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Q, iK' o1-veUQK -B VSA 13,0 Sxecxd Qi Z EDITOR-IN-CHIEF wma BUSINESS MANAGER maui. ART DIRECTOR imfpqddgf M. 43 , .,4.'f:.-:P - ... 1 Wifi' :IH ' 5' ff' . " - lv I xfxxi 7 ' If KE r 1' ' 'cy 91' ,fi rj 'it ,K V fi-f 1 'W "gal 'Qi' , ., If I-' , 'M I? rye .532 bf If f' ' Tn Q- ' l S .1 ' is 4' 15 4' ,f f 'X' Y , A I A I Qu' 1? Nxgr 4 irggqhx Q :gl-3 'o X ix f . N '1.:1X5'2 - ,X X f ." X x A I p X Q X s X X x5 5 six' X W X W ' p sy Q 5 fx! ff! Mx X X Q! , 1 ff , X x if Q 4 xfflkf 'x . B VUEN N X K ' ---af ,P X- 1 -x Rx 3 -9 . u , YQ 'WV is Y V 'Wgt X .fx ear ,f' I 7 Ns 'N s R X 'WX Er N x My xp 5 bw' Vvwv V 1 Q x , xu!f,' avi! .-M I 5' A xl gf it 1 6 n g EMINULE7f1f,4f,3" Book of The niversity of Florida Copyrig By William fm nam dv our new XX 65m 5106... X HE was the mother of hallowed tradition and the essence of dignity. With her we spent the best years of our lives because it was the thing to do and it meant culture. She was part of the stream of social evo- lution but the stream was moving slowly. So she was passive, dormant within the rock-ribbed confines of the social status quo, left to carry on vainly while a nation struggled out of economic depression in a world then succumbing to armed blight. Till then simply ignored, after the flint was finally struck she was virtually forgotten. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a war. It takes a war to stop our progress completely that we may better re- alize just how slowly we had been moving. War provides an opportunity for us to reflect, evaluate, then resolve. Out of chaos she awoke. Through an abruptly en- lightened society she saw life in a new perspective and as we ventured into a new era, she became, at once, both a cause and an effect of accelerated social evolution. Abandoned in the dark of war, she became paramount in the dawn of peace and prosperity. Assuming her right- ful position as a leader in this era, she changed and grew and emerged as the New University. 'U71i'z1eroify... ITHIN the expanding university appears a new attitude and ,approach to higher learning. In effect, we have a kind of student, a man who sees college as a means to an end rather than the end itself, a man whose chosen field is most likely measured in degree of opportunity, a man who is not content to simply drift. Where he has seen need, he has spoken up or has taken direct action. Of tradition and the collegiate mode of life, he has accepted part, rejected part and de- veloped still more. This new student has helped design the New University. With growth we have mass education. Timing and far- sightedness are requisite. Efficiency and advance meth- ods supplant the personal touch. There, the executive leadership has observed, has taken action and has thus become symbolic of all that is new. Finally we have the spirit of the people of state and nation. Today, they fully realize that education is the bulwark of our way of life and the foundation for an even greater America. And they too have taken action. Jrefzd 729 5+ 62 a X1 sa? v I Wir- 4 S Hi 111' ,-'Vg 5 R z ails' if gi fbi K fsleowfggx 'B 'Q v . Hi ,.,,, . ,.,,... - 3 X W f X H Wiffifff X ' . 3 X XX ' ' , N- :fp ' Lggfgvfozfegfzefzff THE EDITOPKS PAGE This has been the first year of tl1e NEW university. On the dedication pages we told you why we thought this was no longer the same university that existed prior to the war. Now, let us take just a moment of your time to tell you how and why we recorded the events of this first year in the way we have. In addition to our belief in the new university, there were three basic ideas that guided us in the production of this year- book. These ideas were: l. That our student body is not simply a mass of people, but actually 10,000 individuals tread and see our "biographies, in the colleges sectionjg 2. That written copy in a yearbook is not put in simply to fill up space, but is there to explain the photographs and the things that could not be photographed tread our copy and captions, especially those in the activities sectionjg and 3. That organizations are more than segments of the student body, but are individuals assembled to do things, even if only to meet semi-annually to elect new officers fnotice the large number of activity pictures on our organization pagesj. Underlying these ideas was the fact that ,although we were spending more than 840,000 to publish this book, we would have to find room to display the largest number of individual student portraits in the history of the school in 20 per cent fewer pages than last year. This limitation required us to cram more on one page than we should, but we don,t believe you will find the result unpleasant. Needless to say, we have enjoyed recording the events and personalities of the new university's first year. We hope you will find many hours of enjoyment in this record. ww occ JYQTLZKM .f if 4 A5 N l . 'rx lfpfr , " ,. . .. X N " 7 - :Iv f"fK I V' ,gs f jim, ,f I Q' R X9 ASQ rxixlvxf f' QDL2 xxwvxgx 1 , Q, .X yi-1: -V t f , -' t ' f 5 f 4 .A W . 47 ' ' gg ,L ," Q Ii- N WML 1 ' yu 53,5 ,f ix A' f ,ffl , fa g, ,X I 55" L :Mills i. , -E 1 '. gi b A '. RYAN f - l " : Qt vx ALF.. ll xl A qi I, -V bf, if - 1.5 ' ., CU 18 146 254 266 298 550 TET Colleges Activities Uijganizatiens Athletics Greeks Advertising '11 I l"lll,l,lCll XVAIHRICN 1.111 1'l'lHIl' nf flu' Slulr uf l"lul'i4lr1 'I'I1l- llmnmnlxlm- l'.llll1'l' Xx1lI'I't'Il . . . xxln :xml lu-gun luis t'LlIIlll.llLfIl lm' ilu' Kim --rmwrs 4-lnqm' xxlnlv ln' slmlu-cl .mil ll1lI4llL'll3.lll'll in1-.ululxllaaullxsllmln-rv. . . 4-xvu t'LllIll31llLfIllll' lm' llml INYSllIlHl ulnlq- XXUl'lxlllQ III ilu- wlwnl 4-aal'4'l1'l'ign . . . lH'lll'Xl'N in l'flllK'LlllUll. 'l'lu- xtm-lg, lf?-ya-111'-ulml clUX4'l'IlllI' . . . lmm in lllmllnlslmxrl . , . wlvxxnul mm .A pause-xngml xlnp . . . Iillxlv 51'lll'l Ill Alallmllngl . , . lllflllil . . . 1-Qltlll-mn. . . . rum' lu lln' lIlQlIl'Nl lmmn lll'l'1'.lN lll1'llllJ1'l' ul I'lm'l1l.l Iilul- lv-x . . , lurm l'll1-1'1'l1"lllm'I' lll'lDlll'I' I'wl'm'v lt'1lYlIIg ln-rv, ln- was 4-lvvlwsl lu ilu- Ilmm' ul 'J' 7I'i'St'IllZlllXt'N in H127 ul llu' llgl' ul' QI . . . was f.- .... . . . . .. " ' -' - ' " ... ' -'- , . . K .- llH5...ll2lK' : A 4' . S1-rxml llw ll. S. Nauy lllll'lllQ Hlmrlcl Xlku' II, llll' U28 , . . lN'CLiIIl1' il l1lXVj't'l' in -Igwlxmxnxillv in ISJQH 1 .u S-S I Illl I ll'S'I'llIlC 'I'llUNl.XS SXXICAIKS IX NICNN KIUYICIKN Ilwmvw'Iull1f'l1igln'.v! fzumw. 'Q' -hs.. XVXRIKICN, l'liliS. NlII.lll'Ill, O'l'lIlillS, IX CIIIUXX' l.IXl II1' 11m'k1'ff in ilu' 4'uf4'!1'riu, .-Xullum' . . .l1llllllK'INl . . . XXLIVIVII In--In-ws lll 1-mllu-11111111 "MU Iwrl- . . . xlml Muay lllivmlxu . . , wllivll still rings .mmml lluis uunnpus . , . will Vlllllllllll' - ' 'rsily . . , lN'k'.lllNl' lu- sm-vs . . . pu law YllIl'lI . . . llll'l1l1lL't'llIl5lIIIlYt'l'Sllf'IJl1!fN in th:-Iulurv - fl ' X xv gmclvs. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF CONTROL L. to 1'., Hollis Rinehart, Miamig I. Henson Markham, Iucksorwilleg J. Thomas Gurney, Orlanclog Thomas Bry- unt, Lokelanclg N. B. Jordan, uirwy. x. Ga. . Q56 1523 NLM BOARD QV' CONTROL or VLOIIDA 'rn uw Unlvarnlhy ur rxormn :lmuannn in-snnnnx: 'rm unxm-any or nf-rxan anna, L-my rroud ana rm-f-qv.m. Anonwr yur or xnupxrnm ww-.M in .wry :ma or nu .mauvnr U 5-ML, rn. ,mf-px. or Ln. uv..-L. an mm-nm, N- parmp. nnvur hhfurl, lm lnllnflvl lnhnrntlt ln ll: irnvltll mn newmpunnmanu. 'rm pmpxn nr um nnmm -r. xxuwxm. wmnxnn wnn mmm-v.xfm nn r-Mn nbll: nvvhllhln und nuridlrlu. nnpfmnmxxw nm -mmy rar nn ruum xr mug wma frm Ln. -.ny W. happy 1-nwmu-A nr n.. no-ra or unnmx -na nu nur yn nn mf-ny n-nun-1. ana num-1. us ummm. rhrlnnnll hal I 5-nlllliibn DI' which Llvly mly wnl u.. pl-mm mm 1 nu-nw. -men nw My nu pm -un W-mn umugm. -ma my-L urmunn. un rumnn n urlgm. mlm oppermnxny. Tn- nur of mr-na cnncarn :lu me-:un the Immpo ur un mum, yrugrou. gum-rny, 1 1 nr X -Z'..4.-A xf-'X' - M' xx ,C in-mn or una Honra or Centre! BU HD UF CU TRUL IIARLEY S. CHANDLER Dean of the University IOHN S. ALLEN Vice-President of the University l GEORGE F. BAUGHMAN Business Manager of the University RICHARD S. JOHNSON Registrar H. MAX WISE Dcun of Student Personnel ' MARNA V. BRADY Dczm of VVomcn l X34 LEO FOSTER President of thc Alumni Association ADMINI TR T10 ROBERT C. BEATY Donn of Men HAROLD C. HIKER Director of Housing ALLEN O. SKACGS Director of Publicity D. R. MATTHEWS Director of Alumni Affairs JOSEPH E. SHERMAN Head of Sports Publicity HOWARD W. REED, M.D. I-Iead of the Student Health Department HAROLD G. CLAYTON Director, Agricultural Extension Service IJ IITR GARLAND W. POWELL Director, Radio Station WRUF RALPH A. MORGEN Director, Engineering Experiment Station IIOHN V. MCQUITTY University Examiner VICTOR P. LEAVENGOOD Fraternity Advisor 'Q . 1 W ,' Jr ' . X .RL-'X A Q E ll. HAROLD IIUME WILLIAM T. ARNETT XVINSTON VV. LITTLE xovost for Agriculturv and Dean of Dc-un of the College of Arcliitccturc Donn of thc University Collm-gc tllc Collm-go of Agriculture and Allied Arts HAROLD S. NEVVINS Director of thc School of Forestry C. BALLARD SIMMONS Acting Dc-:ln of tlw College- of Education THOMAS M. SIMPSON Dean of tlic ,W -- N 4 b PERRY A. 110011 IJCZIII of tllu Collvgc um y 1 . V W: mx' ' . DW . gf DlCNNlS K. STANLEY Dc-an of llic Collage of Pliysicnl Dwi liclucution, lla-nltli, and Atlilc-tics v Dm ui ol ilu Collmgc of BIISIIILSS -. .h vw x v A xl, xwxx -V l I X , '1 -X X Colleffe of gi NICNV IJIGAN il. A. l"l'iNN ICXTICNDING 'I'lllC LAYV IJISIKAIIY 'l'll1' nurnlurr luis In ln: rlrmllivrl. 'l'lu' I'UIl1'gl' wrls no ,vI1'1ln,Q1'1'. Svt uii hy its:-li' in thc- nnrtht-:lst corn:-r ot' the caunpns, thvro is no spam' in tht- hulls for anything 4-scvpt wuik tht- "salt Illilltf is ll ciistint-t iznichnilrk. Its stnch-nts fiomiiy ing. llowc-vc'r, civspitu the milling ccniinsirm, Sitllltittl'liS known us "lt-gut C2lgit'SnJ may hc- sc-vn any linn' oi' tiny have ztcivuilcvti astonishingly, and tht- "Univ-rsity oi :incl nnnvh of tht- night trnclging thc-ir ways :thing tht- i"iOl'ititl Law llcvit'xv," now in its st-conci yt-u1'oi'p1lhlic-at paths which lvzui iikm- spukvs to this rc-ci hric-ic hniicling. tion, is svnt to wvii nvm' 5U pm'c-mit nf tht- lllttIllilt'l'S ni lfiw- inlnric-ral zlnri twvlvt- nc-nphytv hilrristc-rs mann tht- stzltu hair. wht-rc-, h1'l'rn'4' l'v:n'i Il:n'hfn', U55 stilciivci ztnci civhzttwi lim- udmisgim, to thi., tht. bm.1H.10,-'S dow-l.t. i5 thc' imiiowvml print-iphfs ni ialw. Thr-y am' proof that tht- l.NluiN,d vxwpt HHN, C17 sl,mh,Hl.S who wok HN, Com 4'0Hf'Mf' INS iN'f'H W' Sl"1l"2f"' Ut iilfll wslwlll' f'l7ifi't"'i4'- hint-ci conrsz' tli'iit'l'l'fl in ccnljnnct'im1 with L't'l'i'lliIl civpalrt m'c-rwmvciitis. nic-nts :lt tht- stzltv nnivvrsitivs, KZ? vvtvmiis who wt-rt Thr- ri-uiistic' pi'au'tic'1- c-mn'trofnn hzls ht-1-n swnppr-ci Iltilllititii 2liifl'l' having szxtisiuctoriiy 1-cnnpictvci :tt ivust :tnci c-uiiw-i't1-ci into izlc-nity uiiiiic-vs. 'l'hc' nvw :uhtition to unc'-hatif of tht- rvqnirvci work ivzlciing to thc- iJ1tC'ilt'i0l'ih tht- iztw iiln':n'y 1'c-iii-vt-ci nnic-h IJl't'SSIlI't' 1-xc-i't'r-ci hy tht- rivgrvv in un :1pp1'm'0ct c-oiivgt' rn' nnivvrsity. in tht innrt- than 19,000 vuhnnc-s that wvrc- pzickt-cl into thc- i'Ul'll1t'l' cusv, tht- stncivnt is zlchnittmi to tht- hlw sc,-hoo pn-vimisly iiuult-rlluzttv clnzntt-rs. Ont onto tht- grvmi i2lNVll lli'l't'l' his thirti yvzlr, and is gmiitvci tl hzlciu-ioi"s tit'gl't'l has gunz' thc' ti'z1tiitimi:1l hc-twc'r-n-c-izlsst-s hnli st-ssiong npon s:1t'isfz1c-tm'y cmnpivtion of his first yvzn' in law. JK lllilhtlli fliVl'iS AIJVICIC 'VU ISUDIJINCZ l.AYVYl'iltS S'I'UDICN'I'S AT A MOCK 'l'HlAl, 'flu' I'l'.W'llI'l'll HTHX In lzr' pl'rlr'lir'ul. 'l'lir' 1nr'liimls ufwrl' In hr' 1'1'lvlnip1'rl. 'M-D' 'XX N .X , 1 .l AW Q RHODES SCIIOLAR AND EDITOR SMITII NVITII REVIENV STAFF CLASS RECI'l'A'l'lON The slunrlards have been rulvuneecl. During the year, a complete study of the curriculum was began. The desired objective are: fll sound ground- ing in legal techniques such as legal research, case an- alysis, statutory construction, and the drafting of docu- ments, CEZQ detailed and critical study of Florida lawg CSJ individual research by students under faculty supervision. With a rewriting of teaching materials and revamping of teaching methods, it should be possible to impart a sound grounding in legal techniques during the first year of student work. The second year will be devoted primarily to obtaining additional information in par- ticular fields and in using the techniques acquired in the first year. The third year will be devoted partially to a continuation of the informational courses and partially, perhaps as much as 50 percent, to individual research under the supervision of various members of the faculty. AT TIIE JUDCE'S BENCII Three objectives were sought. The bull sessions moved oulsizle. This research will be practical legal research on p1'ob- lems which come up in the law office. This type of pro- gram will better prepare the graduate for the transfer from law school to law office. Headed by Dean II. A. Fcnn, who assumed his post last fall, the faculty is at present composed of 1.3 full- time members. In order to handle the new curriculum it will be necessary to at least double this number. For 500 students, a minimum of 25 professors is needed. It is planned to add ten qualified men during the next year, bringing the staff to approximately full strength. Despite the grind of reading and examinations, time is found for socializing. There are three legal fraternities and one association flourishing in the college of law. The high point of the social season is reached at Home- coming, when several banquets are held and the animal law school skit is presented. DAMNED CURVE SET'l'ERSlll The spokes led to the lrznflmark. 1 LAW Seniors ADAMS ALLEN AMOS ANDERSON 'Q' l ANDERSON BAILEY BARKDULL BASKIN BECHT BELL BENNETT BENSON BERRY BLANKNER BONDS BOONE BROWNE CAFFEE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: CHARLES B. ADAMS, West Palm Beach 0 RICHARD H. ALLEN, Memphis, Tenn. 0 JOHN B. AMOS, Mllton 0 BOYD H. ANDERSON, JR., Ft. Lauderdale 0 WILLIAM H. ANDERSON, Pensacola o THOMAS L. BAILEY, JR., Lake Worth 0 Second Row: THOMAS H. BARKDULL, JR., Miami 0 HAM- DEN I-I. BASKIN, JR., Clearwater 0 CHARLES E. BECHT, Jacksonville 0 WILBUR S. BELL, Live Oak 0 MORROW N. BENNETT, Jacksonville 0 MORRIE BENSON, Garfield, N. J. Q Third Row: JOHN S. BERRY, Tampa 0 FRANCIS W. BLANKNER, Orlando 0 JESSIE S. BONDS, Clearwater 0 ARTHUR T. BOONE, Jacksonville 0 J. DANFORTH BROWNE, Ft. Myers 0 WILSON R. CAFFEE, Palmetto. BELOW: 0 Top Row: HENRY A. CARRINGTON, Tampa 0 MARWIN S. CASSEL, Miami 0 WILLIAM J. CASTAGNA, Clearwater 0 OLEN W. CHESHIRE, Lakeland 0 JAMES E. CHOULAT, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM M. CPIRISTIE, Jacksonville 0 JACK CLARK, St. Petersburg 0 DAVID C. CLEMENTS, Auburn- dale 0 CHARLES S. COE, Gulf Breeze 0 Second Row: DART L. COHEN, Miami 0 JESSE L. COLE- MAN, Gainesville 0 SALLYE E. COOKSEY, Tallahassee 0 CHARLES J. COURSHON, Miami Beach 0 THOMAS H. CRAWFORD, JR., Jacksonville 0 SAMUEL L. CROUCH, Gainesville 0 THOMAS A. CROUCH, Gainesville 0 DANIEL W. CUSIC, Jacksonville 0 HERBERT F. DARBY, Lake City 0 Third Row: GEORGE H. DECARION, Miami 0 FRANK C. DECKER, Fernandina 0 ROBERT M. DEEHL, Mlaml 0 PRESTON W. DEMILLY, Tallahassee 0 DOLPHUS G. DENNIS, Lakeland 0 ERLYNNE M. DOUGLAS, Gainesville 0 GORDON A. DUNCAN, JR., NEAL D. EVANS, Jacksonville. Jacksonville 0 SHERMAN L. EDWARDS, Daytona Beach 0 CARRINGTON CASSEL CASTAGNA COHEN COLEMAN COOKSEY DECARION DECKER DEEHL CHESHIRE COURSHON DEMILL Y CHOULAT CRAWFORD DENNIS CHRISTIE CLARK CROUCH CROUCH DOUGLAS DUNCAN fav' I1 11 A WGA' bn. NV s .1 11,14 22 CLEMENTS CUSIC EDWARDS COE DARBY EVANS ' ro- l l FISCHETTE FITZPATRICK FOLSOM FOWLER FRIDAY CHRISTIE GOLD-STEIN GREEN GRIFFIN GURNEY HAMILTON HARPER H01-T HURT JENKINS JOHNSON JONES JONES ABOVE: O Top Row: JAMES A. FISCHETTE, Binghamton, N. Y. 0 CHARLES B. FITZPATRICK, Jacksonvlllc 0 JOHN K. FOLSOM, Tallahassee 0 TALBERT B. FOWLER, JR., Bartow 0 ELMER O. FRIDAY, JR., Punta Gorda 0 MARIE FULLER CHRISTIE, Jacksonville 0 HOWARD L. GARRETT, Tampa 0 GEORGE H. GIBBONS, Archer 0 HERBERT G. GOLDBURG, Tampa 0 Second Row: SAUL W. GOLDSTEIN, Jack- sonvllle 0 CURTIS J. GREEN, Lakeland 0 ROBERT F. GRIFFITH, JR., West Palm Beach Q JAMES T. GURNEY, JR., Orlando 0 CURTISS B. HAMILTON, Miaml 0 CARLOS E. HARPER, Gainesville 0 PHILIP E. HECKERLING, Miami 0 BRYAN W. HENRY, Tallahassee 0 WILLIAM B. HOLLAND, Bartow 0 Third Row: MARJORIE S. HOLT, Jacksonville 0 EDWARD H. HURT, Sanford 0 JOE C. JENKINS, JR., Galncsvllle 0 JAMES W. JOHNSON, West Palm Beach 0 JOHN A. JONES, Hastings 0 MILTON D. JONES, Clearwater 0 SAMUEL L. JONES, JR., Lake Clty 0 GEORGE W. KATES, Miami 9 JAMES E. KENNEDY, JR., St. Petersburg. BELOW: KLEIN KNOPKE MACBETH MAREES 1 A1 1 I . 9 -35 E' u., A 1 1 0 Top Row: EDWARD S. KLEIN, Miami 0 WILLIAM C. KNOPKE, St. Petersburg 0 JOSEPH D. KROL, Daytona Beach 0 GORDON H. LEE, Jacksonville 0 DAVID R. LEWIS, St. Petersburg 0 QUENTIN V, LONG, Mlaml 0 Second Row: JOSEPH O. MACBETH, Ft. Lauderdale 0 WILLIAM L. MAHON, Jack- sonvlllc 0 WILLIAM R. McCOWN, Mt. Dora 0 RUSSELL H. McINTOSH, Lake Worth Q CHESTER B. MCMULLEN, JR., Clearwater 0 JAMES W. MAHONEY, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: JOHN M. MAREES, Jacksonville 0 JOHN R. MATSON, Jacksonville 0 JAMES W. MIDDLETON, Mena, Ark. 0 ROBERT T. MILLER, Lakeland 0 RONALD W. MOORE, Tallahassee 0 FRED H. MORGENROTH, Salem, N. C. KROL LEE L MAHON MATSON 1 .4 Q41 23 EWIS LONG MCCOWN MCINTOSH MCMULLEN MAHONEY MIDDLETON MILLER MOORE MORGENROTH H GARRETT GIBBONS GOLDBURG- HECKERLING HENRY HOLLAND JONES KATES KENNEDY Mill lanes Like father, like song that's quiet, scholarly Milton jones' aim. Born on Sept. 15, 1925, he has lived all his 23 years in Clearwater, where his father is an attorney. In june ot 1943 he entered the University of Florida, from which his Father also was graduated, but he soon was called into the ar1ny's field artillery, serving 15 of his 27 months in the ETO. Ile was discharged as a corporal. Rec-ntering the university in 1946, he has participated in the activities of Phi Delta Phi, honorary legal fra- ternity, served on the editorial hoard of the Florida Law Review, and joined Kappa Alpha social fraternity. Following his graduation this Sep- tember, Milt will go to George Wash- ing university to do post-grad Work in taxation. After that, he'll head for Clearwater to join his father in the practice of law. Senior Activity Index !Paaes 378-3921 l .,-1 ,np-, tv'- .K 4 we Us an , ' -...J i .f LAW Seniors and Iuninrs MUSCARELLA NAUGHTON NEALE NORRIS O'NEILL OWEN PARKER PAUESE PHIPPS PROCTOR RAMBO RIDDLE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: FRANK J, MUSCARELLA, Clearwater Q DAN A. NAUGHTON, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM J. NEALE. Miami 0 JOHN E. NORRIS, Branford 0 PHILIP G. NOURSE, Ft. Pierce 0 THOMAS D. OAKLEY, Lakeland 0 Second Row: WILLIAM G. O'NEILL, Daytona Beach 0 JEAN W. OWEN, Tal- lahassee 0 CARL G. PARKER, St. Petersburg 0 FRANK A. PAUESE, Ft, Myers 0 JAMES H. PETER- SON, Lakeland 0 GEORGE L. PINK, Fernandina l Third Rowzl-IARRY W. PHIPPS, Tampa 0 GEORGE L. PROCTOR, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES B. RAMBO, Gainesville 0 TRACY L. RIDDLE, Jacksonville 0 HOWARD P. RIVES, JR., Clearwater 0 WILLIAM N. RIVERS, Bradenton. BELOW: 0 Top Row: JAMES Q. RUMPH, High Springs 0 VIVIAN L. SCHEAFFER, Miami Beach 0 AL L. SCHNEIDER, Port St. Joe 0 WILLIAM R. SCOTT, Miami 0 EUGENE F. SEFRNA, Frostproof 0 RICHARD P, SEIBERT, Gainesville 0 FRANK R. SHAW, Orlando 0 WALTER 0. SHEPPARD, La Crosse 0 EDMUND T. SHUBRICH, St. Petersburg 0 Second Row: LEONARD SILVER, Jacksonville 0 ARTHUR J. SIMS, Hobe Sound 0 GEORGE CLARK SMITH. Miami 0 WILLIAM R. SMITH, JR., Plant City 0 GRAHAM P. STANSBURY, St. Petersburg 0 SYLVAN W. STRICKLAND, Tallahassee 0 DAN H. STUBBS, vllle 0 ROBERT E. TANNER, JR.. Baldwin 0 CLYDE G. TRAMMELL, JR., West Palm Beach 0 Third Row: VAN BUREN W. VICKERY, Miami 0 JAMES W. VOYLES, Polk City 0 CHARLES A. WADE, Pensacola 0 RICHARD P. WARFIELD. Pensacola 0 EARL F. WARFORD, Miami 0 RICHARD S. WEINSTEIN, Norwalk, Conn. 0 FRANK K. WHITAKER, Gainesville 0 LEON WHITEHURST, JR., Brooks- ville Q FRANK E. WIGELIUS, Gainesville. Jackson- RUMPH SCHEAFFER SCHNEIDER SCOTT SEFRNA . SEIBERT SHAW SILVER SIMS SMITH SMITH STANSBURY STRICKLAND STUBBS VICKERY VOYLES WADE WARFIELD WARFORD WEINSTEIN WHITAKER ur 1 1 24 NOURSE PETERSON RIVES SI-IEPPARD TANNER WHITEHURST 1 OAKLEY PINK RIVERS SHUBRICH TRAMMELL WIGELIUS Y Eli' -1- W 4 .4 - ' EA W.. s A ls W' la Fi' -A .L Ptfgsfes. gg . ,M . . f 'al Q ,W I Ss I 5 woons WORTHINGTON ANDERSON ANSBACHER BAILEY BINZ EITTAN BORDEN BRAND BURKE cHR1sT cooLEY COOPER COWART cRoY CULPEPPEE wELrsoaN DUBBIN EARLY EASTHOPE EAERELL FLEET FREEDMAN GRASS GREEN GRUNDLACI-I EAD1 EY ABOVE: 0 Top Row: MARVIN B. WOODS, Polk City 0 FRED C. WORTHINGTON, Miami 0 PHILLIP D. ANDERSON, West Palm Beach n LEWIS ANSBACHER, Jacksonville 0 WILSON L. BAILEY, Blonnts- town o BARRY BINZ, Sarasota 0 BENJAMIN A. BITTAN, Ft. Pierce 0 E. W. BORDEN, JR., Tampa 0 LEONARD A. BRAND, JR., Miami Beach 0 Second Row: CHARLES W. BURKE, St. Petersburg 0 GEORGE R. CHRIST, JR., Tampa 0 MACK D. COOLEY, Wildwood 0 LAURENCE H. COOPER, JR., Jacksonville 0 JOSEPH A. COWART, Cocoa 0 GEORGE J. CROY, Tallahassee 0 VERNON M. CUL- PEPPER, Geneva Q DANIEL C. WELBORN, Leesburg 0 SIDNEY M. DUBBIN, West Palm Beach 0 Third Row: CHARLES E. EARLY, Sarasota 0 JOE EASTHOPE, Hollywood 0 JOHN M. FARRELL, West Palm Beach 0 ERWIN FLEET, Perry 0 NORMAN P. FREEDMAN, Jacksonville 0 ALEX GRASS. Miami Beach 0 WILLIAM D. GREEN, Tallahassee 0 WILLIAM GRUNDLACH, JR., Jacksonville 0 HOWARD HADLEY, Miami Beach. BELOW: 0Top Row: NELSON M. HARRIS, JR., Jacksonville 0 FRANK T. HOGAN, Miami 0 JAMES W. KEHOE, Coral Gables 0 ALVIN A. LEITMAN, Jacksonville 0 JAMES A. LENFESTEY, Tampa 0 JOHN J. LEN- NINGER, Gainesville 0 Second Row: SIGMUND J. LIBERMAN, Olclsmar 0 MASSEY M. CRAIG, Lakeland Q EDWARD A. MOORE, Daytona Beach 0 JOSEPH H. MURPHY, Coral Gables 0 LEO B. OSHEROFF, Miami Beach 0 ROBERT Y. PATTERSON, JR., Clewlston 0 Third Row: EDWARD S. RESWICK, Mlaml Beach 0 ROY T. RHODES, Tallahassee 0 WILLIAM E. ROBERTSON, Sarasota 0 CHARLES L. ROCKER, JR., Lakeland 0 CECIL R. ROSIER, Dade City 0 ALFRED CONNER SCOTT, Jacksonville. HARRIS HOGAN KEHOE LEITMAN LENFESTEY LENNINGER LIBERMAN CRAIG MOOR E MURPHY OSHEROFF PATTERSON RES WICK RHODES ROBERTSON ROCKER ROSIER, SCOTT J, Ig r . T K as " . IX . s . , , , - we fg 6. - Gr , . '15 -. . .34 E. .. f A g I, . S, 3 11 25- - J'-A, X- - li --: 11 ,. , viz. -sfzg- 1 ay. 1. ,,, ef, -. . A, as V 'LETER 'tw ' X - lv line-- ' 'ill' Va 'i 'sf I if 575, if . 1 p -,ls -'wr ' - a s ff- wrap- .' if I 'if . . -J A . W-' "ff ' s. ,f of X 'I 1 ' P f-g"Ai13.17'Ifi' fl 'r'f'g.i ':,.f g ' ll n, , 4 I '11 'L an A .- ,' 'A' 25 mg, Alex Grass 'KMy main interest is graduating from law school," says curly-hairecl Alex Crass. A Miami Beach lli gracluate C15l45J, Al is a twenty-one year olcl law stuclent with a refreshing good nature ancl a seri- ous streak a mile wicle when cliseussing his plannetl career as a criminal lawyer. Although he has little time for l'L'C1'C- ation, Al is a hotter than average golfer. llowever, he claims his links interest is not purely for pleasure-"I meet a lot ol' prospective clients at country cluhsf' Sixteen months as a golm, including eight months as editor of a hase news- paper, gave Al a lol of time to think about his future. Al knew what he want- ecl to do when clischargecl. NVork in the revenue branch of the Treasury Department appeals to Al as a starting point upon gracluation in Au- gust. Income tax evaclers, bewarel l l Senior Activity Index Wages 378-3921 v I YEY77. . . , . .M...,.i. 77 - . . . 5 . - I I av A, Q, 44 Q Q' 6 bg. .1 , . M x.. , - , f 1:.- ' I " ' ., ' , . -I . ,K .V .. l l ' I mllxll' 15S'- 7 eille i? ' All I Ig gn... , V . , - ur --fa: , . Q . - l' - fi 4 lil.. ggi? -glial I as--'. we I-"m 'Q M , fl Al . Q , I A ., EQ j g-l ' TQ lgglgg' M lg l . 4' '- , Z ,,, im '1 I -' gi f . . , . Q 1 ' x 1 ' ' ' A ' ' ' ' ev' A ' . I ' f -I X W . il., s I n ah.-Fri"-.. ' X fs 3-631.51 . .J FS gliss ' Iumors and Freshmen S+ If wp- I. 'Q A ' X 9' 4 1 3 . 25-A L- .. . I 1' 4 5 V ,Q . Q i 'if Nw fl fe . I F1 x I A 4 . I . , . . . A I tv -x " , A R . 'mifmzsl -' 4. v SOMMER STURRUP STRAUGHN SUTHERLAND SWANSON SWOFFORD THOMSON VINING VOIGHT WILLIAMS ADMIRE ALLBRITTON ALTMAN ANDERSON ATKINS BAILEY BARco BENNETT BIE CARNELL FERNANDEZ I A .- . If .1 'T k 1 in Z ,L af I , 1. is , . a 3 BISSELL CASON FUSSELL ABOVE: O Top Row: ROBERT G. SOMMER, Miami Bench O ROBERT M. STURRUP, Miami O JOHN E. STRAUGHN, Tallahassee O JOHN H. SUTHERLAND, Daytona Beach 0 CAL G. SWANSON, Atlantic Beach I HERBERT R. SWOFFORD, Gainesville O Second Row: ADDISON H. THOMSON, Mlaml I ED C. VINING, Miami O LEONARD P. VOIGHT, Jacksonville O OWEN E. WILLIAMS, JR., Bartow O JACK G. ADMIRE, Jacksonville O OWEN S. ALLBRITTON, Cleal.'WD.teI' O Third Row: JAMES J. ALTMAN, St. Petersburg O CROMWELL A. ANDERSON, Mlaml O EDWARD J ATKINS Miami O PAPL D. BAILEY, Blountstown 0 CARROLL S. BARCO, Tlmpson, Texas 0 CHARLES F. 'BENNETT, Ga nesville. BELOW: 0 Top Row: NORMAN BIE, JR., Indian Rocks Q JACK R. BISSELL, Galnesvllle 0 FRED R. BLAND, Ft. Lauderdale 0 WILLIAM M. BLOUNT, Tampa 0 JOHN W. BOOTH, Galnesvllle 0 GEORGE EARL BROWN, Mlaml Q KENNETH A. BRYANT, Gainesville 0 RIVERS H. BUFORD, JR., Tallahassee 0 ROY W. CALDWELL, Enterprlse 0 Second Row: DARREL P. CARNELL, Ormond 0 WARREN M. CASON, Plant City Q JOSEPH B. COFER., Jacksonville 0 THOMAS J. COOPER, Chlpley 0 MARVIN G. CREWS, Jacksonville 0 JAMES J. DRYMON, Sarasota 0 MURRAY H. DUBBIN, Mlaml 0 CHARLES M. EVERETT, Wlnter Park 0 EARL P. FARR, JR., Punta Gorda 0 Third Row: ELLIS T. FERNANDEZ, JR., Jackson- vllle 0 WILLIAM T. FUSSELL, Tampa 0 JAMES EDWIN GAY, Jacksonville 0 SPENCER B. GILBERT, Ft. Plerce 0 MANDELL GLICKSBERG, Mlaml Bench 0 WILLIAM E. HAYES. Starke 0 GROVER C. HERRING, Jasper 0 JUNELL B. HOPKINS, Pensacola 0 MALLORY E. HORNE, Tallahassee. BLAND BLOUNT BOOTH BROWN BRYANT COFER COOPER CREWS DRYMON DUBBIN GAY GILBERT ' GLICKSBERG HAYES HERRING .'? Q gg I K ' . x., -.E.f.-gs. M rm.. ...:-,fI.1i:,- ':, :. .gg-.rr-.c-.-.-1-z-. ':. V' I ...L ..... ., .1-12535-.:2f-'Ez-2 :Z ' nl", ..nn'.'." -. XM in -u.y.' x . 581 ,xg K ww . , A Q J L A . Nr , .--1.11.---f, I . . , 2' -.:::::-:- f. :dna 26 BUFORD EVERETT HOPKINS CALD WELL FARR HORNE Sf' vp I S . 3,-35, 7? . . M . rim. 'Trax FN v Q an LK: A f 12:9 f 1 " Sr 5 5 4 A ' . . . 'fi' lj i I X M orph il , ., ' .. ' 'va 1 ' , It N x 'El 'Q 1 c. ' I t M N 5, ' iljjx i All If re . . , ,. f I - M 5 . I., lv ' 2' Wifi lik JEL X. " '73, K, 'F X " 1 "'f:wj, Aj, va fi - :A K, el, ., ., f- xx i . A . li, 45, rw t 1 HOWARD HUSSEY JEWETT JOHNSON JONES JONES LEONARD LOWR.Y MANN MCNEILL MINOR MOOR NIX OYER PARKS PERDUE PERRY PICKLE ABOVE: O Top Row: JOHN P. HOWARD, Jacksonville 0 JERRY R. HUSSEY, Tampa 0 HENRY W. JEWETT, Penn Yan, New York 0 PAUL B. JOHNSON, Tampa 0 JOHN ROBERTS JONES, Orlando 0 MORGAN F. JONES, JR., Jacksonville on FRANCIS T. KAIN, St. Petersburg 0 ROY KINE, Gainesville 0 FRED- ERICK J. KRIM, Palatkn. 0 Second Row: JULIAN F. LEONARD, Jacksonville 0 JACK R. LOWRY, Gainesville 0 ROBERT T. MANN, Tarpon Springs 0 LAWRENCE MCNEILL, Lakeland 0 RICHARD H. MINOR, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM L. MOOR, Tallahassee 0 JOHN D. MORIARTY, Oldtnwn 0 JOHN G. MURPHY, St. Petersburg 0 JOSEPH M. NADLER, Mlaml Beach 0 Third Row: CHARLES F. NIX, Tampa 0 HARVEY E. OYER, JR., Boynton Beach 0 CHARLES O. PARKS, St. Petersburg 0 GROVER C. PERDUE, JR., Cedar Keys 0 JOSEPH P. PERRY, Lake City O CECYL L. PICKLE, Lakeland 0 ALFRED L. POSEY, Largo 0 FREDERICK C. PRIOR, West Palm Beach 0 STEVE DENT PUGH, JR., Roanoke, Va. BELOW: 0 Top Row: ARTHUR REICH, Peekskill, N. Y. 0 WILLIAM R. ROBERTS, Jacksonville 0 WALTER H. ROBINSON, JR., Orlando 0 JOHN A. RUDD, Tallahassee 0 HAROLD C. SATCHELL, Ft. Myers 0 JOHN M. BCHEB, Sarasota 0 Second Row: JOE L. SHARIT, JR., Port St. Joe 0 CLAUDE K. SLATER, Jack- sonville 0 BEN F. SMATHERS Atlantic Clty, N. J. 0 LINDNER SMITH, JR., Jacksonville 0 RICHARD M. STANLEY, Auburndale 0 GEORGE STRAUSS, Miami 0 Third Row: CHARLES N. TILTON, Jensen Beach 0 THOMAS S. TRANTHAM, Lakeland O WILLIAM F. TRAWICK, Tallahassee 0 W, HENRY EVATISON, Tallahassee 0 EDWARD R. WIENECKE, Baltimore, Md. 0 SIDNEY C. WOOD, West Palm eac 1. REICH ROBERTS ROBINSON RUDD SATCHELL SCHEB SHARIT SLATER SMATHERS SMITH STANLEY STRAUSS TILTON TRANTHAM TRAWICK WATSON WIENECKE WOOD Y -a .fb ' 1 ' XX - X A 7 L., . . I' if X t 'ir el 1 . ite 'X 'E 4 if an is of ,. ,-.. r . its l , . K x I' 'ss .x .fi F' Q P - ' i i .4 . -ry , ,i,Zex5,- . X i .-2,1 7"2f??eT1 V ' -1-kit 'i ., 'W lx,'ix 9' Wi? 1, ,,, .. , , . , I AV X ,f . A we - va. X. up if- L l 27 'Q-'s J 5 N .gg"3-s.'1QT5fL.i,1.."' ul. - 5. i QQ 1 'l , ' xe , 'H ass f-.Q 'I vw Nh. lt.. Y - ...Qt -. 5.3f-my, '. 4. N. . KAIN KINE KRIM MORIARTY MURPHY NADLER POSEY PRIOR PUGH Cecyl Pickle 'Tve had just an ordinary life- no unusual experiences. I want to be a lawyer because I like to talk to people and listen to their problems." So said tall, blond Cecyl Pickle from Lakeland. Cecyl is finishing his first year at the law college. His lower division days were spent at Florida Southern. Upon discharge from the Army Air Corps, he was entranced by the glam- ourous field of journalism. However, after scrapping through the necessary prerequisites, Cecyl switched to law. His journalistic background is a big factor in the case with which Cecyl is conquering law. The terse, clipped style so characteristic of newspapers is present even in his speech. Briefing is easy because he never wastes a word. When he graduates in '51, Cecyl wants to practice property law. Seine harried real estate broker will be lucky to have this blossoming bar- rister on his side. F ' 'Y , . 1-e ,,: ,A ,:A A iq' r V fx Vi W K .f stir i N if x 7 l at . , 2, WORTHINGTON YAWN L Q ROBIN F. wonrumcrrou, .mcksonvnie Q THERON A. Freshmen YAWN, Rniford. 28 See those two fellows at the top of this page. NVell, we eouldn't sell the bottom of this page to some or- ganization and this page was sched- uled to be blank except for their pic- tures. Then photographer Trent Rog- ers brought this photograph in. We decided to use it because it seemed to reflect our times so well. It was taken in October, 1948. Presidential Candidate Strom Thur- mond, Governor of South Carolina, had come to Gainesville to urge sup- port in his fight against President Truman's civil rights program. He was successful in Alachua county, but Truman carried the state, the South, and the nation. It indicated, as had the previous four presidential elec- tions, the way the American people wanted their nation to go. The stu- dents at the University of Florida were no exception. BELT THET PHI f These 86 barristers are famous for burning the midnight oil. Known as the Fred M. Vinson chapter of Delta Theta Phi law fraternity, the chapter was organized in 1947. As the largest legal fraternity on campus, its primary aim is to acquaint its members with the practical side as well as the theory of law. The ultimate end is the continuance of valuable fraternal rela- tions through law school and into the practice of law. The fraternity looks to the future in building its membership. Emphasis is placed upon the fraternity library, composed of outlines, syllabi, textbooks, and case books. Realizing that the G. I. Bill will soon be a thing of the past, an even greater supply of such books is being gathered for the benefit of those brothers who in the future may not have this aid. The chapter entertained the National Chan- cellor and the Master Inspector during the in- stallation of the Fuller Warren Senate of the fraternity at Stetson law school last winter. Movement is underway for the installation of a senate at the Miami University College of Law. With the largest and most distinguished pledge class in the history of the school, this year's senate contains such notables as Presi- dent and past President of the Student Body, past Chancellor of the Honor Court, president of john Marshall Bar Association, and class officers. Other members are actively engaged in the Florida Law Review and the State Legislature. Interfraternal cooperation has not been neg- lected. A joint farewell party for graduating seniors was held by the three legal fraternities in February. Legal minds in opemtzon Chancellor of the Exchequer 1mlLmff FILYIIIIIIIII Azullrl Io outstanding scholar. Y... ,L wg, .-. .W w N 54. ' , .. .. .J X L...,.l A -'Ji' f' ,. . .wr gh ' 1. X . 1 -T wr -4 i u ti., ..., n ' 1 's , , ' .--L , -3 . , 2 r Officers at formal initiation: l. to r. Olin Cheshire, master of the ritualg john Folsom chmcellor of the exchequerg Art Sims, vice dcang Quentin Long, dcang Charles Adams, clerk of thc rolls Fugtnt Sefrna, tribuneg Roy Rhodes, bailiff. 29 Colleffe of M W n f-4'1fLZ ' ,+: -. . ,WW H M ' " 'yin ,.f-f+z'f:ymw"f"t ' X .i ' 4 N. . 4 .-ltr, A 4.5. ' 4 ' ' i ' 1 , 1 ff f .. - X' . . ' ' PM ' it Qgf j' - Q. 'Ve y ' uf :af fffifail' .' .jay 3 ,- , f my A MSN, 'i ig ht 31:11 ' .' 4 is ,Qi ' tg K E QW i ,QM - 4 1 M l ,V ft? f ig, ' ,V N i v. ' ' i .- 1, Q , Q M , " . 2 1 Vw 'Nl I ' ,ng , A ' J" ' CQ V N 4 1 ., f i 'f"f":'.. V f .2 yy ti, J! i in l+'U'I'lHtl'I l"AllNll'ill Nl'l'l'll CALVICS Pllllll-fI'fIl2QI'!I lu'r1rln'.s' mul lmllziug l1r'r1ulir'.s. .l."loriclu, whose total lauid :treat ranks secoucl zuuoug states east of the Mississippi, has only one-third of its 2lCl't'1lgt5 llllCll'l' Zlgi'lL'lllfIl1'1ll development. Despite this small pc-rec-utuge, cash rr-turns from the sale of 1."loricl11 harm products iu .1946 rezlcliecl the staggering total oi' iii-131,071,000. These returns are expected to multiply iuuuy times within the uc-xt seveml years lJOC2lllSC of the greatly iucreusecl population of Floriclu :until the tremen- dous clemuucl from outsicle the state for suu-ripeuecl citrus products and fresh winter vt-getaihles. These fuels have foreecl state oflficiuls to rc-ulize that agriculture, iu contrast to the palm-fringed hc-uell :uid the bathing hezluty, is still Floriclais husie iuclustry. The clziys of the "forty uc-res zuncl at mulen farmer are gone forever. With C'iVillZ2llii0Il progressing with seieuce, the task of the fzuiuei' is no longer one with which he alone can cope. Toclzlyis izumer is confronted with num- PORK CIIUPS S S'I'UDl'lN'l' nk- ! mf ' JM , M., I,l'lAliNlNC BY DOING Nmm'rous ynwlzluziis mul new nuflliorlx. 4-rous Problems which clichft' even exist twenty-live years algo. Soil must now he conserved, eurichecl, zlutl its min- emls 1'0Plt'IliSllCLl. New iuethocls ol' planting zuicl liurvvst- ing must he iuveutecl. ll0SL'2ll'Cll in pathology nucl ento- ulology must he usecl to coiulmt clisezlses. lucleecl, the life of the l.1ll'llNll' has become us closely eutwiuerl with microscope uucl test tulme ns with plow null tmetor. Au uueieut, Vllltf-SNVll.fllt'Cl huilcliug, loczltt-tl at thc- southwest' corner of the 'lfluzu of the Aiuerieus, liurlmors the network through which the agricultural clevelopmc-ut' of Floritlu is guided. This network is the college of agri- culture zuicl is composed of three KliVlSl0llS'-illt' ft'llCl1lllQ' fthe college properl, the resezlrcll clivisiou fthe ztgrivul- tural experiment Slllfltlllp, :mtl the exteusiou clivisiou fthe flgl'iCllltlll'lll exteusiou servicvl. Ag stucleuts receive lmrozlcl lmsic: training. During their first two years, they are requirecl to take at least one INSECT CONTROL S1111-ripr'ru'rl rvilrus llllfl uninlwr 1w',ggr'lz1izIf'.s-. Srllt sirrk11r's.s' mul wilt T!'Si.S'fIl1llTU. fv ' 1 f a 55 H? in Q 'f ' 4 w 1 , I - eu sff IFF Q A!!! 2 Q I 1, 3' 5 ,T gf of ,H 34 , W ,5f'75:fg,, lt x AU' .1 9 ?-Q 9 0 2 ' "9'?,,Q" 4 " " E i f ' 2M?lZW A ' I l ' V " 1 X CD f w rl 1 an L 'S 5 . al 'H T M 5 s ff ' Y, 'Ill U jing X WW r V ' ,UL ix . . lllIu,.,j:1if U AIOOVNL ' u 'lj i , 1 1 - AVIEIVLILTLIIRE ' . mx Dllllllllb I ADAMS ALRED ANDERSON BADGER BAILEY BAKER BALDWIN BAXTER BIDWELL BINGAMAN BISHOP, BISHOP, I BOYCE BROWN BURKE BURNSIDE CABRERA CAMPBELL ABOVE: 0 Top Row: NICHOLAS A. ADAMS, Miami 0 JAMES E. ALRED, Thomasville 0 CHARLES L. ANDER- SON, Largo 0 EUGENE C. BADGER, Hastings 0 JOHN M. BAILEY, Sanibel 0 CHARLES A. BAKER, Pahoknc 0 Second Row: LOREN R. BALDWIN, St. Petersburg 0 LOREN H. BAXTER. Clearwater 0 J. A. BIDWELL, Tampa I CHARLES E. BINGAMAN, Center Hlll 0 REX C. BISHOP, Aucllla 0 ROBERT T. BISHOP, JR., Tampa 0 Third Row: MERRILL G. BOYCE, Jacksonville 0 RALEIGH J. BROWN, JR... Winter Haven 0 WILLIAM R. BURKE, Center H1110 JOSEPH E. BURNSIDE, Tmnpn 0 CARLOS CABRERA, JR., Isabcln, Pam-no Rico 0 J. NEEL. CAMPBELL, JR., Chlplcy. BELOW: 0 Top Row: ROBERT D. CARTER, Gainesville 0 TROY W. CARUTHERS. Oxford 0 CARLOS CAS- TELBLANCO, Santiago, Chile 0 RALPH H. CAUSSEAUX, Tallahassee 0 JAMES R. CHRISTIE, Mount Dora 0 RALPH T. CLAY, JR.. Hastings 0 JAMES A. CLEMMONS, Chipley 0 SHEFFIELD M, COBIA, Lakeland 0 JOSEPH B. COCKE, Gainesville 0 Second Row: WILLIAM R. CONYBEAR, Winter Haven 0 WILLIAM R, COTTON, Darlington 0 CHARLIE P. COWEN, New River 0 RALPH W. CROSBY, San Mateo 0 ORLANDO E. CRUZ, Tampa 0 ALVIN L. CULBREATH, Jennings Q BENJAMIN E. DAVIS, Lakeland 0 CHARLES W. DAVIS, Orlando 0 JAMES W, DAVIS, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: JOHN W. DAVIS, Lakeland 0 FRANKLIN W. DELAHOYDE, Los Angeles, Calif. 0 EUGENE DOSS, St. Petersburg 0 SAINT E. DOWLING, Live Oak 0 JAMES R. DUDLEY, Largo 0 RICHARD L. DUFOUR, Mt. Dom 0 OTHO W. EDWARDS, JR., Quincy 0 SERON N. EDSON, Jacksonville 0 ALBERTO ESTEVES-MARQUES, Agundilln, Puerto Rico. CARTER CARUTHERS CASTELBLANCO CAUSSEAUX CHRISTIE CLAY CLEMMONS COBIA COCKE CONYBEAR COTTON COWEN CROSBY CRUZ CULBREATH DAVIS, DAVIS. DAVIS, I DAVIS, DELAHOYDE DOSS DOWLING DUDLEY DUFOUR EDWARDS EDSON ESTEVES-MARQUE5 1 LT an 41 32 l f 'Q' l I1 3 'w-X 0 TQQRIELL FLETCHER 1 FOLDES FORGET FORTNER FRAZIER GATES GEIGEIQ GIBSON HARR AN GLISSON GOEDERT GRACE GRAVELY HAAS HANCOCK IIARDMAN HARGRAVE ELL HARRELL IIARRELL HART IIAWTHORNE IPIAYMAN HAYTER HEATH IIERBERT ABOVE: ,F Top Row: WILBURN C. FARRELL, Gainesville Q H. MAX FLETCHER, Greensboro 0 C. J. FOLDES, allahassee 0 LOUIS C. FORGET. Ft, Pierce Q EUGENE M, FORTNER, Plant City 0 JAMES M. FRAZIER, JR., Wauchula 0 PHILIP C. GATES, Ft. Plerce 0 WILLIAM C. GEIGER, Trenton 0 PAUL GIBSON, Gainesville 0 Second Row: ROBERT L, GILMAN, Galnesvllle 0 JAMES B. GLISSON, Mlamt I: JOHN L. GOEDERT, Jacksonville 0 THURLOW B. GRACE, Jacksonville 0 EMERSON I-I. GRAVELY, Mewbcffy 0 WILLIAM S. HAAS, Eustis 0 THOMAS E. HANCOCK, Aucllla I LAURENCE E. HARD- AN. Orlando 0 ROBERT H. HARGRAVE, LaCrosse Q Third Row: AUBREY L. HARRELL, Alachua 0 LARUE W. HARRELL, Lakeland 0 MONAY L. HARRELL, Live Oak 0 LEONARD L. HART, Bartow 0 CHARLES E. HAWTHORNE, Ocoee Q JACK C. HAYMAN, Bartow 0 W. B. HAYTER, Leesburg O RICHARD L. HEATH, Gainesville 0 JOHN H. HERBERT, Jacksonville. BELOW. ' ISIOTOD ROW: ROBERT R. I-IODGES. Cedar Kev O EDGAR D. HOLCOMB Ol'l'l.l1d0 0 MARVIN G. LLIS, Gainesville 0 ISIDOR H. HOLTSBERG, Ft. Pierce 0 CLINTON L. HOOTEN, Marblehead, 13585 0 OTTIS N. HOWELL, Lake Clty 0 Second Row: WILLIAM R. HOWELL. Jacksonville 0 JOSEPH T- HOWLAND, St. Petersburg 0 DONALD C. HURST. Branford 0 HENRY N. IVEY, Madison 0 JSIOMAS H. JACOWAY, Gainesville 0 GEORGE C. JAMES, Dade City 0 Third Row: HALWIN L. NES. Crescent Clty 0 RALPH F. JONES, Sty. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM L. JONES, Bartow 0 SANFORD P' JOYNER. JR., Chattahoochee 0 EARL M. KELLY, Parrish 0 JAMES E, KELLY. gg?lGES HOLCOMB HOLLIS HOLTSBERG HOOTEN HOWELL JONELL HOWLAND HURST IVEY JACOWAY JAMES ES JONES JONES JOYNER KELLY KELLY ru- nv 1 5- l 33 HW - we r' lack Hayman "Someday I want a ranch of my own.'i So wished clear-eyed jack Hay- man before receiving his degree in animal husbandry and agriculture eco- nomics in February. Born in VVinte1' Ilaven 22 years ago, -lack fumy mother named me jack so I wonldn't pick up any crazy nickname"l has called Bartow home for most of his life. At Summerlin In- stitute he lecl a many-sided life that included hurdling, fullbacking, swim- ming, and presidency of the senior class. After serving as a cadet in the Army Air Corps, jack worked on his father's ranch for a few months, intended to enter college as an engineering stu- dent. Then came the decision to make agriculture a career. Going through college at a rapid pace, he had little time for other than hitting the books. Although an outdoorsman, Jack lists bridge, coin collecting, and listening to popular music fincluding hillbilly, among his favorite pastimes. Senior Activity Index IPagcs 378-3922 sv V X .mf IU 1 LLC?- qw ll ,f 3 ,X O K O Ir. if U . X I rm- U. IL L Y U -1 AGRICULTURE Seniors and Iuninrs MALEY MAXEY MULLEN N AMEE MONROE MOR IE q -1 oi KING KIRKLAND KIRTON KLOEPPEL KRETSCHMER KULWICH LADD LANDER LEIBOVIT LEWIS LOADHOLTES LOOP ABOVE: 0 Top Row: THOMAS J. KING, Lakeland 0 LYNDON KIRKLAND, Columbus, Ga. 0 TERRY KIRTON, Tampa. 0 WILLIAM E. KLOEPPELL, Malabor 0 GEORGE S. KRAMER, Leesburg 0 ELROY R. KRES- TENSEN, Gainesville 0 Second Row: ALBERT E. KRETBCHMER, J., Ft. Pierce 0 ROMAN KULWICH, Bellcview 0 THOMAS B. LADD, San Mateo I DONALD W. LANDER., Alturns 0 WILLIAM A. LANEY, Tampa 0 CHARLES K. LAURENT, Bartow 0 ARTHUR B. LEIBOVIT, West Palm Bench 0 RICHARD C. LEWIS, Ft. Meade 0 ROBERT W. LOADHOLTEB, Ft. Meade 0 CARL B. LOOP JR., Jacksonville 0 SAMUEL B. LOVE, Ocala 0 JAMES B. LUKE, Fernandina. BELOW: 9 Top Row: ROBERT L. MALEY, Arcadia 0 JAMES G. MAXEY, Bebrlng 0 JAMES F. MQCALL, Tampa 0 WILLIAM R. McCALL, Yankeetown 0 RICHARD E. McCLEERY, Brooksville 0 WALLACE W. MCCORMICK, Ft. White 0 ARCHIBALD E. C. MUINTYRE, Brooksville 0 JOHN E. MCLEAN, Palmetto 0 RICHARD W. McLEOD, Gainesville 0 Second Row: JOHN L. MCMULLEN, Largo 0 JAMES M. McNAMEE, Bartow 0 OLIVER P. MEDSGER, Orlando 0 HERMAN D. MELVIN, Cottondale 0 PAYNE H. MIDYETTE, JR., Tallahassee 0 CHARLES W. MILLER, Tampa 0 CHARLES W. MILLER, Tampa 0 JUDSON MINEAR, Jupiter 0 EDWIN J. MINTON, Ft. Pierce 0 Third Row: EARL S. MONROE. Vero Beach 0 ROBERT P. MORIE, West Palm Beach 0 JAMES B. MURPHY, St. Cloud 0 ROBERT B. O'BERR.Y, Tampa 0 WILLIAM R. OELSLAGER, Tampa 0 BURTON E. OLIVER, Ocala 0 DOUGLAS H. OSWALD, Marianna 0 CHARLES T. OZAKI, Eau Gnllle 0 HENRY Y. OZAKI, Eau Gallle. KRAMER KRESTENSEN LANEY LAURENT LOVE LUKE MCLEAN McLEOD MINEAR MINTON OZAKI OZAKI MCCALL MCCALL McCLEERY MCCORMICK MCINTYRE MEDSGER MELVIN MIDYETTE MILLER MILLER MURPIIY O'BERRY . OELSLAGER. OLIVER OSWALD 1 1 1 4 'X A C M uv 34 l . r' 4- ., W 'cry - if Q' , Q i l RRQIEE PALMER PATERSON POE POLSTON POOLE SMI EL REASONER RIVERS SCRUGGS SELLERS SKIPPER TH SMITH SNIVELY SWARTSEL TOLLERSON TAYLOR I ABOVE: 0 Top Row: HARVEY A. PAGE, Ft. Myers 0 CHARLES M. PALMER, Bartow 0 KENNETH L. PATER- l SON. Galnesvllle 0 LESLIE R. POE, JR., Doctor's Inlet 0 OLIVER S. POLSTON. Gracevllle 0 WALLACE I -7- POOLE, Winter Garden 0 WOODROW P. POTIER, Tampa 0 CARL B. PRISOC, Jacksonville 0 EVILLIAM F. PUMPHREY, Marianna 0 Second Row: HARVEY C. RATHEL, Tampa 0 EGBERT S. EASONOR. Bradenton 0 MARVIN T. RIVERS, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM M. SCRUGGS, JR., Monticello lg LAWRENCE E. SELLERS. A1'ca.dla 0 CECIL P. SKIPPER, Avon Park 0 C. O. BRIGHTMAN SKIN- SER. Jacksonville 0 GEORGE W. SMITH, Lithia 0 JAMES C. SMITH, Bushnell 0 Third Row: ROBERT ' SMITH. Miami 0 THEODORE A. SMITH, JR., Gainesville 0 ROBERT E. SNIVELY, Winter I-Iaven 0 EVERETT F. SWARTSEL, Eliers 0 JAMES CHARLES TOLLERSON. Columbus, Ga.. 0 CHARLES E. TAYLOR, Gainesville 0 DOYAL ED TIMMONS, JR., Gainesville 0 JOHN P. TYNER, Plant City 0 ALBERT W. VAN NETTA, Hallandale. BELOW: 9 TOP Row: DONALD E. VANDERGRIFT, Ocoee 0 JOHN F. WARRINGTON. JR.. Gainesville 0 WIL- IGIAM W. WEATHERS, Gainesville 0 CURTIS A. WEAVER. Boynton Beach 0 STAFFORD L. WELLS. learwnter 0 THEODORE E. WI-IITMORE, Winter Park 0 Second Row: BENJAMIN E. WIGGINS, Live .?Hk 0 JOHN E. WILDS, Ocala 0 HERBERT A. WILLIAMS. Tampa 0 ROBERT E. WING, Center Hill 0 AMES G. WINTON, .mcksonvnic Q EDWARD L. Woon, Evanston Q Third Row: MAHLON LEWIS EVRIGHT. Jr.. Sanford 0 ROBERT A. YOUNG, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM C, ZORN. Darlington 0 DONALD - ADAMS, Trenton 9 LONNIE W. ADAMS, JR., Jasper 4 JOHNNIE FRANK Banco, r-gimme, VA 3g?gg?RIFT WARRINGTON WEATHERS WEAVER WELLS WHITMORE WRIG NS WILDS WILLIAMS WING WINTON WOOD HT YOUNG ZORN ADAMS ADAMS BARCO . Qu' wi,-s., 1 .41 35 N11 tt s'i-ifvzgfwww M: POTIER PRISOC PUMPHREY SKINNER SMITH SMITH TIMMONS TYNER VAN NETTA Whitey Taylor "You're in the army nowg you'rc not hehind the plow, yon'll never get rich digging a ditchg you'rc in the army nowf' That might well be tall, 30-year-old Whitey Taylor's song. But this Feh- ruary graduate from Gainesville al- most hecanlc a cattle rancher. Following Taylor's army discharge in 1946, his father told him that if he would study agriculture at the uni- versity, he would give up his success- ful air-conditioning business, and the two would hecome cattlemcn. VVhitey agreed, but in 1947, while studying for his douhlo major degree in ag engineering and animal hus- handry, his father died. He decided to leave the entire estate in his mothcr's hands, and take his wife and two blonde children to Fort Benning. There he re-entered the army as an' infantry captain, a rank he rose to from private during his five years World War II service, two of which were in the ETO. Senior Activity Index fPaacs 378-392J i1?'l'ffl5l7 gf- I A .3 5. lt -A -gy xl f V X Ki-, f 1'f.efi-ii ' . 'WI 1. .1 A , SEM Q X 551:-.ea...1 2 N546-sv-er I . fm I I5-NJN' ' -0 3 3 3 x me 0 X V 1 . "l G' O S . 'J ' Q. ,.. v . . 1 u ...M E "Y t X I ,, I f. ' f:.'fi!x Q' f'1t.jf:5.lli1x,-V. a 1 j -If l gift' 'KA LL , ' I ll "mimi In . - . . X f" W f f, Q. x . -:. 'w',,A1, -'jfs 3 I 'L ' ' 'fl' A ' 5 , xl 'Q i t e.. 41. A 2 .... 9' w xg , we - J . .see 5 .. I X Q '7 gl -. up L ' 1. ' I I W 'ww My 0 AVIIIVULTUIIRE 1 J Q S 4131. N- W , v K s 5- f2.f::.,5 5 I - ' f ll -,,,, , f -:- .,f-,w..., H. 1.1173-3. ipfn. . , 4 if . QU! QL '. IT.-.1 if BASHAW BEARDSLEY BECK BIELBY BOURLAY BROCK BROWN CARLTON CHURCH COBB COLLINS COLLINS COSTNER CRAWFORD CRIBBETT DANIELS DAVIS DAVIS DEVANE GREEN I-IENDRIE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: ZEPH T. BASI-IAW, Gnlnesvllle 0 BRUCE BEARDSLEY, Clewlston 0 GEORGE D. N. BECK, Winter Garden I CHARLES W. BIELBY, DeLand 0 FRANK H. BOURLAY, Leesburg 0 PETE H. BROCK, Sanford 0 Second Row: ROBERT C. BROWN, Graceville 0 J. D. CARLTON, Plymouth 0 GERALD P. CHURCH, Ellenton 0 LEONARD C. COBB, Chlpley 0 JACK S. COLLINS, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM E. COLLINS, Fort White I Third Row: GERALD C. COSTNER, Auburndale 0 DEWITT C. CRAWFORD, Starke 0 ALBERT F. CRIBBETT, St. Petersburg 0 STEPHEN A. DANIELS, Miami O ALVIN DAVIS, Atmore, Ala. 0 HENRY P. DAVIS, Atmorc, Alu. BELOW: 0 Top Row: JAMES W. DEVANE, Jennings 0 NEAL M. DUKES, Gainesville 0 WALTER J. EICHEL- BERGER, St. Petersburg 0 JOHN M. FINLAYSON, Pensacola 0 JAMES F. FLETCHER, Palm Harbor 0 WILEY C. GARRETT, Crestview 0 HORACE 0. GAY, Trenton 0 FRANCIS T. GOODALE, Spartan- burg, S. C. 0 Second Row: HIRAM GREEN, JR., Trenton 0 WILLIAM H. HARLAN, III, Wauchula 0 DALTON S. HARRISON, Darllngton 0 RAYMOND HART, Marianna 0 HAROLD M. HARVEY, Orlando 0 CHARLES S. HASSELER, Hollywood 0 HARRY J. HAYNSWORTH, Alachua 0 HOWELL L. HEALD, Leesburg 0 Third Row: JAMES H. HENDRIE, Miami 0 HENRY E. HEWITT, Webster 0 AROL HUDSON Vernon 0 SANDY JOHNSON, Quincy 0 HAROLD I. JOHNSTON, Winter Haven 0 LENNON D. JORDAN: Jacksonville 0 JAMES I. KELLY, Sarasota 0 WILLIAM I-I. KEMP, Palmetto. DUKES EICHELBERGER FINLAYSON FLETCHER GARRETT GAY HARLAN HARRISON HART HARVEY HASSELER HAYNSWVORTH HEWITT HUDSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JORDAN KELLY ..f .. . 4 , ll'lff1'.: ff: . ,,, I., ' 1 33. ,, Z. A , V I. . 'ge -'Q ,.".1,, 1 ., , ti-H.-1. .rv Q 'ft .,r' ff It If M , .ff 'L Q T 3' 'Ui A .ll. V. .f wr 1 ., 15 . xi. ' , K. , .n .VNI f ' llifff 15+ 4 . . 36 VN .1 'r 5. ... ' GOODALE HEALD KEMP ,L l . 1 tl ll 2. .Wm Q15 n , lf, . lr A " A ,fini-i K ""f:,gg?ix,jg 'v , l 5, F l -...- , .W ww 2, 1.5 1-vs, , Y -is ,' . W . x ' A Ev 5 -52 A I 'sk S . iw I' 'fl I. .' :' K - 1. , , ., . ,,,b M E E' yu? l . 1.2 X A LX lim ' A X J , . 'N 3 ef, 1 6 iv, ' V f ft Q uf ., 23. f " K V' ' l ,"4 Q A 1- ' I li A Q Ai A , , A A I LAMAR LASTINGER LEE LEWIS LOWE NESMITH NEWBERGER, NORRIS O'QUINN PACE POWELL POWELL PRANGE ROANE ROBERTS ABOVE: O Top ROW! GEORGE A. LAMAR, Mluml I OSCAR G LASTINGER JR LEE, Panum 1 ' . , ., Lithia 0 WILLIAM P. u Cty 0 CHARLES E. LEWIS, Arlington, Va. 0 VASSAR E. LOWE, Gnlnesvlllc 0 SAMUEL P. MEYERS, Miami 0 N. LAIRD MINEAR, Jupiter 0 WAYNE MONTGOMERY, Orlando 0 Second Row: JAMES NESMITH, Arcadia 0 EDWARD F. NEWBERGER, Lutz 0 JOEL L. NORRIS, Gainesville 0 HAGUE, M. O'QUINN, Gainesville 0 RICHARD A. PACE, '1"nvn1'eS 0 WILLIAM E. PARKER, Arcadia 0 PHILIP E. PARVIN, Bradenton 0 NORMAN E. FELL, Gainesville O Third Row: GEORGE C. POWELL, Starke Q HAROLD L. POWELL, Chattnlioochce 0 RICHARD PRANGE. Vero Beach 0 NELSON L. ROANE, Oakland 0 ROY F. ROBERTS, Tltusvllle 0 EDSEL W. ROWAN, Greensboro 0 LELAND B. SCHEE. Largo 0 LEON H. SELLERS, St. Petersburg. BELOW: 0 TOP Row: RALPH W. SEXTON, Vero Bench 0 WILEY O. SIMS, Vero Bench 0 FRANCIS SKIPPER, Avon Park 0 HARRISON M. SOLANA, Port, Orange 0 EUGENE L. SOLOMAN, Miami 0 Second Row: NATHANIEL L. STORM, Plant City 0 WILLIAM D. SUDIA, Axnbridge, Pa. 0 JAMES W. TODD JR, gggiesville 0 JEROME G. VICKERS, Eau Gallic 0 Third Row. FR NEY ' - ANKLIN M. WATSON, ocbec J L d d wx-IIDDEN, Alcadln. Q CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, Miami Q MARTIN G. WOODWARD, Fr. nu er ale. SEXTON STORM WATSON SIMS SKIPPER SUDIA TODD WVHIDDEN NVILLIAMS SOLANA VIC KERS WOODWARD .Wm 'ti 'ilgiyr' .nw q s fini lsr 19.15 l '54 V .-s' . ,W I Q' ' -. - LN ' - 4 im , 3g - Q., A A qt? 5 ,wi ' ,-rye' . i 5.1. lil, .' jig ' fwllsi aw . V, tr. . A 'J -. Ht .E ' JY ' 37 mn " . as . 'px s, ...s K ' p r ... . z.. 2 , , A -A '- A - , A . . . Q ' ' s f ssl 1' 'f GQ. .. 1 A. ...I . - - .f. - Y it , ' 19 f if 14 C Q ' s . N5 . 'Q 5. , i .X X 'SYS ' K JL Z i Q vs J 4 I QX f M A I ' . - ., ...f A ,W , . , i. A ' I 'it ' "'9??l.Sl. ,,. , , yi ' , if l 7. MEYERS MINEAR. MONTGOMERY PARKER PARVIN FELL ROWAN SCHEE ' SELLERS SOLOMAN Q Edsel llnwan You say, "Be kind to dumb ani- mals." Edsel says, "Be kind to all animals." In fact, his interest in ani- mals led him to enter animal hus- handry. Born 22 years ago in Greensboro, "a small town near Quincy," Ed took agriculture courses in high school, played haskethall, was business man- ager of the school paper and president of the junior class. After two years in the Navy hos- pital corps, he entered the university in 1946, going straight through in order to graduate at the end of this yeau"s suunner session. "I hope to get a job assisting a county agent, so that I can he in the field helping the farmers settle their prohleinsf' states Edsel. Ile hopes to work in this capacity with 4-ll clubs, in which he has long been interested. An active resident of the CLO house, Edsel is a member of Block and Bridle and tl 2 A f it griculture Club. Q 9 QQ' Preszdent Harrell raps the gaoel at regular I'uesdau rught meeting Second Semester By the time you have served your hitch in the collegiate chapter of the Future Farmers of America, you are conversant with all the intricitlcs of holding barbecues, banquets, con ducting hunting or camping trips, and with leadlng group sings To be exact, semester pro grams of the Future Farmers of America are slanted toward training future leaders of county chapters, hence all events are both instructive as well as recreational. Local members occasionally pop in on high school chapter meetings to observe their activ- ities. Likewise, they take in a full quota of agricultural shows and state and county fairs, not necessarily to view the latest traveling bur- lesque but rather to see the agricultural ex- hibits. Many members are active participants in these farming extravangazas. The college group was established during the 1937-38 school year. Although membership sagged during the war years, it is now robust, extremely healthy, and doing nicely. OFFICERS First Semester Warren Harrell Pres. Wllllam Kloeppel V. Pres. Robert Hargrave Sec. Eugene Badger Treas. MEMBERS Nicholas Adams Elmer Badger John Barnes Jack Barton Wllllam Bryan William Burke Ray Campbell J. D. Carlton Samuel Coverston Chas. Cowen Lamar Culbreath Alvin Davis J. W. Devane Eugene Doss Ben Floyd Jordan Foldes James Frazier Wiley Garrett Horace Gay Wllllam Geiger Emerson Gravely Hiram Green Harry Haynsworth H. M. Harvey Richard Heath John Herndon Henry Hewitt Otis Howell Donald Hurst Henry Ivey Oscar Lastlnger Sam Love Marlon Martin Loule Muraro James McCall Rich McCleery Arch McIntyre Herman Melvin Robert 0'Berry William Oelslager This was one case where too many cooks zlicln't spoil the soup. Terry Klrton Troy Caruthers Lamar Jones Thomas King Henry Pierce Chas. Pope Wllllam Pumphrey Harvey Rathel James Senterfltt Wllllam Sharpe J. L. Simmons James Smith Don Storms Lantls Strickland Leo Strickland James Sumner J. W. Todd Donald Vandergrlft Donald Vaughan William Weathars Dennis Wheeler C. O. Wilson Dalton Wilson Richard Wolfe 38 FUTURE FARMER UF AMERIC . ,- 5 :g ir- v-"xli- ,W f ffl , Ulf? gy ,TIC A X iq. .1 4' Q licowitixo 5 un x,mdiUxj .?.'--' va .ee,'-S IW! O , ',.x QA' 'lf Q L9 Graf 3 B La- 3' i 7 l l 41' ll lv XXX J ' s v 1 , - 6 Florida's future agricultural educators enjoy refreshments. fTl1e drinks are soft.J Two of the fellows had money to buy c 0 k e s after the meeting. They checked their pitchforlcs at the gate. GRICLILTUHE CLUB 1 'HIC ,48 Agriculture Club again gave the students and faculty the bi1'd. In its Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot the club awarded 150 turkeys to university sharpshootcrs. All ranks of college life took part-from President Miller to lowly freshmen. The club's main purpose is to promote interest in and enthusiasm for agriculture. In carrying out this ob- jective, the club has sponsored a series of lectures by noted scientific agriculturalists on subjects of current agricultural and humanitarian interest. In addition to the lectures, members present papers, essays, and ora- tions. During the year the Agriculture Club, which holds the distinction of being the oldest student organization 011 campus, served the university in other ways than cre- ating interest in agriculture, Through its efforts the 'Florida College Farmerf, agriculture magazine, was reactivated. The club also was instrumental in having a course in parliamentary procedure added to the uni- versity curricula. There was something fishy at this fry MEMBERS , ,af't,.Q' ' 1. ., . ,.-2' SP . FN' fi ,, pl 1, Q. f Figggnx if te, D0yle Abbot Edwin Acree Richard Acree Lor-en Baldwin John Barnes - James Burkhalter J. D. Carlton William Champion Leonard Cobb Philip Cobb William Cotton Charlie Demko John Eubank .John Finlayson Margaret Flanders Jordan Foldes Walter Freidman Paul Gibson James Gllsson Hiram Green Robert Hargrave Wllllam Harlan Robert Harris Harold Harvey Jacl: Hayman Harry Haynsworth Clyde Helms Marvin Hernden Walter Howard George James Lamar Jones Ralph Jones Sanford Joyner Irving Kaufman Earl Kelly James Kelly Jack Kirk Terry Klrton Oscar Lastlnger Ken Laurent Sam Love Leon Mann Henry Martin Rollin McNutt H. D. Melvin Charles Miller Edwin Minton Ernest Moore Robert Morle John Morrlss Wllllam Nelson Clifford Nolan Henry Ozakl Charlie Ozakl Randall Pope, Edwln Prange Davld Prange Sam Reasoner James Santeriitt Wllllam Snead Robert Bpangenburg James Summer Charles Taylor Donald Taylor Nelson Taylor Kennlth Townsend Jerome Vlchers William Weathers Harry Wesson Rodney Whidden Calvin Wood Robert Young Bill Zorn "X.' a ll A ' ...X . :fx Two presidents gather at the Turkey Shoot. XX J A well prepared, interesting " lecture. .5 3 .N Ag Club boys always have refreshments. ZET FY 1:1 LPH The guiding hands of the fraternity: fl. to rd NeSmith, treasurer, Laurent, censor, Hopper, chancellor, Anderson, scribeg and Wright, chronicler. Clay served as censor after Laurent was grarluatecl. Acree Alred Anderson Badger Beardsley Brock Caruthers Charles Clay Clemmons Close Cotton Dickinson MEMBERS Doss Kramer Finlayson Kulwlch Gilmore Laurent Griffin Lelbovlt Hargrave Love Harrell, A. Maquire Harrell, W. McNamee Hopper Medsger Jacoway Mlnear James NeSmit,h Johnson Ozakl. C. Kelly Ozakn, H. Kloeppel Palmer Plath Sanchez SHP!! Sheppard Shoenberger Sudla Townsend Warrington Willingham Wright Young Zorn Pledges -ready for initiation ceremonies. Alpha Zeta . . . honorary professional agricultural fraternity . . . high standards . . . scholarship, character, leadership, personality . . . service to the college . . . advancement of the profession of agriculture . . . a bond between men of outstanding attainments . . . for those who achieve dis- tinction and are capable of honoring achievement in others . . . all leaders of men. The highlight of the year for Alpha Zeta was the Ag Fair, which served as the main attraction for the Ag NVeck-end. A show of the services and attainments of the college of agriculture, thc experiment station, the exten- sion service, and the student organizations-the advancement of Florida's agriculture. The Biennial Conclave of Alpha Zeta was held in Washington, D. C., in December. Sandy johnson, Florida Chapter representative, reported out- standing achivemcnts and success. The series of visitors and personalities, headed by the fraternity founders, Charles William Burkett and john Ferguson Cunningham, gave a true fraternal attitude to the brothers-year-round fellowship. The twice-told tale of Pledges, with AZ's and scrolls, shaking hands of members about the campus, formal initiations, and barbecues. A little fun added to thc year-round privilege of advancing professional abilities. Alpha Zeta . . . honorary professional agricultural fraternity . . . the greats and near-greats in the agricultural world . . . Founder's Day . . . Ag Fair . . . Conelave . . . student assistance . . . awards to the worthy . . . college park for variety in the program. 40 3 - JG'-Q5 ve or 11 ,iw I W g. xi. . , r at liobert Hargrave WVarrcn Ilairrcll Dr. E. VV. Carris Pres-ideal Vice-President Seerelary-Treu.s'1u'er ily ,V A M 1.3 ,,., M Eugene Doss Samuel 13. Love ' W I ' 1 Honor Czllllll' . ffl.-Ill-Arlns LPH T I1 LPH Alpha Tau Alpha . . . honorary professional agricultural education fra- u'mitY - . . today's outstanding students in the field of education . . . to- morrow's leaders in vocational agriculture, future educators. Alpha Tau Alpha's main objective is advancement of professional ability and personal character. The year's program is carried out to accomplish this objective. The fraternity brings to the campus many leaders in the fields of education and vocational education, as well as outstanding civic leaders. Student programs are presented to offer further training toward higher professional standing. In-service personnel and students are initiated into the fraternity on the basis of leadership, character, and scholarship. Pledges are formally initiated into the fraternity in secret ceremony. An informal initiation is given at the Semi-annual banquet. Pledges are invited to join each semester. In-service personnel are initiated at the annual conference of vocational agricultural teachers. The Florida Farmeris Frolics was the fratcrnity's contribution to the annual Ag Weekend. Round and square dancing was climaxed by the selection of an Ag Queen. Alpha Tau Alpha . . . ll0ll0l'tll'y professional agricultural education fra- ternity . . . striving for professional improvement . . . molding character . . . trying to enjoy the process of becoming educated. ALPHA TAU ALPIIA MEMBERS: Adams, N. A., Badger, E. C., Barnes, T., Bush, C., Bush, W., Carulhers, T. NV.g Covertson, S. S., Daigle, L. J., Doss, E., Gravely, E. I-I., Griffis, lt. S., Hargravc, R. II., Ilarrell, L. W., llurst, D. C., Ivey, II. N., Kilpatrick, W. L., King, T. j., Kloeppel, NV. E., Love, S. B., O,Berry, li. B., Pumphrcy, W. F., lioane, N- L.g Sharpe, M. H., Southall, C. T.g Sumner, L.g Thompson, J., Weathers, W. W., Wilson, D. L. Pledges sweat out exam on aims and history. Informal session on the ffflllillillg .sihultiou wx .... Inifiulion banquet at the Primrose. 41 CD ERICA UCIETY of GRICULTUP1 L GI EER FLORIDA Tuma T BHANIIH OFFICERS Fall SP,-ing Davis, C. W. President Wiggins, Bon Harrell, A. L. Vice-president Causseaux, H. H. Brown, Secretary-Treasurer Hollis, M. C. Cocke, B. Scribe Watford, C. L. Faculty Advisor ..................., T. C. Skinner Department Head ..... . . .... Frazier Rogers F or co-education research. That tire's flat! The horn works good. This gadget is a whatsit. The Florida branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers was estab- lished on the campus in 1940 to give the students in the department an opportunity to receive additional educational training. This has been accomplished in a series of lectures by the leaders of the profession and by the students participating in par- liamentary practice, public appearances, and public speaking. The year's program is directed to promote a greater feeling of fellowship among members of the Society. The past year brought to the campus such outstanding speakers as john L. Moore of International Harvester, Mr. Randolph and Mr. Byron of the Belle Glade agricul- tural experiment station, and Mr. Pringle of the Washington office of R.E.A. Pro- grams were also presented by Allis-Chalmers, Hardie Sprayer, Ford, and Massey- Harris. The A.S.A.E. exhibit at the Ag Fair was an exact model of an ideal farm con- structed at the cost of 1500 man-hours. In addition, the society presented movies and a commercial exhibit of the latest farm machinery. Social activities of the year included a barbecue at college park by the members, and another as guests of International Harvester. MEMBERS Adam, D. E. McFarleln, J. E. Alred, J. E. McGill, E. P. Barco, J. F. McLeod, R.. W. Beasly, C. F. Michall, V. Burke, J. L. Minton, E. J. Buckley, H. E. Morrlss, J. E. Cherene, W. L. Nelson, D. Clark, J. H. Norris, J. Cobb, L. C. Parker, T. S. Collins, J. S. Plnner, W. J. Dowling, S. E. Poe, L. R. Elchelberger Polston, O. S. Finley, W. E. Powell, R. Fletcher, J. P. Rogers, C. Fridy, W. E. Rose, W. H. Green, H. Skipper, C. P. Guest, L. Steele, C. W., Jr. Hancock, T. E. Swallows, L. S. Hodges, R. R.. Swindle, R. B. Hunt, O. F. ' Timmons, E. Jones, W. H. Tison, J. E. Kloeppel, F. Tollerson, J. C. Ladd, T. B. Wallace, H. F. Luke, J. S. Woodhan, J. D. McCall, W. R. Woodley, C. M. 42 E L E TU ULUGIC L UGIETY OFFICERS President . Dempsey R. Sapp Vice President .. Eugene Soloman Secretary . . . ., W. B. Sudia Treasurer .,.., , ,,... Roy V. Roig Reporter ,. . M. L. Wright Newell Entomological Society was founded in 1987 in honor of the late Dean Newell, provost of agriculture amd eminent entomologist, as a device to give supple- mental training opportunities in the fields of entomology. Meetings are conducted every two weeks at which Speakers are brought to the campus from the agricul- tural world. The NES, as it is better known, sponsors the Florida Entomological conference on the campus UVCTY April. Leaders in the field of entomology from all the nation attend these conferences. The Society also publishes the annual semi-scientific journal, "The N.E.S. News." It is given to members, graduates, students and libraries. The 58 members of the society sponsored a banquet this year for the Florida Entomological conference and Pllrticipated in the Ag Weekend by presenting an ex- hibit of insects, commercial equipment, and movies on insect controi. You want to play leap-frog? -11 11's not Grusslzopper legs! First Row: fl. to LJ Dr. Creighton, Sapp, Niekleson, Alberty, Wetherington, Wright, Douthit. Second Row: fl. to r.J Prof. Het- rick, Solomon, Shimmel, Hudson, Chellman, Rathburn. Third Row: Cl. to r.D Prof. Murphy, Sinclair, Sibbet, Nolen, Webb. Fourth Row: Cl. to r.l Sudia, Bingaman, Anderson, Orr, Roig. Colle e of ! .T lu-- , 1 Y l ' ', .,L u,.,,.,,,, . " ,, , . ,N faf. .,,....,..,,,,', A I"tI'l'tJItI'I AlttZlII'I'I'XI'I' l'l,ANS lJlll'lANl llUNll'l llllll,lllNU CONS't'ltUtI'I'lON CLASS 'l'lu- .S'fIllllS :mls l'llIlH,Lfl'll, A fuurl :Hrs grunlr-rl. Iuc-rc-asf-tl iutc-rc-st iu tht- arts autl alrcllitt-L-tllw as voca- iam 'I'. Arm-tt: "Tu iluprow- lllilll'S pluysic-al 1-uvirmum-ut ual aucl cultural sulmjc-cts is maclc- 4-viclt-ut by tllc- lac-t autl 1-uric-ll luis lilm-.N lllll 'l""l"ll tl'-X lmsl 'l"m'l""' c""'ll"'Y ll--'-'O him tw--H ll" N-Vurliiug llllilltl' a lnauclic-ap cause-cl by its iuaclc-quatv lllf'l'4'2lS1' wt Hf'1ll'lY 300 PH' Will ill lllit llllllllwl' Ol' NIU' lac-ilit'ic-s anal liluitt-cl stall, tht- st-lmul ol' 2ll'L'llll1'ClIll'l' llas sm ulus, art sm-it-tit-s, aucl pmlc-ssiunal lIl1'Il aucl worm-u Qlmm yvg-ll Q-0 4-5ml,li5l, ity-H' :IS ll C,-1-Clif U, flu- ,,,,iVm-Sify. Ill tht- lit-lcl. Also siguillic-aut ol' tllis l-act is tlu- iuc-rt-asm-cl If l,4-c-4l,m- 11 ,m-ml,4-r UI' flu- Aggm-intiU,, of 114,111-giuto cumllluc-ut iu tha- uuivc-1'sit'y's t'Ulll'glEUll1ll'ClllU'CtIll'l'Rlllil S4-114,015 Ui' Al'ClllllFL'llIl'lF in 1947. lu 1948 it was rt-cog- tllit-cl arts. Clmupart-cl to au avvragc- pn-war t-urulluu-ut uizc-cl aucl iucluclr-cl in tht- list' ul' at-crm-clitt-cl sc-lmuls lmv nl SS, tht- lllIllllJC'I' ul' stuclt-nts in tllis c-ollt-gc is now 525. flu- Nglfimml Ag-Qllitpg-lm-4- ACC,-Uqlifing 15031-fl. AIM, il, This clivisiuu ul' tlu- univc-rsity llacl its status L-lnaugr-cl l9-48 it was clmsm-u Ivy tht- Amt-ricau lustitutt- ol' Archi- lmm sc-lmul to collvgc- iu january. 'l'lu- iuuumliatc- ull- tc-cts ton-cc-ivt-:1 grant' from tllat 0l'Q,'ZllllZ1ll'l0ll'S Carut-giv ju-tivv ul- tlu- cullvgr- is to pruviclt- training and iustruc- luucl. 'l'l1c- grant' is to lu- usa-cl towarcl 4'SltlllllSlllllg a cu lm' stuclt-uts at lmtlx tlu- vocational aurl c-ultural gr:-att-r iutt-rt-st lvy tht- public in arc-l1itt-L-turc- aucl the lcw-ls. Its ultimate- ulxjc-c-tivv is, as statt-cl lmy llc-au NVill- arts. Aucl at tht- rt-quu-st ul' llu- Fluricla Assoc-iatiou ol' IlANlJSCIAI'IC AllClll'l'l'lC'l'S STUDY SlllillllS PLANNING 'l'lll'l Cl'l'Y Ulf' 'l'UlNlOllllOXV 'l'lu- UlIi!'f'lll'l' tl'll.S'.H'lIlI1'fl. 'l'ln- r'urrir'ulu tl'll.S' 4'xp1ln1l1'1l. J l ARCHITECTURE -LLIED RT TIIIS IS AN ART CLASSQ BUT WIIO CARES? The influx was fell. Architects, the school held the first professional seminar for architects ever held in Florida. A bureau of architectural and community research was established in April 1948, as a service to the citizens of Florida. The bureau was organized for thc purpose of conducting and coordinating research on the design of shelter and enviromnent for various forms of human activity in Florida. Staffed by 23 of the best instructors and teachers in the field, the school offers a curricula which leads to one of several degrees. When an undergraduate enters the school of architecture he has the choice of four pro- grams of study at the professional level offering degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, and building con- struction. Graduate programs are offered in the above TIIE CRAFTS DEPARTMENT The space is fo bc provided. 'W AN EXCHANGE STUDENT STUDIES OUR ARCIlI'l'EC'I'URL. The choice runs of four fields. fields and the curriculum also permits an option in the expanding field of community planning. Enrollment in the art department of the college has greatly increased and it is here that the influx of cocds at the university has been felt the most. The increased interest in art, both culturally and as a vocation, has resulted in an ever expanding curriculum in this field. Though the department is crowded at the present time, the 1miversity's expansion program provides for more drafting room and studio space for these students who aspire to be professional artists. At the present time the school offers degrees in draw- ing and painting, commercial art, crafts, and interior desi n. A vro ram now underwa brovides for stud in Y photography, sculpture, and a graduate program in art. PREl,'ARING NIODELS l"OR IIOMECOMINCZ A pholograpliy course was .sc:l1cd11lerl. 'll we M' -Z fl G'- 'Tl f ' Q' ,I rf: I A' ,K AHVHITE 'TUPE ' ' V ALLIED ARTS OUIIIIIVS and Iumnrs ALLEN ANGLE BIERBOVVER BOWEN A 'BOXXES BROWN BUCHMAN BUTTERS CAMERON CLARK COLSON CONDON COVINGTON DRE YER DRURY' FLINT FLOYD FLUKER ABOVE. 0 Top Row: ROBERT L. ALLEN, St. Petersburg 0 BEDA Q. ANGLE, Tampa 0 WILBUR STEWART BIERBOWER, St. Petersburg 0 ERNEST T. H, BOWEN, Galnesvllle 0 C. HERBERT BOXXES, Miami 0 SWAN A. BROWN, Ocala 0 Second Row: EDYTI-IE BUCHMAN, Plant City 0 KENNETH F. BUTTERS, Tampa 0 DOUGLAS A. CAMERON, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM C. CLARK, JR., Daytona Beach O LEONARD F. COLSON, JR., Lake Clty 0 JOHN A. CONDON, Miami Q Third Row: HARRISON W. COVINGTON, Plant City 0 WILLIAM R. DREYER, St. Petersburg 0 FRANK V. DRURY, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT L. FLINT, Gainesville 0 ALFRED T. FLOYD, JR., Tampa 0 EDWARD H. FLUKER, St. Petersburg. BELOW: 0Top Row: PERCY R. FOLSOM, Tallahassee 0 WALTER H. GAMMEL, Gainesville 0 EUGENE M. GARDNER, Ocala 0 HENRY GARDNER, Tampa Q MYRE J. HANES, Gainesville 0 JOHN B. HARVEY, Tampa 0 RICHARD P. JONES, JR., Gainesville 0 CHESTER J. KAZMIERCZAK, DeLand 0 OMER E. LANNOM. Jacksonville 0 Second Row: WILLIAM S. LATSKO, Gainesville 0 FRANK J. MANUEL, Orlando 0 ROBERT L. MILLER, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM H, MONCRIEF. Fort Myers 0 JOHN B. NORA, JR., West Palm Beach 0 T. WILLIAM PATTERSON, Gainesville 0 DONALD O. PHELPS. Gaines- ville 0 GEORGE B. POWERS. Jacksonville 0 JERRY P. SIMMONS, Miami Beach 0 Third Row: HENRY F. SMITH, Palatka 0 MILO M. SMITH, Tampa 0 ENRIQUE R. SOLER. Ponce, P. R. 0 C. CRANFORD SPROUL, Hollywood 0 HILL STIGGINS, Maitland 0 RAY A. TROVILLION, Winter Park 0 GERALD E. WARREN, Auburndale 0 WILLIAM P. WHIDDON, Mlnmlo EDGAR A. WILSON, Ft. Myers, FOLSOM GAMMEL GARDNER GARDNER HANES HARVEY JONES LATSKO MANUEL MILLER MONCRIEF NORA PATTERSON PHELPS SMITH SMITH SOLER SPROUL STIGGINS TROVILLION WARREN T 41 -1 gf 46 KAZMIERCZAK POWERS VVHIDDON LANNON SIMMONS NVILSON gd 1 1 " A , 5' w -. rf., . . f .. ..-,.,j-.. ' - 1- vf..-f ,. lg, Q . We vi - 7. R7 5, - N Ll it afsmx, f ,,.V X ' Q... ' . X - i',, A Rf. d R. 'tl E x. lil' ,' 1 - 'il A .H e .. ,NV .X IJ-fe L 5 gli ,ha - Q , wh ' l J l X I X 1 an . i' ' - l V 5 I . . V E J A , ., AER, ik . 54 a x E '5 W-1' if -. . f E1 A 'V' ' I if 1' 4 Q F H . 1 . 4 . ' rss fn C' Q., 'L A I lim l Q14 Q11-H. ' 'K , -A ffl. 1 ' ' ,. wx. V J ' A BOQLLEN ANDERSON ANGELL ARNOLD ATKINS DRDMAN BRAINARD BROADFOOT BROWN BURNS EHON EBERSOLE ELLXAS EMORY FISHER ABOVE: gt TOD Row: PAUL E. ALLEN, Pompano O DALE G. ANDERSON, Mlaml 0 RICHARD P. ANGELL. GABPl-Etersburg o SCOTT B. ARNOLD, Coral Gables 0 ELMER S. ATKINS, Orlando 0 GEORGE W. M I-EY, JR., Orlando 0 JAMES E. BARKER, Roopville, Ga. 0 OSCAR E. BLOIR. New Smyrna. 0 WcALLISTER BLANTON, Tampa 0 Second Row: ROBERT E. BOARDMAN, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM st- BAINARD, West Palm Beach 0 ALBERT R. BROADFOOT. Clewlston 0 WILLIAM H. BROWN, DAvPet9TSblll'8 0 CECIL B. BURNS, Jacksonville 0 HARRY EDWARD BURNS, JR., Neptune Beach Q vid ID K. CHAPLAIN, Miami Beach 0 JAMES E. CLEMENS, Jacksonville 0 HENRY D'AMICO, Pro- . 300. R. I. 0 Third Row: FREDERIC T. DEHON. St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT P. EBERSOLE, Arcadia Jack SLIE T. ELLIAB, Jacksonville 0 DON W. EMERY, Daytona Beach 0 GEORGE RYAD FISHER, L Sonvllle 0 DOUGLAS S. GATLIN, Jacksonville 0 CRAIG J GEHLERT, Gainesville 0 ROBERT - GLASSER, Miami Beach 0 THEODORE DOTTFRIED, Miami Beach. BELOW: 5 X J' 'nl xv: G Xsn 4. GABLEY BURNS GATLIN QEEFUD Row: VVILLIAM H. GUERIN. Melbourne 0 JAMES M. HARTLEY. Hollywood 0 JAMES A. Joxilgf Avon Park 0 GEORGE D. HILL, Miami 0 WILLIAM D. HUDSON, Jacksonville O RICHARD C. dem SON. Largo 0 Second Row: BLANCHARD F. JOLLY, Tampa 0 CHARLES R. KERLEY, Ft. Lau- st B-le O HOWARD L. KLINZING, Gainesville 0 PAUL R. KRONE, Lakeland O PHENIS J. LAWRENCE. R6B'gu8USi2iI1e 0 W. MAYBERRY LEE, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: JOHN A. LEWIS, Atlanta. Ga. 0 Gain RT W. LEWIS III, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT E. LUND, West Palm Bench O THOMAS B. MASSIE, Esvllle O LAURA MAE MCGOON, Mlnml Springs 0 PAUL A. MCKINLEY, Fort Myers. GUFIRIN JOLLY LEWIS HARTLEY KERLEY LEWIS HEIN KLINZING LUND HILL KRONE MASSIE HUDSON LAWRENCE MCGOON i i 'F far S ' ' r , ' , I is . I fi :dei Q , "'5?o! Y . T " T 'Wi QA. . f ' J iii' if . i. ."g,if'2if,..f- f.!1 S3 "3 - ' I A' H, tr ff P- - ' 11. X1 Ai irim:.' i:::1i: 1.,' U if iii ' A ' I if , 'li J OHNSCN LEE McKINLEY . Q V V A N- -4, V' Qi' t . - M., Qu? x X- 'ffl-' "' A sl Eh: I ' . . . , tg I . ' 4 . 4 s. 5 1 i ' " 47 9 N t it 0 . V . 1, P xl ' f A if lil x BARKER BLOIR. BLANTON CHAPLAIN CLEMENS D AMICO GEHLERT GLASSER DOTIFRIED Doug Gatlin Doug's collegiate life has often heen torn hy his conflicting desires to lead a normal miclcllc-class life, while at the same time pining to bc- eome a Bohemian. The 20-year-old architecture stu- dent derives much of his carefree leanings from his artistic interests, which include choral singing, dra- matics, and writing. At jacksonvilleis Robert E. Lec high school hc was active in these phases, and receivccl the 1946 D. A. ll. annual "American- ism" essay award. All his life he has wanted to he an architect. llc finds residential design most interesting, but his husiness sell' realizes that commercial buildings are more profitable. Someday, Doug hopes to own his own firm in south or central Florida. In the local SAE fraternity chapter his conflict pops up again. There he has served both as an entertaining social chairman and as an efficient house manager. Senior Activity Index fPages 378-3922 f -Q 2 .. , wake RQN . 22" x Ewa? l ' ARCHITECTURE Q LLIED ARTS 1 -sv , s 'Vs . . sexhiqxtf . l Y ,SSS , I7 C git "1 A Nfl X x ' Q ls .4 1 l X Q L3 " P lunnws MEADOWS MEADS MILLER MISSING MOORE OLDHAM PAGE PHILLIPS PRICE PRITCHETT PRITCHETT RANON RASE ROSE SAYE ABOVE: .Top Row: EDWARD L. MEADOWS. Orlando 0 BELLE R. MEADS. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0 JOHN G. MILLER, JR., Ft. Lauderdale 0 EARLE E. MISSING, Gainesville 0 RAY E. MOORE, Palatka 0 Second Row: RICHARD D. OLDHAM, JR., Jacksonville 0 GEORGE B. PAGE, JR., Ft. Myers 0 ROBERT M. PHILLIPS, Jacksonville 0 SAMUEL PRICE, Jacksonville 0 CICERO W. PRITCHETT, Gainesville 0 Third Row: WALLACE R. PRITCHETT, Archer 0 JOHN F. RANON, Tampa 6 ALBERT E. RASE, Tampa 0 JOHN H. ROSE, Center Morlches, N. Y. 0 ROLAND A. SAYE, Miami. BELOW: 0 Top Row: JOHN H. SCI-IMITZ. JR., Miami 0 SAM L. SILBERSTEIN, Jacksonville 0 DONALD T. SMART, Reddlck 0 HUBERT DEANE SMITH, DeLand 0 FIRMIN W. SOUTHWELL, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT W. STEPHENS, Gainesville 0 JOHN P. STEVENS, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: GEORGE R. TEBRUGGE, Springfield, 111.0 RICHARD E. TEMPLETON, Gainesville 0 FERNANDO A. TORRES, Tampa 0 THEADOR F. WEBER, Daytona Beach 0 EDWARD L. WELLS, Pensacola 0 STERLING E. WILI-IOIT, Quincy 0 Third Row: SIDNEY R. WILKINSON, Gainesville 0 JACK S. WILLSON, Palm Beach 0 PAUL K. WILSON, Cranford, N. J. 0 JAMES E. WINDHAM, Orlando 0 LOUIS WOLFF, Miami 0 CHARLES YATES, Tallahassee 0 RUSSELL C. ZINKEL, Mlaml. SCHMITZ SILBERSTEIN SMART SMITH SOUTHWELL STEPHENS STEVENS TEBRUGGE TEMPLETON TORRES WEBER WELLS WILHOIT WILKINSON WILLSON WILSON WINDHAM WOLFF YATES ZINKEL i! iia! , "sa f a - mi' s. H gg 8, ff: W 5 48 ERICA TITUTEIH3 RCHITECT tudent Branch f Si., gr OFFICERS X President ,,,,,,,,., .. . ..... . Myrl Hanes Vice-president ,,,,,, , ...., jimx Hartley Secretary . 7,...,., . .,7,.,. Al Floyd f Treasurer ,.7, .. .,.... Bob Allen ' ti I I SF I .5 Chartered in 1947, the Student Associate branch of , I the A. I. A. has as its aim the fostering of fellowship and promotion of co-operation and unity between archi- , teeturc students and practicing architeetsg and the im- - Q ' parting to the students an appreciation and understand- ? i , ing of the ideals and objects of the A. I. A. Q,-,. fi it . j L3 .E Q During the year the chapter made a field trip to out- ' A X X 'A standing architectural works in the loealityg held a Q A smoker at which Edmond McCollum, AIA, was guest G, Q j speakerg held a reception for Henry S. Churchill, noted .Y 'N 7, architectg sponsored an architect's danceg sent delegates X :J to the state A. I. A. convention in Winter Park and the ' S, southeastern conference of Collegiate Schools of Archi- ARNOLD BARKER tectureg and sponsored a speech by Robert Little, presi- BOARDMAN BOWEN dent of the state A. I. A. BOWES BROADFOOT CHAPLIN CLEMENTS ELLIAS FLOYD I as I ' YJ F A I L ' Y, L p .ii it I ff, , ' I' 'ff - is W gy. , I : . 3 , ,gg gg, p Q - ,V wr 5 M N.. . a j, r ,,-' f , S at : ii-flu. IONES KLINGINC LATSKO LEWIS SAYE SMART SMITH SOUTHWELL SPROUL STEPHENS TEBRUCCE WELLS WILKINSON WILLSON WILSON 49 YATES GLASSER GRIFFIN HANES HEIM 2 ' X W: . M tg R Nix: I , rx' H gy 1 'tt SIMMONS STEVENS WOLF GEHLERT GRAFTON GUERIN HARTLEY JOLLY GABGUYLE i 5 H OFFICERS 'l - p .- ? If p. , TY . Q. CDI? -Lf 1. P. SIMMONS H. COVINGTON S. BIERBAUER R. P. JONES Gargoyle is an honorary fraternity in the college of architecture and allied arts of the University of Florida. This society was organ- ized in 1927, by students of the school of architecture. Its purpose was to form an honor and service society for the students in archi- tecture, to further interest in the study of architecture, and to arrange social events making for closer relations of students and faculty. The primary requisite for membership then, as now, is a high scholastic average. Activities and events sponsored by Gargoyle are quite varied. The most important is the sponsoring of speakers, who are professional men outstanding in architecture or related fields. Other projects are the presentation of a medal to the outstanding freshman student of architectureg the presentation of a book to the library of the college of architeetureg and the sponsoring of a picnic to which are 'invited students and faculty of the college of architecture and allied arts, and members of the office of the architect to the state hoard of control. At one time the fraternity considered dissolving in favor of joining a national organization. However, after thorough investigation and discussion, the members of Gargoyle decided to continue as they were, and the society has remained the same up to thc present. Officers for 1948-1949: President ..,..,,.,.,.,,,,.,,... ,,,.,..,............,... . P. Simmons Vice-President .... .... 1 st Semester-H. Covington 2nd Semester-E. A. Wilson Secretary and Treasurer ....... ................ ............. . . S. Bierbaucr Historian ............................. ...,.. I K. P. jones, jr. 1' S36 Q! 036' 5 p A W .qi Bib... 1 Q H 2. ' , it ' ,Q-H ' 1:- , ,. ' W' 5' . 1 .- ' , ' " . ' ' -' A .. 5 ' 'IA wi' W., , 1 O . 1 . 'li 1-. , A I K X1 ' x , t ,.,A,x1 - -5 . X. f - . ' 'uh my " fi-,q,:g. if . at X gi 2 t i X . K I 'l lh. .I 'QZQZL i. . ,H mx J - .. 1 . it I A 5, '4"W6A QQ-1 tl Q' Q- G. .91 Arg " , , 1 . ' ' 1 Q-- -..-, -... "rf N4 6- n-.. , ft-P 'N--1 T 1 - :ix QX: p . . nv N diff I ' It ' in A i 1 ,Sd QA I ' cxx, I g' l -X ." xi fh' F. If BOWEN BOWES BROWN BURNS CLARK CLEMENTS FISHER FLUKER E. GARDNER H. GARDNER GOTTFRIED GUERIN HAINES HIEM LEE LATSKO Mrssmc. NERA scmvurz SPRAUL J. WILSON E. wrLsoN 50 TUBE T BUILDER SSUCIF T10 Front row: F. V. Drury, O. E. Lannom, E. M. Gardner, W. S. Bicrbowcr, Prof. N. B. Flagg, D. VV. Evans, B. Nora, P. Ft. Folsom, W. R. Dreycr, A. Stringfellow, NV. C. Clark. Second Row: L. F. Colson, L. Silbcrstein, R. H. Drcycr, G. E. Warren, R. L. Flint, II. Conley, ll. P. Graves, A. R. Brown, VV. D. Merriam. Third Bow: G. D. Hill, K. F. Butters, R. D. Oldham, B. A. Trovillion, A. Kelsey, H: L. IIall, B. E. Voight, lt. W. Lewis, 1. G. Miller, I. E. Larsen, T. E. Livingston. Fourth Row: XV. II. Wilson, II. Rose, S. L. Ilartman, H. F. Cook, R. E. Lund, W. Childrc, F. V. Card, O. E. Blair, Price, II. D. Stevens, R. P. Angell, F. Manuel. The Student Builders Association was organized at the beginning of the Fall Semester, 1948-49. Professor N. B- Flagg, facility advisor to the Asso- Ciation and students, D. A. Cameron, L- F. Colson, and -I. A. Condon com- Pflsed the organizational group and Pfvparcd the constitution. Tho Asso- ciation was organized for the purpose of group contacts with the various building construction fields and in- dustry. Activities of the Association during the first semester included thc show- ing of films distributed by manufac- turers and distributors of building m2lfe1'ia1ls, an interesting lccture by Mr. Fred Clayton, Gainesville build- ing executive, and an informal ban- quet at the end of exams. Ultimate objectives of the organiza- tion include affiliation with The As- Sociated General Contractors of Amer- ica as a student chapter. - ,., t 1 Embryo contractors burn the midnight oil. 51 -Mfr. A .- ulV00ll-fJIlfCll01'Sn pose in front of campus construction project. NEW DEAN RALPH EMERSON PAGE For Cardinal Newman, a place of the mind. Cardinal Newman stated almost a century ago that a college of liberal arts is essentially a place of the mind, that the perfection of the mind is in itself one of the highest pursuits to which a man can devote himself. Designed to meet these requisites, the college of arts and sciences is a fundamental unit of the university. From it come our chemists, physicists, biologists, lin- guists, sociologists, mathematicians, historians, political scientists, and journalists. Curricula leads to the degrees of bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of arts in journalism, and bachelor of science in chemistry. Craduate Work is offered in all of its fourteen depart- ments. Headed by genial, well-dressed Ilalph Emerson Page, who assumed the duties of dean this year, arts and sci- ences is planning a large expansion program under the Weight of a doubled enrolhnent. The present faculty- A SCHOOL OF MUSIC From F.S.U., a cry of protest. Colle e of LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Because of world developments, a course in Russian. student ratio is 19 to lg the goal-12 to I. The department of Zoology will aid in the development of F lorida's unexcelled marine resources along her 1,197 mile coast line. The geology department will aid in de- veloping the state's vast, untapped mineral resources, out of which oil may rise to great importance. Expanded courses in analytical, organic, inorganic, agricultural, and biological chemistry will help further science. Florida's rich historical past will be probed by a de- partment of history research program. The speech de- partment will augment its courses with instruction in playwriting, costume and scene design, and radio. Latin- American students attending the university under aus- pices of the inter-American institute will be taught spoken English by this department. WVitl1 trained clinical psychologists at a premium, stu- PRE-MED, CHEINIISTRY, PHYSICS From the earth, the scent of oil. S Si SCIE GE LATIN AMERICA AFFAIRS For nxolmnge students, spoken English. dents in the psychology department can foresee a bright future. The now limited curricula in philosophy will be broadened to include advanced logic, aesthetics, seman- tics, and metaphysics. Political science has on its agenda additional work in city planning. New additions to the department of sociology are anthropology and archeol- Ogy. Current world developments require that the divi- sion of language and literature offer language courses in Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, in addition to the lan- guages now offered. The inadequately equipped, unaccredited department of journalism is due some long needed expansion. Three recently installed A.P. news teletype machines are now furnishing students with round-the-clock 11ews material. Astronomy will be included in the undergraduate offer- ings of the mathematics department. Although cramped for space, the physics department plans to move into the OF MICE AND MEN For trained psychologists, a future foreseen. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH l"or its courses, rm. augmentecl program. fields of theoretical physics, meteorology, and nuclear physics. An important humanitarian service will be the pro- posed cancer research institute. Slated to be located in a building which will be vacated upon completion of the new gymnasium, the institute and clinic will require a beginning annual budget of SS70,000. Rapidly increasing numbers of women students presses the need for a department of home arts. Pre-professional library training is in the near future. Since all the basic courses for a nursing program are already being taught, it is hoped that this program can start in the fall of 1949. Pre-medical and pre-dental students take their train- ing in this college, and curricula in combination with law is offered. Also offered are special interest courses in Latin-American area studies, radio broadcasting training, and social administration. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE On its agenclu, city planning. - my f , i- R -'air-Q ' AND Y. Wfiffklf - Ili! 'alT7d.:i1 Lt1l ,19 SA FE F'-vang n-v ARTS 84 SCIEA. 'CES BRACEWELL CLARKE CU RRIE Seniors BRASHEAR COCKS CURTIS -uv in ALMOND ALPER AMOS ANDERSON AULEB BALL BARRETT BAXLEY BIERBAUM ' HITTEL BLAKEMORE HLOOM ABOVE: 0 Top Row: JOHN D. ALMOND, FL. Pierce 0 ARTHUR ALPER, West Palm Beach 0 ELENA D. AMOS, Milton Q JAMES B. ANDERSON, Jacksonville 0 MALCOLM ANDERSON, Cross Clty 0 REGINALD A. ANDERSON, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: DON L. AULEB, Maplewood, N. J. Q CHARLES F. BALL, Hollywood 0 RALPH V. BARRETT, Ringgold, Ga. 0 JAMES BAXLEY, Lynn Haven 0 RAYMOND W. BECK, Jacksonville 0 GILBERT T. BERGGUIST, Pierce s Thlrd Row: WILLIAM B. BIERBAUM. Clear- water 0 JORDAN BITTEL, Mlaml Beach 0 BETTY BLAKEMORE, Lakeland 0 CLARK I-I. HLOOM, SL. Pet,ersburg 0 JOHN R. BONNER, Gainesville 0 DOROTHY A. BORBIDGE, Tampa. BELOW: 0 Top Row: RICHARD B. BRACEWELL, Jacksonville 0 LUCY M. BRASHEAR, Youngstown, Ohio 0 JOHN C. BRAUN, Gainesville Q DAVID SEWARD BRAYTON, Ft. Lauderdale 0 VINCENT PAUL BRUNO, Pensacola 0 JACK R. BUTTS, Orlando 0 BARNEY L. BYRUM, JR., Jacksonville 0 JAMES D. CAMP, Ft.. Lauderdale 0 RICHARD D. CHAPMAN, Lakeland 0 Second Row: HOWARD R. CLARKE, St. Peters- burg 0 JOEL E. COCKS, Gainesville 0 CAROLYN Y. COFER, Jacksonville 0 JOHN H. COLEMAN, Jack- sonville 0 HENRY L. COPPS, Tampa 0 SUSANNAH U. COPPS, Frostproof 0 JAMES W. COTTON, Baker Q RAY E. COUNCIL, Lake Wales 0 FRANCES J. CRANE, Gainesville 0 Third Row: ERNEST R. CURRIE, Clearwater 0 RONALD J. CURTIS, Havcnstraw, N. Y. 0 ORIS V. DARLING, Sarasota 0 HERBERT E. DAVIS, Tampa Q JOHN F. DAVIS, JR., Tampa s LUCILLE D. DAVIS, Mlaml 0 ROBERT P. DAVIS, Eagle Lake 0 QUINCE B. DAVIS, Mlaml 0 PATRICIA G. DEHON, St. Petersburg. BRAUN BRAYTON BRUNO BUTTS BYRUM COFER COLEMAN COPPS COPPS COTTON DARLING DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS -nu ' -:qi 54 ANDERSON BECK BONNER. CAMP COUNCIL DAVIS ANDERSON BERGGUIST BORBIDGE CHAPMAN CRANE DEI-ION 1. 4 -l ,,,, In - DELVES DENKER DILL DRISCOLL DOWNES DUBOSE EICHNER EIDE ELDER ELLISON ESHLEMAN EVANS FAY FERGUSON FERRARI FICKLING FLANAGAN FLEMINC1 FREEMAN FUQUAY GAY GERBER GILCHRIS1' GIIJDINGS GUIDICE GLENN GOE'l'IF ABOVE: 0 Top Row: GEORGE T. DELVES, Jacksonvlllc Q JEROME M. DENKER, Galnesvllle 0 ROBERT J. DILL, Jacksonville 0 WILLIS C. DRISCOLL, Bradenton 0 DOUGLAS J. DOWNES, Tampa 0 PIERRE W. DUBOSE, Orlando 0 ARTHUR I. EICHNER, Hollywood 0 ALFRED T. EIDE, Luke Placid 0 GRACE ELDER, SL, Pewrsburg 0 Second Row: NEWTON M. ELLISON, Jacksonville 0 S. KENDRICK ESHLE- MAN. Gainesville 0 LAWRENCE J. EVANS, Shllllngton 0 THOMAS H. PAY, Gainesville 0 ROBERT C. FERGUSON, Jacksonville 0 BERNARD J. FERRARI, West Palm Bench 0 JOHN M. FICKLING, SL. Petersburg 0 ROSEMARY W. FLANAGAN, Gainesville 0 MARVIN L, FLEMING, Mlllville 0 Third Row: JACQUELINE M, FREEMAN, Gainesville 0 ROBERT F. FUQUAY, Evansville, Ind. 0 JAMES M. GAY, Stuart 0 RICHARD D. GERBER, Driftwood 0 STUART D. GILCHRIST, Leesburg 0 SARAH GILL GID- DINGS. Jacksonville 0 ROBERT A. GUIDICE, Tampa 0 WILLIAM E. GLENN, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT L- GOETTE, Gainesville. BELOW' 0 Top Row: JAMES F. GOLLATTSCHECK, Luke Park 0 SHELDON E. GOOD, Miami Beach n BRYAN W. GOSS, St. Andrew 0 JOHN P. GRIFFIN, Tampa 0 JOSEPH A. GRIFFITH. SL. Petersburg 0 MAR- GARET H, GRINAKER, SL. Pelerslaurg 0 Second Row: HERBERT S. GUY, Vero Beach 0 DAVID O. HAMRICK, Okeechobee 0 WILLIAM E. HARRIS, Eustis 0 JOHN M. HAYNES, Jacksonville 0 WALTER C. HELLINGER' Jacksonville Q HAROLD A. HERMAN, Miami 0 Third Row: JAMES E. HERNDON, San- ford 0 THOMAS W. HICKS, Jacksonville Q JOSH HILL, Jacksonville 0 HARRY H. HIPSON, Stuart. 0 CLAUDIA C. HOLLAND, Tallahassee 0 JOHN P. HOLLOWAY, Jacksonville. GOLLATTSCHECK GOOD Goss GRIFFIN GRIFFITH GUY HAMRICK HARRIS HAYNES HELLINGER HERNDON Hrcxs HILL mPsoN HOLLAND 55 GRINAKER HERMAN HOLLOWAY Sarah Gill Uiilllings A inusie lover from ,way hack, Sarah clireclecl the ehoir cluring the two years she spent al NVesleyan College in Macon. Transllerriug lo Tallahassee, she eonlin- ued her pursuit of inusie. 'l'hen she inet a person who turnecl oul lo he llie man in her lille. Under pressure from him, Sarah transferrecl lo Gainesville Qancl is she glad she cliclll. During Christmas holidays of last year, Sarah ancl 'iWiinpy" Ciclclings heczune Mr. 64 Mrs. An Alpha Chi Omega, Sarah spent her high school clays in jacksonville. Sunclay mornings find her clireeting the choir al NVesley Foundation. After NVinipy's gracluation, Mr. Lk Mrs. Ciclclings plan to continue their ecluealion at Northwestern Biblical lnslilule in Evanston, Ill. Then they hope lo take a slow hoat to China lo heeoine Melhoclisl missionaries. Senior Activity Index fPag0s 378-392i SAFE All X-XHT9 N SUIE CES LANG MANN MEFFERT Seniors LANGSTON MCCANDLESS MEISEL GY fi 1 I HOLZER HULL HULL HUME HUMPHRIES JACOBSON JAMESON JAMIESON JOHNS JOHNSON JONES KILLIAN KISSAM KIVFZL KNAPP KNEPTON KRIG LANE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: CHARLES P, HOLZER, Brooklyn, N. Y, 0 FLOYD V. HULL, JR.. Pompano Beach 0 JEANORA R. HULL, Mlumi 0 LOUISE E. HUME, Fort Thomas, Ky. 0 JACK B. HUMPHRIES, Jackson- vllle 0 RAYMOND M. JACOBSON, Miami Beach 0 Second Row: ROBERT 'I'. JAMESON, Bartow 0 GEORGE S. JAMIESON, Mlaxni 0 BARTON K. JOHNS, Tampa 0 HOMER M. JOHNSON, 'I'lt.usv1lle 0 LARUE W. JONES, Mulberry 0 GEORGE W. KILLIAN, Dover Q Third Row: EDWARD B. KISSAM, Jacksonville 0 BENNETT KIVEL, Mlalnl Beach 0 MARY B. KNAPP, North Webster. Ind. 0 JAMES C. KNEPTON, JR., Thomasville O VIRGINIA W. KRIG, Galnesvllle 0 SARAH M. LANE, Mlrnnl. BELOW: 0 Top Row: EDWARD A. LANG. Miami 0 PAUL T. LANGSTON, DeFunlak Springs 0 DIANTHA N. LEE, Fallbrook, Calif. 0 JAMES D. LEONARD, SL. Augustine 0 HARRY LETAW, JR., Coral Gables 0 GERALD A. LEWIS, Jacksonville 0 ALVARO LLANO, Call, Colombla 0 HOWARD L. LONG, Alachua 0 MARTIN LUBOV, Brooklyn, N. Y. 0 Second Row: RONALD J. MANN, Winter Park 0 ROBERT F. J. MCCANDLESS, North Bergen, N. J. 0 DORIS B. MCCLEARY, Wesconnct 0 JACK A. MCCLENNY, Jack- sonvllle Beach 0 CONNIE P. McCLURE, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM H, McCOY. Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM T. MCFATTER, Vernon 0 EARL W. MCKISSON, Clearwater 0 JAMES P. MCMULLEN, St. Petersburg 0 Third Row: BOBBIE A. MEFFERT, Ocala 0 LEWIS I. MEISEL, Miami Beach 0 MICHAEL B. MEYERS, Mlaml 0 CHARLES A. MICHAEL, Sarasota 0 WILLIAM M. MIDYETTE, Winter Haven 0 DONALD P. MILLER, Tampa 0 JAMES L. MILLER, JR., Sarasota 0 RICHARD E. MOONEY, St. Petersburg 0 LLOYD L. MORGAN, Sebring. LEE LEONARD LETAW LEWIS LLANO MCCLEARY MCCLENNY MCCLURE MCCOY MCFATTER, MEYERS MICHAEL MIDYETTE MILLER MILLER, -1 'fl .1- 56 T LONG LUBOV MCKISSON MCMULLEN MOONEY MORGAN fl is ,Si Q 4 vs I ,F 1 4 1 MOSBY NANESS NELSON NEVILLE NODINE NOWLIN O'MALLEY PALMER PASKO PLANT POIDEIVANT PREW READ REYES ROBERTS ROUX RUSHING SALMON SAMMECK SANDS SCHILLER SCHROEDER. SCOTT SCOTT SER SGANGA SGANGA ABOVE: --3'-'M-I mai 0 Top Row: LEONARD L. MOSBY, Oak Hill 0 CHARLES H. NANESS, Miami Beach 0 BEVERLY J. u m'm"f'CL"5555 NELSON, Sarasota 0 GLENN E. NEVILLE, Bradenton 0 WILLIAM E. NODINE, Clearwater 0 ROBERT UITMKE lmsi-11 E. NOWLIN, JR., Lakeland 0 PAUL O'MALLEY, Mlaml 0 JOHN E. PALMER, Jacksonville Q ANTHONY looms LA! PASKO. Clcero, Ill. 0 Second Row: RICHARD PLANT, Madison 0 AZZEAL L. POIDEVANT, JR., Jack- M A nwwrmwmr sonv111e g MAURICE N. PREW, Sarasota 0 JOHN H. READ, Polnl. Pleasant, N. J. 0 RAUL L. REYES, Schenectady, N. Y. 0 CHARLES E. ROBERTS, Chlpley 0 RONALDO J. ROUX. Gulnesvllle 0 NAPOLEON B. RUSHING, SL. Petersburg 0 MYRON H. SALMON, Mlainl Beach 0 Third Row: ELIZABETH J. SAM- . .ff ,, MECK, Tampa Q STEPHEN R. SANDS, Gainesville 0 EDITH A. SCHILLER, Jacksonville 0 ERICH G. ..- SCHROEDER, West. Palm Beach 0 JACK H. SCOTT, St. Petersburg 9 JAMES H. SCOTT, Mlanil 0 " JULIUS SER, Miami Beach 0 FRANCIS T. SGANGA, Gainesville 0 MARY B. SGANGA, Canal Pclnt.. BELOW: 0 Top Row: DOROTHY J, SHADE, Columbus, Ohlo 0 JAMES J. SHARP, Jacksonville 0 SYLVIA B. SHAW, Mtaml 0 ELLIOT SHIENFELD, Hollywood 0 HERMAN SHONBRUN, Tampa 0 EDWARD M. SHURTLEFF, Clearwater Q Second Row: DAVID M. SILVER, Miami 0 JAMES H. SIMS, Tampa 0 AUGUSTUS V. SMITH, Clearwater 0 CARROLL C. SMITH, Tallahassee 0 LEON J. SMITH, Lake City g MARVIN M, SMITH, Williston 0 Third Row: ROBERTS C. SMITH, JR., Gainesville 0 ROY J. SNELL, st, Petersburg 0 JANE A. SNOW, Gainesville 0 GEORGE W. SOLBERG, Coral Gables 0 DOLORES N. SPITZER, Jacksonville 0 JOHN W. STANFORD. POIIIDIIHO 3011011- SHADE SHARP SHAW SHIENFELD SHONBRUN SHURTLEI-'F' SILVER SIMS SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SQNELL SNOW SOLBERG SPITZER STANFORD -1 1. ll. 57 lim Scott Most students find themselves sat- isfied wilh one hz1ehelor's degree. Not so with jim "Scooter" Seott. This con- scientious gentlenian from Mimni, who holds an BA in urls und sciences. is now struggling for ai BS in zleeonnl- ing. with eyes on ai CPA. NrVhen qnizzed nhonl his innisnul nieknanne, "Seooler" retorted that way hawk in 1941 when he was ai freslnnun, .friends would rib him for "seooting" up to 'lhllzilmssee so nnieh. 'I'o Scott, eoednention has heen ai god- send. This ex-stuff sergeant is inanioger ol' the independent inlrannnruls league, and for two summers was nmiioger oi' softlmll inlraunnralls. Seooler is ns en- lhnsizistie uhont playing as inumiging, and his rifle-armed posses ure il help lo any foolhull gznne. Senior Aefivily I7lllf'J? fPo!1f's .778-3922 ' SA FE FLUKLL I- .- 5 ARTS X- SUIE CES WALKER WILSON BORGSCHULZE Sem urs and lu: WATTS WOOD BOWERS lllIIS STEIN STEPHENS SUAREZ SUAREZ TARVER TATELMAN THRELKELD THOMPSON THRONE TOOKE TORRANCE TRIG TUHEGANO UNDERWOOD VAN MALSEN VINCENT WADLEY WALKER ABOVE: 0 Top Row: ROBERT J. STEIN, St. Petersburg 0 ALBERT L. STEPHENS, JR., Tampa 0 BENNIE J. SUAREZ, Tampa 0 JOSE R. SUAREZ, Tampa Q CLAUDE P. TARVER, Jacksonville 0 STANLEY G. TATELMAN, Mlaml 0 Second Row: MAJOR THRELKELD, Mlaxnl 0 GEORGE V. THOMPSON, Tea- neck, N. J. 0 JOHN M. TI-IRONE, Miami Beach o JOSEPH C. TOOKE, Fort Myers 0 HAROLD R. TORRANCE, Orlando 0 JAMES R. TRIG, Miaxnl 0 Thlrd Row: STANLEY E. TUREGANO, New Orleans, La. 0 HERBERT L. UNDERWOOD, Jacksonville 0 WESLEY W. VAN MALSEN, Jacksonville 0 PAUL VINCENT, Jacksonville 0 FREDERICK E. WADLEY, Tampa 0 KARL J. WALKER, JR., Gainesville. BELOW: Q Top Row: LYNN W. WALKER, Canal Point 0 CHARLES B. WATTS, JR., Ocala 0 IRVING L. WEB- BER, Jacksonville 0 JAMES A. WEIDMAN, St. Augustine 0 CHARLES E. WEINSTEIN, Miami Beach 0 GUSTAVE G. WENZEL, Gainesville 0 ELGIN F. WHITE, Jacksonville 0 JAMES K. WILLIAMS, JR., Mlaml 0 RICHARD J. WILSON, DeLand 0 Second Row: SANTFORD R. WILSON, JR., Miami 0 JAMES S. WOOD, Jacksonville 0 MYRA S. WOOD, Jacksonville 0 LINDA H. YATES, 'Fallahassee 0 JAYNE E. ZIEGLER, Miami 0 MAX F. ZOBEL, Pensacola 0 ARTHUR ARMAYOR, JR., Key West 0 BERT BERNSTEIN, Mlulnl Beach 0 LEE BIRD, Monticello Q Third Row: WILLIAM H. BORGSCHULZE, St. Petersburg 0 PATRICIA M. BOWERS, Mt. Dora 0 ROBERT U. BOYD, JR., Dunedin 0 PATRICIA M. BRADLEY, Daytona Beach 0 AL H. BROCK, Sanford 0 FRED C. BROCK, Jacksonville 0 ALEX W. BYAN, Jacksonville 0 MARY E. BUNNELL, St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT D. CARGELL, Gainesville. WEBBER WEIDMAN WEINSTEIN WENZEL WHITE WOOD YATES ZIEGLER ZOBEL ARMAYOR BOYD BRADLEY BROCK BROCK BRYAN .. ,., , .. .. ...,-,., un iw, I li " ,if- :fl -1 4 G fr' 9 I 'Y' .5 -I A :I I 3551,-'fQ:wiz, ' -. 58 WILLIAMS WILSON BERNSTEIN BIRD BUNNELL CARGELL . ,?,, l I l r V V J IKM. Y v ,givl Siu' 1? " , wr 4,41 'Q O it 3 lik , -.Iwi 'fl , arm 1.Xr.yf'-FQ 2' 2SL.,H.'1 ,V I., H w X,,,, -- f . i fini' it I J if gi K, I is x Tyvglavs ' l .. ,K I ' ' 1, A wif? . ' i I, J ,,,m,? . . . , 1 x I Q Q, 4. . 3 LX, -Q E :Iva , . ls Af- 0, A s ' Y ' L., IA " . ff,.,i.Qi, A,1'f"g: K' V, 01,4 . ' . Liu. , CHAMBERLAIN cl-IEEK CHENEY CHRISTENSEN CLARK CLARKSON CLAYTON cocHm.N COHEN COLBERT coivms coox COURTNEY cox CROSBY CRUMLEY CUTHBERTSON DANIFL DAVENPORT DAVIS DAVIS DEHAAN DEHAAN DEWELL DICK DIRGHALLI DODD ABOVE: 0 Top Row: CHARLOTTE I. CHAMBERLAIN, Chattanooga, Tenn. 0 WILLIAM II. CHEEK, Jackson- vllle 0 JUNE C. CHENET, West Palm Beach 0 EDWARD W. CHRISTENSEN, Oakland Park 0 CHARLES R. CLARK, Gainesville 0 JULIAN D. CLARKSON, Fl.. Myers 0 PEGGY A. CLAYTON, Gainesville 0 LOUISE COCHRAN, Ft. Myers 0 MEREDITI-I J. COHEN, Orlando 0 Second Row: JULIAN B. COL- BERT, JR., Tampa 0 HAROLD J COMBS, Gainesville Q HOWARD F ' . . COOK, Rlvexla Beach 0 JUDY E. COURTNEY, Mlaml 0 JOSEPH C. COX, Gainesville 0 HUBERT S. CROSBY, Gainesville 0 ROBERT J. CRUMLEY, Sanford 0 ALLEN E. CUTHBERTON, Enid, Okla. 0 WILLIAM F. DANIEL, Chlpley 0 Third Row: WILLIAM W. DAVENPORT, St. Petersburg 0 BARBARA H. DAVIS, Gainesville 0 CHARLES E. DAVIS, Jacksonville 0 CLAYTON R. DEHAAN, Orlando 0 QUENTIN C. DEHAAN, Orlando 0 SHEROD E. DEWELL, Tampa 0 JOHN C. DICK, Minneapolis, Minn. 0 SOLOMON G. DIRGHALLI, Jacksonville 0 CHERRY DODD, St. Petersburg. BELOW: 0 Top Row: JOAN I. DOWNEY, Jacksonville 0 JOHN L. DUGAN, JR., St. Petersburg 0 VIRGINIA A. EARNEST, West Palm Beach 0 GILBERT M. ECHELMAN, Orlando 0 DOROTHY G. EDMONDSON, Ocala 0 HARVEY M. EISGROV, Daytona Beach 0 Second Row: ROSALYN M. ENGLAND, Shaker I-Its., Ohio 0 MARY J FAULKNER Nashville Tenn 0 MONA F' . , . , . ERGUSON. Gainesville 0 JAMES C. FIELDMAN, Coral Gables 0 JOHNNY M. FLETCHER, Jacksonville 0 EDMOND L. FLORY, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: HALSEY FORD, St. Petersburg 0 JACK F. FORTES, Orlando 0 J. KIRK FRAZIER, Jacksonville 0 SAUL J. FRUCHTMAN, Gainesville 0 GLENN V. FUGUITT, Clearwater 0 LARETTA GARLAND, Galnesvllle. DOWNEY DUGAN EARNEST ECHELMAN EDMONDSON EISGROV ENGLAND FAULKNER FERGUSON FIELDEN FLETCHER FLORY FORD FORTES FRAZIER FRUCHTMAN FUGUITT GARLAND Q' -J A , fr N 9 x il A-4 I ll 4 as , I is - Af . ' Q' 5 . .. . igi I . 1 A . I '1 .4 17 , si T 59 Gene Dovvell Gene Dewell, the second of Tam- pa's gift of three brothers now at- tending the university, is a high- aspiring arts and sciences junior. Gene takes great glee in tearing clown and rebuilding old cars, and hopes some- day to be able to tear down and re- building old teeth. The lad is a pre- dental student, with tentative plans taking him to '.I'ulane's school of dentistry. Tennis is twenty-year-old Gene's favorite form of exercise. In his leisure moments, if not playing bridge, he can be found at his habitual haunt, the Alligator shop, at the helm of a pinball machine. Otherwise he'll prob- ably be seen dissecting a pickled rat, an evil deemed necessary in the pur- suance ol' his vocation. F or a while, Gene's pet peeve was eoeducation, which he believed to be a real degeneracy. Now he's not so sureg maybe it will work out after all. Senior Activity Index rPagcs 378-3922 SA FE twang ig? ARTS Sf SUIE CES Iuninrs KAUFMAN KEY KYLE LANGFORD LIVINGSTONE LONG . K, 2, 5 x I XX - "'-7 l . k Q- g.. 3 .ln I7 . ., -5' 1 ll at , . asf" i:.z.i ! vs -'-xv ::' .. nggg. 'w .51 df! 1: i:"l5?.VI' '::, lx - I x W RR I s l Q 4 , ' ttf X5 5 . 1 I 'im f 1' 3 I . 35952. - " af'-5 . - ff'-fa -2' 1'::..::z:::.7-.-: .-5 GEIGER GILCHRIST GOKEY GRAHAM GUNN GUNTER HARDIMAN HARPER HARRISON HAYS HENRY HENRY HOWELL HUMPHRIES HURLEY HUTCHINS JACOBS JOHNSON ABOVE: 0 Top Row: PHILIP N. GEIGER, Green Cove Springs Q JAMES G. GILCHRIST, Bartow 0 HAROLD A. GOKEY. Miami 0 MARY V. GRAHAM, Gainesville 0 RANDALL Y. GUNN, Gainesville 0 LAWRENCE H. GUNTER, Tampa 0 Second Row: CLARENCE W. HARDIMAN, Auburndale 0 JAMES E. HARPER., Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM T. HARRISON. JR., Palmetto 0 JOHN R. HAYS, Blanton 0 WILLIAM O. E. HENRY, Ocala 0 ROBERT R. HENRY, Hollywood 0 Third Row: JACK C. HOWELL, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES C. HUMPHRIES, Hollywood 0 FRANK T. HURLEY, JR.. Pass-a-grille Beach 0 DEWEY HUTCHINS, Jacksonville 0 ALAN W. JACOBS, Miami Beach 0 EDWARD C. JOHNSON, Pompano Beach. BELOW: 0 Top Row: FLOYD T. KAUFMAN, Gainesville 0 BEN T. KEY, St. Petersburg O JOYCE B. KERZIN, Miami Beach 0 DONALD W. KLEIN, Lakeland 0 JOHN E. KNIGHT, Jacksonville 0 RUTH F. KNIGHT, Gainesville 0 DONALD F. KOKOMOOR, Gainesville 0 GRACE R. KRAEMER, Jacksonville 0 DAVID KULCHINSKY, Miami Beach 0 Second Row: WILLIAM C. KYLE, Ft. Lauderdale 0 RICHARD E. LANGFORD, Pensacola 0 MILDRED L. LANGFORD, Pensacola 0 MARY L. LEGGETT, Gainesville 0 GEORGE W. LETCHWORTH, Sebastian 0 DONALD D. LEVENSON, Miami Beach 0 ABDENOUR N. LEWIS, Jacksonville 0 JOSEPH W. LEWIS, Daytona Beach o JOSEPH A. LIUZZO, Tampa 0 Third Row: DAVID R. LIVINGSTONE, Cross City 0 STERLING K. LONG, Miami 0 ANN B. MacDOUGALL, Forrest City, Ark. 0 CHARLES D. MacLEAN, Arlington 0 CARLTON P. MADDOX, Jacksonville 0 WALTER HARLAN MADDOX, Clearwater 0 BASIL E. MAY, JR., Hernando 0 RI-IEA E. MAYHUGH, Bradenton 0 JOSEPH D. MCCALL, Coral Gables. KERZIN KLEIN KNIGHT KNIGHT KOKOMOOR LANGFORD LEGGETT LETCHWORTH LEVENSON LEWIS MQCDOUGALD MncLEAN MADDOX MADDOX MAY 9- I Qu., 44' ' 31' . L' x , Y , ,. Y . - le: f., ,AJ J , Q .,,, .,, , .W , 60 KRAEMER KULCHINSKY LEWIS LIUZZO MA YHUGH MCCALL . j. 3 .l 'V . K. W, if l ie is Rllllnllfk ,fha W' 252511 , . x .. Q X 3' sr x. .. .. H S sz a . . .Ks I .. ,,.,.., . if N, . " .v Tl : 'A . , un ' 1' . W I V V. 1 K- 53 4 . ' i' ,' . . we- . T-use I as ' L i VFW. ,wa is . -W' , , .W .. . . tx. - . Wi? x 'fc' 1' f . J., g, ,V Q I , Q, H- N ifty ' -' K , -9 ' N 3. . f. f. 9 1. ,f-- 'W ' .5 ,- k5.q..5.f:4'rgfrfgg.f5.. , H 533 F . V n '- . , , gg, rg ,. , ry . , . , N tv , 9 L MCDONALD MUHN PREVATT MCDOWELL MCGREW PROCTOR RAGAN ABOVE: MCINNIS OLDHAM OVERSTREET PAGE REVES MCLAUGHLIN PARKER RIDENOUR . r 5 x s af nv' . -."f1i,., x ,ik f MILAM PARKIN RIDGELY I Top Row: THAUS M. McDONALD, Miami 0 CHARLES S. McDOWELL, Auburndalc Q CHARLES W. N Cl i is 1 w :sf--sf. wr ' 'l x tx , M, ,I I 4 1 M N MCGREW III, Holly Hill O DANIEL K. MCINNIS, Gainesville O WILLIAM V. MCLAUGHLIN, JR., Jack- sonville 0 ROBIE LEE MILAM, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT W. MOHRFELD, Dunedln 0 DOUGLAS M, MOORE, St. Petersburg 0 JANE A. NEWTON, Lake City 0 Second Row: MARY LYNN NUHN, St. Petersburg 0 GORDON G. OLDHAM, Leesburg 0 MURRAY W. OVERSTREET, JR., Kissimmee 0 WALTER J. PAGE, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM R. PARKER, Arcadia 0 BERNARD A. PARKIN, Jackson- ville O GEORGE A. PENA, Coral Gables O RICHARD C. PEPPER, Gainesville O DELORES PRATT, Gainesville 0 Third ROW: AMOS L. PREVATT, Tampa. O SOL H. PROCTOR. Jacksonville I WENDELL J. RAGAN, Ft. Myers 0 WILLIAM D. REVES, JR., St. Petersburg 0 BETTY B. RIDENOUR, Miami Q GEORGE S. RIDGELY. St. Petersburg 0 DOROTHY S. ROOKS, Long Island, N.Y. 0 HARVEL W. R-OSSELLI, St. Petersburg Q ROBERT E. RUTHERFORD, St. Petersburg. BELOW: 0 Top Row: GEORGE A. SANCHER, JR., St. Augustine 0 MARGARET D. SAVAGE, Ocala 0 CAROLYN G. SAWYER, Columbus, O. 0 DAVID F. SAWYER, Jasper 0 GEORGE E. SCI-IAIBERGER, Ft. Lauder- dale 0 SANFORD SCHNIER, Miami 0 Second Row: HAROLD E. BECKINGER, Gainesville 0 JAMES B. SELMAN, JR., Bradenton 0 HUGH W. SHEFFIELD, Ocala 0 JOHN F. SHOEMAKER, Phoenixville, Pa. 0 RUPPERT M. SMITH, Jacksonville O WILLIAM A. SNEAD. Eau Gallie 0 Third Row: HERBERT A. SOI-IN, Jacksonville 0 CHANCEY W. SPRINGSTEAD, Brooksville 0 FRANCES R. STANSKY, St. Peters- bUl'8 O BEVERLY B. STEIN, Jacksonville 0 HERBERT E. STRAUGHN, Tallahassee 0 MARTHA S. STRICKLAND, Galnesvllle. SANCHER SAVAGE SECKINGER SELMAN soHN SAW YER SHEFFIELD STANSKY SAW YER SHOEMAKER STEIN SCHAIBERGER SCHNIER SMITH SNEAD S'I'RAU'GI-IN STRICKLA ND Y . R 'A 1- ss? " .4 -4 . r 3 X I I I SPRINGSTEAD v . in I A K Q . f - bk , al .- . .-:Q ,lf to ' 2 , ' " . ,Mil "M , SQ' X - i f - '.,. 1 5 A. , S , . .,. A' A' fi' 11, ' L - . f ii?-I 4 ,I .IX x EVA ,,,, , .vi N .K few? L' x X 1 kt i s ge ff , 355.5 X 4 4 , v 'v' '. 5- . l ' ' A " Xi'-75' ff' ' L Q s f . ,, , , . l ,y rm. ,- Maia 1 M , x ' it 4. . ,, , K . 6 , E 4 5 W ss 5 .g ' E 2 A 4' mfr A A s N U v - t if Quiz. 'iQ ' .," 5 Ei - 1 ' S if i Ubi. 4. xx 61 ill if i 'gb 'Y fs ll' t Fir' 4 X if X I x MOHRFELD PENA ROCKS MOORE NEWTON PEPPER PR ATT ROSSELLI RUTHERFORD X , x , M t X I.. - ,. Hs- 1 -- ' Q, Ik'ifk:6i . 2 ,, 3' ,. f "Q, ery. - ., i .. .M .. vi M '. ' . . . W... f ' --fx: e ew ' 'I ' ' M -. ' a K 'Q x, "Z, 1 ' . "Xa" r v ,X 1 Y T Q X , I, 'I . X .warms . ., A x T l 5 K J l 4 ' f 'S , i I v rr Puzz Piidgely Tall, blonde George Ridgcly from St. Petersburg is known to his family and friends as "Fuzz," The name was picked out years ago by his brother from the comic strip, "Barney Google." Twenty-three years old and born in North Dakota, Puzz is majoring in Latin American affairs and hopes lo work in South America. lie plans lo start with consular service. This lime next year he should be in the "land of the fair senoritasf' During the war, George served as a Navy Plllll'll'lllClSlvS mate in Europe and the Pacific. lle is a member of the Navy Reserve and as sorl oi' a hnsman's holiday, still likes to go sailing. Graduating from St. Pele lligh, Pnzz kept busy there with his studies. basketball, rifle team, and trumpet playing in the band. With the exciting future he plans, George should never have a dull day. ' VANTURE 5... .fr su ' , Q I I B' , . Wu fg, f F' G if ' , v , . E , E x, EEK: I h I .7 ' ti l N 'i , X Y '+- . E' 2 4 ti JL ,- 9.1 el j M fr ' v I ' 1'-'N . jr I 1: A ,' on SULLIVAN SULLIVAN SUTHERLAND SUTTON THRELKELD TRAPHONER. TRINKLE WAKELING 'NEIR WELLS WHITSON WHITTINGTON WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILLIAMSON WILSON WOLFSON WOODS WRIGHT ZOELLER. 0 TOD Row: JAMES M. SULLIVAN, Homestead 0 RUTH T. SULLIVAN, Coral Gables 0 WILLIAM F. SUTHERLAND. Jacksonville 0 BAILOUS C. SUTTON, West Palm Bench 0 ANN THRELKELD, Miami 0 JOHN R. TRAPHONER, Jacksonville 0 JOHN R. TRINKLE, Plant City 0 HOMER S. VANTURE, Stlrasotn Q Second Row: DON A. WAKELING, Clearwater 0 BETTY J. WEIR, Miami 0 MAXINE WELLS, Tavares O WILLIAM W. WHITSON, Hollywood 0 GLADYS L. WHIT'TINGTON, Hawthorne 0 HOWARD M. WILLIAMS, Wakulla 0 VICTOR L. WILLIAMS, Jacksonville Bench O Third Row: HAROLD L, WILLIAMSON, Tampa 0 JAMES W. WILLIAMSON, Washington, D. C. 0 WILLIAM E. WILSON, JR., Bradenton 0 RICHARD S. WOLFSON, Key West 0 MARION E. WOODS, Highland Clty 0 GEORGE W. WRIGHT, JR., Miami 0 EDWIN C. ZOELLER, Orlando. IGNIA ELT CHI NVhen it comes to putting the dig- nitaries of Florida through the "kid- ding hoop," the local undergraduate chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, profes- sional journalistic fraternity, probably is supreme. Chosen for truth, talent and energy in journalistic Work, SDX memhers pull no punches in the truth department and put the talent and energy to work in getting the truth across. The "panning" skits originated hc- fore the war with the Gridiron Ban- quets fpatterncd after those in VVash- ingtonl. At these get-togethers, the group exploits the quirks of major and minor politicians, their friends, ene- mies, and anyone else who may stray across the path. The success of the Grid Banquets led to invitations this year and last from the Florida State Sportswriters Association to pan them, and from the newspapermen of Asso- ciated Dailies to roast them this year. Among other projects of SDX is the task of putting out one edition a year of several newspapers in the state, taking complete charge of the process. April saw the Second Annual Florida Follies variety show, which has de- veloped into a near-professional pro- duction. Proceeds go toward a jour- nalism scholarship. Putting tlic paper to bed ore, standlng, left to right: Henry, Ebersole, Grlffln, Johns, Cocks: slt- ting around rlm of back table, 1. tn r.: Schnler, Reyes, Page, Gaines, White, McGrew5 and sitting at the center slot table, 1. to r.: Clarkson, Shoemaker. On the other shift, and therefore not pictured arc: Lowry, faculty advisor: Shurtleff, Lubov. Mosby, Gallery, Sharp, Ledoux, Browder, Davis, Hurley, Hawes, Butts, Fortes, Watts, Everson, Olive and Pepper. 62 LPH EP ILO BELT ational Hlonorar, Pre-medical ociet L1 Front row, left to right: E. Lathrop, DeHaan, P. O'Malley, M. Anderson, G. Echehnan, G. Shelby, C. Letchworth, E Miehaelson. Back row: D. Silver, R. Mann, C. Weinstein, C. Michaels, C. Dellaan, L. Donner, R. Bowman, Lane, Stanford Members not pictured: C. Barco, R. Beck, C. Colgan, Fyvolent, E. Glenn, NV. McMu1'ry, P. Vincent, M. liuxbaum, ll. Thames The purpose adopted by Florida chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta is to foster and encourage excellence in pre- medical work on the campus of the University of Florida. In directing its efforts toward the fulfillment of this goal the society has heard a number of lectures during the year on subjects pertinent to the medical profes- sion, including discussion concerning the proposed Florida medical school, its merits and its possibilities. Supplementing these talks were informative movies on topics valuable to the doctors-to-be. April 28, 1949, was the date of Alpha Epsilon Delta's semi-annual banquet and initiation of new members. The society has made real progress since its founding here in 1930 and is looking forward to an even brighter future. Serving as officers were: Malcolm Anderson, presidentg Paul O'Malley, vice-president, Eugene Lathrop, see- retaryg Rufus jones, treasurer, Edward Michaelson, historian. 63 TYPICAL ACCOUNTING PROBLEM The time required is shortened. From the college of business administration come future industrial magnates, financial wizards, C.P.A.,s, and public administrators. The college does not claim to turn out finished businessmen, but rather to shorten the time required for experience. Dean Walter Matherly, a business man of the first order himself, is head of this valuable asset to business and industry. Under his direction the college is growing rapidly and at the same time retaining its high standards ot education. The curriculum is taught by a faculty of fifty-one, who rank among the nationis best. A valuable addition to the college is the recently estab- lished bureau of ecomonic and business research. ,The bureau is conducting an extensive program involving a study of the inventory of F lorida's resources. This work is directed toward an increase in the wealth and income SATURDAY CLASSES Tallalzassee---1 43 miles. Colle e of .. .Z, e:u1'.n.f1T?'+'I'?gv:gg-,gs , PROPERTY EVALUATION The faculty ranks. of Floridians. ln addition to the research program, the bureau publishes a monthly bulletin concerned with economic problems in business. Under thc editorship of the assistant dean, Roland B. Eutsler, the publication is distributed to businessmen throughout the state. The immediate objectives of the college are to provide students with the fundamentals of business, to prepare them to become business owners and executives, to train students to serve as business technicians, and to prose- cute projects of research. Training for the field is divided into two divisions. During the first two years in the general College, the student mixes general education courses with business courses. Islis last two years, which are in the college of business administration, are filled with professional STA'l'IS'l'ICS LAB F ourleen fields are offered. -A, . ,.. A,,-.4,e,-- ,Y s X Mx 'X .s J BU I ESS ADNII I T TIU i--...i,- bn-as--.-,, PLACEMENT BUREAU The right foot was pointed out. training in business. This is divided into three parts: first, courses which acquaint him with economic systems and their functions, second, courses which give him busi- ness techniques and skills, and third, courses which deal with his chosen field. The degree of bachelor of science in business admin- istration is offered in fourteen fields of specialized study: accounting, banking and finance, real estate, marketing, transportation and public utilities, public finance and taxation, .foreign trade and economic geography, labor and personnel management, business statistics, econom- ics and general business, economics of Latin-American trade, and executive secretaryship. The last two were offered for the first time this year. Curriculum in com- bination with law is provided, and also in public ad- ministration. TRANSPORTATION 81 INSURANCE The October conference was an attraction. 'T' EXECUTIVE SECRETARYSHIP It was offered for the first time. In addition to the above courses a graduate program is offered for those who wish to obtain a master's or doctor's degree. And to make sure that the graduate gets off on the right foot the school has its own place- ment service. Beta Camma Sigma, honorary commerce fraternity, recognizes outstanding student work in the college. Other organizations in the college include Beta Alpha Psi, hon- orary and professional accounting fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi, professional business fraternities. ' One of the outstanding steps made this year by the college was the first annual business conference. Held in October, the conference attracted business and in- dustrial leaders from all of Florida. Plans are under way for a similar meeting at the university next year. LABOR 8: PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT A bureau was established. 'iffiwl 04" BUSINESS 1 us ADMINISTRATIU BISHOP BROPHY CAMPBELL Seniors BLANCHARD BROWN CAREY 4 X Q M ACREE ADAIR ALDERSON ALFIERE ASHLEY ATWOOD BACKUS BAIN BARWICK BAZEMORE BENSON BEVILLE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: NOLAN C. ACREE, Ft. Meade 0 HAROLD L. ADAIR. Palm Harbor 0 C. ROLAND ALDER- BON, Gainesville 0 ANTHONY V. ALFIERE, Pittsburgh, Pa. 0 EDWARD W. ANDERSON, Gainesville O DANIEL A. ANDREWS, JR., Cedar Key O Second Row: HARVEY T. ASHLEY, JR., Tampa O CLYDE O. ATWOOD, Orlando 0 FRED W. BACKUS, Miami 0 JEROME BAIN, Miami 0 STANLEY S. BAR- CHAN, JR., Jacksonville 0 RICHARD P. BARNES, Lakeland O Third Row: LIVINGSTON BARWICK. Melbourne 0 JAMES L. BAZEMORE, Holly Hill 0 ALTON H. BENSON, Pensacola 0 JOHN G. BEVILLE, Waldo 0 THOMAS E. BEVIS, Greenwood 0 WILLIAM T. BICE, Haines City. BELOW: 0 Top Row: MACK B. BISHOP, JR., Jacksonville 0 JAY L. BLANCHARD, Gainesville 0 JEANNE D. BONNET, New Smyrna Beach 0 CHARLES J. BORG, Bridgeport, Conn. 0 ALBERT L. BRASINGTON, Gainesville 0 ROBERT J. BRINSON, Lakeland O ROBERT M. BRONSON, Eustis 0 GURNEY BROOKINS, Gainesville 0 RICHARD C. BROOME, Jacksonvllleo Second Row: GILBERT T. BROPHY. Palm Beach O FRANCIS T. BROWN, JR., West Palm Beach O PIERRE R. BROWN, Pensacola O GROVER C. BRYAN, Umatilla 0 EVERETT A. BUGGE, South Beloit. Ill. 0 MURRAY N. BULLARD, Wauchulo. 0 HARRY C. BURRESS, Coral Gables 0 ROBERT F. CAHILL, JR., Mlaml 0 KATHARINE L. CALLANAN, Orlando O Third Row: KENNETH L. CAMPBELL, Milton O JACK Q. CAREY, St. Petersburg O ALAN R. CARLSON, Gainesville 0 JOHN T. CARNEY, Orlando O RICHARD S. CARNEY, St. Petersburg 0 EARL A. CARSON, St. Augustine 0 DONALD D. CARTER, Gainesville 0 HENRY W. L CARTER, Haines City O ROBERT R. CARTER, Arlington, VB.. BONNET BORG BRASINGTON BRINSON BRONSON BROWN BRYAN BUGGE BULLARD BURRESS CARLSON CARNEY CARNEY CARSON CARTER -1 -ml ..- -1' F 'f an - Q l ANDERSON ANDREWS BARCHAN BARNES BEVIS BICE BROOKINS BROOME CAHILL CALLANAN CARTER CARTER 41 'rl .,.. 41 66 carvrea coaurefr DAVIDSON -1 1 ,- CHAZAL CLARK CLEAVELAND CLE ABOVE- ' T019 ROW: ROBERT T. CARTER, Jacksonville 0 RICHARD A. CHAZAL, Ocala 0 ULRAY CLARK, Madison 0 HAROLD H. CLEAVELAND, JR., Pensacola 0 MILTON L. CLEGG, Inverness 0 CLIFFORD W. CLICK. Daytona Beach 0 DON J. COKER, JR., Bradenton 0 JOHN M. COLEMAN, Daytona Beach Q WILLIAM E. COMBS, Gainesville 0 Second Row: LAWRENCE R. CONDICT, Orlando 0 JOE M. CREN- SHAW, Sanford 0 THOMAS R. CROOK, JR., Jacksonville 0 DEWITT T. CROMARTIE, Ft. Lauderdale 0 JOHN S. CROUN, JR., Jacksonville 0 CHARLES M. CUMBO, Tampa 0 CHESTER L. CAMPIER. Gaines- ville O GEORGE W. DANSBY, JR., Alachua 0 DON C. DAVIDSON, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: WILLIAM B- DAVIDSON, Bradenton 0 CARL J. DAVIS, JR., Ft. Pierce 0 CHARLES E. DAVIS, Trenton O RICHARD A. DAVIS, Miami Beach 0 CROSBY H. DAWKINS, Gainesville 0 JOHN L. DAY, Key West O JOHNNY L. DEES, Tampa 0 ADOLPH DELAPARTE, Tampa 0 GEORGE A. DIETZ, St. Petersburg. BELOW: ' 9 TOD Row: WILBUR F. DIVINE, West Palm Beach 0 JAMES V. DOYLE, JR., DeLand 0 ROBERT E. DUCKWORTH, JR., Orlando 0 DAVID C. DUKE, Bartow 0 WILLIAM G. EATON, Tallahassee 0 JOHN E. EDSON, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: SOLON J. ELLMAKER, Lakeland 0 JAMES J. ENGLISH, West Palm Beach 0 ROBERT F. ENNIS, Tampa 0 JACK W. EVANS, Tampa 0 FRANK J. FALSONE, JR- Tampa o J. REX FARRIOR, Tampa 0 Third Row: Rosaaro s FERLITA Tampa 4 ROBERT E, FERRELL Jack 11 GG CLICK CRENSHAW CROOK . sonv le 0 JAMES M. FIELDER, Jacksonville 0 LOIIIS FINE, 'Miami 0 STEPHEN L. FLANAGAN, Euceha 0 WILLIAM J. FLYNN, Tallahassee. DIVINE ELLMAKER FERLITA DOYLE ENGLISH FERRELL DUCKWORTH ENNIS FIELDER -11 "t 1 M DUKE EVANS FINE EATON EDSON FALSONE FARRIOR FLANAGAN FLYNN 1 .4 comm COLEMAN CQMBS CROMARTIE CROUN cUMBo CAMPIER DANSBY DAv1Ds0N DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAWKINS DAY DEES DELAPARTE DI ETZ lohn Day After receiving his degree in busi- ness administration in June, this stogie-smoking Key lVester plans to go into raclio. Able to tolerate all sorts of music from Beethoven to boogie, john did a stint at dise- joekeying last summer for station WKWF C"XVonclerfnl Key West, 1"loricla',-says heb. An accounting major, john is aim- ing high, for his ambition is to man- age a station. Now 253, john was an ASTP stuclent here in 1944, ancl later clid occupa- tion clnty with the 9th Division. After returning to the University, he be- came vice-president of Beta Alpha Psi, honorary aeeounting fraternity. Ile is in the 'Astill loolcingl' stage whcn it eomes to marital status, al- though his roommates claim he has a girl in every town in the state ex- cept Gainesville. This june he signs off here and goes into the "same time, same station" business in the Southernmost City. Senior Activity Index Wages 378-3922 BUSINESS .11 CZ! .ff .. 'lv f, "d- , ll ADMISNISTRATIU GREENE HEIN DEL HOLBROOK Seniors GUCCIARDO I-IEITZMAN HOLT FOGARTY FOSTER FOREHAND FREED FRIEND 1 GARRETT GATEWOOD GENDZIER ' GEROW GETSINGER GILLEN GODWIN GOLDMAN GRAHAM GREEN ABOVE: 0 Top Row: JERRY E. FOGARTY, Tampa 0 MARION M. FOSTER, Avon Park 0 TILLMAN C. FORE- HAND, Lakeland Q SANFORD FREED, Miami 0 CHARLES FRIEND, Miaml Beach 0 CHARLES GAL- LOWAY, JR., Tampa 0 Second Row: OTIS P. GARRETT, Crestview 0 JACK E. GATEWOOD, Orlando 0 SHELDON GENDZIER, Jacksonville 0 GEORGE GEROW, JR., St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT GET- SINGER, Palatka 0 FRANK C. GHIOTTO, Galnesvllle 0 Third Row: BARNEY E, GILLEN, Orlando 0 WILLIAM R. GODWIN, St. Cloud 0 AARON GOLDMAN, Ocala 0 OLIVER R. GRAHAM, Altoona 0 ROBERT L. GREEN, Lake City 0 HARRY P. GREENBERGER, Okeechobee. BELOW: 0 Top Row: DANIEL B. GREENE. McAlpin 0 GAETANO GUCCIARDO, Tampa 0 JOHN D. HAINES, Ft. Lauderdale 0 CHARLES J. HARRISON, St. Petersburg 0 JESSE HARVEY, JR., Williston 0 JAMES C. HAYNES, Bessemer, Ala. 0 HOWARD J. HAYWARD, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM H. HAZEN, Mel- bourne 0 ROBERT P. HEASLEY, Orlando 0 Second Row: NORMAN I-I, HEINDEL, St. Petersburg 0 CATHERINE A, HEITZMAN, Gainesville 0 JAMES M. HENDERSON, Dade Clty 0 REMY HERMIDA, Tampa 0 STEPHEN B. HICKS, Atlanta 0 THOMAS L. HICKS, Lake City 0 JOHN A. HILL, Jackson- vllle 0 RICHARD B. HINSON, Galnesvllle 0 WILLIAM T. HINSON, Ashland, Ky. 0 Third Row: GEORGE H. HOLBROOK, Orlando 0 DAVID R. HOLT, Jacksonville 0 JACK S. HOLTSBERG, New Rochelle, N. Y. 0 RAYMOND J. HOOTEN, Flornla, Alu.. 0 HOMER J. HORNE, JR., Llve Oak 0 CHARLES N. HOWARD, Jacksonville 0 ALONZO C. HOWELL, Tampa 0 AMOS O. HUDSON, Chlpley 0 ROBERT E. HUDSON, Miami. HAINES HARRISON HARVEY HAYNES HAYWARD HAZEN HEASLEY HENDERSON HERMIDA HICKS HICKS HILL HINSON HINSON HOLTSB ERG HOOTEN ' HORNE HOWARD HOWELL HUDSON HUDSON . 'Q 68 -1 il i Q- gl IEUTSON JENNINGS JETTON JINKS JOHNSON JOHNSON JONES JONES JONFS KQNES KEENE KEITH KELLEY KENNEDY KING KIRBY KNIGHT KOWALSKE GLER LAMPE LAMPRos LANGFORD LARGUE LAWLER LEA LEADER LE CLERC ABOVE : 0 TOD Row' Euacl-I 'r . . HUDSON, Jacksonville 0 FOSTER L JENNINGS Marla JETTON Tan . , una 0 MATT M. . IDD. 0 CLARENCE L. JINKS, JR.. Panama City 0 KELLY P. JOHNSON, Jacksonville I ROBERT L. JOHNSON, Largo 0 EUGENE E. JONES, Dade Clty Q J. MALCOLM JONES, Atlantic Bench 0 JOHN PAUL JONES, Tampa 0 Second Row: ROBERT C. JONES, Dade City 0 CARL E. KEENE, Orlando 0 PAUL R. KEITH, Ocala 0 JAMES J. KELLY, JR., Jacksonville 0 ROBERT L. KENNEDY, Pierce 0 HAROLD O. KING, Vero Beach 0 JAMES H. KIRBY, Gainesville 0 GEORGE F. KNIGHT, Orlando 0 RICHARD M. KOWALSKE, Melbourne 0 Third Row: ROBERT N. KUGLER., St. Louis, Mo. 0 RUSSELL A. LAMPE, St. Petersburg 0 JACK D. LAMPROS. Gainesville 0 ROBERT F. LANGFORD, West Palm Beach 0 JAMES E. LARGUE, Pensacola 0 SAMUEL S. LAWLER, JR., Gainesville 0 HOLLIS C- LEA. JR., Jacksonville 0 JERRY LEADER, Miami Beach 0 EUNICE R. LE CLERC, Gainesville. BELOW: 9 TOP Row: JAMES W. LEE, Daytona Beach 0 CAIL LEE, Ft. Lauderdale 0 JACK D, LEETH, Indiana- DOUS, Ind. 0 JOHN F. LIETZ, St. Petersburg 0 PETER T. LENAS, St. Petersburg 0 WILBURN O. LEONHART. Gainesville 0 Second Row: WILLIAM R. LEVIN, Chicago, Ill 0 MOSE S. LIDDELL Gainesville 0 URBAN L. LILLARD, Mlaml 0 JOHN C. LIPPINCOTT, Jacksonville 0 ROSCOE LUKE, JR.. Gainesville 0 NOAH F. LYBRANO, JR., Vero Beach 0 Third Row: JACKIE T. MARSH Wauchula 0 BILLY F. MARTIN, Auburndl N a e 0 EIL M. MCEACHERN, Jacksonville C HAROLD L: MCKENZIE, Suvfmmlll. Ga. .VICTOR W. MCKENZIE, New Smyrna Beach 0 CHARLES V. MCMULL LEE LEE LEETH DEEVIN LIDIJELL LILLARD ARSH MARTIN McEAcHERN LIETZ LIPPINCOTT MCKENZIE EN, St. Augustine. LENAS LEONHARDT LUKE LYBRANO MCKENZIE McMULLEN .- l -1 4 1 69 ..., 4. l. ,I Tz 9. in 5244, pw- ."L....- 'o I I Z ' 4 Sam Lawler Receiving a pharmacy degree last year, Sam immediately enrolled in business administration, from which college he will receive another degree this summer. As he explained, "the combination of pharmacy and business will make me a more valuable employee." Besides the University, Sam is an alumnus of Stalag Luft I, a German pokey where he resided much against his will for 18 months. As a glider pliot, he zagged when he should have zigged :md landed indiscrcctly in the midst of some irate SS mcn. Sam works part-time in a local apoth- eeary, has livcd most of his life in Tampa, likes golf, swimming, and tennis, has been married seven years, and knows enough Spanish to order a glass of sucls in even the most Latin establishment. lle was a pilot before the war but hasn't done much flying lately. "I get the urge now and then," Sam explained, "but the urge isn't strong enough." Senior Activity Index fPageS 378-3921 BUSINESS 3 'W ADMINISTRATIU PEACOCK POSTON REYNOLDS Seniors PERRY PTACEK RICHARDSON 1 '1 vw MCNEIL MITCHELL MORDT MORGAN MURPHY MURRAY NEVBERT NIEBRUGGE PARKER PARR PARRISH PATE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: CHARLES L. MCNIEL, Brooksville 0 FRITZ K. MITCHELL, Fernandina 0 DONALD B. MORDT, Daytona Beach 0 PARIS E. MORGAN, Gainesville 0 RICHARD A. MUGGE, Tampa 0 BERT F. MUNRO, Miami Springs 0 Second Row: JAMES O. MURPHY, Ormond Beach 0 WILLIAM B. MURRAY, JR., Tampa Q THEODORE E. NEVBERT, JR., Tampa 0 HAROLD HENRY NIEBRUGGE, Jacksonvllle 0 ALBERT B. NIETO, Tampa 0 MAX I. OSSINSKY, Daytona Beach 0 Third Row: GIL- BERT H. PARKER, Plant City 0 EUGENE R. PARR, Jacksonville 0 DAVID W. PARRISH, Lakeland Q HILTON H. PATE, Tampa 0 WILLIAM E. PATTERSON, Winter Haven 0 ANDREW G. PATTILLO, JR., Orlando. BELOW: 0 Top Row: STERLIN P. PEACOCK, Chattahoochee 0 HARRY H. PERRY, Jacksonvllle 0 HAROLD M. PETERS, Orlando 0 MARTIN C. PETERSON, J., Ocala 0 JOHN A. PHILLIPS, Tampa 0 RANDOLPH C. PIERSON, Cocoa 0 ALDEN K. PIKE, Clinton Corners, N. Y. 0 ROBERT J. PIKE, Hewlett, N. Y. Q CHARLES W. POE, Tampa 0 Second Row: RICHARD A. POSTON, Lake Park :Q LOUIS J. PTACEK, JR., Ft. Pierce 0 ANTHONY PULLARA, Tampa. 0 LOUIS W. PUTNEY, Tampa 0 ELEASE C. RAY, Cltra 0 JOHN C. REDDING, Tampa 0 CLARENCE T. REEVES, Tampa 0 WOODROW V. REGISTER, Dunedin 0 BOBBY G. REID, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: WILLIAM E. REYNOLDS, St. Petersburg 0 WALTER L. RICHARDSON, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES L, ROBINSON, St. Petersburg O RICHARD F. ROGERS, Ocala Q MATHIA C. ROLAND, Mayport 0 ELLIOTT J. ROSCHUNI, Jackson- ville 0 MORTY ROSENKRANZ, Jacksonville 0 JAMES R. ROSS, Jacksonville 0 JAMES C. ROSSER, St. Augustine. PETERS PETERSON PHILLIPS PIERSON PIKE PULLARA PUTNEY RAY REDDING REEVES ROBINSON ROGERS ROLAND ROSCHUNI ROSENKRANZ -n 70 MUGGE MUNRO NIETO OSSINSKY PATTERSON PATTILLO PIKE POE REGISTER REID ROSS ROSSER I .Q RUDASILL SAVARY SCHEEL SCHIESSWOHL SCHINE SCOTT SCOTT SEIBERT SEYKORA SITEAFER SHELTON SHINN SILVER SINGLETON SIRMONS SMITH SMITH SMITH SMI PH SNARR SNIATOWSKI SNOW SOUTHERN STAMATHIS STEP!-IENSON STOUN SUMMERS ABOVE: ' TOD Row: SMITH J. RUDASILL, Sebring 0 JOHNSON S. SAVARY, Inverness 0 JOHN P. SCHEEL, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT C. SCHIESSWOHL, Ponte Vedra 0 JEROME A. SCHINE, Leesburg 0 LAW- IRIENCE R. SCOTT, Gainesville 0 ROBERT KING SCOTT, Orlando 0 WILLIAM H SEIBERT St. FNS O . . 0 ROBERT L. SEYKORA, Gainesville 0 Second Row: ROBERT B. SHEARER, Arlington, Va. 0 WIRT J. SHELTON, Bradenton 0 ROBERT G. SHINN, Ocala 0 JACK SILVER, Jacksonville 0 PAUL SINGLETON, JR., Tampa 0 RAYMOND L. SIRMONS, St. Petersburg 0 DON C SMITH, Pitts- burgh. Penna. 0 EDWIN L. SMITH, St. Petersburg 0 GEORGE H. SMITH, Gainesville 0 Third ROWS RONALD EARLE SMITH, Tampa O LOREN G. SNARR, Coral Gables C ALEX J. SNIATOWSKI, New York, N. Y. 0 ROBERT H. SNOW. Bradenton O JIM E. SOUTHERN, Miami O NICK STAMA- THIS. Tarpon springs Q ALEXANDER B. STEPHENSON, Jacksonville o DANIEL D. S'1'OUN, Tampa 0 NEVIN M. SUMMERS, Providence. BELOW: 0 Top Row: ROBERT D. SUMMERS, Lake City 0 ELBERT L. TALLEY, Ft. Myers 0 JOE J. TAMARGO, Tampa 0 HENRY N. TAMM, JR., Sanford 0 WILLIAM A. TARPY, Quincy 0 EDWARD J. TARVER, JR-. Jacksonville 0 Second Row: SAM E. TEAGUE, JR., Tallahassee 0 FRED F. TERRELL, JR., Tampa O EDWIN L. TEUTON, Ocala Q DAVID M. THOMSON, Miami 0 WARREN O. TILLER, Orlando O GEORGE B. TONEY, Daytona Beach 0 Third Row: JOYCE TRAGER, Daytona Beach 0 EARL S. TREADWAY, Tavares 0 ERNEST E. TROBAUGH, Pensacola 0 THEODORE M. TRUSHIN Tallahas- ee o WILLIAM D. TUCKER, st. Petersburg Q JOE TUDISCO, Tampa. ' EUMMERS TALLEY TAMARGO TAMM TARPY TARVER TEAGUE TERRELL TEUTON THOMSON TILLER TONEY TRAGER TREADWAY TROGAUGH TRUSHIN TUCKER TUDISCO J' Y Nick Stamalhis Nick mushroomcd into campus prominence more than a year ago when presidential candidate Bob Chi- otto introduced him to a party nom- inating convention. After a close but unsuccessful campaign for secretary- treasurer of the student body, Nick took over fall co-chairmanship of the Gator-All Student party, at the same time picking the political plum of secretary of finance in the presidents cabinet. Born in Tarpon Springs, he arrived as a Christmas package in 1922. Serv- ing as president of the American Hellenic Educational Assn. for two years C"Roosevelt was a member-I guess it was OK"l, he was manager- player of its championship softball team. One Friday the 13th he signed up with the Air Corps and stayed three years. After Nick receives his degree in business administration, he plans to study law, with the ambition of later setting up his own practice with an adjoining accounting department. Senior Activity In-dBI fPllQ88 378-3922 l .1 1 1 HLISINESS AIJIVII 'ISTHATIU I S1 nmrs and luninrs WELLS WILLIAMS YOUNG HC K TURNER UNWIN UPCHURCH URSO VEAL VEGA VICKERS VICKERS WALKER WALLACE WATERS WATKINS ABOVE: 0 Top Row:TI-IEODORE C. TURNER, Allandalc Q JAMES M. UNWIN, Pahokee 0 HAMILTON UP- CHURCH, St. Augustine 0 SALVATORE J. URSO, Tampa 0 .JEAN VAU LENGEN, Melbourne 0 FRED D. VEAL, Jacksonville Q Second Row: WILLIAM G. VEAL, Jacksonville 0 ISIDORO S. VEGA, 'f'8,lllDlA 0 CHARLES A. VICKERS, Ocala 0 MOSCO A. VICKERS, Gainesville 0 ALBERT G. WALKER, Jack- sonville 0 DONALD R. WALKER, Ft. Plerce Q Third Row: SIMPSON R. WALKER, JR., Jacksonville 0 IVAN H. WALLACE, Gainesville 0 JOHN C. WATERS, Alachua 0 PIERRE B. WATKINS, Palatka 0 FREDERICK WEAVER, Orlando 0 BERYL J. WEINSTEIN, Jacksonville. BELOW: 0 Top Row: HARRY R. WELLS, Plant City 0 LARBAN A. WELLS, Rlvlera Beach 0 GEORGE C. WHEELER, Jacksonville Q HARRY E. WICKHAM, Tampa 0 ALBERT R. WILLIAMS, JR., Pensacola 0 BRUCE E. WILLIAMS, Madison 0 HENRY J. WILLIAMS, Day 0 JOHN G. WILLIAMS, Sb. Peters- burg 0 JOHN R. WILLIAMS, Gainesville 0 Second Row: WILLIAM F. WILLIAMS, JR., Gainesville 0 WILLIAM M. WILLIAMS, Coral Gables 0 JAMES A. WILLIS, JR., Jacksonville 0 ARNOLD WIRTH, Tampa 0 JAMES F. WOMELDURF, JR., Waldo 0 ROBERT B. WOOLEY, JR., St. Petersburg 0 THOMAS W. WOOTEN, Lakeland 0 JAMES J. WRIGHT, Montverde 0 LEONARD F. YARBROUGH, Jackson- vllle 0 Third Row: JAMES R. YORK, Perry 0 SAM P. YOUNG, JR., Mlaml 0 JOHN C. YOUNG- BLOOD, Winter Garden 0 JAMES E. ZOLL, Ann Arbor, Mich. 0 JOHN G. ADICKS, Jasper 0 VINCENT D. AKRA, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT A. ALEXANDER, Punta Gorda 0 BURTON L. ALLEN, St. Peters- burg 0 STEWART D. ALLEN, Miami Beach. WHEELER WILLIS YOUNGBLOOD WICKHAM WILLIAMS WIRTH WOMELDURF ZOLL ADICKS WILLIAMS XVILLIAMS ,mg Q 1 I x LENGEN WALKER WEAVER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WOOLEY WOOTEN WRIGHT YARBROUGII AKRA ALEXANDER ALLEN ALLEN au- q -v w 41 it.- 'W " -1 Inq 5 1-1,1 Q"v I gif, . ls. . A-, .ll L-. I -.,. 3 I ,Q in 'H- u ' f, , lx 'f ix W 'Q if i A R in I lx I 'N X V X. Fl! I Q ' f I M fg 'N u X V va. in I .4 f. I . 72 Gi. W t ill Q , 9 'Q' s 1 U- gg l 'S 'Q v X rick gp- .. ' W 1 IAEA Q 0 4 ,111 tr A N ' sw,- lf' iw 1 ' 1 X . . I A .gk I X 5 1 .' x I.. In , ' I BATCHELDER BATES BBCKER BENNETT BISHOP ARCHER ARMSTRONG BAKER Bg2IfIiI1?XIll'l'E BONNER BOSTWICK BOWMAN BRADSHAW BRAMLETTF BSRQIQISN BUZSRD S3532 BROPSON BROWN BROWN BRUNDICK BRYAN BURKLEW BRIN ELL ABOVE: 5 Ton Row: WILLIAM B ARCHER Avon Park Q WILLIAM ARMSTRONG Ft Lauderdale o JAMES - - A - 1 RICHARD 'w. BATCHELDER, Sebring . THOMAS BI5H6P' Jacksonville . Second Row: RoBEigKL'MBLggIIglrI.-Stlllmilsla eJ:cksonvt11e 0 H- BLIZARD, Miami Q FoTIOs v. BOKAS, Pensacola .TQICK .IR Daytomf Bench C DAVID O. CLINTON C- BONNER' Jacksonville ' WILLIAM M' BOS WILLIAM M BRAMLETTE Ocala C ESPNMAN' FL' Myers ' SANDERS BRA1?1sHAwRoBAE1rll?1' q1ityB:?.INDELL JR. Tampa C WILLIAM B rd Row: JOE w. BRANNON, Orlan 0 0 - ' " .Q BEOCK, Miami Springs 0 JOHN J. BROPSON. Center Moricnes, N. Y. O ALBERT W. BROWN, Gaines V 8 Q GEORGE W BROWN Hollywood Q FREDERICK BRUNDICK III, J!lCkSOI'lVlll8 C WILLIAM E. BRYAN, Tampa. 0 JACK E. BURKLEW, St- Petersburg' BELOW: illc 0 STEPHEN 0 Top Row: MICHAEL L. BUTT, Selma, Alu. C RICHARD C. CASSIDY, Jncksonv CHRISTIE, Miami C RICHARD s. CLARKE, Tampa 0 ARTHUR L- COBB' Largo ' JOSEPHELE' COLES. JR.. Jacksonvure C Second Row: JOHN E. CORNELL, C032 Ciygvjttiltgslzbgllgftgtffltllgff :J-NEQQZALIL sarasota Q FRED E. COUNTS, st. Petersburg 0 LEBRON E' CRA ' .1 D CUTTS' GMBSVIIIG ' CHARLES H' DAMSEL' JR" Apopka . Jggm C' DICKEQSOIJ Mnrtxmnn H. DUEDNEY, Miami 0 HARRY s. DEWELL. Tampa 0 GEO - - - BUTT . COBB COLEs CASSIDY CHRISTIE CLARKE CORNELL CORRELL COUNTS CRANE CRIBER ICEgXVgION cUT'rs DAMSEL DENNY DUEDNEY DEWELL D C 5 s I 4' A . . X . I f x l , X Q . Q xx ' A l A ' l 'J X X y , i I f -. g ,Mi LX in rj an 5, FOR SALE d,."f George Brown "Right this way, folks, for :I chunk of Floriclu's gold coast!" That's George Brown, business administration junior, practicing his line for the day when he will graduate and hegin selling real estate around his home town of Hollywood. Single, 21, and six feet tall, George helicves that reul estate business op- portunities are hetter in Florida than anywhere else. When not setting his sights on the future, Ceorgc is likely to hc racing around on ll motorcycle-when he can get his hands on one. He has tl rapid turnover of machines. A graduate of South Broward High School in 1946, George will tell you that he's It conservative dresser while he dons an snappy maroon jacket, He snys he's n party num from way hack, :and he uin't referring to politics. Real estate men in the lower East Const area are hereby warned: an- other Gator go-getter will be on his way about June, 1950. Senior Activity Index Wages 378-3921 tx 3 X ,,' sir ' 'E-I' 4 Y A :R , AQ... -I PK? 4-'V' . 24' Q' T, . Q , Y X ' 4 ' Q 5.5 ' l 3 ' if f ' I VY BE.. f it A S ':35ifS?fi.3 it Lf' I Q v' -G? ,,. , -.1fN3i'Q5gIi- 1 egg-- - '?,'a.3S.1-.-1 ,. ' ' . a f-+ fN,,1.,ff.. ..: .. - 'S 1:-i 'Q BUSINESS ""' x up ADMINISTHATIU .1 N A A 5 I ' X I ' 'f M. "Sp Iunmrs Q iw .4 i ss X ,,.,, 1. ,..'-l' . 21: I A X ' DILLINGER DOREY DREW DUNN DYKES EASON EASON EASTMOORE ECONOMOS EIE ELSBERRY EVANS FAABORG FERGUSON FIELD FISHER FOKES FORSYTHE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: HAROLD H. DILLINGER, Sarasota 0 JACK R. DOREY, Tampa 0 EDWARD deB. DREW, Jacksonville 0 AUSTIN L. DUNN, Daytona 0 BERNARD M. DYKES, Tavares 0 HARMON H. EASON, Long Island, N. Y. 0 Second Row: ROUBEN J. EASON, Eclectic, Ala. 0 EUGENE L. EASTMOORE, Jack- sonville ! THEO. M. ECONOMOS, Bradenton 0 ROSE AMELIA EIE, Gainesville 0 WILLARD R. ELS- BERRY, Wlrnauma. 0 CECIL H. EVANS, Tltusvllle 0 Third Row: CLARENCE FAABORG, St. Augustine Q WILLIAM B. FERGUSON, St. Petersburg 0 STANLEY E. FIELD, Blllerica, Mass. 0 ALSTON A. FISHER, Pensacola 0 JAMES C. FOKES, JR., Ocala O RAYMOND L. FORSYTHE, Jacksonville. BELOW: 0 To Row: LEONARD H. FRANKEL, Mlaml Beach 0 HARVEY J. FREEDMAN, Jacksonville 0 P MELVYN B. FRUMKES, Mlaml Beach 0 WILTON C. FUTCH, Lake Wales 0 WILLIAM F. GARVIN, Pine Castle 0 POWELL M. GAEKINIE Jacksonville 0 THOMAS F. GAULE, Jacksonville 0 RICHARD J. GILLETTE, Sarasota 0 STEPI-I N . GR MES Lakeland 0 Second Row: FLETCHER L. GROVES Tampa 0 NUNCY GUARISCO, Tampa 0 LEON,H. HANDLEY, Lakeland 0 GEORGE E. W. HARDY: Tampa 0 HOWARD C. HARNETT, Gainesville 0 WARD H. HENDERSON, Lake Placid 0 DAVID M. HENDON, JR., Clearwater 0 BERNARD HERRIS, Lakeland 0 GRANT B. HESTER, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: LEONARD F. HINDS, Mlaml 0 JIM C. HIPPLER, Eustis 0 DAVID E. HODGES, Crescent City 0 FOREST S. HODGES, JR., Jacksonville 0 GEORGE W. HOLLAND, Tampa 0 EUGENE C. HOLLY, Ocala 0 JAMES W. HOPPER, Jacksonville 0 ELIZABETH I. HORLAMUS, Coral Gables 0 CLOYD O. HOWELL, Orlando. FRANKEL FREEDMAN FRUMKEB FUTCH GARVIN GASKIN GAULE GILLETTE GRIMES GROVES cuamsco HANDLEY HARDY HARNETT HENDERSON HENDON HERRIS HESTER HINDS HIPPLER I-IODGES HODGES HOLLAND HOLLY HOPPER HORLAMUS HOWELL ,......, .... ., ...,.. . ....,,.,. ,.,....-...,,... ,,..,..,.,.,,... . ,.,, , . . ..,. ..... , ,. U ,. , .. . , , ........-I--W1 ft 1 " 9" 'E' ' ' 91 L- I 4, xc V 1 kwa. ' ' ' 'C' 1 .' .Y 11. -1 .... rf ' ' 1 A ' at ,f 55 1-fff:-i5.'f."L- V, 'X - , " 1 Q A ! ' 'iQ --F I F' ,31 5 ' 1 We . J X X ' V X IK sg 'LA 'W 3 '--I ff? X V . LE I N X2 Q LQ wiv fd X Via . it ' W SW A. Z. H X X . -'gi Ps. . x r . V. A .IAA X . L 3 , Mai' an ,f 3 o 'ff Q 'F' ,X . u ,wX . pk, , VV . 1 A 'J 5 ' ' Q M if . li!-. 1 f ' x if . X I, . A Q 1 1 X 4 4 I' Er' Q 'fa' ' 1 Slx ,, liA 1 l 1 v K Q Q 'Y I as if ill I GZ . 1 , as X S 9, X ,Y X Q x Sf? l P X 3' A Rf F is 1 ?E.-5 ii - is ' n a I Q 1' . f.7 " A . zf.. A w e' -K3 . V I, A . ti ' t . hty. - M , .1 l 1 3 ,- Nl Q - ..' Q' fa. " it s wit, 1 4 JSHUNT HUNTLEY IRWIN JAMES JAMES JAMES JEFFCOAT JEFFCOAT JOHNSON KHNSON JONES JUKES KAHN KALISHMAN KASTANAKIS KELLEY KEMP KILPATRICK NIGHT KOURLOS LANE LANKFORD LIMBERPOULOS CHEETA LOUIS LUCIUS MARSHALL ABOVE: 1 I O Top Row: FRANK M. HUNT, Lake Wales 0 LOUIS L. HUNTLEY, Doctors Inlet 9 JEANETTE IRWIN, Mlaml 0 BRADY A. JAMES, Jacksonville 0 HAROLD E. JAMES, Jacksonville 0 JIM JAMES, New Smyrna Beach 0 VIRGINIA F. JEFFCOAT, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM R. JEFFCOAT, Jacksonville 0 GEORGE D. JOHNSON, JR., Miami 0 Second Row: HUGH V. JOHNSON, JR., Ponte Vedra, g LOUIE G. JONES, Micanopy 0 HARRY T. JUKES, Tarpon Springs O ALBERT H. KAHN, Miami 0 SIDNEY KALISHMAN, Pensacola 0 HARRY KASTANAKIS, JR., Pensacola 0 MIKE E. KELLEY, Lakeland Q ERFORD C. KEMP, JR., Westboro, Mass. 0 ROYCE L. KILPATRICK, Tampa 0 Third Row: REVICE C, KNIGHT, Jacksonville 0 LUMBROS KOURLOS, Trenton, Mich. 0 ELLIOTT E. LANE, Jacksonville 0 TILLMAN J. LANKFORD, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES LIMBERPOULOS, Gainesville 0 CHEETA, Holly- Wood, Calif. 0 ROBERT W. LOUIS, Gainesville 0 CARLETON S. LUCIUS, Gainesville 0 CHALLIS MARSHALL, Winter Haven. BELOW: OTop Row: JACK A. MCCLAIN, Gainesville 0 DAN P. MCCLURE, Palmetto 0 ROBERT MCDERMOTT, St. Petersburg 0 CLYDE C. McGEHEE, Jacksonville 0 OLIN J. McGILL, St. Cloud 0 CHARLES McKEOWN, Pensacola 0 Second Row: ALTON E. McLEOD, High Springs 0 M. 'FERRY McNAB, Tampa 0 JOHN HUNTER MEEK, Jacksonville 0 C. CARL MERTINS, JR., Pensacola 0 GEORGE E. MILLER, West Palm Beach 0 LESLIE D. MINCHEIN, Miami 0 Third Row: LLOYD MINEAR, Jupiter Q JOSEPH O. MINTON, Jacksonville 0 JAMES B. MONTAGUE, Gainesville 0 ALCUS R. MOONEYHAM. Bartow 0 JOHN E. MOOR, Mlaml 0 JAMES S. MORISON, Riviera Beach. lrliiiiggl Mccr..URE MCDERMOTT MeGEHEE MCGILL McKEowN McNAB MEEK MERTINS MILLER MINCHEIN MINEAR MINTON MONTAGUE MOONEYHAM Moon MORISON g ,,.,,, , 1 I . i ig F i 1 - 9 3 1 iv , J ., be x ' X " 1 f -i ,J .L it 1 .I 2 Q21 ,Wi xl . r ,V ' i k,v1..':, I 4 , 'L M I . if-1 , , we A . 0,1 ,,, Q, if 'ev l ag - A '- A E 47 -I X 7-f. ' ' . I P . N X . if.. M N 1-l if . A l. ts I Ik e' 'rv 4. '11, W g .' ,. . . . KX L lt' l' I 551. A 1 K" ' . Q A K , Q 1 Q' 0 .4 .' Q 4, QI s' 2 P, Hg, ' f ik Q , .1 I zlii ' , w. . 3. Q y "1 fzmifj is 'fm ,J .ig 1 at .. -.ff-, , ls.-, . f-. -1 ., 1: 'ff 1 Q - ' 5 ' "1 I: " if-f ' I SL? Q A h h L QA. ,,1-Qsgxl t Q Msg: 1 wifi? H 'gl - .vm rx 4-1.I'i ' I A ' ' ' Msg -mgzligv, . '. 1:3-'-Ml :rin f Lg: 7 - s .3 k X p . R. +35 -he A f . .. ' . , N . 5 ., Y. ., . , .. .114 5. 75 we-V'-f - Chccla Eight-year-old Chccta's real name is Harry. His owner is Producer Sol Lesser, and partially because of this, Cheeta has appeared in more feature pictures than any other movie animal. The African-born Cheeta is not married, but he has given much thought to the idea because hc is really a homchody and would love to raise a family. That is impossible, however, because the chimp has so many picture commitments that he can't take time off to return to Africa, and only one chimp in history has become a father during captivity. Chceta, who has often been accused of stealing some of the Tarzan films, originally appeared on the screen in 1918. The chimp who first romped with Elmo Lincoln was the current Cheeta's grandmother. X . PARRY PURDOM REVELL 1 A w. xv? A .. 5 jf BUSINESS DM'INISTP1ATIU, luninrs PEEBLES Q UARLES RILE Y N . X. 1 '. lk .- 2 I X 3 hs 'yr 1' ' 's Yi: 'Jkt .1 v- .GJ X, ' 6 . .. L , l.. . 7 . A I ,fi 5 . , 1 N M... Q 5' X 2 I 1 . l,..'gK1'iiF ' L S i rm,-'::..2A1' W ' 1 gf ' .. . 'YC' . ' ..'- A s I' is . . v Mix .l . xy 4' lk L' , ff' , , 'Q .1 1 J ? . ,- A5fS'.f-- 7' - ' . tw.. NASH NEWELL NEWMAN NICHOLS NORTH NORTON NOVAS NUCKOLS OLLIFF OLIPHANT O'STEEN OSTEEN OVERTON OWENS PALMER PANEWICZ PARKER PARKER ABOVE: 0 Top Row: HENRY W. NASH, Tampa 0 EMERY J. NEWELL, Lake Park 0 ROBERT H. NEWMAN, Tltusvllle 0 CHARLES F. NICHOLS, Bradenton 0 RAY P. NORTH, Jacksonville 0 E. STANFIELD NORTON, Tampa 0 Second Row: RENE NOVAS, Tampa 0 C. B. NUCKOLS, JR., Plant Clty 0 EUSTACE A. OLLIFF, JR., Jacksonville 0 ELMER OLIPHANT, Mlaml 0 H. ELMO O'STEEN, Tampa 0 PAUL L. OSTEEN, Fort Plerce O Third Row: BEN F. OVERTON, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM E. OWENS, Palm Beach 0 KENNETH B. PALMER, Gainesville 0 CHARLES R. PANEWICZ, New Smyrna Beach 0 DAVIS L. PARKER, Umatilla 0 THOMAS M. PARKER, JR., Arcadia BELOW: 0 Top Row: WILLIAM J. PARRY, Larchmont, N. Y. 0 GEORGE C. J. PEEBLES, Jacksonville 0 BILLY M. PEED, Ft. Lauderdale 0 JAMES V. PEELE, Orlando 0 BYRON M. PELL, Hollywood 0 CARROLL C. PHILLIPS, Tampa 0 ROBERT DAVID POOLE, Eau Gallle 0 LUCIANO PRIDA, Tampa I CHARLES L. PRINCE, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: ALLEN B. PURDOM, Wauchula 0 DAVID G. QUARLEB, Jacksonville 0 HARRY I-I. RABB, JR., Jacksonville 0 JAMES P. RAGSDALE, Gainesville 0 HENRY E. RAMIREZ, Mlaml 0 RICHARD T. RANDLE, Jacksonville 0 MILTON F. RANDOLPH, JR... Daytona Beach 0 DWIGHT S. RANNEY, St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT H. REEVES, Bellevlew 0 Third Row: JAMES R. REVELL, Sopchoppy 0 GEORGE RILEY, Galdeston, Tex. 0 HOWARD W. RILEY, Miami 0 DENIS J. RIODAN, Miami 0 LOUIS H. RITTER, Jacksonville 0 ANDEW R. RIZNER, Tampa 0 JACK D. ROBERTS, Cross Clty 0 ALBERT L. ROGERO, St. Augustine 0 DOYLE ROGERS, Ft. Lauderdale. PEED PEELE PELL PHILLIPS POOLE PRIDA PRINCE RAAB RAGSDALE RAMIREZ RANDLE RANDOLPH RANNEY REEVES RILEY RIODAN RITTER RIZNER ROBERTS ROGERO ROGERS v fs, Q . , Q , T A -f '7 l l. 3 il: - Q ' V . me 'f I xv I 5 N if If 'Arif' A .sf A 'lvv 'Q I 4 ' 5 V' A' , A nfs'-" L , . 0 1 -1 ' . r ' 3 7 , ' , S V u x X N I., X . , ll Z! V, xx X, 5 x . I ' f - VA'-f V 7 X l 'X bl l 'wi f X. AS 1 0 M 0 ' "' bv .-F 1 x , 5. X A X! ' .Wi 76 '.fll.L - 1 , 4.-9 I I 1 Q 3 . still i f Ll A 1 ' l 5 K Ir-vu ns., X, ic.f, , , WWIV .4 ,li I ' K i n .,. ,,'i,g -. af' , .X X Rl I 'sa w 'im 'Q , n mia f TIMPANY WALKER WHITCOMB . l . V ev Q' Q, Qt, I N 1 E' ' t I 4 'seas r,, sez. ,Y t I, L:.f ,y, . ' fi' til? l 12,11 , i y e ft 5 'lf-V . . it .-575513, V. ' l 'iles s. AH" lil .' p We Q,.i:f'- W ,. 1 Isl., 1 .11 V' fi ,. ' ' ,, H E U - 6-lsilifmi-. " i. . ' if " I V . .g . ROGERSON Rooxs ROSENBERGER Ros!-:NBLATT Rows RYAN SAVAGE SCHOONMAKER SCOTT SEMPLE SHREVE SIMMONS STRINGER STRINGFELLOW SULLIVAN TABELING TAVEL TEED ABOVE: 0 Top Row: JOHN T, ROGERSON, JR., Mlaml Springs 0 TOM Q. ROOKS, Orlando 0 CHARLES R ROSENBERGER, Jacksonville 0 LESLIE B. ROSENBLATT, Tampa 0 BILLY L. ROWE, St. Petersburg 0 ARCHIBALD J. RYAN, Dania 0 LEONARD M. JACKS. Daytona Beach 0 CECIL A. SAKALARIOS, Pensacola Q JAMES M. SANDERS, Galnesvllle 0 Second Row: LEON SAVAGE. Jacksonville I ELEANOR A. SCHOONMAKER, Gainesville 0 VICTOR SCOTT, Tampa 0 EDWARD L. SEMPLE, JR.. Miami 0 FRANCIS A. SHREVE, St. Augustine 0 RICHARD G. SIMMONS, Kissimmee 0 A. TOM SIMS, West Palm Beach 0 PERCY' C. SMITH, Jacksonville 0 TROY L. SMITH, St. Petersburg 0 Third Row: HAROLD N. STRINGER, Gainesville 0 FRED B. STRINGFELLOW, Gainesville 0 PAUL K. SULLIVAN, Winter Park 0 GEORGE B. TABELING, Jacksonville 0 EUGENE TAVEL, Orlando O FRED A. TEED, Palm Beach 0 HEYWOOD B THOMAS Bradenton 0 THOMAS E THOMPSON Ft L d . , - , . au erdale 0 JAMES M. THORNTON. BELOW: 0 Top Row: ROBERT A, TIMPANY, Freeport, Ill. 0 FREDERICK G. TOBI, Jacksonville 0 FREDERICK S. VAILL, St. Augustine 0 PHILIP Y. VAUGHN, Pensacola 0 OLIVER L. WADE, JR., Tampa 0 JOHN T. WALKER, Mountain View, Mlssourl 0 Second Row: WANDA W. WALKER, Gainesville Q PHILIP A. WEBB, Chicago, Ill. 0 JOEL R. WELLS, Orlando 0 MAXWELL W. WELLS, JR., Orlando 0 MAURICE H. WERTZ, Gainesville 0 HAROLD A. WHEELER, Hawthorne 0 Third Row: HAROLD W. WHITCOMB, Zolfo Springs O CHARLES W. WHITE, New Smyrna Beach O HARRY E. WHITE B L , nr ow 0 CLARK H. WILKINSON, JR., Jacksonville 0 JOE L. WILKINSON, Jacksonville 0 DONALD B. WILLIAMS, Phoenix, Ariz. TOBI VAILL VAUGHN WADE WALKER WEBB WELLS WELLS WERTZ WHEELER WHITE WHI'I'E WILKINSON WILKINSON WILLIAMS N Q-1 2 :1 A I 1 , .L if - 1, y '2L', 'sf'f2' W .ww- X . . el .7'Q y E . 'leg X . V -V351 Q' K NV ,Vx Q A V' E R, V ,Y fmt s l p . I XQV' 'W I -s I 'Sf Q J is .kix V, .' Vi ls: w-? i 5 ' v . ., f ' a ' s R ' f ar- f QT, 4 ' , it fro f' I .. ' - ' xi QNX! " "'1 'fi . , , , -'ri ' I 4. . I in g . N.. 'veils :Plz-fr 1' 1,1 p Q tw' ' Lain ' ei ' :IT Q aim! L. Q 77 .. ' I N- Q L' i ' J ' a. . , . .. -f ., - , 6, Q .K sl 7 . S a x fl ky! . I if L 1 sv I" - , I X N A A Q, .. A I it .. X . ' u, X A , Q. slr at . . . all ' JACKS SAKALARIOS SANDERS SIMS SMITH SMITH THOMAS THOMPSON THORNTON .4- Fred Teed If it has to do with water, Fred likes it. This 20-year-old junior is an avid swimmer, spear fisherman, and sailing enthusiast. From Palm Beach, he attended Bolles Academy in jack- sonville and captainecl its NEC cham- pionship swimming team. The son of a banker, Fred decided to major in banking and finance. Fred's summer time jobs have in- cluded one in the Chase National Bank in New York and another dig- ging ditches near Palm Beach, Fred hopes to follow thc business of his father, but first would like to go through a hauking training school at Chase National. 'lfr-ed specializes in the haekstroke for the U. of I". swimming team. "No stcadiesf' says Fred, "just dif- ferent dates once and a while." The coed situation "is improving," he says, as he bemoans the fact that it should he just about right after he graduates. .1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bazemore Bishop Greeley Howard Hudasill Kennedy Kugler Lee Morrison Murray Pate Reeves y , II 5 1 , ipaq .I , WILMOT WITTNER WOLF WOODAR-D ZADRA 0 ROYAL J. WILMOT, Gainesville 0 TED P, VVITTNER, Tampa 0 ROBERT S. 312113, lddaliilsilonville 0 ROBERT F. WOODARD, Tampa O RUDOLPH L. ZADRA, C 0 9 , S. Iuniors I Qs .. 'Pg Q fx 1 , DELTA IG A PI Professional Business Fraternity gl, T I 1 Bob Scott A5 R President I i I 5' 1 hi Of' l p I . 4 i' ilitz, if . N I 5: 1 . ' ' Don Coker Q. 1' L 1 vice-president -,w - I Q lift i QQXQ. 78 Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administra- tion and was founded at New York University of Commerce on November 7, 1907, for the purpose of fostering the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarships and the association of students for their mutual ad- vancement by research and practice, to pro- mote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. In 1942, due to the emergencies of war when the active membership of Beta Eta Chap- ter dwindled to a mere handful, it was neces- sary to de-activate the chapter for the re- mainder of the war period. It wasn't until March 14th, 1948, that suffi- cient ground work was laid for reactivation, but on that date Beta Eta Chapter then began operations with entirely new members, lacking experience but not enthusiasm. Fifteen under- graduates and two faculty members comprised the active membership. Since then, though most of these members have departed through grad- uation, Beta Eta Chapter has shown steady progress and will continually strive to attain the efficiency it knew before the war. ETA ALPHA P I ational ccountin Praternit Upsilon Chapter , 4 ,. 1 'V OFFICERS 7 N" - , . , ' 5 - I I ll SJ'-' ,Ea ' ' Q. X af . 4 'fic ,K:, Presldent .......,.... Raymond J. Hooten X pf QW 5, 1 1, -I . si 5,351.3 A ap, Q 14 . ' Vice President .... john E. Roquemore A " ' Secretary .......... ..... R obert C. jones ! I ' V gf 1 V , ,4 It K Q L . :U p at , f A Treasurer ....... ...... M orty Rosenkranz eff ' I - . Q ' ' 51 ,, ' 1,1 ,,, , liQ,2,1ti1i41g 3a ,Q ' L ' Do you harbor the general idea that f , 9, "' ' FA, I accountants are cold, clammy, lifeless, 'I '- if .lg I 3' ' ' and passionateless, and that the most I f Q? it " fortunate thing about them is their S, ' Q A - I inability to reproduce? If your answer ' fy is yes, then you are wron . Accord- ' n i r 1 g g " I ing to recent surveys, accountants are Z , ,-ff' " ' A ' 3 the most balanced people. They ded- ,, , ' f if U V ' 3 icate their lives to balancin books. A HP f 1 H , . g E nf '3 , 1 Since Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity g I W ' ' I, l A' Q X iff Q was established, its principles of schol- ' A ., f,,--, li, ' L Qfgjf arship, practicality, and sociability gb ""' T , ff 5 ' have been helpful to accountants. Its - , l ' purpose has been to maintain a pro- ' 2 fessional fraternity to stimulate inter- 12 5 " U 3. . . W w ' 1 ... all est and cooperation in accountingg and g :ef L W' A X to perpetuate itself. Beta Alpha Psi Q ww 1' 55. i Q has been successful in all its endeavors ' an : Rig .,,-,X ' I A U E at the University of Florida. ,l ." , ,Q Alderson Atwood Fielder Garrett Bgrwilik Blpllard Ggswood 51131105 1 Zen BOD 53:1 Dgggg Hooten Jones Ellmaker Ferlita Jones Kill! Q A avrr- , Q A n . I O p t 8 x or f-ujwf V . ' E - Q, ' 31- Ev T A P- u.: 5 W- 5 i ,Q , H . 1 Q "1, ,,., Q ' I V F , AV 'zxafiit , 5 M iffgalifly r I v at F 'ff - y 4, is a s e e 3 y . ' ww 16' I ',,, l " , :'- i 3 nfl I- . U .. ' ' Q . 2 at ,, l ,X . Knight Mitchell Parr Phillips Prlda. Reeves Rosenkmnz Sohine Southern Tamargo Trobaugh Tamm Unwln veal Walker Wickham 79 ALPHA HAPPA P I Professional Business Fraternity Members work on chapter newspaper. Chapteris fall pledge class. 80 ALDERSON BARNS BRONSON BROWN CAMPBELL CROOK CONDICT DAVIS DEES 'W 3923 .Q 452 13,5 Q . at ,, t a , in, ,, QS 1 X2 r ea had ' fr ' V I tn, A ' J r b- Q E f 'qlglfm jg af :X I ,. 6 , " A 1 l A FOGARTY F ARRIOR GARRETT HANDLEY HOOTEN KNIGHT LEE LOUIS McKENZIE NORTH NICHOLS PATTERSON ROGERSON SCOTT SEIBERT SIMS SMITH STAMATHIS SUMMERS TAMARGO TARVER THOMAS TUCKER UPCHURCH 81 aj . 1 Y 1 Q This year the Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi International Commerce Fraternity inaugurated a "Let's help the Senior" policy. The chapter published the first edition of busi- ness administration brochures which listed names and qualifications of students graduating into the cold, cruel world of business. The booklet was sent to various companies and business' organizations in the state in an en- deavor to aid the student in obtaining jobs. The objects and ideals of the fraternity, which has since its founding in .1904 become the -largest professional commerce fraternity, are: to further the individual welfare of its membersg,to foster scientific research in the fields of accounts, commerce, and finance, to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and to promote courses leading to degrees in business administration in institutions of college rank. During the year the chapter sponsored field trips to the Tarpon Springs sponge industry area and the central Florida citrus belt. Lec- tures and discussions were sponsored featuring professors in economics and commerce such as Dr. George B. Hurff, Dr. Frank Goodwin, and Clifton "Tex" Oliver. The chapter was host to the Southeastern' districtconvention of the fra- ternity. Officers for the year were john Dees, presidentg Nick Stamathis, vice-president, Bill Seibert, secretaryg Alex Kay, treasurer. 'Cf ' ,. . 44 . . W j,..,.,,- 4 Q . ' In o ' ,..v'f4-4 , K 5 . " -D 1 l '1 , riff" f 1 7 ,Z Q , 7 If ' S ' , 43 ,M . J ' ' ' I 3 , , ' 'Q , 4 ' '1-.., I up .1 P' -?ff'::.. DK L EDUC. T10 IOUHNALISM TELETYPE MACHINES Ed. Note: N0 room. for this pic in urls dr sciences. and professional training. Various pressure groups, striv- ing to exert influence on the schools, make it imperative to include on a progressive program for teacher training serious consideration of the relation between the ideal of democracy and the system of public education. The college awarded its first doctorate of education in 1946. lt now has 1nore than 100 students in the sixth year of study. Wfith an increase of housing facilities for women students, this number should continue to rise. Some of the major accomplishments of the College since the end of the war arc: furnishing teaching staffs for 29 workshops throughout Floridag conducting 24 in- service training conferences for county superintendents of public instruction, 6 for principalsg organizing the Convention of Future Teachers clubs in Florida in 1947, bringing to the campus 150 high school boys and girls in- XVOODWORK SHOP TRAINING Enormous denmnds and pressure groups. NURSICRY PLAY CROUI' Soullicrn ble! mul oucrwliclnzing prebicnz. terested in teaching as a professiong through the 'field service, directing and participating in more than forty school building surveys, assisting the state department of education in preparing a new budget system for county boards of public instruction. The State of Florida has never provided sufficient teacher education facilities to staff the public schools of the state. Each year, boards of public instruction have been compelled to import hundreds of teachers from outside the state who have little knowledge of Florida and the specific educational needs of the children they teach. Many of these teachers are recruited through com- mercial agencies and from newspaper advertisements, Florida can never develop its public system to its highest point of efficiency so long as it depends heavily upon mail-order teachers. NURSING EDUCATION Modern emnplexilics and major uccmnplisfiments. ,VV L 4 W J 0 up EDUCATHJ Seniors CHIAQKI N DAVIS DAVISON -1 AGRESS ALDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ARMAGAST BAILEY BARBER BARGAR BARNES ISARSTOW BARTON BATTAGLIA BEASLEY BELL BENSEN BISHOP BLACKBURN BLUEMLE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: SHIRLEY B. AGRESS, Daytona Beach 0 MARY ELLEN ALDERSON, Gainesville 0 HAROLD W. ANDERSON, Jacksonville 0 MARION E. ANDERSON, Portage, Pa. 0 WILLIAM I. ARMA- GOST, Casper, Wyo. s JEANETTE H, BAILEY, Bristol 0 Second Row: ANNELLA J. BARBER, Cross City 0 ROGER M. BARGAR, St. Petersburg 0 ROSS E. BARNES, Jacksonville 0 THELMA ANNE BARSTOW, Palatka 0 JACK S. BARTON, Lake Worth 0 ANTHONY S. BATTAGLIA, Binghamton, N. Y. Q Third Row: HARRY H. BEASLEY, Sanford 0 WILLIAM A. BELL, Leesburg 0 EDWARD H. BENSEN. Grant 0 DONALD.D. BISHOP, DeFuniak Springs 0 CAROLYN BLACKBURN, Fort Meade 0 PEGGY P. BLUEMLE, Tampa. BELOVV: 0 Top Row: LESTER E. BOYD, St. Petersburg 0 EDWIN C. BROWN, Jacksonville 0 JANICE W. BROWN, Jacksonville Q HERBERT C. BRUNSON, Baker 0 ALVIN V. BURT. Jacksonville 0 ROY T, CALES, Clcwlston 0 THOMAS L. CASEY, JR., Auburndale 0 EMILY B. CHAMPION. Gainesville 0 LOUIS D. CHAMPION, Gainesville 0 Second Row: FREDERICK OWEN CHASTAIN, Palatka 0 HARMON E. CHESSER, Dunnellon 0 LESTER H. CHRISTMAN, Kutztown, Pa. 0 WILLIAM H. COBB, West Palm Beach 0 WILLIAM G. COOK, Eau Gallic 0 SAMUEL S. COVERSTON. Coral Gables 0 VIRGINIA LEE CREWS, Lake Placid 0 DAVID D. CRICHTON, Hopewell, Va. 0 THOMAS E. CURRY, JR., Lutz 0 Thlrd Row: WILLIAM A. DAVIS, JR., Mlms 0 REX W. DAVISON, Orlando 0 MARY E. DEEN, Lake- land Q AGNES R. DeVANE, Lake Placid 0 JEANNE DeVANE, Lake City 0 HENRY M. DICKEY, Tampa Q NAPOLEON B. DORMAN, Macclenny 0 GEORGE W. DUNNAVANT, JR., Monticello 0 VERNON F. EASON, Jennings. BROWN BRUNSON BURT CALES CASEY CHRISTMAN COBB COOK COVERSTON CREWS DEEN DQVANE DGVANE DICKEY DORMAN -of -9 1 84 CHAMPION CRITCHTON DUNNAVANT CHAMPION CURRY EASON 1 .4 af 4 'W EDELSON FISHER FORTNER FOWLER GAY GOFF GORDON CUSTINE HALL ANDROP HAZELWOOD HENDERSON HIGIITOWER HILL I-Iousn HOWELL HUDSON JACKSON JARRELL JOHNSON JONES JONES Jo1zDAN JORDAN KEENE Kavns KING ABOVE: 9 TOD R0w:ELIHU EDELSON, Sarasota 0 DONALD W. FISHER, Orlando 0 RAY D. FORTNER, Live Oak 0 PERRY SUE FOWLER, Perry 0 WILLIAM W. GAY, Jacksonville 0 PERCY O. GOFF, Punta Gorda 0 LANSING GORDON, DeFunlak Springs 0 DON R. GUSTINE, Fort Lauderdale Q BETTY V, HALL. Arcadia 0 Second Row: IRA R. HANDROP, Pensacola 0 HAROLD D. HAZELWOOD, DeF'unlak SPNUZS 0 EVA L. HENDERSON, Gainesville 0 REGINALD HIGHTOWER, Panama City 0 WALTER T. HILL, Leesburg 0 PETE HOUSE, Bradenton 0 WILLIAM S. HOWELL, Bonlfay 0 JOSEPH T. HUDSON, JR., Jacksonville Beach 0 CODY T. JACKSON, Cocoa. Q Third Row: GEORGE R. JARRELL, Tnmllll I NINA F. JOHNSON, Miami 0 CHARLES M. JONES. Sopch0l'JPY I DARRELL M. JONES, Milind. Ida. 0 EDNA M. JORDAN, Gainesville Q ROBERT D. JORDAN, West Palm Beach Q LELAND G. KEENE, Gainesville 0 R. B. KEYES, Gainesville 0 CHARLES M. KING, Lakeland, BELOW: 9 TOP Row: JAMES L. KING, Naronja 0 DAVID E. KINLAW, Miami 0 MAJORIE E. KINZER, Archer 0 LOIS N. KNOWLES, Valrico 0 PHILIP R. KROGEL.. Gainesville 0 DOZIER T. LAIRD, Llve Oak 0 S0C0nd Row: JESSE W. LAIRSEY, Center Hill 0 EVAN P. LANDRUM, Brooksville 0 BADGER L. LANGFORD, Limestone 0 JOSEPH F. LEATHERMAN, Lakeland 0 LOUIS H. LEIGH, Alachua Q LEON F. LENNERTZ, Kenosha, Wls. 0 Third Row: JOYCE W. LETAW, Atlanta, Ga. 0 PAUL C. LEY, Fort Myers 0 WALTER F. MCCALL, Fernandina 0 EVELYN L. MCKINLEY, Bradenton 0 JUSTUS O. MAINOR, Milton 0 MARION H. MARTIN, Melrose. KING KINLAW KINZER KNOWLES KROGEL LAIRD LAIRSEY LANDRUM LANGFORD LEATHERMAN LEIGII LENNERTZ LETAW LEY MccALL McIcINLEY MAINOR MARTIN W V ,il 'W A .- 85 llnh lorrlalv Dark, stocky Bob jordan, 24-'year- old ex-marine, is the outdoor type. Following another year here, ns a graduate student in physical educa- tion, he hopes to get a coaching job in the high school at XVest lA'l.llll Beach, his birthplace. Always active in athletics, Bob par- ticipated in football, baseball, and track at Columbia high in Lake C1 ty, from which he was graduated in 1913. As a 12-year-old 70-pounder he non the state golden gloves boxing chan- pionshipg two years latcr he dupli- cated the feat in the 110-pound class. Bob is a frequent fisherman and hunter when not the center of attrac- tion on the dance floor with life partner Betty, at present an infirlnary nurse. Senior Activity l11de:1: Wages 378-397i l 1,. .4 . 1 E, JI? ...L l EI JLIUATIU. qeninrs and Iuniurs POPE POST ROBIDA ROBINSON SPROUL STEPHENS , , , .-, 'h-g, .41 41' i tfgn- nf' is A' x ' 9. - N 1 MATTHEWS MENDOZA MIKELL MILES MINER MOSTELLER DENTITH OLSON PATRICK PAUL PEARSON PERRYMAN PETRICKA PHARR PIGOTT POLO POPE POPE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: JAMES E. MATTHEWS, St. Petersburg Q PETER MENDOZA. JR., Tampa 0 RUDOLPH MIKELL, Morriston 0 MARY JANE MILES, Tampa 0 DUANE A. MINER, Miami 0 GORDON L. MOSTELLER, Miami 0 Second Row: ROBERT M. DENTITH, St. Petersburg 0 LUDVIG E. OLSON, JR., Gainesville 0 JOHN W. W, PATRICK, St. Petersburg 0 FRANCES D. PAUL, Orange Lake 0 WIL- LIAM L. PEARSON, St. Petersburg 0 PIERRE V. PERRYMAN, Miami 0 Thlrd Row: EDWARD A. PETRICKA, Archer 0 GEORGE E. PHARR, Jacksonville 0 JAMES HILL PIGOTT, Palmetto 0 ELOY R. POLO, Tampa 9 ARTHUR M. POPE, San Antonio, Tex. 0 CHARLES R. POPE, Alachua. BELOW: 0 Top Row: IVA JEAN H. POPE, Ponce de Leon 0 J. RICHARD POST, St. Andrew 0 C. ALLEN POWELL, Thomasville, Ga. 0 EUCLID B. PRINE, Plant City 0 ANN D. PROCTOR, Gainesville 0 BETTY L. RAWLINSON, Zephyrhllls 0 MURIEL COLGIN RAY, Gainesville 0 JOHN M. REYNOLDS, Crescent Clty 0 ARTHUR E. RICKOW, St. Petersburg 0 Second Row: MARY CLAIRE ROBIDA, Jack- sonville o JAMES E. ROBINSON, St. Petersburg 0 ANDREW C. RODGERS, Bunnell 0 MAJORIE S. SCOTT, Clermont 0 JOHN M. SHEFFIELD, Ocala 0 JOHN C. SHEPARD, Jacksonville 0 FRIMIT SIL- BERSTEIN, Jacksonville 0 JOHN CLARENCE SMITH, Gainesville 0 BERYLE SOLOMON, Tampa 0 Third Row: BEATRICE B. SPROUL, Hollywood 0 JOHN W. STEPHENS, Panama City 0 RICHARD H. STEWART, Ocala 0 DOUGLAS C. TAYLOR, Bradenton 0 WILLIAM B. TRICE, JR., New Smyrna Beach Q LUCILLE R. VICK, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES O. WAINWRIGHT, Jacksonville 0 ELISABETH D. WALKER, Orlando 0 JUDSON B. WALKER, Orlando. POWELL PRI NE PROCTOR. RAWLINSON RAY REYNOLDS RICKOW RODGERS SCOTT ' SH EFFIELD SHEPARD SILBERSTEIN SMITH SOLOMON STEWART TAYLOR TRICE VICK WAI NWRIGHT WALKER WALKER an - nv . 2' ,4 'Uv rl 86 , . ... ALL. fl, 4' 49" M K2 if . Q ' ' its Q x ' 'L . -r A ,Qs i 4 S 1 ' 1..,t,. ,V ' , M. X ,A .,, ga L19 Ei.. P. A N. I X X h ms . -iw . - ffm n if 5' fi is xi it 'K y - .X I l . WALKER WALKER WARD WATFORD WEINSTEIN WEST WESTBERRY WHITEHEAD XVHITTINGTON WILES WILKINSON WILLIAMS WILLIS YARBROUGII BABBITT BAXLEY BLAIN BOLIN BROWN CALLANAN CARBITT CASSADY CHISHOLM COCHRANE coLEE COLEMAN COLLINS ABOVE: 9 TOD Row: WILLIAM R. WALKER, III, Jacksonville 0 MARCUS B. WALKER. SI.. Petersburg 0 ROBERT L. WARD, St. Petersburg 0 JEANETTE P. WATFORD, Grnccville O NAOMIE S. VVEINSTEIN, Sarasota 0 GEORGE D. WEST, Jacksonville 0 FELDER, L. WESTBERRY, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES W. WHITEHEAD, JR., Tmnpo. 0 WILLIS A. WHIT'I'ING'I'ON, Haines City 0 Sccoucl Row: GEORGE R. WILES, JR., St. Augustine 0 JEWELL A. WILKINSON, Chiefland 0 CHARLES B. WILLIAMS, Tampa I MARGARETTE V. WILLIS, Greenwood I MABEL YARBROUGI-I, New Sniyrnu Peach 0 JAMES A. BABBITT, JR., Flagler Beach 0 JOE C. BAXLEY, JR., Jacksonville 0 LES'I'ER M, BLAIN, Plant City 0 CALVIN E. BOLIN, Seville 0 Third Row: EDWARD BROWN, JR., Sarasota 0 RITA M. CALLANAN, Orlando 0 CAROL R. CARBITT, Tampa O CECIL C. CASSADY, JR., Bushnell 0 MARY ELIZABETH CHISHOLM, Avon Park 0 BURTON L. COCHRANE, Wauchula I HELEN GLO COLEE, St. Augustine 0 JOHN W. COLEMAN, Punta Gorda O GUY F. COLLINS, Miami. BELOW: I Top Row: HENRY M. CONNELL, Miami 0 JO LAURA CRAFT, Coral Gables 0 ALTON W. CREVASSE, Cedar Key 0 EWELL T. DENMARK, JR., Marianna 0 THOMAS E. DIEDEMAN, Bartow 0 RUSSELL E. DOWLING, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: RUBYE L. DUKE, Alachua 0 WILLIAM P. DUNLAP, St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT' P. DUNTY, Gainesville 0 JAMES F. DURRANCE, Pierce 0 JAMES F. FLEMING, Laurel H1110 AUGUSTUS W. FOUNTAIN, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: ANDREW B. FRAZEE, Luke City O BARBARA J. GLENN, Tampa 0 BURWELL W. HAMILTON, Mlnml 0 WINTI-IROP M. JOHNSON, JR., Jacksonvl-llc 0 JAMES R. JOHNSTON, Neptune Bench 0 JAMES H. JOINER, Graceville. CUNNELL CRAFT CREVASSE DENMARK DIEDEMAN DOWLING DUKE DUNLAP DUNTY DURRANCE FLEMING FOUNTAIN FRAZEE GLENN HAMILTON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JOINER , . - I. I Buit Locluane Q 1 A - N ii' Q 4. -' 5 V I U Iyrcalizc that school tcichers dont get I ' 1 .A rich, saiid Burt Cochrane, but touching W 'K I C IE, in high school is what I intend to do." si R X M ,' fit . K 3 3 After serving 11 months in thc Air Force, , .l . ' - A' 2 N Burt returned to college with :ui :unbi- . . . N 3 , fs. tis 1' ik.: tion. Hc feels strongly about the educa- tion thut ai student should receive while in high school, and wants to help im- prove it. llnving tl knack for working with figures and equations, he felt that niuthemutics would be his best mujor. Born in Wnuchulu in 1921, Burt feels "thcre's no place like South Floridzif, Upon graduation in l950, he hopes to return to the high school from which he wus grudiuited. For relaxation Burt likes golf and pinochle. A nieinher of Chalk and Eraser, the education cluh, he is ii senior in ud- vunced military. Senior Activity Index Wages 378-392l K Y LU ' X 0 .. 1, 4 l I 11,25 lr Wd? lv V I 0 ga 1 . A7 i P .: ' EDUCATIU Q' N I , at 1: A K gg, lgv -,K 1 ,Z 'Q' 1 1 '1 f Iumors .y A ,. . JUKES LANEY LISK MATHEWS MCCOLLUM McKENNEY MCMILLAN MELROY MERCER MERCER PALMER PATTERSON POOLE POTTER RABB ABOVE: 0 Top Row: HERBERT B. JUKES, Tarpon Springs 0 VIRGINIA L. LANEY, Tampa 0 ALONSON C. LISK, Ft. McCoy 0 SIDNEY E. MATHEWS, Gainesville 0 DOROTHY L. McCOLLUM, Tavares 0 Second Row: ROBERT K. McKENNEY, Miami 0 WARREN J. McMILLAN, JR., Alachua 0 DAVID 0. MELROY, Laurel 0 CLAUDE L. MERCER, Bunnell 0 RAY L. MERCER, Bunnell 0 Third Row: BETTYRE PALMER, Gainesville 0 GEORGE PATTERSON, JR., Jacksonville Q THOMAS J. POOLE, Winter Garden 0 ARCHIE R. POTTER, Key West 0 LESLIE E. RABB, Arcadia. BELOW: 0 Top Row: HUBERT E. RIDAUGI-IT, Johnson 0 WAYNE B. SARGENT, Keystone Heights 0 JAMES B. SEXTON, Gainesville 0 ROBERT L. SPARROWHAWK, Tampa 0 JAMES A. TAIT. Dade City 0 ANTHONY C. TALUMARIS, Tarpon Springs 0 Second Row: CHESTER W. TAYLOR, JR., Dade Clty 0 LOUIS B. THOMPSON, Clearwater 0 ERNEST A. VAN NETTA, Ft. Lauderdale o ROBERT B. WAGNER, Mlami Beach 0 MARGARET L. WALKER, Knoxville, Tenn. 0 Third Row: BERNARD E. WELLS, Palatka 0 CHARLES G. WILLIAMS, Gainesville 0 MARY E. WILLIAMS, Tampa Q JACK S. WILLIS, Punta Gorda 0 POHLE H. WOLFE, Tampa. RIDAUGHT SARGENT SEXTON SPARROWHAWK TAIT TALUMARIS TAYLOR THOMPSON VAN NETTA WAGNER WALKER WELLS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIS WOLFE L 1, SK 88 CH LH ER "Readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic" could easily be the theme song of Chalk and Eraser, the education club, which was organized last year for the purpose of stim- ulating a professional attitude among students who plan to enter the teaching profession. Club activities include discussions of educational problems by members of the faculty and by leaderS in the field of education. Programs are presented by mem- bers on the various branches of education. Outstanding project of the year is Future Teacheris Day, when the club is host to high school students from over the state. Officers for the year were: Emory Dia- mond, prcsidentg Pete House, vice-presidentg Carolyn Blackburn, secretaryg Clare Jolley, treasurer, Bill Davis, publicityg Raymond Polo, historian, C. H. Hamblen, faculty advisor. Charles Wainwright Jeanne DeVane Pete Mendoza Camien Gaurino Craig Morgan Judson Walker Walter McCall David Legate Ed Bensen Frank Whitton Jewell Hooper C. M. Jones Phil Krogel Bob Brewer MEMBERS Tom Howell Joe Fernandez David Perrin Charles Earnest Cordon Mosteller Alvin Burt Geo. Karaphillis Vernon Eason Don Fisher Raply Carper Lois Knowles Henry Rodriquez Anne Shaw Louis Thompson is Dr. John Black in "So I sez ..... " Bettye Zajicek Allen Powell Leon Lennertz Larry King Virginia Crews Albert Conekin Anne Mills I DLI TRIAL A S SUCIET Bettye Hall John Duff Donald Cowart Caroline Papy Bill Scruggs Anne Harris Johns Irene Brownhill Paul Ley OFFICERS President ..,,......,., .,,,,,,,.,,,,... . ............ . . ..,.,. Charles Wainwright Vice-President ....... ............... C harles King Secretary ..... ...., , . ..... Don Fisher Treasurer ..,.,,,,. .... B illy Gay Publicity ...., . ,,... ....,.,..,..i......................... P ete House Historian ..,....,, , , ,.,....,,.,,............................. Clare Jolley Faculty Advisors . , T. W. Strickland, C. W. Neubauer G- Before Dr. W. R. Williams explained industrial arts philosophy. Another college of education organization is the In- dustrial Arts Society, which was organized for under- graduate students who are interested in industrial arts education. Its purpose is threefold: to stimulate profes- sional and social growth and understanding among its membersg to present pertinent demonstrations and panel discussionsg and to carry on a constructive program each vear. MEMBERS Russell Dowling Bill Scruggs David Perrin Albert Conekin J. R. Johnston Pierre Perryrnan William Davis Leon Lennertz Ross Barnes Lester Blain Bill Boyd Ray Fortner College of PHYSICAL EDUCATION HEALTH and ATHLETICS STUDENT SHOWS HURDLING FORM As a statewide project, a crusade for prominence. The new brick collosus rearing its head on stadium road is a tribute to one of Florida's newer colleges, the college of physical education, health, and athletics. The new gym was merely a cobweb-entangled, twenty-year- old dream until the college of PE, H, and A was created. Then the acute need for facilities became so loud that the legislature passed the necessary bill authorizing the start of work on what is new pride of the campus. Required physical education is first on the "college of muscleisu program. This department strives to build and maintain the general physical fitness of tl1e students, and to impart to them an appreciation for a sound body and interest in healthful recreation. All new students, except veterans, become a part of this program until they dis- play the desired sports proficiency. An important place in the program is held by the student health service. It attempts to show students how REQUIRED PIIYS. ED. ARCIIERY PERIOD In place of cobaccbs, a cause for pride. .. deg: " A CLASS IN ANATOMY For all students, an imparted appreciation. to use medical care efficiently and wisely and provides treatment and care for students suffering illnesses and injuries occurring at the university. The infirmary and nurses home has recently undergone a S300,000.00 expansion. The crusade for Florida's return to prominence in intercollegiate athletics is becoming a statewide project. Third on thc program is intramural competition. The philosophy of intramurals is that success depends upon student participation in planning and executing as Well as actual participation in the contests. Under the super- vision of the department head are a student director and managers for three leagues, 14 sports, and 105 teams. Students checked out 90,000 pieces of equipment during the year and participated in 1,658 contests. Students seeking courses in physical education enter specialized study leading to the degree of bachelor of science in physical education. MODERN DANCE FOR WOMEN For the three leagues, 1,658 contests. I C PHYSICAL EI JUCATIU Seniors and funiors 1 .4 .s lxl 'le l. 4 BARNETT BELDEN BISHOP BLIZIOTES DINGMAN GONZALEZ GUINN HURST LEWIS LOBO MILLERGREN PRICHARD SMITH STEPHENS CRUM DUTTON MORGAN OLIVER ABOVE: To Row- MACK D BARNETT Jacksonville Q DOUGLAS R BELDEN, Tampa Q HENRY w. B1sHoP. Q . . , . Gainersville 0 JOHN M. BLIZIOTES, Gainesville 0 SAMUEL B. COMMANDER. Sopchoppy 0 Second Row: VIRGIL A. DINGMAN, Jacksonville 0 LOUIS GONZALES, Tampa 0 LINDON L. GUINN, Wcirs- dnle 0 JAMES H. HURST, Branford 0 ROBERT M. JENKINS, Homestead 0 Third Row: LAZAROUS B. LEWIS, Quincy 0 ANTHONY E. LOBO, THHIDI1 0 CLIFFORD C. MILLERGREN, Wewahitchka 0 LOYD C. PRICI-IARD, Pensacola 0 DANIEL D. RUTKOWSKI, Daytona Beach. BELOW: 0 Top Row: EMMALYN SMITH, Birmingham, Alabama 0 FOY W. STEPHENS, Largo 0 THOMAS P. TAYLOR, San Diego, California 0 WILLIAM A. THIEL, Brooklyn, New York 0 JAMES C. WIGGINS, Live Oak 0 ALBERT A. ANDERSON, Miami 0 RICHARD B. BERGQUIST, Pierce 0 WILLIAM M. COSPER, Bessemer. Alabama 0 Second Row: DANIEL J. CRUM, Plant City 0 WILLIAM C. DUTTON, Macon, Ga. 0 WILLIAM G. FLEMING, JR., Sanford 0 WILBUR L. HICKS, JR., Plant City' 0 MAR- CELINO HUERTA, Tampa 0 EDWARD R. KENNEDY, St. Petersburg Q FRANK M. LORENZO. Tampa 0 ROBERT H, MOORE, Sumter, S. C. 0 Third Row: HENRY T. MORGAN. Umatilla 0 HORACE D. OLIVER, Clarkesvllle, Ga. 0 MARGARET D. OMERLY, Wyncote, Penn. 0 ELMO ROBERTS. Wauchula I WILLIAM H. RUTLEDGE, Fernandina Q THOMAS E. SCOTT, Sarasota 0 HENRY E. SORENSON, St. Petersburg 0 PAT YANNI, Slovan, Pa. TAYLOR THIEL WIGGINS ANDERSON FLEMING HICKS HUERTA KENNEDY OMERLY ROBERTS RUTLEDGE SCOTT - 1 f 'jiff- x-, Q , PM Vifpfii ' 5:3531 212' P1 JT' ..- . I M, 'Q 1 91 BERGQUIST LORENZO SORENSON COMMANDER JENKINS RUTKOWSKI COSPER MOORE YANNI J?-, Colle e of SURVEYINC TIIE DRILL FIELD Wartime lulls and normal aclivily. During the wartime "lull" at the University of Florida, one of the few colleges to remain normally active was the college of engineering. The development of a new detonating fuse was one of several outstanding contri- butions to war research by this college. Since V-I Day, engineering has moved from the battlefront into the everyday life of the general public, and its contributions have stimulated engineering education, research, and development at the university to an unprecedented degree. Growth of the dual-purposed program under the di- rection of Dean Joseph Weil is reflected by an increase in the size of the faculty from 22 full-time members- in 1941 to its present 218. In 1941 there were 155 students, today, 510 students a1'e in the college, and 1,300 others are enrolled in pre-engineering courses. This transition LINK THAINERS FOR TIIE AIR ENGINEERS S U personie flows mul slress mmlysis. THE ALL-IMPORTANT SLIDE RULE llurrivunc susceptibility and mluaneecl lzydmulicrs. has been effected without sacrificing the high standing of the college in the fields of engineering education and research. A Florida student receiving his education in the state will more than likely remain in the state to work and will be trained to meet the particular needs of this penin- sula, whereas those leaving the state for training too often do not return. The latter creates a scarcity in the munber of adequately trained engineers in Florida. Florida is still a relatively undeveloped state. The vast majority of its acreage is not palm tree and beach but pine tree and sand. Susceptibility to hurricanes, need for water conservation, difficulty in proper road con- struction-these are only a few of the problems which must be solved by Florida's engineers. For this reason, the college of engineering's plans for expansion are pro- FLORIDA'S OVVN ATOM SMASIIER Deionaling fuses and fire hazards, P11117 Qfrgrpg-'gy E- GI EEPJ. G .l-1, ... ,W SEWAGE DISPOSAL PLANT WVIUUI' conservation and highway construction. jected to provide objective staff and equipment to train the youth of the state in technology, and to provide the necessary research for the continued economic and in- dustrial welfare of Florida through the utilization of the stateis natural resources, and in the creation of new industries. Six phases of engineering study are available in the college: aeronautical, chemical, civil, industrial, elec- trical, and mechanical. Candidates for engineering de- grees must complete the two year curriculum in the university college and two years work in any of these six fields. Facilities are also provided for high level grad- uate work. The college holds a unique position in that all of its curricula are accredited nationally. The people of Florida should realize the services that this college is performing for them. Its research in the CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pine trees and sandy beaches. INDUSTRIAL ENCINEERINC N!ll!Il'lIl 1'CSUIll'CL'S and new inrlusfrics. various problems peculiar to Florida should prove to be second to none in advancing the standard of living in the state. The expansion of work in the teaching division of the college will include aviation courses in supersonic flows, ceramics, city planning, stress analysis, advanced hydraulics fgraduate levclj advanced dynamics and vi- bration, photoelasticity, fluid mechanics, and expanded graduate work in all of the existing departments. The greatest need of the college at this time seems to be adequate housing. The fire hazard is great. Plans for a new building have been prepared, and it is esti- mated that the cost of constructing and furnishing the building will be approximately four million dollars. This will provide a building which can hold under one roof all the teaching and research activities in the six fields. The proposed building will contain 220,150 square feet. ADVANCED DYNAMICS AND VIBRATION Six phases and four million lfllNll7'S. 1 qv 4 1 QC' is ' LU"k g.. Ra .. ' BRADEN CLARK DAVIS ENGINEER! G Seniors BRANTLEY COLLIE DAVIS ADAMS ANDERSON ARBIC ARNOLD ASCHE BAGGETT BAILEY BARCUS BARNARD BATCHELDER BAXLEY BIERCE BIRD BISHOP BLACK BLISS BOONE BORELLI ABOVE: 0 Top Row: WILLIAM E. ADAMS, St. Petersburg Q EUGENE S. ANDERSON, Lake Wales 0 RICHARD G. ARBIC, Gainesville 0 ROBERT L. ARNOLD, Groveland 0 CHARLES H. ASCHE, Miami 0 JULIAN A. BAGGETT, Fort Pierce 0 Second Row: ARTHUR W. BAILEY, JR., Kissimmee 0 GEORGE D. BARCUS, JR., Miami 0 JACK BARNARD, Jacksonville 0 RUSSELL S. BATCHELDER, Gainesville 0 GROVER B. BAXLEY, Lynn Haven 0 HARRY M. BIERCE, Tampa 0 Third Row: ROBERT M. BIRD, Clear- water 0 MARVIN E. BISHOP, Gainesville 0 STUART C. BLACK, Thonotosassa 0 W. CARLETON BLISS, JR., Coral Gables 0 ORVILLE T. BOONE, Gainesville 0 MICHAEL T. BORELLI, Tampa. BELOW: 0 Top Row: JOHN R. BRADEN, Ft. Pierce 0 JAMES QUINN BRANTLEY, JR., Tampa 0 ALBERT D. BRESLER, Pensacola 0 LINCOLN BROWN, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM L. BRYAN, Gainesville I ERICE W. BYRD, O'Brlen 0 PAUL W. BYRD, Barbervllle 0 WILLIAM W. CAMERON, JR., Miami 0 DONALD F. CAREY, Miami Beach 0 WILLIAM E. CLARK. Havana 0 ROBERT L. COLLIE, West Palm Beach 0 HURDER F. COLSON, Jacksonville 0 ALTON W. COOPER, Tampa 0 DONALD R. CRIM, Miami 0 JOHN H. CROSBY, Kissimmee 0 JOHN H. CROWE. Daytona Beach 0 WILFRED J. CURRY, Hialeah 0 ELBERT J. DAVENPORT. JR., Miami 0 Third Row: JOHN H. DAVIS, St. Petersburg 0 LOUIE H. DAVIS, Fort, Pierce 0 CHARLES A. DEES, JR., Lakeland 0 GEORGE F. DIAZ, Gainesville 0 JOE B. DYKES, JR., Marianna 0 BASIL E. ELLIS, FL. White 0 ERNEST E. ERICKSON, Lakeland 0 ANDER- SON P. EVANS, St. Augustine 0 THOMAS J. FARABEE. Orlando. BRESLER BROWN BRYAN BYRD BYRD CAMERON CAREY COLSON COOPER CRIM CROSBY CROWE CURRY DAVENPORT DEES DIAZ DYKES ELLIS ERICKSON EVANS FARABEE 4 or E: 4 ,- 1 -1, 94 i l " 2 t t t i t -1 . Kb 'Q H- tt-8' .L .ik 4 Q4 FCQULKNER FORD GABLE GARDNER GAY GEARHART GERAKIOS GIBBONS GLIDFWFLL HERROSSER HALEY HALL HARGAN HARRISON HART HART HATCHETT HEAD SPERGER HILL HODGE HOLT HOLTZ HOWZE JENKINS JETER. JONAS 0 To D Row: LESTER W. FAULKNER, JR., Hollywood 0 CHARLES R. FORD, Gainesville 0 ALEX S. GABLE. Lake City 0 HAROLD V. GARDNER, JR., Orlando 0 JAMES L. GAY, Winter Park 0 EMORY J. GEARHART, Gainesville 0 MIKE T. GERAKIOS, Leesburg Q PERRY R. GIBBONS, Archer 0 JOHN J. GLIDEWELL, JR., Jacksonville 0 Second Row: WILLIAM F. GROSSER, West Palm Beach 0 JOHN L. HALEY, Boynton Bench 0 MARTIN T. HALL, Gainesville 0 JAMES A. HARGAN, Tampa 0 ZADOK HARRISON, Key West 0 CHARLES R. HART, JR., Jacksonville 0 NORMAN W. HART, JR., Bartow 0 ROBERT T. HATCHETT, Sarasota 0 WILLIAM J. HEAD, JR,, Avon Park 0 Third Row: SAMUEL P. HERSPERGER, Tampa 0 FRANK R. HILL, Gainesville 0 RICHARD D. HODGE, Miami 0 DUNCAN M. HOLT, Jacksonville 0 CHRISTOPHER HOLTZ Gainesville 0 JAMES A HOW7E III Palmetto D. . - - 1 . O EDVARDO R. JENKINS, San Jose, Costa Rica 0 EARL W. JETER, Amerlcus, Ga. 0 ARTHUR JONAS, Miami Beach. BELOW: O Top Row: BENJAMIN W. JOHNSON, Plant City 0 HAROLD R. JOHNSON, Sarasota 0 LESLIE E. JOUGHIN, JR., Tampa 0 JAMES E. KECK, Jacksonville 0 GREENVILLE S. KEETER, Arcadia 0 THOMAS E. KEETER, JR., Rutherfordton, N. C. 0 Second Row: RALEIGH F. KEETER, Arcadia 0 T. NEAL KENYON, Jacksonville 0 JOHN P. LACKEY, G1'eensboro, N. C. 0 LAWRENCE S. LAMB, Palatkn. JRJOHN C. LANGSTON, JR., Malone 0 FRANK L. LANIUS, Venice 0 Third Row: SIDNEY E. LEE, -. Miami O CLARENCE O. LEIGH, Lake City 0 JAMES H. LE LOCKWOOD, Gainesville O JOHN F. MAKENS, Miami 0 JOHN M. MALLOICY, Miami. JOHNSON KEETER LEE JOHNSON KENYON LEIGH JOUGHIN LACKEY LEVINS KECK LAMB LOCKWOOD VINS, Sarasota 0 CHARLES W, KEETER LANGSTON MAKENS 95 KEETER LANIUS MALLORY Q an , i. lim Howze 4 i Pahnettois gift to civil- engineering is senior james A. Ilowze. Fondly called "Tank" hy friends for reasons obvious enough, llowze first donned a rat cap 'way hack in l94l.. A one- time campus fireball, the "Tank" has since settled down to married lite and can he found nearly any evening taking courses in home economies at the lflavet Village. Tank takes his civil engineering seriously and plans lo remain for graduate work at the university. Ile is a student meuiher ol' the American Society ol' Engineers, and when it comes to poker, Tank can engineer his opponent right out of his next inonth's check. In pre-air corps days, Howze was mueh at home on the gridiron, and is one of the few remaining students who were in the intraluural spotlight hoth hetore and after the war. Now he prefers hunting and fishing when holidays offer leisure moments. Senior Activity Index fPr1g7es 378-3021 I V I Q . if Mfg ODOM PATTON POTTS X ENGINEER! G -1 Seniors OLIVE PEACOCK PRIDGEN MARCIIMAN MASSEY MAY MCCALL MCLEOD MCNEELY MEYER MILLER, MILLER MILLS MORGAN MORRISON MUELLER MUZIO NEWTON NEWTON NIELAND O'CONNER ABOVE: 0 Top Row: ROBERT H. MARCHMAN, JR., Gainesville 0 GEORGE B. MASSEY, Lakeland 0 JOHN J. MAY, Gainesville 0 BEN F. MCCALL, Sarasota 0 ALEXANDER L. McLEOD, JR., High Springs 0 FRED B. MCNEELY, St. Petersburg Q Second Row: JACK L. MEYER, Mlaml Q SAMUEL E. MILLER, Tallahassee 0 NIGEL R. MILLER, Gainesville 0 JOHN W. MILLS, St. Petersburg Q RALPH A. MORGAN, Gainesville 0 CLAYTON A. MORRISON, Zolfo Springs 0 Third Row: JOHN W. MUELLER. JR., Coral Gables 0 ORIEN M. MUZIO, Tampa Q DONALD E. NEWTON, Jacksonville 0 MILES H. NEWTON, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT B. NIELAND, Gainesville 0 EDWARD J. O'CONNOR, St. Petersburgr. BELOW: 0 Top Row: JAMES E. ODOM, Orlando 0 ROBERT L. OLIVE. Bartow 0 ELLIS H. O'NEAL, Kokomo. Ind. 0 JAMES C. O'NEAL, Shamrock 0 ERNEST T. OSKIN. St. Petersburg 0 BEVILLE S. OUTLAW. JR... Starke 0 EMMETT L. OWENS, Lake City 0 RAMIRO PARADA. Panama, Rep. of Panama 0 MELVIN S. PARTIN, Orlando Q Second Row: VINCENT D. PATTON, Athens, Tenn. 0 LEONARD M. PEACOCK,' Live Oak 0 ROBERT E. PEACOCK, Jacksonville 0 PETER WILLIAM PERINS. Tarpon Springs 0 WILLIAM W. PETYNIA, Jacksonvllle 0 CHARLES F. PHILIPS, West Palm Beach I MAURICE C. PIMM, Tampa 0 JAMES OLON POLSTON, Gracevllle 0 STANLEY POOLE, Jacksonville o Third Row: JOHN T. POTTS, JR., Jacksonville 0 THOMAS D. PRIDGEN, Lakeland 0 GEORGE H. PRITCHARD, Plant Clty 0 ROBERT E. PROCTOR, Lakeland 0 WILLIAM B. PROTZ, New York, N.Y. 0 THOMAS S. RICKETTS, Washington, D. C. 0 LEONARD W. RIGGINS, Lakeland 0 WILLIAM DAVID RINEHART, Somerville, N. C. 0 CHARLES H. SAIN, Morrison, Tenn. O'NEAL O'NEAL OSKIN OUTLAW OWENS PARADA PARTIN PEACOCK PERINIS PETYNIA PHILIPS PIMM POLSTON POOLE PRITCHARD PROCTOR PROTZ RICKETTS RIGGINS RINEHART SAIN ,- 16 4 4' 4 ,ur -sr V7 'gf-sv' vu-v 96 ,4 1 .1 ,- qv -1 uv I l V -C A 'l I 1 SIEMEN SLAGSVOL SMITH SMITH SMITH SOUTHERLAND STEELE STEINLEN STEWART WFT STUHL SUGDEN sWANsON TEW TUOKETT TURNER VAN STEENBURG WATSON WELLS , I HERINGTON wan-AKER WHITE WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLAUER WILLS WILSON WOODWARD I I ABOVE: 'WTEWQ1 0 Top Row: HARRY A, SIEMEN, Jacksonville O THOMAS F. SLAGSVOL, St. Petersburg 0 ALBERT J. SMITH, St. Augustine 0 FRANK A. SMITH. Gainesville 0 RALPH W. SMITH. Daytona Beach 0 WILLIAM R. SOUTHERLAND, Gainesville 0 HERMAN A. STEELE, Lakeland 0 ADOLPI-I L. STEINLEN, Tampa. 0 CYRUS Q. STEWART, Ft. Myers O Second Row: LEE A. STUHL, Coral Gables O JAMES A. SUGDEN, JR., Jacksonville O STANLEY E. SWANSON, Pierson 0 JAMES A. TEW, Sanford 0 NORMAN L- R. TUCKETT, JR., Mount Dora O HEYWOOD A. TURNER, Tampa 0 TED E. VAN STEENBURG. Orlando O WILLIAM A. WATSON, Palmetto 0 JOEL D. WELLS. Orlando 0 Third Row: DAVE W. WETHERINGTON, Jasper 0 FURMAN C. WHITAKER, Tampa. 0 GRAHAM V. WHITE, Crescent City 0 DEAN H. WILLIAMS, JR., Jacksonville 0 EDWARD R. WILLIAMS, Mayport 0 CHARLES H. WILLAUER, I JR.. Quakertown, Pa. O CLINTON E. WILLS, Pine cnsmn 0 FRED H. WILSON, Jacksonville Q WILLIAM F- WOODWARD, Tallahassee. 4 BELOW: " 0 TOD Row: JOHNS C. WRIGHT, Sanford 0 JAMES YONTZ, Tampa 0 JOSEPH L. YOUMANS, Crest- view 0 DALE A, YOUNG, Fernandina 0 EVERT A. YOUNG, Winter Park 0 JOHN ADAIR, JR., Luke Worth 0 Second Row: RAY H. ADAMS, Jacksonville O FRANCIS E. AKERMAN, Orlando O JOHN F. ALBRITTON, JR., Jacksonville Q ROBERT S. ALLEN, Jacksonville Beach 0 CHARLES A. APRILETTI, Bartow O STANLEY H. APTE, Miami Beach O Third Row: EDWARD R. AUSLEY, Ocala 0 ALBERT BARRETO, Tampa 0 DAVE H. BARNETT, Fort Meade 0 CLIFFORD E. BARNHILL, Punta Gorda 0 ALVIN R. BAXLEY, Milton 0 CHESTER B. BAYNARD, St. Petersburg. HEIGHT YONTZ YOUMANS YOUNG YOUNG ADAIR AUJMS AKERMAN ALBRITTON ALLEN APRILE'I'I'I APTE LEY BARRETO BARNETT BARNHILL BAXLEY BAYNARD ly Chuck Willauer , "This is a model of a shoe factory." That's stocky, black-hairecl Charley XVillauer speaking, a prospective in- dustrial engineer from Quakcrstown, ll' a. Finishing high school in the late h l930's, Chuck clicl a four-and-a-half 'N year hitch in the army. After dis- :. ' charge, he wondered if he could tr wi . I I make out in college after being away ,J 4 ' Vi W from the books so long. Reading an "Q-1' 4" . 'A , article about Florida's unique "C" . ,. course system, he packed his bride fi 'MQ ' H , ,QAM and belongings and headed for A .Qi 1 XY, ' I Eff, Ir - . Q. Gainesville. if M' 9' ' 2 "'k'2"t' ' if I" Chuck is both happy and sad lo p receive his sheepskin with the class of 719. There are few openings for industrial engineers in Florida and 'S 'V' the finger of opportunity is pointing 3 ' northward. Ilowever, there is always ' VI the hope that he can return as a re- -- if tired labor efficiency expert to bask '1-I Q. 1 in the sun of his "peninsula paradise." Fw. If I 3 3' ' Senior Activity Index Wages JL?-3922 97 . 'snr g my 2 wa .n A . fr- ' 5 1 m 'MA gi? . - I I ,H- -K KY' 6 . " 'QL 'Y, . 'A ., .4 5 . gy? "w ATL,-'f.f'-,X 3 ' 1 ,.L'f1,L' if ff' ' Ei5?l.!.f' ' I n 47' iri ' 'Q X . '. I -.Z . :A.,.x ' ...I 191' af 1 a I W -S I' Q, 1. A .og , my . 'if13..2'rEi, H. Y :SAS iv W 1 1 ,L 45 M 1 R ' x - U' .' ,-5,1-jg 4 N...-. 5, . J., X 5954-Tor' :' W L . . 2 X .A X ' . , If g 1 . I . .4 X M lilili . l ., ., up f X Q 5, , va -.1 I .gl A A ENGINEEPJ G f , I lumors I , .ul .. f'?:ii, ,, BELL BENSON BEST BISHOP BRALEY BONISKE BROWN BROWN BUSLINGER CAHILL CALLAWAY CARR CARTER CHALKER CHANDLER CHAZAL CHILDERS CHILDRESS A ABOVE: 0 Top Row: VERNON T. BELL, Havana 0 THOMAS F. BENSON, Pensacola 0 EDWIN L. BEST, Daytona Beach 0 JAY W. BISHOP, Elizabethtown, Pa. 0 WILLIAM C. BRALEY, Daytona Beach 0 HERMAN M. BONISKE, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: WALTER H. BROWN, Miami 0 WILLIAM A. BROWN, Pensacola 0 JOHN M. BUSLINGER, Miami 0 JOHN M. CAHILL, Interlnchen 0 PAUL T. CALLAWAY. Miami 0 LYNDELL O. CARR, Glen St. Mary 0 Third Row: STEVE A. CARTER, Flushing, N. Y. 0 KYLE Y. CHALKER, Holly Hill 0 RICHARD D. CHANDLER, Mlaml 0 LOUIS L. CHAZAL, Ocala 0 GROVER C. CHILDERS, Mlaml Beach 0 GEORGE A. CHILDRESS, Avon Park. BELOW: 0 Top Row: DOUGLAS M. CHURCH, Westconnett 0 JULIUS CONDE, Miami Beach 0 JOE CON- SAGRA, Tampa 0 DAVID Y. COOK, Ft. Lauderdale 0 DOMINGO CORRAL, Tampa 0 VAN L. COTSONIS, Jacksonville 0 ERIC C. CULBREATH, Tampa 0 MORRIS V. CUMMINGS, Neptune Beach 0 WILLIAM S. CUSHING, Ormond 0 Second Row: BURTON T. DATSON, Orlando 0 CARL B. DAY, 1 St. Augustine 0 FRANCIS W. DE LA RUA. Pensacola 0 MITCHELL B. DIAZ, Tampa 0 BROOKS ' C. DODSON, Sutherlln, Va. 0 BENJAMIN I. DOERR, Daytona Beach 0 JOHN B. DOHERTY, Jackson- vllle 0 ROBERT B. EDMISTON, Apopka 0 JOHN W. EVERETT, Gainesville 0 Third Row: DWIGHT B. FELDMAN, Jacksonville 0 SALVATORE FELICIONE, Tampa 0 ARTHUR R. FINNEY, Gainesville O DON E. FISHER, Daytona Beach 0 WILLIAM B. FLEWELLEN, Hastings 0 DALE F. FORD, Cranford, N. J. 0 ROLAND L. FRASER, Samoset 0 THOMAS A. FRIDAY, JR., Palatka 0 ROBERT J. FRUIN, Ft. Lauderdale. CHURCH CONDE CONSAGRA COOK CORRAL COTSONIS CULBREATH CUMMINGS CUSHING DATSON DAY DE LA RUA DIAZ DODSON DOERR DOHERTY EDMISTON EVERETT FELDMAN FELICIONE FINNEY FISHER FLEWELLEN FORD FRASER FRIDAY FRUIN N , . M-,-1 . F- , l . . ' xx X x L K .1 - b. .L L 2, ' , V' eg S- .- ,. X . .f I lx- . . , X. , fi. , t '-'. lv. . .p s X 5 1 f 1 L -, .V x Q , - .1 " ' , si Q ' ' I as .- . . 1 . - - sf f X 'Q 1, s lf '-1 2 . w .5 A Q pf - N I lm A xl , A , lg xl 'S x S ' '9' X E ' , N 1 . ig: 54? A 'ti X 3' - . .... '11 . '.. ...CHF .---ff--ll 'r 5' 'K ,L X' , J - A if ' 71 , I 'I V no? A , , Q , Q' , f ,.. . A V 1 i 1 fy . 1 ' Y lg h ,,.ii:lf. . U , .b K it i f . 'S .5 X '. . wk J , -." f X xx f ' I f H. 'T I ' L X ' ' X ' ' ' A , .1 gg 1, Qs . 4 Q' f jf - J if A A If I 'x.MI,., I 1: X Y tl ' '55 . I ' I' .V v:Qg,,l,. I, l .. 1 V, A 'N if fag.. K Xk x Q .. A," 5. . ' 'X L'W'f .: f, 'I K ' , sf Xi l if X sl. EF- ", ffl 1 , I . .... f " - 1 MJ- 98 - I, . .. . ....., f . . vs. Zf.'-:5:2:2: ' FET.: :I:5::-:Eta f P fr'-if.: Y I I fr, x I gr' , , ,vs-,,' .. -.-, ., -rv , ' gf, , X " ' Y ' ww- ' T' IT' -:',:-I ' TSW: 4, fsfwlapl ' me Q ' . 4 if X I X I li , X V , ,,,,,'5,.x.x., ,slag-xl lgxi 'I ll ik' ' x 101 . 'I GAMMAGE GAUTIER GENCO GILMORE GOODROW GRANT HAMILTON HAMMOND HANBKAT HARLLEE HARNETT HARPER HAZEN HEDRICK HEIDGEN HELLIER HOFFMAN HOFMA 1 ABOVE: 0 Top Row: JAMES D, GAMMAGE, Gainesville 0 DAVID M. GAUTIER, Crescent City 0 JERRY J. GENCO, Garfield, N. J. 0 JOHN F. GILMORE, JR., New Smyrna. Beach 0 TIMOTHY E. GOODROW, St. Petersburg 0 ZEB C. GRANT, West Palm Beach 0 ROBERT E. GRIFFITH, Pensacola. 0 WILLIAM E. GUNSON, Hinson 0 HAROLD D. HALDEMAN, Ft. Lauderdale 0 Second Row: CURTIS L. HAMILTON, Monticello 0 JAMES M. HAMMOND, Lutz 0 JOHN E. HANSKAT, Pass-a-Grllle Beach 0 JACK HARLLEE, Mlnml 0 CLAUDE E. HARNETT, Tampn. O ROY E. HARPER, Miami O LEE T. HARRIS, Lithia. 0 ALFRED R. HARTSFIELD, Tallahassee O ROBERT HATCHER, JR., Chattahoochee 0 Third ROW: JAMES A. HAZEN, Gainesville 0 GEORGE R. HEDRICK, Lake Worth 0 BERNARD HEIDGEN, JR., Tampa 0 JAMES R. HELLIER, St. Augustine 0 WALTER F. HOFFMAN, Lakeland 0 LOU A. HOFMA, Tallahassee 0 HUGH A HOLBORN, Jacksonville 0 HORACE W HOLLAND JR k . - , .. Jac sonvlllc 0 CURTIS C. HOLMES, JR., Ponte Vedra.. BELOW: l QTOP Row: WALLACE F. HOLTSINGER, Jacksonville Beach 0 CHARLES G. HOURIET. Ocal a 0 TEPHEN B. HOVAN. Jacksonville 0 CLAUDE W. HUDSON, Hudson 0 WILLIAM E. JOHNSTON, Gainesville 0 GEORGE P. KALAF, St. Petersburg 0 Second Row: MICHAEL A. KALANGE, Boise, Idaho 0 ROBERT N. KELSO, Blountstown 0 JOHN W. KENNEDY, Winter Garden 0 CHARLES H. KICKLIGHTER, Tampa 0 CREIGHTON B. KIMBLE. Gainesville 0 JOSEPH D. KING, Winter Park 9 Third Row: DONALD C KISCADEN, Gainesville 0 VICTOR W KUHL St. Peterb . . . s urg 0 .ARTHUR LATOUR, Miami Beach Q Roy E. LEALMAN, JR., Lakeland o WILLIAM R. LESNETT, Lakeland o ROBERT H. LEWIS, Jn. Barrow. HOLTSINGER Hourum' HOVAN HUDSON JOHNSTON KALAF ,ffm-ANGE KELso KENNEDY KICKLIGI-ITER KIMBLE KING ISCADEN KUHL LATOUR LEALMAN LESNETT LEWIS i , l Q, G 6 1 . .ls J N ' Q' ' 4 I l A r Ag, X X I I. I , V : ' , I-1 ,V . ' . ' Q XR if ' fx' 'l t . 2 , .A , V V I . ,S ' ' h L- K' ' I A ' G' l l 1 9 .xi 1 x 'K L '. 4 V I L . l Qs ws. 42, ' I ' Q- , XJ . A ' ' T , '. .iiff-:-. il I X I I ,v:1'1-37 Nl . l,- . ' a . I . if u ,A :,' . I X L I 4- .5 1 ' I I K? A fl, " . " N l 1" 1 I lit ..,.... ' , QQQ ' -, ' ' 5' ' i-A 99 x 1 'fvlghdli is GRIFFITH GUNSON HALDEMAN HARRIS HARTSFIELD IIATCHER HOLBORN HOLLAND HOLMES Lou Hofma Can't find Lou Hofma? He must be fishing at Orange Lake or on the Suwannee River. Then, again, he might be found on the tennis court, golf links, or in the swimming pool. VVhen not studying in his field, civil engineering, Laurence Allen Irlofma, 20-year-old junior, spends his time participating in one of the above sports, or in tinkering with radios, another of his hobbies. Lou was born and raised in Talla- hassee, attended Leon High School, from which he was graduated in 1946, and remeinbers his younger days dur- ing which he spent many hours build- ing model airplanes and puttering in his basement workshop. His plans for the future are indefi- nite, but he believes he will have to go out of the state to find suitable work, and at present, the Carolinas look best to Lou. A member of A. S. C. E., Lou also served on the Military Ball committee. I 1 pf' I S ,A 331' Ereec.-rea I . . ll Q . 'Z , 'fy' .rw If Wx ' 'rfuxl : , .HN L ,, 1 gg ISE? Q , n..V . - Us . l , I : ' I . 'A .ll ...Q N ' 'Aw .5 FFL. I Q 9. -:sf lv A . , l, !, I Q 2 1 'S L xx! A l fri :Iii ' R - -. gf - A 'fi la' tg. ' E A ks-5 le, n ' . ,ef-Q. V -. EN GINEERI G l f ' Iunlors I .-.-4 4' 33:8 lleifasf Q, LOUNDS MADDEN MARTIN MARTIN MATHIS MATTOX MCCARTHY MCCLUER MCLEOD MERRITT MEYER MILLER MITCHELL MOORE MORGAN ABOVE: 0 Top Row: JOSEPH E. LOUNDS. Crescent City 0 ROBERT T. MADDEN, Sanford 0 JAMES W. MARTIN, Gainesville 0 JOHN H. MARTIN, Washington, D. C. 0 WILLIAM T. MATI-IIS, JR., Tampa 0 Second Row: JAMES D. MATTOX, Tavares 0 CHARLES V. McCARTHY, Gainesville 0 HUNTER S. McCLUER, Fellsmere 0 ROBERT W. McLEOD, III, Jacksonville 0 CLEMENTS B. MERRITT, Lakeland Q Third Row: JOHN W. MEYER, Miami 0 CHARLES R. MILLER, Tampa 0 ALTON G. MITCHELL, Miami 0 WILLIAM V. MOORE, Wauchula 0 LUCIUS E. MORGAN, Jacksonville. BELOW: , 0 Top Row: ROBERT E. MORRIS, Miami 0 RUFUS H. MUSGROVE, Jasper 0 McF'ADDEN A. NEWELL. Miami 0 DON E. NICHOLS, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM B. NORTON, Jacksonville 0 FRED W. OGILVIE, Greensboro 0 AUBREY T. O'HARA, St. Petersburg 0 Second Row: DEWEY L. OUTEN, Ft. Lauderdale Q ROY L. PARHAM, JR., Tampa 0 URBAN U. PARRISH, Tampa 0 JOHN F. PEARCE, Tampa 0 LEONARD D. PEEK, Starke 0 WILLIAM J. PHILLIPS, Bowling Green 0 WILLIAM E. POOLE, Jacksonville 0 Third Rowe VICTOR E. RAMOS, Gainesville 0 JOHN T. RANDLE, Jacksonville 0 ALBERT E. ROBERTS, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM F. ROBERTS, Jacksonville 0 JOHN H. ROUSE, JR., Jacksonville 0 JAY E. ROSENZVAIG, Tampa 0 ARTHUR W. SAARINEN, JR., Ft. Lauderdale. MORRIS MUSGROVE NEWELL NICHOLS NORTON OGILVIE O'HARA OUTEN PAR1-IAM PARRISH PEARCE PEEK PHILLIPS POOLE RAMOS RANDLE ROBERTS ROBERTS HOUSE ROSENZVAIG SAARINEN 'F Q. F Q f V - " V. .4 3 , 1 q ,f x. , ' K N ' ,Lf - f - ltfs, ' R . '. -X X. N Q aff p . f - , . x . .. 1: . ' - - 4 . x La' 4 . .' I ' ,. QF' E 51 5 N .1 t ' l , ,- ' l :A Y ... - W' LAL... L ill! l ' ' ' " 100 .P fi X i ,fs R. .. SAWYER SCARBOROUGH SCHILLING SHOEMAKER SHUPE SILLAN SIMS SMITH SMITH SMITH SOFGE SPANGENBERG THOMPSON TONEY TUCKER VANN VERDERY VICK WEEKS WEINBERG WHITSTON ABOVE: O TOD Row: DONALD A. SAWYER, Ft. Myers 0 TROY B. SCARBOROUGH, Brooks- ville O ROBERT P. SCHILLING, Hawthorne, N. J. O WILLIAM L. SHOEMAKER S 1 d an or 0 PAUL G. SHUPE, Lake Hamilton 0 RICHARD R. SILLAN, Lake Worth 0 WYTHE D. SIMS, Orlando 0 Second Row: RUSSELL C. SMITH, New Smyrna Beach 0 STANLEY W. SMITH. Jacksonville 0 THOMAS P. SMITH, Tampa 0 WILLIAM H. SOFGE. Jacksonville 0 THEODORE S. SPANGENBERG. Miami 0 SAMUEL M. THOMPSON, JR., Conner 0 ROBERT L. TONEY, Orlando Q Third Row: DONALD M. TUCKER Gainesville 0 WILLIAM L VANN , . , Live Oak 0 DAVID C. VERDERY, Winter Park 0 CHARLES M. VICK, San Francisco. Calif. Q DONALD WEEKSa Miami 0 HAROLD N. WEINBERG, Miami Q DAVID A. WI-IITSTON, Ga nesv Ile. BELOW: 0 Top Row: GEORGE E. WICKER. Gainesville 0 ROBERT A. WILKINSON, Washington, D. C. 0 EDWARD M. WILLIAMS, Jacksonville 0 JAMES N. WIL- LIAMS. St. Petersburg 0 Second Row: GEORGE P. WILLSON, Palm Beach 0 DIEDRICH F. WOODRING. Gainesville 0 JOHN WRIGHT, West Palm Beach 0 Third Row: FRANK E. YANAROS, Ft. Pierce 0 HUGO ZACCHINI, Tampa Q EVERETT E. ZIEGLER, Bellville, N. J. WICKER. WILKINSON WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLSON WOODRING WRIGHT YANAROS ZACCHINI ZIEGLER 'Y A" r 9: 'V .g ' i ilifi ' ll .5 ' 5 f s ' l -' . I U 5 ,r , .' v . 5' . . ill' N . ' 3 A-I, fell Zan 'J'-' ' ,t . p.,.Y, J 101 'a 'f I sl' ft from 's D011 Weeks A paper boy, soda jerker, printer's apprentice, car penter, draftsman, and bomb sight expert: these are some of the experiences of Don Weeks, 29-year-old junior in electrical engineering. A native of New Jersey, Don's fzunily moved to Miami in 1926, where he was graduated from high school in 1938. He spent three years in the Army work- ing on bomb sights and automatic pilots. "I got so confused reading those technical manuals, und yet wanted to understand the material, that I de- cided to study electrical engineering in college," re- lated Don. After discharge in 1945, he enrolled at the University of Miami. After two years he transferred io Gainesville. Don is married, and hopes that he will be able lo find a job in some form of communication in Miami. Eventually, says Weeks, "I would like to go into busi- ness for myself." ffiiltl ETD GI EHEI G CUUCIL Composed of two representatives from each departmental society or or- ganization in engineering, the Benton Engineering Council is the coordinat- ing group for the Benton Engineering Society, made up of all engineering students. The council sponsors guest speakers jointly with the various engi- neering societies during the year. An annual fall smoker is held to acquaint new students with the engineering college and organizations. Big event of the year for all slide-rule boys is the Engineers' Field Day, sponsored by the council. Officers were Bill Watson, presiclentg John May, vice- presidentg Charles Sain, 'secretary- treasurer. 102 F l I ,. , is , . 4 f 4 .l 1 C . 1 BRYAN GERHEART HEAD HOLTZ IETER LEIGH McCARTHY N EILS ON OLIVE PETYNIA TONEY WEISENBERGER Ioint Student Branch of AMERICAN INSTITUTE UE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING and INSTITUTE UE RADIO ENGINEERS X AIEE-IRE, though it sounds like an Indian mating call, is an organization of the volt-ampere boys in engi- neering school. The American Institute of Electrical En- gineers, founded in 1884, was brought to the campus in 1924 largely through the efforts of the late Dean I. R. Benton and Dean joseph Weil. There now exist 126 student branches with a membership of 14,000. The Institute of Radio Engineers was organized in 1912 and now has 30 student branches. Since the interests of the two organizations are parallel, they were merged this year into a joint student branch. The group strives to spread among its members knowl- edge of the theory and practice of all phases of elec- trical and communication engineering and of allied fields. The program consists of bi-monthly meetings which in- clude presentation of technical papers by students, films, talks by outstanding professional men and practicing en- gineers, and social functions. The Student Branch also sponsors field trips to various industries, an exchange- Speaker program with the Florida Section of AIEE, and an individual student-engineer cooperative plan. This year the group was host to a district meeting of the Florida Section of AIEE, at which Mr. S. E. Lee, national president, was guest speaker. Several members presented student papers at southeastem district meet- ings of AIEE at Baton Rouge, La., and Birmingham, Ala. An instructive and enjoyable field trip was made to a Florida power plant. OFFICERS II. Scharla-Nielsen, Chairman E. E. Erickson, Secretary R. D. Chandler, Vice-Chairman H. A. Steele, Treasurer ' Prof. F. H. Pumphrey, AIEE Advisor Prof. P. H. Nelson, IRE Advisor MEMBERS Akefman, Francis Harrold, Chester Pimm, Maurice Barker, Thomas Heidgen, Bemy Pinch, Rgy Bassett, Aubrey Best, Edwin Bishop, Marvin Bishop, R. Black, Stuart Borelli, Michael Boyd, Harold Braden, john Bushinger, John Byrd, Erice Carr, Lyndell Chalker, Kyle Clouser, james Colson, Hurder Crocker, Harrell Curry, Wilfred Cushing, W. S. Davenport, Elbert Dykes, Joe Edmiston, Robert Faulkner, Lester Fisher, Don Ford, H. Gardner, Harold Gay, james Gibbons, Perry Glidewell, john Goddard, Richard Herspengen, S. P. Hill, Frank Keeter, Raleigh Keith, Charles Kenyon, Y. Neal Langston, john Lawson, Philip Lee, Richard Lindenmuth, Peter Little, john Marshall, Walter Martin, james Massey, George Mellor, William Meyer, John Morris, Robert Muzio, Orien McCarthy, C. 1. McCool, James McLeod, Bob McVay, Robert Newton, Miles Parrish, Harley Partin, Melvin Payne, Joseph Periman, Charles Perinis, Peter Phillips, W. I. Proctor, Robert Reynolds, Leslie Ricketts, Thomas Rogers, R. Monte Rogers, Y. Lynn Rosenzvaig, 1. Savary, Donald Schuh, Niles Scott, Lee Shupe, Paul Skinner, Robert Smith, Stanley Spainhovr, W. E. Stripling, Walter Swanson, Stanley Thompson, Samuel Vann, William Walding, Donald Wall, A. O. Wells, I. D. Wicker, George Williams, G. F. Winderweedle, james Wright, Cullen Yanaros, Frank Yontz, James Youmans, joseph Communications lab at engineering hangar. Testing AC-DC motors at dynamo lab. 103 1 s A-if-C' First row, l. to r.: Keen, W. R., Crowe, II., Mallory, M., Oskin, E. '1'.g Head, WV. J., jr., Head, F. M., Malone, B. L., Skillman, F. M., Schmidt, D.g Craig, W. Second row, l. to r.: Patton, V. D., unidentified, Kosey, A. P., Ansley, I. 1.5 Cahill, j. M., unidentifiedg Morgen, R. A., Whitcomb, M. C., Shcdrick, W., Terrana, D. Third row, l. to r.: dcLaRua, W., Ogilvie, F. W., Houriet, C. C., Lane, R. F., Lizar- ralde, I., Kicklighter, C. K., Moore, W. V., Bryan, W. L., NVhitmore, G., Clarke, C. M., Geiger, H. A. AMERICAN TITUTE or CHE A IC L E CINEE S Organized as a local club in 1928, the stu- dent chapter, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, was established in 1982. Member- ship is open to all chemical engineering stu- dents and to those students in the university college who expect to study chemical engineer- ing. The objectives of the organization are to create good fellowship, and to encourage high scholastic attainments, among its members. Its regularly scheduled meetings include social evenings, business sessions and technical pro- grams. Speakers on the teclmical programs generally discuss some specific applications of chemical engineering principals to industry. AMERICAN CCIETY UF ECHANIC L E CINEER Highlighting the events of the stu- dent section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers this year was the joint meeting with the professional group of ASME. At the banquet, Pro- fessor john A. Dent was presented with a gold life membership card for his giving 35 years service to the organization. Following the banquet, S. C. Gracy, of the Florida power corporation, spoke to more than 200 members, giv- ing them tips on employer-employee relations and predicting a bright fu- ture for engineers in the rapidly in- dustrializing South. Gear Chatter, new this year, pre- sented news of current happenings in the mechanical department and of interest to the engineering student. Edited by Ncwett, Cox, and Van Wagenen, this paper was a welcome service. Excellent talks were presented to the members during the semester by Sid Leonardy on citrus concentrate production and by V. Floyd Self, of the Aneinostat Corporation of Amer- ica, on air distribution. All activities of the group lead to- ward a pattern of action on the cam- pus which in form and spirit is iden- tical with that which they must follow if they expect to find a place for them- selves in the engineering profession. WW Faculty advisor conferring with fall officers' 10-1 CX M vnzlwrs resting diesel engine. 'L. to R., Prof, N. C. Ebaualz, Kimball, Olive, Steinlen, Jeter Br Prof. W. T. Tiffin. r 1 . ' 0 0 Go E0 OFFICERS V-i 1 X 1 1 C. NV. Holtz President , tudenl Lhapter , ,lf Q C. I-I. Sam . .. Vice-President - , -Q 5 'C R. N. Miller .. Secretary X ' " fx W, ' NV A VVatson Treasurer K. - - SOCIETY OF ' ' T " F ff 9. X A P .f.c:.D.wi1li...s ul di. XX QE QI rf fi 1 Tae tyA vsor tp ,rx FOUNDED .- lm .4 . - , ' Out of little ditches into big ones come the student engineers of the University of Florida. The bigger ditches in the field of engineering are filled to the brim with professional handi- caps unknown to a recent graduate. The jump from the theoretic to the practical is a large one, and standing as a bridge to that gap is the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Officers confer. l Again, the civil engineers won the Sigma Tau Engineers' Field Day cup. At a meeting after the presentation of the cup to ASCE for the umpteenth time in recent years, it was decided that next year some other department would be allowed to win the cup in an effort to promote good feeling. The local chapter received national honorable mention for progress through the year by the national office. 'Wm 4'-.2 liitr' Dirt pozmders. Salad for Dean Weil. Mayo suspension bridge. Y N, I ' - SHUI, C. H. Morgan, L. semon' shields, L. S. Mussrove. R. H. Bllss, W. C- Skillman, J. H. Norton, W. B. Boone. 0- T- frew, .1.A. , Parham, R. L. Byrd' P' W' Watson, W. A, Poole, W. E. Cameron- W- W- Wll1lams,E.T. Ray, H. c. Clark- W- E- wnlson, G. P. Roundtree, J. c. COODEF, A. W. Crawford, A. W Crosby, J. H. Dixon, J. H. Ellis, B. E. Ford, D. R. Haley, F. J. Harrison, Z. D. Hasty, R. V. Holtz, J. A. Howze, J. A. Jenkins, E. D. Lamb, L. S. Lanehart, J. A. Lanlus, F. L. Lee, S. E. Leigh, C. 0. Levins, J. H. Lewis, R. H. Loh, T. M. Meyer, J. L. Miller, R. N. Mills, J. W. Outlaw, R. S. Owens, E. I. Parada, R. Peacock, R. E. Philips, C. F. Potts, J. T. Prldgen, T. D. Randle, J. T. Revell, R. B. Juniors: Allen, R. S. Bexley, A. R. Bell, C. R. Benet, H. J. Benson, T. F. Brockway, Cv. R. Brown, A. S. Brown, C. G. Brown, W. H. Carter, S. A. Childress, G. A. Crown, F. L. Everett, R. B. Feldman, J. R. Finney, A. R. Ford, C. R. Grammage, J. D. Gilbert, L. R. Gold, D. D, Goodrow, T. E. Hamilton, C. L. Hanskat. J. E. Harllee, J. W. Herring, T. E. Jones, S. P. Martin, J. H. Mathis, W. T. Miller. C. R. Mills, R, C. Saarinen, A. W. Sawyer, D. A. Schilling, P. P. Shoemaker, W. L. Smith, R. C. Townsend, T. J. M K Wiggins, R.. B. I 'si-.4 Wilson, F. H. Young, F. A. Sophomores: 3 Ziliafs. J. 5, - N Garnter, Wm. Hazen, J. A. , AO Hofna, L. A. . Lett, M. Y. , Y X May. J. A. f pw x il Masada., J. R. - att x, '- sharon, J. 1.. . 5 K-X , Smith, J. B. ' , li ' smith, T. P. U: , C' - et , Sofge, W. H. - Tyner, J. B. ' .. . . . 4 -.,. " g Graduate Students: .-r.,,.A.. . lf Poole, S. ' - ' gig!! Tlldon, J. ETFF' 'L steel, R. VL- Bishop. J. -1. . . . 105 UCIETYPUP. A SVANCENIENT UE .MANAGEMENT 50975515 9 M 0 ' - x A lx 0 ' 'J' ' 9 g , sr. 1 as 0 9 " 'ZA' -' ml' l 21 Mil' 4 ' 1 5 1 -" I, 2 1' ' it ' ' ' '- I A .3 - A 4 . ' f. 5 . A '. 4 S Left to right: Arnold, R. L., Chazel, L. L., Ilaldeman, ll. D.g Iloltsinger, XV. F., joughin, L.g Kalaf, G. fNf" I Qc. 4- r.,""' N'-i inns. 'C' ., 3-A 3, 'Q'-W " H ,ygfg . X V: Kiwi 'V -,, 'lx I x 1 w '. " x i ' I , lx l A .LX ' I 'f Ml . Lx l Left to right: Madden, T.: Nichols, D. E., Toney, ll. L., Verclcry, D. C., WVhit- aker, F. C., Williams, Industrial engineers at the University of Florida have found effective aid in understanding the problems facing management and preparation for accepting responsibili- ties in this field through the Society for the Advance- ment of Management. Of particular help and interest were lectures given by well-known speakers on a variety of subjects such as "Market Analysis" and "The Taft- llartley Act and Its Importance to Management." Realiz- ing that learning comes best with first-hand experience, the society toured the Swisher cigar company in Iaek- sonville and the Naval Air Station. Later they attended the management conference and convention at the Uni- versity of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Considered the major accomplishment of the year was the capturing of the trophy for the "Engineers Field Day." Serving the society in executive capacity were: R. L. Toney, presidentg L. L. Chazel, vice-president, D. C. Doulet, secretaryg H. D. Haldeman, treasurerg R. Cummings, faculty advisor. Not pictured is 'l'. E. Keetcr, first semester president. I TITUTE UE ERUNALITIC L CIE CE In the above hodge-podge of pictures, an idea of the activities In general, the student branch here offers an opportunity for of this organization is given. These activities include annual field aeronautical engineering students planning to go into the field to trips to airline installations in Miami and to the air force base at become acquainted with their fellow students and with the aims Eglin Field, Florida. During meetings, there are aeronautical films and scope of the profession. shown, aviation talks presented, and aeronautical discussions held. 106 IGMA TALI X President X Sewetaw WILLIAM L. BRYAN E. E. ERICKSON 1 . Vice-President Tfeawfef E - - ee . OHN M. MALLORY J. H. SKILLMAN , V E V 2 APN J X ': " - X 1 l . Hl '.lll -5 S V ' f--5--.E-.i--...-L 1 4 n 1 . 'Y 'Hi' 1 ,,,f ': '9' Q SIGMA TAU . Sigma Tau was sired Feb. 22, 1904 when a group of aspiring engineers at the University of Nebraska laid aside their slide rules and drawing paraphanalia long enough to concoct an engineering honor society. Because of that date, loyal Sigma Tau men have always clung to the notion that banks closed on that day because of Q . F if 5. . ,. 2? ,. fi -Q A . T' V . x .J ' u . them. " Black S C Bryan VV Other universities evidently thought that Sigma Tau Finney, A, R, Glidewell, Carey' Collie! Rl' was a pretty good idea and no one was surprised when Holt, D, Holtz, C, W, Erickg0n'E' Evan, A P. the Upsilon chapter bobbed up locally in 1923. Hudson, C, johnson, B. ' ' L' ' Avowed purpose of the fraternity is to recognize schol- arship and professional attainment among future engi- neers. Selection is based upon scholarship, practicality, and sociability, the main requirements of an engineer. . ' T Y-S' ' A L r -... . di . X ref? UU A' .. ' A tif X Q .. f. rr 1 .Q - V N1 5 1 ,e M Q 1 I 1 I Nazis. .iq fr-NR I. v ya Y 2 Q- . wr' A U 4 . ,YQ ! ' i .- B . g , v A . 'rg . . f i-l..Zt.wi ' Mlltl f 3591551 .'iei 2' ill' 1'-WE S Q ..'r. if fa. Qt . K. E. Jonas, A, Keeter, G. S. Langston, 1. C. Mallory, I. Morrison, C. Mueller, I. W. O'Neal, E. H. Oskin, E. Owens, E. Partin, M. E. Poole, W. Pridgen, T. Proctor, R. E. Rinehart, W. D. Sain, C. Samuel, I. A. Steehl, L. Steinlen, A. L. Jeter, E. Vann, W. L. Wells, Willson, C. P. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: A. L. McLeod, S. V. Leonard, I. H. Crowe, F. M. Skillman, J. T. Potts, C. W. Lockwood, C. K. McKinnon, S. G. Venning. PLEDGES: E. S. Anderson, R. G. Arbic, I. A. Baggett, A. R. Baxley, T. F. Benson, A. D. Bentley, H. M. Bierce, W. C. Braley, G. H. Brooks L. Brown, W, H, Brown, D. F. Bryan, W. W. Cameron, W. E. Clark, D. Y. Cook, D. R. Crim, I. W. Craig, E. C. Culbreath, T. C. Ewouds, W. E Gunson, J, E, Hanskat, W. I. Head, D. E. Jenkins, A. P. Kosey, R. N. Miller, A. T. O'Hara, F. W. Ogilvie, 1. C. O'Neal, B. Oleson, R. E. Peacock S. Poole, M. P. Ramber, W. F. Roberts, A. E. Roberts, I. W. Rouzie, A. Saarinen, D. A. Sawyer, N. F. Schuh, W. F. Shickler, A. J. Smith, S. W Smith, F, A, Smith, A, L, Sprott, 1. D. Terrana, S. M. Thompson, G. E. Wicker, W. A. Watson, 1. W. Williams, 1. Wright, I. Yontz. 9 F' , fi ' . d, 3 N, x's.'6'..' - .. . f -xp '- .- ' Q .J 'xl -..V 37 P :!7 -A59 'A -' -, ,44 . Y' .L-Snr, . ef'--sf .f: ' A 3 Ami-4 "' " .,. , A .2 Sb A . ,, .1525 SEV 4. . n vi " M. - .'f P. 1 fvml vm Q '. - Q 1 f 1' V x -5 " Qww.: ff :H a f vi U ' V " n K' K. ' 'I ' , I 'vt ' ., . ,xx J I N .L E Q. I L. Ig K' iv YM 'V' . I-. J,. .. Xt rw ind, ' lx A Q 'sg v fx ' R ' - Q 'H S 'ff 1 Q. 1 -. 3 'A i 5 'il-Q K xx I 1 w ' Y x , 1 ' Y ,I :N . . ' 1 - . -...f I......,Qjv ,. ' X4 I . "' . --. A .i:f 4" 'L 3-fff' P - if -7-. ' .5 .- - 'Fl' ' ,T--af f .. .. .li-.1 1 -ww' f . . - . 5 - E , f L 4 v ,A 1 ' I' 1 IN , VJPA ..'- ' S , .I Y' i .1 -. ox I XX 1 . .1,', .N ... J 'S 1 Q 2 'Q ,lxs ,f W 1, 7 . , fm ,fn ,h I , I A' - -' A. 3,41 , :Il I 4 n -1 pl'-Ai -' ' eff 'Fw .vw S 1' Na 'W g-' -- V V. , - .ifw wf -' 'sf f' 'Q . I-"' TQ ,Q V .Tw . xv, A v . ! 4. .., in b' . . I V. t - fx X X ' 'Q A I' .u - Y V '-'ly' "Zim 1 'Ill V' I 1 l 1 Q ' 'gf' 2. .A 1 A , lg - 'J .. J' 'I ' .Xia YA., 1: I .. , x J if, -1-' ffl, A - xii.. X X p'.-QAM g 1 t ,ll ', 0 ,DIY A' 4:, I ' f . I 'lx ,A -A , ll , 1 :' I - H.. 1 x X l"r!' 'jiil' -1 xx A " 5. A' ' ,fi 1f--".- .ff-. - X f'f':1:- 1 - 1 - -- ' -1 A, f ' - N 4 ,Z .X A ,- A V Vbyh ...4... - . gm.. X. .,,,?3. . a N XX 1 ii, rgs . hy' U 4- .4145-,tw A fx ..- . IW. I h 1 r W .5 - . f:-' -' 3- - - L-- -QA If V xr 1,1 by 5 ,ix A 'Q I K . X s. ,twin Q" in lf -9 ,L ,, J A ff ,1 :".- I 4 ,,. M ' Q 55:1 wg, , A 14" .-'1 J In as 'm , H by W, M .f ,.UY,f ,A - ",LlJ'f- .- f' ,1f,,,.i Q- TM, ,V vw, U f -5 Vx ' . 1, ',,, NV Q kk Xwi aaa fix i ' U T f'w4'9 , A ' 33' V N- ,H ah .pn , f, -QQQN. ,, W ' z- .:.QQ3, Q A sw -fkg gig , A-if V A wwf, ,ly 4 , 'V 2' 5 " ,,a. gT' , r 1 "J'i1f'5" v W' w ., 5 yQ 'T I f 1 M . , ' i 3 a I I 35,74 - 3 P ' 4' f ,. -V f rf..-H X .- ' .- fl 5 V ' V " F l " -A , 'ou 4, i , , lf" - ,., f. . fb ' 'Q N ' --,g. -A .- ,L-4 M - ' . . , 'A . . I . gk n .A 99. f. ' . Y. 1 I h . . - ,, f ., -w, Q A rg I Ima- 5 ... V. -- - ,, . X R aff QQ: is gijfil.-fx. I .M A, ' ' ' ' . , ay ' pl N ' ' ' X.. u I , ' ' ' Q' x J , A 4 .tl .. ' NR J, 1 1 NL . I. .9 1 x Y ' 5 , P 1. . , , ff ' 5x ? J' N 4 ' '-Q4v:rxl:- , ' K 1 'rw s""1""'l1-1' ' . . . , ,KV . 5 .., ,, Vm,,Q x .' " f 1.,'L V- -- , -y-vv-2lp::,g .,. , , I ' A 1 1 ,,- ',,' ,' 4 ,W QW, M. ,EEN vvlv , 3 r ,A-vp, 4 x ,Je Y D. .J Q ,U .v, . Q A h V ,, ,NV my . 4, ,fA,,, ,.,,, -. . 3 ,' Y-1. A . ' 1 ,,,,,, 1 www f gf . J.. . ., 'l'i:f"Fw.":f'f"1i5H'rr,ff-3-xii,-"-,:"1' 4 -. f"'4'61?Za-"fm.,.i5 -,Q L X A 1, 7, Q, . '-'mf 'Aw' -fwmgxv 'WI 5 A 1- - - Ng- g , , . I f' gf -, "-,ir 'Q-yn 'vvgyvy -ff' Yxggzm.-,Q-W ,. , w 1 -Af V., mt, V. Q . iff. f' N ,L 'f:f""f1. ,f,f"-up .j 'THQ I' "f:'Q'xf- .-W '.,,: ' 5411 . ' . H 4.7.-N :qty , .5 ,f F A ,- . I. Q ,A V. H , ., . , up I I my 1 if 'N ,Q-,'..,'-A asf.. LY' .,q,.- -wa, ' -- , N' MNMN " X' 4 -My ,N ,' "-f- . f,,- . " 'V j , .--.-,, r it .V ,,. W .,ww, 1 nn, lv . A J W-' 4,, 14 , ff,-f.' . . I ' R' V v ,-A g,-4A.fiQ5A:., ,, K ,fu ,h i my Alf -. ' , V ,W . , A ' . ka ' x Na - A - Inu 1 Q1 1 l xxx L! 21. ' J s l.f . X H H 'Pia- .- FUIHESTIRY . . 1 Q, ' .. , I I ' .. ' . lllllllh cllll llllllllh ALLAN ANDERSON ATTAWAY BAYS BIRCHFIELD BLANKENSHIP BOYD BRETT BRINSON BROWN BULBIN BUMGARNER COX DIXON DIXON ELLIS FICKETT FISHER ABOVE: 0 Top Row: HARRY W. ALLAN, Panama City 0 RALPH G. ANDERSON, Apalaehlcola 0 HERBERT B. ATTAWAY, Beaufort, S. C. 0 WAYNE A. BAYS, Gainesville 0 WRAY BIRCHFIELD, Winter Haven 0 EARL A. BLANKENSHIP, Longwood I Second Row: WILLIAM P. BOYD, Gainesville 0 FRED BRETT. JR., Crestview Q JOHN L. BRINSON, Lake Butler 0 CHALKER W. BROWN, Lake City 0 JOSEPH S. BULBIN, Miami 0 HARRY D. BUMGARNER, Olustee 0 Third Row: GENE T. COX, Lake City 0 MERLIN J. DIXON, Gainesville 0 THOMAS N. DIXON, Jacksonville 0 HOWARD W. ELLIS, Gainesville 0 STEPHEN B. FICKETT, Orlando 0 GUSTAF W. FISHER, Pierson. BELOW: 0 Top Row: MARVIN T. GAFFNEY, Polk City 0 JACK M. GARMON. Jacksonville 0 ALVAN R. GILMORE, Pensacola 0 RICHARD E. HOISINGTON, Gainesville 0 DOUGLAS F. HORAN, Beacon, N. Y. 0 JUDSON L. HUDSON, Tallahassee 0 WILLIAM A. JACKSON. South Daytona 0 AMIS W. KELLY, JR.. Tampa 0 Second Row: DAVIN J. LEWIS, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM J. MCELWAIN, Tallahassee 0 JOSEPH J. MARRON, Jacksonville 0 THURMAN B. MARYZ, Gainesville 0 FRANK H. MOSES, Lake- land 0 PHILIP J. MOSES. Lake City 0 WILLIAM F. OLIVER, Baldwin 0 THOMAS H. PRATHER, Gainesville 0 Third Row: MITCHELL T. RANDELL. Fort Myers 0 WALTER D. RICE, St. Petersburg 0 JAMES D. SCRUGGS, Madison 0 MILES H. SHEPPARD. Starke 0 ROBERT F. SIMPSON, Jacksonvilln 0 LEONARD F. SMITH, Starke Q WILLIAM L. SPARKMAN, Fort White 0 WILLIAM D. STEPHENS, Pensacola. 1 GAFFNEY GARMON GILMORPZ HOISINGTON HORAN HUDSON JACKSON KELLY LEWIS MCELWAIN MARRON MARYZ MOSES MOSES OLIVER PRATHER RANDELL RICE SCRUGGS SHEPPARD SIMPSON SMITH SPARKMAN STEPHENS I 4- 1 qi 1 7 1 4 1 sg, 110 'Y "2" v -it X Q" 1 X '11 'Fa l .. s 1,51 ,. L.- E STOKES TERRELL THOMPSON TURNER VVHEELER WILLINGHAM ALBRIGHT BARDEN BATES BEAL BLACK BROWN CAMPBELL CHELLMAN COLLIER DEW DOWDELL DOWLINC1' EDENFIELD HARRIS KELLEY LEWIS MIKELL MOBLEY ABOVE: 0 Top Row: RICHARD A. STOKES, Mohawk O NOBLE K. TERRELL, Tampa 0 JULIAN B. THOMPSON, Quincy O CLARENCE L. TURNER,'l6SVlllC O DONALD E WHEELER H WILLINGHAM . . awthorne 0 JAMES W. , Jacksonville 0 THOMAS B. ALBRIGHT, Crestview 0 CLAUDE F. BARDEN, Bonlfay Q Second Row: WILBUR H. BATES, Altoona 0 JOHN F. BEAL, Plant City 0 GEORGE E. BLACK, Trllby 0 THOMAS L. BROWN, Webster 0 ALEX D. CAMPBELL, Gracevllle 0 CHARLES W. CHELLMAN. Miami 0 MORGAN L. COLLIER, Luke City 0 EDWIN S. DEW, Tallahassee 0 Third Row: S. ALEX DOWDELL, III, Tampa 0 BERNARD J. DOWLING, Perry 0 RALPH V. EDENFIELD, Crestview 0 GENE M. HARRIS, Jennings 0 WILLIAM KELLEY, Bethesda, Md. 0 WESLEY J. LEWIS, Ala .h HAROLD K. MIKELL, Trenton 0 HUGH C' UR O E. MOBLEY, JR., Tampa. BELOW: 0 TOD Row: JAMES R. MOODY, Shady Grove 0 MARK L. MOORMAN, Gainesville 0 HARRY L. ORWIG, Wnuchula Q DON M. POST, Umatilla o JAMES F. SCHAEFFNER. Gainesville o Second Row: HARRY W. SMITH, JR., Tampa 0 NELSON W. TAYLOR. Groton, Mass. 0 EDWARD J. TILLER, Gaines- vllle o GERARD P. URLING. Mlaml Q Thlrfl Row: ELMER. B. VANCLEEF, orlando o HUGH J. VELEY, Bayard Q WALTER T, VETTER, Mlnml o' JOHN P. WRIGLEY, Jacksonville. MOODY MOORMAN ORWIG POST SCHAEFFNER SMITH TAYLOR TILLER URLING VANCLEEF VELEY VETTER WRIGLEY . ' g 'l Y v l ' W l u Q, Q.-, Wes Lewis Y . ' L X if .' Graduating from Alachua High School in W g " 1940, Wes Lewis thought he'd enter the K ill, A is x U 5 ' ' ,Q ,dl .5 university, get a degree in 1944, then find 'J 51, l 2 H h ug-wg . i ff 5 X J .Lf -, ' ' a good job. Things didnt go as smoothly .. . ,. f' -spas - . an I Mig , , fry? U in' G. xy' A as he expected, first he had to drop out 1 . jg Q g., ,QA TQ . Q H for a while to earn solnc money, then came t --lv A A " the war. 1 After nearly four years as a Navy yeoman, qw. 4' he enrolled in college for the third time, ' Q A, hoping this time he could finish up. His 1 , 13 original desire to enter dentistry faded into V Q ff. U - T., his entering forestry school, in whicll he is fi r, riflzgi . Q.- A1 'EN . V, i' .,KjQ2',g ll junipf, . .. . ., 5117 , L . ' ' 'fi g . . gf . A' ' W -' -.Q if ' . Wes added game management to his cur- .' , ifiisiffl " 'L ' 7 , ' L 1- -l 4' mf A 1 , . .y MN 111 ricula because of his lifelong interest in hunting and fishing. Baseball is another of his hobbies, and as often as he can get to Alachua, he plays on the local team. Wes hopes to find work with the state or federal governlnent. "I'd like to work in Florida," he said, "but my wife has her eye on California." Wes has been married since 1947. Senior Activity Index Wages 378-392i , , . wr' Xxx 'W A'l"l'llAC'l'lVl'l l'llAllMAClS'l' MIXES BRICXV In Il lziclrlen corner, a new college. lliddcn away on the fourth floor of the chemistry building is one of the most distinguished colleges at the University of Florida, the college of pharmacy. Since its establishment in 1923 as a department of tl1e college of arts and sciences, this college has consistently brought high honors to itself and the Unive1'sity. Its status was changed from school to college early this year. This college was the first on the campus to offer a doctor's degree. Holders of its higher degrees have gone on to become deans of other colleges, directors of phar- maceutical manufacturers, and teachers in research. The faculty of the college have received numerous awards For outstanding research work, including the coveted Elbert medal, the Beal award, and Leon 'l'l'lS'l'lNC PRODUCTS ON MICE Iicfiezwn lln' college and pharmacists, a relationship. College of THE CIIISMISTRY Ol" MEDICINES For its doctorate faculty, many awards. Lascoff award. All of the faculty hold doctor's degrees, one also having a NLD., and another, a L.L.B. To become a registered pharmacist in Florida, there are three steps: C17 obtain a degree in pharmacy, f2J serve as an apprentice, and pass a state examina- tion. The college of pharmacy deals largely with the first. The actual program in the upper division includes work in four branches of pharmacy: pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaeognocy, pharmacology, and phar- macy. That this program has been successful is dem- onstrated by the fact that all graduates have passed the licensing examination of the Florida State Board of Phar- macy, aud also, by the number ol' graduates who are CRINDINC OUT A IIEADACIIE POWDER In its sociely, two purposes. A., In - lIl P H f NIA CY 2' IN Tllli PHARMACY LIBRARY Since 1940, a recognized bureau. now in top positions in colleges of pharinacy through- Out the nation, and thc number in leading research posi- tions in the large pharmaceutical companies of the na- tion. Its curriculum is accredited by the American Coun- cil of Pharmaceutical Education. The pharmaceutical society, Mortar and Pestle, is com- posed of all the students enrolled in the college of phar- macy. The purpose of the society is to unite pharmacy students and to instill in them the high ideals of the pro- fession of pharmacy. In the fulfillment of this objective, monthly programs are presented that include talks by members, professors, and outstanding men in the pro- fession, and anything else that will lead to the attainment of this goal. There is a great field for pharmacists in the state of Florida. Hardly any phase of everyday life passes with- out having the touch of the pharmacist in it. On the aver- age, 25 new drug stores a year open in Florida. This SOMEDAY, THEIR OWN DRUG STORE On the average, 25 stores. mi-. STUDYINC IN THE DRUG GARDEN For the upper division, four branclzes. means that some 50 trained pharmacists are needed to supply these stores alone. Yet other fields such as hos- pital pharmaey, manufacturing pharmacy, narcotics in- spection, governmental research, and many others are crying for qualified persons. The relationship between the college and the pharma- sists of the state is most significant. They financially aided the establishment of the school in 1923. Since 1940, the Florida State Board of Pharmacy has aided the uni- versity in supporting in the college a bureau of profes- sional relations which has attained national recognition. The college of pharmacy is doing its best to supply these demands with graduates and at the same time to continually work with the Florida State Board of Phar- macy in advancing state standards. At present, the two outstanding needs of the college are more faculty and a separate building for pharmacy. WERE SURE THIS BREWV IS PHARMACEUTICAL Editofs Note: Darn if I know how this get in here. i 1 PHNHNIACY Seniors and lunims ANDERSON ATWOOD BALL BEVILLE BOHANNON BRADLEY BUZZETT BUZZETT COLEMAN CUELLAR CURRY DALE DAVIS FELT FERNANDEZ FRIED HALL HANCOCK A ABOVE: 0 Top Row: ROBERT M. ANDERSON, Winter Haven 0 ROBERT H. ATWOOD, Watertown, Conn. 0 RAY O. BALL, Cross City 0 BYRON A. BEVILLE, Waldo 0 LEWIS L. BOHANNON, Gainesville 0 CHARLES H. BRADLEY, Gainesville 0 Second Row: BERNARD G. BUZZETT, Apalachicola 0 LAW- RENCE C. BUZZETT, Apalachlcola 0 JOHN E. COLEMAN, Panama City 0 JOSE CUELLAR, Tampa 0 THOMAS E. CURRY, Tampa 0 LAMAR B. DALE, JR., Gainesville 0 Thlrd Row: ARMAND D. DAVIS, Jacksonville 0 GEORGE E. FELT, Kissimmee 0 OSCAR O. FERNANDEZ, San Jose, Costa Rica 0 BETTY P. FRIED, Gainesville 0 ORION M. HALL, Gainesville 0 ROBERT T. HANCOCK, Brooksville. BELOW: 0 Top Row: RICHARD G. HOFFMAN, Gainesville 0 WOODROW C. HOOLEHAN, Jacksonville 0 HENRY D. JOHNSON, Pierce 0 PIRI KAHLENBERG, Gainesville 0 JAMES H. KIRBY, JR., West Palm Beach 0 JOHN W. LAMBERT, Marianna 0 RUSSELL LAMBROS, Jacksonville 0 JAMES F. LANE, Tampa 0 WILLIAM M. LANE, Gainesville 0 Second Row: BEN S. LANGSTON, Malone 0 ROY W. LANIER, Tampa 'O M. JOY LEE, Gainesville 0 MABLE W. LEONHARDT, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM O. LOCKETT, Mllton 0 GRAHAM LUPTON, Leesburg 0 CHARLES W. MARKER, Ft. Lauderdale 0 JACK E. MASSEY, Miami 0 Third Row: DANIEL H. MCSWAIN', DeFunlak Springs Q HUGH L. MURPHREE, DeF'unlak Springs 0 NADINE T. MUSCARELLA, Gainesville 0 LLOYD C. PEEPLES, Gainesville 0 JAMES G. RIMES, St. Petersburg 0 NEREIDA C. RODRIGUEZ, Tampa 0 RICHARD J. ROMEYN. Royal Oak, Mich. 0 CHARLES J. SANCHEZ, Key West 0 EARL H. SCHMIDT, Kissimmee 0 GORDON F. SHAFOR, Herrin, Ill. HOFFMAN HOOLEHAN JOHNSON KAHLENBERG KIRBY LAMBERT LAMBROS LANGSTON LANIER LEE LEONHARDT LOCKETT LUPTON MARKER MURPI-IREE MUSCARELLA PEEPLES RIMES V RODRIGUEZ ROMEYN SANCHEZ ,,-4' 1 l 114 LANE LANE MASSEY MCSWAIN SCHMIDT SHAFOR :- tg ' ' ' l at i w ifi ' 1 my . . fee -A - 4' 'X i Q. X:Z,.'xiwiQi?Q,'-B' . . , I , ,, KK, is . su .. is . F. ., . A, 9 1 1, , 2, A if , if ' T ' 4 I .A , .fi rf A ' A -A A - ia - -X .::'t . V. .- 1-fy l '55 . . . , ' ' -' ' ' 1 l - , . limit. 'L SF1-iligs .. 3 311' ix . , .,, w1,,Q V ,. W , , X 33,-sta. 5, X tg f sf fm , X . 1' N , , ttf, A H' Ag kv' 1 .5 5-3. 'il , L, , 1,m:.'gf 1'. .yr ,' i - ". ng e 1 'U 2 ' A , .L -j':fjf ig",-"R -Y Dj 2-,xt , A ,: N1 A j-ji, : 1 " - W M -, uagi-Sig., ' 1. ' -- .3 u 4 '43 -ri, Qui-lfiifii " if , it Q 1 ' ,F ' g i Y , Q, B A . ii ., ,, , 1 'L K ' it J ff .z-5' I' A... I START-ING STEGER THOMPSON VIDAL WALKER WARREN WATSON WEINSTEIN WEST WOOD ADAMS ALFRED ANDERSON BROWN BROWN CI-IAPIN CLARK CONWAY COWART DUNWOODY FALCONER FISCHESSER FISCHESSER FURBUSH FUSSELL GERBER GILSEN ABOVE: 0 Top Row: BRYCE E. STARLING, Leesburg 0 THEODORE R. STEGER, Jacksonville Q HARRY J. THOMPSON, Jacksonville 0 JOHN A. VIDAL, Gainesville 0 EUGENE L. WALKER, Pnlntka 0 JAMES T- WARREN, Sebring 0 LUCIEN W. WATSON, JR., Marianna 0 HERBERT M. WEINSTEIN, Jackson- sonville 0 DARYL W. WEST, Ocala 0 Second Row: FRANK L. WOOD, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT E. ADAMS. Panama City 0 WILLIAM T. ALFRED, Pensacola. 0 CHARLES E. ANDERSON, Dundee 0 RAIFORD M. BROWN, JR., Plant City I RALPH N. BROWN. Blountstown 0 ROBERT E. CHAPIN. St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT M. CLARK. Tampa 0 JOHN M. CONWAY, Apopkfx 0 Third Row: WANDA E. COWART, Nocutee 0 LELAND B. DUNWOODY, Coral Gables 0 HUGH S. FALCONER, Jacksonville Beach 0 LUCIEN G. FISCHESSER, Bradenton 0 MAE I. FISCHESSER. Bradenton 0 ALLAN E. FUR- BUSH. Largo 0 GOETTE O. FUSSELL, Clearwater 0 MYRON D. GERBER, Orlando 0 STANLEY M. GILSEN, New York, N. Y. BELOW: 9 TOD Row: MARY L. GRIFFIN, High Springs 0 JAMES M, GROVE. Orlando 0 ROBERT C. GUSTUS. Ollhelm, Ill. 0 THOMAS R. GUY, Vero Beach 0 WILLIAM I. HAZLETT, JR., Miami I RAYMOND E. JOHNS. Winter Haven 0 Second Row: HOKE S. JOHNSON, JR., Daytona Beach 0 THEODORE S. JOHNSON, Auburndale 0 HERMAN KAUFMAN, New York, N. Y. 0 CLIFTON KENNEDY, DeFuniak Springs 0 JOHN C. KING, Bartow 0 PAUL C. KOENIG, Tampa 0 Third Row: ALBERT I. LEVITE, Miami Beach 0 CALVIN W. MARTIN, Sebring 0 ROBERT W. MARTIN, Ocklawaha 0 JOE MAURICIO, Tampll 0 CLARENCE E. MILLER, Gainesville 0 JOE P. NICOLETTO, Tampa. GRIFFIN GROVE GUSTUS GUY HAZLETT JOHNS JOHNSON JOHNSON KAUFMAN KENNEDY KING KOENIG LEVITE MARTIN MARTIN MAURICIO MILLER NICOLETTO A A Allan Furhush .H 9' I i 1 1' , ' i' Sgt 5 1. . K - -5- 'j:."1 xt 1 l .-'ofa-tt ,lf I-5' ggi, 'g, 12 W A Q3 3 lligdq, , , y-g .4 I --ii, 4 TL' '. . 4 , ig A A . ,Af ,. A , 8,1 I i i . 173 S A t I A- - .' 4 F'-'ww ,LE My K . Q III5 I , t .- '1 Aa ' ' , X 'M "ti i t R if A - I . -. llirfgv f I A V, jk, , ' iglfii 1 'l I I U ' l I 1 , "". . if '.f ,. Lf ,N . J . Sill N, . W . 2 ' ' ' ' I i X 115 1' 0 the regul'u' childhood ambitions of bceoming '1 firem'1n, cowboy, or pirate, Allan 1' urbush remained aloof. Likewise, he scorned any notions to be an tight rope wnlker, lion tzuner, or ai second Errol Flynn. Furbusli, then, is n young main with singleness of purpose. "My one ambitionf' he yawned auniubly, "is to retire and go fishing." Now ll junior in pharinacy, Al in- tends to follow 11 PllilI'lll1lCClltlCill cu- reer until he enn stash away his mor- tur and pestle und trudge toward the nearest lake for some diligent angling. He would like to emulate the eureer of "Doe" XVebb, the fabulous St. Pete merclmnt who pai-layed 11 drug store into a merehzmclising empire. Currently Al is mulling over the problem of how to hook up the spig- ots in his trailer so that beer will gush forth instead of water. Although admittedly expensive and Ll little wasteful, he says it has fascinating possibilities. "My wife would be the only woman in Florida whose dish- washer had ai head on it." Senior Activity Index fPages 378-3921 ig ix ,fi ll ,..... ... :rv-' . up-r , . O ., .I V N., . PHARMACY luniors I - Gi 'Q 1 , fy , 1 2 K ' i X 7, Q . ,L K1 Li V. s. X 4 PAUL PERRY POPE SLAFF SMITH SPENCER STICH WETHERINGTON WHITESIDE ABOVE: 0 Top Row: MELVIN L. PAUL, Jacksonville 0 DAVID E. PERRY, St. Petersburg 0 EDGAR S. POPE, DeFun1ak Springs 0 CLARENCE G. PORTER, Jacksonville 0 JOHN M. RITTERD, Lake Butler 0 Second Row: NORMAN I. SLAFF, Tampa 0 DANIEL C. SMITH, Belleair 0 THOMAS C. SPENCER, Alachua 0 IRWIN W. STEPHENS, Pensacola 0 LEON STERN, Bernardsvllle, N. J, 0 Third Row: WALLACE C. STICH, Sanford 0 JOE W. WETHERINGTON, Jasper 0 JOHN E. WI-IITESIDE, St. Petersburg 0 GEORGE R. WILCOX, Clearwater 0 KENNETH A. WILLIAMS, Gainesville. Ii!-XPPA P ILO Y.. '5 Sie e 5. , Y' 5 cgi? XJ Fr kv. S X , ' -A Left to right: Cowart, W., Ferguson, M., Fiscliesser, M., Griffin, M.g - U Lee, 1.5 Kahlenberg, P. .D ,. J' 'Tl into spoofw In 1939 B. C. fBefore Coeducationl, Kappa Chapter of Kappa Epsilon was established at the University of Florida, and thus be- came the first women's fraternity on the campus. A national wo1nen's professional pharmaceutical fraternity, Kappa Epsilon was founded at the University of Iowa in 1921. It strives to unite women students in pharmacy, stimulate a desire for high scholarship, and provide a bond of professional interest, friendship, and loyalty. Pledges are: Betty Fried, Jean Kelly, Eleanor Copelan, Eleanor McKnight, Lillian Bodeep, Violet Menoher. 116 ,Q x ag, , lf? fx 2 - 4 A 5 C' g . X li ' V 5. I 1 ri, , V' n lg? Vi .. ik M u.. . ' PORTER RI'I'I'ERD STEPHENS STERN WILCOX WILLIAMS Nereida Rodriquez President - fu U Q.. if ,. ' ..,. ., ' 24.11, :xl R tezlvlt HJ . J, ff! Y' V X 9 .. , V Us pt. QV, V F V ,, ,V - X V 1 ' . l .. ' I fff., l X Al 1 1 A- Q mV, "KSC, V. . s , X ., . sv Y' i i ' tl? P1 0 U F' 5 A .rt .V V Y h ' -, Xin, , . I -,.,,,Q . Q . . W N I V . .. L x lx L+ z .x 1 I ..,-. 'jf XT' Q ..V, ' " ,f . J' tn' 0- V T VV: . Q' . 'it 1. ' X if .. . as-1: ,f f t, e if . ' 1 W X it V ...,,. M, Vx, , V fa: , N , xx , . Q X . if V X X . 5'-'S 'C N J l H 'bb ' . fl A xii. . A rf ij ... I ' 6-'F to alfi 1 is - a . " -, X hm L l ,. . Q. , 'H Q V .. my V 5 I . 'R A Ewa A X W, L . ' ., 5 .A f Q' CV N 4 V xV , 'fr' . ., .wx X alfa L . A -.,' lf .. Q ,ff V ' 4 K v.-,Ta , h Bohannon, L. Brown, R. Chapin. R- COPEIHIIG, E- Curry, T, Davis, A. Dunn. H. Felt, G. Flschesser, M. Webb, M. Fussel, G. Griffin, M. Guy, T. Harrell, P, Johns, R.. Johnson, H. Henry, P. Kauffman, H. Kirby, J- KOBHIS, P- Lanler, R. Lee, J. Leonhart, M. Leyston, G. Miller, C. Murphree, H. Rarcello, M. Hall, O. Rlherd, J. Rodrlquez, N. Robins, L- ROIHBYH. R- Starllng, B. Steger, T. Stevens, I. TUDIUDSUH. H- Weinsteln Whiteside, J. Williamson Vidal, J. . . . ...Q x ' . x ' 'dm V . gl gt , N Mr.. QV, P' 'M 'I' ' , J L: .. erm '-'r , V 'a'-'. Q - - FH yr ' kj . I " I X Q K V t Y ' .rx '- an 'rw' ' 'E'- V 'VV r 1 . V l ..'.m1f.r 4 A 5 . ' 35 . , I NX - . 1 V . G, V... ' sf! L- W , 2' ...Q 1. its A, e 5 .Y , A . , Anderson, C. Anderson, R. Cowart, W. Cuellar, J. Fernandez, 0. Fischesser, L. Groat, H. Grove, J. Johnson, H. Jordan, T. Lockett, W. Lane, W. Martin, C. Massey, J. Pempy, C. Porter, C. Sanchez, C. Smith, D. Warren, J. Watson, L. 117 URTAH PE TLE Student Branch of the , EPJCAN PIM CEUTIC. L SSUCI TIU PI-I OFFICERS President ................ Lucien Watson, jr. Vice-president ..,.... ...... B ob Anderson Secretary ..... .... Douglas johnson Treasurer .A ,...., .,.,. I ames Warren Parliamentarian .,.. ,...,. V Iames Kirby Reporter ........ . Harry Thompson Monthly meetings with heated discussions and even fireworks between some of the mem- bers .... guest speakers, Dr. Cope, pharmacy's own M. D., Harrell and his aim in life-further- ing professional relations .... Indianapolis- ice skating, dancing, sight-seeing, and Eli Lilly 81 Co. tours fit was great, ask Masseyl .... jacksonville convention-St. Pete suggested for next year-everything floated away .... Spring picnic at Gold Head-seniors won softball fWat- son umpiredl .... Dr. Becker, "It only hap- pens in Florida." . . . A. Ph. A. student branch -awaiting the word from Washington .... Christmas party . . . everyone smiled, some laughed . . . "USP" took it in style .... Intra- murals-golf was our best .... Politics was hot and food for thought-A 8: P, that is. TYVO YEARS Ol" EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE Il shrmhl be Ihc common po.vsrssiori. NVhen the university established the university college in 1935, it chalked up another "first'i in tl1e annals of Gator history, marking the first time any general educa- tion college was established at a state university. General education refers to those phases of non- specialized and non-vocational education which should be the common possession of educated persons as indi- viduals and as citizens in a free society. These general education courses embrace six general areas-American institutions, the physical sciences, read- ing, speaking, and writing, effective thinking, and the biological sciences. They constitute the larger part of the freshman and sophomore curriculum, in actual count 42 semester hours. For the remaining 22 hours of lower division work the student elects his program according to his pre-professional needs. C-3, READING, SPEAKING, AND YVHITINC The skills are inter-relnlerl. llge er Di i ion ,fy H ----' , PIKE-PROFESSIONAL COURSES Another first was chulked up. Lively questions about American civilization constitute the underlying themes of the course in American institu- tions, which is designed to give insight to students, no matter what their ultimate professional destinations may bc. The prospective farmer learns of the problems of agri- culture in a predominantly industrial society. The pros- pective engineer sees the impact of technology on the rest of society, and the prospective businessman ac- quires a feeling for business trends. Most important of all, each student will be able to exercise his citizenship intelligently if he has some familiarity with the back- ground of societyis difficult problems. Not merely an introduction to chemistry and physics, the physical sciences applies basic scientific principles to everyday living. VVhat is energy? What is light? mat- ter? solar system? clectrostatics? Such topics are com- C-4, LOGIC AND MATHEMATICS The two paris are rlislincf. .V In In ,lava , lmwivu l' l V 'I Il N IVEPI ITY COLLEGE ! l J x I ' MPL-"A I 'E Q . ,f-ff, ' V - 5 4 , , 1 I ur" 71" 1' l l A Lure? l v 54' 5 l- '-'12, "id wnnuu' ' ', f!rfL,,f'Gq. - 1 iff' -1 " . ' -3 1 VAN C-1, AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS The prospective engineer sees the impaef. ponents of this course. Illustrative facts are presented rather than glittering generalities. C-3 consists of the language arts, reading, speaking, and Writing. These communication skills are inter- related aud progress in one leads to progress in another. This course is designed to help students read more rap- idly a11d effectively, to read works of literary merit with better understanding and deeper enjoyment, to write accurately and interestingly, and to speak with greater effectiveness. The fourth "CD course has two distinct parts. C-41 covers many phases of effective thinking and is known as practical logic. C-42 covers fundamental mathematics. The purpose of this course is to provide students with their mathematical needs as college-trained citizens rather than to make them accomplished mathematicians. C-5, THE HUMANITIES The philosophy must be adequate. C-2, THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES The fuels are illuslruferl. I-Iumanities, better known as C-5, includes literature, philosophy, and the arts. It is designed to help the stu- dent achieve a more mature understanding of his cul- tural heritagc, an enlarged appreciation of the enduring values which give meaning and purpose to human life, and a philosophy of life adequate for the needs of our age. The biological sciences attempts to present the realiza- tio11 of the nature of life and knowledge of its processes and to treat the living world comprehensively. One of the most important aspects of the university college is the plan to equip students who will not finish college with knowledge and concepts needed by all citizens. Cuidance is another dominant characteristic of the general education program. Counselors attempt to direct the student's thinking toward his life work. C-6, TIIE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES The world is lreulezl compreheusioely. IH lu fa W A l lg- 4, 14 Q' L:-f ' f ., V ' , I . uf' I , I CJ -5' I 3 V a , .A ,,,- A Y .l Q W , ' I vm ., I 'Tl - l W , , ,Q 1 - , like V? . -gf' , ,, A -f I I ,lt lrmliriv , ,QM .,., X .Mi I .. gl X A., ,fl,ls,assI ,L L . , I x Q . Q, 1 fl -L . ' 1 'P S D , f 'X , . J ..,' 3 K-If N - J . Ishii ., fu, J .sq . if I D' 'V A 1, V J , 1? -:fd W ll 5' , ' f ,-lily 5 . -w - V fl-IPX "' 1 ' , - X., I r was ABBOTT ABBOTT ABERCROMBIE ABRAHAM ACKERMAN ADAMS ADAMS ADKISSON AGNER AILSWORTH ACKERMAN ALBERTSON AIDE ALDRIDGE ALEXANDER ALLBRITTON ALLEN ALTHAUS ALTMAN ANDELFINGER ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDREW ANDRON ANSLEY APPLE ARCHER 0 Top Row: CHARLES W. ABBOTT, Jacksonville 0 DOYLE E. ABBOTT, Wauchulu 0 ROBERT A. ABERCROMBIE, Mlulnl 0 ISRAEL ABRAHAM, St. Petersburg o JACK E. ACKERMAN, West Palm Beach 0 GEORGE E. ADAMS, Kissimmee 0 ROBERT E. ADAMS, Eagle Lake 0 JAMES A. ADKISSON, Coral Gable 0 WILLIAM M. AGNER, Perry 0 KENETH A. AILSWORTH, Orlando 0 Second Row: FRANK B. AKER- MAN, Miami 0 DENTON I. ALBERTSON, Tampa 0 JOHN E. AIDE, Tarpon Springs 0 WESLEY K. AI.-DRIDGE, Puhokee 0 CAROLINE T. ALEXANDER, Fort Myers 0 WILLIAM O. ALLBRITTON, Clearwater 0 ROBERT B. ALLEN, Mlami 0 JAMES H. ALTHAUS, Ocala o C. WIL- LIAM ALTMAN, Bowling Green 0 GEORGE F. ANDELFINGER, Boca Raton o Thlrd Row: KENNETH R. ANDERSON, Pierson 0 ANDREW B. ANDERSON, Orlando 0 ROBERT J. ANDERSON, Tampa I RICHARD M. ANDERSON. Galnesvllle 0 RICHARD 0. ANDERSON, Orlando 0 DONALD P. ANDREW, Tampa 0 GRETA R, ANDRON, Miami Beach 0 HUGH A. ANSLEY, Mlaml O ELMER APPLE, Jacksonville 0 ROSS S. ARCHER, Howey In The Hills. L. . . , L . . . . . , ,L , . . . J 1 UPHUIVIUIIE IN II IV ER I I LY FULLEFE qTop Row: GEORGE T. ARENDT, Orlando 0 ELLIOT B. ARGINTAR, West Palm Beach 0 DAVID H. ARNOTT, Jacksonville 0 RAY O. ARRING- TON, Trenton 0 JOHN ATZ, Leesburg 0 KEITH C. AUSTIN, Chicago, Ill. 0 GENE A. AUVIL, Dade City 0 WILLIAM T. AUVIL, Dade Clty 0 WILLIAM N. AVERA, St. Petersburg 0 ERNEST J. AVILA, Key West 0 Second Row: MALCOLM J. BABB, Pensacola 0 MELVIN BACON, Eustis 0 MARCUS R. BAGGETT, Fort Pierce 0 FLORENCE A. BALFE, Jacksonville 0 DONALD S. BALIS, Galnesvllle 0 HAROLD L. BARKER, Coral Gables 0 SIDNEY L, BARKER, Maglvolls 0 ARTHUR V. BARNHILL, Tampa 0 JOHN C. BARNETT, Fort Meade 0 REYNALDO BARRETO, Tampa 0 Third Row: ROBERT E. BARTNETT, Coral Gables 0 JAMES M. BARWICK, Hampton 0 WILLIAM H. BASHAW, Gainesville 0 HARRY BASS, Tampa l WALLACE R. BATEMAN, Kissimmee 0 ROBERT DONALD BATTERN, Daytona Beach o ROBERT H. BAZEMORE, Holly Hlll 0 CLEO F. BEASLEY, Winter Haven 0 E. HAL BEASLEY, Jacksonville Q JOHN W. BENCK, Gainesville. ARENDT ARGINTAR ARNOTT ARRINGTON ATZ AUSTIN AUVIL AUVIL AVERA AVILA BABB BACON BAGGETT BALFE BALIS BARKER BARKER BARNHILL BARNETT BARRETO BARTNETT BARWICK BASHAW BASS BATEMAN BATTERN BAZEMORE BEASLEY BEASLEY BENCK , .,.. ...,.. ,,,,. . . . .. , . , . , . ,Z K , , rg I if. ffl' S. , , ' .' f:,,,.g -H '. I x he I I Q.. ' I 0 Q fm.. ,H A ,- A .Q .Q- , .4 .3 :XY R ,ve . ' I 4 A 4 Dfw.. if .Q.. . I ':'z W Q ff: A -L 3 Qs - I y Q? V, . I .H-ie ' xl. .S 4 ll, -I 'fi , vl rl . .1 lf, ,I -5,- , Q wt All 'I- fs I I 120 at 4' 9, uv' I A if R V 'A K fs? is I9 K 'I . 4 -If F., F .. '...ev .L I Ig-f L I 3 .il - la- lk A If . A F m J, 3 as-1 'f r .. a. 'Q , LX t 'firlijfitc V 1. . ,. ,X Q55 1 , 1' :Qt 8 . . A '- . .L was., K .f , 1 1: 1 I-A A 1 . fit A 7 - E, r 1 I: A ,, 1 1 - ,v V my . , . 1 I , Q Ja, it .Q BENNETT BEVILLE BIGELOW BILLIRIS BIRT BIRT BISHOP BISHOP BITTICK BIVANS BLACK BLACKBURN BLACKBURN BLALOCK BLANDFORD BLOCK BOC!-IIARDY BOCKSTANZ BODILLO BOKAS BOLICK BONNEN BOONE BOOTH BOOZER BORING BORIS BORLING BOSTICK BOSTWICK 0 Top Row: RUSSELL E. BENNETT, St. Augustine 0 CARL BEVILLE. Gulnesville O JOHN BIGELOW, St. Petersburg 0 '1"HEODOR.E M. BILLIRIS, Tarpon Springs o ROBERT L. BIRT, Jacksonville Q WILLIAM F. BIRT, Miami o IRIS K. BISHOP, Gainesville 9 MARVIN L. BISHOP, Auoma Q EMMETT K. BITTICK, Ft. Myers Q RICHARD w. B1vANs, Fm. Lauderdale 0 Second Row: RICHARD L. BLACK, Clear- water , ALFRED B, BLACKBURN, Qulncy 0 WALLACE W. BLACKBURN. Clearwater 0 CHARLES M. BLALOCK, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM B. BLANFORD, Jacksonville 0 GERALD A. BLOCK, Hollywood 0 HOWARD B. BOCI-HARDY, Gainesville 0 KEITH C. BOCKSTANZ, St. Petersburg Q LUIS R. BODILLO, Sonturce, P. R. 0 GEORGE V. BOKAS, Pensacola, 0 Third Row: WALTER T. BOLICK, JR., Ft. Lauderdale 0 CHARLES W. BONNEN, West Palm Beach 0 ETHERIDGE BOONE. Knoxville, Tenn. 0 HOWARD M. BOOTH, Jacksonvllle 0 WILSON O. BOOZER, JR., Gainesville 0 JANE BORING, Galnesvllle 0 JOSEPH C. BORIS, Pompano Beach Q JACK BORLING, Orlando 0 MARCIA JEAN BOSTICK, Wauchula 0 WILLIAM C. BOSTWICK. Jacksonville. ., UPHO UHEI IN UN IVEB II. Y COLLEGE oTop Row: GLENN A. BOTSFORD, Miami 0 HARRY W. BOWEN, JR., Jacksonville 0 HERBERT G. BOWEN, Ponte Vedra Q RUSSELL B. BOWYER, JR., Tampa 0 BARBARA C. BOYELL, Miami 0 T. ATWOOK BOYLES, Lake Worth 0 JOE H. BRAGG, Tampa 0 RAYMOND S. BRAND Mlaml Beach 0 IRENE BRAUNHILL, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT D. BRETT, Mlaml 0 Second Row: CORDARY E. BREWSTER, Jackson- vllle 0 'DALE F. BRIDGES, North Miami 0 JACK K. BRIDGES, Galnesvllle 0 JIM BRINKMAN, Jacksonville 0 RICHARD H. BROMWELL, Ft. Lauderdale 0 ROLAND E. BROOKS, Bradenton 0 ROBERT M, BROWDER, Galnesvlllc 0 JOHN W. BROWN, Winter Garden 0 JOSEPH W, BROWN, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM T. BROWN, St. Augustine 0 Third Row: GILROY F. BRUBAKER, Palatka 0 HOLLY M. BRUMBY, Clearwater 0 JOHN D, BRYAN, Ft. Pierce o,RICHARD B. BRYAN, Warrington 0 RICHARD C. BRYAN, Ft. Pierce 0 HOLLIS H. BUCHANAN, Tampa 0 EDWARD A. BUCKELS, High Springs 0 JOHN T. BURKE, St. Petersburg 0 JAMES C. BURKHALTER, Mt. Dora 0 TILLMAN C. BURKS, Pensacola. BOTSFORD BOWEN BOWEN BOYER BOYELL BOYLES BRAGG BRAND BRAUNHILL BRETT BREWSTER BRIDGES BRIDGES BRINKMAN BROMWELL BROOKS BROWDER BROWN BROWN BROWN BRUBAKER BRUMBY BRYAN BRYAN BRYAN BUCHANAN BUCKLES BURKE BURKI-IALTER BURKS 1 -I ., 1 M st Q . e V' Ja: J law as . ae - I we .ef J l . , X f f .I 6 - B ..... . -'T' , ' A' 1 if A I 'IEE A - I sr ' Ea . 1 .1 . fl ve' 'f 1 I , 'F' . Q 1 fe U 1' - I iz . I ."'. l .- dj :J . 2 r ,, hui 53.1, , .. ' si .m 'Q ,154 - lv as 5 -z 121 . .vii ' ' ,, ..w, - use ' ":' ' I 1: ,. 'Q' m ' 1?-if v Q ' 1 I U :F ly J fan Q15 'x,., 9 ' .Iv 'Q . ..,, ...M ,Y 'I - k Q., xx . If v J I .1 ,J .L ,, , 5,5 Q I , Q 1 1 - . 1 Q "J 2 ' . . If 5' V 'F' . 6 K , ,gma S , , iygfgg: , I - V A 5 W .,' . x - V v' 'wa 1 N ,vis--. is 4 1 -+ " 'f S' J ' es . Au.. .I V' as 4 I tl . .a A ,. BURNETT BURNETT BURNS BUSBY BUSCHE BUSSE CADE CALDWELL CALLISON CAMERA CAMP CAMPO CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CANN CAPO CARLIN CARLSON CARLSON CARNEY CARSWELL CARTER CARTER CARVER, CARVER CARVER CASSELS CASTELLANO CASTELLUCCI CARR 0 Top Row: EARL O. BURNETT, Sanderson 0 HARRY C. BURNETT, Cleveland, Ohio 0 BARTLEY J. BURNS, St. Petersburg 0 CHARLES R. BUSBY, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT E. BUSCHE, Ft. Lauderdale 0 ROBERT A. BUSSE, Jacksonville 0 PAUL E. CADE, Plerson 0 WILLIAM H. CALDWELL, Lakeland 0 CLAUDE P. CALLISON, JR., Winter Haven QLOUIS CAMERA, Long Island City, N. Y. 0 Second Row: FORREST A. CAMP, Lake Alfred 0 JOSEPH M. CAMPO, Tampa 0 CLAUDE R. CAMPBELL, Ft. Myers 0 RICHARD K. CAMPBELL, Coral Gables 0 LESLIE D. CANN, Mlaml 0 JOSEPH E. CAPO, Gainesville 0 CHARLES L. CARLIN, Daytona Beach 0 BILL CARLSON, Green Cove Springs 0 NORMAN A. CARLSON, Orlando 0 THOMAS M. CARNEY, St. Petersburg 0 Third Row: JAMES CLYDE CARSWELL, Auburndale 0 JOHN W. CARTER, Oxford O JOY B. CARTER, Mlaml 0 CORLIS R. CARVER, Jacksonville 0 LILLIAN L. CARVER, Gainesville 0 RICHMOND L. CARVER, Gaines- vllle 0 KENETH G. CASSELS, New Port Rlchey 0 PETER CASTELLANO, Tampa 0 ALBERT CASTELLUCCI, Miami 0 JOHN W. CARR, Columbus, Miss. U , . I UPHO ORE IN UNI VER ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: JAMES D. CAUSEY, Gainesville 0 RUPERT N, CAVINESS, Ocala 0 WILLIAM C. CHAMPION, JR., Orlando 0 WADE C. CHANCEY, Jacksonville 0 RITA E. CHAPMAN, Bradenton 0 DONALD C. CHAVOUS, Bushnell 0 RICHARD E. CHIANESE, Yonkers, N. Y. 0 KEITH R. CHINN, West Palm Beach 0 JEAN CROQUETTE, Mlaml 0 SUNNY CLAPP, Miami 0 Second Row: ERROL L. CLARK, Mlaml 0 FRANK E. CLARK, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT T. CLARK, Daytona Beach 0 JOSEPH H. CLARK, Vero Beach 0 WILLIAM C. CLARK, Tampa 0 ALFRED W. CLARK, Mlaml 0 WILLIAM E. CLEMMONS, McIntosh 0 JACK F. CLOEN, Tampa 0 LLOYD CLOUGH, West Palm Beach 0 JAMES G. CLOUSER, Orlando 0 Third Row: CHARLES R. COCHRAN, Clearwater 0 EUGENE C. COCHRAN, Jacksonville 0 JAMES F. COCHRAN, Punta Gorda O WILLIAM W. COCHRANE, Dade Clty 0 ERNEST L. COFRANCES, Baldwin, N. Y. 0 JOE D. COGBURN, Perry 0 JAY I. COHEN, Mlaml Beach 0 WILLIAM H. COHEN, Jacksonville 0 RICHARD R. COLEMAN, Wildwood 0 PATRICIA A. COLLIER, Ft. Lauderdale. CAUSEY CAXIIAIQIES CHQNCEY CHAPMAN CHAVOUS CHIANESE CHINN CROQUETTE CLAPP CLARK C A C ARK CLARK CLARK CLEMMONS CLOEN CLOUGH CLOUSER COCHRAN COCHRAN COCHRAN COCI-IRANE COFRANCES COGBURN COHEN COHEN COLEMAN COLLIER 0, gn 9- ,. Q29 A . il, ' ' ' , 1 . I4 n W ' y 'ff' . 537 - ' , ., ' 1 I .M , . gf' he A I ' "m ,L - 2 I 3. In -. 1 f, .- I' 9 'Q A' K " ' x 'V'-if .F . ,L 1, 5 , Q I 1 ,wa l ,N K . lil. 2 ' Y V 1 . :-'A " fzflgg A , ri ' .S - 4 1 fff2'f'. x I V Ya. as , Y " 5 ., , ' .I 44. n 2. . 5-' .9 Q' 7 , ,A-lf" A I f gt ' j. P, i , , I . ff-l, , I . 5 122 ,...... .. .. . IW, - W'--f -- -.l . l . .. r Q - C . 5 V , If , .A - . Qui . . ' 7 " I 9' A P -if If .,,f ' 'l ..-. L I" I ,J 1 I , -I U - Q! -.,,, T I 1 ' -fha' , aw' . I' in L.. A X -,Y ' l I . yin, h iff: l I 'Q L Ili I x - fl A . A ll a- r rv re I . .. 'X ' WE!! ' 1. ' Q I . K 2' ' . ' W 4 V X . :ei I, 1 1 lr , I . , 3:39 . I . . a l.. r COLLINS COLLINS COLON COLSEN COMITOS CONEKIN CONGDON CONNELL CONNER CONSTANS CONWAY COOKE COONEY COOPER COOPER COPELAN COPELAND CORBETT COSTELLO COULBOURN COURTNEY COUEY COWSERT COX COX CRATEM CRATEM CRAWFORD CREWS CROUCH . , OLLINS, S ta 0 HARVEY A. COLLINS, High Springs 0 ERNESTO F. COLON, Gainesville 0 JACK E. 8OLrg1gNR?Jvg,l1agE5A:D1g1?gKCS. CCOMITOS, 3195311 0 ALBERT M. CONEKIN, Jacksonville 0 JOHN W. CONGDON, Miami O JAMES R. CONNELL, C01-9,1Gf1b1eg . DOYLE E. CONNER, Starke o HENRY P. CONSTANS, Galneevllle o Second Row: ROBERT A. CONWAY, Apopka o WILLIAM M. COOKE palaeka o NILES B. COONEY. Mlaml o BENJAMIN COOPER, En. Lauderdale o RICHARD s. COOPER, Daytona Beach o ELEANOR. M COEELAN Galnesvllle o WARREN R. COPELAND, Dade Clty o DONALD R. CORBETT, Orlando o RICHARD P. COSTELLO, Tampa C MARY F COULBOURN Daytona Beach o Third Row: CARL s. COURTNEY, Orlando o DALE E. COUEY, Warrington o CAROLYN T. cOwsERT, sn PCECFSDUYS o CHARLES C. cox, Jaeksonvllle o JOHN ONEAL cox, JR., Galneevllle o PHILIP T. CRATEM. Jacksonville o REYAD G. CRATEM, Jacksonville O AUDREY M. CRAWFORD, Jacksonville 0 VIVIAN CREWS, Lawton, Okla. 0 JO ANN CROUCH, Clewiston. UPHUMURE IN UNIVEB. II Y.. COLLEGE 1 . ROWELL, J k nvllle 0 MARY CUNNINGHAM Gainesville 0 JOSEPH W. DANIEL, Lakeland 0 JAMES B. DARBY, .:RT0.?acIkggvr1vllf?ecIE QJHCARLES L. DBKRSLCJNG, St. Petersburg 0 L. PALMER DARSEY, Quincy O HENRY P. DARSTEIN, St. Petersburg 0 LANIER 5 BASHER JR Tallahassee Q ARTHUR K. DAVID, JR., Jacksonville O CHARLES C. DAVIS, Jacksonville O Second Row: TILDON H. DAVIS, Cedar Key 'o EELL DAVIS, JR., Palm Beach o ALBERT N. DARLINGTON, Tarpon sprlngs o MAURICE DAYAN. st. Petersburg o C. LAMAR DEAN Jacksonville 0 JOHN B. DECKER, Daytona Beach 0 CHARLES P. DECKERT, West Palm Beach 0 JAMES A. DE FOOR. Coral Gables 9 EDWARD A DEMPSEY, JR., Jacksonville 0 LOUIS V. DESGUIN, Punta Gorda. 0 Third Row: THEMISTOCLES DIAMANDIS, Tarpon Springs Q ROBERT Cf DICKINSON, Madison o MARTHA H. DILLON, Jacksonville o VICTOR E. DIMAIO, Tampa o BENNETT H. DITTMAR, Gaines- vllle o LAWRENCE M. DIXON, JR.. Miami Beach o FELIX F. DONATELLI, clnclnnaml, Ohlo o JOHN F. DOUGLAS, Lake City C RICHARD F. DOUGLAS, Gainesville 0 W. DEXTER DOUGLASS, Crestview. CROWELL CU IN H M DANIEL DARBY DARLING DARSEY DARSTEIN DASHER DAVID DAVIS DAVIS NgAv?s A DARLINGTON DAYAN DEAN DECKER DECKERT DE POOR DEMPSEY DESGUIN DIAMANDIS DICKINSON DILLQN DIAMAIO DITTMAR DICKSON DONATELLI DOUGLAS DOUGLAS DOUGLASS , LH YA. . . . . .. . f -, , '. . a V. A Q A v A P9 'g 'G 4 G' , we-f W, el- 1 , L' -J ,9 - 'Q f .1 N ,rf V . V . . E - ' 1 ! I . ,,. I I I . a . ' A l . . . L 'gr"V2ka- .. N . fix' f.a.,:9l I 1 ' E IW 1 Y.. I . ,ll , P4 I ..,, sig 3 I I ,rel 5171 'TW'-:lr ' ' I .az . A 3775i 'l A 'VW ' '? . lv . 'fffozffr if ' X ' . I 'iffif ' I N all ...J . A 'iffffrj' '. ' ' I ..-rs1f?a' A T . .K ' - ' Tay, - . at lf . .ll . .S N ae, ' Q . sv In . i , ' ll 2 1 , se' 'V eg , V. 4 L .1 I .ae l fjkw ,A my Y. 1 V' . , .. t W A 5 . Y ., 1 VM I fy, v l I 123- . X ,X f .ii,lrl..., vm- ., ag l l i ! 1 l 1 -l el DOYLE DRAKE DREW DRIVER DUDLEY DUGAN DUGGINS DUMAS DUNAYER DUNBAR DUNCAN DUNLAP DUNN DYER EBENHACK EBSARY EDMUNDS EDWARDS ELDER, ELLIS ELOZORY EMMETT EMMETT ENTZMINGER ERICKSON ESTEY EVANS EVANS EVERETT EVERSON EVERY FIELDEN FORT 0 Top Row: RICHARD K. DOYLE, Essex, Connectlcut 0 ll. LAMAR DRAKE, Jacksonville 0 BOBBY R. DREW, Tampa 0 ROBERT B. DRIVER. Tampa 0 NORRIS B. DUDLEY, JR., Coleman o CALDWELL N. DUGAN, St. Petersburg 0 CHARLES H. DUGGINS, Miami 0 JEN- NINGS C. DUMAS, New Smyrna Beach 0 JOSEPH DUNAYER, Mlaml Beach 0 GEORGE B. DUNBAR., Atlanta. Ga. 0 Second Row: BEN S. DUNCAN, Quincy 0 HERBERT M. DUNLAP, Gainesville 0 HENRY C. DUNN, Ft. Pierce 0 WILLIAM B. DYER, Orlando 0 JOHN G. EBEN- HACK, Lakeland 0 ROBERT B. EBSARY, Coral Gables 0 JOHN F. EDMUNDS, Tavares 0 CHARLES D. EDWARDS, Jacksonville 0 RANDALL C. ELDER, St. Petersburg 0 THOMAS J. ELLIS. Tallahassee 0 Thlrd Row: LIONEL ELOZORY, Tampa 0 DOROTHY J. EMMETT, Coral Gables 0 JAMES C. EMMETT, Jay 0 DONALD H. ENTZMINGER, Orlando 0 LEONARD E. ERICKSON, Gainesville 0 WAYNE H. ESTEY. Orlando 0 BUSSIE A. EVANS, Marianna 0 JOE R. EVANS, Miami Beach 0 GORDON D. EVERETT. Gainesville o GEORGE B. EVERSON, JR., Hastings. HUPHFU1 'IURE U.. I ERJTY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: R. MERRITT EVERY, Daytona Beach 0 PATRICIA M. EYSTER, Jacksonville o JANET L. FAIRFIELD. Lakeland o WILMA S. FAIRCLOTI-I, Gainesville o NORMAN A. FALCONER, Mlaml Beach o STANLEY C. FAULDS, Clearwater o WAYNE E. FAUSSET, Tampa o JACK E. FERNANDEZ, Tampa 0 NICK FICARROTTA, Tampa 0 EDWARD H. FEE, Ft. Lauderdale 0 Second Row: HARRY L. FIELDEN, JR., St. Petersburg o LOUIS G. FIELDS, Richmond, Va. o C. L. FISHER, Jacksonvllle o WILLIAM H. FITCH, Ft. Meade o JOAN FOGARTY, Tampa o ORIN G. FOGLE, Hallandale o RUSSELL FOLAND, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM FOOR, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT G. FORBES, Clearwater o MARTIN L. FOREHAND. Foley o Thlrd Row: ROBERT E. FORT, JR., Ocala o JAMES G. FOSTER, Ocala 0 THOMAS S. FOUTS, Jacksonville 0 COSTA FRANCISCO, Orlando o ROBERT P. FRANKLAND, Galnesvllle o JAMES D. FRANKLIN, Orlando o PETER N. FRANKLIN, Orange City 0 C. DANTZLER FRAZER, Gainesville 0 KATHERINE FRAZIER, Gainesville o BERNIE FREED, Miaml. EYSTER FAIRFIELD FAIRCLOTH FALCONER FAULDS FAUSSET FERNANDEZ FICARROTTA FIELDS FISHER FITCH FOGARTY FOGLE FOLAND FOOR FORBES FOSTER FOUTS FRANCISCO FRANKLAND FRANKLIN FRANKLIN FRAZER FRAZIER ,as 1 124 sl O all 'fl of m,e X... I FEE FOREHAND FREED .A A 1 f'.' H ' li... il 'I rl na s ll Z J .-'.::', lx' I W' 51- I ,J ' Ira 1 x Us life ' f. . .fairs O Top ROW: MILTON H. GOLDBERG, Newark, N. J. O JOSE A. GONZALEZ, Tampa O RAY GONZALEZ, Tampa O C. BARRY GOODSON. lLl7,. FREEMAN GILBERT FREY CIOLDBERG GRAVES GRIMSLEY ea R , , ' fy may g' . 5 . e .. 4 W , rl .4 .Nj-, -. - 3 ' N 'Elly 91 I I hs' v . Q, 1 ' ' 1 .4 G A 'f' .fy if Mgt , F. . .- A ' ' ' X I . V iff: 1-I .X C 1' 'A " -' . -.lf -. . . ' ' ':fs.f. T5 ,'r2-"rag xr., 1 "Jag 'I ' y H- Q. 'ue .M ' '25 "' . . L A ' . 1 0 y., i I , V "W at 1 1 Q , !,,."' ' 4 ' ' Q ' 19 "R:i,' vu 4 Q. 'Q I l X 1 , 5.1.1.-,,,5 , m 6 fm., I . fi N 1 .M L 'MEI ' f 1 . K. fa I F., m A x N ffl. ' .. .,., H+ GEECH GEIGER GEORGE GERLACH FREEMAN FRENCH GAINES GALE GAMMAGE GILMORE GIRARDEAU GLACY GILLEN GARRETT GARRETT GEST GIDDENS GIDDINGS FRIER FULMER FYVOLENT GARDINER. GILHAM GLASS GODBEY GODFREY GOLDBERG Q Top Row: DONALD D. FREEMAN, Miami Springs 0 WATSON L. FREEMAN, Jacksonville 0 DONALD D. FRENCH. Mount Dora 0 ELEANOR B. FREY, Miami Beach 0 CHARLES FRIER, Pompano 0 JUDSON T. FULMER, Orlando 0 DAVID B. FYVOLENT, St. Petersburg 0 FRED J. GAINES, Clermont Q THOMAS R. GALE, Bellevlew 0 ALBERT W. GAMMAGE, JR., Mlaml o Second Row: JOHN H. GARDINER. Orlando 0 PHILLIP L. GARRETT, Bradenton 0 WILLIAM D. GARRETT, Winter Haven 0 JOSEPH B. GEECH. Belle Glade 0 HARRY M. GEIGER, Mel- bourne 0 WAYNE C. GEORGE, High Springs 0 KINGSLEY H. GERLACH, JR.. Lake Wales 9 ROBERT N. GEST, Orlando 0 EARLE A. GIDDENS, Punta Gorda 0 CHARLES W. GIDDINGS, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: ROY R. GILBERT, Sanford o HARRY L. GILI-IAM, Atlanta, Ga. 0 JOSEPH G. GILLEN, Tampa 0 WILLIAM C. GILMORE, Orlando 0 JOHN O. GIRARDEAU, Winter Park 0 JOHANNA M. GLACY, Gainesville 0 EDWARD F. GLASS, Ft. Lauderdale 0 HARVEY J. GODBEY, Miami 0 WILLIAM M. GODFREY, Lakeland 0 HAROLD L. GOLDBERG, St. Petersburg. UPHUMUPIE' A A RU IVEPUITY UULLEGE GEORGE W. GORMAN, Winter Park 0 WALTER H. GOWER, Tampa 0 EDWARD G. GRAFTON, Mlaml 0 RI-IEA M. GRAFTON. Coral Gables 0 BILL H. GRANT, JR., Orlando 0 BARRY GRAVES, Ormond 0 Second Row: CLAYTON W. GRAVES, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT W. Jacksonville 0 ANICE GREEN, Starke 0 GLENNA L. GREENE, Glen St. Mary 0 OSCAR F. GREENLUND, JR., Pierson 0 G. PAUL GREMER, Miami 0 WILLIAM M. GRESHAM, Bunnell 0 KARL D. GRIFFIN, Palm Beach Q LEONARD GRIFFIN, Sparks, Ga. 0 DORMA L. GRIFFIS, Lawtey 0 Third Row: GEORGE CLIFF GRIMSLEY, Pensacola Q NORMAN A. GROCER, Newton, Mass. Q HENRY A. GROOT, JR., Savannah, Ga. 0 ROBERT J. GRUETZMACHER. Tampa 0 LESLIE K. GUEST, Gainesville 0 EMILY GUNN, Pensacola 0 HERBERT GURSKY, Miami Beach 0 HARRY GUTHRIE, Punta Gorda 0 JOHN P. HAAG, Bellevlew Q ROBERT L. HADDOCK, JR., Gainesville. Tampa O GRAVES, GONZALES GONZALES GOODSON GORMAN GowEE GRAFTON GRAFTON GRANT GRAVES GRAVES GREEN GREENE GREENLUND GREMER GRESHHAM GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIS GROCER Gnoor GRUETZMACHER GUEST GUNN GURSKY GUTHRIE HAAG HADDOCK . I G4 .. . rw Q.. J W 1 A 'Nix evi'?' '- A -' ' ' I ' H -ei I' NS! , .gp A f . A 1 lg ., L E 5-' ft 'I Vim, A SQ In :El 'V -f ' 4 . If if fe Q. '- 49 . X 4 , . 5 l X .. A ik' "WSL .ai - X . 55151. . 3 4 112,52 A L 'fi' S . . MM : , xA W. , A '. ., ' .41 ig' F' ., 1 M, Q '94 1 Q 'r 3 ' -4' . , , fi? x 11 f :ch , E , 2. , . . .4 I J, . . . . " -. - A r I G1 " 'Gr f h YJ' kv r . s. ab A I - " . 4. 5. 4 " f .' 1 ' K A L J E igiifg , R: Wi. . . Q Lx ' . . .A P - - A f A , law.: l- I :Pa I I .351 Q we + X l it E 125 ' - ., 1' 'Aw' W - , nf. za-Q t..,-' 5 I, ,.,. --1 .I A 7. I sm -av , I L: f' v Q, ' avi' ix . fi' , M V tl HAEN HAMILTON HARRELL HATCH HEALD HEWETT l 'A 4l"1' I or K a " K 1 X jllzfafili 2 , ...L ii 'X ,B . l IEW il x ii , ' ' 5, Qi , .1 Q W h 'l .- I , l . 1 - , y -, ,X n . 11, e ia , ' , ,t , l' 1 ' L' HV' .' Q' xx A V ""' .fx , 'J .I .. ' 11 M-. , I eg X I ' fe. fa 45 A 159 11 :Pl 1-"'5'l'. K. X I"121?.b . . ' . N - ' ' f 1 , , , t ,S f 'U I 3 I . 1 A' 1 f f.. an , A V 5 , , ' -1 M I 4 5 S A ,la r A... . Abi., , ' 'I' We . A HAGAN HAGLER HALE HALEY HALL HALL HALL HALL HALLMAN HAMMERMAN I-IANDLEY HANSON HARDEN HARDIE HARE HARLAN HARNED HARRELL HARRELSON HARRINGTON HARRIS HARRIS HARRIS HARRISON HART HARVEY HARVEY O Top Row: HARRY E. HAEN, Kissimmee 0 LEE HAGAN, Jacksonville 0 CLYDE H. I-IAGLER, Pensacola 0 CHARLES H. HALE, Tampa 0 MAR- GARET PATRICIA HALEY, Clearwater o RAYMOND E. HALL, Lakeland 0 ROBERT L. HALL, Avon Park o SHERWOOD W. HALL, Clewiston o VAUGHAN W. HALL, Miami o WILLIAM H. HALLMAN, Jacksonville, 0 Second Row: CHARLES HUTSON HAMILTON, Miami 0 STANLEY R. HAMMERMAN, Jacksonville o FRANK C. HANDLEY, Pahokee 0 HENRY V. HANSON, Miami 0 MARVIN C. HARDEN, JR., Jacksonville 0 GEORGE B. HARDIE, Miami 0 ROBERT L. HARE, Jacksonville o ROBERT J. HARLAN, Gainesville o DORIS ANN HARNED, Fort Pierce o JACK R. HARRELL, Lakeland O Third Row! PHILIP B. HARRELL, Pensacola O FRED A. HARRELSON, JR., Jacksonville 0 TOM K. HARRING- TON, Miami o DONALD P. HARRIS, Orlando 0 ROBERT G. HARRIS, Palatka 0 WARD L. HARRIS, Jacksonville 0 JOHN B. HARRISON, Chevy Chase, Md. 0 WILLIAM D. HART, Fort Lauderdale 0 PATRICIA S. HARVEY, Miami 0 WALTER C. HARVEY, Pensacola. 0 Top Row: BETTY JEAN HATCH, Jacksonville 0 LEE P. HATFIELD, Ft. Lauderdale o LELAND HAWES, JR., Tampa 0 ROBERT M. HAWKINS, Winter Haven 0 HENRY L. HAWLEY, Lockhart 0 EVERETT A. HAYGOOD, Jacksonville o LEAL D. HAYWARD, Gainesville 0 RONALD A. HAZARD, Gainesville 0 GERALD B. HAZZARD, Jacksonville o KENNETH W. HEADLEY, Merritt Island 0 Second Row: ARTHUR F. HEALD, Tampa 0 HENRY M. HEIDT, Bartow o MARY FRANCES HELMS, Gainesville o FRANK P. HENDERSON, St. Petersburg 0 JAMES A. HENDERSON, Gainesville 0 OTTO L. HENDERSON, JR., Tampa 0 RICHARD C. HENNIG, Mlaml 0 VINCENT H. HERNANDEZ, Lakeland 0 MARVIN H. HERNDEN, Lake Worth o DALE A. HETTINGER, Orlando 0 Third Row: NORMA J. HEWETT, Miami o THOMAS W. HEW- LETT, Tampa O JEANNE I-IEYWARD. Miami O STANLEY J. HIBNER, Gainesville 0 RUTHERFORD P. HICKS, Pensacola O WILLIAM M. HICKS, Miami 0 CHRIS HIGGINBOTHAM, Palatka o RICHARD R. HOGAN, Tampa 0 KATHRYN E. HOGE, Arlington, Va. o CHARLES C. HOLDERMAN, Mlaml. HATFIELD HAWES HAWKINS HAWLEY HAYGOOD HAYWARD HAZARD HAZZARD HEADLEY HEIDT HELMS HENDERSON HENDERSON HENDERSON HENNIG HERNANDEZ HERNDEN HETTINGER HEWLETT HEYWARD HIBNER HICKS HICKS HIGGINBOTHAM HOGAN HOGE HOLDERMAN fl q 1 ' 1: , 1 I Q I I A , f. A S 'Jai , . I , 4 Y ' 1 '. A 'rf I X. 5' X- 1 G. I , ,. N 3, 83:4 5 . 1 , I Y 1 .- wr- :I 'Lf-' c ...L K - wi . N. I fs. L-sa. 1 'X ,a .. A M . 5 I . G . 5 " - '- 1 Q T " ' . :m sn - 'I y-A ' 'V ' 'IEA ,., ' I : , N HRA l as -5 . . ' p ,, ' - A m 3 Q dawg ' I N., as rr' R I . 3483- , 'x I .- W ' N f . S- Q - A 1 if , A ,Q 4, .. . L ,V , - f I ' . 4 -.2 I 'nf ,X -I' , il . we-f ' 'J . "' F N' A , ' 95:90 ' -., Q "P ' 'px' ,. .,,, Q X ' K . 'Q 'fifgzff . WI L Qg , ' , 2 . E A kr - 1 ' X 7",5 l7" : EgL:.s..m.l1Q11,x.i" ,aj , I ', , K K , - L r W , l q - . , ' Q. 1 - , -+ s H- -. A 'Vx - "1" 4 , . 3.1 ll I iv, I Q 2, ', 'g " . ef , f I W 'l , ' ' -............g.,l ' ...... . l. .... r...N:,.+ld L l-..n. . 1 HOLLENBECK HOLLINGSWORTH HOLLISTER HOLMES HOLT HOLTON HOOPER HOOVER HOPKINS HORNE IQORTON HORWITZ HOSS HOSTE'I'I'ER HOUHA HOUSER HOUSER. HOWELL HOWLETT HUBER UDSEN HUGHEY HULTIN HURLEBAUS JACKSON JACOBS JACOBS JACOBSON JAMES JASA 0 Top Row: JAMES E. HOLLENBECK, Palm Beach O WILLIA sonvllle O LORING E. HOLMES, Daytona Bench O WILLIAM F. Winter Park O SAM P. HOOVER, JR., Orlando 0 FRANCES LAWRENCE HORTON, Sanford O BARBARA JOAN HORWITZ Jacksonville Beach O ROBERT W. HOUHA. Cocoa O BOBBY J Jacksonville O FRANCIS W. HOWLETT, Tampa O AUGUST C. M B. HOLLINGSWORTH, Nashvllle, Tennessee O JEANETTE G. HOLLISTER, Jack- I-IOLT,Tam1Ja O JOSEPH N. HOLTON, Miami O JEWELL B. HOOPER. JR.. E. HOPKINS, Mulberry O FRANCIS J. HORNE. Mlaml O Second Row: JIMMIE , Miami Beach O MARVIN A, HOSS, Miami Beach O FLOYD L. HOSTETTER, . HOUSER, Lakeland O JAMES C. HOUSER. Jacksonville O ROBERT H. HOWELL, I-IUBER, Delray Beach O Thlrd Row: DENNIS SHERWOOD HUDSEN. Stuart 0 JACK M. HUGHEY, Tampa O JOHN E. HULTIN, Winter Park O EDWARD H. HURLEBAUS, Dunedin O JAMES M. JACKSON, West Palm Beach O ALVIN S. JACOBS, Miami O WALLACE T. JACOBS, West Palm Beach O THOMAS M. JACOBSON, Homestead O WILLIAM G. JAMES, Delray Beach O FRANK J. JASA, Malabar. 'UPHUJ ORE I UNIVEP1 'ITY COLLEGE O Top Row: R. MARGARET JENNINGS, Jacksonville O JOHN B. JINKS, Panama City O PAUL R. JOHN, Miami O CHARLEY J. JOHNS, Starke O CLARENCE L. JOHNSON, JR., Gainesville o HOWARD R. JOHNSON, Jacksonville O LACY E. JOHNSON, Orlando O ANITA M. JOHNSON, Sarasota O ELGIN J. JOHNSTON, Pensacola O WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON, Klsslmmee O Second Row: CLARE E. JOLLEY, St. Petersburg O CAROLYN L. JONES, Gainesville O DOUGLAS E. JONES, Vernon O GLENN J. JONES, Lake Clty O JOSEPH L. JONES, Elba, Alabama 0 LAWRENCE E. JONES, JR., Pensacola O ROBERT G. JONES, Chattahoochee O ROBERT K. JONES, Branford O SARA JANE JONES, Umatilla g HAROLD D, JORDAN, Oviedo O Third Row: LENNON G. JORDAN. JR., New Smyrna Beach O EDWIN B. JOSEPH, Jacksonville O JAMES R. JOYNER. Jack- sonville o DAVID L. KAISRLIK, Orlando O LEONARD M. KALER, Miami O FLORA A. KARR, Galnesvllle O JOHN H. KAUFFMAN, JR., Eustis O JOHN A. KELLNER, Hollywood O EUSTACE L. KELLEY, JR., Lake Butler 0 CARROLL U. KENDRICK, Gainesville. JEQIYNGS JINKS JOHN JOHNS JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOR EY JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JORDAN DAN JOSEPH JOYNER KAISRLIK KALER KARR KAUEFMAN KELLNER KELLEY KENDRICK i . W . 9 Q-' -0 li Q 1 in ' fy it is ' HI -' A A y . , M M ,fx xg I, . A ,l . Jl J 'I -, V ' w ' A Q1 , . x X .. S 'Qi A 'W Q G- Qs . 'S' as yi l . I ,, . N , . , 65 A if ft sa" - vu - ' 1. 1 A ' 'f . - . ' I J V . 5.4.5 1. MMM an I -. V E113--.A .:. lt A 9 -K:"1fl?'.' x V ' 1' , ' 'lui' ' XF-7 ' A 'li kv fg ,S 4 L I, . Vs 'A ,, . ,. x ,.,:. 5 Q I l 1 My I 'gd - , . Y ' V 14. L gl? ' , ,I I f X J, X EAS -. X I ,I v l . .. Ti., Y -WW -- tt E- K- 'L ' M . ' Q3 'L Est K ' - ' W K. '. 127 KENNA KIRBY KNOTTS LANDOLINA LE BARON LEWIS 1 it I 4 will T A iii... 1.-. I - t f. A 128 . af W ., we .' 2:1 'Q' M vi if ' gg I 1, ff? in . "1 Sf 3 Q A I A ' At V Q -v' A 'M 5 IEW 6. L A .7 4 W , A KENNEDY KENNEDY KENNINGTON KEREKES KIKER KING KING KING KIPP KIRBY KIRKLAND KIRTLAND KITE KITTLESON KLEIN KLOEPPEL KNIGHT KNIPE KRAMER KRUPP KUENZLER KUTRAN KYNES LADD LAKEN LAIRD LA MILIA 0 Top Row: ROWLAND A. KENNA, Ft. Lauderdale 0 GAYEN L. KENNEDY, Clearwater Q HAYES L. KENNEDY. Clearwater 0 GLADYS I-I. KENNINGTON, Gainesville 0 CHARLES A. KEREKES, Clearwater 0 ROBERT J. KIKER, Daytona Beach 0 HERBERT E. KING, Miami Beach 0 J. T. KING, Gainesville 0 RALPH L. KING, Gainesville 0 HENRY M. KIPP, Cocoa 0 Second Row: JOHN T. KIRBY, JR., Gainesville 0 LAMAR F. KIRBY, Daytona Beach 0 CLARICE N. KIRKLAND, Macclenny 0 JACK P. KIRTLAND. Miami 0 DAVID C. KITE, JR.. Gainesville 0 HENRY M. KITTLESON, Jacksonville 0 DOROTHY A. KLEIN, West Palm Beach 0 FREDERICK A. KLOEPPEL, Melbourne 0 CHARLES E. KNIGHT, Starke 0 RAY J. KNIPE, St. Petersburg 0 Thlrd Row: BETTY J. KNO'I'I'S, Palatka 0 DAVID KRAMER.. Miami Beach 0 BRANDON H. KRUPP, Jacksonville 0 EDWARD J. KUENZLER, West Palm Beach 0 JAMES R.. KUTRAN, Lakeland 0 JAMES W. KYNES, Marianna 0 DANIEL LADD. Jacksonville 0 RICHARD LAKEN, Port St. Joe 0 CHARLOTTE A. LAIRD, Lakeland 0 LEONARD La MILIA, St. Petersburg. 'UPHUMURE ' N U IVEP1 ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: NICK A. LANDOLINA, Ft. Lauderdale 0 RYAN F. LANE, Tampa 0 WILLIAM P. LANE, Osprey 0 JOSEPH C. LANGHAM, Mobile. Ala. O BETTY LU LANIER, Jacksonville 0 DAVID F. LANIER, Avon Park 0 ELLIS LANQUIST. Syracuse. Kas. 0 JAMES D. LANTZ. Orlando 0 ROYCE TERRELL LAWLESS, Lake Alfred 0 C. B. LAWRENCE, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: DON L. LeBARON, Coral Gables 0 PLACIDO LEBRON JR.. Tampa 0 CHARLES R. LEE. West Palm Beach 0 WAYNE E. LEE, Panama City 0 WILLIAM H. LEGGETT, Gainesville 0 SALLY C. LENZ, St. Petersburg 0 SUE LEONARD, Ft. Lauderdale O JOAN M. LeSUEUR, Williston O MARQUARD Y. LETT. Ft. Meade O CHARLES E. LEVERETT, Tampa 0 Thlrd Row: NORRIS K. LEWIS, JR., Rockford, Ill. 0 ROBERT D. LEWIS, Miami Beach 0 FRED P, LEY, Tallahassee 0 KENNETH O. LIGHTFOOT, JR.. North Miami O SHERWIN I. LINDENBAUM, Tampa O LOUIS J. LINNEKUGEL, Orlando O STANLEY J. LIPPERT, Miami Beach 0 JOHN C, LISSENDEN, West Palm Beach 0 LOUISE LIVENGOOD, Gainesville 0 CLIFFORD W. LLOYD, Ft. Lauderdale. LANE LANE LANGHAM LANIER LANIER LANQUIST LANTZ LAWLESS LAWRENCE LEBRON LEE LEE LEGGETT LENZ LEONARD LE SUEUR LETT LEVERETT LEWIS LEY LIGHTFOOT LINDENBAUM LINNEKUGEL LIPPERT LISSENDEN LIVENGOOD LLOYD , X k :N ' I fig? F' L I .- 'U' '35 6 A y X, f Q . -5' 5, f 5 ' ui' ' I-if ' ' ' e' I 'X I 7 A fs f Xwfj ' FQ' 'f .. ' Q' Wk - i ' Q?" ffl ' ,- 'Xa AI "tial "I 9 1" K 3 Lani' . 3 f . S I Ik sy? ,TA I-ff' . 5 X0 I . l " I Ai - is X. ' XF A I I ' if ' W its . ' .,,. X55: 3 175 A ff - A ' . - .lf J ' . I ' J- V , ,Q ,Q as A 1 w A I ' " sllf ' als f'i5:.Jc? af W. ' 1 'L W v 6 a Q '14 JG 1. W ilfp. N R: 11.4 I ... f A 1' ,ap , Q., N ' ,:.z RQ . t ia' xi A R ix V sg l i x xl 333 l X fill V 'f sv A' sb! A 'sf I S Af ' 4 5 .5 X E45 al r Q yi ., - If , , . l N l I-L0 YD LQGAN LOGUE LoMAx LONG Lovl-:LACE LOVELAOE LOVETT LOWE LOWE LOWERY LOWE L YLE LYNCH lvlaoDONALD Ma cEACHRON MacINNES MacKENZIE MRCMINN MAOY MAODOX MAGWOOD MAHQN MAJOR MALLARD MALMUD MANGELS MARDENFELD MARKMAN MARTIN Q Top Row: WAYNE B, LLOYD, Pensacola Q ROBERT R. LOGAN, Tampa o DAYTON W. LOGUE, Panama City Q GEORGE E. LOMAX, Jsoksgnvllm 9 RQGER s, LONG, Mlaml Beach O ALAN M. LOVELACE, St. Petersburg O DONALD W. LOVELACE, St. Petersburg O JEANNE B. LOVETT, Galnesvllle O ALFRED S. LOWE, Key West 0 CURTIS N. LOWE, Jacksonville O Second Row: DONALD D. LOWERY, St. Petersburg O JOSEPH F, LOWE, Key West O LOYD S. LYLE, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT A. LYNCH, New Florence, Pa. 0 THOMAS C. MacDONALD, Tampa 0 PETER H. MacEACI-IRON, Fellsmere O DONALD A. MacINNES, Miami O GORDON MacKENZIE, Pensacola O RICHARD R. MacMINN, Holly- wood Q RUSSELL C, MACY, Arlington O Third Row: MONTE P. MADDOX. Archer O DORIS J. MAGWOOD, Mlaml O HARRY B. MAHON, Jacksonville O KENDRICK W. MAJOR, Palatka O JAKE C. MALLARD, Galnesvllle O ANITA MALMUD, Mlaml O HENRY E. MANGELS. Mlaml Beach O VICTOR MARDENFELD, Miami Beach 0 WESLEY K. MARKHAM, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES E. MARTIN, Melbourne. 'UPHUNIUBE ' IN UNIVEP1 ITY UULLEGLE 0 Top Row: JOSEPH A. MARQUIS, Atlantic Beach 0 WILLIAM G. MARQUIS, Memphis, Tenn. O JOHN C. MARRON, Jacksonville 0 ALEXANDER M. MARSH, Wauchula O CHARLES G. MARTIN, Tampa O ELSA M. MARTIN, Clewlston O JOHN F. MARTIN, Gainesville O ROBERT W. MARTIN, JR., Jacksonvllle O THOMAS R. MARTIN, Detroit, Mich. O DANIEL A. MARTINEZ, Tampa 0 Second Row: JOHN F. MASON, Brooksville 0 WILLIAM T. MAssEY, Ojus o BRUCE E. MATHEWS, Galnesvllle o JAMES s. MATTHEWS. Jacksonville o WILLIAM H. MATHEWS, Plymouth Q KENNETH F. MAXWELL, Dolton. Ill. o BARBARA J. MAY, Jacksonville o KENNETH G. MAY, Lake Wales Q HENRY B. McCALL, Sanford Q JAMES A. MeALLIsTER. Babson Park o Third Row: DARE R. McCLOSKEY. Mlaml o DONALD L. MCCOLLUM, Mlaml Q GERALD H. McCOY, Gainesville O ROBERT D. MCDOUGAL, Vero Beach 0 JAMES D. MCEADDY, Gainesville O CLYDE W. MCGI-IIN, Jasper O WILLIAM H. MCGILL, Lake Butlcl' 0 JOHN A. McKAY, Ft. Lauderdale O OSCAR P. MCKENZIE, JR., Panama City O JACK V. McLEAN, Palatka. MARQUIS MARQUIS MARRON MARSH MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN MARTINEZ M MASON MASSEY MATHEWS MATTHEWS MATHEWS MAXWELL MAY MAY McCALL MCALLISTER CCLOSKEY MCCOLLUM MecOY McDOUGAL MCEADDY McGI-IIN MeGII.L McKAY MoKENzIE MCLEAN V' A: Q 1 9 1 I- . C 'A ' 2 'S . " . .f ' 'PI . A ' , ' 4' A J 'S .,,. X . " ' l . 5 13? f' , P 'fi A xl W l A ' I E . LK 5 l -I . YL . , A 'LN I 7 . 1 :If il E' X .53 M' ' E5W?5-" I- l if ' I b I N . , ffl' 'L -Q fi 5 -f M 'U WI . .. J , M I . V K 5, .. N If QV l 'M '. Md- A I X V l, . A F . A. l s. I " , I' 'ess ' . we ? l f ,. arf? ng' 1-,,l V x ,fl kr E M 129 ,l . ' H . 1 1 Iqlx ii, el, 9 Sf f Y' h Q ff ' '1 I ks I 1. f - -- Ia I --I' I Li N A a fl' 4 5 4 ,f'.7 - I Hs-, in 4 . .V I, li 1 , . 1 . W7 JR ' ' R .X ...J ' N x I '4 - '. . X 'X nz :WA A06 1 L K ' I f McNU'r'r MCRAE Mmnows MEDCALEE MELOHN MELVIN MENDONSA MERRICK MEYERS MIDDLEMAS i MIDDLETON MICKELIS MIKELL MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLIGAN MILLS MILLS I MILNER MILTON MOFFERT Maovoaosy MOILANEN MoLEUs Mowmoua MONTAGUE Moooy MooRE , MOORE MORROW MURDOCK l. :lf 0 Top Row: RICHARD L. McNU'I'I', Jacksonville 0 BARNEY E. McRAE. Starke 0 DANIEL N. MEADOWS. Delray Beach 0 PETER S. MEDCALFE, Miami 0 RICHARD P. MELOHN, Mlaml 0 SHERMAN V. MELVIN, Destin Q ROBERT E. MENDONSA, Plant Clty 0 WILLIAM G. MERRICK, St. Petersburg 0 VACI-ION B. MEYERS, Ft. Lauderdale 0 WILLIAM B. MIDDLEMAS, Jacksonvllle 0 Second Row: ERNEST L. MIDDLETON, Ft. Myers 9 PETER MIKELIS, St. Petersburg 0 ROBERT D. MIKELL, Tampa o DIXIE J. MILLER, Gainesville 0 JULIAN E. MILLER, Pensacola 0 ROBERT A. MILLER, Winter Park 0 WILLIAM D. MILLER, Jacksonville 0 JAMES M. MILLIGAN. Orlando 0 HORACE A. MILLS, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT A. MILLS, Jacksonville 0 Thlrd Row: CATHERINE K. MILNER, Gainesville 0 RAY E. MILTON, Ocala 0 RICHARD G. MOFFE'I'I', Jacksonville 0 ROBERT S. MAGYOROSY. Odessa 0 EDWIN T. MOILANEN, Miami o JOHN K. MOLPUS, JR., Daytona Beach QRHOLBERT I. MONTAGUE, Gainesville 0 THOMAS R. MONTAGUE, St. Petersburg 0 LEONARD C. MOODY, Flagler Beach 0 ERNEST W. MOO E, Havana. 'UPHU UPIE IQ UNllVEPI'lTY UULILEGE 0 Top Row: OREN GETCHELL MOORE, JR., St. Petersburg o THOMAS S. MORGAN, JR., Pensacola 0 MILTON C. MORPER. JR., Archer 0 CHARLOTTE M. MORPER, Archer o CHARLES F. MORRIS. Brooklyn, N. Y. 0 JAMES P. MORRIS. Tarpon Springs o JOSEPH W. MORRIS, Tarpon Springs 0 MOLLY M. MORRISON, Galnesvllle 0 ROBERT C. MORRISON, Galnesvllle 0 ROBERT E. MORROW, Mlaml 0 Second Row: WILLIAM R. MORROW, Tampa 9 ALAN W. MORTON, Ft. Lauderdale 0 ALICE L. MORTON, Jacksonville 0 GREGG F. MOSES, Branford 0 RICHARD V. MOSES, O'Brlen 0 JIMMIE M. MOUHOURTIS, Tarpon Springs 0 JAMES G. MOYER, Jacksonville 0 DEAN R. MUIR, Ft. Lauder- dale o ROSWELL W. MUNSON, Galnesvllle o LOUIS J. MURRARO. Groveland o Third Row: MARILYN J. MURDOCK, Sebastian 0 DON F. MURPHY, Tampa 0 RICHARD J. MURRA, Bradenton 0 JAMES F. MURRAY, West Palm Beach o CHARLES J. MUSGROVE. Llve Oak 0 GEORGE E. MUSSON, New Smyrna Beach 0 KENNITH R. MUSSON, Largo O MARSHALL E. MYER, Wauchula O LEROY N. MYHRE, Mluml O NICHOLAS NADER, St. Augustine. MORGAN MORPER MORPER MORRIS MORRIS MORRIS MORRISON MORRISON MORTON MORTON MOSES MOSES MOUHOURTIS MOYER MUIR MUNSON MURPHY MURRA MURRAY MUSGROVE MUSSON MUSSON MYER MYHRE 'lg v -'r" -' ' .: ' 'Q N ,ag ' ' vw .14 . .uf " . " -S' -:J -fx I as PM . S . V I Iv. . . .1 Sfzfkl I I ' H18 . ' : . ' -,- I ' . Q.. 'Q In f F Fw .AX W 'lr -' .., . 1 . - y ' ' .L Q X ' R... S N I x I K. I Q - ' II. 'll . 0 H 'Q in 75. -. ' 5, , ' 1 . K' l J Y V , NF, , gzip V I X ' fx .9454 I l '.' 130 1 z . lf ll I i 1 l MORROW MURRARO NADER wg., . , in' 3 '. 1', z . E' ' m El ' 1 , , 9. so . f ' .. e if I ,Lg ., is A . 0 VZ. 1 , Q s 1 . me . 3 ,. A 3 ,U . f x , S 'ze 1 ' J' .J A ff .- ,gr A 4 . X vt' ' l ff 1. ..,, rf 4 ' s QT , . I nw Wa A A ,xii Lx I my ' ft' - B5 Aga- 3 ,, ,- In N . wi, Lani' x. 1 x NASH NAWOTKA NEAL NESBITT NESMI'T'H NEWLAND NEWMAN NEWSOM NICHOLAS NOBLE ONORD NORD NORTON NOWLIN O'BERRY O'CONNELL ODENTHAL OELSLAGER OGLE OLIVE LIVER OLLIFF OWEN PACE PALTER. PAPE PAPPY PARISH PARK PARKER 0 Top Row: CHARLES M. NASH, Galnesvllle 0 HENRY E. NAWOTKA, Buf falo, N. Y. 0 ROBERT L. NEAL, Jacksonville 0 JOE NESBITT, Home- stead 0 CIIARLES T. NESMITH, Nocatee 0 JOHN C. NEWLAND, Winter Haven 0 RICHARD 0. NEWMAN, Leesburg Q MALCOLM G. NEWSOM. TMTIDB. 0 GREGORY N. NICHOLAS, Tarpon Springs Q WILLIAM I. NOBLE, Mlami Q Second Row: RICHARD H. NORD, North Mlamio ROBERT A. NORD, North Miami 0 THOMAS E. NORTON, Ft. Lauderdale 0 JAMES W. NOWLIN, Delray Beach 0 DAVID E. 0'BERRY. JR., Tampa 0 DAVID B. O'CONNELL, Gainesville 0 JANYTH E. ODENTHAL, Gainesville 0 ROY V. OELSLAGER, Llmona 0 BOYD OGLE, Pitcairn, Pa. 0 Third Row: RALPH 0. OLIVE, Lakeland 0 ROBERT G. OLIVER, Baldwin 0 HUDSON R. OLLIFF, Gainesville 0 RICHARD W. OWEN, St. Petersburg 0 WILLIAM M. PACE, Pomona Park 0 GLORIA M. PALTER, Miami Beach 0 RICHARD L. PAPE, Clewlston 0 BERNIE C. PAPY, Key West 0 DONALD G. PARRISH, St. Petersburg 0 CHARLES I. PARK, Key West 0 ROBERT G. PARKER, Plant City. 'Ul'HUNl0llE ' All N UUINWIVVIER 'ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: THOMAS S. PARKER, Daytona Beach 0 LAURENCE W. PARKER, JR., Maitland 0 ROBERT L. PARKS, Jacksonville 0 JACKSON PARMER. Miami Beach 0 HARLEY T. PARRISH, Welrsdale 0 WALTER B. PARRISH, JR., Gainesville 0 ROBERT C. PARSONS, Tampa 0 CHARLES E. PATTILLO, Tampa 0 CHARLES H. PAYNE, Bradenton 0 EARLE E. PEEPLES, JR., Miami 0 Seacond Row: JOSEPH W. PEKLO, Port Orange 0 CHARLES H, PEMPEY, Orlando 0 ANNA BELLE PENSON, Gainesville 0 CHARLES B. PERIMAN, Auburndale 0 FRANCIS P. PERRY. JR., Jacksonville 0 JOAN C. PETERS. Miami 0 JULIUS PETERS, Wauchula 0 RICHARD C. PETERS, Jacksonville 0 RALEIGH W. PETTEWAY, Lakeland 0 MALCOLM K. PFEIFFER, Pensacola 0 Third Row: CHARLES T. PHILLIPS, Daytona Beach 0 DON L. PHILLIPS, Fort Lauderdale 0 I. W. PHILLIPS, JR., Tampa 0 PAUL C. PHILLIPS, Jacksonville 0 HARVEY A. PICKLE, Miami 0 FRANK E. PIERCE, gvllnter Haven 0 JOHN E. PIERCY, Akron, Ohio 0 WILL L. PIPER, Miami 0 DAVID Y. PITTMAN, Orlando 0 JOHN D. PLUMMER, West a m Beach. PARKER PARKER PARKS PARMER PARRISH PARRISH PARSONS PATTILLO PAYNE PEEPLES PEKLO PEMPEY PENSON PERIMAN PERRY PETERS PETERS PETERS PETTEWAY PFIFFER PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PICKLE PIERCE PIERCY PIPER PITTMAN PLUMMER. I P ,,, J I , ,I 1 'Q . . -5.1.4 1--. 'Q "' n, , If I f . , A . 4, ner .ev . . . fa '15 me I 'I " W r W ' V Nr H, , I i .1,,., 1 . Us . , 1 f-eq, A ' 'I .ff I v 1:1 ff -. 'X 5 V, . 1 r ...N - Wy .1 ' A A 9 1 fe 5 a ' ' ll... J Z, if 'E X' Q. ,P O .F I .. al , 'ww ' + 'I . .1 41 - sf 1' ' . H Y ' , 'ff , 4, '-J 1 s s , . , 5 t rr? . ' 2 1 f" In ' X ,J mf ki f e .flfeiefa ', X. ' 2 I 1 .s 'LW k w-S ll. ':1"irf'ffg' f . Q ' V l 'fam f f-ss I N l A l a, gay 1 A Q Q Q Q Q EE". ' ss: ', ' I . ' Y' ,y Us - A X kj ? I E f . 1 ., Az. I T . ' 0, "' . .. Miva, 4 - Zi f. zu-9,1 I, F, 131 1 1 - 'Q 9 . . Y , ' , :' .. -'3 " -1 - ' 1 -I - if," I I . v7kzfw: x fi X K x N- Mu "N A 1 A ' , .5 ' a ,.. 9' 5' el ' 315 ' 'U . x t -4 - H E gf ' A X V , ' ' , - . me -. f - . -V P- , s I . - I l.:IzFb', 2- A I I I 5' ssl I It I It ' . s -A f. '1 I .u ' E .ja F, ,my 1 K x A A .h . A X A! Y ' lt? lui W' tl Af' " "1 -' " A! i' Q .1 ,' r ' i 04 .f A, .ju-4 f V, . ,V - 1 NS' I f J, f .l Us , ,f B if Q 'mf I 6 w X Y A4 : N A 5 , X ,. . 'W A . 4 I 5 1 x-Qin ' A A. A P-Nm . X 'L If L.. A . x 'V' W POEHNER POLLACK POLLITZ POND PONDER POOLE POORBAUGH POTTER POTTER POWELL POWELL POWERS PRATT PRESLEY PRICE PRIESTMAN PRINCE PROPHET PRUITT PRUITT PYLE RAINER RAY RAY RAY REAMS REDDITT REDDITT REDMAN REESE 0 Top Row: ALDEN POEHNER., Zephyrhills 0 RICHARD S. POLLACK, Miami 0 ERNEST T. POLLITZ, JR., Daytona Beach 0 EDWARD R. POND, Frostproof 0 JAMES W. PONDER, Venice 0 ROY S. POOLE, Galnesvllle 0 MARY J. POORBAUGH, New Smyrna Beach 0 ANN S. POTTER, Miami 0 PAUL W. POTTER, JR., West Palm Beach 0 DOROTHY A. POWELL, Coral Gables 0 Second Row: SAMMY EDWARD POWELL, Jacksonville 0 ALBERT W. POWERS, JR., West Palm Beach 0 JOSEPH F. PRATT, JR., Jacksonville 0 D. A. PRESLEY. Paducah. Ky. 0 JACK PRICE, Jacksonville 0 JOHN H. PRIESTMAN, Stuart 0 HOWARD T, PRINCE, Jacksonville 0 ROGER B. PROPHET, Plant City 0 CHARLES W. PRUITT, Jacksonville Q FRANK O. PRUITT. Miami 0 Third Row: JOEL F. PYLE, Fort Lauderdale 0 RUSSELL C. RAINER, Jacksonville 0 GEORGE T. RAY, JR., Sanford 0 LAKE G. RAY, JR., Jacksonville 0 RICHARD D. RAY, Cltra Q KENNETH D. REAMS, Vero Bealch .u?EoRGE C. REDDI'I'T, Frostproof 0 JACKY C. REDDITT, Frostproot 0 RUSSELL P. REDMAN, Jacksonville 0 FRANK C. REESE, Jac sonv e. 'UPHO 'IUHE ' I UNI VER 'ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: LAURENS M. REEVES, Okeechobee 0 J. ALAN REGISTER, Bradenton 0 J. ALVIN REGISTER, JR., Jacksonville 0 RICHARD R. REINSCH, Bradenton 0 GEORGE M, RELYEN, JR., Jacksonville 0 GEORGE RETTIE, JR., Fort Lauderdale 0 SHIRLEY W. RETTIE, Fort Lauderdale 0 ENEST W. REVELS, JR., Jacksonville 0 JOHN E. REYNOLDS. Homestead 0 M. JOSEPHINE RIDGWAY, Bradenton O Second Row: ROBERT E. RIVERS, Daytona Beach 0 DONALD R. ROBERTS, Leesburg 0 KERMIT L. ROBERTS, Key West 0 WILLIAM G. ROBERTS, Key West 0 CHARLES L. ROBERTSON, St. Petersburg 0 LEON I. ROBINS, Jacksonville 0 EMILY B. ROBINSON, Key West 0 WILLIAM S. ROBINSON, Key West 0 JOHN L. ROCKER, Kissimmee 0 DARRELL O. RODEN, Pensacola 0 Third Row: MARJORIE L. RODES, Gainesville 0 ADOLFO L. RODRIGUEZ, Miami 0 ARTHUR ROGERS, Miami Beach 0 CLARENCE J. ROGERS, Orlando 0 RICHARD B. ROGERS, Winter Park 0 WILLIAM D. ROGERS. Coral Gables 0 Y. LYNN ROGERS, Gainesville 0 RICHARD H. ROLLER, Tampa 0 CAR- ROLL R. ROLLINS, Orlando 0 CLIFFORD A. ROOD, Jacksonville. REEVES REGISTER. REGISTER REINSCH RELYEN RETTIE RETTIE REVELS REYNOLDS RIDGWAY RIVERS ROBERTS ROBERTS ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROBINS ROBINSON ROBINSON ROCKER RODEN RODES RODRIGUEZ ROGERS ROGERS ROGERS ROGERS ROGERS ROLLER ROLLINS ROOD il . P . Ni Q s ' V - . 0 4 -. ' ' 1' 5' Ca ' 1- - Q Q- ' ky ' L4 I r ,Y ' A 5 ' '- - -us lm! t t R . I- il.. ... ,f . . - ' - I I ' . f R - ' li" A. - . gl-fe ef- ' I " "I Q. - I .K , "0 kk an I A . x 'I NA'-V' 1 VV ' L f '51 N . ie'55?.fX Tlx 1- L . . U Sf S an ' L 4 QI , .wa X ' ,,!- ,V l ' J .k . X 1 la V I 1 H ti . ...A x 132 1Xli:l .R .IIN 7' m l Kali! li I -.liui A ' V ,I , an M . ' 'S' f- -4 gf, I 1 L I we ,g , I Lm. f ' V . - ' I . . - , - " 4 V L I l .gait . faux.-A fa- R. ali . f : 5 ' I . 4 W A I . .Q I ,O . al , A ' , M ..,, A N' 3 , ,I ' "Pr I A 4 B' by wr' . xl 'wk A X 'R' -I - A , f A ' P ,x ,- i,,, X ' A X IK -. Q, Q L- ' R I ' I ' . X, N Q31 , ,, ltitlige-. , . . ROSE ROSEKE ROSENBERGER ROSSELLE ROWE ROWTON RUNDT RUPP RUSHING RUSS RUSSELL RUSSELL RUST RUTHERFORD RYAN SAGE SAI-ILIE SANDERS SANDLER SARLO SAULTS SAUNDERS SAVAGE SAWYER SAWYER SCANLAN SCHALLER SCHMIDT SCHNEIDER SCI-IRETZMAN O Top Row: WINSTON W. ROSE, Norfolk, Va. 0 CECIL W. ROSEKE, Boca Raton 0 MARGARET A. ROSENBERG, Mlcanopy 0 ROBERT W. ROSSELLE. Mlaml 0 RANDELL H. ROWE, Madison 0 JAMES M. ROWTON, Palatka 0 JAMES J. RUNDT, St. Petersburg o RUSS T. RUPP, Orlando 0 LEWIS D. RUSHING, Pensacola 0 THOMAS N. RUSS, JR., Winter Garden o Second Row: JOE RUSSELL, JR., Dade City 0 WILLIAM N. RUSSELL, Fort Lauderdale 0 IRWIN C. RUST, Fort Myers 0 JAMES W. RUTHERFORD, Daytona Beach 0 GENE J. RYAN, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT D. SAGE, Daytona Beach 0 RICHARD S. SAHLIE, Jacksonville 0 EDITH MARION SANDERS, Ocala 0 NATHAN C. SANDLER, Jacksonville 0 ARNOLD F. SARLO, Fort Myers Q Third Row: ROBERT W. SAULTS, JR., Yankeetown 0 I-I. WINKIE SAUNDERS, Indlantown 0 WILLIAM O. SAVAGE, Gainesville 0 RICHARD D. SAWYER. Key West 0 ROBERT K. SAWYER, Jacksonville 0 TOM J. SCANLON, Neptune Beach 0 WALLACE E. SCHALLER, Okahumpka 0 GLENN R. SCHMIDT, Trumansburg, N. Y. 0 RICHARD A. SCHNEIDER, Miami 0 JOSEPH G. SCHRETZMANN, Coral Gables. L . L .. . L . .... I , 1 'IIPHU UPIE I U IV EPI I I AY' FULLEPE I Top Row: RALPH B. SCHROEDER, St. Petersburg 0 KENNETH N. SCHULZ, Winter Haven 0 RAYMOND C. SCHWARTZ, Jacksonville 0 BERNEY SEGAL. Lake Wales 0 NORTON M. SEGAL, Miami Beach 0 RODNEY O. SELLERS, Pensacola 0 JACK K. SEVER, Clearwater 0 DON W. SHAFFER, Oviedo 0 ONYX G. SHAFFER, Gainesville 0 JOHN H. SHAW, Miami O Second Row: VERNON T. SHEA, St. Petersburg 0 CAR- OLYN B. SHEPARD, Daytona Beach 0 CHARLES C. SHEPHERD, Palm Beach 0 EDWIN S. SHEPPARD, Gainesville 0 GEORGE M. SHIELDS, Miami 0 THEODORE P. SI-IIELDS, Lake Worth 0 DAVID M. SHIELL. Fort Lauderdale Q CHARLES M. SHINN, Lake Alfred 0 BARNEY V. SHIR- LEY, Miami 0 JACK F. SHORTSTEIN, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: WILLIAM J. SI-IUPE, Lake Hamilton 0 JOE L. SI-IUTTLESWORTH. Ocala 0 JOSE SIERRA, Tampa 0 ARMOND W. BIKES, Jacksonville 0 JAMES W. SIKES, West Palm Beach 0 LEON R. SIKES, West Palm Beach 0 PRES- TON Z. SILVERMAN, Miami 0 DONALD J. SIMMONS, Clearwater 0 DANIEL MARSH, Hollywood 0 SAMUEL MIRABELLA, Tampa. SCHROEDER SCHULZ SCHWARTZ SEGAL SEGAL SELLERS SEVER SHAFFER SHAFFER SHAW BHEA SHEPARD SHEPHERD SHEPPARD SHIELDS SHIELDS SHIELL SHINN SHIRLEY SHORTSTEIN SHUPE SHUTTLESWORTH SIERRA SIKES SIKES SIKES SILVERMAN SIMMONS MARSH MIRABELLA , ...,,. , ' . 4 - akxlgf "I ' .I 7 - A Q , ,, ' f N17 J I "gl I' Q99 Y ' 'Q .f '- M.. 1" wr ' I I , ' H' . J . it ,A ' 1 .7 , K V I .: '- QA , l l fl. V .A X , -A Aw . . - V.. - , I, 1. . . ' Xl' rx 4. . fl . -. ,I Q.: 1 , -ur. , .- I x I. 2 . I fx.. 'lr rn: all ' X. .5 Ai. x- I .I f' kt' I . 'wh lea I , V' r 3? 1 ' 'I It A "W "P Q' - ' I? ' V X ' W A :le , f . - is I :mn Q Y I I 'X 2 J 4 - 'U ' 4 f ...f I . I I - I Hz, - 1 . , . r'ef I . X C r' ' 4. i-Iii, if. ki' hx . ,'-' I. Q K Q' L'.1.'j y ' fx I S . I lv N al I A L .5 4 'IQ I-. .-...:m, 'ral . . 3 . V V 5 ! I Q, f ' Q' . . ' l ' O. Q Q' ': Q r - , I . -' , f Q I N Z up x -R Ig. IV JVB, .Q J.. , i g. .M x 5 F. .N . fa, U5 I . f , , 4, W .,,,,- : fl, -i . 1- r , uw h my ii H F: ivgfg. . x , 1 ',3 , I 'wks -'.- it :E - ,qt 5 L., I ',-V Q -pl' '- -,I " ' ', . . if K 1 X I 4, 'Q I 35 , I .ff"lnf an -as I.. 736. me 5 ' K. was 2 ., 133 - I. u r .1 Q I , R . SMITH SPARKMAN STELOGEANNIS STRICKLAND SUBERMAN TAYLOR - w-' m A ' ,Q G-.' Q S J ' Gb, ,V :- f fc. A - - h Q.: ,. , I . nv , K R A I f mln : lm f I .l J A i. -. S.. II ,i P J ii 'I I '53, 9- -A , I 2553.1 'Q f I ,mi . , M 1 , ' L" Q14 mf N I 'TEV' ., ' "-.1 . - Q, A ' zz' , ' Th at ., l-F . Il P, , J ,, 11 . I are x el f. .. A r S SIMMONS SIMMONS SIMPSON SIMPSON SINGLETARY SIRKIN SLADON SMILEY SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITHERS SMOOT SNELLING SNYDER SQUIRES STACY STAFFORD STALLWORTH STAMBAUGH STANLEY STEAD STEELE STELLA 0 Top Row: EVALYN L. SIMMONS. Galncsvlllc 0 JAMES L. SIMMONS. Plant Clty 0 FREDERICK J. SIMPSON, Jacksonville 0 VAN B. SIMP- SON, Jacksonvllle 0 CLARE L. SINGLETARY. Gnlnesvlllc 0 STEPHEN M. SIRKIN, Dnytonn Beach 0 RONALD B. SLADON, Fort Lauder- dale 0 RICHARD M. SMILEY, St. Petersburg 0 ALLARD C. SMITH, West Palm Bench 0 ATHOL M. SMITH, Naranja 0 Sc-cond Row: DONALD SMITH, Norfolk, Va. 0 EARL S. SMITH, Fort. Lauderdale 0 FRANK H. SMITH. Fort Lauderdale 0 JESSIE M. SMITH, East Polnt., Ga. 0 JOHNNY B. SMITH, Miami 0 RAY C. SMITHERS. Jacksonville 0 JESSE W. SMOOT, JR., Dundee 0 ALLEN K. SNELLING, Lowell 0 LARRY J. SNYDER, Daytona Beach 0 CURTIS L. SPARKMAN, Tampa 0 Third Row: SIDNEY J. SQUIRES, Fort. Lauderdale 0 WALLACE R. STACY, Westfield, Mass. 0 JOHN W. STAFFORD, Jacksonville 0 JOSEPH C. STALLWORTH. JR.. Gainesville 0 REGINALD J. STAMBAUGH. West Palm Beach 0 O. PATRICIA STANLEY, Gainesville 0 JERRY A. STEAD, 59- PCWFSDUTS 0 T. JANET STEELE, Galnesvllle 0 GRACE A. STELLA, Gainesville 0 GEORGE A. STELOGEANNIS, Ocala. t L . . . , , . . . . , . , , . J . 1 'UPHUNIUIIE ' IN UNI 'HER I I Y PULLEIIE 0 Top Row: JOHN D. STEMM, Lakeland o NORMAN E. STEPHENS, Jacksonville 0 CHARLES L. STEWART, JR... Savannah, Ga. 0 RICHARD D. STEWART, Jacksonville 0 THOMAS G. STEWART, Fort Myers 0 FRANK E. STIGGINS. Lakeland 0 RICHARD J. STOCKTON, Jacksonville 0 JOHN C. STONE, JR., Orlando o MARSHALL A. STORMES, Jacksonville 0 DON H. STRICKLAND, Daytona Beach 0 Second Row: HENRY S. STRICKLAND, Kissimmee 0 HOWARD W. STRICKLAND, Bonifay 0 JOHN P. STRICKLAND, Daytona Beach I THOMAS F. STRINGER, DeLand 0 SAMUEL L. STROM, Quincy 0 KENNETH E. STRONG, Maitland 0 SUSAN STRONG. Miami 0 JOHN W. STROUD, Miami 0 RAYMOND J. SUAREZ, Dundee 0 SHEILA S. SUBERMAN. Miami 0 Thlrd Row: DONALD R. SUSTERKA. St. Petersburg 0 JOHN W. SUTTON, Jacksonville Beach 0 JOHN F. SWANSON, Pierson 0 THOMAS L. P. SWICEGOOD, Key West I BERNARD SWICHKOW, Mlaml 0 HELEN L. SWOPE, St. Petersburg 0 EDWARD W. TACKEFF, Newton, Mass. 0 WILLIAM M. TATOM, Fort Monmouth, N. J. 0 L. J. TAYLOR, JR., Eustis 0 THOMAS E. TAYLOR, Tampa. STEMM STEPHENS STEWART STEWART STEWART STIGCIINS STOCKTON STONE STORMES STRICKLAND STRICKLAND STRICKLAND STRINGER STROM STRONG STRONG STROUD SUAREZ SUSTERKA SUTTON SWANSON SWICEGOOD SWICHKOW SWOPE TACKEPF TATOM TAYLOR . - l V y . 1 , - If , J- -., :Q 6 ., QR ' . , x U . 7' , ' X N ' 1 3,5 . . ,V . 4 X g 5 ww J' n VI . Q , J I . V In ' " . ' If I of ' j -QV - Q , A3 . 'f ' 1 I I Q . , I' f I y , A .AQ X e ' '-"V x "' , , . ' - " li. ' - . . u 1 I ' L 4 I . N ,,.' I ' f .5 'N it . . ,- xv I up IL' . 1 A .. ,,,. I. an .J . Q. Qi lash I 134 - is-Z 'Q 'se ., g '11, . A . P v .If J y . - ' . 'v 1 .. . ' ' , . t .Q 2 O, . A Q A 'I' I . X lg. - ' . I , . 1' : x Ai: .1 . A W' '- f - Q., A, 25. 4 vm V 33. 4 I . , Q fs, Y .Mia ' .el W AM EM, 5 N X Q I Vg N ,L U . , . f .Q v , -'. ' ..- re- ' , 1 ' s . I l f .. Q X ..l,l5rt.f.1 ' l . . ' 1. N W 512,43 - . , , ' . QW, Q. 'faq z h E, f . , ,,..s. . 3,,, -.K . '5,f5,,5, H I S .fifw A5 .. N, 1 "Masai A .1 , J ' ' ' . In Q . 5 'f ,, Y, .,,. Y Y f ff , f , 1 1 .si , I F -' w. 0 r fi I ' 'Mm 5 . Vo + l 'NNW '17 1 X is " FM if G lx r - TAYLOR TAYLOR TEATE TERRY TESHER TESTASECCA TI-IAMES THOMPSON THOMPSON THORNTON TILLMAN TINNEY TISON TODD TOWNE TRAFFORD TRESHER TRIPP TROTTER TROTTER TUCKER TUCKER TURNAGE TURNER TURNER TYNER TYRE 0 Top Row: THURMAN R. TAYLOR, Sarasota 0 BOB W. TAYLOR. Tampa 0 WILLIAM C. TEATE, JR., Andalusia, Ala. 0 JAMES S. TERRY, Ft. White 0 FRED K. TESHER, Miami Beach 0 CARMELO A. TESTASECCA, Tampa 0 RUFUS THAMES, Mllton 0 RABAN W. THOMPSON, Jacksonville 0 REX E. THOMPSON, St. Albans, W. Va. 0 WILLIAM D. THOMPSON, Coral Gables 0 Second Row: R. EDWARD THORN- TON, Orlando 0 CHARLES M. TILLMAN, Lake Wales 0 WILLIAM P. TINNEY, Jacksonville 0 MARTHA N. TISON, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM L. TODD, Tallahassee 0 WILLIAM R. TOWNE, II. Panama City O ROBERT F. TRAFFORD, Cocoa 0 GEORGE F. TRESHER, JR., Jackson- ville 0 GEORGE B. TRIPP. Winter Haven Q WILLIAM H. TRIPP, Winter Haven 0 Third Row: LEE R. TROTTER, Largo 0 LEWIS G. TROTTER, Largo 0 MORRIS C. TUCKER, Oakland Park I WILLIAM H. TUCKER, Jacksonville 0 JAMES L. TURNAGE, West Palm Bench 0 JOHN F. TURNER. Melbourne 0 ROBERT L. TURNER, Bradenton 0 MARGARET L. TYNER, Dover 0 ROY B. TYRE. Grand Ridge 0 MANUEL VALLES, JR., Tampa. 'UPHUNIURE IN UNIV EP. ITY PULLEGE 0 Top Row: JOHN B. VAN EPP, West Palm Beach 0 RALPH B. VAN FLEET, JR., Clearwater 0 BETTE E. VAN HORN, Panama Clty 0 WALTER C. VAN WAGENEN, Green Cove Springs 0 SAM H. VAUGHN, Orlando 0 JAMES E. VENSEL, Miami 0 RICHARD T. VOELKEL, Apopka 0 ALTON R. VOYLES, Polk City 0 JOSEPH D. WALDING, Crestview 0 HAROLD E. WALDRON, Port Orange 0 Second ROW! RICHARD J. WALDRON, St. Petersburg 0 CHARLES E. WALLACE, Gainesville 0 PHILIP H. WALLBAUM. St. Petersburg 0 LOUISE H. WALSH, Monticello 0 GEORGE L. WALTERS, Tampa 0 JO ANN WALTON, Mlcanopy 0 PHILIP WANGER, Miami Beach 0 RUFUS B. WARD, Bradenton 0 ALEXANDER WARREN, Winter Haven o THOMAS R. WATKINS, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: CARROLL D. WEATHER- LY, JR., Ft. Lauderdale 0 ROBERT S. WEATHERLY, Ft. Lauderdale 0 SIDNEY A. WEBB, Orlando 0 RICHARD L. WEBER, Jacksonville Beach 0 CHARLES F. WEEKS, Lakeland 0 HOWARD WEINSTOCK, Mlaml Beach 0 BEBE WELLS, Tavares 0 JACK G. WELLS, Fort Myers 0 LYNN E. WEST, Charlotte, N. C. 0 DANIEL W. WESTBERRY, Jacksonville. VAN EPP VAN FLEET VAN HORN VAN WAGENEN VAUGHN VENSEL VOELKEL VOYLES WALDING WALDRON WALLACE WALLBAUM WALSH WALTERS WALTON WANGER WARD WARREN WEATHERLY WEATHERLY WEBB WEBER WEEKS WEINSTOCK WELLS WELLS WEST T , U fy G T 7' A ' I . Q i A .lv V " 'Q YU.-my ri H A 4 ' x ,414 -3 5 I3 -31 2 H-1 -ff ,I , , f E . J r A H-M 'Q A I V Lf, S., sf L pin l V x. 1- . 'S' Q. .I . 7 an , I fy EN. V ,, l fe , 1 1 . . , ' 'e ,P , 3 I " . . ' -'It 'fri-g, , , ., x . H .flag - . J ' I viii L ifiif. . '- ' ' L11-VS-' I l l P Q f 9 , uv Z B 1 v ,, xg Y . . X E X , f , A, .3 A A I I r f f nv' . ' " .' . I ' J ' , ii ' , x i ' , 5' ' , g T25 S 'Eg I X f , L1 , Q. I x 5 J '.n.'4f 135 M f, .... .. 31.21 gg ' . . . 'ha . .15 ui-1 1 .. .N ... fans' . 2- N32 , v . i .4 .5 Y.. . . ' .. U, fa Q, . - 1' I Q: ,. ,gl-g. , Am.. THOMPSON TRIPP VALLES l l l WALDRON WATKINS WESTBERRY ' l 'Sl' .4 S.. I' Qa- Eg 'fail-alfa -f, L- 1 . fiv- as 4 F! 5 ' R I ' Q Y 9.1 , -,4 A c f' . ' 5' "Q 1 4 1. , . X Q.. .. 15.15-. A I . A' . 'V l s - ' ' 1 . -W-:. A na I ' I 3 1 A eq 5 qu Qu sv. . - - 1 I 9 1 G v 1 ALS , 7 H K I w J' ' . f Q A 1 X I 1 ,, - ,xy-h, W ' ' 'A 1 V E , "-1f:..,: XX N. I fwffiiu ' -. k hx I X ' L A i' A ' 1 n E - . - 9 D ' A 9 y 6' S 1 Q , , x . x -- , - ,v , . gn. N ' 1 - ' . . " . . V 'vii Xx I' 'L " 4 k sf. K - ' i l lf? V 1 5 ll ' "V WETHERELL WETZ WI-IARTON WHEELER WI-IIGI-IAM WHITCOMB WI-IITEHEAD WHITENER. WI-IITTEN WHITTINGTON WHYTE WILKINSON WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WINDRAM WINTERLE WITHERINGTON WOEI-ILE WOEHLE WOLF WOLFE WOLPERT WOOD!-IAM 0 Top Row: ERNEST J. WETHERELL, Holly Hill 0 JAMES E. WETZ, Lake Jem 0 WILLIAM II WHARTON, Delray Beach 0 LEE A. WHEELER, Lake Wales 0 BARBARA B. WHIGHAM, Ocala 0 MORRIS G. WHITCOMB, Avon Park 0 LAYTON D. WHITEHEAD, Jacksonville 0 EARNEST A. WHITENER, Bowling Green 0 JAMES R. WHITTEN, Bartow Q KENNETH W. WHITTINGTON, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: MARION J. WHYTE, Jacksonville 0 REGINALD W. WILKINSON, Clearwater 0 HAYNES E. WILLIAMS, Okeechobee 0 JAMES R. WILLIAMS, Miami 0 JOE N. WILLIAMS, Jacksonville 0 JOHN P. WILLIAMS, Coral Gables 0 RICHARD C. WILLIAMS, Tampa 0 GLENN M. WILLIAMSON, Lake City 0 DAWSON S. WILSON, Miami 0 OMAR WIL- SON, Tampa 0 Third Row: RALPH E. WILSON, Jacksonville 0 THOMAS J. WINDRAM, Lees- burg 0 CHARLES J. WINTERLE, Tallahassee 0 CHARLES G. WITHERINGTON, Orlando 0 FRITZ WOEHLE, Delray Beach 0 RICHARD WOEI-ILE, Delray Beach 0 IRVING WOLF, Miami Beach 0 WILLIAM J. WOLFE, Jacksonville 0 MICHAEL J. WOLPERT, Orlando 0 TULLIS J. WOODHAM, JR., Jacksonville. 0 Top Row: ARTHUR C. WARRELL, JR.. Boynton Beach 0 WILLIAM R. WOFFORD, Tampa 0 BENJAMIN G. WYCHE, Madison 0 BILL C, WYCHE, Lakeland 0 WARING WYCHE, Madison 0 JAMES R. WYNNE, Miami 0 CHARLES R. YARBROUGH, Pensacola 0 ROBERT L. YOUNG, Gainesville 0 JAMES O. YOUNGBLOOD, Gainesville 0 STANLEY YULISH, Miami Beach 0 Bottom Row: ROBERT E. ZIEGLER, Miami I JOHN C. ZOFFAY, Frostproof. I va . A 'lil A all-I I.. WARRELL WOFFORD wycx-ne: wYcHE YARBROUGH YOUNG vounoanoon YULISH .Q 1 'N I .. . xi f .. 1 WYCHE WYNNE ZIEGLER. ZOFFAY 136 mm Y W wr ii 1Qlll!!!t lliiiiihr 2 Q X 137 , i gf! omw gg: 55:2 EE O53 'ima mtdzrl Egymm E5E5?"sw F1521 gigs' U, :I-lm fv L-' O mm gifs to-1 ww 0 gan, 3 C1014 mm? mr-M S50 o'Ef'e :EOg715z'u" Q -jggpgas HS:5o5'55 F xdgblggis 95,5 Egg, m 3 MQ 'N Ewea Www .U wg- 2?-U ff 2 Ms sgaf-N24-r'w Massa 2. gig 555835235 QQ., 552: ,, EH - , . E52 5' ogzgogg ' H ' :,ln'02gfrQ.g Miz, 1 s ' 529PFmsL 2:5 a5wsEEm,x +k ' ff r' gf.--1 rf-zsv 1l'1f'ov?'4m0 'A L ' - L21 5."F5-.Lg-,Egg 4 gm!-"ESD-lmifi my gf, :sf RE sew 1 :vo f 'fi 3- ' . -:f55QE'g sgiwribiw FSU f- , Om s.w2'2Pm2 A heaving Q U5 '. M. mrfm O an un Z5 - U Z., 1 , 1 - gym 5 O,,r."0 ... 1 hd O. Q , USO- 0 E -l Hpq - gu...U'S1 G, ww ,pu . -V, mfg., 0 2 O Q ,Q-4 1:1711 m H i Y, mo p1'4 053' 95" mlfigghjz '- gf:-figs. 71,473 zu: -4.-. 0 gzlxpqgrmx V Q ml sr cn 3-1 ro up 5--':cA5,1: ,.1, S5Ef'E5F . 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H fig 'TQ x W ENZ s ri V ' ,Aj gf if- aff' 24461, 4 . 2 E my igyflf f . :L ff '1 1 vii, 5 ' A zigf nM? W -AAA 4, . an Q 4. I x I I V 4 V4 f I ua ' I - sig, . I B I IX. , wt n Q., , C2 l A ,I Q, iw . I 1 V . Q' .O G , .4 ' 7 ,, - I r A ya f , ,, . W X J 4 I v 1 ,F Q A X NX, - - x , Q It I R l ll . - 1 x 3 BRIDGES BRIDGES BRINSON BROGAN BROWN I BROWN BROWN BRYAN BRYAN BURNETT BUTCHER BUTLER BYRD BYRON CADLE CANOVA CANTOR CARLSON CARROLL CARTER CASON CASSIDY CHAPMAN CHILES CLANTON CLAPP CLARK CLARK CONRAD DAVIS ,Q Q? 9 'I ' . , , , gr ' L 'Y . . I el ff- S ..ia-,. re , 1 . pg I ., ' 5-,Q ww L 1 E2 " 'E R O Top Row: GERALD J. BRIDGES, Mlnmi O THOMAS M. BRIDGES, Everglades O WILLIAM B. BRINSON, JR., Sanford O LOYCE BROGAN, Panama City 0 BENJAMIN E. BROWN, Winter Park 0 HAL D. BROWN, Gainesville 0 WILLIAM K. BROWN, Buenos Aires, S. A. 0 JOSEPH E. BRYAN, JR., St. Petersburg O PATRICIA B. BRYAN, Tampa O BENJAMIN C. BUCK, JR., Bartow O Second Row: GEORGE W. BURNETT, Sanderson 0 RONALD C. BUTCHER, Kissimmee 0 SARA N. BUTLER, Bradenton I BARNEY R. BYRD. Fort Meade O LORETTA JANE BYRON, Tampa O BETTY J. CADLE, Jacksonville O MARY ANNE CANOVA. Gainesville O JOHN N. CANTOR, St. Petersburg O EARL C. CARLSON, Winter Haven O RICHARD W. CARR. St. Petersburg O Third ROWS WALTER E. CARROLL, Tampa 0 HARRIS O. CARTER, Tampa O CARL E. CASON, St. Petersburg O JOHN M. CASSIDY, Gainesville O WILLIAM E. CHAPMAN, Tampa O LAWTON M. CHILES, JR., Lakeland O KENNETH M. CLANTON, Jneksonville O RONALD T. CLAPP, Delray Beach O ANITA L, CLARK, Mlami 0 CAROLYN A. CLARKE, Miami, FRE. HMEN IN UNI ER ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: JAMES W. CLARK, Lakeland 0 BILLY W. CLIFTON, Key West 0 ROBERT EDWARD CLOUSER, Orlando 0 JAMES E. COBB, Jacksonville 0 PHILIP J. COBB, Vero Beach 0 ARTHUR R.. COGSWELL, Jacksonville O RUSSELL H. COLE, JR., Lakeland 0 EDWIN D. COLEN, Miami Beach 0 ROBERT HARRY CONLEY, Winter Haven 0 EDWIN H. CONNELL, Pahokee 0 Second Row: DONALD W. CONRAD, Winter Park 0 HARRY A. COOPER, Tampa. 0 EDWIN A. COT!-IRON, Islamorada 0 DON N. CRENSHAW, Orlando 0 MADGE E. CROUCH, Gainesville 0 SAMUEL G. DABNEY, Louisville, Ky. 0 JOHN N. DARBY. Jacksonville 0 BILL T. DAVIES, Jacksonville 0 BETTY J. DAVIS, Gainesville 0 DABNEY C. T. DAVIS, Orlando 0 Third Row: -HAL A. DAVIS, Quincy 0 PEGGY A. DAVIS, Jacksonville Q WILLIAM C. DAVIS, Jacksonville 0 RICHARD L. DEAN, Lakeland Q J. WARREN DELMAR, Lake Wales 0 ANA E. DEMAREST, Starke o HAROLD A. DENMARK, Winter Garden O D. EDSON DEWELL, Tampa O FRED DIAMOND, Miami O DONALD L. DICKERT, Quakertown, Pa. cr.1r"roN CLOUSER COBB cons coGswELL coLE coLEN coNLEY coopan COTHRON CRENSHAW caoucn DABNEY DARBY DAVIES DAVIS DAv1s DAv1s DEAN DELMAR DEMAREST DENMARK DEWELL DIAMOND - A . G S ,Q l 1 ' - . - I EY . G gf Us N . A, A , W 4 I lf' , " ,, ,bf k R . Vkf' fl-Q! 1 HJ, ' . lg? ly fi I 1 l ., Q' as 1 Kr . 'R Q K R ' 0 N X 'U H 'X , A, P 'B' 'jr 'fu BUCK CARR CLARKE CONNELL DAVIS DICKERT ik' Nd' he. f ii ll . l I Qi " vt I 1 ,,, . , , ,, .L , . . ' - - , 138 ' a 'Q I 1- ill " .A - :rg if - 97 1 DUKE EVANS FINMAN FREDERICKS GIBBONS GREENBERG K U A r . - Q. ' '14 Y wi . ,4 4' If . . V X' K I y .A- -A. ' K , '. Q N f if X W" M . . an. ., . , f l 5 .,.. . , f' 'A .n "1f...- ' . 1 L K -f J -.1 5 5 , ,N ww , 1.. 22 - .1 1 W I A. . k. f .JVM ,I H . V 22:53 . 1' HQ, - ' 5 . I, , as ., ljj -,E .M Q-al M. eil - - ' Nfl. I A P fa I 3 , 'KLM l . " . 4, Q . -- 1 - vi . as 1 gig Q ' V Q A As -.1 A' ."" :1 ' ' ' -' w me A -. H. , ., K . X -3.. . . ' V . ., A titre' Ax I . if as a x . X N 1 , A x . A . R' ' ,F l 'gli Q V '4 ' -4 M . .. ' . ,. "" -nf X ' , f ... ' J , W , V+ -at , - R' ' If " I -Q ' Q ' DILLMAN DIXON DOLL nosn Do'rsoN DOWLING DREYER DUGGAN DUKE DULANEY DULING DURRANCE DUTTON DUTTON DYER DYKES ELLIS ELLSWORTH Evanm-TE EVERTZ FABER mms FAMBRQUGH FARNAM FEIN FE1NsoD FENTON 0 Top Row: JOANNE DILLMAN, Ocala 0 LOUIS H. DIXON, Sarasota 0 GENE B. DOLL, Coral Gables 0 ROBERT L. DOSH, Washington, D. C. EDWIN R. DoTsoN, Gainesville Q RALPH R. DOWLING, Miami Q LLOYD J. DREYER, Miami Beach Q CHARLES R. DUGGAN, Lakeland Q MARTHA DUKE, Gainesville 0 OSCAR C. DUKE, Miaml 0 Second Row: JOHN D. DULANEY, Orlando 0 BETTY A. DULING, West Palm Beach 0 ROBERT N. DURRANCE, Sebring 0 ROSS S. DUTTON, Mount Dora 0 ROY F. DUTTON, Mount Dora 0 FRANK C. DYER, Winter Haven 0 GEORGE M. DYKES, DeLand 0 WAILES G. ELLIS, Tampa 0 W. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, JR., Lakeland 0 WILLIAM F. EVANS, Sarasota 0 Third Row: EDMUND B. EVERETTE, Lake City 0 HARRY A. EVERETZ, Fort Lauderdale 0 MARCIA LEE FABER, Mlaml Beach 0 JACQUELINE A. FALIS, Jacksonville 0 JOHN W. FAMBROUGH, Jacksonville 0 KENNETH E. FARNAM, Moore Haven 0 ARTHUR L. FEIN, Miami Beach 0 ALADAR R. FEINSOD, JR., Fort Plercc 0 JEAN B. FENTON, Bradenton 0 IVAN S. FINMAN, Tampa. FRE HMEN ...N UNIVER II, Y , COLLEGE 0 Top Row: JAMES R. FISHER, St. Augustine 0 JAMES FITZGERALD, Miami 0 THOMAS M. FITZGERALD, Mlarnl 0 BILL A. FLEMING, Miami 0 JAMES J. FOGG, Tltusvllle 0 GORDON M. FOLGER., Mount Dora 0 MARY L. FOOTE, Gainesville 0 DONALD K. FORD, Avon Park O WILLIAM R. FORTNER, Lakeland 0 CARL P. FREDERICKS, Homestead 0 Second Row: EDWIN M. FRIEDLANDER, Lake Wales 0 RONALD D. FRIEDMAN, Tampa 0 WILLIAM H. EVERBT, San Antonio 0 OSILIO J. GALINDO, Tampa 0 EDWARD W. GARRIS, Gainesville 0 MURRAY F. GAY, Cocoa 0 TOMMY GAY, Jacksonville 0 DONALD A. GEORGE, Morrlston 0 RICHARD E. GEORGE, Delray Beach 0 DOUGLAS J. GIBBONS. Cocoa 0 Third Row: HAROLD E. GILLETTE, JR., St. Petersburg 0 MARJORIE R. GLICKSTEIN, St. Augustine 0 RICHARD F. GODDARD, St. Petersburg 0 EDWARD K. GOETHE, Gainesville 0 RAY M. GOLDEN, Miami 0 ALFRED S. GONZALEZ, Tampa 0 DONALD L. GOODLING, Atlantic Beach 0 ALTON E. GOODWIN, Ponce De Leon 0 JEROME D. GORMAN, Lakeland 0 CAROLYN B. GREENBERG, Miami Beach. FISHER FITZGERALD FITZGERALD FLEMING FOGG FOLGER FOOTE FORD FORTNER FRIEDLANDER FREEDMAN EVERST GALINDO GARRIS GAY GAY GEORGE GEORGE GILLETTE GLICKSTEIN GODDARD GOETHE GOLDEN GONZALEZ GOODLING GOODWIN GORMAN 'Ph ai... 'uv 'Ls' ' ' -I if , J - . -lf, - , Q 5. as 1 V I .U ' A X ' ' ' I 1 . , ,H h ,4 . by L V X my 5 1: I :H : x X S lv X 'J , , K . 3 4 X IH . zz ??C5tH Jac 4 'fls'-PBM . uv . -- Q M ' J Xi" V Q ,, ,L , ve. ,, , I . 2 , , I 1 N f . K l X .. . N I 2 r 'K lf kd T I ' 'Y ' 6 5' T ef -f , 'W' X --,, N A1 M ' X ' Fifi- K as i dk f x -,fl . 664 139 gn. lx - l ,-x' ,. ., . , . .4 Y . Ty, .- gl V. 1 5 . 0 x . , ' 'f 'J I ' . I w f. 1 , s .: -v " 'Bl alfa? ' N V - s. E 1 A I . - . -A "V ' Qs- I 2 . F -A. 4' M .G . .., : , sf . -- X uv M ui I ,F full .rw . .' . , M . 'ff iii' ff? -Z" 'N l J' sf- , nail , .1 . 4 sl ,. F, ml x K .. . .. . L 1 h gn: ft . II L3 . v 5 X A I ' ..' Af J -' 4 1 3 '1:... x X , X. ' ,ffl .. l 4 ' '.. viva... A at , I v. X, fi? x . "1 -' ' ""' a Rf '. I l ' GREENBERG GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRISSOM GUILFORD GUYTON HALEY HALL HALL HALPERN HALTIWANGER HAMLIN HARDEN HARRIS HARVEY HART HAZEN HEAD HEIST HEITZMAN HELLINGER HELMS HENDERSON HENDERSON HERRIN HERRINGTON HICKS HILL 0 Top Row: ROBERT H. GREENBERCI, Mluml Beach 0 BETTY GRIFFIN, Chlpley 0 MILLER II. GRIFFIN, Fort Myers 0 RICHARD A. GRIFFIN, Fort Lauderdale 0 WILLIAM C. GRIFFIN, JR., Mluml 0 WILLIAM L. GRISSOM, Bunncll 0 NORWOOD F. GUILFORD, Galnesvllle 0 ROBERT E. GUYTON, Miami 0 JOHN C. HALEY. Mlaml 0 EARL W. HALL, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: ROBERT E. HALL, Fort Lauderdale 0 ARDENE I-IALPERN. Jacksonville 0 BILLIE SUE HALTIWANGER.. Lake City O MAYNARD C. HAMBLIN, Lake Worth 0 ANN R. HARDEN, Waldo 0 FRANK M. HARRIS. St. Petersburg 0 LESLIE HERBERT HARVEY, Sanford 0 JAMES E. HART, Bartow 0 MINNIE L. HAZEN, Starke 0 J. LLOYD HEAD, Jacksonville 0 Third Row: ED A. HEIST. Jacksonville O FRANCIS L. HEITZMAN, Galnesville 0 FRANK R, HELLINGER, Jack- sonville 0 HARLIE B. HELMS, Gainesville 0 BETTY G. HENDERSON, Sb. Petersburg 0 ROY M. HENDERSON, Clearwater Q WILLIAM H. HER- RIN, JR., Orlando 0 THOMAS I-IERRINGTON, Ft. Lauderdale 0 HENRY L. HICKS, Lakeland 0 FRANKLIN J. HILL, Miami. FRE. HMEN N UNI ER. l I Y COLLEGE 0 Top Row: SHIRLEY Y. HILL, Gainesville 0 THOMAS M. HILLS, Jacksonville 0 JOHN H, HINCK, JR., Jacksonville 0 MAURICE G. HIN- SON, Galnesvllle 0 HERBERT R. HIRSCH, Mlaml o MAX R. HITT, St. Petersburg 0 PAUL B. HODGES. Panama Clty 0 ALONZO L. HOFFMAN, Lakeland 0 LARRY J. HOFFMAN. Coral Gables 0 WADE K. HOFFMAN, Atlantic Beach 0 Second Row: RICHARD L. HOLLINS, Jacksonville 0 LAWRENCE N. I-IOLLOWAY, Jacksonville 0 PAUL J. HORTON, JR.. Gainesville 0 KENNETH G. HORTON. Ocala 0 ROBERT R. HORTON, Jacksonville 0 THOMAS J. HOUHA, Oak Park, Ill. 0 FRED L. HOUSHOLDER, JR., Tampa 0 PAT HUFF, Bartow 0 RICHARD HUGGINS, Perry 0 PEGGY HUME, Galnesvllle 0 Third Row: G. ELLIS HUNT, Lake Wales 0 ALBERT B. HURST, Miami 0 ELAINE R. ISKIN, Miami 0 T. A. JACKSON. Perry 0 THOMAS M. JACKSON, JR., Orlando 0 JOAN LISTON JOHNS, Gainesville 0 FRANK F. JOHNSON, Jacksonville 0 HERBERT C. JOHNSON, Pensacola 0 FRANK JOHNSTON, Panama City Beach 0 CHARLES FRED JONES, Auburndale. HILL HILLS HINCK HINSON HIRSCH HITT HODGES HOFFMAN HOFFMAN HOFFMAN HOLLINS HOLLOWAY HORTON HORTON HORTON HOUHA HOUSHOLDER HUFF HUGGINS HUME HUNT HURST ISKIN JACKSON JACKSON JOHNS JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES , .A "' , -age l A sr f f J vi 62, . ' 7' ' l . A , ' s I 1 I . ,.,. -. s , Q I f ' A 5 -Xi-Z M Q lik Im RK 31 ik -I X I A w I A, Q, el ' ' Qs? Q,-nc' 9' X. gk- . , . QQ' ' " 5' Q . . . , .4 , 4 1 A M Q ai. Q l R . ' N 140 -4 4 1.5, , 0,1 :I 5 I " KERRY KoPELow1'rE LEMON . Q MALONE f MARVIN I McCOLLOUGHl , ' f . fy l if ' , - W T. , " i ' ' ' A X SJ .,,,,- . Y , . N .5 641 I ' , A w - O . ,N I' ' 1 l N i 4' l ,y 'wt I ' 3 - .Q A if , . -at by . K ., . .Y K ' X 1 ., , . L X , .IRNA 'V ' . . , 9 .J A sl rv" W. ' i - 'I V s - : A - v, as . A M I V. . sd, Q, H, XJ, ,X b . , . A 4 gg.. f g,, f , . 'A A Y' 1 V- I r . k:.:w' E ,Q vw 5 , we . . Q 5 I X . lf l . - L I ' la Q.. I . ...I ,.. JONES JONES JORDAN JOSEPH JUDGE KASDIN JONES KELLY KERR, KIRBY KIRBY KNIGHT KNIGHT KNIGHT KNIGHT KNOHL KNOPE KOLIAS KRENSKY KULLMAR KUNKEL LAIRD LAMB LANCE LANGBEIN LcBLANC LEITHEUSER 0 Top Row: MURIEL JONES, Jacksonville 0 T. ALAN JONES, Orlando 0 LELAND JORDAN, Jacksonville 0 LEWIS M. JOSEPH, Jacksonville 0 BRYAN W. JUDGE, JR., Orlando 0 NATALIE E. KASDIN, Miami Beach 0 ELAINE L. JONES, St. Augustine 0 GEORGE RAYMOND KELLY, Live Oak 0 JAMES K. KERR, JR., Jacksonville 0 HOWARD C. KERRY, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: DON C. KIRBY, Galnesvllle 0 JOHN L. KIRBY, Jacksonville 0 EVA M. KNIGHT, Jacksonville 0 JOSEPH M. KNIGHT, JR., Clearwater o MARILYN A. KNIGHT, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT D. KNIGHT, Orlando 0 ARLENE E. KNOHL, Miami Beach 0 JOHN KING KNOPE, Ocala 0 GEORGE C. KOLIAS, Mlami 0 MARILYN KOPELOWITE, Gainesville 0 Third Row: HERBERT F. KRENSKY, Miami Beach 0 KENNETH D. KULLMAR, Lake Worth 0 FRANCIS E. KUNKEL, Miami 0 WALLACE H. LAIRD, Panama Clty 0 JEAN A. LAMB, Fort Myers 0 I. STANTON LANCE, Webster 0 CHARLES E. LANGBEIN, Auburndale 0 GEORGE A. LeBLANC, Jacksonville 0 ART T. LEITHEUSER, Silver Springs 0 RICHARD H. LEMON, Miami Beach. FRE HMEN IN UA IV EH ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: JAMES L. LEWIS, Coral Gables 0 RENEE C. LEVITE, Miami 0 CHARLES DAVID LITTLE, Jacksonville 0 DOROTHY M. LIVENGOOD, Gainesville 0 JOHN F. LORRAINE, Neptune Beach 0 FRANKLIN C. LOTT, Ft. Myers 0 JERALD C. LUTHER, Sebring O JEAN E. MABRY, Orlando 0 ELIZABETH B. MacGOWAN, Gainesville Q DOLORES J. MALONE, Coral Gables 0 Second Row: JOE J. MANALI, Tampa 0 J. J. MANNING, Mlami Beach 0 SANFORD B. MANSELL, Dover 0 SIEGFRIED J. MARK, Alachua 0 CHARLES MARSH, Hollywood 0 ERNEST C. MARSHALL, Gainesville 0 GRADY W. MARTIN, Jacksonville 0 G. THEODORE MARTIN, St. Petersburg 0 GORDON H. MARTIN, Gaines- vllle 0 THOMAS E. MARVIN, Clearwater 0 Third Row: CONSTANTINE MASTROGIANAKIS, Jacksonville 0 STEPHEN J. MATATICS, Ft. Lauderdale 0 WALTER J. MATHERLY. JR., Gainesville 0 SAMUEL L. MATHEWS, Plant City 0 WALTER B. MATHEWS. Gainesville 0 JIM A. MAYBERRY, Ocala Q JAMES H. MAYNARD, Sebring 0 JACKSON D. MAXEY, Miami 0 GLENN M. MCCALL, Sanford 0 RUDOLPH MCCOL- LOUGH, Sebastian. LEWIS LEVITE LITTLE LIVENGOOD LORRAINE LOTT LUTHER MABRY MacGOWAN M MANALI MANNING MANSELL MARK MARSH MARSHALL MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN - ASTROGIANAKIS MATATICS MATHERLY MATHEWS MATTHEWS MAYBERRY MAYNARD MAXEY MCCALL .v . -1 5 Q A , ,, y W ' - . V P 5. ' ' ff,-, if .. A , , W, n' .. M A I 'Q 5. . ., , eg .J .V ,, 3 I sk m fi. f ' 3 fl n . z fr Q. ' afar 'I' J' . ...r , I ew' I +A. .gs 1 . 'ff , iw' 'KV' K AN Y 'Q 4, ' ,, M J' 3, 'V V A Y W N ' tees. .-.4 f .Q . I W S' 'g 'A - 14' N I-1:1 I , L 'Qi .Q lg: l- 1 'X X 1 ' 4 ' 951' , 2- A ,iam 'sf . . , ef. Q -1 -is ' f '-'f -: -.1 'f..:" ,' , I Q, .- A W .: 9 . xi-My A I: A X J' W V. , V :ffl .Qffd , i., ., A ' J' I . fl' ... aaa K 'rl ,, 2' YT: lm . I... 1, MCCORMICK MCCUTCHEN MEHAFFEY MOHME NICHOLS PADGETT PERSBACKER 1 A I V - G Y 6 ' I . L 'c V A Y 1 ' 7 'T N fl' I it . .- . ' I .J Q Q-as p ' ' X S 'E at . -.D 'ks F E. .lv F1 Q1 . Ml 5 'C -L9-1 t- f f wr' .1 -4: - ' r 4 .J . UB Ithlx 1 S . Alt . A MCINTOSI-I MILLER NELSON MCGUFFIN MELOY MELROY MERKEL MEYER MIER MOODY MOOR MORSE MORRIS NASH MCILWAIN MCGRIFF McGRIFF 0 Top Row: ALLEN K. McCORMICK, Coral Gables 0 JOHN J. McCUTCI-IEN, Fort Lauderdale 0 BETTIE CAROLYN McGRIFF, Gainesville 0 CLIFFORD H. McGRIFF', JR., Galnesvllle 0 ROBERT T. McGUFFIN, Jacksonville 0 GEORGE W. MCILWAIN, Pensacola 0 CHARLES B. McINTOSH, Lake Worth 0 ROBERT G. McKENZIE, Panama City 0 J. ANNE McKINLEY, Bradenton 0 HAROLD G. McMULLEN, Ojus 0 Second Row: WILLIAM L. MEHAFFEY, Gainesville 0 VINCENT J. MELOY, JR., Tampa Q PAUL E. MELROY, Laurel 0 JULE F. MERKEL, Tampa 0 BERNARD L. MEYER, Jacksonville 0 FERNANDO MIER, Saltlllo, Mexico 0 KARL P. MILLER, Tampa 0 LAWRENCE F. MILLER, Fort Lauderdale 0 PATSY ANNE MILLER, Jacksonville Beach 0 MARCIA E. MITCHELL, Largo 0 Thlrd Row: FRANK W. MOHME, Orlando 0 JOEY MOODY, Shady Grove 0 DORIS MOOR, Mlaml o EDWARD M. MORSE, Plnetla 0 ROBERT D, MORRIS, Jacksonville 0 SEYMOUR CY NASH, West Palm Beach 0 EARL F. NELSON, Orlando 0 MERRILL D. NELSON, Daytona Beach 0 EVELYN L. NEWSOME, Starke 0 BENJAMIN C. NICHOLS, Sarasota. V 'A , 3 PHE 'HMEN IN ll EIVEQH 'ITY COLLEGE 0 Top Row: EDNA E. NICHOLS, Sebring 0 ALEXANDER NOWICKI, Chicago, Ill. 0 ROBERT R. OAKLEY, Gainesville 0 BEN F. O'BRIEN, St. Petersburg 0 DONALD C. O'I-IAIR, Jacksonville 0 JAMES W. 0'KELLEY, Bt. Petersburg 0 EDWARD F. OLSON, Jacksonville Beach 0 HARRY R. O'STEEN. Tampa 0 MARILYN A. OVERBY, Gainesville 0 PAUL E. PACE, Sarasota 0 Second Row: BARBARA ANN PADGETT, Miami Beach 0 ROBERT E. PARK, Sanford 0 JAMES F. PARKER, Punta Gorda 0 LAURA M. PARKER. Neptune Beach 0 JOHN G. PATE, Tampa 0 CLAYTON PATINO, Miami 0 ERNIE D. PATRAY, Starke 0 HARVEY E. PENLEY, Hialeah 0 RONALD W. PERRY, Orlando 0 TOM C. PERRY, Miami 0 Third Row: RICHARD H. PERSBACHER,,Lutz O LEWIS L. PETERMAN, Orlando O LESLIE E. PHILLIPS, St. Petersburg O ROBERT W. PICKENS, Crescent City 0 DORCAS J. PICKINPAUGH, Rushvllle, Ill. 0 JOHN A. PI'I'I'S, Westport, Conn. 0 FRANK I-I. PLATT, Arcadia 0 JAMES H. PLO'I'I', Lakeland 0 DAVID PRANGE. Vero Beach 0 EDWIN PRESSER, Jacksonville. OAKLEY O'BRIEN O'I-IAIR O'KELLEY PATINO OLSON PATRAY O'STEEN PENLEY NOWICKI PARK PARKER PARKER PATE PETERMAN OVERBY PERRY PRANGE PHILLIPS PICKENS PICKINPAUGH PITTS PLATT PLOTT sk - -. as .' . z' I v I , 9, 1' if N A 'f' . f 4: ' X 'I..- New 4,44 , ,, ,. A ' ,L -I J I1 ' M ' Y A - , I., . .5 uk 1 ' I . ? it Q' I Q L X X ' '-31 I x K N V , 9 'I' I :fa ,211 . ,A ' y X . 1 . Y ,l A A SX I il li Rm '- A ' . fx I 142 x. ' MCKENZIE MCKINLEY MCMULLEN MILLER MILLER MITCHELL NELSON NEWBOME NICHOLS PACE . PERRY PRESSER IX .E Q. . I 'a - I - 4 V , v, G. ' R ' . . wa ,. X' , Q ,W 1. 'er vi' , -I I , -4 -'V- .. , Y-f! A - 1- F .f , V N .1 tk tr' .ni 4 ' Q: . Ps i f I 1. X 'ix 5 . - V I w . . H , :. - ax ,N . A I I N -1 W 4. 1 'Q ,iw Q , A- . . A Q 'Q l saga.. I . . I at I -.I I . x. I f ' I. 'sf A 3 X . l I . 1. lx ai . . X Ni ' I ff a. ir, . V kv, 1 , x .5 pa A l N 4 P ' I. 9 ' . A p... I-.' . . gif l V S All M bww, .L ? t 1u5..+,u?l, J K MY. 'J 'U . ' ' iff 'Cr -. W ? ' '1"'- :Al h ,A CCY 3 t A iflriqf Y ., V , W I . 1 ,fl v , 14 A - 3 '?,:.,:ff:f . f , ,X ' ' .415 I fr , ' 3 LL ,. R its x -Nfl -3s5egf:f5:?:4ff. : I - Ui' 155-. Ill ' X .. 7 x Q Q 1 is .. gb Fi - 1 ,Q 1 M X Q ,gh A of , .3 2: . -uf . ' -4' x l - A lfviaripj-1 ' as VL X , ,e g.'e.g'. , , ' , 4 l.,.z',.,, 'rlzsijf X I X i, , PRYOR PULLIN PYATT RAMSEY RATCLIFFE REINTS REMBERT REMPE RENICK RHOTON RICH RICHTER RIGL RITWE RIVERS RINEHART ROANE ROBERTS ROBERTS ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROE ROSE ROSSMAN ROWE ROYSTER ROZIER RUCKS RUDD RUSSELL 0 Top Row: ROBERT B. PRYOR, Williston 0 ROBERT M. PULLIN, Sanford 0 BEN M. PYATT, Largo 0 CLARENCE M. RAMSEY, Miami 0 M. ELIZABETH RATCLIFFE, Jacksonville 0 EDWARD D. REINTS, Winter Haven 0 HASKELL G. REMBERT, Oakland Park 0 CHARLES JOHN REMPE, JR., Fort Lauderdale 0 JOHN A. RENICK, Tampa 0 MARY I. RHOTON, Lake City 0 Second Row: ROBERT G. RICH, Gaines- vllle O CHARLES E. RICHTER, Mlaml 0 CHARLES R. RIGL, Miaml O MARGOT J. RITWE, Miami 0 JIMMY S. RIVERS, Jacksonville 0 RALPH W. RINEHART, Tampa 0 LEONIDAS L. ROANE, JR., Jacksonville 0 HARRY F. ROBERTS, Clearwater 0 JANE L. ROBERTS, Surf- slde 0 MILLARD M. ROBERTS, Bradenton 0 Third Row: WILLIAM L. ROBERTSON, St. Petersburg 0 ROLAND J. ROE, Bartow 0 CARL G. ROSE, JR., Ocala 0 NORMAN A. ROSSMAN, JR., Mlaml Beach 0 CHARLES L. ROWE, Miami I RAY H. ROYSTER, Tampa 0 P LAUCHLIN M. ROZIER, West Palm Beach 0 TOMMY T. RUCKS, Mlaml 0 PAUL L. RUDD, Sanford 0 MELVIN E. RUSSELL, JR., Lakeland. FHESHMEN 'N U IVER 'ITY VUCLLYEI' E 0 Top Row: JIMMY W. SAARINEN, Fort Lauderdale 0 CURTIS E. SANDLER., Tampa Q WILLIAM H. SCHEMER., Jacksonville 0 GEORGE SCHILENS, Cleveland, 0. 0 FRED W. SCHLOTTERLEIN, Daytona Beach 0 RAYMOND K. SCHOLL, Fort Lauderdale 0 CECILE F. SCHWEBEL, Lake Worth 0 PETER N. K. SCHWENK, Clearwater Beach 0 EDITH L. SCOTT, St. Petersburg 0 EDWARD D. SCOTT, Jacksonville 0 Second Row: LOUIS E. SHANNON, Charleston, W. Va. 0 NATHAN S. SHAPIRO, Mlaml 0 JEAN M. SHEFFIELD, Gainesville 0 THURSTON A. SHELL, Pensacola 0 CAROL LOU SHERMAN, Gainesville 0 JOHN SCOTT SHERMAN, Coral Gables 0 JOHN L. SHUFLIN, Miami 0 JAMES M. SHOFNER, Lakeland 0 BOBBIE M. SHULMAN, Sarasota 0 JOANIE R. SI-IUMAKER, St. Petersburg 0 Third Row: G. ALTON SIMMONS, Plant City O JERRY A. SIMS, Jacksonville 0 NED F. SINDER., Miami Beach 0 VIOLET M. SINGLETARY, Gainesville 0 ROBERT F. SINGLE- TON, Tampa 0 FRED C. SIVIA, Gainesville I WILLIAM R. SKINNER, Tampa 0 MARY L. SLAGLE, Gainesville 0 BYRON H. SMITH, Miami 0 GEORGE W. SMITH, Gainesville. SAARINEN SANDLER SCHEMER SCHILENS SCHLOTTERLEIN SCHOLL SCHWEBEL SCI-IWENK SCOTT SCOTT SHANNON SHAPIRO SHEFFIELD SHELL SHERMAN SHERMAN SHUFLIN SHOFNER SHULMAN SHUMAKER SIMMONS SIMS SINDER SINGLETARY SINGLETON SIVIA SKINNER SLAGLE SMITH SMITH z ...W v mf . . 0 , N za, , A 1 , ' K , 9 gt . .rr ., L ' A I , . f -4 ' ' I f A -Q wr ' Q fr ga .1 at .V 'K ,fel Sr "L ,xiii 4 x fl fig " , . 1 if' K J A if Gil A 'I I ' . X .. KQV wx, in - F A, - . ' M I., H ' H- 'I f' ' ' u ..,,. -: 'V ,A .- we J lr , if - s-5-.-2,1::'..K, v. , , "' ' Q ln . f 2-g.'1H.,, .,,. X 1 X V .V 'fia t'-1' I 'N .-Q , 1 .. I 4 Q -e . ev. 'Q -Q. ' ' . w . ' .bg x , . 5 .A . Y v. Q -gy' . 'L MJ T 3 l Eff ... l. ' fi X ' 4 f X' ' if x T 143 - v QQ QQ.. sg., ja 1 M'!l'r,. . .E H3 ,E .5 ,lm L . . .. 2 . A. . Y- . ' -Tris, '7""5 A ie. ' ' I 1 41,1 ' 7 u . 4 . G ' WH 1 . , . "' H' J . g. , N . -h 1' .. .Y Y-Q1-1 sl SMITH STEVENS TATUM THOMPSON UPSON WALL K af. J 1 - J.: Qi 1. , f Silk- 5 -:. -' 1- "' Q, ax X , . if ' ' I ' -uhm' 0 1 My ..g,. f I X, . l ?-I A xx U 1 It S K l X fn N . 3- ' 'Q 0, ', . -A 1 . g, :,k A X ', W' .XJ I4 Y 1 . P' 3 .1 -1, . , - f ul " r . I f. , --'-. ' A . ef 1 T'f'. l-'fire . g D 1 N al .dsl xg I A SMITH SMITH SMITH SNEAD SOHN SPARKMAN SPEVAK STAFFORD STEGALL STEWARD STEWART STIEFEL STOKER STORM STRAWDER SURRENCY SWEET SWINFORD TEN EICK TERRELL TERRELL THAMES THAMES THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS THOMPSON 0 Top Row: FRANK M. SMITH, Hollywood 0 IVAN J. SMITH. Fort Lauderdale 0 JOYCE A. SMITH, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM C. SMITH. Starke 0 WILLIAM F. SNEAD, JR., Alachua 0 GERALD SOHN, Jacksonville 0 EMORY KEN SPARKMAN, Plant City 0 SHELDON SPEVAK. Jacksonville 0 M. JEAN STAFFORD, Palatka 0 BOBBYE S. STEGALL. Miamlo Second Row: JACK S. STEVENS. Hollywood 0 JERRY B. STEWARD, Mlami Beach 0 BARBARA H. STEWART, Newberry 0 CLARENCE E. STIEFEL, Jacksonville 0 WILLIAM A. STOKER, Tampa 0 CLIFF I. STORM. Hollywood 0 LEROY STRAWDER, JR., Sanford 0 CLIFTON M. SURRENCY. JR.. Jacksonville 0 ROBERT G. SWEET. Miami 0 BETTY JEAN SWINFORD. Jacksonville 0 Third Row: ROBERT S. TATUM, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT W. TEN EICK, Tampa 0 BRYCE H. TERRELL, Tampa 0 GLORIA JUNE TERRELL, Tampa Q AARON A. THAMES, Miami 0 THOMAS B. THAMES, Miami 0 GLENN R. THOMAS, High Springs 0 LEO J. THOMAS. JR., Gainesville 0 MARION M. THOMAS, Ocala 0 DONALD A. THOMPSON, Tampa. PHE 'H EN N Ll lVEll 'ITY UULLEGE 0 Top Row: TOMMY L. THOMPSON, St. Andrew 0 THOMAS W. THORNTON, Palatka O FRANK M. THULBERG, Lake Wales 0 MICHAEL M. TOBIN, Mlaml Beach 0 JAMES W. TOMPKINS, Lake City 0 ROLAND R. TOWNSEND, Jacksonville 0 ROBERT L. TOWNSEND, Jack- sonville 0 ERNEST TRAINA, Gainesville 0 MARJORIE A. TRUESDELL, Daytona Beach 0 MAHLON O. TUCK, Ocala 0 Second Row: BETTY J. UPSON. Neptune Beach 0 FRED R. USHER, Kissimmee 0 ALLEN J. VALERO, Tampa 0 ARNOLD E. VANDROFF, Sarasota 0 MARJORIE L. VARN. St. Augustine 0 WILLIAM F. VEBER, Mlaml 0 DENNIS W. VROOM, Lakeland 0 ERIC E. WAGNER, St. Petersburg 0 BETTYE J. WALKER, South Pittsburg, Tennessee 0 JANE S. WALKER. St. Petersburg 0 Third Row: MARGARET A. WALL. Jacksonville 0 PATRICIA J. WALLER, Miami 0 JOYCE Y. WARD. Gulncsvllle 0 WILLIAM D. WARD, Coral Gables 0 HARRY J. WARNER. JR., Tampa 0 JAMES M. WARREN. Jacksonville 0 DAVID W. WATERS, Tampa 0 JOHN W. WATSON, Coral Gables 0 MARY M. WEAVER, London, Texas 0 MELVIN E. WEAVER, Boynton Beach. THORNTON Tl-IULBERG TOBIN TOMPKINS TOWNSEND TOWNSEND TRAINA TRUESDELL TUCK USHER VALERO VANDROFF VARN VEBER VROOM WAGNER WALKER WALKER WALLER WARD WARD WARNER WARREN WATERS WATSON WEAVER WEAVER 9 iii rg Q T .W " Ili a I A I' 3' 1 A "' l 5141. . P .l- -, . ,.... Q. :I , L., . ' .L , I .. - Q' r- 1 , - I .I . y , ,vs .gr fu Jr. W.. X 1 , . ' e,,'.,r :h A 1 f iff'-kit . , 4 "3 f .X x. . I 1' 1' I' - . I- Q ,, l I ' Y ' ll I A ' fl 'fix ' A-V L. 4 ze .ea X . 1 x ' I- ' S ai,-' '- 4 .' ' T , gf wtf ' 1 Q. lf - 2 'Sy 'QE 4 X. - Q w it W NJ 4 Mr Q' , ., 'X ',- if " P , ft, If , -' ' . ' :fr af s, it N al .li . ii? i x ' is , 1. tx: Q f, ' ' ,g ka' 1 is 'hit v rl vi? . f .. Iseli ali'-at - I N. ll .- . 'tr WEBB WEBBER WHIDDON WHEELER WHITMAN WHITMORE WILLIAMS WILLIS WILSON WILSON WILSON WOHLFERT WOODRUFF WOMACK WRIGHT YANKIE YEATS YOCUM ZAJICEK O Top Row: MARJORIE A. WEBB, Gainesville O MARILYN WEBBER, Sarasota Q ERSCHEL A. WHIDDON, Perry 0 GARLAND E. WHEELER, Madison I JULES A. WHITMAN, Miami Beach 0 FREDERICK E. WHITMORE, Winter Park 0 ELOISE WILLIAMS, Gainesville 0 ROBERT O. WILLIS, Jacksonville 0 J. BENNETT WILSON, JR., Tampa 0 JOHN B. d R Z JOHN T. WILSON, West Palm Beach 0 DINO A. WOHLFERT, Mlaml 0 RICHARD S. WILSON, Gainesville 0 Secon ow S WOMACK Moore Haven o WILSON W WRIGHT Miami o NADA L YANKIE, WOODRUFF, Orlando 0 ARTHUR . . . . , . St. Petersburg O ROBERT S. YEATS, Galnesvllle 0 E. PHELPS YOCUM. JR--. Jacksonville O BETTYE ZAJICEK, MEMUPJ Nl Students Alan Fletcher Ferguson, Gainesville, November 3, 1948 Walter Charles Hellinger, Jr., Jacksonville, December 30, 1948 William Shillibar Sparkman, Ta 1111 pa, April 15, 1949 Facility Roy W. Morrison, Gainesville, professor of education, May 13, 1948 William E. Stokes, Gainesville, head agronomist, experiment station, july 19, 1948 Jefferson Thomas, Gainesville, assistant editor of the station and extension service, July 25, 1948 Kenneth R. Coghill, Gainesville, associate professor of music education, October 6, 1948 William A. Des Noyes, Everglades, assistant hydrologist, Everglades ex- periment station, October 13, 1948 Townes R. Leigh, Gainesville, head professor of chemistry, dean emeritus of the college of arts and sciences, and honorary vice-president of the university, February 14, 1949 145 ina EP ,Ay-. A X QW fx- K fl , XX ' x !1 IJ 2" f-"1vQ A YAAV L 1 .. 1" gf. bf' W A P 'ilflw ly , 1 ,,u x , if 5 4111 'J' "9 x ii za , a QV gf diif 5 4 Q Q 1 Q, ,piteyis ff ff I Q m -4 4? Q n.,, 450 F., NI 5" V 'J Y 'QI ng 1' 'x- f' 1 mx ' " Q 1 - S 1 K - fa, X f 1, :sz 'AI' 4 B 5 5 + .' Qx X4 fc? I DA ... Y- A-Q.. -4 ,. i GN C TICS QT T-7 TICN AT UDENT ANE GE GAVE ITIC UTY 'RIDA X ,-,l-J Z!" X? f ffx STUDENT BODY ELECTIONS With spring, quite C1 stir. ,,---. .lr 5, QW' 6 1 rap si PHI Activities kept things jumping as usual . . . Dr. Hillis Miller officially became the fourth president of the University of Florida in a colorful inauguration .... Tex Beneke gave out with hot music for Spring Frolics .... The track and baseball teams turned in fair rec- ords .... Students danced to the mellow music of Johnny Long at Floridals first annual Spring Carnivalg Dottie Powell was crowned queen .... Formation of a new political party created quite , a stir at campus election time .... June brought forth 609 graduates, the largest graduation class Q, in the university's history .... Constructions and rug-..-.......,,-. ..--..--pq INAUGURATION OF DR. MILLER renovations continued at a steady pace. For the university, its fourth president. "' . 4 f gs. - s C 'Y ,- -X N v li KING UGLY "GEEK" ALLEN For the Red Cross, moneyg for the king, prizes. CARNIVAL QUEEN DOTTIE AND ADMIRERS' MIDSUMMER STREET DANCE To mellow music, shuffling feet. ' Instead of rubber tires, leather soles. ' L. to R.-Johnny Long, Dottie Powell, Bernie Shlell. 148 L X- + x SAMPUS SUMMER FROLICS if heat and Ielinick horns. AN FLORIDA VS. 'TAMPA Nl S I ' . ' For the visitors, a loss. Summer sessions for ambitious people .... Elections were a one-party landslide .... Florida Union made campus life more enjoyable with street dances, bingo games, outings at Wauburg. . . . Iohnny Jelinick played at Summer Frolics. . . . The administration prepared for an all-time high in enrollment .... The new girls' apart- ments neared completion .... The Executive Council made plans for pepping up Florida's uhellov tradition. . . . TEX BENEKE He gave out. ' I 7 . i fp w V 1" 'J I v GROUP LEADER AND CHARGES For new students, a guiding hand. I 1 i t. I rx. sbt ij . ' K , , no THE CLASS OF '52 In an old building, new faces. Orientation, that annual week when raw high school graduates arc trans- formed into college men and women, heralded the school year of '48-'49. The vine-covered university audi- torium was the scene of the first official assembly of the class of '52. Separated into small groups under the supervision of student leaders, the two thousand frosh set out on their task of learning the integral parts which make up Florida. After four days of lectures, tests, and explanations, orientation enclcd, with the hope that those same four days would prove to he the keys unlocking the door to four years of true all- around development. TXVO CC's OF PREVENTION For Ioe, I1 needle. HONOR COURT SKIT ROLL CALL AT NQON For 2,000 froslz, an emphatic lesson. After four days, an unlocked door. .- ,, - 1: T o-no r sf Y 1 Q . ff 'Q f ASSEMBLY IN AG 108 X. Since the war, rlddefl eomplexily. ,,. CONSULTATION FOR COURSES For each SIIIKIUIIF, a moment of unecrlninly. CHEST X-RAY M 5-s Registration, the epitome of torture for Florida students, renrs its head each semester. Since the wnr, n newer, more complex system has Colne to Gntorlnnd. Instead of individual registration appointments, the entire student body is signed, sealed, and delivered en masse during ll four-day period. Freshman registration, for some, is the greatest annoyance to he endured during the college stay. The "rats" are rushed from one building to another, garnering vaccinations, physical ratings, and activity hooks on the way. The registrnr's office has done an ndnlirnhle joh in creating order ont of chaos in two years. PURCHASING BOOKS CHANGING SCHEDULES TB or not TB, ilmf is the queslion. X x 'X . N J M . f" K, SCHEDULING OF CLASSES Saturday classes or no Safurflay classes, another qrzesliorz. Affw' fl Img wflff, Gmlfly PUVSUS- ' To llze registrar, a moving slory. A -A fi X ?' Y Y . V -.1 . L' ' 1 .X . 'Lrg' -J,..,g .' , fc, .iv In x ws in . 4 Qpffylr V - J A 1 5 W I W -Q 1 n . ' " 'f ww FORMAL PLEDGING Ile was one of 700. , 'V' .11 . . Q, .rl , fl ' .x -'- f' . wi' To the average fraternity-lninded freshman, rush week was a whirlpool in which hc was fed, feted, and fought over hy aggressive "Creeks,' who regarded the whole process as a necessary evil. During this week, 1100 date hooks were picked up at the dean's office-700 were returned. Rush week this year con- flicted with the first week of classes, hrought forth cries of "never again" from Mortgage Row. Sorority rushing, more formal and sophisticated, eaxne scvcral weeks later. A Panhellenie reception opened the feminine rush season, followed hy a series of informal parties and the more formal preferential teas. This fall l02 em-ds donned pledge pins. PllOSl,EC'l'IVE CHEEKS VIENV SKl'I' It was re,gnrderl as Il necessary evil. AN INFORMAL PARTY THE ANGEL I The aetiues wore pajmnas. She waved her warul. 7' ir' y . J 3- xl IIOT BOX Some wwe flggfcsmve- SORORITY PREFILREN 1 IAL 'IEA The wanted were welcomed. V K ' . l , , '-lu. 1 'ffgb ix I 93:91 ,..2f6I','i2 f '1.?'5,",5-I "'1z',a . 5 Me, 5k S Y , , 541 41 Q we 3 I 2 Www ' hwflnmzwr I .,,,. ,M 3. mann, - ..-.. aff! ,Q One warm evening iu April 1948, Bob Cliiotto nervously picked up a ringing phone to hear the words, "you're in!" XVith that Bob was told he had been elected president of the student body. Facing an Executive Council of predominate- ly opposition party members, he had difficulty obtaining approval of his cabinet appointments. The president started the year with efforts to improve conditions in the temporary dormi- tories, especially the placement of drinking fountains. After creating the new cabinet post of secretary of legislative affairs, he initiated a streamlined procedure for handling routine organizational requisitions in the Executive Council. Spurred by student-police clashes during a football victory celebration, he made efforts to foster better relations between the student body and Gainesville municipal authori- ties. Bob, who is from Brooksville, is a Blue Key man and was secretary of veterans' affairs in last year's president's cabinet. ltesigning the student body presidency at the end of the first semester to accept Governor NVarren's appoint- ment as executive secretary of the State Road Department, Bob turned over his position to the capable hands of vice-president Earl Faircloth. EXECUTI it E BRANCH Office of the Student Body Presiclent Florida Union Campus 'l'o the student body: 'l'o be truly democratic, student government must have the substance as well as the form of democracy. 'I'he students of the University of Florida are proud of the fact that their system of self-govern:nent possesses these quali- ties. Our responsibility is to eontinue to develop them to a point of perfection, meanwhile aecluainting ourselves with the responsibility of living together in a democratic niamier. President, Student Body PBEXY GIIIOTTO NVI'l'lI SECliETAllY The gouernm' was plezlscd. Left, EARL FAIRCLOTI'Ig right, CAIL LEE The vice-president ascemlecl. A VICE P1113 11113. T Bears BY-THE uP.EP. Vice-president Earl Faircloth assumed no small task when he became student body president upon Bob Gl1iotto's resignation. Earl, from Chiefland, is a de- bater of first rank and is a member of Tau Kappa Alpha forensics society. He is a Blue Keyer and was a member of the 1947-48 Executive Council. "By Ceorgeli' is his favorite expression. Secretary-treasurer Cail Lee handled disbursement of student body funds. A Bus Ad major from Fort Lauderdale, Cail was president of the junior class in 1947-48. Also a Blue Key man, he was president of Phi Eta Sigma honorary and a member of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. 'I'-shirts are his favorite attire. CABINET Il AJ if if 'wg if ,, W trip!! V N X K ,N1ELFl7xUNlliE-5 ON , . 4 Affalfs ' 'YHOMPS ivhsiott El H HWXN CASSEL lYOM:ldi1ilAllnlYS L A rr W' . ms nomar Labor , - AMAT Orgamlm . , N105 ST ,, OLE ifimmtt BILL YO xnterior The president had a hard time get- ting Executive Council approval for his appointees. Some positions had to be filled by compromise. When vice- president Faircloth ascended to the presidency at the end of the first semester, three resignations of original cabinet members were accepted. These were replaced by Dave Clem- ents, Laborg Sam jennings, Interiorg and Harry Letaw, Veterans' Affairs. K if :Q . p X .J Q XX. 'Afl 3 -- CHNEYDER AL' S V Stairs - UGGS ,1islatiVC A K p Bm. SCF 1. L, Les- HV' SIM GAY , veterans P'm"S GRACE ELDEB mime 1'wW"m Womens' MENS 155 MAj0liI'i'Y LEADER SAM LOVE A hunk of energy. E . ll,-' V 'as Sam Love irucc Beardsley UP . 'my CI I IO'l"l'O WITH OPl'OSI'l'ION A split on party lines. Ernest Currie joy Lcc FN "f Q. 6 'W , . ' i. I K' up , . X' sf- 14. 3, - , A ,.-,,., Twjibgl ' I di xx John Dees llex Farrior Bob Poole Bill XValker P 'M bf iv' x 4 vx 1 - Jax . t i.t A ,Q y J ,J f fl. A .-M" FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING A check on decimals. It's 7:30 on a Tlulrsclay night. About a dozen mature looking University of Florida students file into a spacious meeting room on the third floor of Florida Union. Others drift in, seating themselves in clusters to talk over the latest campus quiddities. A coed begins polish- ing her fingernails. When the room begins to assume that "fully packed" appearance, the tall, quiet-spoken presiding officer raps for order. The secretary-treasurer calls the roll to see if tlicrc is a quorum. Another meeting of the Executive Council is in session. EXECUTIVE ' UIL Harry Beasley Earl jctex' L tl U Bill Bryan J. YVillingham L Dave Clements Lucien WVatson Reece Smith Pete Brock Q-' Q i 4 to ,'.. s k I ,gk Q 'r 4 ,g Ben Cooper Hank Hendrie Bill Daniel Dick Mugge r f i X ix, l ls X . 1- 1 LEG,IQiLA.Tl, E ISHA. CH It might as well be a meeting of the Lower Slob- bovian assembly for all the average student joe Gator knows about it. He remembers voting last spring for a fraternity brother of his, or a fellow recommended by his roommate, for something known as the Executive Council. What are those guys and gals he elected doing? Here is the 1nainspring of Florida's student govern- ment, and the thing that surprises joe Gator is that it really governs. Despite its name, the Executive Council is not an executive group, but a legislative one. It's no stodgy, legalistic group, either. These 38 members, who are representatives of the various colleges, handle all affairs of the student body in their semi-monthly meeting. Last spring's political fireworks sputtered out when this group got together to act on general issues concerning the welfare of the student body. They do admit splitting along party lines on party issues, as President Bob Ghiotto discovered when his cab- inet appointments came up for approval. Unofficially, there's a majority leader-Sam Love, a hunk of energy personified, who stings members into action along legisla- tive lines. Hc's also chairman of the steering committee. About S160,000 of the student body's funds pass through the Council's hands each year, requiring a close check on the decimal points. Rex Farrior heads the finance committee. Long an all-male body, this year three women lent the feminine touch. joy Lee and Pat Collier exerted a good bit of influence behind the scenes. Among this year's more concrete accomplishments, the Council: abolished the numerous half-hitched drives on campus and welded them into one community chest campaign, agreed to underwrite the Military Ball, enabling it to become a campus-wide function with a big-name bandg granted a charter to the Womcnls Student Association. Remember, joe, the mainspring of student government. HCQYY Nash Hilffy R1 lb Pit Collier 1' om Fouts Cane Reynolds Rilph Wilson Dlflli P2100 MOTFIS Tl1CkCl Btn Duncrn llcnry lxittleson M mon Srnders L Pritchard ,,g. I x, KJV: x S r Q f IQ..- ' K 51' if-wf""' I -S""" 'i"?55 Q 'V H 1 . P ,, ,A mfwjf',:,Q,,Q ., .Qs lj' 'M - Vu 1 . , 1 ., , ..Y.,,,-g 1 "riff ' ., ' ML "?,.s ', V .'-L? ,,.,l 1 I 4 ..,. fr WR. mi, u, fix . ,wihiw-ns: b wn4:1:s1.,. ' . A ,. ' UL.x,,,. , 1, ' f'W .,L5,h2'i. 3 A EQ: :Q A 'UG , .jlsklf .C-4 A , ri E" v ' me wi, l' I 7 'wx 3' ! . fn X 5 W 'c ' X5 es ,H ,H X, - by X U , r , S!! Yum, X ,lark E3 'f ,Wg :E qi nl ,+ , .LM , if x - Q.,-Tv' -gf, V, ,'f"Z, M Lf.: ' , ,sf '. - - 5 2 if v"'fQi.1 Ja ff Q :s:3Xf'm - ww vw 3 ia, f 5 ' ' .- 'wzvffx ,. ,, V Q55 YH' ,, . ,R ' ' SSM?" . ,. ,Vx f -.."f -. gf . 'ff -f' Sie 7 W as - X 4 - .......-...........,,:.. - , . , L. , 'zgr Y 2 ,VH .5-1. l CULPRIT CHEATING The Honor Code recognizes . . "Floridn,s most cherished tradition" was recognized last year as the best honor system in the United States by the National Student Federation. The Honor Code symbolizes a spirit and way of living, and recognizes that each person is honorable until proven otherwise During orientation week of each year, new students are inst1'ucted ns to the function of the Honor Court and nmde to realize the responsibility which the Honor Code places upon them. The Honor Court, consisting of a chancellor, clerk, and eleven justices chosen in the general student body election each spring, strives to be more preventative than punitive. The court has penal jurisdiction over the three violations of the Honor Code-cheating, stealing, and the passing of worthless checks. For these violations, the court can decree penalties of reprimand, penalty hours Cndded to credit hours required for graduationi, suspension, or expulsion. ll holds civil jurisdiction in the interpretation of the student hody constitution, administers oaths of office to all student hotly officials, counts hnllots, und publishes election results. CULPRIT ON TRIAL until proven otherwise. CULPRIT STEALINC that each person . . . CULPRIT PASSING BAD CHECK is lmnoralnle . . . ny, -, , V -QM an .. , 1-,.,,. V.. '94 N. Mi. a. ,M li' Cb K t ., ogn 3 t -- if L. .531 K6-7 on ,ml . f .X 4 U., . -V. me vu. :fx ' 1 '-...J ' .M " nk .N ,tecqqsy ...H . . ,II - - ,,. . , . -g4lNg,, ""' 4 ff'-5, :,., l Us "v- . - lg I I 1 r 3 5 1 ' c... far- 7 rf, 'If 'C--rf: .. OX: . 11 .:-f.- . -S-Qi: .,':'5fg wo: -F Q '-fd, "AfJ'l5?R x 1 sv 'Q , Perl S -F w' 'F 1 -..f .ml eg ,o , N' V . vJr.1.' , ". " ., v. ,! I, as ' .Mr .svn 5, ,..-inn Nr? N " Fa- ., ' 'li' --u-. .4 . .,,.. E 'gf .milf-zwx ,MM "5 oy. ' X ' 'rj--. GOV. TIIURMOND VISITS CAMPUS Because of the similarily, yirnelical experience. W1 CANDIDATES BESIECE A VOTEH For a vote, a lzanclslzalcc. A stranger visiting the campus during the first week in April would have thought that a carnival was in town. A closer examination of the flood of signs and handbills which engulfed the campus from the Nik-Nak to the drill field would have revealed that a campus election was in progress. Paradcs, rallies in front of the College Inn, sound trucks extolling the virtues of a particular slate of candidates, broadcasts on WRU!" and WCCC blasting the opposition-all these were designed by shrewd party leaders to influence the stu- dents in casting their ballots. Few dormitory dwellers escaped visits from energetic politicians "stomping thx dorms." Much handshaking and baekslapping beseiged the voter as he entered the polling place. Campaign cards and last minute pep talks attempted to get undecided votes. Voters leaving the polls were totally ignored where a few minutes before they had been everybodyis buddy. . 'jf gs l E9 '-: 'LG'-3 "T'f,5:,-I , it t .,- HONOR COURT SUPERVISES BALLOT COUNTING For the politicians, card playing. ELECTIU t CO-ED CASTS I-IER BAl..LO'I' Although all should, many clon't. A A I I i ' x VARSITY BIGVVICS IIOLD CONFAB Many interests to be satisfied. On election night the old ree hall was filled with tense politicians and interested bystanders anxiously awaiting progressive results from the Honor Court every half-hour. Time was idled away with card-playing as hushed conversation and cigarette smoke filled the room. Final results for each office were met with a wave of applause and shouts from the winner's supporte1's. The losing candidate, with an air of good sportsmanship, congratulated the winner. Because of the similarity between campus elections and state or national elections, practical experience in political methods and election procedures is gained by Florida students. I AD unofficial but integral part of student government is politics and political parties. Ilere again, Floridais Slllilvlit government resembles state and national govern- mental maehineryl Secret meetings, the famous smoke- fillcd rooms, election propaganda, candidates baekslap- ping voters-all these are common sights and occurrences. Bloc is pitted against blocg many interests have to be Slttisfiedg campaigns are sometimes melodramatic and olten full of mud-slinging. VOTE SW' 1 Y. 3 ,Sinai gas, ,U 5, esmgakf 1 fm . X.. n-I X s VARSITY CANDIDATES OVERFLOWV C-AS RALLY Inside, lint meals, outside, het air. DL I I I G L GATOR-ALL STUDENT POLITICOS CONFER I Both the Varsity and the Gator-All Students parties contended they had an equal distribu- tion of power between fraternity and non- iraternity students. The Varsity party was accused of being an immense fraternity blocg the C-AS party was colrnterattacked with the accusal that it was dominated by two or three fraternities. Occasionally, a dissal'isi'ied faction will pull out of a party and run one or mo1'e candidates on its own. These seldom get elected. Both the names and the membership of the pa1'tics may change at any time. This year, as in years past, fraternities have exerted a majority of the influence behind elec- tions. Perhaps this is unhealthy, nevertheless, fraternities possess organized voting units which independent students lack. Although some of the outstanding political leaders are non-fraternity men, independent students as a whole lack either the organization or the interest to induce them to vote. 1 hey eenlenzlerl equal rlisfrlbunon. COEDUCATION IS llliltlif T0 SWVAY With campaign literature like llzis, anyone eonlal win. SENIOR ,CLASS 3-1 Q nm, 'sf' aw SJ ff 8 " V3 ' 3' x. 5 . A X, Xp W. I Y f fi Lf, W., an ,- V z ,.4" 1" LQ . 'I A, f . , , , M' ' .- h X 2 . N X S-,, , NX ly X 1 . 3 SW. S:-ra ,gy - ' JUNIOR CLASS g SG. x 1 'gim S55 P1 -TV X Av gugnf l A Z " "ii fu"1!. "J, F' '. v I , X, - P my -f N. .,X V1 Y. i...4S I W si A U fm fi X 5 . fig e:f'p?.:.?n ,2 I , 'fan X 5 . I - 1 1 , ' +1 :wx . .-. 1- . w ,.. 4 nz: .2 A si' n A 7 Ill!! Ili -r ' ' Q , . A., , . ' 1 M Q, Ag: A -. ' F ' W w 15' A WA 'xy' -gil l' , lm-114--... .PN For two weeks before homecoming, the mem- bers of the Pep Club piled wood on the drill field in preparation for thc biggest bonfire to accompany the biggest pep rally in the history of the university. Two days ahead of schedule, an unidentified jokester with a curious sense of lmmor set the gigantic woodpile ablaze, leaving only ashes. Uuclauutecl, the Pep Clubbers found more wood and the rally came off as scheduled. Friday afternoon, following the previous night's rally, Gov. Caldwell, Gov,-elect XVar- reu, and Senators llolland and Pepper led a group of bands, marching units, and 19 beau- tifully-decorated floats before 30,000 spectators. Along fraternity row the houses were almost hidden from view by the colorful, amusing, and in one ease, sexy decorations that wel- comed alumni and promised them a football victory. 'I'he Sigma Chi house was judged to be best decorated. MORE 'l'OltCll l'AllADl1IllS 1 lucy wcrcrft Klansmcn, either. D1Llb t'OlttltAY AU'i'OMO'l'lVE 1'ROtI1tliSS Olhcrs were amusing. v. ...,,. ...N --- ...',..,.,-. I it QI .2 K . . I' I I ESQUIRE GIRLS ATO1' SAE FLOAT D Bulging eyes and lmtlzing beauties. S1 ROOF PREMATURE BONFIRE An xmidenlifiecl jokesler. .ah "' 4, KD's WINNING SORORITY FLOAT A mountain of tinfoil. Gale: -- CONVERTIBLES JOIN PARADE On Friday afternoon, dignitaries. 1 1 1111 I1 1111 1 1 1 111 1111 71111 sp111 s 111 ss1 11 1 ' ' xx . - 1 1111 1 " DS -' - 1, Q . ,K I. '- I I L1 1l'l' 1." 11111K 1 1' W1- - ll 1111111 ' 1 1"111e .' 111' 'z ' 1 ' 1 H - s 1 11111111 ' 1-v1- S, 1' 1'11lXVIl-51111111011 C1'11w1 141111- 1111- 1l1lll0S1J1l1'l'1' 111' il 1111'1-1-- l'1Ilg circus. 111 51131111111-11 1111- N1'll'1 111' 1111- . 1 111111111111-1-11 11s l'lll1. 11111 :11- 1 1 11111111111 111 1,1lS1lll1Lf 111111s 11Lf ' t 'h 111111 1111111101 1s 111 1111 11 1111171111111 111 11111111 911111111-1-111 wus 1111- 111- 1fA 1s1 ff 1 ' - ' ll11lh'S .,l XV1l 18 Il 111 11111 111 I1 1 11111111.1 l'111's 11111111111 1111 u1111l'1'1.17U1 111111111 1 1111 11111 1115 1"1111'111a1 1"11x'111'1l1's j'1K11'11'11 1 1 s 11s111 111111111111 11l1' IDl'11gl'1lllI w1-1'1- N 111111 118111118 1111xx11s lll11 s111111111s 1ilY1llLf 1-ggi '11111 11'1i1'v . 1 1 1111111. 1 CRONVL SOUND CON'l'R0l,.MEN Ilunsingcr slipped lufrrf. nz rn ' ' 'M unnszu , - ' aolnmuli DICNITAIIIES VIEXV SIX-YEAR PLAN EXIIIBIT '- Thr' plan wus in clangvr. l V E I SQTEX Y 1 MID-wvIN'1'Eu SWIMCAPADES W X Porpuisvx spluslmrl in chilly llYll!'l'. H-M'H,,,,,., J , SWIMCAPADE ANNOUNCER Wim! H10 1v1'll-rlressval Florirlu num should u'mr. Anutlwr stellar anltmclion of ilu- wvc-kvnd was Saxturdzly 1110111- ing's lNIid-XVintvr Swimcalpaulvs. 'l'hirty-sm-Ven llumun porpoiscs splalslu-cl about in tha- chilly xvutc-1' in Ll wutvr ballot, trumpo' e auvt, and wutvr trapczc uct. , , 1928 GATOR GRID TEAM , H Tlwy prmluzrerl Ilze only All-Americzm. 1928 'l'EAh4 AT ,48 lIOMECOb,1INC Vansickle was in Hollywnml. 167 X PEP CLUBBERS NVELCOME ALUMNI HUNSINGER AROUND RIGHT END Boisterous spectators and lzeartwarmirzg score. Green hands and white cards. -pen-cnvfiii ON TI-IE BENCH Hot boys and cool words. iii f 4 1 . H H 1 MIAMI IWIRLLR , 1 N . Nimble fingers and ' climplezl knees. Iicrc's what students and grads alike were waiting to soc. In past years of iutrastutc rivulry Florida lmd nottcd five wins to Mi:nni's four. 'l'l1c Hurricanes wt-ro anxious to L-von up the record. But "Bear" Wolf's boys were too hot to handle. Twenty-six thousand boisterous spectators, including I1 16-car special train- lozld of Miami rootcrs, watched the some- timcs-hot-somctimos-cold Gators lulnd thc slightly favored Hurricanes Il heartwarming 27-13 trouncing. Evcn Mimni's cliccrlcndcrs, pnrading around tlic field bearing lrurricnnc HONOR GUARD PREPARES TO RAISE COLORS Old Glory and Pershing Rifles. HURRICANE WARNING A brief scuffle ancl a few bruises. PLAYING LEAPFROG A well-posed picture. , 1 . Warning flags, suffered 21 few bruises. As ll new homecoming feature, 2,000 card- Wielding students spelled "HELLO MIAMII' and "WELCOME ALUMNIU greetings. After the game, ar satisfying climux to un eventful Weekend, the F-Club celebrutecl with their unnuul Homecoming dance in U10 gym. Couples of widely assorted ages shuffled across the floor to the music of Wilson Humber's orchestra. Petite Dottie Powell annexed another crown to her laurels US 1948 Homecoming Queen. MIAMI BAND AT IIALF-TIME Ring around the rosy. IIOMECOMING QUEEN Another cup for Powell. F CLUB DANCE Widely assorted ages. COACH WOLF AND FRIEND Victory for the Bear. MIAMI ROOTERS BUY COLORS Some did, one didn't. H ..... -5 ..,,,....,,.. ,,-.V --,v .....- .,,,......,,u to thc football game and Gator Crowl. Politicians almouudvd at l"riday's Lt-gislativv luncllcon givcn lmy , I l'ra-sida-ut j. llillis Milli-r. 'I'liat 4-vvniug. past and prc-sc-ut " campus l3MOC's gatlu-rvd at Florida Blum- Kc-y's silver illllliVl'l'Sill'y lJan1luvt. 'flu' illlllllllllllL'l"l'lHlSt'l'S had a field day Saturday, opt-ning with breakfasts and lunclu-ons by tlu- lc-gal fraternities. Lawyt-rs ClIllClill'Cl at the John Nlarsliall Bar Association skit. Alumni gawlwd at tlu- facc--lil'liug tin- old school had undcrgonc- siuu- the days wlu-u Florida was a livw ivy-colorvd buildings clustvrvd around tin' Plaza ol' tlu- Auu-ricas. 'l'lu-y stoppvd in at dm-ar old Eta Rita Pi iralvrnity liousc to clial will: tht- youugcr lmrotlu-rs. A I1-w slayn-d until Sunday, llie-u gatin- vrvd wiws and rainvoals for ilu- luonu-ward journvy. DR. MILLER A'l' BLUE KEY BANQUITI' For llm BMOC'.v, an mmi1vr'r.s'1lr'y. MRS. MILLER 61 FRIENDS' For lim flllI'l'll, ll pr1'sirl0lll'supprorrll. flmlitl GOVICRNOR AND SUCCICSSUR For lVlll'l'l'lI, un ' vximmliug unirr'r.s-ily. JOHN MARSHALL BAR SKIT CARD WVIELDERS RETURN BAND SALUTE For umlmlurure-clmscrs, cluuzklcs. For lzonmzrozning, gzlwking alumni. 'Mrs. Miller, Prvs. Millrr, Dolfic Powell, Drvm Brvlly. 170 M., , : J f,,,: 1-lg.-,i'14f,. 'sr "Wei,-I , f IM, qw: ,lm 4-. , ,-: 24,7 ' "lf i fl mfr' A ,?1f':?"g1', 'fy-tyfm-'1'. 'f H4115 :gf 'aliff W' A+ -.Je J, -A if-,gwi J' 4 9 H L4 J r 1' 'Y , X X f i " 5. . 5 5 ,s ix 1 3 X Q 1 P' I 41 4 . 6 Q14 ,. mifwg , R"-W-A. W AN . ,ax js, k : Qui! - 51 5' 5 sq, Mila X , N-si .Any 35, lf: lies? Q . ' ' 1 aim U Y . ,, xx: 1 2 -M W., 2. x"""-',.,.1f I 5 l' ., . 7 ,A 'sk A M-A 1 3 K . A ' 1, 4 ., rum, 'X ' -,, Q, I . X U A ' K 4 R , 51: A y Y K I N xi s ' V . ', , . z . 35 iw , h 5 , . ffm dg ra 1 F3 , 3 f 5 ? 1. N if w 'Q 5 1 4 X Y ,nav-, x K f , .uw J --N.. ww CAME ROOM Between classes, blue chalk. On a typical day, a visitor to Florida Union might see anything from a hilliards tourna- ment to an exhihition of South American architecture. Such diversified activities are in strict conformity with the Union policy of appealing to the widest possible range of interests. Eight thousand people pass through the Union's doors each day. Bryan Lounge affords a comfortable place to read a newspaper, pick out a tune on the lounge's piano, or listen to the radio. "Let's shoot a game of pool," is often heard on the stairs going down to the game room. Florida Union contains numerous meeting rooms and offices for student puhli- cations and student government. NVeekly free movies, bridge instruction, dancing classes, and hingo parties are popular attractions. The Union annex houses the University bookstore. AIR BASE DANCE For the barracks boys, an evening of relaxation. MAIN ENTRANCE AND DESK Through these porlals, eight thousand. BRYAN LOUNGE For study-weary stuflents, I1 haven. FLUR Ill I UNION FLORIDA UNION SOCIAL COMMITTEE Left to right: Tom Trantham, Mildred Langford, Lewis Vickers, Pat Stanley, Leon Handley, Grace Elder, john Carter, Jessie Mae Smith, Bill Lockhart, Peggy Clayton, Dick Muggc, Pat Bradley, Bill Morrow. 172 BOATING ON LAKE WAUBUBG Someone took . . . Several years ago someone took pity on the Florida man's pocketbook and came up with free recreation in the form of Camp NVauburg. W'auburg has improved since those early days when it was a swinnnin' hole for the worn out, perspiring, study-fatigued student. Florida Union accepted the responsibility of maintaining the camp in 19375 since then improvements have been made until today the park has a 140 foot dock, a 300 foot sand beach, a new bath house, and sixteen fire- places. This year another three acres of land were cleared to accommodate the increased student body. All this has been done to give mo1'e comfort to the still worn out, perspiring, study-fatigued student. This beautiful, shaded park is a haven for the student and is the scene of many picnics and parties during the hot spring and summer months. FLORIDA UNION STAFF Front Bow: Bob Fortes, Fred Owles, -lim Wfherry, Paul Langston, Phil Marvin. Second llow: Tom Trantham, joy Lee, Imogene Cutts, Judy Smith, Mrs. Rosalie Caffee, Mrs. Viola Fisher, Mrs. Mujcl Barrett, Peggy Clayton, George Thompson. Third Row: joe Pope, Bob Scott, Iohn Carter, Bill Rion, Dick Mooney, Layton XVhitehead, Sterling Peacock, Jim Kelly. Back Bow: Bill Caldwell, Al Mor- ton, Cliff Tucker, Jack Mills, Buck Clinard, Gordan Howe, Ray Campbell. I"L0ltIDA UNION SODA SIIOI' A popular plaee In elzil-elral. l'Al,Ml'IIi LONG - Direrflur PRESIDENT MILLER AND GOVERNOR YVARREN MAIN CAFETERIA Iiuerynne ealx at the cafeteria. Two million meals a year. Ut WEB ITY F000 I EHVICE DEI' OHTNIENT Untlc-r tht- tlirvction ul' lhtlmt-r Long, thu lfoocl St-l'viu's Dc-pt. hats clone wt-ll in keeping pncz- with tha- Univt-rsity's grmvth. 'I'ln- nvw, t'lalhm'zltc', S89l,000 c:tft'tt'i'in lnlilcling l'vplatt'vcl thc ulcl, m't'i'c1'mvclc-cl llIllClII'00lIl. This nir-crnlclitiont-cl, sol1mlpi'0olz'cl strnctnrc- is 1-qnippc-cl with nn alll-vlvctric kitchen and l't-l'1'igc-rat- tion plant cnpnhlc ol' serving 3,000 students nt 4-nt-h nn-nl, or snort- than 2,000,000 nn-ails per yvnr. A wnrtn. lrivmlly ll-1-ling is mnplinsizvcl hy tht- soft. indirect lighting :mtl an live-pic-cv nrt-ln-Strat playing upproprintc- clinnt-1' nn-loclivs. 'I'ht- Cannpns Club, like tht- Ctll'It'lK'l'l1l, boasts ln-ttc-r and Instr-r st-i'vicv with its at lat crnrtc orclt-rs, :incl is n popular plncv to chit-chat nvvr an cup of coffee. The Food Svrvicvs Dt-pnrtnu-nt. stanlft-cl nhnosl 1-ntirt-ly hy stnclt-nts. works on at nun-profit lmsis. CAMPUS CLUB SODA FOUNTAIN The lunelt rnrnn was replaeerl. ,ji A CAFETERIA LOUNGE Tha! warm, friendly feeling. CRAMMING IN THE WEE HOURS For the j7l'0Cl'IISfi1lllf0fS, panic. PROGRESS TEST , For Ilia library, ri positive correlation Brrrannggsggl' went m'tnv an 'tlarm clock shortl' bc fore 7.40 only to be shoved under the pillow or knocked on the floor . . . the more resourceful students wore dark glasses to class to hide their heavy-lidded eyes . . . there seemed to be a -positive correlation between the number of girls studying in the library annex and the number of boys there . . . warm spring days found students stretched out on the Plaza of the Americas with their books . . . darkness never seemed to fall inside the law library . . . exam time rolled around . . , panic gripped those who had casually dismissed their studies during the semester . . . many gallons of coffee were consumed during the wee hours . . . some tried no-doze and benzedrinc tablets . . . "Cosh! I hope thereill be a low eurveli' . . . grades were posted . . . some dropped out of school . . . others made resolutions for the coming semester. .41 'S pt Pt u0"N SIIRINNE SIADIUM SCOREBOARD Plneky but Iuekless. The two dozen or so Florida followers who braved the 1000 mile trip to Green- ville, S. C. made plenty of noise to make up for their lack of numbers. After the loss to Georgia Tech thc week before, a 39 to 14 victory over the plucky but luck- less Furman eleven was a welcome sight. GATOR FANS AT FURMAN Two dozen sounded like 2000. PM-i 3 I . Q THREE-LEGGED RACE The winners were out of sight. The first annual Sigma Chi Derby provided an opportunity for sorority girls to display tlieir--al1--"talents" along other than scholastic lines. The hilarity of such contests as a three- legged race, egg throwing contest, and spoon and potato race brought forth shrieks of glee from both spectators and par- ticipants. KDS won the trophy, and Nada Yankie was crowned derby queen at the evening's dance. 571 ' NADA YANKIE RICCEIVES QUEEN CUP Anollier cup changes hands. 1.1-u'. ... .V ,V K C ..i HI r 1 , 4 PIII MU's WIN TUG OF NVAH They had pull. . x., Q9 f ig T 2 9' .., vb - -. ' . 14-JAZW'EPZ1-1..1.',-,V'iff-'5.'1vf-J. - -..g .,f.g.:f,f:Jf11tg.-' , 1 I f 'if J' J "L: iw" ' . . j,4.I,,. Z 4 J: 'v 1 :Q,,g'NQ'. ',.fll.- , 11117. ."' ' ': . ,. , ., , fn r., N,-A .Nj .-4.1! 1 ,,,L+zTf-2'r1f2 W J , , A, ' ' ,Q1i'9zemZ1W "'-,' TNT' rl'-,1,'f.j'! 1""..' ' ' ' ' 3 J.. , Q . , ' ' Lr5f"' Q . vw , , W'-v ..f?FL."f"-'WU' . .. . , - I N .r . ,K , .. - .-gQ,1.,':-- . -.111 A V. 1" fl ' -A -. , ,, ' - rl' ' "Dfw U-,,w,'3,,fa-u '-W1 '1,,'1f 'irvzwzf ...,,.., .. .. , V Umm -Y'-, .-- f ,, mv V, ' 5.4.1-:u.4Mf.., 51... .M-"gl,:i'X: x , - -' ' " 1 . ,.- -1- ,w,,.: rg-, '-l-'Q-wx. f,., V 1 ... 11,351-4.-..f4g1,'f-r5.w.-..v2,'.,-'fa' , I, , A - - y. gulf,-M5 Q, 4, l- - , AgA,,3,4,,-I ,AM - - A - fx.-..f, 1,5J-,1xA,.:,1ffv7'.l,r,.g..,g,, 415, ' - ,,- ,': 137: T-,r .',g,f.--,iw..., , , ,fuk ' -2" ,, N 'V'--,weun-wld -N-v' , -V.--Q., -bint' .,y-.,g.,- 4 - f x - , f L .-G1'f'+?fSr'im'f:L'Cw:.-., - ' : s Q 25 5 '5 5 , x N O UE E MARILYN ANN OVERBY, Gainesville, is the first Univer- sity of Florida co-ed to become Queen of the Inter-fraternity Conference and Seminole sponsored Fall Frolics contest. She achieved this distinction over a record field of more than 90 contestants. Queen Marilyn, with green eyes and brown hair, is tops in versatility. Although she spends quite a bit of her time study- ing Call freshmen do, remember?l, Marilyn finds time for Y s 1353 i 7: M in , ,agf.tq?',iQ- g -,1 was i "li i,..+.1- 1---. um HIM: ,,,, V, , ,M p X -,Lf 1,1 ff .,L-.,g.- K-31 , 'wilfimf A if " 1 it ya .1 i 1 4 1 4 l 4 d' LIC .. swimming, tennis, horseback riding, dancing, and skect- shooting. Incidently, she is the women's champion at the Gainesville gun club. VVith beauty, brains, and a sparkling personality, this Kappa Delta has a bright future. Vital statistics: bust, 335 waist, 243 hips, 353 weight, 1235 height, 5' G". She likes the "new look," and when asked about men, replied, "They gotta be sweet." SHADIE BEARDALL AND HER CUUHT BETTE MOSS INS, 4 . Y lfflll' . :ONN 1JA1'l'NLt 101' A pf BARBAR 7' 1.-INALISTS .. l305lrJuumx1 Shlldllil 1s.,1..1H"' ., NU ka Nllfl x Bill Ilclbn JOHN POBEPK POWERS A I I H l V n 0 D P HI 'All AYKNIII NIU YG!! Cin' 1' Muni.-f Jon., Mus Mn- and Mlell a man. .lance Cnmrvlllxgq' 1r.r1.- ,mmvrv uv' FEUSACE NIVIPYITY l'f Illfl-ll - Jalnulllz, Florida ' ' 1 II Il 4, -wt, I Ju' Af. s-1 1 i:,i'Q5 - . IP A... f-fm .1 nlfuuff fo 1.-lu: Ihr 'ml 1-AX! . A Amnlfuf .nn Inf wwf .f.h.,..1 Fall mmf, 1.m-mf. V' Mr nhfnnw,-m nl MQ 1-.m.f1u..n-1, -men you ...1v.Hn.f, ' -.uf ..ll In .Muffin nm 1 lrvuncl Il rllfflcull ro mn mv lrlrcllnn -IM'-ui .vrvrlnr and I-llllny In meh cnnlul- Hm! .... ,. ..- .. - ' Lf ' rw unnfn, llllrvl fm .1 WR, .uf ,3 P' neleclul fm Ihr I-.ull nl nrfmfmlliv, clwracler, ami lnlfl- . , 4 5 , In-M-f, .U ...fl .H for nalural zfffurv. lfv renin- M. - 'U , 1 I-', nr mm., bv my W.: menu In .mf admira- 3 kj, A HM for ln. 1.4,1.,f..1 nfl. X ,"' ' ' if H... 4-.-f-mfuu .mv U.-f rf. fu.: vnu, ..- -.wiv bf .uv floppy M mfr mm. rm :ml -fum In Me cenlnlnnh, In vs. .nm-f.u ul mf u-.fvfmfrr fv fmpmq, amy Inr'IIn :uccun nl vm-r fall ff.-,lin Wrelwn-1, I am ' Slncrr.-lv mum, M om. shim: P.--rn Mn Enc- Conrltqly lJ.1PllnL1ru crllft lo LAIIDCIHHQY ' ' l Pnlhy I 130411 llafpdr-1 EStcS Peggy ndcr50n Gail H: lI00tS . liurblllrk Iltlrlillllllh . uilbcl I . ill ILllL'.n111'itG Ali: lay I I A , C'.p1ll'U1w Iwncalgltr J Anil A t Mary Loyul .lunch Moss 1314 L . why OW Mnl"lyT1iflm1Im0"r WHY Scanlon IIUICIT Y EW 10.111 'IW 180 s RT POWER OBE N P. JOH I QM, Ez 4 r tl lr are certain students who stand head and l ve the ordinary collegian. They at- tain their o ' s of prominence through organizations, student gover rent, scholarship, publications, athletics, politics, service to the university-in short, all the things that make Florida a university and not just an institu- tion. To recognize such masters of achievement a commit- tee of both faculty and students each year chooses a group of men who it believes have made outstanding contributions in the various fields of activity. The SEMINOLE proudly presents these men of distinction on the following pages in the 1949 .... H LL UP FAM LL of WILLIAM V. D. BRACKEN Bill . . . a package of pep . . . as head cheerleader, his "Ready- O, one, two" led thousands of students in urging the football team to "Give 'em hell!" . . . his aequatic ability won him the SEC diving championship. WILLIAM McL. CIIRISTIE, IR. Mac . . . a pre-war campus politician and party leader . . . ROTC cadet colonel . . . "It's great in '48" Homecoming was a product of his organization and leadership ability . . . swung the Florida Blue Key gavel. EDWARD II. FLUKER, JR. Ed . . . artist deluxe . . . car- ried the burden of student ae- tivity art work . . . a twinkle in his eye, a friendly grin . . . cre- ator of F lorida's cartoon character, Ilotstuff . . . prexy of Phi Kappa Tau . . , winning personality. Servunr in JACK B. IIUMPHRIES jack . . . service is his motto . . . chairman of Red Cross, Christmas Seal drives . . . leads seniors in their dignity . . . a man behind the scenes . . . his waltz- ing ability won a cup at Fall Frolies . . . winning ways have molded his place among students. lux Hall ,lllw WILLIAM o. E. HENRY HAROLD A. HERMAN EDWARD M. SHURTLEFF ' ' Ni AWN 1555, l l A guy with four names, but Hal . . . self-confident man- Ted . . . hard-hitting, fast- just "Bill" to everyone . . . hails aging editor of the Alligator . . . thinking Alligator editor. . . pleas- from Ocala . . . a calm, efficient soul, he is an excellent example of Kipling's "If you can keep your head . . . " a precise, methodical manner combined with wit and a whopper of an imagination aid- ed him in turning out a yearbook that rates with the best. publicity man who mixes radio script writing with newspaper talents . . . inquiring . . . capable of making fast decisions . . . kept minutes for TEP and Sigma Delta Chi. ing personality plus good looks . . . Sigma Delta Chi president . . . athletically inclined . . . the West Coast's most promising journalist. Puhhcahons AM 'i 5,5 4 GEORGE NV. KATES George . . . his name synono- mous with work . . . business manager of Florida Law Review - . . one of the founders of Vet- erans Cooperative store . . . a Serious countenance with a quick Smile . . . likes little "get-to- gethersn or big parties . . . hails from Miami. l if DOUGLAS R. BELDEN "Yo-You . . . Tampa's p1'idc and joy in Florida athletics . . . co- captain and quarterback of grid squad . . . rounds out the season with basketball and baseball . . . member of Athletic Council. W. EARL FAIRCLOTI-I Earl's one of the big talkers s - . soft-spoken, sincere, capable administrator . . . Grand National Big Ten dcbater and orator . . . an expert on parliamentary pro- cedure . . . stepped up from vice- prcsidcncy to become top man. ELLIOT SIIIENFELD "Rocky" . . . national forensics champ three times . . . thrilled audiences with his dramatic read- ings . . . local radio listeners knew him as "The Insomniacn or "Prof. Dillingwortlf' ' on WRUF disc shows . . . Pi Lam prcxy . . . honor court member . . . accom- plished writer with an amazing sense of humor. Furelisies FLETCHER L. GROVES, DIR. "Sunshine,' . . . stocky, amiable athlete from Tampa . . . captaincd the Gator grid squad . . . mem- ber of Athletic Council and F'- Club. Leadersliip ROBERT O. GIIIOTTO Bob . , . a campus leader with several degrees . . . elected presi- dent of the student body by one of the widest margins in campus voting . . . made Blue Key but continued his activities . . . rc- signed as president in January to accept secretarysliip of State Road Department. JOHN F. NVARRINGTON, JR. "Big john" . . . ex-marine top kick from Gainesville . . . form- er president of Athletic Council, secretary-treasurer of the student body, leader in agriculture organi- zations . . . seldom forgets a name . . . plans to head Texas-way af- ter graduation. lnterfratcrnity Intramurals Student Govermnunt lll'Q,ilIllZillIlllIlS C. EDVVARD DAVIS "Sleepy Ed" . . . a man of firm opinions . . . capable president and mediator of the Interfraternity Conference . . . never too busy to engage in a bit of bull session XVILLIAM L. MOOR 'i'allahassee's "Turkey" . . . a red-haired, long-legged bundle o energy . . I Blue Key treasurer . . . four-year publications man . . . student director of intramurals. 1. CAIL LEE Fort Lauderdale's Cail . . . an athlete and a scholar . . . politieked his way into presidency of the junior class, then jumped to secre- tary-treasurer of the student body , . . never without a firm hand- shake and a ready smile. philosophy . . . his diplomacy is exceeded only by his warm friend- liuess. 0. I In .fiffil mg" .rift 7 51 a t.i.,f'- i W iz... t NVILLIAM RICICCE SMITH, -IR. LEONARD L. MOSBY THOMAS E. THOMPSON Reece . . . football star on one Affable, laughable "U n cle Tommy . . . another Fort Laud- campus . . . transferred here and Moser" . . . versatile sage from crdalite . . . affable grin is often became 4.0 law student and editor of Florida Law Review . . . practical, popular, and polished . . . the first Rhodes scholar from Florida since 1934 . . . one of Plant City's best. Oak IIill fpop. 9871 . . . man with a double life-distinguished, as president of staid -Lyceum Council, comic, as creator of Orange Peel's crackpot "Uncle Mosen . . . combined Florida Players roles with writing XVRUF commercials. seen in the smoke-filled rooms . . . cut his teeth in the Varsity party and worked up to co-chair- man . . . untiring member of the president's cabinet . . . has a laugh that can be heard for blocks . . . prexied Kappa Sigma. SAMUEL B. LOVE Sam . . . ag major from the backwoods of Ocala . . . few campus activities in which he doesn't take part . . . an influen- tial politician . . . ruling power at the Alpha Gamma Rho house. RALEIGH FELTON KEETER Raleigh . . . quiet, unassuln- ing Arcadian . . . this future elec- trical engineer toppcd all seniors in scholarship . . . crammed foul' years of college into two and a half, and made only two 13's while doing it . . . his mild, pleasant manner wins him friends easily. .3 V ff' H i.. Law Review Dramatics Politics Schorlarships "ROLL THEM BUNEG NiURPH,f" S3 W? 1:-1-. I , L ' ' 1 . 4 -V . . t , I- , . r :iv iii i ii A 1- lfn' tetiilhlt-wit 'IBM l 5 lu' ,,' 5300! 'UAHQ' M 'N 9717. ' 'Q Ki-SWF--P--.. y ww., hw'-'--. , i LQ f tu urn.: hwy flllgbvvw .f,,,,,,,h ,ffm 14 1 . I I ll 1' . Vitivl wimftgw N, v' 'Nt JE T-.FUHTHE HELL UF IT. And now, friend . . . and il' you have thulnhed through this hook this tar, you must he our friend, wo come to thc luunor seeliou ol' our hook. This is where all the hurnor is supposcd to he. But looking at some ol' the pictures and characters on the preeeding pages makes us wonder who got lelt out of what. Our eollcge is growing. Coeds arc here. Tho county is still dry. And so are ulost ol' the l'raternity lmoys. 'l'here's talk ol' a pipe-line lronu jacksonville. Our college is growing. Coeds are here. Things are getting harder hy the day in school. Courses are difficult. So are sonic of the coeds. But We lovc 'c1n. But not often enough. XVI? have evcrything at Florida. Everything from chorines to ehlorine, indigestion to investigation, Mads to thc golf coursc, downtown to uptown. Wu arc all broke, rich, happy, lousy, fat, thin, smart, and a hunch ol' idiots. The idiots published this book. ltlurphree has just uiadc seven passes. Others havo inado more in one night, hut it was still no dico. Tho coeds aro hcrc. They'rt: loaded, and so are the dice. Evcrything's crooked. But it will all straighten out. Everything is a controversy. 'l'hoy say clothes arc higher, but necklines are lower. 'l'hey say they'rc daring. You know . . . the girls say, "Dont you dare!" But we do. Infirmary erowdccl thesc days. Moro applications in for Flavets. Read on, peasant. You're rcsponsiblc for what happens horc on out. just look at the pictures. Who in the hell ever thought you could road anyhow? Someone just tapped the pipeline. Bromo, plcaso ..... ,- is .ff J V f X A A T , , I jr, Tw T y 'T T T -.W X 9' . 1,1 f' 'U ' 4 ,.. .-if-Z-n X READ THAT SEXY PART AGAIN T Y il' PLAYER WITH FULL EQUIPMENT ,xx lug 'tn X I5 U I A S ., , K M 5 I I J fn, 15, .,-N Q K X Mg NAL. .ir F It WA , nf. ' ff. Q M K 1, Mk, L V: A M " 5 -,-.-.....-N A -,M.,...,. 1 ,M-M....,.,,,,M , ,M NM M V 1 1 , ,MMM .gy Q- .- ,M,M ,M M Q I .K M Lff7?-'gwqi 4 SWIMMING TEAM WARMING UP I u K. WQMKJQ1, r i M 1 ' f4"1' '-M, W ' ' f' 'J.zwf.'m,f?'57.f?if.M:-iv-f,. M . -- A ff . -- M. .M M 51,1.',:,33f77,742,f7 My . . M, 1351. Ji,-ML. 5 K' N, M1 - , M Q2 . "1-M '- F--1 1' f 1 K 4 2 if-I' K .P xx, .V ff' N Q QW ..X., .. v'P Q L n f. Q . ll 'NGK 4- , J., D f. 4 lim' f , 5-ik. P I PLEADING BEFORE THE HONOR COURT ""-vu ' ,gr 'iq 4.4 N !. -' awww , 1 .-3, 4 Maj wb , .1 1 Liu . F Iwlwkfrfri.. E-9 4, 5 4. 'f m mv Xf- I -.V-I P , S ,., X I , pf k F...-" W I aft H+ r--v:..,3. R 1 I - X15 sg 9 . ' .wqgggx ' 'vggkih 'I I W. in A UNIVERSITY GRADUATE TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING S ,P '-v 4 ,I , . Z, - ir , . Q, W4 . K I . K 4 . 1 l - rx . X - L ,Q lf af, , Q -- ' ,Q '1 Q ,l ' .L ,I 0 , 'Wi ' ' r . s"x. W H ' i K 44 Ik, R ? ., My N' Q: A I W- Q, Q- 5 ' , I 2 I t ,f ax - . I vb :Qffgg lri. , ' , .gfggkzfl Q' E jg -iff , www '54, 0 Q !5z.f.q:A3 ff? , A Standing: James Baxley, -I. NV. Day, Elgin yVhite, R. D. Turlington. Seated: james Cay, P. jones, F. XV. Kokomoor, ll. B. Dolbeare. 1 1 a our r 1 Btl-.I.iIl of tTU.llE T I'UBLIt,-.TIO- t "Watchdog on the business side of campus publicationsn is an appropriate description of the main function of this student- chartered organization. Supervision of funds and not editorial censorship is the guiding finger which maintains that each campus publication must end its season in the black. Controlling approximately 875,000 in publications funds an- nually, the Board approves budgets and contracts of the Alligator, "F" Book, Seminole, and Orange Peel. It hears complaints and makes recommendations for the solutions of publications problems. Biggest job done this year was changing the yearbook to Septem- ber rather than May distribution in order to obtain more complete coverage of events during the year. The Board made salary re- adjustments to post-war requirements. VVhile many publications officers are elected, the positions of editor-in-chief, managing editor, and business manager of the Alligator are appointed on a merit system by the Alligator Electoral ' . . . ,. ST ..'Pf'f" 53l9'l4S!iUl'9"h" :Eg ,'. 'i'WmS1l'l01NlCS' lletldooday 'f uwnnnfunungrvfhfgif I kv: .. 5 ?.1.'t7.'!.'St5'I?7.'f'ut. - if. ' . 'gf Saw-ul remix: SA . nun--mum um. ,-3, . . ,..,, hnvlilnithla '25, f . ff", umm m-sv ,,,,, -,- N... ,,, lf' 'H PX' V+ 51 5 f mu films am Bam is 1 f: ' . 1: 1 1- .f if "'1i:"-'i . .igisbtzmfei if 72 Board, composed of the Board of Student Publications plus the President of the Student Body and the Chancellor of the Honor Court. This insures the placing of experienced men with the re- sponsibility of issuing the school newspaper. The Board of Student Publications also okays appointment of staff members who are not elected. In the event that the University gets printing equipment in the near future, this body is empowered to exercise control over such machinery, including all publishing done in the campus plant. This year, investigatativc steps were taken in this direction. pl. P. Jones, associate professor of journalism, is chairman of the Board. Professors J. W. Day, F. NV. Kokomoor, and H. B. Dolbeare round out the faculty portion of the group. Speaking for the students are James Baxley, james Cay, and Elgin White. Executive secretary of the Board this year was Ralph D. Turlington. 5 - - . M78 at tc"-I r --.,, X! f4N,,4",,L', h I tiki , 53 +51 i 'UU i '-. 193 COLLEGES, GREEKS rv-B 1-.L-2 V ff 'Nl Producers of this yearbook were the nine members of the executive board and their assistants. Conceived by Editor Ilenry, the executive Board was comprised of the editor-in-chief, the business manager, the art director, two managing editors Ceollegcs and activities divisionsl, the photography coordinator, the literary chairman, the advertising man- ager, and the assistant business manager. NVorking in a freshly painted and additionally equipped office, the staff battled against an outmoded engraving and printing schedule, and for a few months, inadequate photography service, to "capture the spirit of the new university." To the staff's credit could bc listed the photographing of more than 4,000 students Cprevious high: 1947 with 3,200l, the using of typical students rather than just l3MOCs in the college section, informal pic- tures, and the bringing of human interest to the organization pages through the use of activity pictures. On the other hand, the biggest difficulty was to convince organizations that high production costs had forced the raising of the page rates from 3560 to 5880. A week before the Christmas holidays, the staff had a hamburger fry at Swan lake, and shortly before the end of the second semester, the first annual banquet was given by the editor and business manager. Staffers Fluker, Glenn, Boone, Kittlcson, and Dillinger received special commendation for their contributions of "extra hours" to the book from The I'l'mIlll'el's nl Y U Us lt TI 9 4 9 Editor Henry at the banquet. fff07"i'l' f EDDY GLENN BUDDY PURDOM Managing Editor g Managing Ezlilo L VARD FLUKER Colleges Diuisioirg' Aclieities D' ion Director 7 A More 4,000 students. xy Je- in N,,,,..-ja-fKE:.:g FEATURES, SPORTS o capture the spirit. AND DESIGN view. 'REMIC IULE L . . . , EDITORIAL STAFF ASSISTANTS Bill Moor, associate editor with four years distinguished service, NV. -I. Matherly, jr., Creeks editor afnd freslnnan key winnerg "Dan'1" Boone, features editor, Homer Vanture assistant photography coordinatorg Bob Ebersole, assistant art editor, "Dan'1'i Boone, organizations editor, -lohn Cornell, introductions editor, Sonny XVarren, activities editor, Buddy Battle, intramurals editor, Ilarold Stringer, photography editor, and La Retta Garland, engraving clerk. BUSINESS STAFF ASSISTANTS Bill Clark, assistant' business manager, Leon Handley and Caldwell Dugan, associate business managers, james Rivers, office manager, Dick Voelkel, jr., assistant advertising manager, Kytle W'illiams, C. B. Law- i7'5Hce,1"1'2TTTltVV'ITT!t'f!tTt'l,". ..., .. .,' Minton, and Ivan Smith, advertising solicitors. STAFF MEMBERS jerry Sims, jane WValker, Bill Morrow, joel WVells, Lee Hawes, lack Fortes, John Harrison, Be1'nie Shiell, .lulian Clarkson, Frank Hurley, Mary Foote, .lo Ann Crouch, Edythe Buelnnan, Bill Lynch, Bill Brown, Betty Lu Lanier, Bob Willis, Barbara jean May, leanne Heyward, Robert L. Townsend, Bernard Meyers, Rosemary Ross, Ann McKinley, Marie Kickliter, Wade Iloffinan, Al Powers, Jeanette Irwin, Gloria Paulter, Greta Andron, Cecile Sehwebel, john WVilliford, Jules XVhit1nan, Steve NVeller, and Arthur Cogswell. NON-PORTRAIT PHOTOCRAPIIY Fred Chapman, campus photo lab, and others. IIAROLD D 7 I IIENRY KITTLESON UM offruplzy Coordinalor Lilerary Clmirman CASSIDY s M gr. PHOTOGRAPHY ENCRAVING LITERARY A new for lmnum mlaicst AND ADVERTISING big difficulty. i FLUP1.lIl -t A L I G - TOP. The FLORIDA ALLICATOR, biggest and best collegiate newspaper in the South, with a circulation that would makc any doctor proud, kept up with the University's expansionist policics. Under the leadership of Ted Shurtleff, the ALLICATOR reached sixteen Ccount 'emj pages. For the uninitiated, the following discussion on the birth of an edition might prove interesting: livery Monday night, the editor makes two calls. The first is a meeting and thc second is to some girl reporters. At 7:30, about 50 persons squeeze into the office. Some want to work. Others merely want to glimpse Harold llerman, the managing editor, to see if it's true that he is called Nature's "-?-',,,- answer to Frankenstein. '- - -5,55 , wvanrr-W-muy TED SI'lUll'l'LEl"l" Ellfffll' V234 NVhen the meeting starts, the editor is a picture of complacency. XVhen the evening is over. he is the picture of insanity. The most consistent part about the staff is that .S everyone looks his part. Iulian Clarkson, sports editor, comes into the office dribbling - ' A f' T ' . 1 , , .. v. Q ' ' a basketball, followed by his assistants wearing Iootlmall helmets. lf.lg1n VVluto, stall 1444 t',,f' v Qt ' luunor man, walks in and everyone starts laughing. Ile swells with pride, thinking ' if QD he had said something funny until he remembers he hadn't opened his mouth. av' At this point, business manager "Moneybags" Grafton walks in with dollar bills F' sticking out all over him. Ted Wittner, asst. b. m., comes in. lle has five dollar bills of sticking out all over him. After all, he worked all summer. The rest of the business g' ff' staff is late. They can't find any place to park their Cadillaes. 4 After everyone has settled down, Shurtleff assigns stories, making a few remarks ' I ' Q about last wcck's articles and also making a few eyes at the cocds. Ile asks llarold HAROLD IHURMAN llerman if he wants to say anything to the group, and llerman is dmnbfoundcd. Mf"'f'S1"S12f'1'0" NVhich is natural. 2? , . STAFF PUTS PAPER TO BED AT SUN OFFICE ' "IIjkisklni gulubsinot periflt firigenfn ' p Tiff Q p - X y I Yr I I M T N. lg. W Y' f.'23i,.Q : T ,'!'1.lfL1'fiyf A ' :vjiff TQ"f'-fi -1.15,-1-me - l ill. fjllxfr V Q' -.H :4E'..,:-j P, 7. r ' l 59 f' , . -. Qi i' .' V ' . Lina ff ' 7.1518 JACK STTOEMAKER Executive Editor 22. x'f it ' -IULIAN CLARKSON Sports Editor 196 SUNSHINE STATES LARGEST WEEKLY STAFF GETS WEEK,S ASSIGNMENTS Everyone was yelling. On Tuesday, a few stories dribble into the office, followed closely by Clarksorfs basketball. I-1c's got it trained. Herman, executive editor fsccond semester managing ed.J Iack Shoc- maker, headline writer jack Humphries, rewriters Elaine Iskin and Mary Foote then get busy preparing the copy. Wednesday, day before deadline. Shurtleff, in a sweat, re- marks, "Hjkisklni gulubsinot peridt firigen!" Someone says, "Right, Chief!" and dashes from the office. More stories come in. So do a few coeds. Elgin W'hite comes in again. The Coeds leave. WVednesday night finds the office in a dither. Stories, copy, the Seminolc's paste jar, pencils, paper, heads, tails, I., Ilillis, and Miller. Everyone is yelling at once. Ah . . . Thursday, publication day. Are all stories in? Ileads BUSINESS STAFF They coulcln't park their Czlflillllcs. Wh " . ' c iff Halma sfllitatnr LLAR run qqlln EFF v K ' , 1 A. - r -' if ll i " V' . . . ,wif Mkiffkgy PRINTER CHECKS PROOF The Sun Staff mevezl to Ocala. written? WVhere's that reporter I sent after Biddooi' Where's the copy-boy? Rewrite man? Where's that gHgY5'Mp8t' paste pot? And so on. The staff moves to thc Gainesville Sun office, where the printing is done. The Sun staff moves to Ocala. People hurry from the back office back into the front office and then back into the back office. Linotype machines purr. So do the cocds in the corner with Shurtleff. At lastl Everything is in. So is the staff. The pages go off to the rotary press. The staff expectantly awaits the arrival of the baby. Soon it arrives. Oh, ,Ohl The copy was proofcd on a glass top table and all the pages are printed backwards. Well, no other paper can make that statement. Dollar bills were sticking out . .f f3i'L5U0 D THE A M nv: ' r 5- , M f ' 'IIT TED WITTNER AND ED GRAFION h in, .-r...,-.5 .Ns U.I.lANbE PEEL I:tllt01 Ill Cl1lCf john lrmklg, NI in igmg Editor M uty Lubox LXLLIIUXC Editor Inn Collittschcck Ilumor Editors Llgm 'Whitt Lconud Mosby BIISIIILSS XI in lf"Ll Diek C issidx C11Llll1tlt3ll Mm we Gwyn, Utsfvy EDITOII-IN-CIIIEF TRINKLE Anything llmfs fit to print. LAST FALL'S COVER A buekwarcl print. bw Staff XVriters ,,,.,. jock Clarkson John XVilliford Advisory Consultant- Dr. E. Congleton Fiction .,,, ,,,,. D oug McKinley Sandy Schnier Features ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bob Browder jane Poorbaugh Lee Bird Art Director .,.,. .... E d Fluker Artists , .. .. ,...,.. Bob Ebersole Edith Buchman jack Comey Exchange Editor . . Bob Clark XVriters ,,..,,,,,,,,,.,, jack Mixson Hugh Cobb Advertising Manager- IIugh Stump Solicitors ,,,, . Ilarry Mahon A. Ryan George LeBlanc Clarence Steifel jimmy Cobb jack Meyer EDITORS LUBOV AND COLLATTSCHECK A potpourri of lzmins. In California thev peel grins I S ll "You're covered" con l , K aj n a y Band's night club they just peel. And at the University of lflorida we peel oranges. Hence, student humor and gag men joined what were regarded as brains into a potpourri called the "Orange Peelf' and it passes as a humor magazine. It's quite a sight to sauuter into the Peel office and see the editorial staff seated around a desk, busily preparing for the next edition of the Peel. "Two spadesf, a voice emits. , - ies tie reply. XVhieh is a failure, because anything that's covered doesn't make any headway as far as the Orange Peel is concerned. Especially last fall's eover, which was printed backwards. That brings us to the subject of coeds, which are usually the objects of male glances, among other things. Before coeducation the Peel was just another college humor mag. Now itis a combination of cheese, cake, sex, appeal, metro, goldwyn, and mayor, all thrown into 0110. 198 X It's interesting to watch how the Peel goes to press. Some wonder not only how, but why. However, we shall discard the uninitiated from the realm of surrealistie nonsense, and peek through the t1'ansom at the brain-work that is putting the baby to bed. All editors, business managers, Coeds, and solicitors are gathered around a Ouija board. The humor editors are laughing. If you could see the humor editors, you'd laugh too. The business staff is engaged in a crap game, and the eoeds and solicitors are-well, you really eanit blame them. It gets boring around there after a while. After six hours, someone thinks of a gag. It stinks. They throw it out. They're getting no- where, fast. Soon, a staff member leaves. I-Ie should have done this a long time ago. The others continue beating their heads against the wall. They're hanging pictures and have lost the hammer. 'The staff member returns. He is loaded down with copy. Wonderful copy, full of brilliant wit and satiric lmmor. The editors are dumbfound- ed. Or did they just find out they were dumb? The editors drool over the lovely, new-found Copy. A beautiful eocd in the corner of the room is completely forgotten. This must' be good eopyl. Says Editor Trinkle, "Wc'll print anything that's fit to print." Where did the wandering boy get it? Simple. Ile just went over into the Seminole office and stole it. After all, they have more copy than pages Ccourtesy Board of Student Publicationsl. But not all Orange Pecls are put out in this manner. Naw. Sometimes the Alligator office is unlocked, too. ' I X V is il A X! 'Z' R Mx, is I X 11443: . h , DICK CASSIDY Business Manager FEATURE WRITERS BROWDER, POORBAUCH, BIRD The copy was filled with brilliant wit and satiric humor. HUMOR AND ART EDITORS Yllltffl laugh too. BUSINESS STAFF It gets boring after u while. 199 218 -119 F 150014 ,.,,i,,,,.1vnwD- .M-.., in .-:www---' ' 4 .., . STA FI" X. Art Editor . . Fluker ' I Associate Editors - Shiell, Morrow, llauclley, Smith Business Staff - Ansbacher, Clark, Murrell, Williams, Barrett 7 I BUSINESS MANAGER BISHOP AND EDITOR JOIINSON 'X For llze freslnnan, ll bible. f--f' " Sometimes referred to as the "freshman bible," the I" Book con- tains valuable information about the university, its administration, organizations, activities, schools and colleges, and student govern- ment, including its constitution and charters. Upperclassmen also find this book of great service, using it for ready reference. ' "" " " ' ' """ -' ' The book itself is five by three and one-half inches. This year's growling gator cover design was done by Ed F luker. Written and published during the summer, the F Book is distributed during fall registration. In charge of distribution was Alpha Phi Omega. SFLIIHII I I I UIILLEIIE .FAH I f EPI Established as the official publication of the College of Agri- culture in 1931, the Florida College Farmer went unattended during the war and was not reactivated until last summer, The new Farmer is larger, more up-to-date, and adapted to a wider range of interests than formerly. Issued five times per year, its statewide circulation is more than 3,000. It does an-admirable job of keeping the "cow college boysn posted on the latest devel- opments. Itight-hand assistants to Editor Eugene Doss were Sandy johnson, NVarren Ilarrell. and Il. V. Barnett. Ilelping Business Manager Sam Love were llank Hendrie, Ed Minton, Louis Muraro, EUGENE Doss iam? Editor james Kelley, and Marvin Herndon. , 'Xi EDITORIAI.. STAFF For llze "cow college," latest llceelopmenls. n nvxvnnf. nr.-.v-.1 x M6 S? w " 'GW vs , l iv 5? Q V R sg YQ K 'ff h 1 1 It if 'T 1' I 1 wwf' am er x K ,,. :" I ' x 'uf , p , Q, fn ,. ,,, vu XX 'z 'S-. ELLIOT LAWRENCE AND FRIEND' The words were synonymous. A QUEEN MARILYN RECEIVING CUP The judges were convinced. IH I Marilyn Ovcrby and friend. THERE WERE BEAUTIES . . . AND IIOVV The conienrlers were embarrassed. 202 BAND REI-IEARSAL A new lease on life. With the huge new gym-auditorium still in its final stages of unavailability, dance plans were thrown into confusion. The spon- soring IFC handily disposed of the problem by using the old system of dividing the dance into two nights and holding it in the wooden gym. And oh, how we danced! Reigning over the dance as Queen of the Frolics was Marilyn Ovcrby, who convinced the judges that the words "figure" and upersoiialityl' are synonymous. Emcce Elliot Shienfeld embarrassed charm out of twenty-four john Robert Powers-chosen beauties in the annual Seminole contest by announcing their contention for Miss Burger Basket of 1948. And as tho queen danced, the band played on. SATURDAY NIGHT FORMAL A lmnflily disposed problem. An unusual contention. 203 MISS BURGER BASKET OF 1948 FRIDAY NIGHT FORMAL A stage of unavailability. MARDI CRAS WITH THE PIII DELTS Their dates went to the powder room. SE' INDIAN POW WOW AT THE SAE HOUSE I, The squaw said "fugm."' SNAKES IN TIIE SWAMP The cold snap was rmtclone. 'Translated from the Seminole indian: "But I have to be in at 2:30." aff ISLANDERS DRESS UP SATURDAY AFTERNOON PORK B1 BEANS Their tuxcdos were in the cleaners. The agenda was unabridged. 204 Parties galore--Florida was a virtual party-paradise. The Phi Tau house was turned into a barng the Snakes threw a swamp daneeg the Sig Eps had a party a la Franceg Mardi Gras was at the Phi Delt houseg the Fijis turned into a bunch of hobosg the SAE house looked like an Indian reservation. If the spirit moved you, the world went 'round. The campus was taking Elliott Law- rence's "Bc a Clownu number to heart. There was danc- ing inside and candlelight singing on the patio. The warm atmosphere outdid the current hold snap as glasses tinkled, people laughed, and everyone had fun. At mid- night there was a skitg at one-thirty there was breakfast. The agenda was complete-and unabridged. And as some were meeting the two-thirty deadline, others were only heQinning. It was picnic time at College Park. CALLING DR. KILDARE At the deadline, a beginning. I-IOBOINC AT THE PHI CAM RAILROAD YARD For the spirits, a revolving world. X f BARN DANCERS By the musicians, a hot number SAES ON THE PARTY PATH On the patio, candlelight singing. h- f 205 f SIGMA CHIS WATCHING SKIT For Marryin' Sam, a plunging neckline. I n, gvvrvfla Xxx t i Ax bmvvii' -4- I A Tl ' we I I J , V. n -cr'--3 ' KT' 33: 'X , I, ww-:ILA-'E A li 7- ix ,E J 'S I' I a i ,ff 1 k . - B s ,W 2 fi . w 1-5 f"'n Aff gl qi ,LI I Mgr' fl N' L as ..- i....,.- L.. A ,X W, ll l PI LAM MINSTRELS RHYTHM ROCKERS The band marveled. De ole folks stayed home. Z l AT THE CONCERT The fire marshal tried in vain. K 207 ' ww. .qv x 'P 5 M Lf, r' ,5 M. 'S 1 K N L ,gg 'Q ' :uhm f'u. DR DEBATE STAFF L. to r. Donald Nelson, Dora McBride, D. C. Dickey, W. C. Eubank. DEBATERS GATHER MATERIAL A glance at the results. DEB TE UCIETY Traditionally one of the uation's top debating squads, the Gator dcbaters early showed indications of remaining high on the na- tional scalc by opening the 1948 fall session with ten wins out of twelve debates at the South Carolina warm-up tournament. Responsible for the organizations perennial success is its coach, Dr. Wayne Eubank. A brief glance at the results of the 1948 season will testify to the effectiveness of Eubank's work. Florida was declared co-champion with Wake Forest at the South Atlantic tournament. At the Grand National tournament the Florida team of Earl Faircloth, Ed Resnick, Alan Westin, and Leon McKim were named to the Grand National Big Ten debate squad. At the SOUTH CAROLINA TOURNAMENT TEAM Ten out of twelve. CP 0 1 if T M21 SQUAD VIEWS THE SEASON'S TIIOPIIIES The record of a champion club. nil Southern Speech Association tournament in Nashville, the Florida team and the Alabama team were declared co-champions. The climax of the season came when Florida made the finals of the West Point National tournament, thirty-four teams participating. North Texas State won the final debate and the Gators were national runners-up. Shortly after, both teams appeared on the CBS "We the People" program. Going into the 1949 spring session, the club was not only South Atlantic co-champions, but also champions of the Tau Kappa Alpha forensics fraternity southern tournament. The squad jour- neyed to Atlanta for the All-Southern tournament at Agnes Scott and emerged thc victor for the third consecutive year. At North- western University's Grand Western tournament top place was C0pped by Florida, the only southern school represented in fifty- two participating teams. This is the record of a champion club, whose members believe it is essential to a democratic society to have a well-informed citizenry capable of expressing itself in public forum. SQUAD DEPARTING FOR MILLSAPS CONTEST For the rlebaters, curly indicalimis. CIIECKING THE MORNING PAPER For the club, perennial success. A PORTION OF TI-IE DEBATE SOCIETY For the university, a traditionally top squad. ELAINE SMYSOR, "INDEPENDENT SNVEE'I'HEART"' Beauty and the beast. FIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Operation and footwork. 'I'he Florida Independent Council, organized in the spring of 1948, is a center for harmoniz- ing and coordinating the actions of all inde- pendent students. With the exception of poli- tics, which the FIC views with a hands-off attitude, nearly every phase of student activity is considered. Social affairs comprise a major part of the program. Functions included Florida VICTORY HOP Social affairs and student activity. 'With FIC prcxy Ganz Doss, fluallsts Opal McDowall and Marilyn Webber. Frolics, Christmas Sweetheart Dance, Spring Carnival parade, dorm dances, and after-game dances during football season. The operation and footwork is left to an executive committee, composed of the officers, committee heads, and a representative from each residence hall. FALL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE Harmonizing and coordination. 'lyk Mlm! lx , Wx, 1 ,av "" - N z- m '5 an I Yi 22? A J Sw , 4153.5-S ' QD A. 'E 6 4 j ee 15 1 x X 1. 4. tw' smmmxi .E LYCEUM W, S at Ihltqt LEONARD MOSBY President of the Lyceum Council A larger enrollment made it possible for the Lyceum Council to bring more pro- grams to the campus than ever before. The line-up this year included Earl Spicer, baritoneg The Africans, folk singcrsg Cornelia Otis Skinner, actressg Albert Spalding, violinistg Mirimi Del Pozo, eoloraturag Paganini String Quartetg Spike jones and his City Slickersg "The Corn is Green," dramag NVitold Malcuzynski, pianistg Atlanta symphony Orehestrug Jennie Tourel, 1110220-SOPIEIHO. With the Division of Music, the council co-sponsored the Artists Series, giving students three additional programs for their dollar-thirty-five. "THE CORN IS GREEN" In the Council, u broad interpretation. UUU CIL MOSBY, SPIKE JONES, AND INSTRUMENTS For the students, musical depreciation. ALBERT SPALDING On the molzmst, an enormous onercoat. W9 'N JENNIE TOUREL M ezzo-soprano A ,. ., , r- nl "l if , -i ATLANTA SYMl'l'lONY ORCHESTRA A large .vlrlffc was needed. 27 PACANINI STRING QUARTET A variety was presented. LYCEUM COUNCIL CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER F ew protests were heard. This ycar's Council, composcd of thrcc faculty ad- visors, four mcmbors, and a president, was a cross-section of cntcrtainincnt-sc-clit-1's, which accounts For the varicty of programs prcsontcd. Ot coursc, tho constitutional aim of the Council is "to provide a PI'0gl'iIll1 of cntvrtainmcnl of gcnvral educational and cultural valuc for thu studcnt body." The council intcrprclvd "cultural" rather broadly in at least one c-asv, hut fow protc-sts came from thc students. Somo of thc sidclights that will hc rcnicmhc-rccl hy Lyceum Council inomhcrs: Alhcrt Spalding in an cnor- mous overcoat, although tho ova-ning was likc july . . . Baritone Earl Spice-r running from one diino-store to another lookingfor a ccrtain kind of pottcd plant to take homo . . . thc prohlvm of finding a placc for thc Africans to stay . . . Dol Polo and two thvrmos bottlcs of hot tca . . . Spikc 'loncs turncd out to hc glnitc sanc . . . how hard it was to get a stagc hig cnoutgh for thc Atlanta Symphony . . . and, in gcncral, how hard it was to get students to acccpt frcc tickots to the programs. L. to r.-Paul Langston, Pc-tc llousc, Dr. A. C. Morris, Leonard Moshy, ll. P. Con- stans, Sanford Freed. '47 Q xl 213 FiLOPiIlfl 0 PL JYEBS DR. D. B. DUSENBURY Dlrector They had two homemade iloodlights and presented three plays in 1931. Now thc group has six sets of scenery. a portahlc switchhoard with ample flood and spotlights, furniture, costumes, a prop room, complete workshop with over 820,000 worth ot professional equipment. and present twelve plays a year. Such is the story of Florida Players dramatic society. Starting with a minstrel group that toured the state, the Players have gradually added to the organization until today its key is a symbol of drama leadership in the state as well as the university. Florida Players sponsors hoth an apprentice group of 55 mem- hers and a radio guild which presents weekly dramatic programs over WRUF and WGGG. The Players' major productions run five nights and each production plays to approximately 2,500 people Greta Andron John Bonner Jayne Crane Charles Dainsel . bv DR. R. J. DIERLAM Technical Adviser First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Herman Shonbrun .... . ..... Pres ..... ....., J lm Mooney Russ Foland ......... .,.,. V .-Pres. .... ,.... . ..... T om Hicks Louise Livengood .... ..... S ec.. ..,. .... M llclred Langford wstudents, faculty, and townspeople. A new experi- mental theatcr is in progress which provides vast op- portunity For experimental techniques in every phase of theatrics. Administered hy ll. P. Constans, head of thc speech depart- ment, and under the guidance of Dr. D. B. Dusenhury, director, and Dr. R. il. Dierlnm, technical adviser. Florida Players is a corporate member of the American National Theater and Academy. The group has now installed on campus a chapter of National Collegiate Players, of which Dr. Dusenhury is national president. Upperclassmcn are eligible for admittance after care- l'ul scrutiny of their theater accomplishments. In cooperation with the University Lecture Series and the Lyceum Council, the Players have hrought to the campus well- lcuown lecturers and touring companies. Ellhu Edelson Russ Foland Lou Fields Rosemary Flanagan .4 P4557 Tom Hicks . t ,O ' ' I, ' a tif! l A -. 'E ta ' tit .- , ' . We-Eiizffbiign 3 ' S - 1' .1 ' Pete House Louise Livengood Barton Johns gl Qi 1' 1 X QR ,N, Q t VJ Mildred Langford B111 Morrow Leonard Moseby Sandford Schnler Herman Shonbrun Theodore Trushin P 1 Keg? r i F S, th 5? E , f ,si A if " f 7 S Q - -4 C Q '? 2A GLASS MENAGER wif. . ,. Y F -N M 49 .L iw, ug' "JOAN OF LORRAINEU E- ww' f Q ., a. '2 if 5 3 .24 uw , 'f 'H 2 F TY '15 4 Q 41 ,Y 91 u ' Us L 'X . H , 5 za A . w ge 3 W' w .5 y' ' E ff- Q if ,, W, 1 if W" f , P, " If ' . , K . sv , t X zfl-,Q J 1 'A vi: Q , W 1 2 Ri f .ff H1 mzwq. 1,1 P f A D A X' th SI ,P s 3 A X H 5'-iv - fm SPIRIT" .4 ,Xu 4.5 6 I 4 91' u f..,, .,. sl N r s...Wf-iii 4 q v S 1 FLURIDGG PARAD I K W V "ra ., I A This is thc big oneg this is to stu- dents what homecoming is to alumni -the one they would rather win than all others. To date, four Gator elevens have turned tl ick in twenty-six meetings with tl idjaeent state rival. Nineteen fort ght is recorded as an "almost"-tha is a moral victory for Florida stuc ents. Led by the cheerleaders, several thousand stu- dents and Gator fans chanted "We've got Wally worried" and the Georgia coach probably was. Wolf's boys held the SEC champs in a close and ex- citing game to a score of 20-12. 9,9 But it is more than the game that makes this weekend the big one. There are determined victory hopes, the hoarseness from shouting, the fun that crowds bring, the parades and marching bands e gaiety of parties. Florida-Geor weekend is when state big-wigs '1 "roasted" by Sigma Delta Chi, wl .n rcshnien pray for victory hecaus means they can throw away their rat caps, when the antics of those who can't hold their Own at the har hring laughter from others, when school spirit reaches its Iwak. The-se things, these and many "ll10l'S, mean Florida - Georgia lo Gatorland. 1 X X D GEUP1GIrr TF , . 1 'it V365 FU SATURDAY NIGHT DANCING They might drop by. COOL, GLEN SPRINGS Who can resist the temptation? FANS WATCHING INTRAMURAL SXVIM MEET , The parties will invariably follow. TI-IE LATE SHOW STARTS CAMPUS CLUB GET-TOGETHER The belief is held unanimously. The fvlmtfliiw 1110 bustling- 218 -..--. - ihp F "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." That belief is held unanimously by Florida men and women, and when classes are over for the day, you'll find them "taking off" for a movie or a swim, or perhaps, you'll find them simply uplopping down" in a lounge chair or at a bridge table. We'd be the last to say forget your studies, but what Florida Jack or Jill can resist the temptation of a cool, refreshing swim in Glen Springs when summer temps begin to rise. Or, what booster of the Orange and Blue wouldn't want to cross the street to some joint, stick a nickel into a pin ball machine, and drink his suds while five little silver balls make all kinds of noise amidst flashing lights. Then, on some nights, when homework is or isnlt done fit hardly mattersl, guys and gals board buses or jalopies for a couple hours at the movies. If this happens to be a Saturday night, they might drop by the old campus club I now, Club Rendezvous? for some dancing. On weekends during the fall, students go to football games and the parties that invariably follow the grid battles. On weekends during the spring, you can always find a group of Huck Finns going fishing in one of the ponds in back of the campus or in one of the nearby lakes or streams. Even the time between classes is utilized for recreation or leisure. The soda fountains do a bustling business in sodas and coffec during the 10-minute breaks. ff Of? f for 0 009111, NM, :M ewes' BOTH RECREATION AND LEISURE Amidst flashing lights, silver balls. THERE'LL ALWAYS BE BRIDGE GAMES After classes, plopping down. WE'D SAY TI-IERE'S SOMETHING FISHY HERE During the spring, zz nearby lake . , . Q THE HOMEVVORK WAITS JUST A LITTLE LONCER On the floor, a restful moment. 11 .1 CHEERLEADERS DISPLAY TALENTS Some of the sweaters were padcled. AROUND RICIIT END FOR NO CAIN The score was 20-6. This year the rival fraternities played the nineteenth game of a ninety-nine year contract. The record stands even, with three tics, and eight wins for each fraternity, thc Phi Dclts tying up the series this year with a 20-6 win. Everyone, including officials, . coaches, players, and hand members, is charged admission, the X proceeds of which go to charity. l i Something new on the university social calendar was the Sadie Hawkins Day dance, which Florida Union Social committee hopes will become an annual event. lf the dance held last October was any indication, the girl-drag affair is here to stay. Any campus Daisy Mae who could manage the not-so-difficult task of hog-tying a Lil' Abner was admitted to the gaily decorated gym, ' where "Marryin' Sami' was issuing marriage certificates , until midnight. And while the moon shone in Dogpatch, hay was being made. SNAKE SPONSORS ON SIDELINES Proceeds went to charity. DOGPATCHERS WIN COSTUME PRIZES MARRYIN, SAM PERFORMS CEREMONY Hay was being made, The task was not difficult. 220 4,-n ,qw XSTJL, ,A . ,, 1 pg. 'HQ 2 s 'nn 'I J. f A , , 'gn Q.:-3 nV'5'f3'5, -1 M H?" S? wwf, vb V' .A 562- , 4' .r..q,4- -'fr .J ,Q 5-0 an , V 1 . A ,N ds, ggi' fhalf. W' ' 'M-V , .Qihy if. ' F .., ' R x 'X I Ig, 1 T 41. U .Al K A Q I 13 Q A X ,Q 'fy I I I, if X M -L """"" me--awwwrv ' W -...qv-a..4.n. A 1 REGIMENTAL STAFF Front: Leonard Voight, Cadet Colonel, rear, left to right: R. C. Smith, Atkins, S. Love, P. Weatherford. . ROTC FF OFFICER . fr .t.f.U.w4-4. .... . . . V FIRST BATTALION W. Hutchinson, T. Friday, I. Mueller, G. Childress A. Van Nettu, W. Milligan, T. SECOND BATTALION THIRD BATTALION FOURTH BATTALION I. Pons, W. Leggett, -I. Admire, S. Hicks, D. Corral, R. Horne, R. jones J. Rouzie G. Collins R. Wooclarcl COMPANY COMMANDEHS Thompson, N. Williams C. Burns, R. Morgan, A. Fischesser, R. E. Smith, C. B. Merritt 222 ADVANCED STUDENTS GET MACHINE GUN POINTERS The thought of gold lmrs. "Hup, two, three, fourllv resounded over the drill field each Tuesday and 'l'hursday as 1,705 basic and 361 ad- vanced cadets stepped out military maneuvers. Military is required cur- riculum for freshman and sophomore non-veteran students, and often shouts of glee are heard as a sprinkling of rain descends just before drill time. However, many students are entranced hy the thought of gold bars on the shoulder and follow thc full four years of military science. Branches represented on the campus are infan- try, field artillcry, transportation, and air force. Professor of Military Sci- ence and Tactics is Colonel George S. Price and Cadet Colonel for the year was Leonard Voight. su-gin' A.x ' A NNKFR' f if l I mul! J -s 24+ t ' 1 Sw FUTURE AIR RESERVISTS IN CLASS Into the wild blue yonder MILIT RY CL ,SS S BASIC STUDENTS DRAW RIFLES Shouts of glee for rain. NOMENCLATURE OF THE M 1 R11 LI' l Summer camp at Fort Bennmff UTHER MILITARY ACTIVITIES . .1 ' NATIONAL GUARD MARCHING AT HOMECOMING , I . GOES LEAVE WEEKEND :7 , '5? 'f"P,fZQq ,fi .- . .:,i I, , I E' N, M4 'Z""' ffgi+f -:-,ifm RVIST SENDING MESSAGE DURING CRUISE "'A NAVAL RESERVE and NATIONAL GUARD 224 If C BB RD and BLUE Scabbard a11d Blade, composcd of thc "brass hats" i11 advanccd ll.O.'l'.C., was founded on this campus ill 1920 as Company ll, S1-cond RCglll1l'lll. Its purpose is to raise the SUlllCllll'ClS of inilitary cducation, product: hcltcl' officms, and acquaint its 1llCllllJUl'S with Pl'0lJlt'lllS of national dclfviisc. Mcinhcrs arc can-fully scrc--cncd from cadct 0flllL'l'l'S Oll thc hasis of scholar- ship, Cllill'llCfi'l', illlll lc-aclc1'sl1ip ability. P1'ospcctivc llR'llllX'l'S may hc st-cn I-Jlllilillllg around the can1pus, pulling a toy on a string a11d clad i11 litllc 1110115 tllilll short pants and gartcrs. Tappiiig ol' ph-dgcs is onc ol' thc higlilights of thc 11111111111 Military Ball wcckcnd. SAMUEL B. LOVE l,l'ltSlLll'Ill. OIFIVICEIRS Prcsidcnt . . Sainucl Lovc XIlCl"-l,l'ltS. . 'l'onnny 'lll1OIl1PS0l1 Svc-1'cta1'y Ralph Morgan 'lll'0LlSllI't'l' Daw ClCllIt'l1lS 'l'Ul' ROVV, l. lo 1'.: C. Admirc, -I. Althaus, S. S. Ba1'L:l1a11, -I. NV. Booth, WV. L. Bryan, M. N. Bllllard. SECOND HOVV: C. B. Burns, B. VV. Cadrccha, D. C. c:l0l1l0IlfS, ll. L. Crowson, O. B. Davis, B. VI. Dowling. THIRD ROWV: S. B. Hicks, l". U. Hull, ll. C. Aloncs, WV. ll. Leggett, Il. I". Martin, Il. S. lVlCClll0l'. FOURTH RONV: C. B. Mcr- ritt, H. A. Morgan, C. Il. Nzmcss, D. D. Oldham, C. G. Oldham, E. L. Owens. l7ll7TH ROVV: llouzic, ll. C, Smith, R. E. S111itl1, C. YV. Solberg, A. T. Sims. SIXTH ROW: 'l'. E. 'l'ho111p- so11, L. P. Voight, NV. P. xV02ltllCI'l-Ol'Cl, C. A. NVQ-avcr, I. NVilson. Bl x RELAXINC IN THE EVENING x He wanted to look older. nf, X1 wap' EVEN PROFESSORS IIAVE TO EAT CH He despises cake. PLAYING THE VIOLA He avoids Tchaichoosky. 226 ' ' ' H,-'fi' MHS. CARSON LENDS A CRITICAL EYE He prefers the abstract. PRUFESSUIL RE PEOPLE ATTING WITH CRONIES BETWEEN CLASSES He loves to teach. All in a day with Dr. Carson Prof. Robert E. Carson . . . all for coeducation C"makes men more livable"D . . . rejoices in all kinds of music fDuke Ellington rather than be- bopj . . . "people ought to share their talent" . . . played vaudeville Quwhat a time it wasll . . . mustache since lic was 19 Che "grew it to look older," keeps it to "look youngernj . . . abstract rather than modernistic painting . . . sports news . . . taught teachers how to teach while in Europe . . . took a band abroad for company . . . likes to speak f"it's tough on the audience, but I still like it"J . . . despises pie and cake . . . adores coffee C"I'm a real Sweden? and dill pickles . . . avoids Tchaichovsky . . . revels in Gershwin preludes . . . pet peeve: wife won't take music under him Cunot even C-5,1 . . . "I love to teach." "Tex" Oliver to everyone . . . got handle from waiters at Primrose grill shortly after his arrival in C-'ville in the fall of ,46 . . . is a nativc Texan, but loves Florida and plans to "WiId BiII" Carleton, head prof of social studies . . . grew up with the jazz age . . . roomed four years in Indiana U.'s Kappa Sig house with Hoagy Carmichael Ca song writerl . . . remembers well the flappers, the Charles- ton, and H. L. Mencken . . . doesn't believe in taking courses because of instructorg subject matter is most important . . . "never had an eight o'clock classn . . . has a law degree among others, but hates to be introduced by them . . . "a person should be known for what he had done since college, not what he did 25 years ago." Winston W. Ehrmann, prof of sociology 84 physical sciences . . . teaches most popular course on campus land his favorite coursej . . . "marriage and the family" . . . enjoys his work too muehg wife gives him "hell for it" . . . fond of young men and women, especially the latter . . . worries about his research . . . likes to correct fallacies about sex . . . five years in the army, in a lieutenant and out a colonel . . . gives and gets insight into "what makes the world go roundl' . . . likes golf, fried chicken, and plays, but don't call him Hdocf' years a of the Big Pyramid finterested in its proph- eeyl, Asst. Prof of Mechanical Eng. Ed F rash says he teaches "the only bread and butter course at the university" . . . likes football, fishing, and concerts . . . 10 years teaching mechanical drawing . . . and has industrial experience . . . favors progressive methods of teaching . . . likes to travel . . . hobby and pet peeve, the university . . CHI live it."J stay here and continue teaching two of thc most popular hus ad courses, labor economies and personnel management . . . is the only faculty resident counsellor on CHIIIPUS. x . gg,- .af 4 i 1' .cr ' EO ' 1 I Q 9 vi? .W 1' V' . iiirfsv P+ ' DUB- The acreage "where palm and pine are blowing" bas had its profile altered during tlie last year. The rumble of bulldozers came from several sections of the now- enlarged campus. South of Stadium Road thc new girls' dorms rose from the groundg ground was broken for a HOW engineering building. A spacious administration building sprang up at the entrance to the campus. An FLAVET TIIREE On the clotheslines, cliapers. addition to the law library jutted from the law college. The main library underwent great enlargement and ron- Ovation. A deluxe student center took shapcg four new mens' dorms were begun near the armory. The days when Florida was a few buildings clustered around the Plaza of the Americas were over. MICHAEL AND LONILAIR GIRLS, DORMS At Ihe Patch, nightwatehmens, flashlights. NEW WOMEN'S DORMITORIES f .C VVORM'S EYE VIEVV OF AUDITORIUM Through the windows, organ creseendos. For the university, forgotten days. 229 CHEMISTRY BUILDING On the roof, Gothic architecture. The majestic, Gothic University auditorium now could not seat even the entire freshman class. The temporary classroom buildings such as Building "I," the "college of business ad- ministrationf, seemed to be not so temporary. Four years after the war, veteran students and wives were cramped in shoe-box-sized trailers. Pungent laboratory odors still came from a decrepit, vine-covered Science I-Iall. Buckmau Hall, once the only building of the university, was gutted and renovated into modern, deluxe living quarters for men. Dense foliage beauti- fied the courtyard between the mens' dorms. The new Chemistry-Pharmacy addition was equipped with everything from an inner court- yard to a runway for laboratory animals. The university was undergoing ii thorough face- lifting. UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM ll MPOHARY BUILDING "I" Not even the freshman class Not so temporary. SCIENCE HALL Pungent odors. CHEMISTRY-PHARMACY BUILDING Runway to courtyard. BUILIJI G QI IIUH I TRAILERVET VILLAGE Four years later. DORMITORY COURTYARD Dense foliage. iifill 231 SIX-YE P. PLAN STUDENTS PROTEST BUDGET SLASII For spurring growth, ll lmrucss. All phascs of studcnt life wc-rc grcatly aflcctccl this ycar hy thc six-ycar plan to harncss thc spurtiug growth of thc ncw univcrsity into an institution of higher learning sccond to nonc in thc- South. And ln-cause this plan was so vital to student lifc, cach Florida man and woinan hccainc a fightcr for its completion. Generally speaking, the program calls for adcquatc cducational, staff, plant, and student personnel programs for thc University of Florida. Uni- versity officials statcd that the plan was ncccssary on thc basis of tho statc's fast multiplying population, its increasingly highcr pcr capita incoinc, and thc fact that an cstiinatcd 10,000 non-vctcran studcuts will attcnd thc univcrsity in 1958. The plan was given a scvcrc jolt carly this spring whcn the state budgct couuuission slashcd 5 million dollars off of tho administration's 12 million dollar rcqucst. Students and officials protcstcd vigorously and thc inattcr is in thc hands of thc lcgislaturc at prcsstiiuc. H' 'AY ...- ... 4- 5 y., W- 4 X , 3 N. ,IIE X HU OF TNF RIWSIRIR ww? . Q TSIRAR 4 Z N., ig! X Ni , 5? N A C, . 3 . " . P' , 1 ,Ag A. by H . , 'A X, -H "v' ' s W ' - ' .,, u . X ' - Q 'g -' N n V- nary. r 1 'uf' L. -.Q - fi at , . ,Ak M id' X A! yd, M 4 :Y ml 'QQ 1 , . . ,J It Aiu . ,N H- 2 ,, W' ' X A- ' "LA: ,M AW' - 'M 'S PM 4 'VWXN f"':'w- w-i"m.,:. 4 7 . L E 1 ' D L A R, A I ' 5, ' a N H I ' 4 5 'L ','Q'.' r " i W.. , A ,,A, I E .,., "I 'WA 'fl 4 r 4 3 J ,,.f, nl 5 vigfsfw-,L K xjfim w Y :Q M-e h Kw,, . ' i '8 -L . V, f ,v Y xMtv, m:E M hx ' Q JL I f .! Cn , ga , ffF1!':..'5'f!Yaia X f 'AQGAH -wiaxa 1 Q' x1 """':" . mi "5"'.4L ---- -:ln-2 I , F 1 -- -- -- 1? 3 L N Q W5 Doug Belden Andy Bracken Bill Bracken Marwin Cassel Bill Castagna Wm. McL. Christie john Crews jack Doherty Gene Doss Earl Faircloth Pen Gaines Hank Gardner Ed Grafton Tom Henderson Cail Lee Sam Love Lacy Mahon Bill Moor Leonard Mosby Bill O'Neill Al Schneider Ted Shurtleff Nick Stamathis Dick Wyke I 2: FLUHID ,X r This was a great year for Florida Blue Key, often described as the university's number one organization. It's "great in '48" homecoming was one of the most suc- cessful ever held, with the Gators beating the Miamians for the state grid crown and alumni and FBK activities celebrating the organizationis 25th anniversary. The Florida Blue Key Speakers' Bureau, ably directed by Bill Castagna this spring, was perhaps the most im- portant in the history of the university, for this was the year of the Six-year Plan and the budget slash. With these issues in mind, speakers boosted the university with added vigor as they spoke in communities all over the state. 236 Members not pictured above are: C. Hardee, Art Forehand, Joe McLaughlin, Bill Byrd, Al Cone, Leon Whitehurst, Bill Scruggs, and Herman Edwards. Spring initiates were: Jordan Bittel, Bill Bryan, Dave Clements, Sandy Freed, jim Griffin, Leon Handley, jack Humphries, Doyle Rogers, Bernie Shiell, Reece Smith, Dick Stanley, john Warrington, Ed Fluker, Bill Henry, Pete House, Ted Wittner, john Trinkle, Jerry Simmons, Jack Shoemaker, Ken Richards, Sandy johnson. john Arthur jones, Howard Hopper, Fletcher Groves, Mel Frumkes, Ed Davis, Al Crabtree, julian Clarkson, Pete Brock, Tommy Thompson, and Warren Harrell. BLUE HEY ,,- ' 'r r. X, qv , .1 i I .Q 4 '1- Q K 'la li. X i Z 4 OFFICERS First Semester Wm. McL. Christie, president Hank Gardner, vice-president Bill O'Neill, secretary Bill Moor, treasurer Second Semester Hank Gardner, president C. 1. Hardee, vice-president Nick Stamathis, secretary Bill Moor, treasurer HOMECOMING COMMITTEE General Chairman Gardner and President Christie. FLORIDA BLUE KEY SPEAKERS' BUREAU Chairman Faircloth and Vice-president Hardee. ,ix Q 237 ' is .' semi Us . LF tl- A.......-.. .-. eq If . f l 55:7 ,lilo V77 :lvl lffxlt , ,., of L..,f,..... rv 1 t PHI BET OFFICERS Fon President ,. .,.. .. Vice-President Secretary .. ,...,, .. 'l'1'ea.s'urer . ... . Historian . ALUMNUS MEMBERS INITIATED APRIL, 1948 George J. Mi1ler...-. . .AA7 ., A,, , C lass of 1980 Lois L. MCQllitty.. . .. ,,,, ,,,,,, , Class Of 1933 MEMBERS-IN-COURSE RECENTLY INITIATED April 6, 1948 PP 1948-49 . .....,. GEORGE G. Fox ELMER D. HINCKLEY CHARLES E. MOUNTS HAROLD L. KNOWLES . PEEEE AR'rHUn L. FUNK Theodore S. Benjamin II. Eugene Bovis Robert A. Boyer Richard L. Cragu Herbert Doherty Corliss j. Driggers Hugh C. DuBose Robin H. Ferguson William j. Husa, jr. VVilliam E. Nexsen Robert C. Nodine April 1:-5, 1948 Gerald L. Gordon Alan F. Westin july 20, 1948 Melvin Levinson August 30, 1948 Nathan L. Crowder, jr. Loring S. Ensign Harry M. Hutson, jr. George R. Peacock ' December 10, 1948 Henry L. Copps Paul R. Chalker Robert B. Stein james H. Straughan Jose P. Vazquez Samuel Yosim l Herbert S. Guy Jacqueline M. Freemm Irving L. Webber PHI BETA KAPPA CITATION FOR CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENT . June 7, 1948 Herbert II. Doherty "Love of Wisdom the helmsman of life"-this Greek motto from which Phi Beta Kappa derived its name symbolizes the distinguishing principles of its society: Friendship, Morality, Literature. Phi Beta Kappa, the first Greek letter society, had its genesis at Florida in 1938, with John Tigert as the first president. There have been 162 undergraduates elected since that time, selected from among the upper 15'Ma of the classes graduating from the College of Arts and Sci- ences. Selection is made on the basis of broad cul- tural interests, scholarly achievements, and high moral Silas K. Eshleman III character. Alumnus members are chosen from Florida graduates of not less than ten years' standing, who, by contributions in the fields of humane sciences and letters or by works of pure literature, have shown themselves outstanding. The Phi Beta Kappa Citation for Creative Achieve- ment is given by the Society to students demonstrating exceptional undergraduate attainment in the creative fields of writing, dramatics, forensics, the fine arts, or in original investigative study in any of the liberal disciplines. cholastlc Honor oclety 59,4 .: qv .. " X Mme? PHI HAPP PHI X Prrfsiclelil . . ...... we V ice-President journal Correspondent Faculty Members Brooker, Marvin A. Swanson, Daniel C. Graduate Students Flathmann, Sue Ella johnston, Alber Sherwood, jr. jones, june Grimm Roberts, Daniel Altman Stockton, Blanche Ulmer Undergraduates Benjamin, Theodore S. Bennett, josh C., jr. Benson, Marvin T. Blank, Ralph j., jr. Bovis, Henry E. Boyer, Robert A. Bruestle, Charles C. Carrico, Arnold j. Crago, Richard L. DeHaan, jacob D. Demro, Conrad G., jr. Diamond, Walker G. Doherty, Herbert j., jr. Driggers, Corlis j. Dunkle, jolm R. Eggart, George j., jr. Ferguson, Robin H. Fernandez, joseph Floyd, Linton E. Forrester, john R. Geer, Charles W. Gordon, Gerald L. Harp, Clifford E. Harrison, james O., jr. E Hathaway, George . Herring, john L. Hess, William S. Hoover, Maurice W. Hooper, Howard H. Husa, William j., jr. juskiewicz, Ben Lamb, Robert L. Lee, Roland M. Lyle, Robert T. May, Frank P. Marble, Bessie D. Merlin, E. Leonard Mundell, Charles E., jr. Nexsen, William E., jr. OFFICERS 1948-49 W. H. Wu..soN Secretary ,. R. ANDERSON W. C. ARNET1' Treasurer .,...,. ..,,,..,.....,...,............. .. R. O. STHIPLING Nodine, Robert C. Owen, Henry A., jr. Philyaw, james W. Pierce, Robert j. Potter, Andrew E., jr. Powell, Pattye P. Powell, Benjamin O., jr. Schreck, Robert T. Scudder, Kenneth T. Seegmiller, Walter R. Sefrna, Eugene F. Simmons, Stephen B. Smith, Arthur H. Spaulding, David W. Thompson, jack C. Vincent, Nicholas M. Ware, Edith F. Westin, Allan F. Wray, William K. Wright, Robert L. Wyles, Walter E. Initiated July 23, 1948 Graduate Students Aslunore, Henry L. Edwins, Annette P. Glidewell, Grace M. Masters, Edgar j. May, William D. Page, Deborah H. Peterson, Virginia Fay Undergraduates Bella, Nicholas j. Campbell, Austin F. Clarke, Gerald M. Decker, Andrew Ehinger, Edward A. Gardner, Ernestine L. Harrison, Theodore E. jordan, Samuel S. Kawaber, Morton A. Kelly, William H. Kitching, Bernard D. Levinson, Melvin Merriam, Lauren E. Peeples, Henry C. Pope, Harold C. Prevatt, Edna E. Smith, Charlotte S. Stormes, Don A. .. . Mus. FLOY MCEACHERN Utsey, Bernice C. Van de Motter, john S. Initiated Sept. 4, I948 Graduate Students Alencar, jose de Cappleman, Homer L., jr. de Carion, Flavia j. Dugger, Roderic R., jr. Edwards, Charles H. Gathers, Wayne E. Hamblen, Charles Kolitz, Harry H. Manning, Ernest B., jr. Poole, Lewis A. Spatafora, Constance S. Wilder, Roscoe C., jr. Undergraduates Armstrong, Henry E. Emmons, Albert W. F loyd,,Mary L. Fuhrer, Carl H. Garcia, Manuel Griffis, Elbert B., jr. Guest, Marion I. Harrison, Thomas F. Henderson, Wallace W. Hoehl, john R. Hoffenberg, Bernice M. Lee, Claire O. Lemmon, William j. McCoy, Frankie L. Peacock, George R. Powell, Levi A. Pringle, George O. Proctor, Meyer Propst, Neil W. Poqemore, john E. Ryan, Leo j. Smith, Ayleen H. Smith, Allen Stein, Robert B. Straughan, james H. Vazquez, jose P. Warns, Howard E. Wells, Margaret M. Whitton, Frank F. Williams, Dorothea F. Williams, johnathan B. Yosim, Samuel Phi Kappa Phi, one of the highest honorary scholastic societies at the University of Florida, numbers among its membership undergraduate students, graduates, and faculty members. Its prime object is the promotion of scholarship and irreproachable character. This society differs from other high honor scholastic societies in that its doors are open to students in any de partment of study in the institution where the chapter exists. It welcomes the engineer, the agriculturalist the architect, or the chemist as heartily as it does the classical scholar or the man of letters. 239 COMMITTEE LAYS PLANS FOR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM The intellectual upper crust. OFFICERS MAP BANQUET PLANS Ed Kuenzler, historiung Gilbert Eehelman, secretaryg Henry Kittleson, vice-presiclentg Al Gammage, president. PHI ET IGMA ational cholastic Fraternity I U The intellectual upper crust of the freshman class comprises the membership of Phi Eta Sigma. Not content with just average grades, aspirants to this national scholastic fraternity must make a minimum of half A's and half B's during either their first semester or first year. It is not surprising that only BM, of the freshman class becomes eligible for initiation. The Florida chapter was chartered in 1930, through the efforts of Dean of Men R. C. Beaty, himself a Phi Eta Sigma and the present faculty advisor. In addition to assisting in freshman orientation each semester, the chapter is laying plans for a scholarship fund, the purpose of which will be to bring to the university worthy and promising students who would otherwise be unable to attend. I l MEMBERS IN INTENSIVE CONCENTRATION OVER COMMITTEE REPORT Only three per cent LPH PHI U EG , 'WITH ' 'T' Each year members of Alpha Phi Omega, the national service fraternity, do more business than a free lunch counter on the Bowery just because they are willing and available for work. And it doesn't matter what kind of Work or service it is, either. In fact, ever since April 14, 1931 when the Tau chapter was founded locally, sundry persons have bucked on down to Alpha Phi Omega most of the various campus service tasks that had to be performed by someone. Often those tasks have been tedious and quite often sweat-provoking, too. A hasty glance over Alpha Phi Omega's roster of services performed annually would disclose that they set up and operate alumni registration booths at Homecoming, provide special police and ushering at the 'Gator Crowl, conduct gray-bearded alumni and wide-eyed visitors on campus tours, hold public opinion polls, extol the virtues of University of Floridaism before touring high school students, conduct charity fund raising campaigns by holding the annual King Ugly contest in which campus ogrcs vie for that dubious distinction, visit and perform errands for infirmary inmates, distribute F books, provide group leaders for orientation and sponsor the Talent Shop radio show. As you pause for breath after scanning that list, it should be apparent, therefore, that Alpha Phi Omega clings wholeheartedly to its avowed intent of assembling college men into the fellowship of the scout oath and law and that they seek both to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. Membership rcquisites stress that each candidate must have had previous training in scouting, a satisfactory scholastic standing and must, of course, be motivated by a seeting desire to render service to others. FLETCHER LOUNGE GATHERING First row: l. to r., Ansbacher tsecretaryl, unidentified, Vincent, Smith, Barley, and Nash, second row: Newland, Dasher, Crowell, Lyle tcorrespond iny secretaryl, Armstrong thistoriani, Davidson, and Mills, third row: Rey nolds, I-Iouscr, F oor, Perry, Margolin, Cook, Hollins, Scluner, Rizner and Rut ledge, fourth row: Kennedy, Sikes tpresidentl, Woodard tfirst vice-presidcntl Sparrowhawk C second vice-presidentl, Wilkinson tsergeant-at-armsj, Stur- rock, Ieffcoat ttreasurerl, unidentified, johnson, Middleton, and Busse. 241 .4 affirm APO MEN AID LOCAL SCOUTS To assemble in fellowship. MEMBERS ENJOY SMOKER To develop frienflslzip. -1 INFURMAUUN ALUMNI RELi5TERAl'UN flliitiivi HOMECOMING INFORMATION BOOTII To promote service. Inq J-,MA . ,,, . . ., BULL SESSION, C. L. O. STYLE From mutual effort, a low monthly assessment. The C. L. O. has grown from its founding in 1930 lo the organization today feeding and housing seventy- five members. Mutual effort enables the C. L. O. to maintain a low monthly assessment despite spiraling living costs. The organization is proud to have as its patron Dr. joseph R. Fulk, who has given in trust all the property owned by it. The C. L. O. enters intramural teams in all sports. The distribution of the members among four houses also fosters intergroup rivalry. Enlargement of the kitchen, ren- ovation of the dining room, and in- stallation of a decpfreezer are among the practical projects which instill a a sense of responsibility and self- sacrifice in its members. They learn to work and live to best advantage with each other. mu... q .- COOPER Tl E Ll I a URGANCZATIU ATHLETES IN BATTLE FORMATION From practical projects, a sense of responsibility. T DUDE! DDD DUU DUD First row, l. to r.: Frank Lanius, Doyle Martin, Albert Brown, Charles Ililton, Kit Carson, Laurens Reeves, llarry Smith, Edsel Rowan, Percy Frierson, Ralph Van Fleet, Herschel Roberts, Bob Scott. Second row: Bud Whidden, Denny Lau, Tom Casey, Fred jones, Cliff Bailey, Bill Gallagher, Fletcln-r Fleming, -lim Bloodworth, Don Nelson, Frank Reeves, E. -I. Cowan, Ray Rodriquiz. Third row: Dick Bromwell, Urling Valerius, Pete Allison, Dave Clements, Charles Rowan, Pete Massey, Nathan Finney, Paul Cade, Bob Kelso, Marvin Gaffney, Bill Bussell, Bill Sharpe, Bill Wilson. Ifourth row: Bill Hendry, Al Raulerson, joe jones, Hank Pierce, Tom Evans, Robert Gates, Bob Murphy, Charles lvey, Bear Harden, Louis Strumskis, Lynn Walker, Gus Fisher, John Eubanks. 242 GEURGI t. .GLE ILL L. ' ' . ji.:.,,,...s..-,.iQ.........,......L.. lf. ., rl' ' .. . . ... .,.,.........,.t......v.y..-s.f..-'...W..v n A n FIRST ROW: john Ozaki, Tom Fast, C. L. Geiger, Thomas Scott, Emmett Herndon, Benjamin Holdorf, james Hart, Phillip Mar- vin, Francis Wilson, Horace Deudney, Hurdis Wise, Charles Ozaki, john Hays, james Cunningham, Charles james, Carlisle Byrd, Robert Williams. SECOND ROW: George Musson, Charles Goodroe, Ray Milton, Guy Risley, Cleve Hamm, Thomas Diedeman, llarry White, Rev. Thaxton Springfield CCounselorJ, Mrs. Birdie Parkhill tllousemotherj, Raymond Duke, Luther Collier, William 'l'ln'elkeld, Charles McGrew, Edwin Brenner. THIRD RONV: john Dixon, Leonard Reeder, james Pope, Richard Dotson, joseph Stansell, Turner I-Iogan, Glenn Sowder, Glenn Black, james Woodward, Harold Cason, Donald Bynum, Dawson Wilson, Leon Thomas, john Shepard, Evelio Rio, .Forrest Smith, Walter Schnabel, Raymond Freeman. IVOURTI'-I ROW: Charles Densmore, David Howard, llosmer Chesser, George Paterson, Hugh Sheffield, Karl Schultz, Pat Golden, Robert Ingle, Eustace Kelly, Robert Fernandez, Neil Geiger, Theodore Wakai, jewell Hooper, Charles Everett, Samuel Lovell, llenry Armstrong, Allen Powell, William Fleming, Robert Oliva, Lawrence Gautier, Terrell Sessums, Richard Baldwin, Richard Robinson, Richard Gerber, Milton Carpenter. NOT PICTURED: George Smith, William McDonald. Here is an opportunity for the husband-hunting co-ed. There are 80 eligible, good-looking young bachelors living in that red brick colonial house on University Avenue known as Georgia Seagle Hall. These men live on a cooperative basis, each one sharing his pro rata share of the actual operating cost. The organization is completing its third successful year. Administered by its representative group, the Co-op Board, it is run on a non-profit basis. A non-sectarian organization, it has as its main tenet Christian fellowship in all phases of college life. CHOW TIME AT WAUBURG For lxuslmnd-lzunting Coeds, an opportunity. INDEPENDENT PROGRESS-SLOW BUT SURE For its main lenet, Chrislian fellowship. DUDDUOD DDU UDU A DELICATE BALANCING ACT For the organization, three .wwcessful years. l 7 ' 243 5 COL. IIAROLD BACHMAN Director J' .w One hundred strong, the, Fighting Gator Band has not been left behind in the University's overall expansion. Larger than ever before and using coed majorettes for the first time, the band added vigor and showmanship FIGHTI G G, TUB ANR .H l"l..0lllDA-GEORGIA PARADE Not left behind. governorls colorful inauguration. The second semester began with an appearance in T ampals Gasparilla parade. This springls concert tour of the state gave the people of Florida a sample of what to expect in the future. to all home football games and two out-of-town games. wand had a busy season, beginning with an Armis- tice Day parade in Palatka. After the Christmas holidays, irst performance was in Tallahassee during the Under the direction of Col. Harold Bachman, considered one of the best directors in the nation, the Fighting Gator band will continue to be a worthy representative of the University of Florida. OFFICERS Left to right: Henry D'Amico, Asst. Band Managerg I. M. McNiel, Band Mzmagerg Bill Threlkeld, Librariang R. H. Newman, Publicityg Steve Risley, Drum Major. FRANCES PARKER Maforcltc i 1 i V 31' ',"lf"2".. -xllihlre. lx' .58 'hiwsfsw fel M 111 If- 9- fu- MAI K . I .i,?.-vb: rf A ,5.. .. v I aria' K , W kilt, bu, Li.-7-' Jr. "'f-55 ' Q f.""-f- -r H 1 w- H 'itxq,'i"t1 1 ' 9 .' 'Q PN. i-1 1 N 1 4 4 ,N ,.,,, 3. -qtrly. X v . ,, , an . U7--' +lQ.g,n J-Mk 'U s 2' VME . .y ff A ."- ' - tw ,t s,,y44,. tg Lf, ', ,ai -di 4-5 I light N , ,.. ' tw, ' . , L, ,HJ ,,f,fjp"'ff"5-,gif "Ili k Witt f.iMgfy11,.fj,, ,u'.w.w is M W --2-:ww -1 , H. Y f .. zj..Ar .f 0 . 3 0 an., gl 1 ANA W-k iv , , 11,4 wif G -NU" "' 'ff-'Cf . 'R . ,:g :wA:w LH-:dun , fugeiw-lgqtlw' .4 iw ,ty A ,W- aifg'?5'RffX Q' w .1 Aw' 4 MJ, ., .,.1MV,... HW H nv luv 1 3 ' ' 'MLW' w -, ,.f, "fn ,.,. ,x .,,.., ef.- Q , u 1 'a 'J .Q is q x v Zig. . ',,, 4 1. v Q .Mugs w I' 'V YM4 Y, . f J? M i 'S'-LH' av," , . , A , Wf5'fLff'f5w ' , .,,fq'- wx , w ' .M V, ft fm , kmu.p,w,'kN1 w!'k S-"'v , an ' wsu' yt. 'U ' . si, ' I lic f . 3 ,. I 3 if 2 1 ., 4 Y , f -p s , , ,X,. ,M M ww, ,, -I , h,',x1X,fv,. , . ,My 'R lv' t " , " lx 5 3 3 Qu ' ai -4 u f , A' 'M ' MQ' W funawqqxgyi L .I ' - pf", ' 4 ,- ,L v -., m ' B' , ,,,,-f',.:.. , A .x- i 5 X V , . , v S f "M k , 1 " fuiy. fgqggpf-r ,V 'sv L f'w-'Alf .. q, .- ., ,fu I Ji .vU ' . 'H ' -' ' ' VO ,E , .- W 15' 1 .AQ V., . '21 , .L 5 4. ,W Q' ,QV X ' h , 4' f. I - W l N ,, 5 WR M la b ,rm ' 7' ,af , 2 ' Y '- Q- A .,, N . " ' ' "' sf ' I fff6fA"4' VL ' N 'fi 12'L2f:f.,' 337.5 6' A L' , K , A V. n.x,wF',g MW . 2 A Ami- , f .',.x,h 4 . wr n 0 1 YW, pw. UQ, f ' uf ,V . .Q . - ' ' X ' ' ,Y , .1 fn . f,J"'L'fv :":4 , an 1- L V: r. V1 W W 1 qw , -Q Y L V fb- Q 3 ,, A ry' , W , "K E2S54 ,,1nri" . .NN ' ' V 1 Jf,,,,2,f i 'i y . J 'N-.1 iv! ...Q N gifffk Q , " 72.3" Q ,,' , Q ' J A ,gy W- NNW 4, 2' 6 aw Y .fytx . ,. r .pq .rx Hi .' .Y ff. -' - .gi-5 Eg - " Q'wfiu5,'wx.Xf' Q x K ,myf A 9,531 Q.. V., ' X. H 1,54 'gm sw ' --':'QQ+K ,A , -Y' A 'M w,M,, g q aiw-A , ,.r--Af3',P'?9- ,gh Y m .W . Y NWN ,.,.'!-A. J, N N M we kxSQr5w':mi , 'II A , rg- gk xg: ,-4 75,4 3-M raw 'ran ff -lf" 'ff-V' f V9 'fl' , L nh NEVV DIRECTOR LUPKIEWICZ SOUNDS C FLAT For Ihe first lime, credit hours. 'r GLEE CLUB 'E 1 ,ir . - gr I First semester officers, left to right: Phil Darwin, 3rd vice-president, Al Gammage, secretary, Thomas Fay, 2nd vice-presidentg Solon Ellmaker, lst vice-presidentg Will- iam Loucks, president. 246 1948-1949 was a season of firsts for F lorida's "Ambassadors of Good Will." It was the first season under the directorship of joseph V. Lupkicwicz, who came to Florida from Sou- thern Methodist university, where he held the position of head professor of the voicc depart- ment. Mr. Lupkiewicz introduced for the first time a policy of mixing music acappella with programs of music with piano accompaniment. In years past the club has always sung aeap- pella. This year for the first time a wire rc- corder was used to detect flaws and rough spots that needed special attention before presentation. It was the first season that the Ambassadors reserved their diplomatic and vocal talents strictly for within-state perform- ances, and the first time the costs of presenting concerts were subsidized by club funds. Lupkicwicz explained the Within-statc plan, which is not necessarily permanent, as a policy of strict interpretation of the club's charter, which states that the music shall be presented JH- 33'-R' W' i .. ' '. ' AMBASSADORS LEAVING ON GOOD XVILL TOUR From slricl fllfCl'1H'lfHllf0ll, Il wilhin-slalc plan. Service to the university through tho Glee club has not passed um't-cognizcd. ln the I948- l949 season for the First time, credit hours 4 were given for Clcc cluh participation. 5 During the spring ol' '49 the Ainhussaclors ' appeared in many concerts throughout the state with perfornianccs in Lake City, Mayo, jack- to souvillc, Palatka, Tampa, XVinter llavcu, Miami, Q and Iacksonville. to thc public in such a way as to promote the best interests ol' the university. With this in mind, Director Lupkiewicz belicvcs that thc best Way to promote interest in the university music department and in glee cluh work is to denioustrate to the high schools ol' the stati- what is being clone at lfloricla. 'I'hc schools cannot afford to support the concerts, as can hc done at connuercial public concerts, conse- quently the lengthy state-wide tour, which this GLEE CLUBBERS VISIT SOUTI-I FIJORIDA year replacccl the annual out-of-state tour, was A, Bok Tower, Rach. financed bi' cluh funds. Clee club members pictured above are, left to right, first row: M. Overstreet, W. Cook, B. Key, H. Graves, A. Jacobs, T Fay, K. Major. N. WVcinberg, Unidentified, R. Turner, VV. Mclnnis, B. King, second row: W. Norton, S. Elhnaker, V. Cot- sonis, A. Gannnage. R. Daniel, V. VVillian1s, W. Henderson, R. Gifford, j. Shuflin. M. Sweat, R. Benclingcrg third row: G jones, NV. Loueks. NV. Whitsim, R. Marks, W. Gager, P. Parvin, L. Shields, K. Conner, II. Wfilliams, E. Brenner, W. Tlltlllh fourth row: l. Kaufman, VV. Johnson, Wadley, Mcrkle, M. Carpenter, K. Snelling, Unidentified, R. Mayhugh, P. Driscoll T. Swanson, T. Martin. 247 1 fi' 1 I . A, i ,. . w"', 1'RESIDEN'I' CASTELLUCI ON 'I'llE KE'l"l'L.E DRUMS Al mi Oclolnfr l'l!l1UllI'Sllf. IT TAKES A LOT OF BRASS TO DO TllIS A plan for thu coming year. PHO Y URCHE'T 1 1734 MEETING OF THE OFFICERS' On Ilia ground eating dessert. The University of Florida Symphony Orchestra was reorganized at the beginning of thc fall semester under the supervision of the new musical director, Edward Preodor. Coming from Illinois VVesleyan University, Mr. Preodor has a varied musical background. A brilliant performer since the age of fifteen, he won many contests and became conccrtmaster of the National High School Orchestra. IIc attended Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N. Y., and was with thc MCM recording orchestra in Ilollywood for several years. just prior to coming here, hc was the head of the string department and orchestra conductor of Illinois XVesleyau. During one of thc rehearsals in October, the Symphony held elections. The officers elected for the fall and spring semesters we1'e: Albert Castellucci, presidentg Robert Silas, vice-presidentg Robert Dechl, business mauagerg Raymond Boniske, publicity directory Dorothy Edmund- son, auditor. 'L. to r., Castcllucci, Edmundson, Boniskc, Silas, Declzl. I O O f STRING SECTION REI-IEARSAL A Bach concerto in F. Bolstcred hy a talented group of nmsic division faculty, new students, and townspeople, the Orchestra has developed into a larger and more professional organization. The first appearance the Symphony made this year was in conjunction with the Florida Choral Union in putting on the Messiah. Dr. A. Beecher, Head of the Division ol' Music, di- rected the orchestra as well as the chorus, which contained some 100 mixed voices. 'l'he Symphony presented three concerts, one in january, one in April and the last in May. Raymond Lawrenson, was guest pianist at the first concert. The April concert was highlighted hy the Rrandenhurg Concerto No. 2 in F, hy Bach. This concerto featured five soloists: john jelinek, trnmpetg Carolyn Tyner, violing Robert Bolles, flute, George Roherts, ohoeg and Russel Dan- lmrg, harpsichord. In May the Symphony decided to try something different in concerts-an outdoor Dessert Pops Concert. Held early in the evening, the concert was presented in the CONDUCTOR EDVVARD PREODOR A varied brlekgrolmri. IIAROLD SECKINCIQR, RASS PRINCIPAL A fuel lo be mario known. X ' Q -'Cl , Q, is i early evening while the audience sat on the ground eating dessert. In the fall the Symphony is planning to enlarge. It is the hope of Mr. Preodor and the Symphony that this ycar's sixty memhers will he increased to ninety. For the coming year are planned several around-the-state trips to make it known that the University of Florida has a symphony orchestra and a good one. s H v v I i ORCHESTRA AND CHORAL UNION PREPARE FOR "MESSIAII" A mixture of 100 voices. X f'r S F. PRACTICE SESSION Gershwin-to-Bach with a two-fold purpose. DIRECTOR STEBRETT WITH OFFICERS L. to r.: Claudia Holland, president, D. A. Klein, vice-presidentg Emily Gunn, secretary. l I hi N GLEE CLUB llaving undergone the trials of organization during the early part of the season, the Women's Glec club began work on a program of music which ranged from Gershwin to Bach. Responsibility for the guidance of the club during its first official season of active organ- ization was placed with Delbert E. Sterrett, who is as new to the university as the glee club itself. Mr. Sterrett, who is a tenor, came to Florida at the beginning of the season after an active career of teaching and performing, during which time he travelled to the Near East, Europe, and South America. Sterrett's Gershwin-to-Bach program has a two-fold purpose. It includes music of such a wide variety that every member will be able to sing selections which she particularly enjoys. At the same time the program culti- vates a wider taste for music, and the members find themselves understanding and appreciating music which had never before appealed to them. Sterrett believes that the concentrated effort needed in glee club work should be an enjoyable experience, therefore a pleasant atmosphere prevails in the club, and as a result good choral music is attained. Women with professional ability are not overlooked and lost in the group. If Sterrett believes a girl's voice is of unusual quality, she is given opportunity to do solo work. Under Director Sterrett the club has grown, the music library has grown, plans have grown, and with such a sound organization the club will accomplish much in presenting the public with choral music of fine quality. Front row: Patty Stanley, Mel McElwain, Ruth Simpson, Clare Singletary, Ruth Knight, Rene Levett, Priscilla Hamilton, Emily Gunn. Second row: Lavinia McMasters, Dorothy Ann Klein, Jane Walker, Dorcas Pickinpaugh, jean Van Lengen, Mary Bunnell, Violet Singletary, Bebe Wells, Jeanette Priest. Third row: Kate Fox, Cloria Terrell, Claudia Holland, Emily Champion, Dantzler Frazer, Clarice Kirkland, Bernadine Bailey, Eva Henderson, Betty Jean Lovett, Mildred Langford. 250 , my - PEP of oth ll Q s sri' 'sr fl . 5 I b-may , saw X5 JK? ., e k, ws l f we A. -A - - Q.-ser 5 i CLUB ,,m ,, se e, l 1 OFFICERS f 1 1 President ,. A,,,.. ,,..,. B ill Zielwr ' 49,5 Vice-President .,.,. . Bill Avera U K sq -A ..- is Q ink! X qs. le it Q 5 1 S. 'i X Hx ,SY Treasurer .... .. ..,. ,. Gene Reynolds so -wsu . 4 4' YA , 5- l ld "" S r- eta . ,.,,,. , ., ..,,. . lack Plisco """-xii i L eert url' , X KX R Although the Gator Pep club has no con- l lt W nection with the Pep breakfast food company, , the guys and gals in the club are filled with vim, vigor, and vitality, "Is everybody happyiw "Give 'em hell, Gators l" The members in the 'L XX' so familiar orange and blue shirts stimulate school 1 X Q it spirit through pajama parades, pep rallies, R V bonfires, free midnight shows, and parades in Jacksonville and Tampa. i i t . .N Q, "Wi l it The club this year introduced the card system , at the Homecoming game with Miami. Two thousand students in a special section worked , ' b ,,.,.,, ,,,, -. IZ . . X jf . seven card tricks with cards of four colors. , vs , t VVhen members gave directions, there was a P colorful spelling out of "Welcome Alumni," -' i F' - - r ' "Go Gators," and a big HUF." A few more "ri ' ' 6 ' directions over the loudspeaker brought out the Miami skyline followed by an alligator with a football in his mouth. " ' 'Q Q Q 3 l. . mg p! , , .lx J i P V V xg 'fe S 3' it , ern 5 C , The Pep club is composed of the cheer- '- ' Q ' ' , leaders, two members from each fraternity and V 'fr . ' , ,Q sorority, and an equal number of independent " ' l , Lfg, ,fs Y an 1 V I Nam W are l i .R :ml l W . students. I . r ' lf ,g C' W rl, , H, N fx ,, Top Row: Bill Avern, "Dan" Boone, Bette Chisholm, Pat Collier, Madge Crouch. Second Row: Elly Frey, Thomas Gale. Carolyn Jones, Lewis Joseph, Charles Lnngbein. Third Row: Royce Lawless, Kenneth Light- foot, Pete McEachron, Jim Milligan, Joe Nesbitt, Jnnyth Odenthul. Fourth Row: Gloria Pnlter, Jack Pliseo, Charles Pruitt. Gene Reynolds, Ray Schwartz. Al Simmons. Bottom Row: Kenneth Strong, Bill Tente . Clyde Worrell, Marilyn Webber, Nada Yankie, Bill Zclher. . , Y, I 1 B .4-1.... , , MEMBERS PREPARING CARD TRICKS Www IIOMECOMINC CARD DISPLAY Two thousand students and four colors. Skulines and rllligators, CHEERLEADERS B. Bracken L. Robinson E. Smith B. Davis G. Collins W, Saunders 5, Freed G, Comms W' Rutledge v Q w' 'iw V 5 - 4 F P.. 4 A xg P A' - ,.,, I - .V , A ' i 1 A uf- l nf 5 Wi' 4 "' 'f Q .. V l I V' ,,-., In A'-T' 1 I . M .3 l I ,L N M X W is ' if fi X X . , , .Q jr' , f S. M , - .. K' G - -um lp-11115 XP' .' ' C 83 K :Lf CRANE H ALL Many activities. A club of Catholic culture and fel- lowship, the Newman Club has as its purpose "the deepening of the spirit- ual and enriching of the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities." From its headquar- ters, Crane Hall, the club sponsors such activities as Communion break- fasts, lectures, dances, and retreats. Serving as chaplain is Reverend Father P. O'Mahoney. Officers for the year were Edward Atkins, presi- dent, james Torres, vice-presidentg Alice Morton, secretary, Louis Forget, treasurer, Vic DiMaio, sgt.-at-arms. N Mfti' r1,i,y-i2:j:?.,.F :,.."' Tm," " -I " ' ' . A 2 , .,f t 9,1 .r 3: I.. ' . . ' fTgll:ia:.' 3972" .ff ' ,gg f .1 fs V, ,W rvmaw ' , ss:-he . , 1 ,f we rgifg:-' wi-his 7,.1'ff'3i"'l". ' rg L'pziZ2v',f..:ff3,f4..'i V- 5 fl V J if . f W - :ar .azz 1' .f,p1X'L .,, - ,Q-egg-X ---' .Q jsut , ' 4 A PORTION OF THE NEWMAN CLUB C ullure and fellowship. NEWMAN CLUB COEDS AFTER SERVING BREAKFAST A balanced program. iWAN CLUB IIOMECOMING SKIT UCOED FOOTBALLU Female fullbacks. W MEN' TUBE T SSUCI T10 WRITING THE WSA CONSTITUTION In December, a fledgling. If the song "We Are the Boys from Old Florida," is ever revised, we know that something should be added about the girls down here not only being the fairest, but versatile, too. For one of the first things they did after eoedueation came to the campus was to form the Women Students' Association, the main purpose of which was to be concern for the welfare of all coeds at Florida. Although organization of WVSA was begun last spring with the election of officers, it wasn't until this De- cember that the Executive Council ratified their constiution, so that the plans made by the girls may now be carried out. There is a Worry Bird watching you. Were you late going into your dormitory last night? Then, rest assured that WSA will look into it, for one of the concerns of the fledgling organization is dormitory regulations, and the enforcement of these by stimulating public opinion in regard to behavior. In addition to this, a book, concerning women only, will be published and sent to all new women students. Included will be dormitory regulations and other matters of interest. In its work of promoting the welfare of women students at Florida, Women Students' Association plans to help with orientation for women, as well as conducting a program to interest high school girls throughout the state to enter the University. An annual "get-together" for new women students will take place in the fall, and by that time too, WSA hopes to have some sort of lounge where coeds who live away from campus may have a chance to relax be- tween classes. ' With all undergraduate women students automatically becoming members at registration, Women Students' Association is expected to become a strong force on the campus. With coeducation here to stay, WSA hopes to do its part in making the girls feel at home in a school that not so long ago was marked "F or Men Onlyf, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Front Row, let' to right-Barbara Davis, treasurer: Margaret Grinaker, president: Anita Johnston, sec- retaryg Grace Elder, secretary of women's affairs. Standing, left to right-Iris Bishop, sophomore class representative: Mary Foote, freshman class rep- resentativeg Miss Marua V. Brady, dean of women: Caroline Blackburn, senior class representative: Bette Chisholm, junior class representative: Janyth Odental, sophomore class representative. The vice-president, Betty Jo Sammeck, is not pictured. A 253 0 Wig LZZXPACHE Ap' I . lr, thc "clung-n-lug" boys carried out their . -I I ' -.41 N .. ' 5- gf' f ll ' 5 1 'l 1' ' the Friday nights of Fall und Spring 14' l' . B ' d' . g b I f 1 d I 1 ll f ll p fk 5 1 yr 23640-.J SCG Q THC! f ffuww 'ff fwff b f' iffy gf? g'2Qy,,2'fE M'Q,tfz:2,f"' 540765 a 3,MMpgW Ex fm f W bgimwi W M www Q LL!-7awM5 fi j W Wiki JOM LU 51,,,.,,g,0g. O jdmd' Eve, Qxflufvv-ff-f ,...,,.,..:74, if Z7 63212 ifgfhgv -AC 753wfv'53i !g.uZJ244,,, W' 'fm la WW" 5AvA e , , , qv.. ' ' f' vi . . ,,4 if enum. I .' . id! . gyda.-f . 1 38:26 Q if ' 1 :fue lf' ' 0 " Of I - Z' "" , ,. Q mx- -. ' 0 - ug ' ' ' 3 x 5 ' QA ' ' 7 W QZWOLQAL 7021 . ' af. I . L .' .N ' M0 . ,ay I i "' . . ' JL Q . ' . ' f K 6 an ' Eff! , ' C 4 . X X, . . ' . 'f - 4,5 , O . --,zz 54'-gr' D' Lf-51 4 -,Xb-., V315 . .Q X S O S Q 254 X its HITE FBI Pr The famous Gatorland weekends, that frequently dur- ing the school year turn the campus into a frolicking no-man's-land, always find the Brotherhood of White Friars contributing a great deal to the wide assortment of good-times had by all. At frolics time the white satin blouse of this social brotherhood can be observed functioning over the entire campus, and the red sashes also worn to the main social functions of the academic year lend their color to the gala affairs at the University of Florida's greatest week- ends. ' Founded for the purpose of promoting inter-fraternity brotherhood, the White Friars function actively during the Fall Frolics and Spring Frolics weekends, and also at periodic intervals during the rest of the school year when the need is felt for a brotherly meeting accom- panied by suitable refreshments. DANCING CHEEK TO CHEEK More initiation celebration. WHITE FRIAR OFFICERS Left to right, Robert K. Scott, social chairman, Gene Whittle ynesulent, William G. Marquis, secretury-t1'easurer. CELEBRATING INITIATION Brothers cmd dates "dine" at Hotel Club White Frlars this year were: Theta chi- Stokes, Coram, Marshall, Fleming, Odum, Paveseg Beta Theta Pi-Rose, Davis, Reed, Ailsworth, Ponder, North, Poole, Stoney Chi Phi-Miller, Womack, Maugans, Sim- mons, Allen, Whitehead, Dunbar: Kappa Sigma - Weatherly, Tarver, Johnson, Thompson, McGeeheeg Phi Kappa. Tau- Marquls, Meeker, McFatter, Hofma, Cobb, Chandler, Barksdale, Hammond: Sigma Phi Epsilon-Scott, Belltz, Jones, Van Steen- burg, Blandford, Flory, Barker: Phi Delta Theta-Whittle, Bollck, Smith, Johnson, Owens, McNab, Clark, Randall. 3.5 H CUPS ARE PRESENTED TO WVALTZ AND JITTERBUG WINNERS Music from Strauss In Dizzy Gillesipie. ni ADVISOR IAMES DAY AND PHEXY GEORGE SMITH Chapters from Miami to TIIUIIIIIISSGG. AVALIER Allen, S. N Altman, WV. X, Ansbacher, L. Q Anclcrson, M. , QV .. 'px ,, 5 t- '. 2 . Bain, 1. k ,Q R. 1 i ff? .T A. 1 L :Ps x . 1 Clements, E. ,, , Coglum, D. I ,J 3 Q 51 .5 V Collins, G. F. I 'j L . Vff Cuellas, J. I . R , e W, ' K Daniel, W. 1. x A ii' '.,- . I , fix ,Q .Q 5 f ff? B x R Il Dryman, F. - '. 5 Ebssory, R. B. 6, 1 ' A Ecliclman, G. ' Farr, E. I W rg gk Farrior, R. M 4 . 1 ,. Xx ,fi 119-AV F353 Garrett, I-I. -- '. - Garrett, O. ck ,Q S ali 2 SV, Q Gerber, R. D. ' 5 V A , ' 1' V + F a' Gilbert, R. l r N if , , -1 "5 A Gilbert, J 1, 3 'W V X n 5 4. -. ix: ., . '.-. T ff, .sw Holmes, L. E. 51 Holton, N. F L gi. sl ' A Holtsberg, Q 5, , 5 ' N Humphries, I. l 1 , . ' x I Johns, B. is 11 It ,f - A it l A A . Xiiw ' Long, Q. ' Mann, R. sk G., Q Q Marsh, J. 5 ' V A I Melvin, S. U. i X A Meyers, S. P. -l v , f ' ' b. , . 'N 'f tx lg Ramirez, H. 5 Reyes, R. , Q Q 1 A . , -1, nr Reyonlds, G. -2- Romeyn, R. ' L, , . J ibril L. V T f A ,X is u -4. .5 x-'Q .Us .Sim -?4f'?1l3'f Sommer, R. Stanley, R. .J Q., ,I Starling, B. E. , . l, if V Stringer, T. F. 1 , K Sturrup, R. I A V l : ' A In 1. n. N Truskin, T. M. I 'N Tucker, WV. Q Waldron, H. WVatson, F. M. mx I ' 1 W 1.-tl , D. W. N - l f if A , A . es Jury A '33, :N h - l w..,.,t , .. 4 X . 256 K ANCE UCIET I 1 ' -if .3 ' , ,. , , "' JW , l :V lx L . 1 .41 'sf as . - -,Ax ' A X . 3, J 2, Us XP .' W ' 'x , . . 2 ' il Qx ' tm? ' xl -. -... W sf . 3 7 . . 1. -I 'W' 1.3. V: It '- qv. ,f ix .. . 1. Q Af' up - Q 'c e. . f u 1 v ff " K .45 .EQ I .1 I V- X X z:f"ff 1 .N 1 ,gg , r LN in ,LYVTELK ' ' ,N S' R3 .1 A.h .X . . .' V S.. ASX Q:-. ge 'x M x ,UA .Q all Q , .lk I A H . wap' an, lg ' , , '- J A' if 1 .. ll Q y nv 1 will t. 5 ofa ? K E 4 . ' in ..1, .,. A, X X , xl K . f fa. ld . 'if 1,1 1 L Q- ,1 1 4 . 'Wg of 37 xg' 1' " u 7 ' .. ' - ge. N , Q . .y J . I 9 1' if ' ff . 1' J F w J' ' II- . ff uf 1 'f ,M -. ls . . f .qvr e Z lv "M l I 4 . Q, ' Q I . y w ii. -2 'li 1 lv lx. . LN '94 J . ar.. J Q J J 2 . 'Fall 7 vb in i -si V I 2 Q LZ' .xx J .4,'. ..: 'J 'ik V ' TW ' f fl: . 321 ' ' 3' " .Q 2"- 257 35 H Bonner, J. Batchelder. R. S. Baxley, G. Baxley. J. Beasley. H. Bishop. D. Calloway, P. J. Carlson, A. Chapman, R. D. Fevrorl, B. J. Fitzpatrick. C. Fleet. E. Floyd, A. Freeman, D. D. Frumkes. M. Fussel. W. Gaines, P. Gardner, H. Jones. L. E. Kaler, L. Klnton, D. Knight, C. E. Hagan, L. Lang, Ed Lampe, R.. A. Lenas, P. Lewlns, J. H. Schaller, W. E. Scruggs, W. Sheffield, H. W. Shepard, J. Simmons, J. Simmons. R. G. Smith, G. E. Smith, H. F. Smith, J. B. Wells. E. L. White, H. Wilkinson, J. L. Williams, H. E. Wlttner, T. Wolfe, P. H. Yarbrough, L. Young, S. P. Zndra, R. Dawkins, C. Dasher. L, Davidson, D. Decker, F. Deudney, H. D1Malo, V. Dodson. B. C. Doss. E. Driscoll. W. Guldles, R.. Goad, S. E. Godwin. W. Gunter. L. H. Hays, J. R. Hogward, L. D. Henderson, J. Hill, J. Holbrook, G. Murra, R. McCall, J. McEddy. J. D. McRae, B. E. Norris, J. O'Berry, R. Pelk, L. Posey. A. L. Powell, A. Suarez, B. Suarez, J. Swafford, H. Taylor. C. Terrell, F. Thompson, H. Thomas, H. B. Tomm. H. Trawlck. W. Al LETTE CAVALE'l"l'ES CELEBRATE FIRST ANNIVERSARY Coniplele with cake and trimmings. Under the willing wing of the Cavaliers, the sister organization Cavalettes has grown into a here-to-stay society, now independent of their established guardians. Formed last year for the purpose of fostering interest among women students in the time-honored exercise of dancing, the Cavalettes may safely say that after two years of tripping the light fantastic, their aim has been achieved. Every sorority on campus is represented, and with equal independent representation, the members number fifty. Highlight of the Fall semester social season was the Birthday dance, complete with cake and trimmings, celebrating the end of the first year of organization. 'l'he second term saw the Cavalettes represented in the Florida Follies. On the afternoon preceding the Follies, a millhopper picnic was held, followed by an early evening barn dance. Male recipients of Cavaletle invitations agree that the group is truly a welcome feature of campus life. , , MEMBERS: I it Q V9 W- f -ex .. I -. , , riff to ,NT all Hit 'I Q I lx iff I nfs. fswidl-19 ' x-tix 4 Y ' l 6 K OFFICERS President , , Margaret Savigt Vice-president W Gerry Collins Secretary . , Doris Harned Treasurer , , ,, -lean DeV1ne Dance Chairman , , Ginger Earnest Publicity ,, Mary Lou McM1ll1n Sponsors Miss Margaret WVu,lts Miss Dorothy McBride Beverly Nelson Joy Carter Doris Harned Joyce Moore Rose Amelia Eie Fran White Gerry Collins Beverly Smith Margaret Savage Mary Lou McMillan -lean De Vane Judy Courtney Katherine Heitzman Mildred Langford Gail Henderson Evelyn Schwartz Joyce Traeger Louise Prewitt Claire Robida Barbara Coker Carolyn Cofer Fran Horne Mervin Thomas Carolyn Cowsert Joan Crouch Janet Steele Bee Jay Weir Sue Fowler Mary Elizabeth Williams Lee Robinson Kathleen Hamilton Carolyn Sheperd Ginger Earliest Evelyn McKinley Mary Beth Knapp Betty Hall Virginia Crews Winnie Smith Dot Edmondson Ann Binney Frances Helms Peggy Clayton Dantzler Frazer joan Shumaker Chris Higginbotham Carolyn Clarke Betty Jean Cadle Barbara VVhigham janet Odenthal Jeanette WVatford Jayne Zeigler 258 CAVALIERS PREXY PINS ORCHID' ON PRESIDENT NELSON Tripping the light fantastic. 3.33 S ra bk. Q it , . 'ai LA' ' . Q, .g-,1-.ggmr .wr A Iii-XPP Vt PP PHI Honorary Band Fraternity L. to r., front row: T. E. jones, R. Crum, VV. Bennette, Cogburn, H. Ghcsser, M. McNeil, B Threlkelclg second row: D. Carnell, G. johnson, treasurer, H. D'Amico, vice-president, W. Godwin, president, B. Newman, Col. H. B. Bachman, Director of Fighting Gator Band and faculty advisor, L. L. johnsong third row: Sanders, B, Bostwiet, H. King, H. Nash, B. Morris, L. jones, L. Lyle, E. Best, R. Gilette, F. Mitehellg fourth row: E. Lang, K. Ailsworth, W. Harrison, R. Hall, G. Whit- comb, N. Grant, R. Silas, S. Malever. fx, W 7 ? 1, ' 1 h 1 ' t tag K 1 atlona e 0 astle A l 'fl 'Ojai - o Pharmacy Fraternity f gy- One of the prerequisites for becoming a member of Rho Chi ' is bein f able to Jronounce " liarmaceuticaln without shiftin f your Za 1 P B. upper plate. Seriously, membership in Rho Chi is one of the highest honors obtainable for a pharmacy student. Its fundamental 5. objective is to promote advancement of the pharmaceutical sci- Lf ences through the recognition of intellectual scholarship. Officers for 1948 are Orion Hall, president, Harold Maurer, vice-presidentg Nerida Rodriguez, secretary-treasurer, Douglas Johnson, historian. p 4 , . , 1 if H' if BRADLEY ' DALE W JOHNSON ' ITALL 259 If you were ever sitting quietly in the Florida Union when a small group of musi- cians Cughl came marching and blaring in, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are new initiates to Alpha Eta chapter of this honorary band fraternity. Few students will forget Kappa Kappa Psi's skit at Gator Growl that was en- titled Herr Louie and his German band. Purpose of the organiza- tion is to further the musical interests of outstanding col- lege bandsmen and to serve as an outlet for their musical abilities. Q Q-'P , pl si ls ' LANE PEEPLES RODRIGUEZ FIRST ANNUAL FIELD TRIP Inuulrmlzlc insiglil runs prouizlczl. Block LQ Bridlc is proud of the fact that it is niorc than a figurchcad organization that inccts once a wcck to discuss thc prohlcins of thu world. Instcad it gocs out and docs things. For instancc, this ycaris activitics included thc Florida Littlc International livcslock show, a livcstock cxhihit at thc Ag Fair, and a collcgiatc livc- stock judging tcani. On its annual ficld trip, thc cntirc nicinhcrship visitcd thc most proinincnt rauchcs in thc state and vicwcd Floridais fincst cattlc. Thcsc trips providc invaluahlc insight into thc prohlcins facing cattlcincn. 'I'hc purposc of this organization, if you havcnit alrcady gucsscd from the picturcs, is to proinotc hcttcr livcstock through hrccding, sclcclion, nlanagcincnt, and cxhihiting. PRIZE EXIIIBIT AT AC FAIR They were proud of the fact. BLOCK t BRIDLE Wi PRIZE FLORIDA STEER 154 CLUB OFFICERS L. to R., firsf row: Anzlers-rm, Wonclwurcl, Ilendrie, NUSIIIIIIIQ back row: Clay, Prllfersml. OFFICERS: C. L. Andcrson, president, K. L. Patterson, vice- prcsidcntg Tonnny Clay, sccrctaryg NL-Smith, troasurerg M Woodward, marshal, j. I. Kelly, reporter. MEMBERS: R. Acrcc, Barker, Pctc Clcinons, Bill Cotton, A F. Crihhctt, jim Ducllcy, M. Harrcll, joe Howland, II. Iloppcr R. Hunt, Earl Kclly, -Iaincs Kclly, B. Kowalskc, G. LaMar, W McCormick, L. Mann, P. Midycttc, E. Millcr, R. Murphcy, C Musgrovc, Mincar, II. Pago, B. Pyatt, C. Pennington, T. Rcavcs ll. Rohcrts, C. Rowan, E. Rowan, R. Schcc, R. Scxton, F. Skippcr J. Sinnnons, R. Smith, Stroud, K. Strong, Bunn Taylor, War- rington, M. VVoodwurd, F. VVillianison, B. Wortinan. PLEDCES: Clark, NV. Cohb, C. Colc, E. Collins, A. Dawson D. Ilall, C. McMullen, Ray Scwcll, Ida Schmidt, II. M. Solana Martha Tyson, and R. Toussaint. o B-1-W9 HASH SLINGING DURING FORESTRY FIELD DAY At Austin Cary, ll busy sclieclule. PRACTICING THE IIATCIIET TIIRONV At the picnic, a broken grind. 1 'sf'-mf ROW HOEING DEMONSTRATION For thc college, a paved road. PURE TRY CLUB Since its formation in l935, the Forestry Club has grown to a present membership of ISI students. The club has aimed to give educational op- portunities, recreation, and active support to the industry of forestry in the southeastern United States. The club played an active role in the es- tablishment of the school of forestry and is at present paving thc road to college standing by its vast achievements. On the educational and professional side of college life, the Forestry Club has brought such outstanding leaders to the campus as Paul Schocn, executive secretary of the forest farmers' association cooperationg Early Frye, chief biologist of the Florida game and fresh water Conunissiong Guy Wesly, general manager ol' the national turpentine ik pulpwood corporationg Bill Oettmeier, president of Superior Pine Products Co., and many others. Stu- dent programs of educational value are also presented. On the lighter side the club has sponsored the Foresters' Field-day at Austin Cary memorial forest, an day of demonstrations, fellowship, com- petitive sports, and good food. The Timberman's Tussel provided the dancing fun and the Foresters, Picnic broke the steady grind behind the books and midnight oil. OFFICERS 1'resi1Icnl . ,,,.c,,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,.,, . Harry XV. Allan V ice-Prcsirlcnt 7, c,,,,,, ,,,,,, I Iames Willingham Sccrotary-Trcasurer . ..,, , ..,, ..,..... Fred Brett Reporter ,. .,,.. ...,. ....,,.,,, ,,i,,.,,... . . . ..,., .,., . 1 3ill Boyd TUSSEL SAVVING CONTEST For the club, ri lighter side. Tl W P5355 ERTI I CLUB "Advertising In Action" is the motto of the University of Florida Ad Club. Organized to bring advertising students together for practical experience, the club embraces such related field as: pub- lic relations, commercial art, marketing, retail, outdoor, newspaper, and radio advertising. In the fall of '48 the club received its charter. Well known state and national leaders have spoken on the campus under the sponsorship of the Ad Club. A novel social function, "Club Eeky- butt," with night club motif was introduced on the campus with great success. The "Campus Advertisers" again came into the limelight with a series of weekly panel discussions on various phases of advertis- ing conducted by the Jacksonville Advertising Club. The final function of the club for the '48-'49 year was to install the Douglas Leigh Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, national professional adver- tising fraternity. RE L E T TE CLUB Front row, left to right: Shelton, Dr. Ring, Dr. Chaee, Heasley, Bonnet, Bryan, Lampeg second row, left to right: Bramlette, Lewis, Poe, Shinn, Hollenbeck, Manuel, Davis, Lynch, Watkins Cvice-pres.Jg third row, left to right: Edwards Cpres.P, Poston, Allen, Register, Walker Csect.-treas.J, Shirley, Delaparte, Condict, Register. ANALYZINC NATIONVVIDE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN In one year, a national organization. Fall semester officers: W. C. Nesbitt, president, Don Auleb, vice- presidentg Vernon Lowell, secretary, john Carney, treasurer. Spring semester officers: Ernest Currie, presidentg Clark Bloom, vice- prcsidentg Bob Newman, secretaryg john Carney, treasurer. W Realizing the need for practical knowledge and experience in addition to scholastic and academic studies in this field, promising prop- erty specialists gathered together in the spring of 1947 to formulate a program-the Real Estate Club-which would give future students of this profession a well-rounded background. Field trips to housing projects and business properties provided information in the various phases of real estate. Problems, opportunities, and statistics of property owners were discussed by prominent realtors from all sections of the state. Approximately 40 members participated in these functions. Some members spoke to realtor boards in different large cities of Florida about the university real estate courses. This resulted in some twelve scholarships for outstanding realty students. Several smokers and picnics were program- med on the lighter side of the organization's activities. Highlighting the social functions was the annual spring banquet which was held in the Primrose grill. Front row: Prof. Vidal Trujillo, Prof. A. Ramirez, W. M. Pepper, Dr. F. C. Hayes, C. Castelblaneo Cpresidentl, B. VVinehcster.ttreasurerl, P. Mendoza tvice- presidentl, P. Vasquez tseeretaryj, J. Cuellar, Dr. I. R. XVCl'Sl10VV. Second row: M. DeMesa, WV. E. Poole, W. Bostiek, Terrana, C. Kraemer, M. Bunnell, D. Edmonson, R. Parada, H. Barbery. D. Perez, C. Lockwood. Third 1'oW: D. Mendoza, F. Chastain, Tooke, E. Bovis, Lopez, R. Cray, Lizarralde, R. Duckworth, A. Cribbctt, M. Valles, E. Lyon. Ltlt PIU ROL Although literally translated, "The liogues :if Quevedof' to be one is not a prerequisite lor membership in this club. Si, Pedro. Found- Lvd in 1933, Los Piearos is an honorary Spanish fraternity, composed of advanced language stu- flents as well as students from Spanish- Ameriean countries. Los Piearos has helped pave the way for better understanding of the :ulture of Spain and that of the Latin-American :ountries by establishing sister ehapters at Florida Southern College, Florida State Uni- versity, and the University of Tampa. PLANT CITIANS MEET Fr11'c11sl Ilillslzorougli, prominence. The purpose of the Plant City Club of the University .,,,- of Florida is to discuss and initiate action to benefit our sommunity, to bring the east Hillsborough County see- tion into prominence on campus, and to generally in- :rease our worth to our community and state. . -I At bimonthly meetings plans WCl'C laid and carried out during the past semester resulting in an enjoyable Thanksgiving holidays' dance. Also during the Christmas holidays a sizeable amount of foodstuffs was eolleeted and distributed to the needy of east Hillsborough county through the VVelfare Department. Many other worthy projects are planned for the second semester ol' the 1948-49 school year. PLANT CITY CLUB OFFICERS PLAN AGENDA Nat Storms, secretary-treasurerg Theo Sliba, presidentg Harry VVclls, vice-president. 263 CASPARILLA FESTIVITIES SCENE The pirates were loaded. GRE TER AMPA CLUB Au organization for students from the "Cigar City," the Greater Tampa Club has set forth its purposes as follows: to bring closer contact between the Tampa Alumni Association and the students at the University of Floridag to contribute to the progress of the greater Tampa areag to provide fellowship and activities for the Tampa stu- dentsg and to serve the University. The forty-five members present at the organizational meeting in October expanded to over 150 during the year. During Christmas and spring holidays the club spon- sored danees in Tampa, over six hundred persons attending. The club plans to aid Tampa alumni in raising money for the Gator Booster Fund. Officers for the year were Robert Rizner, presidentg Allen Zhar, vice-presidentg Ted VVittner, secretaryg james Torres, treasurerg and an executive board composed of Matt jetton, Rex Far- rior, Sam Maribclla, Hank Gardner, and C. Ilardee. ' . ......-......- NATIONAL ANTIIEM PRIOR TO FLORIDA-AUBURN KICKOFF The victory was eelelmlled. i GRE TER NIABI CLUBf A REGULAR MEETING OF THE CLUB For 215 students, a new reorganization. The Greater Miami club spells s-c-r-v-i-c-e, service to the university, service to Dade county students, and service to alumni associations-these are the purposes of the newly reorganized Greater Miami club. Projects of the club this year were the sale of colors at homecoming, the sponsoring of a Christmas dance at the Miami Shores country club, and the sale of 1949 Uni- versity of Florida booster tags. Proceeds from these projects went into a scholarship fund to bring outstanding athletes to Gatorland. Club officers are Sandy Freed, presidcntg jack Rogerson, vice-presidentg Elaine Iskin, sccretaryg Barney Shirley, trcasurerg Kytle Williams, alumni chairmang Harold MacMullen, publicity chairmang Ann Potter and Ward Wagner, membership. The members number 215. E' 'Tw l 4 SELLING BOOSTER TAGS For an oulslanciing athlete, a selzolarsliip fuml DANCING DURING Cl'lliIS'I'MAS VACATION At the Miami Shores, a service group relaxes. KE ff s.f,. -,bl .. , n.,,,kiN- ,Y , f KX Vx . J 'I , 4J .P F2 -A -l?-..- .. ,- - - - :Qu N - ii if NC X1 K xx ,A .Ax S 4 X I gin S ATHLETICS g ' .JF sq a. 14 , THLETIC Chartered to promote intercollegiate athletics between the University of Florida and other colleges and universities, the Athletic Council also appoints student managers, and approves and regulates athletic awards to students who have competed in major and minor sports and who have been recommended by their coaches. The council consists of the Director of Athletics, Raymond Wolf, two faculty members appointed by the president of the university, and five student members elected annually. The faculty members are Professor Frazier Rogers, who is the senior member of the council, and Professor I-I. P. Constans. The student members are Andy Bracken, President, former baseball captain and varsity football player, Bill Turner, vice-president, varsity football player, Billy Bracken, secretary-treasurer, Southeastern Conference diving champion and head cheerleaderg and members, Fletcher Groves and Doug Belden, captain and alternate of the varsity football team. Representing the student body in all matters pertaining to seating and ticket sales are three student members of the Athletic Council who serve on the Faculty Committee on Athletics with seven faculty members and three alumni. The small seating capacity of Florida Field forced this committee to adopt a number of different seating systems during thc foot- ball season, but they found the only workable solution to bc more seats. 268 In a land blessed with sunshine and sea, a land of health and vigor, there just has to be spirit. We have itl In the fall it rocks the stadium . . . and from the first cry of "Gator baitl" to the last "We want a touchdown!" nine limber lads and lassies are on the field to direct the enthusiasm of the massed student body. Captained fby three-striper Billy Bracken, the squad, like the university, is in its second year of co- education. Four of Florida's fairest lend grace to the ' ' M' G Collins gymnastics including a newcomer, iss erry of Sarasota. Below, from left to right, we have squad captain Billy Bracken, Billy Rutledge, Guy Collins, Sandy Freed and Ed Smith. Representing co-education are the Misses Lee Robinson, Winkie Saunders, Barbara Davis and Gerry Collins. Next fall all nine will be set and ready for the first "Ready---ohhl" .Q W 3- I j 5113 , 5 ...sxs u - f xl 1 7 , g if , Y. it I N V R ly Q S l res hi ,ff R 'riff ll M 4 J Q 'ef K K Q- , af , 5 Ev f "i'?2isQ xx I " 3.3 W pf W , Y 1 fy S lf' QYK " ,sf 'N . C E, " , 1 a , N it--Q, 4 -r Q r 1 .4 n ' 4 "' i A r' ' I., t 4 ' ,W 'Z . V X4 "N J i S A .n B 1 l 4 ia ' " wt, A' - .f X , Q" Q ' 269 COACI INITIATION ANTICS AT GATOR CR For tl ' OVV L ze clnldren ' , free milk. um? N0 wmoxf I I WOLF GETS A DEMONST1 IATION OF' CONFIDENCE For the Bear, a gold watch. 270 WIP Gi me f-m'X fr' ADAMS ADAMS ARGINTAR BAILEY BARNES BELDEN BEVIS BISHOP BORLINC BRACKEN BRACKEN BROADUS BROWN BRYAN COOPER CARVER DEMPSEY DU NAYER Q Q CLUB Fw TDS 5. ENNIS HARLAN MCDOUGAL REYNOLDS FLEET HASKINS MARTIN SIKES FORD HUERTA MORGAN TURNER GRIFFIN .KYNES OLIVE VACCARU OROvEs LEWIS OSWALD WALKER GRUETZMAOHER LORENZO WATKINS WILLIS 27 I 1""1.,,1- ,-.1 Q OFFICERS President ...... . ..,,, ...,,,. B ill Adams Vice-President .,I.... ......,.,... B ill Turner Secretary .,.,..,LL .......I. F letcher Groves Treasurer ,.v.,, .. ., ,.,I ,. jack Ledoux Sgt. at Arms .L..,, . L.LL.. jimmy Kynes Muscle development is not the only pastime of the athletes on the University of Florida campus. This en- ergetic group, through their organization, the "F" Club, works just as vigorously for the advancement of inter- collegiate athletics off thc field as they do on it. The big dance at Homecoming is presented by the club. Concessions at baseball games, basketball games, and track meets are handled by "F" Club members. A large group of high school athletes are invited to Gainesville each fall to see a football game and be sold on the value of enrollment at Florida. This also is due to "F" Club sponsorship. - Requisite for membership in the club consists of tho winning of a letter in any varsity sport. Initiation is held in the fall at Homecoming and in the spring at Florida Relays. With these men behind the program so wholeheart- edly, the goal of placing Gator teams at the top of every sport should be reached within a few years. va- 1-,.. 2 5 Qi' Q ? 159' JA ' 5 ' ,, 'mi 4 ,gi A 55' Vt: Lgasrsgil tr MQ' xnjof' . X ' ,gy ix 52552 G Q 4 vi ' 1, ',S4x,1A W 'f az A 95 A at J! I sz affa f 4' , fa f"rJ' H+. is .J QYSKEP ul. I l is 4 i . Q n it 'Org' Q 13.37 . 'Y Tm' x 45. 1 Q. .f.l...!f,, ,nu-X. N! :waaw N x, Q Q ,.g u MAa'.,,,,. wwf" 4 -.2 .1 I ,. N it ' STERLING DUPRICE w - 1 I A . .W rw ' I ' X -4 Blllfliflfdll coach. i. NVAYNE KONRAD Trainer. t's an unwrittcn law in Florida gridology that thc Saurian coach has lclivcr in two hall gamcs-thc Gcorgia scrap and the Homecoming classic. rking on that thcory, thc Oraugc and Blue gladiators couldn't havc c Thc Br-ar's contract any harm last scason. Thc Gaincsvillc wrccking iv "worricd NVally,' to thc delight of 36,000 chanting fans in jackson- :'s rctouchcd Gator Bowl hcforc finally succumbing 20-12. 'l'hc swcat n Butts' hrow had hardly dricd when thc Gators pitchcd into thc Miami 'ricancs at Homecoming two wccks latcr. Whcn the last storm warning capsized, a 27-13 Gator triumph wcnt up on thc scorchoard. 'lorida's other thrcc SEC tussles wcnt on tho wrong sidc of thc lcdgcr, not hcforc Gcorgia Tcch, Kentucky and Alabama lcarnod how it fclt rail the Gators. Bohhy Dodd's Ramhlin' Wrcck wcnt into thc Florida ' unhcatcn, unticd and oncc-scored on, and when Big John Cox hullcd the Jacket cud zone after scvcn minutcs of play, the Atlantans trailcd the first time in fivc games. A highly-prccisioncd Tcch acrial attack the count to 14-7 at halftime, but it took supcrior rcscrvc power to cnt the 42-7 victory. GEORGIA'S GERI SCORES WINNING TD The law was unwritten. vu . jf , . ' f 1' .11 f 1 52 E 1 A Q 'L f 1 1 . FNB ev' s . 4 A 'VL W A. . l . 1 ,- .1 ' I ,K .4 .- W x I , ..,, . . , , N "WAX 'kfvgul' Q" . f 3 ' '-+ 1 'W K--wc ., Yf x 'QWA ' 9- ' , , ' . " ' '-, ' . gf Q , ' W W 'fM."'tSf ,Q 'S u 'X W 1-M-V 1 --Q-K 4,3 .Q1.-04,1 W..-V 44. 1' -v . 1,4 . I+,-gg.. 1 t w,.fxl . 1 M X in yn,-f, , ,'I'!rS.M F.'.i'3.v- L gk 5 5 L ? -A-.,.,.,,,A, :,,, A ,. , .pw ,I M , X' ' f V' fm, W, , -, ., MV,4,,.b ,... .,,.,., .A ., .. -Y 53. 1, 5' 'WY' ,whiff QW . '- fb., 'X :Q-L'f.f"4 ' - - , . AN K Y ' ' ' A "AM ' ' ' - -Q ray, - 3- ,Q V 'J b . ,fyij I ' . h n ,-.A ,,K. -4,45 iilfqrf' . x I " .,,:"' v W , ffm A ,4-J A ,,,....,-Q -Q- yll'l"""' Kentueky's Wildcats found them- selves trailing the Gators 7-0 after only a minute and 58 seconds. An injured I-Iunsinger and Wildcat George Blanda's bombsight passing spelled a 34-15 defeat for the Orange and Blue gridders, but Doug Belden hit 14 of 21 tosses to keep the statistics close. The Alabama tiff was a Florida ball game for two and a half quarters. With "Hunsinger the Humdinger" in top form thc Gators led by a substan- tial eight points late in the third period. The Crimson Tide came out on top 34-28, but Florida's ace left half outpointed 'Bama's Ed Salem, 18-16. Against non-conference opposition the Wolfmen were unbeatable. Be- sides the win over Miami, which kept the state title in Gainesville, the Sau- rians slapped down Tulsa and toyed with Rollins and Furman. Loren Broadus' 80-yard punt return offset T ulsan jimmy Finks' passing Wizardry as the locals smashed the Golden Hurricane here 28-14. Coach jack McDowall of Rollins tried to prime his charges for the Gator-Tar tussle by feeding them alligator steaks, but two days later his men found the Wolf species harder to handle. Score: 41-12, Gators. The Wolfmen handed Furman a 39-14 shellaeking. HUNSINGER NAILED BY BULLDOC Wally was worried. Y v 'i GATORS TANGLE MIAMI PASS The storm warning had capsized. Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida 1948-49 SUUI-U1 ANU ITS IREUUIRIFI 0 ,,r,Y r,r.,, M ississippi 14 28 ,r7,,, .,...r.r. T ulsa 14 16 , ...,.. Auburn 9 41 . r,4r . ..w.......... Rollins 12 7 .. . ,1,,,. Georgia Tech 42 39 .,,. . ,7,,. Furman 14 12 ., .,1.. Georgia 20 15 .,.w,....,1.,1,.,.,..., Kentucky 34 27 ru,e Miami 13 CHomecomingQ 28 . .,.....u, v....,.,u.v... A labama 34 KYNES, OXYGEN, AND HUNSINGER f - -- All-SEC honors. Front row, left to right: Charlie I-Iunsinger, Hal Griffin, Doug Belden Fletcher Groves, Tommy Bishop, Tommy Bray, Billy Parker, Marcelino 2' N' Iluerta and Corlis Carver. Second row, left to right: Loren Broadus, Scotty Peek, john Martin Gasper Vaecaro, joe Hawkins, Jack Wells, Bill Mitehum, Milton Adkins jimmy Kynes, and Fal johnson. Ilunsinger and Center Jimmy Kynes were tapped by Southeastern sportswriters for all-conference honors. Kynes got the center spot on the United Press All-SEC eleven and Hunsinger was named to every selection. Recognition also went to stocky little johnny Gilbert, who was chosen to play center on thc South squad in Miami's North-South Shrine game Christmas. Most of the credit heaped on the Wolfmen was directed at thc tvam's powerful ground game, which made the '48 Gators the fifth highest scoring team in University his- tory. But the scrappy Orange and Blue forward wall came in for its due, completely handcuffing a number of opposing stars-namely Tech's Frank Ziegler, Georgia's Johnny Rauch and Miami's Whitey Campbell and Harry Ghaul. Leading the stalwarts on the Gator front line were two full-time tackles, Frank Dempsey and Cliff Sutton, and Captain Fletcher Groves, a guard. Third row, left to right: Lazarous Lewis, Wiles Bartcher, jimmy Yancey, Bob Gruetzinacher, Cliff Sutton, Dick Pace, john Cox, Leroy Poucher, Eldridge Beach, Alton Braum, Fred Montsdeoca, Russell Godwin, and Fred Pratt. Fourtlrrow, left to right: Harold Hazelwood, james jackson, Lumbus Kourlos, Joe Michael, Frank Lorenzo, Denny Herndon, Angus Williams, Cail Lee, Sam Cole, Freddy Rozelle, Aaron Brown, Harry Gowens, and Harry Hobbs. Back row, left to right: Bob Black, Joe Garcia, john Gilbert, Pat Driggers, Ben Ewing, Frank Dempsey, Elphia llardeu, XVar- rtn Tiller, Conrad Dutton, lack Johnson, and Marvin Brice. Only three pairs of cleats were hung up for good after the Alabama game, signifying that next season's squad will be bulging at the seams with returnees. Captain Groves, alternate captain Belden and Gilbert won't be back, but the promotion of freshmen to the varsity ranks and the return of several injured players will more than atone for the loss of these three key men. Wolf's '49 backfield will contain the SEC's third highest scorer fllunsinger, 66 points? as well as the back who stood sixth among point-makers fCox, 42J. A quarterback to fill Beldensbrogans is problem No. 1 since the rest of the backfield shapes up a la 1948 style. A favorite sub- ject for speculation is whether Wolf will use the "platoon system" now that the manpower situation is strengthened. Football critics think so, and rival coaches are reputedly casting nervous glances at the "Florida Menace." BELDEN, GROVES, GILBERT VACATE LOCKERS Only three pairs of cleats were hung up for good. Florida lflorida l"Iorida l"loricla l"lorida l"lorida l"lorida Florida lflorida Florida lflorida Florida Florida l"lorida Florida Florida l"lo1'ida Florida lflorida lflorida Florida lfloritla l"lorida l"lorida Florida 83 67 50 55 52 40 30 51 61 50 65 40 54 48 64 49 30 55 43 40 65 G8 00 50 56 Southern . . Stetson . . L. S. U .... 'l'umpa . . 'l'ennc'ssce . . . Pittsburgh . . . l'itlshurgh . . . Tulane . . Auburn . . . Southern . . Miami . . . Miami . . . Stetson . . Georgia ..... Lawrence Tech Georgia 'llc-eh . Georgia ..... Georgia . . . Auburn . . . Miss. State . . . Mississippi . . . Talnpa . . . Miami . . . Miami ..... Georgia Tech . 61 34 52 50 58 50 45 63 45 51 75 42 47 50 58 57 63 49 44 37 61 62 56 60 GG COACH SAM MCALLISTER His charges were minus two things. Florida's hot-and-cold Gator basketball team sizzled and sput- tcred through a tough 26-game schedule last winter, and when the smoke of 11 victories and 15 defeats had cleared, Coach Sam McAllistcr's charges were minus two things for the first time in three years-the state championship and a .500 season. Billed in pre-season ratings as a red-hot junior quintet-Starters Hans Taenzler, Julian Miller, and Harry Hamilton were all third- year men-the Gators went sour in mid-season and didn't get back on the victory path until late in the season. Three of Florida's four Southeastern Conference triumphs were recorded on the home stretch. The Gators dropped nine games to SEC opposition. Most crucial game of the season for the Orange and Blue five came when Lawrence Tech invaded Gainesville to begin the sec- ond half of the Florida schedule. Under fire because of their 5-9 record to that point, the Gators responded with a hard-fought 64-58 overtime decision over the Northerners. Captain Bill Atkin- son, who wound up four years of basketball in March, played in- spired ball in leading his mates to their last-minute win. Atkinson bucketed 15 points, Harry Hamilton 19. VL - S X Jr ' gr 5.-gf .GK 9' I J ,.-.... , . V ' nf" . , 9 Ei ff' A 1 J 'I ' Vs ,I ' E A f 15 ' ' V si 5 f ' -if 2 M if P 41'-2 2 f , 9? ,- f My, ,K i , ,y . 1 I QSM . M4-Mggmgsgsav ' f 3' .5 X Q' Q: l",1jF.ixRg'EF? 0 ' ' WW-H ' 5 , , . , , + V v A 4 x 13 ' ' 'i 3 3 5 xi, 'sjfgm VA ' 'A I ,L V", - ,X , Mr rf f 3 1- 5 M I' f' A 5 Q ,ff L, 1'-1 , . g, 5 - Q 77 .5 if , fv, ., ,- 1 . tr ef , 3 :I its I 3' ,Q xA x ' --': , Q, 'k I U Wllbhvf' 4, M X. 1 nf l ,QR 2, as QV I if v I X ,-19 ' xx -. .-, 1 ,.. 1 aw , X W 5, rd Qs A vs' .. 'if-'ff V ,Mg . Q lk ' ' , ki -4 ..-. W., ,,...,...,..m..x....m....,,x ,W w vi Vg. IIASKINS ADDS POINTS AGAINST LAWRENCE TECH HSMILINC SAMU GIVES BETWVEEN-HALVES TALK T110 lemn sizzled and .s-pultcred. A new .scoring mark was cslnblishcfl. Sculucl: McCuy Vurnon, Dennis lfillingiin, Dun Slmllllcr, Mm- Pvnrlnmn, -Iolin l"crn:n1clc-z. Knvcling: Stove x'V0lSlII1lI1, julian Milli-r, llurry llznnillon, llZlllS '.l'awnzlc-r, Bill xVL'lL'l1, Bill Atkinson. Slnncling: llc-nry Cornell, Holm Lockuul, 'I'c'cl jaiycux, .lolin Civsv. liill Godwin, Vaicliun lXIcyi-rs. Not Piclnrccl: l'lan'olcl lluskins, llklgau' llolinslon. I .f n M f 1' sz- 1, Q' i W- ' 'ut N N r , . V RIQY Rllgi l 4 f7.....,. .----.--,,,-..-.-f-A vi" ' - - - - - .t .. .... ..--.- A.,. -. . .. . . . , .. ..- ,,,, .- . ,AX . ,. i ' x -H . ...,. . . . ..- .., .-... .- Seated: john Pandak, Jack Comey, Henry Martin, Fred Teed, Bud Sisturka, Bill Bracken. Kneeling: Bud McDougal, Kingsley Gerlack, Sam Ridout, Lou Brown, Bill Pepper, john Cornell. Standing: Coach Genovar, Glenn Phillips, jim Martin, Pete Dubose, Tom Brown, Snag Holmes, Coach Loft. Coach Frank Genovar's 1948 S.E.C. runner-ups looked then invaded Atlanta, the lair of Georgia Tech's S.E.C. champions. The Tech jinx continued to operate and the Yellow Jackets came out on top 46 to 29. After drubbing Emory 57 to 9 the Gators received their second dunking, this time at the hands of Miami U.'s Hurricanes. In a farce held at the Georgia pool, and loosely labeled the S.E.C. meet, Florida wound up third behind Tech and the Bull- dogs. Clemson and Memphis NATTC were down easily in preparation for the season wind-up against Tech. The Yellow Jackets made it three out of three with a 40 to 35 edge, giving thc Gators a 4-3 win-loss record in seven dual meets. BILL PEPPER Captain W MMING THE BROWN BOYS A definite threat. SAURIANS CHURN WATER A lot can happen between seasons. THE FABULOUS BRICK And a lot did happen. COACH GENOVAR GIVES SOME POINTERS Pre-war undisputed rulers. 283 -41: N, .nf 14 """4" z a- - A v A km, x - W "2f'?f" ' sa wan as Q -fa ,,,,,, ' 5 -Y-fvmrg Q . 1 A' ' mu -A-.W M . ., X. . -Q ,L 3 -. 'E YS' Y ' ' a if , 'V . hfffiia f J'-, I 4 I W W K S 'V f J ' 3 K1 s W. . 'W , ,SZQ xi P L? Q Q 4 ,Mi I AEE G , if H. "" w 11-:P f 2. Y V s .. ,K K 4- .hqu ,, Q. ' v ,,,.wK,, H A13 ,- K .im H , . ! X i, ,Mann awww Q it y , fgbff A WP x wr! K J., Q55 1 A r 'gi' W . x ,,. . '-K-Nam-fwd. g 'Q J L 'fx ks X. X ur L K, I , wx M x Wx y ,ff WWA wif-.N . A 'Vg ,M . , H V in way, 3-W , x "iw QS mf 'fig gl F' lm W , as ey ,mf I-vs r' El li 1 .ki ! 1 I 'Q A "few-...ns-1 IIURDLERS DURING For tl fl zc looks, a success. Sam Commander was a safe bet in being able to ' go just a little l Fr. k 'ld ,gg +41 vi l in .NW ' if iigher than an Dempsey Ale , x Gardiner, and shot put chores, with Gardiner also discus. Tommy Taylor, Bill Cole, and a tough trio of broad jumpers. Taylor with poucher in the pole vault. Co-Captain Bill Adamls failure to a big factor in the sprinter's downfall. along with a mid-season injury to Scotty Peek, Herman Bunton, and T of the most versatile athletes to wear he counted on for points in almost Bowman, Bohhy Driver, and Percy Beard's main quarter mile Duncan, and jack Willis Ni., 5 VELIN THROYVER ATKINSON Of the team, a twis tecl adage. DASH factor. CATOR POLE VAULTER For Poucher, a new school record. ' I 'N Posing for the Walker, Krogel, Berquist, Register, Rogers, Unidentified, Gaines, Rushing, Garcia, Reich, Reynolds, third row: Weisman, Bishop, Belden, Pope, Montgomery, Wink. 1 R is f' , i .I UA X 1 ' .Q 'z -' I ' f XL h . ., X ,,rd xii ay ,Riff 4, r f' Q' f f X ,f A. y 97' . ri? t I 4' .af CAPTAIN BOB ADAMS From the pitcher, an outstanding performance. TENN uw to ught: first row, D Allesandro, Sknllmun, Ought Boring, Dunayerg second row, Segal, Cohen, Wag Wood, Conch Fogleman. 'X , x X 4 -N ., M.. ex , W X' N 1 N. 'X X XX a s i 'A' X i ,Q i o f A YI :Q .' H , rx X S5 CAPTAIN OUGHTERSON A hot record. wa Y Sify XT' 33, r o M 'iizgf' T292 , ff Q. 2 , . ll ll 1' 1, Eg l 5 wg 5 5 2: 'f 5. X, X Q il rlnf! '- Gator linksmen pictured above are, left, " A A - ,X to right: Fernandez, Thompson, Sikes,R0s1l,i K siter, Vidal, Busby, Coach Dellastatiousy l Yancey, Van Auken. , AGULF f 2 , ff :A Vknrf H - A . 7- V Q wf li fe'r,, , Q ' Spnrkecl lay Captain "Slim" 'o'! i1I'id'if'L80l1 Sik6S'g,FlOrida'S first unlmcutcn Southeastern CrJiifc1'c1iz:,B5i26lff5fl35iilil"1SV6Iept thrqugli 'im eleven mulch schedule to luring to Rl g0lf.5egsQl'l" many yours. The Saurizui divot-diggers 1'0u.Ed team l:l163SECjlvitfl0l1t, an setback, defeating Cuorgin and V I--revious trouncings in football if This was 21 highly successful , Couch Dellustutious, who took , Bagwell. The most consistent YR!iCSYg'imC15Le0Ii'Silteii' c lflemlmers of thc tcaun wore: Aixkelig llossiier, Bill l"c1'm1ncl0z. Lc-on Silcclfgi Ell5Qi'i'Tl1QI1fAi7S0n. A i . l n ,f 'Q f' v. . in , 2894 H, 1 i'M. if,- ,, Qf'?W"f1. F ef wmv fQu2wl,tff -'XA A M1M5M4if:ai"D lyk 'SEQ' VAN AUKEN Snead. TEAM CAPTAIN YANCEY An unbeaten season. ntwisgwriyfxsgmgiggqg vit,-3-,mg H gs- gm , gf :. .wtf-wg Q X its Q-mey,w:'::-..:fz.,i, v Q it M .1 L A1 , C 33 gt,,l.,gQii:xgg5ttigeg4t, QRS ' 1, s at i WL,-? .rw i A3- M , 5 .mi A ltWxNQN Wx X - XS? X- S an Nav- -r Carl Cason, Watson Freeman, F. R. Brown, R. L. Cram, G. G. Gale. Standing: Major . Mcrkle, Caldwell Dugan, XV. A. Cager, Ernest Sgt. A. A. Peacock. The Gator cross-country team, under Coach Frank Philpott, recorded their first dual-meet victory in two seasons, defeating their tradi- tional rivals from the University of Georgia by a big margin. The other two meets of the year were run against the SEC one-two teams, Auburn winning by a one-sided score, and Georgia Tech eking out a close victory. The Gators also competed in the SEC cross-country meet in Atlanta, finishing in fifth place ahead of the Universities of Alabama and Georgia. Outstanding for the Florida team were: jim Griffin, Tom Bevis, Jack Parmer, jack WVillis, Bill McGill, Art Alberty, Bob Busse, George Wright, and John Bailey. RUSS CUU TRY sq""" The Independents their thrills too, with Presbyterian versatile out- fit coming from late in the campaign to capture title from the pesky Saints. Trophies were awa ed to Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon Presbyterians, and Temp. H at the i tramural ban- quet May 17. I T AMUR PORT JULIAN CLARKSON Publicity Director E Golf H0I'Seshoes '13 Bowli Handball Softball is llll Table Te Football rack I0 CD I0 T INTRAMURAL LEAGUE Left to right: Bob Scott, fraternity activiticsg Jim Scott, independent pus sportsg and Rudolph Mikell, recreation clubs. ard Shufflebo Volley Ball ports anager ' ., f ' To tb Htel' d faculty and all cam- league and N t Pictured: Bcb Murgolin N or R lph Taylor Q 1 3 .1 X, i X 1 ,1 as john Doherty jaunes Milligan I TOUCH FOOTBALL INTRAMUHZ-XL SPORTS OES I TRAMU P1A L BOWLING PORT S.. .nr - INTRAMURAL . . -N ue J dornutory N J A 1 doubles J Delta T au Delta independent, Pres C D BASKET lpha Tau Omegag SPU P1 TS - ira' dorm- fo J Car M , range , Q Gamma Bhog inde- 5 Uniong dormitory, BASlxLTBALL wswwmwwmxmnmmwn .-A R, Q. N X f- 4 , . ,J Qi Y F :gli . 'A'Q W "' ' W DEFENSE RALLIES TO P1iEvEN2f'fSC0REi - For llzc Tri-Dells, trophy lzflpprihiags. I A if Q ' I if f Although only in its svconcl yu-ar of 1-xfsterice, the Womens Rvc1'c-ation Association has alrvacly huilt at Q0-gd intramural program svconcl to none in thc state. if V A ' , " Opcn to all women stuclcnts on the cai'i'1puS,Atl16 WBA- is the havlchono of all co-4-cl rvcrcational activitidqgi In -iA. addition to pre-7 sonting keys to incmlwrs who have :1cc17lm1llalfQd7vAe1fQug.l1.lpoiirts through participation in tho various sporthii thqfhssodiation awards 11 cup to the sorority having the highestgbx?e4rall1tota1of points at the end of the year. This year's trophy 'was Wfm by Delta Delta Delta, with AOPi taking thc runner-up Volloyhall, thc initial sport, saw two wind up in a clcacllock for the took part in this sport, a record for Tho trophy happy Tri-Dvlts, lc-cl thc haskothall championship, nosing and Phi Mug than 120 girls Rhoton, took and Chi Qmega. Peggy Onwrly gave the Tri-Dolts by down- ing Chi O's 'lan Oclcnthal in tho with a win in league title by l3a1'h:u'a Davis put AOI'i hack tahlv tunnis only to havv thc 'I' taking softball, their thircl LEE ROBINSON 64 IOAN Managers, IJIISICUIINIII dr tennis :N 1 yggtiygi' - 1 1 J I . . 3 THIS IS KAY GAME OF lvoLLIf:r1sA1,,L . I 1?0f,ghgt.ifiigial?rspkayifigz1 flcrlflloclc. r H'.fMt,,'..,ts.e....A t , R +.......,f 1 "'e-Sri-N gtmsf. I. P Xml In I -H---....,,,,, I CU-E Us .I I J i N-,' i - J' l '1 l ' f .,.3 .1 , If 3 N f l EMILY GUNN lk GERRY COLLINS A1llllIlf'Ul'S, fable lcnuis dy .Shu lelmarfl. 15 ,px 'CD m- 3 BLRNADINIG BAILEY N MISS DO'I' MeBliIDlS Illll'fIII1lll'!ll president mul advisor. S717 p bil P PORT ANN TIIIUJILKELD tk WVINKIE SAUNDEBS Softball 1H!IIltlg0l' dr publicity cluliwnan. A well rounded and efficiently run sorority intramural league was not the only achievement of the XVRA this year. In addition to helping to bring about the university's first annual Co- Hecreational Sports Day, three co-recreational organizations, namely the Archery, Swimming, and Square Dance clubs wc1'c formed. Stetson and Miami university attended the Sports Day meet, and although hampered by a day long drizzle, the different activ- ities were accompanied by a lot of enthusiasm and the program promises to become one of the big Intramural cvcnts in the state. Twenty-three eo-eds wound up the year with a trip to Miami, Where another sports day was held, this one strictly female, Bad- minton, shuffleboard, tennis, and a number of other sports were competed in, with the Gatorette contingent coming out in fourth place. Q 'A ' is f- -1 ' X ',.,ff V 1 Q if-" ' t T. F. --,4 . Q, , ' K . A.: 71. - i T .gffis u 11. t ' vw- n- wa " - "S i'i?f?5w'4""' -at fx PM is . N M, 'L-, 'brim sw ' X. Q. .Q -'ff N gf , i S, lt,p 'M t 1 . ' ,----11 .- sf sv-'R ' Nw-.'wM.N Q ,tt 4, t, ff,-A N.,-w,r,t Q .t ,- . X.: sg... by-he A ...Nas-g,jff':A-QYQX. 3, RPL ,tifgfh X X, . Qc P h T., F3 54 K 'N X H L ,, , J 1.-is 'Q Q . , ' -. 'gtk QQ. 'il :qw wig 'Ei ,gli-Qfkttsf, 33 ff' 'H .f A ' if N t , Q , -V . h A - A . ' , K. - .. 'Q P'-fgifw ,tgfxiac A Q A ,, W " S, 'xgdqxq :fwfr Q V th gp all SARA sth K' Q I 1 ""1'tf'4'- ". Mit' X ' ' Av- " .,.,t,W ' ' fs " 'X 'QQ A.. , 'i ' ' ' , 11... 5 , Sv S. ,s c . "" ' 1 Q r 'was f-"?,sR., A-if-sM"tM",, A SHORT DRIVE DOWVN THE CENTER For museulm' eoecls, athletic keys. READY .FOR A FAST SERVE. In mlzlition lo sports clay, tliree clubs. NW PM-.fg...,...,' EW is XXX -.xx I. F. C. The purpose of the Interfraternity Con- ference is to act as the governing body of fraternities, promoting greater harmony and cooperation among fraternities and always striving to advance the interests of the Uni- versity. The conference is composed of one rep- resentative from each local or national fra- ternity on campus and all fraternities are bound by rules and decisions of the organi- zation. The conference establishes rules gov- erning rushing, pledging, and initiation of men by member fraternities. Not only acting as a governing body, the IFC sponsors the annual Fall and Spring Frolics, featuring such orchestras as Tex Beneke, Harry James, jimmy Dorsey, Skitch Henderson, and others. With the completion of the new gym and a dance floor equal in area to a football field, these dances may be offered to the entire student body. Realizing and stressing the importance of scholarship, the IFC annually presents a scholarship cup to the fraternity with the highest scholastic average. Perhaps one of the most important functions is the estab- lislnnent of certain scholastic requirements that must be met before a pledge may be initiated by any fraternity. The highly coveted interfraternity debate cup is awarded each year to the fraternity winning the debate tournament sponsored by the IFC and the debate club. This year the Conference sent two dele- gates to the National Interfraternity Con- ference in New York during the Thanks- giving holidays. Coguizant of the immensity of the stu- dent body, the conference is taking steps to encourage the establislnnent of new chap- ters of national fraternities on the campus. In administering the affairs of the fra- ternities on campus, the Interfraternity Con- ference strives first to promote the interests of the university and secondly, to insure cooperation between the fraternities and the college authorities to the end that the con- ditions at the University and its relations with the fraternities may ever be improved. H FALL FROLICS DANCE COMMITTEE Left lo riglzl, Davis, lJllUf-S', Combs, and James. No! picturecl: Cluzirmrm Bernie Slziell. t, ,. .N . - , ,. 1, . Left to right, seated: McClure, LXA, Cooper, KS, Gilbert, ZBT, Combs, PKP, Davis, BTP: Hardman, PDT, Oliphant, PLP, Braddy, DTD, and Parsons, XP, standing: Drew, KA, Davis, PCD, Hartley, DX, McNeill, ATO, Perdue, PKT, Bostwiek, SAE, james, SN, Marshall, TX, Murra, DSP, Johnson, AGR, and Kittleson, SPE. 300 Mwukf .f-It Seated: Roberts, PKTg Kirby, SAEg Constans, PKAg Brown, PDT, Cobb, SNg Hamblin, BTP, Gillespie, PKP. Standing: Abrams, PLP, Mims, PCD, Bell, SPE, Hall, AGR, Camble, ATO, Risley, DTD, Ambrose, KAg Sweet, KS: Davis, DCg Breger, ZBT. Not shown: Rossman, TEPg Mc- Ilwayne, XP, School, TC, McCall, SX, Mize, LCA. JP.. I. F. C. The junior Inter-Fraternity Conference, freshman counterpart of the Inter-Fraternity Conference, has proved itself in past years to be an invaluable train- ing ground in preparing young men for the responsi- bilities and obligations of senior leadership. Campus leaders begin early in the j.I.F.C. The junior confer- ence, like the senior group, is composed of one rep- resentative from each of the twenty-three fraternities on the campus, and, although aiding and supplement- ing the activities of the I.F.C., pursues original proj- ects under its own, separate constitution. j.I.F.C. functions are many and varied. At the Fall Frolics formal, a loving cup was awarded the couple winning the annual waltz contest. An immense match-lighting spectacle was planned for the night of the Gator Growl during Homecoming weekend but the weatherman threw a wet blanket on the project. A Christmas carol contest was staged just before the holidays began and a trophy was given to the winning fraternity. For the convenience of campus visitors, thc J.I.F.C. set up an information booth during the animal Florida Relays track meet. Worley Brown served as president, Phil Cobb as vice-president, Maynard Hamblin as secretary, and Norman Rossman as treasurer. These and other activities have earned the Junior Inter-Fraternity Conference a worthy name among FROLICS WALTZ COMMITTEE campus organizations. Left to right, Hall, Robert, Brown, and Cobb. 301 PIN Agncr, M. Badger, E. Bailey, J. Bardon, C. Bcardsley, B. Blankenship, E. Brown, R. Burkhaltcr, Burnett, E. Brubaker, C. Carlisle, ll. Caruthc-rs, T. Champion, NV. Cobb, L. Connor, D. Cotton, W. Davis, Hal Dowling, B. Friedman, YV. George. D. Clisson, Hall, S. Harris, C. Herndon, M. Huggins, R. jackson, NV. Johnson, S. Jones, R. Jones, L. Krcstcnscn, E. Lamar, G. Lawless, T. Lewis, R. Ley, R. McCe-cry, R. McCormick, XV Moody, Moody, 1. Muraro, L. Nawickie, A. O'Bcrry, R. Oclslagcr, VV. Roberts, R. Rothwell, D. Schee, L. Simmons, A. Simmons, 1. Smith, Snead, XV. Southall, C. Stephens, H. Strickland, Il. Thompson, F. Trotter, L. Trotter, L. G. YVilliams, H. YVillingham, j. XVilliams, C. Williams, VV. Woodward, M. Youngblood, J. Zorn, NV. M LPHI-l CH i PTEP1 X Alpha Gamma Rho . . . where every day is like Sunday on the farm, maintains that life can be beautiful, especially with the construction of co-ed dormitories only 100 yards away. With anticipation of better days, the New Year ushered in the largest active chapter and pledge class in the history of Alpha Gamma chapter. Alpha Gamma Rhos were well represented in all phases of campus activities . . . Pledge Hal Davis landslided into the Freshman class presidency . . . Chapter Vice-President Sandy johnson was the proud editor of a new "F" Book . . . Martin Woodward and Sherwood Hall brought home a trophy for the best decorated from the Georgia-Florida game parade . . . Sam Love, Bruce Beardsley, and jim Willingham represented their colleges on the executive council . . . Gene Badger, Troy Caruthers, Bill Cotton, Sandy johnson, and jim Willingham made Alpha Zeta, ag honorary . . . Wearing the Alpha Tau Alpha pin C ag education honoraryj are: Carey Southall, Bob O'Berry, and Troy Caruthers . . . Doyle Connor brought himself and the university recognition by being elected national president of Future Farmers of America . . . Distinguishing himself in all phases of campus activities, Sam Love, chapter president, attained Florida Blue Key, Hall of Fame, captain of Scabbard and Blade, vice president student body, chair- man military ball committee and member executive council. He has indeed been an outstanding member .... Social functions highlighted the year's activity . . . Grads and dads talked of old times over plates of barbecue at Homecoming . . . Fall Frolics 'AT gg',g:,:." .Q 1 1' "- P ,vat A2 mah X .. f' X ., has , Fw, yi .- xi ww ,, ,,. if' S ,...,, 15+ +1 . F 5 .. ... 4 . V . -V -,rf ' - 'a,?'i?i!. - . V, - , -'A' -. -.'..'wf' ,l.?52R - -, .:,:.- -fan' ' , . ' - r A 'EY ' v 6-izfiiqgliifiyfs. -,f.-:T haf cp.. ' 1 J if' " :si eh l:l Tri' - D .1 1, ' ""v' . ' M , 1. -f-Q . -,K .W tl, if .. 11. .. z .n "f 5 L " A- .V '. 2 .52 f Ll ' I??i?5,. ' ' - it - -' ' ECW' A515 1 ' l, i. ll H ff - ,-: . , '13 'f Y -ii?Pi1"f'7 .p1'3:'t A-:'2 1:-'i'e":i."fg..15-ga f I " .-1 -wh. ,. seem s..w5'3FM isa ,- .,....!:-2 ed in -W and Harvest Hop were sensational with Eleanor Friedman as the Goddess Demeter. Harvest Hop success was attributed to the farm atmosphere in which A G R's reach their peak. Sam Love President Goddess Demeterg Harvest Hop. Xxx ,J lt 303 Plenty of bull. Plow 'em under. 4 w . Ur S. AQ... .., 3' 3 sn? Q' - -cr .A . x . , ,,, A N ,i ,,,f .. ..- v S ,Q Y ' . '?' V fi.. 4 l . - , s 1,9 y I X 5 . . y . p f , . A . Q cr' Cf -S! Pf'."'S 9 ' ' ' ' X env Q, X Q 3 . ' 4 'Q X F' 5' Y? fl . ' A I Q in a .. f i 9- 'A' -A " i .ne 2 - ,t GQ! . . i ' B i ' ' f i . il ,L S , ' 5. ' . ' 1 of . A . 1 .'-- W 1 A . T' . G+.. 9. 5. ,I 4 l . Abbott, C. Bennett, N. Calllson, C Durrance, R. Fltch, W. Galloway, C. B. Holcomb, E. D. Henderson, R. Howell, D. C. Krupp, B. MacKenzie, G Adcock, L Bennett, C. Chiles, L. Ebersole, R. Fogarty, J. Gatewood, J. Handley, L. Hewlett, T. Hurlebaus, E. Kutrow, J. MacNelll, L Allin, G. Baynard, L. Clouser, R. Ellsworth, B. Forbes, R. G. Green, R. Hardy, G. Hlppler, J. Jeter, E. Lanier, D. Meloy, V. Anderson, W. M. Brundlck, F. Clouser, J. G. Estey, W. Freeman, W. L. Grimes, S. Harrell, F. R. Hoffman, A. Jetton, M. Logan, R. L. Barley, P. Brooks, R. Cochran, C. Evans, F. Fulmer, J. Groves, F. Head, W. Holloway, L. Jones, J. Lorraine, J. Nesmith C Barnes, R. Brown, P. Dickerson, R. Evans, J. Fussell, G. Gruetzmacher, R. Heasley, R. Holt, W. Kelley, M. E. Marron, J. J. Belden, D. Burns, C. Dlvlne, W. F. Evans, N. Futch. W. C. Gerlach, K. Helllnger, F. Howell, W. Kennedy, G. Martin, R. Newman, R Q QQXO .N A Sri-MS I PH U Op-" Isa- we , , , . . . , . . 9 .1 gtg Q,Q .. 0 Bud McDou President gall Founder's Day was celebrated in Feb- ruary and the Alpha Omega chapter jour- neyed in full force to Tallahassee to help install the ATO's over at Florida State University. Proving that they have an eye for beauty, the Blackfeet chose Marilyn Overby as their candidate in the big Premiere Queen contest in Gainesville and she won. From there she moved on to top honors, being chosen "America's Number One Freshman Girl." In the rolling wheels department, ATO claimsg as politicos extraordinary were C. llardee, John Crews, Leon Handleyg pilot- ing the Alligator staff this year was Ted Shurtleffg as muscle-men in varsity sports 304 were Doug Belden and Fletcher Groves, co-captains of the Fightini Gator football team, Russ Godwin, Bob Gructzmacher, Fred lyiontsdeoca, Bill "Tiger", Adams and Bob McDougal. Others are still in the nspokesi' category but soon will be wheeling and dealing with the abcwe-mentioned. The chapter was saddened by the death of Brother XValter llellinger, Jacksonville, during the Christmas holidays. The first issue in many years of an ATO paper came out in time for Homecoming. Its title was "Blackfoot Printsf' The chapter expects it to become a semi-annual publi- cation. N . 'Q Q ' A . Q 1 'Cb 9 .y N 4 I , 3 sz ' - l N G ,Z .a 4 X? I 1 x Q. - ' , C-. ? . .Q 1' A ' Q, V ol- ' 'YQ 9- Q 3 - S- dr. , . . fr . " '57 1 ff .H 0"" 3 , . I S .M 2. Q K 1 I f- G- ' L. 4. ,N Q ' ' K, m . , f, . it ng Fl 4: nz- . Q ,sl , H ,K - p 41 . ..,., X ,,,. tw kg' U 9 . . I Q- 'll G- A Q, .1 Zi It Q 6 za- P 1 v ' 'E' " jg ,, l, P y I 6. V Q. , A at I Kin 3 , . Q I Q, 'C' 'P ' Oakley, R. Pierce, F. Reintz, E. Rocker, C. Torrance, H. Wilson, J. B. Overstreet, M. Pittman, D. Reynolds, W. Rowe, B. Trantham. T, S. Wilson, W, E, Poidevant, A. - Pitts, J. Richardson, W. Rudasill, S. Wukeling, D. Windram, T. Patlllo, C. E. Platt, F. Rivers, W. Rutherford, J. Watson, J. Patterson, W. Prior, F. Rivers, R. Shurtlcff, E. Ward, W. Peterson, J. Rase, A, Robertson, B. Tatum, R. Watson, H. Phillips, C. Redding, J. Robertson, C. Tillman, C. Whitcomb, M. ATO l'1'uternity, us usuul, excelled in the line of struetive and s -'al A -' " con- oui activities, hut the Taus' major 1lC- eomplishment through the time of this Writing wus in keeping their renowned basement dry. During the April Grd terrific ruins, when everything else wus flooded, there wusu't il drop of water to he found in the Bluekfeet husoment. As u result of this, it wus iu good shape for several purties of u line variety- all in keeping with the basement hruwl tradition. Social uetivilies included the unuuul Full Frolics Min- strel, Vulentineis Bull, Spring Frolies outings amd post- foothull game parties in the ll1lL'li yurd. - , vis , . vlwmu . felt' D- l nvo ll ,W ' 1 , A L. 1' g, ,,.ar'A " Za X. . rp .S-' .5 x " EG 171120 flown. smut A1 O, WWII!! for ,KIUIII Bullrlo,g.s-. Full Frnlics lime --- fill up the ez ' lp, ol Dall! 305 Ailsworth, K. Brown, W. Busby, C. Carter, I. Cogswell, A. R Connell, 1. R. Davis, E. Drury, F. Dulaney, ll. Ebsary, R. Ellison, N. Every, M. Hagan, L. Hall, E. Hznnhlin, M. Hamilton, C. jones, R. joseph, E. Knight, G. Knight, R. Lannom, O. Lewis, Lewis. R. Long. R. Luke, R. Mabry, J. Morrow, W. Matthews, Miclcllemas, XV. North, R. Parrish, D. Peeples, E. Ponder, ll. Pruitt, C. Register, Rich, R. Reid, R. Rogerson, 1. Rucks, T. Kullnmr, K. Schilons, G. Scott, L. Stockton, R. Stone, J. Straughn, Straughn, H. Thomas, H. Vcber, VV. NVilliumson. ll. Williams, Wilson, R. XVooten, VV. Yeats, R. Yocum, P. Gamma Xi Chapter 1 One hundred and ten years ago, in August of 1839, the sparkle ol' the Beta Theta Pi Diamond first appeared on the campus of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. In subquent years the Diamond has come to rest on prac- tically every major campus in the United States. The Diamond's rays finally fell upon the University of Florida campus in 1930, through the efforts of the fine men of the Delta Tau local. Since then, the Diamond has been carried into every phase of campus activity by fraternal brothers and leaders. This year's leaders include such outstanding men as Ed Grafton, business manager of the Alligator, Ed Davis, Inter-Fraternity Conference president, and fraternity advisor, Dave Perrin, president of Chalk and Eraser, honorary education fraternity, john Carter, student assistant in charge of the Florida Union staff, Ralph Wilson, president of the Florida Players Apprentice group, and member of Florida Players, jack Rogerson, treasurer of Alpha Phi Omega, Charles Pruitt, vice-president of the Gator Pep club, and Maynard Hamblin, treasurer of the jr. Inter-Fraternity Conference. In the field of athletics the wearers of the Beta Diamond have won three intramural trophies-track, table tennis, and horseshoes. To perpetuate the Diamond, twenty men came into the light on March 27. A most promising group of men, eight made the freshman track team and three Phi Eta Sigma, freshman scholastic fraternity. To one of these three, Robert Rich, for earning the highest freshman scholastic average, was given the Rex Catlin Memorial Pin, a recent gift to the chapter as a memorial to a Beta of an earlier day, The Diamond took on a brighter gleam this year when the house ap- peared with a new coat of paint, newly tiled showers, new dining room furniture, and newly landscaped front yard. Serving the chapter this year as officers were: Stanley Poole, president, john A. Lewis, vice-president, Earle E. Peeples, seeretaryg and David Parrish, treasurer. As it is a quality of a diamond to increase in brilliance and value with the passing years, so will the Beta Diamond ever continue to gain in fraternal spirit and university achievement. A in ,. N- e. . ui .gl-gig? . b . , 1 , .,,, , . K, w. 'rl ,." -. ' l at ill t??is?fif 'i4-it -- wi sp? ' . ',,,,i:.i:i Kiki: HJ' . - :lg-.iz-I! we P was . ,VNV - U., A it ,Qtr 0, gage., .tg ta. v, ,- - f .tx 95-ff' 'ff Sql? .xt V " Y fa Y :I 7?-7' f whit i .SH- -r - 5 get tt ."-t Jef. ff- ww-N - 4 H' -. .. "" aa,..-fi 1 .. 'QQ-,,,.,,,.5,YQ'H , ,, A ,'.- ,Aux -1r...i-" Q 1-...wi-f ., ,-... n ff qi'-153-..' . .ge .1 if-S-,Q M- -.,'v,.:,.- ',g'a,:gMQ-r'.m-4:-,,., X- -,,- 4,1 . .1 ' X .isariiziziaia p . Ji' Une petite soiree' a la Wooglin Stanley Poole President After a work session - BEER! "i" 307 Tvflllfl-9,10 get - u HORSE? Chi Delta Chapter From the fall semester of 1946, when the Florida Chapter of Delta Chi was reactivated, to the year 1948, Delta Chi has made important strides. From a membership of six actives in 1946, the chapter now has a total of 83 members and pledges. jim Hartley is secretary of the I. F. C. and jack Cadden is office manager of the Alligator. The house "brains," Rodney Sellers, Raymond Arango and Charles Humphries represent Delta Chi in Phi Eta Sigma, John H. Brashear in Beta Gamma Sigma, honorary com- merce fraternity and William I. Hazlett in Rho Chi, a pharmaceutical hon- orary frat and the Florida Academy of Science. This year's most important "freshman" was Mrs. Ellen R. Reyes, our lovable, new housemother. She has already found her way into the hearts of our members and pledges. Our social calendar has left very little lacking in fun, good fellowship and hospitality. Our Founder's Day Banquet was highlighted by the principal speaker, one of our chapter's charter members, Mr. A. W. Chadwick, jr., of St. Augustine. With co-education making its presence known in all phases of activity on the campus, Delta Chi has been a congenial host to Kappa Delta, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Gamma, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Yes, we are glad "it's here to stayl" We say au revoir to that personality so popular with the pledges, Charles Prince, the "sleeping Greek Lum," that "silver-haired" Daddy of ours, . ' ,Ei ' -XX .. 5.--':.:5,:'H'f c, , . N K. ......rg.m5fLsg3g:mL. I xp fmi,1.,'4, , ,I ,I in " - -N ' 'iii ,' 1-rv-asc, ' -' g , H I , F 1 ffigfaf-'. fifzef 4 ':.-- . ' ,.,' , , 1 4. A A """ff4 ' -I ' -,,--4.,,x,x . .... ,, . x, , . - 51 -fegr-ft -ef: . . ------'f-1-I' - -. - . .4 ' 1' re : we . i- Q . eerie - . Er: 2 1' - zwagiffa . - kia.: :I Ei" ' '-II-'TZ' 4' ' in ,:. , ,," "1 ,' 3.-' ', U' V ,El D , V, : ,1,. iq. n g . .',. S , Z Q -Q '1,',-3. ,.e:-:gf-A . . . ..'. :. 54-f,-.:1:.i.'4.'5:2f-1"3i"' " 1 ' 21.2-T"?2lf3L1'?i+-'A-Zuavg 2" "QL,-4 -40' Doug Horan, the pledges closest friend, Gilbert Schenkel, "our congenial social chairman whom I quote, "people are no damn good," Al VanNetta, hustling Pierre, our red-headed prexy, and last but not least, "money-bagsn Field. We know they cannot forget the "Chamber of Horrors," with the Wednesday night sweat-box jamborees, that friendly chat-and-a-pot rat court on Thursday, those executive Qrailroad commissionj meetings, nights on our new terrace, bull sessions in the hack room, and oh yesl, lest we forget, that we are in college,---those wee hours left for study in the early morn. Officers this year were: Sam Hersperger, president, Charles Prince, vice-presidentg Lumbros Kourlos, secretaryg and Stanley Field, treasurer. S. P. Hersperger President Frolicing atrthe Thomas. 308 1 he loungers Commission Acluir, Allen, R. Anclerson, A. Brushear, -I. H. Bridges, D. Bridges, G. Calloway, P. T. Canton, Castellano, P. Custellueei, ll. li Clifton, B. Davis, B. Dutton, R. S. Dutton, R. Duibre, R. Fielding, Field, S. K. Folger, G. Hailey, Ilurtley, Hcntlcrson, I". Holmes, C. Horton, II. Huzlett, XV. Humphries, C. C Horam, D. Kourlos, L. Lee, C. Lightfoot, K. Lissenclen, C. Meyer, Newsom, M. Parker, T. P2ll'kCl', XV. ll. Pcnley, II. E. Piper, XV. Prince, C. Rubin, L. Relyeu, G. Roberts, YV. Robinson, XV. Sellers, R. Smith, I". Smith, li. Stelogezmnis, C. Stewart, T. Thames, A. Van Nettu, A. Vensel, VVagner, E. Wfceks, D. XVhitcomh, II. XVilli1nns, D. B. YVright, VV. XV. Young, Pi. All .if fr: -- -----' - -- -- ,JZTN-" .5 ,, , ' 1 ,fgi-:1fef.fe'e:1te'7. IQ 939. . '- -. v j- fV'.i.'A,f-,,.r.A.,,L .pi AA, Q.,,,.l.. W,--55, V :s.....?.-g,1a......... . " ' ' , Q 'Fiji , gZf"""'z5,'1Il . pig,--p-ffm, - ' if Kiss if-avi as 1 --v 1 '-1 M "'-- -W y ' ',.1'f.' v., . w .'.-, V V, ,.', , Vv,w,..v -" 'I .- A ' ' J ff- -. , 1 5 ' ' "L 1 '.fL Jig!! I f, If - 1 'V ,4"l 1 . J. , ' ...f'e1""fs. 2f"1"'i f Arif - f w ga, ,,,. 31 r gt N' ,,,qz:,L,,,f ,Huge - ahh? 0. ,. ,. H 1 1 ' -'ir ---wa: 1 '- 1 . '-ff-.1. -sick' .1 t. 4. 4. rvxxaj "-35-i.'f1'2'.E1gi',rl-"' A " Lg-5' w ff, 1'42fTI47:g::f1'-'f-it.: N,-amid' I '-25.5" 5-'4l.2ii.' 3' 'l' I7 ' .'2f'm15f."z:w': I-' .-f"i"-'- fu.,-..-,-.. V My , 1 he ey7,ff,g.s,-f- 1.-,,., A ., 'I .-SYS" Wg, 'fbi-':z.r,vt-'w I ya -f, .rf gd. tw , ' " llelta Zeta Chapter Delta Zeta chapter of Delta 'l'au Delta put the 47-48 school year into high gear with a formal pledging banquet at the Club 400 mark- ing the end of rush week. The Delt social sca- son rolled on with a cocktail party given hy the jacksonville alumni after the Georgia-Florida football game. One of the year's highlights was a "get acquainted programf' consisting of a series of receptions honoring the sororities on campus. llomecoming passed with the usual festivities honoring returning alumni. Other llCVCl'-tO-DC-i'Ol'j.:Ollt'Il events of the year have been . . . that "tea dance" at Fall Frolics, Founders' Day banquet, that weekend of party- ing called Spring Frolics, and the crowning of the Dr-lt Queen at Delta 'l'au Delta's own llain- bow Ball. Delta 'l'au Delta has been well represented among the B.M.O.C.'s in the various fields of campus activity. Carrying the Delt banner in the political field have been: Al Cammage, president of both the sophomore class and Phi Eta Sigmag jerry Miller, president of the United XVorld l"edcralistsg Paul Langston, member of the Lyceum Couneilg and Bill Murray, com- missioner of Flavet III. Pen pushcrs and typewriter pounders for campus publications have been: john Trinklc, editor of the Orange Peelg Julian Clarkson, sports editor of the Alligatorg jim Gollattscheck, executive editor of thc Orange Peelg Walter Bishop, business manager of the "F" Book: and Douglas McKinley, fietionieditor of the Orangc Peel. I Representing Delta 'l'au Delta on the field ol' athletics have been: Sam Cole, varsity linc- man lor the Fighting Catorsg Fred Teed, back- strokcr on the varsity swimming tcamg Emmitt Bittick, member oi' the Gator Baseball tcamg and Tommy Taylor, polevaulter and high jump- er on the varsity track squad. Drum major Steve ltisley and XV. lt. Corwin. president of Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band l'raternity, did their part for ol' Alma Mater in the Fighting Gator Band. Knowing that "it's great to be a college Greekn the Dclts are confident that "it was great in VIS" and it's going to be even greater for the University of Florida and Delta 'l'au Delta. 5 'E' Adair, Bingaman, C Apple, E. Braley, W. Aired, G. Bowman, D. G Bartlelson, F. Bryan, R. C Bert, II. Cobb, W. H Bickle, H. Clarkson, D Dells display southern hospitality. 1 arf . f Us , Fw ,.f-wen X , -ev 4 -. .... 4 . Q., c. X . . 1 'tr 3 Lang, E. A. Langston, P Leggett, W. Long, S. K. Martin, H. May, K. 'JAQ McKinley, P. Morgen, R. A. McLean, Murray, W. B. Middleton, E. L. Nickels, B. C. Miller, Page H. Minton, E. Parker, C. Mitchell, A. Parker, R. i"Q"' fl .V7 va.. . .sm 'Mi an ,A '1' ca :Qs-T ' 'C'- Priestumn, Suclia, VV. D. Trice, W. B. Richter, C. Taylor, T. Wagner, R. B. Robinson, C. L. Teecl, F. Matthews, VV. Rodrigues, A. L. Ten Eick, R. Ward, R. L. Shuflin, Terrell, N. VVarner, Il. Squires, S. Trinkle, ul. R. VVells, -I. FI Wells, L. A. Williams, K. VVilson, T. Woehlc, F. Yontz, J. T U BELT Dells cIres.s'url to kill Dells gang up in Pike game. Ii PP LPH Beta Zeta Chapter The Southern gentlemen in thc white col- umn mansion have kept step with the prog- ress of the University and its motto . . . "It's great in '4S" .... leading the way in many campus activities from the Fighting Gators' fields of battle to the less dangerous but equally interesting field of social events. Heading a list of stellar social functions, Confederate troops here assembled presented their nationally known Plantation Ball. In a traditional look to an illustrious past, KA's raised the "Stars and Bars" and paid homage to a fun-loving South with its lovely ladies. This year's reception for the chapter's grand- est man, Colonel Morgan Ashley, his wife, and the university's new national sororities placed high on the social calendar. Other events included the annual Convivium din- ner to honor alumni, Fall Frolics, and Spring Frolics. Rebel athletes represented the Orange and Blue in ahnost any field. Two brothers were All-Southeastern from this year's great Gator squad . . . Chuck Hunsinger and jimmy Kynes. Other gridders were Bill Turner, Hal Griffin, Angus W'illiams, Ben Ewing, joe Hawkins, Denny Herndon, Leroy Poucher, and Red Mitchum. Florida hoopsters in- cluded Hans Taenzlcr, who set a high- llugh llolburn Pl'c.s'i11cnI FX.. S -R- ' algo- S is 'N uf X -.. ' ,IC-1 :gi 1 ist faster .. MHZ: ss. 9 7 73 . P ' ' , , ff. X . fi?-L't7 .' 'T7' F' - 5,Zg. QL,-1!i.Qij,ZgQ:i fl llilg:l.::,16'Tf I gtg - ' u-if . FM: ' I Lf f,.: J--' . "'-1.4-. .,- 2223 I I . ,, ...fu vii., '- .N "'- r -HT F wg: . ' A ' i- . ,-N 3 ,M A 11- ,Q Ng., ...- ., i , L, 5- ,,, 1 . , " if-'riff ...ak 1. 2 1- :LY ' 't h -"'. 'Q 2. , r., L.: r' ..-bf'-.ff 1- .2 1 if ' H' v if --v. 5 ,f - - .i ' A .t I . az I -g D ' . A U rl , A 1 . A, V 7 , 1, i ,ft 4 ' ll l Ll : 3 ll , , f. '- 1- 1 'Y '- r A 1 .. -v-smguccqxnr 7' ' point record for the university last season, Bill Atkinson, julian Miller, and Chuck Hun- singer. Other members doing varsity duty elsewhere are jimmy Kynes, baseball, and cindermcn Don Davidson, Bill Atkinson, Bob Watkins, Colburn McKinnon, Wilbur Hicks, and Leroy Poucher. Chapter politicians were honored in being elected to six offices in student government on campus. Brother Bill Davidson served on the Honor Court while Rex Farrior, Ben Duncan, Red Pritchard, Tommy Fonts, and Bob Poole were on the Executive Council. Many campus organizations and publications contain a like number. judge Tom Barkdull, past chancellor of the Honor Court, was one of the most active figures in politics on thc campus. When you sec the Gator band march on to the field playing the stirring "Dixie," preceded by bold Confederate soldiers and their banner, let it be known that thc Kappa Alpha's are proud of having begun and ear- ried on the newest university tradition. Beta Zeta chapter officers this year in- cluded: Ilarry Phipps, presidentg Don Dav- idson, vicc-presidentg Craig Massey, sccrc tary, Fred Tobi, treasurer. Q19 " N 67' KA fl: O, -43' QQ' 'QD 'W M0 9 QQ 1 4 T'jp ' '1 I i .... .5 0' , v- , u KQ Q. . , if .W U, ep . C l .19f '- 1 F23 5' 'fa 3, -I i s H gl xv, i I 1 L C' 6 . 'na Ur. of er, page Ambrose, K. J. Bie, N., Jr. Coleman, J. Barkdull, P. Bishop, R. T. Collier, L. D. Buck, B. Rebel movements on University Avenue. 312 Bowyer, R. B. Campbell, D. Brlndell, R. Cason, W. M. Brown, W. T. Cassels, K. Buford, R. Caviness, R.. L. Byrd, B. R. Dadswell, J. E. Darsey, P. L. Davidson, D. Davidson, W. B Davis, C. Dixon, L. M. Drew, E. ' Duncan, B. S. ,qs-, . nga. 53, an ,- aol N A 1'1" suv 'Wx ...- ...J 185 Edson, J, Edwards, D. F'arr1or, R, Ffluts. T. s. inlayson, M, fr!-chcr, M, H, llhkland. R. P. ar, 5 ,913 Q' at ' 1 , ,'52rR!." ' 1. Y A , . -. .. Q - we T, 7 N Taxa' ' t fl' Fl'il.Zl0l', J. K. Hallman, W. H. Hoover, S. P. Blain, L. Massey, G. B. Morgan, C. W. Phillips, I. W. Rushing, L. Tobl, F. Harris, N. Jackson, T. Little, D. McDermott, R. F.M01'gn.h, T. C. Poole, R. D. Ryan, G. Fciffer, P. K. Hawes, L. M. Johnson, H. R. Londholtes, R. Mlckelis, P. Nuckols, C. B. Prlclmrcl, L. Sain, C. H. Green, W. Hayman, J. Jones, L. McDonald, T. Mills, H. A. O'Connor, E. Rnnney, D. Sanchez, G. Griffin, J. P. Henderson, 0. Joughlln, L. E. Martin, John Moffett, R. Palmer, C. Ricketts, T. Snvuge, W. Gurney, T. J. Hopper, J. Knstunnkis, H. Murtln, James Montague. J. B. Phillips, P. C. Robinson. W. Schroeder, R. Hale, C. Hicks, W. L. Knight, J. Massey, M. C. Moore, R. W. Phipps, I-I. W. Rogers, W. Shxtw, J. Bcrnlly in Il .wlllllcm selling. Shelor, E. G. Strlnnfellow, F. B. Voipzht, L. L. Shinn, R. Sims, J. Smith, T. P. Smlthers, R. Steed, J. Stephens, N. Strom, S. Veley, Il. Surrency, C. Wnrren, J. Susterkn, D. Whitaker, F. C. Teague, Sum. E.Whlttington, K. Tresher, G. F. Yates, C. R. Tucker, W. Yarbrough, C. R. f'lll'l'I',lf" Ill ffllllllt' ' .Y 9... 5 I , H Q 'D p Q Q . Mg... . -ff "- 1 Q. . . Q , .1 . sr.-. , SEM L r.. 'P S' 42: ... , A M va, - 1 I T,-f N yr ,, YJ ' ' A ' J'-i?f'5'29j Q 3 .. ' Q' 1 l ' li .:,. of A 1, . '- uf f xi PM . A s, Q . E , . ...N I ,A ' f- f .. ' x ' 2, ts. t We --.J .- -f- -' .. -- -S iffy Al A T.. ...., ...., . , on 2' Q 1 Q SLN ,e QV V QF Q t. KN., I Q' Pot, al 'gs 1 "'!:"r a-v- ' f...,.,..'?', V , 4' ' M. ' . V ix Q 1-. ., ,Q . , Q-Q, .,. f - -at , 4. , , A yy . y .L . it J ' - 2- - . " X 1 in 'PL' ' I J ' , . N .I -xi 7 , K , J 'yay , 4, V F 1 's 4- -s, . t . V 4 2 7 ty A 'L' "H sw- l 9- am" lx 'DQ' Qax' '93 . ' rl fig , ' .,.1 ,Q Y. L, 4 I Q 1 1 J ' if", C' --- . -1 ' y f - P ' i g ., v Qs 'Q G K 1 cl .kj mmf V iql .' AQ: " ' has f ' N a.. af ' B. T A -f ' .Q fi.-1' 'Q' ,- i ,I ' X Adams, G. E. Althaus, J. H. Anderson, J. B. Bollclc, W. T. Barley, C. M. Barnhill, C. E. Bonham, M. Boris, J. C. Boyd, R. Bragan, L. Bramlette, W. M' Covertson, S. S. Damsel, C. Darling, C. Davls, C. Deudney, A. H. Fernandez, E. T. Fickett. ? Gale, T. R. Gay, M. Ghiotto, F. C. Gibbons, D. Headly, K. Heist, E. A. Houha, R. W. I-Iouha, R. V. Huber, A. C. Jackson, C. T. Jennings, F. L. Johnson. R. C. Johnston, F. Kuenzler, E. J. Kelly, G. R. Lee, W. E. Lee, W. P. Lemon, R. H. Manning, J. Marsh, A. M. Marvln, T. E. McCullough, R. McClure, D. McCutchen, J. McGahee, C. C. McIntosh, C. 5' Moyer, J. A. Musgrove, C. J. Musgrove. R. H. Oliff, E. A. O'steen, E. C. Patterson, R. J. Peters, H. M. Peper, R. C. Plummer, J. D. Prevatt, A. L. Protz, W. B- Roller, R. I-I. Rowe, R. Rozier, M. L. Schieswohl. R. C. Shedrick, J. Shuttlesworth, J. L. Slkes, A. W. Slms, A. T. Smith, H. D. Smith, S. W. Smith, W. C. Thompson, T. E. Tamargo, J. Trafford, R. F. Veal, F. Wade, C. A. Weatherly, C. Weatherly, R. Weaver, M. E. Whitmore, F. L. Whitmore, T. E. Wilkinson, R. W Thomas E. Thompson President 69,9 o ,6,-. gg.-I . .Q ,0, Q ffv,f0y,- 5i5i"l'5't95 -v. XIISQKPL Q, 3' -H ,Q 0, 0 wee Almost before school had started, Kappa Sigs launched upon the most hectic social calendar ever to be attempted. After each of the Mississippi, Tulsa and Rollins games, Kappa Sigs gave open dances and break- fasts and welcomed all who wished to at- tcnd. The traditional reception for house- mothcr, Mrs. A. M. Cunningham, was one of the highlights of the social season, in- cluding such guests as President 1. Hillis Miller, Vice-President John Allen, Dean R. C. Beaty, Col. Price, and others. Home- coming open house weekend was an amazing success, at which time Kappa Sigma's Gator 314 Iii Pl' Crowl skit, under the direction of Chubby Damscl, reached the finals. Frontier Ball at the Chapter House, and Fall Frolics week- end topped all past performances. The Founders' Day Banquet at the Hotel Thomas, brought back memories of many enjoyable years, through Brother Simpson's memorable address. The second semester brought the Military Ball and was topped off by a roaring Spring Frolics. Serving in the executive capacity the fall semester were: Tommy Thompson, president, Dick johnson, vice-president, Curtis NVeaver, sec- retaryg Mac Peters, treasurer. i .A , ., 4 , . , 5. R. 2 5 . 5 1 V . I r I . i 'W' , on -nf Q. ' 5- gt' l i , . i '- .' 6 - Qu Q, , . 1, . 1 ig If ' 1 7 i Q11 is V 4. 1 . Q Q' . N .4 X ! . l 8 1 wg - Q, l '11 , 1 - , 1 , -ew . 1 :rf .J QQ. ' . t '. N 9 '- i 4 ' , ei . 1 ,v , . , . L. Q .3 . e I , an 9, me . ,. , - I lf. ,v , Glimphy, G. T. Broadfort, A. Brown, B. C. Burns, B. Condict, L. R. Cooper, L. H. ?:diH8S. C. W. Grant, Z. C. Greene, D. Haley, J. Harrison, W. T. Hart, R. M ing. J. D. Kramer, G. S. Kuenzler, E. J. Laird, W. H. Lambert, J. W. Lee, C. RCLCHH, J. E. Miller, L. F. Mlnear, J. Mlnear, L. O. Minear, N. L. Moore, W. im OUSS, J. H. Rembert, H. A. Rempc, C. J. Renlck, ? Rettlc, G. Roberts, H. wllirowhawk. R. L. Stouhl. L. Steward, J. B. Sullivan, P. K. Sweets, R. G. Tarver, E. J. Hams, H. E. James, William Willis, J. S. Wood, S. C. Woodham, T. IUMA Kappa Sigma traces its ancestry to the University of Bologna, Italy, where in the year 1400, students organ- ized a society as protection against the evil governor, Cossa. After spreading to other European universities, the ideals of fraternity were finally brought to the United States when Kappa Sigma was founded at the University ol' Virginia in 1869. Prominent Kappa Sigma alumni include Millard Cald- well, past governor of Florida, Julius Parker, past presi- dent of the Florida Bar Association, R. P. Terry, past chairman of the state board of controlg B. I-lodges, former member of the state senate' olm F' ' ' ' X , J ahs, prominent banker, and former mayor of Leesburgg Hugh Culbreath, sheriff of Hillsborough county, and Dean Simpson, dean of the graduate school ot the University of Florida. Getting into high gear for 1948-1949, Kappa Sigs ac- quired thc Georgia-Florida float trophy for the second straight year. Under the supervision of Lloyd Minear, members and pledges worked day and night constructing the champion float. Mom Cunningham consoles the loser. x Ftrs! prize float blows through Jax. Jax alumni present scholarship trophy. Epsilon A u Zeta Chapter Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston Uni- versity in 1909, now has a total of 130 active chapters in the U. S. and Canada, making it the largest social fraternity, in munber of chapters. Epsilon Mu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha was installed at the University of Florida in 1933, and since its installation it has made rapid strides in leadership, sports, campus affairs and social activities. Lambda Chi Alpha is repre- sented on five campuses in the state of Florida and maintains almnni organizations in all major cities. One of the finest additions to the chapter this year has been the installation of Mrs. Janet Cay as housemother. During the past year the intramural softball trophy was captured and the Lamba Chi's placed second in the league in two other sports. B.M.O.C.,s include Bill Scruggs, president of the campus American Legion, co-chairman of the Gator All-Student party F47-48, and gen- eral politico. Chapter president, Solon Ellmaker, is vice-president of the Clee Club, and is a justice on the Honor Court, representing the college of business administration. Robert Toney is vice-president of the Society for Advance- ment of Management. In the field of honorarics arc: Charles Michael in Alpha Epsilon Delta, Solon Ellmaker in Beta Alpha Psi, Robert Toney in Sigma Tau, and Boyd Anderson in Phi Alpha Delta. One of the outstanding social events was National Founders, Day weekend, celebrated each March. On the night following the ban- quet the Lambda Chi's go Arabian and hold a full dress ball in Scheherezade fashion .... Twice a year Lambda Chi joins with all our fraternities on campus for participation in thc big I. F. C. Frolies. Another year of unforgettable memories comes to a close and all Lambda Chi's look back with a sense of pride in accomplishments and vision an even more colorful future. Serving as officers this year Were: Solon Ell- maker, president, Carl Maddox, vice-president, Bob Toney, secretary, Charles Weeks, treasurer. Gundlach, W- Handley, F. G Hardie, G. Harvey, L. H. Harrell, M. AMBD CHI Solon Ellmaker President Hawkins, R. M. Langbeln, C. Michael, C. A. Pace, P. Rogers, R. Houser, B. Macy, R. Miller, C. Perry, F. P., Jr. Rose, W. Housholder, F. Maddox, C. P. Nord, R. H. Petteway, R. Rudd, L. Johnston, H. I. Major, K. Nord, Robert Plott, J. Pullin, R. Kissam, E. Merritt, C. B. O'Steen, H. E. Kalaf, G. P. Scheb, J. M. T wo loves have I. 1 1 Qgi Shea, V. Strawder, L. R. Waller, M. Schroter, R. Sullivan, J. Weeks, C. F. Smith, D. Tubellng, G. Wetherell, E. J. Smith, P. C. Toney, R. L. Worrell, A. C. Stemm, J. Vroom D W , . . Zoffay, J. 0 W OP OL ff Wai 317 tin' on Yokum's moon! Pl Clif G PPA ALPH Alpha Eta Chapter Alpha Eta of Pi Kappa Alpha, living in the Pike Mansion on the corner of University and N' th th "C " ' ' ' ' ' in , e rossroads of the World, was founded, nationally, at the University of Virginia in 1868 to perpetuate the ideals of friendship upon which it is established. Fall semester finds S. M. C. Anderson and "several of the brothers" guiding the chi ter . - gp through a smooth year. The first of many social successes of the season was the animal Pledge ance thrown by social Clhllflllilll Aggel .... Girls, girls, girls, yes, coeducation is trul A1 . . y . blessing. Alumni starred in Homecoming in November with brother Mac Christie making it Great in '48. It was made even greater with the Pike skit "Cease the Melod " Jr t l - 4 y, 1 esen ec at th Gator Growl. The all Pi K. A. cast, fresh from Hollywood, included such great stars as Barbara Lampwick Palmer, Velvet Frog Lowell, and that director's director, Anatole Litvak Mixon. "Pledge, shut up and answer that phone . . . gimme a match . . . is the mail over? . . . Mrs. Mac, will you type this for me? It's only 40,000 words and I don't need it 'till morning!" Fall Frolics found the Pikes at the Kit Kat, partying with Elliot Lawrence and Roy Patton I .1 witi Wheel" Shiell as "Buddy-buddy." In the limelight of Florida Field are thc Be'1r's bo s 1 - y . Cliff Sutton and Billy Parker, while in the old, new gym Smilin' Sam guided Henry Cornell to stardom. And then there's politics with Bernie Shiell shaking' hands between trips to Tally . . . Yeah, Tally. Then, Couchj, exams, but who cared??? Pikes always get byl fWcll, most of the time.l And with the first of the second semester cam th z'l.' f: "l- ' insulted?" . . . e e wu s o low do you go about getting re- Ah yes, and Dream Girl weekend: buffet suppers, toddys, informal dances, toddys, picnics, toddys, banquets and that lovely Dream Girl, Betty jo Drake. What lovel 1 ' -ll! . , , y nemories Hasnt anyone gotten the mail yet? . . . Go get me a paddle .... Remember the Chi O Owl that we swooped from the SAE chimney? They do! What mystery and all the time it was in tl l t ' ' ' ' ie c lap er room .... WVho said beer? . . . Pantm at the pantry And let's not for et the . . Q . ' g Christmas Party Cluv that eggnogl. And then there were Founders' Day celebration, Mothers' Day reception and Spring Frolics with the inevitable "Dear Johns." And now with these wonderful memories we leave you in looking forward to another suc- cessful year in '49-'50 .... Serving in the executive capacity this year were: Bob Anderson, president, Bob Bronson, vice-president, Leelflatfield, secretary, llarold XVheeler, treasurer. .ex f' fi 3,05 409 Bob Anderson Patio party. President ...t w '4 -' .. if-1" ' vm ,,.,,, ,.. ., . ' .V -ff. .Ii Qql: f' .. tv. V ' " life - 'tif '1 -' Vg.. .ch 1 'V "fi V -JJ -13? li lug.-V la w.. 7.-,. lzgjvzsgj Am 1-ii 7 P 5 , iazig f ' . ' . "fff"'iE'E--lift"-:.f - f',".1. . A ,api ' ir'-, 15: "lik-.+ "F' ix ,. ,,,., ,r,.. ,. .5 t 4, gf! 5, 12 We fit get t-f J A ,FE 4 J .zfwi-2 ' ' f if 'iff-4-:V-. " c-"'i ' 5? 2'1 f :Nikit - I, lx". 4 ' , -. 5: ' :II nav, -.5 Q 3:,g.'ii'lru 4 ugh! ,--i.. , t . says-.1'-regfrqnf-1-jJ2. " , ig vl,.:..wsf,W.n. .r - - "fd-vt 'J- f.'i.f i:wf-.qi 221, 'tffifj main' -' , 'Wffzi ' A eye' '::f'-H- FTS:-"4" 2 5" .5 J N ?'::E3i' A f f all ' 17' 318 ' 1: -xp- Abercrombe, R. A. Booth, J. Cooper, R. 'UI 64 f., Adams D , . E. Boozer, W. DeFoor, J. Hall, R. McCall, G. Roster, C. Akerman, F. Bradshaw. S. H' Desquin, L. H ll W a , V. . McCall, H. B- Shiell, D. M. 15. Q-isa 64 .ur- Y'-pr -ng. N 1 ' -K J Nu Alexander, R. Anderson, C. Anderson, R. Auleb, D. Bull, C. Barco, C. S. Beer, W. H. Bice, W. Brock, P. Brokk, A. Bronson, R. Cxunpbell, C. R. Carroll, H. L. Clenvelnnd, H. Cochrnn, J. Cole, R., Jr. Dunwoody, L. Dyer, F. C. Everett, E. Everett, G. D. French, D. Glcldcns, E. Goodllng, D. Griffin, W. Harvey, J. Hatfield, L. Hill, W. Hopkins, J. Held, H. L. Hinds, L. H0ffllliIll, W. Jones, G. Mangel, H. Mertlns, C. C. Moses, R. Munroe, B. Ottls, H. Parker, W. E. Peters, J. Prichard, G. Shoemaker, W. L. Snively, R. E. Thompson, R. W. Thullbery, F. M. Tripp, G. Tripp, W. B. Webb, S. A. Fil'r'.s-irlzr pllilnsnplly. West, D. W. Dl'l'.N'Sl'lI for Ilnrllmvunling. Boggln B Bl . . uckburn, A. B. Conley. R. H. Constuns, H. Gurthic, H. Hurt., E. Jones, W. Lupton, G. Ray, G., Jr. Ronne L wmelel-, H. A. Wilkinson, sf W. '41 X? 'Q if -.xl 3 Q Uh, .95 ,sl we 4: c.' ffl Qi, Lf:-fn J "5 N 5 ff a. Q Carnell, D. P. Combs, W'. E. Combs, Il. ll. Conde, Condon, -I. Cox, C. Crawford, D. Crown, Cummings, M. V Dykes, M. V' Everson, C. Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, 'l'. Cable, A. Collette, P. Guyton, R. Hutchins, D. Iohnson, F. F. Johnson, C. Kerry, II. C. Lane, Lewis, A. McCall, WV. McKenzie, V. YV Merkel, F. Miller, K. Mitchell, F. Moore, R. ll. Murray, Neale, W. Overton, B. Palmer, Pena, C. Parks, R. L. Pharr, C. Pink, C. Ptacek, L. Pyle, Ramsey, C. M. Rigl, C. R. Rowe, C. Rutledge, XV. ll. Sahlic, lt. S. Schretzinann, J, Shields, G. M. Stevens, Stoker, W. A. Teate, W. C. Thompson, D. Thompson, W. D Veal, W. C. Valero, A. Willis, J. A. Waters, D. W. Youngblood, lpha Epsilon Chapter 1 The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, by three men with the desire to further the principles of fellowship and scholarship among students. Since its organiza- tion in 1904, the fraternity has spread to all corners of the nation, always promoting the ideals of its original founders . . . fellowship and scholarship. The local chapter, Alpha Phi Epsilon, was installed on the campus in 1924 and the "Pi Kapps" have participated in campus activities with vigor and an eye to the future. We are proud of the reputation we have earned of being one of the friendliest fraternities on the campus. Aiding in establishing this tradition is Mrs. H. L. Rood, house mother, who has been with the chapter since 1938. Pi Kappa Phi actively participated in all the functions sponsored by the inter-fraternity conference, including Fall Frolics and Spring Frolics, week- ends, as always, full of fun. In addition the Pi Kapps entertained as a group, one weekend each semester. The first was the pledge banquet, in honor of the current class. The second was the "Pi Kapp Weekend" . . . truly a fine party. The chapter observed Founders' Day, at which the alumni gathered to become acquainted with the actives and pledges. The annual Mother's Day program is also a cherished tradition of the Pi Kapps, honoring our "favorite gals." Great progress has been made in redecorating the house. Since September, we have freshly painted the house and re-upholstered the furniture, equip- ped the kitchen with new appliances, replaced the front pillars, built a new patio . . . our pride and joy . . ., and the grounds are in the process of being redecorated. The faculty advisors for the chapter on the campus are Dr. Walter Beisler, head professor of chemical engineering, and Bob Stripling, college of edu- cation. Other Pi Kapps alumni that are members of the faculty are Spurgeon Cherry, college of physical education, Frank M. Molony, college of law, R. T. Cummings, college of engineering, A. H. Edwards, civil engineering, and M. Pearce, geology. Officers serving the chapter this year were: jim Clemmons, president, Dewey Hutchins, historiang Bill Veal, secretary, George johnson, treasurer. J. Clemmons I5-X Qu I "'-- +...L" '2'-i-Cf":.','1".41H'.'-3ffff'T'E'rv-N., .. V, aw ff? . ""-4-.lJ.1Q-3".t' -"1f,., i in r-Nun. "' . Ex 1: U gig" an ,. ,,., .- - " , h :ai - "Wil 2, 'vzl--Lf " 2" r.:g, '! 5 S,-4,1 I , - rg ff -. , '.-" -fi 1-4 ' 1, yi i 3 . QQ 9- 1 f--v-...M Vit: , , iii!!! ' 7:1 1 ' 1-in ,i . , 'V-rizwx' .i .- ha F4 . I 1 , Q ' 1 Q" fftif ' ,sz . is j Q .. 1. .' ,,- , L A --: ' ' "o' I ' 1 .,,-,, i if'irf' i ft' 'aa ' i iw t f X x Q , 1 I 4 ' . f flfifgli + 'luv l ll l- ' -I I A ian r f .s fl 5 Y 4 i , 1 ' f' fulfil ' Y :wi 'J 'er ' ' 1 ' X u 1 lf 1 "U -wiv x N t 7 4 mix. t XM ,. M, I' I r V Q i Nqsxw 11118, f-5 w w A tg as . .. - 19- . . ,-'Q i+fsa'f.a':N. .:!. -fP31z!i"i " 1.-f" ' tg- 'x X-I-:i:3I3?lg3f15-T'lEiffF'i2'I'2hi' ., 1+ ' . .- 2 Lefs navigate! President A V Hg. 1 '1 x E. , if-ff' "Super-Gator" welcomes Miami. 321 "Rembrant" Valero. Florida Delta Chapter . - 2'-2'sf,Ef 5'f ' ' 1 ' ' . 1 .- HY".-s 'lin' J 4 1, , x 'vm 4 , rl 7 , f Kill ' 1 ...av yfnugd ,tim ,Q iilffi.--""'1'r'-:W f ,i i i' Q' tx W .--up-:, . '1?3?:3-""f"if.if- - A m,,.4g,..g3.,f.fp-,.,.figiff51.1 V Q, W ' Q.. - :: . : : fgm-.-if-nrfrrf-:jf V 'L +L 5, :g f expii 1 , -hfx lil 1' . 1 - - is I f -- . : J ,I 1 I ,V L M . 5 ni l .. ' " 1:-::.'l:--- ll- f -fl' l ' in "- 'iftwvzffi z':2',f:2ev:i"' 1' J in t 15 'A W ,aa iii rzlff-a,.11I1f21i1 F.3,-at-.:a . f'fi'5fFif-fi 'lf' K' ,ll A xr-,-Vwifvflf f- IWW- ' V2 i' EWR .,. . iii.-.gJl..,4,,,-,,, ,. my .git ,. . --- -arifm.. 2' witef. ef' we REQ.. -tf 4' N ..-W. -gm ifI'iqi:..,4ataff,5syx'w's: 27- ,.+ n-......, Pi Lambda Phi this year celebrated its fifty-fourth anniversary since founding on the Yale University campus in 1895. Since then Pi Lambda Phi has expanded to 38 undergraduate chapters in the United States and Canada. F Florida Delta first appeared on the campus in 1924. During the ensuing years it produced many "B.M.O.C.s" in all fields of campus activity. After wandering for a number of years, Delta finds itself at present in its permanent home on University avenue. In the past year Pi Lambda Phi captured the first leg on the blue league intramural trophy for athletic prowess, also winning five cups in individual sports: volley ball, handball, ping-pong, tennis, and shuffleboard. Social highlights of the year included dances and affairs in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and of course the Fall and Spring Frolics which were as usual, highly successful. In the field of campus-wide entertainment, Pi-lam pre- sented its first Annual Fall Frolics Minstrel staged at the Florida theater- all were invited. Pi Lam also contributed Ted Benjamin, Gerry Gordon, and Alan Westin to Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi, Abby Fink, Elliot Sheinfeld, Paul Buclnnan, and Marwin Cassel to Blue Key, jordan Bittel and WValt Applebaum-debatorsg Ed Klein-prexy of the debate fraternity, Bob Lewis-treasurer of the Gator party-and the list goes on and on .... Florida Delta has swelled its number now to 60 brothers and 42 pledges. all attempting to continue the record established in former years by past brothers wearing the purple and gold. Leading us through the year were: Alvie Leitman, president, Herbert Solm, vice-presidentg Aaron Perlman, secretary, Bob Wolf, treasurer. A. Leitman llllllllflilllllllltff Glleef, 77114-SIC, llllll l'l Lllill Splfif. PVGSHICIIQ Football weekend gucsls. 'V' 754 .- LNPL Pi Lam really for IM football Iaurels. 322 Cohen, B. Cohen, M. Cohen, W. H. Curtis, R. Fleet, li. Friedlunder, lf. Freedman, H. Freedman, N. Frumkcs. M. B. Fyvolent, D. Gilsen, S. Glicksbcrg, M. Goldberg, H. Goldberg, M. Goldstein, S. llnmmermnn, S. Hoss, M. Jacobs, A. joseph, L. M. Kuhn, A. Kulislnnun, S. Klein, E. Lcvcnson, D. Lewis, ll. McLaughlin, NV. Meyer, B. L. Miller, S. Olipllunt, E. Osheroff, L. Paul, M. Pollack, R. S. Presser, E. Proctor, G. L. Proctor, S. ll. Rosenkranz, M. Snlinon, M. II. Snndlcr, XV. C. Savage, L. Sliienfeld, E. Silberstein, S. Silverman, P. Z. Sindcr, WV. F. Sirkin, S. M. Solin, G. Solln, H. SPL'V3lk, S. Storm, C. Swiclikow, B. Vundroff, A. E. Wnnger, P. NVeinstein, II. M. Weinstein, B. 1. Xvllltlllilll, A. XVolf, H. S. t W g 64 X 2: in sl lf me l . ga' Q 3 1-sg WIA i q, sez W n my GM AW J. A 1 I Allbrltton Allbrltton Allen Anderson Anderson Ansley Atkins Auvil Auvil Barker Battle Beaty ' Ge W X4 A :- ,. 0 g -P S- E X aft Wk .,J X K If' 1 41 Q' Q. 9' gp. ,..,, . .g, K ni. ,. C fm l Si Sr t, Q Y, 1 Qi v X if r 4 Uv . ne. , p K - -1 ,':- V --, - ..,,- , i Q' "f Q. 'Fa -nv. mf. :yt ,f 1 if Q- 1 ru.. ,M-if gg Q. G 1, 2. N 5 T Blankner Brainard Cassidy Coleman Douglas Fogg Blount Brand Clarke Cornell Drake Gager Booth Brand Cloen Cox Dreyer Gaines Bostlck Brown Clough Dick Evans Garrls Bostwlck Carrington Cobb Dickerson Faulds Gutlin Bozarth Carter Cochrane Doll Flynn Gates A1 il- 'Lf Gilmore Henry Kerr Mahoney Guilford Henry Kirby Martin Glenn Hicks Knope Martin Grant Htnson Le Blanc Massie Graves Howell Mahon Matherly Hagler Johns Mahon Mldyette IGNUX eALPH james XV. Kehoe President Since it was one of the few fraternities to remain active during the entire war period, SAE has continually placed high in intramurals and established top men on campus in student government, publications and other campus activities. Hall of Fame last year included SAE's Al Carlton, Pen Gaines, Bill Turnbull, this year: Bill Henry, Bill Moor, Reece Smith, and Bob Ghiotto. Into Florida Blue Key, the campus' highest leadership fraternity, SAE has placed Lacy Mahon, Pen Gaines, Al Carlton, Tom Hen- derson, Bill Moor, Bob Ghiotto, Bill Byrd, Pat O'Neal, Edgar Davis, Bob Eaton, johnny XValkcr, Reece Smith, Ken Richard, and Bill Henry, during the past two years. This year, Bill Henry has piloted the Seminole staff, Bill Moor directed campus 324 intramurals, and Ben Smathe1's headed the Gator-All Student party. SAE has many campus-wide traditions, including well known social functions, and Leo, the lion with the paint complex. Parties galore we held, including a huge homecoming week- end, fall frolics, the animal Black and White Dance and weekend, and Spring frolics, with its annual "SAE Revuei' and skits. SAE's Founders' Day banquet, which followed the largest initiation in the history of the chap- ter when 38 pledges became brothers, high- lighted the spring semester. In carrying out a big improvement program, the SAE,s re- decorated the house and constructed a walled terrace, designed by Wayne Sessions. This was another great year for Florida Upsilon. QR. Miller Miller Mills Moor Morris Mueller 1 R Q 7 6' Murphy Neal Nelson O'Brien O'Ke1lcy Perry 2 n KS E11 ILU 'FM r 'vs Ftlorida lglpsilon Chapter This your found Florida Upsilon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon huilding up spirit and accomplishing big things among thc 100 activc nicnihcrs and 64 plcdgcs. SAIC, sincc it was foundcd in 1856 on thc campus of thc University of Alahanla, has grown rapidly and in 'fa 'M Phillips Russell Slkes Stambaugh Wenzel Pickens Savage Slvia Stlefel Wheeler POWGFS Ryan Smathcrs Thomas Wllklnson Pruitt Schuh Smith Tomkins Williams Reasoncr Shepherd Smith Turnage Willis Rose Slkes Smith Vickers Worthington 83' 1" 234 'v ,PCN llzglzly praised homecoming float. ncarly a ccntu1'y has riscn to hc thc largcst social fra- tcrnity, having 125 activc chaptcrs and ovcr 74,000 incmbcrs. Along with thc nunihcr dcvclopcd a hack- ground of tradition and scntimcntg a mcnihcrship oi' loyaltyg and ycars of honcst and gcnuinc service. Thc local SANs-thc mcn in thc houso hchind thc Lion-, founded on the Florida campus in 1884 at Lakc City and rcchartcrcd hcrc in 1915, havc distinguishcd thcnisclvcs in thosc traditions and in all campus activitics. ...l Wyche Wyche Wynne Ziegler iv-' The lion of many colors. N cwiy rcalvcornlcrl lcrrucc. 325 Epsilon Zeta Y Lhapter 'l'his year has seen the "East Tallahassee Country Club" hecoine mart f XV 1 o est Caines- ville with the Chi O's, 'l'ri D-lt'.' ' Pi's L s, and A O moving close to the starboard. The Countrv Cluh is still l l nic trough, roaring during the l"rolics Mil'tz 'f B1 ll , 1 up 1 , lloineeomiug, and luost of all on Si fma N1 X 'li ' l g x Wu cnc , which again this year was not a closed affair ' to enjoy. . . . . , hut one for all There will he many unforfetlall g me memories of this year with . . . Criscr '-lt gt ing tapped Crepealedlyj for L'Apache . . . Stanford's lau fhiu f s J rll.' ' 'l g g it s in eiapter meetings . . . the passing of the old arhor C'l'hank the Lord it couldn't lallil . . . l game and llolce james f alcing a hrolccn neck . . . Big Sam and his "1'artymohile" . . . the unexpected return of the Cralnnan election as Prexy of Baeehi the year-a freshman didn't know XVarrington . . . Brother Purser's wedding and reception at the house . . . the sweet women who passed through the doors and the good hrothers who passed out . . . Coach Mclnnes cracking the whip and taking that long lead in intramurals . . . Brothers Hicks Smith V , , erner, Ilutson and all the rest who made the supreme sacrifice hy giving their pins to co-eds . . . the fish who drank the University Cluh dry known as Alli- gator Managing Editor Jael: Shoemaker .... l'l1o whole campus is talking about . . . the night Big Ed Dempsey had his first date . . . the day Dexter Douglass, the unconscious one K -J pitched 6 successive ringers in intramural horse- shoes and couldn't even hit thc pit at practice . . . the brothers on the third floor fchickcn roost annexl who have limited the occupancy of the annex to lacksonville men only fthcv have their own constitution? . . . wondering rv whether the house is a sportsman's eluh or fraternity with the moosehc ad and sailfish draped on the walls . . . Iimmy Bazcmore hop- ping around on nlD'1U'l1l ilxciis 'il " Q K . z ' mgit t'.l'uesclay nights when the exclusive 15 man organization of daters must '- 4- ' - ' stcuic. a date or forfeit one dollar .... YVhat price glory? . . . thc biggest surprise of the century when word reached the house that 75M of the pledges made their grades and the treasur" l l'lll'. . . . ll Jeaming from ear to It was another lllll:OI'7tttlll . , g- z me year, full of that Sigma Nu spirit and leaving everyone glad they're Florida men. The officers closing out the year were: lohn Stanford, president, Evertte Young, vice-president, Emery Newell, secre- tary: Marshall Criser, treasurer, and Mrs. XV, C. Mason, housemother. tie Sigma Nu-Phi Dell . . . Bexley's IS . . . the laugh of 'ii QF uc 5 if 6: 2' Q id J 55 41 -Q . i .Q .f . ,,3,,, ' - . . f an--. N. ., V f I gr Q .' Ri , S . 'Q 1 Q' Q i V. . V. fgifx 2. a. rf . Q 1 1 Q, .4- ng I, G Z . . X H911 vw l C x Q Q iv . Q V Sis 8 5 5 ,xi I 1' Q 1' ' 1 . A ' H -5 . . 'Q34' f - 4. R ,- . I' J Aclklsson, J. Breeze, G. A. Cobb, P. J. Dempsey, E. Glass, E. F. Harrell, P. B. James, J. Bazmore, J. Brown, F. T. Cook, H. F. Dorey, J. R. Griffin, R. A. Hart, W. Jinks, C. L. Bazernore, R.- Bryan, A. W. Cox, J. C. Douglass, W. D. Hogan, R. R. Hicks, W. Jlnks, J. B. Blghlow, J. Buchanan, H. Crlscr, M. M. Fee, H. Hanes, M. J. Hoffman, W. K. Johnson, E. C. Bowen, H. G. Colbert, J. Crowe, F. K. Godbey, H. J. Harlan, R. J. Hunt, E. F. Johnson, P. Carlin, C. L. Docrr, B. I. Geiger, H. Harlan. B' Hunt. F. Johnson. P- B- Formul, Counlry Club slylc. S' If 4.- john Stanford President 4' Q 4' , L Q " ls v 'G Q 4 C-V 'X " K' 'TL' T , , . Q fy - I Q of - 5, P .M cr, 5. nr- QA Q1 Q.-1 QjQqn, 152, , ' -. " , x l L- .' ,:.. U . I - .,- ML., , 9 . f qu 'N . , 'M gf . or , lv . , .s-. lr I - f A , . Q ' A '-' ' ' ' '. Q Y ' Kelly, W. Leeth, J. McMullen, C. V. Olson, E. F. Rocker, J. L. Smith, E, S. Townsend, R. L. Wmmlngton, J. F. Kendrick, C. V. Lund, R. E. Moorman, M. L. O'Malley, P. Scott, L. R. Snyder, L. J. Townsend, R. R. Webb, P. A. Kirby, D. McEachern, N. Newell, E. J. Potter, P. W. Shoemaker, J. Sorenson, H. E. Turner, J. F. Williams, H. A. Kirby, J. Mclnnes, D. Newland, J. C. Peacock, S, P. Simpson, F. Storms, M. A. Vaughn, S. H. Wilmot, R. J. Kirby, L. F. McKenzie, O. P. Newman, R. O. Reclman, R. P. Simpson, V. Sutton, J. Vining, E. C. Wilson, J. B. Kirtland, J. McKenzie, R. Noble, W. Riley, H. W. Sims, W. D. Tutom, W. M. Ward, R. B. Young, E. ll 1. ..,- . X, fs.. " QX. 10, -QW. 13? 1 Ilzcn it rflincrlf AE Coke party! MT le 'VX X3 327 ,xg gl . 0 V t'lli!Vl I'HI El'r'lLll Florida Alpha Chapter The am cd peacefully back to school . . . and then went on the warpath in search of Black Sambo, who journeyed Q to the Chi O house and then took a dip in the university pool . . . he's l' home for good now, but with a broken arm. High spirits prevailed throughout the year for Sigma Phi Epsilon, es- tablished nationally at Richmond University in 1901 and locally in 1925. The Sig Ep banquet and dance following the Florida-Georgia game was held at the Seminole hotel in Iaeksonville ..,. Dean Ralph E. Page, of arts and sciences, was received formally at the house ..., rain-torn decora- tions and welcome grads at Homecoming .... Fall Frolies found the house a la French with an air of Cay Parce .... Bonfire brawl with the Pi Kaps . . . a new chapter established in the back yard with Minor presiding . . . children's Christmas party . . . Mother Turner, gracious hostess and medi- ator . . . patio parties with singingtlll . . . New intramural football and softball trophies resting on the mantle . . . undefeated Sig Ep nine came out victorious at annual Sig Ep-Kappa Sig softball game . . . a beerful success . . . then Sig Ep teams clinched the 1. Hillis Miller intramural trophy with two sports remaining to be com- pleted . . . McCulle1's "never too busy to say hello" to passing eoeds . . . Golden Hearts Week-end . . . Seniors graduating . . . some peacefully . . Butler by getting married. Sig Ep spokes and wheels included Bill O'Neill, secretary of Florida Blue Keyg Tom Keeter, justice of the Honor Court and president of Society for Advancement of Managementg lim Baxley, member of Board of Student Publicationsg 1. P. Perry, secretary-treasurer of freshman law classg Henry Kittleson, vice-president of Phi Eta Sigma, member of Executive Council, Bay Hooten, president of Beta Alpha Psig Herb Guy, Phi Beta Kappag Bill Petynia, president of Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, justice of the Honor Court. Sig Eps are proud to list Dr. Hillis Miller president of the university, as a member of the fraternity. Bev. Thomas V. MeCaul, recently retired pastor of the First Baptist Church in Gainesville, is Grand Chaplain of Sigma Phi Epsilon. "boys behind the red dooru r bl Adair, H. QQQQQV f 1 Us 0: X39 2133139 Iohn Marees 0 5 President O eb-4 Samba gels whitewashed. ,4K:...5 ... -.f , 4 .,'.p - "rf-cv fav, 1' :refill-,bl -Q . .'Q'!,3-ky :-,i-,H . .z. 'Un- ' . . g '-" 'f7'JL"?' Q67-1L,"f' '-'ns ,4 4 we ,. s iff, N44 M5 f m l -. , V H g , V .,w 2'.,.: pkg?--..EJ?i?,h27 :rg t ,. l.,: .. N - . . ' 1 cf, '5-Q,..t.,-- W- I 3, ... . , Y e. f- '- '. ., ,, , ., ..- . . 5,1 an lr i 1 L... -, . -f".- -in -1. L+ ' ' "" 1 . .fri ' - a f crfi - f -. "ig, '- 'fghx , 4 ',u?1'?rJ"pi-":Q,,,11rv.,',,, ' 0.611 . 21' -3,-:4".'-:f.f.-.'3g, . -,.f,,-5---an ' ,-4.31, 1-qt. aa., - ,, ,J,,'fj.y"I",fpA'j :f.' 'fa - - . i"'3f. -.1 -:izuwq in -Pb ' 5,5 ' 'l if. E- !:"" - ,..' L gf ' 05.31-1 ' 'Ei Q y, 0?f:7,., lag 1 ,gg-1 ,g-. ,, 5- ' , nu . ,. L., .. . ua .' ,...-2' 1 '1. -'J --"'-mira , 'V . ,ap ' . "4 . ""2'z'1,,. .-1: - 14.1 . ' ' 1 l . ' .. f 5,2 .al Q, D. . .- v-f' ',,,u,,. e 5 tg, 'H I 1 -1. -f '1'. ' ' ' '-"' '- '.. 1' K, A fri -- , , ,-.. -. -, A -fefesfsize-esazgkraf . C' .A x " - ..!' gp VOA' of -1 il Barker, T. H. Birt. R. Carter, R.. Dyer, W. Albritton, J. Baxley, J. Blandford, W. Chauncey, W. Eason, H. Almond, J. Bell, C. Bokas, F. V. Clapp, R. T. Economos, T. Q Arendt, G. C. Bennett, S. Bokas, G. Corral, D. Fletcher, J. Baker, H. Best, E. Busse, R. Delmar, J. W, Flory, E. Blrsch, W. Carr, W. Dunn, A. L. Fortes, J. Of -- 5 . 1 Q . I gg J 4-5 1.753 ul. i'f-TJ" C, QI ' la' 'tr , ' Q' X s on . Q- ' .,. , 8 ur X ' 5 ' Fgmlwough, J. Herrin, W. Judge, B. Leigh, C. Martin, R. W. Molpus, J. K. Pcclc, J. Quarles, D. G. Slwnrur, R. B, Strickland, D. H. West, G. D. Gonzalez. P. I-Iociucs, P. B. Kcetcr, T. E Lluzzo, J. Mnstroprlanakls, C. Monroe, S. Perry, J. Rivers, J. S. Shofncr, J. Strickland, J. P. Wilkinson, C Gilllnslcy, G. Hootcn, R. Kemp, E. C. Louis, R, W. McClucr, H. O'Stccn, P. Peterson, L. L. Sargent, W. Skipper, C. Sutherland, J. Williamson, J IRVUS. C. W. Johnson, H. S. Kltblcson, H Maddox, H. Meadows, D. Outlaw, B. S. Poe, L. R. Schlotmcrlan. F. Smith, A. C. Thompson, G, Wolfc, W. GUY. H. Johnson, R. L. Kollas, G. C. Markham, W. K. Miller, F. H. Owens, E. Presley, D, Schneider, R. A. Stacy, W. Toney, G. B. Wolpr-rt, M. .l Hendon, D. Jones, J. W. Krctschmcr, A. Martin, G. W. Minor, R. Pctynla, W. W. Prince, H. Scott, R. K. Stewart, R. D. Walker, D. Zoll, J. E. Sig lip lz.'z'prfv ul llIlIIIl'l'UlIIlH,Lf. Iirnllu'r.s' 1:i.s-il lllliglllllllfllg frul. aw A f x .1 . 0. 1 nl ,' 5" . . V A . Q . In O U , V . V 2 f X ' .- J' 1 ' X' F. , , S 1 . S 1 Y 0 l .. , A. 1 1 -11 1- 1... - '- dvi .1 9 g., .' 7 7 1, A . iz Q ., . A A , WJ X, I : 2 ' . ' , I . A -I . Q ' ll 0 , 1, qv K. Q: 1 . . 'ws X ' F Z 5 X ' X Q. 1 . U A , 1 - W. . Ae ,iw Q, I of el Q' , ,. A ,M 1 1 . J 1 f I 'R I 'n It A M 1 Q, X v 1 gk, . , b h is . . ,, X, f 5 ' 7 ' J 5 -A Q.. -ff .1 ff -1 f' . Ls. s f :f . , sf 'vt V X 4 . A -i i- 3 , nu, , . P, x QL. , A .. .W I . l , T 1 it , A A If '. ,f 5' . . ,D 'f K Albertson, D. Berwick, L. Burns, H. Courtney, C. DeHon, F. Farrell, J. Gremer, P. Hostetter, J. Louge, D. Mathis W Armstrong, W. Baxley, J. Burt, A. Culpepper, V. Drew, B. Ferguson, W. B. Gun, R. Jackson, J. LeBaron, D. McKlsson E Asche, C. Blalock, C. Brown, G. Datson, B. Dryman, J. Fields, L. Hanskat, J. James, H. Lee, M. Medcalfe P Austin, K. C. Booth, E. Carey, W. Davis, R. Dugan, C. Forsythe, R. Hart, C. Johns, B. Letchworth, G. Mikell R Babbitt, J. Binz, B. Carey, J. Dean, C. L. Dugan, J. Fleming, W. Hazen, W. Johnson, H. Lowery, D. Moore O Backus, F, Bliznrd, R. Christensen Decker, J. Early, C. Geiger, P. Henderson, J. Jolly, B. Marquis, J. Morrow R Ball, I. Boyce, M. Counts, F. Dees, J. Entzmlnger, D. Gest, R. Hollcnbeck, J. Jones, M. Marsh, J. Mosby L 'Q '- 1 H1 M Since its founding on june 28, 1855, at points. Nada Yankie, ll Delta Gamma, was Miami University, Ohio, the fraternity has chosen Queen. Ed Smith grown to a vast brotherhood. With Beta Cornelia Otis Skinner, while appearing in Presiflent Theta Pi and Phi Delta Theta, it forms 11 Lyceum Council presentation, c1une to the Miami Triad. One hundred and twenty- a dinner at the Sigma Chi house. She dis- one chapters have now been founded. And played the same wit and charm that shc's 545, 1-T 1- '- - there is at least one active chapter in every noted for in her stage and literary works. !,,.,., ' ,,m,:sr ,, S.. I -....L'y. bg, - . .. A Statg, Earl in November, came Hell NVeek, and X 1 .X--11'if"'r-11'-11 . . . 1 'j .Mg f.. . . with it five new brothers. . . . By December -1 +-...m1-m.,,,,,W V .- Sigma Cln Derby was a success that made , , , 'F""Hf'1L. . . A . the mantle was getting crowded with tio- .-,f.g.,,i41 , ', in W x the cntlrc campus sit up and take notice. , 5 , , ,A,:g5.1 , Q ",g:,g5,,,,1:- .35-55 j' .1 , . . PllIOS-I'l0lllCCOllllllQ, decorations, intramural - 't' gl-111,13 -sg,-jfsg. z-'hyat 1 3' , lrcsldcnt Miller, Grand Practor Gardner Al- , " ,, , ,, ,.?:51,g.-.Q lame: 1-an 4 3,11 2-,, .. track and tennis, and Little Brown Ing ,:?,,5.y1.-- 175-3-gf ,,A. -5g 1.-TA.. ,,,j len, and all the sororltles sent conqratula- , ' ' -9.455111 , H,1 I, , 14 --55 ,iz ', , X . . . Fall Frohcs came along and was a 5 1 15. fig J :Q fp... -- Q 1 tions. Held last October, the Derby was thc t . '.35g5,3g.1Q,,i,g, . 5, i- gf L, , 1 f, t I I I lu I t t 1 . memorable weekend. The pledge class pre- 'L'.' 1' '-2:5 2 . l ' I " "6 ' ,- . - 'Z ' 1 ' - . U '-151. gg . L I .', ' My ' ' M Jag C0 Tumi 'Om cam 0 JC mm' sented "Courtroom Scene in Doqpatch as 1 " ' ' ' " Y 1 1 1 1 ' 1" . - - - - i 1 'fit I 'ffl . . 6 I sufatff on Us Clmpm 'C Vumuq Somr entertainment for the 'Lil' Abner' party. ' " -'-vm1'--1- . .:-.wt-r. K ' V ' 'f . ' 1 1 ' 1 ' - - 7?,,,:u,m,i1I. gQ.,:..,.p,j.,li.p,.55,47b ' AA.A,e,i.2t4,m? . 1t1es and 1ndep1.ndent organizations were Saturday night at the gym, Elliot Lawrence ?.Mgm,W, if ? j.,,A:9i?L,,- contacted and asked to take part 111 an ath- Played "Sweetheart of Sigma Chg' and thus fr- .w'. - s .-.J "' 7 1 ' 5 - ' 3 , 'SQ'L4r"j tg3 . 14" lchc meet and Contest for Derby Queen. appropriately brought the weekend to a " KD's took first place in the meet with 800 close. - -. .- " H if., N ' 330 s l 9, 'if 6' 9 . N " F my i, 4- fir M 4 ' among ,e 29256. Q V 'K won QI. 9 Q Q Q Y S- J f 'TIt't'l't -f .f..- tmlnnla ie a , ld e X ' , Inst before Christmas holidays, a yule-tide I party was held with Mr. John Anglcis now- S- Q' Q1 95 1 I. I . ls, I In .4 5 , . amous egg nog and Motiex Anges equa y U'-:fl l ' W famous hospitality. With equal success and Af pleasure passed the annual "Sweetheart WVeek- end" and of course Spring Frolies. fn ,N Remenlber the Seminole Beach Club dance which was almost broken up by the incoming G E. ml ,sl , tide for was that beer?l. . . . Congratulations x l Q N " ,fs were offered Leonard Mosby, our BMOC who ' 5' made Florida Blue Key and Hall of Fame. . . . i Our war waif, Bennie Seordella, Writes that he N , still "loves us truly" and is making "lots of 1' I money on the Rivieraf' fAnd he isn't a shoe- ' Q A 2 ' shine boy eithcr.l . . . Florida Players lueked .7 Q '59 Q ' , out when another Sig was added to their castg A . 1 ' , If QS, ' Barton Johns .... And as a parting thought, f we leave you with Gamma Theta's latest maxim, "Party Makes the XVorld Co ilioundf' Officers this fall were: Ed Smith, president, Q Y Bob Bisner, vice-president, Fred Counts, see- . QJ 9 gs, retaryg Lib Barwiek. treasurer. Q, G' ' ' , ' ' 4' . N' , ., f we 1 ' 6 cv! Q- ,. Q x 4 : fl ' X4 1 Nichols, C, , Ridgcly, G. Scott, A. Tavle, E. E. Wallbaum, P. H. Woffard, W. P. Nichols, D. Rlzner, A. Saver, J. K. Taylor, L. R. Wellson, G. P. Wright, J- J- 0'Hara, A, Rossellc, R. Smith, F. B. Torres, A. F. Whltson, D. A. Pccd, B, Snurinen, A. W. Snyder, L. J. Trigg, J. Willson, J. Phillips, C. Saye, R. A. Solberg, G. W. Van Wagenen, W. C. Wilson, 0. Phillips, D, Schacffncr, J. P. Swartscl, E. F. Whaley, R.. Witherington, C. G. Pond, E. Sehlbcrgcr, G. E. Swanson, C. G. Walker, W. R. Woodward, R. F. ri X-I , . The Sweetheart of Sign za Chi. The Chap and plcdf' 331 Ns.. bas taking five. Queen for a Derby. I Q, A 3 9 bl R, Q1 ' t ' J 'I r 37 '?".' ' " ' X4 Q0 Q4 ' if sf we-4 , ,uf 1 w I ffm, ' 9 K' 1' 5 x 9,1 'M x lc' Q- , 1,3 I T! F, as 4- , X Vx sf , . I x f' QM g. Q wg? ,I f tlizgigl Q Q. A 93191 332 ' T ET CHI Tau Chapter 1 lhela Chi was founded, l11l1lOl12llly, at Norwich University i11 Northfield, Vermont ' '- ' ' 1 , 111 1856, lau Chapter, on tl1e Umversity of Florida campus in 1916. Strivi11g to build Tau chapter so that i11 tl1e future it 111ay again take leadership among fraternities 011 campus, the hoys at Theta Chi started this semester with a successful rush Week .... Then camc those "horrible rat courtsv for the pledges .... The first hig function found the boys from "the house across the street" well on their way towards a successful social Yvill' .... 'ildeav Rohin and his l1lOIlStl'OllS gator for homecoming celehra- tions .... Fall Frolics .... llow gay! . . . Everybody has a good time. . . . "Party Makes tl1e VVorld Co 'Round," Ilarold "Baldy Flat-top" 0dllll1,S favorite song .... A Merry Christmas to one and all and HIC! for tl1e egg nog .... All the hawlin, brats at tl1e 11111111111 Cl1rist111as party .... Military Ball a11d Spring Frolics wecke11ds were huge successes .... This year, as part of the social functions of Theta Chi, Tau Chapter is holding "Rebel Reunion,', a ll1Cl't1llg of all chapters of Theta Cl1i located in the Southeast. Plans are to make tl1is affair one of tl1e higgest i11divid11al fraternity func- tions ever to hit this campus. Alumni throughout tl1e state will attend. Ole ujockon is still around Reignin f is Chuck Cl . . . . . . 1, if 1 -'er 11111113 in the chapter . . . Little "Rocky" Fleming keeps laying off cigarettes . . . until l1e wants one .... "Orson" NVells is enriching l1is life witl1 his many plays and skits for functions .... Those hoys from Miami donit kllOW when they're well off heing up l1ere i11 tl1e heautiful city of Gainesville .... Richard "Daunt- lessi' Fleming .... Ole T. to l1is friends , . . "Cad, 11ot the whip" is keep- ing up l1is average . . . and the11 there's jim .... "Lucky" keeps missing the poor pedestrians with l1is convertihle .... "Beetle" Dew has that joh runnin' smooth for a change. Taking tl1e lead as officers this year were: XVarren Harrell, presidentg Nat Storms, vice-presidentg Owen Cl1llSf1liI'l secretaryg tllld Charles Mc- , Keown, treasurer. Also the Tl1eta Cl1is take great pride in "Mammy," Mrs. Florrie Morris, a resident of Gainesville a11d '11l10f1l Cl1i Housemother many years. Stay M. L. Fleming President Mllmlllll flllfl ,ICF b0yS. For one of us could drink it all alone! 333 Recuperation after vacation. Tau alpha Chapter Tau Alpha of Tau Epsilon Phi this year hit a new peak in campus life. Since its establish- ment at the University of Florida in 1925, thc chapter has grown immensely in size and in achievements. 'FEP names head many campus organizations and activities. Hank Gardner, former SEC high jump champ, was general Homecoming chair- man, in addition to occupying the president's chair in Florida Blue Key. Gardner was also president of the 'KFH Club and was named to last year's I-Iall of Fame. Al Sclmieder, politico extraordinary, was tapped by Blue Key, served on the presidentis cabinet as secretary of legis- lative affairs. Harold Herman stood out in campus publications as managing editor of the "Alligator" and writer of "Paranoia,' .... Dra- matics found "Spook" Shonbrun at its head. Shonbrun served as president of Florida Players, while Sandy Schnier, Marvin llamber, and Hal Herman were members. Marty Lubov is a well- known columnist for the "Alligator,,' director of the Radio Guild, and managing editor of the "Orange Peel." Other prominent TEP's in publications were: Ted Wittner, assistant busi- ness manager of the "Alligator,'g Sandy Schnier, intramurals editor of the paper, and "Link" Elozory, national advertising manager .... In other activities, jack Plisco took the limelight as a varsity debate memberg Harvey Relman is a featured soloist in the Glee Club, Berney Segal and Ioe Dunayer are on the varsity tennis squad, and jack Shorstein was a manager in the intramural department .... A dynamic pledge class donned the lavender and white. These boys entered campus activities whole- heartedly. Sandy Freed is a well-known cheer- leader, Fred Diamond tosses the pigskin around on the freshman football squad, Bob Sepin starred in "The Petrified Forest", Norman Rossman and Mickey Tobin are promising dc- bate meng Perch Hollins and Bill Schemer strive at intramuralsg and Ivan Finman, jules Shapiro, and Ronnie Friedman write for the "Alligator" With the house in fine shape, top-notch social weekends, and an eye toward the future, Tau Alpha chapter closed another year at Florida. Officers: Aaron Goldman, presidentg Leonard Sacks, vice-president, Harold Herman, secre- taryg Leonard Frankel, treasurer. Ackerman, J. G. Askowltz, L. A. Alperstein, M. L. Bass, Harry Ansbacher, L. Baumwald, S. ATBIMHY, E. B. Bernstein, B. Arman, H. A. Colon, E. Denker, J. M. Diamond, F. Dubbin, M. H. Dubbin. M. H. Eichncrr, A. I Homecoming float sailing over Miami. Elozory, L. Frankel, L. H. Glasser R Fein, A. L. Freed, A. Goldberg H Cv Finman, I. I. Freed, S. Greenberg R Fine, L. Friedman, R.. Gursky H Foot, W. Gardner, H. King H ,,.,..-v-- af' 334 6 5. 'crj Aaron Goldman Presirlent Q- I qv 'R me Q 03 BT GIQOQQG ie-Q: 6600600 '-4 Q Q -N N Q S H '11 O 2 Fe N N. fa . . . 'fi 2 S. N '31 -Q 1. 2 Herman, H. A. Jonas, A. Llppert, S. J. Price, S. Fructmxm, S. Segal, B. Silver, J. Llndenbaum, S. I. Hlrsh, H. R. Kaufman, H. Mardenfeld, V. Reich, A. Schlne, J. A. Segal, N. Slaff, N. Wcinstcln, C. A. Hollins, R. L. Laken, R. Nadler, J. M. Robins, L. Schemer, W. H, Shapiro, N. S. Smith, B. Wittner, T. Holtsberg, I. H. Lelbovlt, A. B. Nash, S. Rossman, N. Schneider, A. L. Shorstein, J. F. Tobin, M. M. Wolf, Irving Sacks, L. M. Lubov, M. Price, J. Sandler, C. Schnler, S. Silver, D. Tatclman, S. G. Yullsh, Stanley I I C if 1 1" " 'Twax Ihr' nigh! before I'ml1r'.v. 335 l'H-l llELTi THET.- Florida Alpha Chapter As Phi Delta Theta completes the first year of its second century, Florida Alpha continues to maintain its high position in the national fraternity roster. Having gained the first leg on the new Hillis Miller Intramural trophy, the aim is for the second leg this year .... The conclusion of rush week saw a lot of good material wearing Phikeia buttons .... Homecoming gave the grads and dads a chance to see the bungalow's new paint job outside and redecoration inside ,... Fall Frolics saw the hrothers and their dates dancing while Elliot Lawrenccls crew made music Friday night and masquerading at the Mardi Gras Ball in the house Saturday night .... jack Humphries, who guided the pledges this semester, was also elected president of the senior class .... Andy Bracken hecame another to he elected to Blue Key .... Bill Bracken headed the cheerleaders again this year while Tommy Bishop and Fal johnson shined on the Gators' varsity lineup .... "Aunt Bea," new housemother from Tampa, held the spotlight at an evening reception given for her on Novem- her 16 .... Brother Holmes Melton, familiarly known as the "Senator," guided the chapter as president .... Under the leadership of "Tiger" Pell, the Phi Delt Serenadors made regular trips around the sorority circuit in the late hours of the evening .... Brother john Paul jones proved himself during the fire scare in the fall. Ile rememhercd to throw his clothes out of his third floor room window, and even to save his gallery of pictures, in fact, he rememhered everything except to wake roommate Schell .... The annual charity football game was again played with the Sigma Nu's. The husiness of helping the unfortunate and as well as having a full-scale social weekend was again comhined hy the two fraternities .... During the semester hoth the hrothers and the pledges were "honor guestsn on road trips ahout the state. . . . Accompanied hy the shuffle of cards at the hriclge table, the steady pounding of a ping-pong hall on the hack te1'race, and even occasional opening of hooks for hrief moments, Florida Alpha looks hack on another successful year at Florida. This year's officers were: Ilolmes Melton, president, Powell Schell, vice-president: Dave Braton, secretaryg Dick Clarke, treasurer. QQQQQ 36354 ,li 1' i OT 1,01 gf lplz If fl. Ilolmes Melton In President Reception honoring "Aunt Bea." . 1- lv 1 .. i ,fav in F ' . ., ' , -'-Mitra. 12. 'fm fr., ,, Q. , ,,,,...,, , . . ,M -C 1.M,4?.,3d2n ts. , x, ' .. ' """ -- iii.. fix.:-VU '-. 1 "' I In .j , - itf.f,n.f ' L v -1 rx, ' "-1 If . :,. .. .ik i , .ff . f 2 f .. I . if 1 . r ..:"' , ... 45- fd "IW-' -.-..... ,. ff ,f ft 0 J' Nl iff, T 1 42471, Vfflti "1 sl. , . j-ff"+, ,i 'fi " . : , Q '--'1'-4 . ---'. '15-.-.t,,5 1- x, , A , , ' N "L ' 7' :'IQ ?. nfl' ll ' ' l. 915.311 ?-A :- .1 1' Fl, I ' pw". - W' 5' , '42 " f .ffl ','-t- if, . -5-55415-5-.H f-.- rs :. ' .1-In c:v.-.,- ..if-.,- .. 51 .. A: 7 -Ni-7ft'ft-If I '.L.'.'g'f.1',..,r.g5 ' ,Q .e 5323... ,eZk:f,,-Q, -f w'?ii- 'xy--5... X .?E,,,--.-,,at- A 'ff' '- we ...ti A 5,413+ 5 , i. 4 ' we :.,f': ' ' . ...4 -H. , ,lc j A gt? C Q 6 ' if N X . I x 'H ee I I .1 I ' .-N, f i . E 1 A . A 0-,l 5, . l . lf- ' 3 '34 F' 4. 5' Q 6 . 5, 5, -sz' , vl .g i ff. i 4 L- vi ij fi ' A Allen, J. Bell, W. Brayton, D. S. Chazal, R. Baker, J. A. Bidwell, J. Bryan, G. Clarke, R. Bishop, M. Bryan, W. Clark, W. C. Bishop, T. Cahill, R. F. Cofer, J. B. Black, R. Camp, J. D. Conrad, D. Borltng, J. S. Carson, E. Cooper, H, A. Brantley, J. Q. Chapin, R. E. Crenshaw, D. I1- Brown, L. Chnzal, L. Darby, J. .ll 1 ,V A - -'. Q- . 'M A F A 'S 'H Q wg- " ' f 5 "J . -. -- -. , v-. , sg.. Q Q- - . . b F- wx , c.. ,N A - A g x 1 x ' K . , ac, ,ltqq Q, 0 al "1 jtY""l""' gv. h JH.. ia . , A w if K .' ."" A -tl 26. Il .55 . et 'K X 4 Ax l - V: Ev Q ' Q by. ls, 'A an ,.g"""'l Q. ' , 'W 'sf ' -w ' if -it No -24 -2 1 " " I ' ' ' . v - Q . au, r."""' ml ,ci '.- V. MAR' 63, mu . -. 2. We 21 L lf. v-' . " ' f ' N' TC' .,..,, 3'-I , I ff ,. C 4, 1- Q H gy. QU Qs srl. Q, Q ', an 5 , 5, 6- . " - , 3, , r . 'ff f- 'rv' - . 3 hx " y , A 1 Y , 9. sl. at 4. km' J +3 'N 9. .7""' 'W K P. ' K of 'Y 1' - 7 ,Zi , gn Y ,. 1, X Q t l , . Q' 3 . Qt 6- ,'..,,.. isp. rp x, ,, f . ' it Y , ,L - -- A ' ' A 4 X vi . 'vi A ' 4 I .Ik J - -'Q at P' 4 fa" F' 'W' . . A Q-. "' 'M 1- . . ..4, 1 53, W L- 7' J If "3-I ,"" 'tr' ' '. . - 1 DDl1vls, D, C, Ellis, T. Harrison, J. Hill, J. Lnmpe, R. A. Mattox, J. Parker, J, Ritter, L. Sellers, W. H. Smlth, T. L. Wiles, G. R. Gnmark, E. J, Fox-ehand, T. Hart, J. E. Hills, T. Lawrence, C, B, Meyer, J. Parry, W. Robertson, W. E. Sexton, R. W. Stevens, J. White, H. DOWCII, D, E. Frnnklln, J. Hart. L. Houscr, J. Leonard, J. Norton, T. Puttlllo, A. Rogers, D. Singleton, P. Stringer, H. H. Wlnterle, C. Dewell, H. Ford, H. Haygood, E. A. Huff, P. Lippincott, J. C. Oldham, G, Pell, B. Rolster, R.. Singleton, R. F. Terrell, B. Wilson, D. Dflwell, S. Gallagher, J. Helller, J. Johnson, L. McCoy, W. R. Ollvc, R. Peters, R, Ro:-zser, J. G. Skinner, B, C. Tlnney, W. P. Williams, E. Dixon, T, Gilchrist, J. Humphries. J. B. Jones, A. McGuffln, R. F. Owens, W. Pratt, J. Savory, J. Smith, G. Johnson, J. Williams, N. Driver, R, B. Hardman, L. E. Heindel, N. H. Jones, J. P, Mclnnls, D. Pace, D. Randall, M. Schell, J. P. Smith, I. Tucker, W. Whitten, J. Edmunds, J, Harris, F. M. Henry, R. Kelley, A. McNab, T. Papy, B. Register, A. J. Scott, W. Smith, M. Watson, L. W. Woodruff. R. S. f . . ,' xr MV. ' ' 'v . v sl wr ' . 'Q A it h X X it I l .. -4 .. fl: V vm.. J, if fl legmzrwl l . A :l...NmMmXN MQW K, l, , . f'Cny Ill1llSfl'flI,Ql'l'IUff slulking. Iluygrmll rn 337 ul dale :nuke like bunnies. .1 E l . af I 1 t 95' B lpha Eta Chapter Phi Kappa 'l'au's twenty-third year on the campus proved to be one of its most outstand- ing. Under the guidance of Larry King, presi- dent, il lacked nothing, including gobs of gals. Phi 'l'aus have even gone so far as to attend a few classes between social functions. Never lagging in politics, Phi Taus were well represented by Bill Daniel and llarry Beasley on the executive council and Bill Avera as secretary-treasurer of the sophomore class. The summer session found Larry King serving on the honor court, Jack Clark, secretary of social allairsg and joe Bragg, assistant secretary of the interior. lid Fluker, Phi Tan's own Michelangelo, was chosen for the Hall of Fame. lt seemed like every weekend brought some function with it. Ed Flukeris eyes literally lit up when his date, Miss joan Goddard, was chosen Phi Tau Dream Girl .... The Founder's Day banquet renewed friendships with many alumni .... Looking like the devil himself, Fred McNeely welcomed everyone in hell at the "Holiday in Hades" party during Spring Frolics .... After dragging everyone from their beloved books, shaded hammocks and mint juleps, Phi Taus very successfully broke school day monotony with a Summer Sojourn. . . . jack Clark helped the boys beat the heat with Summer Frolics .... Rush week left 37 fine, new pledges and a month's back assign- ments .... Many lovely lassies filled the house when Phi Tau honored the five newly installed sororities .... After following the theme cf "Shanty Town" in the Homecoming decora- tions, whieh won us honorable mention, the homestead was finally restored .... Innumer- able old and new faces were warmly greeted and many old memories happily recalled .... With hay and beautiful girls flying everywhere, mules and hogs casually mingling with the guests, the Phi Tau Barnyard Brawl and Elliot Lawrence and his orchestra shared honors at Fall Frolics. Thus the picture of Phi Kappa Tau was painted during thc course of a great year. The finest of officers this year were: Larry King, president, Bill Marquis, vice-presidentg Bill Borschulze, secretary, Duane Minor, treasurer. NTI' 4 4-. "5 9" 0 4 1 Avera. W. Borgshulze, W. Burke, J. T. Collins, J. Balls, D. S. Bowen, T. H. Burke, C. Collins, G. J. Bnrksdnle, H. Bowes, H. C. Caldwell, R. Daniel, W. C. Bostain, B. Bragg, J. Campbell, R. K. Daniel, W. T. Beasley, H. Brown, W. E. Clark, J. Dreyer, W. Blakey, B. Burkes, T. Coles, J. Dunty, R. Flukers, Key, and Beneke! and smiles Evans, B. Evans, C. H. Fluker, E. H. Gorman, G. W. Gay, T. Girardeau, J. Goddard, R. F Greenland, 0- Gunter, L. H. Hammond, J- Harrelsen, F. Head, L. J. PHI C .- r 9 5 s. I 4-1 1. L. King President J, l N 3. Y: I 9 za gg-, if X 91 J in 1:- 41 W-'f 4..- Hofma, L. A . Kerley, C. Mallard, J. Miller, R. Perdue, C. Jr. Russell, M. Wright, J. C. Horton, R.. Kilpatrick, R. Marquis, W. Miner, D. Porter, C. Sasser, J. Zlnkel, R, Hudson, A. Knight, R. McCown, W. Murphy, J. Rocks, T. Swanson, R. K. Johnson, H. Kaisrlik, D. McFatter, W. T. Myhre, L. Rogero, A. Smith, R. W. Kennedy, J. E. Laird, D. T. McGriff, C. Nelson, M. Rollins, C. Stringer, T. J. Key, B. Landolina, N. McNeeIy, F. Piercy, J. Ross, J. Wells, E. L. I-QPPTU ea dance for the Sororilie H oliclay in H afles! The best of sinners! S Charles XVainwright I're.s'i1lenl Delta Sigma Phi was founded as a national fraternity December 10, 1899 at the College of the City of New York. Beta Zeta Chapter was installed at the University of Florida April 6, 1930 through petition of Phi Alpha Epsilon, a local organization which had existed on the campus four years previous to this time. Beta Zeta was inactive during the war years, as were many other campus organizations. They were glad, in the fall semester of '48 to once again join the other national fraternities on campus. As a new group it has been a busy year getting things started and entering the many activities expected of a fraternity. A gala home- coming party was well attended by the group and returning alumni. The animal Founders, Day banquet was held December 10th with Dr. Hugh J. Ryan, national fraternity president, university administrators and other special guests present. Since re-activation, Delta Sig's have taken an active part in all intramural sports. After the group got its fresh start it was felt that there should be a general repre- sentation of colleges and schools on campus as well as from thc various parts of the state. Consequently, counted among the membership are men enrolled in each of the colleges on campus and from every section of the state. A sincere effort has been made to re-establish Delta Sigma Phi as one of the leading fraterni- ties on the campus. This year's officers were: Charles WVainwright, presidentg Richard Murra, vice-president, Pete House, secretaryg Robert Snow, treasurer. . 1 ,A 0 """'?n...: 4 ' K 1 s -J as Founders' Day banquet. Bailey, T. Bellefeuille, R. Chianese, R. Giudice, R. I-Iarris, L. T. House, P. Kinlaw, D. LaMilia, L. McKee, D. Murra, R. Rood, C. Romeyn, R. Homecoming float. 340 Darstcin, H. Jacobs, XV. Mobley, H. Shields, T. Qi., Fokes, jolley, C. Murray, Snow, R. II. f .V N mf . - 'HA ,,.m4S4r4e.. , -ffm . ff ef: 'Pwr . " f: , ' f5l2!LL?5v"lg?ftf- '!S..'.7f' :,!',. -fu" ,"q,qxu , H- 4-,.f.-m.-.yr.,,,i.,g5- sq, X-.ggi If E ,gi x '-2.yk':uW1'H:-'ffii ', -: 'QE-,f 1: "... 51- ".,a-- iizfl ' 5i1i2iffLmQ "?.dfgI?""' ::' 1-'gg 4'-.rf-,. ' 1' ' ' -' -L" ' H '- 1?-"-"'-if' , .1 24415 ' "" 93? 3"'7?5"'1f'au-ma if "if .Lula ,..,,, vis-4 - - If Tami-Xu., 3,41 M I 1.'., I. i . .T -,',.,-aT.v'7.g-pw. , V I sp' . L. ' .f use mi Mizz, A -We liar?-s"Ag .,, ,:,., . -aa:-5,1-f . I' "fl - T gfK5.3eQ'f3'g'11i b-'-1 .1z'711"-- - ' .,f,, 1' 1 H... "Le, T ' P llifffff --'T' 14221 .'7'54"1. me 1 -' . --iff iff - ?-YEIQQT - - iA,,M ,4M ,, a. -t .a k " ,, -. hi-T - " F '?I'1',. A 1 .' . :.s4a,f-.w., asm- .A - - Ed Resnick P1'0-51110115 65.021 v N-1X"1 I I H I LQ . 1. f 'Q-. YSMQ as.. ,n Exp, I Zeta Beta Tau at the University of Florida Started three years ago as a local fraternity under the name of Delta Sigma. Participating fully in inter-fraternity affairs, it was officially installed as the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau on November 13, 1948. Early in September, 1948, the fraternity moved into its present home and made full use of it socially through dances held following each football game, and several stag parties. The fraternity held its animal Fall Frolics banquet at the Hanger Club followed by en- tertainment by the pledge class. A picnic was held at Lake Wauberg at which the pledges engaged the members in a rough and tumble football game. The highlight of the Fall Frolics weekend was a barn dance following the Elliot Laurence formal dance .... Zl3T's, sparked by Tesher, Resnick, Levitt, Spitz, and Breger advanced through several hair-raising intramural basketball games to the finals, only to be stopped by the Chi Phi's after a red-hot game. Providing able guidance through a successful year were: Ed Resnick, president, Sheldon Gendzier, vice-president, David Lewis, secretary, Eli Becker, treasurer. like W' X3 my . at S . i as . if 1 .- 3 - Q' sl X 4' cg. Dick Muggc President is . p 1, 4? X my-. " X .x f t , - , Admire, J. Bryan, J. Fielden, J. Howell, R. McCormick, A. Shupe, W. J. Vetter, W. T. Andrews, D. Costner, G. Haldermen, H. D. Jack, F. H. MacDonald. T. Shupe. P. Young, S. B0nne1',J. Casteblanco, C. Harper, J. E. James, B. McKay, J. Strong. K. E. Barchan, S. S. Curry, W. Hendrie, J. H. Kennedy, H. L. Miller, J. Trovillion, R. Black, R. L. Davis, J. F. Hoffman, L. Kowalske, R. M. Moore, J. Vanture, H. Blackburn, W. Dillinger, H. H. Holland, J. Lane, W. Moore, D Verdery, D. C. flz lf. A. qrbilri I I is face expresserl our feelings. Noi shown: Phi Gum joe PIIIOOICII. 342 A century mark of Phi Gam brotherhood passed with the meeting of the 1948 Ek- klesia at Pittsburgh. Upsilon Phi floeall lost its seven-year title as baby chapter when the 78th chapter was installed at L. S. U. Phi Cam's rustic float won second place in the Georgia-Florida pre-game parade .... Later, when the Hurricanes stopped at the house before the Homecoming game, they were taken for a merry-go-round ride and evening found funeral services being held in the roped-off street for a hapless Miami team .... Mrs. Alice Clapp Brown, new housemother, blended her southern hospitality with the friendliness of the Fijis. . . . Fall Frolies weekend at the 415 South Ninth street station was deluged by patched travelers arriving on the P. G. and D. rail- road to the I-Iobo Ball and convention .... At the animal underprivileged children's Christmas party, negro children were enter- tained for the first time on fraternity row. XVith an eye to the future, the adjoining house and lot were purchased by the alumni and members. Present energies are being directed to landscaping while plans are be- ing fornmlated for combining the properties until the dream of a new house is realized. This year's officers were: Dick Mugge, pres- identg Stan Barchan, recording secretary, jack Moore, corresponding secretary, Harold Haldcman, treasurer. "Fiji" .lim Southern Prcsiclcnt In 1935 the local Alpha Delta fraternity joined the ranks of the nation's social Creek- lettcr fraternities to become the Theta Delta chapter of Chi Phi. The history of this group goes back to 1917 when the Prymid club was founded with the purpose of affiliating with the Chi Phi Fraternity. Prymid became Alpha Delta in .1924 and then, later, a baby chapter of the national organization. The men most instrumental in helping to secure that charter were Dr. James E. Chace, of thc Phi chapter fAmherstQ and now head professor of real estate at the University of Florida, and Bev. Milton Brown, past Crand Beta of Chi Phi National. Chi Phi is a conservative fraternity, and so by choice. Chapters have been installed in only thirty-three schools, and each chapter is itself small, as there is a limit to the number of those who can become brothers and pledges. This way, the main idea and purpose of a fraternity, brotherhood, is better achieved. At the University of Florida, this year, there are forty-four brothers and less than thirty pledges. This small number does in no way hinder the achievements of the chapter. In the last two academic years Chi Phi has been second and fourth respectively among the fraternities in scholarship. Three of the elective offices on the campus are held hy Chi Phi's. Of all the activities of the chapter, the most important is the building of a new chapter house. For the past two years a concentrated effort has been made to begin the building, and within a few more years the chapter shall he in its new home on the proposed university fraternity row. Officers this year were: Jim Southern, presi- dent, Bob Saults, vice-president, lack Farabec, Secretary, Parker McDonald, treasurer. Chi Plziis make merry as Murplzee makes music. .49 QA? ,p-7 W: iq ND' gf Q 1 .. s ' X . 1 x Allen, S. D. Baxter, L. B1'own, R. Dodson, B. C, Dowling, 11. Duke, O. Harris, D. Marsh, D. Hassler, C. Macbeth, Mallory, Marsh, C. Patino, C. Semple, E. L. Shirley, B. Stovall, H. I1. Thames, R. Usher, F. -.Ng 1 w at 0 fs: W Butcher, R. C. Camera, L. Christie, S. Cooney, N. Dunbar, G. Farabee, T. Gilliam, I-I. L. Hamilton, C. Hodges, F. Holderman, C. Kates, G. Linnekugel, L Maxey, Melolm, R. McCall, I. D. McIlwain, G. Sladon, R. Simmons, D. Simmons, Saults, R. W. Vauglm, P. Y. Warford, E. Whitehead, L. Wright, C. President overturned as pledges reenll. PANHELL IU titltl til Panhcllcnic Council strivcs to n1aintai11 on a high plane fratcrnity lifc and intcl'-fratcrnity relations within thc nnivcrsity . . . to fnrthcr finc intellectual tlCC0ll1PllSl1l1lt'I1t and sound scholarship . . . to compilc rnlcs govcrning rushing, plcdging and initiations on this cani- pns . . . to coopcratc with collcgc administra- tion in thc niaintcnancc of high social stand- ards . . . to ho a foruin for thc discussion of qncstions of intcrcst in thc collcgc and fra- tcrnity world. Panhcllcnic was organizcd in 1947 whcn thc first sororitics camo to thc Univcrsity of Florida cainpns. In thcsc two ycars Panhcllcnic has cstahlishctl an cffcctivc rnsh systcnl, an Intcr- fratcrnity Cup for scholastic mcrit and :1 Pan- hcllcnic Songfc-st, thc proccccls of which this ycar wcrc givcn to thc Co1n1n11nity Chcst Drivc. As its project for thc ycar Panhcllcnic adoptccl a NVar Orphan. Prcsiclcnt of Panhcllcnic, Sylvia Shawg Vicc- Prcsiclcnt, Ainclia Crosslanclg Sccrctary, Holly Br11111hyg Trcasurcr, Mary Bcth Knapp. ' 'Tx-.aft-,T-'ffff 'VW ' W' W' A D Pi'S found it great in forty-cight, being one of the first sororitics installcd in Gatorlarld' .... Pledgcs l1ad thcir hcy- day as honored guests at the Sadie Haw- kins Day Dance with shnmoos and gator- men .... Queens wcrc abundant with 'Dottie Powell reigning at Ilonicconiing and jean Stafford as Quccn of the Iligh Springs Peanut Festival .... Bcbc Hoge-, ' Jayne Zeigler, and joan johns captnrt-tl trophies in the Sigma Chi Athlctic Fcs- tival .... Winkie Sanndcrs was Cator cheerleader for the misc-cond ycar .... Barbara Glenn led thc crcw this ycar with Virginia Lee Crcws as hcr first- assistant .... Jayne, Zicglcr handled thi- correspondence .... Anno Mills took cart- of the finances. . . ' 'f 'z Front How CL to Rl: joan Shaclc-DC, janet Fickcnsclicr-AXO, Holly Brumhy-KD, Ainclia Crossland-DDD, Sylvia Shaw-XO, Mary Bcth Knapp-AOPi, Franccs Hopkins-KD, Carolyn l Cofer-SK. Standing CL to RD: Cracc Cramcr-AEPhi, Mary Graham-DC, B. Hatch-PM, Anita Mallnnd-AEPhi, Laura McCoon-PM. Rohic Lcc Milam-ADPi, 'Io Lllllfil Craft-ADPi, Bcvcrly Nclson-ZTA, Betty Earl Van Ilorn-SK, Mary Elizabeth XVillia1ns-ZTA. l t, 1 . -writ' . 'tif - YV 'I 'Qi 1 1. Adains, j. , -' 4' i Colcc, ll. 5' A ' I Craft, L. ' 1 j Crows, V. L. 4 A --QA Q Clcnn, B. I' , I . lx Grafton, R. A ' 5 Ilall, B. -T 3 Q 5. i llogc, K. A E. l johns, J. L. 'N i Q ' .l7.t -loncs, S. j. Q X 1 N--r 1 - x , - A 4.4 I I- V B l Milam, li. my A l Malls, A. C. ' "- 'H+ 1 1'adgctt, B. A. . -V '- l'arkcr, L. ' , ' ' I 'K' ' 1 Pottcr. A. S. W , - ' ' W X i" N- x A Powcll, D. K A " W SilllIlClC1'5, II. XV. S 4. Stafford, 1, ig ' 'f"s.,3i A ' Upson, B. ii ' I 4 S . . .. ff fx "' ' Ll'lgll'l', li.. ' X 1 ' s... L M A X' L l bf.. .4 344 A 1 ,r :A w- a 1. p , , ,, rs. , ' :S A ti 15 : I , 'bv Qs . ' 4... . -'.f ' ."Q. .4 -' ' 45... - L ix , .L tl ... A 5 'F C F ' x 'dlfl I ' ' A Q cg- , A A , 5 V 5' A 'C r 5 -.v ,A l Q lx W2 Boycll, B, C. Buchman, E. Davis, L. Faber, M. L. Freeman, Clicltstein, M. B Greenberg, C. B Horwitz, B. Kasden, N. Kcrzin, Kracmcr, G. R. Malmud, A. Moore, D. Pcnson, A. B. Pratt, D. Ritwc, M. Scheaffer, V. L. Schiller, E. A. Spitzer, D. M. Stein, B. B. Suberman, S. S. Vigodsky, L. j. Gamma Omicron Chapter of Alpha Omi- eron Pi was one of the first five groups to become recognized in the spring of '48 as a colony and installed as a national chapter in September of this year .... After a hectic intramural volleyball season, the Piis tied for first place in the tournament .... Home- coming found the girls rounding up foothall equipment for house decorations and the "Gator Wheel" .... Cheerleader Barbara Davis was President of the Women's B.S.U. . . . Three AOPI's are on the Women's Student Council .... Mary Beth Knapp, Treasurer of the Panhellenic Council .... Eleanor Copelan, member of Kappa Epsilon, honorary pharmacy. Officers: Mary Beth Knapp, President, Mary jean Faulkner, Vice- Presidentg Iris Bishop, Secretary, Eleanor Copelan, Treasurer. Bishop, l. K. Blackburn, C. Copclan, E. M. Cunningham, M. Davis, B. II. Davis, B. II. Dillman, D. AI. Fairfield, L. Faulkner, M. llarden, A. li. Henderson, B. C. jones, C. L. Knapp, M. B. Malone, D. Shumaker, R. Simmons, E. L. I N.. A ' , WU 4. S, K' My 345, . H In December of 1947 a group of nine girls met in the Florida Union to organize Gamma Tau colony which, eventually, would become a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi. Six girls were pledged under the original nine at the Florida Union followed by a banquet for the members and pledges at the White House llotel. In September the girls returned and at- tractively renovated the new house. On the weekend of October 23rd and 24th Alpha Tau chapter of A E Phi officially took its place among the national sororities on the University of Florida campus. The officers this year were: President, Joyce Kerzing Vice- President, joan Horwitz, Secretary, Edythe Buchmang Treasurer, Lucille Davis. A . A M Q., - 4, 4... i Ac Qc., 1 4 A fx x K .A Y , W . x A , N . , .-. 3 Q f -ff ., ,Agp 5 X , we A 4 I X. 1 ,V J --' n ,K Q. Ap, 1. 49 4 , X... A . if 1 i MW Alpha Chi Omega Colony began a full year with a successful series of rush parties. . . . There followed Dream Cake, the tradi- tional ceremony .... Fall pledging brought us seven girls and recognition as a colony followed .... Actives, pledges, and dates got acquainted over charred hotdogs at a picnic at Camp Wauberg .... Alpha Chi's "Sailed Through the Hurricane" on a beau- tiful white float . . . and battened down the hatches at 1206 W. Court for a big weekend .... An innovation on campus was provided by Alpha Chi at a Christmas Dance, honoring all sorority and fraternity pledges at the well-mistletoed ATO house. . . . Officers: Marguerite Muller, Prcsidcntg janet Fickenscher, Vice-Presidentg Wilma Faireloth, Treasurerg Joanne Walton, Sec- retary. , Aronson, C. E. Cadle, B. ll. Clayton, P. A. Eyster, P. M. Faireloth, W. Fickenschcr, .I Garland, L. li. Martin, E. M. Miller, P. A. Newton, -I. A. Smith, Walton, A. .h.. ii. K. J 1 Q L 9 .. V ixjf -if Lia is . C .' z.. . .Fi ., lr i Q, aw... V .Q :pl vp l . X K. f N ffl. .., Q Q iv ' f . fir ' ' . A Q h , , J 6 ,X--gf is.- K Q . In I p Q. if x N. A ... x A 1 ..,, , Q X -ls p .M 1 q X 1 A, V . , gl! 1, J h p x. . .A Jr f-- if I Chapman, R. Graham, M. V. Iskin, E. ll. Lenz, S. C. Sawyer, C. Shade, D. j. Swope, II. L. Terrell, G. j. Yankic, N. L. 346 Established late but firmly entrenched now, the maidens of Delta Gamma have proven themselves in all campus affairs .... Yes, even in athletics when the Phi Muis were challenged to play in the Powder Puff Bowl .... Mary Graham captured top honors in the Sigma Chi Derby potato race. . . . Nada Yankie was chosen Derby Queen. . . . Everyone pitched in at Homecoming and won the award for best decorated house .... Mary Shade, Katy Sawyer, and Mary Graham will always be remembered for being instrumental in establishing the present colony .... Guiding the chapter was Sally Lenz, ably assisted by Elaine Iskin .... Mary Shade took the minutes .... Ioan Thew collected the funds. aj' mn., One of the original five sororities on cam- pus, Tri Delts started the year looking lorward to many happy days on a new co-educational campus. They opened the semester with initia- tion and installation attended by national olli- Barlyer, A. Barstow, A. 'l'. Blair, N. L. Bowen, L. Bradley, M. P. 5'- K 2 Y X 19' ia. . Rf W i fe cers and a mad two weeks of rushinu .... ,M , h There were many inspiring pledges. . .b. The A A 'XJ L. H card sharks captured first place in Florida Union Bridge Tournament .... Carolyn 1 Sheperd, handy with the cue stick. won the Carter,.l. IL. S billiard tournament .... Frances ,Helms 1:1.uZcl.,C.D. 'r ,, looked like an "old shoe dealer" checking C ,tilt C T her clate's shoes at the door before entering 'NMI 1 " ' the weekly' Tri Delt Barefoot Dance .... Earnest, V. A. Peggy Omerly walked away with the inlra- Edmondson D. . wr mural tennis crown and Dutch liholan set 3 a record hy sinking 38 points in haskellmall A X" i,,.- games .... Leading the chapter were: lfran- . . ces Helms, presidentg Virginia Earnest, vice- ,E ' presimlentg Anne Binney, secretaryg and Evelyn lpmzim., K. 5' 1 . Mclfmley, treasurer. 1',ullcr,M. b 9 .Q A 6 5. l llelms, M. F. , l ' r-gg ' STQ3- "f - , 5 Iligginlaoltoni, M. C. 4 .3 X N l l . . , v X L lloltnlargcr, B. 'N' p i H ' ' ' Q . X5 " . - we 1 XV A .L A, we 4 Meliinley, E. L. Q C' K. Mcliinlcy, I. A. A Ii' Q 5- f ,g Shepard, C. B. 0 ' 'f EV, X 4, Slagle,M. "' ' 'V M ,ft-'A V ' Varn, M. L. , ' in it -. K Va' I'.,N5,, 1 mv' AA . ' , X A X.. 4 J? I . A I is .L . C A W lx X 4 , li ' a n s x . .1 ' r' F- i '7 ' . ' f., L hx 1 af' 'SA A I ' i - vi p rg, I 4 I fs. .... f X xx xr -v I f .I A Crouch, J. A. Crouch, M. Darling, O. V. Demarest, O. E. Fowler, S. Frey E li Cordon, M. llornc, F. llarvcy, P. S. I.angl'ord, M. L. Leggett, M. L. Mitchell, M. E. Nelson, B. Steele, T. Toft, P. A. XValkcr, B. H. Ward, I. VVeir, B. h'Vllll2llllS, M. E. Gannna Iota colony of Zeta Tau Alpha at the U. of F. began the year with a suc- cessful rushing season. There followed a varied social program for the year . . . Gold- en Anniversary of Zeta Tau Alpha with Founder-'s Day banquet at the Hotel Thomas . . . the picnic supper and "Sadie Hawkins Day" party for pledges and their dates . . . Iflomeeoming float-what a job . . . our two merinaids in the synchronized swimming group . . . campus activities. Five Zetas modeled in the fall fashion show sponsored by the social affairs committee. Several mem- bers were tapped into the Cavalettes. Mil- dred Langford, a Zeta pledge, writes a col- umn for the Alligator and had the leading role in the Florida Players' production "The Petrified Forest." The first semester officers were: Beverly Nelson, presidentg Sue Fow- ler, viee-presidentg Frances Horn, treasurerg Pat I-Iarvey, secretary. - dl , . ,. .i L 'X-.ff 347 Z The girls of Kappa Delta's baby ehapter were leaders in activities ranging from beauty queens to athletes. They will never forget . . . the mad rush of football games and big weekends . . . Halloween and the hilarious hayride . . . Sigma Chi Derby with the trophy . . . prize-winning Homecoming float . . . Marilyn Overby as Fall Ifrolies Queen . . . Sunday night coffees entertain- ing the men . . . Marilyn Webber in the Queen's court at Homecoming and Sigma Chi's Derby Queen . . . Bette Chisholm's many meetings .... A memorable first year with Frances Hopkins at the helm, assisted by Betty Lu Lanierg with Bette Chisholm who keeps the records eleang and Emily Gunn acting as pocket cleaner. Angel, M. Bird, E. L. Bixler, l". li. Blakemore, B. liosliek, M. Brnlnby, ll. M. Bnnnel. M. lf. Butler, S. Cliisliolnl, M. lf. Gunn, E. llaley, M. llopkins, F. E. Alennings, li. M. Lanier, B. L. LeSnenr, M. Overlay, M. A. Piekenpanze, D. l,0Ol'lD0tlgll, Singletary, C. Singletary, V. Snow, A. NVall, M. XVeblJer, M. XVVSQ, L. lf. Xllilliams, E. ' Q 9.2 58-9.9 5 P 5 . i Q ax -f i , N fx.-W N- A -. A ' Q' Q- t f s lrlfi. J fl N A 'L A -W el 4 N A Y-. V lk, A A X s... A B X, VL, A l Chocpiette, bl. Cofer, C. Y. Dillon. M. ll. Fenton. -I. B. Griffin, B. Hollister, Al. C. llorlalnns. IC. Y. Knowles, I.. N. Laird, C. A. McCollum, D. L. Magwood, D. j. Milt-S, M. 1, Stewart, B. H. Van Ilorne, B. E. NValker. E. YVeayer, M. JK! 1 -- rv iv , ff 2 A , X -tgp . N .X .,. .. -4 - ' The eampus caught its first glimpse of Sigma Kappa eoeds with the opening of the Fall semester. After a whirlwind of parties, skits, teas and dinners, things really started jumping in the little red house. A year filled with good times and too little study started with the pledging of 11 younguns .... The tea hon- oring honsemother, Mrs. Charles Richard .... That eventful moonlight liayride to Kingsley Lake .... Itonrs of working on the float for the Homecoming parade .... The Thanksgiving coffee when the pledges "crooned" their goat-songs. . The mid- night snacks in the kitchen filled with indigestion. . . . ltnmmagc sales in colored town .... And Carolyn Cofer elected as Leading Lady, assisted by Bette Yan Itorn as keeper of the check bookg Betty Walker was the shorthand specialistg with Liz Horlanuis as Night Watchman. All this closed a year of happy memories as one of the first sororities on campus. Officially 'recognized as a colony in October, Phi Mus have been active in events ranging from football games to beauty quccns .... After purchasing jerseys and days ol' toil on the practice field, the scheduled "Powder Pnft' BOWl" game with Delta Gamma was postpont-cl until 1990 .... Bebe Wells was clioscn as finalist on the Homecoming Queen's conrt .... Phi Mus were again handy with the innsclcs, gaining a tie in intramural volleyball and walk- ing away with the tug-of-war trophy at Sigma Chi Derby .... Lending the herd was Maxim' Wells with Ruby Lois Drake as first assistant. Bebe Wells handled the pen duties .,.. Bi-tty Jean Hatch robbed the piggy banks. 't--...,nuu1nousiui-f,aw'-- ii- . Ainsworth, M. Callanian, . Dowcny, Dnlic, ll. llalcll, ll. Knight, M. Mc-Coon, I.. M l'ctcrs, C. llntt-liI'l'c. M. l Smith li Q. . ,I 6 Swinlortl ll. "Nm M NI 7, . l. 'c .' . Xl 1 lls hl 1. -. 4 4 X . tix. H Asif . ti 4. age' ' - A A J.-.L ! L 6' Q O " . . i NL 6 1 mx ' '.,, 6 Q . v K5 in ' J ,, .ii W - 've ' dl . H . , . l ' X h . ll A xx XXX-f lx ' xii . ll X . "A ' ff. W if 'R . M., if ' ,,. V it ., . k VN . . . i X., XA ' X h x., I S e e ,,.. t fi , , ix X ex ki gl A x tl V .I Allcn, S. l'l. llohannan, N. N. Boring, Bryan. P. B. Clark, A. I.. Clark, C. A. Cownrt. NV. li. Dnkc, M. S. lfootc. M. li. llt-yward, II. lllnnc, ll. Irwin, j. A. qlohnston, A. M. joncs, L. M. llonncr, S. L. lhlilClJ0llg1lll, A. li. Moore, E. li. Oth-nthal, ll. li. liiclcnonr, B. ll. llolminson. lf. ll. Slll'l'illilll, C. li. Shaw, S. ll. 'l'ln'cllu-lcl, C, A. NVallu'r, S. hi Not to be outdone by 7:40 classes, activi- ties oi' the Chi Omegns were many. Every- one n-ini-inbers . . . the picture taking esca- pailt-s at the Millhopper . . . the night of lla- "owl hoot" when everyone fell asleep lit-i'ai'v it began . . . that night the owl "flow" to the.S A E chimney and its return by lla- Pikes after a pleasant chicken dinner . . . winning the intramural trophy . . . the softball game when two girls hit head-on trying to catch a fly, allowing four runs to cross lla- plate . . . hot jam sessions after dinni-r . . . gals being thrown in the shower nllc-1' atwuptlng lille Pin . . . lending the Owls was Sylvia Shaw, assisted by Ray Nloorc: Sarah Lane Bonner acted as keeper of thi- ininutesg and Betty Ridenour handled thc l'innnc6S. O . X Q4 349 ff -,r ,',f..,v,,SY,5....Y.,-' --. ' -W -... 'lwfew 4,2-2, 'fs ,gi- , 497 , 4, ADVERTISING Vg ,, - nl- ,g-asf, . K . fx , yy Q- 5533 st .. .fx , Theres literally no limit to the oppor- tunities fthead for this generation...:1nd no limit to the ways l can help to better your business, lighten your housework, brighten your home. REDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servant Flllllllll POW GHT UIIMPANY 1 W 'Q' . 65' ' nun ' 352 FLORIDA STATE THEATRES . FLORIDA 4 LYRIC . STATE M1311 5 s paves v, f'...f A 4. 43,7-, .ah 1 ' .L -.C ' V 'N - V' as ...A ,M - ' EF' 1-rd. f-f 'inFf+ , ,, A, : -wseffgagg A4545 FLURlIlA'S FINEST ENTERTAINMENT Y LUGGAGE JEWELRY 'PURTI G GUUD RAWLINGS - SPALDING - SPOT BILT "WHATEVER THE SPORT WE FURNISH THE EQUIPMENT" HARRY Flu HEL 'TEIE U . JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Time for Decifion... For the graduating class, this is a time for decision about many things . . . the direction your life will take . . . the kind of a joh you want . . . and lots and lots of other things besides. Stacked up against some of these other decisions, the choice of a banking connection may not seem important, but some oi' your older friends will tell you that the right banking connection can he a very important factor in your future success. The Florida National Bank is a friendly institution. It stands ready to provide all forms of banking service. Now-at the start of your career-you are invited to come in and talk to one of our officers. You will he very welcome. 354 PIGGIE PARK "Florida Gators' Meeting Placev C U R B S E R V I C E H. L. DYE, JR., PROPRIETOR 1? NORTH NINTH STREET GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 'ik AINESVILLE is proud of the University of Florida and salutes the Student organizations of this great institution. Gainesville Clwamber ol Commerce U NISVIIIICIA UND,9y W clmnmc "SERVICE THAT WINS APPRECIATION" ' 355 Today a knowledge and understanding of world events is essential to success in any career. For the kind of news coverage that makes for an alert and well-informed public, read The Miami HeraId,-- choice of the leaders throughout the state. First in News First in Features First in Readership Elia Miami i'Izxalb FLORIDNS MOST COMPLETE NEWSPAPER HOME OF ADVERTISED BRANDS WON'T YQU 'BOTANY Soo SUITS HAV-A-TAM PA 'ARROW SHIRTS C I G A R? PMCCURRACH TIES t 'JANTZEN SWIM TRUISIKS .HICKGCK BELTS DISTRIBUTED BY OFLORSI-IEIM SI-IOES ELI WITT No. Side ' INTERWOVEN SOCKS IL 0 ' MEN'S STORE CIGAR 81 CANDY CO. Wholesale Distributors TOBACCOS, CANDIES, PAPER GOODS FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES 560 W. MAIN NORTH P. O, BOX 476 of Square Gainesville GAINESVILLE 356 A00 has served Progressive Growers For Over Half o Century NACO Ferfililel' Compdlly has teamed upx with the successful farmer and grower for well over 50 years. During all this time. the uniformly high quality of Naco products has aided materially ln the constant im- provement of truck and field crops, groves and pastureland. In Recent Years, Naeo 5-STAR brands have proved to have outstanding value when the need for minor elements ls Indicated. Magnesium, man- ganese, copper, zinc, lron and horax are all contained in these balanced fertlllzers. NACO RePl'eSeI1I'GfiV6SWllI be glad to assist you ln working out an intelligent fertlllzer program or an effective plan for disease and insect control. Ask him about the famous ROOT llne of power and hand dusters. A COMPLETE LINE OF FARM MACHINERY, DIESEL ENGINES AND POWER ARE AVAILABLE IN OUR FORT PIERCE BRANCH. .E.E'V"'L'ZE'f 'lQ,ll!ffL.I UNITS "all I have read is a part of me" t F c ART O -1 vm' a' A P f You E' a PM" 0 K ave' ts r- 'W' I he aaxxvthtetgxy newsvavir mom nftetnfgzn enum f wgpav og H10 pub a Pan' 0 dalh' no hvad re me rv the It 9' u W HW You Wynn ,each T: U, m0'e'h:z this mlfxfn your 9.6. ye W' mek gre' me ' and And mu than the m nm ' ' Q In hyltll W0 mlnd I A more e to be Tue an pu!! ' ape' eer- 'lyxt or in your the daily' "FSS: werthyeaeacorrcetlygz obllgates ws You W you 1.40191 dam' nevtxd 'Tsai' 11,5 ubggamust missed news- :Xa rmhtlh B 0 wgpav t ul! ' HBECB diluy nc must Wag your Vrw vfegclVed' and ym:nu-It sua' msc 'mms - c pave' st want XX. H M if J'. I 4 a , X 423-LXRQN. ' HH .1 Q -fqgfgzhw, Q. - -1 1+- Yeu lm' Q X W XXV t- . XX W x it xahstliexswsssxtt XM xx NN: FIRST ON THE WEST COAST 357 PENNEY S FRESHMEN ' SOPHOMORES U JUNIORS ' SENIORS We wish to you one and all lots of good luck ond success in your future endeavors- We're rooting for you to moke the Top Grade P.S. YOU CAN ALWAYS SAVE AT PENNEY'S! J. C. Penney Co., Inc. 0 Main Cv E. Boy Sts. 0 Jacksonville, Flo. Hotel Seminole A J. B. POUND HOTEL JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA A FAVORITE RENDEZVOUS OF FLORIDA ALUMNI FOR TWO DECADES J. MARSHALL MORROW, Mgr. Associate Hotels DESOTO, Savannah, Ga. PATTEN, Chattanooga, Tennessee GENERAL OGLETHORPE, Savannah, Ga. DESOTO BEACH, Savannah Beach, Ga. MI Q G1 A H E Y 9 S AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICES 1 C mu-um W CHRYSLER PLYMouTH 1930 N.E. znd Ave. w Miami, Fluid. ., F . H svfsvgrftf 358 f Friendly service to customers has always been a primary objective of this bank . . . constant growth has been the reword. Ask those who say "l bank at the Atlantic National" for our best recom- mendations . . . to assure your confidence. 07lii:ATl.A TIC NATIG AN or .nxcns nvn Lu.:-: IORGANIZED 19031 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION W H A T Are You Going to Do? WHAT? W H A T Are You Going to Be? Have You Considered FOOD RETAILING? Food retailing offers you employment in one of the largest, most stable industries of our country. Work in pleasant surroundings, with alert, aggressive, progressive people. Food retailing is not monotonous, new scenes and situations develop daily. All jobs in retailing are not behind the'counter. There are department heads, supervisors, assistant managers, managers, buyers and other jobs which offer unusual opportunity to those fitted and trained to fill them. If you are interested in making your success in Food Retailing write or apply to Personnel Manager of WINN 8: LOVETT GRCCERY CO. 359 Compliments of UNIVERSITY CHEVROLET COMPANY it 333 E. Main St. South PHONE I6I6 Ul3.E!l.Hi2.l.l!Pf5 1 :'. is I 'I ,E tilt' M .. .K, ,,lja'l1i':iia:itills! : irrlilriflllflla ef'-mf -' , . iff-255 :seem 4.1145 -5 52.2,-M- .-it 'GCE--w,. . i- P iffai:'s:HiiH"1'5'9 mug' 1 -in-4 -sgglwlitpl. . 1- Gil bye A. R. COGSWELL "Since l92l " BLUE PRINTS . PHOTOSTAT COPIES DRAWING MATERIALS ENGINEERING SUPPLIES SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS O 433 W. Bay Jacksonville EVERY FLORIDA LAW LIBRARY Should Contain . . . Florida Statutes Annotated 30 Volumes Florida Supreme Court Reports Encyclopedic Digest of Florida Reports Adkins, Fla. Criminal Procedure Act Anno- tated A Carson, Fla. Common Law Pleading and Practice Carson, Fla. Low of the Family, Marriage and Divorce Florida Chancery Act Annotated by Mc- Carthy Kooman, Fla. Chancery Pleading G Practice Redtearn on Wills and Administration of Estates in Florida For detailed information, prices, terms, etc., write- THE HARRISON COMPANY Law Book Publishers P. O. Box 4214 Atlanta 2, Georgia .WHEN YOU BUY CLOTHES 'BUY GOOD CLOTHES 1 "BETTER CLOTHES" QNIIIQ Q' I HWHQQUQHHG ' ICEIUREANI I05 W. Adams Jacksonville, Fla. HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK GRADEWANMIIII WHEN SELECTING A BANK BUUERMILK CREAM ssl.:c'r . SOUR CREAM HE COTTAGE CHEESE T :cf cmm lady Borden ICE CREAM 4 NATIONAL BANK Q 3 or JACKSONVILLE ' 74 3 MEMBER F.D.I.C 0 T CCJLCJNIBI!X THE GEM OF SPANISH RESTAURANTS 7th Ave. 8' 22nd Sf. TAMPA 5, FLA. Phone Y II36 BELK W. H. BELK, President,CharIoI'te, N. C. WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA OCALA, FLORIDA PALATKA, FLORIDA LINDSEY, INC. "GAINESVILLE'S FINEST" DEPARTMENT STORES COLIN LINDSEY, Sec.-Treos., Ocala, FI FT. MYERS, FLORIDA LAKELAND, FLORIDA BRADENTON, FLORIDA GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 361 G .. finfl ,' f QA if 1' X 5 I XXII S 091' F0 BEST WISHES TO THE Graduating Class HILLSBORO HOTEL STANLEY G. ADAMS, Manager TAMPA FLORIDA PRINTING Up to a Standard- Not Down to o Price A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE ik' Pepper Printing Company Established 1904 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF WOLF BROTHERS One of America's Fine Stores TAMPA, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF RUBIN' S srmusn nfsmunm Known from Coast to Coast for Spanish Foods 1403 Tampa Street Tampa, Florida There is no substitute for a . . LAUSON or MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTOR 'k We are Headquarters for ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT ir BAIRD HARDWARE CO. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF weietlnsuraniiellgiinvy ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE I4th Floor Pan-American Bank Bldg. Phone 22675 Miami H. M. CHITTY Cr CO. "oN THE SQUARE" Nunn-Bush shoes 0 cufiee aofhes Gainesville, Florida Ralph Stoutamire Motor Company GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Phone 1775 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DEALERS INDIAN MOTORCYCLES MACK TRUCKS ' STANDARD OIL AND GOODYEAR PRODUCTS WlSE'S DRUG STORE 341 W. University Ave. Gainesville Drugs 9 Photographic Equipment fr Bell- Howell 0 Eastman 0 Revere Bolex 9 Argus P Graflex Keystone 9 Ansco lllLVlElRMAN'S Compliments of Hotel Windle ln the Heart of Downtown Jacksonville B. K. lKenI Vernon, Mgr. Nearest the Gator Bowl fbwal JEWELRY COMPANY 'A' THE SOUTH'S LARGEST JEWELERS l22 E. University Ave.-Gainesville DIAMONDS P WATCHES 9 JEWELRY EXPERT CHINA . WATCH REPAIRING . CRYSTAL FINE GIFTS if . CHARLES L. WELLS fewefead l24 W. ADAMS St. JACKSONVILLE 2, FLORIDA QXVF' 5 COMPLIMENTS of N. W. LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 'lampes newest and largest hetel 'HOTEL 6l4 West University Ave. GAINESVILLE FLORIDA FLORIDA AVL Ind CISS. 'l'llllPll J H BR THER The 0 NSON O S , , SEEDS 0 FEEDS First National Bank FERTILIZERS Gainesville, Florida Established l888 227 Main St. So. Gainesville, FI BARCU BISI-I UP CLASS OF '26 ll. ll. 'l'llllMPSllll Ull., llle. I-Io1'EL, RESTAURANT. AND . ll ., INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT 1,5 UP Q5 3 9lfen's 'Wear 730-34 West Bay St. Jacksonville, Fla. Phones: 4-6830-4-6839 MIAMI d o n a l d s o n , in C . Clayton Foundry Cf Siren Co. "Something Different in Men's Wear" Manufacturers of U7 WGS' Adams Street Clayton "Whirlwind" Sirens JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA P r i n t i n g .... "AS YOU LIKE IT" THE WAYSIDE PRESS lLouis Goolsb l 233 W. Main So. GAINESVILLEI Ph l30 364 COMPLIMENTS OF . . WaIIcer Fertilizer Company orlando? Fla. i' FERTILIZERS 1' FUNGICIDES i' INSECTICIDES 'A' SOIL FUMIGATION SERVICE 'A' WEED KILLERS W WOOD PRESERVATIVES DISTRIBUTORS FOR DUPONT SPRAY AND DUSTING MATERIALS D tf RI' ISI' F try to Sanford - DL d You Orlondo - Gaines II ECHOLS BEDDING CO. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . CALIFORNIA "MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY BEDDING SINCE 1920" SPRAY.CHEMlCAL INNER SPRING MATTRESSES 0 sox SPRINGS CQRPQRATIQN ooo SIZE BEDDING 0 ALL 'rYPEs RENOVATED Sir A CRTHO .S'C'!fAl7'!flL' PIII' COAlD90l COMPLIMENTS OF Q . . """'fN' GEIITNEIYS I I532 w. MAIN sr. GAINEsvII.I.E OR'-AND9 FLORIDA There's No Substitute for Home and Business Delivery ATLANTIC CO. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . "Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer" I055 W. FLAGLER ST. Icor. IIl'h Ave? PHONE 9-6441 MIAMI, FLORIDA LQH EVRQIEU " THE WHITE HOUSE HOTEL 'Zh' HOME OF THE FAMOUS WHITE HOUSE DINING ROOM The Hotel for Your Fomily ond Friends A' J H HINTERMISTER Mg 366 ik lt hos been o privilege to cooperote with the Seminole stcift in creoting ond produc- ing this 1949 edition . . . ond we ore proud to submit this yeorbook os o specimen of our crcittsmonship. ROSE PRINTING CUMPAN Y . . . creators of fine printing TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 367 MARABLE STUDIOS, INC. -Creators ot Fine Portraits- "SPORTING GOODS FOR ALL SPORTS" THE SPORTS SHOP, INC. Dist.: MacGregor, Goldsmith and Wilson Athletic Equipment 653 W. University PIWOVTE 634 PHONE 4-5321 440 W. Forsyth St. Jacksonville Welcome to Gainesville S G, S HOTEL Moosim o s'rsAM HEAT o Am-coouso 803 5' Affedondo Phone 446 JOHN SEXTON Cr CO. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers Est. Chicago 1883 VARIETY STORE "Everything for the home, including the woman's dream-the all-electric kitchen" FLORIDA GIFT SHOP I "Home of Beautiful Giftsi' LAMAR HATCHER II5 E. Union Gainesville 301 W. University - Gainesville - Phone l668 COMPLIMENTS or . . . BROOKS TRAVEL SERVICE Compliments of CHESNUT OFFICE EQUIPMENT y COMPANY 'A' J. Gibbs Chesnut Class of 1914 300 Daytona St. West Palm Beach S T U D E N T S U P P L I E S GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA RUDDY'S i' ONE OF THE FINE STORES IN GAINESVILLE 'k WELL KNOWN BRANDS WORN BY MEN AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE i' A Department Store in the Modern Manne CENTRAL FLORIDA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE MAAS BROTHERS TAMPA ST. PETERSBURG Order by Mail Order by Phone 0 Tampa M-7911 St. Petersburg 71171 'Q JE,-55 Lf 'Q' Q 'Fx 'tx .s"!". . ' Q ,.sJs A ,ly J 3. U' ' 'YA Pwfvif is Af Q an 49, 5 r '- :fn n x., A 0 J fb ,Epi N ,. Q . 5,5 vm, s Q 2? 235' 4, .W 51 V 't 5 K 1, Q. V , . 1 , . 9 'wi-, raft 'wk . if Q1 . K 'if ', 4 , fn-13' , +f'w "v ,411 " f " ., I, .Y A' x- 4 ' ff. A 1 y " x X. N i .4 .y , , . , ,,.l 4 . QQ. 5 . -, . u r .. , ww L 1- ,,Q,,:-- , K if . .. g'511 f,+mN 1 . i w K ..' 'y'V"' 3' x ..x jr' da. ' f 5? ' wr-.5 - , YIIQ: X g R jg' A1 ,A Yi 5 . L . , ALS bf' A a . if 41 ,Z " WA fx . 94 .QQ 1A 'mf K. .,,, iw, ff V F1 Y H , - fl 0 A Ng vrh' . 1. , :Wg 'Q l d- V f ' . 'z ' K. gy. V ,, - ' 2 QQ 'j'1f'Y I, 'Q -X ., 'M' V' ' ' - "ff j M3.,,.ff'9'q In 3 i. R. -Am, of if ' ,fag Q5 .. y, 1 ' Q-w"' A- 2' F. sis' 'draw 'Q xx fp. ,Q i 4 'F' gym! "Q 2' 1 f .Lf K ,s , 'JL A' R' ,. , fx 2:5331-A 1 - v '. . 1 "' .. - . fn' 1' Q 1 ' - .,,,- Q--,ff .f5 ,5r,f L'.-,LQ ' d 'Q'-Q' . . Q , . F. um.. 9' 1, n.-NTI. 'qv , , , . M . . X 5325 f A JG. A ' Xml' f 1 , X " ' " . 1 ' :- , a .r ' .w - , A , -fr 91. -A X . .l ,vm - if W 1 wa 'wx-Ai!! ' Q ."f"'r"" ,rf Q, 'X .. -vw 1' W . , ' 'N'-. ' MM ,K For A Greater Florida Sir BROWARD NATIONAL BANK of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Our Best to the Class of '49 ARTHUR SAARINEN '26 BOB MAKEMSON '34 V President Vice Pres. C1 Cashi Compliments O' FUIICHGOTT' PLYMOUTH CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION ' . JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Plymouth Florida f,14,,i,1, 1. f,1f,,e,f ,4,,,f,,,,.ef5'f,,,e L, mn mf LW! 's JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Compliments of co- 0 co. "Head to Igor? Outfirtjxersufor Men an oung en IORLANDO' FLORIDA 222 West Adams St. 'ff Jacksonville, Fla. FLORIDA PHARMACY "WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSIONH 543 N. 9th St. P Phone 2425 9 Gainesville 370 iniuii Since the first grover bit into metol, block ond white reproductions hcive improved in ortistry. But now with mony movies in color we ore occustomed to seeing products in their full rich presentotion, giomour ond oppeol. Weigh color corefully. It poys stepped up dividends. The Record Press speciolizes in . . . 'Ir if 'A' 'Ir 'Ir 'k 'Ir 'lr i' uk 'A' 'A' ir 371 THE RECORD PRESS, INC. ST. AuGus'rlNE 0 FLORIDA COMPLIM ENTS OF . . SIMPSON'S 16 W. Central Ave., Orlando, Florida 'k'k'k'k'k NEWELL ELECTRIC COMPANY 59 E. Pine Street, Orlando, Florida 'k'k'ki"k JEFFERSON 138 N. Orange COURT HOTEL Street, Orlando, Florida 'k ir 'A' 'A' 'A' AMERICAN MACHINERY CORPORATION Manufacturers of Fruit and Veg etable Packing and Canning Equipment Orlando, Florida 'Ir i"k'k'k MILADY BEAUTY SALON 661 W. University Ave., Gainesville, Florida DIAMONDS o wATcHes o sn.veRwARs 220 Main St. Phone 5-3012 Jacksonvill FI CLARK Cr LEWIS COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL SUPPLIES P. O. Box 2970 Jacksonville 3, Fla. STAR-ECONOMY CAB CO. Radio Dispatched Phone 24 ADAMS-MAGNAN JEWELERS 510 Franklin St. Tampa, Fla. Congratulation to the CLASS OF 1949 CHEPENIK 8' SONS Jacksonville, Florida WALTER MENGES "cIothier to men" OIIGMIO 'I' Florida 372 "With Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors of Our Great f University of Florida" CARPENTERS DISTRICT COUNCIL OF Jacksonville, FIorida,,and Vicinity UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS Cr JOINERS OF AMERICA AFFILIATED WITH AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR A. M. STONE Carpenter's Building, 920 Main Street, Jacksonville, Fla., President includes the following counties: W. N. BASTIAN ALACHUA, BAKER, BRADFORD, CLAY, COLUMBIA, Financial Secretary DUVAL, NASSAU, PUTNAM, and ST. JOHNS. Local No. 627 Pres.-L. A. Metcalf Carpenter's Building ' , Fin. Secy.--John Maxim 920 Main Street Bus. Agt.-l. C. McCauley Jacksonville, Fla. h ' Local No. l278 Proposed Carpenter's Building Local No. ISOO 949 West University Ave. Odd Fellows Hall Gainesville Pqlqtka Pres.-Jerry Robertson Pres.-Coggeshall Fin. Secy.-J. M. Myers Fin. Secy.-W. R. Squires Local Na. l0l 'I-Pearl and North Street, Jacksonville Local No. l200-Fraternal Building, St. Augustine Local No. I l l 8-Carpenter's Bldg., 920 Main St., Jacksonville Local No. 1854-1300 W. Columbia Street, Gainesville Local No. 2224--808 Main Street, Jacksonville "UNITED WE STAND" It is our sincere desire that the great University of our State shall continue to produce leaders. 373 jo Our .fgcluerfidem . . . MA WCRD OF THANKS" We, the combined editorial and business staff of the '49 SEMINOLE, take this medium to express our appreciation to our advertisers. Through the co-operation of the staff members, the University officials, and the advertisers, another milestone in the history of our coveted yearbook has been achieved. ' We are proud ofa job well done, and to you, many heartfelt thanks which are deserved to the utmost. 374 f INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Adams Magnon Jewelers ........ American Machinery Corporation . . A. R. Cogswell .............. Atlantic lce Company Atlantic National Bank .... Baird Hardware Co. .... . Barnett National Bank .... Belk-Lindsey, Inc. .... Bishop's ........... Borden's ............ Brooks Travel Service . .... . Broward National Bank ............ California Spray-Chemical Corporation Corpenter's District Council ........ Central Title Gr Trust Co. ......... . Charles L. Wells ............. Chepenik 6' Sons .............. Chestnut Office Equipment Co. . .. Clark and Lewis Company ......... Clayton Foundry 6' Siren Co. ....... . Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Gainesville Cohen Brothers ...... .... ......... Commercial Hotel ................. Columbia Spanish Restaurant .... donaldson, inc. Duval Jewelry Co. of Gainesville .... Echols Bedding Co. ........... . E. H. Thompson Co., Inc. . .. Eli Witt Cigar 5' Candy Co. ... Ferrell Jewelers .... Florida Gift Shop ..... Florida National Bank Florida Pharmacy ............... Florida Power Er Light Co. ......... . Florida State Theatres of Gainesville . Foremost Dairies .................. Furchgott's ............ ' ....... Gainesville Chamber of Commerce . . . Gainesville Laundry ............. Gertner's.......... .. I Harry Finkelstein Co. .. Hillsboro Hotel ..... H. M. Chitty C1 Co. ... Hotel Floridan ..... Hotel Seminole .... Hotel Windle ...... Jefferson Court Hotel . .. 372 370 360 366 359 362 36l 36l 364 36l 368 370 365 373 370 363 372 368 372 364 363 360 368 36l 364 363 365 364 356 372 368 354 370 352 353 362 370 355 355 365 354 362 362 364 358 363 372 John Sexton G' Co. .. Johnson Brothers Kent Warren Co. Levy's ............. Luby Chevrolet Co. .. Maas Brothers ...... Marable Studios, lnc. .. Marlow White, Inc. .. McGohey's ......... Miami Herald ....... Milady Beauty Salon Naco Fertilizer Co. . . Newell Electric Co. . . N. W. Laundry . . . Penney's .......... Pepper Printing Co. . . . . Piggie Park ............. Plymouth Citrus Growers . . . Ralph Stoutomire Motor Co. .... . Record Press ...................... . . . Respess Grimes Engraving Co., Inc. .. . .. Rose Printing Co. Rubin's Spanish Restaurant .... Ruddy's ................... SiIverman's ............. Simpson's ............... Southeastern Engraving Co. .. S G' S Cleaners .......... Star Economy Cab Co. Sweet Insurance Co. . .. Tampa Tribune ................... . . . The College Inn ................. .... . .. The First National Bank of Gainesville The Harrison Company . ................. The Sports Shop, Inc. .............. The Wayside Press ........ The White House Hotel .... University Chevrolet Co. . . . . Variety Store .......... Walker Fertilizer Co. .. Walter Menges ......... Wilson's Men's Store ....... Winn Er Lovett Grocery Co. . . Wise's Drug Store ........ Wolf Brothers ..... 368 364 370 370 366 368 368 36l 358 356 372 357 372 364 358 362 355 370 363 371 374 367 362 368 363 372 369 368 372 362 357 36l 364 360 368 364 366 360 368 365 372 356 359 363 362 Q. I w K ,ff 'F' e xv. NES? pw,-. .V ..,.,,-wwmggwx ,,,, W? . 7 1-1,-. .f .flfVg"g' 'Wif::f2,kxi4ffia5,fgffgggz I , v M,-1 jifggi 1,421 - V ' 5' h.g., 2' if WL: jug- As. " N Iwi :Xi rr? , K, - ff, 'Ji x , , A ,1'g'3j:.jw,- , . A ww, h I 'f , 'f 1 QSJQ- ,f 3 'fri N?iG3?'5f1?.fZ- 2' .- -1 , S 355 ,iqfr e. 9, J KM, w , if , f..,sQ'F Ag , , Q 'kv e F ,A mf ,Y nl sf' 5 9 1 if ff fs. 5 I 5 J N1 X. E K ff Ngi!,3i'f::,A-QTEK w ,- fwqgffzvm, My 54' .HI 7. l,,. in ,Lg ,:VJ,!,a5,Yif3,f, .Y , k,4V x A HSE' .A 'w -2, w+g,.' ti Q 1 f, f ' 1-new -95. 5 4. f .ellie jaw., - -53: gl, 1- ggff ii-4 V X 'Sl ., 4 -, A dw! 'x h. 1 jtuxffk V riff' ' Lx 5 ,,.. , 5- ,., 'l ek ,.,..,,,.-.v S3'5""'- f 'I 'y .V .4 H? I -J fa A BEG YOUR PAHDU .... 1 By I V' X Q 4 fi , . ' l J " I A ' I . . 4,55 '1 gl lg Pictured on thls page are those student.: who for one A , p A reason or the other were left out of the college section If f . Q , of this yearbook. In some cases it was the fault of the mlm f ffm .r 'aa' . . 'V j ' ' student. In most of the cases, however, we simply m1s- L A 'ag I g n I n 1 Q laced the lcture. Wlth 20,000 1Ctll!'6S In our flles, thls . P P P f , ' could easily have happened. , X , ' L- 1 . 'll p .P f We sincerely regret having to put these people, es- A .. I ' .M pecially the seniors, back in this section, but we believe . ,xl they would rather be in here than not at all. I .lg THE EDITOR. ' , . s , 'H in " , N, f . ' ' , 1... - 'fuel 1 :5 ,, ' T. , SAMUEL SARABIA SASSER SAVARY SCHARLA-NIELSON SHICKLER SCHMIDT scHUH SCOTT sl-IEDRICK SHELOR sl-IIELDS ENGINEERING SENIORS n Top Row: JOHN A. SAMUEL, Lakewood, omo Q GILBERT c. SARABIA, Tampa 0 JAMES B. sAssER, JR.. Jacksonville 0 Second Row: DONALD L. SAVARY, JR., Inverness 0 H. SCHARLA-NIELSON, Miami o WILLIAM E. SCHICKLER, Toledo, ohio Q Third Row: DAVID J. SCHMIDT, Sloatsburg. N. Y. Q NILES F. SCHUH, JR., Miami 0 LEE H. SCOTT, Tallahassee 0 Fourth Row: JACK W. SHEDRICK, Sarasota 0 EDGAR G. SHELOR., JR., Tallahassee o LEWIS SCARBOROUGH sl-IIELDS, Gainesville. "' , '4 1 il-, 'g I I I. X ' y W .- A 5 . A I we Tlx f ia. . 4 . A - ' DRYMON DUBBIN MORIARITY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS JAMES J. DRYMON, Sarasota 0 MURRAY H. DUBBIN, Miami 0 JOHN D. MORIARTY, Oldtown. SENTEREIT AGRICULTURE SENIORS JAMES H. SENTERFIT, Demnlak sprlngs MORGAN PALMER PROPHET TURNER GALLAGHER HURST UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SOPHOMORES UNIVERSITY CQLLEGE FRESHMEN CARLTON W. MORGAN. St. Ausustine o BERNARD C+- PALMER. JOHNNY M. GALLAGHER, Ocala 9 JACK v. HURST, Branford. Gainesville 0 WALLACE W. PROPHET, Plant City 0 LATIMER H. TURNER, Bradenton. 377 E IDR ACTI ITY I D X cEDITOR,S NOTE! The following index was compiled from the 1948 annual Sep- tember list of all seniors as registered in the registrar's oflice, from senior activity cards prepared when the class portraits were taken, and from information sub- mitted to us following our request for it in the Florida Alligatonj ACOSTA. SUE W. Gainesville ACREE, NOLAN C. Box 291, Ft. Meade BSBA ADAIR, HAROLD L. Palm Harbor BSBA, Sigma Phi Epsilon. ADAMS, CHARLES B. Box 1587, West Palm Beach LLB, Phl Kappa, Phl, Delta Theta Phi -sec., John Marshall Bar Assoc., F.I.C., Glee Club. ADAMS, COURTLAND S. Jacksonville Engr. ADAMS, NICHOLAS A. 2028 N.W. 5th St.. Mlami BSA, F.F.A.. Alpha Tau Alpha--ag. educ. ADAMS, ROBERT D. Galnesvllle BSA AGLIANO. SAM Tampa BSBA ALBURY, RONALD F. 1444 N.W. 7 Ct., Miami A. 8: S. ALDERSON, C. ROLAND 238 Ray Street, Gainesville BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-Bus., Beta Alpha Psl-Acct., Beta Gamma Sigma- Comm., Insurance Soclety. ALDERSON. MARY E. 238 Ray St.. Gainesville BAE, Kappa Delta Pl-Teachers' Frat., Gamma Theta Upsllon. ALEX, JAMES Norwich, Conn. BSP. ALFIERE, ANTHONY V. Plttsburgh, Pa. BSBA ALLAN, HARRY W. Rt. 2, Box 189-B, Panama Clty BSFY, Xl Sigma Pl-Forestry, Forestry Club, Pres., Panama Clty Club, Flavet No, 3 Commission 1048. ALLEN, RICHARD H. 2231 So. Parkway E., Memphis, Tenn. LLB, Phi Delta Phi-legal, Law Review Ed. Bd. and Staff, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch1,, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ALLEN, ROBERT L. 476-8th Ave. No.. St. Petersburg B Arch., Gargoyle-Arch., AIA Student Assoc. Chapter-Treas. ALLGOOD, SAMUEL Y. JR. Clearwater LLB. ALMOND, JOHN D. 826 Atlanta Ave.. Ft. Pierce BAA, Glee Club, Pan American Club, Staff WRUF, Sigma Phi Epsllon. ALPER, ARTHUR E. 1616 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach BAA, Nu Rho Psl-Psychological, Track Team, Dormitory Monitor. ALRED, JAMES E. 311 Hardaway St., Thomasville, Ga. BSA, Ag, Eng. Soc., Alpha Zeta-ag. AMOS, ELENA D. Milton BAJ AMOS, JOHN B. Milton LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Assoc., Kappa Sigma ANDERSON, BOYD H. JR. 401 N.E. 15 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale LLB, Phi Alpha Delta-legal, John Mar- shall Bar Ass'n., Seminole, Alligator, Lambda Chl Alpha. ANDERSON, CHARLES L. Largo BSA, Honor Court, Alpha Zeta-ag., Block and Bridle Club, V. pres. ANDERSON, EDWARD W. Flavet III-Apt. 233D, Galnesvllle BSBA, Gator Vet., Sec., Student Assist- tant, Statistician General Extension Dlv. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH B. Gainesville BAE. ANDERSON, EUGENE S. 331 2nd St., Lake Wales BSME, A. S. M. E. ANDERSON, EVA E. Starke BSE. ANDERSON, MALCOLM Box 686, Cross Clty BS. Alpha Epsilon Delta-pre-med. pres., Cavaliers. ANDERSON, MARION E. 1103 Gillespie Ave., Portage, Pa. BAE, Kappa Delta Pl-Teachers' frat.. Phl Mu. ANDERSON, RALPH G. Apalachlcola BSFY, Xl Sigma Pl-Forestry, Forestry Club. ANDERSON. REGINALD A. 115 W. 5th St., Jacksonville BA. ANDERSON, ROBERT M. 109 Ave. A, N.E., Wlnter Haven BSP, Mortar Bt Pestle Soc., V pres. Lyceum Councll, L'Apache, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. sch. hon., Pl Kappa Alpha -Sec., Pres. ANDERSON, WM. H. 1001 E. Lloyd St., Pensacola LLB, Phl Alpha Delta. ANDERSON, WILLIS W. Lakeland BSP. ANDREU. ROBERT A. JR. St. Augustine LLB. ANDREWS, BYRON K. Interlachen BSP. ANDREWS. DANIEL A. JR. Cedar Key BSBA. Phi Gamma Delta. ANGELL, RICHARD P. 233-5th Ave. No., St. Petersburg BS Bld, Constr., Sigma Phl Epsilon. ANGLE, BEDA Z. 2905 Bay Villa Ave., Tampa BFA, U. of Fla. Art Soc., V. Pres., Phi Delta Theta. ANBLEY, JAMES J. Tampa Engr. ARBIC, RICHARD G. , North 9th St., Gainesville BSAE, Institute of Aeronautical Sc.. Orches. ARMAGOST, WILLIAM I. Box 1385, Casper, Wyoming BSED. ARMSTRONG, DONALD E. Stuart BSAR. ARNOLD, ROBERT L. JR. Groveland BSEE. ASCI-IE. CHARLES H. 1529 S.W. 7th St.. Miami BSInd., Scabbard and Blade, Slgma Chl. ASHLEY, HARVEY T. JR. 1202 E. New Orleans, Tampa BSBA, Lambda Chl Alpha. ATKINSON, CATHERINE F. Jacksonville BAE. ATKINSON, HAYWARD V. 540 W. Jefferson St., Tallahassee LLB. ATWOOD, ROBERT H. 61 Prospect St., Watertown, Conn. BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. AULEB. DON L. ' 179 Franklin Ave.. Maplewood, N. J. BAJ, Pl Kappa Alpha. BACKUS. FRED W. 137 N.E. 92nd St.. Mlaml BSBA, Sigma Chl. BADGER. EUGENE C. . Hastings BSA, Alpha Zeta-ag., Block and Bridle, Baptist Student Union, Future Farmers of Amerlca, Alpha Tau Omega. BADGER, JAMES B. St. Augustine Engr. BAGGETT, JULIAN A. Fort Pierce BME, A. S. M. E., Sigma Phl Epsilon. BAGGOTT, FRANK B. Galnesvllle BAE. BAILEY. ARTHUR W. JR. Box 385, Kissimmee BME, Amer. Soc. ol' Mech. Eng. BAILEY, JEANETTE H. Bristol BSED. 378 BAILEY, JOHN M. Sanibel BSA, Ag. Club, Block and Bridle Club, F Club, Cross Country, Alpha Gamma Rho-Sec., treas. BAILEY, THOMAS L. JR. , 2117 N. Federal, Lakeworth ' LLB, Delta Theta Phi, Delta Sigma Phi. BAIN. JEROME 677 S.W. 17th Rd., Mlaml BSBA, Kappa Kappa Psi-band, pres., Miami Club, Cavaliers, Univ. Band- bus. mgr. BAKER, CHARLES A. Pahokee BSA BAKER. JAMES D. Jacksonville BSBA BALDWIN, LOREN R. 5212-10th Ave. No., St. Petersburg BSA, Ag. Club, Dairy Tech Club, Georgia Seagle Coop. BALL, RAY 0. Cross Clty BSPH, Mortar and Pestle BARBER, ANNELLA J. Cross Clty EAIE, Kappa Epsilon-Phar., Delta Delta e a. BARCHAN. STANLEY S. JR. 2231 Post St.. Jacksonville BSBA, Pan American Club, Phi Gamma Delta-sec. BARCUS, GEORGE D. JR. 521 N.E. 134th St.. Mlaml BSEE. Phl Gamma Delta-sec. BARFIELD. WALTER D. Gainesville A. 8: S. BARKDULL, THOMAS H. JR. 721 N.W. 13 Ave., Mlaml LLB, L'Apache, Honor Ct.-chan., I.F.C., Phl Delta, Phi, Young Dem., Kappa Alpha. BARNARD, JACK 2063 Myra St., Jacksonville BSME BARNES. RICHARD P. 824 Lexington, Lakeland BSBA. Alpha Kappa Psi-pro. bus., Alpha Tau Omega. BARNES. ROSS E. Rt. 11 Box 480, Jacksonville BAED BARNETT. HAROLD V. ,St. Petersburg BSF. BARRETT. PEARCE L. JR. Jacksonville BSAR. BARRY. WILLIAM N. JR. Newberry BSP. BARSTOW, THELMA A. 120 S. 6th St.. Palatka BAE, Delta Delta Delta. BARWICK. LIVINGSTON 401 Melbourne Ave., Melbourne BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-Acc., Scabbard and Blade-treas., Sigma Chl-treas, BASKIN. HAMDEN H. JR. Clearwater LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Delta Theta Phi, Slgma Alpha Epsilon. BASS, JOHN F. JR. Gainesville BSP BATES. JAMES C. Arcadia BSP BAXLEY. GROVER B. Box 632, Lynn Haven BSME, A. S. M. E., Cavaliers. BAXLEY, JAMES Box 632, Lynn Haven BAJ, Sigma Delta Chl-Journ., Exec. Coun., Board of Student Pub., Fla. Alll- gator-Assoc. Ed., Fla. Unlon Staff, Cavaliers, Sigma Phi Epsilon-Pres. BAXTER, LEWIS R. Ponte Vedra Beach LLB. BEASLEY, HARRY H. 1001 Laurel Ave., Sanford BAED, Kappa Kappa Psl-band, Alpha Phl Omega-ser. frat., Alligator, Band, Comm. 67, Fla. Union Staff, Gator Vets, Phi Kappa Tau-sec. BEAUCHAMP, HILMA H. Jacksonville BAE SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX BEAUMONT. GERALD W. BISHOP, MARVIN E. BRACKEN, WM. V. D. New Smyrna Beach Galnesvllle St. Petersburg BSBA BEE, AIEE BSEE, Fla. Blue Key, F Club, Varsltv BECHT, CHARLES E. BISHOP, REX C. Swlm Team-S.E.C. Dlvlng Champ '48, 1591 Glendale, Jacksonville Aucllla cheer leading-'45, '46, '47' -43...hf,,,d LLB. Phl Delta Phl. BECK, ALAN D. 1 Zellwood Engr. BECK, RAYMOND W. 2100 Stevens St.. Jacksonvllle BS, Alpha Epsilon Delta-pre-med., Gamma Sigma Epsilon-chem., Glee Club. BECKER, ERLAND G. Oxford BA BECK!-IAM, WALTER C. DeFunlak Springs A. 8: S. BELDEN, DOUGLAS R. 3605 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa Majors Clubs, phys. ed., Basketball, capt., Football, alt. capt., Baseball, Track. Florida Blue Key, F Club, Athletlc Coun- cll, Homecoming Committee, Alpha Tau Omega. BELL, THOMAS J. Gainesville Engr. BELL, WILBUR S. Live Oak LLB, Phl Delta Theta BELL, WILLIAM A. Leesburg BAED BENN, DONALD G. Merritt Island Engr. BENNETT, NALTON M. 2822 Cherokee Ave., Jacksonville LLB, Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Alpha Tau Omego.-pres. BENNETT, WILLIAM A. West Palm Beach BSAR BENSON. ALTON H. 1803 W. Wright St., Pensacola BABA BENSON, MORRIE Garfield, N. J. LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Edltorlal Staff, Law Review. BENTLEY, ALBERT D. JR. Orlando Engr. BERGGUIST, GILBERT T. Pierce BSAS, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch. BERRY, JOHN L. Galnesvllle A. 8z S. BERRY, JOHN S. 603 E. Plymouth St.. Tampa LLB, Delta Theta Phl, John Marshall Bar Assn. BEVILLE, BYRON A. Waldo BSPH. BIDLINGMAYER. WM. L. Eustis BSA BIDWELL, JOHN A. I 909 Golf Vlew, Tampa BSAG, Phi Delta Theta. BIERBAUM, WM. B. Rt. 1, Box 90, Clearwater BA BIERBOWER, WILBUR S. 2817-9th St. No., St. Petersburg BSBC, Gargoyle-sec., treas., Student Builders ol Amer., Scabbard and Blade. BIERCE. HARRY M. 5406 Tallaferro St., Tampa BME, A.S.M.E. BIGGERS, EDGAR W. JR. Sanford BS BIGGS. ETHEL M. G. Starke BAE BILDERBECK, JAMES L. Cedar Key BAE BINGAMAN, CHARLES E. Box 118, Center I-Illl BSA, Newel Entomological Soc., Delta Tau Delta. BIRCHFIELD, WRAY, Winter Haven BSFY. Fy. Club BIRD, ROBERT M. 302 Cedar St., Clearwater BME, ASME BISHOP, DONALD D. DeFunlak Springs BAE, Cavaliers, BISHOP, HENRY W. 1434 N. 6th St.. Gainesville BAPE, L'Apache, Major's Club. BISHOP. MACK B. JR. 6907 Oakwood St., Jacksonville BSBA, Phl Delta Theta. BSA, FFA Chap.-treas. BISHOP. ROBERT P. Crescent Clty BEE. AIEE-IRE BISHOP, ROBERT T. JR. 2523 Prospect Rd., Tampa BSAG, Kappa Alpha. BLACK. STUART C. Thonotosassa BEE, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Sigma. Tau-eng. AIEE-IRE. BLACKBURN. H. CAROLYN Fort Meade BAED, Chalk and Eraser Club-sec., Presby. Student Union, Alpha Omlcron Pl. BLAKEMORE, BETTY 316 Interlachen, Lakeland BA. Kappa Delta. BLANCHARD, JAY L. 1529 W. Orange, Gainesville BSBA BLANKNER, FRANCIS W. 701 E. Central Ave., Orlando LLB, Phl Delta Phl. Young Dem., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BLISS. W. CARLETON JR. 4100 Monserrate St.. Coral Gables BSCE. Alpha Phi Omega-serv., ASCE, Band, Pep Club, Dean's list, Senatorlal Sch., Pl Kappa Phl-seo., treas. BLIZARD, RAYMOND H. Miami BSBA BLIZIOTES. JOHN M. 731 N.W. 9th Ave.. Galnesvllle BSPE, Majors-pres., Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Football, Cadet Major 'ROTC. BOARDMAN, JOHN D. Jacksonville BA BOHANNON, LEWIS L. 1131 W. Arlington, Gainesville BSPH. Mortar and Pestle, Theta Chl. BONDS, JESSIE S. 1362 Swallow Ave., Clearwater LLB. Delta Theta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Adelphos. BONHAM, MARK M. JR. Jacksonville BSBA BONET. JEANNE D. New Smyrna Beach BSBA, Real Estate Club-sec., treas. BOONE, ARTHUR T. 2911 Riverside Ave.. Jacksonville EEF, Phl Alpha Delta, Bacchus, Theta BOONE, ORVILLE T. 803 S. Pleasant, Gainesville BSCE BOOTH. JOHN W. JR. Gainesville BSBA BORBRIDGE, DOROTHY A. 115 S. Hale Ave., Tampa AB, Lonllalr and Mlchael Hall-pres., of studl. coun., Alligator staff, Newman Club, Marlin Club. BOREE, GUSSIE M. Jacksonville BAE BORELLI, MICHAEL T. Rt. 4, Box 871, Tampa BSEE, AIEE, Newman Club. BORGSCHULZE, WM. A. 2233-12th St. S.. St. Petersburg BS, Camera Club, Phl Kappa Tau. BOSWELL, CLARENCE III Bartow BSA BOWEN. ERNEST T. 1109 W. Michigan Ave., Gainesville BSAR, Gargoyle-sec., treas., Phl Kappa Tau. BOWES, CLARENCE H. 1020 S.W. 19th Ave., Mlaml BSAR. Honor Court, Gargoyle, Phl Kappa Tau. BOWMAN, ROBERT T. Gainesville A. 8: S. BOYCE, MERRILL G. JR. Rt. 6, Box 238, Jacksonville BEA Dalry Tech Club, Ag. Club, Sigma C . BOYD, LESTER E. 3318 Carlisle Ave. So., St. Petersburg BAED, Industrial Arts Soc. BOYD, WM. W. Tallahassee BME BRACEWELL, RICHARD B. 1604 Liberty St., Jacksonville BA, Psycho. frat., Pl Kappa Phl. 379 cheer leader '48, Gator Pep Club, Phl Delta Theta. BRADEN, JOHN R, Q Box 362, Ft. Pierce BEE. AIEE-IRE. BRADLEY, CHARLES H. 239-D Flavet No. 3, Gainesville BSPH. Rho Chl. BRAINARD, WM. W. 330 Pembrook Pl.. West Palm Beach BSAR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRANTLEY, JAMES Q. 3019 Harbor View, Tampa BSEE, AIEE-IRE. Phl Eta Sigma-fresh sch., Phl Delta Theta. BRAUN. JOHN C. BS, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Assoc. ot Arts with honors, Newman Club, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-chem. BREISLER, ALBERT D, 319 W, Belmont St., Pensacola BCE BRETT. FRED JR. Crestview BSFY- Xi Slams Pi-Fy.. Tau Alpha Nu, Forestry Club -sec., treas., B.S.U., Athletic Director. BRIDGES. LILLIE M. Starke BAE BRIDGES, MATTIE LOU Panama City BAE BRINSON. ROBERT J. 822 W. Hancock St.. Lakeland BSBA, Amer. Legion-v. comm. BROCKWAY, GEORGE R. West Palm Beach Engr. BRONSON, ROBERT M, 526 Orange Ave., Eustis BSBA. Alpha Kappa Psi-bus., L'Apache, Pl Kappa Alpha-v. pres. BROOKINS. GURNEY Gainesville BSBA BROOME. C. RICHARD 1168 McDuff Ave.. Jacksonville BSBA. Fla. Blue Key. Hall of Fame '47 and '43. Chancellor of Honor Court, Honor Court-Clerk, Justice, B.S.U.- Pres.. Exec. Coun.. Gator Party-treas., Student Asst., Delegate Nat'l Assn. of College Unions. Young Dem.-sec., G'vllle Kiwanis, Delta Tau Delta. BROME. DOUGLAS A. ghattahoochee S BROWDER. VERA J. Elizabeth City, N. C. BSAR BROWN. CHALKER W. 1621 E. Duval St., Jacksonville BSFY, Forestry Club, Slgma Alpha Epsilon. BROWN, EDWIN C. Rt. 4, Box 449, Jacksonville BAED, F Club, Varsity Baseball. BROWN, FLOSSIE F. Lake Clty BAE BROWN, GEORGE A. Hawthorne BSA BROWN, HAZEL G. Lake Butler BAE BROWN, JANICE W. Rt. 4, Box 447, Jacksonville BAE BROWN, JOHN M. Naranja BSA BROWN. LINCOLN BSEE, AIEE, IRE, Board of Student Pub., Phl Delta Theta. BROWN. RICHARD L. Cresent City BAE BROWN, SWAN A. Ocala BSLA, Gargoyle-Arch., hon. BROWN, ROBERT B. Jacksonville BSAR BROWNE, J. DANFORTH 301 Valencia Way, Ft. Myers LLB, IRC, Camera Club. BRUNO, VINCENT P. 701 W. Mallory St., Pensacola BS BRUNSON, HERBERT C. Baker BAE, Wesley Foundation-pres., v. pres. BRYAN, DAVID F. 'West Palm Beach Engr. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX BRYAN. GROVER C. Umatllla BSBA, Real Estate Club-v. pres., Phl Delta Theta. BRYAN, WILLIAM L. Hibiscus Park, Gainesville BChE, Sigma Tau-eng., AICE, Benton Eng. Council, F Club, Exec. Councll, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Delta Theta. BRYAN, ROBERT L. II Pensacola BSP BUGGE, EVERETT A. South Beloit, Ill. BSBA, Lutheran Student League-pres. BUGNA, JACK A. Tampa Engr. BULBIN, JOSEPH S. 515 S.W. 22nd Rd., Miami BSFY, Tau Alpha Nu, X1 Sigma Pl-tor. BURKE, WM. R. Center Hill BSAG, Agrlc. Club, F.F.A. BURNS. CECIL B. 2136 Forbes St., Jacksonville BSAR, Scabbard and Blade, Pirates. BURNS, HARRY E. JR. Neptune Beach BSAR, Gargoyle-arch., Alpha Phi Omega-serv., Student AIA, Sigma Chl- v. pres. BURNSED, MARIE R. Mary BAE BURNSIDE, JOSEPH E. 221 Plant Ave., Tampa BSA BURRESS, HARRY C. 1226 Lisbon St., Coral Gables BA BUTLER, OLLIE B. Tampa BA, Sigma Phl Epsilon. BUTTERS, KENNETH F. 901 Coral St., Tampa BSAR, Student Bullders Assoc. BUTTS, JACK R. Orlando BAJ BUZZETT, BERNARD G. Apalachlcola BSPH BUZZETT, LAWRENCE C. Apalachlcola BSPH BYRD, ERICE W. O'Brlen BSEE BYRD, PAUL W. Barbervllle BSEG BYRUM, BARNEY L. JR. 2976 Fitzgerald St., Jacksonville BS CAFFEE. WILSON R. 923 4 St., Palmetto LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Exec. Coun. CAIN, EMORY P. Jacksonville LLB. CALES, ROY T. Clewlston BAE,' Intramurals. CALLANAN, KATHARINE L. 535 Magnolia Ave., Orlando BSBA, Seminole Staff. CAMERON, DOUGLAS A. 1315 Lakevlew Ave. So., St. Petersburg BSBC, AIA, Student Builders Assoc., Phi Kappa Tau. CAMERON, WM. W. JR. 3195 S.W. 24th St., Miami BSCE, ASCE. CAMPBELL, EDWARD R. Florence BSF CAMPBELL, JOHN NEEL Chlpley BSA, TI-IYRSUS. CAMPBELL, KENNETH L. Milton BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi-Bus. frat. CAPO, MILFORD T. Galnesvllle BSAR CAREY, DONALD F. 3700 Sheridan Ave., Miami Beach BSCE, Sigma Tau-engln., Fla. Engln. Soc., AIChE, Slgma Chl. CAREY, WM. H. St. Petersburg LLB. CARLSON, ALAN R. Gainesville BSBA, All-Student Party-treas., Cava- llers, Theta Chl. CARMICHAEL, WALDO S. West Palm Beach LLB. CARNEY. RICHARD S. 110-20th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg BSBA, Fla. Indep. Coun., Gator All- Student Party, Track, Young Repub., St. Petersburg Club-pres., Insurance Society. CARRINGTON, HENRY A. 1002 Frankland Rd., Tampa LLB, Delta Theta Phi, Slgma Alpha Epsilon. CARTER, HENRY W. Haines Clty BSBA, Haines Clty Club-sec., treas. CARTER. ROBERT D. Galnesvllle BSA, Westminster Fellowshlp, Sigma Phi Epsilon. CARTER, ROBERT R. Arlington, Va. BSBA CARTER, ROBERT T. Jacksonville BSBA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CARUTHERS, TROY W. Oxford AGEn., Alpha Zeta - agr., Alpha Tau Alpha-agr. educ., Fla. College Farmer, guiture Farmers of Amer., Alpha Gamma o. CASEY. THOMAS L. Ariana Drlve, Auburndale BSED, Honor Court, Sec-treas. of Senior Class, Sec-treas. of Junlor Class, Pep Club, C.L.O. Board ol' Directors, Young Repub. Club-v. pres., Westminster Fel- lowshlp-pres. CASH. MYRTLE MOE. Jacksonville BAE CASSEL, MARWIN S. 410 N.E. 17 St., Miami LLB, Fla. Blue Key, Lyceum Councll, Honor Court, F Book-assoc. ed., Presl- dentlal Inaug Comm., Campus News and Vlews Prog.-WGGG. Cavaliers, Miami Club, Leigh Chem. Soc., Camera Club- pres. John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Gator Party-sec., Young Dem., Pl Lambda Phl. CASTAGNA, WM. JA. 1106 Bay Ave., Clearwater LLB, Hall of Fame, Tau Kappa Alpha- pres., Adelphos-pres., Young Dem.- pres., Honor Court, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Clearwater Club, Debate Club- sec., Fla. Indep. Coun., All-Southern Speaker-Atlanta Tourney, Big 10-Gr. Nat'l Tourney. CASWELL, MICHAEL A. DeFunlak Sprlng BAE CAUSSEAUX, RALPH H. Tallahassee BSA, ASAE Club, Cavaliers. CHADWICK. ROBERT H. Jacksonville BSBA CHAFIN, CARL F. Holden, W. Va. BSBA CHALKER, PAUL R. - Galnesvllle BA CHAMPION, EMILY B. Galnesvllle BAED CHAMPION, LOUIS D. Galnesvllle BAED CHAPLAIN, DAVID K. 1034 Mlchlgan Ave., Miami Beach BSAR, FIC, Mlaml Club, Hillel Founda- tlon. CHAPMAN, RICHARD D. Lakeland BS Chem., Gamma Sigma Epsilon- chem., Honor Court, Phl Eta Slgma- fresh. sch., Amer. Chem. Soc. Student Aflll., Cavaliers. CHASTAIN, FREDERICK O. Palatka Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Los Picaros, Pan American Club, Theta Chl. CHAZAL, RICHARD A. 1021 ,Franklin St., Ocala BSBA, F Book. Phi Delta Theta-treas. CI-IESHIRE, OLEN W. Lakeland LLB, Delta Theta Phl. CHESSER, 1-IARMON E. Dunnellon BSED, Georgia Seagle Coop. CHOULAT, JAMES E. 1629 Llberty St., Jacksonville LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Phi Alpha Delta. CHRISTIE, JAMES R. 619 E. 'lth Ave., Mount Dora BSAE CHRISTIE, WM. M. 3556 Riverside, Jacksonville LLB, Exec. Coun., Dlxle Party-ch., Fla. Blue Key-pres., Homecoming chairman, Fla. Union-hd. of student asst., P1 Kappa Alpha. 380 CHRISTMAN. LESTER H. Kutztown, Penna. BSED CINOTTI, MICHAEL A. Jersey, N. J. BSP CLARK, JACK 337 15 St. N. St. Petersburg LLB, Interfrat. Conf.-pres., Cavaliers, Alpha Phl Omega, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Young Dem., Phl Kappa Tau. CLARK, PHILIP A. Pompano Beach BSAR, CLARK, WM. C. JR. 211 2nd Ave., Daytona Beach BSBC, Gargoyle-arch., Student Builders Assoc. CLARK, WM. E. Havana BSCE, A.S.C.E. CLARKE, CHARLES M. 309 E. Ridgewood St., Lakeland BSCHE, Scabbard and Blade, A.C.S. CLARKE, HOWARD R. gm?-13th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg A CLELAND, RALPH S. JR. Leesburg BSAR, CLEMENTB, DAVID C. 305 Pontotoc St., Auburndale LLB, Phl Delta Phl. John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Exec. Coun., Fla. Indep. Councll, Scabbard and Blade. Cavaliers. CLEMMONS, JAMES A. Chlpley BAA, Dairy Tech Club, Alpha Zeta- agrlc., Pl Kappa Phl--pres. CLICK, CLIFFORD W. Daytona Beach BSBA CLOSE, BOYD W. Moore Haven BSF CLOSE, DAVID M. Gainesville A. Sz S. COBB, WILLIAM H. 437 Evernla St., West Palm Beach BAED, Delta Tau Delta. COBIA, SHEFFIELD M. 319 W. Hancock St., Lakeland BSA, Block and Brldle Club. COCKE. JOSEPH B. 351 W. Magnolia St., Gainesville BSA, Amer. Soc. of Ag. Engln. COE, CHARLES S. Longview, Gulf Breeze LLB. Alpha Tau Omega. COFER, CAROLYN Y. 1941 San Marco Pl., Jacksonville BSAS, Cavalettes, Sigma Kappa-pres. COHEN, BART L. 1800 S.E. 21 St.. Mlaml LLB, Varsity Debate, Phi Eta Sigma, John Marshall Bar Assn., Exec. Coun. COINER. JAMES H. Lake Clty BA COKER, DONNIE J. JR. Bradenton BSBA, Delta Sigma Pl-bus. frat. COLE, MABEL A. Hollywood BAE , COLEMAN, JOHN M. 310 Hobart St., Daytona Beach BSBA, Fla. Indep. Councll, Fllm Classlcs League. COLEMAN, JESSE L. Gainesville LLB, Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Sigma Alpha Epsllon. COLGAN, CARROLL M. Jacksonville BSBA, Alpha Epsllon Delta-pre-med., Nu Rho Psl-psych. frat. COLLIE, ROBERT L. 601 Avenida Alegra, West Palm Beach BME, Phl Eta Sigma-freshman sch., Slgma Tau-engln., v. pres., ASME, Delta Tau Delta. COLLINS, NETTIE BASS Live Oak BAE COLSON, HURDER F. 524 Chelsea St., Jacksonville BSEE, Scabbard and Blade, AIEE, Ben- ton Engr. Soc. COLSON, LEANORD F. JR. 310 S. Marlon St., Lake Clty BS Bld. Con., Adelphos, Student Bulld- ers Assoc., Mayor Flavet No. 2. COMBS, WILLIAM E. 1515 W. Court St., Gainesville BSBA, Pl Kappa Phl. CONDICT, LAWRENCE R. 37 E. Central, Orlando BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi-prof. bus., L'Apache, Real Estate Club-sec.-treas., pres., Gators Veterans, IFC Central Fla.-sec., Kappa Sigma-sec. SENIUII ACTIVITY INDEX CONDON, JOHN A. 3629 S.W. 12th St.. Mlaml BSBC, Band, Pl Kappa Phl-treas. CONNER, WM. L. Apopka BS CONYBEAR, WM. R. 800 Lake Bertor, Wlryter Haven BSA, Delta Tau Delta. COOK, CECIL L. Ft. Myers BSBA COOK, WM. G. Box 848, Eau Gallle BAE, Unlv. Symphony-Pres., Glee Club. COOKSEY, JOHN C. Lloyd BSA COOKSEY, SALLYE E. Glbbs Dr., Tallahassee LLB, Phl Delta Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. COOPER, ALTON W. 307 E. Paris St., Tampa BCE COOPER, ROBERT W. Mlaml A. 8a S. COOTNER, PAUL H. 1677 S.W. 15 St., Miami A. .Sz S. COPPS, HENRY L. 8410 Barcelona, Tampa BA COPPS, SUSANNAH U. 324 Scenlc Hwy., Frostproof BA CORAM, WILMER T. Galnesvllle BAE CORBIN, OLIVER W. Galnesvllle A. 8a S. CORNELL, JOHN E. 650 Unlv. Drive, Coral Gables BSBA, Fla. Alligator, F Club, Swlmmlng Team, Miami Club, Young Repub., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COTTON, WM. R. Darlington BSA, Alpha Zeta-hon. Agrl., Fla. College Farmer, Agr. Club, Block and Bridle, Holmes County Club, Alpha Gamma Rho. COUNCIL. RAY E. 420 E. Bullard Ave., Lake Wales BS, Honor Court Justice COURSHON, CHARLES J. 940 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Debate Soc. Alligator, Law Revlew. COVERSTON, SAMUEL S. 2216 S.W. 60 Ave., Coral Gables BSED, Alpha Tau Alpha-agr. educ., Future Farmers of Amer., Fla. College Farmer Staff, Kappa Sigma. COVINGTON, HARRISON 205 Lake Rd., Plant City BFA, Gargoyle-v. pres., U. of Fla. Art Soc.-pres., Plant Clty Club-pres., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COX, GENE T. 1010 W. Madison, Lake City BSFY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CRAWFORD, THOMAS H. JR. 1010 Carlo St., Jacksonville LLB, L'Apache, Phl Delta Phl, Sigma Nu. CRENSHAW, JOE M. 1133 E. 7 St., Sanford BSBA, Lambda Chl Alpha. CREVASSE, PEARLE B. Cedar Key BAE CREWS, JOHN J. JR. Macclenny LLB, pres. Student Body. CREWS, LESTER T. Venus BSPH, Rho Chl Soc.-phar. CREWS, VIRGINIA L. Lake Placld ABED, Cavalettes, Chalk and Eraser Club, One-act Plays, Alpha Delta Pl. CRIM, DONALD R. 1937 N.W. 4 St., Miami BSME, Sigma Tau-hon. engr., A.S.M.E. CROMARTIE, DEWITT T. 846 N.E. 2 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale BSBA, Real Estate Club. CROOK, THOMAS R. JR. 1632 Roosevelt Ave., Jacksonville BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-commerce, Beta Alpha Psi-Acct. CROOKE, DAMES JOSEPH Pensacola BSAR CROSBY, JOHN H. Kissimmee BSCE, Mayor Flavet No. 3, Student Chapter ASCE. CROUCH. SAMUEL L. 139 N. 7 St., Galnesvllle LLB, Phl Alpha Delta CROUCH, THOMAS A. 204 W. Church St., Gainesville LLB, Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Law Review. CROWE, JOHN H. 550 N. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach BSCE, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Sigma Tau-eng., Amer. Inst. of Chem Engr, CROWN, JAMES T. St, Petersburg A. Ez S. CRUMLEY, ROBERT J. Box 88, Sanford BSAS, Lambda Chl Alpha CRUZ, ORLANDO EARL 923 McBerry St., Tampa BSA CUELLAR, JOSE 2108 Lowe St., Tampa BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Los Plcaros, Cavaliers. ' CULBREATH, ERIC C. 511 E. Glddens Ave., Tampa BSCE, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch. CUMBO, CHARLES M. 1901 Carmen St., Tampa BSBA CURETON, THOMAS JR. Galnesvllle BSA CURRIE, ERNEST R. Clearwater AB, Exec. Council, Advertising Club, Varsity Party. CURRY, Lutz BSED CURRY, 518 E. BSPH, Alpha. CURRY, 683 E. THOMAS E. JR. THOMAS ED. Hillsboro Ave., Tampa Mortar and Pestle, Pl Kappa WILFRED J. 19 St., Hlaleah BEE, AIEE, Phl Gamma Delta. CUSHING, WM. S. 137 Dlx Ave., Ormond BSE, AIEE. CUSIC, DANIEL W. 15 W. 16 St., Jacksonville LLB, John Marshall Bar Assn., Phl Alpha Delta. DALE, LAMAR B. JR. 1774 Leon St., Galnesvllle BSPH, Rho Chl-hon. Ph., Gamma Sigma Epsilon-hon. chem. D'AMICO, HENRY 160 Ivy St., E. Providence, R. I. BSAR, Kappa Kappa Psi-band. DAMPIER, CHESTER L. 1071 E. University Ave. Galnesvllle BSBA DANSBY, GEORGE W. JR. Alachua BSBA DANSBY, ROBERT B. , Alachua BSBA DARBY, HERBERT F. 1114 E. Duval, Lake Clty LLB, Phl Delta Phl, John Marshall Bar ASS'l'1. DARLING, ORIS V. 636 Hudson Ave., Sarasota BAAS, Zeta Tau Alpha. DAVENPORT, ELBERT J. JR. 311 N.W. 4 St., Miaml BSEE, AIEE DAVIDSON, DONALD E. 3663 Richmond St., Jacksonville BSBA, Athletic Council, Track, Football, Cavaliers, Kappa Alpha. DAVIDSON, WM. B. Bradenton BSBA, Honor Court, Alpha Phl Omega -serv., Young Dem. Kappa Alpha. DAVIS, ARMAND D. 1364 West St., Jacksonville BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Advanced Mllltary, Lelgh Chem. Soc. DAVIS, BENJAMIN E. 1011 E. Monroe St., Lakeland BSA, Newel Entomological Soc., Lambda Chl Alpha. DAVIS, CHARLES E. Trenton BSBA, Phl Eta Slgma-fresh. sch., Beta Alpha Psl-hon., prof. acct. DAVIS, CHARLES W. 2405 E. Washington, Orlando BSA, ASAE DAVIS, HERBERT E. 2501 Shell Point Pl., Tampa BA, Eng. Club, World Fed., Delta Tau Delta-sec. DAVIS, JOHN F. JR. 2908 Bavlsta Ave., Tampa BS, Inter-frat. Councll, Advanced R.O.T.C., Mllltary Ball Comm., Phl Gamma Delta. DAVIS, JOHN H. 2835 1 Ave So., St. Petersburg BSEE 381 DAVIS, JOHN W. 820 Cumberland St., Lakeland BSAG, Thyrsus DAVIS, NICHOLAS E. Jacksonville BS DAVIS. QUINCE B. 825 N.W. 31 Ave., Miami BA, Scabbard and Blade. DAVIS, ROBERT P. , Eagle Lake BA, Alpha Kappa Psi-prof. bus. frat., Sociology Club, Cavaliers. DAVIS, WM. A. Mlms BSED, Exec. Council, Chalk and Eraser, Indus. Arts Club, Cavaliers, Fla. Indep. Council. DAWKINS, CROSBY H. 212 N. Palmetto St., Galnesvllle BSBA, Alpha Chl Omega-serv., Real Estate Club. Cavaliers. DAY, JOHN L. Key West BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct. DECARION, GEORGE H. 2503 S.W. 60 Ct., Coral Way, Miami ghlt8Eta Sigma, Law Revlew, Phl Alpha e . DECKER, FRANK C. 24 N. 17 St., Fernandina LLB. John Marshall Bar Ass'n., FIC, Cavaliers. DEEHL, ROBERT M. 8901 No. E. Bayshore Dr., Mlaml LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Fla. Band, Fla. Symphony Orches., Mlaml Club, Kappa Kappa Psl-band, Fla. gedzep. Coun., Omega Mu Delta, Young DEEN, MARY C. 726 E. Lime St., Lakeland BAED, Kappa Delta--pres. DEES, CLAYTON C. Day BAE DEES, JOHNNY L. 3414-9 Ave., Tampa BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-prof. bus., pres., Exec. Council, IRC, Alpha Phl Omega-servlce, Slgma Chl. DELAHOYDE, FRANKLIN W. 131327 Rochester, Los Angeles, Calif. DELAPARTE, ADOLPH 407 W. Francis St., Tampa BABA, Real Estate Club DELL, CHARLES A. Galnesvllle A. 8z S. DELL, MILDRED M. Jacksonville BAE DELOE, JOHN P. Galnesvllle BSAR DEMILLY, PRESTON W. Box 270, Tallahassee LLB, Phl Delta Phl, John Marshall Bar ss'n. DENKER, JEROME M. 335 Meridian Ave., Mlaml Beach BS, Tau Epsilon Phl. DENNIS DOLPHUS G. 306 N. Tenn. Ave., Lakeland LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. DENTITH. ROBERT M. Galnesvllle BAE DESKINS, ANDREW J. Ft. Pierce A. 8a S. DEVANE, AGNES R. Box 592, Lake Placld ABED DEVANE, JEANNE 512 E. Duval St., Jacksonville BAED, Chalk and Eraser-v. pres., Cavalettes-treas., Indus. Arts Club, Delta Zeta. DIAZ, GEORGE F. BME, ASME DICKINSON, JAMES E. Madison BSF DINGMAN, VIRGIL A. 4840 Lawnvlew St., Jacksonville BSPE, Varsity Football, Varsity Swim- ming Team. DIXON, MARY E. Jacksonville BAE DIXON, MERLIN J. Galnesvllle BSFY, Forestry Club. DIXON, THOMAS N. 1253 Challen Ave., Jacksonville BSFY, Jr. Inter-frat. Coun., Forestry Club, Basketball, Phl Delta Theta. DORMAN. NAPOLEON B. Macclenny BSED, Indus. Arts Club. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX DORSETT, HUGH J. Branford BSE DOSS, EUGENE 2018 9th Ave. No., St. Petersburg BSA, Fla. Blue Key, Fla. Ind. Council- pres., Alpha Tau Alpha-agr. edu., Alpha Zeta-agr., Edltor of Fla. College Farmer, Agr. Club. Block and Bridle. Alrbase Exec. Comm., Cavallers, Chalrman ol' Fla. College Farmer Board '48, DOUGLAS, ERLYNNE M. 539 N. Franklin, Galnesvllle LLB, John Marshall Bar Assn.. Phl Delta Delta DOUGLASS, FRANCIS W. Galnesvllle Engr. DOULET, DAN C. 1027 Mlaml Rd., Jacksonville Engr. DOYLE, JIMMIE V. JR. 237 W. Minnesota Ave., DeLand BSBA, Newman Club, Fla. Indep. Coun- cll. DOZIER, LAURIE L. Tallahassee A. 8a S. DREYER, WM. R. 2620 Driftwood Rd.. St. Petersburg BSBC, Phl Kappa Tau DUBE, JOHN P. West Nyack, N. Y. BSAR DUCKWORTH, ROBERT E. JR. 917 N. Westmoreland Dr., Orlando BSBA, Los Plcaros. DUFOUR.. RICHARD L. Mt. Dora BSA, ASAE, Delta Chl. DUNCAN. GORDON A. JR. 3025 Rlverslde Ave., Jacksonville LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Kappa Sigma. DUNN, WALLACE Galnesvllle BA DUNNAVANT, GEORGE WM. Monticello BAED DYKES. JOE B. JR. 501 E. Jackson St., Marianna BSEE, AIEE EASON. VERNON FRANK Jennings BSED EASTMAN, BENEVA F. Jacksonvllle BAE EBERSOLE. ROBERT P. 136 So. Volusia Ave., Arcadla BFA, Seminole Staff, Alpha Tau Omega. EDELSON, ELIHU 350 W. 9th St., Sarasota BAED, Declamatlon Key, Dean's Llst, Fla. Players, Nat'l. Collegiate Players. EDMONSON, EDWARD M. Galnesvllle Engr. EDSON, SETON N. Galnesvllle A. 8: S. EDWARDS, GEORGE E. JR. Galnesvllle BA EDWARDS, I-IERMAN L. 1114 Volusia Ave.. Daytona Beach LLB, Blue Key, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., L'Apache, Stump Knockers, Kappa Sigma EDWARDS, OLIVER J. JR. Kllgore, Texas BAE EICHNER, ARTHUR I. 1826 Madison St., Hollywood BS, Tau Epsilon Phl. EIDE, ALFRED T. Lake Placid BS, Phl Delta Theta ELLIAS, LESLIE T. 449 Phelps St., Jacksonville BSAR, AIA-Student Branch, ELLIS, BASIL E. Ft. Whlte BAE ELLMAKER, SOLON J. 1612 New Jersey Rd., Lakeland BSBA, Honor Court-Justice. Beta Alpha Psl-Acct., Young Dem., Wesley Foun., Glee Club, Lambda Chl Alpha. ENGLISH, JAMES J. 1314 Madeira Ct.. West Palm Beach BSBA, Newman Club. ENNIS, ROBERT F. 214 Glen Ave., Tampa F Club, Track team. Alpha Tau Omega. ERICKSON, ERNEST E. Box 1014, Lakeland BEE Sigma Tau-engr., AIEE-IRE, Phl Eta Slgma-fresh. sch. ERWIN, AMELIA E. Oher Creek BAE ESHLEMAN, SILAS K. 733 E. Lassiter St., Galnesvllle BS, Phl Slgma--ph., Phl Beta Kappa cltatlon for creative achievement, Dean's list, Fla. Acad, of Sciences, Fla. Ento- mological Soc. ESPY. CALVIN C. Jacksonville BSBA , ESTEVES, ALBERTO R. 30 Esteves St., Aguadllla, P.R. BAA EUBANKS, IONA S. Lake Butler BAE EVANS, ANDERSON P. 138 Washington St., St. Augustlne BEE, AIEE-IRE, Slgma Tau-engr. EVANS, DONALD L, Plant Clty BSE EVANS. NEAL D. 3631 Boone Pk., Jacksonville LLB. Phl Alpha Delta. Alpha Tau Omega. EVERETT, JOHN W. Galnesvllle Engr. EWART, THOMAS E. Jacksonville BSAR, FALCONER, HUGH S. Jacksonville BSP FALSONE, FRANK J. JR. 710 Lake Ave., Tampa BSBA FARABEE, THOMAS J. Orlando BEE, IRE, Scabbard and Blade, Chl Phl. FARELL. WILBURN C. 1755 S.W., 1 Ave., Galnesvllle BSA, Ag. Club, Dairy Tech Club. FAULKNER, LESTER W. JR. Hollywood BEE, AIEE-IRE, Flavet III Govm.- comm., Gator Amateur Radlo Club, Ben- ton Engr. Club. FAY, THOMAS H. JR. 230 N. Arredonda St., Galnesvllle BA, Men's Glee Club-v. pres., student dlr. Woman's Glee Club-Director, Fla. Players, Leigh Chem. Soc.. Unlv. Student Group Amer. Guild Organists. FELT. GEORGE E. Kissimmee BAPH, Mortar and Pestle. FENNELL, JOHN M. 601 W. 1 St., Sanford BSA FERGUSON. ALAN F. Pine Castle BSA FERGUSON, MONA Galnesvllle A. 8: S. FERGUSON. ROBERT C. 1725 Lllly Rd., Jacksonville BSAS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FERLITA, ROSARIO S. 2905 15 St., Tampa . BSBA FERNANDEZ, OSCAR O, San Jose. Costa Rlca BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. FERRARI, BERNARD J. 519-28, West Palm Beach BA, Cavaliers, Chess Club. FERRELL, SIDNEY S. Galnesvllle A. Br S. FINE, LOUIS 610 S.W. 21 Rd., Mlaml BSBA, I-Illlel-sec., Debatlng Club, Tau Epsilon Phl. FISCI-IESSER, LUCIEN G. Bradenton BS, Mortar and Pestle FISCHETTE, JAMES A. 1 Davis St., Binghamton, N. Y. LLB, Lambda Chl Alpha FISHER, DON E. 706 Magnolia. Daytona Beach BSEE FISHER, DONALD W. 721 Putnam St., Orlando BAE, Chalk and Eraser, Indus. Arts Club. FISHER. GUSTAF W. Pierson BSFY, Forestry Club, Coop. Llving Organization. FITZPATRICK, CHARLES B. 523 Fern St., Jacksonvllle LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Young Dem. Cavaliers, Fla. Player Intermediate. FLANAGAN, STEPHEN L. Eureha BSBA, Newman Club. FLEMING, JAMES T. III Clermont BSA FLEMING. MARVIN L. Box 895, Mlllvllle BS, Theta Chl-treas., pres. 382 FLINT, ROBERT L. 330 W. McCormick, Galnesvllle BSBC, Student Bullders Assoc., Sigma Nu, FLOYD, ALFRED T. JR. 3213 Plymouth Courts, Tampa BSAR, Cavaliers, Amer. Ins. ol' Arch. -Student chap. FLUKER, EDWARD H. JR. 2235 1 Ave. No., St. Petersburg BACom. Art, Hall of Fame, Seminole- Art Ed., Orange Peel-Art Ed., Alligator -Art Ed., Fla. College Farmer, Gargoyle, Garret Club, Jr. IFC-v. pres., Exec. Board Varsity Party. Phl Kappa Tau-v. pres., pres. FLYNN, WILLIAM J. 400 N. Adams, Tallahassee BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi--prof. bus., Bacchus, L'Apache, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FOLSOM, JOHN K. Tallahassee LLB, Delta Theta Phl. FOLSOM, PERCY R. 1053 Myers Park Dr., Tallahassee BSBC FORD. CHARLES R. 824 E. Arlington, Galnesvllle BSCE, Swimming Team. FORD, HERBERT P. JR. Tallahassee Engr, FORD, WM. P. Tampa LLB FOREHAND, AUTHA W. Chlpley BSAR FORGET, LOUIS C. Rt. 3, Box 275, Ft. Pierce BSA, Newman Club-treas., FIC, Intra- mural mgr. FORTNER, EUGENE M, Plant Clty BSA, Agr. Club, Block and Bridle, Lambda Chl Alpha. FOWLER, TALBERT B. JR. 190 W. Vlne St.. Bartow LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n.--pres., Delta Theta Phl-v. dean, Jr. Law Class pres.. IRC. FRALICK, CLAUDE Lake Butler BAE FRANK, RAYMOND D. Galnesvllle BSP FRAZIER, JAMES M. JR. Box 373, Wauchula BSA FREEMAN, JACQUELINE M. 1538 Jefferson Ave. BA, Psychology Club-sec.. Swlmmlng Club, Alpha Epsilon Phl-pres. FRIDAY, ELMER O. JR. Punta Gorda LLB, John Marshall Bar Assn'., Delta Theta Phl. FRIED, BETTY P. 408 N. Franklin St.. Galnesvllle BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. FRIEND. CHARLIE 940 9th St.. Mlaml Beach BSBA, Pl Lambda Phl. FRUIN. ROBERT J. 701 N.E. I6 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale BEE FULLER, MARIE M. 1306 W. Union. Galnesvllle LLB, Phl Delta Delta, John Marshall Bar, Delta Delta Delta. FUQUA, BERTIE H. Hilliard BAE FUQUAY, ROBERT F. 1520 Falrlawn Ave., Evansville, Ind. AB GABLE, ALEX S. Box 593. Lake Clty BSIE, Pl Kappa Phl. GAFFNEY, MARVIN T. Polk City BSFY, Coop. Llvlng Orgn., Baptist Stu- dent Union-sec. GALLAGHER, WM, D. Garrett Hill, Pa. A. 8a S. GALLOWAY, CHARLES B. JR. 1009 S. Oregon, Tampa BSBA, Real Estate Club. Alpha Tau Omega. GAMMEL, WALTER H. Galnesvllle BACA, Garret Club. GARCIA, ROBERT C. Jacksonville A. Br S. GARDNER. EUGENE M. Ocala BSBC, Student Bullders Assoc.-pres. GARDNER. HAROLD V. JR. Box 3673, Orlando BEE, AIEE. BES, Fla. Eng. Soc. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX GARDNER, HENRY 8306 McKay Ave., Tampa BACA, Fla. Blue Key, Alligator-art ed. '47, Seminole-art ed. '48, Homecoming Chairman '48, F Club-sec., pres., Alumni Quarterly-art ed.. Track team, Cava- llers, Garrett Club, Splked Shoe Soc., Univ. Press Assoc., Statp Student Orgn.. Tampa Club, Gargoyle, Tau Epsilon Phi. GARMON, JACK M. 528 W. 82nd St., Jacksonville BSFY GARRETT. JAMES S. Punta Gorda BAE GARRETT, HOWARD L. Tampa LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Assn., Cavaliers, Fla. Indep. Coun.. Jr. Law Class-sec., treas. GARRETT, OTIS P. 232 Spring St., Crestview BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-treas.. Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct.. Cavaliers. GARRISON, JEROME S. Gainesville BSAR GARRISON, MARY T. Gainesville BAE GATEWOOD. JACK E. 647 W. Smith St.. Orlando BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct., Alpha Tau Omega. GAY, JAMES L. 1261 Arlington Pl., Winter Park BSEE, AIEE-IRE GAY. JAMES M. Box 182, Stuart BAJ, Sigma Delta Chl-prof. Jm., Public Rel.-sec., Board of Student Pub., Sum- mer Gator. GAY. MURIEL C. Norfolk, Va. BAE GAY, WM. W. 228 Cherokee St., Jacksonville BSED, Adelphos Soc., Indus. Arts Club. GEARHART. EMORY J. 909 S. Delaware St., Gainesville BSAE, Institute of Aeronautical Sclen. GEHLERT. CRAIG J. Gainesville BAR GEIGER. CHARLES D. Trenton BSA GENTILE, JAMES J. Gainesville BA GEORGE, JAMES W. Morrlston BSBA GERBER. RICHARD D. Driftwood, Okla. BA, Cavaliers, F.I.C., Wesley Foundation, Georgia Seagle Coop. GEROW, GEORGE R. JR. 241 24th Ave. No., St. Petersburg BSBA GHIOTTO, FRANC C. 136 Lafayette St., Gainesville Kappa Sigma. GIBBONS, GEORGE I-I. Archer LLB, Phl Alpha Delta GIBBONS, PERRY R. Archer BSEE, AIEE GIGLIO, VINCENT Tampa BSA GILCHRIST, DAVID B. Leesburg BSA GILL, SARAH W. 2257 Myra St., Jacksonville ABAS, AGO-V. pres., Alpha Chi Omega. GILLEN, BARNEY E. 1309 S. Bumby, Orlando BSBA GILLER, CHARLES Mlaml Beach BSAR GILMAN, ROBERT L. Rt. 3, Box 284, Galnesvllle BSA GILMORE, ALVAN R., 2224 N. 12 Ave., Pensacola BSFY, Tau Alpha Nu, Xl Sigma PI--fy., Alpha Zeta-agr., Forestry Club. GILSEN, STANLEY M. 1730 Popham Ave., New York, N. Y. BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. GIUDICE, ROBERT A. 705 W. Alfred St., Tampa BS, N11 Rho Psl-Psych. Club, Fla. Illdep- Council. Cavaliers, Track Team, Swimming, Delta Sigma Phl. GLENN, WILLIAM E. 1520 Barrs St., Jacksonville BS, Seminole-Mgr. Ed., Honor Court, Alpha Epsilon Delta-pre-med., Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Univ. Press Assoc., Orlentatlon Gr. Leader, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-v. pres., sec. GLIDEWELL, JOHN J. JR. 3945 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville Sigma Tau-engr., AIEE-IRE, Gator Radio Club. GODWIN. WM. R. II 402 Florida Ave., St. Cloud BSBA, Kappa Kappa Psl-Band, Fla. Band, Cavaliers, Young Dem., Delta Tau Delta. GOETTE. ROBERT L. 955 S. Sth St. Gainesville BS, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-chen., Amer. Chem. Soc., Presbyterian Student Ses- son. . GOFF. PERCY O. Punta Gorda BSED GOLDBURG. HERBERT G. 803 S. Willow Ave., Tampa LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Tau Epsilon Phi. GOLDMAN, AARON I. 1720 Sllver Spring Blvd., Ocala BSBA, Tau Epsilon Phi. GOLDSTEIN. SAUL W. 1511 Naldo Ave., Jacksonville LLB, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Dean's List, Phi Alpha Delta, John Mar- shall Bar Ass'n., Fla. Law Review, Hillel, IRC, Pi Lambda Phi. GOLLATTSCHECK. JAMES F. Box 58, Lake Park BA, Alpha Phi Omega-serv., Alligator, Orange Peel, Cavaliers, Delta Tau Delta. GOMEZ, ELIO Key West A. Br S. GOOD, SHELDON E. 1127 Euclid Ave., Mlaml Beach BA, Cavaliers, Miami Club, Sociology Club-Ch., Exec. Councll--S.S. GOODMAN, LOUIS Miami BSP GOODROE. CHARLES T. Plant City BSAR GORDON, LANSING DeFunlak Springs BSA GOSS, BRYAN W. 1962 Hernando St., St. Andrew BS, Fla. Academy of Sclence, Phl Delta Theta. GOTTFRIED. THEODORE 340 N. 44 St., Miami Beach BAA, Gargoyle-arch., Pl Lambda Phl, GRAFTON, EDWARD G. 2218 S.W. 62 Ave., Miami BSAR GRAHAM, OLIVER R. Box 212, Altoma BSBA, Delta Sigma Pl--prof. bus. GRAHAM, WM. AN. Hialeah A. Sz S. GRAVELY, EMERSON H. Box 15, Newberry BSAE, Alpha Tau Alpha-Agrlc., F.F.A., Sigma Phi Epsilon. GRAY, WM. H. JR. San Jose. Calif. LLB. GREELEY, RAYMOND M. E, Palatka BSBA GREEN, CURTIS J. 1117 W. 5 St., Lakeland LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Delta Theta Phi. GREEN, ROBERT L. 706 E. Duval, Lake City BSBA, Alpha Tau Omega. GREENBERGER, HARRY P. Box 518, Okeechobee BSBA, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Beta Alpha Psl-prof. acct. GREENE, DANIEL B. Box 17, McAlpln BSBA, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Sigma. GRIFFITH, JOSEPH A. gT0 Maximo Rd.. St. Petersburg GRIFFITH, ROBERT F. JR. 415 Westwood Rd., W. Palm Beach LLB. GRINAKER, MARGARET H, 2162 end Ave. N.. st. Petersburg BSCH. Women's Student Assoc.-pres., gla. figlege Farmer-Homemaking ed, a. n ep. Council- ,, A ' Soc.--Jr. member. sec mer' Chem' GUCCIARDO, GAETANO T, 2216 8th Ave., Tampa BSBA 383 GUERIN, WM. H. Melbourne BSAR, Clty Comm., Air Reserve Assoc., Amer. Inst. Arch.-Student chap. GUNTER, LAWRENCE H. 8502 Tallaferro St., Tampa BASP, Cavaliers, Fla. Players Appren., Student Branch A.I.A., Wesley Founda- tion, Phi Kappa Tau. GURNEY, JAMES T. JR. 1701 N. Sprlnglake Dr.. Orlando LLB, Debate Club, Law Review, Kappa Alpha. ON R GUSTINE, D . 686 N.E. 2nd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale BAED GUY, HERBERT S. JR. 2216 17th Ave., Vero Beach BA, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Alpha Phl Omega-serv., Seminole Staff, Can- terbury Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon. HAAS, WM. S. 1708 E. Orange Ave.. Eustis BSA HAGG, BERNER J. Gainesville BSAR HAINES, JOHN D. 3303 Vlramar St., Ft. Lauderdale BSBA HALDEMAN, GEORGE WM. Gainesville BSP HALEY, JOHN L. Box 2545, Boynton Beach BSCE, IFC, Scabbard and Blade, R.O.T.C., A.S.C.E., Chairman Military Ball, Kappa Sigma. HALL, MARTIN T. 1848 W. Leon St., Gainesville BME HALL, ORION M. 834 N. Roper Ave., Galnesvllle BSPH, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Gamma Sigma Epsilon-chem., Rho Chl -pres., Mortar and Pestle. HAMILTON, CURTISS B. 4308 N.W. 22 Ave., Miami LLB, Phi Delta Phl, Law Review, Chl Phi. HAMILTON, KATHERINE D. St. Augustine BAE HAMRICK, DAVID O. Okeechobee BS HANCOCK, NELLIE S. Palatka BAE HANCOCK, ROBERT T. JR. Brooksville BSPH HANCOCK, THOMAS E. Aucllla BSA, Amer. Soc. of Agr. Engr. HANDROP, IRA R. 1115 N. "S" St., Pensacola BSED, Cavaliers, Pensacola Club. HANES, MYRL J. 1984 W. Church St.. Gainesville BAAR, Gargoyle, L'Apache, Amer. Inst. Arch.-Student Branch, Sigma Nu. HARDMAN, LAURENCE E. 1125 Western Way, Orlando BSA, Inter-frat. conf.-v. pres., '48: pres., '49, Agrlc. Club, Phi Delta Theta. HARDY, LAYMOND M. South Bay A. 8: S. HARGRAVE, ROBERT H. LaCrosse BSA, Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Slgma-fresh. sch., Alpha Tau Alpha-agr. educ., pres., Agrlc. Club, F.F.A. HARKER, HENRY L. Atlanta, Ga. BS HARMAN, DAVID A. Winter Haven LLB. HARPER, CARLOS E. 536 E. 2 Ave., Gainesville LLB, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Eta Sigma- fresh, schol. HARRELL, AUBREY L. Alachua BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Amer. Soc. of Agrlc. Engr. HARRELL, LARUE W. 951 Wlll St., Lakeland BSA, Alpha Tau Alpha-agric. educ., Kappa Delta Pl-teachers, Phi Eta Sigma --fresh. sch., Exec. Council, Colleglate Chap. FFA-pres., Fla. College Farmer Board-sec.. Theta Chl. HARRELL, MORAY L. Rt. 4, Live Oak BSAG, Lambda Chi Alpha. HARRIS, HEARD The Rock, Ga. BSP SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX HARRISON, CHARLES J. Bahamas Shores Hotel, St. Petersburg BSBA, Phl Eta Slgma-fresh. sch., Beta Gamma Slgma-comm. frat. HARRISON, ZADOL D. 730 Eaton St., Key West BSCE, ASCE-student chap., SISUW Alpha Epsllon. HART, CHARLES R. 2392 W. Beaver, Jacksonville BSME, A.S.M.E., Slgma Chl. HART, LEONARD L. 1285 S. Floral Ave., Bartow BSA, Cavaliers, Phl Delta Theta. HART, MORMAN WM. JR. 705 E. Church St., Bartow BSME, A.S.M.E. HARTLEY, JAMES M. 1533 Adams St., Hollywood BAAR, I.F.C., Delta Chl. HARVEY, JESSE A. JR. llllston W BSBA, Pi Kappa Alpha. HARVEY, JOHN B. 5508 Suwanee, Tampa BSAR, Kappa Sigma-v. pres. HASKINS, HAROLD C Sanford BSBA HASLEY, WALTER F. Ft. Myers BSA HATCHE'1'I', ROBERT T. 418 Seneca St., Sarasota ASME BME, . . . . HAWTHORNE, CHARLES F. Box 1703, Ocoee Agrlc. Club. HAYMAN. JACK C. Box 711, Bartow BSA, Agric. Club, Kappa Alpha HAYNES, JAMES C. 618 Bryant St., Bessemer, Ala. BSBA, Beta Alpha Psl-prof. acct. HAYTER, WILLIE B. Box 536, Leesburg BSA, Thyrsus. HAYWARD, HOWARD J. Flavet III 255-U, Gainesville BSBA HAZELWOOD, HAROLD D. DeFunlak Springs BSED HAZEN, WM. H. Melbourne BSBA, Alpha Psl-prof. acct. Slgma Chl. HAZLETT, WM. I. JR. 801 N.E. 88 St., Miami BSPH, Delta Chi. HEAD, WM. J. Lake Verona, Avon Park BCLE, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-Chem., A.I.C.E.-pres., Sigma Tau-engr., Ben- ton Engr. Councll, Alpha Tau Omega. HEASLEY, ROBERT P. 1636 Delaney St., Orlando BSBA, Real Estate Club, Alpha Tau Omega. HECKERLING, PHILIP E. 3740 S.W. 1 St., Miami LLB, Law Review, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. HEIM, JAMES A. 417 N. Lake Ave., Avon Park BSAR, Newman Club-pres., Gargoyle, Amery Inst. ol' Arch.-Student Branch. 1-IEITZMAN, CATHERINE A. S. Pearl St., Galnesvllle BSBA, Beta Gamma Sigma, Newman Cl., Cavalettes, Alpha Lambda Delta. HELLINGER, WALTER C. 3619 Boone Park, Jacksonville BS, Glee Club, Pre-med. Soc., Alpha Tau Omega. HENDERSON, JAMES M. Box 611, Dade City BSBA, Cavallers. HENRY, BRYAN W. 617 N. Calhoun St., Tallahassee LLB, Delta Theta Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HENRY, ROBERT R. 1956 Adams St., Hollywood BSBA, Phi Delta Theta. HERBERT, JOHN H. 617 Ivy St., Jacksonville BSA, Cavaliers, Glee Club, Sigma Phl Epsilon. HERMAN, HAROLD A. 849 S.W. 37 Ave., Miami BAJ, Hall of Fame, Alligator-mgr. ed., Seminole-Lit. Ed., '47, F Book-Assoc. Ed., '48, Sigma Delta Chl-sec., Cavaliers, Dlxle Party, Fla. Players, Unlv. Press Assoc., F.I.P.A., Orange Peel Staff, Tau Epsilon Phi. HERNDON, JAMES E. 209 E. 4 St., Sanford AB, Fla. Indep. Councll, Ga. Seagle Coop.-pres., Varsity Debate Team, Stu- dent Rellg. Assoc. - sec., Westminster Fellowship. HERSPERGER. SAMUEL JR. 2117 Marjory, Tampa BEE, A.I.E.F.-I.R.E., Benton Engr. Soc., Amer. Leglon-adj. fln. off., Delta Chl. HICKS, THOMAS W. 5625 Alta St., Jacksonville BS, Phl Sigma-phar., Fla. Alligator, Fla. Players, Nat'l Collegiate Players, Young Dem, HIGGINS, JAMES K. JR. Haines City BSA HIGHTOWER, REGINALD G. Box 224, Panama City BEE, AIEE HILL, FRANK R. Gainesville BSEE, IRE-AIEE HILL, WALTER T. 723 Park Dr., Leesburg BAE, Pl Kappa Alpha-v. pres. HINSON, RICHARD B. 636 W. Main St., Gainesville BSBA HINSON, WM. T. 2956 Hackworth St., Ashland, Ky. BSBA, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Beta Alpha Psl-prof. acct., Beta Gamma Sigma-Comm. HIPSON, HARRY H. JR, Box 934, Stuart BSBA, Nu Rho Psi-psycho. frat., Camera Club. HIRSH, JOHN H. Sarasota A. 8: S. HITCHCOCK, WILBUR J. Gainesville BSF HOBBS, JOHN WM. Milton Engr. HODGE. RICHARD D. 36 N.E. 52 Terr., Miami BME, A.S.M.E., Dean's Llst. HOFFMAN, RICHARD G. 234 E. Orange St., Galnesvllle BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. HOGAN, FRANCIS L. Pompano BSE HOISINGTON, RICHARD E. 415 Colson St., Galnesvllle BSFY, Xl Sigma Pl-fy., Forestry Club, Sigma Phl Epsilon. HOLBROOK, GEORGE H. 648 Park Lake Ave., Orlando BSBA, Cavaliers, I.F.C., Theta Chl-sec. HOLDER, CHARLES A. Alachua BSAR HOLLADAY, GEORGE W. Pensacola BSP HOLLAND, WM. B. 1005 S. Broadway, Bartow LLB, John Marshall Bar Assn., Phi Delta Phi, Unlt. World Fed. HOLMES, JOSEPH D. JR. Gainesville ,BSBA HOLT, DAVID R. 3011 Rlverslde, Jacksonvllle BSBA HOLT, DUNCAN M. 3011 Rlverslde, Jacksonville BME, Sigma Tau-engr., ASME. HOLT, MARJORIE S. 4624 Apache Ave., Jacksonville LLB, Phi Delta Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Fla. Law Review. HOLTSBERG, ISIDOR H. 132 N. 12 St., Ft. Pierce EEAG, Phl Sigma-phar., Tau Epsllon HOLTSBERG, JACK S. 99 Courtland Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. BSBA, Cavaliers, Intra-mural mgr.- dorm., Zeta Beta Tau. HOLTSINGER, WALLACE F. 522 S. 1 St., Jacksonville Beach BIE, Fla. Indep. Councll, Amer. Soc. for Adv. of Mgr., Dorm Mon. HOLTZ, CHRISTOPHER WM. Galnesvllle BCE, Sigma Tau-engr., A.S.C.E.,-pres., Benton Engr. Councll, Fla. Eng. Soc. HOLZER, CHARLES P. 539 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. BAE, Alligator, I.R.C., Fla. Indep. Coun- cll, Advertising Club. HOOLEI-IAN, WOODROW C. 3866 Valencla Rd., Jacksonville BSPH HOOTEN, RAYMOND J. Box 216, Florala, Ala. Alpha Kappa Psl-prof. bus., Beta Alpha Psl-prof. acct.-pres., Sigma Phl Epsilon. HORAN, DOUGLAS F. 415 Wolcott Ave., Beacon, N. Y. BSFY, Exec. Councll, Forestry Club, Delta Chl. 384 HORLAMUS. ELIZABETH I. 632 Navarre, Coral Gables BABA, Slgma Kappa. 1-IORNE, HOMER, J. JR. Live Oak BSPA, Cavaliers. HOUGH, ELBERT D. Archer BSE HOUGHTALING, EDWARD L. Jacksonville BSBA HOWARD, EDWIN R. Grand Ridge BSF HOWELL, ALONZO C. 2509 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa BABA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HOWELL, THOMAS C. 4204 Branch Ave., Tampa BSE HOWELL, WM. R. 1831 Mallory St., Jacksonville BSA, Plrates, Alpha Tau Omega. HOWELL, WM. S. Bonlfay ABED HOWLAND, JOSEPH W. Rt. 1, Box 1047. St. Petersburg BSA, Block and Bridle, Camera Club, Fla. College Farmer. HOWZE, JAMES A. JR. 1209 4 St.. Palmetto BSCE, A.S.C.E., Benton Engr. Soc., Phi Delta Theta. HUDSON, AMOS O. Chlpley BSBA HUDSON, CLAUDE W. JR. Hudson BSME, Sigma Tau-engr., A.S.M.E. HUDSON, JOSEPH T. JR. 223 S. 1 St., Jacksonville BAED HUDSON, JUDSON L. Tallahassee BSFY, Forestry Club. HUERTA. MARCELINO JR. 3304 Ybor St., Tampa BSPE, F Club, Football Team. HULL, JOHN W. Galnesvllle BSE HUMPHRIES, JACK B. 34 E. 4 St., Jacksonville BA, Senior Class pres., I.R.C.--pres., Cavaliers, Bd. of Gov., Winner Bd. of Control Orat. Contest, Soc. Club, Jack- sonvllle Club, Alligator-edlt. Bd., Semi- nole Staff, Hall of Fame, State Student Organization, Blue Key Speakers Bureau -Sec., Phi Delta Theta-v. pres. TB Seal Sale-Chmg '46 '47 Red Cross Drlveg WSSF Drlve-Asst. Chmg Campus Chest. HUNTER, DWIGHT H. Galnesvllle BSPE HUNTER, HAZEL B. Jasper BSE HURT, EDWARD H. 1011 Oak Ave., Sanford LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., P1 Kappa Alpha IVEY, HENRY N. 315 N. Madison St., BSA, F.F.A. JACKSON, WM. A. 2126 S. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach BSFY, Forestry Club, Slash Pine Cache Staff, Alpha Gamma Rho. JACOBS, JOSEPHINE B. 20 West Ave., St. Augustine BSE JACOBS, WALTER E. Mlaml BSP JACOFF, NORMAN I. New Rochelle, N. Y. A. 8: S. JAMIESON, GEORGE S. 2345 N.W. Flagler Terrace, Miami BA JARRELL, GEORGE R. 207 W. Genesee, Tampa BSED JARVIS, WARREN T. Madison BSF JAY, ERNEST Panama City A. Br S. JENKINS, DOBLES E. 1152 Ave. 12, San Jose, Costa Rica BCE, Sigma Tau-engr., Los Plcaros, United World Fed., A.S.C.E., Fla. Indep. Councll, Fllm Classics League. JENKINS, JOE C. JR.. 103 N. Bay St., Gainesville LLB, Phi Alpha Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., L'Apache, Phi Delta Theta. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX JETER, EARL W. JR. 609 S. Lee St., Amerlcus, Ga. BSME, Exec. Coun., Slgma Tau-engr.. A.S.M.E., Benton Engr. Council, Camera Club, Alpha Tau Omega. JINKS, CLARENCE L. JR. 925 Oak Ave., Panama City BTIBA, Sigma Nu. JOHNS, BARTON K. f 1223 E. Jean St., Tampa BAJ, Alllgator, Orange Peel, Sigma Delta Chl-prof. Jm., Fla. Appren. Play- ers, Radio Guild, Film Classics League, Cavaliers, Fla. Players, Wrote and dlr. one-act play, "Sequin Smlle", Sigma Chl. JOHNS, THERON Llve Oak A. at S. JOHNSON. BENJ. W. Plant City 231153, Sigma Tau-engr., A.S.M.lfl., Dean's s . JOHNSON, GORDON S. 2314 W. Union, Galnesvllle BSAR JOHNSON, HAROLD R. Box 665, Sarasota BSCE, A.S.C.E. JOHNSON, HENRY D. Box 14, Plerce BSPH, Phl Eta Sigma--fresh. sch., Rho Chl-phar., Mortar and Pestle-sec. JOHNSON, HERBERT S. JR. Palm Beach BAR JOHNSON, JAMES W. 418 Kannga Dr., W. Palm Beach LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., White Frlars, IRC, Young Dem., Phl Delta Theta. JOHNSON, NINA F. 1445 S.W. 13 St., Mlaml BED JOHNSON, RALPH O. Gainesville LLB. JOHNSON. REGINALD B. Ft. Plerce BAR JOHNSON, ROBERT L. 417 East Bay Dr., Largo BSBA, Sigma Phl Epsilon. JOLLY, BLANCHARD E. 5118 Nebraska Ave., Tampa BSAR, A.I.A.-student chap., Real Estate Club, Slgma Chl. JONAS, ARTHUR 849 Mlchlgan Ave., Mlaml Beach BME, Sigma Tau-engr., A.S.M.E., Tau Epsilon Phl. JONES, BROOX J. Trenton BSE JONES. CHARLES M. Break-A-Way Lodge, Sopchoppy BSE, Chalk and Eraser Club, Camera Club, Indus. Arts Club. JONES, DARRELL M. Malad, Idaho BSED JONES, EUGENE E. Box 233, Dade City BSBA, Beta Alpha Psl-acct. JONES, HALWIN L. Cresent Clty Thyrus. JONES. JESSE M. Galnesvllle A. 8: S. JONES, JOHN A. Hastings LLB, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Phl Delta Phl, Fla. Law Review. JONES, JOHN P. 2 Davls Blvd., Davis Island, Tampa BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-bus. ad., Sigma Delta Psi-athl., Varslty Baseball, All- campus, All-City Volley Ball, Gator Vet., I.R..C., Tampa Clulu, Insurance Club- Organlzer, Phl Delta Theta. JONES, JOSEPH B. Cottondale BSE JONES, L. WEATHERFORD Box 123, Mulberry BAAS, Kappa Alpha. JONES, MILTON D. Clearwater LLB, Phl Delta Phl, Fla. Law Review, Kappa Alpha JONES, RALPH F. 1120 1 St. N., St. Petersburg BSAG, Agrlc. Club., Alpha Gamma Rho. JONES, RICHARD P. JR. 1984 Leon St., Gainesville BSAR, Gargoyle-arch. JONES, ROBERT C. Box 233, Dade City BSBA, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psl-sec. JONES, SAMUEL L. JR. Lake City LLB, Delta Theta Phl, Phl Kappa Tau. JOUGHIN, LESLIE E. JR. 3611 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa BSEG, Soc. for Adv. of Mgm., Intra- mural Golf, I.F.C., Kappa Alpha. KALISHMAN, SIDNEY 1618 E. Lakevlew, Pensacola BSBA, Hillel-Rel. Comm., IZFA, Pensa- cola Club, Pl Lambda Phl. KAPLAN. DONALD A. Mlaml Beach BA KATES, GEORGE,W. , 2258 N.W. 58 St., Miami LLB, Phl Delta Phl, Fla. Law Revlew, Coop. Groc.-pres. Honor Court. KAZMIERCZAK, CHESTER. 511 W. University Ave., DeLand BBC, Delta Sigma Phl. KECK, JAMES E. 1586 Naldo Ave., Jacksonville BSAE, Inst. of Aeronautical Sclen. KEEN, WM. R. Merritt Island Engr. KEENAN, HARRY C. Jacksonville BSE KEENE. CARL E. 228 E. Evans Ave., Orlando BSBA, Gator Amateur Radio Club. KEETER, GREENVILLE S. Rt. 2, Box 311, Arcadia BEE, Sigma Tau-engr., AIEE. KEETER, THOMAS E. JR. 507 N, Main St., Rutherfordton, N. C. BSIE, Honor Court Justice, Benton Engr. Council, Soc. for Adv. of Mgm. pres., Fla. Engr. Soc., White Frlars, Slgma Phl Epsilon. KEITH, PAUL RENEAU Rt. 4, Ocala BSBA KEITH, CHARLES E. Ocala Engr. KELLY, AMIS W. JR. 716 S. Orleans Ave., Tampa BSFY, Fy. Club, Young Dem., Phl Delta Theta. KELLY, EARL M. Parrlsh Alpha Zeta--agrl., Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Agrlc. Club, Block and Brldle Club. KELLY, JAMES J. JR. 4754 Crescent St., Jacksonville BSBA KELLY, MARGARET G. Lake Placld A. Sz S. KENNEDY, JAMES E. JR. 2312 Highland St., So., St. Petersburg LLB, Delta Theta Phl, Khl Kappa Tau. KENYON, ALBERT L. JR. Jacksonville BSBA KENYON, THOMAS N. Rt. Il, Box 799, Jacksonville BSEE, IRE, Benton Engr. Soc. . KEYES, ROY B. 406 Gerard, Galnesvllle BAED, Adelphoes Soc. KILLIAN, GEORGE W. Box 391, Dover BS KIMBALL, THOMAS B. Mt. Dora BME KING, CHARLES M. Lakeland BAED, Indus. Arts Society-v. pres. KING. JOHN C. 209 E. Evans, Bartow BSPI-I KING, THOMAS J. Lakeland BSA, FFA-collegiate chap. KINZER, MARJORIE E. AFCIICI' ABED KIRBY, JAMES H. 135 S. "D" St., Gainesville BSBA, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Mllltary Ball Comm., Sigma Nu. KIRKLAND, LYNDON 400 C. Baker Vlllage, Columbus, Ga. BSA . KIRTON, TERRY Rt. 6, Box 42, Tampa BSA, Agrlc. Club, Future Farmers of Amer., Theta Chl. KIVEL, BENNETT 928 Euclid Ave., Mlaml Beach BSA, Phi Eta Slgma, Unlv. Symph. Orch., Hillel, Zeta Beta Tau. KLEIN, EDWARD S. 3045 S.W. 21 St., Mlaml LLB, Tau Kappa Alpha-pres., Unlv. Debate Squad, Unlv. Band, Young Dem., Pl Lambda Phl. KLOEPPEL, WM. E. Box 26, Malabor BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., F.F.A. 385 KNAPP, DOUGLAS M. Tampa BSA KNEPTON, JAMES C. JR. ,407 E. Jefferson St., Thomasville, Ga. BSA KNIGHT, CLARENCE B. 506 N.W. 41 St.. Mlaml BSAR KNIGHT, JOHN R. Gainesville A. Sz S. KNOPKE, WM. C. St. Petersburg LLB, Delta Theta Phl, Adelphos, John Marshall Bar Assn., WRUF staff anncr. KNOWLES, GORDON B. JR. Bradenton LLB. KOENIG, PAUL C. 1210 E. Mohawk Ave.. Tampa BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Rho Chl- phar. KOON, HOUGH W. II St. Petersburg BA KORMANIK, NICK Sneads BSA KOURLOS, LUMBROS 24 Fleyvllle, Trenton, Mlch. Delta Chl. KOWALSKE, RICHARD M. Indlan River Bluff, Melbourne BSBA, Gator Board, Chris. Science Orgn., Phl Gamma Delta. KRAMER, GEORGE S. 105 N, 18 St., Leesburg BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Thyrsus, Kappa Sigma. KRETSCHMER. ALBERT E. JR. Box 1101, Ft. Pierce Band, Sigma Phl Epsilon. KROL, JOSEPH D. 514 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach LLB. KRONE, PAUL R. 1016 S. Blvd., Lakeland BSAR KUGLER. ROBERT H. 3970 Utah St., St. Louis, Mo. BSBA, Delta Sigma Pl--comm. KULWICH, ROMAN Bellevlew BSA Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Alpha Zeta-agrlc. frat., Block and Bridle Club. LACKEY, JOHN P. 1100 Maple, Greensboro, N. C. Student Resident Mgr.-Flavet Vlll. 3, Beta Theta Pl. LAIR, DOZIER T. Llve Oak BAED, Young Dem., Gator Vet., Phl Kappa Tau. LAMB, LAURENCE S. 116 Kirkland St., Palatka BSCE, A.S.C.E., Putnam County Club- v. pres. LAMBROS, RUSSELL 1632 Hubbard St., Jacksonville BSPH LAMPE. RUSSELL A. 4019 4th Ave. S., St. Petersburg BSBA, Seminole Staff, Real Estate Club, Cavaliers, I.R.C., Phl Delta Theta. LANDER, DONALD W. Alturas BSA, Thyrsus. LANDRUM, EVAN P. Brooksville BAED LANE, JAMES F. 816 W. Sligh Ave., Tampa BSPH, Rho Chl-treas., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Mortar and Pestle, Pl Kappa Phl. LANGFORD, BADGER L. Box 13, Limestone Chalk and Eraser Club-orgn. comm., Kappa Delta P1-teachers. LANGSTON, JOHN C. JR. Box 84, Malone BEE, A.I.E.E., Sigma Tau. LANGFORD, ROBERT F. 839 Ardmore Rd., West Palm Beach BSBA LANIER, ROY W. 4215 Granada St.. Tampa LANIUS, FRANK L. Box 13, Venice BSCE LANNOM, OMER E. JR. 1296 Hollywood Ave., Jacksonville BSBC, Beta Theta Pl, LASSATER, HORACE C. 436 E. Central Ave., Lake Wales BSA LATSKO, WM. S. Galnesvllle Gargoyle, F Club. LAURENT, CHARLES K. Bartow BSA, Alpha Phl Omega-serv., Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Agrlc. Club, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Kappa Alpha. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX LAWLER, SAMUEL S. JR. Galnesvllle BSBA, Honor Court Justice, Gamma Slgma Epsilon, Rho Chl. LAYMAN, JAMES H. DeFunlak Sprlngs BSP LAYTON, RUSSELL W. Gainesville LLB. LEA, HOLLIS C. JR. 127 W. 40th St., Jacksonville BSBA LEATHERMAN, JOSEPH F. 818 Quincy St., Lakeland LECLERC, EUNICE R. 1040 Taylor St., Galnesvllle BSBA, Fla. Players, Delta Delta Delta. LEDOUX, JOHN W. Box 613, Clermont BAJ, Slgma Delta Chl-jm., F Club, Varsity Baseball, Fla. Alligator, Theta C . LEE, DIANTHA N. Rancho Nomogo, Fallbrook, Calif. BA LEE, GORDON H. 3007 So. St., Jacksovllle LLB, Delta Theta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. LEE, J. CAIL 715 S.W. 14 Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-comm., Beta Gamma Slgma--comm., Student Body Sec. and Treas., Junlor Class Pres., Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., pres., U. of Fla. Repres. to U. S. Alr Force College Seminar, Summer Elec. Comm.-Ch., Varsity football, Dean's Llst, Alpha Phl Omega-serv., Fla. Blue Key, Hall ol Fame, Kappa Sigma. LEE, MARY JOY 415 W. Market St., Galnesvllle BSPH, Student Body sec. and treas., summer, Exec. Councll, Mortar and Pestle, Kappa Epsllon, F.I.C., B.S.U. LEE, SIDNEY E. JR. 167 N.W. 32 St.. Mlaml BCE, A.S.C.E., Pl Kappa Phl. LEE, WM. C. DOUG. CBIICOHIHBDL BME LEEDY, GENE R. Bartow BSAR, Slgma Alpha Epsilon LEETH, JACK D. Indlanapolls, Ind. BSBA, Sigma Nu. LEIBOVIT, ARTHUR B. 403 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Thyrsus. Agrlc. Club, Tau Epsllon Phl. LEIGH, CLARENCE O. Rt. 2, Box 41, Lake Clty BCE, A.S.C.E., Benton Engr. Council, Sigma Phl Epsllon. LEIGH, LOUIS H. Alachua BSE LEMIRE, EUGENE H. Galnesvllle BSA LEMIRE, FRANK R. Orlando BSA LEMON, RICHARD L. Chattahoochee BSAR LENAS, PETER T. 14048 N. Bayshore Dr., St. Petersburg BSBA, Cavaliers. LENNERTZ, LEON F. ' Kenosha, Wls. BSED, Chalk and Eraser Club, Indus. Arts Assoc. LEONARD, CHARLES Blountstown BSBA LEONARD, JAMES D. 139 Marlne St., St. Augustine BAJ, Phi Delta Theta. LEONARD, STEPHEN V. Tallahassee Engr. LEONARDY. SIDNEY P. Windermere Engr. LEONHARDT, MABLE W. 1318 Dukes Court. Galnesvllle BSPH, Gamma Sigma Epsilon-chem., Rho Chl-phar. LEONHARDT, WILBURN O. 1318 Dukes Ct.. Galnesvllle BSBA, Student Asslst. LETAW, HARRY JR. Coral Gables Leigh Chem. Soc., Gamma Sigma Epsilon -chem., sec., Fla. Indep. Council, Exec. Council, Delta Tau Delta. LETAW. JOYCE W. 600 Bonaventure Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. ABED, Kappa Delta Psl, Chalk and Eraser Club. LEVIN, WILLIAM R. 5050 Sherldan Rd., Chicago, Ill. BSBA, Alligator, Seminole, Young Repub. LEVINE, SIGMUND St. Petersburg BSBA LEVINS. JAMES H. 417 Paradise Ave.. Sarasota BSCE, A.S.C.E., Cavallers, LEVITE, ALBERT I. 838 W. 40 St., Mlaml Beach BSPH, Mortar and Pestle LEWIS. DAVID R. 729 14th St. N., St. Petersburg LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Fla. Law Revlew. Delta Sigma, Zeta Beta Tau. LEWIS, GERALD A. 3668 Boone Park Ave., Jacksonvllle BSA, Theta Chl. LEWIS, LAZAROUS B. 419 E. King St., Quincy Football, Olympians-treas. LEWIS. RICHARD C. lst. N.E. St., Ft. Meade BSA, Alpha Gamma Rho. LINDGREN, ALDEEN H. Galnesvllle BSF LIPPINCOTT, JOHN C. 2749 Vernon Terrace, Jacksonvllle BSBA, L'Apache, Foreign Comm. Soc., Phl Delta Theta. LLANO, ALVARO Avenida 9, No. 10-109, Call, Colombla BA, Los Plcaros, Newman Club, I.R.C. LOCKETT, WM. O. 210 Madison St., Milton BSPH, Mortar and Pestle LOCKWOOD, CHARLES WM. Galnesvllle BSCE, Sigma Tau--engr., A.S.C.E. LONG, HOWARD L. Alachua BA LONG, QUENTIN V. Mlaml LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n.-sec., treas., Delta Theta Phl-v. dean. Cavallers, All Students Party--co.-ch., Mlaml Club-pres., Fla. Blue Key, Honor Court-chan. LOPEZ, CARLOS S. JR. Tampa A. dz S. LOUDON, BENJAMIN F. 891 W. Masonlc, Galnesvllle Engr. LOUIS, ROBERT WORRELL 1166 Florlda Terrace, Galnesvllle BSBA, Kappa Kappa Psl-bk., Alpha Kappa Psl-prof. bus., Band, Sigma Phl Epsllon. LOVE, SAMUEL B. Rt. 4, Box 2, Ocala. BSA, A.S.A.E., Agrlc. Club, I0.F.A., Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Alpha Tau Alpha-agrlc. educ., Alpha Gamma Rho-pres. LOWE, RUTH I. 1272 Edgewood Ave., Jacksonvllle , BSE LUKE, JAMES S. I6 N. 5 St., Fernandlna BSA, A.S.A.E. LYBRAND, NOAH F. JR. Vero Beach Intramural Sports--bowllng. LYON, WM. J. Galnesvllle BSAR McCALL, BENJAMIN F. JR. 2415 Alameda St., Sarasota BSEE MCCALL, ELMER A. Galnesvllle BA McCALL, JAMES F. 6709 N. Orleans Ave,, Tampa BSA, Agrlc. Educ. Club. McCALL, WALTER F. Box 785, Fernandlna Kappa Delta Pl, Exec. Coun., Chalk and Eraser, Pep Club, Cavallers, Pl Kappa Phl. McCANDLESS, ROBERT F. 421 78 St. No., Bergen, N. J. BSCH. Amer. Chem. Soc., Lelgh Chem. Soc., Newman Club, Fla. Indep. Councll. McCARTHY, CHARLES J. Galnesvllle Engr. McCLENNY, JACK A. 523 S. 3 St., Jacksonvllle Beach. BSA, Scabbard and Blade, Int. Rel. Club, U.W.F., Chess Club, Leigh Chem. Soc. MCCORMICK, WALLACE W. Ft. White BSA, Block and Bridle, Alpha Gamma Rho. McCOWN, WM. R. Mt. Dora LLB. Phl Kappa Tau MCDONALD, DEMPSEY R. Archer BSF 386 McEACHERN, NEIL M. 3030 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonvllle BSBA, Sigma Nu McELWAIN. WILLIAM J. , 1102 Hays St., Tallahassee BSFY, Pep Club, Forestry Club, Glee Club, B.S.U. McFADDEN, JOHN F. Jacksonvllle BA McFARLIN, JUDITHE L. 1213 W. Union, Galnesvllle BSE McGHIN, MINNIE R, Lake City BSE McGRATH, MYRTLE J. Florahome BIE McGURN, MAYNARD T. Daytona Beach BIE McINTOSH. RUSSELL H. 12 So. "0" St., Lake Worth LLB, Delta Theta Phl Schol. Award, Phl Kappa Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n.. Fresh. Law Class-pres., Fla. Law Revlew, Phl Alpha Delta, BAE, MA. McKAY, MADISON J. Galnesvllle BSA MCKENZIE, HAROLD L. 315 W. 32 Ave.. Savannah, Ga. BSBA, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., Beta Gamma Sigma-comm., Phl Kappa Phl- schol., A.A. wlth honors. McKENZIE, VICTOR W. 408 S. Rlverslde Dr., New Smyrna Beach BSBA, L'Apache, Alpha Kappa Psl, Pl Kappa Phl. MCKIM, LEON B. Mlaml BA MGKINLEY, PAUL A. 33 Royal Palm Park, Fort Myers BAR, Delta Tau Delta. McKISSON, EARL W. Box 1114, Clearwater BSC!-I, Sigma Chl. McLANE, ELDRIDGE F. II Tampa BSAR McLEAN, JOHN E. 1502 W. 4 St., Palmetto BSA, Block and Brldle Club. KBPPB Slgma. McLEOD, ALEXANDER L. JR. 1-nga Sprlngs BIE, Sigma Tau-engr., Soc. for Adv. of Mgm., Slgma Phl Epsllon. MCLEOD, WALLACE L. Monticello BSP McMULLEN, CHARLES V. 67 Saragossa St., St. Augustlne BSA, Cross Country, Sigma Nu. McMULLEN, CHESTER B. JR. Druld Rd., Clearwater LLB, Phl Delta Phl, Track, Pl Kappa Alpha McMULLEN, JAMES P. 4925 2 Ave. N., St. Petersburg BA McMULLEN, JOHN L. 214 1 Ave. S.W., Largo BSA MCNAMEE, JAMES M. Box 61, Bartow BSA, Agrlc. Club, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Thyrsus. McNEELY, FRED B. 264 15 Ave, N.E., St. Petersburg BSCE, Amer. Soc. Clv. Engr., Phl Kappa Tau-pres. McNIEL, CHARLES L. Rt. 3, Box 178, Brooksville BSBA, Ga. Seagle Hall-sec., treas. McNIEL, JOSEPH M. 207 E. Francls, Tampa A. 8z S. McSWAIN, DANIEL H. DeFunlak Sprlngs BSPH, Band, Mortar and Pestle MACBETH, JOSEPH O. 612 Sweet Bldg., Ft. Lauderdale LLB, Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Assn., White Frlars, Chl Phl MAHON, WM. L. Arllnton Rd., Jacksonvllle LLB, Blue Key, Hall of Fame, Phl Delta Phl, Semlnole-sports ed., Alligator -lntra.ed. Sigma Alpha Epsllon-pres. MAHONEY, JAMES W. 2580 St. John's Ave.. Jacksonvllle LLB, Phl Delta Phl, Law Revlew Bd., Slgma Alpha Epsllon. MAINOR, JUSTUS O. Mllton BAED, Scabbard and Blade. Cavallers, Rlfle Team, Eplscopal Student Vest. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX MALLORY, JOHN M. 5020 S.W, 5 Bt.. Miami MIDDLETON, MADGE P. MOSBY, LEANORD L. Starke Oak Hill BSE BA, FIB.. BI!-le Key, FIB.. Players, LYCBUITA BSCE, Slgma Tau-engr., Kappa Kappa Psl-bk., A.I.C.E.. A.C.S., Band, Chl Phi. MANUEL, FRANK J. 324 E. Jackson St.. Orlando BSBC, Real Estate Clpb, Young Dem., Student Builders Ass c. MARCHMAN, ROBT. H. BEE MAREES. JOHN M. 1638 Hubbard St., Jacksonville LLB, Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Sigma Phi Epsllon-pres. MARKER, CHARLES WM. 1423 W. Court.. Ft. Lauderdale BSPH MARSH, JACKIE T. Box 284, Wauchula BSBA, Cavaliers, Sigma Chl. MARSHALL, ROBERT J. Galnesvllle LLB. MARTIN, JOHN F. 526 N. Franklin St., Gainesville LLB. MARTIN, JOHN H. Washington, D. C. BSEG, A.S.C.E., Delta Tau Delta. MARTZ, THURMAN B. Galnesvllle BSFY, Forestry Club. - MASON, GEORGE R. Jacksonville BAJ MASSEY, GEORGE B. 314 Hillcrest Dr., Lakeland BSEE, A.I.E.E., Kappa Alpha. MASSEY, JACK 907 S.W, 23rd Ave., Mlaml BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. MATSON, JOHN R. 31 W. 19 St., Jacksonville LLB, Delta Theta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. MATTHEWS, JAMES E. 3577 38 Ave. N., St. Petersburg BSED MATTHEWS, RUTH N. 1133 Wolfe St., Jacksonville BSE MAURER, ELMER H. Tampa BSP MAXSON, EDGAR W. St. Petersburg BSP MAY, JOSEPH J. Galnesvllle A.I.E.E., Exec. Councll, Fla. Unlon Bd. of Mgrs., Benton Engr. Soc.-v. pres., Delta Chl. MAYBERRY, DAVID H. Boynton Beach A. Ba S. MAYNOR, JAMES H. Tavares BSE MAYO, WM, D. St. Augustine BA MEADOWS, EDWARD L. 19 W. Evans, Orlando BSAR MEDSGER, OLIVER P. 509 Greely -St., Orlando BSA, Thyrsus, Alpha Zeta. MEE1-IAN. JAMES A. Arlington BSAR MEFFERT, BOBBIE A. Box 330, Ocala BA MEISEL, LEWIS I. 4444 Post Ave., Mlaml Beach BA, Alllgator, Hlllel, Zeta Beta Tau. MELVIN, HERMAN D. Rt. 2, Box 8, Cottondale BSA. Agrlc. Club, Collegiate Ch. F.F.A. MELVIN, JOSEPH E. Milton BB MENDOZA, PETER, JR. 1929 Palmetto St., Tampa BSE, Kappa Kappa Psl-bk., treas., Los Plcaros, Chalk and Eraser, Band. MEYER. JACK L. 1935 S.W. 9 St., Mlaml BME, Amer. Soc. of Clv. Engr., Phl Delta Theta. MEYERS. MICHAEL B. 2100 S.W. 15 St.. Miami BSA, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Band. MICHAEL, CHARLES A. 306 N. Orange Ave., Sarasota BSA, A.E.D., Lambda Chl Alpha. MICHAEL, VICTOR C. Ashtabula, Ohio BSA MIDDLETON, JAMES W. 111 Plckerlng, Mena, Ark. LLB, Delta Theta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n.-exec. coun. MIDYETTE, PAYNE H. JR. 442 McDaniel St., Tallahassee BSA, L'Apache, Block and Brldle, Agrlc. Club, Slgma Alpha Epsilon. MIKELL, RUDOLPH Morrlston BAE, Intramural mgr. MILLER, CHARLES W. 4906 Dryad St., Tampa BSA, Newell Entom. Soc. MILLER. DONALD P. 4906 Dryad Ave., Tampa BSA MILLER, JAMES L. JR. 430 Morrill Sarasota BA, IRC, Young Dem., Unlt. World Fed. -pres., Exec. Coun., Delta Tau Delta. MILLER, ROBERT L. K 540 11 Ave. No., St. Petersburg BSAR MILLER, ROBERT T. 954 Augusta St., Lakeland LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. MILLER, ROSCOE N. JR. Labelle Engr. MILLICAN, GEORGE C. Fernandina BSAR MILLS. JOHN W. 2900 9 Ave. No., St. Petersburg BCE MILLS. RICHARD C. Ft. Lauderdale BCE MINEAR, JUDSON Box 217, Jupiter BSAG, Ag. Club, Pep Club, Block and Brldle Club, Dairy Tech, Kappa Slgma. MINER. DUANE A. 1866 N.W. 26 St.. Mlaml BAED, Dean's Llst, Chalk and Eraser, Mlaml Club, Phi Kappa Tau. MINOR, RICHARD H. . Jacksonville A. dz S., Slgma Phl Epsilon. MITCHELL, ARTHUR J. Lakeland LLB. MITCHELL, FRITZ K. 120 N. 4 St., Fernandina BSBA, Kappa Kappa Psi-bkn., Beta Alpha-prof. acct., Band, Pl Kappa Phl. MITCHELL, MARY E. Llve Oak BSE MOLZ, JOE NELL S. Macclenny BSE ' MONCRIEF, WM. H. 2806 Gladloll Dr., Fort Myers BSAR, I".I.C., Gator Vet. MONROE, EARL S. Box 444, Vero Beach BSA, Sigma Phi Epsilon. MOODY, LONEASE C. Ocala BSE MOONEY, RICHARD E. - 1901 9 St. N., St. Petersburg BA, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phl Alpha Theta, Fla. Union Staff, Young Dem., Amer. Acc. ol' Pollt. Sclen., IRC, Intramural mgr. MOORE, RONALD W. 216Va W. Tenn, St., Tallahassee LLB, Delta Theta Phl, Kappa Alpha. MOORE, WM. I. Williston BSE MORAN, WM. M. Galnesvllle Engr. MORDT, DONALD B. 214 Ora St., Daytona Beach BSBA MORGAN, ANNIE L. Brooker BSE MORGEN, RALPH A. 2624 Nelson Ave., Gainesville BSCE, A.I.CH.E., Benton Engr. Coun., Gamma Sigma Epsilon, F Club, Scabbard and Blade, Athletic Councll, Delta Tau Delta. MORGENROTH, FRED H. 224 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. LLB. MORIE, ROBERT P. 635 50 St., West Palm Beach BSA, Agrlc. Club. MORRISON, CLAYTON A. Zolfo Springs BSME, Sigma Tau-engr., Phi Eta Sigma -fresh. schol., ASME. 387 Council-pres., Honor Court, Sigma Delta Chl-prof. jm., Orange Peel, Gator Growl Comm., WRUF Staff, Hall of Fame, Nat'l College Players, Sigma Chl. MOSES, FRANK H. 417 E. Lemon St.. Lakeland BSFY, Forestry Club, Xl Sigma Pl-fy. MOSES. PHILIP J. 608 N. Alachua, Lake Clty BSFY, Fy. Club, Slash Plne Cach Staff, N.E.S. - MUELLER, JOHN W. JR. 4617 S.W. ll St., Coral Gables BIE, Sigma Tau--engr., S.A.M., Benton Engr. Soc., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MURPHREE. HUGH L. DeFunlak Springs BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. MURPHY. GEORGE G. 2668 Post St., Jacksonville BA MURPHY, JAMES B. 1305 Michigan Ave., St. Cloud BSA, Delta Tau Delta. MURPHY, JOHN L. Mlcanopy A. 81 S. MURRAY, JAMES O. 152 Granada Ave., Ormond Beach BSBA, Pl Kappa Phl. MURRAY. WM. B. JR. 3802 Lynwood Ave., Tampa BSPHA, Delta Sigma Pl--prof. bus., Or- ange Peel, Comm. Flavet III-sec., Delta Tau Delta. MUSCARELLA, FRANK J. 307 Jasmine Way. Clearwater LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Clear- water Club, Young Dem., Skull and Crescent, Phi Kappa. MUSCARELLA, NADINE T. 215 Roux St., Gainesville BSPH MUSSELWHITE. BEULAH M. Jacksonville BSE MUZIO, ORIEN M. JR. 561 Bosporus, Tampa BEE, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. NANESS, CHAS. H. 1028 Collins Ave., Mlaml Beach BSAS, Leigh Chem. Soc.-pres., IRC, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Hlllel Exec. Coun., ROTC-Major. NAUGHTON, DAN A. 417 E. 1 St., Jacksonville LLB, Phl Delta Phi, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. NEALE, WM. J. 299 N.E. 38 St., Miami LLB, Delta Theta Phl, L'Apache, Pl Kappa Phl. NESMITH, JAMES M. Arcadla BSAG, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Adelphoes, Block and Bridle Club, Alpha Tau Omega. NEUBERT, THEODORE E. JR. 3110 Morrison Ave., Tampa BSBA NEVILLE, GLENN E. 1424 Tenth St. W., Bradenton BSAS, Sigma Tau-engr. NEWETT, PAUL E. Leesburg Engr. NEWTON, DONALD E. 2893 Forbes St.. Jacksonville BEE, Beta Theta Pl. NEWTON. MILES H. 2892 Forbes St., Jacksonville BEE, Phi Eta Slgma-fresh. schol.. AIEE- IRE, Gator Amateur Radlo C. NICHOLSON, JAMES D. Havana BSF NIEBRUGGE. HAROLD H. 3518 Corby St., Jacksonvllle BSBA NIELAND, ROBERT B. 530 E. Court St., Galnesvllle BSME, ASME, Phl Kappa Tau. NODINE. WM. E. 1403 N. Rt. Harrison, Clearwater BAAS, CLO, Phl Eta Slgma-fresh. schol., Westminster Fellowship-v. pres., Unlt. World Fed. NORA, JOHN B. JR. 545 37 St., West Palm Beach BBC, Gargoyle, White Frlars, L'Apache, Sigma Phi Epsilon. NORMAN, MURIEL S. Starke BSE NORRIS, JOHN E. Box 86, Branford LLB, Phi Alpha Delta, Cavaliers-v. pres. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX NOURSE, PHILIP G. Box 722, Ft. Pierce LLB, Kappa Kappa Psl-band, Alpha Phl Omega, Inter-frat. Conf., Phi Delta Phi, Slgma Phl Epsllon. NOVAK, ALBERT A. JR. Mlaml BSP NOVAK, JOHN T. 2252 Park St., Jacksonvllle Engr. NOWLIN, ROBERT E. 840 N. Vermont Ave., Lakeland BSA, Amer. Chem. Soc., Leigh Chem. Soc., Pl Mu-pre. med. NUNN, GEORGE L. 1503 Aberdeen, Jacksonvllle Engr. OAKLEY, THOMAS D. Lake Morton Dr., Lakeland LLB, Delta Theta Phl. John Marshall Bar Ass'n. OCONNOR, EDWARD J. 1126 16 Ave. No., St. Petersburg BSIE, SAM. Kappa Alpha. ODENTHAL, LAWRENCE H. Galnesvllle Engr. ODOM, JAMES E. 1324 Spokane St., Orlando BSEE, A.I.E.E. OHARA, RUBY S. St. Petersburg BSE OLDHAM. LELLA O. 1706 Woodmere Dr., Jacksonvllle BSE OLIVER, BURTON E. 210 E. 6 St., Ocala BSA, Slgma Alpha Epsllon. OLIVER, WM. F. JR. Box 215, Baldwln BSFY, Xl Slgma Pl-fy., Forestry Club, Slash Plne Cache. OLLIFF, EUSTACE A. JR. 2792 Forbes St., Jacksonville BSBA, Alligator, Kappa Slgma. OLSON, LUDVIG E. JR. Box 28 Rt. 4, Galnesvllle BAE, Chalk and Eraser, Indus. Arts Club. OMALLEY, PAUL 2761 N.W. 16 Terr., Mlaml BSA, Alpha Epsilon Delta-pre. med., Leigh Chem. Soc., Slgma Nu. O'NEAL, ELLIS H. 1021 No. Morrison, Kokomo, Ind. BME, ASME, Slgma Tau-engr. O'NEAL, JAMES C. Shamrock BEE ONEAL, WM. C. Galnesvllle LLB. ONEILL, WM. G. A Daytona Beach LLB, Fla. Blue Key-sec., Sec. o! Inter., Exec. Coun., John Marshall Bar Ass'n., F Book-assoc. ed., Young Dem., Slgma Phl Epsllon-pres. OSKIN, ERNEST I. 2741 Bayslde Dr. S., St. Petersburg BSCE, Amer. Instl. Chem. Engr., Benton Engr. Councll, Sigma Tau-engr., Amer. Chem. Soc. OSSINSKY, MAX I. 411 Maln St.. Daytona Beach BSBA, Hlllel. OSWALD, DOUGLAS H. 616 N. Caledonla St., Marianna BSA, Senlor Class--v. pres., F Club. OUTLAW, BEVILLE S. JR. 406 S. Walnut St., Starke BSCE, ASCE, Slgma Phl Epsllon. OWEN, JEAN W. Tallahassee LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Kappa Alpha. OWENS, BEATRICE M.. Jacksonvllle BSE OWENS, EMM.ETT L. Rt. 2, Box 33, Lake Clty BCE, Slgma Tau-engr., Scabbard and Blade, Amer. Soc. of Clv. Engr., Slgma Phl Epsllon. OZAKI, CHARLES T. Eau Gallle BSA, Ag. Club, Ga. Seagle Coop. OZAKI, HENRY Y. Eau Gallle BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Agrlc. Club, Thyrsus. PACHECO, FERDIE Tampa BSP, Slgma Phi Epsllon. PALMER, JOHN E. 2630 Park St., Jacksonvllle BAi Debate Club, Glee Club, Pl Kappa Ph . PARKER, CARL G. 3426 Boca Clega Dr., St. Petersburg LLB, Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Alligator. PARKER. GILBERT H. 1015 W. Baker St., Plant Clty BSBA. Delta Tau Delta. PARRISH, DAVID W. 1550 Lavon St., Lakeland BSBA, Beta Theta Pl. PARTIN. MELVIN E. 517 Macy St., Orlando BSEE. Slgma Tau-engr., I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. PATRAY, JAMES WM. Starke A. 8: S. PATRICK, JOHN WM. St. Petersburg BSE PATTERSON, JOHN A. Leesburg BSAR PATTERSON, THEODORE WM. 1848 W. Leon, Galnesvllle BSAR, Exec. Councll, A.I.A., Amer. Vet. Comm., Unlt. World Fed., Fllm Classlcs League. PATTERSON, WM. EARL 307 21 St. S.W., Winter Haven BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl, Brooksvllle Club, Alpha Tau Omega. PATTON, VINCENT D. 674 Ga. Ave., Athens, Tenn. BSCE, AIChE, Alpha Slgma Chl, ACS. PAUL, FRANCES D. Box 124, Orange Lake BAED PAVESE, FRANK A. Ft. Myers LLB, John Marshall Bar Assn., Theta Chl. PAYNE, JOSEPH A. Galnesvllle Engr. PEACOCK, LEONARD M. Rt. 2, Llve Oak BME PEACOCK, ROBERT E. Jacksonvllle BSCE, Fla. Indep. Councll, Amer. Soc. of Clv. Engr., Slgma Tau-engr. Benton Engr. Soc. PEACOCK, STERLING P. 1109 Shepard St., Chattahoochee BSBA, Fla. Union Staff, Slgma Nu. PEARSON, PAUL G. Lake Worth A. 8: S. PEARSON, WM. L. 4650 21 Ave. So., St. Petersburg BAED PEEPLES, LLOYD C. BSPH, Rho Chl-phar. PELLING. STUART B. 2255 Florida Ave. So., St. Petersburg BSE PERINS, PETER WM. 215 Eagle St., Tarpon Springs BSEE, AIEE-IRE. PERKINS, RUBY MAE Mlaml BSE PERRY. BLANCHE B. Jasper BSE PERRYMAN, PIERRE V. 716 N.E. 85 St.. Mlaml BSED, Newman Club, Indus. Arts Soc. PETERSON, ERHART G. 1616 W. Thomas, Galnesvllle LLB. PETERSON, JAMES H. JR. Lakeland Highlands, Lakeland LLB, Inter-frat. Conf., Phl Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Alpha Tau Omega. PETYNIA, WM. W. 140 E. 43 St., Jacksonvllle BSAE, Inst. of Areon. Sclen., Honor Court, Benton Engr. Soc., Benton Engr. Coun., Slgma Phl Epsllon. PEYTON, JOHN T. Jacksonvllle A. 8: S. PHELPS, DONALD O. Box 2209, Galnesvllle BSAR, Delta Tau Delta. PHILLIPS. JOHN A. 3718 San Juan, Tampa BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi. PHILIPS, CHARLES F. 614 Sunset Rd., West Palm Beach BSCE, Amer. Soc. Clv. Engr., Slgma Chl. PHILLIPS, ROBERT M. 1525 Berwick Rd., Jacksonvllle BSAR, Slgma Alpha Epsllon. PHILLIPS, WM. W. 4010 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonvllle BA, Phl Eta Slgma-fresh. scho. PIERCE, JACK W. Mlaml J LLB. PIERSON, RANDOLPH C. Cocoa BSBA PIGOTT, JAMES H. Palmetto BAED, Football and Basketball. 388 PIKE, ALDEN K. Clinton Corners, N. Y. BSBA, Jr. Inter-frat. Conf., Intramural mgr., Chl Phl. PIKE. ROBERT J. 16 Trlnlty Place, Hewlett, N. Y. BSBA PIMM. MAURICE C. 1301 McBerry St., Tampa BEE, AIEE. Benton Engr. Soc., Alr Reserve Assoc., BSU. PINCH. ROY E. JR. 217 Cedar Ave., Tampa BSEE, AIEE, Benton Engr. Soc., Wesley Foundation, Rho Nu Delta KU. of Tamlial. PINK, GEORGE L. Fernandina LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Pl Kappa Phl. PLANT. RICHARD Madlson BSA PLUMMER, DALE C. Galnesvllle BSAR PNIPPS, HARRY W. 1027 S. Dakota Ave., Tampa LLEB, Phl Alpha Delta, Kappa Alpha- se . POLSTON, JAMES 0. Rt. 2, Gracevllle BSME, A.S.M.E. POOLE, STANLEY 4740 Sappho Ave., Jacksonvllle BSCE, A.P.O., Phi Eta Slgma-fresh. schol. A.S.C.E., White Frlars, Exec. Coun- cll, Slgma Tau-engr., Los Plcaros, Beta Theta Pl--president. POOLE, WM. E. 4740 Sappho Ave., Jacksonvllle BSCE, Slgma Tau-engr., A.S.C.E., Los Plcaros, Phl Gamma Delta. POPE, IVA J. Ponce de Leon BAED PORTER, CLARENCE G. JR. 1621 Emerson St., Jacksonvllle BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Phl Kappa au. POST, JOHN R. St. Andrews BSED, Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Presby. Fellowshlp. POTIER, WOODROW P. 2507 N. A St., Tampa BSA, Slgma Chl. POTTS, JOHN T. JR. 4006 Perry St., Jacksonvllle BSCE, A.S.C.E., Slgma Tau-engr. POWELL, CALEB A. JR. 611 N. Blvd., Thomasville, Ga. BSED, Ga. Beagle Coop., Cavaliers, Chalk and Eraser, Fla. Indep. Councll. POWELL, JAMES R. Galnesvllle BSE POWERS, GEORGE B. Jacksonvllle BSLA, Dean's Llst. PRICHARD, LOYD C. 18 Gllllland, Pensacola BAPE, Pirates Club, Exec. Councll, Foot- ball, Majors Club, Frat. Intramural Mgr., Kappa Alpha. PRIDGEN, ILA R. Galnesvllle A. Sz S. PRIDGEN, THOMAS D. 502 N. Florlda Ave., Lakeland BCE, A.S.C.E., Slgma Tau-engr. PRINCE, CHARLES L. 2267 Post St., Jacksonvllle BSBA, Delta Chl. PRINE, EUGLID B. Rt. 4, Plant City BSED PROCTOR, ELIZ. D. BSED PROCTOR, GEORGE L. 735 West St., Jacksonvllle LLB, Fla. Law Review, Debate Club, Hlllel, IRC, Pl Lambda Phl. PROCTOR, ROBERT E. 1040 W. Lime St., Lakeland BSEE, AIEE. Slgma Tau-engr. Benton Engr. Councll. PROTZ, WM. B. 80 E. Flrst St., New York, N. Y. BSME, ASME, Kappa Slgma. PUMPHREY, WM. F. Box 590, Marianna BSA, FFA. PURDOM, ALLEN BRADFORD 1001 W. Bay St., Wauchula BSBA, Semlnole-Features Ed., Pirates, Alpha Tau Omega-treas. PURSER, HENRY WM. Atlantlc Beach BSA PYLE, FRANK L. Daytona Beach LLB. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX RAMBO, CHARLES B. ROLAND, MATHIAS C. SCHNEIDER. AL L. Galnesvllle MHYDOFG Port St. Joe BSBA LLB, Fla. Blue Key, F Club, John Mar- LLB, Delta Phl, Sigma Nu. RASH, JOHN F. Key West BSBA READ, JOHN H. I West Pt., Pleasant, N. J BAJ REEVES. CLARENCE T. 1710 Escort Ave., Tampa BSBA, Beta Alpha Psl. REEVES. VERNON FRANK Okeechobee A. Ba S. REGISTER, GEORGE R. JR. Jacksonville BME REILLY, PAUL E. , Mlaml BSAR REPLOGLE. JOHN J. St. Petersburg BSBA REYES, RAUL L. 800 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. BAJ, Sigma Delta Chl-prof. jm., Cava- liers, All-Student Party-ch. REYNOLDS, JOHN M. JR. 218 S. Main St., Crescent City BAED REYNOLDS. LESLIE E. Reddlck Engr. REYNOLDS. WM. E. 849 4 St. N., St. Petersburg BSBA, F Club, Frat. Intramural mgr., Varsity Track Sz Baseball, Soc. of Spike Shoe, Alpha Tau Omega. RHODES. ROBERT L. Jacksonville BSBA RIDDLE, TRACY L. 24 E. 4 St., Jacksovllle LLB, Adelphos-pres., Gator Vet., Real Estate Club. RICE, WALTER D. 1002 James Ave. S., St. Petersburg BSFY, Scabbard and Blade, Forestry Club, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. RICHARDS, JAMES K. JR. Tampa BSBA RICHARDSON, PAUL E. JR. Hawthorne Engr. RICKETTS. THOMAS S. 1901 Wyoming Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. BEE, Jr. Inter-frat. Conf., A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Kappa Alpha. RIDER, ROBERT H. Pensacola BSA RIGGINS, LEONARD W. JR. 118 W. Maxwell Dr., Lakeland BME, Tennis Team-opt., A.S.M.E., Alpha Tau Omega. RIHERD, JOHN M. Galnesvllle BSP RIMES, JAMES G. 212 6 St. So., St. Petersburg BSPI-I RIVES, HOWARD P. JR. 610 Glenwood Ave., Clearwater LLB, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa Tau. RIVERS, WM. N. 1404 22 St., W. Bradenton LLB, Phi Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Pirates, Alpha Tau Omega. ROANE, HANSFORD G. Kissimmee BSA ROBINSON. CHARLES L. Rt. 2 Box 740, St. Petersburg BSBA, Delta Tau Delta. ROBINSON. JAMES E. JR. 3165 Queensbow A.S., St. Petersburg BSE, Leigh Chem. Soc., Dean's List. RODGERS, ANDREW C. Box 38, Bunnell BAED RODGERS, JOEL T. Tampa Engr. - RODRIGUEZ, NEREIDA C. 3104 N. Rome Ave., Tampa BSPH, Rho Chl Soc.-sec., treas., Kappa Epsilon-pres., Mortar and Pestle. ROGERS, RENE M. Gainesville Engr. ROMEYN, RICHARD J. 501 E. 3 St., Royal Oak. Mich. BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Fla. Indep. Coun., Leigh Chem. Soc., Cavaliers. ROSCHACH, WINTON J. Ft. Pierce BSAR ROSCHUNI, ELLIOTT J. Ortega Forest, Jacksonville BSBA ROSS, JAMES R. 280 Crystal St., Jacksonville BSBA, Phi Kappa Tau. ROSS. LUCILE L. Jacksonville BSE ROSSELLE, FRANCES E. Arlington BSE ROSSER, JAMES C. 12 Rlberla St., St. Augustine BSBA, Phi Delta Theta. ROUZIE. JAMES W. Jacksonville Engr., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RUDASILL, SMITH J. Sebring BSBA, Delta Sigma Pl, Alpha Tau Omega. RUMPH, JAMES Q. High Springs LLB RUSH, JAMES K. Orlando LLB. RUSHING, NAPOLEON B. St. Petersburg BSA RYAN, ARCHIBALD J. 215 S.W. 6 St.. Dania BSBA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAIN, CHARLES H. - Rt. 2, Morrison, Tenn. BCE, Sigma Tau-engr.. ASCE-v. pres., Benton Engr. Council, Kappa Alpha. SAMUEL, JOHN A. 2061 Morrison Ave., Lakewood, Ohio BSME, A.S.M.E., Sigma Tau-engr. SANCHEZ, ALDON B. Galnesvllle BSA SANDS, STEPHEN R. I Gainesville BA, Fla. Players, Nat'l Collegiate Players. SASSER, JAMES B. JR. 618 Ivy St., Jacksonville BSIE, Soc. of Adv. Mgm., Phl Kappa Tau. SAVARY. DONALD L. JR. Box 172, Inverness A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Sigma Chi. SAWYER, JAOHN A. Ft. Myers BSAR SCHEAFFER, VIVIAN L. Normandy Isle, Miami Beach LLB, Law Reviews Bd., John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Los Plcaros, Alligator, Young Dem., Miami Club, Hillel, Alpha Epsilon Phl. SCHEEL. CURT C. Gainesville BSAR SCHEEL. JOHN P. 2816 Dellwood, Jacksonville BSBA, Gator Vet., Phi Delta Theta- sec., v. pres. SCHENKEL, GILBERT J. J acksonvllle BSF SCHICKLER. WM. F. JR. Toledo, Ohio BME, Delta Tau Delta. SCHIESSWOHL, ROBERT C. Ponte Vedra Beach BSBA, Kappa Sigma. SCHINE, JEROME A. 1118 Edmunds St., Leesburg BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct., Tau Epsilon Phi. SCHMIDT, EARL H. Kissimmee BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Cavaliers. SCHMIDT, JOHN D. Sloatsburg, N. Y. BCE SCHMITZ, JOHN H. JR. 6355 N.E. Miami Pl., Miami BSAR 389 shall Bar Ass'n., Student Pub. Rel. Comm., Tau Epsilon Phl. SCHROEDER, ERICH G. 301 Plymouth Rd., West Palm Beach BSA, Slgma Alpha Epsilon. SCHUH, NILES F. JR.. 8851 Stewart Ave., Miami BSEE, I.R.E.--A.I.E.E., Intramural Hand- ball, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SCOTT. JACK H. 710 38 Ave. So.. St. Petersburg BSA, Nu Rho Psl-pshcho. SCOTT, JAMES H. 94 N.E. 93 St., Miami BSBA SCOTT, LEE H. 1627 Green St., Tallahassee BSEE, A.I.E.E., Beta Theta Pl. SCOTT, MARJORIE Clermont BAE SCOTT, ROBERT K. Orlando BSBA, Gator Pep Club-pres., Exec. Coun., Alpha Kappa Psi, I.F.A.-pres., Fla. Blue Key, Varsity Party Rep., Cal. Inves. Comm.-ch., White Frlars, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SCOTT, WM. R. 94 N.E. 93 St.. Miami LLB, Football mgr., F Club, Phi Delta Theta. SCRUGGS, JAMES D. Madison BSFY SCRUGGS. WM. M. JR. Monticello BSA, Florida Blue Key, Block and Bridle, Chalk 8: Eraser, Amer. Legion- pres., Cavaliers, Young Dem. SEARING, EUNICE P. Starke BSE SEERNA, EUGENE F. Frostproof LLB, Delta Theta Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau- engr., Phl Eta Sigma-fresh. sch., John Marshall Bar Ass'n. SEIBERT, RICHARD F. Gainesville LLB, Phl Delta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Phi Kappa Sigma. SEIBERT, WM. H. 326 N. Perry St., St. Marys, O. BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi-prof. bus., Cavaliers. SELLERS, EURUS G. JR. Wauchula BSE SELLERS, LAWRENCE E. Box 262, Arcadia BSA, F.I.C. SENTERFITT, JAMES H. 201 13 St., DeFunlak Springs BSA SESSIONS, WAYNE F. St. Petersburg BSAR, Executive Council, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SGANGA, FRANCIS T. Gainesville BSA SHAFOR, GORDON F. Herrin, I11. BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. SHARP, JAMES J. 2825 Oak, Jacksonville BA, Sigma Delta Chl--prof. jm. SHAW. FRANK R. Orlando LLB. SHEARER, ROBERT B. 2636 S. Veltch St., Arlington, Va. BSBA, Cavaliers, Student Vestry-Epls. Chapel, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SHEDRICK, JACK W. Midnight Pass, Sarasota BSCE, Newman Club, Kappa Sigma. SHEFFIELD, JOHN M. Box 208, Ocala BAED, Nu Rho Psi-psychol., F.I.C., Chalk and Eraser Club. SHELOR, EDGAR G. JR. Forest Dr.-Glendale, Tallahassee BSEE, Kappa Alpha. SHEPPARD, MILES H. Starke, BSFY, Tau Alpha Nu, X1 Sigma Pl-for. Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Newell Entom. Soc. SHEPPARD, WALTER B. Gainesville BSP SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX SHEPPARD, WALTER O. Fort Myers , LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass n-.' Kappa Alpha. SHIELDS. LEWIS S. 1250 Gerard St., Galnesvllle BCE. SHIENFEL2, ELLIOT l Ig: ylrlg? Blue Key, Unlv. College Decla- matlon Award, Gr. Nat'l Forensic Tltle. waur' staff, P1 Lambda Phl. SHOENBERGER. FRED r.. Galnesvllle BSA SHUBRICK, EDMUND T. 7024 Central Ave., St. Petersburg . LLB, Delta Theta Phl. Phl Kappa PS1- SHUPE.HPAIik G. Lake am on BSEE, A.I.E.E.. Seminole Staff, YOUIIE Repub. Club, Glee Club. Phl Gamma Delta. SIEGEL. ALBERT G. Mlaml Beach A. Ba S. SIEMEN, HARRY A. 1115 McKinley Ct., Jacksonville BSEE SILVER. LEONARD 744 West St., Jacksonville ' LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass n.. Hillel -pre5,, T811 EDSIISOII Phl. sIMMoNs, JERRY P. JR. 2318 Prairie Ave.. Miami Beach BSAR, Gargoyle, Cavaliers, Chl Phl- treas. SIMMONS. MARTHA B- Archer BSE. srMPsoN, ROBERT F. 1271 Belmont Terr., Jacksonville BSFY, Forestry Club, Phl Delta Theta- SIMS, ARTHUR J. S. Beach Rd., Hobe Sound LLB, John Marshall Bar Ass'n.. Delta Theta Phl, Honor Court-clerk, Young Dem., Fla. Party-sec. treas., Exec. Comm. All stud. Party. SIMS. JAMES H. 3705 Darwln St., Tampa BA, Baptlst Student Union. SINGLETON. PAUL G- BSBA, Pirates, Gator Vet. Assoc.. Air 2816 Terrace Dr.. Tampa Reserve Assoc. IRMONS, RAYMOND L. S918 24 Ave. No.. Sl- Petersburs BSBA SKILLMAN, FRANK M. Galnesvllle Engr. SKILLMAN. JOSEPH H. 374 W. McCormick St., Galnesvllle BSEG, A.S.C.E., Benton Engr. Soc.. Slgma Tau-engr., Camera Club. SKINNER, CHARLES B. Rt. 11, Box 105. Jacksonville BsA, Agrlc. Club. Phl Eta Slsma-fresh schol., Phl Delta Theta. SKIPPER. CECIL P. 17 W. Circle St., Avon Park BSA, A.S.A.E, Slgma Phl Epsilon. I sLAGsvor.., THOMAS F. 2251 6 Ave. No., St. Petersburg BEE, A.r.E.E. SMATHERS, BENJAMIN F. t, N. J. Ibgggagator Party--chm., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SMITH, AUGUSTUS V. 1153 Drew St., Clearwater BA, Alpha Phl Omega-pres., sec. Alpha Kappa Psi, Lang and Llt. Club, I.R.C., Dean's List, Slgma Chl. SMITH, DANIEL C. 1723 Rose Ave.. Belleair BSPH, Rho Chl-phar.. Mortar and Pestle. SMITH, DON C. 44 Oakwood Rd., Pittsburgh, Penn. BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-bus. frat. SMITH, EDWIN H. Reddlck BSF SMITH, FRANK A. Galnesvllle BSME, Alpha Tau Omega. SMITH, GEORGE C. 6330 N.E. 5 Ave.. Mlaml LLB, Delta Theta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Sen. Law Class-treas., Exec. Council, Cavaliers-pres., Young Dem., Mlaml Club, IRC. SMITH, HENRY F. Palatka BFA, Kappa Delta Pl, Gargoyle, Cava- liers, Flne Arts Club, ' SMITH, LEON J. JR. 12 E. Duval St., Jacksonville BSA, Nu Rho Psi-psychol., Slgma Alpha Epsilon. SMITH, LEONARD F. JR. Starke BSF, Forestry Club. SMITH, MILO M. 3616 Oblspo St., Tampa BAR. White Frlars, Gator Vets, I.R.C., Phl Delta Theta. SMITH, PAUL H. Welborn BSE SMITH. ROBERT S. Mlaml A A. Ez S. SMITH. ROBERTS C. JR. 1768 W. Church St., Galnesvllle BA, Alr Reserve Officers Tr. Corps., R.O.T.C. Rlfle Team. SMITH, RONALD E. 609 W. Platt St.. Tampa BSBA, F.I.C.. I.R.C., Seminole Staff, Gator Vet. Club, Young Dem., Insur. Club, Scabbard and Blade. SMITH, STANLEY W. 1907 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville BSEE, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Slgma. SMITH. THEODORE A. JR. BSA SMITH, THOMAS P., JR. Tam a p . A. Bz S. SMITH. WM. R. JR. 608 W. Reynolds. Plant City LLB, Exec. Councll, Law Review Bd., Phl Delta Phl, Plant City Club-pres., Slgma Alpha Epsilon. SNARR, LOREN G. 1800 Country Club Prado, Coral Gables BSBA, Bachus, Whlte Frlars, Slgma Phl Epsilon. SNELL, ROY J. 455 10 Ave., N.E., St. Petersburg QISCH, Amer. Chem. Soc., Leigh Chem. oc. SNIATOWSKI, ALEXANDER 40 Tlemann Pl., New York, N. Y. BSBA, Beta Alpha Psl. SNOW, ROBERT H. 1303 13 Ave., Bradenton BSBA, Delta Slgma Phl. SOLBERG. GEORGE W. Coral Gables BSCH, Scabbard and Blade, Slgma Chl. SOLER, ENRIQUE R. Luna 27, Ponce, P.R.' . BAR SOUTHERLAND, WM. R. ' 401 W. Maln Bo., Galnesvllle BSME, A.S.M.E. SOUTHERN, JIM E. 10760 N.E. 2 Ct., Mlaml BSBA, Beta Alpha Psl. Chl Phl. SPARKMAN, JOSEPH M. . Fort Whlte BSE SPARKMAN, WM. L. Box 86, Fort White BSFY. Forestry Club. SPROTT, ARTHUR L. Lakeland Engr. SPROUL, CLARENCE C. Hollywood BSAR, Gargoyle. STADLER. ALBERT Galnesvllle BSAR STAINTON, WM. G. Prescott, Ark. BSF STAMATHIS, NICK E. Orange St.. Tarpon Springs BSBA, Alpha Kappa Slgma-v. pres., Gator All-student Party-ch., Young Dem.-Bd. of Gov.. Fla. Indcp. Coun., Cavaliers. STALLINGS. GEORGE B. JR. Jacksonville LLB. STANFORD, JOHN W. 908 Ocean Dr., Pompano Beach BSA, Alpha Epsilon Delta--pre-med., Gator Pep Club, Slgma Nu-sec., v. pres., pres. STANLEY. DORIS L. Galnesvllle A. Sz S. 390 STANSBURY, GRAHAM P. 4832 18 Ave. No., St. Petersburg LLB, Phl Delta Phl, Phl Kappa Tau. STATHIS. ANTHONY L. Arcadla BS STEELE, HERMAN A. 1146 E. Maine. Lakeland BSEE, Phl Eta Slgma-fresh. sehol., A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.-treas. STEGER, THEODORE R.. 2516 Post St., Jacksonville BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. STEIN, ROBERT J. 3150 18 St. No.. St. Petersburg BSA STEINLEN, ADOLPH L. Box 556 Rt. 5, Tampa BME, A.S.M.E., Slgma Tau-engr. STEPHENS. FOY W. Largo BSPE. Olympian Club, Slgma Delta' Psl. STEPHENS. JOHN WM. Box 1241, Panama City BSED STEPHENS, ROBERT w. 1244 W. Union, Galnesvllle BAR, Adelphos Masonic Club, Alpha Gamma Rho. STEPHENSON, ALEXANDER 1846 River Rd., Jacksonville BSBA STERN, LEON ' Bernardsvllle, N. J. BSPH STEVENS, JOHN P. 4244 Baltic St., Jacksonville BSAR, Pl Kappa Phl. STEVEN. WM. R. Pensacola BSFY, Forestry Club STEWART. CYRUS Q. 1808 Lynnwood Ave., Ft. Myers BSME, A.S.M.E. STEWART, EDWIN H. Jacksonville Engr. STEWART, EDWIN 'P. Galnesvllle A. 8a S. STIGGINS, HILL Maitland BAAR, Gargoyle. STOKES, RICHARD A. Mohawk BSFY, White Frlars, Bachus, Forestry Club, Theta Chl. STONE, ASBURY M. Lake Worth LLB. STONE, CARL E. Jacksonville BSME, Alpha Epsllon Delta-pre-med., Nu Rho Psl-psychol. STONE, ERWIN E. Lynn, Mass. BSP STORMS, DON A. JR. Plant Clty BSA STRICKLAND, SYLVAN W. 523 Glenview Dr., Tallahassee LLB, Phl Alpha Delta. STRINGFELLOW. ARTHUR K. Galnesvllle BSAR STUBBS. DAN H. 1921 Perry Place, Jacksonville LLB, Delta Theta Phi, John Marshall Bar Ass'n. STUBBS. WM. A. Miaml Beach BSA ISTUHL, LEE A. 227 Phoenetla, Coral Gables BEE, Slgma Tau-engr. hon., A.I.E.E., Kappa Slgma. SUAREZ, BENNIE J. 2311 Nebraska Ave., Tampa BA, Los Plcaros, F Club, Ga. Seagle Coop., Cavaliers, Indep. Shuflleboard Champ. SUAREZ, JOSE R. 1019 El. Columbus Dr., Tampa BSA, Los Plcaros, Cavallers. SUGDEN, JAMES A. JR. 4184 Baltic St., Jacksonville BSEE SUMMERS, NEVIN M. Providence BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi-prof. bus. SUMMERS, ROBERT D. 226 So. Columbia St., Lake Clty BSBA SENIOR ACTIYEFY INDEX sU'r'roN, CHARLES A. JR. TOMLIN. ROBERT F. Knights Plant City Engr. LLB. 5wANsoN, s'rANLEY E. TOMPKINS. GERTIE H. Pierson gggvfd Bama, 1.a.E.-A.1.a.s:. I TAMARGO. JOE J. f 2510 Main St., Tampa BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi-prof. bus., Gator Vet.. Kappa Sigma. TAMM. HENRY N. JR. 2517 Palmetto Ave.. Sanford BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct.. Cavallers. TANNER, ROBERT E. JR. ln 2ggwDelta Theta Phl, Delta Tau Delta. TARPY, WM. A. Quincy BSBA . TARVER, CLAUDE P. 1524 Dunsford Rd.. Jacksonville BSA TARVER, EDWARD J. JR. 1206 Belvedere Ave.. Jacksonville BSBA, Bacchus, White Friars. Alpha Kappa Psi-prof. bus., Kappa Sigma. TATELMAN, STANLEY G. 4301 S.W. ll St.. Mlaml BSA, Fresh. Key Award, Alligator, Hillel, Cavaliers, Nu Rho Psi, Seminole, Amer. Psyc. Assoc.-student. Pep Club. THU Epsilon Phl. TAYLOR, CHARLES E. Gainesville BSA, Agric, Engr. Club. Agrlc. Club. TAYLOR.. CLAUDE JR. Jacksonville BSBA TAYLOR, DOUGLAS C. 809 21 St., Bradenton BAE TAYLOR, PETER J. T. TAMPA BSBA TAYLOR, THOMAS P. 1726 Meade Ave., San Diego, Calif. BAPE, Majors Club, Spike Shoes Club. Debate Soc., Delta Tau Delta. TEAGUE. SAM E. JR. 1004 E. Park Ave., Tallahassee BSBA, Kappa Alpha. TERRANA, JACK D. Tampa Engr. TERRELL, FRED F. JR. 116 Adriatic Ave.. Tampa BSBA. Alpha Phi Omega-service, Cata- llers, Sigma Chi. TERRELL, HARRY C. Ocala BBSA TERRELL, NOBLE K. 3004 Hawthorne Rd., Tampa BSFY, Forestry Club, Delta Tau Delta. TEW, JAMES A. 200 Avocado Ave., Sanford BSCE THIEL, WM. A. 1465 Bath Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. BAPE, Exec. Coun., F Club. THOMAS, MERVIN E. Gainesville BAE THOMPSON. HARRY J. Jacksonville BSP THOMPSON, JULIAN B. Quincy BSFY, Forestry Club. THOMPSON, SAMUEL M, JR. Conner BSEE, AIEE-IRE. THRONE. JOHN M. 1553 Jefferson, Mlaml Beach BA TILLER, WARREN 0. Orlando BSBA, Football Squad, Real Estate Club. TILLIS, MONTE J. Bartow LLB. TIMMONS, DOYAL ED. JR. Rt. 3, Box 291, Gainesville BSA, Ag. Engr. Club. TODD, ROBERT E. 2611 S.W. 12 St., Miami BSAR TOFT, PATRICIA A. 515 9 Ave., Palmetto BA, Cavalettes, Zeta Tau Alpha. TOLLERSON, JAMES C. TONEY, ROBERT L. 1828 Ill. Ave., Orlando BIE, Sigma Tau-engr., Soc. for Adv. Mgm.-v. DIES., Benton Engr. Council, Lambda Chl Alpha. ' TOOKE. JOSEPH C. Box 1413, Fort Myers ' BA TORRANCE. HAROLD R. 1636 Delaney St., Orlando BSA. Alpha Tau Omega. TOWNSEND, KENNETH G. Brooksville S BSA , 0 TOWNBEND, THOMAS J., JR, Lake Butler Engr. TRAGER. JOYCE 608 Bostwlck Ave., Daytona Beach BSBA, Cavalettes. TRAMMELL, CLYDE G. JR. 1018 Comeau Bldg., West Palm Beach LLB, Phl Delta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Sigma Nu. TREADWAY, EARL G. , Tavares ' BSBA TRICE. WM. B. JR. 611 Palmetto St., New Smyrna Beach BAED, Adelphos, Chalk and Eraser, Delta Tau Delta. TROBAUGH, ERNEST E. Pensacola BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct. TROTMAN, WM. I. DeFun1ak Springs BSE TROTTER, IRENE G. Atlantic Beach BSE TRUETT, JAMES C. Tallahassee LLB. TRUMM, HOWARD W. Leesburg A. Bz S. TRUSHIN, THEODORE M. 116 E. Jefferson, Tallahassee BSPA, Fla. Players, Fla, Indep. Coun., Cavaliers. TUCKER, WM. D. 145 3 Ave., St. Petersburg BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psi, Cavaliers, Real Estate Club, Inter. Rel. Club. TUCKETT, NORMAN L. R. JR. Mount Dora BSEG, ASCE, Bacteriology Club, Dairy Science Club, Delta Tau Delta. TUREGANO, STANLEY E. 5011 Prytania St., New Orleans, La. BA, Vagabonds, Cavaliers. TURNER, HEYWOOD A. 5002 Branch Ave., Tampa BEE, Alpha Tau Omega. TURNER, THEODORE C. 308 Rldgewgood Ave., Allandale BSBA TYLER, HERBERT WM. JR. Melrose BSA UNDERWOOD. HERBERT L. 229 Hogan Bt., Jacksonville ABA UPCHURCH, HAMILTON 14 Nelman Ave.. St. Augustine BSBA, Alpha Kappa Psl-prof. bus., Phl Delta Theta. VANDYKE. CARROLL E. Gainesville BSA VANEEPOEL, EDWARD F. Tampa A. 8: S. VANMALSEN. WESLEY W. 1611 Aberdeen, Jacksonville BA, Fla. Indep. Council. VANNETTA, ALBERT W. Box 858, Hallandale BSA, Lambda Chl Alpha. VANPELT. HOWARD M. Gainesville BSF VANSTEENBURG. TED E. 308 E. Park Ave.. Orlando BEE, Cross Country Team, Pep Club, VEAL. FRED D. 2813 Oak St., Jacksonville BSBA. Kappa Sigma. VEGA, ISIDORO S. 2021 9 St., Tampa BSBA VENNING. SELBY G. Miami Engr. VICKERS. CHARLES R. Box 197, Ocala BSBA. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VICKERS, MOSCO A. 1219 E. Boundary, Gainesville BSBA VICKERY, W. VANBUREN 2428 S.W. 18 St., Mlaml LLB. VIDAL. JOHN A. 1156 Masonic St.. Gainesville BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. VINCENT, PAUL E, .ggilrsonwillllle . AD a Epsilon Delt- . d. PTUS.. Leigh Chem. Soc. R pre me VOYLES, JAMES W. Polk City LLB. Phl Delta Phi. WADE. CHARLES A. 1507 East LaRue St., Pensacola LLB. Phi Delta Phi, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Debate Team, Kappa Sigma. WADLEY. FREDERICK F. Tampa f ABA. Scabbard and Blade WALKER. ALBERT G. 3849 Walsh St., Jacksonville BSBA, Beta Alpha Psi-acct. WALKER, DONALD R. 635 N. 4 St.. Ft. Pierce BSBA. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WALKER. EUGENE L. Palatka BSPH WALKER. JUDSON B. JR. Orlando BAED, Chalk and Eraser, Intermural Bridge Trophy. Intercol. Bridge Team, Intercol. Billiard Team, P1 Kappa Phi.. WALKER, KARL J. JR. 891 W. Masonic Ave.. Gainesville BSA. Amer. Chem. Soc.. Leigh Chem. Soc.. Glee Club. - h WALKER, RICHARD J. ' 4229 Pearl St., Jacksonville WALKER. WM. R. III Jacksonville BSED. Exec. Coun., Seminole Staff, Kappa Delta Pl-educ., Cavaliers. IRC, Chalk and Eraser, Sigma Chl. WALKER. WM. ST. GEO. Jacksonville LLB. WALLACE. IVAN H. JR. 832 Florida Ct.. Gainesville BSBA WALLACE. VAN E. JR. 6913 N. Brevard, Tampa BSE WARD. ROBERT L. West Palm Beach BSED, Delta Tau Delta. WARFIELD, RICHARD P. Pensacola LLB, Phi Delta Phl, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., P1 Kappa Alpha. WARFORD, EARL F. 1538 S.W. 3 St.. Miami LLB, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Phi Delta Phl, Fla. Law Review Staff, Debate Team, Inter-frat. Conf., Chl Phi. WARNER. DALE A. Gainesville A. 6: S. WARREN, GERALD E. Box 41, Auburndale BSBC, Student Builders Assoc. WARREN, JAMES T. Sebring BSPH, Mortar and Pestle. WATERS, JOHN C. Alachua BABA WATKINS, PIERCE B. Palatka BSBA, Real Estate Club, Insur. Soc.. Put- nam County Club. WATSON, LUCIEN W. JR. Marianna BSPH, Mortar and Pestle Soc., Exec. Council, Wesley Foundation. WATSON, WM. A. ' Columbus, Ga. Bacchus, White Frlars. Sigma Phi Palmetto BSA Epsilon. BSCE, Benton Engr. Soc., ASCE-treas. 391 SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX WEATHERS. WM. W. 1131 E. Tuscawllla, Galnesvllle BSA, Agric. Club, F.F.A. WEAVER, CUR'I'IS A. Box 313, Boynton Beach BSA, Dairy Tech Club, Scabbard and Blade, College Farmer Bd., Kappa Sigma. WEAVER, FREDERICK 709 S. Summerlln St., Orlando BSBA WEAVER, LEON F. Tallahassee LLB. WEBBER, IRVING L. Jacksonville BA, Sociology Club. WEIGEL, WALTER W. Elkton A. 8z S. WEINSTEIN, BERYL J. 1515 Morco Pl., Jacksonvllle BSBA, Pl Lambda Phl. WEINSTEIN, CHARLES E. 536 14th St., Mlaml Beach BSA, Amer. Chem. Soc., Lelgh Chem.. Press Club, Alllgator, Amer. Soc. of Bacteriology. Hillel. WEINSTEIN, HERBERT M. 2559 Post St., Jacksonvllle BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Pl Lambda Phi. WEINSTEIN, NAOMIE S. 126 W. 12 St., Sarasota BAED, Kappa Delta Pl-educ., Delta Phi Epsllon. WEINSTEIN, RICHARD S. Norwalk, Conn. LLB, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., Pl1l Alpha Delta. WELLS. JOEL D. 43 Gatlln Ave., Orlando BSEE, Sigma Tau-engr., I.R.E.-A.I.E.E., Phi Eta Slgma-fresh. schol. WELLS. LARBAN A. ' Rlvlera Beach BSBA, Delta Tau Delta. WELLS, STAFFORD L. Clearwater BSA WELSH, LILLAH N. Sanford BSE WENZEL, GUSTAVE G. 408 E. Church St., Galnesvllle BA, Sigma Alpha Epsllon. WEST, DARYL W. Rt. 4, Ocala BSPH, Mortar and Pestle, Glee Club, Pl Kappa Alpha. WEST, GEORGE D. 640 Herman St.. Jacksonvllle BSED, Kappa Delta Pl-teachers, Sigma Phl Epsllon. WESTBERRY, FELDER L. Jacksonvllle BAED WETHERINGTON, DAVE W. Jasper BSAE WHARTON. W. C. JR. Greenwood, S. C. BSAR WHEELER, DONALD E. Hawthorne BSFY, Pep Club, Glee Club, Forestry Club, P1 Kappa Alpha. WHEELER, GEORGE C. 1018 Carlo St.. Jacksonvllle BSA, Sigma Chi. WHIDDON, WM. P. 131 N.W. 24 Ct., Miami BAAR, A.I.A. WI-IITAKER, FRANK K. Galnesvllle LLB, Cavaliers. WHITAKER, FURMAN C. 2112 Watrous Ave., Tampa BSIE, Soc. Adv. Mgm., Kappa Alpha. WHITE, BERNIECE S. Bartow BSE WHITE, ELGIN F. JR. 4739 Post St.. Jacksonvllle BA, Exec. Council, Alligator-mgr. ed. Press Club, Glee Club, Sigma Delta Chi -prof. Jm., Univ. Corres. Jax Journal, Board of Student Publications. WHITE, GRAHAM V. Crescent Clty BSIE WHITEHURST, LEON JR. Brooksville LLB, Phi Delta Phi, Honor Court-clerk, chancellor. WHITEHEAD. CHARLES W. 1719 Richardson Pl., Tampa BSED WHITMORE. THEODORE E. Winter Park BSA, Agrlc. Club, Kappa Sigma. WHITTEN, LOCA J. Lake Butler BSE WHITTINGTON, WILLIS A. Haines City BSED, Student Senate, Ath. Councll, Football, Varsity Bsb. WICKER, GEORGE E. 1250 W. Court, Gainesville BSEG WIGELIUS, FRANK E. 1349 W. Cypress, Galnesvllle LLB, Delta Theta Phi. WIGGINS, AVIE K. Jacksonvllle BSE WIGGINS, BENJAMIN F. Llve Oak BSA. ASAE. WIGGINS, ELDON G. Orlando LLB. WILDS, JOHN E. Ocala BSA WILES. GEORGE R. St. Augustine BSED, Phl Delta Theta. WILKINS, WOODROW W. Pensacola BSAR WILKINSON, JEWELL A. Chlefland BAED WILLAUER. CHARLES 1-I. JR. Quakertown, Pa. BIE. S.A.M. WILLIAMS, ALBERT R. JR. 1416 E. Jackson St., Pensacola BSBA, Pl Kappa Alpha. WILLIAMS, CHARLES B. Tampa BAED, F Club. WILLIAMS, DEAN H. JR. 5219 Fremont St., Jacksonville BME. ASME. WILLIAMS. EDWARD R. Mayport BCE, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., A.S.C.E. WILLIAMS, HENRY J. JR. Day BSBA, Glee Club, Cavaliers. WILLIAMS, HERBERT A. 406 E. Francis Ave.. Tampa BSA. Kappa Kappa Psi-band, Thrysus, Sigma Nu. WILLIAMS. JAMES K. JR. 1048 N.W. 17 Ave., Mlaml BA, Young Dem., Camera Club, Mlami Club, Mlaml Club, Pan Amer. Club, Inter-frat. Conference, Alligator. WILLIAMS, JOHN R. 1184 E. Oddiellow St., Gainesville BSBA WILLIAMS. WALTER D. Gainesville Engr. WILLINGHAM. JAMES W. 630 Willow Branch, Jacksonvllle BSFY, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Sigma Pl- forestry, Exec. Council, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Gamma Rho. WILLIS. JAMES A. JR. 4348 Baltic St., Jacksonvllle BSPA, Pl Kappa Phl. WILLS. CLINTON E. Plne Castle BSEE, Sigma Tau-engr., IRE-AIEE. WILLSON, JACK S. JR.. 155 Worth Ave., Palm Beach BSAR, L'Apache, Gargoyle, Sigma Chl. WILLSON, DALTON L. Plant Clty BSA WILSON, EDGAR A. Ft. Myers BSAR, Gargoyle. WILSON, MILDRED S. Jacksonvllle BSE WILSON, STANTFORD, R. JR. 2137 S.W. 17 St.. Mlaml BA, Pre-Med. Club, Kappa Sigma. WILSON, WALTER B. Gainesville Engr. 392 WING, ROBERT E. Center Hlll BSA, Phl Eta Slgma--fresh. schol. WINGER, ROBERT M. Haines Clty Engr. WIRTH, ARNOLD L. 1218 25 Ave., Tampa BSBA WISE, BYRON H. Gainesville BA, Tennis, Slgma Phi Epsllon. WOMELDRUF, JAMES F. JR. Waldo BSBA. Beta Alpha Psi-prof. acct. WOOD, FRANK L. Jacksonvllle F Club, Mortar and Pestle, Var. Tennis Team, Slgma Chl. WOOD, MYRA S. 4107 San Juan Ave., Jacksonvllle BSABS WOODHAM, PAUL C. Llve Oak BSBA WOODS, MARVIN B. Polk Clty LLB, Phi Delta Phi, Theta Chl-pres. WOODWARD, WM. D, Quincy BSA WOODWARD, WM. F. JR. 728 Beard St., Tallahassee BSAE, Benton Engr. Councll, Glee Club. Inst. of Aeron. Solen., Bd. of Comm, of Flavet II. WOOTEN, THOMAS W. 109 W. Peachtree St., Lakeland BSBA, Beta Theta Pl. WORTHINGTON, FRED C. 2461 S.W. 24 St., Mlaml LLB, Phl Alpha Delta. WRIGHT, JAMES J. Drawer BB. Montverde BSBA, Sigma Chl. WRIGHT. JOHNS C. 718 Magnolla, Sanford BSEE, AIEE-IRE, Glee Club, Phi Kappa Tau. WRIGHT, MAHLON L. 718 Magnolla, Sanford BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrlc., Newell Entomol. Soc. WYKE. EDWARD D. JR. 1251 N.W. 3 St., Miami BSA YARBROUGH, LEONARD F. 5705 Liberty St. Blvd., Jacksonvllle BSBA, Scabbard and Blade. Cavaliers, Beta Gamma Sigma-commer. YATES. LINDA H. 13127 Thomasville Rd., Tallahassee YONTZ. JAMES 5112 Suwannee Ave., Tampa BSEE, Phi Eta Sigma-fresh. schol., A.I.E.E., Young Demo., Benton Engr. YORK, JAMES R. Perry BSBA YOUNG, 20 So BSME, YOUNG DALE A. 7 St., Fernandina ASME EVERT A. 1863 Cornell Ave., Winter Park BSEE, Gen. College Eng. Soc.-pres., Am. Soc. Mech. Engr.-v. pres., Benton Engr. Soc.. A.S.C.E. YOUNGBLOOD, JOHN C. Wlnter Garden BSBA, Pl Kappa Phi. ZIEBE. ANDREW C. 1205 Wolfe St., Jacksonvllle BSA ZOBEL, MAX F. gl: N. 16 Ave., Pensacola ZOLL, JAMES E. 1130 Granger Ave., Ann Arbor, Mlch. BSBA, F Club. Slgma Phi Epsllon. ZORN. WM. C. Rt. 1 Box 119, Darlington BSA, Alpha Zeta-agrl. Agrlc. Club, Fla. College Farmer, Alpha Gamma Rho,

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