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University of Florida A.WCH VES George A. Smothers Libraries 1961 SEM I NOLE university of florida, gainesville, florida volume 51 editors Roger E. LaVoie Bonnie Butler business manager Larry Turner literary editors Gary Peacock Bob Kent photographer Sam Johnston 1961 SEM I N table of contents administration . . . . 10 campus 30 student life 50 features 134 activities 162 fine arts 190 sports 210 greeks 262 organizations . . . 346 seniors 374 index 437 OLE PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA COMPLACENCY UNI)1 ' .11))3) AT11:NTION 4 foreword THE 1961 SEMINOLE is clearly different from the traditional yearbook, for within this book there lies a new concept. Thisbook has more than just an unusual rep- resentation of a huge university, or large amounts of pictures arranged in a pat- tern that is pleasing to the eye. The 1961 Seminole is a book with a purpose, and that purpose is to place before your eyes a non-materialistic existence the personality of the University of Florida. This yearbook will depict the personality and individuality that exists within the entire mass of students, administration, faculty, buildings, lawns and even shrubbery that are a part of the University of Florida. This personality is proud, familiar, defiant, non-exhaustive, and outstanding. The great expense involved in the production of the Seminole, both in time and energy, will show not only to its students, but to all who open its pages, the scope of a magnificent school. It will give to all a glimpse of the unlimited con- tributions that the University has made to this state and to the nation. Through the educational processes of the University, giving knowledge to thousands of individuals for over a century, this University has prove n itself worthy of a personality. The story of this personality is small and large, exciting and relaxing, current and perpetual. The 1961 Seminole was created to exhibit that personality. dedication to the wonderful world of florida " " " tzt..% F St.% t F. of FLosto. . a state of many pe.iple. different people ... the state characterized by its people... a New York tourist smokes a big black cigar at a Mi- ami Beach Hotel ... an old man reads an out-of-state paper on a green bench in St. Pe- tersburg ... an eight-year-old boy picks an orange in a grove near Orlando ... a work- er rolls a cigar in a Tampa factory ...a college student walks across a crowded street in Fort Lauderdale during Easter vacation ...a honeymooning couple builds a sand castle on Panama City Beach office worker enters the Capitol in Tallahassee ... a young girl skis for onlookers at Cypress Gardens ... a farm laborer picks a bright green leaf of tobacco at Quincy ... a scientist studies data at Cape Canaveral ... a Navy Pilot glides into the Naval Air Station at Jacksonville ... speeding drivers round the oval at Daytona Beach ... a nurseryman cares for his plants at Apopka ... a retired couple surveys their new home near Fort Myers ... and a new-born baby cries to let Pensacola and the state know of a new citizen. unbelievable growth DURING THE PAST TEN YEARS, Florida grew more than any other state. The population in- crease was due mainly to the industrialization of the state as Florida became host to many space age projects. Another group which helped Florida ' s population rise were the re- tired persons who came to relax in the Florida sun ... in business, industry, tourism, and agriculture... As nit POPULATION INCREASES, the number of jobs as well as the overall in- come increases ... New business continually opens in Florida ... some appeal to tourists, others to residents... the roadside stands on the major highways attract many tourists to buy their orange juice and souvenirs ... a major railroad com- pany chooses Florida for its new headquarters ... com- panies begin a move to Florida to enjoy the climatic busi- ness conditions ... and agriculturists work year-round to improve the state ' s crops. higher education... As THE STATE GROWS, so must higher education grow ... citi- zens of Florida must be educated in the best possible manner ... and the children of the present citizens must be assured of education in the future. the university of florida FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS, the University of Florida has served its citizens. The University has grown into the largest state uni- versity in the South ... the University of Florida will continue to be a great uni- versity for a great state. administration Governor Farris Bryant President J. Wayne Reitz President ' s Aids Administrative Deans Directors General Extension Division Agricultural Extension Service a EXPERIMENTATION THE VICE-PRESIDENT SPEAKS PRESIDENT ATTENDS BANCR V t REGISTRARS OPPICE IN ACTION COACHES WATCH ANXIOUSLY serving the student body ADVISING PILES. PILLS% A HELPING HAND ORGANIZED CONK 510N PRINTING SI " " " and the state P1101GORAPI: V ADMINISTRATIVE LIGHTS LIFESAVING LOANS 13 governor farris bryant SECRETARY OP STATE TOM ADAMS. GOVERNOR PARRIS BRYANT. ATTORNEY OENERAL RICHARD w. ERVIN. TREASURER J. EDWIN LARSON. AND SUPERINTENDENT OP PUBLIC INSTRUCTION THOMAS D. BAILEY-MEMBERS OF THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION board of education UNDER THE LEADERSHIP of the Governor and containing four members of his cabinet, this board is concerned with all stages of state education from kindergarten to univer- sities. It is the body which approves recommendations or nominations presented by the Board of Control con- cerning state university activities, and also sets standards for and accredits teachers as well as schools on all grade levels. As the legal holder of all educational institutions, the Board of Education proves an example of outstanding state government. board of control PERTAINING TO ALL students, the Board of Control is composed of seven outstanding business and professional men, appointed by the Governor, from seven different counties, excluding those in which there is a state univer- sity. It is concerned with matters of importance to all state universities, and especially with presenting a real- istic financial picture to the state legislature. On academic affairs it recommends forming or naming of new universities, such as the University of South Flor- ida in Tampa, and also nominates deans of newly organ- ized colleges within these institutions to be approved by the Board of Education. MEMBERS OP THE BOARD BROWARD CUL- PEPPER. J. J. DANIEL. AND JAMES J. LOVE. DISCUSS UNIVERSITY PROBLEMS. NOT PIC- TURED ARR JOE K. HAYS. DR. RALPH L. MILLER. S. KENDRICK GUERNSEY. AND PRANK M. BUCHANAN dr. j. wayne reitz president of the university it " " " -0- Trim sr-mar 11" 111111111111111 NIN rum ssHrvnnsetee .ortivrinsomnt 11IF: PRESIDENTS HOME A WARM SMILE AROUND THE PIANO PLEASANT CONVERSATION THE REITZ FAMILY-MRS. REITZ. MARCO. MARJORIE. AND DR. REITZ POArvvAING A QUIET DEVOTION toward the Uni versity and those who are related to it, Dr. J. Wayne Reitz serves the state as the president of its most outstanding educational institution. Friend of many, a man loved and respected by all who come in contact with him, President Reitz has proven his leadership abilities by improving, advancing, and perpetuating the University of Florida. As a recipient of BS, MS, PhD, and LLD degrees from outstanding universities and colleges throughout the United States, Dr. Reitz ' s qualifications are tioned. Previously serving the University as its Provost of Agriculture the President is also a civic and church leader. A man of action President J. Wayne Reitz. 17 vice president ALMOST INNUMERABLE RESPONSIBILITIES are placed upon the shoulders of Dr. Philpott, only to be carried with a willing smile and a never ending strength. Well known and re- spected by the entire student body, Vice President Philpott has given many talks to the student body and the citizens of the state of Florida. Priding himself in the rather different art of cooking, the Vice President boasts of many a dish that would be pleasing to the taste of anyone. As an ordained Baptist minister, Dr. Philpott has a definite insight into the solving of University and student problems. At 10 I rico - dot " 4- , THE PRILPO1T FAMILY CONVERSING DR l ' ATECIT PAItVIN administrative assistant A Max OF GREAT INTEGRITY and strength, seldom seen and little known by the student body as a whole is Dr. Fayette Parvin, assistant to President J. Wayne Reitz. Dealing to a great extent with the public relations of the University, Dr. Parvin spends a great deal of his time speak- ing to various groups around the state. Also faced with numerous duties directly pertaining to the President, Dr. Parvin does indeed contribute a great amount to the Uni- versity of Florida, and the State of Florida. administrative deans am. a. im maIN rot. 1.11 ME LESTER L. HALE. DEAN OP STUDENT AFFAIRS MARNA V. BRADY, DEAN OP WOMEN A READY SMILE, a willing hand, the man of Christ- mas Carol fame, an extraordinary speaker, bow ties, flashy vests Dean Lester Hale. A man of prominence, no matter what the occasion, Dean Hale has a definite insight into the problems of a huge university. As Dean of Student Affairs, he works tirelessly toward the betterment of the University and its students. PRANK T. ADAMS. DEAN OP MEN CONSIDERED WONDERFUL by hundreds and thousands of Florida women. A warm smile, an understanding twinkle in her eye, respected for her abilities in women ' s affairs, always willing to be of assistance to feminine quarters of the student body, a kind and gentle leader with a sometimes needed " iron hand " Dean Marna V. Brady. 19 ' at DEAN FRANK ADAMS, responsible for the men in the student body. Always a ready answer no mat- ter what the problem, advisor to campus leaders, conversationalist supreme, a liberal conservative, Dean Adams proves a responsible friend to the future " Florida Man. " assistant deans HAVES K. MCCLKLLAND. ASSISTANT DEAN OP MEN EVELYN SELLERS. ASSISTANT DEAN OP WOMEN WILLIAM 0. CROSS. ADVISOR TO PRATERNMES ADVISOR AND FRIEND to thousands of students both personally and through participation in committees and student activities, the assistant deans provide a personality so needed with student problems. Always willing to give a helpful hand no matter what the situa- tion, these members of the administration are continually faced with almost insurmountable problems. Even though faced with a new face, personality, and person every hour of the day, they meet each person with an open hand and a friendly smile. 20 INFORMATION! MAKING A LOAN- SOLVING A PROBLEM the rooms of " magic " AN ASTOUNDING AMOUNT of problems are solved within the walls of the Deans of Student Affairs, Men ' s and Women ' s offices. Each day literally hundreds of students enter the doors of rooms 123-134 for a multitude of rea- sons and all are met with the same understanding and help. Continuous activities of deans, secretaries and stu- dents formulate such a complexity of action that only a veteran student or administrator could understand when and how anything is accomplished but it is. Questions, problems, misunderstandings, rewards and punishments all a part of the every-day life of the men and women who occupy the offices of this section of Tigert Hall. In continuous contact with the student body and its leaders, these are truly the rooms of " magic. " SITTING. WAITING. AND HOPING CROWDS 21 university deans Dutztrixc AND SUPERVISING their individual college or faction of the University, these men play an extremely important role in university life. The entire organization of the University of Florida could easily be placed within the borders of the men that appear on these few pages. Responsible for hundreds and thousands of students, di- rectly and also through participation in numerous com- mittees whose duties are large and small, these deans fulfill a function of organization imperative to the proper running of a university of Florida ' s size. WINSTON WOODARD LITTLE. DEAN OP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE R. S. JOHNSON. REGISTRAR WILLARD M. PIPIELD. PROVOST OP AGRICULTURE RUSSEL 8. POOR. PROVOST OF HEALTH CENTER 23 ROBERT 13. MAUTZ. DEAN OP ACADEMIC APPAIRS C. M. KAUFMAN. DIRECTOR OP FORESTRY DARNEL J. MASK DEAN OF HEALTH AND RELATED SERVICES L. IL PUNTER. DEAN OP THE RADIUM SCHOOL SHE tS PERCY M. BEARD. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OP ATHLETICS athletic department REGULATING UNIVERSITY Anturrics, this department is respon- sible for all inter-collegiate sports. The programs of the various different sports activities are outlined and followed through by the Athletic Department. The University with its overall philosophy of producing the " Florida Man " depends largely upon this division to complete the diversification that is necessary for a well-rounded education. COLONEL EVERETT At YON. DIRECTOR OF GATOR TOMBALL BOOSTERS JIMMY OAY. DIRECTOR OP SPORTS PUBLICITY business office RESPONSIBLE FOR MILLIONS of dollars each year, the busine ss offices of the University strive to not only manage all ness, but to allow for the steady improvements necessary for the University to continue its service to the state of Florida. Organized into the four basic divisions that pictured direc- tors represent, the business office is responsible for the Student Service Center, the University Bank, and many other related factions of the University. CALVIN C. REESE. JR.. DIRECTOR OP PLANTS AND GROUNDS TOM WELLS. DIRECTOR OP PURCHASING BURTON AMES. DIRECTOR OF EMPLOYEE PERSONNEL SERVICE JULIAN IT DAVIS. DIRECTOR OP FINANCE AND ACCOUNTINO ELLIS JONES. BUSINESS MANAGER OP THE UNIVER:i !I ' ,JAM ELMORF ASSOCIA1 lIt ' ,UNESS MANAGER alumni and related affairs THOUSANDS OF LETTERS, pamphlets, and other tive material are put out each day by the Alumni Affairs office. Called upon for innumerable tasks for both univer- sity personnel and alumni, the Alumni Affairs staff keeps up-to-date with all University and alumni activities. As a means of communication, the University News Bu- reau corresponds with all state newspapers and magazines concerning university and individual student activities, and publishes the " Florida Alumnus. " The Florida Union, home of all student activities, pro- vides services to student and faculty organizations, and houses many conventions and large meetings that concern a variety of things relating to the University. LELAND W. HIATT. DIRECTOR OP ALUMNI AFFAIRS HILL 1(105. DIRECTOR OP IIIE FWRIDA UNION ALLEN SKAGGS DIRECTOR OP NEWS BUREAU BILL FLEMING. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OP ALUMNI AFFAIRS 26 THE GENERAL EXTENSION DIVISION, a combined state and University agency, literally extends the faculty and facilities of our school to all those Floridians who cannot be resident students in Gainesville. Thus the University is made a truly statewide institution serving the needs of all Florida. Serving thousands each year in various capacities such as public service training, business courses, workshops, and citizenship training courses for aliens, the General Extension Division is versatile. Florida Film Classics League and their lending library, boast many circula- tion filmstrips and films another part of the many activities that the Division produces and sponsors. BERT C. RILEY. DEAN OF GENERAL EXTENSION DIVISION general extension division BY USE OF AN ELECTRON ACCELERATOR STUDY OF FLORIDA ' S FORESTS IS ONE OF THE MANY SNORT COURSES OFFERED THROUGH THE DIVISION THE 11Th ANNUAL SHORT COURSE FOR GENERAL SANITARIANS 27 1:Q'RCHOOL Ot TEES-A0ERS ARRIVE FOlt1111. AENCAL FLORIDA YOUTH WORleillOP - President J. Wayne Rens, and Dr. M. 0. Watkins. Agriculture Extension Service Director. ON THREE LEVELS County, State and Federal makes possible Agricultural Extension ' s many educational activities. Supplying the state with its needed technological help in the field of agriculture, the Agricultural Extension Service covers the state with county agricultural agents, home demonstration agents, and local representatives of the Service. A facet of the University that, although little known by its students, plays an important role within the University and the state. Offering educational assistance in the form of direction or through its many publications, the Agricultural Extension Service has made outstanding contributions to the state and nation through its advancement in the field of agriculture. AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE HOME DEMONSTRATION AGENT COUNTY AGENT Marksmanship and safety are learned at the Agriculture Service ' s Wildlife Camp. Florida Agricultural Extension Service Florida Youths arc taught soil and fold Judging skill,. 4" H boy, are educated in electric welding techniques. CAMPUS The Familiar The New and Unfamiliar A New View, Abstraction Haunts People on Campus Religious Centers The older, quieter, more convenient upperclassmen ' s dorms, quickly being filled with freshmen. It is days like this that make many people question why they bothered to wake up. There are some who take advantage of nature ' s whims and soak up the beauty of the freshly-bathed campus. rt THE STUDENT BANK. REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE. DIVISION OP HOUSING. STUDENT PERSONNEL. LONO LINES. AND IBM CARDS -ALL PART OP BUSY TIOERT HALL the familiar THE FAMILIAR...a recall of the day-in, day-out world of the University . . . the Ad building, new Tigert Hall ... the entrance signs . . . those old, outmoded, and crowded buildings...the umbrella-dotted campus during the rainy season...the rain, rain, rain, and more rain without umbrellas . . . the dorms with rooms built for two occupied by three ... the familiar campus of our University. UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM AND THE RARELY NOTICED BEAUTY OP ITS ARCHITECTURE IS A LANDMARK IN THE UNIVERSITY ' S HISTORY. A TYPICAL SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN HOLDINO HIS COMPOSURE ON AN ALSO TYPICAL RAINY DAY. FOR SOME THIS IS THE ENTRANCL TO WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: FOR OTHERS. THE BEOINNINO OF A NEW LIFE 4 WITH ITS CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT. FLORIDA ' S MEDICAL CENTER 18 RECOGNIZED AS A LEADER IN ITS FIELD. THE EVER-CHANOINO FACE OP THE CAMPUS 18 CHARACTERIZED BY NEW PLANS AND CONSTRUCTION. the new and unfamiliar THE FLORIDA CAMPUS IS HOST TO MANY NEWLY CON- sTRUCTED BUILDINGS. ONE OP THEM BEING THE MEDICAL CENTER. THE NEW AND UNFAMILIAR... over the summer, and seemingly overnight, the campus changes... the new expansion...the dorm areas spreading... the new buildings to serve the increasing number of students...the almost new physics building and the new atomic reactor to accommodate the growing number of scientists...the unnoticed bits of our campus, somehow passed over in the rush to classes, the scramble to get somewhere else...the unde- tected and unseen ... the intricacies of Gothic archi- tecture and simplicities of the modern...and old face surveying much that is new...stone flowers and grotesque embellishments...a campus filled with the sounds and equipment of change. CONSTRUCTION, CONSTRUCTION. CONSTRUCTION AND STILL TILE DORMS ARE CROWDED. " _ -- " ,ratt. ' .4;.221141111110 %0? 34 PARALLELING THE RAPID GROWTH or THE STATE 8 POPULATION IS THE BUILDING OF NEW DORMS TO ACCOMMODATE THE INCREASING NUMBER OP STUDENTS, . FY HALL. ONE OF MORE MODERN ON CAMPUS. THESE EYES HAVE GE-SERVED MUCH PROORESS SINCE THE AU" DITORIUM WAS BUILT. THE ORNATE ARCHITECTURE OF THE UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM ()P.m REMAINS UNNOTICED DURING THE BUSY PULSE OF THE CAMPUS. AT TWILIGHT. THE UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM LOOKS LIKE A HAUNTED MEDIEVAL LIGHT BURSTS BRIGHTLY A FAMILIAR SATURDAY AFTERNOON VIEW FOR STUDENTS WHO TAKE TIME TO LOOK tie A NEW VIEW FROM THE CENTURY TOWER SHOWS BROWARD AND RAWLINGS AT CURFEW TIME A BLACK ROAD WINDS AROUND TWO POOLS OF GRASS CARS AND STATIONARY LAMP Mils Ac THE CORNER OF UNIVERSITY AVENUE AND THIRTEENTH STREET UNUSUAL VIEWS A STAIRWELL A FLOWER A BIKE ABSTRACTION . . . a new view ... scarcely recognizable, hardly familiar, and just barely perceivable ... the camera twisting the usual scene into some- thing very different ... an unexpected way of seeing the ordinary ... a world of blurs and half-understood objects ... complications and simplic- ity... speed, motion, and action portrayed in print ... vagueness ... con- fusion and a sudden clearness ... patterns produced by texture, by con- struction, by lights and darks, and the eye of the photographer ... strange silhouettes ... with and without apparent meaning. THIS PIGEON SEEMS TO PEEL HZ OWNS THE cAmpus. BICYCLISTS OFTEN PAY NO ATTENTION TO PEDESTRIANS. : : " AN UPSHOT OP A HEM ESCAPE. A STUDY OP LINES AND TEXTURES. . . tIL ' ill AN UNUSUAL SIGHT A CLASSROOM H ALL WITHOUT STUDENTS. A 0110sTLIKE IMAGE GUARDS A FRATERNITY DOORWAY. 38 ... abstraction IN ABSTRACTION, the campus changes ... a bicycle is reduced to a maze of wires; a stairway is a confusing path; Florida ' s greenery is reduced to one spray of flowers ... a hazy, shift- ing picture complicated by mood ... sunlight, shadows, mys- terious things combining and blending to give a new idea ... the minutest design the largest generality ...the distinct the foggiest ... the concrete brought to an abstraction ... a lookout from a different vantage point ... people reduced to a fuzzy mass ... buildings changed to complex creations, subject to the whims of man and nature ... fragments of the ordinary juxtaposed to create an unusual design ...designs created by combinations of bricks, steel, and light ... pic- tures both impressionistic and expressionistic as well as abstract ... are in photography, and in the eye of the viewer ... the fixtures of the campus become mystifying. A VIEW FROM THE TOWER SIDEWALKS. BY DIMON OR TRADITION. FORM AN ARTISTIC PATTERN WHEN VIEWED FROM THE CENTURY TOWER. A BLURRY PICTURE PERHAPS REPRESENTS THE MINDS OP STUDENTS AT PROGRESS TESTS. LIGHT STEPS THROI 011 THE TOWER STAIRS OF TIIF: 01171-N WHO SAYS THEY DON ' T DRINK COKES AT OATORLAND I haunts HAUNTS... centers for spare-time migrations for the Florida stu- dent ... the library for study and socializing ... the library stacks, where students may roam through overwhelming rows of books ... the Hub, to buy anything from a stamp to shower shoes, to catch a quick lunch, to see and talk to everyone else ... the off- campus focal points of activity ... the Coed Club ... the Florida Union, center for activities, publications, student government, meetings, and committees ... the stadium, especially during foot- ball season ... Broward, social center, extra busy during the first few weeks ... places to go and people to see there. 40 F X TIME 0012) COAST TED ' S PALACE COFFEE DATES. COFFEE DATES . AND MORE COFFEE DATES TALL DRAFT er-41141114s. salessarrirIPPIMPI! 4 I- 1.0 I D. BROWARD PORCH ALWAYS A CROWD, ALWAYS QUIET, ALWAYS STUDYING GOOD NIGHT KISSES AT RAWLINGs 42 PEOPLE ON CAMPUS ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TO CLASS WITHOUT MEETING ONE FAMILIAR FACE-AND THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR A CHAT. AN OUTDOOR STUDIO AFFORDS NEW VIEWS AND A PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE FOR THE ART STUDENTS. CHEERING THE SIGMA NUB ON THE INTRAMURAL ORIDIRON. people on campus PEOPLE ON CAMPUS ... our fellow students, our cohorts in learning ... the staff serving us ... people from other towns, other states, and other countries ... the variation of human experience in a multitude of settings ... others, others, others ... and finally solitude and silence ... studying alone ... the everpresent togetherness in jammed places ... the tude and accompanying sounds ... the chatter of girls during a study break ... the companionship of a couple at last alone ... the varied faces of this campus ... the campus designed to meet the needs of a student body as complex as the members of any cosmopolitan city, as diversified as the many styles of architecture, as varied as the courses offered to serve many needs ... doctors, lawyers, merchant chiefs fitted for their professions by the facilities of the University ... people ing the seasons as the campus changes ... the lackadaisical air of spring bringing pranks and poor study habits; the nip of a late fall wind and the rush to shelter; the frosts and chill of winter and the misery of a January 7:40, when the buildings are shrouded by night ... Florida blue skies and rainbow sets providing an ethereal setting for prosaic activities ... people rushing to classes and the bookstore and meetings and the myriad of other places worth rushing to on this campus. 43 NOT THE LIBRARY. BUT A 000D PLACE FOR LAST MINUTE STUDYING. BUT LOOK. GUYS. YOU ' LL ONLY HAVE TO HELP ME THIS ONCEI WITH A FRIENDLY WAVE AND ONE MORE COKE. ANOTHER STUDY" BREAK SESSION BEGINS. A CAMPUS FILLED with people ... an opportunity to learn the ways of others... people seen in relation to a structure built long ago and continuing after them ... the insignificance and importance of one on a campus of many ... fraternity and sorority life a set- ting for many of the students ... intramurals, involv- ing many groups ... people that are a part of the University through the work they do... the students that find time to show enthusiasm at a pep-rally ... the many players on a sometimes crowded but often lonely stage... the brighter side of human activities on this campus crowds at basketball games. Home- coming, concerts, plays, Frolics, and visiting lecturers ... a flow of people through the campus... and the everpresent setting for the variation of the multi- personality of the student body the campus. TAKING TIME OUT PROM A BUSY DAY. A BICYCLE ' S NOT BUILT FOR THREE. AND DISCUSSIONS OF THE WORLDS FATE MUST BE HELD ELSEWHERE. to to a ftj THERE MAY HE ONLY TEN M1NU7 EA HE. TWEEN CLASSICS. HUT THERE S ENOUGH TIME Volt SOCIALIZINO LUNCH ON THE AD BUILDING STEPS r r, STUDYING AIDS VARY FOR EVERYONE SOMETIMES AN EXTRA CHAIR HELPS. ik " " A COUPLE RELAX AND ENJOY PEACE. COMPANIONSHIP AND THE BEAUTY OF THE 45 HILLEL WIPERS ITS MEMBERS MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR MORAL OUIDANCE AND WORSHIP. ginalicak THE HILLEL FOUNDATION FOR JEWISH STUDENTS IS BUILT AROUND AN OUTSIDE COURT. religious centers ' Go 11.:UNOON EMPTINE, OF CANTERBURY CHAPEL IS SOON TO BE FILLED BY EVENING WORSHIPPERS. THE IMPRESSIVE NEW CATHOLIC CENTER STANDS QUIETLY AWAITING THOSE WHO WISH TO WORSHIP THERE. AMID THE SHADOWS OP THE SURROUNDING TREES IS CANTERBURY HOUSE. A PLACE OF WORSHIP FOR THOSE OF THE EPISCOPAL FAITH. PENS A WONDERFUL SETTING FOR RECREATION ve AND PRAYER. A QUIET SETTINO FOR TEMPLATION AND WORSHIP IS PROVIDED BY THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. CENTRALLY LOCATED ACROSS PROM CAMPUS IS THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION..smuty RZCOONIZ ED BY THE CHURCH OF CHRIST OFFERS RELIGIOUS TRAINING IMPORTANT IN THE MOULDING OF ONES CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY. THE LUTHERAN STUDENT CENTER HAS FOR MANY YEARS PRO- VIDED A PLACE OF WORSHIP. RECREATION, AND STUDY FOR STUDENTS. s- ee - WHITE PILI ARS ADD THE TRADITIONAL TOUCH TO THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. THE SIMPLICITY OF THE LUTHERAN STUDENT CENTER PROVIDES A BACKOROUND CONDUCIVE TO PRAYER. RELIGIOUS GUIDANCE AND THOUOHT-PROVOKINO IDEAS ARE A PART OF THE PRO- GRAM OFFERED BY THE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH. LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN GAINESVILLE IS THE UNIQUELY DESIGNED FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Known for its beautiful design, the Presbyterian Student Center Is " place of worship for many Florida students. The cross and open Bible quietly calling those of the Presbyterian faith to worship. The Interior of the Wesley Foundation with its high ceiling and large cross welcome students for worship and prayer. 111HE RELIGIOUS CENTERS . J. breaching the gap between home and college . . . a focus for reverence, church work, service, training, and character devel- opment .. . intramurals, dinners, dances, parties, get-to-gethers . . . the convenience of a religious center so near campus ... a sanctuary for contemplation away from the hub-bub of the University . . . a spot to celebrate religious holidays, and to reinforce the beliefs of one ' s faith . . . a place to recall familiar rituals and seek an adult faith . . . the counseling and guidance available . . . the beautiful new buildings with a reliiiious tone . . . introspection and a world view in the light of a religious creed . . . gothic architecture and Danish modern ... chants, litanies, masses, Church rituals and observances . . . altars em- bodying the feelings of the young toward an old tradition . . . the summation of the spiritual side of the campus. t A beautiful sight around campus is the suspended mom and the modern ' -sign of the Wesley Foundation. STUDENT LIFE Spring Summer Fall Homecoming Unseen Student Life FACES AND PERSONALITIES Li MORE THAN 13,000 student numbers belong to students enrolled at the University. Yet, a look at the life of any student will show that he is much more than a number. Studying at the library, participating in activities at the Union, dancing during Frolics at the gym, cheering for the Gators on Florida Field all of these things make the University more than just another college, and each student more than just another student number. " IRE SPEECH DEDICATINCI THE ATOMIC REACTOR CONTROL BOARD MEMBER J. J. DANIELS. GOVERNOR COLLINS. AND PRESIDENT REITZ AT IIIE DEDICATION spring semester begins with growth THOUGHTS OF STUDENTS during the spring semester are took their place on campus. The most noteworthy of toward better study habits and preventing " getting be- which is the new atomic reactor on campus. hind. " As the new semester started, many new things Co: I INS AND ann. STATE. LEADERS 54 the atomic reactor OP FLORIDA was proud and enriched bruary last spring when a nuclear icated for training students and do- th at Florida. Present at the dedica- -nor Collins, members of the Board Dr. W. H. Zinn, president of the Corporation. A generous gov- helped Florida put to practical use the modern world of science. THE UNIVERSITY on a day in Fe reactor was ded ing basic rescan lion were Covet of Control and Nuclear Engine4 ernment grant this example of NUCLEAR PHYSICS BUILDING-THE HOME OF THE TRAINING REACTOR 00V. COLLINS. DR. W. A. ZINN. PRES. REITZ AND MR. J. J. DANIELS TALKING IN FRONT OP THE FUEL STORAGE EXHIBIT GOV. COLLINS AND DR. ZINN LOOKING AT TEE COMPLEX CONTROL BOARD UNIVERSITY AND STATE OFFICIALS EXAMINE MORE EQUIPMENT FLORIDA ' S NUCLEAR REACTOR religion-in-life week PANEL DISCUSSIONS HELD STUDENTS ' INTEREST THROUGHOUT THE WEER religion-in-life week ONE or THE Most successful Religion-in-Life Week ' s in re- cent years was headed by Gov. LeRoy Collins and former Conn. Gov. Chester Bowles. During the week more than 200 meetings, ranging from discussion groups at fraternity and sorority houses to the massive convocations in Florida Gym- nasium. One purpose of Religion-in-Life Week is to stimu- late interest in religion and to continue this interest through individual consultations between students and religious advisers. DISCUSSIONS AT FRATERNITY HOUSES WERE A VITAL PART OP THE PROGRAM 00V. LeROY COLLINS WAS SPEAKER DURING THE FINAL CONVOCATION FRAME S. C. NORTHROP, NOTED PHILOSOPHER. WAS A GUEST SPEAKER PROFESSOR JOHN V. WEBB EXPLAINS A TV CAMERA AS HE LEADS A GROUP OF STUDENTS TIIROUOH THE WUFT STUDIOS ALPHA EPSILON RHO. PROFESSIONAL BROADCASTING FRATERNITY SHOWS ITS WARES " N educational tv and the governor ' s race EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION continued to advance at the University as more programs were aired. Operating out of the stadium, WUFT sends programs via micro-wave hook-up to Jacksonville and Ocala. Students who major in broadcasting get practical experience in producing, directing, announcing, and solving technical problems by working with educational television. Two news programs nightly give journalism majors a chance for on the spot experience as WUFT News under the direction of Will Lewis covers the various beats of Gainesville. A state-wide edu- cational network is planned for the future. FIVE GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES CAME TO GAINESVILLE FOR A DEBATE As FLORIDA politicians announced their can- didacy for governor, campus politicians set up headquarters on campus for the aspir- ants. March 4 marked the day when five hopefuls Farris Bryant, Haydon Burns, Ted David and Fred Dickinson debated in Gainesville. Doyle E. Carlton, Jr., unable to attend, spoke over a telephone hookup. By coming to Gainesville, these leaders showed a marked interest in the University. 57 TWO MEDICINE WORKERS DEMONSTRATE THE STERILIZATION THEORY TO SPECTATORS THE VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER CO. PRESENTED A SCALE MODEL OF ITS PLANT engineer ' s fair showed progress THE FIFTEENTH ANNUAL Engineer ' s Fair brought more than 20,000 visitors to the College of Engineering as the future scientists demonstrated their ability. The Elec- trical Engineer ' s " The Big Question " was judged best in the show. The closed door project was supposed to disintegrate a man, transmit him by light ray to the moon, bring him back, and reassemble him. Second place went to the Civil Engineer ' s pre-stressed concrete diving board. A freshman-built model of a satellite took third prize. " Ottomatrix, " the robot, welcomed visitors to the Fair for the ninth year. As in the past, the Engineer ' s Fair demonstrated to the people of the State that Florida was on the move scientifically. THE YOUNOER OENERATION QUICKLY MADE FRIENDS WITH THE ROBOT THE BIG QUESTION? SCIENCE-FICTION WON FIRST PLACE MYSTICS 58 A CLOUD OP SMOKE WAS USED IN THY. TEMPERATURE DISPLAY THE OATHS ' SCIYNC: DISPLAY FEATURED MILK FROM A CARDBOARD COW PROJECT MERCURY BUILT FOR THE AIR FORCE--" IS THE FIRST SIMULATION OF A MANNED SPACE CAPSULE INTO ORBIT THE INSIDE OF A ROCKET WAS INTERESTINO TO ALL SPECTATORS A RIDE ON AN ARTIFICIAL PONY DE.MONSTRATES THE PRINCIPLE. OP THE. PRISTRESSED CONCRETE BEAM THE ATLAS-CENTAUR ROCKET WAS ON DISPLAY varied happenings in the springtime CONSTRUCTION IS ALWAYS A SURE SIGN OP PROGRESS UNLIKE THE UNIVERSITY. ITS MASCOT IS NEVER MOVING " TWILIGHT SERENADE WITH UP CHOIR. OUTSTANDING GOLFER MARLENE SMITH WAS FEAT UR III At A GOLF CLINIC WITHOUT FOOTBALL, the spring semester is characterized by more varied events than the fall. Many special attractions come to the campus Poet John Ciardi, Humorist Will Rogers Jr., and former Sen. Claude Pepper. Many colleges and schools hold celebrations such as Journalism - Broadcasting Week, Business Day, the Engineers Fair, and the Ag Fair. With only one vacation period, the semester seems short to some. With- out football, it seems longer to others. THE FLORIDA PLAYERS PRESENTED OP THE AUGUST MOON " agriculture featured at the fair BONNIE BUTLER IS CROWNED AO PAIR QUEEN CAREER DAY which introduced prospective stu- dents with the College of Agriculture kicked off the 1960 Agricultural Fair. Student, departmental, and commercial exhibits filled the AgriCultural Engineering Building during the weekend. The exhibits demonstrated the importance of agricul- ture to Florida. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FROM HILLSISOROUCilt COUNTY SPONSORED A CITRUS EXHIBIT MANY STUDENTS WATCHED A HEN LAY AN EGO FOR THE FIRST TIME MECHANIZED AORICULTURE WAS ONE OP THE DISPLAYS AT THE PAIR sororities sing sweetly : ' nit JUDGES ' DECISION IN THE SENTIMENTAL DIVISION Arm WHAT seemed like hundreds of hours of practicing. Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Epsilon Phi sororities carried first place trophies for Panhel- lenic Sing back to their houses. The ADPi ' s sung sweet and won the sentimental division while the AEPhrs were tops in the novelty bracket. A P:ANN. kt MI ' D THE AUDIENCE AS THE. JUDOES CHOSE THE. WINNERS AEPHI ' S WON THE. NOVELTY DIVISION 110TH THE SMILE AND TROPHY BEWNO TO ALPHA DELTA PI new cheerleaders selected To LEAD THE GATORS on to victory takes a devoted group of students known as cheerleaders. More than 65 applicants turned out to try for each of the 20 posi- tions available. The cheering squad consisted of 12 regulars and eight alternates. The cheerleaders per- form at all home football and basketball games and pep rallies. 001 001 00! WATCH! I V; A PRESIDENT. AN ADMIRAL AND A QUEEN LEAD THE GRAND MARCH military ball ' FINALISTS WERE ILEPT TO RIGHTe JACKIE SPACHIS, JUDY COLEMAN. DOTTIE STEPHENSON. LUCIENNE PIRENIAN, AND QUEEN KAROLYN BAOO LAST YEAR ' 8 QUEEN. DOT LARSON. CROWNS KAROLYN AS MKS. J. WAYNE. RF.ITZ. FRANK VICKERS. AND FINALISTS LOOK ON MILITARY BALL QUEEN KAROLYN RA00 IN A QUEENLY STANCE 64 more work for the ibm machines THE TWILIGHT BAND CONCERTS PROVED TO BE A 000D EXCUSE TO EXCUSE YOURSELF PROM STUDYING AVOID STRAY MARKS AN ELECTROCRAPHIC PENCIL is almost as important as a textbook at the University of Florida. Without both, it ' s all but impossible to get through the " C " courses. Progress tests seem to come far too often and always at the wrong time. But they seem to be the only way to test with an enrollment as large as the University. AND AFTER THE TEST, A SIGH OP REUEP ALWAYS A RECEPTION politics: a strong tradition at florida UNITED PARTY CANDIDATE BOB PARK IS SURROUNDED nv A GROUP OP HIS SUPPORTERS SION HERE AND BECOME A POLITICIAN POLITICAL PADDLEWHEELS turned and turned during the Spring. Re-aligning and re-shuffling occurred seemingly overnight as fraternities, sororities, and independents switched alliances. The biggest switch came just prior to qualification deadline, but more re-alignment gave the United Party the necessary majority bloc to gain most of the major student body positions. Elected by near- landslides were Pres. Bob Park. Vice Pres. Allan Poole, Secretary-Treasurer Bob Perry. and Honor Court Chan- cellor Gavin O ' Brien. MUCH DISCUSSION ON THE THIRD FLOOR OF THE UNION IS EVIDENT AS DEADLINE NEARS r 1. IP OREEN BOARDS %FERE COVERED WITH POOP FOR THOSE WHO WISHED TO READ IT UNITED DISTRIBUTIONS CHAIRMAN JO HARDIN HANDS OUT POOP TO 00 IN TIM OIRL3 ' DORMS IN THE SPRING, a young man ' s fancy turns to poop or away from it. As the election neared, many reams of political poop appeared on campus. Many students either read it for what it was worth or dazingly willed it to Plants and Grounds. In the end, the candidates with the most votes. not the most poop, won the elections. SOME OIRIS FAILED TO NOTICE Tlf1.: POOP -z UNITED FOR PARK BOYS NOTICED IT. BUT MANY REMAINED APATHETIC TO WHAT IT SAID united party wins THE UNITED PARTY swept all but two student gov- ernment posts in the spring election. Only Legisla- tive Council Candidate Bill Ade and Honor Court Candidate Hank Merrill were victorious against the bloc. United had based its campaign on a promise of service to the student body and stepped into office to continue bold new programs instituted by the Ripley administration. Park ' s victory margin of over 2,500 votes was a near-record in OF political history as over 5,000 students waited in long lines to vote. Last minute tactics of the opposition including a false issue of the Alilgator failed to find sup- port as the United Party marched into office with the support of the much-needed constitutional revisions. LATE AFTERNOON SHADOWS AT THE HUB VOTING BOOTHS SIGNAL THE CLOSING OP THE POLLS OUTGOING PRES. JOE RIPLEY CONORATULATES VICTORIOUS BOB PARK I LOBO LINES AWAITED COED VOTERS IN BROWARD HALL THESE TWO HITCH-HIKERS WANT TO Orr " WHERE. THE BOYS ARE " LC A VOLX8WAOEN BUILT NOR SIX TRI-DIETS AND A MUDD A SHORT VACATION period didn ' t keep University of Florida students from having fun during the Easter weekend. For some, it was " On to Fort Lauderdale. " For others, it was just a quiet weekend at home with their families. For everyone, it was good to get out of classes. easter in lauderdale, and elsewhere FLORIDA STUDENTS RELAXED IX THE LAUDERDALE SUN BODIES WERE ABUNDANT ON ' DIE BEACH 69 sigma chi derby brought laughs - ' Nat:4k 4. A OIOOLINO COEDS WERE ARMED WITH FRESH EGOS AND POOE THE SIGMA CHI SPONSORS GOT PELTED WITH WATER-PILLED BALLOONS EVEN THE DAINTIEST coed lets her hair down at Derby-time. The Sigma Chi minds dreamed up such contests as apple-dunking, egg-tossing, water balloon-throwing, and other " lady-like " com- petition for the ladies. But the girls loved it, as evidenced by the large number of Derby trophies in the sorority houses. SUTTON. BUTTON. WHO ' S 00T THE BUTTON! 70 A FLORIDA COED NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION A DANCE AT THE 810 HOUSE ENDED THE DAY ' S EVENTS KAROLYN HA00 " 13AcHIED " 111E DERBY QUEEN TITLE 71 IF SHE NIISSFH. THE YOLK ' S ON HER gator gras became a big spring weekend DEDE. BRINSON WAS SELECTED MISS CAP WAUBURO PROM THIS GROUP OP LOVELY COEDS TAE SION SAID. " DUNK ' EM " 72 AND 1111X (GOT (LOUDC N K FLY SAMMY JOHNSON CHECKS THE WINNING FISH A HINDER AND GUITARIST ENTERTAIN AT THE TALENT 8110W DON AND DAVE STRYON RECEIVED KERNEY- RAYBURN TROPHY FOR OUTSTANDING PEATORMANCE IN THE DEE DEE BRINSON. MI88 FLORIDA RELAYS CAMP WAUBURO THE MISS CAMP WALIBURG Contest, a fish- ing contest, a talent show and a track meet highlighted the Gator Gra for 1961. The annual show, a new tradition, is fast becoming a big and awaited event on campus. Held in the Spring semester, the week-long schedule of events helps break up the semester and gives students a chance to relax. Dee Dee Brinson won the Miss Camp Wauburg contest and a pair of fleet-footed brothers, Don and Dave Siren, took honors for the Florida Re- lays outstanding performers. FOR THE CELEBRATION. A LOT OF DISCUSSION pan-american week PAN-AMERICAN WEEK is a series of events held during a week in the spring semester. Included is a contest in which a Queen is chosen. She is awarded a free trip to any country in South or Central America as her prize. Discussion groups and a banquet also make up the week. The students participating show the dances and customs of their countries to the other participating students. AND A QUI . N. I. N:MLI. K AND A PLAY... AND A SPANISH DANCE... university dames ,NI, IC; CO!. AN ORGANIZATION of student wives is the University Dames. Each year the Dames sponsor the Mrs. Univer- sity of Florida contest and other projects. AND GIFTS YOU Ela!VCONY UNIVERSITY DAMES AND SPARKLING JEWELRY DAMES QUEEN. SHIRELE WARD... miss university of florida contest (::11IN V.A1Z3T) 70 3 A: GUI S 1Oc0:1- a AT ISII THE MISS UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA contest was held at Silver Springs this year. Each contestant posed for pic- tures for half a day and then judging was held. The 29 contestants were judged on personal interviews and beauty. Miss Karolyn Bagg, Delta Delta Delta, was chosen as the winner of the contest. THE. WINNER. KAROLYN DA00. IN SHORTS. AND THE FINALIST IN FORMAL: spring frolics featured name entertainment... SPRING FROLICS, sponsored by the Interfraternity Council. was again a success this year with top flight entertain- ment. Jaye P. Morgan and Les Elgart ' s Orchestra left many fond memories as Florida men and women danced in the gym on Friday night and partied with their groups Saturday. 1 JAYS P. MOROAN SANG TO AN ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCE MISS Flummirry, ' the girl a fraternity man would most like to date, ' was named for the first time this year. The winner, Dottie Stephenson, was announced during Frolics and presented with her court during intermission. DANCERS SWAYED TO T1D: SWEET MUSIC OF ELOART " " " and miss fraternity MISS FRATERNITY, DOTTIE STEPHENSON. AND HER COURT fraternity activities were big ... SIOMA NU BEAT PHI DELTA THETA IN THE. ANNUAL CHARITY FOOTBALL OAME FRATERNITY WEEKENDS fill the void left by Spring. Ranging from the ATO ' s colorful Valentine Ball to the Sigma Chi Sweetheart Weekend. Sigma Nu and Phi Delta Theta party together and oppose each other during their annual charity football weekend. Perhaps the most elaborate of all fraternity weekends is Kappa Alpha ' s Plantation Ball, a three day return to Old Southern style living. Trips to Daytona or nearby lakes add a relaxing note to the sometimes slow-moving semester. HORSES AND CONFID E-RATE FLAOS WERE PROMINENT IN THE KALI PARADE OE SOUTHERN EMIZNOTH TRI-DELT SANDI BURNHAM BECAME A SUNNY SOUTHERN SWEETHEART WHEN SHE WAS NAMED K 119PA AI PHA :(-)Sr NACIIMO AND VELMA MIDDLE TON WERE A SWIXOINO COUPLE SACHMO WAS (MEAT AT THE MAY CONCERT " -% ,ELECTED FOR HONORS AT THE ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET WERE JACK WESTBROOK. MOOT VALUABLE PLAYER. ROGER SEALS. SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. AND BILL HOOD. 1060 CAPTAIN ... as were other events. BARBARA MACKIN CHEERS AT THE ORANGE AND BLUE OAME THE ORANGE AND BLUE football game gave Florida fans their first look at the team which was to go down as the most outstanding in University of Flor- ida history. Also in the spring, Trianon realized a long-time dream of affiliation with the national wom- en ' s honorary, Mortar Board. And then examina- tions brought an end to all activity. TRIANON BECAME AFFILIATED WITH MORTAR BOARD IN SPRING CEREMONIES 81 SUMMER SCHOOL is a traditional place fur high school teachers to brush up on their subjects, for college students to catch up or get ahead, and for high school students to participate in various con- ferences and workshops. Summer people are sometimes different from the regular people, but activities are planned to make their summer go faster. IT WAS HARD TO PASS VP A PLAZA CONCERT ST TIIE SUMMER HAND summer was a time for study and activity cl UNION PRKEENTED " OKL AHOMA " A SKI SHOW AT CAMP WAUBURO " .. and frolicing SUMMER FROLICS QUEEN ROBBIE SMITH LI CROWNED BY JON MOYLE AS SUZANNE NAYNEt AND DIANE RHINE? LOOK ON ...70MF DANCED WHILE OTHERS JUST WATCHED THE MUSICIANS SUMMER FROLICS WAS A RIO SUCCESS and relaxing Acrwrrizs VARIED during the summer. Major activity centered around prep- arations for Homecoming as commit- tees were organized. Although study- ing hard for the summer school courses, students found time to take part in the events such as Summer Frolics, the band concerts, the watermelon cuttings, or just shooting the breeze in the dorms. SOME LOUNGED AND SAVE MORI. TAI KI,:1 come back, clean THE FIRST Sms of the fall semester are the return of the football team for practice and the fraternity men to clean their houses. Then the Orientation Week staff arrives, followed shortly by the freshmen. Upperclassmen seem to wait until their registration appointment comes up before returning to school. STUDENTS UNLOADED . BOUGHT BOOKS GOVERNOR-ELECT FART IN BRYANT SPOKE AT THE Al VMS! KICKOFF ' BANQUET ...AND SCRUBBED LIONS OET ORIENTED up, sign up time LOOK AT A PI:EL AND BUY ONE orientation week ends SION UP FOR RU:-.H REGISTER PHARMACY FORESTRY 4 WAIT SOME LORE AND THEN PAY WHITE SIGNS WITH RED NUMBERS dot the campus during Orientation Week. Freshmen learn to wait in long lines, a talent they ' ll use as long as they ' re at the University. They learn a lot more during the week too. STEPHANIE BRODIE INTRODUCES WEAN OF WOMEN MARNA BRADY AT THE PAN-HELLENIC FORUM with talent show EVERY FRESHMAN WILL AGREE that he is rushed more during Orientation Week than at anytime during the year. But somehow most manage to met the many meet- ings and come out feeling like a real ' Gator. At the Tal- ent Show, the frosh got a look at the talents of their classmates. FRESHMEN PLAYED BONGOS... THE lEsa (KES A :_AST V.N(TH torch I. AND SANG) DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS 1 20.000 STUDENT GOV T LOAN FUND C SL,AnV AND STUDENT VICE. PRESIDENT ALLEN POOLE ADVERTISE FOR DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS 19 ALWAYS SEEM I ONOER THE FIRST DAY MANY DISPLAYS REMAINED UP AFTER ORIENTATION WEEK AND EVERYBODY BAD TO HUY ROOKS the school year TWO FRESHMEN LOOK WITH ANTICIPATION AT THE EMPTY FOOTBALL STADIUM - 17 SOO - 1500 12 SO officially begins OKOR011 WALD DELIVERED THE PRINCIPAL ADDRESS TO THE CONVOCATION FRESHMEN GOT THEIR FIRST CHANCE. TO CSE A VOT!NO MACH:NE THE SCHOLARSHIP CONVOCATION WAS WELL ATTENDED " 1 IT RAINS DETER IN GAINESVILLE AND MOST OK! CAMHT IN Vi I THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES marked the be- ginning of the school year although activity began much earlier. Outstanding scholars were recognized at the Scholarship Convo- cation when academic achievement was emphasized. ADPI PRESIDENT SHELIA PATRICK ACCEPTS THE. SCHOLARSHIP TROPHY FOR HER SORORITY THE HORECOMINO SWEETHEART FINALISTS WERE INTRODUCED AND EVERYBODY WAS HAPPY CHARLIE SPIVAK ' S BAND WARMS UP IN THE OAILY DECORATED QYM 11113 IFC RECRUITED COEDS TO HELP WITH TICKET SALES THE 1FC BROUGHT Dakota Staton and Charlie Spivak ' s orchestra to Fall Frolics. Most stu- dents went to Frolics one night and partied privately the other. To add to the celebration, the Gators gave the students a win over Van- derbilt. THE DANCERS WERE ANXIOUS AS DAKOTA STATOR APPEARED fall frolics omcorn STATON . .. IN EARNEST football THE SURPRISING FOOTBALL TEAM and the national election were prominent conver- sation pieces during the semester. Coach Ray Graves proved to be as popular as a speaker as he was a coach. And students rallied behind presidential hopefuls Rich- ard Nixon and John Kennedy. After much campaigning on campus, Kennedy edged out Nixon on a close vote, which was de- cided on the coed ballots. Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Lyndon B. John- son made a visit to Gainesville and stu- dents " motorcaded " to Jacksonville to see both Kennedy and Nixon. COACH ORAVFS SPEAKS AT THE ANNUAL FLORIDA - CIEOROIA BREAKFAST IN JACKSONVILLE BALLOONS FELL ON FOOTBALL FANS AT THE BREAKFAST THE BANQUET ROOM WAS CROWDED 84 ATTORNEY GENERAL RICHARD ERVIN CAME TO GAINESVILLE TO SPEAK " ON BEHALF OF THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES and politics LEI CAME TO GAINnYILLE . AND STUDENTS WENT TO JACKSONVILLE TO HEAR HIM 95 96 JUDY LYNN PRINT SWETT I HEART LIBBY RAKES ANNE 8ISLER homecoming beauty THE HOMECOMING SWEETHEART was select ed in early October, but remained a secret until the day before Homecoming. The three finalists, Libby Baker, Anne Sisler, and Judy Lynn Prince made promotional tours all over the state on behalf of HC ' 60 Best In Dixie. THE SWEETHEART CONTESTANTS TAD A THUNDERit:RD TO ORE DURING THEIR TOURS 1HE HOMECOMINO SWEETHEART ETNALLSTS, ESCORTED BY KAPPA ALPHA SOUTHERN OENTIEMEN. AT OATOR GROWL SIRS UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA. JACKIE ORLANDO. AND HER COUR TAZ PIERCE AND KAY MAHAFFEY 97 DELTS WORKED LAID INTO THE NIGH I ON THEIR SECOND PLACE DECORATION A TO S SIRYA EVA I WAS 11111:D IN Mr. ANUE I ICAG: " : homecoming decorations TROPHIES FOR THE BEST DECORATIONS went to Theta Chi (Orange), Lambda Chi Alpha (Blue), and Delta Gamma (Sorority). Many thought the decorations were the best in years although a few traditional winners didn ' t participate in competition. SEVERAL PHI TAUS ADMIRE. THEIR DECORATION AS FINAL TOUCHES ARE. PUT ON A OATOR BARBECUE WAS THE THEME OF PHI OAMMA DELTA ATO ' S OREEN WAVE-NOSORI iQ'IN TWO WAS JUDGED BEST IN THE ORANGE LEAGUE ALSO A TN 0-PART FLOAT. THE. PIKE ' S TOOK THIRD PLACE IN THE HANOI.: LEAGUE A SEA SCENE CAPTURED SECOND PLACE FOR KAPPA DELTA 98 homecoming parade SOME or THE Most BEAUTIFUL floats in recent years captured trophies. In the Orange League, ATO, Sigma Nu, and PiKA, were tops. Blue League winners were DU and Delta Sigma Phi, while sororities XO, KD, and ADPi were best in sorority competition. THE WISE OLD OWL WAS CHI OMEGA ' S WINNING ENTRY THE DILLY MITCHELL DRILL TEAM WAS A CROWD" PLEASER err TV, DELTA SIGMA PHI FLOAT WAS SECOND IN THE BLUE LEAGUE SIGMA NUS FLOAT WAS SECOND IN THE ORANGE LEAGUE . APPE AND FEATURED A NEW ORLEANS STREET SCENE 911 OMECOMIN 196 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA NOV. 11.12. omEcomuktc; 19M a tremen- " duos display of color and frivolity to celebrate the return of thousands of alumni to the University of Florida. Beginning with the annual Homecoming Parade with its floats of many hues. the festivities lasted for two Willed days. Many hours packed full of activities for all. A time for the young and the young-at-heart. the joyous and the sentimental to pass a few hours looking at the 17niversity of today, and drifting back into the l ' ffiversity of yesterday. Late afternoon saw members of Florida Blue Key and their honored guests as well as past and present Mortar Board Members attending their respective banquets. The Blue Key Banquet featured Mr. Phillip O ' Connell as Thastmaster. and Senator George Smathers as a keynote speaker expressing his views on state and national political problems. Mortar Board ' s banquet theme was " Around the World in Florida " . In their buffet meeting. active Mortar 13oard Members depicted the importance of foreign students in our American Universities. Gator Growl, sometimes considered " worth the trip " . again provided excellent entertain- ment for students and alumni. Student talent producing a terrific display of humor. Orig- inality inter-mingling with the familiar to produce laughs and cheers from over 40.000 Gator fans. The ridiculous joined with the serious to leave a " moral to the story " . A few short hours for everyone to let down their hair and enjoy themselves. Fun and enter- tainment ended by a fabulous display of colorful fireworks. Although somewhat weary after a funfilled Friday. alumni and students arose early Saturday morning to begin another day of activity. The Alumni Reunion and the ac- companying Program proved very rewarding as many old friends had a chance to renew aquaintances. JMIIA Skits reigned in glory as they poked fun at newly elected state and national officers. The annual Swimcapades was again a fine combination of aqua-talent and clown acts. A soccer game gave Florida fans a chance to warm up for the big game to come against Tulane. Saturday afternoon, skies somewhat dull, but spirit extremely high as the Gators warm up for the big Homecoming Game against the Greenwaves of Tulane. A perfect afternoon for a perfect Florida victory and it was. The entire campus was in an uproar-- it ended after another glorious night of celebration-- Homecoming 1960. truly the Best in Dixie. t. " ' HUMOR, MOVEMENT, all parts of the many types and styles of decorations that cover the campus during the Homecoming festivities. Colored lights, varied spotlights, many sheets of floral sheeting, thousands of yards of cardboard, hundreds of gallons of paint together, these materials and many more go into the building of tremendous house decorations that makes the campus an array of splendor every year at Homecoming. Many and varied uses of the traditional Alligator come into being as months old ideas begin to take shape. Huge poles go into the ground to hold massive backdrops. Hammers cause painfully unattractive fingers. " Sweet " words are heard at all hours of the day, and night. Future engineers build moving parts, architects and artists work on design, others join in to supply the work force necessary to complete the yearly project. Thousands of hours of manpower striving to produce displays to welcome back the alumni, and to make the campus a burst of color and activity that comes only once a year. I Pf: ! ye " -sr another fabulous gator growl THE SWEETHEARTS AND THEIR ESCORTS JOINED IN THE ' HORSEFEATHERS CHEER THE HOMECOMING SWEETHEART CONTESTANTS WERE A COLORFUL MORT AT OROWL UNDER THE DIRECTION OF Bill Crickenberger, Gator Growl was even more entertaining than in the past. An estimated 50,000 spectators crowded into Florida Field and many thousands more watched it over TV stations in Gaines- ville and Jacksonville. THE. SIGMA NU SKIT CAPTURED FIRST PLACE COACH RAY GRAVES AND THE FOOTDALL MADE AN APPEARANCE AT GROWL 106 THE BETA ' S SECOND PLACE SKIT W AS A HIT WITH ALUMNI , :k 713 tr. A LAROE TECHNICAL STAFF WAS REQUIRED TO PUT ON GROWL " CONGRESSMAN HILLY MATTHEWS WAS GROWL MASTER OP CEREMONWS TIED FOR THIRD WAS KOS ' WISH UPON A GENIE. ' 108 NI.:FtAI. CHAIRMAN OF I . ' ECOSIDo. HC ' 60 BEST IN DIXIE was a phrase the lips of many students from the day they returned to campus. Much effort was expended by the staff and by fraternities and sororities to make the weekend a suc- cess. Most agreed it was well worth the effort. sidelights to the wonderful weekend AND $WAM MOVIE ADDRESSING THE BIG HOMECOMING STAFF 1 !s" G. ' 11ED S: CLIENTS %%ifi, ..A AM ; FRESHMAN BARBARA OF.TF.R STICKS THE FIRST PRO. MOTIONAL BUMPER STRIP ON A CAR SPECTATORS FOR A FOOTBALL GAME MEANS A IRO CROWD AFTERWARD I .4 . AND OCCASIONALLY ROMAN POLL I ICIANs - min SECTION FEATURED A COMMERCIAL FOR DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS THE JMBA SKITS CUT STATE. AND NATIONAL POLITICIANS dean hale re-creates ' a Christmas carol ' THE OLD SCROOGE: " What ' s Christmas time to you but a time for paying your bills without money a time for finding yourself a year older and not an hour richer. If I could work my will every idiot who goes about with ' Merry Christmas ' on his lips should be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart ... " MARLEY ' S GHOST: " You will be haunted by three spirits. Without their visits you cannot hope to shun the path I tread. Expect the first tonight when the hour bell tolls one. Expect the second on the second night at the same hour. Expect the third on the next night when the last stroke of twelve has ceased to vibrate. Look to see me no more. But for your own sake, remember what has passed between us .. . " THE REFORMED SCROOGE: " What do you mean by coming here at this time of day, Bob Cratchit? I ' ll tell you what, my friend, I ' m not going to stand for this sort of thing any longer so I am about to RAISE YOUR SALARY!! A Merry Christmas, Bob! A Merrier Christmas, Bob, my good fellow, than I have given you for many a year. Make up the fires and buy another coal scuttle before you dot another ' i ' , Bob Cratchit .. . " 110 SANTA INTRIGUES CHILDREN WITH HIS MANY STORIES santa claus comes to the university of florida CmusrmAs Is A SPECIAL time of year at the University of Florida. It ' s a time when fraternities and sororities co- operate to give underprivileged children a Christmas they might not otherwise have. Almost everyone begins to feel the Christmas spirit as the vacation nears. WHERE ' S SANTA? Tus ETOHIMA UNION CHRISTMAS T I EE 1 SANTA BROUGHT CANDY AND CHRISTMAS CHEER SANTA CLAUS doesn ' t forget the students at the Univer- sity. His presence is sensed each year when Mortar Board lights the traditional Christmas tree, which was donated by Mrs. J. Wayne Reitz. Outstanding were Dr. Reitz ' s Christmas message and the beautiful carols rendered in the University Auditorium during the Christmas on Cam- pus program. AMAPA% A `, . Aa AND THEN HE LErr christmas on campus was inspiring gators at home ' in the gator bowl IISS AMERICA PRESENTED THE CAME BALL TO OFFICIALS AND TALKED TO ALL THE FLORIDA FOOTBALL PLAYERS AVID GATOR Forsowcas trekked to the Gator Bowl on New Year ' s Eve to watch the Ga- tors trounce the Baylor Bears. Social activity was at its peak in Jacksonville and everyone who went will remember the good times, before, during. and after the game. THE BAYLOR BEAR COACH RAY CRAVES. TIIE NEW COACH WHO SURPASSED ALL PREVIOUS SEA. SON RECORDS FOR THE. OATORS " THE SWIMMING TEAM SEAT OEOROIA ON A COLD DAY MIKE OORA CHECKED TIM DVRINO A TRACK MEET some sports start early THE HASKVIDALL TEAM GAVE FLORIDA FANS A LOT OF EXCITEMENT AND THE OYM WAS PACKED AT MOST HOME GAMES a few activities after christmas A SURVEY WAS CONDUCTED RY THE HONOR COURT AFTER THE CHRISTMAS VACATION the campus becomes quiet as everyone prepares for finals. Scheduled events become less numerous and social life is almost at a stand- still. Everyone is concerned with one thing doing well on final examinations. THE. LIGHTS AT THE HUB SIONALED THE END OF THE SEMESTER THE CAMPUS CONTINUED TO GROW AS THE NEW ADDITION TO THE LAW SCHOOL WENT UP :ICE l NIV Ire NEI IC ON ASSOCIATION HELD MEETINGS IN PREPARATION FOR RELIGION-IN-LIFE WEEK THE OATOR HOPS AT FIROWARD ENDED AS EXAMS NEARED PREPARING POR FINALS? IN BILLIARDS? 117 lights come on, stay on . . . " - " - " i 1 , t a " int lot ' " re- rig 77:1 vt . .. AT RAWLINOS THE FINAL EXAMINATION PERIOD IS a time when NoDoz, coffee, and late hours become part of the daily life of most students. The sigh of relief upon finishing and the well-deserved vacation follow the two-week push. AT PEABODY HALL AND THE LIBRARY TO AND PROM CAMPUS AT THE MEDICAL LIBRARY 1 1 8 . . . and then finals and then it ' s all over SOMBER REALITY ... AND THE 810 MOMENT A $10 FEE and fill out two IBM cards. Wait a few weeks and receive a post card. Send your measurements to the HUB. Relax during Christmas vacation and return for the last exams before the big moment. Study just a little harder since further study may be unnecessary. Wait a few days after you ' ve finished. Greet your parents and take them to their hotel room. Stop by the fr aternity house and bid everyone farewell some for a short time, others forever. Pack up your belongings and put them in a car. Go to your college to talk with your instructors for the last time. Check with the Dean ' s secretary to see if the faculty approved you. Stop by the HUB and pick up your cap and gown. Eat a meal while your stomach growls nervously. Leave your parents at the gym door and join your classmates. Get in line and walk slowly down the aisle. Listen to words of a noted educator, but not really listen. March out of the gym. Enter the base- ment. Wait in your last line. Turn in your cap and gown. pick up your 113 4 by 16 certificate. Walk out. And then it ' s all over. sometimes unseen life at the university FOR tux MOST PART students see only the inside of their classrooms and never come in contact with the large amount of research, experimentation, and growth going on around them. Although the primary purpose of an educational institution is to educate its students, the University of Florida continually conducts research proj- ects to better the University and the state. Because of their importance, a look at the " unseen " parts of the campus is in order. 121 IRE sun 110UsE OF THY IRRADIATION UNIT IS COMPLETELY UNDERGROUND IN THE EXPERIMENTAL. CROPS FIELD the cobalt-60 irradiation unit THE LARGEST AGRICULILRAL cobalt-60 irradiation unit is located at the University ' s agricultural Experiment Station. Experiments are conducted to check how radia- tion effects plants and animals. New varieties of plants are often discovered while conducting these experiments. OF THE ENTRANCE TO THE BLOCK HOUSE AND IN INSEXTS CHECKING RADIATION IN PLANTS . . ' SQUIRREL CAGE " KEEPS THE RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL COVERED ENTRANCE WAS CONSTRUCTED FOR NEEDED PROTECTION DR. A. T. WALLACE WITH A NEW TYPE OP WHEAT DEVELOPED THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION WITH THE IRRADIATION UNIT A MECHANICAL STOMACH educational tv and video tape PLENTY OF EQUIPMENT PLENTY OF CHECKING SILL HOEHME. CHIEF ENOINEER WITH THE ADDITION of two video tape machines, WUFT became one of the nation ' s best equipped educational television stations. Courses are offered to people in the Gainesville area at night and students watch in special viewing rooms over a closed circuit system during the daytime hours. Through a micro-wave unit, courses are relayed to Jacksonville ' s educational station. From prac- tical standpoint, students majoring in broadcasting get first hand experience in producing, directing, and writing for television. Advertising majors plan and write com- mercials which are produced on video tape and reshown for study and evaluation. JOHN PAUL JONES LECTURER ON FEATURE WRMNO FOR HIS TV TANS 0 HEADY I F071 HUMANITIES OR EXPERIENCE OR A MUSICAL PRODUCTION UTILIZING ASPHALT instead of cinders, the Flor- ida track became the first in the nation to use this process. Coaches and trackmen both pro- claimed the new track. Everything was done to make the track one of the outstanding in the nation and the Florida coaches said, " No changes would be made if we had it to do over. a new track for gator cindermen AND MAKE COACH BEARD PROUD THE LAKE ALFRED CITRUS EXPERIMENT STATION. ONE OP EIGHTEEN IN FLORIDA experiments in agriculture THE. AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATIONS located through out Florida have a primary purpose to improve tural standards in the state. New types of plants and mals are developed through experimentation and research to aid Florida ' s second largest industry. A FREEZER TO STUDY THE EFFECT ' S OF FROZEN CITRUS TREES A MACHINE TO MAKE CONENTRATED ORANGE JUICE DEVELOPING NEW OOLP ORF.ENS AND JUST GRASS ONE OF THE MANY 4-H CAMPS IN TILE sl Al II 77E1ZUEAT A SPECIMEN OF TITANIUM IS EXAMINED IN ONE OP THE EXPERIMENTAL LABS engineering achievements THE ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL EXPERIMENT STATION of the College of Engineering conducts studies and research projects which have brought international ac- claim. Included in the programs are the Atomic Reactor, a Linear Electron Accelerator, Metallurgical Research Lab- oratory, Induction Heating Lab, Coastal Engineering Lab, Air Pollution Lab, and many others. MACHINERY IN THE UNIVERSITY ' S INDUCTION HEATINO LABORATORY TEST THE HEAT INTENSITY OP METALS THE COASTAL ENOTNEERINO LABORATORY ' S MODEL OP THE. SARASOTA BAY AND WITH SEWAGE TREATMENT EXPERIMENTATION WITH PULP AND PAPER the addition to the law school GOVERNOR LEROY Counts broke ground for the $200,000 addition to the College of Law during the Homecoming weekend. With Collins, were University President D. J. Wayne Reitz, Senators George A. Smothers and Spessard Holland, and members of the State Supreme Court and Cabinet. The annex will extend from the present court- room and library eastward toward 13th Street and will be built of brick and stone to confonn with the present building. The addition will include two large classrooms, a specialized reading room annex to the library and sev- eral faculty offices. Completion date has been set for the spring of 1962. CONSTRUCTION BEOAN AND CONTINUED a. ARCHITECT ' S DRAWINO OF THE PROPOSED BUILDING and the proposed architecture building Gnat; To PRIORITY by Dr. Reitz, the proposed architec- ture building will be started as soon as the funds are ap- propriated. The first units the architecture building. library, and gallery will be constructed between the women ' s dorms and Tigert Hall near 13th Street. Later additions will include a music building, concert hall, building construction building, and an art building. DEAN BANNISTER STANDS NEAR A DRAWINO OF THE FU- TORE SITE OF THE BUILDINO 131 BECAUSE OF THE INCREASING SIUDENT more dorms go up on campus MORE DORMS MUST BE PLANNED . To Mar THE FUTURE DEMANDS of a student body esti- mated at 20.000 in the next ten years. dormitory construc- tion continues. A new girls ' dorm behind the old ones signal the arrival of more coeds. And the huge new boys dorm between the Tolbert Area and Hume Hall will house future Florida men. Ittt I.t 6.4 di go Into makIIIK .1 tl..t tn ti a tHI I.: k " -" " W.. ' diewa-t t 01" " FEATURES Miss Seminole Miss University of Florida Homecoming Sweetheart Miss Fraternity Mrs. University of Florida Courts Mortar Board Florida Blue Key U of F Hall of Fame 7 ' 1 ' it c PERSONALITY, intermingled with all other traits that compose a beauty queen, Chi Omega Jean Bennett .was the " Gov- ernor ' s Choice " as Miss Seminole. A southern lady from Atlanta, Georgia, Jean has shown leadership abilities as president of the Swim Fins and treas- urer of her sorority. Always pleasant to be with, thoroughly witty, and very beautiful, Jean has proven herself an outstanding representative of the University of Florida and its yearbook. Jean Bennett Miss Seminole BEAUTY and poise have been prominent in making Karolyn the recipient of two major campus beauty titles. As a member of Tri Delt Sorority, she has not only been an outstanding campus beauty, but a distinguished scholar as well. Greatly admired by those that know her, Karolyn has brought recognition to herself as a member of many beauty courts, and the MS St. Petersburg title. Always charming, this striking beauty has represented the University well. Karolyn Bagg Miss University of Florida Military Ball Queen Libby Baker Homecoming Sweetheart AMIDST EXCITEMENT and activity of the University ' s ' annual Homecoming celebration, Libby represented the " Gators " with poise and personality. As colorful and vivacious as the celebration itself, this member of Alpha CM Omega produced a pleasant atmosphere for alumni and students. From Hollywood, Florida, Libby is both attractive and personable truly a Sweetheart for the University of Florida. Dottie Stephenson Miss Fraternity SWEETHEART, and the " girl that the fraternity man would most like to date " classifies Dottie in a very special category of beauty, personality and intelligence. Presented at Spring Frolics, Dottie offers a rare sincerity and sweetness that won her this new title. A Chi Omega from Jacksonville with an extraordinary amount of charm, personality and talent, Dottie is a boon to fraternity men and the University. Jaqueline Orlando Mrs. University of Florida and a warm and friendly personality gained Jaqueline the title of Mrs. University of Florida. Chosen by the University Dames in their annual contest Jaqueline showed a wit and beauty deserving of the honor. As wife and " supporter " of a senior in law school Mrs. Orlando denotes the perfect companion of the college man. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Orlando both hail from Tampa. An outstanding couple that typifies an important faction of the University. added attractions !AIR (it t DELTA DELTA DELTA LYNDALL TARBECK PAN-AMERICAN QUEEN DELTA DELTA DELTA HORRIK SMITH BUMMER FROLICS QUEEN ALPHA CIII OMEGA 145 PIO ANN MP MARGIE KCAL KAPPA DELTA 146 miss seminole court PRISCILLA SAXHORN ALPHA DELTA PI MARLENE HIIAPN ALPHA EPSILON PHI military ball court JUDY COLEMAN DELTA GAMMA LUCIENNE PIRENIAN ALPHA DELTA PI DOTTIE STEVENSON CHI OMEGA miss university of florida attendents PAYE DONOWAY PI BETA P111 TRANSFER GINGER REMOLDS ZETA TAU ALPHA JACX1E SPACHE ALPHA CHI OMEGA homecoming sweetheart attendents ANN 818LER ZETA TM ALPHA JUDY LYNN PRINCE ALPHA CHI OMEGA mrs. university of florida attendents KAYE MAHAFFEY JACQUELINE ORLANDO I Stephanie Brodie Jean Haeseker Roby Lane MRS. J ' V REITZ. DEAN EVELYN SELLERS. OR. MURRAY LAMLE Linda Phan T Ater!, Sandra Roger THE SENIOR HONORARY, Mortar Board, selects the outstanding women in the student body for member- ship each year. Last spring saw Trianon, the former women ' s leadership fraternity, affiliate itself with the national Mortar Board. Service projects include the La- dies Buffet at Homecoming, the annual Christmas tree lighting, serving as official hostesses for the University, and a " big sister " program for foreign students. 150 THE MEN ' S HONORARY LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY, Florida Blue Key, taps outstanding campus leaders each ter for membership. The major projects of Blue Key are Homecoming and the Florida Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau. florida blue key Norman Wort. fir,t rerne" ler inerldent Dare }Brawn. itcond stmt.. ter prenkfrnt men ' s leadership fraternity Ade Alderman Blur Berger Bork Bradford Brownlee Catenone Crews CrIckenberaer Edmondson Gardner Ounn Henderson IloIlirotsisorth Hood Jackson Johnson LaOrone Larch, Lester Logan McCall McCreary Moyle Nola n Phillips Pate Park Perin Perry Poole Porch Quinces ' Rich Ripley ROyee Shreave Schafer Shapiro Spence Stewart BBte ,ter TrIttle Tuttle Wells Williamson 151 cid. ADAMS Nivea ' rums of a job. and always on the run. Cal has held many ofeces in various University organ- izations. Developing " reputation of " job too large or too small. " this outstanding member of thesenior class h" s given the University innumerable hours of nolo.. President of the Florida Union. Phi Mu Alpha. P1 Sigma Alpha, HASOC. and hie fraternity. Phi Kappa Tau, Cal has left " trail of distinction through all activities which he has participated. JIM ALDERMAN Upumtire Wows have been spent by Jim toward bettering the University and his fraternity. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Greatly respected. this soft-spoken law student has held positions in Homecoming. Speakers Bureau, political parties. Executive Council. Phi Alpha Delta. and the John Marshall Bar Association. Calm. collectedand competent. this member of Florida Blue Key has Only con- " libuted a great deal to the Unlierally. BILL ADE Amens mans and personable. this " Southern Gentleman " has proven ability In organization work through serving as Assistant to the General Chairman of Homecoming and Oflite Manager of Orlintation. Graduating from the school of jour- nalism, Bill has held not only many positions in Homecoming and Orientation, but has ben a member of the Legislative Council. Alpha Delta Slams Kappa Alpha Order. and Florida Blue Key. JIM BAUR ExcILLING iN Lmorasiti" within the ROTC Corps of the University. Jim has been Army cadet Regimental Commander. President of Scabbard and Blade, and the Advanced Omens Club. and Military Aide to the President. Although he re- ceived many honors and decorations for his work In ROTC Jim has also been outstanding In Phl Eta Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Orientation, Home- coming. Speakers Bureau. Debating, Florida Blue Key. and Sigma Ku Fraternity. 152 ALLAN BORK Sono Aa A Lemma in his fraternity and within many realm, of campus activities. Allan ' s contri- butions to the tinkersIty have been outstanding and abundant. Gator Growl. Religion-and-Life. Speakers Bureau and Student Oovernment have all witnessed expansion and betterment through the leadership of this president of Tau Epsilon Phi. Respected Mr his organizational abilities. and activities within political circles. this member of Florida Blue Key is easy-going, punctual and exact. STEPHANIE BRODIE Disnacussitiso Henna in Women ' s Affairs. Mor- tar Board. Religion millIties and scholarship. Stephanie combines innovating organizational ability with " warm and friendly personality. As President of WSA she has supplied the leadership necessary to offer " women ' s government upon the campus. In addition to receiving many scholastic honors including Alpha Lambda Della and Phi Alpha Theta and the Dean ' s List. Stephanie has als0 been outstanding In Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. JOE CHAPMAN Vossrat Lome ccccc within the realms of MEN. Student Government. and fraternity, Joe is at: known for his spontaneous personality. As fle: end Chairman of Religion-In-Life Week. Admin- istrative Assistant to the President of the Widen ' Body. and President of Stan Chi he has shoats excellence and innovation. Innumerable committee chairmanships, widespread student government aclisilles. " man to be remembered for his dy" nAMIC voice and personality. Joe Chapman. BILL CRICKENBEROER COMMINING CHA" ACTElt with outstanding leadership abilities. Bill will long be remembered for his position as Director of 1960 Gator Growl. Con- sidered capable and strong by his associates. respected and admired by all those who know him. this member of Florida Blue Key and Bets Theta Pi has also held many positions in student gOsernment. Homecoming, and Orientation. Quiet. considerate and dynamic, without question " great contributor to the University of Florida 153 JOHN F.DMONDSON EXclatiNG in MANY Aim of student government. Homecoming, and organizations brought John membership Into rorida Blue Key. HP positions Included chairman of Pre-Growl and the Clerical Division of Homecoming. administrative assistant of the PBK Speaker " Bureau. and secretary of Insurance. A member Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. John" as " credit to his fraternity and his university. LINDA FISCHER COMOINING Itamtucricee AND Semler for the bet" lemon, of the University na Linda. Her demic honors included membership In Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Sigma Alphc and the Edith Bristol Then Award for the outstanding junior woman. She also served as executive secretary of Religion-in-Life Week, vice president of the junior class. vice president of the URA Greek Council. and chairman of Women ' s Judiciary. Tapped by Mortar Board. Linda was a credit to her sorority. Chi Omega. DICK FORSTER DIMMING nit BMA ' s:WWII Istritaunts PIOCIUM brought honor to Dick, who served as both stu- dent director and office director. A member of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, Dick was named out- standing senior and vice president of his fra- ternity. On the WC. he served as Hash coordi- nator. Tribunal justice. and delegate to the national convention. For his service In intramu" rats student government. and organisations. Dick was tapped by Florida Blue Key. STEVE GARDNER A Nate ro Br LONG RUICIAlitan In the hails and meeting rooms of the Union Is Steve Gardner. Taking part in activities In student government. politica. and organizations led to his membership In Florida Blue Key. A member of PI lambda Phi. he served his fraternity as president twice. In Orientation. Steve held positions from group leader all the way up to student director. 154 JEAN HAMIKER A Communion or Basun. brains and leadership. Jean made " name for herself at the Univer- sity. As president of the Panhellenic Council. she displayed leadership to the sororities. She was elected site president of Mortar Board. The president of Delta Delia sorority. she was sweet- heart of Sigma Nu fraternity. DICK i Dick SIAM) " A Managing FAItor of the Alligator this year. Active In the Newman Club. Dick has done much to help that group. His other activities include Sigma Delta Chi. lournlhen honorary. and Freshman Forum for WA. JEAN HARRISON Luotasstir ha" been .inn ' s by-word at Florida. In her tamoriti. CM Omen. she was president. Mor- tar Board, the women ' s honorary, also chose her as its president. The Panhellenic Council was guided by Jean as president through " very suc" ennui pear. TOM HENDERSON Lshinsuir Amorm Lances is Tom ' s most out- standing attribute. He served as President of Florida Blue Key and Kappa Alpha Order. Tom ass " member of the President ' s Cabinet and served In many student government posts on the campus. 155 BILL 11001) AN Meting the " hone beet dmeribes Bill. A " hrtaam in the Oator ' me this sear and an out" standihg student In the itchool of engineering hone been le. of me " cmevements of this man 0: Florida.P. a m" mber of florid. Blue Key. Alpha tau Omega ' oda: :weevilly and Ehgma Tau engineering fraternity. JON JOHNSON ilmotrec. na Csateux emirsION for President John P. Kennedy. Jon ' s leaderhip brought " tictOry fer the Democrats In the tampu" ald e election. Tapped by Florida Blue Key for his service and leadership. Jon was " member of credit to Kappa Alpha. high Iv. represented In politics He aim elected secretary-treasurer of his flesh. Man Clam and president of Ills Junior Clara Other tontines Included tlw FMK Speaker ' s Bu" mashstirdent gmentinetil. and Homecoming. KEN KICKNIXOY As FUSION? ' or Tar ONIVOSIIV Rellgiou" elation. Ken brought religion closer to all student. with forums and program ' . Ken excelled in schol" airship and serstce. He screed its vice president of Phl Eta Sigma. president of the Pre" Law Club. and held many positions In student government and Homecoming. A member of Alpha Tau Omega. he seeded et S vice president. Ken was " shining example of the image of the Florida ROBERTA LANE WosI0144 Is WOIOWS MVO.s brought honor to Roberta Lane. She stoma on the COT- mIlIce and mae president of the Hall Council Roberta was Reuse in dormitory government and sorted as Welcome Week chairman. She to. chosen for membership in Henn Board flargoOr and the student chapter of the American Instl" lute of Decoralora 156 Jog LARCIfit 841101.. VIC Acnirramen was one of Jim ' s out- standing characteristics. Hewas one of the few students ever to graduate with " near perfect 4.0 nerage for his undergraduate career. Jim found Plenty of time to get any from his books to serve student government as secretary of finance and In many other posts. He was also attire in Orientation and Homecoming. Florida Blue Key chose him for membership. A credit to his fra- ternity. Phi Gamma Delta. BUDDY MacKAY Onr names Pintas LAWYZYS. Buddy was of the John Marshall Bar Association and Phl Delta Phl legal fraternity. For his lead- ership In the Law School. he was tapped by Florida Blue Key. Ills membership included Phi Kappa Phi and Beta Oamma Sigma. He served a" associate editor of the Law Review and on the Honor Court Board of Masters. Buddy was another fine Southern Gentleman of Kappa Alpha Order. JIM MOORHEAD On o" Moat POPOLAIP editors of the Alligator In recent yens. Jim kept his friendly personality although working on deadline time twice Upon taking over the )ob. he tried to give the students what they wanted in the way of " newspaper. Jim was " member of Sigma Delta Chi profestional fraternity and Sigma Chi social fraternity. JON MOYLE Jong Dynamic Luanglit" guided the success of Homecoming 1060 Best in Dixie. Although his Homo:0E11ns posi tion was an almost full-time Job. Jon was president of Phl Delta Phi legal frater- nity and executive editor Of the La Review. Also In the Law School. Jon wits " member of the John Marshall Bar Atsociatton and chairman of the Appellate Molt Court Committee. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 157 OAVIN 0 MIEN A I.Lt011 in the truest yen.. (lAnn h" " (h. Art ea many hOur" to M. Irmo:mt. and the Univernir Ile ratted a. Chancel:on of the Hosed Secret" r" of Solicitailon. And member of the Executhe Council In Defoe lau Iii" lia- ternft%. he wiied a" Poo:den, CIENE PAO tug Au Morse Moo could best de" gribe Oen Page A scholar. athlete and leader Oone he helped Ms University and Mimic!f to many honor Vice president of Sigma Chi and letters In foot" ball and track are but a few of the at arch Ova Gene has attained. He f a member of Plorid Blue Key. PICKEHISO Sr 00000 tats i" the of Mkhael Pickering. In the upper 3 ' . of Ids medical class. Mike has retched many honor% for hi. work 11. ' erred Ms clan %Ice preeldeni and played varsity haoket" ball for the Unhersity of Florida ALLEN POOLE. ND AND ,,,,,, me are the of Allyn Pyoule ' " succen Outlasting with high licin" on and curreraly in graduate school. Allen has teen awarded Florida Blue Key and 1. %Ice presto 6.nt of the Student Body. Allen has also ironed ChAorman ool Dollars for and teethed ueadterte at t" te:mid aaard" from the University. RAYMOND ROYCE. 04" Lt. 011141P mixed well In the activities of Raymond Royce. A member of Flor- Ida Blue Key and Alpha Tau Omega social fra- ternity, Raymond has served a Technical Director of Homecoming. Chairman of the EngIneer ' " Pair and Executive FAitor of the Florida Law Review. In student government. Raymond vas " member of the ExeCutive Council. 711031 RUMBEHGEK Stance co THE UNI1 MITT is Thom Humberger ' s interest at Florida. He has served as Director of Publicity for Homecoming. Chairman of the Honor Court Defense Council. and Feestdent of his legal fraternity. Delta Theta Phi. Thom was the first Attorney-General. Under Secretary of Interior. and a member of the Election Law Committer SUSAN SAGER A Ian Or 34t 4K can best describe Susan. A member of the Unisernity Symphony Orchestra. Concert Rand, and Singing Sweethearts. Susan has shown that her allay to perform Is out. standing. She it the accompanist to the Women ' s Glee Club and serves " vice president of her social sorority. Alpha Epsilon Phi. LYNNE EIF.CHIST WOMI7el Amiga Is the Interest Of Lynne. She served " " president of the Hall Council and sec- retary of Mortar Board Lynne also is " member of Alpha Lambda Delos. women ' s scholastic. and " member of the " Union Board or Man- agers. GRAHAM WILLIAM STIRELETHER. STUDIST AND OcArawmarey have been Gra- ham ' s service to the University. He served as " member of the President ' s Cabinet. Commissioner of Married Student Affairs. and Mayor of Schucht Village. Oraham was also chairman or the Honor Court Defense Council and Is a member of Pierid" Blue Key. DONALD L. TUTTLE 0200" 114710 43 AND Snsict are Don ' s merits at Florida. In Student Ooternment he has served as Secretary of Organtrations. Chairman of the Inaugural Banquet and Chairman of the Univer- sity Open House. Don was secretary of his frater- nity. Beta Theta P1 and is a member of Blue Key. CHARLEY WELLS A SWUNG Pats AND A lantsinco HAND are Charley ' s credentials on campus. In student government he served as Administrative Assistant to the Student Body President. Executive Council Member. and Freshman Porum. Charley EA " member of Florida Blue Key and was president of Phi Eta Sigma. WAYNE WILLIAMSON AN Austin AND " Lax ' s ' , best describe Wayne. He has lettered in football for three years. served as president of the Athletic Council and president of the " Fs ' Club. Wayne is a member of Delta Tau Della social fraternity. and Florida Blue Key. 160 CEPHAS SHIRLEY (BIM) ALLEN NOBODY CALLED HIM CEPHAS; everybody called him Buz. He was one of the true leaders the University of Florida has produced. His perseverance dictated that he succeed when others failed. His personality made many friends for him. His intelligence brought him membership in Phi Eta Sigma. His ambition elected him president of his freshman class and of the Honor Court. His leadership was recognized by Florida Blue Key. Buz was killed by lightning last summer while on maneu- vers during ROTC summer camp at Fort Benning, Geor- gia. His death shocked those who knew him. He will never be forgotten. 16] activities Student Government Publications Activities student government LEADERSHIP TO CREATE a fresh spirit of campus unity, sense of pride and purpose, and dedication to future potential of the University this qualifies this year ' s Student Government, one united for service. Spring elections brought a new constitution and a United victory in all three Student Government branches. Under the new constitution, half the Legislative Council is elected from colleges in the spring, and the other half is elected from living areas in the fall. The Dollars for Scholars drive reached new heights, Freshman Welcome and Forums ushered newcomers into University life, Gator Hop socials opened new opportunities for dormitory students, new baby sitting system and recreation facilities served married students, free Student Directories brought campus order out of chaos, the Education Analysis contacted the state about the University ' s needs all a part of the many activities that Student Government sponsored. Student Government leaders met with faculty, students, and alumni to serve the students more efficiently and focus atten- tion on the pressing needs of higher education in Florida. 808 PARK. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT ALLEN POOLE. STUDENT BODY VICE-PRESIDENT BOB PERRY, STUDENT BODY SECRETARY-TREASURER Tin Panumwr ' s Calms. Area oh TO at Ron Dykes. Cathy Johnson. Lynn OnoOn. Bob Park. Joe Chapman. Judy Stiles and charley Mans Standing 4 to ri Jim Larch.. Joe Fleming. Shell Ciyatt. Payl Hendrick. Don Cohen. Jim Grove. and Dick Stiketether. Tit La gams COUNCIL. Pttsr Row is to se !acquit. Earley. Ginn. " Empty. Paula Simpson. Tom Moore. Judy Shay. and Bill Holt. Second How el to R Ellen BOTn. Marilyn Norman. Anita Otto. Dick Herrick. Judy Winkler. Bill Chambers and Jim Kidd. Third Row ii to re Jinny Jankunls. John Shaeffer. Lee Bette.. ll Delcher. and Ron SaraBan. Fourth How el to re Frank Hitch. Joel Sachs. Earl Conner. Bob Harris, Bank. Vest and Dick as Tara Lmussarns Council- Plan Row es ro U Allen Poole. Wayne Peck. Dick Dundurand. Nancy Wilson. Musty Braun. Jim Lang.. Larry Medlin anti Jim Carter. Second Row d to re John Flynn. 81:via liara" " y. Deorge Mustakas. Dick Pearty. Lu Shou Strilla. Inn Morceson and Woodrow Menth Third Row tori Hank Hatsaker. Biller Weller. Bois Anderon. Jos Monaco. Gene Stephens. Diane Downing. Iton Gratin ond Charles Barnes honor court DAVIN O ' BRIEN. CHANCELLOR DAVE STANLEY. CLERK Imortaparraa AND GUARDIAN of the University of Florida ' s Constitution and most cherished tradition, the Honor System, the Honor Court continues to be a powerful group on campus. In conjunction with Student Government, the Honor Court innovated the new position of Attorney General of the Student Body. Requiring a relatively large amount of legal knowledge, the Attorney General ' s duties include pre-investigation and evaluation of each case presented to the fourteen-member court. Under the leadership of the Chancellor and Clerk, the Honor Court determines all cases arising from violation of the University of Florida Honor Code. JUSTICES OF MO HONOR COURT THOM RUIMEROKR. ATTORNEY GENERAL SWEARINO IN! 167 traffic court FOLLOWING Rcoutsrtoss and fines set by the Board of Control, the Traffic Court controls all student traffic violations on the University campus. In conjunction with the Campus Police Department, the court hears cases every second week. Funds collected from fines go into the Student Government Treasury to be used in various ways. Parking out of the assigned area has for the past few years been the major offense, but all offenses, on campus. must have a verdict reached by the Student Traffic Court. CM It !..1.(1:1:ZASK KIN .1 lo r ' John adol:es. (Milord Porker. Vrano Knot. Michael DutOtt. Himont Moan and Ed maim. NM pictured are Admando Menacol and Jim Shilpf0 Clerk Of COME 168 NEXT STOP. ?RAMC COURT ' WALKER LUNDY. SECRETARY-TREASURER: BILL NELSON. PRESIDENT: PRESIDENT NELSON AND SLUR VAUGHN. VICE-PRESIDENT freshman council AN ACTIVE FRESHMAN COUNCIL was provided for by the new Student Body Constitution which erased all class officers with exception of the freshmen. By working closely with the annual Freshman Forum, the council oriented those interested in service to the University. Working with the cheerleaders on school spirit, the group has provided the maintenance of the Victory Bell, and built the gator costume that " Albert " wears when cheering at football and basketball games. A most outstanding accomplishment was for this organi- zation to be set up and orientate its members into a speak- ing program for high school seniors, and also to innovate an information pamphlet to be distributed to high school seniors. SERIOWINIES PREVAILS AS THE COUNCIL DISCUSSES THE PROBLEMS OF TIM FRESHMAN CLASS THE FRESHMAN COUNCIL-REPRESENTATIVES PROM SORORMEN FRATERNITIES. OFF-CAMPUS HOIMINO. AND DORMITORIES publications BOB KEN( ASR T ' LI IE RAH EDITORS BONNIE BUTLER AND ROGER LaVOIE 1961 seminole Boox wrrii A Puneosz the 1961 Seminole. Countless hours of planning, investigation, study, meetings, and ordinary work went into a yearbook designed to show to all the significance of the University of Florida. An entirely new organization was needed not only to produce a book of this calibre and size, but to fulfill the secondary objective of producing the book on time. Lit- erally thousands were called upon for their cooperation to make this " on time " dream possible. Layout and design were studied, photography perfected, copy compiled and re-written all by the relatively few number of people that compose the staff. But the fact remains that the book is produced by the students, and without the help of the many who gave it, the task would have been impossibly large. SARI JOHNSTON. PHOTOORAPHER Al. COOOLER. PHOTOGRAPHY COORDINATOR GARY PEACOCK. LITERARY EDITOR editorial staff EVER. EXECU YE. SECRETARY RUTH CHARNtS. CAMPUS EDITOR PHIL LAZZARA. ACTIVITIES EDITOR PEPI SPEILBERGER AND MARLYN MARKS. SORORITIES CO-EDITORS BARBARA SEVER, FINE ARTS EDITOR JUDY STILES. FEATURES Etc.:tit SERIOUSNESS PRIMUS: STAPP MEETINGS WERE PUNCTUAL. CONCISE, RELEVANT AND EXTREMELY REGULAR GEORGE SOLOMON. SPORTS EDITOR KIP FOWLER. FRATERNITIES EDITOR PAM HYDE AND DOROTHY HEYWARD. SENIOR CO-EDITORS LINDA DIAMOND. ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR JUDI ANDERSEN. INDEX EDITOR about the staff Those WitosE PicTunis appear on these pages are by far not what is usually considered a " staff. " They are, how- ever, the nucleus of those who worked on the many pages that compose the 1961 Seminole. The Section Editors were the " producers " of their individual section, but there were many others that composed the " cast. " LARRY TURNER. SUSINE I MANAGER Cathi Stedman who edited the Administration Section was unable to attend the " picture taking " session. Ken Kennedy, organizer and developer of the Miss Seminole Contest. Priscilla Sanborn who devoted her time to re- copying layouts. Cathi Little, Jane Lightcap and Tally Phillips whose work on the Student Life Section, last spring, made its publishing possible. Lee Sharp helped with the Activities Section and Joan Barice with Organi- zations. George Moore with copy and captions. Anna Chit and Susie Miller who were a tremendous help to every- one. BRYAN ELLIS. ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAOER the florida alligator JIM MOORHEAD. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PUBLISHING TWICE WEEKLY, Tuesday and Friday, the Florida Alligator reports to the students the progress and problems that confront our University and higher education in the state of Florida. The publication, under the direction and effort of a totally student staff, has served somewhat of a dual purpose this year. As stated in its tone-setting initial editorial of the year, the Alligator has opened its columns " to all facts and viewpoints " considered worthy of notice. But aside from this it has reported and led the way " in the role of an enlightened and excited student body in creating and per- petuating a really great university ... worthy of the title of ' home of higher It was not the effort or opinion of one person. It was the ideas and ideals of a university that were reported. aicK HEBERT. MANAOINO EDITOR ELEANOR YEAGER. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT BILL RUCHALT SPORIR EDITOR PAT TUNSTALL. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT NANCY HOOTER AND GEORGE MOORE. STAFF WRITERS. ING LAST MINUTES BEFORE PRESS TIME MOORIIEAD. HEBERT AND BUCHALTER WORK WITH PRINTERS TO MEET ' ONE OF THE BIWEEKLY DEADLINES EDITOR AND MANAGING EDITOR SOLVING LAYOUT PROBLEMS ALLIOATOR EDITORIAL STAFF STAFF WRITERS PRODUCE COPY RON JONES. BUSINESS MANAGER ALLIGATOR BUSINESS STAFF: FRONT ROW Gal JULIE McCLURE. RONNIE OOLDSTEIN. DOTTIE bfacDONALD. JAN WATKINS. JANE MILLER. CAROL LINGER. RACK ROW i L" R. ERGOT 08I005. LOUIS% BOOTH. RAY WATSON. DrETTE McPHERSON. RON ROT 118TION. BARBARA REELER alligator business SOLVING BUSINESS PRoscrals of one of the largest college newspapers is sometimes difficult. Faced with selling and budgetary problems this year ' s staff strived to iron out the difficulties of previous years. An increase in advertising and types of advertising have proven both rewarding and progressive toward making the Alligator an even more outstanding publication. CARL GRIFFITH. ASSISTANT BUSINE.Ls MANAGER BARBARA RESLER AND RONNIE GOLDSTEIN. ADVERT18INO STAVE 176 CAROL LINOER. JULIE McCLURE (OFFICE MANAGER) AND LOU BOOTH WORK OUT BUSINESS PROBLEMS florida orange peel FIRST IN THE NATION, according to the 1959-60 poll of college humor magazines, the Orange Peel was also named the country ' s most outstanding college humor magazine by the National Laugh Foundation. Although still " struggling " to gain favor with the admin- istration, the Peel has expanded itself from 36 to 52 pages, and continues to make a net profit far above other stu- dent publications. Deviation from the overly risque issues of the past has brought about a higher quality humor and a wonderful display of cartooning skill. From cover to cover, the Orange Peel will continue to harbor many laughs for both student and faculty, and will be sought after many months after its issue date. ALWAYS A SELLOUT! KEN FISCHER. ART IMMO: RON Ho PHs IN:N. iipsuoxs MANAGER DON ADDIS, EDITOR-IN" CHLEY ITS FUNNY! ORANOE PEEL STAMP. NAMES WITHHELD TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT 177 f-book The ' 61- ' 62 F Book, under the leadership of Dennis through his first year at the University. The new pocket- Keegan. Editor, will take on a new look this year. A sized edition will be released during the forthcoming completely new format will greet the Freshman Class Orientation Week. this fall, with special emphasis in guiding the freshman scope Scope is the new literary-all interest magazine covering a wide range of articles, pictures and stories. Headed by able Mike Donaldson the first issue published this Spring caught on with the students with much appeal. Supported by the Board of Student Publications the new magazine ventures into many interesting sidelights of this campus and its people. board of student publications R Members of the Board: Doty Secretary John . in Huth Cunningham. PrOfrILMIT Mandell 011attlert. Dr. Eleanor Bro" ar. enee, Barr Beth 0111111an and Dr. Ralph Thompson. 4 CHAIRMAN OP THE BOARD. HUGH CUNNINGHAM COORDINATOR AND ELECTOR of student publications and officers of the publication, respectively, the Board of Student Publications has this year become very activel y responsible for many improvements in the publications that they regulate. The Florida Alligator and the Seminole received over- hauling as to content and size. The F-Book, in coopera- tion with Student Government, was evaluated and re- vamped. A new publication, Scope, was an innovat- ing move of the Board. This " general magazine " will bring to the University a long needed combination of literary, informative, artistic and editorial work of both students and faculty. 179 various activities PRESIDENT ST SMARTS BRODIE WSA lacers: Stephanie Brodie. President; Dianne Fisher. Vice President; Ann De Share. Recording Sec Cora Randall. Corresponding Secretary: and Phoebe Haven. Treasurer. 4 , " women ' s student association A REPRESENTATIVE, SELF-GOVERNING body for the coeds of the University of Florida is the Women ' s Student Association. Composed of representatives elected from women ' s residence halls, sororities, and off-campus women, its master functions are those of coordinating women ' s activities, and making regulations that deal with the feminine portion of the University campus. A member of the Intercollegiate Association of Women ' s Student Governments, the WSA ' s activities this year include: Welcome Week, Homecoming Alumni Sign Up, Religion in Life Week work, Coedikette, a newsletter to freshman coeds, sending of a representative to the I.A.W.S. convention at the University of Wisconsin, and a sorority coffee. Working in conjunction with the University administra- tion the major aim of the past, present and future Wom- en ' s Student Association is to govern, to represent, to work together in order to promote a feeling of mutual interest among all women students. MESIBIUTS OP THE WOMEN ' S STUDENT ASSOCIATION u of f cheerleaders JIM. 00! SYLVIA IWO Brim FREDDIE JUMPS show pep and spirit How, Smarr, morale, moans, screams, laughter, tears all words that describe the part that the Cheerleaders lead in the life of many a sports enthusiast. With tireless energy, these orange, blue, and white clad acrobats, comedians, and " public address systems " joined together to call the plays for the " twelfth man " in every game that the Gators played this season. Tradi- tional cheers and spirit were enhanced by new yells and a tremendous spirit that helped guide the Gators through their victorious seasons in both football and basketball. Staging pep rallies around the blaze of a bonfire, bring- ing cheers from students and faculty by their frivolous activities on fields, courts, buses and Model T ' s, the Uni- versity of Florida Cheerleaders will remain a colorful part of campus life. Te squad II to r): Sylvia Palmer. am Stoker. Bonnie Butler, Peed Johnston. Carol POtnlay, Palmer Hendrick.. Carol Kepner. Tony Malin Plo Ann Milton. Dennis Kneen. Jeannie Shatter. Jim Kidd, C.-lento- Panther. and Capt. Ron Sarajian Florida union board PROVIDING CULTURAL, social and educational opportunities for University students, the Florida Union Board pro- vides the necessary things to make the University a " home away from home " . Among the many facilities that are available to students are the music listening room, barber shop, dark room, library, game room, and craft shop... Camp Wauberg proves a warm weather attrac- tion 184 UNION OFFICERS: CHARLES PILLANS. PRF-SIDENTI JILL. ADKISON SECRETARY: AND CAL ADAMS. VICE PHYSIDF.NT Board members (stated I to Dale EthanklIn. Pam Armstrong. Kay Botts, Tom Leon. Deed Jona. Anne Rothenberg. Jim Ettadletrnag Margaret Hendricks, and I to r ate Hal Stein. Era Rodriguez. Kathy Johnson, Nelson INC" toin David Johnson. Daty Caddy, au Adams. Jul Adkloon, Bill Pinney. and Charles Piliana. HOSTESS COMMIT; r} IN Ac: :ON Olt:ENS...T:0N florida union board . and the two FHOSII NIGH I VARIOUS CONIMInErs tot the Florida Union this year sponsored such activities as Gator Gras. Career Week, the Region Conference of the Association of College Unions. Camp Wauberg Play Day, the New York and Nassau trips and a multitude of bridge lessons, dances. international suppers, movies, forums, and coffee hours. Florida Union leaders have this year strived not only to feature all the opportunities that the union has to offer. but to make known these opportunities to all students. Ist; STIMULATION AND EXTENSION of religion on the Florida Campus is the goal of the newly named University Reli- gious Association. Representatives from each of the reli- gious centers have this year joined together to provide an interesting and informative religious program. Innovating several forums and a series of educational television programs, the URA also produced one of the most outstanding Religion-in-Life Weeks within the his- tory of the University. Solving special religious prob- lems, fostering interdenominational cooperation and inter- est, and coordinating mutual projects, the URA has expanded its activities to make known to all students the importance of religion in their college lives. HUMAN RELATIONS ARE DISCUSSED BY PRESIDENT KEN KENNEDY URA OPFICIALS AND GUESTS university religious association Members of the University Religious Aetoci" tion rront row it to nOloris 0.11. Sandra Smith. Jo Ann Austin. Andie Abernethy. Dr. Stine.. and Dr. Thompton auk row it to o Henry hate. Ken Rao:. Joe Anthony. Ben Atdd. Mike Bouchdnd and Maurice ?dyke! MnfillinE=WadelMEin 1.11111= 11" 1111MIT:1" 1-11" ' " air force rots RECEIVING A COMMISSION upon graduation, students that participate in the advanced program of AFROTC develop discipline and leadership capabilities to serve them in later life. A vital part of university life for nearly all male students ROTC has been a leading factor in producing the proverbial " Florida Man. " Military training is available in many of the vast number of fields within the USAF. Programs for observer and pilot training is available to both men and women stu- dents wishing to pursue commission upon graduation. 60` COLONEL VERNON S. SMITH. USAF THE BILLY MITCHELL DRILL TEAM LOOKED FORWARD TO! IMP. TWO. TIMEX. FOUR IS THAT CLEAN. MISTE1P THE OATOR GUARD army rotc C ST SES THE TRADITIONAL BATTLE between distraught ROTC stu- dents and the military department raged again this year. The question remained unanswered, but compulsory mili- tary training remained on the undergraduate curriculum. The instructional course offers the ROTC students knowl- edge in military tactics, organization, history, gunnery, topography, and other martial maneuvers. Commissioning ceremonies for graduating seniors are held each semester in conjunction with the University commencement. COLONEL GLENN A. PARRIS. TMS T ME MAO BEARERS THE LEADER OP THE OATOR (WARD 189 1 I fine arts University Gator Band University Symphony Orchestra Concert Band Symphonic Band Military Band Choral Union University Choir Men ' s Glee Club Women ' s Glee Club Florida Players Lyceum Council Campus Art TWILIGHT BAND cos( r THE UNIVERSITY CHOIR RINGS BEFORE THE GIRLS DORMS A DISTANT COUSIN .r!. ALBERT 192 THE FINE ARTS program in a school as large as the Uni- versity of Florida is very important, for through a pro- gram such as we have the student finds an outlet for participation, as well as observation, of the creative arts in progress. Through activities such as the bands ' Gator, Concert, Symphonic and Military; and choruses the University Choir, the Men ' s Glee Club, the Women ' s Glee Club and the Choral Union, and through programs offered by the Lyceum Council and the Florida Players, the student of the University and the resident of the Gainesville area is given an opportunity to enlighten his life and his gen- eral knowledge of the arts. Our bands and choruses are known throughout the South for their quality of performance and their training of the voice and instrumentalist. The Lyceum Council and the Florida Players ' programs are welcomed each year, as their productions are the finest in their fields. The stu- dent art shows are always well received. A great school has many faces. The Fine Arts of this school is but one of those faces, yet it is a very integral part of the student life at the University of Florida. THE SUMMER CHORAL UNIONS PRODUCTION OF OKLAHOMA A TwIcconT BAND CONCERT HAPPY If AJOItErft SPIRIT AND A PEP RALLY 193 university of florida " gators " REID POOLE. DIRECTOR OE BANDS RICHARD BOWLES. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF BANDS DAVID BROOKER AND LES RAND OFFICERS " L TO R. PUB. CIIMN. TOM STIDHAM. SECRETARY. FLORENCE CLINE. SMITH. DRUM MAJORS VICE PRESIDENT JAMES FAIRCHILD. PRESIDENT DAVID BROOKER OAT VP RAND AND OA - : DANCE 16 M. Wier?. .14" , likt" Liniga:Agor amt.?. _" --- " " -4 ' " r I .A tegopirolvirisaii 4. " IINI 1r 111101. I A. t " " " " THE OATORETIES ON DRUM: MARY OIUFRIDDA Standing Ginger Wien. Alice Garwood. Sue Maria:. su" an E" notman. Jean roan. Nancy Nickerson. Tandy Cooper, Loretta Easley and Shirley Queen. Kneeling: Wynn Brown. Carol Sue Markowitz. Karen Dale. Mary McAllister and Barbara Bates. Seated: Leslie Batty. Mona Wile and Rosalie Finley. FOOTBALL, SPIRIT, and the Gator Marching Band and Gatorettes all added to the excitement of fall Saturday afternoons at Florida. During halftime, all eyes were on the colorful shows of the finest band in Dixie. The band made eight appearances during football sea- son five on Florida Feld, two in the Orange Bowl and one in the Gator Bowl. The Band also represented the University at the Governor ' s Inaugural Parade in Tallahassee and ended its activities with the annual Gas- parilla in Tampa. In addition to the Marching Band, there are five other bands that play anything from jazz shows to concert performances. Few student organizations work as hard or contribute as much to the University community as the musicians of the Gator Band. ENTER: THE OATOR BAND THE GATORETTTS DANCE. GAILY TO THE MUSIC OF RAVEL AND " BOLERO " AS TIE BAND FORMS A SPANISH DISSION THF.SINGINO OF THE " ALMA AS THE BAND FORMS THAT FAMILIAR U OP F MONOGRAM THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA PRESENTING ONE or IIt. COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL students, faculty and townspeople compose the University Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Arnold Wirtala and Edward Troupin. The Orchestra strives to acquaint the individual with the great heritage of orchestral music and to give him the experience of ensemble performance in its richest and most varied forms. Included in the Orchestra ' s activities were two con- certs with the Choral Union and two formal concerts. The University Symphony also presented concerts for the sixth grade school children of Alachua County. ARNOLD WIRTAI.A, CONDUCTOR EDWARD CONOCCTnP. HEN WHAVIER. BUSINESS MANAOER A SYMPHONY PRACTICE SESSION RICHARD W. BOWLES CONDUCTS THE CONCERT BAND AT ONE OF THE POPULAR TWILIGHT CONCERTS GIVEN IN TILE PLAZA OP THE AMERICAS THE SYMPHONIC BAND IN CONCERT THE UNIVERSITY OP FLORIDA MILITARY BAND 197 choral union TUN CHORAL UNION THE UNIVERSITY Choral Union is an organize- " tion of 250 people posed of students, fac- ulty and townspeople. This year the Choral Union presented a Christmas Concert in the Florida Gym, ac- companied by the Sym- phony Orchestra. During the second se- mester the group pre- sented two perform- ances of the Requiem by Verdi in the Uni- versity Auditorium, ac- companied by the Sym- phony Orchestra. MARY HOt7R8 OP PRACTICE 00 INTO A PIMPORMANCE BY 71111 CHORAL UNION 198 KLWOOD J. KE1877IR. DIRECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY CHOIR AND CHORAL UNION university choir THE UNIVERSITY CHOIR SINOINO IN A STUDENT RRLIOIOUS CENTER ON CAMPUS THE UNivEasrry CHOIR is a highly select group of seventy singers which practices daily throughout the year. In addition to presenting the Brahms ' Requiem with the Choral Union each year, the Choir annually takes a week- long tour during the semester break. A varied repertoire of music specially arranged for mixed voices gives the Choir the opportunity to perform for the University students all during the year in a manner that is of the highest in musical performance and entertain- ment. In addition to performing on their annual tour over the state and through the South, the University Choir sings with the Symphony Orchestra and the Choral Union. UNIVERSITY CHOIR men ' s glee club MINS 01.1:.: CLUB IN PERFORMANCE THE MAIN OBJECTIVES of the Men ' s Glee Club as out- lined in their charter are: to present the University of Florida to the public in such a way as to promote the best interests of the University, to provide programs of cultural and entertaining music, and to stimulate interest in vocal music at the University of Florida. Under the direction of Guy B. Webb, the Glee Club has prospered to include an ensemble group within the ranks of the vocalists, The Floridians. This popular group ap- peared on the " recital " TV programs and at the Rotary luncheon. The Men ' s Glee Club appeared at the pre-game banquet before the game, sang in the Caribbean Conference, and sang at Gator Growl, and in Religion in Life Week. MUSICAL FACES IN? DIRECTOR TIlE OFFICERS: DON SWEAT. PURLICITY MANAGER: TRACY CONNERS. Rumen MANAGER: MR WEN. DIRECT011; AND LAWSON SPARE. PIIRSIDENT DR. WEBS DIRECTING HIS SOTS women ' s glee club DELBERT sl 11. LE.HPU.R.). THE WOMEN ' S Gin CLUB is composed of sixty carefully selected young ladies. The group is known all over the state for its beautiful expressions in song. Each year thirty-six of the members are chosen for the semester break tour. Those chosen are known as the Singing Sweethearts. Founded in 1948. the Women ' s Glee Club is directed by Delbert Sterrett. The group has sung in Jamaica, the Bahamas, and all over the South. On campus, they par- ticipate in Gator Growl, in concerts of their own, and in Christmas on Campus. THE RINGING 514 ' KP:711EARTS 201 florida players THE FLORIDA PLAYTAS THE FLORIDA PLAYERS has recently completed its thirtieth year as an active theatre organization on the University of Florida campus. Since its origin in 1931, under the supervision of Professor H. P. Constans, Florida Players has presented over 135 major productions and has had associated with it over 400 student actors and technicians. In addition to its program of major productions, Florida Players has expanded its activities to include a laboratory theatre program, a state-wide high school play festival and other events. The organization has maintained a policy of introducing each student to as many varied forms of drama and as many playwrights as possible throughout the school year. ACEOILE TAKE A ENEAE IIERIOESNESS IN LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL Pr: ILIZA ARGUES WITH BEN IN LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL look homeward angel THIS STORY, in one theatrical season already lished as a great American classic, is a recreation of the family of Eugene Grant. Eliza, Eugene ' s mother, is obsessed by her material holdings and raises barriers against the love of her own family. the glass menagerie TENNESSEE WILLIAMS ' story of a mother, son and daughter living in poverty in a St. Louis apartment has won worldwide acclaim and was well received on the Florida campus. The mother, Amanda Wingfield, strives to give meaning and direction to their lives, but her methods are irritating and ineffective. A SCENE PROM TIE CLASS SIENAOERIE ED.: AND:AI:A :N IRE PLAY 203 APPEARINO BEFORE THEIR TRAGIC MEDEA medea MEDEA. THE MODERN STORY Of a woman in a man ' s world. was chosen to supplement the Humanities program of the University. typical of the excellent programming of the Florida Players. This play, written by the Greek Eu- ripides. tells of a woman used by her husband. then tragically tossed aside. PUZZLED teahouse of the august moon THIS HILARIOUS STORY of an Army Occupation officer stationed in a remote town in Okinawa was very en- thusiastically received on campus. The problems that he encounters, both tender and very funny, provided the audi ence with a most enjoyable evening. THE OFPICER AND THE 0E1811A GIRL Tits STORY of Charlie Reader, a bachelor in New York who ' s living the ideal life, or so it seems to his friend Joe McCall, was the main summer production of the Florida Players. Charlie has an elegant apartment, a good job, and millions of girls. To Joe, who has come to New York with a so-called cure for the common cold, Charlie is on easy street. Joe becomes interested in Sylvia Crews, the coolest of Charlie ' s girls. Charlie gets interested in a girl right out of college, Julie Gillis, and in the resulting romancing gets himself engaged to two girls. After many hilarious moves, Charlie gets straight and Joe and he are satisfied. LARRY. CHARLIE. AND A FRIEND A REHEARSAL SCENE the tender trap JULIE AND THE BOSS A BREAKFAST SCENE FROM THE SU ' r.tlUt PRODUCTION or `TINDER TRAP " a. MAIZINF 1:A%0 FORMAL PORTRAIT. " AND IN CONCERT DAVID WILSON. PIANIST lyceum council THE LYCEUM COUNCIL REPRF. ' C Al IVES EGAD PIRATES THE PIANO.VIOLIN-SOLOIST GROUP. MANHATTAN SOLOISTS LT. COL ALBERT SCOF:PPER DIRECTING rm: I; MARINE HAND NEIL RANKIN. MEZZO-SOPRANO ;ifs MIS YEAR the Council continued the plan of dividing its presentations into two groups, an artist series and a spe- cial series. Among the artist series the Lyceum brought the U. S. Marine Band, the Baltimore Symphony Orches- tra, the National Opera Company ' s production of Carmen, and the Andre Eglevsky Petit Ballet. The special series included the Manhatten Soloists, pianist David Gibson, Grishman-Ryce violin-piano duo, and William Clauson, balladeer and guitarist. Another very sucessful year for the Lyceum Council. THE NATIONAL OPERA CONIPANYM PRODUCTION OF " CARMEN " THROUGHOUT THE school year at various times one can wander through the lounges and buildings of the campus and find art shows very interesting and always varied. Shows in the Florida Union, particularly in Bryan Lounge, always attract the students ' attention. Weekly art displays in the Library and displays of water color, structures and oils help the student and art lover develop a taste for the beauty and life of art. Shows this year included the Seventh All Campus Art Show, a display of Indonesian Contemporary Crafts, and a Religion in Art display, plus many other interesting exhibits. CREATIVITY FORMALITY VARIETY FORM IN BRONZE ABSTRACTION 208 Contentment ecncentratIon and art Opinions sometimes become dramatic SPORTS Football Basketball Baseball Track Swimming Golf Tennis Intramurals Coed Intramurals FOOTBALL HALFBACK DOUG PAR11N CUT SHORT HIS FOOTBALL CAPTAIN BILL HOOD PONDERS FLORIDA ' S FOOTBALL POTENTIAL CAREER ATTER A KNEE INJURY IN THE TECH OAME HOT SEPTEMBER DAYS THE OATORH PRACTICED DAILY honors for the gators RAY Gnaws was named coach of the year in the SEC and five Gators were on all-conference teams. Quarterback Larry Libertore was named SEC sophomore of the year. Perhaps the greatest honor was given by the University of Georgia Bulldogs who voted Florida the best team they faced all year. " Next Year " had finally come. SMALL INJURIES WERE PREVALENT DURINO THE HOT PRACTICE SESSIONS LINE COACH OENE ELLENSON AND TACKLE JIM BEAVER TALK THINOS OVER DURING A PRACTICE M.M.SION the dynamic new coach THE TOWER OP STRENGTH PROM WHICH HEAD COACH RAY ORATES WATCHES OVER HIS CHARGES COACH DRAMS MEETS WITH OFFICIALS PRECEDING THE PUBLIC SPEAKER GRAVES DELIVERS A TALK BEFORE. GATOR SUPPORTERS AT THE OPENING AGAINST GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY ANNUAL BREAKFAST BEFORE THE GEORGIA GAME SUMMIT CONFERENCE AMONG COACH GRAVES. BACKFIELD COACH PEPPER RODGERS. LINE COACH JACK GREEN. AND QUARTERBACK LARRY LIBER" TORE IN HIS FIRST YEAR as head coach at Florida, Ray Graves led the Gators to their finest season in history. Graves was chosen by University President Dr. J. Wayne Reitz. to replace Bob Woodruff. Previously he had been Georgia Tech Head Coach Bobby Dodd ' s chief assistant. Critics said he had been too well trained in defensive football and the Florida football fortunes would not ad- vance under him. The critics were silenced after Florida ' s exciting season, and Graves was named Southeastern Conference Coach of the year. THE COACH AND THE CAPTAIN RAY GRAMS AND BILL HOOD FLORIDA FANS LOOK UNDER UMBRELLAS AS THE OATORS BEAT THE ?SU SEMINOLES IN THE OPENING HOME GAME RAIN OR RHINE the Gators played to tremendous crowds this year. More than a million watched on television as the Gators stopped Baylor in the Gator Bowl New Year ' s Eve. Over 50,000 watched in the stands. The Florida-Miami tilt drew 60,000 to the Orange Bowl and the Gator-Bulldog battle hosted nearly 50,000 in the Gator Bowl. CHEERLEADER BONNIE BUTLER POUND OUT A MD3APHONE MAKES A PRETTY 000D RAIN HAT crowds and rain and football rioan)A Hr::.!) N CRONVOKI1 EN!. !.% N 11.11:1 A`f LINK. COACH JACK OR :N OM ' S LAST MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS TO PLAYERS AS THEY ENT7:R THE. GAME gators opened with a win COACH ORATES TALKS TO THE GATORS WHO WENT ON TO BEAT GEORGE WASHINOTON. 30-7 HALFBACK DICK SKELLY GAINS IS YARDS ON AN END RUN AGAINST THE COLONIALS 216 JACKSONVILLE, SEPTEMBER 17 Quarterback Larry Lib ertore led the Florida Gators to a 30-7 victory over George Washington University before 14,000 fans in the Gator Bowl. The Colonials held the Gators scoreless for the first quar- ter, but halfback Doug Partin broke through for a 60-yard touchdown run early in the second period. Later in the period Libertore threw to Bruce Starling for a 12-yard TD and quarterback Bobby Dodd Jr. snuck over from the one to give the Gators an 18-0 half-time lead. In the third quarter, fullback Don Goodman raced 14 yards for a touchdown and Libertore concluded the scor- ing with a two-yard sweep around right end. SEASON ' S FIRST TOUCHDOWN WAS SCORED BY HALFBACK DOUG PARTIN ON A 00-YARD RUN JUST LIKE LIGHTNINO. QUARTERBACK LARRY LIBERTORE PICKS UP IS YARDS AGAINST GEORGE WASHINGTON first victim: george washington, 30-7 TIIE CHEERLEADERS HAD PLENTY TO YELL ABOUT AFTER THE GATORS SEASON-OPENING WIN IN THE LOCKER ROOM AT HALF TIME. COACH ORAVIO3 MAPS PLANS WITH PLAYERS RINGOLD. GILES. DEAL AND MstOIDITH GAINESVILLE, SEPTEMBER 24 The attempted bribery of fullback Jon MacBeth almost overshadowed Florida ' s narrow 3.0 victory over cross-state rival Florida State University. MacBeth was the hero of the day as he helped cap- ture two gamblers who gave him $1,500 to " shave points " off the score. Sophomore end Billy Cash scored the game ' s only points when he kicked a 35-yard field goal in the last seven minutes of the first half. It was Florida ' s third straight win in the young rivalry. Halfback Doug Partin was awarded the Governor ' s Trophy as the game ' s outstanding player. HALFBACK LINDY !BEANIE .33. KNOCKED DOWN THIS ESE PASS WHICH OVERSHOT SEMINOLE END FRED CRIMES IIIE GATORS SEEM MORE ISiERES1ED IN THE. RIM!! CrE III: SECOND HALF THAN IN THIS GATORETTE gators slip by seminoles, 3-0 PLENTY Oy nl ...In. lP OF 1,110;RToi: DURING THE THIRD QUO: I t. IN THE INTRA-STATE RATTLE JON M" cHETH SEEMS TO HE THINKING HARD DURING THE I.SU GAME AMER HE SPOILED GAMBLERS ' QUICK MONEY PLANS CENTER BOB WEHKINO GETS INSTRUCTIONS FROM. COACHES DURING THE GAME TWO SEMINOLES STOP HALFBACK LINDY INFANTE AFTER IMF. GAINIn FIVE YARDS P8U END TONY ROMEO ($0) LUNOE8 AT QUARTERBACK LARRY LIBERTORIC (HI WHO COMPLETED THIS PASS IN THE SECOND QUARTER mr the two points that made the gators AFTER THE BLOCK FROM BOB HOOVER. QUARTERBACK LARRY LIBERTORE GAINS Id YARDS IN THE SECOND QUARTER AGAINST TECH WITH Just 33 SECONDS LEFT 10 PLAY. HALFBACK LINDY INFANTE CROSSES 1HE (ioAl. FOR wIlAT MANY CALLED FLORIDA ' S GREATEST TOUCHDOWN GAINESVILLE, OCTOBER 1 Florida scored one of its greatest football victories. edging Georgia Tech. 18-17 before 39.000 fans who couldn ' t stop yelling. " Two. Two. Two " and " We wrecked Tech. " After a see-saw battle. the Cators marched 85 yards in the final six minutes. reaching the Tech line with only 33 seconds left to play. At that point, Lindy Infante bulled over from the four on a pitchout from FULLBACK DOS GOODMAN 18 HALTED AFT ER A IS-YARD CAIN THROUGH THE. MIDDLE OF THE TECH LINE COACH GRAVEM AND PLAYERS ARE ELATED AFTER FLORIDA ' S 18" 17 VICTORY OVER TECH Larry Libertore. Libertore then hit Jon MacBeth with a pass in the end zone for the all important two points. The spirit of the " go for two " was an inspiration to the Gators all year. CAPTAIN WWI. HOOD AND HAIE BACK GENF: PAGE STOP TECH HALFBACK CHICK OHANNINO QUARTERBACK LARRY LIBERTORE GAINS SIX YARDS IN THE FIRST QUARTER AGAINST RICE COMING UP PAST TO STOP RICE ' S ROLAND JACKSON IS OATOR HALFBACK OENEPAOE MIAMI, OCTOBER 15 Rice knocked Florida from the ranks of the unbeaten with a 10-0 victory before a crowd of 17,000 in the Orange Bowl. Although they threatened, the Gators could not score. Rice scored a touchdown in the first quarter and added a field goal in the final period. BOBBY DODD JR. GETS CONGRATULATIONS PROM COACH GRAVES Amu COMPLETING A PASS AGAINST RICE bad night against the owls OWLS CLOSE IN TO STOP HALFBACK BOB . 1 HALFBACK DON DEAL BREAKS THROUGH FOR A 810 GAIN AGAINST VANDERBILT IN THE THIRD QUARTER AMER I ' ICKINO UP SIX YARDS. FULLBACK DON GOODMAN IS STOPPED BY THE COMMODORES vandy victory back home MANY COMMODORES OLT INTO THE ACT STOPPINO PULLBACK JON Warn ATTER HE PICKED UP FIVE YARDS END TOM ILZII Y GOES TOR A VANDY FUMBLE GAINESVILLE, OcToBER 15 Back on Florida Field, the Gators returned to their winning ways and beat Vanderbilt 12-0 before 31,000 fans. Vandy held Florida scoreless the first half, but halfback Bob Hoover broke loose on a 15-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. Quarterback Larry Libertore ' s 58-yard run in the fourth quar- ter set up the final Gator score. On fourth and six, the Gators faked a field goal and Libertore passed to Don Deal in the end zone. A TOUCHDOWN FOR HALFBACK BOB HOOVER CLUE AFTER A 15-YARD JAUNT HA: FEAVE ROR HOOVER IS STOPPED AFTER A SIIORT GAIN IN THE FIRST QUARTER a win in tiger stadium, 13-10 ' : " !I) COULON T FIND AD It RI ' FFNINH ROOM BATON ROM. LA.. OCTOBER 22 Two field goals by Billy Cash and a 66-yard jaunt by Larry Libertore gave Florida a 13-10 victory over LSU in front of 47.000 stunned fans. On the first play of the game. Libertore scatted right through the middle of the LSU line for a 66-yard down. Later in the game Cash kicked two field goals. one a 47-yarder and a SEC record. " ' HEE OfFEH I:MEE:ACK (;00)MAN AS HE RETURN ' !HE (0" 1.%:`,. Et0 F " !! VA1Z;EF lone loss on florida field FULLBACK ED DYAS ' FIELD GOAL IN TEE THIRD QUARTER OPERATING PROM A SPREAD FORMATION. QUARTERBACK LIBERTORE PICKS VP 12 YARDS AND A FIRST DOWN IN THE FOURTH QUARTER OF FLAY GAINESVILLE, OCTOBER 29 Auburn handed Florida its only SEC defeat, 10-7, in a bitterly fought con- test before 40,000. Auburn scored after a 60-yard march in the first period and Florida matched this with a 70-yard sus- tained drive in the second quarter. Bob Hoover scored the Florida touchdown and Cash kicked the points. Auburn ' s Ed Dyas ' 31-yard field goal in the third quarter proved to be the margin of victory. YOOT BALL 7 I KING LOT GATOR END PAT PATCHEN BARELY MISSED BLOCKING AUBURN FULLBACK ED DYAS ' FIELD GOAL IN THE THIRD QUARTER gators rebound against the bulldogs END NICK ARPARAS IS BROUGHT DOWN ON THE CIEORCHA SIX YARD LINE AFTER CATCHING A 16-YARD PASS PROM LIBERTORE JACKSONVILLE, NOVEMBER 5 The largest crowd ever to see a game in the Gator Bowl-48,622 sat in amazement as Florida trounced Georgia, 22-14. The Gators scored early and often, taking the opening kickoff 77 yards for a touchdown. Georgia fumbled the ensuing Gator kickoff and Florida moved from the Georgia 28 to another touchdown. Fullback Don Good- man scored both touchdowns from one yard out and Billy Cash kicked both extra points. Quarterback Bobby Dodd scored a touchdown and two-point conversion on the opening drive of the second half to put Florida ahead 22-0. Georgia stormed back for two touchdowns in the final period, but the Gators held the score to 22-14. GEORGIA ' S ALL" EC QUARTERBACK FRANCIS TARKENTON ZS RUSHED BY FLORIDA ' S TWO ALL-SEC LINEMEN MIRANDA AND PATCHIDI 226 END BILLY CASH " CASHED IN FOR AN EXTRA POINT AFTER GATORS ' FIRST TOUCHDOWN LIBERTORE FOR 12 ON THE GAMES OPENING PLAY. GOODMAN ON THE MOVE FLORIDA ' S SECOND DONS CAME SHORTLY Arricte THE. FIRST WHEN DON MAN BULLED OVER THY. SCORE BULLDOG ENO ItAY CLARK STOPS DODD APTER HP GAINS FIX QUARTERBACK BOBBY DODD JR. 0018 FOR TWO AOATNST GEORGIA TO OWE THE OATORZ A 22-0 LEAD. THIS BULLDOG WASN ' T TOO HAPPY. srour the homecoming victory over tulane ARFA! ' :. I MY CAMP mrrEit. GAINESVILLE, NOVEMBER 12 Before a Homecoming crowd of 44,000, the Gators completed their best Southeastern Confere nce season by beating Tulane, 21-6. Florida thrilled the crowd with its exciting play early in the game. Midway in the first period, halfback Bob Hoover burst through tackle and powered his way 40 yards for the game ' s first touchdown. Billy Cash kicked the extra point and Florida led, 7-0. Later in the same quarter, quarterback Bobby Dodd, Jr., passed 32 yards to Bruce Starling for the second touch- down. In the second period, halfback Paul White recovered a Tulane fumble on the Green Wave 21 yard line. A few plays later, fullback Don Goodman went around left end from the one to score. Tulane ' s only touchdown came with only 59 seconds remaining in the first half when Adriane Colon inter- cepted a Dodd pass and raced 70 yards to score. The second half was scoreless as the Gators won, 21.6. A P1RST DOWN TOR GOODMAN MACBETIS SNARES A PASS miami didn ' t even score MIAMI, Nov. 26 Before more than 61,000 fans in the Orange Bowl, the Gators blasted Miami, 18-0, to cap the greatest Florida sea- son since 1929 and receive a bid to play in the Gator Bowl game. Florida made its first break in the opening quarter when Nick Arfaras recovered a fum- bled punt on the Miami 23. Two plays later, Bobby Dodd Jr. threw to Tom Kelley for a first clown on the Miami six. Dodd scored three plays later. The Gators marched 60 yards for their next touchdown with Quarterback Larry Liber- tore going the final nine yards on a beautiful nine-yard run through the Miami line. Florida put the icing on the cake when Goodman capped a 55-yard sustained drive by scoring from the two in the third period. By beating Miami and FSU, Florida cap- tured the mythical state championship for the fourth straight year. the ninth win in the gator bowl is close JACKSONVILLE, Duman 31 Florida ' s amazing Gators nipped Baylor, 13-12, for the Gator Bowl Championship and cli- maxed the greatest season in the school ' s football history. A capacity crowd of 50,112 jammed the enlarged Gator Bowl while millions watched the game on nationwide tele- vision. Baylor drove early in the game to the Florida four yard line where the Gators made a great goal line stand. Midway through the second quarter, Fullback Don Goodman got Florida ' s first touchdown on a three yard shot off tackle. Billy Cash ' s extra point was good and the Gators were on top. Late in the half, guard Chet Collins put the rush on Baylor quarterback Ronnie Stanley causing him to fumble in the Baylor end zone. Tackle Ronnie Slack and guard Larry Travis were given credit for the touch- HOOVER THE MOVER FINDS YARDAGE TOUGH TO OZT AOADIST TUE BEARE END PAT PATCHES STOPS BAYLOR HALFBACK EVANS AFTER A SHORT OATH. BAYLOR ' S PASSING WHIZ. RONNIE STANLEY IS SPILLED BY OATOR TACKLE FLOYD DEAN IN TUE THIRD QUARTER. 230 OATOR COACHES RODOERS. OREEN. ORATES. DONALDSON AND ELLENSON WATCH THE EXCITING OATOR BOWL ACTION. oUARD LARRY TRAVIS FALLS ON A BAYLOR HUMBLE. BUT TACKLE RONNIE SLACK CAME UP WITH THE BALL TO LIVE A LINEMAN " DREAM. THE FLORIDA LINE EX IMITINO THE TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF RUSHING ABILITY THAT WAS PROVED IN OATOR BOWL. down which put Florida ahead at half- time, 13-0. Baylor stormed back in the final quarter, getting six points early in the period. With less than three minutes in the game, Bobby Ply threw a perfect 40 yard pass to Ronnie Goodwin to put the ball on the Florida three. From there Ronnie Bull scored to put Baylor down by a point. There Baylor went for two as the crowd held its breath. A pass to Goodwin, the best receiver in the Southwest Confer- ence, slid through his fingers and the Ga- tors won it, 13-12. Someone was looking out for the Gators that day. For his team leadership and outstanding play, Larry Libertore got the award as the game ' s most valuable player. Other outstanding performers were Vic Miranda, Ronnie Slack, Pat Patchen, Larry Tarvis and Bill Hood. A nice way to end a great year. 231 First Row: (Left to Rights Sonny Giles, Ronnie Slack. Vic Miranda. Don Deal. Pat Patchen, Bill Hood, Nick Atfarm. Don Senterfilt, Itccer Seals, Bob Wehking. Ken Norris. Second Row: ' Left to Right ' Paul Target ' s . Dick Camille:IL Wade Entzminger. Gene Page. Dare Fee. Don Goodman. Chet Collins. Paul White. Doug Partin. Jim Young. Lamar Peace, Scotty Dunlop, Mike McVay. Third Row: (Left to Rights Dick Jones. Jim Eaten,. Tom Gregory. L. E. Hicks. Sam Mack. Torn Hay. Jack Woodall. Mark Whitehead, Larry Travis, Larry Lther- tore. Bob Hauck. Ed Dunn. Charlie Oil ' . Fourth Row: ' Left to Rights Clayton Pickles. Floyd Dean. John Sexton. Tom Smith, Bobby Dodd. Bruce Starling. Brum Culpepper. Gerald Odom, Anton Peters, Gerald Stephens. Rod Albaugh. Lindy Infante. Norman Anderson. Fifth Row: (Left to Rights Jim timer. Don Johnson: Jim Miller, Henry Farmer. George Tedder. Gene Green. Don Loucks. Torn Kelley. Doug Mercer. Tom Batten. Jerome Jones. Ron Worthington, Rob Hoover. Sirth Row: ' Left to Rights Cecil Erin. Ed Braddy. Dave Mynah. Rick Sweazie.Dave Bludworth, Walt Hickenlooptr. Jerome Shaw. Run Staples, Wayne Nallk Sob Sten:tr. Dick Skelly. Billy Cash. Sam Holland. Don Ringgold, Jon MacfSeth. " rr W 1 h 1117:Cs , at ' X 4. It -ter 41P " - " 411 , THE GATORS compiled the best record in Florida football history with nine victories and two defeats. Ray Graves was named SEC Coach of the Year and Guard Vic Miranda and End Pat Patchen were named to the All-SEC first team. Quarterback Larry Libertore was named outstanding sophomore in the conference. VARSITY COACHING STAFF: ,nrst row. left to rights Scarborough. Dunn. Rodgers, Green. and Donaldson. (second rows Eltenson, Fuller, Graves. Powell. Mauer, and Eibner. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Florida 30 George Washington Florida 3 Florida State Florida 18 Georgia Tech Florida 0 Rice Florida 12 Vanderbilt Florida 13 L.S.U. Florida 7 Auburn Florida 22 Georgia Florida 21 Tulane Florida 18 Miami Gator Bowl Florida 13 Baylor SAM LANKFORD. HEAD TRAINS:: 0 17 10 0 10 10 14 6 0 12 DOC LANKFORD HEALS COLLINS ' WOUNDS. the baby gators THE 1960 FLORIDA FRESHMAN football team finished its campaign with a 1-2 won-lost record. The season started with a 15-14 loss to Miami. Only a point conversion kept the Gators from winning. Just ten days later, Florida won a thriller from Auburn, 16-14. In the final game, the Gators led FSU going into the fourth period, but the Seminoles scored three quick touchdowns and won, 26-11. Pint Row: ' Left to Right --Pat Willingham. Jack Thompson. Douglas Jensen. Bob Thompson. !Inlet Pearson. George Reinhart. John Dent. David Tyler. Second Row: Thad Omen. Richard RObettg. Kenneth Russell. Tom Alderson. Bob Johnson. Bob Cook. Bob TiRinger. James Rernh" rdt. Jun O ' Donnell. Third Row: Frank Foster. Jim Bastervillt. Charles Baldwin. Joe Hartley. William Sone.. Pete Smith. John rattail. Dalton Bray. Robert Lindsey. Ifsgood Clark. Fourth Row: Rum Brown. Torn Campbell. Dennis Attain. Samuel Leonard. Park Jones. Bob Bostwick. Tom Jones. Jimmy Elliott. Rumen Mercer. Kenneth Bowen. Wayne McLeroy. Robert Lockett. 1960-61 basketball season GATORS ' LUTE ODES FOR REBOUND AOAINST TEXAS TECH IN HIS FIRST YEAR, Basketball Coach Norman Sloan has proven to basketball teams throughout the South that Florida will be hard to beat in the years to come. Sloan did a tremendous rebuilding job at the Citadel and did the same at Florida. Captain Bobby Shiver, Lou Merchant, and Carl Luyk were standouts on Sloan ' s first Florida team. Other mem- bers of the team were Paul Mosny, George Jung, Neil Cody, Ronnie Poh, Buddy Bales, Carlos Morrison, Joe Metzger, and Joe Meigs. The Gators were 15-11 on the year and 9-6 in the S.E.C. Sloan got S.E.C. Coach of the Year and Merchant made All-S.E.C. first team. CLASSY ALL SEC GUARD LOU MERCHANT WAS ON OATOR HOWL TOURNAMENT ALLSTAR TRAM norm sloan ' s first season CAPTAIN BOBBY SHIVER SCORES 1W0 AGAINST OEOROIA OUARD PAUL MOSSY 18 TOO QUICK FOR THIS .111 PLAYER A MO CROWD thrilling games and a crowded gym GATORS ' SHIVER REBOUNDS THE BASKETBALL. GATORS could really play ball, especially when they were trailing and wanted a victory for the home crowd. The fans suddenly came alive at the first of the season and stayed behind the Gators, win or lose. The screaming and yelling, the applause, and the paper on the floor when the referees made a " bad call " will long ne remembered. And who can forget going to the game as late as 7:30 and getting a bad seat. 237 RIO CLIP? ISO AND CARLOS MORRISON BATTLE FOR REBOUND AS THE OATORS PULL AHEAD OF TECH CUPP WYK, PLAYINO WITH A PACE MASK TO PROTECT BROKEN NOSE. HAS THE RANGE FOR A FLORIDA FIELD GOAL CARLOS MOOSE. MORRISON LAYS UP A SHOT AGAINST TEXAS TECH THAT IIAOIC TOUCH BY BOBBY SHIVER ADDS UP TO TWO FLORIDA POINTS IIUSTLINO RONNIE P011 BATS HALL AWAY FROM JACKSONVILLKS JIM KIRKLAND IN GAME WON HY THE OATORS. JUNG WITH A HOOK SHOT AGAINST ODIOROIA IN THE OATOR BOWL TOURNAMENT SHIVER AND TECH ' S PATTY LOOK LIKE THEY ' RE TRYING TO BALANCE. TEE BALL. BUT REALLY Tl1EY RE AETER THE REBOUND " MY RAU. - SAYS oAl pllS JOE M1717.0ER IN REBOUND CONTEST WITH 0E01(CHA ' S PAT CASEY SLOAN, a former North Carolina State player, is assisted by Bob Swander (ex-Memphis State star) and Freshman Coach Jim McCachren. The team performed well all season and shows great promise for the future. A trip to Winston-Salem, N. C., Houston and Dallas, Tex., were highlights of the season. SUBS i LEFT TO METZGER. CODY, MEIOS AND BALES WATCH THE ACTION MERCHANT HITS FOR THE GATORS BEHIND SHIVERS SCREEN 238 UNDERHANDER BY ROBBY SHIVER IS GOOD AS THE GATORS SCORE TWO MORE PLENTY OP TROUBLE 78 GIVEN TO OF.OROIAPS JOHN JOHNSON 001 BY MORRISON AND METZGER k32) sot IMO A FAST BREAK LATCH BY 7.1rI7.0ER IS GOOD IN GEORGIA GAME DYNAMIC NORMAN SLOAN CHEERS HIS GATORS TO EARLY SEASON VICTORY " 239 AN EXCITING PART OP THE GAME VARSITY ' S JUNO SCORES AOAINST BABY OATORS IN ANNUAL VARSITY- FRESHMAN GAME. FOR DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS FUND FLORIDA ' S FRESHMAN TEAM this year was one of the best in the school ' s history and should produce some out- standing varsity candidates next year. The team had little trouble defeating other freshman teams and junior colleges around the state. Coached by Jim McCachren, the Baby Gators made their sea- son a success early by routing arch rival Florida State, 78-59, in Tallahassee. The Baby Gators were led by the shooting of Paul Morton and Taylor Stokes. Dick Reedy and Eddie Clark showed outstanding rebounding ability and scored well at times. Bob Paterson is an excellent ball handler. JIM MCCACIIREN, FRESHMAN COACH PASKICI PA: A gators outstanding post 15-11 record :TIIVER DRILLS A LAYUP IN AGAINST TEXAS ' MCI CAPTAIN POBUY SHIVER AND COACH NORMAN SLOAN JUNO AND LOTH PROVE TO BE TOUGH UNDER THE BOARDS TOR THE FIGHTING GATORS baseball in 1960 eastern sec champs ALL-AMERICA CENTIMPIELDIER PERRY IS OUT SLIDING INTO FIRST IN A GAME AGAINST NORTH CAROLINA UNDEFEATED PITCHER DON CREART SHOWS HIS PORN( IN THE GAME AOAINST NORTH CAROLINA. hfcCREARY PITCHED A TER AS THE OATORS WON. 16-0. COACH DAVE FULLER and the 1960 Florida baseball team won the Southeastern Conference ' s Eastern Division last Spring and finished second to North Carolina in the Dis- trict III playoffs at Gastonia, N. C. The Gators had their 11th winning season under Fuller since he took over in 1948. Overall, Florida was 16-12 for the season, and 12-6 in the conference. The Gators lost to Mississippi in the final SEC playoff, but went to the Regionals as representatives of the con- ference. Up from the freshman team are catcher Dave Porter, pitcher Charlie Anderson, infielders All Lopez and Cary Lanoux. CATCHER PAUL BOOHER BEATS A PICKOFF ATTEMPT BACK TO FIRST IN THE AUBURN OARS. WON BY THE GATORS FIRST ROW: Left to right: Batboys. Len Puller and John Puller. SECOND ROW: L.R: Don McCreary. Ray Oestricher, Gary MacFarlane. Yennte Pent. Dennis Anal and Bill Chapman. THIRD NOW: L-R: Butch Talbot. Dale Landress, Don PM ming. Leon Dorsett, Paul Boone: and Bill Saba. FOURTH ROW: L-R: Al Richardson. Dane Pierctfleld, John Letting ' s-II. C. W. Price. Charlie Bean and Norbert Lado. FIFTH ROW: L-R: Lynn Howle, Ronnie Vertigo 1. Jim MUM.. Tom Moore. Jerry John, and Rickey Smith SIXTH ROW: L-R: Gary Ruhmeyer. manager. Dave Puller, coach. Perry McOrlff. Len Schein loft and Jack HerskowItg track team sparkles KM IN RIM SKY OOSS PLORIDA ' S ACE BROAD JUMPER. ART FOSTER WALT BUETNER. FLORIDA ' S TOP WEIGHT MAN. STRAINS AS HS THROWS THE. DISCUS IN TIE. FLORIDA RELAYS HENRY WADSWORTH. Florida ' s outstanding pole vaulter and high jumper, brought the Gators national track fame and came within inches of participating in the Olympic Games in Rome last summer. Wadsworth tied for third place in the Olympic trials last July, but Dave Clark was awarded third place and the trip to Rome because he failed to miss at the 15-feet-3- inch mark. Wadsworth missed once and vaulted over the bar on his next try. The Gators finished a close second in the Southeastern Conference Meet and the Florida Relays. Wadsworth set new records in the high jump and pole vault. Tommy Michels won both Southeastern Conference hur- dle events and Ron Allen took the 880-yard dash in the record time of 1: 51.8. wadsworth paces ga tors FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Buddy MtKernan. Stan Mitchell. Henry Wadsworth. Bobby filler. Ted Me lay Bill Lowenstein. Charles Chupp. Art Foster. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Bowie. John Kavulla. Herbert KIWI:offer. Ron Allen. Mike Mann. Mac McCollum. Roger Wendell Willis. Eddie Davis. HILL SARA SMASHES A HOME RUN WITH THE BASES LOADED AOAINST NORTH CAROLINA AS THE OAIVILS ROMPED IG-0 0012 COACH CONRAD BERLIN EXPLAINS SHOT TO ROBERT ANDERSON HENRY WADSWORTH IS MOBBED BY FRIENDS AFTER HE CLEARED IS FEET IN THE FLORIDA RELAYS ROY LANO SHOWS HIS FORM IN WIN AOADOCI FLORIDA STATE OK ROM TECH ' S CATCHER OEOROE INMAN TAOS BILL SARA OUT AT HOME. BUT GATORS WON ANYWAY ANOTHER RECORD IS SET BY WADSWORIH, THIS TIME IN THE HIGH JUMP AT THE SEC MEET VENNIE PENT PITCHES TO A NORTH CAROLINA PLAYER IN EARLY SEASON GAME A CROWDED SCHEDULE Or Evanrs keeps the Florida athlete and student busy all Spring. Sometimes on campus, a baseball game, track meet, golf meet and tennis match will take place on the same day. Crowds are usually good at these events and students and fans see championship action. The University is also host every Spring to the State High School basket- ball tournament and Track Meet. ND: ANNUAL FLORIDA RELAYS HELD EVERY SPRING ON THE. KZ oKIIIA " 11:Al K swimming mi V. AS. ACTION IN THE 1.1P-PSy RELAY ):VEST ANOTHER WIN FOR THE GATORS. WHO REPEATED AS SEC CHAMPS TERRY GREEN. ONE OF THE SECS REST CAPT. MCBRIDE. WIl II COACHES CRONE. AND HARLAND JIM SOWER. SET FOR A MO RACE. inn= ernifat nam" " " " ..... IM,na ammise IMOSISin CAPTAIN YeBRIDE IN ACTION DIVER PETE IIENNE 0A1 ' 011N ACE. BUDDY FLOYD 11" 111=111 111" 111111111" NMI 111" 111" 1= The finish of the SO yard freestyle. 219 golf THE GATOR GOLF TEAM, under the able coaching of Conrad Rehling, placed third in the NCAA tourna- ment in Colorado this year after completing the most successful season in Rehling ' s five years as Gator golf coach. Florida was 9-2 in match play, losing only to Georgia Tech and Georgia. Florida won the Florida Inter- collegiate tournament and the Miami Invitational and was second to Georgia in the SEC tourney. Frank Beard of Louisville, Ky., was the team ' s out- standing player with a 10-0-1 record. THE SWINGS THE THING PRANK BEARD (.A 230 tennis THE 1960 TENNIS TEAM enjoyed its best season since 1958, winning 18 and losing two. The team consisted of Jimmy Shaffer, Francisco Montana, Roy Lang, Art Surloff, Del Moser, and Morrill Hay. Under the coaching of Bill Potter, the Gators de- feated SEC champion Georgia Tech twice during the season. In SEC match competition, Florida had a 9-0 record, but the Gators finished third in the SEC tourney. COACH POTTER AND JIM SHAFFER THE U. OP FLORIDA TENNIS TEAM 1 intramurals SNAKE-TER FLAG FOOTBALL ACTION. ) Sow I ma al li O 1V: i IIMIllo , dill kW. I_ I I r 7 d 4 , " " " ' ' " t 1 li, h si ' n r " " , " r . 1 " NNW " IMO " 3 " FLORIDA ' S INTRAMURAL PROGRAM is considered one of the best in the nation. Divided into fraternity, sorority, pendent, and dorm leagues, the program functions year ' round. In addition to the many players who participate in the actual sport, spirited fans gather at each event to cheer their team on to victory. The fraternity league is divided into two leagues, the Orange for the 16 biggest fraternities, and the Blue for the 10 smallest ones. Com- petition is keen in intramurals with desires set on win- ning the President ' s Trophy for the most outstanding team in all sports. A SHORT GAIN FOR SIGMA A MAD DASH FOR A PASS. 253 ACTION UNDER 111? k: : " THE OYM IS ALWAYS CROWDED AT BASKETBALL OAMF-5 SNAKES on TWO MORE. 254 SIOMA NU AND SPE. RATTLE IN BASKETDALL FINALS IWO POINTS FOR THE SNAKES SOME OF THE HorrFsr COMPETITION in intramurals is basketball. Fraternities practice for days before the com- petition begins and by the time the first game starts, each team has achieved a little touch of " professionalism. " Florida gym looks like it does at state high school basket- ball tournament time with many games being played si- multaneously. Cheering prevails, but it ' s sometimes hard to tell who ' s cheering for whom with everyone in such close quarters. SI1007 DIVE ' SW I No " START: IC: (II intramurals 255 em" a _ =moo. = Z.= = = = " " " MIT! REBOUND! IN TILE AIR VOL I. EN ' JUNE " 2.56 WOMEN PRACTICE OOLP and more intramurals MEN PLAY SOCCER IN ADDITION TO PROVIDING RECREATION, the Intramural Department provides students with a chance to make money by officiating games. These student referees learn a sense of fair play as well as earning money. PINO PING SLAM! SKI ' TIM ' S CHONNIN SHOWS FORM IN BOWLING to the victors . Arrra COMPLETING Two SEMESTERS of competition, overall winners were named in intramurals. Sigma Nu amassed the greatest number of points in the Orange League and Phi Kappa Tau was top in the Blue League. Delta Gamma was best in sorority competition. JUDO TENNIS... WZIOIM.IFTINO TRACK AGAIN. women competed too DIVING BACKWARDS ALTHOUGH GENERALLY Not attributed to them, girls are rules or how to keep score, but they enjoy the competition quite athletic. And Florida ' s intramural program in- just the same. The men like it, too. Watching the girls, dudes the coeds. Many times the girls don ' t know the that is. INTRABIORALS? VOLLEYBALL. BOWLINO. AND TENNIS 261 ale la MO OM ft anal err MIER MOO al MIN =la G " Min mem liao !WM la MS la NM ISOM WM e imps NM Ma . MEN MN MEN " Saiala " a SEM fta aw" flab wED ea a la Ma laila ABM Ma GS Nana a Ma ale alai " SSW mow oPS Sla . aft a NM ea =Mama to =a al adaft a Mon OM ' =a la ona Map atm Min =NM MO IMO MN ma" P NMI MS 1=11 % " " " " " " " " " " a 1 MS IN= -as greeks Panhellenic Council Interfraternity Council Sororities Interfraternities BARBARA MOORE. OF BT. PETE sorority life AIM: AND THE " ' 1110 TALES " THE. TRI-DELTA PORIUNE TELLING ROOTH AT GATOR GRAS PAN" Alt QUEEN LYNDA TARBECK BREAKS A PINATA RELAXING IN 1HE SUN 265 INTRAMURAL-4 PARTYING AT CHRISTMAS A BULL" SESSION EVERYONE CANT PLAY panhellenic council REGULATING SORORITY affairs is the main func- tion of the Panhellenic Council. Its biggest job, that of co-ordinating rush, has once again proved valuable to the sorority system on this campus. The Council brings all the sororities together to plan effective programs and to dis- cuss common problems. Each year the Panhel- lenic Council sponsors the Panhellenic Sing, the proceeds of which go toward the support of a Korean orphan. With the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic also sponsors Greek Week. Pe.11E1 ENI( II. 266 PRESIDENT JEAN HAFSEKER AND OTHER PANHELLENIC OFFICERS SERIOUSNE-SS AT A MEETING 267 FLO ANN minos. Pitt:Ana:NT alpha chi omega ALPHA CHI OMEGA will remember 1960 with memories of 25 new pledges at fall rush ... Homecoming Sweet- heart Libby Baker and Princess Judy Lynn Prince ... Jackie Spache chosen Orange Peel feature girl ... Carna- tion Ball at Camp Olena Phebe Haven, WSA treasurer ... Eleanor Yeager, Theta Sigma Phi president ... work- ing together on " Peanut ' s " Homecoming decorations ... Suzanne Dunn ' s J. Hillis Miller Scholarship ... chilly Christmas caroling ... AXO 8 AT PANHELLENIC GINO 268 AMERENA. JOAN APPLEOATE JOAN RAKER. LEE BATES. BARBARA BEACH SANDRA BEASLEY. JUDITH IKELAR. BARBARA BENSMN. JUDITH BENSON. MARILYN BORN. ELLEN BUBRICK. LORRAINE CARRENO. CYNTHIA COLE. PAT conson. ALICE COX. NANCY DONN. EUOENIA DUNN. SUZANNE EISELE. CHRIST EL EMILE. SUSAN EUCHLEMAN. SUSAN OUIPPRIDA. MARY ORIPPIN. OINOER ORIPPITH. MARY ANNE OUTIEHOUSE. GLENNA HACK. PAMELA IIAOAN. CARYL HALL LEE ANN HAVEN. PHEBE MINIM. SALLY HOLLEMAN. OAIL RUCHES. LINDA KURZ-BERT. MARTHA KAINZ. LENORE LANDPHAIR. TOMMY LEISEGANO. DOROTHY MCALLISTER. MARY MCDOWELL. ELLEN MERCHANT. JOAN MEYERS. JUANITA MONTGOMERY. SALLY NIOSELEY. JANET NERAL DIANNE NORMAN. MARILYN OTTO. ANITA OWENS. SANDY PEREZ. DEANNA PRINCE. JUDY LYNN ROBERTSON. JUDITH SUER. CARO!. :;ANCIIEZ. CELESTE sIlAY. JUDY SIIOUDY. CONSTANCE SILCOX. JAYNE RIPEN. CYNTHIA -PACIIK. JACKIE :FENCER. SALLIE TYLER. BETTY LU ' . oLZ. SUZANNE ' :?ADEN. ELEANOR 269 : IA:PICK P 1SIDI:N A A n alpha delta pi AIMYS Toy At.t. groups on campus with 2.84 average. highest in five years... Kathy Bowen and Sheila Patrick in SRA Spectacular ...Homecoming float added another trophy (or the pledges to polish ... " The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " was Cinny Sellner ' s own song and title... Rhoda Lush elected vice president of Swimfins ...Carol Fonda elected Lyceum Council president ...John Good- ling. PiKA. was our Sweetie Pi...Linda Stafford se- lected for Judiciary ...Sigma Nu ' s and ADPi ' s joined to help bring a Merry Christmas to underprivileged chil- dren... SKI I ' ANNUM. CIIIIIWINIAS PARTY WIl H 9R 9 270 271 BARRETT. BARBARA BLACKWELDER NORMA BOYD. PEGGY BROWN. ANN DROWN. BECKY BROWN. JUDITH BURCII. JOANN CALLAWAY. BET TIE CONROY. CAROL CRAIG. PAULA CROSS. SYLVIA CURRAN, CAROL DOLIVE. MARIAN DRAPER. NANCY DUCKWORTII. JUDY ENNIS. PATSY EDWARDS. LINDA ERTEL. ANN FERRAZZI. NANCY FONDA. CAROL omuonvrt.L. JANET OROSCHF.N. SUSAN IIIMALSTEIN. PATRICIA JACKSON. KAREN LARSON. DOT LAURENT. JUDY MCHANEY. GAIL MTLAUGHLIN. JUDITH McLAUGHLIN. SUZANNE MICHIE VIRGINIA MOORE, MARGARET MOTSCIIMAN. BEVERLY PATTERSON. BARBARA PENECIAR. LINDA PPETCHER. CAROLE PRICK DONNA RICHARDSON. SANDRA MONEY. DIANE ROWE. BARBARA SANBORN. PRISCILLA SIMMONS. RESECCA STIES. SHAROL SWAN. MARY SNYDER. JEANNE STAFFORD. LINDA STEWART. BARBARA STOLTZ. KAREN SUMWALT. NANCY sWOPE. GLORIA PATE. CAROL !HOMAN. MARY VAN ALLEN. TAMARA WAYBRIGHT. JOAN WILLIAMS. PATRICIA WOODWARD. DANA TOW. JUDITH ZIMMER. CAROL NANCY BAER:M.1N. PRESIDENT BONNIE BERK AT PARENTS WEEKEND alpha epsilon phi AEPiti BEAUTIES reign everywhere ... Nan Whitebrook Miss Congeniality of Homecoming ... Marlene Braun, Orange Bowl Queen finalist ... Barbara Andrews, AEPhi Chapter and National Sweetheart ... second place, intra- murals ... Ann Rothenberg, student director of the Flor- ida Union ... first in scholarship ... Susan Drue, treas- urer of Panhellenic Council ... Tied for First Place in SX Derby ... Lynn Ginson, secretary of women ' s affairs ... Spring 1960, Green and White Weekend in honor of new sisters ... CAMPUS BEAUTY NAN WHITZBROOK JUDY. NANCY. 11114A. NATALIE. AND BEVERLEE 272 ANDREWS. BARBARA BARRY. LESLIE. BARTLEY. JUDY BERK. BONNIE BERNSITEN, JUDITH BERNSTEIN. LINDA BRAUN, MARLENE DIAMOND. LINDA DRUE. SUSAN EIGER. LAM ETTINGER. MARILYN EMBUS. TOBY GARBER. SUSAN OEYER. RENEE OIBBS. NAN OINOOLD. MARCIE OINSON. LYNN GOLD. TINA GOLDBERG. ELLEN GOODMAN. RUDDY ORANISON. SARANNE. GREEN. BONNIE HELMAN, SUSAN HERMAN. NAN JERVIS. NATALIE. JUSTA. FRANCINE KAMM. HITA KAPLAN. RITA KAPHER. CAROLYN KAPNER, JUDY KOBRIN. ELAPSE KOPELOWITZ. DOPEY LANCER. BONNIE LEVY. BARBARA MACHTEY. BENITA MARONEK. FLORENCE MILLMAN. BARBARA PHILLIPS. Thum POSNER. MARION ROSS. LYNDA ROTIIENBERO. ARLENE. ROUTMAN, BEVEHLEE ROVENOER. ELLEN RUBIN. GAIL SAFER, JANE SAC1ER. BARBARA SAGER. SUSAN SHAPIRO. LINDA SCHLOSSER. ELLEN SCHNECK. BEA SCHUSTER. ELLEN SOIWARTE. ELLEN SEIGEL. JUDITH SPIELBIGIGER. PEPI EINLAUP. ELAINE PHYLLIS " MAURER. NANCY TRUPKIN. ARLINE ULMAN. TOBA WARNER. IRMA WHITEBROOK. NAN WIDEMAN. LINDA 273 PAULA SIMPSON. PRESIDENT A 0 n alpha omicron pi Basun, BRAINS, Execurtvzs, and pledges, our formula for success ... Pat Cilly, assistant editor of the Alligator .Jane Kelly, secretary of panhellenic ... Six girls in honoraries ... Two on Exec-Council ... Diane Dowling is secretary ...Rose Ball, tremendous with Little Johnny Ace ...Judy Heim, Miss Orange County ... Jill Wool- ard became " Miss Legs of Florida " ... runner-up to Mrs. UF, Taz Pierce ... Our annual Christmas party, our ward at Sunland ... A Thanksgiving Faculty banquet ... THE CROUP AT POUNDERS NY EMEND INFORMALITY AT THE HOUSE 274 GATOR MEAT: G11175" :.CMENS. % A018 e. AT HOMECOMING RETIIEA. SANDRA OFSS. NANCY BONTIER. PATRICIA DOGMA. SYLVIA BURTON. CADDY. KATHLEEN CARLTON. JANET CLEMENTS. JENNY ELCHINOER. MARJORIE ESTES, PRISCILLA GREEN. SANDRA HALL. ELSA HAMEL UNITS. HAWKINS. NANCY HUDSON. MARY LEI. JONES. AMARYLLIS IC iEKEL. MARILYN KUEIIN. SHIRLEY I AW. CAROLYN MAHLER. CAROLE MEYER. SHARON PIES HA. MARY ROBINSON. PAMELA It U11PEL LINDA SELLERS. EVE SHERRITZE. JANICE SPIEOEL, NANCY STAPLES. JANE THIGPIN, CAROL WERNER. LINDA WEST. PRISCILLA WOOLLARD. ANNE YUSKO, JANE ZIRKEL, VIRGINIA 275 JEAN HARRISON. PRESIDENT X St chi omega Scorns McComma( takes title of " Miss Fiesta of Five Flags " in Pensacola ... Miss IFC and Military Ball Court, Dottie Stephenson ... Jean Bennet, president of Swim Fins. . . Jo Hardin, executive secretary of Religion- in-Life Week ... Linda Fischer, chairman of Judiciary ... Christmas Party at Sunland is Christmas project ... Mary Jerger is Kappa Sigma Sweetheart ... SRA Soror- ity Service Plaque ... Jean Harrison, president of Mortar Board ... Tricia Bledsoe, president of Women ' s Glee Club ... WORKING ON THE HOUSE AT HC PYRAMIDING THE MODERN WAY 276 XO a FIRST PLACE IN He FLOATS WELSHINOER. LINDA WOOD. JO AWAY. SARA ALFORD. PLO BAUGHN, SARA BENNFITT, JEAN BLALOCK. JANE BLEYER. JOAN ((ATM, JO CHERRY. PRANCES (JIVERS. ELSIE ULANCY. PAT ( OLLISON. ERAN DIAL. JOAN DIETZ. YVONNE ERSKINE, MARY EARNER. ALICE. FISCHER. LINDA GARDNER. OAYE GRAHAM. HELEN GROSSE. ANN HARDIN. FRANCIS?! HEILBRON, JANE HEMERICK, HARRIETTE JEAN. JULIA JOHNSON. JANET JOHNSON, MARY JOHNSON. PATRICIA JONES. BARBARA KIRBY-SMITH. CAROLINA KOCIIER. CAROLYN LARAMIE, ANN LAZONDY. SHIRLEY LEWIS. RUTH LINN. JEAN LITTLE LKSLIE. LUCEY, PATTY MCCORMICK. SARAH MEREDITH. GINGER MONTGOMERY. JUDITH MOROAN, CHERRIN NAUGLE. LINDA DORMAN. SANDRA ROBBINS. MANY ROCK. SALLY SANDERS. CAROLYN SAVITZ. SARAH SMITH. SANDY THORNTON. CAROLYN WAITE, CAROLE AAA delta delta delta MANY GOOD Times and honors for the year ... Jean Hac- seker, our President and President of Panhellenic, chosen for vice president of Mortar Board Cheerleaders Syl- via Palmer, Ginny Schollar and Bonnie Butler ... Karolyn Bagg was Miss UF, Military Ball Queen, DTD Sweet- heart, SX Derby Queen, and Miss Fraternity Court ... Sandi Burnham, KA Rose ... Bonnie Butler, managing editor, 1961 Seminole ... Karolyn Bagg, Intramurals di- rector ... Sue Birchf ield, golf director ... annual show at Sunland with the Betas.... JEAN HAEsEKER PRESIDENT 8T9DYINO ANYV HERE ;le - COFFEE TIME BEGINNING STRUCTURE FOR HOUSE DECORATION AT IIC 278 ANDERSON. DELIA BABCOCK. JANET BESALSKI. CAROLYN BICE. JUDY BIRCIIFIELD. SUE PROW VINO, JAIN BRYANT. SANDRA BURGOYNE. JOSEPHINE BUTLER. BONYA CAMP. SALLY CLIVI. ANNA CRAIO. JUDITH CRUMP. BEVERLY DODGE. JOAN DOWLING. JOHANNA OASSAWAY. HELEN OIFILLAN. MARY BETH GONZALEZ. IVETTE GRESHAM. NANCY HANCE. ELIZABETH HOOTEN. BEVERLY HUPKE, ELIZABETH JONES. SHARON JORDAN. DIANE. KING. BARBARA KORODIN, JOAN KREOE, NANCY LUTHY. ALICE MARTIN. DENISE MARTIN. SUE MILLER. SUSAN MOROAN. SUZANNE MORTON. PATRICIA PALMER. SYLVIA PERO:PULL. JANE PRALLE. MARILYN RANCH. CLAIRE REAM NANCY REEL. JAN REITZ. MARJORIE ROLLINS. CHERYL SCARBROUGH. HARRIETT 4ESSIONS. ANN SHARP. U.K SHOLLAR. VIRGINIA SLOAN. JANE SMITH. DIANNE SMITH. VICKI SPROTT. SHARON STECICERT. MILDRED TARBECK, LYNDALL TORRACA. MARY TUITIEN. BETTY TYNEPTELD. NANCY 2..VARRF.N. PATRICIA ' 0. EST. SARA 1%00D, JANE 279 A r delta gamma THAT GOLDEN ANCHOR shone brighter than ever this year ... Jean Garcia was Sigma Nu Sweetheart ...Kyria Cotes, Sweetheart of SAE... Becky Brandon, State Sweetheart of Sigma Chi ... Liz Taylor, Pike Court ... Judy Coleman on Military Ball Court ... DG ' s took top honors in SX Derby for second straight year... took in- tramurals both semesters to take trophy for the year ... first place in Homecoming decorations ... Diane Fisher, WSA vice president ... 23 top pledges.... IWT PLACE HC HOUSE DECORATIONS J:34 MOODY. ANCHORMAN--PHOEBE SNYDER. PRFa.UDENT PLEDOE DAY OATHERINO AROUND THE ANCHOR 280 AURA ' . JUDY BACON. ANN BOSTICK. JAMIE BRANDON. REBECCA COLEMAN. SMITH COOPER. SALLY CRAWFORD. PATRICIA DAVIS. LINDA 0010, JACQUELINE INERT. VIROINIA ERRA. PAT PANT. JANICE. FINLEY. ROSALIE FISHER. ELEANOR GARCIA. JEAN 0EIDER. JOAN it.r.cxxa. OAYLE ARBETT. NANCY HARDAWAY. SYLVIA HAVENOR. LINDA HENDE.RSON. SANDRA !AMER. CAROL KLINOEL. CAROL LENT. MICHAEL LIND. RUTHANN LINGER. CAROL LOVE L. LINDA LUTZ. JOY MERE. LINDA MORROWS, BARBARA MONTGOMERY. MARY MUNSON. BONNIE o QUIN. JACKIE PAREIRA. CAROL RHOADS. VIRGINIA RICKER. ROBERTA ROMAN. BARBARA HONEY. JANIS RUSINEX. OLIVIA SAENE, ORACIELA 8CHARLOTT. SUSAN SCHMINKY. JANET SERVIN. DAGNEY SNIDER. PHOEBE S1E.INHAUSER. HABETI E JULIE. STUART. CAROLYN lAYLOR. ELIZABETH VOORHEES. ROSE wELLINGER. JUDY w(X3DWARD. CAROL 281 N11111AN1 NNN" ASE delta phi epsilon HIGHEST SORORITY average for semester ... Stephanie Brodie, women ' s coordinator for Homecoming, treasurer and president of WSA ... Joanne Weiss, Hall of Fame and charter member of Mortar Board ... Ruth Charnes, campus editor of Seminole and Alpha Lambda Delta ... ping pong Intramurals trophy ... third bowling Intramu- rals trophy ... Purple and Gold Weekend another tre- mendous success ...Judith Ossinsky, Legislative Council ... Anita Kroll, WSA Judiciary ... Miriam Berry, exec- utive secretary of Religion in Life Week.... Mills! TM: [What BANQUET 282 283 A LORENCE ABRAMS. ROSILY! ASKOWIT H. FLOF BARNETT. SUSAN BASKIND. LINDA IIERLINOIIOPY. IC1RNARD. SUSAN BLUM. L018 BRODIE. STEPHANIE CHARNWS. RUTH COOAN. ANN COHEN. RACIIAEL CRANES. SANDEF. DEUTSCHMAN. I VHS KPSTEIN. SHEILA SRIED. NATALIE FRIF:DENBEHO. MARIS 4.01.08811TH CLAIRE ORDON. MARSHA GREEN. MONA HAVER. PAYE JASPER. MERRILY KAPLAN. DELL KLEINI.ELD. MARILYN Z. ENGLE MAKOACET LEVIN. SHIRLEY LOSS JOAN MALLINOKR. MARCIA MICHAEL HEATHER MOSE. ADELE MOSS. LILLY N CUHAUS. BETTY PE:11.110TH. RENNAY SACKS. CAROLE SCHNEIDER. JENNY SCHWART7.. KAY SIMON. PATRICIA STERN ROSALIND SUTTON. LILLIAN TAYLOR. MAXINE 11:CKMAN. SUSAN URA. BARBARA WACHS. ANDRA WIFSEN. CAROLE WINN. ROBERTA WISHNATZKI. ELINOR YOUNO. SHELIA K A kappa delta KD YEAR, off to explosive start with 24 wonderful pledges ... second place in scholarship ... Judy Spurlock, J. Hil- lis Miller Award ... 13 KD ' s in Orientation staff and group positions ... trophies in HC for float and skit ... Nancy Hilgendorf, Blue Speaker ' s Bureau executive sec- retary ... Andie Abernathy, URA vice president ... Jill Adkinson, secretary of Florida Union ... Sandy Boger, Mortar Board secretary ... Flossie Copeland, Panhellenic vice president ...Kent Hale tapped for Phi Beta Kappa ... a great KD weekend.... TUZ KD CHRISTMAS PARTY ANN VEZELE. PRESIDENT ABERNETHY. ANDY ADKISON. JILL ARMSTRONG. PAMELA BATTS. BECKETT. LINDA BEVIS. JANET BLONDHEI11. JO ROGER. SANDRA BOHANNON, HELEN BOOTH. MARY CALLOWAY. CELIA CAMPBELL, BETSY CHAFFEE. MARILYN COODURN. SANDRA CORTINA. BETTY COPELAND. FLOSSY CHEAPO. MARIA CROWTHER. RAY DART. CAROLYN DIDRENCE. NANCY EVANS. AMY FOLMAR. JANE. VOX. SANDRA GILLETI1C. ANN GILLIS, JOANN GILLIS. JUDY ()ORDERS. SANDY GRACE. MARILYN GRIGGS. MARGARET HARRELL VIRGINIA HAY.F1, REBECCA HIBBS. SANDRA HILLIENDORP. NANCY HOLLINGSWORTH. MARY ANN HOLNII. ANN HYNEFIELTE CATHERINE KELLY. SALLY KOONTZ. ANNE KOONT7.. SHARON KOBLIXIARD. MARY ANN KURT. MARC; LINDSEY, WEND, MacDONALD. SUSAN MANSON. JANE. MAY, NANCY 081110M. SARA PERRY. MARY PURYEAR. JOAN RICE. LIBBY RoMUCK. MARION SCONYERB. SANDRA :GINA. NANCY sNYDER. HONEY SPENCER, GALE. SPURLOCK. JUDITH TAMPLJN. CAROLYN THORDARSON. JULIE. WALDORF. PENNY WARD. NATALIE WARRENDER. JANE WILLCOX. DOROTHY WILSON. NANCY YOUNG. LESLIE 285 JANE MORRISON. PRESIDENT 4) M phi mu SIXTEEN TERRIFIC pledges ... Pat Twiggs as Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl ... Peggy McLeod, Sandy Kilgore, Judy Marvin, Patty Welch, Duane McNair, and Rose MacDonald are contestants for Miss Seminole ...Sandy True on Theta Chi court ... Loretta Bagley marches as Gatorette ...Carol Richards, Blue Key Speaker ... Mar- tha Coachman, Jackie Harris and Carolyn Pattishall in choir ... A wonderful weekend at the Brahma ... George Ricketson, DTD, our Carnation Man ... picnicking on the Suwannee ... Scholastic honors were ours too.... CAROL RICHARDS WELCOMES CROWDS TO GROW, ANDERSON. ANN BAGLEY. LORII1TA BARNES. SUZANNE DECKELIIAUPT. JERRILYN BRAMBLE. PEGGY BRAWLEY. ALICE BRINKLEY. JACQUELYN BULLY. CAROL CARTER. SANDRA CHAMBERS. MARY COACHMAN. MARTHA cROWDER. MARY DASHRH. CAROLYN DAVIS. IRMA DtLANY. PATRICIA PELIK. MERRY FITZGIBBONS. MARCI GASS. SANDRA WEFTS. JOANNE HARRIS. JACQUELINE HART. SANDRA HUOGINS. PATRICIA JEAN. MARGARET KEENE. BARBARA KILGORE- SANDRA KING. NANCY KUHN. SUZANNE LARAW. ARLENE M" cDONALD. MERILYN MACDONALD. ROSALYN McLEOD. MARGARET }GRAM. DUANE MANSOI.O. VIRGINIA O ' CONNOR. MARGARET PERIFIT.R. EILEEN RAPER M LEETTE SANDFORD. JOAN STANLEY. JUDITH STROIIM. PAIllICIA STORM. OLORIA 8VABEIC. JOYCE TATUM. IMIZABETII TRAPPE LINDA VANDEORIFT. BETTY WARREN. CARALINE WELLER. ANGELA WELOCIL PATRICIA 287 GAVLE AUH IS PRESIDENT K sigma kappa A YEAR FULL of fun and success for the Sigma Kappa ' s ... the sisters first in scholarship for the spring semester ... our weekend with tubing party, dance, and " Hell " party ... Inspiration Week for our new pledges... second place in Homecoming House Decorations... the Christ- mas tea for the pledges ...Sandy Park ' s serenade and wedding reception at the house... the annual Christmas Party and the caroling ...a year we won ' t forget.... WOk KU NC ON ' DIEM HOUSE ID:CoRsTums FOR ill 288 BARNETT. SHARON BOOUE. DAIN BRADY. SANDRA BRIDGER. DONNA CARAHALW. VIRGINIA COSTELLO. VIRGINIA DAVIS. LINDA DIAMOND. FRANCES MIR. JUDITH PANT. NANCY GALL. GLORIA OILLIATT. JOAN GOULLAUD. SANDY HALL. BARBARA HAMPTON, LISS BOLT. DOROTHY KENDRICK, CAROL LAND. MARY OVERMAN. MARY PARKS. SANDRA I ' ENDONE. MARY PETERSON. SANDRA SLATER. DIANE SMITH. MARJORIE SPEIR. AVIS TAYLOR. ELIZAISKI THOMAS. NANCY WILLETT. PATRICIA WOOD. HOLLACE 289 ANNE NAILER. PRESIDENT zeta tau alpha OUR PRESIDENT, Anne Sisler, on Homecoming Court ... Ginger Reynolds, finalist in Miss University of Florida contest ... captured the Good Sportsmanship Trophy in intramurals ...Judy Stiles, secretary of solicitations in SG ... Wanda Smith on Legislative Council ... Joan Heydegger and Joan Stephens, editors of Co-Edikette Diana Pearce tapped for Alpha Lambda Delta ... Wynn Brown, Jene Brown and Shirley Queen were Gatorettes ...our wonderful weekend at Silver Springs.... ' ZETA CASINO WITH SHARON AND ANN AND VET-- BARICE. JOAN ::EDIDORY. PEOGY EENNETT. MAUREEN ELODGETT. SANDRA LOVER. OAYLE HRANN. MARTHA BROWN. DIANE !MOWN. !ENE 1 MOWN. PATRICIA El:OWN. WYNN MILTON. SHEILA ARTA. DIANE CLEMENS. SUZANNE COVERT. PAULINE CROUCH. MARY DeHART. MICHELE ORAMLINO. DOROTHY OMEN. CATHY OREEN. DOLORES ORIPTI114. ALICE HALLBERG. ANN IIARNED. DANIELLE HICYDEOOKR. JOAN JOHNS. OAYLE JOHNSTON. CAROL KRAUS. JOAN LeSUEUR. BARBARA LYTLE. ANNE MCDOUOALD. BETSY McMILLAN. CHARLENE MCNAIR. DOROTHY MEOAHKE. ANN NELSON. JUDITH NEUMANN. GRETCHEN NICHOLS. LYNNE O ' LEARY. CONNIE PATRICK. SIIERRIE PEARCE. DIANNA QUEEN. SHIRLEY REILLY. KATHLEEN REYNOLDS. VIROINIA ROMAN. ELIZABETH 1NDER NANCY 11EA. DIANE -.:AINTON. MARY sTEPHAN. JOAN STEPHENS. CAROLYN STILES. JUDY I AYLOR. BETTY ANN :IIEOBALD. THEODORA MARY WARREN. MARY BETH WATERS. CAROL WEBSTER. CAROLYN WHEELER. JANET wIlITEIMID. SALLY WILSON. DONNA wOOD. MARY 291 sorority life ... GREETING NEW PLEDGES as rush ends ... and then welcom- ing them again as they are initiated ... the joy through- out the entire house when a sister comes in pinned ... One no trump ... the phone call and an invitation to a fraternity weekend ... talking over problems with the housemother ... eating together with a few male guests ...1:29 a.m. and the house lights blink ... a goodnight kiss ... working on Homecoming decorations... playing secretaries for Student Government ...waiting in line for a shower ... waiting for that special someone to call ... the formal party at the house during the big weekend ... gabfests until dawn ... a life that will always be remembered ... 292 fraternity life ... AN OUTSTRETCHED HAND and a smiling face ... a name mural teams win or lose ... working together through remembered ... the bid talk ... the big walk ... bloc the Interfraternity Council ... electing chapter officers seating at football games ... parties every weekend ... ...making plans ...studying... working in Student Gov- study halls for pledges ... public service projects ... ernment... welcoming returning alumni ...making plans bridge all day long at the house ... throwing newly for the summer ... cleaning up the house in the fall ... pinned brothers in the shower or the Gator Pond ... the brotherhood. big weekend with the special girl ... watching the intra- TO THE OATOR POND FRATERNITY MEN AND THEIR DATER WATCH AN INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL GAME fraternity activities A PART OE EVERY MEMBERS LIVE RUSH--TIRING. HUT REWARGING STAG PARTIES PLEDOP-SHIP IS WONDERYCL SOVIIIERN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SERENADING 293 MANY NEW THINGS HAPPENED to the IFC this year. New Fraternity Adviser Bill Cross brought new ideas to the campus on reorganization, rush, a food co-op, and better public relations. The IFC ' s paper, The Gator Greek, made its debut and took its part in campus information dissemination. The IFC began to work more closely with the sity administration and it was considered one of the most effective Councils in recent years. STEWART PARSONS. IPC PRESIDENT interfraternity council THE IPC REPRESEN toI aNOIMP n a S sFi - SS+ -mon - aa" =mown THE OATOR CREEK STAFF: Roger LaVoie. managing editor: Mike Donaldson. advertising manager: Oary Peacock. editor-in.chlef; and Kirk Callahan. executive editor. ifc activities EACH FRATERNITY DISPLAYED THE STORY OE THEIR FRATERNITY FOR THE 1PC FORUM PRESIDENT PARSON SPEAKS AT FORUM HELD FOR ENTERING FRESHMEN MISS FRATERNITY AND COURT PRESENTED AT THE ANNUAL SPRING FROLICS DANCE: KAROLYN DAGO. ANN BURNHAM. DOTFIK STEPHENSON ' MISS FRATERNITY.. JUDY LAURENT. AND FLO ANN MILTON alpha epsilon pi z BEGAN 1960 scuoot. year with AEPi na- tional community service trophy and the national award for the most improved chapter ...Our sweetheart. Barbara An- drews. named international sweetheart of AEPi ... On campus. we watched our skit in Gator Growl and captured the J. Hillis Miller Scholarship award ...Our men on campus included Jack Copperman. VP of the IFC. and Ron Rothstein. business manager of the Orange Peel. U I: 14,1- I S! I NSHE It SAM ZORN :( 1. PLI. I:14: I sLcEICI ART TREASURER AE PI ' S OAT Olt GROWL SKIT. LITTLE KNOWS TAUS OF UNCLE REMUS ' . ALEXANDER. STEPHEN B ARON. STEPHEN BEROER. PAUL B ERMAN. MYRON IIILLMAN, STANLEY SODNE. JACK BORN. JERRY CHASE. MIKE COHEN. MURRAY COPPERMAN. JACK COUP. ROBERT CRONIN. BEN MIN. OKOROE DEMSKY, MARK EDWARDS. OARY FISHER. BRUCE roonuck. ALVIN PRELIM!. JEEP YRIIMMAN, GERRY KEANSBURG. MICHAEL (LARDY. STEVE GILLMAN. JEFFREY GLADSTONE. BOB GOLDBERO. MARTIN GOLDIEERO. STUART 000DMARK. ROBERT RAM DONALD OREEN. ROBERT ORNENE. JEFFREY GREENE. MELVYN IIAUSEIt. ROBERT HERTZ. GARY EICIEEMAN, PAUL HOHAUSER, HERMAN HOLLANDER. HOWARD HORSTEIN. RICHARD HOROWITZ. STEVE KATZ. MARTIN KEYS. NEAL KOLODNEY. DAVID KRAKOW. RICHARD KULICK. SIDNEY LAZARUS. HARVEY I.EFSKY. LARRY LIEBERMAN. ED LC VENDER. FRED MALIN. HAROLD MOSKOWITZ, GARY NOVICK. ALAN OBERST. MIKE PAUL. WILLIAM PECULLAN. HENRY PESTCOE, BERNARD POTTLITZER. EDDIE RICHMAN. OERALD RICHTER. ALAN ROSE, STEVEN ROSEN. ARNOLD ROSENBLATT LARRY ROTH. STEVEN ROTHSTEIN. RON ROZEN. DAVID RUDNICK. BOB SACHS. JOEL SAVITT. BARRY SCHECHTER. ELBERT SCIIRAM. MARTIN SCHUSTER STEVE SCIIWADRON. JEFF SCHWARTZ. STEVE SCHEINBLUM. ALLAN SPONDEE.. RAYMOND STADTMAVER. SEYMOUR STRINBOOK. MARK STUZIN, CHARLES IIMSLER. MIKE WAOMAN. RICHARD WAONKR, BILL WEINSTEIN. ALAN WEISS. HOWARD WILDSTEIN, LARRY WOLFF:. MELVEN YALE. JEFF VAVITZ. SHELDON ZAICHICK, OERRY 2..WIZAL tt S. sal ISSail 12.1 Ail fallgUAL aLla sc: aLchlt laSa S. La 1 299 Arp alpha gamma rho HONORS FOR AGR during 1960 were numerous . . . Lester tapped for Florida Blue Key and Alpha Zeta ... Brooks rep- resented OF in Danforth Summer Fellow- ship . . . HC ' 60 Sweetheart Libby Baker was our entry . . . Hosted Southeast Re- gion AGR Officers ' Training School .. . Irons on the Legislative Council ... Ste- phens president of the Agriculture Coun- cil . . . J. Jeter was seventh in national meat judging contest . . . Magill in Scab- bard and Blade. SAMUEL EMMA CHIC PORTER PIERCE. HAROLD STEPHENS. JOHN DOLLAR. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY 300 ALLAN, RICK ARNOLD. JAMES 11COSINOER. JAY BOYD. JACK BROOKS, NELSON CALHOUN. JERRY CASE. JOHN DOLLAR. JOHN FISCHER. ERNEST HINE, JAY HOLMES. RICHARD IRON EDWIN JKKNIOAN, WAYNE JETER. JEFF KINCAID. RAY MAGILL, CHARLES MOORE. JULIAN PENCE. JACK POWERS. CHARLES ROYALS, HORACE STADSKLEV. TERRY STEPHENS. HAROLD UMBACH. DAN YOUNO. JOHN 301 alpha tau omega TAUS BEGAN the year with 55 top pledges ...Capt. Bill Hood guided the football team into the Gator Bowl and Capt. Bobby Shivers led the cagers ... Hood, McCort, Royce, and Robinson in Blue Key ... Roger LaVoie, editor-in-chief of the 1961 Seminole ... Ken Kennedy, pres- ident of the University Religious Associa- tion ... Charlie Pillans, president of the Southeastern Student Unions ... Dan O ' Connell, IFC rush coordinator ... and we retired the Dan McCarty service trophy. JOHN VOOT HAY DOLLAR BOO WOODEN VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY HOMECOMING DECORATIONS WINDOW LAWN PARTY WITH LORD HUD 302 ALLISON. JEEP AYALA. DEE. BALL. KEN BARFIELD. BILL BATEy. BOB BETTER. DULY BLAIR ROB BRADDOCK. DON BRAY. NON CHOPPA. ED CIUTIA. VINCE COPE RICHARD COULTER. TOROK COWART. DAVE COX. JOHN CROOK. 7.10 ELSOF.RRY. JOE. ELWELL. JOE. FLECKENSTEIN. nonnit PLY. JOHN MALLEY. HOUSTON ()ALVIN, BILL HADLEY. TERRY HARPER. JIM HIPSHIRE. JIM HOBBS. PORRENT HOOD, HILL HUNKAPILLER, BILL JONES. BUTCH JOHNSON. DAVE KENNEDY. KEN (.ARSON. HERMAN LAVOIE. ROGER corrs. HAY MACK. 177) McARTHUR. TOM MCCLUMPIIA. PHIL McDONALD. 11014 MeINTOSH. CRAIG NI MAIION. MICKEY MILLER. JACK MILAM. TOM MOORE. OZOROE MYERS, ALLEN STRAIT. mirrr O ' CONNELL DANNY PARKER. DANNY PAULK. CHARLEY PEKLJ:Y. BILL PILLARS. CHARLEY POULRS CHRIS ROQUEMORE DAVE ROOT. HARRY ROYCE. RAY RUCKER. WOODY MOVE, DENNIS SCALPS. DAVE SCALES. KEY SCHMID. JON SHEPHARD. SHAD SNIDER. BURR STEEN. BILL. STEWART. BOB STONESIPER. HOWARD SWEET. MARSHAL SWEOER. JOHN THOMPSON. JOE TOOKE. HEN TOPJUN. TERRY IVY. NORMAN TRENAM. JACK WALES. TOM WALLACE. DAVE WALLING. DANNY WELTY. RICHARD WILLIAMSON. BOB WOODEN. BOB WRIOHT. BOB YOUNG FERRELL 303 Bon beta theta pi BETA ' S THIRTIETH YEAR AT FLORIDA . . . great pledges . . . Mused Hume: from pledge-master to president and bird to Volkswagen in one elestion . . . Ralph-Ralph ' s Luau, graced by Queen Karen Alfonso ... Kehoe and his 35 watts . Room for rent from Owen, Anderson, Brown Co.... which James twin has the name ... Bill Bluekeykenberger ... Dan Bing ' s patente d 24-hour pin .. Wright brothers Penick and Stanton on to active duty . . . FSU serenade: a dream come true ... CI Six initiated ... Grosse Skeen from Kit Pointe, Michigan: " Gimme the third verse of ' Genuna Nostra ' in Greek, upside down. " . . . Jung drafted?? .. . Get up the peanut butter . . . Christmas Carol with the KD ' s .. John Nicol, cross- legged philosopher and transfer student to Bourbon Street . . . Raid-buster Weiss . . . laughs on tap with Bing the younger . . . all guided by light from the three stars! RAY BARRETT. CLINT DARE, PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT DAVE MARKHAM. TERRY JONES. TREASURER SECRETARY -at 304 ADAMS. SCOTT ALEXANDER. DON BALLARD. DAVID BALLENTINE. MIKE BEHRNS. DAVE BIKER STAPP, JOHN SOWERS. STUART BROWN. HOWARD BUTLER. CHARLES CARLTON, DAN CARLTON. TERRY CARROLL. PAUL CHALIIUB, LEON CLARK. BILL CLAYBOURNE. TOM CORBETT. DAVE COX. DAVID COX. BILL CREWS. MIKE. CRICKENBEROER. BILE DAWSON. CHARLES DEVITT. MIKE EVERNDEN. JIM FOROUSON. RONALD PDX. 11011 ?ROME. ED GRAHAM. TOM GRIFFITH. CARL DROVER. BILL HARMELINO. JIM HAYWARD. TOM HENDRICKSEN. PETE. HERMAN, RICHARD HINES. RAY SAIMFYL GREG JOHNS. MIKE JONES. RON KNIOIIT, PHIL xturr. NOAH LEIBRIED. JACK LLOYD. BRUCE ?MADAMS, DICK McCALL. THIS MITCHELL BILLY NOLAND. DON PAYNE. GLENN PERRICONE. PHIL PFEIFFER. JERRY PRATI, RICHARD QUINSY. JOHN REJAB. MARIO RUTTER, BILL. SCHOETKER. RICHARD SCHULTZ. JOHN SKEEN. CHRIS SIMMONS. JIM SPENCE, OUY STEWART. JIM SUTPIIEN, ROBERT THOMPSON. DAVID TIPTON. LARRY VICKERS. PRANK WADE. DILL WATSON. KAY WENTWORTH. HOB WHITTAKER, DAVID W100INS. RICHARD 305 delta tau delta RECEIVED NATIONAL Dell scholarship award for third consecutive year... Nee- ond in Homecoming house decorations ...Spense. Stewart. Williamson. tapped for Blue Key...O ' Brien. chancellor of the Honor Court ...Frohock wrote po- litical thought in the Alligator...Buck Hicks. IFC Tribunal chief justice...our sweetheart. Karolyn Bagg. Miss UF... 70 pledges...parties...Daytona in the spring... GEORGE GROOM I: HILL SECRETARY TREAsti GLENN HOLTMAN PRESIDENT RON SMITH VICE PRESIDENT itouSE DECORATIONS HECOND PLACE WINNER 06 PATIO RELAXATION AHRENS. ROBERT AIKEN. JIM ASTLEY. DICK HARLEY. BILL BARTELL. LARRY MATCH ALLAN 110008. BILL IIOHUTINSKY. ANDREW HUCHANON. LARRY BURNAM. ED BURTON. WALTER BUTLER. JIM CARDEN. JIM CEBECK. KEN CLARK. WILLIAM COOK. JAY DMZ. EDWIN DEVALT. JOHN DI BERNARDO. AL DOMINICK. HENRY DURRROW. BRIAN EBY. RICHARD EIKELAND. MARION EIKENBERRY. JOHN ELLIS. ALFRED KMMITT. RIC FARRINOTON. JOHN PAUL PENNELL JOE FITZGERALD. BILL FONDA. CHARLES FOREMAN. STEVE (MAR. BILL GAMMON. DONALD GARNER. GARY GIBBS. OEOROE OIRERSON, PHILIP GRAVES. BARRY HANSON. HENRY HARPER. WARREN HART. STEVEN HAWKING. WILLIAM RICKS. BUCK !COLDER. WARD HORAN. DAVID JAMES. RALPH JIMINEZ. HUGO KELSEY. CHARLES KIDD. JIM KRIENKE. JOHN SNOWDEN. ROBERT LASOTA. ARNOLD LONGMUIR. CORDON MseNAIR. MARTIN MALOY. CHARLES MCCORMICK. WILLIAM HOVEY ' S. ROBERT MtRAE. LARRY MELTON. DENNIS MILLER. JOHN MILLER, RAYMOND MINCHEW, HENRY MORLANO. WILLIAM NELSON. WILLIAM NEILSON. GEORGE PAPASTRAT, CHRIS PHILLIPS, STEVE Pacer. STANLEY POIL RONALD MAYFIELD. CHARLES RICKETBON. OPORON ROLLINS. JOHN HOSE. DAVID SAUNDERS. WOODLAN SCHMIDT. ALBERT SEALS. ROO= SEAM JOHN SHEEHAN. JOHN SMITH. DONALD SMITH. RONALD SORRELL. OARETH STEWART. LARRY TANNER. WALTER TAYLOR. KEHL TILLACK. JERRY TITUS. JEEP TOUCHTON. NICK TREADWELL. JOHN TROCHE. MICHAEL TSCIIUMY. WILLIAM VAN EPP. RICHARD WARREN. FORGE WILEY. KEN WILK H. HARRY WILLAIMS. OARY WILLIS. TOM WILLITS. DAVID WILSON, JERRY %VOLPE. CHARLES 307 K A kappa alpha order HALL OF FAME came to four KA ' s Bill Ade, Jon Johnson, Buddy McKay, and Tom Henderson ... Blue Key membership included these and Ed Porch ... Gary (Quotes from Quincy) Peacock edited the Gator Greek. Bob Kent handled the Or- ange Peel ' s advertising ... Bob Gammon and Bill Ade were on the Legislative Council ... Jon Johnson led the campus campaign for Kennedy and Johnson ... Buddy McKay headed the John Marshall Bar Association ... Chet Collins was great in the Gator Bowl ... Kept leadership in parties and followship in intramurals Plantation Ball was even greater as the Civil War Centennial approached.... JOHN WOODBERRY MIKE KOONTZ SECRLTARY TREASURER SANDI it NIIAM KAPPA A; IA c,1 A SOUTHERN 0):NTIYMAN IIIS It033 30$ 309 ADE BILL BANKS, DICK BARNES. JOKY BODA. HERMAN BREITMOSER. HANK BREWTON. WILBUR BRIDGES. EARL IIROCK, BONNY BROWN. KEW( BUTLER. JIM CARTER. MIKE CHAPMAN. CARSON CONKLIN. GARY COZAD. BOB CURTIS. NEIL DAVIS. BERT DIGHTON. ROBERT DISHER. BOB DOWLING, QUINTON DRECIGORS. JIM DUNCAN. JIM EDGAR. BILL ELLIOTT. JOHN ELMORE. JAMES FAIRCLOTII. JOHN PANT. JULIAN FROST. JOHN GAMMON. BOB GARRETT, ALLEN (IILMORE. DOW ORAMLINO, JIM (IREER. TONY GREGORY. LEE GRUEL. JOHN HALL MALCOLM HARPER. PINCKNEY HAY. BILL HAYES. SID ' IRISHMAN. CARL HENLEY. BOB IIIXON. FRED IIOGAN. BUDDY HOGAN. ANDY IIOHNADEL. RICK HOLLAND. LYLE HOLLIS. GARY HONEYWELL. DAN HUDDLESTON, JACK KENT, BOB KRONER. RANDY LASLIE. JOHN MARTIN. OARY MoCASKILL, HERB ARCOLLUM. MAC McDANIEL. JOHN McKWAN, BRUCE IROAHEY. KENT MILLER. JIM MIXON. BILL MOROAN. RICHARD OVID " . BUCK PARKER. ROGER PEACOCK. GARY POPPELL, TOMMY PURCELL. LEE PUTNAM. ODORGE RAMSEY. KEN RIOHETTI, TOM RITTER. RON RUST. PETE SCHATZBURO. GLEN SILLS. RON NMALLEY. RONALD SMITH, FRED SMITH. SAM sTAINTON. MERREL WASIIBURNE, CHUCK WEST. DAVID WIIIDDEN. RODIN WHITE, M3 WING. JOHN WOLLEY. JIM YOUNG. BILL YOUNG. T. ROY K I kappa sigma KAPPA SIGs 1411.1. RKPHESENTED ON CAM- PUS . Ton Lagrone. Chairman of United and member of Blue Key ... Lagrone, Barnhill. Guzewitz. Stanley. Hays help make HC Parade a success . . . Anselmo is Inspector General and Legislative Council floor Leader . . . All SEC Pat Patchett and Bob Hoover lead Gators with help from 13 other Kappa Sigs in lineup ... Joe Metzger makes mark with capers . " hot " HC decorations . . . Brother Frank Orlando ' s wife is Mrs. U of F with Taz Pierce on court.... :" m (1.AUK NC fit MAN JACK V) AFP: V V: ' ' SIA 1" %::V 310 311 ADKINSON. JIM ALLEY. MARIUS ANSELMO. SCOTT ATALLA. MIKE ATHENS. JIM BALLARD. RAY BARBER. GARY BEFUE. GLENN BOYER, JOHN BRAY. DALTON BUHL. DICK BURGESS. CHARLEY BURKE. CLAUD BUTLER. DICK CAMPBELL. ALAN CATES. BOB CLARK. ALLAN CLARK. TOM CLARY. VINCE COLE. JOHN COLEMAN. GARY citoactrr. DAVEY CROW. DENNIS DAUGHERTY. JIM DUNN . BOP P.RicKBON. !JILL FEKEW. JIM PAIRALL. JOHN FAULKNER. RIC 0E080E. BOB GERALD. LYNN ouLDING, MIKE atiplarilt. JOHN (lusitwICZ, LEONARD HARLEY, BOB liAwTHORNE. BILL HENDRICKSEN. BRUCE HIGGINS. JOHN HOLT. PRANK HOOVER. BOB HOWARD. TOM JACKSON. CHARLES JONES. JERRY KEESINGEE HAROLD KOIMECKI. JERRY LALLY. RON LAMER. DICK LINDAHL. DEAN MAIER. RON MASUR. WAYNE. MATT. BOB MERCER. DOUG METZGER. JOE MILLER. DON MITCHELL. JOHN MITCHELL. WALKER MOSLEY. ARTHUR MUSLKIL HARRY MUSSALLKII TONY MYERS. BILL PATCHEN. PAT FENDER. DAVID POSTON. RALF NOCE CHARLES reemErr. JOHN ItuTHERFORD REAGAN. PAT REEMS. ROLAND IIITCIIIE. JOHN ROTH. DAN RUDOLF ' . PRIM HCIIAUMBURO. CHARLES SCHUBERT. DAN sNyDER. JACK sOLLEE. BILL sRODES. JIM STANLEY. DAVE sTEIMLE ROGER STEIN. BERNARD STUBBE ROY SUTTON. DON TAYLOR. RALPH THOMAS. PETE THOMPSON. DON TITUS. CARL wAHLQUIST. HARRY WALTHER. PRANK WELLER. BILL WHITE14F.AD. HUGH WILSON. PRANK WILSON. BILL YOUNG. DAVE ;Laic fidSasca AL Si lambda chi alpha MEMBERSHIP SWELLED 10 100 ... The new house on Fraternity Row is more of a reality than ever before...Placed first in Homecoming house decorations compe- tition... Dave Flood was director of stu- dent insurance... Bob Anderson was on the Legislative Council ... Took the tro- phy for table tennis... EKED WILLIAMS RONALD RORY RICHARD 111:0PEN PE IER DESO PREsIDE NT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER SERENADE. TIME mourn I ' M S PARTY AIIAIIIAN PARTY WAS STIMULATING 12 ANDERSON. GLENN ANDERSON. LARRY name. BLASDELL. RICHARD HI1008. LLOYD PURGERS, ROBERT CAIN. JIM COEDITS TONY CONNOR. EARL DYKAS. LARRY EASTMAN, HERBERT YENSIMR. JACK FLOOD. DAVE. FRANKIAL DENNIS FLITCH. CARLTON DORMAN. JIM RIMIER . BRUCE HAMMOND. JOHN HERE, JOE HUGHES. BYRON JOHNSON. HENRY JONES, BOB KETMER, PRANK KENNEDY. ROY KERR. MILLER KOSELKA. JAMIE LAGIMONIERE GENE LISLE. FORREST ' LORD. CLARK MANN. DAVID MATE. JOHN MENOE. EWELL MILLER. RAY MITCHELL, JACK MOGELVANO. CHRIS MVRDOCK. GERALD OLIVIT, ROD PARKER. BYRON PIAZZA. FRANK PO 0CM, JOHN REDDERSON. CARL SANDERSON. JOE SCIIMIDT. GEORGE SMITH. STEVE STIDHAM. TOM TAYLOR, DONALD TIN, EASTERN TOUCHION, HENRY TRAVIS. BOB WASSON. JOHN WILCOX. RAYMOND 313 4) A 0 phi delta theta LI) SEAT. PRESIDENT WILLY SELMAN. VICE PRESIDENT MIKE !AMMON. STEWARD JIM MC CULLY. SECRETARY THE Bic BLUIU3 BLAZED THEIR way through another year leading in athletics ... schol- arship . politics . and wilder week- ends ... outstanding Homecoming decora- tions . . . water-basketball championship .. . new furniture and an outstanding pledge class ... Seay serves as president . . . Gray on the Exec. Council ... A Christmas party full of Yuletide spirits ... Phi Welt-Pi Lam weekend, a new tra- dition ... a new high for us in fraternity scholastic ratings ... Charley Wells ... B.M.O.C.... All agree that ' 60 is most successful year ever. 314 ADAMS. FRANK BEVIS. THOMAS BLACK. BURT I tItADDli, EDWARD BURF.AN, AL BURNETT. PHILIP ( ' ABLER. JERRY CALLAHAN. KIRK " Lel LIAZ LUIZ ASA EASCAEL O sia a2bLiaLail CHUPP. CHARLES CLARK. PRANK CLARK. PERRY CROSS. CHARLES DECHMAN, MICHAEL DOYLE. TERRY YEI011T. JOHN GARRISON. JAMES GILLIS STEPHEN GORTEMOLLER. THEO GRAY. HENRY GRIDLEY. BILL HAMMACK. JAMES HEISE, KAHL HENRY. DAVID MUCK. JAMES MUCK. PAUL KENNON. THOMAS KRAMER, OROROE KREOE. JOHN LAMBIE. ROBERT LANK JAMES ULM RUTLEIXIE LISTON. PAUL LORD. PETER MANES. JIM MASON. JAMES McCLURE. MERCER McOARITY. WILLIAM MeRAE. HERBERT %BRAE. WILLIAM MERI4AW. HARRY MIDDLETON, HARLOW MURARO. BOB NICOLSON, GILBERT PEDERSEN. JIM PHILLIPS. MAURICE RADFORD. CHARLES RHODES. JAMES RICK. RUSSELL ROYCE. RAYMOND SAHA. WILLIAM SCHWADERER. OWEN SKEMP. JOHN SMITH. HUGH SMITH. JAN SMOAK. PHILIP SNOWDEN. ROBERT STADELMAN. JAMES STANFORD. WILLIAM ) ' ALLEY. PAT TAYLOR. DONALD TEDDER. GEORGE THOMPSON. EDWIN TILOHMAN, THOMAS TILTON. WILLIAM TITUS. TIM TURIIAIL. OEOROE TUTTLE. HARRY WAGNER. JOHN WEBB. KENNETH WILSON. CLYDE WOODS. MELVIN ZEITLER, ALLEN 315 cirla phi gamma delta Pm GAMS HAVE GREAT YEAR ... 2nd place float and house for HC .. 3rd place in scholarship : Trickle Director of Ori- entation ... Jim Larche member of Blue Key and Secretary of Finance ... Keegan is Cheerleader and editor of F-Book .. . Fiji Island Weekend . . . 1st place tennis intrarnurals ... Christmas formal ... Phi Gams past year shows much progress.... RAE PRE:III Est JIM LAIICIIE. DENNIS Kt E(. N I It E.MitItER RECORDISO SFr. 110H VAN STENBUI4G. CORR. SEC. Gators Greet Grad: With Greene Possi -as 316 317 RAOGESON. DONALD BELL. DOUGLAS HERMAN. JOSEPH BORING. JAM ' S; BRIDGES, DONALD BRINKMAN. COVEY CARPENTER. RICHARD deRRAUWERE. EARNEST DITSLER. JOHN DIVINE. DWIOHT DRAKE, DONALD DUKOR. JIM EBERT. JOHN EBEARY. RICHARD KVEDITY. TOM FALLOWS, RON VERNANDSZ, DAN FRAZIER. FRANK GARCIA. LESLIE OSNCIII. DOUGLAS OILL. JACK GORDON. LARRY OROENEWOUD. DAVID (I ROSS. 0.E0ROF: HAYHURST. JAMES HELSTERMAN. ROBERT HOLZER. FREDERICK HOMER. ROBERT STUART JOHNSON, WAYNE LAWRENCE. KIV.FEER LOWE. JOHN MAISH. GEORGE MARINE ' S. RAYMOND MAURER. ALFRED MeMICHAEL MOORE- CLAYTON MORALES. NORBRRT NEMER. JOHN PADOCII. RICHARD PEET. DONALD PHILLIPS. WARREN RICHARD!. WILLIAM ROGERS, GEORGE. RUNYON. HILL MESS WORTHINGTON SHEETS. ROBERT STARCHES. DENNIS ..nrisoN. WILLIAM WHEELER. CLARK WILLIAMS. JAMES YOUNG. JIM phi kappa tau BERNIE EAKEZ PRESIDENT r. .. . :C1 C RON LAPACE SECRETARY LEONARD LYONS Moven UP INTO the Orange League with a pledge class of 53... Watson and La- Belle make all-campus in football ...Ron LaFace was active in politics... Adams, Dandurand, Herrick, Moore, and Stray- born were on the Legislative Council ... Cal Adams named to Hall of Fame... Shreave elected secretary of Blue Key ...Disc Jockey Dutch Schaffer was on the radio...Moore and MacFarlane helped the baseball team ...Hale heaved the javelin... HOMECOMING DECORATIONS 318 ANDREWS. CHARLES BADMEN. RILL BLOCK. KARL CARROLL, RD CHAPMAN. ARTHUR DELP. JOE DINSMORE. PRANK DORMEYER, ALBERT ESTE MURL OAPPORD. JERRY HARRIS, JACK HENDERSON. BOB HOFFMAN. HERBERT HOUGH. WADE HUOILSON. JERRY JAEOER. GENE JOHNSON, PEED JONES. HARRY KESTERSON. OEOROE %RAKER. DON Lail MLR. HOB LANKUTIS. GEORGE LANTAP7. BILL LESLIE. WILLIE LIPSCOMB, PRANK LORD. JOSEPH HADDOCKS. JOHN MARCHAND, SAM MATHLS, THOMAS McCALL, PHIL MCCURRY. RAY McDONALD. HARRISON MCNF.IL, MELVIN MEIT.GER. OUY MEYER. JERRY ILLER. MICHAEL MOORE. TOMMY NORMAN. JAMES OSTERHOLT. DAVID PELL. TOM RUMMER. IIERMANN RUSH. JEEP RYAIJ3. BILL SCRAPPER. GARY SOME, ROGER SEVERANCE. JAMES SIESS. DOUGLAS TORNOE. JIM TRAVIS. LARRY WATERMAN. JOHN WATSON. LARRY WHITE. JERRY WILLIAMS. RANDALL WRIGHT. JOHN 319 flKA pi kappa alpha H. D. BASSETT. SECRETARY BILL SCIINEIDE.R. NELSON DE. CAMP, REC. WELLER. PRIMIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SEVENTY PIKES RETURNED to start year after national convention in Miami .. 42 new pledges . . . Pikes again win HC prizes ... again sponsor a fine Tiny Mite football team ... chapter made significant contributions to the " permanently pinned " column and the pledge rolls of Uncle Sam . .. Thom Rumberger is OF Attorney General . . . Nelson DeCamp General Chairman of Gator Cras . . . Wilson At- kinson chairman of Greek Day . . . an- other fine year for Pi Kappa Alpha ' s 54th on campus.... 820 ADAMS. GRAHAM ALLEN, ROBERT ATKINSON, WILSON BARBEL TONY BASS. ROBERT BATT. WILLIAM BEANE. ED BELLING. BOB BENTE. KEVIN BOYDEN. WILLIAM BRANTLEY. RICHARD BROWNE. BENNETT CULVER. WALTER DESSERT. JIM EPPERT. HERBERT MANS. EDWARD FITZGERALD JIM FOWLER. 1311 I. FRAZIER. ROBERT OILPAND. NORMAN 000DLINO. JOHN RUDD DUANE HODOKINEON. DICK HOOTEN. JAMES HUNT, (IEOROE JOHNSON. SHELDON JONES. FI) JONES. JAMES JONES. JAMES KELLY. THEODORE KIIIIIROUOH. JIM KIMBROLOII. ROBERT KIRCICOEF. WILLIAM KIRKLAND. JIM KOBL XIARD. ROBY LINDSEY. RONALD LYNCH. JUSTIN LYNCH. LARRY MacKAY, PRED MADDOX. EARL MANOINELLI. DAVID MARANT. RICH MARTIN. JIM MARTIN. JOHN MAXPIELD. TOM MAXWELL. CHARLES MAYO. CLIFF MCCORMICK. JOHN McKIBIIIN. CLIFF McKNIGHT, JOHN McWHORTER. JIM MOUNTAIN. ROCKY MYRICK. CHARLY NIBLOCK. BILL NICE. JOHN NICHOLSON. LARRY PAILLE. PAUL PICKERING. MIKE PORTER. PRANK POUTINEN. WAYNE POWELL. STEVE PROSSER. JOHN HITCH. PRANK RU7dBEROER. THOM SANDS. JAMES SANKOWS. JOE ECHIRARD. JOSEPH SCHIRARD. SYDNEY SHANKLIN. DALE SHEARON. BERNARD SLATER. ROSS SMITH. LEROY SPANOLER. JAMES SPEYER. CHARLES STOKER, CHARLIE STOKER. DICK STOUTAMIRE. GABLE SWAN. NEIL TALLEY. PICK THURLOW, TOM TOTILAS. RICHARD TROTT THOMAS VANDEWEIMUL JEROME WERTH. DUNCAN WESTER, DEXTER WHITAKER. GARY WISLER. TOM WOODALL, JOHN YEATTS WILLIAM 321 riK413 pi kappa phi AN EARLY RETURN to clean up for rush ...a new addition ... The annual South Sea Islands party ...a restful blast after an afternoon of water skiing ... Bamboo walls keep out the eyes of unwanted on- lookers with the soft white sand a com- fortable place for reclining ... Pi Kaps made their mark in intramurals Home- coming brought returning alumni to party with ... Fall Frolics ... The Pledge ban- quet, one of the brightest stars in our star- studded year ... Ron Cacciatore, our top politico and Blue Key man ...Many fond memories will be carried for a long time of all our group. Starlet. Pit tteeraco r 4" 1111111111=1 32 ' 2 BARDEN. RICHARD BRADLEY. WWELL BRUNO. PRANK CABASSA. JACOBO CHARLAND, DAVID CLAY. HENRY COSTOPOULOS. JOHN ENOELMANN. MARTY PEWOX. ROBERT FOUTS. JOE FRIES, HARRY OREM WALTER HOLT. RICHARD HOOD. JAMES HORN. PHILLIP JOBES. MIKE McMULLEN. WALLACE MANARO. JOHN MAULDEN. DICK MEW. ALAN SABIN. ()ENE SABIN. WILLIAM SAXON. SAMUEL SCHAEFER. HENRY BEAGLE. ED SEARS. GEORGE SERVICE. NEI) SOUTIIWELL. ROBERT SILKERAKKE.V, DON SIMMONS. HAROLD STAPLETON. JAMES THOMAS, PRIM VALADIE. ARTHUR VOUOHT. FRED WELLS. HENRY WHITE. BILL WOLZ. MIKE 323 nits pi lambda phi t Pi LAM HAD ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR .. . led by President Steve Gardner . . placing top flight in the field of sports ... with the Volleyball and Tennis Champion- ships in the Orange League ... narrowly missed football and handball cups . Campus-wide ... we have many an active leader ... Steve Gardner, United Leader .. Debate Society ... Joe Fleming Frosh Honor Court Justice . . . many rollicking social weekends completed a great year for the men of Purple and Gold. STEVE ERV SHANE PRESIDEN1 TREASURER AUSPITZ. RICHARD BAKER. DAVID BERLIN, JERRY BERNARD. RICHARD BERNSTEIN. MATHEW DONOR, RICHARD BOOKBINDER. EDWARD CALIPANO. GARY 4 ' 011EN . WILLIAM 1,AVIS, OARY E 183. JOEL FELDMAN. LEWIS FLEMING. JOE FOOEL, STEVE OAMSE. BERL GARDNER. STEVE GINSBURG. ED GLICK. JEEP STEVE GRASSI. RONALD OREENBERO. STEVEN CIREENRURO. STEVE OREENPIELD, JERRY GREISDORF. HOWARD :ROSSMAN. JOEL )(ARUM. ED HEIMAN. ALAN HERSKOWITZ. ALLAN HERSKOWITZ. JACK HUNTER. MIKE JACOBSEN. DAVID KAUFMAN. WILLIAM NORRIS. HARVEY KOMANBKY. JOSEPH KOTT. DANA KREPS. JOEL KWART. ARNOLD LAPPIN. MIKE LEYROWITZ, RON LEVINE. DAVID LODEN. ELLIOTT LOSMAN, DONALD MALLIN(IER. ALLAN MEADE. BARRY MMTIN, JULIAN MOROCCO. STEVE NEWMARK. STANLEY PAUL. DON PEARL. TONY PERLS. JEFF PORTER. RONALD RABIN. RONALD BAUCH. JON REISMAN. TERRY REIZEN, EDWARD I:OSKAR. STEVE ROSENBLEETH. BARRY ROSENSTOCK. HERBERT III.11)EN, WARREN SATZ. HARVEY SCHEINHOPT, LEN SCHNEIDER. MIKE SHAPRO. JIM }MARA,. PHILIP BIDMAN, PHILIP RINGER. THOMAS sPII.X1EL, ROBERT S ' IERN, RICHARD SURLOFP. ART WERNER. MIKE %11LLEN. JOEL YASKIN, BEN 325 LAE sigma alpha epsilon a ANDY JACKSON GEOROE MOSS RIC ALEX ANDER ROME ROBINSON PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECREI AR Y TREASURER BLUE KEY MEMBERSHIP included Moyle, Magie, McClure, and Edmondson ... Smith, Gregory, and Senterfitt on the football team ...Shaffer was top man in tennis...Stigger and Lecky were on the golf team ...Mercer was vice president of the student body and in the Hall of Fame...Moyle headed HC ' 69 Best In Dixie and made Hall of Fame ...Kyria Cotes (Bondurant) crowned sweetheart Joree ' s still everybody ' s sweetheart ... " Robin Hood " censored before Growl ...Leo survived the onslaught ... ti TV IN THE LIVING ROOM CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEOED CHILDREN 326 ADAMS. DANNY ADAMSON. JIM BARBER. DICK BASKERVILLE. JIM BASS. LARRY CANTO. Rum ASIA sus lqHHft. JERRY aa shaisa RILLS. sicAl WEIDNER, JOHN WIIIDDON. FLOYD SCHOPKE. NEIL SHAVE. BEN SLOTT. ARNOLD SMITH. BOB STEARNS, JOHN WALTON. DUO IIUDOENS. HALF JOHNSTON, BOBBY JOHNSTON. HOWARD JONF13. LLOYD JUDY. JIM KESSLER. MIKE MOYLE. JON MURPHY. LARRY PIERSON. FRED PRESTON. BOB REYNOLDS. CHARLIE ROYAL, DANNY FULLERTON. JOHN ORINSLEY. JAMES HALF- JEFF HENNE. PETE. HILL. NW ROY. DUO CARPENTER. ADRIAN COOPER. BOB COX. GLENN COX. GLENN DAVIS. JERRY DAVI BOB DENT. JOHN DONAHOO. TOMMY EDINOTON. DON EDMONDSON. JOHN EDWARDS. CHARLEY FOWLER. HIP 327 X sigma chi Sics WERE LED by President Dick Adams, censored by Mom Apple and enhanced by Sweetheart Genny Seiner ... LOOK mag- azine featured Bobby Dodd, Jr., who with the help of Page, Deal, Starling, and Cul- pepper, pushed the Gators to their most successful season ... Parsons headed the IFC ... Hall of Famer Chapman was ad- ministrative assistant to the student body president and chairman of Religion-in- Life Week ... Page was a Rhodes Scholar- ship candidate and in the Hall of Fame ... and Blue Key ... McCreary also tapped for Blue Key ... GENE. PAGE VICE PRESIDENT RUDIE OERTNKR SECRETARY Tr 1 tam M - A nil 3111 LUC CELEBRATION AFTER A SUCCESSFUL DERRY ALL SORORITIES LOOK FORWARD TO THE ANNUAL SIGMA CHI DERRY 328 ANDERSON, CHARLES ANDERSON. JERRY ALLEN. RICHARD HARNETT. ROBERT BATCHELVER, DRAKE. BEARD. DAVE BLANTON, JACK BOEHNKE, ED BOND. DOUGLAS BRIGOS DON BROCK. CHARLES BROWN. WILLIAM CARPENTER, RONALD CHAPMAN. JOE CHERRY. BID D ' AMATO. JACK DEAN, ROBERT DEAN. STEVE DONALDSON. MIKE DOWLING, MIKE FINLEY. WALTER FLOWERS. JACK FRANCIS. ED PULLER. HILTON GARCIA. VICTOR GARVEY. MIKE ORONQUIST. JAMES HAMMER. HENRY HARDY. LYNN IlAILNETT. ED HOPKINS. CHARLES HUNEFELD. TOM JACKSON, DON JAMISON. JIMMIE MARCH. NORMAN KRASRY. KEN Lnrrn. HUGH LAWRENCE. JAMES LEWIS. ROGER MACKENZIE. FRED MARSHALL JAMES MASON. RICHARD MAUGHAN. NELSON %MCLELLAN. ED MEALOR. WILLIAM MEFFERT. MIKE %IESSE.C. JERKY MEYER. KESS MORAITIS, GEORGE MORAITIS, NICK OATES. CHARLES PARSONS. STU PERRY, DONALD PIERCE, OFIRALD PLATTE. JOHN QUIZENBERRY. JAMES RABORN. GEORGE RANDALL. JOHN RANEY. RICHARD READ. DANIEL. ROCHON. PETER ROSS. DONALD ROTHWELL JOHN RUSCII. ROBERT SELLER. CARL SHERM ' OOD, ROGER SHIELDS. ROGER SMITH, GEORGE SPRINKEL. GEORGE STAPLETON. JAMES STIMPSON, JACK SUTTON. KEN ' JERRY. JOSEPH ' MASHER. BRUCE TULL. RICHARD VARDE. TONY VINCENT!. LENNIE VONK. HARRY WILLIAMS. GEORGE WILLIAMS. RALPH WRIGHT. WILLIAM YOUNG. LEON ZEANAIL RICHARD 329 IN sigma nu OFFICE! TOM Pio COMMA : ORODER KNOWLES. LT COMMANDER PAL SCAMLOM Ia.:commit DICK STRAIN MARSHALL Tug HOMECOMING SWEEPSTAKES trophy came back to Sigma Nu along with first place in skits and second place in floats . . . Captured the Miller trophy for the ninth straight year ... Lil Lightnin ' Lib- ertore joined Infante. Hosack, Travis, Worthington, and Anderson to lead the Gators . . . Mosny, Merchant. Cody and Morrison were on the basketball team ... Howie and Aust stood out in baseball . sponsored Dean Hale ' s reading of the " Christmas Carol " again .. . 3 ' 30 331 AGUILAR. RUBEN ALEXANDER. JOE ALroNso. REX ANDERSON. RICHARD APPLD3ATE. JACK ARMSTRONG. JIM HARDER. RONALD BOOTH. RAY BRADFIELD. MARK BREWER. THAD CARROLL. BILL CAUSEY. JIM CLINE. OM CODY. NEAL CRAWFORD. PRANK CRAWFORD. TOM CROWN. BILL DANDERO. STEVE. DAVIS. JIM DEAN. CHARLES DOWLINO. ROSS DUNDEE. HUGH PAILLA. RICHARD PANARO, CARL PARLEY. WILLIAM PARREY. JOHN PAT FORD, KEN FORD. MIKE PURPLY, MIKE GEBHARDT. JAY GRIFFIN. BEN HILL MADDEN. FRANK JORDAN. ASLBY KNOWLES. OROVER LARIMER. MILO LAZZARA. PHIL LAZZO. CONSTANTINE LOGIN. ART JR. LOPEZ. AL LYNDS. MIKE MATTEIS. RICHARD MELTON. JOHN MENZEL. BOB mEmorr. EDDIE MILLER. GARY MINOR, JOHN NICHOLS. JOHN 8C01 4N. GEORGE SMITH. LARRY SOPHER. RICHARD STEPHENS, JAY TERELLI. NICHOLAS TRABA. JOE. TRIPOLINK TONY VAUGHN. ODELL WAONER. WILLIAMSON. ROY WILLINGHAM. ALLAN WILLINGHAM. FRANK MELTON. EMERY JAY ESE sigma phi epsilon YEAR ENDED IN great style with Golden Hearts Weekend at Daytona ... Betty Dell was chosen our sweetheart ... Checker and Alderman join Hollingsworth in Blue Key ... Mabry selected Phi Beta Kappa and valedictorian of his class ... Pope was secretary of labor ... Milford was on Lyceum Council ... Medlin, Morrison, and Lang were on the Legislative ... Menocal and Nelson were on the Traffic Court ... Straub was secretary of the IFC SPE ' S handled Alachua County Heart Fund Drive ... M.91104 0. PRESIDER ' JOE ennusu RICHARD US VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY RELAXATION AROUND A WARM FIRE. IN THE 8PE LIVING ROOM. 332 ADAMS, JIM BUTCH. CORDON BORCH. JIM BROWN. DON BROWN, JIM BROWN, TOM BURWELL BILL CARTER. MIKE CLEARE, HOWARD COOK. ED COOK. DAVE COX. DAVID DAVID. JIM DAVID. JERRY DIXON. BOB DURRANCE. PRANK (KIOER. BILL DENT. MIKE .:IDDENS. DICK HACK. ONOROE HAKALA. MIKE HAKI.S. OWEN IIANPTON. JOHN HARRIS, REDDICK IIAWKINSON. LANCE HUTCHESON. BOB HUTCHESON. WALTER IRVINE. BRUCE JOHNSON. STEVE JONES, JOHN JONES. BOB KAVULIA. JOAN KEMP. BILL MOD. OILER KIRCIIMAN. RON KIRK. BILL KOBLASZ. JOHN KROMBERO. ED LANG. JIM LEACH. OKOHOE LYLE. BILL LYTI.E. ERNIE MANE. LAYTON MARSHALL. JOHN 3.1cAULAY. CHARLES McCARTHY. AD McCAHI HY. JOHN WHALE. MIKE DIEDLIN, DICK MENOCAL. ARMANDO MILFORD. CHARLES MORRISON, ROBERT NORRIS. KEN PALMER. WARREN PARKS. GERALD PAYNE. CHARLEY PAYNE.. TOM PODDICK. BILL RUSSEL. BOB SANE. DAN SANE. DON SAUREZ. EPRAIN EMAIL. SILL. SULLIVAN. JOE TAYLOR. WYATT TEMPLE. BILL TURNER. LEO TURNER. LARRY WESCHE. JIM WILLIAMS. RONALD 333 ex theta chi BOB PLUMB. PRESIDENT PHIL WAGNER. BOB CROWTHER. LAWSON SPARE. VICE PRESIDENT SECRF.TART TREASURER MANY THINGS HAPPENED behind the Red Doors last spring ... the highlight being our Dream Girl weekend at Rainbow Springs ... Orange League ... In ing with Theta Chi tradition things tinued to get better and better ... started the fall semester off with a fine rush .. . an extra fine pledge class ... Our " blasts " were tremendous, as usual, being topped by the " Out of this World " Homecoming party . . . 1st place in house decorations ... Homecoming was even more of a cess with our beautiful float . . . Politics the greatest . .. Good times last year, looking forward to more good times and achievements for an even better year. 331 ACREK RON ALDERMAN. HOWARD BRAY. MIKE BRITTEN. JOHN BURTON. GARY CLUECK. LI) CRAWFORD. JAMES DUDINSKY, TOM DUKES. JAMES EPPERSON. DAVID rAwerrt. JOHN PLANAOAN, MIKE OARET. CLAYTON GREEN. JOE. HALL, TOM IIANDLEY. HUGH HARM BOB VERNON HEYDE. HENRY HOLLINGSWORTH. RICHARD HOLLOWAY. REX IIOLMAN. RONALD HUMPHRIES. JIMMY HUTTO. JOHN JARDEN. JAMB JOHNSON. BRUCE JOHNSTON. FRED JONES. JACK KIRKPATRICK. WESLEY LAVALLE. ARMAND LEACH. RICHARD LOCHNER. TOM LULLMAN. STEVE. MAY. JET? MERRILL. HENRY MOCK. ROGER MORC1AN, TOM MOTTLAU. DANE NIELSON. GEORGE OWEN, JOHN PARROTT. TOM PELMAN, REOOIE PHILLIPS. JAMES REEVES. JERRY RICHMOND. JOHN ROBERTS. IVAN ROUSE. FRANK SMITH. ROBERT SMITH. BILL TILLMAN. JAMES TRIER, ROBERT YEECHIO. DAVID WATSON. EDGAR WAYNE. HAROLD ZUOA. !ALES 335 tau epsilon phi TEPS HAVE TOP YEAR on campus ... Ivan Diamond is Chancellor at house ... Lip- off, President of Blue Key ... Joel Shapiro President of Billet ... George Solomon sports correspondent of Miami Herald and Florida Times-Union and Sports Editor of SEMINOLE ... Bill Buchalter Sports Editor of ALLIGATOR .. Ed Robin, Gary Lieberman, and Harry Shorstein intra-mural managers ... Chuck Warren and Bart Miller active in SRA ... Howie Rosen, Steve Katz, Ken Levitt, Larry Waccerman, and Andy Knonstadt top TEP athletes ... Diamond retat) Steve ()arbor T" ..urn TUE MI. BLOC 337 lAitriEIT. STEVE ;LARUCII. JACK ILECKER. MATIIIS TvSSSEN. ED =RE. ALLAN HICHALTER. BILL CANTER. LARRY cilEPENIK. ALAN CLEW. STEVE COHEN, AL MIKE (y)LLINS. ROB DIENER, OARY PFMTOY7. BARRY YURMAN, KEN BERSON. DAVE GOLDBERG. ROBERT 00RA. MIKE GREEN. ARTHUR (iREENBER0. ROBERT (REENBURO. MIKE (:ROSS. NORMAN OUNDY. RICHARD OUYER. NELSON HACKEL, SIEVE. HOWARD. GENE HUBER. PHIL HYMAN. MIKE JACKSON. STAN JAFFE. NORMAN KATE. JACK KLEIN. HAROLD KLKINYELD. LARRY LECIITNER, WARREN LEEK JACOB LEVESON, HARRIS LIEBERMAN. OARY LIPKIN. SAMMY LOCKE. BOB MORAY?. ROBERT MOROAN. HAROLD MOSHERO. STEWART NORMAN. STEVE NOSOVITSKY. HAROLD 01-MAN. MELVYN PORTMAN. BARNEY RAINES. ROBERT RUBIN. MIKE HOSEN, HOWIE RUSKIN. MARK sALTZMAN. RONNIE =HULL. TED SY.LEVAN. JACK SHAY. PETER SHENKMAN, JERROLD SHORN. NORM SIIMUNES. EDWARD SINGER. STEVE SINOPY. BARRY SMITH. STEPHAN SOLOMON. OEOROF. SOWN. SANDY STERN, MARTIN TIZSER. ARTHUR TUCKER. RICHARD WINDER. DAVE WEINSTEIN. KEN wEINSTE1N, STEVE wrrIEN. XD SINOBER. PETE ZONON. BARRY =KERMAN. MIKE Robert Barker President Bill Keller Vice-President Waldo K, Treasn THE DELTA Sacs have a lot to remember from ' 60-61 ... successful fall rush ... largest class in their history ... Beatnik party ... Homecoming Ball ... Spring ini- tiation formal dinner-dance at the Holi- day Inn ... intramural victories ...Mother Tennant always helpful ... and with all this behind them looking forward to an even bigger ' 61-62 year. Appleby. Jon Baliar. John Barnes. flank Rualey. John Collins. Robert Day. John (Jimenez, Fernando Hall. Jim Hopkinson. Kenneth Johnston. Bill Keefer. Edward Kill ore. Ernest Minnie. Carl Kobsung. Jack ' Arun). Max Lawson. Bob McAllister. Richard Moore. James Myers. William Ramsay, Richard Thompson. Robert delta sigma chi a IV delta upsilon JERRE (ROOM. Ins% silsainen IsIsEdWEN I FALL RUSH very successful ... the return of Mr. Clean ... shape up or Barbasol " Graves Little Acre " took first in the Homecoming parade ... In this corner at 1,000 calories, " Skinny " Waters ...Ray and Sherry set the date ... Winter Week- end marks our third anniversary ... Rosie Allen reigns as sweetheart ...Jane Yusko and Sherry Youngman on court ... Wells, Razzano, Collin, Willingham, and Jordon got pinned ... Haumgarder. Phil Bogle. Fred Dy I. Tom Everett. Jim Pennell. Torn Chino. Bay Ooyer. Halley. Homer Johnson. Bob Jordan. Leland Keener. Joe Jr. La Pramenta. Scott Paul. Norman Quail,. Richard Romano. Mike Rice. Jerry Roberta. Jim Ward. William Waters. Bob Willingham. Howell Woodall. Jim 339 E n phi epsilon pi BEGAN THY. YEAR with 20 pledges ... Be- came the first Phi Ep chapter to win a national award during its first year this for community service ... also won the IFC blood bank trophy ... sponsored a Christmas party for children at Sunland Training Center ... Conway Twiny and Steve Alaimo and his Rhythm Rocketeers for Pledge Weekend ...The Combo Kings for Homecoming ... Crowned our first sweetheart, Miss Sharon Pennan ... Mak- ing plans to move into a new house ... Allen. Steve Bernstein. Leonard Berson. John Brofsky. J rrrrrr Case. J" r" ey Chosen. MStun Cooper. Larry Dirit. Bitten Fol. A3Ail lieh. Irvin PinhbeIn. Stu Gallant. Martin Oloskin. Paul Idner. Lea Ooodman. Jerry Green. Robert Oulila. Harvey Henan. Lee Jaen. James Janis. Mite Julius. Richard Karmen. Stuart Kirschbaum. Richard Lerner. Dave Levine. Peter Low. Arthur Menge. Ramon Meyer. Ben Miller. Steven Nemeth. Paul strait . Manuel Poen.. Dave Scher, Simon lman. Jerry Spline. Warren Snouts.. Howard Steinberr. Jar Waanrman. Sieve Zlperson. Frank TKE tau kappa epsilon Mark PsImpunt President Pa-President Roland Truitt Secretary Rob Rumen Treasurer ' 60-61 ... A most successful year for the ' TEKES ... larg- est pledge class ever ... fes- tive costume parties ... formal dances and informal get-togethers were fun ... still that swinging fraternity ... active in all sports ... and an impressive number of points in intramurals TEKES are on their way. Acello. Prank Balt James award. Dent Darlina. Wilfred deMontmollin. Harry Ilalprlm Ed IlislprIn, Jim Kaye. Jack Lellze, Ron McDonnell. James Mika. Steve Mitchell. Samuel Morrison. Richard Mount. Cleonce Noble. Bob Itot" nsek. Raymond Rote, Palmer Rubor. Burr Sellers. J00 Staab, Bill Sumner. Sidney Whitney. Charles %Intr. Charles X 4) chi phi BRACE BATEMAN runs on " Free-Thought " plank in Stu- DELTA Cm ' s have a good year ... pledges... spirit ... dent Government elections... a good year ... pledges leadership... on their way up... expect new initiates to good ... spirit ... parties... Chi Phi ' s coming up... lead house and make their way on campus ... AX delta chi 312 the eves lhoc . Abstraction 343 344 SHERRY MANSFIELD PI KAPPA PHI LINDA WIDEN TAU EPSILON P111 KYHIA COTES SIOMA ALPIIA EPSILON JEAN OAICCIA 810MA NC OINOER REYNOLDS ALPHA TAU OMEGA fraternity sweethearts KAM YN 1:AC:(1 DEL IA I Al: DF:in A SANDRA BURNHAM KAPPA ALPHA KAREN DALE DELTA CHI MARY JO PELSINO TAU KAPPA EPSILON BARBARA ANDREWS ALPHA EPSILON PI 345 organizations MMtr Professional Fraternities Societies Clubs Honoraries STANDING Q' to r" Nehon. Repo. Til- ton. riood. Cournty. Johnson. Homing. way. Le. Taylor. Stadia " .len. SEATED 0 to r): Wakeman. UMW, Brooks. Snedaker. DeCamp, St IIIIMMI. Waldrep. Rodgers. agricultural council THE AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL is composed of tives of each of the 14 organizations in the College of Agriculture. It seeks to promote student-faculty interest and a spirit of cooperation in these various organizations alpha delta sigma Swam TO BRIDGE THE GAP between advertising theory and practice, Alpha Delta Sigma is the professional orary advertising fraternity. ADS initiates are required of the college. During the fall semester, the Council sport- son a barbecue for freshmen and later the annual Turkey Shoot. In the spring semester, the Council sponsors the Ag Fair. to sell and carry " sandwich boards " for local merchants. The fraternity handles all of the Lyceum Council ' s adver- tising. THIRD ROW 41 to r): Clemmona. Her. brandt. Wood. Hoffman. Vickers. EECOND ROW .1 to r): Ade. away Snowden. McRae. Spongnerlf. Sonia FIRST ROW II to r,: Hall. Peacock Harris. Hall. Donaldson. EnnI . 348 Third row II to ri: Read. Cunningham. Blackwood. Jones. Sitinbook. Julian levin Second role 0 to et: Bartel. Match Hatowin. Solowy. Hamm Beaton. First row ol to Dr. OMB Satin. Warren. Page. Copperman. Dr. FOUNDED FOR THE PURPOSE of encouraging and recogniz- ing scholarship among pre-medical students, Alpha Alpha Epsilon Rho is a national honorary fraternity which encourages and recognizes outstanding college radio and television students of high scholastic standing. The Alpha Beta chapter tries to increase the knowledge and experience of its members by producing radio and alpha epsilon delta Epsilon Delta is the national honorary pre-med society alpha epsilon rho te levision programs of an experimental and challenging nature. At the same time, it attempts to produce in its members an awareness of their responsibilities and obli- gations as future leaders and workers in the broadcasting industry. FOURTH ROW ' I to r" : Beverly. Stork" dale. May. Martin. Villanl. Ferguson. Dominick. Vath THIRD ROW .1 to rr Doan.. Bern- " ein. Mao Moose. Schaeyer SECOND ROW " I to r" : William.. Sheth. Fernandez. Melo Ouodmark, MacCiellan. VanDuyn FIRST ROW to p Douglas. Smith. Owah. Smith. twister. Pell. Wing. Had- fry. american institute of chemical engineers A. I. Ch. E. is the stupirip: pp: 1:1." AN:ut Ir.:t- une of Chemical Engineers. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the chemical engineering department. The purpose of the organization is to keep chemical engi- :.,Purp ];; -tudents abreast of their field of study. Technical films, speakers from the fields of industry and research constitute programs at the monthly meetings. alpha kappa psi THE AIMS OF ALPHA KAPPA Psi are to further the indi- therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of vidual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research college rank, courses leading to degrees in Business in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance; to Administration. educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals FIFTH ROW .1 to re Boyer. Clement.. Our!. Fletcher. Scott. Herres FOURTH ROW " l to rt: Oink. BMn" chard. Weaser. Will. Carlton. THIRD ROW " 1 to re loth. Maxfield. Lea , Sheehan. Fannon. Hayes SECOND ROW to : Warr,. Milteh" en. Jrter. DO: t Luca., FIRST ROW d to r. Baker. ' CORMS.. Lyon,. Ichikawa. Origin. Ilertlahofer 350 FIFTH ROW it to r I: Coleman. Dueedse. Scheidt. Morris. Taylor. Perry. Yonge. Hornsby. Prazine. FOURTH ROW 41 to ri: Sharrow. Smith. Nicholson. Clark. Bowles, Mc- Lendon. Thompson. O ' Donnell. Can- natella. Duties. THIRD ROW .1 to ri: Menzel. Zahrly. Young. Smith. Williams. Simpers. Clarets. McKibbin SECOND ROW II to 11: Galloway, Mac- Callum. Osman, Fontana. Porter. Mon gan. Wayne. Mello. Rollo. Hoffman. Anderson. FIRST ROW II to ri: Barclay. RUM O" no. Pritchard. Howard. Garcia. Tam- burrino. Minster. Arnold. Cody. Senorita-1 ' . McCall. Smith. american institute of electrical engineers and the institute of radio engineers PARTICIPATION IN THIS GROUP is open to all students pur- suing a degree in electrical engineering. Through bi- monthly meetings, the student chapter attempts to keep its members informed on recent accomplishments in the electrical field. Speakers from the fields of industry, research, and education are featured in addition to tech- nical films. amnia Sas maw awl tona .tkulginataw.t.linioloomosi PIM! ROW it to f t: Sawyer. Attains , Batelziger, Szertant, tough. Carr, Ben- nett. Monbacher. Donn. Dawson. Wetz- ler. Mulligan. Williams. FOURTH ROW 11 to ;1: Marshall. omit. Shearer. ZalTery. Sue Strickland. Harrison. Braswell. Little. Brooks, Christian. Rice. Slone. THIRD ROW to ri: Slater. Hasn ' t" ton. Zepp. Manning. Whyte. Davis. Diem Janis. Herman. Wolfe. Hob!. SECOND ROW II to fl: Barg. ward. Parks. Haight. Rifle. Young. Whiting, Roostna, Dykes. Harrison. FIRST ROW II to Ti Larsen. Kundel. Seheiber. Hostck. Whitney. Canter. Smith. Charles, Karaach. Bloch. Taylor. Kamm. Latour. SQUATTING I to rt: Stutter. Chatty. Walsh. Gadfly. Houck. Canning, Dali" - Santa. FOURTH HOW II to n " Pf" Iffer. Norris. THIRD ROW .1 to rl: Larson. McCor- mick. Charles. Langly. C1117. SECOND ROW Q'to Barry. Bennion. Splelberger. Bowen. FIRST ROW .1 to Ti: Oresathoust. Mc- Donald. Donee. Rosenthal. Lamb. alpha lambda delta ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is the national women ' s freshman honorary society. Membership is open to all freshman girls who make a 3.5 honor point average or better during alpha phi omega ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national service fraternity. Tau chapter, which was established in 1931, is one of three hundred chapters here and abroad dedicated to the idea of service. On this campus APO conducts services such their first semester or first year at the University of Flor- ida. Dr. Elenor Bode Browne, professor of education, is faculty advisor. as the Campus Lost and Found. Its activities include the King Ugly contest and helping at Homecoming and Alumni Week. APO also gives four scholarships each year to deserving students. FOURTH ROW 11 to n: Blocker. Combs. Zenner. Smith. THIRD ROW a to ri: Taylor. Cleve- :and. Regenburgh. SECOND ROW to Ti: Morton. Peek. Pittman. Parka Flemming. FIRST ROW to rm Slinger. Pear Charles Oelty. Bowe. 352 THIRD ROW ' I to Burgos. Rad- spinner. Lang. Phillip ' . deter. Heming" way. Lester. SECOND ROW II to Ty : Greven.. Brannon. Morse. Este.. Allen, Tilton. Nelson. FIRST ROW 0 ton: Waldrep. Kenyon. Brooker. Berdynaki. Henderson. Cour- neya. alpha zeta ALPHA Zirrs is a national agricultural fraternity with fifty-two chapters. It was established to recognize lead- ership in the field of agriculture by developing qualities of scholarship, fellowship and character. Each year the Florida chapter honors a junior in Agriculture for ac- complishments during his freshman and sophomore years. Alpha Zeta is also active in counseling freshmen who are planning to enter the College of Agriculture. american institute of industrial engineers THIS ORGANIZATION STRIVk:S tu keep abreast of current developments in the engineering world through monthly meetings featuring talks by practicing engineers. During this past year, the Student Chapter has partici- pated in the Engineer ' s Fair, intra-college sports, and has provided a social outlet for its members. FIFTH ROW it to I" : Page. Ooscher. Lyons, FOURTH ROW 0 to Sherman. Ilnheir. Cranford. Robinson. Mahaffey. THIRD ROW 0 to ro Smith. Rottman. Cehon, Keen, Schw" rte, Oeernreet. SECOND ROW to I,: Heroux. Shep- pard, MuenInghoff. Balt. Dunford FIRST ROW to ro: Bull. McDaniel. Brown, Barrington, Kidd. Detiel. De- flate. 353 FIRTH ROW iJ to ri: Roberts. l)ennleon. FOURTH ROW 0 to ri: Robertson. Deem Stadskley. THIRD ROW D to Pierceneld. Ken- drick, Greenawalt. Moore. SECOND ROW II to ri: Johnson. Hiker. Scherer. FIRST ROW tl to Holmes. Flood. DeCamp. Henley, Cala american society of agricultural engineers THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING is a national organization offering student membership to men studying in the agricultural field. This year the stu- dent branch entered exhibits in the Engineers and Agri- cultural Fairs. Each semester the organization sponsors field trips for the practical experience of its members. american society of chemical engineers THE OBJECTS of the chapter are to promote professional advancement among students, to provide opportunities for contact with men and organizations active in the profession, and to stimulate interest in the profession designed to further the practical knowledge of members. The chapter is a member of the Benton Engineering Coun- cil and with the other engineering societies sponsors the Engineers ' Fair. Field Day, and Ball. SIXTH ROW 0 to : Cairo. Hobbs. Patterson. Eldred. Wilburn. Bolto n. FIFTH ROW to m: Mills. Watkins. Hyner. Witman. Roundtret. ' Crider. FOURTH ROW 11 to Ti: Seamen . Schnell. anus. Oritt en. Eary. Smithy. THIRD ROW R to : Bricker. Booby. Masterson. Berko. Kaye. Tidwell. SECOND ROW 0 to Rothbert :er. Blanton. Jackson. Adams. milltello. Howell. FIRST ROW 11 to ro : Hansen. A. A. Katterhenry. Faculty Advisor. Sehilf, Carter, Schutt . Wolfer. Mande. 351 E1011111 ROW II to r): Jammal. Young. Goff. Lahr. San Martin. Craig. Epstein. Wledamann. Fairchild. Moore. Lopes. SEVENTH ROW 0 to ri: Combs. Sen. aerate. Koonce. Leachorn. TappounI Greenwood. Francis, AlDM. Brant... Ramsey. SIXTH ROW d to r): Elliot. Thor- Man. McCollough. Stephen . Cannella. Durham. Dickinson, Rol Tidwell. FIFTH ROW 41 to 0: Keller. Hollings" worth. Larsen. Menge. Miller. Smith, Bracy. Ramsey. FOURTH ROW 11 to n: Dentin. Lemons, Mhos . Clear.. Curtis, Reich, Bailey, Sprott, McDonald, Mins. Black, Watts. THIRD ROW el to r): Reed. Vetter, Lacy. Patton. Dandy. Colehoir, Ward. SECOND ROW 41 to n: TEen. grey. Woodall. Vernon. Orme. Singletary. Williams. FIRST ROW tl to er: (Meal. Baker. HowIngton, McDonough, Milian, Rob Miter. american society of mechanical engineers THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS iS a non-profit organization with membership well above 55,000. The primary aim of the Society is the ment and advancement of the Mechanical Engineering profession. The Student branch at the University of. Florida is one of more than 140 student sections maintained at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The Uni- versity of Florida Student Branch of the ASME was COMPOSED OF STUDENTS interested in swimming, the Aqua Gators yearly cooperate with the Swim Fins in the coming swimcapades. Hours of practice go into production organized in 1926 with the purpose of providing the Me- chanical Engineering student with the opportunity of participating with the national Society. As students, the members can take part in nationwide contests, conferences and joint meetings sponsored by the ASME, all of which are conducive to professional growth. On Campus, the Society is active in intramurals and so- cial events and has always participated in the annual Engineers Fair. aqua gators of the water shows. The Aqua Gators pride themselves with their precision swimming. 355 I. to It: Pate. McBride. Hood. Dr. W. IL Moore. Dr. N. P. mthrhor. coach Hooker. athletic council AMONG THE ATHLETIC various activities are the coordinating of student-athletic relationships. The council decides the distribution of the portion of the student fee given to the athletic department by student government. In planning and regulating the athletic program at the University, the Athletic Council tries to maintain a maxi- mum amount of entertainment for the students, faculty, and alumni. baptist student union THE BASIC Ill:WILDS of the Baptist Student Union at the University of Florida is to seek to relate each Baptist student to the program of any one of the six Baptist churches of Gainesville. The B.S.U. Council is elected by a general meeting of the Baptist students for the purpose of leading in the performance of this program. THIRD ROW 81 to ri Merritt. A- thol!, Peeples. Cheatham. Rape. Comb . Stine,. Dr. Morse Coburn SECOND ROW II to SpItman. Spa- cer. Teo. Rowdln. Lamb. maxi- HOW II to r Moore. Rouldree. 17..ema" SECOND HOW II to rr : Brown. Silver- man. OrlEen. McCormick. Roberts. FIRST ROW 11 to so: Chalmers. Bertn" fell. Roberta. Altman. Sheehan. laressel. beta alpha psi OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTING STUDENTS are recognized by invitation to join Beta Alpha Psi, the National Honorary Accounting Fraternity. The group strives to promote scholarship and sociability and to encourage and foster the ideal of service. It also acts as a medium between pro- fessional men, instructors, students and others interested in the development of accountancy. block and bridle BLOCK AND BRIDLE, the most active and largest agricul- tural club on campus, is open for membership to all who are interested in animal husbandry. The club serves five Bar-B-Q ' s a year, including the Alumni-Legislators Bar- B-Q at Homecoming. Members pitch in to set up an exhibit for the Ag Fair each spring. The Club sponsors the B B Judging Contest, assists in the state 4-H Judg- ing Contest, and closes the year with a Student-Faculty Picnic. FOURTH HOW 11 to so ' . Partin. Cowin. Eikenberry. Nelson. Jordan. THIRD ROW .1 to r.: Welles. Kennett. Pronto. Study, Henley, tourneys. larder. SECOND ROW it to el: Ortiz. Tilton. Franklin. Posey, Bank), Kenyon. Bar- ber. Daughtry. FIRST ROW 0 to n: C. U. Ammer- Mall. Advuor. Patrick, Weloek, Allen. Williams. Fernandes. Kenyon. J W. Carpenter. Adsisor. 357 THIRD ROW 1 to Cozad. Odgers. Webb. Barnes. Slater. SECOND ROW ' I ton Roman, OaB. Zimmer, Johnson. Mrs. M Stater. FIRST ROW 41 Ian: Shivers. Gorton. Bumby. Sparrowhatt christian science organization THE Puttrosss or the organization are to aid in the motion of Christian fellowship between the students of the Christian Science faith and the University and to welcome those interested students who enter the Univer- sity each year. Regular meetings are open to the College public. They are held in the Florida Union. cooperative living organization THE C. L. 0. Is AN INDEPENDENT ORGANIZATION operated ity, economic need and willingness to cooperate with for the economical benefit of its members. The member- fellow students. ship is chosen from men who have shown scholastic abil- FOURTH ROW to m: Byrd. Huey, Bethencourt. MacArthur. Kydonelug. Whitehead. Dodge. Salah. Mayer. Tay- lor. THIRD ROW it to m: Bell. Wild. Fischer. wooley. Siond" k. Hughes. tat- ford. Delwin . Rowe. Addison. Kirkland. Stevens. 8F-CORD ROW W O: Outlet. Robert- son. Johnson. Maybee, Cooper. Stahl. Miller. Willis. Chapman. B. Detain . White. Pete. Woodard. FIRST ROW Q' to r" Mack. Baste,. Haat:Inger, Smith. Rolm. Sapp. Vat. Baker. 013tern, Cowen. Mettle. Harrell. L to R: Olean Kirk. Bill Birow. Joe Fleming. David Walker. debate society THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA DEBATE SOCIETY, composed of some of the University ' s finest debaters, is sponsored by the Speech Department and is coached by Gerald P. Mohrmann. Membership in the club is open to both the DELTA SIGMA Pt is an International Professional Busi ness Fraternity open to all male students in business with at least a 2.0 over-all grade average. The purposes of the group are to foster the study of business in universities; varsity and junior teams of debaters. The high standings in numerous tournaments entered reflect the interest and ability of these fine representatives of the University of Florida. delta sigma pi to encourage scholarship, social activity and the associa- tion of students for their mutual advancement through research and practical experience. THIRD ROW to n: Shields. McSfur" ray. Jim Brickley, Spalding. Lon Brick- ley. Rodriquez. Chillura. Kate. Skipper. Bernard. Holmes. SMOND ROW .1 to r.: Jones, Evans. Olsen. Mullis, Collins. Ryden. Harker. Prior. Angel. Buten. McOee Dews. FIRST ROW it to r.: Connoly. H" l- tenon. Slaughter. Parker. Gagnon. Bernfeld. Pesten.. Pearcy. Nielson. FIFTH ROW ' I to r.. Wehkang. Slack. Miranda. Hood. Coach Powell. FOURTH ROW al to 2 ' . : Ludt Seals. Williamson, THIRD ROW al to rl: Beam. Smith. Patch. " , Young. Norris, Smith. Gand- y..., Howl.. SECOND ROW al to r. : Schonberg. Moseley, Vargeeko, Senterntl. PIPET ROW 0 to Meslor, Page. McBride. Partin. f club THE INTENTION OF THE " F " CLUB is to offer an opportunity for all lettermen to meet together for social purposes. Its members are those students who have received letters for their outstanding participation in intercollegiate athletics. Meetings are held twice monthly. Officers were Gene Page, president; Doug Partin, vice president; Steve McBride, secretary; and Ted Mealor, treasurer. fellowship of Christian athletes THE FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLEFF-S iS a national organization composed of high school, college, and pro- fessional athletes and college coaches. The purpose of this group is to challenge the American youth in general and the young athlete, in particular, to live a Christian life. These Florida athletes have spoken to many groups in the Gainesville area and throughout the state. Speaking engagements are for the purpose of explaining to the youth the benefits that can be obtained from leading a Christian life. SECOND ROW 0 to Tr: Cook. chum. tonna:len, Culpepper. Oates. Starling. ' deist. Dean. Woodall. Ontddy. Dunn. FIRST ROW 0 to F,: Johnson, Mealoe. Donahoo. Wl1ilsmgoS. Part. BlUdWOrth. Dent. 360 3rd Row 0 to ri Samihern. Blanch.: McVay. Whidden. Williams, Kulh nik. Williams. Monroe. Milton 2nd Roe it to ri Glenn. Sharron. see. Oiover. PuiDy. Bankhead. Zimme - man. McGee. Pellum. tat Row 0 to r, Brandi, Parkes. Born- ' tad. Todd. Barfield. Hughes. (lathe,. Pinney. Hardin. Capron GEORGIA SF.AGLE . a non-sectarian aviation Coop ... with 70 members ... each man does a minimum of 3 hours work a week ... members chosen on a basis of Scholar- ship, Christian attitude ... active on campus in Student Government, SRA. Florida Players, University Band georgia seagle and more ... annual Christmas party given each year ... many socials ... won the Independent trophy for Homecoming decorations ... consistently first place in Int ramurals ... much progress for all. 3rd Rose 0 to Tr Wallace. Pittman. Martin. Clarke. Turpin. Finch. 1 an- h" ni. LW Row II to ft Hall, Petrie. Parks. Igler. Thomas. Lundy. (lregory. Mar- low. 3rd Row I to ri Monte Richter. Downs. McMackin. Mowry. Durham, Ehlers. Higginbotham. FOURTH ROW II to r1 ' . Verger. Mount. Wadden, Adams, Lambert. Evans. Tal- cott. Pell. THIRD ROW Il to n: Drown. Wilcox. Bodne. SECOND ROW 0 to r): Willingham. Lenin ' . Cams. Jones. Averman. ion. Kyle. Heard. Vanderford. Harrison. PIRST ROW Q' to Ti: yogi. White. Hunt. Harrington, Riner. Schmidt. MacLaturban. institute of aaro-space science THE PURPOSE Or THE I. A. S. is to allow the student to enjoy an out-of-class interest in the aeronautics and astronautics fields. The student is able to have personal contact and exchange ideas with personnel involved in the aero-space industry through membership in I.A.S. The group ' s activities include discussions given by key personnel in industry and goverment and films relating classroom study to the final product. international student organization THIS RECENTLY FORMED GROUP was begun for the purpose of offering the many foreign students on the University ' s campus a group with which they could meet and discuss the problems both cultural and social that they encounter while away from their native lands. The group has beeq very helpful and active. " SECOND ROW 0 to r): Chilton, Rob- bins, Morris. Nakagawa. Clots. FIRST ROW II to r): Atha, de Is TOM Owner. Ichikawa. 362 ri to ro BeerIns. Pierce, Turner. Oar- nee. Curran Advisor. Browne. West. Fri111n. Courson. Ilf UPSILON CHAPTER OF KAPPA DELTA Pt is an honorary and and professional society in Education. It elects its bers from the upper one-fifth of the Junior and Senior kappa delta pi classes, and graduate students in the College of Educa- tion. This year Kappa Delta Pi has been sponsoring a series of studies in comparative education. kappa kappa psi AN HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY is Kappa Kappa in the various bands. One can find any member trying to Psi. With fourteen new initiates, the organization has improve public relations between the bands and the com- taken on various projects fostering spirit and cooperation munity at every available opportunity. 3rd Row II to tit Regcnbursh, White- head. Henry. Thomas. Render. lord. Munn. Ind Row n to ri Mr. Poole, Caitlin. Evan. Bedell. Barnhart. Hohaustr. MeRenate. lit Row ;I to ri Smith, Fair- child, Rioter. Ulla Hughes 363 ' t ( 7;" " " snots ..; tat 0 0 4 0 ..4:, 1." III MI IS , t To 10 :.) is Ito i 4, if If t, lit AI f of lit it qzi EIGHTH ROW II to m: Boyle. Kiser. Iliggir.botham, Posner. Clark. SEVENTH ROW rl to r): Horne. Lem Van Mute. Renaud. SIXTH ROW al to ral: Saxon ' s.. Trot" ten FIFTH ROW al to rol Sherrod. Dr. Johnson, Sandlin. Dogger. Tavel. Kgas" nerd. FOURTH ROW " I to ea: Weiler. Raw. clan. Volpe. Sparkly. Crawford. THIRD ROW to rl: aloshonas. Pert . Shea. Massaro. Hummel. Payne. SECOND ROW ,I to r): SlapPY. Dell Remo. Oolden. Roboto. FOIST ROW II to r): Angle 1111" 10. Man P. NessomTreas.1. SOHN (V. Peen.,. Daniel oPre. a. kappa psi THE GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER of Kappa Psi Pharmaceuti- cal Fraternity is a professional organization which has been established here since 1949. The organization has since then, been very active in activities of the College of Pharmacy and in promoting the career of Pharmacy. Kappa Psi participates in the blood bank, Florida Union displays, the Abbott prescription survey, and awarding an annual Plaque to the person contributing most to Pharmacy in Florida. mortar and pestle MORTAR AND PESTLE is the student branch of the Ameri- can Phannaceutical Association. The organization is dedi- cated to uphold and safeguard the profession of Phar- macy. This year members published a national news letter, attended the National A Ph A meeting in Wash- ington, D. C., placed professional displays in downtown store windows, and held their annual Christmas party. 4th Row al to ri Maleurts. Murphy. Posner. Lyon.. Marks. Martin. Me- Curdy. 3rd Row 11 to ro Scott. Cohen. Dhar- 2nd Row el to ra Lowenstein. Tavel. Jones. Daniel.. Pearson. MeK" nn. Bo- gle. Angel. Mt Row al to ri Kohn. Katsina. Adams. Tatun. Dunn. Merchant. Morelia Rich" Mr. Newsom. Henn ' . phi eta sigma FOURTH ROW II to r : Roach. Ramer. Lappin. THIRD ROW it to Ti: Melvin. Batley, Blocker. SECOND ROW (I to Ti: Nelson. LoS- m" n. Sachs. Bode. MIST ROW it to 0 : Rothtteln. Bar- ME Raymond, Stanford. PHI ETA SIGMA, the National Freshman Men ' s Scholastic Honorary Fraternity, each semester invites for member- ship those members of the freshman class who achieve a 3.5 or better honor point average either their first or Pm Mu ALPHA SINFONIA is the national professional music fraternity for those men dedicated to the fur- thering of American music and American composers. Zeta Omega chapter at the University of Florida received second semester here. Represented at the National Con- vention in Illinois this year, the University of Florida chapter strives to encourage higher scholarship among the male students through activities stressing scholarship. phi mu alpha its charter in 1958. One of the group ' s projects is the presentation of an All American concert during the spring semester. SECOND ROW it to Ti: Marlowe. Adams. Pelts. Weaver. Dutch. Clifton. Connors. McOunnit. McCann. WSIttIng- FIRST ROW II to rl : Slinger, NtIMMI. Hayhurst. Radium. 365 THIRD ROW 4 to rs . Monet. KottrIn. McKnight. McRae. Baldwin. Hirmard, KOOntr. Conway. Schneider. Philips. Moro SECOND ROW to re Seamark. Mt. Vreeland. Mr. Allen, Emerson. Print. Kennedy. FIRST ROW 0 to c " Turner, Amen- burgh, Allen. Carter. one ' . Smith. pi sigma epsilon THE PettrosE of thin organization is to " create a collegiate and techniques in the fields of marketing, professional 1 brotherhood of men who are interested in the advance- selling and sales management; to instill in its members ment of marketing, selling, and sales management as a the highest possible ethical standards of the profession. " career and as a profession: to stimulate improved methods men ' s council COMPOSED OF REPRESENTATIVES from the men ' s dorms, ing among the male students, the Administration, and Flavets, C.L.O. and Georgia Seagle, the Men ' s Student Government. Council exists for the purpose of increasing understand- STANDING II to ri: Glover. Melvin. Young. ;vie. SEATED il to ro : Woodard. Plumb. Gelman. Strickland. Corner. Dean Adams TURD ROW 0 to ri Perry. KRIM" Magill. Ward. Jones. Lackey. Vertu Wa ' barn. Dotting. Smith. Titania Paireoth. Carroll. Glenn. SECOND HOW I to ri: Merrill. Holland. Thompson. Philips. Hishma, Blackman. FIRST ROW tl to ri: Col. T. A. Ora" ham. Itayaood. Goldberg. JernKan. Kenyon. Henderson. Lamm Milford. Higginbotham. Rich. Flschbein. Maggot, Woodbery. Simpson. McCaskill. scabbard and blade SCABBARD AND BLADE is a national military honorary so- ciety. The aim of the society is to promote better military relationship between the University and the military department. Among the activities of H Company, Second Tins is THE UNIVERSITY ' S undergraduate chapter of the National Professional Journalism Society. The purpose of Sigma Delta Chi is to further the cause of journalism on the campus, in the state, and in the nation. Member- ship is open to students in upper division majoring in Regiment are promoting the Military Ball, orientating the wives of senior cadets, sponsoring rifle matches, and furnishing an Aide to the President at football games. sigma delta chi some phase of journalism, who plan to go into journalism as a profession. The group is host to noted journalists during the observance of Newspaper and Broadcasting Week on the campus. SECOND ROW ii to ri: Thrasher. Moorhead. Hall. Liner. motto. Adams. Dimon. Tower,. SchnuPP FIRST ROW II to el: Meyer. Norton, Kerlin. Watrous. Curry. 367 THIRD ROW O to r " MeCrete,. Svanberg. Peacock. Morrison. Califon , Feinstein. Tobener, Dreggors. Sum. merlin. SECOND ROW Q' to Ti Went Beale. Allen. Boyce. Prof. W. T. Clad. sell. FIRST ROW it to 29 Block. Clift0o. Thom. Weller. McKee. Trimmer. sigma lambda chi THE FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE of the society is to recognize the outstanding students of building construction. Other objectives of Sigma Lambda Chi are to help the depart- ment of Building Construction; to develop good public relations between campus, industry and the public; and the recognition of outstanding professional men in the field of building construction. student nurses association THE STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION offers nursing students ment; to uphold ideals for the reputation, the nursing an opportunity to promote, and maintain social and pro- students enrolled, the profession and the fellowship with fessional activities; to foster a sense of leadership and students. responsibility through active participation in self-govern- FOURTH ROW 81 ton: Miller. Nielson. Baldwin. Assarelio. Cecconi. Osterucl. White. Ramsay. THIRD ROW it to ri: Ampheim. Benin. Kemp. Goodman. SWORD ROW ii to el: Schafer. Wil- liams. Bauhala. Bryant. FIRST ROW it to ri : Mentrer. Kiting Norman. Rockwood. 368 sigma tau SIGMA TAU is the national honorary professional frater- nity for engineers. The membership for Sigma Tau is selected from those men and women who rank in scholar- ship among the upper one-third of the juniors and seniors of a recognized engineering school. Selection of members from those who qualify scholastically is made on a fur- ther basis of practicality and sociability, and approval of at least three members of the engineering faculty. The immediate objectives are the recognition of personal at- tainments on the part of engineering students, the provi- sion for a working organization for the promotion of the interests of the engineering college, and the encourage- ment of fellowship among congenial colleagues in training for the engineering profession. During the past year the Florida Chapter has established a speaker ' s bureau to participate in high school career day discussions. 369 swim fins SWIM FINS IS the female part of the synchronized ming clubs at the University. The main function is ing with the Aqua Gators to produce two water shows; for Homecoming and a Spring weekend. An annual ban- quet is always attended and both clubs participate in several other social functions during the year. tau beta pi TAU BETA P1 Engineering honorary was established this year through the efforts of Iota Pi Sigma. TBPi was founded in 1885 and has served with distinction in Engi- neering colleges throughout the United States. The organ- ization works for promotion of the interests of the Engineering college, and plans to establish a faculty eval- uation program for the college and organize tutoring services for Engineering students. FIFTH ROW II to r): Hot. Lora. Seeley FOURTH ROW II to ri: Christian. Zepp. Hoonen. Carlson. 0100. Whitney. THIRD ROW )1 to O: Schelber. Brooks. Coleman. Sprott. Smith. Baiter. Ro- in" ne. 2ND ROW U to 0: Williamson. Haight. Begat. Fry. Holt Oning. 1ST ROW II to ri: Louth. JacabaCe. Dawson. Hull. Harrison. Marshall. THIRD ROW Sandy Spruill. Strohm. Orifen. B11.11141% MeSlant Br" ternwin SECOND ROW Alford. Batley. battle. Bone. Saye. Wayne. FIRST ROW Lane. Derrioo. Thayer. Wallace. tau beta sigma TAU Byrn SIGMA is an honorary service organization for on the basis of academic achievement and service to the female members of the Gator Bands. Members are chosen various bands of the University. women off campus THE WOMEN OFF CAMPUS is a group of coeds living off tion as an organization with intrainurals. news :alleles campus who are active in university activities. They func- and other interests with the campus life. THIRD ROW Call. Bartley. Biseiner, Berardi. Dutton. SECOND ROW Jantuniatileres.l. Lang- 3ton. Autrey. Singer. Neal. FIRST ROW Williams. %tinsel florida union THE FLORIDA UNION plays host to many banquets, dis- plays, programs, lectures, panel discussions, and recep- tions for the many organizations and clubs on the Univer- sity of Florida campus. The Florida Union accommodates any group desiring rooms, display cases, information and refreshments. In working closely with not only organiza- tions and clubs, but also Student Government and Publi- cations, the Union becomes the center for most all of the campus activities. 373 THE ORGANIZATIONS find many opportunities to display their projects, and to freely discuss the many programs which they carry out each year. " seniors Agriculture Architecture Arts and Sciences Business Administration Education Engineering Journalism Law Medicine Nursing Pharmacy Physical Education and Health - -a- r COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE DEAN NIABlIN A. BROOKER THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE is composed of three units, namely, Instruction, Research, and Extension. The work of these departments is closely related, and the aim of the College is to afford students the best possible training for service in Agriculture. To enter the College of Agriculture students are required to present a certificate of graduation from the Uni- versity College, or its equivalent in credits from other institutions. Serving as Dean of the College of Agriculture is Marvin A. Brooker, a native Floridian born in Bell, Florida. Dean Brooker received his BSA and MSA at the University of Florida, and his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1931. 376 AQUIRRE. JUAN ANTONIO Havana, Cuba; Poultry Science Club. Block and Bridle, Latin American Club. ALLEN, WILLIAM ALBERT KLssimmee, Fla.; Colle- giate Future Farmers of America. Alpha Tau Alpha. Alpha Zeta Newell Foundation. AYERS. ED LEE JR Bradenton. Fla.: Thyasus Horticulture Club. Treas.: University 4-H Club. Vice-Pres.; University Agricul- tural Council Representative. BARBER. THOMAS RICHARD. JR. Morrtston, Fla.; Block and Bridle. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Agricultural Council. Livestock Judging team. BOOSINGER. JAY B. Bradenton. Fla.: Alpha Gam- ma Rho. Univ. 4-H Club. Univ. Dairy Science Club. BOUPET. JAMES LEE Gainesville. Fla. BRADY. GEORGE BERNARD Ocala. Fla.: Block and Bridle. Livestock Judging team. Meats Judging team. BROCK. CONWAY. JR. Allandale. Fla.: Kappa Alpha. BROOKER. JOHN RAYMOND West Palm Beach. Fla.: Gator Band. Alpha Zeta. BROOKS, NEAL PAL- MER Homestead. Fla. BUIST, HAROLD GEORGE Miami, Fla.: Poultry Judging team. Poultry Science Club. Pres. ' 60. CABLER. JOHN F. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla; Phi Delta Theta. CALA. JORGE Gainesville, Fla.; International Stu- dent Organization. Latin American Club, Florida Soc- cer Club, Capt. CAMFORA, MARIO Montevideo. Uruguay. CHASTAIN. CHARLIE WALTER Bushnell. Fla.; Agriculture Economics Club. Reporter. COSTA. JOSE ANTONIO. JR. Homestead. Fla. COURNEYA, TERRANCE THOMAS Frazee. Minn.: Livestock Judging team. Block and Bridle. Alpha Zeta. Vice-Pres. COWIE. ROBERT GEORGE, Sarasota. Fla.: Block and Bridle. CRAWFORD. SANFORD DAVIS Gainesville. Fla. CREVASSE, GARY A. Gainesville. Fla.; Livestock Judging team, ' 60., Alpha Zeta. CROXTON, ERNEST ALLEN Tampa. Fla.: Forestry Club. Society of American Foresters. DECAMP, OLIVER NELSON. JR. Lakeland. Fla.: PI Kappa Alpha. Vice-Pres.: Gator Gras Chairman. Union Board for Student Activities. Student Agriculture Council. Vice-Pres.: Asst. Chairman Alumni Div. Homecoming. DEOUNG. SOK THONG Phnom Penh. Cambodia: International Student Organization. DUDA. FERDINAND STEPHEN Oviedo, Fla. DUDA. LUTHER JOSEPH Oviedo. Fla.: Society for Mechanized Agriculture. DONHAM, DONALD TOL- BERT St. Augustine. Fla.: Forestry Club. Pi Kappa Alpha. ESTES. JOHN EDWARD Cantonment. Fla.: Xi Sigma Pi. Forestry Club, Pres. GARLAND. WIL- LIAM BARNETT Miami. Fla.: Forestry Club. So- ciety of American Foresters. GREENAWALT. THOMAS CHARLES Plant City. Fla.; Society of Mechanized Agriculture. Sec. HEM- INGWAY, GEORGE BASCOM. JR. Bronson. Fla.: Psi Sigma Pl. Forestry Club. HIGGINBOTHAM. REGI- NALD P. Callahan. Fla.: Xi Sigma Pl. Sec. HOOTEN, JAMES WARREN, JR. Gainesville. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Fruit Crops Club. 377 ICHIKI. MARIO Challao. Peru. IRONS. EDWIN CLARK Tampa. Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho. Wesley Foundation. Vice President: Legislative Council. Agri- culture Council. Forestry Club. JERNIGAN. WAYNE ARNOLD Wauchula. Fla.; Alpha Gamma Rho, Fruit Crops Club. Scabbard Blade. JETER. JEFF F.. JR.- Dade City, Fla.; Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zeta. Block Bridle. American Society of Agronomy. U. F. Meat Judging Team. JOHNSON, RALPH E. Chipley. Fia.: Agriculture. JUNG. GEORGE HENRY Elwood. Indiana; Basket- ball, Agriculture Economics Club, Sec.-Treas. KEN- YON. JARRETT LEONARD Winter Haven, Fla.: Scabbard Blade. Alpha Zeta. Block di Bridle. Presi- dent: Livestock Judging Team, Meat Judging Team. KIMBROUGH, JAMES H. Brooksville. Fla.: P1 Kap- pa Alpha. Sophomore Executive Council. Student Truffle Court. Honor Court. Citrus Club. Pres. V.P.: Undersecretary of Solicitations. KINLEY. WILLIAM CLARENCE, JR. Tampa, Fla.: Dairy Club. KIRBY. STANLEY PLATO. JR Lake City, Fla. KROMER. LEON PHILLIP Clearwater. Fla Forestry Club. Society of American Foresters. Editor of Slash Pine Cache. Xi Sigma Pl. LAW. NEIL F. III Brooksville. Fla.: Citrus Production. LESTER. WM. BERNARD Havana. Fla.; Alpha Gamma Rho. Alpha Zeta. Florida Blue Key. LEVINE. ROY LEONARD North Miami Bench. Fla.: Agricul- ture. LUJAN. EGILDO EUGENIO Caracas. Venezue- la: Agriculture. LYONS, CALVIN GOODRICH. JR.- Balm. Fla.; Citrus Production. MACLEAN. JAMES ARTHUR Gainesville, Fla.: P: Mu. Dairy Science Club. MADRIZ. MARCO AURELIO San Jose. Costa Rica; Agriculture. MCARTHUR. JAMES ANDREW Crestview. Fla.: Alpha Zeta. Uni- versity Choir. University Concert Marching Bands. Cooperative Living Organization. Pres. V.P. U. F. Botanical Society. President ' s List. McCROAN LEO- NARD. JR. Marianna. Fla.: Forestry. MILLS. IRA DREW Cross City. Fla.: Forestry. MOORE, JULIAN STEPHEN, JR. Gainesville. Fla.; Alpha Gamma Rho. V. Pres. MORSE, THOMAS AL- LEN Pinetta. Fla.: Xi Sigma P1. Forestry Club. Sec. NABUTOVSKY. LEONARD MARTIN Miami. Fla.: Agriculture. NELSON. WILLIAM TOWNES Ocala. Fla.: Alpha Zeta, Chronicler. Delta Tau Delta. Block Bridle. Poultry Science. Agriculture Council. Executive Coun- cil. College Farmer. Livestock Judging Team. OSWALT. THOMAS W. Clermont, Flit.; Citrus Club. Treas. PARKER. ROYER A. Leesburg. Fla.: Kappa Alpha. Agriculture. PARSONS. ROBT. GREGORY Well- born. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. Agricultural Economics. PAUL. JOHN R.. JR. Winter Haven. Fla.: Citrus Club. Cross Country. PERRY. MURIEL DEAN Gainesville. Fla.: Agriculture Economics Club. Pres. te. Sec.-Treas. PHILLIPS. GAMALIEL SUARD- Tampa. Fla.: Alpha Zeta. Citrus. PIERCE. PORTER LAMAR Elders. Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho. Sec.. House Mgr. 37S PODDICK. WILLIAM. JR. Miami, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. Society of American Foresters. POPPELL. REESE THOMAS Plant City, Fla.; Kappa Alpha. Intramural Board, Agriculture Economics Club. POVEY. HOWARD LINTON Newberry. Fla.: Block Bridle. POWERS. CHARLES KENT Umatilla. Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho. Cheerleader. Circle K. PRIEST, MICHEAL A. Gainesville. Fla.; Pi Sigma Epsilon. SMA. REGISTER. LLOYD ADERIN Glen St. Mary. Fla.; Animal Husbandry. RODGERS. CLYDE ADRIAN Gainesville. Fla.: FFA. ROJAS. MARIO- San Jose. Costa Rica: Beta Theta Pi. Latin American Club. ISO. ASA. C. R. Club. ROYAL. ROBERT DANIEL. JR. Gainesville. Ha.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Poultry Science. RUDD. ROBERT EARL Gainesville, Fla.; Agriculture Edu- cation. SANCHEZBERROA. ROGER A. Panama: Alpha Zeta, Fruit Crops Club. Newman Club. ISO. SCHERER, LFSTER EUGENE St. Augustine. Fla.: Newell Entomological Society. Sec.-Treas., Society of Mechanized Agriculture. SCHIRARD. JOSEPH BRANTLEY Sanford. Fla.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Fruit Crops Club. V.P.; Freshman Foot- ball. SERDYNSKI. DONALD BRYAN Gainesville. Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Zeta. Citrus Club, Pres.. Treas.: Gamma Sigma Delta, Sophomore of Year. Scribe. Alpha Zeta. SMITH. SAMUEL VERNON- Quincy, Fla.; Kappa Alpha. Intramurals. Agriculture Economics Club. SNEDAKER. SAMUEL CURRY Tampa. Fla.: Alpha Gamma Rho. SOSA. ENRIQUE J. Camaguey. Cuba: Block Bri- dle. Livestock Judging Team. SOTO. MANUEL AN- TONIO Maracaibo. Venezuela: Agriculture. STAD- SKLEV. THOMAS D. Marianna, Fla.; Mechanized Society of Agriculture, College Farmer, ASA. STE- PHENS. HAROLD BERNARD Bushnell, Fla.; Alpha Gamma Rho. STERN. JORGE MIGUEL New York. New York: Alpha Zeta. THORNHILL, WILLIAM ROBERT Win- ter Haven, Fla.; Agriculture. TILTON. WILLIAM AUS- TIN San Mateo. Fla.; Alpha Zeta, Phi Delta Theta. Livestock Judging Team. Meats Judging Team. Legis- lative Council. Agricultural Council. Block Bridle. Advanced Officer Club. VONWALD, HARLO EDWARD Puerto Libertadoe. Dominican Republic: Mechanized Agriculture. WADE. WAYNE THEODORE Webster. Fla.: Block Bridle, Livestock Judging Team, Meats Judging WATSON, ED SCOTT Arcadia. Fla.: WELLES. WILLIAM G. Gainesville. Fla.: Block Bridle. Livestock Judging Team. WUTHRICH. EM- MEN? ARTHUR Arcadia. Fla.; Citrus Club. ZEPEDA, JULIO CESAR Tegucigalpa. Honduras: Alpha Tau Alpha. Alpha Zeta. FFA. 379 college of architecture and fine arts 380 Cazaznre AND CULTURAL opportunities for students seek- ing professional careers in building arts and fine arts, the college of Architecture and Fine Arts has continued to show a steady increase in growth since its establish- ment at the University in 1925. Offering at the graduate level professional programs in Architecture, Art, Building Construction, and Community Planning, the College performs related services for the citizens of the State of Florida. Each undergraduate and graduate program stresses through mastery of the prin- ciples underlying its field and the development of pro- fessional skill in their creative application to practice. DEAN TURPIN C. BANNISTER ALLEN, CHARLES MORRIS Gainesville. Fla.; Sig- ma Lambda Chi. Sec.: Student Contractors and Builders ASSOC.. Vice Pres. APPLEGATE. JACK L., JR. Cincinnati. Ohio: Sigma Nu. ASINC. GEORGE W. Jacksonville, Fla.: Lambda Chi Alpha. Student A.I.A. BARINGER. CAROL SUE Gainesville. Fla.; Student A.I.D. BASKEEVILLE, WALTER GRAHAM HI Clearwater. Fla.; BOWEN, PEGGY CARVELL Jacksonville. Fla.: Student Al D.. Cavalettes. BOWMAN, WILLARD N.. JR. PompanoBeach. Fla. BOYCE. DANA CLAY Tampa. Fin.; SC BA, Sigma Lambda Chi. BOYER, JOHN H., JR Miami, Fla.; Kappa Sigma. V. Pres.: Student Contractors and Builders Assoc. BRIDGER. ROBERT NELSON Jacksonville. Fla.: SC BA. Trews.: Tolbert Area Council, Interhall Council. BUSH. DOYLE EUGENE Miami, Fla.; SC BA. Tolbert Area Council. Interhall Planning Comm. Chairman. CABANA. WILLIAM A Miami. Fla. CALIFANO. GERARD ANTHONY Jacksonville. Fla.: Sigma Lambda Chi. SC BA. CHOPPA. EUGENE DANIEL Gainesville. Fla.: Student A.I.A.. Alpha Tau Omega. Worthy Usher. Worthy Chaplain, flesh. Exec. Council. CHOPPA, H. JOYCE Gainesville. Fla. CHRISTOFF ' . JOHN PAUL Gainesville. Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Student A.I.A. CLIFTON. ARCHIE DONALD DeLand. Fla.; SC BA. COLLISON. HELEN FRANCHELLE Bald Knob. Ark.; Chi Omega. CONWAY. DONALD JAMES Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Student A.I.A.. A.I.A. Home Show Design Comm. COSTOPOULOS. JAMES EUANS- Ft. Pierce. Fla.: Pi Kappa Phi. Student A.I.A., Home- coming Dec. Chinn. COURT. JAMES MARION Gainesville. Fla.: SC BA. Men ' s Council. Cavaliers. DAVIS. ROBERT WYCIIE, III Tallahassee. Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DEL VALLE. DIEGO VICTOR Gainesville. Fla.: Commissioner. Flavet III Village. DREGGORS. JAMES RICHARD Gainesville. Fla.; Kappa Alpha. Sigma Lambda Chl. SC BA. DURKEE. KEITH WILSON Gainesville. Fla.: SC BA. Fire Chief, Flavet HI Intramural Mngr.. Flavet III. EARL. RONALD JAMES Gainesville. Fla.: Gar- goyle Society. V. Pres.: Orange Peel Staff. Alligator Cartoonist. S.A.L.A.. Pres.. Sec. ESPOSITO. ROCCO- Gainesville, Fla. FEINSTEIN. JEROME DAVID Gainesville. Fla. GATCHELL. PAUL LEROY Gainesville. Fla. OIL- FILLAN. MARYBETH Nokomis, Fla.; Delta Delta Delta. Std. Pub. Board. Student A.I.D., Pres. GILLIS. JOANN WHITLEY Waycross. Georgia: Kappa Delta. Student A.ID.. Sec. HAAS. PAUL J. Gainesville. Fla.; S.C.B.A. " a - lit c , . ,2 4111116That a Ali " r-- HARRISON, GEORGE IRVINE Orlando. k:a.; BA. JANNETIDES, THOMAS Indianapolis, Ind.; F. A. A. Student Chapter. A.I.A. JOHNSTON. HOWARD HOLDEN Jupiter. Fla.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Staff AFROTC. Stu. Assoc. of Landscape Architects. KA- POSZTAS, JOSEPH R. Toms River. N. J.; SODA. Newman Club. KLUGE, DONALD CARLETON--Clainesville, Fla.: Student Al.A. LANE, ROBERTA LOUISE Myrtle Grove. Fla.: Mortar Board, A.I.D. Judiciary Comm. LATTA, HUGH LUSK Corinth, Miss.: Sigma Chi. Hist.; Gargoyle. Tress " Student A.I.D., Pres., Gator Growl. Comm. Chrmn.; Orientation. S.R.A., Chrmn. LEHMANN. DENNIS JOEL Tallahassee. Fla. LISLE. FORREST FLETCHER, JR. Winter Haven. Fla.; Phi Eta Sigma: Gargoyle, V. Pm.: Lambda Chi Alpha. Pm.; SA.R.F.: S.A.AI.A. MADDOCK% JOHN L. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Gargoyle. Treas.. Pres.; Phi Kappa Tau. Men ' s Olee Club. Billy Mitchell Drill Team. MARLER. CAROLE LYNN Lakeland. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pl. MARTIN, GERALDINE ANN St. Petersburg. Fla. MARTIN. WILLIAM WINFORD Sarasota. Fla.; S. A.L.A.. Sec. MCCASKILL, HERBERT LEE. JR. San- dersville. Ga.; Kappa Alpha Order, Sigma Zeta. Scab- bard and Blade, SC BA, Army ROTC Reg. Staff. McDONALD. ROBERT EUGENE Gainesville, Fla. McDONNELL, JAMES COOPER St. Petersburg. Fla.: Thu Kappa Epsilon, A.S.L.A.. Amer. Soc. Landscape Arch. McKEE. ROBERT B. (3ainesville. Sigma lambda Chi. MITCHELL, ALVIN GLENN Florence. Ala.: S.C.B.A. MOORE. DAVID JULIAN Middletown, N. Y. MORGAN, DONALD RICHARD Keystone Heights, Fla.; Gargoyle, Pres.; Student A.I.A. MORRISON. ROBERT LEE Crestview. Fla.; Sigma Lambda Chi, V. Pm.; SC BA. O ' MALLEY. DENNIS JOHN Bronx, N.Y.; SC BA. Sec.: BCN, Chrmn Pub. Comm. OWEN. JOHN CHARLES Gainesville. Fla.: Theta Chi. Univ. Orch.. Univ. Band, Men ' s Glee Club. Univ. Variety Band. OWENS, ROBERT G. Gainesville, Fla.; Student A.I.A. PARAS, GUS NICK Tampa. Ma.: Student ALA.; Phi Eta Sigma. PEACOCK. THOMAS. JR. Orlando. Fla.; Sigma Lambda CM: S.C.B.A.: Intramurals. PIGOTT. RAYMOND EUGENE Fort Myers. Fla. POLLY, WILLIAM B. Galtiesville. Fla.: lambda Chi Alpha, House Manager, Social Chrmn; SC BA. POWELL, BILL CECIL Lubbock. Texas; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Lambda Chi; S.C.B.A. PUCKETT. JOHN DONALD Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Sigma; Fresh. Football. RICKS. RALPH ERVIN Clearwater. Fla.: Gargoyle. ROBLES, ALVARO, San Jose. Costa Rim. 382 ROGERS. RICHARD B. JR. Orlando. Fla. SAGER, SUSAN MARLA Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. V. Pres.; Women ' s Glee Club: Dean ' s List: Fla. Union Rec. Brd. SCHMIDT, NANCY H. Jasper. Fla. SEAT. EDWIN BOONF. Atlantic Beach. Fla.; Phi Delta Theta; ALA.. Pres. STANSELL. EMORY HINES Gainesville. Fla. STE- PHENS. CAROLYN JOAN Miami, Fla.; Zeta Tau Alpha. SWANBEFtG, ERNEST ELIOT, JR. East Brookfield, Mass.: Sigma Lambda Chi: SC BA, Pres. TATOM. ROBERT CARLISLE Gainesville. Fla.; Sigma Nu: SC BA. TAYLOR. CHARLES GARY Gainesville. Fla. TAY- LOR. ROBERT VERNON Punta Gorda. Fla. TOBE- NER, WILLIAM HENRY. III Cleveland, Ohio: S.C.B.A. TRAVIS. LARRY K. Winterset, Iowa; Phi Kappa Tau: Student At WALLING. JOHN DANIEL. III Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega. WATERMAN. JOHN ANDREW Des Moines. Iowa; Phi Kappa Tau, WATTS, NEAL TOMMY Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Gargoyle, Student At WELLER, CLELAND N.. JR. Pensacola, Fla.: Sigma Lambda Chi. Pres.; SC BA. Exec. Council. WHITEHEAD. HUGH TYNER Pine Castle. Fla.: Kappa Sigma. Pres.. Treas.: SC BA. Pres. WIEMAN, JUDITH LANE Tampa. Flit. YOUNG. JOHN RICH- ARD Palm Bay, Fla.; Sigma Lambda Chi. Alpha Gamma Rho. ZWIBEL, ARNOLD N. Miami Beach, Fla.; Gargoyle. 383 college of architecture INSTRUCTORS HELP NEEDED STUDENT FINISHING, UP ART CERAMICS DISPLAY 3S5 A STUDENT MODEL THE MUSIC BUILDING college of arts and sciences 386 CULTURALLY Arm Hxstolucaus the programs of the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences represent the core of all higher education. The College grants its graduates the traditional Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees. It makes its contributions to the state and nation through the many facts and skills it imparts but also by providing the student with the fundamental knowledge upon which the professional colleges build. The major aim of the College is to provide a liberal education, insisting on evaluations of ideas and actions according to their impact on society. Offering many graduate degrees in various fields, the College of Arts and Sciences continues to be one of the largest colleges in the University. DEAN R PAGE ALDERMAN. JOHN HARVEY. JR. Pensacola. Fla. ALDERMAN. JERRY LEE Jacksonville. Fla.; Sigma PI Sigma: Legislative Council, Parliamentarian. ANDERSON. GERALD WILLIS Gainesville, Fla. ASKEN. SHARON LOUISE Orlando. Fla.; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship. BARRY. JO ANN Melbourne. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Hall Council. BARUCH. JACK Miami Beach. Fla.: Tau Epsilon Phi; P1 Mu. BATEY, ROBERT LEE Perry, Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega: Pi Mu. BAUGHAN. SARAH RUTH Gainesville. Fla.; Chl Omega: Gator Band: University Choir: Alligator Business Staff. BECKER. MATHIS LEE Jacksonville. Fla.: Tau Epsi- lon Phi; Traffic Court Justice: Undersecretary of Inte- rior: Blue Key Speaker: Homecoming Committee: Religion-in-Life Week, Chairman. BENECKE, WAL- TER HERMAN Pensacola. Fla.: German Club. Presi- dent: Sigma PI Sigma. BENNETT. JUDITH CAROL Miami. Fla. BENTON. BARBARA ANN Ft. Walton Beach. Fla. BERMAN. JOSEPH MICHAEL Gainesville. Fla.; Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Gamma Delta: J. Hillis Miller Scholarship: President ' s Citation for Distinguished Academic Ach. BEVIS. JEAN HARIVELL Gainesville. Fla.; Baptist Student Union. BICKERSTAFF. JOHN F. Tampa. Fla.: Beta Theta Pi. Chaplain: University Choir. Pres.: Wesley Foundation. Pres. BINDLER. HARRIET LOUISE North Miami Beach. Fla. BISHOP. HARRIETTE ELIZABETH Greenville. Fla.; BSU. BLASKY. WILLIAM CLINE DeLand. Fla.: Chemistry. BLODGETT. SANDRA ELIZABETH Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Zeta Tau Alpha, Corresponding Sec. Recording Sec. Ritual Chairman; Orientation Group Leader; Panhellenic Award. BOGER. SANDRA PEAPLE Durham, North Carolina; Kappa Delta: Mortar Board. BOMSTAD. ROLAND G. JR. Patrick Air Force Base. Fla.; Georgia Seattle. BOSSEN. EDWARD HECHT- Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pi Mu: Thu Epsilon Phi: Student Tutoring Society. BOOMA. SYL- VIA Miami. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi; SRA: Execu- tive Committee BSU: Psychology Club: Religion-in- Life Week: Hostess Comm. Fla. Union. BOWDEN. MARGUERITE V. St. Augustine. Fla.; History. BRODIE. STEPHANIE H. Miami Beach. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; Delta Phi Epsilon: Dollars for Scholars: Sec. Woolen ' s Af- fairs: URA. Sec: Ladles Homecoming Chairman: Reli- gion-in-Life Publicity Chairman: Greek Week Publicity Chairman: Student Tutor Society; Women ' s Student Associator, Treas. Pres. BUHLER. BARBARA Miami. Fla. BURCH. JOANN HELEN Sarasota. Fla.: Alpha Delta P1; Homecoming Committee; Dorm Wel- come Week; Florida Union Orientation Leader. BUR- TON. CHARLOTTE TOWNSEND Lewes. Delaware; Alpha Omicron Pi. Corresponding Sec. CHEATHAM, BEN H. JR. Hialeah, Fla.: BSU Exec- utive Council: Chi Phi. CHERRICK. HENRY MOR- TON Miami. Fla.: Biology: P1 Mu. CLANCY, PATRI- CIA NfAE Winter Haven. Fla.: Choral Union; Glee Club: Religion-in-Life Week: Orange Peel: Chi Omega. Vocations Chairman. Retreat Committee. COACH- MAN. MARTHA WINIFRED Clearwater. Fla.; Uni- versity Choir: WSA: Welcome Week: Mallory Hall Council; Orientation Leader: Phi Mu. 388 COBB. CHARLES DAVID Sanford . Fla. COBB. ELISABETH H.. St. Augustine. Fla.; Sigma Pi Alpha. COLIN. MICHAEL ARTHUR Flushing. New York: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Epsilon Phi: Cross Country: Track Manager; Homecoming Comm. CONNORS. TRACY DANIEL Jacksonville, Fla.; Phi Mu Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega: Mu Rho Psi: Men ' s Glee Club: Georgia Seagle. Intramurals. COPPERMAN, JACK Miami Beach. Fla.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Treas.; Alpha Epsilon Pl. PITS. Interfraternity Council, V.P.: Chairman Home- coming Parade; Sec-Treas Sophomore Class; Execu- tive Council: Finance Chairman Speakers ' CORBIN. LOUIS CLAYTON Gainesville, Fla.: Legis- lative Council, Phi Eta Sigma. CORNETT. DONALD EDWIN Wendover. Ky.: Geology. CRICKENBER- GER, WILLIAM HENRY West Palm Beach, Fla.: Beta Theta Pi, Treas: Executive Council: Gator Growl, Director; Faculty Academic Recognition Comm; Homecoming Advisory Comm.: Fla. Blue Key. CROFT. THOMAS STONE Hialeah. Fla.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma. Recorder: CROMER, MARY ANN Ocala. Fla.: Biology. CROSBY. LULA BERTHA Gainesville. Fla.: Orientation: Wesley Foundation. Sec.; Fellowship Comm. CITTSHALL. ELIZABETH DELL Auburndale, Fla.; Hostess Comm. Fla. Union: BSU Executive Council; Religion-in-Life Week. Publicity Chairman. DALTON. SYLVIA FRANCES Jacksonville, Fla.: BSU. DAVIS. BRIAN FRANCIS Omaha. Nebraska. DIAL, JOAN Orlando. Fla.; Chi Omega: Religion-in- Life Week: Orientation Leader: Blue Key Speaker: Women ' s Glee Club: Choral Union. DICKINSON, ANN ELIZABETH Winter Haven, Fla.: German Club, Sec.: ISO; Intracultural Comm. SRA; Council for International Friendship. DIETZ. THOMAS JON Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. DO- MEYER. ALBERT WILLIAM Gainesville, Fla.; Biol- ogy. DOUGLAS. SALLY BRITT Birmingham, Ala.: Yulee Hall Council: Editor Yulee Dorm Paper: Yulee Service Award. DUTTON. GEORGE DUDLEY, JR.- St. Petersburg, Fla. DYKES, RONALD LAVEARNE DeLand. Fla.; URA. V.P.: BSU: Sec. of Religious Affairs: Men ' s Council: Murphree Area Halls Council: Section Advisor; Exec- utive Council; Sec. of Public Relations: Sec-Treas. Jr. Class: ROTC Analysis Comm: Young Democrats. EAKES. BERNARD YOUNG Richmond. Va.: Phi Kappa Tau. Pres: Glee Club. V.P. ECKART. MARIE HOULE Gainesville, Fla.; Block Bridle. ECKART. MICHAEL DENNIS Gainesville. Flo: Gamma Sigma Epsilon. EDWARDS. ANITA MAE Jacksonville. Fla.: Broward Hall Council: See. S.E. Hall Council. EPPERT. HER- BERT C. JR. Jacksonville. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha. ESTES. MAE DELL Cantonment. Fla. FEINSTEIN. FREDRIC LOUIS Cocoa, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Alpha Theta: Alpha Epsilon Pi.. Pres.; Lyceum Coun- cil; Undersecretary of Student Organizations: Co- chairman Miss University of Florida Contest. FIGUEROA. RAYMOND FRANCIS Miami. Fla.: Po- litical Sci. FINLAY. GEORGE DUNCAN. JR. Blountstown. Fla.: Georgia Seagle: Dean ' s FISCHER, LINDA LORRAINE Largo. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta: PI Sigma Alpha: Mortar Board: Exec- utive Sec. Religion-in-Life Week: Chl Omega. Pledge Trainer: Swim Fins. Sec.; Executive Council: Out- standing Junior Woman Award; Women ' s Judiciary. FLIPPO. HERBERT N.. JR. Holly Hill, Fla. 1 FONDA. CAROL MARIE H. Pt. Lauderdale. Fla.: Alpha Delta PI; Swim Fins, Pres., V. Pigs.: Lyceum Council. Pres.: Orientation stall. FORD. GWENDO- LYN Gainesville. Fla.: Delta Gamma. Sec.. Pres.: S.R.A. Greek Council. FRISTOE, CHARLEEN LOUISE Gainesville. Fla.: Canterbury Club. FRITZ, DORO- THY ELAINE West Palm Beach. Fla. FUEHRER. HANS ROBERT Orlando. Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma. GARDNER. STEPHEN DAVID R. Lauder- dale. Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi. Pres.. V. Pres.. Treas.; Director of Orientation: Sec. of Finance; F.B.K. Speakers Bureau. Asst. Chrmn.: Acting Sec.-Treas. of Student Body: F.B.K. Banquet Finance Comm.: Stud. Gov. Budget Finance Comm.. Chrmn. GERTNER. HAROLD R.. JR. Gainesville. Fla.: Sigma Chi. Sec.: Phi Mu, Treas.. Program Chrmn.; Religion-in-Life Week. GILL. JERRY WINSTON R. Walton Beach. Fla.: I.S.A. GOFF, MYRON RUSSELL High Springs, Fla. GOLDBERG. ALAN STEVEN Miami. Fla.; Scabbard Blade. V. Pres.: Fla. Alligator: Grove Area Rep. GRASLEY, MICHAEL H. Zanesville, Ohio. GRAVEL. MONA JEAN Key %Vest. Fla.: Cavalettes. V. Pres.: Dean ' s List: Mallory Hall Council. Sec.. Service Award. GRAY. LOIS OLIVE Dania. Fla. GREELEY. JAMES MICHAEL St. Petersburg. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta. HAESEKER, JEAN MARIE St. Petersburg. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board. V. Pres.: Delta Delta Delta. Pres.: Pan. Council. Pres. HAMERSLEY KENNETH WILLIAM Miami. FN. HAMILTON. WILLIAM EARL Gainesville. Fla. HARRELL. CHARLES AUBURN Auburndale. Fla.: C.L.A.: Collegiate Civitan Club. HARRER. DAVID STANLEY Lake Park. Na.; Pi Mu. HARRIS. REBA GAYLE Jacksonville. Fla.: Sigma Kappa. Pres.; Pan- hellenic Council. Rep. HAZOURI. GERALD GEORGE Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.I.E.: Pi Mu: Demolay. HEWSON. WILLIAM ADDINELL Lake Park, Fla.; Sigma Nu: Alpha Epsilon Delta. Hist.: Water Ski Club. HOLLANDER. HOWARD JAY Mi- ami Beach. Fla.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Religious Chrmn.: Univ. Choir. HOLLEY. BEN LIVINGSTON DeFunlak Springs. Fla. HOLLOWAY, REX LYNN Palatka. Fla.: Scabbard Blade: Theta Chi: Nu Rho Psi. HOLMAN. RONALD EDWIN Winter Park. Fla.: Theta Chi: Gator Band. HORWITZ. BARBARA ANN No. Miami Beach. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta. HUDSON. MARY LEE St. Petersburg. Fla.: Alpha Omicron P1. Rec. Sec.: F.E.A. ISBERG. WINIFRED KATHLEEN Pensacola. Fla. ISRAEL. RENEE LEE Tampa. Fla.: Choral Union. JOHNSON. JOHN DAVID Clearwater. Fla JOHN- SON. KAY Jacksonville. Fla. 389 rYi JOHNSON. ROBERT WAYNE Jacksonville. Fla.; Phi Gamma Delta; Orientation: Demolay. JOHN- STON. FRED LEO Indian Rocks Beach. Fla.: Theta Chi; Men ' s Council; Aqua Gators: Fla. Blue Key Speakers Bureau: Gym. Club: Cheerleader. JONES. AMARYLLIS LEE Milton, Fla.: Alpha Omicron P1. JONES. TERRENCE DION Jacksonville Beach. Fla.: Beta Theta Pi: Alligator Bus. Staff; Track Team; Cross Country Team. JORDAN. ASHBY MINER Tampa. Fla.: Sigma HALER. ALICE ELIZABETH St. Augustine. Fla.: Phi Alpha Theta. KARTSONIS. SYLVIA AROYRO- Athens. Greece. KAYE, HENRY LEON Hollywood, Fla.; Phi Epsilon P1. Pres.. V. Pits. : Alpha Phi Omega. Sec.. Pres.: President ' s Cabinet; Halls Council; Orange Peel Staff. KELLER. ROLAND BRADFORD Gainesville. Fla.: U of P Geological Soc. KERN. DONALD Miami. Fla.: Advanced Officers Club. KIENZLE, MARGARET BER- NADETTE Miami. Fla.: Swim Fins. KIRKLAND. ZACHARY TAYLOR. JR. Bartow. Fla. KNOWLES GROVER CLEVELAND Riviera Beach. Fla.: Sigma Nu. KRASKI. HENRY EDMUND Or- mond Beach. Fla. KRIENKE, JOHN WALTER Gainesville. Fla.: Delta Tau Delta: Sigma Tau: Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Court: Soph. Class. V. Pres. LANG. JAMES FREDERICK Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Phi Epsilon. LANGAN. KATHLEEN ANNE Clearwater. Fla.; New- man Club: German Club: Latin Am. Club. LARSON. DOROTHY ELIZABETH Coral Gables. Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi: Military Ball Queen: Barrister Ball Queen: Sigma Nu Cheerleader: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweet- heart Court: W.S.A. Homecoming Comm. LARSON. SHARON LOU St. Petersburg, Fla.: Phi Theta Kappa. LATFORD. ANTHONY DAVID Daytona Beach. Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. LAUGHINGHOUSE. RICHARD E. Jacksonville. Fla Alligator Staff. LAZONHY. SHIRLEY Gainesville. Fla.: Chi Omega. LEFSKY. LAWRENCE HARRY Miami. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Ha. Film Comm.: Pub. Relations-Under Sec. LEWIS. ANNETTE Ormond Beach, Ha. LEWIS. ROGER KENNETH Gainesville. Fla.; Sigma Chi: ROTC Drill Team: Swimming Team: Men ' s Glee Club: Cross Country Team; Alligator. LOWE, JAMES GEORGE Holyoke. Mass. LUCAS. THOMAS RAM- SEY Tampa. Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma: Univ. Chess Club: Fla. Union Board. Rec. Comm.: Freshman Chem. Award. McBRIDE. BOBBY GREEN West Palm Beach. Fla.; Phi Mu Alpha: Sinfonia: Univ. Choir; Cast of Oklahoma. McCLELLAN, GUERRY H. Gainesville. Fla. McCRA- NIE. JOSEPH JACKSON. III Gainesville, Fla,; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. McCURDY. BETTY ANN Gainesville. Fla. McDONOUGH. PAUL JOSEPH Jacksonville. Fla. a I MCKENZIE. PATRICIA ALICE Cleanvater, Fla.: Pi- casso Soc.: Pres. McLAUGHLIN. JUDITH ANN Del- ray Beach. Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi: Asst. Ed. of Coedi- tette: Rawlings Hall Council. V. Pres.: Inter-Hall Scholarship Comm. MACK. HOWARD WAYNE Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: C.LA.. Sec. MATE. JOSEPH JOHN. JR. Madeira Beach, Fla.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma PI Sigma. MAY. NANCY ANN Gainesville. Fla.; Kappa Delta: Alpha Kappa Delta; Fla. Union Board; W.S.A. MER- RITT. WAYNE THOMAS Pensacola. Ea. MESSEC. JERRY LAMONT Lantana, Fla.: Sigma C. MID- DLEMAS. ROBERT ORR St. Petersburg. Fla. MILFORD, CHARLES PICKENS. JR. Jacksonville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hist.; Phi Alpha Theta; Scabbard Blade; Lyceum Council: Blue Key Speak- er; Orientation Coordinator: Univ. Choir: Homecom- ing, Asst. Chrmn.; Campus Debate. MILLER, CON- STANCE Cocoa Beach. Fla. MILTON. BETTY BROWN. Atlanta. Oa. MONTGOMERY. DELEVA ANN Inverness. Fla. MUSSALLEM. ANTHONY JOSEPH Jacksonville. Ma.; Kappa Sigma. NAUGLE. LINDA KAY Alton, Illinois; Chl Omega: Swim Fins; Choral Union: Pan- hellenic Council; Zeta Phi Eta. NICHOLS, BARBARA LYNNE Ft. Lauderdale. Pb.: German Club: I.S.O.. Sec.; Women ' s Glee Club. Bus. Mgr.: Univ. Choir: Singing Sweethearts: Orange Peel: Orientation: Latin Amer. Club. PAQUETTE, LAWRENCE GEORGE Largo. Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma. PHELAN. MARILYN ELISE Miami, Fla. PITCHER. GORDON 0. Zephyrhilla Fla. PLAGER, MARCIA REMES Miami. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta; Mrs. Florida Contest. PLUMB. ROB- ERT ALLEN Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Theta Chi. Pres.; Gator Growl; Gator Band; Men ' s Residence Halls Assoc. PUPENE. JON WALLACE Miami. Fla.: Philosophy Club. Pres.: Record Reviews: Alligator. PYLE, ROB- ERT C. Pensacola. Fla. RABB. ROBERT EARLE- Winter Haven, Fla.; Alpha Kappa Delta; Wesley Foundation: Religion in Life Week. RAPER. MU- SETTE Darlington, Va.: Phi Mu. RAZZANO. MICHAEL RICHARD BellevIew, Fla.; Pi Mu: Alpha Chi Sigma. READ. DANIEL EDWIN, JR. Chadboum. N. C.: Sigma Chi; Geological Soc.; Army ROTC Rifle Team. RICKER. ROBERTA Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Delta Gamma: Gator Growl, Sec.: W.S.A. ROBERTS. IVAN BERYL Tampa, Theta Chi; Men ' s Glee Club: Floridians. PARKS. GERALD MICHAEL Boca Raton. Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Propeller Club; Latin Amer. Club. PELLUM. FREDERICK JAMES--Starke. Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma; Georgia Seagle. PEREZ. JOE DANIEL Tampa. Fla. PERLIN, CHARLOTTE WEISS Gaines- vIlle. Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon. Sec.; Undersec. of Labor: Hillel Cultural Co-Chrmn. 4 arts and sciences 9 ROBUCK, MARION HAYNES Leesburg, Fla.: Wheaton College. Norton, Mass.; Kappa Delta Soror- ity; Florida Union Fine Arts Committee: Executive Secretary of Gator Growl. RODRIGUM ADA MIR- IA1t1 Miami. Fla.: Sophomore WSA Representative: Hall Council Vice President. ROSENFELD J JAMES Longboat Key, Fla.: Alligator Staff. ROTH. DANIEL GEORGE. Delray Beach. Fla. RUTH. CHARLES WILLIAM--Anna Maria Island. Fla.: Bar Bell Club: Intramurals Tutor: Sigma Pi Sigma. SATIN. JOEL LEWIS Gainesville. Fla.: Pi Mu. Program Chairman: Bar Bell Club: Section Ad- visor: Radio Club: HiIle! Foundation. SAVITZ. SARAH DAVIE Tampa. Fla.: Chi Omega Sorority: Regional 1V Conference: Under Secretary of Commissioner of Social Affairs. SCAFFIDI. SANDRA JUDITH Sara- sota, Ma.: Pi Simi Alpha. SCHAUUFELE. CHRIS BALDWIN Gainesville, Fla. SCHAUMBURG. CHARLES ALBERT St. Peters- burg. Fla.: Kappa Sigma Fraternity: Swimming Team: F-Club. SACHNEIDER. MICHAEL P. Miami Beach. Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity: Varsity Debate: His- torian. Business Manager: Tau Kappa Alpha. Vice President: Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau, Chairman: Committee of 67: Education Analysis Committee. SCOTT, MEREDITH LEE Sanford. Fla. SECRIST, LYNNE ADELAIDE Melbourne. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board: J. Hillis Miller Scholarship; Nell Critic Miller Award: President Hall Council. SEILER. WALTER CARL Jacksonville. Ma.: Sigma Chi Fraternity; Executive Council; Scabbard and Blade: Advanced Officers Club: Pre-Law Club, Secretary-Treasurer. SELESNEK, BENJAMIN HAR- OLD Lake Park Fla. SELF. THOMAS WILLIAM- Clearwater, Fla. SELLERS. EVE Birmingham. Ala.: Auburn Univer- sity: Concert Choir: Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. Social Chairman: Kappa Alpha Sweetheart Court. SENTER- FITT. VERNON COLEMAN Pensacola. Fla. SHAHAN. LARRY AUSTIN Maryville. Tenn.: East Tennessee State College: Geology Club. President: Dean ' s Award: Physics Award. SKENKMAN. JERROLD Jacksonville. Fla.: Phi Alpha Theta. Treasurer. SIMANTON. DON FROST Gainesville. Fla. SINGER, MAKOLA SCOTT Hollywood. Fla.: Alpha Chi Sigma. SLINGER. ROLLIN NILES Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Phi Omega. President; Phi Mu Alpha. Secretary: Uni- versity Choir; Choral Union. Manager. SNYDER. HONEY JEAN Lakeland. Fla.: Alpha Kappa Delta: Kappa Delta Sorority; Swim Fins, Panhellenic Repre- sentative: Social Service Chairman. SPARKS. JAMES AUSTIN Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Phi Sigma. SPIVA. CYNTHIA LEIGH Miami, SPONHOLTZ, GLENN MILTON Dinsmore. Fla. STANLEY, JR.. ALFRED W. H. Gainesville, Fla. STAR. ANNETTE Miami Beach. Fla.: Alpha Kappa Delta. STARK. CAROL New Britain. Conn.: Lyceum Associate; Orientation Leader: Sociology Club, Vice President: Coediquette Staff. STEIN. BERNARD M. Miami. Fla.: Kappa Sigma Fraternity: Secretary. So- cial Chairman: Intramurals: Section Advisor. STEIN- BOOK. RICHARD MARK Miami Beach. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pt Fraternity: Alpha Epsilon Delta. 392 Sha STEWART. LARRY SCOTT Ft. Myers. Fla.: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Florida Blue Key: Executive Council: Clerk of Traffic Court: Commissioner of Aca- demic Affairs: Chairman of Education Analysis At- tain; Chairman of Campus Party; Chairman of United Party; Men ' s Council. SWEAT. DONALD EDWIN- DeLand. Fla.: Weightlifting Team; Men ' s Glee Club; Publicity Manager. Student Director. TAYLOR. JU- DITH LAVELIE Panama City. Fla. THOMAS. JOS- EPH MICHAEL Hialeah. Fla.: Alligator Staff. City- Editor; Managing Editor, Editor; Summer Gator, Ed- itor; F-Book. Section Editor: Homecoming. Chairman Sweetheart Contest: Blue League Chairman House Decorations: Student Government Evaluation Com- mittee; President ' s Retreat Planning Committee; Chairman Miss University of Florida Committee: Reli- gion and Life Week Executive Committee: Chairman Special Religion in Life Program; Young Democratic Club, President; Executive Board Gator Chest: Orien- tation Assistant Technical Coordinator: Orientation Group Leader. TIBERI, CARMEN FRANK Miami Springs. Fla.: Al- pha Phi Omega; Sigma Pi Sigma. TILGHMAN, THOMAS ALYNER Pomrano Beach. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; AFROTC Cadet Commander; Pi Sigma Alpha: Arnold Air Society. TINSLEY. TERYL EUNELL Philadelphia, Miss.: Zeta Phi Eta. Presi- dent: Sigma Alpha Eta. TOOKE, JR.. BEN HUDSON Albany, Georgia: Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Men ' s Glee Club, Order of Last Krewe. TOUCHBERRY. SHERYL SMOAK Gainesville. Fla. TROWELL, JOHN ALLEN Bushnell. Fla. TURMAIL. GEORGE ALVIN Boca Raton. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity: Flying Club: Gator Growl Committee. UDY, ROBERT WILLIAM Bluefield. W. Va. VANDEWEOHE. JEROME ROBERT Riviera Beach. Fla.: P1 Kappa Alpha Fraternity. VEST. JR.. BANKS BOOTH Tampa. Fla.: Board of Directors of Cooper- ative Living Organization; Baptist Student Union. Vice President. WARNER. IRMA BETH Jacksonville, Fla.: Distinguished Scholarship Award: Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman: Under Secretary of Organizations: Under Secretary of Flor- ida Union Board. WARREN. GEORGE LEWIS Jack- sonville. Fla.: Delta Thu Delta Fraternity: Pi Mu: Ex- ecutive Council: Section Advisor. WEINER, SANDRA JUDITH Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. WELCHLY. JAMES HOLGATE St. Petersburg. Fla. WELLER, ANGELA MAY Pensacola. Fla.; Delta Gamma Sorority; Pi Mu; Co-Chairman Greek Week. WEST. GERALD LYLE Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Chi Sigma. WEST, PRISCILLA ANN Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Omicron P1 Sorority: Women ' s Glee Club. Secretary. WHITE, JR.. EDWARD DALTON Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Chi Sigma: Kappa Alpha Order: Gator Band; Symphony Orchestra: Billy Mitchell Drill Team. WIL- LIAMS. JR.. ANDERSON RODDENBERRY Ocala. Fla.: Phi Beta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Intra- murals. JOSEPH Gainesville, Fla. WILLIAMS. JOSEPH HAROLD Clearwater. Fla.: Georgia Steele. WILLIAMS. THOMAS BEEKMAN- Gulf Breeze. Fla.: Theta Chi Fraternity; Pt Mu. YAGGY, JON LAVERNE Sarasota. Fla.: Men ' s Glee Club: Floridians. YAUITZ, SHELDON MAXWELL Miami, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon P1 Fraternity; Phi Alpha Theta: Varsity Debate: Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau. YEL ' PON, EMERY JERRY Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Nu Fraternity. ZIRKIL. VIRGINIA ANN Jacksonville, Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi: Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority: Orientation Group Leader: Florida Blue Key Speaker; Welcome Week Chairman; WSA Representative: Hall Council. Beach, Fla. Lal 393 A Mu) -) arts and sciences AND A COW THE ORGANIC CYCLE THE CHEMICAL ELEMENTS THAT COMPOSE E BODIES AND THE FOOD SUBSTANCE OF PLANTS AND ANIMALSTH FOODS AND ARE IN CONSTANT CIRCULATION THROUGH THE AIR, SOIL, ORGANISMS INS d dddiddo. fa halm ad SSA art " lloods" rasa ha Id A PICTURE OF BACTERIA ENLAROED 1.000 TIMES I PLASTIC CAPSULES FOR INFLECT EXPERIMENTATION A MOUSE MAZE :c% : . :): r: " " . . . . " " . ..... ' " " " VMS NM" " " " " " " " " gm.. 1 " " " " " " " " . " " . " " ri,... " " " " " " " ......=. SeiriXA " aegna" M" MN. MIMI " " Zsagar" " " " :" ., " _ " " " " " 1 " " " " " " " " " " " " " " . r....... " , ..... .... I ............ " ir: " " " " " " " " " " " ............... " ............. " " " ...... sows " " . ...... ........ .... 141Cot " " " " " " " " " a m" ' a ' " " " " " " " " " " " " ............. " ..... FOVEPA . " tv:." " " .... AL. " " " " " " ......... " " ." ........... " as" " " " ........... .. . " " " Eatrr:. :ASTRA " " 395 college of business administration MATHERIS HAL:. ORGANIZED To Meer the needs of Florida business, the College of Business Administration was founded at the University in 1926. Its objectives; to provide the educational foundation in business; to stimulate appreciation of the total social and economic structure and the civic and social obliga- tions of businessmen; to develop ability to make business decisions; and to offer an opportunity for some specializa- tion in the functional area of business, have given the College a place of high distinction on the campus and throughout the state. The College also contributes to knowledge through the research activities of its faculty and students in graduate work for advanced students and prospective teachers in DEAN DONALD J. HART business administration and economics. 396 business administration af% ADAMS, ROBERT JOEL Florala. Alabama. AITON. MONICA INEZ Reddick. Fla. ALLEN. MRS. CAROL EWALD Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Alligator Staff, Phi Chi Theta: Swim Fins: Homecoming. Miss U. of F. Stall ALLSTON. ROBERT FRANCIS--0Jus, Fla. BALDWIN, BEVERLY PAGE Clainesville. Fin.: Pres.. Phi Chi Theta. BALDWIN. DONALD MAX Daytona Beach. Fla.: PI Sigma Epsilon: SAM.: Honor Court Justice. Bus. Ad.: BASOC Rep. BARNES. SUZANNE ELLIOTT Ponte Vedra Beach. Fla:: Phi Mu Sorority: Phi Chi Theta; Orientation Leader. BERNARD. RICH- ARD PAUL Miami Beach. Fla.: PI Lambda Phi fra- ternity; Orientation Leader: Blue Key Speaker. BERTLSHOFER, LEE GEORGE Clearwater, Fla.: Al- pha Kappa Pal. CARDEN. JAMES DAVID Tampa. Fla.: Delta Thu Delta fraternity. CARLTON. THOMAS NEWTON Wauchula. Fla.: Beta Theta Pi fraternity: s.A.M.: Election Official; Frat. Homecoming Chairman: Commissioner Corry Village. CELLON, KENNETH I.AMAR Gainesville. Fla.: Phi Sigma Epsilon: S.A.M. CHALMERS. ROBERT Gainesville. Fla.: Beta Alpha Psi Treas.: Beta Gamma Sigma. CHILLURA. AN- THONY BUDDY Miami. Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi: Pres.- Inter-American Relation Soc.; V-Pres. I.S.O.: Pro- peller Club. CONWAY. LACY FREDRICK Starke. Fin. C:OPLESTON, ARTHUR SIDNEY. JR. Gainesville. Fla: V. Pres. SA.M.: Dean ' s List: Housing Staff. Resi- dent Assistant. Section Advisor. CROWELL. ROBERT WILLIAM Gainesville. Fla. DAY- TON. EDWIN PAUL Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Sec. Repre- sentative: Treas. Talbert Area: Student Assistant. DAYTON, HOWARD HAY Bellealr. Clearwater. Fla.: Student and Club Mgrs. Association Sec. and Treas. EDMUNDSON, JOHN B. Gainesville, Fla.: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon fraternity: Chr. Pre-Growl: Secretary of Insurance: Intermural Office Director: Fla. Blue Key: Chr. Clerical Division Homecoming 59: Administrative Coordinator Florida Blue Key SpeakerW Bureau I960. ENNIS. PATSY MARIE Daytona Beach. Fla. EVANS, DONALD COLLINS Gainesville. Fla.; Delta Sigma Pi: Circle K. FAIRCLOTIL JOHN JUDSON Perr" . Fla.: Kappa Alpha Order: Last Krew: Exec. Council: Circle K: Scabbard and Blade. FART. JULIAN EARLE JR. Jacksonville. Fla.: Blue Key Speakers Bureau: Finance Assoc.: Under-Sec. of Labor-57: Gator Growl Com- mittee: Kappa Alpha Order. PITXGERALD. PATRICK R. Gainesville. Fla.: Sigma Nu fraternity; Last Krew. FRANCIS. GARY ROBERT Gainesville. Fla.: A.M.: Deputy Mayor Corry Vil- lage; Mayor ' s Council. GAGNON. JOHN WALTER St. Petersburg. Fla.: Pres. Delta Sigma Pi; See. SA.M.. Intramurals: Dollars for Scholars Committee. GARDY. STEPHEN Hollywood. Fin GEORGE. BURL FREEMAN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GERON, DONALD MYRON Miami Beach. Fla. GIM- ENEZ. FERNANDO. JR Miami. Fla.: Alpha Psi: Delta Sigma Phi fleas.: ' B.O. Treas.: I.R.S. Treas.: Latin-Amer. Club: Propeller Club: Newman Club. GLO- VER. HARVEY LEE JR Jacksonville. Fin.: Georgia Seagle CO-OP. business administration GOLD. MICHAEL HOWARD Miami Beach. Fla. HAND. HUGH WALTON, II Tampa. Fla.: Rho Epsi- lon: Sales Club. HANSON. ALLEN LEROY Ft. Myers. Ha. HARKER. KENNETH GEORGE. Clearwater. Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi: Insurance Society. HARRIS. JOE HAROLD Panama City. Fla. HAY. WILLIAM MORRILL Macon, Georgia: Kappa Alpha Order; Varsity Tennis Team. HEN NE. PETER CHARLES Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: " F ' Club; Varsity Swimming: Gator Guard; Orientation Leader: Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. HENRIDSEN, DOUGLAS GRANT Tampa, Fla.: Section Advisor: Intramural Manager. HENDRIX. FITZHUGH LEE. JR. Gainesville. Fla. HOLIMAN, GLEN HOWELL Miami, Fla.: Delta Tau Delta fraternity Pres.. V-Pres., Rush Chr. HOLMES. MAYO CLARENCE Miami. Fla.: Finance Assoc.: S.A.M. HOLMES, WILLIAM EARL Vero Beach, Fla. HUENEFELD. THOMAS ERNST Cincinnati. Ohio: Sigma Chi fraternity: transfer Univ. of Cincinnati. JAEGER. EUGENE WRAY St. Petersburg. Fla.: Phi Kappa Tau fraternity Treas.; Delta Sigma Pi; S.A.M.: Scabbard and Blade. JENSEN. MARTIN V. JR. Miami Shores. Fla.: Chi Phi fraternity; S.A.M.; Sales Club. JOHNSON. DALE ALLEN Gainesville, Fla. MAINZ. LENORE ELIZABETH Windermere. Fla.: Under-Sec. of Organizations: Orientation Leader; Alpha Chl Omega sorority. KANG YOUNG KWON Seoul, Korea. KELLY. THOMAS FRANCIL East Orange. New Jersey: S.A.M.: Tolbert Council; Intramurals: Newman Club. KENNEDY. ROGER JR Jacksonville. Fla.: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Varsity Golf: Insurance Society: V-Pres. Sales Club. S.A.M. KING. FRANK M. III Ft. Myers. Fla.: Pres. Chi Phi fraternity: Sec. of Labor: Chief Justice Traffic Court: Exec. Council. KOONTZ. MICHAEL PEEPLES Ocala. Fla: Treas. Kappa Alpha Order; Pi Sigma Epsilon- Treas.; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau: Orientation Group Leader. LARIMER, MILO CHARLES Orlando. Fla.: Sigma Nu fraternity: Intramurals: Sales Club: S.A.M. LEAK. POLLY SUE Ocala. Fla.: Law Dames: Sigma Chi Sweet heart Court. LEVERENZ. CARL LEO Lake Worth, Na.: Gamma Delta: S.A.M. LIPKIN. SAMUEL BARUCH Los Alani- tos. Calif.: Tau Epsilon Phi: Sports Car Club. LIVING- STON. JACK DUANE Tampa, Fla. LODEN. ELLIOTT Miami. Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi fraternity: S.A.M.; Alli- gator Staff. Football seating: Orientation Leader; Sports Car Club; Election official; Intramural Staff. LOGIE, ARTHUR JAMES JR. Jacksonville. Fla.: Sig- ma Nu fraternity: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Varsity Swimming: Alligator Staff; Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau: Chess Club. MARKHAM, DAVID ASHFORD Ponte Vedra Beach. Fla.: Beta Theta Chi fraternity Treas.; Orientation Leader. MARTOCCIA, LIONEL J. JR Daytona Beach. Fla. MATHEWS, CHARLES THOMAS Ocala. Fla. A r 4ja u- 3 ' s business administration MAXFIELD. THOMAS ALEXANDER Sarasota. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Kappa Psi: S.A.N. McAVENA. JOANNE MARY Sarasota, Fla.: Finance Assoc.: Phi Chi Theta V. Pres: BASOC: V.-Pres.--Reid Hall. McCALLUM. DONALD BRUCE Gainesville. Fla. McKINNON, ANGUS BROWN JR. Brooksville. Fla. McKNIGHT, JOHN HUGH Orlando. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity: Homecoming Committee: Dorm Rep. 58-59; Pia. Union Social Committee Lyceum Council: Lyceum Council Key: flat. Social Chairman, and offi- cer; P1 Sigma Epsilon: Gator Greek. McMICHAEL. WARREN DOUGLAS JR. Jacksonville. Flu. McMUL- LEN. ROBERT WALLACE II Gainesville. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. MEGAHEE. IRIS ANN Alachua. Fla.: Phi Chi Theta: Zeta Tau Alpha sorority: Sec. Fla. Union. MULLIS, DANIEL HAMILTON Pahokee, Fla.: SAM.: Intramurals; Sales Club. NEUMEISTER. GEORGE ED- WARD Warren. Ohio. NEWMARK. STANLEY MOR- TON Coral Gables. Fla.: Pi Lambda Phi fraternity: Orientation Staff: Hillel Rep.: Alligator Circulation Staff; Pi Sigma Epsilon: Business (rat.: Historian. V.-Pres. fraternity. NELSON. GEORGE STANLEY- Winterhaven. Fla.: Theta Chi fraternity Sec.: Pledge master: Delta Sigma Pi: Orientation Leader: Homecom- ing Seating Committee. NORRIS. KENNETH L. Gainesville. Fin.: Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity: r Club: Football. OLACK. RICH- ARD JOHN Largo. Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. PAINTON. GEORGE EVERITT Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: S.A.M.: Al- pha Kappa Psi. PEARCY. RICHARD DON Gainesville. Fla.: A.S.C.E.: Chancellor Delta Sigma Pi: SAM.; Flavet III Bus. Mr. Legislative Council: Orientation Staff; Freshman Transportation Chr. PENEGAR. LINDA LOUISE Clearwater. Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi sorority; transfer 1959. PESTCOE. BERNARD CHARLES Gainesville. Fla.: Treas. Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity: Treas. Delta Sigma Pi. PFLEGER. THOMAS JOSEPH Miami, Fla.: Sigma Nu-Com- mander. PRESTON. ROBERT JULES - Pensacola. Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. RAYFIELD. CHARLES A Miami. Fla.: Delta Tau Delta Pledgemaster. REED. DAVID VERNON Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: S.A.M. Corres. Sec.: Section Advisor. RICHARDS. DONALD EARLE Gainesville. Fla.: S.A.M. ROBERTS. DONALD %VAYNE Palatka. Fla: Beta Al- pha Psi. ROBERTS. JOHN EVERETT Gainesville. Fla. RO- CHON. PETER MORRIS Miami Shores. Fla.: Sigma Chi fraternity. SCHNEIDER. PETER LEVERN Winter Haven. Fin.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. SCHNEIDER. WILLIAM JOSEPH Lakeland. Fla.: P1 Kappa Alpha. SEYMOUR. ANNE BRIGHT Apex. N. C. SHEEHAN. JAMES HARLEY Jacksonville. Fla.: Beta Alpha Psi: Alpha Beta Psi. SHERIDAN. JOSEPH LAWRENCE Gainesville. Fla. SHIELDS. ROGER ELWOOD Gaines- ville. Fla.: Sigma Chi fraternity: BASOC; Delta Sigma Pi; Deseret Club Pres.: Propeller Club Pres.: Intra- murals. 399 business administration SHORT. CHARLES RICHARD Clearwater. Fla. SLACK. ARTHUR RONALD West Palm Beach. Fla.. Football. SLAUGHTER. MARSHALL G. Wauchula, Fla.: Delta Sigma Pi Sec.; Finance Assoc.; Military Band. SMITH. CLARENCE Gainesville. Fla.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. SOMMONS, JOHN FtANDOLPH Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: SA.M. Publicity Comm. SPARE. BRUCE LAWSON- Gainesville, Fla.: Exec. Council: Traffic and Safety Committee: Theta Chi Pres. and fraternity V.- Pres.. Treas.; Men ' s Glee Club Pres. STELI230N, JERRY EUGENE, Jacksonville. Fla. STRILLA. LaSHON ANN Hollywood. Fla.: Phi Chi Theta- Treas.; Exec. Council; Hall Council Social Chr., Floor Rep.; Intramurals; Alligator Staff. STUFF. MORTON St. Petersburg, Fla. SULLIVAN. WILLIAM EDWARD Fairfield, Maine: Baseball, Rho Epsilon. TEDDER. WARREN LOUIS Live Oak. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta fraternity; Men ' s Glee Club. THOMPSON. MONA GAY Gulf Breeze, Fla. THORNTON. RAYMOND C. St. Petersburg. Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi Sec. TINKLE ' ' , GARY law Orlando, Fla.: SA.M.: Newman Club. TIPTON. LARRY ANDREW Bellealr Beach. Fla.: Beta Theta Pi fraternity; Insurance Soc. Treas: Wesley dation Tmas.: Orientation Leader. TOFtN0E, JAMES FREDRICK Lebanon. Pa.; Phi Kappa Tau fraternity V.-Pres.; IFC Rep.: S.A.M.: Alpha Kappa Psi. TUCKMAN. SUSAN GAIL--Jacksonville, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon sorority V.-Pres.; Hall Council Rep.: SA.M.: Phi Chi Theta: Undersec. Women ' s Affairs; Intramural., Board Manager. TURNER. LAWRENCE DAVID, JR. Ocala. Fla.: Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau: Homecoming Publicity Comm.: Pi Sigma Epsilon- Pres.: Seminole Bus. Mgr. 1981; Cir. Mgr.-58. TUR- TLETAUB. MICHAEL HARRY Miami Beach. Fla. VON OONTEN. KENNETH M. Buffalo. New York: Fla. Union Dance Dir. WEAVER, LAWRENCE B. Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Kappa Psi. WELLER. WILLIAM ERNEST Clearwa- ter, Fla.: Kappa Sigma fret. WENTWORTH. ROBERT ALAN Melbourne, Fla.: Beta Theta P1 fraternity; Pi Sigma Epsilon: Gamma Delta: Homecoming; Orien- tation: Intramurals. WESCHE. JAMES AUGUST Orlando. Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity; Delta Sigma Pi. WILL. GEORGE D. Gainesville, Fla.: SA.M.: Gymnastics Club: Sales Club: Alpha Kappa WILLIAMS. RONALD GARY Perrin, Fla.: Sig- ma Phi Epsilon fraternity. ZEANAH. RICHARD LLOYD Gainesville. Fla.: Sigma Chi fraternity. ZONON, BARRY IVAN Brooklyn. New York.: trans- fer Adelphi College Frosh basketball; Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity; Pre-Law Club: Sales Club. ZUKERMAN. MICHAEL ELI Lawrence. New York: Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity: Rho Epsilon. at .jon STUDENTS ENTER FINALS MRS. NAOMA YOUNG.. SECRETARY TO DEAN PAGE STATISTIC LAB ADDING MACIIINFM 401 college of education A PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL, the College of Education has for its purpose the preparation of qualified personnel for the public schools of Florida. More specifically, its purposes are to plan, organize, and conduct programs of teacher education; to furnish professional courses in education included in all curricula for students preparing to teach; to collaborate with other colleges of the University in matters pertinent to teacher education; to conduct ex- perimental and research studies in education; and the improvement of educational opportunities, programs and services. In carrying out these purposes, the College of Education has become one of the largest colleges on the University campus because of its high standing in education training, and its record of producing outstanding men and women in the educational field. 402 DEAN J. B. WHITE education ADICKS. LINDA DESHAZO Josper. Fla.; BA, Lan- guage Arts. ARCHER. BARBARA ANNE Pompano Beach. Fla.: Florida Players. International Suppers. Hall Council. AXELSON. AUDREY JANE Miami. Fla.: Chr. Yulee Welcome Week. Vice Pres. Yulee, Women ' s Szrvice Award. Yulee Award-2 yrs. BAKER, SONYA HELEN Daytona Beach. Fla.: BA. BAERNSTEIN. NANCI LEE DaytOna Beach. Fla.: Al- pha Epsilon Phi sorority, Pres. and Sec.: Religion-in- Life Week Comm.; Fla. Union Orientation, Lyceum Usher. BARNETT. SUSAN DEENA Sarasota. Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. International Suppers Club. Modern Dance Club. BEACH. SANDRA LUGENIA- Gainesville. Fla. BENBOW. SALLY ANNE Clearwater. Fla.: transfer, St. Petersburg Jr. College. Program Chr.. Rawlings Hall: NEA Corres. Sec.: WSA Service Award: Interhall Council. BESALSKI. CAROLYN ELEANOR Orlando. Fla.: Delta Delta Delta sorority. BEI ' HEA. SANDRA JEAN St. Augustine. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi sorority: Fla. Union Hostess. Lyceum Council Associate. transfer Stet- son. BEVIS. JANET YVONNE Gainesville. Fla.: Kappa Delta sorority: Kappa Alpha Rose: Orientation Leader: SFEA. BLACKWELDER. NORMA I. Apopka, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi sorority. BLALOCK, JANE WADE Gainesville. Fla.: Zeta Phi Eta. Sigma Alpha Eta. Orientation. Chi Omega sorority. BORN. ELLEN KATHLEEN Naples. Fla.: Chi Omega sorority: Zeta Phi Eta: Sigma Alpha Eta; Legislative Council: Donn Activities: General Teacher ' s Scholar- ship. Alligator. office Staff. BRAWLEY. ALICE LOVILL Cocoa Beach. Fla.: Phi Mu sorority. BRIDGES. SHIR- LEY JANE Pensacola. Fla.: Newman Club: SFEA. BRIM. LINDA BENNETT Jacksonville. Fla. BROWN, THOMAS RICHARDSON Jacksonville. Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. BURKE. JOHN OWEN St. Pe- tersburg, Fla. CADDY. KATHLEEN ANN New Orleans. La.: Alpha Omicron Pi sorority: Choral Union: Swim Fins: Fla. Union Board: Hostess Comm. Chr. CAMBELL. ELIZABETH PAGE Clearwater. Fla.: Kappa Delta sorority, Fla. Union: Lyceum Council: In- terfraternity Council Hostess. SFEA. CANTERBURY. CLOVIS MACK Gainesville. Fla.: Pres. Industrial Arts Society: Fla. Ind. Arts Assoc. CAREY RALPH ED- WARD Hialeah. Fla.: Masters; Commissioner of Leg- islative Affairs: Summer School Vice Pres.: Chr.- Constitutional Revision Committee: Chr. FSU-UF Gov ' t Banquet. CARPENTER. RALPH RICHARD JR.- Ft. Myers, Fla. CARR. SARA ANN Gainesville. Fla.: Pi Lambda Theta: Mrs. University of Fla. 1955. Ed. Dames 1958-57; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship. 1960. COLE, PATRICIA KAY Princess Anne, Va.: Alpha Chi Omega sorority: SFEA. COULTER. CHARLES BUR- RELL Gainesville, Fla. CROUCH, MARY FRANCES St. Petersburg. Fla.: Zeta Tau Alpha sorority: Univ. Choir; NEA. CURRY, MARY HARTNETT Ocala. Fla. DAMICH. JOAN KATHERINE Miami. Fla. DAVIS, JAN4E5 NEAL St. Petersburg. Fla.: Sigma Nu fraternity. DAVIS. MARTHA LOUISE Clewiston, Fla.: Dean ' s List: SPEA. 403 education DESHLER. GARVIN VICTOR Hawthorne. Fla. DeVIR- GILIS, THEODORE PHILIP Sarasota. Fla. DOOLEY. BRENDA SUE West Palm Beach. Fla. JAMES EDWARD JR. Palatka, Fla.: Phi Alpha Theta Chi fraternity. FADDY. NORMA LEE Bushnell. Fla. FILEK. MERRY CAROL Clearwater. Fla.: Phi Mu sorority: Alligator Business staff Office Manager ' 60. FOLN1AR. JANE ANN Jacksonville. Fla.: Kappa Delta sorority Cones. Sec.: Traveler Staff. Political Official: Women ' s Glee Club. FOUTS. CAROLYN BAHANNON Gainesville. Fla.: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Lambda Theta; Dean ' s List: Four Distinguished Academic Achievement Awards. FRAZE HENRY SORENSON St. Petersburg. Fla. FRIEDENBERG. MARIS PAULA Silver Spring. Md.: Delta Phi Epsilon; Religion-in-Life: Modern Dance Club. GANGWER. GAYLE ELIZABETH Leesburg, Fla.: Kappa Delta sorority: Orientation Leader: Dance Committee Chairman Fla. Union: Fla. Union Board. GIUFFRIDA. MARY AGNES North Miami. Fla.: Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi Omega sorority; Gatorette: Panhellenic Council Treas.: S.F ' .E.A.: Lyceum Council. GLENN. JUANITA FAY Largo. Fla. GORDON. AMRA ELAINE Gainesville. Fla.: Hind Foundation: S.R.A. GODREAN. EUGENE A Daytona Beach. GRANT. JOHN JOSEPH St. Petersburg. Fla. GREENWELL JANET GAIL Kealakekun. Hawaii: Al- pha Delta Pi sorority. HALE. HOWARD TESSENIER- Gainesville. Fla. HAMPTON. LISE CLARA Miami. Fla.: Sigma Kappa sorority-1st Vice-Pres. 1960. 2nd Vice-Pres. 1959; VISA. Panhellenic Council; Greek Week Banquet Comm. 1959. HARDT. ARLA MAE Day- tona Beach. Fla. HARRIS. JACQUELINE LEE Miami. Fla.: University Choir: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Phl Mu sorority pledge director. HAYES. REBECCA JANE Gainesville. Fla.: Kappa Delta sorority. HERMAN. DORTHY COBURN Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Lambda Delta; FEA. HERRMANN, LEONA MAE West Palm Beach, Fla.: FEA-NEA: transfer. HINES. SALLY ANN Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega sorority. HOLLEMAN, GAIL LEE Largo, Fla.: Phi Alpha Theta: Alpha Chi Omega sorority. HOLTON. MARY P Gainesville. Fla. HUENEFELD. CATHERINE COGBURN Coral Gables. Fla.: Zeta Phi Eta: Sigma Alpha Eta; Kappa Delta sorority. HUFF. RODNEY LOUIS St. Petersburg. Fla.: Georgia Seagle Hall. HUPKE, ELIZABETH ANN, Inkster, Mich- igan: Tri-Delta sorority; Fla. Union Hostess Comm. Chrm.: Executive Council: Undersecretary of Finance. JANOW. EVELYN MIRIAM Jacksonville, Fla. JEAN, MARGARET ELIZABETH Clearwater. Fla.: Phi Mu sorority: Panhellenic Council 58: WSA. 58: Sorority Rush Chrm.. House Manager. 4(11 education JERVIS. NATALIE MAY Miami Beach. Fla.: Phi Al- pha Theta: Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority Corres. Sec.: Fla. Union committees; Lyceum Council Sec.: Orien- tation Leader. JUSICK. REBECCA JORDAN St. Pe- tersburg. Fla. KELLY. THEODORE BANKS Holly- wood. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. KENNEDY. BARBARA St. Petersburg. Fla.: Yulee Hall Council- Vice-Pres.: WSA Service Award: UBEA. KLE]NFELO MARILYN JOAN St. Petersburg, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon sorority: SRA: Modern Dance Club: Fla. Union Hostess Comm.: Under-Sec. of Labor. KOONEE. SANDRA SETTLE Gainesville. Fla.: Wom- en ' s Intramural Board, 1959-60; SFEA. KUHN. SU- ZANNE Largo. Fla.: Phi Mu sorority: NEA. LANCAS- TER. LINDA ANNE Trenton. Fla.: SFEA; FBEA: UBEA. LANKFORD. SANDRA F. Gainesville. Fla. LATFORD. IAN MICHAEL Gainesville. Fla LEE. KENNETH LE- ROY Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Tau Alpha: FFA: Ag Council Sec.. Pres. LEISEGANG. DORTHY ANN Jacksonville Beach. Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega sorority- Vice-President: WSA: SRA: FEA. LUND. CHARLOTTE CLARA Miami. Fla.: Gamma Delta. MANN. LARRY EUGENE St. Petersburg. Fla. MARSH; EMMA JANE Largo, Fla. MARTIN. DENISE. IRENE Gainesville. Fla.: Tri-Delta sorority. MAURER. GEORGE HENRY Daytona Beach. Fla. McCLURE. LINDA PATRICIA Jacksonville. Fla.: Phi Theta Kappa: Honor Code Comm.: transfer. McGUIRE. JOAN ELIZABETH Clearwater. Fla.: Newman Club: Hall Council. McRAE, HELOISE LANDRY Gainesville. Fla. MIGNON, WILLIAM PATRICK St. Augustine. Fla. MILTON. FLO ANN Macclenny. Fla.: Alpha Chi 130- ' 61; Seminole Secretary ' 58- ' 59: Cheerleader-3 years; Gator Bowl Queen: Beauty Sec- tion of Seminole. WSA: SRA: FEA. MILLER II. HER- BERT TYLER St. Petersburg. Fla.: C.L.O. MONACO. CATHERINE JOY Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Pres. Rawl- ings Hall: Hall Council member: Executive Council: Orientation Leader: WSA Service Award. MORGAN. TOMMA ELIZABETH Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Delta P1 sorority. OSTRIE. HARRIETTE YETTA Gainesville. Fla.: Reid Hall Council: Hillel Founda- tion Fla. Union. PASTOR, JANE Gulfport. Fla. PAT- RICK. SHEILA RAE Gainesville. Fla.: Pres. Alpha Delta Pi sorority: Executive Council; Producter of URA- ETO shows; Under-Sec. of Solicitations; Blue Key Speakers Bureau. REDONE. MARY DELOVES Lakeland. Fla.: Sigma Kappa sorority. PERLROTH. RENNAY CARUL- Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon sorority: Modern Dance Club: Gator Growl Skit Chairman. POLK. MAR- GARET ANN Homestead. Fla. POLLY. CLARE MITCHELL Gainesville. Fla. RS a2 education AL:. JOAN- S: 1..3 Kappa Delta sorority: Lyceum Usher. RHOADS. VIRGINIA ARMS- Jacksonville. Fla.: Delta Gamma sorority: SRA Greek Council Sec.: Fla. Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau. ROB- ERTS. MERRY LYNN Avon Park. Fla.: Delta Delta Delta sorority. ROLLINS. JUDITH ANNE Kissimmee. Fin. ROUTMAN. BEVERLEE CECILE St. Petersburg. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority: Fla. Union Under-Sec.: Hillel Foundation Fla. Union: Blue Key office aid. ROWAN. WINCEL ANN Jacksonville. Fla.: Delta Delta Delta sorority: Boston University transfer. RUT- LEDGE. SYLVIA W. Bronson. Ma. SCARBROUGH. HARRIETT GARR Orlando. Fla.: Delta Delta Delta sorority: Student of F.E.A. SCHESTAG. MIRIAM LUISE Boynton Beach. Fla.: Student Florida Educators Association: Social Chair- man of Rawlings Hall. SCHIPPER. ARLENE LORETTA Tampa. Fla.: Hall Council: Dean ' s List. SELMAN. MARY ELLEN--Madison. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi so- rority: Freshmsn and Executive Councils: Cavaleites Dance Society: Cater Band: Fla. Education Association: Women ' s Glee Club. SHERRITZ. JANICE SUE St. Petersburg. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi sorority: Univer- sity Choir: NEA. SIEGEL JUDITY SUZANNE Anderson. S. Carolina: Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority: Fla. Union Committees: Lyceum Council. SINGLETARY. DORA MAE Dade City. Fla. SLATER. DIANE West Palm Beach. Fla.: Sigma Kappa sorority: S.F.E.A. SMITH. JAYNE HAD- LEY. ST. Petersburg. Fla. SPROTT. SHARON CTRUEL Gainesville. Fla. STAIN- TON. MARY FRANCES Miami. Fla.: Zeta Tau Alpha sorority: Pres.-Broward Hall Council: Student Gov ' t Executive Council: Alligator Staff: Fla. Union Pub. Rela- tions: Orientation Booklet: Faculty-Student Relations Comm. STANLEY. JUDITY B. DeIAnd. Fla.: Univer- sity Choir: Phi Mu sorority: S.F.E.A. STANLEY. DAVID W. Gainesville. Fla.: Kappa Sigma Fraternity: Clerk of the Honor Court: Vice Pres. Leg. Council: Traffic and Safety Comm.: Fla. Union Board. STEIN. ESTHER JOAN North Miami Beach. Fla.: Fla. Players: Zeta Phi Eta sorority. STEWART. BARBARA ANN Apopka. Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi sorority: Women ' s Glee Club: Singing Sweethearts: Fla. Union Orientation Comm.: Orientation Staff : Dorm officer. STEWART. ELIZABETH EATON Gainesville. Fla.: Kappa Delta Pl. STRICKLAND. MARY EDWARDS Gainesville. Ha.: Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. SUTTON. LILLIAN Jacksonville. Fla.: Delta Phi Ep- silon. Vice-Pres.: W.S.A. Representative. SVABEK. JOYCE Lan:o. Fla.: Phi Mu sorority. TARBECK. LYNDALL I. St. Petersburg. Fla.: Sigma Delta Pi: Delta Delta Delta sorority: Pan-am Queen. THIGPIN. MARY CAROL Gainesville. Fla.: Zeta Phi Eta: Reli- gious Editor of Alligator: Fla. Education Assn.: Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. TITUS. RICHARD LEROY Jacksonville. Fla.: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Sec.; WRUF Campus radio: Ma. Union Board: Homecoming Comm.: Fla. Blue Key Speakers Bureau. TRAVASOS. NANCY ELSIE San- ford. Fla. TRAXLER. MARY LUCILE Alachua. Fla.: Women ' s Glee Club: S R.A.: Hall Council. TYLER. LINDA SUE Jacksonville. Fla.: S.F.E.A. education IL2 UCCELLO. CARL DAMIEL Tampa. Fla. URBAN. DE- ANNA MARIE Cocoa, Fla.: Seminole Staff WSA rep- resentative. VAN ALEN. CHARLOTTE ANN Bellport. New York: Dean ' s List. VAN ARSDALL. JOAN Lake City. Fla.: Kapa Delta sorority: Fla. Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Fla. Union; SFEA: Majorette; Gator Band. WAGNER, PHILLIP ALFRED Daytona Beach. Fla.: Theta Chi Fraternity. WARD. CLOTILDA ELIZABETH St. Petersburg. Fla.: Gatorette Editor: Fla. Education Assn.; WARD. NATALIE KENNY Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Delta sorority. WEAVER, LENETTA GAYLE- Jacksonville. Fla.: Pi Beta Phi sorority. WEIN. SANDRA LOIS COTZIN Miami. Fla.: Hillel Foundation. WIERZ- BOWSKI. STANLEY P. Amsterdam. New York. WIL- LIAMS. MARY LYNN Gainesville. Fla.: Alligator Staff: I.F.C. Hostess; Singing Sweethearts. WILKINS. ROBERT TRUMBULL St. Petersburg. WISHER. RAMON ROBERT Gainesville. Fla. YOUNG. DAWN WILSON Tallahassee. Fla.: Singing Sweethearts: Kappa Epsilon. 2 Stake the rs until i+ia IXAttr separetas 3 Poe the beiterreak rte a beet! 4 Prete His butter with spoon and roe off the t" 107 college of engineering TECHNOLOGICAL TRAINING for our highly technical civili- zation proves of tremendous value wherever the graduate serves. To educate men for the engineering profession is therefore the purpose of the College of Engineering. Requiring vast knowledge of the fundamental physical sciences, mathematics, and practical economics, the Col- lege is not only the outstanding Florida engineering col- lege, but stands extremely high in national ratings. The largest University college, the College of Engineering has made tremendous research advances. One of the few colleges in existence to offer graduate work in nuclear engineering, Florida ' s engineers will continue to con- tribute to their state and nation. DEAN JOSEPH WEIL 408 engineering ADAMS. WILLIAM ROY Gainesville. Fla.: B.E.C.. A.S.C.E. AGLIANO. EPIFANIO Tampa. Fla.: BS.. Mechanical Eng.. Honor Court Justice. Florida Engi- neering Society. Freshman Orientation Program. Com- mts-sioner Flavet III Village Gov ' t.. Sec.. A.S.M.E. AJLANI IHSAN SAID Damascus, Syria, United Arab Republic. B.S. Mechanical Eng. ALLEN. FERREL 0. JR. Port St. Joe. Fla.; B.S.M.E., A.S.M.E. ALLEN. NORMAN Key West. FIR: B.I.E., A.I.I.E. Commissioner. Treasurer, Mayor of Corry Village, Card Section Comm.. Engineering Fair. Benton Engineering Council. Mayors Council. AFARAS. NICHOLAS JOHN Tarpon Springs. Fla.; WEE., " F " Club. Varsity Football. three years. Institute of Radio Engineers. ATTAWAY, ALBERT WAYNE Garden City. Fla.: B.S.. I.R.E. BACCHESCHL DAN L. Tampa. Fla.: WANE., S.A.E. BAILEY, DONALD L. Gainesville, Fla.; B.S.M.E. AS.M.E. BAKER. DONALD RAY Oklahoma City. Sigma Tau. Tau Beta Pl. A.S.M.E. University Tutor Society. BAKER. ED N. Miami. Fla.: B.S.Ch.E.. A.I.Ch.E. BATAINER. ALLEN FRED Gainesville. Fla.; Sigma Tau. Iota Pi Sigma. I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. BEHRNS. DON PAUL Hamburg. New York; B.S.E.. Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Men ' s Council. Orientation. BENNE ' TT. JOSEPH FRANCIS JR. Gainesville. Fla.: WEE.. I.R.E. AUGUST ANTHONY St. Petersburg. Fin.: B.C.E.. A.S.C.E.. Gator Ski Club. SEVILLE. ROBERT EARL Bushnell. Fla.: WEE. BLACK. BURT THOMAS Gainesville. Fla.; B.M.E.. Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. AS.M.E. BLANTON. JACKSON 0. Tallahassee. Fla.; B.C.E., Phi Eta Sig- ma, Sigma Tau, Sigma Chi Fraternity. A.S.C.E., Eng. Fair Committee. BLOCH. JEROME S. Gainesville, Fla.; B.E.E.. I.R.E., A.I.E.E.. Eng. Fair. Winning Ex- hibit. 59. BODNE. JACK BRUCE Miami Beach. Fla.: BANE.. Amer. Rocket Society. Pres.; I.A.S.S.. Benton Eng. Council: Alpha Epsilon Pi, House Manager. BOGGS. WILLIAM INLOES. JR. Tampa. Fla.: B.E.E.. Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Sigma Tau. BOOTH. RAY STURGIS Homestead. Fla.: WEE.. A.I.E.E.. Sigma Nu Fraternity. BOWMAN. ROBERT TRAVIS Gainesville, Fla.; Sigma Tau. BRACY. LEWIS WES- LEY Gainesville, Fla.; A.S.M.E. BRANNING. W. WESLEY Panama City, Fla.; BEE.. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. IRE.. A.I.E.E. BRANTLEY. RICHARD ALLEN Gainesville. Fla.: B.S.M.E.. " F " Club. A.S.M.E.. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. BRAS- WELL. CLARENCE NEIL Texarkana. Tex.: B.E.E.. Sigma Tau, I.R.E. BRICKER, JOHN WELDON Vero Beach. Fla.; B.C.E. BROOKS. DAVID ALFRED Lake Worth. Fla.; WEE.. Sigma flu. BROWN. DARWIN V. Gainesville. Fla.: B.A.E.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. BROWN. GLENN LEROY. JR Mt. Dora. Fla.; B.I.E.. A.I.I.E.. Benton Eng. Council. Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. BUCHY. CHARLES JOSEPH B.C.E.. A.S.C.E. 409 engineering BULL. CLIVE ALFRED Lake Worth. Fla.; B.LE Sigma Tau. V. Pres.; Iota Pt Sigma; Phi Eta AI.I.E., Pres.: Benton Eng. Council: ' Mu Beta Pi. CADBY. RONALD B. Gainesville. Fla.; B.E.E AI.E.E.-I.R.E. Chairman, Benton Eng. Council. CA N- NING, GORDON JOHN. JR. Lakeland. Fla.; B.E.E., Sigma Tau. A.I.E.E., A.O.C.. A.A.S. CANTER. LARRY HERBERT N. Highlands. Calif.; B.E.E.. Sigma Tau. Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. Billy Mitchell Drill Team. Men ' s Council, V. Pres.. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. CARLSON. ARTHUR WILLIAM, JR. Gainesville, Fla.: B.E.E. CARR. DAVID ELLIOT Winter Park. Fla.; B.E.E.. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.. Gym Club. CARTER. MARVIN EGERTON Vero Beach. Fla.; B.C.E.. Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, A.S.C.E.. V. Pres. CEHON, RICHARD PALMER Glen Head Long Island. N. Y.; B.I.E.. CM Chi fraternity, Lutheran Student Assoc.. A.I.I.E., Photography Ed., Fla. Engineer. CHARLAND, DAVID 0. Ft. Pierce. Ma.: B.C.E.. P1 Kappa Phi fraternity. A.S.C.E. Elks. CHRISTIAN. RAYMOND L. Gainesville. Fla.; B.E.E.. Sigma Tau AI.E.E.-I.R.E. CIELO, JOHN ROBERT Miami, Ma.; B.E.E.. I.R.E. CLEARE, HENRY OLIVER Key West, Fla.; B.M.E., A.S.ME., Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Florida tennis team. Eng. Fair Committee. COLEMAN. THOMAS GROVER. JR. Gainesville, Fla.; B.E.E.. Tau Beta Pi. COPELAND, MAURICE LE- ROY Jacksonville. Ma.; B.E.E., Sigma Tau. Al.E.E.- I.R.E. COX PEARSON EDWARD Starke. Ma.: BI.E., Chi Phi fraternity. CRAIG. JOHN MUNRO Gaines- Mile. Ma.; BSME., A.S.M.E., A.S.T.M.. Dean ' s List. CRAWFORD. FELIX ANDERSON. III New Smyrna Beach. Ma.: BI.E., Sigma Nu Fraternity. SANTA, NATALE. JR.-8t. Petersburg. Fla.: B.E.E.. Florida Engineer staff, Eng. Fair, 1960. DAW- SON, CREE STELLING--Indian Rocks Beach, Ma.; B.E.E., Iota Pi Sigma. Sigma Tau. Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Theta Pi fraternity, IRIS.. Benton Eng. Council. DEGEN, JAMES MARTIN Pompano Beach. Ma. DICKINSON, DONALD LESTER, JR. N. Miami, Fla.; A.S.M.E. DOLLAR, HUGH RAYMOND Tampa. Ma.: B.I.E., Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. V. Pres.. Pledge- master, I.F.C. Rep.. Engineer ' s Fair Met. Chr.. Homecoming Asst. Chr. Clerical Div.. Ma. Union Di- rector, Univ. Religious Assoc. Chr.. AII.E. DOMI- NICK. HENRY BELTON. III Wauchulit, Ma.: 13.A.E.. Delta Tau Delta fraternity, AI.C.E. DONN. EDWARD SNEED Miami. Ma.: B.E.E.. PM Eta Sigma. Sec.. Chi Phi. V. Pres.. I.P.C. Sec., Men ' s Council, S.R.A. Greek Council, Honor Court Justice, Fla. Engineer Dept. Ed.. I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. DURHAM. ROBERT RONALD Jacksonville, Fla.; B.M.E.. A.S.M.E.. Georgia Seagle Hall. ELKIN. MAR- VIN NEIL Miami Beach. Fla.; BIZ., Phi Eta Sigma. All.E. ERICKSON, WILLIAM ANDREW Shalimar. Ma.; BIZ.. A.I.I.E.. 13.A.M., Kappa Sigma fraternity. FERGUSON. JACK VANCE Pensacola. Fla.; B.Ch.E., V. Pres., Newman Club. FLOOD, CLIFFORD A.. JR. Gainesville. Ma.: S.A.E.. A.S.A.. S.A.E.. Sec.-Tres.. Wesley Foundation. Tres.. Ag. Council. FRANCIS. RONALD EUGENE Orlando. Ma.; B.M.E., A.S.M.E., A.S.M. GADWAY, JOHN RON- ALD St. Petersburg, Ma.; EX.. Gator Band. Va- riety Dance Band. I.R.E., Sec.. Commissioner Flavet Village Gov ' t. GALLAWAY, KENNETH H. Pickens. South Carolina.; B.E.E. 410 engineering GAMMON. ROBERT TAYLOR Orlando. Fla.: Sigma Zeta. Kappa Alpha Order. Men ' s Council, Exec. Coun- cil. GAMSE. BERL Miami, Fla.; PI Lambda Phi. GANUS. BOBBY RAY Old Town. Fla.; Sigma Tau. B.C.E., A.S.C.E. GARFIELD, LEWIS ANDREW Tampa. Fla.: Exec. Council. Orientation. Georgia. B.S.E E. GITHENS. ROBERT GEORGE Sarasota. Fla.; A.S. M.E. GOFF, CECIL N Tampa, Fla.; Sigma Tau. A.S.M.E. GOLDMAN. BENJAMIN Gainesville. Fla. GREENWOOD. JEssE DARE Jacksonville. Fla.: B.M.E.. A.S.M.E. HADDEN. FRANK DILLARD Gainesville, Fla.: LAS.. Sigma Nu, Basketball. HAGER. STEPHEN FRED Miami Shores. Fla.: Tennis. Florida Engineer. Chi Phi. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. HAIGHT. ROBERT WRIGHT- Orlando. Fla.: Tau Beta Pl, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. HALL. DAVID WILSON Miami. Fla.: Institute of Radio Engineers. HAMILTON. HOMER ROBERT, JR. Gainesville. Fla.; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. HARPER. DONALD JAN Gainesville. Fla.; Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega. Pres. !JARRELL. HARLAN YATES. JR. Gainesville. Fla.: A.I.E.E.- IRE., Mens Glee Club. Georgia Seagle. HARRING- TON. WAYNE DELMAR St. Petersburg. Fla. HARRISON. WILLIAM B.. JR. Wildwood. Fla.; Insti- tute of Radio Engineers. HARVEY. GORDON WIL- LIAM St. Petersburg, Fla. HAYS. JAMES WOODSEN St. Petersburg. Fla.: Sigma Tau. Iota Pi Sigma. Theta Nu Sigma. Kappa Sigma. Pres.. Vice-Pres.. Speakers Bureau, A.I.I.E. HAYWARD. ROBERT FRANCIS Winter Haven. Fla.: Scabbard and Blade. Capt.. Newman Club. Aqua Gators, Pres., Gator Ama- teur Radio Club, teas.. AI.E.E HEARD. WALTER LEMUEL. JR. Orlando. Fla.; Sig- ma Tau, J.A.S. HECKER. DAVID ARTHUR Ft. Laud- erdale. Fla.; A.S.M.E.. Florida Engineer. HERMAN. EDWARD FRED Gainesville, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. I R.E. HEROUX. RICHARD ROLAND- Lakeworth, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. A.I.I.F. B.E.C.. Engineers ' Fair, Bus. Mgr., Newman Club. HOF. PAUL XAVIER Miami. Fla.; Sigma A.S.M.E., American Rocket Society. HOHL. FRANK Gainesville. Fla.: Sigma Tau. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. HOLLIS- TER. JOHN IRVING Gainesville. B.E.C.: A.S. MX.. Vice-Chairman. HOLLINGSWORTH. JOHN DOUGLAS Gainesville. Fla. HOLMES, WILLIAM ROBERT Sarasota. Fla.; A.S. A.E., Pres.: Alpha Gamma Rho. B.E.C., Sigma Tau. HOOD. WILLIAM KENNETH Lakeland, Fla.; Sigma Tau. Alpha Tau Omega. Football. Capt., Florida Blue Key. HORNSBY. BOBBY LAVAUGHN Winter Haven, Fla.: I.R.E. HOSICK, WILLIAM HOWARD Gainesville, Fla.; I.R.E. engineering HOWELL. ROBERT HERMAN Lake Worth. Fla.: AS.C.E.. Florida Engineering Society. HOWINGTON, RALPH CYRIL Gainesville. Fla.: A.S.M.E.. Trees. HUDDLE. BILLY W. Ocala. Fla. HUTCHINS, PAUL SANBORN Garden City, Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi. JAMMAL. SUHEIL ELIGS--Gainesville. Fla.: Arab Club, Pres.: Asian Club. Vice-Pres.. AS.M.E. JENKINS. SYD J. Gainesville. Fla.: A LLE . Sec.. Executive Council. JONES. NEEDHAM BRYAN Reddick, Fla.; I A S.. Engineers ' Fair. Space Chairman. KALIL. GEORGE LABA West Palm Beach. Fla.: Sigma Tau. KARASCH, EMIL T., JR. Gainesville. Fla.: A.I.E.E.- I.R.E., Engineers ' Fair. KEEFER. WILLIAM JOSEPH Tampa. Fla.; Delta Sigma Phi. KELCH, GEORGE W. Gainesville, Fla.; A.S.M.E. KELLER. JAMES ARTHUR Gainesville. Fla.: AS.M.E., Florida Engi- neers Society. KIDD. JAMES GREGORY Miami, Fla.; Sigma Tau. Deans List, All.E.. Vice-Pres, Delta Tau Delta, Orientation. A.O.C., Sports Car Club. Newman Club. KING. JOHN WILLIAM Hialeah, Fla.: Al.E.E.- I.R.E. KOONCE. DAVID FREDICK. JR. Gaincsville, Fla.: Sigma Tau, A.S.M.E. KYLE. ROBERTA ANN Hialeah. 1F1a.: Sigma Tau. S.W.E.. Pres.. I.A.S. LANE, MARVIN GLEN Miami. Fla. LARSON. WIL- LIAM RONALD Gainesville. Fla.: B.S.M.E.. A.S.M.E.. IAS. LAZAR. JEFFREY MICHAEL Miami, Fla. LESCHORN, THOMAS WILFRED St. Petersburg. Fla. LINCOLN. RICHARD WILLIAM Gainesville. Fla " A.S.M.E. LITTLE. RICHARD MERRILL St. Peters- burg, Fla.: AI22.-LR.E. LOPEZ. LOUIS Tampa. Fla.; Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. B.E.C.. AS.M.E. LOUGH. ROBERT. JR. Gainesville. Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau, B.E.C., IRE.. ALES., Sec., Tau Beta PI. Pres. MacCLELLAN, DONALD THOMAS. JR. Gainesville. Pla.: A.C.S.. A.E.C.E. FLAK. ELIAN YIUON Hong Kong. China: Alpha Mu Alpha, Cavaliers, AS.C.E. MARCUM. WILLIAM HAROLD Ft. Myers. Fla. MARSHALL. DONALD N. Tampa, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., SAM. MARTIN. COY Pensacola. Fla.; AI.I.E.. B.E.C. MAR- TIN. PAUL FREDERICK Ellenton, Fla.: Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. B.E.C.. AI.Ch.E., Sec.. Pres.. Geor- gia Beagle. Pres.. Sec. of Interior. MASUR, WAYNE KELIN Miami. Fla.: Kappa Sigma, AS.M.E. MAT- TEIS. RICHARD MICHAEL Clearwater. Fla.: Cater Guar, Sigma Chl. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. 412 engineering McCULLOUGH. JOHN LOGAN Ocala. Fla.: A.S.M.E. McDANIEL. WALTER DONALD Zebulon, Georgia: A.I.I.E., B.E.C. McDONALD, HARRISON HODGES. JR Gainesville. Fla.; Phi Kappa Tau: AsS.M.E., A.RS. McDONOUGH, GEORGE ADT Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Sigma Tau. A.S.M.E.. B.E.C., Chairman. Commis- sioner Flavet 3. McLENDON. EDD D. Gainesville. Fla. MENGE. EWELL E. Ft. Pierce. Fla.; AS.M.E.. Lambda Chi Alpha. MENZEL. ROBERT JOHN Sigma Nu: I.R.E. MILAM, THOMAS B. Leesburg. Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega. Engineers Fair. MILITELLO, SAM Tampa. Fla.; A.S.C.E.. Florida Engineering Society. MILLER, CHARLES DONALD Gainesville. Fla. MILLER. LLOYD GARY West Palm Beach. Fla.; A.S.M.E., Sigma Nu. MILLER. RAY WES- LEY Naples. Fla.; Delta Tau Delta. A.S.C.E.. Bar Bell Club. MOONEN, ROGER FRANCIS Holdingford. Minne- sota: Iota P1 Sigma. Track. MORAITIS, NICK J., JR. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Sigma Chi. MORRIS. WIL- LIAM HAGGARD Jacksonville, Fla.; I.R.E. MOSS- BACHER, ROLE ROBERT Lynn Haven, Fla.: Sigma Tau. I.R.E. MOULTON, JAMES VINCENT Gainesville, Fla. MOUNT. GEORGE ELTON Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Kappa Psi. Vice-Pres., Tau Kapp a Epsilon, Vice-Pres.. I.AS.. Gator Band. Variety Band. MULLIGAN. PETER JOHN Miami. Fla.; Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. A.I.E.E. MUNROE. JAMES BARRIE Indian Rocks Beach. Fla.: A.E.Ch.E . Track. MURPHY. JIMMY ALLEN Alva. Fla. PAPASTRAT. CHRIS Miami. Fla. PARKS. BENNETT ALLEN Winter Haven, Fla.; Georgia Seagle, Gator Amateur Radio Club. Vice-Pres., Pres.. Aqua Gators. Treas.. A.P.O.. I.R.E., Engineers ' Fair. PATCHEN. PATRICK N. Steubenville. Ohio. Kappa Sigma. PATTEN. DALE EDWARD St. Petersburg. Fla.: Gator Ski Club. A.S.C.E.. Track. Crass Country. PEASE. PHILIP BARTON Jacksonville, Fla.: Ameri- can Rocket Society. A.I.E.E.-IR.E. PERRY. DAVID MICHAEL Gainesville. Fla.; A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. PHIL- LIPS. MAURICE HOLT Holly Hill. Fla.; Phi Delta Theta, A.I.E.E. PHILLIPS. BILLY CRAIG Pensacola, Fla.; A.I.E.E., A.O.C. PIMM. JOHN HOWARD Tampa. Fla.; Sigma Tau. I.A.S. PUTNEY, JAMES RAGAN Tampa. Fla.; Sigma Tau. RAMSEY. KENNETH M. Sanford. Fla.: Kappa Alpha Order. A,S.M.E.. Iziterhall Council. 113 engineering RAMSEY. ROY GILBERT Gainesville. Fla.: Village Government. A.S.M.E. READ. ROBERT JOSEPH Key West. Fla.: Gator Guard. Commander. A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. REINIS. GEORGE RAMON Orlando. Fla. RICE. HAROLD JAMES Gainesville. Fin.: A.I.E.E.- IR.E.. B.E.C. [HEFT. RALPH LLOYD Jacksonville. Flo.: Florida Engineer Staff. ROTHBERG. OWEN- Miami Beach. Fla.: A.S.C.E. SCARCELLA. FREDER- ICK R. --Lutz. Fla.: A.S.C.E.. A.O.C.: Cavaliers. SCHEIBLER. LANE BERARD- -Clearwater. Fla.: Flor- :da Engineer. L. SCHUTTA. RONALD WILLIAM Gainesville. Fla.: .S Secretary. A.S.C.E.: Benton Engineering Society: Eng. Assistant. Engineers Fair. Homecoming Ball. SCOTT. Incramurals. SCHWARTZ. ROBERT HARRY Flush- ing. N. Y.: Sec.-Treas.. Cavaliers. A.I.I.E.: Student RONALD DALE Gainesville. Fla.: B.E.E. SEAGLE. Kappa Phi annual award. 10. Fla. Eng. Society. Best Professional paper. EDGAR FRANKLIN. LineaInton. N. C.: A.S.C.E.. Pi k,:: SEALS. ROGER KYLE Tampa. Fla.: Sigma Tau. De Club. SHEARER. JOHN ALFRED Miami. Fla.: Delta Tau Delta fraternity. football. A.S.C.E.. Sigma Tau. I.R.E.. B.E.E. SIMS. JAMES ELDER S Spoils Manager. SINGLEY. WILLIAM HENRY St. Winter Park. Fla.: B.M.E.. AS.M.E. Vice Chairman. Petersburg. Fla.: B.E.E. SAS Gainesville. Fla.: B.Ch.E.. Sigma Tau. Phi Eta Sigma. A.I.Ch.E. See. SMITH. HOMER CLIFTON klerritt Island. Fla.: B.E.E.. A.I.E.E.. I.R.E. SLATER. ROBERT WILLIAM St. Petersburg. Fla.; B.E.E.. I.R.E. SLAUGHTER. THOMAS EDWARD doss 4 Ocala. Fla.: B.E.E. SMITH. DOUGLAS BRUCE Sail LEON Daytona Beach. Fla.: B.I.E.. A.I.I.E.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. SOUTHWELL. ROBERT LEE JR. Jacksonville. Fla.: B.E.E. SPONDER. RAY- MOND Miami Beach. Fla.: B.Ch.E. SMITH. JAMES HILORY Gainesville. Fla.: B.E.E.. I.R.E.. Benton Engineering Council. SMITH. ROBERT i STEPHENS. JAY ALAN Ft. Latideida.e. Ha.; Li M E A.S.M.E.. Sigma Nu fraternity. Intramural:4. STEW- e ART. ROBERT 0. Lake City. Fla.; B.M.E. STIF- FLER. ROBERT FRANCIS Gainesville. Fla.: B.E.E C I.R.E.. A.I.E.E. STRICKLAND. HARMS DONALD !M Winter Haven. Fla.: E.. I.R.E.. Sigma Tau. litIk A . STUDSTILL. HARRY F. Tampa. Fla.: B.E.E.. I.R.E L STURGEL CHARLES CHESTER JR. Gainesville Fla.; B.E.E.. A.I.E.E.. I.R.E. TAYLOR. THOMAS Di - WITT JR. Gainesville. Fla.. B.E.R. I.R.E. THOMP- SON. NORMAN EUGENE Miami. Elm: B.E.R. I.R F. % engineering THORMAN, BAXTER LEE Winter Park. Fla.; B.M.E. TROCKE. MICHAEL THEO St. Petersburg. Fla.: B.I.E.. Sigma Tau. Iota Sigma Pi. Delta Tau Delta fraternity. TUCKER. ALDEN MAYO Brooks- ville. Fla.; B.I.E.. A.I.I.E. UNGER. HERBERT E. Melbourne, Fla.; B.E.E.. A.I.E.E. VANDERFORD, LARRY EDWARD Pensacola. Fla.; BA.E., KKUpsilon Music fraternity. VAN DUYN. WILLIAM BAYLES Jacksonville. B.Ch.E. VER- SE:it, AUBREY E. Malvern. Ark.: ;S.A.E.. Pres.- LAS.. Pres.-IAA ' S. WALSH, CHARLES HENRY Panama City, Fla.; B.E.E.. I.R.E.. Eng. Fair. WATTS, ROLAND JAMES St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.M.E., A.S.M.E., Hall Council. WETZLAR, EDWARD CHARLES Miami, Fla.; Sigma Tau, Al.E.E., Gamma Delta, Chi Phi fraternity. WHITE, THOMAS CHESTER JR. St. Petersburg. Fla.; BA.E. WHIT- TAKER, DAVID STANTHNTON Winter Park. Fla.; Beta Theta Pi fraternity. WHYTE. THOMAL STUART Holly Hill. Fla.; B.E.E.. I.R.E. NVILEY, JAMES KENNETH Tampa. Fla.; B.E.E.. Delta Tau Delta fraternity. WILLIAMS. HOW- ARD FRED Madison. Fla.: B.E.E.. AI.E.E.-I.R.E. WILLIAMS. RICHARD BURTON Gainesville. Fla.; B.S.E., A.S.M.E. WILLIAMS. WALLACE DALE Miami Springs. Fla.; B.Ch.E., Benton Eng. Society. Pres.. Veep.-A.Chl3. at Ult. S.A.E.. A.I.C.E. WILLINGHAM. FRANK LEROY Washington. D.C.; S.A.E.. LAS.. Sigma Nu frater- nity. WING. JOHN HOWLAND Ocala. Fla.; B.Ch.E., Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau. Tau Beta Pi. Kappa Alpha Order. Benton Eng. Society. Men ' s Council, Pep Club. Eng. Fair Chr., Alpha Chi Sigma. WOLFER. HANS JOHN Lake Monroe. Fla.: B.C.E., Treas.-A.S.CX. YOUNG, JAMES NORMAN Gainesville. Fla.: B.E.E., ALE.), I.R.E.. Benton Eng. Council. YOUNG. LEON ROLAND JR. Gainesville. Fla.: B.M.E.. AS.M.E. Freshman track. Sigma Chi fraternity. Z.AFTERY. EFSTRATIOS DUKE Miami. Fla.: BX.E., Sigma Tau. Tau Beta Pi, A.R.S.-Vice-Pres. Eng. Fair. A.H.EP.A. Iota Pi Sigma. ZEM, STANLEY RICHARD MIAMI. Fla.; B.E.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, I.R.E. engineering ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPE THE LAROt.IIT Or ITS KIND, II I imit) IdI11n,i ' II is . I ItOT HOUSE IIAMMER Al:MS COMPLICATED" 117 school of journalism and communications STRESSING A BROAD BACKGROUND in liberal arts and sciences-history, political science, economics, literature, psychology, sociology, and physical sciences which are essential to journalism, broadcasting and allied profes- sions, the School of Journalism and Communications pro- duces men and women that make outstanding contribu- tions in their field. Featuring active work in the video taping of educa- tional television programs, the School has made broad strides in this field. The general plan of education in the School is arranged so that the student spends about three- fourths of his time on general background courses to gain as large as possible an informed acquaintance with the major areas of human knowledge. DIRECTOR RAE 0. WEIMER 418 journalism and communications ADE. WILLIAM EARL Jacksonville. Fla.: Administra- tive Assistant: Homecoming ' 80: Executive Council: Blue Key Speaker: Kappa Alpha Order; Assistant Ad- ministrative Coordinator Gator Growl: Orientation, Office Manager. BORN. JR.. JOHN EDWARD Pom- pano Beach. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho. National Student Vice President. BRIDGER. DONNA JUNE Jacksonville. Fla.: Sigma Kappa Sorority: Alpha Chi. BUCHALTER. BARRY DAVID St. Petersburg. Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi. Treasurer; Alligator Staff, Sports Editor; F-Book. CHANDIRAM. JAI KUMARI Delhi-Shandara. India: Kappa Tau Alpha, Zeta Phi Eta: Briaviliff College. N.Y. CRONIN. BARRY JAY Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Epsi- lon Rho: Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. DAVIS, RICH- ARD BRUCE Daytona Beach, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho: Sigma Delta Chi: Cabal ' Amateur Radio Club, President: Gator Guard. DONALDSON. MICHAEL C. St. Petersburg. Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma: Sigma Chi Fraternity. EBERT. JOHN T. Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma: Advanced Officers Club: Florida Union Social Board: Gator Growl Skit Committee: Men ' s Council. ELLIS. BRIAN CAMPBELL Tampa. Fla.: Chi Phi Fra- ternity: Alpha Delta S igma: Under Secretary Student Organizations: Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau; Orientation Leader: Florida Union Social Board: Seminole Staff. Assistant Business Manager. FLOWERS. JR.. GEORGE A. Jacksonville. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho: Sigma Delta Chi. FOGARTY. RICHARD HENRY Rochester. N.Y.: University of Syracuse. GEBHARDT. JAY RODERICK Miami. Fla.: Sports Car Club: Newman Club: Blue Key Speaker: Sigma Nu Fraternity: Alpha Delta Sigma; Pre Law Club: Orien- tation: Freshman Advisor: Intramurals. GUYER. NEL- SON a Ga Ines v le. Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma; Tau Epsilon Pi Fraternity. HERBERT. RICHARD LEO Mi- ami. Fla.: Kappa Tau Alpha: Alligator Staff, Managing Editor: Summer Alligator: Newman Club. Publicity Chairman: Sigma Delta Chi: Summer Steering Com- mittee: Freshman Forum; President ' s Retreat: Student Affairs Advisory Committee. HITT, FREDRIC MARTIN Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma. Vice President. HOWELL. JO ANNE Ocala. FIR. INOCCO. ALBERT P. Gainesville. Fla. KEEGAN. DENNIS FRANCIS Wil- mington. N.Y.: Florida Blue Key Speakers ' Bureau: Orientation Executive Council: I.F.C. Tribunal Justice: Seminole Staff. Editor: F-Book. Assistant Editor: Florida Fraternity Story. Editor; Cheerleader; Phi Gamma Delta. Recording Secretary. Corresponding Sec- retary. KELLEY. CECIL BRYAN Gainesville, Fla.: Gator Guard: Drill Team. KENNEDY. WALLACE W. South Flomaton. Fla.: Al- pha Tau Omega Fraternity: Phi Eta Sigma. Vice Presi- dent; Order of the Last Krewe: University Religious Association. President: Pre-Law Club. President; Pro- duction Coordinator of Gator Growl: Summer Religion in Life. Chairman. LAURENT. JUDITH RAE Sarasota. Fla.: Zeta Phi Eta: Theta Sigma Phi: Florida Blue Key Speaker: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Secretary; Swim Fins: Phi Delta Theta Cheerleader: Business Day Queen; Miss Fraternity Court: Orientation Staff: Alli- gator Staff: Homecoming Staff. LOVINGER. RAY FREDRIK Miami Beach. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Pi Fra- ternity: Football Team. Manager: Alligator Staff: ROTC. Public Relations Manager: Arnold Air Society: Military Ball. Publicity Coordinator. MAIN. DONALD JOHN Brooklyn. N. Y.: Chi Phi Fraternity; Blue Key Speaker; Florida Union Board; Orientation Leader: Alligator Staff. McRAE. HERBERT WESLEY DeLand. Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi: Sigma Chi Fraternity; Men ' s Glee Club: University News Bureau: Alligator Staff. Editor. MOR- RISON. RICHARD CHRIS Pompano Bench. Fla.: Tau Kappa Epsilon. NEE. WILLIAM PAUL Clearwater. Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi: Alligator Staff. PEACOCK. ROBERT GARY Quincy, Fla.: Kappa Al- pha Order: Rush Book Editor: Alumni Newspaper Editor: Homecoming Chairman. Publicity Chairman: Alpha Delta Sigma. Secretary: 1981 Seminole. Literary Editor: The Gator Greek. Editor: Alligator Staff. Col- umnist. Editorial Assistant: Orange Peel: F-Book: Homecoming Brochure. Assistant Editor: Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau. Publicity and Public Relations I LIS F. strikdick Li 4.. ..,...i. 4.,... Director: University Religious Association, Publicity Chairman: Students for Kennedy-Johnson, Publicity Chairman; Orien- tation Group Leader. POLICK. MEWIN EMMETT Tampa. Fla.: Florida Players. Vice President: Advanced Officers ' Club. POOR. ROBERT CLAIR Gainesville, Fla.: Orientation Group Leader. RICHIE DONALD CARL Starke. Fla.: Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Florida Alligator: Orientation Group Leader; Board of Student Publications, Lyceum Council. 419 journalism and communications n SAIER. CAROL ANN West Palm Beach. Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Corresponding Secretary: Orange Peel Stall: Florida Players. SMITH, FRED LESLIE Sanford, Fla.: Drum Major, Publicity Manager: Radio Center; Kappa Kappa Psi. SNOWDEN. ROBERT JACK- SON HOLLYWOOD. Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma: Ph: Delta Theta Fraternity. SNYDER. JEANNIE MARIE Cocoa Beach. Fla.: Alpha Delta P1 Sorority. Panhellenic Representative. Ruth Chairman. Vice President: Ap- prentice Players. Secretary. THRASHER. BRUCE B. Coconut Grove. Fla.: Sigma Chi Fraternity; Orange Peel. Managing Editor; Sigma Delta Chi. TILLACK. JOHN DAVID Tampa. Fla. VICKERS. JR.. FRANKLIN ANDERSON Madison. Fla.: Alpha Delta Sigma: Arnold Air Society: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Rush Chairman: Orientation Group Leader. WATROUS. WILLIA. THEODORE- Sarasota, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho; Sigma Delta Chi. Secretary. WILDES, SHELTON KING Tampa. Fla. WIGGINS. DONALD U. Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Rho: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. YEAGLER. ELEANOR M. Jacksonville. Fla.: Theta Sigma Phi, President: Gamma Alpha Chi: Alligator Staff, Office Manager: Homecom- ing Sweetheart Publicity. Young Democrats Club: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. TEACHINO BY TV VtOF. T TELECAST OF OATOR OROWL 421 STENVIEW SHOW college of law DEAN FRANK MALONEY FOUNDED IN 1909, the College of Law began its work in the Thomas Hall Dormitory for men. The Law Building, erected in 1914, was one of the first permanent units on the campus. The College of Law was opened to women in 1925, and in 1933 the requirements for admission were increased to require an academic degree. The aim of the College is to impart a thorough, scientific and practical knowledge of law. It aims to develop keen, efficient law- yers, conversant with the ideals and traditions of the profession. Its policy is characterized by the emphasis of practice as well as theory; pleading as well as historical perspective; skill in drafting as well as in giving legal information. law ALDERMAN. JAMES ELLIOTT Ft. Pierce. Fla.: Flor- ida Blue Key: Pres.. Sec. and Treas. of Sigma Phi Epsi- lon Fraternity; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. Treas.: Honor Court Justice: Traffic Court Justice: Ly- ceum Council. Sec.: Executive Council: Chairman Budget and Finance Comm.: Florida Blue Key Speaker ' s Bureau: Orientation Leader: Homecoming Comm.: JMBA. BRENNAN. JOHN THOMAS Ft. Pierce. Fla.: JMBA. BURWELL. WILLIAM R. Gainesville. Fla.: PAP: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Lyceum Council: Under Sec. of Insurance. DUNLAP. WILLIAM GRAY Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Delta Theta Phi. EAGAN. WILLIAM L. Tampa. Fla.: Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity: JMBA: Executive Editor of Fla. Law Review. GRAY. JR., HENRY LATHAM Gainesville. Fla.: Pi Sigma Alpha: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity: Delta Theta Phi: Fla. Law Review: JMBA. JOHNSTON. WIL- LIAM FRANK Coral Gables. Fla.: Phi Alpha Delta. LIPOFF. NORMAN HAROLD West Palm Beach. Fla.: Phi Kappa Phi: Beta Alpha Psi: Pres., Vice Pres. and Treat of Florida Blue Key; Hall of Fame: Sec. of Fi- nance and member to Pres. of Student Body Cabinet: Pres. Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity: Associate Editor Fla. Law Review. McCALL. RONALD DEAN Plant City, Fla.: Phi Alpha Delta: Pt Sigma Alpha: Florida Blue Key: Hall of Fame: Student Body Vice-Pres.: Honor Court Justice: Execu- tive Council: Traffic Court: Fla. Law Review: Orienta- tion Staff. MEYERS. IRVIN ALLEN Gainesville. Fla. MOUNTAIN. RONALD H. Brooksville. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha: JMBA: Delta Theta Phi: Sigma Mu Al- pha. MOYLE, JON CAMERON West Palm Beach. Fla.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity; Gator Growl: Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity: Executive editor Fla. Law Review: Chairman Homecoming: Dollar for Scholar member. RITTER. ROYAL JACOB Gainesville. Fla.: ROYCE. RAYMOND WATSON Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity: Phi Delta Phi: John Marshall Bar Association; Technical Director 1959 Homecoming; As- sociate Editor. Executive Editor of U. of Fla. Law Re- view. RUMBERGER. EDWIN THOM Gainesville. Fla.: Phi Alpha Theta: Delta Theta Phi: Pres. Delta Theta Phi: Tribune Delta Theta Pi: Phi Kappa Alpha: Political Rep. Pi Kappa Alpha: JMBA. executive commission. 2 semester: Board of Editors: U. of Fla. Law Review. Director. Promotion and Publicity Homecoming 1960. SIMMONS, HENRY H.--Gainesville, Fla.: Delta Theta Phi legal frater- nity: John Marshall Bar Association; Cooperative Living Organization; Resident Assistant Hume Hall. STARLING. JOHN M. Gainesville, Fla.: LLB SWIGERT. WILLIAM THERON Gainesville. Fla " LL B Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity. THURLOW. THOMAS H.. JR. Gainesville. Fla.: Pi Kappa Alpha frater- nity: John Marshall Bar Association; Delta Theta Phi. NIGHT LIGHTS AT THE LAW SCHOOL a MI Si I. mb. 4 PI r ie is " nit: 11FAI 1 ' 1 college of medicine DRAM THOMAS MARVELL EDUCATION in the scientilfic aspects of medicine is the aim of the College of Medicine. The establishment of the Col- lege offers unusual opportunity for many of the varied resources of the University to be applied not only to the training of physicians, but of basic scientists as well. The practice of medicine is an art which applies scientific tools and methods to the study of the individual patient. The student must have personal qualities of a high order character, integrity, intellectual honesty, responsibility, maturity, initiative and aptitude. A well-rounded liberal education is an essential background for the study of med- icine. Knowledge of social and behavioral factors as well as technical training in professional skills is necessary. The practice of medicine requires a never-ending process of self-education. 424 medicine ADAIR. JOHN CHALMERS Gainesville, Fla. AL- FORD. DON Gainesville, Fla. BORDIN, ROBERT Gainesville. Fla. CAMPBELL, THOMAS GaInesville, Fla. CROSS. H. I. Gainesville, Fla. DICKHAUS, ALFRED JOSEPH Gainesville. Fla.; Pi Mu. Sophomore Class Pres. FELLNER. DONALD WEISER Gainesville. Fla. FERGUSON. K. Gainesville. Fla. FISCHER. FRANK JOHN Babson Park. Fla.: B.S. Univ. of Notre Dame 1957. Pres. of Med. School Senior Class. GALINDO. ANN Gainesville. Fla. GALINDO, OSILIO Gainesville. Fla. HALLETT ROBERT Gainesville. Fla. HERRON. CHARLES SHERRETT. JR. St. Peters- burg. Fla.: B.S. Fla. State Univ.. 1957. Alpha Epsilon Delta. HORNE. HOYT Lake City. Fla. HOUSE. EDWIN KEENAN Gainesville. Fla. JACOBSON. S. Gainesville. Fla. KLEIT, STUART ALLEN West Englewood. N. J.: D.D.S. Univ. of Penn.. Phi Sigma Kappa Williams College. Alpha Omega. McCLANE. T. Gainesville. Fin. McMURDY. THOMAS Gainesville. Fla. McGLAM- ORY, JAMES C Gainesville. Fla.: B.S. Stetson Univ.. 1957. Vice-Pres. Jr. Med Class, SAMA Rep. MASON. JOHN Gainesville, Fla. PATTERSON. MATHEW Gainesville. Fla. PERRINE. G. A Miami. Fla. PICKERING. MIKE Gainesville. AOA So- ciety. P1 Kappa Alpha. SALMON. DAVID Gainesville. Fla. SANCHEZ. JOE Gainesville, Fla. SAVIN. RONALD Gainesville, SAPP. EDGAR W. Plant City. Fla.; Sec. of AED. SHIRES. DANA Gainesville. Fla. SORSDAHL. OLI- VER Gainesville. Fla. STUBING. N. New Rochelle. N. Y. TRYGSTAD, Carl Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Omega. 425 medicine VALIXE. GERALD WELCH. RICHARD B. Moentile. Plc Gainesville. Fla.: A.U. Univ. of South. CHECKING OXYGEN INTAKE AN OPERATION EXPERIMENTATION WITH RADIOACTIVE FUNGUS 426 427 PREPARATION FOR SURGERY ANALYZING BLOOD TEACHER. STUDENTS. AND PATIENTS 4. HILLIS MILLER WAITING AREA college of nursing THE ESTABLISHMENT of the School of Nursing in the J. Hillis Miller Health Center provides a unique oppor- tunity for providing collegiate and professional training for nurses in a university setting. The curriculum pre- pares students to enter the nursing profession as practi- tioners of nursing able to perform the technical and im- personal skills involved in the nursing care of patients and families; to work with nursing team members to plan and achieve optimum nursing care of patients and fami- lies; and to work with allied professional groups to insure the best over-all health care of patients and families. The clinical and professional part of the nursing program is taught in the Teaching Hospital of the J. Hillis Miller Health Center. 428 nursing BOYER, GAYLE GILES Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. BROWN. JUDITH SCHORR- Gainesville, Fla.: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Orientation Leader; S.N.A.; Orange Peel staff. CHALMERS. MARY LYNN Indian River City, Ma.: University Orchestra; Choral Union; S.N.A. CHANCY. DONNA YAWN Gainesville, Ma.: S.NA.: Women ' s Glee Club: Vice Pres- ident ' 80 Business Manager ' 81. DOTTOR, CAROLE MARIE Lake Worth, Fla.: NA., Secretary; P.S.N.A., State Corresponding Secretary; Broward Hall Council. EVANS. AMY I. JENNINGS- Gainesville. Ma.: Kappa Delta Sorority. HOOTEN, BEVERLY ELIZABETH Lake Wales. Fla.: Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Vice President: Executive Council; Ori- entation Group Leader; Religion and Life Week; Uni- versity Choir: S.N.A. KREGE. NANCY KAY St. Petersburg. Fla.: Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Rec. Chair- man; Blue Key Speaker, Orientation Leader, Fla. Hostess Committee; P.NA.: S.R.A. MANSOLO, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH Gainesville. Fla.: S.N.A.: Women ' s Glee Club. Vice President 131: Phi Mu Sorority. McALLISTER, NANCY LYNNE Lakeland. Fla.: N.A.. Recording Secretary ' 80: Swim Fins. Act- ing Treasurer ' 58. McKAY. JOANN WHITE Gaines- ville, Fla. MENRZER, SUZANNE HURETT Lakeland. Ma.: Student Nurses, Treasurer. MEREDITH. GINGER Atlanta, Ga.: S.N.A.: Choral Union; Chi Omega Sorority. NORMAN. MARILYN JOYCE Starke. Fla.: S.NA., President 131: Judiciary Council ' 81; Alpha Chi Omega; Political Representative; Executive Council. OSTERUD. KAREN HELEN Spring Valley. Minn.: S.N.A.; S.R.A. PEREZ. PEGGY JOANN Tampa. Ma.: S.NA.; Newman Club. REYNALDS. SALLY Clearwater, Fla.: Broward Hall Council. Social Chairman. President: Interhall Council. ROCKWOOD. UNDA Kerbewood. Mo. SWOPE. GLO- RIA 0. St. Petersburg. Ma.: S.N.A.: Florida Union Board: Alpha Delta Pt Sorority. WOOD. HOLLACE KAY West Palm Beach. Ma.: Sigma Kappa Sorority. college of pharmacy ALSO A UNIT of the J. Hillis Miller Health Center is the University ' s College of Pharmacy. The College is accred- ited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Educa- tion and therefore received recognition for its courses from all state boards requiring graduation. The curricu- lum is designed to provide a systematic course of instruc- tion in those subjects which are essential for the success- ful practice of pharmacy in drug stores and hospital pharmacies. Housed in Leigh Hall. its equipment includes pharma- ceutical machinery for manufacturing medicinal products on a pilot-plant scale and modern facilities for under- graduate and graduate work in pharmacy, pharmaceuti- cal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmacognosy. The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is awarded upon completion of the curriculum. pharmacy i JO I BECK, EDWARD LOUIS. JR. Palmetto. Fla.: Sec.. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity. BOWEN. Ju- 1 DITH ANNE. Auburndale. Fla.: Kappa Epsilon: Mortar and Pestle. DANIEL. THOMAS RAY Ocala. Fla.: Mortar and Pestle, Treas.: Kappa Psi, Vice Regent. PERTIC. LEON H. Kissimmee. Fla.; Pharmacy. FREILE, ROBERT M. Eau (Mille, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle Club; Kappa Psi: Rho Pi Phi. GALT. WILLIAM WESTON Leesburg. Fla.: Mortar and Pestle Club; Glee Club. BA Pharmacy. GOLDEN. RAY WILLIAM Gainesville. Fla. GREEN. DOLORES PADOVAN- Gainesville, Fla.: Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Sorority, Sec.: Mortar and Pestle club: Student Branch APHA; Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority: Lyceum Council Asso- ciate: Major Pharmacy: Public Relations. HENRY. JARRELL MYRLE Plant City. Fla.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemical Fraternity. Food Fair Scholar- ship, Hillsborough Co. Auxiliary Scholarship; Kappa Psi, Pres.: Executive Council; Honor Court: Georgia Seagle Hall: Orientation Co-ordinator; Mortar and Pes- tle Club. KOHN. LEONARD WALTER Gainesville. Fla.: Rho Pi Phi; Mortar and Pestle Club. LEE. CURTIS WOODROW Jacksonville, Fla.: Mortar and Pestle Club: Rho Pi Phi. LEVITT. ROBERT ALAN Miami. Fla.: Rho Pi Phi: Mortar and Pestle Club. LYON. ROBERT GLENN Dunedin. Fla.: Mortar and Pestle Club. MARKS. HAROLD Fla.: Beta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity: Rho PI Phi Pharmaceutical Fraternity; Mortar and Pestle Club; Hine ' Organization. MASSARO. ANDREW L. Tampa. Fla.: Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity. McCANN, THOMAS LEROY Gainesville. Fla.: Mortar and Pestle Club. MEYER. JERRY PAT New Smyrna Beach, Fla.: Phi Kappa Thu Fraternity: Inter-fraternity council: Mortar and Pestle Club. MOODY. CLIFTON GARY Gaines- ville. Fla.: Treas.. Rho PI Phi: Mortar and Pestle Club. OAKES. DONALD H. Gainesville. Fla.; Mortar and Pestle Club. POSEY. BARBARA JANE St. Petersburg, Fla.: Kappa Epsilon; Mortar and Pestle Club: Swim Fins. POWNER. GEORGE EDWARD West Palm Beach. Fla.: Alpha Phi Omega: Kappa Psi: Mortar and Pestle Club. PROTOS. GEORGE DENNIS Tarpon Springs. Fla.: Kappa Psi. PSARAS, GEORGE PETER Tarpon Springs, Fla. SAPP. JERRY CECIL, JR. Clearwater, Fla.: Kappa Psi. SMITH, WILLIAM LUNSFORD Tampa. Fla.: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. TATUM. ELIZABETH ANN- Lawtey, Fla.: Phi Mu Sorority; Sec. Kappa Epsilon; Mortar and Pestle Club; Orientation Leader. WADE, ROBERT WILLIAM Tampa, Fla.: Delta Epsilon, Phi Delta Chi. 431 tom college of physical education and health DEAN D. X. STANLEY 432 THE COLLEGE of Physical Education and Health offers pro- grams of instruction and services under five departments, namely, Health Service, Intramural Athletics and Recre- ation, Required Physical Education for Men, Required Physical Education for Women, and the Professional Cur- riculum. The Department of the Professional Curriculum offers programs of study in the areas of Physical Educa- tion, Health Education, Recreation, and Physical Therapy. Each curriculum is designed to prepare students for pro- fessional positions. Courses basic to each of the several curricula are offered in the University College and are required for admission to full standing in the College of Physical Education and Health. Programs of study are also offered by this department leading to the degree of Master of Physical Education and Health. ,, " physical education and health ASH. DWIGHT AVERY. Jli. Game Fla Pres. U. of Fla. Bar Bell Club; J. Hillis Miller Scholarship recipient 1960: P.T.O.T. Club. BEASLEY. JUDITH GAYLE Gainesville. Fla.: Alpha Chi Omega. Vice Pres.: Intramural Chairman, Olympian Club-Sec.: Ga- tor Ski Club: Descart Club: Intramural Board. BENSON. MARJORIE ELIZABETH Pittsburgh. Pa.: Ski Club. Olympian Club: Intramural Official. BERRY. SANDRA JEANNE Hollywood, Fla.: Hall Council: Intramurals. BONTIER. PATRICIA RUTH Sarasota. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority: Olympian Club, Girdles ' s: Florida Student Association for Physical Education, Health and Athletics. BROWNE. DIANA BARBARA Dania, Fla. CLARK. MARTHA ANN Kirkwood. Mis- souri. CLANTICE. JANET T. St. Petersburg. Fla.: Physical Therapy: Phi Mu Sorority: Occupational Ther- apy-Physical Therapy Club. COGAN. ANN BARBARA Miami Beach. Fla.: Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority: Pledgemother: Occupational Ther- apy and Physical Therapy Club. Sec.: Dormitory Hall Council. Vice-President: Hillel, Bunch DECHMAN, MICHAEL MORGAN Melrose. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Southwest Missouri Jr. College. Varsity College. EICHINGER. MARJORIE ELAINE, Tallahassee, Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi. treas.; Occu- pational and Physical Therapy Club: Student Senate, Hall Council: Alpha Gamma Sigma. PANT. JANICE- Gulf port. Miss.: Delta Gamma. FOROUSON, RONALD ERCEL Orlando. Fla.: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity; Track team: Cross-country team. OLOSKOWSKI, EDWARD PETER Delray, Fla.: Olympian Club; Freshman Football. GODSEY, JERRY MARTIN Tampa. Fla.: Intramural Manager at Georgia Seagle Hall and Most Athletic at Georgia Seagle Hall. GOLDSMITH. CLAIRE J. Cedarhurst. New York: ' fleas.. Delta Phi Epsilon; Associate Lyceum Council: Coedikette: Gainesville Women ' s Board of Secretary and Olympian Club. GRIFFIN. CAROLYN VIRGINIA Jacksonville Beach, Fla.: College of Health Related Service; University Choir; Wesley Foundation: Intramurals: Chemistry Honorary Chairman: University Orchestra: Physical Therapy Association. HALL. ELSA COSTELLO Miami. Fla.: Alpha Omicron Pi. Hou.semanager; Sec. Tau Beta Sigma; Gator Band and Orchestra: Symphonic Band: Orchesis: Student Association for Health. Physical Edu- cation and Recreation: Olympian Club. HAMPTON, GEORGE HOWARD Homasassa. Fla.: HARRISON. JEAN ELIZABETH Tampa. Fla.: Mortar Board. Pres.: Panhellenic. Vice Pres. and Pres. Medical Technology Sorority and Chi Omega. Pres. and Vice Pres. HOLDER. WILLIAM RALPH. JR. Gainesville. Fla.: Vice Pres. Olympian Club. Mayor Flavet I. Editor Flavet I Paper: Intramurals: Mayor Council HOLTON. POMMY KENNETH Gainesville. Fla. JANKUNIS. VIR- GINIA ANN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: Pres. Women Off Campus: Leg. Council Rep.: WSA Rep.: Interhall Coun- cil: Undersecretary School Tradition; Homecoming At- ministration Assistant Clerical Division: Co-chairman Summer Frolics ' Queen Contest: Sec. CUI: KOBBERUP. ANDREA JAYNE Windermere. Fla.: Floor Rep, House Council: Gator Ski Club: Sec. of Gator Ski Club. LORD. PETER JEROME Gainesville. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity: Physical Therapy Club. Pres. U. of Fla. Sports Car Club: U. of Fla. Barbell Club: Newman. Club. McCALL. HELEN DORIS Washington. D.C.: Broward Hall Council. President: Intramural Board ' Olympian Club: Modern Dance Club. McRAE. JR.. WIL- LIAM EARL Marianna. Fla.: Phi Delta Theta Frater- nity: Football Team: Advanced Officers ' Club. MER- RILL. HENTY MONTGOMERY Panama City. Fla.: Theta Chi Fraternity. Vice President: Honor Court: Traffic Court: Skit Chairman Gator Growl: IFC: Co- Chairman Homecoming Parade: Intramural Board. Track: Olympian Club. President: Florida Blue Kw: Speaker. MITCHELL. JAMES STANLEY Ft. Lauderdale. Pb Pi Karma Phi Fraternity: IFC: Track. O ' STEEN. DOR- OTHEA JEAN Palmetto. Fla.. RAIFORD. JOHN FRANK North Miami. Fla.: Honor Court; Tutor So- ciety: Olympian Club: Flavet Village Government: In- tramurals. SIMPSON. PAULA LEE Tampa, Fla.: Alpha Omicron PI. Treasurer. Executive Council President. physical education and health STIPP, MARY DONNA Sarasota. Fla.: Physical Therapy Club. STOUT. RUTH ELIZABETH Silver Spring, Md.: Ski Club: Choral Union. Olympian Club. Intramural Official. SVEHKING. ROBERT J. Oalnes- villa. Fla.: Football: Track: " r Club. sea of , ISE. STADIUM VOLLEY BALL FOOTBALL HEADQUARTERS 434 435 1 epilogue In writing these last few words before closing the book, there are mixed emotions ... thanks to Roger for his efforts, ideas, the possibility for such a book as this; ... and more thanks and gratitude to so many others ... Larry, Bob, Cary, Ruth, Barbara, Sam especially, and the Board of Publications, who saw this book through all dilemmas and problems to its concluson here ... deep appreciation to Doris Leeper of Southern Photo Inc. for Engraving, Mr. Cawthon of Robinson ' s for the color, and The Rose Printing Company. Published by the students and for them, the 1961 Seminole begins a new decade with new ideas and pages, but continues an old and faithful tradition of cherishing memories for all. Ronnie tier faculty index Adams, Frank T. 19 Ames, Burton 25 Bannister. Turplzi C. 138. 330 Beard, Percy 24 Beaty. Robert C. 90 Boehme, Chief Bill 124 Bowles. Richard W. 197 Brady. Mania V. 19. 89 Browne. Eleanor 179 Bryant. Gov. Farris 14 Collins. Gov. LeRoy 130 Cross. William G. 20 Crone. Coach 248 Cunningham. Hugh 179 Davis. Julian M. 26 Donaldson, Coach 231 Ellenson Gene 213. 231 Elmore. William 25 Fleming. Bill 26 Gay, Jimmy 24 Glicksberg, Mandell 179 Graves. Coach Ray 24. 94. 106 214. 216. 217. 221. 222. 231 Green, Jack 214, 216. 231 Greene. Calvin C., Jr 25 Canter, L. E. 23 Hale, Lester L. 19. 110 Harland, Coach 248 Hart. Donald J. 398 Hiatt, Leland M. 26 Holland. Spaniard 130 Johnson. R. S. Jones. Ellis 25 Jones. John Paul 124 Kaufman, C. M. 23 KeLster. Elwood J. 199 Lankford. Sam 233 Little, Winston W. 22 Mase, Darrel J. 23 Mauls, Robert B. 23 McClelland. Hayes K. 20 Page, R. E. 386 Meld. Willard M. 22 Poor. Russel S. 22 Reitz, Dr. J. Wayne 16. 17. 190 Reitz. Dr. J. 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James Martin 333 Beelar. Barbara Ann 269 Booma. Sylvia Stevens 275. 387 Brown. Jean Blanche 195. 291 Bogue. Glenn Charles 311 Boosmger. Jay Bernard 301. 377 Brown. Judith N. Schorr 271. 429 Behrns. Don Paul 305 Booth. Mary Louise 285. 176 Brown. Mary Winton 195. 291 Beindort. Margaret Ann 291 Booth. Ray Sturgis 331. 409 Brown. Patricia Gaye 291 Bell. Douglas Randolph 317 Borck. Jim Springer 333 Brown. Sid Keith. Jr. 309 Bell. James Tillman 171 Boring. James Lawrence 317 Brown. Thomas Richardson 333. 403 Belling. Robert Paul 321 Bork. Allan Samuel 337 Brown. William Randolph. III 329 Benbow. Sally Anne 403 Born. Ellen Kathleen 269. 403 Browne. Diana Barbara 433 Benecke. Walter Herman 387 Born. John Edward. Jr. 299. 419 Browne. Gordon B.. Jr. 321 Bennett. Jean Ann 277 Bosun. Edward Hecht 337. 387 Browning. Jam Ann 279 Bennett. Judith Carol 387 Bostick. Jamie Sue 2 81 Bruno. Frank Edward 323 Bennett. Maureen A. 291 Botts. Kathleen Mountz. 185 Bryant. Sandra Jo 279 Bennion. Judith Ann 269 Boudet. James Lee 377 Bubrick. Lorraine M. 269 Benson. Marilyn Elizabeth 269 Bowden. Marguerite V. 387 Buchalter. Barry David 174. 175. 337. 419 Benson. Marjorie Elizabeth 433 Bowen. Judith Anne 431 Buchanan. Larry Earl 307 Bente. Kevin 321 Bowen. Peggy Carvell 381 Duchy. Charles Joseph. Jr. 409 Breger. Paul Edward 299 Bowers. Stuart Lathrop 305 Buckley. John Reed 338 Berk. Bonnie Phyllis 273. 272 Bowman. Robert Travis 409 Buhl. Richard Fuller 311 Berlin. Jerome C. 325 Bowman. Willard N.. Jr. 381 Barbara 387 Berlinglioll. Florence 283 Boyce. Dana Clay 381 Brost. Harold George 377 Berman. Elliott Myron 299 Boyd. Jack Hansel. Jr. 301 Bull. Clive Alfred 410 Berman. Joseph Michael 317. 387 Boyd. Peggy Alyce 271 Buller. Carol Lavelle 287 Bernard. Richard Paul 325. 397 Boyden. William Lester 321 Burch. Joann Helen 271. 387 Bernard. Susan Ronnie 283 Boyer. Gayle Giles 291. 429 Bureau. Alton Joseph. Jr. 315 Bernstein. Judith H. 273 Boyer. John Howard. Jr. 311. 381 Burgess. Charles Robert 311 Bernstein. Leonard S. 340 Bracy. Lewis Wesley 409 Burgess. Robert Myers 313 Bernstein. Linda Susan 273 Braddock. Donald L. 303 Burgoyne. Josephine S. 279 Bernstein. Matthew A. 325 Braddy. Edward Lamar. Jr. 315 Burke. Claude Stanton 311 Berry. Miriam 282 Bradfield. Mark M. 331 Burke. John Owen 403 Berry. Sandra Jeanne 433 Bradley. Lowell Loman 323 Burnam. Edward Harlon. Jr. 307 Berson. John Leslie 340 Brady. George Bernard 377 Burnett. Philip Lee 315 Bertlshofer. LOX George 397 Brady. Sandra Joyce 289 Bur nham. Sandra Jane 80. 297. 308 Besalski. Carolyn E. 279. 403 Bramble. Peggy Mae 287 Burton. Charlotte T. 275. 387 Bethea. Sandra Jean 275. 403 Brandon. Rebecca Perry 281 Burton. Gary Wayne 335 Bettes. Jerry Lamar 303 Brant. Martha Jo 291 Burton. Walter C. 307 Bevis. Janet Yvonne 285. 403 Branning. William Wesley 409 Burwell. William Russell 333.423 Bevis. Jean Harwell 387 Brantley. Richard A. 321. 409 Bush. Doyle Eugene 381 Bevis. Thomas Eugene 315 Braswell. Clarence N. 409 Butler. Boyna Lee 1. 61. 171. 215. 279 Bice. Judy Catherine 279 Braun. Marlene Louise 273 Butler. Charles Edward 305 Bickerstaff, John F. 305. 387 Brawley, Alice Lovill 287. 403 Butler. James Roland 307 index Butler. James Thomas 309 Cherry. Frances D. 277 Cortina, Betty Carmen 285 Butler. Richard Lee 311 Cherry. Sidney King 329 Costa. Jose Antonio 377 Buzard, Eugene Ralph 341 Chillura. Anthony B. 397 Costello. Virginia M. 289 Buzzell, Robert Lewis 341 Choppa. Eugene D.. Jr. 303. 381 Costopoulos, James Evans 323. 381 Choppa. Helena Joyce 381 Cout. Robert Michael 299 Cabana. William Armand 381 Christian. Raymond. Jr. 410 Coulter, Charles Burrell 403 Cabassa, Jacobo L.. III Christoff. John Paul 381 Coulter. George S., Jr. 303 Cabler. John Fewell 315. 377 Chupp. Charles Oliver 315 Coumeya. Terrance T. 377 Cadby. Ronald Bruce 410 Cie1p John Robert 410 Court. James Marlon 381 Caddy. Kathleen Ann 185. 275. 403 Cifers. Elsie Elizabeth 277 Covert, Pauline Elsie 291 Cain. James McRae 313 Clufia, Cono Vincent 303 Cowart, Joel David 303 Cala, Jorge 377 Clancy. Patricia Mae 277, 387 Cowie. Robert George 377 Calhoun. James Frank 301 Clark. Allan Paul 311 Cox. David Hugh 333 Califano. Gerard A. 325. 381 Clark, Frank. Jr. 315 Cox, David Walter 305 Callahan, Kirkwood M. 297, 315 Clark. John Perry 315 Cox. Glenn Radford 327 Callaway. Bettina S 271 Clark. Martha Ann 433 Cox, Glenn Spencer 327 Calloway, Cella Anne 285 Clark, Thomas Alan 310 Cox. John Arthur 303 Camp. Sally Genevieve 279 Clark. Thomas C.. Jr. 311 Cox. Nancy Elizabeth 269 Campbell. Alan B., Jr. 311 Clark. William Rourk. Jr. 307 Cox, Pearson Edward 410 Campbell. Elizabeth Page 285, 403 Clark. William Smith. Jr. 305 Cox. William Edward 305 Campora, Mario 377 Clary, Vincent M. 311 Craig, John Munro 410 Canning. Gordon John, Jr. 410 Clautice. Janet T. 439 Craig. Judith Ann 279 Canter. Larry Herbert 337, 410 Clay. Henry L.. III 323 Craig. Paula Lynne 271 Canterbury. Clovis M. 403 Clayboume, Thomas Joseph 305 Crames. Sandra Rose 283 Canto, Rudolph. Jr. 327 Cleare, Henry Oliver 333, 410 Crawford. Felix A. 410 Caraballo. Virginia S. 289 Clein, Stephen Randall 337 Crawford. James Aubrey 335 Carden. James David 307 Clements. Jenny Anne 275 Crawford. Sanford D. 377 Carey. Ralph Edward 403 Clemons. Suzanne 291 Crawford, Thomas John 331 Carlson, Arthur William. Jr. 410 CUB. Anna Gene 279 Crespo. Marie Elena 285 Carlton. Daniel A. 905 Clifton. Archie Donald 381 Crevasse. Gary A. 377 Carlton. Janet Ruth 275 Cline, Gibbons 331 Crews. Michael Wallace 305 Carlton. Sheila Hoyt 291 Coachman. Martha W. 287, 387 Crlckenberger. William H. 305, 388 Carlton. Thomas Newton . 397 Cobb. Charles David 388 Crockett. David Charles 311 Carpenter. Adrian Ross 327 Cobb. Elisabeth H. 988 Croft, Thomas Stone 388 Carpenter. Ralph R., Jr. 317, 403 Got, Neal Alden 331 Cromer, Mary Ann 388 Carr. Sara Ann Creech 403 Cogan. Ann Barbara 283, 433 Cronin. Barry J. 299. 419 Carreno, Cynthia C. 269 Cogburn. Sandra 285 Crook. Norman J. 303 Carroll, Edward W., III 319 Cohen, Alvin Gilbert 337 Croom, Robert Gerald 339 Carroll. Paul Gates 305 Cohen, Murray Elliott 299 Crosby. Lula Bertha 388 Carroll. William Martien 331 Cohen. Rachel Shirley 283 Cross. Charles Emory 315 Carta, Diane Angela 291 Cohen. William Malcolm 325 Cross. Sylvia Louise 271 Carter, James Michael 333 Cole, John Paul 311 Crouch. Mary Prances 291, 403 Carter, John Michael 309 Cole, Patricia Kay 403 Crow. Dennis Scott 311 Carter. Marvin Egerton 410 Coleman. Gary Bird 311 Crowder. Mary Wood 287 Carter. Sandra P. 287 Coleman. Judith Ann 281 Crowell. Robert William 397 Caruso. Joe Teague 332 Coleman. Thomas O., Jr. 410 Crown, William Elmer. III 931 Case, John Nell. Jr. 301. 339 Colin. Michael Arthur 337, 388 Crowther. Kay Linda 285 Cash, William Karl 226 Collins, Robert Allen 337 Crowther. Robert Elton 334 Cates, Mary Jo 277 Collins. Robert E., Jr 338 Croxton, Ernest Allen 377 Cates. Robert Paul 311 CoIllson. Helen F 277, 381 Crump. Beverly Jean 279 Causey. James Wallace. Jr 331 Comitos, Anthony S. 313 Culver, Walter Lewis 321 Cebeck. Kenneth S. 307 Conklin. Eugene Gary 309 Curran. Carol C. 271 Cecil. Robert Joseph 322 Connor. Alice Frances 289 Curry, Mary H. 403 Cehon. Richard Palmer 410 Connor. Earl William 313 Cutshall. Elizabeth Dell 388 Cellon. Kenneth Lamar 397 Connors. Tracy Daniel 388 Chaffee. Marilyn 285 Conroy, Carol F. 271 Damn, Jeremy George 299 Chalhub, Leon, Jr. 305 Conway. Donald James 381 Dale. Karen Joy 159 Chalmers. Mary Lynn 13 429 Conway. Lacy Fredrick 397 Dallasanta. Natale, Jr. 410 Chalmers. Robert 397 Coogler, Monroe A.. Jr. 1, 171 Dalton. Sylvia Frances 388 Chambers. Mary Lee 285 Cook. Edward Murray 333 Damato, Jack Joseph. Jr. 329 Chance. Chester Burt 341 Cook, Jay Michael 307 Damich. Joan Katherine 403 Chancy. Donna G. Yawn 429 Cook. Noble David 333 Dandero. Steve 331 Chandiram, Jai Kumarl 419 Cooper. Lawrence 8. 340 Daniel, Thomas Ray 431 Chapman. Arthur B. 319 Cooper, Robert Kel ly, Jr. 327 Darling. Wilfred A. 341 Chapman. Charles Carson 309 Cooper, Sarah Jane 281 Dart. Carolyn Anne 285 Chapman. Joseph P., M 329 Cooper. Vandielou 195 Dasher, Carolyn Jane 287 Charland. David Oscar 323. 410 Cope. Richard Weldon 303 Daugherty, James D., IV 311 Charnes, Ruth Elizabeth 171,283 Copeland. Florence R. 285 David, George Anthony 333 Chase. Michael Peter 299 Copeland. Maurice L. 410 David. James Bernard. Jr. 333 Chs.sin. Milton 340 Copleston, Arthur 8., Jr. 397 Davis. Brian Francis 388 Chastain, Charlie W. 377 Copperman, Jack 299. 388 Davis. Gary Benson 325 Cheatham. Ben H.. Jr. 387 Corbett, David Combs 305 Davis, Herbert T., III 309 Chepenik, Alan Barnett 337 Corbin. Louis Clayton 388 Davis. Irma Josephine 287 CherrIck, Henry Morton 337 Cornett. Donald Edwin 388 Davis. James Neal 331, 403 13 Si index Davis, John Jerome 327 Draper. Anne Crawford 271 Evans, Donald Collins . 397 Davis. Linda Ann 289 Dreggors. James 419. 381 Evans, Thomas Edward. Jr. 321 Davis, Linda Lee 281 Drue. Susan Myra 273 Everett, Ernest James . 339 Davis. Martha Louise 403 Duckworth, Judith E. . 271 Everitt. Thomas Wesley . 317 Davis, Richard Bruce 419 Duda, Ferdinand S. 377 Evernden. James Lee .. 305 Davis. Robert Wyche, III 327, 381 Duda, Luther Joseph 377 Dawson, Charles P. 305 Dudinsky. Thomas Anthony 335 Faille, Richard Conrad 331 Dawson. Cree Stelling 410 Dukes. James Edward, Jr. 335, 404 Fairs ' ' , John Lawrence 311 Day, John Irving Edgar 388 Duncan, Finley James 309 Faircloth, John Judson 309. 39 ' 7 Dayton. Edwin Paul 397 Dundee. Hugh McKinney 331 Fellows, Ronald F., II 317 Dayton. Edwin Hay, III 397 Dunham. Donald Tolbert 377 Fanaro, Carl Gregory 331 Deal. Don Lee 217. 223 Dunlap. William Gray 423 Pant. Janice 281. 433 Dean. Charles Wallace 331 Dunn, Robert Lewis 311 Fent. Julian Earle. Jr. 309. 397 Dean, Robert Carlton 329 Dunn. Suzanne 269 Pants, Nancy Jane 289 Dean, Stephen Francis 329 Durbrow, Brian Richard 307 Farley. William B.. Jr. 331 Dean. Thomas Floyd 230 Durham. Robert Ronald 410 Ferrer. Alice Claire 277 Debrauwere. Edward S.. Jr. 317 Durkee. Keith Wilson 381 Farley, John Fldelus 331 DeCamp. Oliver N.. Jr. 185, 320. 377 Durrance, Frank M., Jr. 333 Farrington. John Scott 307 Dechman Michael M. 315, 433 Dutton. Geor ge Dudley. Jr. 388 Fassa. Paul Louis 307 Degen, James Martin 410 Dyal, Thomas Berry 339 Faulkner, Richard Alan 311 Dehart, Michele Louise 291 Dykes, Lawrence, Jr. 313 Fawcett. John Kent 335 Delany. Patricia C. 287 Dykes, Ronald Lavearne 388 Feibus, Toby 273 Delp. Ronald Joe 319 Feight, John William 315 DelveIle. Diego Victor 381 Eaddy. Norma L. Blanks 404 Feinstein, Fredric L. 298. 388 Delz. Edwin Charles 307 Eagen, William Leon 423 Fein.stein, Jerome D. 381 Demsky, Mark Emanuel 299 Bakes, Bernard Young 318, 388 Feiss, Joel Sheldon 325 Dent. John Clayton, Jr. 327 Earl. Ronald James 381 Feldman. Lewis 325 Deoung, Sok Thong 377 Eastman. Herbert C. 313 Fennell, Daniell Thomas 339 Deshazo, Elizabeth Ann 181 Ebert John Thomas 317, 419 Fennell. Joseph William 307 Deshler, Garvin Victor 404 Ebsary, Richard William 317 Fenster, Jack Steven 313 DeSoto. Peter 312 Eby. Richard Heist 307 Ferguon, Jack Vance 410 Dessert. James Clark 321 Eckert, Marie I. Houle 388 Fernandez. Daniel D. 317 Deutschman. Lynn Mary 283 Eckar t. Michael Dennis 388 Perrazzi, Nancy Louise 271 Devault. John A.. III 307 Edgar. William Henry 309 Festoff, Barry William 337 Devirgills, Theodore P. 404 Edington. Donald Edwin 327 Fewox, Robert Dempsey ..... 323 Devitt. Michael Alan 305 Edmondson. John Braxton 154. 327. 397 Figueroa, Raymond F. 388 Dezell. Catherine Anne 284 Edwards. Anita Mae 388 Flick, Merry Carol 237. 404 Dial. Joan 277. 388 Edwards, Charles Berkley 327 Finlay, George Duncan. Jr. 388 Diamond, Frances S. 289 Edwards, Gary Ronald 299 Finley. Rosalie Lynch 195. 281 Diamond, Linda Rae 173, 273 Edwards. Linda Garden 271 Finley, Walter M., III 329 Dibernardo, Alfred Joseph 307 Ehr, Judith Ann 289 Fischer Ernest M. 301 Dickinson, Ann Elizabeth 388 Ehrlich, Irvin Sigo 340 Fischer, Kent Meade 177 Dickinson, Donald L., Jr. 410 Mellinger. Marjorie E. 275, 433 Fischer, Linda L. 164, 277, 388 Didrence, Nancy Evelyn 285 Eiger, liana Joyce 273 Fisher, Bruce Lee 299 Diener. Gary Elliott 337 Elkeland, Marion 0. 307 Fisher. Eleanor Dianne 181. 281 Dietz, Thomas John 388 Eikenberry, John Lee 307 Fitzgerald, James R. 321 Dietz, Yvonne Cosmetto 277 Eisele, Christel Adele 269 Fitzgerald, John William 307 Dighton. Robert Season 309 Elkin, Marvin Nell 410 Fitzgerald, Patrick R. 331. 397 Dinsmore, Frank W. E. 319 Ellis. Alfred Frederick, Jr. 307 Fitzgibbons. Marcia E. 287 DLsher, Robert Jackson 309 Ellis. Brian Campbell 173, 419 Flanagan, Michael R. 335 Males, John William 317 Elsberry, George Pearson 303 Fleckenstein, Robert L. 303 Divine. Dwight. III 317 Elwell. Joseph Money. III 303 Fleming. Joseph Zwitman 325 Dixon. Robert Joseph 333 Emerson, Waldo Pierce 338 Flippo. Herbert N., Jr. 388 Dizik, Nelson Samuel 340 Emmett, Frederic H., Jr. 307 Flood, Clifford A.. Jr. 410 Dodd, Robert Lee. Jr. 222, 227 Empey, Virginia KaY 281 Flood, David Crosble 313 Dodge. Joan Catherine 279 Engelman, Martin C. 323 Flowers, George A.. Jr. 419 Dolg, Jacqueline Mary 281 Engle, Susan An 269 Flowers. Jackie Cowan . 329 Dolly. Marian Jean 271 Ennis. Patsy Marie 271, 397 Floyd. Brodus Allen 249 Dollar. Hugh Raymond 302, 410 Epperson, David Ross 335 Fly, John Wesley. Jr 303 Dollar. John Robert 301 EPPert, Herbert C., Jr. 321. 388 Fogarty. Richard Henry 419 Domeyer, Albert William 319. 388 Epstein, Sheila Bonnie 283 Fogel, Steven Gerald 325 Dominick, Henry B.. In 307, 410 Erickson. William Andrew 311. 410 Folmar. Jane Ann 285. 404 Donahoe, Thomas Mitchell 327 Erra, Patricia Susan 281 Fonda, Carol Marie H. 271. 389 Donaldson, Michael C. 297. 329. 419 Erskine. Mary J. 277 Fonda. Charles Madison 307 Donn. Edward Sneed 410 Ertel. Elizabeth Ann 271 Footnick, Alvin Nathan 299 Donn. Eugenia Agnes 289 F.schleman, Susan M. 195. 289 Ford. Gwendolyn 280, 389 Dooley, Brenda Sue 404 Eskew. James Anthony 311 Ford, Kendrick Talbot 331 Dottor, Carole Marie 429 Esposito, Rocco 381 Ford. Michael David 331 Douglas, Sally L. Britt 388 Estes, John Edward 377 Foreman. Stephen F 307 Dowling. Johanna 279 Estes. Mae Dell M. 388 Forguson. Ronald Ertel 305. 433 Dowling, Michael James 329 Estes. Mull. TI 319 Forster, Richard Paul 154 Dowling, William Q.. DI 309 Estes, Priscilla Alden 275 Fouts. Carolyn B. 404 Doyle, Patrick William 315 Ettinger. Marilyn G. 273 Fouts. Joseph William. 11 323 Drake, Donald Varner 317 Evans, Amy I. Jennings 285, 429 Fowler, James M., In 173, 327 index Fowler, William 01CeIly. Jr. 321 Giberson. Philip D., Jr. 307 Green, Arthur 337 Fox, Dallas Robert 305 Olddens. Richard a 333 Green, Bonnie Suzanne 273 Fox. Sondra Elaine 285 Giles, Donald Ralph 217 Green. Catherine Joyce ...... Frailty, It Huston. Jr. 303 Oilfand, Norman 321 Green, Dolores Marie R . 291. 431 Francis, Edwin Fiske 329 GWlllan, Marybeth 179. 279. 381 Green. Joe Hughes 335 Francis, Ronald Engel 410 Gill. Jack Curtis 317 Green. Mona Lee 283 Franck. Gary Robert 397 Gill. Jerry Winston 389 Green. Robert David 299 Frankle, Dennis Norris 313 Gillette. Ann Screven 285 Green, Sandra Lucile 276 Frau. Henry Sorenson 187, 404 Whitt. Joan Sue 289 Greenawalt, Thomas Charles 377 Frazier, Franklin T. 317 Gillis. Jo Ann Whitley 285. 381 Greenberg. Robert Alan . 337 Preile. Robert M. 431 Oiilis. Judith Deanne 285 Greenberg, Steven Alan 325 FreItch, Jeffrey 299 Gillis. Stephen M. 315 Orenburg. Michael M. 337 Fried, Natalie Gall 283 Gillman, Jeffry Ian 299 Greene, Jeffrey Howard 299 Frledenberg, Maris P. 283. 404 Cilmenez, Fernando J. 388. 397 Greene. Melvyn Ian 299 Friedman, Gerald David 299 Girurold. Marjorie Sue 273 Greenfield. Jerold S 325 Pries. Harry George 323 Ginsburg. Edwin M. 325 168. Greenwell, Janet Gail 271, 404 Frlstoe. Charleen L. 389 Glnson. Lynn Lillian 273 Greenwood. Jesse Dare 411 Fritz. Dorothy Elaine . 389 (tipple, Clara Joanne 287 Greer, Anthony Joseph 309 ?mine, Edward Lee 305 Githens. Robert George 411 Greer, Walter Vance 323 Frost. John Wesley 309 Giuffrida, Mary Agnes 195. 289, 404 Gregory. Thomas Lee 909 ?Lehrer. Hans Robert 389 Gladstone. Robert 299 Greisdorf. Howard F. 325 Puller. Hilton M., Jr. ...... 329 ()leekler. Gayle Alice 281 Gresham. Nancy Lynn 279 Fullerton. John Pierce 327 Glenn. Juanita Pay 404 Gridley, William Carter 915 Furen. Michael Jay . 931 Glick. Jeffrey Robert 325 Griffin. Ben Hill. .. 331 Furman. Stuart Kenneth 337 Oloskowski, Edward Peter . 433 Griffin. Virginia Kay 195. 289 Futch. Thurman C.. Jr. 313 Glover. Harvey Lee. Jr. 397 Griffith, Alice V 291 Godreau, Eugene Armand 404 Griffith. Carl Thomas 176, 305 Gear. William Charles 307 Goedert, Sandra C. 285 Griffith, John Frederick 311 Gadway. John Ronald 410 Goff. Cecil Nooney 411 Griffith. Mary Anne 269 Gafford, Jerry Bruce 319 ()off, Myron Russell 389 Griffiths, Bruce Allen 313 Gagnon. John Walter 397 Gold. Michael Howard 398 Griggs. Margaret 0. 176. 285 Gahagen, Dennis Earl 315 Gold, Tina Beryl 273 Grimsley, James Wilson 327 Gall. Gloria Jean Gallant, Fred Martin 187, 289 340 Steven Joy 389 273 273 Groebe. Ann Groenwoud, David Paul 277 317 Galloway, Kenneth H. . 410 Goldberg, Martin D. 299 GronquIst, James Ernest 329 Galt. William Weston .. 431 Goldberg. Robert Theo 337 Groschen, Susan Elma 271 Galvin. William Peter 303 Goldberg. Stuart W. 299 Gross. George Taylor 317 Gamburg, Michael I. 299 Golden, Ray William 431 Gross. Norman Spencer 337 Gammon. Donald Lee 307 Goldman, Benjamin 411 Grossman. Joel 325 Gammon, Robert Taylor 309, 411 Goldman, Stephen William 325 Grover, William Gregory 305 Gamse. Berl 325. 411 Goldner, Leslie M. 340 Grubbs. Maurice Duane 321 Garugwer, Gayle Elizabeth 404 Goldsmith. Claire Jane 283 Gruel. John Samuel 309 Gano, Ovid Raymond. Jr. 339 Gonzalez. Ivette A. 279 Oulkis, Harvey Melvyn .. 340 Genus, Bobby Ray 411 Goodling. John Spangler 321 Gundy, Richard Howard 337 Garber, Susan Sherry 273 Goodman. Donald Eugene. 221, 223, 224 Guyer. Nelson Barry 337. 419 Garcia. Jean Marie 281 Goodman. Gerald Alan 340 Ouzewicz, Leonard A. 311 Garcia, Leslie Charles 315 Goodman. Huddy Marlene 273 Garcia. Victor, III 329 Goodmark. Robert Lewis 299 Haas. Paul Jacob 381 Gardner. Gaye Lynn Goodstein. Ronnie J. 176 Hack. George Odle 333 Gardner. Stephen David . 154. 325. 389 Dora. Michael Henry 337 Hack. Pamela Gill 269 Gerdy. Stephen 299. 397 Gordon. Lawrence S. 317 Heckel, Stephen Myron 337 Garet. Clayton D.. Jr. . 335 Gordon. Martha F. 283 Hadden. Frank Dillard 331. 411 Garfield. Lewis Andrew 411 Gordon. Tamra Matnches 404 Hadley. Ralph V.. III 303 Garland, William Barnett 377 Gorman. James Michael 313 Haeseker, Henry William 329 Garner. Gary Robert Gortemoller, Theo B.. Jr. 315 Haeseker, Jean Marie 155. 266 Garrison. James Charles. Jr. 315 Goulding, Michael Ross 311 267. 278. 389 Garvey. Michael Joseph 329 GouMaud. Sandra 289 Hagan. Caryl Ann 269 Gass. Sandra Jane 287 Geyer. John Edward, III 339 Hager. Stephen Frederick 411 Gassaway, Helen Marie 279 Grace, Marilyn Clarke 285 Haight. Robert Wright 411 Meilen. Paul Leroy 381 Gradick. Herman W.I., Jr. 339 Halley. Homer Robert 339 Gaudette, Norman F. 360 Graff. Donald Joseph 299 Hakala. Michael Wayne 333 Ciebhardt, Jay Roderick 331. 419 Graham. Helen Louise 277 Hakes, Owen Turley 333 Gelder, Joan Elizabeth 281 Graham. Thomas A.. m 305 Hale. Howard Tesseneer 404 Geiger, William Henry 333 Gremlins. Dorothy Anne 291 Hale, Robert Jeffrey 327 Clenchl, Douglas Albert 317 Gramling. James Eugene 309 Hall, Barbara Bradford 289 Gent. Michael 333 Granison, Saranne 273 Hall. David Wilson. Jr. 411 George. Burl Freeman 311, 397 Grant. John Joseph 404 Hall, Elsa M Costello 275 Gerald, Francis Lynn . 311 Grasley, Michael H. 389 Hall. James Rigby, Jr. 338 Gerson. Donald Myron 397 Grassi, Ronald Mark 325 Hall. Lee Ann Dorsey 269 Oertner, Harold R.. Jr......_.._... 328. 389 Gravel. Mona Jean 389 Hall, Malcolm J.. Jr 309 Geyer, Barbara Jean 109. 171 Graves. Barry Dean 307 Hall, Ridgley Thomson 335 Geyer, Renee 171. 273 Gray, Henry Latham 315, 423 Hallberg, Ingrid Ann 291 Gibbs. George Fort III 307 Gray. Lois Olive 389 Ha1prin, Edwin A., Jr. 341 Gibbs, Nan Lorraine 273 Greeley, James Michael 389 Halprin, James Harold 341 index Hamel. Linda Lee 275 Hamersley, Kenneth William 389 Hamilton, Homer R.. Jr. . 411 Hamilton. William Earl 389 Hammack, James Robert 315 Hammond. John Mundy . 313 Hampton. Clara Use 289. 404 Hampton. John William, III 333 Hance. Elizabeth Perry 279 Hand. Hugh Walton. II 398 Handley. Hugh Thomas 335 Hansen, Allen Leroy 398 Hanson. Henry M.. Jr. 307 Harbett. Nancy J. 281 Hardaway. Sylvia Jean Hardin. Frances Jo Ann 277 Hardt. Aria Mae 404 Hardy. Lynn Pace 329 Harker. Kenneth George 398 Harmeling, James Dennis 305 Harned. Danielle Ruth 291 Harnett. Clive Edward 329 Harper. Bernard W.. Jr. 307 Harper. Donald Jan 411 Harper, James Rayburn 303 Harper. Pinckney L., Jr. 309 Harrell. Charles Auburn 389 Harrell. Harlan Y.. Jr. 411 Harrell. Virginia Lane 285 Harrer. David Stanley 389 Harrington. Wayne D. 411 Harris. Jack Charles 319 Harris. Jacqueline Lee 287 404 Harris. Joe Harold 398 Harris, Reba Gayle 288 389 Harris. Reddick A.. Jr. 333 Harris Robert Russell 335 Harrison. George Irvine . 382 Harrison, Jean Elizabeth . 155. 276 Harrison. William Burton. Jr 411 Hart. Sandra Jean 287 Hart. Steven Merrill 307 Hartley. Robert William 311 Harvey, Gordon William 411 Hauser. Robert Stuart 299 Haven. Phebe Paddack 181. 289 Havenor. Linda Lee 281 Haver. Faye 283 Hawkins, Nancy Lucile 275 Hawkins. William Milton. Jr. 307 Hawkinson, Lance Jon 333 Hawthorne. William Henry, Jr. 311 Hay. William Morrill 309. 398 Hayes, Rebecca Jane T. 285. 404 Hayes, Sidney Jay 309 Hayhurst. James Glenwood 317 Haynes, Susanne 84 Hays, James Woods= 310, 411 Hayward. Robert. Francth 411 Hayward, Tommy Ray 305 Hazouri. Gerald George 389 Heard. Walter L., Jr. 411 Hebert, Richard Leo 155. 174. 175. 419 Hecker. David Arthur 411 Hei ' broil. Jane Ann 277 Heim. Judith Rosalie 186 Heise, Karl Arthur 315 Heishman, Carl Dickey 309 Ithisterman, Robert Jay 317 Helman. Alan Charles 325 Heiman. Susan Roslyn 273 Heimly. Vernon Noel 335 Hemerick. Harriette A. 277 Hemingway. George B.. Jr 377 Henderson. Bob Foster 319 Henderson. Sandra R. 281 Henderson. Thomas H.. III 155 Henriksen. Bruce Boyd 311 Hendriksen. Douglas G. 305. 398 Hendrix. Fitzhugh I., Jr. 398 Henley. Robert Newton 309 Henne. Peter Charles 249. 327. 398 Henry, David Bryant 315 Henry, Jarrell Myrle 431 Herko. Joseph Michael 313 Herman. Dorothy Coburn 404 Herman, Edward Fred 411 Herman. Nan Gene 273 Herman, Richard Carl 303 Herotui Richard Roland 411 Hermann. Leona Mae . 404 Herskowitz. Allan 325 Herskowitz. Jack Louis 325 Hertz. Stephen Gary 299 Hewson, William AdelineII 389 Heydegger, Joan E. 291 Heydt. Henry Evans, Jr. 335 Heyward. Dorothy L. 173 Hibbs. Sandra 285 Nickerson. Nancy Marie 195 Hicks. Lewis C.. Jr. 307 Higginbotham. Reginald 377 Higgins, John Bruce 311 Hilgendorf, Nancy Ann 285 Hill. New Webster. Jr. 327 Himalstein. Patricia L. 271 Hine, Jay Stilton. Jr 301 Hines, Raymond Lewis 305 Hines. Sarah Ann 269, 404 Hipshire James Roger 303 Hitt, Fredric Martin 419 Nixon, Fred Douglas, Jr. 309 Hobbs. Forrest 0.. II 303 Hodgklnson. Richard D. 321 Hof. Paul Xavier 411 Hoffman. Herbert W. 319 Hoffman. Paul Mark 299 Hogan. William Joseph. IV 309 Hohauser, Herman Joseph 299 Hohl, Frank 411 Hohnadel, Frederick J.. Jr. 309 Holden, Hollis Ward 307 Hallman. Glen Howell 306. 398 Holland, Henry Lyle 309 Hollander. Howard Jay 299, 389 Holleman, Gail Lee 269, 404 Holley. Ben Livingston 389 Hollingsworth, John D. 411 Hollingsworth. Mary A. 285 Hollingsworth, Richard 335 Hollis, Charles Gary 309 Hollister, John Irving 411 Holloway. Rex Lynn 335, 389 Holman. Ronald Edwin 335. 389 Holmes. Ann Elizabeth 285 Holmes. Mayo Clarence 398 Holmes. Timothy R. 301 Holmes. William Earl 398 Holmes. William Robert 411 Holt, Dorothy Jean 289 Holt. Frank Duncan 311 Holt. Richard Arnold 929 Holton. Mary E. Pearce 404 Holzer, Frederick J.. Jr. 317 Homer, Robert Wilson 317 Honeywell. Dan Hudson 309 Hood, Harold James 323 Hood. William Kenneth 81. 156. 213. 214. 221. 303. 411 Hooten. Beverly Elizabeth 279. 429 Hooten. James Warren. Jr. 321. 377 Hooter. Nancy Irene 175 Hoover. Robert Raymond 220. 222, 223. 224. 227. 228. 230. 311 Hopkins. Charles Mark Hopkinson, Kenneth, Jr. Horan. David Paul Horn. Phillip W. Jr. Hornsby, Bobby L. Hornstein, Richard Wm. Horowitz. Steve Charles HOTWit.2, Barbara Ann Haslet William Howard Houchard. Michael H. Hough, Wade Barlow Howard. Eugene Jay Howard. Thomas Marshall Howell. Jo Anne Howell. Robert Herman Howington, Ralph Cyril Hoy. Nevin Douglas. Jr. Huber, Philip Huck. James Edward Huck. Paul Courtney Huddle, Billy Waddell Huddleston, John F. Hudgens, Ralph Terry Hudson, Mary Lee Huenefeld, Catherine C. Huenefeld, Thomas Ernst Huff, Rodney Louis Hufner. Stuart Lee Huggins, Patricia B. Hughes. Byron Mason Hughes. Linda Gail Hughson. Jerry Ralph .. Humphries, Jimmy Wade Hunkapillar, William Martin Hunefeld. Tom E. Hunt. George Marion Hunter, Michael Norman Hupke, Elizabeth Ann Hurlbert, Martha Ann Hutcheson. Robert M. Hutcheson, Walter B. Hutchins, Paul Sanborn Hutto, John Leroy Hyde. Pamela Jean Hyman, Michael Leonard Iehlki. Mario 378 Infante. Gelindo 218. 219. 220. 224 Irons. Edwin Clark 301. 378 Irvine, Bruce William 333 Isberg. Winifred K. 389 Isom Thomas Richard 185 Israel. Renee Lee 389 Jackson. Andrew Beta .. 326 Jackson. Charles Michael 311 Jackson. Donald Samuel 329 Jackson, Karen Leigh 271 Jackson. Stanley H. 337 Jacobsen. David Andrew 325 Jacobson. Charles 336 Jaeger. Carol Jeanne 281 Jaeger, Eugene Wray 319. 398 Jaffa, James Bennett 340 Jaffe. Norman Richard 337 329 338 307 323 411 299 299 389 411 187 319 337 311 419 412 412 327 337 315 315 412 309 327 275. 389 285. 304 398 404 317 287 313 269 319 335 303 329 321 325 404 269 333 333 412 335 173 337 index James. Craig Taylor 305 Kaplan. Dell 283 Klingel, Carol Ann 281 James, Gregory Samuel . 305 Kaplan. Rita Merle 273 Klivans, Jeffrey David .. 324 James. Ralph Martin. II Kanner. Carolyn Joyce 273 Kluge. Donald Carleton 382 Jamison. Frank J.. III Kanner. Judith Arline 273 Knight. Phillip William 305 Jammal. Sahel! Elias 412 Kaposztas. Joseph Richard 382 Knowles. Grover C. 331. 390 Janis. Michael Bruce 340 Karasch. Emil Thomas. Jr. 412 Koblasz. John Leo 333 Jannetides, Tom 382 Kartsonis. Argyro Niky 390 Koblegard. Mary Ann 285 JIMOW. Evelyn Miriam Kasch. Norman William 329 Koblegard, Rupert. III . 321 Jardon. James Edward. II 335 Katz, Jack Michael 337 Kobrin. Elayne Myra 273 Jasper. Merrily Elizabeth . 283 Katz. Martin Jay 299 Kobrin. Harvey Nell 325 Jean. Julia Clark 277 Kaufman. Stanley Mark 339 Kocher. Mary Carolyn 277 Jean. Margaret Elizabeth 287. 404 Kaufman. Stuart Bruce 340 Kohn, Leonard Walter 431 Jenkins. Sydney J.. Jr. ... 412 Kaufman. William Edward 325 Kolodney, Jeffrey D. Jensen. Martin V.. Jr. 398 Kavulia. John Michael 333 Komansky. Joseph Dudley 325 Jernigan. Wayne Arnold 301. 378 Kaye. Henry Leon 390 Koonce. David Frederick. Jr 412 Jervis. Natalie May 273. 405 Kaye. Jack Roger Koonce. Sandra Settle ... 405 Jeter, Jefferson F ' .. Jr. 301. 378 Keegan. Dennis. Francis 316. 419 Koontz. Michael P. 308. 398 Jimenez. Hugo Gilberto 307 Keeler. Frank Laurence 313 Koontz. Rachael Anne Jobes. Michael Pierson . 323 Keene. Barbara Latina 287 Koontz. Sharon Kay .. 285 Johns. Michael F. 305 Keener, Joe Earl. Jr. 339 Kopelowitz, Davida 273 Johns. Sandra Gayle 291 Keifer. William Joseph 338. 412 Kordecki, Gerard Joseph 311 Johnson. Bamah Kay 389 Kelch, George William 412 Korodin. Joan Gale 279 Johnson. Bruce Alden 335 Keller. James Arthur 412 Kosclka. James Anthony ... 313 Johnson. Dale Allen 398 Keller. Roland B. . . 390 Kott. Dana Malcolm 325 Johnson. David Robert Kelley, Cecil Bryan. Jr. Kraft, Morris Noah 305 Johnson. Forrest F. 319 Kelly. Sarah Francis 285 Kraker. Donald L. 319 Johnson. Henry Frank . 313 Kelly. Theodore Banks 321. 405 Krakow. Richard Morton 299 Johnson, Janet Ann .. 277 Kelly. Thomas Francis 223. 398 Kramer. George Thomas 315 Johnson. John David 389 Kelsey. Charles Milton. Jr 307 Kraski, Henry Edmund 390 Johnson. Jon Eric 158 Kemp. William David. Jr. 333 Krassy, Kenneth John M. 329 Johnson, K. Sheldon, III 321 Kendrick. Carol Ann 289 Kraus, Joan Manz 291 Johnson. Mary C. 277 Krege. John Wilson 315 Johnson. Patricia Ann 277 Kennedy. Barbara 405 Krege. Nancy Kay 279. 429 Johnson. Ralph Edgar 378 Kennedy. Roger. Jr. 398 Krekel. Marilyn Lisa .............. 275 Johnson. Robert Oliver 327 Kennedy, Roy C.. Jr. 313 Kreps. Joel Stuart 325 Johnson. Robert Wayne 317. 390 Kennedy. Wallace W. 187. 303. 419 Krienke, John Walter 307. 390 Johnson. Stephen R. 333 Kennon. Thomas Jason. Jr. 315 Kromberg, Edward John 333 Johnston. Carol Ann 291 Kent, Robert Cunningham 173. 309 Kromer. Leon Phillip 378 Johnston. Fred Leo 355, 390 Kenyon. Jarrett L. 378 Kuehn. Shirley F 275 Johnston. Howard H. 372. 382 Kern. Donald 390 Kuhl. Marguerite B. 285 Johnston. Samuel W.. III 1. 171 Kerr, Miller Henry 313 Kuhn. Suzanne 287. 405 Johnston. William F. 423 Kessinger, Harold F.. Jr. 311 Kulick. Sidney ........... 299 Johnston. Wilmer A.. Jr. 338 Kessler. Michael S. 327 Kwart. Arnold Martin 325 Jones. Amaryllis Lee 275, 390 Kesterson, George Wayne 319 Kyle. Roberta Ann 412 Jones. Barbara Anne 277 Keys. Neal Stephen 299 Jones. C. Jerome 311 Kidd. Giles H., Jr. 333 La Framenta, Scott W. 339 Jones. Edwina Ann 185 Kidd. James Gregory 307. 412 Labarre. Ann 277 Jones. Harry Ross 319 Kieffer. Lawrence William 317 Labaw. Sara Arlene 287 Jones, Jack William 335 Klenzle. Margaret 390 Labelle. Robert Harry 319 Jones, James Dilson 321 Kilgore. Sandra H. 287 Lafacc. Ronald Costa 318 Jones, James Edwin .. 321 Killgore. Ernest S. 338 Lagimoniere. Ernest E. 313 Jones, John Paul, Jr. Kimbrough. James Henry 321 378 Lally. John Ronald 311 Jones. Kenneth Lee Kimbrough, Robert Walt 321 Laraine. Robert Morrison 315 Jones. Lloyd Edgar. III .. 327 Kincaid. Ray Andrew. Jr. 301 Lamee. Richard Frank 311 Jones. Needah Bryan 412 King, Barbara Ann 279 Lancaster. Linda Anne 405 Jones. Robert Lewis .. 313 King. Frank M.. III 168. 398 Lancer, Bonnie Diane 273 Jones. Robert Norman 333 King. John William 412 Land. Mary Frances 289 Jones. Ronald P. 179. 305 King. Nancy Elizabeth 287 Landphair. Erin Tom 289 Jones. Sharon Lee 279 King. William Frank, III 327 Lane. Marvin Glen 412 Jones. Terrence Dion 304. 390 Kinky. William Clarence. Jr. 378 Lane. Roberta Louise 382 Jordan. Ashby Miner 321. 390 Kinnte, Carl Richard 338 Lang. James Frederick 333. 390 Jordan. Frances Diane 279 Kirby, Stanley P.. Jr. 378 Langan. Kathleen Anne 390 Jordan. Leland donee 339 Kirbysmith. Carolina S. 277 Lankford. Sandra F. 405 Judy. James Swann 327 Kirchhoff. William Emil, Jr. 321 Lankutis, George Bernard 319 Julius. Richard Louis 340 Kirchman. Ronald E. 333 Lantaff. William Courtland 319 Jung. George Henry 238. 378 Kirk. William Alan 333 Lappin. Michael Bruce 325 Juslck, Rebecca Jordan 405 Kirkland. James Wilton 321 Larche. James G., Jr. 157 Justa, Francine Cyvla 273 Kirkland, John Robert 315 Larimer, Milo Charles 331. 398 Kirkland. Zachary T. 390 Larsen, William Ronald 412 Katnz. Lenore Elizabeth 269. 398 Kirkpatrick. Wesley, Jr. 335 Larson. Dorothy Elizabeth 271. 390 Kaler. Alice Elizabeth 390 Kirschbaum. Richard W. 340 Larson. Herman John Kahl. George Labe 412 Klein. Harold Michael 337 Larson. Max Henry 338 Kamm. Rita 273 Kleinfeld. Lawrence S. 337 Larson. Sharon Lou 390 Kang. Young Kwon 398 KleInfeId, Marilyn J. 283. 405 Larsson. Donald Eric 307 index Hamel. Linda Lee Hamersley. Kenneth William Hamilton. Homer R.. Jr Hamilton. William Earl Hammack. James Robert Hammond. John Mundy Hampton, Clara Use Hampton. John William. III Hance, Elizabeth Perry Hand. Hugh Walton. II Handley, Hugh Thomas Hansen. Allen Leroy Hanson. Henry M.. Jr. Harbett. Nancy J. Hardaway. Sylvia Jean Hardin. Frances Jo Ann Hardt. Aria Mae Hardy. Lynn Pace Harker. Kenneth George Harmeling. James Dennis Harned, Danielle Ruth Harnett. Clive Edward Harper. Bernard W.. Jr Harper. Donald Jan Harper. James Rayburn Harper. Pinckney L.. Jr. Harrell. Charles Auburn Harrell. Harlan Y., Jr. Harrell, Virginia Lane Harrer, David Stanley Harrington. Wayne D. Harris. Jack Charles Harris. Jacqueline Lee Harris. Joe Harold Harris. Reba Gayle Harris. Reddick A., Jr. Harris. Robert Russell Harrison. George Irvine Harrison. Jean Elizabeth Harrison. William Burton. Jr. Hart. Sandra Jean Hart. Steven Merrill Hartley, Robert William Harvey. Gordon William Hauser, Robert Stuart Haven. Phebe Paddack Havenor. Linda Lee Haver, Faye Hawkins. Nancy Lucile Hawkins, William Milton. Jr. Hawkinson. Lance Jon Hawthorne. William Henry. Jr Hay. William Morrill Hayes. Rebecca Jane T. Hayes. Sidney Jay Hayhurst. James Glenwood Haynes, Susanne Hays. James Woodsen Hayward. Robert Francis Hayward. Tommy Ray Hazouri. Gerald George Heard. Walter L.. Jr. Hebert. Richard Leo Hecker, David Arthur Heilbron, Jane Ann Heim Judith Rosalie Heise. Karl Arthur Heishman, Carl Dickey Heisterman. Robert Jay Heiman, Alan Charles Heiman. Susan Roslyn Helmly. Vernon Noel 289. 287. 288. 155. . 181. . 309. 285. 310, . 155. 175. 281 275 389 411 389 315 313 404 333 279 398 335 398 307 281 281 277 404 329 398 305 291 329 307 411 303 309 389 411 285 389 411 319 404 398 389 333 335 382 276 411 287 307 311 411 269 283 275 307 333 311 398 404 309 317 84 411 411 305 389 411 174, 419 411 277 186 315 309 317 325 273 335 Hemerick. Harriette A. Hemingway. George B.. Jr Henderson. Bob Foster Henderson. Sandra It. Henderson. Thomas H.. III Henriksen. Bruce Boyd Hendrilcsen. Douglas G. Hendrix. Fitzhugh L.. Jr Henley. Robert Newton Henne. Peter Charles Henry. David Bryant Henry. Jarrell Myrle Herko. Joseph Michael Herman. Dorothy Coburn Herman. Edward Fred Herman. Nan Gene Herman. Richard Carl Heroux, Richard Roland Hermann. Leona Mae Herskowitz, Allan Herskowitz, Jack Louis Hertz, Stephen Gary Hewson, William AdelineII Heydegger, Joan E. Heydt, Henry Evans. Jr. Heyward. Dorothy L. Hibbs, Sandra Hickerson. Nancy Marie Hicks. Lewis C., Jr Higginbotham. Reginald Higgins, John Bruce Hilgendorf, Nancy Ann Hill, New Webster, Jr.. Himaistein, Patricia L. Hine. Jay Stilson. Jr. Hines. Raymond Lewis Hines. Sarah Ann Hipshlre. James Roger Hitt. Fredric Martin Hixon, Fred Douglas, Jr. Hobbs. Forrest 0., II Hodgkinson, Richard D. Hot. Paul Xavier Hoffman. Herbert W. Hoffman. Paul Mark Hogan. William Joseph. IV Hohauser. Herman Joseph Hold, Frank Hohnadel, Frederick J.. Jr Holden. Hollis Ward Holtman. Glen Howell Holland. Henry LYIe Hollander. Howard Jay Holleman. Gall Lee Holley. Ben Livingston Hollingsworth. John D. Hollingsworth. Mary A. Hollingsworth. Richard Hollis. Charles Gary Hollister. John Irving Holloway. Rex Lynn Holman, Ronald Edwin Holmes. Ann Elizabeth Holmes. Mayo Clarence Holmes. Timothy R. Holmes, William Earl Holmes. William Robert Holt. Dorothy Jean Holt, Frank Duncan Holt, Richard Arnold Holton, Mary E. Pearce Holzer, Frederick J.. Jr Homer, Robert Wilson Honeywell. Dan Hudson 249. 305. 327. 269. 299. 269. 335. 335, 277 377 319 281 155 311 398 398 309 398 315 431 313 404 411 273 303 411 404 325 325 299 389 291 335 173 285 195 307 377 311 285 327 271 301 305 404 303 419 309 303 321 411 319 299 309 299 411 309 307 398 309 389 404 389 411 285 335 309 411 389 389 285 398 301 398 411 289 311 323 404 317 317 309 Hood, Harold James Hood. William Kenneth 81. 156, 214, 221. 303. Hooten, Beverly Elizabeth 279, Hooten, James Warren. Jr. 321, Hooter, Nancy Irene Hoover, Robert Raymond 220, 223, 224. 227. 228. 230, Hopkins. Charles Mark . Hopkinson. Kenneth. Jr. ,, Horan, David Paul Horn, Phillip W. Jr. Hornsby. Bobby L. Hornstein. Richard Wm. Horowitz. Steve Charles Horwitz, Barbara Ann Hosick. William Howard Houchard. Michael H. Hough, Wade Barlow Howard. Eugene Jay Howard, Thomas Marshall Howell. Jo Anne Howell, Robert Herman Howington, Ralph Cyril Hoy, Nevin Douglas. Jr. Huber, Philip Huck. James Edward Huck, Paul Courtney Huddle, Billy Waddell Ruddlesion, John F. Hudgens, Ralph Terry Hudson, Mary Lee 275. Huenefeld, Catherine C. 285, Huenefeld, Thomas Ernst Huff, Rodney Louis Hufner. Stuart Lee Huggins, Patricia B. Hughes. Byron Mason Hughes. Linda Gall Hughson. Jerry Ralph Humphries. Jimmy Wade Hunkapillar, William Martin Hunefeld. Tom E. Hunt, George Marion Hunter. Michael Norman Hupke. Elizabeth Ann Hurlbert, Martha Ann Hutcheson. Robert M. Hutcheson, Walter B. Hutchins, Paul Sanborn Hutto. John Leroy Hyd e, Pamela Jean Hyman. Michael Leonard Mario Infante, Gelindo 218. 219. 220. Irons. Edwin Clark 301. Irvine. Bruce William Lsberg, Winifred K. Ison, Thomas Richard Israel, Renee Lee Jackson. Andrew Betts Jackson. Charles Michael Jackson, Donald Samuel . Jackson. Karen Leigh Jackson, Stanley H. Jacobsen. David Andrew Jacobson. Charles Jaeger, Carol Jeanne Jaeger. Eugene Wray 319, Jaffa, James Bennett Jaffe. Norman Richard 175 333 321 404 289 185 389 323 213. 411 429 377 222, 311 329 338 307 411 299 299 389 411 187 319 337 311 419 412 412 327 337 315 315 412 309 327 389 304 398 404 317 287 313 269 319 335 303 329 325 333 333 412 335 173 337 378 224 378 333 389 326 311 329 271 337 325 336 281 398 340 337 index z It le I James. Craig Taylor 305 James. Gregory Samuel 305 James. Ralph Martin. II 307 Jamison. Prank J., III 329 Jammal. Suhell Elias 412 Janis, Michael Bruce Jannetides. Tom 382 Janow, Evelyn Miriam 404 Jardon, James Edward. II 335 Jasper. Merrily Elizabeth 283 Jean. Julia Clark 277 Jean, Margaret Elizabeth 287. 404 Jenkins. Sydney J., Jr. 412 Jensen. Martin V.. Jr. 398 Jernigan. Wayne Arnold 301. 378 Jervis. Natalie MaY 273, 405 Jeter. Jefferson P., Jr. 301, 378 Jimenez, Hugo Gilberto 307 Jobes. Michael Pierson 323 Johns, Michael P. 305 Johns, Sandra Gayle 291 Johnson. Bamah Kay 389 Johnson. Bruce Alden 335 Johnson. Dale Allen 398 Johnson. David Robert 303 Johnson. Forrest F. 319 Johnson, Henry Frank 313 Johnson. Janet Ann 277 Johnson. John David 389 Johnson. Jon Eric 156 Johnson. K. Sheldon. EH 321 Johnson, Mary C. 277 Johnson, Patricia Ann 277 Johnson, Ralph Edgar 378 Johnson. Robert Oliver 327 Johnson, Robert Wayne 317. 390 Johnson. Stephen R. 333 Johnston, Carol Ann . 291 Johnston, Fred Leo 335. 390 Johnston. Howard H. 372, 382 Johnston, Samuel W., III 1. 171 Johnston. William F. 423 Johnston. Wilmer A.. Jr. 338 Jones. Amaryllis Lee 275. 390 Jones. Barbara Anne . 277 Jones. C. Jerome 311 Jones. Edwina Ann 185 Jones. Harry Ross 319 Jones, Jack William 335 Jones. James Dilson 321 Jones. James Edwin 321 Jones. John Paul. Jr. 333 Jones. Kenneth Lee 303 Jones. Lloyd Edgar. HI 327 Jones. Needah Bryan 412 Jones. Robert Lewis 313 Jones. Robert Norman 333 Jones. Ronald P. 175, 305 Jones, Sharon Lee 279 Jones. Terrence Dion 304. 390 Jordan, Ashby Miner 331. 390 Jordan, Frances Diane 279 Jordan. Leland Donee 339 Judy. James Swann 327 Julius. Richard Louis 340 Jung. George Henry 238. 378 Jusick, Rebecca Jordan 405 Juste. Francine Cycle 273 Kaplan. Dell 283 Kaplan. Rita Merle 273 Kepner. Carolyn Joyce 273 Kepner. Judith Arline 273 Kaposztas. Joseph Richard 382 Kamsch. Emil Thomas. Jr. 412 Kartsonis, Argyro Niky 390 Kitsch. Norman William 329 Katz. Jack Michael 337 Katz. Martin Jay 299 Kaufman. Stanley Mark 339 Kaufman. Stuart Bruce 340 Kaufman. William Edward 325 Kavulia. John Michael 333 Kaye. Henry Leon 390 Kaye. Jack Roger 341 Keegan. Dennis Francis 316. 419 Keeler. Frank Laurence 313 Keene. Barbara Letitia 287 Keener. Joe Earl. Jr. 339 Keifer, William Joseph 338. 412 Ketch, George William 412 Keller. James Arthur 412 Keller. Roland B. 390 Kelley, Cecil Bryan. Jr. 419 Kelly. Sarah Francis 285 Kelly. Theodore Banks 321 405 Kelly. Thomas Francis 223 398 Kelsey. Charles Milton. Jr. 307 Kemp. William David. Jr. 333 Kendrick. Carol Ann 289 Kennedy. Barbara 405 Kennedy. Roger. Jr. 398 Kennedy. Roy C., Jr. Kennedy. Wallace W. 187. 303, 419 Kennon. Thomas Jason. Jr. 315 Kent, Robert Cunningham 173. 309 Kenyon. Jarrett L. 378 Kern. Donald 390 Kerr. Miller Henry 313 Kessinger, Harold P.. Jr 311 Kessler. Michael S. 327 Kesterson. George Wayne 319 Keys. Neal Stephen 299 Kidd. Giles H.. Jr 333 Kidd. James Gregory 307 412 Kieffer. Lawrence William 317 Kienzle, Margaret 390 Kilgore. Sandra H. 287 KIllgore, Ernest S. . 338 Kimbrough, James Henry 321. 378 Kimbrough, Robert Walt 321 Kincaid, Ray Andrew, Jr. 301 King. Barbara Ann 279 King. Frank M.. III 168. 398 King. John William 412 King. Nancy Elizabeth 287 King. William Frank, HI 327 Kizney. William Clarence. Jr. 378 Fannie. Carl Richard ... 338 Kirby. Stanley P.. Jr.. 378 Kirbysmlth. Carolina S. 277 Kirchhoff, William Kith!. Jr. 321 Kirclunan, Ronald E. 333 Kirk. William Alan 333 Kirkland. James Wilton 321 Kirkland, John Robert 315 Kirkland. Zachary T. 390 Kirkpatrick. Wesley. Jr. 335 Kirschbaum. Richard W. 340 Klein. Harold Michael 337 Kleinfeld, Lawrence S. 337 Kleinfeld, Marilyn J. 283. 405 KlingeL Carol Ann 281 Klivans, Jeffrey David 324 Kluge. Donald Carleton 382 Knight, Phillip William 305 Knowles, Grover C. 331. 390 Koblasz, John Leo 333 Koblegard, Mary Ann 285 Koblegard, Rupert, III 321 Kobrin, Elayne Myra 273 Kobrin. Harvey Neil 325 Kocher, Mary Carolyn 277 Kohn, Leonard Walter 431 Kolodney, Jeffrey D. 299 Komansky, Joseph Dudley 325 Koonce. David Frederick, Jr. 412 Koonce, Sandra Settle 405 Koontz. Michael P. 308. 398 Koontz. Rachael Anne 285 Koontz. Sharon Kay 285 Kopelowitz, Davide 273 Kordecki. Gerard Joseph 311 Korodin, Joan Gale 279 Koselka. James Anthony 313 Kott. Dana Malcolm 325 Kraft. Morris Noah 305 Kraker. Donald L 319 Krakow, Richard Morton 299 Kramer, George Thomas 315 Kraski, Henry Edmund 390 Krassy. Kenneth John M 329 Kraus. Joan Manz 291 Krege. John Wilson 315 Krege. Nancy Kay 279. 429 Krekel, Marilyn Lisa 275 Kreps. Joel Stuart 325 1Crienke. John Walter 307, 390 Krombert Edward John 333 Kromer, Leon Phillip 378 Kuehn. Shirley F. 275 Kuhl. Marguerite B. 286 Kuhn, Suzanne 287. 405 Kulick. Sidney 299 Kwart, Arnold Martin 325 Kyle. Roberta Ann 412 La Framenta, Scott W. 339 Labarre, Ann 277 Labaw, Sara Arlene 287 Labelle. Robert Harry 319 Laface. Ronald Caste 318 Lagimoniere. Ernest E. 313 Lally, John Ronald 311 iambic. Robert Morrison 315 Lamee. Richard Frank 311 Lancaster. Linda Anne 405 Lancer. Bonnie Diane 273 Land. Mary Frances 289 Landphair. Erin Tom 269 Lane. Marvin Glen 412 Lane. Roberta Louise 382 Lang. James Frederick 333. 390 Langan. Kathleen Anne 390 Lankford. Sandra P. 405 Lankutis, George Bernard 319 Lantaff, William Courtland 319 Lappin. Michael Bruce 325 James D.. Jr. 157 Larimer, Milo Charles 331. 398 Larsen. William Ronald 412 Larson. Dorothy Elizabeth 271. 390 Larson, Herman John 303 Larson. Max Henry 338 Larson. Sharon Lou 390 Larsson. Donald Eric 307 Kahan Lenore Elizabeth 269, 398 Kaki, Alice Elizabeth 390 Kalil. George Labs 412 1 I Kamm, Rita 273 1 Kant Young Kwon 398 index Lewis. Arnold Joseph 307 Lather Anthony David 390 Latford. Ian Michael 405 Latta. Hugh Lusk 329, 382 Laughinghouse, Richard 390 Laurent., Judith Rae .......... 271, 297 419 Lavelle. Armand Rocco 335 Lavoie. Roger Edmund 1. 171. 297. 303 Law. Carolyn Doris Law. Neil F.. III 378 Lawrence. James Allen 329 Lawson. Robert Lee . 338 Lazar. Jeffrey Michael 412 Lazarus, Harvey Lee 299 Lazonby. Shirley 277 390 Latzer Philip R. 171, 331 Larne Constantine 331 Leach. George Webster 339 Leach. Richard George 335 Leak. Polly S. Perkins 398 Lechtner, Warren 337 Lee. Curtis Woodrow 431 Lee. Kenneth Leroy 405 Let f, Jacob Leon 337 Lefkowltz, Ronald Robert 325 Lefsky. Lawrence Harry 299, 390 Lehmann. Dennis Joel .. 382 Leibftied. Jack C... 305 Leisegang, Dorothy Ann 269. 405 Leisenring, John Robert 307 Leist. Michael 281 tangle. Margaret L 283 Lerner. David Stanley 340 Leschorn. Thomas Wilfred 412 Leslie. Willie FL. Jr. 319 Lester. William Bernard 300 978 Leccueur, Barbara Jean 291 Letize, Ronald Albert 341 Leverenz, Carl Leo 398 Leveson, Harris, III 337 Levin. Shirley Carol 283 Levine. David 325 Levine. David Peter 340 Levine. Roy Leonard 378 Levitt. Robert Alan 431 Levy. Barbara Ann 273 Levy. David Lawrence 179 Lewis, Annette 390 Lewis. Roger Kenneth 329 390 Lewis. Ruth Belinda lAbertore, Lawrence. Jr. 214, 217. 218. 219. 220. 222. 225, 227 Lieberman. Edward Lieberman. S. Gary 337 Liles. Rutledge R. 315 Lincoln. Richard William 412 Lind, Ruthann 281 Linden. Clarence Dean 311 Lindsey, Robert Spann 321 Lindsey. Winnifred E. 285 Linger. Carol Ann 176. 279 Linn. Jean Bowman 277 Lipkin. Samuel Baruch 337, 398 Wolf. Norman Harold 423 Lipscomb. Prank M.. Jr. hDsDa, Forrest F. 313. 382 Liston. Paul Sperry 315 Little, Leslie Lyon 277 Little. Richard M. . 412 Livingston. Jack Duane 398 Lloyd, Bruce Delap 305 Lober. Jere Edward 327 Lochner, Jared Thomas 135 Locke. Robert Alan 337 Loden. Elliot 325. 398 Logic. Arthur Jones, Jr. 391, 398 Long, Edward Joseph. Jr 327 Longmuir. Gordon Bryce 307 Lopez, Alfonso R.. Jr. 331 Lopez. Louis 412 Lopez. Ramon Anthony 303 Lord, Clark Bennett 313 Lord, Joseph Kreamer 319 Lord, Peter Jerome 315 Losman. Donald Lee 325 Loss. Joan Marcia 283 Lough. Robert. Jr. 412 Lovell. Linda Carol 281 Lovinger. King F. 299. 419 Low. Arthur 340 Lowe. John McIfoy, Jr. 317 Lucas. Thomas Ramsey 390 Lucey. Patricia Adams . 277 Lunn. Egildo Eugenio 378 Luliman, Stephen H. 335 Lund. Charlotte Clara 405 Lundy, Walker W., Jr. 169 Later. Joseph Howell. Jr. 322 Luthy, Mice Bonner 279 Lutz. Joy Frances 281 Luyk. Clifford Bruce 236 Lyle, William Lee 333 Lynch. Francis Justin 321 Lynch. Lawrence Fdererick 321 Lynda. Michael Foster 331 Lyon. Robert Glenn 431 Lyons. Calvin 0.. Jr. 378 Lyons. Leonard Julius 318 Lytle. Anne Carolyn 291 Lytle, Ernest James. HI 333 Macbeth, Jon Lowell 217. 219. 223 MacDonald, Dorothy Ann 176 MacDonald. Metilyn C. 287 MacDonald. Rosalyn E. 287 MacDonald. Susan M. 285 Nfachtey, Benin Mel 273 Mack. Edward Reed, Jr. 303 Mack, Howard Wayne. Jr 391 MacKay. Frederic M. 321 MacKay, Kenneth H.. Jr 157 MacKenzie. Frederick D Jr 329 MacLanahan. Donald, Jr. 412 MacLean. James Arthur 378 Nfackair, Martin P.. Jr. 307 Maddocks. John L.. II 319, 382 Maddox. Earl Eudon 321 Madriz, Marco Aurelio 378 Magill. Charles Dupont 301 Mahaffey. Katherine R. 96 Maier. Ronald Milton 311 Main, Donald John 419 Maish. George Bouscay 315 Mak. Euan Ylu On 412 Malin Harold Martin 299 Mellinger, Allan F 325 Mellinger. Marcia 283 Maloy. Charles Edward 307 Damao. Salvatore 323 Manes. James S.. Di 915 Marinelli. David P. 321 Mank, Rodney Layton 333 Mann. David Charles 313 Mann. Larry Eugene 405 Mansolo. Virginia Elizabeth 287 429 Manson. Jane Christian 285 Marant, Herbert R. 321 Marchando. Alex Sam, Jr. 319 Marcum. William H.. Jr. 412 Markham, David Ashford 304, 398 Markowitz. Carol Sue 195 Marks. Harold Bernard 431 Marley. Carole Lynn 275. 382 Maronek. Florence N. 273 Marsh. Emma Jane Kizer 405 Marshall. Donald N. 412 Marshall. James William. Jr. 329 Marshall. John Arthur 333 Martin. Coy 412 Martin. Denise I. Mean 279, 405 Martin. Gary Grant 309 Martin. Geraldine Ann 392 Martin. Jim Lee 321 Martin. John It. III 321 Martin. Paul Frederick 412 Martin. Sue Carroll 195, 279 Martin. William W. 382 Martinez, Raymond Bert 317 Martoccia, Lionel J. 398 Mason. James Bryan 315 Massaro. Andrew 431 Mastry, Robert Donald 327 Wayne Kenn 311. 412 Mate. Joseph John. Jr. 313. 391 Mathews, Charles Thomas 398 Mathis. Thomas Otis, Jr. 319 Matt. Robert James . 311 Matteis. Richard M. 331. 412 Maughan. Nelson Wells 329 Maulden. Ernest D. 323 Maurer. Alfred Hans. Jr. 317 Mauer, George Henry 405 Maxfield. Thomas Alex 321. 399 Maxwell. Charles Ray 321 May. Jeffrey James 335 May. Nancy Ann 285, 391 Mayo. Clifford. Jr. 321 McAdam. Richard B. . 305 McAllister. Mary Jean 195. 269 McAllister. Nancy L. . 429 McAllister. Richard D. 338 McArthur, James Andrew 378 McArthur. Thomas Willis 303 MCAUlay. Charles Moore, Jr. 333 McAvena, Joanne Mary 399 McBride. Bobby Green 390 McCall. Phillip James 319 McCall. Ronald Dean 423 McCall, Tristram B.. Jr. 305 McCallum. Donald Bruce 399 McCann. Thomas Leroy . 431 McCarthy. Edward Robert. Jr 333 McCarty. John Moore, Jr. 333 McCaskill. H. Lee. Jr. 309. 382 McCathern. George Michael 327 McClellan. Guerry H. 390 McClellan. L. Edward, Jr. 329 McClumpha. Philip D. 303 McClure, Julie Ann 176 McClure. Linda P. 405 McClure. Mercer Lewis .. 315 McCollum. Oscar 0., M . 309 McCormick. John Rayford 321 McCormick. Sarah Scott 277 McCormick. William Richard 307 McCranie, Joseph J.. In . 327. 390 McCroan. Leonard, Jr... 378 McCullough. John Logan 413 McCully. James Greig 314 McCurdy. Betty Ann M. 390 McCurry. Ray 319 McDaniel. John H.. Jr. 309 McDaniel. Walter D. . 413 McDonald, Harrison. Jr. 319, 413 McDonald. Robert Eugene 303. 382 McDonnell. James Cooper 341. 382 McDonough, George Adt .. 413 McDonough, Paul Joseph 390 McDougald. Sarah Elizabeth 291 McDowell. Ellen Holt 269 McEwan, Bruce 309 MeGahey. Kent Itsid 309 McGarity. William Dudley. Jr. 315 McGuffin. Robert Michael 307 McGuire, Joan Elizabeth 405 McHale. Michael M. 333 McHaney. Gail Elizabeth 271 McIntosh. Donald Craig 303 McKay, Jo Ann White 429 McKee. Robert Bolllim 382 index McKenzie. Patricia A 391 MeKibbin, Clifford. III 321 McKinnon. Angus B.. Jr. 399 McKnight. John Hugh 321. 399 McLaughlin. Judith Ann ..... 271. 391 McLaughlin. Suzanne R. 271 McLendon. Edd D. 413 McLeod. Margaret Anna 287 McMahon. Michael V. 303 McMichael. Warren D., Jr. 317. 399 McMillan. Charlene Ft 291 McMullen, Robert W., II . 323 399 McNair. Dorothy Dianne 291 McNair. Duane 287 McNeill. Melvin James 319 McPherson. De Ette F. 176 McRae. Heloise Landry . 405 McRae. Herbert Wesley 315. 419 e, rry Barnes 307 McRae. William Earl. Jr. 315 McWhorter. James Morgan 321 Meade, Barry Irving .... 325 Mealor, William Theodore. Jr. 329 Medlin. Richard Larry 333 meffert, Michael David 329 Megahee. Iris Ann 291. 399 Melton. Julian Ralph 325 Melo, Pete Antonio .... 323 Melton. Dennis Cortez 307 Melton. John Paul 331 Menge. Ewell E., Jr. 313. 413 Menocal. Armando M.. III 333 Mentzer. Suzanne H. 429 Menze, Ramon Albert 340 Menzel, Robert John 331. 413 Mercer. Douglas Locard 311 Merchant. Joan Rush 269 Meredith. Virginia Lee 277, 429 Merk. Linda Rosemary 281 Merrill. Henry M. 335 Merritt. Eddie Eugene 331 Merritt. Wayne Thomas 391 Meshaw. Harry W., Jr. 315 Messec. Jerry Lamont 329. 391 Metzger. Guy Henry 319 Metzger. Joe Howard 311 Meyer. Harvey K.. III 329 Meyer. Jerry Pat 319. 431 Meyer. Sharon Yvonne 275 Meyers. Irvin Allen 423 Meyers. Juanita Rase 269 Michael. Heather Sue 283 Michle, Virginia Lee 271 Middlemas, Robert O., III 391 Middleton, Harlow C 315 Mignon. William Patrick 405 Mllco. Stephen Robert 341 Mllam, Thomas B.. III 303 413 Milford. Charles P., Jr. 333 391 Militello. Sam 413 Miller, Charles Donald 413 Miller. Constance 391 Miller. Donald Edward 311 Miller. Herbert T.. II 405 Miller. Jane Laird 176 Miller, Jim Ernest 309 Miller. John B.. Jr 303 Miller, Lloyd Gary 413, 331 Miller. Michael James 319 Miller, Raymond Keith 913 Miller. Raymond Wesley 413. 907 Miller. Susan Lynne 279 Millman, Barbara Nancy 273 Mills. Ira Drew 378 Milton. Betty Brown 391 Milton. Flo Ann 268. 297. 405 Minchew, Henry E.. Jr. 307 Minor. John David 331 Minsker, Joel Norman . 298 Miranda, Victor R. 226 Mitchell, Alvin Glenn 382 Mitchell. Edward Ladew. Jr. 305 Mitchell. Jack E.. Jr. 313 Mitchell, John Scott 311 Mitchell. Samuel P.. Jr. 341 Mitchell. Walker Wear 311 Mixon, William Arthur 309 Mock. Roger Carlton .. 335 Mogelvang, Leonard C 313 Monaco. Catherine Joy 405 Monrose. Barbara Jean 281 Montgomery. Deters Ann 391 Montgomery, Judith P. 277 Montgomery. Mary Susan 281 Montgomery. Sarah M. 289 Moody. Clifton Gary 431 Moody, James Walter 280 Moonen. Roger Francis 413 Moore. Clayton H.. III 317 Moore. David Julian 301, 382 Moore, George Crawford J. 175, 309 Moore, Julian S., Jr. 378 Moore. Margaret Rose 271 Moore. Thomas Robert 319 Moorhead. James Gordon .. 157. 174. 175 Moran. Robert Stephen 337 Mortals, George Reynold 329 Moraitis. Nicholas. Jr. 329, 413 Morales. Norbert S. . 317 Morgan. Cherrie Lynn 277 Morgan. Donald Richard 382 ' Morgan. Richard Blair 309 Morgan. Suzanne 279 Morgan. Thomas Edmund 335 Morgan. Tomma Elizabeth 405 Morlang, William McKay. II 307 Morris, William Haggard 413 Morrison, Janet Diane 288 Morrison. Richard C. 341. 419 Morrison. Robert Lee Morrison. Robert William 333 Morroco, Steve 325 Morse. Thomas Allen 378 Morton. Patricia Diane 279 Mosberg. Stewart 337 Mosely. Arthur David 311 Most Adele Mady 283 Moak. Lilly 283 Moskowitz. Gazy Martin 299 Mosley. Janet Elizabeth 289 Moss. George Hemphill. II 328 Mossbacher, Rolf Robert 413 Motschman, Beverly Ann 271 Mottlau, Hugh Dane 335 Moulton. James Vincent 413 Mount, George Elton . 341. 413 Mountain, Robert Bruce Mountain. Ronald H. 423 Moyle. Jon Cameron 327. 84, 108. 157. 423 Mulligan. Peter John 413 Mullis. Daniel H. 399 Munroe. James Barrie 413 Munson. Bonnie Jean 281 Muraro. Robert Emil 315 Murdock. Gerald R.._. 313 Murphy. Jimmy Allen 413 Murphy. Larry Lee 327 Musler, Harry John, III 311 Mussalem. Anthony Joseph 311.391 Myers. Allen Ray 303 Myers, William Russell 338 Myers. William Thomas 911 Mykel, Maurice Charles 187 Mynatt, Garrett R.. Jr. 303 Myrick, Charley T.. Jr. 321 Nabutovsky. Leonard M. 978 Naugle, Linda Kay 277. 391 Nee. William Paul 419 Neher, John Bateman 317 Nelson. Clarence William. II . 189 Nelson. Judith Ann 291 Nelson. William Townes 307. 378 Nemeth. Paul Stephen 340 Neral. Dianne Elizabeth 269 Resler. Barbara Gail 116 Neuhaus. Bette Sharon 283 Neumann. Gretchen M. 291 Neumeister, George Edward 399 Nevergold. Richard U. 918 Newmark. Stanley M. 325 399 Niblock, William Paton 321 Nice. John Robert 321 Nichols. Barbara Lynne 391 Nichols. John Russell 331 Nichols. Lynne Rae 291 Nicholson. Lawrence D. 321 Nicolson. Gilbert S.. Jr. 315 Nielson. George S. 335. 399 Noble. Robert Eugene 341 Noland. Donald Forrest 305 Norman. James Fred 319 Norman. Marilyn J. Cox 269. 429 Norman. Stephen B. 337 Norris. Kenneth Leroy 333. 399 Nosovitsky, Harold S. 337 Novick, Alan Richard 299 Oakes. Donald Harry 431 Oates. Charles Harmon 329 Oberst. Michael Alan 299 O ' Brien. Gavin 158. 167 O ' Connell. Daniel W. 303 O ' Connor, Margaret E. 287 Ogrean. Sandra P. 277 Olack. Richard John 399 Oleary, Lilah Consuelo 291 licit, Roderick 313 Olman. Melvyn C. 337 Omalley, Denis John 382 O ' Neill. Albert C.. Jr. 305 Oquin, Jacqueline 281 Osterholt, David B. 319. 429 stile. Harriette Y. 405 Ostrofsky. Manuel M. 340 Ostrom. Sara Conant 285 Oswalt. Thomas William 378 Otto. Anita Marie 269 Oven. Hamilton S., Jr. 309 Overman, Mary Anne 289 Owen. John Charles 335. 382 Owens. Robert Gene 382 Owens. Sandra Juanita 269 Padgett. Richard Hall 317 Page. Edward Eugene. Jr. 158. 221. 222. 224, 328 Faille. Douglas Paul 321 Painton, George Everitt 399 Palmer, Sylvia Ruth 279 Palmer. Warren E. 333 Palmquist, Mark Holm 341 Papastrat, Chris 307 Paquette, Lawrence George 391 index Pares. Gus Nick 382 Phillips. Trudy Lisa 273 Ramsey. Roy Gilbert 414 Pereira. Carol Ann 281 Piazza. Frank A.. Jr. 313 Ranch, Claire Ann 279 Park, Robert Eugene 68. 165 Pickering. Michael J. 188, 321 Randall. Cora Hancox 181 Parker, Clifford R. 168 Pierce. Gerald Vance 329 Randall. John Clark 329 Parker. Newton Daniel 303 Pierce. Porter Lamar 300. 378 Raney. Richard Thomas 329 Parker. Roger Anthony 309. 378 Pierson, Charles Fred 327 Rape. Kenneth Owen 187 Parker, Stanley Byron 313 Pigott. Raymond Eugene 382 Raper. Musette 287. 391 Parks. Bennett Allen 413 Piket. Stanley C..._. 307 Rauch. Jon Laurence 325 Parks. Gerald Michael 333. 391 Mans. Charles P.. III 185. 186. 303 Rayfield. Charles Alton 307. 399 Parks. Sandra Anne 289 Pimm. John Howard 413 Raraano, Michael R. 339. 391 Parrott. Thomas A.. II 335 Pinney. William Emery 185 Read. Daniel Edwin, Jr. 329. 391 Parsons. Robert Gregory 378 Pitcher. Gordon G., Jr. 391 Read. Robert Joseph 414 Parsons. Stewart Earl 297. 329 Plager. Marcia Remes 391 Reagan. Patrick L.. 311 Partin. Walter Douglas 213. 216 Platt. John Kenley . 329 Ream. Nancy Cassandra 279 Pastor. Jane 405 Meseta, Mary Elaine 275 Redderson. Carl Louts 313 Patchen. Patrick N. 225. 226. 230. Plumb. Robert Allen 391. 334 Reed, David Vernon 399 311. 413 Poddick, William. Jr . 333. 379 Reel. Jan Marie 279 Patrick. Sheila Rae 91. 270. 405 Poh. Ronald Homer 307 Reems. Roland Blair 311 Patten. Dale Edward 413 Polick. Melvin Emmett 419 Reeves, Gerald King 335 Patterson. Barbara Ann 271 Polk. Margaret Ann 405 Register. Lloyd Aderin 379 Paul. Donald Bruce . 325 Polly, Clare Mitchell 405 Reilly. Kathleen S. 291 Paul. John Robertson. Jr.-. 378 Polly. William B. 382 Fteinis, George Ramon 414 Paul. Norman Allen 339 Poole, Allan 99 158. 165 Reisman, Terry Milton 325 Paul. William Gene 299 Poor, Robert Clair 419 Reitz. Marjorie Hayes 17. 279, 325 Paulk. Charles Maurice. Jr. 303 Popick. David William . 340 Reizen. Edward Merritt 325 Payne, Charles Howard 333 Poppell. Reese Thomas 309. 379 Reynalds. Sally 429 Payne. Glenn Dale 305 Porter. Frank Lee. III 321 Reynolds. Charles Bonfcey 327 Payne. Thomas Edward 333 Porter. Ronald Nathan 325 Reynolds. Dorothy V. 291 Peacock. Robert Gary 1, 171. 297. Portman, Barnard M.... 337 Rhoads. Virginia Arils 281. 406 307.419 Posey, Barbara Jane 431 Rhodes, James Edgar. III 315 Peacock. Thomas, Jr. 382 Posner. Marion Frances 273 Rice. Elizabeth Sandra 285 Pearce. Ruby Dianna 291 Poston. Ralph R.. Jr. 311 Rice. Harold James 414 Pearcy. Richard Don 399 Potocki, Johnny A.. Jr. 313 Rice. Russell Stanley 315 Pearl. Anthony Philip 325 Pottlitzer. Edward Herman 299 Richards. Donald Earle 399 Pease. Philip Barton 413 Poulos. Christopher 303 Richardson, Sandra J. 271 Pecullan. Henry Peter 299 Poutinen, Wayne Bodor 321 Donald Carl 419 Pedersen. James Oliver 315 Povey. Howard Linton 379 Richman. Gerald Frederick 299 Pedone. Mary Delores 405 Powell. Bill Cecil 382 Richmond. John Lloyd. Jr. 335 Peet. Donald Sullivan 317 Powell. Stephen Joseph 321 Richter, Alan Barry 299 Pelham. Reginald M. .. 335 Powers. Charles Kent . 301. 379 Ricker. Roberta 2 81. 391 Pell. Thomas Michael, Jr. 319 Powner. George Edward 431 Rleketson. George M III 307 Pellum, Frederick James, Jr. . 391 Pralle, Marilyn Louise 279 Ricks, Ralph Ervin 382 Pence. Joseph Ross 301 Pratt. Ronald Charles 305 Riediger. Hermann Hall 319 Pender. David Royhl 311 Pratt. Robert Harkness 185 Rifle. Ralph L., Jr. 414 Pendone, Mary . . 289 Preston. Robert Jules 327. 399 Righetti, Thomas Raymond 309 Penegar. Linda Louise 271, 399 Price. Charles Wininn. Jr 311 Rtgney. Diane Elizabeth 84. 271 Percefull, Mary Jane 279 Price. Donna Virginia 271 Ringgold. Donald Wayne 217 Perez, Deanna Angela . 269 Priest, Michael Alonza 379 Ripley, Joseph Mills. Jr. 68 Perez, Joe Daniel 391 Prince. Judy Lynn E. .. 96. 269 Ritch. Robert Franklin 321 Perez, Peggy Joann 429 Prosper ' . Nelda Nina .. 186 Ritchie. John Harvey. Jr. 311 Perley. William Andersen 303 Prosser, John Carlisle 321 Ritter, Royal Jacob 309. 423 Perlin, Charlotte L. W. 391 Proles. George Dennis ... 431 Robbins. Mary Anne 277 Perlroth, Rennay Carol 283. 405 Psaras. George Peter ... 431 Roberson, Judith Alma 269 Perls. Jeffrey Alan 325 Puckett. John Donald 311. 382 Roberts. Donald Wayne .. 399 Perricone. Philip Joseph 305 Pupene. Jon Wallace 391 Roberts, Ivan Beryl, Jr. 335. 391 Perry. David Michael 413 Purcell. Lee Harper 309 Roberts, James Steven 339 Perry, Donald Robert 329 Puryear, Joan 285. 406 Roberts. John Everett 399 Perry. Mary Bayard 285 Putnam. George Edward 309 Roberts. Merry Lynn 406 Perry. Muriel Dean . 378 Putney. James Ragan 413 Robinson. Pamela 275 Perry. Robert Gerald . 165 Pyle, Robert Cooper 391 Robinson. Richard M......... 328 Pesek. Joseph Albert. III 315 Robles. Alvaro 382 Pestcoe, Bernard Charles 299, 399 Qualls. Richard Lamar 339 Robuck. Marion Haynes 285. 392 Peterson. Sandra L. 289 Queen. Shirley Elaine 195. 291 Roby. Ronald Maury 312 Pfeiffer. Eileen F. 287 Quinby. John Sheldon 305 Rochon, Peter Morris 329. 399 Pfeiffer. Gerald Peter 305 QUisenberry, James P.. Jr. 329 Rock. Sally Ann 277 Pletcher. Carole Jean 271 Rockwood, Linda 429 Pfleger. Thomas Joseph 399 Rabb, Robert Earle 391 Rodgers. Clyde Adrian 379 Phelan. Marilyn Elise 391 Rabin. Ronald Stuart 325 Rodriguez. Ada Miriam 392 Phillips. Billy Craig 413 Reborn, George Wayne 329 Rogers. Richard B.. Jr. 383 Phillips. G. Warren 317 Radford. Charles Winston 315 Rohn. Darrell Gene 336 Phillips. Gamaliel D. 378 Rae, Rutherford L. Jr. 311 Rojas. Mario 305. 379 Phillips, James Joseph 335 Raines. Robert Sanders 337 Rollins. Cheryl Marie 279 Phillips, Maurice Holt 315. 413 Ramsay. Richard Eugene 338 Rollins. John Benson 307 Phillips. Stephen E. 307 Ramsey, Kenneth Mason 309. 413 Rollins, Judith Anne 406 index Roman. Barbara Ann 281 Sankows. Joseph Robert. Jr. 321 Selesnik. Benjamin Harold 392 Roman. Elizabeth 291 Sans. Daniel Peter 333 Selevan. Jack Simon 337 Roney. Janis Rae 281 Sanz. Donald Lee 333 Selevan. Jerald Allan 340 Root. Harry H., III 303 Sapp. Jerry Cecil. Jr. 431 Self. Thomas William . 392 Requemore. David W., Jr. 303 Satin, Joel Lewis 392 Sellers, Eve 275. 392 Rose. David Burroughs 307 Satz. Harvey Stephan 325 Sellers, Joe Lewis 341 Rose. Steven Jeffrey 299 Saunders. Woodian P. 307 Selman. Mary Ellen Rosean, Steven Gary 325 Sauce. Dennis Neil 303 Selman. Wiley Alan . 314 Rosen, Arnold Leon 299 Savitt, Barry Lee 299 Senterfitt. Vernon C. . .... 392 Rosen. Howard Joel 337 Savitz, Sarah Davie 277. 392 Serdynski. Donald B. . 379 Rosenblatt. Lawrence B. 299 Saxon, Samuel Albert 323 Service. Ned Roger 323 Flosenbleeth, Barry I. 325 Scalia Sandra J. 392 Servin, Dagney Anita 281 Rosenfeld. S. James 392 Scales, David Frier. Jr. 303 Sessions. Ann ........... . 279 Rosenstock. Herbert 325 Scales. P. B. Key. III 303 Severance. James Davies 319 Floss. Donald John . 329 Scarbrough. Harriett G. 279. 408 Seymour, Anne Bright 399 Ross, Lynda Stein 273 Scarcella, Frederick R. 414 Shahan. Larry Austin .. 392 Roth. Danny George 311. 392 Schaefer. Henry Joseph. Jr. 323 Shames. Ervin Richard 324 Roth, Steven Marc 289 Schaffer. Gary Joseph 319 Shanklin, Harold Dale 185. 321 Rothberg. Owen Oscar 414 Schapiro. Linda Ellen 273 Shapro, James Gordon .. 325 Rothenberg. Arlene Ann 185. 273 Scharlott. Susan L. 281 Share!. Philip David . 325 Rothstein, Ronald Jay 176, 177. 299 Schatzberg. Glenn E. 309 Sharp. Lee Elaine 279 Rothwell, John Crossley 329 Schaufele. Chris B. 392 Shave. Benjamin Evans .. 927 Rouse. Frank James . 335 Schaumburg, Charles A. 311. 392 Shay. Judith Michael 269 Routman, Beverlee C. 273. 406 Schechter. Gilbert M. 299 Shay. Peter David . 337 Ftovansek, Raymond Joseph 341 Fkheiber, Lane Renard 414 Shea. Diane Gladys G. .. . 291 Revenger. Ellen Ruth 273 Scheinblum, Allan Fred 299 Shea. Nancy Ellen Rowan. Wincel Robbins 406 Scheinhoft, Leonard S. 325 Shearer, John Alfred . 414 Rowe. Barbara Lynn 271 Scher. Simon Harry 340 Shearon. Bernard F.. Jr. 321 Rowe. Palmer W., Jr. 341 Scherer. Lester Eugene 379 Sheehan, James Harley . . 399 Royal, Robert Daniel, Jr. 327, 379 Schestag. Miriam Lulse 406 Sheehan. John Timothy 307 Royals. Horace R.. Jr. 301 Schiff. Paul Leon 339 Sheets. Robert William .. 317 Royce. Raymond Watson 159. 303, 423 hilt. Roger Frederick 319 Shenlunan. Jerrold 337. 392 Ftezen. David Leon 299 Schipper. Arlene L. 406 Shepherd. John B., Jr. 303 Rubey. Albert Burr 341 Sehirard, Joseph Brantley 321. 379 Sheridan. Joseph Lawrence .. 399 Rubin. Gall 273 Kehirard, Sydney Duke 321 Sherritze. Janice Sue 275 Rubin. Michael Stephen 337 Schlosser, Ellen B. 273 Sherwood. Roger H. 329 Rucker, David Woodside 303 Schmid. Jon Charles 303 Shields. Roger Elwood 329. 399 Rudd, Robert Earl 379 Schmidt. Albert Howard 307 Shellac. Mary Virginia 279 Ruder " . Warren Louis 325 Schmidt, George Frank 313 Shorr, Norman 937 Rudnick. Stanley Bob 299 Schmidt, Nancy 383 Short. Charles Richard 400 Rudolph. Frederick Karl, Jr. 311 Sehminky. Janet Marie 281 Shoudy, Constance Anne 269 Rumberger. Edwin Thomas 159, 187, Schneck. Beatrice R. 273 SlOran, Phillip Ross 325 321, 423 Schneider, Jenny Lynn 283 Siegel. Judith Suzanne 273. 406 Rumpel. Linda Loyd 275 Schneider. Michael P. 325. 392 Sless. Douglas George 319 Runyon. William Ellis 317 Schneider, Peter L. 399 Silcox, Jayne Elizabeth 269 Rusch, Robert Mortimer 329 Schneider. William Joseph 399, 320 Silkebakken, Don M. 323 Rush, Jeffery Lee 319 Schoetker, Russell, Jr. 305 Sills. Ronald Tyrone 309 Rusinek, Olivia Bishop 281 Schopke. Emory Neil 327 Simanton, Donald Frost 392 Ruskin, Howard Mark 337 Schram. Martin Jay 299 Simmons, Harold R. 323 Russell, Robert Buck 333 Schubert. Daniel M. 311 Simmons. Henry Hoyt 423 Rust. Peter Allan 309 Schull, Theodore Lawrence 337 Simmons, James 305 Ruth. Charles William 392 Schultz. John M.. Jr. 305 Simmons. Rebecca Sue 271 Rutledge. Sylvia W. 406 Schuster. Ellen Ruth 273 Simon, Patricia Lee 283 Ratter. Robert William, Jr. 305 Schuster, Steven Edward 299 Simpson. Paula Lee 274 Rya ' s, William Daniel 319 Schulte. Ronald William 414 Sims. James Elder .. 414 Schwacierer, Owen Clark 315 Singer. Malcolm Scott 392 Saba. William Atkinson 315 Schwadron. Adam J. 299 Singer. Stephen B. 337 Sabin. Grant Eugene 323 Schwartz Douglas B. 324 Singer. Thomas 325 Sabin, William John 323 Schwartz, Ellen Susan 273 Singletary, Dora Mae 408 Subs, Joel Martin 299 Schwartz. Kay Suzanne 283 William Henry 414 Sacks Carole Wilma 283 Schwartz, Robert Harry 414 Sinott, Barry 337 Saenz. Grackle, Renata 281 Schwartz, Steven Henry 299 Sipes. Cynthia Jean 269 Safer, Jane Ilene 273 Scollin, George Douglas 331 Sister, Anne Edwards 96. 290 Sager. Barbara ' ma 273 Sconyers, Sandra Lee 285 Sites. Sharon Eleanor 271 Sager. Susan Marla 159, 273, 383 Scott. Meredith Lee 392 Skeen. Christopher E. 305 Saler. Carol Ann 289. 420 Scott. Ronald Dale 414 Skelly. Richard James 218 Saltzman. Ronald M. 337 Seagle, Edgar Franklin 323. 414 Skemp. John Hess. Jr. 918 Sanborn. Priscilla I. 271 Seals. Roger Kyle 81. M. 414 Slack. Arthur Ronald 231. 400 Sanchez. Celeste Ann 289 Sears. George W., IV 323 Slater. Diane 289. 406 Sanchez. Roger Arsenio 379 Sense, John Clifford 307 Slater. Robert William 414 Sander. Nancy Lee 291 Seay. Edwin Boone 314. 383 Slaughter. Marshall 0 400 Sanders. Carolyn E. 277 Secrist, Lynne A. 159, 392 Slaughter. Thomas Edward 414 Sanderson. Joe David 313 Seese, W. Frederick. Jr. 317 Slinger. Rollin N.. Jr. 392 Sands, James Harvey. Jr. 321 Seller. Walter Carl 329. 392 Sloan. Ethel Jane 279 index Sloan. Mary Anne 271 Stafford. Linda Ann 271 Svabek. Joyce 287. 406 Slott. Arnold Herbert 327 Stainton. Mary Frances 291. 406 Swan. Neil Duncan 321 Small. William Ross 333 Stainton. Memel Barr 309 Swanberg. Ernest E. Jr. 383 Smalley. Ronald William 309 Stanford, William Holt L.. Jr. 315 Sweat. Donald Edwin 393 Smith. Clarence 400 Stanley. Alfred W. H.. Jr. 392 Sweet. Marshall Oakes Smith. Dianne Hales 279 Stanley. David Warick 167. 311 406 Sweger. John Bouldin. Jr. Smith. Donald Emerson 307 Stanley. Judith Lee B. 287. 406 Swigert. William Theron 423 Smith. Douglas Bruce 414 Stansell, Emory Hines 383 Swope, Gloria ()tuella 271. Smit h. Fred Leslie 420 Staples. Jane Andrews 275 Talley. Carl P.. Jr. 315 Smith. Frederick A.. Jr. 309 Stapleton, James Gilbert 323 Talley, Pickens C.. II 321 Smith. George Marquis 329 Star. Annette 392 Tamplin, Carolyn F. 285 Smith. Homer Clifton Smith. James Hilory 414 414 Starcher, Dennis A.. Jr. Stark. Carol 317 392 Tanner. Walter C. Tarbeck. Lynda)] I. 74. 279. Smith. Jan Ellis 315 Starling. John M. 423 Tate, Carol Evalyn 271 Smith. Jayne Hadley 408 Stearns. John M.. Jr. 327 Tatom. Robert C. Smith. Larry Homer 331 Steckert. Mildred C. 279 Tatum. Elizabeth Ann 287. 431 Smith. Leroy Harold 321 Steen. William James. Jr. 303 Tauber, Nancy Jane 273 Smith. Marjorie Ann .. 289 Steimle, Roger Linn 311 Taylor. Charles Gary 383 Smith. Robert Frederick 335 Stein, Bernard M. 311, 392 Taylor, Donald Richard .. 315 Smith, Robert. Jr. 315 Stein. Esther Joan 406 Taylor. Elizabeth Johanna 289 Smith. Robert Leon 327. 414 Stein. Harold Daniel 185 Taylor. Elizabeth Ann 291 Smith. Roberta 84 Steinberg. Jay Alan 340 Taylor. Elizabeth Anne 281 Smith, Ronald Edwin 306 Steinbook, Richard M. 299. 392 Taylor. Judith Lavelle 393 Smith. Ronald Lloyd 307 Steinhauser, Babette A 281 Taylor, Maxine 283 Smith. Samuel Vernon 309, 379 Steinlauf. Elaine E. 273 Taylor. Milton Kent 307 Smith. Sandra Jean 277, 187 Stephan. Joan Diane 291 Taylor. Ralph N.. Jr. 311 Smith. Stanley Louis . 337 Stephens. Carolyn Joan 291. 383 Taylor. Robert Vernon 383 Smith. Stephen P. D. 313 Stephens, Harold B 301, 379 Taylor. Thom as Elliott 414 Smith. Victoria Elizabeth 279 Stephens. Jay Alan 331. 414 Taylor. Wyatt Robert 333 Smith. William Rogers 335 Stern. Jorge Miguel 379 Tedder. George Lewis. Jr. 315 Smith. William Lunsford 431 Stern. Martin Howard 337 Tedder. Warren L.. Jr. 400 Smoak. Philip L.. Jr. 315 Stern. Richard L. 325 Temple. William Grenville 333 Snedaker. Samuel Curry 379 Stern. Rosalind Fay 283 Terry. Joseph Dabney. ,Jr... 329 Snider. Harrison F.. Jr. 303 Stetson. Julie Suzanne 281 Tesser, Arthur Howard 337 Snider. Phoebe Routh 281 Stewart. Barbara Ann 271. 406 Tessler. Michael Edward 299 Snowden. Robert Jackson 315. 420 Stewart. Elizabeth S. Eaton 406 Tharpe. Linda Marie 287 Snoweiss. Howard 340 Stewart. Larry Scott 307. 393 Theobald. Theodora 291 Snyder. Honey Jean 285. 392 Stewart. Robert Gerald 414 Thigpin. Mary Carol G. 375. 406 Snyder. Jack Barry 311 Stewart. Robert Nolen 303 Thigpin, Richard 0. 312 Snyder, Jeanne Marie 271, 420 Stidham. Thomas Marvin 313 Thoman, Mary Emma 271 Sollee. William Lawrence 311 Stiffler. Robert Francis 414 Thomas, Fred Olin. Jr.. 323 Solomon. George Melvin 337 licetether. G. William, Jr. 160 Thomas. Joseph Michael 393 Solon. Alexander David 337 Stiles, Judith C. 291. 171 Thomas. Nancy Jo 289 Sommons. John Randolph . 400 Stinson. Jerry Eugene 400 Thomas. Peter B.. Jr. 311 Sopher, Richard Thryne . 331 Stimpson. John Franklin 329 Thompson. Edwin F. 315 Sorrell. Gareth Halsey 307 Stinson, William Baxter. Jr. 317 Thompson. James Donald 311 Sosa. Enrique 379 Stoker. Charles Allen 321 Thompson, Joseph Edward 303 Soto. Manuel Antonio 379 Stoker. James Richard . 321 Thompson. Mona Gay 400 Souder, James Burton 248 Stoltz. Karen Ann 271 Thompson. Norman E. 414 Southwell. Robert Lee. Jr. 323. 414 Stonesifer. Howard A. 303 Thompson. Ralph C.. II 305 Spache. Jacqueline P. 269 Stoutamire, Robert O. 321 Thompson. Robert Natal 333 Spangler, James Robert . 321 Strickland. Harlis D. 414 Thordarson. Julia Ann 285 Spare. Bruce Lawson 400. 334 Strickland. Mary E. 406 Thorman, Baxter Lee 415 Sparks. James Austin 392 Strilla. Lashon Ursula 400 Thornhill. William Robert 379 Speir. Avis Louise 289 Strohm. Patricia 287 Thornton. Carolyn Elizabeth 277 Spence. Guy David 305 Stuart. Carolyn M. 281 Thornton, Raymond C. 400 Spencer. Gale Eleanor Spencer. Sallie Marie 285 269 Stubbs. Roy Davis. II Studstill, Harry F. 311 414 Thrasher. Bruce a Thurlow, Thomas Henry. Jr. 3242 3 321. 4 420 3 Speyer, Charles Erik 321 Stupp. Morton 400 Tiber ' . Carmen Frank 393 Spiegel. Nancy Maude 275 Sturgell. Charles C.. Jr. 414 Tilghman. Thomas Alymer 315. 393 Spiegel. Robert Allan 325 Sturm. Gloria Jean 287 Tillack. John David 307. 420 Spielberger. Pepi H. 171. 273 Stuzin, Charles Bryan 299 Tillman, James Summerlin 335 Sniffer. Warren Henry 340 Styles. Betty Lucille 269 Tilton. William Austin 315, 379 Spiva. Cynthia Leigh 392 Suarez. Efrain T., Jr. 333 Tin. Eastern William 313 Sponder. Raymond 299, 414 Sullivan, Joseph William 333 Tinkley, Gary Kevin 400 Sponholtz. Glenn M. 392 Sullivan. William Edward 400 Tinsley, Teryl Eunell 393 Sprinkel. George Alsop, IV 329 Sumner. Sidney Lanier 341 Tipton. Larry Andrew . 305, 400 Sprott, Sharon D. Gruel 279. 408 Sumwalt, Nancy Neilson 271 Titus. Carl Ernest Spurlock, Judith C. 285 Sunshine. Phyllis Lynn 273 Titus, Jeffrey Hopkins 307 Srodes. James Lewis 311 Surloff, Arthur Barry 325 Titus. Richard Leroy 332. 406 Staab. William Richard 341 Sutphen. Robert Willard 305 Titus. Timothy Adams 315 Stadelman. Harry J.. III 185, 315 Sutton. Kenneth 329 Tooke, Ben Hudson. Jr 303. 393 Stadsklev, Thomas D. .......... 301, 379 Sutton. Leslie Donald 311 Topjun. Terry John 303 Stadtmaiier, Seymour H. 299 Sutton, Lillian 283, 406 Toren ' , Nicholas L. 331 index Tornoe, James Frederick 319, 400 Torraca. Mary Frances .. Tonlas, Richard A. 321 Touchberry. Sheryl D. S. 393 Touchton, Henry Heald 313 Touchton. Kicky Clark 307 Toy. Norman Ellwood 303 Traba. Joe. Jr. . 331 Travasos. Nancy Elsie 406 Travis. Larry K. 319, 383 Travis. Larry Lee 231 Travis. Robert Leonard 313 Traxler. Mary Lucile 406 Treadwell, John P. 307 Trenam. John James. Jr. 303 Trier, Robert Charles, HI 335 Tripolino. Anthony P. 331 Trockle, Michael Thee 307. 415 Trotta. Thomas Neil 321 Trowel ' . John Allen, Jr. 393 Truitt. Rolland Daniel 341 Trupkin. Arline Joyce 273 Tachumy, William Edward. Jr. 307 Tucker. Alden Mayo 415 Tucker. Richard Edward . 337 Tuckman. Susan Gall 283. 400 ' ull. Reid. Jr. . 329 Tunstall, Patricia A. 174 Turmall. George Alvin, Jr 315, 393 Turner. Lawrence D., Jr. I. 173. 400 Turner. Leo Kenneth. Jr. 333 Turtletaub. Michael H. 400 Tutten. Betty Sue 279 Tuttle. Donald Latham 160 Tuttle. Harry Harmon 315 Tyler. Linda Sue . 406 Tyneflel Nancy Carol 279 Uccello. Carl D.. Jr. 407 Udy. Robert William 393 Ulman. Toba . 273 Umbach. Dan Ballard 301 Unger. Herbert Ewald .... 415 Ura, Barbara Jo Anne 283 Urban, Deanna Marie 407 Valadie. Arthur L.. Jr. 321 Van Alen. Charlotte A. 407 Van Arsdall. Joan 407 Van Duyn. William Bayles 415 Van Epp. Richard James 307 Vandegrift, Betty Lou 287 Vanderford, Larry Edward 415 Vandeweghe, Jerome, Jr. 321 393 Varde. Anthony 329 Vaughn. Cecil Ellis 169 Vaughn. Odell W.. Jr. 331 Vecchio. David Alfred 335 Venditti. Mary Lou E. 291 Verser. Aubrey Eldon 415 Vetter. Theodore, Jr. 393 Vickers. Franklin A.. Jr. 305. 420 Vincent ' , Leonard M. 329 Vogt, John Walker 302 Von Gorden. Kenneth M. 400 Von Wald, Harlow Edward 379 Vonk. Harry Cohen 329 Voorhees. Rose Marie 281 Vought. Joseph Farrell 323 Wachs. Andra Lynne 283 Wade, Robert William 431 Wade. Wayne Theodore 379 Wade. William Henry 305 Wagner. Harry Edward, Jr. 331 Wagner. John Wilt 315 Wagner. Phillip Alfred 334, 407 Wagner, William Richard 299 Wah ' Quist. Harold 311 Waite. Carol Annette 277 Waldorf. Mary Grey 285 Wales, Thomas Edward 303 Wallace. Robert David 303 Walling. John D.. III . 303 383 Walsh, Charles Henley 415 Walther. Francis John 311 Walton. Douglas Felix 327 Ward, Collide Elizabeth 407 Ward. Natalie M. Kenny 285. 407 Warner, Irma Beth 273. 393 Warren. Caroline R. 287 Warren. George Lewis 307. 393 Warren, Mary Elizabeth 291 Warren Patricia Lea 279 Warrender. Jane S. 285 Washburne, Charles Benjamin 309 Wasserman. Stephen It 340 Wasson, John Lewis 313 Waterman. John Andrew 319. 383 Waters. Carol Weir 291 NVaters, Robert Michael 339 Watkins. Jan Elizabeth 176 Watrous. William Theo 420 Watson. Ed Scott . 379 Watson. Lawrence J. 319 Watson, Raymond E. 176 Watson. Roy Russell 305 Watson. Samuel E.. Jr. 335 Watts. Roland James 415 Watts. Tommy Neal 383 Waybright. Joan M. 271 Wayne. Harold A., Jr. 335 Weaver. Bennett Clark 196 Weaver. Lawrence B. . 400 Weaver. Lenetta Gayle 407 Webb. Kenneth Albert 315 Webster. Dorothy C. 291 Wehking. Robert Jean 219 Weidner. John P., Jr. 327 Wein. Sandra Lois C. 407 Weiner, Jules 298 Weiner, Sandra Judith 393 Weinstein, Kenneth P. 337 Weinstein. Leslie Alan 299 Weinstein, Stephen M. 237 Weiss, Howard Alan 299 Welchly, James Ho ' gate 393 Weller, Angela May 287. 399 Weller, Cleland N., Jr. 383 Weller. Reginald Frank 320 Weller. William Ernest 400 Welles, William Gaylord, IV 311. 379 We ' linger, Judy Ann 281 Wells. Charles Talley 160 Wells. Henry Hulbert 323 Welsch. Patricia Anne 287 Welshinger, Linda C. 277 Welty, Richard Edward 303 Wentworth. Robert Alan 305. 400 Werner, Linda Gertrude 275 Werner, Michael Bruce 325 Werth, Duncan Scott. II 321 Wesche, James August . 333. 400 West. David Alan 309 West. Gerald Lyle 393 West, Priscilla Ann 275. 393 West. Sara Clyde . 279 Westbrook. Jack Eugene 81 Wester, Dexter Jason 321 Wetzlar, Edward Charles 415 Wheeler, Clark W. 317 Wheeler, Janell Gay 291 Whidden, Robin Mark 309 Whiddon, Hubert F., Jr. 327 Whitaker. Gary Randall 321 White, Edward Dalton, Jr. 309, 393 White. Jerry Lowell . 319 White, Thomas Chester, Jr. 415 White, William Harmon 323 Whitebrook, Nancy Ann 273. 272 Whitehead, Hugh Tyner 311, 383 Whitfield. Sally B. 291 Whitney. Charles Douglas 341 Whitaker, David S. 305, 415 Whyte, Thomas Stuart 416 Wideman, Linda May 273 Wieder, David Sander 337 Wieman, Judith Liane 383 Wierzbowski. Stanley P. . 407 Wiesen, Carole Lynne 283 Wiggins, Donald V. . 420 Wiggins. Richard C. 305 Wilcox, Raymond Edward 313 Wilkes, Shelton King 420 Wildstein. Lawrence D. 299 Wiley, James Kenneth 307. 415 Wilkes, Harry W., Jr. 307 Wilkins. Robert T. 407 Will. George A. 400 Willcox. Dorothy Lee 285 Willem Joel Larry 325 Willett. Patricia Ann 289 Williams. Anderson. Jr. 393 Williams, Freddie H. 312 Williams. Gary Lee 307 Williams. George Allen 329 Williams. George Joseph 393 Williams. Howard Fred 415 Williams, James Hermon 315 Williams. Joseph Harold 393 Williams, Mary Lynn 407 Williams. Patricia Ann 271 Williams, Ralph Waldo 329 Williams. Randall C. 919 Williams, Richard B. 415 Williams. Ronald Gary 333. 400 Williams, Thomas Beekman . 393 Williams, Wallace Dale 415 Williamson. Kendrick W. 160 Williamson, Robert G.. III 303 Williamson. Roy Melvin 331 Willingham. Allan King 331 Willingham. Frank L. 313. 415 Willingham. Howell W. 339 Willis. Thomas Wendell 307 Willits. David Clair 307 Wilson. Clyde H.. Jr. 315 Wilson. Donna Sue 291 Wilson. Frank Houston 311 Wilson. Leonard J.. Jr. 307 Wilson, Nancy Sue 285 Wilson. William Thomas 311 Wing, John Howland 309. 415 Winn. Roberta Maxine 283 Wintz, Charles Richard 341 Wise. Mona Marie 195 Wisher, Ramon Robert 407 Wisler. Thomas Charles 321 Wlshnatzki. Elinor M. 283 Witten, Edward Jacob 337 Wolfe, Charles Francis 307 Wolfe. Melvin Arthur 299 1 1 1 1 .1 1 I 11 1 1 1 1 .1 1 -t 1 -1 .1 1 1 -J 11 1 it r. index Wolfer. Hans John 415 Wig hrich. Einnici A 379 Young. William Thomas. Jr. 309 Wolz. Michael Edward 323 YaggY. Jon Laverne 393 Yow. Judith Laverne 271 Wolz. Suzanne Louise 269 Yale. Jaffrey Franklin 299 Yusko. Adeha Jane 275 Wood. HoMice Kay 289. 429 Yaskin. Both ttt in Patrick 325 2affery. Efstratios D. 415 Wood. Jane Patricia 279 Yavitz. Irving Stanley 299 linchick. Gerald B. 299 Wood. Joann 277 Vavitz. Sheldon M. 393 Zeanah. Richard Lloyd 329. 400 Wood. Mary Evelyn 291 Yeager. Eleanor M. 171. 261. 420 ?miler. Julius Allen 315 Woodall. James William 339 Yearly. John Meredith 310 Zeix" a. Julio Cesar 379 Woodall. John H.. III 321 Watts. William Robert 321 Zepp. Stanley Richard 415 Woodbery. John Edward 308 YeRon. Emery Jay 331. 393 Zimmer. Carol Anne 271 Wooden. Robert Bruce 302. 303 Young David Grier 311 Zmober. Peter Wolfson 337 Woods. Melvin Glenn 315 Young. Dawn M. Wilson 407 Ziperson. Frank 340 Woodward. Carol Anne 281 Young. Ferrell Durham 303 Virgima Ann 275. 393 Woodward. Dana L. 271 Young. James Baskin 317 Zonon. Barry Ivan 337. 400 WooHard. Anne T. 275 Young. James Norman 415 Zorn. Samuel 298 Woolley. James Albert 309 Young. John Richard 301. 383 lima. William James 335 Wright. John Monroe. Jr. 319 Young. Leon Roland. Jr. 321 415 Zukerman. Michael Eli 337. 400 Wright. Robert Edward 303 Young. Leslie Ann 285 Zwerdling. Harold 393 Wright. William Watson 329 Young. Thomas Roy. III 309 Zwibel. Arnold N. 383 x a o 1 ! I a I 1 i 1 11 .. - 1 iC eli 29 -" fi 4 = AV ti :Ad co Vii. A:7 V " 4 ' ' :4 .?i ' l. Y ' ' 9. ." 45,:, ,_;9,) r " 0- a. 1 .=,02 12.c. " .).A " " " k" t 4, lw, ' ' :, ' 4N . , .. 3 ;e..4.. ' .-.. " Lc,: ;i; C.: :v . . .07j 41 Wt. g)? ..e .c., " :, ?-, ,... ,-,,.-. ist3 r 4 ;rii d ' i k, )- 4 ' ..4 c ' C i,: ' ' ST c ' t 3, f.:, 4 tt J.:2.., . . " $ " " " At , _ ;" " " A,k cr 4 may ' ) " IZ I ri; i?; tAA

Suggestions in the University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) collection:

University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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