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I il 11, 'T "JJ J ,Y I n f "'l "T" Q w 4 1 n f Q .'444Q 1 5 A 1 Ill a - H , a .4 4 1 H N I 1 1 ' v x ' ' f-ffl 's . , .. V f. o l - f A I ' ' ' f- ' pf 0 . 4. '4: . , 'si I v r A Q f xg, V 'nn H54- n f "'l "T" Q w 4 1 n f Q .'444Q 1 5 A 1 Ill a - H , a .4 4 1 H N I 1 1 ' v x ' ' f-ffl 's . , .. V f. o l - f A I ' ' ' f- ' pf 0 . 4. '4: . , 'si I v r A Q f xg, V 'nn H54- UNIVERMTY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLL FLORIDA VOLUME 46 -- 1956 M4-J Ll-J CID 1 CZD Pete Kinsey Editor-in-Chief Bob H end ry Business Mgr. Bruce Briley Arr Director .' :'?"f .J Ni vb -SK 12'-P If r i"1f. '53, - '. '15 5 ., ,,., , A - lf ir.. i1?PT"'f. LQ. ing,-' 2-f"S2.,. ' ' I Y?- ,'-"'?E'fiLL' f - . ' iggffgg -if A ' 151,94-Q,',:ff-.-lf'g-1 ,L'- . - 2 ,. :z,g. r f I 5 F ,gig 1.5. r -a,--?.. - . . .. . . , 515 .'-,H-f l., se, - ex:-P 1531. Q , ' -wie: -fwfff' -5- ,H -9 : ""'i"vv?1Lf- 2 A yearbook is many things to many people, and must come as close as possible to meet- ing each of these standards This is the task of a year- book staff, and in a school of l0,000 pupils is extreme-- ly difficult. A An attempt has been made to evaluate the student life, and record the happenings in the over- all light of the student body. This necessitates omitting certain segments, as a re- sult of space limitations. A There has been an unbend- ing attempt to maintain a natural informulity through- out the book, this to pre- serve the atmosphere of this campus as vve see it, as we 1 F' . 5 . O 3 . . .. 'T 14 . nl Iv, 5 ri? U 5 if" I K. x 'T N, ' Q J 'Q Q Y, -13 - .. . gig. 4 .f- ..v A' ag' if ' 1 1: -X, f A -31 'P ...QI AIXS37 J- : ,z A - . .'A.p,fx ,L , :A Q Q -- ,A .,,.1,l.,, . Q-.slr 'K' ..'J'?': "x'?FEEf Vg Q:-9-,F ' "1 ' qrlily-71:4 '.--, 'X' ill' I' ,.N,:f:,. ,Sig -gy, 3, 3 1. Ji. K ag 5 X L-Q' "5 John Paul Jones his book is dedicated to a , .. man who has dedicated his life to the dissemination of infor- mation to those desirous of im- proving their minds. lt is toward this goal that he works year after year. Educator, administrator, author, newspaperman - in each of these roles, he strives to inform the uninformed. As chairman of the Board of Student Publications for several years he has handled a delicate situation, that of advisor but not censor, arbitrator but not arguer, friend to the student pub- lications and their editors and at the same time official of the ad- ministration and duty bound to it. In these many roles he has acted in behalf of the students whenever they were in the right, and has always acted in behalf of the students' publications. lt is for this reason that there is so much freedom granted the publi- cations of the students of this University. lt is for this reason, and others, that this book is proudly dedicated to -John Paul Jones. N.: edication ts nten G C0 Perspective - Administration - - Student Government - - Publications .. - - Beauty - - Leadership - Sports - - Military - - Creative Arts .... Features 81 Organizations Activities ...... Colleges 81 Classes - Greeks ...... Advertising 81 Activities Index , V., . www-rm-1vs::f.fzv-yr'a J mn 1, , '- 'fgijvfiyigfl .iw ,W ggfw KY, "1 A 613222 'aww' The old book is finished, ....,,n Q me Professor Hodges lCenlerl ond friends goze or new Seminole the new tale can start. Corolyn Slorter receives first l954 Seminole, only I4 months lole 's ji 'uv "4 . ,gi J' it nL,'H li, liiyzmn UNT? 5 A 311 lf' "1 Mary as the Maud in "Dan Pasaualef' :1f'!iWW"f' W' .www if f 4 '72 ' If ', if 5 fy ' f f ' 'ffm QL' W f f M ffl 2 452511 ff , MW 5572 fx fllrfz If , , , Q M ' f ' ' 'V rw I A I I :fir fffiigl 7' f ff f f f7fW!gQ7g 4535 7 vmwm ff 'ff f MW ln: K X xf J' av. f wimpy' 4 fry" Inj fy, f " f, A WA ' M' ww.-iiz' A KA: '-M ' . 'fy ' - ."a4.'ff',f 'L ,' 'ahgf ..,, f ,.,, , ,, V .. ff, ,, , 0 ' , W, iffQ1'7"'7'l"75fi9 'f ' 9, ff' '97, " ff' WFT 1 ' Wfw 171 W1 4759? Q' ZW? gdfw L-,ffgura '4na:w"I f'1V"""!VN'u lwrw A f-5 , Vwlfff l'iMfl'! 'rm' ww la aw First, warm weather culture v Helen Maslaff, as Narmg amd Wulham Bed, as Eau Pfzgaaala IH th praaaf two af the same TL Qc!! f I 1 , M mjjy f f I 1 Stcge Mmmger ml "lies MQ l'0te", Plwll Hill llwond Qt le mes ll-lSlfl,lfflIfJl'lS to Dlrefllnrffwmrlllftfur Clem Bocltrlqlvt sm plt Contributes its pa rt. Eootruglwt Cofmlllfts xfvltlw G blur. Plwlus Edge nrnfl A.l'lle'5m, duet in relwefursol. Rzglwl, Ann Clmsswmm relfuxes lcompletelyl between scenes W. 3 :S ww mi 1 fVHT Top, FicQfrnQNfJ Vmnglm, Mmy P mg HLxrnpl1rCy, I IQQDQQ Jameson and Gmrge Brown. Cem- Egr, Jody Keily, Joy Hoyd, Mmy Ann Kong, L1f3eDfee Jfumesom, fwimoNd Vfuughn, Jerry JOHQS, Gnd George Bmwm in SCCIWCS from Summer TI'1eoTre'5 Pygmalion. Flight, Dem Dee JGWGSOD Gnd fVNGFX' Vmq Humplwrci-x Ewgfwrfy gomg om. 12 Organized enierfainment I Q I Anne Freeman, Charles Mathis, Lee Paul, Yvonne Fauieft and Pat Ackerman rn Sun-rntsr Tn-eafrek You Con't Take It With You, C re M C! F A ' P ' 1 s .mmm KN, 42.34 ' lui -...V--. -- li1 K Qulwcl baflmmm Mads bond um Pfam mr me Amerxco Smdgmb rclox in will Fforudo Ummm Imran. Arw'l14IQC1L1re' Sfudemf uw Surwmer Orme Qt' drwlxxmg 'DQ some informal fun, Frolics- Then graduation, Almce Biock enjoying The wmmri-r Mem ond getting pond for It by modeling. Sociol boord sponsored gtreet dome. Porfy Crowd ot Sommer Frofufs, bosemem Broword Holl. Sommer Frohcs Qoeem omd Courti L. To R.: Beverly Domelsg Jody Mokepuece, Dot Greem, Qoeemg Dome Culpepperg Bnllie Sfmdlomd, Chourmon Kmtty Mums. Foregroomd Bob SmgPeToo's Bond. Grodugnon Processuom and summer is done. an l 1 '- ' v X 1 I v 'f f 1. ,iffy f, ",v , f7V 'tj 1 Q, we : 'V K ,gp ,, ,,fM,ff.wwf : Q ,Ai .,..5i.p9,f?V J H g, ,405 , ,f V Z , A , , J f ,ff ,.y41,544,.f V ,,,,. yy. fx ,I .if M9Ei,,fzf' fx. if ,CTW -4 1 - 7' yzfgw , - 1, fe. 414 L LQ, , , , L., + f -4? , ,.. 4 K f ff Q 1 ' zljffw t A 4 ga :dw w , 55 tw, s ,-., ,lgmigi vgw , 5: J , Mi W' f df Q0 d o 'Q , I n.1"g?fgQI gy i 5 fm : e eeey y fs ' w if e y y ,LN an A PM J yarn is . I V5 ww Ii up vm ' ' if, ,g 92, gf 44' NX The new faces arrive, and find out where to go. Shu' Leff and Abavei Freshmen arnve ladened and e!ared Head Cheerleader Joe Evans teaches cheers to freshmen. 9 Yup, Juruwg Mrsflrnfmx qwvuw Huy lfmfiwwfw to 0fl1'r"I+,1 MUN QFOLIQ. ',Cr'wVef' Muni' Mgxxduxxru qwvuw ,ll lgrmnilrmq ffujSI1V'Will hx Vcop Ewlw Dflverqwrr' xxlwdg Primal N'f'WVT'Nf'1 md SCX.-TVCGS. STQM1' g+.'5'5wf'1'e IMGIV ffwfiur 'wmv Luwduxm WJMVQ fJE'E'H r,:rrf?r'iT6d, fr'65MrTme3f1 mm wVdC'VfX Smqlfj- WLMES My mfffmw SflN6'f1UlV-3, 22 ff G Q Mfg .--X X ,QNX Vx XX r K x 1 ,K A.- Q f My 98" wx, fha, Y ..v , . we ""'! fffldv 'thin :YQ Ji' 4 inn Q, X sul: v w lr 33 'i i ., fix . 15 Q it wwf "6 , Email? audi t X? . me :Mr r ,m',55Y'3 n 4 9 r , :az , :A N i .4 'Sao' XL X9 Twp The dentist rush teeb potd by etlger' XUUIWQ freshmen. KTWQ dgrllors mittrdes heer, Coil-tottir and fish dnhhersw Lipper :ertterj Eauot wget ts slwmxrt hx mtmg weft 'rt mm the Greek pattern. Ltmtgr ceztterg Brothers oxmtt ttsh. "Get tour rot mp here. Qhty 4!OOtI rot Cops Iett. Qet them whale they lost." .,,,, 'P , , , ca . . - ' , M fe ' A-'j - -W 'i Wfififlfif' . A V PS , tk ggi ,M 'M J Maj' . 4 + e ,Q 1 QQ? 2,4 , iw if M4 7234 3 K f f x ' Y 4 ji' -6' I . if ,, Nt , , , A 16556. X 1. x ., fag, -, 'win ' 'Ui '- th . X. ,5- .Nfwg ffl ij-,mp x-EL 1-bw , I 'Q ,- ,- "wwf -1- ,vi Aegmk. ' -ff ver' it 'if- afvhf- 1' 1,94 , Above1Alex LeDontec brings out cheer for the Teorn. Right: Fred Wilson, Helen Keikhoetter ond Roy Bos- well go through their paces. Ooooooh. x..i.,e,,k k zu U. A , 'S ,W ,W A, ' D 395' , . K xv 'X I 4 tn ' z ff If Soon they each find their place ff '9 el Florida Players sfaff confaln or Players Open House. l.. to Fig Herman Mrddleron, Direefor Leland Zimmerman, Barbara Bender, Assoclale Director Clllf Ashby and Bob Crlsr. so on with the show. M ' ' . ...whc .,, ' , R ,, A if ,.., . I . A , ' . . W .2 , I . I 4 s ' Y ' , .ff YJ -Y yy' I V 4 P X . .4 A , , . '--gf, ' ,law 1 1,-. ' if ' jk mf' -l fe',3's2'Qg 1,-f"' ,N .V ag' "' , Qaiixii I 5" , '9?3gi"' g 4, YZ X5 x .,,,4..'4 gr A, 42253 M V 1'-LW 'sz ig m y , . A f 3 W V fwjg Q A W V, 'F Q , , ,T 1 Q, , " 3' fi W M V F V55 ,Q ,gr 'W-552 eil? ,,,+m '1 - ,Q I xg YQ. -V. if J-xi K 'Q 4,-2' A is y '14 . L... 6. -.QA . N .55 ,: 1 - X fx 434ff.'1"fjQ f' YV g:.4.fZ?1Q,Q7 ': ,AHL " rf ' 1,2 ,W ,Xl at 1.,fj"4Q,:2jl.5 ' iw. 2, 1. an 2.1.1, fini! rfriivzl 'V 'A .1- 1354 ' 5,4 .24 7: ,.. , . 1 ,f Q, ,!,,, A ,G ,H . fianggyf- 1' ', ff? 'z' 'mv f ' 2 .MHZ J,-4 ,. 'AA- 'r g-f 1 Ie ff ? 3 ,- 145 :fav ,ff -' Zag, A I' ff f ,ggi 9 'i 'flu f.f:d?fi'V ,Q iihgwf? f 7 file K2 a ' 4. 4, 822, 2 lf ' 5 3' ' f 1 fl Q 1,19 Aft, Q 9 A 4' W1 '1 ,J af g"f1 ' 51 fy .44 9 , Y .L Q , A , ' l 1 1 ' 5, , fi wg . , 55,3 'Xi- f Ay, ,-. lv' t f Mgtgiff 7 nf' f La'EZa'v,.? 4f'x2L-ff, -'fisz gi,r,g?g'5jg'jg.-me. f .f -a' I ,yu f wy.Y 5 f Q27 ' xx" . if fri' H X va' X .,t 4 w , x, . N N.. W . I ix , .521 01' Il Bl' 0V G nh,- lloard of ontrol L to R: Mr. S. Kendrick Guernsey, Mr. James J. Lorieg Mr. Hollis Rhinehartg Mr. Fred H. Kem, Chair- mang Mr. J. B. Culpepper, Executive Secreraryg Mr. J. Lee Ballardg Dr. Ralph L. Miller, Vice Chairman, Absent-Mr. R. H. Gare, Sr. L to R1 R. A. Gray, Secretary of Staleg LeRoy Collins. Governorg Richard W. Ervin, Attorney Generalg J. Edwin Larson, State Treasurerg Thomas D. Bailev, Stare Supers rnfendent of Public Instruction. oard 0 dllcatioil n 117l.m l' 1-1,- Dr. J. Wayne Reitz, President A "People are more opt to achieve success it encouraged, out you must have taith in them and give them the maximum amount ot tree- dom, and combine with that freedom o tull sense ot respon- slpility. A We are already one ot the greatest universities ot the vvhole South, and as soon as we have a properly developed graduate program we will be among the greatest and most dynamic instltutions in the country. A Our prime goal is to increase the duality ot the educational program and develop the tinest taculty and instructional program possible." R. C. Beaty Dean at Men Marna V. Brady Dean at Women Jalnn Stuart Allen Vice President For Administrative Affairs Harley Willard Chandler Vice President tor Academic Attair William E. Jones Business Manaacr l-larold C. Riker Director ot Housing Richard S. Johnson Registrar Bert C. Riley Deon ot the General Extension Division Robert l-l. Vadheim Director ot Student I-lealth Albert W. Boldt Assistant Dean ot Men I-layes K. McClelland Assistant Dean ot Men W. Max Wise Dean ot Student Personnel ,C f 5 if yn lu- f , ,W,,f Q xmwixibs-Bewmamww .4 , 1 ...K je -vis- 411-..v.. X A. Hx Q 'fs , 4 Willard M. Fifield Agriculture Provost Jann V. McQuitty University Examiner Leland W. Hiatt Director ot Alumni Attairs Russell S. Poor Provost tor l-lealtti Center Allen O. Skaggs Editor, News Bureau vi, T-3, gy V Q n,'2"f L Q A U ff? ww ' ' .Y MQ 3023547 B00 MAz11afQiW -MTS' img if ,ie is If K 'QW , mf 'the Exam!!! fffgihtf swims 5hrW'fEjy.Tfe4I'W'B 'BMW Q W 0 S7' U05 N r Lf N Bo NlVg,cPSlTy OFF DY f L op f" TL f ' , f aim? itvxfyljflgq G i.?:fm,m,y,, Cai x- 1, ,,wti:j'j?5,?iM -. 3?:5:Y:?ffffVE7!N v M ' f?ffm?f'fr mm' fifwlgzm .ew fx . T' ,. , ,Am ififri U, 'ff' ijgimffwhf MMm"'m-. Yam, M pgigiqgbq aififl i uwwwfvu sq., lt? 1 4034 NV' an "W .. '53?.3'3?'ii?'Iw i Q N " Y 3,9410 out 4. l f, '17-4 fa -46' A N-M,,W45,g I .,, V. , 45:34 Q . W ,,v,,Q1.f ' N14 .U Once upon ci time in the Ioncl ot Oo-bop-she-bom there was on open party meeting to pick 0 condi- dote . . . I-le wos 0 nerd, he couIcln't dig the compoign. "But Mon, you're 0 natural," they told him. "l'II goof, I'II lose my shirt," he soicl. "No, Mon, thot isn't wncit you'II lose. But he got the beet ond needed out. ff Z Z7 fa ' , T I", ' ' ff' , x . q mg I: W, ' 'wa , .. -,dv f 'N' 1 ' That cat talked it up wherever he He really got his kicks from could find a jivey group. trimin' the tram with the trails about his crazy qualifications. l-le clued in any group he could locate . . . he really had a hot line ot potter and posted plenty ot poops for the troops. l ii l 1 l ...W ' 9' 1 -if " ' , .. ' "" . ""' .... c. f A Nw , " A V, 4 if . ' 1, V- - A11 - 9 ?'.RAf!ll V 1 i. Z, , I I N' 1, ,,., Q 6 Q fi 2715257556 fe ' gf, G Y, f.t?cI2',q . I V, ,fy I V, And the goons sow to it thot his poops were reol gone, Mon, the day is here. I.e'r's hove ci square shcike. This chick didn't walk the straight ond narrow. This party jumpih' Oifilf for reol. rv The word is out. We're in like Flynn. I 1 W. '52 , ,gg l 4 ,ag , ,wr K ' , 7 .V f i , fy. il. P' . ,A N I ,f :ff ygw' 1.-,dl Q -nie ' ,ln 9, , xi i 5 if Qu V5 iv 21 Q5 gd' Big three. L to R Bnh DGXQHQOVT, Boh Mfifture, Steve Sessnms. In these three, Student Body President, Bob McClure. headed by this one, fee .,.-ff followed by this one, supported by these two, S y t St Sessums, secy.-to-pres Betty I-Io QW' .wr Exec. L. to R.: Dan Meserve, Libbye White, Bob Shatter. we have student government Exec. L. to R., Sitting: Nora Flynn, Riley Brice, Jim Boozel, Stewart Gilman, STUVVJJVJQ' NOVVVIOW Wvckott, Murray Williams, Dan l-lunter Dick Bartlett and advised, constantly advised, by these... Top: Exec. Council. L. to R., Sit- ting: lnlerb Gonzalez, l-lenry Oppen- born, Jack Campo, Wade Butt. Standing? John Strickland, Law- rence Scott, Ed Williams, Joe Evans. Center: Exec. L. to R., Sitting: Charlene Porter, David Kelley, Charles Barnes, Cal Perry. Stand- ing: Carroll Peacock, Jim Crosier, Larry Shakeltord, Bill Bayless. Bottom: Exec. L. to R., Sitting: Rodney Anderson, Sybil Barnett, Ted Barkett, John McMillan. Standing: Clyde Wells, Fred Ossi, Karl Wickstrom, Bob Paterno. 9 lx NRM if -1 g.1 ,,Mv in lg if ina in - S N ,L 'Q . 'F x . nfs? gf. Q fx 2 3, Q .4 f W, W3 5 ,E p 2. '11 'Wi 1 , Q- ff f Y fps M35 P H ,uf LC1vr'vCOrrOH gs.-fx' .an--"""w Eddie Beordsley law administered by a bar sinister . .. iw' X Honor Court. L. to Ry Lorry Corroll, Eddie Beordsley, John Yocum, Charles Ailieii, Biii Hunter, Walt Mottson, Helen Bdnqort, Al Ventrello, Jim Bryont, Bill Allsmeyer, Betty Allen. debated and decided after much thought. Trottii Court. L. to R.: ,lirn Cobb, Shep Lesser, Hdrry llersey f.Chiet Justicel, Rodger Roy, B. J. Co llinS. ,fm 0? 'a 5.94 These, however, thrive on confusion x "N, I 4 ww imirwrf. his mlm f mtrfl l 'ro P Meme Andrcss Wemens Affonrs Don Tuttle Orgcmuzofrons Poul Fleming Mens V- V U" r I 'www wimmq Www Mfxwm Irwlnrurw And g These just thrive. Period 40 umunm-mmm Q.: Lell Erlilnr P:-le lirisex' diligently at xmrl . ouiiiali' ,. Bill Idobbi, and Joan VVilliarnSoi 1956 Semino f'Xljii:ye fXddre55irig yieiting liigli fcbool 1 els Pliglil betty Pielel-ci, Managing Editor As this is written, in January, a May distribution date is still scbeduled. Kin5ey's tall prediction ot statt dimin- isbings Went beyond all expectations. Final work load was completed by Bill l-lobby, Ed White, Charlie Barlow, Ed Kroll and Bill's tennale entourage. Denny and Marion got engaged early and their usetulness ended tbere, but Marion had tinisbed ber work prior to that. Bruce Briley, Art Director, produced when called on and painted the tine cover, worthy ot being the cover ot sucb a fine book, Pboiogaj Hood, Fred Ward, Rag Galdsmitbg Duke Frye. ditoria Hobby, Barb Saunders and Charlie Barlow avoid Quilfy alaafes. Posing to be Close, not Close 'Cause tbey're posing. Foiirtli ieor sports editor, Bob Lynclw. clitorial Bob Forsmori, Cliorlie Borlow, Dial-1 Holner ond Al lvlorins clworrle over lewd ALLIGATOR pictures. Two srromgers check with Mike Segal, Feorures editor. Ken Buclworiory ,lim Geriie, Orgomizofiorie editor Andy Anderson, ond Fred Combell Check mg progress. "Boss Bob" checks figures of Asst. Bus. Mgr. .love Fuller and the budget, while Advertising Manager George Ling approves his percentage. iness Business Manager Bob Hendry, just noti- fied his budget was approved. Office staffers Peggy Roggenstein and Rosalie Comstock caught working. Says "Boss Bob," "An office isn't an office unless its prettied up a little." lllat pictured, Ronnie Lea it Don Wilcoxl. Pleasant, cooperative and diplomatic describes this year's business staff, with Business Manager Bob l-lendry as chief diplomat and requisition signer. An emphasis on pretty staffers and deemphasis on that old pain in the yearbook neck, advertising, made for a pleasant year in the basement. 45 Y' J' ' .r Vx 1 LH auf iv F, mfr fnnrgilt -H wfrl. I XA , ,rr M ,, I rr -f ,rr fr yrwvf. Fw. wr VJ 'WW 'z if "N 'ww in wr Mmm+1",1qlr'lr'rrf'.'MTM ntrlffrxrwV1'fVW1'H'i A-L w H+ A rrr. L. to Ri Stu Blumbergf lrwrrcmmrsls Editor Howie Creme and Ken .MJ Harms, Ln ra ryrrri Qrurrrq xnxx rqtwrtree UT xwr rrzurl. rghefilf. rrrfromur M , f x ff N X ,M mb : 4 ...ll , Crrfwomiww rmmqer Clmrik. Ruffmer, Sholdorw Hmffmer, Joe Merlin, my Mrlkr, l'N3r'wm ffFVQsQfgr and Puddg Fcldmim had Crrfulotiom Cc Mr ,q X ffl ML k- +1 Wryrrjr gmj "L iiwp SUN runes whllc Fruderwiks WQOTS IIKI The D0 Gund. rfzu , 415 4.-Q V If if mzamZ?65 '5m'w"""" 'w :L pj A A , 1 -A , - .- ' ' ' . W,-yr' nf, r l 1 ll V -, fri ' ' V , , ,M my F ,,.,,,-V-fe' ' ' lli ator ditori l Addressing l-ligh School Journalists. press" by M. E. Bacon, News Ei ALLIGATORX' Perusal of the "first one ott the jiv tor l3ecls.t Greer and "Big Al, the ' "1 --.'Z'51f',ff' W7 -41" ' ffrg, rw... I 4' ,lg ,5,, f f Tfivfr ' Z 4 1 A 2 f , Za, ' " ' WLQ fi' Y Y ff EZVWYQQJ Q 4.24 I -myff ' , ' f ' ff ummm if I ,,- -4.4. i Q .I AN, 'ff .ll A fXljii,:y+' l"igl'it lN.i'ii,.riagii'iq Editor lin ltamiii lAilC'liliyr'i. f ii, ti Att r .JLJVVA l.E'lf Edlliiflti-fl'iIi','l lJlQ Quctttril 'Priiisiyim Scathing, poignant editorials set the pace for the i955-56 ALLI- GATOR, led by Al Quentel, Editor- in-chief. While the 'GX-XTQR was not always friendly in its dealings with events and people, it was generally conceded that fairness was maintained throughout, l-ligh standards were continued, by vir- tue of a top auality staff with Don Bacon as Nlanaging Editor, Becky Greer as News Editor and Dan l-laclcel, State Editor, While the paper was hunfiorless in its news coverage, it was also factual and thorough in its dealings with all eyents. Quentel's editorials were auoted in state dailies, for their conciseness and their con- troversial content, The paper will probably be rernenibered by most as "top auality news reporting and coverage." i r X ,S J ,iw xXVttXX?io""'3'i1 A N ,se X if XXQXX' 3v,sKx,L,nf'l ' 'Ng , Q 2' o i Busines5 Mgr. McCormick, .lack Harris, Barb Feairhiller and unidentified publicity seelaer. iness Cltiiicl Riiftner, center, checl-15 logout with statteia Tommy Hedges and Herb S-ihwarts. Roy Balgiotti and i Barb stock Stuff. Much money was taken in this year, which was, of course, the function ot this outfit, Business Manager Marijo ltormerly Mary lol put her dainty foot down time and again and kept the paper within the bounds required to make a profit, She wrote one "Truman-like" letter and ably directed her Stott through o successful year. l. to lit: Business Mgr. Frank Fernety and Asst. Bus. Mgr. Jack Harris. Editorial Staff members: Sports Editor Alan lsphording, Marilyn Buchanan and John Lippe. News Editor Charlie Jean and lvlng. Editor Alan Schiff, fully dressed in summer heat. Editor-in-chief Dan l-lackel. umm r Gator J Rtkzf 5 I . L , i . i f Q "ff.ff".f,' ,ff ., f'Summertime and the living is east . i Editor Dan l-lackel kept on the state coverage trail from the first issue, emerging with a good Gator percentage of latest news A Managing editor Schiff, news edi- tor Jean and sports editor lsphording had their hands full helping uncover University budget problems, in- adeauate housing facilities, UF-FSU sports struggles, and Negro applications to the University, A Frank Fernety and ,lack l-larris performed the impossible by turning outa Summer Gator with a financial profit. 49 3 ,fd Q' , Nl 4,4- ,,,4-v"' wh 7 ' 0' C X .. :X ii ' 49 Erlivir' ,limi Xl,illia'ns,tiii xxfiiidering. Managing Editor Bill Grayson and Su- nrviiiti friirl Ai? Situ ialisl FUN Pielelte. Sugar Lips l-lijihlvx and lgtiilliitinif twraystiii iiirrtise tne iayalil girl at trying fi dr Orange Peel, "humor magazine," N' the only thing tunny about it was that it came out at all Stott pictures tor the Seminole had to be taken in the Seminole ottice, since the statt aidn't have keys to the Grange Peel otticie, Dian't need 'ern, aian't work. Christ- mas Issue coulan't be out out before New Years, so it wasn't l'2l 00 'ull The last at the Orange I-feels worn trijini Contnwanily sharing. Ed White ond Bill l-lwhh' rin it the elf' hx xhi to , iu,f5Q it iss , viii Qt Qdit H19 wld 'XFN bijiqil-I lip VTii'1l'E' 11,1 IWGM UNC. Looking up trom o desk where he wos ropidly teoring out poges ot o copy ot lost yeor's ond posting them on new dummies, F Book Editor Don Hockel noted, "This yeor the F Book'll be dit- terentf' l-le took onother poge ond sent it to the printer for the tenth stroight yeor. "Yes, sir, New ideos. lnterpretotion, exponded Coveroge! otticiol Constitution . . ." l-lis voice troiled oft into the Compus Club. A ln the Bosement telephone booth ollotted to the E Book, lvlonoging Editor Bill l-lobby ond Executive Editor Ed White were seorching tronticolly for some woy to over-print "l956" on the tew thousond left-over books from i955 thot Business lvlonoger Stu Connor wos guarding, ,Hn Al'1i1V F' rlll' l fi ii if i 'WF' il. i' A ...,,P'fra- it lift' i Elt r Din ll ll tl li rlr ix E E 'l 'liitr 'lllI'll" ll " 'l o iw 0, lxli iii rims. it l- tllim l'iiiX'iiriss ri'ifJri-'igvr fu ' 'Htl Y i' ,,l . I, if-it i iGI' ini t lslfllllllr 'lil l V ook L. fa Ft. Esei. Sem. Hugh Cunningham, Bob Lynch, l-liiiurie Crane, E. F. Scales, Eleanor Erciine, Chairman J. Paul lanes, Robert Ecllcs. "More money, more money, more money." That vvas the plea which kept the always-busy Board ot Student Publications unusually so this year as it exercised "general control" over student publications under the able chairmanship ot Prof, John Paul Jones tar the eighth consecutive year. A For the tirst time in tive years books tor the Seminole vvere closed, tatten- ing the publications reserve fund to about 335,000 Then the board reviewed the total publications pic- ture, including salaries tor all vvarlqers and furniture tor all ottices, A Maybe next year, maybe' Board of Stud nt ublication 52 lligatorgs an0ftl1eYear The Florida Alligator in recognition ot outstanding contributions to the University, nominated this year, Dean Joseph Weil, Dean ot the College ot Engineering, This nomination was tor his continued work toward the growth ot his college, the growth ot the University ot Florida, and the growth ot the State at large. A Since taking over his department in March, l938, Dean Weil has helped to expand its statt trom 2l people to nearly 250, and its annual budget trom 360,000 to 9,500,000 A l-le has obtained a promise 'From the Florida legislature tor 3500000 for a proposed atomic reactor to operate from the University ot Florida campus and is negotiating with large industrial tirms for the remainder ot the purchase price. Dean Joseph Weil W its 56 ' gs A f -'., .W fi Qffif-fmlffif 'mg 2:55941 5 3 Literary Feature.. PLAN OF ATTACK by JAMES R. WHITEHURST As I stepped out the door, I saw them I'd had trouble with these two before and I wasn't anxious fora repeat performance I stood hesitant for a moment, my mind racing furiously, clicking off the possibilities I toyed for one mad instant with the though of hysterical flight, but I couldn't do that not again I MUST prove that I could be a man this time, if only to myself. No, I couldn't run What, then? I had to fight them, but in fighting them I had to fight their way, cunningly and craftily And if by my wits I could elude them entirely, that would be victory in itself. A I hunched my shoulders and stepped into the street. Timing was of the utmost importancee-I knew they were working together, but I didn't know just how. They had a thousand ways, all fiendishly effective I studied them as I crossed slowly, and then l KNEW I had ite their whole scheme, their whole layout. I knew how they did it-eexactly, and I knew I could win this time, if only I didn't lose my head. A Gnly one of them faced me, but I knew l didn't have to worry about that one It was the other one that would go for me, and if I could break that attack, the first would be powerless I circled warily, my breath coming in excited, choking gasps. My heart pounded so loudly that I felt even they could hear it Slowly, agonizingly, I edged forward waiting, waiting, waiting for the one right moment. NOWI NOW! my mind shrieked like a thousand devils. I burst for- ward, rushing directly at my enemy until my hairtrigger brain told me to break stride and lunge away toward the other A This was it. The one split second out of all eternity that would tell whether I had planned wisely, whether guts and brains could beat them. For it was now that they would turn on me with all their combined fury. It seemed, in my panic, that I was rooted to the spot. Although I could feel myself moving, my feet were as heavy as concrete blocks and there-there they were turning on me slowly, menacingly. A For one mad, ecstatic moment, I felt the joy of vic- tory welling up in my throat. It seemed that I had beaten them. That I had gained the slim, ex- tra margin of time that would save me. Then, the two stinging, sickening blows as they each struck me brought me back to reality like a dash of cold water in the face. A It was cold water in the face A if I could get my hands on the guy who invented those damned revolving lawn sprinkle Iers l'd I''GO-S4lf""'iiSESIIGSIQSSII . Posed by unprofessional model, Otis Whitehurst. fe 5-1 9" ,wld f ,, Q . My Us We . , vw 3559 1' 96.-5'-5 " ,YA r s 4Pf:,,?"' ,Q '1 -'w :Z Breakfast Club Alex Ledantec Classroom af The Air Phyllis Lagasse lVlar1 on The Slreel Danna l-lakamen Sign On Dottie Sullivan 4. ...Aff- ir School of th lr News of the Dog ' Ullrlrfme l1F'uVu'1.urN I4',,,.w-f"""" f Luneneon of Comous Club Queen for o Doy Pot Bevington ,loon Hole Afternoon Sports Spot Helen Kweknoefer 1 , I ...l..,-1 Music to Pelov By Jecmm' Smfrwwl Dimmer Dore Yiwu Pixma 5. 6 W 114 ff lK1n 'lrumg Holi POOIH Lights Out HW "'HX1,a'V Non Mullen s.. 1-- .,u -xx - G Evmm IQ Nfyxx Y r 3 NxuVHIl'Uw -Sign GH lrufiv FMHM w r E +3 5 iss Universit of lorida Mar 011 enyse Toking over the honor ond duties ot Noncy Pelstring, who didn't return to school, Miss Us ot Florido reigned with groce ond chornw, Certoinly no novice os o queen, she Wos the honored Iody ot the Militory Boll ond she copobly ond groce- tribute to University ot Florido vvomonhood is the T955-515 Miss University ot Florido, Mory Lou Denyse. 430 tully hondled duties ot outgoing Homecoming Queen. A 1 If 1 ' .WW S -,Q f? 72 i +""Qh. omecomin Vapi "Qiieen9 Me?" Tap Cenferi What a pair, ah. Lower Center: Spaceman Hale presems Trophy to Her Highness. Baitam, A lovely advertising media. llll 14, ,Q -K .gg w Mb '- ,Mia ils Torx Orange Bowl Porode Cenreri Pensive or posing Lower: Short sport shorts Below: Queen in repose. L, ,,,, 1. .1 uJ.,n1 omecomin QW' Wm Jw ? 5' X Y Left, Queen Lgrm vwr. ffm! ggi.. Q-wgnf, Queen Lyr and Mr Court. L. to Pnl. Prmig-3555 Adelaide Gomzole P-Lin MQsfiwm , Quan L rm Ffh " :. 3"3r md Pufiw Der 60 inwater fi ez -fivgffgfggzi Qi! 4 Sy' 1 ties uf K? Qwfj 1' gras! 4 -I 5-:W E ,T et .,.4 E., l.,c 3 ..,,,, Q X V . Q? n :?S?95.Lf-f ' 42-ffl -' Patricia Rainwater-"Pat"-36 U2 - 24 U2 - 36 3X4 - 5' 7 3f4" -Chi Omega from South Carolina-This 20 year old beauty canne south to school and has been beautifying the campus for three years - She was chosen the number one beauty ot 22 select young maidens. A glance at the opposite page wili verify the reason. .:-L, X,',A::17Q?.i' ,af mfQ,,-2 , . zr??i2:.a,4w11 ww Azwg-rv ., ,.., M, Sig? f:5f?g4agq51fgflv.! '- wfXzfgw:::.N?i'x,!f'zL Gfwngmr 1 x:cysg.,.H,mm!3y: 1, X,.. , yr K , ze .Jn .4 V., Patricia Lynn Brown - "Lynn" -1 34-25-35 - Tok" - Blond hair and green eyes, this treshman lady tram Fort Lauderdale has swept the beauty honors of the year, to date, by becoming l-lomecoming Queen and Orange Bowl Queen, and runner-up in this SEMINOLE contest. An expert swimmer, she also could be named "Miss Gator Golter ot the Year" by virtue ot the picture on the opposite page. A llll l'0WVll u I 9 ickie warner Victoria Garner - "Dickie" - 36-20-35 - 5'6V2" - New on campus this tall, known on campus this spring - This lithe lass with the hour-glass tigure, has been chosen tor candidacy tor eyery beauty contest this year, and her third place spot in the SEMINOLE color contest illustrate ample reason. A journalism major, she transterred into her junior year trom Stephens College for Women, Columbia, Missouri. -af - ,. f--:-15.3. . , , , fl ,,, -I 1 . . ' w 5 44M'-v5f?'::"' I' X 1 J ' gf, 41,12 -'gyv wang, M "Vi ,.,f4,..,: 4 49' I I?-', f , r f ' 1-"?'V."1 c, ' N ,-'wif' Ir V. .' , 'N J. D ,Ln V+ - Margaret Ann Roggenstein -- "Peggy" - 34-22-34 - 5' 3114" - Brown eyes, hair The color of Daytona Beach sand where she spent her childhood, Peggy later went To inland wafers, where i 'she was an aauarnaid 'at Cypress Gardens. She has also done i modeling in addition 'ro placing in The 22 beauty Seminole Con- i lesl. oggenstein si, H I I Emily R Rush U- "Roz" - 34-22-34 - Petite Alabama girl, call- ing Coral Gables liorne now, has added this SEMINQLE contest to many other beauty honors Former Qrange Bowl Princess - Queen ot Biscayne Bay Regatta Air Force Queen -M Engineer Queen - se a true University at Florida clfiarmer, osalind ush ,1 fff':f2.,, e I ?,5'GY?i53i 5:14151 fl Suzanne Knowles Suzanne Knowles - "Suzy" -- 36-24-37 - 5'7" - Makes Lees- burg her home when not engaged in her many activities on campus. For not only is she beauty contest material, but a leader as Well, as president of her sorority, Tri Delt. Sixth ot 22 entrants she ably rounds out the judge's choice ot the Uni- versity ot Florida's beauties. if 76 ' 'li 4.5, ,,,:5'.vy.Q? ' M-if-,-:'.,' - viiamgg - - , ,V Q, .,. , Lf' g,,E.-LT3:1:E,,,.gT? .,-' 'V , ,, fi-gf: ,Z r f 4-1.1 egg 'EJ' ' ,...r2 P' I, Y 1.3"m-gi g: file wa-'eigsfflizawp-f, 'Q 13 .Q '1 7-. HIE ' 'lv Z.-'E4.':2i:: ,Y--fi Am ,V f. - - 'Q , ' ' ' S xx EF - Q V .Q 'SV uw .X Mk. Am. A Q . . Q xx-xii ' X . :sg . , g 'f. U3, X? Y X ak, av XXXXE fw X! X? 913 1: ae n 1 .l Skin-A-.454 Q' 1 f ' M 5 fi!! 1 Www Z , fy' 9 v 'f , 1 if , ' ' 45' 5 2 4 2 5 Wake Sgiomd place Mfg. U. of Florfdq Nom Brecfhif and husband, Doug. eecl It kiss work for it, cook for it look for it .. Q ,I v' 0 U. 8 1 5 ' O is -IJ? 'aww inn 1 I make ii' proud PHD. in M-R-Sl . . of lorid Contestants Q Q 1,1 ,X '4 T34 Ellie Robbins Jan Moore Liz Morris SARA CARR Mrs. U. of Floruda Shirley Gurr Marilyn Pankratz Nola Cowley DORA MCIQGNEY R - Jane Gross Clare Seabrook Ruth Trezevant Ulmer UD NAN BREATHIT Runner-up Onidia Carpenter Mary Paul Glenda Parrott Betty Grune Marge Niblack Betty Haines Petie Carlson Jennie Whitehurst ' 'W 3,4 1 1 l lltisliiond ,lirn knows who ll win. Queen Soro ond lg" mornento, Mrs, Educotion, Soro Corr, one ot 23 nervous, lovely young rnorried girls! Eoch hod the some things in Common, ie., good looks, the confidence ond bocking ot on or- gonizotion ond the best wishes ot eduolly nervous husbonds, They oll knew only one could win ond they oll were pulling tor eoch other, even os they tried hord tor themselves, lt vvos the unonimous opinion ot eoch ot the condidotes thot no lovelier, sweeter or more deserving girl Could hove been selected the FIRST MRS, UNIVER- SITY GF FLORIDA. Mrs. University ol Florida S a 1' a C a 1' 1' 82 -41' f2W4 Queen in repose. "SCD, HOW-,', I fmlfi gm x m'f1 di' lrf' N X . 1mx . gm,xv.- ,.1wf.M-11-1nQmwn1mq ,.. . .mm . vu. , y. W ontes udges f c. ,f fm, i Never the easiest job in the world, iudging beauty contests can also be pleasant at times. Above, Del Russo and his son, Tampa-Miami cosmeticians, don't seem too discouraged over their task ot picking the six girls to be in the SEMINOLE beauty section in color. Below, judges Marno Brady, Bob McClure, Martha Webb, Al Quentel, and John Baker seern to be enjoying the cooking entries of the Mrs. U. ot F, candidates. A il, "Jq.,,,.,. l .fl Q Wg Z E E 3 7 . 6, 1 1 4 i gh, 1 f I 59, fig, kwffi if-Z Z, IMA! Z, Iv t I M xtstanmxf U10 the ivtubcut 332-om? oi B 112132 xuuetsxtp 6 Das been chosen to oi jflmziba r the kk ui am 2 1 ROBERT ELLINGTON BARRETT Bob . . . never missed a charity drive or beauty contest , . . when he wasn't soliciting cash or selecting queens he found time to lead Advanced Officers Club, keep books for Scabbard and Blade, and hold purse strings of Phi Gamma Delta. LAWRENCE W. CARROLL, JR. Larry . . . a politician above politics . . , Chancellor of the Honor Court, Florida Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Varsity Debate, President of Baptist Student Union . . . a quiet voice and efficient manner representing Delta Tau Delta, Orlando, and the Florida campus. 86 STEPHEN J, DeLaTORRE Steve . . . captain of the Fightin' Gators . . . Florida's candidate for All-American honors . . . Vice-presi- dent of the "F" Club, Athletic Coun- A.S.C.E., Phi Delta Theta Fra- ternity, ll JOSEPH ARNOLD EVANS Joe . . . with a winning smile and a never-say-die enthusiasm, led cheer- leaders in victory and defeat . . . a mania for councils, whether Execu- tive, Athletic, or dorm, Beta Theta Pi from Miami. JUDITH ANNE GABEL Judy , . . pert blonde transfer from Mary Baldwin College . . . Trianon . . Ch. of Big Sister program, Ch. of WSA Key Committee, Alpha Chi Omega's representative in everything Panhellenic does. i LAWRENCE P. GAUTIER Larry . . . perennial star of Phi Delt- Sigma Nu Charity Football game . . . has loaded Sigma Nu mantle with countless trophies . . . All-Campus Everything in Intramurals, including football, basketball, softball, and vol- leyball . . . named Sigma Nu Most Valuable Intramural Athlete . . . cer- tainly an understatement. JAMES FLETCHER FLEMING Fletcher . . , campus leader with grades to match . . . ef- ficient chairman of a tremen- dous Gator Growl, Student body president, Summer l955, Sec- retory, Florida Blue Key, Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honoraries. l-lENPY DAVID FORER Hank . . . President, Pi Lambda Phi, President, Tau Kappa Al- pha, Debate l'lonorary, Treasur- er, Florida Blue Key, Secretary of Finance, and a 3.9 overall average in spite of it all . . . must have a mania for money, serving as treasurer of 6 cam- pus organizations in 4 years, 87 WILLIAM DAWSON GUNTER, JR. Bill . , . sincere, unassuming S.A.E. from Live Oak who continues to pile honor upon honor . . . National president, Future Farmers of America, Florida Blue Key, Alpha Zeta and Alpha Tau Alpha honoraries, , . . has served as president of Baptist Student Union and Managing Editor of Florida Alligator, PHILIP GEORGE I-IILL Phil . . . veteran Florida Player, past president, President, National Collegiate Players, . . . Florida Blue Key, . . . Military Editor, Seminole, . . . Arnold Air Society, Outstanding Sophomore in Mili- tary, Distinguished Senior Military Student . . . versatile Off stage as well as on. ROBERT R. LYNCH, JR. Bob . . . ci publications man from the word go. . . Alligator, 4 years, sports editor, 2 years, Seminole sports editor, 4 years, F-Book staff, Board of Student Publications, Secretary, Sigma Delta Chi, Uni- versity Sports Publicity department . . . well prepared for his future in journalism. l l PETER I-IUTTON KINSEY Pete . . . miracles still happen . . . as Editor-in-Chief, Pete produced the l956 Seminole on schedule, surpris- ing faculty, students, and other pub- Iications on campus . . . originated Mrs. Univ. of Florida contest . . . vice-president, Alpha Epsilon Rho... proof that hard work yields results. MARIJO KOGLER MCCORMICK Marijo . . . basement business man- ager . . . pulled the purse strings for both major publications . . , Business Manager, Alligatorg Business Man- ager, Summer Gatorg Asst. Business Manager, Seminoleg Treasurer, Phi Mu sororityg Secretary, Trianong Gam- ma Alpha Chi Honorary. ', f e. ff fffhflffny , 1 f f ' circa'-'14-My, 1. ff I4 ', , ffviff H, ,pf 0975 WWA Q, 'f DOLORES A MOORE Dee , . . another South Carolina belle . . . viyacious president ot Chi Omega sorority . , , work on Lyceum Council Orientation, W,S,A., Guided tours, and Fla, Blue Key Speakers Bureau won her membership in Trianon, HENRY FRANKLIN PERRlTT, JR, Frank . . . No. l Greek on campus , . . prexy for both Inter Fraternity Council and Phi Gamma Delta . . . Asst. General Chairman, l955 Home- coming . . . Distinguished Military Studentg Scabbard and Blade. RICHARD A. PETTIGREW Dick . . . an interruption by Uncle Sam tailed to halt Phi Delta Theta's political leader in his har- vest ot honors . . . newly elected president ot Florida Blue Key, Dick had previously served as secretary ot the leadership honorary . . . added Varsity Debate honors to Phi Eta Sigma and Exec. Council floor leader, BRUCE LAMAR ROBERTSON Bruce . . . State president and Nation- al otticer, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary at Religious Attairs in Presi- dent's Cabinet, Vice-president, Chi Phi social fraternity, . . . somehow found time for all these activities while working for 3 years as student assistant to the registrar. RAYMOND EARL POUCH ER Earl . . . quiet, modest cham- pion of pen and pole . . . President, Sigma Delta Chi journalism honorary and All- American pole vaulter . , . "F" Club vice-president, president, Spiked Shoe Society, track hon- orary, Alligator Intramural Ed- itor . . . Florida Blue Key , . . Phi Delta Theta. ALBERT DREW QUENTEL Al , . . competent, if contrl versial, Editor-in-Chief of tli Alligator . . . never hesitatirli to take a stand, be it popul-' or otherwise . . . Florida Bll Key, Student director ot Oi entation, F-Book executive e itor, Phi Eta Sigma, treasure Sigma Delta Chi, past preside' and secretary ot Beta Theta F l I STEPHEN WALKER SESSUMS Steve . . . Student government's "money man" . . . Sec.-Treas. of Stu- dent Body, Chairman, Budget Com- mission, Secretary of Finance, . . . President, Wesley Foundation, Chmn. at the Board, Georgia Seagle l-lall: Pi Sigma Aloha, Phi Eta Sigma, Flor- ida Blue Key. 'HURSTON ALBERT SHELL . . . . little man with a big . . , General Chairman of 5 Homecoming . . . Florida 2 Key, President, Phi Kappa , Phi Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, a Sigma Pi, Executive council, or Court. HOBSON LEE STRAIN, JR. Hobby . . . Student government's smiling handy-man . . . Commissioner of Insurance, Budget Commission, Under-secretary of Finance, Executive Chairman, Committee of 67, . . . Treasurer and Vice-president, Lambda Chi Alpha. MARTHA GWENDOLYN WEBB Martha A . . "Madame President," past and present, of countless campus activities . . . President, Trianon, president, Pica, vice-chairman, Florida Union Board of Managers, Panhel- Ienic Rush Chairman, vice-president, lnter-Hall Council, Student Religious Association, Alpha Chi Omega, 91 lorlda Blue Key Florida Blue Key is an organization with the purpose in mind of honoring those students who have excelled in extra curricular activities while benefiting the University and their fellow students. After election to membership, these honored students continue great service to their University, by promoting the University through speakers bureau activities, sponsoring the annual Home- coming celebration, and backing all other University activities. Selection of members is handled with discretion and extreme conservatism. Benson, W. Bullen, D Brannon, E. Byrd, T. Wa., W -v 13, -Q. arroll, L. Forer, H. Gonzalez, J. Hyman, B. Martin, E. Ogden, W. Quentel, A. Sessums, S. Wilson, G avis, H. Frye, W. Greene, J. Jackson, J. McClure, J. Poucher, E. Sands, l.. She-ll, T. Stagg, L. John Baker Dick Pettigrew Pres. ist Sem. Pres. 2nd Sem. 0 EM Tri non Top to Bottom: Bee Arcodi, Helen Bongert, Jone Confy, Elinor Gendelrnon, Marion Hunt, Anne White -nm' My www? Mortho Webb, Pres. 9-1 Cf' f 'fi' W2 Q KM x 1 4?- in f y, f N4 H NP' Vu'-,avr BSB 3113 MW wp burwpzw Dcyrl HIC'-'S rcve DeL0Torre Bob Burford Vic: Agostini ,fe 5.4.7. ' uit.: 121: , 4' Bobby Lomce I , if Dura Cl1GrwdlQV 'Z . 4 2 3 - V ffzlri 9-5-V., Lew Doss -.1 P X And this their job, is to stop listen and l look aborg to protect their eyes heads ankles and feetg -1 .f.x,.., 'A .V 1 . W--.M-.-wvs..g..x1x' f,.,Q ait to W for the people i m the ceremony the action. 66 99 i I l l l L. to R., First rowi Max Mass, Bill Adams, Carroll McDonald, Joe Evans, Fred Wilson, Chuck Martin. A Sec- i and ravv Tom Liuzzo, Jae Stock, Jaeli Sells, George Carter, lim Crosier, Eob li-lims, Charles Cos, Bucky Wil- l Wanxs, bob Czerwonlzv, Bumper Watson, Pete Fresneda. A Third row Wes Larson, Augie Grenier, John Waiiut, Larrv Wesley, Burt Touehberrv, Bob Vaslovv, Fliil Harris, Don Gagnon, ,lim Smith, Joe Hevck, Bob i Ni rl'- Alpine. 100 l The "F" Club is composed ot members at the varsity teams who have made letters by exeelling in their particular sport. Thev are the cream ot the SEC athletes. ra ge nd lu Orange l-stern First row, L. to l-M Pav l3i'oxvn, Charlie fvlitfhell, John Barravx, Steve DeLaTorre, Bob Vos- I lulw, lfiswfr l-lill Euler Eurligrd. A galil rovvi John Burgess Bill Bilton, Eobbx Lance, Dick Allen lalternate auarterbaclgl, laclzie Simpson. ' s i l 1 l l The offensive Oronge teom, ond the de- fensive Blue teom, the two-fisted power- house of Cooch Bob Woodruff. The one- two punch of the fighting Gotors, show- ing this yeor, more thon ever, thot they could get off the convos field ond come bock swinging. IHIIIIS Blue Teom First row, l.. to R.: Jim Yeors, Don l-licks, Koye Green, Joel Wohlberg, l-lubert Mortin, Rov Midden, Welton Lockhort. A Bock row: Jim Rountree, Jim Lindsoy, Bob Visser, Don Chondler. The seniors of the tighting Gotofs These ore the rnen thot corne up through the ronks ot inexperience, Ieorning trorn their predecessors ond opponents, getting knocked obout, but olwoys picking up hints ond becoming better with eoch gonwe, The bulvvork of the "fighting Gotorsn, the seniors. 'ton Don Chonciler John Burgess Bob Visser Hubert Mortin .A fxuxflggfb Q. M04 0452, QQRRLN so ACH bb '-' ":' " ,M-A ,L f Q X Q YLURI 1 Q5 ' Q7 .N FX. M1153 , X ELUIQ1 4 If , H RQ xzgwi wx Q win' Q1 COACH Q5 Qzmzw Q5 gown Q 1' -31 , Wli L inn Coocinung Staff, L To R, Front Rowi Hon!-1 Fofdbergl, Bob VVoodruH! Dwi Jnngs. Corner Pow Dove FnHQr Moc Core, Dole Holi. Bock Row Troiner Som Lonizford, John Moner, John Erbner, Hobo Hoogerj Horvwx Robinson. Bobby Lonce t , Senior Bob Smith Larry Mclver V .,.. y' , , , . 1, J J ll' ll l lorida - Miss. State 2 -we its rt IIf?'y'e si? 3, I i l ll it Quarterbaclc Bobby Lance slirts lett' end tor yardage against Mississippi State as Maroon llaltback Jim Harness moves in tor the tackle. FLORIDA FIELD, Sept. I7, V955-Jackie Simpson gave every indication to 30,000 tans and the Mississippi State Maroons today that he can be deadly with a football in his grasp. A As a result, the Simpson-led Florida Gators opened their season with a come-from-behind 20-I4 victory over the Maroons. A State put the Gators on the short end quickly, scoring the third time it got the ball on a 44-yard sustained drive. l-laltback Jim Tait plunged one yard tor the score and Bill Morgan placed the pointe- but, tronn then on, it was all Florida. A Early in the third quarter Simpson galloped through right guard 46 yards to break the Florida scoring ice. Don Chandler's attempted kick was blocked. A Later in the period, Simpson intercepted a pass in the end zone, and the Miami junior sped down the sidelines, bringing the crowd to its feet with i his l00-yard ettort. A A 49-yard hip-sWish- I ing trot by sophomore Jim Rountree and Lance's 22-yard dash to the end zone pro- I duced the Gators' other scores. Florida had its tirst '55 vvin in the books. l I l l 104 I i I i .l A key block by Don Chandler on Georgia Tech left end Tommy Rose enables Jackie Sirnbson to leep going against 'lie Engineers. - or i ech 14 FLORHDA FIELD, Sept, 24, l955--K-For 45 minutes today, Florida looked like a world-beating football team, In the last 900 seconds, Georgia Tech cashed in on the Gators' one big mistake and turned it into a touchdown, good enough for a lfl-7 win over Bob Woodrutt's boys. A The Gators took the lead late in the first period, driving 53 yards in tour plays, BW ot them coming on Dicl, Allen's pass to Jim Rountree tor the six points !Xlleii's canyersion try was good. A Midway through the second auarter, Tech generated a T2-yard sus- tained move which ended with haltback George Vollcert cracking over tram the tour, Wade lVlitchell's placement made it a 7-7 ball game. A But Florida couldn't get the needed points. Twice the Gators got inside Tech's 40 --- both times Allen had basses intercepted, Tech's driving won the game. Jimmy Rountree C2263 and the ball arrive near Tech's halfbaclc Johnny Menger about the same time. 105 Florid - uburn l CLIFF HXXIQE STADIUM, Auburn, Ala, Ocf l, V55 !Xuhurn's revenge-Tnrnded Traers, paced luv a hard-charaung Ilne and a Tasl LFIGCITXIIGIU, more Than mafle up for Their loss To Florlda lasT vear, defeafuna Bob Woodruff's club, l,3eD, hefore 2 ,DOD here Todav A LaTe Ill The fTrsT peruod, Nuhurn sTarTed a fir-vard susTamed drrvle, whrch was cul- rnrnaTod aT IIDO of The second chapTer when James plunged Tn from The one Chrlclress converTed, and The score remarned VD unTTl The half A WrTh 5 53 lefT IU The Thrrd auarTer, James punfed To Lance, who fumhlecl aT The Flonda fl, where Shell recovered IT Tools The Plaihsmen ohlx frve formahons To score, Iummv Powell punchma over from The Two Thus Trme, Chrldress' ewTra polhT Trv was wide To The VIQIWI' Burgess IBFGI goes for a rude as l-lowe ,f, . Tuhhs 'lol Taclles, whlle lorid I3 S U 14 FLORIDA FIELD, DcT. IS, l955eeLoulsi- aha STaTe's Traers saved all Their blue chrps for a roval flush ln The fourfh period, huT Thev leT Florlda aef one Touchdown Too many and losT an IS-I4 Thriller be- fore 3D,IQIIfIIfI fesTTve fans here Today, A Qnce aaarn TT was The fleef-fooTed maneu- vers of fasT Florlda halfbaclas Jackie Simp- son and lrm RounTree whuch spelled The dnfference A PounTree, The sophomore speedsTer from Muami, elecTrifred The crowd sh The f'rsT auarfer when he Toolc a hahd- off from Boppy Lance ahcl sped 59 vards for The fTrsT of Three Touchdowns, Dick Allen massed The fTrsT of Three unsuccess- ful Flornda exTrafpoThT aTTempTs. 106 hu rhs nr Ihr rv r f rl KW hll V K UWM fh "W 1' "' W 1 ff 1 VA GNTQR BOWL, JocLfsohvilIe, Oct, lmfuje Corhpletely rdoxed offer three rough Southeosterh Confer- MMG contests, Floridds Gators overwhelmed George Washington Umxersrh, fb-U, ohder the hghts here tohrght A h wos o Qose of too much power os the Gators oorclossed GW IH exery deport- mehr for their best gome of The SGOSOIT, stofisrrcolh speokirwg. 107 lorid - Kelltu li I0 l. u ll . ,' 1 ' .,l,n ,lzvw, fl," 'wil X',.', ,Vg vll,ll1':,v H ' ' l " l - ' lv l" 11' ' l'l l lnl ll ' 'll'l"l" ' 'lr Xl Hn lsl x n lhl rznfesl on o held Qool in the lost 23 seconds. fYlUlsL HELD, ldL'RlllQlOll: Ky., Qcl. ffl lfxlfill XX HLllDSlIlLllG duclrler- lfocl who coold horelg see the oool posts becoose of o hoclored nose, lornc-d on oplvorenl Florldo he wllh KGl'lll,lCl4j' lnlo o lO-7 xllflOl"l, for The Wlldcols lonighl Wllh one swlng ol his lolenled fool. A lienlocl 5, Cooch lillonlon Colller loola one loola ol the 34 seconds rernolnlng lll the hed Qonwe ond oeclgoned Delmor Hughes to try lor the oll-lrnporlonl held Qool. The lick wos hoe ond Florldo never hod o chonce oller lholf lhe cloclc ronnlng ool ollor Cl orlll' lklllchell relorned lhe lficl oll lo lhe Wlllillfclly ell, ,'Ax1:cf.'.' 'il lo-ollwll X-l lsloll lrlgni lho lool ll ljcflrnor l'll,1cgllcfsJ lo gnc lcnlllgly Q Ingl rnlnnle lll-l Vl lory 108 l l l l i l l l l l l Q l l l 4 l l This final quarter extra point by Allen HO, at leftl paved the Way to Florida's Comeffrom-behind l9-li win over Georgia. I 0 I' l d I 9 I Fullbacla Bob Visser l49l stabbed by middle of Georgia line. Sm, 01' l GATQR BQWL, Jaclgsorwille, Nov. 5, l955-Mliael stepping balfback ,lim Roarrtree led the Florida Galore To a come-from-bebirid l9-l3 Wim over The Georgia Bulldogs bere today before 37,005 fans. 109 omecomin l i i M lx i lciris on -l void Q ri ogoinsl Tcinii. in lliijy lioinryiioniiiig Qoiriiy. Florid - nnessee 5 'o FLQRIDXX FIELD, Nov, lf, U55 The lorgesr crovvd ever lo otlend o dome in this srodioni, 42,000, vvorclied in shocked silence rodov os Bowden Wvorr's soolioinore-loden Tennessee Volunteers ronied rlie coniebocli-noooy Florido Gorors, 20-O, in rrie onnool l-loniecoming closn A Conrrorv ro vvlior The score indicoied, the Qonie vvos nor oll Tennessee, Florido oor-rirsr-downed rne visirors, lo-9, ond picked oo o good chunk or possing yordoge, l77, on l3 completions in 27 or- renwprs, bor rlie olerr Vols nod Too rniicli, roo olren, A Tlie Gorors only rnreorened Twice, eorly in rne second doorrer vvlfien Don Cliondler drove to rlie Tennessee lf before liiinbling, ond lote in ine rlwird period, ofrer tlie Tincil Vol loiiclidovvn, xvlwrin ilwev niorclwed lo rlic' visitors' ciglii lsveloru Ed Soors wos fslolflicml on lourlli dovvni Klriiiii. l3iililii,' lbiiiirliiii lfl7l 'If Iiinli lo fnf li C1 lily, iis liliiI'Ifli'T and llriil l ll i ii ll-ill iiiiiviu iii lor lliii 'o llc. Hllcg, fijiirr 'TGV ll grill' J iiiiix Mciiiis el so bill bi,il'cii'i i lrji in tlrs Teniiesse.g-Flnrido oction plworo. birrioson is wrestled our ol bounds. 110 Upper Lett: Vanderbilt haltback Joe Scales is on his way from the Florida l8 in tirst auarter. Trailing the play are the Gators' Burgess 4337, Midden 4757, Simpson 4347, and Brown 4B37, and Vandy's Tom l-larkins 4B27. A Upper Right: Burgess makes a swan dive tor Scales near the lO, but the elusive Commodore back escapes the tackle and con- tinues goalward. A Centeri Chandler 4237, Florida haltback, pursues Scales at the Flor- ida 3, with Tommy Woodroot 4767 and l-lar- kins trailing and Burgess upended at the 8 with teet in air. A Bottom: Scales crosses the goal line with Chandler a stride behind. DUDLEY FIELD, Nashville, Tenn., Nov, l9, l955eVanderpilt's "Cinderella" Commodores upended Florida, 2l -6, today to polish oft a mediocre 3-5 season tor the Gators in Southeastern Con- terence play and push the home team closer to a possible post- season bowl pid, A Florida threatened just before the halt ended, driving to the Vandy two as the gun sounded. The Gators got their lone touchdown on the third auarter's final play, when Ed Sears cracked over right tackle and raced 39 yards to the end zone. Bobby Lance tailed to convert, A Vanderbilt moved a similar 39 yard distance to score tor the third time in the last stanza, with haltback Charley l-lorton running the tinal tour yards in a nine-play seauence. lorid 6 - Valid rbilt 2 rl ORANGE BOWL, Miami, Nov, 26, l955eWUnderdogs by as many as tour , touchdowns, the Florida Gators today shocked the experts, almost 50,000 customers in this stadium and the entire Hurricane team, before bowing by way at a blocked conversion attempt, 7-6, to the Miamians. A Both sauads got their scoring over with in a hurry in this annual intraestate rivalry, the result at which sent Miami ahead, l0-7, in the l7 meet- ings, A The victory gave Miami a 6-3 record tor the season, the l-lurri- canes' only losses coming against Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Texas Christian, all ot whom tinished in the nation's top 20 teams. Florida sur- vived a rugged schedule which included eight Southeastern Conference games to post a 4-6 mark. Simpson aueries, "lnten'erence?" C Q Q 0 I' l I Ill l Gators' only score as Brodsky plunges from the one. Y., ,, ,, , A, ,sp as -. l'vliami's John Bookman l22l leaps high in attempt to block Dick Allen's conversion try against the Hurricanes, while Don Johnson l80l on ground to Bookman's left, already has succeeded. . ' ' A . f - - ' ' rx wi 4 - ,m'--rf I . I , ,raw ,. ,J K ,, g J , s , , , . ,. .ff . , - '- ,, , ,, ' ' 'K -i Q 'hi' wr 112 i l l l l l ' I W I Vw 1 y ' 1 vi 'V14 Q ,:'f2 ' g f YQWV, ' f ,G 5' . 'iff' Wax? 5 ,. VT' Q4 ., ' WW " J A L"'t Q .2 ww 13 .. 'W J W J , Q I W -'E . lx, . 'fri' 'ww 4 Z, ' - V 4 4 J -4 af, fn , X . X 1 mf y ,df , ,Q LJ 5 ' ,G VV nw' , f ,fy ' .x J J .. A J Q V5 W Z! I in lb nga? 1 Q . ' l WW . 4 t Nw, 3 Freshman learn L lw lil, Front lwix by Haul ins, W. Fair, J. 'ioungl F. Si'llLllZ, J. Feiglv, lf. Di lersnn, D. fangler, P. Mysblaiil, Ll. Fagen J' E' Second Ron D. Fleming, El. Pracelf F. Vihan! P. Llavidsen, lil. l-toward, L. Meliaftei, lf Pliillips, h. Hillety J. Ellig-nburg. Tn rd l3fi.i. Ez. fiifpeiirifir, L. Edgington, B. Huglies, G. Gutting, D. Vllilinsli, l'. Maltern, C. Baetzman, J. Puletf, T, Sheer, D. Deal, T. Green, Graves. Fuur'li l"ou-." L. Tiiteii, J. l-lefoert, C. FfL'lZv6Vl3 LJ. FGVlllll'l', S. Furti,ii'if3lr'i, Nl. Cusflfll J. Dunn, D. LLICEW, lil. ldlliiir, ll. LG'lf1i, p. Aflilnritlf E. J'il1nS. Fil'l'i b "" +'l'i iz Novibernl Ll. Lana. Jimmy Dunn, star freshman auarterback ndefeat eshm FRESHMAN FOOTBALL e A A slightly-built l47 pound quarterback trom Tampa paced the University ot Florida freshman team to an undefeated season as the Qnbg Gators beat Tulane, l4-6, and Miami, 20-6, and tied Auburn, A Jimmy Dunn was the whole show as the freshmen came trom behind in the Tulane and Auburn games and maintained a lead throughout the Miami clash 113 Captain Steve DeLaTorre's teammates call him "a ball player's player." lt one man Could be singled out as the one who inspired the team most, that man would certainly be DeLaTorre, A Steve, a center linebacker for the Gators this tall, was placed an the all-SEC team and was in tinal consideration tor the All-America sauad. A Del.aTorre, another Miami boy turned Gator, was voted the outstanding defensive man on the Florida team in '55 He is a senior in the college ot engineering! and, after graduation! plans to try his hand at professional football. Steve lleLaT0rre Flashy halfback Jackie Simpson, playing his third year on the Gator varsity, this year was tagged by Florida opponents as number one on the "Man to Get" list. A However, even double-teaming and concentrated efforts by opposing teams couldn't stop Simpson's unique style of broken-field running as the Miami lad drove, clawed, and ground out yardage all through the Gator grid sea- son, A Simpson, who returns next fall for his final college grid season, was placed on the all-SEC team for his '55 efforts. l-le will be one of the top contenders for All-Amerb can honors in '56. ackie Simpson int I9 L-W-.,.., Injury-riddled and hurt by eligibility rulings, the 1955-56 team still managed an 11-12 record, desbite the loss, at various times during the schedule, ot Ted Copeland, Burt Touchberry, Jim Zinn and Augie Greiner, Bob Emriclc broke his own one- season scoring record when he hit 410 points in the Gators' P a f 23 contests. , ...,.,q L , ,f bob Emriiil, iunior center, set new giiiring marl with 4111 points, Frrunt row, leti to right: Charles Pike, Augie Cjreiner, Bob Nichols, Charles Smith and Joe Hobbs. A Second row, lett to riglili Burt Toutihberry, Roger Benetiel, Ron Stolxley, Ted Copeland, Jerry Henderson and Larry Gangi. A Third row, left to right' Trainer Sam Lanktord, Manager Lavern Jamenson, Wayne Williams, lim Zinn, Lew Doss, Bob Emrick and Coath John Mauer. ',1'1, 1 A ,, 1 '111'?1 14111 E 1 11114 ' 11111115 11151111411 111111 '11 ' 11 1 1 1 ' J 1 1 11111111 E11 r 1 11111111 ""1"1'1'11 11 1 1 UI1lVU15I1j' 111 M1111111 141111-r L,1,111 1'u111111, '11-11'1 511,12-3 11110 11111 1,11r 111111 F1,111c111'e 51,-.-11,1151 501111 1 , 1:11OF1 111 b1111c1. GrQ111er's 51101 11116111111 111 11111 UM-UF 43111119 f1f M101-111 BVQC11. F11-111d13 111311, A 11 1'QQC11ed Qrom 11091115 111 1110 ALl1DL1VI1 Q1111'1c1 111-1 111,111 E111r1,1' 011151 1'11Q1I'11' Q11J11111e11f T1Q111 1111116 V11 1, 1 1 F111r1dG'S J1111 -11111 11011105 111 1171 11351511 11111111 '11rc1.- 1111113r ALl11'1f11 1111111115 GFS 111dd1.f11 '11 11113 111 1 1 Front row L. to R.: Coach J. McCachren, T. Chasey, B. Fields, B. Sexton H Reddick D Wanicka J Jones S. Puldy CManagerJ. Back Row: D. Hoban, J. Mullett, D. Pingel, D. Roher W Testrake J Phillips R Foote eshm Closing out the season with four straight victories, thevfrosh cagers ended up with a lO-7 overall record after losing their first two starts. Coach Jim McCachren shifted his personnel frequently, finally using a lineup of Hoban and Roher at forward, Testrake at center and Pingel and Jones at guard in the finale against Abraham Baldwin JC. Averaging 67.1 points per contest, the Baby Gators hit their peak perform- ances against St. Pete Junior College. Hoban was the Team's leading scorer with l89 points, followed by Jones, with l25 and Roher with l23. 118 Capt. Augie LeCann, 3-letterman, returning on backhand. nni Front row, L. to R.: Augie LeCann, Dick Leslie, Ken Ferguson, Karl Wickstrom, Frank Millner. Back row: Coach Bill Potter, Steve Marshall, Gene Harris, Bob Szerwonky, George King, Joe l-leyck. Replacing tour ot his six start- ers was the job cut out for Coach Potter, starting his titth season as tennis mentor. Three lettermen, Augie LeCann, Joe l-leyck and Steve Marshall, re-- turned this year from the '55 squad, which won l6 of l7 matches ancl placed second in the Southeastern Conference tournament. ,gs .,,Qfs ..-4" .J ff' -" -If S ,, if ' 'wen 119 Absent from the winner's circle in the SEC tor one year, Coach Ryan's Swimmers made up for the temporary lapse in March, setting a new scoring record of l49 points in cap- turing the crown for the third time in their last tour tries. Florida won ll of i4 tirsts, taking 3l of a possible 7l open- ings in the individual events, in addition to winning both the tree-style and medley relays. Standouts included double vic- tors Craig White in the one and three-meter divingg Bob Fisher in the l00 and 220 yard tree-styleg George Duganne in the l00 and 200 yard backstroke, and Jim Warmington in the 400 yard and l500 meter tree-style events. Don Read was the other individual champion as he took the 50 yard free-style and also anchored the record-breaking 400 yard tree-style relay team with Creighton, Hiler and Fisher. u 120 . ', 17, ??r 1,33 A Q 3 2 6 L l it gl! Craig White, SEC one and threeenteter diving champion Bob Fisher, Florida star sprinter, won l00 and 220 yord freestyle events as Gators took conference crown. sxrttltiiwg l 2 r as , 5 fi C SEC champs. Front row, L. 'ro R.: McCullough, Bradley, co-Captain Craig White, Bell, Kelsey. Sec- ond row: Hiler, Caro, Hacker, Duganne,-Creighton, Claypool, Musselman, Carter. Third row: Assistant and diving coach Ted Bitondo, Crowley, Brown, Warmington, Carpenter, Mirkis, Hill, Ryan, Wenz, Buis, Hellman, co-Captain Bob Fisher, Coach .lack Ryan. S i in George Duganne, senior swimmer, captured both IOO and 200 yard backstroke races in SEC finals. A f, ii'- F' 5, 'N-AQ 1 C 'lt f """" mv. . v ,-' shvmtiif, 0 Q.. s.,:,,zt 4 'MXN 4 9.0 1 14 22 """""-agp' , M.. . ,TL A ,bl ...wr - fx New y kgs . st X Wx .lim Warmington, left, and Al Carpenter, swim squad's leading distance men, during triumohant l956 season. no .M f"t'1S.,"1- A .. ,,, .. , M.. -H+ .fs - ,.,.,,-.A-n-skit", C t . C , ,..-4. 1 x 5 I 01- C , F N C . .gfff X 3 ..- K, , . prin Front row L to R.: Bough, Gorin, McCoy, Gleoson, Rogon Kelley Reor Row: Cooch Conrod Rehling, Gloer, Duhoime, Turner Comeron Trenhom ' V, Bob Gorin, Ieod defending SEC chompion golf teom in 1956. 122 FIorido's defending SEC Chom- pion teom opened its seoson Morch 5 ogoinst Florido Stote with six Ietterrnen bock from the title-winning '55 squod. Four of Cooch Rehling's links- rnen got o heodstort on their teornrnotes, competing in the George Woshington Birthdoy Tournament in Tolly. Rogon took fourth, McCoy, llth, Kelley, l8th, ond Trenhom tied for 24th. 1956 Senior catcher Jerry Bilyk cap- tains Florida baseball team, Contronted by a rugged 24 game schedule, including I6 contests against SEC opposition, Coach Dave Fuller's baseball team appeared to be strong on the mound and behind the plate as the season opened. Five pitchers and Capt. Jerry Bilyk, a catcher deluxe, were being counted on by Fuller to improve the i955 record ot 12-10. Front row, L. to R.: King, Pitman, Ritch, Moore Gonzalez Parrish Godwin Rawlings Barnes Second row Larson, Melton, Marlowe, Clark, Theodocion Williams Wills Stull Smith Bridges Back row Dwoskin lMan ogerl, Bilylc, Duda W., Arnett, Singer, Davis Maxcy Duda E McAlpine Coach Fuller Q i ,s -,ht 's tl ,Tv l ye j -. i , 'lwibillw i C95-.. Jim Crosier, co-captain of Coach Percy Beard's track squad. Trac ll Twelve lettermen, including tour SEC champs, helped to strengthen Coach Percy Beard's track team. Pole vaulter Earl Poucher and quarter-miler Jim Crosier, co-captains tor the '56 campaign, sprinter Bumper Watson and hurdler Lincoln Knowles, all ot whom won individual titles in the SEC meet at Birmingham lost year, made the Gator thinclads heavy favorites to capture the league crown. Front row, l., to R.: Trainer S. Lonktor, Dail, West, Liuzzio, O'Dare, Jones, Smith, Coach Beard. Second row: Bain, Wilson, White, Holloway, Pennington, Dent. Back row: Coach Welsch, Kruse, Poucher, Watson, Block, Knowles, Cox. il 1: 1i 1 g i ---1 1 1- w--. Cross ountr lront run, l, to R' Jacl' West, Mat Mass, bnly G'Dure, Di l Wilson und Din Gagiiori. bail rr x ,lim ffi'iiisir4r', ,lirn liiil, Jiri Aiittiiirill, llill l,iis.seitdai'ici', bill Adams, Managi r' John f'Xi,lrii'ns and Cntr-'li liNdltwi' l,Velscl'i, Don Gagnon. CVOSS Cauntrg Qfiptain, Darlghorse contender Auburn spoiled FIorida's hobes for an undisputed SEC cross country chamiiionship as the two teams fleadlocked tor tirst place with 'lu boints apiece in the Now ineat at Atlanta A Alter three un- successtul attempts, heralded Don Gagnon finally won the conterence's individual title, barely missing the SEC 44 mile course record at Zl 27,8 with his 2l 37,3 clocking. Bill Adams ot Florida tinished third in the league run behind Gagnon and Ed Murphy at Tenn, A ln the Auburn dual meet, Gagnon set a new record tor the Florida course with his time ot 231l3, A The treshman cross coun- try team tinished undefeated in three meets, dawning Georgia Tech, Tampa Hillsborough and Jacksonville Fletch- er l-ligh Schools Mike Morgan, Mike Newton, Dale Patten and John brown baced the trosh sauad 2 1 iii 'I "uct on your mark . . ." I I l I ! I Irrtumlrrjl drxvr dove H . 4 W rg I Lmig IH rjwd iurm. I i i Bull Hutcruersom Qwcrits the return of Kerr Per- f gusorrs slam cs Torn Wnrrmgslow backs him up. 1 ntramllra ro! Smith ond Siwori Glosa Indulge l 9 5 5 - 6 the omowem oome of siuoffieboord. The DQS Wim onother voiloy boil Qome, who Becky Greer looking on proudly. SPE l-lertzog ierks dovin winning Sigmo Koppos Anderson goes thiifhdown poss ogoinst Chi Ph the Dominoted mostly by o few motor teoms, Blue l-eogue ploy still proved to be os good os ever in the lS'55e5'l eompoign. With the deporture of Beto Theto Pi to the Oronge leogue, Sigmo Phi Epsilon ond Phi Koppo lou took over the fovorite's position in the junior loop A Up-ond-Coming Theto Chi oegon the seoson by downing SPE in horseshoes to win the leogue's first trophyr Lombdo Chi Alpho nudged out the Phi Koppo Tou swimmers os the schedule begon to move into high geor ond the Sig Ep's ond AGR bottled to the wire before SPE won touch footooll honors. A With bosketboll neor- ing its Conclusion, the Coge sport loomed os o three-wov bottle between Phi Gommo Delto ond ever-present PKT 128 B3 'DONT you DARE Youth me!" Sigma Chrs Hordrrwg slaps another rmger or: the DQQ Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi and Pi Lambda Phi waged a five team battle for Orange League honors as they continually stayed in contention throughout the tirst part of the greek season. Sigma Chi opened competition by downing Kappa Alpha in the horseshoe finals, but the SAE's topped SX in swimming to tighten the race. Perennial foot- ball power Sigma Nu disposed of the Pi Lams in the grid playoff, but the two teams switched positions as PLP copped the tennis trophy from the Snakes. Tau Epsilon Phi beat the Phi Delt's in shuttleboard as the Orange League prepared for basketball, which soon developed into a four team race between SN, PDT, SAE, and the Delts. Sigma Chi's Culpepper breaks the tape Ken Wallis slams one over the net. in the Orange l-GOQUE loo Yd d0Sl'1 Y .-,. W- .wwm7y'-fairy -. Alf-f-f 1,115-if 17 -ff-, "f' ",f,,f-4.iwzw'.f,:, 's fr: Wm, ,f '4k57af,fs'Z ' r , .11,fx":1,v 1-Qwfff'-NzhzpH111-+1 K r fwfzzw ffizfr-f 1 .' 3 5 Z if 130 P3 03 Wilkinson slides another in in the shuffleboord tourney. KA's beot TEP's in o tight 84-83 gome. From the middle of the court - swish. Hmm . . . where did he go? 4 i 3 Intramural Athletic Council, L. to R.: Ralph Buchman, Student Office Dir.g Rick l-larris, Recreation Dir.g Coach Spurgeon Cherryg John Neller, Graduate Asstg Irwin Switchcow, Intramural Director. l l 1 l l l l Sh00'flf'1Q fOr that 300 QOVW2- Putting the shot for the Blue League. 5 --, wa.. ., 0. , . -M.- .mkwglw . QM. . .7 1 ,, f .- me , vnu. Comparable situations prevailed in the men's and women's independent sports this year, with both groups showing a lack of interest in most activities, although the women displayed some fine ability. Paced by Big Team, which finished first in volleyball, tennis and table tennis, the women's league: had good competition, with Newman Club and the Gatorettes providing most ot the opposition tor Big Team. Over in the men's loop, a three cornered tight developed between CLO, Georgia Seagle and Newman Club. Seagle won swimming and track, CLO took horseshoes and tennis singles and New- man captured Basketball in the hectic race. T, A. Shell slams another over the net. A Beta bats a bouncing ball. 'Y , Mg at ..,....wi 3 ntramural Standings I Orange Blue HORSESHOES A L .LTC Independent . -CLO SWIMMING Orange - . . SAE Blue . . . eeee . eeee .ee-.el-CA Independent .- ...Seagle TOUCH FOOTBALL Orange Blue . if C CSPE Dorm League L . 4 NOFTIW Orange TENNIS Blue E . eeee AAWPKT Sorority . . . -WZTA Independent .d,, Seagle, CLO Dorm League ---Fletcher "S" Indp. Women uo.uoo Big Team TRACK Orange . L .uvu PDT Blue .. ORANGE 1. PDT pa..,.........,.......,.o. 2. SAE ,v,o,uuo,........ 3. SX .... . SN .... .PLP oooo . KA .,., . KS o,,.,.. . BTP ..,.. .TEP.. ..... - . PKA uvu., . ATO Sou.. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. DTD ..... 11 12 SN SORORITY 555 541 528 516 513 476 459 380 366 360 319 312 DG ............,.............,o 365 AOP .Soo...............d,..... 360 355 . DDD ...., . AXO ..v.. . ZTA .,... . AEP o.,,o DPE ..... 1 2 3 4 5. XO ..... 6 7 8. 9 . ADPi Independent . oooo,o Seagle SK TABLE TENNIS .KD ....d.. 12. Phi Mu ..,u --------345 --------340 --------330 --------305 --,-----290 --------255 225 --------220 195 315396 rrrrr A rtrr or r"rrrr 'r rrrrr' E21 WEST Doim LEAGUE - eeeee -Ao Pi 1, swan eeeeeeeeeeeeee eng Indp. Women eooo .Big TGOFYH ' e C er """"""' SHUFFLEBOARD Orange a.t, SooS.S - ----..TEP Blue .. -. eu.e..u Sorority . uuuu . .-...AEPl'1I WOMEN'S INDEPENDENT 1. Big Team .................. 360 ARCHERY 2. Gatorettes ................ 285 Sorority ,,,,A-,,.,,.,,., INGWITIOYI ........ ..---26O 4. West Broward I 238 5. Broncs .. ..................... 215 VOLLEYBALL 6. Reid Rebels ................ 200 Sorority . a.daaa,,,.,,,,. . ,.uu.uu ...AXO 7. Yulee OFODQG .......... --19O Independent ..,,,, ,,,,.-,..All Stars 8. VV6SI'mir1SI'eI' ....... - ...... 185 Indp. Women . Big Team 9. West Broward ll 135 . Yulee Blue ................ 80 . Hillel .......... 65 BASKETBALL Independent ..... ..... Newman 10 11 12 13 14 Dorm League ....... ....---.Dorm J BOWLING Dorm League .....LL Dorrn C 134 . WOCS ...................... . BSU .................... ...... . Wesley ..... ---- .... ...-- 45 2 0 BLUE 623 ---------507 SPE PKT .............. ...... - -- CP TC LCA ....... PKP .... DC - ....... - PGD ....... AGR. ..... - AEP .... PSK .... TKE DSP - H ---------490 ---------455 6 ---------364 -----.---358 ---------336 ---W330 ------307 . ....,... 200 13 INDEPENDENT CLO .......................... 609 575 Seagle .......LsL.............. Newman .................... 438 Westminster 274 GD. ............. ......... 2 52 251 All Stars .....,. ......... Flavett lll .....,............ 218 151 B.S.U. ............. . ......... - Alpha Chi Sigma ...... Kadets ...................... 147 l.S.O, ....,...,........,....,. 131 90 84 K8.L ......,... Olympian ..... ...... Hillel ........ W.C.l. ..... - T.R. .............. ..... - 70 67 67 50 14 Cavaliers ...... ...... EAST DORM LEAGUE Fletcher S LLL.,,,.,..S...,.. 445 Dorm J ....,,................ 4 North ........ .....,... Dorm M L...v.,. .LL..,... Dorm E ....... 4 Weaver ...... ......... Dorm l ....... Dorm S ......, Dorm O ,....... ...... Grove rs ...................... Grove Hall ................ Sledd B .......... -. .... 394 341 315 298 208 2-2157 137 1 18 118 100 67 67 Sledd F .......... ...... 3rd South Dorm R ....... Dorm N ---- Tolbert ....... 67 67 50 50 Grove Annex Y -Er' Y 42 Vi Q 5 Wx 1? 5, ' y rs- My " , Q va Q :- , 'X ' -V11 ' , D , K ga- 1 iw ., 4451.5 ' ., 4 h 'f """'N or ' 1.5. AlV.tA , , SSW , , 1 A I ' "ARI ea 9' W xi Ifffdfi ee' S gg so se ' . . 1 , ,1,. Q 4 AA ' , A Q L 1 my mfg v"l:7 v +V' ?moQD'?Tl"'C!Z' :al ,xt 0 QDLQ Qi vb V A , , AA V f k. - Qoiy .- ,-5113 l""QQ.' .QSFTWL 1' ' '- y q-will A ff 4 ' , ' 45" , , xp k ,,., JM' -:I ' I -Z W f f IW Nu 1 mf- ' Li z..-J Cadet Jack Minnick, AFROTC, receives standard indoctrination. "When I was a freshman, I never K R. 0. T. C. R X- "Class-work too . . 'W' X.-pr 11' Ma Wish I were back on the drill field . . ." "Wish I were back in the office "I taught them every- thing they know . . ." . ' Q.,fJgu Hahn. . .14-.L .lf X, E ,Q Q3 R I t w Typical cadet at summer camp. Back to Voice 8. Command . . . another dose before graduation. Finally, graduation, and that coveted commission. Military Ball Queen Adelaide Gonzales. Facult Arm Front: Col. Rhudy. Row 2: Maj. Fry, Capt. Timberlake, Maj. Little. Row 3: Maj. Pope, Maj. Walker, Capt. Morehead, Capt. Varley. Row 4: Maj. Rockwood, Capt. Wellman, Capt. Sanford, Lt. Col. Killgore. Front: Col. Grizzard. Row 2: Col. Kreidberg, Capt. Cox. Row 3: Lt. Col. Means, Lt. Col. Ream, Maj. Coldsnow Lt. Stephens. Row 4: Maj. Bennett, Maj. Dunks, Capt Mossey, Capt. Dornbush, Maj. Higley, CWO Freeman I S 4 ta' 1 Xkf 'MA 1 ll' 0l'Cl:3 0 Alir R if K . lf K . ,, Q . , Ik: t . M Staff Group Commanders Ralph Cellon, Don Tut- tle, Joe Fouts. Not pictured: Larry Scott. Wing Staff: Seated: Joe Stine, Cadet Colonel. Standing: Joe Richardson, Roger Williams, Paul Fleming, Phil Hill, Larry Marks, Oscar Hayes, Stan Smith. ,.4 'A 1 M S 11. 115 3:19 , , 1 1:35. c , tw :iff ,gi ' ,ffm-:.fq3j.v' . I' 1 QM , . g:,I":1f:- 3 as 1 A Q ,,.t. , I 4 ' . - 45:1 . - gf. Y, ,J .fwdlll X rfvzuyw 4 , , . 22 ' gk Af . 'ii A lt , 1, Q I ff Q if t f ,, 6 ., A. , 23 I I VMf?Q'w wt s' , ft ly ' rj ,za V -'Z' E 7 S ,, 1 1. 1444 ?! x af Lf XY 1 f ' fit -ii lk Q if ,.. , , 1 , W ' 5 . K' Q 2 t -5, H1 ' W ,i 5 l Q 'it S Q 'V Q if 2 S S 'rw 3 R 140 I ." f Q- f E , 5 1 V N 5 'ff J t Qb , . 1, H 6 N l ,sl - I 1 A y y . f ., .y """ f,-.. i f " Q . .S -7' t f ' ' ' f T ' ,, ' J Y? . t ' . ttr t 1 R tstt 'Q .t t 'A R if QLFQQF' l is t i' . it tt. .S S 'K 1 'Q IF0 ce S SW Q3 i Officers, Seated1 Joe Stine, Mayor, Sa. Comm., Bob Bartmes, Capt., Sq. Exec., Jim Green, Lt. Col., Area Exec. Standing: Paul Fleming, Col., Area Comm., Dick Atkins, lst Lt., Sq. Recorder, Joe Rich- ardson, lst Lt., Sq. Treas., Smith Humphries, lst Lt., Sq. Op. Ott. Arnold ir ie Row l: Joe Stine, Joe Richardson, Dick Atkins, Smith Humphries, Bob Bartmes. Row 2: Mills Tuttle, Ed May, Jack Minnick, Ed Booth, Jerry Robbins, Larry Marks, Tony Barile Row 3: Bill Park, Paul Fleming, Oscar Hayes, Angie Vasilof, Bucky Kendrick, Jim Green, Phil Hill, Norman Farmer. Row 4: Ralph Goodwin, Roger Williams, Gordon Fair, Larry Scott Bill Alsmeyer, Joe Fouts. 1 rm Ca Staff Above, Batallion Command'ers: Bert Herlong, Hubert Martin, Jim Jackson. Below, Regimental Staff: Front: Bob Fisher, Cadet Colonel. Rear: Jed Cook, Ed Moute, Charles Richardson. Scabbard nd Officers: Harper Davidson, lst Lt., Vice Pres., Bert l-lerlong, 2nd Lt., Treas., Capt. Dornbush, Advisor, Larry Shackleford, Capt., President, Bob Barrett, lst Sergeant, Sec. Row l: Capt. Dornbush, Herlong, Barrett, Davidson, Shakleford Row 2: Sims, Trabold, Musleh, Magee, Squires, Baldwin, Blake Applerouth, Slaughter. Row 3: Gannon, Scott, Nelson, Evans, Herring Kenyon, Jowers, Crozier, Wrench. Row 4: Coates, Charlow, Wilson Norris, Fisher, Cook, Christian, Wedding, Cummings, Revels. Row 5 Crenshaw, Choate, Johnson, Squires, Patterson, Perritt, Geiger Schoonmaker, Richards. m..1-nu.-1.v-1-nn.-um-i..iu1-1rmm-.1-.xnn'-.uuq.v -ut wr. 1--v111.1v A ..11.g.-wu gq-U olonels ""'-m L Q-N"w-f.,.. H. M. GRIZZARD ' ' PMSSQT RALPH RHUDY PAS 1 I . , . gi 1 V gym M QA 'a g A, WM A ,.g j 4 ., gt K V ,,.- """ in '2 A ' ' .-A- , . 2 P A , .WX . .+ K . P' jx ' ' A .Q Mraz x L . ' "'-uni J X .f , I x Mi, . A ' X, 11 MIAA! Q Q A 2321? ? v. +4 - Va 'r Q x X MW ' ,N . ,I-5.1 V ,,, 3v M ,V ,, WM . N. b iA,, " Agg ie 1 ,M Zgpfli. -4 is in ' r f.,.f , l ,Q is gf' ,',e, 'WH' r' x Q- U4 in ,A -if A:a P ' ' Q ," ,A A NZM Y .8 Y lx V ar- A' , V V 1 it 'gk lp, A V - V , ,. w, mi-1' ,M , ' 'ar Q 'WW A I 'XA , if 'V . Q V 1 '1 ' Y 1 ' -r gm r - M2231 M559 www .M 4 , H' ' gf if gr 3 f EN 1 2 1 1 . ' 'ffs , 1 1 of ' . E I ' A 3. 5 r 5 s iii .4, rx 11 + Ei .Egg V 'R W . From the lighted dorm, to the do rkened 'rheotre' I Chorwging The foce, fw miw my iw 1 .W Md-M, f V 4X 4f35v:f' k Hb P E t more story posed by Pot? 'A:: ' Ackermon, stor of Summer Theofre ,gj dy 5 'sw or Qi "YOU Com Toke It Wim YOU. W' A ,..l 1 2 f" 'A' I 35 A'7""5. 1 5 changing the dressg cu smoke ond 0 rest, then on with the show Yes, the show goes on, then the curtain down - cmd up - i'r's the peck then offer the show - relcx - ond critique. 148 Flcllrldm lllf3gur'2 Slflll' L. ll l'., wQ'f'l'4'f'l' lilllrlmmrc llflrlllf'-r', ,f'3'llf'rrfr" Lwlollfl :lfTllAlAlr.l'l'l'ljll, Umljlllr. A Qlfjlrlillrlgi l'llgr"VQ1ll lX'lldl'lll lllll Dsl. lfiilw. dll., N'xr'V'. 'Srvfl " l1lf1llf,:'l llllf.. l'l"1V,y ll ll lfrwl 'ftlw 'lr M1- 'rrj dll, ffllll A-Xl lv 'fi lz. lj 1. 'ZS' , 1. fm. + FlUl'lf,lG Plclxfgrs, L. lm R, lwl zum' Jean Ellxsomf SCCXLV' Terry Rogcrs, wig., Or. gnrv'lmQrm'lf::rw, Dlrefirorf Tfim Rulmer, Vcc-lj. A Sfliorllgl rlgw Marlon l'lLllll! Mclry Arm lone! lem Uronlxcr, Alcm Emi. A llllrd ron Almllil lGlllE'lWlflGVQ, lxllp Slllllll, Plflll Hull, Pele I-ilrwsexg, fflzrllg Qreelg lfwlw Hlcrlllwy, D1-Al Pcjlrgg, f. -e ,lqlls.ll1, Llll 'r Q 513' glues lm Qlfrzlglgf ull lem 'mu Dog" Aslwbx and "Crlllc" Kmsey. A md ll? 'lm Plllwrs' slm Florid P ay Florlclo Players l5 Cul Ql'QOV'llZOllC Qledlceled To the cndvarlcemerwf f llwlj-OTraCQl -glulllg Ql llwg mf ar'rll3C-r fund lmgsemlmlorl ol llflff llflQ9l lrl llweolro lo The Qudlerlce - .. ,. - Q - ull. Llrglf. Fllrl: lvllll lfmlplw Alllrllk A fi i a 'N 's wif trrrr first iirodiictirin al the Players' ' " 'i'li l""' l'Uhlf"fV Ar' Elrirlf- and AI Entj, lorid P We see them onstage tor l2O minutes, but it is the hun- dreds ot hours backstage work and rehearsals that are responsible tor the tinol production The lighting, sets, make up hurry, worry and tory e f these are the qualities that Compose the PLAY. dai 'afstars lfniinie Dnliirin, hotly-r in "Foxes," shrwxn rrraking up with cost, applied r l t F iii liiir l L iiisl right." a tew hours earlier, when arnoi was hrelen daring tinal dress rehearsal. f ' f - 1 H, 1, V , r f' . V CLIVMAIH JCHLJ MMM 5f.1.n-y:,.1I5 fwgvwfxn' PYJUQEVI L, My if! 'Mi ply, 1. UWB, I.FQfwwriP.fX1MArfmwfA,Ff1rg' A. HIHL, f,wa?r'Fl L 1 W-IMI J, VW ww, 1 W f Ed P mll Iugterng xxlwmle Tfgcjh. Dwreftfgr CMT Aghbx mm Qwr demms of fm scde model "Threve5 Comme!" se nfngii W W x ..1 1 , .DX LM M F-ur prllWlVNQ'f"W GW gr gr" w 'Q :, Umm dm my. A4 Lux 5 .Wd A rw T P. PH, Y r rw, mg 155 5 yceum oun il fyf' -1 "f' .A X f s 4 . Eiill Fireidenhniilwy Chu L fxlli:-n l-Jiiilx Defi titty Mines and Pres. l-lerby Powell The Lyceum Council seeks to present to the students, faculty, staff and other interested people of this area entertain- ment that would not otherwise be available, primarily because of the size of this town A great deal of time and work is put into the selection and presentation and the Lyceum Council shows its merits each year. 152 nd it orm M11111113 1'?111111511'1ff11 1111 1 131 fX'X1'1F1l1" XXIII' 11 511 Mlm HQ11r1'H11l! 111 T119 1111119 f11'1H fi1Q.d'1'1gf, 1111 M1711 TAC1111. Y , 11 111111811111 1 1 ll 'Il 1 UC111Qr1f-1, XN1131111111j11'111, U. ' 111111 11171 ll 1111 1111 111 11'11'11 Wyxmv 2 5 5,1 Aww I mu i-'llsscll lm-r gmru-w f1fCOr11pm'wi5t' .5950 f f Alwl NYM, Mwr1'K Mffimffw' rf-I'rr'-5f'f'l!f1YMJ, I lx-W1 1' Jumv! xwrM,l Mww15 iiwcjmjll durQClf1r'. fNMr'1':l1QR-rg UT 'Mg imhgft Shmx CMUVLIIL' nw gjwwrw. I 9 ee lub ,J " Y ' ', Me-rm Q Lg-lf,-Q' Club Qmqmq QI the Dr. Ablcsom dwreits M0115 Gino ' U Vx wxffrairx wf HHN' ww Y 572: v I 5 D CHD. I' - - I v Y ' if- f . f 3 " 2 if 3 , 2. V , V . .i q Q3 5 gy, iq as ' :M S fi iw Q1 Eg if , is ti Thi' TVUVGIIIIQ dune bl, The Glrag Cluig 15 for rm- bemefsf of GH who mlw wmv HJ IISTU1 Thu uw Clddwfllyw My TH, Xu: rftfffljl experlGr1CQ for Thu 5mQfrr 3, QOVIV blrve To produce some Qf thc imeef Quality smgmg HT time gcrf of H1-Q COL1r 1Try. 155 These girls spend their extra time singing, pri- marily because they loye to sing. It is not just getting dressed orettily, as they are here, and standing betore an audience and receiving the applause. There are many industrious, rigorous and tedious hours ot rehearsal, which invariably produce the sweet tones tor which these girls are so well known. L.. to R., first row P. lirysowoty, P. Coe, C. l-lovey, J. Webb, D. Madden. A Sec- ond row Delbert Sterrett, Director, Z. Berkowitz, B. Arcadi, A. Grossman, T. Par- nell. A Third raw Eddie Ludlow, Accomoanyist, P. l-look, Bus. Mgr., V. Trollinger, Librarian, J. Elmer, President, A. Jones, P. Porfher, Secy., S. I-lowell, D. Kamin, .l. l-lerrin. 9 W 0 m 156 ee lub WOrnen'5 Glee Club nrnwng un Ft. Lnuderdnlvf- frnvn Nc15.5gn. Over The Gulf ond unto The Conbbeon during The vgcofuons ond between semeafers Our Loran neugnbors ore Courred wntn song ond Cheer of the nwusicgl singing groups. i","f Hws Exvgllenqyl thc Egrl Lf Rnnfwnf fgufsrxmgr gf the EGPWGVVG5, gngyg Mr. fffisgrk Sferreft, Dwrecmr gf the XMgr'nen'g GIQQ Gun un Ngxsgn. Mwgg bm, -M-ngsf -qnvf ongs of th 57 The University Choir, known all over the state at Florida, by virtue O at their nwany tanetal trips, and appreciated wherever they are 0 l r lqnown, The University ot Florida Choir, 56 strong. l l l Director Clem Boatright 158 X M, lk 4 .5 2' MM., ff S!!! I X T . .W 4 L ,fl gfxi , WM I fx. Eomd Officers Seofecl, Gus l"lOIWVLjl lx. SlflflCllHQ, L. To R5 Eddve fiwollvr Bowl lr. .lm U4 ell.-lr llffllly. fwlorml ll, P-leller! Secretory l-lollcl Mobs, A-lst. Mgr., Eorl lol olis, Pulwlwntl in d No foolboll Qome would be complet: ll wntlwoof the lwollfume clctivities. And The bond in relweorsol wnrlw Mugs Plmllls Edge slogioo. ' Q 1 '11 v .. 1 the lwnglwlnglwt of the lmolftime ocllvirlos ln Florudo Fueld ore the lormofioms ond C1CllVlllQ5 ofColor1ol l3oQl1mom's Flglwtim' Color l3onfil, Q Q A l A troternol orgonrzotion Composed ot persons Interested rn ond proficient an tlfre ort ot music, Those selected tor memberslmrp ore students who hove shown on onusuol onnoont ot industry ond lilrotrciency Shown obove nn the Cltristmos pertormonce ot the Messiolw KHPP Kappa Psi Front Row, L. lu li. Nolirl, l-l., llonfgotjlz, G., Allen, C., lgfllllll, E., Eckels, R., lvlogee, C., Foullner, J. A Pon Tw, Dewey, D., Forrclmld, Lorson, J., Wrntersteen, D., Strtgslwrrr, J., Tolly J., Jicooe, E., Sterlrng, W. A Ron Three Brslworr, ffg-., Stnnlex, W., tbrrttln, E., l-leller, E., Alsf ntoyer, B., Free, J., Gjtodrng, M., Borrow, E5 Gront, E. 2 I D fa 14941 ff., , ,...-,r.,., : - .V '11, Li f f 'i 1 3 iii., , ' Q K V. 12 4 O 4. . 60 41.4. . 111. Student, lL. ta RJ C. George Derry, Dari Allirittan, Pap Miller, Elia Lai and Balybye Siglwatt engage in same radiu iiragramrning. The Schaal at Cammunieatiang is new as it naw btands, but the radia department has been in existence, and warlking tar many j,VCGV5, Formerly inearparated into tlwe speech department, it naw utilizes well eauipped space in the stadium building, and in the near future will lua handling the WRUF-FM programming. V iieuigig lQl1ui li 'lun r iiglntl ind Je l H H Wd Ed Krall and Ball Day lwandle Alliftigi engwiwririgy pn-duri fn nn 'ti xpt lr l J larl wi , manual sound effects tar radia sliaw. tape regarded interview in 'li fampu F a tnaun er tl gnu' Nlcior Garland Powell, Director ot station WRUF. John Beatty and Ralph Goodwin discussing materia Station WRUF-AM and FM is the voice ot the University of Florida, but one of the tevv such educational voices in the country that is commercial rather than solely educational, WRUF is heard over the north-central part ot Florida and is responsible tor training some ot the better an- nouncers ancl technicians in the field today. l for WRUF music show. WRUF announcer Bob Smith giving the 1:30 news. 162 With the ever present promise of "soon we'll have eauipment," and the steady insistence of the students "vve've been hearing that for years," the instructional staff went onvvarcl, teaching theory and methods, but little practical experience. lt looks, however, that it vvon't be long before the eauipment will be here and the theory can be put to work at last, The cry then vvill be, "Bless the legislature," ev' ion Dave Todd, peering through camera, GiGi Garr and Cal Perry, all students in tions, go through paces at Jaclcsoriville TV station. ti 4 X . iii -1 . 1 5 4 ? f , Q 5 '.-I few li 1 V -u , communica Television staff members Avery Chenovvith, Lynn Student rievvsreel carneramaii, Don Albritton Giese and Lee Franl-ts go over chart for TV series: gets practice in shooting news sequences XYZ I . ,vt . '7 I 163 Florrda debarers Al :alla and Larry Sands. wth Dr. Dalidsorw, fo Carhhrrdae dehale refrr. J. 113. Yorl.. and l. Vw. J. Posh t! Whale not greatly publlcized, the Florida debafers are lmavvrr ih debatrhg Curciles all over The southeast. This is not to say they Talk wh circles, however, for Florida dehalers are lawowh lar their clear, concise delivery and therr cahfeht as well. Flrrrdg Dehare Sojiely, llprirerrilassrrwehi L. To Fl.: D. Grahhsg Juhrar Varslh debare ream: I.. ro R., seared' S. rerrrr, Fi. Masrhgroh, Secflreasg D. Wellerg, Presg H. Graham, J. Schwartz, F. Berger. Stahdmgi J. Caheh, F rlerg S. Sesser, Vcep, J. Flrawardg G. Sfrlrjlclahdg G. Grohmah. l-l. lilapper, B. Sanders, L. Mclirssack, C. lhglrs. St nd nt rt Woier Colors ond oil pointing by senior ort student, Bob Dovidson. Bob hos hoo his pointings on disploy in severol exhibi- tions over the Country. .f..1,-mum - 'W 1 - ' '- 1,, "Q r' ' '. fn 'fre' ' -hmmm., r "1 y i 14- in ,y - 9 ,y x V.., , it .,,, ., ,.,,, ., , V Y sr. - r it fi., f' A" i , ' V1 A V V A-41,1-, .... W me ff? wi-my 3 my K 3' AJ gg 1 f '---f ,,xa1, ,g,zi QM i so , A A " 'l .:4" J M , 4 VQIV i V if V ffl 4, f vw' f 1, Q x V44 Y l 92, 5 f ' Q f u ar Y " f we 4 1 wr as 2 4 ff ' ' ff A M 1 'P 4 .1 Q 5 I 3 ' gi 9 ,P ' vfmfgg 1, , K 1 ff fy mm , 0 wg K Maxx i f iw if Q! Y if 1 2 J 6+ . 'N J 0' ' 2 fi K, I V ' 'tails A 0' 24 ' 6 1 4 y r r i 1 ' f Qi' f R4 ' N9 'Q ' X ii Q n if f I i n A 2 if ' 1 V W e fig , ii' ' 'Yu il 'QV a I i f " , iff., wp, 3 vw 2 ' 'V 1 , W.. I ' ' .1 " 1- r 1. " A U' P' 51.-., ' l ' .J ' E :- I V I A, . I 'gpg .iff ' ri , ,. Q. ., 3 P f I lf 9 , - "3" ' ' V A .i L3 4' ' ' ' V -A i y , 1 2' ,Q - V, f' i 1? ..,., V la 4, gi A, ' ,-, A, -ff gffyrf, N ,J H Q . l-I V V ' ,Q V , H ,, .y y .lip ' tggglg 1, -'2 ' , "2L..f:i7j,Qf:' , ff is ii , eff .,,, ai ii W- l' 1 I' -r' . 'T xf ' T' mf' - ' .- N A ..f A, 4 . ,Q 3 W -it i H :I 4 QM X 2 fi' , 'f 4 .' 2 -3 1 m i . : :A . . - ' . ffl 71 l 12 '. , ,023 f ,ge is 5 L Q A 31,229 if , Q1 ' ' - ' M ,,':i .,, X' , - . i Q 'B ' ' -f , ,C 1. X' . A 'gg ,I .pssgw - . I5 N , '9"1:v:,,,. 'M My x M 1 ' ' i f - . , . Y ' 1 p . ' ,- ' "Q,W,' A l.s'13- Volk 5 -1 l, '5 K H . Q Ark, N- 'Q 5' all , 1 N 45 'gum 1 1 1 1 4 M, , ,, , , 'I' 'p' 4' 'Q Q1 f af? f A "" ,. , , "'l.-if' 1 .1 2' i lik: 'rf x f F A 2 4' ,, K i in ,.,. fair iii? M ff' an 'Qi am X ii 1. A i Q ig. A K L r Q ai 166 I gi lvlaury l-lurl, painter in The diffi- cult media of water colors, has accomplished what many oil painters would like To achieve, clarity in line and balance in hue. These block ancl white reprocluc- 'rions do noi show this amply, but the originals speak well of l-lurt's style and skill, Stud nt rt 49 f . 1 v A . W ,, , 4 Jw, f? MfT q P Q? f e 45 xwnwrgmm 11' vim.,-N unwunvmm-1 l lsr Pi luv llorris ond Chorlotte Moyes. L to I?" Lito Evons, Mortin Hurwitz, Pot Vlfordrop, orm oin The dorms ore more thon just o ploce to bothe, sleep ond chonge Clothes, A greot deol ot the coed's lite is spent centered oround the dorms ond much will be remem- bered by eoeh girl who spent o semester or two in them, There Wos the Christmos Porty where we song Corols ond hod retreshments, there were the oll night bull sessions thot invoriobly ended up in giggling due to exhoustion, the study sessions before tinols. The boys lined up three deep ot the desk in the lobby ond the roce oround the room, reodying to go down ond see HIM. Neyer to be torgotten the linger- ing embroce ot the door betore slipping in just in time to heor the lock snop, shutting out thot night full ot memories, The RACE oeross compus to beot the eurtew ond the smiling Resident who just locked the door in your toce, The dorm council, meting out needed punishment to the ottenders, And Certoinly the memories ot roomy ond the girl down the holl- the triendships mode, neyer to be dismissed from the memory. Dolores Tringoli. T P 9 i lriirr-ll-' rrrt tfiiun il I- neeling -Erirltson, L, bornett, J, Eye, B, Reed, S, 'vlurphy, P, Cohen, S, llivhords, J, boggig, J, Abrorns, M, Qgle, D, Wordrop, P, Piissey E, fylrfjciisilriiy, P, Sfope, S. Stondmg-Durronco, Pj Morgolis, J, Chernoft, D, Durhon, lvl, DeLuCo, P, Johnson, C, Cullum, N, McClure, P, lftrnwi, lt, Edwriirds, B, Browder, B, Sober, S, Close, P, Yuhos, J, Fleisher, B, Eostiiils, P, Lyons, A. W if .gg , ,MQ-M-it 4 0-ef,wi-wwwnmmgmmwz w-Mam.muv-w-w'm.uu.4-- xzwwmxf- . - .Q-.. Y' Q... f 2-M-W-f.,xms .,-.Qs V f Q ft I f - 1m,v-wwNswfwwwm,-mm-efwfm-ww ..--nxsw-wmv-,mis Jf"r'mimQS fAXfl'11'J Vlfld mwrWf'w1fei' Mllxfi. 8... Ciofkmse from lower lefti Borbcro Cole, Sefntcd from L in F-ii NN'-um Lundy ond Alma Pwnc. L Iv I- E-ww Fw, www A FOV Prolnirwslly Sfemmrnie KOHQOWSFY, Sfamdimi Dfwwi Jm w,, Lfwm AHwr 'u md MII Hwim. V f i M Hi K' 1 Mum' If-w Suliivon, Sandro HOVUTTLQHIII. L Io I4 -fP'lmg-clung' Armin-rsrwrw, BQ SVIXGQC, FQ Stmililcnrwd, Ng Hdiru, Jj Tolfmu 'Vg Kumi, H, Trfwmgfr' V, lflrwf .r wh ' Aw 1' MQ Pms, MQ ShnrY6B. CQ Alvrcrw, P. l SmmdmQi Brown, LQ Eifi1rHetf, A5 1-'ewrwdd T L-Wg:c:Nf7s, EQ X'xfi m1rrM L 'A d, 71 Uv, L"L A K' " "'N 'X ' Mg Lcvoro, lj Holmes, S, Srmtlwl P, Tmfwxfqs, Mg Horxwrtiw, Eg Mf.1Crn5, lg liaurmwcm, P, Qomwllol R. If , W3 l I I lorlda The Union, e"There will be a meeting at the Union," We "I'm going to the Union tor a haircut dance lemon, game ot pool, tree cap ot cottee! to out an ad in the Alligator! get my V730 SEMI- NOLE, make an ash tray, get a drink ot water, go ta the rest roam' 'l Hlhe Student Body Prea- dent wante to see me in his ottice at the Union 1' "Gotta go to the TiCl4GT.H MI at these are heard, tor the Union and pay my trattici Union is the Center ot Student activity The hub at the student business and 5ocial lite. At one end ot the street the Ad building at the other the Union. 170 Union i i I l 1 I 5' Bill Rion, Director Florida Union. Florida Union Stott, L to R3 Kathleen Batts, Direiitiii vratt ehapg Bill Rmn, Director' Joan Cochran, Prgigrgrn Diffgigmrq VX'alt Thamald, AsQlQtant Director Flrinda Unmng Marx Mannion, Assistant Pra- gram Director. I Social ard Social Board, L to FT front row' lllclxs, J., Pres., Muraro, E., Arcadl, B., Vifo Pres., Corltran, J., Program Dir., Genrlelrnan, E., Cranrl, Lg Monro, J.j MCClamroClt, M, Santi, J., lvlarnttnn, M., Asst. Pro. Drr. Baile rowi Larltn lf., liltttrr Pl., Harlrrtx, ' . l-'olrtlr Pttltlr I-'rf't.fror't5. lfjllltfjl, l"tfrtt, Btll, Dire-ftor Florida Union. ! The Board, Composed ot ll Cornmrttee clwatrnten, tltree executtve ottrcgers and three Stott members, rneets weelcl5 to plan programs for the student body, Actrvrttes at the Board consist ot Club l?endezvoo5, student nrgltt Club, cottee dance classes, ttlnts, tune arts drsolays, Wednesday lnoor serving, international suooers, outings and otlter rnis- Cellaneous activtttes Dance rnstructor, Mrs. Walter Lekts, grves a few ttos to weeklt, Bop Class. 171 Toot Qzzie Arango sios while Donna Lornlwert and Henritta Reis serve at the Wednesdai atternnoii 'lcattea' hoiir. Bottom: Dean ot American Billiards, Charlie Peterson giving instrioiqtion to billiard en- thusiasts. K h iilit Williams prnxidts nnl hliie mii i twr the Cliih l?c-nrlezvniis Clanfors. This year the Southern College Unions were entertained by the Florida Union during o two dai series ot meetings, outings, dinners, lunches and intorinol discussions ot Conn- nwon problems. Z 47' 'WWW' . .I ,f Q, , ' , y , 4 ' f' , , 4 '31, ' 4 . 19 ' LQ, -f fi , M 4' , rye i 4 , MQ - ,Wh g.ff,gf:,., , , , - . ?,,7'5" ig 'Q ', f, ,.,,g ,for L to R, first row: Becky Greer, Pat Eddy, Mary Phillips, Yolanda Costa, Lorraine l-layes, Janice McGill. Second row: Bunny Kiltie, Peggy Conkling, Carolyn Bell, Fran Savage, Jo Moore, Charlene Barlow. Third rowi Zelda Berkowitz, Jackie Harris, Pat DeLuca, Marlene Dushan, Sybil Barnett, Mary Kiefer, Lallie Kane, Joanne Meredith. Fourth row' Barbara Braswell, Margie Andrciss, Pat Wardrogue, Irene MaCris, Charlotte Mayes, Edwina Piper. om ' Stud nt' ss ciation Whether they like it or not, all undergraduate coeds belong to WSA, the woinen's governing body on campus, They have "Big Sisters" for all new coeds, run "Welcome Week," publish Coedikette, coed hand- book, and generally serye where most needed It it sounds depressing, it is anything but, They insist on covered knees, L to R3 Billie Rouse, Treasurer, Silvia Maxwell, Vice President, Shuri MeCoullough, President, Johness Watts, Secretary. 173 One ot the lorgest womens orgonizotions on com- O I iius certoinlt one ot the busiest. Svvimcopodes oll the time, good shows ond lots ot tun to wotch. Thex svteor ox their synchronized swimming, otten compete notionollx- Sugor, spice, etc. UU Seoted, L. to R. Boss, L., Doboll, B., Thornton, S., Wynn, S., Adom, A., Moson, K., Stoclrhommer, L., Smith, M. Center, L. to R.: Tong, L., Corson, C., Peid, L., Inin, H., McLoughlin, K., Fitield, T., MoCris, H., Scott, S., Hornor, C. Third row, L. to R5 Gentry, J., Merrill, B., Rob- inson, lil., Strclulj, E., Besolsli, M., Lucinion, VV., Chopmon, S., Hester, P., Lozorus, M., Olson, S., Honemonn, J. L. to R.. Jim Hodgins, Moster of Ceremonies, Chorlene L. to R.: Wynn, B., Hist., Merrill, B., Gen. Mon., Scott, S., Second Sem. Pr Hornor ond F. Gomble in skit or Homecoming woter show. Hornor, C., First Sem. Pres., Olson, S., V. Pres., Corlson, C., Forum Ch. l . ,-gewxwf,-.uv-.mmf-.M:mn..m..WQ. . . . .m-mm L to R, row one: Charlen Porter, B. Carnbell, Jo Anne Meredith, Row two: Mickey Whittington, Peggy Cankling, Janice Mogill, Bill Evan. Row three, Audrea Wade, Ruth Dyer, Barbara Tucker, Reila Arho. Row tour: Art l-lanson, Jerry Weiden, Otto Kleppner, Don Allen. They sell Rat Caps to the treshrnen lsee page l8l, publicly engage in argument with the Alligator, give reasons to the public for a carcl section, publicize one sorority via the card section, conduct bontires lon campusl, organize pep rallies, and enjoy most of all the rallies in Jacksonville, l uh U f L f I it YT ? We Fx 'fr ' . iw 1? sig- gli T L a -- Qa- twftitixw mectiiig til the ljfipi lub. gi. Ill! 175 'Saloon oxer the top red comes bail-L to earth. if 76 From row' Captain Joe Evans. Row mai Helen Kiekhaefer. Row ihree' Fred Wrison, Alex LeDanfeC, Raymond Boswell. Flow four: Mary Loo de Ngse. Flaw frvei Prnlg Leff, Krrty Mirns, Jack Lauder- rnrlkl Ven'-na Fogel. 00 Helen Iireklwaefer fronts another complicated maneuver. W W Q All-f1wll1Hlfll1:l'lMll fl will fllllf N lrf l all Plwlogmph vvull und ycll lilzc lwclll loc lfvum lmucllg lQXUljOllL' 5crcum5 lflllfg l lm' lllllllll wlrll llll, Grumgel Appulllrwg amounts of bounce To the Ourlcgw Tlwcl dw CVGVylllIl'lQ buf llw Irlclml wgwg tml und ll'5 rumorcd Tlml mcxl' ycor will bring llwll llwc lruc Ul'lQlll ol algwrll ul 5lJUl'lllIQ LjVl,flll5l Cheers from the dear-5 , , ,YM rv I ,NYT P11 The College bronch ot the Key Club, they "sell" the University os o pioce to out in your time, They ore olwoys service minded, ond hove numerous projects, Toys tor needy children ond getting out the vote ore two ot the more imbortont projects. Supported by Kivvonis. O ing, L. to Pg Powers, R., Vice Pres., Both, D., Pres., Willioms, M., Sei.-Treos., Dobbins, J. Stonding, L. to P.: Higdon, J., Clements, J.j Peters, J., C leg, G., Hedden, J., Addison, T., Lombert, P., I-Iool-1, C., Pondolbh, J., Donoidson, E., Poti, H., uherrill, R. 1 9. 3 Q- 5 2 3 If is it T8 Gated, L. to RJ Sterling, W., Prasg Correo, J., Swiiellioart. Fir-.t row gliiiirliiiirg, l. lii lf.1 Vililiy Vial. fi., Ailxlkiilf' Slit iiiiir, l-lg llifil, l.g lllfifllf, ll, l lr lir l r iilrxx l l liilx' l llliiiliii V'Viiiil il'l'lVl'iri ll'll11i l'!l1rlfr111 lfrrayes, l-'.j llitiiriawl D.g M1 Hr-iirv, R5 Arria., 'LQ , 3 1. Y to 1 ii 1, . to 3' 1' D., Luglan, l11.g M1QMunii, lfi.g lfotliotain, M. lph hi . . i . .. .1l., .l.1 i. l V' 11 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 3 National service traternity, torrner Boy Scouts gathered 'round the tire to serve. Tliey go from Homecoming and the King Ugly charity drive to Gator Grovvl and Service at the Blue Key legisla- tive banquet. 179 ll 3 .W Proof roll, L. lo li. Semldos, lemme, Horrls, H., Boomon, M., Gromodo, S., Gerardo, R., Srrolownlz, S., Stern, L., Wlwirlmg, l , Lcrrfse, A. Mlddlc row Tolomr, A., Sober, S., Harmon, M., Floomoy, M., Flol, J., Ross, l., Solfy, E., Ross, B., Lower, Z., L gm, ,l., Lmrncr, M., Hollmom, lx.. Boil row Woglow, l., Sfoworl, F., Howell, M., Slorter, C., Allem, P., Sllversiom, B., r xx: ll, A., lllormlolw, S., lilofl, A., Ne-xxmom, lm, Flsl, S., Srjlmlrrpor, M., Sorel, R., Sordner, Ll., Lozzoro, A. Cavalettes Sister group To Covollori, lroomlrrll in l"l-l7. Lots lo do, service ood orlworvviso' Swumcopodos, lorm Colony Clwrusfmos porfy, Eoster ogg hom, ond Drmo-o-Downie Lolso fun. Hlllf urs, L. lo l'i.1 Elovorly Wlrlling, SGC., Audroy Powell, Presidorwh' Somdro Tlwom- rr, Tr'co5orf3r, Jermle Semdes, Veep. Bolil row' Froml no Sleworl, Sorilol Clwoirmon, l 'fly Sllvorglem, Polyllfilty Clwolrnmrw, Mr. l. Woglon, Advisor, Allce BloClr, Fioslw lmrrrmorw, Arlo Toloml, l-llsforlon. 180 S Y 3 1 , r 3 I 4 Lal g I 'R I' WA gr yy v ie' -fi rr. r A . , 4, 5' I L J ,Q 4, ,, ' . - , -, ' ,ff ' 7,71 M J, ,,- 1 A K X y f , I 1 g J if , 'fi' M q 4, :an " Q 1 f " '22, , V 1,7 , if g V49 Q ' V -' i . w 4 fx, 557- 4 A . X , b , 14.--. , Q. 3 A WM? . i 1 ,F 5, 7 - , - -3 . 3 0 g 5 , J fl Zi " " " l QW' fi? 1 M4 1 .Qi 6 5 ,f IV' ' 'I . ML A X A 1 5.4 L A J A! , , Q me ' nv gdffiw' We, W, L 1 ' fl nggzf f A ' , ,ff up . A W' ' tw L' ww - J 'Q "' 5. . 32 93 ' ' . YE-.5 W V! i 7,1 fi I Q j , Tap rnvv, L. la I7.' Blacl, J., Bradford, C., l3riJrr:rn, lf., Elravin, Pl, Biirfli, J., lj"iVfJ',lI'l J., Carvir, ff F, flw' lf., Qfiirt, J. Sewpnd ravv, L. to l-'. Drale, D., Dunbar, ll, Llyles, J., Eliasgsii, A., Eliav i.-ii, ll., FJf.Q'll" in J, Fir igrraii, l,A1lLld ' "V J' iii, I-X., gray, lx., l-lardeslv, VV. lliirigl riixx, L. 'L+ l7l. llrrrris, C., Harrow. .A i-. V ' J q- ,r,i , i yi P i P ,ii, , i i ,. V, v ' '. sv JH' T, iii ip J., iipi , i , lralier, R., Larlin, Cf., Lewis, D., Liin, ll. Faurlli rirvv, L. lil Lippiy, J., lqii-.vriE3.',, J., lvlffvfliiir Vx., M V ill l" ll " rs VX Qlln J Pi ll Fillli W ' llllllll N JJ i J l i ill l r Iiri, J., Miirpliy, J., lvlxe , i, .., LZ, ran l5iiii, XX XX"lii..' 'l iiyira, A. Siam L., liiisif-II, L. llnlwiiiznn, Pinarcli, N., Piiramf, C. Cavalli rs Lots of fun for everyanel Cavaliers was organized in V727 as I rnens social dance group, and nas been active ever since, Fall and Spring Fralies, dances, etc., picnics and parties and just plain functions, They really have a ball, a "vvell-rounded social life." Pex E. l-larper, Preiidenl. lrerl Vadlieini, Failillv' Aijlvisnr. 1v'iVf . 181 Ltciiidiiig l2.' Don Born! President. Stoncling L5 Perry Foote. Seolecl, L. to IQ, row onei Lilo Willioms, Corol Brown. Row two: Lollie Koin, Cliorles Coldwell! leon Piirlnoi, ,lim Wehle. lion three Noro Flynn, Roy Llionrey bruce llobertsnnl Horvey Moss. Row touri l-lorry Wing, Russ lirisoll Ann Swiflloncl, Aiiii lilelson. Pow tive: lxlorm lopner, Bill hoilexi. Stud nt li ion ss ciation Student Religious Associotion strengthens ond promotes co- oberotion omong the religious groubs ot the University, A The otticers ore Don Boin, Presiclentg Sybil Bornett, Vice Presidentg Lilo Willioms, Secretoryg Normon KGDVWGV, Treosurer, All students ore eligible to borticipote. The SRA sbonsorsi Religion-ln-Lite Week, Christmos on Combus, Public Attciirs Committee, Interculturol Activities! Progressive Suobers, Souore Donces, ond Dorm Forums, 182 f Q!" fic rv , , , ',, E152 em , W1 . P i , .9 Ii Z 5rf6i3s'!Ztfim-1,4 ' 1 View 1,1 ff' H23 ,. sxxyfl T ,gh 1 ' s- -ff! K mfffvl sz 4 , , .12 , 6, A-,4 Q U, .- - , Q f Q V f ...4-Vx w B ' ' 5-la w',,,,?Q y. ' WP-"Q 2 x f- aw 'ff-X-.-4 'ir ff x x 14.1 ' ....u1'x'fQ 1,1 Lgsfffiff '5,,'3-init gf ' a nw" ff-' X q 3. , .va 1, ..y,,f K, 1 fwzffisif KX :-fi-:J : . ,V in L .xx v , .C 551 bvfiff' vs,-425131 fwilff r. x if - 7,wj4f-v-- W- fx --,iw -.' V,-A f K fx .41,x,K 4' A 5,2'453'fi Q-an ,Jw X um- Q -var, ,ff .T'fi.' K-.asa ,,. 5 V 5, Qg'ji,,x3'SggW -1,5 up , QIQQKQJ 5 , .3 -,-L- bf V ,,,, ueQ' ' ,X x v -iwy. lr 2- ew. ' 5 ' iii N ' '- Wu "'-,jjfif-x:k,ag ' f- - " QA Ev if M.'+,fX :nr A ' , ' 2 1 .Q ,QQ fl f, .af Q . YL 65xg:.l,-'V Ji g, -2 x. x , 1 y,6,,g,vfAf- Q ,. H! 1 vw-V-v,ggf,,v!., 1- , :sv -f af ,fi .1-1,q44Y,,L,f,Tgy:' 1 9- H515 41.1 ia? 3, .Asw- 1- if QW. A , mffwlf, 9'--, V 353, f - ' gil!-bw. Q ' W '33 -' QNX". 4 .gsfafifv Wi,- A. W V ,+ ,V .f,.,x i . P 'K 'f,,. x, nf. '-V -- 2 s ' ' J vs ' asf' vb-. ,L ' t 3' 1 5' ff 'BX Q fig ? iii' 45:1 f ifafi N f N' A ' .Ali WA. M . ,X A+. 4 ' , ,K .M -. , 'tiiiafl ' A U Q. 5 . ' 'X ' . -'Q' wig, ww.-f W QW' '-W 5 3 Edu- 'X Mm X ,dwmtje Us .M N s .ig 1 I K 'bt A .Iq. . i x A .S ' fx-fslgfy' f,4 x ' Q M . 1? Q Q, gm ,Q f .x V Y "'v gf 94 f KE?" ' Qirfil , --.' - Viiii Fiiih' riixxii x' ixiiiii ll'iI'Ii iii Iimii I-'ii Iiliiii Fall rolics Jirrirriv Eiimiii nnrl his FSU ririie, Sheild VVONII iq- niiri thi iiiLii'ih,idi,5 Und find il Froliis. iernwelvea Ciierirg Hoyd RGQbUVl'i Surprised INCJVly' vvhd hdd never heord of hini and felt he would live xiii to his neme I-Iis rnusie was doneoble, and although There was no pinning record ser, some of The most stduneh pin-holders Inwsened their Qrdsp. Ton tired In even sit down, nne dreamer i5 hoppv. Flm3h1,1rh'Q wr'-v im' WGS ihml hm N Q fb-r fm' ' V, vhrrwnt A-1 Yhv VHlJ'.l1f1I wgrfmgf. "' 'A' l ' I M62 Cshha mrhs SDflI'l'iIWQ ff7L1I1ff'HUlV:" e Couple- dhd mow M to the sidehhcs before mm IFC Vue-41 imd pwgrmw 'hmmm The follopae, and sho too drecuhs swuut thoughts. John Huwkhg and dmv, Eorh Mum l hxhlr ulnhh V ' HV f'fiY'f1'iHMf P V IP W wi T1 'VN 'I I 1 1fn'1!wh V omecomin Homecoming oorode morcned between record crowd ot Gainesville folk ond visitors. Too 1955 Homecoming Queen Mory Lou DeNyse reigns over 1956 Condidotes. iQueen Lynn Brown ot lett in front ot Queen DeNyse.i A Belowi Flovettes, rnorried students' wives, sponsor tloot Corrying first Mrs. U. of F. Sora Corr, in foreground. 'Y mu ara ..vv""' ADP fleet, emem The best. glqfllil Ne lledl' e winner. Q 1 The perede, whale het es extensive es ie yeers pest! Wes e slehl te beheld. The merehihe lneeds, levely melerefles, Cemicel fleets ehd lneeufifel wemeh ell went leeether Te eempese e memerelnle eeeeslee ler edelts, Uhiversltg sledehfs end ether Children ellke. 187 omecomin P i I , r r . ara The parade rs often called the "appetizer to Homecoming," Thus year rt could also have been eohsrdered the Hcoektarl before the appeTuzer" for rf was Thar enjoyable I r' rl rr rwlrrrrr rw hr 'wr r r rrrrwrvrlrlw Yeo, lm! ahiariahatelyl they drdrfr play riobhg, they plaxed Tehhessea. - rowl The prergrowl ocfuvlfles were punctuated by the morvcluus precusmm morchmg of the Florudcl A and M bond 'Twag We Omly UNIT recelvmg O sfomdlmg OVCITIOIW from The 45,000 VICWCVS, 5000 of whom were already sfcmdmg K Corel C3-nblg-5 Eqnd plays I-Qfl ground musm for domimg gurls. 0 ' H Fvrzgfrffx nlafm with flmf , 3 mfwl 'NJN' R MJ.wA 'M rullw ' W' "-.Mrw rxyrlr v 4 WNW f'fr1fu+'m'x -'fm 'vfglwt-,I ANL- SMj.'H'TTLjVu'3,Y1F v 18 9 ome omin YI rf M rf Ufr im Exflll f Tlwv QVQWIJ yciftnmg cllomq om C1 "Fl0rldc1 IH ThGPllTl1I'ef'H theme, pm ' " ""' 'W " "W 'M ' N5 " "L ' duced mom chuckles and smclxers os Ur, Hole scootcd about :rm hug 'Epoce wp" calling the shots from every comcewoble pomt. in mt fwhby, spun mlm I-D1 Lklusw, mud Spmlngo PfJfrolr'nf1r1f Nmwyr of Qcrcrrlgmcs Lower' Hole .iwmmg uw for C1 lorwdmg. 190 Gator rowl IMI' rfiyymffwg, X','i111r",L" !'!1'!w1""'1-J V I , IH V W 1 ' H 1 H I, Y v Ifl A f', ',f,':, 1113 ,'v.g 1 ww lwxlm F1111 lLN?'1'w1"w 'wwf 'rw 'wwf lwgf' f Y X omecomin New lnlenif-Qatnlng Qnecn Ltnn Braun with arms tall uf anarae. Tecltnufal Crew al tlwe Graxxl, tlte unsung! nnetpendalitle lweraes at tlte Slwaw. 192 Gator The Gravvl vvltlw its epectaeular events and tnagnntucent planning was Crowned watt: tlte breathtaking splendor at the culmi- nation turewarles display. lrowl Finale I 1 1 F 193 I' 4 - omecomin ,,,....maniB Craig White NCAA diving fhampian O ' doing a swan dive at the swirncopades. Water, water everywhere and tilled with lovely ladies, The Swim Fins are always active and ever seeking to make more pertect their already taultless ballet numbers. The diving is always at a peak whether fancy or clown, This and the dance numbers done by the Cavalettes combine to make a protessional duality show. Swim Fins in a ballet formation. ,., ' ' -Q X ' V ,,, . Al .2 55 QT""'?f, , . VMS - V' ,il ,,,,, f ,f -11 - i f V ,- g - - Q' '. '1 1 . -51-.3-:fs1,:1 . . ,,, :Q Tf- - ,,,. ii -'H V , -, V. .,,. .swim . g n , Q, " n f: 3 1 Mfg N is , h af' we MQ A '- M r, ,. .iw , 'K A, 1 - ,f,, , v r f - w .5 3 ' gf' i x. -I . ,i T ,ci 4 ' f ww iffaf Qi L .. Swarm rp -if ,., Q P x ' ,. l T U '1 " ' 9 " 5173 -1. f-ii? Y fy -', ' ,,.:', ' 1 .' 4' ' 1 -, y I I 1, Y , v any vw... 5 1, .b L1 ,grim ,Lage . dy, f. S-A QM. 1 , , l g ..,,.., finif, . . ,fr ' A T ., - , Z I 9 2- MJ y .., - 4 . vi. . . :Q ,wsu Y MAR, ,. ,.,., , Q., .... I .Ta all , X 3. ,i Q. Q s - ?l'r?,f . 4 T .,., T T .M 1 , 'fa fs XA 4 - , - . lf' ,. . ,. -f V ,. -We hp :V ggxbw- -.-f .V f L - tr I ru- -Q., , . 'ff-i':r:::a :fa 4'-:fs-,. 1 5 . .. T ,v,.,., . f- Q:, cl :, 42A,::5 ,: Q, 35-QQ M sf, ,g.4:,,:- ,N,,,,g3:: . f.:-gk. '- -, , -- sz- ' V lnwg O .er .-frhngff X V G , , ,. ,.t. YY , N V U M f My , dm, as .y t 1M'."' I' +15 vga ' f .fggbm if ., .1 'f X' j A 1 X I wwf' 194 MC Jim Hodgins and Barb Springer in duet at swimcapades Mol l-lommocl-1 receives Forrest K. Ferguson ovvord af tor most outstonding tootboll plogxer tor lffjl. The toct thot every teom tries to win every gome ond sometimes loses is bod enough, but when o teom tromps the home teom ot homecoming it is terrible. But the 20-O score in tovor ot Tennessee, before o record 42,000 crowd, wos somewhot helped by the toct thot oll ot those people hod oncl were going to hove o pleosont time ot the other homecoming octivities. Bong ond cord section welcome oliimni. Cord section os spoce ship ond bond os footboll during holttime exercises. 195 omecomin sg 'ir-'multi ' x lfr:Hrrrr5 Pres. Rum: and Blur Play Pres. Jfjrim Eder' In pcrcdo. Hrrrrdo Suprerrrc Court Jusfirgei Curmpbcli Trugrr'rroI rgmd Sfepherr Uifrrrrr1f3H IGH mg Hr Rrrrrrer RGprESE'r1rr3TivQ J. T. VVIWSOU. ' nitaries Jcrlwrw Boker, Sen. Holkurwd, Charles Dorm, Elugobeth Donn, Judge P. 5. Codrell kformerly S. C. Justucel wotchmg the Low Skits. Homecommg serves many par- ooses gettnna together warn old fnenas, parcnung old fnenasnios, buulduna and patcnnng oolutica! fences, seeing The improvements of me campus snnce "I was last here" These are the fnunas Homecomnnas are known for. SDCOLCV Collvng and Preh rf Toastmaster S. T. Doll, Caesfs mm. gown I. A, f L 9 R Ui "UQ 7'YC1'Vf"lV' 'If fy 1' gr My fwwpf + V 1 V arnng af Blue Key' dm fl w 'Nr fnflnw- NMM PwLV'rm1 We i rifl 5 x W, , ,I . P- fjj YE MQW fhyifuzg Wx SENUTQK LF llomecomin ATO house decoration -- winner at the Orange league. Pi Kappa Phi-winner ot Blue league house decorations. l-louse decorations are an integral part ot the homecoming decorations This year the rain and wind took care ot all but the sturdiest, making one tra- ternity, heretofore unknown, famous for its sign "2l miles to l-ligh Springs." ouse ecoration N ..-ml-.mfr ....I3'Ku.......4p- . ,.,a. IL l ff ,f A , fr' fr 1 v ,.,4 M A ' ,I 4 IIS T l V , A l, ,M - "Of .rg A I , -' ,. "W" fl "ry .,f,, , I V M K bv' ' ,M-'f' 7 E nf.: ,T ,J g 42 rf I fri!! , ' ,, 4 , ' ff -fu, r d d 1 1 ff I, I ' 4 , .KW 'W"'a wwf Q , 77' Q I r 34 1' f 4 ' , 3 rw ffxg, 45 Q waz? W ' A f fmf-,V l - ':,fZ.. " .Elf-T1 . M .,.: J S X ff". 'XXX-M, 'rl I f H f r , fb---. . , lj! wa- if 1 f 1 ry A W ff "Q K pa H, fi ff, mxxu! I A4 ml. ,f X X A Q F, M, f '-'iff Q ,J ffl , 5 , ,W f 1 A 1 xxx J 1' , M ' TX ', N rl f L V' ri Nl' - X-I " 'A' . I is ' 411 ".' K P ll rfx, J!! N, ,, ' -"'f- 4 X 5 xv Vg, 3 CQ 3 ' yi ' K XV K QY'! - ' I i Q . Abavei Srgma Clwrs talae all an Tennesseas bagl-znaads reputation, BEFORE the game. A Below Sigma NUS cancenlrate an "power packed" decaranan. A Lell, Clever AGR mechanlcai sausage grander lelr Alumni chuckling. 199 4,1-'L Adlai rlisrimwiiniis ar tiiiinesville Airport. Spealsing tri igrowd in downtown sauare. 1 dl ' Steve on ' ' g i l Adlai Stevenson began his WSG Presi- V dential campaign in Gainesville, Flor- ida Having lost Florida to Ike in the N752 election, Adlai Came down to "find out why and do something about it." Followed about the Campus by crowds and newsreel and still photographers, he set a fast oace and saw much. l-le V liked it, what he saw, of Course, l I l Adlai and Ag. l'l'ri,ixi,isl liilield getting breakfast in Cafeteria. Fifield, Mary Lori DeNyse and Adlai eating breakfast. l l l i l i l i l l l ii l l l i l i l I l i ll l l l i 200 A Adloi shqkes many 0 hand an the square. Ffvrrm-r Aetmg 1 .4mfrrm Mlm". mfnlu, prraf-rmutwrv rw? pmt prevdwrwt. to !XfjHf11. id xx . Believe in Steve .fb :f I X X1 Adlcn, wovd und eyesore. ' ' ' X' . m , The v "x A E' 'L' --'rw' UN 'iw ' Q 'iw?ffNrerw+ ,gg N ,r ,4, ex ,1 A , X , X 2 Abovet Father Baker in the Canterbury l-louse. Below: Neely McCarter, Westminister House. Stud nt Religious activities on campus play a great part in the every- day lite ot Florida students. lt is hot merely a Sunday ao-to- meetin' attair, but a part at the students lite, This becomes more apparent as one looks about and sees the religious lead- ers are also the activity leaders A healthy atmosphere is the result U' 0' ws" WMS? Thdxtcn Sprmgfn-Id dwmg ovvr phuw, M ww buifdmq nm bdf'Ldr'fwxnfi4. Pdy Vfvfmfe, Edptist emdf-mt M1-ddwr. Heli ion nt lfewrmd Cm blwdrdt addressing Father Sager, Creme Hall. Rabbi Krovelz, of tim Hdllcl Foundation. Q group of LLIHWCVGIW students. in Xl". 'lol lxlrp. Frfznl' l,Vo:1glr'LlTT Ov ner Mull Slalr: Tells The one about The rll. ,,, 41, 1' 'l,, r,y,lrl.3,M,l, QUE ll'1 The dlrplQr'lO" lllll r,l l'rl5Cf1r0l Club. Rec cation C nt Colleae is noT all gTudy and TesTs as many people Think. Occaslonally The sTudenTS QeT ouT Tor a parTy and leT Their halr down Galnesylllek places of recreaTlon are numerous and yarred and we have Tried To show you a good cross 5ecTlon of The Type of places TreauenTed by The XludenT5. r ' ,T Ld' J Earn Llorlry, duly "How many Cwner Bull Woodbury ll5Tens To hio Burger Peg and Al STelner, lill lol OWIWGVS, ,lu T- you lllrn llfrlnrry you aol here?" House customer gryuna oplnron oT beverage. look loenlgnly at enchanted DOTFOTTS- ,3- Q P . f i v izfw , 191 ' . A , , ff 1 ' n . .Qc 1 4' V, ,,L,',.5 ,. HQ. if nv,-'iff f 1 Icy, 3.1, , -f, 111.57 f ' if , ,Wwe ,,..,WW..,,,, 011 es and lasses Q u ri llltllr A xarieti, at labs in agriculture mare than eguip Dean Braalier tar tlie lab at Dean at tlie Callege at Agriculture. Farmer pratessar at agriculture and ecanamics, Farm Credit Adininistratian Department vvarlfer, cliiet statistician and vice president at the Qaluniliiia 'Sautlw Caralinal Banlc tar Cooperatives, Directar at Agricultural Re- searclwf New Qrleans and executive secretary at the Price Decantral Board, Washes ingtan! D C are the nialar pasitians lteld bv Dean Braalfer lt is tullv expected tliat luis tuture warl lwere at the university will prave eguallv as caniniendable as ltis is-ast wail. Dean Marvin A. Brooker , , Q QQ 'vi K., 1, , 144- fr c EQQ mf '9 r ' , ' Wwft C TMS. 7 206 1 ,A , , , , I V Af 1 , ww f , Af ,a . , ,f ' fl 4 1 AM ,wwggp-v A, Q 1' gt ya 4' CQ ,ff 'Wd .,....f -of sq, J 3. Q 'Uv I WIP-M' Q -, QR? X if 5 K f xy r X r ry ,.Q.. ,-.M 1? an :fm f '47 I "s,,,' 3 z N51 2 'WU' f i sv W f n 42? ' 5 , ' d l? ' I W, 3 4 ' fx, wg .,w-wr My 2,4 .1"f'i1. " 1r"23w..,3' L1 Y " 2 'lx V5-9 '-.mwlf ll :wi XXVIHW' V f5xgY:f1r'lQvI, Q My unC'y'Qr, NN Prwf'f1r'wv'm X' J , fXrrwMl J BM or S Blcjl fy "1 my J Emma, D Biwxxew, H Braddock! T vnxm, R bmi D J B1,nr1orw! J A Carlton, A Cmson, W T KQV' 'Wt Wiinii yf,,,,,.,MQ- wiv 'RK ,Q imm- 58 xx Q mi is X th 4 is X 1' rw-mvllff' . V V gr 041 gh.. , 59-'ff if 9 1, i v Agr! A Z ,N A X , A. , ef ,L ,'.-mx: - f ' 5' . .-,.. .. .H .fp Who! f'Aif1 ,sm,g J' . - 2105.25 1 E "ur"'! , X ' '-251 , - w '-,wc X 5 -X M, :Q i' ms' uw A ' ' 'N -.-4, S I -45.431 - Q2 25. ','fM'fQ'r, ,U fY'lV'v'F'V 1 CU.vrt'wf r, f' F' NWN 'jwilr' 2 I 'ir1ClWrwiJr' f,Vf1r,!J ffwivfxrf J mx rf v., 1 Wylfjffx, ,Q F!-aiw.-rf V1 Fdxmrdx, ' f ljrmvf if Hwrrvwrs, , Hwfdfzr fx HHIM, F' r 1. ,.L ff, I- I M 11 IQH, M V 'Hlbl K JL Sxfphl 5 Juxxerb, H Joxce, J Mniwl M Lee, J L3-Cl'1fm4w Mfi1sse5 , W MCCUIIUUQM MMS, KN Mvlfomx, VV Morrwsi, N Nelsomf H Norris, ,I Poiev, M Quwrdi, E Redwall P1 Remff, Chas FE'5'f'5DO, D md I 3'5" ,Y Sffvfb, IQ Smxfh, G bhmh-l?n,Xrf'i f kiwwr ggi! I4 T ylur M .fx w w - L Thvfwapwu H L' r J Wifi, 1 flfi '- Thompson G gms 'Vis n-...W wwx X 'Wh-. w 1 Agri ultul' Senior B10 nd ridl The Elod.. ood Hrrdle Clob woe orQom1cd on tw Compus IH V37 To ocduomr the emdem .wh the lnvesfod' umdusm, to provide oddmomol frommg, ood To develop good felIow5hqJ omoog me members Tins Semesferk progrom woa deeuqrned To meet ood further these QOOJS. L. fo Ill., Mrs! Row' Horny, H., Spietlw, A., SCJ'1'.Aj Eroddofl, T. Prey J'JVl!VTf,'IIv L., Y. Pr-fs., JXJJKJIVJE le. 'xJor5Mo4J, Umlfi ', I., JIL'fg1JF'f'V'f fe., Qeporter, Ddmdl, Q. A Sgqmd Fowi Cellom, I-Q., Smith, D., Hdrm-JV1, lp., PJ'f'dQlf3lI'LOSTC'V, NCJsw, H., Eiurrwerr, Vg lXfJc1r'fmjf, J., Vmd, J., L','VjfA1.V'J'g., VH, fr., Foiulty Adviser. A Thxrd Jffowi Pomex, Ei., Jxohlooerw, A., Speitlw, J., Alllrwwer If J'J1ff'Jf"J' Ei JYVGKJ Li four- J., EJ of' J, A FQ-ml' J- F. erm. J., Strooglm, A., Bwhop, F., Proctor, li., Siodxey, J., Loyd, H., Bowen, 211 "' , qs . vm w..,.-vi t 1 V A is an " 3, as i . Y' kv, ' 1 , X i Cx 'fi 1-se, V 2 . xi . f . 'iw . Y ,M ' ' t P Co 1 4, ig QW 3 i E1 sa WW if , ii bbw ' , N 9 Q X' x 4 Q N 5 . ' N y f s yio- 'V' ' ' '5 View . , If I t i rg, sway. ff fy .ww ,,, --. ,M in N 1 1- 4 f "Pt 5 9 .Wi Ps 4""'w "' Us 5 F .,. L. lu ll. Ffrst lliiyl Mulrennun, ,l. 'friiiitrf A5 ,iiinijs lfl, Pre-sg Stuut, Q. Favulli, Aayisier, Tiniriiuns, W. A Sai and lilawi Militia-yiig G4 Curnmlnggl ,iw Saunders, G., Masigiri, l?l. A Tltircl lliiixx, lfliiirtiin E., Craft R., Strauqltn A., Etaler! l-l. The Agricultural Cauncil is Carnpaseal at the presi- dents at the sixteen araanizatians at tne Calleae at Agriculture. This Cauncil aids in ca-aperatian between the variaus araanizatians and Caarainates their activities. Agricultural Cauneil acts as liaisan between tlte students and taculty and span- sars the annual Turkey Sbaaty brings many well- lsnawn speakers tranw the tfela at agriculture. A g C ' l Alpba Zeta is the natianal banarary agriculture traternity tar tltase students in the upper twa- P 3 tittlts at their class and wha have shawn autstand- ina scltalastic and leadership ability. if. ' l. lr . fi r, lr., lt- nfaigg, J, Li., Mulr Viriizri, J, Sasser, 'vlg lfrazicr, A, Miirrisy ll.g Pabin, l..j Haaleir ll.g LOX'xltOll, llg Eurnetty Vg Davis, L4 iiiimlli sl. Pr-an l.'illlllQ'l', Wg fXfli1r'plsiiiy', M., Dry P'r'i'i5', lj. ir. L. to R., First Row? Lee, J., Treas., Weatherly, E., Morriss, N., Pres., Laxvhon, lf., Bulloiili, R., llleiut., Quire'-., E. A Segunrl l"ri,f.'.i1 Cgrldrvrfll, lf., br., Faculty Adv., Burfhanon, A., Crott, ll., V.-Pres., Puente--. C., Ffamex' P. Sri-ck., F1elli,.x"rr Cl. A Alsrsfhl' 'Xlf'Sli'rr'l lf. ltr. F4 tilt., Arlxq fir". r Business Mgr. O The American Society ot Agronomy was tormed early in l'ljel with the merger ot the Soils and Agronomy Clubs The society now proudly displays S Q tirst-place ribbons won at the Agricultural Fair tor tvvo years in succession A service ot the ASA is a Crop and Soil Demonstration Kit tor agrlcule E A I. ture workers throughout the state The Newell Entomological Society is a service or- ganrzatron to promote study and research in the ' treld ot entomology, Among the activities ot this society is the development ot a broader sense ot ll appreciation ot entomology among laymen. NES , is a state-vvide organization and claims member- ship ot many ot the outstanding leaders in this E field in the state. L. to R., First Row: Taylor, M., Mulrennan, J., Davis, L., Baker, F., l-lerring, G. A Sergriirrj lfioix J-rw' s, , Sitdiiesivig, F., Tzriznalolis, M., Stevens, J., Collins, H., Faiordo, lvl. A Tmrd lfloix, Fultz, T., Andrews, l-l., Spencer, N., Cromer, A., Pagrg W., lirrrr, lil. A l'rfl,lVfl'l lieu Saigrp, L., Pagers, A. Murphey, M., Brannen, C., McCullough, D. -ii mn-f l in-1 1 -sw. .af i. v l iw- i 1 ,rf l l l l i A ri ulture and lli cl Arts il l l 14 Dean Arnett has taced considerable examination this past year, and has Weathered it admirably, Several ot his statt found desirable positions elsewhere, and the students reauested hearings and investigations of the teaching conditions ot the 3 school. l-lis goal to place his school in a premier position in the South for educa- l tional research in art resulted in a requested examination ot the whole college, curriculum, faculty and student attitudes l-le expects this to assist the college soon and put it hack on a growing basis. i l Dean William T. Arnett i ' t ti 5 l l l l l i l l i l l l i l l l ti ti 214 lm 4-musk +V' f s 'N 'W JW Q 1 Kwan? I V040 4 'Hunt ' wwf ,, M .I 1522 , v x f:f"gi,4 .- ' I -nf' 4 ' f ,:. ' j , , 7, ' 'J . ' ' ' t I 5. . , f' ,1 J " f 4 4 1 V Q x Jed., - f f X ff.Q5a55Ag1,,-fn, 3 V r - f -- ,... 1- ---- f ,M I , f aff f , 4 1 Q y,,r' - r,,,,,J, 1 y ., W,- -1: g. " -gf., 1 W , ...x Q ,-:M 3,-Vg ' 1 7 Y fa, Z .5 . . A ,-553452: A'?.fl'! ,ik 7' ,.:. ,V ,.-f 9 Q if 1' 7 4, ff: ' f 2 5' 'X fr 4 4 f eg : 5124, px, 1, V, f .- 4065? :n f VN ' fii Hb ' " EEN" i f f wr. ' , V' 4 GA VH ' 'f. 'frm' Q f if ' 1 2' r ji, I L , r ,sv X rr ,J Q AW We 1. 4 , 3 W9 X ' vm ' Q 3 r V." l vw ,,., I- , ,X . I x ,X , 1 V, , ' ' 99 2, Vg A ,' X of fr X 5? i 'N 224' 3 ' "'-'.52PfWfi Ff'I-52? if , - .1 Q ,I -3 , 'xx .. .. X V 1-7 lv 2 , N mmf. 3 , V 3. .Q , J , 1 Q -.M fi grllx ' , 4 rf. 1 . ga, .f-: r , 4 r 1 XM 1 Kgs ,x,'A,w ' vw, , V: 1 w Q- ,...r..,,,x.r . Vw' 5 iw -M Vyx N... i J A 1 1 x 'WW 4. .,.,,. r , E . 4-. X ' W Ii? , gs ,. . fi ',Z'A , 1. EH?-il wff J J J 1 ,fXgqoIv,, J Eflwley, J BOldwm, E 2 Hurd, J? Burfc nrl, VV Chovis, R Cook, J Crowford, J Evoms, J Felix, J Geiger, O Gillrsore, T Greene, J Gregory, H Gregory, R Holbersfodf, J 216 Q. vi A x 14,5 fx x wt x " x X Q sip- 'X,,q, ..., fri 2 I 33 'f 1. . mt'-, " 195 - 5225. ' :KE 1 ,-s::1::4 -2:JSg:..'5E::25v:.w. f41,m,:. EQ. 5:4 ,Q- I :.f:, -fozgr, " 615:V-uz15g:g.,.a:iw,-15:2 Y We K 'MW , Y . ,U 4 , ., V 'x 2 x x ww Q5 x SfXx+ 5 Lx sf? K P4 S 'gm X' Q Q 4 Q. mix K R Q V 22, -4, f fx 1 Qf XX D 5 ,Q X X n 'ey N 5 0 N . 0 W f , C K Q3 .R X? :mb x 4 Y , 4 - A x 5 , X Q ., N we . , X S, Q 'ix XX XQKX' 4 6 a. wi N xwsgg, N N X' X N2 X X , 'Z 0 'A 1, gf 4 Mir- , V . M ,Aw it fe, , -, 'ff "'. Sk 6 ,E 'w.vm .. , f a +, ' ' ' -' " P wa.. s3w:'.:g4,g.:s1- - M -my ,px WW GK 55,4-K 'W-M., W 40?-Q. Architectur Senior Srmih, S Epevci, I STOHG, B 1.524.925 'W -f Q, jj W ww L, nr WN'-wr x ,P 5, . 5,11 4 fi- ,. I f, ug, L . ,fn X , 1- ., , " -W -S 1 if 'C' r 5-,Y ,. ' V. in , 'NM fm we Tooke, R M . xp.. 'sf A ,,,..,., 5 1 X x A .X X 5 iv w s? .. Wolloce, R ,ew W N4 Swv SFVHTM 1'- F a v 0 r i t rofessor Bob Ebersole . Z Q kg, f 217 Iii if :spun unsu- lil Q Kumi WOW Ill? iii! RMK KQC' I ii! wink! U10 shi ii D01 if G 2 5 4 l t 'i i si , Y K 5 ts L. to ll., First lion' El., E., Morgon, D.j Aggelis, J., Gregory, l-l., Reddicli, R., Johnson, L., Bloril, H., Prot. A Serond llowi Zeigler, C., Meelzs, B., Feliwi, li., Yorhrough, J., l-lenderson, B., Seoy. A Third Rowi Lindsey, l-l., Crowtord, J., Tr-3-os., Smith, G., V.-Prc-s.j Bird, B., Presg Burton, B. Si gmhd hi Sigmo Lompdo Chi is 0 notionol honorory troternity ot building Construction ond lumber merchondis- ing. The troternity is posed on scholostic ottoin- ment os well os demonstroted leodership. SLX strives to promote the school's curriculum, to molce Contact with the industry, ond to did the students in choosing the right coreer. Indonesia Stud nt L. to ll., Soeporno, Amirudin, S., Mohomod, Soeroso, Soedordio, l-lendrotmo, ll., Mudiito, Soedormodi. This group ot Indonesion students, employees ot their government, ore studying here tor one yeor in the college ot Architecture ond Allied Arts. Z3 T 1 Z S.C. . . Student Controctors ond Builders Associotion is on orgonizotion formed ot students wishing to be- come controctors, who wonted to leorn, extro- curriculorly, whot the duties of ci controctor ore ond who some ot the stote's controctors ore. One of their occomplishments is the construction ot one of the better homecoming tloots eoch yeor. I.. to R., First Row: Holbgrin, D., Prof., EF, E., Morgon, D., QIJJJSDJG, T., VVeston, J., Chovis, C., Gregorv, H., Aggelis, J., Johnson, L., V.ePres., Pergiro, N., Block, H., Prof. A Second Rowi Eisner, R., Henderson, R., Brittion, F., White, R., Reddiflf, W., Stone, T., Hordy, R., Loutner, D., Thompson, C., McAuIey, R., Treos. A Third Row: Wogner, C., Aul, C., McWicker, G., Meeks, B., Felix, B., .f-Xttlfisson, J., Revels, P., Bird, R., Burton, W., Pres. A ourth Rowi Stokely, J., Prof., Henderson, R., Zeigler, C., Chorlow, R., Jones, R., Smith, G., Robbins, M., Yorbrou h, J., Diodoti, R. A Fifth Row: indseg, H., Buie, J., Crowtord, J., Geiger, B., Cook, J., MocEocheon, Q P. 219 Art nd Sc' ces The Ihalaha bam fgaaaalajl al racaw Llhllarf-:hi laachcr al Baal hall, aarmmglrafar at Pawam Callaaa FC1ll'llL'lCl lava, ahfil lllffkl aalauha llaht al the Callaae al MTS aha Balances aha alfa, hx. xsrlaff al lhle, lathar fact! head al the C Caarse glraaram Dean Ralph Page af alla lllrllg, ar' Qlliflllllll' lm ijllfl dggraa ar ahalherh llfl CahlaCl wnlh almagt exam Sflldarwl Ill thas lllilllljllllll Dean Ralph E. Page 220 fXV Nd! - fa! MAN ,fXrrw,ftTy J BURN! Hwrrw, M Huuuwury M Efxemlll c, B W QQO F T, XXAVK E9!oCLi14 my Ulrike, H Bockler, C Bra w1'1 Per, H 'foxwfrelk F QQreof1, C Clark, R Codcl, E Cofueki C 7 5-,w 4 A 'R E v-4 a Q X ..55 , Q. rts and Sciell Favorite rofessor Bill Carlton ,xsma ff' Qk X05 """luiW in Q, 'fad' ring? f r r E Kxflf r V V wf-I f r +'r, l lX I' ff . , f,H'rlt, J IUMYI J BS ivlif' Se i r Wfdjwf N fl-f IJ: W, +1 f 1 lym 'fiVN, fvW LJ: Nwrw' rw 4. ffnXfH1f:r C , .1 lJl1ggfgfJrx, L, EJIJFQLICI J EV 1- PS, A EN firujrrwfxy J Fa orit rofessor J. E. Dovell 223 A t d S ik S , , MQ -wwf X A QW. A . aw v ax. 2,6 V , xc PX I C f 1, g f Vu. 3 A ' ff , Qi fi - , vig, .alma L.-IW' JT! 'MM ,-"N ,Q m Ap fifx , S i V F Sn. 'C""r'z-,- -f 'fx 2245" .V . A ,:ff ,, , , P42'E.,4u?7 M' We Za, cfsvw, " 'ww' I" X w-.,.s- ff V J I fww. Q' pw KB 5, e, ff:-we WY? W5 ,, Ellysan, M Efffsrgf, JDQJJCV, D FJ3,rrn, VJ: DDBJ, Vmrrlr, M pmfegr, S "JVfQ'rr'1CJC1ff, J rnnf J' , , . V frreenfleld, J Griffin, T H C1J'rr'1, ,J Harris, J Hatfen, L Hauaan, H LMI, P Harnwirr, L Hunt, M lrwn, E Johnson, D Johnson, J Jarch, G Lain, L fleezei, Fl Efxeney, D lfiaff, J Lipscomb, M Lyon, fx Mannis, A Markowitz, P Marshall, E Martwn, D Mary, P Mathis, E Mays, E NNCClelian, Q 225 2 2 rt n S Seniors c' ces M , 4 Y -QQ, .- "-'V Wu! Him' riffs" WV 'M Wann! Qs- wx wqfv -uW't',1'f McDonald, C McMann, M Millar, A Minniclr, J Morgan, A Morris, E Mullan, N Myers, J Newman, K Nan, C Oppenborn, H Pakall, F Peacock, J Piat, R Poweil, H Quentel, A Randolph, M Reich, G Robertson, B Rogers, W f f 404, , CKQQQ 11 ,J I 'Q ' -My 1 7 , wwf f 1 Nffnireazfz 'w QW, J ,J 17 ,L 'V 17,1 'Tm H JK. ' W' f:hZ4f?02,l"fg7 wk? ' f W' fo 1 K 4 1 f , .M Q -,Vv. , f r,2Q32vf Favorit rofessor Davicl Stryker M.,- ,,,.'f, , X Wy: ,,,,,J ,. .4 yp,'.,,, ,I 5, Ja,-,,, ,, ,4 nw, 3 Wfkfwfif 'fffi-eff? if ,,,,,ffg,,fcw,f ,, ,, , ,Q,, fm, 1 fff 1 w4J,fW' 4. ,, f ,mr QM ,J ,.,f J fl 1 , ,wwf Q rt 1 4 zifmwydff My f,'rM'd"f?71w J wvfff' .1mf,,',, ' ,, , 'S J f, , wi' . Myp5:,f 27, , .f,,, 227 Arts Rohan N Royal, D Saunders, ki Seekamp, M Sessums, S Shashaty, R Sherman, VV Smith, G Stephens, E Torres, E Williams, R Williams, R Wilson, J Wing, ll Witfstmct, T Wood, E Yates, B S Zelenlia, L 228 and Scif: ces Senior -'if aiming, E55 W !aWi. 'QT' ? L. tu ll., First Plow Hand, lf., Per. Sep, Weilcrt, J., Laniaster, J., Pres., McClellan, M., Clever, F. A Sefipiiid linwj Eluclf, M., Adv., Hutto, P., M.tnil, A., Johansen, F., Jolley, M., Carr. Sec., Shea, W., Alvbrftt, T., V.fPies. Hale, L. Adv A Third Pew: Arthur, P., Constans, P. Dr., Tevv, lf., Dr., Crist, R., I-inobelock, C., Kasan, L., Farinacci, A. O Sigma Alpha Eta eaual S-A-H eaual Speech and lg Hearing, which brings to mind the progressive and effective clinic on the third floor of the Admin- istration building, in which most of the members of the organization work daily, pursuing the task P of making more perfect speakers out of those who have slight or great speech difficulties. olumbi A single bond, that of nationality, brought this group of students from Columbia together to en- joy mutual ideas, idioms, and intelligent discus- Q g sion of their present life. Truly, a group this t campus is proud of, L. to R., First Row, Sinisterra, H., Rodriguez, P., Florez, T., Ayerbe, C., V.-Pres., Dugand, Fi., Pres., Melia, E., Paredes, L., Zambrono, M., Ayerbe, M. i Second Row, Torres, B., Cala, J., Qalderson, G., Wershow, l., Adv., Sinisterra, A., Pondon, M., Paz, H., Gutierrez, A., Lafaurie, H. A Third Roni Duaue, J., Vargas, C., Restrepo, D., Castelblancri, A., Torres, G., Claviio, l-l., Cala, A., Martinez, J., Guillermo, G., Guillermo, E., Zambrano, G. Cifuentes, L., Paredes, R., Arboleda, C. . ,, . sffiw Ig , , f 'M ' 4' M-4:9 . 9W:4.:f:i'1!7F ' , MF:- ., vw 1, i Ny- V... .... s ..-' , ,s - zfyfiv 'W A W ,6,'?3wQ f W, . if f pg, . 1. fx ,2w,3,.2r 49 f gf I 413 gi Vj 4 7 swf 5 QW ,, ,. 4 ,,,. sf .1 Z, X.. ' . "g f ,- . 3 . , . M -nfs? ups- 5 Q ., X 745 ,fi if AH .-my Q' 5 ,Q -, -.A 1 X - .7 - .114 -1 iw--V--..v...........---.W - iness dmini trati l-lowlng "found rnony low ln the Teochung orolesalonu ond discovering "much ber- eonol sohsloclnonu Dr Eorsler vvos beckoned To The odnwunuslrorlve held, becoose of nrs obllllx nor only to leod, bor ro donde os well l-le Took over the school which woe lll o berlod or growth ond loolced to the lorore with the school, olonnnno ro continue rts growth! nor only in number, bor lll eclocohonol srondords os well Deon R. B. Eutsler 230 Senior frm r gl rr 'HQ iv- is-mv, wi 'iw ..,., , .,,,,,g...wv' mai' i N-'Nl' eww- AZ: ,144-5 ,YJ ,-, , 1 49:53 it 'I ,ui 2 J f I 32525217 q -,M y-ae my J' V . 4-A4 1 My sg, , , f ' , Adams, C Arirrrrms, J Arrdersom, R Appelrfbr MB, M Arrwld, B Backer, G Borrett, R Bflrry, E Bcnute, K Barter, J Bell, L Berryman, J Best, D Bewley, R Brshop, G Block, A 'ws iness ll i l ,, ,f.1-A--7 'S , 'w Y 7.1,-ffifif Y f, 'lf-, 2 .Y , in-v-A -,, ' 'WW'-.T , , ,Q , X L ,Y Y,-,. .4 f Z .f .9 ff! 9" M MVS if 31094 . M ,511 J .Wo 1 f Af? X164 f nf 2 'KLYQ . Av X 1 Ms, 242' uf' 9 1 a s .4 , w X f. 1, 54, , VJ V rf v Jaw ' N wiv' , , wi -"" 0' 'f Y 'pfZ2JfI :'iEI:Evi'.'w'1 ' ' ' W' J Q ' 'fafmw ' f fa:f,,f,z, , if: a :qx'zg,zff," vfff ' fy " P .-ml ' fS1.J,nf.ff' Y ' - " ' 55 ,ff fi 2 - ,pf mf f- .fi , ,xy 'A , 92' "I1wZQf f W- - , fl :.'::29:1 .22K5 . ,Msn ' ' ' g l- H ' gfx f:f3lfL4' f 1 - ,f Us img? M ation Seni QM., 3' .-f" M ml, F ff' 'IGI Hx I ' f y-MINI, f. Hrvflf' N ., 1, 'rw Y 1 'f nr! I fl'yplrf4! I Qcrmll, l - . , 'jJV'lfOf,i, I 'fx wf3LmC'f, ' .f+'.'wOIm, J ,,.f'fXwV,, X. . 4155, 5, lN'lH'l1f' ' Dun i, WV U+3lVXorN vw, ,X Ujfrw, 'T 'qwdsliwr 1, H w , DQOIIMIQ fmve, A Vw w LIQUH1 J Fflsrurlwrm, f fun.-.' u FUIV, fry Ffmrlwmrrm I finefds, ll F!T:Qryfrf1!d, Fleet, ,J Floyd, ,N F rL" VQV, W FANS, J fo Vaglwer 2 FN up nm, f- 2, by 9 , wwf? K X522 , saw? ev Z4 , f P 54 G m-SJ X e ., as ,, -. . W- M A , - 52 O-721 ' ' , - "l, 74' - 'x,. N 'Z ,zifzy ,12 f4 ,x23' , M f a 3 :V Ak N .f FY 1 -is 4 17 B siness dmini tration F a 0 r i t Professor John Lowe ,wwf 'smkvi K P N -I -v " wi ' , r G ' mndy, Q, Moldberg, If f ofu,C1lf,,-Z, V Gordon, M Uraffrn, Wr11 Hriffith, E2 Favorit l'0 BSSIII' R. H. Bloclgett Senior rm, 1 Homilton, E Hommond, D Horns, C Horns, R Heorne, Wm Heeb, F Honnig, R Hull, L Hinebouglw, G Hodges, Wm Hoffmonn, J Holdorf, B Holmgren, A Horn, H 0 H "Wa-.., iness dmini f ..,1,, ,A Nw QT? '-23:5 'Q 4 as-...NW ation enior Y J . -H A ., ff' A A. f Nb' E99 ,aww-M, Y 'VFW' 'lk' rm, ,lvl . -vwx ,VN'Y 'Wfllf ,Umm ' 'M' .1 MMVI! 1 rfwg E 3f:vmVg J 1 TM N N I'-.NVE 'wmv i' Www? l "nm, fx !'YYI'1I! N-!',w!lr'lv twin' I Www Wu JAI4 f,+1nQ"mr A ' 1 W mow, 'f Uwrtumf g, fdirflrwf H' 'War-,ur T kmXf'1 P' XX fxqxmfrw X X Euxeq k W llwxll ','.'Lw1mjr'x1a WlffXM,1f 'Q' 'U -HefyK, .. :QWNVN A Y'wxr-r, 'T' -ywyr' . 251.15 x eff gif W hs 4 xv 1 2:1 Q2 ,.:-wvbfxx w , 'X 5 c 2' ' 0 "' A E x g Q x S 1 2 Q 53' , Q V 4 - . 4, Q ' ' w xiviu ' ' iff- 2241,-la-Q an - wiki i r B sw., . 1 ation Se i 'HUD Vial 1-....,.- 'Wi-iw , ,, , , 'ru-n,.4,4' 5 , lnbf 193 N. ff ,Q ii , w fi' . , 5 1 44363 Zz' 5 Y - j g , 4: M A naw .Q f ,gy fj..ff.g.f3f. L,-4. a M , ,if I - 1. ti., , Y ff . ' ,. Q . .,,, . , Y 42? ,, V , -.Z Q XY 'G QSWWA, me -fcdf? .is X w' ','Mrf1i1r P 1 .f'x'.f!"1I.' if "Qdm I N p'QIItdfy,'1! !', 'HIQQ IV F fy famlrfgvl fx Vflrf .,.'fI'l f f. wW, fi PVIINTT I1 Dwrry T ' f Pwvl VM! 41 F"rgI'f'f, lv F417 I,-r J I . 1,fllHII'! A I'3l11'J'! J V'J+1f,,, l"f'Nd, V N'f'wm'rT'jr1rn H Y f f'f1jI'wQ M31 D fflobC'rTs, P Fmdolpmlw, H SGr'wdL1Ql N, C SGIITY, J Somrmders, NN' STUQQS, J beolsx, D bimffer, f, Singlcmu, Iii jul, Mm: Smwtlw, H Smith., X'X'm Smoof, I Quopp, 47 :wfyCfI'.f'I'lClIl Wm imrl My I 239 yerwmg Q jlfgmfiy 1 vm 'L kind E TGVL mgfivmy I l1:YHc',D VVQJFWDQIWBLISS rt k . irmdmff, H 'mE A w1Hsr' L Qfebb, I, Kffgrwer, FL ffvlle, T . fY5rl1rt,' X - , A ,.wdTLe,Mr1 . Viliildl D 'lmmermcm P SA llie ooiloly lor Ilan, ffdvarrgfgrrrurrl ol Marradernur ' ' f ' rang llfn lg a tulle that Conroe aorta raloya lr, P41l,rlQl purpose and rdeals of fluff araarrlzanorr Thug grgar ffl lrr rr ormf rn nl fl' fl fQOf'lSl5l5 of students rnlanrslg. n or g 313 lQGl I l lll l w lag Tllol from Carr UC dur: 'word llwfff dd oncernent of rhoir knowledge of rrrararraaarrmrr 'lfr attending flwrg roaalred Coarse: lfl fgflroprl J liirsl Row, L. lo li.i Janodka, Jr, V4 liorrnf lr., l-l., Llrn, lg Lyenotrer, D. A Second Flow' lfloberrg J.g Adams, Parrdll, L4 lfelrrgrfsorr, B4 Tabu Wg De-nf, l..j Lamb! R. A Tl1lrdl5iawiPl3V-5 Qj ll:neoaaal1,G.j Fo-5, Dr. W5 Panlrari A. Lrndllfgv., 5-K FCMTS, J- A Fillfll l' AfVf0l"l l rr D Hoffman, lg Carroll, J., Floyd, -l.g Daaard F, Anderson! R4 Ffrearlwr 'M ,fin -7 lph Kapp The oldest and largest protessronal husrness tra- ternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, has as its oolecttves to lurther the individual welfare of its members, tos- ter scientitic research in the tields ot commerce. accounts and finance, to educate the puhlrc to appreciate and demand higher ideals in those trelds and to promote courses leodrng to degrees rn ousl- ness administration in instututlons ot college ranl. lrrsr lfiow., L. 'cw lt. lfilflrlll, L. c., Lulglc, A. lf., hlgers, .1. li., Ussemald, XX. J. A becond I-low lloxxlln J. L. Jr., taurloarrn, ll. J., lcalapp, L. lrl. 5mrth, ll. ll., Horn, H. L. A Thlrd Row' Earnest, R. L., Arthur, D. J.j Esthus, ll. l., Holmgren, A. N., Grrthn, W. L., Prevatt, ll. L. A Fourth Rott lferd, D. L., l-idbb, J. tl., Qarrpll, L. XT., Perrltt, l-l. F., Bledsoe, E. P., Odln, ll S. 242 334.1 1 f ,. 2 i 'i ,Z 2 fl V Ewa First Row, L. to R.: Heeb, F. N., tr., Sterling, S. O., v.o., Bova, P. J., pres., Brool s, J. E., sec. A Sc 'igricl Fmt' Vfrirsfwi, M., f wir wg, J. lf-T Carlson, R. B., Story, J. C. A Third Flow: Moore, Jr., ll. Vl.'l.,,XA,"ll1QSlCCl, W. J., Llarijo, lm,i'ieg, ult, Pi..rif.r, lr. A., lr anal, l. A F Tir-,r Row: Mitchell, W. li., Anouish, D. A., Singleton, li. F., Hill, L. Et., Voss, A. ti., ldtlgno, Jr., ln. T.. A Fiat FW'-JZ lvftffg, T- V-J V7V"l"3"ll', l r ' -' " li' ' son, J. Y., Hoffman, D. W., Fleet, D. A. The upper ber cent ot the accounting inaiors arc ll recognized by invitation to loin Beta Aloha Psi, P national honorary Accounting Fraternity.. Their . mutual interests in this tield creates a commorr bond ot brotherhood and fellowship The National Protessional business Fraternity honors outstanding members ot the Business Ad- ministration curriculum with membership in this exclusive business organization Periodic speakers trom the business world prove beneficial to these l 3, il men thirsting tor business knowledge, liottuni, L. to lu.,qHurtman, J., Sandi, Q., Shatter, lxooeits, J., Linn, lu., broixn, L., liudolpn, Ft., Moore, T. A fraiuria ra..-.f Andersgii, i ., lfzn ii . ton, lvl., Adams, L., Elmore, L., Lindseg, F25 Lamb, Fi., Korth, H. A Third Row Robertson, li., MQMillon, J., Floyd, J. P., 'v'l'hidden, M., Nornwgii, r. Snoop, H., Adams, J., A Fourth Row: Hodges, T., Aoolerouth, M., Scott, C., Brents, A., lfreiser, C. A Fifth Pct-.i boone, G., Peay, L' lnvlll, J., Hinebougli, Lv., l-iichardson, J., Muilenburg, t'. A Too Foxx' Fouts, J., Luglan, l5'.j Fgir, Q5 Dcrit, L., ECJ'w'vfJ'fl'l, lt A lint oi ' irfdi li-jlfllflg , T., Davis, L., Forer, H., Jones, E., Perry, D. 4 2 M ms., www. .1 N GN cl eatin ai h Whmy ww hm anghth poor' a5 oooh of rho Collego of Eauiahoh, rs will Mridiraag forward! Qlaaruhg The path for hw STLUQIITS, maknhg at oaslor golhg for Them I-ha mtorest an how :fleas as largoh rosgyormhlo for such a progressive educational Train' mg program Dean Joseph B. White ' 244 Av 'Q f www fvn .Ava ' ' . 7 . ,fT1If QU ', aww WW -, If L A43 'Q .w""'!. MW 'VUE 'hi , 'GH 'M' when bmw N4 K! V X, , , V, fx rw '.irf,r'mf1 fvf J, M r,,w A. L , O Hlrwjl IT, F' I" Afff L-imflwmor lr . - , Bbflid, f'IQM'1rwQQr, M EH'-N1 P EONSTQQ Q Eotko, M Eoulwore, B Bmswell, B 0 ,l A ,.,: QX., . 7' 'WN 4' wwf If ' , 54 1 Q 96 YK I5 c 7' j Ciifi? .fgaffk 'WUQVJ ,A, fix, ggi' ,9-. ,W -af 'QWWY QNX H n n YI KG" :Mig 40? WXW. 1'-,1 ,gas-V, 49'-n mm Wm W ms. 'Nu- WNW if row, Vu, J Jnrrmlf ' ETL rd , Ji f1fvVy'f1f4'f1 A , , . 1 ,. ' qgfm! JJ VJ'1'QPJ'JJ f,J1Gmpl0r1 L, f- 'juefga in "T Jmrf'1fJ, U ffQVw5?G, J -, ,k X r fum' btw ,. DrwfJQf3rS, S Criscdl, F Earle, C Ebersole, D Fernandez F' Fflmtlw, J Jlwrfrwirw J Fri-3ruQdO, P GOV, E fCHd"lrTWOrW E ,qw J Q , , Www A JJIBCJ' I C Ax ,, woldberg, C Grant, G fwroow, P Hale, J HONG V Hell, J Homd, K Honeburger, I Hclrdm, G Hayes, E Hemriquez, S Herlomg, B Herscovifz, E Hicks, C 247 cl ucation Seni K- ,., 'V- xx, m , W WM 'U "NK "'Z.f',f w. N... W? arm., 40,5 ff , , ,..A ,R .,-.,'- k wfifm, QQ- Q. ...ff ,mn "-my 3, ,gr-mx was-:X 'Vx Qnlrls- "'Z-T., s-'P ., QQEQ G' 9 1. Hlppler, M I-lollingsworln, I-loword, M l-lowell, N Huggins, V Jockson, A Jennings, M Jolly, B Jolley, M Kehoe, A Knouer, M A LoBeIle, J Lee, J Leech, S Leedhom, C Legh, M Liuzzo, B Llewellyn, A Lundy, M Monsmonn, S R O Favorit rofessor Bocle Browne .wh 1 y ' "': X ' 1 . In in ,MU W ' wx NWI N' . ff- ' an -M , f 'WJ ,dv 'ap' V "ww 6 35 I 7 ij f, - .. Q, ,M . ., 2 .41- 5 Q 'Wi' ' x R V pr ' , -4- . 'W 'ff '.1..,., .. M fm 'Q KA' 'M . M- fw l , was M , W 44' " .W -2, 'RM H JJ ,f Km, MW, WL ,cf A 6 ffm 7' if., W Xfify xi " 'fvffvi C6 . ,, - Vpmefyi, Q -z 'Q .h 5 2, , 'lbs W., ,M ww .-'Wk ,N ...Wwe 'fb Airs avg ,wif , WZ' x' 'Z zzgfw' f Z 5 " 1 Q ff f w ..- V 1 , f ' whit ' K ,. H .dp ,TF ggzzaf ff., 3 45 - '9- A' f . Q , .. I ,, 1 ' 2. 3 ' l' ,f , 4 74. X 1 9' f :N I 4 n al PF' r z 1 , M., 'f f Q W X 4, Y . f , " 551215 'W' My 'ffl ,- In I 1 1.9. .- f-,Af ??'4f12 Q Efgf'f?'l7,,f"f J . L 315, f eww :wi ,,.--sq 'WN 'Xf- iv ,wwf A 7 , wV,1 '.TgfvfJNww 'WgY',",r'vgr, 'VVV E' 'Mm ,, 'N My 1 NMwMe l 'fs IWVYWZU! p, -- JWWM ' ,, m1 ,JHXVT . J, lqmwl' 5 PQYUWBUH Pw,Jrfvv'wlu r Hupl UN, l VUHHPV l Pqpp,H Pxfrtvr' R f V' 1r'1'1V, lv-UI, V E". fHlw115 f 1 ' 1 5 1Vl7L'f1'i,f : IMHYV lx : "3tl1brOU f'LlC.jlVTSL x' 1 I1 Vflffdi' Svc? -MQ, Elm wwii W Jlwrmu Sdwcrmor Sw Fwj rsfew bmw V Srppie, E Sloan, C Smith! F Srm gor, P jmxiffvr I 252 ,mllxmg ,I if ur' l ,N Y X ' f VGI-urmx XX 7 T3 IN, M UI VIN! r , X utswra, fi Mx" II' I ,wlw VWI H f v , wmv f MX fur IGN' I' QTTO, ducation Seniors ,fin 'VS MW wwf! an ?Z"'- 'Y W Y-'Ni 'KN' , 1 'I , , . - ffm ff. - 7 I 'l 1 wld' rofessor Joan Carey f W f 1 Qif l fl 6 f .y , J -'gl 1 ' 'KZ f . fl QW -,,f J , .i 7 If ' f my if ff' , r " . w "7'Wh3'7,5'3512Z9W2ZJ?:.,2:r . , , ....,.,,,Mk ,if Karp Ita An nonorary society in Education, Kappa Delta Pi was founded at the University of lllinois in l9ll and came to Florida in V923 Its members are elected trom the upper one-tittlt ot junior, senior Q and graduate classes who "possess nigh protes- sional, intellectual and personal standards." Front Row, L. to R4 Stella, N., Bailey, J., Spence, R. M., Zierer, lvl., Larcne, T., Spietn, A., Arcadi, B. lCor. Secm, l-larrell, M. A. A Second Ren Montgomery, E., Browne, E., Selle, A. lRcc. Sec.l, Jameson, D., McFarland, J. A Standing Harmes, l-l., Kirby, R., Bryan, R., Hall, J. ltreasu McCleary, E., Turner, G., Bratton, P. lv.p.l, Whaley, W., Vtiles, li., Mead, Dr. A. P.. lcouny Henderson, Dr. L. N. lcounw, Blal A., Hannon' J. B., Moore, C. D., Conditt, L. L. lpresm, Kalios, G. C. K ' 3 l A a ineerin ihg iiiicliui' iwiiciiiii' ui thu Lliiiwisitx iii Hpiridu is thu Quill M thy College of eii iihccrihg Gi whoaii' hi-Im rcigiis the lifflg mari 'iii gioiiiwi wifh The big ideas, Ami these :deck hiiw ii-miwii to bc iiiiimii tj-iliI'E?55iOii5 of GCTIUTIEX for mo5T of his idea' huxe been put into effect wheii if CCJINCL To thc hiiildiiig of oiiie of The' iiiiijisf wiiqiiief,-i' iiiq xfhoolx iii thi- Uiiifiid Siofw, Deon Joseph Weil J 254 V AI: -1v"fg 1'- 'grr ,v Jr rx Q ,o. L, fr .. XWM.-, , ' - 1 5"'11Yr,i, H ?'l,gre'5iwf9mr14, J "f15'?,X,',wIflW, I br., fx-gi! U iirogdon, J Urol mg-ml W fT.rwx'.lx, A wr ,MHIV 4,1 ljiwmil, I' ,CMI H f"IVdCI1, O i i M . wvgfw M A ,,,, V ,ff if-f wwf ,,..n-I 1 Q, 5 J If wg or ,, f! I , ,Ji V 1, . mf- if KVI. 4J,',', Q, L- ,, . - A - ww 1' 4' . - . .:,...-M.. www -fr iw ' . ek 3 f '- ull 457 tb, gg? rf?- '::?'5- .533-, 372 Nsfk unfdf , M IW wwf' Qc'- Q rw. . ,. '. ff, "z.:s' M N :,5,'s'2::z2:fyr , fsg fg i 3 W mxgf 'Km gg' 1 W ff -'Jl,J'GJJJJ, for 'fJ'lf',2lTljJl"V, J CJ5'Vr'Qrll', J fill lm, J 'lllVlJ P ,. , ,, l,rrll,ll rfi'l?, ll Groolfs, M lf3rlrlrlfil', F P warrlf' l' lJClll'lJl',V, I' Damn, FY DC1lJll'lQTVJI'I, P Day, NN' Eaton, H EITWJOIT, V Ellls, R Elias, R Faro, C Flyer, W Freager, S Geiger, J Glagola, M Gilmore, Q Gramer, E Green, E Grossman, H Gurr, C Habbaba, S Hamilton, H Hayes, O Hays, J Hazel, VV Holloway, C Hood, Vx' Jardine, T Jones, A 25 J .4 Rf., in rin Q "Mina W x ? mewwv' nior 4553 'O .,-4--1-4' if 1 iiickliter, B Kim, K Krlenke, J Lanr, N Lafferfy, R Langbein, C Levine, A Logan, G Martin, A McCall, E Miksark, D Michell, J Mullin, C Nassiff, S Nevvall, R Paskalakis, I. Pearson, B Peresheim, J Petfijohn, H Pinner, F Plaisted, R Posey, C Potter, A Rathbone, VV Raulerson, R Raulerson, T Rehvvinkel, J Richards, R 259 ,.,t. ', ,I ' 1, 45. r f.,. -, , '4' . 1 , N, ' V 3: : X. ia -, N . ,bye wr, A H 5 ff?" f' f" W ' 'uk' , A. ,. , , . . V 9 Q 'Na--Qu.. ' ' - , ,M , , R-D. ..,,, , W 5 :V 5 1 J ., -- V -' 'Q N 3:1 ' 3 Rf W- , , ,fp 1,593-, '2 mf , . 5,2 ,, KX"25'1z-Y' " J 348 - 3, A f ' N,,,.W,-1-2-:1 Q ff? "s W -ws: ., 0 J' ' y n 1 ' , Q ev ' -MW 'S' ' 2 f '-V'":?'455iMiff251f'x7Z'4:f'- Kd 225.4 Q ':,..4Qo,,1g :f'9.?-:-fdggggg , Y my-.-.,f-v' f,5m7m., L W S , 'Q- 'am , , .We ' "" fl' 1' Q12 'sf 322:14 ' L ., 11, vf 1,1 ef f 'f ' Q , , - ' K f -A . g, F Q ' xg. Rf 3 ' 2 ' 3, ' X QM. Q. , 812921 X1 ' 2 :I 547059 5 '5 if Riel, G Rose, J Spoke, N Speed, G Vonn, C Vossiloff, A 2 47 QM S 5 I 'f 61,35 ,H , ,,,,5:,3.,. Q,g4!,1'ww s S 1 nf' Ross, C Stine, J Wnidden, C 00 l ,Q ,,,, , ,ga X f,, , W,,wd I ' A-"""',i x ff 4 . Ps 5? if We F Rounds, D Ryon, W Stone, R Stone, T Willioms, R Wiliioms, R Se 1' ,Q,fl" V ' X41 w. fgk 45-Q Q QPK IQS' ,.y .Zif f f 49? , ' '- ,vc .,. " 1.2 Wi,-fe , , wa,-rw rw M gy, 4 , g., 0, f V 2 f 1 7, wr mu lv- 1 . f . ,, V f W if j , f f ,Q,,5,f .3z: r, ,, 7 ,- M fr., f ,M Q22 , ,r 414,95 ff 1 M A l , ,- V 4 VI . 1-1'-F! fn ,ff I We,-5,.t,,?. fL:f2'73?f, sf: gg, A - r Scott, C W Sumner, W Wilt, R 1 4 1 i l ri 9 N? f r r, AW , ' 212,49 f" 4224517 B ? 5:z:e5l1 '.,, Z" , Wk-l43a:9f V 424559 z if f 4 " , ay ,t 554 fi, 2,31 55 MQ .QM iff ,rr A r fspmm- cr Si" 'TE' 1 v Q rf fix? , vy V' ey f nr f . r, , X Q . 'KW - ' , ' 22: 54.04 fv: .4 ,Q , X, y JS N rf' 144 gag- f12,',Jff?g0,'g-rr N U 5224 1 My 'Q' Q r' ,159 Fi 4 fr f' 443- 49 Sw? 7 X W Serler, N Torrence, E Wood, A ,, ,,:g,.. ,.Q, , ,. .. S., ., Q, ff, 'lib Silos, I. Snlvo, J Singleton, P Turyoville, L Vickory, B Vrncnesi, R Wood, J Wrench, J Yeoger, A 1 Benton Engineering Society is composed ot En- gineering students representing the six Engineering societies Its purpose is to co-ordinote the octivi- ties ot these societies. The BES olso sponsors severol protects ot conipus-wide interest ond is responsible tor the onnuol Engineering Eoir, L. to R., First Row: l-lindrey, J., l-lolrnes, J., Ploisted, R., Poskololcis, L., Jordine, T., l-lossell, J., Hecker, E., Ross, C. A Second Rowg Kerrins, R., Ridotit, J., Borronger, E., Vincent, R., Bosworth, R., Brown, G. A Third Rowi Nelson A., Brocewell, D., Dernery, T., lVlGI'lllWG1, T., Sotko, K., l-loword, .l., lvlortin, A. nton ineerin Conn il L. to R., First Row H. D. Connins, Ffzciilty Adviser, A. Arias, M. Wade, E. Jidihiis, D. Llailier, P. l'iieisli:i, H. Pellcrier. A Sfiiid E+ lliarry, W. Bayless, J. Bereshe-im, R. Yorl., T. Hubbard, S. DeLaTorre. A Third Rowj J. Hinds, P. Toriiasmo, A. Vasilott, S. ffohf-n, Viie-Prr-',idii'ii', C. Fernan- dez, T. Dernery, President, J. Lay. A Fourth Row, D. Williams, L. Haclney, D. Schrenl, li. Ellis, W. Erannen, Qi. Pliiirb. A Fittri Ro.-.Q '.','. Heasley, Secretary, W. Rich, D. Bloebaum, M. Che-rbonneaux, E. Ryan, J. Moss. 1 Sixth l5'ow. lfi. Mifissner, D. Eracewr-ll, P. Wielarz, ". Barnes, L. Rate, T. Martinei. A Seventh Paw D. Srnith, D. O'Hearn, A. Nelson, L. Johnson, H. Martin, M. Eahb. rica S . of Civil inee S A student organization composed ot young men training in and interested in the science ot aero- nautics. lt is a student branch ot the national society. American Society ot Civil Engineers is a service organization tor tuture construction eyrierts, ASCE activities include tield trips, conventions, and bi- rnonthly meetings which teature speakers and dis- cussions concerned with topics and techniaues at the civil engineering tield titut of Aero. Serie ce L. to R., First Row: Katz, H., Peason, B., Bowen, P., Van Patten, S., Atkins, D., Anderson, J., Crooler, J., Tuliritji, j, A ge.-,A,,-id iwii, gf,,,,,d,:,,,,i. l'l-2 B9'm5, W-2 l-0909, G-I lVl0ll'Cl4, D-I S'lVl5. J-. pOlflCli, R., Nowlin, W. A Third Row' Moorhead, S., White, W., Clarl, VN., Ross C., Woltt, A. Castellon, P., Vaughn, R., Leon, H., Miller, W. H., Prof., t-tgigivgr, J, W., Prof, A Fgimh Fmt rriumg, pd N,3S5,ff, gd p,3Q,., gh, ggi ig, ri., Hedeff E.: Bott, W., Manz, R. R if . 3. 5 ' 'I .1 J3.. 7 1., KT? 147-'fl' L. to R., First Row: lvlilton, W., Garrin, A., Sellers, J., Blair, C., Zambrano, G., Quant, A., Duc, L. A Second Row: Young, E., Ball, lvl., Cross, G., Wood, A., Douglas, R., Choate, R., Faculty Adv. A Third Rowt Smith, G., Choate, P., Scribe, Lowery, J., Spell, H., Pres., Hunt, D. A Fourth l-low Adams, Duda, W., Heath, H., Cross, F., V.-Pres. A Fifth Row: Jenkins, A., Annis, J., Criswell, T., Sec.-Treas., Cowley, A., McCall, B., Dishong, J. Society ot Agriculture Engineers enables its mem- bers to become acauainted with the problems and new processes ot agricultural engineering. Leading figures in the field are invited as speakers betore the society and discussions are held during regu- Iarly scheduled meetings. AIIE S0 0fA g American lnstitute ot Industrial Engineers pro- vides social and technical activities for maiors in Industrial Engineering. With participation in the Engineering Fair as the Vear's highlight, the Al IE also provides smokers, parties, and bi-month- ly meetings tor its members. Several renown speakers are invited to address the society each year and members are active in learning new techniaues of the tield. L. to R., First Row Vaughn, D., Lee, D., Thomson, D., Barranger, E., Wilcox, D., Prof. A Second Row: Burns, J., Eberly, E., Jardine, T., Anderson, A., Glagola, M., Turvayille, J. A Third Rowi Kerrins, R., Wheeler, l., Allen, W., Walker, L., Nims, R. A Fourth Row: Laverdiere, R., Chisholm F., Ferlita, F., Ridout, J., Crooks, lvl. A Fifth Row, Martinson, E., Prof., Carr, I., Charpentier, D., Goldman, L., Thompson, D. ummnmm.imnmMf nn' i Se Srgma Tau IS fhe rrahahal JWOHKJVCJIQ' IQJVOJQSSNOVICJ lrafermty far Eagumferf. Qrrl, Erranheeruha student wn1h a hugh sihalaatm and aacral afmhr, are aC termed rata Suarha Tad Achvrhes Include par hfxparlam :rm rrrarry CCJJJVQP' amd farhrrurg affavrj L. ta R., First Rawi Silva, J., Riel, G., Wah, Fl., Van Patten, S., Carr. Sec., Barrmes, R., Tawhsermd, B., Mayhew, T. A SQ',L2ITd Jfrr.-. Levme, A Walter, J., Sec., Sumner, W., May, C., Rose, J., Wulhure, W. A Thrrd Raw: Tabi, G., Mrlsark, D., Wremrh, J., Hayes, O., Brarieweh, D., JOJTVWSOJI W., Maure, E. A Fourth Rawi Speed, G., Chaate, W., Jamersan, W., Eafah, P., Levbaurme, A., Treas., Rmhards, F. A FJf'h Van Saflig J. Campbell, C., Pres., Vnckery, B., Stafford, A., Pearseh, B., Sawyer, W., Adv. 0-wH:3 265 l,. fig Fi., First lfi-it-. l". hergin, F. Rtnner, W. Vonn, D. Honig, C. Soenier, C. HCIJJGNXUX, J. Sfhoettner. A Segond Row D. Milsorl, R. Newoll, G. Ergon, Crttrr, J. Ddxis F. M. Coll, J. Eicresheinm A Third Row C. Whidden, Fl. Roulersort, J. Clontz, M. Chorrtoers, A. Bericl, J. Coldwell, E. Kerlin. A Fotirth Row J. H-wxorcl, ter. Tohi, l-. Sntlo, F. Filnrriertg, J. Myers, Morse, D. Denis. A Fftth Row F. Vosloh, A. Mortrn, E. Rorets, J. Bilylc, A. t C Stttt nrd, 1. londroch, J. D'9x'rne. Arnericon Society tor Mechonicol Engineers pro- vides ntechonicol engineering students with per- sonol ocouointonces with businessmen ond en- gineers in the field, Activities ot this society include Engineering Foir ond discussion ot new innovotions ond techniques ot mechonicol en- gineering. ICE ASM The Americon Institute ot Chemicol Engineers ocouoints its members with personol contoct with the leoding men in their field ond the lotest in- tormotion ond technicol developments in the field ot chernicol engineering. L. to lii., First lfiow tl. Brown, Pres., C. Schwoh, Treos.g J. Morris, Vice-Pres., D. Boldwin, Sec., J. Cornobell, Corresponding Sec., Dr. H. E. Schweyer, Cgtincilor. A Sefnnd Row G. Reil, J. Clernent, M. Shonlfin, R. Greem, C. Geddes, R. Agee. A Third Row: W. Holl, J. Smith, H. Johnson, J. Mor- finez, P. Henderson, W. Stirnney, L. Johns. A Fourth Row M. Holl, li. Holl, R. Moger, R. Foster, D. Windhorn, A. Potter, C. Stein, B. Morgon. A Fifth l-'nw R. Dticlworth, lfl. Rooso, A. Leyborne, R. Fiosxtorth, R. Cord, T. Stewort, G. Bornhill. A Sixth Row R. Rent, J. Coruso, C. Sibley, H. Cox, G. Saeed, lf! Ftiirr-r,, F. Adelhelrra, J. Nouright. f rf r fr f I to T' S'Jrnr'n'T'dJfr L AILF Adx., Vnnl, L. Terr Tr.,., Pm, T ,,, T JWUJ 2 J. JDM'-. M"Vf"J"J' J- r- ""7- Jr r' r ' " " ,. . V , 'r M., I PE Adv. AIEE IR Arnerrcon lnsmore of Electrrciol Engrneerrnq ond Insrrtufe of Podro Engrneers ore orofessronol creties for electncoi enqneerrng moyors Born SOCIGTIGS hold bn-monthly meetings, Yoke porr Jn the Engrneersrrg Four ond porrucupofe rn CoHeQL ond Compoe ocirvrtses They olso rnrowde ord ond odvrce for new wudenrg HT decrdrng Them rrorrrcoe lor plfrose of engrneerung L. ro P., Furs? Row Lotour, M., Fredrirgkson, W., TQUQQV, A., Moson, W., Dovns, J., Bonle, A., Seder N. Towngend B. HosseIJ J., Woher A Ari' , , , , , L , J., Rose, J., Schoonrnoker, L., Prof. A Second Pon End, R., Srnrrh, D., Moss, M., Berg, P., Conerlg, P., Covonon, M., Bobcorik Pg Oxerdrfrff, W. Grower, E., Snmtn, G., Broun, P. A Third Row' Meredrtn, Tl., Sn-Uro, E., Woolsex, VV., Clow, T., Cornpuer, W., PeJmrnLeJ, J., Urgunorr, T., Perdue, M. Kosknns, J., Srrnpgon, R., Rolfe, J. A Fourrh Row Rgon, VV., Hrndery, J., Poni, J., Hoorfwfoe, Ili., Keeler, Tf., Peornex, P., lVTncneIJ, M., LTnd5d,, F. Srlberelsen, C4 ETIIS, P., Vonn, C. A Frfrn Pon Vr'lerX" B., DQJJ, C., Comer, D., SJIW, J., Mornn, A., Funk D., XrNliroden, rf' Pfi"f'r'-nn, T f'., ' jd Jrr 'rf O., Eofon, H., Polrner, Tl. , .-,x - lm , A l f 4,n1.11n1,-R-is-am-1 - 4 , m..1 t From timber cruising to taxidermy, from trees to tests in the classrooms, the school of Forestry, under the capable guidance of Dr, Kaufman, is making great strides in the development of an accurate and useful tool for the extension of plant life in Florida. Conservation always in mind, Director Kaufman is producing foresters for Florida, which only in part meet tne fast growing demand for experts in that field. Director C. M. Kaufman , X X , Af of M 1' Q rw ff , W ,', ws?-fffff' S. : ., E41 V 0 4 t 268 Fa orit Professor J. B. Huffman ,f we-W I 57 ' '11, V' 4 1 -, -4S,,4mgs..v . Q6-up ff ww gk ' 1 AM ., f 4 S: f -V 4, W. : 'a9:f'v: .ffrvf-'H iv g wifzf v f il ,5' if 8' ,, W 4' Q jfxf I ,VM V A Q Q f f x. f 3, , af x Pe ff 'jd f ,jxff 6 ii. 1 , 4 f ,if ,, :fog 443 13? if ff Q 1 fe? '-T f Senior UOrvwa, C CGMILIXVITY, 14 Cocke, Qruwbwu, P L Housmoml U Morfm, H Moody, Q Royal! W Stewart, D 269 N1 lu' Luntnn E Gramm mtlmir' in thc QVOGUGTL fmdcnfb n the 'fy dpproved department wth course: for tho VlWL1iSf:'Vl5 deqrwi dnd f clpprdxod GIYTGB for thc doctordk-, e5 GT .-ducdtur mth hue bmci-fnfs' welfdnf rn rnnznd MDVQYWIOBT. Hs: fcclw that The fmesf edu fdmnn dt thy fiiocrdrdf-y low! wil naulmxlv dnd produce izner cducdfuondl '5TlQ1X'lf"1OVd 'Mnkn- qno11t nun' Lyducdtmndl sysfern, Deon Linton E. Grinter 370 Adams, NN' Aiieii, ii BGI'iiSdOiE', i' i'9lWjGT'T7iI7, ,I Brier, D Urozdo, ,J Christian, U Cribs, H Q . - i-:Lmhi , .- A -angie f 'LW 'Uv 4---way.. 1 W5 'WHY 152 S ' Anguisii, If !'Xii1riigii'iy, I- fiiiim, ir iillcmionf i Hiorriiirmfifi, i'?r,Or'I, i ltliirnette, V 'iGl'DPf'I1iC'l', i i i"Gi.1diW, Lloslwowifi, F Umis, H i i"UV"?, i 'N IM i 'WH -x Y ,g ff-'ul ,,,,.,.-If" i , .9 wa ?"'s. N 23, "Ns-W., . 3 '36 . ri' af: Haw I i ,X ffmsx , Q, ms-:Zim . R ,,,ey.fgw:Nf gw w mgx A :W 2 f 1 6,4 Q-"""" x fi gf ,ga W g 'R' A N. ' X ax 0 Dykes, B I lc,-nderson, J ,1jffCI'S, J V If-al k M'r J nor, If Easferlvng, P Hinds., J Maitlen, Lf Qgden, W' J J Fernandez, C Faust, M Freemen, fill Hum, J Hutcherson, W Jackson, J May, C MCEver, M McGrafh, J J Porlin, J Veddmg, E Rushing, C N Varsva, M Wade, M Walter, J ' J V Ur'aLxJ1arr, T RNS.. Wm fs MW I f Y 3 K W' 'J MW 1 Y fi Wg? W4 WM ,. --4-Q, ,,,x ,, Wi gr? .uni-1 mry, C Uerwfryf ff' "nmn,avcr', T naw, J Hvctlrwg, T i"'VIH4ffd',',. H COVHW, S MCUQI F J lLXAf1l1ff', P wwlw, ff SfQlN5'ff:lf3r', ,I Qffiujf l' urmr, U xVXl11fCf1LIVSf, CJ ,lvffwrfff A fXAl1WflfN, XX ,N Hackney, l nrwghflrrw, J ,gfmf1, I' ,','1f VANS, F' .USH , . -vi J rn! ,Q VVIW " , I 1 . , f QQ C frm Q Q x C ,fi X Q Q 5, 9 fa x 'X Y Q- ri Jollrnali m A ropidly growing school ot Journolism ond Communicotions, now in the new ottices ond clossrooms in the stodium building, is the setting tor the new high pressure otmosphere in which Roe O. Weimer works best. l-lis veors os o newspopermon tought him thot work ot high speed resulted in occurote, sotistving production ond he hos followed thot concept ever since, The growth ot the enrollment ot the school hos been tremendous, ond with the opening of rodio ond television broodcosting, in the neor future, it is expected Director Weimer will be working ot o still toster poce, ond enjoying it even more. Roe O. Weimer 274 ff-Hfrviu-I E f'f":H' 'I Wulf, F mu' 'N P, put! !, J f'vf15'd, J bradley, L Druego, G Ef'3TUfhIQT'l, Ewey, VX" Fmwmmg, E Fossol, A Fcmgold, M md, M Hmzock, G Harmon, E 2 , H .-QA? ww- W, Q ii , Q ff zagg If avorite Professor Horance G. Davis Journa J!! i ' 1 ff fo Z f X 4 f fvf f' Wk 14 A ' I f ff fy F ff fx" , f if ff ff I , ' Q! f X7 1 f 1 " f f f ff , f , ,f If f V! J 1 L , 'uh , 553' s L ., qw ,-EV, "1I"JFxf P gm" f iyyv ' :ff "' f J ' , L 1 ,rffNfjY'! 1'wV1Q',! P W F X, ,,4o ,nw Nm E I Lrmfrw, 'W' V' M Q .,1! M4 wrfw Mm QMGVVI 'Av!!Qgr! C WH' HH ll 7.7. X ,. ,,X Mm Cfwfi, Vx pfJ"rJV2"V1 5 Favorlt rofessor J. C. Weaver Pirry, C FU esQo, J SIQQQ, L 5' x Q 41' wow. f' yt f A : . 5 4' 3 , A7 Wx 2 A 2' 3520, my 12 22 Q' 9 1 Ayggzf. fd we J Q f iff ffm., l 0:6 K ourn ll Senior L. to R., SittinQZ Conti, J., Sciflreaii., Nlfhite, XX. Vfl? Wiyhb, M., Preg., Priflrift ll., tlistririnri. A Starirlinrq' Martin S., learner, l".j Lariatitt, Cf Grune, M., Bruesewitz, K. PIC Sigma Delta Chi, men's honorary journalism tra- ternity, composed at male journalism students vvho have shown an ability to comprehend in the class- room and an ability to utilize this theory on the This vvomen's honorary journalism society is tilled with active, bright, capable and pretty young ladies, who, interested in journalism, have taken this "man's tield" by the horns and have excelled on campus and in the classroom. lt they live up to past members ot their organization, they shall continue to excel atter araduation papers ldaily and vveelflyl in this state 0 0 O L. to Ry Tinsley, ll., lv.p.l, Poucler, E., lpresw, Lxnch, li., fsc--il. l Staitrclirirj Carroll, N., Sfrcixarf, X'.'.,j l'lra+,llrJv., EL' llottrnirn, CJ Mdrtin, Dj Riesao, J., Wickstrom, K., Boaaan, E., Hendrrl-,, H., Manqham, W., Harwrri. l., CA. X w-vwwm-:went-wsff 5455512153322 2QlQ?AY"5-3ifVY511fE,4..::,'f1'7g RW l-lenry A, Penn! Deon ot the College ot Low, tormer groduote ond loter teocher ot Yole Low School, is orimorlly interested in the educotion ot his students ond in the development ot thrs School ot low to Such o degree thot the south will ocknovvledge it os the center ot low ocjtlvltyl To those who know him, there is little doubt thot this will be occornolished. Deon Henry A. Fenn 280 !Xdr'r3r'li, L HGIOU I W nr-9.1 'Nur -' 5321 : wk ' W, ,,.,. hmm? HLIIIOHI D lulvr, I !'f'rr2v'wru, VV Nalcw, IT ffur'Vw',ul, C f'f.vmf., l'1 iw' ' 5 ' QV? ,f wwl Ns ,. Vfirw O ,f '--ii A X 'Wu "'f:":-' 281 2 wnryo, V, r.3m'NW M fx,X Q4 X' 1 n .. "!"'4-WI' fb. DMQQV, S 95646 J Pmes, E WS sz ,Mm '52 .s f , Wg 1, 1 :E fa..-. , my ff i q' -.. ' f gi Mx ff' Favorit rofessor E. M. Jones Robbinson, W Nell, T V fgwlvf-mf L , 1 4-..W,.. ismwm ,,IT'fh'SL'MV, 1 , F , 7 , XVI ' "5 ?' ' 2" .ydljff X , A .nf ' Q, QW U L , , .- , V ' ' Av ,fgf,,,m W 5 G WJ fm- W A ' ,Q fd' , V fwf 4. , ft 283 , I dica 5. im' piwwrmelrw 1.13 WQH rye. UH INIVIIIIHHIHlfkllf Dum Hdrrelf WGS Cdlled to Sei' up The UH ge ef mefjifcume, d rremmgieuu Yds? Deen Hdrrell proceeded Wsth the CCIUTIOH l f M d SLIVQCOFI, mspectmg everg fdeet ef what vvull some ddy be one of The finest, fmwedt Qdmwlefe me-dufidl Colleges :rn the Ummed Sfdfes Deon George T. Horrell 0 84 Meducol Lerwrer Staff Secured' Deen George T. Hr1rreM, Jr. Smrrdmg L. to P. Dr. Prem W. Pmrmrry Henri Derrc1rf'w A. Mfirm, Heed Deprirrtrrrem PIwr1rr'rrrJ,r+I0Qy, Dr. Jevrrrw fi Wwlavm Henri Ufi'Vf.rr'r'mrr-1 Arrmfrvrrr.. Heeim Lerner Stow Seated Pr'UW5f, Dr. F-'ussell S. Peer. Sfcndmg, L. re PS. Hemrg R. Hmi-Ne, Phage! Flaw' Drreffrrr' Hur! 5 W Pr 1 I Ax r rm Admrrrrsrrotworw, Mr heel J. WOM, Dnrewrur ef Pmrem Serwqeg. 4-r ff:-ffl-rfrfrfff Fr rr- 195 I3 F4 ar il y With u nine semester curriculum and the largest enrollment in the South, the College ol Pharmacy today graduates over lOO students per year, lt has one ot the largest medicinal gardens in the nation, which supplies plants tor research and for the classroom Dean Foote places more emphasis on the duality ot his graduates than ot the quantity and insists that each ot them is prepared to contribute the maximum to the satety ot those coming to him tor assistance Dean Perry A. Foote 286 Adler, A Doffnn, M Gmrett, P fwdelsoru, V i-'grfggrew M Fnurl-,ev f' ',r0.U 5 f,,,V V Wrdwrw, H f fill' N 5 rr'1L1f3W I mfg.. . Jvlwmem, lri Wy ' L 'ww " X.'l'1'l'1' f' ' f 5' ., A If me J ,ff-'Adi' ,,.4...-rv nf-"x'xiiM ,,f .A r ,. A ., A Si . - . f fig. . f I fy ' ' -WU - 2- 3 . , 1 " - . ? . - ' 1 - t 521 -, ' Tp .., 1 W 1 , " 4 0 bm' ,, ,-52960, ,f 1, gzgegk M., 4 4 sg 2 553 x F' XX . V. .mga ., - W ns' N 0 ,4.a.:f.-' .f - N,45f5?f.. xv-ff' 35- X Wy , . . rv 1 , p f , M 4 1 ,g 1. QM 1 1 J .4 . -9 V ., .aw . 235fvw.: A, K , . 4 ff. ., f..f,sP ' xx ' ' - , 5' f - 2-5-1. ' .Leary f ,, A ,fag Y , 45 ' as 5 I r i i A I 1 1 I l 2 ',M11rm r, fl Lvllu, U 'V'NiC,ODu, J -:A It 2 W 6 f 49 X W ,U , , 4,.,7,f' ,, Af I' , .-My " r , Qjgcgv fwgyg .J , ,'. f ' W, ,,4Q,,-f : ,- -.1 1 W .. .,4,,, , , ,um 5 . ' a fy ov V M ' v ' ,fr ,Q . f f , ,cy-,. f .- ww. .A . .f, , Mr' eff ,fwmsv MV' .A 2 - f V .. M 'iowc NML1Ci1Qt Q W I Il, J f fflldbikaug, Favorit rofessor Harold Geal Schluessler, H Seobrook, W Usher, F Vernon, It ' VJXGVQO, F M , A .D M , 335555 Q 'X I f ,ww E in Na... 5 f f le , Q M1 Q' I 3 A M, Mm 997 'f ein ysiea ducation Top men for the Pnxsicel Educenon eww us Deen Stanley! Under whom over Q hundred Teoma engaged un fourteen dnfferent sports M one fume er another need fenfivell, freak! end fennns Coach, 'Dufcnl' ns 'beck nf Flondef' where he was ence une of the best ends the 'Gators ever node Deon Dennis K. Stanley 290 U l ' b O! I ea UD Www Favorite Professor Herman SneH x 1 1 , '11 IW "' Students interested in the fields ot physical medi- cine, physical therapy and occupational therapy are welcome to loin this group lt teaches those interested in these and related fields o tevv tunda- mentals and a priet preyievy ot the careers in these tields. 1' Y ff J, X, Pusiihok, T Thomas, R Weblb, K rapi 'ca t St d L tr lf' ' Harris, C, pres, Davidson, S, Foldmann, B., Qone, J., Thedtord, J., program cnairnwan. A Sitting Locher, N., l3ecl,ham, l.. N., an ing, . J X. . . . '- A i P sr 'l Whitlocl, M. C., y.p., Caproni, C., sei.-treas. Annwill, B., Fichards, J. Nct ic urea 292 mu. mic o5,g,,,,M,7l,i5A, ,0,?i may y K . ,- . K X X i """"X' ' ' mwlllnnuuu fslmlxni 2N 4 u mlluunnqrq niversi ollege Head mcun un the "CU Course deportment us Deon W W Lrttle Dann Lrttle nz responsuble tor the educotaon of the freshmen and gopnonwore studentg IU the trelde Ot American Instrtutrons, Pnysrcol Scrences, Englrgn logrc and Motnrgmntrcs, Humanrties ond Buology Deon Winston W. Little 293 'Q-1' hlfs' i 'ix L. H i . Huhrwjii, Sugoi, lsissti tifrtjlgl ii rigs. , i rriifriis, A iiigriii tt, Miriigri .:ii, 'Qfim r. A fffmCi'ir1l taint? Dari' ri, Coiixxay, Mtcasl-,ill, Shames, fipi wifi titiin lfiyii, tniilr-i'. A Third I-"rin Vinri, t-'iauiiey Sin hiri, fix i, Liiiiiiti, Aiiiiiiir-i, tiriti fXfiri,iii. l Fourth how: Eisner, Tubbs, Carlson, rirr' t' Vai Wifi", W ff"'h'ttVi't D7t",ltt'I'! 'iiiiitwi'. Founded at the University ot Illinois in Vff-t, Alpha Lambda Delta Came to the University ot Florida in t"4'f Here, as in all the other universities in which it is located, it tosters high standards ot scholarship among freshmen wornen. lph mhd Ita hi ta At the present time, there are approximately eighty chapters ot Phi Eta Sigma throughout the Country. This treshman honorary fraternity was Created to give recognition to tirst year male students who were outstanding in scholarship, To he eligible tor membership, a student must earn a 25 average in his freshman year. First t-ii.-i sittiiigi Ui. E. hroxiii, harnr-tt, S. 'pns-L i, Long, E., Christensen, J., DFGVI tfrady. 4 Sr-inrirt Iifiu gigngiingti Sfott, S., Phiter, J., 1 K iX.f,iiii,tiii, E., fXiidigrsivii, U. j., ltrrywt, S. K 109 Elyse Stern, Secretory nt - rat rnit oun il Complete with Rush Rules, policemen, ond lines, the lFC serves os the governing body ond sounding boord for tro- ternity oction ond opinion on the compus Composed of representdtives from eoch ot the trdternities, the Council provides o forum in vvhich the vorious troternities moy Oli their difficulties ond settle their problems, A The lFC's biggest splosh in compus cittgirs comes eoch Foll ond Spring when they sponsor Frolicsy the biggest socicil weekends on the University colendor With the proceeds from this ond other activities, the Council this yeor inouguroted their Froternity Loon system providing short term Ioons tor tro- ternity men Appeoronces to the controry, they dlso sponsor o Christmos Sing edch yeor. Lelt to Right: Joe Lewis, Treosurerg Rex Cldrke, Chief .lusticeg Fronlq Rerritt, Rresidentg Dove Reid, Secretoryy john l-lieriihy, Vice-President. ip 4, v, - .1,,1.-new-ilu 1:-1 .1-n1nm -.n.-M ,111: mm, - lp hl VJCC Mosvor fAXJCJ'xU! V5 rm JAXJ f J .-, A .x -A w-mwrw rw ffmrmnrr' If rw rm wr First Row, L. to R. Q. Jurch, LJ. Johns, T. Wntrstrucf, W. Blggorf, C. Tomosfrw, D. PM g SJ'WC1DJiH'x! J. Compbdll W. Wwlsom, D. B'f1JfJVx'!lWJ J. Summon. A T'wird Rm-. T. Ff'1JsJwwg, I E11 J r M ur fk L J P AJ Uschlwfif R. PGM, J. Wllscwrw. f.Q 1 ,- Q11 1- y , 'wx IP Adams, P Andersom, W Bishop, F Blair, C Cabirwa, ll Choires, T Clememr, L Crozier, J Cummings, J Davis, H Dodd, J Edwards, Ci Farielli, VV Januler, F1 McRae, R Milicevic, G Mills, W Milton, W Morriss, N Murphy, J Norris, J Olds, W Powers, C Rowond, T Sdiillmg, W Sclwaclfclford C Shropshire E Smley J ll G m ho 10+ Smith J W' Thornhill J Van Slifudal E Villeda J iggoif . I R xn L S ' lr ' f A' iw, . N ,fl , X J- 3 ---i i f F ' l W ' fi i " QQ ' 5 M Qiiigzx ,iii Webb, T , 4 .K , in . - 1 , 298 l l'2Lfzf7'liE5'l Thr-fy My-,', thu! Inq hrwvvn Huulf flVUUVNfi! l CT GQCPI mac hcw :Tm Thruw 5 We QII pull frcm thc -,mmf :url In Alpho Gemma Rhm Your hose cmd ITIUWC will Qlwcyz When flies this dear old aww h!HE' Herek healfhl here! wealth, here! hflgpirwess, In Alphcu Qommo Rho GW wwf A,,,4li We 'Wg .Www 'ug' qw'-' ... A . A . -if . - ' ' 'iv "Qian vw-N...,, as-M L vga . . X X x S21 -V - 1 ' 4."?'Q," . ' ZR x My, sf SE PM Q-6-ww ww 1' 5' 'W Sup-M! 2 e V ': T: s V . P . - Q -X T'-fi , 1 - -X Q.. 'x WSSQ1 -'k.3':-fs... -, V - M X. .xxx . ,M r V 1 ,- ,ff VV b ' . , . f 4 . V! 4 5 '- . VV - I , Nags 1 V - . ,fm g gg' , . f 1 ' ,gf f V , , " T' 5 V294 33" 7 325 g':,.1 ' 'V rw ? ' .. ' VV W " 7, yy, 9, 1 5 ' ? -dna .. My , .ff I ,- xxx -V I 43: ax . IV ? if ' V if 71, V, - ' -, -. ff Af 'V V, V fV x Q M.: ykfgqffji. ' . . . ., ,, ,, U fm' ' ' ,... . , ' Q. 5' ' .QP V 1' -Q . .1 aff . ff V. ..f ,f - f V 5 I' " . . . Z.. ,Q 7, V, MJ 1: . . .xwegx f. 1 V V. V. ' V4 . ' J ' - - ' REQ. P . . V 5 . "' I: 9 'L X L-VV., 6 '5 V., , 4 f V X' -V , "5 '-ZYPPV 4414.2 ' 1,7 V ' Qff ' flfim., ' fx -1, , . z., " ' gggsgg 14' V ,7 ,,:V'gV:-.': ff" , Q., A '1,, ,,, , Q, .,x, , ,,,, A . , 1? L .A -A V. A 1 ' , rf in-4 -1 x ,tcgzig .- . "' M " il-.fri y' "'., ? fwgVV . :A 'V '- 12' ' w 'j ' . A Y ,sliz - 'Q - 146' 1 . 2 . fm. QS 3 ,Wm , .W y 4. V he - 5 ima? 1' 'V ' .M , V, .V . ,, 4 ., ,--V.-VM. . ek -4- 5, .. . - V vo .... . Q, K--M..-.VV-.V ' " ' V V . 1- V V A . V '-1: .gagg- -1557 Y A ' ' "Q, 4 -.L z ' EX. f . ' . ,, ' x K , K . . ,. P Q X . A Agni -2 , V 'vffzwfkf ' A J- ' , -w. , . ,,v.,.v V-. , 'ww V v 1 ' V - 2 ' ' ' - V ' Q .V N..: Q .. , ,wwe ,,..,.V,,...N. , . V3 , A t ' ? 1' +R ,ffl V! 4 ,V K ff X A'h.z,FW, 'I ff. "Zi ' - " ,5 ,,,g.v Q We' ' 21' Q JY, V vw . Lf V 'sg 9 ?- 'f' 'w2fifE31iC A R T , 'SEV--Si MW. 4-4 : V' .f svgQwv.f-X . V .-0 V. - .A Ewa '- 2 V V .-.ff-' QQ V ' VV ANR :M gt Y , ' ,X .. -V f -1 ..+ .aff ' V ' , ' 1 . .gm s ' - . V' - --V-f3.,-.V- ' X 'YI ' C W' Vere ' " V Q22 if , V, ,Q V'-if s Q fy, -..,, awk, M t ' ' ' Il - - rx W .Vw ' if f :fl 511' , . ' 1- -xg., -A , .1- A x 5 5 Q- A V L4 ' V QM 5 1. -Qw ,L .Vgg,vV..Vf LQ. -4 , - 1 1 .,f. 9'f'!.q,. szifpw- . img, V w' ff P ' -Af' V A V NY .. ..1m:ff. S Q .4 .. 4 6, , B , K V .X 2 wax .M 'is X. 3' V Y QQ 5 Q6 4 E X . 'Q N Y K X x 'if in A . Vw gi, iw ' 'W-f' V4 3 x AV, ,as-'fx B SI., - 'x if avr :S R . W V Vf- nf X2 r X Adelhelm, P Altieri, D Bailey, P Bates, L Berlin, A Bickart, J Bowen, J Brinson, J Brown, G Brown, J Bryant, R Chapman, C Click, B Chissom, B Choppa, G Connor, J Coram, R Culver, C Davidson, H Dickson, D Duckworth, B Dunlap, W Dunn, B Dyches, J Earnest, B Eaton, K Elder, S Etheredge, C Fechtel, V Fenton, B Gallagher, F Gorwood, B Geiger, D Gonzalez, H Goshorn, G Green, J Halyord, P Hamilton, J Hammer, M Harmon, C Hendricks, M Hewell, B Holloway, D Hurley, R lnlo, P Ivey, B Jackson, B Jackson, C Jones, C Kay, E King, L Larisey, D Lewis, H Lewis, T Mahoney, B Maisano, S Malone, J Martin, S Mayfield, J McClure, J McCoy, J McDonald, R Mclnnis, M Melvin, S Mitchell, B oofef J Staas, C Mulllsf B Stewart, T Muniof R suddfiih, R NO""5' J Teachunt, S Pellerin, A Tenney! W Pierce, J Teufonl 5: Porter, J Poteet, L Priest, G Prinz, B , Pugliese, J Thlofi R Rossignol, F Thomosi L Raulerson, R Thomas' W Rawlings' C Thompson, R Regwolll K Tucker, J Reich, G Turner, F Richardson, H Rivers, W Rasmussen R Rothwell, H Turner, R Royce, R Vaughn, D Ruiz, W Vogt, J Saunders, W Wade, J Schlosser, R Wait, B Scruggs, C Wartz, H Shoemaker, B Skeni, C , , J 5,333 J Walker, L Srnifhl L Walling, D gmifh. w wespiulgid, J outhen, T GS , Spicola, A C Womersley, H Spicola, A G "Still need a housemother?" Uh, Alpha Tau Omega, Our hearts are ever thine, We set them as the jewels, ln the Maltese Cross to shine To these we pledge allegiance Uur service true and bold. And ever we'lI be loyal to The Azure and the Gold. Dh, stort the loying cub oround, nor by o brother by, We oll drink trom the sorne Conteen in Beto Theto Pi, Oh, you ond l Con ne'er grow old, while this toir Cub is nigh, Heres lite ond strength, here's heolth ond weolth, Heres oll in Phi Koi Phi, Mr. Ellen B. Stilirl-ie, BGTTJIS 'Mrs LI. of FI! iondidote. Abbott, J Allen, D Boiley, J Bechord, B Blodgett, W Borden, J Brown, T Bullen, D Bullen, P Butterfield, L Colkin, D Collon, P Corlile, R Couch, J Crews, J Deering, S Dodson, l-l Duckett, I Eosterling, P Erbs, R Evons, J Flonogon, R Goe, T Gronge, G Greene, M Grote, E Heoth, R Jockson, E Johnson, L Keezel, R Kellow, R Kenoston, W Lotto, D Lester, W Ling, G Lipscomb, W MoCCuIlou h D Q , Mclntyre, l-l Morris, R Myers, J Myler, J Nicolson, J Phillips, R Quentel, A Rodgers, B Rodgers, S Schrils, R Speed, G Stonfill, L Synstod, W Tuttle, D Wode, J Word, F Willing, D Wood, D Another Beto? W Q Q' X , , an A E N , ' s 1 " 4 , N H., "' 'xv , ' 'fr' f I J I S4 ,Rh , .. Ng, - 1"',?4 V N-sq '-s...,.y FT-N 49149 n '1 ,Ql e uv I WW:-1 P ,'-vw" W- !Wh.,.R - Q W V my , Q., mi 'K Z Af . V 'J' ,, : X LL. . . L3 'Nl . E- " "M-v ff' 5 as , I 2-.4 XV 1 :Si 1 .. QA HM ,f . Aw-. 'Uhr-. A 11" my 'U Wg 1? if X! " was ff AX NV "' f "" I f 2 f 1 1951 W A 438 ., fm-5 Wd ' -orfif' 7 'VW M136 4' Hr:-' Na. yum IU' ,-A arp'-in "' ,f 303 J' JJRK ft'xy'l fhrttl' Aharez, E Dawes, G harry, E' x Eggert, C J3nlotianatJ, KM Entz, A l,JarJ., I Evans, JJ J, Jarh Jf liverett J , . Gesbocter, J Harris, J Hauser, W txauralla, J-J Jneedler, D 'N-4 Y ,R gpg, wi 3585! W f""' , 1 Wk A., ff I , J I ez U ft' " AQ, 1 W Q VA vi S , J A 9 J h C I C Gather brothers ot Chu Phu Warm our hearts are beatlng, Grand our baroose is and high, Sacred is our greeting We are bound by tres ot love, Eternally, traternally, While Chu Phu brothers watch above, Fraternally, eternally. Lang, S Liebe, W Luglan, Fl Lynch, I Md-Jenny, VV F 2 Ogden, W Oboenborn, H Parets, E Patterson, W Praiss, A Robertson, Rodieh, H Rogers, W Roulstone, Roux, T B H Ladrte, N Wihburn, C Vtfhitehouse WeJJs, C Warrington, 'C' 1- J 1 527 :gg 1 J A J J J J J J J J J Schmucker, Seepe, W Sheppard, J-J Syverson, V von Genk, J? fm v Q 3 5- J J ,J r 2 , 3 nv , , is ,Q g , QQ- , s?"Y'X 3 3 Sf? X. L , x Q Q J. Q We? 3- G , fffiw time 4 f, x f X qi' W, ,QV V Nr N 4 ,af X, i V, ,. ,N J ' 1 A... . Q 4, ,' at-A 004 , -4 Y K 'J me Qi. . if vs 'Fit ...."' 1 1' X gf? 4'3- 2 fy 1 f I f dv' xl ' ,, ' Q, V , fu ' M J Come till up your glasses, l'll give you a toast Allerljou Adler, fi Elaorn, E Frogger! llull, A r lf in if Y r 'lvlOl,lVf 'l l ljfzlrffy' l, To Alpha Epsilon Pi The ideal ot our dreams, our pride and our boast, I P ll Alpha Epsilon Pi Let every good tellovv cheer in unity l I 0 ll To Alpha Epsilon Pi And drink to the health ot our traternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, 'liaiding the Zelbesf' AEl3i's Entertainl Q X 5 lla X ilu' VH i Exif 'Eff ' iii, ., 5 ' w 1-torus '- 'Q "5 fm... , ' . ' 1 ' , . - 'kia .c :f'3,,,.,:P. - 'N--s - ,. '- ' ,' si xi, " "" p 1 J 3 , g- sn... .. M . Lx,h,. u uh., W. ' Q. 9 ww, y , ' Nunn r. ,"" N R . .,, .,,, , ....... . , ?en.,:-f-...,g'-- m......., ' ' Na.. H--.,,, 'Hn uw, wi-.,.,,.,. , ,. . i..,,, 5- ff. Via vo . A, cs A.. 'vu - sq . .. ,rg -1 'e.....J'--...N '-A """t X' ' "Q V f fn: f"Z:1'1 , .flfllilli M- -r I: naman.. , ,,..f"1 - '33,-,,,5g'r.,5J' ,- c ,X , N , ve-.....:J,,,..a -V ,mafigwgql , , V .,.,,. . -U-.,,,,,,. . if -- 53 i - . , W.. W..- T - g , .... ,, .kg - -, , 4, if, r1.'-QW? A hloinfininwinfi frODl1y Or busil Dear comrades, let our voices mingle In strains that set our hearts aglovv, In songs that set our hearts otingle, The merry songs ot long ago. And it you ask me for the dearest, l'll hid you raise your voices high, And sing what to your heart lies dearest, The praise of dear old Delta Chi In-N' ll "' T, 1 4 Ax ,,,""' J 3 ,pw-n l . -X 44' ' G , ,ww 'Q ' A-as V , ' 5 ' Q 31 QL J i e T V - H x . . . - ty.: x , J , I 7 6 306 Battaglio Vx Cox, E Fernande X Fouts, J l-loll, J Hammond Johnson, H Kim, K lxlinke, J Lynch, R Maroldy, T Martins, T Massori, fvlclvlullen Mitchell, Ponkratz Perry, C Schultz, Smith, B Smith, K Van Sciv White, C Xxgliono, .2 Agliono, S Agudo, F' Aguoro, J Argo, Vi' Sostos, S liiolivor, : fonyers, fi. Dovis, ll Eosterling, fx Forrner, PQ -Tiierndt, l lioeel, NX Lomb, R Lopez, R Mortino, T Moorici, N mliffxiiisief, rx Peacock, ll Rosenthal, l-l Simon, H Wright, C7 Yndo, J 7" ,, - -N...,,-.41 Flnl No! Nol Delto Sig dreom girl Tell me vvlwo woulCln't Pine with thot girl of mine. Angel from l-leoven it seems, 5lie's the sweetest girl in oll Slwe's the girl of my dreorns. N the world, Ita hi '13 ' Ai 'gs' 55 l '27 .4-I 307 In all my dreams it always seems I think ot you and Iona for your caress In happiness to me you will e'er belong. Though years may take you tar tram me My own sweetheart you will always be. You're my Delta queen, yes, my Delta queen, In purple, white, and gold. To me each day as I work and play Your riches will untold. Should we ever part, 'twould break my heart, You mean so much to me. So while I live, my lite I give For my Queen ot Delta Tau, Adler, A Aggelis, J Allen, R Appelt, P Askew, R Bartmes, R W4 Baxter, J Benson, W Barry, R Bryant, J Campbell, T Carden, C Carroll, I. wg-, Chasey, T Cotton, L Crank, M Dickson, J Doherty, D Ellis, A Elton, R Elwell, J Fleming, C Fortman , J Fowler, R Friedman, D Geissinger, I Goodson, D Griffith, B I-Iamon, D I-Iarmon, F Hartmann, J I-Iawkins, J I-Ieathcoe, R I-Iendry, R I-Iough, V Innes, K Joiner, C Kelley, A King, D Krienks, J Lea, R Linton, I. McEwen, C MCGIII, J Minnick, J Morrison, G Murray, C Myers, G Netscher, E Nichols, J O'Brien, G Paskalakis, I Pettiiohn, R Robinton, C Seals, D Setzer, R Shepherd, I. Skinner, T Smith, D Snyder, R Staninger, G Stanley, W Stodghill, J Taylor, W Turyaville, I. Varnadore, I Wegner, R White, C Wilcox, D Wine, D Woodburrt, R York, R -n vi 51, Q .e N' 0- A . x 4 P a A , f x gf 1 7 .V i , ar ' PX . 3' f - X 'nu 5 V ., - ' '-iw . 4512 ' fmL,f 1,w:' ,V f Q W 4 Q- , "' ff P 1 f ff A ' fx , "ag, af 4 'mf ' EMM! f sh , , 1 ' gb 2 V ' Y ff: I 4 .A A ln vc W, -J av'- w an-' Sa ...Q WI: ff'--v 1 3:94 N,-he-"" N :Q A . --nv :Y Q .13 I M Uhr- E , 3' ITN inf., 37. Q . ,WA xi, ,Q ,. if' fs' -x-s u v . .v w ,M ,- 1 ' 4'-Q iw rr -es" -x +48 'Inf u- -f I '1 ,, 3 , 'f 414 ,. :f 'sf- v 1 ff' I f5z,am S- 'Q X, , 'Zilla' fwm X .W K 5 .Z 4: 'in T27 Q.,- ,FW 'Q 'Sa 'QI ,Q 1'-fl yd LN is N , i ' 1. N-'ev 'Us -942 'Q 4149 '1- .ff-"' lcv' I 5 xii W4 1-sf V' 3 ww Q Q' ii Adams, D Baswartli, Fl Crenshaw, W Geiger, J Alameyer, Vw Bayerr, J Curtis, C Gill, W Ames, lk' Cail, H Dilwarrli, l-1 Grider, R Brazda, J Clernenr, J Eddlernan, P Grubbs, D Brown, T Cane, J Fredricksan, W Godfrey, C 'QT Hengsr, 'klj l-ligel, Fl Hyers, J Jacobs, W Janes, M Mil: Juralw, G Mercer, W lialapp, C McCarrniclX, F liiir, S McKinley, M liacli, lf Mines, H Larnberi, C Nalui, H or ' Seng Hall 310 Newman, K Odin, D Reed, R RUTJGCJQQ, W Scruggs, J Sherry, D Sferlimg, W Rmb, C SCVHJJIDQ, F Sessums, S Smith, W Strickland, J -1:54 1, ' f' ,lf 'lf H1 771, ff if ' , " ' ' , f,,, ,fNf1,,,,?,2' , , 'J"1'ff' f f 1 fi fifzmlf , , or J 3 J, 4 w - 2 ' ' ' , fn' V2 45,1 ' 1 1 F : . . . ond the imdeoenderw1QC?J oo 'ro the poHSY He looks shorpg he is on the bollg He feels shorpg winter, sprung, ond follg He smiles shorp, ond the girls oll fo!!-ef Then he's bound to be from Seogle Holl Sumner, W Tmllrrroof E NNeit2eI, J Toguboi, R Weirzel, J Yeoger, A ,IQ 311 V Q2 1 f- A A awww' Kappa lplla She hos two dreomy eyes of blue, Two cheeks beyond cornporeg Two ruby lips 'ro leose you wrlh y And o weolth of golden hour, y l She's The sweetest girl in oll the world, y The foirest flower thot growsg L'?'Y"" She's my sunny Southern sweerheort, f , l q She's rny Kopoo Aloho Rose. Yeoh! But who Wong? aw .pig XDV ,f 7 00 ,, my 'is-rf W7 I 1 2' ,w. f 1 'V , 5 , Q ,, f,f ' ' f Z , 1' ,Q f ,J 442 X121 :- wf X 5 ' V jg ' ' 4232 fl f Www! 'fda Qwm ,Fqruy . Wwwgm 3WGHwy 5HCu,P xHQHVXL 'UVCTTAI ' 300153 V HGMCk , 'HwfNQVf I wfhif my ,. ,, JJVHNIVJ' -'lJVfflfhl"' 1, iuclds, UCUNUQ,?' imQ,J w0UQ,, 1WSUH,j 1iGddOfL,F Wmr, D Piortmnury P HCddPr,' HPVCU 'N kMQdUH,J HoHomd,J ?4m0k, f fHQGHQ,'Y 'mopp,Yf Lozonby J 'v1orkh0rrg T NACBoth,L PQQCOCLI V I,"'fYd, I' FU3bblmS, B Sandusky, C SMQWML R Svverg NM Qhrvvg, D Smath, J Srmrh, W Soder, R Sporknmwy NV jfmr-Q, 1 fuckfy T JOIL R 'hHnQ, H INUnTerburm J 'Nh0d,E ,M-4 Us gl. 'Y i ja ,avi ,f ,. ., 4,5?2if:a 1: , 5. K. :f f ' - ik 1, by -"1 'F " V 'vl' uf k- X 5, 45' 'WiFi Ji Q, fa Mlm, J fxrrwold, Hferley, J iforderv, Lotliml H ChriSTmfm, li 314 ffr0w'S, VJ Uovis, H Uewcllot, IW Uoshvws, P Hansen, B Heidendeich, R Tiff ,qu z Mullln, C Pesala, ll Pesola, In l?lam', ll fg53L?7-A ' ' ' ' -X ..,, ,,,.,,,, ,J V -T Q f'l'I'j3f5 '7'.,iig'3K ' 16. x A..1!gf,gg W .k,,,lk,.4..4,, ,, y , , . M ,.,, f 1 f fu 'Url H J 1 , fr-1-M . Shepherd, R Shlnhalser, J Skrzypkawsl l, ld Slewarlf D l Karp Pledge meeting. Dear ln the heart af mast of as is the dream af a girl ideal And here's a happy hast af Us vvha've had aar dreams prove real Sa naw befare the Songs are dane came Taasr wrrh me la the anlx one - The dearest glrl beneath the san The Kappa Slgnwa girl 315 We're oll good brothers, Eoch one the other's friend, And we'll be good brothers Until this world sholl end. So while we're together Let's give o rousing Cheer, For Loinbdo Chi Alpho, The bond we hold so deor. Atkins, R Boozel, J Buening, J Coin, J Dunford, R Fahey, J 'Z-.N Geiger, O l-loolfer, l JOl'inSOn, P Kreulen, P Longbein, C Moitlond, D Mdrtin, A MCCLirdv, C i l i i l i l l l i Sttieiik, T Stull, W Summers, G i dl , gq Q W f 3 'y,,,Ls' m 9? Q., fflffff if R, ,sg fall " if - U Mic: . Ly m,,,: . .. , -f f , ff , We 'Vw 1 fl , 4 A ' 'WQW Mfg fy Z. 'Q Z7 1 hd h MQ 'ups ". "5 V' . ' M 4 Taylor, J Tvmm, F1 Whit?-, P 317 8 i Item ore the rest of them . . . i swf" ,pm Vim Heres to Phi Delto Theto. Long moy we honor her IWOITIG. No other love is greoterg With true zeol ond deepest tervor, Bound uritil deoth we'II serve her. Here's to our Ioyol Brothers Phi Delto Theto meh. Horior is theirs, Evert Brother who vveors, A Phi Delto Theto pin. 4'-'NJ WC 'Q ff' M11 wr, ,' Vfrrx rrmv I E"F"JIP'jVY, A Fwrd, T ','11rwrmyr',, L ivfmrfld, L Dulwonme, fx Uurwrw, 1 iflfflll E 'WC-f'Jtl'w, If n Lam, J v 'Q1xf,1m,1ugin, P ffhljzf, J if LQIWOH, L' fi T LCMNQV V ff ,X K ' . I, 2 ' F A L F-Hmmg' Ref' Qrew, I' fx x " ' . , 1 A ' pngumer, E Y '-., Q:?.-7 , ' ' . J'WQ'9fO'N V' . ,. ,,A.,. X. S W IIN w W' 'OVW J W A 'f ' ,fwmgrc -4v21ft::.M M - 0.-2 sr i- QM' 3 Anallerio, M Anderson D ' Araneo, P f I Arnold, J 3 ,' 492+ Boggesen, W lg!! Barrett, B V Black, B ' Bock, T Bragdon, J Breed, R Brown, J Buchanan, E Campbell, J Carter, J Chancey, R Charlow, R Courfoy, C De-Laney, M Dixon, J Druege, G Fairbairn, R Fraser, B Gerwe, J Roy, C Helseth, C Hettinger, V Higgs, W Hood, W Hovey, H Jackson, J Kane, B King, R Krigline, A 375' Emp, ,L- VVIII, il1Qy'r'C SOMEBODYS alumni' fro 4-vs ,gf -nf ps., J 5.- 'F'-L fi if Wk , V-kv : A ,f-v,i5, - f Y ,cf f" X N, 1 35 W 3 47" gnu .s ale ? f My V , '41 V , Y V y g W ,fx 453 . ,, , , 1 1 1 - , , 7 " Q. -' I J-If f , : Wgzrrvg 2:41, ,,,..,:Qg3:j,a.:,, U X f- P ' ff-,-:V-"Wit i f . - c if .JA ,V Q X -my 2 ,41- Q fi f 4 'W ,, ry if W wg, i ,gy 4 UQ' qv i 0' if E 2. ,W 1 I , -it ..,., A 5 -fs g 5. Me' '32 14 .,,, 4 W' f 3 'i . , f i as ,V 1- i A., " ""' . f R If Gif f 't J rr R ,si J' is qi' in .0,yZ. ' X V , -s Q!.5g,,:.q Q f. I f ' f V i t, J 2 t i l-lail, sons ot destiny, Sing a song ot praise all glorious, Procllaim it proudly, shout it loudly, Magnify thy name. l-Iail to thy gleaming star, With its purple light victorious, Undying fame attend thy name, Thy rule- shall ever be courageous. Sorts of mighty men shall know tor ever and for aye Phi Gamma Delta, l-lail to thee, All hail and ever- more tor thee We'll svvear eternal victory, Phi Gamma Delta, l-laill W-N, ' Lovaft, L Maddox, W Mason, R McWicker, G Mevers, J Nelson, R Pace, W Perdue, F Perritt, F Porter, B Rimes, J Rirtaman, W Robison, R Rosier, J Schroll, R Totty, J Trickel, W Walker, L Wyckoff, N Wetmore, H Williams, B Wintersteen, R Wise, L Zelenkci, L 32 Star ot stage, sfreen, and Gator Growl. Our Circle changes with each veai, lhe brothers Come and disappear, But still the tire is burning bright Upon the Chapter hearth tonight Remember that the mighty throng Gt brothers long since absent gone, Retain their love and Iovaltv To our beloved Fraternity. Adams, C Adams, J Andersow, R Anderson, B Black, J Barnum D Bartlett, G Booth, B Brame, L Breidenbzich, B Brown, l, Butler, B Campbell, H Coleman M Coleman R Cornelius R Catanzaro T Crawford T Daniel, B Daniels, D David, G Dean, F Doran, T O'N90l, 5 gixon, RJ Parlamento, D Gffigneis' H Peguesse, J Gwliord D Ponzm, E Gleason, K purhoffl H Greenly, C Gusfin B Haley, D TVUG, B Homilfonr P Rehwinkle, J Hanna J Hannah, B Revels' B Hecker E Roberson, C girfwh, J Roy, M 'C ef A Holton R Hughes L Scott, C Irons, P qholl T Jeager, B ' f ' Kopek' B Sm:Th, F Kerr, S Sfidham, C Lewis, G 4 - Lomb' J Sfnneblser, J Moddocks, J AMCRce, Sietfferman, R Migliore, T Swing, F Miliken, W 5 ff d L Msfcheu, M Tffnef' 5 Mock, B ' Moss, R Urquhart, T Nelson, D Oliver, H K N Q ', 3, , ,. .2 Ni tx J. 'rf ,.,.. Q1, i ts I " A . - lgb, .,,.,:,,:. Mllzy h ,Z p X. AY B O H ' . If Two ot the boys sn educottonol pursuit. 00p rativ ivin nization L. to li., tront row I-neelrng l. blobs, J. Wolton, Ll. l-lotner. Seoted L. Poole, J. Lee, T. Elder, fm Lorter, lf. Close, W. Bweot, H. liowls, F. Gutteridge A Frrst Row, Stondtng' J. Fornes, J. Poole, C. Wagner, L. Jornerson, E. MCGoniQol, lff. Norrndn, M. Deorung, W. Srnttn, L. Putnol, D. Dumas, J Beck. A Second Rowi R. Tressler, R. Houts, T. Swoger, B. Cheslnos, H. Bornett, L. Dovls, D. Vornodoe, C. Hornoler, M. Turner, T. Colluns, J Swenson, D. Scott. A Third Rowi J. Cowon, J. Beclwtol, B. Wolters, J. Whrtted, T. Grrtttn, L. Woodord, J. Dovus, G. Powell, D. Murroy, B. Moody A Fourth Rowi B. GDOCJWIYW, W. Srnrtn, S. Sololwutdun, B. Collins 324 ,.d""-x Albury, C Blyth, H Amos, E Boss, S fXhdrew9, S Roweh, H hi Buryn, L Cooper, R Cosorw, H Crory, J fonerlv, R Ufwis, P K3PP ,ad Dupree, R Grohorh, R Hobbobo, S Hougorm, H Hough, G KITQ, R Lee, R Myers, J North, C Rrhckhey, Z Prrmom, H Reno, D Slovm, G Sprmger, U ,pw gm ,,..-4 Srroley, R 4. Suxeermoo, E Upshcw, C VVode, E Weuherr, R VVorlcir1Qer, R 32 kit: Trmmerzng, G 5 Amollwfl elf: ton Trophy When The ought birds ore bmgmg their love Soogb Amd you swf by the fsresude ond dreom 'Theres The fhouglfvr of o gurl thot put your brom For She She For Sho -ws fb- -'izw '14 W'-4 rm -nw- 77' !..f7f pf-,,!f4Q '-w'1 960 fm.. WAV' 4'-N' -QQ und-vw.,e 'Q 'UB' new L EVWRI' I CU M111 COYimr1u, K K:OVV'QGr', ' Frvl KVQ A" 1" 1. Q- fuz 1GW V P CUT, I, V,-TVHf,J+'r'T, 5 LGVSOI y l,C1M'1C1r'm, V Lmlpfer, T Mfjrfm, J Matrix, O N1CQlfvr'FI"w l Mclfieef J Mrllmr, A AAI ml NIQV 1 , f Mutter, M Padova, A pffl5'H6', J Smmders, E SGClfflfOO'-I V Simrrorw, J SHQHI H Spfnkef N Stofelfr, D Tnedf, D Wells, T VWwiddGrv, C 328 Brown, A Ball, M Bird, J Carlton, Q Chapman, I3 Connor, S Cronin, R Aremntroiit, A Parr, P Pohannnn, T' Carnes, C Chorland, D Costa, F Davis, B . Kapp . As I sat alone with my dreams, A wonderful land I could see, And a vision so bright came to me through the night, With my dream girl I seem to be. Oh, her eyes are the stars ot Heaven That shine as the lamp so bright, Her hair is the gold ot sunset As it fades in the western sky. No flower that grows is like the rose, She's the flower of Pi Kappa Phi, The boys next door. Duncan, E Faxon, C Graves, J Harrison, C Hill, D Holloway, M Houg, G Howe, R Jessimo, M Jones, J lierhl, R tlirkland, W Lacey, R Lawhorn, K Maclfachron, Martin, R Martino, T McCaslin, R McCullough, Mclntyre, B Midelis, J Morton, J Neidhart, P Orgram, M Otto, J Parsons, T Paterno, R Peck, D Redding, B Sellers, J Shohti, T Shrader, P Silver, M Stewart, C Tetft, S Tomlin, B Tripp, M Valzane, A Williams, R Williams, W Yiinker, G Yunker, H enner, J Fleifos, D fiqrdo, I ffloer, P fmwzolej if erlwo, F Fountain, P Hiqliol V fimdwimm C flrfwml H 1 w i 9 '22 w ,X Frohfa Mme is prrblicohons time . . Pi Lamlul hi Brothers mme forever We ore bound together by o bond Thor stronger grows os yeors Poll by mystic words unspoken Holy yovvS unbroken hold Us Foithful to The tue of Pi Lombdo Phu 330 Blosensrem, R Dick, B Breorhift, D Drcksom, F Brrer, D Erserwberg, S Coultom, M Ersemsorw, E ,ns-.f. 11+ -Q-F, wwf? 'ea 5 NY VX Farer, H Hagen, M Grllman, M Gold, M Graff, J Lawns, .I Grossman, W ,'XAas1mQfom bu Gorman, E Pere, D Heller! E Pwl-e, M .. 'W inf' 7 1 'ZF' Nw HH 5 if- ,,,,,.,. 95 MO- 4" 4Q""".ff FUSQIWY N Pluffmcrl Q Salzman, Fi Sassoon, P H-f In f', 'TT' Scimfrf A Sharma. J Jputzerf H 'Jrwarwg M XN!'f1!idVf" :I OS3ff:r:"'fJrw ,Vnde2mpm, Qalla J Ns- rr" yi 'lm Q., .ani 33 Um-....--W 'Tv- ,yd . by., rg. lpll "Please say Hammer, J you'll join us." Hammons, G Hanna, H , . Hardie, R Below. Just a couple Hemmmer L of the boys with Mom. Hobby B' Hollowlay, J Hussey, W Hutchinson, A Johnston, J Jones, P Lard, L Lissenden, C Martin, G McClure, C McClure, R McCollum, V McGowan, L lvloure, E Murphree, J Peacock, C Peele, A Redman, J Reed, R Rhodes, B Rimes, E Scott, W Shaver, C Taylor, F Tucker, S Spina, K Winchester, R l l Anderson, C Leedhom C Blalock, D Brannon l-l Beoll, C Golllorcl J Cl,eoflwonl, E Cooli l Cox, lf Dawes .l ljtjlll fr wr, C Dent' 'l Eosso, ,l george, l . fnxbsonf ,l Groy, l-l H Guy VV V, y , V fn 4 .f.,,,,, ' ' e V 'A .. - . W fwfw, EW.-w'Wl Y'Z"'2W'2+fffff Holrngh C H M ' -l I rm -1 W fi V ' Q,l, ,4, Z7?,??QvLZ1f mf' Wx ff fff lZir"9f4Zb-Q, , - O fl' I w n ,, 5 vj: , :, : -.. f , ,Mfl f,z,Wg5Zfg,,, X ,, '-. I H , whp wl iw, v,r,W, 4,,,1.,W55 f,T,,..,,v,,,n,,,, , , ,, , , 1 Nlw lff1Tl'lfgI" Violet, Violet, O You're the lonrebr llower To rne. Vnolet Violet l V V Emblem of lVGlGVVllll,'. Wvflw your rirerfunore, nrenfrues Cffllllkf Cil Slgrno Mplwo Elrsilor' Deorear llower beneotlw inf' mn My Violef. A13 -1- f fx Ch Rf 'kv 'fl A A4 ,..-v ,W an 'fl l lralxwll O lgraslwell, ll Hall, M Haymam, L Hester, l' LA rs ,. The Qlrl al rmf dreams ns The sweetest gurl all the gurls I lnavv Each sweet ea-ea luke a rambaw 'rraul larl-is la the after-alaw llwe lwlrza ul her eyes and the aa Ima 4 r ll a lplermd al The western slr Ia af her fmcl ilwe maanlnglrwr beams an the gurl al wg, dreams, Ellwds the Sweetheart al Sigma Chl, a Ill Hadae, L James, li slalwrwsfarw, I! lowers, H lanes, E lraflbah, VX' lanes, l5' lr-lwrf, R 591 , Il E H., EZ f,j'1" ,WW Lewis, D Labnitz, E Lovell, N MacLean, D ,Me 9 111 f 0, fm Allen, C Pauley, J Pammlsler, Atlmsaru, l llarmmg, F Llavrmller, . l l l Marshall, L Xfluller, ,l lleedham, H Pmpers, P , McKissacle, C Morris, J Patterson, M Porter, R Meyers, D Mallls, H Peacock, C Paulos, P Miller, J Nabers, l Perkins, W Powell, H , 1' D zgyifiycs ,JVM .1 :xi N 5 5. 1 ,gm Hd' mpg 'gan 4 'xx . , !,.,..,. f , f f www Jo, d, 1 fun NUM H If MVN 1 QA- I rw, rgwlfg. V v c v ' 1 f .1 V 1 'IIUJII M Ifv J W'Lv15 5 'J 'fixf J, 1 1, SOGHRSQIXI Vx' gf'OVl,GX', SUNG, J STIIWC , ,Mer QHOCG, hrgiwnx '1 Qmqn' 5- lfrvnfl, J fix Vi yt,-vw' Q Y V 1 fa rv w ,,. K3 ' ..r'M',.w,r 11 J .N,l!H'CJf'!'Q I X , I MVWMJINVE Y .WW .JA we Ffa. +A.-1-2 ivl' .mn-I n Qf"f., .,,. ,- Q .N bi!-. Y, v xv: 0si5f"'Nvq.s, PM: Adoms, J Bolfier, N Bevis, Fi Boone, G Eioofh, E wb W ww' 'N-N 5041 'l'!'f"" ,audi Nw mf Burch, P Burton, J Bushong, Fi Byingtom, C Como!!! L CJWriSTiC1f'1, D Conklmgl C Cooney, J Cummms, W Donato, J WM Evoos, L Floyd, J Grohom, I? Groot, J GVQGN! E J Howlfms, C lmgrom, D Lonier, R Hedges, T Jones, A Lmdsoy, H I-iilluord, P Jordon, B Mofhus, C Hidges, W horbly, P Mortim, D Huggmi, H Lofferfyg F QNAOVTJVYGZ, T Mclntyre, J McNulty, C Merchont, P Miller, J Miller, R Q! I I I I I I I I I I W4 47'-7 X M I I "Z, 5 was i , . 5' 2 IGVVFTIOIWX J Prahge, E Starkey, J Whidby, G Jgdeh, VI Puschak, T Sfokesberryl E Wrlcox, H fleger, T Reihertsoh, I3 Todd, J WIIsoh, J hillipsf C Seoborh, C Vaughan, VII ZIITTVTIGVVITGITV I-i Qotfer, J Stagg, I. WamrucI, I4 I I I I I I I I Stagg and the boys. I I I I I I I I I I I I QI I The whute star of Sigma Nu The brughf sfar of Sigma Nu, Thousand brothers wear you Thousand others share you When college days are through We STIII will Clihg To Iou Loyal and True, To you old Sigma Nu en -aw JN, N .ug Q 1 Q as ' 2 N., "' 2 wg- H" - vi. .fse 14" 5 GA ,..,,.-I l -,Z an "" - Wi, PM ai y 29 1 B ff 'WX 'M ' J f N we ,n,,fC!' f iff, mm 46, - 'Q Q Q-, , J , g, g -W N, . f V 54.2 , dl gf We F' 'ie vz... J9 an 0 ,ov 'W-is ,,,...J K.. i Aldermon, J Best, D Conoyo, l. Covvort, L Flyer, W Groy, F Hoyykins, J Hood, A i Anthony, J Burkey, D Cossens, K Ciryin, H Forsmon, R Horned, G Hoya, D Horn, H J Arnold, B Burwell, W Clopp, R Delegol, F Frye, J Horrell, W Herlong, B Hoyey, A , Boker, B Cornpbell, R Cooper, J Droebe, W Frye, R Horris, R Hicks, I. King, C Berggren, M Conoyo, G Corbett, H Dusord, J Cromer, F Hortmon, E Hierlihy, J Loyton, C l l Pinned ond flushed with excitement. it mm 4 l l ,l Deor old Froternity, oll my lite through, 'I'!l love ond cherish the memory of you. J Should horm betide me, thou e'er will guide me, Sigmo, deor Sigmo Phi Epsilon true. ii ,l i 1 . 'UN-v , fir - 4' wp! ig sw- W QW," MJ' 4,5 -3' e ' N if .2 , I J: Y, Q Q, ,, I -4, , e ' , .1 , WV" fff 7" M ., ,fm QW, LAW, 7722725 L' , f 2 53 we Little, G Mean!-QQ, 'P Nuchols, C Plngon, G Sxgnid, J wwlnwfr Lmtle, P 'VKeITOn, P! Osborne, D ffioulerson, T Sihnewder, J Nnlfer, J Momgmm, W Mnkkelson, J Perks, R Sage, FF Smith, G Weggcnf, E Monk, R Moenle, C Pnrfenger, T Sole, F Srrozzullcf J Wfgguns V MfAIuIey, S Noll, VU Purcell, G Snsser, VX' Tve, W Jlnmf, VN ilo . , .,1l5cJrI! 1 JSQ, E fx'OdTL,E Jf, NOOKJ, .J qnwr V -,f Lnndsccping the new house. 3,5 3 H 340 Block, J Blumberg Buckman Burns, M Buxbaum ,S ,R , J Carroll, G Chonin, N Clien, M Cohen, J Edelstein, Fleet, J Friedlin, Friedman Garron, J M A , G Greenberg, H Green, R Gutman, R Hockle, D Hayden, B Hollander, L Hyman, D Karpel, E Katz, S Kolman, B A A ""C'T',3" , N' mx, 'Mlm ' ', , wa1,fw,:k 5 : Leff, M iv-J GB' Lipoff, N , Mendelblatt, F ', , ' , A ,-,f I E ji' I Morrison Moss Moss J Through the long ond Weary yeors that ore to be, One ideal will burn inside us, True troternity will guide us, Strong through joy ond Sorrow, till the doy we die, Ever bear olott the lomp and sword ot T E Phi. f li' gwl -2.1 w. v Vw 1,4 -CLIP "'49P'z x "5'ih, ' .I 2 X 'W VW- All l-loill All l-loil to our Froternityi Our fellowship so deor The Tekes ore known throughout the lond To her we will roise our cheer From Eost to West our song is heord Mighty is our cry so here's to Too Koooo Epsilon The norne will never die. Chooter meeting? aff offfie ,3Ui'!V 342 an ,, fi T' 4 Be-Qi, W 1 - T Billing, F at Collins, G Criss, C U Eberle, J Goodhort, Hlodke, N Moy, F? Stoob, P2 Kapp ilon Stringer, lf! P lt is to the dear old Theta Chi We sing our songs ot praisii It is to our Fraternity That we our voices raise Ana may we always respect the name And may our respect ne'er die May we all uphold the nami- Ot clear olcl Theta Chit ianas, J Clark, A Haynes, C Knapp, D Park, W Reddiclc, H uce, H Cleveland, ll' Hennig, R Lucas, M Parker, L Reddick, W yan, Fl Cocke, P Keating, T Martin, C Rambo, J Schiltz, R nzarth, E Ford, R Kingham, J Moore, J Randall, J Scholl, F1 for THlST' Q hl Shaffer, K Stone, T Therrien, P Troth, VJ c ,, ., I 1, fi fy' f t tiii-:Fri SZ-'Z t Turner, NV Ustler, J Wheeler, l 'v'VilliCtTiS, J K .3 I 12 fl 5 Ax JE? 65:1 y -i , f 0 T lf' A 71 E 3 1 3455 Q 4 L hr 1 ,I 7 w 1' f A - T ,fgklf X f 0 iw- I R . , , ua' w, 5 K E af T . rf ta Beta Baum, A Bauman, M Donner, VX' FISFWQVX A Galdbwgf ff' fnardaz 1, M Grand, L Kaplan, I? Karazlw, E mf, L Lltfrnanl 1-' RQ-wjlwel, if Sfinefintf E5 SIS'-'HWd, M Trafnrnan S .H --.-nv 1 L. M? R, Prem' rw. M. f'-XrrdrC55, P. Qerwl Mug, L. Hrxyci, J. Urrrwlxxotrgry El. Fgrrrrrrrrgl A. Mgr' ., Epirr ggrlrrry S. Wgrr ', A. f"'r'r' F. E' " . A rmw H pC!rE'l'4', E. Qrrrggrrrr. J. Mwrg M. rrqrv, F. Zrrrwrrf-rrv"m' M. Drrru A.,fr:1r-Law LVWINNWPHS L. '-Ed P. rffrr, J, ,'x'.9'e J, O The Pcrrlwellerrrc Ceurrcrl rs rlwe qoxerrrrrg imgdr if :lm W rrwr ll CIOI Qreer-. groups Rerpreierrrcmee rj rvQQ"I Ui Timer, Qrrmr ,I To rrorr our Commorr d4fr1CLr! rmd r im Cyrrferrgrr Qgmrfr-f Offrcersi Deon Sellers, Advrsorj Anne Kehoe, Presg Soplwec Movros, V. P. Stondrngj Borboro Bormwell, secretory, Judx Myers, Rush Chorrmong Morgue Amdress, treasurer. 'Of 'Chefs 'il' 6-vw! 4. E, jf K A ..., . f z N, . Aw ,bf 1?Xv ?"556 f- in 'mf ,W N ,L., i K ,f., .. ,I A P 46 X07 X .gwwfsv 254, f As . Y gm M-WA-www 2: 'WMV WSW TZ?-D ,mx 'x wann- ff? 2, '-wdi xnf, 3-'tw 55 ZR' '1-lf. JV in gig. "A ! w... .13-xi ,ww HIIPX g'w,l, sg v sam-,...,., ,pw V9-A OPM-x Jw ,- Nw 'fx xx I 94,.x?X 'Sf 1 N Q 1-, : -wx L. A' . ,Ay , ,. mmm. 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Ge sn no J V4 54516 Arrnstronrg, XA Arnett, S lialer, B Batchelor, lt Hanacl, F ljearden, l Brunlfe, CS fortrrr l'C - 1 Loot, L Cooper, J Crumpler, M In l urry, S Emery, J Fannung, El Flournoy, lvl liahel, J Hermann, M Johns, V Kaspar, G Kirsanow, E Langtrtt, C Lee, R Lemke, J Letlch, R McCullough, S Paddock, M Padgett, S Patterson, ls Peacock, J Perrrtti, C Pomeroy, C Prado, M Puckett, l-l Reese, P Rrvers, S SOlty, E Saxon, M Segal, P Stms, V Street, S Stnckland, E Todd, S Tomelrnni, C Thornton, S Van l-lome, l-l Voorhees, S Webb, M Yates, B Down deep in the heart ot each Alpha Chi girl ls a dream at a love that is true, He's lovrng and kind and he'll always be taithtul, And somewhere he's waiting for you You'll dream and you'll plan, and then someday he'll come And he'll make all your dreams lnve anew l-le'll share every trouble, make every joy double, My Alpha Chu sweetheart is you. yr. fl 41, ,gzip ,, W , A,h,4.v:-' ' 4 "'f.. ,zia "V ., Q - A 3, -gdqgaj .,,- - ,M "ani" -f NM. ' 52,1 fe. , . YYY: N x Qkfwwfgvgg E .Q-. 4 S ...N I xy 5 3 15 . .,zi54:-'- - 5 , .-if , , ., QWS I 3' ' 1 K -up 5 uf K . . 3 f ff Q 1 35? v , 05M me We . . six, . -,Wag .f.,:fy,-41, -ff-.ww f fn f, S' '.-'. Q -V -ST V." pf?" W :ff ff?- .-Q44 fl Wx 'wax X 5 H ,A-f " 1. Wx g a: fm- Y ff' 7 1 . . f 4 4 1 L gif , M , ,-'e1'Q,f.f , , ,QP IV ,. ,ff , 323335 A lily,-fyy5'jfJJX,sf, 5 , , V ,yr -- . 'Q vw-r y' du? ,9"""w MF f ww' 6' Wfvdw ,f . .M , aw... x W, . 2-N 1 W? Q XR 90' 'N ,' ,. ., 5 f ., I , A . X 3? ,J f .. I ,A Q ' -.. if WW Hn., www., 2' 69? V5-'ls Wa! Aztglregs, M Pxfwlylrtall, l Barclln, M Haute, l Bflglal, J Brlnson, M Brown, P7 batch, lx. burgln, A Doster, D Duggan, L Ettle, P Flrlclns, J Fox, J Gentry, J Gllbert, E Hale, l Hermann, 5 Hollingsworth, A l-lolllns, S Hull, E lph lt l-lands aerosg the center, In 3 lgelwegllg. l W two Stars, And the Whnte and Blue, the Dlatnolffl too, Tell me I belong to you We lwe tor one another Aloha Delt we pledge to goo And vve'll say in our lnttle wat That we belong to you , f is . ff, .e 'P' , 3 ,,,,,,. . , fm "Q" 7 W- YE? ' 1 Q Q' A Q3 7 if W 4 Q X 4' x v Q f ,S A 66 f " fvitf m , .. Aww, 3521s ik 4, fl gg P 1 -4-9 'cd 4-'wr as 4""N lllll-tl fl, 1.3. lb, M Jensen, l'-l Jnrflnn l l Qrlpil, ln I-lnlghl, J Luznaalu, l' lXlOl'lSll- mn lVlCC',1rlltx, lVlV CFM, Nl Morgar I, A Masller, Nl lvlklfvb, Mullah, ll lXxllfX'.Sl'lf"ll Nome, l, Olfllfll, L Pearfe, lf l3onrlQr', l' Oll"PT'll T l'lL'lllllLll, l Sl.X',lll'll, lj Taylor, lf Treadxxill, ll Txl I 'l xi", lx Unguha: ', li Xfarn, 5 Weaver, M Xlmght, J :lntnwennt C J 349 We ofedged A E Phu wrrh our heorts ful! of Qlodhess, Our heorfs full of hooe ood or dreoms We pledged A E Phi ghd Through life we wall serve her Her eo!ors of white ghd of green Were Thookrul To her for The joys Thor she brings Us For love ood for frrehds we hold deor. Mow we go on rwrorsmg her home To the Sky, Our deor Alpha Eosrlorw Phi, fwgkermorr, G Uopey, Lf wrllerf L, Hovem, C Edeker, fl Drucker, N 'r'HT5ffll,lV"J, 1 HQWTWOVW, J Bomerr, S Duehoruf N Gloss, l Herscovrr: E Brormders, M Frredmor., E ',rIy,I-, fs Horober, J Drfrwer, F' ffendelrhorq E frrrhi, s Jocksoo, - 1 ' 'Qs 75 -P-ma? IW ' V574 , Nm Wm New Af, 4 if rf ' 'dxzf v f , X,-ww ,f Megs. , ,, fx ,f y :rp : , 5, A ,ff if sr" 'T-T r X-Jud' shgg rjorrngg, either. rw., 'U 'XA 'K wr.. www, M Qqmm, D 'efff J .OSL Hkl, fn .ippl I- Am -. +3 . fix. 2 3? : p , . s. . Vi ,f 'f' ,gg K 'M' 955 r iii? 5' 1 Q, 3 . f f. ,F A A 4 , E .2 KM 'Sb fs ,K , Lurw, T NAQVQQIQ5, ,I AVNOFIGSX Fl f'XArJrLLaWlIZ, IX MOVI-5, F7 ,--X 'UN 4 .J-"Wt 1 fwWlU 5 Ven, H 'yMrxmm,, V 'Hqml fy J MUSS, IQ Sfjferv W LWQQE4 if fr! F111 Q Myem, J Qqffg-r, V' grwth, f ,,H,mfr, fy Pmrdwll, H hwmvg, S Qrwrh, f fwgmgwfr, L P1 XrTrM,:g,, J Q rp., 3 Zllffrnl' ff ',fm','rNrr, '91-M, WN A an f X , X , W 1 ,f '+V ff? 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IVI4IGI7d, M LLICIIWIOITX J Ivhrchellf E1 Shohboz, J Soeer, B Woolsloir, M Iwim N IJIVIIYJITI, S LGIWCIVUVTIV M LIICI, C Normoh, I' Short, S Stonfohf E Wrov, ,I lph mi ron ' wg N IIII 31,11 VI Q10 There'5 o Iohgmg in the heort of eoeh AOP: For The mon who lives HW her dreoms Someone To shore oII her sorrows ood Cores Jost o regulor fellow! It seems For the red ohd whute Colors ore The ones he Thev'II Ieod me to him some doy, I know, For I love him so, ond for hum I would dme, He's the sweetheort of ON ACPI. loves so AE '5- 'rs 'fr ft., LW '24 "Lk LNG 'C f, . , , f 'Wd wh., J AW , 'Sf J 4-"ff W -. .1 we .q , I , . 1 ' ' , F5512 ,,g, ?t' f :rw 'WW 'vs ' nf :yf'z tk . ' v. f :335p.,?f1 , , ,, , ,f -' rr f f t, - ' "'V"'1sf::'fV f ln, by f"i , Z - :'. M! ' 'Z f, QQ? J ,L . 4' ,.,S.,.,5,, A 1 ,I 4 A, ,gk ff' sa agfk Q J ff-9 ,flu an .1 - 'Aff if, ,, ff fy f o A A Q9 'J , J s 007 J 'V'-sy - AW.. ,, 9+ sn: . Z1 WM, 94-Q 'Q 'ifif' JWUYWW 1 . -:MQQLLSYI-z,'f ."z1,'i f' hr . '' hs '19 Anderson, N Clork, J Gore, L Jomes, E Little, J Besolski, M Cool-4, E l-lodley, E Koin, L l.oCher, b Bloir, B Couse, J l-loneburger, l Knouer, l-l Moner, P Brody, A DeNyse, M Honson, J Knouer, M Moys, E Brontley, B Gossowoy, W l-lewitt, J Kuykendoll, B Meochem, A Sorter, J Gonzalez, A l-lippler, M Longley, A Moss, B Ita Ita Ita Tru Delto true, lfll dreom ot you ond love X. ou When College doys ore o'er Those vows l took, moy I remember olwoxs Through College doys ond more Ch, Delto, Delto, Delto, my loved troternntt Those three bright stors, wlthtn o golden crescent, cloim loyolty until moternity, ,ww Vis Poppell, P Poynter, M Robertson, I Roessler, S Rogers, S Scott, J Another trophy?" Seibert, J Truscott, L Selph, S Wollis, A Shotter, P VVorrlner, ff Shtngler, R Vlfobb, li Smith, E Whitsel, A Smith, F Wise, P Allen, U Anderson, C Bauglnan, T Bell, B Carson, C Cawrlnon, XX Cavvrlwon, S Consrantrne, P Davis, N Derlso, D Dodge, ll Donnelly, l Eason, M Fearrlweller, E Fletcher, N Franzen, S l-lOlG, JOCJI1 l-lardln, V l-laynes, M Howell, N Johnson, ls Jolly, E3 Kelly, lvl Kiel, C Lewallen, J MacDonald, M Mason, lf Moore, D lNlQwe3ll, l' North, C Parsons, A Pnlllips, M Poolwarn, l l-larnvvaler, lr' Real, V Rush, l? Ryan, B Savage, F Slflwnacl, N Tanner, l Tavlor, E .ll,!llSOlW, C .lfrlgon ff "Well, someday were ganna lf bull 3 f Nqffga ,x Q, W il!" 213576 50,1 if wi? J 'W- fi " - - W x My Chi Cmego 5u5ter5 meow The World to me, Come joy and Qlodmess, qruef and scJdme5'3, olwoys unity. We'Il work Gnd pioy together! with jusr one Thought in view, To be Q Credn To Ourselves and Chu Omega, foo. ff? 10 Q, V I' I 4 1 5. -Q ,K AJ lv' 1""""r 'MN 'V ,iv ' 542-Qf ' if? Q -3 F ,Zi Q -if 1.2 5 . ,, . 4-Y .NE 1.9 bw-U-,oqf is fad-if wsu 'SA 45? www 'W fvk ,1.4 5 Wulf wgll, mf!! Hulrmrmh rm Dcltu Gdruruuu bm-A QU! Q whape mn lukg Q baby Qrcmd puurw 311675 HOT so miffyf me wcnghs 2-fifty Ai. Pm fm QYVNS mow and Them! me relxshffld M the mer of rm ru Adrlm, A Anderson, S Balch, W ini -. 'M ON J 1 'in' g- rv by Y- 71' 356 EL0l'rv.ugli, B Beremslf offer Brcldford, B f Broswell, E, Colverrf V Calrrolll Q Nw, .5 'Zi an 5355 A Wm w-- bs - , 1 4 A ,Aww 7 A, if Mm A 'Z M. 2 f a kv 'W , 2212.2-41: 5 1' ,645 'xiii' , ,M WAY I ,wg L' 4 A . "' gl 1 nl' Z W ffY""q ln.. ge' "",,w 1 3-nf' L, ,, if , s' mp? 4 'A ,,,,,, qi . ! .Arm ..p. hf- , ,,,wf:Ug,, ,,,,"1-rap., J.. 3, 'K , A N4 my gf wimvfjn ., 'fm 1 ' - ' nw, 0 N m ,ma ' if ', 4 gy fy 4 w K ,ff 'ifn'-nfmmgg' b',vdmQ4f4q S 0,41 Xi J. Kwik Lumbs, SULILILILIVG thuy orc-T I s 1 1 U V X I 5 A Loswd., Q Qooly 3 Ellywl, M Fisher, Greer, if Q:!'1EWO!NGV, L DOIUGI, L. Fidfcr, D Flynn, Yf Greeggnf S' Clarke D Dhiomullc l Fifie-Id, T Ggrvyl 3 Hgneyl S .ok :X YI-1--r ver... ' ww, 5 ,.,. whxiii L ffl" " .Z mlm Nr' 'f--s IU" -53' 'sy is sf- 'QTY ga 1' 14' oworth, B Hun, H eidenreuch, J Hfiwwsmom, J enry, A Hunt, M J' ww- 'V ,,. JtJ'J'w'J1F,J JwJlwmTgwr, J Jfyfjyri T, Lfjrnlmyrll J- MJJTNISI M +'NAuCrv,, J! Mufrws J Maxwell, 3 Moyes, 1. MCMOIIIJI M Mnrser, J' Naples, D QJBGFVI H Olson, 3 Pipkin J Puttmoml i Purdy, I Reeves, P Renuorrh E Koberm, A Roqgemstc-mf Rose, V Sfhlemmrmv M Stone, B Sweet, J Teofordf J Thomma G Wilsgafw, J White, H P VVhiTtmgsioW, M Coll FR 5-SQQ4 J 47W ,ffl 7' ww 'Y 0277" 'E' ID vu' 'We' Q WP N-NN KK TBP' .ND- ff knew' aux 4 in 4'- C7 iv? D s.- 'if . . 3 fd ,4 'hw 35 7 Ambrose, J Brannon, A Culpepper, D Gremv, Q Mcygr, J Bell, G Brown, V Dorress, H Grveno, G Mclnnrs, M Bloodwnrfn, S fnrlwoun, I. Dawg, B Henry, F' Mums, rl Bnlabrrt, B Cnrrsrensen, D Fremrng, M Leech, S AAQVNS, L Bouglwirgn, S Conrad, M f?f3nrron, D Luce, C Mnnnr, P 4122 JW. 4 A 2 A ' , if B 2 ,QW fob '- ,ff , ., Q , N A 1 ,ff mf 1 O 5 M Q! , X wi, 9 X Wm A W ,- .Q "Warm: fra' :,.1f," .1wf:5r.VQy, ,X Am- N. ' ia A-""' i ,,-,554-i, .,,,,:fg .a g W' fr u g. .1 yn, .-m f - - A f 7 .f YG Nw ,Q 3, if 6 SV wg., W Q W? Ax I 0 3 f 4'-we . .. W 'X' A ,Aff I , fc 3 , -s.:-' 1 I Qlmx ,ms 449' .qv-ff 'No' TRW Pmrrik, N Payne, A Pcorce, M Berers, B Perers, M 'S' ,nh ,4 Phucrlll Piclkorcl, N Porter, l l pwH9Q Al Sovvyer, C Visiting intrornurol teoms often produfe ioy PP lt Deep down in my neort l've got o feelin' for you Just o feelin' tor you. And it you go owoy l'Il be o grievin' tor you, Just o grievin' tor you. But it you'll love o KD l'll come steolin' to you, Just o steolin' to you, Couse deep down in my Ifieort l'ye got o feelin' tor you. 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Uh, oieosef heor our pleo ond We'H odffi To The sTory :T hfe our ndeols you'II mold V ,M Pj TJVIVIQ you The Torch HW The ITghT UT True TrnehdshTo's ThoT huhds close T he he-a ThoT TTTUST be, IT we go OH belnevnhg IH Thus love were :T'eCewTrTg os True Ioxol D Phu EE 362 I Phi ohxolis QeT our mom ta ilo 111 T:5ourT'Toh, Coe H W3vldSCT:1! E T T ffm ZW? Twfvd N -,, 1 ffurfifwry TT T-hT',T'WTir ,IVV LSKJVTV T'T'IVCH, A LTTJLIVVVJHI fXAfJL'r1'fQ 'T MATT,-V T MWILT, J fx IQTL mf fl PT Thjxw NX P-QTY, S P. UTJTHSI-3 Iuuhluw, A PTTTDTTT, M TTITTCTTTTSTTI Soihg J Sofhs, L 5"VOfG, ScQoT NT Seook T iggoh S Seldmvy 5 dher E Pwnc: T' e"fhWFTV T T OVPHU qhr . .. Kappa ' Q wut uf TM IHQIET rm: ,ml flrll. S From y ' W WU wwf 'Ifyrrp 'P If' fIQf'W1cVl TIM' 1UTf'l' I , f' , TIL H101 1f1rwffv',M1rf'Ww 'fu 1 Hmm thu Cm Ju 5 , Vw TW? plclfn: who-rf: f,UL1V MCBCNY f'vf'r lwf SMC! muy Gfld 'JWWQ faafhful w UW HUT 'whffj dw' F 1 X Y . 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X m. -S , - if-1 '79 Iiorber, le Block, I Rooles, li Iioclcler, I lirody, Il bronslorrl, M Ilurforw, I' Clwombere, I' C lougll I1 - - 1 V , I Kuorwlfelllrfl, l Cook, A Crorg, ,leon Crolg, lflllll Curry, ll Dowling, I, Dridgerw, ll Dupre, II Dyer, Ill Emgebr ew-,II I, Evorws, V Goskm, F I-loffer, If I-lowell, M Jeff, J Johnson, I Norf, C Mogill, I Mopoleb, I Morsholl, III Movros, S McCabe, S McClellan, I Melron, M Meredith, I Mmton, C Morgorw, A Morse, Il Olnver, M Orr, B RIHCLIS, A Pownoll, M ROIHS, V Ricbbourrl IRI Rotlwroel, R Slibiclv, S Schmidt, I Seekomp, M Snmmorms, E Scholl, G Smysor, C Smysor, P Tucker, B Wode, A Weoflwers, P Remember The remew woo lworl b fr,A rff Remember, when yoIn're owoy Remember Ibe Irlemcls you mode lwere, Amd dor1"r forgel To come boclfi some flop, Remember the sbleld of Them 15, The groy ond rgrououse blue For you girls belong ro Zero fxrld Zelo belongs to you Mvvllllt ever meetmgf' 5 An organization welcoming all nationally recognszed sorority vvornen who have no house on the Campus It would seem that trom the looks ot the stray Greeks that have strayed together tor the Stray Greek prcture below, that rt might also include room tor unhoused male personnel. l-lovv's that tor good duty? lf rvlr Arn ytfrttalfer KKJ Joan Dumoald APhr Janet Shellenbu ger KATa Dove Reed, Dphig Kathy MCI.aughIrn, DZQ Charlene l-lornor, W ki- 'V .-X We 'W' r if 'v r :fi Wfz u ,Q ,T -yy ,, , .X NVQ? 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N ws- I gg! ' 0 f Alf rt . .4 if f . Z. 'Q . V, I, " 'ew' . i -.--' if' 'rf 'I f' W . 1 5 V. f , l f' f 3,1 X QAZMZIAAI ' ," Y A, , g ff ly' ,gf:.'fga1:'. q,',3,m1gmfg'f,w. yy - x ,, I, -. X 1 f"""2"xiffl1.3:'fffi7il'fi53?gi"i?22-253 A, "I I " 'X 'l H3''l35Xiif5Y-"3fliflif25ff?iii"f?'5'W' tn. Y 5' if W'l"' M l 4 1 E " If ffifliii jilfifiii if ' A ' I . n '---I'5'a-1.' -1" fi .. Af .N . .. 54, ,45i?f,wf2..'122911:f5.gffG2,,.11Zg-?Q.fZa-'N.., f 's f 1 'fi11'f5,,iQf2Qf?'3l'w"' i "f?M11zfq1wZ12f-N fs., Z4 " 7if5?ZVit9' ' . if N ' fZ'fiHlf"l bfwit N'--N ' wrlf r x I f ' " , Q X or R ' --. ' Dock at your doorstep! Homes Feature. I, . Y A--,Ns 9 5 f . . es, 229' CBS Construction . . . Glass Jalousies ' . . . . 65-Foot Wide Landscaped Lots . . . f' f I .1 3-Purpose Living Room . . . Tile Baths I 1 ' ' X I., If . . . CGI' Porte . . . -I-In1e'Saver Kltchen ff' . . . Panel Ray Wall Heaters . . . Utility f ' Room . . . Concrete Sea Wall . . . Asphalt Drives. SLES WATERFRONT HOMES Z BEDROUMS, 1 BATH... 11,750 3 BEDRODMS, Z BATHS... 13,250 with PRIVATE YACHT CLUB and SWIMMING PQQI. 5 includes use of the fresh water Q-7 swimming pool, club recreation room, lockers and snack bar. The club's board of governors approves all membership applications. Purchasers of homes receive fam- ily memberships in the private Lauderdale Isles Yacht Club. This 1 l we fda, ski Mm Q ' 1. gm I l Mmmmi if .,,,,, , ,A ..,, .. W . ff ,.42h.:ff-:-4:,-ff .f. . Furnished model homes in this outstanding suburban development are open for inspection. Ask your realtor or see 3 62 ELURIDA STATE THEATRE Q x N . N . :JUL am ! ..www,,, for after graduation you'll need a good bank connection. We hope you'll choose a member of The Florida National Group of Banks FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at GAINESVILLE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK of JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK G' TRUST COMPANY at MIAMI FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at ORLANDO FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at PENSACOLA FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at OCALA FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at BELLE GLADE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at FERNANDINA BEACH FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at ST. PETERSBURG Practically all sections of Florida have access to the services of one of our members FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK 5' TRUST COMPANY at WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at CORAL GABLES FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at PERRY FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at KEY WEST FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at BARTOW FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at ARLINGTON-JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at LAKELAND ' A FLORIDA BANK at STARKE FLORIDA BANK at DELAND FLORIDA BANK at FORT PIERCE FLORIDA BANK at MADISON FLORIDA BANK at BUSHNELL FLORIDA BANK at PORT ST. JOE S' bXX5EXXXTNXYXYXXXYQ' X l I jg! !fM44f4fffy 'if FLORIDA BANK cf TRUST jxil x N X X X xx ff j: f coMPANY 5-LW at DAYTONA BEACH - Q- 1 FEZRIDA h -QE I, IIII l5?f'i?lil95if""'f7E?S'IS FLORIDA BANK at CHIPLEY Kent Warren Co. 222 W. Adams St. COMPLIMENTS O F Jacksonville, Florida "Quality Apparel For Men" H. E. WO L FE CONSTRUCTION CO. a gm 'Hama in gioffum 6th Floor Exchange Bank Building ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Y "SUITS THE SOUTH" - JL gwau mmm awaits you at the San Carlos, one of the South's largest and finest hotels. l-lere you will find friendly hospitality, a tradition of gracious service and good food - a real home away from home. dd Pensacola, Florida ONE our THE SouTH'S LARGEST AND FINEST HOTELS -0- CHUUSE FLORIDA FOR YOUR FUTURE! Take this tip from Reddy - there's a big place for you in Florida's future. A Florida Power 81 Light Company with sound business management is Constantly expanding to keep ahead of the fast progress pace in Florida. a state built by free enterprise! any U - M ' 0519 nonlnn Powsn s. ucnr commuw Florida Law and Practice A COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIVING FLORIDA LAW FOR FLORIDA LAWYERS by FLORIDA LAWYERS AUTHORS WHO KNOW THE PECULIARITIES OF THE FLORIDA LAW ' Write for details, including special pre-publication price and liberal terms THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS Post Office Box 4214 Atlanta 2, Georgia SERVING THE LAWYERS OF THE SOUTH FOR MORE THAN 48 YEARS I gba! it gear, ski Y A-5.1.4, v The Gator Bond's Big Bass Drum W., ...1if..:..m-L. V . A . . K ,,,- . Sfoton susters, Avelyn ond Mornlyn, executing exotic donce maneuvers. ! l Come See... Come Save! UPEI' Look to the Leoder ffipygf lllTliZ8fS Food bills more OF FLoRlDA AFTER wiinr Are You Going to Do? WHAT WHAT? llre You Going to Be? you finish college HAVE YOU CONSIDERED FOOD RETAILING? Food retailing offers you employment in one of the largest, most stable industries of our country. Work in pleasant surroundings, with alert, aggressive, progressive people. Food retailing is not monotonous, new scene and situations develop daily. All jobs in retailing are not behind the counter. There are department heads, supervisors, assistant managers, managers, buyers and other jobs which offer unusual opportunity to those fitted and trained to till them. 5050 Edgewood Court Jacksonville, Fla. Wi! Don l-larikel, basement lawyer, emerges into sunshine. George Milicevic Jr., College Farmer Editor. CLARK and LEWiS CCDMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL SUPPLIES P. O. Box 2970 Jacksonville 3, Florida Hfffli cz fzfsaiwca fo gang uf Jqffluzfic H V AAT L NATIONAL B TIC 95 EER Organized 1903 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURAN CE CORPORATION 4.4 s ?'WB 1- cf. V Leo I-ll T 5 :oo 'Nl' , wed! ss , of as X . A -W A -4""' V , Q Km .gi " Jim Sforkie caught looking of five girls in next picture. Five girls surrounding beast stored by Jimi Til Fall Blue Key initiates, front row: Phil Hill, George Braddock, Fletcher Fleming, Back row: Bill Gunter, Joe Block, Larry Shackleford, Larry Carroll. LYON'S FERTILIZER Box 310 TAMPA A SOUTHERN DAIRIES INC. A IJIVISIUII of Ndt10Ildl Dairy Products LUIIIOIHUOII Get the Best Joan and Gary Johnson, newlyweds. 78 LL Gainesville Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 929 E. University Ave. SERVING The People of Gainesville and Central Florida for Over 60 Years. ..lB61IlIlRlD HARDWARE co. y E l GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA l . , . . . I 1 - Jim Sarman lools at flrirmrf' lowes prlie EXlVll'lll'lQ droocllex Pll Fl." EDUCIITIUN gd, Q Wlwm- Ffwf-QM' -served best by the daily newspaper as indispensable text- book, staunch ally and indubitable conveyor of knowledge from every area of the earth, covering every conceivable subject. A Newspaper That Demonstrates Its Belief In Education By Serving It Diligently And Practically ls NEWS-JOURNAL CORPORATION DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA Publisher of DAYTONA BEACH MORNING JOURNAL DAYTONA BEACH EVENING NEWS and THE SUNDAY NEWS-JOURNAL Owner-Operator of THE NEWS-JOURNAL RADIO STATIONS - W N D B 8' W N D B -fm -together constituting the chief news sources of the people of the great middle East Coast section of Florida. T Tools of o Craftsman at work 24 hours a day. . . producing the finest printing plates for Southern schools and colleges .Q- T0 PROCESS ENGRAVING COMPANY . I X I . 'Il9V2 Luckie Street NW Atlcxnto Georgia f WAlnut 7567 380 The Soulh's Largest Producer of Quality Printing Plates for School and College Yearbooks Senior 9 Anti it Graduate Index ADAMS, WILLIAM CARTER 2233 N.W. 6th P.ace, Gainesville GRADUATE ALLEN, HILLARD i-i. 355 S. Broadway, Bartow GRADUATE Kappa Alpha ANGUISH, DONALD DRAKE 326 W. Center St., Bucyrus, Ohio GRADUATE ANTHONY, HOWARD THOMAS Route 1, Box 103, Spartanburg, S.C. GRADUATE ATKINS, RICHARD LEE Pelican Lake GRADUATE Phi Eta Sigma, Pres., Baptist Stu- dent Union, State Pres., Arnold Air Society, Adjutant Recorder, Gartor Bond, l.A.S., Treas., B.S.U., Pres. BARKSDALE, RICHARD FULTON Madison, Miss. GRADUATE BENJAMIN, JEAN IRWIN 3151 Timuquana Rd., Jacksonville GRADUATE Real Estate Club, Program Chair- man BASOC BHARNURATNA, SAI 1127 S.W. 1st Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE BLANTON, JAMES EDWARD Star Route, Mayo GRADUATE I. R. E. BRAZDA, J. JAN P.O. Box 3508 Univ. Sta., Gainesvilie GRADUATE Georgia Seagle Hall, Pi Sigma Al- pha, Pres. BRYAN, RICHARD BRENTWOOD 1403 N.W. 6th Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE Theta Chi: Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi. CARPENTER, THOMAS GREEN Flavet Ill Apt. 252c, Gainesville GRADUATE CHAUDHRI, SAEED AHMED PL04!1 Muslim Yani Lyallpur, Pa- kistan GRADUATE CHRISTIAN, DONALD LEE 3705 S.W. 1 Ave., Miami GRADUATE Sigma Nu, Scabbard and Blade, ASME, Advance Officers Club. CROSS, MATTHEW P. Box 93, Altoona GRADUATE A.S.C.E. DARLINGTON, ALBERT NICHOLSON 1604 N.W. 4th Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE DASHOWITZ, BARRY HAROLD 500-A Grand St., N.Y.C. 2, N.Y. GRADUATE RHO CHI, DST, Mortor and Pestle Club. DAVIS, HERBERT LAMAR 1009 E. Curtis St., Tampa GRADUATE Kappa Sigma. DRANE, JOHN WANZER 828 N.W. 11th Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE DYKES, BERNARD MILTON Lake Road Trailer Ct., Gainesville GRADUATE EASTERLING, PHILLIPS ASHLEY 730 Alba Dr., Orlando GRADUATE Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, ASME, Florida Players. FERNANDEZ, CELESTINO FERNANDO 1410 Louise Ave., Tampa GRADUATE FREEMAN, ROBERT HAMMOND Box 925, Winter Garden. GRADUATE FOUST, MARY JANE 9790 S. Orr Ct., Jacksonville GRADUATE Phi Mu. GENTRY, CHARLES JOSEPH 5135 Hancock Rd., Jacksonville GRADUATE GENTRY, ROBERT VANCE 103 N.W. 10th St., Gainesville GRADUATE GROOVER, THOMAS 319 Flavet 1, Gainesville GRADUATE ASCE: Civil Gator, Editor. HACKNEY, LELAND RAY Anna Maria GRADUATE ASCE. HEASLEY, WAYNE DIMLING Rt. 1, Box 22H, Orlando GRADUATE Sigma Chi, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, ASCE, Sec., Architectural Society, Scabbard and Blade. HINDS, JACK EDWARD 503 NE 4th Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE Kappa Sigma, ASCE, Billy Mitch- ell Drill Team, Commanding Off.- cer. HURST, JACK VERNON Rt. 2, Box 174, Branford GRADUATE HUTCHERSON, WILLIAM R. JR. Box 210, Rt. 3, Gainesville GRADUATE JACKSON, JAMES WILLIAM 506 18th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg GRADUATE Phi Delta Theta, Vice-pres., Flori- da Blue Key, Orange Peel, Bus. Mgr., Hall of Fame. JOHNSON, JAMES H. 102 Beach Place, Apt. 116, Tampa GRADUATE Fencing Club, Pres. KEATING, THOMAS JOHN Rt. 4, Box 153, Gainesville GRADUATE Theta Chi, IRE. KENNEDY, HUBERT C. Crane Hall GRADUATE KINGHAM, JOHN ROBERT Rt. 1, Box 131, Auburndale GRADUATE Theta Chi. KOLIAS, GEORGE CHARLES 285 N.W. 44 St., Miami GRADUATE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Sigma Alpha. LAWHON, REX KELLUM Verona, Miss. GRADUATE Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Zeta, Pi Kappa Delta, Agronomy Society, Chairman. LEFFERS, JOHN FRANKLIN 741 S.W. 2nd Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE MAITLEN, DEAN J. Box 513, Eaton, Indiana GRADUATE Lambda Chi Alpha. MAY, CARL J. JR. 214-c Flavet III, Gainesville GRADUATE Sigma Tau, AIEE-IRE. McEVER, MARY LOU 1302 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. GRADUATE McGRATH, JOHN FRANCIS 1264 Manor Rd., Havertown, Pa. GRADUATE MENG, FAN SUN 1 Lane 48, Fu Teh Rd., Shihlin, Tai- pei, Taiwan, China GRADUATE MYERS, JAMES RICHARD 6742 N.W. 6th Ave., Miami GRADUATE American Society of Mechanical En- gineers. NEAL, ESTELLE DENNARD Box 217, Leesburg GRADUATE OGDEN, WILLIAM ERSKINE 361-D Flavet 2, Gainesville GRADUATE Chi Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Florida National Collegiate Future Teachers of Players, Pres, Players, Pres., America, Flavet ll Sec.-Treas., Ga- tor Growl, Skit Director, Florida Blue Key, Hall of Fame. PERLIN, JAMES A. 3103 Bay Village Ave., Tampa GRADUATE Kappa Psi, Historian, Mortar and Pestle Society, Reporter. REDDING, BENJAMIN WHITE 2327 Westbrook Cir., Jacksonville GRADUATE Pi Kappa Phi. RUSHING, CAREY 841-7th Ave., Laurel, Miss. GRADUATE SCHAEFFNER, JAMES F. 1015 S.W. 3rd Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE Sigma Chi, ASME, Vice-President, Speakers Bureau, Soc. Amer. For- esters, Blue Key. SCHWAB, CREDO 3317 S. San Miguel St., Tampa GRADUATE Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Treas. SENIZ, REFAH Harbiye Zafer Sok 18!4, lstanbu', Turkey GRADUATE TORRANCE, JAMES MOORE 633 E. Robinson Ave., Orlando GRADUATE Alpha Tau Omega. TYNER, ROBERT OTIS Rt. 4, Box 1228, Lakeland GRADUATE Lambda Chi Alpha. VATSIA, M. L. 1612 Hanuman Lane, New Delhi, India GRADUATE WADE, MASON D. JR. 713 N.W. 25th Ave., Gainesville GRADUATE WALTER, JAMES MUNDAY JR. 2410-16th Ave. W., Bradenton GRADUATE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Sec., Wesley Founda- tion, Amer. Institute of Electric Engineers and Institute of Radio Engineers. WARNER, DIANE ALBERTA 168 N.E. 91 St., Miami GRADUATE WHITEHURST, OTIS G. JR. Flavet ll, Apt. 356f, Gainesville GRADUATE Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pres., Phi Kap- pa Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha, Radzo Guild, Apprentice Players. WHITT, ANNA JEAN 1308 S. Houston St., Athens, Ala. GRADUATE WIELATZ, PAUL CHARLES 920 E. Robson St., Tampa GRADUATE Amer. Society of Civil Engineers. YU, LILLIAN cfo W.H. Yu, Hsin-Chu Coal Mine Co., Hsin-Chu, Tiawan, China GRADUATE Law Index ADCOCK, LOUIE NORMAN JR. 3019 2nd Ave. N. St., Petersburg LAW Alpha Tau Omega, Seminole-'54 Gr '55, John Marshall Bar Assoc., Phi Delta Phi, Blue Key, Speakers Bur- eau. BAKER, JOHN ALDEN 615 Cherokee Circle, Orlando LAW Phi Delta Theta, Fla. Blue Key, Pres., Phi Delta Phi, Alligator Ed. in- chiet, International Relations Club, Orange Peel, John Marshall Bar Assoc., Young Dem., Hall of Fame. BENSON, WILLIAM HOLMES Rt. 1, Box 253, Tampa LAW Delta Tau Delta, Fla. Blue Key, Student Body Pres., V.P., Ed. Orange Peel, Pres. Debate Society, Tau Kappa Alpha, Varsity Debate, Prelaw Club, V.P., Phi Alpha Del- ta, John Marshall Bar Assoc. BULLEN, DANA RIPLEY II Kirkwood, Gainesville LAW Beta Theta Pi, Fla. Blue Key, Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Delta Chi. DAMSEL, CHARLES HENRY JR. Magnolia Ave., Apopka LAW Kappa Sigma, Fla. Blue Key, Pres., Sec., Fla. Players, Pres., . Pres., Nat'l Collegiate Players, Pres., V. Pres., Central Fla. l.F.A. Pres., AI- pha Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Fla Radio Guild, John Marshall Bar As- soc., Gen. Chrm, Heart Fund, Ga- tor Growl Exec. Advisor, Staging Chrm, Homecoming Advisory Comm., Homecoming Smoker Chrm, Flavet 3, Resident Mgr. Sect. 2, Commis- sioner, Chrm Judiciary Comm, Hall of Fame. DAVIS, DAVID A. 1500 Mt. Vernon Ave., Orlando LAW Phi Alpha Delta, V. Pres. Freshman Law Class, Student Traffic Court, John Marshall Bar Asso. GARCIA, WILLIAM 2132 Beach St., Tampa LAW Sigma Delta Pi, Pres., Los Picaros, Tampa Club, J.M.B.A., Phi Alpha Delta, Exec. Council, Fla. Party Co- Chairman, Tampa Bananas. O'NEAL, SOLON F. JR. Box 48, Ortega Station, Jacksonville LAW Phi Kappa Tau, Pres., Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, White Friars, BSBA. ndex PECK, JORDAN BROWN JR. 641 San Lorenzo Ave., Coral Gables LAW Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Historian, John Marshall Bar Assoc. SHELL, THURSTON ALBERT 1216 E. Avery St., Pensacofa LAW Phi Kappa Tau, Pres., Phi Eta Sig- ma, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Historian, Honor Court Justice, Fla Blue Key, Gen. Homecoming Chair- man, Exec. Council, Hall of Fame. WEISSENBORN, LEE EDWARD 15809 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg LAW Student shopping Guide, Editor, Shuffle, Editor, Exec. Sec. to Stud- ent Body Pres., Florida Alligator, Assoc. Editor, Orange Peel, Ex- change Edit., Fla. Union Board of Mgrs. 8- Soc. Board, Phi Alpha Del- ta, Exec. Council John Marshall Bar Assoc., Publications Chairman, Ga- tor Party, co-chairman, Sec., Young Democrats, Board of Directors, Co- valiers. WHITESELL, ISAAC WELCH JR. Box 31, Tallevast LAW Delta Theta Phi, Dean 8. Tribune, John Marshall Bar Assoc, Office Mgr, WRUF. WILLIAMS, BARRY LYNN 1504 Laura St., Clearwater LAW Phi Gamma Delta, Treas., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Alpha Board Delta, Treas., Honor Court of Masters, Exec. Council, V. Pres Jr. Law Class, Seminole Staff, Young Republicans, Treas., West- minister Fellowship Treas. Senior Index ABERNATHY, KYLE OWEN Flavet I, Apt. 323D, Gainesville PHYSICS Kappa Psi ADAMS, CALEB CUSHING 2950 S.W. 1st St., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Kappa Tau, Recording Secre- tary, Exec. Council, Delta Sigma Pi, S.A.M., Circle K, Vesper Choir. ADAMS, JOHN RAUKIN JR Nora Springs, Iowa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SDilta Sigma Pi, Wesley Foundation M. ADAMS, ROBERT N. 4001 9th Ave. W., Bradenton AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Society of Ag. Engineers. ADLER, ARTHUR ALLEN 1001 9th St., Miami Beach PHARMACY Alpha Epsilon Pi. AGGELIS, JAMES STEVE P.O. Box 83, Pierce ARCHITECTURE Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Lamba Chi' Gargoyle. AGLIANO, SEBASTIAN BUSTER 704 Hugh St., Tampa AGRICULTURE Delta Epsilon Phi. ALBERTI, EDVIN H. 211 N.W. 25th St., Gainesville EDUCATION ALBRITTON, DONALD LEE 4155 3rd Ave. So., St. Petersburg JOURNALISM WRUF. ALLEN, WILLIAM BURKE 355 S. Broadway, Bartow ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha, ALLE. ALSMEYER, WILLIAM LOUIS Box 31, Sebring AGRICULTURE Georgia Seagle, Arnold Air Society, comp. Honor Court, Alpha Zeta, Kappa Kappa Psi Ag. Council, Treas., Advanced Officers Club, Gator Band, Block and Bridle Club. AMBROSE, JOAN ANN 14885 N.E. 10 Ave., Miami EDUCATION Kappa Delta, Seminole Staff, FTA, Panhellenic Council. ANALLERIO, MICHAEL 1001 3rd Street, Bradenton PHYSICAL EDUCATION Phi Gamma Delta, Newman Cluo, Physical Therapy Club, Billy Mitch- ell Drill Team, Maj. Training Ot- ficer, Aqua-Gators. 381 ANDERSON, CATHERINE S. 9500 N.E. 12th Ave., Miami PHARMACY Chi Omega, Mortar and Pestle, Kap- pa Epsilon. ANDERSON, RODNEY G. 615 S. Main, Anna, Ill. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Kappa Tau, Delta Sigma Pi, SAM, Chm. Publicity, Chm. Rusli Comm. Sec.-Treas. Senior Class, Orientation Councilor, Phi Kappa Tau Soc. Chm, Pledge Master, Polit Rep. ANDERSON, WILLARD L. RFD No. 1, Box 55, Cypress AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Club, 4-H Club, F.F.A. Vice Pres. ANDRESS, MARJORIE JEAN Silver Lake, Leesburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman, Vice-Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta, Se- cretary of Women's Affairs, Under- secretary ot Org. ANDREWS, STANLEY ROMAN 6222 S.W. 42 St., So. Miami ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Sigma Kappa APPELROUTH, MITCHELL LEWIS 511 Duval St., Key West BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Advanced Officers Club, Scabbard and Blade, Hillel Foundation. ARGO, WILLIAM JENNINGS JR. 1616 Liberty St., Jacksonville EDUCATION Delta Sigma Phi, Treas., Pledge- master, Chaplain, Intramural Mana- ger, F" Club, FTA, Advanced Of- ficers Club, Varsity Basketball. ARMSTRONG, WINIFRED ANN 726 Laurel St., Ocala EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omega, Historian, Vice Pres., Exec. Council, BSU. ARNETTE, JOHNNY LESTER 1035 S.E. 2nd Ave., Gainesville ARTS AND SCIENCES Baseball Team. ARNOLD, BARTLETT JR. Rt. No. 3, Box 453A, West Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, SAM, Golf. ARNOLD, OLNEY 3141 10th Ave. No., St. Petersburg EDUCATION ARNOLD, JACK CHARLES Rt. 260-A, Jacksonville AGRICULTURE Phi Gamma Delta, Advanced Offi- cers Club. ATEEK, HELEN ADELE 1622 24th Ave. N., St. Petersburg EDUCATION FTA, Glee Club, Newman Club. ATEEK, OLGA MARY 1622 24th Ave., St. Petersburg EDUCATION FTA, Newman Club. BACKER, GLORIA RITA 755 North Ave., Macon, Ga. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer, Sales Club, University Business Women, Sec., Treas. BAILY, JACK McGEAR 623 N. O Street, Lake Worth ARCHITECTURE Beta Theta Pi BAKER, EDWIN J. 901 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce AGRICULTURE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gator Guard Drill Team, Newell Society. BALDWIN, BETSY M. 1175 N.W. 45th Street, Miami ARCHITECTURE BALFE, BEVERLY ANNE 956 32nd St., West Palm Beach JOURNALISM Alpha Omega Pi, Vice-Pres, WSA, Orientation, Ass. Director, Intra- mural Board, Vice-Pres., Publicity Director. BALL, EDWARD WILLIAM 480-K N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach JOURNALISM BANGERT, HELEN L. 808 E. 6th St., Ocala EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary, Honor Court Justice, Honor System Stud- ent Relations, Chairman, Student Gov't. Executive Council member, Pres. Mallory Hall, Broward, Grove Hall Councils, Baptist Student Union executive Council, State BSU Coun- cil, V.P., Sweetheart, Orientation Group Leader, Christman-on-Campus, Chairman, Religion-in-Life, Chair- man of Committee, Trianon. BARILE, ANTONIO MICHAEL 1926 Cleveland Street, Hollywood ENGINEERING Arnold Air Society, Newman Club. 382 BARLOW, CHARLES RALPH 1759 So. Greenwood, Clearwater JOURNALISM Alpha Delta Sigma, Fla. Union SO- cial Board, Vice-Pres., Chairman of Public Relations, Board of Review, Nat. Honor Society of Pershing Ri- fles, Seminole Staff, Student Gov't. Editor. BARNES, CHARLES HENRY 853 Oak Ave., Panama City FORESTRY Gator Band, Phi Sigma, Xi Sigma Pi, Forestry Club, Executive Council, Standing Committee on Student Housing. BARRANGER, EDWIN FRANCIS 319 A Flavet I, Gainesville ENGINEERING AIIE, President, Benton Engineering Council. BARRETT, ROBERT E. 4337 San Juan Ave., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delta, Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres., Scabbard and Blade, Sec., Advanced Officers Club, V. Pres., Homecoming Queen Con- test Chairman, Miss Univ. of Fla. Contest Chairman, Board of Solici- tations, Chairman, Budget Commis- sion, Legislative Affairs Commission- er, Military Ball Queen Contest Chairman, BASOC, Vice-Pres., Hall of Fame. BARRY, EDMOND M. Chi Phi House Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Phi, Salesmanship Club, Market- ing Society, Management Club. BARRY, OUIDA KATHLEEN Newberry, Florida Alpha Omega Pi, President, Pan- hellenic Council Member, Publicity Chm. for Panhellenic. BARROW, MARK VELPEAU 296 W. Oakdale, Crestview ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Eta Sigma. BARTMES, ROBERT REA 1637 S.W. 16 St., Miami ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Tau, Arnold Air, Society, Vice-Pres., Executive Officer, AIIE. BATCHELOR, DONNA DEAN 170 N.W. 18 Street, Homestead EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omega, Mallory Dorm Council, n Social and Floor Rep., Presbyterian Student Club, Broward Council, WSA, Big Sister Program. BAUMAN, MARTIN HAROLD 2445 Pine Tree Dr., Miami Beach ARTS AND SCIENCES Zeta Beta Tau, IFC Representative, Men's Council, Alligator Reporter, Fla. Speleological Society. BAUTE, KATHLEEN ANNE 11th Street S., Bradenton Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Delta Pi, University Business Women. BAYLESS, WILLIAM J. Box 408, Anna Maria ENGINEERING Sigma Tau: ASCE, Executive Council BAXTER, JOHN WILLIAM 2816 N.E. 23 Street, Ft. Lauderdale BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta, Insurance Society. BEALL, CHARLES E. 4010 Washington Rd., W. Palm Beach ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epsilon, L-Apache. BEARD, HAROLD F. 339 Clayton St., Mt. Dora ENGINEERING AIIE, BEC Sr. Rep., Athletic Chair- man. BEARD, JOANNE LOUISE Aurora Rd., Solon, Ohio. BELANGER, MADONNA MANN Route Box I, Largo EDUCATION BELL, BARBARA ANN 3005 San Nicholas, Tampa EDUCATION Chi Omega, Lycium Council, Panhel- Ienic Rep., Pan Hellenic Sing, Co- chairman. BELL, LEON BENNETT 2829 Forbes St., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha, Sudenta Club Managers Association. BERSHEIM, BETTY ANN 916 S.E. 4 Ave., Gainesville Newman Club, Member at large, Rec. Sec., Alumni Sec. BERSHEIM, JAMES WILLIAM 916 S.E. 4 Ave., Gainesville ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Am. Society of Civil Engineers, Newman Club. BERSHEIM, JOSEPH THEADORE JR. 916 S.E. 4th Ave., Gainesville ENGINEERING ASME, Newman Club. BERGGREN, MAYNARD A. 2020 Cortez Ave., Vero Beach PHARMACY Sigma Phi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Adv. Officers Club, Insur- ance Commission. BERRYMAN, JOHN THOMAS 150 24th Ave. N., St. Petersburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delta Theta BEST, DONALD ROSS 804 Langston Court, Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon BEWLEY, RAYMOND JAMES Box 186, Mclntosh BIGGART, WADDELL ALEXANDER II Box 806, Baker ARTS AND SCIENCES Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, University Stamp Club. BISHOP, GERALD C. 724 N.E. 8 Avenue, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION University Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. BIRD, ROBERT SAMUEL 2029 N.W. 13 St., Gainesville ARCHITECTURE Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Lambda Chi, Honorary Building Construction, V-Pres., Pres., Gator Band, Gator Marching Band. BLACK, ALICE B. 36 Broward, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BLACKBURN, BETTIE-LOVE 4734 9th Ave. S., St. Petersburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Omega Pi, Sigma Delta Pi, Hall Council, Los Picaros, Vice- Pres. BLAKE, HELEN THERESE 506 Rock Avon Road, Narbeth, Pa. ARTS AND SCIENCES BLAKEY, BILL RAY 1018 S.W. 7 Ave., Gainesville Phi Kappa Tau, Society of Am. Bac- teriologists. BLOCK, JOSEPH 237 Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. AGRICULTURE Tau Epsilon Phi, Exec. Council, Se- cretary of Finance, President's Cabi- net, Exec. Council, l.F.C., Budget Comm., F-Club, Varsity Track Mana- ger, Orientation Staff, Homecom- ing Committee, Speakers Bureau, Fla Blue Key. BOCKLER, CAROL ELIZABETH 3214 N.W. 13 St., Gainesville ARTS AND SCIENCES Zeta Tau Alpha, Univ. Band, Univ. Choir, SRA, Tau Beta, Treas. BOLSTER, JEAN ELIZABETH 4105 S.W. 4 Street, Ft. Lauderdale EDUCATION Phi Mu, BSU, FTA. BOONE, GEORGE CLARKE JR. 401 Manhattan Ave., Daytona Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu, Recorder, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi. BOOTH. EDGAR C. Box 181, Route 1, Homestead BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Upsilon, Real Estate Club, Arnold Air Society, Basketball. BOOTH, JUNE 4701 38th Ave. N., St. Petersburg JOURNALISM Seminole Staff, Intramurals. BOSWORTH, ROBERT THOMAS 174 N.E. 106 St., Miami ENGINEERING Ga. Seagle Hall, Kitchen Manager, Women's Glee Club, Accompanist, Swing Band, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Benton Engineering Council, Engin- eering Fair Chairman. BOTKA, MARIE THERESA 375 W. 68 St., Jacksonville EDUCATION BOULWARE, BEVERLY ANNE Box 1014, Tavares EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi BOWDEN, JAMES WILLIAM Box 685, Hobe Sound BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi BOWEN, DOLAND C. 2010 N.W. 13 St., Gainesville AGRICULTURE Block and Bridle Club. BOWERS, HERMAN DENVER Route I, Box 99, Lake Wales AGRICULTURE Dairy Science Club, 4-H Club, Billy Mitchell Drill Team, Commission Of- ficer. BOYD, JANE E. 362 Scotland St., Dunedin RADIO-T.V. Welcome Committe, Hall Council, Fla. Players. I I BOZARTH, EUGENE M. JR. 8320 E. Dixie Hwy., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I ghetto Chi, Propeller Club, Miami Ll . BRACEWELL, DAVID LEE . 1258 Allen Street, Ft. Myers ENGINEERING . Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering Council, Am. Society of Civil En- gineers. , BRADLEY, LOY JOURNALISM Diving Team. . BRADDOCK, THOMAS HANSEN, JR. Rt. 3, Box 590, Jacksonville AGRICULTURE Men's Glee Club, Livestock Judging I Team, Block and Bridle, Pres., Al- I pha Zeta, Agriculture Council. I BRAGDON, JAMES HOYT I 2405 Laurel Road, Jacksonville ENGINEERING 1 Phi Gamma Delta, Treas., Rec. Sec. BRANAN, ALVORD GARDNER 4664 Verona Ave., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delta Theta, Insurance Society, Advanced Officers Club. BRANNEN, WILLIAM CLIFTON, JR. 2804 Edison Ave., Jacksonville ENGINEERING ASCE. BRASWELL, BARBARA LOIS 235 Cove Blvd., Panama City EDUCATION Delta Gamma, Pres., FTA. BRENTS, HOWARD ALVIN 229-S Flavet No. 3, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Insurance Society. BREATHITT, DOUGLAS HOWELL 1218 N.W. 33 Ave., Gainesville ARTS AND SCIENCES Lambda Chi Alpha, SAM, Pre-Law, Vice-Pres. BROOKER, HAMPTON RALPH 2244 N.W. 6 Place, Gainesville ARTS AND SCIENCES BROOKS, JACK EUGENE Rt. 3, Box 234, Ocala BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, BAY, Sec. BROWN, ARDEN SMITH Box 418, Madison ENGINEERING . BROWN, ARDEN SMITH ' Box 418, Madison I ENGINEERING I BROWN, JOANNE I 240 Ashworth Rd., West Palm Beach I EDUCATION Newman Club, F.T.A., W.S.A. BROWN, ROBERT OWEN Box 96, Frostproot AGRICULTURE Cavaliers. BROWN, THOMAS FRANKLIN Box 34, Hampton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . University of Fla. Band, Georgia Seagle Hall, Treas., Kappa Kappa si. BRUNKE, CHARLOTTE LORRAINE Box 639, Rt. 3, Tampa ' EDUCATION l Alpha Chi Omega, scholarship chair., Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Student Union. BRYAN, GLENN LAMAR 313-B Flavet I, Gainesville ENGINEERING American Society of Mechanical En- gineers. BRYANT, JAMES EDWARD 815 N. Spring St., Pensacola I BUSINESS ApMiNisTRATioN I Delta Tau Delta, pres., vice pres., I l.F.C. representative, Orange Peel, I circulation mgr., Peninsula: business I mgr., Honor Court, Blue Key 1 Speakers Bureau. i BULL, DAVID MORGAN, JR. Q Box 2246 Univ. Sta., Gainesville I AGRICULTURE Block and Bridle Club. BURKETT, AARON TED 562 West U.S. No. 90, Crestview PHARMACY Kappa Psi: vice pres., Mortar 8- Pestle, Executive Council. BURTON, JAMES WISHART 160 N.W. 59th St., Miami AGRICULTURE Sigma Nu, Fishing Club: Pres., Block and Bridle. BURTON, WILLIAM EDWARD 3218-A Flavet I, Gainesville Sigma Lambda Chi, Student Con- tractor's 8. Builder's Association: pres., ASCE. BYRD, BARBARA Seville EDUCATION CABINA, RUDY JOSEPH 430 Poinsettia, Clearwater ENGINEERING Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas., AICHE, Newman Club, Advanced Officer's Club, Scabbard and Blade. CAIL, HUGH JEFFERSON Rt. 4, Box 506, Ft. Pierce ENGINEERING Georgia Seagle Hall. CALLAWAY, GEORGE EUGENE 2506 Callaway Rd., Tallahassee FORESTRY Forestry Club, Slash Pine Cache: fea- Euieoeditor, Commissioner Flavet Il, CAMERON, MARY ANN EDUCATION CAMPBELL, THOMAS GORDY 203 East Virginia Ave., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta CANTRELL, WILLIAM CHARLES lit. 5, Box 400, Jacksonville AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS CANTER, DALE E. 2823V2 Gen. Pershing, New Orleans, La. ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Delta, AIEE-IRE: student branch, Gator Staff. CANTY, JANE SEWELL 5265 Tulane Ave., Jacksonville JOURNALISM Marshall, Rush Chair., Publicity Chair., Officer's Council, Delta Del- ta Delta, Trianon, Lyceum Council, publicity chair., Honor Court Jus- tice, Coedikelte: Assistant Ed., Ori- entation Staff, Orientation group leader, Florida Blue Key Smoker Hostess, WSA representative: tri- chair. of coed tea, ReIigion-in-Life- Week, Kappa Alpha Rose Court, Homecoming: Ladies Banquet, AI- Iigator Staff, Seminole Staff, Hall of Fame Ed., Student Organizations Ed., PICA: sec., treas. CARDEN, ORELAN RALPH 934 East Diddens Ave., Tampa ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta. CARLTON, ANTHONY G. Rt. 2, Box 1292, Sarasota AGRICULTURE Block 8. Bridle CARLTON, CLYDE LAMAR Box 714, High Springs AGRICULTURE CARROLL, LAWRENCE WALTER, JR. 724 N. Thornton, Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta, Honor Court: Chan- cellor, justice, Debate Society, Blue Key Speaker's Bureau, Baptist Stud- ent Center, pres., vice pres., fresh- man council, SRA, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Hall of Fame. CARSON, CAROL BENTON 123 N.W. 23rd St., Gainesville ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omega, intramural director, swim fins, swim forum, co-chair., WSA, French Club. CARSON, WEBSTER BAXTER Rt. 5, Box 65, Orlando AGRICULTURE Alpha Tau Omega, Ag. Club, ASA. CARTER, JAMES DONALD 14521 N. Miami Ave., Miami AGRICULTURE Phi Gamma Delta, Ag. Eng. Society, SRA, Fraternity Council. CARVER, JOHN DAVID JR. Box 304, Milligan AGRICULTURE FFA Sec. CASON, BILLY CLARK 373 A Flavet II, Gainesville EDUCATION CASON, HAROLD GLENN Box 331, Eloise EDUCATION Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres. CAUDILL, CHALMER BERT 704 SE 25 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale ENGINEERING CAWTHON, ANNE PAYNE Box 1197, Tallahassee AGRICULTURE Chi Omega, V.P., Aloha Lambda Delta, Florida College Farmer Mag., Asst. Ed., Block and Bridle Club. CELLON, RALPH WILSON, JR. Rt. 3, Box 520, Gainesville Pi Kappa Alpha, Block and Bridle Club, Adv. Officers Club, Livestock Judging Team. CHAIRES, THOMAS SEYMOUR 208 Professional Bldg., Bardenton AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Block 8. Bridle Club, Treas., Livestock Judoing Team, Fla. College Farmer, Bus. Mgr. CHAMPION, SHIRLEY ANN 110 Wisteria Ave., Orlando EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi, FTA, NEA, FEA. CHANDLER, JERRIE LEE Rt. 1, Box 4, West Palm Beach ENGINEERING IAS, Club Nautilus Commt. Member. CHAVIS, RAYMOND CURTIS 1115 East Jordan St., Pensacola ARCHITECTURE - BUILDING CON- STRUCTION Student Contractors is Builders Assoc. CHESHIRE, VIRGINIA FLORENCE 6300 4th Ave. NE, St. Petersburg PHYSICAL EDUCATION Intramurals, WNORC, Olympian Club. CHICONE, JERRY JAY JR. 1250 Country Club Dr., Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi, Pres., Circle K Club, Pep Club Gator Aqua Skiers, Blue Key Speakers Bureau. CIARAVELLA, PHILIP 2105 21st St., Tampa PHARMACY Mortar 8. Pestle, Kappa Psi, Treas. CLARK, HENRY HOLLISTER JR. 242 U Flavet Il, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kappa Psi, Flavet Village Govt., Sales Club. CLARK, REX COLEMAN 297 Hushbeck Ave., Watsonville, Cal. ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi, V.P., IFC Tribunal, Chief Justice, Honor Court, Pres. Cabinet. CLEMENT, JOHN LLOYD 285 Bayard St., Green Cove Springs ENGINEERING Geo. Seagle, AICE, Gator Guard, De- Molay Club. CLONTZ, JAMES FRANKLIN JR. 5916 Thames Way, Orlando ENGINEERING ASME. CLOSE, ROGER THOMAS 425 Wildwood Way, Clearwater EDUCATION Indust. Arts Society, Sec. COCKE, ROBERT EUGENE 957 S. Central St., Ocala FORESTRY Theta Chi, Forestry Club, V.P. CODOL, EMIL LAWRENCE 1920 26th Ave., St. Petersburg ARTS AND SCIENCES CONERLY, PAUL A. Box 2151 Univ. Sta., Gainesville ENGINEERING I.R.A. CONRAD, DONALD WILLIAM 1238 SW 3rd Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delta Theta. CONRAD, MARGARETANN W. 4423 EI Prado Blvd., Tampa EDUCATION Kappa Delta, WSA, Orientation Group Leader. CONROY, JOHN PRENTISS Interlachen ARTS AND SCIENCES COOK, JOHN EDWARD 4146 San Juan, Jacksonville ARCHITECTURE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard 8. Blade, Student Contractors 8- Bld. Assoc. COOPER, ROBERT ANDREW 2114 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . Phi Eta Sigma COSTA, JOSEPH RICHARD 824V1 East University Ave., Gaines- ville EDUCATION Sigma Delta Pi COWAN, JOHN SPENCER 1419 N.W. 2nd Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLO, Sec.-Treas., Bd. of Direct. Vets Club, SAM. COX, EDWARD FRANKLIN Box 222. Boca Raton, Florida ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Chi, Propeller Club CRABTREE, RICHARD FRANCIS 319 1st Ave. N., Jacksonville Bch. ENGINEERING Am. Society Civil Engn. CRANE, ELSIE RHEA 2261 S.W. 60th Ave., Miami ARTS AND SCIENCES Springfield Hall, Pres., Wesley Foun- dation, Pres., Sec. of Religious Af- airs. CRARY, JOHN WILLIAMSON Rt. 1, Century Phi Sigma Kappa. CRAWFORD, JAMES C. Box 104, Sebring ARCHITECTURE-BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Sigma Lambda Chi, Treas. CRENSHAW, WILLIAM ALVA Box 57, Florahome ARTS AND SCIENCES Georgia Seagle Hall Pershing Rifles, Gator Guard, Scab- bard and Blade. CREWS, WILLIAM C. JR. 89 South St., St. Augustine BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Sigma, Sales Club, Treas. MKT Club, Real Estate Club, murals Spt. Mgr. CRICHTON, NEIL THOMAS 371 B Fiavet 2, Gainesville EDUCATION IAS, Pres., Treas. CRISS, CHARLES KENNETH S10 Clayton Ave., Lakeland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas. CROMARTIE, KATHRYN SARAH 617 Court St., Clearwater ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Kappa Delta, Treas., Intra- mural Chairman. CROMER, JAMES FOSTER Georgia Seagle Hall ARTS AND SCIENCES Georgia Seagle CROOKS, MATT LEVI, JR. 2726 Glen Mawr Rd., Jacksonville ENGINEERING A.l.I.E. CROWSON, PAUL R. Box 430, Kissimmee FORESTRY Sigma Pi Forestry Club. CROZIER, JOSEPH ALTON JR. Rt. 6, Box 43C, Jacksonville AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Scabburd 81 Blade, Thrysus, Treas., Ag. Council, Newell Entomol. Socf Adv. Officer Club. CURTIS, CHARLES LEON 6613 Oakwood St., Jacksonville ENGINEERING Georgia Seagle Hall A.I.E.E. DAFFIN, MARILYN ANN 213 Cherry St., Panama City PHARMACY Mortar and Pestle, Zeta Tau Alpha' Q. S. Magazine, Kappa Epsilon. DAIGLE, ROHAND ALYRE 4824 1st Ave. N., St. Petersburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. DAMPIER. WILLIAM P. 226A Flavet III ENGINEERING DANCO, WILLIAM RICHARD 1923V2 57th St., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. DANN, ROGER 4260 lngraham Hwy., Miami, Fla. ENGINEERING Swimming Team, Fla. Engineer. DARDEN. HENRY JUDSON, JR. S628 Parkdale Drive, Orlando PHARMACY Mortar and Pestle. DAVIS, BEVERLY ANN Box 65, Satsuma ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Delta, Treas. DAVIS, RAYMOND FRANCIS 315 B. Flavet I, Gainesville AGRICULTURE ACS, treas., Phi Sigma Kappa. DAY, WILLIAM RICHARD 511 E. Zarragossa St., Pensacola ENGINEERING IRE. DeLaTORRE, STEVE ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta, Hall Of Fame. DEMARCO. JOSEPH A. Delta Chi House BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Chi. DENT, JAMES McBRIDE 1026 S.W. 1st Ave., Gainesville ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alligator Busi- ness Staff. DENT, JOHN QUILLA 1892 Nevada Ave., St. Petersburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track, "F" Club. DENT, THOMAS LOWELL 1460 Cecilia Ave., Coral Gables BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres., grand council, Delta Sigma Pl, Social Chairman, SAM, Under Secretary of Interior, Cir. Mgr. Summer Gator, Homecoming Lycium Council. DeNYSE, MARY LOU LeCOUNT P. O. Box 311. Plant City ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Delta Delta, Cheerleader. Miss U. of Fla., Homecoming Queen, Military Ball Queen, Glee Club, Orange Peel, Alligator, Seminole Beauty Section, Canterbury Club, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta. DEWEY, RAY HAROLD Box I, Merritt Island ARTS AND SCIENCES Intra- Football, Captain, DIXON, MARGARET ANN Box 591, Venice, Fla. ARTS AND SCIENCES Broward Hall, Vice-Pres, Hall Coun- cil, Inter-Hall Council, Alpha Lamb- rla Delta. DODD, JACK POWELL Rt. 11, Box 28A, Maitland AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho. DODSON, HOBART EDWARD S.E. 10th St., Pompano Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi. DOLINER, STEPHEN S. 29 S. Oleander Ave., Daytona Beach Alpha Chi Sigma. DOOLITTLE, JOHN JAY 1510 W. University Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Marketing Society, Exam Adminis- trator. DOW, ALEX Sigma Alpha Epsilon House BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon, DRIDGERS, SALLIE ANN 213 W. Highland, Lakeland EDUCATION Zcta Tau Alpha, Treas., Seminole Editorial Staff, FTA, Swim Fins, Pep Club: Aloha Lambda Delta. DRISCOLL, FRANCES KATHERINE 222 N.W. 121st Street, Miami EDUCATION WSA, FTA. DRUEGE, GLENN HENRY Gotha, Fla. JOURNALISM Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gamma Delta, Treas. DUGGAN, LOIS ANNETTE Hollywood, Jettersonville, Ga. ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Delta Pi, Pres. DUGUID, J. FRANCIS, JR. 230-C Flcvett Ill, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SAM. DUQUE, JORGE F. Calle 22 N. No. 58-94, Columbia, S.A. ARTS AND SCIENCES Soccer Club, Assn. EARLE, CHARLES EDWARD 1115 Kentucky Ave., St. Cloud EDUCATION FTA, Industrial Arts Society. EASTERLING, ALFORD GRAHAM 115 15th St., W., Bradenton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Phi, Mens Council, Ski Club, Dorm Councelor. EATON, HAROLD Weirsdale, Fla. ENGINEERING IRE, AIEE, Band. EATON, PAUL VERNON, JR. Rt. 1, Bradenton ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta, Treas., Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, AIIE. EBERSOLE, DOROTHY ANNE 136 S. Volusia Ave., Arcadia EDUCATION Kappa Delta, Alligator Staff, Coral Union, University Choir, Lyceum Council, Hall Council, Big Sister. ECKELS, ALAN RONALD 4731 Crescent St., Jacksonville ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Psi, Gator Band. ECONOMOU. JULIA 1790 S.W. 15th St., Miami ARTS AND SCIENCES Fla. Union Social Board, Hellenic Society, Treas. EDWARDS, GEORGE MONTAGUE Rt. 2. Box 28. Ocala AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Gator Band, Vice-Pres. Junior Class, Block and Bridle, Sec., Fla. College Farmer, Editor, 4-H Club. ELLIOTT, JAMES THOMPSON 1258 First St., Sarasota, Fla. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Real Estate Club. ELLIS, RALPH EAKIN P. O. Box 152, Keystone Heights ENGINEERING ASCE. ELLIS. ROGER JACKSON RFD No. 3, Milton ENGINEERING IRE, AIEE. El.LYSON, MARTHA JEAN 52 N. Street, St. Augustine ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma, Apprentice Players, Sec. and Pres., Fla. Players, Sec., Nat, Collegiate Players, WSA. ELMER. JACQUELINE 1038 Bunker Hill Blvd., Jacksonville ARTS AND SCIENCES Women's Glee Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Student Councelor, SRA, Al- pha Lambda Delta. Columbian Student 383 ELSBERRY, DONALD LAWRENCE 4838 Sunset Blvd., Tampa AGRICULTURE ESTEY, WAYNE HUGHES P. O. Box 67, Orlando JOURNALISM Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Marketing Society, Propellor Club, Golf Team. FAIR, GORDON HAMILTON 630 State Ave., Holly Hill, Fla. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Sec., Arnold Air Society, Advanced Officers Club' Sales Club. FAIRBAIRN, RALPH JAMES 3635 15th Ave., S., St. Petersburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Real Estate Club, Sales Club. FANNING, BARBARA RUSSELL Box 64, Star Route, Ft. Walton Bch COMMUNICATIONS Alpha Chi Omega, Apprentice Play- ers, Radio Guild, Alpha Epsilon Rho. Treas., Ponhellenic Rep. FARMER, NORMAN LEE 813 S.E. 2nd Ave., Gainesville Delta Sigma Phi, Arnold Air Society, Advanced Officers Club, Alpha ZGIOJ ROTC, Cadet Commander. FASSOL, ANNA 17 Orange St., Tarpon Springs JOURNALISM Executive Council, Vice-Jres. Jr. Class, Debate Society, Housing Committee, Gamma Alpha Chi. FEDAK, NICHOLAS 427 lst St., Conemaugh, Pa. PHARMACY Kappa Psi. FEINGOLD, MARION 2734 Jackson St., Hollywood JOURNALISM Floor Rep., Freshman, Student Coun- selor, Deans List, H.lIeI. FELIX, JAMES CHRISTIAN 1069 16th Ave., N., St. Petersburg ARCHITECTURE Sigma Lambda Chi. FERNANDEZ, RAYMOND 416 Hugh St., Tampa, Fla. EDUCATION FTA. FORSYTH, JEAN MARIE Box 82, 21 Fernwood Dr., Rockledge EDUCATION FORTMAN, JON RICHEY 24 N. Hill St., Orlando EDUCATION Delta Tau Delta, BSU Council. FOUTS, JOE CABOT 1510 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Advanced Officers Club, SAM, Corr. Sec., Rifle Team, Arnold Air Society, Sales Executive Club. FREE, HARRY JAMES 1601 N. Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauder- dale ARTS AND SCIENCES University Band, Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Eta Sigma. FREGGER, STEPHAN PAUL 752 86th St., Miami Beach ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi, ASCE, Dormitory Counselor, IFC. FRESNEDA, PETER Miami EDUCATION Olympian Club, "F" Club. FLYER, WALTER ANSON Babson Park ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon, AIIE. GALLAGHER, FRED THOMAS 609 Biscayne Dr., W., W. Pa'm Bch BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega. GALOS, NICHOLAS 1719 Center St., St. Racine, Wis. PHARMACY Rho Chi, Mortar and Pestle. FANDY, CHARLES ROBERT Rt. 1, Leesburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi. FIELDS, DAN WALLACE 2802 Fountain B vd., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Alpha FINKEL, RICHARD SANTO 8809 21st Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. PHARMACY Gator Band, Newman Club, Hillel, Mortar and Pestle. FISHER, GEORGIA ANN 535 W. Centra' Ave., Winter Haven ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma, Big Sister, Women's Glee Club, Student Counselor, East Broward Hall, Pres., Mallory Hall Council, WSA. FITZGERALD, LOUIE FRANK 2553 13th Ave. N., St. Petersburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 38-I FLEET, JULIUS LEONARD Box 656, Live Oak BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tau Epsilon Phi, Scribe, Cavaliers, Seminole, Finance Club, Athletic Council, Hillel, Pres., Sec., Blue Key Speaker's Bureau, Suwannee County Club, Sec. FLOYD, JEWELL PATTERSON, JR. 104 Bermuda Ave., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Pi, Market- ing Society, SAM, Treas., Vice-Pres. FLYNN, NORA 5919 Dexter, Tampa ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma, WSA, SRA, Univ Choir, Women's Glee Club, Fla. Un- ion Social Board, Executive Coun- cil, Fla. Apprentice Players, Alpha Lambda Delta. FORER, HENRY DAVID P. O. Box 83, Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Lambda Phi, Pres., Tau Kappa Alpha, Nat. Pres., Debate Society, Pres., Alpha Phi Omega, Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Secretary of Finance, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Hall of Fame, Fla. Blue Key, Treas. GARRETT, PHILLIP LYNN So. 26th St., Bradenton PHARMACY Mortar 8- Pestle. GARTH, MARJORIE ANN 905 Atlantic St., Melbourne Bch. ARTS 8. SCIENCES MENC. GAY, EVA MAE 5524 N.W. 38th Place, Miami EDUCATION GEIGER, JOHN CHARLES 25 E. 18th St., Jacksonville ENGINEERING Georgia Seagle Hall, American So- ciety of Civil Engineers. GEIGER, OTIS BENJAMIN 3050 N.W. 9th Ave., Miami ART Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge trainer, Demolay, Scabbard 8- Blade, Stu- dent Contractors 8. Building Asso- ciation. GENDELMAN, ELINOR 1115 Wilkinson Ave., Orlando EDUCATION Alpha Epsilon Phi, Trianon. GENTRY, JUNE GUTHRIE 72" Magnolia Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. P.. JICAL EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi, Olympian Club, Sec., Swim Fins, Modern Dance Club. GILBERT, JOHN RONALD 219 North St., Daytona ARTS 8. SCIENCES Phi Delta Theta, Seminole, organi- zations editor, greek editor, Arnold Air Society, Area Newsletter edi- tor, Advanced Officers Club, Stu- dent Book Exchange, Daytona Beach Club, Football Seating Committee. GILLER, SHYLA RAVETT 218 Worth Ave., Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Epsilon Phi, Beta Gamma Sig- ma, lntramural Board, Los Picaros, University Business Women's Club. GILLESPIE, THOMAS E. 3619 Cedar Drive, Jacksonville ART Student Contractors 8. Builders As- sociation, Advanced Officers Club. GILMORE, QUINCY EUGENE 216 S. E. 9th St., Gainesville ENGINEERING GLAGOLA, MICHAEL 327 B Flavet I, Gainesville ENGINEERING GLYCH, CHARLOTTE ANNE 46 22 N. Bay Rd., Miami EDUCATION Alpha Epsilon Phi, Swim Fins, Pub- licity Chairman, FTA, Social Chair- man. GOLD, MICHAEL 2141 S. W. 14th Terrace, Miami JOURNALISM Pi Lambda Phi. GOLDBERG, CAROLE ROBERTA 1698 N. E. 177 St., N., Miami Bch. EDUCATION FTA, Apprentice Players, Hillel, Scholarship Committee. GOLDBERG, RICHARD M. 710 Southshore Dr., Miami Bch. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Zeta Beta Tau, Intramurals, Real Estate Club. GONZALEZ, GILBERT 601 S. Albany, Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Intramurals. GORDON, MURRAY BAER 5227 Alton Rd., Miami Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Zeta Beta Tau, Community Chest Drive, Student Government, Student Club, Managers Association. GRAMER, EVERETT E. JR. G G G G G G G 2100 E. Waverly, Tucson, Ariz. ENGINEERING Sigma Pni Epsilon, Associate Lyceum Council, Men's Council, Institute of Radio Engineers, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. RANT, GENERAL ULYSSES Gainesville EDUCATION l.A.A., president, vice president. RANT, WILLIAM ARNOLD 204 Wilton St., Marianna ARTS 8- SCIENCES Gator Band, University Symphony Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Psi. RAY, HOWARD CLINTON, JR. Havana, Florida AGRICULTURE Sigma Alpha Epsilon REEN, EDWIN M., JR. 2712 S. W. 17th Ave., Miami ENGINEERING American Society of Civil Engineers, Sigma Nu. REENE, JAMES ALLEN 3"3 Granada, Tampa ART Cn.ef Justice, Student Traffic Court, Young Democrats Club, Area Exe- cutive Officer Arnold Air Society, Florida Blue Key, Advanced Officers Club, Chairman, Victory Party. REENFIELD, JULIA JAN 4307 Roland Ave., Tampa ARTS 8- SCIENCES Phi Mu REGORY, ELLIS BEASLEY 1505 Gale Lane, Nashville, Tenn. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING GREGORY, HAROLD GRAHAM 319 E. Flavet I., Gainesville ARCHITECTURE 8. ALLIED ARTS Sigma Lambda Chi, Building Con- struction, Gargoyle. GREGORY, ROY WILLIAM G G 369 C Flavett II., Gainesville ARCHITECTURE 8. ALLIED ARTS University of Florida Camera Club, president, Alpha Delta Sigma. RIFFITH, BENJAMIN E. 205 W. Princeton Ave., Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Sec., Debate Sciuad, Under Sec. Labor ZS- lnterior, inance Association, Pres. Law Club, Circle K. RIFFIN, THOMAS V. 1064 E. 12th St., Jacksonville ARTS 8- SCIENCES Delta Sigma Omicron, treasuter, C.L.O. GRIFFIN, WILLIAM LOUIS G G G H 1004 Florida Ave., West Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Gator Band, Sec., Alpha Kappa Psi, treas., Alpha Phi Omega. ROSSMAN, HOWARD B. 2310 Fairmont Ave., Lakeland ENGINEERING Pi Lambda Phi, Marshall, pledge- master, Sigma Tau, Intermural Board. ROVE, PEARCE SEYMOUR 208 C. Flavet III, Gainesville EDUCATION FTA, Stamp Club. URR, CLIFTON LEE 317 A Flavet I, Gainesville ENGINEERING American Society of Mechanical En- gineering, Benton Engineering So- ciety. ABBABA, SAADALLAH Farduk St., Aleppo, Syria ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Kappa, International Student Organization, president, Cavalier, national dance, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, president, Leavantime Club, treas- urer, Sec., Control Board. HAHN, JANICE MARIE 21 Aviles St., St. Augustine ARTS 8. SCIENCES Alpha Omicron Pi, Tennis mgr., ln- termural Board, Women's Glee Club, publicity mgr., WSA, Broward Hall Council, Welcome Week. HALBERSTADT, JOAN EMILY 1302 N. 19th Ave., Hollywood ARCHITECTURE 8. ALLIED ARTS Garrett Club. HALE, JOAN ELAINE 2605 Hawthorne Circle, Tampa EDUCATION Chi Omega, Social Chair., Treas., Panhellenic Council, Seminole Staff, Beauty Editor, Classes Editor, FTA. Pi Lambda Theta. HALE, KAROLYN JEANNETTE 511 6th Ave. N., Lake Worth EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi, Maiorette, Swim Fins, Pep Club, W.S.A., Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart. HALL, JOHN B., JR. 427 2nd Ave. N., St. Petersburg. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Delta Chi. HALL, JOHN ERVIN, JR. 716 E. Babe St., Pensacola EDUCATION F.T.A., Kappa Delta Pi, treasurer. HAMILTON, ELTON CECIL 2100 Greenwood Dr., Albany, Ga. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega, football team. HAMILTON, HARLEY PATLICK 1123 S. W. 1st Ave., Gainesville ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau. HAMMOND, DAVID PERSHING 419 N.E. 21st St., Ft. Lauderdale BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Chi, Staff Phtotgrapher, Orange Peel. HANCOCK, GUS HERNDON Box 2018, Delray Beach JOURNALISM Florida Alligator, Symphony Orches- tra, Gator Band, Sec., Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec., Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha. HAND, KATHRYN CECELIA 6423 Dartmouth Rd., Jacksonville EDUCATION Newman Club, Recording Sec., S.A.H., Recording Sec. HANEBURGER, IDA JANE Rt. 3, Box 538, Fort Myers EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, Florida Blue Key, Speaker's Bureau. HARDIN, GEORGE GRADY Main St., Dunedin EDUCATION Industrial Arts Society, F.T.A. HARMON, BARBARA RUTH 2000 Park St. N., St. Petersburg JOURNALISM Phi Mu, Gamma Alpha Chi, F-Book Assistant Business mgr., Alligator, Business Staff, Seminole, Business Staff, Orange Peel, Summer Gator Circulation Mgr., Trianon. HARRIS, CURTIS CLARK, JR. 1317 N.W. 13th Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HARRIS, JAMES EDWARD 210 Donald Dr., Warrington ARTS 8. SCIENCES Chi Phi, Social Chairman, secretary, Pep Club, Gator Growl Show. HARRIS, RICHARD MEYER 935 8th St., Michigan Court, Miami Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lettered in base- ball, lntramurals, basketball mgr., football mgr., director of recrea- tion, Alligator Sports writer, New- man Club. HARRISON, GENE B. Rt. 2, Box 1286, Sarasota AGRICULTURE Block 8. Bridle Club, pledgemaster, University Livestock Judging Team, Eastern Freshman Dorms Horeshoe Champion. HATTEN, LOUIS GEORGE 614 N.W. 23rd St., Miami ARTS 8- SCIENCES HAVGANKHARALD, KENNETH 921 W. University Ave., Gainesville ARTS 8. SCIENCES Phi Sigma Kappa HAUSMAN, DANIEL WILLIAM 37 N.W. 6th St., Homestead FORESTRY President of Forestry Club. HAYES, EDNA STRICKLAND 531 W. 16th St., Jacksonville EDUCATION HAYES, OSCAR EUGENE Rt. 1, Box 121, Pinsmore ENGINEERING Arnold Air Society, Area Informa- tion Services Officer, Associate Edi- tor of Florida Engineer, Advanced Officers Club, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers, Sigma Tau Phi Eta Sigma. HAYS, DENNIS ALAN 389 Kenilworth Rd., Bay Village, O. JOURNALISM Sigma Phi Epsilon, Literary Editor of Seminole. HAYES, JOHN KELLY 825 Granada Grove Ct., Coral Gables ENGINEERING HAZEL, WILEY SATCHER, JR. 608 E. Groad St., Tampa ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi HEARNE, WILLIAM DUNCAN, JR. 3214 Fountain Blvd., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A Sigma Nu, Scabbard 81 Blade, Phi Eta Sigma. HEEB, FERDINAND NICHOLAS 118 N.E. 103 St., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Alpha Psi, treasurer. I I I I I I I I I I I HERDERSON, ROBERT PRESTON III 214 N.E. 6th St., Gainesville ARCHITECTURE Sigma Lambda Chi, secretary, Stu- dent Contractors 8. Builders Asso- ciation. HINNIG, RICHARD CARL 615 S. W. 22 Road, Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Theta Chi, Newman Club, vice- president, SAM. HENRIQUEZ, SHELBY 1009 26th Ave., Tampa EDUCATION HERLONG, BERTRAM N. 202 S. Drive, Lake City EDUCATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian, Gator Guard, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard 8. Blade, treas., 2nd Lt. HERSCOVITZ, ESTABELL 736 Easton Drive, Lakeland EDUCATION Alpha Epsilon Phi HICK, CLAUDIA ERNESTINE 1826 N. Dixie Hwy., Lake Worth EDUCATION Phi Mu HILL, LUTION BUFORD 707 Core Blvd., Panama City BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Alpha Psi. HILL, PHILIP GEORGE Box 2277, Gainesville ARTS 8- SCIENCES D Florida Players, President, vice- president, National Collegiate Play- ers, president, Gator Growl, Home- coming Technical Coordinator, High School Play Festival, Student Chair- man, Seminole Military Editor, Hall of Fame. HINEBAUGH, GARY C. 17 BU Box 3492, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HIPPLER, MARY LUCILLE 1106 Hillcrest Ct., Eustis EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, Pres., Florida Union Social Board, Water Skiing Club, Sec., Chaplain, Alternate Cheerleader. HODGES, WILLIAM TERRELL Deeplake, Lake Wales BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Pi, SAM, Vice President. HOFFMAN, CHARLES A., JR. 407 N.W. 15th St., Gainesville JOURNALISM HOFFMAN, HELEN EILEEN 2470 Adams, Hollywood PHYSICAL EDUCATION Cavaletes, Olympian Club, Modern Dance Club. HOFFMAN, JAMES ROBERT 416 W. Gregory St., Pensacola BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Efficiency chair- man, Senior Vice-president, B.S.U. Basoc, SAM, Arrangements Chm., Corresponding Secretary, President. HOLDER, MARION LAWRENCE 822 N.W. 25th Ave., Gainesville AGRICULTURE Phi Eta Sigma HOLDORF, BENJAMIN GILBERT 201 Orange Terrace, Winter Park BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Phi, Scabbard 8. Blade, Lapache, Leigh Chemical Society. HOLLINGSWORTH, BETTY RAE 652 N.W. 1st St., Miami EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi, Treas., Pep Club, SRA. HOLLOWAY, CHARLES LYNN 318 Sears Ave., Daytona Beach ENGINEERING HOLLY, EUGENE CASEY Rt. 5, Box 207, Ocala AGRICULTURE Ag. Econ. Club, Vice Pres. HOLMGREN, ARTHUR NORMAN 202 S. Main Ave., Thief River Falls, Minn. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club, Treas., Sales Club. HOOD, WILLIAM MATHEW JR. Rt. 6, Box 115, Jacksonville ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta, ASCE. HOOKER, ROBERT MURRAY Box H, Chosen AGRICULTURE Lambda Chi Alpha, Block 8. Bridle, Livestock Judging Team, Alpha Zeta. HORN, H. LORENZ 5500 N. Trail, Sarasota BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain, Alpha galppa Psi, Sec., Treas., Gamma eta. HORNOR, CHARLENE 1330 SE 13 Ter., Ft. Lauderdale ARTS AND SCIENCES Stray Greeks, Pres., Swim Fins, Pres., Vice Pres., WSA, Direct. I955 Swimcapades, Los Picaros, Pi Sig- ma Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Trianon. HOUGH, VAN QUILLIAN 1631 Woodford Ave., Ft. Myers AGRICULTURE Delta Tau Delta HOUSER, WESLEY HAVILL 109 Potter Rd., West Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Phi HOVEY, ALAN EDWIN 3251 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres., Mens Glee Club, Pres., Lyceum Council, Blue Key Speakers Bureau, Mens Coun- cil, Campus Chest, Club 81 Resort Mgr. Club. HOWARD, MARVIN JACK 7520 Dartmouth St., Tampa EDUCATION Kappa Sigma, Circle "K." HOWELL, NANCY REBECCA 109 Josephine, Madison, W. Va. EDUCATION Chi Omega, Ass. Lyceum Council. HUGGINS, VIRGINIA W. 29 W. Lucerne Cir., Orlando EDUCATION Sigma Kappa, Pres., Panhellenic Council, FTA. HUGHES, RICHARD HOWARD 128 Arizona Ave., Ft. Lauderdale JOURNALISM Kappa Sigma, Sales Ex. Club, Mar- keting Soc., Alpha Delta Sigma. HUMPHRIES, SMITH C. JR. Safety Harbor ARTS AND SCIENCES Arnold Air Society, Scabbard 8. Blade. HUNT, MARION PERDUE 2912 Sities, Tampa ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma, Fla Players, Semin- ole, Orientation, Trianon. HUTCHINSON, JONNIE M. 625 N.E. 6th St., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION INGRAM, DORRELL D. 4145 Gadsden Rd., Jay JOURNALISM Sigma Nu. IRVIN, ELSIE HELEN Callahan ARTS AND SCIENCES WSA, Dorm Counselor, Yulee Hall, Pres., Swim Fins. ISPHORDING, W. ALAN 1702 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville JOURNALISM Summer Alligator, Sports Ed. JACKSON, ANNE 1614 Penn. Ave., Miami Beach EDUCATION Delta Phi Epsilon, Cavalette's, Pan- hellenic, Broward Hall, Sec. Hillel, Pep Club. JANOSKA, VICTOR ALBERT JR. 209 N. Hillside St., Orlando BIUSINESS ADMINISTRATION S M JARDINE, THOMAS 324 A Flavet I, Gainesville ENGINEERING Benton Eg. Council, Pres., Indus- trial Engineer, Ed., A.I.I.E. JEAN, CHARLES FLETCHER 191 N. Pineapple Ave., Eau Gallie JOURNALISM Sigma Delta Chi, Summer Gator-News Ed., "F" Book, Pub. Chairman Sum- mer Frolics. JENNINGS, MARY VIRGINIA Box 1236, Bradenton EDUCATION Fencing Club. JOHANSEN, BODE SEJER Rt. 2, Box 214, Gainesville PHARMACY Kappa Psi, Rho Chi. JOHNSON, DOROTHY L. 674 Hempstead, Orlando ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Kappa, Sec., Alpha Lambda Delta. JOHNSON, JOY MILLER 3212 NW 14th St., Gainesville Fla Union Social Bd. JOHNSON, REECE GILLESPIE Flavet R 202, Ill, Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Insurance Society, Vice Pres. JOHNSTON, JOHN FRANKLIN 4634 3rd Ave. N., St. Petersburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Insurance Club. JOLIEY, MARY ANN 420 Palm Circle Dr., Naples EDUCATION Sigma Kappa, Sigma Alpha Eta, Sec., Radio Guild. JOLLY, BARBARA MARLENE Box 840. Winter Haven EDUCATION Chi Omega, Sec., Ex. Council Mem., ass. Lyceum Council, Big Sister om. JOLNER, CHARLES W. 410 S.W. 18 St., Ft. Lauderdale AGRICULTURE Delta Tau Delta, Lambda Gamma Phi, Block ZS Bridle. JONES, ALAN WINFIELD Ridgewood Ave., Daytona ENGINEERING Sigma Nu. JONES, CLARENCE H. JR. 139 W. 19th St., Jacksonville JOURNALISM Georgia Seagle Hall, Pres, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Pres., Sr. Class, Bd. of Student Pub., "F" Book Ed., Alligator Ass. Ed., Penin- sula Mgr., Ed., Orange Peel. Mgr., Ed., Orange Peel. JONES, MARY CAROLINE 115 S. 12th St., Zephyr Hills ARTS AND SCIENCES JOSEPH, SAMMY WILLIAM 4175 Lennox Ave., Jacksonville AGRICULTURE JOWERS, HARRY KENDALL 324 Main St., Kissimmee AGRICULTURE Sigma Chi, Scabbard 81 Blade, U. of F. Judging Team. JOYCE, JAMES HUGH Flavet III, 200 R, Gainesville AGRICULTURE Thyras Horticulture Club, Sec. JURCH, GEORGE RICHARD Box 198, Valrico ARTS AND SCIENCES Georgia Seagle Hall, Alpha Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Gat- or Guard Drill Team. KAHN, MARVIN DAVID Box 671, Sebring, Fla. AGRICULTURE KAIN, LALLIE MOORE 510 33rd St. W., Bradenton ARTS 8. SCIENCES Delta Delta Delta, Sec., Editor Co- Edikette Chairman, Big Sister Pro- gram, Sec. Relig. Affairs, Sec. Fla. Union Soc. Board, WSA rep., SRA Cabinet, Seminole Lit. Ed., Ma- demoiselle" College Board '54-55, Trianon. KALAPP, CHARLES RONALD 1551 Davidson St., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Georgia Seagle Hall, Treas., Billy Mitchell Drill Team, Treas., Alpha Kappa Psi. KASSATLY, EDWARD MITRI 335 Cocoanut Row, Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha, Chaplain, Fla. Var- sity Tennis Team, "F" Club, Pledge- master. KEARNEY, ROBERT JOHN Route 1, Valrico ENGINEERING I. R. E. KEEZEL, ROBERT FRANK 123 Lodges Lane, Cynwyd, Penn. ARTS 8. SCIENCES Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Swimming, Beta Theta Pi, Sgt. at Arms, Pub. Chair- man 8. V. P. KEHOE, ANNE LANIER 525 E. 51st St., Savannah, Ga. EDUCATION Sigma Kappa, V. P., Pep Club, New- man Club, F.T.A., Fla. Union Soc. Board, Sec., Pres., Panhellenic. KELLEY, DAVID FENNER Box 99, Ft. Pierce ARTS 8. SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Executive Council, B.S.U. V. P., Gator Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, S.R.A., Orienta- tion leader, Student Counselor, Fla. Blue Key Speaker. KENDRICK, FLOYD DELROE 802 N. Garden St., Plant City ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Arnold Air Soc., l.R.E., "Fla. Engineer", Bus. Mgr., A.S.C.E. KENNEDY, ROBERT A. 4054 58th St., San Diego, Cal. Varsity Football. KENOE, JOSEPH L. 802 S.W. 20th St., Ft. Lauderdale BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delta Theta, Insurance Society. KENT, LEITH DUNLAP JR. Box 409, Kendall BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha. KERLIN, ELIOT E. Box 112, Minneola ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma, Gator Band, Assoc. Member Lyceum Coun., Amer. Soc. Mechanical Eng. KICKLITER, BEN FOY P.O. Box 771, Pensacola ENGINEERING Fla. Engineer, AIEE 8. IRE. KIM, KAP SOO 511 3rd St., Pusan, Korea ENGINEERING Delta Chi, I.S.O. 8. R.E.I. CI"ii KINSEY, PETER HUTTON Kansas City, Mo. COMMUNICATIONS Seminole, Ed. in-Chief, Lit. Ed, A.E.Rho, V.P., Fla. Players, Guild, Hall of Fame. KIRTON, E. BRIDGER Box 1234, Boynton Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Radio Kappa Sigma, Treas., Marketing So- ciety. KLINKE, JOHN PAUL 1214 5th St., Sarasota BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Chi. KNAUER, MARY ANNE 4017 Santa Maria, Coral Gables EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, Orange Newman Club. KOFF, JUDITH Peel, 3730 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Go. ARTS 8- SCIENCES Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Delta. KOON, HORACE EDWARD P.O. Box 24, Seffner PHARMACY KORTH, HERBERT JULIUS JR. 320 Livingston Terr. S.E., W ton, D.C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, SAM, Dorm selor. KREISER, ELMER CHARLES JR. 736 Rockland Dr., West Palm BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Sec., Treas peller Club, BASOC, SAM. KRIENKE, JOHN WALTER Kappa ashing- Coun- Beach ., Pro- 410 N.W. 24th St., Gainesville ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta, Corr. Sec., Phi Beta Sigma, Gamma Delta Sigma Tau V.P. Soph. Class, Court. KROLL, EDWARD JEWETT 118 Riverview Dr., Newport JOURNALISM Seminole, Typography Editor, reel photographer. LA VELLE, JEANNE LUCILLE 2432 Taylor St., Hollywood EDUCATION Hall Council, Newman Club, L'ABBATE, JOSEPH 215A Flavet 3 ARCHITECTURE AIA, Winner Mobile Contest, List. LAFFERTY, ROBERT STEEL JR. 1301 NE 104 St., Miami ENGINEERING Sigma Nu, American Soc. of Engineers. LAGANO, ALBERT JOSEPH New Port Richey PHARMACY V.P., Honor Richey News- Treas. Dean's Mech. Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi, Mortar 8. Pestle, Pres., Athletic Counc- "F" Club, Treas. LAHR, NEILS LONGFIELD Box 173, Babson Park ENGINEERING MRHA. LAMB, RICHARD NORMAN 2065 Canal St., Fort Myers BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION S.A.M. LANGBEIN, CHARLES EDWARD Rt. 1, Box 373, Auburndale ENGINEERING Lambda Chi Alpha, Pep A.S.M.E. LANGFITT, CAROLINE RUTH I, Sec., JR. Club, 3418 Garden Ave., Miami Beach JOURNALISM Alpha Chi Omega, Vice Pres. LARD, LONNIE DELMER 522 W. Avery St., Pensacola BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band. LECANN. AUGUSTE F. 121 NW 34th Terrace, Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Varsity Tennis. LEE, JIM REID Rt. 4, Box 404-D, Tallahasse AGRICULTURE F.F.A. LEE, JUANITA D. , Pica. e 158 S. Peninsula, Daytona Beach EDUCATION LEEDHAN, CHARLES EDWARD Box 36G. Nokomis EDUCATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon LEGH. MADONNA ANNE 1242 Mayfair Rd., Jacksonvi EDUCATION Ile Alpha Chi Omega, Newman Club. LIEMAN, GEORGE EDWARD 4608 Euclid Ave., Tampa ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Delta Theta . 385 LEIVONEN, MARY ELIZABETH Alachua ARTS AND SCIENCES University Business Womens Club. LEVINE, ABRAHAM 9610 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Florida Engineer, AIEE- IRE. LINCOLN, MARION VIRGIL 481 W. Plant St., Winter Garden LIPP, LESLEY J. 928 S.W. 65th Ave., Miami PHYSICAL EDUCATION Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice Pres., Sec., W.S.A. Rep., Intramural Board, Re- ligion in Life, Tri-Chairman. LIPSCOMB, MARGARET ANN 3030 Lake Shore Blvd., Jacksonville ARTS AND SCIENCES Apprentice Players, S.R.A., WSA. LITTLE, GEORGE WALTON 131 N.W. 9th Terr., Gainesville PHARMACY Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Mortar 8. Pestle. LIUZZO, ANTHONY LEO 1520 Mayo St., Hollywood BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kappa Psi, Track-4 yr. let- terman. LIUZZO, B. J. KOTEL 1520 Mayo St., Hollywood EDUCATION LLEWELLYN, ANNE B. 1511 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach EDUCATION Education Dames, F.T.A. LOGAN, GUY SOUTHWELL JR. 313 E. Fern St., Tampa ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma, Sec., Institute Aero- nautical Sciences, Sec., V. Pres. LOI, ELIO JOSEPH 540 N.E. 32 St. Miami JOURNALISM H Pi Kappa Phi, WRUF, Cavaliers, Pres. LUNDY, MARY JANET 3520 Menendez Rd., Pensacola EDUCATION LYNCH, ROBERT RAMSAY 1113 N.W. 18th St., Ft. Lauderdale JOURNALISM Delta Chi, Alligator, Sports Ed., Seminole, Sports Ed., "F" Book, Sigma Delta Chi, Sec., Board of Student Publications, Outsanding Delta Chi Luminary, Hall of Fame. LYONS, ANN CAROLYN Rt. 1, Box 944, Orange Park ARTS 8. SCIENCES Swim Fins, Sec. Treas. Jr. Class, Sec. Broward Hall Council, Comm. of the "67", W.S.A. Welcome Week. MAGEE, CHARLES ELDER Hill Top Motel Box 3505 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MANGHAM, WILBER WYLIE JR. 1013 Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Pierce JOURNALISM Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian, Publi- city Chairman, Sigma Delta Chi, Alligator staff, Reporter. MANNIS, ARNOLD ROBERT 2168 S.W. 15th St., Miami ARTS 81 SCIENCES MANSMANN, SHIRLEY ANN 6248 S.W. 14th St., Miami EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, Alligator Business office. MARKOWITZ, ROSALIND LILA 1621 Dunsford Rd., Jacksonville ARTS 8. SCIENCES Alpha Epsilon Phi, Cavalettes, Treas. MARTIN, ARNOLD GILBERT JR. 116 S.W. 7th St., Gainesville ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau, AIEE, IRE. MARTIN CHARLES A. Box 24, Sebring BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Theta Chi, Pres., Sec., Pledge Mar- shall, Outstanding Pledge, 1952, Outstanding Man, Real Estate Club, Ridge Club, Propeller Club, Vice Pres. MARTIN, DAVID RIAN 202 T Flavet 3, Gainesville ARTS Sr SCIENCES Sigma Nu. MARTIN, GEORGE PRATT JR. 1775 N. Reus St., Pensacola BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Real Estate Club Insurance Society. MARTIN, HENRY W. Box 52, Wewahitchka FORESTRY Forestry Club, Sec., Treas. MARTIN, SHIRLEY R. 116 S.W. 7th St., Gainesville JOURNALISM Swim Fins, Pica. MARY, PAUL 39 Old Field Point, Greenwich, Conn. 386 ARTS 8. SCIENCES Florida Speleological Society, Gator Amateur Radio Club, Vice Pres. MASSARI, NICK D. 603 Hugh St., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Chi, Real Estate Club, ln- surance Society, Newman Club. MASSEY, WALTER WORLEY JR. Rt. 3, Box 431, Gainesville AGRICULTURE Alpha Tau Alpha. MATHIS, BARBARA KATHERINE 554 E. 4th St., Panama City ARTS 8. SCIENCES Alpha Chi Delta, Drama Club, Pres., Broward East, lnterhall Council. MAURICI, NELSON 921 E. Curtis St., Tampa PHARMACY Delta Sigma Phi, Mortar 8. Pestle. MAVROS, SOPHIE 117 N. Pinellas Ave., Tarpon Springs EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, W.S.A., Panhellen- ic Council, V.P., Debate Society. MAY, ROBERT EDMOND Box 335, Monticello BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec, Arnold Air Society, Delta Sigma Pi. MAYS, ELIZABETH PARKHILL Box 116, Monticello ARTS 8. SCIENCES Delta Delta Delta, V. Pres., Broward Hall, Fla Blue Key Speaker. McAULEY, ROBERT C. Fort Meade BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Student Conti'actor's and Builder's Ass'n. Treas., Ridge Club. McCABE, JOHN REID 933 Lakeside Ave., Lakeland PHARMACY Kappa Psi, Mortar and Pestle. McCALL, EDGAR ORVILLE B17 N. 59th Ave., Pensacola ENGINEERING ASME, Sigma Tau. McCARTHY, SARAH ALLISON 4115 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville ARCHITECTURE Qlpha Delta Pi, Gamma Alpha Chi, res. McCLELLAN, JACQUELINE 12 SE 4th Ave., Gainesville ARTS 8- SCIENCES Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Club. McCORMICK, MARIJO KOGLER 270 23rd Ave. N., St. Petersburg JOURNALISM Phi Mu, Fla. Alligator, Bus. Mgr., Seminole, Ass't Bus. Mgr., Trianon, Hall of Fame. McCORMICK, ROBERT A. 2005 20th St., Bradenton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha, Seminole Bus. Mgr., Peninsula, Ass't Bus. Mgr., Alliga- tor Staff, Orange Peel Staff, Sum- mer Gator Ass't Bus. Mgr., "F" Book Staff, Circle K, Pre-Law Club Elections Comm., Sec., Religious Af- fairs, Lyceum Council Assoc., House Mgr. Lyceum Council, Alligator Nat Adv. Mgr. McCULLOUGH, DAVID L. JR. 444 Oleander Way, St. Petersburg AGRICULTURE Qlpha Zeta, Newell Entomological oc. McDONALD, CLIFTON REXFORD JR. 1752 Danese, Jacksonville ARTS 8. SCIENCES Honor Court, M.R.H.A., V. Pres. McEWEN, CHARLES RICHARD P.O. Box 8025, Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta, Orange Peel, Bus. Staff. McGALIN, MARY ELDEAN Route 1, Box 65A, Apopka EDUCATION F.T.A., Pres., Fla. Union Hastess Committee. McINVAILL, JAMES RALPH 618 Prado Pl., Lakeland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, Propeller Club. McLAUGHLlN, JAY BRUCE 7217 Venetian Way, West Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega, Insurance Society. McMANN, MARSHA DELL 2801 Riomar St., Ft. Lauderdale ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma. McMULLEN, HARVEY ANDREW Box 514, Crescent City BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Chi. McNEELY, LYLE VERNON 287 S. Krome Ave., Homestead BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Real Estate Club, Treas. MEISSNER, STELLA G. 214 NE 5th Ave., Gainesville EDUCATION MELTON, ROBERT DENNIS Rt. 2, Box 61D Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Men's Council, Varsity Football Mgr. MEYER, JANICE B. 408 W. Par, Orlando ART Kappa Delta, Gargoyle. MEYERS, THOMAS EDWARD 3304 Pearl Ave., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Track Letterman, Florida Alligator. MIKKELSON, JACK FREDERICK 6260 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis- consin. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Phi Epsilon. MILLAR, ALBERT S. JR. 1122 NE 98 St., Miami ARTS 8. SCIENCES Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep Club, Circle K, Sec., Men's Affairs, lnterfra- ternity Council, Pre-Law Club, Fla. Billiard Team. MILLER, BLANCHE DUNAWAY 1457 La Rue Ave., Jacksonville EDUCATION Exec. Council, Soph. Class, Cava- lettes, Vice-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, MILLER, CHARLES ROBERT 806 S. Lakeview Dr., Sebring JOURNALISM Apprentice Players. MILLER, ROBERT FRANCIS 416 NW 13th Terr., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Phi, I.F.C. Treas., Florida Party, Treas. MILLS, WILLIAM THORNTON 1634 N.W. 1st Ave., Gainesville AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Amer. Society of Agric. Engineers, Choral Union. MILSARK, DALE FORREST 206 12th St., Aero Vista, Pensacola ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Amer, Society of Mech- anical Engineers. MILTON, WILLIAM ANDREW 528 W. Winter Park Ave., Orlando AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, V. Pres., Amer. Soc. Agric. Engineers, Agricultural Council, Fencing Club. MINNICH, DON KAY 1506 N.W. 16th Terr., Gainesville ARCHITECTURE Pi Kappa Phi, A.l.A,, Fla. Union Soc. Board, Dance Chairman. MINNICK, JOHN HARPER 1824 N.W. Sth Ave., Gainesville ARTS 8 SCIENCES Delta Tau Delta, Treas., Arnold Air Soc., Public information Officer, Advanced Officer's Club. MINTON, CONSTANCE GAIL Central Pharmacy, New Port Richey EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha MITCHELL, JOHN NORMAN, JR. 7929 N.W. 11th Ave., Miami ENGINEERING Lambda Chi Alpha, IRE. MOODY, CECIL WILLIAM 200 S.E. 7th St., Gainesville FORESTRY Delta Sigma Omega, Pres. MOORE, DOLORES ANNE 305 Wichman St., Walterboro S. C. EDUCATION Chi Omega, Pres., Lyceum Council, Sec'y., Freshman Fla. Blue Key Speaker, WSA, Guided Tours, Co- ordinator, Wesley Foundation, Orientation Group Leader, Trianon Hall of Fame. MOORE, KENNETH WHEELER, JR. 204 S.W. 3rd St., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Alpha Psi MORGAN, ANN ELIZABETH 1041 Osceola Ave., Winter Park ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Delta Pi MORGAN, RAYMOND LAWRENCE 313 East Bay St., Winter Garden BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MORRIS, ELIABETH ARMSTRONG 724 N.E. 82nd St., Miami ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Mu, Treas., Cavalettes. MORRISS, NEIL HUGHES Box 36, Sun City AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Pres., Am. Soc- iety Agronomy. MOUCHETT, WILLIAM REGINALD Box 186, Mims PHARMACY Mortar 8. Pestle, Kappa Psi. MULLAN, NAN FRANCES 614 So. Lois Ave., Tampa ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Delta Pi. MULLIN, CHARLES LAFAYETTE Box 1375, Alturas ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma. MYERS, JUDITH MAE 3620 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres., Panhel- Ienic Council, WSA, Trianon. NASSIFF, SAMUEL HENRY 3947 Boone Park Ave., Jacksonville ENGINEERING l.A.S., Recording Sec. NELSON, HAROLD MARTIN Box 303, Melbourne AGRICULTURE Block 8. Bridle Club. NELSON, RICHARD LEONARD 1612 Challen Ave., Jacksonville JOURNALISM Phi Gamma Delta, Advanced Officers Club, WRUF, Scabbard 8. Blade. NEWALL, ROBERT 1005 10th St., N. Jacksonville Beach ENGINEERING ASME. NEWMAN, JAMES LAMAR 286 N.E. 87th St., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu, Treas., V. Pres., Finance Assoc., Sec. NEWMAN, KENNETH I. Box 558, Leesburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Georgia Seagle, Pres., Swimming Team. NICHOLSON, DORIS PERKINS 2911 N. Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauder- dale EDUCATION NORMAN, KAREN ANTONIA 157 N.E. 101 St., Miami Shores ARCHITECTURE 8. ALLIED ARTS Alpha Omicron Pi, Orientation Group Leader, WSA, Panhellenic, Yulee, V. Pres. NORRIS, JOHN CLOVER Box 12, Lake Jem AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, V. Pres., 8- Bridle, W-H Club. NOTT, CAROLE Rt. 5, Box 19, Ocala ARTS AND SCIENCES 4 Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres., Soc. Chair- man, Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Treas., Los Picaros, Pep Club. NORTH, CECIL F. 2944 Myra St., Jacksonville Phi Sigma Kappa, Univ. Band, Heed Twirler. ODIN, DEXTER STETSON 231 Red Bud Rd., Owensboro, Ky. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION h George Seagle, Soc. Chairman, Chair- man Uniy. Blood Bank, Billy Mitch- ell Drill Team, Political Committee, Alpha Kappa Psi. OLIVER, MARY SUZANNE 26 N. Oleander Ave., Daytona Beach EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, Song Chairman, Choral Union, Summer Frolics Queen Court. OPPENBORN, HENRY LUDWIG, JR. 130 N.E. 50th Ter., Miami ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi, Men's Glee Club, V. Pres., German Club, V. Pres, De Malay, V. Pres., Summer Frolics Chairman, Gator Growl Committee. OSSI, FRED JOSEPH 1604 Berwick Rd., Jacksonville PHARMACY Kappa Psi, Mortar 8. Pestle. PADOVA, ANDREW, JR. 201 U. Flavet 3 ,Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha. PAKALL, FRANCINE AUDRA Rt. 1, Box 229, Clearwater ARTS AND SCIENCES I Sigma Delta Pi, V. Pres., Westmin- ster Fellowship, Sec., Los Picaros, Pres., Sec. Hall Council, Freshman Counsellor, Orientation Group Lead- er. PALEY, MARC LEWIS 730 Ft. Washington Ave., NYC, N.Y. AGRICULTURE Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice Pres. PALGON, EMANUEL S. 290 Laurel Way, Miami Springs BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sales Club, Real Estate Club, Wa- ter Ski Club, Hillel Exec. Committee, Hillel Sports Director, Hillel News- paper. PANKRATZ, ALAN GOWING 549 N.W. 31st Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Chi, SAM. PARK, WILLIAM CRAWFORD 75 lnterlakon Rd., Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Theta Chi, Treas., Fencing Club, Billy Mitchell Drill Team. Block PARSONS, ANN MacDOUGALL 417 W. Davis Blvd., Tampa ART Chi Omega. PASKALAKIS, LUCAL GEORGE 27 Mill St., Tarpon Springs ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta, AIEE-IRE, Pres., BEC. PATTERSON, GARY LEE Kappa Sigma House JOURNALISM Kappa Sigma. PATTERSON, KAY ELIZABETH Bear Lake, Rt. 1, Apopka EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omega. PATTON, PATRICIA ANN 2924 Jackson Ave., Miami EDUCATION Orientation, Big Sister, F.T.A. PEACOCK, DUANE C. I-t. Meade PHYSICAL EDUCATION Kappa Alpha, Olympian Club, Ridge Club PEACOCK, JO ELLEN 369 Golfair Blvd., Jacksonville ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, BSU Student Drama Director, SRA Chairman, Religion 8. Life Week, Tri Chairman. PEACOCK, RICHARD DIXON 2IZ4 S.W. 3rd St., Gainesville JOURNALISM Delta Sigma Phi, Pres., Soc. Chair- man, Editor Orange Peel, Bus. Mgr., Student Counselor, I.F.C. Chairman of Contest 8. Awards Committee. PEARSON, BYRD DOUGLAS, JR. Rt. 1, Box 424, Sarasota ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, IAS. PERLMAN, BENJAMIN NAUM 2100 E. Scott, Pensacola BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Cavaliers, Real Estate Club. PERLMAN, SYLVIA RUTH 4571 Alton Rd., Miami Beach EDUCATION Pres., Broward, Sec., Reid, Pres, Inter-Hall Council, Chairman of Ju- diciary, FTA, V. Pres., Trianon. PERRITT, HENRY FRANKLIN, JR. 4839 Astral St., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delta, Pres., IFC, Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard 8. Blade, Finance Assoc., Pre-Law Club, Hall of Fame. PERRY, CALVIN GEORGE 3000 4th Ave. N., St. Petersburg JOURNALISM Delta Chi, Exec. Council, Alligator. PERRY, TRUMAN DOYLE Box 827, Bradenton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Pi. PETTIJOHN, RICHARD EDWARD 814 N.E. 8th Ave., Gainesville ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta, IRE PIAT, ROBERT DAVID 1234 Jefferson, Hollywood ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Mu Pre-Med Society. PICKETT, GEORGE EDWIN 1158 E. 13th St., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PIERCE, GEORGE HINTON Rt. 2, Box 641 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PINNER, FRED RICHARD 4805 Seta Circle, Jacksonville ENGINEERING ASME. PIPER, EDWIN B. 1261 57th St., Sarasota JOURNALISM Alpha Epsilon Rho, Sales Club, Sem- inole, Associate Editor. PIPKIN, JOYCE JEFFREY 211 E. Lake Sue Ave., Winter Park EDUCATION Delta Gamma, V. Pres., Alligator Staff, Social Board, Orientation Leader, Chairman Senior Invitations Committee. PLAISTED, ROBERT O. 250 N.E. 131 St., N. Miami ENGINEERING AIEE, IRE, BEC, Gymnastics Club, Activities Editor, Florida Engineer, Arnold Air Society. PONDER, PHYLLIS LEIA 194 Maydell Dr., Tampa EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi, Sec., F.T.A. POPPELL, PATRICIA E. 112 N. 12th St., Ft. Pierce EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, House Pres., Gamma Alpha Chi, V. Pres., Major- ette. PORTER, CHARLENE A. 171 Anthony Rd., Ocala EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Board, Chairman, Pep Club, Activities Award, Nat'l Delegate, Pres., Exec. Council, Hall Council, Dorm V. Pres., F.T.A., Trianon. POSEY, CHARLES E. Box 431, Haines City ENGINEERING POTTER, ARTHUR E. 712 Kasimer Dr., Jacksonville CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma. POTTER, JOHN MacDOWELL 425 29th St., W. Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu, Exec. Council, Undersec. Finance, Insurance Society. POUCHER, RAYMOND EARL 1310 34th Ave. N., St. Petersburg JOURNALISM Phi Delta Theta, F Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Pres., Athletic Council, All-America Pole Vault, Alligator Intramural Ed., Homecoming Pup- licity Chairman, Southeastern Con- ference Society of Spiked Shoe, Pres., Florida Blue Key Speaker, Hall of Fame. POWELL, HENRY EDGAR, JR. 1305 E. 52 St., Savannah, Georgia ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi, Exec, Council, Lyceum Council, Pres., Pi Sigma Alpha, L' Apache, Orientation Staff. PUCKETT, HELEN MARIE Box 45 Derita, North Caro'ina JOURNALISM Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Pres., Alligator Staff, Rewrite Ed., Pica, Historian. PURDY, ZANA LUISE 1412 S. 16th Ave., Birmingham, Alabama EDUCATION Delta Gamma, Corres. Sec. PUSCHAK, THOMAS NICK 4716 Connecticut St., Gary, Indiana PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sigma Nu. QUANT, ANGEL 1 Calle N.E. No. 406, Managua, Nicaragua BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND AGRICULTURE S.A.M., Marketing Society, Society Agricultural Engineers. QUIRO'S, EDWARDO JOSE Calle Damiam Carles No. 59, Pen- onome, Rep. ot Panama AGRICULTURE Amer, Soc. Agronomy, Poultry Science Club. RABB, JOSEPH HARVEY 3149 Post St., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kappa Psi, S.A.M., Exec. Sales Club, Debate Soc. RANDOLPH, MARY CATHARINE 5350 Central Ave., St. Petersburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Broward Hall Council, Scholarship committee. RATHBONE, WILLIAM M. 1531 N.W. 16th Ave., Miami ENGINEERING Chess Club. RATZ, KENNETH, JR. e 117 S.W. 7th St., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RAULERSON, ROBERT EDWARD Box 176, DeLeon Springs I ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega, Freshman Track Team, A.S.M.E., Society of Pershing Rif es. RAULERSON, TED R., JR. Panama City ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon, A.I.S.C. REAL, VIRGINIA DARLYNE 5315 Garden Ave., W. Palm Beach EDUCATION Chi Omega, WSA, Choral Union. REDDICK, WALTER RALPH 1027 N. Jefferson St., Perry ARCHITECTURE Theta Chi, Sigma Lambda Chi, Student Bld. 8. Contractors Assoc. REDMAN, JOHN R. 555 9th St., E.P.H., Pensacola JOURNALISM Sigma Alpha Epsilon. REHWINKEL, JENNINGS A., JR. 508 Talaflo St., Tallahassee ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau Summer Gator, AIEE-IRE, joint Stu- dent Branch, Editor Publication, Com. of 67. REICHEK, RICHARD 1245 N.E. 90th St., Miaml ARCHITECTURE Zeta Beta Tau, Student Contractors IL Builders Association. REID, DAVID LINCOLN 515 W. 3rd St., W. Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Sigma Kappa, IFC, Seminole, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pep Club, Dir. Student Book Exchange, Fla. Union Social Bd. REIFF, CHARLES O. 10 Kelson Ave., Marianna AGRICULTURE Phi Delta Theta. REINERTSON, BRUCE NORMAN 2901 S.W. 4th Ave., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Sigma Nu, Treas. Delta Sigma Pi, SAM, Orientahon Counselor. RESTREPO, DARIO Earr. 17 No. 60-71, Bogota, Colom- ia AGRICULTURE Ag. Eng. Club, Colombian Student Assoc., Soccer Club. REVELS, PERCY BURTON, JR. 1703 Laurel St., Palatka ARCHITECTURE Phi Kappa Tau, Scabbard 8. Blade, Adv. Officers Club, Mens Glee Club, Pres. RICHARDS, ROBERT EARL 3926 S.W. 53rd Court, Miami ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, I,R.E. RIEL, GORDON K. 505 S. Main St., Gainesville ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Alpha Chi Epsilon, A.C.S. RIESGO, JOSEPH, JR. 1315 20th Ave., Tampa JOURNALISM Sigma Delta Chi. RIVERS, WILLIAM LORD 1319 Monte Vista, Ft. Myers ARCHITECTURE Sigma Chi, Gargoyle, Treas., AIA, Assoc. Lyceum Council, ROBBINS, JOHN ALFRED, JR. Box 627, Gainesville EDUCATION BSU E. Council, l.A.S. ROBERTS, DAVID LOUIS Box 1424, Cocoa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SAM. ROBERTS, PHILLIP ADELE RFD, Bell AGRICULTURE ROBERTSON, BRUCE LAMAR 259 Tallulah Ave., Jacksonville ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi, SRA, Sec. of Religious Af- fairs, Westminster Fellowship, State Pres., Hall of Fame. ROBERTSON, ZELDA L. 1378 Ingleside, Jacksonville EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, WSA, Lyceum Council, Social Bd., Seminole, Traf- fic Court Sec'y. ROHAN, NEIL JOHN 1432 S.W. 11th Ter., Miami ARTS AND SCIENCES ROIT, RENEE 2720 Southwood Ln., Jacksonville EDUCATION ROGERS, W. TERRY 1636 Sheridan St., Jacksonville ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi, Pres., Florida Players, V.P., Pres. Nat. Collegiate Players, Pres. ROSE, JOHN JOSEPH 5916 Ithamar Ave., Tampa ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Fla. Eng., Cir, Mgr., A.l.E., l.R.E. ROSS, CLAUDIUS ALLEN 1915 N.W. 2nd Ave., Gainesville ENGINEERING l.A.S., Chairman, Benton Eg. Coun- cil ROTHROCK, DOROTHY LUCILLE 126 E. Palm Dr., Lakeland EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas., Pep Club, WSA, FTA. ROWAND, THOMAS ARTHUR Rt. 1, Live Oak AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, Freshman De- bate, Block 8. Bridle, Honor Court Justice, F.F.A., Stamp Club, Fla. College Farmer, Circulation Mgr. ROWELL, JUNE Box 361, Panama City PHARMACY Ivtortar and Pestle, Sec., Kappa Ep- si on. ROGZI, DAVID STANLEY Box 216, Umatilla ARTS AND SCIENCES ROYAL, WILFRED J. 501 Cedar St., Fernandana, Fla. FORESTRY RUDINSKY, BERNICE BARBARA 1136 N.E. 165 Ter., N., Miami Bch. EDUCATION Delta Phi Epsilon, Treas., Hillel, Social Bd, FTA, Pep Club. RUDOLPH, HARRY P., JR. 7925 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Marketing Club, Delta Epsilon Pi, Sales Club. REID, DAVID LINCOLN 515 43 St., W. Palm Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, I.F.C., Seminole, Pep Club, Director Student Book Exchange, Fla. Union Social Board. REHWINKEL, JENNINGS A., JR. 508 Talaflo St., Tallahassee ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau, Summer Gator, AIEE, IRE. SAUNDERS, WATKINS A., JR. White Springs BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega, S.A.M., Water Ski Club. SCOTT, LAURENCE C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon House ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, co- capt., Basketball, Athletic Council, vice-pres., Exec. Council, Advanced Officers Club, AIIE, Arnold Air So- ciety, "F" Club, Fla. Blue Key. SCRUGGS, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. 400 Ridgewood Ave., Holly Hill BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Georgia Seagle, Advanced Officers Club. SEABERG, HAROLD F. 2013 N.E. 6th Ter., Gainesville EDUCATION F.T.A., N.E.A., Industrial Arts Club. SEABROOK, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, JR. 1724 N.W. 2nd Ave., Gainesville PHARMACY Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Psi. SEALS, DAVID LEROY 5701 Central Ave., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta. SEEKAMP, MURIEL ELEANOR 3201 Spruce Ave., West Palm Beach ARTS AND SCIENCES Zeta Tau Alpha. SEILER. NORMAN CHRISTIE Box 787, RR. 1, Melbourne ENGINEERING AIEE, IRE, Sigma Tau, Feature Ed., "FIa. Engineer". SACHS. JOAN BEATRICE 1202 Eutaw Pl., Jacksonville JOURNALISM Delta Phi Epsilon, Vice Pres., Social Chairman, Reid Hall, Los Picares, Orientation. SANDUSKY, CARL BOWERS 335 Russ St., Marianna BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Alpha. SANTY, JAMES PETER 334 34th Ave., St. Petersburg BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Newman Club, Propellor Club. SAUNDERS, BARBARA ANN 1504 Weber Ave., Orlando ARTS AND SCIENCES Orientation Committee, Seminole. SAUNDERS, WATKINS A. White Springs, Fla. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega, Water Ski Club, SAM. SCHLUESSLER, HARRY KURT 4700 Broadway, New York, N. Y. PHARMACY SAM, Mortar and Pestle. SCHOTT, BARBARA ELIZABETH 1403 26th Ave. W., Bradenton JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICA- TIONS Alpha Epsilon Rho, Sec., Radio Guild, Pres., Delta Chi Sweetheart, Chi Phi Sweetheart. SCHROEDER, BETTY LEE 3136 Euclid Ave., Tampa EDUCATION Sigma Kappa. SESSUMS, STEPHEN WALKER 703 W. Idlewild Ave., Tampa ARTS 8. SCIENCES Georgia Seagle Hall, Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundation, Pres., Religion in Life Week, Chairman, Circle K, Sec. 8. V. Pres., Budget Commission, Chairman, Finance Sec., Pres. of Student Body Cabinet, Sec- Treas. Student Body, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honorary, Fla. Blue Key, Hall of Fame. SHACKELFORD, CHARLES LAMAR Zolfo Springs AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, FFA Collegiate Chapter, Sec. SHAFFER, KENNETH SAMUEL 2200 Middle River Drive, Ft. Lau- derdale BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Theta Chi, Treas., Delta Sigma Pi, Gator Band, Real Estate Club, Sports Car Club. SHASHATY, RAY JAMES 1411 NW 43 St., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi, Assoc. Edit., Advanced Officers Club, S.A.M., Circle K Club, Newman Club, Leventine Club, Fla. Union Social Board, Undersec. Pub- lic Relations, Jr. Chamber Commerce, Blue Kev Homecoming Comm. 387 SHEPPARD, MARILYN ANN 1319 Robinson Rd. N., St. Petersburg EDUCATION F.T.A.j Newman Club. SHERMAN, WALTER C. . 842 Bunkers Cove Rd., Panama City ARTS 8. SCIENCES SHERRON, JOE WYATT 2207 Thomas St., Hollywood EDUCATION PI Kappa Alpha, Industrial Arts Society, V-Pres., Treas. SHINGLER, RUTH ALICE . 624 S. Hernando St., Lake City ARTS 8- SCIENCES Delta Delta Delta, W.S.A.,. Pan- hellenic Rep., Publicity Chairman, Swim Fins, Religion In Life. SHOUGER, RAPHAEL BERNARD 3150 SW 14 St., Miami AGRICULTURE Alpha Phi Omega, Treas., Beta Beta Beta. SILAS, LEONARD WILLIAM 309 D Flavet I, Gainesville ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau. AN KAM Slu' M 2 U Sta Gainesville P.o. Box 332 . ., BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SILVA, JOHN JAMES U 941 E 16th Place, Hialeah ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, AIEEI IRE. SILVERMAN, FAYE LEWITT t 213 Smith Ave., Thomasville, Georgia EDUCATION V , Florida Players, Sigma AIDII0 ETC, FEA. SILVERSTEIN, BETTY 705 Stratford Ave., Tampa EDUCATION , Assoc. Member Fla. Union Soc. Board, Hillel, Choral Union, Cava- Iettes Publ. Chairman, FTA, Hall Council. SIMS, VIOLET CALLIES 1905 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omega, House MQW, COT' res. Sec., FTA, Canterbury. SINGLETON, PAUL N. Flavet 2, 361 B, Gainesville ENGINEERING Sigma Tau. SINGLETON, ROBERT F. 2816 Terrace Dr., Tampa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delta Theta, Gator Band, KUPDO Kappa Psi, Beta AIDIWCI PSII VGVIGTY Band, Symphony Orchestra. SIPPLE, BEULAH MAE 2826 Stonemont, Jacksonville EDUCATION SLOAN, CHARLOTTE JEANE 1111 Delaware Ave., Ft. Pierce EDUCATION Springfield Hall, Treas., Wesley Foundation, Treas. SLOAN, JAMES BURNETT 969 Hollingsworth Rd., Lakeland AGRICULTURE 4 Alpha Tau Omega, Block 8. Bridle Club, U. of Fla. Livestock Judging Team. SMITH, DAVID JACOB Rt. Box 320, Hutz AGRICULTURE g Delta Tau Delta, Block 8. Bridle Club. SMITH, GEOFFREY EDWARDS 1123 NW 1st Place, Gainesville ARCHITECTURE - BUILDING CON- STRUCTION Sigma Lambda Chi, V. Pres., Stud- ent Contractors 8, Builders Assoc., V Pres., Gargoyle, Architecture 8. Allied Arts. SMITH, GEORGE WILLIAM 4008 San Rafael St., Tampa ARTS 8. SCIENCES SMITH, GORDON WAYNE 815 S. 12 St., Dade City AGRICULTURE SMITH, HENRY GENE Box 1226, Panama City BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi, Sales Club, Christian Science Youth Organization. SMITH, KLIP ASTOR 2131 Felch Ave., Jacksonville JOURNALISM Delta Chi SMITH, F. LUCRETIA 707 32 St. W., Bradenton EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, Seminole, Water Shows. SMITH, WILLIAM H. 116 Hendricks Isle, Ft. Lauderdale BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SMOOT, JAMES THOMAS Box 1007, Ft. Myers BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi, Tribune, Annotator, Al- pha Kappa Psi, Sec., Circle K, Aqua- skiers, Insurance Society. SMYSON, CHARLOTTE 1702 W. University Ave., Gainesville EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec., Ritual Chairman, Intramural Mgr., Chap- lain, FTA. SMYSON, PATRICIA 1702 W. University Ave., Gainesville EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres, Pledge Class, Activities Chairman, FTA. SNAPP, GEORGE HUBERT Rt. 3, Box 68, Plant City BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi, M.R.H.A. SNELLING, JEANETTE ANN Box 430, Kendall EDUCATION FTA, NEA, Fla. Union Social Board. SPAKE, NED BERNARR 430 Mandalay Rd., Clearwater ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha. SPARKMAN, WILLIAM E. 504 NW 1st Ave., Mulberry BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Alpha. SPEED, GEORGE BRYAN H. Flavet 3, Apt. 227 N, Gainesville ENGINEERING Beta Theta PI, Sigma Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, AICHE, Alpha Chi Sigma. SPELL, HAROLD E. 253 C, Flavet 3, Gainesville AGRICULTURE Agricultural Engineers, Pres., culture Council. SPEVAK, IRVING 2765 Forbes St., Jacksonville ARCHITECTURE A.l.A. Student Chapter. STAGG, CLYDE LAWRENCE 48 Davis Blvd., Tampa JOURNALISM Sigma Nu, Pres., Chancellor 8. Clerk of Honor Court. STARKIE, JAMES M. 421 NW 15th St., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi, Photographer, Sales Club, Alligator Photo, Orange Peel, Photo, Exec. Council. STEPHENS, ELLEN WALLACE 822 Atlantic Ave., Ft. Pierce ARTS 8. SCIENCES Fla. Players, Key Member, V. Pres., Wesley Foundation, Forum Chair- man, Debating, Key, S.R.A., Inter- cultural Chairman, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alligator, French Club, Soc. Chair- man, International Relations Or- ganization, Fla. Blue Key Speaker Coed Coordinator. STERLING, STANLEY O. 2377 S.W. 25th Ave., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Tau Epsilon Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, V. Pres. STEWART, DAN P. 1733 Crump Ave., Memphis, Tenn. FORESTRY Kappa Sigma, Housemgr., Exec. Council, Forestry Club, Slash Pine Cache. STEWART, ROBERT JAMES 209 S Flavet 3, Gainesville EDUCATION STINE, JOSEPH PAUL 423 Park Lake Circle, Orlando ENGINEERING Sigma Chi, Sec., Phi Eta Sigma, Sec., AIIE, Treas., Arnold Air Society, Pres., Advanced Officer's Club, V. Pres. STINSON, ROBERT EUGENE 1333 Walnut, Jacksonville EDUCATION Sigma Chi. STONE, BEVERLY ANN 428 Edwards Dr., Sarasota ARCHITECTURE Delta Gamma, Intramural Board, Swimming Mgr. STONE, JAMES MAURICE 4147 Spring Park Circle, Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Phi, Men's Glee Club. STONE, RONNY ARTHUR 428 Edwards Dr., Sarasota ENGINEERING Sigma Chi. STONE, THEODORE ERLING JR. 611 NE 14th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale ARCHITECTURE - BUILDING CON- STRUCTION Theta Chi, Housemgr., Ass't Pledge Marshall, Pledge Marshall, V. Pres., Broward Country Club, Young Re- publicans V. Pres., Student Biuld- ers 81 Contractors. STRICKLAND, ETHEL ANN 1627 NW 8th Ave., Gainesville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Pres., Chaplain, Womens Glee Club, His- torian, Univ. Business Women, Pres., BASOC Sec-Treas., Beta Gamma Sig- ma, S.R.A. Sorority Council, Steering Comm., Program Chairman. Agri- STRICKLAND, NANCY LEE 114 S. Lawsona, Orlando EDUCATION Broward Hall Council, Pres., Inter- dorm Council V. Pres., Big Sister Program, Welcome Committee. SUMNER, WALLACE B. Rt. 5, Box 328, Lakeland ENGINEERING Georgia Seagle, V. Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, AICI-IE. TAKUMI, AIKA 301 SE 1st Ave., Delray Beach EDUCATION Cavalettes, Historian. TALTON, LOURA ANN 1001 26th Ave., St. Petersburg EDUCATION Intramurals, Broward Big Team, Pres. East Broward. TARRINGTON, MICHAEL HALL 669 Seabrook Parkway, Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Sigma Pi. TAYLOR, MARTIN LUTHER 1222 W. University Ave., Gainesville AGRICULTURE THOMAS, ROGER MARK 1325 E 35th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma Sigma Chi, Track, Olympian Club, Gymnastic Club, Intramurals. THOMPSON, GEORGE WILLIAM Box 1075, Lake Alfred AGRICULTURE THOMPSON, HAROLD EUGENE Box 26, Lake Hamilton AGRICULTURE Thyrsus Club. TORRENCE, EDWARD THOMAS Sewell, Rancagua, Chile ENGINEERING Geology Club, A.S.C.E. TORRES, ESTHER BLAKE 6447 SW 14th St. W., Miami ARTS 8- SCIENCES Kappa Delta, Pres., Panhellenic, W.S.A., Service Chairman, I-lall Council, Peninsula, Acting-Man. Edi- tor, Assoc. Edit., Orientation Group Leader. TURVAVILLE, LESTER JACKSON 5407 Central Ave., Tampa ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta, AIIE. TUTTLE, DONALD LATHAM 2259 SW 5 St., Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi, Pep Club, Pres., Beta Gamma Sigma, Pres., Assoc. Editor, Alligator, "F" Book Mgr. Edit. TYLER, M. BETH 1213 5th St., Palmetto EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi. URGUHART, BARBARA HELEN 311 Pembroke Place, West Palm Beach EDUCATION Alpha Delta Pi. USHER, FRED RILEY JR. 3612 NW 4th Terr., Gainesville PHARMACY Kappa Psi. USTLER, JAMES PHILLIP Box 325, Apopka AGRICULTURE Theta Chi, Thyrsis, Veterans Club. VAN DEN BUSSCHE, RONALD ALAN 5300 W. Pensacola, Chicago, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION VAN de WATER, JANICE LOUISE 822 Ardmore Rd., W. Palm Beach EDUCATION VANDROFF, HOWARD ARTHUR 318 Pablo St., Lakeland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Lambda Phi, Intramural Board. VANN, CARL ELDRED 5900 NW Sth Court, Miami ENGINEERING AIEE. VASILOFF, ANGELOS JR. 2058 Cohage St., Ft. Myers ENGINEERING Arnold Air Society, Amer. Society Civic Engineers, B.S.U. State V. Pres., Advanced Officers Club, B.S.U. Treas. VERNON, RICHARDSON LEE Apt. 201 B, Gainesville PHARMACY Mortar 8. Pestle. VICKERY, BYRON LEE 1235 Clock Sf., Jacksonville ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, l.R.E., AIIE, Sec. VINCHESE, RICHARD ALEXANDER 148-46 61 Rd., Flushing, New York ENGINEERING Amer. Society Civil Engineers. VOORHEES, SHIRLEY ANNE Rt. 5, Box 582, Pensacola EDUCATION Alpha Chi Omega, Cavalettes, FTA. VOSS, ALLEN ROY Rt. 1, Box 424A, Clearwater BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Gamma Sigma, V. Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. WADE, GLENN FRANKLIN JR. Bushnell AGRICULTURE FFA. WALKER, CHARLES BYRON 921 Palm Drive, Orlando BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Student Insurance Society. WARGO, ARTHUR JR. Box 1126, Sparta, New Jersey PHARMACY Phi Kappa Tau, Mortar 8. Pestle, Amer. Chemistry Society. WATSON, EMILY NELL 529 Grove Ave., Jacksonville EDUCATION Kappa Delta, Sigma Alpha Eta, Treas., Seminole staff, Dorm Hall Council, Modern Dance Club. WEATHERS, PEGGY JUNE 956 N. Waterman, Jacksonville EDUCATION Zeta Tau Alpha, Pep Club. WEBB, KATHERINE ANN W. Pasadena, Clewiston PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta, Soc. Chairman, Intramural Board Mgr., Fla. Union Soc. Board. WEBB, MARTHA G. 511 S. Oregon Ave., Lakeland JOURNALISM Alpha Chi Omega, Undersec. Wo- men's Affairs, Grove Hall Council, Broward Hall Council, WSA Rep., Pres., Pica, Pres., Panhellenic Rep., Rush Chairman, SRA Chairman, Tri- anon, Hall of Fame. WEBB, LARRY ALLEN 403 Duray St., Jacksonville WELLS, JACQUELYN VIRGINIA 1111 Hill St., Ocala EDUCATION Westminster Fellowship, Women's Intramurals, FTA. WELLS, THOMAS LESTER 1155 Marine St., Clearwater BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha. WEGNER, RICHARD LEE 446 N. Brainard Ave., La Grange, III. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta, Camera Club, Pres., MRHA Exec. Council, Sec. WHIDDEN, CHARLES WALTER 224 S. Osceola Ave., Arcadia ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha. WHITE, ANNE CHRISTINA 114 S. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach JOURNALISM B.S.U., State Publicity Director, Edi- tor, Local Publ. Direct. Y.W.C.A., Pres., Women's Glee Club, Pres., AI- Iigator, Asst. Feature Edit, Pica, V. Pres., SRA, Religion in Life, Press Chairman, Trianon. WHITE, ERNEST CRAIG Box 558, Boca Raton JOURNALISM Delta Chi, V. Pres., S.E. Conference 8. Diving Champion, All Amer., Fla. AMU Champion, Propeller Club, Men's Council, Hall of Fame. WILKINSON, MARJORIE LORETTA Zephyrhills EDUCATION Phi Mu. WILLIAMS, HERMAN DANIEL, JR. 1535 Holly Oaks Lake Rd., Jackson- VI e ENGINEERING A.S.C.E., Benton cil, V. Pres., Club. WILLIAMS, RALPH PETE 2101 NE 7th St., Gainesville ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, ASCE. WILLIAMS, RICHARD LYON Rt. 4, Box 547, Gainesville ARTS 8 SCIENCES WILLIAMS, ROGER C. 1504 Hasasaw Nene, Tallahassee ARTS 8- SCIENCES Phi Eta Sigma, Advanced Officers Club, Arnold Air Society, Informa- tion Officer. WILLIAMSON, M. JANET 600 Killarney Circle, Winter Park EDUCATION Pi Beta Phi, FTA. WILSON, CAROL BALDWIN 833 Belmont Place, West Palm Beach EDUCATION Chi Omega, FTA, Choral Union. WILSON, JOHN RANDALL 2626 S.W. 19th Ave., Miami ARTS 8. SCIENCES Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Ep- silon, Alpha Chi Sigma, Master of Ceremonies, Pres. Scabbard 8, Blade, Advanced Officer Club. WILT, ROBERT EUGENE 54 15th St., Apalachicola ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, l.R.E. WILTSHIRE, WARREN BLAINE 1637 Woodford Ave., Ft. Myers BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi. Engineering Coun- Advanced Officers 388 I WING, HARRY FANNIN 659 Candler St., Gainesville, Georgia ARTS 8. SCIENCES Kappa Alpha, Sec., Varsity Football, Pres. Westminster Fellowship. WINTERER, WILLIAM GEORGE 912 S.E. 6th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale ARTS 8- SCIENCES Delta Phi Alpha, Pres., German Club, Pres., Newman Club, Pres. WITTSTRUCK, THOMAS ANDREW 860-20 Ave. S., St. Petersburg ARTS 8- SCIENCES Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, University Symphony. WODTKE, WILLIAM CONRAD JR. Box 5, Vero Beach BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller, New- man Club. WOOD, ARTHUR F. 255 S Flavet 3, Gainesville ENGINEERING Society Agricultural Engineers, Scribe, Sec., Treas., Commissioner Flavet 3. WOOD, DAVID MILTON 840 NE 130th St. N. Miami BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi. WOOD, EDWARD HOWE 1014 N "M" St., Lake Worth ARTS 8. SCIENCES Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Sec., Circle K, Orientation Leader, Track Team, Gator Aqua Ski Club. WOOD, JAMES ROBERT 2902 Westgate Ave., West Palm Beach ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon. WORLEY, BARBARA ANNE 7326 'lst Ave. N., St. Petersburg EDUCATION Math Club, Sec. WRENCH, JAMES HENRY JR. 3932 Gadsden Rd., Jacksonville ENGINEERING Sigma Chi, Exec. Committee, Sigma Tau, Scabbard 8. Blade, Adv. Officers Club Rep., Advanced Officers Club, Treos., Steering Committee, AIEE. YATES, BOBBIE SUE 1635 N.W. 6th Ave., Gainesville ARTS 8. SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Chaplain, S.R.A., Westminister Fel- lowship, Fla. Players Activities, Uni- versity Choir, MENC, V. Pres. YEAGER, ARTHUR GEORGE 251 W. 22nd St., Jacksonville ENGINEERING Georgia Seagle Hall, Commissary Mgr., AIEE-IRE. YOCUM, JOHN CASLOW 1208 S.W. 1st Ave., Gainesville ENGINEERING Chi Phi Pledge Dictator, Honor Court, A.S.M.E. ZELENKA, LOUIS GEORGE JR. 3210 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville ARTS 8. SCIENCES Newman Club, Pres., Propeller Club, S.R.A., Spanish Club. ZIMMERMAN, HELENE 2553 Pineridge, Jacksonville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Epsilon Phi, Student Coun- selor, Apprentice Players, Business Women's Club. ZITTEL, SALLY ANN 7320 S.W. 47th Ave., Miami EDUCATION General Index ABRAHMS, M, 168 ACKERMAN, PATTY, 12, 146, 151 ADAMS, BILL, 100, 125 ADDISON, T., 178 ADRESS, MARGIE, 40 AGOSTINO, VIC, 96 ALBRITTON, DON, 161, 163 ALBRITTON, LAURA, 169 ALLEN, BETTY, 39 ALLEN, CHUCK, 152, 160 ALLEN, DICK, 100, 112, 109 ALLSMEYER, BILL, 39, 141, 160 ANDERSON, ANDY, 44 ANDERSON, CORTLAND, 46 ANDERSON, RODNEY, 37 ANDRESS, MARGIE, 173 ANTONOFF, JOE, 125 ANGUISH, DONALD, 243 ARCADI, BEA, 156 ARGO, JENNINGS, 169 ASCOT, JOY, 169 ASHBY, SCOTT, 190 ATKINS, DICK, 141 ATWELL, CHARLES, 39 BACON, DON, 47 BALTZMAN, CHARLES, 113 BAILEY, BILL, 182 BAIN, D., 124, 182 BAKER, JOHN, 84 BANGART, HELEN, 39 BARILE, TONY, 141 BARKETT, TED, 37 BARLOW, CHARLIE, 42, 44 BARLOW, CHARLENE, 173 BARNES, CHARLES, 37 BARNETT, SYBIL, 37, 173, 182 BARRETT, BOB, 40, 86 BARRINGER, MADONNA, 11 BARROW, E., 160 BARROW, JOHN, 100 BARTLETT, ANN, 169 BARTLETT, DICK, 36 BARTMES, BOB, 141 BATH, D., 178 BAYLESS, BILL, 37 BEARDSLEY, EDDIE, 38, 39 BEDENBAUGH, ED, 152 BELL, CAROLYN, 173 BENDER, BARBARA, 20, 149 BENEFIEL, ROGER, 116 BERGERAF., 164 BESALSRI, MARY, 174 BERKOWITz, ZELDA, 156, 173 BEVINGTON, PAT, 57 BIGMAN, IRA, 243 BISHOP, G., 160 BILYK, JERRY, 123 BLACK, ALICE, 15 BLACK, F., 124 BLOCK, JOE, 40 BLUMBERG, STU, 46 BOGGIA, JANET, 168 BOLLES, ROBERT, 52 BOLTON, BILL, 100, 104, 107, 108 BOONE, GEORGE, 243 BOOTH, BILL, 40 BOOTH, ED, 141 BOVA, ROBERT, 243 DOOZEL, JIM, 36 BOSWELL, RAY, 19, 176 BRASWELL, BARBARA, 173 BREATHIT, DOUG, 78 BREATHIT, NAN, 30, 81 BREIDENBACH, BILL, 152 BRICE, RILEY, 36 BRILEY, BRUCE, 1, 42 BRODSKY, JOE, 112, 124 BROOKS, JACK, 243 BROWARD, J., 164 BROWDER, BESS, 168 BROWN, GEORGE, 12 BROWN, JOHN, 125 BROWN, LYNN, 62, 63, 64, 65, 69, 169, 186, 192 BROWN, RAY, 100, 102, 108, 124 BROWNE, ELEANOR, 52 BRYANT, JIM, 39 BUCHANAN, KEN, 44 BUCHANAN, MARILYN, 49 BUFF, WADE, 37 BURFORD, BOB, 100, 96 BURGESS, JOHN, 101, 102, 112, 106 BURKE, ART, 150, 151 CALDWELL, CHARLES, 182 CAMPBELL, FRED, 44 CAMPO, JACK, 37 CANSLER, DALE, 113 CARLSON, RUGGLES, 243 CARPENTER, ONIDIA, 81 CARR, GIGI, 163 CARR, JIM, 82 CARR, SARA, 81, 32, 83, 186 CARROLL, LARRY, 38, 39, 86 CARSON, MARION, 243 CARTER, GEORGE, 100 CELLON, RALPH, 140 CHANCEY, RAY, 182 CHANDLER, DON, 96, 101, 102, CHASEY, T., 118 CHENOWITH, AVERY, 163 CHURCH, GEORGE, 161 CLEMENTS, J., 178 COBB, JIM, 39 COE, P., 156 COHEN, J., 164 COHEN, SANDY COLE, BARBARA: 169 COLLINS, B. J., 39 COMRAS, REMA, 43 COMSTOCK, ROSALIE, 45 CONKLING, PEGGY, 173 CONNOR, STU, 51 COOK, TED, 142 COONEY, JACK, 243 COPELAND, TED, 116 COSTA, YOLANDA, 173 COWLEY, NOLA, 81 Cox, C., 100, 124 CRANE, HOWIE, 46, 52 CRANE, JOSH, 12, 46 CROSIER, JIM, 37, 100, 124, 125 CULPEPPER, BLAIR, 113 CULPEPPER, DOTTIE, 15 CUNNINGHAM, HUGH, 52 CUSACK, MIKE, 113 DAIL, T., 124, 125 DANEO, WILLIAM, 243 DANIELS, BEVERLY, 15 DAVENPORT, BOB, 17, 34, 35 DAVIDSON, BOB, 165 DAVIDSON, PETE, 113 DAY, BOB, 161 DEAL, DON, 113 DEHL4TORRE, STEVE, 36, 96, 100, 102, DE LUCA, PAT, 173 DENT, T., 124 DENYSE, MARY LOU, 60, 176, 186 DEWEY, D., 160 DICKERSON, CHUCK, 113 DOBBINS, T., 178 DOBRIN, RONNIE, 150 DONALDSON, E., 178 DOSS, LEW, 96, 116 DRENGLER, LAURYN, 243 DRISCOLL, RUSS, 182 DUNN, JIMMY, 113 DUSHAN, MARLENE, 173 DYAR, RUTH, 65 ECKELS, R., 160 EDDY, PAT, 173 EDGE, PHYLIS, 1, 10, 150 EDGINGTON, DAN, 113 105 EISNER, H., 164 ELLENBURG, JIM, 113 ELLYSON, JEAN, 149, 151 ELMER, J., 156 EMRICK, BOB, 116, 117 ENTz, ALAN, 149, 150, 151 EVANS, GINNY, 56, 59 EVANS, JOE, 16, 37, 36, 100, 173, EVANS, LITA, 168 FAGEN, DON, 113 FAIR, GORDON, 141 FAIR, WARREN, 113 FAIRCHILD, B., 160 FANNIN, DAVID, 113 FARMER, NORMAN, 141 FAULKNER, J., 160 FACETT, YVONNE, 12 FEAIRHILLER, BARB, 48 FREIGHT, JIM, 113 FELDMAN, BUDDY, 46 FERGUSON, KEN, 119, 126 FERNETY, FRANK, 49 FIEFIELD, TRUDY, 59 FIELDS, B., 117 FISHER, BOB, 142 FLEET, DALE, 243 FLEISHER, BUNNY, 43, 168 FLEMING, DON, 113 FLEMING, JAMES, 87 FLEMING, PAUL, 40, 140, 141 FLOYD, JAY, 12 FLYNN, NORA, 36, 58, 182 FOGEL, VERENA, 176 FOOTE, ALICE, 169 FOOTE, PERRY, 182 FOOTE, R., 118 FORER, HENRY D., 87 FORTUNATO, STEPHEN, 113 FOUTS. 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TRUMAN D., 243 PETERS, J., 178 PETTIGREW, RICHARD, 90 PHILLIPS, JR., 118 PHILLIPS, MARY, 173 390 176 PHILLIPPS, KEN, 113 PIELEKE, BETTY, 42, 50 PIKE, CHARLIE, 116 PINGEL, D, 118 PIPER, EDwINA, 173 PORCHER, P., 156 PORTER, CHARLENE, 37 PORTNOY, JEAN, 182 POUCHER, E., 124 PoUcHER, RAYMOND, 90 POWELL, HERBY, 152 PowERS, R., 178 PRAcEK, Boa, 113 PRDBINSKY, EAYE, 169 PUCKETT, JOHN, 113 QUENTEL, AL, 46, 47, 84, 90 RAHNER, ToM, 149, 150, 151 RAILEY, G., 178 RAINWATER, PAT, 65, 67 RANCID, WALLY, 46 RANDOLF, J., 178 RAY, RDDGER, 39 REDDICK, H., 117 RICHARDSON, CHARLES, 142 RICHARDSON, JOEY, 140, 141, 243 RIcHMAN, SUSIE Jo, 12, 56 RIDOUT, JOHN, 100 ROBBINS, ELLIE, 81 ROBBINS, JERRY, 141 RoBERTS, CHARLES, 113 RDBERTSDN, BRUCE, 40, 90, 182 RoBINSoN, NANETTE, 174 ROGERS, TERRY, 149 ROGGENSTEIN, PEGGY, 45, 73 RoHER, D., 118 RDUNTREE, JIN, 101, 105, 108 ROUSE, BILLIE, 173 RUFFNER, cHUcK, 46, 48 RUSH, ROSALIND, 75 RYAN, BARB, 185 SAMUEL, JEANIE, 58 SANDERS, B., 164 SANDS, LARRY, 164 SARMAN, JIM, 379 SAVAGE, FRAN, 173 SAWYER, CAROL, 58 SCHAEEER, BoB, 36 SCHOTT, BOBBYE, 161 ScHUTz, FRED, 113 scHwARTz, HERB, 48 scHwARTz, J., 164 ScoLES, E. E., 52 ScoTT, LARRY, 37, 141 SEABROOK, cLARE, 81 SEARS, ED, 107 SEGAL, MIKE, 44 SELLS, JACK, 100 SESSER, S., 164 SESSUMS, STEVE, 17, 34, 35, 90 SExToN, B., 117 SHAKELEDRD, LARRY, 37 SHEER, TDM, 113 SHELL, THURSTDN, 91 SHER, KEN, 46 SHERRILL, R., 178 SIMPSON, JACKIE, 96, 100, 101, 105, 108, 109,110,115 SINGLETARY, BoB, 15 sINGLEToN, ROBERT E., 243 SMITH, BOB, 103 SMITH, CAROL, 127 SMITH, CHARLES, 113, 116 SMITH, J., 100, 124 SMITH, KLIP, 149 SMITH, STAN, 140 SPRINGER, BARB, 194 STANLEY, w., 160 STERLING, STANLEY, 243 STERLING, w., 160 STINE, J0E, 140, 141 sT0cK, JoE, 1oo STOKLEY, RoN, 116 sTRoHM, J., 160 STORTER, cARoLYN, 1, 8, 35 STORY, JIMMY, 243 STRAIN, HOBSON, 40, 91 STRIGKLAND, ANN, 182 STRICKLAND, G., 164 STRICKLAND, JoHN, 37 STRICKLAND, BILLIE, 15 SULLIVAN, DOTTY, 56 SULLIVAN, MARY LEW, 169 SzERwoNKY, BoB, 100, 119 TAYLOR, DANNY, 113 TESTRAKE, W., 118 THORNTON, SANDY, 174 TODD, DAVE, 163 TOTTY, J., 160 TOUCHBERRY, BURT, 100, 116 TREZEVANT, RUTH, 81 TRINGIALI, DOLORES, 168 TROLLINGER, V., 156 TUTTLE, DON, 40, 140 TUTTLE, MILLS, 141 TUTEN, LAMAR, 113 1 04, URANKER, JAN, 149 VASILOF, ANGIE, 141 VAUGHN, RONALD, 12 VENTRELLA, AL, 39 VERRI, JANELL, 243 VISSER, BOB, 96, 101, 102 VOSLOH, BOB, 100 VOSS, ALLEN, 243 wAHLBURG, JOEL, 101 WALLIS, KEN, 130 wANIcKA, D., 117 wARD, FRED, 43 wARDRoP, PAT, 168, 173 wATsoN, w., 100, 124 wATTS, JoHNEsS, 173 wEBB, J., 156 wEBB, MARTHA, 84, 91 WEHLE, JIM, 182 wEISMAN, MARLENE, 169 WELLBERG, D., 164 WELLS, CLYDE, 37 wEsLEY, LARRY, 100 wEST, J., 124, 125 WHAM, FRED, 113 wHTE, CRAIG, 194 wHITE, ED, 42, S1 WHITE, L., 124 wHITE, LIBBYE, 36 wHITEHURsT, JENNIE, 81 wIcKSTRoM, KARL, 37, 119 WILINSKI, DICK, 113 , 109 WILLIAMS, BETTE ANNE, 169 WILLIAMS, BucKY, 100 WILLIAMS, ED, 37 WILLIAMS, LILA, 182 WILLIAMS, MURRAY, 36, 178 WILLIAMS, RDGER, 140, 141 WILLIAMS, WAYNE, 116 WILLIAMSON, JOAN, 42, 50 WILLIS, W., 124 WILSON, D., 124, 125 WILSON, FRED, 19, 100, 176 WING, HARRY, 182 WINGSTED, WALTER, 243 WINTERSTEEN, D.: 160 WITTINGSLOW, TOM, 126 WYCKOFF, NORMAN, 36 YEATS, JIM, 101 YocuM, JOHN, 39 YOUNG, JIM, 113 ZALLA, AL, 164 ZINN, JIM, 116, 17 redit This yearbook is finished and many people were responsible. I could not begin to mention all of their names. I wish, however, to note a few of them who put forth more than would have been normally required of them. To those few I wish to offer my most humble appreciation and gratitude. Without them, this book would have been late and in poor shape. Instead, it is on time and a book that each member of the student body can be proud, for it is a naturally informal record of the happenings of your life during the school year l955-56. My thanks to: Commercial: Record Press-Printing--Bill Traer Roy Green-Photography-Roy and Mrs. Green Southern Photo Process-Engraving-Walt Dargan and Doris Leeper Bruce Briley-Cover entitled "Trees" and the layout and artistic design of the book. Fred Ward-Creative photography and the magnificent division pages. Bill Hobby-Unfailing devotion to his task and unbelievable capacity for work. Ed White-Inspired ability in creation of the Greek section and ability to work sans sleep, sans credit, sans all. Hugh Cunningham-Continued faith in our task and goal and cooperation throughout, plus stimulating discussions resolving all and nothing. John Paul Jones-Assistance, cooperation and mediation. John Totty, Joan Uranker, Jim Denton, Ed Kroll, Ed Piper for their un- heralded help when cornered. And certainly my thanks to my wife, Frances, who deserves credit for stay- ing with me even when I was away more than at home. These people deserve and receive what appreciation they can gather from these humble but sincere words. Thanks from the i956 SEMINOLE and Pete Kinsey 1 v ' x 0 Q. r ' N. ,., 1, Y TW! I, t,W ,,,, I - QI Q' I v ' ' 'fx' 'I 1' 11 .i , ,- v I " ' w ' l vu . 1 1 ' -JP '1 1 b Q Higgs .ff Q' I v ' ' 'fx' 'I 1' 11 .i , ,- v I " ' w ' l vu . 1 1 ' -JP '1 1 b Q Higgs .ff

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