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This Page Intentionally Left Blank people people-15,000 the seminole 1965 university of florida gainesville florida volume 55 open. to find a new life waiting . . . not the same as last year . . not knowing what the next will bring . . . to make a decision about their goals now or later . . . hoping to find their way to serve . . . expecting to find culture or entertainment . . . to become part of the exciting world of sports . . . wondering how the administrators run this mammoth . . . looking forward to graduation . . . asking how you join one of the numerous organizations . . . debating whether or not to become a Greek . . . working toward becoming an outstanding student . . . wondering if the Seminole really is going to be a book for people. 4 12 13 people come 2 colleges 18 services 56 events 82 beauty 110 sports 124 intramurals 180 administration 188 graduates 200 organizations 242 greeks 272 leadership 350 closing 360 senior directory 372 general index 382 people choose a future . . . a decision made as a child or to stick- through life .. . doctor, lawyer, Indian chief . . . learning a little about everything and a lot about something . . . so much to do and so little time . . . a trimester system controlling students from the time they enter until the time they leave . .. studying every bit of the way or just enough to get by . . . reasoning, recko ning, researching . .. a goal never quite achieved. agriculture school grows The electron with great magnifying power, experimental apparatus, the IBM 709, and testing for progress are all tools of scientific agriculture coordinated by Dean M. A. Brooker. 20 via research New ideas, methods and materials provided students in the College of Agriculture this year with opportunities for extensive and thorough research. Foremost was the acquisition of an microscope by the Department of Veterinary Science. This high-powered instrument makes possible the of many research and projects that previously could not be handled. Also, it contributed to the addition of a graduate program which now offers a research degree in veterinary science. Systematic irrigation and the of new agricultural techniques have also promoted the tremendous growth in activities of this college. Always striving to provide its students with the best possible training in agricultural business, technology and science, the College of Agriculture offers study in areas of these fields. More efficiency in communicating this new research among the divisions came in mid-1964 with the merger of the College of Agriculture, the Agricultural Extension Service, the Agriculture Experimental Service Station and the School of Forestry into the Institute of Food and Agricultural Science. 21 forestry The growth of urbanization in the United States has not hindered the School of Forestry and others like it from continuing to seek ways which I keep America green. In fact, it is through research and new methods that this school is expanding its knowledge of the land around us. While offering training in forestry, wildlife and forest products technology, the school is presently doing research on the development of seasoned green crossties to evaluate th e preservative treatability, seasoning defects and service life of those seasoned accelerated methods. 22 keep america green Sporting wood samples, experimentation in growth, checking forest production along with wild-life management: all are facets of the School of Forestry, directed by L. Gray. 23 Creating, through self expression, erecting for future growth, drafting for tomorrow, producing free forms, all engineered by Dean T. C. Bannister architecture home at last After many years of patient suffering in green " temporary " buildings scattered across the campus, the College of and Fine Arts went home last Winter to a spanking new complex of buildings. It now has an administration building, a library, a four story classroom building with drafting rooms and and a gallery equipped to display all phases of art work. Certain to become one of the cultural centers for the and state, this school is aimed at the promotion of strong elements of creativity in the preparation of its graduates. 25 biochemistry Substantial strides in the world of science dominated the College of Arts and Sciences this year. Complicated machinery and special projects built by the students themselves provided the opportunity for extensive research into the workings of the environment around us. The Department of Chemistry strong leadership in this area with particular emphasis in the biochemical field. But, not confined to the fields of biology, astronomy, geology or geography, the College of Arts and Sciences offers study in all areas of human development and intellectual pursuit. Striving to provide the student with a well-rounded, liberal education, this college represents the core of all higher education. Emphasis is placed on intellectual as a preparation for more competent living and the of human leadership. It provides the student with many facts and skills and contributes to the fundamental knowledge upon which the professional colleges build in their specific programs of study. Dean of Arts and Sciences, R. E. Page 26 scientific development 27 the backbone intellectual pursuit Arts and Sciences is more than chemistry, it includes all facets of a liberal education. Majors are offered in 18 different fields. 28 intellectual pursuit 29 explanatory programs accent basic studies Expansion of the masters ' candidacy program is just one of many new which have marked the growth of the College of Business Administration this year. In its attempt to produce successful and competent men and women in all areas of business administration, this college has introduced new teaching techniques and extensive use of new materials in all fields. Creative ideas and practical methods combine to give the student a strong background in preparation for the world of business where he might serve as executive, accountant or Computers play an important role in a new college publication dealing with pertinent statistical data regarding business activities in the state of Florida. The production of this journal was considered a major and significant project in the college this year and will continue to contribute valuable and ideas to its readers in the coming years. explanatory programs The College of Business Administration contributes to knowledge through the research activities of its faculty and students. The dean of the college is D. J. Hart The task of the College of Education is to furnish professional courses in education through visual aids, T-V classroom study, and observation at P. K. Yonge. 32 practical mix To teach a teacher to teach—the main function of the UF College of Education. These planned and conducted programs of teacher education, along with experimental and research studies in the field of learning, form the of this vital college. Each aspect of the education field has a depth far greater in content and requirement th an that certified by the State of Florida. This high quality and rigid demand is considerably accentuated by the various explorational programs which the college conducts. Heading the list of observational studies are three main inquiries that delve into the social and economic problems of Florida ' s communities: the distribution of the county ' s taxpaying ability in relation to their support of the educational facilities; investigation of the relationship between personality and classroom behavior; and a socially oriented study for the improvement of the development of culturally children. Dean K. Wiles 33 As the industrial strength of the state of Florida has grown, the College of Engineering is advancing to the needs of a vast expansion based on modern electronics, space related industries and research and development laboratories. Seeking to advance graduate educa- tion and research, Dean T. L. Martin has initiated the GENESYS program— Graduate Engineering Education System —to provide the best, most wide-spread education at minimum cost to the student via television. Cape Kennedy is the central facility, other stations being located at Orlando, Daytona Beach, Melbourne and the UF. January, 1965 is the target date set for completion and operation of all units. With increasing enrollment, the urgent need for space has been met by the allocation of $5,715,000 to the building program. Further advancement in the broadening of research activities furnishes the student with learning and experience and makes him aware of the quickening pace of modern technology. 34 genesys program inaugurated The engineer engages in creative design and construction. This coupled with research and development serves as a bridge between human needs and the storehouse of theoretical knowledge. Dean T. L. Martin 35 vital industry Engineering couples management, money, machines and men. It is a profession that stimulates ingenuity and resourcefulness, and yields a rewarding sense of creative accomplishment . 36 growing state 3 7 health related professions The four-fold program of Health Related Professions is easily accessible to patients in the J. Hillis Miller Teaching Hospital and Clinics. Dean D. J. Mase 38 uniformity among diversity With a new name and the latest in a series of acquisitions, the College of Health Related Professions now offers work in eight different areas. These include clinical psychology, rehabilitation counseling, occupational therapy, disorders, medical physical therapy, the rehabilitation research institute and, its newest health and hospital administration. The philosophy of this college and the reason for so many different under one administration, is the hope that the more inter-disciplinary communication there is on the training lever, the more cooperation there will be on the professional level. The health and hospital graduate program is administered jointly with the College of Business Administration and leads to a Master of Business Administration degree. its is to develop management leaders, educators and researchers for health institutions and includes one year each of academic work and administrative residency at hospitals in the Gainesville area. 39 journalists are made not born Journalists are made . . . not born, and the School of Journalism and Communications is producing them in abundance each year. Once, only a small school of 30 to 40 students, it has grown to become the nation ' s sixth largest school and in 1964 graduated the third highest number of in the United States. Its graduates are exposed to the entire spectrum of journalism—from running a TV camera and setting to production of their own newspaper or TV program. And, through the eyes of experienced journalists of the they envision the world of communications upon which they are about to enter with anticipation and hope. Journalism and Communications offers students practical experience in radio, television, advertising, journalism, and public relations oriented toward the entire The pulse of the school, and the tools of the trade are supervised by Director Rae O. Weimer. 42 field of communications population The College of Law imparts a thorough, scientific and practical knowledge of the law. It develops keen efficient lawyers who respect the ideals and traditions of the profession. Dean F. E, Maloney explosion law school style After 50 years of producing lawyers for the state of Florida, a tenfold increase in enrollment and expansion of the physical plant, the College of Law is finally running out of space, good and patience. It is literally bursting at the seams with 500 students in a physical plant originally built for 50. But, Dean Frank E. talks lovingly of the future when the new law school complex, with classrooms, dorms, a library and cafeteria will rise from the wilderness now known as Beta Woods. A tentative scheduled date for completion is 1969. Class size is one of the greatest problems. First year classes are running to over 80 students which hinders the individual attention necessary to really understand the complexities of modern law. In spite of it all, there are a few areas of light. Among the brightest are the Senior Seminars required for graduation. Here Professor Sanford Katz discusses with a small select group of seniors the problems involved in " The Child and the Law. " The Legal Ethics classes, seen here at Dean Maloney ' s home, give graduating seniors the chance to discuss this subject with judges and practicing lawyers. In these discussions, the students compare classroom with actual practice in the world. But, year after year, the most popular spot around the law school remains the " Tree of Knowledge, " old number 63. If it could only talk, what wonderous tales it could tell. There are more cases briefed., classes scouted and persons slandered here than ever the professors could imagine. Medicine means research, the endeavor to learn more about the scourge of disease and death. Although young, the College of Medicine is a leader in campus research both on the student and the faculty level. Acting Dean, Dr. E. Suter, former head of the Department of Microbiology, is a firm believer in research on all levels. And from pediatrics to microbiology to the study of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) research is flourishing at the J. Hillis Miller Health Center. Dr. Richard Schmidt is shown at the Primate Lab administering an to an epileptic monkey in an attempt to find possible cures for human beings. Although this epilepsy has been induced in the monkey, it bears a close resemblance to natural epilepsy in man. Dr. Donald Eitzman of the Pediatrics Department is experimenting with the differences and similarities in monkeys and people. The skin test shown here concerns the development of immunities in young animals, and monkeys were chosen because they bear many to young children. Students also are active in research, Robert Schimpf, a third year medical student, spent many hours attempting to determine what makes white blood cells form at the source of infection. He is seen in the lab and with Dr. Richard Crandell at work on this project. medical school comes of age Dean G. T. Harrell Acting Dean Dr. E. Suter 47 medical profession 48 oatience and patients medical profession The mood of the building is reflected by trained hands, round-the-clock teams, attentive care, sudden drama, and relaxation after a job well done. 49 nursing participate Dean D. M. Smith The College of Nursing is based upon a complex program of preparation for the aspiring nurse. More than a mere process of education, the curricul um offers her vital medical experience. The general framework of the college includes not only the clinical and professional programs, but also a participation in explorational activities. In the hospital, research becomes an actuality. The J. Hillis Miller Health Center provides the atmosphere and facilities necessary for in the fields of continuity of care and the " referral system. The former seeks better communication between the doctor and the patient ' s home, while the latter is a unique system of of persons to the hospital. Through the use of training grants, the faculty is plunged into a greater research consciousness and urged to pursue additional studies in the modern medical climate. Their studies, along with the practice and supervised of the student, allow one to perceive the excellent training which will lead the nurse into her future occupation. 50 is to learn medical profession Comprehensive and modern facilities enable nursing students to have opportunities for supervised observation and practice in all phases of patient care 51 research Even though the College of Pharmacy was first at the UF to offer the Ph.D. degree, and fourth in the United States to offer it in pharmacy, it is not resting on its laurels. Last year, this college ranked fifth in the United States in the receipt of research grants from the National Institute of Health — a division of the United States Public Health Service. This serves to point out the vital part which research plays in any college of Pharmacy. Dean P. A. Foote recognizes this since most Ph.D. ' s are concerned with either research or teaching. In addition to graduate students, there are also three post doctoral fellows- engaged in research in this college. The photos emphasize the three main areas of pharmacy: research, preparation and manufacturing. Dean P. A. Foote 52 pharmacy Equipment in the College of Pharmacy includes pharmaceutical machinery for manufacturing medicinal products on a pilot-plant scale and modern facilities for undergraduate and graduate work in pharmacy. Dean P. A. Foote 53 sound body and mind Physical education . . . totally fit to perform a task, physically fit to rise to a challenge, sufficiently skilled to enjoy recreation. This is the theme of the College of Physical Education and Health in " sound bodies to house sound minds. " In order to help carry out these ideals, the college has installed a physiology which is currently involved in the of the metabolic, respiratory and circulatory reserves for all ages and both sexes. All these factors are critical in scientific analysis of physical fitness.- For this experiment, sedentary, spasmodically trained and highly trained individuals are used as population sources. 54 Dean D. K. Stanley The College of Physical Education and Health conducts, coordinates and encourages research. Facilities of the research lab are available to faculty and staff as well as students in the college. 55 people serve student government, the waiting game . . . a caucus meeting . . . jumping parties . . . promises . . . a mniature national election . . . new faces on the third floor .. . down to the bowels of the Florida Union—the basement . . . spending endless hours slaving for criticism without . . . over to the Hub for a quick cup of coffee or bridge game or browsing in the . . . walking to the car right after a campus cop . . . a million-book l ibrary . . . Gator pills from the Infirmary . . . a Saturday morning golf game at the Gainesville Country Club . . . an afternoon at Camp Wauburg . . . campus life. student government A campaign centering around the notion of " bringing student government back to the students " was implemented in a variety of ways this year by Ken Kennedy and Dick Gober, president and vice-president of the student body, respectively. Appearing in numerous dormitory areas and at hall and interhall council meetings, they planned a program of action to educate the dormitory leaders in the purposes of student and to make them knowledgible of the benefits to be derived from SG. As a result of these actions, dormitory areas are now receiving substantial grants of Student Government money for the first time. The vice-president, in addition to his duties as the presiding officer of the Legislative Council, planned the annual Presidents ' Retreat, a joint project of President J. Wayne Reitz and the Student Body President. Kennedy, 29, graduated from the UF College of Law in Gober is a graduate student in political science. 58 student government Student government ' s top five positions are held by Dick Gober, vice-president, Ken Kennedy, president Gerry Richman, chancellor of the Honor Court, Steve Cheesman, Honor Court clerk, Fred Lane, treasurer, 59 the legislative, executive, judicial Student Government is patterned on the state and national form of government but adapted to the local needs of the student body. Acting Chancellor Joel Sachs upholds the standards of a working Honor Court. The Freshman Council keeps SG enlightened on freshman affairs. Bob Segal, majority floor leader, and Herman Greene, minority floor leader keep the Legislative Council running smoothly. President Ken Kennedy and Administrative Assistant Steve Freedman consult and guide the cabinet in regulating extra curricular affairs. Chief Justice of the Traffic Court Shelly Finman aids in minimizing campus traffic problems. 60 61 student government The many sides of self government: a president welcoming the mascot home; 70 people battle over legislation; the accused is tried by his peers under a system that is a half-century old. This is Student Government — sometimes praised, sometimes mocked but always enduring. SG began to write a new constitution in the Fall to replace the older outdated one. They demanded a bill to increase coverage in The Florida Alligator, but it never came to full realization. They sought increased participation and through dormitory forums, student opinion polls, tours of the third floor and a sincere attempt to improve and explain the System. Student Government helps the little people too. Under the administration of Alan Paul, the Freshman Council helped sooth the jump into college for over two thousand classmates. And Governor Bryant—he had a word of praise for the Honor at Homecoming as it celebrated fifty of partnership with th UF student body. SG is not far removed from real life. Its actions and movements. reveal that the spirit which keeps it going is the great American game of politics. 62 seeks understanding, interest a spawning ground traditionally Student Government is traditionally considered the spawning ground for future state politicians. The annual Spring election campaign is similar to a national race, however adapted to UF needs. This year ' s campaign was high- lighted by the presence of four parties— a rarity in campus politics and the first time a third or fourth party has attempted to win the presidency since John Grant ' s surprise showing in 1962. Prior to November, incumbent SG Treasurer Fred Lane and Vice-president Dick Gober were the leading contenders for the 1965 presidency, according to the campus rumor mills. But in November, the formation of a third party was announced. Action, founded around the nucleus of several disenchanted Legislative Council members was headed by law freshman Floyd Price. Early in January, when the political guns traditionally begin to boom, the campus was again rocked by the announcement that both V.O.T.E. and Gator Parties were defunct. From the ashes of the two old parties arose Progress Party, composed of fraternities and sororities of both and their independent wings. Fred Lane, the leading V.O.T.E. Party contender prior to the realignment, coalesced his forces with those of the third party, assimilated its name and chose to run under the Action banner with Price as his vice- presidential runningmate. Progress, with the support of past and present SG Presidents, Paul Hendrick and Ken Kennedy, chose Sigma Chi Bruce Culpepper, son of the Board of Regents Secretary and captain of the 1962 Gator football team, for its presidential candidate and Dick Thompson as his runningmate. Then, a third party—Freedom- sprang from the ranks of the civil rights and student peace movements to run a surprise campaign, and threw at least a temporary scare into the other two camps. The new party, making an appeal to a more idealistic sector of the student body, chose Jim Harmeling as its presidential candidate and sported a sizeable ticket. One of its platform planks called for a Gainesville Anti- Poverty Corps to be directed from the Florida Union third floor. Flustered UF voters were confronted by an unprecedented choice of four presidential candidates. Jim Harmeling, left top, led Freedom Party ' s ticket, Fred Lane, below, guided Action ' s political stretegy as presidential candidate and Challenge ' s Augie Schildbach asked for protest votes. 6 5 student government child of fraternities and beer joints To further confuse the already flustered UF voter, Augie Schildbach appeared to lead a protest campaign as candidate for the phantom Challenge Party. A nimble wit and a devil-may-care attitude paid off in dividends of laughter and applause, but few votes. After brushing aside charges that he was unqualified and " just another player, " Culpepper took the lead in a campaign that was relatively free from the mud-throwing, gooning extremism and wanton acts of past campaigns. The high point of the whole campaign was an Action Party leaflet featuring the of the Florida Alligator. This prompted a front page rebuttal by the Alligator on the eve of election week that did little to enhance Action ' s image on campus. When the dust had settled and the votes counted, Progress Party has swept every upper slate position and won 29 of 40 Legislative Council positions. total of 3,756 votes represented a 449 vote margin over Lane ' s 3,397. Harmeling won 879, Schildback, 241. For treasurer, Steve Cheesman, with 4209 beat Action ' s Cathy Pierce with 3,193 and Freedom ' s Hoke Griffen with 626. Progress ' Sid Stubbs beat Action ' s Jack Nichols for Honor Court 4,020 to 3,506 while Robert Segal ' s 3,717 votes gave him a narrow victory over Action ' s Fred Breeze, in the race for Honor Court Clerk. Student voters overwhelmingly endorsed a new but, surprisingly, voted against abolishment of the trimester system, 3,192 to 2,507. The voter turnout was by far the highest in SG history as 8,183 students went to the polls, a thousand more than the previous record. 66 A record number of UF students voted in the Spring elections. Many voters came to Bryan Lounge where excited supporters from all parties were on hand to see Bruce Culpepper accept the presidency. It seems a shame that someone has to lose. banking to books People go to the Hub for James Joyce and Spearmint and Crest and paper clips. Here, one can save or spend his allowance and find sweaters, Bly 181 class notes and Grandmother ' s heirloom locket. A plaque on the building states " Dedicated to the Students of the of Florida. " And devoted it is to serving students — from handing out scholarships to banquets in the Blue Room to Time and Playboy placed conspicuously on the newstand. People come and go, but a Food Services remains—scattered across the campus for last minute cramming, butter brickle ice cream and nine cents worth of coffee. At the Florida Union are Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir and for $1.50, a piano that can play Brahms, or Beethoven or Brubeck or whatever you wish, and the All-American game of politics. Here are large chairs in cloudy corners for thinking, relaxing or a quick snooze. 68 the hub student union butter brickle 69 The library .. . where every Florida student goes once in a while to study, sleep, or gossip. There are the people who seek the quiet refuge of the Browsing Room for a comfortable chair and a shelf to prop weary feet. Others swarm to the newspaper racks to fill the void of homesickness. And many more find corners where they can concentrate on the day ' s or yesterday ' s assignments. Some are seen staring at books they will never read. A desire for a future has placed over one million volumes on these shelves, and the more determined student will, in 1966, have a new $2.5 million research library. infirmary germs Waiting in line is the worst part of going. Then the nurse gets you, stabs you, feeds pills and sends you away — aching. People don ' t like to go, but when mono, flu or streptococci strike, one finds his way there, sometimes to remain. 71 blue clad police the A campus cop is dressed in blue, is wary of students, but skillful at discovering students ' illegally parked cars. A good one has vision especially oriented to picking out pink stickers in the midst of a thousand black ones and reflexes that can tell him if an on-the-road football victory is a minute away, a riot will begin in seconds. When not faced with riots and other emergencies, a campus cop is usually seen guarding the entrances to the " restricted areas, " to the frustration of students, faculty administrators, and other people. 72 palms pine water Sometimes books lose. Especially on a summer day when life stands still and the world looms large away from the confines of Anderson, E, McCarty. It ' s not a long ride—just seven miles to peace and palms and water. There you can stop thinking . . . or just begin. Camp Wauburg has canoes for solitude or romance, a grassy lawn for meditation and sunbathing, and people for friendship. Eighteen holes of golf is a lot, but many students finish, sometimes tired, often elated. The recently acquired Gainesville Golf and Country Club has been a welcome supplement to campus life. The student goes back to campus at dusk often ready to renew the challenge of Homer, Newton . . . but sometimes not. entertainment and enlightenment For the future " voices of America, " WRUF-Radio and WUFT-TV offer responsibility and challenge that adds up to limited experience in the broadcasting field. Broadcasting and journalism majors from the School of Journalism and Communications are employed by both stations to plan programs, write, and direct. WUFT employs over 50 students and the evening news program is presented entirely by student journalists. This station also broadcasts school programs to eight surrounding counties, gives closed circuit courses ' for the UF and presents general in the evening. WRUF has been in operation since 1928 and includes both AM and FM stations. It, too, is dependent on students for presentation of news, features and musical programs. 74 publications Gary Burke, advertising manager Jim Weir, business manager Lilla Robbins, office secretary board advises office finances The Board of Student Publications is the organizing and governing body for The Florida Alligator, Seminole, and New Orange Peel. It is composed of four appointed faculty members and three students, elected by the student body at the general election each Spring, who guide and direct publications by the election of editors and advisement on any matter. The Student Publications Business Office was established by the board to handle all financial matters for the three publications. Additionally, an executive secretary shepherds and advises editors and staff members. A full-time manager keeps finances in the black and a student business manager is sovereign over the accounting books. And last, a charming secretary advises, and consoles " the basement dwellers. " William Epperheimer, executive secretary John V. Webb, chairman of the Board of Student Publications, daily miracle Walker Lundy, Fall editor Joel Gaston, Fall managing editor Dave Berkowitz, Fall assistant managing editor Nancy Brachey, Fall assistant managing editor The Florida Alligator is a miracle in black and white. It is criticized, sworn and laughed at and praised. But, even with often uncooperative story sources, a typesetting machine that breaks down regularly and the Student Government-Alligator feud that is always burning and never dying, the paper comes out. Publishing The Florida Alligator is very much like the Queen Mary through the Panama Canal backwards, but, sometimes there is a bright spot in the routine of 36 and 48 point headlines and Campus News Briefs. The most notable achievement this year was the publishment at of a study of the trimester system. Under Editor Walker Lu ndy, a small group of editors and staff writers studied the so-called " Trimonster " by state officials, educators, deans, politicians and students. This study statistics, opinions, facts and art to show the many sides of the both scorned and praised system. 76 Ernie Litz, Winter editor Steve Vaughn, Winter managing editor Castello, Winter editorial page Moorhead, Production Lab manager Ed Barber, Fall editorial page Eddie Sears, Winter sports Bruce Dudly, Fall sports Florida Daily Gator 77 Martin Edwards, sports Schubb, college Beth Kraselsky, managing editor Eunice Tall, editorial assistant Nancy Brachey, copy editor 78 Joe Coudon, editor Ed Stuart, editorial assistant Nicky Lauwaert, greeks Frank Silow, intramurals Nel Laughon, yellow pad watcher Bob Gow, activities Seminoles are copper-colored who live in the Everglades in thatched huts and sell souveiners to uncautious tourists. Seminoles are also football players from a nearby school, who rarely beat the UF. But, Seminoles are mostly words and pictures that add up to research on the actions, ideas and personalities of people. Yearbook production to these people- watchers resembles a swinging pendelum. Things get organized in September, but mid-terms begin in October and the pace slows down. Deadlines are set by November — rarely met — and work accellerates until it ' s time for finals and Christmas vacation. After Christmas, work begins for the hard core of staff members, who getting new ideas and feeling the pressure of deadlines, make the super-human effort to put out the book and go to class at the same time. And then the vacuum, while they wait to see what ' s been done. Now all there is to do is wander around the and reflect -on what could have been better and what could have been worse.. gift from people watchers 79 seminole Pam McIntyre, exchange Marie Dence, pictures, Betty Criner, administration Lee Ann Draud, activities Nancy Calhoun, service Steve Cohn, sales 80 the glorious revolution Ward Scott, literary Ann Carter, features Jerry Jones, humor and photography Nick Arroyo, photography Don Federman, editor Gator football teams ca n wait until next year, but not the New Orange Peel —it was do or die this year. And it doed it. Under its ambitious editor, Don Federman and his prodigious staff, mainly of Gerald Jones, humor editor and chief idea man, and Nick Arroyo, chief girl watcher and shutterbug, the Peel took on a new look, and with encouragement from a brave, old ghost, Don Addis, re-captured a part of the spirit that once made the Peel name THE name among college humo r in the nation. Two quick sellouts during the Fall trimester indicated a gradual, though cautious return of campus enthusiasm for the Peel as Federman legally guided his Peel to 75 percent humor by sections and utilizing the photo essay for satire. The trend should upward unless the Peel is banned, " and then, " says Federman, " at least we will have known we were great, for what else does the Admnistration censor but greatness? " 81 people express summer heat . . . exasperation during orientation and registration . . . confusion during rush . . . homecoming excitement . . . parade . . . growl tryouts in the Plaza of the Americas . . . Growl . . . JMBA skits . . . alums . . gym acoustics during Lyceum Council and Frolics presentations . . . friendly performers . . . -awe at UF culture . . Pearl Buck ' s surprise visit . . . forums lectures . . . ballet . . . marveling at Florida Players productions .. , holiday spirit . . . beauty queens stunned by their selection . . . religion on campus ... entertainment summertime Summer is a time for thinking out loud after a Winter ' s silent It is a time for taking your shoes off in class and eating lunch in the Plaza of the Americas. Summer is for becoming a kid again; for seeing life through and dogging sprinklers on the lawns. The long golden days are for wearing shower thongs and bermuda shorts and pink seersucker; the cloudy muggy ones are for keeping your umbrella handy and the convertible top up while you go to class. It is for thinking out loud about Plato and John Stuart Mill and urban renewal in the most convenient spot—a canoe at on the roof of your fraternity house or deep inside the Milhopper. Summer trimester brings visiting lecturers, hours for studying, performing arts, recreation in the sun, and musing the time away. 84 8 5 first weeks It is at the first meeting that the true meaning of orientation is discovered. It is remarkably similar to squeezing into a washing machine to see if you can break the load record of two thousand, nine hundred and eightyfive and one half spins. Your head goes round and round, while your body is jostled up and down; by the time you shakily crawl out of the door, you feel as though something has been accomplished, but you don ' t know exactly what! No matter how you look at it, you are bent, broken, and rather damp all over. Actually, orientation did not run as smoothly as depicted. There were thousands of dramatic personal experiences which add color to the various required events. One girl related how her purse was stolen while she was listening to a speech on the Honor System. There was an equally unfortunate freshman who fell sound asleep during the English achievement tests. She awoke to the sound of " time ' s up!, " and received a total score of " 00 " for her efforts. But these events were far more encouraging than were trimester class assignments. Near the end of the week, freshmen marched to Tigert Hall, where they anxiously waited to receive their class schedules. Needless to say, most of them bravely withtood the initial shock, a few broke down completely and ran raving mad up and down the halls, stopping only to make feeble attempts at climbing the walls). Mercifully, there were a few quiet, serene days before classes began. To misquote a famous poet: This is the way orientation ends, This is the way orientation ends, This is the way our college begins, Not with a bang .. . but a whimper 86 IBM cards and words of wisdom Becoming a part of the university includes orientation groups, registration, frustrating assignments, mug shots, and the Scholarship Convocation. ice water, shirts, ties signify rush A rushee . . . a bid . . . a pledge .. . Twenty-seven fraternities and sororities spent the first two weeks of each trimester in a hectic competition for membership. Rush is more than simply a broad smile and hearty handshake. It is the means to maintain the brother and which makes Greek life an integral part of UF life. 88 mitchell trio october 9, 1964 Three bright young men who sing about politics, current events and people came to the UF in the Fall to entertain a packed house at Florida Gym with their folk-singing brand of social satire. The Chad Mitchell Trio were especially well received for Barry ' s Boys, " The Twelve Days of Christmas, " and, on the day before the Florida-Mississippi football game, a tale about " Ole Miss. " The Lyceum Council event was among the first of many cultural activities which the organization sponsored during the year. 89 parade launches fair Wailing sirens, laughing students an d screeching whistles — heard above a massive swirl of bright colors and anticipant faces — that was the 1964 Homecoming Parade. Lead by a Marine Color Guard, the parade included carloads of visiting and scores of bands; baton twirlers, and riders. The parade floats proudly carried. out the Homecoming theme — " Gators Prepare a Collegiate World ' s Fair. " First prize was given to Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Their display consisted of a tremendous wagon pulled by a forlorn-looking gamecock. Perched atop the wagon, holding the reins was a Florida Gator. The second prize was awarded to Kappa Alpha fraternity. -The " Southern Gentlemen " displayed the " steps to higher learning " on a float decorated sparkling-silver with red carpeting, red roses and two white palm trees. The highest step was adorned by the KA sweetheart regally seated on her silver throne. The floats were wheeled away and hand music faded into the distance. A child screamed, " Mommy, is it over? " But, the weekend was just beginning. 90 92 gators versus mother nature It was the Gators versus Mother Nature in a match lasting. approximately 120 hours with one round each day for a week. The time was the week before Homecoming; the arena was wherever students were working on outdoor Homecoming decorations. Mother Nature employed various tactics, including spreading rumors and threatening " big punches. " She hinted that if her position were held there would be no judging of Homecoming decorations. The " big punch threat " was Hurricane Isbel, a gigantic swirling monster rapidly approaching the Florida coast. But the Gators disregarded weather reports and worked furiously as the deadline for completion of the house exhibits approached. Nature ' s last attempt to forestall her opponents came Thursday night — just hours before the big weekend was scheduled to begin. A misty penetrating rain enveloped the entire Gainesville area, but drenched and shivering Gators could not be stopped; they worked steadily into the night despite the weather ' s tricks. That same night Hurricane Isbel was blown out to sea and it was obvious that the battle was all over. On Friday, blue skies proclaimed the Gator ' s victory over Mother Nature for the decorations were complete and the Gators had indeed " prepared a collegiate World ' s Fair. " Chi Omega ' s Lady Gator captured two prizes best house decoration for sororities and most humorous on the entire campus. The Law skits amuse alumni, and renew friendships. Blue Key Banquet challenges returning alums. homecoming 1964 potpourri of events - Remember that Tahitian dance, boys? Gator Growl began with a song and ended with a bang—as usual. But, it was the middle that was different. After m.c. Raleigh Green, chairman of the Florida Council of 100, managed to overcome a little rickshaw difficulty, he took over 50,000 spectators on a tour of the UF ' s " world ' s fair. " Among the sights at the fair were a coed whose balloon sailed away into the night at the end of her skit; " I ' ll get you in the end! " ; a politician who blushed as he was humorously referred to in another skit, and DUX. Remember that Tahitian dance, boys? It was a vivid display of student talent representing a mountain of work for a small group of people to accomplish . . . and they did it with finesse and perfection. Until next Homecoming . . . that Tahitian dance, boys. Greek skits, impromptu clowns, and a queen are winners at homecoming feats. Delta Tau Delta won first in skits, DPhi E was second. Sigma Nu won first in Orange League house decorations with their " line. " 95 pearl buck mud pies and a kiss 96 touch of international homecoming Entertainment and amusement was provided by International Puppets and talented artist Halina Siedzieniewska performed as an exchange artist from Warsaw, Poland. 97 a,champ comes to campus pool Willie Mosconi delighted crowds with his world championship billiard playing. 98 concert music, mark twain recall roses red The Florida Players has come a long way since 1931 when it evolved from the University Dramatic Society. In the days of an all-male student population, the female roles were played by faculty wives or secretaries recruited from various offices. The group, now under the direction of Dr. L. L. Zimmerman, has no problem recruiting players as students from every college on campus are attracted to some phase of Florida Players activity. Recently the group has expanded to six plays a year with six performances for each play. The first play of the year, Red Roses for Me by Sean O ' Casey, was made especially poignant because of the author ' s recent death. It is the story of a Protestant Irish family living in Dublin. The head of the family, Ayammo n is an idealist living in a realistic world. The play contains a religious conflict as well as a struggle between the laborers and bourgeois, and Ayammon becomes a martyr for the laborers ' cause. 100 red roses for me la boheme - tragedy in opera La Boheme, by Giocomo Puccini, was the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater ' s second presentation on the UF campus, the first being Tosca, performed last year. The story involves a poet, painter, musician and philosopher who lived together in a shabby apartment in Paris around 1830. Rosolfo, the poet, fell in love with a poor, tubucular waif named Mimi, but, because of his extreme jealousy, they parted. After many however, the two were reunited in the end of the tragedy just before Mimi died. 102 singers and speakers spark campus Men ' s Glee Club Combined Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs Medford Evans, Forums Speaker Godfree Amachree speaking on the topic, " The New Africa " 103 lettermen, godfrey cambridge bud and travis fall frolics trio 105 she stoops to conquer wily woman stoops to conquer She Stoops to Conquer, by Oliver Goldsmith, was the first attempt by the Florida Players at an eighteenth century English comedy. This particular play- a comedy of manners—is a landmark in British drama and a classic in the English language theatre. No country has refined this type of play as well as the English. 107 A much anticipated event last Winter was the second appearance of the Ballet Theater. The talented company with their striking and colorful costumes enchanted a standing room only audience four beautiful ballets. The selections chosen for this performance were Les Sylphides, Grand Pas de Deaux from Don Quixote, The Combat, and Grand Pas-Glazounov from Raymonda. christmas came cold and early beauty phenomena year Sally Raffa Miss Camp Wauburg Phi Gamma Delia Betty Wendt Homecoming Court Delta Gamma Delta Tau Delta Carolyn Homecoming Court Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Arliskas, Homecoming Queen, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Nu Sharon Testy Miss University of Florida Delta Gamma Mrs, Howard McNulty Mrs. University of Florida Delta Gamma Law Dames Lynell Glass Agriculture Fair Queen Chi Omega Paula Hicks Military Ball Queen Delta Gamma 114 Suzann Hull, International Beauty Queen, Delta Delta Delta. Jean Maynard, Sigma Chi Derby Queen, Kappa Delta 115 Miss SEMINOLE Paula Maret New Orange Peel Karen Roberts, Phi Gamma Delta Ann Breslauer, Seminole Bonnie Stacks, Alpha Delta Sigma Johnny Carson, NBC TV personality, judge spring . . . the kaleidoscopic events offered at every turn. warm air, and scented breezes; sell-out performances by Ferrante and Teicher, and the Florida Players in Waltz of the Torreadors; entertaining presentations by Bartron, The American Pantominist, and the Netherlands Chamber Choir, and the rolicking good fun of Sigma Chi derby packed back-to-back in a time when it is hard to be a student. 118 119 At the keynote address. Dr. Max Arzt (top right) said a religion is a distinctive community and should not be homogenized. " Mankind is united by diversity of language and belief. " " There are people so heavenly-minded to be of no earthly use, and there are people so earthly-minded to be of no heavenly good, " declared Rev. William Sloan Coffin, Jr. (bottom right) during his address " The Hostilities of Sex. " " We have been living through decades of darkness and great stress, but three major break- throughs—the nuclear test ban treaty, the Civil Rights Act and the Second Vatican Ecuminical Council—are great steps forward which will bolster our morale and give us courage! " Thus, Rabbi Max Arzt, vice-chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, keynoted Religion-in-Life Week as he spoke on " Healing Inter-faith Tensions. " The theme of this year ' s Religion-in-Life Week— " The Enmities of Man " —describes an inquiry and discussion into the tensions and hostilities that exist in the world. In examining this enmity, the focus was placed on why it exists, what has caused it, what it tells us about ourselves, and where we go from here. In his discussion, Dr. Arzt pointed out that political imperialism has vanished and that religious imperialism is going as soon as people realize that religious pluralism is possible. " A union of believers is possible, but not a union of beliefs, " he stated. He visualized a united religious organization, something like the United Nations, " where each religion would reattain its individuality doing its work in this world .. . a unity in diversity on the religious level. " Another popular address during the week featured the Rev. William Sloan Coffin, Jr., chaplain at Yale University, who spoke on " The Hostilities of Sex. " He stressed the need for warmth, humanity and deep personal relationships especially now in a highly technolized age where there is much compulsory impersonalization. However, he said, people must learn to be responsible for their own lives and actions and each should realize that marriage is no solution to one ' s problems. " The hard thing is not marrying the boy you love, but loving the boy you marry. " " Sex is basically a reflection of a search for another in his or her personality and we now need deep personal relationships between man and woman more than ever, " Coffin stated. Persons in love should ask themselves what does love require? he said, and described four things—hallowment of individuality, consecration of personality, that actions reflect a movement toward one another and not away, and individual responsibility for actions—as criteria. At a luncheon address entitled " The and the Social Order, " Chaplain Coffin emphasized the need for recognition of the plight of peoples who have been left behind in the surge of economic advancement. " Anierica has been much like a luxury liner with all the attention on deck one, " he said, " and it is beginning to sink because the college graduates are too confused, frightened and inert to make common cause for the sufferers in the world and find creative truths in today ' s problems. Continuing, he said that today many of these sufferers are finding their voice and strength and it would be a wonderful thing if our volcanic age decided it didn ' t want to scorn the enigma of suffering, dilemma, and agony of the world and take the plunge. Surely out there in those sufferers they would be in good company, for certainly among all those sandals one would find a Socrates, a Nero, a Jesus. " inquiry into enmities among men 121 let us reassert humanity hope for a better world A titled lady from Britain highlighted the week by calling on religious people everywhere to solve " The Enmities Among Nations " by hope, humanity, and compassion, and by reaching out to the human substance in every human being. Speaking at a University-wide cop vocation, Barbara Ward (Lady Jackson), distinguished author, lecturer, and commentator on world affairs, cited the original Christian and Hebrew concepts of rational understanding as the key to peace in the world. " Enmities have lasted since earliest days, and are the continuing theme of history, " she said, " because some people just adore bashing. But, today we have a genuine world society where if you throw a bomb in your neighbors back yard, you blow up too! That fact really makes a world neighborhood. " We are all pilgrims—aboard a space ship, an envelope of earth—hurling through the said Miss Ward. " Can we really prevent someone from destroying our space ship? " The road to peace can be paved by bridging the gap between the rich and the impoverished nations of the world, she said, and by ending the parochial belief that the color of a man ' s skin has some bearing on his station in life. " Perhaps it would he a good idea if people dro pped the notion that their skin is white and referred to themselves as ' pinky gray ' , " she declared. " Let us go back to man himself, let us believe that life itself is really worthwhile, let us reassert hope and reassert humanity—for a better world. " 123 people compete at home and away . . . in blistering heat or drenching rain . . . making gator bait out of seven football teams . . . gi ving gator meat to three . . . homecoming complete with a 37-0 win . . . the last seconds of the Alabama game . . . FSCW?—wait until next year . . . a promising frosh team . . . basketball wins at home but not on the road . . . overtime games . . . exchanging wins with teams played twice . . . swimming to the finish only to be beaten by a tenth of a second . . . a tie-breaking relay . . . close tennis and golf matches . . . a pitch with two men out . . sororities, fraternities and independents bring sports to all .. . the Orange and Blue Leagues .. . a couple of points away from the President ' s Cup . . . an exciting part of university living. competition sports coaching around the clock 365 The most successful five-year football reign by any coach in Florida football history was completed this season under Ray Graves, the Gators ' dynamic and colorful " Bull Gator. " With four winning seasons and two major bowl victories under his belt, Graves is also the popular athletic director. He led the team to the finest season in Gator history in 1960 with a 9-2 record and his overall record of 33 victories, 17 defeats and two ties is a truly remarkable accomplishment the calibre of the rugged Conference opposition the Gators face each season. With ten starting offensive players returning next year, plus most of the defensive line back, the Gators should be bigger and stronger in ' 65 . Two of the most important reasons for pre-season hopefulness are the to the Gator coaching staff made prior to the end of last season. They are Billy Kinard, defensive backfield coach responsible for one of the nation ' s best pass defensive records, and Ed Kensler, offensive line coach, who led one of the best offensive (and youngest) lines in Gator history. Kinard was a regular right halfback at Ole Miss for four football seasons from 1952 to 1955 and All-SEC. He has played in three bowl games and as a regular defensive back for the Cleveland Browns. For three seasons he was the defensive backfield coach at Auburn before acquiring his current position with the Gators. Kensler played tackle, guard, center and linebacker for the great Jim Tatum coached Maryland squads. He All- Atlantic Coast Conference in 1951 and was voted Maryland ' s outstanding lineman. He was a line coach at the University of Miami before joining the Gator team. 126 days a year Before the 1964 football season began, a poll was taken of Southeastern Conference sportswriters, publicity men, and radio announcers, to determine which of the league ' s eleven teams faced the toughest schedule in the upcoming campaign. It was almost the unanimous decision of these experts that the Florida Gators would face the roughest list of opponents of any of the conference squads. Found on the Gator list of opponents included national powers Alabama, L.S.U., Auburn, and Mississippi State, which had all played in bowl games the previous season. Along with rival Georgia, they were the six top ranking teams in pre-season S.E.C. polls. Add to the schedule arch-rivals Florida State and Miami, another bowl team, S.M.U., one possible " breather " in South Carolina and the reason for the poll ' s results can be easily seen. youthful Gator team preparing to face the upcoming battles. Certainly a great challenge faced the How well the Gators met that challenge cannot be merely recognized simply by the fact that the team produced a winning season, the fourth in five years under the tutelage of Ray Graves. Nor, can it alone be measured by the 151 points the team produced in one of its finest offensive showings in recent years. The fact that, for a good part of the season, the Gators ranked Number 1 nationally in pass defense may also contribute to the answer. But more than anything else, the challenge to the Saturday-after-Saturday grueling schedule was met by hard work, teamwork, desire and unity, all qualities 128 this 1964 Gator team possessed. Certainly this was a team which its " ups " and " downs " during the course of the regular season play. This was the first Gator team to win its first four games since 1930. Included among those victories was a dramatic last second conquest over Mississippi State and a big upset victory over an Ole Miss team ranked consistently in the top three before the commenced. Other highlights included the game played against undefeated Alabama during which the Gators were narrowly defeated by the team which won the national championship at the close of the season, sporting a perfect 10-0 record. The depths of the schedule were reached with consecutive defeats at the hands of big rivals Georgia and Florida State, which stopped four and seven-year winning streaks, respectively, against the big powers. as was stated before, this was a youthful Gator team, and Florida followers will have a lot to look forward to in future years. For instance, only one player from the starting offensive team, Captain Larry Dupree, will graduate, and in, ready to take his place at fullback are John Feiber and Graham McKeel. The defensive unit will lose four of its top interior linemen, but the great defensive backfield will return almost entirely intact. Another pleasing fact is that the entire end corps of seven lettermen will return to action again next season. Yes, once again next year, Florida fans should be able to look forward to another winning season in the annals of Florida football. 129 gators -win opener GAINESVILLE, Sept. 19 — The " Fighting Gators, " facing the roughest schedule in Southeastern Conference play this season, began the year on a highly successful note by defeating well- regarded Southern Methodist University 24-8 in the season opener for both teams. Right from the opening kickoff the Gator power was shown to the partisan crowd as Florida drove 55 yards to the S.M.U. 15-yard line before relinquishing the ball. The Gators managed to put seven points on the scoreboard on their fourth offensive series which ran well into the first quarter. From his own 37-yard line quarterback Steve Spurrier fired a short pass to Harper who sailed down the sideline for a 56 yard pick-up before being knocked out of bounds on the Mustang seven. Sophomore halfback Marquis then swung wide around right end, behind a wall of blockers, to cross the goal line and give the Gators their first touchdown of the 1964 campaign. With 14 seconds left to go in the first period, Jimmy Hall added the first of three straight extra point placements and the Gators took a 7-0 lead. On the next play from scrimmage, reserve quarterback Donnie Oefinger went wide around left end to pick up nine yards and give the Mustangs a six pointer. Oefinger ran for the two point conversion and the Mustangs jumped out in front, 8-7. S.M.U. gave the Gators excellent field placement via a poor punt late in the second quarter. After three plays failed to net big yardage, junior Jimmy Hall came off the bench to send a 32-yard field goal placement right through the uprights and the Gators took a 10-8 lead into the dressing room at halftime. Harper ' s electrifying 80-yard dash through the middle of the Mustang ' s defense upped the Gator lead to 17-8 midway through the third period. Spurrier fired a 10-yard pass to back Alan Poe to move the ball inside of the Mustang 10-yard line, and after a penalty against the Gators, Spurrier sent a nine-yard scoring pass to waiting end Charles Casey, the lonesome end. Harper shines 131 lyle ' s talented toe downs mississippi state JACKSON, Sept. 26—The educated toe of tackle Bob Lyle sent the pigskin spiraling 41 yards through the uprights with one second left to play in the game, and the Gators downed Miss. State 16-13 in a dramatic finish. The Gators had taken an early 3-0 lead in the contest when Lyle kicked a 28-yard field goal with 6 minutes left in the first quarter, after a 53-yard Gator drive bogged down. Early in the second period, Bulldog speedster Marcus Rhoden, from Florida, broke through right end and raced 77 yards for a go-ahead touchdown. Justin Canale ' s conversion was good and with 11 minutes left in the half, State led 7-3. The Gators were not to be denied, for on the ensuing kickoff they drove 81 yards in 19 plays to score. Highlights of the drive were four completed passes by sophom ore Steve Spurrier and the hard running of Jack Harper. It was Harper who ran through tackle for five yards to put the Gator touchdown on the scoreboard, and with two minutes left in the half, Jimmy Hall kicked the extra point upping the margin to 10-7. After a scoreless third period, Rhoden 132 state, 1043 entered the act again by racing 40 yards on the first play of the final quarter to push State out in front again. Canale ' s conversion attempt was blocked and the score remained 13-10. A fumble by the Bulldogs late in the fourth quarter gave the Gators a big break at the State 23 where Allen Trammell recovered the hall. The Gators made it down to the 16 where they were held, and Lyle came off of the bench to kick a 33-yard field goal tying up the game and thus set the stage for his dramatic last minute boot. gators upset ole miss GAINESVILLE, Oct. 10 -- Before 47,003 awe-struck home field spectators an inspired and hard-hitting Fighting Gator team routed national power Mississippi to the tune of 30-14. Right from the opening whistle the game was Florida ' s as the Gators drove 57 yards the first time they received the ball, only to miss out on a field goal attempt from the Ole Miss 33. Shannon scored the game ' s initial touchdown on a half-yard keeper through guard on the third play of the second quarter. Jimmy Hall ' s conversion upped the score to 7-0. Midway in the second period, with the aid of a 15-yard penalty on a fair catch call play, the Rebels drove 45 yards to tie the score. Starting out from their own 25-yard line, the Gators then drove deep into Mississippi territory in a race against the clock with the pinpoint passing of soph quarterback Steve Spurrier leading the way. With 20 seconds left in the half, Bob Lyle kicked a 32-yard field goal and the Gators took a 10-7 lead into halftime. The Gators upped their slim lead to a 17-7 margin on an electrifying 62-yard punt return by halfback Allen Trammell, and Hall ' s second straight extra-point placement with nine minutes left in the third quarter. After Ole Miss missed on a field goal attempt late in the period, the Gators came back to drive 80 yards to put another touchdown onto the scoreboard. The Gators added a final tally onto the board with five minutes left to play when Spurrier and Casey teamed up again on a sensational 43-yard pass that was described a " picture play. " After a holding penalty, Bob Lyle kicked the extra point to up the score to 30-7. Jim Nelson of Ole Miss intercepted a Shannon pass later in the game to set the stage for the game ' s final touchdown. Reserve quarterback Charlie Myers fired a scoring pass to wingback Dave Wells for the score and Irwin ' s conversion tacked on the 14th point. This was the most points scored on an Ole Miss team in eleven years and was the worst beating Ole Miss has suffered since 1956. GAINESVILLE, Oct. 17—The won their fourth consecutive game of the youthful season to move up higher in nati onal rankings by smashing the out- manned Gamecocks of South Carolina 37-0, before a Homecoming crowd of 43,000. After an initial Gator drive failed, the Gamecocks took over the ball only to fumble it right back to the Gators at the Carolina 24-yard line. From there, passes from sophomore quarterback Steve Spurrier to end Charlie Casey moved the ball down to the one-yard line where captain Larry Dupree crashed over for the game ' s initial score. Jimmy Hall ' s first of five consecutive extra point placements upped the lead 7-0. The Gators took over possession of the ball at their own 25-yard line late in the first quarter, and on the second play of the series tailback Jack Harper broke through the Carolina line, and outran the defensive secondary for 73-yard touchdown romp upping the margin to 14-0. A poor punt on a bad snap from center gave the Gators the ball on the Gamecock three yard line late in the first half. After a series of plays with a 15-yard holding penalty thrown in against the Gators, Spurrier dropped back from the 35-yard line and fired a perfect strike to end Charles Casey. Hall ' s placement made it 21-0. The Gators drove 48 yards for their fourth score of the first half just before the intermission break. Key plays in the series were 21 and 10-yard jaunts by hard-running fullback John Feiber, and a 10-yard pick-up by Marq uis Baeszler. Feiber got the touchdown on a one-yard sneak through guard and Hall tacked on point number 28. The Gators took the second-half kickoff and went 68 yards to a fifth touchdown. Key man in the series was Harper who made runs of 13 and 11 and caught a 16-yard pass from Spurrier ' which put the ball on the Carolina two line. After Baeszler gained a yard Dupree crashed off of tackle for his second touchdown of the afternoon. Late in the fourth quarter, with their backs to their own goal posts, South Carolina tried a desperation pass play from quarterback Dan Reeves to Jule Smith who was tackled in the end zone by alert Bruce Bennett for a two point safety play, to give the Gators their final score of the afternoon. 136 gators crush south carolina 37-0 for fourth straight win florida alabama alabama tumbles gators fromthe unbeaten TUSCALOOSA, Oct. 24—A last second field goal attempt by the Gators sailed wide of the mark and Alabama preserved a come-from-behind 17-14 victory in one of the nation ' s top contests of the season. Late in the first quarter, Gator defensive ace Dick Kirk fell on a Crimson Tide fumble at the Florida 47-yard line, and the Gators drove 53 yards from there to score the game ' s first The passing of quarterback Steve Spurrier and running of halfback Larry Dupree moved the ball downfield to the nine-yard line where Spurrier fired a scoring pass to tight end Randy Jackson. Jimmy Hall ' s conversion made the score 7-0. With substitute quarterback Steve Sloan stepping in for the injured veteran star, Joe Namath, Alabama marched 87 yards on 19 plays to equal the score. Fullback Steve Bowman, a workhorse all afternoon, dove the final yard for the six pointer, and David Bay ' s placement knotted the score at 7-all. The Gators drove 61 yards in 15 plays the first time they got the ball in 139 the second half to go out in front 14-7. Spurrier fired long passes to end Charlie Casey and fullback John Feiber cracked out long running gains to move the ball down to the Crimson Tide two yard line from where Feiber scored and Hall converted the extra point. Alabama halfback John Mosley a punt 37 yards to the Gator 34 yard line early in the fourth quarter to set up the tying score. Bowman crashed through tackle and raced 30 yards for the big play and scored the touchdown to tie up the hard- fought contest. After the Gators were held, Alabama drove deep into Gator territory, from where Ray booted a key field goal of 21 yards to push the Tide out in front, 17-14. A last minute Gator drive, by the passing of Spurrier and receiving of Casey brought the ball down to the Crimson Tide five. As time ran out the Gators missed out on a frantic last second field goal attempt, and thus brought to the end one of the most dramatic and exciting games in Florida football history. auburn shut out for fifth win GAINESVILLE, Oct. 31—Florida ' s defensive-minded Gators intercepted four passes, pounced on three Auburn fumbles and put constant pressure on the Tiger quarterback option play to deal the Tigers a defeat before a record Florida Field crowd of 47,200. The Gators first good break of the day came on the Tigers ' second offensive play of the game when alert defensive end Lynn Matthews pounced on an errant pitchback pass by quarterback Joe Campbell at the Auburn twenty-nine yard line. With quarterback Steve Spurrier guiding the attack, and with the aid of a pass interference call in the end zone against Auburn, the Gators moved the ball deep into Tiger territory, where Spurrier carried the ball across the goal line on a five-yard end run. Jimmy Hall added the conversion and the Gators quickly led 7-0 with nearly eight minutes left to play in the initial quarter. Early in the second period Auburn moved the ball down to the Gator twenty. Campbell then fired a pass out into the flat where defensive ace Dick Kirk raced up to pick off the ball at the 16 and, picking up excellent blocking along the way, the Ft. Lauderdale junior romped 84 yards to a touchdown. Hall added his second straight conversion and that finished the scoring for the day. In all the game was a satisfactory affair for Gator followers in that it gave a host of sophomores a chance to play and develop further depth on the Gator roster. Throughout the second half the Gator backfield was made up of four sophomores, quarterback Spurrier, Jimmy Jordan, fullback John Feiber, and wingback Don Knapp. It also gave injured veterans Jack Harper and Alan Poe a chance to rest pp for the traditional clash with Georgia—a team on the rise in the Southeastern Conference via a recent victory over powerful North Carolina. 141 lady luck aids georgia JACKSONVILLE, Nov. 7—An Georgia Bulldog football team, aided by " lady luck " and four Gator fumbles, rose to the occasion before 48,000 Gator Bowl spectators and defeated the national ly-ranked Gators, 14-7. Georgia had not beaten a Ray Graves coached Gator team since 1960, and it looked as if the tradition would hold true as the Gators jumped off to an early 7-0 first half lead. After a scoreless first period, the Gators drove 86 yards in 16 plays during the second quarter to put the game ' s first score on the board. Captain Larry Dupree scored the six pointer on a seven-yard jaunt around right end, and Jimmy Hall ' s conversion upped the margin to 7-0. The Gators drove deep into Bulldog territory a little later in the second quarter only to miss out on a field goal attempt. The second half was all Georgia ' s as the Bulldogs capitalized on various Gator miscues and with help from " lady luck, " scored two touchdowns in five minutes. After being held deep in Gator on several occasions, the Bulldogs drove 30 yards to a touchdown with 13 minutes remaining in the game. The running of quarterback Preston and fullback Larry Lankewicz paced the attack down to the two-yard line from where halfback Fred Barber carried the ball over to score. Bob Etter ' s conversion point tied up the game a few seconds later. It was Etter who was to become Georgia ' s star of the day. A Gator fumble on the first play from scrimmage after the Georgia score, gave the Bulldogs the ball once again at the Gator 31. The Bulldogs drove down to the five where they were stopped and attempted a field goal. At this point, dame fortune entered the picture. The holder, fumbled the ball, but the alert kicker, Etter, scooped it up and raced around end for the game ' s winning score. Etter added the placement for point number 14. For the Gators, the loss was most disheartening, as it knocked the team out of the top ten rankings in the nation, and could possibly have cost them a major bowl bid. On the brighter side however, was the fact that Georgia failed to complete a single pass throughout the afternoon and the continuing fine performances given by a host of sophomore defensive men. With the shade of defeat still at hand, the Gators faced the task of getting back on the comeback trail for archrival Florida State — next on the list. 143 seminoles upset gators to end frustration TALLAHASSEE, Nov. 21 Seven years of football frustration came to an end as the Florida State Seminoles raced by the Gators 16-7, in a game marred by Gator fumbling. Immediately following the game, the Seminoles, who produced an 8-1-1 season, (best in Seminole history) a bid to play in the Gator Bowl. A crowd of 43,000 was on hand in Doak Campbell Stadium to witness the Gators fumble away a golden opportunity at the Seminole line early in the game. The same crowd was brought to its feet in the second quarter, as the famed Seminole aerial team of quarterback Steve Tensi and flankerback Fred teamed up on a 55-yard pass play to put F.S.U. out in front 6-0. Les Murdock ' s successful conversion upped the margin to 7-0. This was the score at halftime, as both teams had missed out on big deep in the opponents territory in the second period. In the second half, the story of the game was decided by the on-target field goal kicking of Les Murdock, who booted three straight for the Seminoles at distances of 24, 34, and 40 yards which kept Florida State out in front to stay. The Gators ' lone touchdown came with nine minutes left in the game when Steve Spurrier and end Charles Casey teamed up on several big pass plays which carried the ball down to the State six where back Jack Harper carried the ball over. Jimmy Hall ' s conversion tacked on the seventh point. 145 florida comes from behind to edge inspired miami GAINESVILLE, Nov. 29 — After playing three quarters of fumbling and finding itself behind 10-0, an aroused Gator football team rose to the occasion in the fourth quarter and scored two touchdowns to edge a " fired up " Miami Hurricane squad, 12-10. Early in the second quarter Miami defensive ace Art Zachary pounced upon a Gator fumble at the Florida 47-yard line. Sophomore quarterback Bob passed 29 yards to end Tom Coughlin, and fullback Pete Banaszak carried the ball around end for 12 yards down to the Gator six. At this point the Gator defense got tough, and Miami was forced to settle for a 20-yard field goal by Don Cifra. Miami held a 3-0 lead with eight minutes left to play in the first half. Then with less than a minute in the second quarter, a Gator went wild at the Florida 18 and Miami ' s Pat Ratesic fell on it for the Hurricanes. Biletnikoff raced around right end for 10 yards, and then fired a scoring pass to Banaszak on the next play for the Hurricane touchdown. Cifra ' s extra point conversion made the score 10-0 at halftime. Late in the third period quarterback Steve Spurrier fired a 38-yard pass to Captain Larry Dupree which put the ball in play at the Miami 42. This set the stage for the final quarter ' s activity which saw the Gators gain excellent field placement. Early in the fourth period, after a poor Miami punt, the Gators drove 38 yards in six plays to put their first score on the boards. Key play in the drive was a 20-yard Spurrier to end Charles Casey pass. Back Jack Harper smashed two yards through tackle for the score—with 14 minutes left to play. A two-point pass play failed and Miami lead 10-6. . The winning Gator series began one set of downs later from the Hurricane 49-yard line and once again a key play in the series was a Spurrier to Casey pass; this one good for 16 yards. From the 17, Dupree smashed through tackle for six yards to the 11. At that point he broke through guard on the very next play and, carrying three Hurricanes with him, ripped through for 11 yards and the winning score. Another pass play failed for a two point conversion and the final score read 12-10. 146 147 uf over lsu BATON ROUGE, Dec. 5—The up- again down-again drawn out 1964 campaign came to a successful close as the Gators upset Sugar Bowl-bound Louisiana State University, 20-6, before 65,000 fans weathering 38 degree temperatures. After an early exchange of punts the Tigers recovered a Gator fumble at the Florida eight yard line, but a third down pass was intercepted for Florida by Steve Heidt in the end zone. From this point the Gators went 80 yards in 14 plays to score. Big plays during the drive series was a 22-yard breakaway run on a draw play by sophomore fullback Graham McKeel and the 19-yard diving catch of a Tom Shannon pass by Charlie Casey at the Bengal four yard line. Three plays later, McKee dived over from a yard out and Jimmy Hall ' s conversion made it 7-0. In the second quarter, the Tiger running attack advanced the ball deep into Gator territory before being halted, and Doug Moreau, the brilliant Tiger end, then booted a 25-yard field goal, narrowing the margin to 7-3. The Gators, however, came right back on the ensuing kickoff as Jack Harper returned the boot 22 yards to the Florida 37. At this point, with Steve Spurrier guiding the offense, the Gators moved the pigskin down to the L.S.U. 34 yard line. Then Spurrier tossed a long pass to Back Jack Harper who gathered the ball at the two and went in to score. Hall made it 14-3, the halftime margin. A Gator fumble early in the third period near the 50 yard line gave L.S.U. a much-needed break. The Tigers, aided by a 15-yard penalty, advanced to the Gator 14. The Gator defensive unit held the Bengals, but, once they got deep inside Florida territory, Moreau was called upon again and made good a 32-yard field goal. Once again, stri king like lightning, the Gators came right back to drive 50 yards in nine plays before being held at the L.S.U. 20 on fourth down. An apparent field goal try saw Allen Trammell, the holder, leap into the air with the ball and fire a 20-yard pass to Harper for the game ' s final score. 149 outstanding gators give Larry Dupree, 35 Seven members of the 1964 Gator football team, at the conclusion of the regular season play, were given special mention in several of the wire service and newspaper poll selections. Leading the list, was Captain Larry Dupree, fullback for three years and unanimous All-SEC first team performer for each of those seasons. As a sophomore the Macclenny block- buster romped for 645 yards, scored seven touchdowns (all of runs longer than 10 yards) and was named SEC " Sophomore of the Year. " Last year, despite personal tragedy and a series of injuries, he managed to gain 745 yards rushing which placed him among the nation ' s leading ground gainers. Once again this year, the 5-11, 195 pound senior could be found pacing the Gator ground attack, throwing key blocks here and there, and inspiring a dedicated and winning football team. Perhaps the most colorful player ever to don a Gator uniform is All-SEC end Charles Casey who missed, by the narrowest of margins, becoming the leading pass receiver in SEC history this season. Casey, sure to become UF ' s leading all time receiver, this year hauled in 45 passes, for better than 750 yards and four touchdowns. Only a junior this year, Casey will once again thrill Gator fans next season with his performance as split end breaking open downfield to haul in another long aerial bomb. When it comes to excitement, no one created more stir among Gator boosters this season than sophomore quarterback Steve Spurrier. The 6-2, 191 pound sophomore, hailing from Johnson City, Tenn. early in the season that he has what it takes to compete on a winning note against the toughest competition the Conference has to offer. It was Spurrier who directed the Gator " two minute " offense in the closing minutes of the game against Miss. State, which moved the ball deep into Bulldog territory to set up the last second game- winning field goal. He was at his best against National Champion Alabama, keeping the Gators right in there every minute, in a game which has been called by many the most exciting conference battle of the 1960 ' s. However, splendid as any offense might be, a truly good football team needs a " heads up " defense and certainly the defensive unit of the ' 64 squad ranks with the best. Leading the list is 6-3, 224 pound junior end Barry Brown. Many writers considered Brown to be the best defensive end in the SEC this season. This may be echoed by the fact that, although he was only a junior, Brown was high in the pro drafting sessions at the close of the season. Brown was all over the field when playing Miami, helping the Gators to stage a come-from-behind victory over the arch-rival Hurricanes. Several times this season, he won special mention in the state press for being the week ' s top defensive lineman. When it comes to defensive halfback Bruce Bennett stands in a class by himself. Last year as a sophomore he picked off eight enemy passes, including one that he ran back 45 yards for a touchdown—a key factor in the Gator defeat of Georgia. Once again this season, the 5-11, 168 pound junior lead a Gator pass defense attack which was ranked first in the country for a good part of the season. A final man to receive special mention for his outstanding seasonal ptrformance is somewhat of an unsung hero offensive guard Larry Gagner. The 6 3, 238 pound junior opened up wide holes on numerous occasions, to provide good running room for the fleet of breakaway backs the Gator squad possessed. 150 excitement color to gridiron Charles Casey, 89 Steve Spurrier, 11 Bruce Bennett, 14 Larry Gagner, 72 Barry Brown, 80 frosh team three wins one loss 1964 freshman football team: from left, first row; Bill Harrell, Gerald Bramlett, David McIntosh, Tommy Miller, Richard Trapp, Gary Waldron, Paige Cutcliffe, Marty Bray, Harmon Wages, Second row: Tom Glenn, Rollin Needer, Wayne Barfield, Bobby Morgan, Bob Montgomery, Bob Russ, Jerry Scarborough, Tom Kozielski, Bobby Downs, Dan Manry, Ray Crabtree, Joe Lee. Third row: Richard McCarl, Brian Jetter, Jimmy Tonias, Richard Schmidt, Doug Splane, Doug Bird, Warren Jolley, Fred Wallace Paul Edison Don Giondano, Skip Lujack, Tom Hungerbulher, Gene Peek, Wayne McCall, Pat Bowyer, Herb Swanson, 152 In the fine tradition of outstanding Baby Gator football seasons, the 1964 squad proved to be no exception. The Dave Fuller-coached club featured outstanding offensive backfield play and an aggressive style to produce a victorious record of three wins against a lone defeat. The campaign began with a sweet 14-0 revenge victory over arch-rival F.S.U. before the team bowed to Miami 27-8 in the lone setback of the season at the annual Kiwanis Charity Game. The Baby Gators then proceeded to bounce back and knock off Georgia 22-20 and Auburn 14-0. Field general for the squad was 6-0, 185-pound Harmon Wages, from Jacksonville who also served as the team punter. Among Wages ' favorite receivers were John Higbe who hauled in three touchdown tosses, and fullback Tommy Glenn. Top ground gainer for the season and a man to watch for in the future was fullback Wayne Barfield, who was a fine extra point placement kicker and field goal hooter superb. Outstanding linemen included Paige Cutcliff, Rollin Reeder, and Bob Montgomery, while the defensive backfield featured Gerald Bramlett and Wayne McCall. 153 1965 roster Tom Baxley 22 senior Brooks Henderson .25 senior Skip Higley 35 sophomore Bob Hoffman 41 junior Gary Keller 31 sophomore Bill Koss 34 senior Ed Mahoney 21 sophomore Gary McElroy 42 sophomore Paul Morton 23 junior Ed Poore 30 junior Jeff Ramsey 40 sophomore Taylor Stokes 43 senior Dick Tomlinson 32 senior Harry Winkler 33 sophomore victory ' The 1964-65 Gator basketball team was certainly one of the finest quintets in Florida roundball history, posting a record of 18 victories against just 7 defeats. Once again the Gators posted one of the nation ' s finest home court records winning 12 and losing only one (by three points) in Florida Gym. Before the current basketball began, Head Basketball Coach Norm Sloan predicted that this would be the season that the Gators would narrow the gap between themselves and the rest of the league ' s top contenders. The prediction has certainly come true, for during better than half of the campaign the Gators were right in the thick of the battle fighting it out for top position in the SEC race. Leading the attack were three key seniors, plus a host of tree-top tall front line sophomores and juniors, and several substitutes who came through in a big way. The veteran guard combination of 6-2 Brooks Henderson and 5-10 Tom Baxley once again proved to be one of the best duos in dixie. Henderson led the team scoring records, and was consi stent in his outstanding defensive play, which earned him the title as the loop ' s " Best All-Around Guard. " Baxley thrilled the fans time and again with his long-range jump shots and spirited play making ability. The third senior was 6-5 Forward Dick Tomlinson who was a big help under the boards and ended up second in point Big Jeff Ramsey, a 6-10 sophomore, and 6-9 sophomore Gary Keller rounded out a starting unit that contained height, speed, offensive scoring ability and defensive talent that certainly earmarked this Gator team as a fine all-around quintet. In 6-8 Bob Hoffman the Gator ' s had a sixth man to come in and take over under the boards where center Ramsey left off, and 6-4 Paul Morton provided extra forward strength. The eighth " starter " was sophomore Skip Higley, the biggest surprise of the season. Higley came into his own late in the season as an offensive player, and was the team ' s most spirited defensive man all season long. With Ramsey, Keller, Morton and Hoffman returning up front, and Higley and Mahoney along with Ed Poore in the backcourt, there will be plenty of experience in the Gator camp next season. The Gators opened the season on a highly successful note as V.M.I. and Stetson were defeated. The first defeat of the season came at the hands of Florida State, 51-50, in Tallahassee, as Gary Schull sank a pair of free throws with just a few seconds remaining. Rick Barry paced his Miami Hurricanes on to a 67-58 win over the Gators to even the season record at 2-2. At this point, big men Jeff Ramsey and Gary Keller began to sparkle and North Carolina, with All-America Billy Cunningham, was topped, 73-54. This proved to be the first of five consecutive wins for the Gators as the quintet really got hot, defeating Wake Forest and Texas to win the second straight Gator Bowl championship and then knocking off Tulane and L.S.U., to open up the SEC race with those victories. Auburn ended that streak with an upset 74-63 win, but the Gators got right back on the winning path by defeating Miss. State, 74-59 and Ole Miss., 60-39. Miami then came to town and sweet revenge was taken as the Hurricanes were beaten, 86-69 for a third straight victory. Perhaps the biggest victory of the season came on a Saturday afternoon before a regional T.V. audience as the Gators downed Kentucky, 84-68 for a fourth win in a row, only once before in basketball history had the Gators managed to down the Wildcats. Alabama then suffered defeat at the hands of the Gators by the score of 67-51 and five straight victories were safe. Then came a disastrous road trip as the Gators bowed twice in conference competition : 78-61 to Kentucky and 75-43 to Tennessee. Auburn upset the Gators next at home for the first home court defeat of the season. Two straight home victories were then achieved over Miss. State and Miss. before the team fell to conference leaders Vanderbilt in a hard fought struggle, 82-80. Perhaps the most exciting game in recent Gator basketball annals was the 58-56 upset triumph over Tennessee in a hard-fought, fight-marred game which saw guard Brooks Henderson sink the final and winning basket at the buzzer. A victory over the Bulldogs of Georgia closed out the highly successful campaign, and, ' with giants Ramsey, Keller, Hoffman, and Morton returning along with backcourt aces Highley and Poore, next year could be even better. 163 swimmers Last year the Gator swimmers completed the first undefeated season for Florida in over twenty seasons, winning an unprecedented nine straight SEC championships. This has been the history of Gator achievements in this sport and the 1965 campaign promised to follow much of the same pattern. Head Coach Bill Harlan was named Florida Coach of the Year in his initial year as Head Coach of swimming, to add further laurels to the swimming honors of this past season. Coach Harlan has plenty to look forward to in the future with a good number of his top returning veterans back in action. Leading the list however, are a pair of sophomores, Tim Dioguardi and Blanchard Tual. Dioguardi was captain of last year ' s freshman team and holds the freshman SEC 50-yard mark. At the onset of this season Dioguardi is out to set every freestyle and butterfly record in Gator history. He turned in meet, pool and varsity records in both the 50 and 100 yard freestyle against North Carolina. He did the 50 free in :21.5 and the 100 free in :47.9. Dioguardi also swims anchor in the Gator ' s outstanding freestyle relay team which also includes Ray Whitehouse, Jim Roos, and Bill Corbin. Tual is a 6-3 sophomore from Memphis, Tenn. He holds freshman 100 and 200-yard records and was voted most " improved " frosh swimmer last season. He was a member of the 200-yard medley relay team which won the SEC championship in freshman competition last season. Captain of this year ' s squad is soft spoken Ray Whitehouse, a junior from Jacksonville. Whitehouse swims the butterfly and individual medley. He holds the frosh record for the 200-yard butterfly, SEC 200 and 400-yard medley and pool 400 yard freestyle records. Outstanding freshman prospects this season include Mark Montgomery from Gainesville, Hal White of Chicago, Jacksonville ' s Joe Scafuti, North Miami ' s Leon Ranch, and Bill Orendorff from Gulf Port. Left: members of the- 1965 varsity swimming team are: seated: Jerry Chaves, and Dave Bentley. First standing: Eddie Reese, graduate assistant; Mike Sheehe, Jim Roos, Ray Whitehouse, captain; Bill Corbin, Charlie King, and Coach Bill Harlan. Second: Bruce Wright, Alan Roth, Scott Edgett, Tom Dioguardi, Blanchard Tual, and Jim Kelly. At top left is Bill Harlan, head swimming coach; on the right, varsity divers David Bentley and Jerry Chaves, and freshman divers Pat Moore and Mark Montgomery. Members of the 1965 freshman swimming team are first: Hal White, Joe Scafuti, captain, and Lee Ranch. Second: Pat Moore, Gary Hames, Charles Putwain, John Causey and Don McIntyre. Third: Eddie Reese, graduate assistant; John Kirkland, Bill Orendorff, Steve Zarzecki, George Hollingsworth, and Bob Pillmore, 165 champs you can count on Swimming meets may not attract the crowds like basketball or football, but at the Florida pool there is no lack of action packed excitement. One junior, Charlie King, and two sophomores, Tom Dioguardi and Blanchard Tual (top Florida water champs) helped to provide fans with the record-setting performance have come to expect from the youth is good so is the future Steve Gardner, above, an outstanding singles player Head Tennis Coach, Bill Potter, top right; and at the net, Bill Perrin 168 With four sophomores out of seven starting players, Coach Bill Potter ' s Tennis Team is rebuilding after losing many players at last year ' s graduation. Any lack of experience the team may suffer will be alleviated after this year ' s schedule, which includes such top tennis teams as Duke, United States Naval Academy, Rutgers and Pennsylvania. Co-captain Dave Bommer, a senior, was followed by Rick Chace, Steve Gardner, Co-captain Vic Stone and Bill Perrin in the starting positions and Sophomores Ron Fick and Bill Beloet were also strong this season. Left: Co-captain Dave Bonner Members of the 1965 varsity tennis team below, are: kneeling, Vic Stone, Bill Perrin, Don Fick, Steve Gardner, Greg Seitz, and Dave Bonner. Standing, Coach Chafin, Ed Davis, Ken Allen, Rick Chase, Bill Belote, Bob Hunt, and Coach Potter. 169 Co-captain, Vic Stone top right; top left, top freshman players, Mike Mitson and Larry Lebos; Center, Coach Potter and graduating seniors, Ed Davis, Vic Stone, Dave Bonner, and Greg Seitz. In the bottom picture, Freshman team members, kneeling: Mike Mitson, Skip Berg, Ron Cohen, Jay Angert, and Jerry Fry. Standing: Coach Chafin, John Chipley, Dave Ropes, Larry Lebos, and Steve Fouts. With the growing emphasis being placed on track and field events in high school, it is only logical that the UF step up its inter-collegiate program. The addition of new Head Coach Jimmy is a major step in that direction. While coaching at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta he never lost a dual meet and his teams posted 52 consecutive wins. Among this year ' s star performers is 6-0 Captain John Anderson from Tampa. Anderson is a member of the Gator ' s SEC champion relay team and runs the 100 yard dash in :9.6. Junior Pete Skafte from Denmark set conference freshman records last season in the javelin. His best mark is 226 and he is a man to watch in the future. Sophomore Scot Hager is an and versatile track man whose freshman records were :4.7 in the 120 high hurdles and 14-0 in the pole vault. Ace performer of the Freshman Team is Billy Tucker, from Miami who runs the high hurdles and broad jump. The Gators are also proud of the champion 1965 mile relay team which includes Anderson, Jim Brown, Rick Haley and Bill Roberts. The UF ' s track history is bright and Athletic Director Ray Graves is that the future will be even better. Head track coach, Jimmy Carnes 171 track 4 172 Top, 1965 mile-relay team: John Anderson, team captain; Jim Brown, Rick Haley, and Bill Roberts. -Left: Scott Hagar, low hurdles, pole vault, and broad jump. Bottom: David Wilson, distance man who runs the mile in 4:21.0 and two-miles in 9:34. The 1965 Varsity golf team members, above, are first: Walter Armstrong, Bob, Murphy, and Victor Jarvis. Second: Lloyd Watts, Robert Hammer, team captain; Coach Bishop, and Charles Gans. The Freshman team members are first: Harry Gilbert and Scott Bayman. Second: Eddie Hoard, Mike Toale, Harold Bishop, and Ted Hanson, 174 Last season, new Golf Coach Buster Bishop promised a new look in Gator Golf and promptly delivered this an outstanding squad which faced a heavier than normal schedule. This year the Gators were scheduled to see more action in tournaments than ever before, Leading the team is Senior Laurie Hammer, a three-year letterman who has won the Indian River Open with scores of 66 and 71 and participated in the NCAA 1964 tournament. Other lettermen include Vic Newton, Artie Kincaid, Bob Murphy and Lloyd Watts. 175 winners every year Members of the 1965 varsity baseball team are: First, David Hodges, Don Pendley, Randy Morcroft, Dan Bob Hawkins, Bruce Moore, Jack Kenworthy, and Ron Creese. Second, Danny Eggart, Bob Newberry, Brownie Johnston, Ned Woolfolk, Andrian Zabala, Joe Bekeris, Dan Cushman, Ed Gross, and Allen Trammell. Third, Jack Withrow, Kelly Prior, Jim Boyesen, Jim Frazier, Dan Griffin, Ray Rollyson, Charles Casey, Tom Shannon, Bud Williams, and Bill Blomgren. Among the outstanding players for the team are: Allen Trammell, Randy Morcroft, Bill Blomgren, and Tom Shannon. The team is lead by Head Coach Dave Fuller, 177 Even the most effective catchers have to stand up occasionally. 178 Hitting the ball is often not the biggest problem. Runs came easy for the gators. 179 The purpose of the Department of Intramural Athletics and Recreation is to provide an opportunity for every student to take part in competitive and non- competitive recreational sports and activities. The success of the intramural program primarily depends upon student participation in the various fields of athletic endeavor and club activities, and secondly upon student interest in the planning, administration and execution of the program. The department hopes each student will take full advantage of the opportunities provided in this program in order to develop and maintain himself as a well-rounded Florida student. The Department of Intramural Athletics and Recreation sponsors a wide variety of recreational activities and sports clubs. Membership in these clubs is open to all students interest is all that is required. Instruction for beginners is given by the advisors and advanced club members. Competition is based on wide levels of proficiency. SPURGEON CHERRY The Intramural department is staffed by Joe Keyes, Zollie Maynard, Glen Cooper, Walter Jordan, Paul Varnes, and Sue Peters. 181 intramurals intramurals fitness Not everyone can become a great athlete, but there is still a joy to be gained from participating in sports. The most satisfying competition does not necessarily come from the highest level of athletics. The intramural department provides greeks and independents a wide choice of sports in which he can enter competitively. 183 desire comes first interest is the only requirement In intramural clubs, ability counts, but so does desire. Some club members participate just to have something to do, some to keep themselves physically fit, others to seek the thrill of victory. 186 intramurals people follow helping UF students through Dollars for Scholars . . WUS drive to further education in the rest of the world . . . a new governor, a new Board of Regents and new educational policies . . . channeling appropriations . . welcoming freshmen and. bidding seniors adieu . . . a dean for everything and everything for a dean . . . loans and jobs through the Office of Student Affairs . . . Dean of Men and Women ' s Offices keeping tabs on 15,000 students. dollars drive Dollars for Scholars is an attempt to turn one dollar into four. The annual drive netted this year, $21,300 which will be matched by three times that amount from the United States Government to provide loans and scholarships for worthy UF students. Under Bill McBride, the campus became alive with students kidnapping football players, auctioning sorority sisters for dates and washing cars — all for the benefit of students they shall perhaps never know, but who shall profit from their work through Dollars for Scholars. 190 1965—The Year of International Cooperation. World University Service, since 1920, has been carrying on a program of mutual assistance among universities to aid the underprivileged peoples of the world. This year of international cooperation has been called a period of unparalled opportunity for development and in the world university community. As part of this ever-spreading program, the University of Florida sponsors a week each Spring to raise contributions for the vital projects of World University Service. Under the chairmanship of Skeeter Wooten, fraternities were paired with sororities and women ' s dormitories and worked together to exceed the 2,000 collected in 1964. That total accounted for nine per cent of the $25,000 contributed by 100 Southern colleges in 1964. Four categories of service: student health, food and lodging, educational facilities and individual and emergency aid, comprise the areas in which World University Service helps the stricken and plighted people of the world to help themselves. The most imaginative method of fund-raising during World University Service week was the Beauty and the Beast contest. Fraternities, sororities and women ' s dorm areas teamed up to see who could collect the most money for WUS. from bryant to burns A peaceful (?) changeover—the change of command from Bryant to Burns was no more eventful than most such occasions, except for the about who is or who should be entitled to appoint members of the new Board of Regents. Governor Byrant had the law on his side. and Governor Burns had the state constitution on his. Governor Bryant made cducatin and road building the focus of his years in office and Governor Burns promised to concentrate on schools and economic development during his administration. regents born amid controversy C. McCCall, Ocala; Chairman Bava baya M. Harrison, Jr., St. Petersburg; Vice Pensacola. Standing left to right: Dr. J. Broward Culpepper, Executive Fletcher G. Rush, Orlando, Payne Midyette, Sr., Tallahassee; Robert M. Morgan, Miami; and Sam T. Dell, Gainesville. Florida ' s Board of Regents Seated, left to right: Dr. Wayne Chairman Gert H. Schmidt, Jacksonville; John C. Pace, Director, Tallahassee: Marshall M. Criser, West Palm Beach, 193 194 president reitz reflects many faces UF President J. Wayne Reitz is a man who ' wears many different hats: administrator, economist, public relations agent, counselor and educator. Ever aware of university needs, he keeps his eyes on the students, his ears tuned to the state government and his mind on the budget. President Reitz, often looked upon in awe by students, is in reality truly dedicated to the best interests of students and always has a warm interest for all . . . freshman to Ph.D. candidate. Dr. Reitz has been president since 1955 and received his bachelor of science in economics and sociology from the of Colorado and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1941. educators E. T, York, fr., provost for Agriculture Samuel P. Martin, provost for the J, Hillis Miller Health Center William C. Cross, advisor to fraternities Alan Robertson, dean of university relations development Robert B. Mautz, vice-president for academic affairs B. A. Fleming, director of Alumni Affairs Stanley L. West, director of University Libraries 196 educators 197 Harry M. Philpott, vice-president of the university Lester L. Hale, dean of student affairs Fra nk T. Adams, dean of men Marna V. Brady, dean of women Linton E. Grinter, dean of Graduate School Byron S. Hollinshead, dean of University College Melvin L. Sharpe, assistant to the president students ' welfare is deans job people exit looking back over past accomplishments . . . looking forward to future ones . . . questioning whether you ' ve accomplished your purpose in coming here . . . wondering where the years have gone . . . marking the days to graduation . . . trimester graduates . . . ceremonies in April only . . . celebrations . . . the end of an era. alb-be Abbott, Edward S. Arts and Sciences Ada, Patricia M. Arts and Sciences Aiken, Linda H. Nursing Alexander, Donald R. Law Alford, Charles W. Arts and Sciences Allen, Hayden P. Arts and Sciences Alonso, Barbara L. Education Alterman, Leonard M. Arts and Sciences Altman, William A. Engineering Anchors, C. Le Don Jr. Law Anderson, James P. Arts and Sciences Anderson, Sharon A. Education Andrews, Stanley R. Law Anixt, Elaine B. Education Ansari, Ahmad S. Education Anselmo, Scott R. Law Applerouth, Daniel J. Arts and Sciences Arlington, Clive A. Engineering Arnold, Calvin E. Agriculture and Fine Arts Arrott, Rozanne M. Arts and Sciences Askeland, Ronald E. Arts and Sciences Atkin, Dawna L. Arts and Sciences Atwater, Nancy J. Education Austin, Robert E. Jr. Law Aylesworth, Harry Engineering Babbit, Theodore Law Babcock, Mary A. Arts and Sciences Bachman, Donald A. Forestry Baker, Ernest E. Engineering Baker, June R. Education Bakst, Stewart R. Arts and Sciences Baldwin, Andrew C. Engineering Ballard, E. T. Medicine Banks, Ann C. Journalism and Communications Baragona, George T. Engineering Barber, Anne B. Education Barnes, Donald S. Architecture and Fine Arts Bass, Daniel B. Arts and Sciences Batchelor, Donald B. Journalism and Communications Bates, Stanley R. Engineering Batt, William P. Physical Education and Health Bauer, Anthony J. Business Administration Bauer, Gayle M. Arts and Sciences Bauer, Virginia A. Arts and Sciences Baur, Georann J. Arts and Sciences Beall, Robert M. Business Administration Beasley, Shirley J. Education Bechtel, Linda K. Health Related Professions Bedford, Robert L. Education Bee, Gerald H. Law Belate, Mary E. Business Administration Bell, Douglas R. Engineering Bellew, Donald M. Journalism and Communications Benedict, Barry A. Engineering Benedict, Matthew J. Business Administration Bennett, Ernest L. Arts and Sciences Benson, Robert F. Arts and Sciences Beranek, John R. Law Berardi, Francis M. Education Berger, Jan E. Education Bergert, Frederick L. Law Berkowitz, David M. Journalism and Communications Berman, Sara E. Arts and Sciences Bernhardt, James T. Business Administration Berning, Linda J. Arts and Sciences Berrier, David L. Business Administration Bertolami, Dennis F. Education Bessent, William A. Journalism and Communications Better, Robert S. Arts and Sciences Bird, Richard A. Law Bird, Ronald S. Arts and Sciences Blacken, Kristin G. Arts and Sciences Blackman, Jeroldean Nursing Blain, L. M. Law Blanchard, Margaret A. Journalism and Communications Bleidner, Joyce H. Architecture and Fine Arts Bloeser, Marian J. Arts and Sciences Bludworth, David H. Law Bobbitt, Kimball R. Business Administration Boglio, Samuel L. Architecture and Fine Arts Boning, Alvin J. Education Boone, Beverly Education Boring, C. E. . Medicine Bott, Kermit H. Physical Education Bottomly, William C. Architecture and Fine Arts Bottoms, John W. Engineering Bourkard, Elizabeth C. Engineering Bowen, John W. Business Administration Boyd, Mac Architecture and Fine Arts Brachey, Nancy A. Journalism and Communications Bradfield, Mark M. Law Brady, Barbara E. Nursing Brain, Sidney Engineering Brands, David H. Engineering Brannan, Thomas D. Agriculture Brannen, Brenda G. Journalism and Communications Brant, R. Engineering Brashears, Carol L. Physical Education and Health Bratcher, JoAnn Education Breen, Robert E. Law Brewton, Carol Education Bridges, Donald A. Journalism and Communications Bridges, Raymond D. Engineering Briggs, Dorothy A. Education Brinkley, W. Michael Education Broadwater, Mary J. Education Broder, Lawrence E. Arts and Sciences Brooks, Jody E. Education Broome, Ira E. Agriculture Brotman, Ruth Education Brown, Ann L. Education Brown, Frances J. Education Brown, Glenn E. Law Brown, Kathryn L. Nursing Brown, Margie Sandra Education Brown, Marsha G. Arts and Sciences Brown, Maxine I. Arts and Sciences Brown, Thomas W. Law Broxson, Vida Jon Arts and Sciences Bryan, Melvyn A. Architecture and Fine Arts Bryant, Nicholas R. Physical Education Bunch, Franklin S. Business Administration Burak, Elaine R. Education Burleigh, Timothy A. Arts and Sciences Burnsed, Robert D. Law Bustillo, Barry A. Agriculture Butler, Albert A. Engineering Butler, Charles J. Arts and Sciences Butterfield, Frances D. Physical Education Butterworth, Robert A. Business Administration Buzzell, Robert L. Engineering Byrd, Wade R. Law - Caborn, Rodney C. Journalism and Communications Cain, James M. Education Caldwell, James R. Arts and Sciences Camp, Delia E. Education Campbell, Frank D. Education Campbell, Lorna J. Education Canhan, Douglas E. and Sciences Cann, Howard W. III Business Administration Cappezzera, Vincent M. Journalism and Communications Capron, Charles F. Engineering Carhart, Edward A. Law Carlson, Edward T. Engineering Carr, Judith S. Health Related Professions Carr, Patricia A. Arts and Sciences Carroll, Bryant S. Law Carroll, Edward W. III Journalism and Communications Carroll, Lawrence W. Jr. Law Carstens, John D. Engineering Carter, Ann Journalism and Communications Carter, John M. Arts and Sciences Carter, Robert L. Jr. Education Caruso, Joan B. Arts and Sciences Caruso, Joe T. Arts and Sciences Casares, Joseph Arts and Sciences Casey, Lawrence R. Business Administration Casey, Robert K. Medicine Cater, Hugh S. Arts and Sciences Cates, Robert P. Education Caven, John Jr. Law Chalberg, Shirley J. Arts and Sciences Chance, Chester Law Chandler, William E. Business Administration Chapman, Arthur B. Engineering Chapman, Charles C. Engineering Chastain, Max L. Engineering Cherry, Denise K. Education Chipley, Ann E. Arts and Sciences Christian, Julia J. Physical Education Chubb, Mary A. V. Education n7 Chubb, Russel P. Law Clark, John P. Architecture and Fine Arts Clark, Eugene E. Arts and Sciences Clarke, Eleanor F. Education Clarkson, David R. Arts and Sciences Clemente, Anthony J. Engineering Clements, Fabious M. III Business Administration Cobo, Deanna A. Health Related Professions Coffron, Barbara L. Nursing Cohen, Jack H. Law Cohen, Marilyn R. Education Cole, Michael H. Engineering Cole, Sandra J. Arts and Sciences Coleman, Hume F. Law Coley, J. Education CoIl, Norman A. Law Collins, George A. III Business Administration Comer, Catherine D. Arts and Sciences Comolli, Victor M. Law Conrad, M. Education Cook, Boyd W. Agriculture Cook, Robert B. Engineering Cooper, Thomas T. Architecture and Fine Arts Coppedge, Roger H. Journalism and Communications Cooperman, J. Medicine Corbett, William D. Arts and Sciences Cromer, Daniel H. Jr. Journalism and Communications Crona, Theodore J. Engineering Crown, Ronald C. Business Administration Croyle, Barbara B. Arts and Sciences Cummings, Carol A. Nursing Cunningham, J. Medicine Curington, R. Harold E. Business Administration Curran, Timothy A. Journalism and Communications Curry, Norma I. Business Administration Curtis, Alden A. and Fine Arts Cox, Eleta K. Journalism and Communications Cox, Linda C. Nursing Cornell, Jean E. Education Cornwall, Chester W. Jr. Business Administration Corral, Sylvia J. Health Related Professions Cox, Mary E. Education Cox, Robert B. Engineering Costa, Marsha A. Architecture and Fine Arts Coston, Linda C. Arts and Sciences Coudon, Joseph VII Journalism and Communications Crabtree, James W. Arts and Sciences Crane, Suzanne Arts and Sciences Courlington, F. Medicine Cowart, J. Kimzie Agriculture Cowen, Richard M. journalism and Communications Crecelius, Samuel G. Arts and Sciences Crews, Bradley H. Agriculture Curtis, John F. Jr. Architecture and Fine Arts Cynamon, Marlene E. Education Cyrus, Robert R. Business Administration Dachelet, Ronald E. Arts and Sciences Daily, Frederick W. III Arts and Sciences Damer, Ronald G. Engineering Dampier, William E. Agriculture Davis, Brian F. Medicine Davis, Don W. journalism and Communications Davis, Edward M. Education Davis, Leo C. Arts and Sciences Davis, William H. Law Datillio, Ralph C. Law Dawson, June Education Dean, E. Margaret Education Debates, Carol A. Education Deford, J. W. Medicine Degni, Michael Business Administration Degrove, William M. Arts and Sciences Delaine, G. Thomas Physical Education and Health Deloach, Robert E. Jr. Engineering Dennison, R. Richard Architecture and Fine Arts Denton, Tommy B. Jr. Engineering DePinter, Edmund J. Engineering Detwiler, Marv A. Physical Education DeVane, Jerry A. Law Dewrell, Joe L. Law Diamond, Barry B. Engineering Diamond, Rita E. Education Diamond, Susan Education Dicker, Carlotta R. Education Dickey, E. Frances Arts and Sciences Dinkins, Horace L. Agriculture Dinter, George Medicine Ditsler, John W. Engineering Dixon, Thomas J. Architecture and Fine Arts Donatelli, Mario C. Pharmacy Doney, Audrey A. Nursing Dorman, Joy Education Douglas, V. Lawrence Arts and Sciences Douthat, John M. Agriculture Dowd, John R. and Sciences Drewry, Merry J. Education Drosdick, Elizabeth A. Education Dryer, Leo A. Jr. Business Administration Duerr, Bonnye L. Nursing Dunn, Charles B. Engineering Dunnman, Camelle Education Durrell, Albert E. Engineering Dwyer, William F. Arts and Sciences Eastland, Mark W. III Medicine Eby, Helen Barbara Education Eddie, C. Business Administration Eckert, James D. Law Edenfield, R. Blake Engineering Edwards, Betty E. Education Edwards, Martin I. Arts and Sciences Edwards, Roger L. Law Edwards, Sandra J. Health Related Professions Egan, Kathleen E. Education Eggers, Arthur N. Business Administration Ehrlich, Alan S. Business Administration Elfenbein, Stuart G. Business Administration Ellis, Brian C. Law Ellis, Giles L. Jr. Business Administration Ellis, Robert R. Business Administration Emmett, R. Architecture and Fine Arts Epperson, David R. Architecture and Fine Arts Espino, Emma J. Architecture and Fine Arts Esquinaldo, Joseph T. Engineering Estabrook, Walter S. Engineering Evans, Donald C. Law Evans, Juliene S. Arts and Sciences Ewing, Robert C. Agriculture Fabry, Carl J. Journalism and Communications Fairfield, Katherine M. Physical Education and Health Faircloth, Barbara H. Arts and Sciences Falk, Sally J. Nursing Fanelli, Morris V. Business Administration Farrer, Lois A. Health Related Professions Farrish, Pamela A. Business Administration. Farwell, Arthur F. -Business Administration Fawcett, Charles R. Law Feagin, Robert R. Law Featherstone, Ronald W. Business Administration Feinberg, Louis E. Law Fenster, Ava Business Administration Fernandez, William H. Arts and Sciences Finlay, G. D. Medicine Finman, Sheldon E. Arts and Sciences Firth, Robert F. Arts and Sciences Fischette, William S. Engineering Fish, Marvin J. Engineering Fisher, Judith C. Physical Education and Health Fitzsimmons, Muriel A. Nursing Fitzsimmons, Suzanne M. Arts and Sciences Flaherty, Timothy J. Arts and Sciences Fleming, Charles D. Arts and Sciences Fleming, Daniel H. Business A dministration Fleming, De Haven W. Business Administration Fleming, Gary B. Business Administration Fletcher, Hugh M. Business Administration Fletcher, Marcia R. Arts and Sciences Flood, Sylvia B. Education Florence, William I. Business Administration Floyd, Evelyn H. Arts and Sciences Flynn, Margaret Pharmacy Ford, Joseph W. Engineering Fosha, Charles E. Engineering Foulk, Judith L. Business Administration Francke, Kenneth P. Engineering Frankel, Ronald S. Arts and Sciences Freas, Denneth G. Arts and Sciences Freeman, Thomas G. Law Freemon, Frank R. Medicine Freiburger, Charles F. Engineering Fries, Barbara L. Arts and Sciences Fulmer, Margaret M. B usiness Administration Gabaldon, Valentine Arts and Sciences Galenes, Alexander A. Arts and Sciences ga-gr Galloway, Tommy Tommy P. Engineerin Gamble, E. Rebecca Physical Education and Health Garcia, John G. Engineering Garcia, Manuel J. Architecture and Fine Arts Gardner, Paul W. Engineering Garland, James A. Law Gaston, A. Joel Journalism and Communications Gay, R. Norwood III Law Geckler, Ronald W. Arts and Sciences Gehris, Marsha A. Education Genet, John D. Engineering Gentile, Larry Law Gerlach, Philip E: Jr. Law Gernazian, G. William Business Administration Gertner, Harold R. Jr. Medicine Geyer, Philip L. Journalism and Communications Gheer, Lee W. Business Administration Gibson, Helen P. Journalism and Communications Gielow, Bonnie R. Education Giles, C. Christopher Jr. Agriculture Giles, Patience Health Related Professions Gimenez, Diego M. Agriculture Ginn, Shannon R. Architecture and Fine Arts Glinn, Franklyn B. Education Glisson, James M. Agriculture Goedert, C. Ann Arts and Sciences Golden, N. Law Goldfarb, Joel M. Education Goldstein, Susan D. Arts and Sciences Gomez, J. Ignacio Architecture and Fine Arts Gonzales, Jose A. Business Administration Gonzales, Mario G. Business Administration Godcharles, Mark F. Arts and Sciences Gooden, Benjamin F. Business Administration Goodman, Eillen R. Health Related Professions Goodwill, Raymond A. Law Gora, Michael H. Law Gordon, Patrick M. Arts and Sciences Graetz, Ernest F. Engineering Graham, Mary E. Education Gray, David F. Jr. Architecture and Fine Arts Green, Jill M. Arts and Sciences Gr een, Stuart G. Law Green, Thad B. Business Administration Greene, Elizabeth J. Nursing Granath, Susan E. Education Grant, Richard C. Arts and Sciences Grant, Richard W. Law Grant, Robert R. Engineering Graves, Barry D. Engineering Greenhill, Daniel J. Arts and Sciences Greenland, Gloria J. Education Gregory, Thomas L. Business Administration Gresham, Samuel C. Medicine Griffin, Judy Health Related Professions Grisham, Cynthia L. Education Groover, Larry B. Arts and Sciences Groves, Byron D. Arts and Sciences Gruber, Lawrence C. Arts and Sciences Grumbar, Patrick A. Arts and Sciences Gusky, Charles B. Business Administration Gustinella, James E. Arts and Sciences Hack, Karen P. Journalism and Communications Hagar, Christopher D. Arts and Sciences Hager, Frederick R. Business Administration Haick, Charles S. Pharmacy Haines, Alice L. Education Halem, Norman Engineering Hall, Andrew C. Arts and Sciences Hall, Donald G. Medicine Hall, Janice Arts and Sciences Hall, James R. Jr. Engineering Hall, Robert L. Journalism and Communications Hammer, Clifford A. Architecture and Fine Arts Hammond, Robert H. Arts and Sciences Hamrick, John E. Physical Education and Health Hancock, Helen M. Arts and Sciences Hardee, Addison G. Jr. Engineering Hardy, Mareta E. Business Administration Harrell, Thomas L. Engineering Harris, Julia M. Arts and Sciences Harris, Michael R. Arts and Sciences Harris, Robert A. Architecture and Fine Arts Hartje, Jack C. Arts and Sciences Hartman, William T. Engineering Hastings, Robert W. Arts and Sciences Hatch, Ernest H. Jr. Law Haviser, Jay B. Journalism and Communications Hayden, Calvin E. Arts and Sciences Haymans, Leo W. Law Haynsworth, Sandra L. Education Hazen, Richard J. Law Hazouri, Gerald G. Medicine Heckman, Jerry J. Engineering Hedstrom, Edward E. Law Helshman, Carl D. Engineering Helmick, John P. Law Hemenway, George R. Architecture and Fine Arts Henderson, Carolyn Health Related Professions Henderson, Elma C. Journalism and Communications Hendricks, Ben E. Law Herko, Joseph M. Engineering Herring, Abbott M. Law Hewson, William A. Medicine Heydt, Henry E. Jr. Business Administration Hilderbrant, Arlene C. Arts and Sciences Hill, Betty R. Education Hill, Freddy A. Education Hill, Judy Arts and Sciences Hill, Mary A. Education Hilwani, Adel T. Engineering Hines, Raymond L. Business Administration Hixon, William S. Engineering Hobgood, Robert B. Education Hobgood, Shannon R. Engineering Hodson, Barbara S. Health Related Professions Hoener, D. Education Hoffman, Terry G. Architecture and Fine Arts Hoffmeister, David A. Arts and Sciences Hogan, Clarke A. Jr. Architecture and Fine Arts Hohrath, J. Ralph Journalism and Communications Holden, Charles I. Jr. Law Holden, J. Engineering Holder, Larry B. Medicine Holloway, Christopher Engineering Holloway, Edwin Business Administration Holtzman, Iris L. Education Holzer, Frederick J. Jr. Education Holzheimer, Karlee M. Education Homans, Lois L. Education Horn, Richard L. Law Horne, Arthur M. Journalism and Communications Horner, Desta L. Education Horowitz, Steve C. Law Housel, Sharon B. Physical Education and Health Howell, Jack D. Engineering Huck, Paul C. Law Huckins, Clem H. Engineering Hull, Martian L. Arts and Sciences- 0 Huffstettler, Leslie R. Jr. Law Hufner, Stuart L. Architecture and Fine Arts Hughes, David H. Business Administration Humm, Cynthia J. Education Husher, Jeanine Education Hussey, Lynn E. Education Hutcheson, Robert M. Business Administration Hyams, Linda R. Education Inglis, Katharine A. Physical Education and Health Ingram, Carol J. Education Irwin L. Kent ' Engineering Jacobs, Arthur I. Arts and Sciences James, Edwin C. Engineering James, Kathlyn H. Arts and Sciences Jardon, James E. Arts and Sciences Jarrett, Alan Arts and Sciences Jenkins, Katharine A. Arts and Sciences Jennings, Carol Ann Arts and Sciences Jennings, George D. Jr. Engineering Jeter, S. Payson Arts and Sciences Johns, Jerry W. Business Administration Johnson, Albert B. Architecture and Fine Arts Johnson, Ann E. Arts and Sciences Johnson, A. Ronald Architecture and Fine Arts Johnson, Charles F. Business Administration Johnson, Penny C. Architecture and Fine Arts Johnson, Robert M. Law Johnston, Barbara S. Education Jolly, Joseph P. Engineering Jones, Donald B. III Business Administration Jones, James D. Arts and Sciences Jones, John W. Jr. Business Administration Jones, Linda C. Education Jone s, Ronald E. Law Jones, Rebecca S. Health Related Professions Joos, William J. Law Joyal, Anita C. Arts and Sciences Judkins, Martha R. Education Julian, R. A. Medicine Julius, Diane Education Kahn, Howard E. Kahn, Stephen C. Law Kalil, Jeanne Margaret Education Kantabutra, Burin Business Administration Karl, Karen Journalism Katz, Dick Journalism Katz, Stephen D. Law Kavalich, Allan Arts and Sciences Kauffman, David C. Business Administration Kaufman, Stephanie Education Kay, Mishele I. Education Keith, James W. Arts and Sciences Keith, Mack A. Engineering Keller, Barbara L. ' Education Keller, William M. Arts and Sciences Kelley, Joyce J. Health Related Professions Kennedy, Wallace W. Law Kenney, Kathleen C. Arts and Sciences Kenworthy, John A. Physical Education and Health Kessler, Mary Ann Arts and Sciences Keyser, Ronald M. Arts and Sciences Kickert, Arlene M. Business Administration Kiker, Wayne A. Arts and Sciences Killinger, Edith L. Education Kilroy, Gary E. Education King, Raymond D. Arts and Sciences Kinner, Aaron G. Business Administration Kinser, Victoria A. Arts and Sciences Kirkconnell, Kirk Arts and Sciences Kirkham, Mary Ann Journalism and Communications Kirkpatrick, Susan G. Arts and Sciences Kleiber, Elizabeth Anne Education Klein, Linda Ellen Arts and Sciences Klink, Julieann M. Nursing Knecht, Muriel L. Business Administration Knopf, Katherine H. Arts and Sciences Koch, Irving H. Business Administration Koeple, Karl 0. Law Korbelak, Julianne M. Education Kornreich, Martin A. Medicine Kouchalakas, James W. Business Administration Kramer, Marsha E. Education Kromberg, Edward J. Architecture and Fine Arts Kulp, Stanley A. Journalism and Communications Laface, Marie Journalism and Communications Laird, Donna Journalism and Communications Lakin, Donna Education Lakin, Marjorie Arts and Sciences Lamkin, Charles Business Administration Land, Henry Business Administration Lane, Walter Medicine Landis, Dina Education Langworthy, Cortland Business Administration Laub, Charles Agriculture Lauwaert, Alan Engineering Lauwaert, Nicole Arts and Sciences Layton, Linda Education Lee, Carole Education Lee, David Arts and Sciences Lee, James Education Lee Patricia Education Lee, Randolph Engineering Leete, David Architecture and Fine Arts La Perche, Dolores Education Larsen, Mary Nursing Lastinger, Allen Business Administration Latimer, James Business Administration Lesser, Robert Agriculture Levan, Jay Arts and Sciences Leverenz, Louise Education Levine, Esther Journalism and Communications Levine, Susan Business Administration Levinson, Lou Ann Education Leviten, Edward Journalism and Communications Levy, Vicki Education Lew, Sharron Arts and Sciences Lewis, Marjorie Business Administration Lewis, Martin Education L ' Hommedieu, Pamela Arts and Sciences Lichtenwalter, Barbara Arts and Sciences Lichty, Mary Education Liles, Alice Architecture and Fine Arts Lima, Michael Engineering Limauro, Barbara Arts and Sciences Lindahl, Leonard Engineering Linz, Carol Education Littler, June Education Litz, Ernie Education Livingston, Gerald Physical Education and Health Locke, Stephen Journalism and Communications Lodato, Frank Arts and Sciences Lovett, John Arts and Sciences Lovitt, Ronald Law Loyless, James Engineering Lucas, Nancy Arts and Sciences Lucas, Stanley Arts and Sciences Lundy, Walker W. Jr. Journalism and Communications Lyman, Kay Nursing Lyon, Lawrence Business Administration Lytal, Lake Law McDaniel, Comer Ray Law MacKenzie, Robert H. Law MacMillan, Neil W. Arts and Sciences Macomber, Paul Phillip Business Administration Mandell, Richard J. Law Manning, Charles F. Journalism and Communications Manning, Donald Lee Education Manyoky, Arthur R. Architecture and Fine Arts Marchese, Anthony T. Engineering Marinelli, Joseph J. Arts and Sciences Markland, Vicki L. Architecture and Fine Arts Marlow, Floyd W. Agriculture Marsh, Lee E. Architecture and Fine Arts Mason, Michaeline Nursing Mastry, Robert D. Law Mateka, Ralph A. Physical Education and Health Martin, Sterling R. Arts and Sciences Mathison, Donita C. Journalism and Communications Matson, Stephen W. Education Macrory, Robert A. Arts and Sciences Maddalena, Patricia A. Education Madix, James C: Arts and Sciences Magram, Gary R. Arts and Sciences Maley, James B. Arts and Sciences Matthews, Nancy Lee Arts and Sciences Mauldin, Lynn Louise Education McAllister, Sandra L. Nursing McBath, John L. Arts and Sciences McCaleb, Marjorie Gail Arts and Sciences McCall, Frederick W. Engineering McCard, Jana D. Nursing McCardell, Michael H. Architecture and Fine Arts McCarthy, James M. Arts and Sciences McCarty, John M. Jr. Agriculture McCay, Thomas W. Business Administration McChesney, Janet A. Health Related Professions McClaskey, Robert M. Jr. Business Administration McClumpha, Janet Mae Business Administration McCollum, Ira W. Arts and Sciences McCormick, John R. Architecture and Fine Arts McCrea, William G. Journalism and Communications McCulley, George G. Arts and Sciences McDevitt, John K. Education McDonell, Carolyn A. Education McDonnell, Naomi F. Arts and Sciences McEaddy, Thomas H. Arts and Sciences McElrath, Danny G. Arts and Sciences McEnery, Mary B. Arts and Sciences McGee, Gordon Architecture and Fine Arts McKnight, David F. Architecture and Fine Arts McLain, John H. Arts and Sciences McLean, William B. Jr. Agriculture McLeod, Joe B. Jr. Engineering McMullen, Norman C. Engineering McNitt, Jo Ann Journalism and Communications McNulty, C. Howard Law McPeak, Allan L. Law McQuagge, William D. Business Administration McRae, Suzanne Education McRae, Thomas G. Engineering McVey, Allan F. Physical Education and Health Meclewski, L. Carolyn Architecture and Fine Arts Meeker, Jeff B. Arts and Sciences Mellow, Beverly J. Education Meltzer, Rose S. Education Menge, Marion J. Law Merhige, Lynn J. Education Merkin, Terry E. Arts and Sciences Messer, Henry Hutson Medicine Messer, James Elliott Law Michaels, Carol Alice Education Michell, Dyer T. Business Administration Middendorf, Weslie A. Arts and Sciences Midgley, Douglas M. Law Milam, George B. Business Administration Miller, Albert J. III Business Administration Miller, Dorothy D. Nursing Miller, James E. Forestry Miller, Mary A. Education Miller, Marilyn J. Education Mills, Glen E. Arts and Sciences Mills, Patricia A. Health Related Professions Mitchell, George Bruce Jr. Physical Education and Health Mitchell, John S. Engineering Mitchell, Nancy R. Architecture and Fine Arts Minerva, Michael J. Law Minnix, Tyrus E. Engineering Mirabella, Charlotte J. Arts and Sciences Mobbs, Virginia L. Education Moore, Barbara Education Moore, Harold E. Law Moore, Sally W. Journalism Moore, Walter T. III Law Morcroft, Charles R. Business Administration Moriner, Robert H. Law Morra, Michael A. Engineering Morris, Max F. Education Morris, Robert A. Jr. Architecture and Fine Arts Moxon, Henry J. G. Business Administration Mumbauer, Mary J. Arts and Sciences Muniz, Lydia I. Education Murphree, Jennie Arts and Sciences Muzzell Agriculture Nachman, Melvyn Engineering Nardiello, Daniel Engineering Nash, Richard Arts and Sciences Newberg, Curtis Engineering Neel, Jacqueline Arts and Sciences Nelson, Carolyn Arts and Sciences Newell, Richard Agriculture Newmark, Zalmon Arts and Sciences Nieburger, Herbert Business Administration Nielsen, Allan Education Nimmo, Nancy Arts and Sciences Norfleet, Nell Health Related Professions Norris, Burton Engineering Notaris, Jo Ann Arts and Sciences Nunley, Rhodes Arts and Sciences Nurenberg, Carole Education Nussbaum, William Law Nydahl, John Engineering Oatway, Thomas Engineering O ' Brien, Francis Engineering O ' Donnell, Kathleen Education Oliver, Kirtley Engineering Orr, Thomas Arts and Sciences Otto, Lee Engineering Otto, Rosemary Arts and Sciences Owen, Richard Law Owen, Hamilton Engineering Overstreet, Charles Engineering Packard, Nancy Education Pajak, Douglas Engineering Pappert, Gariann Health Related Professions Parker, Richard Engineering Parker, Richard Medicine Parks, Suzanne Education Parsons, Walter Business Administration Pate, Claudia Education Patten, Russell Engineering Pearson, Richard Education Peoples, James. Architecture and Fine Arts Perez, Joe Medicine Perlyn, Donald Arts and Sciences Peterson, Earle Law Pethia, Joseph Engineering Pfeiffer, Jay Arts and Sciences Phifer, Emily Arts and Sciences Pickler, Robert Business Administration Pierce, James Law Pierce, Thomas Business Administration Pierle, Linda Education Pierson, Ann Arts and Sciences Pinney, William Business Administration Pistorino, John Engineering Plumb, Charles Business Administration Polonsky, Helen Business Administration Post, Richard Business Administration Pourzad, J. Agriculture Powell, John Engineering Powell, James Business Administration Powell, Ronald Engineering Pope, Judy Journalism and Communications Porter, Suzanne Arts and Sciences Portley, Peter Arts and Sciences Posada, Ana Arts and Sciences Posner, Marlene Education Power, Michael Journalism and Communications Price, Carol Arts and Sciences Price, Lansing Physical Education and Health Pruitt, James Business Administration Ptachik, Christopher Engineering Quintana, Rafael Business Administration Raattama, Henry Business Administration Rablen, Susan Education Radtke, David Education Ramirez, Juan Arts and Sciences Ramsdell, Marcia Law Rand, Martha Education Rankin, Kathryn Education Ray, Jefferson Law Rayside, Mary Arts and Sciences Redderson, Carl Medicine Redding, Eugene Architecture and Fine Arts Rehberg, Barbara Arts and Sciences Reichenthal, Philip Arts and Sciences Reid, Carol Education Reid, M. Charles Jr. Journalism and Communications Reid, Hank Arts and Sciences Renfroe, Deloris Education Reynolds, Milton Engineering Riber, Louise Arts and Sciences Rice, William Arts and Sciences Rich, Nancy Business Administration Richards, Joanne Education Richardson, Marion Business Administration Richman, Gerald Law Rigsby, Lucille Education Ritch, John Journalism and Communications Rivers, Thomas Arts and Sciences Roberts, Karen Arts and Sciences Roberts, Richard Business Administration Robinson, Grover Arts and Sciences Robinson, Suzanne Education Rochat, M. William Architecture and Fine Arts Rogers, Robert Agriculture Rogers, Sharon Education Rooks, Marion Arts and Sciences Rosenshein, Dorothy Health Related Professions Ross, Nancy Education Ross, Sondra Journalism and Communications Rothbauer, Ronald Engineering Rothstein, Simon Arts and Sciences Rubinstein, Alan Law Rubio, Manuel Arts and Sciences Ruggles, Elizabeth Arts and Sciences Ruis, George Education Ruiz, Manuel Agriculture Rumpf, Kathleen Arts and Sciences Runyon, Bradford Engineering Russell, Jane Education Russos, Milton Arts and Sciences Saab, Khodr I. Engineering Saks, Susan C. Education Salley, Craig H. Architecture and Fine Arts Salvak, Napoleon P. Engineering Salvo, Gerald C. Arts and Sciences Sams, Gary M. Law Samuelowitz, B. Education Sanbery, Driaan G. Pharmacy Santamaria, Robert F. Architecture and Fine Arts Santilli, Jo Ann M. Business Administration Sappington, Andrew A. III Arts and Sciences Satterwhite, James R. Jr. Engineering Scales, David F. Medicine Scales, Sandra L. Education Scarrett, Daniel Law Schaefer, Linda A. Education Schaefer, George E. Education Schlechter, Alvin E. Education Schlei, Julianne Nursing Schlein, Edward M. Medicine Schlein, Joy Nursing Schmidt, Muray R. Agriculture Schneider, Herbert I. Architecture and Fine Arts Schor, Phyllis M. Education Schott, Brian M. Arts and Sciences Schraibman, Gloria A. Arts and Sciences Schroeder, James E. Engineering Schuh, Paul N. Business Administration Schultz, Thomas G. Law Schumpf, Lorrie M. Arts and Sciences Schuster, Richard Arts and Sciences Schwartz, Richard A. Journalism and Communications Sciotto, Albert P. Education Scoggins, Catherine F. Arts and Sciences Scott, Meredith L. Medicine Scully, Robert M. Agriculture Seid, Kenneth A. Arts and Sciences Seitz, Arthur M. III Journalism and Communications Serfass, Nancy A. Education Sessoms, Audrey J. Education Sessoms, Fletcher L. Architecture and Fine Arts Shackelford, Sheridan L. Education Shafer, J. Education Shahady, Thomas R. Law Shaw, Ellen F. Nursing Sheble, Arthur M. Engineering Sheffield, Joseph A. Business Administration Shelton, Calvert P. Business Administration Shepen, Bernard Medicine Shepherd, John B. Engineering Sheppard, Donna J. Arts and Sciences Sheridan, Howard M. Arts and Sciences Sherrod, William H. Jr. Agriculture Sherwood, Roger H. Journalism and Communications Shields, Alonzo C. III Law Shokraii, Esmail H. Agriculture Shorstein, Harry Law Shmunes, Edward Medicine Siegel, Roy Arts and Sciences Siegel, Robert Arts and Sciences Sikes, Betty L. Education Sim, Susan T. Arts and Sciences Simcoke, James R. Business Administration Simmons, Jack A. Education Simmons, Michael Education Simon, Willa H. Education Simpson, J. R. Medicine Sinnd, Ashraf Engineering Sisco, James C. Jr. Business Administration Skaza, Gayle A. Physical Education and Health Skinner, Truman A. Law Slaughter, John E. Jr. Arts and Sciences Slinn, Martha A. Arts and Sciences Slipcock, Philip S. Business Administration Slusser, William A. Arts and Sciences Smiley, Glen F. Engineering Smith, Gloria D. Education Smith, Janet L. Education Smith, Louie R. Jr. Law Smith, Peter N. Arts and Sciences Smith, Robert P. Architecture and Fine Arts Smith, Susan E. Journalism and Communications Snider, Jane R. Education Snyder, Janice B. Nursing Solowey, Barry B. Business Administration Solloway, Richard Business Administration Sondheimer, Carol L. Health Related Professions Songer, Richard N. Business Administration Southwell, Patricia S. Education Sobel, Michele L. Education Soukup, Earle B. Engineering Spanick, Leslie A. Arts and Sciences Sparks, Susan M. Nursing Spencer, J. R. Medicine Spicola, Roseann Arts and Sciences Spiegel, Michael Arts and Sciences Spirko, James P. Arts and Sciences Spross, Fred R. Engineering Stahl, Jaclyne S. Education Stanfield, Michael D. Arts and Sciences Stanganello, Marie R. Journalism and Communications Starnes, Hugh E. Law Stearns, James A. Education Steen, Morris G. Agriculture Stein, J. M. Medicine Steinberg, Jay A. Education Steinbrook, R. M. Medicine Stern, M. H. Medicine Stern, Michael P. Arts and Sciences Stenger, Jo Anne S. Education Stephens, Donald E. Agriculture Stephens, Linda C. Health Related Professions` ' Stewart, Faith B. Education Stewart, Marion E. Education Still, Douglas J. Engineering Stirrat, Arthur W. Education Stoffel, William N. Education Stoker, Charles A. Engineering Storer, Anne J. Health Related Professions Stores, Patricia I. Education Stover, Susan L. Nursing Straub, Roger E. Engineering Stringfellow, Edgar M. Arts and Sciences Stucky, Eleanor L. Education Sturgis, Peggy J. Education Sullivan, William F. Arts and Sciences Swain, Russell T. Jr. Engineering Swartsel, R. Vernon Jr. Journalism and Communications Sweet, Merlene R. Education Swindell, Karen S. Education Swyers, Shonnee S. Education Talton, John H. Jr. Agriculture Tanner, Margot A. Education Tanner, William W. Arts and Sciences Tart, Thomas B. Business Administration Taylor, Daniel E. Arts and Sciences Taylor, James A. Education Taylor, John D. Jr. Agriculture Taylor, Judith A. Education Taylor, Norris R. Arts and Sciences Taylor, Shirley D. Education Taylor, Sandra L.. Arts and Sciences Testy, Sharon 0. Education Thalblum, Harvey Medicine Thomas, John D. Law Thomas, John L. Law Thomas, Joyce G. Arts and Sciences Thompson, Douglas H. Business Administration Thompson, Jack E. Law Thompson, Marjorie L. Education Thompson, Richard E. Engineering Thornton, Ronald G. Business Administration Thurbon, Earl R. Business Administration Tiballi, Frederick P. Law Tilghman, Janice M. Education Tin, Eastern W. Architecture and Fine Arts Titus, Timothy A. Journalism and Communications Toepel, Alice L. Education Toothaker, Nancy W. Education Toothaker, Stephen W. Arts and Sciences Toskar, Daniel M. Arts and Sciences Touby, Kathleen A. Nursing Townsend, Lila G. Education Travis, Robert L. Engineering Treadwell, Mary F. Education Trieste, Charles W. Jr. Engineering Tuggle, Jo Ann Pharmacy Tullis, Charles S. Arts and Sciences Tullis, Walter W. Arts and Sciences Turmail, George A. Medicine Turner, Faith Arts and Sciences Tuttle, Duane K. Law Tygart, Silas T. Law Uk, Someth Architecture and Fine Arts Ullman, Samuel C. Arts and Sciences Upchurch, John J. Business Administration Upham, E. Tyler Architecture and Fine Arts Valido, John Engineering Vandroff, Arthur D. Law Vandroff, Bonnie F. Physical Education and Health Van Veldhuisen, Corrie Arts and Sciences Van Vonno, Nicolas V. Engineering Varnell, James H. Jr. Agriculture Vazquez, Vivian A. Education Venezia, Robert A. Business Administration Vermeire, Paulette R. Education Vierday, Wilton W. Engineering Vilaret, Vilma R. ' Arts and Sciences Vincent, Leonard M. Arts and Sciences Vogel, Raymond B. Engineering Voshardt, Helen L. Education Wade, William H. Engineering Wadsworth, James B. Business Administration Wagner, Timothy W. Arts and Sciences Waldorf, Joseph C. Journalism and Communications Wall, William H. Journalism and Communications Walters, Linda L. Journalism and Communications Walker, Charles G. Medicine Ward, Faye S. Nursing Warnecke, Gayle D. Education Warren, George L. Medicine Waterhouse, Carol L. Education Watkins, Georgiana Physical Education and Health Wayda, Michael E. Journalism and Communications Wayne, John B. Engineering Weaver, Walter F. III Business Administration Webb, Leon Engineering Webster, Charles W. Arts and Sciences Weeks, Jinina M. Arts and Sciences Weir, James D. Business Administration Weisbaum, Carol D. Education Weiss, Charles R. Engineering Weissman, Leonard M. Arts and Sciences Weithorn, Vicki Education Welch, David D. Arts and Sciences Welling, Jack R. Agriculture Welles, Donna E. Nursing Wells, Charles T. Law Wells, Lauranne Arts and Sciences Wells, Richard C. Education Wentworth, Clifford B. Business Administration Westafer, Gary R. Engineering Wetkowski, Terry Engineering Whisnant, Isaac E. Law Whitaker, Linda K. Education White, Douglas C. Engineering White, Edward T. Architecture and Fine Arts White, James E. Business Administration White, Julia A. Nursing White, Linda J. Nursing White, Linda L. Nursing White, Pell Engineering Whited, James Architecture and Fine Arts Whitt, Michael Engineering Widelitz, Sara Business Administration Wieland, David Journalism and Communications Wild, Ernest Business Administration Wilder, Mary Physical Education and Health Wilhelm, William Arts and Sciences Williams, Anderson Medicine Williams, Charles Law Williams, Daniel Engineering Williams, Marcia Arts and Sciences Williams, Roberta Education Willis, Sandra Arts and Sciences Wills, Bambi Arts and Sciences Willson, Howard Medicine Wilsky, John Engineering Wilson, Diane Journalism and Communications Wilson, Lloyd Engineering Wilson, Martha Arts and Sciences Winset, Anna Architecture and Fine Arts Witcher, Richard Pharmacy Wolfe, J. Engineering Wolfe, Owen Law Wolking, Alice Arts and Sciences Woodbery, Diana Business Administration Wooten, Council Business Administration Wooten, Patricia Education Wrenn, Nancy Nursing Wyatt, James Business Administration Wyatt, Thomas Medicine Wyman, Ronald Business Administration Yates, Miriam Arts and Sciences Yates, Nora Health Related Professions Young, Esta Journalism and Communications Young, Roberta Education Young, William Business Administration Zahirvdoin, Shah Architecture and Fine Arts Zamer, Maria Education Zamer, William Law Zasler, Dorothy Education Zaslow, Jane Education Zimmerman, Dale Engineering Zinober, Peter Arts and Sciences Zwerner, Marsha Education ' )A 1 people belong similarities of interest bring people together . . . learning that working with others creates better understanding . . . finding closeness in the vastness of college . . . making new friends . . . keeping the old . . . participating in activities to strengthen a bond . . . pre-professional societies which give foresight into future careers . . . learning to work for someone, knowing that you ' ll be that someone sooner or later. alpha delta sigma Alpha Delta Sigma, professional advertising fraternity, is organized to provide its members with opportunities and experience in the field of advertising. A major function of the organization is to help the members develop contacts and employment opportunities in the profession before graduation. Through observation and practice the members gain a more thorough understanding of advertising as practiced by professionals. Members of Alpha Delta Sigma include first: Richard Schwartz, Bruce Matza, Richard Cowen, and Mike Muci; second: Dr. Hooper, Dave Andelman, Ed Carroll, Ralph Horath, Steve Ganes, and -Advisor Robert Glafcke; third: Jim Marshall, T. R. Brown, Tom Laughon, Bennet Taylor, Don Bellew, Ken Levitan, Greg Seitz, and Ted McCellan. alpha kappa psi Established at the UF in 1926, Alpha Kappa Psi has continued to promote and further research in business and encourage students to work toward degrees in business administration. Besides taking a field trip to Burlington Mills and holding their traditional smoker, pledge initiation, banquet and dance, the donated $1,350 to Dollars for Scholars. Members of Alpha Kappa Psi are first: Fred Kelsey, Andy Hadjian, Alan Ed Halloway, Ron Boatright, president; Lee McGhan, Bob Moore, and Mark Herr. Second: George Collins, Arnold Lasota, Jim Wynn, Mike Degni, Jim Miller, Fred Adkins, Herb Nieburger, and Don Nunneker. Third: Frank Bunch, Ron Featherstone, Bill Phil Stuart Shull, Lou Black, and Bill Wright. Fourth: Charles Stumm, Wayne McElroy, Burin Kantabutra, Dick Sommers, Sid Chase, Mason Allen, and Roberto Fifth: Tom Hayslip, Ben Bond, Thad Green, Frank Berman, Lou Maleski, Mike Russell, Frank Reichert, Bill Blanchet, David Lynch, Bob Smith, and Randy Rabe. 244 beta alpha, psi To encourage and foster the ideal of service and promotion the of accounting are the purposes of Beta Alpha Psi, established in 1919. Under the leadership of President Leland and Vice-president LaVerne Hinson, Beta Alpha Psi sponsors a graduate accounting conference, tutors accounting and holds lectures. Highlights of the year included the Semiannual Initiation Banquet, field trips and special projects. Members of Beta Alpha Psi include first: Lester Wells, Leland McGhan, Don Hanson, and Advisor Marion Carson; second: Wayne Padgett, Stanley Halecki, David Ledbetter, James Acosta, and Arturo Alamo, Joe Ben Gooden, David Foshee, Bob Anderson, and David Kaufman. Not Pictured: Al Altman, George Dominicis, Jose Gonzales, Charles Guskey, Laverne Hinson, Sid LaCroix, Larry McNahon, William McVey, Don Paul, Harvy Rappaport, Robert Venezia, Richard Walworth, Jim Weir, and Sara Widelitz. fellowship of christian The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a program to confront athletes and, through them, the youth of the nation with the challenge and adventure of following Christ in the fellowship of the Church. Realizing that the athlete is given a place of unusual prominence in our and that he can do much to influence the youth of today, this has brought men and together to strengthen their moral and spiritual lives. Officers are Gary Cliett, president; Allen Trammell, vice-president; Wally Colson, and Steve Spurrier, chaplain. Fellowship of Christian Athletes members include: first: Gary Cliett, Fred Koss, Gene Peek, Jim Benson, and Bill Belote; second: Steve Spurrier, Wayne McCall, Dave McIntosh, and Harry Winkler; third: Wally Colso and Bill Carr. 245 tau beta sigma kappa kappa psi Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, band honoraries, are service organizations and the means to recognize outstanding bandsmen. Membership of KAPPA KAPPA PSI, above, are: Bruce Matza, president, Tod Markin, Herb Glatfelter, Wendell Hall, David House, Danny Bowles, David Ahlquist, Robert Foster; second: Charles Dolbier, Richard W. Bowles, Pat Thayer, Pete Zinobar, Micky Miles, Les Fairchild, and Ken Jones; third: Hale Pringle, Rober Kovach, Louis Jaeger, Ric Escarrez, Richard Wainscott, and George Winns. TAU BETA SIGMA members are; first: Diane Franklin, Pam Pope, Jerry Stambaugh; Carol Kraemer, Sherry Barron, Leah Russell, Vicki Woods, Marlene Mueller, Joyce Smiley, Susan McCoy, Janice Gillespie, Pat Hanna, Pat Fry, Rita Carbuhn, R. W. Bowles, Not Pictured: Karen Swindell. 246 presenting band On the field, the band plays the Alma Mater, the field formation forms a UF. Robert Foster designs the next show. Band officers are, Tod Markin, secretary; Ken Jones vice president; Micky Miles, president; and Les Fairchild, publicity manager. The biggest boom and the biggest charge in What more could you want! 247 symphonic band is part of the musical family Members of the 1965 Symphonic Band are; first: Tom Hughes, Richard Schultz, Patricia Mitchell, Hale Pringle, Mason Hughes, Elise Escarraz, Elizabeth Francis, Leah Russell, Carol Kraemer, Sally Mowry, Marlene Mueller, Joyce Smiley, Nancy Killebrew, Judy Sugalaki, and Richard Kilmer. Second: Ricky Escarraz, Leslie Lebow, Janice Gillespie, Robert Mullin, Sally Van Allstine, Karen Swindell, Pat Frye, Louis Jaeger, Gordon Hallgren, Tom Albert, Ann Catoe, Pat Kennedy, Marilyn Warner, David House, and .James Conner. Third: Sam Joe Taylor, Pat Hanna, Nancy Weldon, Wayne Spivey, Judson Hine, Al Lewis, Susan McCoy, Jose Quintana, Dale Scarborough, Roger Kovach, Pesce, Ken Jones, Bill Black, David Rogers, Tom Gregory, John Barnes, and Dwight Spaulding. Fourth: Robert Cogswell, Jim Carmichael, Gary Miller, Rick Dolbier, Arnold Rowland, Herb Gatfelter, Alex Pollack, Daniel Bowles, Larry Cooke, Pete Zinobar, David Fifth Strickler, Bernard Mackey, Micky Miles, Leslie Fairchild, Tom Stidham, Dan Gray, Mike Samball, George Wynns, and Marvin Abbott. : Paul Simmons, John Breuninger, Wendell Hall, Bill Booth, Tod Markin, Robert Foster, Richard Hord, Richard Bowles, Bruce Matza, Annett Abreu, Sherry Barron. 248 athletic council events Members of the Athletic Council are: Coach Hobe Hooser, Dr. W. E. Moore, Bill Pinney, Tom Moore, Jerry Livingston, Gary Cleitt, Ray Whitehouse and Clifton Oliver. Not Pictured: Bill Koss. Gary Cleitt Tom Moore, former baseball star The Athletic Council has as its purpose the coordination of athletic events with the student body. It is composed of representatives from the cheerleaders, Fall sports, Spring sports, Florida Blue Key, the student body and the F Club. Representatives of the Athletic Council are chosen by the captains of the various sports or are appointed by the heads of the The council issues the stamp of approval on all athletic letters. It is also responsible for the types of letters that are awarded. Jerry Livingston Ray Whitehouse Bill Pinney Bill Koss 249 air force rotc Students of the University of Florida and transfer students from junior colleges now have an opportunity to participate in a new two-year Air Force ROTC program, authorized under the ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964. Students can enter this officer training program and compete for commissions in the Air Force providing they have two years of academic work remaining before their degrees. The excitement, variety of experience, pride, and deep gratification gained by service to the nation is provided in deep abundance by a challenging life in the United States Air Force. A career in flight and space provides the opportunities for intense training and specialization in many fields of science, leadership and administration. Integral parts of the ROTC program include instructions for cadets going into the Air Force flying program. Here, Major Shogran is checking out a flight plan with Cadets Bost and Beardsley. At summer camp, attended between a cadet ' s junior and senior years, Cadet Col. King received the Commandants Award as the outstanding cadet during the summer exercises. Precision drill is shown by the Billy Mitchell Drill Team marching in the held during President Johnson ' s inaug- uration. Another integral part of AFROTC is Angel Flight, represented here by Ann Breslauer, pledgemaster for the flight. Angel Flight Officers are: Marty Hardy, Joanne Stenger, Linda Weinberg, Karen Roberts, Diane Denning, Sandy Sadja. Members of the flight below are first: Pat Gibson, Fran Nuccio, Lee Craig, Mary Ann Neff, Jennifer Love, Connie Ozle, Jeanice Berkhold, Barbara Carter, Carole Cash, Diane Denning, Linda Weinberg, Sandy Forman, Marty Hardy. Second: Karen Roberts, Susie Nancy Calhoun, Andrea Westman, Sue Hadley, Carole Letterhaus, Ellen Miles, Joye Schwartz, Suzanne Hilliker, Ann Breslauer, Joanne Stenger, Mary Arliskas, and Susan Sloat. angel flight flight The official hostesses of the Arnold Air Society of Air Force ROTC, are the 35 members of Angel Flight. This year the " angels " baked cookies for the servicemen in Viet Nam, competed with other university drill teams and traveled throughout Florida visiting Air Force bases. Officers are Susie Hunt, Linda Weinberg, executive commander; Fran Nuccio, administrative officer, and Nancy Calhoun, comptroller Proving that she ' s learned something about drill takes more patience than many Angel Flighters have. cheerleaders Cheerleaders have more fun than anybody? At top left, Captain Bill Pinney looks concerned about the response he gets from Florida ' s enthusiastic crowd. In the Homecoming parade, the cheerleaders added a touch of spirit to an already exciting event. On the car, from left, Lynn Mauldin, Bill Dixon, Susan Saunders, Bill Pinney, Diane Cueny, Pam Regan, George Rheus, Jerry Salvo and Barbara Latham. Bottom right, Susan Saunders shows what keeps the fans at the basketball games screaming for the home team. chub honors athletes In addition to reward on the playing field or court, Florida ' s varsity lettermen arc honored with membership in the F Club. The club strives, through joint participation in service projects and activities, to establish closer contact among the various sports. This year the F Club worked with Gainesville Boys Club and the Sheriff ' s Boys Ranch to promote closer relationship between the athletes and the youth of the This year ' s club voted to change the letter-jacket to solid blue with an orange letter thus eliminating the orange sleeves evident on jackets given in the past. Also the option of a blanket or a trophy could be taken by seniors in the club. An initiation of new lettermen was held for the first time this year, the members feeling this would stimulate interest to new members. F Club officers are: Frank Anderson, treasurer; Marquis Baezler, secretary; David Bonner, vice- president and Gary Cliett, president. Members of the F Club are first: Marquis Baezler, Danny Wells, Alan Lauwaert, Dick Kirk, Jack Kenworthy, Randy Morcroft. Second: Gary Cliett, Don Berghman, George Grandy, Bruce Bennett, Tom Shannon, Ray Rollyson, John Anderson, Don Pendley, and Danny Eggart. Third: Jim Shalls, Jerry Anderson, Dave Bonner, Larry Beckman, Jerry Newcomer, Bary Brown, Gary Thomas, John Whatley, Don Barrett, Don Knapp, Ron Purcell, and Ron Creese. Fourth: Rick Haley, Graham McKeel, Jim Brown, Wally Colson, Horst Gebhard, Bill Carr, Steve Spurrier. Fifth: Henry Hirsch, and Bobby Lyle. florida rehabilitation association To advance and encourage creativity and research in rehabilitation is the objective of the UP Rehabilitation Association. The association made field trips to rehabilitation facilities at Daytona Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Raiford, this year. Officers of this group, the only student chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association, are: Joseph Pankowski, president; Robert Pellegrine, vice- president; Joan Deuel, secretary; and Carl Wells, treasurer. Members and officers of the University of Florida Rehabilitation Association are, first: Penelope Goodwin, Kathleen Shea, Betty Saville, Carl Wells, treasurer; Fred Axelberd, and Carl Anderson. Second: Robert Hancock, Joan Deel, secretary; Arthur Wells, Joy Watson, Mary Mallory, and Dr. Bruce Third: Tom McCauley, Doris Knowltown, Benjamin Troemel, Jim Mack, Wesley Chesnut, and Graves Stephenson. Fourth: Charles Fanelli, Bill Graves, John Brantner, Cecil DeMille, Joseph Pankowski, president; Fifth: Bob Copeland, Tom Stelling, Bob Mack, Lonny Nichols, Dr. Albert Barrett, Dr. John Stone, Jennifer Cook, and Bob Stephenson. ieee Devising activities of specific interest to electrical engineering students is the aim of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. IEEE members taught basic to the Boys ' Club, conducted a lab on Saturdays for their own use, and built Otto, a robot who stands outside the engineering building and talks to passing coeds. Members and officers of the I.E.E.E. are, first: Mr. Lature, advisor; Kent Irwin, treasurer; Nick Touchton, president; Rick Parker, vice president; Ernest Graetz, secretary. Second, E. R. Greene, Brad Shepherd, Larry Whittington, Charles Fosha, Charles Prevatt, and Jim King. Fourth, Don Fillman, Jack Simmons, Marvin Alford, Syama Choudhuri, Nathan DeWitt, Reginald Rodrigues, Ken Mooney, Charles Poe. Fifth: Phil Levy, Bill Cummings, Eric Schrader, Ron Bentley, Vernon Kindrick, Ron Kaylor, Robert Twombley, and Richa rd Morris. Not pictured: Harry Aylesworth, and Forrest Duston. 254 kappa epsilon Highlights of the year for Kappa Epsilon women ' s pharmaceutical were a lea for faculty members, socials with Kappa Psi and Rho Pi Phi, men ' s pharmaceutical honoraries, and reading to the childrens ' ward at the University Hospital. Under president Nancy Barfield and Vice-president Betty Wilkin, the members have provided a bond for women students in pharmacy and furthered their professional goals. Members of Kappa Epsilon, the woman ' s pharmaceutical fraternity, are first: Margaret Brand, Jo Ann Tuggle, Betty Ann Wilkin, Lauretta Fox, advisor; Nancy Barfield, Flynn, and Marsh Hesoun. Second: Mary Lynn Kechy, Mary Lou Evans, Mary Lee Fisher, Carolyn Perkins, Barbara Rowse, Bonnie Serosky, Lecia Noriega, Margaret Brown, and Cora Van Arsdall. pre-law society The Pre-Law Society works to orient its members to the meaning and of a law career and to aid them in preparation for entrance to Law School. The society, sponsored by the John Marshall Bar Association, prepares its members by advice and lectures from experts in the field of law and by study of actual court cases in Alachua County courts. Members and officers of the Pre-Law Society are, first: Laurence Rohan, Larry Groover, president; Sherry Johnson, vice-president; George Adler, constitutional revisions Robert Leaman, secretary, Patric Bryan, Skip Haviser, Wayne Alford, program Bruce Lilienthal, Sterling Martin, Robert Firth, nominations chairman, David Bryan, Stephen Buckley, and Richard Johnstone. 255 florida union board Members and officers of the Florida Union Board are first: Mary Pearlstine, secretary; Edie McLaughlin, director; Allison Conner, Pam Ohman, and jane Kimbrell, director. Second: Bob Harper, Bill McCollum, president, and Mike Monaghan, director. Third: Bill Lockhart, Dick Thompson, treasurer, and Dane Adkinson. Fourth: George Blaha, Frank Furguson, Drew Haslett. Not Pictured: Tinajoy Dunnigan, Fred Hedstrom, Leslie Lorant, Doug Lynn, vice-president; and Nancy Weinberg. 256 Presenting a diversified series of programs, the Florida Union Board of Student Activities brought to Gainesville a panorama of events ranging from the Fine Arts Series to members of the John Birch Society. In addition, the board sponsors Gator Gras, Camp Wauburg Playday, Club Rendezvous, the film series and many other activities. Included in the many diverse programs presented by the Florida Union Board were Camp Playday in the Summer, Bartron " The American Pantominist, " and George Smith ' s interpretation of Mark Tw ain, gator Members of the Gator Guard, the Army ROTC precision drill team, are selected on a competitive basis from basic ROTC cadets. In the Spring of 1964, the Gator Guard won first place in the Venus Parade at Mardi Gras and marched in the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D.C. This year, the group appeared at Homecoming, Gator Growl, the Orlando Christmas Parade, Mardi Gras, the King Neptune Festival in Sarasota and the Alabama Invitational Drill Meet at Fort McClellan, Ala. Members of the color guard, top right, are: Word, Mason, Sorenson, and Miller. The officers of the Gator Guard, center, are: Captain Wood, faculty advisor; Cadet 1st Lt. McDonnel, executive officer, Cadet Captain Stryker, commander; Miss Suzann Hull, sweetheart; Cadet 1st Lt. Hejna, 1st platoon leader; Cadet. 1st Sgt. Kromer and Cadet 2nd Post, 2nd platoon leader. Members of the Gator Guard are kneeling: Gentry, Massey, Puig, Liggett, Triest, Ryals, Pruitt, Obst, Burford, Abbleby, and Nunley. Standing: Word, Mason, Sorenson, Miller, Deutchman, Mitchell, Ziarko, Gold, Manikas, Welch, Hering, Franks, Barton, Watkins, Nowak, Bean, LaVergne, Straker, Gray Kromer, Hejna, McDonnell, and Stryker. 258 army rotc is drill Army ROTC at the University of Florida offers valuable training for future military careers. Special services were held on the Plaza of the Americas to commemorate Veterans Day. Military Ball Queen Paula Hicks, added a touch of beauty on the drill field. Awards recognized outstanding cadets, All-in-all, a well rounded program. sweethearts grace drill field At the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, Mary Pfleger, Dee Dee Briggs, Linda Cox, and Betty Wendt visited General Mark Clark, president of the College. Officers of the Army Sweethearts are: Jeanne Maynard, captain; Katherine Duda, Becky Bearden, Suzanne Hull, and Bonnie Hanchett. Members of the Army Sweethearts are, center, Betty Wendt, Suzanne Hull, Janet Collins, Jean Eagleson, Sherry Neufel, Pat Holly, Karen Rhoades, Mary Pfleger, Janice Eason, Margie Caggiano and Kathy Bond. (Bottom picture) Jeanne Maynard, Mary Schumann, Bonnie Hanchett, Cathy Caldwell, Pat Goodman, Becky Bearden, Ann White, Susan agriculture engineers The cultural, technical and development of agricultural engineering students is the goal of the Florida Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Two student- faculty banquets, the Engineers ' Fair and presentation of the Shipman Scholarships were among this year ' s activities. Officers are: Daniel J. Williams, president; Fred McIntosh, vice-president; Frank Porter, secretary-treasurer; and George Baragona, scribe. Members of the American Society of Engineers are, first: Dan Williams, Dale Zimmerman, George Baragona, and Ralph Eng. Second, Don Nelson, Frank Porter, David Veal, and John Jackson. Third, Dr. I. J. Ross, Arthur Brown, Boyd Robertson, and Fred McIntosh. debate society The Debate Society traveled this year to compete in debates as far north as Boston and as far west as Kansas. Locally, the De bate Society gave exhibition debates at high schools and clubs and conducted an internal debate with Oxford University of England. Captain of the debate team is Elizabeth Drosdick; vice-president, Cliff and business manager, Mike Carson. Debate Society members are, first: Fred Barry Diamond, Hazel Bakst, Alan Penchansky, and Jeremy Gluckman. Second: Richard Smith, Jeffery Jaques, and Paul Third: Christopher Weller, Leonard Bloom, John Delancett, and Mike Carson. 261 symphony orchestra gainesville only It has been an important year for the University of Florida Symphony Orchestra. Under the direction of Edward Troupin, conductor, and Robert Schieber, assistant conductor, the orchestra presented three orchestra concerts for the general public, two performances accompanying the Choral Union, an open rehearsal for C-5 students and a concert for sixth grade students in the Alachua County schools. The orchestra usually numbers between sixty-five and seventy members and it is the only live orchestra in Gainesville thereby making a great contribution to the cultural scene of the university community. Edward Troupin, director of the University Orchestra. 262 choir gives uf a musical spectrum The Choir carried its image of showmanship to the World ' s Fair in the Summer of 1964. Officers and members of the University Choir below are first: Julianne Belger, Carol Holt, Sharon Giles, Phyllis Clarke, Ruth Krienke, secretary, Diane Jones, Elaine Walbrick, Nancy Ellis, tour manager; Nedra Lexow, Barbara Cahndler, Janna Tull, Donna Faxon, Ann Johanso, and Mary Whelan. Second: Emily Donaldson, Linda Lamb, Sally Sitar, Lenore Bierbaum, Helene Nebergall, Pam Spencer, Jeri Martin, Linda Mills, Donna Clarke, Wendy Roeder, Kay Huffmaster, Roxy Meyer, Lamar Cathcart, Martha Wirth, Kitty Partridge, and Pat Cowan. Third: Christine Hundley, Charles Evans, Seth Wright, Bradley Crews, Marty Lawson, Woody McDonell, Rick Johnstone, Henry Millies Joe Pace, Denver Sherry, Sigie Cowan, Bill Perdue, Ed Johnson, David Bauldree, and Linda Ledbetter. Fourth: Frank Val Gabaldon, Rob Tinsley, Leo Dryer, vice-president, Marshall Thomas, Bill Merwin, business manager; Joe Marinelli, president; Art Johnson, Marvin Rooks, John Saylor, Rick Han, Ted Burrows, Lewis White, Hugh Cater, Jerry Forbes, and Jack Carter. Not pictured: Elwood Keister, director; Dr. Gerald Forbes, Fine choral works are the trademark of the University Choir, under the of Dr. Elwood Keister. The choir presented complete concerts during the Fall and Winter trimesters in addition to making seven appearances in area churches and at various campus They carried their image of fine vocal precision and showmanship to the World ' s Fair in the Summer of 1964, where sang at the opening of the Florida exhibit. In 1965, the choir planned an extensive tour of the state of Florida. An appearance at Annapolis featured not only music, but also more formal uniforms. 263 jennings rawlings home away During the freshman year for most girls, the dorm is home. One link with the outside is mail, mail that arrives every day at 1:30 p.m. Someone must lead; Louise Patton is president of East Jennings, Carole George is president of West Jennings, and Lynn Hall is president of Center Jennings, Caught up in the whirl of University life, Jennings residents washed cars to raise money for Dollars for Scholars. Every day ends with curfew, at least as far as the outside goes . . Occasionally, Jennings opens up, and the women residents only signs come down. Then, men in the halls are a common sight. Presenting movies, C-course review sessions and holding open house were some of the activities of Rawlings Hall. Dorm activity fees provided typewriters and sewing machines for use of residents. North Rawlings officers are: Debbie Douglas, president; Martha Sigvartsen, vice-president; treasurer, Lynn Goss; and Libby Miller, secretary. South Rawlings officers are: Eve Antoniadis, president; Ingrid Skow, vice- president; Karen Burke, treasurer; and Diane Yaets, secretary. Members of the South Rawlings Hall Council are: seated, Nancy Palmer, Dianne Yates, Ingrid Skow, Eve Antoniadis, Karen Burke, and Claudine Laabs. Standing, Sandy Moss, Jackie Braun, Donna Lutz, Irene Minkoff, June Mann, Betsy Blaisdell, Carol Marcus, and Laura Lilt. The North Rawlings Hall Council members are: seated, Martha Sigvartsen, Debbie Douglass, Libby Miller, and Lynn Goss. Standing, Susan Payne, Marilyn Cohen, Betty Lou Douglas, Bonnie Greenspan, Judy Banks, Dot Phillips, Karen Gause and Heidi Buckbinber. yulee, mallory reid hall Members of the Mallory Hall Council are: seated, George Dickey, Diane Kelley, and Kathy Stone. First standing, Mary Ellen Ballenberg, Pala Faulconer, Barbara Rowse, Sue Boutchyard, and Kathy Burke. Second standing, Nancy Stablein, resident assistant, Louise Poole, Diane McKenna, Elise Kass, Karen Simmat, Linda Larkin, and Miss counselor. Cooperating on an area and an area sewing room promoted between Yulee and Reid Halls. In addition Yulee defeated the Fijis in and Reid sponsored programs on the . Honor Court and Merle Norman cosmetics. Yulee officers are: Connie Coldwell, president; Janet Beachley, vice-president; Pat Cuppett, treasurer; and Barbara Porter, secretary. Reid officers are: Cathy Rayside, president; Leslie Davis, vice-president; Trudy Fradd, secretary; and Claire Smith, treasurer. The Mallory Honor Council left, includes Sandra Clark, Chris Hummel, Kathy Stone, and Myrna Slotsky. The Yulee area was home for many, year-round, and sometimes for several years. Residents settled into the regular ebb and flow of life, and often reflected the events of the outside world. Christmas came to campus and to Yulee. Dollars for Scholars fund raisers raffled off football players for dates, and despite an unchanging facade, inside there were occasional bursts of emotion. fill with Reid Hall Council members above are first: Tommie Sue Rabby, Susy Peters, Lois Colonel, Leslie Stablein, Kari Campbell, and Kathy Rayside Second: Anna Beiser, Donna Rice, Susan Marconi, Clair Smith, Linda Lebow, Trudy Fradd, and Leslie Davis, -Members of the Reid Honor Council, right, include: first, Becky Welty, Jo Williams, and Judy Kaplan. Second: Gayle Peake, and Sara Rosenberg. 267 sfea Developing an awareness of teaching as a valuable profession is one of the objects of the Student Florida Education Association. Its members have an to learn more about their future career from visiting speakers from the National Education Association in Washington, D.C., and the Florida Education Association of Teachers in Tallahassee. Each year the S.F.E.A. sends members to the State Teachers Convention where the delegates have an opportunity to meet other S.F.E.A. members from universities and junior colleges. The purpose of the S.F.E.A. is to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development of leadership in preparation for a c areer in teaching. Officers and members of the 1965 Student Florida Education Association are first: Kathy Driscoll, president; Susan Clark, vice president, Pat Bursten, secretary, and Judy Bomar, Second: Joan Carr, Zana Ritzenberg, Susan Burstene, and T. A. Anderson, co- sponsor. sigma tau Outstanding engineering students are selected for membership in Sigma Tau. The objectives of this honorary are to promote fellowship among members and to encourage interest in engineering. Sigma Tau participates annually in the Engineers Fair and places engineering exhibits at various places around the state. members and officers of Sigma Tau are first: James Satterwhite, president, John Powell, vice president, ' Preston Page, historian; Curtis Newberg, treasurer; James Schroeder, Barnett Mandell, Pyramid correspondent and Dean William Sawyer, faculty advisor, Second: Dale Zimmerman, William Hartman, Jose Gonzalez, Louis Carrera, Fred Spross, Jon White, and Leonard Lindahl. Third: Charles Pascale, Frank Thomas, Joseph Ford, Walter Rose, Kenneth Francke, William Altman, Larry Whittington, Douglas Schmidt, Jerry Ward, and Michael Lima. Fourth: Frank Sedmera, Walter Estabrook, Barry Benedict, Robert Johnson, Gary Wingfield, and Fred Lawrence. Fifth: William Blackmon, William Bristol, James McMullan, James Hill, Don Taylor, Jerry Heckman, and Vernon Stokes. Sixth: Reggie Tisdale, Paul Treemoulet, Walter Mashall, Ron Damer, Earnest Baker, Daniel Nardielleo, and William Beverly. 1964-65 Panhellenic Council members were, seated: Joyce Thomas, Zeta Tau Alpha; Susan Bartley, Sigma Kappa; Roseann Spicola, Phi Mu; Gayle Bauer, Alpha Chi Omega; and Dean Evelyn Sellers, advisor, First standing: Jan Berger, Alpha Epsilon Phi; Gail Smilan, Kappa Alpha Theta; Debbie Dalehite, Phi Mu; Beverly West, Zeta Tau Alpha; Susan Levin, Delta Phi Epsilon; Kay Jenkins, Delta Gamma Deanna Hinchey, Delta Delta Delta; Diane Denning, Delta Delta Delta; Judy Brill, Chi Omega. Second standing: Kathy Rowland, Kappa Alpha Theta; Gail Cox, Alpha Chi Omega; Mary Mumbauer, Sigma Kappa; Pat Heath, Delta Gamma; Kathy Duda, Kappa Alpha Theta; Roz Mintz, Delta Phi Epsilon, ' Andrea Westman, Kappa Delta; Jackie Neel, Kappa Delta; and Caroline Wilkes, Alpha Delta Pi. governor of 13 Panhellenic Council serves as governing body for the thirteen UF sororities. Composed of representatives from all of the sororities, it is concerned primarily with rushing regulations. Each trimester the council has a forum for girls interested in becoming sorority members. At the forum, the girls are given facts about sorority life in general and are able to ask questions concerning rush and sororities. The annual project of the is Panhellenic Sing, which is presented during the Winter trimester. Profits from the performance are utilized for scholarships and support of a war orphan. Panhellenic officers left, were: seated, Susan Bartley, Sigma Kappa, secretary, Gayle Bauer, Alpha Chi Omega, president; and Joyce Thomas, Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer. Standing: Roseann Spicola, Phi Mu, vice-president; and Jackie Neel, Kappa Delta, rush chairman, people qualify Greeks, a melting pot . . . rushees ideally hoping to make it different . . . bids separating the real from the ideal . . . learning to live in a little world .. . Gator Growl skits best in the Plaza of Americas . . . house and float decorations extend curfews . . . study sessions . Ted ' s, Gatorland, and Larry ' s . . . bloc seating and SG positions . . . the monkey, jerk frug—frat parties? . . . stolen trophies . . . mud-digging contest—Sigma Chi Derby . . . hair-raising chapter meetings . . . week-ends . . . loyalty. watches over 27 Uniting the twenty-seven Greek organizations on campus is the Council. With the aid of Dean William Cross, advisor, the IFC settles disputes over a wide variety of problems arising in connection with fraternity life. Aside from their work as the of the fraternities, the IFC sponsors Fall and Spring Frolics each year. The IFC does more than govern the fraternities. Twice a year, the IFC presents nationally known entertainment at Frolics Service projects, such as the blood drive and entertaining the Boys Club, help fraternity men themselves, and tie them through good works to the community. Officers of the Interfraternity Council opposite page are: Dubby Mutphree, Kappa Alpha, treasurer, ' Gordon Gowen, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, administrative vice-president, ' Less Burke, Beta Theta Pi, secretary; Jim Hauser, Pi Lambda Phi, president and Bill McBride, Alpha Tau Omega, executive vice-president, alpha chi omega Applegate, Marie Bauer, Gayle Berry, Sandee Boardman, Jeannie Branum, Nita Brown, Kitty Castle, Baia Cawood, Bonnie Cherry, Joy Costa, Marsha Cox, Linda Creighton, Jenny Curtis, Annie Ehrhardt, Sue Fenton, Mary J.—V ice-President Findley, Dolly Franklin, J. Fullagar, Gail Men? What do you think We ' re waiting or in our new living room. Old UF ' s never die . . except When studying busboys golden awards NOT PICTURED Applegate, Jeanne—President Cash, Carol Colodny, Kathy Dunifon, Sally Girardeav, Judy Graham, Joy King, Brenda Mayer, Jerry Neufeld, Sherry Quinn, Becky Roberts, Cyndy Salisbury, Jean Secretary Tompsen, Nan Tunstall, Cindy Waddy, Mary. Another banner year for AXO . . . 820 W. Panhellenic abounds with 24 sparkling new pledges . . . much of the credit goes to rush chairman , Annie Curtis, PiKA Dreamgirl " just scoffing up the Pikes to help us with rush " . . . Panhellenic President Gayle Bauer is pledge trainer and they keep her busy, along with the nightly letters to Dr. Jim . . . give their Golden Alpha Chi Awards presentation at dinner . . . Mary Jo Fenton blushes pink at her award . . . Guffawing, Cindy Grisham gets the Golden Spoon . . . Socials and date nights—the usual whirl . . . Visits from national officers keep AXO ' s on their toes . . . Marty Wilson was . . . The upper echelon is planning weddings rate is high in Executive Suite Three . . . Rings sparkle on third finger, left hand of Gayle, Linda Cox (4.0 and then, Annie gets her man (and her all in the same week . . . The New York crew looks longingly tow ards Christmas . . . Karen Hack and Jean Salisbury want to go back . . Karen Roberts frets over touch-ups in for the Miss World ' s Fair contest and Miss Minute laid has a ball and 274 Gothman, Vicki Gollnik, Kitty Grassman, Joyce Griffin, Judy Grimsley, Jan Grishom, Cindy Hack, Karen Harrie, Marylyn Henderson, Carolyn James, Sandy Joyal, Anita Kane, Mary Beth Karl, Karen Kessler, Mary Ann Klausner, Cyndy Krueger, Cathy Larson, Donna Myer, JoAnn Palmour, Jane Parks, Suzanne Potts, Sue Ready, Roberta Roberts, Bev Roberts, Karen Ruggles, Beth Schlein, Joy Shea, Beverly Stores, Pat Stucky, Louise Swain, Cathy Sweet, Merlene Swerner, Marsha Szabo, Paulette Thomason, Patsy—Treasurer Willis, Righton Wilson, Marty alpha comes in second again .. . . Apples abound, and Jeanne Applegate takes over president ' s office is engaged within three weeks, and may be Hawaii-bound this summer . . . Becky Quinn comes through with a nation-wide first in the Hearst Newswriting Contest . . . One gets married (Ann) while the other gets a Med Center scholarship (Jean) . . . Who else but Alpha Chis would find themselves building their Float in a barn across from the ABC Liquor Store? . . . But Sam ' s is really the place . . . isn ' t it? Yes, bulbsnatching is a problem but if Lincoln could do it . . . 275 delta, pi Oh! This hot wax is burning my fingers. busboys It was a mad, mad world ' s affair, and the ADPi ' s were there . . . Mad Marsha and Placid Patsy return from fun and games in Vienna . . . Roost Ruler and Sinbad get trapped in the attic . . . Senorita Carolyn leads us through experiences . . . Ida gets her diploma . E. B. helps us to tennis victory . . . Variety is the spice of Julie ' s life . . . Marty makes it . . . Never turn your back on a lover like Quattles . . . L. B. J. gives fabulous show . . . Bonnie sleeping . . . Cold weather serenades .. . Louise getting to N. C. . . . Sandy ' s laugh . . . Rindy buys hunting gun . . Bethany ' s ship . . . Mary dancing on the balcony . . . Cathy blazes faster trail to Orlando . . Volleyball championship comes home . . . Charlotte ' s century tower stays in one piece . . . Third place in Gator Growl . . . Susie and Pam, and the fifteen tapings . . . Payson and the Law School . . . Nina ' s thank-you notes . . . Patti ' s gator head . . . Pat ' s fish bowl . . . our new pledges . . . Our Halloween children . . . President Reitz and Dean Hale become busboys for an evening—A fitting finish for Dollars for Scholars campaign. Benson, Emily Blake, Robbie Brashears, Carol Bretz, Tippy Brown, Ann Brown, Roslyn Caldwell, Cathy Carrico, Sandy Combs, Buffy Comer, Kitty Craig, Lee Treasurer—Dickey, Fran Fairfield, Kathy Fields, Beth Fletcher, Marcia Gibson, Pat Gielow, Bonnie Goodman, Pat Hamilton, Sonny Hardy, Marty Helman, Susan Jeter, Payson Jones, Joni Jones, Kristy Kelsey, Sally Kiser, Linda Knopf, Kay Laface, Ida Have you ever asked the President of the UF for seconds? Latham, Barbara Layton, Lindy Leinbach, Jenni Lodmell, Judy Martin, Cathy Mase, Marcia Mathis, Nell May, Sally McKay, Suzy McRae, Suzanne Melton, Kay Miller, Jean NOT PICTURED Atteridge, Sue Chase, Susan Combs, Patsy Eisenberg, Marlene Frome, Peggy Glenn, Marjorie Goldenstar, Carol Gonzales, Marti Gorski, Joan Madison, Pamela Manes, Russell Parrish, Ann Pinkley, Joy Ralph, Rindy—President Skinner, Susan Star, Jerri Wells, Velva Miller, Mary Moore, Bethany Morris, Tippy Nazzard, Patti Ohman Pam Parker, Jeanne Pate, Claudia Peregoy, Charlotte Peregoy, Paula Quattlebaum, Diane Queen, Suzanne Rablen, Suzie Richards, Joann Rouse, Rindy Stack, Evelyn Stephenson, Pat Warren, Louise Weadock, Louise—Secretary Wells, Velva West, Jill White, Julie Wilkes, Carolyn—Vice-President Williams, Nancy Dee Wrenn, Nancy Wright, Amanda 277 alpha epsilon phi Abel, Susan Alexander, Lee Berger, Jan Berman, Sara Block, Sally Bloom, Babs Boruchow, Naida Breslaw, Teddi Bricklin, Marilyn Buns, Barbara Diamond, Rita Happiness is AEPhi . . . Excitement at Tigert as bids are picked up . . . Inspiration week, Lois abolishes egg tradition . . . Initiation, enthusiastic new sisters . . . Green and White Weekend dips into Roaring Twenties . . . All smiles, Louise receives trophy as first runner-up in the Miss UF contest . . All set for the roller relay . . . Cynthia Stillman signs as replacement for Peter Sellers . . . A scream from the kitchen . . . Pins galore for Cheryl and Carole as. fraternity sweethearts . . . At midnight, the candle goes around our circle -four times as Bernstein becomes Braver . . . Good Guy of the Week Award, an original by Dobs and Bobbi . . . 10 AEPhi ' s under a bed, a float bed that is- a beautiful float that won first place in the Homecoming Parade . . . Pi Lams leave a papered house . . . Can little Sara really be 21? . . . A standing ovation and cake for outgoing president, Surprise Dina . . . Sue H., our new cheerleader- Popoff ' s in training . . . Jan and Linda are collecting-(bills) . . . Exams, Exams, Gloria Goes Berserk . . . Best pledge trophy to Bonni, Scholarship to Natalie . . . Eileen and Ellen carry irons instead of combs . . . Dimbo sends his love .. . Barbara and Mary, where is the tiger? . . . David, the unknown doctor . . . AEPhi chosen as the student support group for the Peace Corps . . . Under the bell; for an " A " —its under the clock. Security is holding a guitar a the midst of a Dobbie, Sue Drue, Abby Effron, Patty Feld, Freya Feldman, Jana Freid, Linda Gray, Nancy Herman, Sue Homans, Lois Kandel, Donna Krivan, Susan Landis, Dina Letzic, Linda—Treasurer Litt, Barbara 278 peace corp Sing louder the rushees can ' t hear you. NOT PICTURED Blank, Suzie Felsenthal, Barbara Friedman, Susu Horn, Barbara Kaufman, Eydie Levy, Linda Marks, Harlean Pearlstine, Mary Popoff, Pauline Rappaport, Ruthie—Vice President Rothenberg, Louise Rotman, Cheryl Sachs, Bonnie Shapiro, Sandra Sloane, Linda Snider, Fran Spelton, Vickie Judy McMillan, Frances Mles, Ellen Nathan, Carole Nexer, Eileen Nurenberg, Carole Richman, Paula—secretary Ross, Bobbi Sachs, Carolyne Schoen, Carla Schraibman, Gloria Schwartz, Carol Selditch, Dianne Singer, Frances Slesinger, Gay Smilan, Gail Tavss, Nancy Tischler, Bonni Tuchband, Barbara Warner, Cynthia Zadoff, Natalie Off to classes in our truck pool at GSCJ every morning Quite a year for AEPi . . . Social, service, and general hell-raising were big facets . . . Dee Clark on stage at . . . All have a tremendous time on the dance floor . . . " Beatle-Gators " house decoration a campus hit . . . received honorable mention . . . Our infamous hayride . . . The costume party . . . Fun on football weekends . . . Community service also big . . . Mike Berman coordinated the IFC Thanksgiving food drive . . . every brother -and pledge lends a helping hand . . . the top of the list for amount of food collected . . . Gerald Richman and Joel Sachs two brothers to be proud of—Gerry, chancellor of the Honor Court and Rhodes Scholar Joel appointed Honor Court upon Gerry ' s graduation . . A Christmas party at the Health Center .. . Mike Schulner as Santa . . . the rest of the brothers and pledges his helpers . alpha epsilon aepi beatle gators Armel, Bob Barnett, Les Bercun, Mickael (cq) Better, Robert Brezin, Paul Broder, Larry—Secretary Burak, Barry Engel, Steven Fenster, Ron Fine, Bob Finvarb, Richard Fishbein, Larry Fishman, Johnny Fox, Spencer Gottlieb, Mel Greene, Richard Vice-President Greenfield, Jerry Greenwald, Rick Hall, Andy Kugel, Bill Lazarus, Ronald Lebow, Les Levine, Mike Levy, Bruce Marcus, Steven Melker, Richard Myers, jack Perlyn, Don—President Repice, Dan Rissman, Rainey Romer, Mark Saft, Allen 280 A bunch of heads, and one small egg; egg heads? Remember the first Hort newsletter? .. . Dennis Winters getting his first hair cut ever? . . . Stump grew 1 100 . . . The Great Revolution. . . Mark Romer and his midnight laundry service . . . Labby ' s double chin . . . Thanksgiving dinner in Gainesville—Matt, Ickev, Ed and Steve . . . Our color TV logging more hours than ever; Dick, Lenny, Rick . . . Lazarus and Greene, Beta baiting at 3 a.m. . . . Who keeps his money where, anyway? . . . Melker not getting his daily letter from Brooklyn College .. . Billy making his long distance calls every night . . . A suds party that saw us sliding across the dining room floor . . . The " great Andy, Hor t, Steve and Mike . . . Wombat . . . The accursed all- nighters before finals that came three weeks early . . . Finally, vacations—the blessed weeks. Schaffel, Gary Schrift, Perry Schulner, Michael Sharpe, Barry Shenkman, Philip Weinberg, Norman Weissman, Lenny Winston, Lon Winters, Dennis Zager, Ira Ringo Gator, Paul Gato George Gator, John Gator . Yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah! NOT PICTURED Epstein, Barry Hoffman, Richard Pottlitzek, Eddie Weinstein, Alan Faber, Avrohn Horowitz, Steve Ramo, Neil Weinstein, Michael Bass, Paul Feinstein, Fredric Kapit, Arthur Richman, Gerald Weitz, Mike Behrman, Jay Finvarb, Solamon Katz, Martin Richman, Gerald Wiesel, Robert Berman, Mike Freidin, Howard Kramer, Randolph Rothstein, Ronald Wildstein, Steven Bertner, Warren Freidin, Philip Kulick, Sidney Sachs, Joel Wilensky, Kerry Bloom, Terry Gold, Philip Labbie, Stephen Safier, Michael Winston, Gary Bromberg, David Goldberg, Ronald Levine, Kenneth Sarper, Daniel Wolfson, Meyer Buchbinder, Neil Goldberg, Stuart Logan, Rodney Schiller, Ralph Wollman, Glenn Carson, Michael Goldman, Richard Logan, Stewart Schneider, Matthew Zimmerman, Arnold Chase, Jeffrey Gould, Steve Lynn, Richard Schwartz, Martin Chase, Stephen Greene, Melvyn Medof, Alan Seligson, Richard Cohen, Murray Gross, Steven Newman, George Sherman, Michael Cole, Robert Grossman, Leonard Pastreich, James Stark, Ronnie Conn, Stephen Hackmeier, Mark Peller, Alan —Treasurer Strongin, Richard Copperman, Jack Harrison, Alan Poaster, Larry Wasserman, Steven alpha omicron pi snowed shaving cream Alonso, Barbara Bauer, Ginger Bell, Shirle y, Blacken, Kris Boal, Carol Butchko, Terry Conners, Patty Vice-President Cox, Gail Cox, Mary Ellen Chalberg, Shirley Coffron, Barbara Coffron, Nancy This is even worse than looking or a needle in a hay stack. Crane, Susan Cretekos, Lynda Edwards, Betty Edwards, Linda Egan, Kathy Fairbanks, Bonnie This is one way to get a date. Don ' t call us . . . Gehris, Linda Gehris, Marsha Greenwald, Fran Hamilton, Suellen Haynesworth, Sandi Hines, Alice Hunt, Susie Jones, Carol Kemmerer, Peggy Killinger, Edie Lawler, Sharon Long, Carolyn Matson, Bev Matthews, Nancy Neff, Mary Ann Nilon, Jane—President Pierle, Linda Plavin, Terry Ponce, Lynda Price, Carol Roche, Linda—Treasurer Rumpel, Valerie Salario, Rosie Santilli, Janet Shacklett, Allie Shifflett, Evelyn Smith, Janie—Secretary Stacks, Bonnie Stewart, Faith Stoddard, Janet Tanner, Margot Toepel, Louise Young, Bobbie Evening ritual at the house, Harriet cheers and Bonnie twirls as Gators win? . . . Malace on her way down South in Dixie flags . . Gail ' elected President of the Rah-Rah club as AOPi ' s net 25 in Rah-Rah rush . . . Phi Taus and Theta Chis serenade their . . Edwards swings out at Pike Yacht Club party . . . What Phi Tau little sister was seen kissing brothers under the mistletoe? . . . What Delt strong men were seen carrying LP ' s V.W. across the patio? . . . Candles drip as 27 AOPis get pinned . . joins KLPOOLK Club . . . Betas snow AOPis with shaving cream . . . Our special " angel " guards Billy Mitchell drill team on TV . . . Alpha Lambda Deltas busting out of school . . . President ' s cup missing after AOPi midnight raiders struck . . . laughs as Homecoming decorations blow down .. . Lynn finally makes food manager . . . We don ' t it, Carolyn . . Composite, seven trophies, and Greek house letters all gone at once .. Harriet and Bonnie part Seminoles? . . . make wonderful holes in the ceiling . . . Smile, ladies, smile! NOT PICTURED Braren, Sherry Clark, Barbara Deal, Sue Deloach, Marcet Eagon, Sali Forehand, Judy Godwin, Sue gordy Betty Hamm, Sandi Holley, Pat Hughes, Harriet Mulholland, Jo Ann Pfeifer, Lynn Plano, Trish Plumb, Val Stewart, Carolyn Swan, Connie Welty, Backy alpha tau omega ato ' s make hay while NOT PICTURED Angele, Ray Baraks, Brad Benefield, C. J. Bennett, Bruce Benson, Jim Bloodworth, Robert Brewer Steve Brock, Jim Cash, Johnny Chamberlain, Ron Chillingworth, Charles Colson, Wally Coons, Jack Criswell, Harvey Dann, Phil Eastwood, Tom Eyrick, Pete Fielland, Ted Fletcher, Rick Garmony, Bill Gill, Pete Grandy, George Hardy, Les Harper, Jack Heidt, Steve Hewlett, Frank Hill, Robert Hillier, Dennis Holt, Bill Hove, Chio Hunkapillar, Robert Johnson, Bill Johnson, Steve Jones, Greg Kelley, Richard Knight, Ted Latimer, Jim Lea, Eddy Lee, Bob Lindsev, Bob Lommis, George McBride, Bill - McCann, Mike McDonald, Charles McIntosh, Dave Middlebrooks, Don Mikesell, Bob Miles, James Motnik, John Murphey, Ron Noto, Dennis Olson, Ed Phelan, Jeff Phifer, John Phillips, Jim Redman, George Rittgers, Robin Sansberry, Tom Sharp, Bob Smith, Barry Starnes, Marty Stower. Harry UF ' s oldest fraternity began its 60th year on campus with the lead spot in intramurals . . . Student Body President Ken Kennedy . . . Five in Florida Blue Key . . . Seven on varsity grid team .. . Five ROTC officers . . . Chairman of Dollars for Scholars Bill McBride . . . And reserved tables at Ted ' s on T hursday afternoon . . . Little Sisters keeping their place in the hearts of their brothers .. . Garmany has a date . . . Pledge proposes better relations with other Prat men . . . Seed gets worried over phone call . . . Turkey gets the key . . gobble, gobble, gobble . . . Tripp plays at Ted ' s . . . we go down to listen . . . " Baby " enrolls in Slinderella course . . . McBride skips town with DOLLARS .. . Harper hires press agent . .. Ken (alias " Prince Charming " ) rearranges schedule for LBJ .. . Little Hunky loses pin . . . Sandsberry (Almost Zeta Man Of Year) stops cheering . . . Mom wins " Conversationalist of Year " award for ninth year running . . . Stick shrinks . . . Lea shows frosh " Best Time of her life, " . . . Executive Committee fined $10 and given severe reprimand by piggy . . . Wedding plans great Hay Party . . . Neuman only grad student in house . . . Captain Phifer finally gets saluted . . . Feather gets toupee . . . V.P. proves his leadership with water balloons to girls . . . Cash heads intramurals and Little Sisters as usual . . . Chillingworth gets " Room of the Year Award " . . . Hawk and Havel come in second . . . Hadley looks over law schools . . . Bumpy stays cool . . . O ' Connell still head politico .. . Eastwood finally graduates . . . maybe . . . Bolt likes ADPIs better than FSU .. Toy teaches night classes at Ted ' s .. . Taus give Fijis " Most Friendly and Cool Bunch of Fellas " Award ... Gill falls in love for real. Topjun, Randy Toy, Arlan Trammel, Allan Tripp, Tim Vebel, Steve Wales, Tom Wall, Rick Wallace, John Wedding, Rob Williams, Charles Woodward, Jack What we hear about vitiation is really true! Arnold, Chuck Bacle, Pete Treasurer—Barnes, Bob Blackburn, Roger Secretary—Bolt, Bob Bowen, John Brinson, Bill Calvitt, Richard Chace, Rick Clements, Fabe Cox, Jim Cox, Johnny the moon shines Not normal to see the house so quiet. Curtis, Dave DeShazo, James Dilts, Pete Draper, Dave Ellis, Tom Featherstone, Ron Fly, Walter Goforth, Hal Gordon, Pat Grant, Bob Hair, Joe Hinson, Tom. Holbrook, Bill Huddleston, Mike Hughes, David Kynes, Lastinger, Lanny Laverde, Alberto Lee, Jim Logan, Kemp Anyone for a night cap , at our PJ party? Losson, Rich McCarty, John McKeel, Doug Minerd, Dave Mitchell, Bruce O ' Neal, Pat Perryman, Jim Phillips, Jim Rehberg, Bob Rice, Bill Rich, Larry Rissier, Henry Shepard, Brad Tart, Tom Thurbon, Reid Trotsky, Tadziu Waller, John Weisemiller, Johnny Wynn, Rich Zellner, Robert 285 beta, theta pi The Beta House is filled to capacity as the year begins, thanks to a record-size pledge class . . . A surge to raise the Gamma Xi banner ever higher on campus . . two more Florida Blue Key members to add to our total . . . One triple All-America athlete and the for more . . . The football squad which finds rough going only against the intramural refs . . . A record number of executive and committee positions on the Interfraternity Council . . . A lesson in etiquette from Mom, followed by a friendly water fight on the front lawn the next evening . . . The tunneling entrance to a gala Halloween party . . . An omnipresent plea to keep off the grass . . . The startling call from the New York phone company .. . . What a sigh of relief as the air conditioning switch is flipped . . . An inspiring group of fraternity officers—Jerry, John, . . . A month of solemnity during which the meaning of " fraternity " strikes the hearts of everyone . . . A Loving Cup shared by each for the benefit of all. We are great big ugh, Alagood, Joe Andrews, John Barker, Bill Bauer, Chris BeMent, Dennis Bokor, Tom Brewer, Ron Brown, Todd Burke, Les Vice President Caldwell, Bruce Clarke, Richard Crew, Mike Dioguardi, Torn Dozier, Tom Dunn, Tom Eddie, C. Tom Eidlin, Mike Frome, Ed Gable, Mike Gafford, Bill Galloway, Tommy Garbett, Bill Glenn, Lew Glenn, Mike Grafton, Larry Griffiths. John Hall, Lloyd Deceased 1964 Hames, Gary Harrell, Tommy Heavener, Mac Hines, Raymond Howard, Stan Jokinen, John President Johnson, Bill Kahle, Gary NOT PICTURED Alexander, Donald Archer, James Ball, Billy Baxter, John Black, Louis Blatnak, Steven Brown, Todd Brown, Walter Bruscino, Al—deceased 1964 Carlton, Daniel Clarke, Richard Couse, Edwin Craig, Carlton Crews, James Day, Bryant Ferlita, Nelson Harling, Hugh Harman, Richard Hartley, Carl Healey, Thomas Johnson, Dennis Koss, William Maggio, Phillip Mayberry, Stephen McCall, Tristam Mixon, Edwin Nihill, Michael Payne, Billy Payne, Glenn Petrucci, Donald Richardson, Michael Rutler, Robert Sander, Larry Sevoyer, John Sheppard, Patrick Simpson, Howard Streit, David Suldo, Michael Tabscott, Charles Taylor, Lex Thomson, David Turner, Robert Van Veldhuizen, John Watson, John Watson, Roy Watson, Raymond Whitehouse, Francis hairy chested men, ugh, hairy . Kampion, Duff Kiermaier, Daniel King, Don Koehne, Bill—Secretary Koscska, Bill Lauwaert, Alan Lawrence, Jim Livingston, Gerry Mahla, Gary Malloy, Dale Marchese, Tom McGraw, Bill McRae, John Miner, Sid Molitor, Doug Munro, Charlie Nelson, Don Nielsen, Alla n Oakley, Dave Pajak, Doug Yes, he has beautiful teeth. Pascia, Jim Putwain, Charlie Pipkin, James Price, Lansing Quandt, Dorsey Richards, Paul Robinson, Grover Rutkowski, Ral Scafuti, Joe Semago, Bim Sims, Skip Smiley, Earl Smith, Dennis Smith, Jeff Sutton, Charles Taylor, Bill Valdes, Tom Vitulli, Clark Wade, William Welch, Dave Wilkinson, Dennis Williams, Allen—Treasurer Wormwood, Chris Wormwood, Pete chi omega Why did I volunteer for this . . . poor chicken. Not the Wise Potato chip owl? My mamma told me long time ago, child don ' t you go to any other . Austin, Joan Bacharach, Pam Baker, Morna Bard, Sue Bass, Judy Beatty, Patti—President Brill, Judy Calhoun, Nancy—Treasurer Caruso, Edna Cif ers, Virginia Cox, Eleta Cramer, Leni Dudly, Mary Edds, Pam Evans, Julie Falck, Pam Farrer, Lois Fletcher, Jean Fryer, Patty Garcia, Joan Glass, Lynell sisters McCaleb, Gail Murphree, Jennie Pickett, Melinda Porter, Sherwood Scales, Sandra Schear, Margie Shackelford, Sherri Simmons, Mike Sparkman, Rosemary Streetman, Pat Taylor, Bess Taylor, Sandy Thomas, Rocky Townsend, Gay Vrana, Joan Goebel, Ginger Graham, Robin Greenland, Gloria Hardman, Dixie Hill, Bobbie--Secretary Hirn, Mary Ellen Iversen, Vicki Johnston, Nelle Kimbrell, Jane Krouse, Shirley Lambert, Cyn Langston, Elaine Laughon, Nel Lucas, Nancy Marshall, Kathy Mauldin, Lynn " The most beautiful sound I ' ve ever heard . . . oh, Jonesy . . . " Blue and green rooms were in . . . so was being first in scholarship--Garcia racked . . . Our pledges—all 25—with cute tricks . . . particularly KA Rose trophy in the refrigerator along with Sig Ep and SAE trophies strategically placed . . Then the loss of Annie . . Three yellow vegetables and sexy bus-boys with rollers in their hair . . . Jane, Sue and Fred prepare a double prize winning Collegiate World ' s Fair . . . Bikinied Gators . . . A social with Kappa Sigma . . . Doughnuts, bean guesses . . . Pledges rush sisters-- try to blackball all . . absence of one large owl . . acquired a new one—quite stuffed . . . one little blue and green Sambo work . . . Pledges ' busing . . . and T.P. ' ing . . . Tennis trophy . . Krause in the shower and snow . . . Elaine ' s reasons . . . Patty and the phantom .. Lynn ' s cheering for 76 . . A broken Sigma Chi pin ... Heyward in the foyer . . . Ned and Jack ' s piercing voices . . . A tree limb in Dixie ' s room . . . Bobbi and week-ends . . . Gay and contacts .. . A test a day keeps Virginia gay . . . Laughon ' s 11:30 bubble gum raids . A Pompano nurse . . . Change of Nellie ' s mind . . . A Stuart Teacher . . . Johnson finally decided something . . . Kay ' s study dates . . . Then day the 100 lifted for Eleta and Julie . . Tally and the Hunt Club . . . Sheri ' s " heavenly " room . . . Glo ' s love for Dillon ... Sandy, Gail and Nancy tapped for Mortar Board . . . Jenny and the peanut butter . . . Brill ' s 3 a.m. giggles . . . Hoot, hoot NOT PICTURED Baker, Sue Carter, Joyce Cavanaugh, Carol Davock, Terri Hudson, Bonnie Johnson, Carolyn Jordan, Jan Lundquist, Mills, Ann Nixdorf, Anne Purpura, Vicki Talley, Jane Traver, Rita Wilkins, Beck Woody, Janette Young, Sue 289 chi phi chi phi the alamo The Chi Phi ' s, housed in the " Alamo, " have finished another typical (?) year . . . Shaving cream was served with dinner, courtesy of the pledges .. The playboy hat made the usual rounds . . . Our Homecoming made a big purple splash . . . The annual pledge-brother Toilet Bowl was played with the brothers unloading 75-12 . . The addition of a color (anti-study) tube did wonders for our grade average . . . We retained our usual (or is it unusual) representation on all-campus sports . . And finally, we continued the tradition of beautiful women always connected with the Chi Phi house . .. All in all, it was quite a year. Ackerman, Don Beck, John Berky, Andy Brown, Tom Capezzera, Vincent Dickenson, Jim Emerson, Jim Evans, Michael Fernandez, Fred Fleming, Chuck Fosha, Chuck Gadsden, Tom Groth, Darrol Hallgren, Gordon Hines, Ron Kelley, Bill Lochridge, Doug Marchetta, Rod Martin, Wyatt McCarthy, John McCarthy, Mike McDevitt, Kahl McLaurin, Porter Meyer, Siegie Miller, Terry Monroe, John Morgan, Frank Nisula, Wayne What are we all waiting in here These are Chi Phi brothers who typify fraternity life at the University of Florida any day of the week. Noyes, Gary Okula, Dave Prior, Dick Prior, Kelly Purser, Palmer Quintana, Bo Ruiz, Fred Rymer, Tom Seymour, Brook Simons, Paul Stetler, Larry Straub, Roger Toothaker, Steve Williams, Joe—Secretary Wilson, Chuck And he was always so shy at home. NOT PICTURED Adair, Bill Daniels, Edward McCamphill, Jim Mochridge, Peter Peloquin, Edward--President Reed, Bob—Vice-President Seymore, James Smodish, Mike—Treasurer Spindler, James delta chi delta chi ' s trophies The doors of the new house will be open for inspection in ' 65. No refreshments. When you fellows moved this mess, where did you put my stuff? . . . Boy, those guys before us sure left this place in terrible shape . . . How come the AU ' s get to have a patio and we don ' t? . . . No! No! The Gators should be " plucking " the chicken . . . Hondo! . . . Who stole our trophies? . . . Well, there ' s another $1.50 per man . . When is ground breaking this time? . . . Don ' t tell me those guys are lifting weights again . . . Well, we had the trophy until the last 15 seconds, anyway . . . Don ' t twist the bolt till the top is in . . . Sigma Kappas got the worst of one deal . . . So what ' s wrong with beans and franks for $1.25? . . . But officer, we ' re looking for a picnic! . . . How come we only get two rows in our block? . . . A white shirt and tie for Shadow Lawn? . . . You ' re brewing your own what? . . . This living room is just not big enough for our parties! one lesson you look like this. 292 misplaced By George, I ' ve lost the cord again. Bennett, Ernie Brannon, Joe—Vice-president Burdette, Dave Carey, Bill Dinkins, Horace Dodson, Mike Fielder, Dennis—President Fitchie, David Hayner, Burt Holden, Tom Horton, Rick Jones, Richard Lovitt, Jim Mallonee, John McAllister, Corky McKinnon, Bill—Treasurer McMullen, Norman Newell, Richard—Secretary Reavell, Tom Rowland, Greg Sargent, Craig Schneider, Larry Schultz, Dick Thompson, Bob Turk, Don Vara, Russ Welling, Jack Whitney, Richard NOT PICTURED Clark, Arthur Jimenez, Humberto Pinto, William Robalweski, Richard 293 delta delta delta tri-delts Betty Grable was the star that insured her legs, but we of the Baldwin, Janet Banks, Ann Barber, Marie Bearden, Becky Beck, Susan Bleidner, Joyce Breslauer, Ann Briggs, Dee Dee Camp, Ellen Chipley, Anne Claiborne, Chris Cole, Sandy Crow, Kathy Denning, Diane President Dygon, Susan Eason, Billie Evans, Mary Gerlin, Karen Gilmour, Joan Treasurer Goldcamp, Anne Grand, Jeanne Green, Kathy Hadley, Sue Hanchett, Bonnie Hayes, Kathleen Hayes, Patricia Henson, Jerry Hilderbrant, Arlene Hinchey, Deanne Huggins, Judith Tri-Delt house insure our feet, rah-rah. September and twenty new Triple Desires enter the Delta Shelter . . . fighters hold their first meeting to discover president Ellen missing from the ranks . . . Ukes play " When the Snakes Come Marching in " . . . The brown bag squadron makes a target run . . . A.B. crowned Rah-Rah queen . . . Whose cow is that tied in the back yard? . . . Homecoming drizzle douses the Brass Rail take-off . . . The mad chalker strikes . . . Why pass candles around when pinmates are more fun? . . The great food fight, and Bee ' s the loser .. . Vicki and the cash register ring " No Sale " . . . ATO claims the lizard . . . More people keep ordering out; could it be the man? . . Daytona- bound Dewey . . . The Seminoles do a little exterior decorating . . . A divided—the Pit and the Tower battle it out . . . The Colorado cult plans for the summer . . . " Little Sisters of the Rat Pack " dissolve . . . Long distance romances keep the mailbox full . . . After dinner, it ' s dance on the tables . . . Hootenannies during finals soothe nerves and lower averages . . All in all, it ' s a triple D-lux year! 294 tri-delts Hull, Suzann Jackson, Janice A. Jackson, Janice F Kenworthy, Terry Kinser, Vicki Kirkham, Ann Klein, Linda Knoebber, Susan Vice-president Larsen, Mary Leverenz, Louise Lynn, Laurie McCaleb, Pam McConnell, Marie McEnery, Mary McKinnon, Jennifer Middendorf, Weslie Midulla, Nancy Miller, Dee Milton, Elizabeth Moore, Mary Nettles, Bea Nichols, Sue Norfleet, Nell Notaris, Jo Anne Owens, Susan Port, Julia Read, Karen Reilly, Dewey Richbourg, Lisa Rothrock, Elizabeth Schmid, Barbara Smith, Vicki Sowell, Meg—Secretary Stenger, JoAnne Taylor, Anne Taylor, Elaine Tootle, Susan NOT PICTURED Wacaster, Janice Webber, Beverley Hayes, Kathy Webber, Janet Jasper, Jinny Wells, Lauranne Lessner, Diane Whyte, Robin Militana, Joan Williams, Bunny Whyte, Sno 295 delta, gamma contest, the rest wish Cheers for the kissing delta wear to be Bartlett, Peggy Brady, Janie Campbell, Lorna Cave, Linda Coleman, Patti Collins, Janet Cooper, Mary-Kay Craft, Carolyn Cueny, Dianne Secretary Davich, Diane Dullenkopf, Sally Dunn, Valorie Elms, Judy Vice-President Ferry, Judi Filipski, Linda Gibson, Joan Gregory, Beth Hampton, Candy Harness, Toni Hathaway, Polly Heath, Pat Henderson, Carol Herbine, Val Treasurer Hicks, Paula Holt, Kaki Hughes, Sue Husher, Jeanine Jackson, K. C. Jenkins, Kay Jochem Ginger Kimsey, Cheryll Lee, Carole Lewis, Margie Mahoney, Sharon Marks, Norma Try to look glove is stuck in the pin. their anchors proudly McDonough, Judy McNaull, Betty Jean President Mellow, Jean Mintner, Georgeanne Morrison, Liz Neeley, Ann Nelson, Carolyn Nielson, Sandy Parker, Beth Pohlman, Suzanne Ponce, Diane Pritchard, Judy Rabby, Tommie Ralston, Carole Reynolds, Lyle Rhodes, Karen Rice, Gail Selph, Sue Shafer, Jean Sievers, Jo Ann Sloat, Susan Smith, Sue Starnes, Susie Swigert, Diane Testy, Sharon Waters, Carol White, Anne Wills, Anita Wills, Bambi Wright, Elnora NOT PICTURED Buchanan, Doris Hungate, Susie Laney, Gwen Lyons, Marvin Rodriguez, Roberta Stryker, Karyn Wendt, Betty Memories are links in the chain that holds the golden anchor .......we sailed the ocean blue we remember: . . . Dizzy Rhodes and Spacey . . . The Gables Girls? . . . The struggle with the contact paper . . . One masked serenader . . . Suzie ' s elegy to her black and white saddle oxfords . . . Absence makes a pin grow fonder than a lavalier . . . An SAE who was going out West, lost Ann to a SX in the final test .. There was more than one kind of snow which fell on Smith this Christmas . . . We love you bus boys, oh yes we do . . Pat is so excited . . . Captain of the DG has turned surfer ... Gwen got an A in Ae . . . George is new campaign manager . . . Elms is DG ' s Spinoza . . . Ral Ral has on vacations ... Liz just wasn ' t happy until she had two .Phi Delt pins . . . When will Elnora find her permanent mate? . . These links in our chain bind the past to the future, and its symbol is the golden anchor. Crew members anchored around the piano. 297 delta, phi epsilon deepher ' s To top it off, he asked who 1 was going with. They think they have it had with those floods in California. Take a bit of ginger . . . What ' s this; typing in the girls bathroom . . . Spite and Malice replaces bridge . . . Hey, Gator, turn off that guitar ... What were going to do with our little green girl, FSU ATO ' s? . . . Diet days are here again . . . Get your hands out of my banana cake . . . 13 dates and never been kissed . . . Honestly, Reggie, playing Minnie Mouse at your age . . . Sixteen boys and what do you get, Lynne R? Take a lit ' l bit of grit (hard work) . . . Beth, 2nd highest in command at the Seminole . . . Eunice, Judy AI. and Lynda make the Seminole a well-rounded staff . . . Vicki Weithorn, Mortar Board, Hall of Fame, pres. of WSA--BWOC . . . Nancy and her Fla. Union gang had a ball . . Sisters come through scholarship trophy . . . Linda and Jove, our two Angels ... A first Bonnie TEP Sweetheart and Pearl Rubin, Pi Lam pledge class favorite . . . I ' m an oyster, I ' m an oyster . . . Take a lit ' l bit of spirit . . . " Good evening, " AEPhi House, " Jove . . . and toothpaste just don ' t mix . . . Pledges: return the machine . . . " We shall overcome " . . . JELLO .. . " How to a food fight " by Ruthie and Iris . . Lynn W. and W. want ACTION . . Take a bit of . . . Queenie reigned til . . . It was a hard day ' s knight that won 2nd place in growl again . . . Put them all together and get that Deepher reputation. 298 hard day ' s knight Berger, Donna Bookbinder, Iris Caslar, Karen Fink, Susan Fitterman, Sandi Fortunoff. Janet Goldin, Patti Hinden, Michele Holtzman, Iris J acobs, Maxine Julius, Ina Kleinberg, Arlene Kramer, Marsha Kraselsky, Beth—Pledge Mother Laufman, Sue Levine, Puddin Levine, Susan K. Levinson, Lou Ann Lippman, Lynda Lippman, Phyllis Lobel, Anne Malin, Marsha Miller, Judy Nacht, Susan Nash, Nancy Oken, Patti Ross, Nancy Rothman, Margie Rubin, Pearl Russell, Jane Sacks, Paula Samuel, Carol Schwartz, Joye—Secretary Schwartz, Maureen—Treasurer Sharaf, Barbara Siegel, Bette Sokol, Diane Sondheimer, Carol Spiegel, Judi Stark, Reggie—President Steinberg, Lisa Tall, Eunice Wax, Cheri Weinberg, Linda Weinberg, Nancy Weinberg, Sue Weisbaum, Carol Weithorn, Vicki Whitney, Michele Widelitz, Sara Willner, Bonnie Zinn, Karen NOT PICTURED Bakst, Hazel Levine, Susan Postelner, Sara Rubin, Ruth Boral, Linda Mintz, Roz Reifman, Marsha Shinbaum, Marilyn Gilbert, Marsha Neuhaus, Judy Ross, Lynne Tomberg, Barbara Greene, Alice Poaster, Tish Rothberg, Sheryle Wolly. Lynn—Vice-President delta, sigma, phi Little sister rush is fun for who . . brothers or rushees? Our kitchen also does laundry, so we don ' t eat or sleep. Anderson, Eric Brands, Dave Cooper, Jeff DeLoach, Bob Emerson, Kurt Fernandez, Manuel Fleitas, Rick Fort, Dick Vice-President Gerber, Bob Hall, Jim Harris, Bruce Treasurer Hobgood, Randy Jones, Don Kobzina, Tom Lamb, Ken Malaghan, Mike McCullars, George McDermott, John President Meerman, Bill Myers, Bill Neale, Doug Peterson, Ken Rodriguez, Ronnie Stokes, Lynn Vaughn, Bob Webb, Bob Wilsky, John 300 delta sigma phi ' s stop traffic Sounds of Delta Sig life: the house in vain—Hurricane Dora fixed that . . . Wild Western Casino closed down early . " Cat, " our kitten came and went . . . Roman Toga Orgy called " vulgar " by jealous neighbors . . " O.K., Officer, we ' ll tell them to turn those amps down. " . . . and another beautiful first-place float (sigh while tehe skit was censored out (hiss!) . . . Gordy ' s jeep to South America that never made it past Miami . new sport: Waking Ken up for class . . . rah-rahs worn by the " Brave Ones " . . . The night the bathtub overflowed and the ceiling caved in . . . initiating the " Little Sisters of the Nile " . . . Mike and his AOPi Cl eopatra . . The Dollars for Scholars roadblock . . . Catching Kurt before he fell . . . swatting mosquitos at Millhopper radio-game bash . . . Who is the Great White Hud? . . . pledges painting the town red, literally . . . Old Testament Ball with all the biblical gang . .. Cliff breaks loose . . . the plastic " ear " in Dick ' s room . . . Eric invites " The Lettermen " to stay over— they do . . . Baby Huey finally wears brother ' s pin . . . The Dracula Hickey Twins at Halloween . . . Lord Nelson stolen, returned, stolen, returned, etc .. . West Apt. secedes from the main house . . . while East Apt. sets the curve . . . Black and White beatniks go off on tipsy tangent . . . plans to rebuild on same property by next fall . . . DeLoach earns Florida Blue Key tap . . . choking on pineapple " punch " at Shipwreck Luau . . . Delta Sig Weekend formal . . . those oh-so-poignant-and-blurry Sunday moms. NOT PICTURED Barnes, Frank Bear, Charles Boyd, Brian Campbell, Chris Cowles, Charles Deloach, Bob Escarrez, Enrique Henderson, Cliff—Secretary Johnston, Wilmer Kilgo, John Marciano, Dan Maxwell, Dennis Moyer, Bill Murray, Ron Reddinger, Tom Ryce, Don Walters, Roy Warner, Dennis Wilkinson, Doug I ' m so thrilled over the picture I could cry, turn it around so I can see. 301 delta tau delta What is this? A sack dance, or a bagged party? Quiet, everybody, the lady in the back can ' t hear the great entertainment, Year opens with biggest pledge class, great spirit, parties and politics . . . Poe, McLean , Gagner spark Gators . . . Stump Malloy enters Law School . . . Ashdown, Harrison and Swartz explore old houses . . " Supercar " blows up on Babb . . . Ranger Grainger and Roundface hit the books for a change . . . L. C. Judah roadtrips his roommate .. . DiBo chases wisps ... Bear organizes band ... Wack serves unleavened bread at meals . . . Morrison, Keeley and Marsico replace door and wall . . Shaffa interns . . . Emmett cartoons rock campus . . . Semenak wears socks . . . Harper and. Valido learn English . . . Peroxide Wilson is " monkey king " . . . McCaleb and Kersey spark Homecoming . . . " Hairy Buffalo, " " House of Rising Sun " and JP ' s parties provide weekend diversion . . . SE Buzzard eyes new band sound . . . Owens heads for Olympic weight lifting tryouts . . . " Betty, I want some watermelons . . . Delz—most " active " law student . . . Nelson takes gavel .. . " The lady in the back can ' t hear you " .. . Bush patrol . . . " A little backhand " .. . " Like " . . . Top float, top skit, top clowns . . . Betty Wendt—delt-sponsored Princess . . " Carden, call Bros. at 2-9188. " . . . Stratton is stalled at Mallory . . " Emmett ' s Folly " repeats . . . " Kersey, call Western Union. " . . . Chalker, your mail truck will be late this morning . . . Campbell and McCaleb won ' t believe it without pictures . . . " Hey, ever see one of these? " . . . This house is not for real. Andrews, Ken Ashdown, Paul Ashley, Bob Askeland, Ronald Atkins, Tom Babington, Ken Baggett, Fred Barlow, John Behnke, Ernie Bloom, Bob Blue, Rob Bopp, Harry Bottoms, Jack Broome, Ira Burr, Russ Campbell, Bill Carden, Art Chapin, Jim Crichlow, Don Croucher, Bill Culver, Richard Damiano, Dennis DiBernardo, Al Downey, Bill Draughon, Bill Dykes, Virgil Emmett, Roy Ewing, Bob not for real Falkanger, Jeffrey Faulkner, Roy Feaster, Bill Fickett, Al Fitzgerald, Bill Freas, Gordon Garrish, Lew Gibbs, George Goodin, Larry Grabis, Andy Grainger, Don Graves, Barry Greenewald, Bob Secretary Greenwood, Jim Gulledge, Barr Harper, Richard Harrison, Jon Hayden, Buddy Hendry, Candler Ines, Vic Johnston, Bob Jones, Tom Judah, Wayne Kangar, Steve Kaylor, Tom Killingsworth, Larry Kropff, Neal Lanier, Ron Pullara, Morris Ranch, Leon Riegler, Pete Ropes, Dave Schafer, George Scott, Maurice Scully, Bob NOT PICTURED Balch, Mike Benson, Don Bohannon, Larry Brown, Vic Byrd, Ford Carlton, Lynn Chalker, Selwyn Cummings, Tim Davis, Rick Decker, Bob Delz, Eddie DeVault, John Evers, Johnny Fairall, Larry Fawbush, Andy Feaster, Bill Fowler, John Girard, Ozzie Gwynn, John Harrell, Robby Headly, Tom Hinson, Lynn Horder, Rick Judy, Joe Kanar, Steve Keely, Jay Kersey, Joe Kluft, Ernie Lowe, John Lynn, Doug Malloy, Charlie McLeab, Mike McLean, Sid Mitchell, Fred Neiburg, John Norris, Tom O ' Brien, Bill Palako, Ivan Paul, James Paul, John Pent, Mike Perryman, Dave Poe, Alan Powell, Rodney Ranch, Lee Reinhold, John Rigler, Jim Ring, Bob Roos, Jim Scaggs, Paul Setzer, Bob Skyles, Dave Smith, Chris Smith, Leonard Smith, Warren Stark, Doug Stephens, Bob Touchton, Nick Troup, Craig Valido, John Van Epp, Dick White, Bob Willey, Al Williams, Tom Wilson, Mike Wright, Hank Yeats, Ken Lewis, Robin—Treasurer Lockhart, Tom Macklem, Bill Marsico, Al Mitchell, Bob Morra, Mike Morrison, Charles Nelson, Northern, Braxton Owens, Ken Parhalo, Dave Pariso, Jack Placko, Ivan Poff, Ken Seminak, Joe—Vice-President Sheehe, Mike Shull, Dave Sisler, Dave Skaggs, Paul Slaughter, Torry Southard, Lee Stark, Ray Stratton, John Stringfellow, Ed Swartz, Bob Trifiletti, John Tullis, Stuart Tyler, Hary Valido, John Walker, Lance Wheeler, Joe White, Douglas Wilson, Mike Yohe, Bob Zaloom, Vic delta upsilon a new mascot We worked hard to save the Sigma Chi house. I told him he ' d stick her with the pin, but he wouldn ' t listen. Baker, Ernest Bayman, Scott Braun, Steve Carr, Bob Chandler, Bill Christiansen, Bob Colker, Randy Deaton, Rol Dolbier, Ric Durrell, Al Eggers, Art Gooden, Ben Grant, Dick—Vice-President Hixon, Bill Jackson, George Jones, Dan Kiehle, Fred Leete, David McCoy, Ladd Meeker, Jeff Mueller, George—Treasurer 304 for du ' The long anticipated move to the new house was finally made . . . Active in the redecoration of the house was new housemother Mrs. Baum . . . D.U. now has the physical plant necessary for development and growth . . . Football season brought parties and luncheons . . Sean, our new Newfoundland made a name for, himself on campus . . . Pledges chased him to the library and third floor of the stadium . . . Ric Dolbier became animal trainer as Sean consumed fantastic amounts of food . . . The social season began with the Founder ' s Day banquet and dance . . . Pledges harass the brothers . . . among their achievements was the theft of sorority trophies and the " Gator ponding " of some poor brothers . . . The pressure of the trimester put a damper on things near the end as D.U. attempted to uphold its tradition of scholastic achievement . . . 1964 marked a turning point in D.U. history at the UF—the beginning of dynamic growth at Florida. Now for the best par t of the program. Smith, Mike Smyth, Beau Sorrentino, Frank Stevens, Jay Talcott, Jim Toolan, Mike Upham, Ty Van Vonno, Nick Wadsworth, Jim Wahl, Ken O ' Brien, Frank Peeples, Chandler Pfeiffer, Jay Pruitt, Jim Reynolds, Milton Rice, Jack Rivenbark, Pete Schneider, J. D. Schroeder, Jim Backenstoss, Gil Baldwin, Bill Baugher, Larry Baum, John—President Beasely, Joe Beaver, Ray Chandler, Jim Chapman, Neil Croswell, Paul Curtis, Dick D ' alli, Richard—Secretary DeWolf, Dennis Dietrich, Dave Engelman, Dave Falgout, Dennis Fant, Jody Follett, Dick Fulton, Jim Goble, Kent Harrow, Bob Hendrickson, Doug Hoft, John Houk, Rich Jarvis, Jim Johnson, Dean Jones, Wayne Joseph, George Mooneyham, Dick Oliver, Mike Reddig, Rick Schweitzer, John Smith, Wayne NOT PICTURED Abram, Stan Farrell, Jack 305 ka ' s-- 100 years old kappa alpha When can we get off this scratchy hay? Bear, Beware KA ' s. Fall Rush brings 63 pledges to Mansion . . . where ' s D. G., the super- rushee . . . Blaine, Coudon, Gow, Lee on Leg Council . . . Super Dubby moves in, moves out, moves in . . . magnificent eleven paint sorority row . . . insignificant seven almost bring football glory . . . Rootie and Flash—all-star jocks . . . Second place house decorations, third in float . . . Coudon Editor of Seminole .. . Over 30 pairs of rah-rah ' s . . . Who stole the flag? . . . The Armpit, home of rah- rah and P.O.T.A. . . . Stu studies . . . Dog ' s all-nighters playing pinballs (for God and Country) . . . Mann studies in Gatorland . . . Blaine, Coudon, Harris tapped into Florida Blue Key . . . Who pushed the cannon? . . . Trader Tom sells Jolly Brown Oaf a bargain car . . . Flounder, the singing super-waiter . . . Preacher practices karate (on pledges) . . . like a wild banshee . . . Burnette and Butler put in all-nighter (Mann . . . " R, " the singing superbarber . . . The Great Pumpkin is coming . . Surfer doesn ' t surf, but gets lots of birthday cake . . . Get drunk, go naked, lose block seating . . . Chocolate sets pass interception record (also loses ball to KD) . . . Green Giant now sleeps with hands tied . . . Friday night jukebox serenades on library . . . pay your $.50 to Hugh " the flick " Fletcher . . . Greek wallpapers room with J. W. Dant . . . Traditional Friday nasty hour on the veranda with Mann minus pants . . . Who ' s Bob Willis? . . . Bernie returns but pin doesn ' t . . . Sorority pledges paint house, take midnight bath . . . Jones gets all wrapped up on DG anchor . . . Winter trimester brings more pledges, new brothers, Plantation Ball, and less . . . It ' s a KA year. NOT PICTURED Andrews, Jim Barrett, Donnie Brown, Herbert Burnett, Larry Butler, Scottie Clarkson, Earl Finger, Pete Hall, Jimmy - Hallenbeck, Rick Harvard, Bill Kelley, Jim Kielley, Lyle Lanier, Terry Matheny, Larry Rives, Scarritt, John Worsham, Bill Daytona, we ' ve arrived. If you ' d taken a little better aim we might have hit a float. Albritton, Bob Alford, Wayne Andriakas, Jim Bembry, Charles Bentler, Stu Birdsall, Gene Blake, Jim Bobbitt, Kim Boyd, Allen Brown, Johnny Camp, Jack Carletto, Jim Carter, Mike Chapman, C. C. Charnley, David Clark, Al Clark, Jim Collins, Robert Coudon, Joe Cox, Larry Crowley, Bob De Muth, Bernie Dunn, Charles Du Pont, Ed Eggers, Harmon Elliott, Roger Elton, Bob Faircloth, Frank Fiveash, Dwight Fleming, Gary Fletcher, Hugh Gillen, Mike Glass, Ben Gow, Bob Greene, Buster Greene, Carl Gregg, Bill Gross, Ed Hagle, Mike Haygood, Chuck Heishman, Carl Hill, Leonard Jones, Jimmy Langford, Bob Lankford, Bob Lee, Randy—Vice-President Lewis, Jim Mann, Kim Manning, Bill McCay, Tom McColskey, George McGee, Mike McLauchlin, George Miller, Jimmy Mills, Glenn Minchin, Minch Moore, Ricky Murphree, Dubby—President Murrell, Tom Oven, Buck Parker, John Pennell, john Roberts, Richard—Treasurer Roberts, Wayne Rou, Donnie Ryan, Bill Seacrest, Bill Sheffield, Joe Smith, Mike Stainton, Merrill Stiles, Jim Streetman, Cal Streetman, George Swan, Doug Thompson, Wade Tichenor, Jim Townsend, George Turnbull, Sandy VanArsdall, Howard Vosburgh, Bill Wallberg, Skip Watson, Bill Weaver, Frosty Wegenka, John Wieland, Rick Bill Williams, Randy Young, Bill kappa alpha theta, theta ' s to FUTURE HOME kappa alpha theta Theta house breaks sorority tradition; it ' s off the row. Proposed Kat house will be ready in September, 1965, boys. Misery is your kite flying highest because you let go of the string . . . " This Old House " —final year on the Hit Parade . . . Sidney swears he ' s next in line for the housemother ' s job . . . New rush—new pitch pipe . . . What professor ' s wife drove the getaway car? . . . Sass, is it true blondes have more fun? . . . Sexy housemother cracks up serenade . . . Jean insists that it ' s friendship .. Theta sisters and Sig Eps shared a love-for paint .. . Friday night at the annex??? . . . Who ' s Art? . . . It ' s about those plaques, boys! . . . 15 cents a glass . . . They called her Tink . . . Was it a zoo, or a Phi Delt serenade? . 007 has ATO-itis . . My therapist dropped me! . . . Thetas take the roles in Florida Players productions . . . Grab your hammers and nails, kids--It ' s going up? Anderson, Penny Babcock, Mary Barnhill, Barbara Bebout, Jill Buckholder, Jean Treasurer Campbell, Judy Chubb, Vicky Conner, Alison Curry, Irene Davis, Vicci Duda, Katherine Ewing, Jan Good, Kathy Harris, Janie 308 Heilman, Linda Hellwig, Ruth Ann Hildebrand, Diane Hill, Betty Hilliker. Suzanne President Jack, Barbara Johnson, Panny Joiner, Marty Vice-President Keller, Barbara Kelly, Randi MacMillan, Carol McAllister, Sandy Moore, Sally O ' Donnell, Kathy Parnell, Pam Ridenoure, Fritzie Riha, Jill Roland, Kathy Sanders, Sherry Sheppard, Donna Tabita, Patty Thetas, Thetas everywhere . . . watching is fun at the derby. Uram, Ginny Vaughan, Carol Wagner, Barbara White, Linda Wright, Jodee Zeigler, Jo Ann Wallace, Carol Westly, Camilla Whalton, Susie NOT PICTURED Bond, Cathy Carr, Miami Carter, Barbara Doty, Barbara Everett, Jane Gartrell, Ann Grey, Meri Holman, Diane Hood, Leslie Howard, Jeanne Lederhous, Carol MacKinnon, Royalee Matthews, Laura Miller, Rosemary Otto, Suzanne Reed, Becky Stearns, Ann Wobie, Kathy 309 kappa, delta kd ' s trample Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are, and who who are you lady, Mrs. Calabash? It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane . .. a bird. A wonderfully successful rush . . . great start to a new year with 25 of the best pledges ever—in spite of Hurricane Dora, a flooded living room, and marble top tables which cracked when sat upon . . . Football scats in the KD bloc, Ha! . . . The phantom fraternity strikes again . . . Who ' s got our silverware? .. . The corner room menagerie, Terry and the elephants, Lee Ann and the Beatles . . . Nothing could be finah except " Most Beautiful " for Homecoming house . . . thanks to Joanie and. the many male helpers . . . Oranges, anyone? Compliments of the University Fruit Stand . . . Other corner room . . . Who ' s 310 got the staphylococcus? . . . No more pinning ceremonies, please, we ' re out of candles . . . Bye-bye, Thurlow . . . Remember girls, use little fists . . . Midnight drag races through the petunia bed ... Kay Vaughn, the rah-rah refugee from next door . . . Excuse me, Dare, you ' ve got a thread your shoulder .. . Picture, ' picture, on the wall, who ever put you there at all? . . :Bebe and the " Leader of the Pack " . . . Les groupes du soir . . . QUIET HOURS, I can ' t on my bridge .game . . . Yes, it was a good year, special thanks to President Kay and Housemother Mom B. You applying for KD beauty book? Anderson, Sandy Bailey, Jan Beall, Beverly Bleakley, Sharon Belcher, Leta Boone, Beverly Boyer, Carol Burch, Kay Coley, Janice Copeland, Susan Costello, Barbara Cridlin, Sue Daly, Claudia Dawson, Dale Denman, Sarah Draud, Lee Ann Secretary Dunn, Sally Dunn, Winsome Eagleson, Jean Fernald, Sally Floyd, Sally Gautier, Pat Goedert, Ann Baselwood, Carol Hathaway, Susan Huggins, Carolyn James, Kathy Jones, Becky Kelly, Molly Kingry, Kathy Lechot, Joan—President Lyman, Kay Lani Mancl, Carolyn McCard, Jana Mese, Barbara Meyer, Susie Monte, Ginny Myers, Meredith Neel, Jacki Nimmo, Nancy O ' Connell, Doane Robinson, Suzanne Schnabel, Judy Skinner, Cathie Taylor, Judi Thurlow, Janet Tilghman, Janice Treiber, Gail Vaughan, Kay Waschak, B. J. Waterhouse, Carol Westman, Andrea Willcox, Sharon Williams, Shirley Wright, Dee Young, Paula NOT PICTURED Abernethy, Brunson, Beth—Vice-President Brush, Sherry Carey, Carol Gaztambide, Gigi Gertner, Linda Hoschar, Joanne Kennedy, Jan Maynard, Jacqie Jeannie Parker, Bebe Saunders, Susan Silver, Judy Silverman, Jane Summers, Stevie Turmail Suzi kappa sigma kappa sigs burned No man is an island entire and of itself . Frailty, thy name is woman. Adkinson, Harry Alfano, Mike Bone, Bridd Boyer, Bruce Bradford, Jim Breeze, Marshall Brown, Dick Buettner, Bill Cann, Howard Cates, Bob Chanfrau, Phil Collins, Bob Collins, Charles Colvin, Bill Corbett, Wes Culpepper, Mike Danker, Walt Devaney, Jim—Secretary Farrington, Allen Florence, Bill Fort, Charles Gilbert, Gabe Hadley, John Hall, Jimmy Harmeling, Kent Hinchcliffe, Glenn Hufford, John Hundley, John Jackson, Chip Johnson, Steve Keefe, Harold Kelley, Pat Knutsen, Allan Kromberg, Edward Lang, Tom—Vice-President Lee, David—President LeVasser, George Lorello, Joe Lubet, Marc Marmish, John McBride, Bill Menendez, Danny Merletto, Frank Miller, Sandy Moccia, Earl Mowbray, Greg Nichols, Jim Padgett, Lanse Pearson, Richard House, palms, sprinkler, sidewalk, and shrub. Homecoming decorations this year reported a blazing success . . . Steve Wonder is recovering nicely from a nervous breakdown following the news of a cancer-cosmetic link . . . Lee, leader of the movement to repeal the thirteenth amendment, noted pledges cheerfully donated over 1500 hours to rush . . Kappa Sigs arc hanging loose this year— it seems 32 of the 39 racks are hanging from the ceiling . . . the frat fireplace will be well used this winter due to the abundance of deadwood around the house . . . Frank is out of pepper and commenting on the shortage, said, " no pepper, no food. " . . . Gene Lemoine and Bob Cuevas invited a few guests into the Kappa Sigma kitchen for a midnight tea the other night. The tea and cookies were free but there was an unexpected $15 entrance fee levid by an officer .. . Dick Brown is to be an associate in Physics 201 and 203 . . . Earl Moccia is said to be growing up—or at least through his hair . . . Information has just leaked out that Chris Tompkins is a secret agent for the Nobel Peace Prize. Phillians, Jerry Powers, Duke Price, Steve Quinlan, Bob Regan, Bob Rohman, Phil Rose, Gary Rowell, Gary Secrist, Richie Seith, Jim Seraphine, Alan Sherwood, Roger Spiegel, George Still, Douglas Stone, Rick Suarez, Tom Tillberg, Bill Tyrell, Clint Vigil, Alan Vogel, Raymond Wannall, Dick Wise, Bob Woif, Steve Wynn, Larry NOT PICTURED Alfuri, Wayne Aulls, Mort Cuevas, Robert Daniel, Scott Danker, Walter Evans, Michael Fillberg, William Fisher, Carroll Flanagan, Dennis Fry, Donald Hazard, Thomas Jaeger, Richard Kirkland, John Marc, Leslie Monaghan, Michael Page, Herman Siegel, Paul Steven, Maxwell Tompkins, Howard Wells, Kenneth Westerman, D. E. Wynn, Larry We are drinking men of the UF, color us stewed. 313 lambda chi alpha lamda chi lambda chi alpha The trimester leaves no time for parallel reading. Many purple, green and golden memories accumulated in 1964 . . . Ground breaking for our new house .. . Serenades we were an hour early for .. . Much anticipated trips to the cabin we sponsor in Sunland Training Center .. . The shock of the Zetas when they found Brother Wyatt tied and gagged on their front steps — left there by pledges . . . Woods parties . . Our Halloween costume party where the winner of the best costume, Brother Herko, and date, came as a priest and nun . . . Our great intramurals standing, thanks to Brother Glenn Anderson . . . The pledge-brother football game, in which the brothers triumphed, of course . . . Tree clearing for our new house . .. White roses sent to sororities along with all ' congratulatory notes and invitations . . . One of the pledges buying an ADPi for $17.00, auctioned off at the house during Dollars for Scholars . . Our ALMOST trip for Albert to Florida State game until halted by the FSU administration, fearing that he would cause a riot on the field . . . Construction began for our new house . . . The food fights Our lovely housemother, Mom Noel, ' the inspiration and guide for all . . . . Sam ' s nightly talk during time at dinner . . . The Grouper, Surfer Joe, Porky, and Froggy . Tippi . . . All will be remembered for a long, long time. Bauer, Anthony Beggs, Pete Bellew, Don Bessent, William Bledsoe, Norm Brandenburger, Bob Cafaro, Dennis Cain, Jim Chastain, Byron Chastain, Max Clarke, Kay Cromartie, Bill Crona, Theodore Crow, David Dalton, David Dant, Paul Demree, Don Dion, Jon Douglas, Larry Duval, Dave Emerich, Guy Friis, Alan Gaither, Allan Gilbert, Bill Gray, Danny Hammond, Robert Harrell, Butch guard albert Completed in ' 65—home sweet , . . Herko, Joseph Hohrath, Ralph Howard, Bill Hoyle, Bob Hutcheson, Michael James, Tom Jensen, Larry King, Buddy King, Kirby, Les Koontz, Buzz Minnix, Ty Moody, Gary Norfleet, Ken Odell, Walden Palmer, Tom Parsons, Walter Pfeffer, Jim Potocki, Johnny Riley, Bill Rivers, Tom—Vice-President Robbins, Joel Robertson, Pete Roby, Loren Rothbauer, Ron Sappington, Drew Scrutchins, Sam Steel, John Teal, Ronald Thoman, Tom—Secretary Tin, Eastern Travis, Bob—President Turner, Ted Wagner, Tim Wallick, John—Secretary Whidby, Paul Wichowski, Tony Willits, Dan Wilson, Jim Wyatt, Jim Young, David NOT PICTURED Anderson, Glenn Anderson, Wayne Frankle, Dennis Giorgetti, Paul Gonso, Fred Hartung, James Knight, Jim McIntyre, Dan Miles, Michael Mohler, Steven Olson, Ole Pierce, David Thompson, Fred 315 phi delta theta, Now that ' s the way to rush me keep it coming. Allen, Haydn Arias, Ernie Ayers, Randy Bowden, Walter Chandler, Sandy Clark, Jim Cole, Mike Corbin, Bill Dunn, Glenn president ' s trophy This is the real way to rush . . men, No, women. Ernst, Steve Farwell, Art Fazzini, John Hall, Bill Hartney, John Ingram, David Jones, Tom Kennon, Branch Kinder, Gary Kirkland, Tom Koru, DeMir Leach, J. R. 316 goes phi delts The Phi ' s returned to find the big change, barn to bungalow ... frostproof John recreated one of Florida ' s reptiles for Homecoming? . . . Initiation cocktail parties reached a new low you brought your own . . . Sam ' s took the usual toll on finances and grades as both were closed down ' regularly . . . Riots came and went on 13th, but a disturbance in the streets didn ' t phase the Phi ' s in their Christmas merrymaking . . . " Admiral " Willingham took up the room business and " F.B.K. " Wilson was unleashed on Madison Avenue . . . End of the Fall it was the same ole ' story : the President ' s Trophy was on its way to a permanent spot at the Phi House .. The Miami Triad . . . Founder ' s Day . . . Girls . . . Grades . . . The House Corporation? . . . The Administration .. . and another verse was added to " In 1848 " as ' 64 and ' 65 passed by. Matherly, Dick McKinley, Terry Patten, Russell Pettigrew, Skip Phillips, J. B.--Secretary Roberts, Joe Rode, Bob Schwaderer, Chuck Seims, Jack Selby, Gary Spearman, Craig Stinson, Louis Thompson, John Titus, Tim Valenti, Henry Vehling, Ed Wells, Noe l Wilson, Buddy Wright, Bruce Zimmer, Don Abdulla, Allan Bishoff Rick Born, Devon Brownfield, Tom Casey, Charlie Case, Jim Covington, Sandy Curry, Charlie Decastro, Ray Dingwell Bill—Vice-President Dyer, Ben Fogna, Jeff Goodman, Buddy Hughes, Bob Jackson, Dallor Jackson, Randy NOT PICTURED Kelly, Jim Kirk, Dick Lamar, John Landquist, Fred Mahoney, Ed Mathews, Lynn McCabe, Billy Jo McDaniel, Wayne McGriff, Ron President Meyer, George Morris, Ron Morrow, Steve Niro. Bob Palmer, Terry Patrick, Tom Pford, Dick Pistell, Pete Reed, Bill Rich, Wayne Rigdon, H. A. Robertson, Eric Seims, Jack Seymore, Goody Singer, Howard Sneed, Neal Stuart, Bill Taylor, Hal Triplet, Tom Treasurer Turner, Jim Tybs, Dave Whatley, John Willingham, Pat 317 phi epsilon pi phi ep ' s NOT PICTURED Bernstein, Jerry Fox, Norman Friedman, Mike Gordon, Larry Handshu, Joel Hobbs, C. D. Oster, Marvin Skigen, Dennis 318 Barton, Dennis Bolan, Harry Brown, Les Crim, Jerry Davidson, Marv Deutchman, Vic Dunlap, Terry Eisinger, Earl Fish, Marvin—Vice-President Friedman, George—President Friedrich, Andy Friedrich, Sanford Goldstein, Jeff Handshu, Steven Holtzman, Bob Kartt, Mickey Koch, Dick Koross, Herb Lawson, Marty Levan, Jay Mazur, Lenny—Treasurer Prenner, Elliott Salamon, Steven—Secretary Schwartz, Richard Schwerstein, Dave Simon, Steve Spiegel, Mike Steinberg, Jay Stern, Bob Toskar, Dan Ventura, Frank Willen, Arnold Wolfson, Harvey Wyman, Mike Phi Ep began its fifth year on campus with a " very good " rush . . . George Eugene lifted another six pounds while recruiting " Ode to Great Pledge Andy " . . . Jerry formed a new party backing Shirley for President with Duke of Earl running a close second . . . Bulletin: Harvey made honorary member of Rare Bird Society . . . Herb starts rare bird collection . . . The football game found Sal reading Book of Ruth on the rug, and M.D. with Seven Year Itch Homecoming . . . Simon says " There ' s not a worry in the world! while-Vic waits patiently at local restaurant -. . . Les B., looking for scalpel to clip Iris specimen, swore " For 2c I ' d . . . " . . . at this point, Heshey ran from the knife! . . . Wanted: A girl under 41 for R.A.S. . . End of the trimester sends Mary from King to carbonation . . . Len questions, " Who will the next librarian be? " . . . The Nose knows! . Finals me nervous bends towards the sun and GROWS . . . Seniors looking forward to graduation . Jay " You raneg? " . . . Holtz receives best of luck as Willen is given J.G. ' s card . . . . Schwartz ' new business scheme " I ' ll present a spectacle—Won Ton Skig and Mick Wiseman singing C.D. ' s 128 folk songs. " . . . Little Stevie Wondersher and Dunlap ' s Raiders will close. Whoever heard of a blue alligator. phi kappa psi The long night vigils during the typhoid epidemic in early 1852 created the spirit of brotherhood for the two founders of Phi Kappa Psi. On Feb. 19, 1852, William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore assembled together a group of their college mates in the little town of Cannonsburg, Pa. to form the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. " We, the members of Florida Beta Colony of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, are proud to be an active part of the University of Florida. " Our colony was founded Sept. 13, 1964 by David Charles Hague, a brother of Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at West Virginia University. " A worthy member of Phi Kappa Psi is, and always must be, under all circumstances, in prosperity or in adversity, in the bosom of the Chapter or in the pitiless gaze of a cold world, a gentleman. " Excuse me for laughing, but the cue ball is made of stirofoam. I hate looking at family portraits, much less posing for them. Cook, Steve Fernandez, Bill Litsch, Tim Mehalko, Andy Porter, Allen Renninger, Warren Rogers, Garnell Ruffner, Bob Ryan, Gene Wild, Harry Williams, Brad Hague, David President Heimburg, Charlie phi gamma delta figi figi ' s frequent gator pond Barrick, Ken Bennett, Warren Bush, Dick Dodson, John Friendly Fijis . . . moving . . . $220,000 home next September . . . strong, active fraternity ready for the row . . . Leaders in every phase of campus life . .. Campus recognition for service . . . 14th Annual Christmas Party — James plays Santa . . . Dollars for Scholars softball game with Yulee .. . 2.55 average Fall trimester . . . Activities with all 13 sororities . . . Visits to the KAT house . . . Torch light serenades . . . Fiji Island Weekend with decora- tions—second to none . . . Gator Fiji flicks, surfer, Easel Weekend, Albert Schweitzer ' s Birthday . . . Our first annual Yale Marrett Party to which every Phi Gam brought two dates . . Hamner, Johnson, Watts, Hall, Capitano, Ditsler, and Stearns All-campus .. . Fiji Mock Football Team fooled 20,000 fans at the HC game . . . Tiger in our tank . . . second place in HC decorations .. . Mary McCarty Club for pinmates and wives founded . . . Gamma had a baby . . . Sharron and Crabtree in FBK . . Galenas produced Gator Growl, IFC Treasurer . . . Anderson, president of Lyceum Council, Wood, business manager . . . 13 ROTC Officers— Stearns, Crabtree, McCulley, Doyle and Manning in Scabbard and Blade; Nyary, Freiburger and McCulley in Arnold Air . . . eight Fijis in Orientation . . . Greene editor of Gator Greek and minority leader of Leg Council . . . Hammer number one on Golf Team . . . Seitz and Greene play tennis . . . Wiend ran Track . . Fijis active on Seminole, Alligator and third floor . . Our annual Pig Dinner; some coeds, not invited . . . ' 90 pairs of Weejuns . . . Four beauty queens . . . Tau dates sit on Fiji head .. . ADPi ' s lose front doors . . . Wilmont Gardens remodeled . . . Mom Moyer. This is a perfectly gorgeous day. Ferguson, Russ Garino, Al Doyle, Tim Hammer, Laurie Lamb, Doug Martin, John McGinnus, Darrell McKechnie, Don Robinson, Art Schoendorf, John Temples, Jim Whiteside, Terry Can you tell me if it is the Fijis or the Gamecocks? Adkinson, Dane Backmeyer, Tom Barnett, Linc Barnum, John Boddy, Bob Bridges, Don Brown, Al Burnside, Bob Caldwell, Dick—Secretary Captiano, Tony Carson, Scott Coombs, Philip Crabtree, Jim—President Daniels, Richard DeMiller, Eddie Ditsler, John Edwards, John Emery, Marcus Freiburger, Charles Galenes, Alex Garcia, John Gilmore, John Grant, Bill Greene, Herman Hallock, Mike Henderson, Leon Holzer, Fred Johnson, Charlie Keenan, Joe Kelly, Bob Kirkconnell, Kirk Manning, Charles McCulley, Jerry McDonough, John Medlin, John Miles, Frank Muncaster, Jim Nelson, Terry Norris, Skip Nazum, Russ Overstreet, Charley Owen, Rocky Peoples, Dave Portley, Pete Riley, Art Rosenberger, Bob Royo, Mike Sadowski, Bill—Treasurer Seitz, Greg Sharron, Harvey Simpson, Jim Stearns, Alex Sullivan, Bill Taylor, Bennett Thompson, Rick Thornton, Ron Turner, Warren Upchurch, John Valentine, Bill Vreeland, John Waldorf, Joe Watts, Gordon Wolfe, Emmet Wood, Art—Secretary 321 phi kappa tau phi tau ' If you ' ll just wait a minute, have this piano tuned, Back to school, or Coe and friends return for another tri . . . Ozzie goes back to and the drop-outs go home . . . Graves and Sullivan entertain at parties . . . Jerry and Stick surpass all previous pinning records . . . Phi Tau train, one large pain . . Phi Tau skit, composed by Flit . . Flora Jo cooks grease at Jack ' s . . . Clark Kent goes caving . . . Zoom-Zoom wins Australian Grand Prix . . . Plague sweeps Italian- Swiss colony . . . Pope Dennis gets excommunicated by Jewish friend . . . Buckler blows fuses . . . Taus found rummaging through stacks . . Little Davie Cool bites cat ' s tail,- Superman picks up the pieces . . Surfer Bod attacked by Crustacea . . . Mitchell leaves us to serve T.W.A. tea . . . Wop buys handbook, has solution in hand .. . Rats and Coons seen in the kitchen . . . House gets rid of littlest animal . . . Bryant seen going up hall . . . Taus vacation, play in parks . . Laface moves into new block . . . BLB didn ' t planet, but he saw Uranus . . . Green Giant passes out . . . Waddles slurps fountain . Fuses pledges up . . . Lumpy wants more . . A year without peer, but all ' s well in the end. Adams, Cal Allman, Roy Belford, Pete Blackstock, Hank Blakely, Dick Blois, Bev—Secretary Brower, Ron Buckler, Mike Burris, Jack Carroll, Ed Chapman, Art Cobbs, Wally Corbett, Dave Cox, Bob Davis, Jim Estes, Bob Fleming, Bill Fountain, Bill 322 the end Godcharles, Mark Hall, Ken Harkness, Jack Hayes, Harry Heiman, Al Hoffman, Dave Johnson, Ken Kelley, Bob Macrory, Bob Mahony, Mike Milanich, Jerry Moore, Steve Newberry, Bob Newman, Bob Patrick, Bill Pittman, Bert Raynor, Bill Royo, Carlos Scheck, Jay Schurch, Ted Scrafford, Jay Seeber, Joe Upchurch, Ed Vaughn, Steve Warlick, David Wilkins, Bruce Williams, Barry Williams, Randy President Witham, Tom Zarzour, Bob Everyone can ' t have a cup. NOT PICTURED Beckman, Larry Mindreau, Carlos Beveridge, Frank Mroczkowski, Harry Bryant, Gary Norwich, Bill Castello, Joe Notestein, Jim Dandurand, Dick Orr, Rick Dilorete, Dan—Vice-President Osborn, Ken Eckstein, Whitey Osterholt, Dave Foley, Jay Perez, Pete Ken , Ryan, Keith Garst, Gaussrian, Charley Smith, Vic—Treasurer Hall, Bob Waits, Bob Hopkins, Fred Weir, Tom Hurd, Wilson Wightman, Dennis Lantaff, Kent Wilkes, Sam Liska, Joe Wright, Jeff I told you that I wanted ham, not peanut butter and jelly. 323 Quiet everyone, after we get out of these costumes, lets go to Teds. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who ' s the airest if all? Bennett, Carole Bianco, Pat Dalehite, Debbie Dence, Marie Duparc, Dona Dee Erickson, Cheryl Farrell, Patti Fletcher, Carol Gardner, Janie Glancy, Morna NOT PICTURED Gildersleeve, Joy Hart, Pat Harvill, Melissa Kolorik, Dorothy—Vice-President Posselt, Alene Reynolds, Patsy Sugalski, Judy Secretary Watt, Carolyn—President 324 Greene, Joy Harms, Karen Johnson, Ann Kleiber, Beth LaPerche, Dolores Lindsey, Jane Mossman, Thelma O ' Brien, Margaret Odell, Diane Parker, Julie Phillips, Karen Porter, Priscilla—Treasurer Price, Paulla Simmons, Julie Slinn, Martha Spicola, Roseann Stockstill, Carol Ward, Faye Whitaker, Linda Work, Marsha Youngs, Chris 1964-65 was a great year all around with trophies, love, and familiar sounds: . . . Where is the Jolly Green Giant? .. . Marie, curfew is 1: 30 . . . Quack . . . He sat next to Carolyn at Phi Mu Weekend . . Now is the hour . . . Paddle, paddle, I see you . . . I wish I were . . . have you seen my picture . . It ' s Dolores, it must be Dolores, it is Dolores . . . I won ' t decide until after Christmas Get me a Coke .. . Take me to my room- . . . It works! And second place is ours . . . Buck called when? . . . But, she ' s nice.. . . How ' s Janet . . . Fifty Cents . . . The Turkey becomes a carnation . . . Ken becomes a collegiate geech and steals our hearts . . . I have an A, and . . . Is that girl ' s name Thelma . . . But, I ' m in Nursing . . . Poor Joy can ' t dance . . . Is this dress? . . . Is Joe the Great Pumpkin? . . ..1:25 and here -comes Dorothy . . . Mellissa, get home, you have a caller . Mary Myrick Daniels, Rah, Rah, Rah . . . Fourth! . . . Rub-a-dub-dub . . . Debbie and Julie get the best luck awards . . . And then, I just couldn ' t believe it . . . Something big ' s about to break . . . Weekend spy rings in the pledge room . . . Dee Dee will never get pinned . . . Blurp! . . . Five reasons . . . Fun at rush reaps big rewards. Come on in the water ' s fine; looks like the Gamecocks accepted 325 pi kappa, alpha . . someone strike a match? An important year for Pi Kappa Alpha . . . The largest pledge class on campus . . Ranked number one in scholarship with an overall average of 2.546 . . . A hurricane style Homecoming float Al Leonard in charge of the Homecoming parade . . . Six Pikes on varsity teams . . . Annie Curtis -- a stunning dream girl . . . We win trophy .. The Jolly Green Giant and Ears fought their way off the third deck . . . Bo went into the used car business . . . Mom bought a beach pad . . . Augie Doggie hung the Toad . . . Al and Larry went to National . . . Cliff McKibbin pulled a 4.0 . . . The Purple Passion Pit saw a lot of action . . . Jud and Joe bad a good time . . . Slack off Some of the guys got sick . . . The Cardigan Kid vs. The Claw . . . We gave two girls a shower ... All nighters were put in one and all . . . Turkey got his appendix feathers chopped . . . Murph the Surf was finally initiated . . . The pledges remodeled the . . . What ' s that about tire ceiling? .. Father Frank blessed the troops .. . The Cisco Kid dismounted . . . Everybody itched after the hay party, and Mom gave the pledges a talk on manners .. . We again sponsored the Tiny Mites .. . Max made Alligator headlines ... Pikes lived up to their motto symbolized by Phi Phi Kappa Alpha. Come on my darling little pig, hop through this hoop . . Baggett, Dan Baird, Leonard Batt, Paul Berry, Kris Bobik, Dave Bogner, Jim—Secretary Bouldin, Bill Boyt, Jim Brain, Sid Britten, John Clarke, Vice-President Cobbs, Edward Combs, Bud Craft, Bob Crawmer, Sonny Crosbie, Gary Cushman, Tom Donatelli, Mario Dorsey, Richard Evans, John Fabry, Carl Favaloro, Boyd Fehr, Van Foote, John Gaff, Jim 326 Gilbert, Harry Gillmore, Tony Gordon, Tom Guy, Jimmy Harro, Bob Henderson, Bob Hicks, Peppy Hipps, Jeff Holmes, John Hoppe, Al Horne, Andy Howell, Charles Hurt, Tom Jackson, Paul Jones, Jim Jung, Rich Kabat, Jack Keating, Steven Kelley, Asa Kemp, Bob Kinner, Abe—President Lamb, Sam Lawson, Kit Macomber, Bill Macomber, Paul Mann, John Mateka, Ralph McCarty, Seals McCormick, John McKnight, Dave Miller, Rich Morcroft, Randy Morgan, Dell Murphy, Bill Padgett, Bill Palmer, Jack Palmer, Jack Reiman, Dave Rennell, Larry Roth, Chuck Rowe, Charlie Rowe, George Sanders, Joe Selvidge, Mac Sisco, Jim Smith, John Sparks, Don Stanton, Jay Steen, Morris Still, Tom Stoker, Al Swan, Bob Talcott, Tom Tasca, Chuck Tiede, Rich VanDerStegen, Alec Wark, Rick Weaver, Max Weisenborn, Steve West, Dick Wilcox, Bill Wilkinson, Ben Williams, Whitey Windsor, Dick Wisniewski, Dick Wohlust, Chuck pi kappa phi It may be crude, but we ' ll get chairs. pikap ' s Trouble Acosta, Del Baxter, Bill Beall, Bob Benedict, Barry Buberbach, George Brown, Will Bunn, Clint Burleigh, Tim Butler, Joe Cain, Dave Clelland, Ted Cottin, Greg Criss, Wayne Crockett, Ray Davis, Walter Fleming, DeHaven Flowers, Tom Glow, Dan Glow, Gerry Gravel, Ken Gundling, Art Hagie, Walt Hahn, George Hancock, John Howell, Jack James, Ed James, Manny President Johnson, Eric Keith, Andy Kelly, Jim Just trust in Houdini and he ' ll get us out of this mess, hut just in case, please send our mail to the Tiajuana jail. with roses Kirts, Craig Lane, George Marshall, Don Moore, Harry Morton, John Mowbray, Morgan Oatman, Jon Oliver, Eddie—Secretary Partridge, Bill Pearson, Bob Peek, George Phillips, Dave Post, Bill Powell, Jim—Treasurer Rooke, Harold Ruyle, Jim Satcher, Ted Shiplett, John Slaughter, John Tilton, John Trieste, Chuck VanEss, Philip Weber, Richard Wicinski, Stuart First week . . . landscaping . . . 27 rose bushes planted . . . Second week . . . the beginning of rush and death of 27 rose bushes . . . Pa Rapper ' s Fine Weekly Almanac established as Florida ' s most frequent frat publication . . . The term " Wednesday and applied to almost everyone . . . Third week. . . Formal pledging of the best pledge class ever . . . The Indian went to Tallahassee, but didn ' t tell .. A tradition of bringing signs home began, and got out of hand . . Fourth week . . . Oyden went to church . . Fifth week . . . Herman ' s opened for business, and began to compete Cunningham ' s . . . Weeb bought a pair of Fruit Boots . . Oyden Delta Sigma became part of the ritual . . . Sixth week . . The Board of Health condemned Beltbuckle ' s room . . . Plans for Homecoming were being made until it was discovered that the Surf was up . . . The Pledge-Brother football game ended when an animal got loose on the field . . . Seventh week . . . After it became cool to drop out; by this time G.R. was P.W. . . . Eighth week . . . " The Squad " was formed . . . Room three became a real trouble spot . . . Ninth week . . . Sam had-the date of his life; he hasn ' t been the same since . . . Tenth week . . . The game at F.S.U. . . . at the Pi Kapp house the Gators defeated the Seminoles 12-0 . . . Short week . . . the last big blowout . . . The Christmas party in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale - . . . Another Ritz party. NOT PICTURED Bajoezky, Tony Brooks, Bob Carnes, Tom Diem, Bob English, Daryl George, Sam Glatfelter, Ed Grimes, Mike Hogg, Alex Hohla, Ken Hornbuckle, Jerry Jones, Bob Jones, Dan King, Dave King, Jim Littell, Chris Marsh, Gary McGrail, Joe Michael, Bing Monk, Butch Moran, Frank Neblett, Frank Oliver, Ed Post, Dill Rand, Bob Schnebly, Tom Sharon, Chip Smith, Russ Stair, Daryl Stanfield, Doug Waters, Bruce Wellborn, Pete Wells, Rodney Werner, Dave White, Bill Wickersham, Frank Wolf, Larry Zilbauer, Bob 329 pi lambda phi pi lam ' s It ' s not nearly as bad if you swallow them. Housemothers never die; they simply leave. Abbott, Ed Arnovitz, Rick Blank, Russel Bott, Howard Bramson, Frank Brooks, David Brotman, Ed Carrol, Richard Charkosky, Ira Chotiner, Alan—Secretary Cohen, Bob Cor, Ira Coverman, Mike Cowen, Richard Crames, Paul Davis, Daniel Dunn, Marc Ehrenkranz, Arthur Ellis, Jerry Fisher, John Goldstein, Joe Granoff, Peter Green, Steven Greenfield, Drew Gusky, Charles—President Harr, Marc Hauser, Jim Hochstetter, Bill Kamin, Paul Katz, Richard Klar, Larry Kreps, Howard 330 It says in the book . . Jarrett, Alan Jonas, Pete Joseph, Alec Langbein, Evan Lebos, Lanny Leif, Ted Levitan, Paul Mackson, Larry Malakoff, Gary Merkin, Terry Paul, Alan Roller, Bob Rosenberg, Jerry Rosenblum, Mark Rossman, Jon Sadja, Sandy—Vire-President Scurron, Barry Segal, Mike Seid, Kenny Selevan, Jeffrey Sherman, Richard Slipock, Phil Solaman, Ken Solloway, Rick Stern, David Stern, Mike Sweet, Mark Ullman, Sam Waldman, Mark Zimmerman, Jay NOT PICTURED Bant, George Barr, Larry Berdick, Ken—Treasurer Berke, Mike Block, Glenn Blum, Jeff Bott, Kermit Cassel, Steve Cypen, Steve Furnari, Jerry Gold, Alan Hirsch, Allen Josephs, Mike Kaplan, Ray Kay, Gene King, Ron Komansky, Joe Laver, Alan LEngle, Frank Lurie, Bob Mandell, Jim Markovitz, Harold Meiten, Jullian Merkin, Terry Miles, Steve Palmer, David Resnick, Mike Rothstein, Skip Samee, Dave Silverberg, Larry Solomon, Stan Waldorf, Larry Winokur, Pete Social, athletic, and academic—the to Pi Lam success .. Social weekends-Pearl, Blue-Jew, Sigma Chi . . . Sorority socials and weekly parties preceded pre-party warm ups . . . Social activities don ' t detract from the academic aspect of the house . . . During 38 years on campus, we have won the scholarship trophy 32 times .. . the once again stands in our showcase . . . Athletics-typified by brother Leon Chira who quarterbacked the Fl orida all-stars to victory over the Greeks from F.S.U. . . . Brother Rick Solloway was a defensive stalwart on that same team . . . Pi Lams in varsity athletics: Mike Waxman-football; Leon Chira-track; Charles Saloman-gymnastics; Don Losman, Bob Cohen, and Lanny Lebos-tennis; and Jerry . . . Annual Christmas Party for Flavet children . . . Won Beauty and Beast Contest with the ADPi ' s for W.U.S. . . . Jim Hauser, sec. of IFC .. . Ed Abbott, Mike Colodny, Fred Lane Florida Blue Key . . . Lane, treasurer of the student body .. . Aspects that make Pi Lam a well-rounded house. 331 sigma alpha epsilon sae ' s christen lion As the year passed the Sig Alphs remember many humorous situations .. . Van Winkle became a movie star . . . Davis is no longer called the " brown bag " kid . . . Billy Smith couldn ' t take fat free corn oil . .. Bently no longer has to sleep in his Volkswagon . . . Billy " Sunday " Belote ' s Flaming Bush parables . . . Too bad didn ' t get rewarded for your $25, Fleming .. . Spider McGuire is still impressing ministers with his over-and-under D.B.H. ' s . . . Smith no longer lives with the Pope . . . Tual can ' t come to Hall Slott was awarded the medal of honor for bravery above and beyond the call of duty during the Purge . . . Fussell ' s remedies cured all ailments except . . . We understand Mike White has learned it ' s better to lock one ' s door than to be caught with one ' s hands full . . . Remember the food we ate at the Viking Party . . . Bass is no longer an all-time loser . . . Ford has some friends in Columbia . . . Jacobs became the house . . . It ' s out of the frying pan into the Chi Omega cars. I asked for an empty bottle, now nothing ' s left for tonight. Well if it isn ' t Lief Erickson! Completed SAE house . Largest lion since paper-mache. 332 Arthur Steven Attkisson, Jim Bennett, Bill Berryhill, Mike Boynton, Jay Buckner, Mike Cook, Bob Foster, Ron Garl, Ronald Graves, Richard Hefner, George Jacobs, Buddy Karst, Lucky Matthews, Larry Matson, Steve McCrea, Bing McQuillen, Art Roberts, Jim Rogers, Tom Shad, Tom Smith, Bob Spence, Walt Stembler, Bill Stowell,Doug Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Doug Threatt, Bobby TuaI, Blanchard NOT PICTURED Abbott, Jim Ackerman, Pete Arden, Dennis Ash, Gary Athens, Bob Baker, Frank Bass, Larry—President Belote, Bill Bennet, Bill Bentley, John Boyd, LaRue Boynton, Jay Brown, Cal Brown, Jennings Brown, Ted Bryan, Tommy Campbell, Art Cantrell, Heyward Church, Craig Cooper, Mike Cox, Tom Crabtree, Ray Davis, Joe Defrees, Ron Feiber, Jim Fleming, Tom Floyd, Tom Ford, Jim Ford, Sam Fore, Merritt Fuller, Bill Fullerton, John Garland, Bill Gowen, Gordon Grant, Bruce Gwynn, Bill Jaig, Jon Henderson, Dick Hickey, jery Hollingsworth, Mike Huddleston, Sparky Hudson, Gary Hutto, Mike James, Billy Joe Jolley, Warren Knox, Jennings Lazzara, John Long, Leonard Mandersheid, Jim Matthews, Joe McCranie, Dan McGillicuddy, Mike McNicoll, Bob McQuagge, Bill Miller, Ralph Monahan, Roy Monroe, Jack Mullens, Bill Nixon, Larry Peek, Gene Pinnell, Paige Railey, Lilburn Ramsey, Mickey Ritter, Roth Rogers, Will Rudisell, Mack Shine, Don Slott, Arnold Slott, Sherwood Smith, Billy Smith, Jay Smith, John Southerland, Randy Speer, Greg—Secretary Stenger, Greg Sterzinger, Bob Taylor, Eddie Taylor, Kent Thompson, John Townsend, Larry Underwood, Andy Vanwinkle, Rip Weaver, Adams White, Mike Willis, Lee Vice-President 333 sigma chi sigma chi Allen, Charles Anderson, John Andrews, Dave Baymill er, Pierce Bein, Monte Benson, Pete Bishop, Joseph Blomgren, Bill Boyd, Mac Boyd, Maurice Branan, Tom Briggs, John Burgess, Ron Bush, Peter Butler, Alby Butler, Lester Caprio, John Coates, Mike Crecelius, Samuel Cummings, Jim Curry, Clinton Dachelet, Ron Derrick, Chip Dirlam, Gary Dowd, John Echols, David Edewaard, Bob Edwards, Rick Ellis, Jeff Epple, Steven Began school in September with Annex one and Annex two and now we have the NEW HOUSE, house, house . . . everythin g is still in transit, including the phones,. composite, heater, curtains, sweetheart and color tube . . . The Grand Pounder owes us a hot ' o nasty initiation . . . How about it backwards three speed . . . add a speed and you have four speed Dowd and a in court or a night in jail : . . Judge, Speak Easy . . . Echols, of and demand has 55 new pledges to work with . . . that and a Bad Scene . . . Speaking of Bad Scenes, Wright says everyone in the house is fine, or was that fined .. . well,we are all In Hock anyway . . . Lost three more men this year to Florida Blue Key, making a total of seven . . . HUD . . . three All-SEC baseballers, cager point maker Keller . . . track captain Anderson . . . All-SEC tackle Murphy, Ewaldsen, Johnson, Horton, Langley and Baeszler . . . our jocks . . . Sig Tech (ST) and the Benton Engineering Council (BEC) .. What can I say (WCIS)? . . . If you can ' t take a joke . . . SG in SG . . . Rochat says they recovered enough of to save it after the New Year ' s Eve party . . . Sigs blow out New Year ' s Eve again 16 days late . . . Cowboy party, " is that your horse out there? I ' d let you borrow it, but you know, insurance . . . Arabian and Halloween parties . . . Joe sure makes a good spook . . . Are you worth a? . . If you keep your feet on the ground you may get run over by a wheelbarrow . . . " Gentlemen, we face a real crisis " . . . Phantoms in Macon .. . Crescent Beach ... Our old house D, oops . . Ritch distributes in the basement . . . Keep Chunk from the Jute Box . . Halloween and the Great Pumpkin . . . Christmas and the CI . . . THE Creation . . . We followed Ford ... Are you a turtle? .. . How high Does the eagle fly. Etheredge, Buz Ewaldsen, Paul Flanagan, Bob Flanagan, Wes Flinn, John Foregger, Jim Fouts, Steve Gardner, Paul Gardner, Steve Geyer, Jim Girtman, Ben Green, Mike Gundlach, John Hager, John Handy, Jim Hartman, Bill Hartman, Drew Hartman, Mike Heath, Skip Herrington, Jay Hetzler, Brent Hoffman, Norris Horton, John Howell, Bryan Hurst, Tom Johnson, Julian Johnson, Wayne Jones, Oliver Jordan, John Keith, Jim Keller, Gary Langley, Lee LeBas, Joe Leonard, Woody Mahood, Dennis Mahood, Jack Mairs, Tom Maynard, Zollie McClelland, Clif McIntyre, Don McLatchey, Ken McMath, Bill McQuagge, Duncan—Treasurer Menendez, Ernest Mitchell, John Morris, Joe Mulford, Kerry Muller, Lyle Nash, Richard Novak, Walter NydahI, John Ortengren, Mike Pellicci, Joel Perry, Richard Phillips, Robert Rawlins, David Reid, Charles Richardson, Marion Ritch, John Rochat, William—President Ross, Kent Rowlands, Dave Saenger, Karl Sanderson, Melvin Sistrunk, Albert Smith, Don Smoleny, Charles Stein, Walter Stokes, Vernon Stuart, George Sutton, Hugh Swartsel, Vernon Taylor, Jim Teuton, Mac Thompson, Clayton Tullis, Walter Vincenti, Lenny Weekes, James Weimer, Bill Weir, James Wertz, John White, John Williams, Jeff Winkler, Harry Woodard, Wayne Wooten, Butch Wooten, Skeeter Yancy, Dalton sigma kappa sigma kappa Who switched the lyrics? I hadn ' t ever noticed the words in " Scotch and Soda. " Bartley, Susan Beasley, Shirley Blanchard, Peggy Blome, Rena Bogan, Carol President Bratcher, Jo Ann Cherpak, Corrine Chism, Barbara Secretary Cornell, Jeanne Davenport, Joan Dormany, Pam Eckhart, Carol Faber, Beverly Fisher, Judy Ford, Celia Fredrickson, Suzanne George, Susan Greig, Liza Guynn, Carol Hennie, Donna Hill, Freddie Hill, Lynn Horner, Desta Hoover, Brenda Hotchkiss, Janice Jones, Diane Jones, Linda King, Marnie Luther, Janice Marsh, Sam From our dear pledges who put sand in the sisters ' beds . . . to the brightening of the holidays for kids from one to ninety-two . . . the Sigma were busy . . . Rooting their team on to triumph and a beautiful trophy with the help of Sweetheart Bil . . . Winning roses for " stealing " Pike canes . . . Enjoying serenades and candlelight ceremonies for the pinned, lavaliered or engaged . . . Showing off our radiant Chi Phi sweetheart and the exotic Sisters of the Nile . . . Studying as our Alpha Lambda Deltas . . . Setting good examples were our judiciary people??? . . . Socials, Halloween and Christmas parties, White Pearl Weekend, and pancake suppers kept the Sigmas busy . . . With Mother Persons ' good food and the " fatherly " advice of Dr. Carson, there ' s no place like the Sigma house for home . . . Warm weather came, and the Sigmas hit the trails for Hot Springs, Arkansas and the convention . . . Cooler weather brought rush parties and lots of new pledges . . . Cold weather arrived, and with it warm fireside sings and marshmallow roasts . . . A warming trend brought round Panhel Sing, Sigma Chi Derby, graduation for some, and a new year on the horizon for others. NOT PICTURED Cross, Russell Duda, Joseph Fields, Michael Foster, William Hall, Don Horner, George McGraw, Kenneth Markham, Charles Proctor, Julian Richter, Joseph Tucker, John Van Duyn, John Wikel, Ronald But I always brush my crests after every meal. Who could the flowers be for? Him or them? NOT PICTURED Avery, John Claxton, Jim Durham, Mike Haslam, Ernie Kozich, Al MacEntee, Vaughn Muench, Larry Nelson, Chris Orr, Dan—Secretary Porsey, George Steele, Tom Verizzom, Paul Walker, Chip Weiss, Charles Zobala, Adrian—Treasurer McMullan, Sue Monk, Leslie—Treasurer Morley, Kitty Mueller, Ardath Mumbauer, Mary—Vice-President Nietsche, Dee Nigels, Debe O ' Connor, Janice O ' Connor, Julie Otto, Rosemary Plata, Carol Reed, Sandy Schumacher, Barbara Searles, Donna Seasholtz, Susan Sitar, Sally Smith, Janet Speight, Gloria Stevens, Colvin Struthers, Mary Sturgis, Vicki Swoope, Vicky Vanderberg, Gretchen Vermeire, Paulette Warnecke, Gayle Watkins, Judy White, June Wilder, Mary Ann sigma nu WHO was in charge of block seating? sigma nu Allen, Tim Benedict, Jim Bernhardt, Jim Bleakley, Kent Bowen, John Bowes, Kit Boynton, Wayne Bridges, Chip Burruss, Kenny Cockes, Jon Corbitt, Charles Crown, Bob Crown, Ron Dade, Tom Epperson, TOM Jeff Fletcher, Ed Foote, Kenny Gariano, Ritchie Harrell, Tom Hill, Charles Hipp, Tim Holsapple, George Housholder, George Junger, Guy Junger, Phil Martin, Jim McLeod, Joe McRae, Tom Milam, George Moore, Pat Nelson, Bob Rodriguez, Marc Schaefer, Chuck Smith, Warren—Deceased, Nov. 7, 1964 Swallow, Gary Vandervort, John Woodson, Mike Sigma Nu daddies came through with six girls this year—and at last at legacy . . Little Don set a record with five swinging bands on a night . . . Benedict not Arnold) wasn ' t too pleased with our super booth . . . We miss Bill Cross at our dinner table this year . . . Next Year all Sigma Nus will meet in the men ' s room to settle our block seating problems . . . Water first place spot again, helped along by the Junger brothers and Cracker . . . The. locomotive, bedecked in beer almost didn ' t get finished, but did win first in Homecoming house decorations ... ZTA Arliskas, sponsored by Sigma Nu, won Homecoming Sweetheart title . . . Howard and his Florida Blue . . . Progress has been made in integration at the Sigma Nu house-we now allow students in with the jocks .. . Fitty made the quickest rebound of the year followed up by Oggie Doggie . . . We understand that Boho lost his head in front of Ted ' s . . . The DU dog has a new home and has acquired a crush on Craig . . . Our banner program failed .. . Preston ' s Flies . . . New uses for light bulbs went over big this rear. bloc seating problems Arthur, Bill Bailey, John Booty, Mike Boyeson, Jim Bradfield, Mark Braznel, Scott Britton, Russ Burrows, Dave Cline, Gib Daly, Chuck Dixon, Henry Donnely, Jay Dozier, Tom Eden, Nathan Finerty, Ron Fitterman, John Furin, Mike Glenn, Herbert Grau, Erv—Secretary Gravley, Tom Henderson, Tom Hosley, Fred Jarrit, Don Jarvis, Vic Jenkins, John Kaempfer, Bob Katz, Jack Kelley, Pat Kincaid, O. A. Kirkconnell, Ben Knadle, Mike Lazenby, Bob Lazo, Dino Lazzara, Phil Mahar, Dennis Traba, Joe Vause, Carl Warren, Will Woolfarth, Bob Youse, Richard NOT PICTURED Alexander, Richard Bourkard, Earnest Bowes, Cliften Braswell, William Brodbeck, Donald Craft, John DuPree, Daniel Epperson, Kenneth Fitzsimmons, Jeffrey Gerl in, William Heard, Charles Herbert, Glen Johnson, Doug Justin, Don Katz, Michael Lalekis, John Marzullo, John McCann, James Page, Preston Pasteris, Joseph Payor, Louis Poland, Lewis Poole, Fred Rabe, Randall Repp, Paul Riedling, Lester Shea, Dennis Skelcher, John Stevenson, Robert Theakston, Peter Thomas, Lee Traba, Jose Young, James Martin, Mike Treasurer Mason, Joe McFayden, John Mims, Bob Moore, Ed Newcomer, Jerry Ogden, Dennis Parks, Jeff Register, George Roades, Doug—Vice-President St. James, Bill Schaffer, John Shannon, Tom Shea, Dennis Smith, Mike Smith, Tom Swanson, Craig Swindell, Jim Tarbert, Tom Taylor, Clyde President Taylor, Tom 339 sigma phi epsilon sig ep ' s boost NOT PICTURED Gene Andrews, Sandy Haire, Bill Arnold, Gary Hardy, Larry Bergman, Ed HasselI. R. C. Bouman, Bill Kelly, Dick Blot, Bill Kunes, Art Burns, Bill Lytal, Pud Christiansen, Gary Medlin, Les Edwards, Tom Murphy, Colin Evans, Ralph Neal, Fred Purcell, Gary Ritchie, Dennis Russel Jim Salvo, Gerry Shackton. Bob Small, Ross- –President Stephens, Norm Straub, Ted Thrasher Elbin Trent. Alex The best Sig Ep of them all is our Uncle Tom. One more shot like that, and I play with you anymore. Adamkiewica, Edward Baker, Richard Batchelor, Don Bothe, Dave Brenza, Bill Brill, Roger Brinkley, Mike Britton, Don Brown, Jim Bucket, George Caruso, Joe Casey, Larry Clark, Gene Clarke, Rick Coats, Turner Cogswell, Robert Cole, Phil Damer, Ron DeGrove, Bill Earnest, Rick Edwards, Tom Fagan, Fred Finley, Gibson Graham, George Gramer, Bill Hallmark, Jim Hamrick, John Heath, Jack Hiple, Bob Hixenbaugh, Dan Hoffeld, Tom Hudson, Bob Hume, John Jennings, George Johnson, Tim Kerns, Ira King, Ray Koestline, Norm Secretary Koplin, Terry Land, Hank burns for governer Bush . . . 65 man pledge class . . . Campaign for and help elect Sig Ep Haydon Burns governor . . . The Roaring Twenties part— " Where did you get that bath tub? " . . . Sig Ep ' s rank sixth in intramural standings . . . John Hume, secretary of Men ' s Affairs . . . Bill Burns, Tim Johnson and Gary Miner members of Leg Council . . . Elwin Thrasher is IFC Executive Vice-President . . . newsletter wins first place national award . .. Homecoming and the twenty foot high gator make " Gator Bait " out of the game cocks . . . Pledges repair the SPE Valley Authority (SPE V.A.), and many over-due creekings . . . the annual Pledge-Brother football game was held with its predictable results . . . The Halloween costume party— " you ' re going as a what?! " . . . Three men on the IFC football team that tops the FSU IFC team . . . Tally and the " Never FSU Never " game prove disappointing .. . Serenades for the pinmates . . . Plans drawn for the Heart Fund Drive— " Get donations any you can, but don ' t steal! " . . . Lela with her ever-ready coffee pot keeps Sig Fps alert through finals . . . " Quiet hours ! ! " . . . Another year comes and goes. I ' m tired of singing for my food. Lloyd, Bill Lucas, Larry Lumans, Val MacMillan, Neal Mannelli, Ted Marcinak, Jeff McKinnes, Jim McNally, Sean Mead, Bob Mederos, Evelio Miner, Gary Nelson, Don Pace, Joe Parker, John Peters, Les Pethia, Joe Pickersgill, Billy Prescott, Mike Reed, Rex Robbins, Jim Rojas, Michael Sawtell, Brad Schlechter, Al—Vice-President Shewbrooks, Steve—Treasurer Shek, Bill Shipley, John Sims, George Stanley, Dennis Thomas, Tony Thomas, Wayne Thompson, Richard Van Meter, Harry Victor, Lou Ware, Allen Webster, Bruce Weick, Bob Whitt, Michael. Weiderhold, John Wilson, O ' Neil Wilson, Jon When are you going to us our supper, tau epsilon phi But we don ' t need plants in the yard. Tau Epsilon Phi A very successful year for the largest fraternity on campus . . . TEP took in the second largest pledge class . . . Doing well in campus activities—on the athletic field and socially . . . Harry Shorstein, Barry Sinoff and Shelly Finman in Florida Blue Key . . . Members of the President ' s Cabinet—Martin Edwards, secretary of Legislative Affairs and Cal Reichel le, secretary of Athletics . . . Robert Segal,. floor leader of Leg Council; Lee Borden, Steve Brotman and Joel Brown, members of the council . . . TEPs in quest of the President ' s Cup this year . . a win in volleyball . . . Major contenders for most of the sports . . Norman Brooks—an All- Campus Selection for three different sports . . Best known frat on campus Homecoming when " The Drifters " entertained in the basement . . . Other parties featured " The Marvels, " Steve Alaimo and " The Starfires " in joint party with SAE. Even if it is the Nose Bowl Game, you look stupid as heck in that positition. Bass, Danny Berson, Mark Blanck, Warren Borden, Lee Brotman, Steve Brunswick, Alan Center, Gary Cohen, Warren Edwards, Martin—President Falis, Marvin Feist, Evan Felder, Ben Davis, Leo Denmark, Larry Dossick, Steven Dresner, Jack 342 tep ' s alive at parties Finman, Shelly Fleischman, Sol Fletcher, Paul Goldberg, Joe Gonzalez, Roy Greenberg, Marc NOT PICTURED Back, Larry Baker, Bobby Barat, Gary Berkowitz, Paul Brecher, Chuck Brody, Gerry Brooks, Norman Brown, Joel Chepnik, Alan Chepnik, Stan Cohen, Gary Cone, Paul Cromer, Danny Deitz, Sam Drashin, Sidney Edelson, Mark Eisenberg, Herman Farcus, Joe Feist, Evan—Secretary Fried, Harris Fletcher, Larry Frank, Al Gartell, Marty Gora, Mike Green, Robert Greenburg, Bob Groland, Gordon Halprin, Barry Hirschenson, Mike Horowitz, Jay Howard, Gene Huberman, Glenn Hurwick, Bruce Jonas, Eric—Treasurer Katz, Dick Klein, Harold Koningsburg, Alan Label, Bill Laiken, Don Levine, Danny Levine, Jerry Levine, Peppy Levy, Bruce Liebersfield, Ira Magrim, Howard Malter, Harvey—Vice-President Mann, Mike Melhman, Henry Menaker, Robert Mittman, Paul Moscovitz, Charles Pollock, Ira Reichelle, Cal Rosenthal, Jerry Rotford, Richard Sack, Sidney Safer, Mike Samuel, Bobby Sarrow, Jeff Sayles, Rick Segal, Robert Shapiro, Ellis Shapiro, Joel Shorstein, Harry Silow, Frank Silver, Bernie Sinoff, Barry Slavin, Harvey Slott, Marvin Sobel, Alan Sootin, John Stern, Ron Stone, Mart Tempkins, Harry Tesser, Art Tessler, Bill Tilton, Pete Waxman, Mike Weil, Buzzy Weinstein, Jay Weinstein, Marc Weithorn, Jeff Woodruff, Woody Yanchuck, Joel Young, Scott Guttenmacher, Eddie Horovitz, Larry Jacobs, Steve Kahn, Howard Kavalich, Allan Katz, Dick Katz, Ron Krovetz, Marty Laugsen, Bruce Lazar, Mark Levine, Dave Leviten, Ed Lichter, Bill Lurie, Martin Lynne, Robert Magram, Gary McClaskey, Bob Mitchell, Dave Parnes, Jerry Polan, Kerry Redman, Bob Reichenthal, Phil Rogow, Bruce Rohan, Steve Rotman, Kenny Sadler, Gary Schneider, Herb Shenkman, Fred Silverstein, Ed Sinoff, Lee Trachtenberg, Roy Tucker, Bill Uhlfelder, Steve Zeiger, Mitch Zelmenovitz, Phil Zinober, Peter 343 alpha gamma rho Who was in charge of block seating for that game. agr ' s inspire Baragona, George Bellizio, James Black, Charlie Black, Larry Bostillo, Barry Cammack, Owen Coppedge, Roger Demaree, Mike Douthat, John Fredriksson, Winslow Fries, Mickey Giles, Charles Harper, Tommy Hendry, Charley Horton, Al Hunter, John Garden of Eden is still the location of " extra curricular " activities . . . Dana Venrick, president of Agricultural . . . John Douthat, vice president of Agricultural Council and member of Leg Council . . . Active blood bank -for alumni, brothers and immediate relatives Hank Raattama, Honor Court justice and V.O.T.E. Party chairman . . . Extension Service Agents treated to a banquet during their annual conference here in September . . . stole our prize set of buffalo horns . . . " Chicken " Charlie Hendry scores high in Poultry Judging Team at Chicago . .. AGR Breakfast at Daytona for FFA members . . . Don Hall Honor Court Justice . . . George Ruis Cheerleader . . . Twenty-six Alumni chapters span the entire state . . . Christmas barbeques and receptions in twenty-six Florida cities .. . Russell Cross scores high in beef judging at the annual American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City . .. We still claim first place on campus in using the sink hole . . . All this comprises a very successful school year and foreshadows a bright future. Lawrence, Jerry Lindahl, Leonard Mathews, Wilson McLean, Benny—Secretary Morgan, Tony Morgan, Bill Mott, Paul Perdue, Bill Raattama, Hank—President Retey, Bill Ross, Al Ruis, George Serra, Pete Sherrod, Bill Simmons, Lamar Sumner, Dan—Vice-President Sumner, Wayne Taylor, John Veal, Willie Walden, Glenn Zimmerman, Dale—Treasurer tau kappa epsilon teke ' s p Banks, Tommy Vice-President Bell, Doug Bolser, Michael Butterworth, Bob President Buzzell, Don Buzzell, Robert Cherry, Bob Cox, Greg Cromer, Dan Duncan, Jerry Fike, Mike Fischette, Bill Gullette, John Gostinella, Jim Hall, Bob Haywood, Dave Healy, John Holbrook, Al Hufner, Stuart LeRoux, Bret Lesser, Bob Marsh, Gary. Morris, Max Parr, Jack Pickler, Bob Pourzad, Jalil Rhodes, Dennis Slinkman, Ken Smith, Jim Smith, Mike Soulby, Bob Steele, Tom Stirrat, Art Watson, Wes Weimer, Robert Weiss, Charlie That was a smart move, stealing the kitchen key. Biggest pledge class in many tri- mesters . . . virtue of a tie for first place in track, TKE moved into third place in Blue League intramural standing at the end of Fall trimester . . . Officers elected in the fall . . . Who was the Santa Claus at. the LSU riot? . . . Wee- Wee down the home stretch made it by a hair . . . Tekes feast big; yea Dave! .. . Bob got the shaft . . . Heal got the draft . . . Have an idea Zabala . . . Bell flakes out; Bolser by default . . . Start over with a clean sheet . . . Chapter meetings were a gas, huh Dan? like a two time loser G.S. and G.T.O. . . finks out . . . Win some, lose some— everything ends up even Parr . . . Max and Bill make the twosome a foursome . . . Good year for the Tekes—Bob, Stu, J.J. and Bob. spirit NOT PICTURED Haywood, get your hand away from my shirt pocket . . . Oh no, not another AOPi . . . Is Sheridan a Theta Chi? .. . Thanks Cort, the rush party band was really great . . . Hey Mu, Hey? . . . Congratulations Houp, we ' ll melt it down tomorrow . . . Well Bill, at least you ' re head cheerleader . . . Ray and Mae, it ' s a boy-chapter meeting to be held at the baseball diamond . . . Hey Mike, is that a real president ' s key? . . . Mr. Oysterhoudt . . . Ehr and Michelle wept while Steen packed . . . Hey Wilson, I hear you ' re still in school . . . Blood and stitches as Theta Chi ' s beat TEP ' s in tackle football . . . Congratulations Plumb, you ' re now a Florida Blue Key, do you still love Bob Wilson? . . . Speak up Jardon, I can ' t hear you .. . Will the real Jim Kincaid please stand up? . . Sparky, I hear Donna is . . . Hey Schwartzenbeck, glad to see you back . . . Thank Heaven for . . . We love you Vice-Chairman Meyo . . . Mom, Turn out those lights . . . Thank you Dean Adams, you ' re a real rush asset . . . Hey Mel, pass the flea powder . . . Rodger, what ' s that on your face . . . 1001 way to watch T.V. by Jerry Johns . . . The little blue Renault is dead . . . Who plays strip poker .. . Someone tell R.C. it ' s Open House . . . Burke, what are you trying to say? . . . Smith and six over anybody . . . Hammon and Miller? not here, call Sam ' s, FR 2-9355 . . . Was Plumb really a night drama coach? . . . There are 7,259,475,822 blades of grass in the back yard . . . 0000ga. Houp, Ken—Treasurer Jardon, James Johns, Jerry Abbey, Neil Dudinsky, Thomas Marchman, Kip Schroedel, Charles Banks, Ed Durhan, Michael Marconi, Frank Shamlaty, Ron Barnett, William Fischer, Kent May, Jeff Shaw, Tom Bilinski, Max Fox, Richard Miller, Ray Southit, Steve Billington, Ed Gallo, James Miller, Tom Stanul, Stan Bostain, Richard Haywood, Steve Mottlau, Dane Steed, Ron Bucci, Auggie Kincaid, Jim Osterhoudt, Bob Stubbs, Sid Cooke, Robert Lovett, Howard Overstreet, Jim Van Middlen, Eric Cox, Schuler Lyle, Bob Peters, Myron White, Ron Dearmin, Thomas Lyle, Butch Schink, Werner Wilson, Bob Ayala, Mel Barker, Bob Berardi, Frank Bruschi, Joe Burke, Jourdon Casal, Julian Cyrus, Bob Dearmin, Tom Dixon, Bill Ehr, Bob—Secretary Elis, Denny Epperson, David Gazdak, Joe Gore, Charles Gravlee, R. C. Hammond, Rod Hankins, Everett Heydt, Skip And we ' ll 346 Jolley, Joe Justiss, Bob Kenworthy, Jack—President Kuzmick, Bob Langworthy, Cort Lopez, Larry Lovett, Howard McCarthy, Mike McClintock, Bob McComb, John McDuffie, David McEnroe, Charles McKnight, Mike Michell, Dyer Mitchell, Jerry Overstreet, Jim Perrin, Bill Petas, Bill Pinney, Bill Plumb, Charles Powell, Ron Ricketts, Gary Ross, Bill Sauls, Steve Schwarzenbek, Gene Seip, Mark Sheridan, Howard Simpson, Ronald Smith, Ron—Vice-President Spirko, Jim Steen, John Stoeberl, Leo Swann, Roger Thomas, Dick Wayne, John Webb, James Wells, Rusty Wilcox, George Winder, Jon Woodruff, Ed go to pick up our dates with sticky fingers. Nick, that ' s the cat ' s sand box. 347 zeta tau alpha, zeta ' s have royal blood Gee, it ' s fun to have grass to roll around in. Bour, Georgeann Blake, Marcia Bowers, Linda President Brannen, Brenda Byrne, Cheryl Treasurer Cobo, Deanna Compton, Janis Conrad, Doris Cook, Jane Cornwell, Pat Crumb, Mary Cuppett, Trisha DeGrove, Nan Drane, Peni Dusard, Sherry Edwards, Sandra Evans, Judy Floyd, Evelyn Goble, Jane Greiner, Candy The Zetas began the year with beauty queens galore and scholarship standings . . . Yee-haw McDonnell is still not over Homecoming royalty days . . . Does super-cheerleader ' s sweeties still have nose trouble? . . . Motor Mouth Mirabella told she ' s leaving . . . Smashed marble egg leaves Marcy in tears . . . Lynn, get those birds out of here . . . Olson great Bond . . . Ham, eggs and pancakes-5:15 Cheryl . . . Flea craves Citadel and the Swede . . . Triple date, Saturday a.m.—Sue, Bev and a . . . D. L. Gives Latin Lover the ax . . . LaFaye ' s pin lifted when caught wearing a Penney ' s Special no locker loop . . . Deanna, the Zeta Kop and Bolita Ring going strong . . . Claude ' s returned the New York to see her " sugar daddy. " Is Door-lis still Phi Delt queenie or is it Christmas in New York? ...Flo Baby driving Val and B. G. berserk . . . Linda, Pat, and their private " Nose bowls " . . . Does Darling Starling her friends at FSU . . . Sturdie Gertie ever effervescing . . . Maryann snags Deke (formerly, Dick) . . . Georgic ' s scummy bowl Dave ' s downfall . . . G. B., A. P. and J. P.—tough pad in Daytona . . . Is true blue Candy still Oster ' s? .. . Skunk makes scene at back door too often—even queen ' s can ' t get away with it . . . Carol ' s ' Time for a change " — Larry to Larry . . . Then there ' s Jan and her bouncie,boincie Sig pin . . . upper five—chapter meetings at Maneros? 348 Rooster ' s away; Zetas play NOT PICTURED Arliskas, Mary Courtney, Dee Fitzgerald, Kathy Londeree, Donna—Vice-President Lucree, Jan Meclewski, Carol Mirabella, Charlotte Nau, Susan Hadley, Kim Haskin, Valerie Hill, Mary Ann Holschuh, Lynn Hormats, Gerrie Housel, Sharon Jureski, Junnie Kirchhoff, Karole Kummer, Candy LaFaye, Georgia Lee, Liz Maddalena, Pat McDonell, Carolyn Mirabella, Charlotte Murphy, Charlene Myers, Becky Nanz, Barbara Nobles, Claudia Olson, Louise Pfleger, Mary Pierson, Ann Porter, Judy Regan, Pam Regan, Sandra Rogers, Barbara Sansbury, Sheila Schumann, Marcy—Secretary Sikes, Betty Simmons, Sandra Smith, Kathy Smith, Stacie Smith, Susie Smollen, Sandy Starling, Susan Storer, Ann Swann, Carol Thomas, Joyce VanAlstine, Sally Weeks, Jonina Werner, Sue West, Beverly 349 people an expectation or gradual hope . . . elevating yourself from the numbers . . . excellent leaders as well as followers . . . specializing in one area . . . participating in many . . . combining talent and brains . . . cooperation—the key unlocking the door . . . impressive tappings . . . becoming who ' s who .. . acquiring respect on campus . . . steppingstones to the future. florida blue key is more The entire sphere of student is represented in the members of Florida Blue Key United. These leaders sponsor the annual Fall Homecoming festivities, The Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau and a Foreign Student Program. To be eligible for tapping into this honorary organization, a male student must have at least a 2.0 average, be enrolled as a student at the UF, have complet ed five trimesters of study, and participated in three fields of activities, distinguishing in at least one. Officers for the Fall trimester were Ron LaFace, president; Jon Johnson, vice-president; Bruce Starling, secretary; and Mike Colodny, treasurer. Winter trimester leaders were Mac Melvin, president; Tom Moore, vice-president; Shelly Finman, secretary; and Wilson Atkinson, treasurer. Tapped into Florida Blue Key this fall were: First, Abbott Herring, Paul Huck, " Stumpy " Harris, Ed Abbott, Joel Sachs, Second, Micky Miles, Bill Hoppe, Zollie Maynard, and Vernon Swartsel. Third, Howard McNulty, Jeff Ray, and Dick Adams. Fourth, Elliot Messer, Jerry Livingston, Steve Freedman, Joe. and Tommy Tart. Fifth, Charles Plumb, Joe Coudon, and Bob DeLoach.. Not Pictured: Barry Benedict, Buddy Blaine, Bob Feagin, Mike Hollingsworth, Jack Nichols, and Hugh Wilson 352 than honorary Left, Fall president Ron LaFace yields gavel to Winter President Mac Melvin. Members of Florida Blue Key below are first: Buddy Jacobs, Dan O ' Connell, Wilson Atkinson, Shelly Finman, Tom Moore, Dave Bludworth, Charles Pillans, M J Menge, Charles Malloy, Dick Gober, Ron LaFace, and Frank Glinn. Second: John DeVault, Dennis Flanagan, Jim Crabtree, Chip Block, Mac Melvin, Copperman, Todd Goodwill, Boo Shaffer, Harold Stephans, Harvey Shearon, and Stu Parsons. Third: Barry Sinoff, Truman Skinner, Paul Hendricks, John Johnson, David West, Merrill Stainton, Charley Wells, Maurice Plumb, Mike Colodney, and Harry Shorstein. Fourth: Mike. Charles Edwards, Butch Wooten, Ed Moore, Norwood Gay, Larry Carrol, Rod Magie, Lou Voelkel, Bruce Starling, Bruce Culpepper, Ken Henderson, and Fred Lane. Not Pictured: Scott Anselmo, Frank Harshaw, Ken Kennedy, Hugh McArthur, Allen McPeak, and Bob Wilson. The Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau sends student speakers all over the state as an effective public relations tool for the UF. Senator J. William Fulbright was one of many visiting dignitaries present at Florida Blue Key-sponsored Homecoming. ' Sharon Hodge, FBK is the real center of power on the UF campus. Chip Block heads " FBK Presents " a weekly television program promoting the university. 353 mortar board The Trianon Chapter of Mortar Board was founded at the University of Florida for the purpose of recognizing outstanding women leaders on campus. The local chapter joined with over 100 other chapters throughout the country to become part of National Mortar Board in 1960. The name Trianon stands for scholarship, leadership, and service— traits that are necessary for membership into this society. Other requirements are that one must be an undergraduate woman with an average .4 above the all women ' s campus average, and have completed her junior year between the preceding December and following September of her acceptance. This year Mortar Board sponsored its Annual Homecoming Ladies ' Buffet, Christmas- on-Campus tree lighting, and a rummage sale to raise money for Dollars for Scholars. Once a year, in the spring, the members of Mortar Board don their gowns, and wander through campus tapping new members into the highly-coveted organization. Top: Gayle Bauer, Ann Johnson, and Dina Landis. Center: Nancy Lucas, Gini Nardi, and Cheryl Robinson Goble. Bottom: Sandy Taylor, Joyce Thomas, and .Vicki Weithorn. Gail McCaleb, president Anne Chipley, vice-president alpha lambda delta Dr. Tommy Waldo, above, and Dean Marjorie Jackson, right, were guests at Alpha Lambda Delta ' s spring initiation. Pledges initiated this fall were Ellen Abernathy, Nancy Calhoun, Joan Cohnstein, Karen Lee Creeden, Susan Galbreath, Jerry Elizabeth Henson, Patricia Hogue, Barbara Horne, Adrienne Leban, Mary Lippitt, Barbara McKinney, Dana Moser, Katherine Murray, Laura Norman, Ferne Peed, Priscilla Porter, Joan Roth, Marsha Sapp, Pat Slade, Pat Wehner, Andrea Westman, Glennda Whitehurst, and Sherry Williams. Alpha L ambda Delta recognizes freshman women who have distinguished themselves by attaining a 3.5 scholastic average during one trimester of their freshman year. The purposes of the organization are to promote intellectual integrity and to encourage high scholastic achievement among freshman women. Activities include providing a service, and assisting with the Mortar Board Banquet at Homecoming. Members are eligible to work for three $1500 Fellowships, which are awarded to former Alpha Lambda Deltas for work. A record number of 70 girls were eligible for membership in the Spring. phi eta sigma The University of Florida chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1930, and since that time it has encouraged activities conducive to higher scholarship. To be eligible for membership, freshmen male students must obtain a 3.5 in their first or second trimester. The main project for the cha pter is aiding the Dollars for Scholars Drive. Members initiated on November 23, 1964, were: Steve Anderson, Wm. Geo. Brandenburg, Bob Crosson, Steve Fuquay, David Hoffman, Chris Mason, Tom Morgan, Armando Perez, Posada, Jo Pivec, Jim Russell, Richard Stone, Theodore Steger, Roger Winchell, and Vernon Yates. RICHARD HENRY ADAMS, Assistant General Chairman of Homecoming 1964; President of Sigma Chi; Honor Court Justice; Dean ' s List; Legislative Council, majority floor leader; Council; President of the Laste Krewe. GAYLE MARGARET BAUER: of Panhellenic Council; Mortar Board; Vice-president of Alpha Chi Omega; Legislative Council, secretary; Edith Bristol Tigert Award; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Panhellenic Award 1964. ANNE ELIZABETH CHIPLEY: of Delta Delta Delta; Vice- president of Panhellenic Council; Nell Critzer Miller Award; Religion-In-Life Executive Committee; Graduation with High Honors; Florida Blue Key Speaker; Dean ' s List. RICHARD HENRY ADAMS GAYLE MARGARET BAUER ANNE ELIZABETH CHIPLEY hall of fame honors JOSEPH COUDON VII: Editor of 1965 and 1964 Seminoles; Florida Blue Key; Chairman of Christmas on Campus 1964; Legislative Council; Kappa Alpha Order, secretary; Orientation Staff Coordinator; Alpha Delta Sigma; University Religious RICHARD LEO DANDURAND: and Treasurer of Phi Kappa Tau; Assistant General Chairman of Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Inter- fraternity Council District Legislative Council, chairman of Parking and Safety Committee. JOSEPH COUDON VII RICHARD LEO DANDURAND ROBERT EARL DELOACH, JR. : Blue Key; President of Delta Sigma Phi; Secretary of Labor; Originator of Student Government Employment and Service Personal Service Bureau; Engineering Council Service Award for 1963-1964; Interfraternity Council; President of American Society of Civil Engineers. SHELDON ELIOT FINMAN: Student Director of Intramurals; Chief Justice of Traffic Court; Secretary of Tau Epsilon Phi; Secretary of Florida Blue Key; Student Government Traffic and Parking Committee; All-Campus Bowling and Volleyball; Manager of Basketball Intramurals. STEPHEN ALAN FREEDMAN: Florida Blue Key; Administrative Assistant to Student Body President; Chief Justice of Traffic Court; Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity; Majority Leader of Legislative Council; Secretary of Traffic and Safety; Delegate to Council of United Nations and Southern Universities Student Government Association. ROBERT NORWOOD GAY III: General Chairman of Homecoming 1964; Florida Blue Key; President and Vice-president of Kappa Sigma; Chief Justice of Interfraternity Council Tribunal; -Chairman of Homecoming Parade. FRANKLIN BARRY GLINN: Florida Blue Key; Associate Director of President of Florida Union Board for Student Activities; Co-chairman of V.O.T.E. Party; Vice-chairman for Florida Union Board of Managers; Legislative Council, minority floor leader. UF leaders WILLIAM TAYLOR HARTMAN: President of Benton Engineering Society; Sigma Chi Rush Chairman; Vice- president of Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Vice-chancellor and Justice of Honor Court; with High Honors; Dean ' s List. MICHAEL DENNIS HOLLINGSWORTH: Florida Blue Key; Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Secretary of Finance; Gator Party Chairman; Assistant Homecoming Parade Chairman. STEPHEN ALAN FREEDMAN FRANKLIN BARRY GLINN ARTHUR IVAN JACOBS: President of University Religious Association; and Vice-President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Legislative Council, majority leader; Florida Blue Key; Coordinator for Florida Blue Key International Host Program; Member of Disciplinary Committee. ROBERT NORWOOD GAY III WILLIAM TAYLOR HARTMAN DINA MERLE LANDIS: President and treasurer of Alpha Epslion Phi; President of Panhellenic Council; Mortar Board; Florida Blue Key Speaker; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zeta Phi Eta speech fraternity. Arthur Ivan Jacobs DINA MERLE LANDIS GERALD SEALS LIVINGSTON: of Beta Theta Phi; All-America and All-SEC Swim Teams 1962, 63, 64; UF Swim Team Captain; Athletic Hall of Fame; Florida Blue Key; Legislative Council; President and Vice- president of Athletic Council; of Gold Gator Athletic Award; Vice-president of F Club. HAROLD EDWARD MOORE, JR: of John Marshall Bar Florida Blue Key; Director of 1963 Homecoming Promotion; UF Law Review Executive Editor; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau Training Staff. THOMAS ROBERT MOORE: Vice- president of Florida Blue Key; Phi Kappa Tau treasurer; member of Board of Governors ad Executive Council Twice named to first team All-America baseball team; President of Baptist Student Union; Legislative Council. DANIEL WALTON Vice- president of Alpha Tau Omega; of Organizations; Campaign Manager for Student Body President; Florida Blue Key; All-Campus team; Florida chairman, Southern Universities Student Government Interfraternity Council Rush Coordinator. CARLOS PIEDRA: Secretary of Affairs; Chairman of Board of International Activities; Chairman of International Week; Founder and First President of Latin American Club; Director 1963 International Talent Show. MARJORIE GAIL MCCALEB: of Mortar Board; Vice-president of Chi Omega; Dean ' s List; President ' s Cabinet; Orientation Staff; Legislative Appreciation Day Hostess Chairman; Alpha Lambda Delta. HAROLD EDWARD MOORE, JR. DANIEL WALTON O ' CONNELL CHESTER HOWARD MCNULTY: of 1964 Gator Growl; President and Vice-president of Sigma Nu; President of Phi Delta Phi legal John Marshall Bar Association; Florida Blue Key. THOMAS ROBERT MOORE CARLOS MARIA PIEDRA SANDRA LEE SCALES: President of Florida Union Board for Student Activities; Board ' s ' Man of the Year ' Award for 1964; Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; Secretary of Florida Players; Orientation staff; Florida Union Board of Managers. HARRY LOUIS SHORSTEIN: Florida Blue Key; Chairman of Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Student Director of Intramurals; President of Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Phi; President ' s Cabinet. ROSS VERNON SWARTSEL, JR: President and Vice-president of Sigma Chi; General Chairman, Religion-in-Life Week 1963-64 and 1964-65; General Chairman, World University Service; Florida Blue Key; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Council; President ' s THOMAS BROGDEN TART: President of Alpha Tau Omega; Florida Blue Key; President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Legislative UF Football Team; Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau. SANDRA LEE SCALES ROSS VERNON SWARTSEL, HARRY LOUIS SHORSTEIN THOMAS BROGDEN TART SANDRA LEE TAYLOR: President and treasurer of Chi Omega; Treasurer of Mortar Board; Forums Committee; Charter Member of Angel Flight; Religion-in-Life Committee; Secretary of Florida Blue Key Banquet. JOYCE THOMAS : President of Zeta Tau Alpha; Treasurer of Panhellenic Council; Lyceum Council Associate Member; Mortar Board Editor. VICKI WIETHORN : President of Women ' s Student Association; Mortar Board; Delta Phi Epsilon; Religion-in- Life Week Hostess; Co-chai-nian 1963 Homecoming Dance; Undersecretary of Women ' s Affairs; President ' s 359 people close surprised that another has flown or turtled . . evaluation of goals becoming more imminent . . . wishing you had or had not found a way to serve your school . . . asking, " Why didn ' t I take advantage of everything the university offered this year? Next year . . . " awed at the hold the administration had on you . . . a sigh, a tear, a sad goodbye as seniors leave . . . maybe next year will be your turn . . . exiting, having joined none, one, or several organizations . . . deciding to be a member of the Greek society or remaining independent . . . achieving or getting closer to assuming a role of leadership on campus . . . people working harmoniously with people. senior directory Abbott, Edward S: Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Asst Chmn FBK Speakers Bureau: Orientation; Florida Blue Key. Ada, Patricia M: West Palm Beach, Ha. Aiken, Linda H: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Theta Tau; Dean ' s list. Alexander. Donald R: Mount Dora, ; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List, Student Bar Assoc; Honor Court Defense Counsel. Alford, Charles Gainesville, Fla; Political Kappa Alpha; Pre-Law Society, program chmn; Gator Growl, tinance and procurement chmn, El Union Scholarship Award. Allen, Hayden P: Daytona Beach, ; Phi Delta Theta. Alonso, Barbara L: Tampa, Eta; Alpha Omicron Pi, treas, house mgr; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Lambda Theta; SFEA, pres, v-pres; Invitational Honors; Dean ' s list; Young Orientation Leader; Newman Club; Student Govt Service Org. Alterman. Leonard M: Palatka, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-Med Society. Altman, William A: Boca Raton, Fla; Sigma Tau, sec, treas. Anchors, C. Le Don Jr: Niceville, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Brigade Officer; Class Ring Comm; Crew; Honor Court Justice; Student Bar Assoc. Anderson, Jas P: Gainesville, Ha. Anderson, Sharon A: Gainesville, Fla; Pi Lambda Theta; Student FEA. Andrews, Stanley R: Miami, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Phi Sigma Kappa; Student Bar Assoc. Anixt, Elaine B: Orlando, Fla, Ansari, Ahmad S: New Delhi, India. Anselmo, Scott R: Fort Lauderdale, Fla; Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Fla Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Grad; Outstanding Leader; Hall of Fame; Clerk of Honor Court; President ' s Cabinet; Student Bar Assoc; Honor Court, asst attny gen. Applerouth, Daniel J: Key West, Fla; Men ' s Glee Club; Univ Religions Assoc. Arlington, Clive A: Fort Myers, Fla; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; American Inst of Physics; Pres, Deputy Mayor of Flavet III; Mayor ' s Council. Arnold, Calvin E: Okeechobee, Fla; Collegiate PEA, pres; Ford Foundation Fellowship. Arrott, Rozanne M Jacksonville, N.C. Askeland, Ronald E: Sebring, Fla; Biology; Delta Tau Delta. Atkin, Dawna L: No. Miami Beach, Fla; Broward Hall Council; Fine Arts Comm. Atwater, Nancy J: Eau Gallie, Fla; WSA; Hall Council, Welcome Week Chmn. Austin, Robert E. Jr: Ocala, Fla; Phi Delta Phi. Aylesworth, Harry: St. Petersburg, Fla. Babbit, Theodore: Miami, Fla; Phi Sigma Kappa; Student Bar Assoc; Delta Theta Phi. Babcock, Mary A: Coral Gables, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta. Bachman, Donald A: Oregon, Ohio. Baker, Ernest E: St. Petersburg, Fla; Delta Upsilon; Sigma Tau; Track Team. Baker, June R: Gainesville, Fla. Bakst, Stewart R: Miami Beach, Fla; Pi Mu; Alpha Chi Sigma; Frolics, asst chmn. Baldwin, Andrew C: Miami, Fla. Ballard, Edgar T: Largo, Fla. Banks, Ann C Lake Worth, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, sponsor chum; Seminole staff. Baragona, George T: Vernon, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho; PEA; BEC; ASAE, scribe. Barber, Anne B: Gainesville, Ha; NEA; SFEA; Dean ' s list. Barnes, Donald S: Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma Lambda Chi, sec; Gargoyle; Student Contractors Builders Assoc. Bass, Daniel B: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi, exec council; Univ Bd of Examiners, student supervisor; Fla Union Public Relations Comm. Batchelor, Donald B: Orlando, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon; FBK Speaker; Honor Court justice. Bates, Stanley R: Clearwater, Fla. Batt, William P: Coral Gables, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. Bauer, Anthony J: Orlando, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. Bauer, Gayle Sarasota, Eta; Alpha Chi Omega, v-pres; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Sigma; Mortar Board; Hall of Fame; Panhellenic Council, pres; Legislative Council, sec; Edith Bristol Tigert Award. Bauer, Virginia A: Wyckoff, NJ; Alpha Omicron Pi, scholarship chmn; Dean ' s list Baur, Georgann J: Miami, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha, scholarship chmn. Beall, Robert M: Bradenton, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi, financial chmn; Advanced Officers Club. Beasley, Shirley J: Lake Butler, Fla; Sigma Kappa. Bechtel, Linda K: St. Petersburg, Fla; Therapy; SOTA. Bedford, Robert L Pompano Beach, Fla; Dean ' s list. Bee, Gerald H Sebring, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Honor Court Justice. Belate, Mary E: Jacksonville, Fla. Bell, Douglas R: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla: Tau Kappa Epsilon, treas; BES; ASCE; Engineering Fair Comm; Basketball Mgr; Undersec of Academic Affairs. Bellew, Donald AL Gainesville, Fla; Advertising; Lambda Chi Alpha, Growl Script chmn; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pre-Law Club; Judo Club; Old Orange Peel, ed. Benedict:, Barry A: Gainesville, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi, pres; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; BES, tress; IFC, pres, treas, district rep. Benedict, Matthew J: Miami Shores, Fla; Sigma Nu, soc chmn, rush chmn, chaplain, academic chmn; Propeller Club. Bennett, Ernest: L: Satellite Beach, Fla; Delta Chi. Benson, Robert F: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Chi Sigma; recorder; Ski Club; Aqua Gators. Beranek, John R: Tampa, Fla; Phi Delta Phi, Homecoming skits asst chmn; Honor Court, attn gen; Freshman Orientation; Law Review. Berardi, Francis M: Daytona Beach, Fla; Theta Chi. Berger, Jan E: Sumter, SC; Alpha Epsilon Phi, tress; Orientation Group Leader. Bergert, Frederick L: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Alpha Delta, sec; Student Assoc; Pre-Registration Comm, chum. Berkowitz, David M: Miami, Fla; Alligator, sports ed, asst mgr ed. Berman, Sara E: Atlanta, Ga; Alpha Epsilon Phi, rec sec, v-pres; Undersec of International Affairs; Bd of International Act, sec; Orientation Group Leader. Bernhardt, James T: Miami,; Insurance; Sigma Nu. chaplain; Football Team; Insurance Society, pres. Berning. Linda J: Miami, Fla; Jennings Hall, v-pres. Berrier, David L: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Sigma Pi, v-pres; Arnold Air Society; Advanced Officers Club; Pre-Law Society. Bertolami. Dennis F: Port Reading, NJ. Bessent, William A: Gainesville, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha, Master of the Ritual. Better, Robert S: Miami, Ela; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Bird, Richard Belding, Mich; Phi Delta Phi; Student Asst to the Public Defender; Student Bar Assoc. Bird, Ronald 5: Dunedin, Fla; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Blacken, Kristin G: Orlando, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi, rec sec; Reid Hall Honor Council. Blackman, Jeroldean: Gainesville, Fla; Freshman Forum: Dean ' s list; WSA Service Award; Dorm Honor Council. Blain. L Plant City, Fla; Law School Student Bar Assoc; Law Reunion, chmn Homecoming Skits; Legislative Council, majority leader; Phi Alpha Delta. Margaret A: Lantana, Fla; Sigma Kappa, pledge class pres; Alligator staff, copy ed. Bleidner, Joyce H: Plantation, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, historian, act ; Foreign Sponsors Assoc, sec; Sigma Chi Derby Queen; Homecoming Princess. Bloeser, Marian J: West Palm Beach, Fla, Bludworth, David II: DeFuniak Springs, Fla; Law School Activities; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Fla Blue Key; Honor Court, Defense Counsel; Orientation Coordinator. Bobbitt, Kimball R: Jacksonville, Fla; Finance; Kappa Alpha; Finance Club; Marine Corps A soc. Boglio, Samuel L: Tampa, Fla; Student AIA, sec; Wesley Foundation, v-pres; Honor Court Justice. Boning, Alvin J Edgewater, Fla. Boone, Beverly: Orlando, Fla; Kappa Delta, torres sec, rec sec; Kappa Alpha Rose. Boring, Charles E. Jr: St. Petersburg, Fla. Bott, Kermit H: Miami, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi. Bottomly, William C: Gainesville, Fla. Bottoms, John Gainesville, Fla; Delta Tau Delta; Dean ' s list. Bourkard, Elisabeth C: Tampa, Fla; Medical Technology; Lambda Tau, v-pres; Honor -Court Justice. Bowen, John Lakeland, Fla; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Sigma Epsilon, pres, v-pres. Boyd, Mac: St. Petersburg, Fla; Building Sigma Chi. Brachey, Nancy A: Bradenton, Fla; Seminole staff, copy ed; Alligator staff, asst mgr ed, ed, ed asst. Bradfield, Mark M: Riviera Beach, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Honor Court Counsel; Student Bar Assoc. Brady, Barbara E: Coral Gables, Fla; Cum Laude Graduate. Brands, David H: Bradenton, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi. Brannan, Thomas D Ocala, Fla; Sigma Chi; Alpha Zeta, pres; Agronomy Soils Club. Brannen, Brenda G: Jacksonville, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha, act chmn; FBK Speaker; SPRO; WSA rep; Homecoming Welcome Comm. Brashears, Carol L: Madeira Beach, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi, intramurals Bratcher, Joann: St. Petersburg, Fla; Sigma Kappa; URA; Wesley Foundation. Breen, Robert E: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities; Delta Theta Phi, rush chmn, v-pres; Stu dent Bar Assoc, v-pres, Brawl chmn, chmn. Brewton, Carol: Panama City, Fla. Bridges, Donald A: Dania, Fla; Broadcasting; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Epsilon Rho. Bridges, Raymond D: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Nu; AIIE; Dean ' s list; Advanced Officer ' s Club; Reserve Officer ' s Assoc. Briggs, Dorothy A: Coral Gables, Fla; Delta Delta Delta; Army ROTC sponsor. Brinkley, Michael: Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon, sec. Broadwater, Mary J: Daytona Beach, Fla. Broder, Lawrence E: Miami, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Pi, treas; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Mu, v-pres. Brooks, Jody E Eustis, Fla. Broome, Ira E: Stuart, Fla; Delta Tau Delta; Zeta, Brotman, Ruth: Miami, Fla. Brown, Ann L: Bartow, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi, pres; Phi ' Chi Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Varsity Cheerleader ' , Women ' s Glee Club; UF Singing Sweethearts; FBK Speaker ' s Bureau, office mgr, exec sec; Homecoming, sec; Lyceum Council; Dean ' s list; WSA rep; Little Sisters of Minerva; Delta Sigma Pi Rose; Orientation Group Leader. Brown, Frances J West Palm Beach, Fla. Brown, Glenn E: Tampa, Fla; Phi Alpha Delta, rush chmn. Brown, Kathryn L: Nashville, Ga; Alpha Chi Omega. Brown, Margie Sandra: Oviedo, Fla; SFEA; East Jennings Hall Council, v-pres; Dean ' s list. Brown, Marsha G: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Alpha Theta; Alligator staff; Broward Hall Council, historian, floor rep; Dean ' s list. Brown, Maxine I: Miami Beach, Fla. Brown, Thomas IF: Lake City, Fla; Law School Activities; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court Counsel, Law Review; Student Bar Assoc. Broxson, Vida Jon: Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Alpha Theta; International Host Program; Cum Laude Graduate. Bryan, Melvyn A: Gainesville, Fla; Building Construction; Student Contractors Builders Assoc. Bryant, Nicholas R: Homosassa, Fla; FAHPER; AAHPER. Bunch, Franklin 5: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi, Prog Speaker Chinn. Burak, Elaine R: Miami, Fla. Burleigh, Timothy A: Jacksonville, Fla; Political Science; Pi Kappa Phi, rush chmn; Arnold Air Society, administrative officer; Advanced Officer ' s Club; Invitational Honors Program. Burnsed, Robert D: Macclenny, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Bustillo, Barry A: Tampa, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho. Butler, Albert A: Cocoa Beach, Fla; Sigma Chi, v-pres, pledge trainer; AIIE; BEC; BES; Leg Council; Newman Club; Eng Fair Comm; North Hall Intramurals. Butler, Charles J: Marianna, Fla; Physics; Pi Kappa Phi, historian; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Amer Inst of Physica; Amer Physical Society; Dean ' s list. Butterfield, Frances D: Gainesville, Fla; Yulee Hall, pres; Women ' s Intramurals, director. Butterworth, Robert A: Hollywood, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, pres; Billy Mitchell Drill Team; Newman Club; Undersec of Labor. Buzzell, Robert L: South Miami, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, treas; Arnold Air Soc; AFROTC, colonel; Billy Mitchell Drill Team; Advanced Officer ' s Club; Tolbert Area Council. Byrd, Wade R: Palm Beach, Fla; Phi Delta Phi; Law School Activities: Law Class, v-pres; Law Review; Student Bar Assoc. C Caborn, Rodney C: Deerfield Beach, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Rho, pres, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Delta Chi; WRUF announcer, Cain, James M: Gainesville, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. Caldwell, James R: Thomasville, Ga; Phi Gamma Delta rec sec; Phi Eta Sigma. Camp, Delia E: Jasper, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, Pledge project chmn, historian, rush chmn. Campbell, Frank D: St. Cloud, Fla; SFEA; SNEA. Campbell, Lorna J: Lake Worth, Fla; Delta Gamma; Seminole. Canham, Douglas E: Pompano Beach, Fla. Cann, Howard W. III: Lakeland, Fla; Business Ad; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi. Cappezzera, Vincent M: Columbus, Ga; Chi Phi; Freshman Council. Capron, Charles F: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Fla Engineering Society; DMS, Gator Guard. Carhart, Edward A: St. Petersburg, Fla; Law School Activities; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc, Law Center News. Carlson, Edward T: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; ASME; Dean ' s list. Carr, Judith S: Daytona Beach, ' Fla; SPTA sec, treas; Religious Activities Comm; Modern Dance Club, sec, Social Standards Rep. Carr, Patricia A: Delray Beach, Fla. Carroll, Bryant S: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Law School Activities; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Carroll, Edward III: Tampa, Fla; Advertising; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Delta Sigma. Carroll, Lawrence IF. Jr: Orlando, Fla; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Finance Comm Chmn. Carstens, John D: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Carter, Ann: Palm Beach, Fla; PiBeta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi, v-pres; Debate team, treas, Alligator, ed asst, Orange Peel, feature ed, WSA merit award. Carter, John M: Jacksonville, Fla; Latin American Affairs; Kappa Alpha; Homecoming Welcoming Cumin, International host. Carter, Robert L. Jr: Miami, Fla. Caruso, Joan B: Gainesville, Fla; Chi Omega, pledge trainer, Panhellenic rep, rush chmn for Panhellenic Council, Orientation Group Leader, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart. Caruso, Joe T: Gainesville Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon, v-pres, social chum. Casares, Joseph: Tampa, Fla. Casey, Lawrence R: Miami, Fla; Business Ad, Sigma Phi Epsilon, soc chmn; Propellor club; Freshman Track Team. Cater, Hugh S: Jacksonville, Fla. Casey, Robert K: Paducah, Ky. Cates, Robert P: St. Petersburg, Fla; Kappa Sigma, pledgemaster. Caven, John W. Jr: Jacksonville, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta, vice-Justice; Law Center News, ed; Student Bar Assoc, PAD Newsletter, Co-editor; " Outstanding Young Men of America, " Jr Chamber of Chalberg, Shirley J: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi. Chance, Chester: Coconut Grove, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Defense, Prosecuting Counsel Honor Court, Student Bar Assoc, Book Exchange, Investigator, Public Defender. Chandler, William E: Ormand Beach, Fla; Bus Adm; Delta Upsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Gator Raiders. Chapman, Arthur B: Orlando, Fla; Phi Kappa Tau. Chapman, Charles C: Tampa, Fla; Kappa Alpha. Chastain, Max L: Crescent City, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha; BES, Fla Union Board. Cherry, Denise K: Riviera Beach, Fla; SFEA. Chipley, Ann B: Gainesville, Fla; Biology; Delta Delta Delta, pres, v-pres; Mortar Board; Nell Critzer Miller Award, Exec Comm Religion-in- Life week. Christian, Julia J: St. Petersburg, Fla; Intramurals chmn, floor rep. Chubb, Mary A V: Thomasville, Ga; Kappa Alpha Theta, v-pres, pres of pledge class; Alpha Kappa Delta; Orientation Leader. Chubb, Russel P: Greenwich, Conn; Law School Activities: Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi, historian; Special Investigator for the Public Defender. Clark, John P: Mary Esther, Fla; Phi Delta Theta. Clark, Eugene E: Miami, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma High Honors; President ' s list; Dean ' s list. Clarke, Eleanor F: Big Pine Key, Fla; NBEA; Woman ' s Glee Club. Clarkson, David R: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Eta Sigma. Clemente, Anthony J: Miami, Fla; Aerospace Engineering. Clements, Fabius M. III: Jacksonville Beach, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega, v-pres; Alpha Nu, v-pres; Greek Council; Dollars for Scholars Comm; Dean ' s list. Cobo, Deanna A: Key West, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha, treas; Lambda Tau Medical Tech Honorary, pres, treas. Coffron, Barbara L: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi. Cohen, Jack North Miami Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Association; Phi Alpha Delta. Cohen, Marilyn R: Hollywood, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Rawlings Hall Council; Dean ' s list. Cole, Michael H: New York, NY; Phi Delta Theta. Cole, Sandra J: Saginaw, Mich; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta. Coleman. Hume F: Jacksonville, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association, treat; Honor Court Counsel; Law Review. Coley„ Janice: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Delta. Coll, Norman A: Pompano Beach, Fla; Phi Delta Phi: Student Bar Association. Collins, George A. HI: Perry. Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi. Comer, Catherine D: Savannah, Ga; Alpha Delta Pi, sec; Sec of Dorm; Undersec of Men ' s Affairs; Dean ' s list. Comolli, Victor M: Santurle, Puerto Rico; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Association. Conrad, Doris M: Miami, Fla: Zeta Tau Alpha, corres sec. Cook, Robert B: Bunnell, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Football; Dean ' s list. Cooper, Th omas T: Coral Gables, Fla; Gargoyle. Coppedge, Roger H: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho. Cooperman, Jack: Bay Harbor, Fla. Corbett, William D: Sarasota, Fla: Phi Kappa Tau; Undersec of Finance. Cornell, Jean E: St. Petersburg, Fla; Sigma Kappa; Jennings Hall, floor rep. Cornwall, Chester Jr: Winter Park, Fla; Delta Sigma Pi, v-pres; President of the Resident Student Body-University of South Florida; Phi Kappa Phi. Corral, Sylvia J: Tampa, Fla; Lambda Tau. Costa, Marsha A: St. Petersburg, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega, song leader; Angel Flight; University Choir, Tour manager; MENC, sec-treas; Blue Key Hostess; Gator Greek staff; Women ' s Glee Club Soloist. Coston, Linda C: Hubent, NC. Coudon, Joseph VII: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Alpha Order; Editor 1963-61 Seminole; Editor 1961-65 Seminole; Florida Blue Key; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Hall of Fame. Courlington Frederick Tavares, Fla. Cowart, J. Kimzie: Gainesville, Fla. Cowen, Richard M: Miami Beach, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi, chaplain, senior at large; Alpha Delta Sigma, sec. Cox, Eleta K: Marietta, Ga; Chi Omega, Cox, Linda C: Starke, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega. treas, rush advisor, exec council; Broward Hall Council; WSA Award 1962-63; Orientation Leader; Sigma Tau Sigma; ATO Sweetheart Court; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross; Army ROTC Sweetheart; Dean ' s list. Cox, Mary E: Fair Haven, NJ; Alpha Omicron Pi, pres, asst rush chmn; Senior Panhellenic Representative; Panhellenic Service Award; Hall Council. Cox, Robert B: Haines City, Fla; Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Tau; Honor Student; Dean ' s list. Crabtree, James W Miami, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta, pres; Fla Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma; Sec of Finance Dean ' s list; President ' s Award. Crane, Suzanne: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi; Reid Hall Council; WSA rep. Crecelius, Samuel G: St. Paul, Minn: Sigma Chi. Crews, Bradley H: Ft. Meade, Fla. Cromer, Daniel H. Jr: Lakeland, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Arnold Air Society; Flavet III Commissioner. Crona, Theodore J: Pensacola, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. rush American Institute of Metallur- gical Engineers; Honor Court Justice; Section Advisor. Crown, Ronald C: Clearwater, Fla; Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Psi; Golf Team. Croyle, Barbara B: Washington, DC: Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Theta Kappa. Cummings, Carol A: Boynton Beach, Fla. Cunningham, Jerome J: St. Petersburg, Fla. Curlington R. Harold: Gainesville, Fla. Curran, Timothy Gainesville, Fla. Curry, Norma : Winter Park, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta, rec sec, archievist, song leader; Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart Court: Dean ' s list. Curtis. Alden A: Auburn, Ala; Alpha Chi Omega, rush chmn; IFC Sec; Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl: Miss UF finalist; Outstanding Pledge Award: Gator Gras, publicity chmn. Curtis, John F. Jr: Middletown, NY. Cynamon, Marlene E: Miami, Fla; Zeta Phi Eta. Cyrus, Robert R: Leesburg, Fla; Theta Chi. d Dachelet. Ronald E: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Biology: Sigma Chi: Leg Council. Daily. Frederick HI: St. Petersburg, Fla. Damer, Ronald G: Orlando, Fla; Sigma Phi Dwyer, William F: Glen Cove, NY; Latin Statutory Sales Comm; Orientation, Counselor. American Club. Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Dean ' s list; Undersec of Labor; Orientation Group Leader; Sigma Tau Sigma. Dampier, William E: Starke, Ha; Alpha Zeta, scribe; Collegiate HA, pres; Alpha Tau Alpha, sec. Davis, William H: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Theta; Student Bar Assoc. Davis, Brian F: Omaha, Neb. Davis, Don IV: Madison, Fla; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator staff; Freshman class, sec-treas; Area Council, pres; Leg Council, majority leader; Georgia Seagle Hall, board chmn. Davis, Edward M: Gainesville, Ha; Freshman Tennis Team; Varsity Tennis Team, manager; Dean ' s list, Davis, Leo C: Jacksonville, Fla; Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi, sec, historian; Murphree Hall Council. Datillio, Ralph C: West Palm Beach, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Law School Activities: Honor Court Defense Council; Honor Court Speakers Bureau. Dawson, June: Miami, Fla. Dean, E. Margaret: Westport, Conn; Fla Players; Zeta Phi Eta; SFEA; Dean ' s list. Debates, Carol A: Lake Worth, Fla; SNEA. Deford, James Winter Park, Fla. Degni, Michael: Gainesville, Fla. Degrove, William Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sec. of Interior. Delaine, G. Thomas: Cedar Key, Fla; Intramurals, student director, office director; SAHPER, pres. Deloach, Robert E. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Sigma Phi. Dennison, R. Richard: Oxford, Ohio; Building Construction. Denton, Tommy B. Jr: Tampa, Fla; ASCE; BES. Depinter, Edmund J: Centereach, NY. Detwiler, Mary A: Ventura, Calif; Recreational Therapy. Devane, Jerry A: Plant City, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Freshman Orientation and advisor; Young Campus Conservative Club. Dewrell, Joe L: Ft. Walton Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Law Review; Student Bar Assoc; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court Council. Diamond, Barry B: Miami, Fla; Lyceum Council, pres, v-pres, business mgr; Blue Key Speakers Bureau; BES; Phi Mu Alpha; IEEE; Symphony Orch; Orientation; Intramurals Board. Diamond, Rita E: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Freshman Exec Council; Orientation Group Leader; Intramurals Exec Board. Diamond, Susan: North Miami, Fla. Dicker, Carlotta R: Sarasota, Fla. Dickey, E. Frances: St. Simons Island, Ga; Alpha Delta Pi. Dinkins, Horace L: Venice, Fla; Delta Chi, pledge pres, councillor; exec board. Dinter, George: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Ditsler, John Miami, Fla. Dixon, Thomas J: Venice, Fla. Donatelli, Mario C: Lakeland, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. Doney, Audrey A: Gainesville, Fla. Dorman, Joy: St. Petersburg, Fla; Jennings Hall Council. Douglas, V. Lawrence: St. Petersburg, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha, treas; Orientation Group Leader. Douthat, John M: Wildwood, Fla; Alpha Rho, alumni sec; Gator Greek, ed; Freshman Council; Ag Council, v-pres; Ag Economics Club. Dowd, John R: Ft. Walton Beach, Fla; English; Sigma Chi. Drewry, Merry J: Redstone Arsenal, Ala; SFEA: Young Republicans. Drosdick, Elizabeth A: Miami Beach, Fla; Leg Council; Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Inter-hall Honor Council, pres; Dean ' s list; Southern Conf Debate Champion; Tau Kappa Alpha, pres. Dryer, Leo A. Jr: Sarasota, Fla; Univ Choir; v-pres; Insurance Society, treas. Duerr, Bonnye L: Lake Worth, Fla. Dunn, Charles B: Chipley, Fla; Kappa Alpha; ASCE. Dunnman, Camelle: Jacksonville, Fla; Broward Hall Council, pres; Inter-hall Council; FTA. Durrell, Albert E: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Upsilon; IEEE. Eastland, Mark W. 111: Tampa, Fla. Eby, Helen Barbara: Gainesville , Fla. Eckert, James D: St. Petersburg Beach, Fla; Student Bar Assoc. Edenfield, R. Blake: Winter Haven, Fla. Edwards, Betty E: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi, rush chmn, soc Little Sister of Minerva. Edwards, Martin I: Jacksonville, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi, v-pres, pres; Sec of Legislative Affairs; Seminole staff, sports ed; Leg Council; Constitutional Revision Comm, chmn; Alligator, sports ed; Gator Greek, sports ed; Orientation Group Leader; Chmn of State Publicity for Homecoming. Edwards, Roger L: Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Honor Court Defense Counsel; Honor Court Speakers Bureau. Edwards, Sandra J: Gainesville, Fla; Occupational Therapy; Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge class pres; Swim Fins; SOTA. Egan, Kathleen E: Boca Raton, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi, soc chmn; SFEA. Eggers, Arthur N: St. Petersburg, Fla; Delta Upsilon. Ehrlich, Alan S: Miami, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi, treas, soc chmn, publicity ; Film Classics League. Elfenbein, Stuart G: Belle Glade, Fla; English; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s list. Ellis, Brian C: Tampa, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Law Review, exec ed; State and National Appellate Moot Court Team; Student Bar Assoc. Ellis, Giles L. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Advanced Army ROTC. Ellis, Robert R: Riviera Beach, Fla; Delta Sigma Pi, historian; Soc of Real Estate and Urban Land Studies, sec. Emmett, Roy Ray: Miami, Ma; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma. Epperson, David R: Miami, Fla; Theta Chi, sec; Student AIA; Gator Growl, asst chmn; Undersec of Religious Affairs. Espino, Emma J: Miami, Fla; Student AIA. Esquinaldo, Joseph T. Jr: Key West, Fla; Electrical Engineering; BSEE. Estabrook, Walter S. Jr: West Palm Beach, Fla; Electrical Engineering; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Evans, Donald C: Tampa, Fla; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Assoc; Asst to Public Defender. Evans, Juliene S: Winter Haven, Fla; Speech Therapy; Chi Omega, sec; Sigma Alpha Eta; Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Orientation Group Leader; FBK Smoker Hostess. Ewing, Robert C: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Tau Delta, pledgemaster; Freshman Swim Team; Ag Econ Club. f Fabry, Carl J: Ovieda, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi, pres. Fairfield. Katherine Fort Lauderdale, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi, President; Cheerleader. Faircloth, Barbara H: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Alpha Eta. Falk, Sally J: Hobe Sound, Fla; Honor Council. Fanelli, Morris V: New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Farrer, Lois A: Gainesville, Fla Chi Omega. Pamela A: Fort Lauderdale, Ha; Leg Council. Farwell, Arthur F: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Delta Theta. Fawcett, Charles R: Orlando, Fla; Phi Delta Phi. Feagin, Robert R: Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Delta Phi, Clerk; Moot Court Team; Law Review, exec ed. Featherstone, Ronald Clearwater, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega, treas, Alpha Kappa Psi; Resident Assistant, Section Advisor. Feinberg, Louis E: Tallahassee, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta, Justice, treas; Student Bar Assoc, exec comm, Shingle Point Comm. Fenster, Ava: Miami Beach, Fla; Sigma Alpha Eta; Dean ' s list. Fernandez, William Orlando, Fla; Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Triangle Flying Club. Finman, Sheldon Tampa, Fla; Tau Epsilon Pi, sec; Fla Blue Key; Student Director of Recreation; Traffic Court, Chief Justice; Swimcapades, chmn; Seminole Staff; UF Bowling Team. . Firth, Robert F: Miami, Fla. Fischette, William S: Jacksonville, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, v-pres; IEEE; BES; Distinguishe d Military Student. Fish, Marvin J: Pensacola, Fla; Phi Epsilon Pi, pres; Hillel Foundation, pres; AIIE. Fisher, Judith C: Lighthouse Pt., Fla; Sigma Kappa, house chmn, Intramurals chmn, Alum Rep; SAAPHER; Swim Fins; Intramural Board; U nder- sec of Traffic Parking; Leg Council. Fitzsimmons, Muriel A: Troy, NY. Fitzsimmons, Suzanne M: Green Cove Springs, Fla; Fla Anthropology Club. Flaherty, Timothy J: Clearwater, Fla. Fleming, Charles D: Jacksonville Beach, Fla; Chi Phi, pres; Traffic Court Justice. Fleming, Daniel H: Crestview, Fla; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma Achievement Award. Fleming, De Haven Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi, pres, sec. Fleming, Gary B: Orlando, Fla; Kappa Alpha, v-pres; Insurance Soc. Fletcher, Hugh M: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Alpha. Fletcher, Marcia R: Eau Gallie, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi. Flood, Sylvia B: Gainesville, Fla. Florence William I: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Kappa Sigma, rush chmn, soc chmn; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Dean ' s list: Soc for Real Estate Urban Land Studies, v-pres. Floyd, Evelyn Gainesville Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha, rec sec; Dean ' s list; Freshman Council. Flynn, Margaret: Co. Carlow, Ireland; Kappa Epsilon. Ford, Joseph Orlando, Fla; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma .Tau. Fosha, Charles E: Gainesville, Fla; Chi Phi; IEEE; Engineer ' s Fair; EEC; Arnold Air Soc; Dean ' s list. Foulk, Judith L: Punta Gorda, Fla; Jennings Hall Council, treas; Orientation Group Leader; FSEA. Francke, Kenneth P: Dania, Fla; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s list; Honor Student. Frankel, Ronald S: Miami, Fla; Hume Hall, social comm; Orientation. Freas, Kenneth G: Miami, Fla; Delta Tau Delta. Freeman, Thomas G: Jacksonville, Fla; Law School Activities: Law Review; Florida Honor Court, Vice Chancellor; Delta Theta Phi, pres; Student Bar Assoc; exec council; Loan Fund, chmn; Blue Key Speakers Bureau. Freemon, Frank R: St. Petersburg, Fla Alpha Omega Alpha, v-pres; Phi Beta Kappa. Freiburger, Charles F: Miami, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta, rec sec; Summer Traffic Court; Arnold Air Society; Orientation. Fries, Barbara L: Tampa, Fla; Psychology; Psi Chi, v-pres; Orchesis. Fulmer, Margaret M: St. Petersburg, Fla Jennings Hall Council, chmn. g Gabaldon, Valentine: Gainesville, Fla; Newman Club; University Choir. Galenes, Alexander A: Coral Gables, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta, house mgr; Lyceum Council; Gator Growl, director of production. Galloway, Tommy P: Kissimmee, Fla; Beta Theta Pi. Gamble, E. Rebecca: New Port Richey, Fla. Garcia, John G: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta, treas; IEEE. Garcia, Manuel J Havana, Cuba; Student AIA; Latin American Club. Gardner, Paul Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma Chi, Garland, James A: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Delta Phi, pledge trainee; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc; Law Review. Gaston, A. Joel: Pensacola, Fla; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator staff, mgr ed. Gay, R. Norwood, III: Jacksonville, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Freshman Orientation; Fla Blue Key; Gen Chmn Homecoming; Asst to Public Defender. Geckler, Ronald Pahokee, Fla; Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma; Gator Band. Gehris, Marsha A: Radnor, Penn; Alpha Omicron Pi, soc chmn, intramurals chmn. Genet, John D: Gainesville, Fla; AIEE-IRE, v-chmn; Choral Union. Gentile, Larry: Orlando, Fla; Law School Law Center News; Student Bar Assoc. Gerlach, Philip E. Jr: West Palm Beach, Fla; Phi Delta Phi. Gernazian, G. William: Clearwater, Fla. Gertner, Harold R. Jr: Gainesville, Fla. Geyer, Phillip L: Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma Delta Chi; Forums Comm; Three Press, ed; Fla ed; Alligator staff. Gheer, Lee Miami, Fla Real Estate Urban Land Studies Soc. Gibson. Helen P: Hollywood, Fla; Theta Sigma Phi, pres; Mallory Hall, v-pres; Inter-hall Forum, chmn. Gielow, Bonnie R: Sanford, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi. intramurals chinn, homecoming chmn. Giles, C. Christopher Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho; EPA, treas; Ag Council. Giles, Patience: Daytona Beach, Fla; Phi Mu, v-pres. Gimenez, Diego Miami, Fla; Animal Science; Alpha Zeta; Block Bridle Club; Latin American Club. Ginn, Shannon R: Gainesville, Fla; Building Construction; Student Contractors Builders Assoc, v-pres. Glinn, Franklin B: Hollywood, Fla; Fla Union Bd for Student Act; Orientation, assoc director; Fla Blue Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities. Glisson, James M: Hawthorne, Fla; 4-H Club; FM. Goedert, C. Ann: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Delta. Golden, Robert N: Somerset, NJ; Law School Activities: Law Review; Honor Court Council. Goldfarb, Joel Miami, Fla; Gator Band; Murphree Council; Hume Council. Goldstein, Susan D: New Orleans, La; Alpha Lambda Delta; Jennings Honor Council; Dean ' s list. Gomez, J. Ignacio: Gainesville, Fla; Latin Club. Gonzalez, Jose A: Miami Beach, Fla; Beta Alpha Psi. Gonzalez, Mario G: Miami, Fla; Student Tutor Soc, bus mgr; ISO, treas; Propeller Club; Latin American Club; Dean ' s list. Godcharles, Mark F: St. Petersburg, Fla; Phi Kappa Tau. Gooden, Benjamin F. Jr: St. Petersburg, Fla; Accounting; Delta Upsilon, treas; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Goodman, Eileen 11: St. Petersburg, Fla; Therapy; SOTA; Rawlings Hall, treas. Goodwill, Raymond A. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi, treas; Thornal Moot Court Competition; Student Bar Assoc; Fla. Blue Key. Gora, Michael H: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Law School Activities: Honor Court Counsel; Student Bar Assoc. Gordon, Patrick M Lake Park, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega. Ernest F. Jr: Sarasota, Fla Sigma Pi Sigma; IEEE, sec; ARS, sec. Graham, Mary E: Ft. White, Fla. Granath, Susan E: Pompano Beach, Fla; FNEA. Grant, Richard C: Miami, Fla; Scabbard Blade. Grant, Richard Marianna, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Grant. Robert R: Orlando, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega; ALIE; Dean ' s list. Graves, Barry D: Orlando, Fla; Delta Tau Delta, pres. Gray, David F. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Building Construction; Sigma Lambda Chi, treas; Gargoyle, master; Student Contractors Builders Assoc, sgt at arms. Green. Jill Venice, Fla. Green, Stuart G: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Assoc. Green, Thad B: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Chi, sec; Alpha Kappa Psi; Football Team. Greene, Elizabeth J Gainesville, Fla; Baptist Student Union, pres of freshman, v-pres, state soc chmn. Greenhill, Daniel J: North Miami Beach, Fla; Men ' s Glee Club. Greenland, Gloria J: Orlando, Fla; Chi Omega, sec. Gregory, Thomas L Miami, Fla; Beta Gamma Sigma; Gator Band; Advanced Army ROTC. Gresham, Samuel C: Orlando, Fla. Griffin, Judy: Maryville, Tenn; Alpha Chi Omega. Grisham, Cynthia Miami, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lyceum Council, publicity comm. Groover, Larry B: Gainesville, Fla; Deseret Club, pres; Pre-Law Soc, pres; URA; Fencing Club, quartermaster. Groves. Byron D: Long Beach, Calif; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges Universities. Gruber, Lawrence C: Newberry, Fla; Psychology; Psi Chi. Grumbar, Patrick A: Jesup, Ga; Graham Area Service Award. Gusky, Charles B: Jacksonville, Fla; Accounting; Pi Lambda Phi, house mgr, pres; Beta Alpha Psi. Gustinella, James E: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, chaplain; Dean ' s list. Hack, Karen P: Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre ed; Theta Sigma Phi; Blue Key Speakers; Panhellenic sec; Leg Council; Alligator staff, copy ed; Gator Greek, staff; Orientation week staff; Religion-in-Life Week, comm chmn. Hagar, Christopher D: Sarasota, Fla; Arnold Air ' Society. Hager, Frederick R: Miami, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi; Insurance Society; Dean ' s list. Haick, Charles S: Niagara Falls, NY; Rho Pi Phi, parliamentarian, historian, chaplain; Student of Amer Pharm Assoc, parliamentarian. Haines, Alice L: West Palm Beach, Fla; WSA Rep; Hall Council Honor Council; FEA. Halem, Norman: Gainesville, Fla. Hall. Andrew, C: Orlando, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Law School Activities: Honor Court Justice, Vice Chancellor; Asst Sec Finance; Director Student Govt Talent Service; Asst Director and Publicity Homecoming 1964; Pi Mu, pres, v-pres. Hall, Donald G: Blountstown, Fla. Hall, Janice: Lakeland, Fla. Hall, James R. Gainesville, Fla; Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Tau; IEEE; Honor Student. Hall, Robert L: Starke, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, sec, rush chmn. Hammer, Clifford A: Miami, Fla; Sigma Lambda Chi; Gargoyle. Hammond, Ro bert H Tampa, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. Hamrick, John E: Fort Pierce, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hancock, Helen M: Lithia, Fla; Dorm Council. Hardee, Addison G Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Hardy, Maretia E: Orlando, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi, v-pres; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross, pres; Angel Flight; WSA; Cheerleader. Harrell, Thomas L: Pensacola, Fla; Beta Theta Pi, Intramural chmn; Amer Inst of Chem Engin, treas; Track and Cross Country Team; Alligator Sports Hall of Fame. Harris. Julia : Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta, Foreign Student Sponsor Program; Blue Key Undersec, Films Comm of Fla Union Board, sec; Gator Ski Club; Blue Key Speakers Bureau. Harris, Michael R Bradenton, Fla. Harris. Robert A: Gainesville, Fla; Gargoyle; F Club; Track and Cross Country Team; 1st Place Solite Design Competition. Hartje. Jack C: Daytona Beach, Fla; Psychology. Hartman, William T: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Benton Engineering Society, pres; Honor Court Justice, Vice Chancellor; Dean ' s list. Hastings. Robert Pensacola, Fla. Hatch, Ernest H. Jr: Ocala, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc. Haviser, Jay B: Gainesville, Fla; Leg Council; Mayor ' s Council; Village Mayor and Comm; Alligator, staff reporter, city eel; Sigma Delta Chi, v-pres; Pre-Law Society, pub chmn; Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Honor Court Speakers Bureau; Gator Growl; Student Pubs Financial Board; a SPRO, membership chmn. Hayden. Calvin E: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Tau Delta, pub chmn, corres sec; All Campus Athlete; Advanced Officers Club; Homecoming house decorations ; Campus Political Coord. Haymans, Leo W: Lakeland, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Haynsworth, Sandra L: St. Petersburg, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi. Hazen, Richard J: Lakeland, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc; tress, Delta Theta Phi. Hazouri, Gerald G: Jacksonville, Fla. Heckman, Jerry J: Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma Tau, pres, historian, pyramid correspondent; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE. Hedstrom, Edward E: Palatka, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Law Day Welcoming Comm. HeIshman, Carl D: Indian Lake Estates, Fla; Kappa Alpha Order, corres sec; Arnold Air Society, chaplain; Advanced Officers Club, treas Billy Mitchell Drill Team; Scabbard and Blade; Division Commander AFROTC; Summer Training Unit-vice-commandant Award. Helmick. John P: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Hemenway. George R: Rockledge, Fla; Sigma Lambda Chi. Henderson, Carolyn: Lakeland, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega, rec sec. Henderson, Elma C ' : Gainesville, Fla. Hendricks, Ben E: Coral Gables, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi, Law Review; Law Center Scholarship. Herko, Joseph M: Miami, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. Herring, Abbott M Miami, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc, chmn-Mixer, co- chmn-Brawl; Delta Theta Phi, rush chmn; Honor Court Defense Council. Hewson, William A: Lake Park, Fla. Heydt, Henry E. Jr: Pompano Beach, Fla; Theta Chi; Undersec of labor; IFC; Dean ' s list. Hilderbrant, Arlene C: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, soc chmn, music chum, Panhellenic rush chmn, scholarship chmn; International Comm; FU Films Comm. Hill, Betty R: Tampa, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta. Hill, Freddy A: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Kappa. Hill, Judy: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Sigma Rho. Hill, Mary A: Sarasota, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha. Hilwani, Adel T: Damascus, Syria. Hines, Raymond L: Venice, Fla; Beta Theta Pi. Hixon. William S: Daytona Beach, Fla. Hobgood, Robert B: Jacksonville, Fla; Georgia Seagle Co-op, pres; Co-op Board Member, chmn. Hobgood, Shannon R: Pensacola, Fla; Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. Hodson, Barbara S: Philadelphia, Pa Lambda Tau, treas; Fla Riflettes, v-pres. Hoener, D: Education. Hoffman, Terry G: Norwalk, Conn; 1st Prize- National Steel Design Competition-1964. Hoffmeister, David A: Gainesville, Fla; AED. Hogan, Clarke A. Jr: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Sigma Pi; Student Contractors and Builders Assoc, sec. Hohrath, J. Ralph: DeLand, EH; Lambda Chi Alpha, publicity dir; Alpha Delta Sigma. Holden, Charles I. Jr: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc; Delta Theta Phi, sec. Holder. Larry B: Ocala, Fla. Holloway, Christopher: Gainesville, Fla; ASME. Holloway. Edwin: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi, v-pres, sec. Holtzman. Iris L: Miami Beach, Fla; Delta Phi Epsilon. Holzer, Frederick J. Jr: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta. Holzheimer, St. Petersburg, Fla. Homans, Lois L: Savannah, Ga; Alpha Epsilon Phi, v-pres; Student FEA, v-pres; Orientation leader; Blue Key Speaker; Legislative Council Rep. Horn, Richard L: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review; Honor Court Counsel; Student Bar Assoc; Law Center Scholarship. Horne, Arthur M: Gainesville, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha; Fla Union Films Comm, chmn; Fla Union Board of Student Activities, treas; Homecoming Comm. Horner, Desta L: Sanford, Fla; Sigma Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean of Women ' s Judiciary Comm. Horowitz, Steve C: Miami Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta, sec; Student Bar Assoc; Honor Court Council; Law Center News. Housel, Sharon B: Gainesville, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha, intramurals chmn; SAPHER; Summer Office Director of Woman ' s Intramurals. Howell, Jack D: Lake Worth, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi; Freshman Honor Society; Sigma Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Amer Soc of Military Engineers Award. Huck, Paul C: Miami, Fla; Law School Activities: Law Review; Honor Court Council; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Freshman Orientation, chmn. Huckins, Clem H: Miami, Fla; Band; Orchestra; Fla Speleological Society, safety chmn; Resident Asst; IEEE. Hull, Marian L: Rockville, Md. Huffstettler, Leslie R. Jr: Eustis, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Hufner, Staurt L: Gainesville, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, soc chmn, pledge class pres; Billy Mitchell Drill Team; Jay Bees; IFC; Student Contractors and Builders Assoc. Hughes, David H: Windermere, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega, sec; Laste Krewe; Finance Assoc. Humm, Cynthia J: Rochester, NY. Husher, Jeanine: Warren, Ohio; Delta Gamma. Hussey, Lynn E: Orlando, Fla; Honor Council; Morale Commission; Leg Council; Pi Lambda Theta. Hutcheson, Robert M: Daytona Beach, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha, intramural mgr; All-Campus Softball Team; Gator Marching Band. Hyams, Linda R: New York, NY; Orchesis, pres, v-pres, sec, treas, pub chmn; Flying Lady Award; Dean ' s list; Gator Growl. Inglis, Katharine A: Delray Beach, Fla. Ingram, Carol J: West Palm Beach, Fla; Phi Theta Kappa. Irwin, L. Kent: Sarasota, Fla; IEEE, treas. Jacobs, Arthur I: Fernandina Beach, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, v-pres, pres; Leg Council, majority leader; Fla Blue Key; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities. James, Edwin C: Gainesville, Fla; Civil Engineer. ing; Pi Kappa Phi. James, Kathryn H: DeLand, Fla; Kappa Delta. Jardon, James E. II: Tampa, Fla; Theta Chi, asst treas, treas; Sigma Tau Sigma; Advanced AFROTC. Jarrett, Alan: Miami Beach, Fla; Chemistry; Pi Lambda Phi, treas, rush chmn; Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Orientation Group Leader. Jenkins, Katharine A: Largo, Fla; Delta Gamma, rush chmn; Alpha Lambda Delta. Jennings, Carol Ann: Miami, Fla; Student FEA. Jennings, George D. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon, chaplain; AIIE. Jeter, S. Payson: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi, political rep; Seminole staff, govt ed. Jerry Ocala, Fla; Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. Johnson. Albert B: Gainesville. Fla; Building Construction. Johnson. Ann E: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Mu, pres; Leg Council. Johnson, A. Ronald: Duluth, Minn; Building Construction; Student Contractors Builders Assoc, treas. Johnson, Charles F: St. Cloud, Fla Marketing: Phi Gamma Delta. Johnson, Penny C: Rockledge, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta, pres; WSA rep. Johnson, Robert M: Tallahassee, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta, justice; Bureau of Nat Affairs Law Week Award; Student Bar Assoc. Johnston, Barbara S: Sarasota, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; Bradley Chorale, University Choir. Jolly, Joseph P: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Aerospace Engineering; Theta Chi. Jones, Donald B. III: Maitland, Fla; Delta Sigma Phi, treas; Alpha Kappa Psi; IFC, rush director. Jones, James D: Orlando, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. Jones, John Jr: Portland, Fla. Jones, Linda C: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Kappa. Jones, Rebecca S: Coral Gables, Fla; Kappa Delta; Lambda Tau; Orientation Staff. Jones, Ronald E: Jacksonville, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Law Review, exec ed; Honor Court Counsel; Student Bar Assoc. Joos, William J: Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Alpha Delta; PAD Newsletter, Law Review, exec ed; Student Bar Assoc. Joyal, Anita C: Eau Gallie, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega. Judkins, Martha R: Largo, Fla; Phi Mu, treas; Student FEA. Julian, R. A: Gainesville, Fla; Medicine. Julius, Diane: West Palm Beach, Fla. k Kahn, Howard: Lakeland, Fla; Advertising; Tau Epsilon Phi; Intramurals. Kahn, Stephen C: St. Petersburg, Fla; Law School Activities: Law Review; Phi Alpha Delta. Kalil, Jeanne Margaret: West Palm Beach, Fla; E Jennings Hall Council, treas; Undersec of Finance; Leg Council. Kantabutra, Burin: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Group for Equal Rights. Karl, Karen: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega, pres, soc chmn; FU Board, director, spec proj chmn; Angel Flight; Undersec of Interior; Hall Council; WSA Award; PU Silver Key. Katz, Dick: Orlando, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi; Prat Purchasing Assoc, vice-pres; Volleyball Intram, mgr; Intram Board. Katz, Stephen D: Miami Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Moot Court; Law Review, Kavalich, Allan G: Gainesville, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi, alumni scribe; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Internatl Pre-Med Soc. Kauffman, David C: Gainesville, Fla; Beta Alpha Psi. Kaufman, Stephanie: Belle Glade, Fla; Sigma Alpha Eta, sec; Mallory Hall, v-pres; Interhall Scholarship Comm, pres. Kay, Mishele: North Miami, Fla; Nat ' l Eddie Assoc. Keith, James William: Panama City, Fla; Sigma Chi. Keith, Mack: Crestview, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi; IEEE. Keller, Barbara L: Orlando, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta, act chmn, intram chmn, life sec, rush rec chmn; Jennings Hall, pres, v-pres; Interhall President ' s Coun; Interhall Scholarship Comm; Coedikette, ed Board of Student Pub; Alligator staff; Students for Goldwater, rec sec. Keller, William M: Pensacola, AIP; Ford Found Fellowship; Arts ' and Sci Scholarship Award. Kelley, Joyce: Bartow, Fla; Student Phys Therapy Assoc. Kennedy, Wallace South Flomaton, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega, pres; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc, lunch comm chmn; Law Review; Student Body Pres. Kenney, Kathleen: Green Cove Springs, Fla; Jennings Hall Honor Council. Kenworthy, John: New York, NY; Theta Chi; Varsity Baseball. Kessler, Mary Ann: Riviera Beach, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Eta; Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister, Glee Club. Keyser, Ronald: Eau Gallie, Fla. Kickert, Arlene AL Harvey, Ill; Dean ' s list. Kiker, Wayne A: Palmetto, Fla. Killinger, Edith L: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi: Phi Chi Theta; Undersec of Labor: Orientation Group Leader. Kilroy, Gary E: St. Petersburg, Fla King, Raymond D: Jacksonville, Fla; Psychology; Sigma Phi Epsilon, rush chmn, public relations chmn; Scabbard and Blade. Kinner, Aaron G: Orlando, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha, pres, treas. Kinser, Victoria A: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, soc chmn; Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart, Little Sister; Dean ' s list. Kirkconnell, Kirk: Tampa, Fla; Economics; Phi Gamma Delta. Kirkham, Mary Ann: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, active chmn, political rep; Leg Council; Gator Growl, exec sec; Homecoming, exec sec. Kirkpatrick, Susan G: St. Augustine, Fla. Kleiber, Elizabeth Anne: Ormond Beach, Fla; Phi Mu, soc chmn, chap, membership chmn; Jennings Hall Council, Honor Council; Student Fla Educ Assoc, pres. Klein, Linda Ellen: Orland Park, Ill; Delta Delta Delta, treas; Alpha Lambda Delta, v-pres; Dean ' s list; President ' s list; Seminole staff. Klink, Julieann M: Clearwater, Fla; Newman Club; North Rawlings Hall Council. Knecht, Muriel L: Mandarin, Fla; Real Estate. Knopf, Katharine H: Coral Gables, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi; Gator Growl. Koch, Irving H: Birmingham, Ala; Dean ' s list. Koepke, Karl 0: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi. Korbeiak, Julianne M: Glen Ridge, NJ; Jennings Hall Honor Council, soc chmn. . – Kornreich, Martin A: New York, NY. Kouchalakas, James Palm Beach, Fla; Finance Assoc. Kramer, Marsha E: Jacksonville, Fla; De lta Phi Epsilon, pres, rec sec; Sigma Alpha Eta; Fla Blue Key Speaker Undersec of School Trad; Hillel Found, v-pres, rec sec. Kromberg, Edward J: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Sigma, parliamentarian. Kulp, Stanley A: Sanford, Fla; Sigma Delta Chi; New Orange Peel, Alligator staff. a Laface, Marie Ida: Miami, Fla; Advertising; Alpha Delta Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; FU Board; 1.962 Leadership Training Conference sec; Florida Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau; Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister; Foreign Student Program; Orientation. Laird, Donna Marie: Lantana, Fla; Advertising. Lakin, Donna Sue: Miami Beach, Fla. Lakin, Marjorie Ann: Orlando, Fla; English; Women ' s Glee Club; Dean ' s list. Lamkin, Charles Glenn: N. Ft. Myers, Fla; Economics. Land, Henry Harlow : Mayo, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Student. Lane, Walter: Tampa, Fla. Landis, Dina: Miami, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Phi, pres; treas, Alpha Lambda Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Mortar Board; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Panhellenic Council, pres. Langworthy, Cortland V: Manlius, NY; Theta Chi; Cheerleader, business, mgr. La Perche, Dolores: Miami, Fla; Phi Mu, sec, rush chmn; Leg Council; SFEA; sec; Dorm Hall Council. Larsen, Mary Stafford: Leesburg, FL; Delta Delta Delta, Lastinger, Allen Lane Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega, hist, v-pres; URA, v-pres; Leg Council; IFC Rush Trans Coordinator; Freshman Leadership Forum. Latimer, James D: Richmond, Va Real Estate and Finance; Alpha Tau Omega. Laub, Charles A: Cincinnati, Ohio; Freshman swimming; Varsity swimming; Dean ' s list. Lauwaert, Alan: Atlantic Beach, Fla; Civil Engineering; Beta Theta Pi, soc chmn; IFC, soc comm; Swim team, ASCE. Lauwaert, Nicole Charlotte: Atlantic Beach Fla; Seminole, co-Greek editor: URA, human re comm chmn; Christmas-on-Campus, asst chmn. Layton, Linda A: Temple Terrace, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta; Little Sister of the Maltease Cross; Fla Blue Key Speaker; ,Orienta- tion Undersec of FL. Lee, Carole: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Gamma. Lee, David B: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Sigma, pres, rush chmn, sec, HC chmn; Pre-Law Club. Lee, James Johns Fords, NJ; Educ Forums, vice chmn. Lee, Patricia McMillan: Gainesville, Fla. Lee, Randolph Edward Jr: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau. Leete, David Clark: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Upsilon. Lesser, Robert Wilmot: Miami, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, chap, pledge trainer. Levan, Jay B: North Miami Beach, Fla; Phi Epsilon Pi, vice-superior. Leverenz, Louise Eleanor: Lake Worth, Fla; Delta Delta Delta; Little Sister of the Laurel; FU comm; SFEA. Levine, Esther Tova: St. Petersburg, Fla; ed asst; Undersec of Leg Affairs; Undersec of Interior; Public Relations Comm; Internat ' l Host Program. Levine, Susan Kay: Macon, Georgia; Delta Phi Epsilon; Undersec of Labor. Levinson, Lou Ann: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Phi Epsilon; Miss UF, second runner-up; Lyceum Council; Gator Growl; Gator Gras; Singing Sweethearts. Leviten, Edward I: Miami, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; PU Public Relations Comm. Levy, Vicki R: Miami, Fla; Sigma Alpha Eta. Lew, Sharron: St. Petersburg, Fla; E Jennings Hall Council, sec; Dean ' s list; URA; Young Democrats. Lewis, Marjorie Leslie: Lake Worth, Fla; Delta Gamma, tress, soc chmn; Leg Council. Lewis, Martin: Groveland, Fla. L ' Hommedieu, Pamela D ' Arcy: Gainesville, Fla; Hall Council; Seminole staff; Tutorial Society; WSA rep; AFAS scholarship. Lichtenwalter, Barbara Anne: Gainesville, Fla; Angel Flight. Lichty, Mary Lee: West Palm Beach, Fla. Liles, Alice Rae: Gainesville, Fla. Lima, Michael J: Largo, Fla; Sigma Tau; Theta Beta Pi; AIIE; BES; BEC. Limauro, Barbara Frances: Lake Worth, Fla. Lindahl, Leonard E Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Linz, Carol Lee: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Christian Scientists, pres, reader; URA Bulletin, ed. Littler, June E: Gainesville, Fla; Student Group for Equal Rights. Litz, Ernie: Miramar, Fla; Alligator, ed, layout ed, sports ed; Murphree Area Council; SELL; FUND: SFEA; Orientation Traffic Coordinator. Livingston, Gerald S: Jacksonville Beach, Fla; Beta Theta Pi, pres; Athletic Council, pres, v-pres; F Club, v-pres; Swimming, All-America, captain, most valuable, Hall of Fame, All-SEC, Gold Gator Award. Locke, Stephen D: South Miami, Fla; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Air Force Assoc, Adv Air Force ROTC; Adv Officers ' Club; WRUF. Lodato, Frank Martin Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Biology; Orientation staff. Lovett, John Howard: Port St. Joe, Fla Theta Chi. Lovitt, Ronald: Miami Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Law Review, exec ed. Loyless, James E: Jacksonville, Fla; AICLE; BES; SEISA. Lucas, Nancy Elizabeth: Tampa, Fla; Chi Omega, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta, pres; Mortar Board; WSA. ' Lucas, Stanley Michael: Gainesville, Fla; Math. Lundy, Walker Ir. Jr: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Alligator, ed, sports ed; Hall of Fa me; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Freshman Class, sec-treas; Leg Council; URA; Georgia Seagle Hall, sec, coop board, outstanding freshman; Presbyterian Univ Center, v-pres. Lyman, Kay Lani: Lakeland, Fla; Kappa Delta; Little Sister of the Maltese Cross; Orientation; Fla Blue Key Speaker: WSA. Lyon, Lawrence Milton Jr: Orlando, Fla; Arnold Air Society; Adv AFROTC. Lytal, Lake, Jr: West Palm Beach. Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi. m Matson, Stephen W: Chicago, Ill; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fla Blue Key Speakers Bureau. Matthews, Nancy L: Pompano Beach, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic rep; Alpha Lambda Delta; WSA, torres sec; Orientation Group Leader. Mauldin, Lynn: Stuart, Fla; Chi Omega, treas; Angel Flight; Cheerleader. McAllister, Sandra L: Orlando, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta, rec sec; Sigma Theta Tau. McBath, John L: St. Petersburg, Fla; Economics. McCaleb, Marjorie G: Wauchula, Fla; Chi Omega, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board, pres; Dean ' s list; Orientation staff; Ag Fair Queen ' s Court; Hall of Fame, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. McCall, Frederick Oviedo, Fla; Electrical Eng. McCard, Jana D: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Delta, sec-treas, membership ; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. McCardell, Michael H: St. Petersburg, Fla; Gargoyle, pres; Sigma Lambda Chi, v-pres; Student Contractors Builders Assoc; Student AIA. McCarthy, James M: Lakeland, Fla; Theta Chi, pres, v-pres, soc chmn; IFC President ' s Council. McCarty, John Al. Jr: Fort Pierce, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle; Livestock Judging Team. McCay, Thomas W: Sarasota, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Insurance Society. McChesney, Janet: New Port Richey, Fla; Lambda Tau. McClaskey, Robert M. Jr: Miami, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi, treas; Hillel Foundation, pres, v-pres; PU Board. McDaniel, Comer: Bartow, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi. MacKenzie, Robert H: Tampa, Fla; Sigma Chi; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. MacMillan, Neil West Palm Beach, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Club; Baseball. MaComber, Paul: Jacksonville, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha, pledgemaster. MaCrory, Robert Ames: Montgomery, Ala; Phi Kappa Tau. Maddalena, Patricia A: Largo, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi Lambda Theta. Madix, James C: Tampa, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Delta, sec; Resident asst; Section Advisor. Magram, Gary R: Miami, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi; Undersec of Athletics. Maley, James B: Jacksonville, Fla; Pi Sigma Alpha. Mandell, Richard J: Miami Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Honor Court Defense Counsel; Investigator for the Public Defender; Phi Alpha Delta. Manning, Charles F: Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta; Scabbard Blade. Manning, Donald L: Jacksonville, Fla. Manyoky, Arthur: Gainesville, Fla. Marchese, Anthony: Tampa, Fla; Industrial Eng; Beta Theta Pi. Marinelli, Joseph John, Jr: North Miami Beach, Fla; HC, Alumni Events chmn; Union Board of Mgrs, vice-chmn; Union Board, dir; Men ' s Council, pres; Univ Choir, pres; Newman Club, v-pres; President ' s Cabinet; Leg Council; VOTE Party, asst indep chmn. Markland, Vicki L: Jacksonville, Fla; AIA; AID. Marlow, Floyd: Greensboro, Fla; Bankers Collegiate FFA, v-pres. Marsh, Lee F: Gainesville, Fla; Student Assoc of Landscape Architects, v-pres. Mason, Michaeline: Pensacola, Fla; SNA; Hall, program chmn, floor rep. Mastry, Robert D: St. Petersburg; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi, clerk; Student Bar Assoc, sec; Honor Court Defense Counsel; Public Defender, student asst. Mateka, Ralph: Daytona Beach, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. Martin, Sterling Robert Jr: Daytona Beach, Fla; Pre-Law Society, treas. Mathison, Donita: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Pi; Alligator, campus life editor. McClumpha, Janet M: Clearwater, Fla; Dean ' s list. McCollum, Ira William, Jr: Brooksville, Fla; English Circle K Club, pres; Conservative Club; Sec of Men ' s Affairs. McCormick, John R: Daytona Beach, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. McCrea,William G: St. Petersburg, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma, treas; Alligator. McCulley, George G: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. McDevitt, John Kahl: Tampa, Fla; Chi Phi. McDonell, Carolyn A: Williston, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha, chap, HC Princess, 1961; Little Sister of Phi Kappa Tau, pres; Greek Council; SFEA. McDonnell, Naomi F: Gainesville, Fla; Freshman Talent Night; Gator Gras; WSA; Wesley Foundation. McEaddy, Thomas H: Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla. McElrath, Danny G: Wildwood, Fla; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship; Ford Foundation Scholar. McEnery, Mary Beth: Miami, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, chap, polit rep; WUS, co-ordin; Dorm Council. McGee, Gordon T: Fort Myers, Fla. McKnight, David F: Orlando, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha, sec; Student Contractors and Builders Assoc. McLain, John: Auburndale, Fla. McLean, William Benjamin, Jr: Clermont, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho, pledge class pres; Agr Econics Club. McLeod, Joe B. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Nu, pledge marshal; AIIE, pres; R G Williams Incentive Award. McMullen, Norman: Cocoa Beach, Fla Electrical Eng; Delta Chi, v-pres. McNitt, Jo Ann: Miami, Fla. McNulty, C. Howard: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Nu, pres; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc; Freshman Mixer and Law Day, chmn; Phi Delta Phi, pres; Fla Blue Key; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and McPeak, Allan L: Jacksonville, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Fla Blue Key; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in Amer Univ; Young Democrats, pres; Student Bar Assoc. McQuagge, William Duncan: Panama City, Fla; Sigma Chi, tress, scholarship chmn; Real Estate Club. McRae, Suzanne: Graceville, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi. McRae, Thomas: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Nu. McVey, Allan: Pennsville, NJ. Meclewski, L. Carolyn: Arch Fine Arts; ZTA. Meeker, Jeff B: Panama City, Fla; Delta Upsilon, sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega, pres, v-pres, treas. Mellow, Beverly J: Orlando, Fla; Delta Gamma, historian, active chmn; Lyceum Council; SFEA; Fla Blue Key, sec. Meltzer, Rose Sue: Miami, Fla; Welcome Weeker, Hall Council. Menge, Marion Jackson: Pensacola, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres; Law School Activities: Law Review; Campbell Thornal Moot Court; Student Bar Assoc, tress; Phi Delta Phi; HC, asst gen chmn; Fla Blue Key; Hall of Fame Who ' s Who in Amer Colleges and Universities. Merhige, Lynn J: St. Petersburg, Fla. Merkin, Terry: Miami, Fla Pi Lambda Phi; house mgr, volleyball team; Pi M u; Tolbert Hall Intramural chmn. Messer, Henry H: Tallahassee, Fla. Messer, James E: Tallahassee, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres; Law School Activities: Law Review, ed; Student Bar Assoc; Luncheon-Spkr Program, chmn, sec; Student-Faculty Eval Comm; Phi Delta Phi. Michaels, Carol A: Miami, Fla; Hillel, SFEA; Dorm Hall Council. Michell, Dyer T: Largo. Fla; Theta Chi, historian. Middendorf, Weslie: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, rec sec; Florida Blue Key Speaker. Midgley, Douglas M: Ft. Myers Beach; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Milam, George B: Maitland, Fla; Sigma Nu. Miller. Albert James, III: Bradenton, Fla. Miller, Dorothy Dee: Ft. Lauderdale. Fla; Delta Delta Delta; HC Queen, 1963; Miss UF Runner- up, 1964. Miller, James E: Gainesville , Fla. Miller, Mary A: West Palm Beach, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club, music chmn. Miller, Marilyn J: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi; Little Sisters of the Laurel; Lyceum, assoc member; NEA. Mills, Glen E: Gainesville, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Dean ' s list. Mills, Patricia A: Sarasota, Fla. Mitchell, George Bruce, Jr: West Palm Beach, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega; SAHPER, membership comm chmn. Mitchell, John S: St. Petersburg, Fla; Industrial Eng; Sigma Chi; AIIE. Mitchell, Nancy R: Nashville, Tenn. Minerva, Michael J: Bartow, Fla; Theta Chi; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Law Review, exec ed; Student Bar Assoc. Minnix, Tyrus E: Santurle, Puerto Rico; Lambda Chi Alpha, v-pres; AIIE. Mirabella, Charlotte J: Tampa, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha. Mobbs, Virginia L: Jacksonville, Fla; Women ' s Glee Club. Moore, Harold Edward Jr: Pensacola, Fla; Phi Delta Theta; Law School Activities: Law Review, exec ed; Law Center Scholarship; Student Bar Assoc, pres; Phi Delta Phi; Campbell Thornal Moot Court Competition. Moore, Sally: Windemere, Fla; Advertising; Kappa Alpha Theta, rush chmn; Panhellenic Council; Undersec of Public Relations. Moore, Walter Taylor, III: Tallahassee, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Morcroft, Charles R: Pittsburgh, Pa; Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball. Moriner, Robert H: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Kappa Sigma; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Assoc. Morra, Michael A: Miami Beach, Fla; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. Morris, Max F: Winter Park; Tau Kappa Epsilon; v-pres, pledge trainer; Undersec of Labor; Orientation Leader. Morris, Robert A. In Hollywood, Fla; Amer Inst of Arch, pres, sec, treas; Honor Court Justice; Fla Gator Judo Team; Army ROTC Gator Guard Drill Team; President ' s Cabinet; United Party, dorm chmn; World Board, Internat ' l Student Organization, foreign student coorclin; Honor Court Public Relations comm; Tolbert Area Council, sec. Moxon, Henry James Goethe: Ocala, Fla. Mumbauer, Mary Jeanne: Lakeland, Fla; Sigma Kappa. Muniz, Lydia: Miami, Fla. Murphree, Jennie: Gainesville, Fla; English; Chi Omega. Nachman, Melvyn N. Miami Beach, Fla; Hume Hall Council; Ga Seagle Leg Board. Nardiello, Daniel N: W. Hollywood, Fla; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Phi. Nash, Richard F: Riviera Beach, Fla; Political Science; Sigma Chi. Newberg, Curtis C: Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s list; Honor Student. Neel, Jacqueline N: Falls Church, Va; Kappa Delta, v-pres; Panhellenic Council, rush chmn; Univ Religious Assoc, sec. Nelson, Carolyn H: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Gamma, v-pres, rituals chmn; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orientation Leader; Undersec for Leg Affairs. Newell, Richard L: W. Palm Beach, Fla; Delta Chi, sec. Newmark, Zalmon M: Miami, Fla; Fla Players; FBK Speaker; Hillel Foundation, treas; Officers Club; FU Board, Films Comm Chinn; Orientation Leader. Nieburger, Herbert G. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi; Undergraduate Asst, Mkt Dept; Married Housing Village Commission; Propellor Club, pres. Nielsen, Allan B: Waynesboro, Ga; Beta Theta Pi. Nimmo, Nancy E: Blowing Rock, NC; Kappa Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Religion-in-Life; World Univ Service; Orientation Leader; FBK Speaker. Norfleet, Nell L: Madison, Fla; Physical Therapy; Delta Delta Delta, service proj chmn; Little Sister of Minerva; Physical Therapy Club. Norris, Burton Miami, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta. Notaris, Jo Ann H: Miami Springs, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, act chmn; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Honorary; High Honors Sr Seminar; Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Award; Dean ' s list; President ' s list; WSA rep, hist; Rawlings Honor Council; Rawlings Hall Council; FBK Speaker; Honor Court Justice; Gator Gras Queen; Sigma Nu Sweetheart Ct. Nunley, Rhodes B: Oklawaha, Fla; Hume Hall Council; Dean ' s list. Nurenberg, Carole F: Miami, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Phi, corres sec; Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart. Nussbaum, William: Jacksonville, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta Phi. Nydahl, John E: Riverview, Fla; Sigma Chi; Sigma Tau. O Oatway, Thomas: Lake Worth, Fla. O ' Brien, Francis J: Hollywood, Fla; Delta Upsilon; Sigma Tau. O ' Donnell, Kathleen S: Miami, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta, treas, chaplain, activ chmn; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Orientation Leader; Dean ' s list. Oliver, Kirtley H. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; FU Films Comm; Undersec of Men ' s Affairs; Tolbert Area Council; v-pres. Orr, Thomas H: West Palm Beach, Fla, Otto, Lee W: Brandon, Fla; Kappa Kappa Psi; Univ Concert Choir Accompanist. Otto, Rosemary K: Lake Worth, Fla; Sigma Kappa. Owen, Richard St. Petersburg, Fla; Beta Theta Pi; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc; HC Sweetheart Contest, chmn; Student Invest for Public Defender; Phi Delta Phi. Owen, Hamilton S. Jr: Tallahassee, Fla; Kappa Alpha; ASCE; BES. Overstreet, Charles Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta. Packard, Nancy: Jacksonville, Fla. Pajak, Douglas: Gainesville, Fla; Beta Theta Pi. Pappert, Gariann: Lake Worth, Fla. Parker, Richard F. D: Pompano Beach, Fla; Tau Beta Pi, cataloger; Sigma Tau Sigma; IEEE, v-chmn; Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship; Dean ' s list; Fresh Dorm Council, academic chmn. Parker, Richard L. Jr: Jacksonville, Fla. Parks, Suzanne V: West Palm Beach, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega. Parsons, Walter R: Tampa, Fla; Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha; Gator Band, rank capt; Concert and Symphonic Band; Student Govt, Undersec of Organizations. Pate, Claudia E: Tampa, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Lambda Theta. Patten, Russell S: Jacksonville, Fla; Phi Delta Theta, treas; Phi Eta Sigma. Pearson, Richard: Key Biscayne, Fla; Kappa Sigma. Peoples, James W: St. Petersburg, Fla; Gargoyle; AIA. Perez, Joe D: Tampa, Fla. P erlyn, Donald L: No. Miami Beach, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Pi, pres. Peterson, Earle W. Jr: Hallandale, Fla; Kappa Alpha, trea; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Law Review, Board Member, Symposium Editor; Student Bar Assoc. Pethia, Joseph P: Largo, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pfeiffer, Jay: Cocoa Beach, Fla; Delta Upsilon, pres; Pi Mu; Greek Council, pres. Phifer, Emily Jane: Miami, Fla; Honor Council, chmn; Interhall Honor Council, sec; Seminole, research ed, Greek ed; Fla Blue Key Speaker; WSA Service Award. Pickler, Robert H: Gainesville, Fla; Tau Kappa Epsilon, hist; Insurance Society, v-pres. Pierce, James R: Gainesville, Fla; Kappa Sigma; Law School Activities: Law Review; Student Co-ord for the Student Assist to the Public Defender; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Assoc; Locker Comm. Pierce, Thomas W. Jr: Pensacola, Fla. Pierle, Linda R: St. Augustine, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi. Pierson, Ann Eileen: Gainesville, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha. Pinney, William E: Pensacola, Fla; Theta Chi, Pistorino, John C: Gainesville, Fla; Amer Society Civil Eng, treas; Benton Eng Society. Plumb, Charles F: Glen Rock, NJ; Theta Chi, pres, Outstanding Man Award; Real Estate Society, pres; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Alumni Affairs, sec; President ' s Cabinet; Leg Council; Traffic Court, Justice; Gator Party, treas; Fla Blue Key. Polonsky, Helen: Miami, Fla, Pope. Judy Jo: Orlando, Fla; Jennings, social chmn, pres; Graham, Resident Assistant. Porter, Suzanne: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Sigma; Honor Graduate. Portley, Peter A: Mahwah, NJ; Phi Gamma Delta. Posada, Ana: Bogota, Colombia, South America. Posner, Marlene S: Miami Beach, Fla; Elem Ed; Delta Phi Epsilon; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Rawlings Hall Council; Religion-in-Life Week Comm. Post, Richard E: Valparaiso, Fla; Finance; Beta Gamma Sigma; Arnold Air Society; Advanced Officer ' s Club; Finance Association. Powell, John J: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Tau, sec, v-pres; Tau Beta Pi; High Honor Graduate Powell, James R: Winter Garden, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi, treas, sec, steward. Powell, Ronald Jacksonville, Fla; Theta Chi; IEEE; Gator Amateur Radio Club. Power, Michael A: Indianapolis. Ind; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator. Price, Carol G: Berkley, Michigan; Alpha Pi. Price, Lansing B: Miami, Fla; Beta Theta Pi, Rush chmn, Service chmn; F Club; Swimming Team Letterman; SEC Diving Champion; Varsity Career Award. Pruitt, James L: St. Petersburg, Fla; Delta Upsilon, treas, v-pres. Ptachik, Christopher: Green Cove Springs, Fla; Eng; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Vice Commandant ' s Award (Student) Military Cadet. q-r Quintana, Rafael P: Miami, Fla; President ' s Internat ' l Student Organ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Propeller Club; Latin Amer Club. Raattama, Henry H: LaCrosse, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho, pres; Honor Court Justice; Leg Council. Rablen, Susan J: Vero Beach, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi; Little Sisters of Minerva: NEA; Internat ' l Comm. Radtke, David Al: Sarasota, Fla. Ramirez, Juan: Miami, Fla; Art and Sci High Honors Seminar. Ramsdell, Marcia L: Winter Park, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc: HC Skits, set design chmn; Ptii Delta Delta; Public Defender. Student Asst. Rand, Martha H: DeLand, Fla; Jennings Hall Honor Council. Rankin, Kathryn M: St. Petersburg, Fla; SFEA. Ray, Jefferson G. III: Gainesville,- Fla; Delta Tau Delta; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Assoc; President ' s Cabinet; Honor Court; Village Govt, mayor. Rayside, Mary K: Lantana, Fla; Reid Hall, pres, floor rep. Reavell, George T: France; Delta Chi, v-pres, intramural chmn. Redderson, Carl L: Gulfport, Fla. Redding, Eugene A: Ft. Wayne, Indiana; AIA. Rehberg, Barbara Ann: St. Petersburg, Fla; Newman Club. Reichenthal Philip J: Miami Beach, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi, exec council; Undersec of Athletics; Spec Proj Comm. Reid, Carol Ann: Gainesville, Fla; Pi Lambda Theta; Student FEA. Reid, M. Charles, Jr: Tavares, Fla: Sigma Chi; Sigma Delta Chi. Reid, Hank C: Tampa, Fla. Renfroe, Deloris M: Jacksonville, Fla; Student PEA; Young Republicans Club. Reynolds, Milton C: Blacksburg, SC; Electrical Eng; Delta Upsilon. Riber, L. Louise: New Smyrna Beach, Fla; Yulee Hall, sec; Hillel Found, sec, publicity chmn; Coedikette, asst ed. Rice, William C: Orlando, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Rich, Nancy L: Clearwater, Fla. Richards, Joanne A: Winter Park, Fla; Alpha Delta Pi. Richardson, Marion P: Evinston, Fla. Richman, Gerald: Miami Beach, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Pi, pres; Law School Activities: Campbell Thornal Moot Court Competition, first place, state champ, outstanding partic; Law Review, exec ed; Honor Court Chancellor; Phi Alpha Delta, marshal; Fla Blue Key; Law Center Scholarship; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who; Faculty Discip Comm Member; Public Defender, Rigsby, Lucille D: Gainesville, Fla. Ritch, John B: Monticello, Fla; Advertising, Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sec of Acad Affairs; VOTE Party, chmn; HC, asst finan chmn. Rivers, Thomas J. II: Green Cove Springs, Fla; Philosophy; Lambda Chi Alpha; Greek Council. Roberts, Karen Lee: Glendale, Missouri; Alpha Chi Omega, social chmn; Angel Flight, treas; Little Sister of Minerva; Foreign Student Advisor; Young Citizens for Johnson; Orientation Group Leader; Gator Gras Queen Court; Agr Fair Court; Military Ball Queen Contest, first runner-up. Roberts, Richard L: New Smyrna Beach, Fla; Kappa Alpha, treas. Robinson, Grover C. III: Pensacola, Fla; Beta Theta Pi, pres; Interfrat Council, v-pres; Alligator. Robinson, Suzanne Kay: Atlanta, Ga; Kappa Delta, soc chmn; Little Sisters of Minerva, pres, hist; Fla Blue Key Sp eaker; URA; Undersec of Treas. Rochat, M. William: Gainesville, Fla; Building Construction; Sigma Chi. Rogers, Robert V: Lakeland, Fla. Rogers, Sharon: Gainesville, Fla; Cheerleader; Sigma Tau Sigma; Orientation Leader. Rooks, Marion Edward: Jacksonville, Fla; Univ Choir; Fla Blue Key Speaker. Rosenshein, Dorothy: Gainesville, Fla; Therapy; Alpha Epsilon Phi, house coun pres; Hillel Foundation, relig rep; Leg Council; Student Occup Therapy Assoc, prog chmn, v-pres; Women ' s Tennis Club; French Dorm Rep. Ross, Nancy Sue: Tampa, Fla; Elementary Educ; Delta Phi Epsilon, member-at-large; Student Govt Undersec. Ross, Sondra: Miami, Fla; Zeta Phi Eta, part WSA; Hall Council, floor rep, newspaper; Forums Comm. Rothbauer, Ronald G: Lake Wales, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. Rothstein, Simon Donald: Jacksonville, Fla; English; Pi Lambda Phi; HC Spec Procurement Comm, chmn. Rubinstein, Alan Jay: Orlando, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi, pres; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta, Law Review. Rubio, Manuel L: Tampa, Fla: Political Science. Ruggles, Elizabeth A: Lake Worth, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega. Ruis, George E: Quitman, Ga; Alpha. Gamma Rho, v-pres; Cheerleader. Ruiz, E: Monticello, Fla; Alpha Zeta. Rumpf, Kathleen Elizabeth: Windermere, Fla. Runyon, Bradford Jr: Pikesville, Ky; BES; AIIE; AOC; AAS; Dean ' s list; Whitmore Award; Army-AF ROTC Joint Oper Comm, Dep Wing Cmdr, adm off; AAS. Russell, Jane Terry: St. Petersburg, Fla; Delta Phi Epsilon; SFEA. Russos, Milton Anthony: Ft. Pierce, Fla. S Saab, Khodr I: Beirut, Lebanon. Saks. Susan C: Atlanta, Ga; Hillel; SFEA; Dorm Hall Council. Salley. Craig H: Gainesville, Fla; Gargoyle, tress, pr es; Student AIA. Salvak, Napoleon P: Cocoa, Fla; AIAA. Salvo, Gerald C: Orlando, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon, house chmn; Arnold Air Society; UF Cheerleader; Orientation Leader Advanced ROTC, FIP Program. Sams, Gary M: New Smyrna Beach, Fla; Phi Delta Theta; Staff of Honor Court. Samuelowitz, Helene B: W. Hollywood, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; SFEA-NEA, treas. Sanberg, Adriaan G: Orange City, Fla; Mortar and Pestle. Santamaria, Robert F: Sigma Lambda Chi, pres; Gargoyle; Student Contractors and Builders Assoc. Santilli, Jo Ann M: Hollywood, Fla; Newman Club. Sappington, Andrew A. III: Gainesville, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha, torres nat ' l mag, chapter mag e d. Satterwhite, James R. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau, hist, pros; Honor Student. Scales, David: Winter Haven, Fla. Scales, Sandra L: Winter Haven, Fla; Chi Omega, Personnel; Fla Union Board for Student Activities, pros; Fla Players, sec; Young Democrats; Affairs, undersec; Orientation Office Coordinator; WSA Rep; Swim Fins. Scarrett, Daniel: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Honor Court; Law Review; Student Bar Assoc. Schaefer, Linda A: Riviera Beach, Fla. Schafer, George E: Hollywood, Fla; Delta Tau Delta, steward, Discip chmn, Scholarship chmn. Schlechter, Alvin E: Belle Glade, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon, rec sec. Schlei, Julianne: Lakeland, Fla. Schlein, Edward M: Hollywood, Fla. Schlein, Joy: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega, chap; Fla Union Board, Student Nurses Assoc. Schmidt, Muray R: Kissimmee, Fla; Student AIA. Schneider, Herbert Ian: Valley Stream, NY; Tau Epsilon Phi, sgt-at-arms; Strident Contractors Builders Assoc; sec Leg Affairs. Schor, Phyllis M: No. Miami Beach, Fla; FNEA. Schott, Brian M: Washington, DC; Math; Schraibman, Gloria Ann: Charleston, SC; Alpha Epsilon Phi, rec sec; Undersec of Finance; Blue Key Speaker; Honor Court Speaker. Schroeder, James E: Gainesville, Fla; Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; pres; Tau Beta Pi; Strident Traffic Court, Justice. Schuh, Paul N: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Kappa Psi. Schultz, Thomas G: Coral Gables, Fla; Phi Delta Theta; Law School Activities; Law Review, Business Manager, Asst to Public Defender; Phi Delta Phi Exchequer; Strident Bar Assoc. Schumpf, Lorrie M: Miami Beach, Fla; Women ' s Glee Club. Schuster, Richard: Coral Gables, Fla; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alligator; Fla Players. Schwartz, Richard A: Miami Beach, Fla; Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma, v-pres. Sciatto, Albert P: Gainesville, Fla; Flavet I Village, Mayor. Scoggins, Catherine F: Jacksonville, Fla. Scott, Meredith L: Sanford, Fla. Scully, Robert M: Miami Springs, Fla; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Zeta. Seid, Kenneth A: Miami, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi, sec; Pi Mu; Gator Gras Comm; Forums Comm; Orientation Leader; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Honor Court Speaker, Foreign Host Sponsor; Religion- in-Life Comm; Dean ' s list. Seitz, Arthur M. III: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma, v-pres; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Honor Court Speaker; PU Rec Comm; Camp Wartburg Playday, chmn; Tennis Team; Intramural Board of Advisors; FCA; AFROTC AOC, BMDT; Alligator; Seminole, Beauty ed; Gator Greek; Gator Ski Club; Gator Gras; IFC. Serfass, Nancy A: Redington Beach, Fla. Sessoms, Audrey J: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Lambda Theta. Sessoms, Fletcher L: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Lambda Chi; Strident Contractors and Builders Assoc, v-pres, pres. Shackelford, Sheridan L: Lake City, Fla Chi Omega; NW Broward Hall Council. Shahady, Thomas R: Fairmont, W Va; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Strident Bar Assoc; Public Defender Invest. Shaw, Ellen: Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Sheble, Arthur M: Gainesville, Fla Sheffield, Joseph A: Graceville, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Insurance Society. Shelton, Calvert P: Tampa, Fla. Shepen, Bernard: Mount Vernon, NY. Shepherd, John Bradley, Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega; IEEE. Sheppard, Donna Jean: Bradenton, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta. Sheridan, Howard M: Lake Worth, Fla; Theta Chi, v-pres; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s list; Gator Gras, Chmn; Dorm Intramural mgr; Alumni Affairs, undersec. Sherrod, William Horace Jr: Immokalee, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho. Sherwood, Roger H: Gainesville, Fla; Kappa Sigma; Guard and Public Relations, Shields, Alonzo Clifford III: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Nu; Law School Activities: Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Court Defense Counsel; Public Defender, invest; Strident Bar Assoc. Shokraii, Esmail Hosseini: Iran; Alpha Zeta; Fulbright Fellow; AFME Fellow; Research asst. Shorstein, Harry: Jacksonville, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi. Shmunes, Edward: Jacksonville, Fla. Siegel, Roy: N. Miami Beach, Fla. Siegel, Robert: N. Miami Beach, Fla; Math. Sikes, Betty L: Gainesville, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sim, Susan T: Bastrop, Louisiana. Simcoke, James Robert: Oak Brook, Ill; Finance; Finance Assoc; Corry Village, deputy mayor; Corry Village Judicial Comm, chmn. Simmons, Jack: Palm Harbor, Fla. Simmons, Michael: Frostproof, Fla; Chi Omega, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; WSA Judiciary Comm; Dean ' s list. Simon, Willa H: South River, NJ; SFEA. Simpson, Shirley R: Pierce, Fla. Ashraf: Beirut, Lebanon. Sisco, James C. Jr: Cocoa, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. Skaza, Gayle A: Brecksville, Ohio. Skinner, Truman A: Miami Springs, Fla; Florida Blue Key; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi, pres; Student Bar Assoc. Slaughter, John E. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi. Slinn, Martha A: Miami, Fla; Phi Mu, treas; Mallory Hall, treas; Leg Council. Slipock, Philip S: New City, NY; Pi Lambda Phi. Slusser, William A: Pensacola, Fla. Smiley, Glen F: St. Petersburg, Fla. Smith, Gloria D: Jacksonville, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha; Gatorette; Rawlings Hall Honor Council, sec. Smith, Janet L: Orlando, Fla; Sigma Kappa, chaplain, co-manager. Smith, Louie R. Jr: Orlando, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Law Review, exec ed. Smith, Peter N: Orlando, Fla. Smith, Robert P: Baton Rouge, La; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; SALA; Gargoyle. Smith, Susan E: Janesville, Wise, Delta Gamma, pres. Snider, Jane R: Daytona Beach, Fla. Snyder, Janice B: Miami, Fla; Honor Court Justice. Solowey, Barry R Long Beach, NY. Solloway, Richard: Miami, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi, pledgemaster; Arnold Air Society. Sondheimer, Carol L: Washington, DC; Delta Phi Epsilon; Student Physical Therapy pres, v-pres. Tau Beta Sigma. Songer, Richard N: Miami, Fla. Southwell, Patricia S: Gainesville, Fla. Sobel, Michele L: South Richmond, Va; Delta Phi Epsilon, treas, member-at-large; SFEA. Soukup, Earle R: Okeechobee, Fla; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s list; Aqua Gators, director, v-pres Florida Players; Men ' s Interhall Council; Section Advisor. Spanick, Leslie A: Ocala, Fla; History. Sparks, Susan Jacksonville, Fla. Spencer, James R: Milton, Fla. Spicola, Roseann Tampa, Fla; Phi Mu; Spicola, Roseann: Tampa, Fla; Phi Mu; Council, sec, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta; Leg Council. Spiegel, Michael: Miami Beach, Fla; Pi Epsilon Phi; American Institute of Physics Student Section. Spirko, James P: Fontana Village, NC; Theta Chi, pledge marshal. Spross, Fred R: Cocoa, Fla; Sigma Tau. Stahl, Jaclyne S: Miami, Fla; Broward Hall Council, treas; Welcome Week Chmn, WSA rep; Yulee Hall Honor Council, sec; Jennings Hall Honor Council, chmn; Fla Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Honor Court Speakers Bureau. Stanfield, Michael D: Groveland, Fla; Young Republicans Club, dir; Arab Club; Propeller Club, Gator Band; Symphony Orchestra. Stanganello, Marie R: Orlando, Fla; Zeta Phi Eta sec; Order of Athena, v-pres; WUFT; Mallory Hall, hist. Starnes, Hugh E: Fort Myers, Fla; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi, hist; Student Bar Assoc. Steen, Morris G: Greenville, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha. Stearnes, James A: Coco Solo, Canal Zone; Phi Gamma Delta; Gator Guard; Scabbard and Blade; first sgt; Orientation Leader. Stein, Joel M: Jacksonville, Fla. Steinberg, Jay A: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Epsilon Pi, sgt-at-arms; Pre-Law Club; SNEA; PEA; Freshman Council; Freshman Class Parliamentarian; Intramural Athletics; Intramural Speech Honors. Steinbook, Richard M: Miami Beach, Fla. Stern, Martin H: Miami Beach, Fla. Stern, Michael P: Hollywood, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi, social chmn. Stenger, Jo Anne S: Coral Gables, Fla; Delta Delta Delta; Newman Club; Orientation; Angel Flight, drill commander, executive commander. Stephens, Donald E: Mount Dora, Fla; Fruit Crops Club. Stephens, Linda C: Gainesville, Fla; Student Occupational Therapy Club, treas; Swim Fins; J. Hillis Miller Award. Stewart, Faith B: Pompano Beach, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi. Stewart, Marion E: Inverness, Fla; NEA. Still, Douglas J: Hialeah, Fla; Kappa Sigma, v-pres, pledge trainer. Stirrat, Arthur W: Las Vegas, Nev; Tau Kappa Epsilon, rush chmn, sgt-at-arms. Stoffel, William N: St. Petersburg, Fla; Advanced Officers Club. Stoker, Charles A: Miami, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Tau; ASCE; Dean ' s list; Florida managing editor. Storer, Anne J: Bellaire, Tex; Zeta Tau Alpha; Lambda Tau; Rifle Club. Stores, Patricia I: Fernandina Beach, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega. Stover, Susan L: Grand Rapids, Mich; Delta Zeta. Straub, Roger E: Pompano Beach, Fla; Chi Phi, hist; AIIE; Gator Sailing Club, charter pres; Southeastern Intercollegiate Sailing Association, pres. Stringfellow, Edgar M: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Tau Delta, sec; Phi Eta Sigma. Stucky, Eleanor L: Clearwater, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega, corres sec; Angel Flight; SFEA. Sturgis, Peggy J: Clearwater, Fla; Sigma Kappa, social chmn, activities chmn, v-pres; SELL. Sullivan, William F: Miami, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta. Swain, Russell T. Jr: Tampa, Fla; Sigma T au, v-pres, treas; Sigma Tau Sigma; Advanced Officers Club Dean ' s list; Eng Week Chmn; Distinguished Military Cadet; Honor Graduate. Swartsel, R. Vernon, Jr: Mount Dora, Fla; Sigma Chi, pres; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Fla Blue Key; Gen Chmn Religion-in- Life Week; Gen Chmn, World University Service; Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Sweet, Merlene R: Columbus, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega. Swindell, Karen S: Lakeland, Fla; Tau Beta Sigma, sec, pres; Gator Band; Tau Beta Sigma, pres, sec. Swyers, Shonnee S West Palm Beach, Fla. t Talton, John Holmes, Jr: Apopka, Fla; Alpha Zeta. Tanner, Margot Anne: St. Petersburg Beach, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi; SFEA, membership chmn; Asst Sec of Labor. Tanner, William Woodrow: Largo, Fla. Tart, Thomas Brogden: Valdosta, Ga; Alpha Tau Omega, pres; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, pres; Leg Council; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Fla Blue Key Hall of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Taylor, Daniel Edwin: Lake Park, Fla. Taylor, James Albert: St. Petersburg, Fla; Sigma Chi, hist; FSEA. Taylor, John Daniel, Jr: Sanford, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho, treas. Taylor, Judith Ann: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Delta. Taylor, Norris Robertson: Short Hills, NJ. Taylor, Shirley Delores: Orlando, Fla; Little Sisters of Maltese Cross; Leg Council, sec. Taylor, Sandra Lee: Kitzingen, Germany; Chi Omega, pres, treas; Mortar Board, treas; Jennings Hall Council; Swim Fins; Alligator staff; Fla Blue Key Band, sec; Forums Comm; Hall of Fame. Testy, Sharon Olivia: Miami Shores, Fla; Delta Gamma, rush chmn, song chmn, activ chmn; 1964 Miss UF; Cheerleader; 1962 HC Princess; Little Sisters of Minerva; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Honor Court Speaker; Miss Camp Wauburg runner-up. Thalblum, Harvey: North Miami Beach, Fla. Thomas, John Doyle: Trenton, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Intramurals. Thomas, John L: Orlando, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega, treas; Law School Activities: Law Review: Public Defender Student Asst; Student Bar Assoc; Phi Delta Phi; Frosh Orientation. Thomas„ Joyce G: Decatur, Georgia; Zeta Tau Alpha, rush chmn; Angel Flight; Panhellenic Coun, pres, treas; Undersec of Religion; Christmas--on-Campus, chmn. Thompson, Douglas H, Jr: Belle Glade, Fla; Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treas, sec; Leg Council; IFC. Thompson, Jack E: Coral Gables; Sigma Chi; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Thompson, Marjorie L: Miami, Fla; Pi Lambda Theta. Thompson, Richard Earnest: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Phi Epsilon, pledge class pres, alum relations chmn. Thornton, Ronald Greg: Clearwater, Fla; Phi Gamma Delta, hist. Thurbon, Earl Reid: West Palm Beach, Fla; Alpha Tau Omega. Tiballi, Frederick P: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Law School Activities: Law Review; Honor Court Defense Counsel; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Assoc. Tilghman, Janice May: Riviera Beach, Fla; Kappa Delta. Tin, Eastern William: Bradenton, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha; Gargoyle, pres. Titus, Timothy Adams: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Toepel, Alice Louise: Hialeah, Fla, Alpha Omicron Pi; SFEA; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart Court. Toothaker, Nancy Wood: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; WSA. Toothaker, Stephen Wallace: Winter Park, Fla: Chi Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Honor Court Speaker. Toskar, Daniel Michael: North Miami Beach, Fla; Phi Epsilon Pi. Touby, Kathleen Anita: Miami, Fla; SNA, soc chmn. Townsend, Lila Gay: Chipley, Fla; Chi Omega, corres. Travis, Robert Leonard: Tullahoma, Tenn; Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Council. Treadwell, Mary Florence: Lake Worth, Fla. Trieste, Charles W. Jr: Delray Beach, Fla; Pi Kappa Phi, chap; Alpha Phi Omega; ASCG; Adv Officers Club. Tuggle, Jo Ann: Lulu, Fla; Kappa Epsilon: Mortar and Pestle. Tullis, Charles Stuart: Dunnellon, Fla; Delta Tau Delta, sgt-at-arms; Alpha Epsilon Delta, sec: Phi Eta Sigma. Tullis, Walter Wood: Coral Gables, Fla; Sigma Chi; Arnold Air Society; Adv Off Club; Dean ' s list; AAS; Aero Club, pres; Undersec of Interior; Chicago Tribune Award. Turmail, George Alvin, Jr: Boca Raton, Fla. Turner, Faith: Hollywood, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s list; Rawlings Intramural, chmn; Rawlings Hall Council. Tuttle, Duane K: Tampa, Fla; Law School Phi Alpha Delta; Public Defender Invest; Orientation; Student Bar Assoc. Tygart, Silas Thompson: Jacksonville, Fla; Pi Kappa Alpha; Law School Activities: Honor Court Defense Counsel; Law Day Comm; Strident Bar Assoc. Uk, Someth: Phnom Pehn, Cambodia; Student Organization; AIA; Khmer Strident Organ. Ullman, Samuel Charles: Pompano Beach, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi; Fla Blue Key Speaker; Alligator staff; Students for Goldwater, sec; Orientation Co-ordinator HC, tech damn, alum reunion publ chmn. Upchurch, John J: Haworth, NJ; Phi Gamma Delta. Upham, E. Tyler: Rochester, NY; Delta Upsilon. Valido, John: Tampa, Fla: Delta Tau Delta. Vandroff, Arthur D: Sarasota, Fla; Pi Lambda Phi; Law School Activities: Law Review; Student Bar Assoc; Honor Court Counsel; Phi Delta Phi. Vandroff, Bonnie Fay: Sarasota, Fla; Dean ' s list; SAPHER; Honor Court Justice; Dorm chmn; Tennis. Van Veldhuisen, Corrie: Gainesville, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Sigma, v-pres; J Hillis Miller Scholarship. Van Vonno, Nicolas V: Miami, Fla; Delta Upsilon; IEEE; BES. Varnell, James H. Jr: Jacksonville, Fla. Vasquez, Vivian Aurora: Tampa, Fla; Elementary Educ. Venezia, Robert Arthur: West Palm Beach, Fla; Arnold Air Society; State Reserve Officers Assoc Air Science Award. Vermeire, Paulette Renee: Riviera Beach, Fla; Sigma Kappa, pres; UF Speech Contest, first place; Frosh Council; Fla Blue Key Speaker; WSA; SFEA. Vierday, Wilton William: Tampa, Fla; Electrical Eng. Vilaret, Vilma Rosa: Havana, Cuba: Sigma Tau Sigma; Swim Fins, treas. Vincent, Leonard Matthew: Mount Dora, Fla; Sigma Chi, sec; HC Parade Comm; Gator Growl, 1963. Vogel, Raymond Buford: Jacksonville, Fla; Sigma. Voshardt, Helen Louise: Madeira Beach, Fla; Sigma Alpha Eta. w Wade, William Henry: Atlanta, Ga; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. Wadsworth, James Burton Jr: Tallahassee, Fla; Delta Upsilon; AFROTC, cadet capt. Wagner, Timothy William: St. Petersburg, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Gator Guard. Waldorf, Joseph Carl Jr: St. Petersburg, Fla: Phi Gamma Delta; Alligator staff; EU Public Comm. Wall, William H: St. Augustine, Fla; Sigma Delta Chi; Murphree Area Council, sec. Walters, Linda Lee: Miami, Fla. Walker, Charles Gordon: Miami, Fla. Ward, Faye Sharon: Orlando, Fla; Phi Mu; Rawlings Hall, treas. Warnecke, Gayle Diane: Atlanta, Ga; Sigma Kappa, sec; Swim Fins; SFEA. Warren, George Lewis: Jacksonville, Fla. Waterhouse, Carol Louise: Orlando, Fla; Kappa Delta, corres sec, sgt-at-arms; Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross; WSA. Watkins, Georgiana: Lake Worth, Fla. Wayda, Michael Emery: Sarasota, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Rho; WRUF-FM; WUFT-TV. Wayne, John Bruce: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla; Theta Chi, hist; Delta Sigma Pi; IEEE; Tolbert Area Council, pres; Men ' s President ' s Council Pre-Law Society, treas. Weaver, Walter Frost, III: Jacksonville, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Leg Council. Webb, Leon: Ft. Myers, Fla; Electrical Eng; Tau Beta Pi; " Man of Distinction in Science " . Webster, Charles: West Palm Beach, Fla; Fla Speleological Society; Gator Amateur Radio Club; Fencing Club. Weeks, Jonina: Gainesville, Fla; Zeta Tau Alpha; Dean ' s list. Weir, James D: South Bend, Ind; Sigma Chi; Beta Alpha Psi; Student Publications, sales mgr, assistant business mgr, business mgr. Weisbaum, Carol Dee: Miami, Fla; Delta Phi Epsilon, rush chmn; Undersec of Interior; Sigma Chi Derby; Military Ball finalist. Weiss, Charles Richard: Orlando, Fla; Elec Eng; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Frosh Baseball; BES; Newman Club; Judo Club. Weisman, Leonard M: North Miami Beach, Fla; Alpha Epsilon Pi, torres scribe, exec scribe; scholarship chmn; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Weithorn, Vicki: North Miami Beach, Fla; Delta Phi Epsilon, rush chmn, soc chmn, member-at large; WSA, pres, torres sec; Mortar Board; Orientation; HC Dance, co-chmn; Undersec of Women ' s Affairs; Undersec of Trad; Undersec to Adm Asst; Hall ' of Fame; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Welch, David D: Delray Beach, Fla; Beta Theta Pi. Welling, Jack R: Apopka, Fla; Delta Chi, sgt- at-arms. Welles, Donna E: Hollywood, Fla; Grove Hall, sec; Mallory Hall, v-pres. Wells, Charles T: Gainesville, Fla; Phi Delta Theta; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Fla Blue Key, pres; HC, gen chmn. Wells, Lauranne: Orlando, Fla; Delta Delta Delta. Wells, Richard C: Ft. Myers, Fla. Wentworth, Clifford B: Hollywood, Fla; Society, pres; Adv Officers Club; Psych Club, pres. Westafer, Gary Roger: Clearwater, Fla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASME, sec. Wetkowski, Terry: Elec Eng; IEEE; Ski Club. Whisnant, Isaac E: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; HC Skits; Law Reunion Day. Whitaker, Linda K: Tampa, Fla; Phi Mu, sec. White, Douglas C: Tampa, Fla; Delta Tau Delta. White, Edward T: Pensacola, Fla; AIA. White, James E: Gainesville, Fla. White, Julia Ann: Nashville, Tenn; Al pha Delta Pi; Angel Flight; Student Nurses Assoc. White, Linda: Griffiss AFB, NY; Sigma Kappa, soc chmn; Student Nurses Assoc. White, Linda Louise: West Palm Beach, Fla; Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Nurses Assoc. White, Pell J: Gulfport, Fla; ASME; Soc of Auto Eng, chmn; Dean ' s list. Whited, James Dale: Gainesville, Fla; Gargoyle. Whitt, Michael L: Athens, Ala; Chemical Engr; Frosh Football; Student Athletic Trainer. Widelitz, Sara Pearl: St. George, SC; Delta Phi Epsilon, v-pres; Beta Alpha Psi, sec. Wieland, David Eric: Gainesville, Fla; Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society, pres; Vice-Cmdr ' s Award; James A. Whitmore Award; Billy Mitchell Drill Team, cmdr. Wild, Ernest Loyd: Gainesville, Fla; Accounting; Sports Car Club, treas, sec. Wilder, Mary Ann: Gainesville, Fla; Health Educ; Sigma Kappa, v-pres; Angel Flight; sec; SAHPER. Wilhelm, William St. Petersburg, Fla; Kappa Alpha. Williams, Anderson Roddenbery Jr: Ocala, Fla. Williams, Charles A. Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Nu; Law School Activities: Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Assoc; Law Review. Williams, Daniel J: Keystone Heights, Fla; Men ' s Glee Club; ASAE, pres; BES; Ga Se agle Co-op, v-pres; BEC Council. Williams, Marcia Ann: Gainesville, Fla. Williams, Roberta Ann: North Miami Beach, Fla; Delta Delta Delta, v-pres, pledge trainer; Blue Key Speaker; Gatorette. Willis, Sandra-Lyn: So. Glastonbury, Conn. Wills, Bambi Mary: Miami, Fla; Delta Gamma. Willson, Howard T: Hollywood, Fla, Wilsky, John C: Tampa, Fla; Delta Sigma Phi. Wilson, Diane Lynn: Gainesville, Fla; Zeta Phi Eta, hist; Grantland Rice Scholarship; WRUF FM. Wilson, Lloyd Nesbit Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Indust Eng, Phi Delta Theta; Dean ' s list. Wilson, Martha F: Sarasota, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega, v-pres; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Sigma. Winset, Anna Marie: Hawthorne, Fla. Witcher, Richard Lee: Haines City, Fla. Wolfe, Owen Douglas Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Law School Activities: Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc. Wolking, Alice: Jacksonville, Fla; Alpha Lambda Delta; J Hillis Miller Award. Woodbery, Diana Behm: Gainesville, Fla. we — zw Wooten, Council Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Sigma Chi, pres; Fla Blue Key; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Court Justice; Orientation HC 1963, personnel chmn. Wooten, Patricia Mclatchey: Gainesville, Fla; Kappa Delta, chap; Greek Council; WSA; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Orientation Group Leader. Wrenn, Nancy Ann: Winter Park, Fla ; Alpha Delta Pi. Wyatt, James Adair Jr: Gainesville, Fla; Lambda Chi Alpha. Wyatt, Thomas H: Ormond Beach, Fla. Wyman, Ronald M: Miami Springs, Fla; Phi Epsilon Pi, chap, sec, treas; Phi Sigma Epsilon, tress; Dean ' s list; Soc of Real Est and Urb Land Studies, treas; Murphree Area Council; Hillel; Orientation Group Leader. y Yates, Miriam H: Virginia Beach, Va; Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart. Yates, Nora Dianne: Sumter, SC; South Rawlings, sec; SOTA. Young, Esta Reva: Jacksonville, Fla; Dorm Hall Council, Welcome Week; Univ Choir; Hillel, Spring Bang chmn. Young, Roberta Ann: New Smyrna Beach, Fla; Alpha Omicron Pi. Young, William Thomas: Tampa, Fla; Kappa Alpha. z Zahirvdoin, Shah Alam: Faripur, East Pakistan; Gargoyle, sec. Zamer, Maria Elena: Gainesville, Fla. Zamer, William F: Pompano Beach, Fla; Law School Activities: Student Bar Assoc; Phi Delta Phi; Public Defender Assistant. Zasler, Dorothy Joan: Oakridge, Tenn; SE Broward, treas, soc chmn. Zaslow, Jane: Jacksonville, Fla; Delta Phi Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Eta. Zimmerman, Dale William: Lake Worth, Fla; Alpha Gamma Rho, treas; Phi Theta Kappa; Sigma Tau; Alpha Zeta; ASAE, v-pres; BEC, sec. Zinober, Peter Wolfson: Treasure Island, Fla; Tau Epsilon Phi, pres; All-Campus Water Basketball; Symphonic Band, soloist; Outstanding Musician Award. Zwerner, Marsha Lee: Miami, Fla; Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Council; WSA Council. general index a Administration 196 Air Force ROTC 250 College of Agriculture 20 Agriculture Fair Queen 115 Alpha Chi Omega 274 Alpha Delta Pi 276 Alpha Delta Sigma 244 Alpha Epsilon Phi 278 Alpha Epsilon Pi 280 Alpha Gamma Rho 344 Alpha Kappa Psi 244 Alpha Lambda Delta 355 Alpha Omicron Pi 282 Alpha Tau Omega 284 Angel Flight 251 College of Architecture and Fine Arts .... 24 AROTC 259 College of Arts and Sciences 26 Athletic Council 249 b Baseball 176 Basketball 154 Beta Alpha Psi 245 Beta Theta Pi 286 Board of Regents 193 Board of Student Publications 75 College of Business Administration 30 C Camp Wauberg 73 Campus Police 72 Cheerleaders 252 Chi Omega 288 Chi Phi 290 Debate Society 261 Delta Chi 292 Delta Delta Delta 294 Delta Gamma 296 Delta Phi Epsilon 298 Delta Sigma Phi 300 Delta Tau Delta 302 Delta Upsilon 304 Dollars for Scholars e 190 College of Education 32 Elections 64 College of Engineering 34 F Club 253 Fall Frolics 104 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 245 Florida Blue Key 352 Florida Alligator 76 Florida Players " Red Roses for Me " 100 " She Stoops to Conquer " 106 Florida Rehabilitation Assoc. 254 Florida Union 68 Florida Union Board for Student Act. ... 256 Football: Alabama 138 Auburn 140 Florida State University 144 Freshman 151 Georgia 142 Louisiana State University 148 Miami 146 Mississippi 134 Mississippi State 132 South Carolina 136 Southern Methodist University 130 School of Forestry 22 Gator Band 248 Gator Guard 258 Gator Gras Queen 114 Golf Team 174 Governor Haydon Burns 192 Graduates 204 Hall of Fame 356 College of Health Related Professions 38 Homecoming 90 Homecoming Court 111 Homecoming Queen 112 Hub 68 i I.E.E.E. 254 Infirmary 71 Interfraternity Council 270 Intramurals .181 Jennings Hall 264 School of Journalism and Communications 40 k Kappa Alpha 306 Kappa Alpha Theta 308 Kappa Delta 310 Kappa Epsilon 255 Kappa Sigma 312 a Lambda Chi Alpha 314 College of Law 44 Legislative Council 146 Library 70 Lyceum Council: American Ballet Theatre 108 Chad Mitchell Trio 89 Fine Arts String Quartet 99 " La Boheme " 102 Helena Siedjieniewska 97 George Smith 99 College of Medicine 46 Men ' s Glee Club 103 Military Queen 114 Miss Camp Wauburg 110 Miss Seminole 116 Miss Seminole Court 117 Miss University of Florida 113 Mortar Board 354 Mrs. University of Florida 113 Orientation 86 Panhellenic Council 269 College of Pharmacy 52 Phi Delta Theta 316 Phi Epsilon Pi 318 Phi Eta Sigma 355 Phi Gamma Delta 320 Phi Kappa Psi 319 Phi Kappa Tau 322 Phi Mu 324 College of Physical Education and Health 54 Pi Kappa Alpha 326 Pi Kappa Phi 328 Pi Lambda Phi 330 Pre-Law Socety 255 President J. Wayne Reitz 194 Rawlings Hall 265 Registration 86 Rush 88 S Scholarship Convocation 87 Seminole 78 Senior Directory 372 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 332 Sigma Chi 334 Sigma Chi Derby Queen 114 Sigma Kappa 336 Sigma Nu 338 Sigma Phi Epsilon 340 Sigma Tau 268 Student Florida Education Assoc. 268 Student Government 58 Student Publications Business Office 75 Summer 84 Swimming 164 t Tau Epsilon Phi 342 Tau Kappa Epsilon 345 Tennis Theta Chi Track 171 University Choir 263 University Country Club 73 University Food Service 69 University Orchestra 262 University Religious Assoc. Christmas on Campus 109 Religion-in-Life Week 118 Vice-President H.. M. Philpott 196 w Women ' s Glee Club 103 World University Service 191 WRUF-WUFT-TV 74 y Yulee Area 266 New Orange Peel 81 College of Nursing 50 Zeta Tau Alpha 348 382 our growth was by his presidency our victory was in his living Dr. John Tigert, 1882-1965 Winston Spencer Churchill, 1874-1965 hats off to delta phi epsilon Campus publications exist for the enlightenment of UF students. This is only possible if students are aware of these publications. The job of creating this awareness rests in large part on the work done by the thirteen sororities on campus. Each year, they spend hundreds of hours selling Seminoles, New Orange Peels and working in the Student Publications Business Office. As a token of appreciation Student Publications presents a trophy to the sorority that has contributed the most amount of time, accumulated the most sales and is most dependable. The trophy this year goes to Delta Phi Epsilon, a sorority which did an outstanding job in this arca. Whenever there are Seminoles to be sold, the DPhiE ' s are always there; whenever New Orange Peels are ready to be distributed, the DPhiE ' s are willing to sell them. If there is work to be done in the Student Publications Business Office, the girls of Delta Phi Epsilon are there ready to lend a hand. Student can always rely on this active sorority to get the job done and to do it well. It is with a special " thank you " that the Seminole salutes Delta Phi Epsilon with this last page in our book. Above, lovely DPhiE ' s prove that their members are more than hard workers. Top right, Eunice Tall accepts a plaque recognizing the efforts of her sorority. Bottom right, Deephers show that neither rain nor sleet nor extraneous males prevented the sale of Seminoles.

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