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EDITOR: Bob Kent MANAGING EDITOR: Barbara Geyer COPY EDITOR: Bill Dowling BUSINESS MANAGER Judi Andersen 16 CAMPUS LIFE 90 ATHLETICS 142 - ACTIVITIES 174 GREEKS fc- UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION 256 COLLEGES SENIORS 266 INDEX . 353 EPILOGUE . 368 OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE FLORIDA DEDICATION Dean Joseph Weil College of Engineering A dedicated leader in engineering and education Forty years ago Joseph Weil came to Florida as an instructor, fresh out of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in electrical engineering. Dean Weil stayed at Florida and is honored this year as the Florida Chamber of Commerce ' s " Man of the Year " and as the man most worthy of the 1962 Seminole ' s dedication. Joseph Weil has devoted his entire career to the University in his endless efforts to create a science, nucleonics, and technical center in the state. His efforts in creating a Nuclear Engineering cirriculum, the Nuclear Physics building, and obtaining an atomic reactor for Florida have made this center a reality. The College of Engineering, under Dean Weil ' s direction since 1937, has benefitted greatly, as has the state and nation. To Dean Joseph Weil, we offer sincere ' st appreciation for a job well done. . . f - n llv THE FLORIDA CAMPUS college scene . . . a constant force in our challenging years. Many times we overlook in our haste much of the sometimes dynamic, sometimes quiescent beauty of our campus. The 1962. Seminole offers you re- flections of what you have bypassed . . . or have been a part of. " ,! Part of Florida ' s spirit comes from everyday happenings such as water -spray ing sprin- klers. A DYNAMIC CAMPUS Faces, you see them everywhere, and never get to knoiv them all. Dynamics on the Florida campus comes from crowds but also from buildings. Symbolizing Florida ' s growth in science and technology is the Nuclear Physics buildings, one of the campus ' s newest. Playing an instrumental part in Florida ' s leadership on the new frontier, the campus reflects a moving quest for knowledge as never before With progress in technology must come room for progress in man ' s search for Law and the right way. The Florida garb and UF smile create a relaxed atmosphere amidst a city of learning. Solitude is rare at Florida, tjct the beauty of a great, new building such as Jcnningn Donn makes it easier to find. Informality reigns at Matherlij Hall as it docs over mucJi of the campus, where a Florida atmosphere prevails. AN INFORMAL CAMPUS The Park Inn offers informality to all, especially campus politicos. A rare sight indeed, but nevertheless symbolic of a campus that follows no order, fits no pattern. Rain soaked, now dry in the safety of a building, this student feels the vastness of a large state institution. 11 The University Health Center is respected about the nation after only a few short years in existence. With progress like this, Florida can be proud of its great state University. A RESPECTED CAMPUS Command of respect requires use of temperance, and temperance at Florida comes mainly from minds working unthin Tigert Hall. A closer view of the alumni ' s Century Tower shows the dignity and stature that was achieved in its creation. The majestic monuments of developing tradition and surging progress enhance the training ground of Florida ' s future leaders. 13 AN EXTENDED CAMPUS Campus extensions, offering benefits outside the basic university program, promote facilities for both work and relaxation. Professors teach away from campus and on campus. A familiar spot indeed, where friends meet to relax. The Agricultural Experiment Station, only five miles from Campus, extends opportunity out to users from all over. 14 The old here, the new below a contrast of periods of time when the Museum was small and growing. With the present when it is large and still growing, yet offering to all a vast array of Florida relics. Camp Wauberg, only a few miles away, offers to Florida students a chance for relaxation and peaceful study. UNIVERSITY LIFE 18 ACADEMIC LIFE 32 CAMPUS CULTURE 38 RELIGIOUS LIFE 48 SOCIAL LIFE 54 ROYALTY 68 HONORARIES 81 CAMPUS LIFE UNIVERSITY LIFE If in the years to come this book serves to call to the minds of those who go out... Campus life is an ever changing mood neither a segment of time nor a concrete principal. A mood created by an interweaving of scenes and events, victories and defeats, hopes and fears, as well as duties and pleasures. In a single day or in four years, in a scheduled cor- ner of the library or at a crowded party, scru- tinizing each line of a text book, or taking notes during a valuable lecture campus life can be found in various forms. Within the mood of people and places, time dissolves into an accumulation of memories, memories recall- ing the depth of campus life. Traditions of service, loyalty, and honor are brought to mind by the U. of F. emblem. The Gold Coast functioned as a student haven this year as in the past. For years a watcher over students studying, browsing, drowsing, and day-dreaming. For the scientific-minded, an endless array of equipment and knowledge are required. Companionship, needed and cherished at Florida, adds a friendly note to daily routine. ., FSL " c ' it ' c m o victory tliis year and won a trophy for its efforts. the scene ? and events . . . Each busy moment witnesses an unforgettable scene. Seemingly trivial daily events may call to mind some of the most wonderful aspects of college days. The keen rivalry between the University of Florida and Florida State was brought to an apex this year when some F.S.U. students at- tempted to tear the goal post down on Florida Field after the exciting football game which ended in a tie. Studying, enjoying student publications, dat- ing, and relaxing comprise only a limited por- tion of the scenes and events captured by a photographer. Intangible feelings, thoughts, and dreams are vitally important. New signs for old, familiar buildings were erected to help 13,000 students find classrooms and lecture halls. Anderson Hall, scene of countless classes and student scenes, offers some a place of meditation. Expansion had to come lo Honda, and a new Law W tig was the first and mosl beautiful tliis i car. J Before a Homecoming Queen is selected, she must travel all over Florida telling of a great state university. On some days water gets you either way, this time it ' s not the sprinklers but real rain. A new student publication came this year SCOPE the student literary magazine. An event for upperclassmen that is both interesting and rewarding leading freshmen in their orientation at Florida. This year saw the final Phi Delt-Sigma Nu football game for charity, reflecting a tightening policy on student activities. 21 Spring sports are always good at Florida, and athletes like Jim Shafer have helped make them better. Spirit has been at a new high with Graves and Sloan in charge. Florida Field sits as a ened for four fun-filled Sat- Small in stature but a giant on the football field, Larry Liber- tore rests between practice sessions. the victories and defeats . . Campus life is filled with both victories and defeats. It is because success overshadows failure that the end result is so gratifying. A victory can be more appreciated because of previous defeats. The football games which were lost are not remembered as vividly as the glorious victories. The football player, always striving to do his best not to let the school or his coach down, is appreciated, win or lose. The collection of treasured trophies, tokens of successful sport- ing events, are perhaps not all first places, but a second or third place is an indication of the conquering spirit which prevails. Achieving the coveted membership into an honorary organization is symbolic of the drive to win and obtain higher goals. Academic as well as athletic victories furnish experiences memorable throughout one ' s lifetime. sleeping giant but awak- urday afternoons this year. Notice to all that a candidate is running but all can ' t win. A good hustling sorority, like this one, must have a full, clean trophy case. Most sorority girls will do almost any- thing to win when they represent their sorority in the SX derby. Winning at competition is many things to many people, and bridge is but one form of competition. Florida kicks-for-extra-points came too few this year in a disappointing football season. Cheerleaders keep your hopes up ei:cn when it looks hopeless. With the Century Tower backing it up, the Hub is a and fears and the future. the hopes and fears . . . Perhaps college days may best be described as times of hopes and fears. The future is con- stantly being thought of; and, as in any case, it is uncertain. Each incident of campus life is the object of some emotional feeling. Typical classes must at one time or another evoke concern over an examination. Each sports event is regarded as a hope for victory. Married students are indicative of the concern for the future. They are starting their lives together, constantly seeking better and better things for themselves and their children to come. The buildings on campus are themselves sym- bols of the omnipotent feeling of hope in pref- erence to fear. Although the feeling of fear pervades a student ' s outlook on thoughts of the future, he is more likely to hope for the greater achievements which are possible because of the valuable; moments spent at the university. 24 scene of many conversations of hopes Married students like these find discussion of hopes, fears, the future, easier and more realistic. In hopes of passing a test, this student retreats to the solitude of the Library stacks. Companionship comes even in a Alone and thinking all must do it, but busy Chemistry 217 lab. how trying it can be! 25 Their winning house decorations helped the Phi Tinifi 1t a Home- coining Sweepstakes trophy. Pleasures eomc in many forms; here, in the simpliest of everyday activity one finds pleasure. the duties and pleasures . . . Making fun of Florida and national politics, the ]MBA skits at Homecoming are always well-attended, and received. Homecoming Queen ])elores Loll, is congratulated by Gator Growl emcee Dick Strallon. Theoretically a life o f only pleasure might be the best one possible, but realistically fun would not be appreciated if it were free from any responsibility or duty. However, social life in itself entails duties. Although scholastic interests are of prime sig- nificance while at the university, the student ' s social life is of immeasurable importance. Not only does one learn the mechanisms of living together successfully with peers and elders, but o J the pure enjoyment of dating, going to parties and special social functions, and participating in social fraternities and sororities are signifi- cant aspects of campus life. Christmas means many things to Florida students for some a chance to get home and for others only a catcli-tip lime on studies. In sorority competition, the Kappa Deltas brought the House Decorations trophy home. The Library offers more than a place where knowledge can be gained, or books read. At Easter some students go home, others to Ft. Lauderdale where par- tying is the order of the weekend. A well-organized card section entertains alumni and expresses student sentiments during football games. In native costume, a Pan-Ameri- can couple have fun. What would Gator-Growl at Homecoming be without fireworks? that may become inseparably inter- woven into our student life . . . The daily accumulation of thoughts and im- pressions create college memories. Numerous little things spark the world of recollection: that certain professor, coffee dates, a jeweled pin, the fight song, unfamiliar faces, extra- curricular activity, studying late, or a smiling face. And, in the library, the classroom, the room in the dormitory all these things, found in a setting of orange trees and palm, form the student ' s life from sunrise to the chime of mid- night. Student life begins in the dorm, here framed by a Gothic areh typical of the Florida architecture. A casual Florida life is evident in dirty slioes. The pining serenade is significant in the life of any Florida co-ed. 2-S You have a life here, but home cannot be and is not forgotten. Dealing with people in administration is a regular chore so that mistakes are not made, duties are not overlooked. Tigert Hall, scene of student and faculty dealings, is a building where rules are made for students to follow. A campus visitor this year was the King of the U. of F. but he ' ll be the King of Georgia or FS U as soon as he gets his sign changed. and if, to quote IMontaign, it may be sai of other people ' s flowers, baring prorich them together... " it ivill bare served Without tradition, a university would be miss- ing the cultural ties which bind each moment into a general feeling of devotion and fond- ness for college days, for it is through this mode that significance is realized. Tlic Florida Band is a collection of individual talent, bound together to make student life brighter and happier. Fraternity rush, now revised for freshmen accommo- dation, provides fraternities with manpower 1o con- tinue their operation. For many years, through abuse and weathering, this statue, of a great educator has watched out over the campus. With an expanding campus, bicycles are parked less, used more than ever before. You have only here made this collection othing of your own, but a cord to bind Seminok Through the years, tradition has been heralded as a binding force between those who have graduated and those just coming. Daily events mold the individual, but the tradition of the school enriches the persons ' s life. The color and beauty of the Fighting Gator band is missed all too often by the onlooker as the band appears at student gatherings. Standing, looking, talking all a part of the day at Florida where there are so many places to stand, to look, and so many to talk to. A sunny, spring day gives the Florida campus a majestic look. A panoramic view of the University Auditorium offers a different perspective to the eye of those who have been there. Nf. nnn a - .. ill 1 ttn ACADEMIC LIFE Each semester brought distinguished academic leaders to Florida for the Scholarship Convocation. Scholarship and studies in Florida limelight The University of Florida is distinguished by its high academic standing. The many phases of university life prepare students to meet the future and to contribute to society. All types of individuals and numerous interest groups combine to make up the academic-minded campus. Although there is a great difference between the freshman and the graduate stu- dent, both have in common the fact that they have come to further their education. In an effort to keep the student body aware of the academic activities of the university, the Scholarship Convocation is held each semester. Grades are emphasized, and groups and organ- izations which merit scholastic achievements are recognized. Periodically several of the seventeen colleges in the university hold fairs. Related subjects are displayed for the stimulation of interest in the particular fields. University learning induces some to go on to greater things; achieving fame, prestige, and, most of all, receiving self-satisfaction. All over campus, colleges try to influence students to enter through displays such as these. In the solitude of a physics lab, hands and brains join to create scientific wonders. 33 Typical of the Florida studying habit is this Whether in the Library, in the dorm, or as here, on the lawn, the relaxed, casually clad freshman. Echoes of shuffling feet in an empty hallway linger as reminders of the activity of the usual busy week. Many professors excel out of classroom The years spent at college are the most enjoy- able and profitable of youthful times. Studying comprises essentially the basic element of the learning process. Never again will a student have the opportunity to spend so much time satisfying his quest for knowledge under super- vised instruction as he will while at the Uni- versity. Exemplary of the different and interesting approach to teaching taken by many Florida professors is Dr. Baxter ' s Continental classroom. serious student finds time to study. This student shows his prize-winning entry in the College of Engineering ' s annual " Engineer ' s Fair. " The University Library, opens at irregular hours every day each week except holidays, offers to Florida students one of the finest ref- erence and reading opportunities in the South. 35 ( ' .allege Boicl contestants from University of l- ' Iorida were defeated in a rally witli debaters from Joints Hopkins University. Proctors, teals, clcctrographic pencils, and Xo Smokes- Cokes all formed a familiar setting for dreaded progress tests. o matter what the time or place, .studies were predominantly pressing. Careful hands made chemistry at Vlorida a much easier subject. A quick briefing from Dr. Reitz was in .store for the guest speaker of com- mencement exercises. 36 As a comparatively small crowd watches, the line of 1,000 or more graduates file into their places to receive degrees. After four years, all is over. The ultimate goal of every college student is the coveted diploma received at graduation. It is a symbol of many hours of studying, lis- tening, pondering and questioning. Those graduating will be the students, the thinkers, the creators of their generation. Born into a world they did not make, they will attempt to perpetuate the existing good, and create new and better ways to replace the evils of present day society. Graduation is both an end and a beginning; also a sad yet joyous occasion. A closer view of graduates shows serious expressions of wondering about the future. 37 I c+vncl MOV 8 Hondo flym CAAAWJS CULTURE FLORIDA PLAYERS Florida Players Bottom Row, from left: Sally Anne Harrington, Rose Levine, Barbara Archer, Susan Beath, Loretta Fried- man, Larry Gordon, Taylor Brooks. Top Row: Marge Thomas, Willie Reader, Elmer Haredison, and Joanna Helming. After 31 years of devoted work, the Florida Players continued to maintain their objective of fostering interest in and appreciation of the theater and drama at Florida. The students devoted ' long, strenuous hours to the selection of plays which are based on a four-year cycle. In this way all periods of drama and types of staging are represented. Then came rehearsals, props, costuming, and finally, after many changes and addition, the complete production for presentation. The Florida Players are not only interested in producing plays. Other varied activities include State Wide High School Play Festivals, a tour- ing company, a laboratory theater program, and other events. John Synge, a noted English playwright, pre- sented the Florida Players with a successful production in March, Playboy of the Western World. This was a story of youth growing up and the conflict caused when parents tried to accept this fact. Marge Thomas, Historian; Susan Beath, Vice-President; and Rose Levine, President, were this year ' s officers. Ralph Dowling fits the part in " Playboy of the Western World. " FLORIDA PLAYERS ners gcivc .umrican premeire oj Emotion teas portrayed powerfully by Rose Lccine in a scene from " Pantagleize. " Joanna Hclmin and Walt Grainger had the leads in the Players production of " The Rainmaker. " Caron Banislie gives ' Michael Doyle a hard time in " Pantagleize. " In May of 1960, the Florida Players produced Pantagleize a play which had never before been produced in an American Theatre. The theme, a social commentary on the farce of revolutions, was portrayed by M. Doyle as Pantagleize and Tony Pearl as Pambolce. Richard Nash, an American playwright, pro- vided the Florida Players with material for their summer production Tlie Rainmaker. It was a play dealing with the gullability of man. Tony St. John as the Rainmaker played the part of an ordinary man who came to town claiming that he could produce rain. However, the people of the town were ready to believe anything that would help relieve their prob- lems. 40 Biff and Hap argue about the past in " Death of a Salesman. " Italian comedy was brought to life by Keith Kennedy as the Harlequin. Harlequin most colorful production of year The Florida Players presented the play The Loves of Harlequin, an Italian comedy in Nor- man Hall Auditorium in December. Directed by Ron Jerit, this production was an attempt to capture the spirit of the " commedia dell ' arte " type of performance. The basis for this play was a reconstruction by Leon Katz of a scenario, The Three Cuckholds. The main subject matter was based around human foibles and love intrigue. The Harlequins in production were led by Keith Kennedy. Lyceum Council Officers Fred Lunc, Business Manager; Tish Bates, Publicity Chairman; Nancy King, Office Manager; Vicki Smitli, President; Carolyn Ktipncr, Vice-President. LYCEUM COUNCIL From Shakespeare to Shelley Berman; from Symphony Orchestra to Brubeck This year the Lyceum Council presented the Petit Ballet, Dave Brubeck, Nell Rankin, Shel- ley Berman, Lucktenberg Duo, The Brothers Four, Piet Kee, Rise Stevens and others. Lyceum Council is the campus organization which sponsors cultural entertainment at the University of Florida. Throughout the school year activities ranging from Shakespearean plays and Symphony Orchestra concerts to comedy and folk singer acts are offered at no cost to university students. Ja fiends and opera lovers alike are satisfied by these inter- esting and educational presentations. Dave Bruback and Iris group played to a Sunday night audience along with a jazz-theology oriented minister. Slicllij Berman came to Florida, relaxed for llii.s photo, anil Ilien played he or ' a huge crowd in Florida gym. 42 The Brothers ' Four drew one of the largest week-night crowds ever at Florida. Members of the Petite Ballet showed their graceful skill in a fall production. Another Lyceum Council presentation was the Lucktenberg Duo. Nell Rankin hit a high note in Lyceum Council enter- tainment. SPEAKERS AND CONCERTS busy campus offers more attractions As if there weren ' t enough attractions and detractions for Florida students, speakers and concerts are a regular part of the student life. Among the speakers was Ogden Nash, who read some down-to-earth poetry to an audience of students at the Student Leaders Banquet. Billy Graham came to Florida Field one Sun- day afternoon last fall challenging students to rebel against conformity by accepting Chris- tianity in their college lives. ex- Fall semester found Herbert Philbrick, United States intelligence spy, ta lking to an interested crowd about the Communist threat. Ogden Nash and friend enjoy a University banquet. Herb Philbrick talks about his " Three Lives. " Billy Graham spoke to students at Florida Field. Singled out in the crowd. - Wednesday night finds a large group of interested students rehearsing for Choral Union Productions MUSIC the sound of music rings throughout the campus Whether from C-5 lecture or Tuesday night faculty or student concerts, the sound of music rings through the University. Our own col- lege groups lend musical flavor to the campus during the year. The University Glee Club travels throughout the state revealing its tal- ent through well received programs. On Wed- nesday evenings, students may gather in the Plaza of the Americas to enjoy the twilight concerts of the University Band. Before Christ- mas vacation the annual Christmas Carols presentation takes place. Verdi ' s Requiem is the production of the many voices of the Stu- dent Choral Union. Various pianists, glee clubs, and bands appear often to fill the air of every season at Florida. University of Florida Student Band performs in University auditorium. MUSICAL EVENTS Various programs offer students many musical opportunities. Each ear, under the direction of the Lyceum Council, the Music Department offers many opportunities for advancement in the music field. This year various enjoyable musical pro- grams were presented by this department. The Summer Choral Union, directed by Dr. Delbert Sterrett, presented Rodgers and Hani- merstein ' s production of " Carousel. " A cast of more than 100 the largest ever in summer production performed for three audiences in P. K. Yonge Auditorium. Exemplary of the Holiday Season, the depart- ment gave their annual presentation of Han- del ' s Messiah. The Choral Union, University Choir, and the University Symphony Orchestra participated in this production. Dr. Elwood Keister conducted the entire presentation. TJte Men ' s Glee Club participated in the Christmas production of Handel ' s Messiah. The cast from Carousel finish last minute details before their memorable shoic during the summer. 46 ART EXHIBITIONS From print sales to art galleries Art exhibitions are presented both in the Flor- ida Union and in Gallery X throughout the year. On display are watercolors, pen and ink scenes, photography, oils, and a variety of other techniques. Art provides enjoyment to many students who appreciate the aesthetic segment of life. On display in Gallery X was a Faculty Group Exhibition, the work of Peter Bodnar, works of Hiram Williams and Hollis Holbrook and works of Jerry Uelsmann and Phillip Ward. Another exhibition was also presented by Advertising Design students at the University. A Student Art Show was sponsored by the University of Florida Fine Arts Committee at Bryan Lounge in the Florida Union. This unusual print finds an equally unusual frame. A perhaps would-be artist admires a pretty print. There are quite a few pictures to choose from, and quite a few choosers. Original art a product of campus talents is shown in Gallery X. The eagerly anticipated completion of the Luthern Student Center was a source of pleasure to all its members. RELIGIOUS CENTERS Stimulating an interest in religion Stimulating an interest in religion, meeting the spiritual needs of the student and making adjustment to college life easier are the pur- poses of the University ' s religious centers. The door to campus religious life is opened to the freshman during orientation and the Relig- ious Convocation in the Florida Gymnasium. Activities of the centers include recreation, sandwich seminars, dances, open house, lec- tures, films and special speakers. The modern architecture of the Wesley Foundation is conservative yet symbolic. A uniquely designed exterior is a distinguishing characteristic of the First Christian Church. The atmosphere inside the Wesley Foundation is one of quiet solitude. at . m wm tit $as i sz?v t Religious centers meet spiritual needs college life easier Baptist activities included hosting missionaries from Alaska and Jamaica. During Catholic Youth Week, the Catholic stu- dents used Youth-Trinity-Truth as their theme. For Hillel Foundation members Friday eve- ning services and recreation occupy their time. At the Wesley Foundation, Dr. Wesley Tilley of the humanities department led a forum en- titled " The Church as a Voice. " Methodists also made a study of contemporary religious literature. Many Episcopalians spent Monday nights attending Confirmation classes. Traditional stained-glass windows of the Catholic Student Center serve as reminders of medieval architecture. Ritualistic significance lends itself to the interior set- ting of the Canterbury Chapel. One of the most important symbols in the Jewish faith, the Torah contains the whole religious literature of Judaism. 50 of students and make adjustment to Presbyterians gathered at Camp Montgomery for their fall retreat. After completing their new church during the summer, the Lutherans were eager to hold their first service in July. The church groups presented an array of speakers, discussion leaders and fellowship. Each center aimed at bringing religion into their relationships with fellow students. Christmas-on-Campus brought special pro- grams to the centers. Bright decorations and an air of merriment added to the Christmas spirit. The climax of religious activity was Religion- in-Life Week, sponsored by the U.R.A. Soaring upward, the high vaulted ceiling of the Lu- thern Student Center forms a panoply against the skij. A prayer book in a dark, quiet church exemplifies the spiritual atmosphere of all the religious centers. One of the busiest religious centers on campus, the Baptist Student Center is a hub of activity for its members. Impressive surroundings create a reverent atmosphere for all who wish to worship in the Catholic Student Center. 51 The Convocation-a culmination of the U .R. A, sponsored Religion-in-Life Week, February 18 through 23. RELIGION-IN-LIFE WEEK A week-long program of theological discussion and presentations The Religion-in-Life Week Committee face many problems when trtjing to plan and organize the week- long activities. Nobel Prize winner Arthur H. Compton spoke on " Science and Religion in Shaping Man ' s Future " at the Convocation. 52 Group discussions are held and films are shown about religion subjects during Religion-in-Life Week. " Lot ' s Wife, " by Didier Graffe ' of the humanities department, was presented at the Wesley Foundation during Religion-in-Life Week. UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Stimulates interest in religion through forums and programs Members of the U. R. A. Seated, from left: Jackie Wilder, Betsy Garrison, Mary Lewis, president Shell Clyatt, Anne Koontz, Pete Zinober, Dr. Austin Creel. Standing, from left: Terry Hadley, Rill Stanford, Judy Beatty, Bill Sparrowhawk, Miss Mariam Thurnam, E. G. Grouse. The U. R. A. is composed of representatives from each of the campus religious organiza- tions. It produced Religion-in-Life week held during the second semester. 1 f Colonel (Dean) Mautz presents Queen Bonnie Butler. MILITARY BALL no uniforms required this year Billy May Orchestra provides a dreamy atmosphere. With a swinging band, the couples could have danced all night. Gator Gras Week opens with the ROTC-spon- sored Military Ball. Providing the campus with entertainment for this activity was the Billy May Orchestra. During the evening, a queen is selected to reign over the Spring weekend. She is chosen by the men participating in the Army and Air Force program. A panel of offi- cers narrows down the contestants to three by means of teas and interviews. After this is done, the selection is left entirely up to the ROTC members to elect their queen, either from actual meetings or from photo- graphs. To further the attraction of the dance, the men were not required to wear their uni- forms, this year, thus breaking one of the old traditions. 55 GATOR GRAS full iveek of fun-filled activities Gator Gras, previously one of the less-popular events on campus, this year presented quite an interesting and varied program. The week swept by, leaving in its wake two sets of beauty queens, a new slate of Alumni officers, the agricultural Fair, and the Students Leaders Banquet. Towards the end of the week, the campus was exposed to the " portable Nash ' .. Author, lecturer, and king of the contemporary limerick, Ogden Nash performed for UF stu- dents from University Auditorium and then attended a reception in his honor in the Flor- ida Union Bryan Lounge. The week was cli- maxed on Saturday night with the Gator Gras Carnaval and Student Talent show, which had as its prize, a trip to Nassau. Canoeing contest spells over and out for unlucky team. Sigma Nit ' s basketball shoot, one of the many booths on the midway. An (Hjiiaiic comedian Jielps liven up the play. Pledges play the role dressed in feminine finery. Sideline skirmishes add to the fun. Snuffing a candle can be messy when shaving cream ' s the snuffer. Turn about ' s fair play when Sigma Chi pledges are decked out as girls. SI GMA CHI DERBY Springtime social event for sororities Hunting for buttons, climbing over obstacles, and dodging flying shaving cream give Sigma Chi Derby contestants a rough time. All so- rorities participate in this Springtime event. Even the queen contestants have to dress their favorite man in women ' s clothing. The queen is crowner at the Sigma Chi ' s party on Derby night. Whichever sorority accumulates the most points, wins the trophy. Supervisors, contestants, and spectators all join in the fun. Sigma Chfs worked long and hard to make event a success. , - 4 T | A balmy summer night formed an ideal setting for the rock and roll music of Jimmy Clanton and his band. Foot fatigue . . . souvenir of an evening of fun. FROLICS . . . SPRI NG . . . SUMMER variety of performers brings welcomed change-of-pace to campus Swinging folk music of the lively Limelighters set the pace for an evening of entertainment. Pete Fountain and his Dixieland clarinet formed the climax of a star-studded Spring Frolics. And then there was Jimmy Reed. Shuffling feet, pulsating rhythm, filled the night as Joe Jones ' s band provided the beat. AND FALL ... For Spring Frolics, the IFC brought three musical attractions to perform for the seated audience. Jimmy Reed, rock and roll per- former, presented a very poor show, disap- pointing many of the students. However, this was made up for by the talented " Limelighters " and Dixieland clarinetist Pete Fountain. Fall Frolics was the largest of the Frolics. The November show introduced to the campus: " The Highwaymen, " comedian Woody Wood- berry, and the band of Joe Jones, formerly that of Ernie K-doe. The informal amusement was M.C. ' d by disc jockey Dutch Schaffer. MHBB HHHBHBHHB ftMMHBHi Funny stories and corny tunes had everyone guffawing at the antics of Woody Woodberry. " Michael Row the Boat Ashore " brought thundering applause for the informal " Highwaymen. " X ' - , fc - _-- ll- Kappa Delta Susan McDonald was crowned sweetheart culmi- nating Sigma Phi F.psilon weekend. Southern gentlemen begin their Plantation Ball weekend bij delivering invitations. Tliis formal dance was enjoyed by SEAe ' s on their weekend. On the weekend before Christmas, carolers spread their Christmas cheer. WEEKENDS Springtime celebrations for Greeks Sorority and fraternity weekends compose the many activities in the Springtime. Competition reigned galore when the Sigma Nus and Phi Delts clashed for their charity football game. Partying groups often join together for triad parties on special week- ends . . . Donning their Southern uniforms in the Spring for one of the largest fraternity weekends on campus are the KA ' s for their return to the Old South and their Plantation Ball. DG ' s choose their favorite Anchorman during Anchor Weekend and ATO ' s have their Valentine Ball. For Friday of their weekend, the Sigma Nil ' s had their annual l ant uet and fun-filled dance. HOMECOMING 1961 " The New Frontier " was theme Gator-bedecked floats and houses, multicolored fireworks, visiting dignitaries, and clashing football teams characterized Florida ' s 1961 Homecoming festivities. Popularized on cam- pus was the University ' s theme, " Gators Appear On the New Frontier, " and appear they did! Gators flying in rocket ships; walking on hot, tin roofs; and galloping over the " Old West " composed many of the decorations. Hours of toil on house decorations carried through the theme of the new frontier. University of Florida Homecoming was honored by the presence of visiting dignitary Lyndon B. Johnson. 61 Actual beginning of the weekend was Friday noon with the big parade. Bands from all over the state, cars filled with a Senator or the Gov- ernor, campus queens, and floats of gaily- colored dimensions lined University Avenue. Delta Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, and Kappa Alpha Theta won the float division of the Greek competition with their individualistic themes and beauty. The " Most Beautiful Float " award went to Delta Sigma Phi. The Blue Key Smoker, guided tours, and Swim- capades rounded out the afternoon. Introduc- tion of Lyndon B. Johnson to the visiting alumni was done by Senator George Smathers. Former Governor Fuller Warren, acting as toastmaster for the Florida Blue Key Banquet kept guests entertained. In his speech before 1,200 Florida Blue Key members, Vice Presi- dent Johnson stressed his warning of partisan- ship by the American people; Governor Bryant expressed his desire and fulfillment of new state universities and increased education for Florida. Beauty and domestic talent was highlighted in the Mrs. University of Florida Court. homecoming parade, blue key banquet Phi Delts visited the age of the cavemen and journeyed to jar-off Russia in their prize-winning skit. Phi Tau ingenuity won them a first place for their portrayal of mechan- ized man. 62 Lovely Delores Loll (center) and court reigifover Homecoming ' 61. gator growl . . . largest ever The Kingstein Trio, portrayed by AEPhi ' s, sang of the madcap way of living in Broward Hall " What if Gainesville went wet " ? echoed the far-flung cry of the Fiji skit. Gator Growl, the largest all student show in the world, began the Friday night festivities. Pre-Growl, introduction of guests, and the pres- entation of Dolores Loll, ' 61 Homecoming queen and her attendants were all emceed by Jacksonville television entertainer Dick Strat- ton. Fraternity and sorority skits by Alpha Epsilon Phi, Kappa Delta, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, and Phi Kappa Tau encouraged spectators to remember the horror of a machine controlled world, crucial world affairs guided by Castro and Khruschev, and the not-so-world encompassing affairs of the Kingston Trio and Broward Hall!! Phi Kappa Tau skit won first place, while Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Epsi- lon Phi were second and third place winners. Multi-colored fireworks of varied sizes and design filled the sky, ending Gator Growl, 1961. 89 Chicken wire and lumber from nineteenth century houses take a part in the new frontier. HOMECOMING... decorations and floats Activities on Saturday morning got off to a busy start. Breakfasts by legal fraternities pre- pared alumni for the tiring, but fun-packed, memorable day. In the Plaza of the Americas, Senator Fred Dickenson was featured speaker at the Alumni Reunion. Registration was held by the colleges, with a $100 prize going to the c ollege with the greatest percentage of return- Ing alumni. A soccer game between Florida and Rollins, the John Marshall Bar Association skits, and various luncheons put everyone in the mood for the highlight of the weekend the UF vs. LSU game on Floriday Field. The Bengal Ti- gers and the Fighting Gators clashed on the field for the more than 40,000 spectators. LSU dominated the play and took home a 23-0 victory. Shapeless masses blossom overnight into themes such as the Delta Sigma Phi float. 64 football and festivities In revenge over our upset last year, Tiger coach Paul Deitzel left many sad graves on his way to the West Point draft. L.S.U. Tigers gave the Tri Delts the idea for a play on a Sigma Nu float may have been for the birds, but it won nationally advertised product. third place. 65 and winners and -parties ended it all To liven up the tans, the house and dormitory decorations were announced at halt-time. The Phi Mn ' s space-gator, Phi Tail ' s ancient Santa Maria, and the Pi Kap ' s blood-spattered guillo- tine eopped the Greek trophies. Winning the pri es for the residence halls were women ' s Keid " Frontiers of the Deep and men ' s Tol- bert " Superman Gator. ' The most original house decoration was won by Phi Kappa Tan also. Sweepstake awards went to the KD ' s and Phi Tail ' s for their over-all participation, skill, and originality. Nighttime brought frat parties, rock and roll bands, and the Homecoming Ball in the Stu- dent Center. An extended curfew for the women kept parties and attendants going much of the night. Alumni attended Open Houses or took time out to rest. . . . Homecoming, 1961, came to an end. Bob Perry, Homecoming Chairman, Florida Blue Key members, and guests finally had a chance to relax after seeing O J O " The Gators Appear on the New Frontier. " Dclt float typified submarine warfare on the new frontier. Puns on politicians in the John Marshall Bar Associa- tion skits drew laughter from punned and spectators- alike. Soccer victory over Jacksonville University added to homecoming .spirit. Gfi Mortar Board Christmas carols round out an inspiring Christmas program. Sight of the lighted tree brought thoughts of Christinas at home with family and friends. Sigma Nu ' s, their dates and their housemother exemplify the gaiety and laughter of Christmas parties around campus. CHRISTMAS ON CAMPUS Reviving a longing for Home Christmas trees, caroling, parties, and messages were seen and heard on the campus during the Christmas season. The University Choir and the Choral Union presented their version of Han- del ' s Messiah. Mortar Board, sororities, and fraternities went caroling around campus. A Yuletide message by President Reitz drew stu- dents and faculty to the University Auditorium, and Dean Hale delivered his version of A Christmas Carol there. Trianon with Mrs. Reitz lighted the Christmas tree in the Plaza. The traditional reading of A Christmas Carol by Dean Hale was the highlight of the program. Dean Hole ' s moving presentation brought the spirit of Christmas to everyone who attended. 67 f Delores Loll, center Homecoming Sweetheart Penny Nimmons Mrs. University of Florida Av ie Maria Jenkins Miss University of Florida Carol Jaeger Summer Frolics Queen Kay Arfaras Pan-American Queen Bonnie Butler Military Ball Queen -. - JB? HOMECOMING SWEETHEART A too often rare combination of brains and beauty were endowed this Jacksonville sopho- more who boasts a 3.0 average. The daughter of Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. L. E. Loll, Dolores has lived in France for two and a half years. Being a beauty queen is nothing new for Dolores. She was a runner-up in the Miss Florida and the Miss University of Florida contests and presently holds the Miss Jack- sonville title. She is currently the holder of four hometown beauty titles. Majoring in speech and dramatics, she adds horseback riding to her accomplishments. A green-eyed brunette, she is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. DOLORES LOLL 1961 HOMECOMING Annette Though we can establish no definite relation- ship, education and queenships seem to be compatible. Annette Baker, a junior and trans- fer from St. Petersburg Junior College, has a 3.0 overall average. She will major in elemen- tary education. Annette, a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, enjoys beauty contests, hav- ing been Miss St. Petersburg and Miss Florida. :OURT Judy Lynn Prince Displaying poise and charm, Judy Lynn Prince was selected as a 1961 Homecoming Princess, after having been on the Homecoming Court in 1960. A sophomore major in communica- tions, Judy Lynn plans to pursue a career in dramatics upon graduation. Originally from New York, she has attended school in Mexico, and has studied ballet for ten years. Judy Lynn is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. 73 AVIE MARIA JENKINS MISS UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA It seems somewhat proper that our university, extremely influential in the issues of the state, should choose as its campus beauty a sopho- more majoring in political science. Pretty Avie Maria Jenkins has already made an early start into statewide competition, being a contestant in the Miss Florida contest and selected as both the 1961 Agricultural Fair Queen and the University of Florida " Queen of Campus. " Avie has delved into the cultural, academic, and athletic aspects of the university. She possesses the characteristic attributes of charm, poise, and beauty. Although much of her time is spent on studies that will further her career, Avie, enjoying the outdoors, still finds time for water sports, especially swimming and skiing. Her future plans include a three-month tour of Europe. The 5 ' 7 " ash-blonde, blue-eyed girl was spon- sored in the contest by Phi Gamma Delta. The holder of two campus beauty titles, Avie is truly a fine representative of our university and its traditions. MAXIMUM k SPEED 60MPH LIMIT PENNY NIMMONS MRS. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Pennv iminons began her college years as a student at Florida State University and wound them out as a housewife in Gainesville. As the wife of a student in law school, Penny likes cooking and gardening. The fact that Penny conies from a family of eight children has given her the necessary ex- perience and background for maintaining a well-kept home. Displaying a warm and friend- ly personality, Mrs. Ralph W. Ximmons, Jr. was also chosen tor poise, appearance, and home- making skills. Having been married nearly two years, Penny is presently employed by a law firm in Gainesville. The University Dames chose an outstanding example to represent the university as Mrs. I ' niversity ol Florida. She was sponsored by Gorry Village. MILITARY BALL QUEEN BONNIE BUTLER Reigning as Queen of the Military Ball is Bonnie Butler. Besides being an art education major, Bonnie likes to design and make her own clothes. Serving as President of Tri Delta sorority, Bonnie is usually rushing to do some- thing " very important. " Her unique and ac- tive life has included a trip to Europe. Pert and witty, she is the holder of several other beauty titles, including the Talent Award in the Miss University of Florida contest. A senior, who moved from California to Flor- ida, Bonnie is 5 ' 8 2 " tall, has brown hair and brown eyes. This year ' s Military Ball Queen was selected by judges representing the Air Force and Army ROTC units. She was sponsored by Delta Tau Delta. Marg Kuhl Sigma Chi Derby Queen Kappa Delta Carol Jaeger Summer Frolics Queen Delta Gamma Betty Easter Miss Camp Wauburg Delta Delta Delta CAMPUS QUEENS Beauty to liven the listless lull Without football games, the spring and sum- mer semesters offer a wider variety of enter- tainment. There are several beauty contests held which add sparkle to the routine of the campus and to the various events which they represent. Avie Maria Jenkins was crowned 1961 Ag Fair Queen. Marg Kuhl was chosen Sigma Chi Derby Queen over eleven other sorority entries. Betty Easter, selected from a lovely group of coeds, won the Miss Camp Wauburg contest. Kay Arfaras was chosen Pan-American Queen in connection with a se- ries of events held during Pan-American Week. Carol Jaeger reigned as Summer Frolics Queen during one of the major activities of the summer. Kay Arfaras Pan-American Queen Alpha Chi Omega Avie Maria Jenkins Agricultural Fair Queen 79 ONORARIES Homecoming Director Bob Perry represented Blue Key ' s leadership in producing the spectacular show. Outstanding leaders are always represented at the Florida Blue Key Banquet. Judging and choosing Gator Growl skits is a function that Blue Key is responsible for through their Gator Growl Director. FLORIDA BLUE KEY Florida Blue Key, in selecting outstanding young men in all areas of campus life, does much to serve the campus and University alike. Projects last year were the Homecoming func- tions and sponsorship of the Speaker ' s Bureau. The Homecoming Parade is always made prettier by girls such as these. : ' - - ' ikk.- tfjl ah ,$ t . . . - , . . B b _. ' I EB Mti Rrft m First Row Left to right: Cal Adams, Roi ee Agncr, Scott Ansel mo, Rill Birchfichl, Rill Biglow, Frank Logan. Second Row Carter Bradford, Lloyd Brown, Jackson Brownlce, Bruce Bullock, Ron Cacciatore, Clarence O ' Neill. Third RowJoe Chapman, Wayne Cobh, Don Cohen, Blair Culpepper, Talhol D ' Alem- bertc, Ken Renner. Fourth Row Joe Flcmming, Steve (Gardner, Robin Gibson, Louis Gomez, James S. Gor- don, Jack Sltrecc. Fifth Row Robert Gunn, Bill Ham- ilton, Ken Henderson, Mike Jamison, Ton LaGrone, Bill Swain. 82 First Row-Left to right: Layton Mank, Jack Me- haffy. Second Row-Franklin Perritt, Bob Perry. Third Row Joe Ripley, Ed Shafer. Fourth Row-}. Ron Smith, Dave Stanley. Fifth Row-Bill Trickel, John Trekell, Jim Larche. FLORIDA BLUE KEY Outstanding leadership and service are Blue Key ' s basis for membership Sponsorship of Homecoming and the Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau are the two main service projects of Florida Blue Key. In producing both of these events, members take active parts in furthering their ability to lead and serve the University of Florida. Florida Blue Key members are selected on the basis of distinction in a major field of activity and participation in at least two others. Blue Key was founded at Florida in 1923 and lists among its membership many state leaders. President for first semester was Jim Quincey and for second semester, Jack Shreve. Jack Shreve, President Joe Ripley, V ice-President 83 HALL OF FAME The 1962 Hall of Fame honors out- standing students who gave much time and talent in service and leadership to the University. Nominations were by Deans of colleges and faculty leaders, and selection was by a group of distinguished faculty. BILL CURRY Where Bill was seen you could be sure there was a column of print near at hand. His journalistic achievements were long and varied and were topped when he became editor of the Alligator. He served as editor of the Suni mer Gator and as Edi- torial Assistant and Managing editor of the Alligator. Bill was also Vice-President of Sig- ma Delta Chi, jour- nalism fraternity. FLOSSIE COPELAND Flossie ' s campus and scholastic achieve- ments began early when she became President of the fresh- man women ' s scholas- tic honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta. Tapped once more by an honorary this tim e for achievement she entered Mortar Board. Chosen as President and Vice-President of the Panhellenic Coun- cil, she was also a Kappa Delta. BOB KENT Noted for his service to campus publica- tions as the " F " Book, Orange Peel and Scope, Bob distin- guished himself also as Editor of the Sem- inole. Student govern- ment, organizations, and service were also part of his desire to serve and better the University of Florida. Bob was tapped into Florida Blue Key in the spring for his work in publications. ANDREA ABERNETHY Religion has filled a significant role with Andrea. A contribu- tor to Religion-in-Life Week, she served also as Vice-President and Secretary to the Uni- versity Religious Asso- ciation. Homecoming saw her as Women ' s Personnel Director. Vice-President of Kap- pa Delta, Mortar Board, and the Blue Key Speakers Bureau were but a few of her service activities. JACK MAHAFFEY Notably recognized for for his earnest con- tributions in many areas of student gov- ernment, Jack became Vice-President of the student body. His honors exceeded Uni- versity boundaries when he became a delegate to the Col- legiate Congress for the United Nations. He directed the Stu- dent Government Or- ientation Forum, was Chairman of Dollars for Scholars, and a member in both Sig- ma Nu and Florida Blue Key. DON ADDIS There are few on our campus who do not think of college hu- mor and Don Addis as one-and-the-same. As staff artist and col- umnist for the Alliga- tor he " plucked " many a scene from life and with pen and brush turned them into the finest humor of our day. Don ' s highest tribute comes from his service as editor and cartoonist for the Orange Peel for two years. JOE FLEMING Joe speaks eloquently for himself and stu- dent government. His versatile activities led him to the Varsity Debate Team where he became President of Tau Kappa Alpha, forensic honorary. Well known for his leadership ability as President ' s Cabinet Secretary of Organi- zations, Florida Blue Key, and President of Pi Lambda Phi, he has served our campus well. MARJORIE REITZ Service, scholastics, and Marjorie formed a trilogy on campus that exemplifies the energies of a Florida woman. As active ex- amples of her lead- ership abilities, she served the Legislative Council, Women ' s Ju- diciary, University Choir, the Presbyter- ian Student Center, Tri-Delt Sorority, and was chosen as presi- dent of Mortar Board. BILL HAMILTON As president and vice- president of Phi Delta Theta, Bill will long be remembered by his fraternity as an outstanding member and leader among them. His activities included president of Lyceum Council and Secretary of Legisla- tive Affairs. For his untiring contributions in student govern- ment, organizations, and service he was recognized a member of Florida Blue Key. BRUCE BULLOCK The student body chose Bruce for one of the highest honors on campus : President of the student body. His other campus achievements included the President ' s Cabi- net, and Legislative Council. The Arnold Air Society saw him as their President. His honoraries includ- ed Phi Eta Sigma and Florida Blue Key. CORA RANDALL With vivacious enthu- siasm, Cora served within an enterprising and fruitful collegiate realm. A member of Chi Omega Sorority, she became vice-pres- ident of the Women ' s Student Association and vice-president of Mortar Board. As a speech major and member of Sigma Al- pha Eta, she has shown eminent schol- astic achievement. JIM GORDON " As an enterprising forensic 1 man, Jim lias served as president oi both the Debate So- ciety and Tan Kappa Alplia, debate honor- ary. Florida Bine Key; Chici Justice, Student Trallic Court; vice- president, Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity; West Point Debate Team; and a candidacy for the Rhodes Scholarship (3.8 average) arc among his other achievements. PF.TF. SFALKY Well known among campus political cir- cle ' s. Pete gave freely and conscientiously to the University. His constant drive and administrative ability earned him top rec- ognition among stu- dent leaders with po- sitions of president of the Interfraternity Council, Chief Justice of the Traffic Court, and member of the Men ' s President ' s Council. JAN SMITH Phi Delta Theta is rightfully proud of its vice-president, Jan, who has the drive, patience, and persist- ence, and persistant imagination to win for him notable ac- claim. With ln ' .s Hair for organ! at ion a 1 nbility lit ' was head of programming for Gator Growl, IFC ' s Spring Frolics Chair- man, Florida Blue Key speaker - trainer, and Director of the Florida Union Board. J. RON SMITH A student o f firm convictions and an af- fable way, J. Ron, president and vice- president of Delta Tan Delta, has prov- en his leadership abil- ity as president of both the Agricultural Council and Agricul- tural Economics Club, as a member of the Legislative Council, as the ] lomecoming Director of Special Functions, and as a member of the Flor- ida Blue Key. JACK SHHEVE This personable, soft- spoken president of Florida Blue Key won the respect and ad- miration of all who knew him. Not a man to narrow his activi- ties. Jack was a two- time track letterman and previous member of the Southeastern Conference Track Team. Voted as the outstanding senior of Phi Kappa Tan Fra- ternity, lie was also a member of the 1 lonor Court. PAT TUNSTALL A student nurse with printers ' ink in her veins, Pat has become the Florence Nightin- gale of campus pub- lications. She has written for the Alliga- tor, Scope, imd Gator Greek. Tapped foi Mortar Board, she held the editors posi- tion and in Alpha Chi Omega she was news- letter editor and vice- president. SCOTT ANSELMO Scott is as likeable as he is intelligent. His accomplishments run the gamut of Univer- sity activities from Clerk of the Honor Court and Florida Blue Key to sports writer for the Alliga- tor. A brother in Kap- pa Sigma fraternity, he has maintained a near-perfect scholastic average, been on the Dean ' s List and in Phi Eta Sigma. NEIL SWAN With an eye for truth and a creatively con- fident manner, Neil, as Editor of the Flor- ida Alligator, brought the world of campus news to the student body. Placed twice on the Dean ' s List, he was an elected mem- ber of the Board of Student Publications, and held membership in Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Delta Chi fraternities. CLARENCE O ' NEILL With an ever-ready supply of ideas for the improvement of student government, Clarence shows and proves his organizing prowess with a 3.95 average, and with ac- tivities such as treas- urer of the Student Body and Secretary of Finance. A Beta Theta Pi, he is also in Florida Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, and Pi Sigma Alpha. JIM KERLIN A student before the public eye, Jim served for two years as Homecoming an- nouncer for Pre-growl and as a member of the Growl Production Committee. As presi- dent of journalism ' s Sigma Delta Chi, and production coordina- tor for Alpha Epsilon Rho, broadcasting honorary, he has been active in promoting the University of Flor- ida. ERV SHAMES Twice president of Pi Lambda Phi Fraterni- ty and vice-president of the Interfraternity Council, Erv devoted himself to his frater- nity and University. He served as speaker- trainer for the Blue Key Speakers Bureau and was Homecoming ' 61 Finance Chair- man. His better than 3.8 scholastic average brought him in to Phi Eta Sigma and Beta Gamma Sigma. BILL BIGLOW Scholarship, forensic, and leadership achievements pay Bill tribute as president of the Debate Society and vice-president of both Tau Kappa Al- pha debate honorary and Prelaw Club. Three years a mem- ber of the West Point ( 1) Debate Team, he is also a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, and Delta Tau Delta fra- ternities. Margie Rcitz, President MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board is the senior women ' s honorary at Florida. Founded in 1950 as Trianon, it became affiliated with the national Mortal- Board in 1960. To become a member of Mortar Board, sec- ond semester juniors must have distinguished themselves in at least one field of extra-cur- ricular activity. Service this year included the Homecoming Ladies Buffet, the annual Christ- mas tree lighting, and a " big sister " program for foreign students. Margie Rcitz served as President and Dean Sellers as sponsor. Mortar Hoard members find their Christmas sing one of their most enjoyable activities. Andy Abernetluj Syhia Hardaway Margie Reitz Julie Thordarson 88 Flossie Copeland Marilyn Covo Marie Thaycr PHI ETA SIGMA Twice yearly, Phi Eta Sigma, National Fresh- man Men ' s Scholastic Honorary Fraternity, invites those men who have achieved a 3.5 or better honor point average during either their first or second semester to become members. Approximately two per cent of the freshman class fulfill the fraternity ' s scholastic require- ments. The Phi Eta Sigma objectives are the recognition and encouragement of activities promoting outstanding scholarship on campus. The Florida chapter was founded in 1930 un- der the supervision of Dean R. C. Beaty. Phi Eta Sigma Front Row: Winkle, Schewel, Keyes, Otching, Carte. Second Row: Haupt, Deitrich, Fen- nell, Hardee, R. Smith. Third Row: Russell, Moore, Wade, Jones, Wright. Fourth Row: Tuohig, Howell, Addad, Baker. Fifth Row: Lindsey, Herman, Morra, Darner. Sixth Row: Kobzing, Olinger, White, Swisdak. Seventh Row: Barfield, Powell, Hollister, Swan, Hart, Brown. Eighth Row: Dean Beatty, D. Smith, Treas- urer; Hass, Strodil, Dean Hale, Honeywell. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta, the National Freshman Women ' s Honorary Society, is designed to honor those freshman women who have achieved a 3.5 average or better during one or both of their freshman semesters. This society was established on campus in order to instill a desire for learning and to foster a scholastic atmosphere for Florida coeds. Dr. Elenor Bode Browne, professor of education, is the faculty advisor. Alpha Lambda Delta Front Row: Elsie Marcum, Vice President; Sharon Sites, Treasurer, Elizabeth Allen, President. Second Row: Peggy Neal, Alice Luthy, JoAnn Rubel, Ellen Helper. Third Row: Marifrances Tucker, Judy Smith, Eileen Seiden, Vicki Lee Kliger- man, Sandra Linebarger. Fourth Row: Linda Sue Wil- liams, Susan Scharlotte, Joy Ann Stone, Linda Boggs, Marilyn Harris. Fifth Row: Dr. Eleanor Browne, Ad- visor; Christina Bledsoe, Dottie Howse, Susan Straker. FOOTBALL 92 BASKETBALL 112 SPRING SPORTS 122 INTRAMURALS 135 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL 1961 A Long Hard Season for Gators It was a frustrating season for Coach Ray Graves, his staff and team. Lack of depth and injuries to key personnel were very costly. There were bright moments in the season as individuals such as fullback Don Goodman, tackle and Capt. Jim Beaver and end Tom Smith played well throughout the year. All three will graduate this June. Looking towards next year the situation is very good. Quarterbacks Larry Libertore, Tom Batten and Bobby Dodd return as do a fine set of halfbacks led by Lindy Infante. Centers Bruce Culpepper and Tom Kelley will be back for more action as will guards Larry Travis, Wade Entzminger and Jack Thompson. Sophomore end Russ Brown has great poten- tial and senior flankmen Sam Holland and Tom Gregory should be among the best in the SEC. And there ' s a hulking back named Richard Skelly who could be trouble to Florida ' s oppo- sition in 1962. Coaching conclave at Florida Field with Pepper Rodgers, Ray Graves and Gene Ellenson. First Row Left to Right: Dick Jones, Henry Farmer, Don Goodman, Paul Vargecko. Second Row: Sam Starling, John Dent, Bruce Culpepper, Tom Kelley, bell, Dave Tyler, Jim O ' Donnell, Wade Entzminger, Hickenlooper, Russ Staples, Tom Alderson, Wayne Fifth Row: Dick Roberts, Russ Brown, Jim Bernhart, Floyd Dean. Florida Coaching Staff Kneeling: Jack Green. Stand- ing: Trainer Sam Lankford, John Eibner, Dave FtiUer, Jimmy Dunn. IT " TT TT IT TT Dave Bludworth, Tom Smith, Charlie Gill, Jim Beaver (70) Captain, Don Ringgold, Paul White, L. E. Hicks, Cecil Ewell, Mack, Tom Batten, Eddie Dunn, Norman Anderson, Anton Peters, Larry Travis, Larry Libertore, John Oliva, Bruce Tom Gregory. Third Row: Bobby Dodd, Rod Albaugh, Dick Camiletti, Ron Stoner, Larry Fairall, Ed Braddy, Tom Camp- Jimmy Elliott, John Sexton, Jerome Jones, Bob Lindsey. Fourth Row: Jack Woodall, Don Loucks, Don Johnson, Walt Nalk, Dennis Agliano, Hagood Clarke, Bob Hosack, Lindy Infante, Billy Cash, Bob Hoover, Thad Green, Sam Holland. Pat Willingham, Fred Pearson, Bob Thompson, Pete Smith, Jack Thompson, Bob Johnson, Bill Sollee, Bob Cook, Ken Russell, Kneeling, Head Coach Ray Graves, Pepper Rodgers. Standing: Jim Powell, Gene Ellenson, Sterling Du- pree, John Donaldson. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD 93 Florida 21 Florida 3 Florida 14 Florida 10 Florida 7 Florida Florida Florida 21 Florida 15 Florida 6 Clemson 17 Florida State 3 Tulane 3 Rice 19 Vanderbilt LSU 23 Georgia Tech 20 Georgia 14 Auburn 32 Miami 15 Larry Libertore hands off to fullback Don Goodman in the first quarter of the Clemson game as Florida line charges. Little Lightning Libertore rolls for 25 yards to set up second Florida touchdown. Clemson quarterback Joe Anderson (15) lunges at Larry, but as usual, the little man gets away. 94 CLEMSON Florida Wins Opener 21-17 Gainesville, Sept. 23 Halfback Lindy Infante and quarterback Larry Libertore led Florida to a 21-17 opening game victory over Clemson before 42,000 people. Infante scored the three Florida touchdowns and Libertore accounted for almost half of Florida ' s yardage, running for 66 and passing for 95. Clemson scored first on a 31-yard field goal by Lon Armstrong in the first quarter, but Florida came roaring right back. Libertore passed 34 yards to Infante for a first down on the Clemson 20. Two plays later the same combination was good for a 17-yard touchdown. Lindy and Larry Billy Cash kicked the first of his three extra points and the Gators led, 7-3. Libertore set up the next TD with a 25-yard run to the Clemson eight. Infante scored a few plays later from the one and repeated this in the third quarter after Larry threw 43 yards to Bob Hoover at the Clemson one. The Tigers meanwhile managed to add a pair of touch- downs to make things interesting. Guards Bobby Hosack and Larry Travis played well as did tackle Jim Beaver and center Tom Kelley. First touchdown of the season is scored by Lindy Infante on a 17 -yard pass from Libertore. Halfback Bob Hoover is on the receiving end of a 43-yard pass from, Libertore to set up Florida ' s third TD. Halfback Gary Barnes comes up to stop Hoover on the one. Larry circles right end for a long gain as fullback Goodman lays a perfect block on Clemson s Jack Veronee. E ., 95 Larry Libertore gains t ard ie as Sain Holland (80) takes out I ic a Seminoles. ' ot much running for halfback Lindy Infante (33). TIE WITH FSU Gators Miss Chance Afar Chance Gainesville, Sept. 30 There was no joy in Gatorland that night. Mighty Florida was tied by Florida State, 3-3 before 44,000 in Florida Field in a game marred by a free-for-all after the final gun. It started out bad as FSU ' s Roy Bickford blocked Don Ringgold ' s punt and recovered at the Florida 17 in the first quarter. When FSU failed to gain John Harlee kicked a 23-yard field goal to put the Seminoles in front 3-0 with 9:12 left in the opening quarter. Florida took the kickoff and inarched to the FSU 24 where the drive failed. In the second quarter Florida drove to the 14 where Bickford intercepted a pass. A few minutes later an- other drive stalled at the 11 and Billy Cash kicked a field goal to tie the score at 3-3 and complete the scoring. A long afternoon, though a hot finish. 96 Hoover tlic Mover dives over FSU ' s line for short yardage. The Gator team roars into action. Halfback Bruce Starling breaks up this pass intended for Tulane end Tommy Cato (83). GATORS REBOUND Defeat Wave 14-3 New Orleans, Oct. 6 Florida came from be- hind to defeat Tulane, 14-3, here tonight in the huge Sugar Bowl. The Gators rode behind the passing arm of Bobby Dodd to two second half touchdowns to wipe out a 3-0 Tulane halftime edge. The Green Wave scored first in a 30-yard field goal following a pass interception. The Gators, led by quarterback Larry Liber- tore and fullback Don Goodman drove to the Tulane five just before the end of the half, but failed to score. Early in the third period Dodd passed 31 yards to Russ Brown for a first down at the Tulane two. After Lindy Infante reached the one, Dodd scored with 7:56 left in the third quarter. In the final period Dodd struck again, this time on a 43-yard TD pass to fullback Jim O ' Donnell who was all alone. A two-point pass from Dodd to Tom Smith made it 14-3. High-flying Starling gains 14-yards around the Tulane right end. Lindy Infante gains five yards up the middle of the Greenie line before being stopped by (60) Gus Gon- zales. 97 Gators rejoice on the sidelines as Lindy Infante scores a touchdown to put the Gators even with the Owls. Rice fullback Roland Jackson smashes into the Florida end zone for the go-ahead Rice touchdown. Florida ' s Rob Hoover (34) and Rice ' s Jerry Candler (14) come head-to-head in third quarter. Halfback Lindy Infante goes over the Rice line for short yardage GOOD EFFORT Rice Comeback Stops Gators HOUSTON, Oct 14-Florida won the battle of statistics but lost the game to Rice, 19-10, in Rice Stadium. The Gators outgained the Owls on the ground and in the air, but three key Rice pass inter- ceptions ruined Florida ' s bid for an upset. Rice scored in the second quarter with Ro- land Jackson going in from the two. The PAT was no good, but the Owls were not through as they kicked a field goal before the end of the first half to lead, 9-3 at halftime. Florida came back in the second half and behind the running of Larry Libertore, Don Goodman and Lindy Infante, marched the length of the field for a touchdown, with In- fante scoring from the one. Rice scored in the fourth quarter as Jackson got another from the two. An extra point and field goal concluded the scoring in a wild, well- played game. 98 VANDERBILT Gators Trim Commodores 7-0 NASHVILLE, Oct. 21-Florida Gators scored a second period touchdown and held off a last quarter Vanderbilt rally to defeat the Commo- dores, 7-0. The Gators completely dominated the first half as fullback Don Goodman consistently ripped off huge gains through the middle of the Vandy line. A 45-yard pass from Larry Libertore to Tom Smith put the ball on the Vandy 10, and Liber- tore promptly threw a touchdown pass to Lindy Infante. Billy Cash ' s extra point ended the scoring for the night. Florida had to throw up three goal line stands in the final half to keep the victory. - Excellent play was turned in by Goodman, Infante, center Tom Kelley, Smith, tackle Floyd Dean, guards Larry Travis and Bobby Hosack. Guard Larry Travis helped off the field by Trainer Sam Lankford and his assistant William Ainsberry. Gators ' Flot d Dean (74) and Ron Stoner (12) bring Vandy halfback Jeff Starling to a halt. Fullback Don Goodman goes roaring through the Vanderbilt line for a 12-yard gain. Sam Holland (80) puts the stop on Vandy fullback Bitty Crawford, and Bruce Culpepper (50) moves in to make it final. 99 Little Larry cocks his arm and lets a pass fly. TOO TOUGH LSU Blanks UF GAINESVILLE, Oct. 28-LSU ' s mighty Tigers spoiled Florida ' s Homecoming here today de- feating the Gators, 23-0. A crowd of 45,000 saw the Gators go good for a quarter, but get worn down by the tremen- dous depth of the LSU three-team system. The game started out good as Florida drove from its own six-yard line to the LSU ten be- fore a field goal attempt by Bill Cash was blocked. That ' s the last time the Gators had a chance to get ahead. From its own 13, LSU used six plays to drive to the Florida 33 where halfback Ray Wilkins darted through a hole in the Flor- ida line and went all the way for the score. A few minutes later, UF quarterback Larry Libertore had a pitchout intercepted by Dwight Robinson who went 25 yards un- touched for the 13th point. Gators Tom Smith (85), Tom Kelley (52) and Floyd Dean (74) combine to stop LSU ' s Jerry Stovall for no gain. That ' s Gator halfback Lindy Infante on the move. 100 A Homecoming Defeat LSU wasted little time in the second half as the Tigers marched 85-yards in six plays the first time they got their hands on the ball. A 16-yard pass from quarterback Lynn Amadee to Danny Neumann got the touchdown and Wendall Harris added the PAT. Later Harris added a field goal to conclude the scoring. Late in the game Tom Batten ' s passing drove the Gators from their 19 to the LSU six before Steve Ward intercepted a pass in the end zone to kill the threat. It was a long day for the Gators, who did not have the depth nor power in the line to keep up with the third ranked Tigers. Capt. Jim Beaver played an outstanding game on offense and defense and Russ Brown made some fine catches for the Gators. Injuries kept Larry Libertore on the bench most of the game and that did not help mat- ters. Fullback Don Goodman gains against LSU as guard Larry Travis moves out All-America Roy Winston. Quarterback Bobby Dodd in action against the Tigers in the first quarter. Capt. Jim Beaver of Florida exchanges greetings with LSU Capt. Monk Guillot. Gator quarterback Tom Batten (15) lets fly one of his many completed passes as Florida fullback Jim O ' Donnell attempts to block an Engineer out of photo. Sophomore end Russ Brown on the move after catch- ing a Batten pass. GEORGIA TECH Tech Topples Gator Sj 20-0 ATLANTA, Nov. 4-Georgia Tech took advan- tage of Florida ' s mistakes and rolled to a 20-0 victory over the Gators before 44,000 Home- coming fans in Grant Field. Florida dominated play in the first quarter marching twice into Tech territory. But Tech got a break recovering a fumble on the Florida 23 the last play of the first quarter. Nine plays later the Yellow Jackets scored when quarterback Billy Lothridge snuck across from the one with 11:04 left in the first half. Early in the third quarter Tech got another Florida fumble, this time at the Gator 44. It took nine plays to cover the distance with Billy Williamson scoring on a two-yard end run. A masterful 28-yard touchdown run by half- back Chick Granning concluded the scoring. The passing of Batten, the running of Don Goodman and the receiving of Russ Brown were the offensive highlights of the game for the Gators. 102 HuBiH Bob Hoover (34) drives for a short gain against the Yellow Jackets as Tom Smith (85) blocks Tech ' s Bobby Solomon (83). Florida ' s powerful Don Goodman slams through the Tech line for a five-yard gain. Lindy Infante struggles to get away from this fellow Jacket after receiving a Libertore pass in the first quarter. TAME GEORGIA Batton Passes Gators Over Georgia 21-14 JACKSONVILLE, Nov. 11-Florida ' s Gators broke into the winning column again defeating Georgia, 21-14, before 48,000 in the Gator Bowl. Quarterback Tom Batten was the standout in the game, passing for 194 yards and three touchdowns. For his outstanding play Batten received Southeastern Conference Back of the Week honors. The Gators scored their first touchdown late in the opening quarter when Batten threw a 17-yard scoring pass to Lindy Infante, who made a diving catch in the end zone. Billy Cash converted and Florida led, 7-0. Most of the second quarter was a punting duel between Georgia ' s Jake Saye and Florida ' s Don Ringgold. However with just a little over a minute left in the first half, Batten passed to Bob Hoover for a 48-yard scoring play. This time Cash missed, but it was 13-0 at the half- time. Tom Batten, not in photo, throws a pass to Ron Stoner, Georgia ' s Carlton Guthrie (22) for the game winning Tom Batten (15) rolls out as Bruce Starling (37) and Don Goodman (45) block. 104 (top of picture) who gathers it in and scoots by touchdown. Tom Batten on his way to Back of the Week in the SEC. Florida ' s Bob Hoover (34) makes a beautiful catch of a Batten pass over the arms of Georgia ' s Billy Knowles and goes into the end zone to complete a 48-yard touchdown play. Aerial Circus Spectacular Georgia struck back fast in the third quarter. With just five minutes gone in the period, Larry Rakestraw threw a perfect 47-yard touchdown pass to Tom Landry and Durwood Pennington ' s extra point made it 13-7, Florida. The next time it got its hands on the ball, Georgia drove 80 yards in 15 plays to score as Rakestraw went over from the one. Pen- nington ' s kick put the Bulldogs ahead, 14-13. Midway in the final quarter Batten passed the Gators 63-yards in six plays for the win- ning score. He found Ron Stoner in the clear for a 16-yard game-winning pass play. 105 Lind j Infante (33) takes a pit cl unit from Tom Batten and goes ten yards to give the Gators a short-lived lead over Auburn. Hoover the Moovcr races for a first down to the Auburn ten in the opening quarter. TIGERS WIN A Bad Second Half at Auburn AUBURN, Nov. 25-Florida played a bril- liant first quarter, but its depth gave out and the rugged Auburn Tigers won, 32-15. It was a first quarter to remember as UF half- baek Hagood Clarke went 80 yards with a punt after Auburn had gone ahead early, 8-0. A two-point pass from Tom Batten to Buss Brown tied the score. On the next set of downs, Florida moved 78 yards in four plays to go ahead in the game. A 50-yard run by Lindy Infante set the score up, and he took the ball into the end one from the ten. Billy Cash converted and Florida led, 15-8. Auburn scored ten points in the second quar- ter and then added 14 more in the second half to win. Paul ' Itilc l reaks up a Hol l)ij Hunt pass intended for Hob Forel: (85). V%,V Auburn ' s Wayne Fraizer pounces on in the first quarter. a Florida fumble Tom Batten (15) passes in the second quarter as Auburn ' s Howard Simpson puts the rush on. Clarke returns punt for touchdown Hagood Clarke outraces end Dave Edwards of Auburn (top) and got help at the 30-yard line when halfback Jimmy Burson (22), Auburn, was taken out by a Florida player (Photo 2). Clarke then outstepped Auburn ' s Bo Davis (41) (Photo 3) and then raced untouched across goal line (bottom). 107 TOUGH ENDING Luckless season, plauged with injuries GAINESVILLE, Dec. 2-Miami ' s bowl-bound Hurricanes came from behind to defeat Flor- ida for the first time in five years. A crowd of over 42,000 saw the Hurricanes score nine points in the second half to down the Gators, 15-6, in a hard-fought game. The loss gave the Gators a 4-5-1 season and was the first time Miami had beaten Florida since 1956. Florida scored first to go ahead 6-0 in the second quarter when Don Goodman went over from the one-yard line. On the following kickoff, Miami ' s John Bahen raced 94 yards for a touchdown to tie the score at 6-6. The second half saw Miami domi- nate play for the most part as the Hurricanes pushed across a touchdown and kicked a field goal. High School Teammates at Key West Florida ' s Sam Holland (left) and Miami ' s George Mira (right) talk over old times and see friends after the game. THE END OF A CAREER: Capt. Jim Beaver takes a last look at Florida Field as his collegiate football career ends on a sad note. Gator halfback Hatjgood Clarke gains yardage behind blocking of fullback Cecil Ewell. 108 . ' " - Don Ringgold, Florida punting specialist, shown in action against the University of Miami. Lindy Infante, Gator halfback, turns the corner for a nine-yard gain against Miami in the first period. It was the end of a luckless season for the Gators, who were plagued throughout the year with injuries. Closing their playing careers against Miami were fullbacks Don Goodman and Cecil Ewell, tackles Jim Beaver and L. E. Hicks, end Tom Smith, and punter Don Ringgold. Gators who played well against the Hurricanes were Larry Travis, Beaver, Tom Gregory, Sam Holland, Tom Batten and Larry Libertore. Halfback Lindy Infante suffered a slight con- cussion in the first half and was taken to the hospital for the night. He was released the next day but his loss hurt the Gators in the second half considerably. For Miami, the win was a sweet one as the Hurricanes went on to play Syracuse in the Liberty Bowl. Miami ' s All-America end, Bill Miller, played well against Florida as did quarterback George Mira. 109 From Le f fo Rtgfa; Front Row: 52 John Cory, 25 Zollie Maynard, 34 Mike Whitt, 11 Tom Shannon, 16 Tom Tart, 35 Carl Kirkley, 23 Allen Trammel, 72 Bob Grondahl, 55 Gary WtZson, 57 Roger Pettee, 24 Randy Brown. Second Row: 82 Ken Werth, 80 Neil Snead, 33 Paul Gardner, 41 Larry Dupree, 43 Larry Hess, 44 Gary Lanier, 49 Herb Capen, 46 Ronnie Pursett, 60 Larry Beckman, 73 Steve Long, 65 Burt Hamilton, 38 James Griffin. Third Row: 51 Gary Cliett, 63 Charles Cummings, 50 Max Bilinski, 10 Jim Hall, 45 Jerry Newcomer, 15 Bud Williams, 64 Bill Richbourg, 81 Gary Thomas, 77 John Thompson, 67 Richard Priest, 22 Leonard Smith, 32 Allen Poe. Fourth Row: 20 David Hiers, 88 Buck Menendez, 47 Billy Joe James, 74 Bob Lyle, 78 Dennis Tschetter, 62 Clyde Carter, 53 Jerry Davis, 76 Dennis Murphy, 54 Allen Holt, 16 Melton Callahan, 70 Barry Brown, 36 Buddy King, 42 Bud Guinn, 21 Dick Kirk. BABY GATORS Win Two, Lose One Florida ' s freshman football team enjoyed a fine season winning two games and losing one. Head Coach Dave Fuller saw the baby Gators open the season with a stunning 42-19 triumph over Georgia in the only home game of the year. The team travelled to Miami for the annual Kiwanis Charity game in the Orange Bowl, Oct. 20, and defeated the Hurricane ' s 14-8. In their final game of the season at Auburn, the Gators lost a heart-breaker, 21-17. Standouts throughout the season for the baby Gators were quarterback Tom Shannon, half- backs Larry Dupree, Jerry Newcomer, Dick Kirk, Alan Trammell and fullback Billy Joe James. Up front, tackles Dennis Murphy, John Thom- as, guards Bill Richbourg, Jerry Davis, center Roger Pettee and end Ken Werth played well consistently. Fuller ' s assistant coaches were Blair Culpep- per, Bob Milby, Don Brown, and Dywane Douglas. 110 Quarterback Tom Shannon goes into the end zone despite the protests from these two Miami defenders as the Gators won, 14-8. Larry Hess (43) and Alan Trummell (face hidden) dive to bring down Hurricane ball carrier. Baby Gator halfback Alan Poe gives Miamian the hip and is off on a good gain in the Orange Bowl. Quarterback Tom Shannon hands off behind some crisp blocking by the Gator forward wall. V 1961-1962 BASKETBALL The tremendous spirit at the University of Florida basketball games is unequalled by any school in the country according to veteran basketball observers. There was a time at the University of Florida when basketball was a minor sport. Two years ago Norman Sloan was hired as Florida Coach and within a year basketball had taken its place as a major sport here. Crowds of better than 6,000 jam the Florida Gymnasium for every home game to cheer the Gators on to victory. The future? Six players return next year who played on this year ' s varsity. There was a great crop of freshman players and three trans- fers who should push the Gators into the National spotlight. Dynamic Norman Sloan directs the Gators to another home victory. 112 Sophomore Taylor Stokes (20) drives by Wake Forest guard Billy Packer for a layup. Lou Merchant, one of the Nation ' s leading free-throw shooters, connects on a charity toss. Big Cliff Luyk brings down a rebound in a game against Florida State early in the year. TEAM RECORD Won 12-Lost 11 Florida 58 Florida 70 Florida ... 71 Florida _ 71 Florida 61 Florida 72 Florida 68 Florida 69 Florida 57 Florida 47 Florida 74 Florida 43 Florida _ ..... 74 Florida 69 Florida _ 92 Florida 69 Florida 60 Florida 45 Florida 62 Florida 56 Florida 78 Florida 87 Florida... .. 105 Duke 80 Rice __ 67 F.S.U. 85 Wake Forest _ 65 Miami 66 Georgia 78 Navy 63 V.P.I. 78 L.S.U. 74 Tulane 59 Miami . " . ... 62 Auburn 40 Alabama 53 Kentucky 81 Tennessee 83 Alabama 62 Auburn 64 Mississippi State _ 67 Mississippi 61 F.S.U. 79 Vanderbilt 68 Georgia Tech 75 Georgia 78 All-SEC Guard Lou Merchant in action against the Rice Owls. There ' s nothing to stop Cliff Luyk from driving for a layup in the victory over Wake Forest. A GREAT PAIR And great crowd spirit at home The University of Florida basketball players were led this year by two outstanding seniors center Cliff Luyk and guard Lou Merchant. Luyk developed into one of the greatest cen- ters in Florida basketball history. He averaged over 20 points a game this season and was the leading rebounder in the SEC. Merchant was All-SEC in 1961 and was re- garded as one of the finest guards in the south. He set a new Florida field goal percentage shooting mark last year hitting on better than 45 percent of his attempts. Capt Lou Merchant Guard Buddy Bales All-SEC Center Cliff Lay Center Joe Meigs 114 Gator marksman Tom Barbee fires a shot over the arm of defending Wake Forest All-America Len Chappell. Carlos Morrison taps in a shot against Wake Forest in a thrill-packed game at the Gymnasium. Senior guard Neil Cody moves the ball against Florida State. The crowd goes wild as the Gators surge ahead of Wake Forest, then the third ranking team in the country. Lou Merchant drives in for two points as the Gators fight the Demon Deacons in the greatest Fast-moving Gator forward Tom Barbee drives by Wake of all University of Florida games. Gator lead. Forward Tom Barbee Guard Carlos Morrison 116 A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Florida the giant killer The night of Dec. 12th, 1961, will not be for- gotten for a long time by the 6,500 spectators who saw Florida upset the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, 71-65, in the UF Gymnasium. Wake Forest entered the gym ranked third in the country, but the fighting Gators took the lead from the start and put on the greatest show in Florida basketball history. Forest All America Len Chappel for two points and a Coach Sloan and his two prize pupils, Luy k and Merchant, during the heat of battle. Cliff Luyk hooks in a shot over the arm of Wake Forest All-America Len Chappell. Luyk scored 24 points against the Deacons. 117 Florida guard Neil Cody tries to get a shot past Mi- ami ' s 7-foot-l Mike McCoy. McCoy blocked the shot, but Florida won the game, 74-62. EXCITING SEASON Home crowds help thrilling team win Once again Coach Norman Sloan ' s basketball team proved to be an exciting and delightful team to watch. Thrills were many in the Florida Gymnasium, and the players gave it all they had for the home crowd. Big Cliff Luyk had his greatest season and Florida fans won ' t forget the way he hooked and drove his way to SEC fame. Lou Merchant had another fine year and his famous jump shots were beautiful to watch. Senior guard Neil Cody improved with every game and did well his senior year. Carlos Morrison played Miami off its feet scor- ing 23 points and outrebounding big Mike Mc- Coy as the Gators romped. Tom Barbee, Buddy Bales and Taylor Stokes had their great nights, too, and all three will be back for another season with Morrison. Lou Merchant puts on the breaks in a game against the Florida State Seminoles. 118 Guard Neil Cody Forward Taylor Stokes Center Eddie Clark Manager Butch Davis Guard Buddy Bales rifles in a fast-break layup against the Auburn Tigers. Sophomore sensation Taylor Stokes connects on a twisting layup that gave the Gators a 26-26 tie with Auburn. Florida won the game, 43-40. Gators ' Lou Merchant battles for a rebound in the Miami game. 119 Head Coach Gorman Sloan Assistant Coach Pern ' Moore 6-foot-8 Freshman ccnicr Bob Hoffmann hooks in a shot as the baby Gators trounced Jacksonville University B-Tcain. A GREAT FUTURE Freshmen to be tough varsity flayers Florida ' s Freshman team this year was loaded with talent and height. Running through the opposition at will, the baby Gators gave Coach }im McCachren another winning seaon. Forward Dick Tomlinson was the leading scorer and he had excellent front line support from Bill Koss and Bob Hoffmann. Guard Donny Mason was an outstanding shooter and playmaker and will be a big help in the future. Guard Lanny Sommese also did well as did reserves Steve Long, Edward Lahti and Ashley Kraan. Bill Koss, 6-foot-8 Freshman foncard, lays in two of the 23 points he scored against Jacksonville. ' 1 lie ( ' enter Jump: Florida Freshman ( ' enter Boh Hoffmann goes teat np to gel the opening lip for the baby Gators. THE 1962 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right: Don Mason, Ashley Kraan, Steve Long, Bob Hoffmann, Bill Koss, Richard Tomlinson, Scott Latti, and Lannie Sommese. Middle Coach Jim M.cCachren 121 SP SPORTS m jL A i M } m . Front Row: L-R: Len Scheinhoft, Art Orndich, Jerry Nicolson, Carol Lanoux, Charlie Bean, Norbert Lado, Bob Barnett. Second Row: L-R: Leon Dorsett, Dale Landress, John Leffingwell, Dennis Aust, Larry Barnett, Jerry Pierce, Jim Duncan. Third Row: L-R: Tom Donahoo, Butch Talbot, Jim Dzurus, Ralph Lazarra, Bill Sullivan, Tom Maxcy, Dane Piercefield, Don Ringgold. Fourth Row: L-R: Manager Gary Beumeyer, Dave Porter, Lynn Howie, John Lastra, Al Lopez, Bill Saba, Bob Shiver, C. W. Price, Coach Dave Fuller. BASEBALL Has Fine Year Under Fuller Coach Dave Fuller ' s baseball team completed another fine year winning 19 and losing nine. The Gators were invited to the NCAA tour- nament, but had to decline because of con- flicting exam dates. Three Gators made the All-SEC team. They were pitchers Dennis Aust and C. W. Price and catcher Paul Booher. Rightfielder Len Scheinhoft did well hitting for the Gators as did leftfielder Don Ringgold, thirdbaseman Lynn Howie and shortstops Ber- nie Haskins and Al Lopez. Pitcher Jerry Nicholson was a consistent win- ner and Captain Dale Landress was a fine leader. A thinking Coach Dave Fuller. 123 mm BASEBALL The Florida baseball team provided its fans plenty of thrills throughout the 1961 season. Coach Dave Fuller ' s Gators were Southeastern Conference contenders all year and came up with some good games. Florida ' s baseball games are played on Perry Field and crowds of up to 1,000 come to see the Gators in action. Good Crowds , Good Games Florida ' s freshman team last year enjoyed a good season which included three wins over arch-rival Florida State. Pitcher Eddie Clark, third baseman Earl Mont- gomery, outfielder Harry Tuggle and second baseman Ronnie Burchall were the team ' s top players. Bernie Masking, Gator shortstop, ready at the plate. A dicing Gator is Butch Talbot, who just gets back to first in time. Right Fielder Len Scheinhoft misses one against Florida Southern. Big Jerry Nicolson lets fly a fast ball in game against Tennessee Vols. All-SEC pitcher Dennis Aust reads the sign. Bernie Haskins leads off first as Southern pitcher lets ball go. Coach Dave and Friend " Talk Over " a play. Left fielder Don Ringgold, also of football fame, is out on a ground ball in game at Perry Field. 125 TRACK Off Year for Gators Florida ' s track team " had one of those vears " j going the entire season without a victory. The Gators were hurt at the start of the season when All-America pole vaulter Henry Wads- worth had to leave school for scholastic reasons. Jim Beaver and Walt Buettner carried the load in the weight events and Wendell Willis was the SEC ' s High Jump Champion. Bill Lowenstein, Ted Mealor and Eddie Davis did the majority of the running for the Gators, while Charles Chupp and Don Goodman ran the hurdles. Jim Beaver, a Gator, heaves the sliot-pitt. Start of the 440 in the Florida Relays. A Good Handoff by the Gators. 126 f Former Gator, Henry Wadsworth, wins the Pole-Vault in the Florida AAU. A New Record Is Set ... But Not By This Gator . . . Record was set by Auburn ' s Richard Crane in Florida Relays. Florida ' s Weight Man, Walt Buetner They ' re off at the Florida Relays I Over the High-Jump bar rr 4L . _A 1 TENNIS Southeastern Conference Champions Florida ' s tennis team under Coach Bill Potter posted the greatest season in the school ' s his- tory. The Gators completed a record of 20 wins as against a lone setback to powerful Miami. In May the Gators were hosts and winners of the annual Southeastern Conference tennis tournament. Individual SEC champions were Jim Shaffer in the No. 1 singles, Bill Tym in the No. 2 sin- gles, and Mike Cullinane in the No. 5 singles. Others on the team who were very valuable were Morrill Hay, Art Surloff and Fred Shaya. Shaffer and Tym were very exciting players and their presence helped draw large crowds to the Gator matches. Morrill Hay backhands in victory over Florida State UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA TENNIS TEAM-L. (Mngr.), Art Surloff, Bill Tym, Mike Cullinane, Jim Shaffer gets set for a return 128 Florida Aces Art Surloff (Left) and Bill Tijm (right) pose before finals of SEC Tournament held in Gainesville. to R., Coach Bill Potter, Morrill Hay, Richard Collins Shaffer, and Fred Shaya. Shaffer on the winning point of the SEC Tournament SEC No. 5 Champion, Mike Cullinane, in action 129 SWIMMING CHAMPS Tough team in all leases This 1962 swimming season was the greatest in the school ' s history as the Gators romped to their seventh straight Southeastern Conference title and posted many important victories. Diver and co-captain Steve McBride made the All- American team last year and is regarded as one of the best divers in the U. S. Other top performers for the Gators this year were co-captain Bill Cullen, Bud Floyd, Don MacLanahan, Terry Green, Harry Wilder, Alan Lauwaert, and Jeff Oromaner. Sophomore butterfly man Jerry Livingston set a new Florida record in the meet with Alabama and Lansing Price was a fine sophomore diver. Florida backstroke ace Dick Farwell (nearest camera) is off to a flying start against Georgia. Florida diver Bill Olinger shows his best form. An exciting part of the Florida athletic program are the many thrilling meets put on by the Gator swim- ming team. 130 The 1962 University of Florida Varsity Swimming Team Front Row: Varsity Manager Mark Valente, Bill Olinger, Buddy Floyd, Captain Steve McBride, Co-captain Bill Cullen, Lansing Price. Second Row: Terry Green, Don MacLanahan, Tom Olsen, Jim Proctor, Alan Lauwert, Jeff Oromaner, Mark Sheridan, Harry Wilder. Top Row: Assistant Coach Bill Harlan, Charles Laub, Jim Ruppersberger, Dick Farwell, Jerry Livingston, Ed Green, Bill Grower, Eddie Reese, Graduate Assistant Dick Richards, Head Coach Ernest Crone. The start of the 50-yard freestyle with Gators Jim Proctor and record holder Alan Lauwaert getting off. Gator masterminds Top, left to right, Coach Buddy Crone and Assistant Bill Harlan. Bottom, left to right, Co-Captains Steve McBride and Bill Cullen. 131 1 Gators and Seminoles battle it out at Florida Pool. 2 The winner of the Race? Must be a Gator. Florida and Miami swimmers are set as the shadowed starter gets ready to fire gun. Gators ' Jeff Oromaner is off at the crack of the gun. 132 GOLF Golfers Have Fine Year Led by All- American Frank Beard, the Florida Golf Team had its greatest season, winning ten matches and losing just one. Coach Conrad Rehling ' s golfers defeated seven straight opponents before losing a close match to Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Beard completed his varsity competition by making an All-American berth. A pitch-shot is lined up by Roger Stermle John Rcece on the ninth. Florida All-American Frank (Bear) Beard. Big Man on the fairway is Doug McLarin GOLF FII Championship Also Florida also won the team championship at the Florida Intercollegiate Invitational in Ocala. With Beard on the playing team were: John Reese, Marlin Vogt, Chip Anderson, Phil Leckey, Harry Root and Doug McLaurin. Gator ' s Chip Anderson in action during match with Tech Harry Root lets fly with an iron shot 1961 Varisty Golf Team Intramural Board Center: Intramural Department head Spurgeon Cherry. From left, standing: Mont Trainer, Harnj Shor- stein, George Keep, Carolyn Matthews. INTRAMURALS Provide hours and hours of wholesome reflated shorts activity Under the direction of Spurgeon Cherry, the Florida intramural program was able to expand sufficiently to accommodate all of the new areas of student interest in sporting activities. Main participants last year were fraternities, sororities, dormitories, off-campus housing, and various intramural sanctioned athletic clubs such as the Olympian Club. Mont Trainer served as Student Director of Men ' s Intramurals. Intramural head Spurgeon Cherry has been respon- sible for the outstanding program at Florida. 135 Ping Pong took the spotlight in January. Officials help check the times at the annual Intramural track meet. Mont Trainer, left, makes sure things are running smoothly in track meet. Intramurals well regulated in all fields Two intramural officials talk things over be- fore a fag-football game. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Competition among ladies better than ever before at Florida Women ' s intramurals this year at the Univer- sity of Florida was highly successful. Competi- tion was never better and sportsmanship was on a high level. Alpha Epsilon Phi led the sorority league for most of the 1961-1962 competition. Last year the league title was won by Tri Delt. Also participating in intramurals were the vari- ous women ' s dormitories. Teams competed against each other in almost every sport. Waitress or volleyball player? That ' s the question of the day, but this girl is on the winning volleyball team. There is much action at the girls swimming meet, held every spring. Girls ' mtramurals ivdl organiygd, well attended in all sports This ear. the- AKPhi ' s and Tri Delts led the league most of the time, while other groups came elose behind to give the women a close, competitive race. Florida was proud to have once again dem- onstrated it s verv wood women ' s intramural program through participation in most all com- petition that is offered to men. Dorm league play was equally as good as sororitv plav and offered the girls a chance to i. J O get out and know each other and work together in good, clean competition. " ' ot exactly Yankee-type ball, hn! there ' s plenty of fun in tins game. Tri-Dclt ' s Johanna Donling returns a shot. The swings the tiling in this tough tennis game. 138 The start of the Men ' s Intramural Swimming Meet last spring. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Year-long contests make_men ' s mtramurals an important student function Florida ' s intramural program for men is one of the most complete, yet varied, programs in the United States. Men compete in the following sports: water basketball, track, flag football, bowling, ping pong, basketball, tennis, handball, swimming, and Softball. This year, competition was unusually high because of the increased number of men at Florida and because fraternities provided close competition all the way. First sport of the school year was rugged water basketball. Tep ' s Steve Katz was on the receiving end of this pass in a flag football game against ATO. A tremendous variety of activities mak Probably the most exciting and well-attended sport this year was basketball, played annually in February. Sigma Nu defeated SAE in a sudden-death overtime to highlight fraternity competition. The intramural handball league was tough this year, primarily because handball is becoming the most popular sport activity at Florida. Last year ' s handball trophy was won by TEP for the third year in a row. The TEP ' s will probably be as tough in years to come. Phi Delt ' s Jim Ellis races around end in flag-football game. Intramural swimming meet in late spring is always a close contest. Exciting water basketball action starts early compe- tition. intramurals very popular In general, intramural attendance and compe- tition was the best in many years. Both the men ' s and women ' s leagues were favored with excellent fraternity and sorority support and attendance. The four leagues for men were: fraternity Orange league, fraternity Blue league, off- campus housing league, and Dorm league. Officiating at all events were student officials who for the most part did an excellent job of seeing that games were played according to strict intramural rules. Bowling is one of the most popular first semester sports. Broad Jumping at the track meet last October was record-breaking. Volleyball action, with the Kappa Sigs winning this one. A classy back dive wins for this diver. STUDENT GOVERNMENT . PUBLICATIONS 153 MUSIC 162 144 ACTIVITIES Student Vice-President Jack McHaffey and President Bruce Bullock brought a " New Frontier " to the third floor of the Union. Successful candidate Bruce Bullock receives congrat- ulations on the night of his election. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government elections are held in both fall and spring. In the last election the Student Party took four-fifths of the top offices. Under this administration the Cabinet has been ex- panded to include more aspects of student life. Some new additions are commissioners of Housing, School Tradition, and Director of Alumni Contacts. Projects include distribution of Men ' s and Women ' s Campus Pacs and the Frosh- Varsity Basketball Game for Dollars for Scholars, Student Government Newsletter, se- lection of a new school flag design, Constitu- tional revisions, and a bus system providing transportation from remote areas of campus. R. E. Shepard served competently as Student Secretary-Treasurer until December when he gave up his post to Clarence O ' Neil. 144 President ' s Cabinet Seated: Don Anchors, Student Body President Bruce Bullock, Dr. Reitz, Joan Loss. Standing: Har- vey Sharron, Barry Kutun, Bob Harris, Wally Pope, Ron Dykes, John Strickland, Mike Parks, Bill Pinney, Jim Ward, Ned Service, Clarence O ' Neill. Florida Student Government offers more op- portunity for effective student participation in government and allocates more money than any other school in the South. Popular Campus Pacs were one means of earning money to meet the Dollars for Scholars goal. Albert ' s to have a mate! In a student government poll students elected to have two mascots instead of one. 145 FACTS about COLD CONTROl e fo on Roir; ' ' ()( ( Goodwill, Fred Williams, Bob Kent, Judy Styles, Margie Letvis, Elsie Kelly, L( ii. Sally Rock, Tom Riglietti, Buddy Hurst, C. FAlis, Ron F.. Smilli, J. Ron Smith, Elder Snmn meyiceil, Bill Beck, Dougles Midgley, Gordon McKenna, Bill Lewin, Erik Van Brero, Ron Sin Legislative Council Front Row: ' I odd Goodwill, I 1 red U illiams, liob Kent, Judy Styles, Margie Lewis, Elsie Kelly, Lani F.iger, Beverly Jacobson. Sally Rock, Tom Riglietti, Buddy Hurst, C.. Ellis, Ron E. Smith, J. Ron Smith, Elder Stunner. Second Row: Dan Honeywell, Bill Beck, Dougles Midgley, Gordon McKenna, Bill Lewin, Erik Van Brero, Ron Smal- ley, Steve Poicell, Paul Tavel, Ernes Fischer. Third Row: Tommy Landphair, Frank Harsliaw. Eddie Hayslip, Alan Diehl, Richard Gobcr. Harvey YAcglcr, Mori Perlin. Wally Pope, Bill Barfield, Frank Glinn. Fourth Row: Tommy Kennin iton, Larry Travis, Xoel Ilelmly. Charlie Bass, Barry Sinoff, Marcie Mallinger, Jack Blacker, Maurice Plumb, James L. Graham, Paul Hcndrick. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL The Legislative Council ' s seventy members, half of which are elected each spring and fall for a two-semester term, are presided over by the student body vice-president assisted by the Secretary of Legislative All airs. Major duties are passing on proposed consti- tutional revisions, canvassing elections and deciding on yearly fee allocations for campus groups and publications. Leading the legislative council are. Judy Styles, Sec- retary; Jack McIIafJcy, Chairman; and Bob Harris, Secretary of Legislative Affairs. Legislative Council members discuss necessary modifications in student government for it to function effectively on the tri-incstcr si stem. FRESHMAN COUNCIL More student gates at Florida Field, participa- tion in Dollars for Scholars, and plans to in- crease social activity in the dorms are but a few of the projects that the Freshman Council participated in this year. The organization includes freshman represent- atives from all living areas on and off campus and represents over 3,300 freshmen, largest class in Florida history. Freshman Reid Ellis led the Council in activities for the year as its President. The Freshman Council presented the Victory Bell to the University. It hangs at the north end of the stadium. Secretary-Treasurer of the freshman class Don Davis and Vice-President John Ritch. The Freshman Council is dedicated to service and representation of the Freshman class. FLORIDA ' S HONOR COURT Through revisions in structure a student panel jury being the major change this year ' s Honor Court worked to solve many problems within the Court. Under the new structure, after a reported violation of the Honor Code, each student is given an opportunity to prove his innocence during a preliminary investigation. After investigation, a " summary " trial for guilty pleas; and a " formal " trial for not guilty pleas before the Chancellor and jury is held. Penal- ties are decided by the Chancellor, upon the recommendation of the jury. Chancellor Bill Trickel was instrumental this year in changing the Court ' s methods of trial and sentencing. The Honor Court is represented firmly by the gavel. Attorney General Sclig Golden is a senior in Law School, as are many of the Honor Court ' s personnel. Scott Anselmo served as Clerk in his duties of keeping accurate records for the Court. Honor Court Justices Left to Right: Randy Riser, Hilton Fuller, Bob McMullen, Jerome Rothschild, Bob Morris. M Rare is the case when the decision is for the student. TRAFFIC COURT The Traffic Court deals with students only and is handled by students. The job of the court begins when a student receives a traffic Student Traffic Justices Seated from left: Joan Gilliatt, Chief Justice Fred Feinstein, Steve Freedman. Standing: Bill Barfield, Jack Bartlett, John Young, Bill Taliaferro. ticket. If the violator chooses, he may appeal his case to the court, where he acts as his own lawyer. The case is presided over by the Chief Justice, and there is usually a campus police- man there to talk against any kind of appeal at all. SUMMER STEERING COMMITTEE During last summer, the student government was handled by the Summer Steering Com- mittee. This is a combination of legislative members and executive members who attempt to control finances and activities during the summer session. Membership is by appoint- ment with approval of the Legislative Coun- cil. With the approaching trimester plan, this is the last of the summer student government of this type. Camp Waubcrg Day was one of the committee ' s summer functions. Student Body Vice-President Jack Mahaffey led the committee. Florida Union Officers: Bill Stanford, Vice-President; Mac Melvin, President; Ann Ertel, Secretary; Mike Wesson, Treasurer. FLORIDA UNION The Union Board for Student Activities, con- sisting of eleven committee chairmen and three directors, is headed by Mac Melvin, president; Jim Stadelman, vice president; Ann Artel, sec- retary; and Mike Wesson, treasurer. Coordi- nating all Florida Union activities as one of its main purposes, the Union Board also spon- sors programs intending to interest the univer- sity community culturally and socially and to provide opportunities for student leadership development. The Board ' s outstanding activi- ties for the year include international suppers, sponsoring trips to Nassau and New York, Gator Gras, and Camp Wauburg playday. Foreign dinners gave students and faculty an oppor- tunity to sample cuisine from other countries. " What should I bid? " muses a coed in the Florida Union Bridge Tournament. One of Student Government ' s latest projects was the nickel bus service for students with early morning classes. At the Union crafts shop imaginative students create modern sculpture from old automobile parts. 150 Florida Union Boar d Seated: Pep Michie, Dennis Flanagan, Ginger Harrell, Luis Gomez, Ann Ertel, Paul Hendrick, Bill Stanford, Mike Wesson, Cathy Pierce, Grable Stoutamire. Standing: Dave Champion, Andy Home, Karen Kuchell, Jane Gentry. " Fashion Frolics " sponsored by the Hostess Committee kept Florida coeds up to date with campus fashion. Besides its many other activities, the Union brings varied and interesting art exhibits to the students. Orange Peel editor Jack Horan fires the Orange Ogre towards victory in the turtle race on Camp Wauburg Day. 151 WSA: Carol Ciravolo, Bonnie Naughton, Terry Nugent, Corresponding Secretary; Lyn Chaffcc, Treasurer; Karen Filers, President; Cora Randall, Vice-P ' resident; Elsie Marcum, Recording Secretary; Susan Young, Becky Cjuinn. W. S. A. The Women ' s Student Association, a repre- sentative group of all women on campus, has delegates from dormitories, sorority houses and off-campus housing. A member of the Intercollegiate Association of Women ' s Stu- dent Governments, it attempts to make Florida women feel more a part of campus life through such activities as regular meetings, the Mortar Board banquet, a job placement service, and participation in welcome week and Religion- in-Life week. The annual publication of " Co- edikette " by W.S.A. welcomes new women students to campus and presents the W.S.A. regulations. Eager freshmen obtain information about the " Florida coed " during Orientation Week. WSA Front Row: Rosanne Hirsh, Irene Hayward, Sandy Mackay, Carolyn Kocher, Nancy Lucas, Mary Lewis, Lois Ho- mans, Kay Ivey. Second Row: Elaine Kranzler, JoAnn Notaris, Sandee Sconyers, Carol Williams, Eileen Pfeiffer, Ellen Holt, Stasia Kapa. Third Row: Sally Blizzinger, Lynn Panther, Sandra Lee Scales, Joan Merchant, Ann Stovall. Fourth Row: Susan Scharlott, Joyce Haytnorn, Rosalind Ross, Fairh Zmistowski, Pat Clements. Fifth Row: Diane Dowling, Bette Neuhaus, Irma Green, Carta Dimmick, Penny Johnson, Judy Baker. Sixth Row: Carol Burchell, Susan Crane, Susan Fischer, Patti Pitz, Marna V. Brady, advisor, Molly O ' Neil, Linda Lee Ricker. 1962 SEMINOLE A year of firsts for the Seminole! For the first time it was sold to the students at large, and for the first time in a long while, it came out on time. Hardworking staff members spent many hours in the basement of the Florida Union working on the editorial content of the book while others worked around campus selling the books to the students. From the editorial end, editor Bob Kent kept close watch over staff members and the printer. Barbara Geyer managing editor Dave Champion photography coordinator George Solomon oorts editor Bob Kent editor-in-chief Bill Dowling copy and greek editor Sam Johnston photographer Lynn Madison, activities editor Lee S ic -;). index editor Pep MieJne and Jack GiU, assistant greek editors lAnda Bnskind, ciillunil life editor l ' ' u e Corbeilh ' , activities editor Betsy Lee, Marcia Jones, Bunny Goldberg, Joan Harris, Pain L ' llonunedieu, Ginny Shnins, staff members. The Scmhiole sold for $3.00 this year. While it was difficult at first for the student body to aeeept this, some 4,000 lucky students finally purchased their books. Those who didn ' t buy wanted proof before buying that a Seminole could be a uood yearbook. Thev will buv O J J next year. Organization in the Seminole was rearranged so that the smallest number of students could do the most work. Although a threat manv O O j people worked on the 1962 Seminole, only a lew heart}-, hard working souls put out the centra] time-consuming portion of the book. Sandy Goederl. life editor Seminole staffers, realizing that most past Seminoles have been grossly deficient in many areas, worked long and vigorously to try to put out a book that people and students of Florida would be proud of. New emphasis on color and layout were but two of the book ' s innovations. Judi Andersen and Paula Craig, assisted by Sharon Smith, did most of the business deal- ings of the Seminole. This was mainly sales, as the new Executive Secretary of the Board of Student Publications took over most money matters. m l " . . ' " : tV ; , ' ' f ' .i V V ' . r I Paula Craig, Assistant Business Manager, and Judi Anderson, Business Manager. Seminole Business Staff From left: Gayle Warnecke, Sharon Smith, Paula Craig, Judi Andersen, 155 Managing Editor Bill Curry serves as Editor next year. The Florida Alligator, the primary news media on campus, won first place for straight news- writing at the Sigma Delta Chi national jour- nalistic fraternity convention. Aside from the regular editions, Editor Neil Swan and Man- aging Editor Bill Curry, aided by their staff, added a magazine supplement in six editions and produced a thirty two page homecoming edition which included a full color supplement. The Alligator, not to be tied to a printing press, recently innovated the " Alligator on the Air, " a 10-minute program of campus news pre- sented twice a week on WRUF. Assistants (from left): David West and Jan Lathrop Lenox, and Mike Gora, Sports Editor. FLORIDA ALLIGATOR Editor Neil Swan graduated at midterm after serving as Editor for two semesters. Staffers (from front): Bobbie Fleischman, Sandy Sweitzer, Mary Anne Awtrey, and Carole Bardolla. 156 Gator Editorial Staff-Front Row, from left: Carol Bardella, Gloria Gall, Mike Gora, Bobbie Fleischman, David West. Second Row: Lea Bussey, Sandy Swcitzer, Fred Schneider, Maryanne Awtrey, Jan Lenox, Jim Shrodes. Third Row: Robert Green, Jared Lebow, Jack Horan. ALLIGATOR The business staff of the Alligator, headed by Business Manager Hendrik Browne and Assist- ant Business Manager Gary Burke, handled the fiscal problems of the Gator. These finances were provided for by the allotment in student fees and through local and national advertising. The task of providing for the distribution of the papers also fell to the business staff. There was a circulation of between 11 and 12 thou- sand papers per issue, though 25 thousand homecoming editions were printed. Alligator Business Manager Hendrik Browne. Alligator Business Staff Left Picture, from left: David Champion, Gary Burke, Linda Merk. Right Picture: Lee Eggert, Pete Perkel. c Peel Staffers-Lee Bentley, Ken Fisher, Editor Don Addis, Skip Browne, Jack Horan. Tom Hoffman. THE ORANGE PEEL The Orange Peel, the number one national col- lege humor magazine, this year put out a special Homecoming issue. This bonus issue increased the Peel ' s annual publication from the usual four times per year to five. Don Addis editor since spring of ' 59, was fol- lowed in the spring of ' 62 by Jack Horan. Addis had articles published in Big Daddy, Teen magazine, S ' iotf Business Illustrated, and three cartoons in Playboy. Gary Burke stepped into the office of business manager in ' 62. The Orange Peel came under administrative criticism late in the fall semester and was sus- pended late in April. Gary Burke and Don Addis seem delighted al new editor Jack lloran ' s addition to the Peel office. Editor Addis kept a watchful eye on the material in the Peel, Ken Fisher ' s cartoons were enjoyed by all in many editions. Scope: Marifrancis Tucker, Jennie Linn, Butch Wil- liams, Robert Pitcher, Bar- bara Barret, Bill Conner, David West, Anthony Col- son. SCOPE Scope, the general interest magazine at Flor- ida, brings together the best articles, short stories, poetry, and art done this year on campus. Published four times this year, Scope was introduced to the campus last year in a single Spring issue. Although Scope gained a small income from student fee allocations, its main difficulty comes from lack of sufficient advertising and poor sales. I ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Frater- nity composed of former Scouts. There are over 350 chapters in the national organization. Tau chapter ' s principal projects are service at Homecoming, maintenance and award of two tuition scholarships, distribution of Career books to seniors, and the annual Ugly Man Contest each spring. Alpha Phi Omega Front Row: Mr. Nat Robertson, Advisor; Richard Regenburgh, First Vice-President; Jack Blacker, President; Keith Pittman, Second Vice- President; Professor Charles G. Geltz, Advisor. Sec- ond Row: Wayne Peck, E. J. Whitley, Kenneth Francke, Michael Domanski, Bob Beacham, Jeff Meeke. Third Row: Douglas Reed, George Summers, Tom White. 159 Hu J Cunningham, chairman K. B. Meurlott, executive secretary BOARD OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Partially controlling the largest single fee sup- ported activity at Florida, the Board of Stu- dent Publication ' s aim is to give the students what they pay for through their fees. The Board receives SI 25. 000 annually. This year the Legislative Council created the position of Executive Secretary and the Board allotted a salary for the job. Executive Secre- tary K. B. Muerlott carries out the policies of the Board and assumes its financial respon- sibilities. Alter the discontinuation of the " F ' Book be- cause of lack of funds, errors in the book, and poor methods of distribution, student govern- ment appointed the Student Handbook Com- mittee to explore the possibility of publishing a new handbook which could be distributed to all new incoming students. A major move of the Board was authoriza- tion by the Legislative Council for the pur- chase of some offset type equipment pending approval by the Board of Control. The Orange Peel, under administration criticism was closely watched over by the Board, then suspended by Pres. Reit in April. Board of Student Publications Front Row: Dr. Ralph Thompson, Jared LcBow, Dr. II. B. Clark, Illicit Cunningham, Chairman. Seconil Row: John I ' arrell. K. B. Meurlott, executive Secretary, Holmer Spencc, Tom Gibson. SPECIALIZED PUBLICATIONS The Student Directory, Gator Greek, and Co- Edikette represent the many other publications on campus. The Student Directory is published by the student government and lists the name, college and classification, address and phone number of every student. The directory was distributed throughout the dorms and was sold at the bookstore. Distribution was halted tem- porarily because of a beer advertisement on the back cover. The Gator Greek, published quarterly by the Interfraternity Council, served as an informa- tion organ to Florida ' s 2,600 fraternity men. This y ear the newspaper enlarged its size and expanded its services to include sorority infor- mation. Again this year L ' il Orange appeared to inform the coeds about the regulations set forth by the Women ' s Student Association. The yearly booklet, Coedikette, published by the WSA, was mailed to all incoming freshmen girls. THE GATOR GRE1 Greek Fi Council Pa ' Greeks W Co-op Five Per Cei anting, tnler ainm oofrotic ' -kingShow Cross To Speak Thetas Arrive Preparing Gator Greek informs fraternity members of IFC news. Student Directory, the handiest book on campus. L ' il Orange has the leading role in presenting WSA regulations. 3? Captain Palmer Henriksen. Two-year man Fred Johnson. The crowd and the ever-present smile always mark the Florida cheerleader. Whether the score is low or high, a trick or formation is always in order. FLORIDA ' S CHEERLEADERS Florida ' s cheerleading squad this year was composed of twelve spirited, hardworking students. The squad had a vigorous schedule which included all football and basketball games. Cheerleaders at Florida are chosen new each Spring with all members going out to compete with prospective members for a place on the squad. Cheering before a large audience and main- taining control and contact at all times is difficult and requires precise cheering move- ments coordinated with voice and crowd feel- ing. But there was always that pleasant disposition that kept the crowds cheering for the Florida team. 162 Florida Cheerleaders First Row: Carol Zimmer, Bonnie Butler, Pat Williams, Shell Clyatt, Sallie Spencer, Sylvia Palmer, Celeste Sanchez. Hanging: Fred Johnston, Bill Pinney, Bob Van Steenburg, Palmer Henriksen. Two-Year veteran Sylvia Palmer. Carol Zimmer led cheers at football game. 163 John James Ellis Palmer, editor of the Yale Review, addressed the Military Convocation. Vice-president Johnson reviewed Gator Guard. The Air Force ROTC stands at attention during the weekly drill. This crack drill team represented UF well. AROTC AFROTC The Army and Air Force ROTC sponsor programs by which they honor 25 distin- guished military graduates, ten from the Air Force and fifteen from the Army. The require- ments for such an honor are qualities of lead- ership, graduation in the upper one third of his class and ROTC class. The Air Force Billy Mitchell Drill Team is a precision unit of forty-two men who appear in Mardi Gras and the Sunshine Festival. The Scabbard and Blade of the Army sponsors the University of Florida Invitational Rifle Match and also instructs seniors and their wives in military protocol. Colonel Vernon S. Smith, AFROTC. 164 Col. Thomas A. Graham, Army ROTC Assistant Pro- fessor. Last year, this new Air Force plane was displayed at the ROTC building. ROTC training is of times rigid and tough. Scabbard and Blade Kneeling, from left: Winston Radford, Steve Brewer, Stuart Fischbein, Fred Curtis, Ted Mealor, Col. W. E. Field, Robbie Robinson, Hammond Salley, Phil Knight, Joel Glenn. Second Row: Walter Drew, Ronald Grassi, John Moore, Jim Wolf, Ted Tschumy, Jack Zahrly, Edward Johnston, Lee Jones, George Jenkins, Phil Wahlbom. Third Row: Ed Dunn, Mike Dowling, Don Bode, Daniel O ' Connell, Bennett Weaver, Bruce Beechley, Raymond Rovansek, Arthur Askew, Burton Jordan, Mike Crews. 165 GATOR BAND Etind Director Richard Bowles. Assistant Band Director Konrad Batischka. The Gator Band strives for the success of its tri-aims. This purpose is to provide music, pageantry, and color for the University func- tions; to serve the University and state as a representative in bringing university personnel to the attention ol the public; and to serve Uni- versity students by providing an outlet for the musical talents of qualified individuals. There are six divisions ot this campus organi- zation. They are as follows: the Gator March- ing Band, which functions through football season; the Gator Symphonic Baud, which tours and presents formal concerts; the Gator Concert Band, which furnishes outdoor con- certs, serves as a lab for music majors, and plays at basketball games; the Military Band, which works with the ROTG; the Variety Band, which performs popular and show times; and the Gator Summer Band, which provides music in summer session. President Tom Stidham, aided by Nice-presi- dent B. Mason Hughes and the other officers, worked throughout the year to maintain the quality of the band. Hailing the new school year, lliis formation could be read on both aides of the stadium. The University of Florida Gator ettes First Row, from left: Barbara Bates, Mary McAllister, Susie Quick, Charlotte Pilcher, Jean Brown, Kathryn Knadle, Toy Tanya Tallnian, Leslie Barry. Second Row: Nancy Hickerson, Carolyn Johnson, Char- lelle Chevalier, Bunny Williams, Mona Wise, Rosalie Finley, Sue Martin, Vandy Cooper, Shirley Queen, and Loretta Bagely. Band President Tom Stidham. Dave Brooker, Head Drum Major. The Gator Band in the familiar som- brero formation was interesting to watch. 167 t8f V fi t1 ' , ' i, X tw! , n. l tSS - , A Over 6,000 students and townspeople attended the Choral Unions Christmas presentation of the Messiah. FLORIDA ' S CHORAL UNION Dr. Elwood Keister of the music department directs the group. Drawing the largest audience to a musical performance on campus last year, the Choral Union is recognized as a leading campus musi- cal group. Both Florida students registered in the group for credit, and townspeople attending for enjoyment make the group of over 400 per- sons a large campus activity. Last spring, Verdi ' s Requim was presented and at Christmas the group presented the well- attended Messiah in the Florida Gymnasium. Dr. Elwood Keister has worked with the group for several years in bringing it to recognition as a campus organization. Original music of the University Symphony made the Messiah more memorable. 168 This rebel made the most of the Washington snow. Dr. Keister, Director of the University Choir. UNIVERSITY CHOIR The University Choir in full regalia. The University Choir, whose purpose is to promote good relations for the University, is composed of a highly select group of seventy- five members. The Choir traveled to Jackson- ville to sing with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and during last semester break took a trip down the east coast of Florida. They also sang at the Christmas-on-Campus pro- gram and participated with the Choral Union in the presentation of the Messiah. Men ' s Glee Club in one of their varied campus programs. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The " Campus in Emphasis " was the new look donned by the Men ' s Glee Club, directed by Mr. Guy B. Webb. Men ' s vocal music for our own campus was their challenge. The Glee Club was seen by Florida students and faculty at Gator Growl, the Caribbean Conference, W.R.U.F. TV State-wide Recital, Christmas- on-Campus with Dr. Reitz, Dean Hale ' s Christ- mas Reading, Religion-in-Life Week Convo- cation, " Spring Fling Sing " at the women ' s dorms and sororities, and a joint concert with the Women ' s Glee Club and University Choir. A win ter wonderland greets the Glee Club on their Washington tour. Mr. Guy B. Webb, Director of Men ' s Glee Club. 170 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Women ' s Glee Club, a group of 50 to 60 girls directed by Delbert E. Sterrett, traveled extensively throughout the year. They toured the middle section of Florida for four days and then went to Puerto Rico where they spent six days as guests of the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Mayaguez. Founded in 1948, the Glee Club has quickly become one of the most popular musical organ- izations on campus. It has often appeared in concert and on television and radio programs throughout Florida. As an added attraction, a select group of 36 girls known as the Singing Sweethearts participate in a semester break tour. Dr. Delbert E. Sterrett, Director. The Women ' s Glee Club in performance during the fall semester. Director Sterrett and the Women ' s Glee Club. TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma was organized in the Spring of 1952 as a local sorority, but in April, 1958, the group became affiliated with the Tau Beta Sigma National Organization. Members serve as ushers at the Division of Music Concerts. The purpose of this organization is to promote the existence of the college band and to honor outstanding bandswomen through the privilege of membership. Tau Beta Sigma presents the Harold B. Bach- man award to the outstanding member of the Gator Band for the year. Tau Beta Sigma Front Row: Cynthia Aronson, Secretary; Marie Thayer, Vice-president; Haren Eilers, President; Flor- ence Alexander Cline, Treasurer. Second Row: Ann Hiuson, Loretta Bagley, Linda Spillman, Karen Rock, Judy Davis, Mary Ludwig, Mrs. R. W. Bowles, Judy Lane. Third Row: R. W. Bowles, Gay Hantman Lokitz, Pat Strohm, Connie Ober- lin, Gail Griffin, Irene DeVault, Joy Battle, Helen Milford, Judy Wallace, Dain Bogue. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi is organized for the purpose of promoting the existence of the college band. Outstanding bandsmen are honored through the privilege of membership. The most important event on the Kappa Kappa Psi calendar is the presentation of awards to outstanding freshmen and senior bandsmen. In addition, the male Gatorland band member which merits the recognition of most outstand- ing is presented an award. The most significant choral clinic member is also selected. Kappa Kappa Psi Front Row: Conrad R. Bauschka, Advisor; Thomas M. Stidham, Vice-President; Micky Miles, B. Mason Hughs, Edward Rolf, David L. Brooker. Second Row: Jim Fairchild, President; Russell E. Shafor, Treasurer; Randall S. Dampier, Richard N. Evans, Secretary; Eric B. Smith, Mario J. Levetto, John A. Whitehead, Don Mullin, William L. Barnhart, John M. Cantlay, Richard S. Kip. 172 Athletic Council From left: Lou Merchant, Jim Beaver, Bob Perry, Palmer Hendricksen, Steve McBride, N. R. Merhof, Coach Hobe Hooser, W. E. Moore, Advisor. ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Council meets once a month to plan a complete schedule of athletic events for the students, faculty, and alumni. Duties of the Council included distribution of the stu- dent government athletic fee, and assuring proper recognition for athletic accomplishment in the form of letters, plaques, and awards. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a na- tional organization, promotes Christian prin- ciples both on and off the athletic field. The Florida chapter of forty members was very active in speaking to youth rallies around the state. Fellowship members Sitting: Tom Gregory, John Dent, Ted Mealor, David Bludworth, Bruce Culpepper, Bruce Starling, Tommy Tart. Standing: Tom Donahoo, Ed Braddy, Bob Johnson, Allen Holt, Dennis Murphy, Roger Pettee, Terry Green, Chaley Gates, Tom Moore, Charles Abramson, Allen Trammel, Gary Cliett, Buddy Morrison. 173 . I SORORITIES 179 FRATERNITIES 208 GREEKS SORORITY LIFE These girls enjoy one of the most popular studybreaks on campus. Part of sorority activities are Christmas parties and decorations, such as mistletoe. Pert and pretty, Most girls get " snowed " at SX derby. " Any body bring a razor, " would seem appropriate for this girl. she ' s off to Spring Frolics. This sorority girl adds the final touches to a Christmas tree. 177 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Sponsors Korean War orphan Panhellenic council coordinated all activities between UF sororities last year. In addition to regulating rush procedures, it sponsors Pan- hellenic Sing, from which the proceeds go to sponsor a war orphan in Korea. Each year the council awards a full tuition scholarship to a woman undergraduate. In the Spring, Panhellenic joined with the IFC to plan Greek Day. Officers this year were: Flossie Copeland, President; Suzanne Brady, Vice President; Susan Drue, Secretary; and Jeanne Donn, Treasurer. President Flossie Copeland. Panhellenic Members- Front Row: Windy Lin- sey, Jean Hollar, Marian Dolive, April Blassin- game, Alfreda Heidi. Second Row: Beverly Jacobson, Susan Drew, Flossie Copeland, Pattij Welsh. Standing: Joan Bleyer, Maxine Taylor, Sharon Sites, Sibley Bur- goyne, Nancy Sounders, Betsy MacDougal, Jain Anne Browning, Joan Gilliott, Karen Alfonso, Ann Hafbaur. Sponsor, Dean Evelyn Sellars. 178 KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAT ' S appear on the Gator frontier " Thetas Appear on the Gator Frontier " was the slogan that introduced the newest sorority to Florida ' s campus. Forty-two members were pledged after a weekend of rushing by the F.S.U. chapter actives. Winning first place for their float in Homecoming put the Thetas off to a year of fun and activity. Leading the KAT ' s through their first year were Susan Waite, President; Julia Freeman, Vice-President; Irene Curry, Secretary, and Diana Behm, Treasurer. Front Row, floor: Dede Johnson; Sue Waite, President; Molly O ' Neill, Corresponding Secretary; Mimi Carr, Bonnie Naughton, Ginny Sims, Carolyn Coll; Dee Behm, Treasurer; April Blassingame, Elinor Lassiter, Ann Lewis, Ginger Mehrling. Seated, from left: Margaret Chandler, Lynn Madison, Sandy Howard, Elizabeth Gray, Joan Eidsness, Kathy O ' Donnell, Diana Andrews, Sally Moore, Lois Har- vey, Marie Alexander, Marilyn Mays. Theta ' s won first place float in sorority Homecoming competition. Front Row, floor: Linda Schmidt, Vicki Williams, Jeri Bittner, Judy Smith, Drene Tyson, Sue Bol- lard. Seated, from left: Judy Munden, Jane Nye, Peggy Miller, Irene Curry, Recording Sec- retary; Kathy Durham, Jane Hollar, Gave Woodward, Penny John- son, Mary Beth Wallace, Sandra Manning, Kathie Wobie, Jane Weite- kamp, Rosemary Fran- cis, Linda Reed, Nancy Huff, Julie Freeman, Vice - President; Merri Johnson. 179 ALPHA CHI OMEGA AXO S have beauties all over the house Arfaras, Kay Applegate, Joan Bates, Barbara Bauer, Gayle Beller, Judith Brown, Kitty Bush, Robin Cartwright, Cathy Clark, Gena Connor, Alice Curtis, Annie Delaney, Francine Donn, Jeanne Dunn, Suzanne Rhode, Emery Eschleman, Suzy Estes, Nancy Goodrich, Cindy Greathouse, Gigi Griffith, Mary Ann Hack, Karen Hack, Pam Hagan, Caryl Hall, Lee Ann Hollingsworth, Irene Hughes, Linda Hulbert, Martha Ann Jackson, Pam Joyal, Anita Libby, Mary McAllister, Mary McDowell, Ellen Merchant, Joan Miller, Phyllis Ann Montgomery, Sally Mosley, Janet Neral, Dianne Neuman, Janie Ott, Nancy Otto, Anita Divena, Sandy Perez, Deanna Angela Pittman, Helen Prince, Judy Lynn Purcell, Bernardine Raymond, Judy Roberson, Judy Robinson, Connie Rodriquez, Claudia Salisbury, Ann Sanchez, Celeste Sargeant, Margaret Schroeder, Connie Shay, Judy Shea, Carol Ann Sides, Cynthia Silcox, Jayne Smith, Robbie Spache, Jackie Spencer, Saltie Spinks, Kathy Starr, Gail Tunstall. Pat Waddy, Mary Wilson, Marty 180 with trophies to prove it. Alpha Chi Omega kept a busy calendar of activities this year. Selling the most copies of Scope, the AXO ' s were award- ed a trophy for their efforts. Chapter members were active in campus politics, WSA, Hostess and Blue Key Speakers Bureau. Celeste Sanchez and Sally Spenser were Gator cheerleaders, and Judy Shay was sorority Whip for the United Party. Judy Lynn Prince was a princess in the 1961 Homecoming Court. Another beauty winner was Kay Arfaras, who was Pan-American Queen. Two Alpha Chi ' s were chosen as Orange Peel Beauties while the Kappa Sigmas named an AXO as their sweet- heart. Sponsoring a cottage at Sunland for children is an AXO service p roject, as well as an Easter egg hunt in April for underprivileged children. Alpha Chi Omega officers for this year were Martha Hurlbert, President; Patricia Tunstall, Vice-President; Claudia Rodriquez, Secretary, and Joan Applegate, Treasurer. Fun around the piano was part of every pledge ' s tra After hours, the telephone seemed the only way " out ' ' The traditional ' Gator was AXO homecom- ing decoration. AXO ' s Jackie Spache and Susan beauty book. Engle through the The always-popular " bull session " predominates at the AXO house. 181 ALPHA DELTA PI pledges visit pediatrics ward as special Lewis, Isabelle Lewis, Sarah Jane Lobnitz, Gloria Pirenian, Lucienne Lush, Rhoda McHaney, Gail McLaughlm, Suzanne Meachem, Lynn Michie, Pep Liller, Mary Moorehouse, Pat Moss, Kathy Motschman, Bev Parrish, Ann Pfetcher, Carole Pierson, Betty Jean Popejoy, Carol Preng, Bev Rickey, Mary Sanborn, Pris Sands, Sue Sites, Sharon Sloan, Tucky Stafford, Linda Stoltz, Karen Tate, Carol Whidden, Kay Wilhelm, Jayne Williams, Pat Willis, Melinda Yow, Judi Zeiler, Jean Zimmer, Carol Anderson, Dee Baker, Annette Baltier, Bonnie Barrett, Barbara Bass, Diana Booth, Carol Boyd, Peggy Brashears, Carol Brown, Ann Brown, Becky Burch, JoAnn Callaway, Betti Carr, Carol Combs, Judy Combs, Patsy Conroy, Carol Craig, Paula Curran, Carol D ' Alessandro, Marghuerite Dolive, Marion Dowling, Diane Draper, Nancy Edwards, Linda Elder, Bobbie Sue Ertel, Ann Fairfield, Kathy Geyer, Barbara Groschen, Susan Hardy, Marty Helman, Jane Hermann, Charlene Himalstein, Patty Ivey, Kay LaFace, Ida Layton, Lindy 182 project for year 1961. " Who ' ll take us to the hospi- tal? " asked the pledges of ADPi. Visiting the pediatrics wards and reading to the chil- dren kept the pledges busy this year. Three Gator cheerlead- ers kept the spirit going while active Alpha Delta Pi ' s filled spots in Legislative Council, Student Government, publications, orientation, Blue Key speakers, Lyceum Council and Hon- oraries. The Kappa Alphas, Sigma Nus, Pikes, and SAEs choose ADPi ' s for their fraternity favorites. Ann Ertel served as Secretary of the Florida Union Board, and Barbara Geyer was manag- ing editor of the Seminole. Annette Baker was a finalist in the 1961 Homecoming Sweetheart Contest. ADPi weekend was a highlight of the spring semester with a " World of Susie Wong " party. Dick Streeter, SAE, was King of Dia- monds. Leading the ADPi ' s through the year were Linda Stafford, President; Sue Sands, Vice-President; Dana Woodward, Secretary, and Carol Popejoy, Treasurer. S31 West Panhellenic Drive. It ' s pinning time for Lucienne and Monty. , These girls seemed to keep their dates even longer! The ADPi ' s sold Christmas Seals as a project at Christmas time. ALPHA EPSILON PHI AEPhi ' s win honors scholastically Andre -, Karhara Karr , I - KarrU, Judi Htrkw ' Brilli Krntnian, Miki C ' liau ky, (. ' oilman, Naticv amoiiil, Rit Drue, Susan cr, I .ani , Nan (iinsun, I A nn CioldenbcriT, (it)Idman, Maxin ( Iranison, Shorn iix-ciK ' , Inna an on, Rnm elman, Susan 1 lomans, I.ois fucobson, Hi. v Jacobson, IV-L! J iista, I-ran Knstal, Sue illMin, 1 )nttiu Man.nck, l- ' lorcnc, Karl ira Notowit , Jud Spielinan, Aflelie Srillman, Karhara ' I ', Naiu- I ' Irnan, ' I ' oha Xuekerinati, KuMn 181 this year with 2.7 average. Highest scholastic honors went to the Alpha Epsilon Phi chap- ter this semester as the girls won the Scholarship trophy with a 2.7 gradepoint average. Aside from studying, the AE- Phi ' s were active on campus in Legislative Council, Blue Key Speakers Bureau, Orienta- tion, Lyceum, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Putting their ideas together, the AEPhi ' s came up with the " Kingston Trio " as their Home- coming skit and placed third in Gator Growl. Two fraternities, AEPi and TEP chose AEPhi ' s as their sweethearts. This year, active AEPhi, Ann Rothenberg served as administrative assistant to the chair- man of Homecoming, while Marilyn Ettinger presided over the Student Nurses Association. Leading the AEPhi chapter through the year were Lynn Ginson, President; Pepi Spielberger, Vice-President; Ann Rothenberg, Secretary, and Toby Seibus, Treasurer. With excitement, the AEPhi ' s greeted rushees. K .V AEPhi ' s participated in the SX Derby Parade. Whether hoping or dancing, the AEPhi ' s enjoyed the Derby. S32 West Panhellenic Drive 185 ALPHA OMICRON PI money raising fledges have ' help day ' ' Adams, Sherri Aldrich, Gerri Alfonso, Barbara Anderson, Clarice Baur, Ginger Bethea, Sandra Boardman, Barbara Boggess, Nancy Brady, Suzanne Brandt, DeeDee Brown, Cheryl Bruhn, Elke Marie Burton, Char Campbell, Maureen Carlton, Janet Ruth Cilley, Pat Clark, Gayle Clements, Pat Clements, Jenny DaVault, Irene Deaton, Mary Jane Downing, Diane Eagon, Sali Foster, Sherry Gaffney, Carol Gehris, Marsha Gabney, Sharon Hamel, Linda Hatcher, Mary Dell Hawkins, Nancy Haynsworth, Sandy Hendrix, Dot Hicks, Sarah Holman, Jean Honea, Jan Hudson, Carol Hurd, Linda Johnson, Carol Jones, Ann Jones, Judy Krekel, Marilyn Kuehn, Shirley Law, Carolyn Liningston, Sue Meyer, Sharon Miller, Nancy Elizabeth Moft ' ett, Judy Morlan, Bonnie Neff, Marsha Nelson, Carole Otts, Ginnylee Pachon, Sue Parham, Nancy Parham, Rose Pittelkow, Dianne Plescia, Mary Elaine Quade, Nancy Ratliff, Betty Lee Robinson, Pam Werder, Sandy Werner, Linda Worley, Elizabeth Young, Bobbie Yusko, Jane 186 for pledge project. A " Help Day " kept the AOPi P led g es bus X washing win- dows, cleaning rooms, ironing and doing odd jobs in order to raise money for their pledge project. When all was done, they presented new bronze AOPi letters for the front of the house. A faculty banquet in December honored the professors of the Uni- versity. As a chapter project, the girls spon- sored a child at Sunland, and at Christmas, they gave a party for underprivileged children. On campus, Suzanne Brady served as Secretary of Student Government, while Maurenn Camp- bell was on Honor Court. AOPi weekend was a highlight of the year with George Maish being crowned Rose Man. Officers this year for Alpha Omercron Pi were Dot Hendrix, President; Linda Hamel, Vice- President; Nancy Hawkins, Secretary, and Marilyn Krekel, Treasurer. The AOPi Mascot got weekly baths. S19 West Panhellenic Drive. Member Ginny Oxley got the house twist- ing. Goren fans all, the AOP ' s played much bridge. Afternoon pa rties were well attended by the AOPi ' s. 187 CHI OMEGA spring retreat at camp O ' hna and Elusinian banquet Alford, Flo Andre, Paulette Benett, Jean Bledsoe, Tena Bledsoe, Tricia Bleyer, Joan Boone, Dons Cherry, Fran Cox, Eleta Deitz, Yvonne Dundee, Elizabeth Dunn, Sally Enns, Susan Gabriel, Cinda Gaff, Susan Gifers, Elizabeth Graham, Helen Griffin, Fannie Grooms, Claudia Heide, Elfreda Jean, Judy Jordan, Jan Kocher, Carolyn LaBarre, Ann Lambie, Nancy Lucas, Nancy Montgomery, Judy Morgan, Cherrie Nagel, Sarah Nelms, Neysa Pelton, Sally Randall, Cora Robbins, Mary Rock, Sally Scales, Sandra Sconyers, Susan Strickland, Connie Taylor, Sandra Thomas, Kay Thornton, Carol Towson, Julie VVelshinger, Linda Wilkins, Connie- Wood, Jo 188 highlighted Spring semester. FH - " - " x ' S f jaM M ia Chi Omegas serenade from their balcony. Up and over the net. A chapter retreat at Camp O ' Lena and the annual Elusin- ian banquet highlighted this spring semester of Chi Omega. The pledge class kept busy with a survey of campus or- ganizations and their functions for the benefit of the student body. Active members of the United Party, the Chi Omega ' s have two members on Legislative Council and are honored with the Vice-Presi- dent of Mortar Board. Irish Johnson was chosen the Queen of the Fiesta of Five Flags in Pensacola while Bar- bara Jones and Joan Bleyer were on fraternity sweetheart courts. Chi Omega was led this year by President, Mary Williams; Vice-President, Jean Bennett; Secretary, Patty Lucey, and Treasurer, Flo Alford. 807 West Panhellenic Drive. Caught in a study trance is Chi O Linda Welshinger. DELTA DELTA DELTA The Tri-Delt ' s bring home many Allen, Janet Anilersnn, 1) : Arm u , Ann Hal- cock, Trevt-tt Blinks, Ann H:, ' , |iidy BirchficU, Sue Brnv. nuiLS Ann Bryant, Sandy J Burm ) nt - ' Sioley Burkej Pearl Butler, Bonnie Camp, Flleii Camp, S.illy Chit, Anna (iene Crandall, " aleric C ro v, Kathy Daviilsun, Kay ! ) ' dire, Joan Dowlitm, Johanna I ' erran, I ' .nmiy Fonl, l.ucy l ; orcnian, Carolyn B;i (ion ale , Ivctte ( iresham, N ' ancy Hance, Perry Harlowe, (iay Jamison, Sue Jasper, Jinny Jones, Sharon [onion, 1 )iane Klein, I .i j Joan I.assitcr, Kim I.t-ak, June , Betty Ling.Judi Luthy, Alice McCahc, Jean Makemson Martin, Sue Matthews, Carolyn Miller, Dee Morgan, Su atme Morton, l j at N ' eal, Peggy Keitx, Mariie Palmer, Sylvia Pitman, Bohra Pralle, Marilyn Pruyne, JoAnn Sessions, Ann Similar, Virginia Smith, Dianne Smith, Mary I, on Smith, Vicki Stedman, Catherine Stedman, Martha Nay Stohlman, Dehhie Tucker, Marifrances TyneficUl, Nancy Warren, Putty Williams, Bunny 190 trophies for beauty honors. Beauty honors soared high this year in the Delta Delta Delta house, as Bonnie Butler reign- ed over Military Ball, Jane Sloan over Business Day, and Ivette Gonzales, a finalist in the Pan American Queen Contest. Fraternity Sweethearts numbered three, when the Pikes, ATO ' s and Delt ' s all chose pretty Tri-Delta ' s as the " Girls of Their Dreams. " The Tri-Delt ' s did well on the intramural grid- iron, bringing home a first in over-all sorority athletics. The pledges, not to be outdone, also landed another first place for the house, win- ning the top spot in scholarship. The Tri Delt man of the year was Sigma Chi, Chic Molded. Leading this active group this year were Bon- nie Butler, President; Francis Torraca, Vice- President; Debbie Stohlman, Secretary, and Jan Reel, Treasurer. 1134 East Panhellenic Drive Preferential parties, white formals, and candles conclude rush. Serene beauty fills the Tri Delt house on a lonely after- noon. Three Sigma Nus pin their Tri Delt sweethearts. DELTA GAMMA raunchy ranch weekend for DG ' s provides a Alfonso, Karen Bacon, Ann Berry, Be Brandon, Becky Brownell, Sandra Coleman, Clytee Coleman, Judy Crawford, Karen Crownover, Carol Danford, Ann Darby, Dade Davis, Linda Fisher, Dianne Doig, Jackie Drtscoll, Jane Dunwoody, Dale Eitell, Ginni Erra, Pat Fult7, Bonnie Geider, Joan Harbett, Nancy Harris, Carolyn Havener, Linda Lee Holt, E.J. Horner, Linda Jaeger, Carol Jenkins, Kay Kibbs, Teenie Kreedian, Karen Lansdowne, Edye Linger, Carol Loll, Delores Lutz, Joy Marcum, Elsie Mellou, Jean Mirk, Linda Misener, Susie Montgomery, Sue Munson, Bonnie Pareira, Carol Ann Paleni, Jan Powers, Carol Roman, Barbara Roney, Janis Rusinek, Olivia Russell, Sally Saenz, Graci Scharlott, Susan Schminky, Jan Shafer, Jean Sheppard, Sue Smith, Sue Snider, Phoebe Spencer, Jeannie Stormes, Sunny Stuart, Carolyn Taylor, Liz Thompson, Rosebud Von Brunt, Joanne Volk, Margie Voorhees, Rose Wattles, Gee Gee Wheeler, Cindi Wills, Bambi Wilson, Carol Wood, Diane Zooper, Sally Zrawford, Pat 192 good time for all. Hay, saddles, and cowboy boots provided the atmosphere for the DG Raunchy Ranch Weekend. Sponsored by the pledges, the girls picked their dates up in a horse-drawn wagon and rode off to a wild western party. Summer Frolics Queen, Carol Jeager and the 1961 Homecoming Sweetheart, Delores Loll, added shining trophies to the shelves, while Karen Alphonso placed in the Military Ball Court. Mortar Board, WSA President, and Blue Key speakers were well represented within the Delta Gamma house as well as the 1961 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Working hard on Homecoming, the executive secretaries of Gator Growl and Homecoming were busy DG ' s. Intramurals and socials completed an active year for the chapter. Delta Gamma officers this year were Phobe Snider, President; Karen Alfonso, Vice-Presi- dent; Nancy Jo Harbett, Secretary; and Bar- bara Roman, Treasurer. To the showers. B: The reason behind the busy lines at the DG house. Girls try their vocal talents. 808 W. Panhellenic Drive. Anchors aweigh. 193 DELTA PHI EPSILON banquets and picnics fill calendar of Mintz, Roz Mink, Linda Neuhaus, Bette Polan, Connie Posner, Marlene Rosenberg, Ronni Rowars, Fran Russell, Jane Sachs, Carole Schneider, Jenny Shulman, Gail Simon, Barbara Simon, Pat Steinfeld, Edna Taylor, Maxine Tepper, Jean Vinokuv, Beverly Wachs, Andra Weaner, Nora Weisbaum, Carol Widelitz, Sara Winn, Roberta Wishnatzlci, Elinor Young, Sheila Baskind, Linda Berkowitz, Judy Berlinghoff, Flo Bernand, Susan Berry, Miriam Brauner, Evelyn Bussey, Lea Cohen, Rachael Epstein, Sheila Fortunoft ' , Susan Gladstone, Stephie Goldberg, Bunny Gorden, Marsha Green, Mona Hauer, Faye Heather, Michael Kaufman, Susan LaBell, Gloria Lebowitz, Michele Levin, Shirley Levine, Susan Loewenstein, Sharon Loss, Joan Mallinger, Marcia 194 busy D Phi E year. Toasted, please! There is always room for one more. Chapter social activities kept the D Phi E ' s busy this year. In the spring, a Founders Day Banquet, Mother ' s Day Picnic, and a Senior Banquet were held; in the fall was their an- nual Parents ' weekend. Sponsoring a child at Sunland, the D Phi E ' s gave a Christmas party for the children there, while at Thanksgiving they prepared a basket of food for a needy family in the area. Leading Delta Phi Epsilon this year were Gloria Labell, President; Flo Berlinghoff, Vice- President; Lea Bussey, Secretary, and Judy Berkowitz, Treasurer. The proposed new house seems like a dream coming true. One of the many social activities of the busy D Phi E ' s. 195 KAPPA DELTA homecoming and sigma chi derby firsts were Armstn ng, Pam Ha L-rr, 1 larri.i: Beckett, Linda Blondheim, i .ce Bohannon, l. misa Boone, BeverU Burch, Kay Burchcll, Carol Charter, L n C (ik ' V, JuilK ' L ' Copelarul, l- " lns-;if Cortina, Betty Crowthcr, Casey Dart, Carolyn Davis, Gale Kastland, Mary Fox, Sandy Gertncr, I.inda Gillette, Ann Gillis, Judy Gocdert, Ann Goedert, Satulv Grace, Marilyn Griggs, Peggy Harrell, Gm er Harrell, Penny Holder, A:ir-.c Hollingsworth, Mary Anne Holmes, Ann James, Katliy Keller, Chee ' Kelly, Sally Koontz, Anne Koont ' , Sharon Kuhl, Marg ],ane, Vicki I.indsey, Vundi J.yman, Ka I.ani Mac Donald, Susan McCard, Juna McDanicI, Shirluy McElroy, Pcguy ' McGilvary, 1 ' at McI.atchL-y, 1 ' atty Miller, Jane Ncel, Jackie Ostroni, Sara Perry, Mary Quinn, Judy Ramsay, Linda Kicketts, Jayne Robinson, Su anne Sconyers, Samlee Shea, Nancy Shearer, I ' Van Spurlock, Judy Taylor, Martha Thordarson, Julie Tilghman, Janice Towson, Julie Tucker, Sheila ' J ' urmail, Betty Underdown, PJulhs Waldorf, Penny arren, Kay Warrender, Jane aterhouse, Carol Welier, Carol Willcox, Dorothy ilson, Charlene Wilson, Nancy Sue Young, Leslie 196 typical of accomlishments . It was a year of firsts for the Kappa Delta ' s, as they won the 1961 Homecoming sorority sweepstakes. Another first for the KDs was Sigma Chi Derby winner with Marg Kuhl reign- ing as derby queen. On campus the KDs were active in WSA, Stu- dent Government, Honor Council, URA and Legislative Student Council. Four outstanding KD ' s were tapped for Mortar Board. Flossie Copeland presided over Panhellenic Council while Andie Abernathy served as Vice- President of URA. Fraternity favorites were Carolyn Dart and Susan MacDonald. At National Convention, this chapter won the Outstanding Merit Award for the year. Kappa Delta Officers for the year were Julie Thordarson, President; Betty Cortina, Vice- President; Flossie Copeland, Secretary, and Marilyn Grace, Treasurer. 1122 E. Panhellenic Drive. Never a dull moment at a KD social! A .i Trick or treatl Bridge enthusiasts escape from studying. 197 PHI MU Phi Mu ' s become part-time sleuths to solve mystery Anderson, Ann Baggett, Judy Bagley, Loretta Blackadar, Gail Brinkley, Jackie Brown, Pat Buller, Carol Ciravolo, Carol Crowder, Mary Dasher, Carolyn Day, Judy DeLany, Patricia Duparc, Barbara Faith, Sherry Fitzgibbons, Marci Gardner, Diane Gardner, Janie Huggins, Pat Johnson, Ann Johnston, Suzanne Keene, Babs King, Nancy MacDonald, Merilyn MacDonald, Rosalyn Marvin, Judy Meyer, Pris Pfeift ' er, Eileen Porter, Mary Ann Reynolds, Jean Ricketson, Peggy Sanaford, Joan Scanlan, Kathleen Scott, Diana Shinn, Dee Simmons, Julie Spigola, Roseann Stockstill, Carol Strohm, Pat Strum, Gloria Tharpe, Linda Wehmeyer, Jane Welborn, Frances Welsch, Patty Whiticar, Laura Kay Williams, Carole Wilson, Jackie 198 of the missing trophies. " Where are all the trophies? " exclaimed a Phi Mu Sister, as she viewed the empty trophy cases. It seems as if the pledges were a little too effi- cient in cleaning up the house for they cleaned out the trophies, too. A few nights later, they were returned by the AGR ' s and Phi Tau ' s, but it was only the pledges who laughed! The District Convention honored the Phi Mu ' s by selecting them to give their skit at the National Convention. On campus, JoAnn Grip- pie is Secretary of the Student Party, Nancy King is a Lyceum member, and Suzanne John- ston, a Legislative Council member. The Phi Mu ' s placed first in Homecoming house decorations for 1961. The semester high- light was Phi Mu weekend, " Carnation Ball, " where George Richerson, Delta Tau Delta, was Carnation man. Officers for this year were Ann Anderson, Presi- dent; Judy Marvin, Vice-President; Gloria Sturm, Secretary, and Eileen Pfeiffer, Treas- urer. Last minute cram before finals. 1152 East Panhellenic A rare moment of relaxation. Susie Hart and Skip Hedyt race to top. Tiger eater wins first place in Homecoming. 199 SIGMA KAPPA White Pearl weekend climaxes spring Baker, El Barnett, Sharon Bogue, Dain Brady, Sandra Valencia, Evelyn Caraway, Joan Carbello, Virginia Carter, Nan Charles, Susan Davis, Linda Diamond, Sue Dunmire, Diane Ehr, Judy Estridge, Carol Frantz, Nancy Franco, Tom Gall, Gloria Gilliatt, Joan Goullaud, Sandra Greenway, Jean Hall, Barbara Harris, Jane Holt, IX J. Kellv, Barbara Ann Kendrick, Carol Ann Kennedy, Mary Ann I, craw, Rosellen MacLcan, PcL ' gy Moore, Carole Neiburgcr, Carol Ofstie, Ruth Overman, Mary Anne Parish, Sherrie Peterson, Sandy Ryan, Kathy Tremblett, I.inda Thomas, Nancy Taylor, I.i Vermeirc, Paulette Warnecke, (iayle Willett, Pat Williams, Kay ' intcr, Pain 200 semester for SK ' s What a shine with only three pledges and some elbow grease. An evening of dancing at the Sigma Kappa house. Highlighting the spring semes- ter for the girls of Sigma Kap- pa was their White Pearl Weekend. Climaxed by a cos- tumed Chinese party, the SK ' s chose Bob May, Phi Delta Theta, as their Sigma Kappa man. Participating in many campus activities, the SK ' s worked in Honor Court, WSA, Dorm areas, and honoraries. Gloria Gall served as executive secretary of Religion-in-Life week. Off campus the girls sang and decorated the Shady Lane Rest Home at Christmas, and also collected clothing for a local welfare league. Sigma Kappa officers this year were Gloria Gall, President; Sandy Peterson, Vice-Presi- dent; Joan Gilliatt, Secretary, and Dain Bogue, Treasurer. 1108 East Panhellenic Drive. Parties mean much fun for Sigma Kappa ' s and their dates. 201 ZETA TAU ALPHA casino has Las Vegas atmosphere midst Alen, l.U Ha cr, Juai Cleinons, Su anne Davis, liarbara Epstein, Carol (iibhons, Colleen , Juily Cintfith, Alice HalIberL r , Ann Harned, Dani I lender-son, Sharon Heydegger, Joni Hill, Mary Ann ohman, Marty J .isephs, Margie Keck, Barry ean, Kathy Knadle, Kathy Kosiewski, Jean Lynn Jill I.ytlc, Anne McDonell, Carolyn McDougald, liutsy Nelson, Judy Nelson, Karen Neumann. Grctchen Nichols, Lynne Oxley, Gale Ratter, (iingcr Regan, Pam Rivers, Leslie Rubles, Patsy Sander, Nancy Shorr, Jackie Sisler, Anne Straker, Susan Stult , Rose Anne Thomas, Joyce- Warren, Judy 202 ZTA surroundings. Roulette wheels, black jack ta- bles, and dance hall girls set the atmosphere for the annual Zeta Casino. A pledge project, the girls turned the ZTA house into a Las Vegas nightclub for the weekend. Another highlight was ZTA weekend, an au- thentic western ranch party and hayride cli- maxed by the crowning of Dale Perry, KA, as ZTA man. Even amidst the fun, Zeta ' s busied themselves about campus with Judy Stiles serving as Sec- retary of Legislative Council and Liz Allen presiding over Alpha Lambda Delta. The Zetas boasted many members on the sorority All-Star teams, and won the over-all Sports- manship award for the second consecutive year. Officers of Zeta Tau Alpha this year, were Ann Sisler, President; Judy Nelson, Vice-President; Ann Hallberg, Secretary, and Nancy Sander, Treasurer. 1142 East Panhellenic Drive. Zetas display volleyball skills. Study break offers an excuse for a gabfest. A Sigma Chi Derby victim. 203 FRATERNITY LIFE The beginning of each fraternity year in- volves a thorough and productive rush. Christmas for most fraternities means a change in the pace of social life, and attire as well. Spring brings an air of informality and the Sigma Chi Derby. 204 Newly-pinned brother due for a dip in the Gator pond The Kingston Trio? finds his dreams all wet. Fraternity weekend, Fiji-island style. IF . : I " . ' 7 ' ' INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Members and Officers Seated: Bill elson, Glen Morin, Hilton Puller, Mont Trainer, Jim Larclic, Pete Scaley, Ron La- Face, Ere Sliamcs, Charlie Maloij, Mike Colodnij. Standing: Bill Ryals, John Dccault, Jim Collin, Jerry Richman, Ned Service, Mike Obcrsl, Gene Buzzard, Don Bode, Bob Thompson, Jan Stnitli, Merrel Stainion, John Wright, John Woodall, Howard Spiller, Tom Diaz, Pete Desoto, George Williams, Joe Fleming. The Interfraternity Council, under the leader- ship of Pete Scalcy and the guidance of Advisor Bill Cross, continued to increase cooperation among Florida ' s fraternities. The most important innovation this year was the reorganized rush system. Compulsory open house, dorm stomping restrictions, and more rules highlighted the reorganization. An enlarged tood cooperative; a more success- ful year for the fraternity systems newspaper, The ( alor Greek; and a successful Fall Frolics were also begun by the IFC. Working with Sealcy were Vice President Frv Shames, Secretary Pete Desoto, Treasurer Jim Larche, and the representatives from Florida ' s 26 fraternities. Kxcctilivc, Council Members Jim Larche, Pele Desolo, Krv Shames, and Pete Sealeij. 206 Interfraternity President ' s Council. Gator Greek staffers are Pat Tunstall, Edi- tor David West, and Ned Fleming. Interfraternity Council meetings are held each week to determine policy and handle affairs of the group. 207 ALPHA EPSILON PI their eleventh year proves best of all Abrams, Jon Backer, Paul Baron, Stephen Bass, Paul Baura, Jay Herman, Klliott Herman, Ricliit 1 Bloom, Terry Bodne, lack Bodne, Alike Broder, Larry Chase, Mike Cole, Robert Demsky, Mark DuFine, Alan Dysart, Richie tM wards, Gary Kpstein, Frank I lorowitz, Al Feidman, Mike Fensierhcim, Lester Freidin, Howard Fried, Steve Friedman, Gary Friedman, (Jerry Gamburg, Michael Gettleman, Bob Gillman, JetTry Goldberg, Marshall Goldberg, Martin Goldin, Selig Goodmark, Robert Gordon, Gene Greenberg, Steve Greene, Mel Greenwald, Lou Gross, Ken Guthaim, Milch 1 lennes, Peter Hertz, Stephen Hohauser, Herman Hornstein, Richard Horowitz, Steve Horowitz, Lonny Israel, Larry Kapp, Tommy Kanov, Jeff Katz, Martin Keys, Neal Koenig, Rich Krakow, Richard Kronirold. Ronni KuHck, Sidney La .arns, Harvey I il -: ma, I ' :. liK-i: I. ke, L= irj Ud iky, 1 li S ; Alla ' -I er. Jrn-1 - .- ' f.-in. Chuck Mult?., David 01 erst, Midi -: 1 ' is1 rcich, Jim Pawliper, R: : rd f iter, Larry Pi - . ; , David Proved, Joel Schwarl M.-.rty Scliwardr n, Ada, Shallov.-., , M:kr SI. ay, St! .: Sici ' fl, |. ry i el i, Stevr V ' oluck, [ci: U .,:::. .:.. K HVil. Sonny einer, J lie Wen ' . I . ' . ; , . , ' , . i . .. ' . . ky, Stev Xiriner, K ' ;, : v 208 for Phi Gamma Chapter. 1. Relaxation before supper. 2. And some after- dinner twisting. Brothers eye the glories of past victories. The eleventh year of the Phi Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi on our campus brought another fine record of accomplishments. The highest scholastic average of any frater- nity on campus earned for the AEPi ' s the Interfraternity Council trophy. Politically, the AEPi ' s were members of the winning Student Party last spring. Leading the AEPi ' s this year were President Gerald Richman, Vice-President Joel Sachs, Secretary Mark Demsky, Treasurer Mike Oberst, and Pledgemaster Mike Chase. No. 2 Fraternity Row. AEPi socials make most weekends a refreshing break from the week day responsibilities. 209 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Spring brings Pink Rose weekend Anderson, Timothy Burnam, Edward Byron, Charles Campbell, Frank Case, John Daugherty, Jim Daughtry, Jeff Feaster, Gerald Gross, Richard Hentz, John Jimenez, Roger Johnson, Freddie Magill, Charles Mathews, Wilson Nee!, Marion Platt, Ken Rudser, Donald Ruis, George Venrick, Dana Watkins, Wayne Weeks, Alan Yates, Henry 210 to AGE. brothers. The crowning social event of the second semester for the AGR ' S was their " Pink Rose Weekend. " A formal dance and banquet was held and Patty Welsh, Phi Mu, was an- nounced AGR Sweetheart. The rest of the weekend was spent at Daytona Beach. Winning national acclaim were AGR ' s Elder Sumner and Jeff Doughtry, members of the U of F ' s Meat Judging Team. They placed in the top five in the nation. Don Jordon and Charles McGill served as Honor Court Justices this year; Bob Jones was the Under Secretary of the Interior; Gerald Feaster and Dana Vetrick were President and Vice-President respectively of the University 4-H Club; and Elder Sumner was President of the Block and Bridle Club. Homecoming found AGR ' s helping with many of the chores necessary for a well-rounded Homecoming. In charge of Mrs. Reitz ' Escorts Committee for Gator Growl was Dana Venrick. President this year was Rick Allan; Vice- President Elder Sumner; Secretary Charles Byron; and Treasurer Dana Venrick. Saturday night brings a serenade-social. 423 Southwest Thirteenth. Saturday afternoon finds a game of lawn football. Sunday drags frolic-ers back to the grind. 211 ALPHA TAU OMEGA largest pledge class on campus for Kynes, Allen LaBrec, James Latimer, Jim Lea, Eddie Leonard, Sam Lester, Bucky Lumia, Joe Mack, Ted Adams, Baau Archer, John Ayala, Gabe Ball, John Ballentine, Dave Barber, Don Barfield, Bill Baxter, Dubie Blanchard, Warren Boyer, Bob Bray, Ron Bruce, Denny Butler, Charlie Chillingsworth, Charlie Cloys, Bill Connell, Tippy Cope, Rich Correll, K. B. Dunlop, Scotty Etheredge, Charles Ebeleth, Pete Fielland, Tex Freeland, Philip Gay, Lee Gonzalez, Robert Greear, Ump Griffin, Mike Harper, Jim Harrison, Willis Herrington, Jim Hughes, David Hughes, Pat Hunkapiller, Bill Johnson, Dave Jones, Don Kennedy, Ken Keyes, Ken Kirkland, Mike Koegler, Frank Koening, Sandy 1 1 Q AiLuiai n Q q Q iLULf Macrina, Don Miles, Jim Murphy, Bill Myers, Allen O ' Connell, Dan Paulk, Charlie Phifer, John Pillans, Charlie Regan, Hal Roquemore, Dave Sansbury, Tom Shepherd, Brad Shohfi, Jimmy Sifrit, Bob Smith, Barry Smith, Carl Steuart, Bob Toy, Norman Trafficante, Frank Treadway, Brian Wadsworth, Walt Wales, Thomas Wallace, David Wells, John West, Ray Whitman, Owen Williamson, Bob Wright, Bob 212 ATO ' s this year 72 boys. " How will we ever remember all of their names? " cried one ATO Brother as he eyed their new pledge class of 72. With the increasing rise in Fresh- men enrollment, it appears that even the large ATO house may soon be creaking at the seams. Florida Blue Key tapped two ATO ' s this Fall Semester, Fraternity President Ken Kennedy and Sandy Dalemberte. Other honors brought to the house politico ' s including Outstanding Student Leader of the Year, Charles Pillans. In intramurals, the ATO ' s have diverted their energy from the gridiron to the lectern, win- ning first place in both All Campus Debate Tournament and Extemporaneous speaking. At the beginning of the second semester the ATO ' s usually have their " Valentine Ball. " Fri- day night is a formal dance, with Saturday night being the costume party. President this year was Ken Kennedy; Vice- President, Norman Toy; Secretary, Harry Root; and Treasurer, John Thomas. Saturday means work parties to prepare for the evening ' s social. 1. There ' s always a card 2. Leaves, leaves, and more game to be found. leaves. Hurrying to get the alumni newspaper in the mails. H -WBIIBBL tSFIVI HIHHHMi 207 Southwest Thirteenth Street. 213 BETA THETA PI mass exodus finds 6j Beta ' s Tally-bound Jones, C. M. McCutchin, Gene Mclntyre, Hugh McNabb, Jimmy Manisealco, Bennie Marchese, Tom Noland, Don O ' Neill, Clarence Payne, Bill Payne, Phil Quinby, John Robinson, Grover Rogers, Jay Rutter, Bill Sarajian, Jerry Sarajian, Ron Sealey, Pete Shoetker, Russ Shoumate, Tec Simpson, Jim Stephens. Grady Sutphen, Bob Taylor, Lex Thompson, Dave Valdes, Tommy Wade, Henry Walker, Charlie Welch, Dave Whitley, Rob Williams, Allen Whittaker, Dave Wylie, Bill Alexander, Don Anthony, Joe Barkett, Ron Barrios, Andy Black, Lee Briegel, Sam Calhoun, Jim Carlile, Bob Clifton, Jim Corbet t, Dave Couse, E. G, Cox, Dave Crews, Mike Dunn, Tom Eisele, Walter Ellis, John Ellis, Reed Falbo, Vince Ferlita, Nelson Frome, Ed Galloway, Tom Garcia, Sam Gatti, Mike Grafton, Larry Graham, Tom Griffith, Carl Griffiths, John Harmeling, Jim Harrington, Charles Hass, Samuel Hayward, Tom Herman, Dick Hines, Ray Howard, Stan Jokinen, John 214 for Beta Serenade. 1. A popular Beta tradition of outstanding voices. 2. Class break a rest for the weary mind. Trophy cases seem to hold a strange attraction for the sports-minded. One of the most unusual events on the Beta social cal- endar this year was the trip to Florida State for the Beta Ser- enade. Over 65 brothers and pledges participated, Friday night serenading both the sorority houses and dormitories, and Saturday socializing with their sister sorority, the Pi Beta Phi ' s. On the organization scene, the Beta ' s boast of Student Party Chairman, Ron Sarajian; Chairman of Religion-in-Life, Mike Crews; and President of the IFC, Pete Sealy. President was Mike Crews; Vice-President, Joe Anthony; Secretary, David Thompson; and Treasurer, Charles Kehoe. No. 3 Fraternity Row. President Mike Crews leads the songsters in their sorority serenade. 215 DELTA TAU DELTA Homecoming, 1961, brings Orange league . Alters, K: ink stli .. IX- [; ,. , 1 me ' ,-.. ,:-. Dale Haxlf. , I ::. UiL-l -.v. Frank B ' lhutill! ' . . i !1 .:. f, Dick li ichanun, Larry ! ' , irl . vValu-i 11 itler, li:n i . . U-rry ri-.ascy. A iL ' ic I ' iats, ' I ' ::i . likc Cr., . Wavid Culk-n, Hill D - me, Ranv ' , lit, John I :r.- ' :. erry, I ' ..: } , Id, Bill K rde, ( i.arlcs I ; rel - v ' Fyfc. |im ( , imm .11, 1) -nald Uibbs, CJeorge Gi . Phillii ( iravcs, Barr ' 1 laiison, 1 Ja!ik Hawkins, Bill 1 licks, L. E. Hui tcr, Boh Jimenez, 11 lg ' ' Kcls " , Don K - e .anicr, Gary .arssun, Dun .esli, l)ick . ;, Sti vc - , Ci Mi Bri :-. Sieve McOiri : k, B Mci; :..( : :, I ' , ,1 9 3 Q rfiilllft ains. Ge ts, Dave Voodhnni, Ron U ytnan, Fred ambits, 1 ' at 216 honors to Delt float. The Delts captured two prizes in Homecoming Parade, win- ning both first place in the Orange League and most orig- inal float in the parade. Also in their trophy case is the Intramural sportsmanship and first place bowl- ing trophies, for Spring semester. The big party weekend for the Delts was Spring Frolics. Friday night they attended Frolics Formal. Saturday morning found them and their dates off for Daytona Beach. Delta Tau Delta President for this term was J. Ron Smith. Other chapter officers included Vice-President, Dub Saunders; Secretary, Don Gammon; and Treasurer, John Eikenberry. Homerun! Jack Poor fans. 1926 W. University Avenue. A popular hangout in the morning is the Delt mailbox. 217 KAPPA ALPHA SouthernGentkmen aid Thetas with winning Albritton, r Nick Andersen, Tor Austin, Jack Barnes, Joby Bennett, Ray Bobhitt, Kim Boda, Herman Boyd, Donny Brannam, Mike Breitmoser, Hank Brewton, Wilbur Bridges, Earl Brock, Sonny Butler, Jim Butler, Scottie Byrd, Ed Carroll, Bryant Carter, Mike Chapman, Carson Chapman, Richard Clark, Larry Conrad, Ellison Coudon, Joe Corum, Pete Davis, Bert Dickson, James Disher, Bob Dowling, Bill Duncan, Jim Dunn, Charles Dunning, Phil Eggers, Harmon Elliot, John Etmore, Jim Fleming, Gary Fleming, Ned Fletcher, Hugh Frost, John Garrett, Allen Gilmore, Dow Grambling, Jim Greer, Tony Grice, Stacy Griffin, Raymond Grissom, Rick Gross, Cordell Habermann, Bill Hamrick, Cash Harden, Joe Harper, Pinckney Hayes, Sid Heath, Dick Heishman, Carl Hohnadel, Rick Holland, Lyle Hollis, Gary Honeywell, Dan Huddleston, Jack Jones, Ernie Jones, Frazier Jones, Lee Jordan, Burt Kent, Bob King, Jerry Laslie, John Leach, George Lee, Randy McCay, Thomas McCollum, Mac McDaniel, John McEwan, Bruce McGahey, Kent Matheny, Larry Miller, Jim Mixon, Bill Morris, Phil Page, John Palmer, Tommy Peacock, Gary Powell, Gary Purvis, Lee Putnam, George Ray, Ralph Righetti, Tom Robeson, Bill Raulerson, Joe Satterfield, Billy Schatzberg, Glenn Shearon, Robert Sheffield, Joe Smalley, Ron Solomon, Chip Stainton, Merrel Stewart, Ronald Stricklen, Leon Sullivan, Jerry Temples, Andy Thompson, Whit Wadley, Bill Ward, Jim Warrington, Dave Weddington, Mike Wilcoi, Sunny Wilhelm, Bill Woodberry, John Wooley, Jim Young, Bill Young, Roy 218 Homecoming float. Early in the fall semester the KA ' s aided the newly colon- ized Kappa Alpha Theta ' s in building their winning Home- coming float. Later during the semester the KA ' s honored their faculty advisor, A. A. Murphree with a reception for Gainesville alumni and UF faculty. Spring brings Plantation Ball A return to the Old South for a weekend. Confederate uni- forms and ante-bellum dresses fill the mansion. The weekend is climaxed by a beard shaving breakfast Sunday morning. The KA ' s have been quite active politically. Members of the Student Party, the KA ' s boast- ed Jim Ward, Secretary of Interior; Dan Hon- eywell, Bob Kent, Tom Reghetti, Ron Smalley, Legislative Council; and Tad Davis, Honor Court Justice. In publications, KA Bob Kent was Editor, Bill Dowling, Copy Editor of the ' 62 Seminole; David West, Editor, Gator Greek; and Gary Peacock, Homecoming Publicity Chairman. President was Merrel Stainton; Vice-President, Lee Jones; Secretary, Gary Hollis, and Treas- urer, Jim Elmore. The official declaration of secession by the southern gen- tlemen. 1. Stumpy leads the " spir- it " at Sharecropper ' s Stomp. 2. Brother Morgan Beatty, NBC news commenta- tor, visits chapter. Former rushee, now KA, Goody Murray hears the Kappa Alpha story during fall rush. 1532 West University Avenue. 219 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sig ' s win intramural football LaGro, Lally, Ron Lee, Dave Lindahl, Casey Lucree, Larry McDonald, John Maier, Ronnie Miller, Don Moccia, Earl Montana, Frank Myers, John Myers, Tom Page, Herman Perry, Art Rae, Irwin Read, Phillip Reems, Roland Regan, John Rudolph, Fred Russell, Ken Saunders, Jon Saylor, Bob Se rest, Ralph Smith, Pete Snyder, Jack Sollee, Bill Srodes, Jim Stanley, Dave Stovall, Bill Swilley, Bob Tharpe, Gene Thompson, Don Utter, Bob Walther, Frank Waters, Muddy Wilson, Frank Wilson, Joe Witt, Tim Vick, Hardy Young, Dave Adkinson, Jim Andrea, Philip Anselmo, Scott Athens, Jimmy Aulls, Mort Ballard, Ray Barber, Gary Blackwood, Bob Blanton, Joe Bryan, David Burke, Claude Butler, Dick Campbell, Alan Gates, Bob Clark, Allen Clark, Tom Coleman, Gary Cottrill, Stan Crawford, Duncan Daugherty, Jim Davis, Pete Dowd, Tom Dunn, Bob Fairall, Larry Flanagan, Dennis Florence, Bill Gaudette, Norm Gepfrich,Tom Gerald, Lynn Gould, Yale Gray, Doug Griffith, Fred Grimald, Tony Gulliford, Bill Guzewicz, Gus Harris, Cliff Hawthorne, Bill Heidenreich, Bob Higgins, Bruce Howard, Marshall Huebner, Jim Innes, Barry ackson, Mike arvis, John eane, Bill 220 for Fall semester. Polishing the symbols of a respected tradition. 1. 19 Southwest Thirteenth. 2. Four No-Trump. Always in the top half of the intramural scale, the Kappa Sig ' s came through again with a first place in Orange League intramural football for Fall semester. Scott Anselmo brought the Kappa Sig ' s politi- cal notice this year, being elected Clerk of the Honor Court. Also outstanding was Ton La- Grone, United Party Chief. Kappa Sig President was Art Perry; Vice-Presi- dent, Al Campbell; Secretary, Dick Butler; and Treasurer, Leonard Guzewicz. Coach Graves presents Pat Pachten with award. Last minute arrangements for a weekend date. 221 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA campus elections bring political honors v ..- ' -. ..- . - i , c i : -. - . l . : - . l ., 1:1. I B .-.:. . i: - : ::. R:.:. ,rJ KradJ ick. B : I 1 .:. .-.--. 1 .yd Br " vi. I: 1 :! Kr.nvM. " Mile,- Human, D.uiJ . . ( i . y . .. I:::. i . ' n, Fran ( -.::-:..- . I! Coinito;. I ' . civ- Connor. K,.rl " Cowherd, ' illi.i:n DiMarco, Fi ink Douelas, L ry 1 ) , ' ..:-.--. [ . . KichstaeJt, } ' ' . 1 ' A-ans, K Fliloowa. Cicr Floyd, Br..a is Fl.iyj, Larry i rney, K F rankle, 1 Futch, Cl rll -. ( iarrctr, ' ' nfr " J ;il son, Gerald Coellcr, Hill C ,ns ,. FrrJ Iritliihs, .V. .. ! ' ,.,:, II :.:. I ' i l:ty nic, | enninp " . Ho!, Hcrko, Ho! Bub Hutchtson, Walt Jones, Kennedy, Clayton Kerr, M ' ikc Kini:, I lerlu-rt Kluborg, Al Kosclka, Jim Kraan, Ashley ].,-iL ' iinonicrc, Frnie I ,andi,iiair, 1 larlow l.i .arraldc, McAllister, Kill Maclachlan, Morgan Mann, Dave Mantel, Thomas McllL ' e, Fwe Miqct, Russ Miles, Micky Mirabella, Morris Mitchell, Cary M.u- ' -l, Christian N ' arvae7, Toe iJLJ nson. Ron lan, Thomas s. Hoi, LrlTern, I- ' .d er. Tvd unson, Richard . Hill Iward, Robert 222 o the Lambda Chi house. Members of the Winning Stu- dent Party this semester, the Lambda Chi ' s did quite well with Robert Anderson and Earl Conner on the Legislative Council; Loren Roby, Admin- istrative Assistant to Student Body Vice-Presi- dent; Ron Roby, Administrative Assistant to Homecoming; Pete DeSoto, Treasurer of the Student Party; and Gary Tullis, Commissioner of School Traditions. The Gator Band also has its share of Lambda Chi ' s with its President Thomas Stidham, and Vice-President Mason Hughes. Service projects for this year have included two main programs. The first, was sponsoring work programs with the Gainesville Boys Club, and the second was participation in the local blood drive. President was James Koselka; Vice-President, John Doyle; Secretary, Thomas Mullaney; and Treasurer, Robert Anderson. The dirty work. Fall refurbishing for rush week. Time out for recreation. 1219 W. University Avenue. 223 PHI DELTA THETA Phi ' s win scholarship award from Alexander, Wyatt Baker, Gordon Beckman, John Bevis, Tom Birchall, Ron Bonar, H ank Brown, Randy Chappell, Tommy Clark, Perry- Cole, Dick Cole, Mike Coness, John Crofton, Russell Curry, Charles Damron, Pat Darlson, John A. Deal, Gregory Deen, Billy Dicks, Wesley Dunn, Sammy Dzurus, Jim Falkenberg, Herb Feight, John Garrison, Jim Gillis, Malcolm Goldwire, Mike Goodman, Glenn Gortemoller, Ted Haben, Ralph Hall, Barry Hamilton, Bill Henry, Dave Hickok, Bill Hood, Royce Huck, Paul Kennon, Tom Korsant, Philip Koukoulakie, Mike Lamar, John Landt, John Lane, Jim Ludwip, Jerry McGarity, Dudley Maddrix, Bill Marshall, Terry Mattlin, Mike May, Bob Moore, Edward Morrison, Tom Muraro, Bob . j Nease.Al Nicolson, Gilbert Norton, Don Orman, John Parrish, Bernie Patten, Russell Peacock, Lewis Perry, Dale Pesek, Joe Radford, Winsto l Rice, Russell Richeson, Jim Rogers, Ronnie Rutledge, Don Sadler, Orin Schwaderer, Owen Scott, Larry Shelton, Tex Ske_mp, John Smith, Hugh Smith, Jan Stadelman, Jim Stanford, Bill Steinhouser, Ed Stinson, Louis Stottlemyer, Steve Tarver, Phillip Taylor, Don Tedder, George Thialaut, Larry Thompson, Ed Tibbits, Steve Titus, Tim Trice, Bill Tringas, Johnny Wagner, Wilt Webster, Dave Welch, Jim Williams, Earl Wilson, Buzz Wilson, Hugh Zimmer, Don Zorian, Jon 224 their national offices. The Phi Belts won the Na- tional Scholastic award from Phi Delta Theta National of- fices this year, finishing sixth among UF fraternities grade- wise. Spring semester found the Phi Delts partying with the Pi Lams for their " Blue-Jew " week- end. Friday night was a shipwreck party, fol- lowed Saturday by a picnic at the mill hop and dance that night. In the annual Sigma Nu-Phi Delt game at Florida Field the Phi Delts scored another vic- tory, stomping the Snakes 12 to 0. In Homecoming, the Phi ' s won second place in Growl skit competition, with " Khrushchev and Castro " as the theme. Leading the fraternity this year was recent Blue Key tapee Bill Hamilton. Vice-President was Jam Smith; Secretary John Feight, and Treasurer Royce Hood. 121 Southwest Thirteenth Phi Delt dunkers " We ' re having a party Friday, and I was hoping . . . " Homecoming ' 61 225 PHI GAMMA DELTA Phi Gam ' s busy on the political scene I.nber, Jeff McCulley, Jerry Meconi, Ii(jb Miller, Bob Mucci, Mike Nelson, Barry Mgro, Hill Norris, Skip Ogle, Kicliard Owens, ]ini Padgett, Dick Peer, Don Phillips, Warren Kawls, Kelt lie Recce, Dale Kouers, CeorL ' e Sharron, 1 larvey Taml ' iimno, J mi Trckcll, John Williams, Chris Yilliams, Jim Wolfe, Jody Vollers, ' led Baggeson, Don Batman, Jon Blomeley, Stan Bonny;, Jim Ceely, Dave Claire, Karl Collner, J. I). Ditslcr, John Dorso, Michael Fernandez, Dan Freiburger, Charles Galenes, Alex Garcia, John Gross, Georije Gill, Jack Goin, Sandy Gordon, I.arry ammer, Barney Hammer, Laurie Heisterman, Bo Holzer, I- ' red Kelso, Dave Larchc, Jim, Bob 226 in campus-wide elections. " Fiji Weekend " finds Islanders doing the twist. The familiar rushweek greeting. The " Fiji Islanders " have done much more this year than twist in Polynesian outfits. Besides the famous Fiji Weekend, the Phi Gams have been quite busy on the campus: Trekell led the winning Student Party; Trickel is Chan- cellor of the Honor Court; Larche is Hall of Fame and I.F.C. Treasurer, and seven are Blue Key members. Berman was Senior Class Vale- dictorian; Keegan and Van Steenburg are cheerleaders. The Phi Gams finished second in league intramurals, placed first in the Home- coming float judging and sponsored Avie Jenk- ins, " Miss University of Florida. " The Fijis also presented their skit at Gator Bowl and partied with the " Brothers Four, " all Phi Gams. 221 Southwest Thirteenth Street In between rush, weekend parties, evening socials, and classes, some manage to find time for a bit of studying. 227 PHI KAPPA TAU Phi Taus win Homecoming Sweepstafas Adams, Cal Barnes, Allen Bartlett, Jack Beauchamp, Bill Beckman, Larry Bible, Mickey Blackburn, Fred Block, Chip Bryson, Boyd Buhmeyer, Gary Carroll, Ed Caston, Jerry Chapman, Art Clark, Ronnie Cox, Bob Dandurand, Dick Daniel, Don Daniels, Harold Dubois, Ed Eckhardt, Dick Edwards, Wade Gassner, Elliot Glen, Bob Goacher, Robert Goby, Al Grim, Dick Harris, Jack Henderson, Bob Herrick, Dick Hoffman, Woody Hough, Wade Howard, Jeff Hughson, Jerry Hurd, Bill Hurley, Tom Jackson, David Jones, Hal Kennington, Tommy Kersey, Floyd Kesterson, Wayne LaFace, Ron Lantaff, W. Courtland Lee, Jim Leslie, Bill Lewis, John Lipocomb, Frank Lyons, Leonard McCall, Scotty Metzger, Guy Moore, Tom Osterholt, Dave Otis, Tom Patrick, Bill Pell, Tom Pheffer, Jack Reeves, Keith Rinkler, Duane Roach, Clyde Rush, Jeff Ryals, Bill Schaffer, Dutch Schrseder, Gary Sego, Gene Severance, Jim Siess, Douglas Souder, Dan Szabo, Nick Sratt, Bob Williams, Randy Wright, Jack Wullschleger, Jacques 228 taking 1st in house and skit. Florida Blue Key members Shreve, Phillips, and Adams, along with Brothers LaFace and Herrick scored a striking victory in the Spring election, boosting Student Party accom- plishments to a surprising high. Homecoming also brought victory to the Phi Tau ' s, winning first place in the house and skit competition, and second place in float. This gave them the Sweepstakes trophy in Orange league competition. One of the highlights in the busy year of this group is their " Dreamgirl Weekend. " Usually held around the first of May, it is one of their most important social functions. r A formal dance climaxed with the crowning of their Dreamgirl is on Friday night, with the rest of the weekend spent celebrating Daytona Beach style. Leading the Phi Kappa Tau ' s this year as Pres- ident was Ron LaFace. The other officers were Bill Ryals, Vice-President; Harold Daniels, Secretary, and Dick Herrick, Treasurer. September house-cleaning for Fall Rush 1237 Southwest Second Avenue May she ever reign victorious . . . Then the fun begins Rush Week. 229 PI KAPPA ALPHA sponsors " Ttny Mites " for third year to V:. ..;. R ss A . R :i Ucllinc, r : B ' ..! ' .--. I K ,hann ,n. lack i, 1 . B ..vies. S: : n Branch, Kdwin Carter, Mickei Chapman, Spike I) irscy, Dick Raton ' . BMly F.ilhcck, Fd Krpert, 11,-ri- F.nans, F.JwarJ I r . : : . R :i C ir.risc. P. it t in, Bill 1 :: .an, T r hn 1 !..-:., Clitl Flat ' -.Dick Head, B.,: II;:, -h. I.! lie Hintennist er, I ' ' i -i f i lees, Cjlynn Hodekinson, Hick H.,!?w.,rth, Mickey 1 1 ' tU ' rller, ( icne Hnskuy, Dave Tacobus, liruct: Johnson, Matt Jdhnsnn, ShelJmi |i )::ns n. nislon Jnnes, 1 ' J Jones, 1-J Jones, Inn Kimha ' ll, Kim Kitnhel!, lim Kirkland, Jim Lantl, I lrnr Lindsay, Buith Lovelace, Bill Lunch, Instin McKec. let: McKibbin, Alex McKibhin, Cliff Mc orler, lim Macy, Dave Mayo, dill ' Miller, Dul.awrenre Morean, Bob Myrick, Ste -c Myrick, Tucker Meal. Mike Xihl,,ek. Hill Nichols. Art )ii, Rai] l Olson. ) ' : Owens. Bob Palmer, Jack Powell, Steve Repp, lim Kiu-h, Franklin Srabrook, Klliot Sli.i [:n n. Jniin Smith, Joe Spanirlcr, lint Stanley. Walter Stern. Morris Stoker, Al Stoker. Jim Stontamirc, CIrable WakrlieM, Sonny Whan, A ' ex Xnkaski, Richard 230 win championship. This is the third year in a row that the Pikes have sponsored the " Tiny Mites, " a Little League football team. This year the team was regional champions. Special weekends offer an array of social enter- tainment. The Annual Christmas Formal was the main event during the winter months. Two large weekends are held in the spring. A " Hawaiian Party " , held in March, features true Hawaiian food, and decorations to give a realis- tic atmosphere. In April comes the " Dream Girl Weekend. " This is when the Pike Sweetheart is crowned. PiKA Neil Swan served as Editor of the Alligator this past year. Other men serving the University were Franklin Ritch, Gator Gras Chairman, and Nelson DeCamp, President of the Florida Union Board. Jim McWhorter was Pike President; Jim De- gen, Vice-President; Jim Fitzgerald, Secretary; and Bob Allen, Treasurer. Letters always offer mystery, whether from home, someone special, or even the Dean ' s office. Recreation Study , and then, sleep. 1900 West University Avenue. 231 PI KAPPA PHI house decoration brings Homecoming honors in Benedict, Barry Bennett, Albert Brandt, John Bye, Ken Caliendo, Sam Clay, Henry Craig, Ken Davis, Wayne Engelmann, Marty Feivox, Robert Finnegan, Brian Fleming, De Forrestall, John Franz, Robert Fries, Harry Hand, Walt Hendricks, Thomas Hines, John Hoeber, Daniel Holt, Richard Junnier, Barry McManus, Charles Melo, Peter Michetich, Joseph Neuhauser, Jess Norse, Norman Phelan, Joseph Powell, James Powers, John Poulson, Robert Rooke, Terence Rothschild, Jerry Sabin, Grant Schaefer, Joe Sears, George Silkebakken, Don Simmons, Harold Southwell, Bob Stanforth, David Stone, Walter Vaina, Tony Valadie, Arthur White, Bill White, William Whiteman, Donald Wolz, Michael Young, Steve Zimmerman, Carl 232 Blue League competition. 1. A solemn sofa-discussion 2. Christmas time meant familiar carols. 1247 W. University Avenue An unusual house decoration brought first place honors for Blue League competition to the Pi Kaps this past Home- coming. However, this was only one of their Blue League achievements, as they later came through with top intramural honors. The big weekend for the Pi Kappa Phi ' s is the " Roman Banquet " which came in February. Leading the Pi Kap ' s this year was President Walter Sheltz. Secretary was Hank Clay, Treasurer was Jet Powers, and Warden was Joe Schaefer. The Pi Kap ' phone gets overworked as the weekends approach. And never to be forgotten are the banquets and dinners. 233 PI LAMBDA PHI high scholarship traditional with Pi Lams Abbott, Ed Altman, Bob Baker, Dave Bant, George Basch, Edward Berlin, Jerry Bernstein, Matt Bookbinder, Ed Bott, Kermit Brodsky, Mike Ousel, Dave Chasar, Alan Chira, Leon Clearfield, Warren Cossell, Steven Cohen, Bill Cohen, Joel Colodny, Mike Cowen, Richard Davis, Alan Palis, Michael Feiss, Joel Fleming, Joseph Gardner, Stephen Gluckman, Mark Goldenberg, Norman Goldman, Steve Grassi, Ron Harlem, Bob Herskowitz, Allan Hirsch, Al Hotdber, Dennis Hunter, Mike Jackman, Steve Jacobson, Ronald Jarrett, Alan Jones, Michael Kautman, Sean King, Ronald King, Shep Kirschenrawn, Mai Kline, David aa : Komansky, Joseph Kosch, Richard Kreds, Joel Krisel, James Kwart, Arnie Lalarus, Arthur Lane, Fred Lane, Mike Levine, Paul Levhan, Larry Lipp, Allan Losman, Don Magazine, Joel Meitin, Julian Merkin, Terry Meyer, John Miller, Marshall Mishkin, David Morrow, Steve Newmark, Zalmon Paul, Don Paul, Herman Perls, Jeff Plasky, Paul Porter, Ron Preuss, Danny Ragow, Steve Reisman, Terry Resnick, Michael Rohan, Ronnie Rose, Joe Rosenberg, Jon Rosenstock, Herb Ross, Luke Rossman, Steve Rothstein, Skip Samee, Dave Satz, Harvey Scharf, Mike Scheinhoft, Len Schneiwciss, Steve Schwartz, Bruce Schwartz, Doublas Shapro, Jim Shaw, Ernie SHpock, Phil Solloway, Rick Solomon, Star Stahl, Mickey Stern, Elliott Stern, Mike Stromberg, Richard Strull, Sandy Testier, Steven Topf, Jeffrey Ullman, Samuel Walker, Jeffrey Wallick, Mitch Werner, Warren Zalkin, Steve 234 as evidenced by trophies. The trophy for the highest av- erage of brothers and pledges for the 1960-61 school year went to the Pi Lam ' s. This, they claim, is nothing unusual, for they have won the scholar- ship trophy more times than all other frater- nities on campus combined. The Pi Lam ' s were also recipient of the national best chapter award from Pi Lambda Phi National. As far as local awards or honors go, Pi Lam has been outstanding also. Erv Shames is Vice-President of the IFC; Joe Fleming, Secre- tary of Student Government Organizations; Jim Shapro, Chief Justice of the Honor Court; Steve Gardner, Chairman of United Political Party; Bob Harlem, Parade Publicity Chair- man for Homecoming; and Mike Colodny, Director of Publicity, FBK speakers bureau. Pi Lam President this year was Erv Shames; Vice-President Jeff Klivans; Secretary, Joel Kreps; and Treasurer, Joe Fleming. The Pi Lam ' s award Steve Gardner their highest honor. No. 1 Fraternity Row. Study conferences provide good background for high scholarship. The alluring romance of a card game. 235 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON " Sisters of Minerva " chosen by -,!... . 1 ).i: ny ' Ba Ba I ' ,: B . -, I ..: ry er, I hn . i : .% . I ed R. 10, Ru ly enter, drian . : . 1 )exter . B k, Richard nan. Kill in, i I inter id, Bill is, ! ' : crt ! ., is, l)..n DeOeyn, ( ( . I I iCI imois, U..1 F.drar, Bill I 1 l:;u T t, ,n, Don KKliulu-e, Kcc KnU ' lcT, Kip Goodwill, Todd ( it iwcn, ( i, rjon ( irrv iry. ' ] ' ' !:i . I.l,,yd Hale, I- ' rt-d 1 f- ::,! ' 1 1,-ritaL-f, Dnricn Hr.llincsW ' .rlh, Mike H.,y, I [u ' dson, (!:iry I ' .iu-s, D ' .n j.mes, Lloyd Kessler, Mik-e Knapp, ' I t a Q 9 9 Ki kiki Kutsche, Sonny I.oher, Jere l.onp, Tiny McC ' allum, Ron McC ' rea, Binp McC ' ranie, Dan McCranie, Joe McGillicuddy, Mike Magaha, Carl Mastry, Don May, Dick MchafTey, H. G. Monahan, Ray M ' ?s, (ieorge ( )wen, William Patton, Boh Pcarcc, Sid I ' ickcls, Clayton l icrson, John Poole, Boh Prat her, Bill Puckett, Juhn Kcinsch, Jim Rexroad, Ben Robinson, Rohie Schopke, Neil Scliowaltcr, Paul Srntcrfitt, Don Shaffer, Jim Slott, Arnold Smathcrs, Jim Siniih, John Springstead, Richard StarncR, Hugh Si iirman. Ken mt, Butch , Valc, Bruce Vrn .. Hank cia, Dave inchcsier, Dick Vcnscl, Charlie Ynn, David 236 SAE ' s j twenty-two selected. One of the highlights of the SAE ' s year was the innovation of the " Little Sisters of Min- erva. " This year twenty-two young ladies were selected and initiated into this organi- zation. They were selected on appearance, scholarship, extra-curricular, and loyalty to the fraternity. Mrs. Joree McFarlin, the SAE housemother, was chosen as Dean of Campus housemothers. The fall Christmas party, including a party for orphans, decoration of tree with the " Little Sisters, " and formal party Saturday night; and the Black and White weekend in the spring, all keep " Joree " quite busy with her " boys. " Militarily, the SAE ' s- boast of the two. top posi- tions in Air Force ROTC, and the number two position in Army ROTC. Politically they have done well also, being affiliated with the win- ning Student Party both Spring and Fall Elec- tions. Officers of SAE this year were Tom Donahoo, President; Orrin Gowen, Vice President; Jim Smathers, Secretary; and Malcomb Briggs, Treasurer. 1257 West University Avenue. 1. SAE sing. 2. Victories. Leo enjoying his weekly repainting. Learning all those names takes quite a while. 237 SIGMA CHI Sigs plan for new chapter house for coming AJJLSL 2J JLJLJ J3 L ,4. JLJL . TW T 1 J 9 ?L fL L JL9L$Ji JiJJ i tffb Tln f iL fW Tw JTJ Allen, Bob Arnold, Dan Barnett, Bob Batchelder, Drake Bennett, Harry Boone, Nick Boyd, Mac Bradberry, Ashley Brown, Randy Burley, Red Burton, Fred Bushman, Wally Cain, Luke Carney, Buck Carpenter, Russ Chapman, O. G. Clark, Walter Clayton, Richard Crecelius, Sam Culpepper, Bruce Cunningham, Richard Dachelet. Ronald Dean, Bob DJrlam, Gary Dodd, Bobby Dougherty, Tom Dowling, Mike Dust, Joe Elliotte, Dave Former, Benny Finley, Walter Fiske, Francis Flanagan, Wes Flowers, Jack Fuller, Hilton Gordon, Burton C. Green, Ed Green, Frank Griffin, Jere Grondquist, Jim Haeseker, Hank Hardy, Buddy Hart, Bob Hartman, Bill Hicks, Charlie Hill, Joel Hoffman, Tom Holden, Chic Holland, Bill Hopkins, Mark Jamison, Jim Jones, Howard Jones, Jack Karley, Bill Krassy, Ken Lawrence, Jim Lee, Mike Lobnitz, Ed Logan, joe McClellan, Ed McLaurin, Doug McLeroy, Mac McQuagge, Duncan Mathis, Russ Mealov, Ted Meffert, Mike Miller, Bob Mitchell, John Moopy, Jim Moraitis, George Morgitis, Nick Murphy, Bill Nash, Dick Gates, Charley Olinger, Bill Payne, Tom Pellicci, Joe Perry, Sam Peters, Paul Pike, Dick Platte, Ron Porter, Dave Potts, Mike Randall, John Raney, Linn Roberts, Dick Rochtl, Bill Rothwell, John Rowe, Bob Sands, Charlie Smith, Terry Starling, Bruce Sturgis, Jack Sutton, Kenneth Swartsel, Vernon, Jr. Taylor, J. A. Terry, Joe Thirlwell, Mark Thomas, Bill Thomas, Ken Uitler, Tom Vincenti, Lenny Vonk, Harry Weeks, Dave Williams, Butch Williams, George Williams, Ralph Wooten, Butch Wright, Bill Young, Larry JLJLJLJL LJLJ i: 1-JLJLJ.JLJ1.1A JLJLJL JLOLJL -ULi JL JLlJLJUia 238 year . . . they hope. ? - " Whipped cream winners ' The Sig smile. 1814 West University Avenue. The familiar rushweek cry of the Sigma Chi ' s, " We ' re get- ting a new house, " has become quite a widespread sound around campus, yet no one seems to know when it ' s going to be. The Sig ' s have been on the UF campus since 1924, and have been in the same house since 1928. In politics this year, Sigma Chi Nick Boone served as Honor Court Justice; Jim Gronquist, President of U.R.A.; and Hilton Fuller, Co- ordinator of Orientation and Coordinator for Homecoming Blue Key Speakers. President of the Fraternity for this year was Chick Holden; Vice-President, Hank Haeseker; Secretary, Charles Yates; and Treasurer, Hilton Fuller. The Royal " snow-job " for a UF freshman. Derby dappers dream up fun. SIGMA ML) " Dean Hale gives ' em the Dickens . . " during Ahlefield, Dick Alexander, Joe Alfonso, Rex Allen, Skip Anderson, Richard III Bean, Charley Beauchamp, John Bissett, Will Blount, David Bowen, Ken Bridges, Chip Brodbeck, Don Browne, Skip Carroll, William Causey, Jim Clark, Eddie Crowley, Bob Crown, Ron Daly, Chuck Devine, Jim Donnelly, Jay Eckert, Jim Failla, Dick Fiterman, John Ford, Ken Ford, Mike Friese, Ed Gallagher, Robert Hill, Charles Howard, Bob Howie, Lynn Irvin, Mac Jackson, Buzz Johnson, Doug Kaempfer, Bob Keller, Brian King, Jim Lazzara, Philip Ai A . A | -r -jJ Vi ti iw Lesley, Joe Libertore, Doug Lutton, Steve Lynds, Mike McLeod, Joe McMahon, John McRae, Tom Mahafty, Jack Mangold, Terry Mason, Joe, Jr. Mays, Pat Melton, Paul Minor, John Moore, Richard Ogden, Dennis Overstreet, Thorn Parker, Ed Paul, Don Penk, Brad Power, Ron Schaeffer, John Schoen, Bob Schwartz, Randy Shaw, Bob Sheffield, David St. Clair, John Swanson, Craig Tichenor, Dave Traba, Joe Trainer, Monty Tuggle, Harry Ures, Frank Valdes, Richard Whalen, Bob Williamson, Roy Zalesky, Jim 240 campus Christmas festivities. So reads a December issue of the Florida Alligator featuring an article on Dean Hale ' s an- nual reading of Dicken ' s " A Christmas Carol. " Sponsored by the Sigma Nu ' s this pro- gram marked the 28th annual reading of the Yuletide classic. Athletics finds the Sigma Nu ' s quite outstand- ing, winning intramurals 10 out of the last 14 years. Also, a large portion of the Gator varsity is made up of Sigma Nu ' s, including Tom Batten, Larry Libertore, Haygood Clarke, Lindy Infante, Larry Travis, and others. Members of the Student Party, the Snakes boast many politicos. Vice President of the Student Body is Jack MeHaffey; Secretary of Public Relations, Mike Parks; Student Direc- tor of Intramural Athletics, Monty Trainer. The large social event of the year was SN Weekend, with the White Star formal and presentation of the Sweetheart. Leading the SN ' s this year was Monty Trainer, President. Vice-President was Douglas Jen- nings; Secretary, Al Topey; and Treasurer, Pat Scaulon. " Sigma Nu! Sigma Nu! Sigma Nu! " 2012 West University Avenue. The Big Man greets the guests. Rush banquet and Sigma Nu stories. 241 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Two Sig Ep ' s de fend UF refutation Anagnostopulos ; John Batcheior, Don Beard, Terry Berelsman, Jim Biddle, Lloyd Blitch, Gordon Borck, Jim Brinkley, Mike Burry, David Bush, Charles Cameron, Don Carr, Bill Champion, Buck Cobb, Dick Collins, Ron Cook, Dave Cook, Murray Crush, Jim Damer, Ron Dinkins, John Dugger, Mike Durrance, Skip Duvall, Joe Eeils, Bill Fagan, Fred Fuote, Ronnie Geiger, Bill Gordy, Dick Green, Jimmy Hakes, Owen Hampton, Samet Hardy, Larry Harris, Reddick Hawkinson, Lance Higgs, Emery Hughes, Don Hughes, Jim Irvine, Bruce Jones, Dan Jones, Robert Juhn, Bill Kainz, Roger Kelly, Mike Kennedy, Jim Kirk, Alan Koblasz, John Lamb, Mel Land, Hank Lang, Spud Leach, George 333 39 ftikyLtf Linen, Dave Little, Bob Loper, Dick Lyons, Lynn Lytle, Ernie McAuley, Charlie McCarthy, Ned Mank, Layton Marshall, John A. Mathis, Jim Medlin, Larry Milford, Charlie Miller, Wilton Monroe, Glen Montague, John Napier, Bob Neal, Fred Neville, Rey Palmer, Warren Parsons, Walt Pator, Louis Prior, Henry Rawlins, Jerry Rawls, Gray Reed, Gerry Resek, Thomas Robinson, Larry Rodites, Nick Ropp, Harry Rotchford, Gil Rowe, Pete Rufc, Paul Salvo, Gerry Schlue, Joe Shaw, Gale Shine, Frank Smith, Bill Stephens, Norm Temple, Renny Thigpcn, Joe Thrasher, Elwin Tucker, Jim Waldron, Randy Walters, Larry Westmark, Frank White, Jim Witte, Bill Young, Dave 242 in TV College Bowl. Two members of the Florida team to the G. E. College bowl this year were Sig Ep ' s Charles Milford and James Lang. Although the team lost to John Hopkins, Milford and four pointer Lang had no regrets of their New York weekend. SPE ' s on campus this year included majority leader of the legislative council Bill Hollings- worth; Secretary of Florida Blue Key, Latin Mank; and Chairman of the United Party, Director of Alumni Affairs, assistant treasurer of the student body, and Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, Wally Pope. Circled on every SPE ' s social calendar is " Golden Hearts Weekend, " usually held in May. The past two years have been spent at Daytona Beach, where the fraternity sweet- heart is announced. Leading the Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s this year was President Ted Straub. Other chapter leaders were Vice-President, Charles Milford; Secre- tary, Harry Root; and Treasurer, John Thomas. A Sig Ep musical jam session 1. Another point for our 2. Concentration, side. No. 5 Fraternity Row. Decorations galore for Golden Hearts weekend. 243 THETA CHI first year in Orange League f roves successful in Mandese, Vince Marconi, Frank May, I.-v McCa ' rthy. Mike McMul!,-n, Iv.-in Miller. Ralph T. Miller, Steve R Rac R , VHI ' IC. Jim , Frank .i-del. C ' huc-k r, Jim Hess, Sieve Bancroft, Dick Barnett, Hill BilliniMon, Charles Moyd, Frank Branch, Howard Burton, Gary Cabbie, Bill Colbert, Paul C ' orace, Art Crawford, Jim Crowthcr, Bob Dalton, Don Oia , Tom Dudinsky, Tom Kpperson, Dave F.sposito, Edward 1 Fed le, Anthony Ricks, Ron Fischer, Ken F lannagan, Mike Caret, Clayton Gustafson, Glenn Handler, Hugh I larden. Ben Harris, Bob Heck, Mike Helmly, Noel Henricksen, Palmer 1 lenni:, Chip lleyclt. Skip Johns, Jerry Johnson, Alan Jolley, Joe Joslin, rim Kirkpatrick, Yo-Vo LaMcc, Bill Lane, Norman I.angworthy, Cort Lee, Ted G. Lewis, Lenny Lundwell, Robin ,, Frank Dorn, Darril on. Kd on, ( iary ne, Jack Wayne, Skip Weeks, Jim illiamv, I .:, ry Xachem, David JLAJ.JLJ.JLJL JLSL .IJL 244 intrammals and Homecoming. No. 10 Fraternity Row. Christmas was a time of merriment . . . 1. Fraternal talent to woo the lasses. 2. First place Orange League float. Their first year in the Orange League, the Theta Chi ' s have wasted no time. Homecoming brought them second place in float decorations, and in intramurals, winner of the Sportsmanship trophy. " Dream Girl Weekend " is the big event for Theta Chi annually. It ' s held in the Spring, with a formal dance at the house on Friday night. Saturday, everyone heads for Daytona Beach. Members of the Student party, the Theta Chi ' s " men on campus " include Bob Harris, Secretary of Legislative Affairs; and Tom Diaz, Honor Court Publications Coordinator. President of the fraternity this year was Noel Helmly. and choral reminiscence of old favorites. 245 TAU EPSILON PHI win ATO " help week " trophy for the Abel, Bill Africk, Jerry Berkowitz, Richard Berlett, Paul Blacker, Mike Blotcher, Fred Bokov, Ron Brooks .Barry Buchalter, Bill Buchman, Elliott Carvin, Robert Clofine, Larry Collins, Bob Davis, Leo Davis, Stephen Diamond, Ivan Drashin, Sidney Edwards, Martin Festoff, Barry Finman, Shelly Fletcher, John Fogel, Bruce Frank, Al Freedman, Harvey Frencaman, Barry Furman, Stuart Gans, Chuck Goldberg, Gary Gora, Mike Green, Robert Halpern, Stan Havsmann, Roland Honohan, Noel Howard, Gene Jackson, Stan Jacobson, Stephen Karasick, Chuck Katz, Dick Kavalich, Allan Kelson, Floydd Kleinfeld, Larry Kronick, Bob Kutun, Barry Laibson, Kirk Landesberg, Lee Left, Jacob Leveson, Harris, III Liberman, Gary JUL1-1 Liebman, Warren Lipsitz, Marc Locke, Bob Lustig, George Magram, Gary Marcus, Stew Miller, Bart Miller, Bob Mendelson, Mike Orseck, Paul Portman, Barney Rauzin, Dennis Robbins, John Rosen, Kirk Rosenbleeth, Barry Rubin, Gary JLJL1JI Rubin, Mike Sachs, Jay Sanders, Barry Sayles, Rick Schaffer, Jerry Schneider, Herb Schull, Ted Schwartz, Stan Setzman, Frank Shorr, Norm Shorstein, Harry Silverman, Gene Sinoff, Barry Snyder, Allen Sobel, Allen Swatt, Mike Taylor, Paul Tesser, Art Trashman, Steve Wapnick, Jay Warren, Chuck Wieder, David Weiner, Jerry Weinstein, Howard Weinstein, Steve Wesson, Ed Wolff, Phil Zinober, Pete 246 second time in row. For the second year in a row, the TEP ' s managed to take the ATO " help week " trophy. This was a program initiated to replace " hell week. " Also the TEP ' S were third scho- lastically for the 1960-61 school year. TEP ' S in campus activities were many this year. Barry Kutun was Secretary of Organiza- tions; Harry Shorstein, Chairman of the Foot- ball Seating Committee, Director of Recreation, and Chairman of Swimcapades; Barry Sinoff, freshman representative to the executive council; Charles Warren, Acting Secretary of Academic Affairs; George Solomon, Sports Editor of the 1962 ' Seminole; Ed Ro bin, Gary Lieberman, Intramural Board Members. The TEP ' s were members of the Student Party. Chapter officers this year included President Harry Shorstein; Vice-President, Kutun; Sec- retary-Treasurer, Richard Berkowitz. JVo. 5 Fraternity Row. A banquet feast with parents invited. The late flick has its addicts. Solving the problems of the world. 247 DELTA SIGMA PHI gives award to out standing faculty advisor. ABOVE: Addressing invitations to formal dance. BELOW: Annual Delta Sig ' s dance. The Delta Sigma Phi ' s spon- sored a Faculty advisors reception on Palm Sunday, presenting an award to the outstanding advisor. Recipient of the award this year was Dr. A. A. Murphree, advisor to Kappa Alpha. Delta Sig ' s working in extra-curricular activi- ties on campus included Fernando Jiminez, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Homecoming Coordinator of Student Organizations; Tony Agirre, Vice Chairman of Homecoming Co- ordination of Student Organizations; Bill Adams, Gator Band; and Bill Johnston, O range Peel staff. Bill Moyer and John Kobzina were both invited to Phi Eta Sigma. Leading the fraternity were Robert H. Tomp- son, President; Frank Barnes, Vice-President; Charles Wilkes, Secretary; and Waldo P. Emerson, Treasurer. Adams, Bill Aguirre, Pico Appleby, Jon Barnes, Frank Bednarchik, Bill Benecke, Herman Brands, Dave Day, John Emerson, Waldo Fox, Tom Gentry, Tom Gimenez, Fernando Grave de Peralta, Diego Hall, Jim Hazazer, Dan Hobgood, Randall Hopkinson, Ken Johnston, Bill Kinnie, Richard Kobzina, John Larson, Max Letender, Bill Moyer, Bill Olivia, Angel Ramsay, Gene Thimpson, Terry Thompson, Robert Van Houten, David Weale, Doug Wildes, Charles Williams, John Wright, Glenn 248 DELTA UPSILON Dus only non-secret fraternity. Askren, Bob Bakula, Richard Bogle, Fred Chiappini, William Clark, Tom Collin, Jim Everett, Ernest Gane, Ray Gable, Kent Geyer, Edward Geyer, Michael Gradick, Dick Gravett, Bill Haas, Roger Hailey, Homer Johnson, Julian Keever, Joe Kerstetter, George Lawrence, Dave Leete, David Moore, Bob O ' Brian, Frank Pritchard, Gary Pruitt, Jim Roberts, Jim Samuel, Jim Upham, E. Tyler Ward, William Waters, Bob Willingham, Wayne Woodall, Jim The DU ' s relatively new to the UF campus, are the only non-secret national fraternity in the United States. This is part of an age-old tradition, carried into practice since their founding in 1834. Although they are the second youngest frater- nity on campus, the DU ' s are the second oldest national fraternity represented here. Already commanding leadership in their na- tional brotherhood, the U of F chapter of Delta Upsilon was awarded one of the ten DU Educational Foundation scholarships dis- tributed in 82 chapters of DU. President for this year was Dick Gradick; Vice-President, Bill Chiappini; Secretary, Bob Johnson; and Treasurer, Jim Roberts. Above: 1104 Southwest First Avenue. Below: Greek symbols stand symbolic for age old traditio n. 249 TAU KAPPA EPSILON largest number of chapters in the world .Wllo. I- ' l 1.1, S. I s, I; .- terw : H .. ird. l lie C ik. I irl (. ' rumlinir, alt Hetcher, David Mersack. V Mi . . Sieve Miiclicll. Sain M.-n-, Mike Noble, I! h Pickler, Tom Rci Carll R. -n Us, I):, ' . Rice. Frank ' , rdsi .n. l ' a;i Ro enthal, Mike Rovansck, Kay Ruhenstein, liill Shaw, Tom Skadnvski. Kail ' I . ' . Charles Tindell. Randall 1 litt, R.,lland . n .-. Dan Wintz, Chuck Wiehr. Hill JL11JL Alxnc: 101 Soitllurrsl Ti ' nlli Street, n ' luu:: IK ' flo il it ' illt a Iliiiiiini flair. Although one of the youngest and smaller soeial fraternities on the I ' of F campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest fraternity in the world with 179 active undergraduate chapters. The Teke ' s were winner of the annual Dan McCarty Trophy Award this year, presented for outstanding service to the University, Gaines- ville, and the nation. Even though their busy year has made many demands of them, the Teke ' s have managed to not let this pull down their grade standing, being highest scholastic average for first semester 1960-61 school year among fraternities. President was (iene Bu ard; Vice-President, Frank Accllo; Secretary, Charles Thoet; Treas- urer, Holland Trnitt. 250 PHI EPSILON PI wins award for community service. 304 Northwest Fifteenth Time out for fun. Participation in various service projects around the Gainesville area resulted in the winning of the Phi Epsilon Pi National Community Service award for the local Phi Ep ' s. Other awards for outstanding service were presented by the I.F.C. for the blood drive, and a citation from the Tuberculosis Association for canvas- sing the town of Micanopy. Phi Epsilon Pi is the newest fraternity on campus, being founded December 10, 1960, and is the oldest member of the United Party. " Parents Weekend " is held by the Phi Ep ' s the weekend of Mother ' s Day. Alumni attend with their wives. President this year was Howard Spiller; Vice- President, Harvey Gulkis; Secretary, Stuart Kaufman; and Treasurer, Marty Gallant, and Manny Ostrofsky. Allen, Steve Baum, Bob Bernstein, Leonard Chasin, Milt Cooper, Larry Dizik, Nelson Feigenbaum, Robert Fischbein, Stuart Fish, Marvin Gallant, Marty Gilbert, Mickey Goldsmith, Howard Goodman, Jerry Gulkis, Harvey Guttman, Ron Julius, Richard Kasc, Harvey Kaufman, Stanley Kaufman, Stuart Kuperstein, Stan Kurzweil, Allen Landskroner, Howard Lamer, David Low, Arthur Menze, Ray Miller, Stephen Mintz, Al Ostrofsky, Manny Perell, Lloyd Rien, Ronnie Rifkind, Steve Schafer, Michael Schiff, Paul Schram, Martin Speigel, Mike Spiller, Howard Spiller, Warren Steinberg, Jay Toskar, Danny Wolf, Peter Wyman, Mike 251 CHI PHI wins blood drive ninth year For the ninth straight year, the Chi Phi ' s have received the Blood Drive trophy. This goes to the frateniity helping and donating the most blood. In the spring, Chi Phi Weekend is held. This year there was a formal dance and ban- quet on Friday night followed Saturday morn- ing by a picnic in Daytona Beach. Saturday night finds them back to the fraternity house for the final party of the weekend, consisting of a dance and band. President of Chi Phi this past term was Don Bode. Vice-President was John Douglas; Secretary Doug DeWolfe; and Treasurer Bill Whitmire. Cleaning cobwebs from the Chi Phi facade. Adair, Bill Arcuri, Ron Arze, Carlos Barrantes, Rodolfo Becker, Gary Bettis, Lee Bode, Don Brice, Richard Capezzera, Cappy Gates, Ted Cehon, Richard Douglass, John Eddington, Jon Elliot, Jess Forehand, Walter Fosha, Chuck Froats, Ed Glorias, Bob Haefele, Alan Janes, Steve Kanistras, George McCranie, Roger McCully, Craig McDavitt, Kahl Malt, Dick Palanella, Joe Prevatt, Banks Prior, Richard Ritter, Don Shaeffer, John Simons, Gary Smith, Bob Smith, Norm Straub, Roger Tartaglia, Mike Thomas, Jack Vaughan, Norman Vickrey, Duke Whitmire, Bill Wicklander, Ron 252 DELTA CHI pledges achieve highest pledge-class average Baker, Bill Cannella, Sam Carmichael, Jack Crook, Richard Fisher, Jim Gabel, James Linn, Jeff Mica, Daniel Mica, John Morin, Glenn Robalewski, Rich Sciera, Mark Tisdale, Bill Watkins, Jim Wilson, Mike Wilson, Richard Woods, Lee n a The pledge class of Delta Chi startled their brothers with an amazing 3.2 overall average for last semester. This, need- less to say, was the highest average on campus among fraternity pledge classes. The most looked-forward-to-event of the year for the Delta Chi ' s was their Delta Chi Week- end. Held in the spring of every year, it proves to be their largest function. Beginning on Fri- day night with a banquet and Carnation Ball, it extends the next day with an all day outing and picnic lunch. Saturday night the weekend culminates with an informal party at the chapter house. President of Delta Chi this year was Jim Gabel, Vice-President Jack Carmichael, Secretary Rich Robalewski, and Treasurer Bill Baker. Above: 1227 Southwest First Avenue. Below: Card games seem to be the predominate pasttime at 253 COOPERATIVE LIVING ; Cooperative Living Organization The purpose of the Cooperative Living Organ- ization is to provide inexpensive living facilities for students. It enables them to save $200 to $300 per year on room and board. Emphasis is placed on academics and character develop- ment. This organization has been in the same location since 1932. There are living quarters for 60 men. Admission is by application and is based on character and scholarship potential. Last year the C.L.O. finished in second place in the off campus league. Each member is required to spend one Saturday afternoon each semester working for the organization. Officers are: President, Ranny Hughes; Vice- President, Horace Kirkland, and Secretary, Howard Mack. Front Row: (from left): Eichrodt, Johnson, Fischer, Maybee, Belknap, Wills, Bethencourt, Navarre, Marshall, Buey, Willis, Hughes. Second Row: Macey, MacArthur, Otth, Brooks, T. Delaino, Stanfield, Dinger, Martin, Swisdak, Robertson, B. Delaino, Smith. Third Row: Gambill, Kirkland, Peele, Davis, Holm, Vest, Mackall, McLucus, Addison, Brown. Fourth Row: LeVangie, Cardet, Ekle, Kruger, Porter, Massicott, Shields, Maleski, Byrd, Hasslinger. 254 GEORGIA SEAGLE Askew, Arthur Bankhead, Bill Baxter, Gilbert Beacham, Bob Berquist, David Connors, Dave Cox, Dicky Downs, Bill Fickett, Alan Futch, DeLisle Gregory, Tom Glenn, Joel Greene, Freddy Harden, Ernest Hart, Joe Hogue, Jack Hoover, James Igler, Tom Johnston, Eddie Kelley, Wandell Kinnard, Fred Lundy, Walker McCaskill, Joe Merckel, Jerry Milton, Jim Montgomery, Earl Mowrey, John Peacock, John Pinney, Bil Pittman, Keith Pnnstein, Don Richter, LaRue Shapiro, Rick Smith, George, III Surles, Bill Thomas, John Todd, Jim Trotter, John Turpin, Ken Whitten, Wayne Zimmerman, Ben Georgia Seagle is a men ' s Christian cooperative organization. It places particular stress on Christian fellowship, academic achievement and physical fitness. Requirements for accept- ance include complete abstinence in drinking, active participation in the church of one ' s choice, the maintenance of a " C " average, and non-membership in any social fraternity. Last year Georgia Seagle was the winner of the off-campus league intramurals. The annual social weekend is the " Spring Fling " and is held at the house. During the weekend there is a theme party followed by a picnic and for- mal at which the sweetheart is crowned. The President is Joe Hart; Vice President is Bob Blanchard; Secretary is Tom Igler; Chap- lain is Bill Pinney. 255 ADMINISTRATION 258 COLLEGES SENIORS 266 OUTSTANDING PROFESSORS .... INDEX 353 350 ADMINISTRATION COLLEGES GOVERNOR FARRIS BRYANT STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Hon. F arris Bryant, Governor President Hon. J. Edwin Larson, State Treasurer Hon. Tom Adams, Secretary of State Hon. Richard W . Ervin, Attorney General Hon. Thomas D. Bailey, State Supt. of Education Secretary Ji BOARD OF EDUCATION The governor and four members of his cabinet comprise the State Board of Education. The Board is concerned with all facets of state edu- cation from kindergarten to graduate schools in state universities. The Board of Education approves or rejects nominations of the Board of Control, and thus had a hand in the forth- coming trimester plan which will be effected in Florida universities in 1962. The Board also sets standards for teachers and accredits them for all state levels. The Board of Control clockwise around table are: Baya M. Harrison, Jr., Chairman; John C. Pace; Dr. Ralph L. Miller; Frank M. Buchanan, Vice Chairman; Dr. Charles R. Forman; Gert H, W. Schmidt; Dr. J. B. Culpepper, Executive Direc- tor. Mr. S. Kendrick Guernsey is not pictured. BOARD OF CONTROL The Board of Control is composed of seven outstanding Florida citizens appointed by the Governor to attend to state education in relation to the Florida Legislature. The job particularly entails presentation of an accurate financial picture to the Legislature. Forming and naming of new universities and nomination of deans is another function of the Board of Control. The Board of Control has actively participated in the formation of the trimester plan. 259 THE PRESIDENT Dr. ]. Wayne Since Dr. J. Wayne Reitz became President of the University of Florida in 1955, he has been active in committees of national education associations and organizations. In the summer of 1959 he spent several weeks in Burma as a consultant on educational prob- lems for the Ford Foundation. Dr. Reitz also travels frequently in Central America. He is a member of Sigma Chi social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi and other honorary societies. He is active in the First Presbyterian Church and a member of Rotary International, and the Advisory Council on Naval Affairs. His former community of Canon City, Colorado, named him Distinguished Citizen in 1960. Dr. Reitz received his B. S. degree in Eco- nomics and Sociology at Colorado A. M. and a Ph.D. at Wisconsin in 1941. Dr. Reitz and his family at home during Christmas. Dr. Reitz is never too busy to talk to a student about any topic of the day. 260 VICE PRESIDENT Dr. H. M. Philpott Dr. Harry M. Philpott assumed the post of Executive Vice President of the University in 1957. Since then he has demonstrated his ability to carry the almost innumerable respon- sibilities of his office. In addition to his formal duties, Dr. Philpott has given many speeches to the student body and in various parts of the state. Dr. Philpott received his Ph.D. degree at Yale University. He had previously held a position at Stephens College. Dr. H. M. Philpott ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT Fayette W. Parvin The duties of Dr. Fayette W. Parvin, Ad- ministrative Assistant to the President, are mostly in the area of public relations of the University. Dr. Parvin took his doctorate at Harvard, and resigned this year to take up work with the Ford Foundation. Fayette W. Parvin 261 FLORIDA ' S DEANS Dean Mama V. Brady has been Dean of Women since 1948. Her duties include counseling individuals and groups, resi- dence halls, and responsibility for the entire women ' s student body. Dean Frank T. Adams became Dean of Men in 1960. He is responsible for student discipline, financial aid, organizations, and campus housing and counsels men students and student self-government. Dean of Student Affairs Lester L. Hale assumed his position in 1960. His responsibilities include advising the offices of housing, Dean of Men, Dean of Women, and the President and counseling foreign students. 262 ASSISTANT DEANS Frances Evelyn Sellars has served as Assistant Dean of Women since Sep- tember, 1951. She acts as advisor to the Panhellenic Co uncil and assists Dean Brady in counselling women students. Hayes K. McClelland has been Assistant Dean of Men since 1954. He works with Dean Adams in handling the problems of men students. William G. Cross assumed the position of Advisor to Fraternities in 1960. 263 Richard S. Johnson has been Registrar since 1939. Winston W. Little became Dean of the University College in 1937. vaks Lf Willard M. Fifield in 1955 assumed the position of Provost for Agriculture. Linton E. Grinter has been Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Research since 1952. Russell S. Poor became Provost for the J. Hillis Miller Health Center in 1953. Stanley West has been Director of the University Library and Library Science Department for many years. He was a visiting Professor at Rutgers last year. DEANS Dr. Darrel Jay Mase has been Dean of the College of Health and Related Services since 1958. This is the newest college on campus. Robert B. Alautz, Dean of Academic Affairs since 1958, had been a professor in many courses before assuming this post. Bert Clair Riley has served as Dean of The General Extension Division since 1928. The conference room where Deans discuss important issues in the University ' s program. AGRICULTU Highest percentage of graduate students Under the direction of Dean Marvin A. Brooker, who received his BSA and MSA from the University of Florida and Ph.D. from Cor- nell University, the program in the College of Agriculture has taken on a new look. The curriculum has been completely overhauled and organized into three specialized areas: Production, Business, and Science. At least one half of the students in the College of Agricul- ture are from city schools with no agricultural background. Also only 20% of the College ' s graduates return " to the farm. " The new cur- riculum program was designed with these facts in mind. Dean Marvin A. Brooker DONALD A. ADDISON Haines City, Fla. JUAN A. AQUIRRE Miami, Fla.: Delta Sigma Phi; Block and Bridle; Latin American Club; Alpha Zeta. MAJEED R. ALHAMOUD Bagdad, Iraq: Blue Key Speak- er; International Talent Night, producer and director; ' German Club; WRUF ' S International Education, chairman. CARLOS G. ARZE Cochabamba, Bolivia: Chi Phi; Alpha Zeta, treasurer; Poultry Science Club, treasurer. JACK K. AUSTIN Umatilla, Fla.: Kappa Alpha, censor, yard chairman; Last Krewe. RODOLFO E. BARRANTES San Jose, Costa Rica: Chi Phi; Dairy Science Club. IRMA C. BENDIGO Fort Myers, Fla.: Block and Bridle. NORMAN L. BENZING, JR. Orlando, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Fruit Crops Club. JAMES T. BRIDGES Fort Pierce, Fla.: Newell Entomo- logical Society, president; Florida Entomological Society. WILLIAM H. CAKE Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Tau Alpha, president; FFA. CHARLES J. CALO Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Soil and Agro- nomy Club. JOHN N. CASE, JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle. THEODORE L. GATES Thonotosassa, Fla.: Chi Phi, Omi- cron, pledge master; Citrus Club. CHARLES A. CONOVER Red Bank, N.J.: Alpha Zeta; Thyrsus Horticulture Club, president; Stamp Club. ROBERT K. COOPER, JR. Winter Haven, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Agriculture Economics Club, president; Agri- culture Council. JOSE A. COSTA, JR. Homestead, Fla. 267 The famous cow with a hole in its stomach is a source of Many tncards established recently and lon ago arc " icen interest and education in the A ' scliool. a! ihc annual A " Fair. KICHAKI) A. (TSHMAN -(iainoville. Kla. LKLAND A. DAVIS (Jainesville, Fla.: Alpha eta; Newell Knto- mological Sonet v. DONALD A. IM ' CKWORTH Alturas, Fla.: Citrus Club. ANDREW I,. DI ' DA Cocoa, Fla. THOMAS K. F.VA.NS. .IK. Lake Alfred. Fla.: 1 ' i Kappa Alpha. KKKOI.I, I.. FIKLDINi; -Ft. While. Kla.: Citrus Club. MARILYN L. FRANK (iaincsvillo. Fhi. THTRMAN C. KITCII, JR. St. IVtcixhuri:. Fla.: Lamlxla Chi Alpha: (iator Harnl; I ni ' fr it ' S inplnin. . NORMAN K. (iOLDF.NUKIU; Miami. Fla.: I ' i LamUa I ' lii, historian, secrotarv, treasurer, rush ehairinan. liCRTON C. (1ORDOX, JR. Orlando, Fla.: Sijrma Chi. YAI.F. R. (,On,D -St. Petersburg, Fla.: Kappa Sigma. CARL T. (iRIFFITH St. retersl,,,,-.;, Fla.: Beta Theta I ' i: .! - f ifor, assistant business manager. JOSK H. il ITFRRFX li( ,,ta, Colombia: Alpha eta: Poultry Science Club; Agriculture Council. ALFRKI) L. HAMMOND, JR. Kissiniinrc, Fla.: Agronomy and Soils Club. WILLIAM L. IIOI.I.INCSWORTII Crescent City, Fla.: Citrus Club, president. FKFDDIF, A. JOHNSON Jennings, Kla.: Alpha (.ami,, a Rlio: Newell Entomological Societ. ' . DAVID L. JOHNSTON Frostproof, Kla.: Cilrus Club. JACK K. KINSF. Pineda. Kla. JAMKS II. LAN IKK Arcadia. Kla.: Phi Delta Thela, rii-h man: Hhck ami Bridle; Preceptor. HARRIS I.K.VK.SON III Milton, Fla. : Tan K.p-ilon Phi. SHERMAN J. LEVINE Miami, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi. ROBERT J. LINN Sellersburg, Intl.: Alpha Tau Alpha, vice president; Alpha Zeta, chancellor; FFA; SFEA; Men ' s Glee Club. FLOYD R. McCOLLOUGH Gainesville, Fla.: Society of Mechanized Agriculture. RICHARD W. McCREANOR Gainesville, Fla.: Dairy Sci- ence Club, president, secretary, and treasurer. CHARLES D. MAGILL Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho, pledge master: Dairy Science Club; 4-H Club; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Court Justice; Agricultural Coucil. WILLIE E. MAUGHAN Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Zeta; Agronomy and Soils; Agricultural Council. FRANK M. MELTON Bowling Green, Ky.: Xi Sigma Pi; " Slash Pine Cache " , business manager; Forestry Club; Georgia Seagle Hall; Forestry School Annual. WILLIE T. MEN ASCO Gainesville, Fla.: Agricultural Eco- nomics Club; Agricultural Council; Gator Growl Staff 1961. JAMES W. METZ Hialeah, Fla. NGHE T. NGUYEN Saigon, Vie-t Nam. JOE M. O ' NEAL Greenville, Fla. WARREN E. PALMER Orlando, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN R. PARKER Lake Wales, Fla.: Thyrsus Horticulture Club. DAVID E. PETTRY Tice, Fla. ARLIE A. POWELL Bowling Green, Fla.: Citrus Club, vice president; Baptist Student Union Council. AUSTIN T. RACE Winter Haven, Fla.: Theta Chi. ALBERT L. RADSPINNER Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Zeta scribe; Thyrsus, vice president; Gamma Sigma Delta, Sophomore Award. J. RONALD SMITH Wauchula, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta, president and vice president; Agricultural Council, president and secretary; Agricultural Economics Club; Young Democrats; Danforth Summer Fellowship Award 1961. TERRY O. SMITH Sebring, Fla.: Sigma Chi. JULIO L. SUAREZ Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Block and Bridle; Poultry Science Club. EDWARD N. SZERLIP Miami, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre- Medical Society; Dairy Club; Triangle Flying Club. RALPH N. TAYLOR Daytona Beach, Fla.: 4-H Club, presi- dent; Dairy Science Club, president and vice president; Florida Speliological Society; Tolbert Area Council; Agricultural Coun- cil; National 4-H Dairy Winnter 1958; Danforth Summer Fellow- ship 1959; Ralston Purina Senior Scholarship. ROBERT S. THORNHILL Winter Haven, Fla.: Agricultural Council. FRANK T. USTLER Apopka, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Agronomy and Soils Club. DAVE B. WEBB Clearwater, Fla. WILLIAM A. WEEKS Lakeland, Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho; Citrus Club; Agricultural Council, secretary. RAY B. WEST Pompano Beach, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega; Agricultural Economics Club; Florida Blue Key Speaker; Ori- entation Group Leader; Agricultural Committee. HOWELL W. WILLINGHAM Davenport, Fla.: Delta Up- silon; Agricultural Economics Club; Collegiate Civitan Club; Gator Guard. HENRY WOLFMAN Gainesville, Fla.: Newell Enomological Society. BLOCK AND BRIDLE Block and Bridle is open to all agriculture majors. Block and Bridle membership is open to all who are majoring in agriculture or who are interested in livestock. The club tries to pro- mote better student-faculty relationships, and to further interest in agriculture. Block and Bridle members participated in many interesting events last year. The club spon- sored the Little International Livestock Show, Faculty-student Picnic, and the University ' s livestock and meats judging teams. Block and Bridle also took field trips to ranches through the state and prepared and served a meal at the Annual Beef Breeders ' and Veterinarians Short Course. Block and Bridle Front Row: Patty Welsh, secretary; Gloria Apple, Becky Apple, Georgianne Ford, Erma Bendigo. Sec- ond Row: Jimmy faun, Sid Summer, vice-president; Elder Sumner, president; John Case, Jimmy Lanier. Third Row: Gerlad Feister, Dr. J. W. Carpenter, advisor; Bill Kenyan, marshall; Fred Thrift, Jeff Daughtry, pledgemaster. Fourth Row: Dr. G. E. Combs, advisor; Yale Gould. ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta promotes the profession of agriculture. Alpha Zeta is an honorary and service organi- zation of the College of Agriculture. Last year they sponsored a Spring Banquet and pre- sented a Freshman-Sophomore Award in Agri- culture. Alpha Zeta strives to foster high standards of scholarship, character, and leadership, to ren- der service to the students and the College of Agriculture, and to promote the profession of agriculture. Alpha Zeta Front Row: Bill Hudgens, Arlie Powell, Nguyen Huy Lang, Glenn Decker, Nguyen Van Tan, Bill Wolfe. Second Row: Milton Archer, Chronicle; Albert Radspinner, Scribe; Dr. James Hentges, Advisor; John Linn, Chancellor; Gary Crevasse, Censor; Carlos Arze. Third Row: Dayne Piercefield, Willis Maughan, Chuck Evans, Ralph Taylor, Charles Conover, Leland Davis, Juan Aquirre. 270 AND FINE ARTS Annual Student Increase Since 1925. Students seeking careers in building arts and fine arts enter the College of Architecture and Fine Arts. The college has shown a steady increase in student enrollment since its establishment at Florida in 1925. Each undergraduate and graduate program at the college stresses the development of profes- sional skill through mastery of the principles underlying each field. A definite attempt is made to get the student ready for the profes- sional field out of school. Dean Bannister has served as the college ' s head since 1957. Dean Turpin C. Bannister DONALD G. ADDIS Gainesville, Fla.: Orange Peel, editor; Alli- gator, staff cartoonist. WILLIAM P. ALBURY Islamorada, Fla.: Student Chapter Music Educator ' s National Conference, president; University Choir; Choral Union; Men ' s Glee Club. M. REX ALFONSO Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Nu. RONALD E. ARCURI Cocoa, Fla.: Chi Phi, treasurer, vice- president, president; American Institute of Decorators; Gargoyle. LUIS C. AVILAN Bogota, Colombia: American Institute of Archi- tects; Latin American Club. BRUCE N. BALK Miami, Fla.: American Institute of Architects. HERBERT L. BANKS Winter Park, Fla. WALTER G. BERTOSSI Huntington, N.Y.: American Institute of Architects, treasurer. CARL M. BIRD Jacksonville, Fla.: Student Contractor ' s Building Association; Lutheran Student Association, treasurer. BOYCE H. BLACKMON Auburndale, Fla.: Student Builder ' s and Contractor ' s Association; Pearce-Uible Award. JOSEPH F. BUTLER Lutz, Fla.: Student Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Association. GERALD B. CALCOTT Daytona Beach, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; Student Contractor ' s Association; Sigma Lambda Chi. RICHARD E. COLE Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta JAMES M. COLSON Brooksville, Fla. FRANK L. CONLAN Miami, Fla.: Student Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Association; Pearce-Uible Award ROBERT O. CROWLEY Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Nu; Student American Institute of Architects. 272 GEORGE W. DAVIS Live Oak, Fla.: SCBA; Gymnastics Club; Sigma Lambda Chi Scholarship. WILLIAM H. C. DILATUSH Orlando, Fla.: SOAIA. CHARLES W. DRAWDY Wauchula, Fla.: SCBA. WARREN N. ESTRIN Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Homecoming Committee. RICHARD FITZGERALD Gainesville, Fla.: SCBA; Choral Union; Fishing Club, vice-president. CHARLES M. FORDE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; SCBA. MARK A. GLUCKMAN Orlando, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Student AIA. MARY C. GOODE Miami, Fla. DAVID P. GUNN Bagdad, Fla.: SCBA. PETER L. HARRELL Cor al Gables, Fla.: SCBA. CHARLES F. HARRINGTON Gainesville, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; Student AIA. PAUL C. HARRIS West Palm Beach, Fla. HERMAN H. HELLRIEGEL, JR. Gainesville, Fla. : Sigma Lamb- da Chi, vice-president; SCBA, president. IRVIN S. HOLM Bartow, Fla.: SCBA; Sigma Lambda Chi. ROBERT G. HOWARD Gainesville, Fla.: Student AIA. JAMES A. HRESKO Yonkers, N.Y.: SSLA, president; ASLA; Florida Union Dance Instructor. THOMAS R. HURLEY Maitland, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau. SHARON A. IRISH Gainesville, Fla. JOHN E. JARVIS, JR. Rockledge, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Student AIA. WALTER K. JUERGENSEN Orlando, Fla.: SCBA; Sigma Lambda Chi, president. AURELIO T. JUGUILON Pasay City, Philippines: BS in Civil Engineering, University of the Philippines; BS in Architecture, Uni- versity of Santo Tomas. WILLIAM L. JUHN Lake White, Ohio: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student AIA. ROBERT L. KELLY Starke, Fla.: SCBA. RICHARD G. KERSTNER -Largo, Fla.: SCBA. HORACE E. KIRKLAND Auburndale, Fla.: SCBA; Scabbard and Blade; CLO, vice-president; ROTC, brigade staff; Distinguished Military Student. DONALD C. KLUGE Gainesville, Fla.: Student AIA. JOSEPH F. KNECHT Reddick, Fla.: SALA, Secretary; SALA. ROBERT J. KNOX Lakeland, Fla.: SCBA; Sigma Lambda Chi, secretary. 273 KKNKST K. LKGIMOXIERE Montague City, Mass.: Lambda Chi Alpha; AS!, A. FAIR .). LLANO Miami, Kla. SANDRA G. I.OKIT Gainesville, Kla.: Music Kdncators Na- tional Conference; Tan Beta Sigma; Sigma Phi, vice-president. DKWITT B. MACLEAN Jacksonville. Kla. NANCY E. MA1IAFFKV - Daytona Beach, Fla. HI MBKRTO K. MALAYASI San .lose, Costa Rica. RICHARD I,. MKDI, IX -Coral Gables, Fla.: Sigma 1 ' lii Kpsilon; 1 ' lii Kta Sigma, historian; Gargoyle, president; Student Government Executive Council: SAIA. ANGEL ()I,IVA Tampa, Fla.: Delta Sigma Phi; SAIA. LORA .1. PASCHAL Denham Springs, La. I.Ol ' IS V. PORTO Hollywood, Fla.: SCBA. NANCY A. PRINE Bradenton. Fla.: SALA; ASLA. HKLMITH P. REICH Hamburg, Germany: SAIA. GERALD F. RICHMAX Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Kpsilon Pi, president, vice-president; Student Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Asso- ciation, vice-president; Gargoyle, vice-president; Sigma 1. anil da ( hi, treasurer; Scabbard and Blade. SANDRA S. R I ' M PEL Bed minster, X.J.: Sigma 1 ' hi; Women ' s Glee Club; I ' niversitv Choir; International Suppers Committee. LAWRENCE K. SALKIN Philadelphia, Pa.: SAIA. JAI ' NE K. SILCOX -Kt. Myers, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega: Si nia Phi. JAMES .1. SMITH I ' onte Vedra Beach, Fla.: Student Contn - tor ' s and Builder ' s Association. ROBERT J. SMITH Temple Terrace, Fla.: Chi Phi; Student Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Association; Pierce I ible Award. Si: AXXK SMITH -East Xaples, Fla.: Internal! Council, chair- man. WILLIAM II. SQUIRES Atlanta, Ga.: Sigma Lambda Chi; Stu- dent Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Association; Pearce I ' ible Award. ROGER C. STEFFEXS -Gainesville, Kla.: SALA, president; ASLA; Gargoyle. THOMAS M. STIDIIAM Lake Placid, Kla.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Mn Alpha, treasurer; Music Educators ' National Conference, president; Kappa Kappa Psi, vice-president; I Diversity Symphony; Gator Bands, president; Homecoming Parade Staff; Col. II. B. Bach- rnan Award. ROBERT II. SWILLKY Lake Worth, Kla.: Kappa Sigma. CHARLES C. VEXSEL Daytona Beach, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Kp- silon; Sigma Lambda Chi; Student Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Asso- ciation. JUDY M. WAHLHOM Gainesville, Kla.; University Choir; Sing- ing Sweethearts; Music Educators ' National Conference. JEAXXE C. WALDO Jacksonville, Fla.: SID; SAIA. RICHARD B. WIXCHF.STKR Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Contractor ' s and Builder ' s Association. ROBERT L. WOODWARD Tallahassee, Fla.: Lambda Chi Al- pha; SAIA. KRAXK R. YOUNG - Miami, Kla.: Music Educators ' National Conference; University Band; University Symphony. , First Row: Mr. M. H. Johnson, Sponsor; Larry Medlin, President, Fall and Spring; Lynn Tenyck, Historian, Spring; Robert Woodward, Treasurer, Spring; Mike McCardell. Second Row: Nancy Lagomarcino, Charles Kirkland, Gerald Calcott, Judy Levine, Secretary, Spring; Sam Evans, Treasurer, Fall and Vice President, Spring; Gerald Richman, Vice President, Fall; Dave Boubelik, Historian, Fall; Roger Steffens, Jim Colson, Carlos Avilan. Third Row: Charles Wright, Gary Smith, Ted Tschumy, Dick Cole, Paul Robinson, Bud Hellriekel, Horace Kirk- land, Robert Schuller, Herman Boda. GARGOYLE Gargoyle represents all of College of Architecture Gargoyle is an honorary fraternity in the College of Architecture and Fine Arts. The fraternity attempts to pro- mote public recognition of the profes- sion and to improve the professional competence of its members. This year Gargoyle sponsored a seminar on the interrelationships between the various professions associated with building. A Beaux Arts Ball for Archi- tecture and Fine Arts students and their guests was also a project of Gargoyle. Sigma Lambda Chi Front Row: Charles Vensel, H. H. Hellriegel, vice-president; Ervin Holm, Bernie Martins, ]. M. Trimmer. Second Row: Walter Juergensen, president; Bill Squires, Larry Marks, Gerald Richman, treasurer; Leven Lord, Walter Mills, Don Richter, Gary Smith, Jim Knox, secretary. SIGMA LAMBDA CHI Honors outstanding students in building construction Sigma Lambda Chi is the national hon- orary fraternity for building construc- tion and lumber merchandising, whose fundamental purpose is to recognize the outstanding students of building con- struction. Invitation to join is based on scholastic attainment as well as dem- onstrated leadership. Sigma Lambda Chi strives to promote the building construction curriculum and aid students in the choice of a ca- reer through contacts with the industry. 275 Dean Ralph E. Page Liberal education, but evaluations on actions required. Culturally and historically the programs of the College of Arts and Sciences represent the core of all higher education. The College grants its graduates the traditional Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees. It makes its contributions to the state and nation through the many facts and skills it imparts; it also provides the student with the fundamental knowledge upon which the professional col- leges build. The major aim of the College is to provide a liberal education, insisting on evaluations of ideas and actions according to their impact on society. Offering graduate degrees in various fields, the College of Arts and Sciences con- tinues to be the largest degree-granting college in the University. NYDIA D. ABNEY Gainesville, Fla. CHARLES E. AHLFELD Miami, Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma; Grove Area Men ' s Council. ROBERT A. ALLEN, JR. Daytona Beach, Fla.: Sigma Chi. STEPHEN ALLEN Coral Gables, Fla.: Phi Epsilon Pi; Americans for Democratic Action. CECIL L. ANCHORS Niceville, Fla.: Honor Court Justice; Secretary of Elections. JUDITH A. ANDERSEN Miami, Fla.: Cavalettes Dance Society, corresponding secretary; Seminole, business manager; Orientation Group Leader. GLENN R. ANDERSON Clearwater, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha, rush chairman, correspondent. GUS ANDY Miami, Fla. SCOTT R. ANSELMO Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; clerk of Honor Court; President ' s Cabinet, inspector general; Executive Council, minority floor leader; Freshman Executive Council; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau; Orientation Staff Co- ordinator; Communications Subcommittee, chairman; Honor Court Public Relations; Hall of Fame. JOBY M. ANTHONY Orlando, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi, vice- president; URA; Gator Greek, business manager. RICHARD D. BANCKROFT Pompano Beach, Fla.: Theta Chi; Pi Mu; Florida Union Board; Murphee Hall Council. JEANNE M. BAUMRIND Ocala, Fla.: Alpha Xi Delta. CHARLES F. BEAN Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Nu; F Club. NORMA J. BEATTY Frostproof, Fla.: Phi Mu; URA; Wes- ley Foundation, vice-president; Council of Religious Centers. WILLIAM B. BECKER Naples, Fla.: Freshman Chemistry Award; ACS, vice-president; Interhalls Committee, chairman; Chi Phi. LILA W. BEDENBAUGH Gainesville, Fla. 277 ROBERT J. BELLING St. Petersburg, Fla. JULIA V. BENJAMIN Coral Gables, Fla.: Rawlings Hall Council, president; Welcome Week, chairman; Religion-in-Life W : eek, hostess; International Suppers Committee. JEAN A. BENNETT Atlanta, Ga.: Chi Omega, vice-presi- dent and secretary; Swim Fins, secretary and president; " Miss Seminole 1961 " . FLORENCE L. BERLINGHOFF Miami Beach, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon, recording secretary and vice-president; Women ' s Student Government Representative; Associate Lyceum Coun- cil; Dean ' s List. HOLLON R. BERVALDI, JR. Key West, Fla. LEE W. BETTIS Winter Park, Fla.: Intramural Swimming, Football; Legislative Council; Chi Phi; Section Advisor; Dean ' s List; Economics, student assistant. FRANK W. BIGLOW Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta, treasurer; Pi Alpha Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Florida Blue Key; Debate Society, president. WALTER E. BIRDSALL West Palm Beach, Fla. ROBERT E. BLACK WOOD Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Dean ' s List. NANCY G. BOGGESS Pensacola, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi, rush chairman; Student Government, undersecretary; Religion- in-Life Week. JAMES L. BORING Vero Beach, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Young Democrats; Foreign Student Advisor; Gator Growl; undersecretary of Men ' s Affairs; Orientation. ROBERT L. BOWIE Mount Dora, Fla.: President ' s List; Dean ' s List. STEPHEN W. BREWER Gainesville, Fla.: Distinguished Academic Achievement Award; Associate of Arts, high honors. JAMES G. BRIANAS Holly Hill, Fla.: Hellenic-American Club, president. LLOYD A. BRIGGS Albany, Ga.: Lambda Chi Alpha. THOMAS E. BROWN Gainesville, Fla. JO ANN H. BURCH Sarasota, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi. DONALD R. BURKLEW St. Petersburg, Fla.: Freshman, Sophomore Class, president. JANE A. BURNS Pompano Beach, Fla. NEIL H. BURNS Miami, Fla. CHARLOTTE T. BURTON Lewes, Del.: Alpha Omicron Pi, secretary; W ? ater Ski Club; SRA. EUGENE R. BUZARD Key Largo, Fla.: Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, secretary, president; Gator Ski Club. DIANNE J. CACCIATORE Tampa, Fla.: Glee Club; NBA; WSA; Law Dames. DIANE E. CAIN Melbourne, Fla. VIRGINIA S. CARABALLO Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Kappa. PATRICK N. CARLTON Perry, Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma. CAROL A. CARR Arlington, Va.: Alpha Delta Pi, secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship; Dean ' s List; F-Book; Orientation. WILLIAM CHIAPPINI Melrose, Fla.: Delta Upsilon; Ad- vanced AFROTC. 278 JO ANN CHIPLEY Bokeelia, Fla.: Hall Council; WSA; Wes- ley Foundation, forum chairman. CARYL A. CLARK Gainesville, Fla. JENNY A. CLEMENTS Cocoa, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi. ELTHEA H. CHILDRESS Pass-a-Grille, Fla. DONALD D. COHEN Hyattsville, Md.: Florida Blue Key, treasurer; associate director of Orientation; secretary of Interior; Legislative Council. JACK H. COHEN North Miami Beach, Fla. KAREN V. COLIN Flushing, N.Y.: Sigma Pi Sigma; AIP; Hall Council; URA; Dean ' s List. ANGEZ R. COMPAIN Sanford, Fla.: German Club; Tudor Society; Dean ' s List. EDWARD M. COOK Mayo, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ori- entation Staff. FLORENCE R. COPELAND Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.- Kappa Delta; Panhellenic, president; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mor- tar Board. MARILYN COVO Mexico City, Mexico: ISO; Latin Ameri- can Club; German Club; Orchestra; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mor- tar Board; Mallory Hall Council, president; Interhall Council. JEAN L. DANSEN Fort Pierce, Fla. THOMAS A. DAVIS Madison, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chaplain, correspondent; Pi Mu; Methodist Student Movement, president; Seminole staff. DONALD F. DE KOLD Vero Beach, Fla.: Psi Chi; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. IVAN M. DIAMOND Jacksonville, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Pi, president; Phi Eta Sigma, president; Tutor Society, president; Homecoming, finance chairman; Legislative Council; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau. JACQUELINE M. DOIG Miami Shores, Fla.: Delta Gamma; Seminole Yearbook Beautv. DIANE J. DOWNING Day tona Beach, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Hostess Committee; Legislative Council, secretary; Honor Court Justice; associate Lyceum Council; undersecretary of Housing; Honor Court Public Relations, secretary. DIANE DUNMIRE Hollywood, Fla.: Sigma Kappa; Phi Sigma. ANDREW J. DuPONT, JR. St. Augustine, Fla.: Pre-Law Club. DONNA J. EDEN Jacksonville, Fla.: Grove Hall Council, vice-president. ROGER L. EDWARDS Jacksonville, Fla. CHARLES J. EICHMAN Gainesville, Fla.: American Hu manist Association, secretary- treasurer; ADA, executive coun- cil; Committee on Academic Emphasis, chairman; ISO; Philo- sophy Club; TJLF; Scope; Alligator; Orange Peel. CECIL D. EWELL, JR. Chicago, 111.: F Club; Football Team. RICHARD C. FAILLA Treasure Island, Fla.: Sigma Nu; Legislative Council. GERALD R. FALOON A Evergreen Park, 111.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Pi Pi Pi; ACS. MARIO FERNANDEZ, JR. Tampa, Fla.: Judo Club. BARRY W. FESTOFF Miami Beach, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha. MERRY C. FILER Clearwater, Fla.: Phi Mu. 279 Physics and chemistry are integral divisions of the Arts and Sciences program. STUART M. FISCHBEIN West Hollywood, Fla.: Phi Epsilon Pi: Scabbard and Blade Society; Superior Academic Achievement; Phi Epsilon Pi Scholarship Trophy; Graduated with High Honors; Intramural Chairman for Pi Epsilon Pi. JOSEPH Z. FLEMING Miami Beach, Fla.: treasurer, Pi Lambda Phi; president, Tau Kappa Alpha; secretary of Organizations; Honor Court justice. ROLAND M. FOSTER Deland, Fla. RHETT K. FREDRIC St. Petersburg, Fla. EDITH J. FRERKING Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta; J. Hillis Miller Award; Gainesville Panhellenic Scholarship Award. KENT S. FROHOCK Gulfport, Fla. HOLLY P. FULLER Shalimar, Fla. RAUL E. GANDARA Hatorey, Puerto Rico: Alpha Chapter president, Cavaliers National; Judo Club. SHERRY Y. GANO Melrose, Fla. ALLEN L. GARRETT Bartow, Fla.: Kappa Alpha Order; secre- tary-treasurer of Freshman Class; Freshman Council; Gator Growl Committee; March of Dimes chairman. MARY G. GEIBER Fort Myers, Fla.: University Religious Asso- ciation; Student Religious Association; Hall Council; president, Wesley Foundation. JOAN E. GEIDER Indialantic, Fla.: Delta Gamma. STEPHEN M. GILLIS Marianna, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta, house manager; Outstanding Pledge. LYNN GINSON Orlando, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi, president; secretary of Women ' s Affairs; Legislative Council; F-Book, executive editor; Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau; Seminole, section editor. STEVEN T. GLADIN Vicksburg, Miss.: Legislative Council. STEPHANIE H. GLADSTONE Miami, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon, recording secretary; URA, Executive Council, secretary. SANDRA L. GOEHLER Miami, Fla.: Rawlings Hall, treasurer, newspaper artist. HARVEY L. GOLDSTEIN Hollywood, Fla.: Alligator, st aff writer; Students for Kennedy-Johnson; Murphree Area Council. MICHAEL M. GOLDWIRE Starke, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau. LAWRENCE S. GORDEN Orlando, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Florida Players. 280 JOHN E. GOYER, III Hiviera Beach, Fla.: Delta Upsilon. MARILYN C. GRACE St. Augustine, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary; WSA representative; Kappa Delta, treasurer; undersecretary of Labor. HERMAN W. GRADICK Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Upsilon; IFC representative; vice president, president of Delta Upsilon. WILLIAM P. GRAVETT Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Delta Up- silon. JOHN A. GREENMAN Gainesville, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES E. GRONQUIST Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Sigma Chi; president of Fraternity-Sorority Council of the University Reli- gious Association. GEORGE M. GROOME Hialeah, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; recording secretary of Delta Tau Delta. LEE A. HALL Satellite Beach, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; Host- ess Committee; Greek Council; Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary; Student Nurses ' Association; Alpha Chi Omega, chaplain. WILLIAM R. HAMILTON Orlando, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; Presidents ' Council; secretary Legislative Affairs; chairman Homecoming Parade; assistant technical coordinator of Orien- tation; chairman, Constitutional Revision; Phi Delta Theta, president. BARTON J. HANSEN Sarasota, Fla. NANCY J. HARBETT Miami, Fla.: Delta Gamma; Foreign Student Advisor; Delta Gamma, recording secretary. HENRY T. HARDEN Pensacola, Fla.: BSU. FRANCES J. HARDIN Mims, Fla.: Chi Omega; Honor Court justice; executive secretary, Religion-in-Life Legislative Council; Sigma Phi, president; Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Florida Players; Sorority Co-ordinator for Campus Politics. SIDNEY J. HAYES Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track letterman; Kappa Alpha Intramural chairman. GLEN H. HEATH Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ROBERT E. HEIDENREICH Pompano Beach, Fla.: Kap- pa Sigma; Propeller Club. ALLAN HERSROWITZ Miami, Fla.: Pi Lambda, Phi. STEPHEN G. HERTZ Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Law; Young Democrats; IFC official; Fraternity Rush chairman; Gator Gras Talent Show coordinator; Circulation Manager of Alligator; Election official; undersecretary of Labor; Homecoming Committee chairman; coordinator of Off-Campus Student Employment; Florida Union Board member. NANCY M. HICKERSON Apopka, Fla.: Orchesis; Gator Ski Club; Head Majorette and Choreographer; Gator Variety Show; Women ' s Glee Club; Singing Sweethearts; Gator Growl. MANUAL HIGER Miami, Fla. HOWARD C. HOLTZENDORF Arcadia, Fla.: Botanical So- ciety; Phi Sigma. NANCY I. HOOTER Jacksonville, Fla.: Psi Chi; Alligator Staff; Religion editor, Summer; Administration editor, Seminole; Nu Rho Psi. KENNETH E. HOPKINSON Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Sigma Phi; Florida Broadcasting Guild. JANE M. HUNTER Asheville, N.C. WILSON S. KURD Ocala, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau. WAYNE C. ISPHORDING Gainesville, Fla.: Geological So- ciety. STEVEN ISSENBURG Coral Gables, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi. GARY N. JARVELA Conneaut, Ohio: American Institute of Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma, treasurer. 281 Ill GO (,. JIM EN EX Miami, Kla.: Delta Tan Delta; PoliticalSc cnce Honorary. MARY C. JOHNSON IVnsicola. Fla.: Chi Omega; President Cabinet; Florida I ' liion Hoard; Orientation leader. CECIL K. JOHNSTON Ocala, Fla.: Georgia Seagle. DANIKI. II. JONES Gainesville. Kla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. KDWINA A. JONK.S Xepliyrliills, Kla.: Christian Iiiternatiom Club; Lnitcd I ' arty. RICHARD I,. jri.ll ' S Wot Palm Reach. Kla.: Phi Epsilon ] ' 1 ' i Mu Prc-Medical Society; Men ' s Glee Club. HOWARD I,. KANK Miami, Kla. STANI.KY M. KACKMAN -Lakeland, Kla.: president. I ' hi Kps Ion 1 ' i; I ' i Mu Pre-Medical Society; [iiterfraternity Council; recordin secretary, Lance and Shield ( ' lull. S ' lTAUT H. KATKMAN- North Miami Heac-h, Kla.: secretary. Phi Kpsilon Pi; Phi Kta Sigma Honorary; Student Government; vice-president, Hillel House. JANE! E. KEEFER--Leesbnrg, Kla.: (ianima Sigma Epsiloii: Chemistry Honorary. DAVID R. KEI,l,Y--Kast St. Louis, III.: Gator Growl Committee; American Chemical Society. ELSIE J. KKLLEY Dania, Kla.: Young Democrats: Student I ' nion; Executive Council. WALLACE V. KENNEDY -South Klomaton, Kla.: president, Alpha Tail Omega; I niversity of Klonda Hall of Kame; president, I n " ersity Religions Association; ])resident. Order of the Last Krewe; pre dent, Pre-Law Chili; vice-president, Phi Eta Sigma; production linator, Gator Growl; chairman. Educational Analysis Snl - mittee; chairman, Summer Religion in Life Committee; chair- Miss Seminole Contest; chairman. Homecoming Seating Com- mittee; Student Affairs Advisorv Committee. KATHHYN V. KENNY St. Petersburg, Flu. KREDERIC V. KEN YON Miami. Kla. MILLER U. KERR St. Augustine, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Gator Band. NANCY E. KING- Bartow, Fla.: Phi Mn; secretary, Lyceum THOMAS M. KING. JR. Ormond Beach, Fla. DORIS A. KNOWLTON Gainesville, Fla.: president. Interna- tional Relations Cluh; I ' hi Alpha Theta. KRANCII. V. KOEGLKR Ilempstead, N.Y.: Alpha Tan Omega; American Chemical Societ . OSCAR T. KOON, JR. West Palm Beach, Kla. JAMES A. KOSF.LKA Dearborn, Mich.: president. Lambda Chi Alpha, 1001 ; President ' s Council, IKC; Legislative Council. JAMES A. LaBRKC Orlando, Kla.: Alpha Tan Omega: Florida CHARLES V. I.ACEKIEL1) -Irvington, N.J.: Men ' s Residence Hall Staff; student assistant, Chemistry Department. NORMAN K. LAN F. Lakeland. Kla.: Theta Chi. C RO1.YN I). LAW Ormand Beach, Fla.: Alpha Omieron Pi. TED GILMOKK LEE ll,,lly.,,,d. Fla.: Theta Chi. ROBERT II. LITTLE Sanford, Fla.: Sigma Plii Kpsilon. BARTON J. LIPOFSKY Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma; Uni- versity Orchestra; Symphonic Band; WRUF FM staff. ARTHUR B. LOW Gainesville, Fla.: Dean ' s List; Phi Epsilon Pi, vice president, pledgemaster. GEORGE H. LUSTIG Gainesville, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi. JOY F. LUTZ Pompano Beach, Fla.: Delta Gamma. MICHAEL F. LYNDS Gainesville, Fla.: Pi Sigma Alpha. LYNN G. LYONS Crystal River, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. WILLIAM J. McALLISTER Gainesville, Fla.: Gator Band; Con- cert Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, secretary; Lambda Chi Alpha. EDWARD R. McCARTHY, Jr.- Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES D. McCLUNG Gainesville, Fla.: Homecoming Decora- tions Committee; Senior Section Advisor; Pre-Law Club; Tolbert Area Council; Orientation Group Leader; Intramural Director. LEIGH McFADDEN Gainesville, Fla.: Mayor Schucht Village; Resident Manager Flavet III. MARGARET A. McLEOD Lakeland, Fla.: Phi Mu; BBB; ACS; Outstanding Freshman Woman. IVAN F. McMULLEN Jacksonville, Fla.: Theta Chi, vice- president; Honor Court Sub-Committee; state master councilor, DeMolay. GORDON F. McKENN A Hollywood, Fla.: Student Legislative Council. JAMES M. McWHORTER Eustis, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha, presi- dent; Educational Analysis Committee; Forums Committee. GEORGE H. MacDUFF St. Petersburg, Fla.: Geography Club; Advanced Officers Club; U. of F. Geological Society; section advisor Tolbert Area; Academic Council; Intramurals. JAMES C. MAG AH A Fort Myers, Fla,: Scminolc, activities section. RONICA S. MAHONEY St. Petersburg, Fla.: Phi Mu; Pre-Med Society; Newman Club. JEAN L. MAKEMSON Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Orientation Group Leader; Gator Gras secretary; under- secretary of Student Activities. ELLEN G. MARKS St. Petersburg, Fla.: Choral Union; Dean ' s List. LIDA F. MATTHEWS Portsmouth, Ohio. ROBERT E. MAY Memphis, Tenn.: Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM T. MEALOR, JR. Atlanta, Ga.: Sigma Chi; " F " Club, vice president, chaplain, treasurer, secretary; Florida Track Team; Advanced Officers Club. DOUGLAS M. MIDGLEY Fort Myers, Fla. : Legislative Coun- cil; Student Government; Young Republican Club. PERRY D. MELVIN Miami, Fla.: Legislative Council. BARTON H. MILLER Orlando, Fla.: Blue Key Speaker; Orien - tation leader; Hillel, treasurer; Religion-in-Life Week chairman; vice president of University Religious Association. M. STEPHEN MILLER Brooklyn, N.Y.: Phi Epsilon Pi; Home- coming Committee; Alligator staff writer. JAMES W. MOODY Fort Myers, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Gator Band and Orchestra. HAROLD ' K. MOORE Pensacola, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; Young Democrat Club; Pre-Law Club; President ' s Honor List; Falk Intern- in-Politics Award. 283 I.AU KFACF V. MORAN .Jacksonville. Flu.: SSAII ' . STF.VK F. MORROW Miami. Fin.: I ' i Lambda I ' lii. ;F.O|{ ;F. II. MOSS. Ill (lainesville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Kpsilm president; Last Krewe, executive council: secretarv of Academi Affairs; under-seeretary of Interior; Orientation leader and speakei Blue Key Speaker; Advanced HOTC. KATHHYN li. MOSS- -Gainesville, Fla.: Alplia Delta Pi; Sweet lie: rt il ' Sipna Alplia Fpsilon. WILLIAM (I. Ml RPHY Staten Island, N.Y. ALLKN l{. MY KKS Alplmretta, Ga.: Alpha Tau Omejfa; Pi Ml Section Advisor. HALI ' II NICOSIA Bradenton, Fla.: Sipna I ' i Sipna; Soccer. CAROL L. NIKWRGKR- New Smyrna Bench, Fla.; Sigm Kappa: IS(); Hall Council, treasurer, president; Foreign Studen Sponsor: Orientation group leader. .IOSF.PH I). NOCAN St. Petersburg, Kla. AHTIHR K. Nl ' DKI. MAN Orlando, Fla.: Camera Club, vice- president; Alpha Kappa Delta, treasurer. .IAMKS A. Nl ' GKNT -Clearwater, Fla.: Newman Club. SFRFAA M. O ' LKAin ' -St. IVtershurf, ' , Fla. AI.BKKT C. O ' NKIL (iainesville, Fla.: lieta Tlieta I ' i; I ' lii Kta Sipna, secretary; I ' i Sipna Alpha, secretary-treasurer: secretary of Finance: Student Body, treasurer; Graduation Invitations Com- mittee: 1-HiHil; Committee, chairman; Homecoming Para le Marshall; Orientation Traffic Coordination: Orientation p-oup leader: Florida Blue Key; Hall of Fame. I ' ACI. H. OKSF.CK Miami Meach, Fla.: Tail Kpsilon I ' lii, chap- lain: Sophomore Class vice-president; Xemimili-. ANITA M. OTTO-l ' ensacola. Fla.: Alpha Chi Omepi, historian, vice-president; Legislative ( Ouncil; Hehpon-in-Lit ' e, publicity chair- man; Orientation Leader; Alpha Tail Omega Sweetheart Court; Hall Council. ROSEMARY K. OTTO -Lake Worth, Fla.: Swim Fins. SYLVIA R. I ' ALMKR St. Petersburg, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Cheerleader; under-secret arv of Labor; SA; Hall Council. AI ' DKKY S. PALMISAX ' O Hollywood, Fla.: Interhall Counci!; Reid Hall Council, vice-president. KOBFKT B. PARK .Jacksonville, Fla. DAVID F. PATTFRSON -St. Petersburg. Fla.: Phi Alpha Tlieta; Student Traffic Court Justice; Legislative Council; Summer Steering ( ' ommittee. DKANNA A. PFRF.X Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega: Broward Hall Council; Foreign Student sponsor; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart. SANDRA L. I ' l-ri ' FRSON San Francisco, Cal.: Sigma Kappa: Choral I nion; Orientation leader. CHARLF.S I ' . PILLANS -Ocala, Fla.: Alplia Tail Omega; presi- dent Florida I ' nion Board; president, Region IV Association of College I ' mons: Outstanding Student Leader, 1901. ARTIITR K. PITTMAN Jacksonville Beach, Fla.: Alplia Phi Omega, secretary, vice-president; (ieorp ' a Seagle: Tennis Team; Scabbard and Blade: AO( ; Homecoming; Public Relations 0111- nnttee: (ierman Club; Rehpon-in-Lil ' e Week. RONALD J. PLATTK Sandusky, Ohio: Sigma Chi. tribune; Religion-in-Life Host; Homecoming Parade Committee. RAMON (,. PLOWDKN Grovelaiid, Fla.: Pi Mu; Wesley Foun- dation. .JANTCF .1. POLFNT Clcvclanrl, Ohio: Delta Camma; Inter- national Suppers Committee. MA.IORII-; RA(,OSTA (iainesville, Fla.: I ' -i Chi. 284 TEURY M. REISM AN- -Miami Beach, Fla.: I ' i Lambda Phi; Pi Mu, president, vice-president, treasurer; IFC. MARJORIE H. REITZ Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board, president; Woman ' s Judiciary; Legislative Council; Religion-in-Life Week executive committee; University Choir, vice- president. MICHAEL K. RICH Lake Worth, Fla. PATRICIA A. RICHMAN New York, N.Y.: Psi Chi. RICHARD M. ROBINSON Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; secretary of Public Relations; Intramurals, golf, tennis, handball, basketball manager. STANLEY P. RODAK Pensacola, Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma. HOWIE J. ROSEN Gainesville, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi. RONALD J. ROTHSTEIN Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Alligator, business manager; Orange Peel, business manager. ELIZABETH H. RYDSTROM St. Petersburg, Fla.: Judiciary. JAMES B. SAMUEL, JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Delta Upsilon. MARGARET P. SARGEANT Lakeland, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega. JOSEPH W. SCHLUE Cape Girardeau, Mo.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Advanced Officers ' Club, president. PRISCILLA A. SEIDERMAN Coral Gables, Fla.: WSA; Legis- lative Council; Blue Key Speaker; Religion-in-Life, secretary. JAMES S. GORDON Miami Beach, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi, secre- tary; Debate Society, president; Student Traffic Court, chief justice; Tau Kappa Alpha, president; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship; Florida Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau, assistant chairman; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha, vice-president; Florida Blue Key; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Hall of Fame. CHARLES P. SHIELDS, JR. Tampa, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. JUDITH L. SINGER Williston, Fla.: Geography Club; Geology Club; Women Off Campus Council, secretary; Choral Union. ANNE E. SISLER Coral Gables, Fla.: Zeta Tau Alpha, president; Orientation group leader; Public Relations Committee; Homecoming Court. JESSE C. SMITH Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega. ARTHUR W. SMITH Gainesville, Fla. JAN E. SMITH Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta, vice- president; President ' s Cabinet; Gator Growl, chairman program department; Spring Frolic, chairman; Director of Florida Union Social Board; Hall of Fame. ROCH C. SMITH Hollywood, Fla.: Newman Club; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Student Tudor Society, president. MARION K. SOLOWY Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Delta; President ' s List; Dean ' s List. PETER B. SOBEL Miami, Fla. WILLIAM H. SPENCE Miami, Fla. H. JAMES STADELMAN Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta, chaplain; Florida Union Board, president; Forums Com- mittee, chairman; Gator Growl Staff. HUGH E. STARNES Fort Myers, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treasurer; Card Section Director; Commissioner Student Traditions. JACQUELINE L. STRAFFORELLI Toulon Var, France. EVELYN SYVERTSEN Jacksonville Beach, Fla. 285 WILLIAM S. TA1.BOT Gainesville. Kla.: Sigma lpha Kpsilon; Varsity lull. KLI .ABKTH J. TAYLOR Pinellas I ' ark. Kla.: Simula Kappa, treasurer, vice-president: SNA. PAIL S. ' I ' ll AM KS Tampa, l- ' la.: Simula Tan Sigma, president; Sigma Pi Simula. ROSELAN M. TIIAYER -Gainesville, l- ' la.: National Council of Teacher of Mathematics; Mortar Hoard, historian: Tan Beta Sigma, president; Gator Hand: I ' niver-ity Symphony. .IAMK.S M. THOMAS Jacksonville. Kla.: I ' lii K.ta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. JOSEPH H. THOMAS I.aBcllc. Kla.: Kappa Kappa 1 ' si. MAIUOIUK. A. THOMAS St. Petersburg, Kla.: Florida Players. JULIE A. THORDARSON St. Augustine. Kla.: Kappa Delta, treasurer, president; Alpha Lambda Delta, secretary; Mortar Hoard, treasurer; Homecoming, house decorations chairman; Blue Key Speaker: Orientation leader and start ' . .MONT 1 ' . TRAINER Key West, Fla.: Sigma Nu, president; sti dent director of Intranmrals; Last Krewe, vice-president; Religioi in-Life Week; Dollars for Scholars, chairman. .MALCOLM L. TREVOR Gainesville, Fla.: Triangle Flying Clul commissioner and deputy mayor of Corrv Village. LIBBY C. TURNIPSEED Ocala, Fla. PHILIP C. WAHLBOM Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Tan Delta Brigade Commander AROTC; Pre-law Club, president; Phi Alph. Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Court Justice; Gator Growl assistant executive direct or; Orient at ion, staff coordinator; All-Florid liifle Match, director. .11 DITH S. WALLACE Gainesville, Fla.: Tan Beta Sigma; I ' ni versity Symphony. MARY K. WAREING Mt. Dora, Kla. VIRGINIA WAR(iELIN Melbourne, Kla. WILD A L. WARNER Orlando, FI; .: Florida Speleological So cietv. CHARLES S. WARREN Miami Beach, Kla.: Tan Epsilon Phi Pre-Law Club; secretary of Academic Affairs; Religion-in-Life Week chairman of discussions; Homecoming, chairman of refreshments; I ' ll Alpha Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha. JANE S. WARRENDER Port Washington, N.Y.: Kappa Delta corresponding secretary; Pan American Court; Orientation leader Blue Kev Speaker; Lyceum Council. SAMrE ' L E. WATSON, JR. Lakeland, Fla.: Theta Chi. STANLEY .1. WEISSMAN North Miami Beach, Fla. JTRGKN A. WEKERLE-Sanford. Fla.: Pi Alpha Theta; Pi Signii Alpha; lilue Kev Speaker. MICHAEL I). WESSON Hollywood, Fla.: Florida Union Board Murphree Area Council. MARSHALL W. WIIIGIIAM, JR. Pensacola, Fla.: Pre-Law Clnl) DAVID S. WHITTAKER- Winter Park, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi arsit v Tennis. THOMAS W. WILLIS Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Tan Delta; F Club; Pi Mn; ' arsity Track. LOITSE A. WILLS Albany, ( ' ,.: Baptist Student Union, execu live council; Florida Players. CLYDE II. WILSON Sarasota, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta. JUDITH A. WINKLER Windermere, Fla.: Mallory Hall C ' onn cil, president; WSA; Legislative Council. ROBERT W. WOLFE Pensacola, Fla. JAMES L. WOLFE- Milton, Kla. SHIRLEY 1). WOOD -Lake Worth, Kla.: Delta Gamma. JEAN C. YF.RRY-Sarasota, Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta. Front Row From left: Robert Blackwood, Vice-president; Alan Bartel, President; Marian Solowy, Secretary; Coleman ]. Gain, Ronald Rothstein, Treasurer. Second Row: Russell Simbari, Ken Albuicke, Allan Schemblum, Michael Fromhart, Rhett Frederic. Third Row: Bernardd Simbari, Joe Levi, Benedict Maniscalco. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 3.0 overall for 5 semesters required for membership in pre-med society. The Florida Alpha chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, international premedical honor fraternity, requires for membership a 3.0 overall average for at least three semesters. The AED provides premedical students with a better understanding and appreciation of modern medicine. This honor fraternity also helps to stimulate superior scholarship and association with other outstanding students. During the year the members of AED attend programs presented by notable speakers from the U. of F. medical school and the UF campus. The AED works in close conjunction with the premedical fraternity Pi Mu. Front Row From left: Willis Mark, Karen Colin, Thar Hlaing, Richard Smith. Second Row: Bennett Weaver, Samuel Parks, James Sapp, William T. P. Choy, P. J. Walsh. Third Row: David Anderson, Richard Witmer, Kurt Buerger, Dick Van Brunt, Charles Ahlfeld. Fourth Row: Auther Boring, Dennis Keefer, Everett Johnson, David Richardson, Gerald Mayer, Ernest Graetz, Stanley Rodak, Izzy Shever, Mark Fagerlin, Ray Glass. Fifth Row: Ralph Nicosia, Emery Lindsey, Carlton Nelson, Barton Lipofsky, Paul Thames . Sixth Row Tony Provitola, Gary Jarvela. SIGMA PI SIGMA Professional friendship and learn- ing offered in Sigma Pi Sigma. Since Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honor society, was founded in 1921, it has expanded to 106 local chapters with a total of over 18,000 members and alumni throughout the country. Membership not only provides recognition for high schol- arship in physics but encourages friend- ship and professional spirit among those who belong. Sigma Pi Sigma co-operates with the local student section of the American Institute of Physics in diffusing knowledge and interest in physics to the students. 287 STOP | I pos LOCK LOCK LOO KB CLEAR MD CLEAR ADMINISTRATION Dean Donald J. Hart College stresses education rather than training. The College of Business Administration, lo- cated in Matherly Hall, was founded at the University of Florida in 1926. The college stresses " education " rather than " training " to prepare its students for the rap- idly changing business world. With emphasis upon fundamental concepts, graduates can continue and expand their training after enter- ing business. To offer a more concentrated program the Col- lege has changed its curriculum by cutting the former eighteen major fields of study down to nine. The College is under the direction of Dean Donald J. Hart, who joined the University of Florida faculty in 1956. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin. JOHN G. ANAGNOSTOPALOS, JR. Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES D. ANGEL St. Petersburg, Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi. JOAN A. APPLEGATE North Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, treasurer. KATHRYN R. APPLEGATE Vero Beach, Fla.: Hall Council; SAM; Phi Chi Theta. ARNOLD A. AXELBERG St. Petersburg, Fla.: SAM; Section Advisor; Choral Union; Young Democrat Club; Intramurals; Finance Association. DAVID M. BAKER Tarpon Springs, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Religion-in-Life Week Committee, chairman; Intra- murals. STUART L. BAKER Orlando, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; BASOC, president; Finance Association. MARTHA M. BALIKIAN Miami, Fla.: Gator Band; Cavalettes Dance Society, treasurer; Gator Ski Club. STEPHEN BARON West Hollywood, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Committee of 67; Alligator Business Staff. JAMES E. BEAVER West Palm Beach, Fla.: F Club; Football; Track; Athletic Council. BENJAMIN F. BETTS Quincy, Fla.: Arnold Air Society; Phi Eta Sigma. WILLIAM P. BISSETT, JR. Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Nu. ROLAND T. BLANCHARD Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi, president; BASOC; Mayor of Fla vet II; Mayor ' s Council, executive secretary; Legislative Council. GORDON H. BLITCH Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Finance Association, president. THEODORE BODHOLDT, JR. New York, N.Y.: Alpha Kappa Psi. CARL B. BOSTELMANN Winter Park, Fla. 289 GLENN E. BHOWN Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. LELAND F. BUNCH, JR. Huntington, W.Va.: Real Estate Club. RALPH H. CAMPBELL Gainesville, Fla.: Real Estate Club. DpNALD C. CARLTON West Palm Beach, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi, secretary, vice-president; Sales Club, treasurer; BSOC; Beta Gamma Sigma; Speleological Society; Men ' s Glee Club. NORMAN K. CARMICHAEL Hawthorne, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. BRYANT S. CARROLL, JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; BASOC, representative. EVERETT C. CHANDLER Ormond Beach, Fla.: Track Team. ROBERT L. CHRISTENSON Clearwater, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha; AOC; Alpha Kappa Psi. PATRICIA E. CLARK Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Chi Theta, secre- tary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma, vice-president; J. Hillis Miller Memorial Scholarship. THOMAS C. CLARK Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Sigma, vice- president, rush chairman. HARLAND D. CLEMENTS Lake City, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi, vice-president. HENRY L. CLOFINE Margate, N.J.: Tau Epsilon Phi. JUDITH A. COLEMAN Cincinnati, Ohio: Delta Gamma, vice- president; WSA; Sigma Nu Sweetheart Court; Military Ball Court. JOSEPH P. COLLINS Punta Gorda, Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi, president, vice-president; Propeller Club; Newman Club. JOHN E. CONNOLLY Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; undersecretary of Finance; Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau. JAMES R. COOK St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Insurance Society, secretary; Freshman Golf Team; Pi Sigma Epsilon. FRANCIS J. CRAVEN, JR. Miami, Fla.: Gator Ski Club; Delta Sigma Pi, historian; Section Advisor. ROBERT E. CROWTHER St. Petersburg, Fla.: Theta Chi, sec- retary; Summer Steering Committee; under-secretary of Legislative Affairs. CHARLES P. DAWSON Indian Rocks Beach, Fla.: SAM. TOM M. DON AHOO Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LARRY A. ECHOLS Naples, Fla.: SAM. JAMES D. ECKERT Pass-a-Grille Beach, Fla.: Sigma Nu; AFA. JOHN L. EIKENBERRY Orlando, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta, treasurer. WALDO P. EMERSON Sarasota, Fla.: Delta Sigma Phi, treas- urer; Pi Sigma Eps ilon. DAVID R. FISCHER Daytona Beach, Fla.: CLO. THOMAS E. FLETCHER Old Town, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi; Insurance Society. MICHAEL D. FORD St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Nu. STEPHEN FOREMAN Lpgansport, Ind.: Delta Tau Delta; Insurance Society; University Orchestra; Religion-in-Life Week; Gator Growl. 290 CHARLES J. FOX, JR. Maitland, Fla.: Insurance Society. WAYNE N. ERASER St. Petersburg, Fla. CLAYTON D. GARET, JR. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Theta Chi. NORMAN F. GAUDETTE Fort Walton Beach, Fla.: Kappa Sigma. WILLIAM H. GEIGER Mayo, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Greek Council; Orientation Staff; Associate Lyceum Council. GLORIA E. GEIGER St. Petersburg, Fla.: Phi Chi Theta. CLARA J. GIPPLE DeLeon Springs, Fla.: Phi Mu; Board of Stu- dent Activities; Intramurals Board; WSA; Lectures Committee. MARSHALL A. GOLDBERG Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; SAM; Propeller Club, vice-president. CLARENCE GOODSON Fort Myers, Fla.: Alpha ' Kappa Psi. RAYMOND A. GOODWILL Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -.Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Insurance Society. GEORGE W. GORMAN Miami Springs, Fla.: SAM. JAMES L. GRAHAM Orlando, Fla. JOHN H. GRAHAM Milton, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. RONALD GRALIN Lake Worth, Fla. JAMES E. GRAMLING Plant City, Fla.: Kappa Alpha, corres- ponding secretary; Finance Society. RONALD M. GRASSI Miami Beach, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Scab- bard and Blade; Military Ball, chairman; AOC; SAM. JERE L. GRIFFIN Winter Haven, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Insurance So- ciety; Pi Sigma Epsilon. KENNETH P. GROSS Richmond, Va.: Kappa Sigma; Insurance Society. WILLIAM F. HABERMANN St. Petersburg, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; Finance Association. OWEN T. HAKES Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. BERNARD D. HAMMER Sarasota, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Aqua Gators; Pi Sigma Epsilon. HUGH T. HANDLEY Pensacola, Fla.: Theta Chi, treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi. BARBARA J. HANSEN Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Phi Chi Theta, vice-president; Florida Players. HENRY M. HANSON, JR. Glendora, Calif.: Delta Tau Delta. WILLIAM M. HAWKINS Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; Beta Alpha Psi. JOHN D. HAYES Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. VERNON N. HELMLY St. Augustine, Fla.: Theta Chi, presi- dent, social chairman; Intramurals manager; Gator Growl, chair- man of ushers; IFC; President ' s Council; Orientation Group Leader. GRAHAM H. HENDRICKS Homestead, Fla. 291 BARBARA M. HEEB Miami Shores, Fla.: Phi Chi Theta, presi- dent; University Choir. CHARLES H. HICKS St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Rho Epsilon. CHARLES I. HOLDEN, JR. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Sigma Chi, secretary, vice-president, president; Freshman Council; Homecoming WILLIAM E. HOLLAND Panama City, Fla.: Sigma Chi, treasurer; Young Democrats; Pre-Law Club; Blue Key Speaker; Scabbard and Blade; Order of the Last Krewe. STEVE HOROWITZ Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Orientation Group Leader. JAMES E. HOUSTON Hialeah, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi; SAM, vice-president. LYNN B. HOWLE Perry, Fla.: Sigma Nu; F Club; Glee Club; Order of the Last Krewe; Homecoming; Orientation; Baseball. JOHN O. JAMMES Jacksonville, Fla.: Tolbert Area Council. DAVID L. JOHNSON Venice, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. RICHARD P. JOHNSON Winter Haven, Fla.: Beta Gamma Sigma, president; Section Advisor; Finance Association, vice- president; Phi Eta Sigma; Debate Society; SAM. K. SHELDON JOHNSON, III Orlando, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. LEE M. JONES Hattiesburg, Miss.: Kappa Alpha, vice-president; Scabbard and Blade; Rho Epsilon; Real Estate Club. FRED A. KAUFMANN Gainesville, Fla.: Beta Alpha Psi. CAROL D. KAYWELL West Palm Beach, Fla.: Newman Club; Hall Council, president, secretary. JOHN E. KEARNEY St. Petersburg, Fla.: Beta Alpha Psi. ROY C. KENNEDY, JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Men ' s Glee Club. THOMAS J. KENNON Live Oak, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta. WESLEY F. KIRKPATRICK, JR. Plant City, Fla. : Theta Chi, secretary; Football, manager; Pi Sigma Epsilon. MALCOLM R. KIRSCHENBAWN Eau Gallic, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi, vice-president; Gator Growl, executive council. HARVEY KOBRIN Orlando, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Pi Sigma Ep- silon, vice-president, treasurer; BASOC, vice-president; Religion-in- Life Week. JOSEPH E. KUBES Sarasota, Fla. ARTHUR J. KUTSCHE Avondale Estates, Ga.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate Club. WILLIAM V. LAWRENCE Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. NORBERT E. LADO Tampa, Fla. SAM D. LA WSON Miami, Fla.: SAM. MARVE A. LIPSITZ Miami Beach, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi. DIEGO M. LIZARRALDE Cali, Colombia, S.A.: Lambda Chi Alpha; ISO; Latin American Club. CHARLES E. LOGAN, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. 292 Motherly Hall is this quiet only on a Sunday afternoon. ELEAZAR LOPEZ Caracas, Venezuela. JAMES E. LOTT Reddick, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi, treasurer; So- ciety for Advertising Management. RICHARD H. LUGLAN Ft. Lauderdale, ' Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi, treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega. JOSEPH S. MCBRIDE Wilmington, Del.: Delta Tau Delta; " F " Club, secretary, president; Varsity Swim Team, captain, All American Swim Team; Athletic Counsel, secretary, vice-president; Athletic Committee. THOMAS PATRICK McCLAVE Woodhaven, N.Y.: Insurance Society. JOHN L. McDONALD Orlando Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Dean ' s List. MERILYN C. MacDONALD Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Phi Mu; Phi Chi Theta. EARL E. MADDOX Winter Garden, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. RONALD M. MAIER Miami, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi, S.M.A. ANTHONY MASEY St. Petersburg, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT D. MASTRY St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Flavet Government. JOYCE B. MAURER Hollywood, Fla.: German Club, S.A.M.; Phi Chi Theta; Latin American Club; B.S.U. ; Chairman International Suppers Committee; Union Board; Broward Hall Newspaper Editor; Dance Instructor. BARRY I. MEADE Gainesville, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Executive Administrator of I.F.C.; Gator Growl Committee. LARRY B. MEARES Clearwater, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi, vice president, president; Mayor, Athletic Director of Flavet II; Busi- ness Day Committee, chairman, master of ceremonies of " B " Day Beauty Contest; Mayor ' s council member. MICHAEL D. MEFFERT Ocala, Fla.: Sigma Chi. RALPH T. MILLER Gulf Breeze, Fla.: Theta Chi: Delta Sigma Pi. JIMMY E. MITCHELL Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi, repre sentative to regional convention; Finance Association, secretary; Judo Club; Business Administration Student Organization Council. ROBERT D. MOORE West Palm Beach, Fla.: Delta Upsilon, treasurer. JOSEPH R. NARVAEZ Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha. GEORGE P. NOBLE Tampa, Fla.: Business Administration. 293 DANIEL M. NORRIS Tavares, Fla.: Beta Alpha Psi. RICHARD H. PADGETT Jacksonville, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi. RICHARD A. PAUL Miami, Fla. CHARLES M. PAULKPompano Beach, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega; Ski Club, president, vice-president; Triangle-Flying Club; Dean ' s List. MARCOS A. PEREZ Habana, Cuba: ISO; Latin American Club; Alpha Kappa Psi. DALE S. PERRY Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; Insurance Club. G. WARREN PHILLIPS Tampa, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Sigma Epsilon, vice-president. FREDERICK H. PITZ Gainesville, Fla. ROBERT H. PRATT Miami, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau; Society for Advancement of Management; Florida Union Board. JOHN D. PRIOR, JR. Miami, Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi, treasurer, vice-president; Finance Association. JOHN C. RANDALL St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Chi. WILLIAM M. RANDLE Jacksonville, Fla. RICHARD REGENBURGH, III Hollywood, Fla.: Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Kappa Psi; Tolbert Area Council, treasurer. RONALD H. ROB Y Gainesville, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha, vice- president, treasurer; Real Estate Club; Homecoming Staff. DAVID W. ROQUEMORE, JR. Orlando, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT P. ROWE Atlanta, Ga.: Sigma Chi; Newman Club. RONALD M. SALTZMAN Miami, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. RONALD G. SARAJIAN Miami Beach, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; Legislative Council; Cheerleading Squad, captain; Speakers ' Bureau Staff; Student Party, chairman. JOHN M. SAUNTERS Real Estate Club, president; Society for the Advancement of Management; Dean ' s List. DOUGLAS B. SCHWARTZ Miami, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi, vice- president, ser geant-at-arms; Society for the Advancement of Man- agement; IFC policeman. BARTON P. SCOTT, JR. Balboa, Canal Zone: Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club. DUWAYNE E. SEABERG Kissimmee, Fla. J. ELLIOTT SEABROOK Umatilla, Fla. PETER S. SEALEY Tampa, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; IFC, president, treasurer; Orientation, office manager, director of special events; Blue Key Speakers Bureau. ERVIN R. SHAMES Orlando, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi, president, secretary, treasurer; IFC, vice-president; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gam- ma Sigma. HARRY L. SHORSTEIN Jacksonville, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi, president; Football Seating Chairman; Student Director of Recreation. JERALD A. SIEGEL Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi. GENE L. SILVERMAN Gainesville, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma, president; Beta Alpha Psi; Freshman Golf Team. 294 JOSEPH F. SMITH Orlando, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. JACK B. SNYDER Miami, Fla.: Kappa Sigma. FREDERICK SOMMESE Gainesville, Fla.: SAM, president; CMA. GARETH H. SORRELL Dunedin, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta, social chairman, secretary; SAM; Young Republicans Club. HOWARD B. SPILLER North Miami, Fla.: Phi Epsilon Pi, president; Lance and Shield, secretary. MERREL B. STAINTON Orlando, Fla.: Kappa Alpha, presi- dent, corresponding secretary; Homecoming; Florida Blue Key Speak- ers ' Bureau; Orientation Group Leader, traffic director; IFC, executive secretary. DONALD K. STEPHENS Gainesville, Fla.: SAM; Florida Union Camera Club; Alpha Kappa Psi. EUGENE STEPHENS Gainesville, Fla.: Finance Association; Mayor ' s Council; Beta Gamma Sigma; President ' s Cabinet; Legisla- tive Council; Budget and Finance Committee. lit GERALD W. SWEITZER Atlanta, Ga.: Delta Sigma Pi; Pro- peller Club; Dean ' s List. MARY A. TESTA Orlando, Fla.: Phi Chi Theta. JAMES M. THIRLWELL Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Chi. JOHN K. THOMAS Nokomis, Fla.: Georgia Seagle Hall; Scab- bard and Blade; Men ' s Glee Club; Phi Mu Alpha; Gator Guard. JAMES D. THOMPSON Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; SAM; Foreign Trade Association. WILLIAM E. TORODE Starke, Fla. DUANE KEITH Gainesville, Fla. : Alpha Kappa Psi ; SAM ; Home- coming Special Functions, assistant chairman; Honor Court Survey Committee. FRANK J. URES Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Nu, comptroller; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Track. CHARLES F. WAREING Mount Dora, Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. MARGARET R. WEHLE St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN M. WELLS, JR. Perry, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM K. WHITMIRE Miami, Fla.: Chi Phi; SAM; Legis- lative Council. ALLTON P. WILLIS, JR. West Palm Beach, Fla.: SAM. JOE H. WILSON Tampa, Fla.: SAM, corresponding secretary. CHARLES R. WINTZ Clearwater, Fla.: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Beta Alpha Psi; Corry Village, mayor; Mayor ' s Council, treasurer. JOHN E. WOODBERY Havana, Fla.: Kappa Alpha, secretary; Freshman Council. BERNARD J. ZIMMERMAN Jacksonville, Fla.: Georgia Seagle; Real Estate Club; Legislative Council; Budget and Finance Com- mittee; assistant secretary of Housing. CLAYTON H. MORRIS Tampa, Fla.: Insurance Society, presi- dent; Alpha Kappa Psi. 295 PHI CHI THETA Promotes women in business and finance Phi Chi Theta is the national professional fraternity for women in the field of business. The Alpha Omicron chapter has been active since its founding in 1956. Miss Elise C. Jones from the Bureau of Economic and Business Research is the faculty sponsor. The goal of Phi Chi Theta is to promote higher business education and training for women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers, and to encourage cooperation among women preparing for such careers. Members from left First Roic: Jackie Colicn, Marjory Schwartz, Barbara Hceb, President; Joyce Maurer, Patricia Clark, Secretary: Carol Kay well, Martha Balikian. Second Row: Barbara Hansen, V ice-President; Dec Brown, Kathy Applcgatc, Marilyn MacDonald, Treasurer; Leta Keller, Sijlcia Book. BETA ALPHA PSI Sponsors Graduate Accounting Conference Beta Alpha Psi, the national honorary and professional accounting fraternity, serves as a medium between professionals, instructors, and students in the study of accounting. Beta Alpha Psi co-operates with the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the College of Business Administration to sponsor the Graduate Accounting Conference held in the fall semester. The fraternity also sponsors an accounting panel in " B " Day every spring. Members from leftFirs! Row: Richard A. Bolingcr, Presi- dent: C. Lamar Daniels, Secretary; Harry Becker, Vicc- President; William Cross, Treasurer; Marion Carson, Col. Lawety. Second Row: Daniel Norris, William Hawkins, William Heath, George Hcdrick, Charles Wcntz, Fred Kaufmann. Third Row: John Kearney, George Catledge. 296 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi attempts to stimulate research in commerce. Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional fraternity in Business Administration. The goals of this fra- ternity are scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and public education in these fields. The Alpha Phi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi sponsored a " get out the vote " campaign, " Sen- ior Day " for graduating seniors, and various management debates. Alpha Kappa Psi Front Row: Don Mastry, Fred Williams, John Woodberry, Ronnie Saltzman, Anthony Masey, Larry Probe, Jerry Berlin, Marcos Perez. Second Row: Everett Chandler, David John- son, Jim Mitchell, Bill Lawrence, Carl Bostelmann, Ken Singleton, Glenn Brown, Gerry Babbit. Third Row: Clarence Goodson, James Lott, Don Carlton, Jerald Siegel, John Graham, Robert McKenzie, Gerald Wiggen, Charles Logan, Brian Brennan David Samee, Steve Horowitz, Marc Lipstiz. Fourth Row: James Houston, Frank Hender- son, Stuart Baker, Charles Wareing, Theodore Bodholdt, Gil Grady. Fifth Row: Jim Parrish, Duane Tuttle, Clinton Shields, Charles Humphries, Clayton Morris, Jim Foltz, Dr. W. V. Wilmot, Jr. Pi Sigma Epsilon Front Row: William Steiner, Kenneth Sweet, Wes Kirkpatrick, John Kennedy, President; Barney Hammer, Secretary; War- ren Phillips, V ice-President. Second Row: Arthur Green, John Anagnos- topnlos, Gary Hawken, Wayne Nails, Bob Thompson, Waldo Emerson, Donald McNeese. Third Row: Elwood Byron, George E. Weeks, Rich- ard E. Stanley, Daniel Hazazer, Harvey Lazarus, Jay Yelton, George Summers, Harv Kobrin, Treasurer. PI SIGMA EPSILON Pi Sigma Epsilon members meet professionals in marketing and sales management. Pi Sigma Epsilon is a business fraternity for marketing and sales management. It is the student organization of the Jacksonville Sales Executive Club. Its members traveled throughout the state meeting professionals in these fields. At meet- ings guest speakers discussed job possibilities and opportunities. 297 I Dean Joseph B. White Trains teachers for Florida Schools The College of Education has for its purpose " the preparation of qualified personnel for the public schools of Florida. " The teacher education program consists of three major parts which are professional edu- cation, general preparation, and preparation in one or more teaching fields. The percentage of " A " grades is not as high as in some other colleges, and the College of Education is working hard at maintaining a good college of education for Florida ' s teachers. The curriculum in the schools is varied and many students come to the School only to find it is not as easy as they think. Dean White has been on leave this year, and his post was filled by Kimball Wiles. ANDREA ABERNETHY St. Augustine, Fla.: Kappa Delta, vice- president; Mortar Board; Women ' s Personnel Director Homecoming; Orientation Staff; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau. CALEB ADAMS Miami, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau; Florida Blue Key; Hall of Fame; president of Florida Union; president of Phi Mu Alpha; president of Pi Sigma Alpha. JILL ADKISON Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Delta, chaplain and sergeant-at-arms; Florida Union Board; Student Union Conference, committee chairman, secretary, and arrangements ' chairman; SRA; WSA, Rawlings reporter; Rawlings Hall Council. RONALD E. ALDRICH, JR. Mount Dora, Fla. KAREN R. ALFONSO Tampa, Fla.: Delta Gamma, second vice- president; Little Sisters of Minerva; UF Homecoming Sweetheart (1959); Military Ball Court (1961); Panhellenic Council; Sigma Nu Court. ANN ANDERSON Tampa, Fla.: Phi Mu, president. BARBARA N. ANDREWS Miami, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi, public relations; sweetheart of Alpha Epsilon Pi (1959-60 and 1960- 61). JENSEN H. AUDIOUN Mattituck, N.Y.: Lambda Chi Alpha, secretary; Young Republican. AUDREY C. BAHR Jacksonville, Fla.: SFEA; Scope; Seminole; Interhall Chairman of Welcome Week; Orientation group leader. LORETTA J. BAGLEY Orlando, Fla.: Phi Mu; Tau Beta Sigma; M.E.N.C.; FEA; Majorette; Symphonic Band; University Choir; Choral Union; Orientation Leader; Broward Hall Council. SYLVIA BALASK AS Tarpon Springs, Fla.: Hellenic- American Club SNEA. CHARLOTTE K. BLAD WIN Gainesville, Fla.: Women ' s Glee Club; Apprentice Players. E. RUSSELL BEDELL Ormond Beach, Fla. JAMES R. BELL Williston, Fla.: Student Florida Education Association. MIRIAM K. BERRY Miami, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon, president, vice-president, activities chairman, political representative; Student Government undersecretary of finance; undersecretary of Public Re- lations; Executive Committee of Religion-in-Life Week. SANDRA J. BETHEA St. Augustine, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi. 299 SUE ANNE BIRCHFIELD Ocala, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Intramurals, chairman, marshall; Florida Union Hostess Committee; Recreation Committee; Intramural Board. PATRICIA D. BLEDSOE Gainesville, Fla.: Women ' s Glee Club, secretary, president, and business manager; Orientation Leader; Singing Sweethearts; Religion-in-Life Week Committee; Florida Union Committee; Christmas on Campus, chairman; Lyceum Coun- cil Association; Chi Omega. ROSALIND S. BODNE Gainesville, Fla.: Cavalette ' s; Florida Educational Association; National Educational Association. MARIAN S. BOYD Winter Haven, Fla. ROBERT J. BRADDOCK Port Orange, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha Gator Band; Symphony Orchestra. DORINDA F. BREAZEALE High Springs, Fla.: Choral Union; Baptist Student Union. RICHARD A. BRICE Hialeah, Fla.: Chi Phi; Student Florida Educator ' s Association, 1st vice-president. GORDON A. BRICK Sarasota, Fla. DAVID L. BROOKER West Palm Beach, Fla.: Kappa Kappa Psi; Gator Band, president; Drum Major for 3 years; Outstanding Senior Band Member. SANDRA JO BRYANT St. Petersburg, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Zeta Phi Eta Honorary; F.E.A. SANDRA JOYCE BRADY Tarpon Springs, Fla.: Sigma Kappa; Choral Union. ROBIN P. BUSH Lakeland, Fla.: Young Republicans; Inter- national Student Organization; NEA; Presbyterian Youth Fellowship. BONNIE L. BUTLER Clearwater, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta, president; editor 1961 Seminole; Photography editor; Beauty Section editor; Co-Literary editor; Freshman Council; Cheerleader; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart; Military Ball Queen; AG Fair Queen. SALLY CAMP Jasper, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta. ALAN B. CANTOR Lake Worth, Fla. JOHN F. CARLSON Ormond Beach, Fla.: Phi Mu Lambda Fraternity; International Relations Club. BESS CHADROW Daytona Beach, Fla. FLORENCE A. CLINE Gator Marching Band; Symphonic Band, secretary; Physical Education Dames, secretary; president of Rawl- ings Hall; co-chairman of Welcome Week of Rawlings Hall; Women ' s Student Association Award; secretary of Inter-Hall Council. WILBUR R. CLOPTON Pensacola, Fla.: SFEA. SARAH J. COOPER Lake Worth, Fla.: Delta Gamma; Lyceum Council. BETTY S. CORTINA Miami, Fla.: Kappa Delta, vice-president; Homecoming Staff. BETTY ANN CROW Plant City, Fla. CAROL CHRISTINE CURRAN St. Petersburg, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi, Education Honorary; Lyceum Associates Key. MYRNA CUYAR Tampa, Fla.: Yulee Hall Council; Welcome Week Hostess. HAROLD D. DANIELS Zephyrhills, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau; Dean ' s List; chairman Football Seating Committee; secretary of Phi Kappa Tau. RICHARD A. DAVIDSON St. Louis, Mo.: Education. MARY. R. DAVIDSON Palatka, Fla.: Dorm Floor representa- tive; secretary of Hall Council; president of S W. Broward; president of Internal! Committee. EDWARD J. DAVIS Bayside, N.Y.: Varsity Track and Cross Country Teams; Baptist Student Union. 300 GALE S. DAVIS Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Delta. LINDA A. DAVIS Port Washington, N.Y.: University Symphony Orchestra; FEA. PATRICIA A. DEANE Tampa, Fla.: FEA. ANTOINETTE C. DeLOTTO Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Eta; Choral Union; Honor Council. FRANCES S. DIAMOND Kobe Sound, Fla.: Sigma Kappa, his- torian, rush chairman; Hall Council. EUGENIA A. DONN Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Council, treasurer. EDWARD J. DONOVAN Gainesville, Fla.: Latin American Club; commissioner Flavet III; Mayor ' s Council, chairman; Alpha Theta. WALTER F. DREW Gainesville, Fla.: Scabbard and Blade; Flor- ida Rifles, captain. ELIZABETH A. DUCKWORTH West Palm Beach, Fla.: Phi Mu; WSA. ELIZABETH M. DUNDEE Gainesville, Fla.: Chi Omega. LANI EIGER Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; SFEA; Legislative Council; secretary to Honor Court; Seminole staff; Pub- lications Committee, chairman; undersecretary at Florida Union. JESS P. ELLIOTT Pahokee, Fla.: Chi Phi; Men ' s Glee Club, vice president, president. SHEILA B. EPSTEIN Miami Beach, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon; SFEA. PATRICIA S. ERRA Miami Beach, Fla.: Delta Gamma, rush chairman; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Court; Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court. JOAN H. ESSIG Lakeland, Fla.: Phi Chi Theta; UREA. NANCY J. FANTZ Gulfport, Fla.: Sigma Kappa, recording sec- retary, vice president; SFEA. DANIEL D. FERNANDEZ Tampa, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta. VICTOR R. FICKER St. Petersburg, Fla. MARCIA E. FITZGIBBONS Lake Worth, Fla.: Phi Mu, treas- urer, pledge director; Alpha Lambda Delta; FEA; Alligator staff. SANDRA A. FLEMING Gulfport, Fla. BARBARA A. FORD Lake Worth, Fla.: FEA, treasurer; Intra- mural Board; Phi Theta Kappa; Political Union Club. KAROLYN B. FOREMAN St. Petersburg, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Miss University of Florida; Military Ball Queen; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart; Sigma Chi Derby Queen. MARY L. FUSSELL Gulfport, Fla. LORETTA A. GAMBLE New Port Richey, Fla.: Broward Hall Council, president; Interhall Council; WSA; SFEA. DIANE E. GARDNER Wilmington, Del.: Phi Mu. SANDRA J. GILLESPIE Clearwater, Fla.: Phi Theta Kappa. ANN S. GILLETTE Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Lyceum Council. RENNE GOLDENBURG Miami, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. 301 SANDRA GOULLAUD Orlando, Fla.: Sigma Kappa, secretary; Florida Educational Association. SARANNE GRANISON Tallahassee, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship. FANNIE R. GRIFFIN Winter Haven, Fla.: Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship; Alpha Lambda Delta. SUSAN E. GROSCHEN St. Petersburg, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi. HARVEY M. GULKIS Miami, Fla.: Phi Epsilon Pi, treasurer, vice-president; Law Club; Tolbert Area Council, vice-president. ROBIN H. HARDIN Tampa, Fla. SYBIL P. HARDMAN Lake Wales, Fla. IRMA P. HARRELL Lakeland, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. JOSEPH B. HART Jasper, ' Fla.: Georgia Seagle Hall. SANDRA J. HARTMAN Pompano Beach, Fla.: Phi Mu. HORACE E. HARTSELL Belle Glade, Fla.: Phi Kappa Delta. LINDA L. HA VENOR Miami, Fla.: Delta Gamma, rush fihair- MARY A. HENDRICK Ocala, Fla.: Kappa Delta Pi. DOROTHY J. HENDRIX Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi, president; SFEA. VIVIAN B. HENSLEY Key West, Fla. FRANCES A. HEYWARD Ocala, Fla. SARAH L. HICKS Orange, Tex.: Alpha Omicron Pi. JAY A. HIGGINBOTHAM Tampa, Fla. JOHN B. HIGGINS Daytona Beach, Fla.: Kappa Sigma. NANCY A. HILGENDORF Miami, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Legisla- tive Council; Blue Key Speaker, executive secretary. CLAUDIA M. HIRN St. Petersburg, Fla. PATRICIA A. HODGE Gainesville, Fla.: SFEA. MARTHA A. HOLDER Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Eta; University Choir. MARTHA J. HOLLEY Palatka, Fla. MARY ANN HOLLINGSWORTH St. Augustine, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Miss Seminole 1960; Blue Key Speaker; Orientation Staff; Undersecretary. JOAN K. HONEYCUTT Gainesville, Fla.: Zeta Tau Alpha. MARTHA A. HURLBERT Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, corresponding secretary, chaplain, president; Greek Council. JUDITH HUTCHINSON St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Eta; WSA. 302 FRANK R. IAMES Greenacres City, Fla.: Phi Rho Pi; Veterans Club, president; Circle K. PATRICIA A. JONES Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi, vice- president; University Choir; Women ' s Glee Club. -MARCIA L. JONES Jacksonville. Fla.: SFEA; Seminole; Scope; Young Conservatives Club; Interhall Council, treasurer; under-secre- tary of Religion; Orientation leader; Welcome Week; social chairman. SHARON L. JONES Delray Beach, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Eta, president; Kappa Delta Pi, secretary; Phi Eta Zeta; SFEA. ELLEN K. KATZ Tallahassee, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi; Sigma Alpha Zeta; under-secretary of Labor. SANDRA L. KATZ Surf side, Fla.: FEABC. DORIS O. KEENE Ft. Myers, Fla.: SFEA. WARREN K. KEGEBEIN Jacksonville, Fla. CLOIS E. KICKLIGHTER Plant City, Fla.: Industrial Arts So- ciety. ELAINE KIRKPATRICK Cocoa Beach, Fla.: Hostess Com- mittee; Phi Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; Broward Hall Council, vice- president. DONALD A. KITCHINGS Avon Park, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Eta. VALORIE HARIETTE KREBS Tampa, Fla. MARILYN L. KREKEL Crystal Beach, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi treasurer; SFEA; Theta Sigma Phi; Zeta Phi Eta, vice-president; Orientation leader. SHIRLEY F. KUEHN Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; NTA. GLORIA J. LABELL North Miami, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon, president, secretary; Panhellenic Council; under-secretary of Labor; Dollars for Scholars committee. CLAUDIA J. LAMB Jacksonville, Fla.: Baptist Student Union. CAROL A. LATTA St. Petersburg, Fla.: Women ' s Glee Club. ELIZABETH A. LEE Pompano Beach, Fla.: Seminole; Scope; Orientation leader; under-secr etary of Academic Affairs; Interna- tional Suppers Committee. MARY G. LEMASTER Okeechobee, Fla. BABETTE E. LIPSTREU Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: SFEA; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart. MARGARET M. LOGAN Cocoa Beach, Fla. CASSANDRA J. LOLLIS North Miami Beach, Fla.: Interhall Council, president; Mallory Hall Council, president; WSA Key; Interhall Honor Code Committee, chairman. JUNE J. LONG Trenton, Fla. NED B. LOVELL Ocala, Fla. WILLIAM M. McCOLLOUGH Jacksonville, Fla.: Collegiate Ci- vitan. EDWARD L. JONES Gainesville, Fla.: Corry Village Govern- ment, commissioner, deputy mayor, secretary. HARVEY C. MARKHAM Dunnellon, Fla. SUE C. MARTIN Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Major- ette; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart. 303 rilYI. I. IS A. MILLER Maria. ma. Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; 1 la Council; Religion-in-Lil ' e Week; Coi ' ilikitli stall ' ; Freshman Council. .JOHN A. MOBKRI.Y Warm igton. Fla. KR.NKST V. MONROSK, III St. Petersburg, Fla.: Collegiate Civitan, stale governor; undersecretary of Student Activities. CKCI1.IA A. MOORF Gainesville, Fla.: Medical Dames. JANET E. MOSLEY -Coral Gables, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, re- cording secretary; Hostess Committee, secretary. WILLIAM T. MYERS -Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon; undersecretary Men ' s Affairs. SARAH X. NAGEL Gainesville, Fla.: Chi Omega. KITH A. XEARY Satsuma, Fla. JOHN 1). MSSLFY Fort Laiidcrdale, Fla.: Gamma Delta, treas- urer. HOSEMARIE O ' DOXELL -St. Petersburg, Fla.: FFA. NANCY J. OTT -Pompano Beach, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega. SANDRA .1. O ENS -Riviera Beach, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, corresponding secretary; Orientation Group Leader; Hall Council. CAROL A. I ' AREIRA -Miami, Fla.: Delta Gamma, corresponding secretary; Panhellenic; 1 ' ' Book, executive secretarv; SA. RAYMOND A. PAQUETTE -Largo, Fla. DOXALD S. I ' KKT Sarasota, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Univer- sity Choir; Choral Union; SFEA. JOAN E. PKTKOSK Miami, Fla. BARBARA .1. PHILLIPS -Pensacola, Fla. VIR(ilXIA IT1TELKOW -Tallahassee, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Lyceum Council: Blue Kev Speakers ' Bureau; Foreign Student Spon- sor; Florida Players; SFEA; WSA. WILLIAM II. PRATHER -Kissimmee, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Phi Alpha Theta; Card Section, assistant chairman. .11 DITII L. PlXiH -Orlando, Fla.: SFFA; Hall Council, secretary; Resident Assistant. SHEILA L. PI TXAM -Gainesville, Fla. CORA II. RANDALL -Lakeland, Fla.: Chi Omega; 10(12 Hall of Fame; WSA, corresponding secretary; Florida I ' nion Board of Man- ager-; Mortar Board, vice president; Sigma Alpha Eta; Student Ad- visorv Committee; Hall Council. JAMES F. REGISTER Jacksonville, Fla. PEGGY I!. KICKETSOX -Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Mu. CLAUDIA A. ROI1I! Jacksonville, Fla. JUDITH A. KOHE!!-O -Winter Haven, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; undersecretary of Lai, SOXYA G. ROBIXE ' i IF. Winter Haven, Fla. CLAUDIA M. RODHK.l V.7. Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, recording secretary; Hall Council, treasurer; Legislative Council; undersecretary of Labor; Assistant coordinator of Alumni Affairs. 304 LENORE ROSENFELD Miami Beach, Fla.: Hall Council, secre- tary, president; Interhall Council, secretary. SUSAN J. SANDS Bradenton, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi, vice- president; Dean ' s List; Freshman Council; Legislative Council; WSA; Hall Council; Orientation; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau; under- secretary of Women ' s Student Affairs. RICHARD D. SAPORITA West Palm Beach, Fla. MARY E. SCHOESSOW Gainesville, Fla.: Newman Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; SFEA, social chairman; Kappa Delta Pi. WALTER H. SHARRON, JR. Graceville, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Air Society; SFEA; Wing Staff AFROTC; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau; administrative assistant to Student Body Presi- dent. RICHARD M. SHAW Gainesville, Fla. JAMES D. SHAW Winter Garden, Fla.: Gator Guard. PATRICK H. SHESKA St. Petersburg, Fla.: Hall Council. I SANDRA K. SHEVER Gainesville, Fla.: Alligator; Hall Council, vice-president. ERLE L. SHIPPEY Ppmpano Beach, Fla.: Archery Club; Art Club, treasurer, vice-president. MARY V. SHOLLAR Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta; Little Sisters of Minerva; Cheerleader. BARBARA B. SMITH Tampa, Fla. PATRICIA L. SMITH Daytona Beach, Fla.: WSA. PAULADENE H. SMITH Gainesville, Fla.: Hall Council. ROBERTA S. SMITH Ocala, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; Summer Frolics Queen. LINDA A. STAFFORD Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi. president; Judiciary; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau; Orientation Group Leader. DAVID W. STANLEY Davenport, Fla.: Florida Blue Key; Chan- cellor of the Honor Court; Lyceum Council, vice-president; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Sigma. JO ANNE L. STANUL Jacksonville, Fla. GAIL STARR Lake Worth, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega. ARLENE T. STERN Nokomis, Fla. DEBRA A. STOHLMAN University City, Mo.: Delta Delta Delta. BETTE STOOP North Miami, Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. ALICE F. STRICKLAND Gainesville, Fla.: SFEA. GLORIA J. STRURM Clearwater, Fla.: Phi Mu, secretary; Pan- hellenic Council. MARJORIE THOMPSON Miami, Fla. MARCIA L. THOMPSON Orlando, Fla. DARLENE C. TROY West Palm Beach, Fla.: SFEA. GLENDA A. VARNES Ocala, Fla.: SFEA. 305 LINDA A. YAHJHAN Davenport, Fla. NONA WARNER ICKERS Gainesville, Fla.: Florida Players; Wesley Foundation. ROSE MARIE VOORHEES -Orlando, Fla.: Freshmen Council; Orientation Leader; Blue Key Speaker; vice-president and treasurer, Delta (iamma. JANICE WAYNE Miami, Fla.: chairman of N.E. Broward Honor Council; Tau Beta Sigina; Syni])honic Band. DOROTHY L. WILLCOX Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Delta; (iator (!ra Staff; I ' niversity Religious Association, treasurer. GLYNN B. AYILLIAMS Jacksonville, Fla. SANDRA A. WISNKK Panama City, Fla. Florida ' s crowded library icas lite educational home of Florida ' s students. 306 Dean Joseph Weil Offers Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering The Engineering Building is the center of the engineering sciences: aeronautical, chemical, electrical, industrial, mechanical, metallurgical and nuclear. The College of Engineering offers nineteen graduate degree programs, thirteen leading to the Master ' s Degree and six to the Ph.D. A wide research program is carried on by the College of Engineering. It is one of the few colleges which offers graduate work in nuclear engineering. Last spring, a new program lead- ing to the Ph.D. was started in this field. The College has a research program at Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies. This year ad- vanced courses are being taught at Cape Canaveral. The College has recently received a Ford Foundation Grant for a continuing faculty improvement program. FRANK G. ACELLO, JR. Hollywood, Fla.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice-president; Institute of Radio Engineers. DALE E. ARMSTRONG Miami, Fla.: ASME. RONALD K. ARNOLD St. Petersburg, Fla.: IAS. JOHN W. BALL St. Petersburg, Fla.: AIIE; Dean ' s List. RAY S. BALLARD Ft. Myers: Kappa Sigma; AIIE. WILLIAM J. BARNES Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; ASME; Circle K; Arnold Air Society. EDWARD F. BASCH Gainesville, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alligator Staff; Tau Beta Pi. JAMES L. BASHAW Gainesville, Fla.: AIIE; BES; Senior BEC representative. JOHN L. BEAUCHAMP, JR. Miami, Fla.: Sigma Nu; Triangle Flying Club; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s List. RAY E. BENNETT West Palm Beach, Fla. LEONARD S. BERNSTEIN Miami Beach, Fla.: Phi Epsilon Pi, recording secretary; AIChE, president; Hillel Foundation; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Benton Engineering Council. JACK B. BODNE Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; ARS, president; IAS; BEC; Dean ' s List. CHARLES HOUSTON BOLTON Dade City, Florida: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. JOHN JULIAN BOS WELL Gainesville, Fla.: American Society of Civil Engineers. LOUIS DONALD BOUDREAU Miami, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; ASME. ROBERT THOMAS BOWLES Salina, Kansas: IRE. 308 JACK A. BRANSON St. Petersburg, Fla.: ASME. DANIEL W. BRAXTON, JR. Chipley, Fla.: IRE. WILLIAM L. BRINSON Groveland, Fla.: AIEE; Engineering Fair; Sigma Tau. WILLIAM R. BROWN Mclntosh, Fla.: Sigma Chi. R. FELTON BRUNSON Malone, Fla.: ASCE. FRANKLIN H. BUNGE Gainesville, Fla.: ASME. AUGUST L. BURGETT Orlando, Fla.: ASME; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. GORDON S. BURLESON, JR. Gainesville, Fla. JON A. CABBE Clearwater, Fla.: AIEE; IRE. RUDOLPH CANTO, JR. Miami, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; IAS; Advanced AFROTC. ALVARO E. CALVO Panama : Soccer Club ; Latin American Club ; Sigma Tau. DAVID P. CAROSELLA, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla.: ASME; New- man Club, president. ALBERT R. CARTER Gainesville, Fla.: AIEE; Florida Engineer, copy editor. WILLIAM S. CARUTHERS Belle Glade, Fla.: IRE; AIEE. JOSEPH E. COTTLE Apopka, Fla.: ASME; Sigma Tau. KENNETH W. CAUSSEAUX Ocala, Fla. LAWRENCE F. CLARK Jacksonville, Fla.: IEE; Commissioner Flavet Village I. RONALD K. CLARK Mayo, Fla.: Benton Engineering Society; ASME. ARTHUR E. CLEMENTS, JR. Lake City, Fla.: Pi Kappa Al- pha; ASCE; BEC. WILLIAM R. CLOYS Perry, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega; ASME; Sigma Tau; Engineer ' s Fair, publicity director. LAWRENCE S. CODY, III Bunnell, Fla.: AIEE; IRE; Sigma Tau. JOSEPH D. COLLNER St. Petersburg, Fla.: Phi Gamma Delta; IRE; University Choir. CHARLES K. CONW AY Gainesville, Fla. EARL M. COOK West Palm Beach, Fla.: AIChE; Tau Kappa Epsilon, secretary. JOHN W. GUMMING Apalachicola, Fla.: ASCE. MYRON F. CURTIS Gainesville, Fla.: Soccer Club; Scabbard and Blade; ASME. PETER S. DAVIS St. Petersburg, Fla.: Kappa Sigma. RANDALL G. DEANE Orlando, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; AIEE; IRE. 309 WILLIAM N. DeCARLIS Utica, N.Y.: IAS; Tau Beta Pi, vice president. JAMES M. DECENT Pompano Beach, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha, vice president; Phi Eta Sigma. NEWTON K. DENMARK Tarpon Springs, Fla. THOMAS G. DIGBY Fernandina Beach, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; AIE; Tolbert Area Council. WILLIAM L. DILLION London, Ky.: IRE. BRUCE S. DOBBS Tampa, Fla.: IRE; Sigma Tau. DONALD E. DORN Gainesville, Fla.: AIIE. BURTON L. DRUMMOND Opalocka, Fla.: IRE. DONALD B. DuMEZ Gainesville, Fla.: IRE. ARTHUR G. DUSTON, IV Fort Walton Beach, Fla. JAMES E. DYKES Umatilla, Fla.: AIEE; IRE; FES. WILLIAM O. EDGAR Pensacola, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE. JOHN R. ELLIOTT Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; ASME; BEC; Legislative Council. KENNETH S. ELLIOTTE Waverly, Fla.: Sigma Chi. MORTON C. EPSTEIN Gainesville, Fla.: Soccer Club; Sports Car Club, president. CHARLES E. ETHEREDGE Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Tau Ome- ga; ASCE, president; BEC; FES; Engineer ' s Fair, chairman; Home- coming Parade Committee. CLIFFORD A. FLOOD Yulee, Fla.: ASAE, secretary-treasurer; Agricultural Council; Benton Engineering Council; Wesley Founda- tion, treasurer. ANDREW J. FONT AN A Wild wood, Fla.: AIEE; IRE; Sigma Tau, historian. ERNEST C. FRASER Jacksonville, Fla.: AIEE; IRE. DAVID I. FRITZ Orlando, Fla.: Phi Mu Alpha; Gamma Delta, president. ROBERT J. FYFE Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; ASME. JAMES A. GABEL Tampa, Fla.: Delta Chi, president, vice president, secretary; IAS; IFC; President ' s Council. OVID R. GANG, JR. Melrose, Fla.: Delta Upsilon; IRE; Sigma Tau. ANTONIO M. GARCIA Miami, Fla. WYNFRED H. GARRETT Crestview, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha. FERRELL L. GAY Fort Gaines, Ga.: AIEE; IRE. GERALD L. GIBSON Starke, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha. BARLEY C. GILMORE Elfers, Fla.: ASCE; BES. Ml 310 THOMAS J. GLENN Fort Worth, Fla.: Georgia Seagle Co- operative; AICHE, vice president; Scabbard and Blade; Gator Guard Drill Team, commander; Distinguished Military Student. WILLIAM R. GOACHER Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. DAVID B. GOLT ARE Gainesville, Fla.: American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Society for Advancement of Management. ROBERT L. GOOD MARK West Palm Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsi- lon Pi. WARREN O. GRIFFIN Gainesville, Fla.: ASCE, vice president. LLOYD W. GRIFFITH Tallahassee, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE. JAMES L. GROVE Gainesville, Fla.: ASME; Benton Engineer- ing Council, chairman; Flavet III, mayor; Commissioner of Married Students; Card Section, director 1960. MITCHELL B. GUTHAIM Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. JAMES G. HACKWORTH Tampa, Fla.: AIEE. GENE A. HALL Miami, Fla.: AIIE. WALT E. HAND Jacksonville, Fla.: Pi Kappa Phi. RALPH M. HANSEN Gainesville, Fla.: ASCE. JOSEPH C. HARDEN Raiford, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; ASCE. RAY G. HARDY Gainesville, Fla.: AIEE; IRE. GELON E. HARRISON Fort Lauderdale, Fla. : Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. WILLIAM F. HARSHAW Live Oak, Fla.: ASCE; Soccer Club; Benton Engineering Council; 1962 Engineer ' s Fair, chairman; Sigma Tau, vice president; Student Body Legislative Council. WALTER R. HA YNE Gainesville, Fla. E. JOHN HEISEL Miami Springs, Fla.: Institute of Radio En- gineers; AIEE. ROBINSON L. HENDERSON Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AIIE. ARNOLDO HIGUERO Panama, Republic of Panama: ASCE; Newman Club; ISO; BBS; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. JAMES A. HOFFMAN Gainesville, Fla. DONALD L. HORNAK Riviera Beach, Fla.: AIEE. WAYNE B. HOWARD Pinellas Park, Fla.: Institute of Radio Engineers. JUDITH A. HUFF Leesburg, Fla.: Society of Women Engineer- ing; AICE; BES; Executive Council, engineering representative; Yulee Hall Council, treasurer; Sigma Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Chemstrand Scholarship. PAUL D. HUNTER Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; Sigma Tau; BEC; Flavet I, commissioner. JACK R. HUTCHINSON Mount Dora, Fla.: Mayor ' s Council; Sigma Tau; Card Section, chairman. MICHAEL I. HYMES Gainesville, Fla.: Institute of Radio En- gineers; Tau Beta Pi. RALPH P. IWENS Hollywood, Fla.: German Club, president; Sigma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi Award. 311 FRANK J. JAMISON Winter Park, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Scabbard Blade; Dean ' s List; Sigma Tau; Blackey Speakers Bureau; Ad- vanced Officers Club, vice-president; lieutenant colonel, Army R.O.T.C. THOMAS R. JOHNSON Gainesville, Fla. WALTER A. JOHNSON Gretna, Fla.: ASCE. LLOYD E. JONES, III Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Institute of Radio Engineers; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. RONALD P. JONES Bradenton, Fla.: IRE; AIIE. JACK R. KAYE Hollywood, Fla.: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Advanced Officers Club; ASCE. DENNIS R. KEEFER Auburndale, Fla.: IAS; High Honors Graduate. ED YARD R. KLIMPEL Greenville, N.Y.: AIEE; IRE. ALLEN J. KLUBORG Miami Beach, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha; AIIE; Pi Pi Pi. WILLIAM L. KRAMER Key West, Fla.: AIEE; IRE. GEORGE C. KUNG Hong Kong; Sigma Tau. RONALD D. KYER West Palm Beach, Fla. RICHARD R. LACY Jacksonville, Fla.: ASME. MELVIN B. LAMB Fort Meade, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN B. LEFFINGWELL Mamabar, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Baseball. RICHARD H. LIGHTKEP Gainesville, Fla.: Institute of Radio Engineers; Sigma Tau. NATHAN LINDE Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. EDWARD A. LOBNITZ Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Chi. WILLIAM H. LOESCHE Gainesville, Fla.: Benton Engineering Society; Institute of Radio Engineers; AIEE; Commissioner. JOHN W. LUNDEN Elmira, N.Y.: AIEE; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s List. STEPHEN C. LUTTON Coral Gables, Fla.: Sigma Nu; AIEE; BEC; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma. ROGER W. McCRANIE Windermere, Fla.: Chi Phi; ASME. DAVID A. McCULLY Avon Park, Fla.: AIEE; Sigma Tau, vice- president. JON S. McKIBBEN Gainesville, Fla.: ASME. LARRY G.McGEE Pompano Beach, Fla.: AIIE; BBS; Sigma Tau; Florida Engineering Society; URA cabinet. ALTON R. McMULLEN Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Tau. JACK W. MAHAFFEY Hialeah, Fla.: Sigma Nu; AIIE; Student Body vice-president; Benton Engineering Council, treasurer; Engin- neers Fair, business manager; American Institute of Industrial Engineering, treasurer. MICHAEL J. MANN Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Sigma Tau; F-Club; AOC; Arnold Air Society; Cross Country Team, captain; Alligator; Hall of Fame; Honors Graduate. 312 ROBERT VV. MATHEWS Orlando, Fla.: IRE; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau. GEORGE MAYER, HI Auburndale, Fla.: Gym Club, vice-presi- dent; IAS. CLIFF MAYO Milton, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. PETER K. MEEKINS, JR. Pompano Beach, Fla.: ASCE; Soc- cer Club; Engineer ' s Fair, publicity chairman. ISHAQUE S. MEHDI Gainesville, Fla.: ISO; AIEE; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Dean ' s List; Tolbert Area Council, recording secretary. PETER MELO Miami, Fla.: Pi Kappa Phi; AICE; Dean ' s List. EWELL E. MENGE Ft. Pierce, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha ; ASME; Murphree Area Council. JOSEPH C. MESSLER Gainesville, Fla. NEIL B. MILSARK Warrington, Fla.: IRE. HENRY E. MINCHEW, JR. Coral Gables, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta, sergeant-at-arms; ASME. JAMES D. MILTON Lakeland, Fla.: Georgia Seagle, social chair- man; Freshman Tennis Team; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; American Nuclear Society; Benton Engineering Society; Rayonier Scholarship recipient; Dean ' s List. JOEL N. MINSKER Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi, secre- tary, scholarship chairman; Dean ' s List; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Engineer ' s Fair. WILLIAM A. MOORMAN Milwaukee, Wis.: IRE; AIEE. HARRY N. MORADIELLOS Tampa, Fla. NICK J. MORAITIS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Sigma Chi; IHB. RICHARD F. MOORE Gainesville, Fla.: ASME; ASTHE. LESTER R. MUENINGHOFF Tampa, Fla.: AIIE; Benton En- gineering Society; Arnold Air Society; Advanced Officers Club; New- man Club. RICHARD M. MUNDAY Lakeland, Fla.: AIIE. JACK D. MYERS Deland, Fla. WAYLON A. NEESE Opp, Ala.: IAS. RICHARD R. NELMS Jacksonville, Fla.: AIEE; IRE; EEC; Georgia Seagle; Lesislative Council. DAVID M. NEWLANDS Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; ASEE; Ray- onier Scholarship. ROBERT A. O ' DONNELL Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; K of C; Sigma r | j U PAUL D. O ' KRAY Dearborn, Mich.: Lambda Chi Alpha; AIChE; Young Republican Club. DAVID H. OTTH St. Petersburg, Fla.: ASME; College Christian Fellowship. JOHN T. PAGE Winter Park, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; AIIE; BBS. ROBERT M. PARKER Lake Wales, Fla.: AIEE. WAYNE E. PARRIS Gainesville, Fla.: ASCE; EEC; BBS. 313 GORDON T. PARSONS Miami, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta. KYNRIC M. PELL Lake Worth, Fla.: IAS; ARS. GARY R. PERRINE Bradenton, Fla. CLIFFORD O. PERRY, JR. Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; AIEE. ERIK L. PETERSEN Gainesville, Fla. RICHARD K. PETERSON Largo, Fla.: Institute of Radio En- gineers; Sigma Tau. DONALD E. PORTER Eustis, Fla.: American Institute of Elec- trical Engineering; Institute of Radio Engineers; Florida Engineering Society; Sigma Tau; Dean ' s List. JOHN S. QUINBY St. Petersburg, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi. EDWARD G. RAWLS Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Benton Engineering Council; editor BEC Newsletter " Enjun-Ear; " Dean ' s List. BENJAMIN B. REXROAD Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AIIE; Benton Engineering Society; Sigma Tau. OTHA D. REYNOLDS, JR. Tampa, Fla. ROBERT H. RICHARDSON Gainesville, Fla.: Tau Beta Pi; Mayor, Flavet III; Student Tutor; Phi Eta Sigma; Benton Engineer- ing Council; IRE; AIEE. DARRELL L. ROBERTS Seffner, Fla.: J. W. Schippman Foun- dation Scholarship; American Society of Agricultural Engineers, president; Benton Engineering Council, treasurer; Benton Engi- neering Societv. VIVAN L. ROBERTS, JR. Lynn Haven, Fla. SAM J. ROBERTSON, JR. Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; AIEE. WILLIAM A. ROBINSON Gainesville, Fla.: AIIE; Benton En- gineering Society; Benton Engineering Council; Florida Engineering Society; Silent Hoist and Crane Award; American Institute of In- dustrial Engineers, president; Armed Forces Writers League, vice- president; " Florida Engineer, " managing editor. ISRAEL ROMANO Gainesville, Fla. ARNE ROOSTNA Valencia, Venezuela: American Institute of Electrical Engineers; American Rocket Society. JOSEPH S. ROSKO Miami, Fla.: Sigma Tau; IRE; Legislative Council. LAWRENCE M. RO WE Tampa, Fla.: AIEE. LUDWIG J. SCHEIDT Madeira Beach, Fla.: IRE; Benton En- gineering Society. RUSSELL R. SCHOETKER Clearwater, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; Institute of Radio Engineers; 1959 Homecoming, Special Effects Committee; Gator Gra Committee Chairman, 1961. WILLIAM L. SCHULTE, JR. South Miami, Fla.: Institute of Radio Engineers. WILLIAM C. SCOTT Miami, Fla.: IRE; Mayor, Flavet III. DONALD R. SENTERFITT Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; American Society of Mechanical Engineering; Benton Engi- neering Council; " F " Club; Sigma Tau; Football, 1, 2, 3. JAMES D. SEVERANCE Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau. MICHAEL H. SHEARON Atlantic Beach, Fla.: American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers; Dean ' s List. R. E. SHEPARD, JR. Gainesville, Fla.: American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Benton Engineering Society; Benton Engin- eering Council, vice-president; University of Florida Student Body treasurer. 314 LORENZ G. SIMPKINS Gainesville, Fla.: IRE; AIEE. HISHAM SINNO Beirut, Lebanon: Arab Club, treasurer; ASCE; ISO; Dean ' s List. RAOUF SINNO Beirut, Lebanon: Arab Club, ASCE; ISO; Dean ' s List. CHARLES O. SINGLETARY Gainesville, Fla.: BESjASME. WILLIAM M. SLONE Sarasota, Fla.: IRE; Sigma Tau, treasurer. CODY M. SMITH Merritt Island, Fla. RICHARD L. SMITH Jacksonville, Fla.: AIEE; IRE. ROBERT A. SMITH Hollywood, Fla.: Florida Speleological So- ciety; AIEE; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau; Freshman Mathematics Award. 1th STEVEN P. SMITH Huntsville, Ala.: Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT L. SOUTHWELL, JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Advanced AFROTC. RITHY SREY Phnom Penh, Cambodia: ISO; ASME. WALTER E. STANLEY Deland, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; AIIE; Dean ' s List. GEORGE L. TEDDER, JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; ASME. ARTHUR H. TESSER North Miami Beach, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; AIIE; BES. DONALD E. THARPE Bradenton, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; ASCE; Sigma Tau. ALDEN M. TUCKER Brooksville, Fla. ROBERT C. UTTER Orlando, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; AIIE; SAM. ROBIN A. VAILLANCOURI St. Petersburg, Fla.: AIIE. RHEA T. VAN ARSDALL Ormond Beach, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau. DARRYL C. VAN DORN St. Petersburg, Fla.: Theta Chi. ALAN D. VANDER BOEGH Muskegon, Mich.: IRE. ERIC C. VATH Daytona Beach, Fla.: AICE; Sigma Tau. WILLIAM D. VAUGHN Tampa, Fla.: AIIE. JOHN R. VERNON Miami, Fla.: ASME; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Sigma. THEODORE VETTER, JK. Gainesville, Fla.: ASME. RUFUS D. VICKREY Tallahassee, Fla.: Chi Phi; Under- secretary of Labor. SALVATORE A. VILLANI Palm Harbor, Fla.: AICE; Newman Club. HARRY C. VONK St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Chi. 315 BERNARD R. WADE St. Petersburg, Fla.: IRE. GERALD M. WARD Orlando, Fla.: ASME. WAYNE E. W ATKINS Plant City, Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho, treasurer; Engineer ' s Fair Committee. THEODORE J. WEBER, JR. Melbourne, Fla.: Lambda Chi Al- pha; IRE. DAVID P. WHITE St. Petersburg, Fla.: IRE. CHARLES F. WHITNEY Miami, Fla.: IRE; Tau Beta Pi, presi- dent. RODNEY K. WICKLAWDER Punta Gorda, Fla.: Chi Phi, secretary; Gator Band; ASME; Phi Eta Sigma. FREDERICK M. WILKERSON Mulberry, Fla. EVERT M. WILLIAMS Winter Park, Fla. JAMES H. WILLIAMS Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Gamma Delta; IRE; AIEE. JIMMIE L. WOMBLE Gainesville, Fla. : IRE ; AIEE ; Sigma Tau ; Graduation with Honors. EDGAR L. WOOD Eau Gallie, Fla.: IRE. JAMES W. WOOD ALL Tarpon Springs, Fla.: Delta Upsilon; Gator Band; Symphonic Band; Aqua Gators; BAS; BEC. ROBERT A. YAMAMURA Homestead, Fla.: IRE; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Sigma Tau. WILBUR T. YAXLEY Belleview, Fla. M. JAVAD YAZDI Teheran, Iran: ISO; ASCE. STEPHEN W. YOUNG Panama City, Fla.: Pi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM R. YOUNG Tampa, Fla.: AIEE; IRE; BEC, chair- man. ROBERT A. ZELNIK Gainesville, Fla.: AIEE; IRE. 316 A.S.C.E. Front Row: Charles Etheredge, President; Lillian young, Lloyd Griffith, Treasurer, Warren Griggin, V ice-President; Professor John Kiker, Faculty Advisor; A. O, Patterson. Second Row: Joe Harden, P. K. Meek- ins, A. M. Garcia, Gordon Burleson, Ducty Yaxley, Hirsham Sinno. Third Row: A. J. Me, A. E. Calvo, Dalla Montgomery, Darioush Faiz. Fourth Row: B. S. Heimer, Jack Myers, Arnold Higuero, Wayne Parris, Arthur Clements. Fifth Row: Frank Harshaw, Gary Perrine, Donald E. Thorpe, Gary Minns. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS ASCE promotes vital interest in civil engineering The Florida student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers draws its members from all students enrolled in the Civil Engineer- ing Department and those who have expressed a desire to enroll in civil engineering. Meetings were held twice a month during the spring and fall semesters. The objectives of the chapter are stimulation of interest in the profession and promotion of professional advancement among st udents. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ASME members take part in national program The University of Florida branch of the Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers was organized in 1926 to provide mechanical engi- neering students with an opportunity to par- ticipate in the national society. Today there are over 140 student branches of this organi- zation at universities and colleges in the United States and Canada. Members can take part in nation-wide contests, conferences, and meetings sponsored by the A.S.M.E. The Florida chapter is active in intra- murals and social events and always partici- pates in the Engineer ' s Fair. Front Row: J. Grove, J. Branson, D. Senterfitt, T. Vetter, F. Curtis, E. Menge, M. Epstein, W. Dockerty. Second Row: E. Vallar, A. Locksted, R. Thigpen, J. Vernon, R. Sretj, S. Canella, S. Shaw, J. Doernbach. Third Row: L. Botidreau, R. Leclair, A. Eatman, D. Armstrong, J. Harrison, E. Pittman, F. Gillette, R. Clark, G. Ward. Fourth Row: D. Patton, F. Bunge, J. Elliott, B. Henderson, J. Cattle, Dr. Scott, H. Ferran, C. Singletary. 317 American Institute of Industrial Engineers Sponsored industrial exhibit in Engineer ' s Fair Encouraging a feeling of professionalism is the purpose of the student chapter of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers. The organization holds bi-monthly meetings which feature speakers from various industries and sponsors trips to industrial plants. This past year has been a busy one for A.I. I.E. They sponsored an industrial exhibit in the Engineer ' s Fair and took many plant trips to surrounding areas. Front Row From Left: William A. Robinson, Prof. E. P. Martinson, Leonard Lyons, Jack Ball, Marion Eikeland, Bill Goacher. Second Row: Robin Vaillancourt, Steve Lut- ton, John Beauchamp, Walt Grainger, Rafael Mayoz. Third Row: James Smith, Edward Dougherty, Don Dorn, J. P. Harris, Lester Mueninghoff, Harold Wallace. Fourth Row: W. D. Waughn, T. L. Mantel, R. C. Utter, W. E. Stanley, Jimmy Greene, R. S. Lawrence. Fif th Row: Jeff Sherman, Larry Overstreet, R. E. Shapard, Mike Jordan, George Jenkins, Sam Mack, Dick Munday. American Institute of Chemical Engineers Provides contacts with professionalism The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a student branch of the National Society of Professional Chemical Engineers. The functions of this chapter are to encourage professional advancement among students, to provide opportunities for students to contact workers active in the field, and to further the practical knowledge of its student members. The A.I.C.E. participated in the Engineer ' s Fair. Front Row From Left: J. Robert Gush, Fred Bennett; Jc Glenn, Vice-President; Leonard Bernstein, President; Judi Huff, Treasurer; Bill Downs, Secretary; Raymond Grabft der, William Pingel. Second Row: Douglas Siess, Ei Cook, Ray Cowherd, Robert Goodmark, Salvatore Villai Dan O ' Kray. Third Row: George Ketch, Frank Graha, Steve Miko, Bob Eschenbacher, Jacob Gingrich, Ken Yoht Bill Cohen. Fourth Row: Richard Carr, David Breton, Fernandez, Tom Dell, Kirby Hadley, Dinish Naejak, Di Cuervo, Ron Noe. Fifth Row: Jim Salter, Herman Benecl John Greene, James Tucker, Know Parker, P. J. Dalai, P. Wilson. Sixth Row: Richard Conklin, Prof. Frank P. Me Thomas Breske, T. D. Wills, James R. Todd, Mario Chyzt, 318 A. I. E. E. - I. R. E. Increase awareness of new advances in engineering fields This year has been an eventful one for A.I.E.E. I.R.E. They won three out of four possible awards at the Engineer ' s Fair. This chapter was also chosen as the meeting place for the Southeastern Conference for student A.I.E.E. members. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. is the student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers. Through this organization, the engineering student is made aware of new advances in these fields. A.I.E.E. I.R.E. Front Row: Herman Jones, Treasurer; Kenneth Henderson, Secretary; Jack Zahrly, V ice-Chairman; Wil- liam Young, Chairman; Tewew Kundell, M. J. Larson, Faculty Advisor; Robert L. White, Secretary; Robert Bailey, Faculty Advisor. Second Row: Roy Hardy, James Hofman, John Heisil, David Goltare, Michael Hymes, Lawrence Cody, Rafael Couret, Ashby Woolf, Jerry Heckman. Third Row: Joseph Rosko, Ishaque Mehdi, Robert Sniffin, Jack Ohlhaver, James Williams, John Scheldt, Richard Peterson, Gary Pritchard, John Mowrey, Gerald Merckel. Fourth Row: C. O. Perry, George Smith, Lightker, R. H. DuMez, Bruce Dobbs, William Dillion, S. }. Robertson, Jim Dykes, Robert Zelnik, Donald Porter, Robert Yamura. Fifth Row: Wayne Peck, Robert Parker, Thomas Digby, William Moorman, Gary Smith, David Springer, Dave Amberntson, Dave Newlands, Clarke Messier, Alan VanderBoegh, George Dragner. Sixth Row: William Kramer, William Tisdale, David Hufford, Thomas Kane, Cody Smith, William Loesche, Robert O ' Donnell, George Mc- Clellan, Frank Acello, Bernd Possum, Wesley Greenman, William Blood. Seventh Row: Russ Schoetker, Jim Womble, Dale Armstrong, Robert Smith. BENTON ENGINEERING COUNCIL Coordinates all student activities in the college of engineeing Serving as the coordinating body for all student activities in the College of Engi- neering, the Benton Engineering Coun- cil takes its members from each of the seven professional societies on campus. The faculty advisor, president, secre- tary, and treasurer are elected by the students of the college. Cultivation of ideas and service to the college are two main objectives of the Council. Benton Engineering Council Front Row: C. O. Singletary, Vice-president; C. F. Kiker, Secretary; C. L. Overstreet, President; Cliff McKibbin, Marion Eikeland. Second Row: P. D. Hunter, W. R. Young, D. S. Amberntson, T. G. Digby, J. P. Harris, C. R. Jacobson. Third Row: W. A. Baute, W. F. Har- shaw, A. B. Lockstead, Jay Doernbach, C. A. Flood, C. D. Baird. 319 Front Row From Left: Jack Pendraij, president; Frank Harshaw, vice-president; Jim Womble, secretary; Bill Slone, treas- urer; Andy Fontana, historian; Prof. William L. Sawyer, Academic Advisor. Second Row: Larry McGee, Gerald Merckel, Scott Shaw. Third Row: N. Linde, Bruce Knight , Ronald Clark, David Newlands, G. Heck. Fourth Roiv: William Bauman, Arnoldo Higuero, Jay Doernbach, Jack Lunden, Earl Claire. Fifth Row: James Degen, August Burgett, Seppo Sillanpaa, Jim Milton, Jim Youngue. Sixth Row: Leland Marsh, Leonard Lyons, Ron Magahey, David Breton. Seventh Row: Israel Ro- mano, Richard Peterson, William Brinson, Alton R. McMullen, Ramon Bradley, Mike Jordan. SIGAAA TAU ST ' s must be academically superior in their field Sigma Tau, a national honorary professional engineering fraternity, selects members from juniors and seniors ranking in the upper one- third of a recognized engineering school. In addition to the scholastic requirements, the approval of at least three members of the en- gineering faculty is required. The objectives of the fraternity are recog- nization of outstanding engineering students, promotion of the interests of the engineering school, and encouragement of fellowship among students in training for the engineeing profession. The annual Engineer ' s Fair is produced with the help of members of Sigma Tau fraternity. TAU BETA PI Recogni s outstanding scholarship of engineering students The Florida Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society which was founded in 1885, was installed at the University of Florida in February, 1961. The society recognizes outstanding scholar- ship in undergraduate engineering students or alumni. Tau Beta Pi Front Row: A. L. Burgett, vice-president; G. F. Tustison, R. A. Reid, secretary, G. Merckel, E. ]. Claire. Second Row: L. E. Jones, president, G. K. Pritchard, }. R. Vernon, A. Hiquern, I. Romano. Third Row: W. De- Carlis, D. R. Keefer, E. F. Bosch, F. R. Zeiss, ]. B. Taylor. Fourth Row: D. M. Newlands, A. J. Fontana, treasurer, M. I. Hymes, M. C. Bartlett, R. B. Osteen, H. H. Waiters. 1 How many students have seen this on their way through school? 321 Four years plus field work required Florida ' s School of Forestry is a unit of the College of Agriculture. The School offers three main study areas: for- est management, forest products technology, and wildlife management. Each student spends a full four years plus one summer of field work in areas all over the state. Director C. M. Kaufman has been at his post since 1951 and holds a Ph.D. from Minnesota. Director Kaufman retires this year to enter private business and his work with the Uni- versity and School of Forestry will be long remembered. Director Clemens M. Kaufman RONALD F. BENHART Palm Harbor, Fla.: Forestry Club. EARL R. BRIDGES Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; Forestry Club; Air Force Flight Instruction Program. ROBERT T. GONZALEZ Ocala, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega; For- estry Club. DAVID I. MACY Coral Gables, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Society of American Foresters. THOMAS O. MATHIS, JR. Florala, Ala.: Phi Kappa Tau; For- estry Club; Society of American Foresters. RONALD W. SMALLEY Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; For- estry Club, secretary; Association of Southern Forestry Clubs, vice- president; Legislative Council; Army Flight Instruction Program. EDWIN F. THOMPSON Jacksonville Beach, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; Forestry Club. 323 Health Related Newest College on Campus The College of Health Related Services, estab- lished four years ago, offers programs in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Medical Technology. It also offers a Master ' s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. The College is located in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center where many thousands of dol- lars of equipment are maintained for the stu- dent ' s training use. Even though the College has been in existence for four years, this is the first time its seniors have been in the Seminole. Dean Barrel J. Mase has directed the school for the year ' s since its founding. Dean Barrel J. Mase PAMELA M. ARMSTRONG Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Kappa Delta, editor; Occupational Therapy Club; Florida Union Board, director; Florida Blue Key Speaker; Orientation Staff; Homecoming Gator Growl Staff; Gator Gra Staff; delegate to SUSGA; Gator Hop Dance Committee; Florida Union Dance Committee. CHARLES E. BASS Dublin, Ga.: Physical Therapy Club. JUDITH H. SELLER Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, rush chairman; WSA, representative. NANCY S. BERRY Sarasota, Fla. CASEY L. CROWTHER Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Physical Therapy Club; Lyceum Council; Homecoming. CHARLOTTE C. HANSEN Independence, Miss.: Occupational Therapy Association. RALPH C. HENRY Lake Helen, Fla.: Student Occupational Therapy Association. GINGER D. HITCHCOCK Augusta, Ga.: Inter-varsity Chris- tian Fellowship, secretary-treasurer; Student Occupational Therapy Association, program chairman. LINDA G. HUGHES Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, house manager; Occupational Therapy Club; undersecretary of Labor; Orientation Group Leader; Dollars for Scholars Committee; Student Leader ' s Banquet Committee. RITA KAMM Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. PATRICIA B. KEY Miami, Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta. CAROL B. LAWHORNE Montgomery, Ala. CAROL ANN LIETZ Miami, Fla.: Physical Therapy Club; resi- dent assistant, Broward Hall; Hall Council; Dean ' s List. ELLEN HOLT McDOWELL Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega. JUDY ANN MARVIN West Palm Beach, Fla.: Physical Therapy Club; Phi Mu, vice president; Hall Council; Florida Union Hostess Committee. EILEEN B. MAXWELL Louisville, Ky.: Student Occupational Therapy Association; Mallory Hall resident assistant, two years; Rawlings Hall Council. JOHN PAUL MELTON St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Nu; Physical Therapy Club. BARBARA ELOISE PEEPLES Zephyrhills, Fla.: Baptist Stu- dent Union, fellowship chairman; Physical Therapy Club, vice president; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship Winner; Welcome Week Committee. ELIZABETH ANNE TAYLOR Pompano Beach, Fla.: Delta Gamma. MARTHA ELIZABETH TAYLOR Tallahassee, Fla.: Kappa Delta. 325 JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATIONS Broad liberal arts background stressed for journalism graduates The School of Journalism and Communications emphasizes a broad background in liberal arts and sciences. The student spends about three- fourths of his time on general courses in order to learn about the major fields of human knowl- edge. The remainder of his time is spent in the development of professional techniques. The School of Journalism and Communications offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Jour- nalism, Communications, and Advertising and is the only such school in Florida which is accredited by the American Council of Edu- cation for Journalism. R. O. Weimer has served as the Director of the School of Journalism and Communications since 1949. He is a graduate of Kearney State College in Kearney, Nebraska. Director Rae O. Weimer rflfe JOHN W. ABBOTTWinter Park, Fla.: Gator Ski Club; Murphre Hall Council, vice-president; Homecoming Ball Committee; Graham Hall Council Organization Committee. WILLIAM W. ADAMS Lakeland, Fla.: Delta Sigma Phi, secre- tary; Kappa Kappa Psi; Papyrus, editor; Gator Band. STEVEN A. AIGNER Hollywood, Fla.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, his- torian; Gator Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Sophomore Executive Coun- cil; Billy Mitchell Drill Team Commander; AFROTC Voice and Command School Commander. FRANK W. BEAN Gainesville, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha; VCS- AFROTC; Public Relations Club; Alligator Staff Writer. JAMES M. BOWEN, JR. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. STANLEY M. BROWN Gainesville, Fla.: CPRA, vice-president; Flavet Commissioner. BARRY D. BUCHALTER St. Petersburg, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Alligator, sports editor; Student Directory, co- editor; F-Book, sports editor; Sports Publicity Assistant. CAROL L. BULLER Miami, Fla.: Phi Mu. JOSEPH STANLEY BUMBY, JR. Orlando, Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma, historian; SAM; Christian Science Organization, treasurer. EVELYN V. BUZZELL Homestead, Fla.: Sigma Kappa; Carry Village Newspaper, editor; Dean ' s List. DAVID W. CHAMPION Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma; Young Democrats; Alligator, business staff; Seminole, photography co-ordinator; ' 60 Football Seating Committee; ' 60 Summer Frolics Committee; " 60 United Fund, campus chairman; Scope, business staff; Florida Union Board, public relations chairman. GEORGE L. CRANFORD West Palm Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsi- lon Rho. WILLIAM B. CURRY, JR. West Palm Beach, Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi, historian, vice-president; Alligator, managing editor, editorial assistant; Summer Gator, editor-in-chief. CAROLYN A. DART Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Delta, president; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Kappa Alpha Rosebud; Florida Times-Union, campus columnist; Alligator staff. JAMES E. DAVIS, JR. Miami, Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma; Theta Chi Affiliate; ROTC Band. LEWIS W. DOWLING Sarasota, Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma. 327 EDWIN FISKE FRANCIS Vero Beach, Fla.: Sigma Chi. DONALD LEE GAMMON Miami, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta, cor- responding secretary ; Blue Key Speakers Bureau ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Seminole Honors Section, editor; AGROTC Wing Tips, asst. editor; Billy Mitchell Drill Team; Section Advisor. ROGER GIRSON St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi; Col- legiate Civitan; U. of F. Broadcasters ' Guild, president; WRUF and Florida Players. FREDERIC J. GREENE Tampa, Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi; Broad- cas ters ' Guild. JOHN F. GRIFFITH Miami, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma. LINDA LEE HAMEL Miami, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi, vice- president; Theta Sigma Phi; Alligator Staff. ROBERT R. HARRIS Gulfport, Fla.: Theta Chi, vice-president; Alpha Delta Sigma, president; secretary of Legislative Affairs; Constitutional Revision, chairman; Legislative Council; Florida Blue Key Speaker. ANTHONY C. HEERBRANDT Middletown, R.I.: ADS. THOMAS C. HOFFMAN West Palm Beach, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Homecoming Press Book; Summer Gator, asst. business manager; Alligator, advertising staff; Lyceum Council, publicity; Orange Peel, advertising. STANLEY H. JACKSON Miami Beach, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Executive Council. CHARLES H. KARASICK Miami Beach, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi. ROBERT C. KENT Jacksonville, Fla.: Kappa Alpha Order; Alpha Delta Sigma; 1962 Seminole, editor; Legislative Council; Scope, business manager; Orange Peel, advertising manager; Pledge Scholarship Award (Kappa Alpha Order 1958); F-Book, asst. busi- ness manager; Religion-in-Life Week, group discussion leader; Hall of Fame, Florida Blue Key. JAMES L. KERLIN Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi, presi- dent; Alpha Epsilon Rho, production coordinator; Pre-Growl Emcee WUFT, news and film editor. MILLARD F. KIMBALL Umatilla, Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. NANCY JAN LATHROP Bradenton, Fla.: Zeta Phi Eta; Alli- gator, news editor. JACOB L. LEFF Jacksonville, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; ADS. PAUL SPERRY LISTON Atlanta, Ga.: Phi Delta Theta; IFC. DOMENIC MACRINA, III Miami, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade; WRUF, announcer. PRISCILLA S. MEYER Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Mu; Gamma Alpha Chi. CHARLES M. NORTHRIP Titusville, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Rho, president; Baptist Student Union, music di- rector; WRUF F-M, program director; Grantland Rice Scholarship. RANDY H. NORTON Gainesville, Fla.: CPRA; Sigma Delta Chi. KENNETH E. NOSWORTHY Palmetto, Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma, vice-president; U. of F. Weightlifting Team; Grantland Rice Scholarship Award. ROBERT GARY PEACOCK Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Alpha Order; ADS; SDX; Homecoming Publicity, chairman; Gator Creek, editor; Seminole, literary editor. LUCIENNE PIRENIAN Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Nu Sweetheart; Summer Frolics Queen; Gator Gra Queen; Military Ball Court; Orientation Staff. GERALD R. PSENKA Brooksville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho; WRUF-TV, announcer; Dean ' s List. RUTH H. RAULERSON Sebring, Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta. M. LAMAR SHIELDS Gainesville, Fla.: CPRA; Propeller Club; Deseret Club. SALLY M. SMITH Birmingham, Ala.: Phi Sigma Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; Student Tutor Society; Legislative Council; Alligator Staff; Inter-Hall Council; Religion-in-Life Week Committee. 328 JAMES L. SRODES Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Circle-K; Alligator; Orange Peel; Undersecretary of Men ' s Affairs; Undersecre- tary of Student Insurance. SARA M. TODD Lake Wales, Fla.: Theta Sigma Phi. RICHARD J. WAGMAN Miami Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. BOBBY D. WALLACE Okeechobee, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho, vice-president; Broadcast Guild. FRANCES L. WARREN St. Petersburg, Fla. : Colliate Public Re- lations Association, secretary; Homecoming; Alligator, feature editor, sports editor; Public Relations Committee; Florida Union Board Award; Seminole. LINDA G. WERNER Greenwich, Conn.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Zeta Phi Eta, corresponding secretary; Special Projects Committee. FRANK E. WESTMARK Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Collegiate Public Relations Association. HARRISON M. WILDER North Miami Beach, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; F Club; Varsity Swimming. FORREST E. WILLIAMS Clearwater, Fla.: Collegiate Public Relations Association. FRANK H. WILSON Miami, Fla.: Kappa Sigma. THOMAS L. WOODS North Miami, Fla.: Delta Chi; Sigma Delta Chi. SIGMA DELTA CHI Journalists may put out next " F " book on campus The men ' s professional journalism fraternity, Sigma Delta Chi, draws its members from students who have demonstrated an aptitude in courses and then utilized these theories in work on newspapers throughout the state. Sigma Delta Chi may put out the next edition of the " F " Book, if it is inaugurated again on campus. A list of Who ' s Who at the University of Flori- da is sent to newspapers, radio, and television stations throughout the state. This booklet lists the students who have been most active in college activities and have gained recognition as leaders. SDK MembersFrom Left: Fred Greene, Charles North- rip, Ed Draisey, Tom Gibson, Dave Kirschner, Randij Norton. Standing: Darrell Simmons, Bill Nee, Roger Gir- son, Bill Curry, Vice-President; Jim Kerlin, Jim Martin, Jack Horan, Prof. H. G. Davis, Advisor; Cliff Cormier, President. 329 ALPHA EPSILON RHO Makes broadcasting a living job Alpha Epsilon Rho, a national honorary frater- nity in broadcasting, attempts to increase the knowledge and experience of its members by producing experimental and challenging radio and television programs. The society recog- nizes college radio and television students of high scholastic standing. Another objective of Alpha Epsilon Rho is to make its members aware of their responsi- bilities and obligations as future leaders and workers in the broadcasting industry. AERho Members From Left: George Cranford, Treas- urer; Jerry Psenka, Historian; David Kirschner, Charles Northrip, President; Mary Jo O ' Brien, Bob Wallace, Vice-President; Mike Thro, Secretary; Jim Kerlin, Bill Ritter and Advisor G. W. Gilstrap are not shown. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Brings outstanding speakers to campus The goal of Alpha Delta Sigma, the honorary advertising fraternity, is to further communi- cation between the advertising world and the classroom. It is responsible for all the Lyceum Council publicity and sponsors " Advertising in Action Day " during Journalism and Commu- nications Week in the spring. Outstanding speakers are brought to informal sessions to lecture on various topics. This group meets every month and is open to all advertising majors and graduate students. ADS Members From Left, First Row: Joe Bumby, Don Gammon, Ken Nosivorthy, Bob Harris, Dave Champion. Second Row: Hugh Davenport, Jacob Leff, Ed. Francis, Charles Sauls, Stan Schwartz, Jim Davis, Terry Bender. Third Row: John Abbott, Frank Bean, Larry Murphy, Pete Perkel 330 New law wing for first year This fall marked the opening of a new two- story addition to the law building. The new wing offers increased classroom space with two large classrooms, a large seminar room, and four new faculty offices. Under the leadership of Dean Frank T. Ma- loney, the College of Law has attempted to improve the areas of faculty, students, and alumni. The establishment of a strong scholarship pro- gram has moved the College of Law from the bottom of the American Bar Association ' s list of scholarships available in accredited law schools to a position among the top fifteen per- cent of these schools. Dean Frank T. Maloney MICHAEL D. BOONE Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Beta Alpha Psi. BRUCE S. BULLOCK Jacksonville, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Body president; Florida Blue Key. JOHN E. ELLI St. Petersburg, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; University of Florida Law Review, editor; Pi Beta Kappa; Omega Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. JOHN G. FLETCHER Dunedin, Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Chief Defense Council for Honor Court; JMBA; Law Review. SELIG I. GOLDIN Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; JMBA; Attorney General of Honor Court; Florida State Moot Court Champion. ALAN M. GORDON Coral Gables, Fla.: JMBA; Chess Club; Defense Council for Honor Court. JANE R. HARRIS Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Kappa; Phi Delta Delta; JMBA; Law Renew. JOHN F. HARRIS Gainesville, Fla. TOUQUIN G. LaGRONE Tallahassee, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; JMBA; Phi Delta Phi; Florida Blue Key; United Party chairman; Homecoming Parade chairman; LLOYD A. LYDAY Bradenton, Fla.: Phi Delta Phi; JMBA. R. LAYTON MANK Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon, vice- president; Florida Blue Key; IFC, secretary; Homecoming Parade chairman; Delta Theta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Traffic Court, chief justice. WILTON R. MILLER Marianna, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; JMBA; Phi Alpha Delta, vice-justice; Conservative Club, president; Homecoming Committee; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau; Florida Union Board; Chief Defense Council for Honor Court. DAVID P. NEWMAN Sands Point, N.Y.: JMBA. HERMAN S. PAUL Jacksonville, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. EUA LU D. PECK Gainesville, Fla.: Director of Alumni Affairs; Debate Society; Law Review; Phi Delta Delta, secretary, president; JMBA; Counselor for Freshman Law Students; Board of Managers for the Florida Union; Executive Council; Blue Key Speakers Bureau; under secretary of Foreign Affairs; Foreign Student Advisor. JOSEPH M. RIPLEY, III Jacksonville, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Florida Blue Key, vice-president; Student Body, president; IFC, president. 332 CHARLES M. SHALLOW AY Lake Worth, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; JMBA; Honor Court Defense Counsel. SEGMOUR SHERR Sarasota, Fla.: Phi Alpha Delta; Law Ke- mew; JMBA. JOHN T. TREKELL St. Augustine, Fla.: Phi Gamma De lta; Phi Alpha Delta; Florida Blue Key. J. RONALD WIGGINTON Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Delta Phi; Phi Theta Kappa; JMBA; Debate Club, vice-president; Honor Court Chancellor; Business Club; Dean ' s List; Government Club, county chairman; President ' s Club. JOSEPH L. WOODWARD Auburndale, Fla.: Delta Theta Phi; Cooperative Living Organization, president; Executive Council; Men ' s President ' s Council. The Law Library stacks contain one of the most complete set of books in the South. 333 MEDIC Trains " Florida ' s " future doctors The College of Medicine enrolls fifty students each year, for they believe that only a few medical students can be trained adequately at a time. They consider a well-rounded liberal education an essential background for the study of medicine. Knowledge of social and behavioral factors as well as technical training in professional skills is also necessary. Training Florida ' s future doctors is the job of Dr. George Thomas Harrell, Jr., Dean of the College of Medicine, and his staff. Dean Harrell came to the University of Flor- ida from Duke University where he was an Instructor of Medicine in the Medical School. Dean George T. Harrell FENTON J. BENNETT, JR. Maitland, Fla. ROBERT E. BLAKELY Orlando, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Men ' s Glee Club. ROBERT A. BOUDET Gainesville, Fla. WILLIAM E. BRAUN Miami, Fla.: Phi Beta Kappa. MARIE S. BUERKLE Lake Worth, Fla.: Gator Ski Club; Wo- men ' s Tennis Club; Gator Sailing Club. SAADIA W. BURTON Sarasota, Fla.: Student American Medical Association; Hillel Foundation, president. F. ELLISON CONRAD Tallahassee, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; Alpha Omega Alpha. RICHARD W. CUNNINGHAM Jennings, Fla.: Sigma Chi; SAMA; Pi Mu; Freshman Medical Class, president. HENRY F. CURRY, JR. Orlando, Fla. : Alpha Omega Alpha. ASA L. GODBEY, JR. Miami, Fla.: Student American Medical Association. LAWRENCE D. KELLEY Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Beta Kappa. EDWARD R. McDONOUGH Ja cksonville, Fla. HUGH B. McINTYRE, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Junior Class, College of Medicine. THOMAS H. MOORE, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Vice chairman, Sophomore Class Executive Council; Student American Medical As- sociation. ARTHUR P. RICKERSON, JR. Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Omega Alpha; Mosby Scholarship Award. GEORGE A. WILLIAMS St. Petersburg, Fla.: Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu; Florida State Medical Scholarship. RONALD L. WOODBURN Orlando, Fla.: Delta Tan Delta. 335 On the job " training is emphasis The college provides the student nurse with a full and varied curriculum which includes " on the job " training. It emphasizes learning to understand the patient as a complete person- ality in addition to knowledge of his physical health. Located in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center, the College of Nursing offers a bachelor ' s de- gree in nursing. Under the direction of Dorothy Smith, the college has annually increased its enrollment since its beginning in 1956. Dean Smith came to the University of Florida from Duke University, where she was director of the Division of Nursing. Dean Dorothy Smith BONNIE J. BARTHOLOMEW Fort White, Fla.: Nursing Club. LINDA J. BECKETT Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Kappa Delta; Stu- dent Nurse ' s Association; Military Ball Court. ANN C. BICKAR St. Petersburg, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Associa- tion; Newman Club. JOSEPHINE L. BLONDHEIM Atlantic Beach, Fla.: Kappa Delta. CAROLYN J. BRYANT Gainesville, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Asso- ciation. IDA A. FINCHER Lantana, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Association; Lutheran Student Fellowship. ELEANOR D. FISHER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Delta Gamma; WSA, president, vice-president, secretary; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta, vice-president; Student Nurse ' s Association. BARBARA S. GILLESPIE St. Petersburg, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Association, vice-president. PAMELA G. HACK Orlando, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; Student Nurse ' s Association, second vice-president; Legislative Council. SARAH L. HAND Tampa, Fla. ROXIE A. KALKRENUTH Miami, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Asso- ciation; LSA. GLORIA S. LOBNITZ Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi; Student Nurse ' s Association. MILDRED E. NICKERSON Gainesville, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Association. KAREN B. RAMOS Gainesville, Fla. ANN SESSIONS Kissimmee, Fla.: Delta Delta Delta, chaplain; Florida Blue Key Speaker; Student Nurse ' s Association; Religion and Life; WSA representative. SUZANNE SEXTON St. Petersburg, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Asso- ciation; BSU. KAREN G. SILBERSTEIN Gainesville, Fla. TUCKY SLOAN Delray Beach, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi. PHOEBE R. SNIDER Ft. Myers Beach, Fla.: Delta Gamma, president; Panhellenic Council, rush chairman; Gator Gras, sorority coordinator. CAROLYN E. THORNTON Tampa, Fla.: Chi Omega; Student Nurse ' s Association; Legislative Council; F-Book; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau; Florida Union Committee. 337 Nurses wearing uniforms, attend classes in all facets of the profession. Assisting in operations is part of the older and well-trained student nurse ' s duties. JACQUELINE L. TORNOE-Quentin, Fla. PATRICIA A. TUNSTALL Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega, vice-president; Alligator, editorial assistant; Scope, features editor; Orientation Group Leader; Gator Growl Program; Florida Union Committees; Welcome Week; Florida Players; Student Nurse ' s Asso- ciation; Student Directory; Mortar Board. SUSAN M. WILLIAMS Malabar, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Asso- ciation; Block and Bridle. PATRICIA A. WILSON St. Petersburg, Fla.: Student Nurse ' s Association; Broward Hall Council, treasurer; Orientation Leader. 338 PHARMACY Pharmacy moves to new million dollar wing This year the College of Pharmacy moved into its new wing in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center. It had previously been located in Leigh Hall. The curriculum is designed to provide a systematic course of instruction in those subjects which are essential for the suc- cessful practice of pharmacy. Dr. P. A. Foote serves as the Dean of the College and has been a member of the faculty for thirty-two years. A graduate of the Uni- versity of Wisconsin, Dr. Foote has been Dean of the College of Pharmacy since 1947 and is a familiar face in the college, because he has taught over half of the courses in his college. Dean Perry A. Foote NOAMI L. ADAMS- Palmetto, Fla.: Kappa Epsilon; Alligator, business manager; Seminole, business manager; Summer Gator, busi- ness manager; University Choir, vice president; Mortar and Pestle; SBAP, associate editor; Orientation, group leader; Blue Key Speak- ers ' Bureau; Honor Court Justice; Intramural Board. THOMAS S. ANGEL St. Petersburg, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle; SAPA. FRED R. BOGLE Orlando, Fla.: Delta Upsilon, secretary; Rho Pi Phi, vice chancellor; Mortar and Pestle; Bar-bell Club. JOHN G. BOYLE Hollywood, Fla.: Kappa Psi. JOSEPH A. DeLOS REYES Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Chi; Mortar and Pestle. W. HAROLD DONAHUE Ocala, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle. SUZANNE DUNN Lakeland, Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega; Rho Chi, historian; Kappa Epsilon, vice president, president; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Mortar and Pestle. JOHN A. EBEL Gainesville, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle; SAPhA; Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Chi, president; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship. KENNETH J. ELLINGTON Miami, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle; Florida Christian Fellowship, president. ARLENE J. ESTRIN Gainesville, Fla.: Cavalettes, social chair- man. GERALD D. FRIEDMAN Toms River, N.J.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Mortar and Pestle. WILLIAM W. GALT Clermont, Fla.: Rho Pi Phi; Mortar and Pestle; SAPhA; Men ' s Glee Club. SERGE GRIFFITH Wenonah, N.J.: Rho Pi Phi; Mortar and Pestle. LARRY B. HAYES Gainesville, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi; Orientation Staff; Dean ' s List. JACK HERMAN Gainesville, Fla.: Rho Pi Phi; Mortar and Pestle; Rho Chi. DONALD B. HERSHEY Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle. 340 DOROTHY J. HOLT Lake Worth, Fla.: Sigma Kappa, social chairman; Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Sorority, historian; Mortar and Pestle; WSA representative; Dormitory Hall Council, president, treasurer; Interhall Council, secretary. JAMES J. HORNE Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Psi Pharmacy Frater- nity; Mortar and Pestle. HOWARD KICHLER Tampa, Fla.: Theta Chi; Rho Pi Phi, sec- retary; Mortar and Pestle; ACE. RAND9LPH L. KISER, JR. Miami, Fla.: Kappa Psi Pharmacy Fraternity, vice regent; Mortar and Pestle; Honor Court Justice. RICHARD M. KRAKOW Washington, D.C.: Alpha Epsilon Pi, corresponding scribe; Mortar and Pestle; Florida Union Film Com- mittee, chairman. JOE. W. LESLEY Wildwood, Fla.: Sigma Nu; Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle; Young Democrats. ERNEST J. McCLOSKEY West Palm Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Mortar and Pestle. ROBERT C. McCURDY St. Petersburg, Fla.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Pi Phi; Mortar and Pestle, vice president; Rho Chi Society, secretary-treasurer. ANTHONEY G. MOSHONAS Madison Heights, Va.: Kappa Psi Pharmacy Fraternity; Mortar and Pestle. BEVERLY J. MYERS Deland, Fla.: Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Sorority; Mortar and Pestle; Water Ski Club; Swim Fins. JOE E. NEWSOME Dover, Fla. JOHN C. PEACOCK Blountstown, Fla.: Georgia Seagle; Mortar and Pestle; Kappa Psi. VINCENT PEREZ, JR. Tampa, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle, secre- tary; Kappa Psi, treasurer; Newman Club. GEORGE E. PUTNAM Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Alpha; Mortar and Pestle. DAVID B. RENAUD Clearwater, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle; Kappa Psi. JERRY W. RICH Lockhart, Fla.: Rho Pi Phi, chancellor; Mortar and Pestle; Scabbard and Blade; Advanced Officers Club; Distin- guished Military Student; editor of Army ROTC Newspaper; Orien- tation leader. JOHN W. SHEA Tampa, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle; Kappa Psi. PHILLIP C. SHERROD Immokalee, Fla.: Kappa Psi. RONALD L. SMITH Bradenton, Fla.: Kappa Psi, vice regent, regent; Rho Chi, vice president; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Mortar and Pestle. PHILIP O. SPARKS Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Psi, Mortar and Pestle. GRADY E. STEPHENS Gainesville, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi. LORENZO T. STEWART Jay, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle. PAUL L. TAVEL Orlando, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle; Legislative Council; St udent Government. JOHN E. TROTTER Tampa, Fla.: Georgia Seagle; Mortar and Pestle; Kappa Psi. 341 RICHARD G. VAN " MATRE Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mortar and Pestle. DANIEL R. VOLPE North Miami Beach, Fla.: Kappa Psi; Mor- tar and Pestle. JULES WEIXER Yardville, N.J.: Alpha Epsilon Pi, pledge mas- ter, lieutenant master; Mortar and Pestle. JIMMY D. WILCOX Gainesville, Fla.: American Pharmaceutical Association. WILLIAM M. WINN Jacksonville, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle. The pharmacy curriculum requires many hours of organic and inorganic laboratory work. 342 KAPPA PSI Advancing the profession of Pharmacy Kappa Psi holds weekly meetings to promote fellowship and the goal of the group, in the words of one of its members, is " to advance the profession of pharmacy and to help members in their striving for professional goals. " Kappa Psi holds an initiation banquet each fall and spring. Other activities include a Christ- mas party and participation in the Engineers ' Fair. Front Row From Left: Randy Kiser, Vice-Regent; Ron Smith, Regent; Tom Angel, Secretary; Vincent Perez, Treasurer. Second Row: Dr. C. H. Johnson, Faculty Ad- visor; Bob Coker, Joe DeLos Reyes; Henry Cogley, Terry Lee, Dan Volpe, Anthony Moshonas. Third Row: Bob Sandlin; Dave Renaud, Phil Sparks, Mike Gravatt, Bill Lumb, Dave Murphy. Fourth Row: John Busciglio, George Windsor, Glenn Morin, Paul Tavel, Dennis Morrison. Fifth Row: Irv Clark, Don Hershey, Bill Shea, Mike Money, Joe Lesley. Sixth Row: Joe Raffa, Buddy Patton, Dick Van- Meter, John Trotter. Seventh Row: Dean P. A. Foote, Ted Bond, John Boyle, Fred Kinnard, Tom Holland. Front Row-From Left: Jerry Rich, Vincent Perey, Secretary; Lois Adams, Treasurer; George Scott, George Spradler, Lor- enzo Stewart. Second Row: Bob McCurdy, Vice President; Suzanne Dunn, Jack Rose, Gay Harlowe, Miller Merchant, President; John Trotter. Third Row: Paul Tavel, Don Hershey, Phil Sherrod, George Putnam, Fred Bogle. Fourth Row: Da- vid Renaud, Randy Kiser, Jr., Philip Sparks, Devindra Dhawan, Danny Mehler. Fifth Row: Joe Lesley, Tom Angel, Tom Ringhiser, Don Carlton. Sixth Row: Fred Kinyard, R. Hamp- ton, Ron Smith, Harold Donahue, Joh Hammond. MORTAR AND PESTLE Student branch of the A. P. A. Mortar and Pestle is the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association. It serves to promote professionalism and to stim- ulate interest in the parent organization. It also emphasizes the importance of academic endeavor. The University of Florida chapter of Mortar and Pestle attends the American Pharmaceu- tical Association Convention as one of the most important of their activities. They hold a Christmas party every year and participate in the Engineer ' s Fair. 343 College works on President ' s plan President Kennedy has taken a great interest in building up the physical education programs in our colleges and universities. The College of Physical Education and Health has been working on this program this year. The curriculum of the College of Physical Edu- cation and Health is arranged around five departments: Health Service, Intramural Ath- letics and Recreation, Required Physical Edu- cation for Men, Required Physical Education for Women, and the Professional Curriculum. Dennis K. Stanley is the Dean of the College. He served at Duke University and the Univer- sity of Florida as football coach and head coach of track and tennis. Dean D. K. Stanley LINDA M. BATES Miami, Fla.: AAHPER. DAVID R. BUERKLE Lake Worth, Fla.: Newman Club; Tennis Team; Aquagators; SAHPER. ALAN B. CAMPBELL, JR. Tampa, Fla.: Kappa Sigma, pledge trainer, vice president; Freshman and Sophomore Baseball. MAUREEN M. CAMPBELL Hollywood, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Tennis Intramural manager; Tennis Club; Orchesis; University Choir. JOHN R. CHRISTIE Gainesville, Fla.: Olympian Club. EUGENE T. M. CULLINANE Miami, Fla.: Letterman ' s Club; Varsity Tennis Team, SEC championship, No. 5 division. WESLEY C. DICKS Jacksonville, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; Olym- pian Club; UHHPER. WALTER S. DUNLOP Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football. JAMES R. DZURUS Casselberry, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta; All-SEC Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball. CORNELIA A. ELLIOTT Clearwater, Fla.: WSA; SAHPER; Grove Hall program chairman. HENRY B. FARMER Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Chi. RUTH W. GERISH Everglades, Fla.: Gymnastics Club; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship, 1961; SAHPER. LOUIE E. HICKS Tampa, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; Varsity Foot- ball; Olympian Club; AAHPER. JUDITH M. LANHAM Miami, Fla.: Orchesis, president; Yulee Intramural manager; Swimming manager; Gainesville Board of Officials, secretary. CHARLES M. McAULEY Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. MARY C. MOODY Fort Myers, Fla. 345 MILLEDGE MURPHEY Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Phi Omega; Advanced Officers Club; Arnold Air Society; Military Ball Commit- tee; AAHPER. RICHARD C. PICKELS Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Varsity Football. BEVERLY A. PRENG Hollywood, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi. LEE W. QUINN Washington, D.C.: SAHPER; Choral Union; Men ' s Glee Club; Orientation Leader. ROSIE C. RAWLS Punta Gorda, Fla.: FAHPER; AAHPER. KENNETH H. RENNER Pinellas Park, Fla.: Olympian Club; Student Association of Health, PE, and Recreation ; Florida Blue Key ; Sigma Delta Psi; Athletic Council; Student Director of Intramurals. DONALD E. RUTLEDGE St. Petersburg, Fla.: Phi Delta Theta, preceptor; SAPEHR; Basketball; Sigma Delta Phi. MARTHA I. SALINERO Key West, Fla.: Orchesis; Intramural ' s Board; SAHPER; FAHPER. LEONARD S. SCHLEINHOFT Miami, Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi; Varsity Baseball. MILTON K. TAYLOR Tampa, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta; SAHPER. JANET A. WEHMEYER Orlando, Fla.: Phi Mu; SAHPER; In- tramural Board; Hall Council; Choral Union. The Florida Gymnasium is the home of the Physical Education College. 346 F Club members Front Row: Al Lopez, Jr., Bruce Starling, Steve McBride, Bruce Culpepper, Ted Mealor, Lou Merchant. Second Row: Harry Wilder, Norbert Lado, C. W. Price, Jim Beaver, Bobby Dodd, Jules Elliott, Tom Olsen. Third Row: Floyd Dean, Tom Rose, Bob Sheridan, Terry Green, Gordon Floyd, Jerry Nicholson, Tom Gregory, Cecil Ewell, Wesley Kilpatrick, John Hale, Mike Cullinane. " F " CLUB Three-year lettermen given lifetime membership to all U of F athletic events The " F " Club is an association of all varsity UF lettermen. They operate the " F " Club room on the fourth floor of the stadium for socials. The lettermen were responsible for entertaining the high school seniors that were invited here. The " F " Club had a party at Camp Wauburg this year for the lettermen and their dates. It has been the project of the Club for several years to give blankets with an " F " in the mid- dle and all their accomplishments listed to the graduating seniors. Also the three-year letter- men were given a lifetime pass to all athletic events of the University of Florida. It takes hard work like this, and lots of it, to become a mem- ber of the F Club. Members come from all areas of varsity sports. 347 GRADUATE SCHOOL Ph.D. offered in more than thirty educational areas Florida ' s Graduate School offers a wide choice of special areas in which a student may seek graduate study. Among the thirty or more areas are such diverse ones as Master of Science in Commu- nity Planning, Master of Arts in Journalism and Communications, Master of Physical Educa- tion and Health, and Master of Science in Building Construction. These are offered along- side the traditional Masters and Doctor ' s de- grees in liberal arts and science. Dean Lint on E. Grinter has held his post since 1952. Dean Linton E. Grinter GENERAL EXTENSION DIVISION Dean Bert Clalr Riley. has served since 1928 as General Extension head. The General Extension Division organizes and supervises extension classes, workshops, and correspondence courses for those who wish to continue their college education without being resident students in Gainesville. Dean Bert Glair Riley has been head of the General Extension Division since 1928. Hold- ing BA and BSA degrees and an honorary LLD degree, Dean Riley has been active in making the " college away from campus " aspect of Florida a reality. 349 OUTSTANDING FACULTY MEMBERS Scholarly works and important research mark these men ' s efforts Among the many outstanding faculty members whose scholarly works and re- search are the hallmarks of a great univer- sity, are four who were honored at Florida Blue Key ' s annual Homecoming Banquet this year. The 1962 Seminole also honors these men who have " achieved academic excellence and made significant contributions result- ing in distinction to themselves, the Uni- versity of Florida, and mankind. " Dr. Ernest R. Bartley, professor of political science. This noted scholar ' s authority has been recognized by many important organiza- tions including Alaska ' s Constitutional Convention and Statehood Committee on Congressional Strategy; Texas and Cali- fornia ' s Tidelands Oil experts, Florida ' s Constitution Advisory Commission, the Florida Bar, and many of this state ' s plan- ning and zoning boards. Calling steps in still another category, Dr. Bartley ' s 15- year hobby as a square-dance caller is also recognized from Key West to Fair- banks. A member of the editorial board of the Journal of Politics, and author or co-author of 11 books and monographs since 1950, Dr. Bartley ' s achievements are cited in many volumes of distinguished reference including " Who ' s Who in the South and Southeast, " and " American Men of Science. " 350 Dr. Robert E. Carson, professor of humanities An expert artist whose watercolor paintings have been exhibited at numerous universities, Dr. Carson is also a noted lecturer on topics associated with art and music. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Phi Delta Kappa, he has taught at this University since 1946. In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Carson has also had considerable experience as a professional musician, and has served as vice-president of the Gainesville Association of Fine Arts and president of the Florida Federa- tion of Art. He holds three academic degrees from the University of Michigan where he also won the Burke Aaron Hinsdale Award for professional zeal and excellence of teaching. Dr. Armin Henry Groppj professor of chemistry This nationally known specialist has been a consultant to the research laboratories of two large corporations and the Atomic Energy Commission. Since he assumed the additional duties of assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1959, he has established teach- ing and research programs of the highest cali- ber and has won the respect of his students and colleagues as a teacher, chemist, and ad- ministrator. Dr. Gropp ' s many civic activities include chairmanship of the United Fund campaign on the University campus. Dr. Gropp received his Ph.D. at Oregon, and has taught here since 1947. I Professor Ants Or as, professor of English The cultural exchange wrought by this master- ful translator of his own native Estonian language and many others has been phe- nomenal. A professor at Florida since 1949, Professor Oras is held in esteem by many countries, for he has translated major works of literature from each, for his countrymen, and in turn translated works by his countrymen, to the English, French, German, Latin, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Finnish languages. Among the contributions to his country ' s culture are major translations of works by Shakespeare, Goethe, Moliere, Shaw, Huxley, Trackeray, Shelley, Pushkin, Baudelaire, Frost, and T. S. Eliot. 352 GENERAL IN DEX Academic life - 32-37 AFROTC . 164-165 Agriculture, College of . .. 266-270 AIEE-IRE .... .-. 319 AIIE - 318 Alpha Chi Omega ... 180-181 Alpha Delta Pi .. 182-183 Alpha Epsilon Delta _ 287 Alpha Epsilon Pi .. _ 208-209 Alpha Epsilon Phi ..... ..... 184-185 Alpha Gamma Rho . _ 210-211 Alpha Kappa Psi _ 297 Alpha Lambda Delta 89 Alpha Omicron Pi .... . 186-187 Alpha Tau Omega _ _ 212-213 Alpha Zeta ... - 270 Architecture Fine Arts, College of _ _ 276-287 AROTC . 164 Arts Sciences, College of .. 276-287 Athletic Council _ . 173 B Baseball _ Basketball .... Benton Engineering Council Beta Theta Pi _ Block Bridle .. Board of Control Board of Education _ Board of Student Publications Business Administration . 123-125 112-121 .. 319 214-215 ...... 270 . 259 .. 259 160-161 288-297 Campus __ 6-15 Campus Art _ 47 Campus life 17-31 Central Extension 349 Cheerleaders ..... . 162-163 Chi Omega 188-189 Chi Phi .. _ 252 Choral Union 168 Christmas on Campus _ 67 Cooperative Living Organization 254 D Dedication 5 Delta Chi _ 253 Delta Delta Delta 190-191 Delta Epsilon Phi .... .. 248 Delta Gamma 192-193 Delta Phi Epsilon . _ 194-195 Delta Tau Delta ..... .... 216-217 Delta Upsilon . .. 249 E Education, College of . .... 298-306 Engineering, College of _ .. 307-321 F F Club 347 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 173 Florida Alligator 156-157 Florida Blue Key, in general .. ..... 81 Florida Blue Key, current year .... 83 Florida Players . .... 39-41 Florida Union 150-151 Football 92-111 Forestry .. .. 322-323 Fraternity life _. _ 204-205 Freshman Council 147 Freshman Officers . 147 Frolics . - 58-59 Gator Band 166-167 Gator Gra - 56 Georgia Seagle _ _ 255 Golf .. 133-134 H Hall of Fame 84-87 Health Related Services, College of .. 324-325 Homecoming 61-66 Homecoming Queen 70 Homecoming Court 72 Honor Court . - 148 IAS 321 Interfraternity Council _ .. 206-207 Intramurals, General . 135 Intramurals, men ' s 139-141 Intramurals, women ' s 137-138 J Journalism Communications, College of . .. 326-333 K Kappa Alpha . 218-219 Kappa Alpha Theta .. . 179 Kappa Delta . .. 196-197 Kappa Kappa Psi .. __ 172 Kappa Psi 343 Kappa Sigma .. ... . 220-221 L Lambda Chi Alpha 222-223 Legislative Council 146 Lyceum Council 42-43 M Medicine, College of 334-335 Men ' s Glee Club 170 Military Ball 55 Military Ball Queen 77 Miss University of Florida 75 Mortar Pestle _ 343 Mortar Board .... 88 Mrs. University of Florida 76 O Orange Peel 158-159 P Panhellenic Council 178 Pharmacy, College of _ .... 339-343 Phi Chi Theta ... 296 Phi Delta Theta .. 224-225 Phi Epsilon Pi . .... 251 Phi Eta Sigma 89 Phi Gamma Delta 226-227 Phi Kappa Tau 228-229 Phi Mu . 198-199 Physical Education 344-347 Pi Kappa Alpha 230-231 Pi Kappa Phi .... 232-233 Pi Lambda Phi _ 234-235 Pi Sigma Epsilon .. .... 297 Pres. J. Wayne Reitz .. _ 260 President ' s Council 145 R Religious Centers 49-51 Religion-in-Life Week 52 Religious life 48 Scabbard Blade 165 Seminole ..... 153-155 Sigma Alpha Epsilon .. __ 236-237 Sigma Chi 238-239 Sigma Chi Derby ..... 57 Sigma Kappa _ .. 200-201 Sigma Nu 240-241 Sigma Phi Epsilon .. .... 242-243 Sigma Pi Sigma . .. 287 Sorority life _ 176-177 State Board of Education .. 258 Student Government 144 Summer Steering Committee 149 Swimming .... 130-132 Tau Beta Pi 321 Tau Beta Sigma . 172 Tau Epsilon Phi .. .. 246-247 Tau Kappa Epsilon 250 Tennis . . 128-129 Theta Chi 244-245 Track .. 126-127 Traffic Count 149 U URA 53 University Choir 169 V Vice President H. M. Philpott .... 161 W WSA 152 Women ' s Glee Club _ . 171 N Z Nursing, College of 336-338 Zeta Tau Alpha 202-203 353 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Edward Sherwin 234 Abbott, James Walker 236 Abbott, John William 327, 330 Abel, William Marvin 246 Abernethy, Andrea 88, 196, 197, 299 Acello, Frank George, Jr. 250, 319 Adair, John William, II 252 Adams, Caleb, Gushing 82, 228, 229, 299 Adams, Daniel Franklin 236 Adams, Graham Ross, Jr. 230 Adams, Joe 250 Adams, Lois 343 Adams, Robert Glenn _ 212 Adams, Sheridan Gae 186 Adams, William Wall 288, 327 Addis, Donald Gordan 158, 272 Adkinson, James A., Jr., 220 Adkison, Jill 299 Africk, Jerome Allen _ 246 Agner, John Royce 82 Aguirre, Alvaro 248 Ahlfeld, Charles Edward 287 Ahlfeld, Richard John 240 Aigner, Steven Andrew 250, 327 Albert, Ronald Vincent 230 Albritton, Nicholas F. 218 Albury, William Pease 272 Aldrich, Geremy Gay 186 Aldrich, Ronald E., Jr 299 Alexander, Florence 172 Alexander, Joseph S. 240 Alexander, Wyatt, H., Jr. 224 Alfonso, Barbara 186 Alfonso, Karen Risse 192, 193, 299 Alfonso, Marias Rex 240, 272 Alford, Florence B 188, 189 Allee, Richard Lee 211 Allen, Elizabeth Ann 89, 202, 203 Allen, Garry Robert 230 Allen, Janet Maclee 190 Allen, Kenneth Eugene 216 Allen, Richard G. 240 Allen, Robert A., Jr 230 Allen, Robert Cryan 238 Allen, Skip 240 Allen, Stephen 251 Alters, Harry F., Il l 216 Altaian, Robert Maynard 234 Airman, Robert Ray 236 Amberntson, David S. 319 Anagnostis, Basil V. 222 Anagnostopulos, J. G., Jr 242, 289, 297 Anchors, Don, 145 Andersen, Judith Ann 1, 364 Andersen, Torsten W. 199, 218 Anderson, Ann 198, 299 Anderson, Clarice M. 186 Anderson, David Kyle 287 Anderson, Delia M. 190 Anderson, Delinda Jane 182 Anderson, Glenn R. 222 Anderson, Michael H. 222 Anderson, Robert Edward 222, 223 Anderson, Timothy E 210 Andre, Paulette C 188 Andrea, Philip Raymond 220 Andrews, Barbara Nancy 184, 299 Angel, James Darriel 289 Angel, Thomas Shirrel 343 Anselmo, Scott Robin .... 82, 148, 220, 221 Anthony, Joe 215 Apgar, John William 240 Appleby, Jon Henry 248 Applegate, Joan Ann 180, 181, 289 Applegate, Kathryn R. 289, 296 Archer, Armand F., Jr. 240 Archer, John X. 212 Archer, Milton Calvert 270 Arcuri, Ronald Francis 252, 272 Arfaras, Kay 69, 79, 180, 181 Armstrong, Dale Edward 319 Armstrong, Pamela M. 196 Arnold, Dan S., Jr. 238 Arnow, Ann Winston 190 Aronson, Cynthea Doris 172 Arze, Carlos Gustavo 255, 270 Aslcren, Robert Darling 249 Askew, Arthur M., Ill 255 Astley, Richard P., Jr. 216 Athens, James Edwin 220 Audioun, Jensen Henry 222, 299 Aulls, Morton Drew 220 Austin, Douglas M. 236 Austin, Jack Kramer 218 Avery, Oliver Baldwin 230 Avilian, Luis Carlos 272 Awtrey, Mary Anne 156 Axelberg, Arnold A. 289 Ayala, Robert Gabriel, Jr 212 Babcock, Janet T. 190 Bach, Edward 234 Bacon, Annette Louise 192 Bagg, Karolyn Suzanne 190 Baggesen, Donald F. 226 Baggett, Judith Ann 198 Bagley, Loretta J. 172, 198, 299 Bahr, Audrey Claire 299, 364 Bain, Lome Donald 216 Baker, Charles Gordon 224 Baker, David Murray 234, 289 Baker, Eleanor Mary 200 Baker, Judith Belle 152 Baker, Julie Annette 72, 182, 183 Baker, Michael Stuart 289 Baker, William Hugh 253 Bakula, Richard Edward 249 Balaskas, Sylvia 299 Baldwin, Charlotte Kay 299 Bales, Charles Woodrow ...... 114, 118, 119 Balikian, Martha Mae 289, 296 Balk, Bruce Nathaniel 272 Ball, John Edward 212 Ballard, Rayford S. 220 Ballentine, David A. 212 Baltier, Bonnie Jean 182 Bancroft, Richard D 244 Bankhead, William Greer, Jr 255 Banks, Ann Cartter 190 Banks, Herbert L 272 Bant, George Stuart 234 Barbee, Thomas Penland 115, 116, 118 Barber, Allison 364 Barber, Donald Russell 212 Barber, Gary Stevens 220 Bardella, Carole Ann 156 Barfleld, William Barney 82, 146, 149, 212 Barnes, Allen E., Jr. 228 Barnes, Frank 248 Barnes, Job 218 Barnett, Sharon Gaile 200 Barnett, William Bill 244 Barnhart, William Lee, Jr 172 Baron, Stephen 289 Barrantes, Rodolfo E. 252 Barrett, Barbara Ann 159, 182 Barry, Leslie Susan 184 Bartel, Alan Gilbert 287 Bartholomew, Bonnie J. 337 Bartlett, John William 149, 228 Bartley, Judith Ann 184 Bartlow, David Ross 216 Baskind, Linda Sue 154, 194, 364 Bass, Charlie C., Jr. 146 Bass, Diane Murrell 182 Bass, Phillip Lawrence 236 Bassett, Eliza Harriat 196 Batchelor, William Donald 242 Bates, Barbara Ann 180 Bates, Robert G 107 Batman, Jon Gerald 226 Batt, William Paul 230 Batten, Thomas Edmond, Jr. 102, 104, 105, 106, 107, 109, 241 Battle, Gradelyn Joy 172 Bauer, Gayle M. 180 Bauer, John 236 Bauer, Joan Arlene 202 Bauer, Virginia Ann 186 Baum, Robert Louis 251 Bauman, William David 320 Baxley, Thomas Frederick 120, 216 Baxter, Donald Harvey ... 212 Baxter, Hugh Gilbert 255 Beacham, James Robert 159, 255 Bean, Charles Frank, III 230 Bean, David James 240 Bean, Frank Wilson 327, 330 Beane, Porter Edward 230 Beard, Terry King 242 Beatty, Norma Judy 53 Beauchamp, John L., Jr. _ _ 240, 318 Beauchamp, William Ira 228 Beaver, James Edward 101, 108, 109, 173, 289 Bebon, Susan Mary 202 Beck, William Maser, III 146 Becker, Harry James, Jr. 296 Becker, William Gary 252 Beckett, Linda Jean 196, 337 Beckman, John Charles 224 Beckman, Lars Eric 228 Bedell, E. Russell, II 299 Bednarchik, William John 248 Behm, Diana Dee 179 Bell, James Roger 299 Seller, Judith Helen 180 Bellew, Donald Michael 222 Belling, Robert Paul 230 Belling, Thomas Wilbert 230 Bender, Terry Canfield 330 Benecke, Herman Paul 248 Benedict, Barry Arden 232 Benhart, Ronald Freddy 323 Bennett, Albert S. 232 Bennett, Harry Joseph, Jr 238 Bennett, Jean Ann 188, 189 Bennett, John Franklin 236 Bennett, Raymond Earl 218 Bentley, Albert Lee 158 Benzing, Norman L., Jr. 230 Berelsman, James Conrad 242 Berkley, Charles Edwards 236 Berkowitz, Judith Lynn 194, 195 Berkowitz, Richard K. 246, 247 Berkwit, Yvonne Joan 184 Berlett, Raymond P., Jr. 246 Berlin, James Ray 234 Berlinghoff, Florence 194, 195 Berman, Sara Ellen 184 Bernard, Susan Ronnie 194 Bernstein, Judith H. 184 Bernstein, Leonard S. 251 Bernstein, Matthew A. 234 Berquist, David 255 Berry, Beverly Coward 192 Berry, Miriam 194, 299 Bertossi, Walter George 272 Bess, Stephen Green 244 Bessent, William Abram 222 Bethea, Sandra Jean 186, 299 354 Bettis, Lee Wilson 252 Betts, Benjamin F., Jr. 289 Bevis, Thomas Eugene 224 Bible, John Michael _ 228 Bice, Judy Catherine 190 Bickar, Ann Cecelia 337 Biddle, Lloyd Lee 242 Biggart, James Garrett . ' . 222 Biglow, Frank William 182, 216 Billington, Charles Edward 244 Birchall, Ronald E. 224 Birchfield, Sue Anne 190, 300 Bird, Carl Merritt 272 Bissett, William Paul, Jr. 240, 289 Blackadar, Gail Warner 198 Blackburn, James F. 228 Blacker, Michael H. 246 Blackmon, Boyce Heflin 272 Blackwood, Robert Elmer 220, 287 Blanchard, Robert Charles 255 Blanchard, Roland Thomas 289 Blanchard, Warren W., Jr. 212 Blanton, Joseph Glenwood 220 Blasdell, Richard C. 222 Bledsoe, Christena M. 89, 188 Bledsoe, Patricia K. 188, 300 Bleyer, Joan Elizabeth 188, 189 Blitch, Gordon Howard 242, 289 Block, Chip 228 Blocker, Jack Snead, Jr. 146, 159 Blomeley, William S., Ill 226 Blondheim, Josephine L. 196, 337 Blood, William Robert, Jr. 319 Blotcher, Fredric Joel 246 Blount, David Eames 240 Boardman, Barbara L. 186 Bobbitt, Kimball R. 218 Boda, Herman Bruno 218 Bode, Donald Denby, Jr. 252 Bodholdt, Theodore, Jr. 289 Bodne, Rosalind S. 300 Boggess, Nancy Gail 186 Boggs, Linda Jean 89 Bogle, Fred Richard, Jr. 249, 343 Bogue, Dain 172, 200, 201 Bohannon, Helen Louisa 196 Bohannon, Jack Richard 230 Bohutinsky, Andrew 216 Bokor, Ronald Douglas 246 Bolinger, Richard A. 296 Bolton, Charles H., Ill 236 Bonar, Henry Bascom, Jr. 224 Book, Sylvia Dian 296 Bookbinder, Edward Charles 234 Boone, Beverly 196 Boone, Cecil Altman 228 Boone, Doris Anne 188 Boone, Michael D. 332 Booth, Evelyn Carol 182 Borck, Jim Springer 242 Boring, James Lawrence 226 Boring, William Louis 287 Bostelmann, Carl Buhl 289 Bott, Kermit Howard 234 Botthof, Richard Allan 216 Boudreau, Louis Donald 230 Bowen, James Melvin, Jr 327 Bowen, Kenneth P., Jr. 240 Boyd, Danny 218 Boyd, Frank Daniel 244 Boyd, Marian Sandra 300 Boyd, Peggy Alyce 182 Boyd, Tayler, M., Jr. 238 Boyer, Robert Frank 212 Boyles, Bennie Shelton 230 Bradbeny, Otis A., Ill 238 Braddock, Robert James 222, 300 STUDENT INDEX Bradford, Carter Allan 82 Bradley, Ramon Albert 320 Brady, Sandra Joyce 200, 300 Brady, Suzanne Marie 186, 187 Branch, Edwin B., Jr. 230 Branch, Howard Milton 244 Brandon, Rebecca Perry 192 Brands, David Herbert 248 Brandt, Donna Dee 186 Brandt, John Emil, III 232 Brann, Martha Jo 202 Brannam, Michael A. 218 Brannen, George H., II 236 Branson, Jack Alan 309 Brashears, Carol Lynn 182 Braun, Jacqueline Lee 184 Braun, Marlene Louise 184 Brauner, Evelyn Marion 194 Braxton, Daniel W., Jr. 309 Bray, Ronald Edward 212 Brazell, Marilyn E 202 Breazeale, Dorinda Fae 300 Breitmoser, Henry " G., Jr. 218 Breton, David Lee 320 Brewton, Wilbur E. 218 Brice, Richard A., Ill 252, 300 Brick, Gordon Allen 300 Bridges, Earl Raymond 218, 323 Bridges, Winston T., Jr. 240 Briggs, Lloyd Andrew 222 Briggs, Malcolm 236, 237 Brilliant, Arlene S 184 Brinkley, Jacquelyn G. 198 Brinkley, William Michael 242 Brinson, William Louis 309, 320 Brock, Newman Dempsey 218 Brodbeck, Donald Edward 240 Brodsky, Michael David 234 Brooker, David Layton 172, 300 Brooks, Barry Jay 246 Brotman, Merle Enid 184 Brown, Ann Louise 182 Brown, Becky Theodocia 182 Brown, Cheryl Ann 186 Brown, Edwin Randolph 224 Brown, Glenn Eugene 290 Brown, James Milton 222 Brown, Jean Blanche 202 Brown, Kathryn Lavada 180 Brown, Lloyd E. 82 Brown, Merrell Russell 97, 102 Brown, Michael Lynn 222 Brown, Patricia Marie 198 Brown, Ted Raymond 236 Brown, William Randolph, III .... 238, 309 Browne, Hendrik Adams 158, 240 Brownell, Sandra Joy 192 Browning, Jain Ann 190 Brownlee, Jackson Olin 82, 211 Bruce, Dennis Leland 212 Bruhn, Elke Marie 186 Brunson, Reuben Felton 309 Bryan, David Herndon 220 Bryant, Carolyn J 337 Bryant, Sandra Jo 190, 300 Bryson, Boyd Olan, Jr. 228 Buchalter, Barry David 246, 327 Buchman, Elliott 246 Buckhannan, William H., Ill 216 Buerger, Kurt H., Jr. 287 Buhmeyer, Gary Lee 228 Buller, Carol Leavelle 198, 327 Bullock, Bruce Stanley .. 82, 114, 145, 332 Buman, David Howard 222 Bumby, Joseph Stanley, Jr 327, 330 Bunch, Leland Frederick, Jr. 290 Bunge, Franklin M. 309 Burch, Joann Helen 182 Burch, Kathleen Mary 196 Burchell, Carol Ann 152, 196 Burgett, August L. 309, 320 Burgoyne, Josephine S. 190 Burke, Gary Michael 158, 220, 364 Burke, Pearl Mae 190 Burleson, Gordon S., Jr. 309, 317 Burley, Rodman D., Jr 238 Burnam, Edward Harlon, Jr. 210 Burry, David Newlan 242 Burton, Charlotte T. 186 Burton, Frederick Arthur 238 Burton, Gary Wayne 244 Burton, Walter C. 216 Bush, Charles Sidney, Jr 242 Bush, Robin Pauline 180, 300 Bushman, Wallace R., Jr. 238 Bussey, Leah Jane 194, 195 Butler, Boyna Lee 77, 155, 163, 190, 191, 300 Butler, Charles Edward 212 Butler, James Roland 216 Butler, James Thomas 218 Butler, Joseph Foster 272 Butler, Richard Lee 220, 221 Butler, Scottie James 218 Butterworth, Robert A., Jr. 250 Buzard, Eugene Ralph 250 Buzzell, Evelyn C. V 200, 327 Bye, Kenneth Charles 232 Byrd, Edgar Leslie 218 Byron, Charles William Jr. 210, 211 Byron, Elwood Eugene 297 Cabbe, Jon Alfred 309 Cabbie, William Ervin 244 Cacciatore, Ronald K. 82 Caiazzo, Gaetan 222 Cain, James McRae 222 Cain, Lucas Poe, Jr. 238 Calcott, Gerald Blann 216, 272 Caliendo, Sam 232 Callaway, Bettina S. 182 Calvo, Alvaro Enrique 309 Cameron, Don 242 Camp, Delia Ellen 190 Camp, Sally Genevieve 190, 300 Campbell, Alan B., Jr. 220, 221 Campbell, Francis D. 210 Campbell, Maureen Mae 186, 187 Campbell, Ralph Holmes 290 Canella, Sam 253 Cantlay, John McKenzie 172 Canto, Rudolph, Jr. 236, 309 Cantor, Alan Bernard 300 Capezzera, Vincent M. 252 Caraway, Joan Marie 200 Carbello, Joan 200 Carlson, John Franklin 300 Carlton, Donald Conrad 290, 343 Carlton, Donald Newton 343 Carlton, Janet Ruth 186 Carmichael, Norman K. 290 Carney, Buck 238 Carosella, David P., Jr. 309 Carpenter, Adrian Ross 236 Carpenter, Russell W. 238 Carr, Carol Anne 182 Carr, George William, Jr. 242 Carroll, Bryant S., Jr. 218, 290 Carroll, Edward W., Ill 228 Carroll, William Martien 240 Carson, Marion 296 Carter, Albert Roy 309 Carter, James Michael 218 Carter, John Michael 230 355 STUDENT INDEX Carter, Nancy Lynne Cartwright, Catherine ... 200 . 180 Caruthers, William Sidney 309 Carvin, Robert 246 Case, John Neil, Jr 210 Cassel, David 234 Cassel, Steven Earnest 234 Caston, Jerome Benjamin, Jr 228 Gates, Robert Paul - 220 Gates, Theodore Lysle 252 Catledge, George Harwood 296 Causey, James Wallace, Jr. 240 Causseaux, Kenneth W. 309 Ceely, William David, Jr. 226 Cehon, Richard Palmer 252 Chadrow, Bess 300 Chaffee, Marilyn 116, 152 Champion, Buck .. 242 Champion, David Warren ' 67, 151, 153, 157, 330, 364 Chandler, Everett C., Jr. 290 Chaplin, Franklin N., II 222 Chapman, Arthur B. 228 Chapman, Charles Carson 218 Chapman, Joseph F., HI 82 Chapman, Orville George 238 Chapman, Richard M., Jr. 218 Chapman, Spike 230 Chappell, John Thomas 224 Charles, Susan Melissa 200 Chasan, Alan David 234 Chase, Michael Peter 209 Chasey, August .Anthony 216 Chasin, Miltop 251 Chausky, Elaine Doris 184 Cherry, Frances D 188 Chiappini, Will|am 249 Chillingworth, Charles C. 212 Chira, Leon 234 Choy, William Tze Ping 287 Christenson, Robert Lee 222, 290 Cilley, Patricia f. 186 Ciravolo Carol iAnn 152, 198 Claire, Earl Jacques 226, 320 Clark, Allan Paul 220 Clark, Eddie Clyde 119, 240 Clark, Gayle Frances 186 Clark, John Perry 224 Clark, Lawrence F. 218, 309 Clark, Patricia Elizabeth 290, 296 Clark, Ronald Keith 309, 320 Clark, Ronnie 228 Clark, Thomas Alan 249 Clark, Thomas C., Jr. 220, 290 Clark, Virginia A. 180 Clark, Walter Marvin 238 Clarke, Hagood, HI 97, 108, 241 Clay, Henry L., Ill 232, 233 Clayton, Richard C. 238 Clearfield, Warren H. 234 Clements, Arthur E., Jr. 230, 309, 317 Clements, Harland D 290 Clements, Jenny Anne 186 Clements, Patricia E 152, 186 Clemons, Suzanne , ._ 202 Clift, Anna Gene .. 190 Cline, Florence A. A 300 Clofine, Henry L. 246, 290 Clopton, Wilbur R. 300 Cloys, William Robert 212, 309 Clyatt, Shelton, Jr 53, 163 Coats, Thomas Chester 216 Cobb, Richard H., Ill 242 Cobb, Wayne L 82 Cody, Lawrence S., Ill 309, 319 Cody, Neal Alden 115, 118, 119 Coffman, Dexter 236 Cohen, Donald David Cohen, Jackie Cohen, Joel Leslie Cohen, Rachel Shirley 82 296 234 194 Cohen, William Malcolm 234 Colbert, Paul F., Jr 244 Cole, Michael Henry 224 Cole, Richard Elton 224, 272 Coleman, Clytee Joan 192 Coleman, Gary Bird 220 Coleman, Judith Ann 192, 290 Coley, Janice Elizabeth 196 Colin, Karen Victory 287 Collin, Fredric James, Jr. 249 Collins, Joseph Peter 290 Collins, Robert Allen 246 Collins, Ronald C. 242 Collman, Margaret N. 184 Collner, Joseph Dayton 226 Colodny, Ira Michael 234, 235 Colson, Anthony Clarke 159 Colson, James Marshall 272 Combs, Judith Ann 182 Combs, Mary Patricia 182 Comitos, Anthony S. 222 Conahoo, Tom 236 Conlan, Frank L., Jr. 272 Connell, T. Clifford 212 Conner, David 255 Conner, Earl 222 Conner, William Borden 159 Conness, John William 224 Connolly, John Earl 223 Connor, Alice Frances 180 Conover, Charles Albert 270 Conrad, Frederick Ellison 218 Conroy, Carol F. 182 Conway, Charles Kenneth 309 Cook, Bo 230 Cook, Earl M., Ill 250, 309 Cook, Edward Murray 242 Cook, James Richard 236, 290 Cook, Jay Michael 216 Cook, Noble David 242 Cook, Robert Bruce 236 Cooper, Lawrence S. 251 Cooper, Robert Kelly, Jr. 236 Cooper, Sarah Jane 300 Cope, Richard Weldon 212 Copeland, Florence R. 196, 88, 197 Corace, Arthur L., Jr. 244 Corbeille, Faye Marie 154, 364 Corley, Paul Edward 230 Cormier, Clifton, Joseph 329 Correll, Keith Brown 212 Cortina, Betty Carmen ...... 196, 197, 300 Corum, Gerald White 218 Cottle, Joseph Edward 309 Cottrill, Stanley L., Jr. 220 Coudon, Joseph, VII 218 Couret, Rafael Manuel 319 Covington, Florence E. 364 Covo, Marilyn 88 Cowen, Richard Maurice 234 Cowherd, William Ray 222 Cox, Eleta Kay 188 Cox, Richard Benjamin 255 Cox, Robert Bruce 228 Cox, Thomas Jefferson 236 Craft, Robert Donald 230 Cragg, David Vogt 216 Craig, Kenneth Robert 232 Craig, Paula Lynne 155, 182, 364 Crandall, Valerie Jean 190 Crane, Suzanne 152 Cranford, George Lee .. 323, 330 Craven, Francis Joseph, Jr. 290 356 Crawford, Jim 244 Crawford, Karen Lynne 192 Crecelius, Samuel G. 238 Crevasse, Gary A. 270 Crews, Michael Wallace 215 Crofton, George R., Jr 224 Crook, Richard Allen 253 Grossman, William Vaughton 236 Crow, Betty Ann Wine 300 Crow, Mary Katherine 190 Crowder, Mary Wood 198 Crowley, Robert Orbry 240, 272 Crown, Ronald Charles 240 Crownover, Carol 192 Crowther, Kay Linda 196 Crowther, Robert Elton 244, 290 Crumlign, Walter H. 250 Crush, James Marcus 242 Cullen, William Marshall _ 130, 131, 216 Culpepper, John Blair 82 Culpepper, Philip Bruce 99, 238 Culver, Walter Lewis 230 Gumming, John Weems 309 Cunningham, Richard W. .. 238 Curran, Carol C. 182, 300 Curry, Charles 224 Curry, Norma Irene 179 Curry, William Benjamin, Jr. 327, 156, 329 Curtin, Daniel Francis ... 230 Curtis, Alden Ann 180 Curtis, Myron Frederick 309 Cushman, Richard Allen 268 Cuyar, Myrna 300 Dachelet, Ronald Edward 238 Daffin, Ralph H., Jr. 236 Dalemberte, Herbert T. 82, 213 Dalessandro, M. Louise 182 Dalton, Don Harold 244 Daly, Chuck 240 Darner, Ronald George 242 Dampier, Randall Scott . 172 Damron, Patrick James 224 Dandurand, Richard Leo 228 Danford, Marion Ann 192 Daniel, Donald Clifton 228 Daniel, William Joseph, Jr. 236 Daniels, Clifford L 296 Daniels, Harold Delous ...... 228, 229, 300 Darby, Dorothy Dade 192 Darlson, John Andreas 224 Dart, Carolyn Anne 196, 197, 327 Dasher, Carolyn Jane 198 Daugherty, James D., IV 210 Daugherty, James Claude 220 Daughtry, James Jeffrey 210 Devault, Irene Low 186 Davenport, Hugh M. 330 Davidson, Margaret Kay 190 Davidson, Mary R. H 300 Davidson, Richard A 300 Davis, Alan Jay 234 Davis, Albert N., Jr. 236 Davis, Barbara Lynn 202 Davis, Bert - 218 Davis, Don Wayne 147, 236 Davis, Edward J 300 Davis, Gale 196 Davis, George Willis, Jr. 273 Davis, James Edward, Jr. 327, 330 Davis, Judy Sharon 172 Davis, Leland Allen 268, 270 Davis, Leo Coleman 246 Davis, Linda Ann 192 Davis, Linda Lee 200 Davis, Peter Styles 220, 309 Davis, Stephen Henry 246 M; t: Davis, Wayne T. 232 Dawson, Charles P. - 290 Day, John Irving Edgar 248 Day, Judith Ann 198 Deal, Gregory Ray 224 Dean, Robert Carlton 238 Dean, Thomas Floyd 99, 100 Deane, Randall Glenn 216, 309 Deaton, Mary Jane 186 Decker, Glenn Allen 270 Dedeyn, Carey Paul 236 Deen, William Welch, Jr 224 Degen, James Martin 230, 320 Deitz, Yvonne 188 Delaney, Francine L. 180 Delany, Patricia C. 198 Dempsey, James Ryals 230 Demsky, Mark Emanuel 209 Desoto, Peter 223 Devault, John A., Ill 216 Devine, James J. 240 Dhawan, Devindra 343 Diamond, Ivan Marshall 246 Diamond, Rita Elaine 184 Diamond, Susan Karen 200 Diaz, Gregory Thomas 244, 245 Dicks, Wesley Gary 224 Dickson, James Thomas 218 Diehl, Alan Edward 146 Digby, Thomas Graham 319 Dilatush, William Henry C. 273 Dillion, William Lewis 319 Dimarco, Frank S 222 Dimmick, Charlotte J. 152 Dinkins, John Kerry 242 Dirlam, Gary Lee 238 Disher, Robert Jackson 218 Ditsler, John William 226 Dizik, Nelson Samuel 251 Dobbs, Bruce Stephen 319 Dodd, Robert Lee, Jr. 101, 238 Dodge, Joan Catherine 190 Doembach, Jay Dewey 320 Dolive, Marian Jean 182 Domanski, Michael S. 159 Donahoo, Thomas Mitchell .. 290, 236, 237 Donn, Eugenia Agnes 180 Donnelly, Gerald Wayne 240 Donohue, Harold 343 Dorn, Donald Earl 318 Dorsey, Richard Monroe 230 Dorso, Michael Anthony 226 Dougherty, Tom Knight 238 Douglas, Terry Carol 364 Douglas, Victor L. 222 Douglass, John Wade 252 Dowd, Thomas Henry, III 220 Dowling, Diane 182, 152 Dowling, James Jefferson 222 Dowling, Johanna 190 Dowling, Lewis Wayne 327 Dowling, Michael James 238 Dowling, William Q., Ill 1, 218, 153, 364 Downing, Diane Joan 186 Downs, William 255 Dozier, Thomas Arthur 223 Dragner, George Michael 319 Draisey, Edwin Alfred 329 Draper, Nancy 182 Drashin, Sidney Barry 246 Drawdy, Charles Windell 273 Drue, Susan Myra 184 Dubois, Edward L., Ill 228 Duchanois, Robert P. 236 Duckworth, Donald Alex :__ 268 Duda, Andrew Luther 268 Dudinsky, Thomas Anthony 244 STUDENT INDEX Dugger, Michael Wilson 242 Duncan, Finley James 218 Dundee, Elizabeth A. Milner 188 Dunlop, Walter S., Ill 212 Dunmire, Diane 200 Dunn, Charles Braxton 218 Dunn, Robert Lewis 220 Dunn, Sally Jane 188 Dunn, Samuel Galloway 224 Dunn, Suzanne 180, 343 Dunn, Thomas Adams 220 Dunning, Philip S. 218 Duparc, Barbara Joy 198 Durrance, Skip 242 Dust, Joseph Theodore 238 Duval, Joseph Ephriam 242 Dykes, James Ernest 319 Dykes, John Riley 145 Dzurus, James Robert 224 Eagon, Sara Fordyce 186 Eastland, Mary Brown 196 Eaton, Billy 230 Echols, Larry Ancel 290 Eckert, James Daniel 240, 290 Eckhardt, Richard John 228 Eddington, Jon Kenneth 252 Edgar, William Ohlon 236 Edington, Donald Edwin 236 Edwards, Linda Garden 182 Edwards, Martin Ivan 246 Edwards, Wade Hampton 228 Eells, William John 242 Eggers, Harmon Riley 218 Ehr, Judith Ann 200 Eichstaedt, Frank K. 222 Eiger, liana Joyce 184, 146 Eikeland, Marion O. 318 Eikenberry, John Lee 216, 217, 290 Eilbeck, Marshall E., Jr. 230 Eilers, Karen J. 152, 172 Elder, Barbara Sue 182 Eldridge, Lee Parker 236 Elliott, Jess Patten 252 Elliott, John Randolph 218 Elliotte, Kenneth D. 238 Ellis, John Edward 332 Elli s, Reid 147 Elmore, James Gordon 218 Emerson, Waldo Pierce 248, 290, 297 Emery, Rhoda Feld 180 Engelmann, Martin C. 232 Ennis, Susan Gladwin 188 Epperson, David Ross 244 Eppert, Herbert C., Jr. 230 Epstein, Carol Lynn 202 Epstein, Sheila Bonnie 194 Ertel, Elizabeth Ann _ 182, 150, 151, 183 Eschelman, Susan M. 180 Esposito, Edward Joseph 244 Estes, Nancy Carol 180 Estridge, Carol Ann 200 Estrin, Warren Neale 273 Etheredge, Charles Edmund 212, 317 Ettinger, Marilyn G 185 Evans, Charles Michael 270 Evans, Richard Neal 172 Evans, Robert Monell 222 Evans, Thomas Edward, Jr. 230, 268 Eveleth, Peter Hooke 212 Everett, Ernest James 249 Ewell, Cecil Davis, Jr. 109 Fagan, Frederick Joseph 242 Fagerlin, Mark Louis 287 Failla, Richard Conrad 240 Fairall, John Lawrence 220 Fairchild, James W., Jr. 172 Fairfield, Katherine M. 182 Faith, Sharon Tanya 198 Palis, Michael Aaron 234 Falkenb erg, Herbert S 224 Faloona, Gerald R 222 Farmer, Bennie B. B. 238 Farwell, Richard Shaw 130 Feaster, John Gerald 210, 211 Fedele, Anthony Joseph 244 Feigenbaum, Robert A 251 Feight, John William 224, 225 Feinstein, Frederic L. 209, 149 Feiss, Joel Sheldon 230 Fernandez, Daniel D. 226 Ferran, Mary Emily 190 Festoff, Barry William 246 Fichter, Robert Whitten 159 Fickett, Alan G. 255 Fielding, Enroll Lynn 268 Fielland, James Raymond 212 Fincher, Ida Alfreda 337 Finley, Walter M., Ill 238 Finman, Sheldon Eliot 246 Finnegan, Brian Joseph 232 Fischbein, Stuart M. 280 Fischer, David Rudolph 290 Fischer, Ernest M. 146 Fischer, Susann Booth 152 Fish, Marvin Joel 251 Fisher, Eleanor Dianne 337 Fisher, Ken 158, 244 Fiterman, John Darrell 240 Fitzgerald, Richard 273 Fitzgibbons, Marcia E. 198 Flanagan, Dennis John 151, 220 Flanagan, Michael R. 244 Flanagan, Wesley E. 238 Fleischman, Roberta P. 156 Fleming, Dehaven William 232 Fleming, Gary Brant 218 Fleming, Joseph Zwitman 82, 235, 280, 234 Flemming, Edwin Harold 218 Fletcher, Hugh McKay 216 Fletcher, John G. 332, 246 Fletcher, Thomas E., Jr. 290 Florence, William Irving 220 Flowers, Jackie Cowan 238 Floyd, Brodus Allen 222 Floyd, Lawrence Dowe 222 Fogel, Bruce William 246 Fontana, Andrew J., Jr. 320 Ford, Kendrick Talbot 240 Ford, Lucy Lee 190 Ford, Michael David 290, 240 Forehand, Walter E., Jr 252 Foreman, Stephen F. 290 Forney, Ronald Milton 222 Forrestall, John M. 232 Fortunoff, Susan Vicki 194 Fosha, Charles Edward, Jr. 252 Fossum, Bernd Wolfgang 319 Foster, Roland M 280 Foster, Sharon Deane 186 Fox, Charles James, Jr. 291 Fox, Sondra Elaine 196 Fox, Thomas Allen, Jr 248 Francis, Edwin Fiske 328, 330 Francke, Kenneth Paul 159 Frank, Alan Joseph 246 Frank, Linda Susan 184 Frank, Marilyn Louise 268 Frank, Perry June 69 Frankle, Dennis Morris 222 Frantz, Nancy 200 Franz, Robert George 232 357 STUDENT INDEX Eraser, Wayne Neill 291 Fredric, Rhett Keyser 280, 287 Freedman, Harvey Wayne 246 Freedman, Stephen Alan 149 Freeland, Philip Edward 212 Freeman, Julia S 179 Freiburger, Charles F 226 Frenchman, Barry 246 Frerking, Edith Joanne 280 Fries, Harry George 232 Friese, Edward Walter 240 Froats, Edwin Erney 252 Frohock, Kent S. 280 Fromart, Michael V. 287 Frost, John Wesley 218 Fuller, Hilton M., Jr. 148, 238 Fuller, Holly Peyton 280 Fuote, Ronald Mark ..... 242 Furman, Stuart Kenneth 246 Futch, Mabry D., Jr. .. 255 Futch, Thurman C., Jr. _ 268, 222 Fyfe, Robert James 216 Gabel, James Allen 253 Gabney, Sharon 186 Gabriel, Cinda Lee 188 Gadapee, Richard Harry 230 Gaff, Susan Eileen 188 Gaffney, Carol Ann 186 Galenes, Alex August 226 Gall, Gloria Jean 200, 201 Gallagher, Robert E., Jr. 240 Gallant, Fred Martin _ 151, 251 Gammon, Donald Lee 328, 217, 330, 364, 216 Gandara, Raul, Jr. 280 Gano, Sherry Youngman 280 Cans, Charles Edward 246 Garber, Susan Sherry 184 Garcia, Antonio Marino 317 Garcia, John Gilbert 226 Gardner, Diane E. 198 Gardner, Stephen David 82, 235, 234 Caret, Clayton D., Jr. 241, 244 Garrett, Allen Lewis 280, 218 Garrett, Wynfred Hugh 222 Garrison, Elizabeth Drake 53 Garrison, James Hugh 224 Garrison, John Edward 250 Gassner, Elliott Scott 228 Gaudette, Norman F 291, 220 Gay, Ferrell Lee 212 Gehris, Marsha Ann 186 Geider, Joan Elizabeth 280, 192 Geiger, Gloria Elaine 291 Geiger, William Henry 291, 242 Gentry, Jane 151 Gentry, Roy Thomas, Jr. 248 Gepfrich, Thomas Francis 220 Gerald, Francis Lynn 220 Gertner, Linda Lee 196 Geyer, Barbara Jean .. .. 1, 153, 364, 183, 182 Gibbons, Emma Colleen 202 Gibbs, George Fort, III . 216 Gibbs, Nan Lorraine 184 Giberson, Philip D., Jr .. 216 Gibson, Robbin 82 Gibson, Thomas William 329 Gifers, Elizabeth .. 188 Gilbert, Michael S. .. 251 Gill, Jack Curtis 154, 226 Gillespie, Barbara Sue 337 Gillette, Ann Screven 196 Gilliatt, Joan Sue 200, 201, 149 Gillis, Judith Deanne .. 196 Gillis, Stephen M 280, 224 Gimenez, Fernando J. 248 Ginson, Lynn Lillian 280, 185, 184 Gipple, Clara Joanne 291 Girson, Roger 328, 329 Gladin, Steven Thomas 280 Gladstone, Stepanie 280, 194 Glass, Raymond Albert 287 Glen, Robert Michael 228 Glenn, Thomas Joel 255 Glinn, Franklin Barry 146 Glorius, Robert Francis 252 Gluckman, Mark Anthony 273, 234 Goacher, William Robert 318, 228 Gober, James Richard 146 Goby, Alfred David, Jr. 228 Godsey, Frank W., Ill 250 Goedert, Charlotte Ann 196 Goedert, Sandra C. 154, 364 Goehler, Sandra Lynne 280 Goeller, William Spencer 222 Coin, Sanford William, Jr. 226 Goldberg, Gary Ian 246 Goldberg, Marshall A. 291 Golden, Selig 209 Goldenberg, Norman K. 268, 234 Goldenberg, Renee G. 184 Goldin, Selig I. 332, 148 Goldman, Maxine Marie 184 Goldman, Stephen William 234 Goldsmith, Howard Roy 251 Goldstein, Harvey Leon 280 Goldwire, Michael M. 280, 224 Goltare, David Bryce 319 Gomez, Luis Augusto 82, 151 Gonso, Frederick Grant, Jr 222 Gonzalez, Ivette A. 191, 190 Gonzalez, Robert Thomas 323, 212 Gooden, Judith Anne . 202 Goodman, Donald Eugene 192, 94, 99, 101, 102, 104, 109 Goodman, Gerald Alan 251 Goodman, Glenn Ellis 224 Goodrich, Lucinda Lee _. 180 Goodson, Clarence 291 Goodwill, Raymond A., Jr. 291 Goodwill, Todd 146 Gora, Michael Henry 156, 246 Gorden, James 82 Gordon, Alan M. 332 Gordon, Burton C., Jr. 268, 238 Gordon, Lawrence S. 280, 22b Gordon, Marsha F 194 Gordy, Richard Rogers 242 Gorman, George William 29J Gortemoller Theodore B., Jr. 224 Goschen, Susan 182 Gould, Yale Robert 268, 220 Goullaud, Sandra 302, 200 Gowen, Gordon Wendell 236 Gowen, Orrin Martin 237 Grabfelder, Raymond J. ..... .. 250 Grace, Marilyn Clarke 197, 196 Graetz, Ernest Frank J. 287 Graham, Helen Louise 188 Graham, James Leland 146, 291 Grainger, Walter Towne 318 Gralin, Ronald 291 Gramling, James Eugene 291, 218 Granison, Saranne 302, 184 Grassi, Ronald Mark 291, 234 Grause, Francis P 230 Gravedeperalta, Diego 248 Graves, Barry Dean ._ 216 Gravett, William Pierce 249 Gray, Douglas Earl 220 Greathouse, Glenna Lu _ .. 180 Greear, Humphrey H. 212 Green, Arthur 297 Green, Frederic J. _ 32 Green, James Terrel 130, 242 Green, Mona Lee 194 Greene, Frederic James 329, 255 Greene, Irma Theresa 152, 184 Greene, James Hicks 318 Greenman, John Alfred 230 Greenman, Wesley Brian 319 Greenman, William Cornelius 230 Greer, Anthony Joseph 218 Gregory, Thomas Lee 109 Gresham, Nancy Lynn 190 Grice, Franklin Stacy ..... __ 218 Griffin, Fannie M. Race .. _ 302, 188 Griffin, Gail Elizabeth .. 172 Griffin, Jeremiah Lucian 291, 238 Griffin, John Raymond 218 Griffin, Michael Joseph .. 212 Griffin, Warren Orval .. 317 Griffith, Alice V. .. 202 Griffith, Carl Thomas _ 268 Griffith, John Frederick . ... 328, 220 Griffith, Lloyd W., Jr. ... 317, 236 Griffith, Mary Anne .. 180 Griffiths, Bruce Allen 222 Griggs, Margaret G. .. 196 Grim, John Richard 228 Grimaldi, Anthony, Jr. 220 Grissom, Richard Edward .. 218 Gronquist, James Ernest 238 Grooms, Claudia Ann .. 188 Groschen, Susan Elma 302 Gross, Cordell Eugene 218 Gross, George Taylor 226 Gross, Kenneth Phillip 291 Gross, Richard H. ... 210 Gulkis, Harvey Melvyn .. 302, 251 Gunn, David Philip .. 273 Gunn, Robert Ernest 82 Gustafson, Irving G. 244 Guttman, Ronald Edwin 251 Guzewicz, Leonard A. .. 221, 220 Gwin, Robert Kelly .. 222 Haas, Roger Allison 249 Haben, Ralph Harris, Jr. 224 Haberman, William Frank 291, 218 Hack, Karen Potter ..180 Hack, Pamela Gill 180, 337 Hadley, Ralph V., Ill 53 Haefele, Alan Lynn 252 Haeseker, Henry William 238 Hagan, Caryl Ann 180 Hailey, Homer Robert .. 234 Hakes, Owen Turley 291, 242 Hale, Frederick Alan 236 Hall, Barbara Bradford 200 Hall, Lee Ann Dorsey .. 180 Hall, William Barry ... 224 Hallberg, Ingrid Ann 202, 203 Halpern, Stanley H _ .. 246 Hamel, Linda Lee 328, 187, 186 Hamilton, William Ray 82, 224, 225 Hammer, Bernard D. 291, 297, 226 Hammer, Robert Lauren 226 Hammond, Alfred L., Jr. 268 Hammond, John Mundy 343 Hammond, Robert Hume 222 Hampton, R. 343 Hance, Elizabeth Perry .. 190 Hand, Sarah L. Woodle 337 Hand, Walter Edward 232 Handley, Hugh Thomas 291, 244 Hansen, Barbara Jean 291, 296 Hanson, Henry M., Jr. 291, 216 358 Hanson, Roni M. 184 Harbett, Nancy J. 193, 192 Hardaway, Sylvia Jean 88 Harden, Ernest Duane 255 Harden, Joseph Childs 317, 218 Hardin, Robin Hall 302 Hardman, Sybil Pearl 302 Hardy, Howard Lawrence 242 Hardy, Martha Ellis 182 Hardy, Ray Gerald 319 Harlan, Allison Persun 364 Harlem, Robert Allen 235, 234 Harlowe, Alice Gay 343, 190 Harned, Danielle Ruth 202 Harper, Pinckney L., Jr. 218 Harrell, Irma Penelope 302, 196 Harrell, James Edward 212 Harrell, Peter Larkin 273 Harrell, Virginia Lane 151, 196 Harrington, Charles Frederick 273 Harris, Clifton R. 220 Harris, J. P., Jr. 318 Harris, Jack Charles __ 228 Harris, Jane Reynolds 332, 200, 192 Harris, Joan Marie 364 Harris, John Flanigan 332 Harris, Julia Marilyn 89 Harris, Paul Clyde 273 Harris, Reddick A., Jr 242 Harris, Robert Russell 328, 145, 146, 245, 330 Harrison, Willis Grady 212 Harshaw, William Frank 146, 320, 317 Hart, Joseph B. Reed 302, 255 Hartman, William Taylor 238 Hartsell, Horace Edward ..... 302 Haskins, Richard Allan 230 Hatcher, Mary Dell 186 Hausman, Roland Maxim 246 Havener, Linda Lee 309, 192 Hawken, Gary Leath 297 Hawkins, Nancy Lucile 187, 186 Hawkins, William Milton, Jr. 291, 296, 216 Hawkinson, Lance Jon 242 Hawthorne, William Henry, Jr. 220 Hayes, John Douenel 291 Hayes, Sidney Jay 218 Haynie, Joe Neil 222 Haynsworth, Sandra Lee 186 Hayslip, Norman Edward 146 Haythorn, Joyce J. 152 Hayward, Irene Ruth 152 Hazazer, Daniel Philip ... ... 297, 248 Head, Robert James, Jr. 230 Heath, Richard White 218 Heath, William George 296 Heck, George Michael 244 Heckman, Jerry Joseph 319 Hedrick, George R., Jr. 296 Heeb, Barbara M. 292, 296 Heerbrandt, Anthony C. 328 Heide, Elfreda Maria 188 Heidenreich, Robert Edward 220 Heimer, Bertil A. 317 Heisel, Edwin John, Jr. 319 Heishman, Carl Dickey 218 Heisterman, Robert Jay 226 Hellriegel, Herman, Jr. 273, 275 Helman, Jane Phillips 182 Helman, Susan Roslyn 184 Helmly, Vernon Noel .. 146, 245, 291, 244 Helper, Ellen Leslie 89 Henderson, Bob Foster . _ 228 Henderson, Kenneth John 82 Henderson, M. Brooks 120 Henderson, Sharon Elizabeth 202 Hendrick, Paul Maynard 146, 151 STUDENT INDEX Hendricks, Graham H. 291 Hendricks, Thomas Robert 232 Hendrickson, Mary A. 302 Hendrix, Dorothy Jean 302, 187, 186 Henning, Robert John V., Jr. 222 Henry, David Bryant 224 Hensley, Vivian C. B. 302 Hentz, John Leslie 210 Hering, Charles C., Ill 244 Heritage, Darien Lee 236 Herko, Joseph Michael 222 Hermann, Emma Charlene 182 Herrick, Richard L. 228, 229 Herrington, James William, Jr. 212 Hershey, Donald Brian 343 Herskowitz, Allan 234 Hess, Larry Eugene 111 Heydegger, Joan E. 202 Heydt, Henry Evans, Jr 244 Heyward, Frances Ann 302 Hickok, William Stewart 224 Hicks, Charles Henry, III 292, 238 Hicks, Louie Edwin 109, 216 Hicks, Sarah Loretta 302, 186 Higgins, John Bruce 302, 220 Higgs, Emery Lee 242 Higuera, Arnoldo, Jr. 320, 317 Hilgendorf, Nancy Ann 302 Hill, Charles Donald 240 Hill, Edward Joel, Jr. 238 Hill, Mary Ann 202 Himalstein, Patricia L. 182 Hinely, Edward J., Ill 230 Hines, John Stanley 232 Him, Claudia Meriam 302 Hirsch, Allen Ivan 234 Hirsch, Roxanne 152 Hiuson, Ann 172 Hobgood, S. Randall 248 Hodge, Patricia Anne 302 Hodges, Marshall Glynn 230 Hodgkinson, Richard D 230 Hoeber, Daniel Robert 232 Hoffmann, Robert Erich 120 Hoffman, Thomas Charles .. 328, 158, 238 Hogue, John William 255 Hohman, Martha Anne 202 Hohnadel, Frederick J., Jr. 218 Holden, Charles Irvine, Jr. .,292, 191, 238 Holder, Martha Anne 309, 196 Holland, Henry Lyle 218 Holland, Walter Samuel 99, 108, 109 Holland, William Edward, III _ 292, 238 Holley, Martha Jo 302 Hollingsworth, Irene A. 180 Hollingsworth, Mary A. 302, 196 Hollingsworth, Michael 236 Hollingsworth, William L. 268, 243 Hollis, Charles Gary 218 Holm, Irvin Schager 273, 275 Holman, Carol Jean 186 Holmes, Ann Elizabeth 196 Holsworth, Michael C. 230 Holt, Dorothy Jean 200 Holt, Ellen Jane 152, 192 Holt, Richard Arnold 232 Holzer, Frederick J., Jr. _ 226 Homans, Lois Libby 152, 184 Honea, Janice Faye 186 Honeycutt, Joan M. K. 302 Honeywell, Dan Hudson 146, 218 Honohan, Noel Richard 246 Hood, Royce Everett, Jr. 224, 225 Hooter, Nancy Irene 154, 364 Hoover, Robert Raymond 95, 96, 98, 103, 105, 106 Hopkins, Charles Mark 238 Hopkins, S. D., Ill _ 250 Hopkinson, Kenneth, Jr 248 Koran, John William 158, 329 Home, Arthur M., Jr. 151 Horner, Melinda Jane 192 Horowitz, Steve Charles 292 Hough, Wade Barlow 228 Houston, James Edward 292 Howard, Eugene Jay 246 Howard, Jeffrey Eliot 228 Howard, Robert George 273 Howard, Thomas Marshall 220 Howeller, Gene Edward 230 Howie, Lynn Brooks 292, 240 Howse, Dorothy Lee 89 Hoy, Nevin Douglas, Jr. 236 Hresko, James Allen 273 Huck, Paul Courtney 224 Huddleston, John F. 218 Hudgens, William Ray 270 Hudson, Carol Joanne 186 Huebner, James Allen 220 Hufford, David Charles 319 Hufner, Stuart Lee 250 Huggins, Patricia B. ..... 198 Hughes, Byron Mason 172 Hughes, David Henry 212 Hughes, Donald Lee 242 Hughes, Linda Gail 180 Hughes, Mason 223 Hughes, Randall Lamar 254 Hughson, Jerry Ralph 228 Hulbert, Martha Ann 181 Hunkapiller, William Martin 212 Hunter, Michael Norman 234 Hunter, Robert George 216 Hurd, Linda Ann 186 Hurlbert, Martha Ann 181 Hurley, Thomas Raymond 273, 228 Huskey, James David 230 Hutcheson, Walter B. 222 Hutchinson, Judith 302 Hyme,. Michael Irwin 319 Igler, Thomas Franklin 255 liames, Frank Robert, II 303 Infante, Gelindo _ 100, 103, 106, 109, 241 Innes, Barry MacDonald 220 Irish, Sharon Arlene 273 Irvin, Alex McArthur 240 Irvine, Bruce William 242 Ivey, Sally Kay 152, 182 Jackman, Mark Stephen 234 Jackson, David Anthony 228 Jackson, Pamela Sue 180 Jackson, Stanley H. 328, 246 Jacobson, Beverly Joy 146, 184 Jacobson, Peggy Tobe 184 Jacobson, Ronald Charles 234 Jacobson, Stephen Bono 246 Jacobus, Bruce Waldron 230 Jaeger, Carol Jeanne 78, 69, 79, 196, 192 James, Kathlyn Hazel 196 jamieson, Michael L 82 Jamison, Frank J., Ill 312, 238 Jamison, Susanne 190 Jammes, John Orrien L 292 Janes, Robert Stephen 252 Jarrett, Alan 234 Jarvela, Gary Nicholas 287 Jarvis, John Frederick 273, 220 Jasper, Virginia F. 190 Jean, Judy 188 Jenkins, Avie Maria _. 75, 69, 74, 79, 227 Jenkins, George Dennis 318 Jimenez, Hugo Gilberto 282, 216 359 STUDENT INDEX Jimenez, Louis Roger 210 Johns, Jerry Wayne 244 Johnson, Alan Bruce 244 Johnson, Carol Graham - 186 Johnson, David Lee 292 Johnson, Everett C., Jr. 287 Johnson, Freddie Allen 268, 210 Johnson, James Douglas 240 Johnson, Julian Robert 234 Johnson, K. Sheldon, III 292 Johnson, Mary C. 282 Johnson, Matthew M. _ Johnson, Patricia Ann 189 Johnson, Jenny C. 152 Johnson, Richard P. _ - 292 Johnson, Samuel Vaughn 153 Johnson, Walter Alex 312 Johnson, Winston E. 230 Johnston, Cecil Edward 282, 255 Johnston, David Lane 268 Johnston, Fred Leo __ 163 Johnston, Samuel W., Ill 364 Johnston, Suzanne Lee 198, 199 Jolley, Joseph Pringle, Jr. .. Jones, Bruce Sherwood 222 Jones, Daniel Henry _ _ 282, 242 Jones, Edward L. 303 Jones, Edwina Ann 282, 186 Jones, Ernest M., Jr. 218 Jones, Howard Selby, Jr 238 Jones, Judith Letitia 186 Jones, Lee Martin 292, 218 Jones, Lloyd Edgar, III 312, 236 Jones, Marcia Lynn 154, 303, 364 Jones, Ronald P 312 Jones, Sharon Lee . 303, 190 Jones, Sharon Lynn Jones, Walter Frazier Jordan, Burton Keith ._ Jordan, Frances Diane Jordan, Janice Elizabeth Jordan, Michael Bowie 303 218 218 190 188 318, 320 Josephs, Margery Joan 202 Joslin, Timothy James 244 Joyal, Anita Claudette 180 Juergensen, Walter K. 273, 275 Juguilon, Aurelio T 273 Juhn, William Lionel 273, 242 Julius, Richard Louis 282, 251 Junnier, Barry Charles 232 Justa, Francine Cyvia 184 Kaempfer, Robert John 240 Kainz, Karl Roger 242 Kalkreuth, Roxie Anne 337 Kamm, Rita 184 Kane, Howard Leslie 282 Kane, Thomas Leiper 319 Kanistras, George 252 Kapa, Stasia Katherine 152 Kaplan, Rita Merle 184 Kapner, Carolyn Joyce 184 Karasick, Charles Hyman 328, 246 Karley, William Albert 238 Kase, Harvey Philip 251 Kassell, Linda Frances 184 Katz, Charles Richard 246 Katz, Ellen Sue Kobre 303, 184 Katz, Jack 105 Katz, Sandra Lee 303 Kaufman, Stanley Mark 282, 251 Kaufman, Stuart Bruce 282 Kaufman, Susan Frances 194 Kaufmann, Frederick August 292, 296 Kavalich, Allan George 246 Kaye, Jack Roger 250 Kaywell, Carol Diane __. 292, 296 Keane, William Logan 220 Kearney, John Edward 292, 296 Keck, Beryl Marie _ 202 Keefer, Dennis Ralph _ 287, 312 Keefer, Jane Allen 282 Keene, Barbara Latitia _ 198 Keene, Doris Okalona 303 Kegan, Katherine Ann 202 Kegebein, Warren K., Sr. 303 Kehoe, Charles F., Ill 215 Keller, Brian Dennis 240 Keller, Leta Ann _ 296 Kelley, Tommy Rogers 100 Kelly, Barbara Ann M. _ _ 200 Kelly, David Ray 282 Kelly, Elsie Joyce 146, 282 Kelly, James Michael 242 Kelly, Robert Lloyd - 273 Kelso, Donald Drummond 216 Kelso, Harry David 226 Kendrick, Carol Ann 200 Kennedy, John George, Jr. 297 Kennedy, Mary Ann 200 Kennedy, Roy C., Jr. 292 Kennedy, Wallace W. 282, 213 Kennington, Thomas Cyril 146, 228 Kennon, Thomas Jason, Jr. 292, 222 Kenny, Kathryn Venable 282 Kent, Robert Cunningham 1, 328, 146, 153, 364, 218 Kenyon, Frederic V. 282 Kerlin, James Lee 328, 330, 329 Kerr, Miller Henry 282 Kersey, Floyd Benjamin, Jr. 228 Kerstner, Richard George 234 Kessler, Michael S. 236 Kesley, Joe 343 Kesterson, George Wayne 228 Keyes, Kenneth S., Ill 212 Kibbe, Justine 192 Kicklighter, Clois E. 303 Kimball, Millard F. 328 King, Herbert Allen 222 King, James Foster 240 King, Jerry Lee 218 King, Nancy Elizabeth 198, 282, 199 King, Shepard 234 King, Thomas Milton, Jr. 282, 238 Kinnard, Frederick Austin 255 Kinnie, Carl Richard 248 Kinsey, Jackson Eugene 268 Kinyard, Fred 343 Kip, Richard Schouten 172 Kirchen, Max Douglas 216 Kirk, William Alan 242 Kirkland, Horace E. 273, 254 Kirkland, James Wilton 230 Kirkland, John Michael 212 Kirkpatrick, Elaine 303 Kirkpatrick, Wesley, Jr. 292, 297 Kirschenbaum, Malcolm 292, 234 Kirschner, David Terry 330, 329 Riser, Randolph Lee, Jr. 148, 343 Kitchings, Donald A 303 Klein, Linda Ellen 190 Kleinfeld, Lawrence S. 246 Kligerman, Vicki Lee 89 Klimpel, Eduard R. 312 Kline, David Lewis 234 Kline, Linda 172 Klivans, Jeffrey David 235, 234 Kluborg, Allen James 312, 222 Kluge, Donald Carleton 273 Knadle, Katherine S. 202 Knapp, Terry Russell 236 Knecht, Joseph Floyd 273 Knight, Bruce Eugene 320 Knowlton, Doris Kniess 282 Knox, Robert James 273, 275 Koblasz, John Leo _ 242 Kobrin, Harvey Neil 292, 297, 234 Kobzina, John William 248 Kocher, Mary Carolyn 152, 188 Koegler, Francis W. 282, 212 Komansky, Joseph Dudley _ 234 Koontz, Rachael Anne 53, 196 Koontz, Sharon Kay 196 Kopelowitz, Davida _ 184 Kordecki, Gerard Joseph _ . 220 Korodin, Joan Gale 190 Korsant, Philip Bowman _ 224 Kosch, Richard Jason _ _ 234 Koselka, James Anthony 223, 222 Kosiweski, Jean 202 Koss, William Frederick 120 Koukoulakis, Michael T _ 224 Kraan, Ashley Miller 120, 222 Kramer, William Lawrence 312, 319 Kranzler, Elaine Ina 152 Krassy, Kenneth John M. _ 238 Krebs, Valorie H. 303 Kreckel, Marilyn L. 303, 186 Kreedian, Karen Rose 192 Krekel, Marilyn Lisa 187 Kreps, Joel Stuart _ 235 Krisel, James Arther 234 Kristal, Susan Evelyn 184 Kronick, Robert Francis ..... 246 Krug, Philip Thomas .. 364 Kubes, Joseph Edward ..... 292 Kuchel, Karen Jane 151 Kuehn, Shirley F. 303, 186 Kuhl, Marguerite B. 57, 78, 79, 197, 196 Kung, George Chai Schih 312 Kuperstein, Stanley H. .. 251 Kurzweil, Allen Ben 251 Kutsche, Arthur John 292, 236 Kutun, Barry 145, 247, 246 Kwart, Arnold Martin 234 Kyer, Ronald Douglas .. 312 Kynes, Charles Allen, Jr. ... 212 Labarre, Ann 188 Labell, Gloria Jean 303, 195, 194 Labrec, James Arthur 212 Lach, Michael 222 Lacy, Richard Ranson 312 Laface, Ida Marie 182 Laface, Ronald Costa 228, 229 Lagimoniere, Ernest E 274, 222 Lagrone, Tonquin G. 332, 82, 220 Lahti E. Scott 120 Laibson, Kirk 246 Lally, John Ronald .. 220 Lamar, John Woodward 224 Lamb, Claudia Jean 303 Lamb, Melvin Byron 312, 242 Lambie, Nancy Hempel 188 Lancaster, Charles Albert 250 Land, Harlow Henry, Jr 230 Landesberg, H. Leland .. .. 246 Landphair, Erin Tom 146 Landphair, Harlow Charles 222 Landskroner, Howard 251 Landt, John. Daniel, Jr. 224 Lane, Frederick Stewart 234 Lane, Judith Ann 172 Lane, Michael Bart 234 Lane, Norman Edward 244 Lane, Vicki 196 Lang, David 364 Lang, James Frederick 243 Lang, Nguyen Huy 270 Langworthy, Cortland 244 Lanier, Gary Mack 216 360 Lanier, James Henry 268, 224 Landsdowne, Edythe L. 192 Lantaff, William Courtland 228 Larche, James G., Jr. 82, 226 Larson, Max Henry 248 Larsson, Donald Eric 216 Laslie, John Bothwell 218 Lassiter, Christine E. . 190 Lathrop, Nancy Jan _ 156 Latimer, James Darington 212 Latta, Carol Ann 303 Lauwaert, Alan Jules _ - 130, 131 Law, Carolyn Doris 186 Lawrence, David, Jr 234 Lawrence, James Allen 238 Lawrence, Robert Stephen 318 Lawrence, William Vernon 292 Lawson, Sam Dawson 292 Layton, Linda Arlene 182 Lazarus, Harvey Lee 297 Lazzara, Philip R. 240 Lea, Edward Kenneth 212 Leach, George Warren 218, 242 Leaird, John Edwin 224 Leak, Evelyn June 190 Lebow, Jared Stuart 160, 162, 387 Lebowitz, Michele J. 194 Leckey, Phillip Dennis 134 Lee, David Byron, Jr. 220 Lee, Elizabeth Ann 154, 303, 364 Lee, James Michael 238 Lee, Randolph Edward, Jr. 218 Lee, Ted Gilmore 244 Leeds, Robert Morris 226 Leedy, Elizabeth Kay 190 Leete, David Clark 234 Leff, Jacob Leon 328, 330, 246 Leffingwell, John B. P. 312 Leibowitz, Richard B. 120 Lemaster, Mary Graff 303 Leonard, Riverson S. 212 Lesley, Joe William 240 Letaw, Rosellen Adel 200 Letender, William George 248 Leveson, Harris, III 268, 246 Levetto, Mario Joseph, Jr. 172 Levi, Joe Umberto 287 Levin, Shirley Carol 194 Levine, Paul Allen 234 Levine, Sherman Jack 269, 234 Levinson, Dorothy Lee 184 Levitan, Lawrence R. 234 Lewin, William, II 146 Lewis, Isabelle Bauer 182 Lewis, Leonard Wayne 244 Lewis, Marjorie Leslie 146 Lewis, Mary Elizabeth 53, 152 Lewis, Sarah Jane 182 Lhommedieu, Pamela D. 154, 364 Libby, Mary Elizabeth 180 Libertore, Douglas S. 240 Libertore, Lawrence, Jr. .. 94, 96, 109, 241 Lieberman, S. Gary 247, 246 Liebman, Warren Stuart 246 Lightkep, Richard H 312 Linch, Jody David 242 Lindahl, Clarence Dean 220 Linde, Nathan 312 Lindsey, Emery James, Jr. 287 Lindsey, Winnifred E . 196 Linebarger, Sandra L. R. 89 Ling, Judith Effie 190 Linger, Carol Ann 192 Linn, Jean Bowman 159 Linn, Jeffrey Michael 253 Linn, John Robert 269, 270 Lipofsky, Barton Jay 287 STUDENT INDEX Lipp, Allan Stephen 234 Lipscomb, Frank M., Jr. 228 Lipsitz, Marc A. 292, 246 Lipstreu, Babette Elizabeth 303 Listen, Paul Sperry 328 Little, Robert Howell _ 242 Livingston, Gerald S. 130 Livingston, Susan H. H. 186 Lizarralde, Diego M. 292, 222 Llano, Fair Jerome 274 Lober, Jere Edward 236 Lobnitz, Edward Albert 312, 238 Lobnitz, Gloria Swope 337, 182 Locke, Robert Alan 154, 246 Loesche, William Henry _ _ 319 Loewenstein, Sharon J. 194 Logan, Charles Edgar, Jr. _ 292 Logan, Frank Coogler Logan, Joseph Lee, Jr. Logan, Margaret M. 303 Lokitz, Sandra Gay H. 274, 172 Loll, Dolores Elaine .. 70, 64, 69, 193, 192 Lollis, Cassandra Mary 303 Long, June Joyce 303 Long, Stephen Francis 120, 216 Longmuir, Gordon Bryce 216 Loper, Richard Lee 242 Lopez, Eleazar 293 Lord, Leven Drew 275 Losman, Donald Lee 234 Loss, Joan Marcia 194 Lott, James Ellis, Jr 293 Lovelace, William W., Jr. 230 Lovell, Ned Broward 303 Low, Arthur 251 Luber, Jeffrey Lynn 226 Lucas, Nancy Elizabeth 152, 188 Lucey, Patricia Adams 189 Lucree, Lawrence James 220 Ludwig, Gerald Edward, Jr. 224 Luglan, Richard Henry 293 Lunden, John Wilson 320 Lundwall, Robin A. 244 Lundy, Walker W., Jr. 255 Lush, Rhoda Virginia 182 Lustig, George Harry 246 Luthy, Alice Bonner 89, 190 Lutton, Stephen Carr 312, 318, 240 Luyk, Clifford Bruce _ 113, 114, 117, 118 Lyday, Lloyd Austin 332 Lyman, Kay Lani 196 Lynch, Kenneth Robert 250 Lynds, Michael Foster 240 Lynn, Jill Florence 202 Lyons, Leonard Julius 318, 320 Lyons, Lynn Gordon 242 Lytle, Anne Carolyn 202 Lytle, Ernest James, III 242 MacDonald, Merilyn C. 293, 198, 296 MacDonald, Rosalyn E. 198 MacDonald, Susan M. 197, 196 Mack, Howard Wayne, Jr 254 Mack, Sam Harry 318 MacKay, Sandra Sue 152 MacLachlan, Morgan D. 222 MacLanahan, Donald, Jr 130 MacLean, Dewitt Bruen 274 MacLean, Peggy Jean 200 Macrina, Domenic Joseph 328, 212 Macy, David Tappen 323, 230 Maddox, Earl Eudon 293, 230 Maddrix, William McGurr 224 Madison, Lynn 154, 364 Magaha, James Carl 2 36 Magahey, Ronald Ernest 320 Magazine, Joel Rich 234 269, 210 246 Magill, Charles duPont _ Magram, Gary Richard Mahaffey, Jack Warner 312, 149, 240, 241 Mahaffey, Nancy Elizabeth 274 Maier, Ronald Milton 293, 220 Makemson, Jean Leslie 190 Malavasi, Humberto E. 274 Mallinger, Marcia 146, 194 Maloy, Charles Edward 216 Malt, Charles Richard 252 Mandese, Vincent Nick 244 Mangold, Terry David 240 Maniscalco, B. S., Jr. 287 Mank, Rodney Layton _ 332, 83, 243, 242 Mann, David Charles 222 Mann, John Edwin 230 Mann, Michael John 312 Mantel, Thomas Lee 318, 222 Marconi, Frank Robert 244 Marcum, Elsie White 89, 152, 192 Marcus, Stewart Ira 246 Mark, Willis 287 Markham, Harvey C. 303 Maronek, Florence N. 184 Marsh, LeLand Elroy 320 Marshall, John Arthur _ 242 Martin, Jimmie Lee 329 Martin, Sue Carroll 303, 190 Martins, Bernard Silva 275 Marvin, Judy Ann 198, 199 Masey, Anthony 293 Mason, Don Cannor, Jr. 120 Mastry, Robert Donald 293, 236 Matheny, Lawrence M., Jr. i 218 Mathews, Robert William 313 Mathews, Wilson F., Jr 210 Mathis, James Hamilton 242 Mathis, Thomas Otis, Jr 323 Mathis, William Russ 238 Matthews, Mary Carolyn 190 Mattlin, Michael Edward 224 Maughan, Willie Edward 269, 270 Maurer, Joyce Betty 293, 296 Maxwell, Frank P., Jr __ 216 May, Jeffrey James 244 May, Richard Hobert 236 May, Robert Eugene 201, 224 Mayer, George, III 313 Mayer, Gerard Theodore 287 Mayo, Clifford, Jr. 313, 230 Mayoz, Rafael 318 McAllister, Mary Jean. 180 McAllister, William Joseph, Jr. 222 McAulay, Charles Moore, Jr. 242 McBride, Joseph Stephen .... 130, 131, 293, 173, 216 McCabe, Jean Elizabeth 190 McCallum, Ronald A. 236 McCard, Jana Diane 196 McCarthy, James Michael 244 McCaskill, Joseph Michael 255 McCay, Thomas Walter 218 McClave, Thomas Patrick 293 McClellan, George Burton 319 McClellan, L. Edward, Jr. 238 McColIough, Floyd R. 269 McColIough, William Michael 303 McCollum, Malcolm S., Jr. 218 McCormick, William Richard 216 McCranie, Daniel I. 236 McCranie, Joseph J., Ill 236 McCranie, Roger Wayne 312, 252 McCrea, William George 236 McCreanor, Richard W. 269 McCulley, George G., II 226 McCully, Craig William 252 McCully, David Allan 312 361 STUDENT INDEX McCurdy, Robert Clark 343 McDaniel, John H., Jr _ 218 McDaniel, Shirley Ann 196 McDevitt, John Kahl 252 McDonald, John Louis, Jr. 293 McDonald, John R., Jr 220 McDonell, Carolyn Anne 202 McDougald, Sarah Elizabeth 202 McDowell, Ellen Holt 180 McElroy, Margaret Mary 196 McEwan, Bruce 218 McGahey, Kent Reid 218 McGarity, William Dudley, Jr. 224 McGee, Larry Gene 312, 320 McGilvray, Patricia A. 196 McGuffin, Robert Michael 216 McHaffey, Jack 144, 146 McHaney, Gail Elizabeth 182 McKenna, Gordon F. 146 McKibben, Jon Shannon 312 McKibbin, Alex Hall 230 McLatchey, Patricia A. 196 McLaughlin, Suzanne R 182 McLaurin, Douglas C. 133, 134, 238 McLendon, Robert G., Jr. 216 McLeod, Joseph Burgess, Jr. 240 McLeroy, Wayne Lanier 238 McMahon, John Michael 240 McManus, Charles Lewis, Jr. 232 McMullen, Alton R. 312, 320 McMullen, Ivan Fain 244 McMullen, Robert Melster 148 McNeese, Donald Ray 297 McQuagge, William Duncan 238 McWhorter, James Morgan 230 Meachem, Lynn Stone 182 Meade, Barry Irving 293 Mealor, William Theodore, Jr. 238 Meares, Larry Bert 293 Meconi, Robert John 226 Medlin, Richard Larry 274, 242 Meeker, Jeff B. 159 Meekins, Peter K., Jr. _ 313, 317 Meffert, Michael David 293, 238 Mehaffey, Hubert G., Jr. 83, 236 Mehdi, Ishaque Safi 313, 319 Mehler, Daniel Jay 343 Meigs, Joseph Avery 114 Mellow, Beverly Jean 192 Melo, Peter 313, 232 Melton, Dennis Cortez 216 Melton, Frank Mayer 269 Melton, John Paul 240 Melvin, Woodrow M., Jr. 150 Menasco, Willie Travis 269 Mendelson, Michael B 246 Menge, Ewell E., Jr 222 Menze, Ramon Albert 251 Merchant, Harry Miller 343 Merchant, Joan Rush 180, 152 Merchant, Louie Daniel 113, 114, 116, 117, 118, 119, 173 Merckel, Gerald Ulrich 320, 319, 255 Merkin, Terry Elliott 234 Mersack, Alan Michael 250 Messier, Joseph C. 313, 319 Metz, James Walter, Jr 269 Metzger, Guy Henry 228 Meyer, Priscilla Smith 198 Meyer, Sharon Yvonne 186 Mica, Daniel Andrew 253 Mica, John Luigi 253 Michie, Virginia Lee . 151, 154, 364, 182 Midgley, Douglas M. 146 Miget, Russell John 222 Miko, Stephen Robert 250 Miles, James William 212 Miles, Michael Stephen 172, 222 Milford, Charles P., Jr. 243, 242 Milford, Helen Elizabeth 172 Miller, Barton Harris 246 Miller, Dorothy Dee 190 Miller, Dulaurence A 2 30 Miller, Jane Laird 196 Miller, Lawrence Robert 216 Miller, Marshall V. 234 Miller, Mary Ashby 182 Miller, Nancy Elizabeth 186 Miller, Phyllis Ann F. 180 Miller, Ralph Trolley 293, 244 Miller, Wilton Royce 332, 242 Millman, Barbara Nancy 184 Mills, Walter Garfield 275 Milsark, Neil Bruce 313 Milton, James Douglas 313 Minchew, Henry E., Jr 313, 216 Mink, Linda Carolyn 194 Minns, Gary Emerson C. 317 Minor, John David 240 Minsk er, Joel Norman 313 Mintz, Alvin Stuart 251 Mintz, Roslyn Myrna 194 Mirabella, Morris A. 222 Mirk, Linda 192 Misener, Sue Ann 192 Mishkin, David Gordon 234 Mitchell, Gary Eugene 222 Mitchell, Jimmy Eugene 293 Mitchell, Samuel P., Jr. 250 Mixon, John William 218 Moccia, Earl Carl 220 Moe, Leroy Harold, Jr. 244 Moffett, Judith Ann 186 Mogelvang, Leonard C. 222 Monahan, Raymond Colin 236 Monroe, Glen Levey 242 Montague, John W., Jr. 242 Montana, Francisco, Jr 220 Montgomery, Earl W. 255 Montgomery, Judith F. 188 Montgomery, Mary Susan 192 Montgomery, Sarah M. 180 Moody, James Walter 238 Moore, Carole Lynne 200 Moore, Edward Kramer, Jr 224 Moore, Richard F. 313 Moore, Robert Dawson 293 Moore, Sally Woodward 154 Moorehouse, Pat 182 Moorman, William Albert 313, 319 Mooy, Michael Arthur . 250 Moradiellos, Harry N. 313 Moraitis, George Reynold 238 Moran, Lawrence Wade 284 Morgan, Cherrie Lynn 188 Morgan, Robert William 230 Morgan, Suzanne 190 Morin, Glenn Phillip 253 Morlan, Bonita Kay 186 Morra, Michael Anthony 216 Morris, John Phillip 218 Morris, Robert Arthur, Jr. 148 Morrison, Carlos G. 115, 116, 118 Morrison, Thomas Herring 224 Morrow, Stephen Edward 234, 284 Mortimer, John Richard 244 Morton, Patricia Diane 190 Mosely, Janet Elizabeth 180 Moss, George Hemphill, II 236, 284 Moss, Kathy 182 Motschman, Beverly Ann 182 Mottlau, Hugh Dane 244 Mowrey, John Tinney 319, 255 Moyer, Maynard William 248 Mucci, Michael Stanley 226 Mueninghoff, Lester R. 313, 318 Mullaney, Thomas M., Jr. 223 Mullin, Don _ 172 Munday, Richard M. 313, 318 Munson, Bonnie Jean 192 Muraro, Robert Emil 224 Murphey, Milledge, III 346 Murphy, Larry Lee 330 Murphy, William Gerard _ 284 Myers, Allen Ray 212, 284 Myers, Jack Douglas 313, 317 Myers, John McCall 220 Myers, William Thomas 220 Myrick, Stephen Lester _ 230 Nagel, Sarah N. Broward .. 188 Nails, Kenneth Wayne 297 Napier, Robert W., Jr. 242 Narvaez, Joseph Robert 222, 293 Nash, Richard Francis 238 Naughton, Bonnie Reed 152 Neal, Frederick Bruce 242 Neal, Margaret Holton 89, 190 Nease, Allen D., Jr. 224 Nee, William Paul .. 329 Neel, Jacqueline Nan 196 Neel, Marion Allen 210 Neese, Waylon Argile 313 Neff, Marsha Maxine 186 Neist, Terrence Paul 216 Nelms, Neysa Anne 188 Nelms, Richard Russell 313 Nelson, Carlton 287 Nelson, Carole Diane 186 Nelson, J. Barry 226 Nelson, Judith M. 202, 203 Nelson, Norman Frederick 216 Neral, Dianne Elizabeth _ _ 180 Neuhaus, Bette Sharon 152, 194 Neuhauser, Jess B., Ill 232 Neumann, Gretchen M. 202 Neumann, Mary Jane 180 Neville, Rey Allen _ 242 Newlands, David M 313, 319 Newman, David Peter 320, 332 Newmark, Zalmon M 234 Newsome, James C., Jr 244 Nguyen, Nghe Thi 269 Niblock, William Paton 230 Nichols, Arthur W., Ill 230 Nichols, Barbara Lynne 202 Nickerson, Mildred E. 337 Nicholson, Gilbert S., Jr 224 Nicosia, Ralph 284, 287 Nieburger, Carol Lynn 284 Nigro, William Thomas _ 226 Noble, George Peter 293 Noble, Robert Eugene 250 Nocan, Joseph D. 284 Norris, Daniel Myers 293, 296 Norse, Norman S., Jr 232 Northrip, Charles Milton .... 328, 329, 330 Norton, Donald A., Jr. 224 Norton, Randy Harrison 230, 328, 329 Nosworthy, Kenneth Edward 328, 330 Notaris, Joann Helen 152 Notowitz, Judith Ann 184 Nudelman, Arthur E 284 Nugent, James A., Jr. 284 Nugent, Terry Barbara 152 Gates, Charles Harmon 238 Oberlin, Constance L 172 Oberst, Michael Alan 209 O ' Brien, Mary Josephine 330 O ' Connell, Daniel W. _ 212 362 O ' Donnell, James Dennis 102 O ' Donnell, Robert Arthur __ 313, 319 Ofstie, Ruth Alice 200 Ogden, Dennis Oliver 240 Ogle, Richard Hummel 226 Ohlhaber, Jack Idner 319 Okray, Paul Daniel 222, 313 O ' Leary, Serna Marie 284 Olinger, William David, II 130, 238 Oliva, Angel, Jr. 248, 274 Olson, Peter Lawrence 230 O ' Neal, Joe Mack 269 O ' Neill, Albert C., Jr 83, 144, 145, 284 O ' Neill, Molly Mazey 152 Orman, John 224 Oromaner, Jeffrey Alan 130 Orseck, Paul Harris 246, 284 Osterholt, David B. 228 Ostrofsky, Manuel M. 251 Ostrom, Sara Conant 196 Ott, Nancy June 180 Otth, David Hamilton 313 Otto, Anita Marie 180, 284 Otto, Rosemary 284 Otts, Ginnylee 186 Overman, Mary Anne 200 Overstreet, Charles Larry 318 Overstreet, Thomas H 240 Owens, Robert Earl, Jr. 230 Oxley, Virginia Gale 187, 202 Pachon, Susan Ann 186 Padgett, Richard Hall 226, 294 Page, Herman Charles, Jr. 220 Page, John Thomas 218, 313 Palmer, Bevis Thomas 218 Palmer, John Mahlon 230 Palmer, Sylvia Ruth 284, 190, 163 Palmer, Warren E. 269, 242 Palmisano, Audrey S 284 Panther, Lynn Janean 152 Pareira, Carol Ann 192 Parham, Nancy Lee 186 Parham, Rose Marie 186 Park, Robert Burton 284 Parker, John Richard 269 Parks, Michael Allen 145, 241 Parks, Samuel Earl, Jr. 287 Parris, Wayne E. 317 Parrish, Anne 182 Parrott, Thomas A., II 244 Parsons, Gordon Terry 216, 314 Parsons, Walter R., Jr. 242 Paschal, Lora Jane 274 Patrick, William Denning 228 Patten, Russell S. 224 Patterson, David Fred 284 Patton, Robert W. 236 Paul, Herman Stanley 234, 332 Paul, John Edward 216 Paul, Richard Allen 294 Paulk, Charles Maurice, Jr. 212, 294 Payne, Thomas Edward 238 Payor, Louis George, Jr. 242 Peacock, John Charles 255 Peacock, Lewis M 224 Peacock, Robert Gary 218, 328, 364 Pearce, Leland Sidney 236 Peck, Eva Lu Dunkerley 332 Peck, Wayne Prentice 159, 319 Peet, Donald Sullivan 226 Pell, Kynric Martin 314 Pell, Thomas Michael, Jr. 228 Pellicci, Joel Anthony 238 Pelton, Sally Deane 188 Pendray, John Julian 320 Penk, Bradley Willard 240 STUDENT INDEX Perell, Lloyd Michael 251 Perez, Deanna Angela 180, 284 Perez, Marcos Antonio 294 Perez, Vincent, Jr. 343 Perkel, Peter Stephen 330 Perlin, Morton Jacob 146 Perls, Jeffrey Alan 234 Perrine, Gary Raymond 314, 317 Perritt, Henry F. 83 Perry, Arthur F., Ill 220, 221 Perry, Clifford O., Jr. 314, 319 Perry, Dale Sims 203, 224, 294 Perry, Mary Bayard 196 Perry, Robert Raymond 81, 83, 173 Perry, Samuel Loy, Jr. 238 Pesek, Joseph Albert, III 224 Peters, Paul Edward, Jr 238 Petersen, Erik Laust 314 Peterson, Richard Kent __ 314, 319, 320 Peterson, Sandra L. 200, 201, 284 Peltry, David Emory 269 Pfeffer, John Thomas 228 Pfeiffer, Eileen F. 152, 198, 199 Pfetcher, Carole Jean _ 182 Phelan, Joseph Robert 232 Phifer, John Jennings 212 Phillips, G. Warren . 226, 294, 297 Phillips, James Joseph 244 Piazza, Frank A., Jr. 222 Pickels, Richard C 236, 346 Pickler, Thomas Hallam 250 Piencykoski, Ronald L 244 Pierce, Catherine Joan 151 Piercefield, Dayne R. 270 Pierson, Betty Jean 182 Pierson, John Edmond, Jr. 236 Pike, David Hankins 238 Pillans, Charles P., Ill 212, 213, 284 Pinney, William Emery 145, 163, 255 Pirenian, Lillian L. 328 Pirenian, Lucienne 182 Pitman, Bobra Jane 190 Pittelkow, V. Dianne 186 Pittman, Arthur Keith 159, 255, 284 Pittman, Helen Clay 180 Pitz, Frederick Henry 294 Pitz, Patricia Ann 152 Plasky, Paul Ellis 234 Platt, John Kenley 210 Platte, Ronald John 238, 284 Plescia, Mary Elaine 186 Plowden, Ramon Gordon 284 Plumb, Maurice Robert 146 Poe, Alan Drake 111 Polan, Constance M. 194 Poleni, Janice Jean 284 Poole, Robert Merrell 236 Pope, Fred Wallace 145, 146, 243 Popejoy, Carol Lynn 182, 183 Porter, Donald Earl 234, 314, 319 Porter, Mary Ann 198 Portman, Barnard M. 246 Porto, Louis William 274 Posner, Marlene Sue 194 Potocki, Johnny A., Jr. 222 Potts, Stephen Michael 238 Poukon, Robert J., Jr. 232 Powell, Arlie Ancil 269, 270 Powell, Gary Michael 218 Powell, James Richard 232 Powell, Stephen Joseph 146, 230 Power, Ronald David 240 Powers, Carole Jean 192 Powers, John Jaillite 232 Pralle, Marilyn Louise 190 Prather, William Holmes, Jr. 236 Pratt, Robert Harkness 294 Preng, Beverly Ann 182, 346 Preuss, Daniel Irwin 234 Prevatt, Banks Goodale 252 Price, Lansing Bedford 130 Prince, Judy Lynn E. 173, 180, 181 Prine, Nancy Alice ; 274 Prinster, Donald F. 255 Prior, Henry Moorman 242 Prior, Jonathan Douglas, Jr. 294 Prior, Richard Marion 252 Pritchard, Gary K. 249, 319 Proctor, James Arthur, Jr. 131 Provitola, Anthony I. 287 Pruitt, James Leon 234 Pruyn, Joanne 190 Psenka, Gerald Robert 328, 330 Puckett, John Arthur 236 Purcell, Bernardine C. 180 Purvis, Roy Lee, Jr. 218 Putnam, George Edward 343, 218 Quade, Nancy Ann 186 Quinby, John Sheldon 314 Quincey, James Stacy 83 Quinn, Becky 152 Quinn, Judith Ann 196 Quinn, Lee Walter 346 Race, Austin Thomas, III 269, 244 Radford, Charles Winston 224 Rad spinner, Albert L. 269, 270 Rae, Rutherford L, Jr. 220 Rafter, Virginia Ann 202 Ragosta, Marjorie E. N 284 Ragow, Steve Martin 234 Ragunt, Richard Alan 244 Ramaekers, Brian A. 244 Ramos, Karen G. Branson 337 Ramsay, Linda Ann, 196 Ramsay, Richard Eugene 248 Randall, Cora Hancox 152, 188 Randall, John Clark 294 Raney, Linn Jon 238 Ratliff, Betty Lee 186 flaulerson, Joseph Roy 218 Raulerson, Ruth Helen 328 Rauzin, Dennis Irving 246 Rawlins, Jerry Clinton 242 Rawls, Edward Gray 314, 226, 242 Rawls, Rosie C 346 Ray, Ralph Jackson, Jr. 218 Raymond, Judith Claire 180 Read, Philip Whitney 220 Reece, Dale Walker 226 Reed, Douglas Spring 159 Reed, Gerald William 242 Reel, Jan Marie 191 Reems, Roland Blair 220 Reese, John Sanders 133, 134 Reeves, Gerald King 244 Regan, Harold Edward 212 Regan, John Tilden, III 220 Regan, Pamela Jane 202 Regenburgh, Richard 294, 159 Reich, Helmuth Peter 274 Reichert, Carlton R. 250 Reinsch, Earl James 236 Reisman, Terry Milton 234 Reitz, Marjorie Hayes 88, 285, 190 Renaud, David Blair 343 Renner, Kenneth Harold 346, 83 Repp, Randolph James 230 Resek, Thomas Matthew 242 Resnick, Michael B. 234 Rexroad, Benjamin Bliss 314, 236 Reynolds, Jean 198 Reynolds, Otha D., Jr. 314 363 STUDENT INDEX Reynolds, Richard R., Jr. 250 Rice, David Franklin 250 Rice, Russell Stanley 224 Rich, Jerry 343 Rich, Michael Kent 285 Richardson, David M. 287 Richardson, Robert O 314 Richeson, James Sturgeon 224 Richman, Gerald Frederick 274, 209 Richman, Patricia A. 285 Richter, Joseph Larue 255 Ricker, Linda Lee 152 Ricketson, Peggy Mae B. 198 Ricketts, Jayne Kay 196 Rickey, Mary Ella 182 Rien, Ronald 251 Rifkind, Steven Arnold 251 Righetti, Thomas Raymond 146, 218 Ringgold, Donald Wayne 109 Ringhiser, James Thomas 343 Rinker, Duane Robert 228 Ripley, Joseph Mills, Jr 332, 83, 222 Ritch, John Burrnette 147 Ritch, Robert Franklin 230 Ritchey, Donald Carter 275 Ritter, Donald Lewis 252 Ritter, William Scott 330 Rivers, Leslie 202 Roach, Clyde William 228 Robalewski, Richard J. 253 Robbins, Mary Anne 188 Roberson, Judith Alma 180 Roberts, Darrell Lynn 314 Roberts, James Steven 234 Roberts, Vivan Leon, Jr. 314 Robertson, Samuel J., Jr. 319 Robeson, William Mitchell 218 Robin, Edward Bernard 247 Robinson, Larry A. 242 Robinson, M. Constance 180 Robinson, Pamela 186 Robinson, Richard M 285 Robinson, Suzanne Kay 196 Robison, William Angier 314, 318 Robles, Patricia Ann 202 Robrin, Elayne 184 Roby, Loren Hartley 223 Roby, Ronald Haury 294, 223, 222 Rochat, Maurice William 238 Rock, Karen 172 Rock, Sally Ann ._ 146, 188 Rodak, Stanley Paul 285, 287 Rodites, Nicholas John 242 Rodriguez, Claudia Mae 180, 181 Rogers, Joseph Ronald 224 Rohan, Ronald Harris 234 Rolf, Edward, Jr. 172 Roll, James Milton 244 Rollyson, Raymond H., Jr. 216 Roman, Barbara Ann 193, 192 Romano, Israel 314, 320 Roney, Janis Rae 192 Rooke, Terence Edward 232 Roostna, Aarne 314 Root, Harry H., Ill 134, 213 Ropp, Harry Filer 242 Roquemore, David W., Jr. __ _ 294, 212 Rose, Jack 343 Rose, Joseph Sanford _ 234 Rosen, Howard Joel 285 Rosenberg, Jon Sablow 234 Rosenberg, Ronnie S. 194 Rosenbleeth, Barry I 246 Rosenfeld, Lenore 305 Rosenthal, Michael 250 Rosko, Joseph Stanley .. _ 314, 319 Ross, Luke Anthony _ 234 Ross, Rosalind Vera 152 Rossman, Stephen Frederick 234 Rotchford, Gilbert L. 242 Rothenberg, Ann Ellen. 185 Rothschild, Jerome Joseph 148, 232 Rothstein, Ronald Jay 285, 287 Rothwell, Jonathan Crossley 238 Rouse, Frank James 244 Rovansek, Raymond Joseph 250 Rowars, Francine Robin 194 Rowe, Lawrence Martin 314 Rowe, Robert Preston 294, 238 Rubel, Jo Ann ' . 89 Rubenstein, William Rowland 250 Rubin, Gary Michael 246 Rubin, Michael Stephen 246 Rudolph, Frederick Karl, Jr. 220 Rudser, Donald Karl 210 Ruis, George Elliot 210 Rumpel, Sandra Stone 274 Rush, Jeffery Lee 228 Rusinek, Olivia Bishop 192 Russell, Jane Terry 194 Russell, Kenneth Wayne 220 Rutledge, Donald E. 346, 224 Ryals, William Daniel 228, 229 Ryan, Kathleen Leigh 200 Rydstrom, Elizabeth Helen 285 Sabin, Grant Eugene 232 Sachs, Jay Lawrence 246 Sachs, Joel Martin 209 Sadler, Orin Winslow 224 Saenz, Graciela Renata 192 Sager, Barbara Ima 184 Salinero, Martha Isell 346 Salisbury, Elizabeth Ann 180 Salkin, Lawrence Edward 274 Saltus, Allen R., Jr. 216 Saltzman, Carol Elaine 184 Saltzman, Ronald M. 294 Salvo, Gerald Clifton 242 Samee, David Leslie 234 Samuel, James Beasley, Jr. 234 Sanborn, Priscilla I. 182 Sanchez, Celeste Ann 180, 181, 163 Sander, Nancy Lee 202, 203 Sanders, Barry Jay 246 Sands, Charles D., Ill 238 Sands, Susan Jean 305, 183, 182 Sansbury, Thomas Walter 212 Saporita, Richard D. 305 Sapp, James Eli 287 Sarajian, Ronald Gene 294, 215 Sargeant, Margaret P 180, 285 Satz, Harvey Stephan 234 Sauls, Charles Goddard 330, 244 Saunders, John Morgan 294, 220 Sayles, Richard 246 Saylor, Robert Lee 220 Scales, Sandra Lee 152, 188 Scanlan, Kathleen Mary 198 Schaefer, Henry Joseph, Jr 232 Schaeffer, John Ahlum 240 Schafer, George Edward 216 Schafer, Michael Irwin 251 Schaffer, Gerald 246 Schapiro, Linda Ellen 184 Scharf, Michael S 234 Scharlott, Susan L. 89, 152, 192 Schatzberg, Glenn E. 218 Scheldt, Ludwig John 314, 319 Scheinblum, Allan Fred 287 Scheinhoft, Leonard S. 234 Schiff, Paul Leon ... _ 251 Schlosser, Ellen B. .. 184 Schlue, Joseph William 285 Schminky, Janet Marie 192 Schneck, Beatrice R 184 Schneider, Harbert Ian 246 Schneider, Jenny Lynn 194 Schneiweiss, Stephen R. 234 Schoen, Robert Lee 240 Schoessow, Mary Evelyn 305 Schoetker, Russell, Jr 314, 319 Schopke, Emory Neil 236 Schowalter, Paul W. 236 Schram, Martin Jay 251 Schroedel, Edward Charles, Jr. 244 Schroeder, Constance B 180 Schull, Theo Lawrence 246 Schulte, William Lester, Jr. .. 314 Schuster, Ellen Ruth 184 Schwaderer, Owen Clark 224 Schwartz, Bruce Benjamin 234 Schwartz, Douglas B. 294, 234 Schwartz, Marjory Reed 296 Schwartz, Randolph A. 240 Schwartz, Stanley J. 330, 246 Schwartz, Susan Ann 184 Sciera, Charles Mark 253 Sconyers, Sandra Lee 152, 188, 196 Scott, Barton P., Jr. 294 Scott, Diana Louise 198 Scott, George Lewellyn 343 Scott, William Clarence _ 314 Seaberg, Duwayne Edward 294 Seabrook, Julius E. 294, 230 Sealey, Peter Smith 294 Sealy, Lomax G., Jr. 215 Sears, George W., IV 232 Sease, John Clifford 216 Sego, Edgar Eugene 228 Segrest, Ralph H., Jr 220 Seiden, Eileen Esther 89 Seiderman, Priscilla A. 285 Seitlin, Harriet M. 184 Senterfitt, Donald 314, 236 Service, Ned Roger 145 Sessions, Ann 337, 190 Setzer, Robert Lee 216 Setzman, Frank Martin 246 Severance, James Davies 314, 228 Sexton, Suzanne 337 Shaeffer, Jonathan Frederick 252 Shafer, George Edward 83 Shafer, James Palmer 244 Shafer, Martha Jean 192 Shaffer, James Adrian 236 Shafor, Russell Eugene 172 Shalloway, Charles M. 333 Shames, Ervin Richard 294, 235 Shannon, John Warren 230 Shannon, Thomas Joseph, Jr. 111 Shapiro, Richard Louis 255 Shapro, James Gordon 235, 234 Sharp, Lee Elaine 154, 364 Sharron, Walter H., Jr. 145, 305, 224 Shaw, Gale Curtis 242 Shaw, James Donald 305 Shaw, Richard Melvin 305 Shaw, Robert John 240 Shaw, Thomas James, Jr. 250 Shay, Judith Michael 180, 181 Shea, Carol Ann 180 Shea, Nancy Ellen 196 Shearer, Frances Wells 196 Seharon, Michael H. 314 Sheffield, David P 240 Sheffield, Joseph Allen 218 Sheltz, Walter William, Jr. 233 Shepard, Reuel E., Jr. ... 314, 141 Shepherd, John B., Jr . 212 Sheppard, Laurie Sue 192 364 Sherr, Seymour 333 Sherrod, Phillip C. 343 Sheska, Patricia H. J. 305 Shever, Izzydor 287 Shever, Sandra Komisar 305 Shields, Charles P., Jr 285 Shields, Murray Lamar 328 Shine, Francis Earle 242 Shinn, Dee Anthony 198, 364 Shippey, Erie L., Jr. 305 Shohfi, James Lee 212 Shollar, Mary Virginia 305, 190 Shorr, Jacqueline 202 Shorr, Norman 246 Shorstein, Harry Louis 294, 247, 246 Shreve, R. Jack 83 Shulman, Gail Elaine - 194 Sides, Cynthia 180 Siegal, Susan Carol 184 Siegel, Jerald Arthur 294 Siegel, Sarah Altman 184 Siess, Douglas George 228 Silberstein, Karen G. M. 337 Silcox, Jayne Elizabeth 180, 274 Silkebakken, Don M. 232 Sillanpaa, Seppo I. 320 Silverman, Gene Larry 294, 246 Simbari, Bernard Jacob 287 Simbari, Russell D. 287 Simmons, Darrell A. 329 Simmons, Harold R. 232 Simmons, Julia Ann 198 Simms, Ginny 364 Simon, Barbara Jean 194 Simon, Patricia Lee 194 Simons, Gary Calvert 252 Simkins, Lorenz George 315 Sims, Virginia Lee 154 Singer, Judith Louise 285 Singletary, Charles Owen 315 Sinno, Hishan Abdul B. 315, 317 Sinno, Raouf 315 Sinoff, Barry 146, 247, 246 Sisler, Anne Edwards 202, 285, 203 Sisler, David Franklin 216 Sites, Sharon Eleanor 89, 182 Skadowski, Karl John 250 Skemp, John Hess, Jr 224 Slayden, Robert McLean 244 Slipock, Philip Steven 234 Sloan, Mary Anne 337 Sloan, Tucky 182 Slone, William Marvin 315, 320 Slott, Arnold Herbert 236 Smalley, Ronald William .... 323, 146, 218 Smathers, James Foley 236, 237 Smith, Arthur Wayne 285 Smith, Barbara Ellen B. 305 Smith, Bob Lorin 252 Smith, Cody Moore 315, 319 Smith, Curtis Randall 222 Smith, Dianne Hales 190 Smith, Eric Brian 172 Smith, James Jay 274 Smith, James Ronald I 83, 146, 217, 269, 343, 216 Smith, Jan Ellis 285, 224, 225 Smith, Jesse Carl, HI 285 Smith, Judith Ann 89 Smith, Mary Louise _ 190 Smith, Norman Stanford 252 Smith, Patricia Louise 305 Smith, Pauladene H. 305 Smith, Richard Louie 315 Smith, Robert Alan 315 Smith, Robert Joseph _ 274 Smith, Roberta 180, 305 STUDENT INDEX Smith, Roch Charles 285 Smith, Ronald Edwin 146, 216 Smith, Sally Maybelle 328 Smith, Sharon Jane 364 Smith, Stephen P. D. 315, 222 Smith, Susan Elizabeth 192 Smith, Suzanne 274 Smith, Terry Owen 269, 238 Smith, Thomas Ruel, Jr. 85, 109 Smith, Victoria Elizabeth 190 Smith, William Austin 242 Snider, Phoebe Routh 337, 193, 192 Sniffin, Robert Wood 319 Snyder, Allen Perry 246 Snyder, Jack Barry 220 Sobel, Allan Ira 246 Sobel, Peter Barry 285 Sollee, William Lawrence 220 Solloway, Richard Paul 234 Solomon, George Melvin .... 153, 247, 364 Solowy, Marian Kathryn 285, 287 Sommese, Lanny Beal 120 Sorin, Karen Barbara 184 Sorrell, Gareth Hakey 216 Souder, Daniel Edward 228 Southwell, Robert Lee, Jr. 315, 232 Spache, Jacqueline P 180 Spangler, James Robert 230 Spanjer, Rodger Hanson 216 Sparks, Philip Oliver 343 Sparrowhawk, William Paul 53 Spell, Charles Jeffery 244 Spence, Homer R. 160 Spence, William Henry 285 Spencer, Jean Alice 192 Spencer, Sallie Marie 180, 181, 163 Spera, Francis George 244 Spicola, Roseann 198 Spielberger, Pepi H. 185, 184 Spielman, Arlene 184 Spiller, Howard Bruce 251 Spiller, Warren Henry 251 Spillman, Linda Mae 172 Spinks, Mildred K. 180 Spradler, George 343 Springer, David W. 319 Springstead, Richard W. 236 Sprinkle, Terry Joe C 222 Sprovero, Michael A. 216 Spurlock, Judith C. 196 Squires, William Herbert 274 Srey, Rithy 315 Srodes, James Lewis 328, 220 Stadelman, H. James, III .... 150, 285, 224 Stafford, Linda Ann 305, 183, 182 Stainton, Merrel Barr 218 Stanfield, Michael D. 232 Stanford, William Holt L., Jr 53, 150, 151, 224 Stanley, David Warick 83, 305, 220 Stanley, Richard E 297 Stanley, Walter Edward . 315, 318, 230 Stanul, Joanna Linda 305 Starling, Bruce C. 97, 104, 238 Starnes, Hugh Ewing 285, 236 Starr, Gail 180, 305 Stedman, Catherine E. 190 Stedman, Martha Nay 190 Steen, Morris G., Jr 230 Steffans, Roger Charles 274 Steinberg, Jay Alan 251 Steiner, William Frank 297 Steinfeld, Edna M. 194 Steinhauser, Edwin William 224 Steorts, Karen Jean 202 Stephens, Norman L., Jr. 242 Stern, Arlene Theresa 305 Stern, Elliott 234 Stern, Michael Paul 234 Stevenson, Jay Ronald 222 Stewart, Lorenzo T. 343 Stidham, Thomas Marvin ..... 274, 223, 222 Stillman, Barbara Ann 184 Stinson, Louis, Jr. 224 Stock, Barbara Ruth 200 Stockstill, Carol Elizabeth 198 Stohlman, Debra Ann 305, 191, 190 Stoker, Charles Allen 230 Stoker, James Richard 230 Stokes, Roy Taylor 113, 118, 119 Stoltz, Karen Ann 182 Stone, Joy Ann 89 Stone, Walter Benjamin 232 Stoner, Ronald Eugene 99 Stoop, Bette 305 Stormes, Sonya Delores 192 Stottlemyer, Stephen W. 224 Stoutamire, Robert G. 151, 230 Stovall, Lois Ann 152 Stovall, William Richard 220 Strafforelli, J. L. J. 285 Straker, Susan Joyce 89, 202 Straub, Roger Eric 252 Straub, Theodore Frederick, Jr 243 Strickland, Alice Faye 305 Strickland, Constance 188 Stricklen, Albert Leon 218 Stringfellow, M. E., Jr. 216 Strohm, Patricia 172, 198 Stromberg, Richard M. 4 234 Strull, Sanders 234 Strum, Gloria 198, 305 Stuart, Carolyn M. 192 Stultz, Rose Anne 202 Sturgis, Jack Arthur 238 Sturm, Gloria Jean 199 Sturman, Kenneth Robert 236 Styles, Judy 146, 203 Suarez, Julio 269 Sullivan, Gerald F. 218 Summers, George Edwin, III 159, 297 Summers, Monroe George, Jr. .... 146, 211 Sumner, Elder Mills 146, 211 Surles, Billy Wayne 255 Sutton, Kenneth 238 Swain, William Rupert 83 Swan, Neil Duncan 156 Swanson, Craig John 240 Swartsel, R. Vernon, Jr 238 Swatt, Mike 246 Sweet, Kenneth L., Jr. 297 Swilley, Robert Holland 274, 220 Syvertsen, Evelyn 285 Szabo, Nicholas Gordon 228 Szerlip, Edward Nathan 269 Talbot, William Shafto, Jr. 286 Taliaferro, William Melvin 149 Tamburrino, James Robert 226 Tan, Nguyen Van 270 Tartaglia, Michael A. 252 Tarver, C. Phillip, Jr. 224 Tate, Carol Evalyn 182 Tauber, Nancy Jane ; 184 Tavel, Paul Louis 146, 343 Taylor, Elizabeth Johanna 286, 192 Taylor, James Albert 238 Taylor, Martha Elizabeth 196 Taylor, Maxine 194 Taylor, Milton Kent 364, 216 Taylor, Ralph N., Jr. 269, 270 Taylor, Sandra Lee 188 Tedder, George Lewis, Jr __ 315, 224 Temple, William Grenville 242 365 STUDENT INDEX Temples, Andrew John Tepper, Jean Gladys 218 194 Terry, Joseph Dabney, Jr. ... 238 Tesser, Arthur Howard 315, 246 Tessler, Steven David 234 Thames, Paul Stephen 286, 287 Tharpe, Donald Eugene 315, 317, 220 Tharpe, Linda Marie 198 Thayer, Roselan Marie 286, 172 Thibaut, Larry Lee 224 Thigpen, Joe Dennard 242 Thirwell, James Mark 238 Thoet, Charles Frederick, Jr. 250 Thomas, James McNeil 286 Thomas, Joseph Horn 286 Thomas, Joyce Gertrude 202 Thomas, Katherine R. 188 Thomas, Kenneth Earl 238 Thomas, Marjorie Ann 286 Thomas, Nancy Jo 200 Thompson, Douglas H., Jr 236 Thompson, Edwin F. 323, 224 Thompson, James Donald 220 Thompson, Marcia L. 305 Thompson, Marjorie L. 305 Thompson, Rosalie F. 192 Thompson, William Whitney 218 Thordarson, Julia Ann .. 286, 88, 197, 196 Thornhill, Robert S 269 Thornton, Carolyn Elizabeth 337, 188 Thrasher, Elwin R., Jr. 242 Thro, John Michael 330 Tibbitts, Steven D. 224 Tichenor, David R. 240 Tilghman, Janice May 196 Tindell, John Randall 250 Tisdale, William Riley H. 319, 253 Titus, Timothy Adams 224 Todd, James Ronald 255 Todd, Sara May 329 Tomlinson, Richard Lee 120 Topf, Jeffery Stephen 234 Tornoe, Jacqueline L. S. 338 Torraca, Mary Frances 191 Toskar, Daniel Michael 251 Touchton, Nicky Clark 216 Towson, Julia Louise 188, 196 Toy, Norman Ellwood 213, 212 Traba, Joe, Jr. 240 Trafficante, Francisco 212 Trainer, Mont Perry 286, 240, 241 Trammell, Allen R., Jr. 111 Travis, Larry Lee 99, 101, 109, 146, 241 Travis, Robert Leonard 222 Treadway, Brian P. 212 Treadwell, John P 216 Trekell, John Tolbert .... 333, 83, 227, 226 Tremblett, Linda Janet 200 Trevor, Malcolm Leroy 286 Trice, William Adamson 224 Trickel, William Jr. 83, 148, 227 Trimmer, John Morris 275 Tringas, John James 224 Trotter, John Earl 343, 255 Troy, Darlene Carol 305 Truitt, Rolland Daniel 250 Tschumy, William Edward, Jr. 216 Tucker, Alden Mayo 315 Tucker, Mary Frances 89, 159, 190 Tucker, Sheik Marie 196 Tullis, Charles Stuart 216 Tullis, Gary Baker 223 Tunstall, Patricia A. ...... 180, 338, 88, 181 Turmail, Elizabeth Anne 196 Tumipseed, Libby C. 286 Turpin, Kenard N., Ill 255 Tynefield, Nancy Carol 190 Ullman, Samuel Charles _ 234 Ulm, Larry Woodard - 216 Ulman, Toba 184 Underdown, Phyllis Ann ,_ 196 Upham, E. Tyler _ 249 Ures, Frank James, Jr. 240 Ustler, Frank Thomas 269 Utter, Robert Cletus 315, 318, 220 Vaillancourt, Robin A 315, 318 Vaina, Anthony Joseph 232 Valadie, Arthur L., Jr. 232 Valdes, Richard Edward 240 Van, Arsdall Rhea T., II 315 Van Brero, Erik 146 Van Houston, David M. 248 Van Matre, Richard G 342 Vanderbroegh, Alan D. 315 Vandorn, Darryl Carson 244 Varnes, Glenda Alice 305 Vath, Eric Carl 315 Vaughan, Linda Ingram 305 Vaughn, Cecil Ellis 146 Vaughn, William Dennis . 315 Venrick, Dana McLean 210, 211 Vensel, Charles Curtis 274, 275, 236 Vermeire, Paulette R. 200 Vernon, John Ralph 315 Vetter, Theodore, Jr. 315 Vick, Hardy Edgar 220 Vickers, Nona K. Warner 306 Vickrey, Rufus Duke 315, 252 Villani, Salvatore A. 315 Vinokur, Beverly Ann 194 Vogt, Marlen Jeffery 134 Volk, Margaret Marie 192 Vollers, Charles Theodore, III 226 Volpe, Daniel Ralph 342 Von Leffern Edward W. 222 Vonk, Harry Collen 315 Voorhees, Rose Marie 306, 192 Wachs, Andra Lynne 194 Waddy, Mary Fra nces 180 Wade, Bernard Richard 316 Wadley, William Bert, Jr 218 Wadsworth, Walter E. 212 Wagman, Richard Jay 329 Wagner, John Wilt 224 Wahlbom, Judy M. Cannon 274 Wahlbom, Philip C., Jr. 286, 216 Waite, Susan A. 179 Waldo, Jeanne Crusan 274 Waldron, Randall 243 Wales, Thomas Edward 212 Walker, Jeffrey Marvin 234 Wall, John William 216 Wallace, Bobby Demerie 329 Wallace, Harold Owen 318 Wallace, Judith S. 286, 172 Wallace, Robert David 330, 212 Wallace, Robert Vernon 330 Wallick, Mitchell J. 234 Walsh, Peter Jerold 287 Walters, Lawrence G., II 242 Wapnick, Jay Byron 246 Ward, Gerald Morgan 316 Ward, James Arnold, Jr 145, 218 Wareing, Mary Rehbaum ..... 286 Wargelin, Virginia 286 Warner, Wilda Lois 286 Warren, Charles Stanley 286, 247, 246 Warren, Frances Lee 329, 364 Warren, Judia 202 Warren, Kathryn Grace 196 Warren, Patricia Lea 190 Warrender, Jane S. 1 96, 286 Warrington, Curtis D. 218 Waterhouse, Carol L. _ .. 196 Waters, Robert Michael . 249 Watkins, James H., Ill .. 253 Watkins, Wayne Edmund 316, 210 Watson, Gary Wayne 244 Watson, Richard Edward 244 Watson, Samuel E., Jr. .. 286 Wattles, Genevieve M. ..... 192 Wayne, Janice 306 Wayne, John Bruce 244 Weale, Bruce Preston 236 Weaner, Lenora M. 194 Weaver, Bennett Clark ... 287 Webb, David Buford .. 269 Weber, Carol Jean .. 196 Weber, Theodore Joseph, Jr. 222, 316 Webster, David Baldwin 224 Weddington, Michael E 218 Weeks, William Alan _ 269, 210 Wehmeyer, Janet A. .. 198, 346 Weiner, Jerold Michael 246 Weiner, Jules 342 Weinstein, Howard 246 Weinstein, Stephen M. ..... .. 246 Weisbaum, Carol Dee _ 194 Weissman, Stanley Jack 286 Wekerle, Jurgen Adolph 286 Welborn, Frances L 198 Welch, James Craig 224 Wells, John Marion, Jr. 212 Welsch, Patricia Anne .. 198, 211 Welshinger, Linda C. .. 188, 189 Wentz, Charles . ... 296 Wenz, Henry Adolf 236 Werner, Sandra Kay 186 Werner, Linda Gertrude 186, 329 Werner, Warren Jay 234 Wesson, Edward Barry 246 Wesson, Michael David 150, 151, 286 West, David Alan 156, 159 West, Ray Blesi 212 West, Thomas Milton ... ... 216 Westmark, Frank E., Jr 242, 329 Whalen, Robert S., Jr. 240 Whan, Alexander Robert ... .. .. 230 Wheeler, Cynthia Anne _ 192 Whidden, Diana Kay .. 182 Whigham, Marshall W., Jr 286 White, David Philip _ 316 White, Paul Edward 106 White, Thomas James 159 Whitehead, John Allen 172 Whiteman, Donald R. .. 232 Whitfield, Davison H. .. 236 Whiticar, Laura K. 198 Whitley, Edward Jay, Jr. . 159 Whitman, Owen Samuel 212 Whitmire, William King, Jr. _ 252 Whitney, Charles Francis ... 316 Whittaker, David S. 286 Whitten, Harold Wayne 255 Wicklander, Rodney K 252, 316 Widelitz, Sara Pearl 194 Wigginton, James Ronald .. 333 Wilcox, Jimmy Dan 342 Wilder, Harry M., Jr. 130, 216, 329 Wilder, Jacquelyn 53 Wilhelm, Jane Annette 182 Wilhelm, William Whitfield 218 Wilkerson, Frederick M. 316 Wilkins, Constance Lee 188 Willcox, Dorothy Lee 196, 306 Willett, Patricia Ann 200 Williams, Barbara E. 190 Williams, Carole Ann 152, 198 Williams, Christopher 226 366 Williams, Everet Maule 316 Williams, Forrest E. _ 329 Williams, Frederick Lee 146 Williams, Glynn Bryce 306 Williams, James Hermon .... 226, 316, 319 Williams, Linda Sue 89 Williams, Patricia Ann 163, 182 Williams, Randall C 228 Williams, Susan M 338 Williamson, Richard M. 222 Williamson, Robert G., Ill 212 Williamson, Roy Melvin 240 Willingham, Howell W. 249, 269 Willis, Mary Melinda 182 Willis, Thomas Wendell 216, 286 Willits, David Glair 216 Wills, Bambi Mary 192 Wills, Louise Annette 286 Wilson, Carol Virginia 192 Wilson, Frank Houston 220, 329 Wilson, Hugh H., Jr. 224 Wilson, Jacquelyn E. 198 Wilson, Joe Hardin 220 Wilson, Martha Frances 180 Wilson, Nancy Sue 196 Wilson, Patricia Ann 338 Wilson, Richard Henry 253 Winchester, Richard B. 236, 274 Winkler, Judith Anne 286 Winn, Roberta Maxine 194 Winn, William Myles 342 Winter, Pamela V. 200 Wintz, Charles Richard 250 Wishnatzki, Elinor M. 194 Wisner, Sandra Avis 306 STUDENT INDEX Witmer, Richard E. 287 Witt, James Oliver __ _ 220 Witte, William Raymond 242 Woehr, William Albert _ 250 Wolf, Peter Steven ..... 251 Wolfe, James Leonard 286 Wolfe, Robert Warren 286 Wolfe, William Shirlin 270 Wolff, Phillip Alan 246 Wolfman, Henry 269 Wolking, Marian B 200 Wolz, Michael Edward 232 Womble, Jimmie Lee 316, 319, 320 Wood, Edgar Leland 316 Wood, Joann 188 Wood, Shirley Diane 286 Woodall, James William 316, 249 Woodard, Joseph Lamar 333 Woodbery, John Edward 218 Woodburn, Ronald L. 216 Woods, Thomas Leroy 329 Woodward, Dana L. 183 Woodward, Robert Louis 222, 274 Woolf, Ashby Morefield 319 Wooley, James Albert 218 Worley, Emily Elizabeth 186 Wright, Glenn Gerardo 248 Wright, Robert Edward 212 Wullschleger, Arthur J. 228 Wyman, Frederick Nobel 216 Wyman, Ronald Michael 251 Yamamura, Robert Akira 316, 319 Yates, Henry Clinton 210 Yaxley, Wilbur Thomas 316, 317 Yazdi, M. Javad 316 Yelton, Emery Jay 297 Yerry, Jean Covell 286 Yon, David Peyton, Jr. 236 Young, Elizabeth Susan 152 Young, Frank Raymond 274 Young, John Earle 149 Young, Leslie Ann 196 Young, Lillian L. Chan 317 Young, Roberta Ann 186 Young, Sheila Wendy 194 Young, Stephen Wade 232, 316 Young, William Ronald 316 Yow, Judith Laverne 182 Yusko, Adelia Jane 186 Zachem, David Jonathan 244 Zahrly, Jack Harry 319 Zalesky, James William 240 Zalldn, Stephen Arnold 234 Zambito, Joseph P., Jr. 216 Zaro, Michele Joy 364 Zeiler, Jean Elizabeth 182 Zelnik, Robert Allen 316, 319 Ziegler, Stuart Harvey 146 Zimmer, Carol Anne 163, 182 Zimmer, Donald Frank 224 Zimmerman, Bernard Jonathan 255 Zimmerman, David Carl 232 Zinober, Peter Wolfson 53, 246 Zmistowski, Faith Ona 152 Zorian, Jon Paul 224 Zorn, Samuel 209 Zuckerman, Barbara Ann 184 Zukoski, Richard Thomas _ .. 230 367 LOOKING BACK a year of progress Bob Kent, Editor The 1962 Seminole staff labored long and hard to produce something different at Florida in a yearbook one that you would be proud to show to your friends and associates. Perhaps the style and content were not as different as we had hoped, but the book itself is one that is clearly different from past Seminoles. This accomplishment was under circumstances which were at times very good and at times very poor. The Board of Student Publications, awakening to the fact that publications were too big for them alone to attempt to handle, hired an Executive Secretary to handle the financial affairs of all publications. The help he has been to the Seminole has been wonder- ful, but there remains a feeling among most publications that this help may become more than financial in time. Many thanks go to Bill Bowling, Editorial Assistant and Greek and Copy Editor; Barbara Geyer, Managing Editor; Sam Johnston, veter- an Seminole photographer; and all staffers who stayed with the book with interest until it went to press. The 1962 Seminole was printed in Tallahassee, Florida, by Rose Printing Company. Engrav- ings were by Southern Photo Process Engrav- ing Company of Atlanta. Particular thanks to Ted Kiper of Rose and Doris Leeper and Holly Bivins of Southern Photo. The Seminole was printed on 80 Ib. Applet on Polychrome Dull stock. Body copy is set in 12 14 Caledonia except in special cases where other sizes of Caledonia were used. Captions are set in 10 pt. Caledonia Italic, with senior information and small type set in 8 pt. Caslon Old Style. Display heads (except for Greek section ) are set in 48 pt. Tempo Medium and normal page heads are 36 pt. Tempo Bold. Subheads ( except for Greek section ) are set in 18 pt. Garamond Italic. Heads in the Greek section are 24 pt. Tempo Bold, while subheads are 24 pt. Garamond Italic. We hope you enjoy this yearbook; the first, we hope, of a new era of Seminole ' s at Florida. 1962 SEMINOLE STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Bob Kent. MANAGING EDITOR: Barbara Geyer. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT: Bill Dowling. BUSINESS MANAGER: Judi Andersen. Assistants: Sharon Smith, Paula Craig. COPY EDITOR: Bill Dowling. PHOTOGRAPHY COORDINATOR: Dave Champion. CAMPUS LIFE EDITOR: Sandi Goedert. Assistant: Terry Douglas. UNIVERSITY LIFE EDITOR: Sandi Goedert. ACADEMIC LIFE EDITOR: Joan Harris. CULTURAL LIFE EDITOR: Linda Baskind. RELIGIOUS LIFE EDITOR: Pam L ' Hommedieu. SOCIAL LIFE EDITOR: Joan Harris. ROYALTY EDITOR: Paula Craig. HONORARIES EDITOR: Don Gammon. Assistant: Fran Warren. SPORTS EDITOR: George Solomon. ACTIVITIES EDITOR: Lynn Madison and Faye Corbeille. Assistants: Micki Zarro, Ginny Simms. GREEKS EDITOR AND FRATERNITY EDITOR: Bill Dowling. SORORITY EDITOR: Pep Michie. ADMINISTRATION AND SENIORS EDITOR: Nancy Hooter. Assistants: Allison Barber, Allison Harlan, Dee Shinn, Marcia Jones, Betsy Lee, Audrey Bahr, Flossie Covington. INDEX EDITOR: Lee Sharpe. SALES PROMOTION: Gary Peacock, Gary Burke. PHOTOGRAPHER: Sam Johnston. Assistants: David Lang, Phil Krug. SPECIAL PICTURE CREDITS -Color Photography: Sam Johnston. SENIOR AND GREEK PORTRAITS: Rappoport Studios, New York City. SPECIAL PIC- TURE CREDIT: Ralph J. Sneeringer of University Photo Lab, and Mr. Allen Skaggs of the University News Bureau I t.

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