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I8 ■8R'S'ITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE, FLORIDAROM the mass of faculty members, a certain few stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are recognized for their academic prowess, their opinions and attitudes, their patience and understanding, and their ability to lift a student number to the status of a human being, complete with problems and thoughts. They help to solve the problems and guide the ideas into proper channels. Such a faculty member is Rolnrrt C. Beaty, Dean of Men. b'or over twenty-five years he has unselfishly and tirelessly devoted himself to the cause of human relations. He has guided thousands of Morida men who have taken their places in the business world. Through his efforts many problems have vanished, many thoughts and ideas have been nurtured to fulfillment. He is a Phi Beta Kappa, a family man, is active in civic and religious affairs, but above all is a counselor and friend to each of the students. It is fitting that we dedicate this 1952 SKMINOLK to Dean Robert C. Beaty.DEAN OF MEN ROBERT C. BEATY 6m Rising from a small, green plot of Ian Peabody Hall and the Library is the Uni Florida’s only monument, a bronze statu c Albert A. Murphree, the second preside t I University. Support for this project from many different sources including the islaturc, a memorial concert given by Jamc the alumni of the I University, and the mat v of the beloved president. Paul Manship New York sculptor, was given the assign the fifteen-foot figure of Dr. Murphree, his academic dress, was unveiled in 1946. Spessard L. Holland delivered the dcdic t dress and Jennie Murphree, granddaught president, performed the unveiling. Th tion might be said to have been symbolic o of an era and the beginning of another s was just then embarking on the long c would carry her from a small university to tion of one of the leading state univcrsitic between ersity of of Dr. of the secured state leg-Melton, friends a noted lent and rcssed in Senator ory ad-r of the dcdica-thc end Florida mb that the posi-Weaver hau ,, one of the four new dormitories opened in September, 1951, of the modern, red brick building that featured in the huge building program in 1 niversity of Florida ha been engrossed ending of World War II. The luxurio tory is indicative of two trends that have during the last five years. The first F buildings arc spreading out towards the w southern extremes of the campus and that t versity will not be limited within certa confines. Secondly, and the most impor ably to at least half of the student body the growth of coeducation since its inccptio Although three beautiful dormitories have structed for the women, the facilities art large enough to fill all the applications sion. As a result, next fall will sec W verted for use as a women’s residence dormitories are ready for them. freshmen s typical avc been vhich the since the s dor mi-cveloped that the stern and he Uni-» narrow nt prob-has been in 1947. x:en con still not admis- i r c tv 'cr con-ntil new history. To the majority who read these lines, those whA were students at our University during 1951-52, this was a ntyincntous year, one that will long he remembered. It was the object of the Seminole staff to compile for you a tangible record of this fleeting moment—an album of friends, an outline of activities, and 1 thesaurus of memories all within one cover. And yet it was not our purpose to provide a dry tome, factually correct but lacking interest and capturing none of the spirit of the student body. • Our purpose was to provide a book truthfully reflecting the college days that have inspired us to face the horizons of a new world with rcs|K ct and tolerance toward our fellow man. We have subscribed to the “silver lining” philosophy that happiness breeds happiness and toward this end we havc Iabored, enjoying it as we did. | 1 i Rp , ' I You have contributed to this bflbk, as your every act became pa the b'lorida tradition, the spirit of wbnh we have tried t« We sincerely hope tluU in future years this Volume will brir. ; ack memories of some of tlje happiest year- of vour 11I11 n MSJ "V Izjfa l oj jamc cJntencollcqiatc zjfonts jy cUnfamutal fonts (Onqanizations 227 287 373 StuJent governmentmm Answering their country’s call in her hour of need, they laid aside their life ambitions and gave the last full measure of devotion so that we may continue to live and learn in a free nation under God. JAMES CARLTON ROBERT H. HOWELL IIURDKR F. COLSON JERRY C. LEER MARIAN C. FORI), JR. WILLIAM It. LEVIN ANDREW B. IIACER MAX W. STI LTS WILLIAM W. MARWOOI) ALBERT B. WARE, JR. JOEY MOODY ROBERT H. WHITNEG. JR. TROY E. MOODY. JR. WILLIAM L WHITE T ■ HI , governing body of the University of Florida is the Board of Control, whose nine members arc appointed by the Governor for a term of four years. I his Board, which supervises the policies and affairs of the University, is responsible to the State Board of Kducation composed of Governor Fuller Warren, Secretary of State K. A. Gray, Treasurer J. Kd I-arson, Attorney General Richard Ervin, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Thomas Bailey. . FRANK IIHINT , Tallahassee; W. GLENN MILLER. Monticello; GEORGE J. WHITE Mount Dora; ELI FINK. Jacksonville; FRANK N|. HARRIS. Chairman. St. Petersburg,, W. F. POWERS. Tallahassee; MRS. ALFRED I. HuPONT. Jacksonville; HOLLIS RINK HART. Miami; GF.ORG K W. ENGLISH. Ft. U oiler Male; J. IIILLIS MILI.KR. (iainesville 17 •n« • ' mMisivoI IVK YEARS ago, a far-sighted, forceful leader was needed to set up and co-ordinate the administration of the many varied activities that were needed to develop and sustain a great state university. To fill this need, J. Hill is Miller was summoned to take over the position as President of the University of Florida. How well President Miller has performed his duties may lx attested to by the new physical aspect of the campus and by the schools and colleges which have mushroomed to keep in step with the modern buildings. Truly it can lx slid that Dr. Miller stands for a greater university, and with him as its leader, the University of Honda looks to the future.JOHN S. ALLEN View IW.Uni GEORGE F. HA LG II.HAN Kumihx Mana r IIIII IMS T I! ITIII1 20JOSEPH E. SHERMAN Director of S|»ort« Publicity RALPH A. MORGEN Director of Engineering, Kx|ieriinent Station haves k. McClelland Advisor to Student Organization 25HENRY A. FENN Dean o the College of lutit I HIS 'l I'.AH the Florida I-aw College added to its many honors by being selected as the location for the southern eliminations in the National Intcr-1-aw School Appellate Moot Court Competition. Outstanding students deluted the rights of a witness l)cfore a Congressional Investigating Committee and submitted briefs to luck their arguments to the Moot Supreme Court of the State of Jefferson. Florida’s briefs were adjudged the best. Two of the most interesting courses of study in the College are the “Law Review” and the Legal Research programs. The former is a student-edited publication, with articles by both students and prominent jurists, dedicated to keeping the Florida bench and bar informed of all new developments in the legislative and judicial fields. The latter is research done by individual students on specific problems submitted by lawyers throughout the state.WlTHIN recent years, Floridians have been faced with the realization that their resources of timber would be exhausted if the indiscriminate cutting of the forests was not halted. The demand for foresters moved the University of Florida to establish the School of Forestry to train students in the techniques of forest management. Although the needs are slowly being filled, the demand for these men still exceeds the number of graduates. The school offers two curricula—forest management and wildlife management. The varied aspects of logging, processing, preservation and conservation of timber arc dealt with in the forest management course. In the other program, conservation and multiplication of wild life and game species are the main concern. Adequate field facilities arc present in the 2083 acre Austin Cary Memorial Forest and the 2500 acre Conservation Reserve in Putnam County. In addition, several national forests are within easy driving distance of Gainesville. CLEMENS M. KAUFMAN Director of the School of ForestryRALPH E. PAGE Dean of ihe College of Iris anti Sciences h MBODYING the traditional concepts of liberal education, the College of Arts and Sciences endeavors to provide the student with a broad foundation as preparation for competent living and leadership in his community. While offering majors in the field of sciences, social studies, humanities and languages, the college disseminates knowledge which is fundamental to specialization in advanced professions. Headed by its popular dean, Ralph Kmcrson Page, the college is currently making a complete re-evaluation of its academic program in an effort to strengthen it. An Advisement Panel is maintained to give the student effective guidance in planning his college program. The rehabilitation of Science Hall has helped to relieve crowded conditions by providing the Biology Department with space for classrooms and research. The Public Administration Clearing Service is designed to assist citizens and officials of the state with governmental problems.Bounded in 1926 with a staff of five, the College of Business Administration has grown into one of the most important and largest colleges on the campus. With a staff today of more than 70 persons, the college graduates over 300 as compared to its first class of five. Business Administration is composed of four departments— accounting, business organization and operation, economics, and real estate—and one research unit, the Bureau of Economic and Business Research. The college, whose Silver Anniversary was highlighted at the February graduation, was organized by Dean Walter J. Mathcrly who has been dean of the college since its founding. I le also serves as president of the Athletic Association. Purposes of the curriculum arc to provide students with the fundamentals of business, to prepare them to become leaders and executives, train them as business technicians, and to engage in projects of research.JOSEPH WEIL Dean of College of Engineering. MURING and following World War II, Florida’s College of F.ngi nee ring ha moved to the forefront of the engineering colleges in the nation. In her contribution for the defense of democracy, Florida has done more research than that of any combination of schools in the Southeast. The college has received special commendation from the government for work in developing the proximity fuse, one of the major factors in speeding the end of World War II. Florida’s new Engineering and Industries Building, completed and dedicated in February 1951, consists of about one-fourth of what will ultimately be the engineering plant. The college, headed by Dean Joseph Weil, prepares men for Bachelor’s degrees in aeronautical, agricultural, chemical, civil, industrial, electrical, and mechanical engineering. With a strong demand for engineers, a promising future is in store for graduates. For THE many medicinal preparations that arc put up to insure the nation’s health, the people of the entire country arc indebted to the American colleges of pharmacy- which turn out thousands of druggists and drug research men each year. The College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida is the third largest of these with an enrollment well over four hundred. Its facilities include a pilot plant in which tablets and ointments arc manufactured, a ten-acre medicinal plant garden with over two hundred varieties of plants, and the only Bureau of Professional Relations in the country. 1'hc college is constantly on the lookout for medi cincs that can Ik produced from Florida-grown plants and sea life. In its medicinal garden, it grows experimental drug-plant crops to discover if any can be grown here on a commercial scale. As one can easily sce, the college’s importance to Florida is immeasur able. PERRY A. FOOTE Dean of the College of PharmacyWILLIAM T. ARNETT Dean of the College of Architecture and Allied Arts I UK College of Architecture and Allied Arts, the center of aesthetic thought on the campus, has come a long way since its founding in 1925. Then 34 students gathered in the attic of Peabody Hall for classes. Now almost 600 students study to be architects, artists, builders and designers in a college that occupies all or portions of four buildings. The objectives of the college consist of (1) improving our physical environment and (2) adding to the enrichment of human life. The courses in architecture and building construction are built around the realization that buildings arc shells for human activities, and thus should be built with an eye for their total utility, not just for their superficial appearance. Students arc encouraged to give vent to their creative urges through the medium of art. Outstanding examples of contemporary work are displayed by the college. mmuL CLARENCE V. NOBLE Dran of the College of Agriculture I HIS PAST year has seen Florida’s College of Agriculture expand rapidly to keep up with the needs of its students. Three new units, which will strengthen the teaching and research programs of the college immeasurably, have just been completed. They consist of a luxurious poultry unit on Archer Road, a stock judging pavilion in the same vicinity and a meats laboratory. A new Agriculture Building is in the plans for the near future. Not contented with mere physical growth, the college is forging ahead in many other fields. Its resident teaching division offers courses in all phases of agriculture. The Agricultural Experiment Station continues its research into the many problems of Florida’s farmers, its dairy unit at I lague being especially sue cessful. Finally, the extension division spreads the benefitsof the college’s teaching and research throughout the state.--—--------- Ml--I--- ----:-----------------------1MMI DENNIS K. STANLEY Dean of the College of Physical Education. Health and Athletics. Throughout the nation competent young men and women are needed for positions of leadership in the professional fields of physical education, athletic coaching, health instruction and public education. The College of Physical Education, I lealth and Athletics was established in 1946 to fulfill these needs. The college also supervises intercollegiate sports, intramural sports, required physical education, and the Student 1 lealth Service. Headquarters for the college is the new Florida Gymnasium which can scat up to 7,000 spectators when used for the intercollegiate basketball games. With over one hundred teams and fourteen different sports, the intramural program gives each student an opportunity to take part in some kind of competitive sport, thus fulfilling the aim of the college to implant an interest in healthful recreation in all.WINSTON W. LITTLE II Y INITIATING a general educational program in establishing the University College, the University of Florida became the first state university to embrace such a plan. Always a controversial subject, the system of general education has come in for more than its share of criticism, but its advocates arc much more vociferous than its critics. During the two years in the college, the underclassman is exploring his interests, testing aptitudes, and laying a strong foundation for more effective Upper Division study. For the student undecided upon his life work, the college serves as a testing ground where a decision may be reached as to the career for which he is best suited. To accomplish this, the college under Dean Y. V. Little offers six comprehensive courses which give the student a glimpse into the several different areas of study which he may pursue. These familiar “C” courses arc: American Institutions, Physical Sciences, English, I.ogic and Mathematics, 1 lumanitics, and Biology. Oran of ihr University College.JOSEPH B. WHITE Dean of the College of Education I LOR IDA’S children arc her best resource. Careful estimates indicate that the state’s schools will need 2,000 new teachers within the next several years and the College of Education has set the achieving of this figure as its goal. To develop this resource, the college offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Education which arc supplemented by a graduate program conferring Masters and Doctors degrees. Actual practice in the art of teaching is obtained through the college’s program of intern and student teaching. This semester in the field with its accent on learning by doing is carried on under competent supervision by experienced teachers. The Bureau of Educational Research enables the college to look into the educational problems which are unique to the State of Florida. I hus the College of Education can serve as a workshop and laboratory to develop teachers who are better equipped to train the Floridians of tomorrow.___________________________________________________■ ... -------------------- i ————M CoNSCIOUS of the powerful influence that an intelligent press may have upon the people of the state, the University of Florida created the School of Journalism in July 1949. With Rac O. Weimar as director, the progressive school was accredited by the American Council on Education for Journalism within a year. The school’s revised curriculum requires a broad background in liberal arts and sciences which is expected to be combined with the student’s journalistic techniques. Specialization in some field such as business or political science is strongly urged for a greater chance of success. The journalism courses arc themselves broken down into three fields—editorial, advertising and radio news writing. Facilities now include a sound proof broadcasting booth for recording and testing in the radio sequence, a small press and type case racks in the enlarged typography laboratory, and a new laboratory for the newspaper advertising students.CLARENCE F. BYERS Acting Dean of the Graduate School if ITU MANY fields of knowledge becoming so specialized, it has been found that the usual four years of college often will not suffice a person in a given area of study. It was for the purpose of creating an opportunity for further research and study that the Graduate School was founded at the University of Florida. While each student pursuing work leading to an advanced degree is registered in the Graduate School, the individual colleges and schools have their own programs and requirements. The minimum requirements leading to the coveted MA and Phi) degrees arc set in the Graduate program, but many colleges have requirements which arc higher than this minimum. Two characteristics of the college which often strike terror in the heart of the undergraduate arc grade and research requirements. A graduate student must receive at least a “B” in a subject before credit will be given, and in most eases, a Master’s thesis or a Doctor’s dissertation is a prerequisite for the degree.■oMmanoM STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT WOODY LILES Thr forcible leader served uell. tiik ms mm' THE PRESIDENrS RIGHT HAND LADY Capable Shirley Hill served as secretary to tt'oody. JIM DIMMICK Labor JACK MILLER Veteran Affairs AILING from Plant City, Woody Liles followed up his fine work as Vice President of the Student Body in 1950-51 with a great job as the leader of the University’s Student Government during the past year. The experienced leader was swept into office in the spring elections of 1951 with an overwhelming majority. 1 iclpcd by a hard-working Cabinet and a conscientious and cooperative Kxecutivc Council, Woody was able to put into operation some very successful programs. Liles, who believes that Student Govern-eminent exists for the service and welfare of the students and the University, has carved a niche for himself in the annals of UK history, and was recognized for his outstanding work by the 1951 Hall of Fame and Florida Blue Key. His leading accomplishments include the establishment of the Traffic Court, revising the Student Activity Fee, encouraging the Book Exchange, and housing Student Government with some suitable offices. JUAN M dc lo PUENTE Foreign AffairsROY GILBERT TOM HENDERSON TONY BATTAGLIA DICK PETRY ABBOTT HERRING Interior Social A (fairs Meat Affairs Religious Affairs Initiative Affairs The cabinet is often called the “right arm” of the chief executive in the system of student government at the University of Florida. With the addition of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs during the past year, the Cabinet became composed of twelve students, each of whom is responsible to the President. It is their duty to assist the President and to advise him along special lines. The chief duty of the Secretary of Interior is the supervision of Student Body elections. The Secretary of Finance is the supervisor of all organizations coming within the student budget when it comes to their financial affairs. Organiza tions are represented in the office of the Secretary of Organizations. The Secretary of I-abor is assigned the duty of extending student employment on the campus. Supervision of the “Miss University of Florida” contest is vested in the Secretary of Social Affairs. The Secretaries of Men’s, Women’s, Veteran’s, and Foreign Affairs represent their respective groups of students in the Cabinet. Religion is represented in the government by the Secretary of Religious Affairs while publicity for Student Government is handled in the office of Secretary of Public Relations. CECILE SCHWE8EL Women's Affairs GENE SPELLMAN I’uhlic Relations t JOE GONZALEZ OrganizationsJOE REYNOLDS Student Body I ice President VKK1 - Vitality, Knergy, Kfficiency, Personality. That’s a thumbnail description of the Student Body vice president, Joe Reynolds, who has represented the students on many administrative, faculty, and student committees. One of 1 lomcstcad’s many contributions to a greater I Jniversity, Joe has been active in Student Government since he arrived as a freshman in 1948. During the past year, the affable leader devoted his time in serving the University in his capacity as vice president, and in trying to increase student participation in Student Government. Joe, indeed, has earned his 1952 Hall of Fame recognition. mmm ■■■■ v b i JUNY AMOR HARRY CARRaTT Physical Education Arts and Sciences JOHN GUGEl Business Administration GLENN BLACK Engineering DAVE FOLEY Education JOE STAFFORD F orestry 42 I !)ANDY ORAVEC Agriculture CLARA BURGDORFF Sophomore JULIAN DOMINICK Student Body SecrelnryTreaturer With his fingers constantly on the pulse of all those organizations financed by the Student Activity Fee, Julian Dominick, scerctary-treas urcr of the Student Body, kept Student Government in good financial condition during the past year. Married and father of two children, the genial secretary-treasurer kept his door open to advise the various treasurers and business managers on ways to stay out of the “red”. Julian, who put his experience as a Certified Public Accountant to good use, was one of the select few to be tapped for I fall of Fame and Florida Blue Key during the past year. PAUL POHL Agriculture DANNY MARTINEZ Engineering ..._ J._ .Ji J WALTER CARRY Sophomore VIRGINIA LEPS Sophomore 43TOM McALILEY Sojthomore mmiTE ALAN BORG Architecture and Allied Arts JIM PENUEL Pharmacy DON DEBEVOISE business Administrationcomm i ART CHALKER Freshman BILL SHERMAN Law ERIC MEYERHOFF Architecture and Allied Arts HOMER BAIN Sophomore CHARLIE ABBOTT Imu JIM ADE Freshman BETTY ANN DYKES Physical Education JOHN BETHEA SophomoreCHANCELLOR JOHN R. TRINKLE iiii iiit rum Trot ECTJNG Mori da’s most cherished tradition, the I lonor System, is the job that falls to the members of the 1 lonor Court. The Court, elected by the Student Body in the spring elections, was guided during the past year by Chancellor John Trinklc and Clerk Fred Jones. These two leaders and the eleven members of the I lonor Court met a year of problems unflinchingly, upheld the Florida students’ faith that their Honor System will work. Chancellor Trinklc has filled many posts and has been selected to many honorarics in his stay at Florida, but he never served in any position more faithfully and successfully than he did as leader of the I lonor Court. The senior law student from Plant City was selected to the 1952 Hall of Fame for the outstanding leadership that he displayed. The same honor was accorded to the Clerk of the Honor Court, C. Fred Jones, who served along side Trinklc in administering the University of Florida 1 lonor Code. The popular Clerk w'as rewarded for his outstanding leadership by being selected as the outstanding leader among the 1952 graduating seniors. Trinklc and Jones, however, were not alone in believing in the Honor Code. There were the eleven hard-working justices and a cooperative Student Body whose faith in the Honor System would not be denied. :ms ( Na( je cN iKm«« »»»•» c rmo ci tpnsMUM K«UT M. XUINCILCV HCMAiO CCAeWWU. CVAKJ CMRr. JR. RANVK.Lt KIM Lt»l$ iTft'WtHfr KO»AS K OiA l • .LA«CM.80« STt TlUHTONA SMIU fiKKACO G.O l» ROCt'O e. Kilt January 1, 1951 PENAL DECREE University of Plorlda VI Culprit Hunter 500 CHARGE: Premeditated chesting on a flnsl exam PLEA Wot guilty PIVDINO: Guilty • PH-ALT': Expulsion fron University, dropped from the course with a falling grade, plus a severe reprimand.WXTtOH N V r hi kt PASSING wo checks is A VIOLATION _ . .. If■ In rdtll them that 0,1 m ' honor " a Florida student.. » fhll » mat signifies to each student the importance «f h u hc plcdgc I1 7"rtor "f thc of the University, 'viofctl’ fChCa,‘n ™ dealing, and 2! check.. I he wheel,, of justice are set in motion by the placing of an accusation m the Honor Court Box. The defendant is notified of thc accusation and an interview i arranged between him and the Chancellor. After being presented with the facts, the Court meets to decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant, and if found guilty, the punishment that the offense warrants. Thc identity of the accused never leaves the Court Room. The verdicts of those found guilty, posted by number on the bulletin boards, act as a warning to all who may be tempted to violate the Code. 1 he Honor Court is only a' strong as thc support thc students give their System. THE HONOR COURT IN SESSION of ihr trial art kepi srerri.CLAUDIO ARRAU 1ARIKTY is the spice of life.” That was the attitude that the 195 52 Lyceum Council took when they arranged for programs that were designed to please all the different tastes in entertainment. Both the students and faculty enjoyed many hours that ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. The ridiculous was ably represented by Spike Jones and his City Slickers who presented their “Musical Depreciation Revue” to a packed au • dicnce of enthusiastic listeners. I-a Traviata, performed by the Wagner Opera Company provided many students with their first opportunity to see and hear an actual opera. A happy medium was struck in the presentation of “Rogers Hammcrstcin Nights” which brought many popular Broadway tunes to the campus. The other top entertainment which the Lyceum Council brought to the University included the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Chilean pianist, Claudio Arrau, and the Army Ground Forces band. Jjyceum Council The CUy Slicker himself. SODAYTON LOGUE—President IKE GANEY GEORGE ALBRIGHT MIRIAM TATOM DAVE HYMAN DR. A. A. BEECHER La Tr at iota — Florida's first opera. Popular tunes from Rogers and Hammerstein. SI ■ FLORIDA UNION'S HEAD MEN looting the inion are Bill Hion. Director, ant! Dean R. C. Beaty, Chairman of the Board of Directors. 11 IK M.OR1DA Union, a building of, by and for the students, is the official center for all student activities on campus. This centrally located four-story structure houses every imaginable convenience a student could desire. Here he’ll find facilities for banquets, three lounges, a reading library and a game room. There are ten meeting rooms for campus organizations as well as the permanent offices of Student Government, the Traffic Court, the Honor Court, the Seminole, the Alligator and the Orange Peel. Fifteen guest rooms on the fourth floor supply living quarters for campus visitors. Here also are such varied services as a barber shop, a Western Union desk, a dark room, a watch repair shop and a craft room. The Union is almost entirely financed from the Student Activity fee. It is the student’s building to use in his spare time. Members of the Union staff are. first ton. I. to r.: . iMllrell. F. Harrell. B. Redder. J. U'elter, M. Perrier. S. Sever, T. Phillips. P. W allace. E. Stern. Second row: J. Morgan. T. Rodrii ue;. C. Purcell. B. Morrison. F. McMal. I). Whiteside, Mr. Calkins. R. Isach, E. Barnes. S. IIcCully. Third row: J. Gurado. K. Woods. J. Barwick, J. Bridges. G. Well. S. Moran. B. Rion. II. Goodell. R. Porter, I). Ward, J. Mills. 52 —-----:--------------r— Social Many partake of the Wednesday coffer hour. Social Board members are. first rott, I. to r.: C. Dixon. M. A. McNabb, '. Starnes. J. Mahaffey, S. Rudler. Second rou : A. Chalker. S. Miller. B. McDermott. I.. Bussell. Third row: '. U allace. Sham in. M. Kaplan. K. Kaplan, B. Altman. Fourth row: B. Mauserl. M. Kruse. . Bethea. J. Younfiblootl, A. Kirk ratrick, D. IieClure. The Florida Union Social Board, twenty-five party planners headed by Chairman Bob McDermott, kept the social world awhirl at the University this year. Dancing lessons and dances, bridge lessons and tournaments, movies, outings, and sings — all were part of the Board’s schedule. Another project of the board is the operation of Club Rendezvous, the campus “night club”. Here dances arc held each Saturday night with the floor show, candle light and music lending a Bohemian flavor to the basement night spot. Sponsored by the Honda I 'nion Social Board, the outing to Silver Springs during the past year is typical of the many outings that arc made annually under their auspices. Swimming and sightseeing tours were among the activities that provided amusement and interesting sightseeing for the UF travelers. Whether you have or have not had experience using tools or making different articles, you arc welcomed at the Union Craft Shop. Located at the northwest end of the third floor, the Shop offers instruction in making various kinds of useful articles. When spring begins to come to Gator land and the sun begins melting the asphalt streets, that is the time when the steady stream of cars winds south from the campus to the old swimming hole, Camp Wauburg. Run by the Florida Union, the park offers many modes of relaxation and recreation, all with the purpose of providing facilities to have fun and cool off. For the pseudo-athletes, there arc facilities for horseshoes, volleyball and badminton. Swimming is also a major activity as is baiting. For a superb picnic or swim, Wauburg is indeed at your service. j amfi lUaulufiq Camp U'auburg't bairn for all tcorchrJ Colort —  Florida students have a peculiar habit of eating three or more meals a day, and it is the job of the various divisions of the Food Services Division to fill this need. Besides the regular meals, the division offers facilities for dances and banquets at the “Hub” and the Main Cafeteria while both the “Hub” and the Campus Club arc popular spots for coke dates. The cafeteria, just adjacent to the upperclassmen dorms, is one of the best equipped buildings in the country. Between the two wings of the cafeteria is the campus coffee shop, better known as the Campus Club. This is the favorite haunt of campus politicos, athletes, journalists, and Gator lovebirds. Pretty girls arc the trademark at the Florida Room at P.K. Yongc across from the freshmen girls dorms. The “Hub” is a handy spot to cool off and grab a bite to cat with your best girl. DIRECTOR PALMER LONG He resigned to go out on his oun. Froth get tnack in Tolbert Hall. Coke datet at the "Hub” are popular.Front row. I. io rM. Alsmeyer, A. Hour chon. J. Peacock, M. Jones. P. Starnes. H. Berrien, D. Diehl. A. Kirkpatrick, I'. Clark. J. Saine. Second rote: . Foreman. M. odine, B. Arnold, 11. Decker, C. Martinson. C. Schttebel, D. Costello, I. I since. M. A. Ilerlong. L. Deas. M. Kopleuilz. Back row: M. Kilwe, A. Bacas. L. McGill, .. Roberts. M. I.. Dell olf, J. l eaf. Blount. I). Moncrief, M. Sellars. Y. Cook. G. Samaras, G. Dixon. B. J. Holt, M. Harris. F. Patrick. M. McGeliee, P. Roberts. The Women Students’ Association, more commonly known as WSA, was formed to encourage and coordinate women’s affairs on the campus and to embuc each female student with a sense of responsibility. While each woman automatically becomes a member upon registration and remains a member as long as she is in school, the organization’s business is carried on by an executive body composed of the elected representatives from the classes, organizations, and off-campus living groups. All women may attend meetings, however. lUmen AtuJents ’ Association LEADERS OF FLORIDA'S WOMEN II . S. A. officers from left to are: Carolyn Martinson, secretary; Martha Decker, treasurer; Cecile Schwebel, president; and Diane Costello, vice president. All the women’s regulations arc drawn up by WSA so that the women are allowed to govern themselves. An attractive booklet, “Coedikette”, is published annually and mailed to the girls in an effort to give them some guidance before they reach college. In September, the new students arc greeted by a WSA welcoming committee which aids them in adjusting to the newness of the University. Plans also have been made to install a system of student counselors next fall.L ADCOCK v . c KIRKLAND M. t. LAMS RLIVINI ( l|Wlt M. LUITlCH D. LYNCH MM«CLAMMY I. t MILIIR i I. MULIR O Ci .PEP PEP PFPii PEP R. S. NIUMAN i. C. NICHOLS 6. M. NOLAND C.l WwC J. A. RIIOUR V. SCARBOROUGH t. i. SYARNfS R. G. JTCIN R. A. TWIATT 0. A. WARNIR . J. WHICHI •- A- YIARCIN HALFTIME HANDSHAKE Card tricks were, prettier and trickier. Continuing its great work in fostering more school spirit, the Pep Club experienced another successful year. The club got the frosh off on the right path with its sale of “rat caps” and the annual Pajama Parade. Card tricks were used for the fourth year and were well received again. In addition to the former activities, the Pep Club inaugurated two more projects. A small cannon was purchased to fire after each Gator touchdown and a “Varsity Night” was held in conjunction with the band to honor the members of the spring sport teams. ef £ ul PEP COORDINATORS John llliton, card tricks: Charlie Howe, president: Jack Haley, veep. BURNING UP THAT EXCESS ENERGY The Hep Club tried to prevent destructive fires. -'-r krt—------- —--- i%flt I ALK TO ’EM when they come out of the huddle!” — That familiar yell and the roar which followed helped lift the Fighting Gator football team to several hard-fought wins during the 1951 season. The chccrlcading squad, headed by Jimmie Foster of Jacksonville, got off to a successful start with the myriad of activities during Orientation Week. In an effort to instill the Florida spirit in the new freshmen, the cheerleaders were the sparkplugs of the traditional pajama parade and the frosh pep rally. There was always at least a small group of Florida students who followed the Gators as the squad went to the Wyoming and Georgia games in Jacksonville and also to the out-of-town games in Auburn, Miami, and Alabama. They played a prominent role in the parades and pep rally's at the Georgia and Miami games. The end of football didn’t mean the end of leading cheers cither, as the squad rallied behind the basketball team and journied to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl Tournament. Girl cheerleaders 1 n 1951 Here 1 Uriel Jones, Joyce Van Ruxsum, Vat Roberts. Betty Chambers, and Anna «fAgostino. Representing the men on the squad uere Jimmy Foster, Frank Fierce. Bill Tuttle. Bob Huffman, Jerry and Selly Belofsky. i i 58 Veterans on the luelte-mcmber cheer leading squad uere Hear! Cheerleader Jimmy Foster and pretty Muriel Jones. mm ■ "vsr m mmm— —— —■ lllGHI.IGHT of the year for the lighting Gator Band was the August trip to New York for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention. The strains of “Dixie” echoed throughout the North as the Floridians presented concerts in New York’s Rockefeller IMaza and on the steps of the nation’s Capitol in Washington, D. C. On the trip to the Miami foot- ball game, the band gave concerts in Orlando, Ft. Pierce, and Lake Worth. Participation in Tampa’s Gasparilla Parade and St. Pete’s Festival of States parade gave the hand further opportunity to spread good will throughout the state. Several Plaza of Americas concerts and the Stephen Foster Memorial Program on a nation-wide radio hookup were other top programs. Live Color bait is the object of this uhopj ing Alligator from St. Augustine's Gator farm. ► I' f Hi 1 row. I. to r.: II. .acchini, M. Su ral. II. Stifles, J. Olsen, A. Pollock, IT. Ilannum, U . Thompson, Mr. lAtpkieuicz, director. Sec-• rd ran : O. Murray, B. Fletcher, McNabb, M. Kirkland, J. Gugel. J. Byrd. J. Summerlin. B. Loucks. Third row: H. Shrove, . Infers, I). Thoma%. I). Boulerse. J. Bowers, J. Gordon, B. Gardner, . Goodel, B. Clarke. Fourth row: L. Crouch, C. Phillips. B. Daniel, I. Gandy, T. Henaker, J. .Merkel, G. Pennington, G. Beers, J. Layton, H. Beck. I HE UNIVERSITY of Florida Men’s PLANNING THEIR STATE TOUR I a) I to right are John Cugel, president; Bay Daniel, business manager; Tiny Benaker. vice president; Julian Byrd, secretary; B. J. Fletcher, paid icily manager. Glee Club has made an impressive record since its organization in 1925, a record which an appearance at the New York and a campus program with This year the club is com-and is recognized as male choruses in the sung for local audiences on campus, taken its annual concert tour the state, and recorded several pro-for radio and television. Its director is Joseph Lupkicwicz, and this year’s president is John A. Gugcl. 60 ■ r . h First row, . to r.: L. F.ffron, accompanist, lr. I). Stcrretl, director; I). II ebb, A. Pruet, M. Davis, J. Hahn. D. Chamberlain. P. Hampton, H. Meyer, D. Mimbs, N. Xearbaugh. Second roic: A. Johns, K. My Her, M. b Denthimer. J. Mackie. F. Johnson. A. Iloll. J. Hummel, J.. Wilson, . Bell, Richardson. Third rose: M. Alsmeyer. R. Chambers, I). Davis, A. Coe. H. baton. R. James. J. Graham, M. btnib, F. Millar. Fourth rou : L. Rou te, J. Herrington. J. Colbert. J. Cook. M. Wegener. A. bath. P. Clark. F. Parsons. M. J.. Musseluhite, jY. James, G. Moose. Ihe UNIVERSITY of Florida Women’s Glee Club, now five years old, has had another varied and successful season under the direction of Delbert Sterrctt. Its first per-formancc was given at 1 . K. Yonge in November. Other highlights of the first semester included a Caribbean Concert and a Christmas Music Party. Between semesters the group embarked on their annual concert tour with the added attraction of a modern dance group led by Miss Betty Faulds. During the second semester Verdi’s “Requiem” and the annual concert were presented. Next year the club will no longer lx: a branch of the Men’s Glee Club, thanks to the change in the student body constitution. GLEE CLUBBERS' TOP OFFICERS Making their fdans are Grace Moose, vice president; Mary t.ou Musseluhite. program chairman: bruise F.ffron. president: Peggy Clark, student director; Helen Reel, secretary: Pris Hampton, business manager. 61-------------------------------------------------------------:------------------________________________________________________•• Officer of the Symphony Orchestra during the past year uere Harry Dunscomhe, Sarah Duf-fil, Rodney Hrooks, Juanita Coachrane and Dave Whittlesey. I UK UNIVERSITY of Florida Symphony Orchestra this year fulfilled its purpose of providing the student body with music which is designed to supplement their cultural education by presenting several concerts. During the past year, the Orchestra also cooperated with the Choral Union in presenting Gounod’s opera, “The Frantic Physician,” Handel's “Messiah,” and Verdi’s “Requiem.” Edward Preodor is director of the Symphony Orchestra. 62 In their full array, the Symphony Orchestra presents a pop concert in the Auditorium.cyiotiida laqens Making a lad-minute check lx fore the curtain rites are F.rnie Vincent, Hick Rickert, Dr. Detu in Dusenhury and Charlie Ritter. 1 NEW YEAR found the Florida Players topping their | ist excellence in entertainment for the University students. “Years Ago,” a delightful comedy by Kuth Gordon opened the fall season. A past broad way sue ccss, “Come Back Little Sheba,” George Bernard Shaw’s “The Devil’s Disciple,” and the dramatic court-room play, “Night of January 16th,” rounded out a successful season. In addition to the major productions, the Florida Players presented experimental plays each week, and produced a TV show over the Jacksonville station several times a month. Director of the Players is Del win B. Dusenhury. Adele and “Glo-Clo" o$le Bill O den in “Sheba”.TERRIFIC TALKERS Relate SOCIETY Scaled. I. to r.: . He then. Clover, I . Anderson, V. Shorn in, T. I'o [Milas, I.. Hack. I . Christopher sen. Standing: Hamer. A’. Shrtin. E. Patrick. I . Kahn. H. (Ilian. C. Yega, V. Harrs, A. alia. V ■ I.ORIDA’S delators, retained their usual high ranking in fourteen different tournaments throughout the country. Besides this competition, the members of the society participated in two forum tours at high schools and civic organizations throughout various parts of the state. The society, which numbered about forty active speakers, listed three major achievements during the year. Jeanne Miles, vice president of the club, was the pride of the debators as she won first place in discussion at the National Tau Kappa Alpha conference at Cleveland. With Bill Benson and Bob Olian representing the UF, the squad was ranked eighteenth among the 34 in the National Debate Tournament at West Point. Ijst but not least, the club initiated the Florida Invitational Tournament which is to Ik an annual event. 64■ HF. BOARD of Student Publications came of age this year with the appointment of a permanent executive secretary in the person of Ed I lanna, professor of journalism. The Board itself consists of four faculty members, including the chairman. Professor John Paul Jones, and three student members who represent the publications supported by the Student Activity Fee. Monthly meetings are held in the Board’s office in the Florida Union basement during which they set policy and endeavor to keep the student journalists out of the “red.” Supervision of the spending of £100,000 and smoothing out the difficulties of yearly staff changes keep these publication watchdogs busy. PUBLICATION'S POLICY MAKERS l rfl to right: Ed C. Hanna, executive secretary; Professor Freeman Hart. Joe E. Sherman, Professor James Day. Professor John Paul Jones, chairman; Hub Gibson. Flaine I skin. Hob Hassine. BOARD OFI—1iWMB—Wimiin——l—■—■nraiwTui w —11 SELDEN KENT Liltrmry GORDON SMITH Fraurmities DON BOLLING E «iin JOE MIMS Kdilor-in-rhitf It WAS tack in June, 1951 when he was putting the 1951 SEMINOLE to bed that Joe Mims began making plans for his own ere ation, the 1952 SEMINOLE. Twelve months later Editor Mims was looking back on a full year’s work with a loyal staff of some twenty-odd students. In directing the work that it took to produce the 392-page annual, the good-natured editor had to coordinate work that ranged from designing layouts to selecting sizes and faces of type, but he saw it through to a successful conclusion. Helping Joe with many details was the Managing Editor, lothario Tom Find. I lis three years of experience proved valuable in ironing out kinks. Talented I lank Eink wandered into the office in September to shoul der the huge job as Art Editor. Without his excellent work, the ’52 SEMINOLE could not be as it is. Since all work and no play makes the basement dull, Hank brought along a ukulele and a reper toirc of songs on which the staff quickly put its stamp of approval. Literary Editor Scldcn Kent battled the summer sun to Ixing out copy for the printer. A welcome addition to the staff was the Freshman Award winner, Ann Richardson. This versatile girl took to the SEMINOLE like a fish takes to water, in addition to these five, those awarded service keys were: I-Ouic Adcock, Jim Buie, Don Bolling, Mary Alice Herlong, Irwin Kishner and Billy Foe. All in all, the whole year, from June to June, was “nothing but great.” —1——i—imuiffTOM PINEL Managing Editor FRIO RILEY hoto Coordinator HANK FINK Art Editor RAT MASON JEFF TUTEN MARY ALICE HERLONG BILLY ROE IRWIN KISHNER Of He Manager It at I of Fame Sororities Intercollegiate Sportt Anilities JIM O'KELLY tJ mi ni.H ration A DREAMER'S HOLIDAY. I he Seminole office uas always full on Monday nights during the first semester.BUSINESS STAFF demmle BILLY KETCHUM h infant Business Manager DICK SCHWALBE Business Manager Keeping tab on the $45,000 budget of the 1952 SKM INODE was the job that Business Manager Dick Schwalbe and his staff fell heir to last September. The staff began by moving its operations across the hall to the south end of the newly remodeled yearbook offices. There they set up for a full year of activity. Schwalbe assumed the direction of the various activities of the staff which include selling advertisements, designing layouts for the section, and distributing the annual to the students. Advertising Manager lorn Moore was in direct charge of selling the ads that were to bring in needed income while Assistant Business Manager Billy Ketchum handled many various duties in keeping the Business Staff operating smoothly. The work for Dave Morrish, Circulation Manager, just begins when the book rolls off the presses. He must then distribute the book to the students in school and mail it to the June graduates who are now scattered throughout the country. TOM MOORE DAVE MORRISH Advertising Manager Circulation ManagerTHE PEEL BRAIN TRUST. Making plans for the Orange Peel are Managing Editor George Sehriake. Bust-ness Manager Tom Moore and Editor Dave Hoffman. llAVAYS the most controversial of student publications, the 1951-52 Orange Peel was no exception under its new editor, I)avc Hoffman. Kditor Hoffman revamped the magazine with the aid of a small staff so that the magazine would appeal to the majority of the students. Although the contents didn’t satisfy everybody, no one could say that the Peel wasn’t in the limelight. The first two issues featured mystery coeds, short stories, humorous fiction, and a little “gootchgah”. The third leaned away from an emphasis on pictures and relied more on the short stories of a few benefactors. Hoffman didn’t produce the popular magazine by himself. Managing Kditor George Schnake, Business Manager Tom Moore, and Associate Editor Bill Benson were the triumverate who were most likely to be working in the small office. Art Editor '1‘om Brady supplied some colorful, humorous covers and cartoons while Will Campbell supplied a great deal of the commercial art. Norm Froscher, Gerald Sohn, and Art Smith were among the mor frequent contributors of articles. To sum it up, the staff worked for “A Peel with Appeal”. BANGING OUT SOME HOT MATERIAL. Associate Editors Orin Smith, Hill IvtS and Selden Kent lend immoral support to Editor Hoffman and Art Editor Tom Brody. UTT1NG out :t paper in the Florida Union basement during the nine-week summer session is not only hot work, but it is hard work. If you don’t think so, ask Jim McGinlcy and Dana Bullcn, editor and managing editor, respectively, of the 1951 Summer Gator. They’ll tell you that you really have to have a “nose for news” to fill up four pages a week witnews that you arc THfcT WKOTfc THfc COPY Standing are: Carolyn Bridges, Hilly Hoe, Norm Froscher. Sion Siegel, John Adair, and Jean Griffin. Seated are: tnrilyn Smith and Marilyn Bridges. f f j m T M THE MEN WITH THE MONEY Standing around Circulation Manager Boh Gibson are: Him! Streeter, f'ic Mature. Tom Moore, Buddy Chamblii, and Bill Iccj. Business Manager VI Markowitz found out that selling ads in Gainesville during the summer is like selling ice at the North Pole. Nevertheless, the business staff managed to sell the required amount of advertising to help McGinlcy and Bullcn fill up the paper.I HE SOUTH’S largest weekly newspaper is a title synonymous with the FLORIDA ALLIGATOR, official publication of the student body of the University. Consistently rated as an All-American and first class college publication, the paper brings all phases of campus life to its many readers. Through the years of publication, Gator writers and editors have improved and widened the scope of the paper, l ut the dream of every worker, from the newest freshman reporter to the editor-in-chief, is the day when the Alligator will Ik printed on its own press—every day PAUL HORTON Editor-in-chiefcyio iida THURSDAY AFTERNOON AT THE PRINT SHOP lough, McGinley, ami Has tine make tail minute changes. Desk Athletes discuss corning s torts events. I extbooks may get only a casual glance, but one thing every Florida student is sure to read is the FLORIDA ALLIGATOR, published by and for the students of the University. I he editorial, sports, and business staffs sweat it out every week from the noisy staff meeting Monday night, through the dead period when all the stories have been assigned but none arc turned in, until the final last minute rush on Thursday when the paper at last is off the press. Many things happened to make putting out the paper difficult. Bassinc was unexpectedly called into the Navy, Morton occasionally was seized with a lung malady from smoking cigars, and McGinley frequently fought off attacks of various illnesses. Paste pots mysteriously disappeared into the office across the hall, and typewriters suddenly refused to register even a comma. y ■. : ■HnMBBnnALLIGATOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS Berrrly I dnCelderen. Dana liullrn. Rob Desuierio anti Narm rotchrr pul another itsue to l d. What goes into putting out a campus newspaper is hard to catalog. One may list the cartons of cigarcts, cases of cokes, frayed nerves, and reams of copy paper. More important, however, is the ceaseless work of the staff—the sports writers trying to cover the myriad of athletic events, the business staff members trying to sell the all-important ads, and the editorial staff and reporters trying to present a picture of the week’s campus activities. Without the cooperation of all those connected with the paper, there would be no FLORIDA ALLIGATOR. Working on the paper has its rewards. Every week the business department receives little white envelopes from local merchants; the editor gets several “letters to the Editor,” and the reporters—if they are lucky—may get a few by-lines. But the other students arc really the lucky ones. They sec only the finished product! JIM McGINLEY Managing Editorma —;«■■.. 1 ,„ucn---------------------------------------------------=— -, .—— ■___ .■■ ■iihjlj| I I.OR I DA students returned last fall to be greeted by a “F” B x k with a completely new look. l‘hc official handlxx k for the I 'niversity students, both old and new, was drastically revamped by its new editor, Dave Hoffman. The most important changes were a photographic cover, a plastic spiral binding, more liberal utilization of photography, and the inclusion of an up-to-date student Ixxly constitution. The handbook was Compiles! and published during the hectic summer session and al out 2,000 of the Books were mailed out to the freshmen who were entering in September. Hoffman was ably assisted in producing the book by Bob Bassinc, business manager, and Fred Riley, managing editor. DAVE HOFFMAN the 'T' Book a new look THE MEN BEHIND THE HEAD MAN George Schnake and ornx Frofcher and Business .1 lana cer Bob Banine.Fu.N IN The Good Old Summertime.” That was the pattern for the nine week Summer School term at Florida in 1951. Sharing honors with the traditional “beat- thc-hcat” expeditions to Camp Wauburg, Rainbow Springs, and other swiminin’ holes was the annual Summer Frolics. Featuring former Gator Dean Hudson, the dance marked the highpoint of the frolicking atmosphere that pervaded the sweltering summer session. SUMMERTIME FUN IN '51. « umi .. • . ., Suit mint «m rlln. ENJOYABLE MUSIC. If ter tlnsu-t n ilh Cusir. HUDSON CRACKS ONE. All this anti music, loo.WHAT PRETTY TEETH YOU HAVE! Hudson's thruih shout plenty. GIRLS, GIRLS, AND MORE GIRLS! KIRKLAND AND FRIEND WITH LEIS. But swimming and Frolics were not the only cxtracurriculars open to the Florida students. Blue Key held its Homecoming slogan contest in July. Mary Godwin, UF’s Miss Florida, was then readying herself for the trip to Atlantic City while the Fightin’ Gator Band was preparing for the VFW Convention in New York by giving a scries of summer concerts. The Union basement hummed day and night as the Summer Gator appeared weekly and the finishing touches were being added to the ’ ! Seminole and the F-Book. MISS FLORIDA Out on a limb. The crop teas bigger than usual. Union outing uas huge success.WALT MARSHALL'S SUMMER CABINET They served the Vanity prexy. A check might show that an undue amount of the summer heat was caused by the battle that was waged at the polls in the Summer School elections. The Florida party once again proved that it was too powerful for the rcchristcncd Varsity party to buck. Voting machines, used for the first time, helped to tabulate the record sweep of the Florida political combine. Varsity’s only successful candidate was Walt Marshall who was elected Student Body President. NG MACHINES it uorks. TEN Only fire made the WOODY CONGRATULATES BIG FOUR. And afteruards. the fifth. IT'S FLORIDA ALL THE WAY! Party faithfuls raise whoopee.FROSH GET MIXED UP. But •ion! they aluttys? SEPTEMBER’S activities blew in like a whirlwind with a new crop of freshmen flourishing their ’55 Orange and Blue rat caps. The first bustling week was preceded by the season's inaugural football game as Florida dunked Wyoming’s Cowboys, 13-0. Then came the mad confusion of orientation as the bewildered rats scurried from one appointment to another. But the frosh mixer dance and Friday's traditional pajama parade helped ease the pain of college’s first week. f . . LYCEUM COUNCIL PRESENTS. High Clast recreation for underclassmen. LET A SMILE BE YOUR UMBRELLA, It only rains once a day. Webster’s definition of Orientation Week might well be: “b'ive days of cyclonic activity in which the collegiate neophytes arc indoctrinated into and inoculated against the mysteries and pitfalls of college life.” Upperclassmen n leaders herd the bewildered at the library to the infirmary, the Union, from the stadium Immigration Building, until is able to stand in line by himself. FRESHMAN COED DREAM: To cat. drink and be Mary. JUST A SAMPLE, U nit until January! EVILS OF REGISTRATION . "But I have dates at night." WELCOME FROM WOODY, Handshakes for all. 80TIME TO RETIRE. College ain’t so bad. CHANCELOR TRINKLE SAYS, “Crime doesn't pay at Florida GETTING READY FOR HEL-, mean, rush week. WE ARE THE BOYS (?) FROM OLD FLORIDA My, how limes change. HEY JOE. GOT A PENNY? A lax on everything. WATCH THE BIRDIE. Free chest pictures. PASSING OUT THE BUGS. It’s easier to bare. 81The Marines recognize beauty, too. Lopely Mary displays her charms, lied roses for an Orange and lllue lady. The Fourth Kunnerup to Miss America. QHafiy lakes a tfiij DEAUTIFUL Mary Godwin, Miss University of Florida, continued to add to her list of beauty titles by winning both state and national honors. In June, Mary captured the Miss Florida crown and thereby was eligible for the September trip to Atlantic City for the 1951 Miss America competition. After eleven days of whirlwind judging, the lovely blonde emerged as Fourth Runnerup to Miss America in a contest which chooses the All-Around American girl. Many loyal Gators contended that Mary was the prettiest girl in the pageant and it turned out that the United States Marine Corps thought so, too. They picked her over all the other girls as the official U. S. Marine Sweetheart, “Miss Leatherneck.” WE ARE ALL STRONG FOR OLD FLORIDA! Giant pep rallies keep spirits high. THIS DAMP WEATHER! Cheerleestlers praise team, curse rain. COACH BOB WOODRUFF SAYS, “Well give ’em all ue got!" emj September means football ... the big pep rallies . . . songs . . . yells . . . and pretty cheerleaders. Meeting the team ... Coach Woodruff’s pep talk ... “Three F’s” ... “Two Bits, Four Bits” ... “We Arc The Boys From Old Florida” . . . “Dixie” and the blood curdling Rebel yell . . . “The Fight Yell” . . . and “What’s the good word?”— “GIVE ’EM HELL, GATORS!”GIVE WHO HELL? Georgia and Miami. "IN ANY OLD WEATHER ..." Ixtyal Gators stayed to cheer the team.; c I ; 1 i ■ THE CHEERING MUST GO ON! Rain and snow don’t stop them. OLD LIONS NEVER DIE. Pledges just taint (m ay . CHI O RIDERS IN THE SKY. Hallowe'en came early. PRES. MILLER LEADS STADIUM DEDICATION. Gators tcon the inaugural, too. The novelties of the new semester, fraternities and sororities and all the activities of campus life, had to make way for the first weekend of “football fever” which hit Gainesville. Florida Stadium was dedicated auspiciously with a 13-0 Bulldog pelt. 6Tl IIS COLLEGE was just “old stuff” as October rolled around, but activities were just beginning to percolate with the onset of the cool and “dewy” atmosphere of Gainesville’s autumn season. The dean of American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, voiced his philosophy in a talk sponsored by the student AIA chapter. Football listening parties sprung up over the campus to follow the Gators to I«oyola and Auburn, but the “red letter” day was the Seminole’s distribution day. NOTED ARCHITECT VISITS UF. Talk portrayrtl Wright's philosophy. SEMINOLE'S D-DAY AT LAST. Hrtltr lair than nrvrr. FLORIDA-AUBURN LISTENING PARTY Fiji parly, chrrr jot C THE KD SNAKE CHARMERS. They'll make your hair coil. I HE KALI, class elections were virtually non-existent with the default of the Varsity Party in the face of the powerful Florida Party combine. With the Florida candidates a sure thing, the main effort went towards revising the student activity fee through sponsoring a constitutional amendment which was adopted at the polls. Fraternity-sorority serenades were prominent and some pledge “Hell Weeks” were being turned into constructive things rather than destructive. SPES NEW TRADITION. They use brushes lor fulls etuis. ttTHE ATO CLOWN PRINCE. For laughs, it's Murphy, tuo to one. EnTKRTAINMENT at its best was offered during October as some professional talent was blended with a lot of student ability to offer first rate performances. The Lyceum Council presentation, Traviata”, received many rounds of congratulations, but no more than “Years Ago”, which was given by the Florida Players, who started their twenty-second season. Added to these were the Gator Growl tryouts and the UF brand of humor. LA TRAVIATA SCORES IN GYM. And the music flotted like wine. FLORIDA PLAYERS' TWENTY-SECOND YEAR Smn.'thtKaHtI In llet •• A » X'' --------Hoot® 5Homecoming tpcaifr Central Gray, Barbara gels warm welcome. .4TO’» Toosl to Old Times Blue ribbon Jor Pi Rap's decoration dEPKi wins Croul sJsil. ■orol ‘ n animal - , i cup 1°' 91OLD FAVORITES BY UF'S FAVORITES. Mr. arnl Mrs. Delbert Sterretl sing tonight. PHI DELT'S COLORFUL SHOWBOAT Beaulif I zirlt lie! red. too. FENDERS OR OFFENDERS? AT THE LOYOLA GAME—HOT 8ATTLE Wonder if it lakes curvet? At the TEP house — torrid struggles. 92 Frkddy martin, hi “singing saxaphonc,” and His orchestra diluted the month of November as the musiemakers for the annua! IFC Fall Frolics. The campus-wide formal and many fraternity parties and picnics were in order for the first big social weekend of the school year. Following close on the heels of the Martinmen, was the traditional Florida-Gcorgia weekend in Jacksonville. For those not traveling on chartered buses, the Union Social Hoard held a dance after the game in the football-conscious city. MUSICMAKER FREDDY MARTIN. It'fibre's that " si rtf’in $ sax?"FLORIDA PLAYERS' "YEARS AGO." My. Crand sa. it hat big ryes you have! AT THE SADIE HAWKINS DAY DANCE: Maid in the hay. SPIKE'S PEAKS. "Everything hair is yours.’ A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK. 7 ain't got no body." a la Spike. There was no letup in activities after the departure of the Martinmen because Spike Jones arrived to fill the void with the “Musical Depreciation Revue” and the generous charms of his wife, Helen Grayco. After Miss Grayco’s graceful bows had sufficiently aroused the crowd, all the boys from Florida were ready for the Jacksonville trip and the traditional Georgia-Florida game. Another large contingent next followed the Gators to Miami for the intra-state battle with the Southern Yankees and another wild weekend. 94GATOR-HURRICANE FRIENDSHIP RALLY Calm before I he storm. FLORIDA MIAMI PARADE. Convertibles and pretty girls stood out. EAGLE-EYE FLEEGLE lie gets the bird. CAVALCADE TO JAX Save your Confederate money, boys.“N ... JEVER a dull moment and very educational.” That indeed was appropriate for Miss Helen Cirayco’s works of art which were presented on the Spike Jones show. Educational, too, is the plight of Sir Cf'aylord Mitty in the all night poker session while others glean extracurricular learning from the numerous art and photography magazines that arc carefully passed f:om student to student. Nothing but great, arc the courses that arc offeree! at the girl’s dorms in learning to “say goodbye” to your date, sign in for your roommate, and catch a phone at 7 p.m. that isn’t busy. For men, there’s always that uncertainty of having a sack in September, but if not, you can always catch a few winks in somebody’s final resting place.Exchanging handshakes arc: Hob Hauer, Eddie Sict.fl. Erd U'ilton, 'resident Miller, Governor Warren, Haul Horton. Don Wiggins. Eddie Hooth, Hill Fleming, and Joe Mims. GREETINGS FOR THE ELITE. I The smiling ladie fare: force bin rent e. Mon n Kopelo-nil:. Shirley CaM. ( irginia l-ept. Hat EnztfaT Rea Mid-yette, and MargXlRitue. I I.OR I DA Blue Key and Trianon, honorary leadership fraternities for men and women, chose 15 new members for their outstanding service and leadership in various phases of extra-curricular activities at the University of Florida. Eight men received Florida’s highest honor in the fall tapping while seven outstanding women were adorned with the coveted “TV in their November selections. 98 THEY'RE TOPS WITH UNIVERSITY'S Christmas season is probably one of the longest in the world because all the campus celebrations must take place before the exodus of the student body for the annual two week vacation. Florida is no exception to this and the month of December was filled with all the traditional Yulctidc activities. Fraternities and sororities put up house decorations with Sigma Nu and Delta Gamma being judged the best. In the IFC Carol Sing, Phi Delta Theta was accorded top honors. PHOOEY! YOU CANT FOOL ME! This isn’t the real Santa CloutDecember’s Christmas activities and the Florida Union arc almost synonymous. Here some always popular Christmas caroling helped instill the season’s spirit in the students. Held annually prior to the holiday’s is the 1’hi Dclt-Sigma Xu charity football game. The lumpy, overstuffed cheerleaders arc Phi Dclts while the pretty ones are Snakes. Highlight of the Christmas festivities is the annual presentation of Handel’s “Messiah” by the combined music groups of the University and the Gainesville townspeople. Kxchanging of gift , goes on at Florida as it does at other colleges. They may range from an expensive gift for the best girl to something rare for your date at the Christmas party.Many fraternities, sororities, and campus organizations sponsor Christmas parties for under privileged children. Elaine Barchan helps Santa unload his pack at the Phi Gam House. Everything isn’t always bliss when someone elsc’s toy looks better than your own. You’d better not cry ’cause Santa Claus is coming to the Union’s party for the children of the faculty members. The Phi Gam “Santa” had plenty of gifts and kisses for these boys and girls. Those hopeful kids arc just waiting until a gaily-wrapped package comes out of that bag for them.A GATOR GIVES. A SOLDIER LIVES. Pretty nurses, beds, and . . . free eats. too. Gator students kept in the step with the Christmas spirit that “it is better to give than to receive,” as 562 pints of blood were contributed in the first stage of the campus Armed Forces Blood Drive. Inspired by the slogan, “A Gator gives, a soldier lives,” students lined up at the Infirmary to await their turn to donate blood. Tell-tale signs of the drive were the ever present yellow bandaids, the “Donor Diets,” and the Bloodmobile. mmmmm Florida Players’ Christmas gift to the campus was a combination of comedy and tragedy in the form of “Come Back Little Sheba.” Doc (William Ogden) and I ola (Gloria Palter) meant laughs for the UF students. 102 "COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA" Extracurriculars: athletics and sex. LEO GETS THE AX Damn lion HUH. BASKETBALL HALFTIME GYMNASTICS Slip mr thr f rip MELTON RETURNS HO Stuig coaU-Uxoasl with ThE NEW Year’s activities were sharply curtailed after a couple of hectic weeks by a nasty word known as “examinations.” But plenty can happen in a couple of weeks as the SAE’s found out when they returned to find I-co the I.ion destroyed by sledgehammer-happy vandals. But it wasn’t all bad news. The red-hot Gator basketball team swept through ten straight games before they met the wizards from Kentucky. James Melton returned home to join the Florida hand in the Stephen Foster Memorial Day program over a coast-to-coast hookup.4:10 Intent on making use of those graduation invitations, Joe Senior has fallen luck on cramming fifteen weeks of work into one all-night session. 7:30 With one hour to go until the curtain is rung down on that final college exam, Mr. Sen ior is making use of his patented method of studying while he shaves off that exam week beard. EXAM 8:00 It’s H-Hour minus 30 and the future alumnus picks up those last few facts in the C.I. CRAMIsn’t the machine age wonderful? There’s nothing like having machines to dish out smokes and cokes, and in which to lose your spore nicklcs, dimes, and quarters. To some, the grass ■ is always greener at another school or mi at home. Yes, al-though 2,000 or more coeds now call Florida their college, many of the male population still haunt the post office twice a day for that letter from Southern, Tally, or Oshkosh. The day begins early at a University fi where classes begin at 7:30 a.m. You really have to hustle to complete the clean up and scrub up process that’s necessary to impress that cute little blonde that takes such good notes in C-21. 105In COOPKRATION with the campus March of Dimes drive, some 50 good-natured members of the University faculty staged a “One Night Stand” variety show which netted ap-a proximate!) £500 for the worthwhile charity. Emceed by the inimitable speech professor, Dr. I .ester I talc, the “One Nighters” staged twelve acts of skits, acrobatics, songs, pianists, jitter-bugging, modern dance and magic. While taking a break between acts, Dean Mama Brady gives Professors Bill Childers and John Fain a coy look while she holds Professor Fred Gehan at bay with a six-shooter.PeBRUARV’, the month of famous birthdays and the cause for the dreaded Leap Y’ear, ushered in a never-to-be-forgotten second semester at the University. The 1952 I cap Y’car accentuated the annual activities of Cupid, who again used his day, Valentine Day, to trap some unsuspecting (iators with his poisoned arrows. New freshmen saw that the right atmosphere for the nude archer had been created by an appearance of Vaughn Monroe’s Moodmaids, brought to the campus by Kappa Kappa Psi. Not to be outdone, the Florida Players displayed their talents over VVMBR-TV. AW. hoit rio I ffS loott? THE MOODMAIDS LIGHT UP FLORIDA. I'aufchn Monror not a hi merest. FLORIDA PLAYERS GET THE TV CRAZE. Crtlin t orders to «olive.LICENSE? Hut I'm already married. HOT STUFF! Ironing it "chore" fun. 108 LEAP YEAR TROUBLES. Reynold didn't have a chant - . Government Florida Union rooms successfully the violationsSocial life at Florida never dies or never fades away while a Gator musician breathes on the campus. Two of the many musical organizations that played hot and sweet music were the Gator Variety Band and Tommy Butler’s Combo. The Variety Band presented a Fop Concert and performed at the Spring Sing Festival. Butler’s group was a familiar sight to the devotees of the Club Rendezvous on Saturday nights.“But I’ll be ready in a few minutes really . . . ” These famous last words have been echoed over phone lines many times just a little while before a guy was supposed to pick up his date. That’s the way it goes— women, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. “Okay then, hurry up and I’ll be right over.” Might as well take your time because they don’t have any new magazines. But you’ve got to live and learn. Anyway, you want to come in late and make a big impression, don’t you? noMarch came in like the traditional lion with a bevy of activities that ranged from fraternity weekends to the opening of the spring sports schedules. Two of the teams, baseball and track, were to have extremely successful seasons with squads that ranked among the South’s finest. The first rays of the spring sun greeted new fraternity and sorority initiates who had found that first semester studying had been worthwhile. There were also standout social weekends in the Ag Fair and Military Ball. Yes, March was the month of party, but then, what one isn’t. IT CANT BE THE BOOK It must be HO. STUDENT ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE That run-doun feeling. FLEA'! The sprinklers are coming.PLAYERS CREATE 17TH CENTURY SETTING. Free entertainment at ill belt. Highlight of the parties was, of course, the Military Ball. Tony Pastor provided the music for two dances and a Saturday afternoon concert for the traditional weekend, which was sponsored this year by the new Advanced Officers’ Club. Besides the dances and the big parade on Saturday morning, the Military Ball had a queen for the first time. Orlando’s Kvelyn Patrick received the coveted title. PASTORIZED MELODIES. The cream of the crop. EVERYONE WAS ON THE BALL. Milling to music.Violent c9W A WARM WELCOME FOR FROST. Atilof.ram.% for Color font. PATTERNS IN POSIES. Making use of Gymnasium dirt. But the ROTC weekend had to share the headlines with other activities. Robert Frost was again welcomed to the campus for a lecture while Uimlxla Chi Alpha won the Little Brown Jug contest. Then there was the successful Ag Fair at the Gym with a dance in Florida Union. The sudden influx of hoboes was occasioned by the King Ugly contest with the Red Cross picking up the loose pennies. PARADE OF PROUD PRETTIES. Evelyn starts the queen tradition. 113SOBER UR »i br brrw "S' G M-RHS cthinf, «'111 E$ A un.i I’'""'" s stNGAHG i.r tc»nn£[i, TV O Qii« f RUNNtRUP him «o irttr Candidal for iiO, 11 IK fireworks weren’t for the Fourth of July. There were the tactics of the rival campus political parties, Liberty and Suwancc, as they tried to out-poop and out'goon each other. The parties had changed their names, but the rallies, blotters, and other propaganda techniques remained the same in a bitter campaign. The results told a three two Big Five split, almost a complete Liberty sweep in publications, and a Suwance majority on the Executive Council. Then everyone shook hands until the next battle at the polls. IT'S ELECTION TIME! "This it all w great T GIVE ME LIBERTY OR DEATH! Election ere and crossed finger . "SUWANEE, HOW I LOVE YOU . . ." Union sponsored Bi-partisan rally.FROLICS SPARKLES WITH McKINLEY It was a hangup weekend. ■ HK Inter-Fraternity Council’s Spring Frolics brought Ray McKinley and his orchestra to (iatorland for the last big blowout of the year. McKinley beat out the tempo for two formal dances and a Saturday afternoon concert. A lot of the noise, however, came from the colonies of Greeks who threw themselves into the spirit of things by cooperating with coeds and importing women to make it two days to remember for a long time. Picnics in the healthful out-of-doors helped break the monotony of too much party. A KING UGLY HANGOVER The gill actually hntk happy GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART The year's last hit weekend. SING IT PRETTY. look's like a comfortable position, SEIG HEIL! 116 Caesar and Cleopatra rc, 3 T7? MISS U. OF F. AND HER COURT. Happy fiirls are Marcia, Shirley, Barbie, Evelyn, Mary, ami Bat. V ■KATURKD during the weekend was the crowning of Miss University of Florida of 1952 at the Saturday night dance. After preliminary judging at the Saturday concert the successor to Miss Mary Ciodwin was formally presented that night. Miss Kvclyn Patrick, who was sponsored by the Advanced Officers’ Club, was chosen as the girl to reign over all the University functions during the 1952-53 school year. The five members of her Court were Marcia Crane, Shirley Sanders, Barbie 1 larmon, Mary Davison, and Pat Alexander. DEAN BEATY PRESENTS THE CUP. GETTING THOSE LAST MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS. 9'ko's nervous? Orlando's Exelyn Bair id took the botes. THE GUARDIANS OF THE LOOT. A sextet of lorin i cups.THE FLORIDA ROBOT MAN, OTTO. What a lac kit he ttould make! The winners of election day were-officially installed in office at the annual Student Government banquet held for the incoming and outgoing Councils. Terrell Scssums took over the presidency from Woody Liles for the ensuing year. No sooner was this over when candidates in the Democratic Primary began campaigning for the votes on campus. Some of the visitors were quite well-known, namely, Senators Kefauver and Russell. DELEGATE - DEMOCRATIC COKVfKTIOH AA vv 27 A MOMENT OF TRIUMPH. A "Bit lour" receive Woody’s congratulations. HEY THERE, TOOTS! "BROTHER" SESSUMS AND THE CRIMEBUSTER. Senator Kefauver spoke lo a bit audience. 118 Realism with a leer and makeup.ThE ADVENT of the May Pole meant the start of the stretch drive for some lOOO seniors who were anxious for those hard-earned degrees. But it was not only seniors who were beginning to wind up term papers, book reports, projects, and experiments. Besides the June garb of cap and gown, some seniors were placing orders for certain uniforms that they planned to use this summer. Outstanding June graduates were Fred Jones, leadership; Bill Wood, Athletics; Cccile Schwcbcl, outstanding woman student; and Doug Price, scholarship. WILL DURAnT TELLS "Story of Philotophy." TOP JUNE GRADUATES Mr. Hiatt prtsrnlt auarMt. FIRST PAN AMERICAN QUEEN Mary Foote reigB ..Is D-DAY (May 25) approached, the age-old custom of cramming began as some students tried to learn in a couple of weeks the material that they should have been studying all semester. There was a premium on a scat in the air-conditioned Library as a flock of Gators made their annual trek to that hallowed building. Yes, t h c midnight oil burned and the consumption of the coffee increased as preparation for those final exams began. Even the Southeastern Conference championship baseball team took time out to put in a few hours on the textbooks. And, miracle of miracles, some Gators even gave up dating in an all-out effort to make that 2.0 average. FINAL Sxrns HITTING THE BOOKS IN THE COOL SHADE. SIXTEEN BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. A .ili kUirk i.i mighty handy, too. COOLING OFF THOSE HOT BOOKS. Coffer replacet the “no-do:." And uith an air-conditioned Library behind them. 120DERBY GALS, GAMS, AND GRANNY Three fteaches and an old prune. BlJT THE Sigma Chis figured that a little-social life during this trying period was just the thing. 1 leld during May this year, their Derby Day was undoubtedly the most sue cessful to date. Developed to stimulate more spirit among the sororities on campus, the Sig Derby was expanded and enthusiastically received by the girls. A big parade up University and back through the campus drew a huge crowd to Florida Field where the various competitions between the sororities were held. That night the Sigs held open house and put on a big show in front of the house. Another highlight was the crowning of the Derby Queen, Jane Minton. TWO QUEENS Act high. DERBY MINSTREL END MEN ‘'Sycopatin' and Saturatin'".A FRESH AIR GALLERY. Studentt display their art. DRAMA IN THE LAW SCHOOL COURTROOM. Players' production received acclaim. (ItHER May activities included the Student Art Show along the front of the Hub and the Florida Flayers’ excellent “Night of January i6ch.” The riotous Pan American Day festivities were just a prelude to the ill famed “pantie raid” which was the Gainesville episode of the nationwide fad. SALUDOS AMIGOS! Pan American festivities gripped campus. ALL THE WAY. Some Here to be sorry THEY GOVERN THE WOMEN. U’SA elected their oun officers.I-or the second year in a row, a University of Florida coed captured the title of Miss Florida and the right to repre sent the state at Atlantic City. Succeeding Mary Godwin was a beautiful Orlando freshman, Marcia Crane, who entered as Miss Gainesville. Marcia will journey to the Miss America contest in late August with the best wishes of all the University students. FLORIDA'S VIVACIOUS MARCIA CRANE. Another i'F coed onumed the throne. MISS 123INTRAMURALS' NEW CHAMPS ARE CROWNED. Big trophies went to Belas and Phi Delts. IT WAS WORTH FOUR YEARS. The diploma, that is. IT'S MUSIC WITH MILLER . Hilt is strikes up uith "Dixie". BACCALAUREATE SPEAKER UR. HAKT. Four don't's and three do’s (or success.II1v Officers Club, wn chosen our own li» Univer-; Uy of l-Jorida at Spring Krolic . An Orlando freshman talented in debate, $hc will reign over many function Florida's cuntejimal. yearv MISS UNIVERSITY OFAND HER COURT FLORIDA128129BARBIE HARMON PHI KAPPA TAU V. 130 151 MARY DAVISON PHI DELTA PHI V. 132‘Fame is not popularity... It is the Spirit of a man surviving himself in the minds and thoughts of other men.” —William Hazlitt HALL ft OF FAME ! IROBERT S. EDWARDS Bob . . . great drive and administrative ability earned him top rccogni-lion among student leaders ... as Chief Justice, made the embryonic Traffic Court a vital facet of student government . . . froth met him as Chairman of the Welcome Week Committee . . . ran for student body presidency . . . Masts claim the future lamer. JOHN R. TRINKLE John . . . protector of Florida' "most cherished tradition" . . . Honor Court Chancellor . . . ivso years • Orange Peel editor . . . honoraries galore . . . Phi Kta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Florida Bloc Key, Phi Delta Phi, Scabbard and Blade . . . the Dell from Plant City plans a state lasv practice. E STUDENT GOVERNMENT JOE C. WILCOX Joe . . . hardworking and able describe the Secretary of F’inancc . . . summer Honor Court Chancellor . . . first Traffic Court Chief Justice . . . Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Delta Phi selected him . . . deeply grateful to hit wife, Norma, for helping him get two degrees . . . main interest is daughter, Joan Fdoisc. JULIAN F. DOMINICK Julian . . . calm, cool, collected . . . a CPA in the office of student body secretary-treasurer . . . ATO and coeds were solidly behind him ... a husband and father . . . served Honor Court as justice and clerk ... Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Delta Phi chose the future Orlando tax attorney. C. FRED JONES F’red ... a man of firm convictions at Clerk of the Honor Court . . . efficient organizer of Orientation as Student Director . . . Phi F!ta Sigma proxy . . . Imperial Polk County's gift to Florida Blue Key . . . just one of the boys at C.L.O. . . . Fxecutive Council . . . Alpha Kappa Psi . . . immediate plans call for a hitch with Uncle Sam’s Air Force, 134 jULof c%tne t y LAWTON M. CHILES Hud ... a familiar figure in the political powwows . . . icrvcJ at chairman of both the Vanity and FloriJa pat-lie . . . influential in Suwancc caucus ... led the Campu Heart Drive and acted at majority leader of the summer Executive Council . . . ATO'i say Iceland' future lawyer would rather hunt than politic. BILL A FLEMING Sonny ... a gentleman and a scholar . . . displayed terrific ability a Student Director of Intramural . . . lXch-harnessed him with the re pon»ibilitiet of secretary and president . . . alio held the art e position in the sophomore and junior cl awe . . . Florida Blue Kc recognized the service of the future Miami lawyer. POLITICS INTRAMURALS ORGANIZATIONS ___. MURRAY W. OVERSTREET Murray . . . iroooth, suave leader of the Cireekt Inter-Fraternity Conference . . . Alpha Tau Omega cho« him as president . . . campus service included Assistant Director of Orientation and Assistant Secretary of Legislative Affair ... Phi Delta Phi and Phi Alpha Theta tapped him . . . Kissimmee soon to have another lawyer. A JOE A. GONZALEZ “Blackbird" . . . toast of the Suwancc politicians . . . directed spring campaign from Infirmary . . . kept funds for Gator and Florida parties . . . a very active Secretary of Organization . . . Sigma Chi’ plcdgcmauer . . . held various offices in Alpha Phi Omega. Young Demos, and Tampa Club . . . service duty and then Law School. A W. DAYTON LOGUE Dayton . . . personification of school spirit with top ability . . . brought the best in entertainment as a member and president of the Lyceum Council . . . always ready with a cheer as head cheerleader . . . Assistant Secretary of Interior ... the Sigs veep . . . Phi Delta Phi . . . returns to Panama City to practice law. 135★ ★ ★ k J. PAUL HORTON Paul ... an energetic little tmn who did big things at the popular editor of the Florida Alligator ... the budding journalist served at veep of Sigma IX-lta Chi . . . perennial tcoond baieman of the IXIt toftoall team . . . Florida Blue Key recognised hit work and Phi Kta Sigma hit scholarship . . . dated for two year with the U. S. Air Force. PUBLICATIONS JOSEPH R. MIMS Joe . . . drive, patience, imagination, progrett . . . lire the I95J Seminole which he edits ... at managing editor, took over the ’51 book and almost single handedly put it oat . . . Florida Bloc Key recognized hit tremendous work . . . this ex-paratrooper made the annual office the claw of the basement. ELAINE R. ISKIN Flainc . . . Miami's First Lady of Publicatiotas . . . first woman on the Board of Student Publications . . . Gator columnist ... at ’51 Seminole Literary Fditor, famed for her humorous cap-««"'•• • president both Delta Gamitu and Trianon reaped the rewards of her leadership . . . became Mrs. Stanly Barchan in March. DAVID H. HOFFMAN Dave . . . enlivened the Orange Peel with mystery coeds and gootchgah . . . also edited the revamped ’51 F-Book and penned a 'Gator column . . . served the Greeks at IFC secretary and Phi Delt prciy . . . wears a Florida Blue Key . . . hails from Coral Gables but spends hit spare time at Law School and on the road to Daytona Beach. I LEADERSHIP CECILS F. SCHWEBEL Ceil . . . charming, capable leader of women's campus activities . . . served Trianon as president, veep, and treasurer . . . alio wielded the gavel for the Women Students’ Association . . . AF.Phi thanked IjLc Worth for the popular leader . . . Seminole and ‘Gator staffs . . . plans to marry and teach kindergarten. ( [ WILLIAM J. REYNOLDS Joe . . . affable, hardworking Student Body veep . . . another of Homestead’s outstanding contributions ... a Blue Key gentleman . . . served the Honor Court as Chancellor, clerk and justice . . . Scabbard and Blade ... Phi Delta Phi . . . likes golf, hunting and fishing .. . future includes the Army and a Miami law practice.I.—-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - — ■l J. ROBERT TfcRKY Bob . . . service i hit motto . . . head min of the Varsity party and ilvaw a potent force among the politico . . . Kappa Sig elected him president a did Florida Blue Key ... the big min from Miami hat been active in numerous cam-put charity drive and organization! . . . a law practice in the Magic City looms after graduation. I : SERVICE JEAN CHOQUETTE Jean . . . Miami contribution to better Gator Growl . . . one-half of the famed “Murphy-Cboqlactic" team . . . tccreury and historian of women honorary. Trianon ... led the Sigma Kappa at president and vice pretident . . . tripped the light fantastic with the Car-alette . . . plant to do work in the field of sociology. ROY R. GILBERT Roy . . . student government workhorse . . . chairman of the old Varsity Party . . . Secretary of Interior work brought toting machine . . . Executive Council . . . Sanford’ Seminole County Club proxy . . . spring tappcc of Florida Blue Key . . . danced into Cavalier . . . fishing and teaching school loom large in hit future. "•I ANTHONY S. BATTAGLIA "Batt" . . . hardtvurling and conscientious . . . top performance a Secretary of Men Affair . . . made the Mcn’ Council a functioning body . . . organized and directed the Student Blood Bank a it chairman . . . veep and president of the John Marshall Bar Association . . . plans a law practice in central Florida. DRAMATICS R. ERDMAN WILSON Krd . . . Jacksonville’s gift to the L'F thetpiant . . . prexied the Apprentice Player . Florida Players, and National Collegiate Players honorary . . . Beta’ keeper of the pune string ... a wearer of the Florida Bloc Rev . . . Beta Alpha Psi accounting honorary . . . Jax will «oon have another CPA. 9 GLORIA M PALTER "Glo-Glo” . . . one of the pioneers of the women's invasion . . . Ia»t of Trianon charter member . . . Florida Player and dramatic claimed her . . . National Collegiate Player vice president . . . leader in the Radio Guild and the L"ni-vcr itv TV series . . . another women’ first on the Gator Growl Committee . . . may be on 'IT or the stage someday. 137I lob . . . pcncvcnncc a Kappa Kappa I «i tsrcxy brought V.M. » Camel Caravan to the campus . . . active in student government on the Executive Council, President's Cabinet, Athletic Council . . . student body summer $ecrctary-Trca ur-cr . . . served both the Beu« and Florida Blue Key . . . both play and manage good dance music. Frit . . . personable St. Pete girl coordinated campus rcligioo activities as Student Religious Association prexy . . . icrvcd an Wesley Foundation president and Women’s Glee Club business manager . . . makes an attractive law student and softball player . . . expects law and marriage to play important roles in her future. ROBERT 0. BAUER ★ ★ ★ PRISCILLA W. HAMPTON MUSIC RELIGION DEBATE T. TERRELL SESSUMS Terrell ... a leader with winning ways . . . to head Student Government nest year .. . Florida Blue Key recognized oratorical ability . . . Southern Debate champion . . . prexied Ga. Seagle, State Methodist Youth. Debate Club, TKA . . . Secretary of Interior . . . Exec. Council majority leader . . . looks to a future LL.B. and law practice. JEANNE E. MILES Jcannic ... a gal who makes her talking pay off . . . won National TKA discussion championship . . . veep of the Debate Society and secretary-treasurer of 'TKA . . . chairman of the UF debate tournament and the ’51 Homecoming parade . . . Tri Delta and Trianon used her talents . . . hopes for a M.A. and a future speech professorship. GERALD SOHN Jerry . . . combination of a top scholar and orator . . . Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Florida Blue Key rewarded his work . . . Southern Debate Champ prexied the Debate Club and TKA honorary speech fraternity . . . February High Honors B.A. ... Pi Lams attest to hit love of classical music and rcading- 138AT HUT 1C POLICY maKIAS SrteitJ; Jim MfLain and Hob Houn. Steading, I. to t. II,uM Bert, Hetty t.eneit, ('.bethr Rone. Rtojettor Frede Kvgert. Nof pie lured: Jimmy Fetter. Leonard Helot. Red Rotuorth. J. Hell. Rreftuor II. R. Conitont. ami Icaeh Hob « ooJrofJ. ATHLETIC Council OL'NDKD to promote intercollegiate athletics between the University of Florida and other colleges and universities, the Athletic Council underwent a transformation during the past year when the student membership was increased and the Charter was revised. Four new representatives from the Kxccutivc Council, the Gator Band, the Pep Club, and the Cheerleaders were added to the Council. Appointing the student managers of teams, and regulating the awarding of letters and numerals to members of varsity teams arc a function that the Athletic Council performs. Faculty members arc Coach Bob Woodruff, Professor H. P. Constans, and Professor Frazier Rogers.W HILK the lighting Gators didn’t win the conference championship or receive a bowl bid, Bob Woodruff's 1951 edition provided the Florida followers with their share of thrills and chills. Wins in the opening, Homecoming, and final games over Wyoming, Vandy, and ’Bama were the thrillers for the Saurians, but the narrow losses to Auburn, Georgia, and Kentucky chilled all hopes for a better than five and five record. A new coach was added in John Maucr while-two vacancies occurred with the departure of Tonto Coleman and Julius Battista. I-ost to the Gators through graduation were Brown, Kawls, McDonald, Gilstrap, Reeves, Cummings, French, Davis, Patsy, Wester, Keddcll, McGowan, and Huggins.MAURICE EDMUNDS fmujzti HILL BRANNON Manner JOHN MAUER HOBE HOOSER Defensive Line .»■ uw -•’ V' - V’ i r ’jupr 'siF 1 • L - r ‘ 4 •’ P-7 ■ Ay COACHING( LASSES were still a week away when the Eightin’ Gators nailed their first f x tlxill victory by downing Wyoming, 13-O, in the rain and slush of Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl. (JB I laywood Sullivan’s big right arm was warm as he connected on 11 of 16 pitches with one going for a touchdown to Co-Captain Jim French. Another Sullivan pass set the stage for Huggins’ scoring plunge. Kcddell’s running and the UF’s defensive throttling of the Cowboys’ attack were the other Florida bright spots. HUBERT BROOKS-G Colors corral Couboy star, Ccldicn. WYOMING BOB HORTON—E JOHN PATSY—E CHARLES (8UBBAI WARE—LB Hr oaks leads Huggins around end to TO land. 144 •'.US, CITADEL ' -A 2SSfc j . Huggins rambles for a score. Oosterhoudt carries the mail. s A FITTING climax to Orientation Week, Florida ground out a 27-7 win over Citadel’s Bulldogs despite sporadic downpours at Florida Field. J. “Papa” Hall provided most of the night’s fireworks with his runbacks as safetyman. Papa scored on a 50 yard punt return and set up another marker with a 30 yard jaunt. The Tallahassee speedster also had a 109 yard return of an attempted field goal called hack because of a clipping penalty. The first score was notched by Huggins on an 18 yard dash while O’Brien covered Casarcs goal line fumble for another. Casarcs tossed 15 yards to Balas for the final tally. DON BROWN—E Sophomore Casares gets auay for first down. 145 SAM OOSTERHOUDT—H8French takes a «i»» for a ten yard gain. BOB CUMMINGS—T LOYOLA BALAS-E Flowers motes in on Tech’s licks. BILLY REDDELL-HBIHF. REVITALIZED Plainsmen from Auburn came from behind in the last period to upset Florida’s favored Gators, 14-13, in the Tigers’ 1 lomecoming game. Florida was leading 13-7 with two minutes to play when the Tigers turned a fourth down pass into six points and then added the point-after-touchdown for the narrow triumph. The first Florida score came when Bobby Flowers blocked an Auburn punt which Charlie I .a Pradd converted into a touchdown. Casarcs accounted for the second score after a 42 yard drive. Reddell crashes through Auburn’s Tigers. FRENCH-ETwo different shots of Sully's fins TI) dash. RICK CASARES—HB BOB HEWLETT—G llAYWOOl) SULLIVAN had one of his greatest dav as he led his Gator mates to a decisive 33-13 Homecoming triumph over Vanderbilt’s Commodores. In addition to his usual pinpoint passing, the Dothan, Ala., junior show© that he could run as he bulled over for two touchdowns. Twice it appeared that the lanky Sullivan would be thrown for losses before he broke loose to score. Frcncl Oosterhoudt and I Juggins were the other Gators who added six-pointers to the total. RED MITCHUM—T HAYWOOD SULUVAN-QB Haywood explodes through Vandy again.---------------------- -----------—--------------------------- — ■ ■ --. . - .imj— Nichols turns the U ildcat end for a fir dovn. tlugfins hurdles over the Kentuckian . ouuy turn n KENTUCKY Friendly rivals before the bitter struggle. CO-CAPT. Carroll McDonald—c Babe PARILLI, alias Mr. Quarterback, passed the Kentucky Wildcats to a 14-6 win over the Gators on a summer-like afternoon at Florida Field. Parilli’s two touchdown shots proved the difference in the battle between the two huge lines. His first scoring pass went 56 yards to Larry Jones while the second to Harold Gruncr covered 38 yards. Florida’s only touchdown came in the third period when Sam Oosterhoudt plunged over from eight yards out. “Papa” Hall and Buford Long sparked the hard-running Gator ground attack. CURTIS KING—T d'AGOSTINO-G BOBBY FLOWERS-E Huggins soars over the stubborn outiuogs. A MISSED extra point brought Florida its second one-point defeat when the Fight in’ Gators lost a 7-6 tussle to Georgia’s battling Bulldogs in the 29th renewal of the traditional clash at Jacksonville’s Gator Bowl. The UF gridders could gain at will between the 20 yard lines, but could muster the punch to score only once. Buford I-ong raced past the Bulldog defenders for the Gator marker after Georgia’s Bratkowski had passed to Morroco for a touchdown. Sim Mrvos successfully added Georgia’s extra point but Casares missed his chance to give the Gators a tic. JIMMY RAWLS—G REEO QUINN-FB FLOYD HUGGINS—FB Woodruff and friend. JACK NICHOLS—HB■ ii 111—---Li----------------------- I ftfmffT———■ x»«g. Jumper, ami Isi Pradd pounce on Miami’s fumble. MIAMI The ICV blasts of Miami’s Big Wind chilled the Gators, 21-6, in the famed Orange Bowl before a huge crowd of 61,602. Florida could stay with the Hurricanes on the ground, but Miami’s Jack Hackett riddled the Gator pass defense for 224 yards while scoring one touchdown and setting up two others. Mallios scored on a pass for the UM squad while Hackctt and Smith bolted over on short runs. Casarcs’ running and a Sullivan pass led the UF’s scoring drive which Hall climaxed on a plunge. CHARLIE LA PRADD—T ARLEN JUMPER—LB CLAUDE DAVID-T JACK PAPPAS—T Reddell fights for a first doun. 1 Muffins burns through the Crimson Tide line. ‘.-"Vi 5 ALABAMA ILL THE disappointment and frustration of one point defeats, fumbles and intercepted passes were turned on Alabama as the Gators stampeded the Red Elephants, 30-21, in a wild and wooly Homecoming upset. ’Kama led until the fourth quarter when Casares kicked a 45-degree-angle field goal from the four yard line to climax a 96-yard drive. The clincher was applied later after Wester intercepted a Tide pass and carried it to the one from where Sully scored. Haywood passed to French for one TD and I-ong ran two more over.JOHN MAUER IgNITED by a spark from the flaming spirit of its new coach, John Mailer, the 1951-52 University of Florida basketball team caught fire to raze such Iwrricrs as inexperience and lack of height and emerge with a 15-9 won and lost record for the season. The green Gators faced the long stretch with a squad composed of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors of which only three were lettermen, but they still managed to win ten straight games, the Gator Bowl tournament, and reach the SEC semifinals. The fifth ting Gators.1951-52 FIGHTING GATOR BASKETBALL TEAM First row. I. to r.—5. f’ouell, A. St even ton, J. Hoffman, T. Mitchell, K. If ether ington, G. Hitch ins, II. Coe, II. Teshcr, J. Ttin gas. Second row—Coach John Hauer, {. Catares, J. If aggener, R. Roberts, T. Hampton, B. Ixach. W. Ratlieff. S. Friedman, C. Cunkle, MBH| I). Jensen, Trainer Sam Ijankjord. ■IEI) WETHER1NGTON, Roy Roberts, Curt Cunkle, and George Hitchins returned to season the squad, but it remained for sophomore Rick Casa res and freshman Sonny Rowell to add the spice to the appetizing menu that Chef Maucr cooked up for the victory- starved Gator followers. Two other cagcrs who sparkled enough to win their letters were Johnny Tringas and Stan Friedman. Roberts and Hitchins scramble for a loose ball. 154SONNY POWELL—G Reason's HiccofiJ Friedman bailies Southern eagers for a rebound. Roberts goes high to deflect a Southern shot. FLA. 76 WOFFORD 56 FLA. 63 STETSON ......56 FLA. 79 FLA. SOUTHERN 51 FLA. 69 MIAMI ........65 FLA. 58 TENNESSEE ....47 FLA. 73 CLEMSON 62 FLA. 62 GEORGIA 47 FLA. 61 FLA. STATE....51 FLA. 64 AUBURN 63 FLA. 55 ALABAMA.......53 FLA. 52 KENTUCKY .....99 FLA. 74 GEORGIA ......55 FLA. 86 VANDERBILT ....70 FLA. 45 OLE MISS. 56 FLA. 59 ALABAMA........67 FLA. 58 MISS. STATE . 72 FLA. 52 AUBURN 61 FLA. 74 GEORGIA 60 FLA. 81 GA. TECH 73 FLA. 68 MIAMI 76 FLA. 77 TULANE .102 FLA. 57 L.S.U......... 65 SEC TOURNAMENT FLA. 66 VANDERBILT 63 FLA. 69 L.S.U... 77JOHNNY TRINGAS-G Opening the season at home, the Saurians blasted Wofford, 76-52, with Wet fieri ngton’s push shot accounting for 23 points. Stetson next felt the Gator bite as Cunklc’s 20 markers led the UK to a 63-56 triumph. Florida Southern was rocked, 79-51, prior to gaining a pair of hard fought victories over Miami, 69-65, and Tennessee, 58-47. Wcthcrington got 20 points against the ’Canes while Casarcs hit for 16 in both victories just before the Christmas holidays. All Floridians thought it was fitting when the Fighting Gators took top honors in the first annual Gator Bowl basketball tournament, by downing Clemson, 73-62; Georgia, 62-47; and Florida State, 61-51. Casarcs was high scorer in all three tilts with a total of 55 points. I lighlight of the tourney was the finale against FSU in the first athletics contest between the two schools. Trailing the bloodthirsty Tally team, 32-29, at halftime, the UF cagcrs rallied to add the Seminole scalp to their string. Defeating Auburn, 64 63, and Alabama, 55'53» proved tough for Coach Mailer’s cagcrs as they twice had to make up large deficits in the score. 'Homo uon the jump-tost the game. ROY R08ERTS-C THEO HAMPTON—C------I----------------------------------------------------------------- Johnny Tringas led the rally in the Auburn game by stealing a Tiger pass and driving in for a layup in the closing seconds to tic up the game at 57-57 In the overtime, Florida outlasted the Plainsmen to win by a point. Another guard, George Hitchins, was the leader in the comeback against ’Bama in which 48 of the 55 UF markers were divided almost equally among four Gators. Next came Kentucky and Adolph Rupp’s fabulous Wildcats snapped the Gator win streak at ten by smacking the Floridians, 9-52, before a SRO crowd at the Florida Gym. Georgia served as the rebound victim as four Saurians got ten points each in the 74 55 victory. Vanderbilt felt the full fury of the Gator attack as the Orange and Blue cagcrs stopped the Commodores, 86-70, in their top performance of the year. Casarcs and Powell with 23 and 18 points each led the assault on bewildered Vandy. Florida then hit the road and the skids as they dropped four straight to Ole Miss, ’Bama, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Returning home, the UF five dumped Gcor gia, 74-60, and Ga. Tech, 81-73. Back again on the road, the Gators dosed by losing to Miami, L.S.U., and Tulanc. RED WETHERINGTON—F CURT CUNKIE-F ANDY STEVENSON-G 157■— n— rv: ' | In the SKC tourney, Florida upset highly-rated Vandy, 66-63, m an-othcr fine comeback, but fell before L.S.U., 77-69, in the semifinals. Timers scramble jor ball. C.unkle comes up with it. Out of the melee came an Auburn basket. THE BABY GATORS Front row, I. to r.: M. Sarris. Manager B. Johnson, . Price. Second row: J. Me• Vann, G. I hbar. R. Turkel. J. Burns. l. Greenberg, I). Taylor. Back row: Student Assistant . Fink, J. Waggoner, A. Peele, J. Floyd. G. Downing, F. Hadden. W. Rat• lieff. Coach J. McCachren. Coached by Jim McCachren, the University of Florida “B” Team provided some exciting basketball while compiling a seven won and four lost record. Besides filling the preliminary spots on the Gator schedule, the Baby Gators gained some valuable game time experience. Coach McCachren’s cagcrs defeated Jackson 1 ligh, St. Petersburg High, Hillsborough High, I .and on High, WGGG, and Green Cove NAS while losing to Jacksonville Navy (twice ), Brewer Parker J.C., and South Ga. Teachers. 15S V --- WIMPY LAGANO, VIRGIL MARTIN, JIM HIRSCH, JOE DAVIS. The in fielders turned in 22 double [days. I OACH Dave Fuller’s talented baseball team captured Florida’s first Southeastern Conference championship since 1950 by winning 21 games out of 23 during the regular season. The Gators won 15 straight tilts before losing to Tech in Atlanta, and then ran up another streak before dropping the finale to Auburn. After Florida had clinched the Western Division, a proposed playoff with Tennessee, the Eastern winner, was cancelled when the three-time losers to Florida conceded the title. Selected for the all-SEC squad were catcher Haywood Sullivan and freshman second haseman Jim Hirsch. HAYWOOD SULLIVAN. Catcher on the A US EC tram. HOWARD GRAY. Relief hurler. HARRY COE. He had a three and one record. 160JACK HAZEN. Froth pitcher led in mint. GEORGE REED. Five wins against one lost. SEASON’S FLA. 9 GA. TECH ... 3 FLA. 7 AUBURN 5 FLA. 13 GA. TECH .... 2 FLA. 10 MIAMI 3 FLA. 12 GEORGIA .... 12 FLA 13 MIAMI 13 FLA 2 GEORGIA 1 FLA 3 AUBURN 2 FLA. 7 TENNESSEE .... 6 FLA 5 AUBURN 8 FLA 8 TENNESSEE 7 FLA 15 TENNESSEE .... 1 SOUTHERN NCAA REGIONALS FLA. 4 MIAMI 1 FLA. 4 ROLLINS 5 FLA. 8 MIAMI .... 5 FLA. 10 TENNESSEE 5 FLA. 6 ROLLINS .... 1 FLA. 11 ROLLINS 7 FLA. 2 ROLLINS ... .... 1 FLA 3 DUKE 4 FLA 4 ROLLINS .... 2 FLA. FLA 6 8 ROLLINS GEORGIA 1 3 DICK BROWN. FLA 4 GEORGIA .... 2 Undefeated south [MU . FLA. 5 GA TECH .... 6 FLA. 13 GA TECH .... 5 FLA. 12 AUBURN .... 8 VCatcher Sullivan called the pitches for Coach Fuller’s “Big Four,” Jack Mazen, Dick Brown, George Reed, and I larry Coe, who carried the burden of the pitching through the entire season. The infield of Joe Davis at first, I lirsch at second, Wimpy I-agano at short, and Virgil Martin at third handled the infield duties. Captain Gene Gore was a fixture in center field while the other outfield posts were filled by Rudy Simpson, Red Bert, Bobby Knight, and Jim Gardner. With Gore injured, the Gators finished second to Duke in the Southern NCAA Regional at Kanapolis, N. C. In the double elimination tourney, Florida defeated Tennessee and Rollins and lost one run decisions to Rollins and Duke. Sullivan’s timely hitting earned him selection as Florida's most valuable player. CAPTAIN GENE GORE “Fireplug;” had a Ji5l average.PERCY BEARD CAPTAIN BILL WOODSECOND PLACE IN THE SEC Front row, I. to r,: J. Ordonez, A. Vickers, K. Busing, N. Cole, I). Andreus, B. U'ood. F. Ordonez, J,. Robb. Second row: F. Jackson. C. Brunner, I.. Knowles, T. IVilson, C. Jones, I). Hester, ft. Johnson, I). Jackson. Manager B. Bar sail. Third row: Coach P. Beard. Trainer S. lank ford, II. Quinn. F. Peterson. F.. obi it, M. Raboid, K. Atkins. J. Jinks, J. Hall, B. Harper, F. Diamond, Coach F. Phi I pot I, Equipment Mgr. Sgt. J. Ayers. HE UNIVERSITY of Florida's track squad experienced its most successful season with a second straight undefeated season, and a second place finish to Alabama in the Southeastern Conference meet. Coached by Percy Heard and Frank Philpott, the Gators downed Georgia Tech, Georgia, Auburn and Miami in dual meets to stretch an undefeated string dating from 1950 to nine triumphs. Half-milcr Bill Wood captained the team during 1952- 0. C. ANMIWl R. I. HORTON 164 t. B. JINKS K. BUSING A. K HARMR COACH StARO G. I NOBLIT R JOHNSON I. M. ROBB F DIAMOND O. L- JACKSONJ. V. MfClUkl i. I. «ACCITT t. M JACKSON L. C KNOWIIS llama leads Florida’s In THE Southeastern Conference, Alabama edged the Gators, 33 to 36 , in a meet that was closely contested all the way by four schools. Florida's depth enabled them to finish a couple points ahead of Auburn and Tennessee. The best performances by the Gators, who took no first places, were seconds by Kent Busing and Lincoln Knowles in the javelin and high hurdles respectively. Consistent point-producers for Florida were I-'rank Jackson, 100 and 220; Wood, 880 and mile; Knowles, hurdles; Reed Quinn, weights; Bob Johnson, low hurdles; Hester, high jump; Don Andrews, mile; Archie Vickers, braid jump; and Busing, javelin. REED QUINN PUTS THE SHOT. The husky footballer scored 20 points. • He MNijM IN THE MILE RELAY. Frank Jackson sprints the lau leg for Florida. J. O. HUTIft j. t. hau 165 J. " pak" JUl .1LTMOUGM hampered a great portion of the year by a leg injury received in football, John Lewis Hall (better known as J. “Papa” Hall) carried his Orange and Blue uniform to several important triumphs during the past year in his specialty, the high jump. I fall first gained national prominence in the summer of 1951 when he catapulted to first places in the NCAA and National A AU meets with jumps of 69" and 6'S". The Tallahassee jumper continued his winning ways in 1952 in the big Eastern meets. “Papa” took firsts in the Milrose Games, the Boston A A Games, the NYAA Games, National YAU Indoor, the Southern Indoor Relays and the Florida Relays. The football injury then caught up with him, and “J.” had to settle for third in the SEC meet. PARA" GOES UP AND OVER. FLORIDA'S J. "PAPA" HALL. The bar kepi fining up higher ami higher. This picture uas rent all over ihr country. CAPTAIN BILL WOOD COACH FRANK PHILPOTT JIFTER winning its initial meet of the year, Florida’s cross country team dropped its two other meets to wind up the season with one win and two losses. Coached by Frank Philpott, the Gator thindads defeated Georgia Tech, 21 to 35, the low score winning. Don ndnews and Bill Wood paced the Gators in their only win of the season. Although Wood placed first with a time of 22:35.0 against Auburn, the Tigers eased by the Sau rians, 26 to 31. In the last meet of the year, Miami’s squad defeated a weakened Florida squad, 21 to 34. THE 1952 THINCLADS front rou, I. to r. McCormic. I). Andreses, C. Wahannah. I). Johnson. J. McClure, II. Hrihlt. Hack rou ; Captain K. Ixi asse. K. A. Johnson. H. 11'ooA, A. Sloliusky. K. Knapp. K. Taber, M. Essick.lllTH only two lcttcrmcn, Co-captains Roger Pharr and Don Phillips, returning for the 1952 season, Florida’s new tennis coach, Bill Potter, had to rebuild from the ground up with a squad composed largely of freshmen and sophomores. 1 low well Coach Potter succeeded can be shown by the thirteen and four won and lost record that the Gator nelters compiled o%cr a two month season. Climax of the year was the SEC tournament in New Orleans where the Floridians managed a fourth place finish. JOHN HIRESROGER PHARR CO-CAPTAINS PHARR AND PHILLIPS DON PHILLIPS 1 he four Gator losses were to Duke and Tennessee by narrow 5 to margins, to Miami by 6 to 2, and to Rollins by 7 to 2. Victories were recorded over Mercer, Florida Southern, Concordia, Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Valdosta State Teachers, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Maryville, Auburn and Cincinnati. Finishing ahead of the UF netters in the conference tourney were Tulane, Tennessee and Vanderbilt in that order. The doubles team of John Hires and Bob Czerwonkv went to the finals before dropping their match.■■B TEDDY ROBINSON Breast Stroke K 13 I AR I INC a new season under a new coach. Jack Ryan, the Righting Gator swimmers splashed hack from a mediocre season to cop second place in the Southeastern Conference meet at I exington, Ky. Co-captained by seniors Prevatt and Wynroth, the Gators suffered two defeats at the hands of Georgia’s splashers before they found victory against The Citadel. South Carolina and Georgia Tech were downed next before Miami squeezed past the Floridians, 43-41. In the final meet of the season, the Orange and Blue swimmers defeated the visiting Texas Aggies, 47-37. MARION DEES Backstroke BARNEY HUNGERFORD Freestyle RONNIE PATRICK JAMES BORLAND JERRY HARTMAN Divert— THE SEC RUNNERUPS First row, I. to r.: I.. Child. R. Patrick. J. Borland, Capt. A. Wynroth. . Mitchell. J. Hartman, I. Steinberg. Second row: Coach Ryan. I). Beilis. K. l ee. B. Hunger ford. R. Moss, . Bennett, U . Dippy, Levy, l I lul-dauer, I', jXeidc, Coach Bitondo. Back row: Manager M. Cohen, J. Griffin. M. Dees, F. Gaines, f. Sandlin, T. Robinson. R. Tar at us. G. Randall. R. Garcia. Manager M. Ball. Highlight of the season was the two team battle for the SEC championship when Georgia edged the Gators, 132 to 125. Coach Ryan’s swimmers made their fine showing despite only two first places. Sophomore star Barney I lungerford showed the way with a record-setting first place in the 1500-yard free style and second place finishes in the 220 and 440-yard free styles. The other first came in the 300-yard relay. T he Gator relay team was composed of Decs, Robinson and Bennett. Seven other second places helped the Gators amass their 125 markers. Ixrading point-makers were Hungcrford 33, Robinson 2S, Prevatt 23, Wvnroth 21, and Patrick 20.. COACH BILL DELLASTATIOUS THE GATOR GOLFERS Is It to right: George Fischer, Don Knight. Don Sikes, Jerry Fort, Capt. Joe Bryan, Pat Schuab, BUI Barkley. PAT SCHWAB GEORGE FISCHER JOE BRYAN V FLORIDA’S varsity golfers continued their winning ways during 1952 with a ten won, one lost, and two tied record. Coached by Bill l c!lastatious, the Gators also added the Florida Intercollegiate Tournament to their laurels by downing the University of Miami, 18 to 16, in a “sudden death” playoff. Led by Captain Joe Bryan, the golf squad met its only defeat at the hands of Georgia T ech, but were tied by Duke and T he Citadel. Listed among their victims were Stetson, Georgia Tech, Davidson, Duke, Rollins, Auburn and Cincinnati. DON KNIGHT • • We t-’ $  s CZ)C v StHU THE BIG THREE OF INTRAMURALS BILL FLEMING Student Director of Intramuralr SPURGEON CHERRY llea l of the Department JACK SHORSTEIN Student Director of Intramurals RONALD JABARA Basketball BOB NUNN Shufflebonrd GEORGE SCHIELENS Softball ARNOLD VANDROFF Volleyball PAUL BOSWORTH Track Pow F.RFUL teams and runaway races were the theme for the 1951-52 intramural sweepstakes as the former tight league races became a thing of the past. Every one of the leagues came up with a team that proved to be too powerful for the rest to cope with and the closest second team in any league was 145 points behind the winners. In the Orange Fraternity League, Phi Delta Theta took the lead when they copped top honors in the first sport of the year, horseshoes, and added to their point total with three other first semester wins. SAP’s wins in two sports helped them nose out four other squads for the runnerup spot as Sigma Nu and Sigma Chi tied for third place. Beta Theta Pi was almost unbeatable as they won six of fourteen sports to amass their winning Blue League total of 1344 points. Theta Chi was a surprise second, nosing out the ZBT’s. In the Independent circuit, the Olympians withstood the late drives of C.L.O. and the Tampa Bananas to win that title. Murphree (» H and Dorm N were the class of their respec tivc loops, East Dormitory and West Dormitory. Fletcher DE F pushed the G H crew while Weaver 2 and Dorm M pressed the West champions. II it 11 li E It S % VIC ROSENTHAL Sm immting SKIP SAMPSON Touch f ootball DICK KANNER Horsetho'i V f p= Sigs' Greentcald (center) ed ed PDTa Jack ton and SUva. ORANGE IJvAGUE........PHI DELTA THETA BLUE LEAGUE..........LAMBDA CHI ALPHA INDEPENDENT LEAGUE ...OLYMPIANS EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE.. .MURPIIREE G H WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE...DORMITORY O SniHHIH ORANGE LEAGUE........... m .SIGMA CHI BLUE LEAGUE.................DELTA CHI INDEPENDENT I.EAGl E........OLYMPIANS EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE... .BUCKMAN A B WEST DORMITORY I.EAGl K.......TOLBERT IE i Walton put.« the shot for Sigma , « ORANGE I .HAGUE........PI KAPPA ALPHA BLUE LEAGUE............BETA THETA PI INDEPENDENT LEAGUE........OLYMPIANS EAST DORMITORY 1J-AGUE. MURPHREE C H WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE........WEAVER 2 B ilium; Tuck ORANGE LEAGUE.........PHI DELTA THETA BLUE LEAGUE..............BETA THETA PI INDEPENDENT LEAGUE............C. L 0. EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE. .FLETCHER I). E F WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE....DORMITORY 0 T ir start i i the Orange’s gruelling 880 run.Phi I u’j Cook gets set to pepper one. .....SIGMA CHI . .BETA THETA PI TAMPA BANANAS ...MURPHREE CAM ...DORMITORY M ORANGE LEAGUE........ BLUE LEAGUE.......... INDEPENDENT LEAGUE.... EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE. WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE Prexiet Cobb and Usman battle at the rift. G«ir ORANGE LEAGUE......SICMA ALPHA EPSILON BLUE LEAGUE..............PI KAPPA PHI INDEPENDENT LEAGUE............B.S.U. EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE....MURPIIREE CAD WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE....DORMITORY M .4 cloud of dust and you're in another trap. Teeing off to dart the back nine at the G.C.C.$ Cloud scores another for Phi Dell. ORANGE LEAGUE........SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON BLUE LKACUE................BETA THETA PI INDEPENDENT IXAGUE.................TAMPA BANANAS EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE.....FLETCHER I). E F WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE........DORMITORY N Fihitiii ll SACs touchdoun pass clinches the trophy. Tiilk tsiijis ORANGE LEAGUE..........SIGMA PHI EPSILON BLUE LEAGUE.................BETA THETA PI SINGLES INDEPENDENT LEAGUE..................B.S.U. EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE...FLETCHER I). E F WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE............TOLBERT 1 DOUBLES INDEPENDENT LEAGUE...................BS.V. EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE.........FLETCHER 0 P WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE.............WEAVER 3 Doris shout Coach Ryan some ping-fiong pointers. 17$ The hand’s faster than the eye in doubles. ' Shope starred for Snakes. U'inninf PhCj in doubles match. ORANGE LEAGUE.....PHI DELTA THETA BLUE LEAGUE..........PHI KAPPA TAl SINGLES INDEPENDENT LEAGUE.........B.S.U. EAST DORMITORY I.EAGUE. .MURPHREE GAM WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE........ OOUILIS INDEPENDENT LEAGUE.........B.S.U. EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE.. MURPHREE G$ll Tbmis Money Cook at Intramural O sen House. Sigma Mu has the TCP's trapped. S ii ii f k mi ii i ii ii ORANGE LEAGUE..........SIGMA NU BLUE LEAGUE........ZETA BETA TAU SINGLES INDE PEN DENT LEAGUE.OLY M PI A NS EKSl DORMITORY LEAGI E ..DORMITORY C WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE. .DORMITORY K OOUBLES INDEPENDENT IXAGUE.......WESLEY I hSI DORMITORY LEAGI E...DORMITORT C WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE. .DORMITORY R ■jj —— . 1 a ■■ T . mmA fast rally in a doublet game. ORANGE LEAGUE.......... BLUE LEAGUE............ SINGLES INDEPENDENT I.EACUE.... EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE.. WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE... DOUBLES INDEPENDENT LEAGUE..... EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE... WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE... DELTA TAt DELTA ...ZETA BETA TAt .......MARKS Ml RPUREE GMI ....WEAVER 2 ...CRANE HALL MURPHREE C H ..DORMITORY K Got to hustle to get that kill shot. ORANGE LEAGUE........... BLUE LEAGUE............. SINGLES INDEPENDENT LEAGUE...... EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE... WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE... DOUBLES INDEPENDENT LEAGUE...... EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE... WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE... PHI DELTA THETA .....THETA CHI .......GI-O. . .THOMAS A B DORMITORY R ........C.LO. MURPHREE GMI ....WEAVER 2 Horseshoes got intramurals started off. Gee! The rule book never covered this!Dell champions in Open House. ORANGE LEAGUE.DELTA TAU DELTA BLUE LEAGUE.........THETA CHI INDEPENDENT LEAGUE..OLYMPIANS EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE. .MURPIIREE Gill WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE..DORMITORY M With imcrum Close-up of a merciless sport. Softball ORANGE LEAGUE.............SIGMA NU BLUE LEAGUE........BETA THETA PI INDEPENDENT LEAGUE.......C.L.O. EAST DORMITORY LEAGUE.SLEDD AiB WEST DORMITORY LEAGUE. .DORMITORY M Independent teams u ere tops. Phi Dells lose cup to Sigma , u. IFLORIDA LEON HANDLEY JAMES L KING OFFICERS TUU S«art! ( LEON HANDLEY_____________________Awtfwt LARRY KING VUt-Prt,ul t DOYLE ROGERS Sttttltry HENRY KITTLESON Trtsturtr FRANK B. AKERMAN ROBERT O. BAUER ETHERIDGE G. BOONE BILL A. FLEMINGMill KEY NAMES or THOSE NOT PICTURED OFFICERS Secoad S mc»t i LARRY KING PrttUtml DOYLE ROGERS Vk+PrttU mi JACK ROGERSON Sttrtl ry CLARKE NICHOLS Trtiimrtr BOB BILLINGSLEY. EDDIE BOOTH. DOYLE CONNER. EVANS CRARY. JULIAN DOMINICK. LEROY GILBERT. DAVE HOFFMAN. JOHN JOCA. HENRY KITTLESON. JIMMY KYNES. WOODY LILES. JIM MCGINLEY. FRED MONTS DEOCA, DICK PETTIGREW. JACK SHORSTEIN. GENE SPELLMAN. NICK STAMATHIS. JOHN TRINKLE. JOHN WILLIFORD. RALPH WILSON. DOYLE ROGFRS JOHN T. ROGERSON THOMAS T. SESSUMS EDWARD SIEGEL ■J GERALD SOHN JOHN R. TERRY MACDONALD J. WIGGINS LEO WCTITZKYMARY fOOTf TIII 1 I) l Trianon, women’s honorary leadership organization, celebrated its second anniversary on the Uni versity campus. With eleven members Ixring tapped during the fall and spring, the highest women’s honorary found itself with 17 members, the most since its founding on March 28, 1950. Trianon again was in charge of the successful Homecoming parade which has been established as an annual project. A new Trianon project was the party that was given for the Pan American students during the Christmas holidays. MIRIAM TATOM MARILYN KOPILOWITZ SHIRLEY CADIE ELAINE ISKIN RIA MIDYETTI MARGO RITWE GLORIA PALTER CECILS SCHWEIEL mdf lifciB JEANNE MILES■■■■■a L o f„ front row: B. A. Kruse. C. B. Searles. B. H. Tunison. C. F. Keller, R. T. Host. J. '. Fid ridge. T. F. Bourke. H. I . Carson, C. B. Uggell. F. O. Ballard, B. C. Goodman. Second rou : C. T. Samaras, F. K. Dyson. F. U . Broun, B. W. Bedding, D. K. Henrujue:, II. G. Shields, I). M. McManus. O. R. Smith, I . A. Itarriman, A. B. Spoto. Third mu : A. J. tdees, J. B. Moger. J. L. Ade, R. C. Oats. J. W. Roberson. M. I). Greenberg, (). C. Ballon. C. II. Mitchell. G. B. Teeters, M. I.. Fssick. R. S. Faughn. IF. F. Dippy. Fourth row: J. T. Ballillo. F. Amor, IF. F. Shultz. II. Mary, F. B. II cist, F. F. Roberts, R. I), teller, C. F. Hammers, R. P. Sc ho nailer. T. I). Kepler, ,. B. Fletcher. Fifth row: U'. K. Hunter. I. R. Marshall. B. S. Bullock. Sixth row: R. Rath. J. F. Bohren, U'. L. Johnson, M. IF. Heine, J. F. Allaben, C. G. Thompson. IF. A. Collar. IF. F. Gwynn, J. H . Dimmick. PHI ETA SIGMA l» HI KTA SIGMA, freshman men’s honorary fraternity, was created to give recognition to those male freshmen who were out standing scholastically. To be eligible for membership, a student must earn at least a 3.5 average during the first semester of his freshman year or an over-all 3.5 average during his entire first year. Phi F.ta Sigma is designed not only to give recognition to these honor students, but also to give them a chance to meet and get acquainted with other students. Serving as an incentive to further the higher scholastic standards, Phi Kta Sigma was founded in 1923 at Illinois. PHI ETA SIGMA BRAIN-TRUST to R.: I’ice President John Ballillo, President Jim Dimmick. Secretary Ishman Fletcher. 187ARNOLD (2vv r. i roML Arco Confrcndct l THK FALL of 1950, the Dale Mabr ' Squadron of Arnold Air Society was installed on the University of Florida campus. The aims of the organization are to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force. The mem-bers arc selected from the outstanding cadets in the Advanced Air Force ROTC course. Various activities arc conducted by this group to further and aid the ROTC units here on campus. These included the initiation of the first successful program of instructor evaluation and the presenting of awards to the outstanding Air Force Cadet Squadron on campus. W. 0. HARROW IL M. 8ILLINGSUY T. 0 IRIDGfS M CAM HE LI F. R. DUNAWAY M. I. FRANK! ----------------—------------★ A R MUMF0RD J. A. PlISCO W. H TOLD J. F. WARDcScjabbaJvcL and (BLoudsL C. M BURK Prcvdenl F. W. ALLABEN B. t BARNUM E BERGMAN H. C. BERT P ffl XL ScABBARl) and Blade, national military honor society, taps its members front outstanding senior cadets in the Army RO I C. Company H, Second Regiment, was founded on the campus in 1920, and is composed of cadets who have distinguished themselves in military proficiency, scholarship and leadership. Activities of the group this year included the observance of Scabbard and Blade Day by setting up a display of military equipment in the Plaza of the Americas, and appearing as the guard of honor at the Ken-lucky football game. W. B. BRINSON R H. CONLEY B. A FLEMING W. FOOR R 0 COX W E COX n ft E M FRIEOLANDER H 0 GALLO H F GOODE U 0. L GOODLING G t GREMER j. A. GUGEL W. 0 HEARNE W t. HUFFfront mu, . to r.: Captain R. .S. fouler. Secorul row: J. M. Tulen, II. E. Brakmann, S. R. Robinson. T. If'. McAliley, 0. If ■ J„ne%, Third rote: (I. F. Haynes, J. R. ferry, F. C. Collins, R. E. Baldwin, L. Johnson, B. Waller, C. O. Russell, R. I). Worsham, C. II. Tisdale, J. ,. Betlirrew, C. G. Ruebel, M. G. Baker. G. M. Hutchins, J. II. Fortenberry. Fourth row: T. F. Bli ’h. Ik R- Hurray, J. A, Bevis. J. .11. Jones. J. I). B ebster, J. R. Dunn. S. R. Telford, II. P. Edris. H. Thornton, W. II. Tidwell, J. I'. Searcy. F. C. Collins. L. .11. Goodson. Fifth row: R. M. KinJ. L. Richards. I). I). Miller, R. G. Hedlund. C. G. bin rrnce, T. II. Shaw. T. G. Cooney. J. G. Campbell, U . M. McLeran, F. C. Collins, B. L. Williams. Back row: Advisor J. F. Chandler. J. Carcaba. R. F. Hightower, J. A. Smith. J. W. Jackson, Advisor T. S. Ryland. PERSHING RIFLES The Pershing Rifles, national honorary society formed to promote higher standards of military leadership, was founded in 1894 at the University of Nebraska by General John J. Pershing. Company G at the University of Florida has participated in such activities as presenting the colors at all home football games, performing at the Gator Growl and at Military Ball, and marching in the Gasparilla parade as well as many local parades. The installment of new officers at the annual banquet came as a fitting climax to a year in which another group of young men were trained for positions of great responsibility and trust in the military service. COLOR SERGEANTS b to R.: Robert Hightower, Tom McAIHey, John Carcaba. John Alliason. 190CANDLELIGHT AND MUSIC BY THE CHORAL UNION. After a candlelight procession, the Choral Union presented the appropriate music for the annual Christmas program. CHORAL UNION I The CHORAI. Union, directed by A. A. Beecher, is the largest vocal organization on campus with a membership of 278 singers. In conjunction with the Gainesville Philharmonic Society and the University Symphony Orchestra, the Union presented I landcPs “Messiah” to a capacity crowd in the Florida Gymnasium on December 9. A week later the robed chorus, in candlelight procession, supplied appropriate music for the annual Christmas service. During the second semester the “Requiem” of Verdi was sung. T he group is open to all students of the University. DIRECTOR OF THE CHORUS. I)r. A. A. Beecher coordinates the talents of the singers. 191 ThK F-CLUB is composed of all lettermen in rhe major sports at the University of Florida. Its aims arc threefold: to improve the relationships between the athletes of this University and those of other Southeastern Conference schools; to aid the Athletic Department in the selection of outstanding high school athletes to attend the University of Florida; and to maintain the present good relations between athletics and university officials. Activities of the F-Club include sponsoring the annual Homecoming Dance; managing the concessions at basketball, baschall and track; and sponsoring the attendance of high school athletes to one of the football games each fall. The club has parties too. A Christmas party, an annual stag party, and a senior banquet, at which the officers for the coming year arc installed, round out the club’s social affairs. Initiations for new members arc held twice a year. The fall initiates entertain the spectators of the Homecoming parade while those in the spring perform their antics at some athletic event. Kdgar Johnston was named the outstanding member of the club for the year.EDGAR JOHNSTON CHARLIE LAPRADD MAURICE EDMUNDS JOHNNY TRINGAS . JIM FRENCH .... .....President V»ce President .....Secretary .....Treasurer .Sgt.-at-Arm$ R LAKCN C. W. LAFItAOD H W, LONG W. C. MARSHALL V. 0. MARTIN J. A McLAIN I F. MORRIS J. FARMER S. J. FECKFront roH I. to r. I). E. Croll, J. Foreman. F. W. Scholterlein, G. Melton, G. Green, . J. Casey. L. IF. In flee. J. R. Clarke. Second rou: E. J. Roberts, R. Esposito. R. Irvine, J. T. Hughes, C. E. McCoy, R. S. Ilentel. A. O. Rarth, . Thompson. ThinI rou : J. R. Marion, P. .. krtitter. It . F. Rurgest, M. E. Russell. R. I., Shat:. I). Parish. Fourth row: I). P. Rranch. J- K. Eyfells, I. II. I.ejf, IF. Mason. F. T. Pinard. J. Garcia, C. F. Knight. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS A.I.A. OFFICERS Reading clockuite from the lop are Alan Rorg, vice president; Kirk Unis, treasurer; Jack Piercy. secretary; and Ernest Ifaffin, president. The UNIVERSITY Student Chapter of the American Institute of Architects lived up to its reputation as one of the more active organizations on the campus. I lighlight of the year’s activities was the sponsorship of the public lecture by the internationally famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, which was presented in the Florida Gym. Another important A.I.A. event was the annual Architectural Field Day which attracted some 300 architects, educators, and students from Florida and nearby states. Three day visits by two eminent designers and the co-sponsorship of the Beaux Arts Ball were two more activities which promoted fellowship and cooperation between the practicing and the student architects and which provided an opportunity for valuable experience. 1 4First row, I. to r.—P. H. John. R. . Hogsette, W. B. W right, A. A. McCrea, A. G. McCree. R. . Braido, . R. Shumaker. I . Ixswery. Second row: U . B. Holmes. V. G. Bonsey, C. C. Eason, E. Wolf man. W. Y. Eng. G. C. Asklof, K. L. ll'arriner. I). C. Rogers. Third row: X. ,. Sayers. K. J. Platt, C. L. Klonis, R. H. Slater, IT. J. Rupp, K. Treister. Fourth row: I.. A. Usher, E. J. Seibert, G. F. Isaich, R. P. Dinklage, J. M. Barker. J. G. Hundley, P. Correa. STUDENTS MEET TOP ARCHITECTS. A.I.A. student member. Bill Wright, greets designer George Xelson while prexy Ernest Puffin looks on. WRIGHT ELUCIDATES ON FUNCTIONALISM. The ”old master,” Frank l.lo d Wright, gave an A.I.A.' sponsored lecture. 195 f ront rou. I. to r.: • D. Haines. Professor I,. ,1. Scott, '. A. Broun, D. A. Marline:. G. I,. Black, G. U . Chandler, J. W. {Chile, R. S, Dutton, R. A. Armstrong. Back rou: . F. Gibbin, R. C. Matlaline, S. H eater. IF. If. Ayers, IF. L. {food. O. U . Willingham. H. IF. Roberts. R. W. Lamb. W. B. Dyer. J. M. Emerson. BENTON ENGINEERING COUNCIL The “Benton Engineering Council” is the student body coordinating activity for the College of Engineering. It has three representatives from each of six departmental societies. The first activity sponsored by the BEC is a get-acquainted smoker. The big event of the year is the annual “Engineers’ Field Day.” This colossal outing consists of intramural finals, a picnic lunch and election of BEC officer . The day is completed at the “Sigma Tau Ball” where the Queen of the Engineering College is crowned. Next year the BEC plans to stage an Engineers’ Fair?' LEADING THE ENGINEERS Is ft to right are Danny Martinez, secretary‘treasurer; Glenn Black, president; and George Chandler, lice president. 196 Front roic, I. to r.: K. L. Scott, R. IF'. Marlin, T. J. Thompson, J. S. Johnson. F.. J. Telander, G. Nickerson, R. A. Armstrong. Second row: M. W. Roberts, J. P. Albritton, .M. F. Franke, R. l. Bellinger, J. . Robbins, I . F. Oextricher. Third row: ■M. J. Wiggins, T. J. Bryan. B. T. Robbins, M. V. Protheroe, .M. G. Battle, IF. ’. Huff. Bock row: C. W . Schitler, R. I.. Haddock. W. R. Cribbs. R. H. Patton. W. A. Snell. F. F. Hearing. SIGMA TAU L9IGMA TAU, the goal of every fledgling engineer, is one of the more active honorary societies on campus. Scholarship, practicality, and sociability arc the three qualifications required of all who aspire to membership. I‘hc local chapter, Upsilon, sponsors the Engineers Ball each spring as the climax of Field Day. At this time the Engineer’s Queen is crowned. Other outstanding events of the year center around pledging and initiation. Officers for the year were: President Glen Nickerson; Vice-President Ed Te lander; Treasurer Robert Armstrong; and Secretary Jack White. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR L. to R.: Jack White, recording secretary; Tommy Thompson, fdedgemaster; Glen Nickerson, president; Pd Telander, vice president: Robert Billingsley, corresponding secretary. 197Front rou, I. to r.: R. A. Armstrong, C. IF. Schisler, R. E. Gilbreath. I.. Strickland. T. I. U'etherington, T. . Morford. R. L. Billingsley. Second row: I). C. .1 likell. R. L. Haddock. J. A. Neunham, T. C. Pritchett, J. . Burgess, E. J. Telander. C. Morris. Third rou: J. F. Buchan. J. I). Clanton. IF. B. IFinelmiller, J, . Robbins, I). J. Steienson, U. L. Johnson, R. IF. McLeod. Back row: C. E. Vann. S. I‘. Sashoff, P. II. Selson, I). P. Dietz, S. L Maltzman, IF. B. Oilman. J. M. Mills. A. I. E. ELECTRONICS IS THE FIELD James Clanton. Leonard Strickland and Charles Schisler use the facilities of the electricals’ laboratory. 198 E. The GROUP of letters, AIEE-IRE, at first glance, may remind one of a banshee yell. Actually they stand for the “American Institute of Electrical Engineers” and “Institute of Radio Engineers.” The University of Florida Joint Student Branch of AIEE-IRE, with Robert Armstrong as this year’s Chairman, is affiliated with these national societies and has for its purpose the spreading of knowledge of the theory and practice of all phases of electrical engineering and allied fields. This is done by presenting technical papers at the bi-weekly meetings. This year’s highlight was the holding of the Southern District AI EE Student Conference here at the University.. f .l— I, --------------------------------------- „ to R-. front row: D. Ictdd, J. A. Dillard, W. B. Dyer, M. U . Rolterts, V. B. Pickett, . Kirkpatrick, L. I). Haines, C. R. Burke, M. I.. Trieste, W. 5. Eisenberg, l. E. Berry. Second rose: J. G. Melendez, R. O. Newman, U Carreras, i . Enge, R. E. Turner. L. I. Pendrcy. L. Garcia. L. H. Mc.Msh, M. . Wood. A. Tar gas, B. Moreno. M. O. Eltedgui. Third row: R. JF. Straw n, B. T. Robbins, If. C. Coloney, E. If. Mohme, C. E. Martin, „ C. Burnett, R. . Garcia. Fourth row: . ('.. Ifilliam-son, T. Terpening, L. I.. Peterman, I). L. Phillips, F. Barnett, If. A. Snell. Fifth row: G. M. Dykes, T. E. Ifetmore, M. V. Prothcroe, J. II. Quinones. R. K. Sawyer, F. M. llarpster. A. S. C. E. The AMKR1CAN Society of Civil Engi neers, honorary society for future construction experts, kept its members entertained and informed this year by the means of a well-rounded program of activities. In addition to the bi-monthly meetings, at which the members discussed and heard speeches on technical and practical topics in relation to their field of study, the students participated in field trips and attended several conventions. As a service to the college and the students, the local chapter of A.S.C.E. publishes an issue of the Civil Cat or every two weeks. 199 HEADING THE ENGINEERS „ to R.: George Newbury, scribe: Cliff Adcock, lice president: Alfred hitch, president: R. l. Singletary, secretary-treasurer. The FLORIDA Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, organized on this campus in 1940, is one of a total of 45 student branches located and operating on campuses over the nation. The bi-monthly meetings provide an opportunity for the members to learn of many new and different phases of Agricultural Engineering. Last year’s educational exhibit project, showing the benefits of better engineering in agriculture, was seen by over a million people. This year’s activities included two field trips, a banquet at which the Ford Tractor Company was host, and the exhibition at the Ag Fair showing a complete farm layout, exact in every detail. Front row. I. to r.: II. Newbury. R. l. Singletary. II. C. Adcock, F.. Futch. Prof. F. Rogers. Prof. II. Hunnicutt, Prof. T. C. Skinner. Hack row: F. T. Valdez. R. L Connor. L C. Brenner. A. M. Ilowell, II. U'a don. J. I). Franklin. I.. A. Knight. . U'infret. I. F. Ward. II. II. Burnett. T. C. Mathews. Not pictured: J. H. Dickinson, C. . Caruthers. V. Ucanoni, C. A. Creel, F.. II. Hurlebaus, I). L. Asher. L I.. Rozar. 200■---- i ■——i a—iMa—mi l front row. i. to r.: a. t.. no jman, . n. aikih . .sccona run: ,. M. H lMmh H T «• ., ,, r .. 1 Franke, A. E. Uollain. I). L Goodlinf. Third row: S. A. Gunderson. J. . Hennett I) I Hannh ’ ii r ,a a.[,nr' . CrouUv. • K. . R. Kutrou. Four,!, ,ou C. V. ««,„. . W. R.plogU TpSlbr Z Ii ii i J Ur. R.B. DtVaiy. Bmtk rou, II. A. Tip '. R. I■ CU„on, R. I,. Robrrnon, iYrSTc. U eLZZ A. S. M. E. WiTH the purpose in mind of bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers brings its members in contact with the leading men in the professional field actively engaged in mechanical engineering. The presentation of technical papers by students also aids the members in learning the accomplishments of the industry. The society publishes Gear Chatter, which presents happenings in the mechanical department and other news of interest. Through this pro gram the ASMK attempts to promote mechanical engineering and develop well-rounded engineers. MASTERMINDING THE MECHANICALS Isfl to ri hi are Hob Ilaltalinr. Jim Atkins. Professor Tiffen. Hill De Garry, Jim Kefdo le. and Hob Billingsley. 201to R., ronl row: I.. Robadilla, C. A. (■ orrigun, l. A. Senterfit. Y. , l. Oves, D. ('.otter, F. .1 . Silverman. Second row: II. J. lot, R. Serros, ('.. I.. Flmore, I,. Trace, I). I'ardo, J. ,1 . Friedheim. Rack row: C. V. Ixtuery, C. F.. Warner. J. Bar far, G. Corrigan. F.. It. Weiss, S. O. Shaughnessy. NEWMAN CLUB NEWMAN CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD L. to R., front row: llouard Fetlingill, secretary; Joseph Barker, president: Dash Ijsndy, vice president. Rack row: Janet Deulin, Iso Stagnars, Mike Harkins, Win Swan, Hud Welch, treasurer; Raul Driscoll, sergeant-at-arms; Connie Broun. DEVrOTED to the social and spiritual welfare of its members, the Newman Club, the Catholic students’ organization, has had a full and successful year. Highlight of the first semester’s activities was the presentation of the John 1 lenry Newman Award to I)r. Martin for outstanding service to the students and to the organization. Its social activities included a Christmas dance, a square dance, a hay ride, and the Pan American celebration. It instructs its members in the beliefs of the Catholic Church through religious forums and a well-stocked library. 102Front row, I. to r.: J. ,. Gat:, A. F. Ruth, ft. V. Noland. Bock row: B. A. Browne, X. ResnikofJ. I). G. Ingram, J. M. Allison. ALPHA PHI OMEGA AlPHA Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, was founded in 1925 at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. The brothers who established the first chapter recognized the opportunities for constructive service to be rendered by a we 11-organized group of former Boy Scouts on the campus. The local chapter bases its program on service to the student body, service to youth and the community, and service to the nation as participating citizens. This program included ushering at football games and at Fall Frolic , serving at the Governor’s Barbecue, maintaining information booths during Homecoming, sponsoring the King Ugly Contest, and assisting with the local Boy Scout movement. TOPS IN SERVICE .. to R.: Bruce Noland, president; John Gal:, secretary: Eugene Broune, treasurer. 203 rant rou. I. to r.: . A. Gibbons. R. G. Rich. T. R. Smith, It . II. Jernigan, R. II. Dippr. O. F. .Ilford. Second rou: A. M. Ileitis, R. II. Roller. J. I). Kemp. C. S. Berrien. R. II. Dellinger, G. I). Boyle , T. A. Christens, thick row: R. S. Yeats, T. S. Kirk, (). C. Ration, ('.. B. Burgstiner. Col. II. II. Bachman. A. C. Stevens, F.. C. Carlson. Standing: R. (). Bauer. president. KAPPA KAPPA PSI ilN HONORARY that’s not only heard of hut also around campus is Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary lund fraternity. This organization seeks to advance the cause of bet ter music hy recognizing outstanding mcm-bers of the University Gator Band. The local chapter, Alpha Eta, sponsored Vaughan Monroe and his band in two campus con certs for their main project of the year. The 30-man group also ushers at music festivals, and sponsors pep Kinds for sporting events and charity drives. ADVERTISING CLUB I., to R., front row: I). l. Marxer. R. L. Connor, M. Gale, E. B. Schechter. K. ialero, 11. F. Scarboro, A. G. Bacas. B. Daiiet. Second row: . E. Fishbaugh. I. P. Kelly. 1. It. Bell, J. T. Brady. E. M. B. Tunison, T. Bryan. Third row: IT. E. 11 ou sand. B. A. Bailey. .. ,. Rosenthal. I). G. Einhorn, I. flalpcrn, T. E. Smith. K. Snelling. . Olsen, J. It . Coleman, T. IT. Thurmond. Back rou: C. II. Martin. II. K. Buck. l. R. Frost. R. A. Taft. I). A. O'Brien, II ■ H. Green, J. II. Griffis. Advisor E. C. Hanna. Standing: President R. II. Conley. The Advertising Club was formed to help bridge the gap between the educational and vocational aspects of advertising for those students interested in keeping informed on the latest advances in the field. Each year the club sponsors the “Advertising in Action” clinic, which is designed to show to the layman the results of the work being done in advertising by the students at the University. 204ALPHA DELTA SIGMA iiLPHA Delta Sigma, founded at the University of Missouri in 1913, is the national professional advertising fraternity for men. The purposes of the organization are to promote interest in the field of professional advertising among the undergraduate students of the University and to aid future advertising men to make the transition from theory to practical experience by bringing them in contact with men already in the profession. front rou. I. to r.: . '. Kelly, A. K. Snelling, B. Davies. E. M. ton: . K. Buck, T. Bryan, J. . Griffis. . U . Coleman. H. E. (.. Hanna. Connor, GAMMA ALPHA CHI UAMMA Alpha Chi, the national honorary advertising fraternity for women, was founded at the University of Missouri in 1920. Other chapters have sprung up on campuses all over the nation, including the very active local group. The purpose of the organization is to develop high standards among women in the field of professional advertising and to provide comradeship among women students interested in advertising as a career. front rou. I. to r.: 1. I . Mar.ter. . Richardson, E. V. Barr. .. I.. Rosenthal. Second rou: I). I. Barnd. . Garharl, A. Holpern. Third rou : '. Phillips, A. G. Bacas. J. fishbauf,h. B. A. Bailey. Hack row: I'. J. U erly, K. Valero. . A. Owens, A. f. Goehrs. 205GARGOYLE I' UARGOYLE, honorary fraternity of the College of Architecture and Allied Arts, chooses its members on the basis of their scholastic achievement within the college. Pledging is conducted twice yearly and a banquet is held in connection with each initiation. Service to the college by the group includes decoration of a Christmas tree, book donations to the library, and a news letter published each semester. Gargoyle’s main function of the year is the annual Beaux Arts Ball, undoubtedly one of the most lively and colorful affairs ever to appear on the campus. front rou. . © . R. Rarnes. R. R. Dinklage. J. C. Hundley, A. A. McRae. C. V. Ismery. J. J. Kurth. F. IT. Schlotterlein. ecnn,t ; J. F.. Riercy. A. C. Rorg, J. It. SuUitan. A. R. Thompson. C. C. Eason. W. Y. Eng. C. C. AskloJ. Rack ro„ : E. Meyerhoff, I.. A. Fisher, R. II . Munson, II . J. Rupp, R. I). Gunn, J. M. Ret tier. J. M. Rarker. R. . Staler, J. J. Casey. I., to R.: Jack Riercy, historian; Erie Meyerhojf. vice president; Raymond Dinklage, treasurer; James Rarker, first semester president; Dick Slater, second semester president; Roswell Munson. secretary. GARGOYLE LEADERS 206 STUDENT BUILDERS ASSOCIATION ThK STUDKNT Builders Association was organized in 1949 as a local chapter of the National Student Builders. Its purpose is to acquaint the students with contractors of this state and their duties and activities. Lectures by men connected with the building trades and field trips comprise a large part of the activities of the group. T rips were made this year to a steel plant in Jacksonville, a dam at Chattahoochee, a construction company at Lakeland, and a Tampa cement firm. Front rote. I. lo r.: R. (). Campbell, S. J. Malatics, I). T. Rarnes. V II. Flagg. II'. C. Johnson. J. .. Casey, (). (.. Dykes, J. J. Kurlh. R. E. Myers. . C. Sjodahl. G. L. Ellison, I). II. Carter, I'. R. uzum. R. R. Siltly. Rack rou: I . I ndertt o mI, A. A. Smith. G. A. Poulos, H. S. Ridler. J. M. Perrier. P. R. Dan kins. A. Tsar sis. J. R. Selson. H. II. Rlock. S. C. Minardi. J. M. Hailey, K. M. Hansen, J. U'. kranczyk, R. M. Dillon. I). G. Fountain. J. L. Delegal. j. R. Kiehl. II. R. U'ooduard. C. E. Sandler, J. I. Mendez, LOS PICAROS j .• . ■ ■ ■ : Front rou, • lo r.: J. Gonzalez. C. Smith, F. Carrera, M. A. Fernandez. 0. . Griff’ R- Murphy. F. A. Parsons, C. Menendez. Rack rote: II. Daniels. V. Ijauria. M- Dee. C. A. Martinez, P. Jimenez, A. Getcher, J. K. Seaney, L. Robadilla, E. Vargas, R. A. Ordonez. LoS PICAROS dc Qucvcdo, honorary Spanish fraternity, aims at developing a better understanding between the I ’nited States and 1 .atin America, and attaining cultural and social opportunities through familiarity with the Spanish language. Accordingly the club’s activities for the year included free lessons in both Spanish and I English, a state-wide high school Spanish Declamation Contest, and a chicken and rice dinner followed by a dance. The membership of Ix s Picaros is divided equally between United States and I-atin American students. SI [ r -. « W„ front ran: S. Econom, H. G. Ret 'is. I . S. Robinson, E. E. Caslellani, M. R. Meide. I). A. I Hindis, R. I.. Roy fit. Second row: R. Tout is,, It. . Tyson, E. G. Rogers, M. R. Snyder, M. A. Coraggio, I). A. MacDonald. Third row: E. L Fit- ornena, V. Resniknff, M. A. Maddalcna. J. F. Blow. A. t lo. R. E. Turner. F. C. Moor. Rack row: I). F. Helms. E. IF. Net• tcher. L. A. Coons, E. jY. Claughton. I). M. Caulhon. R. G. Runken. E. F. Cole. HALL ASSOCIATION Although it is a relatively new organization, the Men’s Residence Hall Association is fast Incoming the voice of the 2,000 students who live in the upperclassmen dormitories. Com{M scd of delegates from all sections, M.R.H.A. presents the views of the men concerning the operation and administration of dorms. The group’s biggest project was climaxed late in the semester when five water-cooling systems were installed for the water fountains in the archways of the older dorms. Another project was the circulation of a questionnaire to find out the students’ opinion of certain housing regulations and policies. 208 MEN’S RESIDENCE M.R.H.A. OFFICERS - to R.: l.rstrr Coons, corresponding secretory; Monroe Snyder, secretary: bon MacDonald. trrn urcr: Ed ('laugh ton. president: Dear. Robinson, vice president: orrn Resnikoff. sarliamentarian.  I - to B., front rou: U . fl. II hitener. IT. B. Duncan. J. Bou rn. I). B. Kennedy, O. B. Smith. I.. A. Buck. G. A. Webster. If'. F.. Norton. Back rou : P. D. Matranga. II . . T id sc elf, T. J. Bell. C. S. Corey. V. Bagu ell. I.. B. Williams. X. V. Jerni• gan. C. H. Mitchell. B. E. Collins. FRESHMAN MEN’S RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION JO PROMOTE better living in the freshman area and to give the freshmen experience in governing themselves, are the two aims of the Freshmen Men’s Residence Hall Association, baby of campus organizations. This year, its first in operation, FMRHA completed such worthwhile projects as bringing a snack Ixtr to Tolbert Hall, co-sponsor-ing the Freshman Dance, putting on a ping pong tournament with 522 in prizes, and publishing a newspaper. Another one of its major functions was to act as a sounding board for suggestions and grievances of the freshmen residents. FMRHA climaxed the year with a huge party. Prospects for its future growth look bright. FROSH DORM LEADERS .. to B.: Doug Mai ran go, president: Bernie Col- lins. secretary: Garth Websler, vice president. Not pictured: Jim Perry, treasurer. Or f7 V-J T SESSUMS President ). M CALL V c Prcvd rt GEORGIA C LEAPHART TrtGVjrrt H. R IAIN Boo'd Cho-rman R R ADICKS S«'«fory M ! k 9+ R H ALSMEYER T. R AMES J. L IYRD L W. CASON w W. c. FEW 0. W. FOLEY :|S SEAGLK rounds out its sixth year as a cooperative home for So Florida students we look Ixick on I year which saw Terrell Sessums assume the work of the presidency, “Weeny” Call crack the whip as Veep, Clyde I-caphart guard the treasury, and Kelly plan the parties. Remember the hay in our hair at the Barn Frolic, “Mom” Parkhill's reception, the best Spring Fling ever with a house full of Shicks and a harem in the guest wing, Colonel Bosworth's French horn concert over the PA system, Frank's Pony Express mail service, and Rape's keeping everyone well fed. Among our notables were Honor Court jurists, Roberts, Ozaki and Butler; Bain and Foley on the F.xcc. Council; debater Sessums; tennis champ I lires; Byrd, Goode! 1 and Gandy with the Glee Club; Asbury, our returned warrior; and Ames, Bain, Blanton and Pickett, the “brain trust”. W. F. HART cl J. H. HIRES H. R PACE H. W. PACKARD 0 E SETTLE H M SAWYER| m E SMITH F. H SMITH W. SMITH E. STANLEY W. Y. SYN P. N. TRAWICK R. J. VIALL 2103 R ANDERSON R R. EASIER R P. BLANTON R 0. BLOCKER J. M IOSWQRTM I W BRENNER R BUCHANAN L F. BUTUR V. K CLIFFORD D f COCHRAN F. C. COLLINS C. B CRENSHAW W. B. DAMPIER A. L D LOACH R H DIRFY R L FAIRAAAN H. FORTENBERRY K. L. FRITZ J. D GANDY N. E. GARY H F. GOODEL J. W. GRIFFIN L. GUTIERREZ G. L HAFFNER W. F. jERNIGAN C. G JOHNSON L D JOHNSON I. F. KELLY W. H KITTLES R A LEONARD R L LOGUE C E M CRAY R, L FHILLIFS V. B PICKETT J. H POPE W. C RAPE C. S ROBERTS R K RHUDY B A SANCHEZ F. J. SANCHEZ E. A SCHMIDT H. L SEARCY J. V. SEARCY T. 0. WEITZEL R M WILLIAMS C M WOMACK Stable boys make hay-lime parly-lime. 211f ' :y IfruyjL ZA -■j.: • . :;r PRES. V jJLc VICE PREs. $£ vJ+4,C 6-fVa,imO - SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Sfe L n K'j A _ , Coia i - $yyj, • Yfrun!C» ny.' Jdcu L) O Jtjyfc Qa J u+ ?cr6 y I- J2Z+ . 'vj Ou 2 f u “ fytuA-C ' c -■£+ to J ry jtyi £ cx+ A '' - % -k — _ JasL $U ( 0ju« ivyc4 Q_ ‘ a4 U’ 'jfah£ Lu£ cJ r n nui_ ibc . i R i?h Sa«y 6«m k0tT! '07hmu U mdUcUtu +U J£LLl - -$ £ £ Cfa £fa fa+ y cZ% dualist, £ ' £ ny 'jitrKtx, Qc n-' OWCM oQ y, td'cA yfc, eKfy, jL X P-. % Ls S P 4 2 FJ£ ' = vu. •; J '• 7 ' WZ-dmfr— __ “ •■ -1.'.WUIMU . ,.y |W -v- Atry J'j"' L to R., front row: K. I). tried man. R. S. Hatley. A. M. II err inf.. I. H. Hotter ts (Adi nor). E. J. Callafher (Advisor). I. I). el son, R. J. Ostrander. E. Dew, R. V. Parker. Second row: k. I). Kaplan. R. II. Roth, It. H. Tennant, '. H. Russell, R. I). Robinson. L. . Rubin. Y. A. If inn. I). W. Tennant, J. IT. Winters. Third row: C. II. McIntosh, C. I). Lynch, R. E. Smith, H. C. Hoggin, W. C. Williams, II. L. Hr own, I). R. Hullen. II. . Wise. E. . Hatton, R. I. Johnson. Hack rou : I. A. R. Siegel, A. E. Cohen, W. . Schemer, G. C. Reed, R. A. McCarthy, E. II . Murphy, V. II. II ttod, R. G. Sued. WHITE FRIARS TlIK TRADITIONAL white sit in blouse and red sash, that has long been adding color to formal weekends at the University, distinguishes the members of White briars, honorary intcr-traternitv social brotherhood. Highlight of the fall semester was the initiation ceremony at which time Lambda Chi Alpha was taken into the briars as was Major Frank Gallagher, USAF, the new advisor. During the spring semester, Ronnie Friedman was elected president and another initiation was held. Throughout the year the group furthered its primary' objective of ere ating comradeship between fraternity men through parties. The brotherhood of the briars is composed of representatives of nine fraternities. FRIARS OFFICERS PLAN THEIR BUSINESS. Left to rifht; Hob Hailey, secretary-treasurer; Frank Callafher, advisor; Ronnie Friedman, second semester president; Abbot Her• ting, first semester president; Al Wynn, publicity chairman. Standing: President J. Atkins. First row, I. to r.: M. A. McKenzie, C. I.. Roue. S. J. .Matatics, F.. J. Ia i. F. (.. Patrinely. Second row: II. II. Pippins, If . .S. Poston, J. R. Kiehl, R. Senne, C. F.. Sandler, R. E. Lindsey. Third rou : J. G. ) ounghlood, J. Hicks, R. S. Allman, R. IF. Massie, I). G. Tryling. G. J. Gingras, R. J. Frase. Fourth row: R. A. Zocchini, J. I). McClure, A. F.. ('.halier, M. A. Kahn, S. S. Fine, M . R. IFHIiamson, S. I). Mitchel. Back rou: J. M. Tuten. R. E. Turner, I, Kishner, M. C. Kirkland, D. W. Carlisle. CAVALIERS THE TOP PARTY PLANNERS Lejt to right are: Jeff Tuten. John Sacker, Dave Tryling, Jim Atkins, Steve Matatics, Bob Turner, Doyle Carlisle. Fl.ORlD.VS Cavaliers were organized in 1928 to offer the independents on the cam pus well-organized social functions. Since that time, the constitution has been amended to admit fraternity men in the ratio of three independents to one fraternity man. The local Alpha Chapter of the National Cavalier Dance Society again emphasized the social purpose of their organization with five functions in the first semester and six in the second. In addition to the annual Fall and Spring Frolics, joint dances and functions with the Cavalcttcs, picnics, Hotel Thomas parties, and pledge functions added to a well-rounded social life for the dancing Cavaliers. 214Fall Frolics brought thirteen neu initiates into Flotilla's Cavaliers.Front row. I. to r.— '. A. Frost. P. . Bryman. K. F.. R t,l. R. A. Fry, M. A. Norris, V. . Hendryx, B. J. House, R. K. orris, '. .. Sooual. Second row—N. I.. Arnold, J. F. Mahaffey, R. R. Patterson, C. S. Shinn, P. Credel, S. H. Cadle, A. Cm Bacas, C. F. Schucbcl, I). A. Barnd, T. V. Engel. M. E. O'Quinn. Back rote—A. L. Albury, . Graham, J. B. Prentiss. l. A. Lei ilia. E. Armstrong, B. II. Ixtmbert, J. C. Roth. I). E. Duoskin, F. . Price. M. A. Sit eat. C. A. Bullock. J. A. Bryan, J. K. Threadgill, P. Q. McDougald. CAVALETTES THEY LED THE PROMENADE. C.avalette officers u ere Dot Barnd. treasurer; Cecil Schuelwl, vice president; Tena Bacas, president; Shirley C.adle, secretary. tAVALETTES, now in its fifth year of activity, again achieved its goal of fostering an interest among women students in the age-old custom of dancing. During the year the two dances were held with the Cavaliers, the brother organization which was responsible for its founding in 1947. A campus-wide dance was given during the second semester. The club put into effect a new rushing policy which selects the new members from the ranks .of the good dancers. Chapters of Cavalcttcs have already been formed at other universities, and there arc further plans for expansion.Front rote. I. to r. . Print. B. W il Ham son. C. F. Hiatt. R. S. Wilhelm, F. B. Toussaint. H . II. Jernitan, I.. J. (.oilirr, 11. (.. Carr. IF. R. Llewellyn, II . Schmidt. Second row ; V. M. Caldiiell. T. Montgomery, II. E. Method. J. Phillips, I). F. Connor. C. A. Tucker, C. II. Ixsuson, J. Miller, M. I.. Scott, IF. C. U inf, J. I). Kreps, M. Sommers, R. II. Rolrerls. P. Iloyl. Third row: T. Gallo. C. A. Byrd. M. L. Sail, I). B. Aronson. M. Guess. J. .. Griffin. L. B. Fletcher. R. II. A limey er. ('. U . Ilatley, C. E. Whitehurst, IF. F. Snead. M. II. Mann. L. P. Bradley. R. R. Blotter. . ' BLOCK AND BRIDLE BLOCK and Bridle, honorary society for animal husbandry majors, is one of the most active organizations in the College of Agriculture. The future cattlemen sponsor a livestock show, have an intercollegiate judging team, hold a state-wide field trip, and become acquainted with the leading cattle raisers of the state and nation. Prospective members arc required to pledge for a semester to prove their interest. With its membership increasing every year, it strives to develop cooperation and friendship among the future animal raisers of Florida. TOPS IN BLOCK AND BRIDLE Officers for the busy year included R. II. Alsmeyer. marshall; Miriam Sail, reporter; Cecil Tucker, treasurer; Feme ('.aid u ell, secretary; and Jack Collier, president. Sot pictured is Ralph Hook, rice president. 217 .. to H.. front rote: J. . Knowles, ('.. '. Stephens. O. T. Sloutamire, S. H. Banach. L. B. Fletcher, J. I). Kreps. f. Sommers. P. Hoyt. Bark rote: H. (’. Carry. K. S. If ilhelm. E. M. Horse. A. IT. Davis. D. B. Moore. II. Dickenson. C. A. C.aruthers. E. I.. If Kite. C. A. Tucker. AGRICULTURE CLUR AG CLUB OFFICERS DIG KVKNT of the year for the Agriculture Club was the annual turkey shoot held prior to the Thanksgiving holidays. Students, professors, and townspeople all tried their hand in the shooting in the hopes that they would lx able to take a fat gobbler home for the holiday. Another must for the Ag Club members was the Rural Youth Conference in Tallahassee. Sponsored jointly by the Ag Club and the 4-H Clubs of F.S.U. and the University, the program offered both vocational and social opportunities for the agricultural majors. Provost of Agricultural Reitz was the principal speaker on an Ag Club program entitled, “Career Opportunities in the Field of Agriculture” which was held during the second semester. I., to H.: Peggy lloyl. reporter: tsehman Fletcher, president; Sid Banack. vice president; Tommy Sloutamire. secretary-treasurer. 218einn.' --- -r ' -—i--------i----i---—-------1--------------------------------------------------------- -i.-un. -a DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB The Dairy Club, organized on the campus in June 194 . includes in its membership those students interested in dairy production and dairy manufacturing. The Student Branch of the American Dairy Science Association each year sponsors the Dairy Laboratory’s Open House and an exhibit in the Ag Fair. Hamburger fries and field trips round out the activities of this group. front. I. to r. C. P. Stephen . U Schmidt, I. L. Harrs. H. T. Adams. Professor . I . Win ft. Second rou : H C. I-arm on. I). C. Cteppt. It. H lud e. l. E. Weaver. Third rote: Dr. L. Vulf. L. V. Lot Ur. Professor P. T. I). Arnold. I). A. Dahl her (. Dr. II. II. « ilkonski. Hark rot : Dr. E. I.. Pouts. If E. Hell. H. G- U o l. T. C. Perry, Professor IP. A. Knenke. BETA ALPHA PSI Left to rifihl H. E. H ilson. C. II. Eduards. II. L. Minnich. W. J. Clement, G. E. Fortin. U . H- Matthies, I). H. Davis. H. E. Palko. H. A. Evans, J. P. rancis. MkMBKRSHIP in Upsilon Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi national honorary accounting fraternity is restricted to accounting majors who have shown exceptional ability in their chosen field. A prospective member must have completed at least twelve hours of accounting with a “B” average in these courses. I Ic must also prepare and present to the group a piper on some phase of the subject in which he has done research. Other activities include a yearly field trip. 219to R.. front row; V. '. Plum try, l. A. Richardson. U . W. Roue. . I). Rertossa. R. S. Hailey. N. E. Reckley. Second Raw: . IJvingsion. P. .S’. Hubbard. I). E. Wilkinson. E. II. Sprouse. R. R. Tennanl. ’. E. CampMI. Third Rou: (). I), lender. E. I. Calvin. I. E. I diner. J. W. Jackson. J. ('.. McCaffrey. C. I.. Ellis. C. E. Featherston. Hack Ron: R. Hart. R. II. Rroun. S. E. Miller, C. I). Lynch. ST. PETERSBURG CLUB FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS L. to A'.: Sarah Miller, secretary; Don Lynch, president: frank Campbell, treasurer. ot pictured: Ralph Stevens, vice president. To CEMENT the friendships that arc formed at the University among the 300 St. Pete students, the St. Petersburg Club has developed a well-rounded social program while also serving as a service organization to both the students and the University. Sponsoring dances and parties for the members at home during holiday periods is one f the main social activities of the club. An orientation program for prospective University students from St. Pete has also been developed. Club members often visit home town schools to encourage seniors to attend Florida, and to advise them on possible courses of study and some of the inside pointers of college life. A club committee also aids the freshman in acclimating himself to Florida during Orientation Week. Second semester officers were Ralph Tennant, president; Ann Richardson, vice president; Sarah Miller, secretary; and Reed Brown, treasurer. 220RtStHl S z5njanky future affirm learn to use a machine gun. The T.C. uses shifts in its uorL. 222 Big guns are the tools of the Artillery.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________—______________________y. - “The fighting men of the army” That’s the title that the Infantry goes |« and no one tries to dispute the right of the foot soldier’s claim as the lucklxme of the Army. Florida is justly proud of its fine Infantry regiment. 'fB to right: lj. t.ol. Joe Reynolds. (.apt. Albert Hodges, (.a d. John Dillard, ('.apt. William Brinson. Copt. Eduard Fielding. Although they are jokingly referred to as “Forward Observers,” the future officers in the Artillery perform an essential part in the overall picture of the Army. The ground forces have a great respect for the men who lay down a barrage to clear the way. U. Col. Donald Goodling, Card. Robtrt Lndrrhill, Capl. Charles Janet, Copt. Henry Miller. Cap. George Smith. An army can advance only as far as it can secure supplies and it’s the job of the Transportation Corps to see that the men of the Army are continuously supplied with essentials of an army in the field. The Transportation carry them there and bring them hack — the wheels of the Army. I.t. Col. IJojrd George. Cap, Wilbur Burnett, Cap. U iliiam Eduards. Cap. Frazier Jones. Cap. Eduard Bergman. 223jl . I WING STAFF I A. Cot. Xonnan Davit, I A. Col. Caul Cohl, Cot. Evans Crary. Major lloli Desideto, Major Cent Ellison. FIRST GROUP Major Merit Hanazak. Ia. Col. Roltert Link, Major Hu th Price, CafA. Erank Cerra. Major David Hyman. SECOND GROUP Ilajor II illiam Steuart, Major George Chandler. Ia. Col. Robert Haddock. Major Erank Dunauay. Capt. Emil Hall. Major Andre Mum ford. THIRD GROUP Major IEilliam Harrow, Major Joseph U ood, Ia. Col. James Kearney, Major Alfred Gusiin er, Capt. Monterey Campbell, Major Harry Carratt.I HE FLYBOYS of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps came into their own during the past year as the Advanced officers began their transition from the old khaki uniform to the bus driver’s blue. The first signs of the change were the appearance of blue hats, tics, belts, shoes, and socks. The airforce boys of Thursday will complete the metamorphosis next year when the seniors don complete blue uniforms. P.A.S. T. AND P.M.S. 0 T. Col. Rhudy and Col. Price. GROUND FORCES REGIMENTAL STAFF Seated: Cadet Col. Dan Boone. Standing: Cadet Major Bob Pickens, Cadet IJ. Col. Bill Mitehum, Cadet Major Jim Robbins. future birdmen study geography.226V , rOHMKI) to represent the common interests of the twenty-six social fraternities on the University of Florida campus, the Interfraternity Council serves both as a coordinating and governing body for the fraternities. The Council, which is composed of one repre-sentativc from each fraternity, acts as liaison between the fraternities and the Univer-sity, and between the fraternity system and the general public. The IFC presents several awards each year to encourage participation and higher standards in scholarship, debate, and singing. In cooperation with Florida Blue Key, the governing body of the fraternities awarded a trophy to the chapter that had the most outstanding house decoration during Homecoming weekend. IFC also promotes the two biggest social weekends of the year in Fall and Spring Frolics. The two all-campus F'rolics featured the Kinds of Freddy Martin and Ray McKinley. A freshman guide to the Greek societies, “Florida Fraternities,” is published each summer to be distributed to the men who arc interested in joining a fraternity. 77,7 ; Byron Smith. AEP; Murray Over street. ATO; Roland Holmes. DSP; Dutl Mellon. Second rou: Randy Bentley, PKA; Arnold landroff, Pl.P; Burton Michaels. ZBT: Bob Black. Droffe, SPE; Bruce . oland. KS; Bud Bosanquett. S.V; Eli Jenkins. DC: Third rou: May• Reinhold, TKE: Dace Hoffman, PDT; Dan Ralls, PKT; Roy Miller. LX A; Ixhman Fletcher, AGR; Bob Scott. PKP; Henry Trimm, CP: Douf: Dickey. SAE.JUNIOR nter- raternitij ouncil ijEKV ING as a training ground for the Greek neophytes who some day will assume positions of leadership in the fraternity world, the Junior Inter fraternity Council is composed of one pledge representative from each fraternity at the University. Junior IFC works in close cooperation with their “big brothers” of the Interfraternity Council on various projects as well as developing their own. One of these is the contest which they annually sponsor for the best decorated house during the Christmas season. The 1951 contest, one of the most successful during recent years, was won by Sigma Nu. Junior IFC played a great part in helping make Fall and Spring Frolics a success. They sold tickets at the various booths set up over the campus, and took charge of decorating the gymnasium for the formal dances. Fir it row. I. to r.: Clark Ironmonger, DX; George Smith, IX; Walter Sklar, AEP; Don Fuqua. ICR: Ralph Tennant, KS; Harry (Jester r richer, RTF; Alam Trask. KA; John Root man. ATO; Morris Levitt, PLP; Dirk Hargett. I‘K I. Snort A row: Drone Smith, SX; Alan Sussdorf. ART; Ted Anderson, DTD; Carl Rauman, 77.7'; Dick Puidrr, PRT; Herbert It tiler. I RF.: Waller Thompson, I.XA; Rob U oosluard, SX; Don Mosby. PCD; Ronald Canifdrell, SPK; Irank Lems. PDT; J»r Strick-land, SAE; Don York, PKP; Charles Isiuson, PSK; Sam HarduUk, DSP.11I1RTEEN brothers graduate in June 51 ... house doses for the summer . . . partying brothers move to University Lodge . . . politico McKendrcc gets summer president elected . . . quiltless Speedy George visits sink hole ... return appearance shocks school- marms . . . Rodcro captures active pin of Whiteside . . . house painted during Work Week . . . Representative Connor returns to lower suite . . . joined by National 1'T'A veep Davis . . . room rent boosted ten dollars ... 1 louse Association buys new radio-phonograph console . . . pledges go on road trip rampage . . . actives retaliate bitterly . . . “Hugs” Krisensen halts all subversive activity . . . pledge Thornhill wins National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest . . . Give ’em Hell, Gators . . . Auburn spoils displayed . . . Smith takes the fatal step . . . How about a ride to Orleans? ... sighs as 1 fell Week ends . . . modem Homecoming float wins praise . . . Tri Delts invade house . . . Stetson tradition revived . . . Anybody seen Ruth? . . . pledge party packs house . . . Coach Rrowning howls for success . . . Who is your little brother? ... the Editor stirs the pot . . . Polk County shocked by the sudden decrease in citrus . . . What’s our scholastic standing? . . . Florida goes to Connecticut—return surprising . . . Snead wins trip to Chicago . . . Senator Fuqua and party at the Rose Bowl . . . fourteen weeks behind as exams begin . . . veep Buttcrhall McLeod and Matthews graduate . . . C-5 Vaughn becomes the Archer Kid . . . General Joiner makes a “C” in Military . . . McKendrcc handles funds . . . Where is your pin, George? . . . Fletcher edits the College Farm cr . . . graduation and goodbye to many friends and a great year.W.MMIAO C. r.JTIPMINJ R. M. THORNMIll C.A.TUCKIR © •h. t ) _ M.HNNY ». LIOIMIU J. 0. RIVIIL J.C. JICMRIJT 0 n A ORAVIC P Ir’ W n 1 • % 1. C. VAUGHN R. C. WISTRIRRY I. L.WMITI 0. WHITIJIDI .f i appetizing buffet supper makes the guests feel at home. lpha au mega Kush WKKK started the year off with hellos and smiles ... a fine pledge class was the result ... 1 iomccoming followed with everyone working hard . . . “The Toast to Old Times” copped first place in the float competition . . . Handley, Dominick, and Overstreet ATO’s wheels on campus . . . then came Fall Frolics . . . what succulent passion . . . Wright and I lewlett go great guns on the gridiron . . . the “aftcr-thc-gamc” parties at the house . . . getting that Christmas spirit with an egg-nog party and dance . . . and the famous Valentine Ball . . . what a brawl . . . “B. J.” Holm crowned the 1952 Sweetheart of ATO . . . the third floor is finished . . . sounds of “Iga” float through the house . . . bounders’ Day Banquet in March . . . Hal McClamma named best pledge and Jim Kutrow and Ed Moses as winners of the Jerry Leer Award . . . Gupic and his fish “Cottonblossom” ... his time with firecrackers . . . “Ringo, how alxnit that boys!” . . . an old custom renewed with the party with the Snakes at Camp O’lxno . . . Spring Frolics . . . the Blackfoot Minstrel and party at Glen Springs . . . spring fever, sorority girls, and Friday night dances took up the time in the last weeks . . . goodbyes to “Mother Armic” who retires this year . . . we’ll miss her and always remember her . . . the Hotel buzzed all year with fun and frolic ... it truly was a great year. w. r. ivansH. CIMORO A N. GOrotTH C H.HimiH A HOIIMAN 1‘ohl crotcnt "B. ’$'2 Sweetheart. Ci «r ' S J MORAY 0 A CRICO 0 I. M CUlirORO A. OUSTINOIR f J «. KUTROW I. S. MARTIN V. 0. MARTIN Lt MIUIR R 1 AtONTCOMIRT f f f f I. W. RUTMIRIORD J. B. SALT W. J. SMITH W. N. STIDHAM AT(Tt mechanics put their grniui to uork. P R M. FINCH i. w. ruses ? R P. FRIXRSON D P. IVONS I TO HI R. I. MOSLIY I. PURCILL R. K. MtNAB 0 A M D INA10 P R. M OWIN J. M. PANIILLO i. S PARKS ? ¥ f. I. PlIRCI 9 m W p. WALTON W. M WHITSHIAO (.upid lakes over al the I alenline llall. mioiNc ? R HILLINGIR W. F. HIRLONG R. B. HINSON R. S HOLLAND 0. C. HOWILL M W. OVIRSTRIST O. W. ROBIRTSON B. L. ROWS I A J. B WILSON T. I. WINDRAM F. LANIIR J. L LICCSTT C- R. LYONS I. B MOSIS J. S. POLLARD I. L NOWILL J. W. MURPHY I. 0. RUNTSB eta heta i The BETAS started out big this year, and kept it up all the way . . . Bauer and Vega elected secretary-treasurer of Summer School and Senior Class respectively . . . Carry, Herring, Murphy, Bulicn, and I jong also active in Student Government... Betas get new house mother and real pal in Mrs. Mathis . . . “Congo Capers” skit selected for Gator Growl presentation . . . UMHAHWA SAHEEBKK . . . Homecoming decoration, “Vandy Walks the Plank,” won KD cup for the best house decoration ... Big Beta teams win the Blue League's President Miller’s Cup . . . champions in football, track, ping-pong, bowling, volleyball, softball . . . actives and alumni threw one hclla-cious banquet and dance in Jacksonville after the Gcorgia-Florida game . . . Blue Key and Hall of Fame select Brothers Bauer and Wilson . . . Rogerson keep tab on Blue Key funds . . . Fall Frolics . . . Guys and Ghouls party . . Blue Springs . . . chapter retains the Miami Triad Scholarship Trophy . . . Boyles and helpers paint the dining room . . . Beaux Arts Ball at the Beta Weekend . . . abstract art on the walls and the costumes . . . Camp O’larno ... the formal and Loving Cup . . . Vega follows Hagan as prexy . . . Wiggins and Rogerson win the IFC and All-Campus debate tournaments . . . Beta spikers take the open house volleyball championship . . . Spring Frolics and McKinley . . . Cashah Capers ... as the year comes to an end, Gamma Xi has a fine chance to rate among the ten top chapters of Beta Theta Pi. 254 _____________________________________________________ 2 5 Frolicking uith the "Guvs anti Ghouls.' Head.hunters" in the Congo. LMIIAU AH SAHFLUFF. C ( TODD R W UNDIRILl R. J. WHItLIR U WICCINI R. I WILSON 0 M TIROL Schilens leads the uay to the bou ling chant [don ship. Heta house decoration uon the KD trophy. R. (. HAYNIS f % A. M. HIRRING f 0 0 INCRAM M JOHNSON •% 4. 0 MURFMY J. C M«l(NOON C. 4. MOODY W. T. MOOR! r» p •• R. L. SATURDAY C. A. SCMILINS W. C. SMITH R C STIBBINS S L FAIT R. V. FAR KIR D. M. VANDUSIN C N VICA t W. WACNIR J. S. WALKtR n j K A KUCKIR R. B LOCKWOOD R. V LONG J. 4. LOVllISS 4. FARMfR D K. KULLMAR C A FOlllOS R C RICH f 4. R. SANDLIAki tkmbek .. . no hurricane only the draft . . . flaming interest about Advance ROTC . . . pleasant surprises ... the 1950-51 IFC Scholarship trophy ... 23 new pledges was biggest surprise . . . October 13 — Founders’ Day and black Saturday at Auburn . . . damn dead Beta in our woodpile . . . black with white stripes, that is . . . Homecoming memories . . . “Judy, where are you?” . . . watered float, waterproof decorations, waterless parties . . . Gootchgah invades . . . Dewberry and Foo and Mary and Joan . . . Fisher and WGGG, Gainesville’s second most powerful . . . Dcsi stacks points with Fla-Jct . . . Fall Frolics . . . Pirate dance or “Who stole the chasers, cr cokes?” . . . Tampa police object to our arsenal . . . Eli interns at Starke . . . Rollins Mies for entrance fee . . . l’alcnius, “old Grand Dad,” motcrcyde attack on Ix-o . . . Bryan writes thesis, “A rose is a rose if 4-7-5 is used” . . . Duttons gettin nuttin . . . Pcistring stuns TV world . . . Pierce elected “BB” .. . Mumford re-elected “A” under protest . . . Chief Bert looking for paleface radio announcer . . . sports roundup . . . semi-finals in football, finals in basketball . . . Brother Kimball gives talk on Virginia chapter ... I laley gets hitched . . . ballon majors in binocs, bridge, and uke . . . sup-[xirtcrs elect Amor head of jok bloc . . . Who’ll hold Cothron’s hand? TLPS is gone . . . BoIhi wears out chapter stairs . . . Weaver gives up popcorn, I are gives up women, Fetherston gives up cussing, Hall gives up . . . the two southpaws, Bob and Dick . . . Juny tells another joke . . . Clyde finally makes it. t. t. AUAl » AIVNJO T ' BRYAN I. W. BURR I C CARLSON A. It CHAN OUR ». A. COTHRON 0. T. OaVIIS 0. OfwMRRY R ». OUTTON © • 9 % 0 » .I L! 9 L P r i j ' w • a. • p Q FITHIRSTON J. R. FIVHIR c m roioit (. J. JtNKINS J. e HAU r. I HIAO D F HUMS c R. Lit £ f' » © R. L HAODOOC i. C NAUY p 3?f % • • w M. C. NIWSOM K T. R. FOULTON « I J. T. MIZIU C. 1. MOtTIUII A R. mum FORD J. A. NIWNHAM X. A. SMITH B A ROSOF F.C «U»ILL A. C- V l» ' The best dressed Delta (.his. Did sou say parly? A formal to remember aluars. 237elta au elta HkLTA ZKTA had another big year in 1951-52 . . . chapter went Blue Key in a big way with the tapping of 1 Iorton, Fleming, and Billingsley to bring total to six . . . J. Smith laughs way out of induction ... I. Smith just laughs away . . . everybody parties as Iwr-b-quc pit is finished . . . pledges get oiled and muddied at greased pole climb ... McCrory breaks pledge pushup record . . . Tiger Mcl-cnny breaks undesirable Kay Starr record . . . Wochlc gives nod to Navy . . . Air Force gives nod to Brack . . . house gets new furniture . . . including radio phonograph . . . house mortgage and steaks both get burned at Founders’ Day Banquet . . . Wochlc paints wall . . . Richter paints Wochlc and pledges clean up the mess . . . party gang holds gang party at Gold Head Park .. . Delts come through in intramural clutch and win water basketball and handball . . . also the Open House water basketball championship . . . sportsmanship trophy finds way to Delta Shelter . . . Sheppard and Vaughn travel bridal paths.. . Fifi I .a McKee docs hula . . . Ray McKiblcy jam session comes early and stays late at Spring Frolics . . . Benson and Moore take over Peel and Seminole posts . . . debator Benson talks way around the country . . . Billingsley begins stint at Oak Ridge . . . pledges help out on new patio . . . present scrapbook to chapter . . . Nctschcr makes hit at pajama party without pajamas . . . Horton reigns over dining room, allots butter rolls . . . Delts continue serenades . . . make big plans for the coming fall.W SUMS D W. THOMAS M. M. TISON 4. 4. TRINGAS P D P W' © ffj ' i 7 • 0 I % ( 4 JOHNSTON D C KNOWIIS J. H KNOWIIS C. I LIVIRITT W. M HOUGH 4. 0 HUSSIY f? n 1 7 £ o nl •• ■hi w A 4.1 RUIHlt C. ■ SHIARON I.C. SMITH 4. L. SMITH 1. C. NICHOLS W. H. ftOtINTON ? i 4ft •' i- • f f • - 0 P. VAUGHAN M H WAlKIft I. WOIMII 4. D. XILUM The Dells go native for a weekend. 239- . - ' " • . 7 "T——■—a—d 11 ETA ZE'l A started off on a banner year with a gigantic party after the Wyoming win . . . Melton heads a great rush week . . . Madame Kosita ... big bust . . . predicts Homecoming victory . . . Badcock shows much on float . . . Sullivan, Hall, Mitchum, May, Morris, and Nichols lead Woodruff’s army . . . year’s football spectacle .. . brothers defeat pledges, 13-12, in annual game. . . Ricardo Stallings takes bull throwing trophy . . . mass exodus to Miami and Frost’s party . . . Buck leads Delta Sigma Pi . . . treasury goes bankrupt buying roses for the pinned Southern Belles . . . B.E.C. prexy Black . . . Nuckols proxies law’s seniors . . .joint Xmas party for underprivileged chil dren with the KD’s and the Tri Dclts . . . pledges storm the bastille in rebellion, but arc defeated and tied to columns . . . Papa I (all, Olympics-bound . . . Xmas carousel flooded out . . . Truman told where to go as 48 hour rebellion ends in huge Plantation Bull . . . Bettye Jean Chambers chosen Kappa Alpha Rose . . . Niehaus wins best pledge and scholarship awards . . . Knight heads the Real Estaters . . . Frost’s spud forms a stud . . . Groh remains a mute for the second consecutive year . . . McDonald receives Harrison Award for the highest Freshman Law average . . . Henderson leads the young Haberdasher’s Club . . . Under-Secretary of Finance Schultz. . . . Hinton answers the roll in seven different languages . . . Junior Law secretary Sturgis . . . Hurston, Adc, Black serve on Executive Council . . . Henderson heads Social Affairs in Liles’ Cabinet . . . “Royal Jacob” tries again for 2.0.. . Crane clerks for the Traffic Court . . . Telford and Tugglc-grain alcohol twins . . . Claughton heads M.R.H.A. . . . Mitchum terrific as Growl emcee . . . elections send Turner to Council and Hall to Honor Court . . . campus gestapo still chasing Ambrose . . . Beatty’s 'Foolwork’s!? f ; T. C- MmOONAIO ft. L. MACANM © •i 9 ft. ftATTIKSON C. L. fNIUIftS m % A + J C- WIUIW f.C MIUIH W. A- BATMiONI A l_ MOMAM W ( sxuicit Cl tWOfl J ■ TIUOIO ft f TOOll “Step right inside and see the greatest show on earth." w. c TuiNunuo W. c. WIMTIft “Sat'e your Confederate money, the South shall rise again." KA captures the gallantry of the Old South during the annual Blanlation Ball. 141ii KPT EMBER and a pledge class of fifty started Delta Delta off to a banner year . . . cheers and the usual aftcr-thc-gamc jukes at the house were ushered in by football season . . . Homecoming, the party at the Mayflower during the Gcorgia-Florida weekend, and Fall Frolics contributed to a well-rounded education . . . fraternity house memories . . . firecrackers in the hall . . . voices yelling, “Where’s the G.P.?” . . . the boys down the hall being initiated into the TED club . . . Hell Week . . . 100 brothers and pledges initiated the first annual “Help Week” . . . bedding and a kitchen staff were carted to Rainbow Ranch for Boys on the St. Johns River near Palatka . . . sunburns, blisters, and mass dunkings were part of a weekend of work and fun . . . visible results of the sweat were painted buildings, a new dock, cleared land, and new fences . . . spring brought ten new brothers, Miliatrv Ball, Spring Frolics, and our own Stardust Ball . . . Charoisc Dclk, pretty DcLand freshman, crowned 1952 Dream Girl . . . Dan Partin third in the campus-wide Red Cross King Ugly Contest . . . Brother Estes Kefauver honored with reception at the house during his Florida tour in April . . . Bill Wood captains the SEC track runnerups and voted the outstanding senior athlete . . . Bruce Noland elected to Lyceum Council . . . More honors for Bob Terry—Hall of Fame and President of Blue Key . . . Senior Banquet honored Delta Delta’s top men • of the year . . . Bob Terry—Man of the Year . . . Jack Allaban—Outstanding Fresh- man . . . Tom Evans—Outstanding Intramural Athlete . . . Jerry Bruner—Outstanding Scholar . . . exams and midnight oil . . . bridge still goes on . . . eyes turned towards a brighter future with plans for a new house. 242 a C L AKINS J I ALLA8IN ft S BAIUY W | i) ft. T. BINNISON H 0 BIRTOSSA ft. C BIVIL W. T. BOUCK A. I BOUN ft ft BROWN ). f. BROZ C W ftRUNIR ft. C BURNS ». t CAMRBIIL I. A. CAMRBtU t. W. COLIMAN W C PANIC Q o ocnochui «. a. ouirr t. d. rartin % c rilm O. TUCK 9. W. AILABIN M. t WIBST R w. WIUIAMI J. B MARKS I R. MrOONALD 0. RtOOISH t. RICISTIR a • f 0. CURITZ H. M Ml AD I.IY A C MUBIR It HURNIR § 9 ? % i r. r. mkdonaio f. T. m GR r B. M NOLAND R. L NUNN e V M 0 STIICIR ? R. 1 STIVC f 9 ♦ MS R. c. SWffT B ( TRAWICK ? A 5 W. 9. WOOD R. I. WORSHAM W. URTMIGROVI S. I YILV1RT0N Not pictured: Brother Estes Kcfauter. Hatch the Bouncing ball. Lemon and peach mix it up. 243ambda hi lpha Kpsii •ON-MU Zcta of Lambda Chi Alpha can look kick on a great year . . . one of the best all-around since the war ... a year when the chapter ranked among the top . . . socially and intramurally . . . numerous improvements were also made by the Lambda Chis . . . McDonald rides to Junior prexy on Florida slate ... intramurals ... the swimming team splashed to a well-deserved trophy . . . runnerups in several Blue league competitions . . . proudest possession however is the Best Sportsmanship trophy award cd by the Intramural Department . . . the singing Lambda Chis took second in the IFC Christmas Sing for the fourth year in a row . . . perseverance pays off ... the quartet of F.d McClure, Bob and Don Bouterse, and Skip McCurdy cart the Little Brown Jug trophy to the mantel ... I lomecoming weekend . . . the return of the not-often-seen alumni . . . parties . . . buffet dinners . . . building the house decoration in competition with addition to the house . . . material improvement was in the form of a large, cypress-panelled game room and lounge . . . work was done by the brothers and pledges . . . dedicated to the fraternity alumni . . . top social event of the year was the Founders’ Day Banquet in March . . . formal at Arfara’s Club . . . pretty Lillian Dietzman crowned the 1952 Crescent Girl . . . picnic at Goldhcad Park . . . costume kill back at the house . . . Ijmlxia Chi says good-bye to eight seniors who leave for jobs and the service . . . hoping they will return next year. ---- ■ — — • ■ ■' - ju.1— 1 - t. c ckiin t. a. matton a. l Mima 0 }. miu o. a MUNiRWAOci a. a. hunt j. j. katisa w. t. kkina % A. KNIRPIM I I WtCLUM C W. M DONALD R. t MILLfR f I . W. PRIDOfN a % O QUIVIDO 5 f • A ROORIQUIZ A. J. ROURKf £ mm K t SMROVI ? C. 1 SIMS n % H. SIMS S. L STANLIY W. I. MIZIll C H MONIYFINNY C T. SAMARIi R. t. iCHOWALTIR T. I MYIRt C C PARTIN J, R FIRRY f t. PHILLIPS r.C. STIIN M. I. STRAIN ). M. THOMPSON • O. TYMIR The bunMa Chi cowboys ride, a ain.. " -7’: fjii'igar bi hi elta heta LOKIDA Alpha during ’5l-’52 • • • still on top . . . reflect a bit ... a year of progress, parties, problems . . . memories, pleasant and not-so-plca$ant . . . C.B.’s great Rush Week, net result, great Phikeias . . . busses and rushccs off to Jax, Snead picks wrong bus ... 1 larvard Trophy for chapter now routine matter . . . pigskin paraders Knight, King, Black, Stevens . . . Kent drafted as Senior Prexy . . . Pincl and Poe fill parts of Seminole . . . Shumpert leads serenades, Finklea begrudgingly pays carnation bills . . . J. Pattillo legislates on Council . . . T.B.’s band starts near-riot at girls dorms for almost -King Ugly Stevens . . . Britt and Crock led Phis to victory as Miller trophy joins Balfour, Tigert . . . Crock abandons intramural wars for those of wedlock . . . Hcllicr’s African hut and a savage ball Frolics . . . everyone left cold at deadlock with Snakes ... I lomccoming . . . Robbins and crew staen down University Avenue while Pattillo, I littinger, ct al, arc scuttled at Growl skit tryouts . . . Sister Mint leads Phi chorus to win in IFC sing . . . Allen welcomes Frank Wright . . . Hoffman’s famous F-Book and infamous Peel with mystery coeds and gootchgah . . . Zero, smoctimc Blowtop, takes over from Oiley . . . Ives, Smith, McManus in Phi Eta Sigma . . . Phi gangsters throw Ball . . . Rogcr , FBK veep, headed ’51 1 lomccoming . . . Ghiotto takes a leap . . . Nesbitt gives birth to Liberty, kisses gals, goes to war . . . The Key hung on Hoffman, Hoffman hung in Fame 1 fall . . . basketball for Thco ... Inky and associates put poop out, P. Pattillo and 1 loffman in . . . ’tis said politico Pettigrew docs not blush . . . baseball champs include Reed and Knight . . . Noman earns track letter ... GDF and white paint go up in smoke together . . . Robbins gets on-the-job training as house and Phi pock-etbooks get redecorating . . . Aunt Bea says ’bye ’til fall . . . Dave to be prexy. J. 0 OUNlAf ft I CIBSON H I CRAY T. M. HAMftTOM S. L HAftRl'J I ’hi ( jamma elta 248 I PSII.ON PHI prepares for twelfth year on campus with paint and hammer ... welcome pledges . . . Field Secretary in gator pond, Willie follows . . . Renew Old Fun in ’si ... Senator Keyflipper, the Bungling Brothers’ Circus and King Joe ... a night out for the pledges . . . members stomp pledges in P. K. Yongc football classic . . . sleeping through class becomes a habit . . . pledges perform for Tri-Dclts . . . Blower plays Santa, balloons and jitterbug, Burk crawls under the table . . . twenty questions takes precedence over exams . . . freshman exodus . . . Gamma gets the works . . . Rinaman turns seventeen . . . elections put Bob Black at helm . . . distinguished visitors: National President Herb Smith, Asst. F.xcc. Secretary Jim Hudson and Joe Mims, editor of the Seminole . . . Who stole Filler’s rocks? . . . Fiji Formal, Blue Springs and a bunch of happy cannibals eating off the floor ... the big campaign, I )i I linger brings home the gravy ... the Fijis arc justly proud; Mims in Blue Key and Hall of Fame; Bryan, captain of the golf team; Black, veep of the IFC; Footlights, star of stage, TV and “The Scarecrow”; McCormick, debater first class . . . Prosecutor Smith wins his ease . . . Barchan, Kennedy, McCormick, Grant and Mugge decide that two can live as cheap as one ... half a dozen other pins lost during year ... a t’ousand dolla’ fine . . . punch and preacher for the parents . . . pig and party for the alums . . . Ed O’Connell enjoys himself . . . Williams drifted for summer F.xcc ... see you in Toronto.CCRici r. r Koruu j c rinaman 0 McWICKIR JL 8. MIMS Q j? a 8. L. WILLIAMS I. A. WILLIAMS D H WHICH 0. V. SMITH M. 8. THORNTON Another DC, becomes a Fiji"s woman. Dil Unger says. “It’s nothing but great!" Jody and friend join in the fun. "Inf or mar Fiji Format. 249I HE BOYS of Alpha Eta of Phi Kappa Tau chalked up another great year in spirit and ill-around fratcrnalism . . . year started with rushing and didn’t end until the grades came out in June . . . 44Kcfling’s Folly” disrupts backyard for a month as rainwater now flows to the alley . . . Charlie (Beta Beta) Ostcrholt takes over as pledge master, disciplinarian, and keeper of the peace . . . pins arc scattered all over campus as Otis, Rowan, laiuter, Broom, Walker, and Ossenfort join the ranks . . . Churchill finally graduates . . . “1 lot Rod” Walker finds a new line of business about ten miles north of town . . . “Red”, the l’hi Tau mascot, gets a collar as well as a harem . . . Pensacola still reigns but shouts of “Go back to ’Banu” arc hcaal ... 1 lonor Court Justices Shell and Campbell busy trying to keep law and order . . . Hell Week and the neophytes’ balloons . . . the chess teams get to work early in the year with Noblit and Kefting as competing champs . . . the piano is fixed and Poston is trying to drive us nuts again . . . Ralls and Brewer turn lover and practically move to the AChiO house . . . Hancock best pledge . . . Dream Girl weekend . . . Frank and Jones lead us to tennis trophy . . . the unusual Homecoming float . . . Mother Moore, the “Yankee” from Maine, takes over as house mother and wins our hearts . . . pledges paint downstairs hall . . . Clarence cooks eighteen years . . . farmer Freeman takes a wife... Snclling wields Alpha Delta Sigma gavel . . . Pershing Rifles keep Allison, Robinson, and Webster on the march . . . bounders Day, Military Ball, and Spring Frolics make for bigger and better Phi Tau weekends. I ' InOTHEK memorable year will go down in Alpha Kin’s history . . . school opens as Dale Everett assumes the gavel and 76 new pledges... I iomccoming skit, “Babaloo”, with pledge Frank Lanier in the leading role, takes first place honors . . . house decoration cop second place . . . Phi Mu’s entertain brothers at party . . . dates at the annual pledge dance are presented with miniature Pike paddles . . . Albright, Akerman, Baylcss, Layton, Williford and Wcnzell lead the way in politics . . . William Rothrock, national chapter office manager, visits Alpha Eta . . .pledges entertain brothers at “Wild Western” party . . . Roy Roane doubles as Santa Claus at the annual underprivileged children’s Christmas party . . . Mom Johnson presents chapter with dclux coffee . . . maker at the Pike Christmas party . . . alumni entertain with seven Christmas dances throughout the state . . . Dora Ann Godwin, Tally Chi Omega, selected as the “PiKA Dream Girl of the South” at the Jacksonville dance . . . hosier, Smith, Wall, and Thomas lead Pikes to the bowling championship with the aid of the Alpha Eta band . . . celebration of Mom’s first anniversary with us . . . prexv Bob Conlct preside over the initiation of the new brothers . . . four living brothers present at the Founder’s Day banquet . . . Miss Kathy Darlyn crowned as Dream Girl of 1953 annual Pike weekend ... over 500 guests attended PiKA’s thirty-sixth annual Mother’s Day reception . . . Alpha Eta bade farewell to their graduating brothers at a banquet in their honor. i $ ’ M AKUMAN C J ALBRI6MT I.UIAtllll C IAYIISS 252 9 9 s? ? • f $ % D.AIKH Cl. AUISOH f. H. ARNAll 0 I. ATCNIIY M BACON RCBaGCITT Ml BANDY C I. BAIBI • A M C IICHT W. MONTIITM P «• R. I.1(1 J. P f w - . - 0 C M. OWIN J M PARKIR JOPAYNI J, PITHS L P P P "1 it L SCMVJLTZ P. HSHIARS C T. SHIRRON A. K JHOIMAKCR P p n r 8 STRIKING R C TAYLOR ( J TILANOIR C W. THOMAS Pike Party Time. Tandy bon » before the Sul lari' palace. "PiK I Dream Girl" Dance. €5 % Ml i. T. (STABROOK 6 0. IV1R1TT ? - O. $. SUY R. B SMITH 0. L COOOLING H R. COODLINO A. O HIGMTOWfR K T, MINI M c SNYOfR N B. SRAM WC IRAKI B. H. STOKIS A. J. MOORI 0. R MOOR! r e R. T. KINYON J. HAY TON P C. M. NAIL I • A- K. ROW I US P H. a RIAVIS f? I i ROBIRTS C. S ROBIRTSON A. C. WALL R W WATIRS W. C WHITTAKIR M WILLIAMS tL H HUOCINS L B JONIS K. r. fLAMMIR | CALLOWAY C. I. JONIS A. L. JOHNSON J M O'RIOROIN ? ). W. NIWTON H. W. ODOM 253 —————'——————— ■ ■— ————-——i appa hi i Iari ’IKS? . . . you name ’em, we hud them . . . football an excuse to party and watch Brother I aPradd in action . . . then the books . . . they paid off with a scholastic rank of fourth on campus . . . the trophy for the winning Homecoming decoration called for another toast ... golf trophy came to rest on the already groaning Pi Kap mantel . . . ball Frolics ... the pledge banquet . . . Founders’ Day Banquet . . . work detail gets busy on the new Chapter Room . . . and a few l ravc souls tackle the heating system that is forever on the gefritz . . . damn thing died . . . pledges play missionary and are sent to all parts of the known world . . . and Georgia too . . . the living room is again packed with cannon tails and daintier articles . . . Oh, leave us not forget “Abbott’s Folly” ... at Ixrap Year parties girls are supposed to invite boys . . . sounds nice . . . miracle of miracles . . . everyone got dates ... Pi Kaps played host to the University’s “Mighty Ones” with a tea for the one and only Aunt Alice ... no purple passion . . . sixteen of our missionary-pledges were received into the Brotherhood . . . junior actives galore . . . and then there was the Military Ball . .. purple passion ... no tea . . . the spotlight falls on the “Rose Rail” . . . Who could forget? . . . soup and fish at the house and the trek to St. Augustine to fish . . . yes, fish ... in spring, a young man’s fancy turns to what the coed has been thinking about all semester . . . several Pi Kap pins move out front . . . Brothers Chapman, Cosio, taffy, Prather, Roberts, and Raudenbush fall prey to the weaker sex . .. Spring Frolics closed the festivities for the year . . . gone but not forgotten . . . We shall return!ts. NIUMANN I f. OVIITON H. W. f(TTINCILL C. I RRATHIR W. SCOTT R I JTAHORD f. ) TNO RSON I S VOCIllt p V ' 5 ? $ p n • . • w hr i j D. A MARTINI Z A S MIAOOWt t. r. MIKJUl D. H. MinnivH C. w. URRADD a 1 J. LOI n 9 g f f O. RAUDINtUSH • i W. MOOING C. R R Id C. i. ROWI R R. SaRRY t. u SCOTT M. J WIICH ■_ J. Yf ATSBnnHnsswsftR'-wi'ii?■■----------------mnaamai 256 _________ iSo.MK one hundred Sons of Minerva returned to start SAF’s thirty-seventh year and another great year in publications, politics, athletics, and Florida's favorite function — parties . . . first came a terrific Kush Week and a remarkable pledge class . . . SAF in publications and politics . . . fall elections found McClure elected frosh proxy . . . Cobb dominates Board of Solicitations . . . Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs Miller . . . Ketchum, Bolling, O’KclIcy run Seminole . . . Schwalbe new business manager . . . Ketchum F- Book’s business manager . . . McGinlcy and Wadsworth, managing editor and business manager respectively of the Alligator . . . SAE athletes . . . Cassidy, Ives, Dickey, Pope, Scott, I latch lead the gridders whom Brannon manages . . . Dickey and Scott in basket ball . . . Robinson and Taratus in swimming . . . Atkins in track . . . “Dad” Barkley, Fischer, Schwalbe in golf ... 1 iomccoming . . . emphasis on alumni . . . Sanagrcc rush- ing 800 pounds of ice to the terrace along with napkin twisters . . . McKinnon’s house decoration and Coloncy’s water-fall float ran up one of C’villc’s largest water bills . . . four buses and a stop-over at the George Washington for fortifications during the C»a.-Fla. weekend . . . Battle and Ncllcr keep SAE high in intramurals . . . coveted football trophy over the fireplace . . . party for the losing Phi Delta afterwards . . . Fall Frolics . . . picnic and a Kid Party . . . Who lost his diaper? ... egg-nog and gifts at the Christ mas party . . . the Barn Dance complete with a coon, two pigs, and that barnyard smell . . . Buie returns . . . attacks on Ole Ixo were repulsed until vandals took sledge hammers to him over the Xmas holidays . . . Black and White, Military Ball, Founders Day Banquet, Spring Frolics ... to the Sons of Minerva who leave in 52 go our Ixrst wishes, our congratulations, and our thanks . . . for helping keep SAF on top . . . where it will remain ad infinitum. C- T. ALLAN i. K. ATON JIBAIIIY H. BRANNON W.C BRICK 6. C. BROWN ACBURHt r. C CARTIR a. W. CASSIDY 1.1. COBB W. C COIONIY R 0 DAVIS L D DOHNIR I. H DOWllNC G. I. FISCHIR D. I IOSTIR J. G FOSTIR C. J. GUSTAFSON W. © MlNRY i. f. MINIS G. M. HINSONJ. R MtClUM M I. M IUM c. r. MARTIN J 5 MlUIt t. c. FIRRY w. r. runt . w. rMiiurt . w. riCKiNt L J. THOMASGamma THKT. igma Chi chalked up another great year at Florida ... the end ot .1 Mica-vduB Bweek found 33 freshmen sporting Norman shields . . . social activity got off to Bc start with a Sig-Pi Lam party . . . Homecoming . . . the traditional Sigma ChiW»ator took honorable mention ... a great party at Glen Springs after the game . . . Oosterhoudt, Flowers, and d’Agostino spark the Gators . . . Fall Frolics ... a hillbilly party indoors and a great party “outback” . . . pledges hold a “magnecfecccnt” Parisian party . . . Vive Ja (•'ranee . . . Christmas traditional egg nog party . . . holidays, exams, another semester “gone South” . . . Bunker Maine heads chapter second semester following Ed Pond . . . house redecorated . . . highlight of the social calendar was the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Weekend” ... the greatest ever . . . the most successful Sigma Chi Derby . . . and don’t forget the Military Ball and Spring Frolics Weekend . . . Sig BMOC’s . . . Suwance Chairman and Blue Key tappcc Gonzalez . . . Athletics Council prexy Peck . . . Senior Class veep Atkins . . . A IFF. president Chandler . . . putting out the Peel with “Rose Colored Glasses” Schnakc . . . Lyceum Council president Loguc . . . Blue Keycr Booth . . . and IFC veep Cunningham . . . Memories . . . pinnings and serenades . . . parties “outback” and the great drinking debate . . . the loves of Brother “Pinning” Bass . . . “Mom” Angle . . . the Shoe Bowl . . . Brother Pat Malone’s death in Korea . . . the basketball and volleyball champions . . . Bing’s and Ruby’s . . . the Sweetheart Song . . . onward Blue and field . . . and farewell and Godspeed to the members of the Class of ’52. J. P. ALBRITTON I - • % - • M. ) AIFONIO I. M. ATKINS K C. AUSTIN I BUCKNIR C. I. BRANNINO T. 6 BWTLIR w BINNOTON R W. CANNO ft. • . _ 1 ' 1 1 r.CCASTfLlANl e w.CMANOlIR R w Cunningham t M Dunn J. A CRIINWAIO g p. crimir j a gonzaliz R T. CRAM 258GRONQUIST OR 01RM11 It J. I. GROOVIR $ f I. I HAYMAN t. t HOJTITTCR 3. I JOMNION G 0. lUKf M H NICHOLS R. I. OVCRRIY R A riTRY 0 L CMIUlfl I. R. FOND P P P r «r, V w % 1 ' p n V- - 4 • 0 SMITH R.H.STINI LT. THOMPSON P (? wm • m K VOROIRMIKR 0 A. WHICH AM R. I WHICH 3 R.WIUIAMION R.C. WIUIAMt 3. 0. WIITJHIRI C W. WRIGHT The traditional Cator got honorable mention. igraa u V k' OME IOO brothers carved unforgettable memories into Sigma Nu archives . . . thirty-two years on campus . . . and the White Star shone brighter . . . sparked by men like Gene Spellman of Blue Key and Student Body veep fame__________Bud Bosanquet, the albino commander . . . Wade Hoffman, the face-lifter of the mansion . . . stripes in the pool room and quadrangle ... a five-armed pool for the patio . . . and hammers and paint throughout the house ... top gridders Ix ng, Thomas, Mclvcr . . . haskctballcr Andy Stevenson . . . and frosh cagcrs Floyd, Hadden, and Newman . . . Huffman assuming the head chcerlcading spot . . . Lyceum Council member Gancy . . . Walton replacing Bruce Vining on the Executive Council . . . Michealous wins by write-in votes . . . but it was the spirit in the ivy-covered mansion. .. that moved parties to the “Boiler Room” after the Milkman took over . . . the 0-0 battle with the Phi Dclts... “Coach” Knowles looking like a second generation Woodruff . . . two intramural trophies but not the big one ... a Christmas decoration cup . . . Kalogrcdis and his party skits ... a surprise party for Mom Mason . . . with I)r. Miller and the boys... she retired after 21 years . . . great football weekends in Miami and Jax . . . ’mural man Sampson turns to teaching . . . 19th annual Christmas Carol great as ever ... 75 high school leaders at spring rush . . . elections and three winning candidates . . . pledges’ rollicking lawn party . . . Sigma Nu weekend . . . Hawaiian costumes and old alumni . . . White Star Queen Barbie Harmon . . . Spellman and company’s stand at the Phi Mu house . . . I .’Apache initiation and rosy checks . . . the old Moose remains . . . but seniors arc gone to war and jobs . . . leaving those behind with memories and hopes for a bright future. Cj 3. M LOGAN n M W. LONG fl • S M4INT0SH O, •y % R 0. MAY «! § • 3. Mil COLA P. W. POTTIR 1. C. QUIIN A. P. RUSH 9 O 4 4 I f ? w i i. M SMITH HI SORINSON 0 SPILLMAN C. L ST AGO ? 3 i — f 5 9. 3. VAllON 3. • VINIHG C. (. WALTON ft. ft. WARD llollman engineers a pool for the [ratio. II hat could be finer than a [tarty in the uoods! Snakes pose before mljourninfi to the "ftoiler Room". 261The WEARERS of the “Golden Heart” returned a week early to 1244 West University to help the summer school boys redecorate the house . . . Unde Sam beckons to some of the boys . . . walls now boast new shades . . . chartreuse, dusty pink, choco late brown . . . Sambo remains unchanged. . . rushing was the big program pushed by the brothers . . . good showing for Homecoming . . . Constructive Hell Week . . . cooperation with the City bathers . . . traffic lights and white way lights around the campus get dunked . . . Brother J. Hillis Miller ably assisted hard-working pledges . . . 1 lomecoming decoration ... the Commodores take a trip in rocket ship . . . many old and young alumni enjoy the weekend . . . party on patio ... many guests from Tallahassee, Jax . . . ball brolics . . a formal swimming party on b'riday night ... all the dampened spirits were in bottles, however . . . Saturday night Buccaneer Ball . . . atmosphere |)crfcct but wet . . . Brother Tarratus band . . . real dancing music . . . warm fire in the fireplace . . . both the guests and rain left Sunday . . . b'lorida-Gcorgia weekend . . . Sig Kps banqueted and partied at Hotel Seminole . . . Brother Dan McCarty . . . two sororities who vi itcd the Sig Ep hou;c . . . first Alpha Delta Pi and then Kappa Delta . . . many new friends . . . Christmas party boasted big time . . . colored combo . . . purple drink . . . Mother Derby’s resignation left us without house mother for a great part of the year . . . Brother White does dietary honors . . . new house mother, Mother Jelks, hails from Tampa ... Sig Kps add ping-pong trophy to mantel . . . look forward to another great year. J. (. AIDI ft ft v y T • % i 1 I % D. BACMdMR D. 1. BAIICY CH. BARFIILO 1. J. BARROW C. (.BILL J. C BURROW 0. 1 BURTON 262 1 i W‘ i. L. BUTLIR W. M CLARK W. • DYIR t. J. DVORAK t. W. ILLIOTT J. W. FAMBROUGM I. H. FILCH IR I. J FURB1R263 Joan Kendall, the 1932 Sin Ep Stteelheart.psilon hi A YEAR of memories — 1951-52 • • • pleasant, some not . . . some of work and play . . . others of studying and cramming . . . big weekends and parties . . . mostly just of friendly memories of life as it was lived at the IEP house . . . September found sixty men full of ambitions and resolutions . . . and over a dozen married brothers ami their lovely wives .. . more bachelors were to give up the carefree life . . . Muster and Bob, the last of the 46crs. . . Rush Week . . . beer, pretzels, cigars, freshmen . . . when the smoke cleared there was another first rate pledge class to carry on . . . no breathers in the fall . . . Homecoming . . . Dads and Grads . . . “Mac Is Back” . . . last minute work on the house decoration . . . the Georgia and Miami football weekends . . . Fall Frolics and the pirate Weekend ... the show that should have been a stag . . . freezing weather and dancing in the dining room . . . Turkey Day was a thankful respite from all the hubbub . . . pledge Parisian Night added an exotic touch . . . enthusiasm was at its highest for the shuffleboard, ping-pong, and water basketball finals . . . and what about the one pin loss in bowling? ... the spirit of the l vcndar and White athletes did us proud . . . rushco help to paint the house . . . open house for the girls . . . the 27th Founders Day Weekend . . . Spring Frolics . . . dawn patrol, blind dates, the trip to Waldo . . . those personal memories . . . “G.M.” and the new regime in the dining room . . . Pccky and his snake . . . Perch and the National Scholarship Award . . . boisterous applause for the birthday speeches . . . Dave, “The Chancellor from Nowhere” . . . Bassinc drafted . . . and as Bob Glasscr said, “In a few years, you’ll look back and laugh.” 0 M.LALMMTUN Ip w M ft ft ' j ft I P n H s, L M ANTON M. M BAU H. BAM B. T. BAM R. M B AMIN I r. 0. BICKIR R 1. BIHRIN C. M. BIOOM P P r 9 P Cl P ft mm Cy a A - 0 • • A • ■ R.BROWD c CAWN A. I. COHIN 3. COMIN W. B. COOMB O. MINBIRC W fOOR R. 0 FRItOMAN 264265- —heta hi 111 ETA CHI . . . the fraternity with a sense of humor .. . the chicken that laid five-foot eggs ... off to an early start in intramurals . . . Jorgy dove . . . versatility is a great thing . . . pledge-active football game saw Murray stagger to two TD’s with the tennis shoe we used in lieu of a football . . . the count and his court practice at the house . . . last year in the brick dump on 15th street ... is it? ... we arc surrounded by-girls . . . get away from the window, Pete ... six pins disappear in one month . . . florist gets mortgage on house . . . Fall Frolics . . . the original old South new South New Orleans Creole Bourbon Street Dixieland Grand Ball . . . how many papers did Scratch sell in front of the Green Derby? . . . Pogo fan Club . . . Pogo goes off to Korea . . . painting party gets out of hand . . . Art comes down from Ga. Tech and brings MG . . . elal oratc spread for the KD’s . . . smorgasbord with dinner music by the South Masonic Street Chamber Ensemble . . . Military Ball party gets going late but finally in Theta Chi tradition gets hopelessly out of hand . . . who put the MG on the front porch? . . . pledge active basketball game never gets played . . . whoever heard of dribbling a tennis shoe? . . . beer party . . . spirit . . . out of hand . . . you know . . . Mammy’s twenty-fourth year with her boys . . . we couldn’t get along without Mammy, the queen of all house mothers. . . Robin puts spirit in pledge class before he ends it all and gets married . . . beauty of a sign on Paine’s Prairie . . . road trips . . . Robinson went first . . . S.F.P.C.’s still in operation . . . Hotch still trying to get to Jamaica . . . Boggio likes dogs . . . Jorgy plays golf better than he dives . . . Mother Mathews takes honey pot and fudge recipe. . . dream girl week-end . . . great week-end . . . perfect from start to finish. A 0 ANOItlON C R BILTON R.C BOGCIO R. A BOOTH T.M.RRIOOIS 0 W CaIMRTY B. W. CLIM|nT1 U I. IOCIR1 266hcc-joot eggs and plenty o] Huffing vent into this chicken. Crouded, cozy, comfortable Homecoming ueekend. 267Decorations make for a better f orty. I HI GAMMA, now a full-fledged fraternity after an uphill two-year struggle . . . we go all out for community service ... the Hosier Egg Hunt for underprivileged children, the Christmas party for needy Negro children, blood flows for the blood drive . . . social activities not neglected . . . dances thrown at the house after every game . . . work on the homecoming float . . . Hrolics week-end includes Arabian Nights party and picnic at Juniper Springs, pledge member football game deadlock and a banquet at the Gainesville Country Club . . . here Miss Pauline Rosen, sweetheart of the year, was crowned . . . Thanksgiving holidays and Alcazar Hotel bring all the brothers from the South together . . . the rush to the phone each night to call the girls . . . the trips to Jax . . . the conventions, especially for Teddy and Jack . . . cramming for exams . . . Ixnny becomes Master . . . activities for pledges . . . turn-about day, pledge party and pledge educational trip week-end . . . which leads to our motto: Watch us Grow! and Grow!! and Grow!!! 268 f f f • • A A ADltR t utoriXY c. i COM IN I O.COIIM tr.fMCCII • J. fRKDMAN M GOIOINRLANK H HOROWITZ LM.KAU A. M. KARt-AN J. M KRUCIR I i. LU»IN 1. M. MITCH IU t NOVICK M. t. fOfKIN M. t. RIlCHIR A. S. SIIBIRT o § I. U.SMIITAM B. N SMITH T. M TRUSHINRush week ... I lomccoming . . . “Good-bye Cruel World” . . . aeronautical society exits from the roof . . . watermelons arc cut . . . Price holds tight to a 4.0 . . . Baker sports coonskin coat, perennial cigar . . . attic men reign all over, invade Nurses’ Home, attack repelled . . . Xmas stag party humdinger . . . Papa Postlc plays nursemaid to kids ZTA’s: . . . Mac and Orge gritz? in woods . . . lovers Mac Satch, Muldoon, Kucbcl, and “the Dukes” take step . . Coco, Dammit, and unknown pig liven up Theta Delta . . lovers’ lullaby by Rudy BURP, triet, Soup Style . . . Whi new zeig hcil man . . . Rack SO, Spurjock, Posthole, Soup and Ounce supporting cast . . . fish pond filled with broth ers . . . Xmas parade—some go right away, some led astra; ... the Dukes lush we II dclux, the perch . . . C.L.’s heavik populated . . . Coco was worried, S.K.’s were serried, Come Rack Little Snick . . . Brim rides roughshod over FSU Plymouth and grades . . . Monet’s Man With A Hoc rides again—Herbie’s the victim . . . until September, 16 UC’s. scrounges, and Mothers rule Theta Delta. Our mol to: "Party main ihr world go round.” o r 3 v AC AUIN . W. BAMR Cl A • • HIM —i. I I W. N lllMlim RC. BURNS R H BUTlfft R. I. BYRD J. M CASCBIRt R 0 COX. JR }. OILICAl. JR K l 0, 3I| O C OUKI c ess? % • A ' • „ w. » (MAAITT r O CORI C.C. HOIOIRMAN I I. IStRMARDT R f MtlOHN W. 9. MITCHILl a MONTH R C. RAUH R. M. WRSBACMR f f t t f f 5 f F • A “ « GLROSUI t. R. ROUND, JR. N 0 RRICI C. C RUIStl. JR- C. R SCMUmaCHIR C. M. MUMS J. M. SRURGCON % ) STAC KUN, JR. W. I WILMS, JR R. L WILLIAMS 269Gee. ain't it great to hair ftlnlges? II ETA ZETA chapter was reactivated in 1948 . . . since then advances have been made that would become much larger chapters on campus . . . through hard work, pledge Walt Marshall was elected to the Summer School presidency in 1951 ... it was a great year in the realm of social activities . . . the annual Christmas party for the underprivileged children given jointly with Alpha Delta Pi sorority ... 72 kids joined in the festivities . . . “A great time was had by all.” . . . the bounders’ Day Banquet and party ... a terrific time . . . the condition of the house and brothers on the “morning after” . . . Delta Sigs were in one hundred per cent attendance at the Georgia-Florida game . . . alumnus Bob McKinley’s party helped soften the pangs of defeat . . .. good food and “other things” . . . the built-in bar could have used a brass rail . . . Beta Zeta looks forward to continued improvement through hard work and cooperation . . . plans for a new house on Fraternity Row arc hoped to Ik soon realized. fr' £)■ O M M H • i ouvm ro MVNoioj « i »u «c 270Phi igma appa —jmT IIeLTA Tctarton started its first fall semester as a chapter ... a bang-up rush program netted some top pledges . . . moved into the newly decorated house . . . parties after the football games . . . Homecoming and house decorations . . . Gator Growl and the new radio combination for the party that night . . . thanks to Brother Cesary . . . Fall Frolics and Freddy Martin ... the best ever . . . ROTC graduates stop in to visit on leaves . . . Cods’ and Pugh’s square dancing and Perry’s underwater basket-weaving make engineering majors shudder ... the Phi Sig card slogan— “Oh Hell anyone?” . . . Spike Jones interests members, so docs wife . . . Montinari gets his wings after many trips to the airfield . . . Gilmore panics about being awakened be fore noon . . . lovers — Charlie and Tally and Kay ’n Wimama . . . Bill gets a car . . . no trouble going to llin son’s . . . ukes and accordions are study hazards . . . Xmas decorations and party are big success . . . Ron’s flame thrower—burnt finders anyone? . . . Military Ball and Tony Pastor . . . first anniversary celebration . . . Phi Sigma Kappa progresses at Florida . . . another big year. '-V The Thi Sigs celebrated their first anniversary. lOVUACC C M MARTIN J. I M08»U ft. W. FIRRY H. I ftUOM o £5 (T) '• at 1 » " % 1. ). AU(N 1. IYI1TONI s • carry w. cgoowin € n 5 2 ? ♦ ■» u J. ft ORAVU c N. LAWSON H. RtGISTlft 0. L. RIIO W. K ftOBtftTS 271 ■ -a . 1 C »t— ■ Spoils for ihr victors and llir vanquished. a Pi ■j % % , 1 y IhERFPS plenty new in “fifty-two” . . . spirited pledge class treats new Rex to walk . . . Rod and Fine dodge electric razor . . . Fat Joe burns up with the third floor . . . General goes admiral over I lomccoming with U.S.S. Pi I.-am . . . Siegel and Sohn in Phi Beta Kappa and Blue Key . . . the fighting Pilam pledges defeat the brothers in the Shoe Bowl . . . three kegs of beer emptied in thirty minutes . . . Hiamo still plays cards close to chest . . . Frolics . . . water ran like wine . . . window shade show . . . juke on the blink . . . sports contests in Room four . . . “C. I. anyone?” . . . handball — the upset to end upsets . . . Spring Frolics and the Pi Lam Minstrel . . . free midnight performance at the Florida . . . Gator frolickers and the Runyon Cancer Fund benefit. O o I 3 O t ARONlON v I i triioianocr c ciickitiin p o ft . i. fincus i rnuu 5 ? C SOHH c SONNIRORN R. J. HORN R J MURWITZ 3 £ 1 M R J fOUACK ROJINKRANZ K. J. IMRRIY P J ROJNIR I I. JAf If I. I LIVINtTIIN J 0 MITCHIl I I MOIO p e ft f J SMVACK R Ifll UMAN C A STtRN 9 r t • M. INZIR t i rtiN o § ft • •! •• 9 0 s. i MOto t rincu' a ft v‘ • t. men N 1 UNO i - f • 0 ; A WHITMAN I WOTITZ 272 au Kappa psilon llAMMA THETA enters second year . . . started fall off with a bang . . . paid receipts . . . new house complete with running water ... the “downtown fraternity” . . . all modern conveniences . . . shortest walking time to theaters . . . suppers with everyone going broke via the “cuss-cup” . . . fried chicken a la Fox ... a full social calendar . . . Homecoming and alumni . . . Harry snakes Dave’s date . . . mercy please . . . Joel serves Freud and Unde Sam . . . Girls from Agnes Scott, Tally, Miami, Braden ton . . . Frolics and Freddy Martin . . . Freddy, Merv Griffin, Murray Arnold entertain after the dance . . . local militia stare at Charleston exhibition in front of Hotel Thomas at 5.00 A. M. . . . National chapter representative Wally Ginn dances with stray wives whose hubbvs arc in the kitchen . . . IOO percent Blood Bank contribution, some 86 proof . . . man from AF. gets televised while he’s draining . . . pledges on chapter visit . . . Herb, scalper of blond heads . . . Mac, the sorority kid . . . “Coot”, businessman without receipt . . . Pete makes love to an active’s woman . . . Xmas party for underprivileged children . . . Jack and his date bureau . . . exams and then petitions. TKK'i arty in an exotic atmotphere. f Everybody's trying v K7 to gel in the act. 9 9 Q O 0, t ’ - » • 1 •» f. Q BONHY C A BROWN 0 C FOUNTAIN 0. h. rox 0 H.OIIBART V. LAURIA J.R.AUKINZII n O r O $ W. 0. MAY % PV t It % • « 0. • PAGt L M RHIIROT B. R RIINHOIO It. 0. ROBIRUON t e ROZAR R.lmibirt n. n. want 273 Smtlirifi y.rtfr n lioutr marker. Freddy nhtrls through the Hr tat. InOTHER YEAR . . . more progress ... we grow to the size of fifty brothers and pledges . . . our long awaited dream now a near reality ... a new and beautiful home designed by the world famous Frank Lloyd Wright . . . the growing pains of a young ambitious child into manhood . . . sports afield, the trophies . . . the joys . . . the jubilee . . . and the sorrows ... the petty arguments . . . but the brotherhood and friendship . . . the social affairs . . . F.B.U.F. . . . Quo Vadis . . . and I-ambda Zeta . . . the infirmary ... the virus ... the measles . . . and the STOMACH disorders . . . Who’s that walking on the grass? . . . what grass? . . . house managers fine . . . the big fads . . . ukulele . . . trumpet . . . hearts anyone? . . . please don’t throw me in the shower, I’ll get wet . . . Frolics, Fall and Spring . . . the Z Bar T . . . Old Mac Wershow’s farm ... the elections . . . heavenly student government . . . five pinned couples . . . congratulations ... a year ends . . . you’re in the Army now . . . good-bye and good luck—Phil and Don . . . the grades ... the grads ... the summer . . . the bright and near future . . . our new home of homes ... ah, there’s the rub . . . C’cst la vie, and live it well. M. BUDNICK I « • i. CAMN V. DIAMOND M.J. IMRUCM M MltDMAN a. m ay me■ --------------—— .-Ji I_______________________________________ anhellenic ouncil K I ANHELI .EN1C at the University of Florida is composed of all the sorority women on campus. These women arc represented by the Panhcllcnic Council which is composed of two delegates from each chapter at the University. The Council is concerned with problems that are of mutual interest to all sororities. They plan and enact activities that will further inter-sorority relationships, service to the University, and high scholastic and social standards. Panhcllcnic is also the body that establishes the rules and regulations that govern sororities. Their projects include the annual Panhcllcnic Sing, with proceeds going to charity, and the sponsoring of Open Weekend in the spring for high school seniors who arc interested in attending Florida. The Council also publishes a rush booklet, “Panhellically Speaking,” which is available to new students who arc interested in sororities. trout roii. I. to r.: Marilyn Groves, ChiO; Lorraine Coles, ChiO; Janice Cooke, AChiO; Roberto Hartnett, ZTA: Barbara Wells, ZTA; Barbara Blackstein, AF.Phi; Betty Lou Methvin, KD; Doris MoncrieJ. hl : Betty metier. SK: Louise Smith. ADPi; Marilyn KopJeuitz, Ah Phi; Peggy iMtich, AOPi. Back rout: Faculty Adusor Evelyn Sellers, Dottie Diehl. AOPi: Margo Ritue, AEPhi; Linda Hagan, AXX AChiO; Martha Decker. Phi Mu: 275 Jane l raf. SK: Mary Ellen O’Quinn, Phi Mu; Dottie McClellan, ADPi; Mary Souther. DG: Jeanne Whelan, DG. I__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________un In’OTUKR year at 1106 S V 4th . . . pledging sixteen wonderful additions ... I lomccoming float wins second place as six lovely AXO’s adorn the five foot replica of our pin . . . beauty takes the spotlight . . . Mary Knabb in Theta Chi court and Betsy Livermore in Sigma Phi Epsilon court . . . Barbie Harmon becomes Sigma Nu Sweetheart and a princess in the Miss University of Florida contest . . . Shirley Cadic, this year’s prize, takes lead in “Devil’s Disciple” and is tapped for Trianon . . . other achievements include Don . . . we lose our last two charter members, June Watt and Tena Bacas . . . also our four-pointers, Jackie Rogcro and Charlotte Oyer . . . wedding bells for Kathy and Bill, Phyllis and 1 lack, BJ and Don . . . diamonds displayed for Yvonne and Bill, Mary and Tommy, Mary Ann and Otis. ». COTTII J. A.. OUPRIt £ § « 10VIU c. A OYI 276 0 SCHOONMAKIR M. A. JWlAT 1 hr Alpha ('.hit tftorl Jones and Pruitt. i. AMHOCNI ■ ANOIRION I. J. BINAR 0 I I M CAOLI B COH H K. »0»TI« Y. I I BASH O 0 ! t. A. HUMAN N I CONZAlIZ B. A. HARMON L ) OWNBIY K A RAC1 A I ROCIRO t ROOIRS $ SKANNll m. Rumu O A H t WATT r. A. WHITC I. A COllMAN O HIRINUAU B. I SALUBA 6 WHITMAN M WIlllAN ) M COOK I M A KN I m MCaBBC lpha hi mega(.C.KRAUSS A. W. LIACH M.C. UITNIR L W. IITTIC A. MARTIN 0. (. M CtllUN J. A. MlCMIl M. ft- NAVA I'. A RODMAN J.A-SHARR L SMITH C- C. THOMAS I.LTHO-WON A M TINKHAM I. A. WAU ». A. WltSON A. K. QUlKfMlVIR J.RIISC 277 Fred, the “7 igtr” tnatt. J. HAIL •. i. ©HMSTON EVER forgotten memories . . . paint, turpentine, and elbow grease during the first week . . . rush gives us twenty-four dream-boats . . . the Phi Dclt roof climber or Ann’s midnight visitor . . . Homecoming’s float and the midnight masquerade . . . the mysterious disappearance of the KA’s R. K. I arc and the hang-up party that followed . . . red faces at the Christmas party and Frank’s making off with plunger . . . Charmainc’s talent keeps everyone in stitches after Military Ball . . . Ewo, our Ag Fair Queen, and Bobby Green, KA Rosebud . . . peeks through the window, watch out, Delta Chis . . . I .each on Executive Council . . . fraternity parties and our repertoire of songs . . . our pooch, Bourbon, and the ruined rugs . . . fabulous skit for the SAE’s . . . Blue and White . . . Fred, the SAF. “Tiger,” crowned sweetheart . . . ever loving Mother Dell . . . seniors say farewell . . . look for a new house on their return. e M. A. ClARK t. H. CAINIS S MlATX Dl 1.1. ARN010 t A ROOSt R o C. C. BROOK! cv 0 M. A. CANOVA 0 t-» A. O. COlt «. s. C011MAN 0. S. OAVIS ! HALl 1.1 CRIIN M. A. HINOIRiON j. I. DaUY !. K BUTCH lpha elta happy AEPhis uin CronI till cup. Dearies, do you remember? . . . Growl Cup wins Cookie fame as “Alice in Wonderland” . . . those nightly bridge sessions . . . our open house . . . Margo and Marilyn wear Trianon and Phi Beta Kappa keys . . . Birdgirl and “Volleyball practice at 4.30” . . . “Pledges Ain’t Dumb” at the annual picnic . . . more headaches at Sunday brunch . . . Just who docs the cooking? . . . Marilyn brings home the Panhcllcnic Scholarship Cup . . . Phi leaves . . . Muffin arrives . . . Bina, the TEP Pledge Sweetheart ... the gala success at our Christmas affair . . . Mission Night found the drunk duck with black feet . . . Initiation . . . 2.00 A.M. . . . this is getting to be a habit . . . Eileen on frosh Executive Council . . . “Dateless” won us the Panhcllcnic Sing Trophy ... all of our friends arc getting married . . . pins and rings take the limelight . . . Blackic calls roll of Florida’s sororities . . . Intramural Open House adds to our laurels . . . Cccilc’s name placed on the Hall of Fame roster . . . breakfast at the Hotel Thomas bids the seniors goodbye ... Do you remember all the fun in ’52? . . . we do . . . and always will. IN. BIRNII a. L- •lACKSTIINS. R. RROWNSTIIN A. OWOSKIN J. R. I RANK R. IRIUND 0. M CARONIR III HAlZRAND J. • CLAW K « HOIIMAN N a. JACKSON M. lOmOW.TZ 9 C R. UVINt (. M RAIMIR R. C MRLIN a. M QUARTIN Z I ROSINTHAL 0 0 Uiir c r. iCHwteu I. T. SMUMIR r. 1 soowai r r stun a N STILLMAN C. J. WAX R. 8 WIOILC S C RUHR M. J. RITWtmicron Shiny bright “Golden Sheath of Wheat” pledge pins were prominent in September . . . Homecoming decorations “live models” add another shiny cup to the mantel . . . Mary Godwin, “Miss U. of F.,” chosen as Gator Bowl Queen . . . Santa visits our party for underprivileged children . . . first State Day is weekend of fun for all OAPi’s in the state . . . Mother Blackburn’s loving care and guidance . . . Jean Thompson wins Best Pledge Award and Margaret Hemrod receives Chapter Service Award . . . Panhellenic prexy Dottic Diehl . . . Klcanor Copeland and Alta Mae Kruger tapped for pharmacy honorary . . . Bobbye Berrien in education honorary . . . Politico Burgdorff ran Council and handled student fines in summer . . . Advisor Mrs. Good neglects hubby and home for chapter . . . Rose Ball . . . pledges present new radio-phonograph for new house ... “In the showers” for the gals with pins and rings . . . nicknames—“Sebastian,” “Krugerbird,” “The Great White Roach” . . . “Lucky” follows Libby to class . . . Ann Forman and Joan Ulrich continue fine acting for the Players . . . after a year of wonderful memories, the AOPi’s look forward to a greater future for Gamma Omicron. ■lOl'i's Santa make tome children happier. W. AN0IR1ON ftt. ARCAR B. i BtVAN B t. BLACK B.J. BUMBV C. L BURGOORH t. M CORIlAMD M. A OAVIS O 0 OIIHL M. A. DUNN M. I GODWIN A. K HAMM M B NIMROD B. A. NOOK A. M. KRUCIR 0 Pp f 9 9 t M.J. McCOY J C MlTCMItl A RITIRl I. A RHYMl I ; SI LI I MAN f. ). STARNIt I. STATHIS f. A. WAUUI B. A. WYUYt I A AUIN ■ A ••AOFOkfl . luiMM V ft. TU«N|K M. A VAUCHAN J. WITMHIU M. A. WOftO r. A MM1I J.ft.ftMIUlft M A. BlCHARDS IW.WMMU C. I SMlftMAN ft. L $T0« mega Drlla Jean £tls the SAF lion. (ill OMEGA docs it again . . . Kappa Sig-Chi () party . . . I lomccoming . . . another cup for the mantel . . . Clarice brings this one home . . . Didn’t we have fun building the float and house decorations? . . . Christmas party and dance at the Kit Kat . . . Pins, pins, pins arc taking over . . . SAE’s go all out . . . Chi O “Owl Man” turns romantic, too . . . fraternities and Sunday afternoon coffees . . . dates for Friday guest night . . . aching bones from intramural practice . . . Ain’t it fun? ... a new semester . . . house quiets down as the education majors intern . . . Collection, Kennison needs a new car . . . Chi () owls, still have not come home . . . Daily gets coffee at the Alligator office . . . bounders’ Day . . . seniors’ annual dance . . . Daytona 1 louse parties . . . glorious Chi O memories. ft. L DAYTON ft. A. DIXON ft. J. OftIVIft M I fOOTC M. J. GROVIS M. M. HARRIS M. I. HARRIS ft. A. MINOIftSON ft. A MINSKY O i. Mill ft JONH S M. K. M«6MIC r c. D momitt V. C NASON • i mown ft. ft. ftRYAN M A CAIOWUL J. A COftft 0. UNIftOCK ft IINlBOCK p 3 ft. A. NlVIUI M. ft. NlCMOLSOl | A MAMAlftlY LAMANOISHSchool year opens with new Tri Delt house as they come out of the “woods” . . . Virginia and Rea make Trianon and Jeanne makes Hall of Fame . . . Tri Dclts on Television screen for Christmas program . . . good old Santa brings seven new engagement rings . . . Athenina evening again is a big success . . . Betty Jean elected K.A. Rose as Kitty chosen Sweetheart of S.X. . . . Tri Delts win top honors in Pan he 1 Sing . . . Patda, Pat, Rarlcnc and Marg nuke the Cheerleading squad . . . Virginia first woman on I ionor Court in regular session as Ann elected to Executive Council . . . hirst place in scholarship for fourth semester. J.HOIT LH.IVIS K KNUTSSON MALABORO! V. S. LIPS V J. McKINLIY 9. A. MICHAILS V. a. MlDVfTTI J. L Ml US A A NORCROSS The Tri Delts in all their glory. f 9 C BURNITT •. 4. CHAMBIRS $ 0 v I CllHC S. COilNTATMAN f V OAVIS J N OAVI1 l C MfTtt CRICHTON R (. FRANKLIN J. 9. GAllAOHIR JSCtRARO H M CITZIN M GOOLSBY ■. V. HARBIN M. f. HAROV B. I. HARRISON M. A. HIRLONG i. C ROSS H I BLAIR § L. A. BROCK M I. BRYAN • t MACOCK T. 9. RLARSON K t. RIZZO 9. A ROIIRTS K. ROBINSON 9. A. SMITH f. I. TURN IB M. A. WARINNIR V. L ZIBRtRCR 0 N. C. BAUCHAN I. S BLAIR W. BRASS!II S B. ARNOLO elta elta eltau II Y A " ■ i Next year the l)G't will be looking through a uindoit. amma InOTHKR “red letter” year has elapsed at the DG Mouse . . . The athletes brought home the bacon by winning sorority league intramurals . . . we took top honors in Christmas decoration contest . . . Sig Ep Sweetheart Kendall and Theta Chi Dream Girl, I lurst added more cups to the collection ... In publications the DG’s made their mark; Barchan was first woman member of the Board of Publications and received Hall of Fame, Van Gcldcrcn named first woman managing editor of Alligator . . . I-iwrcncc and Doan on cheering squad . . . Hannahs in Trianon arc Barchan Trianon prexy, and Iuiwrcncc . . . Cameron took over the DG gavel and still turned in top work in Florida Players . . . Politics proved important with Davis on Exec Council, Cameron, Summer Exec, and Bowen, Honor Court . . . Anchor Night the usual success . . . ATO Dovlc Webb crowned “Anchor Man” ... all the fun and parties . . . the promises of a new house are now visible as Delta Gamma moves into the first house on sorority row. J. H. DAVIS N. A DOAN H. 1. HUMAN L 1. CAftNITT f. 1 ORAYRIll I. M. ORIllS 1. M M All I- M. HANKY ft ft J ft ? o IT 0 o ft I. KtNOAll J. V. LAWMNCI M f. IIIDIR A H. LIUNIO J. A MARTIN M A. NATION K. A NOONAN M. «. NORTH o ft o ft 0 ft JK ft M. V. SAUIHIR t. A. SHAD ft. W. SHCRIURNI ft A VAN OllOIRIN ft. J. Wtlltll t V.WOlST(NHOlM| S V YOl»NO N J 11 111 1,;appa elta K)K Ti IK fourth straight year, Kappa Delta produced the win ning Homecoming float . . . South Sea Island party appeals to twenty-six pledges . . . hayridc to Camp O’Leno . . . K-Ma, our beloved house mother, honored at tea . . . Trianon chooses Pat Enzor treasurer, Mint Tatom vice president . . . Mim also serves as Lyceum Council secretary . . . fraternity serenades and suppers reciprocated with coffees . . . “KD Memories” receives honorable mention in Panhcllcnic Sing . . . Snakes guilty of petty larceny— object was Kappa Delta bell . . . initiation breakfasts . . . Beggs and Sheffield the best pledges and Alford and Ililgcndorf the brainiest . . . postman elected most popular man at Kl) house . . . newest pledge, Fred Jones . . . Alpha I-ambda Delta for Herndon and Ililgcndorf . . . Prexy Dianne Costello serves as Chairman of Judiciary . . . Beta Pi celebrated a great fifth year on campus. A. C ALIUKY B. J. ALFORD A. 0. BIGGS C. L BLOUMT N. 1. BRUNINC 0 N COSTtllO The KD't uin another trophy. h B. A OAlHIt M. C. 0AVIS » 0 Dvm f. A INZOK B It FAIRCHILD 0. A. FOUTCH C L ClLBIRT t M 610VIB M. I HAftllY C L. HAtVIY 1. B. M«CULlOUGM B- L. MITHVIN a a M. THOMPSON C TOMLINSONQ I EE 'Cookie" Ifdi her muscle men. e OOTHKOW I.MOOUI Phi Mu !»)•).. ... the end of a century for Phi Mu . . . truly an unforgettable year . . . “Goodness Gracious, Alice Caches” took lead in “Years Ago” . . . Adclc followed with role in “Little Sheba” ... Pikes enter Adclc in Southeastern Dream Girl contest . . . Mother McGinlcy keeps us on the straight and narrow . . . Cookie, our sexy prexy, mixes politics with partying . . . the ukulele in full swing . . . Sellers busy in publications . . . WRA chief Donrue . . . winning the Heart Drive trophy ... the pledges “rare” goat songs at the Xmas party . . . Knightie and Mike train our muscle (?) men . . . Decker keeps busy in campus activities . . . Moorhead presides over Alpha lambda Delta . . . Mary Ellen out teaching the kiddies ... no hot water during the cold spell . . . Phi Mu’s I .cap Year slogan was, “Someone new in ’52.” t Armstrong r a turn h. w. cook o o O 0 0 A OKIW I H mtu A » OACMIJ N OOIOJMITM M'CtANCt f. J. HARRIS A. M. HAWKINS MAKHICM' ■ M lAUIdr 0 M MARXtR C c M«0INIIV I.H.MtiOtAH • i.MltTOH A MOOKHIAO M I OftUINN • I ICL V. . met M. A.SCHAf I M- A- HUIM i tMlAKOUU 284 C 1 iMINM M I tIMWOH I.J.HMN J.C JTOOW O A.WAKNI V. J. WIKIY O.WIVIR ■.A.TIAIOI Think JACK . . . reflect, recall, memories . . . new prexy, Jane I-caf, follows Choquette to Trianon . . . Jean is selected to Mall of Fame . . . Homecoming skit takes second place . . . Joyce Grissmo replaces Mary Lib Barlow as Phi Tau Sweetheart . . . SK’s pushing for intramural Icups . . . Joan Masury girl-girl . . . rushees never had it so good in Krej’s reproduction of a ’30 Ford . . . fraternity pins galore and Beta ahead ... the unmistakable call of the century, “Anyone fourth for bridge?” . . . Bachelors and MRS. degrees for Mary F.lla, Joyce, Mickey, Ann and Ginger . . . Sigma Chi Derby . . . results—one trophy and three runnerups . . . Arfara’s, our banquet, and our men ... a warm welcome for Mrs. McRcynolds, new house mother . . .all memories now . . . but happy ones. I ,4 CMOQUITTI M. L-tKiWOU I. L. JANIJ P. A. PKOtt M 1 JOYCf O. M. KOWLANO M ( KIMJIY •. L SCHKOtOtK P. A. IA U PAM y x uiuy M. J. UAP 0- a. smith m (. HIGH C. ). PAG! NT J.C MACK M M M.OOMAtO W WMIOIMOTON I.WIUIAMJOM • I wllCH V. M WHAM 285Tv VENTY-F1VE wear the Zeta pledge pin . . . Homecoming float captures third place . . . initiation . . . Lynn is best pledge . . . Dora makes Gargoyle . . . popcorn parties in Joan’s room . . . Tim Ann gets KA pin . . . always a willing hand—for bridge . . . Barbara’s Harold returns . . . howls of laughter at June and Thco’s skit . . . Ben gives Betty a ring . . . Cleo’s best foot forward as majorette . . . presidents to be sisters in more ways than one . . . Dora to marry Barbara’s brother . . . repeat performance—first place in the March of Dimes drive . . . Gloria outstanding frosh on Alligator . . . Stacey nukes her grades . . . Lee leaves to be a “schoolnurm” . . . Bobbie and Jo Ann make sweet harmony . . . “Cover girl” June and her bovine friend . . . Aunt Mary makes a gracious hostess . . . Lynn, June and Mary Alice “star” on TV • . . pledges annual Stardust Ball . . . plans for the new house create the biggest chatter. T H ATCMlir R R RIRTHIIR SIRHIINT JMROUIt J. A. RRYAN C CIRMAK • a COTARILO O A-CRUM M i GOODWIN I CRIINt T. A. HANCOCK M I HANNUM | I HANNUM R. A HARTNtTT M A HUTCHINSON K J. KIRNS N I QUIN A M I RITCHIf c IMYIOR ( 0 iMVSOR C TROWRRIOCI J R WAIKIR • A WILLS C WIDCU R t RARHAM | RRIIST 0 Q LINNARO K IITTU M J MARSHALL C R m.CAROILL V JOINIR R M MtICHIRN 0 V. MIIJ J. 9. eta au lphaftAM OKU. PETER M. Wnl N. J. AILKN, KILLY J. Wliuuma ALMKYEDA. NARCBCO M P. Rka ATTAVrAT. JOHN A. lUtMa City IIAIIJCY. JAMES K. Panama City BARER. WILLARD F. Miami IIA LB A A. SRAPIK I. Cairo. Ujpi ItARSES. BYRON A. Ku.k.UM, IU. IlflLKS. RALPH C. Nc .U'.V . Ala. CAMPO. MARIO Call. CefcaaMa cvppren. curr c. orUb COLLINS. IIARVKY A. Mt b Sprit . COOK. WILLIAM C. BUkrly. Ga. COOKSEY. ANDREW J. Vankcr, Troa COOPER. THOMAS J. CUELLAR. VICTOR M. Haa SalraAir. U Salvador UK LA PUENTA. JUAN M. Salawrrr. Per. DILSAVKR. PRINCESS C. Onrola. Tran. DUCCRR. JUNE A. MllUa DUGGER. RODKRIC R. Gaint..ill. KLAM. JAMES K. ABugimvie. N. Mas. ERIXSEN. WARREN T. CalnsseUJ PAHMY. IHKAHIM Cains K y|.t PETHERSTON. CHARI.KH E. St. Prtmbuic riORKNTINO. DOLORES J. MUml PITZGERALD. PAI L W. Kavialt. W. Va. PLYNN. NORMA T. GalaasrU FOGLE. ORIS C. HallandaW FRAZER. CAROLYN D. CaJamrlll FREEMAN. ELMER C. N. C. GILBERT. ALAN Muml C.LACY. JOHANNA 1. Galnmrfll 288289 CLICK. (COWARD R HrwAtjra. N. Y. GOETTE, KOHERT L. OalomY111. GOFORTH. MALCOM E. C. «4.lf, 1IL HALVORSEN. GAIL 8. CarUal. Utah HA S'1)1. 8AII Alv.andri . Knpt IIITTINCER. JOHN J. Kaptaa HOFFMAN. JOHN R. Uln««a Ht'SA. WILLIAM J. C.IW..I1W JOKOI.AN. ESTHER P. City. |-hi:trp4a«a KAUFFMAN. GEORGE R. FSiUdatphla. Pa. KAZMIRIC. M :Kill Turkay KF.MR. DICK II. Calanvllle KIT8CHNER. FRANK R. Tr.ffuHL Pa. KRONFRI D. FRED N. Vliwlaml. N. J. LANKFORD. RKTTV I- OftarvA. LANTZ. JAMES D. OrtaaA. MAO. YU D. NulU . CKIaa MAI’TONK. JESSIE l_ Miami MII.U KYIC. MIKE 1mko WaLm MILLS. FRANK H. Avon Park MITCHELL. MART E. Caiam.GW MOORE. UTILE W. Cm. MOORE. THOMAS A. TYoma. villa, Cm. NORRIS. MARJORIE A. MUml NI NE . KSTEMAN Hat Kay. I . Itba OX'ON NEC. Rl.TR F. J mLoailUr O'STEEN, HARRY R. Tampa PERKINS. FREDERICK M. JtAaaitlb PETERSON. RAYMOND A. Gabaferc. IIL POPOVICH. JOHN D. SUvaataa. Col. Pllll.I.IPS. WAYLAND B. Gvoava. AM. PKOMIN8KI, EDMOND H. OM llrMr . N. J.PUTNAM. HOWARD L. CalamlS RAINWATER. CLAUDE H. TMi«d». Ga. RICHARDSON. JOHN W. GalaaarUU RODRICUEX. NICOLAI A. Yabm . I . Hie. Kl THKRroRD. ROBERT E. Si. P 4 reAur« KAMORISKY. PAUL J. Jfefcaavflby Pa. BCHIERREEE. ENNO W. IW Hawr. N«OM»Uad» KCHOON MAKER. DOT CaiaaavllW SMITH. RICHARD X. WllmUitoa. O. SPAIN. PRANK UN H. HetJma. N. C. STREET MAN. PRANK M. LakaUad TAK AN ASH. HIROSHI Tafcr . Japan TANG. Yf-SUN. Kianctw CRta TATE. WINNIE B. Ya TERRY. HENRY M. GalaaavlB VAI.I.ON, PRANK J. Wot'Mater. Maaa. N TOOT. DAVID J. PUat, MWA. WALKER. KENNETH R. ftwwiA lad. WITHERINCTON, CHARLES C. OrlanAa ZALOG. PAUL C. Lorain, O. V VACUNA. JULIO C. Ik«u4a. . A. AitklMw . ADAMS. DOROTHY K. Data GranAr. Phyalral ADCOCK. LOU IB N. t. Prt.rahaif . ArtaA v£TZ ItrftfiM Traaatnrtatkm Am.: WlUr, SEMINOLE i IKC; 8 . Prt Club. adklerkrg. John mu»i n«oeb. Ar hiieet...e AIDK. JOHN B. CWararater. Ati» A Srlanr : Tkrpt }■.-. Club; lUrirri. okry Smr. Al.BRITTON. JAMES P. JartaomW . AI.KXANDKK. PATRICIA A. CMimW, Art A Srknr . ALFONSO. MARIO J. Miami. Am A Sr Warm. ALFORD. RARRAKA J. Tampa. KduratWn Kappa I Vita PI; WmViy F.uada-tit. AIRMAN. ROBF.RT W. 8C Ilualaan AAaiabtratbn. Al.I.ARKS'. FRANK Jartaamtte. H-j la n Admlnlatratloa. ALLEN. SYDNEY Orlando. BAaratUa. ALLISON. CARL L. I«h« CUy. Acrteallurr. ALONSO. TERESA Tampa. Ed oral km. AI.PKRSTKIN. MARVIN L. Tampa. Ilualom Admialalraikm. ALRED. GLENN J. TVmaaivllk-. Ga. Phyakal Ediralkrt. ALSMKYKS. RICHARD H. Srtrinr. Arrlrultur . AMES. THOMAS R. Daytona Heart. Art A Srlrnrcal Phi Kla Siam ; Pm .. Caatrrbury CM; Phi Alpha TSrt . AMOR. MANUAL Clraraater. Phyakal Kdaratkm. AMORGEANO . NICK Warrra. OIW. Ilt.lae.. Admla -I ration. ANDRADE. CAIIKIKI. L. lk«ota. Columbia. S. A. Arrhltortum. APPLEGATE. GEORGE H. MtddiaflrM. Conn. Knrinecmr. ARMSTRONG. ROBERT A. Miami. Kn«l « rtnr. Tre.. . Sly...a Tau: AIKK-IRK; Phi Eta Strata; Editor. HIGH TENSION. ARNOLD. JEANNE E. Fort Pierre. Art A rtr«H'.| SEMINOLE ataff U . ARONSON. DAVID B. St. Frtmhin. Arrirultutr. ASAMI. HOSVU TtAytb Japan. Hialam Ada ir.Wtr lk« PratmtWr CUh. ATEKK. GEORGE N. St. Petemhur . Itaaiaea Adminktralkm i I’r.prJWe Club. Martetlnc Sn . ATKINS. EDWIN F. JarkaaarUW Ituain... Admlalalr . tl « : Honor Coart: Cavalier ; Krai Kttatr Club ATKINS. JAMES H. Jackaoavilta. Knrlneerlnr: V. PRES.. SENIOR I I.Avt lil.»J : SEC.-TKKAS-. SENIOR CLASS iMdll: Pm-. ASMK; Pre .. Cat., liera; Aaaor. Editor, ORANGE PEEL: Clr. Mrr.. FIXtRIDA ENGINEER: Orkmatkm leader; Stwlaat CeunaeW; J » Oub; FI Cl Rmton » . See. AYERS. WILSON II. Tampa. Knrlneerlnr: Phi K«a Star. . : AIIK: A- It - Ion Ear. See. 'a BACON. MELVIN Winter Part. ArrteuKure. RACLEY. LESTER L P.naaaa City. Arrkultu.e. 291HA I LX Y. EBEIl a. IWkky. W. Va. B-l«« ARuUUtrmtion. BAILKY. JOHN M. Of la. Arrbltelur : V. I’m.. 8l lr t A--. HAI.AS, LEONARD c. O. I'h al KAaralicn. MAN AS AK. MKRI.R K. IMIy-coA. ... A4 i '..tra. BANAS AK. REGINA M. IMtnrood. » « AAml«W«r»lfcn. BARGER. HETTY J. Wart Pate BmcB. Art. A Xdmtm. BARK KB. JAMK8 M. MUmL Arrknrrturr: Carrel : Srabbard A Hln e; IMtk Cham. S«.; Miami Out . BAR.N1 . DOROTHY A. Tamm Am A IW; •WnCa Cabinet. » t U Hlayr .; Cavakttr.; ALLIGATOR •taff: KiknIIvt C««»a il; IUL G.iW ; Wcm«n . GW Cl b. HUMS. J A H E8 R. SC Prtcmbur . ArrhlUcLr ; Garre le. HARNETT, JOHN C. Tmt M«».! •. EmImmIw. IIARRS. JACK I- JnrLuMivlll . Airrtertturai Atyba £rta. MARTI.ESON, PRED ». PT. M er. Art. A Sain-' .: Y.-.jr.r Dmornli; V.r.Hy Golf; Pt. M er» Club. 1IAHTIIOLP. DAVID A. Jacksonville. Art. A Sneer.. HARRY Clinrwafrr Ranch. .. A4«.'.Mlrattc t: IntraB.ur.r. UE-JI); • • Club: Om Country Mirr. (Mi: Ck.r«»lrr Club. BATTAGLIA. DORIS K. lllRibaattA. N. Y. Mmll- . In- Cteb: Olymplaa CA: C.v.Wltc. IIATTI.K. MAX G. M. 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Hk«k .ml KrMk; SrakbanJ A KU.Jr. 292Ml KEU HERBERT J. «. Myrr. Bu l-a Kill .; Praa. ArtllWry Ann.; VnraMy Traek : Hm Ko .Vtktari A BUA . DUtlaeuUhrd Military atmfant; PI. M»rf. «!. . BIE. CHARLES XW« la.. K. Y. Wwrtba. BICCKRSTArP. LEWIS R. Winter Park. ArrhlU tur l AIA. III. ACK. GLENN L Mulberry. Kaetaarrinci I’rn. »«•• IM Em Sot.: A CE. BLAIR. NASTY I- Pu«W V dm Hrarb ArU A grf—. DUTCH. MICHAEL C. TnlUba . Knelnecria l A1KK-IRK: lUrl-JI Clok BLODGETT. WYLMA G. C ln r lit . A «k«llurr. BLOOD WORTH. JAMES V. Galnrarlll Art A »«»«• •: Sr beard A Hta r; KIC. Il( IA UI W AN, I RANK S. Ornr.ce Park. Kaat « rtn . HOGGIO. RERNARD C. »Y. laudrrtlni . K4 atkm i GaUe lined: Chalk A Enwr; BnrWll Club: Whit Krlara. BOI.TON. JOYCE Ja»k«n lll . Art A S« latum. BONSSY. PRANCU a St. Prtrrabur . Ar«hll «t ru: AIA: St. 1‘rt Chk. BORA HEW It’ll. WILLIAM Wlat.r GarAa Art. A 8 Wnr a. BOTTOM, JOHN A. Galnravill . Ar blt« turr. BOWEN. HERBERT C. I Veil YMn Mrarh. Bala— tralloa. Admin I- BOWLES. RICHARD J. Jn ka»arllW.« AdmlnW-Iralba. ROYER. TYRIE A. VVIllUtaa. Art A KrWorcu: Pkl Eta Karma; AdrltAm; Arnold Air S« .; AI|»K» kappa Drlla; John Maraball Bar A»i. ROYI.ES. JOHN A. Del. 4. AerUutlur : Sail. Club. IIRANt H. LEON M. Wir.lrr Hma. Hualnra. Ada.4nt.trat La. HKAHSELI PATRICIA W. T m|. Art. A Sale ; Nr .. Ad.. Club; "Ml U. of Hortda" auatrnl rat rant. BRAY. LEONARD J. BrnofcavlO . AariroHurri N««rll E L ol «i l Esc. BREOER. JERRY E. MUml Hmab. AdmUUtraUm. BRENNER, LOCIS C. St. Wmbarr. Aerkullur . BRIIM.ES. JI'LIAN C. Miami. Art A Srkarr. H. K. A : •tat l.t V. Praa.. HSU lib-ill; Pr a. B8U Ill-Mi; Oriental l « 1 1. r ; Mm’a CW Club. llRIIlt.ES. THOMAS M. Gain ., ill . Art A S W« n: Pbl Alpha Tb U; Arnold Air So .: Cavallrra; IRC. BRIGGS. RUSSELL E. Pieraun. Pby.kal Eduaalfen. BRIM K. LOIS A. Mum I. EduraU . HROIIIE, ROBERT S. |n a. N C. Art. A Srimna. BROOKS. WALTER M. St. Prtrohur . Arrhlt rt»ru: .Mudr.,1 tlulldrr . Aw a. BROOM. HARRY B. Jnrkaoarlll . Admlal.tratloa; Trark . Krai KaUt Club. 293 BROWN. PALMER A. KllanU .. HmiwSm: Pbl Eta Sierra; AICbK; lira toe Kae. So .; .Mem Tau. BROWN. WILLIAM C. ClmrlanA O. ArU A Stlanren: U; IImU Pta «ra. AFwrwnm-0) rad EBa k? O ' NJ7' f I,UO . JOHN J. LaA Wurth. IMmm Admlnl lr lfc u: Alpha P i Km! )Uui« CHb; N««»» CltA. WHY AN, CUXN E. Galntatilh Pharmuey ! Martu» A Kappa M. IIRYAN. JOSEPH K. - PatortBm . Iluaiaaaa AAmialtiraikm: Vanity Cedf. BRYAN. PATRICIA B. Tampa Alto A iQMlm: U«®r Court Mi; Walaluhf Kellow.hlp; O. tenia- Iln. I-r.iW Mr CM ALT. JOHN K. MlamL Peetrtry i Kanalry Club; Phi Stoaia: Xt S«M»a n. IIITHAN. JOAN I. Plaat City. Wwallw. MUCK. C. BENJAMIN Mart—. Bwo«Mi AdmlaBtoalhm i IW«» Si«ma l i. Pep Cluh: Marteilr.y H«.; Newwna Club; Artillery KI'MBY. BETTY JO OHan . An A Sttenee : fc W- i y Club. MIK4.KAKT. ROBERT A. Orlaadn. Kduralloni Industrial Alto .“ 01.: !nf »try Ann. Ill RKK. CHARLES R. Jatfcwartllc. Enrfneetia.. Ill MR. JOHN w. Dura. KAucatbei ni RKETT. CAROLYN M. Vftrt Palm Beach. MmIIwi Pm, Atpka Mu Pi ntlal wantity I ill. MI'RNETT. CEO MCE W. Jaek on%lllc. Airitwltur Alpha Tau Alpha; IT A; l (mw Tran pact attoB A aa. Ill RNETT. ROBERT C. Gdoutllk Kiwlnetrta . HITLER. JAMES L. Jath «m tll ILneh. IIu.imu Ad .lul»1r ii-e HITLER. LESLIE f. Jaeknarllto. Ilu.lnee. Admlnktr . Uoa: IIn.Wr See. Interior; Orientation Lender; CM d lliaof Court. HI Tl.ER. ROBERT M. Wmt.r. Ho. Inn. Admlnutratem. BYRD. CARLISLE A. SrrlUe. Arrieultwr : Block aM Hr id It. MYRI . RICH AMI) E. Orlando. ArU A AImmii Oi.. Cittf Party; KimuIIi Council: student Counselor; Ela. Union W. rf (inffirto. I’fr-la Club; MIim Key Speaker ' Km ; Gala Hand. BYROM. MARY J. Hell Clad . : Itho CU. 1 AtCIATORK. ROMKRT Tampa. Art A Selene : Barteetokety See. CAULK, SHIRLEY M. Jaekaoeirllle. ArU A Selene -: Pr .. EL-rU. Player ; lltaor Court; OrtMUMkm I—lee; Cat alette . SEMINOLE •tail (Ml; Waencn'a CW 0 k CAKEERTY. DAYTON W. pert Tampa City. Unlaesa Admial-tralite. • Alpha Kappa P i. CAI.OWEI.L, MARTHA A. Miami. Education. CALDWELL. VERNE M. Rlvrerlew. Ayrtevllur : Set, Hloek and Bridle; Li.ratork Judging Team CALI. JAMILS II. Miami. Ilu.ln... Ad-lal.traikm: "E” Club; Vanity Trath. CAMP. ARTIII'K P. Lake Alfred. Engineering. CAMP. JOHN P. Tampa. Art A Setenet : Ortee.tat. n Leader; list . CAMPBELL. EDWARD M. Dundee. limine . AAmlaUlralUet. CAMPRELL. MONTEREY Bartow. ArU A Selene : IPC 10-10; Arnold Air See. CAMPBELL. ROBERT O. Quincy. Architecture: Trcu . Student HelMem Aaan. CAMPIONK. HAROLD H. Tampa. Art A Selence . 294CANNON. ROBERT W. Print proof. AcriotRurrl KM Club. C A NOVA. MARV A. Caliunrillr. MwiIIm. CARET. TEX ANNA N. MUml IWarb. Art. A SrUarra. CAW.OS, R. NEURON VllUUa. Pu«T ® RW- rAj.kal Hwtliw. CARLSON. KARL C. Winter II.. . Kduratkm • Pro.. Chalk A K»a»»c; Pn , Winter H..m Ctefc; Ch.. Pla. Cnk 8mUI IM ; Sa . U«»« tnaiarll; OrW«-tatUa l njlrr. Gator Band; kappa Kappa 111; Symph. Orrhmlra. CARRATT. HARRY C. A»oa l Ul Art. A ( AllMIS. JKMOMK P. OrtanAa. ArrWultur.: Cnmml i.««- . K»- v.t III. CARSON. ESTELLE M. Catena.!Ur. Bdiuatloa. Carswell, ceorce r. J.o «viite. iii»ir ». AAmteUtrathai «» Cteb. CARTER. DAVID H. TalUhaamn. Arrhlterlum: Student B.iMria- A-n. CARTER. WILLIAM E. Lake City. I'U.mM). CANON. OH VIS L. Cam. AU Formlry. CASTLEBERRY. PKANCtH N. LiVr Oal llwlae.. Admlnl.lratkm. CERRA. FRANK Tampa. Kn«lar rte«: AIIP- CHAMBERS. IIETSY GalanavllU. Hi|Snl V4«ralkm: Olympian Club: W mrn'i IVntltei Amu.; liW OA: Siu »» l‘iwt Club: AHwItlt l.)(rai C»UMll; Ioaaalaika. HANDLER. CEORCE W. Nl»l. Eafianrrtar: V. Item.. H nt«4k Ear. S .: Trm. . AUK CHEEK. SPURGEON Com. City. Pharmacy: Mortar A Pmtlc. CHILDRENS. THOMAS W. MUml. Art. A Krlrwni BSD: Cater ItandL CHILDS. DEWEY L. CalnmrilU. Enrlncrriart AIKK IRK. CHILDS. WILLIAM T. Panama CVy. llu.InrM Admltil.- t ration CHILES. ALFRED B. LaWlaad. Pharmacy I Kappa P.1 CHIPPS. THAIS II- Alim, S. C. Art. A Mum. CHOQUETTE. JEAN Miami. Art. A H Wr m: Pro... Sterna Ki|t aorlal Mrorlty: Srr.. Trknoa: V. Pro... Ca.aMten: “Mu u. a rr c mt. u . CHURCHILL. ROBERT R. Winter Part. Knrlamla . CI.AMK. ANITA L. MUml. KA.ralWat MUml Club «•-« ; WVmcn'. H«m inr Counrll ( • »: YWCA: Calor Growl « .«• . CLARK. BRUCE C. MUml. Iluainra AdminUtratkm. CLARK. PRANK K. Jnckmavlll . Art. A Mmo. CLARK. PHILLIP A. Ma ». . CLARKE. WILLIAM P. Arllnrtoa. Art. A SrWncm. CLARY. GEORGE K. St. Auruatla . Hu.lnma AdmlaUtralfcn. CLJCMEST, WILLIAM J. Tarpon Sir . AdmUWlratUn I Beta Alpha Pil: ArncVJ Air Sor. CLINE. ALBERT B. 8L IteteraVirr. KAnralk . 295CLINK. VIRGINIA J. New Seeyrna Itearh. EduraU-n: Kiriwwf WW« . SBII sole iu . CORK. JAMES K. Jarkeaaullle. An. A Mww: Ch. . W4kiUtW«a Hoard: V. Pre., Yoone Pre._ Si »ua Alpha Kpelbm m i»l fralrratty Itl). CORK JO ANN OnU. Arrhllertwre. roan. PHiur j. imuurt. Mr. KdaeaUe . roilM, HK HAXD L. Newark. IM. AnMlnl.ff. rOHKN. AHKAHAM X. Kr«Ab». N. Y. Kdueatkm: Alpha Phi Omeea: f.yrniiri Omeil (At.ritlri : White Krtar». COHKN. CHARLES I- MUml ll.aeh llu.ln... Admin wtratbm: HBWI 'Mit4.tiai: lltiMI CIA: I'n-U. Club: Muni flub COHKN. JAKIV O. JmImmHIt. Art. A Seknrea: Phi Hrta Karp ; Phi Kt. Slrw: S e»yh. Orrheetra. COLE. RJCVBRLY M. t harktt . N. C. "Ml- U. «( K. Cwrt" (ill: IbnwnaitaC XiHaur 6I): Gamma Alpha flil, COIJC. CHARLES K. lUykHi. Heaeh. llu.laeee AdminWI ratio . COLE. RDWARO r. Orlande. Art. A Srb area • MRIIA: Artll. Wry A..a.; 1'nui.i Club. COLEMAN. JOHN W. Punta (Mi. Arrh.t.rture, COIJCN. KOWIN D. MUni llirlir- Admin mi ratu.n: I'n.hln RlfW.; Mar. krtlng Sr. COLLIER. ERIC J. Or ala. AflMlir : PNA, Kiwi A Hrldlr. COM IIS. KKTTV J. Areadta. Phy.kal Education. CONDO. JESSE K. Plant City. Agriculture. CONI.KY. MOHERT H. WinUr lln.r . Ilu.laea. AdminWlrati-.n: Barcbaa . Scabbard A Made: Wna Traa ortatWet Aua,: Adv. Otb: Alpha Kappa P«L CONNELL. AMOS M. Oral . PVreutry; XI SRu Pi. Foreatry Club. CONNER. CARLENR C. He lie Glad . MmMIm, CONNER. DOYLE K. Starke. Acrlrtiltare: IV ... Alpha Gamma Rho (SAJI I; Pna. A . OA (Ml: PEA: Pep Club (4T-4SI: President’. Cabinet (Summer ill; V. Prc. Krcahman Claaa (47-00: Ch.. Student Vote Urtre 114-41 : PWtda Blue Key. CONNER. KENNETH C. Jaekaonville. Ed.eatWa: GW Club. CONNOR. ROIIKRT I- Tampa. A«rkult«r t Pre. . Alpha iwOa Stem. ; Ad». 0.6: Commla.leeirr, llant Village: ASAP . CONTRERAS. NORMAN A. Hal.. Key. Pueft Kk... Ka.iaeerln AI IE. C H K. JEAN NINE GnlneoilW. ArrhMerture. COOK. RANDALL K. Gnlneu.UW. Arta A SeWnrea. COOKE. JANICE M. Jacksonville. Art. A Sekncen: V. Pra. Canter, bury Club: Paah.:Wnk So .; See.. SKA 111 . Women . GWe Club COOPER. RICHARD S. Dayteaa IWarh. Art. A Sekncc.. COPELAN. ELEANOR M. C. Inc. Wile. I'harmary. CORLM. LEM INC II MHMarae. Art. A Srkaeea. CORREA. PAULINO Call. Cofembia. 8. A. Arrblteetur : Ca ratine.: AIA. COSTELLO. RICHARD P. Tam,... llu.ln. . Administration: Newman Club: Marketing Club. COTE RON. EDWIN A. UUm.-rmU. AreHtreturui Pep Club: Student Itutldee . Amu. 296COUCH. WILLIAM K. Itartca Kaila.«f.nn ASCK. COURTSKY, l.KOKl.K D. Tort Myer. IUw«k. IMh : Ur '»■ !!•» Club. COWART. LAWRENCE D. M.rUn.-. A«rtrt.H«.rr .rt II; Mock A HrtdW. M.yur, KU. COX WILLIAM E. MitwL Hu irm AdmlaUtrmlluM I Al- v.;;; .si s«w.,i nm.: aluoator .«.« UKm, SUMMER oator ««-!•;: T By »« « - OrUnt.tlo.. Ut4 r: InlnmurtU Umn; |'r tS r I lu . IMmih Tran pMUIIo A— ; Hoc. far Ad » c m».« of M.aacrmrnt; l'r«h M» ACVbt. CREW . JUI.II'It I . L-k City. AaricHorc. CROTRAU. MKNK J. HImL H».rmacy. CROWLEY. JAMES L. lUrwot.. KmImwImI AKMK. CUNNINGHAM. CAROl. l ark»r»G.r». W. V . Art. A S . CUNNINGHAM. KARL II. Mrm D. Tcna. HyU.I IM.dWa. CURRY. DONALD K. Miami. CURRY. E. RENNILKNE CkbAiaL KA atUa K»j j » U»U« l » CURTIS. DAVID H. GalamvHh Mu.inm. AdmUUlr.rt.mj I'M Kr sum.; Hrta U»m SU««; ! • » AlyAa U l. CURTIS. ROBERT li. Hullnp. AcrlrulUrv: Ac CYafc. DACY. VICTOR B. C cal Ctkh . Aartcolliir.: Jr. lECl A Oak: ASAK. MAMIN, C. ERNEST TtlUiauw. ArAbM". : C.»nrufW: Ar-aoW Air Soc.. Urm. AIA 111 I. nAMI.HKRG. DALK A.«m.UBr. Arrkultmrr: D.iry CML. DAMI'IER. WILLIAM M. J.rtKmiUW. DANIEL. RAYMOND I. ViaUr Hum. ArtkR««wrr! Mi« . Clr Ctafc; I'm. 0-14)—Mu.. Mar. OA-H . IIAMCL THOMAS W. M - r»m»ry. AU Art. A Srli.w: llw CIA; (Mon’ 0 A, DARSTKIN. HRNRV T. ». I'rt.nlmry. .......... Admln- klnllm. DAVIE . IIII.LY T. Ncptunr tlc.rk. ArckCrcturr : Adv. CM: At»A. Iwlt. Siam.; Garret CM. DAVIE . DAN R. Crum City. Il..ia . AdmlnLt iMlam i EWM Arrt br Am. ; luc Aii-La r«L DAVIES. JOHN W. Cn». City. PkarmAry. DAVIS. CHARLES C. J.rkM«..1U. It..i.r.. AdmlnUtra. Ilo.: Krai CM; Sor. DAVIS. ERNEST J. Miami. Acrkuli.r . DAVIS. JULIA II. JmIlmavIIW. Ed oral Dm. DAVIS. MARJORIK C. H. IW. JoormalLm: AI..CM;Ghn m Alyh. CAL DAVIS. SYLVIA N. DU Oly. I'fcylrrl MmlM. DR A NS. BONNIE K. Holly Hill. Edor.tkm. DEAVKK. JAMES W. Starke. Harman. dr U TORRE, MARGOT r. Sr. 1'rt.r.hurr, Art. A SrW«rc. DE LOAC H. ALLAN L. IX I'lmr. l-harmary; Mrttr A I't.llr: Da I'Waroa; A Aril A— 297DKMNCTON. W. T. ArraOU. I'tarnwr! N»rUr A P«lW. DENMARK. HAROLD A. WMir Ganbo. Aarbultor . DEB CABBY. WILAJAM T. UMmI. EnrlM rta«: Ivf-.. -Tntna|x«01ioa A» .; ASMK; ASAK. DKTWEILER. JOHN 8. Krr»1o«c Hrtahta. JwimIm: ALLIGATOR CetumnDt: I'M Ku Slrma. Si„„.» Drtta CM; Kart Tau A i»; Younr Kf ibllf i». DK VKNY. ROBERT B. »l. INt-nAurr. Ka«i «v(n ASMK. DKWMERRY. DALE 8 . PrtanAar . Art- A SrtrKmi: V. I'm.. IMi. CM •■■rial fralrraity; FwM ArtlUary Au .; Jr. IFC; FVp CM.. S». | rt» Ckafc, I K WOLE. MARY L. Craarrnt CMjr. KdoratiMI WraUy Fwjb-AalkM. DIAMOND. FRED Ml» . Ilu.lnr.. AdmlabtralM . HICK. DONALD K. Miami Spring-. Adarir.UlrultM. DICKKI.MAN. EDWIN D. Cfcba IIL Art. A Srknr«. DICKIIAUX. ALI EN R. Mia.-- Knelnc«,f.«: AIKK-IICE; AUK DIETRICH. JACK V. ». I-rt«r t jnc. IMmur. DIETZ. DAVID I . Si P.'.r.bwr . Enicla.. rir. t Tr« «,. AIKK-IKK. M r., FLORIDA ENGINEER. DIL8AVKR. CARL K. MarUn. O. Arrtrvlhjrr FFA. DIPPY. ROY II. Orla«do. Art. A S-Wr.r«i I'M K». Hirm. : Calor Hand: Kappa Kappa IMI. DONALDSON, IH»N C. IMola V«dra Roark A.t. A 8rl-■nrra : Y.m.a IVwf.I.j IRC. Jr. ICC; Markrilr.f S«.; Adr. CNA. IMMtTER, FREDERICK Oalixavllla. Arrirullor . DOW. ANNE I- EL Laudrrdal . WuralUm. DOWNS, R. D. lair ArrWlurr. DRAKE. DEAN T. Orrm-I. Fort-try. DRAKE. MARRY K. l-akrl.nd. Farmlry: Foraalry 0»b. DRISCOLL. I"AIX J. 11. I'lifw. AcrieaHure: Alpha ' ala; Ni-aatan Chjb; Th)rwu; IMtatr Tran.i-wtatlvn Ami. DRIVER. ROHERT R. Tar. ) . E inorriac. ABCK; Ih -.tea Ear. the. DUKE. OSCAR C. Gan-m.lW. It».ma AdmlaUlratton. DULANEY. JOHN D. Orlando. Kduralk DUNAWAY. FRANK K. JarhHaillb. »«Iaorrine! Arnold Air Sor.; ASMK. DUNN. MARTHA ANN Waal Calm Ibark Edaralk . DU FRF, PEGGY D. CWarLad. O. Art. A Sdnan. DUTTON. ROY F. Ml. I ,r», K.«.w,lnr: FLORIDA ENGINEER .laff; Ch . IAS HI); Breton Knr. S«. DVORAK. FRANK J. It 1-a-lrr.UW. Ea,««rin . DYER. FRANK C. Harm, Pharmiry: Mortar A Pnllr: K.ppa P»i. DYER. WILLIAM H. Orlando. Enaiierrlnr. 298DYKES. BERNARD M. Ed-ration: Lake C».My Out. KANTMOORK. EUGENE I- Jackaonrille. law s M» ll»r A».n.; HttMinl and Hladr; Soka'a Club; l « Kniu; I rra. H.ehB»an Cowell; MRIIA: FLA. KKVIKW. ECONOMOU. KATINA »U«L ArrV.ieeture: Gam Alpha CM: IMlenie Club. KDWAKUS. WILLIAM H. lard amd Blade; XI Si, Transportation A« n. Of.nifr Park. Foreatry: Seaborn PI: Faeeatry Club: Ikfenae RISEN HERO. WILB8RT X. St. I'rterabar . Kny Inertia . ELLISON. GBNK I- Lakelaad Arrk.teeturr: Student II'. A a-| Pm.) : Trw« . Katkoal Student lUylUer'a Amu. ELLSWORTH. BILL lakeland. Ilu.lnc Administrations Alpha Kappa l ai: Alpha PI Oraeca; IKC; Yoar Dewnerat.. KNG. WAH V. JarkacnvMe. Arehlterture: AIA; Oar. Sojrle. ERCI.E. CLYDE L. Lnkelaad. Ayrlrulture. EVANS. ROBERT A. Ortaad .— AdmlnUtratkm! Iteta l-« w Srrma; Beta Alitba. EVERETT. CORDON I . Galarertlb. ArrtMrcture; l.'Apaebe: Prea. PI Kappa Alpha aortal fraternity. JOHN W. Jarka-avlUr. Kaatnerrlnr ASMS; Automotlre Em. See.; FWM Artillery Aaan. ARRANT. VERNON C. Nnr 8m re. Ilea.». Ilualnr.. lltC: Prpjwllrr Club FKASTEK. JACOB L. Mbdnopy. Ed-jeatkei. EEASTER. JAMES » . Mlranapy. Ayrimlture. FEINCOLD. I-A WHENCE E. llrftyw-eod. It..u... Admin-Utration; AIJJGATOIt ataff. EEI.I.NKH. A I. K. St. Pcterabary. Du.incaa AdmlaLtratlon: Saamu Club. EKKCI‘NON. JULIA T. Caitea.llle. Eduction: Ha. I'Uyera Arprra. Ore. I'rirram Ch.. Rtd Cnaa. PRRNANDE7, FRANK W. Tamia. Art. Sriearea: La Pba. roe. I KT KR. A It LINE C. Tamja. War alien. FINCH. BERT F. 8t. PtWraburC. llualnra. Admiairtralbn. FINK. HENRY W. St. r.lmbn;, Kduratfen: Art Editor. SEMINOLE OS). FISHIIACK. ELOISE Orlando. Education: Glee Club: Ca.allera. JACQUELYN Shenantnh. Arrhlere- lure. FISHER. BETTIE J. Gelntavllle. Art. A Sr team. FISHER. JAM ICC K. St. Auauetlne. Kduratim: SoUn'a Orb. PrcpelWr Oab: lUdk. Guild; Orbntatlea FITZCI WALD, JAMES K. Ml.mL Art. A Selene.. FITZGERALD. THOMAS M. Jvi-.nvllle. Art. A Xelener. FLEET. MARILYN M. Jark .:Je. Kdoeatlon. FLEMING. BILL A. Miami. Art A Sekeeea: Ere. O-SSI; Mta T « I Vita aortal fraternity; FkeUa Blue Key; SralAard A llUde; Student Direr tor. latramurala b .12i; Prta.. Jr. Clnaa; Soe.-Treaa.. Soph. Claaa; Phi Eta Srma. FLOWERS. DONALD 8. BrndeaWee Eh.raary: PM Eta Slama; Rho CU; Kappa Kappa Pal; Mortar A Pratle. FOLEY, DAVID W. WeMo. Kdeeatka. 299FOOK. WILLIAM N. Jacknn.lOe. Itu.faMna AdmlnUtratkm: h. Per . Alpha I'M Omtc IImI buif CHb; RaAIu Club; Jarkacmillb CM; HUM llta. FOOTE. MANY L. (UMnflk Arta A Trianon: Eieruthr Council: Ser. at Women'a Affaire. rwriMfi Cabinet; WSA; Orleata-lion Lender; ALLIGATOR »1aff. FOSTER. MKI.KN' K. Gal e.,llW. Art. A Le D'Unlon; CMlnkoiy Oeb; Florida Aryernllc I'laym; INC: »'««••» CM. FOSTER. JAMES H Jark-onelllr. Art. A Mwn: Hand OrrrU-.der r 1143); Athletic Council; Pep Club; Men . Cla Club: Jark.on tn Club. FO.VTEN. JAMES C. Drab. Arebitcrtwie: ftwAmt llulMer'. A.-- . Field Ar. (tilery Awn.; Hluc Key SpeVen Huron . FOSTER. KAY I . ft. Petrobunr. AerruHure: NmN EntounWiral ■tor. FOWLER. HARMON K. Ca ne .U)e. Eduratbn. FOX. HONAI.ll II. Jackaenvllle lb rb. Ilimlnane Adminb. ■ ration | Cavalier ; Inueraarc 8 r.. Alpha Kappa I’ !. FRANt'ESTON. ERNEST L. Muni. Knrlncer.r.r FRANCIS. JOHN P. Co H ..Ioann Admin nlmtfan Beta Alph. N. FR ANKK. MILTON K. Miami. Kacineerinc: Siena Tau. ASM)'.; Arn.44 Air 8ur. FRANKLIN. JAMES D. Orland.. Acrlrultural IWlln« Ririm. Alpha I’M Omeca; ASAE. ► RAsEK. GEORGE C. Jarkaun. ille. Art. A Srircreo. FRICKE. COLETTE C. ft. I'e'er.barr. Art. A Srbnr. : St. P.teClub; Nr man Club: Sjam.h Club. I'KIKDL ANDKN. V.DWIN M. lab Wabo. Arrlculturr: Scab, bard A HIM ; Field Artillery Awn. FRIEDMAN. ROHERT J. MtuaL Phy.Wl Kdurotkn: Color Rand; Florida fUjm. IKIEDMAN, RONALD D. Tampa. Hu.lnr.. Adn M.tratba: Preo. White Friar . M t ., H.wball tlh ; A ecr. Lyceum Council; Ffeelda L'nU-n Serial fid.; Arnold Air Her. H I MER. Jl'DSON T. Orland,. Form try. FI'RHER. EDWARD S. St. Fitmbrf. Art. A SrIrnroa. FITTCH. ALFRED K. JarkaunrUW. Arrlrulturr: Prro. ASAE ibl-AJ); Soil. Club; Ac Council IIAIHKN. ALICE F. Punlr V.dro Reach. Art. A Kclmm: IVrUa Player . Cammo Alpha CM. CALI O, HENRY D. Tonya. Pbarmary: M eter A Peotb; Scabbard A llbde. GAI.LO. THEODORE JarkecneLlb. Acricultures MkekAlIrMW; Infantry A on. GARCIA. LEOPOLD Cur v Vrtrrurla. . A. beinerrlwi I GARDNER. DtiRoTHY M. Tampa. Art. A Selene . GATES. JACK W. Frereat Clly. Ark. Architect .re I Si .lent Ratlder ’ Ana. CAT . GLADYS L. 4blaoo tUe. Educetfcm. CAY. ROREKT H. Jerkaonrllb. Architecture: Preo.. Nat. Student Hi liter ' A am. CAY. VERTON K. Oral, limine . Admi- .Hntbn. GERBER. MARVIN Miami Ibneh Mmtlo . GEORGE. DONALD A. Mi.rrbton, Agriculture: Ac Club; t il Club. GEORGE. JAMES L. Si Aucu.tlnr. Errantry: For retry 300• u wfiiK M ••HAINES. LKROY l». JatVaaavIHe. Knplneerlr. : ff". ASCK; IVntan Kmt. •Sr -.: Slr« a Tau. HAINES. LEROY W. hkib. Korea tr)r. HA I.EY. JOHN C. Otm, (MweaUon: Ckalk A K»— -» : I'»P Cluh. ■ALL, ASHLEY IImIIt ,. Agriculture. HA I I- CHARLES W. T»»pa. AdmlaUtration. HALL, CONNIE I- St. peterabunf. Art Science : KlorMe PUjrwa; Radio Guild; Mt ) rn |I»M» Club. HALL, LESTSE l llaatln . Bualaeaa AaialAblratia . IIAI.PKMN. AKDKSK Jackaoavllt.e. A . A .. S«., Radio Guild: Alpha K»aU n Mko; KWHa Player.; HAMPTON. PRISCILLA W. St. Pctcralor . Art A SfUa«a: Prm_ Wrelay )...rdatk« 1U1; llua. Mrr- W«u«'a Glee- C» b; Per . lliAat HcSi k ia (II). HANCOCK. CARL K. Sebrinc. IIAKK. HENRY P. Mkaaory. A rUwRura. HARPER. KLUtWOKTN C. Sanford. Itaaiac- Adralnla-tratka. HARPSTRR. PRK1 M. I Not—. Ileaeh. Knifeurriac: ASCK. HARRKLU DOUGLAS JarkaontUlr. Aria A Selene , HARRELL. RALPH K. Winter OarAcn. ArU A Seleneea: Eat. Dlrnrt- HSU. HARRIS. CAROL H. SI. Pcterator . KAaratka: Kappa Della PI: Loa Plearea. HARRIS. MAM I.. Port La.-i-r.Uk, Agriculture: II«m» C..urt llll: Alpha Zrla; RVwh A ItrMtc. HARRIS. WILLIAM L. Uthla. Phamary: Prr... M-.rtar A IValk. HART. EDMOND I- Jemry City. N. i. Aria A Sele-e.-ai TV.-Ma Player : Sc Mk«y CluK IIAHTWIC. KI.DEMT C. Jaekwnvllle. Aria A SckMca. HARVEY. I-LSI. IE H. Hanford. Kniclnerrin : InalMuU f Aerenaulkal Set- HATCHER. MARION P. Tampa Bualncaa Adreialalralka. HATTON. J. RAY Pakoke . Agriculture. HAWKINS. JOHN K. lake Worth. Architecture. HAYWARD. CHORGK A. City. Alta A Sckweeai Kal- G M. HRACOCR. PORD W.. JR. HeArias. Baafaaa,. AdmlaUtratU.a. HEAMF. ARTHUR r. Clearwater, llutlnraa Adaaial.lralke.. IIKENAN. UOIIEKT II. Kenalacteei. ML llualnea. AdaU. iatrallan.HKMlF.KXON. BETTY G. Si. paonburv. Uixuk . HIXDIUON. MARGARET A. Arlla«Ue. Yt. Art A (ilittai VESA; It 11 Coaaail. HKNDRYX. MARILYN J. Nartuna Arrhltartarai Cava- Win; Vkr Pm., finnr Hall. HERNDON. SIDNEY D. Tampa. IIAteKM,.!k . Varilt? PwXball M.rkaUn, Soc. HERRING. A HIM ITT M. Muni. Art. A Sr-r. ! P»„.. Wbita Imr. lit. Mil Prmkkofa Cabins; Sac, I ( Affair. .iMl.; .s.prr»»or «f P c ■Hr. latnunurmk «S1-M|: Kurutlir Cuunril i. Nnr, pi Mu; Srr . Var. •Mjr Party OI; Miami Club; You«« Ibamarata. HEKKINGTON. THOMAS Ft. LamiacdaW. Caul . Air Ton KOTC; lawnvr So . MimIimu AdminUlratloa: IlintS, PIERCE M. iHtmirillr. Archillrlur ; Slutrrit ItulM-vr'a Am, MILL. DKI.I.A J. Mcmpbk. Tea- llmncm Admiakt rattan. HILTON. MERILI A. Kay Wa t. Art. A KrWaat Fkabla Pin,era; Radi, (MM. HINKLKT. ANNA M. Miami. Education. HINSON, MAURICE GaiMa.Uk. Art. A Srkntaa. IIIRNRMK. GERALD l Market. Ohio. llu.i,-,. Admta-ktratkm. HITCHCOCK. I-OI-O J. Atarhua. UJ.c.ik- : R»W Mall Council (II). HOCK. JOHN W. Winter Park. En t r(a «| A SC IX HOFFMAN. ALONZO L. Lakeland. Kogla.irtnct 81cm. T.u: ASME; Arnold Air 8oe. HOLDEN. MARY K. PalnUa. Kducatkn. HOLOERMAN. CHARLES C. MUml. Kttriiwertec j AIKK.IRE; |U«k,. 8oe. HOLEVA. FRANK H. Orlando. ttuaiaaa. Arfmlnktrntion. HOLLAND, ROKERT D. JarkaanWIk. »Veen try. HOLLINS. RICHARD U J.ckmMivilk. Bmium A-imlni-trallm ! Tan Kpallve PM; I. V. Prra., Alpha Phi Omar ; FKI E'a Stem : I-lmmuinl Hi. iwlnnrlllr Clab; Beta Gamma Strata. HOLLOWAY. KNMETT R. 4Ml.aa.llk. Iluiln.aa Admin Ut rat ka| Itml Katale dob. HOLMAN. HERBERT H. Cedar Kay. Education. HOLMRKRG. ALBERT P. 81. Aurmtine. Edwatkm. HOOKER. JOE R. GallM.villa. PWnaacy. IIOKNBt'CKLE. JOHN W. Clearwater. AerkuHure; Clearwater Oab; Thyr. H4IRNK, THOMAS It. Crratvkm. Aerkuhur . HORTON. JOSEPH P, JR. Ft Mprt Journal.. t PM :t Skma; V. Prtm. S.emn Iklla CM I Fkrfcln War Kay; Ed, AL- I.IGATOK; II.II «f Fame. IIOSTKTTER. FI-OYII L. Jack—nv ilk IWaeh. Eaclncertnc. IIOWEI.I.. ALBERT M. Wei Palm Beuefc. AerveuBurr: Sentinel. IIA; Ac Club; (balk A Kravar; Alpha Acta. Alpha Tan Alpha; Ciankakinrr, lltiK II. HOYT. RROOKX P. W uM.tVa. | . C. Arta A Sekneuai Pr .law Oab. HI RER. AUGUST C. Dalray lUwch. Pharmacy: Mortar A Paatk; Keumaa Club. HI'I WON. LARRY W. Miami. Knclnnretnci ASME. 303Ml IT. WARMKS P. Marlow. Ka . mrrln«: SJrma Tmu; fit .. AUK (Mil V. I'm.. phi U lta TVela ..rial fraternity • ►; Scabbard A Iliad . Ad.aae Of fkwr’a Club; M nU.« Kn«. ! .; Orkwtatfco l« r. » t U Artillery A» ». I IKC: I Ullnirui W4 Military Wufcol. Ill 1.1.IH AN. WILLIAM r. Rll»». h-wa. Pby.kwl KAaralbm: Slmkat CooneiWe 119. Ill; « 4f Team (Ml. IH'NDLKV. JAMKS G. Muni Ikarh. Arehllevlute i flunk; AIA. lll’NKRW AttKL. l TTO K. CatactlM. KtlimliRl AtChK; ACh.Ve. INKIN'. KLAINK R. Art. A Jkkam: Pm, TrUrwa »lt; Cm. IMta Gamma «UI unrtll UA-SJi. IM. 4 N«ud n« PottiraOua. all; Lit. Editor. SKMIKOLR (Sit; A«ar. Editor. ALLIGATOR (0-441 ; ORANGE PKKI («‘-OI: Ike- Miami CM. ; Kmk Chairman. Paahrllmk 04-111. JOHNSON. ROBERT P. Wnl Palm ll.a h. eneeal Pm.. Alpha Ks-iV.n IMla liMJI; I Mia RW» Oil. I. C. t KIT. AuburodaU tlu.lnm A-lmlaUwalfc.n; Kmu It; cirri. Il' r Coart |il-U|; Phi Kla Skru; OrWal.llm JONH. CHARLES L. Ilrarkmlox. KuRnlm. Vat.lly CM. JONES. K. » RANKLIN'. Jael-mvllk. Phy.kal Kduratkm: Jark aonvtlle Club: I’mhman Harntmtli Olympian Club. JONES. HARRIET T. OrUa.|.. JONES. MARKIN q. Port Myer». Ait A Jkkwee . JONES. L. MI’RIRL Jarkaonrllle. Phy-aaral ................. W8A; OlympUa Club; Qu.ea’a Court ( 4 . JOYCE. MARY ELLA 1 Auraatlnr A.lmluktralkm Alpha ImU. IMla; WSA ; Adv. Club. Krai Hub; I ar.M| A ward 4 Slum a Kappa social aorreity. jrhTI.NS, WILL A. Jacksonville. Art. A Kekocce. KAHN, MKLVIN A. Miami. Art. A Nr Ira cm: IWalr Team; U. -r C..-M 0 1; Ca.alkra. KAI.KR. LEONARD M. Miami Pharsaaryi Natl- al Pi. . CavalWra; Drum Major. Gator Hand; Vk Pm.. Alpha E pattern Pi a-elal fraternity. KKI.LAM. HILL W. WimaunA. Archlterlure. KING. GEORGE W. Pr... fell. at..aI IRC; Kilter T.arhrr . Cbtb, 304KINSKY. RAi ril A- Lak. TUrld. Wr IM .ll-: OI -plan Club; VU Artllkry AM.I KMae CW . KIRKLAND, MARTIN C. ArU A Seler .-.: Kjiwll » C.r-txll; O, )it tliKn Serial ltd.: Pt ». Uk Cowtt Club; Auocl»l» IdMu cSiae.l member. Mtrx't CWcCfeb: SEMIMtLE .taff .«»•«); Tr.'i .IL'akA; P«t Club; Y«a« IWf U; Choral UbIuh. • ■ »t ff (6A-JI». SI. A«l»ill»». Ka ir-earlae: Ki t:IN'. MARILYN J. Mmi.iI. Art. A Srki.o • KIRKPATRICK. JEFFERSON A8CE. K S'Allll. MARY A. Edurntbm, KNIGHT. CHARLES E. Starke. AsrfcwUnre: A Club. KNIGIIT. CHARLEY L Tump . Ibwtac- : Real K»tato CM. KNIGHT. DaWITT Palm Ikaek. An. A KNIGHT. JOSEPH M. Indian Rock.. Aarieulturr. KNIGHT. LOYD A. Sanford. Knrlneeria : ANAL. KNIGHT. MARILYN JmAmmi.HW. WmlMi W. Rcerratkaal A« ». KNOWLES, JAMES II. Jack-cnell! . Aneiclture. KOI.till. EDWARD K. Ill lr»b. Art. A Sclenec: llil Eta Siam . KOPBLOWITZ. MARILYN Galr.mrlllf. Art. A rhneea: Illltel IVi"-datk : WSA: Woeneti . Reereatkeral A..o.: I— Tirana; Alpha Lambda Delta ; I’anhellenie: Siam. Taa I Vila. KOWKABANY. HKD Art. A Sekaeea: Phi ft Slama : Nr»m.. Orb. KI’I'GRR. ALTA M. St. Prtrrtbura. Pkarma«-» : Kappa Sprite . Ki l l M AX. KENNETH D. I.L Worth. Re AdmlnVtratloei: a H.a4; Kappa Kappa hi KllTKOW. JAMES K. lakeland. KaatwMflna: A SHE. LAKE. EUGENE K. KMmmtr. Porralry. LAKES. RICHARD Ja ko art! . A-?....wait n • F“ Club: Lyrrum ChmIL I.AMR. ELLIS l_ Ik? n too Heath. Aiirte-aJturc: Th r...; KleM Artillery Ann. LANCE. L STANTON WrUUr. Art. A Seleoee.; IV«., lUld Hall. LANDRCM. R. IDELL Starke Art. A Set-neea: W «mo'» GW- CTab. LANGSTON, REDHIN K. D-radm. Ilu.ine . A.lmlnlalr -tkri. L.I'RAItll. CHARLES w. St. Aurortlae. Phy ral Edurattoo: K—t. ball (Cap tat . U) s Club. LATOl'R. ARTHUR Mraml Heath. Arehlleetuee. LAWRENCE. JOYCE V. Galrwavlllr. KAacatkoi V. Pm.. Delta liiama kcI I •oeoeit) ; Cheerleader; Eieeuti.e Council Uummer. »l); Trianon. LKACII. SAMUEL R. It. Pierre. : Mortar A Fc.Ua; K.jv P.I. LEE. ROIIERT K. Tampa. Pharmacy: Lyceum Ctmnell. I.EEK. MILDRED K. Jack urn .III . Elmlhai Jarkaoaelll Club. LEMON. RICHARD H. Miami Reach. Itu.tnr« Adentehlratfen. LENT. SALLY C. M. Petrehunr. Art. A Pm. DeMa Gamma avci.l w.n.rlty; Kv.h CL, Panhcitrnk. 305LEON. ARTHUR S. Aft. FW B» C.» Vtnllr Cnm C«»lry; AChSx. LEONARD. DORA Q. Milton. ArrhHeatur ! tMM Tau Alpha mrial fnUraHr I'mMMi LIWH, ELIZABETH OrUado Kdn .Ik . LEWIS. GRANVILLE K. Aprpha. Art hlta«t«r»: Hi ' • Court G«nr«yl : AIA: M-b t I. L WITT. HERBERT n. Tlw««. ilk. 0 . Itunua: RH Mo»Ur A Mk UD0OX, MORRIS E. Offtaado. Enmtry: K.mtry Cfcb; IRC. MINI.. GEORGE V. CUanamlar. Arrkult-ra! ASAK. LONG. HAROLD W. 8«hr.»y. AirMturr: Va..ity IU... Wll 4 Atl-SKC Jfd Baaamaa. S »; M Club. LOWMAN. CLARENCE l !Waf«d. DrL Ed oral km. LUTHER. JERALD C. Sabrina. Education: Gator B « L LYTKOW8KI. ANDREW J. Sayr »ille. N. J. I'b.rn.uTr: Mortar A IVrtl ; Neuman Club; IU.Ho C1 A: Pba'.arBl.Vy Citb. MrALUSTBR. CHAR LB N. MrdV-ma. Ilualaaaa Adm.r- btnllMl Count cub. MfCANN. TORRENT M. Tampa. Arta A Nflmfo. MfCAKTHV. RAYMOND A. Jarkuwivllle. Ili.inma AAml. .tr»t o: I Vila Siam PI; WAR Prtara. MiCORMICK. Al l.PS K. Coral Cablaa. Ilualaaaa Admin l.lratkm: Club; I’rw.. Alpha Kappa Pal |M»: Tau Kappa Alpha. MrEACHEKX. ROSEMARY Jnrkon.lli . Ed«Kat op: Kappa Dalta PI: Cboral Union. MrGIIIX. CLYDE W. Jaapor. PkarnaO': Kappa l »l. McCINLEY. CAROLYN C. INaylona lUaeh. Kd " ttnni Kappa Dftta Pi. M(ClSTY. SHELIA M. St PUmlarf. Haalarun Adminl.traO-n. McCREGORY. WALLACE M. Da Land. Art. A Waw. MtOVmN. RORKRT V. Jnckaonvlll . Art. A Seiaoana. MarKINNON, MII.I.ARD M. Hallandale. Art. A Srieneen. MaLAIN. JAMES A. Pt. Lauderdale Art. A IWrftfn I’M Eta St —a. lluUkall Mrf.; See.. “I" Club; Athletic Council; Sport-Sr Kv.nt. roarauluu' Mar. Mal.KOD. HAROLD E. Arrat.. AarieuRurr: I’rra.. Work A Bridle: V. Pm. Alpha Gamma Rke oriel fra. tamity (II); At Club; Alpha Z« «; UmMk Judainr Mr I.ROD. ROIIKRT W. Jarkaoneille. Enalneeria : AIEK-IRK. Mr MILL AN. EILLMORE A. Malone. Airfculturpi llkrk A Bridle; Saab, bard A Blade. MeNKEI.Y. ARTHUR M. GalaoeetOe. lloel»«aa AdmlnUtrattm i ItSA. I ». MA. IPSA. Mr NISH. LLOYD II. Elverrleur. Enalneeriar. MACE. MARICH C. PenveeuM. Eoeealryi Eomtry Club. MALCOLM. OSCAR O. Miami. Buetaean AdmlnUtratioa | ChfUtUn Ntirtrr Orraaiiation. MAXES. HARRY R. Plaat CMy. Aarkultnr . MANSOLO. RAGIN' E. Orteadn. Ayrtrultur : llloek A llri.Ho: U»e t«xk Judalny Tram. 306MARSHALL WILLIAM C. Ridley Park. P . Pfcyaie ] E4mH «! “T" Club; 0) «[ Un Club. MARTIN. CHARLES E. MrU-a-rfo. EMiMtflW. MARTIN. JEFTERSON S. .o lU . Arahllactara. MARTIN. JOHN D. FI. Myara. Arricultur . MARTIN. MARION G. Albany. Ga. Edaratloai CavalWra; Pf a, Ia.tu.1rUI Art g«. MARTIN. ROHKRT W. H-Sty Hill. F-a ln la . MARTIN-YECt'F, CHARLKH A. KbaL Kn lnc rtn«: Edrtoc. HIGH TENSION: AIKK. MARTINEZ. CELESTINO A. Tuna . Cuba. Eac wrte l Loa Piearo . MARTINEZ, DANIEL A. Tat ; . Knrlixvrtoc: Pfaa, PI Kappa 111 acetal fraternity; Kmuthr Council (U-iJi : Ser.-Trcna, Hralta Knr. See.: See.-Trrc . Scabbard A llUdc; V. Praa.. AICbK; Sac, MOttary Hall Coat. M). MARTINEZ, DANIEL P. Tampa. Baairaaa Adminktratton: Lea PL (area: Sicma I Vi (a PI; 1'ropallcr CHb; Cavalier . MARTINSS OLIVER H. Cleoktoa. Ilualncaa AdmlniatraUoti: Cava) Ire . MARTINEZ. RICAU E. Maura bo. Puerto Rlr . Enylncer. la . MASHBCRN. RORKRT U Miami. Architecture. MATHEWS. BRICK K. Start . Eaitaeerin . MATHEWS, THOMAS C. WlllLtoa. Arrtrultarwi ASAE. MATTALINE. ROBERT C. MlamL Kn ta rtn | Autm motl.e Ea . See.; Student Couaaelac; ASMK: ll.- t o » . . Sec. MATTHEWS. JOHN S. Tampa. Rnirma AdolrUtraUco: Ca.alU-ra; Yeatnr Hforrat . MATTHEW'S. RltTIARD F. C«ea Arrirelture: Praa, Alpha Kata; Thy mat; D f n e Tranapcotatian A n.: V. Praa. At Council; |t, . Mar.. PLA. COLLEGE FARMER: Scabbard A Iliad : l -1i uUh«l Military Student Award. MATTHIS. HURRY IL Old TV n. Art. A SeWaeea. MAUTONE. FERDINAND C Ckim«s III. Art. A SrWf . ME IIA HEY. WILLIAM L Galnaeville. KducalWn. •• '1 ' r 1 1 ' ■ Arrirall ! : V. Praa.. SemlnrA Goaty MELOHN. UK HARD P. Miami. It... m Admlnktralk-.. 1 Pba kappa Pai: pncrilcr Club: Miami Club. AL M ELROY. PAH I. K. lagrri. Arta A Xckara : Symph. Orrhvalra; Gamma lama EpakVxv MERKEL, JCLE F. lokrlaad. Kaaiaaaa A.ImlaMralWn: Marketin' Sc . I. A pacha; RifJ Taaaa: Man'a GW Club. MEYERIIOFF. ERIC Jacksonville. Arrk.avlurri Kimrth Connell; b Praa. CarynyW; AIA. MICHAELS. BIRTON _. ____________ ...» _ Council; V. Praa.. phi Eta Sirin ; Praa, PI Mu. CV. I.) roil M. Miami. Arta A irk«c i: -■ • ■ • «i Eta Sirica; Praa, PI Mu TB Drira: law Ptcarua; IFC; Trmt. Gator Part., MICHAELS. PATRICIA A. Orlando. Arta A Selene . MIER. FERNANDO Saltillo, Mruo , Enrlneerix : ACkik . MIKELIS. PETER St. Fetrrabur . Arta A Xrlrara . “!y0VBANS,B • »W a IW h. ArtUMMMI Trlanea O., ll.jmrco.Uc Parade: IVbat ft,,ad; Mlu Kay Si-akera IP, rmal IVa a lAat; V. Pi .. Debate Sor, F-IIOOK ataff: Ta » ■ ’VI?- t "‘p W’ ' Htn ' Xflwwr Sefcbol Hew Ctaart: Chalk A Eraarr. B07 MILIAN. CHARLES H. Tampa. Mmilm.MILLER. EVALYN Wml Palm Baach. EdoaalMt; bpfik D»lU I L MILLER. IRWIN Newark, N. J. Arrh;-.r tur». MILLS. JOHN M. GaliMwvtll . Eawtaaarla : A IKK: AIIK; Alpha Own; OrtratatkMi l« r « -» (: II . Unko ataff MIMS. JOSEPH K. Ft. l .Ja-rdak. Acrlaultar I IVrWIa Blue Kay; Edit or • I n -ChW. SEMINOLE ■ ; . M-r EdMcar. .1KNINUU (411 ; Hall of Fare ; I’M Cimmi Dalta Kraah-•un AahWvaaaaat Cup. MINNICH. l„ IVnmaota. Admiaktraliaa: I hi Kla K.cma; li.aa Alpha pal; H ta Gamma Slrma. MIRK. 1.EROY J. Milanakr . W... l'harmaay. MITCHELL, ALTON C. MUrnl. Enrlrxaalaic KI.OKIHA ENGL NKKK aUff. In.t.t.ita i»f Aarxaautlaal Salman. MITCIIKLI.. GWENDOLYN R. Waal l alaa lUaak. Art. A Mnm. MITCHELL. JOB H. Tampa. Knclnorrtac. MI7.KI.L. JAMES T. AkMU. Kdwratkm. MOAK. JAMES K. Kornt. Mka. Foacatry: XI Mra-t H; Sw.-Trmaa.. l Tolrj CluV. MOKD. SHELDON I. Brooklyn. N. Y. l'harmaay. MOHMR. FRANCIS W. Orlando. Knrlnaaait : llmtoa. Km. So .; ASCK. MONKYPKNNT. CHARLES II. I a)lcm Manah. llu. Inn.». MONTGOMERY. RICHARD J. Wilrainytor., M«... Ilu.inraa Administration • Raal Katat CM; thaoraaeo Soa. MOORE. CLARA L. CalnraWllr. Kduaatfeo. MOORE. RAYMOND J. AlWnlo»n. 1’h.m.aay: M.atar A IV.?I ; Crana Hall. MOORE, STUART P. Sr. PatanWiry. Form Ur: Korr.try Club MOOTi, TOM R. Winter Hatr . Hutltim Admmutmtv.n. MORRILL. NINA J. KllUrarr. Eduaalfcjn; Srolaal Coui all. Raid Hall. MORRIS. ALTON C. Gaina»UM. EnsifrorrlM: Vanity Traak MORRIS. KOMEKT D. Jnaktunvillr. Arrhitncturr: ArwM Air Sw.; Student Builder. A«n. MORItl vA. ROIIKRT II. Cranford, N. J. Bu.It,... Ada.l«.l.traOca : 8oe. for Ad.anaarwnt or Manacamml; M.rkrlW Soa. MORSE. EDWARD M. Flnatla. Acrkullurr: As Oak; MORTON. ALICE I, Tam;-. KAiaalfcai: Nawman C!»k: T.wpa Oak. MOSKLY. BERNARD R. Jaakvtttvlll . Arta A Rlnun: Ivtalr gw. MORES. KltMOND II. Orlande IKinaaqr: Mortar A Pcatle; BSU; Q.S. Raff; Student Counselor. MOSES. MORRIS S. Tampa. Manuty. Ml MFORD. ANDRE R. Kry WaaL Arahltealur : Fro. IVIt Chi M ial fra. Arr ld Air So .; Htcieot HcitAar'a A,.-,. MURPHY. DONALD J. J ak««vllk. Arrhltwture. MURPHY. ERKD Y. SanmSa. Art. A Sata r. CnUe Hard ; Vanity Traak (IT-48). IURPHY. GERALD l»ne Bmnah. N. J. Pharmacy: Cbl; Mortar A Peat I . 308MYERS. JOSEPH A. Waal Mm IWa«h. AwrWultnr . MYKKM. MAI Pll K, IVlrar IWarh. Awhltwltwi Build ' Amu.; IWoik Traaaportaltoa Ann. NANKsjt. (HAKU3 H. MUnl IWwth. n«mwr: A HUA». M»Mir A P tW; IMta rvi Alpha: Phi M« H»«WI K undatk.o ; lxM h O. So . NARK I. FRANK W. Indian Rlarr Oly. Phanaao. NKr.UI.KMAS. WII.RKRT Miami. Hi»riMfy: Murtar A l r»«W. NELSON. JANKT F. JachaonakU . Education. NELSON. JOHN R. IbW. Idaho. Ar hll tur : lhf» N«tkm»l .Stiatoat BulW r'a Aaao. NEWNIIAM. JOE A. JarEmUivlll.'. KacInrarlaRI AIKK; FLORIDA ENGINEER at ff. NEWSOM. MAI.IOM G. G ln rlli . Kn ln la«: ASMK. NEWTON. AI.MKRT T. H aa at ad. A rt uHur : Thyrm : »IU Nil HOLS. B. CLARKE SarmaoU. Art A Nrkai r.; FVurld Blu K T. NICKEL, LEON W. JarhaonailW-. H—ktwa AdahirinliHi, NICKKRHON. CLEN San DWwo. Calif. Kn ln»«r»nc: Hlama Ta»; InalHuU ad Aarvaautkal Srkfir . NOLAN. JAMES ». Li Oak. KaytmraHn . NORDMANN. GEORGE O. Itolnnd. A rkut ur»: N«wman 1.1 • NORTIIROr. JAMES C. Gnla «IUo. Arrkult.r : Mr .' GW Oah; FT A; Alpha Tan Alpha. NUNN. ROIIKRT LEE Corinth. M.m. Kn«ino rln : Hr.. Y..ilV Oah; ASAK: Intramural Bd. ad Dlrwtcca. O’DAY'. EDWARD P. Miami. Arta A SaWnrc; Phi IU«a Kappa; Cr 4-uat with Hone ; biVrll Oah. OKSTRIt HER. PHILIP F. Orlando. KagWcfIn : A— . Kd, FLORIDA ENGINEER: InaMtut of Arronautkal S kn m; Surma Taa; Aitmotlia Enir. . • O'NEAL, SOLON F. Ilu.lnraa Admlalatrathm. O'QUINN. MARY K. Ft. Ptorv . Kdyratkai Choral I'aUaj ALLIGATOR ataff: CaaaWtto . OEM. JOHN V. ilk. Pharmacy: Mortar A PratW: Nowmaa Oah. OKSORIO. KARL K. Lake City. Kortnoraln : V. Frra, AIIK: HmUfl Kn . So .: Arr.« J Air So . OWENS. NANCY ANN Orlando. Arthllortur j Gamma Alpha Chi: Adr. Club; SEMINOLE .Uff (ill: Ghnmrta. UW'NBEY, LILLIAN J. Sr. PH.rU.ur . Kduratkon. OYER. CHARLOTTE A. IWyntoa Hcnch. Edurallo .: Ka»t«a IMin PI: Chalk A Kraacr. O AKI. JOHN Kay tkaLu. AirlNltmi Hoavr Coart ( I43)3 Infantry Aaan. TACK. JACK W. BradrnUn. Pharmacy: Kappa Pal: Mortar A Frail . PAI.KO. BERNARD K. CataraaiQ . lUmlaraa AdmlnUtratlon! D lta PI. PANKLLAS. JUAN SantUco d CoU. Cuba. Knrlncrrin . PAREDES. JOSK C. Panama. Acrfealturr. PAREKO. EDWARD L. Ja k m r.V. llualaana AdmlnUtra-tlaa; Infantry Aaan.; Marfcrtinc So .PARKER. BETTYE H. Milled. Art. srlmcra: U. Ficarw: Pep CM; OrWt.-tatlua Leader lld-il); FcaciaC Club; Frovallec Club. PARKER. WILLIAM D. D.-ixlk . W«lk. PARKE . JEROME If. MUnl llxuh. Phykal Kducatfeci: Intra. mural 114. H): OrWfiUtUa ( AKM KK. JACKSON Key Wat, Art. A Keleacaa: "K“ Club; 8KC Hoe. at the SpAed Shoe; Vanity Track; While Friar ; Ad.. Club; Alps Ft-1 Ion Kho FARTIN'. CI.KNN K. Mural. Ilu.iaeaa ! Uader Sec . Mr 'a Af-fair FARTIN'. JAMES I . Boynton II mK. 1'hyaical KduralUa: Olympia CM. PARTRIDGE. ADA L. Jackaon.Ulc. Education: Kappa Delta Ft FAS NIK. STANLEY L. Iktfuta. N. J. Arrkultur . FATRINELT. EVAN C. Jackm-rullS . Acrkulture: CiniUm. PAYSON. J OS K I'll C. Cmrent CKy. Ka taerrlnS: AS ML; Archery Club. PEACOCK. H. ANTHONY QaHmasu Ga. Arricullarat Chib; Alps Zata; -H Oab. FKACOCK. MARGARET J. Bradenton. Art. A SeUmena: WSA; Phi Alpha Th«t . PBKK. MOTT I. Jaekaonvllte. Phy.kal KOacatfcai T’ Club; Vanity Foot-ball; Vanity Track. PEEK. EUGENE 8. Chaffer. Mo. Ilialae-. AdmlnUtrathin S-e. fur Advancement rf Management. PR LUCRE. DONALD F. 8L AswuaUa . Adulnl.tratl.- FEN NISI. ALFRED E. Calnnvlllc. Bualnraa AdmlnWtra. lion. PERRIER. JOSEPH M. PAHmi. See. Architects«. FERRY. TOM C. Agriculture: Pro. Dairy Club; FLA. COLLEGE FARM Kit staff: Ar. Club; Alpha Zcta; llkwk A llrklle. PETERS. JULIUS Waochali Agriculture: Nnaan CIA. PHILIPS. EDWIN I . OrtanAh Art. A Science : Florida Flaym; Radio Guild. PHILLIPS. DONALD L- Ft. Lauderdale. Engineering: - - Club; ASVK; S -ma Tau . Vanity TrnnU. PHILLIPS. FRANK F. I k eland. Pharmacy: Kaypa F»l; pledge Train-cr. I .a n VI a Chi Alpha wrUI fraternity. FIIILLIPS. MARION W. Miami. F-xntry. PHILLIPS. PAUL C. JackaonvfllcL I - FIIILLIPS. WILLIAM J. Bowling Crtrn. Education: AIEE-1KK. PRILPOT. LAMAK M. Calnevvillr. JotmialUm: Alpha Delta Sigma: Adv. Club. PHILPOT, LAURIK K. Sara tola. PICKENS. ROBERT W. Wl City. 1'u.Jne . Admii.L. tratfcn: Young Democrats; FtrM Artillery Ann.; Put- aam County Cbab. PICKETT. VINCENT E. Bartow. Engineering: .Nigrr-a Tan; ASCF PIERCE. FRANCIS K. winter Kara , llualnoM Adr -r-l.tratk.. ALLIGATOR »taff; Free.. Scabbard A Hilda ; Chert leader . SEMI- NOLE ataff. PIERCY. JOHN K. Abron. 0. Architecture: Florida Player : Ganroyla; Sac, AIA. PIT .KE. GEORGE F. Jacksonville. Art. A Sciatica . 310PODNOS. BURTON Miami. Pharmary; Mortar A WW; HUM K«u ndalkm. POHU PAULK. MImL AartcuUurr: Prm.. Z »; U. Co).. Arr.rld Air Src. ...r . I M «a MM. W toe. PLA. COLLEGE KARMKR (Jl-WK "•- A . C « l POI-ANHKY. IRVING Newark. N. J. Pharmary. POLHILL. PRANK L. H«»d. Arfirultur : HI«V A : A . CHb. 1 0NO. KDWAKI) K. Krt-lyrw) . aoeial fraternity; Marketing S«. Baalama AdmlnUtratfc n: Prra.. Sir CM ; Pm.. IUAr Club; So . for Ad.arrf.nwnt «f POPE. JAM EH H. Miami. Iluatnm. AdaaD ..trallon: K utl« Co j» U ; ll.SU; Crortiii Small . Krai but Club. PORTER. PRANK 1- 8 . P t rabur . Art. A JWWnem. I'OKTKK. MARGUKRITA K. Jark-.n.tJl . Art. A rl-cncra: Scr. Km In Club. I’OKTKK. WALTER T. JarV nvlll . Hu.lnma Admlnl.trata.t. Prra.. Prnrta Club: Pr 4 li r Orb. POTKS, CARLOS A. Tulua. C» o»Ha. 8. A. Arrhltmtur . POTTER. PLKTCRKE I- Oafurd. Pharmacy. POTTKR, PAUL W. Wet Palm Wmet. Bu.I.h . Admin. Iilritloe: Palm Brack County Club; K r.-Trra .. Market. In So . : Pr -La» Club. POUNDS. LaCOY P. GalnravUlr. Bu.lnma Admlniatratkm. POUNDS. ROBKRT II. Orata. Phratral Kdaratto . PRATHER. K. CIIARLTON Jatprr. Art A Seknrm: Defer.--Tran.portation Aon,; lUdulukity A .; HSU. PRRSSKR, RDWIN JurYaonvIllr H-inm. , d .;.»iratb.« : Phi Eta Sira . llrta Gamma Sl ma. PRICK. HUGH D. 8«biln . ArU A Sri—cm. PRICK. JACK Jaekaonailte. ArtMurtyiti Cavalier ; AJpAa I'M 0"— ■a; Stoirtl Builder A-n.. IIHM Peundatlon; Jaekamvlll Club. PRICK. JUDITH Jaekaon«.lle. KdueaUwt. PRIEST. ETHKLRX PI. McCoy. Education. PUGII. HILTON K. Cryatal Hirer. Education: Chalk A Era , r; Olywj-laa Club. PURCELL. EDWARD J. lalriud. B.-.1 — Admlniatratkmi Alpha Kappa Pal. PURTX. ELIZA BOTH A. KamoU. Educate: L« PKarx-. QUINTINO. LUIS K. SantOe". Oiw. Kn rmrln Surma Tata: A IKK. ItAHB. CKOKGi: P.. JaeWaonviU . Parra try; XI Surma PI. BAINES. WELLINGTON W. Chariott . MhK. Alta A Selene .. RAMEY. ALLEN Galnra.illr. Journalism. KAMHKY. CLARENCE M. Miami. Hu.lnma Admlnlatra- tlw. RAMSEY. MARGARET J. Li. OaV Edaeatio- H AT IIHON P. WILLIAM A. Jark.-ovlll . Hu.In... Administration V. Pna, Kana Alpha aortal fraternity: lla «a: Club; Jarkaon. vlll Club. JcAa Mar hall Bar A»an.: Scabbard A Ivfenra Tran , portal Wrn Aaan.; Yoon lVmorrala ; L‘A|-aeh - RAUDENBUSH. JACK D. Coral Gablra. Arehluelarr: AIA. RAYMOND. JOHN K. Johe-vm. Arta A SeUnem. 311K X O r X ? VI3 :-« v « •«' ,,y „ 4 —«f«ii ‘k u ti ismxN » «« •jiu(. «-»r4 - ««i o h ramrr -hvmiirv. ■Tirr.." i i ■ i________________________i_________________ ROBINSON. KATHRYN Oprtika. Kduratluai V. Pr.». Ih.ia lull. mil. -- ml iMotUi RODMAN. I'ATRK'IA A. JarhnmiiU . Art» A SrWnro. ROGERO. ANN J. 8i. Awnttaa. KAurath.a: P»p CM. ROGERS. DON C. Chirac... 10. ArcKUrrlurr M.»' Olrr CM; AIA. ROGERS. PHYLLIS J. C«nl GaWra. Ituilnraa .: IWta Umnt Mim. ROSE. CAM. «. Orala. Arrkoltgrr: Mark A BrMJr. ROSEN SON. AHA Hum. EJurathm: Srr.Tm... Chalk A EraKr, l’r »., Malk.ry lli.ll. ROSEVELT. SHIKI.Ek K. Tampa. EAnatka. ROSILLO. Al lli:NT P. IlHMt. Cut . Act. A Scww. ROM, JEANNE C. JarkmanrllW. Art. A S«lra «: “Enjulrr Q«.»" uiJUiti (Ml, KOZAK. 1.1 Till K U Grvritand. A rWulturr. UUDDERMAN, GERALD a. Galnraftllr Iki.ln. • Admin, utratkm: tutor It.M; Kappa Kappa l .l; CW«Vi i. RI'I.E. I'ATKICI A II. llimMtl IkMb. Art. A Srtrftrra: In 1-Uar.n; Neuman Cluti. RUTHERFORD. JAMES W. IA|iaai IWarh ll.nliM ■. Adaalabtrallaa. SABA. GEORGE N. Tampa HuUmm Adu.M.lraik : I Vila s«. m Pi; lawniKf 8«. SAFER. IIKVKHI.Y II. Jarki.-anllr Education: Alpha UaMi IVJta. Jarkaxiv III Chib; IHIWI KouMalU . SAPPY. RALPH II. Jarkaanallla. Iluilnra. AdminUtralkmi l.’Aparhr; Alpha Kappa Pal; Infaatry Am . 8ALA. JUAN C. Uaaa. (Vru. ArrWulturr. SAMARAS. GEORGIA T. Ctarkiburp. W V. KAaratkm: ITA: Drama Chib; WomrrCi KnrrrutUa Au«.; WSA . Kappa lutta 1 1; ItrllraW Srvirty. SAMPSON. II. REYNOLDS KlaaL I-hi r mar,. SANGAKKK. CHARLES V. Ilariiaai. H«imp AdmlnUtralkm. SAIT. GLADYS P. GaiamclW. Phy.tral Kdaratkmi latramural M.; HSU; Olympia Club. SAVAGE. CORDON M. Jarkwavlllr Art. A V«m«. SAWkKR. KOIII.KT K. Jarfcaamvltlp. Er.ylnr.rlnrI ASCK. SAYRE. DAVID F. Paaarra. Art. A KrkeMn. SCARMROI’GII. NINA M. Miami. Eduralam. SCHELTKR. JOHN R. Tampa. Madlfaa. SCHERER. PAUL Uultm. IVru. It...a .. AdnlnUtratkn: CatalUra; Propeller OaA; MKIIA . ALLIGATOR naff. HCHISLKR. t HARLRS W. Orl.aAn. Kaptarurlap: Snf-a Taa; AIKX-IKE; G U« Hand; Kadk. Chib. KCHtSLKR. MARY E. OrtanAv Art. A SrWorra: Alpha Kappa IVlta; S.»k «y Oak. WSA. SCHMID. WALTER Jail....I. Aprirullurv: Dairy Club: Ac Club; Mark A RrUQr. 313 St HNEE. GERALD HilUMr. N. J. ttic.Mua AdminUtra-tloa.HCHOOLKV. O. HAMIKL 1. Him. EAarattaa: Ytn.bc Kifdlktii. SOICLMAN. IU I.II JarkaanailW. ArU A Sflnun. SCIIIMPLRT. JOHN K. Jwki. ««lk Hmmm AJmi..latrathm s I'mkiMH Traaia; Wnlmu.ur )Vlk«tklr. M1IITKBKU CECILS P. lyka Worth Ednratkmi Ma-kmrttr: SKMINOU: alaff: Prp Club: ALLIGATOR ataff; I .. WSA; V. Prr .. Trianon: V. Pr«. CaitMlo. S r. «t Wtmam'a Affair . Prrakirat'a Cabinet; OriMMiM Im-ter. Sw.-Tmu., Junior Claaa; Hlllrl FopnAatWm. M OTT. KIlWAHO l . Jack. .ovlllc. Il imar) Mortar A P.-«U . JmUaiUW flub; OrknuiU trader; MHIfA. SCOTT. ELBERT L. TalUka.-r. Ka«Wmrrln«i Siam Tm; A IKK. SCUPINE. CHAR I KS T. Atlanta. Ga Aft. A . rkm«: SKMI. NOLB ataff »M ; Baa. Mrr. K-BOOK SA-41 . SKCHREST. JOHN C. Quincy. Arrlrultur . SKCRERT. WILLIAM I . Smnda. Airtralturp. SEIBERT. MARIAN I. Galnaa. ill . Pharmacy: Mortar A I'catW; Kaiin KpalhA: Rho ChL SKXAIMS. THOMAS T. Tampa. ArU A Sfcimmai PVrlda lllur Kay; Sar. of lalnkr ilO-JI ; Prc . Geary ia 8»|lr 11-0. Pre». Tau Kact-a Aljha; Pm, Ikbiir Cltb; BuoRlrr Council MP-VO . Phi Kta Surma; ataU Prra.. Mathudaat Student Move-■MAC Vanity llrbatr !». SKYER. JAMES A. Clear, alar. Baiam AdmkaUtratUo SIIAMr. JANK A. Or Kdaratluai Chalk A Kraarr; Ka| |.a l rli» Pi; See.. Alpha Della I'l aortal ar.reeWy. HHKAROIHK. RALLY OrlaaAv ArU A Selmr . Sill:1.1.. THt'HHTON A. PmaacoU. Adanlnl.iralkm: Honor Coart; IVUa Sima PI; Phi Kta Sterna. SHERER. KICK L. Kork Hill. 8. C. Pharmacy I APHA. MILKMAN. CAROL L. Gain. villa-. Arta A Science Wama'i GW Club: OrWntathm Iralrr. SHERMAN. JOHN S. Canal Gnb t. Arta A Sr War,.: V. Pro .. Theta Chi aorUI fratrrnlty; PM Kta Sterna. SHOI MAKLK. A. KYLE Ranter . Architecture: Semlaula Com-ly t ab. Student llulMee’a Aaaa. KHOKMAKLM. IHANK P. Orlando. Pharmacy; Mortar A Pratlr. RHOPNRM. JAMKN M. lakrkan.l. Pharmary. RHORRTEIN. JACK » . JarkwaalUe. Ilualaeaa Admlni.traUan. SHKKVK. IIAVID L. St. Peternbury. Architecture: Scabbard A ItlaAr; Garyoylr: Infantry Aaan. SIEGEL. EDWARD Miami. ArU A SeWmeea I Sporta KdL tor. ALUGATOR: P«b. Dlreelee. «a. Intramural : Ph» ICta Sterna; Toma.. Sterna Della Chi; V. Prra.. PI lamWt. Pht aortal fraternity; Intramural IWbatr Champkmahip (K : Onmlalioa Leader; Phi Brta K«ppa. HIKE IILKSHLI. M. G.laraaUle. ArU A Silraml Pry. Sterna Taa Drlta; ALLIGATOR .taff Ibhdli. SIMMONS. PATRICIA A. Or ala. Education t RrrnkavilW Oah; Chalk A Kraarr. SIMS, LEON A. Branford. Ay rieult a re; Alpha Tau Alpha; FT A. 8INCIC. EDWARD B Royal Oak. Mich. KdurntUn: Phi Kta Sterna. Karp DeNa Pi: Chalk A Kraarr. HINDER. NED P. Jaeka nvllt . Arta A Srkwra: ALUGATOR araff; John Mara hall War Aaaa.; Tom Democrat.; LMd Artillery Aaan.. SKMIMOLE ataff SINGLETARY. K. M. Milton. Ayrirulturei Scabbard A Made; ASAK; FMd Artillery Aaaa. HIKIANNI. ARNO J. Kikeroo. N. J. Ayr-colture: V. Pm.. SMIa Chab. HJODAHU NILS G. MUmi. Architecture: Studrat BallA. tf’t Aaan. BMm'rcA. Dorothy a. a t d. ohi . Admiai »»tk «. SLATER. RICHARD II. RUaL Ar hlt tur : Tr aa. AIA (Ml: l rr».. Gutofh (ill. SLAUGHTER. MARTHA A. Wildwood. Kdoratbm. 8LOAN. WII.I.IAM C. LaVtiaad. Art. A S • « : Phi Kta Stem ; 111 8 in. SMALL DAVID Mluil. Art A MMMil FBI D» •: KIC; V. T« . CMa Club. SMITH. MYRON N. Miami. Art A ScWncca. SMITH. CLYDR Drtray Hrarh. « •»» Phi Bpailag XUI fmtcrnltv (M): Ckdat Major; Scabbard A IIUd : Infantry Aa a.; AXOK; D «' UM ♦ !• SMITH. DAVID H. Calnm.ilV. AarWullar : IYA. SMITH. PERN C. ». M C«y. Phy lc l Education. SMITH. GRORGK W. WarrlnaUci. Bu.lw Admlairtralloa: P««i la Club. SMITH. KLIP A. Jachmm.UW. JouraalUaa. SMITH. MAURY R. Orlando. IMmm Admlaiatratlaa. SMITH. ROY P. 81- Ac«u (l»r. B«Ihm AdmlnUtratUm: Whit Krfcan: Real Ratal Club. SMITH. WILLIAM A. Orlando. Aarkultur . HNAIDMAN, WILLARD C. SL Prtonbura. Foratry I IWaWT 0 b. SSL AD. WILLIAM E. AUrha . AtrkuRurc. U U k Judgltg Tram; HWk A Brtdk. 8NKI.L. WILLIAM A. Tampa. Kncliiavrtng: ASCE: GaU Hand. tOHIf, CKRALD Jarlwnrtll . Art. A Srka .: Florida Blu Key: pro .. Defeat Club: S th«rt Defeat CkampVm.Mp; ! ««, Tau Kappa Alpha: PKI Kta Sigma: Pkl Kappa Phi: Phi Brta Kappa: d -lh Hlah Ho “ SOMMESE. J0AKP1I L. S h a elnd». H. Y. Education. SORENSON. HENRY E. Si. Plknkarr. I'hy.k.l Edwaa-tk-a: ALLIGATOR ataff; ORANGE PERL .tail: Alpha Phi Om r : Olympian Club; latramoral laff. SPENCER. H. GARTH Area Park KdurallMtl PM KU Sigma; Kappa K.ppa P l. SPKVAK. SHELDON JarkaoaulHt. Engineering: SEMINOLE ataff; I’M Kta S ma; AISC. SPIEGELMAN. ROBERT Miami. Art. A Science : AIJ.IGATOK rtaff. SPIKES. JAMES W. Atlanta. Ga. Ratine Admlaktrw tkai Srabhanl A Iliad : Arnold Air So .; Adrtpho. SPOONER. CHARLES M. Alibi. Engineering. STAFFORD. JOSEPH I- JarkucmrtD. ForaaUy: Fercafry CUb: Phi Kta Slama: XI Ste a Plj Kxacutlva OagMfl: BSU. STANFORD. DAVID J. Oakland. Agriculture: P»m. Wmtmln . Ur Preubytcrlan E.lUnraklp ilMIi. STANLEY. EDWARD E. Pabefe . AgrkaRure: Prm. N w 41 EnlnoMlcvk-.l So .: Goto lUnd. ST. CLAIR. JAMIS H. Dad CWjr. KdoraHoa: Phi Ku Siam . STKDMAN. RALPH 8. Daytona Dench. Engineering: ASCE: BeaWm Ena- So .: sir Tag. STERN. EDWARD A. Plant CRT. Arta A SrUixoa: ALLIGATOR ilaff; Gal Gru«l. Ill Kry Speaker- litre - ; Fla. l'«ka Mortal Bd. STEWART. JAMES R. Tampa. Ilualaoaa Adatiaklralkm. 315STIDHAM, WOrrORD II. Ktrtc w. B a in«aa AdmlnUtratk .. STOVALL. JOHN W. Muntlaad. T.aa. ArcMtrrturr. STRICKLAND. LEONARD jubo««ilk faflNwfcg;■ STRICKLAND. MARTHA S. GalamYltW. JoumIm. STROKE!.. FRANCIS A. MUfor . N. J. Ed- rat km. STl'BBS. JAMES K. Dad CMjr. Kagtaarrtng! I’M Eta Mama; AM hE: Armil Air JVrf. Sl’M.IVAN. JAMKS B. Tampa. Ar Mt rturr; Cargo?! : AIA. SWALLOWS. CHAUMCY E. W«t Palm BmrA. Agriculture : MMHA ; Kartertufcgr Imc. SWANSON. ROBERT W. Jammtown. N. Y. Agriculture I N«- ell :aUmrtky-k l Soc. SWEET. ROBERT C. MlamL Uualaaua Adf inl.t atk« SWOrE. CARLTON U Si. rrt«e burg. Engiaeeelng: ASCE. TATE. MARVIN B. IluAIImUm. W. Va. E.g.tmrrtng TATOM. MIRIAM A. GakweslOe. MumSmi Trlaaoa: Lrfma Cwnol; WSA : Wumrft'a Glrr Club; OrWntatkm l« »; XsMUt CWr. TAYLOR. WILLIAM J. Spring . M4. Engineering. TEI.ANDER. EDWARD J. Tampa. Kt.fii.wtli . TERRY. BILLY W. Lulu. Butlnru AdmUWtratkn; Tree... Beta Alpha N; IWta Camma Stem . THOMAS. DAVID W. T.mji Art A ScWucuu: PM Ela Stama. Mrm’a GW CM; Tamp Club: Undrr-Ser.. I alerter. THOMAS. RICHARD C. WaaMngtaa. D. C. Iliuinra Admlaialratton. TIIOMASSON, ALBERT M. WV» »Mvhk J.uraalUm : Slfn IMIa CAL THOMPSON. ROBERT B. Caine ..lie. Kagtaeeriag AIRE. THOMPSON. THOMAS J. A».-o Park. Engineering I AICAK; ACS; Mfaa Tau. TIIREADCILU JOAN K. Miami. Art A StWata: CavaWUm; Miami Cbib. TILLMAN. ANN I. GalaeariUe. PA»iUal Kduealkm: See, Olympian CM; Square Dane (lab; Ctrl ’ Intramural TINKIIAM, ALICE M. llradrulua. Ha iaem Admiaktru- tfett. TIPPING. HENRY A. PetUvIlle. Pa. Kagtaeer log: ASMK. TOLEDO, JOSE V. Areelbo. P. Kiox Art A MwWil U Piranoa. TOMASINO.CHARI.ES TVmpa. Arts A Scleewea: ACS; Camera Club. TOMLINSON. THOMAS P. Hatting . Il y.»r l E4 eatk«. TOI‘I. IS, ANTHONY CWvDtod. Bu.itw . Admin l.tral km i IWIta Sigma PI; Kuntlr Counrll. TOL'SSAINT. ERANCIS B. MiamL Agriculture: Pbl Eta Sigma; Block A HrtiSe; lUrMI 0 4. TOWNSEND. ROBERT L. C« Incur I lie. Art. A Srlettrea: Gamma Sterna Kptlloa; AO g. TRAWICK. WILLIAM L. Jark.oa.tlle. Kuivu Adnlak-trutkw. 316TRIESTE. MP.CCIS I- Mi»L ICaBiM«riU. TROUN. ROBERT I- LakMaad. Art A tllnmi Jo '" Marahill ! »• A« .; PIC. TRUESDELL, MARJORIE A. Daytona BvaeK. VW. lain, tor rrtk«r»hip: See.. IXaytor.a lUarh Club (« l; K«PP» D l»a M: nc. TRYLING. DAVID C. Plant CUy. Art. A Sc«t a. YSARDOUUAS. CHRIS A. Tart«« SpHny. Pharmacy. CNDKRILL. RHtlKKT W. Orlaiwla. Ilu.lnraa A-l«UMr»tiv«; tlllory A . .: I W1U«eUwd Military a-anl; ra hii IbUl At-t Triri. VAlDRZi FELIX Antbtua, CulmtU A rtcuHurr 1 AKAE- VA SHROFF. ARNOLD E. Sara«4a Bu.lnra. A4a»UI»t»« lion: Intramural. ltd.; IFC. VARGAS. ALFREDO E. IV«at«. CoUmbla. Kmrlncrrin . n.t. OMMB A. MluriL AM AMmwi M -TWUL. «EW»0» CLASS: Orientation lr Arr; Stu-Wnt Ccun.eior; IM-ate. JKMIKON.MII.ES Bh-l'lMn. Alt. ArrhlUeltr . VOKDKRMKIKR. HARRY J. »Y. I MWeA»le Mu.Ib . AJ-mLat.trutte .: YRCA Counrit; Markrtir. ClaA. I.««cull.c tVaaeil: Arri'il Air Sor.: J» ««f» 0«« lF Club. WAKRLAND. RALPH IL ParrLh. ltu.lav AAminWtralk-. WALKER. JANE S. St. MmUnt. AreklW ttiw. WALKER. WILLIAM K. Ft. rLarmaey: Mortar A Mte; Kin T« ». WALK UP. JIM MrinUah. PKy.lral KA C»th lTva.. Wc.tmln.tvr FrlUnrabip M4I(. WALL. JO ANN Tm i«. KAuratbxi. WALTON. WILLIAM P. Wet Palm Kcarh Air.w.JIu.c: ASAP. A Club. WARD. JOHN r. DeFuelak Sprtetr . ABrteuhurr. WAND. RUFUS H. Cnlnvavllte. Arrirultutv. WASSI M. ROBERT H. JmkUa. Ky. E-v-ncia . WATT. HELEN J. Miami. Art. A Srlrarvn: M.n-retl, . Cn.aUtte; V. Pm. Sce b«y Hub; Alpha K p a Drtia. WKDKBROCK, DONALD A. Sarn«t llu.Inc AilMlnDtraU• -»: tutor Hand; Krai Palate Club. WEEKS. ROBERT «. Caaal Point. It-. AJialnUtra- tlML WKIMPR. BILL J. Clearwater. Arta A Sriratn. WEINSTEIN. MILTON C. Miami IWarb. Pbarmary: Mortar A Prullr. WELCH. MAURICE J. Lake Mahopar. N. Y. Foretry! . Nraaaan Oth; Porvatry Club. WELLS. PERRY K. lb-If ay. llu.lne. AAmb Ut.atbo WKLIA. RODNEY 1C Ill.-at.bea PKarwary: Kappa Mi Ht-mir Court tH-it I; y.S. ataff. WERI.Y. VICTORIA J. St. PltmUiy. Ilu.lnca. A.imlnLtratUw.: P.t-rc-tUc G»jt U r UK Knl P-.tatc Club; A4 . CHk. tiarntM Alpha Chi. WERNER. MABEL M. AtW.ippa. IK EJmllta. WETHER INGTON. THOMAS I. Tamp- Earl nr. day. 317WKVKR. DONRCE St. Prtertburr. Jo«m ll Aun.; WSA: Gamma Alpha Clll; Adr. CM: m: Piw. Wmm’i Kcercnllrm ALLIGATOR aUff. WHITE. JACK W. lake Wortk. F.r.rlneeeo : Pren. AIIK (U4:i: Hr .. Stemft Th; Renton Kr» . «. WHITEHURST, CHARLKX K. Aim Park. Arrlmltar : HWh A ttridle. WHITMAN. Ji:UM A. Miami ll wh. It»ts .. Admlnirtra. Ik I SEMINOLE it l( ! ): It..i « Hay toml. (ilk. Ftp citfc. tMi.I.ISS. MaelHkNALXk J. Jaekamvlll Knifln.erlne Phi Kta Sterna; M»m T T AIF.K.IRK. Ben too Km. So .: B Mr. FLORIDA INGIKKKK; KiWlh. I'nuMlI: Hall X I‘im: HorH» Bk » Key. WTLHUR. DONALD V. OtU.UI . M. Y. K «eaO: i. Mil LIAMS. A NCI'S l . Gracmrlll . Bu.lnca A.lmlnUtr»U n: Ikelta Sterna PI. W ILLIAMS. JOHN I . Imrco. Education 0»!V I Kr««f. WILLIAMS. ROBERT A. Witter Hurt. I’tumtrr: M «tar A I’rtOr. WILLIAMSON. JANE WcatfMJ. N. J. Art A VTI LUNCH AM. OZZIC W. Jad-mvill . Kn lnc riMi • •'■ « Km . 8 .: AIKK-IKK: lit. WILLIS. KOHKKT O. Jackioavllle. Foratryi Phi El Slrma; Traffic C«irt (Ml: Thu Alpha Nu Award; K«crw-ttl Cwtcll; Alpha Zeta; XI Stem PI; Foeealry Huh. WINEKFF. JULES P. Miami. Arrlniltar : Phi Eta Siam.; ASAK; Newman (Tub. WINTKK, WIIJIIT C. Jaeh»on«.llr. Krtlte- A.ImlnUlrallon: Gator IU-d: Kappa Kappa INI. WIRT A LA. Aim A. AahtabuU. O. pharmacy! MocUr A PmOe. W OKIILK. I KIT Defray. Arrhltcetwre. WOJCRPKL. LOIS C. Clearwater. KdocaUM). WOLI.AM. ALVAII E. Ortaado. facItrtHMI ASMK. WOOD. EDMUND Orlando. Baaliwm AdmU.rtratUa. WOOD. HAKKISON H. Jarktoatlll.. Ktrltnrlac! Ilea, loa Km. S« .: ASMK; KLOKIDA KNCINKKK Uff. WOOD. RICHARD G. Saraarta. Arrtcultar : Dairy Otb. WOOD. SAMUEL K. DiulM. KAaeaUcm: HSU. WOOD. WILLIAM P. Wat Palm Reach. Foraatry. WOOTEN, HARDY W. WIDUton. MmaMmi. WORLKY. KOHKKT W. Salt . Pa. JaurnalUms Stem Delta CIO. WRIGHT. WILSON W. Miami. Itu.ia . Admin W. teal Urn: It... M r . SEMINOLE till; Kteeullt Crataoil: Pep 0 4. Praia Hub; Miami (Tub; KIC; Gator Hand; ALLIGATOR rtaff. W NKOTII. ALAN H. Miami Reach. ArD A Science ; Vanity Swtmmln ; "F" Club. YADO. JESUS Tampa- Hmlaem Admlaiatralfoa; Fenrin Club: Field Artillery Aaaa.: M.rkrtln So .; Praia Clnb: Trew .. Alpha Kappa P l; Sr. foe Ad annate , t of Manimneat. YALCH. JOHN P. Brook, tille. Art A Science.. YEATS. ROBERT S. Gain . Wile Art A 8eie eew: Gator Rfd; Kilt K ppa P l; Defer. Tr.-.e-ftelUe Ana.; la Picaro ; ORANGE PEEL taff: ALLIGATOR rtaff. YOCUM. K. PHELPS Jack ..lit . Arrirolf.r . YOUNG. FRANK UN Shtnihal China. Arrtcultar : Canterbury 0 4. YCLIHII. STANLEY MDml Reach. Hmlrm . Admlni.tmtfam I Market.. toe.; Cavalier . ZAMORA. RODOLFO P. San Jeae. C. Rica. Arrtcultar . ZELLER. LEO R. Pcole. Nab. ApMlni Ac Club. ZKLCFF. JAMES D. Tampa. Art A Scfcreeen: V. Pre _. Alpha Kptibwi Delta; Kap|« Kappa INI. 3 8ABBOTT. BENJAMIN' E. ADAIK. JOHN U ADAMS. ANNETTE E. ADAMS. JOHN Q. ADCOCK. HENRY C. AKINS. CARL E. AI.HKKT. RONALD U AI.IIEKTV. SHIRLEY R. ALBRIGHT. GEORGE J. ALLAN. C. T. ALVAREZ. ANTONIO T. AMADEO. JOSE U AMIDON. ANN X. ASINC. JORGE C. A VISA. CHAMBLESS U RADOLATO. BERNARD W. BAILEY. BARBARA A. BAILEY. BERT C. HAILEY. CLYDE W. BAILEY. ROBERT S. BAIN. IIOMEK A. RAKER. WILLIAM L. BALL. BETTIS R. BAI.I.ARD. W ADE H. BAUGH AN. NELL C. BARBER, ROBERT K. HAKNCM. ROBERT K. BARRINGER. CASTLE A. BASS. WALTER P. BAXTER. JAMES A. MAT LESS, GEORGE D. BEAU JO ANN BECKLEY. NEIL E. BELU CARL E. BE LI. HELEN E. IIEI.L, JACQUELYN R. MENARD. ELSIE J. BENSON. WILLIAM II. IIETHEA. JOHN R. BKVIS. WILLIAM C. BICKNELU CAROLYN J. BILLINGS. ROBERT L. BLACK. BEVERLY J. BLACK. ROBERT IL BLSN. ALBERTO IL BLISS. WILLIAM II. BLOOD WORTH. THOMAS II. BLOUNT. CAROLYN U BOIIADILLA. LEONOR A. Iin LICK. WALTHER T. BOOKER. FERRIS E. BOORDE. OLIVER H. BORG. ALAN C. BOTTS. KATHLEEN M. 319HUMIC. I.II.I.IAN K. BOWIES. CARL H. IIMAHIIAM. JOHN M. HRAMRi.irrr, jo a. BRANCH. DAN T. BRANNON. HILL IlKI.W KK. LEON r. BRICRND. CAIU.CIS BRICK. W. CLARK BRINSON. W II.LIAM B. ItKITT. JOEL H. BROWN. AOIKII C. IIROWNK. Kt’LKNE A. BROWNING. CRORCB B. BROWNSTEEN. 8HIKLKY R. HRI'BAKER. KARL C. BRUSH. CRANK L. BRYAN. HERBERT II. BRYAN. MARY K. BRYAN. THOMAS C. IIKVANT. JOK B. RULLRX. DANA K. NCKLHOKCr. CLARA I. Ill RC.E88. JOSKPH H. BURK. CHARLES M. BURNETT. CBRALDINR BURNS. KOBKKT C. BURROWS. JOHN C. BURTON. BENJAMIN 8. BURTON. JAMES H. HITLER. LEORC.E C. BYINCTON. RICHARD W. CALA. JUUO CALDWELL. KOBKKT A. CAMI'RKLL. JOHN A. CANTRY. JOSEPH Y. I AKI.II .. HOYLK W. CARLIN. JAMES A. CARLSON. MARY A. CARRERA. CRANK CARRY. WALTER T. CARROLL. NETTIE I- CARTRH. CRANK C. i ARUTHEKH. CALVIN A. CA8TELLANI. PKTKR C. CASTRO. TONY CAVE. WILLIAM H. CHAMBERS. RKTTYE J. ( HANDLER. MICIIAKI. M. CHAPMAN. LIBBY CHAPMAN. KOBKKT K. CHOKPKNINO. EMILY A. CLANTON. PRANCES l_ CI.ARKE. JAMES R. 320CLEMENT . ARTHUR It. CLEMENT . HI mi: W. COCHRAN. DAVID I . COITIN. K. BUILT COFFMAN. LOWELL H. COLEMAN. IIAKOI.D K. COLES. LORRAINE G. COON. NANCY W. COOPER. CHARLES F. CORBLKY. WILLIAM H. CORNELIUS. CHARLES 8. COSIO. BEN H. COSTELLO. DIANE N. COX. ROBERT D. CRAMPTON. LAURENCE A. CRAWIORD. WILLIAM K CRESON, ROBERT W. CRUM. DRU8CILLA A. CUEVAS. CARLOS R. CALBO. JOHANNS S. DALTON. NORMA C. DANIEL WILLIAM R. DASINGER. RRUCK L. DAT . BERNARD S. DAVILA. GUILLERMO II. DAVIS. CHARLES E. DAVIS. DABNEY C. DAVIS. HAL ALEXANDER DAVIS. JEANNE M. DEAN. ALLEN K. DEAN. VIVIAN A. DECKER. MARTHA ANN DEKHL LILA L l»E FRANCO. I KE DR LEGAL JOHN L nimiERo, Jacob II. DEW. JAMES K. DIA „ RAFARI. H. DICKINSON. JAMES H. DIEHL DOROTHY D. DILLIN'CER. WILLIAM L. DIMMICK. JAMES W. HI MODl'CNO. NICHOLAS DIMSKI. JANET C. DINKLAGK. RAYMOND P. DIXON. CRACIB DIXON. LAWRENCE M. DOYLE. ROSE M. DRAGO. FERNANDO O. DRIVER. BETTY JO DU FORE. KENNETH L. DUFULSNE. DOROTHY DYER. KENNETH L. DYKES. BETTY A. 321 L. DYKES. O. C. EDWARDS, CHARLES H. EDWARDS. LOWELL K. EFFKON. LOI ISE IMiGEIKK. LLOYD K. K1.LYSON. ROBERT C, EMMirrr. wkldox g. EPTRLK. PAGE M. KKICKHON. WII.I.V A. ESCOBAR. ALVARO ETTEDCUI. MARCOS O. EVANS. WILLIAM E. EVERETT. JOE 8. PA IRMAS. ROBERT L. FIELDING. EDWARD N. FIGUK. GEORGE L. FLEECE. JOSEPH W. FOREMAN, JUNK FOUNTAIN. DAVID G. FOUTCH. DOROTHY L. FOX. HENRY J. FRANKLIN, RUTH K. FREELAND. WILLIAM B. FREEMAN. MARY J. FRITZ. KENNETH L. FROJM RER. NORM T. FI'ENTER. ERNESTO F. GAINES. JUANITA GALHKF.ATII, WILLARD C. CAI.INDO. OKI LINO J. CALVIN. EDWIN T. GANDY. JOHN l . GARCIA. MANl'KI. GARCIA. WILLIAM GARDNER. BITTY J. GARVIN. JUDSON H. GAT , JOHN I-CAY. REGINALD M. GEIIERT. JACK K. GEIGER. EASE H. GERARD. JANET 8. GKILSOK. JOAN 8. CET7.KN. HARRIET M. GILLESPIE. JANE T. GILMORE. JAMES M. GLATTLI. MARGARET J. GLEASON, RICHARD J. GLOVER. FRANCES M. GODFREY. JAMES W. GOLDEN. BLANK MORTON GOLDSMITH. NANCY GONZALEZ. JOE V. GOODHMEAD. VERONICA K. GOODING. Ill ARLES T.GOOLSBY. MAUREEN CORCZYXXKI. JOHN J. CiKKKS, KA 1.1 11 K-GREENE. KLLU I . CIOXL CLENNA I-CRKKNLEAF. ROBERT C. GRKKNLUND. O. FREEMAN GRICG. OLGA L. GROSS. LEROY H. GUNK. ROBERT D. GUTHRIE. KENNETH II. GUTIERREZ. LOUIX HALL. DOUGLAS K. H AL IIAND. RHODA E. HAMBLIN. MAYNARD C. HAMILTON, CAROLYN J. HAMILTON. DON T. HANCOCK. TIM ANN HANNUM. MARJORIE K. HANLEY. EILEEN M. IIA RUIN. BARBARA V. HARDWICK. WILLIAM C. HAkLEY. MARY L. HARLI.EE. elnora r. HARRINGTON. JEAN N. HARRIS. MONA J. HARRIS. WARD L. HARRISON. MUKLK E. HARTMAN, JERRY IL HARTNETT. ttOlltllE JO KABUL OSAMU HAWKINS. All.EES M. HAYES. JKWKMNE A. HEINT7. ROBERT H. H KIT MAN, ISABELLE A. HEIMS. DEWEY V. II EM SEN. KLIN HENDERSON. THOMAS E. IIEKENDKEK. EDWARD B. HERLANDX. MARLENE J. HERRINGTON. JEAN INK HER .. SUZANNE HESTER. JOHN l . HIGHTOWER. ARTHUR C. HILDRETH. IIERHEKT R. HILL. HAROLD J. HINKLEY. CAROL K. IIIRSCII AUER. VIRGINIA K HOBQUIST. CHARLES K. HOFFMAN. GERTRUDE HOGSRTTK. ROBERT II. HOLMAN. NATHANIEL T. HOLMES. WILLIAM B. HOI.XATFEL. GEORGE W. 323— IIOOK. CECIL M. HOOK. KALTH K. HORNSBY. JEMS Si. HOUBAKD. WILLIAM R. HUFF. STUART M. HUNTER. FRED C. IIUKST. AI III: KT It. Ill ENT. JAMES W. INK. STANLEY K. IVEKSON, JOHN K. IVEY. MARVIN L. JACKSON. HUNTER G. JACKSON. JIMMY A. JACOBS. ALTON M. JACOBS. M. H. JBCUSCO. THOMAS S. JEM ISON. MILKS JENKINS, MANIO JENSEN. RAYMOND K. JERNIGAN. WILLIAM H. JOHNSON. ALEXANDER L. JOHNSON. CHARLES T. JOHNSON. MALCOLM joh sex. ::arcaret e. JOHNSON. SAMt'EL G. JOHNSON. WILUAM C. JOINER. HUBERT R. JOINER. O. L. JOLLY. ROBERT H. JONES. DORIS J. JONES. JACK R. JONES. WILUAM R. JURADO. JOHN N. KALER. WILLIAM T. KAT1BA. JOSEPH J. KELLOGG. CHARLES H. KELLY. ISAAC P. KIRK. ERA K. KENYON. R04.KK P. KIKSELRACH. CHARLES A. KING, CLirroNii a. KING. ROY KLEIN. JOHN KNIGHT. DOROTHY P. KRACSS. CAROLINE KRIST. FRANCIS J. Kl'LP, EVELYN L. LAIN. NORMAN C. LAKE. IRVING W. LAMB. MURIEL D. LANCBSIN. CHARLES E. LAREAU. JOHN N. LASSITER. EDITH I.AURIA. VINCENT 324LA YIN I A. MARIANNE LAW. HERBERT M. LAWSON. JAMES V. I-EAK. MAKILYN J. I.EAICII, GLENDALE T. LRAPIIAKT, CLYDE R. LEE. GEORGE E. LEKV. INMAN II. leigh. maky e. I.KIVONEN, PETE A. I.ELAND. IIKNKY N. UHAK( HASI). LUCIES LKPS. VIRGINIA S. LEWIS. JAMES II. LIVENGOOD. ELLA II. IJM KHAKT, I KANKLIN D. LOKKKLER. DOUGLAS J. LOVE. ROBERT M. LOVETT. HARDY M. M«CLAMMY. IIKHIIKMT C. MrCLKNDON. JAMES C. McCOY. CHARLES E. MmCREADY. KENNETH McCREK. AKTIlt K G. McDONALD. CHARLES W. McDONALD. RICHARD P. M DOrCAI.D. PATRICIA Q. McGARRY. MARY E. McGRIKK. PATRICK T. M KENDKEE. G. ARCHIE McKENNA. CHARLES E. M«LEAN. IRENE MrLERAN, JOYCE N. MrNAIt, RICHARD K. M(NI IIOLAX, JAMES E. UtRAK, ANGUS A. mcwii.liams. rohert l. MAHAKKEY. JEANNE r. MAI . rRANCISCO M A Nil IS II. LOU A. MAN'IX, JOHN W. MANN, MARKIN H. MARSHALL. MARY J. MARTIN. ANN MARTIN. JAMES R. MARTIN. JOHN W. MARTIN. VIRGIL D. MARTINEZ. ANN R. MARTINSON. CAROLYN L. MASSESGILL. WILTON R. MASSEY. HAL MASSIE. REGINALD W. MAM RY. JOAN C. MATATICS. STEPHEN J. 325MATTHKWH. ROBERT M. HATTHON. DOUG K. MAXWELL. BARBARA A. MAY. ROBERT D. MAY. WILLIAM O. MEADOW . ALAN S. MKLTON, EKTON K. MRXA. M KITTY MENENDEX. CHARLES MEKWIN. LESTER N. MIDDLETON. JAMKS F. MIUYKTTK. RKA MIKELL. UANIKL C. MILfMAN, JANET E. MILLER. IIENRY H. MILLS. ROBERT C. MILTON. BARBARA J. MITCHELL. ROBERT C. MITCHELL. SOPHY M. MITCHELL. WILLIAM P. MIZKI.L. JOHN J. MONPOKT. WILLIAM F. MONROE. DARRELL W. MONTANA. ARMANDO MONTES. ALFREDO MONTGOMERY. CHARLES C. MONTGOMERY. ROBERT 8. MONTH.LA. JULIAN J. MOORE. ANTHONY J. MOORE. EKED W. MOOSE. GRACE N. MORAN. STEPHEN R. MORENO. BERNARDO MORGAN. WARREN A. MORRELL. P. ART MORRIS. BILLY F. it. MORRO. FERDINAND J. MUNSON, ROSWELL W. MURDOCK. CHARLES K. MURRAY. EIXANOR M. MURRAY. JACK l| r .l v MURRAY. PATRICIA H. MURRAY. VERONICA R. NALL. CARROLL M. NASON, CLARICE NAUCLK. JAMES E. NAVA. MARILYN C. NAVARRO. ROLANDO P. NELSON. M. DEAN NEUMANN. ROBERT S. NEWBURY. GEORGE H. NIEHAUS, M. STANLEY 326NOK ROSS. Jl'DY A. NOWELL. JOHN I_ NtIZCM. PAUL H. O'HEARN. GLENN M. OLIVER. RAYMOND ft. ORAVEC. ANDREW OKKKNPORT. DOUGLAS J. OYVrEEN. HAROLD S. ©"STEEN. HOWARD K. OSTEBHOLT. CHARLES J. OSTRANDER. RICHARD J. OVKRRY. KOItKRT K. OWENS. IRIS A. PACE. DANIEL H. PAIT. STANLEY L. PARRISH. BRUCE E. PAULS. ROBERT C. PEARSON, PATRICIA PEN NISI. JOHN L. PKXUEL. JAMES W. PERRY. PLORKTTA P. PERRY. RONALD W. PEKs BACKER. RICHARD II. PETERMAN. LEWIS L. PKTKY. RICHARD A. I . JULIA r. PHILLIPS. PRESTON E. PHILLIPS. TILLER M. PI SARD. PRANK T. PIXEL. THOMAS II. POLLACK. Rl HARD S. PONS. PABLO K. POPKIN, MARVIN L. PORTER. RICHARD J. POSADA. OCTAYIO POSTLE. GEORGE POSTON. WILLIAM S. POUI IS. GEORGE A. POWELL. WILLIAM J. PRIETO. GERARDO PRINCE. JERRY D. PRITCHETT, THADDEl S C. PRITCHETT. WILLIAM C. PROCTOR. LAWRENCE IL PKOTIIEKOE. MAURICE V. PURDY. JAMES O. BALLS, DAN H. RAPE. WILLIAM C. READ. ELI M. READ. EORKRT K. REDDEN. RAHRARA L. REDDISH. DREW P. REDMAN. JAMES L REGISTER. HUGHES M. 3279 A .Mu KKIS):It. SAIIINA C. KICK. CHARLES A. KICK. KiilHH L RILEY. VERONICA K. RISE. WALTER IK KOI!ARTS. K. JASON KOBRINS. ROBERT J. K HERTS. HOB V. ROBERTS. JAMES C. ROUE RTS. JOHN II. ROHKKTH. LONTTA E. ROBERTS. I AIT. II. RUB):RTS. WILLIAM K. ROBINSON. JOAN ROHINSON, ROBERT l . ROCK. G. W. RODRIGUEZ. ALBERTO M. ROGERS. KATHLEEN M. ROOIIIN, L. J. ROQUE. DANIEL J. ROSSI. NICHOLAS ROWAN. BILLY M. ROYAL, DIXIE K. RUEBEL. CHARLES C. KUEIILK. JOHN l_ RflS. OTIS A. RL'NKEN. ROY G. RUPP. WILLIAM J. RUSH. ALAN P. RUSSELL. BILL RUSSELL. MARILYN I. SANCHEZ. FRANK J. SANDERS. JOHN SANDLIN. JOHN R. SAUMIKVTO. FRANCISCO J. SCARBORO. MARY F. SCARDASIS. GEORGE T. SCHAPP. M. ADBLE SCHEUTEK. ELLEN B. SCIII LENS. GEORGE A. SCHOCKETT. KOIIEKT M. SCIIKOKDER. HETTY L. SCNULT7, ERNEST E. SCHUMACHER. CHARLES R. M OLES. WKNDBIX W. SCOTT. ROBERT N. SEIBERT. PHILIP L. SKI.KCMAN. LAURA J. SELLERS. MARY A. SHAD. JOSEPH r. 811 AT .. BURTON L. SHAW. RICHARD I. SHBRRON. GENE T. SHIPMAN, CLARA II. 328SHIRLEY. CLAUDE L. S DROVE, KK'KARtl K. MAC. eked k. SIDERIS. JAMES J. IILBCKELICN. JOAN L. SILBKKNAGEI, RICHARD W. NILBKRT. A I. AN i. SIMPSON. MARY I.. MM.V GEORGE L. SIMBGAU TONI I.’-SIPRELLK. W. DALE 9IIII, MAN RAM SI VIA. PEED C. SNKLTON. HENSON L. SKIPPER. CLARICE V. SLOAN. AUCE J. SMALL. DAVID SMITH. EAKREN H. SMITH. HI RTIS SMITH. IRVIN C. SMITH. JAMS H. SMITH. LOIS H SMITH. LOUISE SMITH. PAUL K. SMITH. TERRY V. SMYSOR. :LAINK D. SNELL, WALTER W. SNYDER. MAXWELL C. SNYDER. MONROE IL SOI PER. TRED K. SOUTAR. JACK H. SPARKMAN. EMORY K. SPARKS. WILLIAM T. SPELLMAN. C.BNE P. STAM. LOP IS K. STANLEY. ERNEST STARLING. JOHN M. STARI.INli. MARTHA K. STARNES. PATRICIA J. STEIHIINS. RICHARD G. STEIN. RICHARD G. STKIR. BRUCE S. STETP. VERNON L. STEVENS. KENT S. STEVENS. RALPH E. STEW ART. WILLIAM J. STONE. THB01MRB E. STOOPS. JOAN C. STORM. CLIEEORD I. STRICKLAND. JOE K. STRIPLING. HARRY H TALBOT. ARDEN S. TALLO. ROSE TANNENHAUM. S. W . 329TANTK. THOMAS K. TAPPOCNL BEIINAM P. TAKRATt'S. KDWARO A. TATOM. ROBERT C. TATt'M. WILLIAM K. TAVI.OK. JAMES H. THOMAS. CARLTON M. THOMAS. CONSTANCE It. THOMAS. LEO J. THO'MPSON. JAMES K. THOMPSON. WALTER E. THORNTON. TOMMY W. Till MMONO. THOMAS W. TirilENOR. JOE W. TINKER. GERALD E. TINSI.KV. nORIS W. TITOS. CLAYTON M. TODD. CLARENCE K. TORRACA. PATRICIA A. TOl’LIS. VASILIOS A. TOWNSEND. ROLAND R. TRAIN A. JOSEPHINE TKIMM. HENRY 0. TROCCHTON. MARY M. T HOW HR I IK. K. CORNELIA H. TUCKER. CECIL A. TCKNC PSEEO, WILLIAM C. TYNER. KOHERT O. TYSON. HOWARD J. CPTHECROVK, W. R. URCHISIN. WALTER VALERO. KARI.ENE VAN DCSBN. DONALD M. VAN OHDKN. HOWARD E. VAUGHAN. DANIEL P. V A COHN. LUTHER C. VKNO. ICHIRO VETTER. KOHERT H. VIALL. ROBERT J. VIC I NO. JAMES VIIILEN, HUGO 8. VINES. WILLIAM R. WADSWORTH. HEKIIKRT R. WAGCENRR. JOSEPH T. WALKER. JOSEPH M. WALKER. PATRICIA A. WALL. ARCHIE C. WALL ItARHARA A. WALSH, I.OI'ISK ||. WARE. CHARLES B. WEBSTER. MELVIN L WEIL JOSEPH R. WEI.L8. BARBARA A. WELLS. ERNEST IL 330WELTER. JUNK H. WEST. HAZEL W. WEST. WILI-IAM It. WKSTVKRRY. RICHARD C. WESTBROOK, JAMES C. WKTMORE. THOMAS K. W HIT It, ERVIN L. WHITEHEAD, WALTER M. WHITMAN. GLORIA WIGGINS. ROBERT S. WILKES. WILLIAM K. W ILKINSON. DAVID K. WILLIAMS. BARRY I-WILLIAMS. KAUSTINK B. WILLIAMS. ROBERT W. WILLIAMSON. JOSEPH P. WILLIS. JOEL H. WILSON, JAMES O. WILSON. JOHN H. WILSON. RALPH E. WILTSHIRE. JAMES IK WINDKAM. THOMAS J. WOOD. WILLIAM L. WORD. MILDRED A. WYLLYS. BRTTY A. YELVERTON. SAM E. YOUNG. JAMES K. XKLIJCR. DUD B. 331 ACKKK. WILLIAM It. ADAMS. JAMES I. ARK. JAMES L. ARICKS. tilt’llAKI K. AI.Ul'KY. LOUISE A. ALFORD. OKI.ANDO I'. AlLEN. ADKIAN C. ALLISON'. JOHN M. A ISM EVER. MAKJOKIK C. ALTMAN. ROBERT S. AMBROGN'E. JANICE E. ANDERSON. ALFRED f. ANDERSON. KENNETH B. ANDES. JOHN O. ANDREWS. ItONALR C. ANDREWS. LUCIAN E. APGAR. GERALDINE I . ARNOLD. JACKSON IL ATI HLEY. THEO M. ATHERTON, FREDERICK W. ATKINSON. LUCIA M. ATON. JAMES K. AUSTIN. ROGER J. AIMER. CHARLES E. BACIIELDER. DWIGHT HAILEY, JAMES M. MAKER. LAWRENCE A. BAKER. ROBERT M. I-AI OWIN'. BARBARA W. BANACK. SIDNEY M. IIANDY. IIILLIS K. IIARKirTT. SAM E. BARK LEV. WILLIAM L. BARNES. DAVID P. BARRINGTON. M. AII.EKN HARROW. EMORY J. HARRY, WALTER J. KART HOLE. THOMAS L RAX LEY. RONNV C. BAXUCY. KI TH A. CRCRS. CAROL A. BEGGS. ANN D. MERC, LEONARD BERK. PHYLLIS BERTH IER. PATRICIA P. IIKTHEA. MARILYN A. BEYER. JOSEPH A. PIE, GENE r. III.ECKNEK. EDWARD IILKNKIIOKN. GEORGE II. lil.OODWOKTH. LAURA A. BOCK. DONALD D. BOH REN. JOE F. ROLAND, CECIL G. 332BOLIN. JUNIUS T. BOI.I.. MARILYN A. HON PI. FRANCK M. HOOFER. BARBARA A. BOnX. HL’NYA J. IIOWHR, M7ANNK BOYER. RONALD J. HRAOrORD. HATTY A. BRADUCY. LLOYD I . HRAKMANN. HENRY K. KRANAN. JOHN M. BRANCH. CARL K. BRANNINC. CHARLES E. BREWER. ERNEST C. IIKKWKK. WILLIAM W. BRIMHEKRY. WILLIAM H. BROOKS. IHYKIS H. IIROWKR. HOWARD L. BROW N. CLARENCE C. BROWN. CONSTANCE J. BROWN. ERNEST W. BROWN. REED R. IIRoWN. TED M. BRYAN. JO A. lll CHOl.r , M ALVIN N. Bt'CKLEY. HERBERT W. BUELL. BARBARA A. HURGSTINEH. BUCKY B. BURNETT. ERNEST P. BURPEE. ARTHUR L. Bi’SKKR. SYDRLUC B. BYRD. JULIAN L. CALDERON. PETER J. CALVETTO. RICHARD S. CAUFIELD. DONALD C. CAMPEIELD, ALLEN B. CANALES. ALPONSO C. CARLSON. CARL G. CARSON. WEBETER B. CARTER. RALPH C. CASH ION. MART L. CASPER. CHARLES R. CASSIDY. ARCH W. CASTLE. RICHARD R. CAWN. GIL I. CHALKKK. ARTHUR K. CHAMBERS. JAMES C. CHEATHAM. CAROLYN J. CHILD. LUIS M. Cl.AKK. GAIL J. CLARK. JKSSR II. CLARK. MARGARET A. CLARK. WILLIAM C. CLAXTON, JAMES L. 333CLEMENT. ROY K. COBB. ItOSAIJt . CORO. JOHN R. COR BN. ANNE U COLBERT. JOYCE J. COLB. VERNON V. COLEMAN. EDWIN A. COLEMAN. ISA A. COLLIER. MATTHEW W. COONEY. THOMAS C. CORNELL. RON G. CREOLE. PEGGY L. tpofihomtes CREIGHTON. JAMES B. CRESSE. JERRE CRONE. PETER K. CROL'CH. LEROY T. CRl'MBLEY. WALTER 8. CRYSEI.l, JERRY M. CUSTER. ROY E. D'AGOSTINO. ANNA L. DAILEY. ELINOR V. OAI.EY. JEAN K. DARLINGTON. MARY DAL'CHARTY. AUSTIN R. DAVIS. K. VIRGINIA DAVIS. MARTHA L. DAVIS. MARY A. DAVIS. RAYMOND E. DAYTON. BARBARA L. DEANS. WILLIAM W. I BOLT, ROBERT C. DEBS. EUGENE V. D«GROW. MARJORIE M. DEUTIKR. ROBERT A. D LOACH, ROBERT D. DENNY. CHARLES H. DEVLIN. JANET M. DfVANE. JERRY A. DEWAR. ALEXANDER E. DICKSON. BSVLA J. DIMMICK. GLADYS M. DOAN. NANCY A. DOUGHTEN. WILLIAM C. DOWUNG. JAMES H. DOYLE. JOHN J. DRESS I.ER. JAMES N. DREW. WILLIAM E. DRIGGERS. ROBERT O. DUNLAP. JOE G. DYSON. EUGENE K. EADS. DONALD W. EDWARDS. JAMES R. KKLUND. DEPE C. ESCB. NOBLE 33-»FEKREKI. FRANK 8. HEIJM. HERBERT M. I II.1.KR. CHARLES L FINCH, RONALD M. FISCHER. GEORGE K. FLANDERS. CLAUDE D. FI Cri.KK. OARMKI.L F. FLETCHER. LKIIMAN IL FLINT A. WILLIAM E. FLOYD. ROBERT J. FORD. JAMES R. FRANKLIN. CEORCIA C. FRE3E. KI TH J. FRET Nil. RAK FKIFSFkF. OLIVER C. FRY. ROSEMARY A. Fl'LMER. ROY C. GALLAGHER. JOAN P. GALLO. ROBERT A. GANI'H. ALLEN P. GARCIA. NOEL GARDNER. FRANCIS R. GARDNER. SHIRLEY J. GARNER. FREDDIE G. GARNETT. LILLIAN I. CARRY’. JOHN B. GASKIN. JAMES N. CKCKI.RR. JACK W. GEORGE. WAYNE GIBSON. LEE I- C. GIFFORD. HORACE H. GIGI.IO. VINCENT K. GILBERT. CATHERINE L. GILLIC. DOROTHY A. GODWIN. MARY E. GODWIN. W. GENE GOFORTH. ALAN M. GO LOSSY. MARJORIE A. GOOD. LEWIS F. GOODI.ING, II. PETEK GOODWY N. MOLLY S. GONZALEZ. NORMA L GORDON. JAMFJi C. GORE. FRANK D. GRAFF. ROBERT T. GRAS-MAN. GLORIA F. GRAHAM, JOAN CRAVES. KENNETH R. 335CRAY. IIKN'RY I-CRAY. JOHN II. CKRRN. JAMBS I.. CREENFKDEK. FLORENCE CKKENSTEIN. CHARLES CRBENSTEIN. HARRY GHEENWAI.D. JAMES A. CREEK, ARI.ENE N. GRKESON. WANDA L. GRISSOM. JOYCE A. croxijuist. Cari. r. CRt'HKR. 1' R. CRl'MBB. HOWARD A. Cl KIT .. DAVID GUTIERREZ. JULIO HAFFNER. GEORGE U HALL. JEAN M. HAMPTON, THEODORE M. HANCOCK. DAVID M. HANI.EY. CHAR LEA G. HANNUM. STACY E. HARDMAN. WILLIAM M. HARDY. HELEN P. HARRIS. FLORENCE HARRIS. MARJORIE E. HARRIS. PATRICIA J. HATHCOCK. AUSTIN W. HAYMAN. LARRY E. HAYNER. HAMPTON A. HAYNES. RONALD E. HEADLEY. HAROLD M. IIEM.KR. JOANNE MEl.V EATON. PERCY S. HENRY. MATT M. HKKLONG. MARY A. HERRICK. JANE E. HEATER. GERALD L. HIATT. CLIFTON F. HICK BN. HARRY T. HICKS. HARTLEY L. HICCINHOrroM. JOAN M. HICHTOM EIL ROIIEKT F. HILL. DARRELL II. HILL. GEORGE J. HILL. HOWARD E. HILL. JOSEPH W. HILL. RICHARD A. HIMROD. MARGARET R. MINE. KENNETH F. HINES. JOHN P. HINSON. MOIIERT H. HITLER. CIIA'T.ES C. HOLLOWAY. DAN HOLM8ERG. ANN H. 336HOLST. JOHN C. HOLT. ilAKRARA J. HOPSON. HAL C. HORNE. DON T. HORTKR. HARRY HOWARD. HKVBBLY J. HOYT. PRGCV HL'ItRR. FRANCIS G. llt'EKTA, OLGA HUGHES. JAMES T. HUGLf. JOHN R. HUMMEL. M. JEANKEN HUMPHRIES. HETTY L. HUNGERFORD. HENRY R. HUNT. JOHN W. HUM. RORERT H. Ht'MKY. JERRY D. HUTCHINSON. MARY A. HUTSON. SALl-Y D. IMBJUCY. RERMIT H. INGRAM. DONALD C. IRA. STEWART B. IVES. THOMAS W. JACKSON. FRANK D. JACKSON. FRANKLIN M. JACKSON. NORMAN E. JACOBS. PEGGY JAFFE. LAWRENCE L. JAMES. MARY A. JOHNSON. CHARLES G. JOHNSON. GEORGE G. JOHNSON. IIARRIETTE F. JOHNSON. LUCIUS C. JOHNSON. MARGERY A. JOHNSON. THOMAS E. JOHNSTON. BITTY J. JONES. JOHN M. JOY. NEILL R. KAF.GI. BEN M. KAHN. CAROL F. KAHN. MYRON R. KAPLAN. ALAN M. KAPLAN. KENNETH I . KAPLAN. MAE KATICBAK. MAXIMO K. KACPMKS. GEORGE F. KAZIMAR. ANTHONY F. KENT. RICHARD R. KINSEY. WALDO R. KIRK. THOMAS S. KISIINKR. IRWIN KISSIIACER. DUANE I . KNIPPEN. RALPH A. KNOWLES. DON C. 337 KNOWLES, JOHN II. KOWKARANY. DANNY A. KREPS. JOANNE D. Krill. RAYMOND D. KL'LCIIIN. HERNARD A. EINEMAN. MARY A. I Al.ANO. A lilt. M T J. KAMI . ROIIKRT W. LAM HAUL ADELINE L LAM PM AN. PATRICIA M. LASTI.Nl.EK. K. LAWLESS. KOYCE T. LAWSON. CHARLES H. LAYTON. JOHN L i.ka. RriuKM. r. LKACH. ANNS W. I KK. JI'ANITA It. LKPKOW. MURIEL C. LKKKOW. SETH D. LEONARD, ALICE M. I.KTO. ANTHONY LEWIS. DAVID LEWIS, GERALDINE IJNDAI-. ARTHUR IL LINDSEY. RAY E. LINKMAt'GH. THERESA M. LITTLE. I.ETITIA W. LITTLE! IIIl.l , JOHN A. LIVINGSTON, DOLORES N. LLOYD. GKKAIJt I). iogan. JOHN H. LONG. HERMAN K. LOL'GNUN. ERANCIS M. LOVELESS. JAMES J. LUKE. GUY D. LYONS. DAVID P. MrAI.ILKY. THOMAS W. MrATEER. DERRI1.I. S. McCKKK.HT. KANIHtLI'H A. MrCARDELL CAROLYN R. MrCI.EI.LAN. DIANE K. M«COr. M. JOYCE McCLURE. J. DAN MmDONALD. DONALD IL MeGEHEE. MARY K. Mrl.NTOSH. IIKICK S. MrJl'NKIN. JERRY L. McKenzie, james r. McKinley, saraii j. McKinney, joiin m. Mr LEAN. HUGH H. MrRAE. GERALDINE IL MrWICKER. GEORCE MACK. JAMES C. 338MACK. JOAN C. MACKEY. JAMKH l . MANETTE. SIDNEY II. MANX. PHILIP J. M AK.SII Al t. MANY W. MARTIN. GORDON M. MANTIS'. JAMKA E. MANTIS'. JO ANN MANTIN, NICHANO A. MARKER. DONNA M. MASON. JAQLE V. MASON. MARGARET J. MAI SENT. ROBERT J. MAXKY. Kl Til J. MAYO. NOI.KN C. MKIDK. MICHAEL K. ME LA NCOS, IMKAN MENDEZ. JOSE I. MESSEKLY. WILI.IAM II. METHVIN. BETTY L. ME YE RIIO IT. RALPH A. MILLER. HERBERT A. MILI.EK, ROY B. MILLER. NI'SKL O. MILLER. STL ART J. MINARDI. RLSSELL J. MINNICH. DON K. MINKIN. MARLENE T. MITCHELL. CALVIN H. MI EI.I. NOIIEKT S. MOI.ri S. I'REDERICK D. MONTKITH. JOE W. MONTGOMERY. TERESA I. MOODY. CLAL'DK J. MOORHEAD. ANN MOREIKM'K. WILLIAM J. MORELAND. HAROLD 1. MORROW. BARBARA J. MORTON, PHYLLIS MOSBT. DONALD K. MOSES. CHARLES W. MOSS. D. ROLAND ft ft £ i. p r ask. sal Ml El'llY'. JAMES W. MURPHY. JOHN D. Mt'KPHY. ROBERT H. MLR RAT. GEORGE MURRAY. LAWRENCE U NAHRALt.AH. RAYMOND A. NATION. M. ANGELA NEEDHAM. HENRY W. NELLER. ROTH D. NESBITT. JOHN II. NKSSMITH. THOMAS E. NICHOLS. HENRY II. 339 9 s t f' dk 5 t . is o. PNICHOLS. JAMB C. NICHOLSON. CAUL I). NODINK. MARGARET K. NORRIS. RICHARD A. O'BAN NON, TOMMY C. O'CONNOR. DAVID K. OGDEN. LRK C. OCRKN. It. A LICK O'KKI.LRY. PRANK P. OLIAN, J. ROBERT OLSON. CHARLES A. ONKKY. RICHARD G. OSMAN. CHARLKS L OUSLEY, CHARLES B. PADGETT. JAMBS P. PACK. WILLIAM B. PAGNINL ANITA J. PAREItKS. CHRISTOIIAL PARKER. WILLIAM K. PATTI LLO. JOHN T. PEACOCK. BEVERLY E. PELT . CHARLES H. PENA. GON .ALO G. PENNY. MARVIN L. PERDUE. WANDA J. PERGOLA. CHARLES K. PERKINS. MARTIN E. PfRHINE. BAKHARA V. PERRY. JAMES K. PKTTENGILL. HOWARD W. PHILLIPS. CHARLES L. PIKE. ROBERT C. PINCUS. JULES PINDER. NIC HARD tL PISKTZKY. IRWIN T. PITTS. REYNOLDS E. POLLITT. NORMAN C. POMAR. MYRA C. POPE. THEODORE C. POTTER. ROBERT II. POUCHER. BSTSLL K. POUND. PRANK R. POWELL. ROBERT O. PRENTISS. JULIE B. PRICE. PLORRNCR H. PRIDGEN. JACK W. PRII.I AMAN. JEAN W. PROSS. PATRICIA A. PAURT. MILDRED A. PUERTO. JAIME C. QUKVBDO. DIEGO RAMBY. DAVID W. RAMSEY. ANNE C. RAMSEY. HENRY J. 340haksev. I'll 11.11 u. HATH. ROSS RATH BURN. C. R. KEIIIEK. KI.KANOR RKINA, SALVATORE E. KRNHRERCBR. JOHN M. RKVELL, JAMES D. RHODE. CARL A. RHYNE. JO ANN BICE. C. CHARLES ridcway. jamks c. KIGL, RCTII E. RII’I’EY. SALLY P. RIZZO. KITTY U ROBERTS. ANN M. ROBERTS. FRED F. ROBERTS. PATRICIA A. ROBERTS. KKTIAKD II. ROBERTSON. DICKSON W. ROBINSON. DEAN S. ROBINSON. JAMES K. KOBINTON. WALTER II. RODRIGUEZ. EDWARD J. ROGERS. DONNA J. BOM. SHIRLEY M. ROM 1C. ELAINE J. ROOM IN. JOANNE K. ROSENBLATT. ELLEN S. ROI’RKE. ALBERT J. ROWELL, ROBERT C. BUSSELL. ANN C. RUSSELL. LLOYD E. 8 A LEER A. BETTY J. SAMARAS. CEORCE T. SANDLER. CURTIS E. SANCHEZ. BONNY A. SAUNDERS. PATSY V. SAUNDERS. ALBERT R. SAUTIIKR. MARY V. SAWYER. HARRY M. SCARBOROUGH. VALERIE SCIIAKFFNER. CAROL A. SCROLL. RAYMOND K. 8CHOWALTER. ROBERT P. SCHROEDKR. WILLIAM A. SEELEY. JOAN K. SELLERS. GLENN M. KUNKARIK. CHARLES E. SERVIN'. OSCAR SETTLACE. JOHN H. SHARPE. HELEN C. SHARPE. REBECCA J. SHE ARON. GEORGE B. SHERMAN. MARILYN 341Ml INN. CAROLYN S. snore. JOHNNY R. SURE YE. JACK K. SIMS. HOWARD SINGLETARY. WILLIAM C. SKINNER. WALTER H. nmitii. Catherine SMITH. DONALD K. SMITH. DONALD V. SMITH. JACKSON L. SMITH. THOMAS K. SMITH. WALLACE C. SMITH. WALTER C. SMITH. WILLIAM J. SNELL, GEORGE F. SONNEBORN. CHARLES IL STARKS. JKSSK T. spitzkr. Robert a. STOTO, ANGELO P. SPOTO, NORMA J. SOMMERS. MARIANNE L STACKIJN. STEPHEN J. STATHIS. ELIZABETH STEIGER, MARTIN C. stein, nun C. STEPHENS. COURTNEY P. STEPHENS. DOROTHY K. STEVENSON. JAMES B. STEWART. ANNIE F. STOKES. DON R. STORES. BETTY I„ STONE. THOMAS D. STRAWN. RUSSEL W. KTCRKt'T. RALPH F. Sl'ARK . ROBERT L SI VI ME Its. KATHRYN L. SWEAT. MARY A. SYMMKS, ANN K. SYMONS. HAROLD Y. TARATCS. KENNETH S. TELFORD. SAM R. THAYER. NELSON K. THOMAS. I.El.AND C. THOMAS. MARIA S. THOMPSON. CHAKI-ES C. THOMPSON. C. GENE THOMPSON. LUCIES' T. THOMPSON. CHARLES K. THORKSKN. THORE THORNTON. BARBARA E. THWEATT. ROBERT A. TICK. IRENE TOON. MARSHALL M. TODD. NORMAN 342TOMLINSON. CAROLYN N. TOWNSEND. ALLISON J. TRAIT. GEORGE A. TRAWICK, BENJAMIN TRINGAS. JOHNNIE J. TVS ISON. ETHEL B. TURN KB. C. DAVID TURNER. EI.ORENCE K. TUTRN. JEW M. TYLER. WILLIAM R. UNDERWOOD. THOMAS V. VAN CELDKREN. BEVERLY VAUGHAN. MARY A. VILJC A IT IS. ANNA K. VININC. JOHN IL VON KUXY, HELEN C. WALKER. MARVIN II. WALKER. SARAH J. WALLACE. JOHN M. WALTERS. R AI I'll E. WALTON. KO K. WARD. J. HOWARD WARD. VICKERS K. WARNER. CHARLES E. WARNER, DIANE A. WASHERMAN. RICHARD W. WEAVER. LORRAINE K. WEBB. DOLORES K. WERR. JOHN R. WEIMER. MARY T. WEINMAN. MADKI.YN C. WELCH. BARBARA U WELDON. WILLIAM M. WELLER. RUTH J. WEISS. EDWARD H. WKTMORE. II. WHAM. GINGER WHEELER. RONALD J. WHELAN. JEANNE M. WHICMAM. ROGER K. WHITTINGTON. WANDA B. WHITTLESEY. DAVID E. WILLIAMS. EDWARD E. WILLIAMS. ERVIN A. WILLIAMS. HUGH M. WILLIAMS. MARJORIE K. WILLIAMS. WALLACE I-WILUAMSON. GLENN Y. WILLINGHAM. ROBERT K. WILLIS. ORBRN J. WILSON. DWIGHT K. WILSON. GERRY P. WILSON. WESLEY A. WING. WILLIAM C. 34}WINTER. KENNETH 8. Wim WILLIAM II. WIKTANRN, GEORGE W. WITTEN. PAl'L J. WOOD. RICHARD A. WOOTEN. SPENCER P. I S lllt ll AM. RAYMOND K. WRIGHT. CLARENCE O. WRIGHT. CLJPKOHD W. WRIGHT, DONAI.D H. YACODA. BARBARA E. YATES. KKLBl'RNE R. t-L mamilk Y KARGIN, HETTY A. YOUNG. ALICE L. YOUNGER, AUDREY E. ZALRSKY. RICHARD E. ZKARMACGH. NANCY J. 34 1ACREE. WALTER M. ADAMS. TOMMY T. ADCOCK. JOHN A. ADEEB. ALLAN J. AIKEN. WALTER C. ALLAHKN. JOHN K. ALLEN. J. DAVID ALLEN. ELEANOR A. ALLEN. JEANNE ALLEN. MAY R. ALLSTEDT. RAYMOND N. ALONSO. I'll AN k ALVAREZ. AI.VARO A. AMBROSE, JOYCE E. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH F. ANDERSON. MARTHA W. ANDERSON. NANCY K. ANDERSON. THEODORE M- ANDERSON. T. DAVID ANDRADE. TERN ANDO ANTON. I-EON AND M. ARIAS. ALERKDO ARMSTRONG. ELIZABETH ARNOLD. JAMES P. ATCHI.EV. DON I- ATKIN'S, CHARLES A. ATWELL CHARLES A. AVARY. MARION W. AVERY. WILLIE J. BAGGETT, RICHARD C. BAKER. BARBARA J. BAILEY, DON E. HAILEY. OLIVER J. BAILEY. ROBERT J. BALDWIN. ROBERT E. IIALU MACRO' M. BARBER. CHARLES F. BARNETT. MARGUERITE M. HARRY. ROBERT J. BASH. ERNEST C. BASS, EUGENE M. BASS. ROBERT T. BEACH. RICHARD A. BEASLEY. THOMAS J. HECK. BARBARA A. HK KKR. PAUL D. BECKER. SALLY BECK I'M. JOHN U BELL. THOMAS J. BELTON. CHARLES R BERNHEIM. BARBARA BSSSKNT. SHIRLEY E. HIHERI'KLD. MAI. UICKNELL, GERMAINE F. 345nice , norm: a. bishop. Robert n. HI RINGER. WILUAM M. BI.AKK. JAMIES Y. BLALOCK. KA 1.1 11 BLAND. WILLIAM T. BLOCK. LAWRENCE J. III.OOM. GARY M. BLOW. JAMES I-SOONER. KSin BOONE. JAMILS D. KOS.HIE. JOYCE M. BO NTLEMAN. BEN J. BOTTS. EDWIN P. BOYD. DAIRY K. BOYER. UOIIItli: It. BREAKS. DON K. BREWER. PATRICIA V. BREW TON. ANDRE II. BKIDCES. DONALD II. BRILEY. BRI CK S. BRINSON. BARBARA U. BRINSON. JOE A. HRISSKNDEN. JUAN C. BROOKS. CAROLE C. BROWN. COUNCIL A. BROWN. GEORGE C. BROWN. JERRY J. BROWN. JOSEPH A. BROWN. LLOYD E. BROWN. SUSAN E. BROWN. TOM R. HRYMAN. PM YU. IS II. BURROUGHS. MATILDA D. BUSSEY. VARA A. BUTLER. TOMMY G. CAIN. WILLIAM D. CALLAHAN. MARIS P. CALLANAN, JOHN V. CA 1,1.1 HAN, ANDREW J. CAMPBELL. THOMAS C. CAMPBELL. WILL I. CANTRELL. MOSES T. CAPPS. CONSTANCE L. CARLTON. PAUL P. CARR. MAX C, CARRASCO, LUCIA CARTER. JAMES A. CARTER. NAOMI CASKIIERE, JOE II. CASON. KARL R. CASTLE BLANCO, ALONSO CAVE. JACK V. CERNUDA. DOLORES C. 346CHAFIN', M. B. CHAMBERLIN. CAROLYN D. CIIAKDKOFP. BARBARA C. CHATPIKLD. GEORGE A. (IllLAND. NORHERT CHILES. JOB W. I IIISMIM. BRAD 8. « HR VST. JOHN M. CLAPP, BLEYEK CLARK. CALVIN N. CLARK. WILLIAM H. I I.ARK, REX C. CLARKSON. HERBERT R. CLAYPOOLK. JACKIE M. C LUC AS. STANLEY W. COBB. KMSLSY »'. COFFET. JOHN J. COFFMAN, FEYTON R. COE. ALICE C. COIIKN, -SANDRA P. COIJIATH. JOAN E. COLE. WARD L. COLEMAN. ETEE COLEMAN. JAMES D. COLLAR, COURTNEY D. Colli:. EI.ODIE 8. COLLINS, BERNARD K. COLLINS. BRYON BURNS COLLINS. THOMAS H. COLLI M. BETTY . CONDON. ROBERT J. CONGER. HARRY L. COOLEY. HOWARD D. COOPER. WILLIAM II. CORKY. GEORGE 8. CORKY. JOANNE L. CORRIGAN. CAROLE A. COSTINE. DODI R. COTARELO. BETTY R. COTTLE. BETTY J. COULTER. ROBERT D. COUNTRYMAN. SUE COt!I'LAND, INA P. COX. DONALD W. CRESSE. JACQUELINE CREWS. WILLIAM C. CRICHTON. VICTORIA E. CRITTENDEN. KATHKRYN M. CRUTTENDEN. ARI-EN L. CRUM. ROBERT D. CULP. RICHARD It. CUNNINGHAM. JO A. CUNNINGHAM. RICHARD W. DANIELS. HELEN 347DANIELS. NANCY DANOS. tOVM A. DASHER. BEVERLY A. DAVIS, ATLKK W. DAW, I HAKU Y M. DAVIS. DOROTHY J. DAVIS. DOKOTIIY S. DAVIS. J. GORDON DAVIS. MARY E. DAVIS. RONALD A. DEAKINH. WILLIAM C. DEAN. ROY A. DEGTOPP. I.RK .A D La PUENTE. ANTONIO DRLUNCKR. RALPH P. DENMARK. PATRICIA L. DIET .MAN. LILLIAN C. DIMskl. JACK C. DIPPY. WALTER E. DISMUKK. JOHN W. DIXON. PATEESEA A. Doll NCR. STEPHEN S. DOLL, EDWARD DOMEVKO. CARLOS DONNELLY. JAMES M. DOTHEROW. HARHAMA DOWUNG. Mol.I.IE J. DRAKE. TMUSTKN P. DREW. ANCBLY.N M. DUPPIU POLLY A. ctynes fn }en DUPPY. JO ANN E. DUNCAN. WILTON B. DUNN. THOMAS II. DU PKEE. JOAN A. DURSHIMKR. MARY L. DURAN. DAI.IA DUXSTAD. LEE It. EARNEST. PAT KSTERLINC. PHILLIPS A. EATON. BAKIIARA J. EDDLKHLt TE. SU ANNE K. RDENPIELD. R. RALEIGH EDMONDS. JACQUELINE T. ELISCV. NORMA E. ELl.loTT, EDWARD W. ELMORE. CARL 1„ ELSTON. RICHARD D. EMERSON. JAMES C. EPPEI.E. ELIZABETH J. KSPCSITO. ROCCO ESSICK. MARTIN EVANS. MARY L. KYKSTONE. RICHARD E. PAGAN. LARRY 3-48FAHMY. VI-PAT II. PA I It FIELD, HETTE k. FAIRFIELD. JOHN l . FARINAS, WALTERIO F FEINBERG. DAVID FELSKE. JOANN K. PENDER. OWEN D. FERNANDEZ. EVELYN K. FSRRERO. ALICIA A. FETZER. non u PINK El.. UK II AMD . FISCHER. EVERETT H. FtSHRL'ENK, CLAUDIA E. FLETCHER. Kt'DOLPH J. PLIFSE. ROBERT F. FLOYD. JEWELL F. POH. JOHN T. PARKER. GEORGE A. PORD. DAVID 8. POSTER. LOIS C. FREEMAN. NORMA J. I’RF.GGKR. STEPHAN F. FRIDY. HERBERT k. FRIERSON. ROHERT P. rUQUA. JOHN D. Ft ITCH. SALLY HAINES. JANE II. HANS'. IIARI1ARA A. HAM I A. ANGEL GARCIA. RKINAI.DO J. GARRISON. GLENDA C. GIBSON. JOSEPH II. GIBBON. VIRGINIA B. GILLIC. JEROME L. GINSBERG. HARRIET J. GINSBERG. SHEILA K. GIVENS. MILL D. CLICK. JOSEPH CLICKSTEIN. GERALD H. GOLDBERG. ELLIOTT U GOLDSTEIN. MARSHALL N. GONZALEZ. HENRY GRANGE. BETTY CRAWET. O. JOSEPH GRECO. DICK A. GREEN. BOBBY GREEN. MARGARET GREEN. SHEILA K. GREENE, JAMES A. GREENE. JAMES N. GREENE. ROBERT D. GKEESON. DAWN M. GRIFFIN. JAMES U GRIFFIN, WII.UAM L. 349GRIFFITH. ROBERT E. GROOVER. JIMMY I. Gl'ILFORD. JEFFERSON M. CfBTAWON. C. JAY IIARKK. HKI.KN D. HAI KWORTH. LEE HADDEN, FRANK D. IIAII.RY. WILLIAM M. HALL MILTON T. IIALL KANIIY HALL. VIRGIL L HAMILTON. rATRHIA A. HAMM. KATHRRYNK HANN'I'M. WALTER L HARDEN, CLAUDE M. HARMON. HAKIIAMA A. HARNKD. GLENN L. HAKRIMAN. VOLSKY A. HARRIS. HENRY C. HARRIS. MARCIA M. HARRISON. A. CLIFFORD HARRISON. BARBARA L. HART. O. PHILIP HART. W. GOODWIN HARTFORD. CHARLES L HARTWIG. ROBERT L MARVELL ELLEN HARVEY. CYNTHIA L HAYWARD. MARY H. HEAD, FRANKLIN E. HKGSTKTTER, JAMES C. HAIMOWIT7. JOY HEINE. M. WAYNE IIENDLKY. ANNE C. HENDRIX. JL'IJUS A. HENRIOUBX. DAVID R. HEPINSTALL DANA E. HERLOMG. WILLIAM F. HERNDON. ANNE L HESTER. ROBERT E. HEWITT. RITH K. HICKAM. JACKIE A. HINDERY. LL'CIAN J. HIGLBY. Rl'Ttl D. IIILGENDORF. HELEN M. HILL WILLIAM C. HINES. JOY W. HINSON. Cl'RTIS W. HINTON. ROBERT T. MIPPLER. C HAROLD HIKSCH. JANET L HOBBS. ELLIS H. IIOIH.KS. HAVARD E. HOFFMAN. ALBERT H. 350HOLDER. THOM AH J. HOLMES. CHARLES W. MOLT. ANN HOOK. BRVKRLY A. HOOK. I.I TIIKK II. HORN. MEN J. HOROWITZ. HOWARD HOUSTON, DONALD K. HOWARD. JOHN S. HOWRI.L. I.KAMON E. HOKKIJ, R. LOUIS HUBSCHMAN. CAROL K. HUOlilKS. ROBRRT II. HULL. ELIZABETH A. HULL, JACQUELYN HULL. JOK 8. HUNT. PATRICIA A. HUNT. RICHARD R. HUNTER. FOSTER V. HUNTER. JANE W. IIUN .IKKR. J. HAROLD IIURNER. ROBSRT E. HURST. ELIZABETH A. HUNSET. WII.IJAM D. HITT MESON, CHARLES E. IIVATT. RALPH P. IN IMG. ROBERT I. INGRAM. FRANCI8 C. INGRAM. ROY L. INOCCO, AI.RRRT P. IPFGUI. HERN AN IRONMONGER. CLARK W. JACKSON. TERRY JEAN'. CHARLES P. JENKINS. MARY J. JERNIGAN. MARION V. JOHANSON. GORDON M. JOHNS, OLGA JOHNSON. HELEN A. JOHNSON. JAMES K. JOHNSON. JERRY R. JOHNSON. PIERCE JOINER. VICTORIA M. JONES. HOMER T. JONES. LEE B. JONES. PATRIA I. JONES. PHYLLIS II. JONES. ROBERT C. JORDAN. CARRIE N. JORDAN. GILBERT M. JORDAN. JEFFERY C. JORGENSEN. ANN JOYNT. JANINE W. KALTENBACH. JOAN T. 351KARPENKO. VADIM A. KASCII. ARTHUR R. KAXSATLY. EDWARD M. KATMOS. JOHN C. KEHOR. ANNE L. KENDALL. JOAN KENOAI.I. ROBERT I). KENT. JOAN Y. KIMSEY. MARJORIE K. KINO. CHARLES E. KINCHAM. JOHN R. KIRKLAND. ALICE L. KITTLES. WILLIAM H. KLEIN. JOHN H. KLORPKIN. GLADYS KNIGHT. DONALD C. KOONTZ. D. EDWARD KRUGER. JOSEPH M. KRl'M. MORROW S. KUBKRR. KENNETH A. KUNE. A DOLE A. KI'SSNEIL CONRAD L. I. noRIli:. MARGARET A. U CHANCE. MARY E. I.ACY. RI KSKI.LE R. LAMBERT. RKULAH II. LANGHEIN. JOANNE M. WILLIAM LAWRENCE. CLYDE R. I.EIIRON. PLACIDO LSETH. JOYCE UEEVRC. THOMAS C. LEFT. ALLAN LKITNER. HELEN LEINnACH. JOANNE D. LEINBACH. PAULA II. LEUEGANC. JANET A. LEM A. ALONSO LEONARD. CHARLES C. LKUNIG. ANN H. LEVINE. SHELDON J. LEWIS. PATCHES LIPPINCOTT. SYLVIA C. LIKA. CARLOS 8. LITTLEFIELD. RALPH II. LIVENGOOD. IDA M. LOCK. JOHN K. LOCKE. OLIVE C.LOVETT. CAKSIK LOWE. WADE W. LUIT1CH. MARGARET E. LYNN. BKTT1E J. LYONS. CHARLES R. McARTHUR. WAHE H. McCaffrey. joy McCUJRE. JOHN K- McCOLLl'M. MARY A. McCOKMICK. JOHN H. McCRORY. JAMES A. McCULLOUCH. JL'STINK H. McCUNE. ANDREW K. McDonald, j. kohert mcdonalo. hiriam McGRII'F. MARILYN J. MtKEITIIEV. FRED A. MCKNIGHT. JAMES R. McMANUS. DONALD M. McWilliams, ronai.d k. MmcKIE. JUNE A. MACY. HARRY MAC.ANN. ROBERT L. MAGOON. ROBERT C. MAHAEFEY. ANN MAINOUS. PATRICIA J. MANCHAM. JEAN D. MANNING. JAMES A. MARCUS. GKRALO L. MARKOWITZ. HAROLD r %es!imen MARKS. J. BARTON MARSH. JOY MARTIN. E. S. MARTIN. EKED K. MARTINEZ. CESAR MASTERS. WILBUR W. MATHIS. LEON E. MATRANGA. PAUL ». MATTHEWS. CHARLES A. MAXEY, ANN A. MAXWELL. BILLY J. MEEKS. BARBARA A. MEIS. DIANE V. MKNHII. RICHARD L. MKYDKECH. ANTHONY L. MEYER. BEVERLY J. MICH IE. JUDY A. MICKLER. SUZANNE C. Mil.HAM. MARCIA J. MILLER. EDGAR S. MILLER. SARAH K. MILTON. JAMES K. MIKKELSON. JACK F. MIMBS. DARA R. 353MIN BAR. CHARLES W. MITCIKU. JEAN C. MITCHELL. JOSEPH K. MITCHELL. MATTMRW W. MIUU, WILLIAM I. MOBKRLKY. JAMES O. MOEKKTT. CAROL I». MOODY. PATRICIA C. MONROE. JEAN MOORE. DON K. MOORE. V II.MAM T. MOORE. WILLIAM T. MORRE. BETTY W. MOREHOUSE. WALTER II. MORRIS. MIRIAM B. MnSKS. MARTHA M. MOSLEY. ROBERT E. Ml'RPHY. MARY !.. MIRK AY. DOTTIK Ml'RRAY. MACK R. MUST AR ELLA. CON MB T. MYERS. JAMES K. MYERS. THOMAS L. NAN ICES. SIDNEY NEEDLE. JACK L. SETTLER. JOAN NETTI.KTON. PATRICIA K. NEVILLE. PAULETTE A. NEWTON, JOHN W. MKDLINCRR. CAROL K. NORRIS. RIIODA K. NORTH. CECIL T. NORTON. WILLIAM E. NORWID. CHARLES K. SOUTH. MARY E. NOVILLO. JORGE E. KURSKY, RONALD C. O’BERRY. PHILLIP A. ODOM. HARRY W. OlKlNOOHL'E. EDWARD V. OLLIFP, ROBERT I. ORAVKC. ELLEN E. O'RIORDKN. JERRY M. ORIt. KARA C. OTTO. ELI ARETH OVBEt NANCY M. OWEN. EDWARD C. OWEN. RICHARD M. I'ACKLKK. PETE PACE. RONALD A. PALMER. ELAINE PARDO. ALBERTO PARDO, 111 ECO PARDO. JAIMEI'AKHAM. RICIIIK K. PARISH. DALE K. PARNELL, EDWARD N. PAXKTTI. MART L. PATRICK. EVELYN M. PATTERSON, JOSEPH K. PATTERSON. PAUL PAUt KATHERINE E. PEARSON. DAVID K. PEN AGOS. GUILLERMO PENNINGTON. GEORGE II. PEPPER. PATRICIA K. PEPPER. RONALD J. PEREZ. PRANK PERGOLA. JIM PERKINS. DORIS L. PERKY. HETTE HA PERRY. WILLIAM P. PERSONS. LOUIS E. PETERS. ANN PETERS. GORDON H. PETERSON. ROBERT L. PTE I PER. GEORGE W. PHILLIPS. ETHEL B. PHILLIPS. JAMES C. PHILLIPS. RICHARD W. PHILLIPS. RONALD L. PICKETT. JUDY K. PINKERTON. PATRICIA K. PITTMAN. CHARLES W. PLATTS. NORMAN W. PLOURDK. EDWARD II. POKORNY. IHIHIS D. POLK. JACK S. POLLARD. JIMMY X. POLLOCK. ARNOLD A. POSEY. CHARLES E. PRADO. CARMEN M. PRICE. JOHN K. PUXINKLLI. MARIANNE E. QUEKKMEYKM. ANNE K. READY. NORA A. REGNVALU JOHN W. REICHKR. MARK J. REY. ANDREW REYNOLDS, EKED O. RHODEN. BARBARA J. RICHARDSON. MARGARET A. RICHARDSON. WILLIAM E. KINAMAN. JAMES C. RITCHIE. MEMMA E. RIVERS. PEGGY M. RIVERS. WII.UAM L. HOIIIII NS. SHIRLEY C. 355ROBERTS. IIEIEN C. ROBERTSON. JO ANN ROMINKTT. NEIL J. ROBINSON. DONALD T. RODRIGUEZ. IIKNRY KOCUU, NORMAN I . ROC I E. EDWARD I'RANK ROSENKKANZ. STANLEY W. ROSENTHAL. JAMES M. ROTH. JI'DITH C. RoTIIWKLL. VIRGINIA II. ROl'TH. MYRTI.K J. ROWLAND. DIANE M. RL'DD. ROBERT E. SAAL. STANLEY RAINS. MARTHA J. SAKS, BARBARA J. SALOMON. JOHN B. SALSBl'RY. ROSEMARY SANCHEZ. KAYE K. SANCHEZ, GUILLERMO M. SANDERS. SHIRLEY W. SATTERFIELD. I'RICE K. SATURDAY. RICHARD L. SCHICK. ROY P. SCHLKIMKR. EDWARD G. SCIILITT. JOHN J. S« IIMIDT. TRANK C. M il NEI L. STEVE SCMOCOPP. JACK SCHl'LTZ. LEA S. SCHWAB. GEORGE R. SCIIWART BI RG. JAMES H. SCROGGIN. HOMER SEARIA:. ELLEN M. SCIIACKEI.roKD, IIAZEI. N. SHAW. JANE E. SHAY. JOHN E. SHEARER. JOHN A. SHEARS. PHILIP II. SHEPHERD. I HARI.ES V. SHERBURNE. BEVERLY W. SHBYIN, ROBERT L. SHI AFROCK. ART III II J. SILBRREISEN. ADEI.E M. SIMONS. SAMUEL Z. SIMPSON. ALVIN D. SIMPSON. JACKIE M. SIMS. HOWARD C. SINGLETON. ROBERT 8. SINI8TERRA. ALONSO NK ANSEL. SHARON E. 3568LEY. GEORGE 8. SLOAN. CHARLOTTE J. SLOAN. JO SLOAN. NANCY J. sMIETAN. IRWIN I-SMILEY. MARVIN R, SMITH. ARTHUR IL SMITH. BOBBIE A. SMITH. DRAKE SMITH. RLLOU0E «. SMITH. JOE S. SMITH. JOHN A. SMITH. JOHN II. SMITH. NICKY C. SMITH. I ATKKTA A. SMITH. PATRICIA ANN SMITH. RICHARD E. SMITH. WILLIAM M. a SMYsOH. CHARLOTTE SOLLEXRERGEH. JKAN SPAKE. NKI U. SPAKE. WILLIAM E. SPARLING. MARY L. SPKVAK. IRVING SPRINGER. PHIL K. SQUIRES. JAMES E. STAGG. CLYDE L. STANALAND. DONALD K. STARRETT. CHARLES O. STEAD. WKSSLAK M. STEIN. CLARA M. STEIN. K. HARBARA STEPHENS. 8YBIL J. STEPHENSON. HENRY C. STEVENSON. DANIEL J. STINE. ROBERT H. STOCK. HEM Alt STOKES. BERYL N. STALLS. ANNA I STONE. ALICE J. 8TOUP. JKAN M. STOUTAMIKK. OLIN T. STRAIN. HOBSON L. STRIBLINC. JOHN M. STRINGIEI.LOW. JIM SURER. HIED T. SUGGS. MARGIE A. SW ANSON. JAMES R. JtWEXSEN. BARBARA J. 8YN. WAI Y. TALBOT. JOHN G. ▼AYLOR. DOYLE TAYLOR. FREDERICK W. TAYLOR. ROBERT C. 357TKAT. ROBERT II. THOMAS. I’AT E. Thompson, iiirrri: u THOMPSON. JEAN C. TIIOKNIIILI. PAUL M. THORNTON, HAYWOOD R. THORPE. HOLLIS C. TIDWELL. SARA H. TILUKGKR. JKRKY l . TINSLEY. JAMES «. TIMIMAN. KAN'DRA TISON. HARRY P. TORRES. (.INMAN TOUH. PATRICIA R. TRAIL LOUIS TRASK. WILLIAM A. TRBKKLU PATRKLLA J. TKK.VAMAN. ROBERT P. TRINE. RONALD V. TROTTER. GEORGE 8. TROTH. EDWARD L. TUCKER. ANOTA E. TUCKER. BEAU D. TUCKER. JAMES L. TUGGLE. GWEN E. TURNER, MARGARET B. TUTTLE. H. JUNE UNDERWOOD, RAYMOND G. UI'HAM. NATALIE J. VALENTINE. ROIIEKT P. VARGAS. ISABEL VAKON. EDWARD VAZQUEZ. RAMON A. VENABLE. WILLIAM II. VERNIER. ROSE M. VON BARGES. IIKUniE VORDEKMEIKK. KENNETH F. WADE. WALTER K. W AGNER. P. W. WAGNER. PAUL II. WAIN WRIGHT, JOHN C. WALCH. PATTY ANN WALKER. JIMMY G. WALKER. JOHNNIE R. WALKER. JOSEPH S. WALK LETT. HILLY D. WALTER. DONALD I WARNS. PIIYLLIS J. WARINER. EDWIN M. WARINNEH. MARGARET W ARREN. JOYCE E. WARREN. PATH A J. WASMU8. ROBERT A. T. 353WATNU. I'AVL W. I.ATIMAM. BITTY L. WATSON. JAMES A. WAN. CAROLE J. WEAVER. JOYCE A. WEBSTER. JAMBS D. WEBSTER, LUCY M. WCDKI.1% ROSAM.NI H. WEINER. JEROME L. WELCH. JOHN I. WELSH. RAYMOND H. WEN KLU GEORGE R. WHATLEY. HETTY M. WHIG BAM. DWIGIIT A. WHITAKER. JOANNA WHITE. JOE B. WICKS. GLUT A K. WIDELL. MARJORIE C. WIENIIARO. JANE C. WILDES. OILMAN J. WILLIAMS. PHILLIP L. WILLIAMS. KOHEKT M. W ILLIAMSON. EDWARD P. WILSON. llAltllARA A. WINCHESTER. BILL It. WINNE. ROSS W. WISLKM. WILLARD E. WITT. HARRY CJ. WITTEN. INA M. WOI.EE. ROBERT J. WOODARD. CAROLYN L, WOODWARD. ROHKRT l . WOOTEN. TOM r. YAMHIRE. ANTONIO YAKCAK. CARLOS A. YATES. DAVID II. BANK. SIIEI.DON BANK. THOMAS L. 7EITLINCER. JOAN M. ZIPPKRER. VIRGINIA L. 359ANDERSON JOSEPH K. Ft. Wnltcm. Mil IV-H I’M: John Marahall Bar A-. .; Free.. I re»hw«ti 1 -: Sec.. Gator Party. AUSTIN. KEITH C. Crwn Coee Sprlnya. Udu TMt Phi; Jthn Marahall lUr Aaan.; L Apache; Scabbard A Blade: Infantry Aaan. HALES. LESTER Galneavlll (Fla«e » . MU Yheta PM; Jt A Marahall Bar Aaan. HMONSON, RICHARD A. UltUM. BROWN. CECIL II. Orlande. Delta Theta PM; J(Aa Marahall Bar A»a . CALDWELU ROY Wildwood. I'M Alpha Deita; Jchn Marahall Bar Aaan. A K».«M AN. MA N i M. JJJrJYm. y. Pre.- Florida SlwUm IK.Iy ; Hall of Kama; Fk-rrla Blue Key. ATKINS. ELWYN M. Treat.®. Delta Theta PM. CARLTON. DOUGLAS M- Leeabtinr. PM Alpha I Vita; FLA I-AW REVIEW ataff; Honor Court; Rd. ef Maater.: J.Ari Marahall Bar Am . COOK, MARIE I- OrLiukx Pr. . I’hl Mt Delta; Bd. of Matlrn; Honor C rt: IT.A LAW REVIEW ataff; John Marahall Bar Aaan. DAVIS. HAYWARD II. Lake Placid. PM Alpha I vita; John Marahall Bar Aaa .; Scabbard A Blade; llidee Chib: Infantry Aaan. DEM ETREE. JACK C. Phi Alpha Oetta; John Marahall liar Aaan.: Newman Club; Gxealiera. DITTMAR. C'HAKI.» II. Jaekaonellle. Editor. ELA LAW REVIEW ; Phi Alpha Delta: ML of Matter.; Job Marahall Bar Aaan.; I'faa, Jr. law CUaa: Phi Eta Sirna. ENGLISH. JAMES J. Weal palm Beach. Delta Theta Phi; Newman Club. ERICKSON. WALTER T. Veto Beach. Phi Delta PM; J « Marahall Bar Aua.; PLA LAW REVIEW ataff; PM Kappa PM winner of LOpce law Review Award, phi Eta f GRESHAM. TRAVIS A. It. Mycea. HALLMAN. WILLIAM H. Atlanta. Ga. Phi Alpha I Vita; Jobs Marahall lur Aaan.; FLA LAW REVIEW; Scabbard A Blade. HENRY. WILLIAM 0. K. Oeala. FlorH Blue Key; Ch.. Gator Growl ill); Piwa., ttyaia Alpha Epaiko aoelal fraternity; filter, '4 SEMINOLE; IMltcer, sUMMbK G» TOR (§•): Ktee. See.. BA of Student Pabtkatkaa (t -Sll; Pre... Slema Delta Chi; Pree.. Phi Eta Si ma; Dillon Arbleaemewt Cup: Phi I Vita Phi; Hall of Fame HORNER. WILLIAM J. JarhanaaCle. PM IVIU Phi: John Marahall Bar Aaea.; Newman Club. HOWELL. DEE CIIANXLOR Jaekaoaaalle. John Marahall Bar Aaaa.: Phi DelU Phi; PLA LAW REVIEW ataff; Intramural HA (tx.JO); Ilaeebua. HYMAN. SAMUEL Tampa. PM Alpha IVBa; V. Prc.. SENIOR LAW CLASS; Ch.. Traffle CoenL KELLEY, PATRICK A. Lceabury. Delta Theta I’M. KERR. JAMES KNOX JarkaoaallSe. Phi I Vita Phi; PLA LAW REVIEW aUff; ALIJGATOR aUff. OLL1FP, Et STACK A. Jatkacetvllle. Delta Theta Phi; John Marahall Bar Am.; Orientate™ Leader; Itarrhua: ALLIGATOR auff. OI.LIEP. HUDSON IL Jaekaonvllle. OVERTON. BEN P. St. Petrrabunr. PM Alpha I Vita; Alpha Kappa Pal; prea.’a Cahtaet 8ee. of Mea’a Af. falra) tib-Jl): Executive CVmclI. PANIELLO, JOSEPH M. Tampa. PRYOR. HARRY T. Stuart. Della That phi. RANDLE. Mil HARD L. JaebaooaUk, Phi Alpha IVita; John Marahall lUr Amo. RILEY. JOHN I- St. PKcnbwry. Phi Delta Phi; PLA LAW REVIEW ataff. KOSETTI, LOUIS C. St. V. If ... Phi Alpha IVita. 360 ROGERS. DOYLE Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Itite Key; General Ch.. lluiaeccmlay (SI); Ch.. Gator Sr” 1 Orteatalian 4«); Pm, p,P CTah; W» The fraternity (81); IRC Free. (IT); Hall of lame.SIMMONS. JANE l». » M IVJt Mu; FLA LAW REVIEW. sTAMATHLS. NICK E. T»n Sprt. ., FUaida IUm K«t ! 11 11 f ha . SWANN. WILLIAM A. Ocala. I'hl Alpha Delta. THOMPSON. JESSE J. Tamp . TIlnMSO V, DAVID M. I'M IWU I'hl; J« b Mamhall Bar Aaaa. TKI SUIN’. THEODORE M. Tallahaaace. M» MinUII Bar Amb.: Florida I'l.jrtra; CtnlWn. VCK MKLI.r. L. B. Vrro Beach. ■»« »• Marshall Bar A aa.; Nr. man Oib. WARD, FREDERICK J. Delta I'M. WEBB, PHILIP A. JackacavlU . WHITE. ROBERT R. Gained! . 361ABBOTT. IIAMI.ICt «. BARTON. Ml INS R. It KOOKS. RICHARD J. CARLISLE. WAYNE M. CLAUGIITON. KDWAKII N. COOPKKMAN. HAROLD I RKSPO-CI.AH . LUIS CROWLEY, EREDERICK K. DOMINICK, Jill JAN K. EDWARD . ROBERT ». KISH BACK. MARY JO Mil.HURT. JOHN M. KKATINC. RICHARD KILPATRICK. ROYCE L KRAMER. Kl HARD K. LANIER. DAVID F. MCDONALD. THOMAS C. MILLER. JACKSON II. r V i- 4 n D V £ : h it MOORE. GENE MCKKKI.L. RORERT G. OVERSTREET. MURRAY W. PATTILLO, ANDREW C. RATIIBONE. WILLIAM A. ROWE. BILLY L. v( III RK. DANIEL N. SHERMAN. WILLIAM E. SIMPSON. RAYMOND L. STURGIS. WALLACE E. WKISSING. LOUIS W ILLCOX. JOE C.ADCOCK. M l'll: K. IIARRON. m UI'XlY J. MARROW. WILLIAM t . RETTCHKR. WILLIAM L. BOYER. TYR1K A. nCARIOTTA. NIC K FLANAGAN. ARTIII'K A. GOLDMAN. JOEL L. HARDWICK. RICHARD K. JENNINGS. GEORGE G. JOHNSTON. EDGAR J. I KK. CHARLES R. LONG. RCH.KR . MICHAEL . BURTON M. NESBITT. JOK O'NEAL. SOLON F. RICK. DONALD S. ROWE. ( IIARM S I.. BINDER. NKD r. STKRN. EDWARD A. TERRY. ROHKKT TOLD. WILLIAM II. TROHN. R. L. VAN SKIKK, RllMKRT M. VMM.I AMS. RICHARD C. WRIGHT. WILSON W. YERCSY. DAVID A. .ACC HINT, RKNK A. 365 A ABBOTT. M. J. ... JU. 11 ABBOTT. C. W. ... .11. UJ. UJ ACCOKYI, 1 . K. J«» ACHEC. W. M. .. 111. Ill At KKK. W. It 112 At UNA. J. C ill ADAIR. 1. 1 .... JU. 11 ADAMS. A. E 11 ADAMS. It. K. J»l ADAMS. J. L. .. Ill ADAMS. J. y. ...UJ. SI ADAMS. K. T Jl ADAMS. T. T 141 Alt (H K. M. C. . . .... JO. 11 AIM IK K. J. A. ... .... JU. 141 AIMOCK. L. N. JU A HE. J. U 11. 241. 112 ADI EM. A. i. Ill A DICKS, R. K Jl . UJ ADLER. A. A : » AIDE. J. r. JO. J l AIKEN. W. C 141 AlKMAN, K. W. .. Jtl AM.KM AN, r. H. 1 4. JU 14 AKIN-', C. E ..14 J. 11 AKINs. E. M 14 A1 IIEKT. K 1 11 Al MEKTY. S, K .11 ALIIKIGHT. C. J. . .11. 2 2. ll» ALBRITTON. I. r..I T. 1 1 lit, 1 1 AMU ICV. A. L • . II . JO. m AUtlANIlKI. I . A. ..IIJ, IJ« Jtl ALFONSO, M. J. ...JU. HI AIJUKI). IL J....JO. Ul Al.tOHD. O. V..........Ml ALLA BEN, r. W...I» . Jll 1 1 ALLAHKN. J. Jll A I. LAN. G. T....Ut, Jl» Al l.UN A. C......JO. JJJ ALUN. B. J. :ri, :m ALUM. n. K.............JU ALLEN. »:. A......u . in ALLEN. 1..............JU ALIEN. J. D............JU ALIJIN. M. II.............JU ALLEN. S. H. . JO. 2 1 ALLISON. C. L... ....212. 2 1 ALLISON. J. M. .. ALLKTEDT. K. N. IT. 20. 02 Jll Al Ml lltA. S. 1» ALONSO. E ALONSO. T ....11 . Ul ALPSRSTEIN. M. 1 L. ..211. 2 1 ALHED. G ....21 . 2 1 Al.sMM IK. M. C. ALSMEY KK. R. II. . .1 . 41. 1U ....SI . SIT ALTMAN. K. S. .. 2 1 11. 211. 02 AMADEO. J. L. .. SI AMRROGNE. i. E. ....2T4. 112 CM KRONE. J. E. SI . Ul AMIIHIN. A. S- . IX. JM. Jtl AMOK. M. AMOKGEANOS. N. ANDERSON. A. P. ...2 4. 112 AND! KMIN. 14 S. 2 2 A Mil K'OS. G. K ANDERSON. J. K. } • ANDERSON, K. B. ...214. 112 ANDERSON. M. W JT . Ill ANDERSON. V It SIS ANDERSON. K JT ANDERSON. T. W. 22 . Ill ANDERSON. T. D. Ul. Ill ANDES. J. o. 112 ANDRADE. E. 2 1. 22 ANDRADE. G. 1 4. 1 1. II? JT 1. US ANDREWS. D. G. UJ Al'GAK. G. r. APPLEGATE. G. J. ARIAS. A. JT , 112 .2 1 ARMSTRONG. E. . . 21 . Ul ARMSTRONG. K. A. 211 ...l»«. 1»T ARNALU P. H ARNOLD. J. B. IM. 2 1 212 m ARNOLD. J. P ARNOLD. J. E. .. ITT. 2 1 ARNOLD. N. 1. . SI ANNOMI. IL II............1 . J»l A MON.SON. |l. B. ..UT. X21 Jfl ASA Ml. II...............J l Asm.H. II. L.............J AHRINC. J. ..............J»» ASKl.dI’. G. C.....IM. !M ATCHLEY. F. I-......JJJ. J J ATI lILKr. T. M...J «. JU ATKKK. G. N.............. « ATHERTON. r. W............JU ATKINS, I'. A............ J ATKINS. K. ..............»»• ATKINS. J. II........... l. HI !!«. J l ATKINS. K. E.............I«« ATKINSON. I, M............ M ATON. J. K.............. ♦. U ATTAWAY. i. A.............JM ATWELL. C. A.............»»J AUSTIN. K. C.......JM. JO AUSTIN. R. 1..... UJ. IM AVKRA. C. L..............Jl AVERT. W. J.............-JU. «J AVERS. . ................UJ AVERS. W. II..............JU B IIAUAK. A. .........IM. Jtl IIA1 IIM.OI H. D. ..J«. JO. Jl» BACON. ...........JU. JU IIA1 KIIOI.TZ. M. N.......« RAIMILATO, II. W. ......Jl RAGGETT. R. C. . «». JJJ. JU IIAGI.KY. I- L......JO. JM BAILEY. H. A......J . « BAILEY. II. C...........Jl BAILEY. C. W...... 1 J. JO IIAII.EY, C W...........Jl IIAII.EY. I). E...JU. JU HAII.KY. V. S...........J J HAILEY. J. K.......JO. JM HAII.EY. J. M.......JU. UJ HAII.KY. J. M........... J HAILEY, O. J............J J HAILEY. K- i............ «J HAILEY. M. ......JU. JJ JU. Jl HAIN, II. A....«J. Jl . Jl BAKER. B. J..............JU HA KIR. L. A........... JJJ MAKER. M C...............IM RAKER. R. M. .......... JU HAKER. R. W..............JO MAKER. W. ...............JM HAKER. W. I-............Jl HAI.AS. I- C......14 . 14 1 1. I J RAIMA A. S. I...........X4 BALDWIN. H. W............JU BALDWIN. M. E........IM. JU HI BALES. L................ «• BALL. M. R..............II BALU E. C...............J14 BALL. M. M....JO. J 4. JU BALLARD. W. II. ........SI BANACK. S. M. ..JIL JJ . JU BAN A. K................: : BANASZAK. M. K. .... 1 . JJ4 J « IIANDY. II. K. ...JU. JU IIARBEK. C. r. .. .XU. JU IIAKHER. R. R..... .Jll. Jl BARBKRKK. J. K...........JU BARFIELD. C. II..........JU BARGER, M. J.........JO. OX MARKER. J. 54. ..1 1. SO. J»I MARKET. !L K............ JU HAKKLKY. W. L.....IM. JU HARND. D. A...JO. II . JU BARNES. B. A.............JM BARNES. D. T.............JO BARNES. D. K............ IS BARNES. D. P.............US BARNES. J. R.........IM. JU BARNETT. J. C...........J S HARNETT. M. M............JU nARNCM. R. K. .....I . Jl HARK. K. V..............: 1 BARRINGER. C. A---JO. SI BARRINGTON. M. A.........UJ HAKKON. IK 1.............JO HARROW. E. J. ..JU. 2 2. JU HARROW. W. It.............SO ... it) HARKS. J. L.........SI . JU HARRY. R. J..............JU HARRY. W. J..............JU HAKTH. A. 0.............1 4 BAKTHOLP. D. A...........XU It ART IKiI.E. T. L. UJ BARTU ION. I i 2 2. 21 MARWICK. J. M. 11 IIARTON. Q. R, 211, 112 BASS. K- C Ul. 141 HASS. E M 241. 341 HASS. II 1 2 . 214. J»2 MASS. H. T 141 HASS. w. r. 242, 21 MASSINE. R. M. (I. Tl. JO IIATTAGMA. A. S. 41. 1 JT BATTAGLIA. D. E. UJ BATTLE. M. G. 1 3. 2 2 HAUER. K. O. 1 . » . 11 . 14 1 4. . 214. 2 2 BAI I.HAN. V C. Ul. 21 HA 1 MANN. C. M 22 BAXI EY. H. G .... 112 BAXLEY. K. A. UJ BAXLEY. W. H .2 2 BAXTER. J. A 11 HAY LENS, G. It 11 . 212 REACH. H. A 244. 141 IIEAIKD. R. W 2 2 HEAL. J. A. BEAU i. r WEAR LEY, T. J 24 . 141 HECK. II. A .... 141 HK( K. J. 1 2 1 IIECK. K. W HE KKK. G. E 2 2 HE KEK. P. D HE4 KEH. S HE kllAM. L. N. . HE4 KLKY, N. E. ?:♦. 24 11 HECKUM. J. T. ..... 141 MEEKS. C. A 112 BEERS. C. H. «• IIEGGS. A. II. 2 1. 112 Ill'll REV, K. I. .... 2 4 IIEI.L. C. E. 242. 11 IIEI.I . G. M 2 2 HIII.L. II. E. (1. 1 HEM. J- H II HEM. T.J. .20. 141 BELU W'. E. Jl BELLINGER. R. M 1 7 HELMS. D. S. . ITI BELOTSKY. s 14. 21 . 2 2 ItELTON. C. K .24 . 141 MENARD. E. J. --11 BENNETT. J. D. ..IT . ITI. 211 BENNTSON. R. T. ...JO HENSON. W. 14. (4. lit BENTLEY. E. R .... IIEKg'i.UND. w. K. :: 244. 2 2 BERGMAN. T- .l»». 221. 212 2 2 BERK. P ..... .212 HKKNHEIM. II. J. HI KNIE. 1 N. 22 Ill ItK11 N. II. S BERT. 11. C III. 1 2. 14 I»». 1 2. 2 2. 2J» HEKTII1 KM. P. P. 1 4. 112 BERT OSSA. II. D .22 . 242 2 2 BBSB8NT. EE. 24 . 211 BETHEA. J. K 41. 11. 212 II BETHEA. M A. ..IT. 11J BETTCBER. W . U . .... JO BETTS. W . f JU BETA J. C IT Ill VAN. H. J JT . 2 2 BEVEL. R. C. .. 242 MEYER. C. C 2 1. 2 2 BEYER. 1. A. 30. 112 in:vis, w. g. Ul. Jl BEXLEY. S. C 2 2 Kllll KEEID. M. 141 KICKEL. II J 11 . 2 1 HICKNKLU C. J Jl KICkNEM . C. E 141 HIE. C. II IT. ITI. 2 1 BIB. 0. N 24 BICGERSTAEE. L. R. 3 1 HIGGS. It. S .... m HIM, F. II it , it HILLINGS. R. U ii HILLINGS LEY. R 1 1 4 BILLINGSLEY. K 11. 1 1 IM, l»T IIIKtNGEK. W. M .... ....It MISIIOI . K. D. 14 BLACK. B. J.........JJ . Jl BLACK. G. I-...IX. I «. J4 IM BLACK. R. tt. ... II . JXl. SO HLACKSTKIN. B. I- . .JJJ. JJ BLAIR. E. S.........JII UL AIR. N. U Ul. Ul BLAKE. J. V. 111 It LA 1.04 K. R. . 11 BLAND. W. T. 114 BLANTON. R. P. 211 IILKI KNER. r. :i». 112 HI-EX. A. It 11 IILKNKHDRN. G. II. IIJ Ill It.II. T. K Ill IMBKRRY. W . II. 2«» BLISS. W. II 11 BUTCH. M. G... 1 1 BLOC K. L. J 14 BLOCKER. R. I . -111 BLODGETT, w . G. 2 1 BLOoliWORTH. J. . F. . 2 1 III.••oi » util h, L. A. UJ III.OODmOKTII. T . M. lit III.OOM C. M. so. lit Beyi m. c. i- ... . . «. Hi, lit Blow. j. i . 2. . 111 BLOWER. K. K. 112 Hoar..MAS. e. s 214. 2 1 BOHADILLA. U . 20. 11 IM K. D. D 1)2 BOG4.IO. II. C 212. i««. i J HOG.SEK. I I 14 HOIIHEN. J. r. .. .112 BOLAND. C. G. . .112 BULKS. H. C .24 BOLICK. W. T. .242. 1 HOI.IN. J. T 111 hull. m. a. Ul ROLLING. D. M. BOLTON. M. J ; ) BO.SIll. r. M. .... in BONO. |. D 2 1 HONSl.EY. V. G. . . IM. . Ul IIOOaKH. e. e 212. lit BOONE. K. C...It . JO. JU IIOONE. J. D............. 4 lloOMItE, O. II..........SI BOOTH, K. M.......» . Hi BOOTH. R. A...............JU HOO .KK. B. A....JJJ. JU HO KG, A. C. ..44. 1 4. IM. Jl BORLAND, J. I-......IT . Ill BORTSEWICH w : i llOSAXyUET. L. P. Jll. JO BOSS IE. J. M...........: 4. Sit BOSTELMAN. H. J..........Jl BOSWOKTII. J. M..........Jll BOSWomi. P. B. .... IM, 174 BOTTOM. J. A..............JO BOTTS. K. P..............Jl BOTTS. K. M..............XI BOUND. A. IL.............SIS BOUTEKSE. D. K....« . 241 BOWEN. II. G.....X . J J BOWEN. S. J.......JO. Ul BOWER. S..................UJ BOWERS. J. H...............M BOWIE. L. E.............. 1. JJ BOW LES. C. H.............U BOWLES. K. J......JU. IM BOYD. D. K...............Jl BOS ELL, R. L.............JM ROYER. B. R..............SI ROYER. R. J...............UJ ROYER. T. A............SO.SU BOYLES. J. A.............2 1 BRABHAM. J. R.............U BKADEORD. R. A. ... ] . JU BRADLEY. I. P. ..... JIJ, US RRADY. J. T...............« IIK AI DO. K- II.........1 1 IfMAKAlANN. II. E. ...IM, US US BKAMLKTT. J. A......... ,12 BRAN AN. J. J ............UJ BRANCH. C. E..............Ul BRANCH. D. P...........1 1. Ill BRANCH. L M.............JM. Jll BRANNINC. C. E. ....JM. Ul RKANNON. E. II......III. I»J 20. SS BKASSELL. P. W........JM. JM BRAWN. A. H...............JM MR AT. L. J..............S»J BRECF.R. J. E............2 1 IIMENNER. E. W...........Jll BRENNER. L. C........JO. 2»J RRESEE. D. K.............Jl BREWER. E. C...........JO. JU BREWER. L. P..........Jl . U RREWER. W. W...............m BREWER. P. V.............Jl RREWTON. A. B.............SO IIKICENO. C...............U BRICK. W. C..............JM. »• HKIIM.ES. c. j............T d. ui. m I1KIIH.ES. J. c...........U. JM BRIDGES. M. J...........T BRIDGES, T. M. .: i. j « BRIGGS. M. E 2 2 BRILEY. M. S. 11 HMIMBERRY. W. II Ul HR 1NSON. B. H 14 BRINSON. J. A. .... 14 BRINSON. W . Ii. .!»». 221 Ul. II BRI8SF.NDEN. J. C. . 144 IIKITT. i. II 121 IIMOCK. 1, A 2 1. 2 1 HKODIE. K. S. 2 1 KMODT, B. P 147 BRONSON. K. A ......IM BROOKS, C. C. .222. IB ■ 1 KOOKS. D. M 1 1 Brooks. II. K. IIrOUrS. K. J 1 2 HKOOKS. W. M IUCoOm, II. IE 21 . 2 1 BROWER. II. 1, » HKoW'N, A. »:. 2 BROWN. 1 1 Ill •MOWN. C. II 14 MKOWN. C. 4 244. 11) BROWN. C. M 2TJ BROW N. C. J Known, c. a 14 HROm N, D. E 141 IIKttW N. E. W. 11 Brown, g. C .214, 11 IIMOWN. J. J 11 14 0W N, J. A 14 IIROWN. L. I: 11 BROWN. P. A. -l»«. 3 1 BROWN. K. II IT. 22 . 313 111 MKOWN. R. J III. 1 2 BROWN. S. E 21 . 14 BROWN. T. M .2)1. )U BROWN. T. R 14 MKOWN. W. C 2 1 BROWNE. K. A. .-2 1. 322. HI BROWNING. G. B. ... .jj . i:« BROWNSTKKN. S. K. u MKOZ. J. J. 242. 2 1 BKUIIAREK. E. C IM. 12 2 1 BRUNER. C. W. Ul. XU BRUSH. F. L. .... 12 BRYAN. G. E .... : ) BRYAN. II. H 12 HRYAN. J. A..Jl . SO. US BRIAN. J. E..l»l. JU. Ul BRYAN. M. E..........Ul. Ul BRYAN. P. B..........JO. Ul BRYAN. T. r..1 1. 11 . U BRYAN. T. J............JO BRYANT. J. B.... JU. U BKYMAN. P. H........SI . SI BUCHAN. J. T..........IM Rim AN. J. C.... .... 1 1 BUCHANAN. R. ........JU Bl ( HOLTZ. M. N.....JU BUCK. C. IL.........Jl . 2 1 BUCK. II. K..........IM BUCK. L. A...........Jl nrCKIIALT. J. K......J l BUCKLEY. M. W....111. US HI'DNICK. M.........IT BUELL. B. A.........1 4. UJ BUIE. J. C.......... O MULLEN. D. R.........T . Jll Ul. U MULLOCK. C. A........JO MUMMY. K. J........JT . Ul BUKGDOKFF. C. 1--O. JT U BURGESS. J. M....IM. U BURGESS. W. r........1 1 HURGKAKT. R. A........Ul BURGSTINKK. C. B. ..Ul. Ul BURK. C. M....!• . II . U BURK. R. B.............JU BURKE. C. K. ........2 1 BURKETT. C. M. ..ITT. 2 4 BURNETT. K. P....JU. JU BURNETT. C. W....UJ. J l BURNETT. C. ..2 1. JU BURNETT. H. M........JM BURNETT. K. C........1 1 BURNS. J. A...........IM BURNS. R. C.....IIJ. JU BURNS. R. C.........I« RURPEE. A. L.... U . JU BURK. J. W...... U . 2 4 BURROUGHS. M. D......II RURKOWNS. J. C-- I«l. U BURTON. B. M--------IT BURTON. H. ... 1«J. JJ Index BURTON. 3. II JJI. JJ BUSING. K. III. 145. 1 2 BUSKER. S. II .... JU BUSSEY. V. A .... Ui MU VI IK. C. C jm. m IIUTI.ER. J. 1 - . 212. UI HI TLER. L. E. 211. JM BUTLER. H II 21 . UI IIUTI.ER. T. G JJI. UI IIYISGTON. R. W. . .. JJI. JJ BYRD. C. A. UT. U». JU BYRD. J. L. 1 . Jl . SU BYRD. It. 1 21), UI BJ ROM. M. J JM c CACIATORK. K JU CABLE. S. M U. IM. Ill 2 1. JTi CAPEEKTY. D. W. ... 2(4. 2 1 CAMS. s. ; . . JTI CAIN. VS D. Ill CAl A. 3. .... JJI CALDERON. P. 3. .. JJI CALDWELL, M A. JM. UI CAI.DW EI.L. R. A. JU CAI.DW ELI, K VV. 25 . UI CAI.DW 1 I L. V. VI JIT, UI CALL J. H. ... 1 2. 211. UI CALLAHAN. M. Y. . UI CALLAHAN. 1. V. . JJJ. JK (ALII II AS. A. J JU CALVBTTIX K. S XU CAMP. A. Y UI CAMP. J. P. ... UI CAMPBELL. E. M UI CAMPBELL. V. E JM. J12 CAMPBELL. 3. T 1 CAM PIUS 1 L. J. A :ii. jj CAMPBELL. M ■ Ml. 221 JJI. UI CAMPBELL. R. O 2 T, 252 1 1 CAM rift: 1 1.. S. H 22 CAMrilKI 1.. T. G . ... UI CA'IPB) II. W. 1 JU CAMPEIEI.H. A. H. JU CAMPION 1 . II. II 2 1 CAM POGAVIRIA. M. JM CANAl KS. A. JU CANNON. K VV. JJI. UJ CAKOVA. vi A. J2T. UJ CANTEV. 3. T JJ . JJ CANTRELL. M T. JJJ. JU CAPPS. C. 1, JU CARCABA, 3. H u CAREY. T. M UJ CAR LI ML D. VV JJ CARLIN. J. A JJ Carlisle, w. m. . . 211. UJ CARLSON. C. G. UI CARLSON. E. C. IM. JTJ CAR1 SON. M. A. JU CARLTON. D. M Ml CARLTON. P. Y. .... JU CARR. M. C. JIT. M( CARRASCO. L. JU ( APRATT. C. A. 2. I» CARR ATT. H. C. ..42. m JJI. UJ CARRERA. E 2 2. JU CAMION. 3. P 2 5 CAP ROLL. N. L. JJI CARRY. W. T ..II. Ill JU. SI CARSON. W. B. IIJ. JM CARSWELL. C. P. :i». 2 5 CARTES. D H r T. J 5 CARTER. Y. C. .254. JJ CARTER. 3. A. 252. JU CARTER. N III CARTER. R. C JJJ CART! M. W. E. 1)5 CAR, TURKS. C. A. .. 2«, JU JU CAsARKS. K. 3. ..HI. I««. |IT IB, l . . 151. 152 111. U«. 1 JT CA8BBRRRK. J. II. 211. JU CASEY. 3. 3 .1 1. U( CASH ION. M L. JJJ CASON. E. R JU CASON. I_ W Jl CASON, O. L. . 2 5 CASPER, C. K .... JU CASSIDY. A. VV .254. JU CAXTKLBLANCO, A. JU CASTRI LAN 1. E. r_ 2 CASTEI LAN'I. P. C. .. 251. JJ CASTLE. R R JU CASTLEBERRY. E. V . ... .2 1 CASTRO. T JJ CAUPIELD. D. C. .... .....JJJ CAVE. 3. V. .... JU CAVE. W. II .....JJ 1 AWN, G. 1 2(1. UJ CAWTIION. D. M III CERMAK. G- 2 4 CEKNCDA. D. C. .. . ... 214 CERKA. E. JU. UJ CHAPIN. M. II 24 . UT CHALKEK. A. E 15 . JJ. JU UJ CHAMBERLIN. C. II 41. UT CHAMBERS.. It. J. . .41. 2 1 22 CHAMBERS. It. 3. .11. UJ CHAMBERS. 3. C. ....XU CHAMBLISS. II. 3 T CHANDLER. A. K. ... .... JJI ( HANDLER. G. VV 1 4. J2I 24 . 2 5 CHANDLER. M W. .....»• CHAPMAN. I_ 32 CHAPMAN. K. t: JJI. 12 CHAKDKOPP. II. C. .. JIT ( HATFIELD. G. A. .. UJ. UT I HEATHAM. C. 3 .... XJJ CHEEK. S. . . . . UJ CHII AND. N. UT CHILD. 1„ M. ITI, UJ CHILDRENS. T. VV. IIJ CHILDS, D. 1- UJ I 1111 DS. VV. T UJ CHILES. A. II ....JIJ CHII ES. 3. W. ... .. UJ, UT CHII KS. 1 IJ4 CHIPMAN. E. C. . 21 ( HIPPS. T. II. . .144 CHI8SOM. H. S JJJ. JIT CHOqCETTK. J. IJT. IM 2 5, UJ CHORPENING. E. A. Jl CIIKVST. 3. M UT CHURCHILL. R R. ......1 4 CLANTON. V. 1-.... .... JJ CLANTON. 3. D. .... 1 4 CLAPP. II. .... UT CLARK. A. 1.- :»j CLARK. II. V 44 CLARK. II. Ii ......2 4 CLARK. C UJ CLARK. P. E. 1 1 CLARK. G. J .2 1. JJJ CLARK. J. II. UI CLARK. M. A II. JIT. JJJ CLARK. P. A 2 5 Cl ARK. R. C .... UT CLARK. W. C .211. JU CLARK, vv H .242. UT CLARKE. 3. R. UI, 17 CLARKE. K W. 41 CLARKE. VV. P. UJ Cl APJCXON. II R .... UT CLARY. C. K .... UJ CLAUGHTON, E. N. 1 1. 21 UJ CLANTON. 3. 1- . . .... JU CLATFOOI K. 3. M. . UT CIE«EVT. R. R UI C PM PVT. W. J Ml. 214 Cl » MI NTS. A. E JJJ. JJI CLEMENTS. B. W. 214. JJI Cl IEEORD. V. K. ... JU Cl INC. A. R U4 CLINE. V. 3. 44, , JU. UI ciorsEB. R E. In CM CAS. S. W UT COBII. D. K U« CORII, E. E JM. JIT COBB. 3. E Til. Ml • OHM. 3. A . JM. Ui COBH. P. 3. 24 . U4 COBH. R 1 COBO. 3 JU COCHRAN. D. P III. JJI COCHRANE. 3. M. . 12 COE. H. 1 IM. 14 . 142 COEEEY. J. 3 UT COFFIN, E. E JU CO REMAN. |„ H. III. J21 COFFMAN. P. R 214. UT COHEN. A. K. ...JIJ. 241. U COHEN. A. 1 ... XU COHEN. C. 1- .24 . U4 COHEN. 3. O .... 2 4 COHEN. M. 1 ITI COHEN. S- P UT COI.MATH. 3. E XII COI.BERT. 3. 3 ..(1. JJI COLE. II 11 JTI. 2 4 COIE. C. E JJJ. 2 4 COI E. E. E 2R . 2 4 COLE. N. M. 141 COLE. V. V. UI COLE, W. L UT COLEMAN. E. S.........ITT. UT COI.EMAN. E. A.............Ul COLIMAN. H. «...........nt. m COLEMAN, I. A. ..174. U4 COLEMAN, 3. D........... .JIT COLEMAN. J. W........ • . 212 m COLKN. D.................24). 2W COLES, L. O...JTi. U . UI COLLAR. C. D..............JIT COLLK. K. H...............JIT COLLIER. B. 3....JIT. IT COLLIER, M. W. ..24 . JTI COLLINS. B. E.....« . JIT COLLINS. B. I ............JIT COLLINS. E. C..... .It . Ill COLLINS. II. A............1»» COLLINS. T. H.............JIT COLLVM. II. S.............JIT COLONBY. W. C........... .244 COMBS. B. 3................1H CONDO. 3. K................IM CONDON. R- 3.....ST. JIT CONCKK. M. L....2» . JIT CONLEY. R. II_IH. 1ST. IK CONNELL. A. M............XI . 394 CONNER. C. C..............394 CONNER. K. C..............1 4 CONNER. D. K..............US. JIT IJ». JM CONNOR. R. L. .. JR». J44. JM CONTRERAS. N. A........... JM COOK. I...................II. JM COOK. M. L................ IM COOK. N. W........SI. JM. JJI COOK. W. C................1 4 COOKE. J. M..............JTJ. JTi COOKSEY. A. J............ J « COOI BY. M. U............J'J. JIT COONEY. T. C-IM. JJJ. JJI COONS. L. A...............1 4 COOPER. C. Y.............IIJ. JJI COOPER. T. 3...............JM COOPER. W. IL.............Ill COOPER. W. 1 ............ JIT COO PERM AN. M............JI2 COPELAN. E. M............ IT OORAOCIO. M. A. . .. JM CORELKY. W. H. JJI COPET. C. S...............IM. JIT COREY. J. I............... UT CORNELIUS. C. S.III. JJI CORNELL. I). C.......JJJ. JJI COPKEA. I ................I»J CORK I (.AN, C. A....1 1. JIT COXIO. II. II............Jtl. JJI COSTELLO. D. N........44. IIJ JJI COSTINK. D. R.............JIT COTAREI.O. B. R..JM. JIT COIN PON. E. A........... JJI COTTER. D.................J J COTTLE. B J..............JTI. UT corn , W. ...............ITT COULTER. R. I ........... JIT COUNTRYMAN. 8.....Ml. JIT COUPLAND. I. r........... JIT COURTNEY. C. D........... J T COWART. I- D..............J T COX. D. W................144. UT COX. II. I)..............J» . Jl» COX. M. E.................JJI COX. W. E................II . J T CRAMPTON. L. A.IT . JJI CRANE. CRARY. E.............IIJ. IM. JJI CRAWEORD. W. E............JJI CPEDLE. P. L..............JM. Ml CREEL. C. A................JM CREIGHTON. J. II..JJI. IM CRENSHAW. E. B. ..........Ill CREEPS. D. C..............Jl CREAON, R. W.............JJJ. JJI CRESPO. I................ IIJ CRESXE. 3.................JIT CRESSE. 3.................JJI CREWS. J. r..............JJI. UT CREWS. W. C................UT CRIBBS. W. R.....I T. JJI CRICHTON. V. E....Ml. UT CRITTENDEN. K. M...........UT CROI.L. I). 1.............1 1 CRONE. P. K...............JT. JU CROTEAU. R. 3............III. J T CROUCH. L. T..............4 . JU CROWLEY. Y. R.....Ml. M2 CROWLEY. 3. L.....Ml. 2 T (PI M. D. A................JU CRUM. R. O.................UT CRI MBI.EY. W. ...........JU CRITTENDEN. A. I-....JIT I Ml SELL. 3. M............SU CUELLAR. V..............JJJ CUEVAS. C. R...............JU CUPFKKN. C. C.............!»» CULP. R. B. ..............JIT CUMMINGS. R. C... « INKLE. A. C. ,M.II« CUNNINGHAM. C. CUNNINGHAM. I H ’ Mi CUNNINGHAM. 3. A CUNNINGHAM. K. E. CUNNINGHAM. H. W. 15» CURRY. D. K. CURRY. E. II. CURTIS, D. H. CURTIS. K « CUSTER. K. P. C7ERWONKY. R. R. .. III. 14 D DACY. V. R. JIJ. 2 T DAEEIN. C. K 1 |. UJ. 1»T DAGOSTINO. A. L. DAGOSTINO. 3. A 14 DAIILDERC. D. A. .21 . 1»T DAILEY. E. E. JJI DALHO. J. S. .. JU DALEY. 3. Y. JIT. XU DALTON. N. C J . JJI DAMPIEK. W. It III. 1 T DANIEL. K 1 4 . J T DANIEL. T. W. . . J T DAN 1 El . W. R Jl . IJI DAMEIH. II. • . UT DANIELS. N. R ... SI DANIELS. W. C. 242 DA NOS. L. A. DANT I KR. K. 24 DARLINGTON, M . . SSI DAPXTKIN. II. P UT DASHER. II. A JM. XI BASINGER. M. I_ ...JJI DAT 7, H JTI. SU DAI (ill ART V . A. R. XU DAY ID. C. L. 141 DAVIES. II. T. ... UJ. JM. J T DAY IES. D. R. . UT DAVIES. 3. W. . . UT DAVILA. G. H. JJI DAY Is. A. W. Jl . U DAY IS. C. M Ml DAY IS. c. r. JIJ. 1»T DAVIS, r.r. 24J. UI DAY IS. D. ... UI DAVIS. D. V 244 DAVIS. D. 3 2 4. Ml DAVIS. D. S .... XI DAVIS. E. Y . DAVIS. E. 3. DAVIS. Y. S .... 224 DAVIS. II. A JU. UI DAVIS. H II. DAVIS. 3. M !• . XJI DAVIS. 3. V .144. I4J DAVIS. J. C M DAY IS. 3. I|. 2 2. UT DAY IS. M C JM. UT DAVIS. M L. 41. XU DAY IS. M. A. JT . XII DAY IS. M. E. ..III DAVIS. R. P. . XU DAVIS. K. D 154 DAVIS. K. A. . JX . SU DAY IS. S. N 2 1, 1 1 DAY ISON. M. J. . ut. m DAWKINS. P. K. I«T DAY. K. K 24 DAYTON. B. 1 1 «. UI DE AKINS. W. C JU. XI DEAN. R. A. JU. XI DEAN. V. A. XJI DEANS. II K. J»T DEANS. W. VV .... XU BEARING. E. E. ... UT DEAN E. C. 54 BEAVER. J. W. 2 T DKBEY'OISE. D. T. . . 44 ID Bill.T. K. C 1X1 DEBS. E. V UI DECKER. M. A. . 44 . j:». jji DEE. M. J T DEE III.. LI JJI DEES. M. 3 IT . ITI DEFRANCO. L . UI DECROW, m M. UI DBGTOEF. K. V M DE LA PI EVTA. 3... I . J‘» DEI.APCE VTE. A. U DELATORRE. M. P......! T DEM HER. R. A.......24 . JJI DELEG At. J. I- ..JIT. 24 . JJI DEI LINGER. K. Y......JU DELOACH. A. L.....211. UT DELOACH. R. D.........JU DEM ITT REE. J. C.....M DENTNCTON. W. T.....J»» DENMARK. II. A DENMARK. P. L DENNY. C. II DKNXHIMKK. M. L. .. DKKGAKKY. W. T IDSIID RIO. R. J DKTIIERO. 3. II. DKTWEILKK. J. S. ... DEI LIN, J. M DEVANE. K. J DRV A NR. J. A DEY EN Y. K. II DEW. J. E. DEWAR. A. E. DEWBERRY. D DEWOLP. M. L ...44. DIAMOND, r. JU Jl HI. SU 41 1 1. JIJ JU JU III. JJI B). U» 2 2. SU 24 JU 2 1. JU ■ JIJ. UI JU ■ JU. JM m. j « ui. ui iti. m DICE. D. E . ..JU Dll REI MAN. K. D. M% DICKEY. D. A. Dll Ml VI S. A. R IM Dl( KINSON. II E JIJ DICKINSON. 3. II JU. JU DH KKON. It. J. . ... U4 DIEHL D. I» 41 i. 4t. m JT . JJI DIETRICH. J. V. UJ DIETZ. D. P. .1 4. ju. :u DIKTZMAN. 1 C. it DILLARD. J. A jjj Dll.LINGER. W. L. U . UI DILLON. R- M. J T DIIXAY EH. C. E. Dll J AY EK. P. C. DIMMICK. G. M. JU Ill MICK. 3. W. II. Ill DIMODI GNU. N. DIMSKI. 3. C u . u DIM'KI. J. C. . DINKI-AGE, R. P. ... UI. JM UI DIPPY. K. II 311. U DIPPY. W. E. ITI. U DISMUKE. J. W. III. U« DITTMAK. C. II. DIXON. G. C. U. 54. JJI DIXON. L Yt ....III DIXON. P. A. . J . JU DOAN. N. A JIJ. UI DOMNEM. 1, D. DOM.NEK. S. S. . DOI 1, E JU DOME Y KO. C. DOMINICK. 3. K. ... ...IJI, IS UJ. 14 J DONALDSON. D. G. III. 2 4 DONNELLY. 3. M DOVTER. E. DOTHEKOW. B. A. UI. U« DOUCHTEN. W. C. IHIW. A. 1 J « BOWK. C. E DOW LING. J. II. m. ju DOW 1 INC. M. J. ji» DOWNING. G. IU DOW NS. K. D. IB IMIVLE. J. 3. . XU DOYLE. II. M JM. UI Dll AGO. E. O. JJI DltAKK. D. T. JU DRAKE. II. K. ... 1 4 DRAKE. T. P. . . II . u DKESSI BR. 3. R. J5J. JU DREW. A DREW. W . Y. JU DRIGGERS. K. O. ... .21 . JU DKIS4 Ol.l.. P. 3. m. JU DRIVER. B. J :• . ui DRIVER. R. B 144. 2 4 DltoEGE. E. A JJ DIT'EII 1 . P. A. U DI EHU, H. Y. 4J Dl'EEY. J. A. DU PORE. K. L. 24 . UI Dl EREsNE. I . 1.. UI DI GGER. 1. A DUGGER. H. R. 1 « DI KE. O. C 24 . 2 « DULANEY. 3. I». .JU. 3 1 DUNAWAY. E. R. ... ..IU. JJI JJ . J 4 DUNCAN. W. It JU. JM DUNLAP. 3. G. :i . ui DUNN. 3. B . IU DUNN. M. A .. IT . 2 4 DUNN. T. H 25 . U« DUNSCOMBE. II « 2 Dl PEE. P. D. . JM. J « DUPREE. J. A. . JTI. UI Dl KAN. U« DUKKEI U W . S. . .241 Dl RSIIIMEK. M. U u« 365Index DUTTON. M. 8. IM DUTTON. R. r. .. .... Xlt. 1 DUX.'TAD. 1- K ■ ■■ . 11 DVORAK. F. J. :tx. sm DWOSKIN, A. XI DWOSKIN. D. Xlt DT ER. F. C. XIX. x» I»1 KK. K. L. .... 21 mBL W, B..... IM. Xtl. XM DYKES. II. M :» . x » DYKES. It. A. .. ii. xii DYKES. O. C ... Xtl. XXI DYSON. K. K Ul EADS. D. IL It . M . lit EADS. D. W. Ill EARNEST. P .... II EASON. C. C. 1 1. IM EASTERLING. I . A. ..... SI F a si Moore. E. 1 2 EATON. B. J. .. tl. 11 F.CONOM. 8. .....,2t KMINOMOI . K. X EDDLEBLI TE. 8. E. ......11 EDEN FIELD. E. R 11 EDMONDS. J. 7 m EDMONDS, M. O. m EDRIS, II. P IM EDWARDS. C. 1! m EDWARDS. 1. K. m EDW ARDS. 1- R. lit. Ml EDWARDS. R. S. lit. Ml EDWARDS, wr. || 111. 2M 1 EFFRO.N, L. tl. 112 EGGER8. L. E IM. 1X2 EHRLICH. II. i. lit I IKK MO HG. W. S. IM EISENSTADT. M M. Xtl EKLUKD. E. C. Ml ELAM. J. H XM KI.18CU. N. E III ELLIOTT. E. W XIX, XI EI.I.IS. C. 1- XI ELLISON. G. L. 1 7. :xi. ELLSWORTH. W. W. . w. m ELLYSON, K. C. Xlt. MX FI-MORE. C, U its, SI EIJTTON. R. D It . 1|» EMERSON. J. C IM. x«» EMMETT. W. S. it , nx ENG. W. Y 1 1. XM. 1 » ENGR. N .... Ill ENGEL. T. V. lt ENGLISH. J. J .... It 1 N KK. M. xrx. mi EN KR. P. A 1, 1 4. 1 1 KFPKI. 1 J IM. XM EPPEI.E. P. M .... 1X1 ERGI.E. C. L. 21 . 2 ERICKSON, w. T. ... .... St I RICKSON. W. A .... 1X1 KRIK8KN. W. T IM KS4URAK. A m ESPOSITO. R 1 1. SM KSSICK. M. L. Ml. SM FSTAIIKIHIK. J. T Ill KTTKDGUI. M. O IXX RYANS. M. L. . 11 EVANS. R. A IM EVANS, w. r XJ1. JM ElERETT. G.D. 111. X» EVERETT. J. 8. .... JM KYKSTONE, R. E_ IT . JM EVE LI S. J. K 1 1 FAGAN. II i- .... i Aim v, I....... faiimy. V. I . iaikiiei.o. n. K. I .VIKl IEI.D. J. II. • AIRMAN. R. L. FALI-STROM. K. 1_ I AMMKOI I.ll J. W. I AKIN AS . W. R. .... FAKIIKK. C. A.... I AMK ANT. V. C. ... FARRELL, J. »•... FATIC. J. H...... I AI I KNIK. R. II. . • FASTER. J. I.. ... FKASTER. J. M. ... EE ILK . R. J____ KKINMCRG. A. D. ... FEINGOLD. L. E. FKI.LNER. A. E. .... FElJiKE. J. K. IKNDKR. O. II. mtaiMN. j. t. I EKKEKI. r. 8. . EFRRERO. A. A. FKT EK. A. e. fezzes. n. t. FEW, W. C. Ilf AKKOTTA. N. FIELDING. It. s. IIKI.UK. II. R. ... FICt'R. 6. L .... Ill I KK. C. I-- I'lI.OMEN A. r. I- FINCH. H. r.... FINCH. R. M. ... FIN . A......... FINK. II. W.... I INKFI . R. 8. .. FIORKNTINO. II. i hm ii»:r. k. n.. I is III k c. E. . II'IIIIACK. It.. FIKIIIIACK. M. J. m. sit .... ill hi 1 1. xi» ..... .hi :n. six ..... ui mi. m ....m .... i ... m :ix. hi ... mi — u ....m ....m ____ui n» in. m .« . w FISHER. II. J.... FIRMER, J. K. ... I I'll I K. I. A IIT I.KKAl.ll, J. FLAGG. N. B__ HAMMER. K. F. FLANAGAN. A. J FLANDERS. C. D. Mini. J. W. . FLEECER. D. F. FLEET. M. H. .. FLETCHER. L. B. FLETCHER. R. J. FI.INTA. W. E. FI IPSE. R. F. ... rLOWKRS. II. 8. I LOWER'. R. J. . non. i- r. i MiTii. j. r. FIAIVU. R. J. .. FLYNN. N. T. .. FOGLE. R. G__ FOR. i. T.... FOLEY. U. W-- FOLGIIR. g. m. . FUOR. W...... FOOTE. M. I-- FORU. D. .... FORD. J. R.... IOMTNKR. W. R. FOUTER. Ii. L .. MINTER. H. K. FOSTER. J. R. ... FOSTER. J. C. . it inter, l. c.., FOSTER. R. D. .. FOI TCH. I . L. . FOWLER. H. R. FOX. D. M.... FOX. H. 1.... FRANCESCOS'. I FRANCIS. J. t. FRANK. J. R. . FRANKLIN. J. D. FRANKLIN. R. E. FRANKLTN. G. FRAME. R. J.. I R AKER. G. C. .. FRASER. Y. L. .. FRAZER. C. D. .. FREED. D. J-- FREEI.AND. W. I FREEMAN. E. C. FREEMAN. M. J. FREIMAN. N. J. I RI GGER. K. P. FRENCH. J. E. ERKsK. J. R... FREUND. R..... FKICKE. C. C_ II EKIDY. II K ll GILLIC. D. A. .... Ill 22 . Ml. »» 1 till Kill IM. J M .... 2 2 I.Il l IG. ). L. 11 1 I IIIKIll ANKER. E. W. I GILMORE. J. M XM E II 272. I»» GILBTRAP. K M 111. 211 v m FRIEDMAN. R. J :t«. it 1 1 A. MT 1 KIKDMAN. K. D. • IM. 2 1 CINCRAS. G. J. 211 Ill 211. IM GINSBERG. H. J. .. 11 11 FRIEDMAN. S. 1 111. Ill GINSBI KG. S. E. ... 11 E. M . :ir IM GIRARD. II. J .... 2 1 1»» FRIEDMAN. W. M. 271 GIVENS. W. D III 1» FRIERSON. K P XU. 11 Gl Al V. J. 1 2» : t.ii FRIESEKF. O. C .... Ill GI.A'IK. J. B 27 m 1 RIT . K. L. 211. 122 CLASSIER. K. 1 .... 1 1 Ul FROM IIEK. N. T. 7 '. ft. »' GLATTLI. M. J 122 I» . Ml 122 GLEASON. K J. 2 1. 122 111. IM FRI MKE8. M II IM CLICK. K. B 2«» Ill FU ENTER. E. F .... 122 GUCKSTEIN. C. II X72. lit 21 . SSI I 1 .l ■, D. ... 22 GLOVER. F. M 2 1. 112 2 II I.MEK. J. T. .... M GODFREY. J. W ..... 222 m El I.MEK. R. G. .... Ml GODWIN. V E. 11. X. »1 Ill FI QUE. J. D. 21 . St» 111. 121. 27 . Ml Ill FI KHEK. E. C 2 2. SM GODWIN. U. G. 11. :ti. in tl. 11 . 2 FVTCH. A. K. . 2M, IM GOET7E. K 1 2 » 11 FI Tl M. S. K 277. 11 GOFORTH. A. II. ... 211. Ill J 1» COINS. C. C. .... .1 1 Ml. 11 GOLKIIKKG. 1 lit 111. lit. Ill GOLDEN. M. II .1 1 X (j Mil.DEN III AN K. VI 2 1. 122 Its GOLDMAN. C. K ......Xtl K. . MS. I» GACHE8. A. F. Hi. 2 1. SM GOLDMAN. J. L. ... ..... Ml 11 GAINES. F. II 17 . 171 GOLD3BY. M. A ..12. Ml m GAIN 12 . J. II ITT, SI GOLDSMITH. N 2 1. 122 in. m GAINES. J. tl. SM GOLDSTEIN. M. N. . 1»» i i. : GAI.ltREATII. W. C. 211. XM GONZALEZ. H. .1 xn. r»» GALINDO. O. J XM GONZAI IV. J. V. . 2 7. 112 w : GALLAGHER. F. ■ SIX GONZALEZ. J. A. 1. Ill M. 111. 2»» GALLAGHER. J. P. 2 1. Mi IM. 1 . 1 1 .2 1 GALLO. II. D. D ». IM GO.N AI IV. N. 1 IT . Ill 112 GALLO. K. A. Ml GOOD. 1- r Xtl. Ill 1 1 1 GALLO. T. 217. )M, SM GOOIIIIREAD. V. E. ......JJ2 -Ml GALLOWAY. If. E- ... 212 f.(MIDELI.. II. r. 11 . t . I » .... XM. 1X1 GALVIN. K. T. 22 . 122 111. 211 111. MS GANDY. J. D. . 211. 122 GOODING. C. T :i». in .’»» GANEY. 1 11 GOODLING. D. 1 I . 2 1 ..? . 111. Ill GANN. H. A. 11 221. 211. Stl i ». :i». i i GANI S. A P 111 GOODLING. H P. 211. Ill xn. lit GARCIA. A. J .. 1 1 GOODSON. I_ M IM. 211 :i . xi . in GARCIA. A ... SM GOODWIN. T. R 2 1 . ii GARCIA. L. ... IM COODWYN. M. A. . . -Xtl. Ill Ml «. K. IA. M. MX COOLSHV. M. »l. 121 ii GARCIA. N. ... Ml GORI ZVNSKL J. J. . ... 221 7 GORDON. J. C. M. 211. Ml IM. 111. Ill GARCIA. K. J. SI GORE. F. D It . Ml ... It , lit GARCIA, tt XM GORE. G. II iti. it: 11 . It GARDNER. II I. .... IM GORMAN. I. D Ml Ill GARDNER. D. M. 27 . IM GRAF. E. A. . .... 2 1 2»» GARDNER. E. K t . us GRAFF. R. T 21 . Ill Xt GARDNER. I- J. it: GRAHAM. J. tl. lit. Ml 11 CKAHN. W G. • . l«l 12. HI. X» GARNER, r. G. MS GRANGE. M. E. Xt . 11 1 9. Itl, )«• GARNETT. R. R .... 2M GRAVES. J. R .... x:i u . :•«. it GAKRIHON. C. C. Mt GRAVES. K. k ..... in ii GARKON. J. B. .... 2 1 GKAW I T. O. J ii . it. i t. m GARVIN. J. B. .... 122 GRAY. H. 1 IM. lit. m 1. H. .... l » CARY. N. E. . 211 GRAY. J. II 211. lit in GASKIN. J. N. .... Ml GRAY IIII L. F. S. 2 2. 1 1 hi GATES. J W . .... IM GKE O. D. A xn. in 14 GATZi G. L. XM GRECO, J iti :i . It GAT .. J. 1- 171. 2 1. 211. 122 GREEN. B. U 177. 11 i». It . IM GAUTIER. J. K .... Xt GREEN. J. L. 211. IM .... lit. )M GAY. R. M ...... .... 122 CREEK. J. J 1 1 Ml. 11 GAT. v. e. . .... IM GREEN. M. 1 lit IM GAY. R. It .... IM GREEN. K K. 1X1 i. .. 2 1. Ill GKHERT. J. K- .... 122 GREEN. S. E. lit Ml GECKLER. J. W. .... 21 . MI GREENBERG. M N. IM X»X. Ill GEIGER. 1. H. .... 122 GREENE. E. P. .. XI . Ml IM GEORGE. D. A 21 . IM GREENE. C. 1- 111 MX. IM GEORGE. J. 1- .... IM GREENE. G. A. 2 4 • 111. 2 2. Ill GEORGE. L. W ....221 GREENE. J. A. 11 L. IM GEORGE. W. C .... Ill GREENE. J. N. 11 IM GERARD. J. S .2 1. 122 GREENE. R. D. SI .tft GERBER. M .... IM cmi:mi:DIR. r. SM .1 1. 1 1. 2 1 GERRON. J. S. 17. 122 GKFFM.FAF. R G. 121 M . IM CKTZKN. II M Ml. 122 I.KFI'NLUND. O. F. M . Ill :m. :i GIIIOTTO. K A. fl« GUI IN STEIN. C. . 111 IM CIIIOTTO. T. A .... 1 1 GUI ENMEIN. II .. IM 2 1. Ill GUI HONS. J. I- 2 2. Ml GREKNWALD, J. A 21 . JM .IM GIIII.IN. j. r. I» . 2M. Ul GREER. A. N. Mt XII GIBSON. II. It. IM GREKSON. D. M. IM CTKSON. J. II 21 . lit GREESON. W. L. ... SM XI GIBSON. I_ L. . .... Ill OKI Ml K. G. T. IM. x»« GIBSON. R K. • . 1 . IU GRESHAM. T. A. -IM Xlt, 2 1 GRIFFIN, J. W » Ill GIFFORD. II. II 211. Ml GRIFFIN. J. L. X‘» GIGI.IO. V. E. 211. Ml GRIFFIN. J. C. ... x:t. in fill.IIART. I . II. 111. 2 1 GRIFFIN. W. L. .... ?»i. ii GILBERT. A. .... 2»« GRIFFIS. 1. II .... :t». si GU RU MT. C. 1 2 1. Ill cim »mi k. e. .III. IM. Ill GILBERT, i. M .... : 1.KICC. O. L. IM. 111. Itl GILBERT. 1- H II. in. i»i 1.1(11 1 S. J. VI X l. Ill itl GRISSOM. J. A XT . Ill GILBREATH. K. V. it . ] i GRONUUIST. C. F. IM GILLESPIE. J. T .SM, IM GROOVER. J. I Xlt. Mt GROSS. L. II.....It . Ill GROVES. M. J. 111. 2» . 1 1 GRUBER. P. R. ....... lit gi arim o. r...... :«i grcmem. II. A.... xtx. in GIKNN m................ GUCEL. J. A....II. w. Ilf XI . 1 1 craroRD. j. M.....m. in GUNDERSON. 8. E. . Ml. SM GUNN. R. D....IM. III. Ill GUAKDO. J.......... 11 CURITZ, D.........111. IM GI'8TAF80N. C, J..IM. IM Gl STINGER. A. 111. 111. IM GUTHRIE. K. II ...... Ill Gl TIERRE , J......lit GUTIERREZ. I- 111. Ill H HAUER. II. D............IM HACK ORTH. W. L........IM HADDEN. 1 D IM, 71 . l.i HADDOCK. R. L.....IU. |»1 I . HI. 111. 1 1 IIAEFNER. C. I-- 111. lit IIAGAN, U......... 11. 1 | CAII AN, L............ 11 HAHN. J. M........... (I HAILEY. W. M............IM HAIMOWITZ. J......I . 1 1 IIAINE8. I.. D...11 . 1 1 HALEY. J. C....II. 111. 1 1 HALL. A.................Ml HALL. C. HALL. C. L........1 1. 1 1 HALL. D. E.............Ill HALL, J. M.....m. 1 1. lit HALL. J. B.............Ill HALL. J. L....Ml. lit. Ill It . 111. IM. IM. It IIALL. L. L...... Ml. Ml HAIL. M. T.... 11 . IM HALU 8............ 11. IM HALL. V. L. li HALLMAN. W. H.____II . It MAI.PKRN, A. .2 1. Ml IIALVORKKN. C. 8.......!»t MAI BAND. R. E 11 . Ill HAMBLIN. M. C....21 . Ill HAMILTON. U.„ .HI, Cl HAMILTON, D. T... Ml. Ill HAMILTON. P. A..........IM HAMM. A. K. .. XI . JM Hampton, p. w..... 1. i « MX HAMPTON. T. M.....IM. Ill lit. IM HANCOCK. C. R...........MX HANCOCK. D. M.... Xt . IM HANCOCK. T. A.... It . XXX HANDMAID. J............!» HANDLEY. L. H......M. 1 1 HANLEY. C. C...........Xlt HANLEY. E. M.... X X. SIX II ANNUM. M. E. ......XIX ■ANNUM. 8. E......X t. Xlt HANNUM. W. |„ M. IM HANSEN. C. N............Ml HANSEN. K. M...........1 1 HAI-slv . i: : l UnH B. V. 2 1. Ill HARDEN. C. M..........II HARDMAN. W. M. lit HARDWICK. R. E. ........Ml HARDWICK. 8. H.........XI HARDWICK. W. C.........XXX HARDY. II. F.....X»l. lit MARE. II. P.............MX HARKINS. M..............Ml HARLEY. M. L.....2 1. 11 HARLEE. E. B..........Ill HARMON. B. A.....Ilf. IX Xlt. lit HARNED. C. L..... Stl. IV HARPER. A. K............Ml HARPER. E. C.......111. Ml HAKP8TBR. F. M..........Ml HARRELL. F. D. 11. It . Ml HARRELL. R. K...........MS IIVKKIMAN. . A........SM HARRINGTON. J. X.......121 HARRIS, C. II..........Ml HARRIS. F..............Xlt HARRIS. ||. C...........IM HARRIS. M. M.... 2 t. IM HARRIS. M. E...It. IM. lit HARRIS. M. J.... XU. XXX HARRIS. P. 1....2 1. XM HARRIS. S. L.....Xlt. Ml HARRIS. W. L.......... XII I 366Index H a it lets. w. L. ... 10: It AKItlSON, I:. X l. in IIAltlCISOS. . C........XV IIAKKISON, II. C. .......»l HARRISON. M. It. ..It , m IIART. K. L. .............MX IIAKT. O. P.............1 7. XI IIART. K.................XX IIART. W. G..............XV IIART. W. r............XII IIARTI'OKII, C. L........XV HARTMAN. J. II. »?f. Ill l X. t«V. XX.1 HARTNETT. R. A.......X7V. XU XXI IIARTXV 1C. E. C. .....X X IIAKT" 1C. It. I„ ......XV ii a it v : 1.1.. E.....XV IIARVBT. •. U.......:u. TV HARVEY. L. II........... X X IIA8UI. O.................MX HAT HER. M. I'.....XI . X X IIATHCOCK. A. W......... XX HATTON. J. K..... XII. X X IIAWKINS. A. M. . ..XU. XXI HAWKINS. J. K.......... X X II AX KS. J. A.......... XXI IIAY MAN. L. B. ... XV . XXI MAYNER. II. A............XX IIAYNBS. G. P. I » HAYNES. R. B. . XXV. XI IIAYWARO. C. A. X J HAYWARD. M. S............XV IIAXRN. J. E......1 1. HI HE ACOCK. F. W..........X X HEAD. P. E.............XX7. XV HEADLEY. II. M. XII. XI IIKAI.D. A. V......XU. X HE ARNE. W. D. Id. X(l IIEDI.I'ND. It. C. .. IM IIEKNAN. It. B. X X IIKIiSTUTTER. J. C.......XV HEINE. M. W. .IV IIKI NT . K. II.........XX IIEISI.ER. N. C..........XI IIEIT .MAN, I. A. .. XXX IIEI.I.ER. J. A......... XX IIKLI.INGKM. »!. II IIX. X X IIAl l.MAN, R. E........X»X IIIII MS. A. I.. I»X. X X 111:1 vih. D. p.... : ». xi7, xxx HKLVE8TON. r.f. .......xx IIEM3BN. E. XXI HENDERSON. A. .. X X HENDERSON. R. C. .. X X HENDERSON. M A. J". 1 1 RlNDBR8OX. P. A :•» HENDERSON. T. E.....II. XI XXX HENDLKY. A. C............XV HENDRIX. J. A............IV IIENDRYX. M. J.....:»X. XI x x HENRUII'EX. I). K XIX. XV HENRY. M. M..............XX IIENRY. W. O. E. M. III. SI XX IIENSEI.. R. S. .. 1 1 HENSLEY. P. D HEPINSTALL. D. K. XI . XV IIERENDEEN. E. R. XXI HEKLANDS. M. J...........XXI HEKI.ONG. M. A. V . 7. 2 1 XI HEKI.ONG. W. P.....SIX. XV HERNDON. A. I............XV HERNDON. S. I .....XI . X«X HERKirK. J. K............XI HERRING. A. M. II. XIX. XXX X l HERRINGTON. J....... 1. XXX HERRINGTON. T......XX . X X HER . S........... X77, XXX HESTER. G. L......XI . XI HESTER. J. D. . Id. Id. XXI HESTER. R. E.......Xll. XV HEWITT. R. E.......... .XV HEWLETT. R. P. ..........I«» HIATT. C. P........XI7, XX HICK AM. J. A............XX HICKEN. It. T. ...XI . XI HICKS. R. I-.............XI HICKS. C. S..............Xll NIGGINIIOTTOM, J. M. ....XIX XI HIGGS. I'. M............XIX HIGHTOWER. A. G. XXI. XIX HIGHTOWER. R. P. I . XI HIGI.KY. R. D............XI HILDRETH. H. R. XT . XXI IIILCENDORF. II. M. . X J. XV HILL. D. R...............XX HILL. D. J......... Id. Ml HILL. G. J....... Xll, XI Mil.!., M. J............ XXX HILL II. K...............XX HILL. J. W ....XI HILL. K. A. 7VV. XI IIII.L. S. Y. I IIII.L. W. C. XV HILTON. M. A x x IIIMKOI . Yt It. ?». XX him:, p. k. ?!?. XX HINES. J. P. XV . XI HINES. J. W. .... XV HINKLRY. C. E. xxx HINSON. C. YV XV HINSON. G. Yl ::«. x i HINSON. R. II. III. 2X« HINTON, K. T. 71 . XV IIII'PI EK. C. II. XVX. XV HIRES. J. II. It . It . Xll IIIRSCH. J. 1. 1C . 1 1 IIIMXCII. J. L. XV IIIKSCIIAUER, V. E 1 1. xxx IIISI I K. C. C. ... XI HITi IICOCK. L. J. .... Id IIITt HISS. G. E. IW HITT INGEE. J. J. :«?. i»t HOBBS. E. II XV HIM K. J. W. ......2 2 HODGES, A. P. • XXX HODGES. H. E. .11 IIOEQUIST. C. E. XI . JJ1 HOPEY AN, A. II. Id. Id HOFFMAN. A. 1.. in. x x IIOFFMAN, l . II.. It 1. 7 . IX m. xx HOFFMAN. G. :? . xxx HOFFMAN. J. K. IV HOFFMAN. J. K- : » IIOGSETTE. K. II. l»V. xxx HOLDEN. M. E .... x x HOLDER. T. J. ... XSI IIOLDERMAN. C. C. It . 1 1 lltil.EY A. P. S. XV . 1 1 HOLLAND. R. D. 1 1 HOLLAND. R. E xxx HOLLINS. R. 1 : s. x«i HOLLOWAY. D. ... XX HOLLOW AY. E. 27 . X«1 HOLMAN. II. II .m HOLMAN. N. T. 1:1 HOL.MHKKG. A I in HOLMBKRG. A. II. Xd. xi HOLMES, C, W. ... XV! HOLMES. K. C. ?X‘ HOLMES. YV. B. I V, . I J. 171 HOIST. J. G. 117 HOLT. II. J. V . , Ml. 117 IIOI.T. P. A. . 1, . 70. Ill HOI APEEl G. YV .171 HOOK. It A. s:». in HOOK, M. .171 HOOK. I.. II. xn HOOK. R. K. 117. Ill IIOOKI It. J. IL Xd IIOPSON. II. C. . . 1X7 HORN. B. J. I?X. Ill IIOKNHI.’CKLE. J. W'_ XI X X HORNE. D. T............XX7 HORNE. T. B............Ml HORNER. W. J..... Jd HORNSBY. J. S..... XXI HOROW ITZ. II. XI . XVI IIOHTER. II...........JJT MORTON. J. P. .71. »». |Si 1 1. XV . I X HORTON. P. K..........Ill HOSTKTTKR. »'. I„ XV . X I HOl'GH. W. M...........X» HOI-SAND. W. r..XXI HOI’SE. B. I..........Ill HOUSER, J. C..........lit HOUSTON. D. K.............XVI HOWARD. B. J. ............22? HOW ARD. J. S.............XVI HOWELL. A. M........XM. X X IIOWELL. D. C.......Xll. Id HOWELL. L. E. . XI . XVI IIOWELL. R. L.........1VI HOYT. B. P. XV . T«! HOYT. P. XII. XX . XX? HUHIIAKD. P. S............XX HIKER. A. C... XIX. X«l HI'HER. G..................»? lirnSCIIMAK. C. K.........Ill IIUDGINtt. K. II. . .XXX. XVI HUDSON. I.. W. 7 |. | l HUDSON. M. K...... ? V HUERTA. O. ... XX7 hupp. s. y............... xxi IIUPP. w. P... Id. 1 7. X 7 X«t HUFFMAN. 9. N. .. v . 1 1 HUGGINS. P. L. IIV. II . II IV . IVX HUGHES. T............|»|. jj? HUGU. J. R.............. XX? Ill'Ll. K. A..............XXI HULL. J...................Xll HULL. J. ■...........XXI lit'LUIIAN. P.....I«| III MMEI- M. J. 1. 1 7. XXI HUMPHRIES. H. L...XI? IIUNDLI'.Y. J. i;. I»T. X« XXX. X4I lit NIM ItW ADEI . O. K. ...XU III III NGEREORD. II. B.17 III. XJ7 HUNT. J. W .....X«l. Ill HUNT. P. A. . ........XVI HUNT. K. IL ......Xll. XV! HUNTER. P. V........XVI HUNTER. F. C. XV . Ill HUNTER, J. YT. ?»l. XVI HUNTER. YV. A........XI7. X l 111 NXIKBR. J. II...Ml IIUKI.KHAUX. E. II..XM IIUHI.EHAUS. J. P. ..XI . X l IIUKNER. K. E...XIX. XXI IIURST. A. It. . .... X 7 HURST. E. A..........XIX. XVI HUHsT, J. W...........XXI III ItW IT . R. s...xrx IIUSA. W. J...........x»» HUES. R. B...........XV . XX? HUSSEY. J. D.........XI . XJT HUSSEY. W-. n.. ....XX . XVI HUTCHESON. C. E...........XVI HUTCHINGS. G. M......I HUTCHINSON. ». N. . .Xll. X«l HUTCHINSON. M. A......X i XX? HUTSON. . D..........XX? HYATT. R. »'....... XVI HYMAN. II. D. VI. IM. Xll XXI. X V HYMAN. H.............X V. XI I IMRRF.Y. K. . X??. 117 INDIG. R. 1. XVI INGRAM. D t;. !«X. XXV INGRAM. P. « 111 INGRAM. I!. 1 . XVI INK. S. K. 1X1 INOCCO. A. P. 111 INSI.EE. l. yy. 1 1 IRA. S. It .... XV . XX? IREGC1. II. Ill IRONMONGEP. C. YV. . . :x» 7 7. XVI ISKKHARDT. 1 J. It ISKIN. E. 17. «V. 11 . IM id. 1 1 IVERSON. J. IS. X l. XXI IVES. E. N. 1 1. xd IVES. T. YV :v . xx? IYF.S. W. M, , «» '. ?• IY EY . M. |„ x :. xxi IVEY. T. O i«i J J All AKA. K. W........171 JACKSON. D. 1.........1 1 JACKSON. »'. D......Id. I«V XI7, XI? JACKSON. P. M............XX? JACKSON. II. G________ XII JACKSON. J. W.......IM. XX JACKSON. J. A..........XXI JACKSON. N. A............X?» JACKSON. N. E............XIT JACKSON. T.............XVI JACKSON. T. A. . 1 7. XM JACOBS. A. M. XXI JACOBS. M. II............XXI JACOBS. P.............. XIT JAPPS, L. L........ X7X. XX? JAMES. C. W.............XM JAMES. M. A....... X»V. XXI JAMES. R. W..............Ill JANES. R. I......... 1. X V JEAN. C. P..............XVI JECUSCO. T. 8..........XXI J KM ISON. M. XSI JENKINS. E. S. .1X7. IX . X l JENKINS. M...............XXI JENKINS. 1. J. . XVI JENNINGS. C. G...........1 1 JENSEN. I . L-.......- IS JENSEN. R- K...........XXI JEBSTGAK. M. V.... X . X X XVI JKRNIGAN. W. II. .. Xll. XIT XXI JIMENEZ. A.............Xd JINKS. J. B.... JOCA. J. G..... JOHANSON, G. Yl. JOHN. P. It. . JOHNS. C. J. ... JOHNS. O. . JOHNSON, A. I- . JOHNSON. II. T. . JOHNSON. C. G. . JOHNSON. C. T. . JOHNSON. P. C. . JOHNSON. G. C. . JOHNSON. II. E. JOHNSON. II. A. JOHNSON, II. D. JOHNSON, J. B. . JOHNSON, J. It. JOHNSON, j. JOHNSON. L- l . JOHNSON. I. K. JOHNSON. L. C. JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON. M. E. JOHNSON. P____ JOHNSON. R. P. JOHNSON. R. T. JOHNSON. 8, C. JOHNSON. T. E. JOHNSON. W. I.. JOHNSON. W. C. . JOHNSTON. B. J. JOHNSTON. K. J. JOINER. If. R. .. JOINER. O. |__ JOINER. V. . JOLLY. R. H. ... JONES. B. M. JONES. C. M. JONES. C. »'.... JONES. C. I____ JONES. C. K. ... JONES. I . J..... JONES. K. I'. JONES, P. C. JONES, G. W. ... JONES. H. T___ jones. 11. r. . . JONES, II. T. _ JONES. J. R. JONES. J. M. ... JONES, I- II. JONES. I. M. JONES. I-. I. JONES. I II. JONES. K. C. JONES. T. A...... JONES, YV. R. JORDAN. C. N. .. JORDAN, G. M. .. JORDAN. J. C. . JORGENSEN. A. JOKOI.AN. E. P. JOY. N. R..... JOYCE. M. E. JOY NT, J. W. ... JUDGE. U. W____ JUMPER. A. N. .. JURADO, j. N. .. JUST1SS. YV. A. ....Id .....I V .XV . XVI .1 1. i»V .....SM .. 1. XVI XVI. XXI IS , til .in. m .xi . 1x1 .....«i ....XV . 1 7 ..........1X7 ..........XVI .........1 1 ----XX . Xll ..........XVI ..........1 7 ..........Ill ..........VM ....XI . XI? .....111. XXI .....XXI. XX? ..........XXI -----Id. Xll ..........XIX ..........XXI -----XXV. XX? ..........I » ....:♦?. 121 .....XII. XXT .....1 7. I X XXI. Xtl .1X1 .... XX . XXI .....:» . XVI ..........XXI .........xvv ..........Ill I . III. Id IM, XXX. Ill .....I . X l ...........ux ..........u ..........1 1 .............. ..........1 1 ...........X l ..........XXI ...........Ill .....IM. XI? .....XVI. XXI ...V . V«. Ml .....X» . Ill ...........Ill .....XV . Xll ...........XIX ...........XXI ...........Xll ...........XVI ...........Ill ...........XVI ...........XI ........... .... id. xii .....XIX. XVI ...........XI ...........IVI ...........XXI ........... K KAEGI. It. M. .... KAHN, C. »•.... KAHN. M. A...... KAHN. M. R..... KALRJL U........ KALI:It. W. T.. KAUM.KIDIS. T. . KALTKNRAUlf, J. KANNER. R. A. ... KAPLAN. A....... KAPLAN. K. D. KAPLAN. M....... KARPEU E. V. KARPENKO. V. A. K ASCII. A. K K AKSATI.Y'. K. M. K ATIII A. J. J. K A Tit. IIA k. M. K. KATKOS. J. G___ KAUFFMAN. G. B. KAUPMEK. G. P. . KA .IYIAR. A. r.. KA MIRd. M. KEARNEY. J. »'. . KEATING. K..... KEHOP. A. 1..... KELL AM. B. W. .. ■ Xll. XI ......II -XU. XI T.........x: ....l?V. 3 ....IM. y 1. vx. X Id. K .....VI. E xxx. 1 • IM. I III. XT. KELI.ER. !J. T ,, » KEU EY. P. A Xd KELLOGG. C. II. XX KELLY. 1. P. .. Xd. Xll. XXI KENDALL. J. ... ,. xd. xvx KENDALL. R. D. xvx KENNEDY. D. II. X KENNEDY. II. C. .. 1 1 KENNEY. IL T 1 1 KENT. J. P IM KENT. R. B ....XI . 117 KENT. H. G. .. . . « . :«?. x i KENYON. R. P. ... ... XVX, 1X1 KERNS. K. J XM KERR. D. H -Xd KERR. E. R. XXI KERR. J. K .. XV . XV KKTCIIUM. YV. R. » KII III, J. R. . ... :•?. xd KIESKI.BAITI. C. A XXI KILPATRICK. IS. L. .MX KIMSKY. M. K. .... ....MV, XVX KING. C. K. . .. xvx KING. C. A XX KING. C. W 1 1 KING. J. L. IM. Id KING. R ....IM. XXI KING. W. C IV KINGIIAM. J. K. . xvx KINNEY. R. A. Xd KINSEY. W. It ... asr KIRK. T. S. ...XII. XX? KIRKLAND. A. 1. 1X1 KIRKLAND. M. C. . .17. d. d 111. XU KIRKPATRICK. A. L. ..VX. V KIRKPATRICK. J. 1 1 mkm HKER. F. R. Xd KISHNF.K. 1 . Xll. XI? KISSIIAt'KK. D. .. ........ XX? KITTLESON. IL M. Id. I«V KITTLES. W. H. ....III. xxx KLEIN. J XX1 KLEIN'. J. II xvx KLEIN. M. J MV KLEIN. W. K Xtl K 1.0NTS. C. 1 1 1 KLOREKIN. G. ... xvx KNAHR. M. A. .... MV. X?« KNAPP. K. T Id KNIGHT. C. P, ... .x v KNIGHT. C. r 1 1 KNIGHT. C. U .....xii. x v KNIGHT. D Id KNIGHT. D. G. •.. • ux. avx KNIGHT. D. P 371 KNIGHT. J. M Xll. Xd KNIGHT. I.A. :• . xd KNIGHT. M. A. Xd. Xd KNIGHT. II. D. IVX. 1 1. 1 2 KNIPPKN. It. A. XIV. XX? KNOWLES. D. C. .....XX . 117 KNOWI F.S. J. II. XX . XX Id KNOWT.ES. J. II. . XI . XX KNOWLES. L C. . Id. Id KNUTSSON. K Xd HUGER. B- H 1X4. Id KOHN, B 1 1 1 KOONT , l». E. xvx HOPE 1.0W IT , M. ..V . 1. IM XXX, 77 . MV KOWKABANY. d. a m KOW KAIIANY'. P. MV KRAMER. R. K. MX KRAI HS. K.C. ... .777. Xll KRAWC VK. J. W". . M? KREPS. J. D xi?. :u. xx KRIST. P. J Xll KEONPKLD, E. N, Xd. X KRUGER. A. M. .. 77 . MX KRUGER. J. SI. .. ? •. xvx KRUM. M. 8. 1 J. xvx KRUSE. M. J VI KUKKKK. K. A. .. XXV. xvx KUMI, R. D XX KUIATIIN. B. A. .. XX KUELMAR. K. D. XXV. Xd KULP. E. L. .... XT . XXI KUNEMAN. M. A. .... 17 . XX KUKZ. A. A xvx Kt Kill. J. J .... XM. 2 7 KUS8SER. C. L xvx Kl TROW. J. K. .. X l. XXX. Id KYNES. J. W Id L I.AHORDE, M. A. X«l. IVX I.ACHANGE. M. E. XVX I.ACY. R. R............ »l I. AG A NO. A. J.... ! ♦. l X 367Index LAGAKXa N. II............U7 LAIS. N. I. 121 I.AKK. P, H..............Ml l-AKP, L W..............Ill LAKES'. K ........1 1. 241. 1 1 I. A Mil, K. I-..........Ml I.AMII. M. N.............«l I AMB, M II.........17. Ill I.AMil, K. W..IM. ]«l. It I. AM|lA« II. A. I..... It I.AMIILKT. H. II. .214. 1 1 12 I.AMI’MAN. P. M....2 1. 11 I.AM K. I. H. ......14. Mi LANDIS. I . A............IM LANDRUM. M. I........... Mi LANDT. I». »'............Ml LA Mini: IN. K..........Ill LANCIUCIN. J. M.........112 LANT.rOMD. W. r.........Ill LA NORTON. K. It. . BM I.AMLII. II. r.........111. 142 LANKroRD. IL 1..........2 UNT7. J. II............. •» LAI'KAIIII, C. W...111. Ill 111. 111. Ml I.AML’AI . J. N......... 21 LARMON. K. C............21 LASSITER. K.............Ill LAS8K. W................Ill LARTINGER. D. R..........U LATWn. a L........ »•• I.ATOI R. A........... 241. Mi lAl'MIA. V.........Ml. Ill, 21 LAVINIA. M. .............Mi LAV. II. M. ........... 221 LAWLESS. K. T........... 1 LAWRENCE. C. K.___IM. 21 112 I. AW MIN, C . II. 111. 22 111. 1 LAW MIN. J. P........... 21 LAVTON. J. I- ... 4 . 211. 11 LEA. R. P...............11 I.KAI II. A. W. 41. 11 . 171 LLACII. R. M............. 2 I.EACH. 8. II............Ml LEACH. W. LEAP. M. J.... 14. U. 121 LKAll'll. G. I'. .IN, 121 LL A I’ll A NT. C. N. . .214. 121 LEBRUN. I ............. 112 LEE. C. N.............. 17. Ml LEE. «. E...............221 LEE. J. II. ............Ill LEE. K. WT..............|fI LEE. N. E. ........211. 2 1 I.ELDER, M. E...........2 2 I.EETII. J..............112 LETT. A.................Ill LEEE. L II. ..1 1, 2 1. ill LEEP. M. K...............Ml LEPKOW. 8. II............IK I.KFKow. M. C...........11 UHOH. M. E............ 1 1. 221 I KINHAI II. J. II.......Hi LEINHAI H. P. M..........Ml LKLSFGAN'G. J. a. . Ill I.EITNER. II. C....217. Ill I.EIVONEN. P. A.......Ill I.KLAND. H. N...........2 1 LENA. I EM ARCH AND. L..........m LEMON. R. ||...........241. 1 1 LENT. H. C.........212. 1 1 LEON. A. 8...............IM LEONARD. A. M...........1J« LEONARD. C. CJ..........Ill LEONARD. D. Q. .... .«. in LEONARD. R. A. .........Ill I.EP8. V. 8. .11. IM. Ml. 1 1 I.ETO. A.............. 24 . 11 LEI NIG. A. H......... 2 2. 112 LEYANONI. Y..............2M LEVENSTEIN. L I.........Ill LEVEEETT. C. E.......... 1 LEVINE. R. ........| |. 21 LEVINE. R................if LEVINE, ft. J...........212 LEVITT. M. II...........22 LEVY. K. I„.............|2| I.EW I8. D. .............U« LEWIS. D. k.............|»| LEWIS E.................DO. JM LEWIS. E. D.............22 LEWIS G.................1?. l « LEWIS G. K. .............IM LEWIS J. II............21 . 121 LEWIS I.EWITT. H. B. ....241. IM LIDDON. M. E.............IM LIGGETT. J. U...........jjj LILES W. A. ......II. |U LIND AC, A. H. |M LINDE LOW. C. W.........212 LINDSEY. R. E. 211. 2 4 UN II MCII. T. M. . .... 114 I.INEIloCK. IL .... 24 LINK. K. P 221 I.JI’PIN OTT. S .. ......112 LIKA. C. S Ill I.rTTLP, K. 2 4 LITTLE. L W. 2J2. Ill IITTLEC IIILD. J. A. ua I.ITTLEP1KLD. K H. 112 I.IV INGOOD. E. II. .... Ill IJVENCOOD. 1. M .... 112 LIVINGSTON. II. N. . lt LIVINGSTON. J. E. .... 22 LLEWELLYN. W. II .... 211 LLOYD. G. D .... 11» I.Ol K. J. E m LO KP. O. C. .... HI I.Ol Ml ART. P. II. i: . m I.IM KWOOD. K. n. .... .211 I.OKFPI.KK. D. J. 214. 121 LOPI.IN. It. J .... 122 LOGAN. J. II. 241. Ilk LOGl'K. D. W. III. IM. 211 1.01. E. J. 111. IM. 112 LONG. It P 111. III. 12 111. 112 LONG. D. K 111 LONG, G V III. 114 LONG. II. W 1 2. 241 J44 LONG, II. 1 Ilk LONG. It. S 211. 141 LONG. W. U 112 IrOUCKS w. 8. 4 1.01 Gil 1 IN. P. M. 11 LOVE. M. II. ..... M2 I.OVP. K. M ... Ill I.OVELACP. W. C. ....221 LOVELESS. J. J. 111. Ilk I.OYKI.L, C. 1 ITS 12 LOVETT. C. M IT . Ill LOVETT. II VI,. ..... 121 LOW HER. I.. V. .. 21 LOWS W. W 22 . Ill LOW ERY. C. V. 1 1. 242. 2 4 LOW MAN. C. 1 1 4 1.1 I1IN. 8. J. 241 U rriCM. M. P. . IT. 2T1. 211 1 I KE. G. 21 . It • LI TIIKR. J. C 24 1 1 TTREI.U J. N. .... 12 Lf NI H. C. I . 11. 24 212. 211 I.YNN. H. J 111 LYONS K -IM. Ill LYONS I . P. lit. Ilk LYTKOWsKI. A. J. .. t 4 M MACCRKADY, K. 1, .... 121 MAI DOKAID. D. A. 2 «. 221 111 MAC DONAIJ), T. C. 21 . 242 MACE. M. C. 1 4 MACK. J. G Ill MACK. J. C 2li. 211 MAI KEY. J. D. 11 MAI KIP. J. A . .41. tit MACKINNON. M M. 1 4 MACY. II lit MADDALKNA. M A. 2 4 MAI.ANN. K L. 211. 121 M AGIMIN. R. C. .. .. 241. Ill VI MIAMI V. P.. A. ... • . Ill MMIAMKY. J. P. ... 11. 214 111 M MI ANN All. L. C. .... I4T M AINOI’S P. J .....IM MAIZ. r ..... m M ALCOLM. O. O. .... 1 MAl.T MAN. S. 1 I « MANDISII. L. A. 24 . 121 VIANPP. II. K 211 MANES R- G 1 4 MANKTTS. 8. II .... Ill MANGHAM. J. D. 111 M VNIX. J. W m MASK. r. J 2 2. Jt MANN. M IL 211. Ill MANNING. J. A. Ill M ANSOLD. K. E. 111. 2 4 MAO. Y. D. Ik MARC 18. G. t, . 111 MARION. J. n MAI’KOWITZ. H. . .1 . Ill MARKS J. H .. • 211. 112 MARSH, a i .... til MARSHALL, M. J. 2 4. 1 1 MARSH ALL. M. W. . 11 MARSHALL. W. O. T » MARSHALL. W. C. J. 1 7 MARTIN. A. 121 MARTIN. A. D it; MARTIN, C. E...............Ml MARTIN. E. 8......212. Ill MARTIN. P. P.............. 1 MARTIN. G. II.....271. 21 MARTIN. J. E.............. 2 MARTIN, i. R. ...111. 111. Ml MARTIN, J. S.............. 41 MARTIN, i. A......1 2. 21 MARTIN. J. D. .....IM. 1 MARTIN, J. W.............. » MARTIN. M. C.......Ml MARTIN. R. A....... U MARTIN. N. W......1 7. Ml MARTIN. V. D.-.144. 142. 1 1 211. 221 MARTINEZ. A. R.....HI MARTINEZ. C. A....2 1. 41 MARTINEZ. C. K..... MARTINEZ. D. A.....IM. 11 Ml MARTINEZ, D. P.....II. MT MARTINEZ. O. II........... T MARTINEZ. R. E.....Ml MARTINSON. C. I---M. 121 MARTINI EGt'K. C. A....... 1 Ml MARXKR. D. M. . 241. 2 2. 11 MASH BURN. K- L-.......... 1 MASON. J. K................U MASON. M. J................M MASON. P. A................«1 MASON. W. II..............1 1 MASMKNCILL W. K............El MASSEY. II............... 11 YIAHHIE. R. W.....111. lit MASTERS W. W.......Ml MASI'RY. C. J......Mi MATATICS S 2. ... 41. 14 ttl MATHEWS. a E...............Ml MATHEWS. T. C..... 44. 11 41 MATHIS. I- a...............Ml MATHANGA. P. D. .. 4 . Ml W TTALINE. K. C, ...IM. 241 142 MATTHEWS. C. A.............Ml MATTHEWS J. 8. ......Ml MATTHEWS. K. P.............Ml MATTHEWS. K- M............ 21 MATTIIIS S II..............M7 MATTSON. 1». K....2 1. « MAl’SKRT. K. J......M. M MALTOSE. P. C.............-Ml MALTOSE. J. L..............» MAXEY. A. A........1U. Mt MAXEY. R. 1................M MAXWELL, R. A..............» MAXWELL, R. J..............Ml MAT. R. D..........Ml. 124 MAY. W. O......... 1 . M4 MAYO. IL ..................» M AI.II.KY. T. W..44. IM Ml MrAl.LISTER. C. N.........Ill MrARTIll'S W. ••..... Mr ATEEK. D. S....MT. M MrCAM KEY, J. C...........1 4 McCAPI'UEY. N. i...........M2 McCANN. P. M. ............ IM McCARDKI.L C. S . . .2»4. SSI MCCARTHY. R. A.... 1 . 1 1 2 4 McCLAMMY. M. C....11. Ill 221 McCLKARY. J. P.............IM McClellan, d. k—in. r» 214 McClendon. ». C........... » McCLCRE. D. I-..............M McCLLHE. S E...............2M Me l.l RE. J. A..........14 McCLCRE. J. 0. ... 1 . M McCLLRE. J. R. -..211. Ml McCOLLLM. M. A.............2M McCOKMK k. P. S...........Ill McCORMICK. A. K............IM McCormick, j. h............M McCOY. C. E.......1 4. lit McCOY. M. )....... f . 214 McCRAY. C. E..............til VtCPEE. A. A..............1 1 Mci'RKE. A. G-IM. M . 221 McCREIC.HT. R- A. ...Ml. 214 Me 'RORY. J. A....21 . M2 McCLLLOLGII. J. S - .2 2. US Mef I LLY. 8. M.............M McCCNS A. R............... » McDermott, s J............. m McDonald, c. w....n . :ii McDonald, c. w..............m McDonald, j. s....24 . iu McDonald, m. m....2 1. sis McDonald, k. p.... . 1 1 McDOl'GALO. P. Q-- « . » McEACHKRN. R. E. ...IM. 2M MrGARRY. M. S............ 121 McGEIIEE. M. K. ..14. 2M. M« McGIIIN. C. W............. Ml McGILI, K. P.............. 14 MeGINLEY. C. C......2 4, 1 4 MeGINLKY. J. A.......14. IM McGlNTY. S M. ........... 144 McGKKGOK. W. II. ..247. 1 4 McC.RIEE. M. J.............Ml McGKIFP. P. T.......242. 21 McGLPPlN. S P......247. 244 McIntosh, b. s......211. m» MeINTOSH. C. H-...........Ill MrJl'NKIN. J. L............9U McKEITIIEN. P. A...........Ml McKENDRKE. G. A-----til. Ml MrKENNA. C. K.............Ill McKenzie, j. mi McKenzie, m. a............211 Mckinley. s. j......211. m Mcknight, j. r.............mi McLain, j. a........i»i. 2 McLEAN. H. R........214. Ml Mel UN. I J.’i McLEOD. H. E. . 211. 111. 1 4 McLEOD. R. W'........IM. 1 4 Mel ERAS. J N McLERAN. W. N.............I MrMANN. J. P. 11 MrMANl'S D. M. 241.111 M. Mil I X. I |»4 McNAB, K. K.........212. 121 Mc.NARS - . 4 Mr N A Mil. M. A.......... 12 McNEELY. A. M.............1 4 Mr NICHOLAS J. K..... Ill McNISII. I- IL........ ...2 4 McRAK. A. A.........214. 121 McRAS G. II...............11 MrW'H KER. 0 MS SM McWII.I.IAMH. R. L........Ill McWII.LIAMS. R. E..........Ml MEADOWS A. 8........111. 124 MEEKS. H. A................Ml MEIIArPEY, W. L...........1 1 MEIDP, M. H.........24 . 12 MEIS. D. V..........244. Ill meisch. r. r................m MELANCON D 241. 22 MPI.OHS. R P........249. Ml MELROY, P. IL.............1 1 MELTON. D. P..............224 MELTON. E. E........111. 124 MENA. R................... 24 MENDEZ, J. L .... 2 1. It MENENDEZ, C.........1 7. 1 4 MENSH. R. L..... 41. Ml MERKEL. J. P....4 . 111. 241 MERRITT. R. H.............Ill MERWIN. L S.........171. 114 MESSERLY. W. H.............M MPTHYIN. R. L. . .111. 24 . M MEYDRECH. A. L.............IM MEYKS R. J......41. 241. IM MEVERHOPP. E. ..41. 14S 1 1 MEYERHOPP. R. A. . 241. M MM HAF.I.OS, I.. J........241 MICHAELS. R. M. ... 22 . 2 7 241 MICHAELS P. A....... 211. 2»T MICHIP, J. A....... 111. MS MICKLER. 8. C..............IM MIDDLETON. J. P. 111. 214 MIDVETTE. V. R. ... . IM 241. 214 MIER. P...................2 7 MIKKI.IS P................1 7 MIKPLI, D. C 1 «. 124 MIKKEI-SON. J. P- 141. Ill MILCHAN. J. E.............124 MILKS 2. K. ..41. 111. 114 Ml. Ml Mil IIAM. M. J.............Ml MILIAN. C. II..............Ml MII.ICEVIC. M.......111. 14 MILLAR. P. I,............. 41 MILLER. D. D..............I MILLER. K. S ....11. IM. Ml MILLER. E..................M MILLER. H. H........121. 224 MILLER. I..................M MILLER, i. D.........I . Ill 247, 142 MILLER. R. K .. 22 . 241. M» MILLER. R. O...............M MILLER. S E. .... U. 17. 22 111 MILLER. 8. J...............M» MILLS. P. H...............24 MII.IS. t. D.............. 12 mills J. m............m. m MILLS R. C..........242. 124 MILTON. R. J.... 1 4. 214 MILTON. J. E..........Ml MIMItS D. R. .41. MS MIMS. J. K. . . .4 . ». 24. Ill 21 . 24 MINARDI. K. »... JIT. 111 MINARDI. S. C 2 7 MINTON. M. J III MINTS 8 .274 Mina LJ J t MIMKIN. M. T m MITCHEL, 8. D. . III. 272 MITCIIPI.I . A. C. . .71 . 2 4 MITI HELL, H. : . ttl MITCHELL, G. R. tu. t » MITCHELL J. M. 24 MITCH! LI . J. C. . .17 . 111 MITCH ELI . J. II .71 . 1 4 MITI HELL J. P. .171. til MITCIIPI.I M P MITCHELL M. W MITCHELL . N, 12 MITI HEI.I, T. L. 111 .MITCHELL W. F. 2 4 MITCH I' VI. W. J. . .11 . 121 174 Ml ZELL. J. T 217. 2 4 MI .KI.L J. J. 124 MI EI.L. K S. 114 MI KI.L W 1 .241, til MOAK. J- K. 1 4 MOBIRLBY. J. O. til MOLD. 8. 1 .272. 3 4 MOPPKTT, C. D. . 21 . 111 M. ill VII » W. moi.res p. d— III MONCRIP 1. D. 14. 271. 2»1 MONEY PENNY. C. II. 241 1 4 MONPORT. W. P. 124 MONROa D. W . .. 12 MONROE. M. J. .. 111 MONKOa 8. II. 217 MONTANA. A 174 MONTIS . A. 24 . 174 MONTGOMERY, c. C. . 174 MONTGOMERY. R. J. .»• MONTGOMERY. K . H. Ill 12 MONTGOMERY, T. 1. 21? 114 MONTIETH. J. W . 21 . ttl MONTILLA. J. J. 12 VIONTSDBOCA. P. HI MOODY. C. J. . 111. 111 MOODY. P. C. 111 MOORE. A. J. its 17 MOORE. C. L .1 4 MOOKP. D. R 21 . 211. 11 MOORE. P. W. 12 MOORE. G in. 1 7 MOORE. R. J. 1 4 MOORE. S. »’ 1 4 MOORE. T. A. 4 4 . 7 . 2 4 MOORE. VV, T. 111. 217. til MOORE. W. T til MOORHEAD. A. .. 2 1. m MOOSE. G. N. .. 1. 12 MOOTY. T. R. ... 2 4 MORAN. S. K. 22. 21 . 12 MORANT. C. 241 MORKDOCK. VV. J. 2 1. tl MOREE. II W. til VtoKI IIOI HE. W. II til MORELAND. II. 1, 12 MORENO. IL .12 MORMIKD. T. II. 1 4 MORGAN. W. A. . . 224 MORRELL A. . 124 MOKKII.I, N. J. .. 1 4 MORRIS. A. C l «. 2 1. 1 4 MORRIS. »t. 142. III. 12 MORRIS. J. II. 271. 124 MORRIS. M. 8...........211 MORRIS. K. D---IM. 211. IM MOKRISH. D. II.......... D MORRISON. M. S.......... M MORKISS. R. H...........|M MORRO. P. J.......X ». 214 MORROW. B. J............It MORsE. E. M..... 11 . IM MORTON. A. L.............IM MORTON. P............. m MOB BY. D. K...21 . 14 . M MOSELEY. R R.............IM MOSES C. W........... ii MOSICS. E. B.... 2 1. SM MOSES M. M........... tu MOSES. M. S.............SM MOSLEY. R. a..... tit. in MOSS D. R.....111. J»|. 21 MOSTELLES C. E.........1JT MCLDAWER. P............|j| Mt'LLEN. K. S.......... «| Mt'MPORD, A. R. Mi. ?2| 111. 2M munson. a W...... JM. 12 Mt'RIKK K. C. K........22 Ml'RPIIY. D. J.. lit. 2M csIndex mi iinn. r. vv. ... Ill Ml'Ill’llv. r. T. . Id MURPHY. G id MURPHY. J. W Ill MIIKI'IIY. J■ Vt. MURPIIY. J. D in. m Ml'RrilY. M. L ... HI Ml'KPIIY. R. II. . . .... 11 MURRAY. D. R. I MURRAY. D. J .... HI MURRAY. K. M. . .... It Ml KRAY. G. E .... 11 MURRAY, 1 m MURRAY. 1- 1- . ii MURRAY. M. K HI MURRAY. L I’ «i. it MURRAY. P. II. m MURRAY. V. R. m MUKKEI.L. K. G. m MUSCAKELLA. C. tii MUSE. II. M ii Ml SSKLWHITE. M. 1. .... i MYERS. J. K. .... HI MYERS. J. A .... 11 MYERS. R. E. I . i :. i MYERS. T. 1- 111. HI N NALL. C. M. in. H NAI.I-. M. 1 ill NAN ESS. . II. ..... M NAN ESS. S. . . HI NARKI. I‘. W. ..... M NASON. C 1M, 11 NASKALLAH, K. A. 11 NATION. M. A. Id. 11 NAUGLB. J. E. m NAVA. M C. in. in NAVARRO. R. P. 111 NEEDHAM. II W. .... H NEEDLE, J. L. 1 1. Ill N1 EDI.KMAN. IV. , 1« NEGRON. C. It. 1 1 neiim:. p. h. .... Ill NEISEN. S. A ::i NEI I.EK. R. II. m SI 1.HON. G. K. i»i NELSON. J. ' .114. 141 N El SON. J. K- 1 7. •» SKI-SON. M. II. III. :j . hi NELSON. P. H. id NESBITT. J. II. .... m NKSIIITT. i. 117. HI SKSNMITH. T. E. ... m NKT6CHER. E. VI. Id SETTLER. J. HI NFTTI.ETON. P. K ..... HI NEUMANN. K. S. .17. 111. 11 NEVILLE. P. A. 1« . HI NKWHITRY. G. II Id. 11 NEWMAN. J. 1- . ... 711 NEVVNIIAM, J. II. l» . 117 Id NEWSOM. M. G. . .. 517. Id NEW TON, A. T. 34 NEWTON. J. VV. 111. HI Ml IIOLS. IL C. .1 1. H». d Ml HOLS. II. II 21 . 11 Ml HOLS. J. C. . 17. 11 Ml lU'I S. J. • Id NICHOLSON. C. II. Id NH IIOLSON. M. 1. Id M« KEI.. 1- M. Id NICKERSON. G. 1 7. Id NIEHAUS. M. K. 111. 174 NIKDLIKCKK. C. E Ill NOBI IT. G. E ICI. 11 NODI SB. M 1 14. Id NOLAN, i. H. ... Id Mil.AM). II M . 17. 1 1 11 . 211 NOONAN. K. A. 1 1 NOR! HONS. 1. A. .1 1. 127 NORliMANN. G. O. 1« NORRIS. M A. .214. 2d NORRIS. K K. .114. Ill NORRIS. R. A. Id NORTH. C. E HI NORTH. M. E. .2 2. Ill NORTHROP. J. C Id NORTON. W. E • . HI NORWID. C. R. HI NOVICK. E Id NOVILMI. J. E. HI NOW ELI.. J. 1 in. hi NUCKOLS. C. B. IM N1 NE , M. E. 1 1 NUNN. K 1- . IT . III. Id Nl'RSEV. K. C HI NI SSIIOKF. A. 12 NU7.UM. P. B. .2 7. 127 O O’BANNON. T. C. .11 0 BKKKY. p. A. 211. HI O’BRIEN. J. E. 111 O’CONNELL. K. V. 2‘ O'CONNOR. I». E. Id O'DAY. E. F. .... Id ODONOGIICF. F- F. 211. Ill OR9TEKREICHER. II. I r... .1 7 22 OESTRICHER. P. F. 21 01 011. H. W 211. HI OGDEN. 1. C 241. Id OGRES. 1 . A Id OTIKAHN. G. It 117 O'KELLEY. F. P. ... .217. Id OK El LEV. J. W. 7. 217 OMAN. J. II 41. Id OLIVER. R. S 27 . HI OLI.IFF, E. A. HI. 14 OLl.lFf, H. R. 14 OLI.IFF. It. Z. . .... HI OLSI N. J. O. 4 OLSON. C. A. 1(1. Id OI.TMAN. W. II . Id ONFAL. K. F. 21 . Id. Ill ON KEY. K. G- OOXTKKHOUDT. F. S. Ill 117. Id. d O'OUINN, M. K. It . 271 2M, Id ORAVEC, A. .11. 111. 117 OR A V EC. E. 111 OROONE . E. I. 141 ORDONEZ. R. A. Id. 1 7 ORIORDEN. J. J. . . .211. HI OHII. S. C . .. HI OSMAN. C. 1. Id OSSKSPORT. 1 . J. 11 . 127 OSSI. J. V. 2d OSSORIO. E. K. ... ... Id OSTEEN. H. R 2d OSTFEN. H. K. HI OVTEKIIOLT. C, J. .211. 127 OSTRANDER. U. J. . 111. 2 7 U7 OTTO. IL . . .HI IM'SI EY. C. E. 2d OVEMIIF.Y. H IL 21 . 12? OVER STREET. M. VV. Ill 211, 22 . 142 OVERTON. B. '. . 211. 14 OVKS. N. M in. hi OWEN. C. II 211 OWEN. E. C JU 0« EN. R. M. 211. HI OWENS. 1. A. Ml OWENS. N. A. .2 1. 2d OWN REV. U i. . 21 . Id OVER. C. A. 27 . Id OZAKI. J. Id P PACE. II. R 21 PACE, J.W 1 PACKARD. H. W. . 21 PACK I.EK, W. P. .. .-.1 7. HI PADGETT. J. P. , Id PAGANINI. C. II. .. , 11 PAGE. D. II ...171. HI PAGE. R. A HI PACK. w. »: Id PA IT. S. 1- ...111. HI PAI KO. B. K. I PALM. W. M 21 PALMER. R. H ■ ■ .12 . Ill PAI MER. J. N. 1 1 PALTER. C. M. .. ...117. U PAN ELLAS. J. 2 PA NIELLO. J. M. ...2U. Id PAPPAS. J. L. Ill PAPY. S. M 20 PARDO. A. HI PARDO. D ...2 2. HI PARDO. J HI PAREDES. C. Id PA HERO. E- 1 1 PARHAM. K- g ■. .214, Hi PARISH. !». K. ...1 1. HI PARKE. J. S 211 PARKER. IL IL .... Id PARKER. J. H HI PAKKEIL R. V ...111. 211 PARKER. W. D. ... Id PARKER. W. E.... ...Id. 11 PAKKES. J. If Id PARMER. J 11 PARNELL. E. S. Ml PARRISH. B. E Ml PARSONS, r. A..... 1. 24 J PARTIN. G. K............... HI. H PARTIN, J. II............. 111. II PARTRIDGE, A. I----....110 par cm. m. u..........m PAMXNIK. S. L........110 PATRICK. E. M. ..111. 110 111 PATRICK. J. K........... 14 PATRICK. R. E._____IT . Ill PATWNELY, E. C. ... 111. 110 PATSY, i.............Id PATTERSON. 1. R. III. Ill PATTERSON. P. Ill PATTERSON. R. R......II PATII.I.O. A. C. ... m. 1 1 PAm 1X0. 1. T. 5 7, 110 PATTON. R. II........1 1 PAUL. K. K...........111 PAIT.E. R. C...............10 . Ill PAYNE. J. I .........Ill PAYSON. J. C...............1 1. II PEACOCK. B. K....... 110 PEACOCK. H. A.........110 PEACOCK. M. J. ..1 . 2 1. 110 PEARSON. IE K....... Ill PEARSON. T. P........Ill PEEK. S. 1....1 1. 11 . II PEEI.K. C. A.........Ii» PEEK. K. S...........II PKLLICKR. I . E..... .. II PELTX. C. II.........II PENA, o. PENACOB. i. M PENDER. R. S........ 1 0 PKN.NINCTON. II. . oo. Ill PEN NIKI. A. E.......II PENNIHI. J. I-....... MI PENNY. M. I- . ..1 1. 11 PENCE I, J. W...... I . Ill PEPPER. P. K. .... Ill PEPPER. R. J.........Ill PERDUE. W. J.........It PEREZ. P............ Ill PERGOLA. C. K........11 PERGOLA. J. C. . 1 1. Ill PERKINS. D. I- 111 PERKINS, r. M........Id PERKINS. M. E...............II PERI.IN. P. c....... 27 PERKIER. J. M...............11. !•« m. II PEKKINK. B. V....... II PERKY. B. K......... Ill PERKY, D............ 1 1 PKPKY. K. F.................Ill PERKY. J. R....1 0. 111. II PERRY. R. W.............Til. WT PERRY. T. C. ... II . 111. II PERRY. W. p................ill. Hi PERSHACKER. R. II. ..I . HI PERSONS. L. K. ............. HI PETERMAN. L. L. ..2 1. HI PETERS. A..................II . Ill PETERS. G. II........Ill PETERS. J. II........Ill PETERS. J...................II PETERSON. E. M...... 1(1 PETERSON. K. I-..............Id PETERSON. R. A..............10 PETERSON. R. L....III. Ill PRTRY. R. A.................II. 1 1 11 . Ill PETTENCILL. II. W. .1 1. Ill II PETTIGREW. J. I.............1 0 PETTIGREW, R. A..............IH PEKIKER. C. W. 111. Ill PHARR. R. L. ... . ..Id. I( PHILIPS. K. P...............II . c. no PHILLIPS, c. T.............. 11 PHILLIPS. D. L.------Id. 10 1 1. 11 . II PHILLIPS. K. B..............Ill PHILLIPS. E. P.............111. II PHILLIPS. J. C. ..111. III. Ill PHILLIPS. J. P..............2d. HI PHILLIPS. M. W..............II PHILLIPS. P. C.........1 1. Ill PHILLIPS. P. B. .............HI PHILLIPS. R. W. ..117,111 PHILLIPS. R. L. 111. HI ran UPS. T. M................07 PHILLIPS. W. II....... ...Id PHILLIPS. W. J...............HO FIIILPOT. L. II............17 . II PIIILPOT. I- K..............II PICKENS. R. W. . .111. 111. II PICKETT. J. E...............Ill PICKETT. V. R..............111. II PICKINPAUCH. l . J...Ill PIERCE, r. K.....U. IH. II PIEKCY. J. E........1 1. m 11 . II PIKE. R. C..................SI PINAKD. F. T 1 1. 1IT PINCl'K. J. 272, Id PINCUS. 1 01 PI.N'DEK. K. S. .12 . 211, 11 PIN EL. T. II 7. 217. 127 PINKERTON. P. K. HI PIHET7.KY. 1 Id PITTMAN. C. W. Ml PITTS. R. E 2 7. Id PITZKE. G. E. . .... 11 PLATT. K. J 1 1 PI.ATTS. G. E .... Ml PI.1SCO. J. A |M Pl.OI'RDE. E. II HI PLUM. r. C. 211 I’M Ml EY. N. P 22 PODNOS. IL .... Ill POE. w. r 7. 7 I'd HI.. P. K «L Id. Ill 111. Ill POKORNY. D. D. . Ml PO LANSKY. 1 Ill pul IIII.L. F. L. .111. Ill POLK. J. S. Ml POLLACK. R. S. .121. Ml POLLARD. J. S. 2U. Ml POLLITT. N. C. It POLLOCK. A. A. . . M. MI I'OMAIt. M. C. Id POND. E. K .21 . Ill PONS. P. »'. MI POOKMAN. J. H. . 21 POPE. J. II .III, 111 POPE. T. C Id I'OI'KIN. M. L. • 2 ». M2 POPOVICH. J. I Id PORT. J. 172 PORTER. F. 1 .!•!. Ill PORTER. M. K Ill PORTER. O. J. . 2 1 PORTER. R. E 12 PORTER. R. J Ml PORTER. W. T Ill POSADA. O MI POSEY. C. E. Ml POSTLE. C. 1- .. Id. I . MI POSTON. W. S. ,. 2d. 21 . HI POT US. c. A Ill POTTER. P. I- Ill POTTER. P. W 2(1. Ill POTTER. R. M Id POUCHER. K. E. .... Id poulos. c. a. 211. 121 POULTON. T. P 211 POUND. K. R 2 . 11 POUNDS. L. P Ill POUNDS. R. B HI POWELL J. 8. HI. IM POWELL. R. O. .211. Id POWELL, W'. J M2 rOWF.RS. A. K. HI PRADO. C. M. IH PRATHER. E. C 211. Ill PRENTISS. J. IL . -lit. Id FRESHER. E 272. HI PREVATT, It. 1- .17 . 171 PRICE. V. II. 21 . Id PRICE. II. W IP PRICE. II. 11 Id. 221 24 . Ill PRICE. J 2 1. Ill PRICE. J. R Ill PRICK. 3. L. HI PRIDGEN. J. W. 211. Id PRIEST. K 2M. Ill PRIETO. G .... .127 PKII.I.AMAN. J. W. : i. id PEINt F, 3. D 127 PRINK. II. A 2IT PRITCHETT. T. C .IH. 11? PRITCHETT. W. U. til PROCTOR. 1- II. M7 I’KOMINSK1, I II 20 PROS . P. A 21 . : i. n» PKOTHKUDK. M. V. 1 7. 21 MI PRUETT. M. A .. 1. 11 PRYOR. II. T Id PUERTO. J Id PUGH. II. K .211. Ill PURCEI.L. E. J. 1U. Ill PURI ELL. G. A 12 PURDY. J. O. 121 PURTZ. E. A Ill PU8INKLLI. M. K. HI PUTNAM. It. L. .... m Q QUARTIN. IL M. ... .22 QUEEN. E. C. ...141 QUEKEMF.YKR. A. K. . Ml qUKYKDO. D........ « . d Oil INN. R. G. .Id. Id. 1 1 QUINA. N. I. ...........I « QUINTINO, L. K 111 R It A Hit. G. E.............Id KAROID. M. P..............1 1 RACK. K. A II RAINES, W. W Ill RAINWATER. C. II. .. II RALLS. D. II 22 . 2d. MI RAMEY. A Ill RAMEY. D. W Id RAMSEY. A. G ....Id RAMSEY. C. M .... Ill IIAMSEY. H. 3. Id RAMSEY. M. 3. .... Ill RAMSEY. P. 0. Id RANDALL, E. J. HI RANDLE. R. L. Id RAPE. vr. C. MI KATII. R Ill RATH BONE. wr. A. 2d. Ill 142 RATH RUN. C. It. .... Ill KATI.IEFF. W. I .111. Ill RAUDENBirSII. J. I . Hi III IIAWI-S. J. A Id RAYMOND. J. E. 111 READ. K. M. . .121 READ. K. E 121 READY. N. A Ml REAM. J. II 211. Ill REAVES. II. B ... 111. Ill KKDDELL. II. »■ Id. Id III. Ill REDDEN. H. 1 MI REDDING. G. VV IM REDDISH. I . F 211, 121 REDMAN, i. 1- ... III. Ml HEEIIKR. r .. Ill REED. G. C 1(1. 1 7. 211 REED. R. G. . .2 1. Ill KFADI.KR, K. A H REESE, J 211. 112 REEVES. A. J Ill REGISTER. II. II. .. . .211. 221 REGISTER. K. E 1 2 REGISTER. L II III. 112 KKCNVALU J- VV. .... -Ml REICHKK. M. J. Id. ill ICEID. D. L. III IIEINA. S. E. ill REINER. P. I Id KKINHOLD. J. B. .21 . Ill RKINSCH. R. K. HI KKINTS. E. 1 . 2M. Ill REISER. S. C. .11 . 0 HEN AKER. A. L KKN8BKKGKK. J. M. Ill UKPLOGLK. J. W. 2 1. Ill R ESN 1 HOPE. N .2 1. 2 » REV El.l, J. I .211. Id KEY. A MI REYNOLDS. F. O. . . .11 . MI REYNOLDS. W. J. . ..12. 12 1 1. IX . 121. Ill RHODE. C. A HI MIIODEN. B. J Ml KIIUDY. B. R 111 RHYNE. J. A. 21 . Id MICK. C. A .12 . J|| RICE. C. C. 21 RICE. D. 8. 1 1 RICK. E. U ■ HI. 12 Kl II. K. G. Ml. Ill RICHARD. S. 1. .. 1 1. Ill RICHARDS. J. 1- IM RICHARDS. M. A .1 . Ill RICHARDSON. B. T. Ill RICHARDSON. K. Ill RICHARDSON. K. E. 1 Kll H AKDSON. J 2 1 KK IIAKDMIS. J. W. ... .2 RICHARDSON. A. . 1. 1 1 IH. IH RICHARDSON. W. E. IH Kll HMIRE. r. P .217. Ill RICHTER. I., i 2 1 RICKERT. R. T 1 RICUPITO. i. R . ....Ill NIDGWAY. J. C III RIGU C. R 11 . IM. Ill KIGL, R. K 2 1. HI RIIKY. F. J ...«7. II KII.F.Y. C. IL 112 RILEY. J. 1- M RILEY. V. R. Hi. m KIN AM AN. J. C. II . HI RIO. E. IL Ill 369Index MIPPEY. S- P RISK. W II MIT M. J. G. ill RITCHIE. M E !•«. m Ml I 7 1 . C. C MITME. M. J u. .. IM m. ii». in RIVERS. J. S. . .1 1 RIVERS. P. M. RIVERS. W. L. 11 . Ill MIZ O. K. L. 1 1. Ill KOIIART . R. 3. RORBIX8. R. T 1 7. Ill 111 MORRINS. J. H. 1 7. I « Roll It INS. M i. I . Ill 117. tin MORRIS . S. C. ROBERT . A. M 111 MORRRT8. E. 1. 1 1 MOHEKTS. P. F. lit. Ill ROBERTS, G. W. 111 ROBERT . H. G. .... IM MORI RTS. J. C. . 11 MOIIEKTS. 3. II 11 ROBERTS. L S. .... 111 MOB! MTS. I_ F. U. 11 ROHEMTS. M M MS MOHEMTS. M. W .1 . 1 7 111 ROBERTS. P. A. J . 1 . Ill 111 ROBERTS. P. II. . .11 MOIIEKTS. K. P 111 MOHEMTS, M H. 111. Ill MOIU MTS. M V. 117, 11« MOHEMTS. R. C 111. Ill 11? MOHEKTS. W. K 171. 11» KORKKTKON. C. S. 111. Ill KOBCRTRON. 1 W 111. Ill ROIlEMTsON, J K Ill MOHEKTSON. 3. A. . . II M0RRRT80N. R. H. .. 1 1. 171 111 M IHEY. 1. T. IM. Ill ROBINETTE. N J. 111 ROBINSON. C. T. .17 . 171 ROBINSON. D. M. :•». II? Ill ROBINSON. D. T. 114 ROBINSON. 3. M 111 MOHINSON. J 11 MOHINSON, K. 7 1. Ill KOIIINsON. M. D. 1 7 MOHINSON. M I . III. 1I» MOHINSON. S. M. ... . .1 MOHIVTON. . II Jl . Ill MOCK. G. w. .... !» RODMAN. P. A. 177, III KoHMII.i l . A M 711. 11 . V 3. RODRIGUEZ. II. .... Ill RODRIGUEZ. II ..... in KOHKIGI'E , N, A ROGEHO. A. J 17 . Ill ROGERS. D. C. . «♦. 1 1. Ill KOGEMS. II. 3. Ill ROGERS. H. .. .» . 1 1. Ill 117. Ill ROGERS. E. G. .... :•» ROGERS. M K. 17 ROGERS, N. D. ... Ill ROGER . P. D 171 ROGERS. P. 3. Ill KOCERSON. 3. T IM ROGUE, E. r Ill ROM IM. II S ?♦? MOM. S. VI .... Ill ROM IIL E. 3 Ill KooHIN. J. F.. XII ROORIN. L. J. . 7 1. Ill KO- I F. D. 3. . ... . .... 7 ROSE. A. 1 271 ROSE. C. G. . 117. Ill ROSE. M. 1.. 11? MOSRNRLATT. E. S. Ill ROSENKRAN7, S. W. 171 111 MOsENson. A. Ill ROSENTHAL J. M. .... in ROSENTHAL. V. M. 171 ROSENTHAL, , L. MS. 17 MOSETTI. 1.. C. .... XI MOSEV ELT. S. K. Ill MOSlI l.o. A, P. . .... Ill MOANER. S. J 171 IIOS IE. M A .... 117 ROSS. 3. C. 7 1. Ill ROSSI. N. . . .... in MoTII. 3. C. . n«. in ROTH. M M 2IS. 2 1 MOTII. A. L. .... xn MOTIIWEI 1, V. II. MOI M K E. A. J. :n. sii MOTE M. J .... .in ROWAN. IE M. 1X1. 11 MOVVE. H. 1 i i. m. HI MOVVE. C. 1- . . 17. It . Ill 111. HI MOW ELI. M. G. Ill MOW 1. A N II. D. 1 1 1. HI MOV At. D. V . 11 MO AM. L 1 m. »7i. in Ml MIN. M. H. ii Ml OH. M E. Ml DO! MM AN. G. A. I . HI III Ml HI.EM. A. A. 11 Ml EMEU C. G. m. h . m Ml Ell IE. 3. 1- .. ii . in Mi ls. O. A hi. ii Ml 1 E. P II Rt'NKEN. M G. ii Ml PP. W. 3 1 1. M. S8 Rl All. A. r. 1 1. HI. It RUSSELL. A. C. HI Rl SHELL. E. C. . 11? Rl'SSELL. C. O..........IH RUSSELL. U f-........M. Ill russeix. m. i. ... »:«.«• RI HSELU M. E. . ....Ill MISSEI.I. P. B. .. III. J| misseli, w. m. .... m. m Ml TIIMOOMII. i. W.....m 111 Ml THEHFOMD. M. K....... M S AAAI. A. .. in SAHA. G. N. . in SAFER. H D. . . 17 . hi SAEEY. M O 211. in SAINE. VI. 3 1 . in SAKS. II J in SAKS. H. E. ... .171 SAI.A. J. C. 111 AALEKBA. II. J. . 27 . 111 SALOMON. 3. H. in MAI.SHI MV. M m AAI.T. 3. II i» SAMARAS. C. T. n SAMARAS. G. T. 211. in SAM0R18KY. P. J m SAMPSON. II. M. IT . HI III SASHOKS. 3. W. 17 SAN IIE . It A. 211. HI SASCIIE . F. J. III SAN IIE . M G. in SANDERS. A. W. . .117. hi 11 . m SANDLER. C. K. 1 7, HI. hi SANDLIN. 3. M 171. III. in KANCARKK. C. V 117. in SAPP. G. F in S V M MIENTO. V. 3. ii HARRIS, M. A. . in HASMOFF. S. P. . i SATTERFIRLO. P. E. m SATI'MHAY. M. 1. IS . m SAI SHI MS. A. M. in SAC NORMS. P. V. in SAI THEM. M. V. 171. HI HI SAVAGE. G. II... I ». 117. 111 SAWYER. H. M 11 . 111 SAWYER. M K. 111 HATERS. N. L .. 1 1 SAYRE, n. r III SCAMMOMO. M F. 17 . m SCAMRONOt'CH. V. A. i? HI S AMHROl'GII. N M 111 SC A MH ASIA. C. T. m M IIAEU .SEM. C. A. in SOI AIT. M A. 1 1. m H4 HECTES. E. B. .ii s 'll 1 ITEM. 3. H. HI SCHEMER. W. II. III SCHERER. P. M. HI. 111 sell ERR. D. N. HI Si llll K. M. P. 2U. m SCHIERIIEEK. E. W. i 4 Mil ESS. G. ■ ?l. 7 1. ii RCMMLXR. C. w. .1 7. i « in S« HISLKR. M E. in SCHLKIMEM. E. G in SCHI.ITT. 3. 3 m SCHLOTTERLEIN. V. VV. m 2 4 SCHMID. W 11 . in S IIVI1HT. E. A. HI SOIMIHT. F. G. m SCHMIDT. VV. 3. . ii? SCHNAKE. C. II .. « . ?l SCHNEE. G. 2 1. HI SCHNEI.I, F. S. .... m SdOCKETT. R. M. . 171. 11 S HOCOFF. J. .... . :«s. an SCHOLL. K. K 2 2, 111 Ml IIHOLEY. O. S..... in MCHOONMAKER. G. D. ... 17 2 IMHO WALTER. K P. 211 III S MROEHER. H. 1. . !? . :»i ii M IIROEHI R. W . A. . ni M MULMAM. H. J. .. SII Mlll'LTZ. E. K. ... IM. 12 MHl'I.TZ. L. S. in SCHULTZ. K. N i s lll'l.TZ. P. D. 171 M ill MV HER. C. M. SI 11 M HI MPERT. J. E. 217. Ill M il W AH. C. R. IT1. in 8CHWAI HE. R. II I M IIW ART RI MG. 3. M. 1 7 m SCHW EMEI. C. F. . II . . Ill l»t. 11 . 17 . HI SCOI.ES. W. W ..... .12 S OTT. E. D . ill SCOTT. E. 1- 1 7. 2M. Ill SCOTT. R. N. 11 . HI. II SI HOGGIN. H. A. . .. ..... in SU PINE. C. T. 217. Ill AEASEY. 3. K 2 7 SEARCY. H. L. Ill SEARCY. J. V. IH. Ill SEABLE. K. M .... m ARCH REST. J. C. . in. in AKBI.EY. 3. K . in SEELY. L. A .... .2 1 M.GKENT. W. H. in SEIBERT. E. J i»x SEIBERT. U E. ... m SEIBERT. M. 1 SEIBl HT. P. 1 m. ii HEI.ECMAN. 1 J. XT . 11 HEI.I.EMS. G. M 2« . Ill HELLERS. M. A. ..i«. JM. 12 HESKAMIK. C. E- m. in sENNI. K SII SENTEKFIT. M. . 2 1 SEPIN. K E. m SERVIN', n ... in SESSl'MS. T. T. II . IX . 1 1 21 . Ill SETTI.AGE. 3. II .... Ill SETTLE, n. E. ..... Ill SEVER. J. A XI. Ill SII A A HER. A. K 1 7 SHACKELFORD. II. N . . .. IM SHAD. r. A. 2 2 SHAD. 3. r 1 1. 12 SHAM P. 3. A 177. IK SHARPE. M. C. Ill SHARPE. K J. .... Ill SHAKY IN. N. S 11 SHAT . H 1 1 1. 2 1. 12 SHAW. 3. f. SHAW. R. L. 211. 11 SHAW. T. D. 1 SII AY. 3. K- in. m SHEARER. 3. A SHE AMOS. C. R. 22 . Ill SNEAROI SE. 8. ...... 2 1. Ill SHEARS. P. II .... . 211. 11 SHEFFIELD. R. M. .. .... 2 1 SHELL. T. A. 211. Ill SHEPHERD. C. F. SHERRl'ENE. II. W. 2 7. in sill KI M. D. 1 SHERMAN. C. L. 2 . Ill SHERMAN. 3. S. . I ?. Ill SII 1 RM AN, M Ill SII I K M AN. W . E 111. 31? Sill KKON, C. T. 111. 12 SIIr.VIN. M 1 171. in SHIELDS. II. G. .... n» SIIIN'N. C. S. .11 . 7 1. 117 SHIPMAN. C. II. 11 SIIIMIEY. C. 1.. II. 211. 12 SII 1 -A E MOCK. A. 3. 172. 11 SHOEMAKER. A. 211. Ill SHOEMAKER. D. F. . 111 SHOENBR. 3. M 2 1. Ill SHORE. 3. R 211. 112 KH0R8TEIN. 3. F. 111. 1 1 2 1. Ill SHKI'.VR. D. L. 111 SIIKEVE. R. 3. HI. Ill SHROVE. M M . 211. Ill SMI MAKER. 3. K 1 1 SHI MEM. E. T. . ....17 SI As. F. M. SIBLEY. R. M 1 7 SI DERIS. 3. 3 ....12 SIEGEL. E » . Ill, 1 1 272. IK SIEGEL. II .211 SIKEs. D. H. in SIRES. H M. .... Ill Ml HEMKISEN. A. M in SILBEMEISKN. 3. L . m SILRERNAGEL. K. W 12 SII III'.MY. A. S. Jt . 1»» SILVERMAN. F. M 7 2 SIMMONS. J. |l 1 1 SIMMONS. P. A III SIMONS. S. . m SIMPSON. A. D. :«i. m SIMPSON. II- E. . . 2 1 SIMPSON. J- 2 1 SIMPSON. J. M. .... m SIMPSON. M L- IM. 12 SIMPSON. II. 1. . 1 2 SIMPSON. M. M 1 1. 1 2 SIMS. G. L. 1 1. 12 SIMs. H C. 211. 11 . Ill SIMS. L- A IK S1NCIC. E. R. 111 SIN DEM. N. F. 277. 1 1. Ill SINEGAL. A. .... 12 SINGLETARY. K. vi l ». IH IK SINGLETARY. W. C. Ill SINGLETON. M S. XI SINISTER}! A. A. XI SIPKELLE. W. II. 11 SIR 1 ANN 1. A. 3. . IK SII.’. VI. K- .... U SILVA. 1- C. 2X7 SIVIA. r. C. .... 12 SJOHAHL. N. G. 717. Ill SKANNEL. S. E. 27 . IH SKELTON. M 1. 7 1. 17 SKINS! M. V . II. 112 SKIPPER. V. V 12 SKI AM. W. II 2 SKUFCA. I . A 111 SLATER. M. II. 1 1. 2««. Ill SLAUGHTER. 1 A .... Ill SI.EV. G, H. 211. 117 SI.O.VN. A 3. . 12 SLOAN. IL 3. «. It? SLOAN. C. 3. ..... 11? SLOAN. N. J. 7 1. 11? SLOAN. W. C. Ill SI.V3I SKY. A. W. MV Sl.oMoVV IT . M. A. 174 SMALL. H. 111. 17 SMI ETAS. 1. U 2 1. 117 SMILEY. M M 117 SMITH. A. B 2 1. 117 SMITH. 11 A. m. xi? SMITH. II. N. . ?l». 14 . III SMITH, c. r. ..... 112 SMITH. C. R. 2 1. Ill SMITH. D. R Ill SMITH. D. K. 21 . 112 SMITH. D. V. 21 . 1 2 SMITH. D. 71 . 11? SMITH. E. J. .. 21 SMITH. E. L. 171. 177 SMITH. E. G. .....117 SMITH. F. H .... 12 SMITH, r. C. .... Ill SMITH. F. H 11 SMITH. G. VV. 121. 77 2 1. Ill SMITH. G. M .. ««. «» SMITH. II » SMITH. 1. C. 71 . 12 SMITH. 3. 1 . 21 . 112 SMITH. J. IL .... 12 SMITH. 3. II. .... 2 1 SMITH. 3. A ....111 SMITH. 3. S 217. 11? SMITH. J. A .... Ii? SMITH. 3. H. .... Ii? SMITH. K. A 117. Ill SMITH. L H .... m SMITH. M ?• SMITH, VI M. 717. Ill SMITH, VI. R. ... 17 SMITH. M A. 7 7. lit SMITH. N. C. .. . .... 71 SMITH. O. M. . ... 11? SMITH. P. A. 2 1. 117 SMITH. P. A .....12 SMITH. P. 1- 211. 12 SMITH. P. H 12 SMITH. P. M 11? SMITH. P. V. .... m SMITH. R. E. III. 111. Ill SMITH, M. .. 217. 117 SMITH. K. F. m. in SMITH. T. M .... 1 7 SMITH. W. C. 211. Ill SMITH. W. 3. .... 112 "MITII. W. M 217. 11? SMITH. W. 21 SMYsOM. C m. u? SMYSOR. r. I ............IX. m SNA I DM AN. W. C............Ill snead. w. 111. in SNELL. C. r..................Ill SNELL. W. W. 111. m SNELL. W. A.............117. Ill SNEI.LING. A. K... .. Ill SNYDER. M. C. . 111. K» 8NYDEM. M. B. . . !•». ni MIMS. C....III. 111. 171. Ill SOIFKR. V. K. .................m sol i.i:nhi:mu:m. 3. o— xi: SOMMER . M. ... 117. III. Ill SOMMFXE. I. L................Ill SONNF.ROKN. C. B 111. Ill XOOWAI, P. L. . . .11 . 171 SORENSON. II. K. 1 1. Ill SOUTAR. J. H. . 11 xpain. r. ii................. I SPAKE. N. R.............111. 117 SPARK. W. C.... 111. 117 SPARKMAN. E. K. .. 7 7. 12 SPARLING, M. L...............117 SPARKS. J. P.................Ill SPARKS. W. T.................11 SPELLMAN. K. P. ... II. Ill 1 1. 11 SPENCER. II. C...............Ill SPEVAK. I.................. 117 KPKVAK. 8. 171. Ill SPIEGELMAN. M . 171. Ill SPIKES. J. W. 11 . Ill SPIT EK. R. A................Ill SPOONER. C. M. ...Ill XPOTO. A. P..................Ill SPOTO. S. J................. Ill SPRINGER. P. k.............. 117 SPROUSE. R. W................ 2 SPURGEON. J. II. .....IN SOI'IREs. J. E...............817 STACK I. IN. 8. 3.......1 . Ill STAFFORD. J. L. ..«. 111. Ill STACC. C. L.............1 1. 117 STALIN. A. L................ 11? XTAM. L. K. 17 ST AM AT II IS. N. R. . 1 1. 141 STANALAND. D. R 11? STANFORD. I). J. . Ill STANLEY. K. E III. Ill STANLEY. K..... II . II STARLINi;. 1. M..............II STARLING. M E. .. ...II KTARNEX. P. J.....11. K. I? 17 . II STARRCTT. C. O............... Ml 8TATHIS. R. ............17 . Ill STEAD. r. M.................II? HTKIIBINS. M. C.........171. Ill 11 KTKDMAK. R. 8................1 7 STEIGER. M. C. 111. Ill STEIN. C. M. 117 STEIN. F. R. .. 117. 1?» STEIN. R. G............. 17. 11 STEIN. F............... 111. Ill STRINMERG. 3. S..............171 STKIR. R. P....1 1. 1 1. 17 STEPHENS. C. P. .. ll». II 111, 111 STEPHENS. D. K____.... Ill STEPHENS. S. J...............117 STEPHENSON. II. C............11? STEPP. V. L................. 11 STERN. K. A....11. 171. 1 1 STEVENS. K. 8.....Ilf. II STEVENS. R. R.----111. 11 STEVENSON. A. E. ...1 4. IM STEVENSON. D. J. ...I . 11? MTRVRRSON. J. R. Ill STEWART. A. F................Ill STEWART. W. J. 111. Ill 11 STIDHAM. W. H..... 111. II STILLMAN. R. II..............17 STINK. R. II............11 . 117 STOCK. D.....................11? STOKES. II. N. .. C . 111. 117 STOKES. R. L Ill STOKES. D. R.................Ill STONE. A. J..................11? STONE. T. R.............1 7. II STONE. T. I ... 111. Ill STOOPS. J. C. 1 1. 11 STORM. I. C. . 171. II STOUP. J. M..................117 STOl'TAMIRE. O. T. .11 . 117 STOVALL. 3. W................11 STRAIN. M. L... 111. II? STRAL'SS. P. S. .............1 1 STRAWS . R. W................Ill STRKETMAN. F. M. . 1 1. 2 STRIRLINC. J. M..............117 STRICKLAND. J. R. 11 . 117 11 STRICKLAND. L. I»». II STRICKLAND. M. S..............II 370Index STRING! EI.I.OW. J. I-III JSJ STRIPLING. M. II--Ml. M HTROBEL. K. A........lit STI'IIBS. I. K.......IU. lit 8TUROW. W. K... ..III. 1U STUHMUP. M. r........SIX XVAMX, K- L.........IT . IIS SUItKM. y. T.........XXT 8IICC8, M. A.........JIT SULLIVAN. H. C...Ill, IU IU. III. 111. lit. IU SULLIVAN. J. II- ... m. m SUMMERLIN, J. R. ..... U SI MUKK.H. K. L. . . .US SWALLOWS. C. K. ... Ill SWANN. W. A...........Ml SWANSON. J. R.........MS SWANSON. K. W.... IU. Ill SWKAT. M. A. .. III. II . Ml SWEAT. M. H............M SWEET. R. G. III. UJ. Jl 8W ESSEN. II. i......lit swopk. c. i-....:«i. Ji« SYMMES, A. K....XT . 11 SYMONS. II. Y.........XU HVN. W. V. .. II . JIT T TABER. II. II........... I«T TA KAN AS II I. II. - .IU TALBOT. A. S.............Jl TALIIOT. J. «............JJT TALLO, R.................JJ TANENBAUM. 8. W.Jl TANG. Y. 8....... ...t» TANTB. T. E..............Jl TAPPOUNI. B. P. .Jl TARATVS. K. S...........IT . ISI TAMM ATI'S, K. A-----JIT. XU Ml. Ill TATE. JL B..............1 1. Ill TATE. W. B-- . : ♦ TATOM. M. A.............Jl. IM IU. Ill TATON. K. C..........Ml. M TAYI.OM. I». II. IM TAYLOR. I ................UJ TAYLOR, r. W.............Ml. IM TAYI.OR. J. II...........IM. JJT TAYLOR. W. J.............II TEAT. R- II...............JU TKLANDER. K. J......1 T. I 111. II TELFORD. S. R. . IU. 211. JU TENNANT. D. W............XIX TENNANT. R. It- II . !X SIS TERRY. B. W. ....IU. II TIMMY. II. M.............J TERRY. J. R.....IM. I»J. 1 1 TESHER. H. M..............IM TIIAYEM. N. K............Ill THOMAS. C. M..............1» THOMAS. C. W. .. ITT. IIT. JJJ THOMAS. C. E. JJT. J « THOMAS. II. W. ...« . 11 . Ill THOMAS. L. C.............J 1 THOMAS. L. J------------JJT. M THOMAS. M. S..............Ml THOMAS. P. y.............XM THOMAS. R. C.............II THOMASSON. A. M .... IU THOMPSON. A. R.......... S t THOMPSON. H. I-.. JJT. U THOMPSON. C. C___ XXX. XIX THOMPSON. C. E...JU THOMPSON. J. E............U» THOMPSON. J. I'. ... ....! ♦ THOMPSON. J. C...........JJ» THOMPSON. J. J............MI THOMPSON. L. T______Jl . XU THOMPSON. M. A. .JU THOMPSON. R. B. .........II THOMPSON. R. J......|»j. Jl THOMPSON. W. E. . . ♦. JJ SJ THOMSON. C. P. THOMSON. Ii. M............mi THOMSON. J. M______ ...UJ TIIOKESEN. T........ JU THORNHILL. P. M. . Hi. JU THORNTON. II. K. . Ill THORNTON. II. It..... «. it II . XU THORNTON. T. W. :«T. lit THORPE. H. G.......JU TIIREADGILL. J. K. II . JU THURMOND. T. W........» THWKATT. M. A............ MI TICHENOR. J. W......... jj TICE. I............JU TIDWELL. S. II.......Ji» TIDWELL. W. II.......,u. ! 1 TILLINCER. J. D------MJ. IM TILLMAN. A. I......}|« TINKER. G. E........ .....IM TINKHAM. A. M.......JJI, J|« TINSLEY. D. W............ iu TINSLEY. J. TIPPING. H. A........Ml. II TIPPISS. H. H............]|i TISDALE. C. K..............m TISHMAN. S. If. .. ...... )U TISON. II. TISON. M. M..........u . MX TITUS. C. M..........IU. JJ TODD. C. E. ........JJJ. JM TODD. N..............iu. XU TOLD. W. II.....IM. UJ. IU TOLEDO. J. V........m TOMASINO. C.........m TOMLINSON. C. N______IU. XU TOMLINSON. T. p. ...Ill TOOLE. R. TORRACA. P. A......IM TORRES. A. G..............UN TOUR. r. R................XM Tout IS. A..s.......:•». II TOULI8. V......... Jl TO U LIS. V..............J| TOU88AINT. V. II. .. UJ. Jl TOWNSEND. A. J........JU TOWNSEND. R. L II . Jl TOWNSEND. R. R_ .. .Ml. U TRACE. L...........MI TRAD. L............JU TEAINA. I.......... U TRAPP. C. A........JU TRASK. W. A. ...U . III. JJ TRAWICK. It. K.......XU. XU TRAW ICE. P. N...........II TRAWICK. W. L............Jl TKKI.VTKK. K. XJI TREK ELL. P. X............JU TRENAMAN. R. V. ...JJ TRIESTE. M. I... I J, JIT THIMM. II. O..........m. JM TRINE. R. V.......lift TMINGAS. I. J. IU. UJ. ItJ lit. JU TRINKLE. J. R. I . 1. III UJ TRIPP. G. IL.......IU TROH. R. U...........UJ. JU TROTH. E. L........JJ TROTTER. G. S......JJ« TROUGHTON. M. M. ... Jl TROW BRIDGE, C. M. JM. JJ TRUESDELL. M. A....UJ T RUSH IN. T. M. I ». Jtl TRYLING, D. C.......XII. JU TSARIMIULIAS. C. A.Ml JIJ TSARSIS. A TUCKER. A. E. ......J J ll» TUCKER. II. D .SIX. SJt TUCKER. C. A .SIT. 21 JJI. JM TUCKER. J. L. SJ TUGGLE. G. E UI TUNISON. K. W JIJ TUHKKL, R. A 1J TURNER. C. D SIS. MJ TURNER. E. E Jll. JIJ TURNER. M. E U TURNER. R. E ■ J , Jll TURNER. V. R , 2» TURNUPSEED. W. C. Ill JJ tutscs. j. m. . »;. l ». Jll Jll. JU TUTTLE. H. 1. . ..... .JM TI TTLE. W. M. . J TWEATT. R. O JJ TYLER. W. R. .2 1. XU TYNER. R. O JIJ. 1)1 TYSON. H. J. :• , u U UNDERILL. R. W. ... JJJ. JXJ JIT UNDERWOOD, R. G. . .XJI. U UNDERWOOD. T. E. .2 7, JU UPIIAM. N. J .....JJI U PTH EG ROVE. W. R. .... Jll m UECHMIN. w ..... Ml V VALDEZ. E. T .:• . m VALENTINE. R. E. jjj. m VALERO. K 2 1. UI VALLON, E. J Jtl. J» VANRU8MUM. j. C, .. .. .l». »• Ml. JU. J l VAN DUSKS. D. M. . .:u. m VAN OEDEN. II. » .21 . u VANDROEE. A. E. .. UJ. JU 272. JU VANGEI.DERKN. B. A. ...JM JU VANN. C. E IM VANSKIKE. R. B ..... .3 1 VARGAS. A JJT. JU VARGAS. 1 ......XM VARON. E JU VAUGHAN. D. r .21 . JJ VAUGHAN. M. A JM. MJ VAUGHN. L. C JJI. JJ VAZQUEZ. R. A .....XM VEGA. C JJJ. SIT VEMtSON. M JU VENABLE. W. II. . JU VENO. 1 JJ VERNIER. K. VETTER. R. H Jl VIAl l . R. J. Jl . JJ VK'INO, J JJ VICKERS. A. D .1 1. Ml VIIILEN. H. S. XX VII.KAITIS. A. R. Ill VINCENT. W. K U VINES. W. K Jll. JM VISING. J. II. .III. JIJ VOCELLK. 1_ IL -JJJ. Jtl VOGT. I . J JK VOLBERG, I- E. IT VONBARCEN. H. U» VON ELSKY. 1. C. .. JIJ VORDERMAHK. R. M....Ii YORDERMEIKR. H. J....U JIJ VORDEKMEIKR. K. V...JJ w WADE. W. R JU W ADSWORTH. H. R. ..Jl. JJ7 JM WAGENER. M. J , 1 WAGCKNEJL J. T. .IM. IU JM WAGNER, y. W. JJJ. SU WAGNER. P. II XU WAINWRIGHT. J. G. SU WAKELAND. It. B JIT WALDEN. C JM WALCH. P. A XU WAI DUOS. J. JU WALKER. J. C JU WALKER. J. 8. SIT WAI.KEH, J. R- JM WALKER. J. M ISI. JJ WALKER. J. UJ. JU WALKER. K. R JM WALKER. M. H JJ . MS WALKER. P. A. .... IT . XJ WALKER, 8. J sis WALKER. W. E XIT WALKLCTT. W. D. .....U» W AI.KUP. J. R SIT WALL. A. C UJ. JM WALL. B. A ITT. U WALL. J. A. III WALLACE. J. M. .. XU WALLER. II IM WALLIS. T. II XII WALSH. 1- II SI W ALTER. D. II , Si WALTERS. R. E. JIJ W ALTON. K. E. .117. Ml. MS WALTON. W. P .MJ. SIT W ARD. y. R Ml WARD. J. V IU. I J JM. JU W ARD. J. H. ... . , SU WARD. R. B. . SIT WARD. V. K. Ill WARE. C. E. .III, JJ WAKINNER. M. A... .2 1. Jl WARNK. I . J. JJ WARNER. C. E. . HI. JIT. Jll W ARNER. D. A. . . .17. MJ W ARNER. D. A. XM WARNER. E. M U WARREN, J. E UI WARREN, P. J 11 WARRINER. K. 1 .1 1. !«» W A SMI'S. R. T U» WASSERMAN. R. W. JIJ WASSUM. R. H. , JIT WATERS. P. W. .. . JU. u» WATSON. J. A. Ml. U WATT. II. J. IT . JU WAX. C, J .JT . JJ WEAVER. C. 8 I « WEAVER. J. A U» WEAVER. L- K MS WEAVER. M. E. . .. SI WEBB. D. K .. 1. MS WEBII, J. B MS WEIIH. P. A .2 1. Ml WEBMAN. N. r 1«J WEBSTER. C. A 1 WEBSTER. J. D. .IM. UI. U» WEBSTER. 1- M. u WEBSTER. M. 1- . . :o. jm WE I) E BROCK. D. A. SIT WEOELKS. K. B. XT . JJ WEEKS. R. G JIT WEIL. J. II . J7J. U WEIMER. B. J JU WEIMER. M. T. . .. JIJ WEINER. J. L. XM WEINMAN. M. C. ... JIJ W EIN8TBING. M. C. XII WEISS. E. B..........Ml. MJ WEISSING. I- ............. HI WKITZEU T. O. ............Ill WELCH. B. U..............UJ. JU WELCH. J. I..............UJ. JJ WELCH. M. J..............m. XIT WELDON. W. M...............JU WELLER. R. J........I«i. JU WELLS. II. A. IM. UJ. JM WELL . K. B...............JJ WELL . P. E...............jit WELL . R. II...............JU WBLSCH. W. R.............,.U| WELSH. R. B...............J|» WELTER. J. II.............Jl. Ml WENZELU G. R...............jh WERLY. V. J. IM. :»|, JIJ WERNER. M. M............. JIT WEST. H. W..........j|| WEST. W. IL.........JS| WE8TBKMRY. II. C. III. Jll WESTBROOK. J. C..........jj i WESTER. W. J.........ui. in WETIIERRLL. WETHERINGTON, M........|Jt IM WETHERINGTON, T. I___|»» JIT WETMORK. R. H......JJI. JU WKTMOKK. T. E.......UI WKVER. D. III. J| WHAM. N. V......... IU. Jll WHATLEY. II. M............Jl WHEELER. R. J. JJ. UJ. Jll WIIKLAN, J. M. . ITJ. Jll WIIIGIIAM. IE A. !J . JJ W HICtlAM. R. E..II . JU WHITAKER. J.........JJ WHITE. E. L. ...II . UI. UI WHITE. J. W. IK. 1 1, Jlk WHITE. J. IL..............JJ WHITE. P. ...............JJ WHITE. R. W................UI WHITE. R. R................Ml WHITEHEAD. W. M. IU. UI WHITEHURST. C. E. . JIJ. JU WHITENKR. W. II.....I WHITESIDE. 11. E.....JJ. Ml WHITMAN. G UI. Jll WHITMAN. J. A. JJJ. IU% WHITTAKER. W. G.....JU WHITTINGTON, W. IL....SM JIJ WHITTLESEY, D. E. . .It. SIS WICKS. C. E.........SJ WIDELL. M. C....... .1 1. SJ WIENBAKG. J. C. .....SJ WIGGINS. M. J............. T. M IU, Jl WIGGINS. R. S.... UJ. UI WILBUR. D. V........SIB WILDES. G. J..... JJ WILHELM. H. K........JU. IM WII.KES. H. II......IX WILKES. M. Y........II WILKES. W. E.......II . UI WILKINSON. D. E. JJ . JJI W1LLCOX. J. C. .. II. ISI. M2 WILLIAMS. A. D......JIJ. JM WILLIAMS. II. I---21 . JJI WILLIAMS, K. E........MS WILLIAMS. E. A. .. XI . MS WILLIAMS. E. E........UI WILLIAMS, II. M.......Ml WILLIAMS. J. P........JM WILLIAMS. I_ M......J WILLIAMS. M. E. XT . MJ WILLIAMS. M. II.....JU WILLIAMS. P. L......I . SC SJ WILLIAMS. R. C..... JJ WILLIAMS, R. J......JU WILLIAMS. R. A............SI 371Index WILLIAM . R M. ... 111. 11 WILLIAMS. R. W. 111. ill WILLIAM . W. L.........Ill WILLIAMS, w. C.........ill WILLI AMMON. E. P......lit WILLIAMSON. Ii. r......Ill WILLIAMSON, m WILLIAMSON, i. p.Ill WILLIAMSON, W. H.........m WILLIFORD, i. N.. US WILLING NAM. O. W......l»« MS WILLINGHAM. N. K .....SII WII.LIS, J. ■...........Ul WII.LIS. O. J..........Ill WILLIS. R. 0......1ST. Ill WILSON. H. A...........Sl WILSON. R. A........Ill WILSON. D. H. ....... Ill WILSON. G. I’........Ill WILSON. J. O.........Ml WILSON. J. R......m. Ml WILSON. J. T........I«l WILSON. L. Y.........«l H I I.SON. r. c....... 141 WILSON. R. R- ...a. 114. i.l m. mi WILSON. W. A..... ....Ill WILTSHIRE. J. D. .. M . Ml WINCHESTER. M. R........m W INDRAM. T. J...IM. Ml WINEMILLER. W. E. .....IH W IN! REE. J. XM. 1U WING. W. C. -.117. Ml WINN. N. A. MI WISNE. R W WINTER. K. S IM WINTER. W. C 111. M WINTERS, t. W . Ill WINY . W. II 141. Ml WIRTAIA. A. A. 11 WIRT A SEN. G. W. Ml WISLER. W E. ..Ml. 11 WITHERIN'«2TON. C. G. ...IM WITT. H. G. ; ii» WITTEN. 1. M M W ITTEN, r. J . 241. Ml WOEHI.E. E 11 . ID WOERPEU L. C. WOLFE. R. J WOLTMAN. K. WOLl-SON. R. S.........171 WOLLAM. A. E.___ 141. Ill WOLSTENHOLME. K. V. ..Ml WOMACK. C. R.......Ill W«H D. K. 1........... Ill WOOD. II. B............JIK WOOD, J. I)............11? WOOD. J. G........... Ill WOOD. N. B. 111 WOOD. R. G........ ID. Ill WOOD, SL K......... ...IK WOOD. W. Y----141. 141. 141 14?. 111. ID WOOD. W. U .. IH. Ml WOODARD. C. L......11» WOODWARD. II. M....14? WOODWARD. R. D---K9. 141 Mt WOOTEN. H. W.......ID WOOTEN. S. P. ... 11?. Ill WOOTKN. T. Y...... .11 WORD. M. A...... 1»4. Ml WORLEY. R. W.......ID WORSHAM. R. E...IH. Ill 111 WOTIT .RY. L.......IM. XU WRIGHT. C. O.......... • WRIGHT. C. W. ...11 . Ml WRIGHT. D. H. ML Ml WRIGHT. W. II..........IM WRIGHT. W. W. . HI. 141 WVLLYSk IL A. . .. 1? . Ml WVNROTH. A. H. --1? . ITI IM. 11 Y YAGODA. B- . YALCH. J. P 11 YAMHI RE. R A. 11 TATES. D. 11. . .. ...14?. 11 YEARGtK. II- A. YEATS. R. S....1?. 2 1. Ml YKLYKRTON. 8. E. ...111. Ill TERCET. D. A........Ml. Ml YOCUM. L F.........211. 141 YORK. D. II........141. Ill YOUNG. A. L......... IX YOUNG. Y.............. Ml YOUNG, i. R. .........ID YOUNG. S. 8...... M7. Ml YOUNGBLOOD, t. G.....1 2 M.i Ni.l i: I I 11. 211 Yt-I.ISH, s...........It z 7ACCHINI. II 44 XACCHINI. R. A. 111. 141 ZALESKV. R. E. 241. Ml ZAMORA. R Y. ..11 ZANE. S 144. 11 ZEARBAUGH. N. 1. ...41. IM Ml ZEITLINGKR. J. M. ZELLER. D. B. .ELITE. J. D . .11 . ID ZIPPRRER. V. L III. 14 37 2 r gadrf . re £ ra jj a ' aat- ©£ . Way bacK when Mom and Dad were graduating, I was just beginning to learn of all the ways I could help around the home. Now, I’ve received my diploma as a full-fledged, all-around Household Helper. The list of things I do to help you enjoy life is many times longer than it was 25 years ago. What’s more, my average hourly wage for helping with homework is just about half what it was then. "RcdeOf 'Kcfama FLORIDA POWER LIGHT COMPANYFLORIDA STATE THEATRES . FLORIDA . LYRIC . STATE FLORIDA’S FINEST ENTERTAINMENTCoverage! The Tampa Morning Tribune and Radio Station WFLA do a powerful, double-barrelled selling job in Florida's most heavily populated trade area. GAINESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Continuous Quality Is Quality You Trust t SERVING The People of Gainesville and Central Florida for Over 60 Years. _MIRB_________ HARDWARE CO. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 504 TAMPA STRUT JVVO OFFICES 1208-09 CITIZENS BLDG. Pk ««: 2-7997 Plw««: 2-1201 BEST VISUAL COMFORT VAUGHN OfdkaL CO. TAMPA'S OLDEST OPHTHALMIC DISPENSERS WE AS OPHTHALMIC OISPENSERS ARE SUCCESSORS TO AMERICAN OPTICAL COMPANY SINCE THEIR OFFICE WAS ESTABLISHED LOCALLY IN 1923. SERVING TAMPA AND THE WEST COAST TOUR ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION AS DISPENSED 8Y THEM IS NOW RETAINED IN OUR FILES.Living would be immeasurably complicated without the variety of helpful information published in newspaper advertising. Prices would be higher—o quality incentive would be lost—for odvertisers know they lose customers when they stray from a policy of best quality ot lowest practical prices. TAMPA TRIBUNE COMPLIMENTS OF CHESNUT OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY ). GlBBES CHESNUT CLASS Of 1914 STUDENT SUPPLIES GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA ADAMS-MAGNON JEWELERS DIAMONDS — WATCHES — SILVERWARE GLASS — CHINA — LUGGAGE 510 FranklM Sr. Tempo 2, Floiido PHONE Y-1136 folumbicL GEM OF SPANISH RESTAURANTS 7th Avc. and 22nd Street TAMPA 5, FLORIDA CENTRAL FLORIDA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE MAAS BROTHERS TAMPA — ST. PETERSBURG ORDER BY MAIL Order by Phone tampa 2-7911 ST. PETERSBURG 7-1171 377Hotel Thomas... Hotel Thomos was designed ond built to meet both the requirements of permonent residents ond those of winter visitors to Gainesville ond to Florida. The beautifully londscapcd grounds cover a large area ond ore located within o few minutes walk of the business district. This beauty of setting, together with o chormingly, hospitable and homelike atmosphere, will moke your stay ot Hotel Thomas one to be happily remembered. P. E. THOMAS, Manager THE UNIVERSITY CITY GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 GAINESVILLE LAUNDRY DRY CLEAN I NG WE MAINTAIN FOUR STUDENT DRIVERS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 606 W. University Avj. Phone 5321 THE WHITE HOUSE HOTEL HOME OF THE FAMOUS WHITE HOUSE DINING ROOM The Hotel for Your Family ond Friends J. H. HINTERMISTER, Mgr.THE COLLEGE INN Congrotulotions to the Closs of 1952 HAVERTY'S FURNITURE CO. Jacksonville, Florido KENT WARREN CO. "Hcod to Foot Outfitters for Men and Young Men" 222 W. Adorns Sr. Jacksonville. Florid Compliments of Three Florido Alumni RALPH STOUTAMIRE — T. J. HAWES, JR. A. CURTIS POWERS Ralph Stoutamire Motor Co. Gainesville, Florido MONTGOMERY-JORDAN Your Pontiac Dealer GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 29 S. E. 2nd PLACE PHONE 8071Today a knowledge and understanding of world events is essential to success in any career. For the kind of news coverage thot makes for an alert and well informed public, read The Miami Herald, —choice of the leaders throughout the state. First in News First in Features First in Roadorship She ifliami Hera lb HO»IOAi MOJT COMPICTC NiWIMM 1 380PRINTING UP to o Stondord— NOT Down to o Price A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE • Pepper Printing Company IiIMiM 1904 GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS FROM FURCHGOTTS JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA JlaAidcL (Dwi iorL NHi-IMmt Co»H"r • Otolo, ll B« h-ll»4t«y C««po«, . r.l.lko B lk-Ll v4i«y Compc, . Wlntf C« PMT - It. B«4k • M'liNwr • Ctlk-U ix, Comply lylk-UNity C« np sy 381for Value Economy! Super Markets OF FLORIDA 382"SAVE for a " The Florida National Group of Banks wishes you much success offer graduation. We hope that a plan for saving a part of your income will make you a regular visitor at one of the banks listed below. Money in the Bank is Security Unspent. 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CONSULT YOUR LOCAL UMDCRWOOO SALES Ad NT O WRITE TO US UNDIRWOOD CORPORATION I PARK AVENUE. NEW YORK I . N. T. • Typowr.toc • AMng MoeNnot • AtCMA'riJ MoeNnot Solo and Sorrtco Ihro ohowl I ho world , , . Ml from the Keyboard (L $A£joJL VlamsL in, Qiothiw CCHWORILT CLOTNK B m,i.i.MMrr. “SUITS THE SOUTH’’ MeGahey N. E. 2nd Avc. at 20th Street CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DEALER MIAMI, FLORIDA FLOWERS by 202 S. ADAMS ELINOR DOYLE PHONES 2-1297 — 2-1298 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA■k ★ ★ KLOEPPEL, HcUU in FLORIDA 800 Air Conditional Rooms Cocktail Lounges Convention ami Meeting b'acilities Garages Directly Connected If itli Lobbies ROBERT KLOEPPEL ROBERT KLOEPPEL. JR. Gcrvefol Monoger V e Preiidmi 0 Gvnerol Monomer CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1952 Onsi, ofc ihsL Soidhhu 5a£oL CTohcn Brothers JACKSONVILLE 1. FLORIDA Printing . • • "as you like it" Wayside Press LOUIS C GOOLSBY 15 S. E. 2nd AVE. PHONE 3471NEW AND COMPLETELY REVISED SECOND EDITION DECLARATORY JUDGMENTS r: Wolter H. Anderson, LL.B. ond LL.D. (Author of Several other treatises of notionol importance) • All new coses hove been collected ond cited There ore now 4750 com. Stote. Federol ond English cited in the work Marry new forms hove been included. • The Occlomotoey Judgment procedure con often be used ot o greot saving of time ond expense to the client ond trouble to the lawyer. • This work is written to be used by the bench ond bar. with the practitioner's needs kept constantly in view. Three Vol ., bound in Rich Red Fobrikoid, $€0.00, delivered FOR DESCRIPTIVE FOLDER WRITE— THE HARRISON COMPANY Low Book Publishers 93 Hunter Street, S. W. Atlente, Georg I JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA "FLORIDA'S FINEST APPAREL STORE FOR MEN AND WOMEN" P. W. WILSON COMPANY MEN'S WEAR AND WOMEN'S WEAR TALLAHASSEE'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORE Ph. 2-2310 Since 1837 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDAHE PRINTING industry has a heritage, rich and romantic — so far reaching in its influence that there is not a corner of the civilized world that it hasn’t beneficially touched. World progress began with Gutenberg’s invention of movable type and press about 1440, and printing since then by recording and distributing knowledge, has built our institutions, our economics, our government, in fact, it has built our whole present day intellectual and social structure as no other human service could have done. We arc indeed proud of our heritage. THE RECORD PRESS, Inc. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Designers anil Producers of Distinctive Printing since 188ftCor.ipJUmsiriJtA. THE MECCA TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Compliments of ATLANTIC COMPANY lee Delivery Service For Your Conycnience 906 S. W. Third St. Ph. 3021 THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSONVILLE MEMBER F.D.I.C. Welcome to Gainesville COMMERCIAL HOTEL AIR-COOLED i90 MODERN STEAMHEATIn School AnnualsGOOD FOOD john Sexton CO. (IKtM-IOM null (III — mt—«■ mwii-ww WON'T YOU HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR? DISTRIBUTED BY ELI WITT CIGAR tr CANDY CO. WKoUmI Diitributon TOBACCOS. CANDIES, PAPER GOODS, FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES GainesvilleI8 

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