Engineering Calvert, Stephen Law Caldwell, Cathleen Education Cammack, Owen T. Agriculture Campbell, Darlene Nursing Caplan, Marcia Education Cardozo, Yvette Journalism Carey, Thomas Arts and Sciences Cargile, Jacquelin Journalism Carletto, James Business Administration Carol, Sherry Arts and Sciences Cartaya, Orestes Pharmacy Cartier, Margaret Business Administration 342 Caruthers, William Agriculture Caton, Donald Engineering Ceballos, R. Ricardo Business Administration Charnes, Linda Nursing Chavez, Judith Physical Education Childs, Cheryl Arts and Sciences Clark, Betty Health Related Professions Clark, James Business Administration Clark, Susan Education Clendining, Marilyn Physical Education Cohnstein, Joan Arts and Sciences Colwell, M. Constance Arts and Sciences Combs, Christopher Arts and Sciences Conn, Stephen Business Administration Connors, Marilyn Education Conover, Billie Jo Nursing Conrad, Ellen Arts and Sciences Cook, Denny Medicine Cook, Lynn Arts and Sciences Cooper, D. Susan Education Cooper, Jerry Business Administration Coover, Mary Education Cornelius, Jackie Journalism Cornwell, Patricia Health Related Professions Costello, Barbara Arts and Sciences Cowan, Patricia Arts and Sciences Cowart, Linda Arts and Sciences Cox, Thomas Architecture and Fine Arts Cozine, Henry Craft, J. William Engineering 343 Cr-Ed Craft, Robert Recreation Craig, Dolores Nursing Cridlin, Susan Arts and Sciences Crane, Lee Business Administration Crenshaw, James Arts and Sciences Cretekos, Lynda Arts and Sciences Cross, H. Russell Agriculture Cross, James Architecture and Fine Arts Croucher, William Engineering Crowder, Albert Engineering Crowder, Ann Arts and Sciences Cueny, Dianne Education Cummings, William Engineering Cuppett, Patricia Arts and Sciences Cusic, David Health Related Professions Dalsis, David Arts and Sciences Daly Claudia Physical Education Danals, Joann Health Related Professions Darlington, Benjamin Engineering Dassa, Eli Engineering Davidson, Gary Engineering Davis, Carla Health Related Professions Davis, Harry Arts and Sciences Davis, J. Riley Arts and Sciences Davis, Richard Business Administration Dawson, Dale Education Day, Dennis Arts and Sciences 344 Demree, Donald Agriculture Deneve, Robert Forestry Denlinger, Janet Arts and Sciences Denning, Diane Arts and Sciences De Varona, Francisco Arts and Sciences Dickson, Andrea Arts and Sciences Dietrich, Donald Engineering Dindial, Carlton Agriculture Dobson, H. Drexel Journalism Dobyne, Thomas Engineering Dodge, Frank Pharmacy Donnelly, B. Louise Architecture and Fine Arts Doonan, William Arts and Sciences Dorman, F. Ray Business Administration Douglass, Debra Arts and Sciences Douthat, John Journalism Driscoll, Dennis Business Administration Driscoll, Jane Education Driscoll, Dathleen Education Drusa, Carole Arts and Sciences Du Chanois, Robert Arts and Sciences Duer, Don Architecture and Fine Arts Dunn, Thomas Agriculture Dunn, Winsome Business Administration Eaton, Oscar H. Business Administration Eddleman, Dorene Nursing 345 Ed-Go Edmonson, David Education Eggers, Harmon Engineering Ehlers, Harland Engineering Ehr, Robert Engineering Elms, Judith Education Emery, Lloyd Education Erickson, John Business Administration Ernst Barbara Education Eubanks, Frances Arts and Sciences Euler, Ernest Business Administration Evans, Eddie Architecture and. Fine Arts Evans, M. Jane Education Everson, Vivienne Education Faber, Avrohm Arts and Sciences Failla, Teresa Pharmacy Fairbanks, Bonnie Engineering Falck, Lois Arts and Sciences Feldman, Robert Engineering Felsenthal, Barbara Education Fernandez, Norma Education Fielder, Dennis Arts and Sciences Fields, Michael Agriculture Findeisen, Judith Architecture and Fine Arts Fisher, John Engineering 346 Fleitas, Richard Arts and Sciences Fleming, Marilyn Health Related Professions Fletcher, Richard Business Administration Flickinger, Bonnie Nursing Floyd, Sharon Arts and Sciences Frank, Alan Arts and Sciences French, Lawrence Arts and Sciences Friedman, Susan Arts and Sciences Fuller, S. William Engineering Fuqua, Kenneth Pharmacy Gadsden, Thomas Arts and Sciences Gaither, Allan Arts and Sciences Galan, Juan Engineering Garcia, Joan Education Garcia, Juan Engineering Gardner, J. Stephen Arts and Sciences Gardner, Paul Engineering Garrote, Alfonso Engineering Gaston, Z. Joan Education Gause, D. Karen Education Gawthrop, Ellen Education Gayle, John Architecture and Fine Arts Gazdak, Joseph Business Administration Gee, Bettye Education Genczy, Elaine Arts and Sciences Gibson, Patricia Arts and Sciences Giganti, Joseph Pharmacy Gilbart, Helen Education Gilbert, William Engineering Gomez, Ignacio Architecture and Fine Arts 347 Go-Hi Gonzalez, Rogelio Arts and Sciences Gooding, Lambert Engineering Goodman, Patricia Business Administration Goodnow, Mar yle Arts and Sciences Gordon, Johnathan Arts and Sciences Gorsetman, Cheryl Arts and Sciences Goss, Linda Nursing Grafton, Larry Engineering Grant, William Journalism Greco, Sandra Education Greenan, Linda Education Greene, Herman Arts and Sciences Greene, John Arts and Sciences Greenwald, Frances Health Related Professions Gregory, S. Elizabeth Arts and Sciences Grunewald, Robert Arts and Sciences Guerrero, Mario Engineering Gulliford, William Journalism Gustinella, James Arts and Sciences Hackett, Peggy Ann Education Hadley, B. Sue Education Hadley, Sherry Joe Business Administration Hair, Joseph Arts and Sciences Hall, Larry Business Administration 348 Halliday, Robert Arts and Sciences Halpern, Marilyn Education Hamzah, Zoefri Forestry Handy, James Journalism Hardman, Dixie Business Administration Hardy, H. Larry Business Administration Harrell, I. Jean Education Harrison, Don Agriculture Haskin, Valerie Arts and Sciences Harvan, Jean Marie Education Hauser, James Business Administration Hayslip, Elizabeth Physical Education Hayslip, N. Edward Architecture and Fine Arts Hayslip, Thomas Business Administration Hayward, David Arts and Sciences Heath, Patricia Education Heiser, Duane Engineering Heishman, Carl Engineering Helman, Susan Education Henderson, Joan Arts and Sciences Hendry, Charles Agriculture Henson, J. Elizabeth Education Hester, Ellen Arts and Sciences Hickson, Constance Education Higgins, Patricia Arts and Sciences Hill, Barbara Education 349 Hi-Ke Jackson, Janice Education Jacobs, Maxine Education James, Thomas Business Administration Jaqua, J. Timothy Architecture-and Fine Arts Jaudon, James Arts and Sciences Jenkins, Beverly Education Jesse, Donna Arts and Sciences Joel, Linda Nursing Johnson, E. Julian Johnson, Fay Arts and Sciences Hill, Noellyn Health Related Professions Hill, Ronny Arts and Sciences Hinden, Michele Education Hittinger, Sandra Recreation Hobbs, C. D. Business Administration Hodge, Daniel Architecture and Fine Arts Hood, D. Leslie Health Related Professions Hoodless, Beverly Arts and Sciences Hook, Luther Agriculture Hoppe, Albert Arts and Sciences Hopper, Georgia Health Related Professions Hoppes, Bruce Health Related Professions Howard, Eugene Law Howlett, Mitchell Arts and Sciences Huddleston, P. Sparkman Arts and Sciences Huggins, Carolyn Arts and Sciences Hurner, G. Timothy Agriculture Hyatt, Robert Engineering Hyble, Charles Education Jack, Barbara Arts and Sciences 350 Johnson, Sherwood Agriculture Johnson, William Arts and Sciences Johnson, Yvette Education Johnston, Glenn Arts and Sciences Joiner, Martha Health Related Professions Jones, C. Bruce Business Administration Jones, E. Josepanne Health Related Professions Jordan, Clarence D. Engineering Jordon, Calvin Architecture and Fine Arts Joseph, Alexander Arts and Sciences Kahn, Gayle Education Karintie, Judith Arts and Sciences Katz, Adrienne Education Katzen, Geraldine Education Kauffman, Mary Health Related Professions Kazmann, E. Paige Arts and Sciences Kelley, Linda Health Related Professions Kelley, S. Diane Arts and Sciences Kelly, James, R. Arts and Sciences Kelly, James W. Engineering Kemp, Robert Business Aministration Kent, James Engineering Kent, John Engineering Kern, Anne Eucation 351 Ki-Ma King, James Engineering King, Jeffrey Business Administration Kinser, Doris Education Kirkland, Thomas Business Administration Kiser, Linda Nursing Kiszonak, Louis Architecture and Fine Arts Kitchens, Craig Arts and Sciences Kline, Susan Nursing Knoebber, Susan Education Knox, John Engineering Koehne, William Arts and Sciences Kollin, Joseph Journalism Koontz, George M. Engineering Kraselsky, Beth Education Krouse, Shirley Journalism Kurvin, Charles Engineering Kyle, Steve Arts and Sciences Laabs, Claudine Arts and Sciences Labbie, Stephen Arts and Sciences Lagotic, Diana Arts and Sciences Land, Henry Agriculture Lane, Patricia Arts and Sciences Langford, Robert Engineering Larkin, Linda Physical Education Lauwaert, Alan Engineering Laverde, Alberto Arts and Sciences Lebas, Joseph Business Administration Lebovitz, Susan Education Leidner, Charles Architecture and Fine Arts Leinb ack, Jennifer Education 352 Letzic, Linda Arts and Sciences Levin, Kerry Education Levine, Kenneth Education Lewis, R. Robert Arts and Sciences Levenson, Diane Education Libby, Gary Arts and Sciences Lieberman, Sarah Arts and Sciences Liedtke, Reine Engineering Lifland, Mitchel Engineering Lilienthal, Bruce Arts and Sciences Lippitt, Mary Arts and Sciences Liss, Jaquelyn Arts and Sciences Littler, Gwendolyn Architecture and Fine Arts Little, Ralph Arts and Sciences Liveakos, Cornelius Arts and Sciences Lloyd, Catherine Nursing Lockhart, J. William Journalism Lodmell, Judy Journalism Long, Carolyn Education Long, Leonard Business Administration Lyle, Robert Physical Education Mabry Judith Nursing MacKay, Sandar Arts and Sciences Maleski, Louis Business Administration Mallue, Henry Business Administration Lorant, Lesley Engineering Love, Jo Nez Education Lowery, Mary Education Lucree, Janet Education Lundquist, E. Kay Arts and Sciences 353 Ma-Mo Maloney, Frank Arts and Sciences Mandell, Robert Arts and Sciences Manderscmeid, James Journalism Mann, Thomas Arts and Sciences Manning, Wayne Architecture and Fine Arts Manning, William Journalism Mariello, Frances Physical Education Marks, Harlean Education Marshall, Barbara Architecture and Fine Arts Marshall, Robert W. Engineering Martinez, Rafael Business Administration Martinez-Esteve, Raul Engineering Mase, Marcia Education Maynard, Jean Physical Education Maynard, Zollie Education McCardell, Dennis Business Administration McClelland, Clifton Business Administration McCoy, Ladd Engineering McCreary, Nancy Education McDaniel, L. Donald Business Administration McDaniel, Randall Health Related Professions McDilda, Dalzell Education McDonough, Judith Education McFaddin, Katherine Education McFarland, F. Wayne Business Administration McKay, Josephine Nursing 354 McKenzie, Nancy Physical Education McKinnon, Daniel Agriculture McKinnon, Jennifer Arts and Sciences McLaurin, A. Porter Education McLean, Thomas Architecture and Fine Arts McNaull, Betty Jean Education McQuagge, W. Duncan Business Administration Mederos, Evelid Engineering Melgren, Eric Business Administration Menendez, Ernest Physical Education Merganthal, Borbara Health Related Professions Messina, Anthony Pharmacy Mickler, Florence Ann Education Mikesell, Robert Business Administration Miller, Douglas Engineering Miller, Terry Journalism Milton, E. Ann Education Mintner, Georgeanne Education Mirabella, Charlotte Arts and Sciences Mixon, John Engineering Mixon, William Business Administration Moenik, John Business Administration Moore, Bethany Education Moore, Harold Education 355 Mo-Pa Moore, Sally Arts and Sciences More, Stephen Engineering Morefield, Linda Business Administration Morley, C. Elizabeth Education Mowrey, Ronald Arts and Sciences Mroczkowski, Harry Physical Education Mueller, George Arts and Sciences Mueller, Thomas Engineering Mumbauer, Mary Arts and Sciences Murphy, Patrick Arts and Sciences Murray, Donald Business Administration Murray, Katherine Arts and Sciences Myers, Ruth Nursing Nardi, Virginia Arts and Sciences Nash, Nancy Health Related Professions Nelson, Donald Arts and Sciences Nelson, D. Don Arts and Sciences Nettles, Victor Agriculture Newman, Betsy Nursing Newman, Ira Architecture and Fine Arts Newton, Elizabeth Business Administra tion Nihill, Michael Arts and Sciences Nilon, Jane Journalism Niro, Robert Arts and Sciences Nobles, Claudia Arts and Sciences Norfleet, M. Stanley Pharmacy Norton, Frank Pharmacy Nunez, Max Arts and Sciences Nunneker, Donald Business Administration O ' Bryan, Elizabeth Arts and Sciences 356 O ' Dell, Thomas Arts and Sciences Oehlman, Lester Engineering Oelhafen, Jill Nursing Offenhauer, Gerald Engineering Ogle, Priscilla Arts and Sciences O ' Hara, M. Lowell Education Oken, Patricia Education Oliveros, Caroleta Arts and Sciences Olson, Edmund Business Administration Olson, Peter Arts and Sciences Ombres, Gretchen Arts and Sciences Osborne, Robert Architecture and Fine Arts Osterhoudt, Robert Journalism Ouzoonian, Florann Architecture and Fine Arts Overstreet, James Arts and Sciences Owen, F. Mary Health Related Professions Palmer, B. Thomas Business Administration Palmer, Charles Agriculture Palmer, Pack Agriculture Palmer, Thomas Engineering Pancorbo, A. Salvador Pharmacy Parhalo, David Agriculture 357 Pa-Ro Partlow, Kathryn Architecture and Fine Arts Paskal, Judith Arts and Sciences Pastore, Nancy Arts and Sciences Patil, Shitalprasad Engineering Payne, Billy Engineering Payne, M. Warren Business Administration Pearce, M. Elizabeth Education Peed, Fern Arts and Sciences Peeples, David Arts and Sciences Pellicci, Joel Education Peloquin, Edward Engineering Pender, William Business Administration Pendley, Donald Journalism Pennell, Clifford Health Related Professions Perlman, Natalie Physical Education Peters, Susan Education Pfeffer, James Engineering Pfleger, Mary Arts and Sciences Phillip, R. Patrick Agriculture Pickrel, Patty Jo Arts and Sciences Pike, Marie Architecture and Fine Arts Pipkin, James Arts and Sciences Platt, Anna Education Platt, Glenda Physical Education Pollack, Kathleen Physical Education Porter, E. Norman Agriculture Potzner, Theodore Architecture and Fine Arts Powell, James Business Administration Powell, Julie Arts and Sciences Pratt, Athalie Education 358 Prindible, John Business Administration Pringle, George Engineering Quianthy, Richard Education Rabby, Tommie Sue Education Raim, Mike Architecture and Fine Arts Ralston, Carole Architecture and Fine Arts Raney, Jeffrey Engineering Rank, Cathlin Architecture and Fine Arts Rappaport, Ruth Health Related Professions Raskin, Bruce Education Louis Ray Law Readfearn, Michael Architecture and Fine Arts Reed, Rex Engineering Reeves, N. Raymond Architecture and Fine Arts Reid, W. Tyrell Pharmacy Rhodes, Sandra Education Rich, James Architecture and Fine Arts Richardson, G. Michael Arts and Sciences Richeson, James Arts and Sciences Richman, Cheryl Pharmacy Rigdon, William Engineering Roberts, W. Harold Engineering 359 Ro-Sh Roberts, Bradford Engineering Robinson, Daniel Education Rocap, Edith Education Roche, Linda Arts and Sciences Rogers, Garnel Pharmacy Rogers, William Arts and Sciences Rohan, Michael Arts and Sciences Rojas, William Engineering Rollyson, Ray Physical Education Romer, Mark Arts and Sciences Roqueta, Eliex Engineering Rosenblatt, Joel Business Administration Rosenfeld, Ronnie Education Ross, R. Alton Agriculture Ross, Rosalind Journalism Rotbart, Moises Engineering Rothstein, Sandra Arts and Sciences Rotman, Cheryl Education Rou, Donald Agriculture Rouse, Virenda Arts and Sciences Rowlands, David Agriculture Rumpf, John Physical Education Ruth, Douglas Architecture and Fine Arts Rutherford, William Arts and Sciences Ryals, S. Jean Education Sadja, Sanford Arts and Sciences Sadowski, William Arts and Sciences Saji, Kiyotaka Engineering Sanders, James Architecture and Fine Arts Sanderson, Melvin Education 360 Sandstrom, Elizabeth Education Santelices, Isidon Architecture and Fine Arts Sarbey, Lawrence Arts and Sciences Sardinas, Julio Engineering Saunders, Anne Arts and Sciences Scarborough, Truman Business Administration Schear, Marjorie Education Schindehette, Harry Engineering Schneider, Charles Physical Education Schofield, James Education Schommer, Clifford Engineering Schubb, Harriet Education Schumacher, Ann Arts and Sciences Schumann, Marcia Nursing Schwartz, Adrianne Arts and Sciences Scott, James L. Pharmacy Sedmera, J. Frank Engineering Seiler, Barbara Education Seip, J. Mark Business Administration Selleck, Jo Ann Nursing Senger, Joel Journalism Senkbeil, Carolyn Arts and Sciences Serra, Peter Agriculture Seufert, Bernard Arts and Sciences Sexton, Mildred Arts and Sciences Seymour, W. Goodwin Education Shaw, Carol Arts and Sciences Shenkman, Frederick Education Sherer, Nicholas Arts and Sciences Sherman, Susan Jour nalism 361 Sh-St Sirmans, Connie Arts and Sciences Sitar, Sally Business Admin istration Skinner, Catherine Arts and Sciences Skinner, Susan Education Slinn, Martha Arts and Sciences Slotsky, Myrna Education Small, William Business Admin istration Smilan, Gail Education Smith, H. Christopher Journalism Smith, Meredith Arts and Sciences Smith, Michele Arts and Sciences Smith, Ronald Engineering Smith, Sandra Education Smith, S. Jane Nursing Shields, Constance Arts and Sciences Shires, Allen Engineering Shore, Theodore Architecture and Fine Arts Siler, Charles Physical Education Silsby, Harry Engineering Silverman, Jane Education Sim, Robert Business Administration Simeon, Rober t Business Administration Simon, Steven Arts and Sciences Sims, Clarence Education Sims, Diane Nursing Sindad, Sharon Arts and Sciences 362 Smithson, Suzanne Health Related Professions Smoak, Ronald Agriculture Smoak, Sharon Education Snider, Frances Jou rnalism Solomon, Fred Education Spannhake, E. William Arts and Sciences Sparkman, Rosemary Education Spears, Claude Arts and Sciences Spence, Walter Pharmacy Spencer, Pamela Arts and Sciences Spinks, Nellie J. Education Stablein, Nancy Nursing Stacks, Bonnie Education Staelens, Susan Arts and Sciences Stanley, Ardyth Education Stanley, Dennis Business Administration Stanley, R. Douglas Physical Education Stark, Regina Arts and Sciences Starling, Susan Education Steel, John Engineering Steen, John Engineering Steeves, Kenneth Architecture and Fine Arts Steiner, James Business Administration Stetcher, Frances Journalism Stephons, Ronald Agriculture Stern, Robert Arts and Sciences Stevens, James Education 363 St-Wa Stewart, Bruce Arts and Sciences Stewart, Judith Arts and Sciences Stigaard, Nancy Education Stillman, Cynthia Nursing Stinson, Louis Business Administration Stirrat, Arthur Education Stokes, Vernon Engineering Stone, Carole Education Storace, Michael Education Strickland, Patricia Arts and Sciences Struck, Betty Education Swann, Carol Education Swan, Robert Journalism Swiderski, Patricia Health Related Professions Tabita, Patricia Business Administration Tagle, Jennie Education Tanenbaum, Linda Arts and Sciences Tapley, Kathleen Nursing Tart, Tommy Business Administration Taylor, Elaine Education Taylor, Juliet Education Teal, Ronald Arts and Sciences Temples, James Business Administration Thomason, Patricia Architecture and Fine Arts Thomes, Sidney P. Arts and Sciences Thompson, Richard Arts and Sciences Tindel, Cecil Journalism Tolbert, Sally Journalism Tomberg, Barbara Arts and Sciences Traba, Joseph Education 364 Trachtenberg, Roy Arts and Sciences Tremoulet, Paul Engineering Tuchband, Barbara Education Turja, Kenneth Physical Education Turnbull, Nathaniel Journalism Turner , Allin Arts and Sciences Teddstrom, Charlotte Education Uebel, Steven Business Administration Van Arsdall, Cora Pharmacy Van Duyne, Giles Agriculture Van Duyn, John Agriculture Veal, Willie Agriculture Vandiver, Vernon Education Varn, Jacob Engineering Vaughan, Carol Education Vitunac, Karen Journalism Vosburgh, William Arts and Sciences Vrana, P. Joan Business Administration Wade, Carolyn Arts and Sciences Wade, Thomas Engineering Waidrep, Alfred Pharmacy Walden, Glenn Agriculture 365 Wa-Zu Waldorf, Joseph Journalism Wallace, Winifred Education Warnock, R. Carl Physical Education Watson, J. Wesley Arts and Sciences Watt, Carolyn Journalism Weadock, Louise Arts and Sciences Weaver, Maurice Forestry Weidner, John Business Administration Weinberg, Linda Education Weinstein, Marc Business Administration Weissman, Arleen Education Wells, Marjorie Education Wellwood, Susan Arts and Sciences Wester, Thomas Journalism Wexler, Marshall Business Administration Whiteside, H. Custer Education Whiting, R. Alan Business Administration Wickershan, Frank Arts and Sciences Wild, Harry Engineering Wilder, Raymond Arts and Sciences Wilkes, Carolyn Arts and Sciences Williams, Diana Education Williams, Johncyna Education Williams, Nancy Dee Education Williams, Paul Agriculture Willis, Lee Arts and Sciences Willits, Daniel Engineering 366 Wisener, Ronald Education Witte, William Architecture and Fine Arts Wobie, H. Kathleen Architecture and Fine Arts Wohlust, G. Charles Business Administration Wilson, Louis Engineering Wilson, Nora Education Wirth, Martha Health Related Professions Wise, William Arts and Sciences Wolf, Ann Marie Education Wolly, Lynn Business Administration Wood, Linda Nursing Woodruff, Edward Education Woody, W. Leonard Engineering Wright, Carolyn D. Arts and Sciences Wunsch, Robert Architecture and Fine Arts Wyman, Gladys Wynn, Larry Education Wyse, Thomas Engineering Yamazaki, Hiroyuki Business Administration Young, David Business Administration Young, William Engineering Zabala, Adrian Business Administration Zaloom, Victor Engineering Zlotshewer, Beverly Arts and Sciences Zuercher, Diane Arts and Sciences Zukoski, Richard Arts and Sciences 367 SENIOR DIRECTORY A AASNESS, RICHARD CHRISTIAN: Miami, Fla; English; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Delta; UF Fencing Club, sec. ABBOTT, KATHERINE ARCHER: Orlando, Fla; Interior Design; Spring; Gargoyle; Hall Intramurals chmn; Hall Honor AID, sec. ACKERMAN, DONALD LEROY, JR: Fla; Biology; Spring; Chi Phi, treas. ADAMS. DONALD WINFRED: Graceville, Fla; English; Winter. ADAMS, JACQUELINE JOYCE: Daytona Beach, Fla; Occupational Therapy; ADAMS. JAMES DEA: St Petersburg, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring. ADAMS, RICHARD WILLIAM: Sarasota, Fla. Electrical Engineering; Fall; IEEE. ADELMAN, LINDA HARRIET: Miami Beach, Fla; Art Education; Spring; NAEA. ALBURY, KATHRYN FARRINGTON: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Political Science; Spring. ALBURY, WOODROW WILSON, JR; Miami, Fla; Civil Engineering; Winter. ALEXANDER, CHERYL ANN: Lexington, Ky; Elementary Education; Spring; Chi Omega; Angel Flight. ALFORD, MARVIN F: Jacksonville, Fla; Engineering; Winter; IEEE, treas. ALLEN, DWIGHT MASON: Clearwater, Fla; Management; Spring; Alpha Kappa Psi, v-pres; Natl Cony Rep; Intramurals. ALLEN, SHERRY LEIGH, Gainesville, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Dean ' s List, Religion-in-Life exec comm; URA, see; World Univ Service; SFEA, Pres Univ Center. ALVAREZ, JULIE ANN: Tampa, Fla; Education; Winter. AMAN, FAISAL: Malang, Indonesia; Botany; Winter; Alpha Zeta. AMES, CAROLE ANN: Palm Beach Shores, Fla; Zoology; Spring. ANDERSON, GEORGE LESTER, II: St Fla; Social Studies; Fall; Honor Ct Justice; College of Ed exec sec; Mayors Council; HC Asst Coord, Spec Functions. ANDERSON, JOHN RICHARDS: Tampa, Fla; Chemistry; Winter; Sigma Chi; F Club, treas, v-pres; Varsity Track, capt, co-capt, All SEC; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. ANDERSON, RONALD EDWARD: Sarasota, Fla; Building Construction; Winter. ANDREW, PATRICIA ANN: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Advertising; Winter; Hall Honor Council; Christian Science Organization, pres, v-pres, sec. ANNIS, CHARLES G, JR: Delray Beach, Fla; Chemistry; Winter; SEM, ASME; Housing Staff. ARAK, MICHAEL: Miami, Fla; Interior Spring; Gargoyle. ARNOLD, CHARLES WARREN, JR; Fla; Banking and Finance; Winter; Alpha Tau Omega, ritual master, chmn of Little Sisters, rush chmn; Last Krewe; Fla Golf, Dean ' s List. ARNOLD, GARY WAYNE: Orlando, Fla; Fall; Sigma Phi Epsilon, pres, sec; Scabbard and Blade; Peninsular Life Scholarship; Commander Gator Raiders; Brigade Commander AROTC, Distinguished Military Student Award, Outstanding Service Award ROTC. ARTEAGA, LEONARDO E: Camaguey, Cuba; Pharmacy; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar and Pestle. AUSTIN, JOAN MARGARET: Pompano Beach, Fla; Nursing; Winter; Chi Omega; SNUF. AXELROD, MARILYN: Miami Beach, Fla; Foreign Languages; Winter; Spanish Club. BABBITT, ROCHELL E ELAINE: North Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring. BACCHUS, JOHN MAXEY: Georgetown, Guiana; Economics; Winter. BALDWIN, MARGARET MAE: West Palm Beach, Fla; Biol ogy; Graham Honor sec. BALES, LYNDA JANE: Pensacola, Fla; Spring; Sigma Kappa. BALKCOM, JOHN P: Graceville, Fla; Spring; Kappa Psi. BARGER, THOMAS IRVING II: Miami, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Sigma Tau. BARNES, EUGENE C: Gainesville, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Fall; SALA. BARNHILL, BARBARA JOYCE: Coral Gables, Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Kappa Alpha Theta. BARRO, MANUEL: Havana, Cuba; Agriculture; Winter; Latin Am Club, Foreign Student Orientation Leader. BARRY, STEPHEN ANTHONY: Jacksonville, Fla; Building Construction; Spring; Contractors and Builders Assoc, pres, treas, sgt-at-arms. BARTON, JOHN SHELBY: Mobile, Ala; Aerospace Engineering; Spring; AIAA; BES. BAUER, CHRISTIAN SCHMID: Winter Park, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter; Beta Theta Pi, soc chmn, v-pres; AIIE v-pres. BAUMANN, BARRY LEE: Tampa, Fla; Engineering; Spring. BAYLOR, BLAIR DANIEL: Montgomery, Ala; Insurance; Winter. BEATTY, PATRICIA LEE: Frostproof, Fla; English; Winter; Chi Omega, pres; Under- sec of Labor. BECK, ROBERT NELS: Mountain View, Calif; Speech Pathology; Fall; Sigma Alpha Eta. BEECHLEY, BARBARA JANE: Pompano Bch, Fla; Geography; Spring; Yulee Hall, HC chmn, Hall Council; WSA rep. BEETLEY, WAYNE R: Clearwater, Fla; Construction; Fall; Student and Builders Assoc. BELL, CLYDE H, JR: Hawthorne, Fla; Therapy; SOTA, v-pres. BELL, DOUGLAS RANDOLPH: Ft Fla; Civil Engineering; Fall; Tan Kappa Epsilon, v-pres, treas, sgt-at-arms; Dean ' s List; Am Soc of Civ Eng; BES; Under-sec of Academic Affairs, Basketball Manager, Engineering Fair Committee- man. BELLIZIO, JAMES E: Orlando, Fla; Fruit Crops; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho; Citrus Club, sec; Ag Council, treas. BELOTE, WILLIAM ALTON, JR: Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Sigma Epsilon, chap; Vars Tennis Letterman, Greek Council, pros; F Club; FCA; Arnold Air Society. BELTRAN, LUIS I: Bogota, Columbia; Economics; Fall. BEMBRY, CHARLES MAYNARD: Palatka, Fla; Pharmacy; Fall; Kappa Alpha; Kappa Psi. BERGEN, RICHARD SAMMIS, JR: Winter Park, Fla; Physics; Fall; Sigma Phi Am Inst of Physics, Intramural Managers Key Winner. BERGER, FRANCOIS ROBERT: Guatemala City, Guatemala; Animal Science; Spring; Latin Am Club, sec; Block and Bridle; Soccer team. BERNOLA, VINCENT J: Gainesville, Fla; Management; Winter. BERRY, KRIS CHALMERS: Boca Raton, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha; Florida Engineers, business mgr. BETHEA, CAROLYN ANNE: Princeton, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Sigma Alpha Iota, v-pres. BEVERLY, WILLIAM C, JR: Big Stone Gap, Va; Electrical Engineering; Spring; Sigma Tau, treas; Tau Beta Pi. BLACK, CHARLES WALTER: Cocoa, Fla; Agricultural Economics; Fall; Alpha Rho, v-pres, pledgemaster; Ag Econ Club. BLACK, NORMAN LARRY: Fort Meade, Fla; Agriculture; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho, alumni sec; Agronomy Club. 368 BLACKMON, MAROLD WILLIS: Gainesville, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Sigma Tau. BLAHA, GEORGE JOSEPH: Brooksville, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Circle K. bd of dir; Union Board of Student Activities, public relations chmn; URA, pres; Sec of Leg Affairs; Leg Council; Orientation Dir of Traffic Control; UF Young Democrats, treas; Pre-Law Society; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. BLANCHARD, MARGARET ANN: Lantana, Fla; Journalism; Fall; Sigma Kappa, corr sec, exec council; Theta Sigma Phi; Bd of Student Publications; Alligator Staff. BLEDSOE, HENRY LEE, JR: Nashville, Tenn; Architecture; Spring. BLISS, KENNETH WILLIAM: Mount Dora, Fla; Building Construction; Spring; Student Contractors and Builders Assoc. BLOME, RENA CELESTE: Largo, Fla; English; Fall; Sigma Kappa, parliamentarian; Leg Council. BLOMGREN, WILLIAM A: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Finance; Spring; Sigma Chi, treas; All-SEC Baseball. BLOOM, BARBARA LEE: N Miami, Fla; Summer; Alpha Epsilon Phi, skit chmn; Calendar Girl; Miss Int Beauty, 2nd runner up; Orchesis. BLOOM, ROBERT: Miami, Fla; Psychology; Spring; Tau Epsilon Phi; Fla Union Comm, Fla Union Photographer for Public Relation Comm; Undersec of the Interior, Undersec of Student BOEKHOFF, HENRY RICHARD: Callahan, Fla; Business Administration; Spring; Beta Alpha Psi; Christian Sci Organization, pres. BOGAN, CAROL C: Pensacola, Fla; Nursing; Spring; Sigma Kappa, pres. BOGNER, JAMES BARRY: Homestead, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha, v-pres, sec; Freshman Council, Honor Court Publicity, director, Board of Fraternity Purchasing Assoc. BON, JAMES WILLARD: Panama City, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Winter; SAE Student Club, ASME. BOND, BENJAMIN JOHNSON, III: Sarasota, Fla; Accounting; Winter; Beta Alpha Psi; treas; Student Publications, asst business mgr; Flavet II, treas; Alpha Kappa Psi. BOND, PATRICIA ANN: Orlando, Fla; Therapy; Winter; Student Physical Therapy Assoc; Univ Choir; Women ' s Glee Club; West Jennings, treas. BONGERS, ROBERT W: Merrill, Wis; Electrical Engineering; Spring; Sigma Tau. BOOHER, MARY ELIZABETH: Ocala, Fla; Music Education; Winter; SAI, rec sec. BOOKBINDER, IRIS RHODA: Miami Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon; URA, sec; NEA; SFEA. BOOTS, WILLIAM STEWART: Belle Glade, Fla; Agricultural Engineering; Spring; SAE Club. BORAL, LINDA LEE: Miami, Fla; Biology; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon. BOTHE, ANDREAS DAVID: Narberth, Pa; Psychology; Fall; Sigma Phi Epsilon, v- pres. BOTTOMS, CHARLES LAMAR: Graceville, Fla; Physics; Winter. BOVIS, JAMES A: Kissimmee, Fla; Political. Science; Winter; Sigma Chi. BOWDEN, LAWRENCE WILSON: Ormond Beach, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. BOWERS, LINDA LEE: Orlando, Fla; Therapy; Winter; Zeta Tau Alpha. pres. treas; Leg Council; Orientation Group Leader; SPTA; Undersec of Public Relations. BOYD, C LARUE: Gainesville, Fla; Advertising; Spring; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BOZARTH, LOIS ANN: St Petersburg, Fla; Medical Technology; Spring; Lambda Tan. BRADDOCK, WALTER BERT: New Smyrna Beach, Fla; Electrical Engineering; BRADSHAW, GEORGE WILLIAM: Ocala, Fla; Agronomy; Fall; Alpha Zeta, scribe; J Hillis Miller Memorial Scholarship; Gamma Sigma Delta Soph Award; Kroger Ag Scholarship, Borden Ag Scholarship. BRADY, JOHN P, JR: Coral Gables, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Spring; Delta Upsilon. BRADY, SID HARRIS: Coral Gables, Fla; Education; Spring; SFEA; Gym- nastics Team, Intramural Manager; Fla Union Dance Comm; Newman Club, Relations. BRAMSON, FRANK: Miami, Fla; Entomology; Spring; Pi Lambda Phi; Newell Entomo- logical Society; Fla Weight Lifting Team. BREWER, JANICE ILAME: Miami, Fla; En- glish and History; Spring; FBK Speaker, Freshman Board, Dorm pres. BRINKLEY, CAROL CONTI: Pompano Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Fall; Sig EP Sweetheart Court; Orientation Group Leader; Dorm Honor Council, sec. BRINKLEY, W. MICHAEL: Cocoa, Fla; Science; Fall; Sigma Phi Epsilon, pledge trainer, recorder, sec; Chmn Transportation—HC 1964; Orientation leader; Campus Pac Chmn—Dollars for Scholars 1965; Dean ' s List. BRINSON, WILLIAM ALVIN: Tifton, Ga; Agriculture; Spring; Alpha Tau Omega; Fla Track Team. BRITTEN, JOHN WILLARD: Winter Park, Fla; Journalism; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha, soc chum. BROOM, CAROLE E: Miami, Fla; and Fine Arts; Summer; Member Student Group of Am Inst of Int BROWN, BETSY DIANE: Franklin, Indiana; Arts and Sciences; Winter; Resident BROWN, JAMES F: Gainesville, Fla; Physical Education; Fall; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Psi; Track. BRUNSWICK, BEVERLY ANN: St Petersburg, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; FU Fine Arts Comm; FU Hostess Comm; SFEA, SNEA; Hillel; Jennings Hall sec. BUCK, DONALD A: Melbourne, Fla; and Fine Arts; Summer; Gargoyle; SALA, pres, v-pres. BUCKLEY, STEPHEN W: Fort Myers, Fla; Journalism; Winter; Sigma Delta Chi, BUETTNER, WILLIAM JOSEPH III: St Fla; Business Administration; Summer; Kappa Sigma; AROTC; Pi Kappa Psi. BUIE, PATRICIA G: Miami, Fla; Architecture and Fine Arts; Spring; Gargoyle. BUNS, BARBARA ANN: Gainesville, Fla; Language Arts; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Phi, rush chmn; Coedikette staff; UF Activities Bd; Calendar Girl. BURFORD, HELEN JEAN K: Gainesville, Fla; Nursing; Fall; Dean ' s List. BURGESS, EDWARD EUGENE: Gainesville, Fla; Agriculture; Summer. BURHOLT, ROMILDA M: Garden City, NY; Elementary Education; Spring; Sigma Kappa; NEA; SFEA. BURKE, JOHN CLIFFORD: Jacksonville, Fla; Engineering; Summer; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BURKE, JOURDAN MUSE JR: Satellite Beach, Fla: Political Science; Spring; Chi, v-pres, pol rep; Honor Ct Speakers Bureau, v-chmn; Undersec Alumni Affairs; Vice inspector gen. BURKE, KAREN ANN: Williston, Fla; Education; Spring; Rawlings Hall, treas. BURNER, BRUCE RONALD: Miami, Fla; Engineering; Spring; AIIE, treas; BES. BURROWS, DAVID HALL JR: Roanoke, Va; Architecture and Fine Arts; Summer; Sigma Nu; Sigma Lambda Chi; SCBA. BURSTEN, PATRICIA ANN: Miami Beach, Fla: Elementary Education; Winter. BURSTEN, SUSAN JANE: Miami Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter. BUSH, GAYLE MYRA: St Petersburg, Fla; Education; Spring; Jennings Hall, pres, Hall Council, floor rep. BUSH, LAURIER ROSS: Homestead, Fla; Building Construction; Fall; SCBA, pres, v-pres; Gator Guard Drill Team. BUSH, STUART ALAN: St Petersburg, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Winter; IEEE, v- pres; Circle K, bd of Directors. CALDWELL, CATHLEEN YVONNE: Fla; Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; AROTC Sweetheart. CLAIENES, JUAN JOSE GARCIA F: Havana, Cuba; Industrial Engineering; Fall; AIIE; Gator Ski Club. CLAVERT, STEPHEN BRADFORD: Fla: Summer; Theta Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. 369 SENIOR DIRECTORY CAMMACK, OWEN THOMAS: Geneva, Fla: Dairy Science; Summer; Alpha Gamma Rho, chaplain, dining room mgr, mgr. CAMPBELL, DARLENE ELIZABETH: Keystone Heights, Fla; Nursing; Fall. CAPLAN, MARCIA ARLENE: Washington, Penn; Art Education; Spring. CARDOZO, YVETTE BERNICE: Miami Beach, Fla: Journalism; Summer; Theta Sigma Phi; Alligator, assoc ed. CAREY, THOMAS CAREW: West Palm Beach, Fla; English; Spring. CARGILE, JACQUELIN: St Petersburg, Fla; Journalism; Spring; Zeta Phi Eta; Theta Sigma Phi. CARLETO, JAMES E: Tampa, Fla; Summer; Kappa Alpha, sec; Gator Greek, ed; Coed Calendars, ed; IFC; IFC Scholarship Award; Leg Council; HC Comm; Gator Blotters. ed: Golf. CAROL, JOAN SHERRY: Rockeville Centre, NY; Political Science; Spring. CARTAYA, ORESTES DAVID: Tampa, Fla; Pharmacy; Summer; Kappa Psi. CARTIER, MARGARET ANN: Toronto, Canada; Marketing; Winter; Dean ' s List. CARUTHERS, WILLIAM DAVID: Wildwood, Fla; Animal Science; Winter; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle, v-pres, scholarship winner; Meat Judging Team; Livestock Judging Team. CATON, DONALD CURTISS: Tampa, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Spring; Lambda Chi Alpha; AIIE. CEBALLOS, RAMIRO RICARDO: Caracas, Venezuela; Marketing; Fall; Latin Am Club, soc chmn; Foreign Student leader. CHARNES, LINDA SUSAN: Lakeland, Fla; Nursing; Summer; SNA. CHAVEZ, JUDITH NESS: Jacksonville, Fla; Physical Education; Winter; SAHPER; Newman Club, treas. CHILDS, CHERYL REESE: Jacksonville, Fla; Mathematics; Fall; Pi Mu Epsilon. CLARK, BETTY LOU: Lakeland, Fla; Medical Technology; Winter; Lambda Tau, v- pres. CLARK, JAMES WILLIS: Ocala, Fla; Spring; Kappa Alpha. CLARK, SUSAN: North Redington Beach, Fla; Education; Spring; Alpha Omicron Pi; SREA, v-pres. CLENDINING, MARILYN HELEN: NJ; Physical Education; Winter. COHENSTEIN, JOAN BARBARA: Miami, Fla; Spanish; Spring; Alpha Lambda Lambda Delta Delta; AI DuPont Scholarship. COLWELL, MARY CONSTANCE: Ocala, Fla; English; Spring; Mortar Board, hist; Alpha Lambda Delta; Edith Bristol Tigert Award; Dean ' s List; Yulee Hall Council, pres, v- pres; Yulee Honor Council; Interhall Pres Comm; Co-chmn Welcome Week; Glee Club, sec; Univ Choir; Choral Union; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. COMBS, CHRISTOPHER LAURENCE: Gainesville, Fla; Biology; Spring. CONN, STEPHEN A: North Miami Beach, Fla; Accounting; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Pub, business mgr; Seminole, sales mgr; Honor Court Speakers Bureau; HC, alum activities. CONNORS, MARILYN LOUISE: Langley AFB, Va.; Elementary Education; Spring; Alpha Omicron Pi, asst treas, hist, v-pres. CONOVER, BILLIE JO: Gainesville, Fla; Nursing; Fall; Sigma Theta Tau. CONRAD, ELLEN SUE: Daytona Beach, Fla; Sociology; Winter. COOK, DENNY MORRIS: Plant City, Fla; Medicine; Spring. COOK, LYNN ANNE: Longboat Key, Fla; Psychology; Winter; Psychology Wives; Dean ' s List; NSF. COOPER, DOROTHY SUSAN: Orlando, Fla; Social Studies; Winter; Mallory Hall Council; Undersecretary, Student Affairs. COOPER, JERRY L: Haines City, Fla; Accounting; Spring; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. COOVER, MARY ELIZABETH: St Petersburg, Fla; Art Education; Spring; Reid Hall, honor council. CORNELIUS, JACKIE LEE: Jacksonville, Fla; Journalism; Fall; Alligator, feature ed; Kappa Psi Sweetheart. CORNWELL, PATRICIA JEAN: Dunedin, Fla; Medical Technology; Zeta Tau Alpha; Lambda Tau. COSTELLO, BARBARA JANE: Atlantic Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, chaplain; FU Hostess Comm. COWAN, PATRICIA SHULL: Miami, Fla; English; Spring; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choir. COWART, LINDA KATHLEEN: Jacksonville, Fla; Education; Spring; Chi Omega. COX, THOMAS JEFFERSON: St Petersburg, Fla; Building Construction; Fall; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Lambda Chi, v- pres. COZINE, HENRY RICHARD: Fort Myers, Fla; Chi Phi. CRAFT, JAMES WILLIAM: Orlando, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall. CRAFT, ROBERT DONALD: Orlando, Fla; Recreation; Fall; Pi Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society; Advanced AFROTC Grad. CRAIG, DOLORES OSBORN: Gainesville, Fla; Nursing; Fall; Dean ' s List. CRANE, LEE WILLIAM: Gainesville, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CRENSHAW, JAMES ANDREW: DeBary, Fla; Political Science; Winter. CRETEKOS, LYNDA LEIGH: Tarpon Springs, Fla; Business Education; Winter; Alpha Omicron Pi; Ad Asst; Sec of Labor; Miss Ideal of Graham Area. CRIDLIN, SUSAN PATRICIA: North Miami Beach, Fla; English; Spring; Kappa Delta; FU Bd Pub Rel; Hospital Aux, CROSS, HIRAM RUSSELL: Bushnell, Fla; Animal Science; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle; Livestock Judging team; Meat Judging team. CROSS, JAMES HOWARD: Homestead, Fla; Building Construction; Spring. CROUCHER, WILLIAM RONALD: Miami, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Spring; Delta Tau Delta, rush chmn, rules chmn, jr; AIIE; HC honored guest transportation; Undersec of Interior; leader; Gator Gras Sweetheart Contest, chmn. CROWDER, ALBERT MILTON JR: Fort Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring. CROWDER, ANN PRAISEWATER: Perry, Fla; Mathematics; Spring. CUENY, DIANNE ELZIABETH: Jacksonville, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Delta Gamma, sec; Leg Council; FBK Speaker; Orientation Staff; Cheerleader; Undersec Leg Affairs. CUMMINGS, WILLIAM JOSEPH: Lake Worth, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring; Sigma Tau, treas; IEEE, chmn. CUPPETT, PATRICIA LAVERNE: Cocoa, Fla; Political Science; Spring; ' Zeta Tau Alpha. CUSIC, DAVID LAWRENCE: Jacksonville, Fla; Physical Therapy; Spring; Flavet III gov ' t, commissioner; Co-chmn card sec- D DALSIS, DAVID EVERETT: Miami, Fla; Chemistry; Spring; Freshman Honor Scholarship; Section Advisor; Humanities Club. DALY, CLAUDIA ELLEN: Fort Lauderdale, Fla; Physical Education; Spring; Kappa Delta. DANALS, JOANN DISANZE: St Petersburg, Fla; Occupational Therapy; Spring. DARLINGTON, BENJAMIN N: Tampa, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Fall; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. DASSA, ELI: Miami Beach, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring. DAVIDSON, GARY RICHARD: Springfield, Mass; Aerospace Engineering; Winter; FES; AIAA, v-chmn; Dean ' s List. DAVIS, CARLA E DILLON: Seattle, Wash; Medical Technology; Spring. DAVIS, HARRY WATERS: Jacksonville, Fla; Chemistry; Winter. DAVIS, JAMES RILEY: Jacksonville, Fla; Winter. DAVIS, RICHARD ARNOLD: Tampa, Fla; Finance; Winter; Alpha Tan Omega; award from School of Forestry. DAWSON, DALE JEAN: Florissant, Missouri; Education; Spring; Kappa Delta; SFEA. DAY, DENNIS ALVIN: Pompano Beach, Fla; Psychology; Winter; D ean ' s List; Dept Honors. DEMREE, D DONALD II: Key West, Fla; Animal Science; Spring; Lambda Chi Alpha. DeNEVE, ROBERT T: Boca Raton, Fla; Fall; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club, treas, v-pres pres. DENLINGER, JANET LOGAN: Dade City, Fla; Biology; Winter; Gamma Beta Phi, sec; Dean ' s List. 370 DENNING, DIANE LEE: North Miami, Fla; English; Spring; Delta Delta Delta, pres, coord International Host Program; Council, v-pres; Angel Flight Comm; Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart; Sweetheart of Billy Mitchell Drill team; Panhellenic Council; Who ' s Who. DeVARONA, FRANCISCO JOSE: Camaguey, Cuba; Economics and Political Science; Winter; Delta Sigma Pi, treas; Latin Am Club; Propeller Club. DICKSON, ANDREA MARIE: Clearwater, Fla; Psychology; Winter; Broward Hall, v-pres SE Section. DIETRICH, DONALD ARTHUR: Delray Beach, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Fall; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Sigma; AIAA, sec. DINDIAL, CARLTON DAVID: Cunupis, West Indies; Agriculture; Spring; Poultry Club; Cricket Club. DOBSON, H DREXEL JR: Cocoa, Fla; Spring; Sigma Chi; Alligator; Bd of Stu Publications. DOBYNS, THOMAS EDWIN: Jacksonville, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall. DODGE, FRANK ANTHONY: Punta Gorda, Fla; Pharmacy; Spring; Kappa Psi, hist, sec; Sigma Tau Sigma; Mortar and Pestle; FSPA President ' s award; Dean ' s List. DONNELLY, BARBARA LOUISE: Ocala, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Winter; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gargoyle; SALA, sec, treas. DOONAN, WILLIAM J: Miami, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Sigma Chi. DORMAN, FLOYD RAY, JR: Jacksonville, Fla; Real Estate; Spring; Kappa Alpha. DOUGLAS, DEBRA G: Coral Gables, Fla; English; Winter; Alpha Lambda Delta; Rawlings Hall, pres, program chmn, floor rep; Women ' s Interhall. DOUTHAT, JOHN: Crystal River, Fla; Public Relations; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho, pres; Ag Council, pros; Honor Court Leg Council; Men ' s Glee Club; Summer Fellowship; Asst to for Ag; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. DRISCOLL, DENNIS LAWRENCE: St Fla; Industrial Management; Fall; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Kappa Psi, pros; All Campus Softball. DRISCOLL, JANE GAl: Daytona Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter. DRISCOLL, KATHLEEN JOY: St Petersburg, Fla; Education; Spring; SFEA, pres. DRUSA, CAROLE LEE: Orlando, Fla; Education; Winter; Alpha Chi Omega; Hall Council; Floor rep. DuCHANOIS, ROBERT PATRICK: Fla; Economics; Winter; Sigma Epsilon; ROTC Advanced Officers Club. DUER, DON REY: Gainesville, Fla; Architecture; Winter; Gargoyle, pres, sec; AIA. DUNN, THOMAS ADAM: Plantation, Fla; Animal Science; Winter; Beta Theta Pi, house mgr; Track, DUNN, WINSOME MARY: Honolulu, Hawaii; Marketing; Winter; Kappa Delta, song leader, soc chmn; Under-sec to student activities; Undersea to Alum Affairs; Little Sister of Minerva; FBK Speaker ' s Bureau, pres, v-pres. E EATON, OSCAR HARDIN, JR: Orlando, Fla; Marketing; Fall; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade, pledge master. EDDLEMAN, DORENE JOY: Hialeah, Fla; Nursing; Winter; SNUF; WAST Rep; Yulee Hall Council. EDMONDSON, MICHAEL DAVID: Orlando, Fla; Mathematics Education; Spring; Chi. EGGERS, HARMON RILEY: Jacksonville, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter; Kappa EHLERS, HARLAND HENRY: Tem ple Terrace, Fla; Chemical Engineering; Fall. EHR, ROBERT FREDERICK, JR: Treasure Island, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Spring; Theta Chi, sec, librarian. ELMS, JUDITH IRENE: Fort Lauderdale, Fla; Social Studes; Winter; Delta Gamma; Lyceum Council, sec. EMERY, LLOYD H: Melbourne, Fla; Fall. ERNST, BARBARA JEAN: Gainesville, Fla; Elementary Education, Spring. EUBANKS, FRANCES CAROLYN: Gainesville, Fla; English; Winter; Choir. EULER, ERNEST CARL: Satellite Beach, Fla; Management; Fall; Flavet II, mayor; Diamond Village, mayor. EVANS, EDWARD A: Haddon Heights, NJ; Building Construction; Fall. EVANS, MARGARET JANE: Coral Gables, Fla; Mathematics and Science; Summer; Dean ' s List. EVERSON, VIVENNE ROSEMARIE: Fla; English and Speech; Spring. F FABER, AVROHM WILLIAM: Miami Beach, Fla; Chemistry; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Pi, rush chmn, Asst Pledgemaster; Alpha Delta, Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List, Biology Lab Asst. FAILLA, TERESA TERRY: New Orleans, La; Pharmacy; Spring; Kappa Epsilon. FAIRBANKS, BONNIE JANE: Boca Raton, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Fall, Alpha Omicron Pi; Society of Women Engineers, Pres; American Institute of Industrial Dean ' s List; Orientation Group Leader. FELDMAN, ROBERT DAVID: Fort Fla; Engineering-Aerospace; Fall; Chmn of Am Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. FELSENTHAL, BARBARA JEAN: Winter Park, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Phi, social chmn; Group Leader, Undersea of Interior. FERMANDEZ, NORMA JEAN: Tampa, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter. FIELDER, DENNIS LEE: Eau Gallie, Fla; Chemistry; Spring; Delta Chi, treas, v- pres, pres; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Barbell Club. FIELDS, MICHAEL JOSEPH: Bushnell, Fla; Animal Science; Winter; Alpha Gamma Rho; Livestock Judging Team; Meats Judging Team; Block and Bridle Club, pledgemaster, pres. FINDELSEN, JUDITH MARIE: Coral Gables, Fla; Advertising Design; Spring; Leg Council; Freshman Council; Hall Council. FISHER, JOHN S: Gainesville, Fla; Engineering; Spring; Pi Lambda Phi. FLEITAS, RICHARD WAYNE: Tampa, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Delta Sigma Phi, soc chmn, pol rep. FLEMING, MARILYN: Gulfport, Fla; Technology; Spring; Lambda Tau, treas. FLETCHER, RICHARD L, JR: Orlando, Fla; Banking and Finance; Spring; Alpha Tau Omega; Laste Krewe; UF Student Rep to Orlando. FLICKINGER, BONNIE DEE: Bradenton, Fla; Nursing; Spring; Orientation Foreign Student Asst. FLOYD, SHARON ANNE: Orlando, Fla; Science; Spring. FRANK, ALAN J: Miami, Fla; Chemistry; Fall; Tau Epsilon Phi. FRENCH, LAWRENCE WILLIAM: Fla; Chemistry; Fall; Gator Sailing Club; Gator Waterski Club; Judo Club; JU Crew. FRIEDMAN, SUSAN ANN: Augusta, Ga; Science; Fall; Alpha Epsilon Phi. FULLER, SAMUEL WILLIAM, JR: Coral Gables, Fla; Engineering; Fall; Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and .Blade. FUQUA, KENNETH WEBSTER: Tampa, Fla; Pharmacy; Winter; Kappa Psi, sec, regent, treas of Province IV; Ed of Mortar and Pestle. G GADSDEN, THOMAS, JR: Holly Hill, Fla; Physics; Spring; Chi Phi, sec, rush chmn, Horace Haight Award; Fresh and Soph Invitational Honors Prog; Fresh Honors Scholarship. GAITHER, ALLAN RAY: St Petersburg, Fla; Physics; Fall; Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor Society; Phi Kappa Phi. GALAN, JUAN ARTURO, JR: Miami, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter; Gator Ski Club, pres; AIIE; Latin Am Club, soc chmn. GARCIA, JOAN: Tampa, Fla; Elementary Winter; Chi Omega; Little Sister of Maltese Cross. GARCIA, JUAN JOSE: Ocean Park, Puerto Rico; Engineering; Fall; Upsilon Alpha. GARDNER, PAUL WHITMORE: Jacksonville, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Fall; Sigma Chi; AIIE; Benton Engineering Council. 371 SENIOR DIRECTORY GARDNER, JAMES STEPHEN: Plant City, Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Sigma Chi, pol rep; Chmn of Dollars for Scholars; Director of Homecoming; Chmn of Summer Frolics; Frosh Tennis Numeral; Varsity Tennis Letter; Chmn of Fla Union Dance Comm, Asst Chmn of Leg Appreciation Day; Asst Chmn of Homecoming Sweetheart Contest; Circle K; Leg Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. GARROTE, ALFONSO: St Petersburg, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Fall; ASME; Latin Am Club; Society of Automotive Eng. GASTON, ZELDA JOAN: Pensacola, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; SFEA. GAUSE, D KAREN: Clearwater, Fla; Education; Spring; Rawlings Hall, Hall Council, floor rep; FEA. GAWTHORP, ELLEN ROSE: St Augustine Beach Fla; Physical Education and Health; Spring; SAHPER, Public Relations Chmn; Tennis Club. GAYLE, JOHN DELANO, JR: Miami Springs, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Summer. GAZDAK, JOSEPH E: Tampa, Fla; Economics; Winter; Theta Chi, sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean ' s List; DAR Medal. GEE, BETTYE JEAN: Cross City, Fla; Education; Winter. GENCZY, ELAINE WILMA: Stony Brook, Long Island, NY; Social Studies; Spring. GIBSON, PATRICIA JEAN: Orlando, Fla; English; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi, Angel Flight. GIGANTI, JOSEPH R: Slisbury, Maryland; Pharmacy; Spring; Kappa Psi; Dean ' s List. GILBART, HELEN WEAVER: St Petersburg, Fla; Language Arts: Fall; Pi Lambda Kappa Delta Pi; Internatl Hosts. GILBERT, WILLIAM EARL: Eau Gallie, Fla; Civil Engineering; Winter; Lambda Chi Alpha. GOMEZ, JOSE IGNACIO: Bogota, Columbia; Architecture and Fine Arts; Fall; Latin American Club. GONZALEZ, ROGELIO, JR; Miami, Fla; Science; Tau Epsilon Phi; Team, 2nd place SIGL meet. GOODING, LAMBERT OSBORNE II: Winter Park, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Fall; AIIE; BES; Ski Club. GOODMAN, PATRICIA CAROLL: Lakeland, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi; ROTC Sweetheart. GOODNOW, MARYLE: Leesburg, Va; Science; Fall; Alpha Lambda Delta; Departmental Honors; Dean ' s List. GORDON, JONATHAN C: Sarasota, Fla; Science; Winter; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team, capt. GOSS, LINDA GENE: Topsham, Maine; Winter; floor rep, treas, Welcome Week chmn of Rawlings; Dean ' s List. GRAFTON, CLARENCE MICHAEL: Miami, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Spring; Beta Theta Pi; AIAA. GRANT, WILLIAM JOHN: West Palm Beach, Fla; Advertising; Spring; Phi Gamma Advanced Officer ' s Club—AFROTC; Orientation Staff Coordinator; Gator Growl Field Coordinator. GRECO, SANDRA JO: Tampa, Fla; Education; Winter. GREENAN, LINDA LOU M: Clearwater, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter. GREENE, HERMAN FORTESCUE: Fla; Political Science; Spring; Phi Gamma Delta, rec sec; Phi Eta Sigma on Board of Directors; Floor Leader Leg Council; Honor Court Justice. GREENE, JOHN WILLIE: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; Sigma Delta Psi; SAHPER, v-pres. GREENWALD, FRANCES ELLEN: St Fla; Physical Therapy; Spring; Omicron Pi, standard s chmn; SPTA. GREGORY, SANDRA ELIZABETH: Orlando, Fla; Psychology; Winter; Delta Gamma; Sigma Nu Pledge Class Sweetheart; ROTC Sponsor; Dean ' s List. GROWN. ALAN HENDRY: Victorville, Calif; Business Administration; Winter; Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Air Society; All-campus bowling team; Fla Union Rec Comm. GRUNEWALD, ROBERT E, JR: Jacksonville, Fla; Mathematics; Winter; Delta Tau Delta, rec sec, scholarship chmn; and Blade; Distinguished Military Student AROTC. GUERRERO, MARIO IGNACIO: Hialeah, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Tau Beta Pi, sec, v-pres; Sigma Tau, pres; IEEE. GUILLIFORD, WILLIAM I, JR: Ponte Vedra, Fla; Public Relations; Spring; Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Delta Chi. GU STINELLA, JAMES EARL: Fort Fla; Chemistry; Spring; Tau Kappa Epsilon, champlain, scholarship chmn; Pi Mu; Circle K; Dean ' s List; Dorm officer. H HACKETT, PEGGY ANN: Jacksonville, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Alpha Delta Pi; Student FEA. HADLEY, BARBARA SUE: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; Delta Delta Delta, social hospitality chmn, Best Pledge Award; Angel Flight. HADLEY, SHERRY JOE: Bradenton, Fla; Finance; Winter; Student Finance Assoc. HAIR, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, JR: Orlando, Fla; Economics; Spring; Alpha Tau Omega. HALL, LARRY THOMAS: Lakeland, Fla; Spring; Student Finance Assoc, sec-treas. HALLIDAY, ROBERT CHARLES: Riviera Beach, Fla; Geography; Spring; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Letterman ' s Club; Track and Cross Country team. HALPERN, MARILYN: Jacksonville, Fla; Spring; B ' Nai B ' rith Religious Comm; SFEA. HAMZAH, ZOEFRI: Bogor, Indonesia; Fall; Xi Sigma Phi. HANDY, JAMES ROBERT: Daytona Beach, Fla; Journalism; Spring; Sigma Chi. HARDMAN, DIXIE GLORIA: Jacksonville, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Chi Omega, pledgetrainer, rush chmn; Little Sisters of Minerva; Undersec of Women ' s Affairs. HARDY, HOWARD LAWRENCE: Ft Pierce, Fla; Insurance; Fall; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Sec of Interior; Homecoming Personnel Asst; Gator Growl Comm; Leg Council; Tolbert Area Religion-in-Life Week Area Chmn; Chmn Recreation Comm, Fla Union; Wauberg Playday. HARRELL, IVA JEAN: Brooker, Fla; Education; Spring. HARRISON, DON DWIGHT: DeFuniak Springs, Fla; Ornamental Horticulture; Winter; Alpha Zeta; Murphree Area Council, pres; Men ' s President ' s Council; Baptist Student Union, pres; Board of Circle K; Sears-Roebuck Fla Thoroughbred Breeders Asst Scholarship. HARVAN, JEAN MARIE: Gainesville, Fla; Elementary Education; Fall. HASKIN, VALERIE LYNNE: Miami, Fla; English; Fall; Zeta Tau Alpha. HAUSER, JAMES AARON: Miami Beach, Fla; Finance; Winter; Pi Lambda Phi, v-pres; IFC, pres, sec; Leg Council, Budget and Finance Comm chmn; Off-Campus Comm, chmn; Asst Technical Director of Orientation; Skit Co-ordinator of Gator Growl; Chase Federal Savings Scholarship; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. HAYSLIP, ELIZABETH JANE: Ft. Pierce, Fla; Physical Education; Spring. HAYSLIP, NORMAN EDWARD: Ft. Pierce, Fla; Business Administration; Fall. HAYSLIP, THOMAS CAMERON: Ft Pierce, Fla; Business Administration; Spring; Kappa Psi, v-pres. HAYWARD, DAVID LANCE: Orange City, Fla; Psychology; Spring; Tau Kappa Gator Guard. HEATH, PATRICIA LEE: Atlanta, Georgia; Elementary Education; Winter; Delta Gamma; Panhellenic Council, treas; Student Affairs, Under-sec, WSA Rep; Sigma Chi Sweetheart court. DUANE CONNER: Lake Worth, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter. HEISHMAN, CARL DICKEY: Indian Lake Estates, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Fall; Kappa Alpha Order, corres sec; Arnold Air Society, chaplain; Scabbard and Blade; Circle K Club, treas; Adv Officer ' s Club, treas; Distinguished Military Cadet; Tribune Award for Outstanding Sr AFROTC Cadet; Vice-Commandant ' s Award; Cheerleader; AIIE; Int Host; Commander AFROTC; Billy Mitchell Drill Team; Florida Blue Key; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. HELMAN, SUSAN RESCH: St Petersburg, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Al- pha Delta Pi. HENDERSON, JOAN DELANO: Melbourne, Fla; Mathematics; Fall. 372 HENDRY, CHARLES WILLIAM: West Palm Beach, Fla; Poultry Science; Winter; Gamma Rho, vice noble ruler; exec council member. HENSON, JERRY ELIZABETH: Marianna, Fla; Social Studies; Spring; Delta Delta Delta, librarian, scholarship chmn; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orientation Leader, URA, exec sec; Religion-in-Life-Week, Leg Council, sec; Fla Blue Key Office, under- sec. HESTER, ELLEN LOUISE: Jacksonville, Fla; History; Winter. HICKSON, CONSTANCE LEE: Bokeelia, Fla; Education; SE Broward, pres, pol rep, res asst, Honor Council, WSA Rep. HIGGINS, PATRICIA JEAN: Tampa, Fla; English; Spring; North Rawlings, pres, Interhall Scholarship Comm, Women ' s Interhall, WSA Service Certificate. HILL, BARBARA AMELIA: Merritt Island, Fla; Speech Therapy; Winter; Chi Omega, sec; Sigma Alpha Eta; Under-sec of International Affairs. HILL, NOELLYN PIERCE: Aiken, SC; Therapy; Spring; Sigma Kappa; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship; Swim Fins; SOTA. HILL, RONNY PAUL: Newberry, Fla; Science; Fall. HINDEN, MICHELE PHYLLIS: Sarasota, Fla; Speech Therapy; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Eta, torres sec. HITTINGER, SANDRA JANE: Gainesville, Fla; Recreation; Spring. HOBBS, C D: Marco Island, Fla; Winter; Phi Epsilon Pi, pres; Delta Sigma Pi. HODGE, DANIEL R: Jacksonville, Fla; Construction; Spring; Sigma Lambda Chi; Gargoyle. HOOD, DIANA LESLIE: Ft Myers, Fla; Physical Therapy; Spring; Kappa Alpha Theta; Greek Council, treas; Fla Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Student Physical Assoc. HOODLESS, BEVERLY SUE: Milton, Fla; Biology; Spring; Phi Theta Kappa; SFEA. HOOK, LUTHER II, JR: Havana, Fla; Fall; Block and Bridle; Agronomy and Soils Club, pres. HOPPE, ALBERT C: Seaford, LI, New York; Marketing; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha. HOPPER, GEORGIA LEE: St Petersburg, Fla; Occupational Therapy; Spring; SOTA, sec. HOPPES, BRUCE MICHAEL: Sarasota, Fla; Physical Therapy; Spring. HOWARD, EUGENE JAY: Tampa, Fla; Law; Winter; Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court Defense Counselor. HOWLETT, MITCHELL HERRON: Tampa, Fla; Management; Fall; Phi Gamma Delta. HUDDLESTON, PRENTISS SPARKMAN: Tallahassee, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student. HUGGINS, CAROLYN RUTH: Fort Pierce, Fla; History; Spring; Kappa Delta; Program. HURNER, GEORGE TIMOTHY, JR: Tampa, Fla; Fruit Crops; Fall; Alpha Gamma Rho chap, usher; Citrus Club. HYATT, ROBERT MONROE, JR; Cocoa, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Delta Scabbard and Blade. HYBL, CHARLES E: Ft Atkinson, Iowa; Studies; Spring. J JACK, BARBARA JANE: Alexandria, Va; Spring; Kappa Alpha Theta; Under- sec of Interior; WSA Rep. JACKSON, JANICE FAY: St Augustine, Fla; English and Social Studies; Spring; Delta Delta Delta. JACOBS, MAXINE B: N Miami Beach, Fla; Art Education; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon; Miss UF finalist. JAMES, THOMAS HERSHEL, JR: St Fla; Accounting; Winter; Lambda Chi Alpha; Advanc ed Officer ' s Club; Advanced Army ROTC. JAQUA, JAMES TIMOTHY: Detroit, Mich; Interior Design; Winter; Student AID, pres. JAUDON, JAMES ETTON: West Palm Beach, Fla; Transportation; Winter. JENKINS, BEVERLY GAIL: Key West, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring. JESSE, DONNA JAY: Ft Pierce, Fla; Speech Therapy; Winter; Sigma Alpha Eta. JOEL, LINDA LOUISE: Miami, Fla; Nursing; Winter; Gator Sailing Club; SNA, sec; State Nursing Scholarship. JOHNSON, ELMER JULIAN, JR: Green Cove Springs, Fla; Health and Recreation; Spring; Sigma Chi. JOHNSON, FAY ANNE: Ft Myers, Fla; Fall; Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHNSON, SHERWOOD JAMES: Ft Pierce, Fla; Fruit Crops; Spring; Citrus Club; Ag Council. JOHNSON, WILLIAM EDWARD: Boynton Beach, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Beta Theta Pi, pres, v-pres; Frat Coordinator Action Party; Leg Council Whip; IFC Academic Comm; Asst Banquet Chmn Fla Blue Key. JOHNSON, YVETTE MARIE: Green Cove Springs, Fla; English; Spring; Christian Science Organization, sec, lecture chmn; Jennings Hall, floor chmn. JOHNSTON, GLENN RICHARD: Ft Fla; Chemistry; Spring. JOINER, MARTHA CAROL: Decatur, Ga; Physical Therapy; Winter; Kappa Alpha Theta, treas, v-pres; Orientation Leader; Dorm Honor Council; SPTA. JONES, CLYDE BRUCE: Jacksonville, Fla; Accounting; Spring. JONES, ELEANOR JOSEPHINE: Jacksonville, Fla; Medical Technology; Winter; Tau. JORDAN, CALVIN LAYNE: Bradenton, Fla; Landscape Architecture; SALA; Gargoyle; Leg Council. JORDAN, CLARENCE DARRELL: Brandon, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring; Sigma Phi Epsilon. KAHN, GAYLE LOIS: Orlando, Fla; Education; Spring; Broward Honor Council; Broward Hall Council Rep; SFEA, FEA, NEA. KARINTIE, JUDITH ELIZABETH: Lake Park, Fla; Mathematics; Spring. KATZ, ADRIENNE EILEEN: Coral Gables, Fla; Social Studies; Winter. KATZEN, GERRI B: Miami Beach, Fla; Education; Winter; Rawlings Hall Council. KAUFFMAN, MARY ELIZABETH: St Petersburg, Fla; Medical Technology; Spring; Lambda Tau; Gulfport Lyons Scholarship. KAZZMANN, ELISABETH PAIGE: Baton Rouge, La; Geology; Winter. KELLEY, LINDA ELLEEN: Daytona Beach, Fla; Physical Therapy; Winter; SPTA. KELLEY, SHIRLEY DIANE: Homestead, Fla; History; Winter; Rawlings, sec; Mallory, historian, floor advisor. KELLY, JAMES R: Wauchula, Fla; Journalism; Winter; Pi Kappa Phi, historian; Phi Eta Sigma. KELLY, JAMES WILLIAM: Marianna, Fla; Engineering; Spring; Kappa KEMP, ROBERT SHOCKLEY: Orlando, Fla; Management; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha, sec. KENT, JAMES ALDEN: Lakeland, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Spring, KENT, JOHN A: Lakeland, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Winter. KERN, ANNE SANDRA: Miami Beach, Fla; English, Speech, and Journalism; Fall; Zeta Phi Eta, treas. KING, JAMES WILLIS, JR: Birmingham, Ala; Electrical Engineering; Fall; IEEE; Men ' s Glee Club, business mgr. KING, JEFFREY VAUGHN: Miami, Fla; Spring; Lambda Chi Alpha, treas. KINSER, DORIS ANN: DeLand, Fla; Education; Winter. KIRKLAND, THOMAS ROBERT: Orlando, Fla; Business Administration; Fall; Phi Delta Theta. KISER, LINDA KAY: Birmingham, Ala; Winter; Alpha Delta Pi. KISZONAK, LOUIS E, III: Lisbon, Maine; Architecture; Spring. KITCHENS, CRAIG SIMS: Gainesville, Fla; Chemistry; Fall; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Graduating with honors. KLINE, SUSAN: Hollywood, Fla; Nursing; Winter; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau; J Hillis Miller Scholarship; Gainesville Panhellenic Cup. KNOEBBER, SUSAN LOUISE: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Language Arts; Spring; Delta Delta Delta, v-pres, historian, scholarship chmn; FBK Speaker; Under-sec Public Relations; Lyceum Council Usher. KNOX, JOHN: Miami, Fla; Aerospace Spring; Under-sec of Athletics; AIIA; BES. 373 SENIOR DIRECTORY KOEHNE, WILLIAM GAYLE: Aberdeen, South Dakota; Physics; Fall; Beta Theta Pi, sec; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta General Motors National Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Inter-fraternity Council Comm. KOLLIN, JOSEPH: Miami Beach, Fla; Winter; Sigma Delta Chi. KOONTZ, GEORGE MELVIN: Winter Park, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean ' s List. KRASELSKY, BETH: Dothan, Ala; Speech Therapy; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon, pledge mother, hall council; Seminole, ed, copy ed, mgr ed, editor; Sigma Alpha Eta, rec sec; UF Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. KROUSE, SHIRLEY JO ANN: Arlington, Va; Advertising; Spring; Chi Omega, asst rush chmn, Panhellenic rep; Orientation group leader; Homecoming publicity. KURVIN, CHARLES W: Lake Worth, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Dean ' s List. KYLE, STEVEN JAMES: Atlanta, Ga; Political Science; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha. LAABS, CLAUDINE LEAH: Riviera Beach, Fla; English; Spring; Rawlings Hall, social chmn, program chun, floor rep; Under-sec of Interior. LABBIE, STEPHEN: Miami, Fla; Psychology; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Pi, pledgemaster, athletic chmn; Inter-fraternity Council; All campus football. LAGOTIC, DIANA LYNN: Miami, Fla; Spring; Alpha Lambda Delta. LAND, HENRY WILLIAM, II: Tangerine, Fla; Laboratory Animal Science; Spring; Chi Alpha; Distinguished Military LANE,. PATRICIA A: Pensacola, Fla; Winter; Dorm honor council; honor council; Swim Fins. LANGFORD, ROBERT WILLIAM: Marianna, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter; Alpha. LARKIN, LINDA GAYLE: Ft Pierce, Fla; Physical Education; Spring; Intramural chmn; floor advisor. LAUWAERT, ALAN JULES: Atlantic Beach, Fla; Civil Engineering; Winter; Beta Theta Pi, social chmn; IFC, social comm; " F " Club; Swim Team; All-SEC swim team; Varsity Career Award. LAVERDE, ALBERTO, JR: Bogota, Colombia; Economics; Alpha Tau Omega; Leg FBK Speakers Bureau; Honor Court Speakers Bureau; Latin American Club; Society for Advancement of Management, pres; International Host Program, chmn; FU Board; International Student Organization. LE BAS, JOSEPH C: Jacksonville, Fla; and Finance; Winter; Sigma Chi; Assoc; Orientation group leader; IFC rush comm. LEBOVITZ, SUSAN: Memphis, Tenn; Speech Therapy; Spring; Sigma Alpha Eta. LEIDNER, CHARLES DAMERON: Pensacola, Fla; Building Construction; Spring. LEINBACH, JENNIFER ELIN: St Fla; Education; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi, corres sec; Little Sister of the Laurel. LETZIC, LINDA RAE: Hollywood, Fla; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Phi, treas; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Sigma; Leg Council, sec; Fla Union Hostess Comm; Dean ' s List; Orientation group leader; FBK Speaker. LEVENSON, DIANE SONDRA: North Miami Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Council for Exceptional Children; NEA; Student FEA. LEVIN, KERRY MARSHALL: Miami, Fla; Mathematics; Fall; Tau Epsilon Phi, social chmn; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mu Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Tuition Scholarship. LEVINE, KENNETH CHARLES: Miami, Beach, Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Pi, member-at-large; BES; FEA; Leg council; FU Student Board; Student Tutorial Society; FU Bowling League, sec; Collegiate Council for the UN; Under-sec of Finance; Under-sec of Student Affairs. LEWIS, ROY ROBERT, III: Jacksonville, Fla; Zoology; Winter; Delta Tau Delta, treas. LIBBY, GARY RUSSELL: Ft Myers, Fla; Winter; FU Fine Arts Comm; Leg Council; Language and Literature Club; Pre-Law Society; Golf Team. LIEBERMAN, SARAH ANNE: Miami, Fla; English; Fall; Jennings Hall, honor council; Graham Area council, treas; Graham Area Service Award and Key. LIEDTKE, REINE: Germany; Electrical Engineering; Winter. LIFLAND, MITCHELL I: Miami, Fla; Fall. LILIENTHAL, BRUCE WAYNE: St Petersburg, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Pi Sigma Alpha; Pre-Law Society, pres. LIPPITT, MARY ELIZABETH: Bethesda, Md; History; Spring; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; WSA rep. LISS, JAQUELYN H: New York, N Y; Winter; Mortar Board, treas; Broward Hall, pres; Sigma Tau Sigma. LITTLE, RALPH VERNON, JR: Jacksonville, Fla; Geography; Winter; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Advanced ROTC; Saber team; Gator Raiders; Newman Club; Dorm intramural chmn. LITTLER, GWEN: Jacksonville, Fla; Interior Design; Spring; Delta Gamma, rituals chmn, historian, URA rep; Student AID. LIVEAKOS, CORNELIUS DEWITT: Fla; Psychology; Winter; Scabbard and Blade. LLOYD, CATHERINE P: St Petersburg, Fla; Nursing; Spring. LOCKHART, JOHN WILLIAM: St Augustine, Fla; Editorial News; Spring; Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; FU Board; FBK Speaker; Orientation; Alligator; National Leadership winner, 4-H club. LODMELL, JULIA ANN: Lake Wales, Fla; Editorial News; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi; Under-sec of Labor, Alligator; Theta Chi Dream girl. LONG, CAROLYN: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi, doorkeeper, rituals chmn. LONG, LEONARD LAWRENCE, JR: Atlanta, Ga; Finance; Winter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treas, rush chmn; Pre-Law Club. LORANT, LESLEY M: Lausanne, Switzerland; Industrial Engineering; Winter; FU Board; FU Dance comm, chmn; FU Fine Arts comm; Annual Report, chmn; AIIE. LOVE, JO NEZ: Gainesville, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Alpha Chi Omega; Singing Sweethearts; Gatorette; .Orange Bowl Queen finalist. LOWERY, MARY ELIZABETH: Jacksonville, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring. LUCREE, JANET: Alexandria, Va; Education; Spring; Zeta Tau Alpha. LUNDQUIST, ELLEN KAY: Pensacola, Fla; Chemistry; Spring; Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; WSA, pres; Little Sisters of the Laurel; Cheerleader; Student coHan; Leg Council; WSA Council, exec comm; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. LYLE, ROBERT TELFORD, JR: Haines City, Fla; Physical Education; Spring; Theta Chi; Fall Frolics, asst chum; " F " club; Football team. M MABRY, JUDITH ELLEN: Eustis, Fla; Spring. MAC KAY, SANDRA SUE: North Miami, Fla; Bacteriology; Fall; Alpha Lambda Delta. MALESKI, LOUIS A: Clearwater, Fla; Banking and Finance; Spring; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Finance Assoc, pres. MALLUE, HENRY E, JR: St Petersburg, Fla; Banking and Finance; Spring; Student Assoc, v-pres; Pi Sigma Epsilon, treas. MALONEY, FRANCIS ANDREWS, JR: Indian Harbour Beach, Fla; Chemistry; Fall. MANDELL, ROBERT BARRY: North Miami Beach, Fla; Psychology; Winter. MANDERSCHMEID, JAMES: St Petersburg, Fla; Winter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MANN, THOMAS EDWARD: West Palm Beach, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Phi Eta Sigma. MANNING, WAYNE 0, JR: Ponce de Leon, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Winter; Gamma Beta Phi; SALA. MANNING, WILLIAM BECKWITH, III: Fla; Public Relations; Spring; Alpha; Student Public Relations Org; Circle K. MARIELLO, FRANCES: Hartford, Conn; Education; Winter; AHPER, pres; FAHPER, don. MARKS, HARLEAN L: Miami, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Phi. 374 MARSHALL, BARBARA: Gainesville, Fla; Interior Design; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi, rush chmn; Gargoyle; SAID, sec, v-pres; Sig Ep Queen; Angel Flight. MARSHALL, ROBERT WILLIAM: Ft Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring. MARTINEZ, RAFAEL A: Havana, Cuba; Fall; Latin American Club; Under-sec of International Affairs; FU Board for International Activities; staff. MARTINEZ-ESTEVE, RAUL J A: Havana, Cuba; Civil Engineering; Spring; Latin American Club. MASE, MARCIA ANNE: Gainesville, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Alpha Pi, rush chmn. MAYNARD, JEAN COE: Tallahassee, Fla; Recreation; Spring; Kappa Delta; Army Sweethearts, pres; Angel Flight; Secretary of International Affairs; Sigma Chi Derby Queen; Military Ball princess; Civitan Leadership and Citizenship Award. MAYNARD, ZOLLICOTTER LAWSON JR: Tallahassee, Fla; History; Fall; Sigma Chi; Florida Blue Key; Intramurals, student director; HC Sweetheart Contest, director; Advanced Army ROTC; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. McCARDELL, DENNIS MARSHALL: St Petersburg, Fla; Finance; Spring; Alpha Kappa Psi, membership chmn; Student Finance Assoc; Gator Sailing Club, commodore, vice-commodore, team captain; Student Asst Med Center. McCLELLAND, CLIFTON ADAMSON: Melbourne, Fla; Economics; Spring; Sigma Chi. McCOY, LADD STEPHEN: Sanford, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Winter; Delta Men ' s Glee Club. McCREARY, NANCY LEE: St Petersburg, Fla; English and Social Studies; Spring. McDANIEL, LARRY DONALD: Falls Church, Va; Accounting; Spring; Men ' s Residence Halls Staff. McDANIEL, RANDALL S: Jacksonville, Fla; Occupational Therapy; Winter; Student Occupational Therapy Assoc, v-pres, pres; National Student Occupation Therapy coordinator. McDILDA, DALZELL GINN: Gainesville, Fla; English and Speech; Spring. McDONOUGH, JUDITH EILEEN: Orlando, Fla; Business Education; Spring; Delta Gamma, song leader; Dean ' s List; Under- sec of Labor; WSA rep. McFADDIN, KATHARINE M; Bradenton, Fla; Elementary Education; Fall; Alpha Pi. McFARLAND, FOSTER WAYNE: Key West, Fla; Business Administration; Winter. McKAY, JOSEPHINE: Bradenton, Fla; Fall; SNUF; WSA Rep; SW Broward, pres, v-pres; Jennings and Broward Honor Council. McKENZIE, NANCY SUZANNE: St Fla; Physical Education and Health; Spring; SAHPER. McKINNON, DANIEL A: Bonifay, Fla; Education; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho; Collegiate FFA, sec; BSU, service chmn, exec council; Forums Comm McKINNON, JENNIFER LOVE: Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Delta Delta Delta; Little Sister of Minerva; Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Court; First Runner Up Military Ball Queen; Angel Flight, pledge trainer; WSA senior rep. McLAURIN, ARTHUR PORTER: Palm Springs, Fla; Education; Fall; Chi Phi, rush chmn, alumni affairs chmn, historian. McLEAN, THOMAS L: Miami, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Winter. McNAULL, BETTY JEAN: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Delta Gamma, pres, v-pres, sec; Dean ' s List; Orientation Leader; FBK Speaker; Student Publications, office mgr; Seminole, copy editor, Greek editor; WSA Rep. McQUAGGE, WILLIAM DUNCAN: Panama City, Fla; Real Estate; Winter; Sigma Chi, treas; Real Estate Club. MEDERIOS, EVELIO F: Havana, Cuba; Agricultural Engineering; Spring; Sigma Phi Epsilon; BEC, ASAE. MELGREN, ERIC NORMAN: Jacksonville, Fla; Accounting; Spring; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi, pres. MENENDEZ, ERNEST MARCO, JR: Fla; Physical Education; Sigma Chi; SAHPER; Student Director of Intramurals; Football. MERGENTHAL, BOBARA ANNE: Ormond Beach, Fla; Occupational Therapy; Winter. MESSINA, ANTHONY MICHAEL: Tampa, Fla; Pharmacy; Winter; Kapp a Psi, vice- regent; Rho Chi, pres; Mortar and Pestle; Dean ' s List. MICKLER, FLORENCE ANN: St Augustine, Fla; Mathematics; Fall; Newmann Club, sec; Resident Assistant; Jennings Comm. MIKESELL, ROBERT GUYOL: Winter Park, Fla; Insurance; Winter; Alpha Tau Omega; Insurance Society; Religion-in-Life Week, exec council. MILLER, DOUGLAS WALTER: Sanford, Fla; Chemical Engineering; Winter; Tau Beta Phi; Sigma Tau, pledge class v-pres; AICHE, pres; Benton Engineering Society, v-pres; Engineer ' s Fair, judge ' s comm chmn. MILLER, TERRY RAY: Nokomis, Fla; News Editorial; Fall; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator Staff; Dorm Govt. MILTON, ELIZABETH ANN: Tampa, Fla; Social Studies; Winter; Delta Delta Delta; FBK Speaker. MINTNER, GEORGEANNE LOUISE: Fla; Language Arts; Winter; Delta Gamma. MIRABELLA, CHARLOTTE JEAN: Tampa, Fla; Political Science; Fall; Zeta Tau Pi Epsilon Alpha; Mortar Board; Leg Council; Women ' s Judiciary Council; Orientation Staff. MIXON, JOHN WILLIAM: Jacksonville, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring; Lambda Chi Alpha, v-pres, pledge trainer; Leg Council Rep; Orientation Leader; Staff; Benton Engineering Council; IEEE. MIXON, WILLIAM ARTHUR: Lakeland, Fla; Industrial Management; Fall; Kappa Alpha Order, social chmn; AIIE. MOCNIK, JOHN, III: Bradenton, Fla; Winter; Alpha Tau Omega. MOORE, BETHANY ANN: Miami, Fla; Winter; Alpha Delta Pi. MOORE, HAROLD MANNING: Titusville, Fla; Education; Fall. MOORE, SARA ANNE: Gainesville, Fla; Winter. MOORE, STEPHEN D: Sarasota, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter; Phi Kappa Tau. MOREFIELD, LINDA WORDEN: Ft Myers, Fla; Management; Spring; Girl ' s Rifle Team. MORLEY, CAROLYN ELIZABETH: Atlantic Beach, Fla; English, Speech, and Spring; Sigma Kappa: Fla Union Board; FEA. MOWREY, RONALD AARON: Opa-Locka, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha; ASIL; Pre-Law Society, comm, program comm; International Club; Progress Party, publicity comm. MROCZKOWSKI, HARRY: Orlando, Fla; Education; Spring; Phi Kappa Tau; SAHPER; AAHPER; Soccer Club. MUELLER, GEORGE EUGENE, JR: Cocoa, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Delta treas; Under-sec of Labor; Under-sec of Organizations. MUELLER, THOMAS KURT: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Civil Engineering; Fall; ASCE. MUMBAUER, MARY JEAN: Lakeland, Fla; English; Fall; Sigma Kappa; Panhellenic, rep, v-pres. MURPHY, PATRICK HENRY, III: Fla; Psychology; Fall. MURRAY, DONALD OLIVER: Palmetto, Fla; Finance; Winter; Alpha Kappa Psi; Leg Council; Student Finance Assoc. MURRAY, KATHERINE LESLIE: North Beach, Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Lambda Delta. MYERS, RUTH LILLION: Jacksonville, Fla; Nursing; Winter. N NARDI, VIRGINIA LOUISE: Clearwater, Fla; History; Fall; Mortar Board, historian; Newman Club, v-pres, social chmn; NW Broward Hall; WSA Rep, pres; Resident Asst. NASH, NANCY SUSAN: Coral Gables, Fla; Physical Therapy; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon, treas, purchasing chmn; SPTA. NELSON, DONALD CARL: Lake Worth, Fla; Biology; Winter; Beta Theta Pi. NELSON, W DON: Miami, Fla; Spring; Sigma Phi Epsilon, pledge trainer; Varsity Track mgr and trainer; Under-sec of Labor; IFC Gator Gras Comm; Dean ' s List. 375 SENIOR DIRECTORY NETTLES, VICTOR F: Gainesville, Fla; Science; Spring; Beta Theta Pi. NEWMAN, BETSY CAROLYN: Casselberry, Fla; Nursing; Fall; SNUF; Jennings Honor Council. NEWMAN, IRA JESSE: Miami Beach, Fla; Advertising Design; Spring. NEWTON, ELIZABETH MAY: Dunedin, Fla; Accounting; Spring; Beta Alpha Psi, sec; Dean ' s List. NIHILL, MICHAEL TERRENCE: Key Fla; Political Science; Spring; Beta Theta Pi. NILON, JANE ELLEN: Miami, Fla; Winter; Alpha Omicron Pi, pres; Theta Sigma Phi; Army ROTC NIRO, ROBERT EUGENE: Daytona Beach, Fla; English; Winter; Phi Delta Theta. NOBLES, CLAUDIA JEAN: Jacksonville, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Zeta Tau Alpha. NORFLEET, MELVIN STANLEY: Miami, Fla; Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha; Rho Pi Phi. NORTON, FRANK G: Ft Walton Beach, Fla; Pharmacy; Spring; Kappa Psi. NUNEZ, MAX GABRIEL: Bogota, Colombia; Psychology; Winter. NUNNEKER, DONALD E: Pompano Beach, Fla; Business Administration; Winter; Kappa Psi, pledge v-pres, social chmn, campus paks chmn; Men ' s Glee Club, Gator Growl Technical Coordinator; Homecoming Parade Marshall; Political Campaign Leader; Fla Union Dance Orientation Coordinator and Group Leader; YAF; Presbyterian Student Center; Religion-In-Life Week; Christmas on Campus Rep; Gymnastics. O ' BRYAN, ELIZABETH ANN: Lake City, Fla; Speech; Spring; Zeta Phi Eta; SW Hall, treas. O ' DELL, THOM: Gainesville, Fla; English; Winter; Pi Kappa Alpha, sec, pledge Scabbard and Blade; Orientation Leader; Under-sec of Religion; sub-chmn. OEHLMAN, LESTER W: Brookville, Indiana; Electrical Engineering; Spring; IEEE. OELHAFEN, JILL: Pompano Beach, Fla; Nursing; Winter. OFFENHAUER, GERALD WAYNE: Odessa, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Spring; SAE; ASME. OGLE, PRISCILLA ELAINE: St Petersburg, Fla; Sociology; Spring. O ' HARA, MARVIN LOWELL: Live Oak, Fla; History and English; Winter. OKEN, PATRICIA CAROL: Orlando, Fla; Elementary Educatio n; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon, sec; Winner Campus Speaking Contest; FBK Speaker; Orientation SFEA; International Host Comm, asst chmn. OLIVEROS, CAROLETA LYNN: Jacksonville, Fla; Sociology; Winter; Du Pont OLSON, EDMUND EUGENE: St Petersburg, Fla; Insurance; Winter; Alpha Tau Insurance Society, v-pres. OLSON, PETER LAWRENCE: Pittsburgh, Pa; Journalism; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma. OMBRES, GRETCHEN ELOISE: West Palm Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; SFEA. OSBORNE, ROBERT LEE: Lake City, Fla; Building Construction; Winter; SCBA, sec. OSTERHOUDT, ROBERT RUSSELL: Washington, D C; News Editorial; Winter; Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade, pledge class pres; Sigma Delta Chi; Under-sec of Alumni Affairs; Honor Court, director of public relations; Sabre Team; Outstanding Cadet Award; Alligator; Student press sec. OUZOONIAN, FLORANN ALLISON: Coral Gables, Fla; Interior Design; Winter; American Institute of Designers; Floor rep. OVERSTREET, JAMES S: Hallandale, Fla; Economics; Spring; Theta Chi, pres, pledge marshall; Leg council; Athletic council; Head Cheerleader. OWEN, FRANCES MARY: Auburn, Ala; Therapy; Alpha Epsilon Delta; SPTA, pres. PALMER, BEVIS THOMAS: Jacksonville, Fla; Insurance; Spring; Kappa Alpha; Insur- ance Society. PARHALO, DAVID JAMES: Largo, Fla; Science; Spring; Delta Tau Delta, house mgr, scholarship chmn; Section Advisor; ROTC flight training program. PARTLOW, KATHRYN ROSS: Orlando, Fla; Interior Design; Winter; Kappa Delta; Kappa Pi Nat Art Frat, Gargoyle. PASKAL, JUDITH LYNN: Miami, Fla; Spring. PASTORE, NANCY ANN: St Augustine, Fla; English; Winter; Newman Club, Hall Council, librarian; SFEA; CCUN. PATIL, SHITALPRASAD NEMGONDA: Sangli, India; Chemical Engineering; Fall; AICHE. PAYNE, BILLY JO: West Palm Beach, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Spring; Beta Pi; AIAA; Freshman Council; Leg Council. PAYNE, MACK WARREN: Ocala, Fla; Winter; Alpha Kappa Psi, corres ' sec; Scabbard and Blade; DMS; Advanced ROTC. PEARCE, MARIAN ELIZABETH FOWLER: Ft Lauderdale; Elementary Education; Winter; Phi Mu, historian; SFEA; FEA; NEA. PEED, FERN DENISE: Palm Beach, Fla; Nursing; Spring; Alpha Lambda Delta; Hall Council. PEEPLES, DAVID RAYMOND: Tampa, Fla; Psychology; Winter; Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club. PELLICCI, JOEL ANTHONY: Niagara Falls, NY; Social Studies; Fall; Sigma Chi, v- pres, soc chmn, intramurals chmn, Theta Hall of Fame. PELOQUIN, EDWARD JOSEPH: Miami, Fla; Civil Engineering; Spring; Chi Phi, v-pres, pres; Gator Guard; ASCE; FPA Board of Directors; Advanced Army ROTC. PENDER, WILLIAM D, JR: Tampa, Fla; Accounting; Spring. PENDLEY, DONALD: St Petersburg, Fla; Advertising; Sigma Chi; Varsity Baseball. PENNELL, CLIFFORD RAY: Louisville, Ky; Physical Therapy; Spring. PERLMAN, NATALIE: Miami, Fla; Physical Education; Winter; Hall Council; chmn; Women ' s Tennis Club. PETERS, SUSAN JANE: Ft Walton Beach, Fla; Health Education; Winter; SAHPER; FAHPER; Dorm Intramurals chmn; Dorm Intramural treas; Dorm Intramural office director; Women ' s Student Director of Intramurals. PFEFFER, JAMES E: Nokomis, Fla; Civil Engineering; Spring; Lambda Chi Alpha. PFLEGER, MARY MARGARET: Miami, Fla English; Spring; Zeta Tau Alpha, historian, standards chmn, asst rush chmn; Army ROTC Sweetheart, treas, rush chmn. PHILLIPS, ROBERT PATRICK: Winter Park, Fla; Agriculture; Economics; Winter; Sigma Chi; Ag-Economics v-pies; Ag Council Rep; FBK speaker. PICKREL, PATTY JOAN: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; English; Fall; Hall Honor Council; Hall treas. PIKE, MARIE KINZIE: Ft Myers, Fla; Design; Winter; Gargoyle; Dean ' s List. PIPKIN, JAMES WILLIAM, JR: Atmore, Ala; English; Winter; Beta Theta Pi, alumni sec, corres sec; Dean ' s List; A S High Honors Seminar; J Hillis Miller Memorial Scholarship; A S Summer Scholarship to Harvard. PLATT, ANNA LYNNE: Mobile, Ala; Speech Therapy; Spring; Sigma Alpha Eta. PLATT, GLENDA LEE: Melbourne, Fla; Physical Education; Winter. POLLACK, KATHLEEN MARY: Melbourne, Fla; Physical Education; Winter SAHPER; Intramurals; FAHPER. PORTER, EATHEN NORMAN: Fort White, Fla; Mechanized Agriculture; Spring; Gamma Rho. POTZNER, THEODORE GIVSON: West Palm Beach, Fla; Architecture; Fall; Gargoyle; SALA, pres. POWELL, JAMES RICHARD: Winter Garden, Fla; Accounting; Fall; Pi Kappa Phi, treas, sec, steward, intramurals mgr; Beta Alpha Psi. POWELL, JULIA HESTER: Gainesville, Fla; English; Spring. PRATT, ATHALIE LINDA: DeLand, Fla; Health Education and Biology; Winter; NEA; FEA; SFEA; FAST; SAPHER, Awards comm, social comm. PRINDIBLE, JOHN F, III: Ft Pierce, Fla; Business Administration; Winter; Kappa Sigma. PRINGLE, GEORGE OVERTON: Leesburg, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Fall; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Tau; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi. 376 Q QUIANTHY, RICHARD L: Miami, Fla; Social Studies; Winter; SFE; FEA; NEA; Tolbert Area Council, pres; Alligator; Affairs, sec; Student Govt; Debate. R RABBY, TOMMIE SUE: Jacksonville, Fla; Spanish; Winter; Delta Gamma, treas; WSA Rep. RAIM, MILO A: Orlando, Fla; Building Winter; Sigma Alpha Chi, sec; Gargoyle, treas. RALSTON, CAROLE LEE: Clearwater, Fla; Art Education; Winter; Delta Gamma, rec sec; Little Sister of Maltese, pres; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart; FBK Speaker; Orientation leader; Coedikette, Art Editor; Under-sec of Labor. RANEY, JEFFREY LEE: St Petersburg, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Winter; Sigma Chi; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi, pres; Honor Court Justice; Honor Court, RANK, KATHLIN ANNE: Miami Beach, Fla; Interior Design; Spring; AID, pres; Home Fashions League Scholarship; Design Competition; AID; WRUF-FM, announcer; Newman Club. RAPPAPORT, RUTH TEMA: Miami, Fla; Therapy; Winter; Alpha Phi, v-pres; Honor Court Justice; WSA Rep; SOTA.. RASKIN, BRUCE: Miami, Fla; Mathematics; Winter. RAY, LOUIS FRANCIS, JR: Pensacola, Fla; Law; Spring. REDFEARN, MICHAEL S: Keystone Heights, Fla; Building Construction; Spring; SCBA. REED, REX KELLY: Miami, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Sigma Phi Epsilon; IEEE. REESE, TIMOTHY A: Scottsdale, Pa; Design; Winter. REEVES, NORMAN RAYMOND: Miami, Fla; Building Construction; Spring; SCBA, treas. RELD, WILLIAM TYRELL, JR: Jacksonville, Fla; Winter; Kappa Phi, pres; Rho Chi; Mortal and Pestle; SAPHA; Vice-pres Freshman Class; Dean ' s List; Walgreen ' s Scholar; McKesson and Robbins RHODES, SANDRA ANN: Miami, Fla; Fall. RICH, JAMES JAY: Newton, Mass; Spring. RICHESON, JAMES STURGEON: Bradenton, Fla; Chemistry; Fall; Sigma Chi. RICHMAN, CHERYL ELAINE: Savannah, Ga; Pharmacy; Winter; Kappa Epsilon, historian; Broward Hall Council, publicity chmn; Mortal and Pestle. RIGDON, WILLIAM D: Gainesville and Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Winter; AIAA, treas. ROBERTS, BRADFORD P: Pensacola, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Spring; BRS; IEEE; Dean ' s List. ROBERTS, WILBUR HAROLD: Bradenton, Fla; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. ROBINSON, DANIEL MORRIS: Miami, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; SFEA. ROCAP, EDITH MARGUERITE; Miami, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; BSU; Fla State Teachers Loan Scholarship. ROCHE, LINDA SUSAN: Ocala, Fla; Mathematics; Winter; Alpha Omicron Pi, treas; Alpha Lambda Delta, v-pres; WSA; Leg Council; FUBSA. RODGERS, BILLY RUSSELL: Jacksonville, Fla; Chemical Engineering; Winter; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s List; Honor Student; AICHE. ROGERS, ADMIRAL GARNELL, JR: Daytona Beach, Fla; Pharmacy; Spring; Phi Kappa Psi, sec; Mortar and Pestle. ROGERS, WILLIAM DEWITT, JR; Fla; Chemistry; Winter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, v-pres. ROHAN, MICHAEL ZAVIER: Miami, Fla; Chemistry; Spring. ROJAS, WILLIAM A: North Miami Beach, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon; pledge class pres. ROLLYSON, RAY H, JR: Plant City, Fla; Education; Spring; Baseball; " F " Club. ROMER, MARK ALAN: Surfside, Fla; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Pi, v-pres, member-at-large, historian. ROQUETA, ELIER C: Havana, Cuba; Engineering; Winter; Leg Council; Benton Engineering Council; AIIE. ROSENBLATT, JOEL DAVID: Miami Beach, Fla; Marketing; Winter; Alpha Kappa ; Dean ' s List; Section Advisor. ROSENFELD, RONNIE ROSLYN: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; Alpha Lambda Delta. ROSS, ROBERT ALTON: Live Oak, Fla; Science; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho. ROSS, ROSALIND VERA: Daytona Beach, Fla; Technical Writing; Winter; WSA rep. ROTBART, MOISES: Havana, Cuba; Engineering; Spring; AIIE; BEC. ROTHSTEIN, SANDRA MARGOT: Miami, Fla; English and History; Spring. ROTMAN, CHERYL BETH: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Phi, v-pres. ROU, DONALD ROGER: Reddick, Fla; Spring; Kappa Alpha, historian; IFC service committee; Agronomy Club. ROUSE, VIRENDA: Daytona Beach, Fla; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi, pres; Little Sister of Maltese Cross, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta. ROWLANDS, DAVID TURNER: Winter Park, Fla; Animal Science; Spring; Sigma Chi. RUMPF, JOHN: Orlando, Fla; Physical Spring; AAHPER; FAHPER; SAHPER; Gymnastics Team, mgr. RUTH, DOUGLAS MASTIN: West Palm Beach, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Spring; Student Assoc of Landscape Architecture, pres. RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM DAWSON: Fla; Architecture; Spring. RYALS, SANDRA JEAN: Crescent City, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Zeta Tau Alpha. S SADJA, SANFORD D: North Miami Beach, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Pi Lambda Phi, steward, v-pres, pres; Information Services officer; Arnold Air Society; Student Host; Freshman Track Team. SADOWSKI, WILLIAM EDWARD: Key Biscayne, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Phi Gamma Delta, pres, treas; Leg Council, Budget and Finance Committee chmn; Orientation traffic coordinator and group leader; Homecoming Pressbook, editor. SAJI, KIYOTAKA: Tokyo, Japan; Electrical Engineering; Fall. SANDERS, JAMES RONALD; Gainesville, Fla; Building Construction; Winter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Contractors and Builders Assoc. SANDERSON, MELVIN LYMN: Bradenton, Fla; History; Spring; Sigma Chi. SANDSTROM, ELIZABETH A: Pompano Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sec of School Traditions; Student Govt; Orientation leader. SANTELICES, ISIDORO M: Camaguey, Cuba; Building Construction; Spring. SARBEY, LAWRENCE MARTIN: Miami, Fla; Philosophy; F all. SAUNDERS, ANNE KATHERINE: St German; Fall; Tau Beta Sigma, pres, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta; WSA committee chmn; Dorm v-pres and sec; Gator Band, outstanding freshman. SCABOROUGH, TRUMAN GUY, JR: Fla; Banking and Finance; Winter; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Finance Assoc; Sec of Interior; Honor Court Justice; Leg Council; FBK Speaker; Orientation. SCHEAR, MARJORIE: Hollywood, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Chi Omega, homecoming chmn; SNEA. SCHINDEHETTE, HARRY MARTIN, JR: Cocoa, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Winter; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade Military Society. SCHNEIDER, CHARLES HOWELL: Crescent City, Fla; Physical Education; Spring; Phi Kappa Tau; Circle K; SAHPER; FAHPER. SCHOFIELD, JAMES HILLIARD: High Springs, Fla; Social Studies; Winter. SCHOMMER, CLIFFORD FELIX: Leesburg, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Winter. SCHUBB, HARRIET DONNA: Jacksonville, Fla; English and History; Spring; SFEA; Seminole, college ed, seniors ed. SCHUMACHER, ANN: Sanford, Fla; English; Spring; Zeta Tau Alpha. SCHUMANN, MARCIA ANN: Miami, Fla; Nursing; Fall; Zeta Tau Alpha, sec; Nurses; Army Sweetheart. 377 SENIOR DIRECTORY SCHWARTZ, ADRIANNE LEE: Miami, Fla; English, Spring. SCOTT, JAMES LENDON: Marianna, Fla; Pharmacy; Winter; Kappa Psi. SEDMERA, JOSEPH FRANK, JR: Lakeland, Fla; Engineering Science; Winter; Sigma Tau, sec; Engineering Wives of Polk Scholarship, SEILER, BARBARA EILEEN, Miami, Fla; Speech Therapy; Winter; Sigma Alpha Eta; Dean ' s List; Scholarship. SEIP, JOHN MARK: Ft Lauderdale; Fall; Theta Chi, SELLECK, JO ANN SHARON: St Petersburg, Fla; Nursing; Winter; Dorm Honor chmn. SENGER, JOEL H: Merritt Island, Fla; Advertising; Fall; SPRO, historian; Alpha Delta Epsilon. SENKBEIL, CAROLYN LOUISE: Holly Hill, Fla; English; Fall. SERRA, PETER E: Sarasota, Fla; Animal Science; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle Club, pledgemaster; Livestock Judging Team; Meats Judging Team, SEUFERT, BERNARD THIEL: Ft Fla; Electrical Engineering; Winter; Phi Kappa Tau. SEXTON, MILDRED LEE: Eau Gallie, Fla; Political Science; Spring. SEYMOUR, WILLIAM GOODWIN: St Fla; Biological Science; Spring; Phi Delta Theta. SHAW, CAROL ANNE: Pensacola, Fla; Fall; Mortar Board; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Graham Hall, pres; Interhall Presidents Committee; Women ' s Judiciary Committee; WSA Citation for Service; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. SHENKMAN, FREDERICK ALAN: Fla; Social Studies; Winter; Tau Phi, pres; Dean ' s List; Leg Council, SHERER, NICHOLAS MICHAEL: Beach Haven, N J; Political Science; Fall. SHERMAN, SUSAN JOY: Miami, Fla; Spring; Zeta Phi Eta; Theta Sigma Phi; Seminole, organizations co-editor. SHIELDS, CONSTANCE LOUISE: Bunnell, Fla; Mathematics; Spring; Math Club; Honor Council, chmn. SHIFFLETT, CARLISLE EVELYN: Costa Mesa, Calif; Architecture and Fine Arts; Fall; Alpha Omicron Pi, rush chmn; Hall, soc chmn, intramurals. SHIRES, ALLEN H: Gainesville, Fla; Engineering; Spring. SHORE, THEODORE JOEL: Cocoa, Fla; Building Construction; Winter; SCBA. SILER, CHARLES PEAVY, JR: Melbourne, Fla; Physical Education; Fall; Phi Kappa Tau. SILSBY, HARRY Z: Sanford, Fla; Chemical Engineering; Winter; AICE, BEC. SILVERMAN, JANE, Hollywood, Fla; Education; Spring. SIM, ROBERT W: Sarasota, Fla; Business Administration; • Spring; Dorm decorating committee, intramural sports. SIMEON, ROBERT DANIEL: Miami, Fla; Business Administration; Spring; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Finance Association. SIMON, STEVEN ELLIOTT: Hollywood, Fla; Chemistry and Psychology; Winter; Phi Epsilon Pi, sec. SIMS, CLARENCE EARL: Mt Dora, Fla; Education; Fall; Math Club, SIMS, DIANE MARIE: Boca Raton, Fla; Winter; Dean ' s List. SINDAD, SHARON REBECCA: Winter Park, Fla; English; Winter; Dorm v-pres. SIRMANS, CONNIE RUTH: Norfolk, Va; English; Winter; Alpha Chi Omega. SITAR, SALLY MAY: Largo, Fla; Business Administration; Fall; Sigma Kappa, v-pres; Univ Choir; Lyceum Council. SKINNER, CATHERINE BRUCE: Winter Haven, Fla; Psychology; Winter; Kappa Delta; Little Sister of the Maltese Cross, sec, treas; Executive Comm of Religion-in- Life Week; FBK speaker. SKINNER, SUSAN CHARLENE: Pensacola, Fla; Education; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi; Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart Court. SLINN, MARTHA ANN: Miami, Fla; Fall; Phi Mu, treas, scholarship chmn; Leg Council; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court. SLOTSKY, MYRNA ETHEL: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; Orchesis, pres; Florida Players; Honor Council; Inter-hall Honor Council. SMALL, WILLIAM ROSS: Jacksonville, Fla; Business Administration; Winter; Sigma Phi Epsilon, recorder, v-pres, pres; Real Estate Club. SMILAN, GAIL SUZANNE: Miami, Fla; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Greek Council, treas; Panhellenic Council, senior rep; SFEA. SMITH, H CHRISTOPHER: Miami, Fla; Journalism; Fall; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Delta Chi. SMITH, MEREDITH LYNNE: Huntsville, Ala; History; Winter; Alpha Chi Omega. SMITH, MICHELE FRANCINE: Ft Fla; Psychology; Fall; Swim Fins; Yulee Hall honor council. SMITH, RONALD ELSWORTH: Gainesville, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Fall; Theta Chi, v-pres, rush chmn; Arnold Air AIAA; Gator Greek, advertising AFROTC Distinguished Military SMITH, SANDRA KAY: Palatka, Fla; Spring; Phi Mu; SFEA, SNEA; Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters, pres. SMITH, SARAH JANE: Orlando, Fla; Nursing; Fall; Alpha Omicron Pi, rec sec. SMITHSON, SUZANNE KAY: Tampa, Fla; Occupational Therapy; Spring; SOTA, co- chmn. SMOAK, RONALD ALBERT: Pompano Beach, Fla; Animal Science; Spring; Block and Bridle. SNIDER, FRANCES R: Coral Gables, Fla; Journalism; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Alligator staff writer; Student govt, sec of public relations. SOLOMON, FRED LAMAR, JR: New Smyrna, Fla; Education; Spring. SPANNHAKE, ERNEST WILLIAM: Fla; Spring. SPARKMAN, ROSEMARY LEE: Tampa, Fla; English; Spring; Chi Omega. SPEARS, CLAUDOS GROVIE: Jacksonville, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Leg rules and calendar committee. SPENCE, WALTER W: Marianna, Fla; Winter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Psi. SPENCER, PAMELA JO: St Petersburg, Fla; English; Winter; Univ choir. SPINKS, NELLIE JOHNSON: Ocala, Fla; Social Studies; Fall; Pi Lambda Theta; Phi Alpha Theta; J Hillis Miller Scholarship. STABLEIN, NANCY LYNN: Fort Lauderdale, Fla; Nursing; Fall; Mortar Board; Sigma Theta Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta, treas; Broward Hall, pres, Resident assistant; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. STACKS, BONITA LOUISE: Jacksonville, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Alpha Omicron Pi. STAELENS, SUSAN ANN: Fort Lauderdale, Fla; English; Fall; Alpha Lambda Delta; Jennings Hall, v-pres, interhall scholarship comm. STANLEY, ARDYTH ANN: Daytona Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring. STANLEY, DENNIS HENRY: Miami, Fla; Insurance; Spring. STANLEY, ROBERT D OUGLAS: Daytona Beach, Fla; Physical Education; Spring. STARK, REGINA RUTH: North Miami Beach, Fla; History; Winter; Delta Phi Epsilon, pres, pledgemother. STARLING, SUSAN CLAIRE: Kissimmee, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Zeta Tau Alpha. STECHER, FRAN MARIE: Montverde, Fla; News-Editorial; Winter; Theta Sigma Phi; Dean ' s List. STEEL, JOHN ARTHUR: Bethel Park, Pa; Aerospace Engineering; Fall; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Tau. STEEN, JOHN WILLIAM: Walden, N Y; Engineering; Theta Chi. STEEVES, KENNETH LEE: Jacksonville, Fla; Landscape Architecture; Spring; ASLA, treas; Gargoyle. STEINER, JAMES BLAINE: Marianna, Fla; Business Administration; Spring. STEPHENS, RONALD SANDERS: Eustis, Fla; Fruit Crops; Fall; Citrus Club. STERN, ROBERT ALAN: Miami Beach, Fla; Zoology; Spring; Phi Epsilon Pi. STEVENS, JAMES: Sarasota, Fla; Education; Summer. STEWART, BRUCE NEAL.: Winter Park, Fla; Chemistry; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Delta, treas; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; J Hillis Miller Honorary Scholarship; Tolbert Area Scholarship; Murphree Area Scholarship. STEWART, JUDITH GARREN: Winter Park, Fla; English; Spring. 378 STIGAARD, NAN BOTWRIGHT: St. Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Young Republicans, STILLMAN, CYNTHIA RAE: Jacksonville, Fla; Nursing; Winter; Alpha Epsilon Phi, see, treas; Student Nurses, pres. STINSON, LOUIS, JR: Miami, Fla; Banking and Finance; Fall; Phi Delta Theta, Laste Krewe, pres. STIRRAT, ARTHUR WALLACE: Marathon, Fla; Social Studies; Fall; Tau Kappa sergeant-at-arms, rush chmn; Dean ' s List. STOKES, VERNON LESTER: Tampa, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Fall; Sigma Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Douglas Aircraft Scholarship. STONE, CAROLE LILYAN: Miami, Fla; Language Arts; Fall. STORACE, MICHAEL RAYMOND: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; Sigma Phi Epsilon. STRICKLAND, PATRICIA SUE: Westerville, Ohio; Economics; Winter; Conservative Club; Young Republicans, see; Jennings Hall Council, communication chmn. STRUCK, BETTY CLAIRE: Pensacola, Fla; Mathematics; Winter, SWAN, ROBERT BRENT: Lakeland, Fla; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi. SWANN, CAROL ANNE: New Smyrna Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Zeta Tau Alpha, ritual chmn; Little Sisters of Maltese Cross. SWIDERSKI, PATRICIA KAREN: Miami Springs, Fla; Physical Therapy; Winter; SPTA, program chmn; Jennings Hall Council. T TABITA, PATRICIA ANN: Jacksonville, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Kappa Alpha Theta, v-pres, rush chmn; Dorm hall council. TAGLE, JENNIE LICALSI: Tampa, Fla; Spring; Delta Zeta. TANENBAUM, LINDA: Miami Beach, Fla; English; Spring; Rawlings Honor Council, chmn; Interhall Honor Council, chmn. TAPLEY, KATHLEEN MARGARET: Fla; Nursing; Fall. TART, THOMAS BROGDEN: Valdosta, Ga; Marketing; Fall; Alpha Tau Omega, pres; Fla Blue Key; UF Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, pres; Thomas Arlsle Clark Award; team; Leg council. TAYLOR, ELAINE: North Palm Beach, Fla; Language Arts; Spring; Delta Delta Delta, rush chmn, pledge class sec-treas; Little Sisters of Minerva, v-pres; Lyceum Council usherette. TAYLOR, JULIET ELIZABETH: Dade City, Fla; Art Education; Winter. TEAL, RONALD MAXLEY: Chesterfield, S C; Mathema tics; Spring; Lambda Chi Alpha, corres sec. TEMPLES, JAMES HOWARD: Jacksonville, Fla; Economics; Spring; Phi Gamma THOMASON, PATRICIA ANN: Gainesville, Fla; Winter; Alpha Chi Omega, treas. THOMES, SIDNEY P, JR: Dayton, Ohio; Science; Winter; Theta Chi, THOMPSON, RICHARD E: Port St Joe, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Student Govt, v-pres; Leg Council, majority leader; tech coord and staff coord; Court Justice; FU Board, pres, treas, director, public relations chmn; HC Contest, chmn; Leg Council Rules and Col and Housing coram, chum; Insurance Board; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. TINDEL, CECIL M: Graceville, Fla; Public Relations; Spring; Alpha Gamma Rho. TOLBERT, SALLY JULIA: Ormond Beach, Fla; Advertising; Spring; Women ' s Glee Club. TOMBERG, BARBARA LYNN: North Palm Beach, Fla; English; Spring; Delta Phi Orientation group leader; Under-sec of Student Affairs. TRABA, JOSEPH, JR: Miami, Fla; Social Fall; Sigma Nu, outstanding athlete; Sentinel, corres sec; All-campus flag handball, volleyball. TRACHTENBERG, ROY MILES: Miami Beach, Fla; Social Studies; Spring; Tau Epsilon Phi, special projects, recreation. TREMOULET, PAUL C: Jacksonville, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Fall; Tau Beta Pi, cataloger; Sigma Tau; IEEE; Eng Honor Student. TUCHBAND, BARBARA: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; Alpha Epsilon Phi. TURJA, KENNETH WAYNE: Gainesville, Fla; Physical Education; Spring; Sigma Delta Psi; SAPHER, TURNBULL, NATHANIEL M, JR: Winter Park, Fla; Advertising; Spring; Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma; Young Pre-Law society; WRUF staff; Gator Growl staff. TURNER, ALLIN MACLEOD: Clearwater, Fla; Mathematics; Winter; Delta Upsilon, historian; Phi Eta Sigma; Invitational Dean ' s List. U UDDSTROM, CHARLOTTE M: Eustis, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring. UEBEL, STEVEN EDWARD: Largo, Fla; Management; Spring; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi, V VAN ARSDALL, CORA SUE: Ormond Beach, Fla; Pharmacy; Winter; Kappa Epsilon; Mortar and Pestle. VAN DUYN, JOHN WEY: Jacksonville, Fla; Entomology; Fall; Alpha Gamma Rho; Men ' s Glee Club; Newell Entomological society; Intercollegiate Music council. VAN DUYNE, GILES OVERTON, JR: Winter Haven, Fla; Mechanized Agriculture; Spring; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Under- sec of Leg Affairs; HC Parade comm. VANDIVER, VERNON VICTOR, JR: Immokalee, Fla; Biology; Fall; Intramural Board. JACOB DAVID: Brooksville, Fla; Civil Engineering; Winter; Pi Kappa Alpha; Amer Society of Civil Engineers. VAUGHAN, CAROL ANN: Tampa, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Kappa Alpha Theta. VEAL, WILLIE N, JR: Canal Point, Fla; Winter; Alpha Gamma Rho, social chmn; Collegiate FFA, pres; Honor Court VITUNAC, KAREN LACE: Ft Pierce, Fla; Journalism; Spring; Delta Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi; Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart; Dollars for Scholars, publicity chmn; staff; Food Science Club, sec; Swim Fins and Aqua Gators. VOSBURGH, WILLIAM FRANCIS, JR: Ocala, Fla; Political Science; Spring; Kappa VRANA, PATRICIA JOAN: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Chi Omega. WADE, CAROLYN McIVER: Huntsville, Ala; English; Spring; Dean ' s List; Delphi, pres. WADE, THOMAS EDWARD: Jacksonville, Fla; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Benton Engineering Society; Humanities Society; Intramurals. WAIDREP, ALFRED, JR: Talladega, Ala; Pharmacy; Spring. WALDEN, GLENA ELLIOF: Blountstown, Fla; Agricultural Economics; Fall; Alpha Gamma Rho, sec; Alpha Zeta; Student Agricultural Council; Collegiate FFA, reporter; Agricultural Economics Club, pres. WALDORF, JOSEPH CARL, JR: St Fla; Public Relations; Fall; Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi, rush chmn, pledge master; Alligator staff; UF Public Relations Committee. WALLACE, WINIFRED JEAN: Coral Gables, Fla; Education; Spring; Chi Omega; NEA. WARNOCK, ROBERT CARL: Ft Pierce, Fla; Recreation; Spring. WATSON, JOHN WESLEY: Jacksonville, Fla; Political Science; Winter; Tau Kappa 2nd v-pres, rush chmn; Gator Guard; Freshman Baseball; Advanced ROTC. WATT, CAROLYN JUDY: Tampa, Fla; Spring; Phi Mu, pres, rush chmn, scholarship chmn; Mortar Board, editor; Religion-in-Life Week Committee; Staff; Coedikette Staff; Orientation Group Leader; Honor Court Public Committee; Dorm newspaper and scholarship committee; Freshman and Sophomore Honor Scholarship; Tampa Tribune Scholarship; Dorm Honor Florida Players. 379 SENIOR DIRECTORY WEADOCK, LOUISE WALCOTT: Ormond Beach, Fla; English; Spring; Alpha Delta Pi, sec; Alpha Lambda Delta, sec; Mortar Board; Leg Council; Fla Union Board of Managers; Orientation office staff, Angel Flight; Nell Critzer Miller Award; Arts and Sciences High Honors Program. WEAVER, MAURICE MAXWELL: Tenn; Forestry; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha. WEIDNER, JOHN: Pensacola, Fla; Marketing; Winter; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WEINBURG, LINDA FRAN: North Miami Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; homecoming chmn, social chmn; Angel Flight, Commander; Delta Upsilon Court; Lyceum Council; Orientation Group Leader; Angel of the Month. WEINSTEIN, MARC JAY: White Plains, NY; Accounting; Spring; Tau Epsilon Phi. WEISSMAN, ARLEEN: Miami Beach, Fla; Elementary Education; Winter; Glee Club; WSA; Honor Council; Hall Council; Homecoming Committee; chmn of for Welcome Week; Dorm Honors. WELLS, MARJORIE JEANNE: Lake Worth, Fla; Education; Winter. WELLWOOD, SUSAN ANN: New York City, NY; Mathematics; Winter. WESTER, THOMAS HENRY: Gainesville, Fla; Public Relations; Fall; SPRO; Sigma Delta Chi, pres; Alligator staff. WEXLER, MARSHALL FRED: North Miami Beach, Fla; Accounting; Winter; Alpha Kappa Psi. WHITESIDE, HAROLD CUSTER, JR: Mt Dora, Fla; Education. WHITING, ROBERT ANN: Melbourne, Fla; Accounting; Winter; Beta Gamma Sigma, v-pres; Beta Alpha Psi, v-pres; Graduate with high honors; Commissioner and Mayor of Flavet III Village. WICKERSHAM, FRANK GANNON, III: Beach, Fla; Social Studies; Fall; Pi Kappa Phi; Honor Court Justice; Leg Council. WILD, HARRY EDWARD, JR: Daytona Beach, Fla; Civil Engineering; Spring. WILDER, RAYMOND FULLARD: Apopka, Fla; Mathematics; Fall. WILKES, CAROLYN J: Coral Gables, Fla; English; Winter; Alpha Delta Pi, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta; Panhellenic Rush chmn; Leg Council. WILLIAMS, DIANE: Miami, Fla; Education; Spring; SFEA. WILLIAMS, JOHNCYNA: Bradenton, Fla; Spring; Hall Honor Council, chmn. WILLIAMS, NANCY DEE: Gainesville, Fla; Elementary Education; Spring; Alpha Pi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters of Minerva, pres; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Court. WILLIAMS, PAUL: Malabar, Fla; Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; treas. WILLIS, DANIEL HOOVER: South Bay, Fla; Mechanical Engineering; Winter; Lambda Chi Alpha; Arnold Air Society; ASME; Dean ' s List. WILLIS, LEE LAWRENCE: Tallahassee, Fla; Finance; Spring; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres, v-pres, rush chmn; Student Govt Sec of Public Relations; Fla Blue Key producer of the " 2nd 100 " . WILSON, LOUIS IRVIN: Orlando, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Spring; Sigma Chi. WILSON, NORA SHEEHAN: Drexel Hill, Pa; Elementary Education; Spring. WIRTH, MARTHA CHRISTINE: Gainesville, Fla; Physical Therapy; Winter; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Choir; Choral Union. WISE, WILLIAM GENE: Plainfield, Indiana; Psychology; Fall; Gamma Delta, pres. WISENER, RONALD LEE: Hagerstown, Indiana; Biology; Spring. WITTE, WILLIAM RAYMOND: Sarasota, Fla; Architecture; Honor Court Justice; Student AIA, v-pres. WOBIE, KATHLEEN: Ocala, Fla; Interior Design; Fall; Kappa Alpha Theta. WOHLUST, GARY CHARLES: Orlando, Fla; Business Administration; Spring; Pi Kappa Alpha; Leg Council. WOLF, ANN MARIE: St Augustine, Fla; Fall. WOLLY,. LYNN: Marian_ a, Fla; Accounting; Spring; Delta Phi Epsilon; v-pres, treas; Mortar Board, pres; Action Party, sorority coord; FBK Speaker; Orientation group leader; Assistant to SG treas; Who ' s Who; UF Hall of Fame. WOOD, LINDA ANN: Miami, Fla; Nursing; Fall. WOODRUFF, EDWARD WALLACE, JR: Naples, Fla; Social Studes; Fall; Theta Chi. WOODY, WILLIAM LEONARD: Pensacola, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Spring; AIIE. WRIGHT, CAROLYN DE ARMAN: Orlando, Fla; English; Spring; Kappa Delta; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Alligator staff. WUNSCH, ROBERT JOHN: Ft Lauderdale, Fla; Fall; Gargoyle. WYMAN, GLADYS R: Gainesville, Fla; Fall. WYNN, LARRY ADAMS: DeLand, Fla; Sigma. WYSE, THOMAS G: Pensacola, Fla; Chemical Engineering; Fall; AICE. Y YAMAZAKI, HIROYUKI; Tottori, Japan; Fall. YOUNG, DAVID A, JR: St Petersburg, Fla; Accounting; Winter; Lambda Chi Alpha. YOUNG, WILLIAM HERMAN: Covington, Tenn; Electrical Engineering; Fall. ZABALA, ADRIAN, JR: Jacksonville, Fla; Marketing; Spring; Tau Kappa Epsilon, treas; Varsity baseball. ZALOOM, VICTOR ANTHONY: Miami, Fla; Industrial Engineering; Winter; Delta Tau Delta; AIIE; Dean ' s List. ZLOTSHEWER, BEVERLY FAY: Miami Beach, Fla; Sociology; Winter; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List. ZUERCHER, DIANE ELIZABETH: St Fla; History; Spring. ZUKOSKI, RICHARD THOMAS: Orlando, Fla; Psychology; Fall; Pi Kappa Alpha. GENERAL INDEX A Academics 28 Activities 128 Administration 18 Administrative Deans 24 Agriculture 30 Air Force ROTC 62 Alligator 102 Alpha Chi Omega 240 Alpha Delta Pi 242 Alpha Epsilon Phi 244 Alpha Epsilon Pi 246 Alpha Gamma Rho 248 Alpha Kappa Psi 70 Alpha Lambda Delta 118 Alpha Omicron Pi 250 Alpha Tau Omega 252 Angel Flight 63 Architecture and Fine Arts 32 Army ROTC 64 Arts and Sciences 34 Athletic Council 84 B Basketball 206 Beta Alpha Psi 70 Beta Theta Pi 254 Block and Bridle 71 Board of International Activities 72 Board of Student Publications 104 Broward Hall Council 66 Business Administration 38 Camp Wauburg 106 Campus Police 106 Cheerleaders 73 Chi Omega 256 Chi Phi 258 Christian Science Organization 72 Closing 328 Coaches 194, 204 Commuters 316 E Education 40 Elections 94 Engineering 42 F FClub 84 Fall Frolics 154 Florida Blue Key 114 Florida Players 152 Florida Rehabilitation Association._ 76 Florida Union Board of Student Activities _ 74 Food Service 107 Football: Auburn 182 Coaches 194 Florida State University 190 Freshman 192 Georgia 184 Louisiana State University 176 Miami 188 Mississippi 178 Mississippi State 174 North Carolina State 180 Northwestern 172 Sugar Bowl 196 Tulane 186 Forestry 44 Gator Band 84 General Index (Ah-ha) 381 Girl ' s Dorms 318 Golf Team 232 Governor Haydon Burns 20 Greeks 234 H Hall of Fame 120 Health Related Professions 56 Homecoming 138 Homecoming Queen 135 Hub 107 J Jennings Hall Council 67 Journalism and Communications 46 K Kappa Alpha 272 Kappa Alpha Pi 76 Kappa Alpha Theta 274 Kappa Delta 276 Kappa Epsilon 77 Kappa Sigma 278 L Lambda Chi Alpha 280 Lambda Gamma Phi 77 Law 48 Leadership 112 Library 110 MacBeth 166 Mallory Hall Council 69 Mancini 150 Married Housing 324 Medicine 50 Men ' s Dorms 322 Men ' s Glee Club 86 Miss Seminole 130 Miss Seminole Court 130 Miss University of Florida 1965-66 134 Miss University of Florida 1965 136 Mortar Board 116 Mrs. University of Florida 133 National Ballet 162 Nursing 52 O Delta Chi 260 Delta Delta Delta 262 Delta Gamma 264 Delta Phi Epsilon 266 Delta Tau Delta 268 Delta Upsilon 270 Dollars for Scholars 98 Infirmary 108 Interfraternity Council 236 International Week 160 Introduction 2 Operation Appreciation 164 Orientation 148 Organizations 60 P PanhellenicCouncil ______________ 238 54 Phi Delta Theta 282 Phi Epsilon Pi 284 Phi Eta Sigma 118 Phi Gamma Delta 286 Phi Kappa Psi 285 Phi Kappa Tau 288 Phi Mu 290 Physical Education and Health 58 Pi Kappa Alpha 292 Pi Kappa Phi 294 Pi Lambda Phi 296 Plants and Grounds 107 Playday 158 President J. Wayne Reitz 22 R Rawlings Hall Council 68 Registration 148 Residences 314 S Seminole 100 Senior Directory Seniors 336 Service 88 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 298 Sigma Chi 300 Sigma Chi Derby 168 Sigma Delta Chi 78 Sigma Kappa 302 Sigma Phi Epsilon 304 Sigma Tau 79 Speakers 156 Special Credits 384 Sports 170 Student Agricultural Council 79 Student Finance 80 Student Florida Education Association 80 Student Government 90 Student Physical Therapy Association 81 Student Public Relations Organization 81 Sugar Bowl 196 Summer 146 Swimming 222 T Tau Epsilon Phi 306 Tau Kappa Epsilon 308 Tennis 230 Theta Chi 310 Title Page 1 Track 226 U University Choir 83 University Country Club 106 Who ' s Who 119 Women Students ' Association 80 Women ' s Glee Club 86 World University Service 99 Yulee Area Council 71 368 Table of Contents 16 Zeta Tau Alpha 312 382 1 383 SPOTLIGHT PUBLICATION LEADERS EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR Beth Kraselsky MANAGING EDITOR Nel Laughon COPY EDITOR Joe Coudon ACADEMICS Sue Leary ORGANIZATIONS Eileen Einik LEADERSHIP Sue Sherman SERVICE Marie Dence SPORTS Glenn Laney GREEKS Jim Parsons RESIDENCES Lee Ann Draud SENIORS Harriett Schubb PAD WATCHER Mark Glick SPECIAL CREDITS PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Rappaport Studios, Inc. CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Nick Arroyo Bob Ellison Johnston Photography Ron Sherman PRINTING St. Petersburg Printing Co. TYPESETTING Pepper Printing Co. COVER Kingskraft 384

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