University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL)

 - Class of 1948

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University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 470 of the 1948 volume:

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EIO VG ...cfm IJEIIEE' FBIIIIPIIE n ALL AROUND YOU ARE EVIDENCES OF THAT INTANGIBLE SOMETHING CALLED PROGRESS . . .EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK YOU SEE REMINDERS OF THE GREAT STRIDES WHICH HAVE BEEN MADE AND ARE BEING MADE DAILY . . ,THE UNIVERSITY IS NOW ENTERING THE LIMELIGHT WHICH UNTIL A FEW YEARS AGO WAS SHARED BY ONLY A 'FEW SELECT SCHOOLS IN THE NATION . . .UNDER THE SKILLED HANDS OF EDUCATOR JOHN J. TIGERT, THE UNIVERSITY MOVED BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS INTO AN OFFICIAL CAPACITY AS EDUCATOR, TRAINER, AND ENLIGHTENER OF ITS MANY AND DISTINGUISHED GRADUATES' ' - DR. J. HILLIS MILLER NOW COMES TO US AS PRESIDENT AND ADMINISTRATOR OF, THIS ALREADY GREAT INSTITUTION - - - TAKE ONE LOOK AROUND YOU' ' -NEW BUILDINGS AND RECENT ADDITIONS TO OLD ONES' ' ' A GYM BEYOND COMPARISON IN THE SOUTH - - - ADDITIONS TO THE CAFETERIA, INFIRMARY AND CHEMISTRY BUILDING ' - - OTHERS TEMPORARY IN AP- PEARANCE ' ' ' BUT IN THEM YOU WILL FIND THE SAME TRUE, TRADITION-CONSCIOUS FLORIDA MEN ' ' ' SOME OF THE BUILDINGS CROWDING FIVE MEN INTO A TWO- MAN ROOM ' ' ' OTHERS WITH RATTLES AND TOYS FOR THE KIDS- ' - ALL OF THEM WITH A HOMEY ATMOSPHERE ' ' ' COEDS WHICH HAVE BEEN THE CENTER OF MANY LONG OVERDRAWN LEGISLATIVE SESSIONS- ' ' OVERDRAWN NOT ONLY INTO HOURS BUT INTO YEARS - - - I IT IS TO THIS INTANGIBLE SOMETHING WHICH WE HAVE ELECTED TO DEDICATE THE '48 SEMINOLE ' ' ' MAY IT SERVE WITH LITTLE BLACK AND WHITE REMINDERS OF THE YEAR' ' ' WITH EVIDENCES OF ATHLETIC VICTORIES AS WELL AS LOSSES - - - OF A FEW RAINY DAYS SPRINKLED THROUGHOUT AN OTHERWISE PLEASANT AND SUNSHINY YEAR ' ' ' OF LINES IN THE RAIN FOR THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE - - - OF THE GREATEST HOMECOMING EVER. ' ' 'IN SHORT, 1948 AS IT WAS - - - THE EDITOR V 1 Q nwi Ifyf, A fm ,,,fw,LIjmf f""f7 Y , " ,JI 'V 4"'f',:, " ' ' ' " fy 'iw .Wy '. , f I L FLURI DA GDES C0 sim Tram I Ii fnffoh-f,Qn adrgrnyfriatron SIP in 8Ovfffmff1' slscwom Z .c11ggggnziz.1tion.v s1.a'f:u'1oN 3 I .1 tfiletics . sgrafg V infra-:Surely QQ S150 1'1r1Afff,Bf3I.?5eg55.w f'ffru ors :n dfx ages junior' clagy 1 - fggkfzasfsfazgif l. ' Q Q Q SECTIIJN ...Q'c'lgl'f1V'1f1l:'.S' ' fu Ima tony , V ycgcim councvl 1 Zigi? 39' fomf H mlllfar l72lj'C'ffy0f1-Y . X 1 0 , SEC TIIJN 9- In usm ff raffrnfy 5 -dormitory ffm p oranf 5' S150 z'1oNh7 Qin um V advfrhg-Ing MOBY DICK . . . WILD BILL . . . J. HILLIS . . . INFIRMARY . . . VETERANS . . . REGISTRAR E -IL I ,w 'A 'pf' ... .. . 1,,4,,, A ' , . ,L , , i ,XA-far. 1 - ,N , ., g W him' I ' ' G , ' ' u ' r ,pg 1 u vga dyifffw ' jggwdm am- Mrs-wif., , ' ' K l k ' n ' ' -' ' , ' ' I 1 , r LWVN ' ii!" .W 1 Pisvfff M f f y.: 1 , , ,fi ,, ,,vf. ,f:. ww 1 f ,Q mf. gg 1 , Mm. N Q M" , W, 4 fi.. 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Kit, 'lg' Lira' , j ei, o Ftomon N GOVERN on CALDWELL The H y f On- Mu golitle Stgtg S2n2gd124gQIdW6H , legd M'-'.'-Om' " Sr i lSSISSIIppi Gnd lp Tennesse fI'Ue Cosmo- ln Florida Vlrgmifl Undef schooled ' 'VW92 "'e'Sr ' Pr - "" Srofesgccnd 193OCIed To Store Tlgfid low 765.1 OnQl'e55m ' ' Served Scfure Tcfiglcongress Gnmfrom the aggdumted 0 ' - - first ti T me Universjode CO-educc ,TO The Bm Tjoince The sign: of Florida Tin Oli- .' ' - In r 1 Umversiw ,S fOVWOrd To oiiggglje Buckmoi . . and better naw: 1- xh- 'O sun: r UEGUTNL DE TALLAH Asses 7 Aw.- il ,, 1 " 'Y'wr, Nl!! l X v '19 I 435 'YO THE STUDENT BODY: ter of greetings to history of the N address this let student body 'Ln the da our times the largest university of Flori . ' The ever-quickenlng, tempo of demands educated and trained men and women. vie are determined that the University shall meet that challenge. The institution has al-.lays Kept oace with the needs of this State. Those who have gone before you have left a great heritage. Xt is for you to leave the same heritage of achievement for those come after you as we progress down future. the uno are to the plains ot the Gower N L 1 1 E I 9 E . f S 2 G , 5 A f A.. J lo.. o A., NTROL BOARD OF Co ' hh left to flg seated: Jordan' W. B. r, Hon' W. BrY"n Thomas , Hgh. Secretary of State, Gfflyl R. A. H0n' Markham' J. Henson Hon. Yr J Thomas G""'e Hon- ' Mershon' M. L. Hon- itajndgglinond. umvrwu of rum fm .tt mf. um um ,ww tm..-. -.-.-.. l . ml ...L1'1.3Z1-117Li"L""" -IW 1 ..f...m.. 3 . f mm-. mv. ' uuaulllll 0' sl "' PLBIVUA IGNUGQ 'Bl Dl4l ma L u ..... AJS... 90459 0 'l':ag.z155j.jg,.u:::.--- Z'Z.......!' F CONTROL OF FLORI marnuv-:ou or mann .tum W J INN llllhllv ........ -..-.-.. MI..-. .'3..!..'31'1L'1 D190 . .r 'iw' ... . ... .. .... D4 '1..i.,'1i323?" LIINNIND , .,.,,., 1.JJf3'!m.f'1I'l'.7!J' . ......... ..... mv... mn...- nLLm4nn To thu -Student body or the lfnive.1-sity ol' Florida: Ml about you now on the a: sity appears evidence ol' lta lu.-nt two your-1: or me advancement fro has boo nnua tr the u physical gras . hlstow oz' ti -It the suwapo n ulnost phono gona the taltm una Amt: nl vu'- vth. 1 uv Lfnlv- lnt of Inenul. t 01' ubl ltluh ol' trolucnd H Lim lrslty ' Dlly-'ilu Illto L e adm' SML ' ous um ..orl0"'i" . an . h mas Gurney' Chalrm 1' o Hon. J. I' Thomas W- Bryan Hon- N B Jordan - HOW- ' ' rshon " L. Me ham Han- M' Mark Hens0n Hon, J. D' mond, Secremrzl J. IG ' d'l'0 I. W. Blandlng' Au I lla ul uqul his lnistru 1, lehu uht of pmuht ,,l'v'ut t:l'f0l't bus Lora, tnu unthlmlualu ers uhn vAucnLivus uhu u hard work. Thu paoplu of the State ul' Florian nhve rusponuud Lu this effort wlth un endorsement ulhlout V-lthouL exception. it :xeouzs nlehr at Lhis point that the pooplu uI'l'1Ol'IflH want a grtut Uni vers! ty ol' Horluu. 7710 prosemt liaurd ol' Control hurl had the coopera- tion or the Govuruor und the Cublhut to ah extent ulmout without llrnltttloh and are ,'ratel'ul For the rim: spirit uvlaunoud b,v.tl1ls cooperation uno hulp. lt is not, hnwtver, as U' wo had come to the and ol' u chapter. no uru now in d thu zuiudla of the program For building u Lrvntur tnlvtrslty. kelan The lzngbltlcn or the present board ol' Control la . that this progrhln :bull Contlnuu wlthout lnterruptlon until ' ' Cy this lnatltttlon can bo polntod to by lts ullullnl, lts fuctlly, student body and by every interested citizen as om: ol' , - . AnJerlcu's greatest. T0 this and Wu are hopuful thut wc shall ' ml have the nontlnued helpful .student body attltuue thut has MIG been ln evldence during this period ol' dlscol.-!'orL and uujust- ' ' , ment. The enthusiasm of the student body ol' the Unlvorsl ty ' .,,lle ar Florian for ns oohunuea growth una development may wall kson bu tha prlculuas Ingredient DI' thut prormss. with great hops in tho future and with great cunflduhcu in those whose duty and ' prlvllege lt ls to aurva this grant Jhstltutlou, 1 lm ' 1-'nl thfully yours, see Talluhas- I GainGSV'I e ' th!! ba Unalrumu ol urn ol' control 017-lo :Na W . ,M .' W U VL , 9555. , , ,,' 'L , , ,gf J H 1, I ' r , , z ,E ,l ' sw , - "H -,U ,M 1" , 1-WE, ' ,J'5 , ,,MmW,, 1 .4 uw A Q , MR I ,V ,V f. 'A " ' " 'ww' ,i, MT' ! fx , ,xv . 1, , M, A . 3, 'J' NJHA" A ' Q, F n M, ,,,M.w,7 Q "1w!"4!5 LwwmVHwMw 9 may if ',-ww, vf 1: W V ,,,,,,Ii 'Q ",5','!1vHn A 91"1' un wi, "L, I I ,.dw1,gg,gs4,eF6'-.XZ1 -' WWW I3 . LHB ,W ymw VWVVN P , lw,,2 M: ,WMM,M '-ww bww ,,,, ,,,,,4x,,,m1w! ' V5 Q 'VNWWH 1, Mm 1 uf ' ,, .QW-, ,' ,,, , , ,MS , wmphW A ffl! Mm 1 , Fa 3 W ,, M, ,QV Q ,av 1 Q,1'fr,T',,,q ' M , ,. w www., 'L , ' "i!,s'Q , 3 'W 'ymw ww wwgfw iN WWE U 'X N P, ' M ' ' xt ' M. ,WN , V m ' Y 'mM 4 in M 1 u', , W 1M,, V Vw ,A X N 7 1 M ,M Y X 7W'w.,,,, W Y W Q H L W "1 'M ' xr 4 A K M , ,. . " X ' milwr, ' 1 I ' H " M 1 " Maw G A V , , ,ww W .NWN A IMWMM JM vi, Q88 - J 4 4 f . I V '1 K. il-ii ,J 5 Ny, tiff' 5 Q' - K mU...L ,A Y' ni' 'W 1 'l fl Z 154 4,129 .1 .va 6 1 ,iw , ...Jr NMf'5-'zx '5' ,. ,Y fr H if -5 . ,M wif" .u N, 1.0 ,pf , wt, .QW f 5 'Rf ,. T, 'V ,.',c Va w,' V . W, ,, . Al xv, nan. IIT OF THE UNIVERSITY LLIS MILLER. . . Page I6 Page I7 President of the University Dr. J. l-lillis lvliller, BA., University ol Richmond, lvl.fX., University ot Virginia, PhD., Columbia University. Dr. lvliller . . . a man ot medium height . . . +l7 years old . , . a native ot Front Royal, Va .... married , . . tather ot two sons. . . author ot several books . . . As president ol the University ot Florida Dr. Miller has one major thought in mind , . . the best method ot providing the young men and Women who come to the University vvith the higher education they are seeking . . . hovv these people can best be trained tor the service to their state and country . . . ...i ulx f. ' Aff, i fMsiq,t.,, ,N Q, 'n Qi E 2 Q X Dean of the University Harley W. Chandler, B.A., Coe College, M.S., State University of Iowa. ln charge ot improving instructiono . . . evaluation of resutts , . . adjustment' of toacn ing loads . , , articulation of the education program . . . Page 18 Vice-President of the University Dean Townes R. Leigh, Ph.D., University of Chicago Serving as Vice-President of the University and Dean of the Col- ISQG of Arts and Sciences, Dean I-elQlW is one of the more active members of the University staff - - . performs the duties of the President in his absence . . . super- vises faculty affairs . . . Dean of Students R- C- Beaty, B.S., Mississippi College, M.A., Vanderbilt The office of Dean of Students is C0ncerned with student welfare Und non-classroom activities . . . eVefY Student may feel free to Some in any time that he feels 'T necessary , , , Page 19 E, , sew. fi,-,ii .- , ,. I ,,-.M i " "r - . .i...M.-vac 'i 0-.-we -i---1 M ' LY 'rw 1 i ga 17" X ,ii I A ' ,r ,ji by-A., ,i 4: tx' " i ' 'W if t-,ir V fi A ' f-wif ' w .,a'.,5' . "Q f ,iii l , . iw' "' 'f ' , ,key " ,ly A ,., '. , 9 . v "H ' '15 I V - 9 Business Manager of the University Klein H. Graham, University of Florida linsiness Manager of the "SoLith's most progressive educational institution' ',,, has responsibility of all the University's monies , . . Treasurer of the Athletic Association . , . Business Manager of the l??"l1f?l'ItIIC.'ltl Station and Extension Service , . . Mr, Cirahain has annonncecl that he will resign his position , . . his -ll years of eontintious service, clating from Dee. l2, lfytlfi, constitutes the longest service record of any member of the University's staff , , 4 since he earne here in WUC, tvvo months after the University was established in Gainesville, he has helfl numerous positions of financial responsibility on the Campus . , . his resignation is clue to failing health . .. Page 20 Qafi M f Registrar R. S. Johnson, B.S.P., University of Florida ltlos the tremendous job ot keeping the records stroight in regord to courses completed by o record en- rollment ot students . . . conducts the registrotion ot the beginning ot eoch term . . . President of the University of Florida Alumni Association A- lSydl Herlong, Jr., LL.B, University of Florida The oim ot the Alumni Associotion '5 to unite the more thon 60,000 i0Vmer students of the University W0 On orgonizotion which devotes 'lself to promoting the interests Of the University in oll tields . . . ossisling in interpreting it to the people Ot Florido , , , building o Qfffciter University ot Florido . . . Page 21 Page 22 University Examiner John V. McQuitty, B.A., University of Florida, M.A., Ph.D., University of Kentucky Directs the Board of Examiners . , , the duty of which is to super- vise and evaluate all placement and comprehensive examinations. Dean of the General Extension Division Bert C. Riley, B.A., University of Iowa, B.S.A., University of Missouri The General Extension Division is the extra-mural college of the University . . . offers to all people of Florida regular university instruction through extension classes, workshops, and correspon- dence study . . . X Assistant Dean of Students and Counselor to Veterans J. Ed Price, B.A.E., University of Florida All students . . . veterans or not . . . can find aid and advice for their problems and troubles in Dean Price's office . . . Fraternity Adviser and Assistant Dean of Students C- C. Beasley, M. A., University of Florida Advises students and student so- cieties . . . plays a significant part 'VW The growth of a university whose ?VTGtness has only begun to be GT . . . Page 23 Page 24 Special Assistant to Registrar tor Veterans B. W. Ames, B.S.A., M.A.E. University of Florida Mr, Ames' duties and objectives are to integrate all veteran activities with the Veterans Administration . . . Head of the Infirmary Dr. E. R. Rose, A.B., M.A., University of Indiana, M.D., Indiana School of Medicine Dr. Rose and the intirmary staff maintain campus health and provide medical care tar all students . . . ' X Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station Harold Mowry, B.S.A., M.S.A., University of Florida Coordinates activities of the experiment station with other state and private insti- tutions . . . puts specific emphasis on University research and experimental pro- grams . . . Director of the Agricultural Extension Service H. G. Clayton, B.S.A., M.S.A., University of Florida lclos supervision of the Agricultural Ex- tension Service . . . includes supervision ot County and home demonstration agents . . . 'rr i i i Q , 5 I til' Page 25 m"K Page 26 Director of Admissions Lewis F. Blalock, B.S.B.A., University of Florida, M.A., University of Texas Acts as a sentinel ot the Univer- sity . . . accepting new students and managing all correspondence pertaining to entrance . . . Director of the Institute of Inter- American Affairs John F. Martin, A.B., M.A., Princeton University Directs the Institute at Inter- American Affairs . . , the Univer- sity's medium of communication with neighboring countries . . . particularly interested in the ac- tivities ot Latin American stu- dents . . . Director of Florida Union Donald R. lBillyl Matthews, A.B., M.A.E., University of Florida The University looks to Mr. Mat- thews to direct the Florida Union in such a way as to coordinate Student activities and to provide a broader educational program of recreation and entertainment . . . Director of Housing Harold C. Riker, B.A., M.A., University of Florida Has the job of finding a place for Students to live . . . currently faced with the problem of housing the lOrgest enrollment of students ever before attending the Univer- sity , , , S .et fi Page 27 . . .- ' , ' .t JT 52 Page 28 Acting Head, Department of Publicity Allen O. Skaggs, Jr., B.A.J., University of Florida Daily task of seeing that the people of Florida and the nation are properly informed of the ac- complishments . . . problems . . aims of the University . . . Director of Sports Publicity Joe Sherman, B.S., Clemson College l-lis job is to keep the exploits of our athletes in the headlines . . . to let the country know what the Fightin' Gators are doing in the field of sports . . . ! Assistant Registrar Richard H. Whitehead, B.A., University of Florida Directs student registration . . . makes sure all students are prop- erly enrolled . . . sees that full adjustments are made regarding schedule changes . . . Assistant Business Manager George F. Baughman, B.S.B.A., l-l--B., University of Florida, M.A., George Washington University MV. Baugl'iman's office has the Supervision and establishment of Temporary buildings, warehousing, maintenance, transportation, and Construction . . . Page 29 Page 30 Director of Station WRUF Garland Powell, University of Maryland Station WRUF, under the direction of lvlr. Powell, is enlarging its studios . . . endeavoring to secure Frequency Modulation . . . obtain tacilities that will enable them to give more students actual training in the radio field . . . Director of Libraries Stanley West, A.B., University of California, B.S., Columbia Univer- sity, LL.B., University of Florida Supervises all activities ot the University's libraries . . . aims are to keep their growth and progress on a parallel with the rest ot the University . , , and ofthe nation . .. ident . . . Student Body President JOHN J. CREWS ost in our student government this yeor vvos Jonn Crews, from Mocclenny, ojoring in Low . . . he wos elected to the Presidency in one of the most out- connpoigns the cornpus nos ever seen , . . religiously vveors o bovvtie . . . Page 32 Secretary-Treasurer 99 33 Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer . . The number two ond Three offices in our student government were held this your by Bob Brooks ond Ken Jones . . , Bob is o business odministro tion moioi' ond Colls Mongo, Ho, his home- town , , . Ken is from Lourel Hiil, Flo, ond mojored in !XgrieLill'Lii'oI Educolion , , . Vice-'President BOB BROOKS mm, YQ KEN JONES A 1? HONOR COURT Front Row, l. to r.: William Hess, Archie Gordon, Donald Koon, Levi Powell, Samuel Lawler. Back Row, l. to r.: Ray Council, Carl Langford, Elliot Shien- feld, Mary Ware, Herbert Bowes. Page 34 I-I0 OR DICK BROOME . . CHANCELLOR . . . THE HONOR COURT The l-lonor Court is the pnysicol function of the l-lonor System . . . it's judiciol powers ore yested in o Cnoncellor, o Clerk, ond eleven justices, oll elected in generol student body eleclions , . . C0 RT DICK WYKE . .. CLERK . . . THE HONOR COURT The Court tries oll violotions ot the Honor Code . . . nos the power to impeocn student body ottieers ond nos Civil jurisdiction in interpreting the Student Body Constitution . . . Page 35 MEMBERS First row, l. to r.: Ridgell, Craft, Rex, Dillinger, Harlan. Second row: Posey, Harmon McCall, Freed, Gilbert. Third row: Autrey, Vincent, Langston, Bovis, Collie. Fourtli row: May, Ansbocher, Jones, Bracken, Dunkle, Rossiter. Fifth row: Perriman, Davis, Wilson, Fox, Alderdice, Brooks. THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL . . the lfxecutive Council is the moinspring of Floridds student self- government '... it meets twice o month to hcindle dll student ottoirs . , it is composed ot members elected from their respective colleges . . the number ot members trom eoch college is determined by the pro- portion ot students on the cgmpus thot' their college represents . . Page 36 THE CABINET... Eacli year tlie student body president appoints eialft students to positions in lfis cabinet' , . . it is their duty ta loala after tlie various departments of the University . . . tlie eialit offices are . . . Secretary ofthe Interior. . .Secretary of Finance , . . Secretary af Social Affairs . , . Secretary af Labor . . . Secretary af Public Relations. , , Secretary of Organizations. , , Secre- tary Veterans' Affairs , . . Secretary of Religious Affairs . . . MEMBERS . . . Front Row, I. to r.: Frank Wacha, Financep C. J. Hardee, Social Affairsg Bill O'Neil, Interior. Back Row, I. to r.: Lamar Winegart, Organizationsg Larry King, Laborg Bcb Ghiotto, Veterans' Affairsg Conrad Demro, Religious Affairs. Not Present: Pen Gaines, Public Relations. A ,. . M, ,c W .. -lm Wh - f I-. Q'.L..0'v Asu- 'I lik 5 Junioi Class Officers . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . T. L. Casey . . . President . . . Cail Lee Leroy Rogero . . . Page 39 ,- Q K wv.,,Mq 1 3. xiii -4, A, - ,,..- ns, I - 41!,.'s,,QA lu' Q 1 ' wggg, -' p Vice-President . . C fl. Q"-wg f . -ily.. ttf' "lg?l W 'mulch f f 'fini l i I l IH Freshman Class Officers . . . Vice-President . . . Doyle Conner . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Pat Collier . . . President' . . . William Rousse . . . Page 40 Sophomore Class Officers . . . Vice-President . . . Joe Doney, Jr .... President . . . Pa Patillo . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Bill Parker . . . PROGRESS . . . OUR ALMA MATER FORGING AHEAD TO A SPOT IN THE SUN WITH OTHER GREAT UNIVERSITIES IN THE NATION . . . PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATION IN OUR STATE GOVERNMENT MAKING A PLACE FOR SKIRTS AND LIPSTICK ON A LOVELY CAMPUS MADE SO BY MAMMOTH APPROPRIATIONS . . . NEW BUILDINGS SPRING UP ALL OVER THE CAMPUS AT A WAVE OF ASSENT FROM THE MAGIC WAND OF FINANCE WIELDED BY OUR STATE LEGISLATURE. . Q THE HONOR CODE . . . REMAINING FLORIDA'S MOST CHERISHED TRADITION AS IN- COMING FRESHMEN REALIZE ITS MEANING AND THE VALUE OF BEING A PART OF IT . . . THE NEW RECREATION BUILDING LOOMING AS A POSSIBLE THREAT TO THE TOP POSITION IN POPULARITY THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN HELD BY FLORIDA UNION . . . PRESIDENT J. HILLIS MILLER . . . A PROGRESSIVE HEAD OF A RISING UNIVERSITY . . . BUSINESS MANAGER GRAHAM . . . BUSY AS THE VAST BUILDING PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSITY GOES STEADILY AHEAD . . . OUR CAMPUS . . . SLOWLYREGAINING ITS OLD BEAUTY AND SERENITY DESPITE THE GROWING PAINS IT HAS BEEN SUFFER- ING . . . DIRECTOR OF HOUSING RIKER . . . BUSY AS HISAMANY DUTIES BECOME SPREAD ABOUT OVER NEARLY EVERY PART OF THE CAMPUS . . . OUR STUDENT OFFI- CERS HOLDING HIGH THEIR PRIVILEGE OF BEING A PART OF A WORKING EXAMPLE OF STUDENT SELF-GOVERNMENT . . . OUR OWN UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA . . . RETAINING ITS STATELINESS, RESPECT, AND DIGNITY AS IT BLOSSOMS FORTH INTO RECOGNITION . . . CLIMBING TO ITS RIGHT- FUL PLACE AS A RENOWNED UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH . . . AND OF THE NATION . . . Page 4I BACCHUS . . . L'APACHE . . . CAVALIERSZ. . . WHITE FRIARS . . . CAVALETTES . . . DEBATE CLUB . . IFLORIDA BLUE KEY . . . PHI ETA SIGMA . . . PHI KAPPA PHI . . . PHI BETA KAPPA . . . LOS PICAROS . . . "F" CLUB . . . GATOR PEP CLUB . . . BAND . . . SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA . . . GLEE CLUB . . . INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB . . . BAPTIST STU- DENT UNION . . . PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT SESSION . . . NEWMAN CLUB . . . CHAPEL OF THE INCARNATION . . . WESLEY FOUNDATION . . . BACCHUS . . . L'APACHE . . . WHITE FRIARS . . . CAVALETTES . . . DEBATE CLUB . . . FLORIDA BLUE KEY . . . PHI ETA SIGMA . . . PHI KAPPA PHI . . .A PHI BETA KAPPA . . . LOS PICAROS . . . "F" CLUB GATOR PEP CLUB . . . BAND . .A . SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA . . . GLEE CLUB . . Z INTERNA- TIONAL RELATIONS CLUB . . . BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . . . PRESBYTERIAN 'STUDENT SESSION . . . NEWMAN CLUB . . . CHAPELA OF THE INCARNATION . . . WESLEY FOUN- DATION . . . BACCHUS . . .,L'APACHE . . . WHITE FRIARS . . . CAVALETTES . . . DEBATE CLUB . . . FLORIDA BLUE KEY . . . PHI ETA SIGMA . . . PHI KAPPA PHI . . . PHI BETA KAPPA LOS PICAROS . . . FLORIDA BAND . SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA . . . GLEE CLUB INTER- NATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB . . . BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . . . PRESBYTERIAN STU- DENT SESSION . . . NEWMAN CLUB . . . CHAPEL OF THE INCARNATION . . . WESLEY FOUNDATION . . . BACCHUS . . . L'APACHE . . . WHITE FRIARS . . . CAVALETTES . . . DEBATE CLUB . . . FLORIDA BLUE KEY . . . PHI ETA SIGMA . . . PHI KAPPA PHI . . . PHI BETA KAPPA . . .' LOS PICAROS . . . FLORIDA BAND . . . SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA . . . GLEE CLUB . . . INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB . . . BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . . . PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT SESSION . . . NEWMAN CLUB . . . C-HAPEL OF THE INCARNA- TION . . . WESLEY FOUNDATION . . . BACCHUS . . . L'APACHE . . . WHITE FRIARS ,, ia .,,lf! , C nl, .4 ,,,, , ,, ,aww 'K . rm, fi Mm 'N AN wi W' 1 JW tb' .faux ,eq I 'ly'-V ,q, L E ' if A , 3 l DON McINNIS Sergeant-at-Arms HOWARD JOHNSON Treasurer BILL MORROW Secretary BILL PRUITT President LOU FIELDS Vicc-President I ' 1 in . .A Ml I 45 ,- g - 1 Y. -. ,ng 1, ' " . j,.,,,7 1 Qf. i +A 'A ' - ,I ,V 1 cxglil vm' Yi c' VW. 5 bl, ' J ' - V ' if be J i ,. in ' lv ,ip 12 ' ' I N ,. a vga m flsjgf l "7" gigm, 5 W' f l ' 5 Ja, . 1 Y l,yw,q-,,,l,g :9a',.j,', iiigir " Wllfifl,-lil 'W f i . .N : J l x , . l J 'Fm l ,3 ,., ,y I , j ly A Y' X, N, Y It U I 5 'H -. W , we ? 1-. 'L J, f , , l " , nr- , mp., J Mime, ' N., fiQj2i1,:j,Qi2 cg,,f55w.'Q, ' ge:',Qg' l . ' 2 , v I ,ilf his xx- lap: , 'L,i,,1,,3,4i 1 ' I W y X: , Irv. i ,.,. X g ""f , , y N- 1 , J 1, '1 -. L N 1 2 3 f erm V -I aff' -al , fs. -g.',',.v 1' ' 5 A... ., ,Y " .el '1 l i "" i, f ,,1, - 1' l ,.,,,.,..,-,-W.,.,,,,..,,,, , , , , V VX,x,XV 3 I v A V . ,... Z ,,,.s,.,,. -T,..,.s,,, l w ri is J 'HMM iz L , ffl 'z ml! Q ffzf , Q . - 3 , ,fel v M , , , ,, l'f,,f,ji :' ,M friv l: . 'Y' ' ' fill 'L hs f riffs! 'ai 5- V252 H - ' B 1 "l 9'5" Q ml? . W ' X' ,M - fn- ' i'7i5",l sf .ivy f 5-3, i',fe,f5:m.jr ,L I , .wg ,QM f'q2 ,E3,,z, ,x -' 2f-g,-ml- Q 'TTQ f1r,',.f: , ' 1 35E:,,'5,'V 'f ' ' fu!! Tnllfgaf- ' D , V an l 5 1 ' ,E Firsl' row, lefl' fo righl: Charles Anderson, John Bayless, Bob Binney, Bill Blandford, Bob Bobbil, and Larry Boido. Second row, lofi lo righlz John Carler, Frank Cochrane, Bob Cooney, Dexfer Douglas, Dale Everelf, and Harry Geiger. Third row, left to right: Charles Helmly, James Hundlcy, Louis Jacobs, Bob James, Bill Johnson, and George Shcarousc. Fourfh row, lefl lo right George Shields, Larry Snyder, J. C. Slone, John Tuclcer, Sidney Webb, and Charles Tilherinqfon. Members nol piclured: Brose Olliff, Social Chairman: Robin Brown, Grady Cophrey, Dave Drennan, Franlc Hardaway, Bill Hires, Jaclc Howell, Brandon Krupp, Charles Kehn, Dicl: Lieberel, Joe Miller, Milce Morgan, Eugene Roberls, and Frank Von Aclrer. Page 44 ilgfivvr Zfffifxfgaigffmv' .Qg5i1AvJ9:i?.g.lfAs TSg,5AL 010119352 6-Mama! ICRA "mae N 39197 fd Mum ZW mmf ' X afdzadv- 732,23 77,1 .mf n?,-aw., jy--. 'Dbffwx GTx91'E.f5, aj.. 'bow Q,..,...,,9X wing BML 6 Q.J0JjQmy, g Qvaww. ,emwwdaw LJ 4.11 pg I gf? BWP fam Swv. - va , - JCL:-Lux Q' qua- 'Neol- ' ,wwf affix . E! mam . X, ., S I E q5,,,,,,N -Z1L4.,., G-1.447 ja ,zz UfWma1,g2,, BW . . MLA- yea-by 630-C 9,,,,,,,,A,,, 517. Pfam-v65a,6Qp 7A-0 jd:-9 ew? 535401 5.1 wg? ' EA! . ' . as yffffffmw 359. mf? V WE., Qximg, MMM amd 1271 QE- 5 ,445 E W 77? QQ! 'BWFMML ' WJIEAT Monf-mv W. M.,9Q4fB m.c.'ru.1m A114-fzflfll if D 12547531 lik SHWFOR0 q fgb u at le Q C X' F al' EW' L8 Z EGG' F Z . V41 C'4P6'fL dai J Go v. l . 6?!l04WA'!1V.5' JWMFYER il J IWLLMMJ' Z'fr' .S'7'l?l1V6'fR A ll DHIDIVEV A! ERAMIREZ M,41V0fRJ0!V S G IZTELMAN ll 5 WHITE AR. CARL J' 01V I L lfiififlf Jil Miiy F vu lx Y ,fa FC S7AlVlfy COM?1WR!6X!7' M0 fWilVS l All Wflfflfk JL DMZ MM WIVCIW7' Aa! of Gan do! of 0-an B44 of Gan BJ of Gan 504 of Gm inf of 00m 4. rxfoms l .M umow in a WAZDDV l M st fum' ' PRFSIDIWT VlCE'PRfS Bldfff CHAIRMAN PRISS R52 "The Cavaliers is dedicaiecl 'l'o ihe improvemeni' of ihe social acfiviiies, privileges and opporiunifies among ihe siudenis al' ihe Universiiy of Florida: io a wider clisseminaiion of ihese opporiuniiies and benefiis among such siu- denisg and fo ihe promoiion of fellowship and beHermenl' of all ifs members. Cavaliers enioy ihe disiinciion of being ihe only dance sociefy on 'ihe campus whose membership is composed primarily of non-fra+erni+y men. Hs cons'ii'l'u'l'ion providing ihai' applicanis may be accepied for and admified io membership upon +he ra+io of ihree l3l non-'fraierniiy men 'io one lil 'fraierniiy man lor pledgel. During +he fall semesfer Cavaliers esiablished a Naiional Cavaliers organizafion and began iis expansion pro- gram, siarfing off wiih 'lhe esiablishmeni' of Hs Beia Chapier al' Florida Siaie Universiiy on November 22nd. Cavaliers also sponsored and helped esiablish 'l'he Cavale'H'es, a sisier dance socieiy, composed of some fiiiy Co- Eds on fhe Universify Campus. Then on Dec. 5+h and bih, a Fall Frolics week-end for independeni men and women was ioinily sponsored by 1'he Cavaliers and iheir newly-formed sis+er socieiy, ihe CavaleH'es." Page 46 0x1.ll4kM4N ak comm' FRINK REYFS 54 of Fast 'JH w Dx if CEHARP J4CA' CZARK we-"f W-la , 5- Q lv 53, of WV . JQAH F. 'W .m uff C 1V!C!!0Z 5011! QVZON6 J f?0DA7!0I!fZ mf .rpfrz J 9 13 k I -ew , .N I H5 2, , . .. Ll.. B0!MM1l0Al zy ""' Ww:i"'g 1, ' 1 ffm' 'mf f H gf ' "Q wr gk , ji 3 , - .2 'T Pm Y .a a powfu. X J . 61019100 R 0. BROOKS f? A L AMPE M E BROWEP IZ B. fB6AA7Y .Sf 6UZOff!Bl'306' if rfmm J D MWA?f1V6Z" 00 614AWf7'7' 00 BISHOP .l0f C.W7I4YLOR WC VARN a L, 1 RC !l14Yt'.S' Z' 8 PASTEUR na W-ff Y' mv., , A as 336 his aw N 1' 34 Y 1 N, v rr f f S 1 X r B. E .YMRLIAIG Page 47 HA IJERMAN M. .SIIISQMAIV JJ CPFWJ lf7fH06AN JE .SZWIW A. W NAGAN 5, K in I 4? V , 3-f2?3, I . , G 7f!f4A7APllfll!5 WA? BPINAJ .S E MUMHL Je .eowfxe ..- ' Al .SCIOWLIE 1 If B THOMAS L DASNIER A? SUMMHP .Sf MfVf'!?.S' 27077 .STE 6000 NU I'I ll Il ll II I! lb I' S S z SS 5 ,J ' A U, A S fi 'gqflfu . F Y' I mg' i. Q. WHITTLE ' M ' 'fi 6' A 52 ' 1' . r , ' my' 'V' ' r. rx " . I TF' , , in ,1, ,, 5 b av V' I S BASS DAVIS ENWRICHT ffl' 2 w N'.f w 7' Qky 4 ' P -,QQ .Ei H 41 A' X J X 'Sf Y KRAUSE LEWIS VT ROSE 2 f S1"' N ' Q, ME. , I n: A: I, viz: gg" A ri J E14 1 H 6- . EW S V' ' K' 1,f -V TH OM PSON m ,A .Q A W -N- ,1 V, KA L if K S W 5 , 4 -- xl Q WINEGEART ZOLL . rv - 1, ' ' QW w 5 I N , . FLOYD COOPER POOLEY BETIIVIAN McGILL WRIGI-IT lsr. SGT. OFFICERS COMMANDING COM DANY I-I SECOND REGIIVIENT BORCHELLER BARWICK CAPTAIN znp. Lseut Q 3 . BONIIANI MAI NOR GARCIA WADLEY SOUTI-IALL FIELD MORGAN CARTER BE RRY WH ITMORE WILLI NGTON SYLVESTER Scahharb X frlabe Q- !!! .Born NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOUNDED IN I9O-4 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN LOCAL COMPANY FOUNDED IN I92O YARBOROUGII KING RUBASI-I CLARKE Mr:Mns:oQ mrvr DIRTHDFD v,1:I PROCTOR BIERBOWER , ig? A' HICKSON FLEET GREEN KOON RICE GILCI-IRIST Caval lies OFFICERS Beverly Nelson. .,.... Presidenf Joyce Moore ...... ,... V ice-Presidenf Margarei- Savage. ,. . .... Secrefary Rose Amelia Eie. . ,....,.... Treasurer Jane Ziegler.. ..... Dance Chairman Fran While .......,. Publicify Chairman The firsf sisfer chapier of Cavaliers was begun during 'the monfh of Seplember, I947. Organized wiih lhe aid of Cava- liers, fhe Cavaleffes adopied a small black slipper as 'iheir insignia. Their colors are black and while and The club flower is ihe while carna+ion. The Cavale'Hes were presenf ai' 'rhe Cava- lier Dance af Homecoming and, having helped fo decoraie lhe gym, were soon made +o feel lhaf Their club, lhough organized only recenily, had become an infegral par? of 'lhe Universify campus life. Sealed, leff +o righh Margarei Weelcs, Sponsor: Fran While, Marqarei Savage, Joyce Moore, Beverly Nelson, Rose Amelia Eie, Jane Ziegler, and Doroihy McBride. Sponsor. Sfanding, lefi lo righ+: Marie Hardiman, Kaiherine Heihman, Carolyn Rowe, Jean DeVane, Peggy Claylon, Beverly Jones, Mary Lou McMillan, Joy BuHs, and Judy Courfney. Members noi pictured: Margie Gordon, Gerry Collins, Louise Previli. Mary Louise Thomas. Jeanelfe Irwin, Silvia Shaw, Doro+l1y Edmundson, and Frances Helms. AM . Qznrkfcmzly 7Zfmzia. .l .N ar' V sv!-'f .1 af. . 5' , lili X. hflfle DR. F. B. HARR J. A. HAILEY E. WELDON H. WICKER Sponsor President V-Pres. Sec'y-Trecs. , 4 l I if- V X , M , ,. , sg., V . Y y x , 'I ea . 1 ' ' - , J f g 5 1 nr,-7, .. 4' .N X 1' ,la . yj! - r . fri ' f f l .I a T ' ' is 'Q .' f . 3532 f' -' A Lefi fo righf: B. Allen, D. L. Allen, J. L. Allen, H. Armsfrong, W. Blackburn, W. Borgschwyle, R. Bowles, J. Bridges, G. Bryan, E. Copelan, M. Ferguson, R. Franlxenfield, J. Grove, E. Hacker, L. Hughes, T. Jacobsen. G. . . x, '.,.. 2 , ' ,hay an 4' .1 1. .- 'fi Q ' :rf 5 0 : F . cr - 1 , E0 6 . V. 2 J ' g.. " f ' A '-'-' 4 ggi' ev- Y, .5 - ' MTL, A T 1 J A .pf , A .A I lf . , .. I' .lsr " r . AA? -.f rf . 1 - , 1 f -' , if , . we .I Lefi +o righh S. Johnson, C. Jones, E. Canier, P. Kennedy, H. Kerns, L. Lyle, B. Malone, J. McDonald, B. Midyeife, D. Moore, S. Murrell, H. Rabb, M. Rife. E. Tyler, L. Viclrers, B. Wailrer. Page 50 DEBATE CLUB Good will Trip Unofficially, ihe Universily of Florida opened fhe Debafe season wifh a barn-sforming 'lrip info Louisiana and Texas. The squad making fhis good will lrip was composed of Ed Afkins, Jordan Biflel, Darryl McCall, and Jaclc Plisco. The firsl' debafes were held wi'rh Louisiana Sfafe Universify. A+ The Universify of Texas 'lhe squad spenf ihe day engaging in several debaies and discussions. The day's fesiival was closed wilh a radio clebale in +he eve- ning. From Texas Universi+y 'lhe squad fraveled fo San Marcos, Texas and parlici- pared in a fhree day speech feslival wiih schools from The Souihwesf. Page 51 -a"""" f . l 5- . A 4, ...H lp I. 3 , . I A 4!':.'.,hJN.-6 iq? , ,.f.+.:sfgfj ar: ,iz is .ffrsnw 'Vflx ' ,A" s infix' ,fri 4' . 5.,f :gg A 55311: ,arg in s x " N, . i f-'w a-,, , Q f x-.f 2'9- M 1 'eff' ' xfzfwte V- Nfl" :f i .. ,125 l' 5' +I-gs gzf . 1 .l Afianll Papa' 1Wlivi.g u ml Docior Dickey and Mrs. Morrison "looks like she wonln ALL SOUTHERN DEBATE TOURNAMENT: Opening 'rhe I947-48 season +he varsiiy squad, composed of Bill Casiagna, Gerald Gordon, Edward Klein and Alan Wesiin, sha'H'ered all precedenis by winning bo'I'h affirma- Iive and negaiive sides of fhis year's quesfion +o place firsl' and second in ihis Iournamenf. Twelve schools were represenfed and of Ihe 48 speakers, l'he four Florida de- baiers were ranked firsf, second, Ihird, and fourlh. MILLSAPS INVITATIONAL: Eighf members of rhe varsi+y squad who made +he +rip io Millsaps were Gordon, Wesiin, Faircloih, Plisco, BiH'eI, Zeiher, Afkins, and Smifh. Five of +hese men eniered compelifion for fhe 'iirsi lime. Three of FIorida's four Ieams en'I'ered fhe final eliminaiion rounds. A Junior division 'Ieam composed of Jordan Biiiel and Ed Aikins was eIimina'I'ed by Louisiana Sfale Universiiy by a close, 2-I decision. A senior feam made up of Alan Wesrin vc, K' Page 52 and Gerry Gordon also fell Io a 2-I decision ai ihe hands of Louisiana College. Gordon and Wesiin were Iinalisfs in Oralory and Exiempore speech. STETSON WARM-UP TOURNAMENT: A large squad of 'ren members enlered +he Sieison Warm-Up Tournament This was a non-decision 'rourney employing ihe round-robin syslem. The members of Ihe squad were Wilson Smilh, John Palmer, William Bos'I'- wick, Bill Daniel, Virgil Mayo, George Delves, John Scheb, David Brayion, Alva Brock, and Darryl McCall. MIAMI INVITATION TOURNAMENT: A Junior division squad composed of Jack Plisco, Darryl McCall, Jordan BiH'eIl, and Earl Fairclolh represenled Florida againsi' ihe varsiiy squads of I'he Universifies of Georgia, Alabama, Souih Carolina, Chicago, S+e'rson, and Miami. The squad ranked second in Ihe fournameni. McCall, firsi' speaker on Ihe negaiive, received four firsi places in individual speaking in six rounds of debaling. E'fffiM"' . E51 '- ' a - M b lrffwlnjg sesafailsgflkahhs AZALEA TOURNAMENT: lt was during Mardi Gras season that the Florida squad composed of Wil- liam Castagna, Gerald Gordon, Ed- ward Klein, and Alan Westin, jour- neyed to Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama, to participate in the annual Azalea Tournament. The squad won nine out of twelve debates. The af- firmative team of Castagna and Gor- don placed second, winning five debates out of six. Thirty-four teams participated representing nine states. VIRGINIA-OREGON STYLE TOURNAMENT: The same week-end of the Azalea tournament four men participated in an Oregon style debate festival held at the University of Virginia. Actual judges were not used at the tourna- ment. Student opinion was the only criterion employed in determining debate excellence in educational de- bating. The Florida squad was com- posed of Atkins, Pilsco, Cohen and Appelbaum. 1948 SEASON: Most of the l948 season lies ahead. Florida will be represented in such outstanding tournaments as the South-Atlantic, the Grand National, Tulane Invitational, Southern, and the West Point National. With a seasoned group of veterans, the Var- sity squad is expected to rank with the best in these tournaments. ,w..X A group of the Debate Society receives some Polnlers' 'I 'T l.. 'Q Page 53 F LQRID , ,,,A,,., J , wh ,, tur n kf1 , i' ,jf , vgfqtvl ,V -wg, 1 AZ 141. W' W ,5!",bJf'7' 'r r fi I Jif, ' '45 Q 5' ,913 Y L ' 3 u Fi 7 Q Q TQQ , 1' :LEW , 1 4' 4 ' f Q -. , , 'Q 'U ,, ' w AQ ' ',F9n, , 1 If 1 1 1 I QM, wx 1 g pig W t' '. , ?Z'U,rWEw 'L' , N, ,. 3 ? ,Ag W ' 1 g ,f14G1z,3'W, ,f,I, 1 , ' v X Y 2' 1 'A ' . "1 N, , , 1 , . .4 W M W fx ' 1' ,. Wg, N' X x ,M W Mflufi V -4' M, 1- 4.2 1 . X .- - .:. - Mwizw. :W ' ' ? xlqrnikw Q ,A w wv,4,w,W, , W .1 7, 4 v ,F Q ' f Q 3 , -V p:,,-- ,4 , -5 ' -. . ,,,glH'r J m W , A ,L 5 2+ mr Q , ,, A- 7 X 1 N I f' -4-yu. 1 X X- '.'f9WTv'f'7 ' ., , ..y3,,w, .hy 5 , ' I -X , , i f' 1 E ' v , ,937 f Q "+1QW 155, 41 . Zi f f' 4 ' 2.11 S L xf, 31" , - 2 s. f.. my ,v , A np, fl A: , ew 5 N 5 ,I ' 'X , f ww V ' 3- , .3 a Ls, D ,, , , 'Hz f1,f",f:'m , 1 4' fh,f1,V:f1H f 'W' , '-Q 9? .ze-my ', A iw- Q K "ark -"f'.w,,4Q:f.i ff ' A .x +X P x f X . Ii' 321 'fix 'Zag' 1, gif, I ffiffqj 1 27 in we Rjkfiii 4 CML LEE. ....... Preskdent, H.N.WUNBERG...SecreiOrNj STANLEY DOOLE...Xl-Pves.WL.COOPER .... .Treasurer G. F KNXGHT .... X-Xisioriarj N GENDZIER 'AUBREY T O'HAR'A BERNARD A. PARTIN ARTIN I JAMES J ALTMAN SHELDO ggBERT M. ANDERSON WILLIAM E. GLENN NNIE B. AWBREY SAUL W. GOLDSTEIN MELIIIN EIR RICHARD W BATCHELDER ORION MAC HALL WILLIAM W HILIPS GILBERT TBERGQUIST RQ H. HARGRAIIE HAROLD C. POPE - JORDAN DITTEL HENRY LHARRER MARVIN R RAMBER STUART C. BLACK W O.E. HENRY EDWARD S RESNICK ROBERT E. BOARDMAN W T HINSON NELSON L. ROANE JAMES O. BRANTLEY C. C. HUMPHRIES KJ ROBERTS JOHN C. BRAUN HENRY D. JOHNSON W E ROBER TS , ALVA H. BROCK JOHN A. JONES RENE M. ROGERS DOUGLAS A. BROONE RUFUS C. JONES JAMES W ROUZIE GILBERT T BROPHYA ROBERT B. KATIMS C. BSCHLEIFER EDWARD J. CALLAHML R. E KEETER I.H SCHWARTZ RICHARD D. CHARM N EARL M. KELLY . ALFRED C. SCOTT FREDERICK CHASTAIN W K. KENDRICQ JULIUS SER JOHN F COOPER GAYEN L. KENNE Y F M. SKILLMAN PAUL H. COOTNER JOSEPH KENNEDY STANLEY W SMITH J. A, COWART JR. NOEL REESE LAKE K. P STARRATT ROBERT M. CRAIG CHARLES K. LAURENT H A. STEELE JOHN HANCE CROWE PAUL C. LEY JR. ROBERT B. STEIN ERIC C. CULBREATH THOMAS J MHBRY JAMES ASTONES GEORGE DECARION RONALD J. MANN JH STRAUGHAN CLAYTON R. DEHAAN R. H. MARCHMAN J.R.TRl'NKLE. JR. -I C.G. DEMRO, JR. BEN FT MECALL WILLIAM IL.VANN CHARLES H. DITTMAR NAROLDILMCKENZIE W S.G WALKER LOUIS G. DOOLEY DAVID O. MELROY WALTER WEIGEL DOUGLAS J. DOWNES SAMUEL P MEYERS JOEL D. WELLS HARRY E. ELLEDGE EDWARD H. MICHELSON M. WELLS, JR. ERNEST E. ERICKSON CHARLES H. NANESS 0.0 WHITEHEAD JAMES F FLEMING MILES H. NEWTON ROBERT EWING RONALD L. FRASER L.H. ODENTHAL JAMES YONT M . embershrp in Phi E+a Sigma f h . res man honor . of campus ary scholasile o 1- . 'C F 1- . u IeljaE:a:I1:l?n?A,Ers+r36Zr:Hg:1d:n+:imi:'1ed +9 H105 aVerage of 3 5 an B' W Q aah, e . f . . S. 'eve york. Chaneredof :heir hm. gmglehvngr Poii anllary II' UniVer5H,Y 0:3 follege . rough fha einem :ds on Ban R. C. B served as a depping 5:31. +:hi Efa Sigma has many Omer He lds f E 5C+ivi+ + 0, 6Cul+ . Y- Und 1' S'9ma wgrkgdvlsof Dean ea HES ably leaderglq' Srds. of scholfgaynuously +3 fumlirnce, phi El: e'S'+Y of FIOl'idaIP and Ieadefshsperafhfh TF . e U wer? and J' . Im Rouzle. hisi-organ' Page 56 nd. I m. Of ' gllffifr 6113+952 for +he sec d ' - e o 'I B"oPrY. Seslrj-E: Shan Smirh viizqesief are, Yr Robe'-1-h l.largrL52eS!:Zg-In l S- X Presidenl' ...,..,.. Vice-Presidenl' ...,. Secrefary ......4 ,........ JULY I8, I947 Charles William Brand Eunice Z. Calhoun Jacques Lundy Clarke Alvaro Dobles Hecfor Flores Gallardo Myron G. Gibbons Roberf lrving Gilberl' Ray Evereff Goddard Roberl' William Green Walfer M. Haynes, Jr. Kennefh L. Jones Kennefh F. Kniskern William Eugene Lamb John Wayne Mixson John M. Parker Randolph Brooks Polk Edwin Aubrey Schuler John Cleves Symmes, Jr, Walfer Hendrix Thames, Jr. Randolph T. Wedding Chih-hwa Wu Jeaneffe Zefrouer AUGUST 29, I947 Charles H. Alexander Ofis Bell Napoleon Broward Bevis William James Braley Louise Z. Browning William LeFils Charles Paul D. Colbenson William H. Cone Azilene H. Dowdy e l-lonor Socielzy of NA MW il lx I HRSN L PHI KAPPA PHI QL. I OFFICERS I947-48 .......W. B. Tisdale l Treasurer.. . . .. . . . . . . . . ,. .. .Roland B. Eufsler . . . . . . . . H. Wilson Journal Correspondenf. .Mrs. Eleanor K. Green Sam W. Mclnnis Hisforian .................... Oscar F. Jones Marshal ,......,..... ........ L . G. Gramling NEW MEMBERS. Gordon Leslie Duggar Josephine S. Gibbs Lucile D. Goldsmifh Mary Elizabefh Graff Roberf A. Graves Huberl' Edward Helfon Billy W. Hill Isabel B. Hodgson F. Lorena Johnson Alvin A. Knighf Norman James Lewis Lillie M. Love Helen S. Marshall Arfhur Frederick Mafhias Marfha Mefcalf Wyckoff Myers Avon Jackson Peacock Lawrence Wellborn Renfroe Forbes R. Simpson Hugh Madison Smifh Roberf Griffin Smifh, Jr. Charlene S. Sfrawn JANUARY 28, I948 Gracluafes Roberf Harris Culver Norman McLeod Dennis Mary Cafherine Mclnnis Kennefh Roberf Swinford Caroline Elizabefh Thomas Undergraduafes Charles Benfon Adams Howard Bernard Karl Heinz Borcheller James Arfhur Busse Elberl' Cammack Edwin Chrisfopher Coffee Charles Thomas Council, Ill Harold Bryan Crosby John F. Darby Julian Kleffner Dominick Richard Duran Roberf Paul Fereira Gafh Spencer Germond Jordan Winslow Granf Wilma Sfricklancl Grimsfad William H. Kessen Walfer Blake King, Jr. Carl Thomas Langford Harold Joseph Lawler Sim Lambrechl' Leff, Jr. Edward Marfin McGehee Corneal B. Myers Philip C. Owen Linus Alberl' Scoff Jack Lee Scoff Leo B. Selden, Jr. Marion Rufus Shepard Roberf Sfephen Soar Herberf Fraish Sfallworfh William Garreff Taylor Helen Johnson Teel Henry G. Vanek James Blake Wilson Henry lrving Wood Phi Kappa Phi. one of fhe highesl' honorary scholasfic sociefies al' fhe Universify of Florida, num- bers among ifs membership undergraduafe sfudenfs. graduafes and faculfy members. lf has for ifs prime obiecl' fhe promofion of scholarship and irreproachable characfer. This Sociefy differs from ofher sociefies chiefly in fhe facf fhaf ifs doors are open fo sfudenfs in any deparfmenf of sfudy in fhe insfifufion where a chapfer exisfs. lf welcomes fhe engineer. 'l'he agriculfurisf, fhe archifecf. or fhe chemisl' as hearfily as il' does fhe classical scholar or fhe man of leffers. Page 57 OFFICERS FOR I947-I948 Presideni ....... ..... M anning J. Dauer Vice-Presideni .... ..... G eorge G. Fox Secre+ary .... ..... C harles E. Mounfs l "7""Qg9" Treasurer ..... ..... H arold L. Knowles Hisiorian. . . ..... Hans Hammond QI fr J ., ..- ' ' - fri? Eine? 55' '- 2 ' fn" , .'2,afGi,g "fi...:G'j ji -f.7I...lF, .ful af, I M X la ALUMNUS MEMBERS INITIATED IN JUNE, I947 ALTON CHESTER MORRIS ............ Class of I927 CYRIL ORVIN HOULE ...... .... C lass of l934 MEMBERS IN COURSE RECENTLY INITIATED July 23. I947 WALTER M. HAYNES, JR. Sepfember 5, I947 NORMAN J. LEWIS FORBES R. SIMPSON HELEN S. MARSHALL CHARLENE S. STRAWN December 5, I947 HOWARD BERNARD ' GARTH S. GERMOND WILLIAM H. KESSEN ROBERT S. SOAR PEGGY PURCELL DOWLING MARY GHIOTTO LEO B. SELDEN HENRY G. VANEK JAMES B. WILSON "Love of wisdom 'I'he helmsman of life"-Ihis Greek moH'o from whence Phi Befa Kappa derived iI's name, symbolizes fhe disfinguishing principles of iI's sociei : Friendship, Moralify, Learning. Phi Beia Kappa, 'lhe firsl' Greek leH'er sociei , had i+s gene- sis ai Florida in I938, wiih John Tigeri' as 'Ihe firsi President There have been I35 undergraduafes elecfed since ihai' fime, represeniing 'I'he upper l57,, of iheir re- speciive graduaiing classes, Ar+s and Sciences. Seleciion is made on Ihe basis of broad culiural inleresis, scholarly achievemenls, and high moral siafure. Alumni members are chosen from Florida graduaies of noi less 'ihan I0 years' sfanding, who, by coniribufions in ihe fields of humane sciences and le++ers or by works of pure li+era'l'ure, have shown 'Ihemselves ouI's'I'anding. The Phi Bela Ciiaiion for Creaiive Achievemenl' is given by fhe Socie+y fo +ha+ s+uden+ demonsiraiing excep+ional undergraduaie aH'ainmenI' in 'lhe cre- afive 'Fields of wri'I'ing, dramafics, forensics, I'he 'Fine aris, or in original inves+igaI'ive s'l'udy in any of Ihe liberal disciplines. Page 58 I. Pica:-o Queveelo .VW , 1 CJ QR Members noi piclured: AGUILAR, DAGOBERTO ALLENDER, VIRGINIA ARONOVITZ. MARVIN BOSTWICK, MARVIN CHASTEEN, OWEN CLARKE, GERALD DE ALLENCAR. JOSE DE MESA, MARIO FERGUSON. MONA FERNANDEZ, JOSE GAMBLE, JOSEPH GARCIA. MANUEL GRAY, RICHARD GRIMALDI, JOHN HALLMAN. TERRENCE HUGHES. ARTURO MARTINEZ. JULIAN MARTINEZ. SABINO MENDOZA, DANIEL MENDOZA, PETER NOVAS, RENE PEREZ, WILLIAM POOLE, STANLEY POOLE, WILLIAM SCHAEFFER, VIVIAN SCIONVILLE. HENRY SOSA, LADISLAO STOVALL, WALTER VALDEZ, ELMO VASOUEZ, JOSE WYLES, EUGENIO WYRTH, ARNOLD ' I- I 1 II T, '.'I v If 315 1 f . f swf. I T P5 ga' ' gm' A L 2 3 ,L ' -uf-'JK' f u ,I FP ff lr..-,PV .- ,f Y .VK . Firsf row: John Bonner. Carlos Casfelblanco, Shirley Colley, and ' Jose Cuellar. Second row: Julian Diaz, Peggy Dowling. Roberi Forles. and Ramiro Parado. Third row: L. A. Puglisi, Anfhony Pullara. Jose Rodriguez. and Franl: Valcarcel. Fourlh row: Duryee Van Wagenen. In 'Ihe Spring of I933, siudenis and members of 'Ihe faculiy of ihe Universiiy of Florida, realizing lhe advanfages-social, Icullural, and commercial-lo be derived 'From Ihe familiariiy wiI'h Ihe frequeni' use of ihe Spanish Iongue, esiab- lished lhe 'iirsi' Honorary Spanish Fraferniiy-Los Picaros de Quevedo-on 'Ihe campus. Since fhen, Los Picaros has paved lhe way for inlerpreiing Lalin American cul'I'ure Io American s'l'uden'I's 'Ihrough social and cuI'Iural aclivifies. Los Picaros eslablished fhe Los Picaros de Cervanies chapier al' Florida Sou+hern College in I940. Then, in February, I947. Los Picaros de Lope de Vega was founded ai' Florida S'l'a'I'e Universify, and Los Picaros de Calderon was eslablishecl in Augusl of I947 al 'lhe Universily of Tampa. These are sieps Ioward founding a si'a+e organizafion which will fosier lhe culiure of Spain and rhe Laiin American couniries, wi'I'h ullimafe views of exlending Los Picaros oulside of fhe sfafe of Florida. Page 59 M- U.,m,.,,,,..K ,, mm -f, f 6 .,' L.J.wif-,.:ww.4.1,L,w..e.,uw.,. ww ,K 0 H ,...,,,f.-,fn ,f,f:f,ff4wm,w A . WN ww-M . w.,,.,, , ' , 1 ' ' ' , A.grwL-..1:fz1.5'12?Zgf4zf',.1",.ffA2Vmf ' 1 -we ,,. , x . -,.., -51' lbw 9--. af.. if on P? v 1 3. V 'C' ,,...L lj' Tx 'b- , W. .,hw1,,,,....,,,,W-.-4-,-I W ,pq ,-.- 7.,.,.Mqg-gL3!.,- ' "V v mjf f, 'wzfPiQ3.a-mmfanvfs -inf... 1 L , I I Jr' Ny.. .BF 'ln pllr- M Gm ,M x li" 40' 4 4 fi to Ig X l ,f IV' .V fv- Page 60 ..,,. X, , .ax I f . The "F" Club of fhe Universily of Florida is comprised of all fhe leH'ermen of 'lhe major spor+s. Hs aims are ihreefoldz first fo improve +he relalionship beiween 'lhe a+hle'res of 'lhis school and fhose of o+her Soulheasiern Conference Universi+iesg secondly, +o aid fhe A+hle'I'ic Deparfmenl' in 'lhe selec+ion of ou+s+anding high school alhleles +o aHend HE. lzlrliversiiy of Florida: fhirdly, +o confinue ihe presenl' high sfandards of relafionship beiween a+hle+es and Universify o lcla s. ' OFFICERS: Presidenl ....... ...4. H enry Gardner Secreiary ,... ..... R oberf Ennis Vice-Presidenf ....., .,.,. W illiam Adams Treasurer .... . .George Hills, Jr. Sergeanl'-af-Arms. . , .... William Turner 49" "' 'fl 'fri QQ, i - lb- . iv A .. 3n,4.1,,,. 5 All an ' 1 jgg lo' 5, Nia BA., I ' Tg'.g':'l N V K 495 ea r, "AX Q K 'va 'Qi F gl 1 ' ev frvwb vi ig. Ns Page 61 Gator Club From left to right: lst row, Armstrong, Secretary: Rogers, President: Allhus, Vice-President: Perlman, Treasurer. Second row, A. Brumby: J. Moyers: H. Brumby, B. Jones: M. C. Bracken: W. Saunders: C. Davidson, F. While. Third row, Lay: Rex: Swan: Smith: Oldham: Venney. Fourth row, Beverly: Davies: McKeweon: Palmer: Young: Bragg. Fifth row, Simmons: Doorr: Ponder: VanSleenberg: Doerr. Sixth row, Bowles: Ware: Scheb: Rolman. Lel"s turn out for the big pep rally!!! "GIVE 'EM HELL GATORS!!" Jump into those P. J.'s, freshmen! Go gel' 'em Gators!! LET'S SEND THE BIG TEAM OFF, GANG!! Oh, come on guys and gals. Break it up and help welcome the team back. Thal's it, people!! Now le'I"s make with those songs and yells!! That, dear reader, is the pep club in a nutshell. The above pictures are the boys and girls who make all of those big pep rallies such big successes. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate and 'foster spirit in student body activities and to work in coopera- tion with the cheerleaders and various campus organiza- tions in attaining this end. The University of Florida Gator Pep Club is composed of one member from each fraternity, an equal number of non-fraternity men, and also associated members, those interested in the work of 'the Pep Club. Activities spon- sored by lhe Gator Pep Club during the I947-48 school year were: Eight Pep Rallies, lwo Pajama Parades lbig- gesl in the history of the Universilyl, Big Jax Parade with fraternities entering floats, Bonfire before the Miami game lburning of Ghaul in effigyl, sold more Rat Caps than ever before, cleaned up the stadium after the Gator Growl, and met the team in Waldo after the TI. C. State game lcars lined the highway for two milesl. The committee on new yells gave SIO to the best yell submitted. Yes, your Pep Club did all of these things, and many more. The Pep Club wants all of the students to get out and support all inter- scholastic sports and to yell like HELL for the "FIGHT- ING GATORS". Page 62 UNIVERSITY O FLORIDA BAND Band Slaff Professor R. D. Brown ,.,. Joseph M. McNeil, , , Darell P. Carnell ..,. . Grover E. Baker .,., William T. Pearson. , A . . . 4Direc+or , . ..4.. Manager Assisfanf Manager . . .Drum Maior , , .Librarian Page 63 mx:-iw-3 , u .4 TI" 3? GH YM-:'v'.I+ ." TU" 'fs R, DeWiH Brown, Direcfor SYMPIIGNY QRCIIESTRA R. DeWiH Brown, Direcfor Page 64 Vasf s+rides foward ihe aclvancemeni and beH'ermen+ of symphonic music have 'raken place on ihis campus in fhe pas+ fweniy-five years. The Uni- versify of Florida Symphony Orches- rra consisied of seven pieces in I920 when Dr. DeWiH Brown accepfed fhe posi+ion of direcror. Since 1'ha+ dafe H has grown s1'eadily, and a+ preseni is composed of sixfy-five members. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GLEE CLUB Flql-idq'5 'Ulnbaaaadvna nf. Hand, CU'1fll." The "Ambassadors of Good Will" look 'Forward 'this year +o whaf will in all probabiliiy, be one of 'ihe fullesf concerl' seasons in The hisfory of 'I'he Glee Club. ln 'The season of I947-48, fhe Glee Club has undergone fwo imporlani changes. Firsf, ihe adven+ of coeducafion became more manifest in the formation of a women's glee club. This organizafion is as ye+ in +he embryonic sfage and is being sponsored by 'I'he men's group al fhis fime, parficularly in 'ihe mailer of securing The necessary reperfoire. There no doubf will be furiher developmenis in +he spring which will perhaps lead nexl year fo fhe evolufion of a mixed Glee Club in addi+ion fo +he sepa- rare men's and women's Glee Clubs. And secondly, dur- ing ihe war years il was almosf a necessify and seemed The parl of common sense +0 abridge fo a ceriain exfenf 'rhose democrafic procedures for which fhe Glee Club has won praise from adminisfraiors in 'lhe pre-war years. Now inducfive processes are again being employed 'lo an even grealer degree. The various funcfions of 'the organizaiion have been sfreamlined and wifh fhe deiails being Taken care of by The members +hemselves, fhe direclor is pro- vided more lime 'I'o a'H'end fo fhe arlisfic aspecis. We shall have many more invifalions for concerfs This year fhan we can possibly accepf. This should be our besf year of service fo Alma Maier. Leif fo righf-Row I: Mclnnis, James W.: King, Billy B.: Fories, Jaclr F.: Fay, Thomas H.: Lyla, Clifford O.: Cook, William G.: Barnhill, A. Virgil, Jr.: Gay, Louis A.: Dooley, Louis G.: Seron, Richard Z. Row 2: Pullara, Anfhony: Whifson, William W.: Parvin, Philip E.: Sims, Wyfhe D., ll: Shupe, Paul G.: Shupe, William J.: Weinberg, Norlon A.: Kaufman, Irving: Jacobs, Alan W.: Key, Beniamin T.: Talon, William M. Row 3: Swanson, Thomas J., Jr.: Sfurroclr. Pefer E.: Mayhugh, Rhea E.: Hunter, Vicfor R.: Driscoll, Willis: Carier, John W.: Dawkins, Crosby H.: Harper, James E.: Sexlon, Ralph W.: McElwain, William. Page 66 A",N"'w 1 4: OFFICERS: Presidenf, Clifford O. Lyle: ls+ Vice-President Mardis Meyer: 2nd Vice-Presidenl, William McElwain: 3rd Vice-Presidenf, Harvey Relmang Secretory, Rhea E. Mayhughg Auditor, Solon Ell- malrer: Business Manager, William J. Shupe, Publicify Manager. John W. De Bruyn, Direcfor James W. Mclnnis, WOMEN'S CHORAL GROUP: lfeff lo right-Row I: Gunn, Emily: Williams, Elaine: Sfansbury, Edill-n: Wilson, Maurece: Fay, Thomas Holland, Jr., Direcfor: MurdoCl1.M'3"'lYni P00l0Y..AnneHe: Slanley, PaHy: Ward, Joyce. Row 2: Barreff, Maiel: Boney, Louvenia: Singleiary, Clare: Sievens, .Margaret Br-adham, Wnlda: Allan, Nelyne: Selle, Adelaide: Church, Vera: Miller, Sarah: Earle, Lois. Row 3: Morlan, Mildred: Goodwin, Alfhedi B'0ll9Y- B9"nf1dll'l0ICooqle, Esfher: Caines, Jo Ann: Elder, Grace: Bradley, Pai: Frazer, Danfzler: Meads, Belle: Holland. CldUCllG- Page 67 . ,f v l . ' ' , V 1' 4,1 : gn i"- ! - .. i ' if A- Y. , . ' A ' . Q f I - W. 4 .. 7 , A ' ',',f ' 'Xi ' O' ' in 1- i . l I 'V' A - ' ,L ' A ' I 'qv ui' ii fi wwrwfg anim' if 41 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 'Ti F:-:kk li Full retreat . . . . orientation week . . . . welcome "Hobo" social . . . state convention .... Christmas banquet .... spring retreat .... Ridge- crest .... fellowship .... training . . . Christian living .... this means B.S.U. . wp, Page 68 NEWMAN CLUB -... -122 OFFICERS: Lefi' fo Righi-Sergeanl-a+-Arms, Alsion C. Fisher: Secre+ary. Aniia Jol1ns+on: Presideni. Roberi A. Brodeur: Chaplain, Rev J. P. O'Mahoney: Vice-President Andrew Serros: Corresponding Secrerary, Ann Threllreld: Treasurer. John C. Keegan. The Newman Club of +he Universi+y of Florida was founded as a club of Carholic Cullure and Caiholic Fel- lowship. H' is +he purpose of 'lhis organizalion "+o deepen fhe spirifual and enrich The iemporal lives of Hs mem- bers 'ihrough a balanced program of religious. inlellecfual and social ac+ivi+ies". Here, on 'lhe campus a+ 'lhe Uni- versiiy of Florida, lhe nucleus of ihe Newman Club is formed by Carholic sl'uden+s living al' Crane Hall. "TI-me Hall" is 'lhe cenier of ac+ivi'ly for all Newmaniies. Rev. J. P. O'Mahoney, L.L.B., is ihe residenl' direcior of Crane Hall and ihe Chaplain of ihe Newman Club. As such. he can offer spirilual guidance and assislance +o all Ca+holic sl'uden'l's. The Newman Club is also 'lhe answer io ihe need of Caiholic siudenfs +o mee+ fhe olher Caiholic s+uden+s aH'ending +he Universiiy. I+ brings iogeiher fhrough iis regular mcering and various social aciiviiies individuals of ihe same failh and fosiers lasiing friend- ships beiween ihcm. In addiiion, lhe Newman Club en- deavors io assisl' 'lhe Universiry of Florida and her s+u- denis whenever possible. Page 69 IWIINHA ell, " ' 3 'mv PRESBYTERIA STUDENT CROU.P SERVICE - FELLOWSHIP - woRsHiP MINISTERS Rev. U. S. Gordon, D.D.. Rev. E. O. McKay Weslminsler Fellowship, lhe Presbyferian Sludenl organizalion is a church-wide group of col- lege sludenls who parlicipale in a program of worship, service, and fellowship. Sunday Morning 'found Presbylerianslal lhe downlown church for Sunday School and morn- ing worship. Fellowship supper and program followed by evening worship compleled lhe day. During fhe week shorl prayer services held each morning and evening al' lhe Sludenl House, I606 W. Universily Avenue, aH'racl'ed many sl'uden'l's. Service was praclically lhe middle name of Weslminsler Fel- lowship. One of lhe big jobs fhe Fellowship accomplished was 'lhe personal visilalion of each Presbylerian on lhe campus. Some members of lhe group organized a sludenl' choir and olhers did vi+al work for 'I'he church. One of lhe biggesl proiecfs, raising funds for a new sludenl' cenler, was carried oul' wilh nealness and dispalch. Fellowship is where 'lhe fun came in. From lakeside re'I'rea+s lo open houses each Friday and Sunday evenings, Presbylerians had lheir share of good limes. lf lhey weren'+ playing ping pong or volleyball or on lhe piano, lhey were joining in a bull session al' lhe Sludenl House. Ol course, everyone knows aboul lhe fine inlramurals leam 'lhal' compeled all year. The Weslminsler Fellowship inviles all Presbylerians lo share in i+s worship and recrealion by a'H'ending church services regularly and by making frequenl' visi'l's lo ils Sludenl' House on Universily Avenue, opposile lhe Law Building. f f We tminster Fellowship EPISCOPAI. STUDENT CENTER SERVICES ' Sunday Daily 9:00 a.m. A.,. .... 7 :I5 a.m. .. Holy Communion II:00 a.m.. .. , , I0:I5 a.m. , ...,, Compline 6:00 p.m. ,,.. . , . ..... .Canferbury Club WESLEY FDUNDATIDWN For all sfudenfs who wanf and seek +o know more aboul iheir God, for all s+uden+s who wanl' fo be++er unders+and 'Phe Jesus' way, 'For all sfudenfs who wani' +o be be'Her Chrisfian leaders, lhe Wesley Foundalion of +he Melhodisl' Church opens wide ifs doors. Wesley Founda+ion here al' +he Universify of Florida like Wesley Foundaiions on campuses of sfafe universilies ihroughouf +he nafion seeks fo meef lhe spirifual, social, recrea+ional needs of s+uden+s. Wesley Foundafion is your church away from home. Hs pur- pose-io lrain you for bef- fer Chrislian leadership in your local church. You are always welcome-come 'lo worship, play, sfudy, sing or ea+-+he Wesley Foundaiion belongs fo you, A+ l546 W. Universily Ave., you'll find fhe door always open. Page 71 INTERNATIONAL RELATION CLUB . . . To lnltlate International interest and understanding through organized programs . . . Presidenf ......... Vice-Presidenl' .... Van Allen Jordan Ansbacher George Ashby Dick Baber B. Barlleson G. W. Beaumonl' Tom Blakely 'John Briggs Jim Burke Carlos Cabrera Jim Camp Earl Carson Mario Casado Ray Chapman Ed Chrislensen George Clapham "'Execul'ive Council eww OFFICERS . . . .Dojyle Rogers Secrelary. . . . . . . . . . . . ack Bryan Treasurer MEMBERS Bill Clark Joe Co'Fer Ernesl Currie Barringlon Darby John Dees Norman Donnelly Roberl' Edwards Bill Ermalinger A. H. Ford Kirk Frazier Walson Freeman Bob Gaines Pen Gaines Lawrence Gaulier Mor+on Greenwald Slephen Grimes C. E. Grimsley Charles Halzer George Hanford C. J. Hardee EvereH' Haygood Bob Hebb James Hellier . .G. G. Oldham . . . . .Bill McCoy Ernesl' Kopp George McEIvey Jerry Miller Sam Murrell Billy Owens Dick Pace 'Pal' Palillo Dick Pelers E. R. Pipping A. L. Poidevanl' Ray Poole Harvey Relman Jeff Rocks Roberl' Rossiler Bob Runcie Marvin Sherman 'Ed Smilh Schuler Schinger George Slrauss Waller Tall Bob Venney Nick Vincenl' Paul E. Vincenl' Govan Ware Bob Wa'l'ers Dawson Wilson Dick Wynn Bill Zier . 1. - ' X. 'V 'V if llflf2lf11f. f , , -- 1 M.:r,'x'w --jul N ! I Liv Z5 22 l ' 1 wi QW ki J l . ,Q ,jkfgm H' l 'fs 45? 5 Page 72 WITH THE TREMENDOUS WAVE OF NEW STUDENTS SWAMPING THE CAMPUS, UNI- VERSITY ORGANIZATIONS THAT WERE INACTIVE DURING THE WAR CAME POPPING UP OUT OF THEIR INACTIVE STATUS LIKE A GROUNDHOG ON THE SECOND DAY OF FEBRUARY . . . AND ALONG WITH THE OLD FAMILIAR WOODCHUCKS COMING OUT WERE A NUMBER OF NEW FACES TO ADD TO THE ALREADY IMPRESSIVE LIST OF EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS AT FLORIDA . . . LONG ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATIONS WERE UP TO THEIR GREATEST STRENGTH . . . THE NEW ONES PILED MEMBERS INTO THEIR CLUBS FRANTICALLY TO GAIN A STEADY FOOTHOLD IN THE SHIFTING SANDS OF THE CAMPUS POPULATIONS . . . SOCIAL FRATERNITIES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN QUITE A WHILE HAD THE LUXURY OF THROWING THE BAIT AT ONLY THE STUDENTS WHO THEY THOUGHT WOULD MAKE THE BEST "BROTHERS" . . . A PURPLE CONTRAST TO THE GRABBAGS AND MAD RAIDS DURING THE YEARS OF THE GREAT CONFLICT . . . AMONG THE NEW ORGANIZATIONS FLASHING INTO THE SUN THIS PAST SEMESTER WERE SORORITIES FOR THE NEWLY ACQUIRED CO-EDS . . . AT PRESENT, ALPHA DELTA PI, CHI OMEGA, DELTA DELTA DELTA, AND KAPPA DELTA HAVE COLONIES . . . MANY MORE EXPECTED IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE . . . RATHER THAN FAIL TO LIST ANY OF THE NEW ORGANIZATIONS WE WILL LEAVE THIS LIST AS IT IS . . . YOU KNOW THAT THERE WERE MANY, AND WILL BE MANY MORE . . . DURING THE PAST YEAR OUR CONSTANTLY GROWING CAMPUS POPULATION HAS LOOKED TO ITS OWN RANKS FOR OUT-OF-CLASS ACTIVITIES . . . IN DOING SO, GREATER ORGANIZATIONS HAVE RESULTED . . . AND NOW, AS LARGER NUMBERS OF CO-EDS COME FLOCKING TO THE FOLD, WE CAN LOOK FORWARD TO A BETTER BALANCED ARRAY OF ACTIVITIES, WHOSE POLISH AND LUSTRE WILL ADD TO THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FUTURE AT THE UNIVERSITY. .. Page 73 CAN . . . WHO CAN . . . WE CAN . . . BEARD . . . MCALLISTER . . . GENOVAR . . . SCHNELL IN 13 ATHLETIC CUIINCII. Promotion ot Athletics is the oim ot the University's Athletic Council. It consists ot tive members elected onnuolly from the Student Body, working together with the Athletic Director ond two toculty members. The Council mokes letter owords in the vorious sports, hondles monogeriol oppoint- ments tor oll teoms, ond tokes core ot mony other detoils concerning othletics ot the University ot Florido. John Worrington is Presidentg Gus Smith, Vice-Presidentg Luke Ahsbocher, Secretory-Treosurerg Don Dovidson ond Rolph lvlorgon ore student members. Page 76 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -v ff RAYMOND lBEARl WDLF Coach Wolf, a Texan since the age of four, did his collegiate cavorting at Texas Christian University. Be- fore coming to the University of Florida in the spring of l946 he served as assistant coach at T. C. U. and as head football coach at the University of North Carolina. As a high school athlete in Fort Worth, Texas, he won letters in four sports: baseball, basketball, football and track. While at T. C. U. he won letters in football as a tackle and guard. As a junior at T. C. U. he was an All Southwest Conference guard. The "Bear" graduated from Texas Christian University in l928 with a Bachelor degree in Business Admin- istration. He became a member of the coaching staff at T. C. U. by his appointment as freshman line and base- ball coach. ln l929, he served as varsity line coach, and in l934, was appointed athletic director at T. C. U. ln the spring of l936, Wolf accepted the head coaching spot at the University of North Carolina. Commis- sioned in the Navy in 1942, Wolf left the University of North Carolina and served as officer in charge of athletics at the Navy Preparatory School at Austin, Texas, and the U. S. Naval Air Station at Miami, Fla. ln I944 he was named athletic director of the U. S. Naval Air Training Base at Pensacola, Fla., and served there until he was honorably discharged from the Navy in l945. Playing spirited and colorful 'football throughout the entire T947 season, the Gators came through with four impressive victories and one equally colorful tie. After improving with each game the Gators are looking forward to an outstanding season in '48. Page 78 P X 1 1 Q ff . X af - y 1 ji i' ,i x Ted Twomey A native of Mellen, Wisconsin, Coach Twomey graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1930 with a Bachelor de- 9ree in Commercial Science. He played two years as tackle under that immortal mentor of the Fighting Irish, Knllfe Rockne, and while doing it made several af the All-America teams. Twomey has been line coach at the Universities of Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, and South Csiglina. He joined the Florida staff in .. . . .---,,.,...,,-. .W-.. .. l Buster Brannon Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Coach Brannon graduated from Texas Christian University in 1933 with a Bachelor de- gree in Physical Education. As an athlete at T. C. U. he won letters in football and basketball. ln 1933 he was captain of the basketball team and a member of the All Southwest Conference teams in '32 and '33. He joined the Florida staff in 1946. Page 79 XX I Paul Severin Coach Severin is a native of Natrone, Pennsylvania. After becoming a four sport athlete in high school, he went to the University of North Carolina. There he made All Southern Conference teams for three years and captained the 1940 Tar Heels. He captained the Southern team in the Blue-Grey game of 1940. Returning from the Navy he joined the Florida staff in 1946. Julius Battista While in high school in Endicott, N. Y., "Mush" Battista won letters in football and in track. He entered the University of Florida in l937, graduating in Educa- tion in l94l. While at the University of Florida "Mush" won a letter three times as guard. After graduation he was assis- tant freshman football coach before enter- ing the Air Corps for four years. He returned to the Florida staff in l946. 4 14. J. :fm Dave Fuller A native of Wake Forest, N. C., Dave Fuller attended Wake Forest College and graduated in l940 with a Bachelor de- gree in Education. ln high school he let- tered three times each in football, basket- ball, and baseball, and as a college player repeated the some performance. A high school coach before ioining the Navy, Fuller came to the Gator staff in l946. Page 80 Sam McAllister Born in Chicago, Sam McAllister during his high school days made letters in foot- ball, basketball, and in baseball. He graduated from St. Viators, in Bourbon- nais, lllinois, with a aegree in General Science. There he played football, bas- ketball and baseball. Following graduation he coached at Auburn, University of Georgia and then came to the University of Florida in l936. Serving three years in the Navy, he returned to Florida in l945 as head coach of the Freshman-Varsity "B" football team. Ii TRAINER and MANAGERS A vital part ot every successful tootball team is a competent trainer and statt ot managers, Assisting the Gators through a very successtul season were managers Jimmy Cochran, Douglas Oswald, George Pharr, Bobby Ennis, Ken Hamilton and the trainer Raymond lChietl West. Chief West, born on the Cheyenne Reservation in Oklahoma, was given the lndian name, "Running Wolf". While attending l-laskell Institute he starred in tootball, basketball, and trackj Between the time he lett l-laskell Institute and joined the Flor- ida statt in the spring ot l946, he played seyeral seasons ot protessional basketball. Page 81 If , UQ- I By CharHe Baker Sports Editor JacksonviHe Journal Too Much Charlie Conerly for Gators That was the story of the Gator's 1947 football opener against Mississippi in Jacksonville. The triple threat star ran, passed and kicked the Rebels to a I4-6 victory over a Florida team whose tackling showed a definite need for improvement. Coach Ray lliearl Wolf's charges looked potent enough on offense until they neared pay dirt, then they bogged down. And ragged defensive play in the line gave the Rebels just the chance they were after. .Conerly opened the first Mississippi scoring drive in the third quarter with a Z2 yard punt return after the S.E.C. teams had battled to a scoreless deadlock in the initial half. . The shifty, dead-eye tailback ran and passed Ole Miss down to the Florida five, then flipped to "Red" Jenkins in the end zone. .Bobby Oswalt booted the extra point. Early in the final period, Will Glover, sub for Conerly, took over and cul- minated another morch with an ll-yard scamper around left end for another six-pointer. Oswalt added the point with a perfect placement. Florida broke into the scoring column late in the game. Tommy Bishop, Gator end, made a great catch of Doug Belden's aerial in the end zone. The play covered 12 yards. The tilt was a big disappointment to over l7,000 fans, who were in the Gator Bowl Stadium with high hopes of a Florida triumph, despite the fact that the Gators were a 13-point underdog. Jimmy Kynes did yeoman work backing up the Gator line and Belden turned in a great defensive effort, coming up from the secondary to break up many Rebel plays. Loren Broadus and Bobby Forbes were the big guns in the attack of the Wolfmen. Forbes almost got away twice and was the leading ground gainer in the fray, while Broadus ran well on the few times he was able to get through the Rebel wall. Coach Johnny Vaught of Ole Miss, known well for his ability as a line coach, presented a big, tough, sure tackling combination up front. Led by a pair of practically immovable guards, the Rebel line stymied Florida's run- ning game for the better part of the contest and rushed Belden, the Gators' ace passer, until his record for the night showed four completions in I5 attempts. All in all, most' observers, including this one, noted improved playing on the part of the Gators in comparison with last year. BROADUS SCHAMBERG BELDEN Page 82 ..- Orlando Sentinel-Star P092 83 y North T:iiasState Throttlelglwinless Gators 12 North Texas State's hard-hitting Eagles battered FIorida's hapless Gators foria 20-l2 victory in a fast, bruising game played here last night before an estimated l5,000. After a scoreless first quarter, the Eagles rammed across touchdowns in each of the three remaining periods for their margin of victory. The Gators scored in the second and final periods. The Gators out-did the Texans on first downs, l5-l0. They also out- rushed the Eagles, 273 yards to l43. Passing gains were even at 72 yards. Texas went 78 yards for the first touchdown midway through the second quarter. Taking over on its own l8 after the Gators had penetrated deep into Edgle territory, Cromer picked up 24 around right endg McNeil and Nutt made 15 in two tries and Martin passed to Rienzi dawn the middle, the Eagle end taking the ball on the eight and scoring easily. Dinkle's place- ment was good and Texas led, 7-0. The Gators stormed back to score a few minutes later. Belden intercepted Martrn's pass on the Florida 48 and ran it back to the Texas 37. On the first play, Forbes, on a hand-off from Belden, broke off left tackle on a cross-buck and steamed all the way down the middle for a score. Lewis' kick was blocked and Florida trailed by a point. Belden-hit Forbes with a Z5 yard pass as the half ended. The Gators moved from their 26 to the Texas five before Forbes was stopped one foot shy on a fourth down trip arund left end. Texas kicked out and Forbes returned to the 24 and fumbled. Texas recovered. Dinkle's kick rolled dead on Florida's 34 but Dewell Rushing touched the ball and a Texan covered it on the Florida 34. Cromer and Bartlett made it a first down on the Gator 24 and Cromer circled right end for l8. Two plays later, McCain passed to Nutt for a touchdown. Dinkle's kick was good and North Texas led, I4-6 at the quarter. On the first play of the final period, Belden hit Turner with a 29-yard pass to the Texas 16. Griffin got nine at right end and Parker blasted through right guard to the four. Griffin went over tackle for the score. Munford intercepted Belden's pass ta return it to the Florida 46 to set up the decisive score. With the ball on the Gator nine, Cromer took a lateral pass and raced around right end for a touchdown. Nutt's kick was wide, but Texas led, 20-l2 as the game ended. By Bob Hayes Sports Editor 7ezow . I . .ya Q f .- .., iz. !..u.l'5- ' I ..,'f7. 'mi-, F, 4' TV T J ' ' ' Ulf' "W ?"fi.1,f 'EV " 1 ning. p-1 or 'Q .Ref-ff if 'Ay' - ' 3.4 Madam E! fry: By Fred Pettijohn Sports Editor Tallahassee Democrat Auburn Tigers Squeeze By Gators Z0-14 Crompton Bowl, Montgomery, Ala., Oct. ll-Florida's luckless Gators went down to their thirteenth consecutive defeat and their third setback of the current campaign here this afternoon when they blew two early leads and finally bowed to a stubborn Auburn Tiger 20-14 in a tight Southeastern Conference grid battle. With some 13,000 sun-drenched fans stirring restlessly in their seats the Gators struck for single scores in the first and third periods that gave them leads of 7-0 and 14-13, and aroused hopes of this being the tilt that would see them shake free of the bonds of defeat and misfortune. In the final reckoning, however, the Gators two touchdowns, scored by "Bounding Bobby" Forbes on a 1 yard plunge and an 80 yard spring, were not enough. They sorely needed an 80 yard scoring dash by Loren Braadus that was called back for clipping. Auburn's grim Tigers found their way to victory in the airways when Travis Tidwell hit halfback Billy Ball with a 38 yard scoring toss in the final period. "TraveIin' Travis" gave the Plainsmen their first score when he got away for a six-yard scoring excursion in the second quarter. Freddie Gafford supplied the other Tiger tally when he plucked a pass out of the air and raced 55 yards to give his mates a 13-7 halftime margin. The Gators, who outgained the Tigers 138 yards to 113 on the ground, and GROVES GRIFFIN held a definite 128 to 84 margin in the air, opened up in the first quarter as though they intended to push the Plainsmen right out of this historic stadium. Three times the Orange and Blue Gators went on the march in the opening canto, driving to the 24, 6, and 10 yard lines before they ran out of gas. Early in the second quarter the Gators finally went all the way for a score. Forbes slid inside left tackle from one yard out for the score. Lewis' place- kick was good and Florida led 7-0. After the Gators kicked off to Auburn the heartbreaking hex that has fol- lowed Florida's football footprints, went to work. Eldridge Beach took Auburn's return punt and handed it off to Braadus who scooted 80 yards to score, only to see the ploy called back and Florida penalized to their 15 yard line. The Tigers took a short punt and marched to their first score. Tidwell hobbling through for the tally. On the first play after their kickoff Auburn poured their second score across and shot out in front 13-7 on Gafford's dash with the wayward pass. In the opening minutes of the second half the flying Forbes gave his mates the lead for the second and last time. Lewis split the uprights, and the Gators led 14-13 until Tidwell connected with Ball for the winning score in the final quarter. SUTTON Paste 85 is 'f so- Rr", , , H .f Gatoli Spring Major lljiset on N. C. Staills A football team which has been booted from pillow to post-or goal-line to goal-line-came from nowhere to hang a startling upset on one of the national leaders. The story of Florida's stunning 7 to 6 victory over North Carolina State, the nations fourth ranking team at the time, justly received high acclaim. There was nothing flukish about it. The Gators just played themselves a Qflrne the likes of which the Wolfpack probably did not see any other time during the season. lt's impossible to recognize in a coldly stated 7 to 6 score the outstanding Combination of offensive and defensive football paraded before the throng of l8,000 who sat in the stands that Oct. l8th night. Things started when Bobby Forbes, the galloping Gator, who finished the season well up among the nation's ground gainers, flashed between his left guard and tackle, slid away from a backer-up and flicked his heels for 70 Yurds into pay dirt on the ninth play of the game. Lazarous Lewis kicked a perfect placement. That got the merry-go-round under way. ln quick succession State drove fo the Florida 38 before Cliff Sutton recovered a Wolfpack bobblej Florida, with Hal Griffin and Forbes pacing the attack, pranced to the 'Pack 2l before being held. State whammed right back to Florido's l5 before Fletcher Groves threw Ricksus for a I6 yard fourth down loss, but after a short Florida punt, State breezed 32 yards to a touchdown. When Byler missed the placement, it was all over for the scorer and just beginning for the fans. The halftime whistle caught the Wolfpack banging on the Gator's 4 yard line. The second half was just as spine tingling. Florida started the action but an intercepted pass halted its drive. State promptly moved to the Gator Z0 and after being thrown back on three attempts, missed a field goal attempt. The battle raged up and down the field. The two clubs exchanged costly penalties in the final period which halted scoring threats, and both mode other goalward drives only to be halted. With two minutes to go, Florida lost the ball an a fumble and the eager Staters pounded out two first downs moving to the Florida 5. The stout Florida forward wall which had put out Herculean efforts all night, dug in for this final goal line stand and threw back two line plays. The Wolfpack tried another field goal-and missed. Two plays later Florida rode the crest of its first football victory in 14 starts. lt was a team victory and by a team which was great for the occasion. The Gators had officially launched their gridiron comeback. By Whitey McMullen Sports Editor Gainesville Daily Sun 2.6, V O By Coach Ray Wolf Head Football Coach University of Florida Every school had Homecomings, but a rare few of them can top, or even approach, the festivities which go on during this weekend at the University of Florida. For downright color, warmth, and smoothness of operation, Florida Blue Key does a magnificent job. Evidence of the careful planning and hard work first popped up several weeks before Homecoming with the publication of the well-arranged and superbly illustrated little blue book, "YOUR I947 HOMECOMlNG". Those same evidences were in sight throughout the actual week. The fraternities certainly do an excellent job of decorating their houses and lawns, and the scenes they arranged this year were outstanding tributes both to the ingenuity of the fraternities and to North Carolina's Charlie Justice. Thousands of the people who were in Gainesville for Homecoming Day must have toured the campus to'see these displays. Although I saw the Gator Growl a year ago, I was again amazed at the size and "color" of the show and the apparent ease with which it was pre- sented. Saturday morning all of the North Carolina people who were here- Coach Snavely, Sports Publicity Director Jake Wade, UNC student sports Pmozzou. I Ponce editor Billy Carmichael, Durham sports writer Woody Woodhouse, and others -were most enthusiastic about what they had seen the night before. Particularly that Jake Wade, sports editor of the Charlotte Observer for many years who said, "Ray, l have covered university Homecomings for years at many of the larger schools in the South, but I never dreamed that anyone could put on a show like this. Folks back home are not going to believe it when we tell them about it, but we'd sure like to get something like this underway at North Carolina." Its hard to imagine how so many different events-all good-can be packed into a day and a half, but somehow it was done: air shows, banquets, luncheons, Gator Growl, a coffee hour, concert, water-festival, legislative barbeque, reception, dance and football game. Since coming to Florida I have been impressed-at Homecoming and on every other day of the year-with the excellent spirit and enthusiasm of the University of Florida student body. Florida Homecomings are events to be proud of. May there be many more of them, and may they all be as colorful and as successful as the two I have seen. BRAY M mkeede M 3 5 1 fl' If By Carl D. Snavely Athletic Director University of N. Carolina To a damnyankee whose impressions of Florida have evolved principally from the occasional reading of a newspaper story or editorial concerning cer- tain gentlemen of Florida in Washington, always colored somewhat by the rock-ribbed political opinion of his community, the first visit to the Univer- SIU of Florida was bound to be a venture of surprises. Gainesville proved to be.a beautiful little city and an ideal college town. I discovered that the University has a beautiful campus, bordered by a lovely residential district and most inviting fraternity houses, far exceeding normal expectations in number and pretentiousness. I was impressed by the splendid athletic fields along the way, and by the number and the quality of the University buildings. 'We had heard that it would be very hot and we approached Gainesville with serious misgivings, following a most unfortunate visit which we had paid the University of Texas just two weeks earlier. But we found the tem- perature to be just right. The playing field was in excellent condition, and the weather was such as to encourage the finest kind of football. lt. did not take us long to discover that when Florida alumni have a Home- Cfbmlng, they have a Homecoming. The extent and magnitude of the decora- tions on the dormitories and fraternity houses, the Friday night rally with its fireworks, the breath-taking aerial circus, and the eloquence of the orators Whom we heard addressing crowded banquet rooms at the hotel, truly aston- :shed us. I don't believe that I've ever seen anything to equal it at any other School, and I have had occasion to visit quite o number of universities on Homecoming week-ends. We got a particularly favorable impression of the Florida supporters at the 90me. The students and alumni, and in fact the entire crowd, showed very 5UPerior qualities of sportsmanship. Of course, the ominous chant, "Gator bait", with which you greeted us was disquieting, but you threatened us in On obviously good humored fashion. As you know, I like your governor. I know positively that he is a sincere Supporter of the Florida football team. My proof of this consists of a number of intimate, close up, rear elevation photographs showing him in action during The course of the game. His excellency was seated in front of our team Plwtographerp but once the battle was under way he rose from his seat, took his hat off his head, and proceeded to give his boys the full benefit of all the encouragement which could be conveyed by gesture and word of mouth from fhdt distance and elevation. T,-" . 6 '392 - . 'W 1. i " an 'Q .. . ,w u Q i I f We also appreciated the fact that Coach Wolf and the other members of the athletic organization were notably courteous and sportsmanlike, in spite of the disappointment which they undoubtedly felt at the way in which the game went. Winning a game helps to make such a visit more pleasant. But even if we had lost, I am convinced that we would have come away with a warm respect for the students, alumni, coaches, athletes, and townspeople of Gainesville and the feeling that they are to be congratulated upon their association with the University of Florida. I hope that the future will give me many oppor- tunities to repeat this visit. wg TURNER cnesssn GRUETZMACHER f ue A, fm 1 i 7 r. f ,Q - Y A X fl xi x .gin 4 I XI 2- -.xi Hn' i,. I' i .AMVL V I fu ' i . , 'l V sv 5' I 11.1412 srafearigmrfn, 1 ,, ,FA AA ,. ' Mixed . s . V H 'ik Il' . K .3-' fd A '- ' ,ra A 3 J. nk.: klfvtr' f", 'GAIM A 'A A ..Al. ' 'V -l.,wffX11Af- , AAA' A .,.A V '. AAT A, M' if A ' Y ' L aim' ll 4 4 A I WOO' nl ,hh V .,.-.,,,,,, A A ' A A 'flue-su.. , A X 'M ' ' K A' www: ' A' A . 5if'l'..5: " -s f ' is u r A . , , '--,.,....- AA,A.,- ' ,reap ' . ' n- 'TL f "7 ' V , V At t A's'l' 'fu' -'w i"' L I -f f-' '. ' -. ir' - W"""" By Pete Norton "'f 11---if - '. 0' "" ' Af' .7 ---NY-V " h , V - AAAA , -eAA,Q'4AA,f.'1gerh'u5,pv-s.-.L,A,1 .A ' , 1 S Ed.t , .V A A .,..A H. ,,Ji:ay,,As.lzAf:,A, A. ACA,,AA.AA -1 A' AAA Ly, M .A X . .A ports I or A -, ,' f ' .4 rl cp ' , A ,, rAH,,y"q',,5'.' -rg At' - - A0 1- .J A 'yy' ,WA A , 7' ' A , nfl.,gafffntcfswsqwwe,sqn-fms- Q --P -i-- WmwTwwe giz. . , . rA. f , ,il , , . f' ,Q-, .,,nM,4 A .wr ,lv ' . , M ff-.1 fmzfrz. ir-f11ff'5W'TJ'37.'12" 4 -ss' - ..4f'l,-'342 .-.Z-' air., -wf2-'- .A, f Q ,lwAAi',g p. f,.,,,.,,ft ,, 3 AW ,"' .AAA ,AA A L A! .g A 'NAA 1 - ' ,, .,gA. , A .w.AA A .,,A ' ' ' i .L..- . ".wi:2.f 'rflfuA-t.'g4::-'L. .aa.fa- .uint T"1.y.'zlL!'1ei.Zius. - T' u.a',i'.1Q'.,4-v.."v.i'E-H.ii'l,lfxtlwl. Florida Tramples Furman's Hurricanes 34-7 The story of Florida's smashing 34 to 7 victory over Furman at Tampa, November l, is the story of a lithe-limbed, hard-hitting youngster from Clearwater-Bobby Forbes-for many weeks the leading ground goiner among the nation's college backs. The Gators might have won without Forbes, but not a single soul of the 13,000 who watched the game, would believe this statement under any cir- cumstances, so completely did the swivel-hipped, West Coast Florida boy dominate the show under the broiling sun of Phillips Field. Forbes found his team trailing 7-0 in the middle of the second quarter. And he did something about it on the next play. He grabbed the Furman kickoff on his own I2-yard line, burst into full speed at the 20 eluded a half-dozen tacklers at midfield, and then outran four or five others who made feeble gestures in his direction during the remainder of the 88-yard canter over the goal line. The next time he carried the ball in the third quarter he calmly picked up his interference on an aff-tackle smash, threaded his way through the Fur- man secondary, and lit out for the goal line without once being hit by an enemy tackler. This carry was good for 57 yards, and started a gator rout. Furman supporters were hoping they wouldn't give Forbes another chance. But Coach Ray Wolf decided on one more try by the Clearwater boy. This time it was good for 4l yards and another touchdown, establishing a record for Phillips field of three touchdowns in as many ball-handling tries. The Gators scored twice more, with "Hurricane Hal" Griffin, sophomore back from Tampa, ambling 23 yards around right end for the fourth touch- down, and Charley Hunsinger ripping off left tackle for 3l yards late in the game for the final counter. Lazarous Lewis, one of the deadliest place-kickers in recent Gator history added four of the points. The score could have been much bigger, with two Florida touchdowns being called back because of penalties, and several other chances nullified by fumbles. The Gator offense in the third quarter was the deadliest displayed during the entire season, with great blocking by center Jimmy Kynes, Tackle Paul Mortellaro and Guard Fletcher Groves opening huge holes through which the backs galloped for long gains. Altogether the Gators amassed 3l9 yards during the battle to a measly l42 for Furman, with all of the yardage coming from the ground attack, most consistent feature of the Florida offense all year. lt was the second Florida victory in two years for the Gators, and marked the first time they had ever beaten Furman. BEACH ' NATYSHAK LASHLEY A W 1- .i ' V riff'N'f, 1-ui i -.WW 'll A l .. , wrt- i 2,5-wi -A , l lf l l l l i l l i l i l l l A . F i l l ll l l A l 4 it 'i l ii, ia is i 4 i l alll - MORTELLARO z ,Q -'+ MJ' A , , - v A i M 1 if BISHOP WEBSTER Bulldog's Aerial Attack Stymies Gators Johnny Rauch, whose l947 passing record was second only to Charles Conerly of Mississippi, pitched strikes all of a cool, windy afternoon on November 8 in JacksonvilIe's Gator Bowl to lead Georgia to a 34-6 victory over the University of Florida eleven. The Yeadon, Pa., quarterback scored two touchdowns himself, flipped passes to Halfback John Donaldson and End Dan Edwards for two more, and, altogether, hit his receivers l2 out of 20 times. Georgia's other touchdown was made by Fullback Joe Geri, who kicked the extra point from placement after four of the five tallies. An overflow crowd of 23,000 saw little Hal Griffin, sophomore half back from Tampa, register Florida's only touchdown in the third quarter on a sensational punt return. After faking a handoff to Halfback Charles Hunsinger, Griffin struck out for the north sidelines and traveled 68 yards to the double stripe. Laz Lewis failed to convert. Florida, in fact, outgained Georgia on the ground, l38 yards to 125. But in the air, Coach Wally Butts' forces were clearly superior, the Bulldogs making 133 yards by passing to the Gators' 4l. Eli Maricich and Billy Henderson were Georgia's leading ball carriers, The former picking up 55 yards and the latter 35. Griffin, who packed the pigskin just five times, was credited with 48 yards. By ARNOLD FINNEFROCK g Sports Editor Florida Times Union wi' '39 44 F5 Failure to defend against Rauch's passes proved costly to the Gators. Had the secondary been able to do a better job, the score would not have been decisive in Georgia's favor, for the Gator forwards were a good match for the Bulldog line. Captain Edwards and Herbert St. John, stood out in the Georgia line, while Center Jimmy Kynes of Marianna easily was the best player in the Florida forward wall. Georgia scored its first touchdown after 10 minutes of play on a 37-yard advance. On the seventh snap, Rauch went over on a quarterback sneak from the line. A Sl-yard march brought another Georgia marker in the second quarter, Rauch passing from the seven-yard line to Donaldson in the end zone. Georgia's third counter followed a questionable pass interference ruling against Florida. This decision put the Bulldogs on the Gators' 33 and from there Floyd Reid, Maricich, and Rauch punched the ball over. Rauch's pass to Edwards, good for 26 yards, brought Georgia's fourth touchdown, culminating a 65-yard drive. A pass interception by Gene Chandler, Georgia center, set up the final Red and Black touchdown in the last period. Stan Nestorak made five yards and then Geri pounded off left tackle for 38 yards. M" ' " it J, Q . e ',,.., we 4 , wa--' ' ,ft . r V , a .1 A l.' f 4' 4 iris . .N -N N , . ,, ,. f 0 'gfge2tx3?gfid::-,e:1g, . 1 ,, . t' y Sgt ' I .ADA N , 'rr ,keg-r-..-r',:,: V yw.r.,fvL- A-.xr ,, 4,453 Li 2. A ..-lbjrifva Vi.-b I-x.-jx! K.- '.1,.. P096 vt-F35 532- it.-7 ,. .- '. fy - ' ' g,Y"', 'Q' at V l.-1s,.k,rQ-QF- J ' U' ,' V -il. , . S. A but . lm- -,4..- wg .Q ,vc klyii 'sf"MM- ' "lt 'J 'ft 1 r t -' n ' r F fir- '5""' v .. L 1135! Wav' ,r .J o , ' .svfy kqxqq W' Q 3' in of' i it By WESLEY CHALK Sports Editor Pensacola News-Journal Belden Hurls Pay-011 Pass To Tie Tulane A band of Fighting Gators, refusing to believe the story of Tulane's vic- tory over Alabama, raised up in the final 10 minutes of play on the after- noon of Nov. 15 to earn a 7 to 7 tie with the Greenies in the Sugar Bowl stadium before some 25,000 bewildered New Orleans fans. Tampa Hal Griffin gave the Gators the spark they needed to accom- plish the tie when he took Leonard Finley's punt on his own 42-yard line an? scampered back to the Tulane 13 being tripped down on a soggy fied. With this outburst of brilliant play the Sourians took new heart and with the clock clicking off the final moments hit pay dirt on an aerial from Quarterback Doug Belden to End Joe Chesser. Lazarous Lewis then came through with the all-important placement kick which gave the Florida eleven an even break in what was billed as a "breather" for the Greenies. Billy Parker got off a 37-yard punt from behind his own goal line. Cliff Van Meter and Bobby Jones alternated to carry to the Gator 10 where the valiant visiting line held. Parker kicked again but this time it was a feeble effort which fell on the Gator 25. This was enough for the Greenies. Bill Svoboda and Jones picked up four and then Jim Keeton passed to Van Meter on the Alligator 14. Van Meter went to the nine and then LORENZO COX Jones made a nice cut back running through left guard and went over with the help, aid and assistance of a mate. This play, well photographed, brought howls of protest from the Florida press from east to west coast. Outside of these two outbursts, one by each team, the game was fought on midfield. Florida, however, did drive to within the 10 yard line twice and on one occasion was as near as the three-yard marker an first down but failed to make the necessary yardage for a touchdown. Florida accomplished everything but victory. This included "tops" in all departments and a brilliant performance by the Gator band. The Gators rolled up 8 first downs to 7 for for the Greenies. Florida gained 102 yards running as against 108 for the home club. Florida, reported to be weak on passing, gained 41 yards in the clouds to 12 for the locals and as a result had a total net yardage of 143 to 120 for the opposition. Florida intercepted 3 Green Wave aerials and had one intercepted. As usual the Gators rolled up a good deal of ground on punt returns, the actual figures being 62 to 18 in comparison. Tommy Bishop, played the best game of his career while Jimmy Kynes gave his usual sparkling performance. Charles Hunsinger, a war-time Navy performer, proved to be a good line plunger for the Orange and Blue. HUNSINGER 'g,"4'7?'9'936'r4?ial ,,. ,HMM rr. eg-, Page 90 st., --. i V' f L 1 : , .aka Q . 'A. 4 . V ,J . 1 W, ,, A t s . - W . I s A 2 w ' i ,ri 'A Yu gllhgl' ,, .I ' To 1. ' . the ggi... - . i,. ,, . X, 1 - 1 .. .4 . - .lx g .J X Y , X .. .-, . , -1 it ri - - if ' 'A . X c 4 I . ' "wiv ',.. I A y , . 4 V t rt' . . .. lf . . V. A, me N ,. r . L . l J H Q-,N . ' - v'-1 .gm A. pw' x .34- s.' A K Q. we s ff' 'L 'M' ff YANCEY FIELDS FORBES Gators Win Florida's Gators were inspired opportunists in their game with the Hurricanes at the Orange Bowl Stadium the night of Nov. 21. They rose to the heights, doing everything necessary to photo finish the University of Miami, 7 to 6, before a screaming mob of 32,102 fans. The winning margin was an accurate place kick by Quarterback Laz Lewis after the Gators had cashed in on a break to overhaul the Hurricanes, who had scared early on an 82 yard TD gallop by Harry Ghaul. That point after the second quarter touchdown didn't insure victory. The stout-hearted Gator line had to fight off threat after threat by the inspired Hurricanes. The Gators squelched two Miami comeback bids in the thrill punctuated fourth quarter which kept the fans on their feet. Near the end the Hurricanes in turn were having a terrific time checking the rampaging Gators who went to Miami's I4 before the game ended. When you check the offensive efforts you are convinced that Florida's One point margin was the true margin. The Gators struck deep into Hurricane territory four times, and between the 20 yard lines they were really devastating. The statistics favored Florida, too. The Gators clicked off 13 first downs to five, and their net gains from scrimmage reached 171 to 127. State Crown The Hurricanes struck with the fury of a tropical storm one play after the second quarter opened. Ghaul had just made a first down on his 18. Ghaul is no speed merchant, but he didn't need to be on this non-stop run of 82 yards. He took advan- tage of perfect downfield blocking which was as devastating as a barrage from heavy artillery. Ghaul started out on a left end run, cut back towards the middle of the field where the Gator secondary had been flattened. He headed for the south side lines, sensed trouble there and cut back into midfield and kept going. He was winded by his run, and the Hurricanes probably erred in having him try for the extra point. lt was wide, and Miami lcd only, 6 to 0. Later in the period, Billy Parker puntcd 47 yards and Clive Shrader grabbed the ball on his three and returned to his six where he was treated to a tooth-rattling tackle. He dropped the ball, and Tackle John Natyshak recovered for Florida only sii yards from pay dirt. A Hurricane roughed Natyshak. That was a serious and costly social error! The Hurricanes were penalized to their one yard line. Twice they piled the Gators up, but on the third down Bobby Forbes saw daylight at left guard and shot through for the touchdown. Lewis booted the ball through the uprights, and that was the payoff point. By JIMMY BURNS Sports Editor Miami Herald U 0 U Puge 91 X -.509 Q t r, T 51 P s:, Q1 J .2 I L-...... .... .... -- 77,,,,, W, -.., , V S.- f Tillie' wry. zu 1, " . 'B -A-'S wx . 1 By BERNARD KAHN Sports Editor in 1 bbibb Daytona Beach News-Journal Gators Maul Kansas State In Final Game The University of Florida Gators moved past another mile stone on their road to recovering football respect here Nov. 29, l947. That was the last date on Florida's calendar, but it certainly was for from being the least satisfying to the Gators die-hard supporters. For Florida ended the season by leaving the sweet taste of a spectacular Z5-7 triumph over Kansas State in the mouths of its adherents. lt was a season of considerable improvement over totally winless I946, which is not exactly a momentous development. But the KS affair did produce a Florida record of four wins, five defeats and one deadlock and that measured up to even the most optimistic predictions by the sports- writing guessperts. Of course, the Gators final win was no occasion for surprise. While Florida achieved its objective of winning, it extended Kansas Statc's robust losing streak to a high water mark of 28 setbacks in succession. lt was a lively gridiron burlesque performance made entertaining by the long running gems of Hal Griffin and Chuck Hunsinger of Gatorland and the bizarre ball handling of Coach Francis' somewhat tame wildcats from Manhattan, Kan. The game was played before a crowd of 7,000 and with nearly l5,000 empty seats. The Kansas Staters demonstrated how they got that losing PARKER I 'ytlu M,-.J-.1-9'i.f , .. ,f , ,'t'1f-Atv. - , r,it'l't'1"1 My ' .,Zff.m-awrvff-e - 'Ii!U r- 'wv.zv!lI'?""1"l Ll! ' rp! way by playing interesting but sloppy football. Nevertheless the Kansans did not give Florida any opportunity to relax during the first half and the score was 7-6 against the Gators at the intermission. A burst of ver- satile offensive football in the last half swiftly changed the tide of battle in Florida's favor. Besides Kansas State's throwing the leather lemon around like a basket- ball with a continuous spray of laterals, the climatic game of the season produced an oddity worthy of a Ripley cartoon. Quarterback Doug Belden of Florida become one of the few men in grid annals to ever receive his own pass-and lost six yards on the play. Belden fired a pass which struck a Kansas tackle on the shoulder and bounced back into tho surprised Gator field general's paws. A locust swarm of KS tacklers dropped Belden like a sand bag before he could take a step. The ploy went into the records thusly-Belden to Belden, six yard loss. Kansas State to its credit did not know how to quit and fought the Gators all the way for one of the most entertaining games of the season. Florida, in turn, won a deserved victory in which some observers saw the crack of a new dawn. Only three of the Florida varsity were seniors which added a lot of volume to that annual Gator chant, "wait until next year". VACCARO GARDINER I1 'f Page 92 H1KZ. ' " R. 0.'I' C Rlil T um X The R.O.T.C. Rifle Team was organized for the purpose of promoting interest in rifle marks- manship, sports and to teach young men the proper procedure in handling firearms. It also aids in promoting competitive spirit with the R.O.T.C. units in other schools. These com- petitive matches add much interest to the R.O.T.C. program, are valuable in stimulating campus morale and a contributing factor in developing true sportsmanship in the partici- pants. All matches are fired on the home schools firing range under the National Rifle Associa- tion rules. For a record score each member must fire ten rounds from the following positions: prone, kneeling, sitting and standing. A perfect score is 400 and last year the highest score for FIorida's team was 385. Recently the coaches of the various schools in the SEC have organized a series of matches and the school having the highest score at the completion of the matches is the winner and number one team in the SEC. This year the rifle team will compete with teams ln twenty-eight states and also the Univ. of Alaska and the Univ. of Hawaii. Last year the rifle team won thirty matches, lost six and had six technical wins. Last year in the 3rd Army Area Matches the rifle team placed third and was also one of the high ranking teams in the nation. Maj. Hughett coaches the team and he is assisted by Sgt. Peacock. 'A' Page 93 PAUL SEVERIN yf SAM MCALLISTER, Basketball Coach l' r . . '2 :ik ,v . 0 - Page 94 n X A J Basketball Coach Sam McAllister is beginning his ninth year here at the University of Florida. With last year's lettermen returning for the '48 basketball season, Coach McAllister has been able to build a strong offensive and defensive team. Coach McAllister's boys came through with a fairly good season by winning fifteen out of twenty-four games. Next year all of this year's lettermen will be returning and the 1949 basketball season should be one of the best that the university has ever had. With the appointment of Paul Severin as coach, freshmen basketball was once again resumed here at the University of Florida. ,1L,"Q3f', .:, ' ti-lp .-'i,,1?' " TW?V"i'?li'ii't?"'9fl , - illiiyt' 5 IK ' Til ' " , .0 'Til i ' ' . as ' ,Qi ' m ,f..g.7ogji., g N ' ', -. . ' t, ,W .5-will ' 'Fill fl iQ I A ' ' , fwffi' -vywll A ' , 3' 'aio A - ' , - , , ' . 4- -'k ,Z"'5fQ... -" f n U. in wtf , ""' fi, . , , .gym X 'iff :fig , e".W., -' A 1 X' If -We g V " f , .. xl .M g l . f -5. N .I I . j' N . H Q X I X liwogl A " 3 Rl X914 ' gf XX, ' :jwggeie X , ,T W ,MJ y . ATKINSON TANZLER HAMILTO Gclior Splil W'ih A I: After playing the Auburn Tigers four times during the l948 basketball season, the Gators finished with two wins and two losses. The first two games were played here in Gaines- ville and in the first game the Tigers man- aged to squeeze by the Gators with a score of 43-4l. lt was during the last thirty seconds of the first game that Williams of Auburn tallied the winning goal. The fol- lowing night the Gators, led by center Hans Tanzler, roared back to win 47-39. During the second half of the second game, Miller, Hamilton and Tanzler tallied successive goals that gave Florida a winning margin which Auburn never seriously threatened. Hans Tanzler, the towering Gator center, was high scorer, scoring twenty points in the second game of the series. The last two games, which were played at Auburn, were two very hotly contested games. In the first game the Tigers won by a close margin of 53-50. The spirited Gators came back in the second game to nose out Auburn by a score of 39-37. Page 95 BRIDGES MILLER Gators End Season wiili Fifteen Wins Opening the l948 basketball season, the fast breaking quintet of Bill Atkinson, Harry Hamilton, Hans Tanzler, Julian Miller, and Lamar Bridges proved too much for the Tampa Univ. boys. With Hamilton and Tanzler each scoring 16 points followed closely by Atkinson with lO points, the Gators made an impressive score tallying 70 points to Tampa's 43. Later the Gators journeyed out to Baton Rouge to take on L.S.U. Led by Tanzler and Hamilton the Gators defeated L.S.U. by the close margin of 38-36. However the following night it was a different story as Florida bowed to the classy Tulane "Green Wave", the second seeded team in the SEC, by the score of 62-35. Atkinson, considered one of the best floor men in the SEC, was injured in the Auburn series and was unable to play against L.S.U. and Tulane. Returning to Gatorland the Florida quintet took on Fla. Southern and gave them a sound thrashing to the tune of 74-49. The Jax Naval Air Station venturing into Gainesville was literally scalped by Coach McAllister's boys when they trimmed the Navy team 82-Sl. Visiting the Cigar City the Gators once again trampled Tampa 40-30. The Georgia "Bulldogs" were next on the list and they managed to defeat the Gators in the first game 53-5l, but in the second game the Gators nosed out the Bulldogs by a score of 46-38. The Fla. Southern team once again fell victim to the Gators when Bill Atkinson, setting the pace with 23 points, led Florida to a brilliant 87-43 victory. Next was a trip to Atlanta and there the "Yellow Jackets" of Georgia Tech swarmed over the Gators and defeated Florida 65-42. In Athens the Gator five fell before the Georgia "Bulldogs" 56-44. Playing the Univ. of Miami here in Gainesville was the next task facing the Florida quintet. ln the first game the Gators came through with flying colors by defeating Miami U. 72-50, but the next game was very close and the "Hurricane's" nosed out the Gators 52-49. With the SEC tourney coming up soon we are sure the Gators will make a good showing against the top seeded SEC team Kentucky. With the majority of the Gator basketball team returning next year the i949 basketball season should be one of the best ever witnessed by Florida fans. Page 96 PACE vu o X. wif' ' ' 4 is -3.5 I X , N-rg hh, 1. ' .' , ,. . Hui' to - , ' ' 'i i i' r . -I W. ' I x. 4 .. . . , , , . - .f u'd"'i Q L . y H .. ER Af..." - '54 e ,. V Q iii W ' . .X i DP 1 " I l K4 ., Ng, 'A 1' X, t .. if MSF 42-r 1. 0:42. 1 l BELDEN HASKINS PERLMAN Gators Score Thrilling Victory ver Miss. State The Florida quintet, led by Tanzler, Miller and Hamilton, defeated a bewildered Mississippi State team 53-47 in a very hotly contested game. This was the Gators second win of the current season and their first SEC win this year. Harry Hamilton scored the first field goal. From then on Florida was ahead except for a short lived rally by Miss. State when they tied the score at 2l-2l to end the first half. The Gators gained the lead again in the second half and held that lead throughout the rest of the game. The Gators couldn't seem to halt the huge State center, Willard Daley, who scored 26 of his team's total points. Hans Tanzler led the Gators scoring by making I7 points. .i Pose 97 - ...- ......... CORNELL FILLINGIM 1947-48 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Jon. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jon. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Page 98 Hoff 1 8 -f"u 'Mg ,. A I 1 X. Team We The-y 3 Tampa University . .. .. . 70 43 8 Mississippi State . . 53 47 12 Auburn ....... ... 41 43 13 Auburn ...,.,.... ... 47 39 19 Miami University ... ... 50 67 20 Miami University .,.,......... 58 55 5 Louisiana State University ..... 38 36 6 Tulane ................ ... 35 62 10 Florida Southern ...... 74 49 13 Jax Naval Air Station 82 51 17 Tampa University ... ... 40 30 20 Stetson .........,. .. . 55 31 23 Georgia ... ... 52 55 24 Georgia ... ... 46 38 6Auburn 50 53 7 Auburn ....... ... 39 37 10 Florida Southern . 87 43 13 Georgia Tech .... 42 65 14 Georgia ..... . . . 44 56 17 Stetson ... ... 48 39 20 Miami 72 50 Miami .............. . . . 49 52 25 Jax Naval Air Station . 77 59 28 Georgia Tech ,..... 55 63 WELCH 1 ' ,I mvgq A if L' A W Q 5 L I' Q 3 9 ll 4- .- .-.E-f ' P 41- h 47 . , ,yu ,.,-4."""'Y"A, A I r"', ' ...- Q 5- - T: v4LJ.anau ' ' fa- 1-f E . 4 -1 ' 1 ,M . vu- pn" 3 -1..f"' --v-4q1xf"t- " .4 " :,. 4 Q-, A ' ' A vw?-'S-1-.-lf"f lr -' . 4. PERCY BEARD, Track Coach Truck i HARPER df 45. usdeuir-un.Ei9XV 6 X s I ' 'K' mauwnnnwd- -vwf3nv- .aw A K ywyj Q L,-soil-'RA . 6 ' ' 'r J.", .W IZQTTI' r 1? , n 'fo 'sf' with Alu' ill 41- 1,-f-A 'Y I, .rs .1 . X sw 9,,, J- JM, f'ingg.' fs Qy'r"11'Ls'.-'ffl' , 'QW M,-4,, .m.A,i' V ,, V.. . V fr. Q.,- .:, .-... ' , . va '- ' .Aa-. ' . 7 Page lO0 ini Coach Percy Beard is starting his l2th year as Florida's track coach and with many of last year's letter- men returning he is looking forward to a very successful season. Last year Florida won 3 meets and lost 2 also finishing 6th in the SEC Conference meet. We are hoping that this year's team will really come forth with an impressive record for the season. With twenty lettermen returning there will be experienced men for almost every event. WATKINS "ll 1 . . , Xu 0 -A Q ,. ., .if hi. 5 xt A .s '- P is ' . , .. is-f iq - 'Mi'-4 . . - ' 5,1 , I-, ,rw W X, M, w W 'ii 4., qw-,K ,N VQ 1-,,,, Wpiw., 1 N . J . ,, W,-L ff. , fs .fsfgm wi - x 3 . .1 QM' .i'wg' ww.. .. u ws- wis 1' "N ,f ,f '- jg ,T We 1'-.La - ,W ihWff'2'A, ,' ,. V iff , 4 -- I, LJ U s Q'.,l,, -- .. L :ij.s,...,,,,s.,g4ysgN-.K ., 5 , .63-xi, an gg g. W, A. , :iK'Qvf"wn:,,,- 9 sings., 5"ff -. M' 'Kg-"lu, f f: ff --s- QW- 'q,"s,ff.sL?',?-mg: M .,. .x hx V' ,-?.l,.gs,.q,, . ,M , h A 3 - ,'.f.8.f:?TJ:f9,3:iew9n , ,ful m.1f'- - 4'2- w..A., - :- sz- ssfjfxfi' .. V: -,W - fm, LZ.. V , lg: ,. mb. mx no .-If ,pf - ,- 4 Lu k ff. P ,gk A s 'X s TAYLOR . lk . . '-'f ' 'f M X 'X ' lj.-'f"4rW?1 N M ' ' -s fun -'e??hs.f"is+"'3-1-4 1.1 L fl T l948 TRACK , Q-su.: ', HILLS L yin 1 :L . . fs, Qi E if 'iff '17 SCHEDULE fX wwf! "PT Mar. 27 ,. .... Florida Relays APY- 3 . . ..... Georgia Tech ROWE APV- I0 .. ... Univ. of Georgia Avf- 17 .. Mississippi sms Mal' l ......,.......... Miami Univ. ENNIS May 8 ............. lFlorida sms Hi School Meet .... in Gainesvillel MQY I4 ...... SEC Meet in Birmingham EARNEST HANSKAT PATTILLO r-of r ,-'.. "fi" ste -- 7565 sss W' s-'. . M i4""fg E h 5 1 lain, I l D.-.nn 'HYI 'wi' ..-, -".,' -8- ' mv '- --2: -1' , W., -1 , ......-.. . ,, 1 , - , ,...-,Ml ,d i'-M'w----- sv.-'. ' K ,,.. , s., 52.21, . . i ,fftf i ' FRANK asNovAR, swimming coach I I Swlmmmg HARLAN Coach Genovar has been able to mold together a very successful swimming team with aid of lettermen Bill Bracken, John Cornell, Bill Pepper, Tom Brown, .lack Ford and Captain Billy Harlan. This is the second year since the end of the war that the swimming team has competed in intercollegiate competition and they are headed for a fine record this season. The Gator Tankmen are expected to be one of the top teams in the South- eastern Conference. GUESS WHO' ? ? I y, l I! i,,f P096 102 cokusu. and PEPPER WW 55, 1- N .off TOM BROWN Top Row-Left to right: TROVILLION TEED BROWN MARTIN HARLAN BRACKEN Bottom Row-Left to right: McDOUGAL MARTIN BROWN BROWN CORNELL PEPPER BROWN Page 103 -,--off" Jan Jan Jan Feb ,...- bl r Univ. of North Carolina North Carolina State .... Duke University BRACKEN 1948 SCHEDULE Feb. 20 Feb. 21 Mar. 5 Mar. 22 Univ. of Georgia I ,i girl' ADAMS ' ,W , n ' DAVE FULLER, Baseball Coach Coach Dave Fuller is starting his first year as head coach of the Gator baseball team. On the first day of practice eighty candidates reported and among these were ten returning Iettermen. Last year Florida won half of its games, but with the returning Iettermen and the many baseball can- didates we are hoping that Coach Fuller can really select a winning ball club this year. Among the returning Iettermen are: Elmer Barnes, Edwin Brown, Bill Menges, Bob Adams, Gene White, Bob Fielding, Andy Bracken, Calvin Davis, Jack Ledoux and Ted Ramseyer. Page l04 MILLIGRAM BROWN Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Moy May May May Moy May I948 BASEBALL SCHEDULE . . . . Alabama ...... Alabama . . Georgia Tech .. Tampa Univ. - - - ..... Mississippi . . . . Mississippi Mississippi State Mississippi State Rollins Rollins . . . . Auburn , . . . . Auburn . . . . Alabama Alabama Tampa Univ. Florida Southern Stetson - -- . . . Mississippi State Mississippi State Miami Univ. Miami Univ. ...... Rollins f- My Q vvyk .Tr-,MA uw , .. ig Y- ,. 'W-A--Q .X J , in W- . i .,, .-.. , ... .. 'Q . F. K , W--K A is v, iQfw-f,-M- W X ri ' f. ml A W Q 1 V , RAMSEYER sr. f 1 .T gg.. 4 .,A,l fer in. 1 . . zfjqp-Eg ' I. ,A ,-. S JACK VIDAL, Co-capt. ERI, ! .v -.3 LEON SIKES Co capt it tw-5 r . W3 ' .jf .. rma,-r . fe -re.. f " 1. 1 fl .gn ees-P'-A Golf ,.a,'- . X-of ,. f Q . 'Q . ta fl L J -1 V , 4,-,A .je-lijzj Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar Mar. Mar Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. I948 GOLF SCHEDULE I4 . . . ................. Stetson 2l ... ....... Jax Naval Air Station 28 ...... Ormond Beach Country Club 4-5-6 ............. Gainesville Open . . . .... Univ. of Georgia . . . ............ Mercer . .. ..... Univ. of Georgia ...........MiamiUniv. 29-30 ...... Southern Intercollegiate ARCHIE BAGWELL, Coach This is Coach Bagwell's first year as an intercollegiate coach. Lettermen from last year's golf team are Leon Sikes, Jack Vidal and DeVere Ritchie. Jack Vidal and Leon Sikes are also Co-captains for this year's team. This year's schedule is long and tough but we are expecHng a good record for thk season. Last years record was three wins and four losses. Left to right-G. Childerp L. Sikesp D. Ritchie: Coach Bagwellp M Morman J Vidal J English Rollins Mercer Duke Univ. . . . Georgia Tech Rollins at Athens Page 106 ll l 'K vi ,N 'I' n ni This is Coach Herman Schnell's second season as mentor of the tennis team. With a large num- ber of returning Gator Netmen we are hoping they will end the l948 season with a favorable record. The returning lettermen are: Bobby Riggins, Harry Terrell, Jack Borling, Reese Cooper and Frank Wood. The Co-captains for the l948 season are Bob Riggins and Harry Terrell. HARRY TERRELL ,,.-"""" usrduniiiwir-sa Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. HERMAN SCHNELL, Tennis Coach l948 TENNIS SCHEDULE Florida Southern ... Miami Univ. .... .. Clemson Florida Southern Stetson Univ. of Georgia . Georgia Tech Stetson Apr. Z3 Apr. 24 Apr. 30 May l May 8 ..... May ll .........,. May 13-l4-l5 Rollins Miami Univ. Auburn Univ. of Georgia Rollins Tulane SEC Tournament in New Orleans Top, left to right: L. WHEELER R. COOPER B. RIGGINS D. KAPLIN J. BORLING J. DUNAYER SCHNELL, Coach Bottom, left to right: R. curzrrs P. MANGER B. ouGHTERsoN : H. TERRELL ' B. coHEN F. wooo Page 107 '51-W" 1 . 5 kc -' - --fd ,Iv 4 Jr . xt ww, ,,4.l.,.-1 BAILEY BUSSE WRIGHT FRANK PHILPOTT, Cross Country Coach This year's cross country team, under Coach Frank Philpott, held intercollegiate meets with Georgia Tech and also the Auburn "Tigers", ln the first meet they lost to Georgia Tech 20-40 but in the next meet the Gators made a much better showing, losing to Auburn by the close score of 22-33. These two teams also finished first and second respectively in the SEC cross country meet. The Gators also competed in the SEC cross country meet, held in Atlanta, finishing in sixth place ahead of L.S.U. and the Univ. of Georgia. The outstanding runners on the 1947 Cross Country team were: Tom Bevis, James Griffin, Jack Willis, Wilbur Hicks, Ralph Olive, Robert Busse, Van McMullen and John Bailey. BEVIS GRIFFIN Page I08 WILLIS SPURGEON CHERRY Head of Department Coach Cherry has been head of the University of Florida Intramural program since coming to the campus in 1942. He graduated from the University in 1933. While on the campus he was active in campus affairs, member of the varsity football, basketball, and baseball teams and a member of Florida Blue Key. After graduat- ing, Cherry was coach at several high schools throughout the state, coming to this campus from Hillsborough High School. When he arrived Coach Cherry was End Coach on the football team, head basketball coach, and Director of Intramurals. When the College of Physical Education, Health and Athletics was founded, Cherry was appointed to Head of the Department of Intramural Athletics and Recreation in which capacity he has served since l946. JULIAN CLARKSON, Secretary, BILL BOYD, Publicity GERALD KLEIN Student Director Jerry Klein assumed the duties of Student Director of Intramurals last summer after serving five years on the Intramural Board. His service was interrupted for four years, at which time he was in the service. Klein is active in many campus activities and is a member of Florida Blue Key. He graduates from the University College of Law this year. Haifing from Miami Beach, Jerry has added invaluable service to the Intramural Department this year. Page IIO lt E. P. LANDRUM LAURIE DOZIER SAM PRICE Horseshoes Swimming Water Basketball JACK GRIFFIN Volleyball BOBBY POAGE Basketball AL HAGEN JACK HARLEE BOB SCOTT LEE WHEELER Shuffleboard Table Tennis Football Tennis FRED HOFFMAN . Track JULIAN DIAZ ROY CALES ROBERT SEIGLER CONRAD DUTTON Handball Softball G0lf Bowling Page lll '-A s ormiiory UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Feb. I-Sledd C-G, I947 champion of the Intra- mural Dormitory League, has retained its position atop Dorm loop standings through first semester activity, the Intramural Department announced today as official standings for the first half of the I947-48 season were released. The figures revealed that the defending champs hold a slight lead over second-place Tempo- rary Dorm with Murphree C-D not far back in third position. Although Sledd's margin over its nearest,rival is a mere I3 points, the leaders' task of staying out front will not be as tough as would seem since for all practical purposes there are only four other teams in the race. Besides the three top teams, Sledd J-H and Buckman B-C rank highly with SOI markers each, but no outfit below that level occupies a contending position for a shot at the title. Murphree L-M, the sixth place entry, is far back of the leaders at 375 points. Page IIZ will 15,91-'f The first place group also tops all opponents in most crowns won during first semester competition, having annexed titles in shuffleboard singles, tennis doubles and co-championship in track. Sledd J-H and Buckman B-C each have been recipi- ents of a pair of crowns, the former ranking first in horseshoe doubles and bowling, and the latter in shuffleboard doubles Und tennis singles. Other first semester champs are Tempo- rary Dorm O, tie for first in track, Temporary M, horseshoe Singles, Fletcher D-E-F, football, and Flavet 3, basketball. Twenty-six teams competed in the Dormitory loop during first half play and the list of participants will probably increase during the last half since a number of dorms which competed last year have not yet signed up. Sledd C-G is the only team now in the league which has previously won the championship because of the fact that dorm sections which won in the past years before the war have been merged for the most part into combinations with other sections in order to hold the number of teams down to a convenient amount. Page 113 BILL MOOR, Manager ,xxi uf if fl Frulernily UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Feb. I-Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau are leaders in the Orange and Blue divisions, respectively, of the Fraternity Intramural League it was announced today by the Department of Intramural Athletics following tabulation of final first semester standings. The split-up of the Frat League into two loops, one composed of the I0 largest fraternity teams and the other formed by the remaining IZ outfits, has greatly increased small fraternities' chances of gaining championship prominence, but to date it's been the same old story in the "big league" with SAE, Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Tau Omega leading the pack in that order. These three frats, the only teams ever to win the John J. Tigert Intramural trophy, finished in the three top spots in I947 with the Phi Delts first and SAE second. Threats to another year of dominance by these three juggernauts might possibly come from second semester spurts by Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu or Delta Tau Delta, all of which are within striking distance and rate a chance on the basis of performance during the preceding season. In the other half of the Fraternity League, Phi Kappa Tau's pace-setting stint is regarded as a mild surprise since Pi Lambda Phi, fifth in I947, was stamped as the Blue League pre-season favorite on the basis of having last year finished four notches above any other frat now relegated to the smaller circuit. The Phi Taus currently top BLP by 30 points with Chi Phi not far behind. As the second half of the fraternity sports program looms ahead with 40 per cent of the total schedule remaining, the Pi Lams own the distinction of being the only crew in either league which has copped three trophies thus far, having come out on top in tennis, shuffleboard and table tennis competition. Blue teams possessing cups in two sports are Phi Gamma Delta and PKT, while in the Orange bracket SAE and PDT have raked in a pair of titles. ns,,. Page II4 S '5, V .Q m .M -4. . wd'.,.v. .-if , -N X. --, i X XX' Page 115 ,7?,!,TT,..,,-. ..,.,. V v.,, . -Mn... gs. ...F-, .. Firfwe kk- ', " -,life 'TS'-'Q wg ,p enile 1 ii 1 RUDOLPH MIKELL, Manager Incl nel ni UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Feb. I-A tight race for the Independent League Intramural title was forecast today by Student Director Jerry Klein after final official standings for first semester play showed that eight teams are grouped within 90 points of each other on the Independent ladder. The defending champion All Stars stand at the top of the heap at the halfway mark by a scant 31 point margin and will have to stave off bids by the West Side Hell Cots, the Tarpon Club, Crane Hall and a host of other teams on the homestretch if they expect to retain their crown. Surprising factors in the Independent title chase thus far have been the slump of Baptist Union, last year's runner-up, and the continued Iaxity on the part of a once strong Cooperative Living Organization outfit. Baptist has sunk to eleventh place in loop standings while CLO, winner of three consecutive Independent titles before campus Intramurals were combined into one all-embracing league during wartime, dropped to fifth place last year in the first renewal of the three-league setup and now reposes in ninth place. Dark horse of the league has been the Tarpon Club, an outfit which comprises a number of Punta Gorda boys who formed a team last fall and adopted the name of their old high school aggregation. The Tarpons were off to a slow start in early sports but gained momentum at midsemester and moved into third place by winning the touch football tourney. Not limited to the number of participating teams as the other two Intramural loops are, the Independent circuit now boasts 27 competitors, eight more than last year's record amount of I9 teams. Winning of titles has been rather evenly spaced with six teams claiming at least one of the nine championships that have gone on the block to date, Sixth place Wesley Foundation tops all entries in most titles garnered thus for with three-horseshoe doubles and tennis singles and doubles. fl aff r Page II6 P ge 117 MARGARET WEEKS and DOROTHY McBRIDE Directors The University of Florida Department of Intramural Athletics inaugurated a new trend in the field of intra- school sports at Gainesville during the summer of l947 when a women's intramural program was set up and car- ried out during both summer sessions. The slate for the first feminine competition included softball, tennis, shuffleboard, table tennis, and swimming with several of the sports being played on a co-recre- ational basis. A large number of FIorida's small coed populace turned out to get the new venture off on the right foot. When the fall term rolled around, the girls' setup was revamped to handle the larger number of feminine par- ticipants. Under the present arrangement women's intramurals are conducted under the auspices of the Intramural Department but are limited to feminine par- ticipation with no mixed competiton, and the program embraces two leagues, the Independent and Sorority loops. Directors of the program are Miss Dorothy Mc- Bride and Miss Margaret Weeks. Sports added during the regular session to those al- ready being played were volleyball and basketball. Another phase of women's intramurals includes clubs for those interested in swimming, square dancing or archery. Athletic activity promoted for the physical education classes, in addition to sports already mentioned, includes folk dancing, golf, and badminton. Page na X lil" 5- W ,wrgh N xMQi'5ffWf5'q'W" ' J Page II9 Q . Fraternity Trophy A tradition was established years ago on the University campus of presenting a trophy, called the President's trophy, to the Fraternity which won the championship in the Fraternhy league each year. Last year the Dr.John J. Tigert trophy was rethed by Phi Deha Theta. Thk year whh the sphtin the hague,two MenHcal trophies will be presented, one to the winner of each league. The Dr. J. Hillis Miller Trophy, pictured above, was put into play this year in both fraternity leagues and will be retired after one team has won the championship three times. Page 120 A YEAR OF PROGRESS IN SPORTS . . . A FULL ONE IT HAS BEEN . . . OUR FOOTBALL TEAM BOUNDED FROM LAST YEAR'S DESPONDENT DEPTHS TO A SURPRISINGLY AMAZING PERFORMANC-E . . . IT WAS SPLIT 5-4-I . . . A GLANCE AT THE SCHEDULE FOR THE 1948 SEASON SHOWS THAT THE GATORS' COURSE WILL BE HARD THIS COM- ING YEAR . . . ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY FOR THE FIGHTING GATORS TO SHOW THE PUBLIC WHAT THEY CAN DO . . . IT TOOK GUTS TO BOUNCE BACK LAST FALL . . . WITH THIS SPIRIT OF NEVER ENDING FORTITUDE OUR FLORIDA TEAMS WILL LOOK GOOD AGAINST THE BEST TEAMS OF THE SOUTH AND OF THE NATION . . . OUR BASKETBALL TEAM . . . ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST SPOTS OF THE SPORTS YEAR . . . OUR FIGHTING FIVE CAME OUT INTO AN EARLY LEAD SPOT . . . AND TOOK GREAT PLEASURE IN KNOCKING DOWN S.E.C. TEAMS WHO USUALLY ARE HIGH ON THE RUNG OF THE BASKETBALL LADDER . . . COACHES WOLF AND SMILIN' SAM MCALLISTER, OF FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL, LOOK GOOD IN THE LAURELS THEY HAVE EARNED BY COMING UP WITH SUCCESSFUL SEASONS ON THE GRIDIRON AND HARDWOOD . . . THE SILVER-SPIKED CINDERMEN WEARING THE ORANGE AND' BLUE WERE A CREDIT TO THEIR COLORS . . . AND TO THEIR COACH, PERCY BEARD . . . ADDITIONS TO THE TRACK TEAM FROM THE RANKS OF THE LARGE INFLUX OF NEW STUDENTS SWELLED THE BICEPS OF BEARD'S MEN . . . NEW STRENGTH WHICH HELPED THEM IN THEIR COLLEGIATE BATTLES . . . BASEBALL SEASON AGAIN SAW FLORIDA SURGING FORWARD TO THE UPPER REACHES OF THE CONFERENCE . . . COACH SAM McALLISTER'S NINE SHOWED THEIR OPPONENTS A GOOD BRAND OF BALL . . . PLUS THE FLORIDA SPIRIT . . . A WELL-NIGH UNBEATABLE COMBINATION . . . THE SCHOOL YEAR WE JUST CHEERED OUR TEAMS THROUGH IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA IN FLORIDA SPORTS . . . WITHOUT BENEFIT OF A C-RYSTAL BALL WE CAN SEE THAT FLORIDA WILL BE RESPECTED FOR HER ATHLETIC PROWESS AS WELL AS HER SCHOLASTIC STANDARDS . . . 'WAY DOWN HERE IN THE DEEP SOUTH WHERE "PALM AND PINE ARE BLOWING" OUT . . . ATHLETIC TEAMS ARE RISING FROM THE CELLAR TO THE TOP DIVISION . . . AND THERE THEY WILL STAY . . . Page IZI ARCHITECTURE . . . ECONOMICS . . . SENIORS . . . JUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES . . . FRESHMEN . . . GRADUATES . . . UNDERGRADUATES . . . SENIORS . . . JUNIORS BUS AD . . . ENGINEERS . . . ARCHITECTURE . . . LAWYERS . . . ARTS AND SCIENCES AGRICULTURE . . . PHARMACY . . . CHEMISTRY . . . CORPORATION FINANCE . . . AGRON- OMY . . . MARKETING . . . CALCULUS . . . PSYCHOLOGY . . . ECONOMICS . . . MID- TERMS . . . PROGRESS TESTS . . . PROJECT 4 . . . TERM PAPERS . . . THESIS . . . MID- TERMS . . . PROGRESS TESTS . . . FORESTRY . . . BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . . PAINT- ING . . . COMMERCIAL ART . . . C-5 LECTURES . . . COMPREHENSIVE COURSES . . . CHARTS GRAPHS . . . OILS . . .ARCHITECTURE . . .ARTS AND SCIENCES . . . CALCULUS . . . SENIORS .IUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES . . . FRESHMEN . . . GRADUATES . . . UNDERGRADUATES SENIORS . . . JUNIORS . . . BUS AD . . . ENGINEERS . . . ARCHITECTURE . . . LAWYERS ARTS AND SCIENCES . . . AGRICULTURE . . . EDUCATION . . . PHYSICAL EDUCATION CHEMISTRY. . . . CORPORATION FINANCE . . . AGRONOMY . . . MARKETING . . . ECO- NOMICS . . . COMPREHENSIVE COURSES . . . MAN AND THE SOCIAL WORLD . . . HU- MANITIES . . . MAN AND THE BIOLOGICAL . . . SENIORS . . . JUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN . . . GRADUATES . . . UNDERGRADUATES . . . SENIORS . . . MID-TERMS . . . PROGRESS TESTS . . . PROJECT 4 . . . TERM PAPERS . . . THESIS . . . COMPREHENSIVE COURSES . . . CHEMISTRY . . . CORPORATION FINANCE . . . EDUCATION . . . BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .I . . AGRICULTURE . . . SENIORS . . . JUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN . . . GRADUATES . . . UNDERGRADUATES . . . FRESHMEN . . . CHEMISTRY CORPORATION FINANCE . . . AGRONOMY . . . MARKETING . . . CALCULUS . . . LAWYERS PRIVATE CORPORATION FINANCE . . . AGRONOMY . . . MARKETING . . . CALCULUS .lf an i S rf 0' 1 . ,. .v , w 1' J Q5 xt I ff- ' P 1 f 1 J n..' A4 Q.,. , .M- . ,,. . f pA N W , 1? W. ' 2:1 5 1 .t 'if ' ' X A - P v--" f .',Ql K I 'L l, J-L., .:. F- . ,A I Lv- The Universify of Florida's College of Law, disfinc- five in ifs dignified and fime-honored fradifions, ifs loffy sfandards of achievemenf, and ifs eminenf group of prominenf and successful graduafes, refains ifs posifion as one of fhe,,Soufh's leaders in fhe legal field. The pasf year has seen fhe inaugurafion of fhe Universify of Florida Law Review, an oufsfanding forward sfep in fhe progress of fhe College. lf has also seen fhe College become fhe largesf upper di- vision college on fhe campus. While fhese fhings are nof wifhouf significance, if is on qualify fhaf fhe emphasis remains and if is a cause of exfreme safisfacfion fhaf legal fraining here coincides wifh fhaf offered in fhe foremosf American Law Schools. Clifford W. Crandall, Acfing Dean, College of Law CDLLEGE OF LAW Clarence J. TeSeIIe, A.B., LL.B.: James W. Day. M.A., J.D.: Vernon W. Clark, A.M., LL.B.: Sferling G. McNees LLB A.B.g Clifford W. Crandall, B.S., LL.B., LL.D.: Dean Slagle, M.A., LL.B.: Franlr E. Maloney, A.B., LL.B.: Mrs lla R P d gen, LL.B. lLibrarianl: Burfon Andrews, LL.B., M.A.: and Sfanley L. Wesf, A.B., LL.B., B.S. Page 125 IQ 'V ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ADAMS, John H., Delray Beach . . . BARNS, Paul D., Jr., Tallahassee . . . BATES, Horace G., Orlando . . . BERK- MAN, Jason M.. Bosfon, Mass .... BLANTON, John R., Miami . . . BREWER, Alberi' M., Tifusville . . . BROWER, Harold E., Sf. Pefersburg. BROWN, Herberf M., Clearwafer . . . BUCKMAN, Paul S. Planf Cily . . . CABOT, Cornelius L., Fi. Lauderdale . . CARLTON, Roberf H.. Tampa . . . CHEANEY, Philip N., Fl Lauderdale . . . CLEMENTS, Ralph M., Sebring . . . CLEMENTS, Waller E., Sebring. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: COLLINS, James E., Perry . . . COOK, Frodoriclta E., Talla- DAVENPORT. William W.. Pensacola - - - DAY John R hmm . . . COSTIN, Cecil G.. Po.-+ S+. Joe . . . CROM- Lake Wor+h . - - DOWNEY. James. Wes? Palm Beech WELL, Roberf F., Gainesville . . . DATZ, Alberl' J., Miami. DUCKWORTH. R0b9ff E-I JF-1 J5Cl!S0DVIll9 DUR 'i RANCE, Carl C., For+ Meade. J 1 Page 126 ABOVE-TOP: EATON. Joe O., Tallahassee . . . EMMANUEL. Michel G.. Tarpon Springs. ABOVE-BOTTOM: ENTZ, Noel W., Leesburg...FISHKIND, Roberf J., Tampa. LEGAL EAGLE GETS THE POOP. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: GARCIA, Marie L., Tampa . . . GOMEZ, Helio, Key Wes! HARRELL. Joe J., Pensacola . . . HIGGINBOTTOM, David . . . GOODRICH, Warren M., Jacksonville . . . GRAHAM, B., Babson Park . . . HOEHL, John R., Coral Gables . . . Frank A.. Jr., Madison . . . GREENHUT, Jack H., Pensacola HOLLAND, S. L., Jr., Barlow . . . HULSEY, Mark, Jr.. . . . GRIFFIN, Joseph B., Jr., Jacksonville . . . GRlFFlS, Jacksonville . . . JENERETTE, Noah H.. Jacksonville . . . Elberf B., Jr., Fi. Lauderdale. JOHNSON. Bennelh W., Jacksonville. X I " - d V pau.,-qwffmvqw. .. J., . . 70 E i 5 r l Q 3 i 4 l 1 l 5 i f ' ,I ABOVE-TOP: . I JOHNSON, Edgar L.. Hawihorne . . . JOHNSTON, Joseph E., Broolrsville. ' ABOVE-BOTTOM: A ' "' "" ' GO AHEAD AND SMILE . . . BUT WHO WASHED THE DISHES? KAVANAUGH, Elwin C., Jr.. Fernandina . . . KIRSCH, Richard R., Ff. Lauderdale. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: KLEIN, Gerald J., Miami . . . KREAG, William M., Sf. LEWIS, Earl L., Milion . . . LINDSEY, James J., Tampa . . . Pefersburg . . . LANCASTER, Ollie, Jr., Dayiona Beach . . . MABIE, Lefferfs L., Lakeland . . . MAURER, David E., Fi. LANGSTON, Bernard, Lalreland . . . LANGSTON, Thomas Lauderdale . . . MAURER, Mark, Fi. Lauderdale . . . MEL- M., Lakeland . . . LEIBOVIT, Louis, Wesi Palm Beach . . . TON, Howell, W., Mayo . . . MURRELL, Samuel E., Jr., LETTS, Ned M., Jr., Fl. Pierce. Orlando. l 11-7 -P --- 1 mln.. -1- 111 11.-L nv-n.. 1 n ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ODOM Archie M., Fl. Myers . . . OTT, Thomas T., Talla- SHIVERS. Douglas B., Chipley . . . SMITH, Harold S.. Ar- hassee I. . . OWEN, Philip C.. Jacksonville . . . PAGE. cadia . . . STANLEY, Franlx C., Jr.. Auburndale . . . Ernesi M.. Jr.. Greenville . . . RAWLS, John S., Marianna STOKES, Sherwood L., Haines Cily . . . STONE. Asbury M., Lk W fh TEDDER Geor e W., Jr., Fi. Lauderdale . . . ROBINSON, James C.. Orlando . . . ROGERS, Paul a e or . . . , g G., Fi. Lauderdale. . . . THOMAS, Archibald J.. Jr.. S+arke. BELOW-TOP: RWM VX.. Q b , TURNER Winron F., Millville . . . VANDEMOTTER. John JY. -. msg. ,Mi U ..,., .i , ' . . fiisirfiliimwwas S.. Dayfona Beach . . . VARN, Wilfred C.. S+. Augushns 1 -... . E uw . fr . sefswwmfhi . . . WALDEN, James H., Jaclcsonvllle. BELOW-BOTTOM: WALKER, Cornelius T.. Pensacola . . . WALLACE, Louis W.. S+. Peiersburg . . . WATSON. Franlr B.. Jr.. Miami . . . WHITE. Gladys H., Miami. b- s . Page 129 ,. 1. . .Q ef -V .T is A-i?51Lwi? , , QAM. . W .wh i f 1, ,n.+,gW-2.1.5, ...N i . Qi-. I ' T513 f F95 J. ,. ,W L. ,-xg., me , M.. . .H N.. fer " .V 'i I- We N . x arf, -2, X ..l'f..,: ,. . v....,.. YZ' :wi 'QM -'Augie .gg ffl' .Wi ,-,J V A V: ,Til 'Tl fi? .. ws , , .vw Iliglu' x ' f is 5 5 4 --'lv N.: M iw, ,QI c. ' k' ,3.., f' 74' , J film - . Exit-Tim . s A ii'35f'?- , 3, H A , , J- .-mg .Q I is-1' -T' 'g , ,QQ 1. 5. i 'Q ' rw'- . ,., -a .1 -ugh, Q 3 , . W . .V l if . ',?'5'Q1p' .. 1EQv sk.. . an--1 ,Q ,X J? . Q. A. ,V ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ANDERSON, Boyd H., Jr., Fi. Lauderdale . . . BENNETT, GURNEY, James T., Jr., Orlando . . . HARMAN, David A. Nallon M., Jacksonville . . . BROWN, George L., Jr., Largo Winfer Haven . . . HENDRY, Lloyd G., Fi. Myers . . . . . CAREY, William H., S+. Pefersburg . . . FOWLER. JONES, Samuel L., Jr., Lake Cify . . . KATES, George W. Talberi B., Gainesville . . . FRANK. Louis R., Tampa . . Miami . . . KNOPKE, Wm. Charles, Gainesville . . . LONG GOLDSTEIN, Saul W., Jacksonville. Quenlin V., Miami. , BELOW-TOP: , LUPTON. Graham, Leesburg . . . MILLER, Reber-I T.. Lake- TOR, George L., Jacksonville. BELOW--BOTTOM: WADE, Charles A., Pensacola. Page l30 j land . . . ONEILL, William G., Dayfona Beach . . . PROC- PYLE, Frank L., Dayfona Beach . . . SCHNElDER, AI Leon, Porf S+. Joe . . . STRICKLAND, Sylvan W., Tallahassee . . . ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ADAMS, Charles B., Wesl Palm Beach . . . ANDERSON. BURKE, Charles W., Si. Pefersburg . . . CARRINGTON. Wm. H., Pensacola . . . BARTLESON, Thomas P., Jr., Fi. Henry A., Tampa . . . CASSEL, Marvin S., Miami . . . Myers . . . BATCHELLER, David S.. Souih Miami . . . CHAMBLEE, Thomas F.. Pensacola . . . CHRIST, George BITTAN, Beniamin A., Jr.. H. Pierce . . . BRAND, Leonard A., R., Tampa . . . CLARK, Jeclr, S+. Peiersburg . . . COLE- Jr., Miami Beach . . . BROWNE, John D.. Fi. Myers. MAN. Jesse L.. Gainesville. , ,.l, ' , N. l',. l A ' "fi 3 'li":Wi'el'7v"N'i ff it 6 il"5 .ff4,Q.lP.f Qer.152355:Wing1 ,.'. WL "A:f:"5l5i?iel'i7iifii.7 ' ' ' 'J P A ' A 'A ' A Q' ' -ffliiMi2lli"ilvf'5E+'1flfilglh'lllizlllllrlhililiilllvllllllliillllllllili'llllllllllilf-illlll5'i5llaTWlll9fv'i5W'55.15.35 'in"i'?'1'l'l4illl5'il5i'l:flilA7'l'f"'l"l"5l- "'i ' ' A ' ' BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: CONRAD, Sherman F.. Pensacola . . . COOPER, Hugh L., EARLY, Charles E.. Sarasofa . . . EVANS, Neal D., Jaclr- Jr.. Jacksonville . . . COWART, Joseph A., Cocoa . . . sonville . . . FISCHETTE, James A., Binghamion, N. Y. . . . CREW5. John J-. Jr-. Macclennv - - - CRUMLEY- Jdllll E-. FLEET, Erwin, Perry . . . FOLSOM, John K., Tallahassee . . . Jaclrsonville . . . DANIEL. Welborn. Leesburg . . . DIAZ. FULTON, Richard A.. Jacksonville . . . FUTCH, Maclz S., N Julian L., Tampa. Sfarlre. in--.........a 9- 'Vi Q. M ... ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: GARRETT, Howard L., Tampa . . . GILBERT, Spencer B.. JONES, John A., Has+ings . . . KENNEDY. James E., Jr., Fl. Pierce . . . GRAHAM, James L., Tallahassee . . . S+. Pefersburg . . . KLEIN, Edward S., Miami . . . KNOX, GUERNSEY, Edwin W., Orlando . . . HAMILTON, Curiiss Roberi B., Kissimmee . . . KUHN, Margarei E., Orlando B., Miami . . . HARRIS, Nelson M., Jr., Jacksonville . . . . . . LEITMAN, Alvin A., Jacksonville . . . LIBERMAN. HUNTER. Harry D., P+. Lauderdale. Sigmund J., Oldsmar. is 'Jak , BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: MACBETH, Joseph O., Fl. Lauderdale . . . MAHON, Wm. METCALF, Paul I., Jr., Wesf Palm Beach . . .NAUC-QHTON, L., Jr., Jacksonville . . . MAREES, John M., Jacksonville Dan A., Jacksonville . . . OAKLEY, Thomas D., Lakeland . . . MASSEY, Milo C., Lakeland . . . MCDONALD, Par- . . . OSHEROFF, Leo B., Miami Beach . . . OUGHTER- ker L., Sebring . . . MCINTOSH, Russell H., Lake Worlh SON. Wm. A., Sluarl' . . . PALLOT, Norman S.. Miami . . . MCLEOD, Johnie A., Lockhart Beach . . . PARKER, Carl G., Sf. Pefersburg. l ABOVE-TOP: ' PAVESE, Franlc A., Fl. Myers . . . PETERSON, J. Hardin, ' MXH Lakeland . . . PHIPPS, Harry W., Tampa . . . POSEY. Al- "STILL SMILING-THEY MUST NOT HAVE HAD TE SELLEl!" fred L., Largo. ABOVE-BOTTOM: SAVELLE, Duane H., Bonilay . . . SHONBRUN, Herman, Tampa . . . SIMS, Arlhur J., Hobo Sound . . . SMITH, Wm. R., Jr., Plan? Cily. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: SOMMER, Roberf G., Miami Beach . . . STAHL, Sleadman TRUETT, James C., Tallahassee . . . TURNBULL, Wm. S., S., Jr., Coral Gables . . . STRAUGHN, John E., Tallahassee Dayiona Beach . . . VARN, Corise P., Sl. Augusline . . . . . . SWOFFORD, Herberl R., Gainesville . . . THOMP- VOIGHT, Leonard O. P., Jacksonville . . . WARFORD, Earl SON, Jesse J., Tampa . . . TILLIS, Monie J., Barlow . .. F., Miami, Fla .... WHITEHURST, Leon, Jr., Broolcsville TRAMMEL, Clyde G., Jr., Wesl Palm Beach. . . . WINFREE, Floyd L., Daylona Beach. ,HH 32 Mi ix" 'E .ay . Tw- ,, "-' ,. I Y .U """ av. . -- 1 5 .A Q . . 1 , ,.......-, x 'g ' ...M , -M rf- f 1 ' .qi Q , e' . -..T i ., ,,.. N. .4 N77 ' "' ' 31. . v D " v az. 4 ,. - I N, 5 , - ' I QP! . X X ', S K ' ' l k. -lr W- . -k f. A' I E ' .-eg' Q. A i 1 . - . ' , " "' w 0,3-anal ' ..'i. ' B rm- n fm- ' G L" - A if ZF. 'J G ' 4-4 Su - K 132074 rb.r ,l H ,.-.ifivq .",f14ffQ,k5v ' ' ' ' .. 9 f., A 1 . 7 WIA., 54' 4 IA, 4 ,..,.,44: M f sr' xl.: , .ilqy .,,.. V .11 H4 x fr '.: rf - ., I .-,,,,f' N iffagi. , ..,. ':pl13:'- T """"' ' L 'MN "?"'i+1 'An-..., .. Q""""-v-f The College of Business Adminisfralion, organized in l927, provides profesdonallrahnng for budness The objecfives are: ill 'rhe lraining of business lead- BFSI l2l +he prepara+ion of business execuiives and 'rechniciansg l3l Hue developmen+ of an undersland- ing of ihe complex rela+ionships be'rween business and ofher social phenomena: l4i fhe prosecuiion of research. A program of len areas of siudy permifs concenfrafion of iraining in given fields of choice. Waller J. Mafherly, Dean, College of Business Adminis+ra+ion OLLEGE DF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIDN Sealed, lefl fo righf: Sigismond DeR. Dieflrich, Ph.D., D.Sc.g James S. Lanham, Ph.D.g Waller J. Ma James E. Chace, Jr., M.B.A., Ph.D. fherly, MA., LL.D.: Page I35 'R-Q, Y' ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: X , , V N .1 V5 Q i Q . ,nfl f . .a .- ,, . I l V i ,a 3, - Z my 15 1: 'iliw..5. . ,- .w.,'.- ' L fffirfi, A1 f Y ' - 1 759 ' gig .J 793, -my 'Mi , gy,'gjf:Lf121yfw- vxqszgw My .. 7.4 , .1-Ln' 'R .gi Gif, gk' ' Ritz? fi .Q ' 1 l '?fl ff . ,sgii-,g'717f.Q,y,.ziKRT?, .7 11, . fx, eos ? X, .gsyfn 11.5, . gq, .gil - J., fi ' h kbi fff ig. -,,....v7 ...V V, , .J " "Ei l' ' 'A WK' - 2 f ' 1,151. 1 1.4, . Q , R . -' m:..+' 'Mr ' r' ' : .. ' H ' 4'-- ...ha .- .. uv. gf .43 , ,g n bulge. .l.f!..'if'5 ii i.. :- ADAMS, Al+o L., Jr., Tallahassee . . . ADDINGTON. Mau- BAGGOTT, Wm. D., Panama Cify . . . BAMMESBERGER, rice H., Lakeland . . . AGERTON, Emory P., Panama Cily Kennelh, Evanslron, Ill .... BARNES, Charles M., Panama . . . ALEXANDER, Wm. D., Nashville . . . ALLEN, Wm. G, Cily . . . BERRY, Charles V., Tampa . . . BLOOMBERG, Jacksonville . . . ANDERSON, Edward W., Richmond Hill, Solomon, Gran? . . . BOND, William, Miami . . . BOU- N. Y .... ARONOVITZ, Marvin, Tampa. TELLE, Charles M., Sf. Paul, Minn. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: BRAMMAR, Samuel N., S+. Cloud . . . BRANNEN, Grady, BURNETT, Joe A., Jacksonville . . . BURNETTE, Carroll F., Lake Bufler . . . BRASHEAR, John H., Youngslown, O .... Jasper . . . BURR, David M., Ml. Dora . . . BURTON. BRODEUR, Roberl A., Jacksonville . . . BROOKS, Roberl Charles C., Orlando . . . CAMP, Theodore K., Ormond O., Mango . . . BRUESTLE, Charles C., Jacksonville. Beach . . . CARLSON, Herberi' E., Riviera Beach. 1 z-- Nfl. r -.,,..,..,....... ,- Ge I I I I 'NF' P5 ABOVE-TOP: CISSEL, Roberl W., S+. Cloud . . . COLLINS, Donald E., Miami . . . COOPER, Alberf M., Tampa. ABOVE-BOTTOM: DANIEL, Roberl C., Miami . . . DAWSON, Franlrlin J., SI. Augusrine . . . DAWSON, William P.. Jr.. TGYTIPB- FRIEND OF THE EDITOR, "THE BROWN COW". BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: DAY, William H., Bradenlon . . . DECKER, Andrew J., DYAL, Beniamin F., Jr., Cross Cily . . . ELLIOT, M. Leo Gloucesfer, Mass .... DEE, James P., S+. Pelersburg . . . Jr., Tampa . . . ELY, Charles C., Ill, Nepfune Beach . . DENNISON, Faye+'Ie, Bowling Green, Ky .... DICKERT, FEINBERG, Roberl M., Quincy . . . FERREIRA, Roberl P, Roberl R., Holly Hill . . . DITTMAR, Rabun H., Jr., Gaines- Fernandina . . . FIELD, Wm. H., Miami Springs . . . FLAN ville . . . DOMINICK, Julian K., Orlando. AGAN, Edwin C., Tampa. S. '-""'1lll 1- Ml 1 K -154 " ABOVE-TOP: FLORRID, Lesfer W., Jr., FI. Lauderdale . . . FLOWERS sonville. ABOVE-BOTTOM: FOX. Alan J., Miami Beach . . . FRIEDERICH, Lamberf P. Tampa . . . GEIGER, Raymond J., Leesburg. SHAKY JAKE'S ASSISTANT. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: GENEAU, John P., Jacksonville . . . GIAFFAGLIONE. HARP, Clifford E., Miami Springs . . . HARRIS, Jack W., Nunzio P., Jamesfown, N. Y .... GOLDENBERG. Samuel, Orlando . . . HARRISON, James O., Jr., Jacksonville . . . Pensacola . . . GREENE, Jack I., Orlando . . . GUND- HARRISON, Warren E., Sanford . HARVILL, Paul M.. LACH, William, Jr., Jacksonville . . . GUTHRIE, Lewis H., Tampa . . . HATCHER, Beniamin B., Tampa . . . HAW- Jacksonville . . . HAIMOVITZ, Barney, Tampa. KINS, Claude B., Jr., Jacksonville. William D., FI. Pierce . . . FORRESTER, John R., Jack- F ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: HEINE, Frank E., Spring Lake, N. J .... HENDERSON, HUNTER, Josephus P., Jacksonville . . . HUNTER. Wm. A., Wallace W., Pensacola . . . HESS, William S., Silver Springs, E+. Myers . . . HURST, Harry E., Tampa . . . HUTCHIN- Md .... HIEPE, Edwin, S+. Pefersburq . . . HIGH, Jessie SON, Joseph J., Lakeland . . . JACOBS, Gilber-I, Miami L., Jr., Sorrenlo . . . HOAGLAND, M. F., Jacksonville . . Beach . . . JOHNSON, Charles R., Ocala . . . JOHNSON, HOLLINGSWORTH, James N., Nocaiee. James G., Jacksonville. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: JOHNSON, Thomas C., Tampa . . . JONES, Arlhur B., Or- KENYON, Alberl' L., Jr., Jacksonville . . . KINDER, Irving I lando . . . KEITH, James J., Ocala . . . KELLER, Keiih, W., Gainesville . . . KING, Charles J., Umalilla . . . KING, Jacksonville . . . KELLY, Edward T., Miami Beach . . . Rodney H., Jacksonville . . . LANGFORD, Carl T., Orlando KEMP, S+uar'I P., Miami. . . . LANGFORD, Edward R., Orlando. my 4'5- ,.1, , if 5. '-Ss", . mr- - J L . :,.- . M.. . I .,,.. faq, ga! ' '43 A , .CM ,J ' rf, -. . , K1 , ,fu . 'Q.,,,.f:,g-Q ,. wg? Q, . QmQ'g?Q2fi,,-Q V .'- 1 'iffff 3934 Mm 'P .-: 'Y ,. . rm ,,g,7'-H,.-,- W Kirby 'Hy .L k 1 M1555 , ,L K ,, -1.'i7fJ ' .Vi ,i .u -rr" v . if iii? ABOVE-TOP: I ABOVE--BOTTOM: LEIMBACH, Wendell B., Calonsville, Md .... LELAND, MARGOL, Howard, Jacksonville . . . MARGOL, Wilbur M., James D., S+. Pefersburg . . . LINET, Jerome, Miami Beach Jacksonville . . . MARTIN, Emanuel H., Ocala . . . MAS- . . . LUCAS, William E., Jacksonville . . . LYLE, Roberf T., SARO, Frederick L., Tampa . . . MATHIS, Allan G., Florals, Jacksonville . . . LYNN, Daniel R.. Gainesville . . . MAR- Ala .... MAY, Charles R., Lakeland . . . MCCULLOUGH, GOL, Hilberf, Jacksonville. John H., Jacksonville. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: MCKEE, Donald H., Pensacola . . . MEGAS, Nick A., Jack- MITCHELL, Wayne P., S+. Pelersburg . . . MOOR, William sonville . . . MERLIN, Eli L., Miami Beach . . . METHENY, L., Tallahassee , . . MOORE, S-lephen A., Lakeland . . Rober+ L., Wauchula . . . MILEWSKI, Frank J., Clearwaier MORLAN, Harold E., Wauchula . . . MULLINS, George. . . . MINCY, Rober+ P., Sanford. Ocala . . . NORDMANN, Thomas E., Deland. an- L1 he ABOVE-TOP: OGLETREE, O. B., Jr., Gainesville . . . OSBURN, Joseph K., Orlando . . . PARTRIDGE, Henry E., Jaclrsonville. ABOVE-BOTTOM: PEARSON, Donald K., Sanford . . . PEERSON, Henry H., Lalre Worfh . . . PEREZ, Charles W., Key Wesi. 1. X . if I I 'If' " ' . 'xr' I A in r-all 9' f',Q .HCM ish: WHO IS THAT GIRL I SAW YOU OUT WITH LAST NIGHT? BELOW--TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: PETERS, James C., Pensacola . . . PHILLIPS, John H., S+. QUISENBERRY, A. C., Tampa . . . REAVES, JacIc S., Jael:- Cloud . . . PHILYAW, James W., Gainesville . . . POPE, sonville . . . REHWINKEL, Charles C., Crawfordville . . . Harold C., Panama Ci+y . . . PRICE, Cliffon A., S+. Peiers- REIF, Roberf E., Wauchula . . . RIGBY, Aubrey H., Cen- burg . . . PROPST, Neil W.. Lake Worih . . . PUGLISI, fury . . . RHODES, Roberf L., Jacksonville . . . ROANE, Luis A., Tampa. Ralph A., Oakland. fx win I, KI -1 ' . .Q vw , if! ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ROBBINS, Jack E., Gainesville . . . ROBERTSON, Murray, SANDERS, James C., Fernandina . . . SANDERS, Richard Tampa . . . RONEY, Ray E., Jacksonville . . . RUSSELL, C., Jr., Gainesville . . . SANDS, Howard E., Ocala . . . Earl E., Jr., Gainesville . . . RYALS, Les'rer J., Tampa . . . SEIDNER, Roger B., Windermere . . . SERROS, Andrew N., RYAN, Carl D., Arcadia . . . RYAN, Roberl T.. Jackson- Orlando . . . SHASHY, Daniel J., Jacksonville . . . SHOE- ville. MAKER, Roberf A., Wildwood. BELOW--TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: SHUBIN, Joshua, Hallaoro, Pa .... SIKES, Vernon F., Jack- sonville . . . SMITH, Augusfus V., Clearwaler . . . SMITH, Eugene R., Tampa . . . SOFGE, John T., Jr., Jacksonville . . . SORBER, Roberl R., Orlando . . . SPRAGUE, John L., Philadelphia, Pa. STERRITT, Waller R., Hollywood . . . STEVENS, F. Clyde, Jr., Jacksonville . . . STEVENS, Jack G., Mansfield, O. . . STOCKS, Houslon C., Froslproof . . . STULTS, Max W., S+. Augus+ine . . . SWEET, Charles A., S+. Pelersburg . . . TESTY, John W.. Hollywood. i..1f NLG, I us. 1 its ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: TIMBERLAKE, W. B., Jr., Miami . . . TIMMERMAN, Thomas VINCENT, Nick M., Jacksonville . . . WACHA, Frank A., W., Jacksonville . . . TUCKER, Grady O., Jr., Campbellron Jensen Beach . . . WALSH, Leon G., Jr., SI. Pefersburg . . . TUCKER, William A., Braclenion . . . TUMLIN, Ruperf . . . WATSON, James P., Tampa . . . WHEELER, Roberf M., LafayeHe . . . VALDES, Elmo M., Tampa . . . VIDEON, H., Miami . . . WHITE, Willard E., Quincy . . . WIGHT- Thomas S., Gainesville. MAN, Wm. S., Miami. BELOW-TOP: WILES, George R., S+. Augusiine . . . WILLIAMS, Jona- 'rhan B., Jacksonville . . . WILLIAMS, Kavanaugh R., Jack- sonville . . . WILSON, Frank M., Jr., Jacksonville . . . WINEGEART, Branch L., Jr., Jacksonville. BELOW--BOTTOM: WINTON, Charles F., Jacksonville . . . WOLPERT, Law- rence, Balfimore, Md .... WOOD, Henry I., Jacksonville . . . WRIGHT, Roberi L., Gainesville . . . ZELLNER, George A., Jr., Jacksonville. Page 143 H .. L. .,- .- '4 'n J C: 'V 1a'l"u",3W if A Ff','.if1,w:f', 19 'Q H' i 7 .., , , , yaff '5:.:'.'Z ,wa .gr , Ag3A3Jg.?f?1"LYSQ . 1 L.. '.:.,:.f 5- A 1, Sibiw -I - 1 ,. , ,, ,...-.-1-,.e. 'SL av 51- X 'fo- ABOVE--TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ADMIRE, Jack G., Jaclusonville . . . ALDERSON, C. Roland, BARNES, Richard P., Lalreland . . . BARWICK, Livingsfon, Gainesville . . . ALFIERE, Anlhony V., Gainesville . . . Melbourne . . . BASS, Alberi E., Quincy . . . BAZEMORE, ANDREWS, Daniel A., Jr., Cedar Keys . . . ANTHONY, James L., Daylona Beach . . . BEAUMONT, Gerald W., Alva E., Jr., Vero Beach . . . ATKINSON. Paul S., Talla- New Smyrna . . . BEVIS, Thomas E., Greenwood . . hassee . . . BARCHAN, Sfanley S., Jr., Jacksonville. BISHOP, Mack B., Jr., Jacksonville. l BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: BROWN, Raymond P., Jr., Pensacola . . . CALLANAN, CLEAVELAND, H. H., Jr., Pensacola . . . COMBS, William Kalharine L., Orlando . . . CAMPBELL, Kenneih L., Milfon E-. Gainesville - - - CONDICT. Lawrence R-. WlNl9f Pdfli . . . CARLSON, Alan R., Clearwaler . . . CARNELL, Dar- . . . CORDELL, Joe B., Lakeland . . . CROOK, Thomas R., rel P., Ormond . . . CARTER, Rober+ T.. Jacksonville. Jr.. Jacksonville - - - DAY. John L-. Key Wesf- 1 1? W -- 1 Zu"f.',l...ff.v,.!Ea2llaXl Q . Q I ABOVE-TOP: DICKERSON, George C., Marianna . . . DOYLE, Jimmie V.. Jr., DeLand . . . DRYMON, James J., Sarasoia. ABOVE-BOTTOM: , ELLMAKER, Solon J., Lalteland . . . ENNIS, Roloeri F., Tampa . . . FOGARTY, Jerry E., Tampa. FRIENDS OF A FRIEND OF THE EDITOR. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: GALLOWAY. Chas. B., Tampa . . . GARCIA, Manuel, HATLESTAD, Harry D., Arcadia . . . HAZEN, William H., Tampa . . . GARRETT, Ofis P., Cresfview . . . GENDZIER, Melbourne . . . HEASLEY, Roberf P., Orlando . . . HEN- Sheldon, Jacksonville . . . GOLDMAN, Aaron I., Ocala . . . DERSON, James M., Dade Cify . . . HOOTEN, Raymond GREEN, Roberi L., Lake Ciiy . . . GREENBERGER, Harry J., Florala, Ala .... HUNT, Oveda F., Mayo . . . JONES, P., Okeechobee, Donovan W., Norih Miami. lm...... 19x uHlhi'v 1-'H--v Qfu BOOOOO!! YOU JUST WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR. , ref,-fa TTI 5. I e 5 I, 5 K 'L ABOVE TOP KEENE, Carl E., Orlando . . . KING, Harold O., Vero Beach . . . KOURLOS, Lumbros, Trenion, Mich. ABOVE-BOTTOM: LECLERC, Eunice R., Gainesville . . . LEE, Cail, Fl. Lauder- ale . . . LIVINGSTON, John B., Jr., Orlando. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: LOUIS, Rober+ W., E+. Pierce . . . MARSH, Jackie T., NETTLES, Wm. M., Ocala . . . PACE, James H., Jr., E+. Tampa . . . MATTOX, Thomas F., Jr., Jacksonville . . . Pierce . . . PARRISH, David W., Lakeland . . . PATTER- MAYO, Wm. D., Gainesville . . . McCLURE, Daniel P., SON, Wm. E., Winfer Haven . . . PETERS, Harold M., Or- PalmeHo . . . McKENZlE, Viclor W., New Smyrna Beach lando . . . POOLEY, Leslie C., Jacksonville . . . PTACEK, . . . MEEKER, John W., Jacksonville. Louis J., Jr., FI. Pierce. nnaiaaxuuun i lmzu1.1 a.g.4u.1n.l1 xnnnaunuun 1. :nl.x:.' I 1 w fl :mi nr ,. 1l ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: PULLARA, Anllaony, Tampa . . . PURDOM, Allen B., Wau- RUDASILL, Smiih J., Jr., Sebring . . . SCHIESSWOHL, chula . . . REYNOLDS, Wm. E., S+. Pefersburg . . . RICH- Roberf C., Jacksonville . . . SCHINE, Jerome A., Leesburg ARDS, James K., Jr., Tampa . . . RICHARDSON, Waller . . . SEIBERT, Wm. H., Sl. Marys, O .... SIGMAN, Frank L., Jacksonville . . . ROLAND, Malhias, C., Mayporl' . . . W., Jr., Plan? Cily . . . SMITH, Donald C., Pilfsburgh, Pa. ROSS, James R., Jacksonville. . . . SMITH, Edwin L., S+. Peiersburg. mow-TOP: , sNow, R..bef+ H., sr.a.n+on . . . SOUTHERN, .mam E., Mimi . . . TAMARGO. Joe J., Tampa . . . TAYLOR, ' lll. ' W lll 1 Chesler W., Dade Cily. ' BELOW-BOTTOM: TERRELL, Fred F., Jr., Tampa . . . TERRELL, Harry C., Ocala . . . TRAGER, Joyce, Daylona Beach . . . TRO- BAUGH, Ernesi' E., Pensacola. . . Page I47 I'LL BITEII WHO? w7j"LI, . Ia. "wx "' I .1.,. A. -w' ,Ha 5. ,I ,F gg., I5 4- 1 M 4. f Eff 4 A iv. H, I H, Q.. I I ,. ,.ig.','2C1.Cf . ., ,N wif.. 41", g:r,'lw'.y-p' , jiifgyw ,Img-IQQQIY' ,. :fS'if7l,?J" ' gE32:gj,,7.a,5r,-3,1 I , I Z ,wa , f A' A .iw B kj.. 2 .9 s,,f X lilfl' sv. f3?"l. . , , :vg,fyg,., X - ,ff r'.14Wi,f ' I T'3QW42Uv, P '15 ' 1l,'ff2l'fffxy1Q ' . fii, i .1 Maw? N ma A," . .V HI.. WHAT V,-W ,ww- glff My ,sski C: 'Iwi 11, ,QW . s' 'IWW .r'Hr'f!1n.' ggi' ' , .Jill K ,23.eMfI,,.t,4, I. Page , va '51 I' P N 5 .IM I Ha, l ,mga .4 is .1 . f Qjf ' LQ f,'fl:i:.g :i ' 'wwef Lf' If www 1 I B .Q I n ' .- - .+.. gl ' I qi ,3..,.,,. - H, fr r.,.,ef:gf-r 'I tm'-I A N , A f ABOVE- A TUCKER, Wm. D., SI. Pefersburg . . . VICKERS, Charles R., Haines Cify . . . WALKER, Donald R., Fi. Pierce. BELOW-TOP: WEINSTEIN, Beryl J., Jacksonville . . . WHEELER, George C., Jacksonville . . . WILLIAMS, Henry J., Jr., Day . . . WILLIAMS, Isaac K., Jacksonville. BELOW--BOTTOM: WIRTH, Arnold L., Tampa . . . WOMELDURF, James F., Jr., Waldo . . . WRIGHT, James J., Monlverde . . . YAR- BROUGH, Leonard F., Jacksonville. 01. 'I ,fl I qv, vw' ai, will In. ,.. Q lin - , ' fd 4 ' Y ,,!' T3l'fjZi'g X I, ,1.Ii3g+.. y- .W -,-.. M , v rg,,,v,5 mi W, 1.354645 - ' ijilfgawifk Ii V ' .I , , A ll? ' .JI",,.f..' ' K :'i ' M, ' Sig-...Q ... J I fi l l I X STUDENT MEMBERS: ,dill ,, MARVIN ARONOVITZ 5,153 I1 JOHN H. BRASHEAR FRANKLIN J. DAWSON ,V , JULIAN K. DOMINICK Il ROBERT P. FERREIRA LESTER w. FLORRID OFFICERS: JOHN R. FORRESTER HUBERT E. HELTON WILLIAM D. HIXON JOE C. JENKINS, JR. Presidenf ........,... William A. Bluemle Vice-Presidenf ....,. . . .Dr. Elmo Jackson Secrefary-Treasurer I.,. Dr. Alfred A. Ring STUDENT MEMBERS: CARL T. LANGFORD HAROLD J. LAWLOR ROBERT T. LYLE ALLAN G. MATHIS JAMES W. PHILYAW CARL D. RYAN JACK L. SCOTT EUGENE F. SEFRNA NICK M. VINCENT WILLIAM K. WRAY HENRY I. WOOD DEAN WALTER J. MATHERLY DR. M. D. ANDERSON DR. JAMES E. CHACE FACULTY MEMBERS: DR. HARVEY T. DEINZER DR. JOHN B. McFERRIN LOUIS NOLA DR. JOHN G. ELDRIDGE DR. T. C. BIGHAM DAVIS W. PARKER DR. JAMES S. LANHAM ROBERT H. COJEEN RALPH D. TURLINGTON The nafional honorary scholasfic frafernify insfalled fhe Alpha of Florida chapfer af fhe Universify in l930, ifs purpose being fhaf of rewarding scholasfic achievemenf and high moral characfer in The field of business and eco- nomics. O Selecfion is limifed fo fhe upper I0 fo of fhe senior class and af fhe discrefion of fhe chapfer, fhe upper 3'f,, of fhe junior class. ia Alpha Befa Alpha Psi is a Na+ionaI Honorary and Professional Accounfing frafernify, organized I 26 years ago af 'lhe Universify of Illinois. I Chapfers are limifed fo leading colleges and universifies mainfaining a sfrong accounfing deparfmenf. Upsilon Chapfer, represenfing fhe frafernify on 'l'he Universify of Florida campus, was organized in I938. The purpose of our frafernify is fo encourage and fosfer fhe ideal of service as fhe basis of lhe accounfing profession: fo promofe fhe sfudy of accounfancy and fhe highesf efhical sfandards: fo acf as a medium befween pro- fessional men, insfrucfors, sfudenfs and ofhers who are inferesfed in fhe developmenf of fhe sfudy or profession of accounfancy: fo de- velop high moral, scholasfic and professional affainmenfs in ifs members: and fo encourage cordial infercourse among ifs members and fhe profession generally. Members noi' picfured: Burfon, C., Jr.: Dennison, F.: Dominicls, J. K., Secre- fary: Field, W. H.: Gibson, F.: Harp, C. E.: l'l0""50f1. Firsf row, leff fo righf-Kinder, Irving W., Vice-Presidenf: Lanham, Dr. James S., Head of Accounfing Deparlmenf: Langford, Carl T., Presidenf: Walsh, Leon, Treasurer. J. O., Jr.: Johnson, J. G.: Lyle, R. T-: Marqol. Hllbbrli Margol, Howard: Paffon, W. M.: Plclfdrd. F. M-I Scoff, J. L.: Sfamen, S. J.: Williams, W. Faculfy members noi' piclured: Coieen, R. H.: Deinzer, H. T.: Emmanuel. M. G.: Grady, R. S.: Humble, T. W.: Johnson, B. W.: Moshier, W. F.: Nola, Louis: Parlxer, W. D-I SCOH. N. H.: Tornwall, G. E., Jr. Second row, leff fo righf-Langford, Edward Ross: Perez, Charles W.: Russell, Earl E., Ryan, Carl D.: Helfon, Huberf, lnsfrucfor: Lawler, Harold J.: Bice, Raymond O., Jr. Third row, leff fo righf-Forresfer, John R., Presidenf-Elecf: Parfridge, H. E.: Bond, William: Gaflin, William A.: Hiepe, Edwin: Dawson, Franlrlin J.: Wood, Henry I. Fourfh row, leff fo righl--Croclr, Tom: Kilpafriclc, H. E.: Keller, Keiih: Mafhis, Allan G.: Wolperf, Lawrence: Kelly, Edward T. Fiffh row, leff 'lo righf-Hoofen, Raymond J.: Henderson, W. W.: Wray, William K.: Pope, Harold C.: Dunham, Bruce C.: Roana, Ralph A. Page I49 Alpha Kappa 1 me-:E E I fi?-5' . - - :'::::.. mini-rg' il ,2iaiIng' '1i::::' m'.ai " Uqlzsizi' i' If Presidenl 4..,. Vice-Presiden'I' .... Secrelary ..... Treasurer ......,. Facully Aclvisor. . . OFFICERS: Roberf H. Wheeler .,....R. Terry Lyle . . .Jack E. Robbins Raymond J. Hoolen . . .Russell S. Grady AGERTON BURTON FERREIRA BAKER CAMPBELL GAMBLE BRANNEN DEES GARRETT BROOKS ELDRIDGE GUTHRIE BURNETTE FARRIOR HARRIS HESS LYNN PEERSON ROBBINS TUCKER HOOTEN McKENZIE POPE SEIBERT UPCHURCH HURST MEGAS REHWINKEL SEIDNER VALDEZ KNIGHT MILEWSKI RICHARDS SIMS VINCENT LYLE MOOR RIGBY SMITH WACHA Members nol' piclured: Calvin Espy, Julian Fussell, Charles A Vance Morgan, Charles Swee-I, James Workman, and Sidney Wood. Page I50 E. Jamison, Don W. Jones. Wendall B. Leimlaach, Rober+ W. Loui WHEELER WHITE WIGHTMAN WINEGEART WRIGHT s, E. W. Myers Alpha Kappa Psi, Professional Commerce Frafernify. is fhe firsf. oldesf, and largesf professional commerce fra- fernify. I+ was founded af New York Universify in I904 and now has sixfy-fhree collegiafe and eighfeen alumni chapfers wifh a fofal membership of over fiffeen fhousand. Alpha Psi chapfer was insfalled January 22, l926. Firm in ifs belief fhaf professional fraining is an infegral parf of every well-rounded business educafion, Alpha Kappa Psi has as ifs obiecf and ideals fo furfher fhe individual welfare of ifs members: fo fosfer scienfific re- search in fhe fields of commerce, accounfs and finance: fo educafe fhe public fo appreciafe and demand higher ideals fherein: and fo promofe courses leading fo degrees in business adminisfrafion in insfifufions of collegiafe rank. To fhis end Alpha Phi is devofing ifs ufmosf efforfs. Alpha Kappa Psi Pledges Firsf row, leff fo righf: Augusfus V. Smifh, Alberf T. Sims, Timofhy J. Mullis. Hamilfon Upchurch, and Cail Lee. Second row. leff fo righf: Grady Brannen, Claude Hawlrins, Joseph Doney, James Drymon. Thomas Croolr, Nevin Summers, Daniel Lynn, and James Pefers. Third row, leff fo righf: William D. Tucker, J. A. Burneff, Bob Ghioffo, Roberf Scofi, Lamar Wine- gearf, George F. Knighf, and James Leland. Fourfh row, leff fo righf: Franlt Curran, Rex Farrior, Nici: Sfamafhis, Tom Sofge, Roy Norfh, Hayward Thomas, and Kinchen Harris. Page 151 2 Wm , V1 ! NW, 4 A J.. X W 1 ff' ' ' jw I . .mf " . f ,- -W --,. -"- ,va , '14, , A .VV ff, Q yjuyi .' L "iw X 1 Y Vg .5 ,. .Ml X 'uw , ,N , K ' . , ', v 91 ' H ' V ,, , 1 9, ' L 3 ' . .145 mf , T A xi ,, ., I K .wma 4 X x ' fr" , 4 ,jfmfggfr I I , n r. A.. - I X X ' - , , ' . N , ' ug X12 N ' ' Q.. K 'X X 5 Mg I ' AH M K V: ILM. ,...,,,, ,V an - , L ' ' fi'-.,,,, L ' ' , - . .W , A N ., M A...,,,g.,5,,.,5i.'.uW:,, I 0 , - N - M I ,W y .,m.,...W., , A "' m, Q 4, fy"""" x. -,. ' MT,Wmfv,..,A,,,,,,,. 3 My M. .H kfwmwx, W A mxmvm, ,, 4 , Ku. ., ,f-W N. 1 1- 4:-mf ' "" 'VW W1-'3'fK,: ' 5.....4W:w..v, '- ..x,.,. v IT? -' .,'sf,w,.,,-"' . fr... w.. -,"..' , 'wiht 1 ,-1 ' .1 ,RM-rw M. w "' .H 1 Combining ihe besi' fradiiions of fhe American liberal arfs college wiih an open-minded aH'i'iude foward modern educafional problems ihe College of Arfs and Sciences offers well-rounded programs in 'Phe humanifies, 'ihe social sciences, fhe nafural sciences and in fhe more specialized fields of Journalism and Pharmacy. The College's primary aim is +o develop charac+er, a broad infelleciual lf ouilook and a sense of values. i The College of Arfs and Sciences of which Dr. Townes R. Leigh is Dean noi' only serves ihose slu- denis who are candidaies for degrees in This Col- lege buf also provides fraining along general cul- iural lines in a number of differeni' areas for slu- clenis who are enrolled in oiher colleges. Enroll- menrs in fhe College of Ar+s and Sciences have been increasing rapidly and ihe College's prospecis For +he furure look exfremely bright Townes R. Leigh, Dean, College of Aris and Sciences 0I.I.EGE DF ARTS AND CIEN ES Seafed, lefl io righf: Perry A. Foofe, Ph.D.: Francis C. Hayes, Ph.D.: Henry P. Consfans, M.A., LL.B.: Elmer J. Emig, M.A.g Del' L. Scudder, Ph.D.: Charles A. Roberison, M.A.: James M. Lealce, Ph.D.: Townes R. Leigh, Ph.D., D.Sc.: Thomas M. Simps Ph.D., George G. Fox, Ph.D.: Roberf C. Williamson, Ph.D.: Ernesi G. A+lrin, Ph.D.: Elmer D. Hinckley, Ph.D.: John M. Maclachl Ph.D.: Oscar F. Jones, Ph.D.: and Harley B. Sherman, Ph.D. r J Qi Page 153 'V CD T... fx' i7 rv- 'Q 'iv 'Uh--. 'il ll N' ABOVE--TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ALEXSUK, Jerry, Brooksville . . . BAKER, Grover E., Mi- BIGGERS, Edgar W., Jr., Sanford . . . BONHAM, Mark M., ami . . . BALL, Charles F., Hollywood . . . BENJAMIN, Jr., Jacksonville . . . BOVIS, Henry E., Kissimmee . . . Theodore S., Jacksonville . . . BENSON, Marvin T., Boyn- BOWE, James J., Orlando . . . BOYER, Roberi A., Tampa ion Beach . . . BERGSTROM, George F., Jacksonville . . . . . . BRADLEY, Ramon A., Bradenfon . . . BRATZEL, Rob- BETTMAN, Henry R., Jacksonville. arf B., Fi. Lauderdale. BELOW-TOP: BRINSON, John B., Jr., Monlicello . . . BROWN, William J., Jacksonville . . . BUTLER, Daniel R., Largo . . . CAREY, Texanna M., Miami Beach . . . CLARKE, Gerald M., Jr.. Arlingfon. BELOW-BOTTOM: COLLEY, Shirley R., Sfarke . . . COTTEN, Hillon I., Mc- Comb, Miss .... CROWN, Harry V., Jacksonville . . . CRUMLEY, Roberf J., Sanford . . . DAVIS, Georgene A., Ocala. Page 154 wig ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: Ub- DAVIS, Horance G., Raiford . . . DAY, Gordon M., Lan- fana . . . DOHERTY, Herberl J., Jr., Jacksonville. oowLlNe, Peggy P., Gainesville . . . DRIGGERS, CorIis J.. FI. Lauderdale . . . DUBOSE, Hugh C., Pensacola. X I SHE'S MARRIED . . . AND MEDALED. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: DYE, Dewey A., Jr., Bradenion . . . EDWARDS, Oliver J., FRIED, Melvin, Miami . . . GEER, Charles W., Tampa . .I . Jr., Newberry . . . ENSIGN, Loring S., Gainesville . . . GLEICHENHAUS, Lesier H., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . GRAEME, FAVATA, John J., Tampa . . . FERGUSON, Robin H.. Edward A., Jacksonville . . . GRAY, Richard W., Jr., Miami Gainesville . . . FERNANDEZ, Paul A., Tampa . . . . . . GRIFFITH, Leon O., Milion . . . GUPTILL, Barbara I... FLETCHER, John C., Greensboro. S+. Pefersburg. S 18 -1.3 1 'kr 'Jo- ys , J "nu N H r' ,xx PARTY? YEAH, PARTY!! BACK TO THE DEAD LINES, SNOW. ABOVE--TOP: HARPER, Jaclr B., Palaflca . . . HARROLD, Joseph G. Gainesville . . . HARTWELL, Donald O., Wes? Palm Beach ABOVE-BOTTOM: HATHAWAY, George E., Gainesville . . . HENDERSON Thomas L., Trenfon . . . HERRING, John L., Palallca. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: HOLLOWAY, Lu+her W., Jr., Jacksonville . . . HUNTER, KESSEN, William H., Fl. Lauderdale . . . KIMMEL, Herberf Vicfor R., Tampa . . . HUSA, William J., Jr., Gainesville D., Broolrlyn, N. Y .... LEVINSON. Melvin, Miami . .. . . . JOHNSTON, John J. E., Kissimmee . . . JONES. LEONARD, Paul A., Ocala . . . LITTLEWOOD, William Billie J., Pensacola . . . KATIMS, Rober+ B., Miami . . . H., Wyandoife, Mich .... LOYLESS. P. Delegal, Miami KEATING, John D., Orlando. . . . MARTIN, Waller G., Avon Parlr. 'Vx 'L- v Qx MA an fp' 'bas - lo- A S ts' 'W' Ai Nix ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE--BOTTOM: 1 N McDONALD, John A., Pensacola . . . McFADDEN, John NEWMAN, Floyd W., Jr., Jacksonville . . . NEXSEN, Wm. F., Jacksonville . . . McLERAN, Paul D., Jr., Tampa . . . E.. Jr., Wes? Palm Beach . . . NODINE, Rober-l C., Clear- McROYAN, Kireakos K., Sarasola . . . MILLER, Charles K., waler . . . NOTT, Ernesl' C., Ocala . . . NULTER, Charles Easi Pepperell. Mass .... MOORE, Edward W., S+. Pelers- L., Plani Cily . . . O'NEAL, Patrick W.. Ocala . . . PEA- burg . . . MORGAN, Marcellus. Quincy. COCK, George R., Sl. Pelersburg. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: 'L ffm 'W POTTER, Andrew E., Jr., Sf. Pelersburg . . . POWELL, Ben- RIDDLES, Millon J., Geneva, Ala .... RIGELL, Joseph S., iamin I., Jr., Miami . . . PROCTOR, Meyer, Jacksonville Panama Cily . . . ROGERS, Volney T., Gainesville . . . . . PURDOM, Glen A., Jr., Gainesville . . . REYES, Frank, ROOKS, Jeff, Jacksonville Beach . . . RUBIN, Herberl L., Gainesville. Miami. .na 1 1- Page I57 I I I fu 4. L, , ll as rv:--f -if I .I Phe ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: RUIS, Ronald H., Plan? Cify . . . SCHAUT, John W., Bra- SNELL. Roy J., SI. Pelersburg . . . STALLWORTH, Herberf den'Ion . . . SCHMIDT, Philip K., Gainesville . . . SELDEN, F., Gainesville . . . STEWART, Edwin P., Hindman, Ky. . . . Leo B., Jr., Tampa . . . SEVER, John F., Clearwafer . . . STONE, John T., Gainesville . . . VANDEWALKER, Lewis SIMPSON, Wiley T., Winfer Haven . . . SMITH. Ralph M., A., Gainesville . . . VAN WAGENEN, Duryee, Green Cove Thomson, Ga. Springs . . . WALKER, Harry L., Gainesville. BELOW-TOP: ,f .,.. . , -,T ii 22.1, -,f gWM,. wiv. . ,.,: 4... , I . wus, Iwillww :ve lilzjrg., SQ . ,,'.,. - 1- ..'V 1: If v. .. ..- J.. .-V e... . ,fl . ,., ,,',v.,.,,,ggr,,1., , it Page WATKINS, Lois, Gainesville . . . WEAVER, William J., La Belle . . . WESTER, Jordan L., Jr., Lalce Wales . . . WIL LIAMS, Owen E., Barlow. BELOW-BOTTOM: WILSON, Befle Jo, Miami . . . WILSON, Horace S., Jr. Bronson . . . WILSON, James B., Gainesville . . . WOLFF George E., Fernandina . . . YOSIM, Samuel J., S+. Pelers- burg. Q ui 117111: 0. Q . . 1mn.u,w- - ABOVE--TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ALLEN, Elmer L., Jaclcsonville . . . ALMOND, John D., Ill, BRAYTON David S., Fl. Lauderdale . . . BRYAN, Paul J., E+. Pierce . . . ANDERSON, Malcolm, Cross Cify . . . Palaflca . . . BYRUM, Barney L., Jr., Jacksonville . . . CAM- BAKER, Rober+ S., Miami Beach . . . BLIZARD, Raymond ERON, John R., Live Oalc . . . CAMP, James D.. Ff. Lauder- H., Miami . . . BRACKEN, Mary C., Ocala . . . BRAUN. dale . . . COOTNER, Paul H., Miami . . . CRAGO, Rich- John C., LaCrosse. ard L., Gainesville. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: DAVIDSON, Jack F., Bradenfon . . . DAVIS, John F., Jr., EBERSOLE, William G., Arcadia . . . ELGIN, Lee W., Jr., I if , Tampa . . . DAVIS, ouince B., Miami . . . DEARMAN, Miami Beach . . . EVERETT, Aran w., High springs . . . g. William B., Jr., Purvis, Miss .... DENKER, Jerome M., FARRIOR, J. Rex, Tampa . . . FAY, Thomas H., Gainesville Miami Beach . . . DITTMAR, Charles H., Gainesville. . . . FLEMING, Marvin L., Millville. rl , .,,,1.-ii.-:,, , - "Anile ,,,sq,y,...,. rp iw W ve .,., .,.,.,.. X we .fig 1 .sf"'n...L in 1' 'fl' '95 ',,f1iii.f21 A-M-"'f fi. F Gfzxxifa . .iz-1. . .E if .mtg ,z L- A' msg,-fog, .V n" -A ' ":': g Lil-,diy -.1 , g,.iTl"i ' .. L ' .WA . . .,, Q I .f - .J ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: E , F l ,, l in . '- 9, 1 ,. E, 3. 2 ll lf' r ' ', 5,57 gif: ,ll L' X .L xl A ffl? LM' l ff v tif, I lm A, ,. limi mi- ' ., "i-iligr.. . '. ' A ,. L , . ii',1 J 5?5V7'i"3i ,fra '33i?'5iif.,? 5-a ffffwfxfa f .3 1fw,g?f Mfgaff' ' +12 -W-gvflvf Ex! ' '-ml-K , M"'W"f"-Y4 -""4fr5s2 22 ' jr'-ff--:fun ,.-'1'3uugE.AQ. , . GAINES, J. Pencllelon, Bushnell . . . GARCIA, Roberf C., GOOD, Sheldon E., Miami Beach . . . GOSS, Bryan W., S+. Jaclcsonville . . . GERBER, Richard D., Wesl Palm Beach Andrew . . . GROWER, William L., Lalreland . . . HAILEY. . . . GLENN, William E., Jaclcsonville . . . GLICKSBERG. Jason A., Sl. Pelersburg . . . HAMRlCK, David O., Oltee- Mandell, Miami Beach . . . GOETTE, Roborl' L., Gaines- chobee . . . HARTLEY, James P., Miami . . . HELLINGER, ville . . . GOLLATTSCHECK, James F., Lalze Parlr. Wal-ler C., Jacksonville. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: HENRY, Wm. O. E., Ocala . . . HERMAN, Harold, Miami JAMESON, Roberl T., Jr., Bar+ow . . . JOEL, Roberf, Jaclr- . . . HICKS, Slephen B., Miami . . . HIPSON, Harry H., sonville . . . JOHNS, Barlon K., Tampa . . . KAPLAN. Jr., Siuarl . . . HOLZER, Charles P., Broolclyn, N. Y .... Donald A., Miami Beach . . . KIVEL, Bennelf, Miami Beach HULL, Floyd V., Jr., Pompano. . . . LEWIS, Gerald A., Jaclrsonville. 1 -pg -V. my 1,'..- ww .U ---. f-WM' -r-r 41.l 1 ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: LUCAS, Roy H., Winler Haven . . . MARSHALL, Mnrgarel SENTERFIT, Lawrence B., Sarasola . . . SHURTLEFF, Ed- A., Orlando . . . McKlSSON, Earl W., Clearwaler . . . ward M.. Clearwafer . . . SILLS, Oliver W.. O-Her Creelr MEISEL, Lesis I., Miami Beach . . . MICHALE. Charles A.. . . . SIMMS, James H., Tampa . . . SNOW, Jane A., Sarasofa . . . MOSBY, Leonard L., Oalz Hill . . . OMAL- Gainesville . . . STANFORD, John W., Pompano . . . LEY, Paul, Miami. STEVENS, John P., Jacksonville. BELOW-TOP: aeLow-sorrow STEVENS, wm. R.. Gainesville . . . sTRAue-HAN. James UPCHURCH, Hamnfon D., sf. Augusnne . . . VINCENT, V H-. Miami . . . SWAIDMARK, Albin B., Orlando . . . Paul E., Jaclrsonville . . . WALKER, Karl J., Jr., Tampa . . . ' li " TATELMAN, Slanley G., Coral Gables . . . TOLAND, Cecil WEINSTEIN, Charles E., Miami Beach . . . WISE. Byron H., V.. Gainesville . . . TOOKE, Joseph C., Fi. Myers. Gainesville . . . WISE, Sue A.. Gainesville. if? '?'1v:-sr ,.m..........,, ,. 7 ll'1 r 'u 1rf.w' ' mik1 Alpha E ilon Ha Alpha OFFICERS iipzilnn Bella OTHER MEMBERS Presidenf ....,.,.. Paul E. Vinceni gs VIce-PresIden+,Josepl1 G. Harrold JAMES STOKES CARROL COLGAN 5eC'e+a'Y' 4"- Malcolm Andefson 7I"sl3!Ili5hf3iI BILL ELGIN WILLIAM WEAVER Treasurer LI....... James F. Lane st' if FRANCIS BECK GENE LATHRQP Hislorian ...,, Marshall Nirenberg A JOHN MICHALS Florida Alpha Chapler of Alpha Epsilon Delia, Nafional Honorary Pre-Medical Fra+erni+y, was esfablished on +he Universiiy of Florida campus in fhe year l930. Since ihaf fime +l1e Chapfer has duly expanded in membership and diversi+y of social funclions sponsored. Pog 6 Florida Alpha Chapier has for i+s purpose +o 'Fos+er and encourage excellence in pre-medical work on lhe Uni- versily of Florida campus and we are direcling our s+rong- esl efforls lowards 'lhe fulfillmeni' of fhal goal. The obiecl of lhe lralernily is lo increase inleresl and scholarship in Chemislry, and lo make college life more inleresling for chemislry sludenls by social meelings and programs concerning recenl de- velopmenls in lhe field ol Chemis- lry. Firsl row, lell lo righl: Arnold Williams, Francis lngley, Belly Speer, Normal Lewis, Bill Husa and David Young. Second row, lell lo righl: J. C. Ramsey, Melvin Priqol, Ben Beniamin, Lawrence Gray, AI Brenl, Harry Hunl, Thomas Todsen, and Malcolm McSween. Sigma Hu Chi Topping lhe year's aclivilies lor Sig- ma Della Chi was ils annual Gridiron Banquel following lhe Georgia-Flor- ida game in Jacksonville, November 8. The banquel, allended by many ol lhe slale's nolables-including live candidales 'For governor-was lea- lured by a skil "panning" Florida's gubernalorial candidales. Profil real- ized lrom lhe banquel wenl loward sending a delegale lo lhe Nalional Convenlion in Washinglon, D. C., lhe following week. Toward lhe close of lhe 'Firsl semesler 'rhe iournalislic lralernily pledged I3 men. Olher aclivilies included coop- eraling wilh Blue Key on lhe Florida Relays week-end, assisling al Presi- denl J. Hillis Miller's inauguralion and lhe carrying on ol minor iournal- islic proiecls lhrough lhe year. K. Firsl row, lell lo righl: Ted Shurllell, Secrelary: Dick Crago, Presidenlg and Jim Baxley, His- lorian. Second row, lefl lo righl: Trenl Rogers, Jim Gay, Raul Reyes, Harold Herman, Pen Gaines, Buddy Davis, and Morly Freedman. Third row, lefl lo righl: Pal Pallillo, John Sever, Travis Messer, Duryee Van Wagenen. Jack Ledoux, and Elgin While. Fourlh row, lell lo righl: George Halhaway, Barlon Johns, Gerald Clarke, Jack Doherly, and Sandy Geer. Members nol piclured: Bill Ebersole, Vice-Presidenlg Joe Seykora, Treasurer: Garlh Germond, and Bob Rogers. Advisor: W. L. Lowry. Page 163 hzzyv.--v ,., ,. , N.. f- ww--ax. ,bag-f'? Perry A. Fools. Direclor. School of Pharmacy Wi'I'h 'lhe largesi enrollmenf in fhe Souih, our School of Pharmacy is compleiing 'rwen+y-five years of service +o Florida and 'Phe nafion. Hs undergradu- a+e and graduaie programs have aH'rac+ed s'ruden+s from many s+a+es and foreign lands. Reiail phar- macy claims mos+ of fhe alumni: o+hers have ai- +ained clisfinciion as direciors of research and deans of colleges of pharmacy. CHUOI. OF PHARMACY Sealed, lofi fo righf: P. A. Foofe, Ph.D.: J. Husa, Ph.D.: and C. H. Johnson, Ph.D. i L...-ll ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: CHEEK, Thomas C., Cross Cily . . . COOPER, James L., McSWEAN, Malcolm L., Jr., Gainesville . . . MEYER, Mar- Orlando . . . FIELDING, Claude B., Jr., Orlando . . . FREY. dis. Lalre Placid . . . MOTLEY, Rober+ W., Jacksonville . . . Wallis M., F+. Myers . . . LANE, James F., Tampa . . . PEREZ, William, Tampa . . . POUNDS, Edwin H., Ocoee LANKFORD, Belly L., Gainesville . . . LUIKART, David L., . . . PURSER, John P., Jr., Ailaniic Beach . . . RICHARDS, New Porf Richey. Joe M., Fi. Myers. U BELOW-TOP: BELOW-aoTToM: ROBBINS. Joseph H., Tampa . . . SALAZAR. George, Jr., TAMM, Richard L., Kissimmee . . . VlDAL,Alber1 P., Gaines- Tampa . . . SANCHEZ, Nilo G., Key Wes? . . . STONE, ville . . . WARE, Edirh F., Branford . . . WARE, Mary C., Erwin E., Lynn, Mass. Branford . . . WHIPPLE. Thomas A., Eusfis. Page 165 l l I ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ANDERSON, Roberi' M., Win+er Haven . . . BOHANNON, HOFFMAN, Richard G., Gainesville . . . HOLLADAY, Lewis L., Gainesville . . . CUELLAR, Jose, Tampa . . . FER- George W., Pensacola . . . ORORK, Wm. M., Orlando . . . GUSON, Mona, Gainesville . . . FRIED, Be-Hy P., Gaines- PAUL, Melvin, Jaclrsonville . . . PORTER, Clarence G., Jr.. ville . . . HAZLETT. Wm. I., Jr., Miami. Jacksonville . . . RODRIGUEZ, Nereida C., Tampa. BELOW--TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: STARLING, Bryce E., Jr.. Ocala . . . STEPHENS, lrwin W.. VIDAL, John A., Gainesville . . . WARREN, James T., Se Pensacola . . . THOMPSON, Harry J.. Gainesville. bring . . . WILLSON. Jael: S., Jr., Palm Beach. Page 166 CHEEK FREY KIRBY LUIKART MOTLEY POUNDS SALAZAR EBERSOLE HERRELL LAMBERT MALONEY MUNDELL PURSER TAMM FERGUSON JACOBS LANE McSWEAN PEREZ RICHARDS WARE FIELDING JOHNSON LANKFORD MEYER PORTER RODRIGUEZ WARE Members nol piclured: R. M. Anderson, Delores Babinslzy, J. F. Bass, Wanda Cowarl, Eddie Cox. Dewey Creel, Mae Fischesser. L. G. Fuschesser, Goelle Fussell, Mary Louise Grillin, George Halladay, H. S. Johnson, Peri Kahlenberg, Roy Lanier, Joy Lee, Archie Lin, W. O. Loclrell. Hoyl M. Man, H. L. Murphroe, Franlc Murphy. P. B. Prall. William Rawson, Gordon Shafer. E. Slone, Harry Thompson. Pierre Vidal. D. E. Wallis, Alberl B. Ware, James Warren. L. W. Walson, and Auslin Whipple. MORTAR AND PES'I'I.E OFFICERS Presidenl ,....,. ......,, ..,,, C h arles E. Mundell Vice-Presidenl, . . ,......... Edilh Ware Secrelary .... ....... J . P. Purser Treasurer .... .... B elly Lanlxlord Reporler ..... ,.... C harles Sanchez Sponsor. . . .Dr. C. H. Johnson The Morlar and Peslle Sociely consisls ol lulure Pharma- clsls banded logelher lo promole good fellowship and IO :provide educalional and enlerlaining programs lor slu enls in lhe School ol Pharmacy. Programs include such lhings as moving piclures ol phar- maceulical inleresl, speakers. and papers presenled by Sludenls. -. H, Social lunclions, such as dances. picnics or parlies, are held from lime lo lime. These lunclions serve lo bring sludenls ol dillerenl classes closer logelher and all have a good lime. Morlar and Peslle lhus serves lo lurlher lhe aims ol lhe School ol Pharmacy: malce beller pharmacisls lor Florida. - ..-, ... .. ......,, K A-Mme. ,,.,, .1 ., Page l67 1 VZTW William T. ArneH, Direcfor, School of Archifecfure and ihe Allied Arfs To design buildings, oufdoor areas, and communi- fies, and +o crea+e pain+ings, fexfiles, and indus'I'rial producfs for ihose who live in fhem is fhe work of graduales of 'I'he School of Archi+ec+ure and Allied Arfs. The fields in which +he School irains for lead- ership are, in ferms of expendiiure and employment ihe fhird largesl' in 'lhe naiion. CIICDI. ARCHITECTURE AND 'I'I-IE ALLIED ARTS Sealed, lei? 'lo righfz Thomas Larrick, M.Arch., A.l.A.: William T. Arne++, M.A.Arch., A.l.A.: John L. R. Grand, M.A. Sfanding, lefi' fo righfz Hollis H. Holbrook, B.F.A.: Norman B. Flagg, B.S.Arch.: and Forresf M. Kelley. Jr., B.S.Arch., A.l.A. - s F, 1 .111 ABOVE TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ABELE, Charles R., Miami Beach . . . ALLENDER, Howard DURAN. Richard, Tampa . . . EHINGER, Edward A., Jr., F S+ Pefersburg . . . BELYEA, Richard, Upper Darby, Pa. Palm Beach . . . GLASSER, Leonard H., Miami Beach CARLILE, Laymon E., Tallahassee . . . CLEMENZI, GUEST. Marion I., New Smyrna Beach . . . GUNDERSON, Roberf L., Fr. Pierce . . . COOKSEY, Douglas L., Monli- Marlin G., Fl. Myers . . . JOHNSON, Reginald B., ce o . . CRAFT, Chesrer L., Coral Gables. Pierce . . . JOHNSON, Richard S., Fredericldown, O. BELOW-TOP: LEGG, Laird B., Tampa . . . MIMMS, ville . . . RAWLINS, Truman D., Jr., RIGUEZ, Jose J., Bogola, Colombia, Joel W., Tampa. BELOW-BOTTOM: SCIOVILLE, Henri, Bogoia, Colombia, Wm. H., Jacksonville . . . STRATTON, . . . WILSIE, EvereH B., Jacksonville D., Jr., Miami. vim, 'hh 1 'iii' Q -. 'xi - Fi. , .., .,.,.,... tn, S. A .... SAY ERS. . 'wifi . A -il ,,-'.-:xi Nil-'twig le.-f.4fi':4p W' ' X16 gf sf X.-4 ar frai l: 5 51.5.-,,-,--,,. , , fi , K if , .. gs r'?uf'f1 M ' 6 ' 1 .wr ' - Fgfilgjfigff S. .. zi,f9f'?iii?3f2.. Wa-' H A 11'-we w ' fi. ,- . Jae 74? in JE?5"Ef:r 'J' ,, X.,.,... ,,.., .. .. ..Qg,. 2 elif", . H3215 ... . ...-.- ,.. V 1.- .Sv . , f f--.L- ...N 1 .- H .,'.1,g,gf I. ,,. . 5 A lf?- f zlfffxoxvig , .M fi' . . IQ xi -Ii' REFSSYGQQSQQ, x , . gf. A.. 7. . . ...L i -.QQ ,.'Qf.-yi f- X. . . 541552336 -, A. X ,., Qi , .S 3, 5, , 3-jLffgg5QF.l ' www: gm" . ,,,ggC13GQ ,lynch S .W K -3, Y .1 Q., 5W.q:. ,,.2,. "A" 5 'juk- ig. M... . T.. -av. 1 , 'K if -.11 , . J fa, ':'iEiii'f?'il"nii'iii.1f . iw 5 wife '- .-may ww Y as - we - 'mf Q - Q .1.wx4f'j1 .. . Mr, 1' 'f..v-3.3211 f Q 23.15.3555 5 'P szigfe yf:.w?w f'.i1j'P-., :Wifi if W .. . -fvvfh Y W iki. gg' ...bjfxqfi H' S - 521 38' of-5... fm ' f- -?Q?'Y9. v.FAa.1 , Q .pie Q ff f... ,Rf 1 4551-A J QETHI .5 T.. ,. 1 vii , 172.1 1' .f M.. f ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-CENTER: ANSLOW, Roberi' E., Gainesville . . . BIERBOWER, Wilbur COLSON, Leonard F., Jr., Lalie Cily . . . CONDON, John S., S+. Pefersburg . . . BOSTAIN, Richard H., Jr.. Tampa A., Miami. . . DAMICO, Henry, Easi' Providence, R. l. . . . BOWEN, Ernesi T. H., Gainesville . . . BURNS, Cecil . . . DAWKINS, Crosby H., Jacksonville . . . DEHON, Bruce, Jacksonville . . . BURNS, Harry E., Jr., Nepiune Frederic T., Gainesville . . . EISGROU, Harvey M., Day- Beach . . . CAMERON, Douglas A., S+. Pefersburg. fona Beach . . . FLUKER, Edward H., Jr., S+. Pefersburg. ABOV E-BOTTOM: FOLSOM, Percy R., Tallahassee . . . GAMMEL, Waller H., Gainesville . . . GARDNER, Henry, Tampa . . . GARRI- SON, Jerome S., Sarasoia . . . GRAFTON, Edward G., Gainesville . . . HARTLEY, James M., Hollywood . . . JOLLY. Blanchard E., Tampa. BELOW-TOP: BELOW--BOTTOM: JONES. Richard P., Jr., Gainesville . . . MANUEL, Franlc- SESSIONS, Wayne F., S+. Peiersburg . . . SMITH, Milo M lin J., Orlando . . . MONCRIEF, Wm. H., P+. Myers . . . Tampa . . . SOLER, Enrique R., Wesi Palm Beach n - PEARSON, Roberf L., Tampa . . . ROBISON, David V., STIGGINS, Hlll, Orlando . . . TAMBOR, Sianley, Miami Melbourne . . . SCHEEL, Curr C., Jaclrsonville. Beach . . . WARREN, Gerald E., Auburndale. Qinffq LM PRESIDENT- -NIARTIN BGUNDERSEN' -I-IISTORIAN- -VICI'.--DRI'.-SIDL-NT- -SEERL-TARY-TREASURED.- NILL STIGGINS' HM. I. GUL-ST' -WILLIAM IJ. SEIBL-RT' - HOWARD R ALLLNDEIZ- ' C. HERBERT BOWL-S ' ' ROBERT L CLRML-NZI - ' HARRISON VL CIIVINBIUN ' - CHESTER L, CRAFT - ' I . Wm. 4 , " 'w - ' JLRRV 5. GARRISDN ' - REGINALD B. JOHNSON ' ' RICHARD R JONES JD.: ' WILLIAM 5. LATSKD ' I - LAIRD L LEBI1 JD.. - f X f ff ffgfl fif keg! XZT' 2 ,, ' 0, s , , 'TIRUMAN D DAVLINS ' ' JUSE J. RODRIGUEZ ' . Bum' B. SGHLEL . 0 ' RIIZIIARD DURAN ' WILLIAIA L1 MIMS ' IIAVNE 'E SESSIDNS QVCPWIIQCIIUVG cmd Qllie-d1orIf HQVNQVQV IICVUJVCEVVWIJI 'fa f X i . 5 if x 2 R I J' .ml m ,, ,, 'V 'f,.JHW fy.-ig: Ax l".L:4,AX ,H, Jdgk. 1-. ff .Km f . rig Em ' Z., lu-D11 4m 1 2 2 2 i ,z f A L 4, i X, Wv vi? 7 if 523 KL M N 155 K MQ, ,fl 2' ,fm ESI kv Wa ,M lx? z 95:2 4 .il F"'Ql',9? ,Phu -if . x 1 W, In we v l 'I Q 'Ku 3 R 'JEJI' , . , Y. I X MW WY ' M.-:,:u'wr4yw':'em5 4 Www , 1 H ew. ., " ,lllrgfwfiil ' ' ' nffiigwlf A ' ' ,Wmfuwww , 3 M , wfrn V m s 1 Y f I: w"""w, , '1 f A Q 1-TF' '- ' : 'lf 4 M 'f:.'-iff f . u , 4..,' .H ,H ' ",.wA.' 2 M .W 4 z- ','mlfQL,1t., y liygm-'ff' ' 2,5 'Nfhgt.sjf",1"1'. a A - . fX"",'-Wx' .' :f".."'-L y 0.-1 .wlr-f'?':f.1, 1 Lf' '. -' , , IfX:'V.L, - vxt'-4..x fx L 'I,T',,?4y'7,1.,K4' . . , .1 - -4, ,,,,1,V.x,g, v-fam. Ai L -vm' 9 94't""1 1' QWKQ4 Y .vi vy " 'Y' fl 1 , .' Y w."s 'f 'lr ' I ' - 17. ,4 ' P u I ' I . V K 1 f X x'1."?' vs"'5 ,N t. The College of Engineering serves Florida in iwo Ways. If provides superior 'Faciliiies and a very compefenr siafi 'For graduaie and undergraduaie educaiion in aeronauiical, chemical, civil, elecrrical, induddaland mechankalengmeedng.liscurdcda are designed fo give fhe sfudenf noi only lhe rech- nical knowledge necessary for a career in profes- sional engineering bui also 'I'he broad, general background fhai' is ihe mark of an educaied man. The Engineedng and lndusidal Experhneni S+aHon Pl6Y6Cl a prominenf pari' in developing ceriain weapons 'For 'rhe armed forces during ihe war, and several Federal proiecis are siill in operaiion in 'ihe siaiion. Ever greaier emphasis and effori' is being dhecied, howeven io research dedgned io uHHze ihe nafuralresources of +he siaie and fo encourage ihe esiablishmeni of new indusiries. 0I.I.EGE QF NGINEERIN Joseph Weil, Dean, College of Engineering Sealed, lefi fo righh R. A. Thompson, B.S.M.E., M.S.: F. H. Pumphrey, B.A., B.E.E., E.E. J Siu-uri Johnson, B.S.E.E., M.S., Ph.D.: N. C. Ebaugh, B.E. in M., and E.E., M.E., M.S.: H. J Hansen B.S., M.S.: C. D. Williams, B.S.C.E., and W. H. Beisler, D.Sc. Page 173 l l 'N' na 5+ ,,,, , if l Q 'Fi-1 f ,gc ' wir ...W C. 5 -au, ' up L0-R i .4 , Q... 4'- li, xr! . M. . ' ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ABRAHAM, George F., Charlesron, W. Va .... ACREE, BARNEY, John M., Jacksonville . . . BARRY, David E., Pen- Claude, Jacksonville . . . ALLDERDICE, Thomas G., Man- sacola . . . BARTON, Wayne D., Jacksonville . . . BEN- darin . . . ALLRED, Sfephen F., Sl. Pefersburq . . . ARM- FIELD, Charles W., Miami . . . BENNETT, Roberi H., A+- STON, W. H., Jr., Dunedin . . . ARMSTRONG, Joseph L. lanfa, Ga .... BERRY, James J.. Jacksonville . . . BIRD- H., S+. Augusfine . . . AUTREY, Frank E., Miami. SALL, Roberl J., Wesf Palm Beach. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: BREEN, Frank H., Jr., Jacksonville . . . BREISCH, George, CANNON, William C., Tallahassee . . . CAREY, Donald Deiroif, Mich .... BROWN, Ira D., DeFuniak Springs . . . F., Miami Beach . . . CARRICO, Arnold J., Jacksonville BURRIS, Joseph E., Lu+z . . . BUSSELL, Wm. H., Jackson- . . . CARTER, Maurice V., Lakeland . . . CHABOT, Ferdi- ville . . . CAMPBELL, Aus+in F., Tallahassee. nand E., Haverhill, Mass .... CHILDS, Roberi' R., Tampa. " 'ww ru 'au s . .I " .UM -Y -X'-A Y IN-1 T '11 l X . 32: A," T" X20 511 T",'V..i- .bw , ... '1::' it ,K ABOVE- HAWKINS, Edward M., Panama Cify . . . HAYES, Clyde Sf. Cloud . . . HAZEN, Roberi' D., Broolcer . . . HITZMAN dale . . . HIGGINS, Beniamin T., Plan+ Ciiy. CAN'T TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE. Page 176 BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: HOLMES, Roberi D., Jaclcsonville . . . HULL, Harry H., LAMPP, Edward R., Jr., Mulberry . . . LAWSON, Horace Bradenion . . . INGLIS, Alliclc W., Jaclusonville . . . KA- F., Jr., Lalxe Cify . . . LEE, Roland M., Punla Gorda . . . WALER, Morion A., Miami . . . KEPHART, Charles M., Jr., LEWIS, William, Miami Beach . . . MALONE, Theodore H., Pensacola . . . KING, Wal+er B., Miami . . . KNIGHT, Jaclrsonville . . . MARSH, John P., Miami . . . MEANS, EvereH V., Tampa. William A., Gainesville. m xl . 1.1 1151! . 1 l. x 74 lim-l :ggi Richard F., Gainesville . . . HICKS. Purdy L., F1. Lauder- :FMR if his--. Nu Vis ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: MCCART, Richard H., Leesburg . . . MILLER, Arfhur R., Jr., OWEN, Harry A., Jr., Palaika . . . PARRAMORE, Huberi Orlando , . . MILLER, Harvey G., Ocala . . . MILLER. E., Marianna . . . PASTEUR, Thomas B., Jr., Miami . . . John C., Jacksonville . . . MILLS, Richard C., H. Lauder- PATTON, Vinceni D., Jacksonville . . . PEARCE, Roberi J., dale . . . MYERS, John G., Miami . . . ONEAL, Beniamin Coconuf Grove . . . PENN, Richard K., Reading. Pa. . . . F., Tifirqn, Ga, PICKLE, Henry A., Jr., Lakeland. Page I77 ,a.fSf5 'ii' f A ,elf- BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: , ,V ,Q , ,,,,. i wig' ,x.,g5gQ?"xk, PICKLE. Herberf E., Leesburg . . . POAGE, Roberi' G., ROEHRIG, Wilfred O., Miami . . . RUBASH, James J., S+. Tampa . . . POWELL, Beniamin o., Jr., Jacksonville . . . Anaraw . . . Ruess, Charles w., ofmana Beach . . . Rus- RAMSEY, James P., Jr., Gainesville . . . REIK, John H., SELL, David E., Jacksonville . . . SAUNDERS, John B., Mi- if JI'-. Lakewood, O .... RODGERS, Donald D., Miami. ami . . . SAYMON, Burfon J., Jacksonville. T M 4 - liifkff . f 'fix Q l . ,wa f 51: 'Ui L 1 .5233 I v I BACK TO THE SALT MINES!!! BELOW-TOP: ABOVE-TOP: SCHRECK, Roberi T., Jacksonville . . . SCOTT, Linus A-. Jacksonville . . . SEEGMILLER, Waller R., Lakeland. ABOVE-BOTTOM: SIZEMORE, Donald M., Miami . . . SPAULDlNG, David W.. Jacksonville . . . SPEARS, Seymour, Jersey Cily, N. J. STEED, William J., Jr., Orlando . . . STENHOLM, Richard A., Brooksville . . . STEVENSON, Marvin W., Lake Wales . . . STINSON, James A., S+. Pefersburg . . . STONER, Clifford W., Jacksonville. BELOW-BOTTOM: STROH, Oscar H., Lingleslown, Pa .... SWEAT, James P., Tampa . . . THOMPSON, Thomas F., Tarpon Springs . . . TILDEN, John R., Winler Park . . . UGARTE, Carlos A., Tampa. 1 - l Q .rm , , . ' .i ll C . CH W- QW? "" Z' . J Vi U . 'T' ' I A ,rl 1 'ipaq ,an 'R+ 'M f., ,':.f:.g., , iv :. ..., z . T 11 , Page ws .ff ' QW ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: WEISS, Lawrence F., Miami . . . WELLHONER, Jack, Jr., WILLIAMS, Eugene L., S+. Pefersburg . . . WILLIAMS, Conner . . . WEST, George H., Jr., JacIcsonviIIe . . . Walfer D., Chipley . . . WOEHLE, Max, Delray Beach . . WETHERINGTON, Ryndal L., Willisfon . . . WHITESIDE, YOUNG, Ever+ A., Orlando. Augustus F., Mia mi. BELOW-TOP: BELOW--BOTTOM: ADAMS, William E., Haverhill, Mass .... ASCHE, Charles BISHOP, Marvin E., Tampa . . . BISHOP, Roberi P., Cres- H-. Miami . . . BAILEY, Arihur W., Jr., Kissimmee . . . cenl' Ci+y . . . BLISS, Whifney C., Jr., Coral Gables . . . BAXLEY, Grover B., Lynn Haven . . . BECK, Alan D., Zell- BORELLI, Michael T., Tampa . . . BRADEN, John R., Ff. Wood- Pierce . . . BROOME, Douglas A., Chalfahoochee. 1 '15, Q U I ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: BRYAN, William L., Gainesville . . . CHANDLER, Harmon FRUIN. Roberf J.. H. Lauderdale . . . GABLE, Alex S. C., Jr.. H. Lauderdale . . . CLARKE, Charles M., Lakeland Lalze Cify . . . GIBBONS, Perry R., Archer . . . HARRI . . . COOPER, Alfon W., Tampa . . . CRIM, Donald R.. SON, Jack E., Baldwin . . . HART, Charles R., Jaclrson Miami . . . ERICKSON, Ernesf E., Lalreland . FARA- ville . . . HART, Norman W., Jr., Barlow . . . HEAD BEE, Thomas J., Orlando. William J., Avon Parlr. BELOW-TOP: ' BELOW-BOTTOM: 4 HERSPERGER, Samuel, Jr., Tampa . . . HODGE, Richard LEIGH, Clarence O., Jasper . . . LEMASTER, William A. D., Miami . . . HOFMA, Roberf E., Tallahassee . . . Wesi Palm Beach . . . MALLORY, John M., Nolcomis . . HOLTZ, Chrisfopher W., Lalre Ciry . . . JETER, Earl W.. MAY, John J., Jacksonville . . . McCOUN, Thomas B.. Jr. Jr., Americus, Ga .... KEETER, Greenville S., Rufherford- Miami . . . MORGEN, Ralph A., Gainesville . . . OLIVE ion, N. C .... KIMBALL, Thomas B., Mi. Dora. Robert L.. Barlow. A Page 180 ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE BOTTOM ONEAL, Ellis H.. Koltomo, Ind. ONEAL James C Jr SHEDRICK Jaclr W Sarasola STEELE Herman A Shamroclc . . . OWENS, Emmell' L Lalce Clly Lalreland TONEY Robert L Orlando WELLS PHILIPS, Charles F., Wes? Palm Beach PRIDGEN Joel D Orlando WETHERINGTON Dave W Jasper Thomas D., Lalreland . . . SAVARY Donald L Jr lnver YONTZ James Tampa YOUNG Dale A Fernan ness . . . SCHICKLER, Wm. F., Jr Toledo O una DCIETY FDR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT The local chapier of ihe Sociely for lhe Advancemenl' oi Managemenl serves as a medium of associalion for ihe lndusirial Engineering sludeni' and provides desirable professional con- +ac+s. . The aims of +he socieiy are lhe im- provemenl of managemeni and man- agemeni relaiions ihrough ihe siudy and applicalion of scienlific melhods and principles. ROSTER. OF MEMBERSHIP George F. Abraham, William E. Adams, Ira D. Brown, Louis L. Chazal, Louie H. Davis. Harold D. Haldeman, Linion E. Floyd, Theo- dore E. Harrison, Sec.-Treas.: George B. Hills, Alliclc W. Inglis. Marlon A. Kawaler, Reporlerz Thomas E. Keeler, Benlon Engi- neering Council Represenfalive: Roberl' G. Poage, Vice-Pres.: Oscar H. Slroh, Roberl L. Toney. Charles H. Willauer, Eugene L. Williams, Pres.: Israel J. Yogman. Facully Advisor: Roberl' J. Cummings, In- slruclor of lnduslrial Engineering. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AUTREY BISHOP, R. CHABOT -ERICKSON HARVERY MERRITT OWENS STENSON BARTON BRADEN CHANDLER FRUIN HAWKINS MEYER PROCTOR STONER BERRY BURRIS DOWNING GLAZIER MAY MORRIS SEEGMILLER THOMPSON BISHOP, M. CARTER EARLY GORDON MEANS NORD STEVENSON VAN EEPOEL Members noi' picfured: John M. Barney, Richard E. Dufion, Leroy Ellie-P, Alberi W. Emmons, A. P. Evans, Thomas J. Farabee, H. V. Gardner, Kennelh W. Kemp, Edward A. Lang, Craig K. McKinnon, Roberi' W. McLeod, Roberl' H. McVay, Muzio Michael, Richard F. Morse, Lawrence Oden+hal, Peier Perinis, Ben O. Powell, Leslie E. Reynolds, Roberi' H. Rider, Donald E. Rogers, Donald Savary, Lee H. Scoff, H. Scharla-Neilson, Harry K. Siler, W. D. Sims, Thomas Slagsuol, and J. Cullen Wrighi. The American lnsiiiuie of Elecirical Engineers was organized in order io provide for 'Phe advancemeni' of 'ihe elecirical engineering profession and 'ihe dissemina+ion of 'iechnical informaiion among iis members. ln I924 ihe Universiiy of Florida sfudeni' branch was es+ablished io permii undergraduaie engineering siuclenis io par- iicipaie in ihe aciiviiies of ihe nafional socieiy. The bi-monihly programs include preseniaiion of 'Technical papers, movies, and informal 'ialks by members and ouisianding men in +he profession. Page 182 AMERICAN OCIETY DF MECHANICAL X I I I- . ACREE BUSSELL HAZEN KAISIRLIK MARSH RAMSEY BAILEY , DANIEL HODGE KEPHART OLIVE RUSSELL BENNETT GUNSON HUDSON KIMBALL PASTEUR SIZEMORE BREISCH HART JACKSON KING PEARCE SPEARS Members noi pic'Iured: E. S. Anderson, Grover B. Baxley. S. D. Brull, W. O. Cannon, R. L. Carver, D. R. Crim, Charles R. Hari, E. W. Jeler, B. W. Johnson, W. N. Lewis, W. R. Mayer, John A. Samuel, William B. Shirley, J. M. Shoemaker. A. L. Sieinlin. R. A. S+enholm, W. C. Van Wagenen and Everf A. Young. Made up of mechanical and pre-mechanical engi- neering s+uden+s, +he Universily of Florida Sfudenl' Branch of 'Ihe A. S. M. E. fos'I'ers conlacls beiween fhe undergraduaie engineer and hh chosen profes don. hAeeHngs of fhe Branch are devoled lo lhe reading of a s'I'udenl' paper, seeing a 'Iechnical molion piclure, or lis'I'ening l'o a 'lalk by an ou'I'side speaker. Among ihe several aclivilies sponsored by lhe A. S. M. E. during lhe pasl' were l'he sending of a delegalion lo 'I'he Regional Conference in Al'lan1'a las'I' April, Iwo field-lrips lo induslrial cenfers of lhe sfaie, and ihe Aknnual hdechanical Engineers' Picnic. Page l83 SWAN WEINBERG WEST WILLIAMS BENTDN ENGINEERING SDCIETY Firsf row, lef+ lo righ+: John Wrighl, Huberl' E. Parrimore, and John M. Barney. Second row, left lo righ+: Ben Pasfeur, Ralph Morgan, Edward R. Lampp, Vice-Presidenl, and Lamarr King.. Faculfy Advisor. Third row, lefi fo righl: Harry A. Owen, Jr., Roberi T. Schreclr, Norman Singlefary, Eugene Williams, Secreiary-Treasurer, and Alliclr W lngles. Fourih row, leff fo riqhh William J. Sleed, Thomas Allderdice, James J. Named in honor of +he firsr Dean of +he Universi+y's College of Engineering, ihe Benlon Engineering Sociely is made up of all fhe undergraduale sfudenis in ihe College. Each of 'rhe deparfmenls in l'he College has i1's own individual professional socieiy, buf ihe B.E.S. serves +o coordinaie l'heir acliviiies and lo fosfer a feeling of uniiy among engineering Berry, Blalre King, Rober+ l.. Olive, and lra L. Brown. sludenfs. Each of 'l'he deparlmenial socielies elec+s represenfaiives lo lhe Benion Engineering Council, which ads lo sponsor acfivilies parficipafed in by 'rhe College as a whole. Each year 'rhe B.E.C. ar- ranges several ioini meeiings of lhe socie+ies 'lhe annual Engineers' Field Day, and 'lhe Engineers' Fair. W. . M325 , g M' g Q . V -E' - 4' 4- F, !'g, . E ftR 'iv ' V aj . ' l! A ' EVEN ENGINEERS HAVE TO RELAX--FIELD DAY. I947. Page 184 AMERICAN DCIETY QF CIVIL X ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOClE'l'Y Df' EN?lPYEEH5 OFFICERS Presidenf ...... ........,.. T homas G. Allderdice Vice-Presidenf. . . . . .Kennefh R. Willifs Secrefary ...... . . .Clifford R. Green Treasurer .... .... H . F. Lawson Fronf row, leff fo righf-Lewis S. Shields, Clifford R. Green, Richard C. Mills, Don F. Sfeele, Richard H. McCarf. Gordon W. Dylces, Huberf E. Parramore, Herberf E. Piclcle, Ausfin F. Campbell. Second row: Kennefh R. Willifs, J. A. Howze. E. R. Lampp. Jr., Sfanley Poole, Roland M. Lee, J. E. Richardson. James A. Sfidham. John G. Myers. Third row: Phillip Dreifus, A. DeWinlrler. Z. D. Harrison, J. T. Poi-fs, Jr., E. O. Owens, J. N. Maples, J. J. Rubash, P. L. Hicks. Bach row: Franlr H. Breen, John B. Saunders. Ted H. Malone, Roberf J. Birdsall. John H. Marfin, Chris W. Holfz. Tom G. Allderdice. William A. Wafson, Professor C. D. Williams, Faculfy Advisor. Members nof shown: S. F. Allred: W. H. Armsfon: D. E. Barry: J. A. Bender: S. Berman: W. C. Bliss: A. D. Bresler: R. W. Byrd: D. L. Crowson: E. M. Edmunson: A. R. Finney: J. L. Fox: J. D. Goodloe: J. R. Gordon: J. S. Harra: B. T. Higgins: H. A. Holborn: E. Jenlrins: F. L. Lanius: L. S. Lamlr: H. F. Lawson: C. O. Leigh: W. B. Lewis: A. R. Miller: R. N. Miller: J. Myers: R. L. Parham: R. Parade: R. E. Peacoclc: C. E. Phillips: T. D. Pridgen: B. Revells: G. S. Ridgely: C. H. Sain: E. H. Sfewarf: V. J. Sulfenfuss: J. P. Sweaf: M. L. Swords: J. R. Tilden: A. F. Whifesides. Membership in fhe Sfudenf Chapfer of fhe American Sociefy of Civil Engineers is open fo upper classmen Civil En- gineers and all sfudenfs who voice an infenfion of enrolling in 'lhe depar'l'men'l'. The chapfer provides a meefing ground for men of fhe same professional inferesfs where curricula work is supple- menfed by an acfive program on Civil Engineering affairs. The sfudenf member. fhrough his parficipafion, gains an insighf 'l'o fhe various acfivifies and problems encounfered in fhe Civil Engineering Field. Page 185 iw. S i g m cl T cl u Believing 'ihal' scholarship, prac+icali+y, and sociabili+y are +he fhree mosl' impor+an+ faciors in a successful professional praclice, Sigma Tau, Naiional Engineering Fra- ferniiy, bases iis membership on ihese qualificalions. Sigma Tau was founded Febru- ary 22, I904, ai 'I'he Universiiy of Nebraska. Upsilon Chapler of l'he Universiiy of Florida was organized in I923, and in I930, Sigma Tau was admified io full member- ship in fhe Associaiion of College Honor Socieiies. .. 4- ' A 1- uw " " Hmm i i, N9 .4 V R x . - A - 1 ' 1 1 I ,,u A i - . 1 . M5 ' T, ., A- . . ' '. ,xg 1 , T as l . 2 . Members no? picfuredz T. G. Allderdice. J. M. Bnrnev. W. D. Bar-lon. S. C. Black. A. F. Campbell, R. L. Collie, J. H. Crowe, C. L. Dani P. Dreifuss, G. W. Dylres, A. P. Evans, L. E. Floyd. L. E. Gray, E. K. Hacker, E. M. Hawlrins, D. M. Holi, C. W. Holiz, E. W. Je+er. M. Left +o righf: BERRY BRYAN CARRICO CHILDS GORDON HEITZMAN LAWSON LEE MALLORY McCART RICHARDSON SCHRECK SHEDRICK STEED SPAULDING WELLS el, A. Kawaler, W. B. King, M. H. Lafour, C. K. McKinnon. C. A. Morrison, G. E. Neville, E. H. O'NeaI, H. A. Owens. E. L. Osens. T. P. Pearson, T F T. R. Pills, J. T. PoHs, B. O. Powell, J. P. Ramsey. J. J. Rubash. C. H. Sain, J. A. Samuel, J. B. Saunders. L. A. Scolf. S. E. Smiih, . Thompson, S. G. Venning, E. L. Williams, and J. O. Wilson. Page 186 Insiiiule of Aeroncluliccll Sciences American Insiiiuie of Chemical Engineers OFFICERS FALL f William J. Sfeed ....,..,.,... Presidenf David W. Spaulding ..,... Vice-Presidenf Louis J. Hausrafh .... Secrefary-Treasurer SPRING William L. Bryan ..,....,...... Presiclenf Ralph A. Morqen, Jr. ,..,. Vice-Presidenf John M. Mallory .... Secrefary-Treasurer The sfudenf chapfer of fhe Ameri- can Insfifufe of Chemical Engineers was organized fo acquainf fhe sfu- denf wifh fhe chemical engineer- ing profession and fo encourage fhe mainfenance of a high scholas- fic sfanding among ifs members. The sociefy accomplishes fhis aim by, holding bi-monfhly meefings af w ich falks are given by pracficing chemical engineers, by sponsoring pIan+ frips and by holding weekly sfudy sessions. The chapfer was pleased fo hold . fhis year's Soufhern Regional Con- iiiie L:,niVTfrsi+y OE D. W. Spaulding, W. J. Sfeed, C. W. Ruess, and W. L. Bryan. THIRD ROW, Ieff fo righf: M. Woehle lc eega es rom a ou en R. T. Schreclr, A. J. Carrico. R. R. Childs, H. G. Graham, and Jones. FOURTH ROW, Ieff fo riqhfi E. L. Krefschener, J. W. Thompson, Franlr Slcillman, R. F. Friedman, and J. H. Reilc. FIFTH ROW, Ieff fo righf: D. F. Carey, L. E. Gray, F. P. May, and V. D. Paffon. FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righf: L. J. Housrafh, C. M. Clarke, Dr. E. H. Schweyer, J. M. Mallory, R. A. Morgen, W. J. Head, and E. T. Oslrin. SECOND ROW, leff fo riqhf: R. F. Heifzman, J. D. Schmidf. leading schools in fhe Soufh par- ficipafed. LIST OF MEMBERS OFFICERS FALL SPRING Chairman ..,,............ T. B. Pasfeur ....... T. B. Pasfeur Vice-Chairman .....,..... W. F. Woodward. . . Recording Secrefary ...... S. Apfe ........... Corresponding Secrefary. . R. H. Benneff ..... . Treasurer ................ Thomas Bell ........ Sfanley H. Apfe Richard G. Arbic Thomas J. Bell Roberf H. Benneff, Jr. Paul T. Callaway Sfeve A. Carfer Richard E. Chianese Hugh H. Clemenfs Emory J. Gearharf Richard L. Harris Clyde Hayes J. E. Keclr John P. Marsh AI'ron G. Mifchell T. Edwin Moilanen Thomas B. Pasfeur Roberf J. Pearce Charles R. Pearson William W. Pefynia George Regisfer Paul E. Richardson Norman E. Singlefary James C. Tollerson Tafe H. Tuffle Henry F. Weisenburger William Wiffman, Jr. John Wrighf Wm. F. Woodward, Jr. W. W. Pefynia T. J. Bell Clyde Hayes A. G. Mifchell Faculfy Advisor .... Professor Roberf A. Thompson Sfaff ......... . ......,.... Charles R. Pearson The Insfifufe of Aeronaufical Sciences was esfablished in I932 as a non-profif scien- fific sociefy. Ifs purpose is fo advance fhg scienfific knowledge and presfige of fhe Aeronaufical profession. The Insfifufe's membership of over 6,000 includes fhe leading aeronaufical scienfisfs, engineers, and specialisfs of our counfry. The sfudenf Branch of fhe I. A. S. af fhe Universify of Florida was founded in Sepfember I947. Ifs membership is open fo fhose sfudenfs already enrolled and fo fhose sfuclenfs who infend enfering fhe Deparfmenf of Aeronaufical Engineering. Alfhough if is fhe infanf engineering organizafion on fhe campus, fhe Sfudenf Branch now has a member- ship of 35 men. A field frip fo Eglin Field. Florida, and fo Pan American Airways Mainfenance Shops in Miami were a few of fhe acfivi- fies parficipafed in by fhe members of fhe organizafion during fhe pasf year. Page I87 f was Ja 7094 I wi WJ I"I'JI S! J If ll fl , ww 1 4. ffzff Q f1j' '- ,. ? . 9 A ' , ,, g L. 1 , f E Q YJ 3 Jru ' Y K W . W, 5 S A 5 , 1 'U W ,.f Q ' 'il 4 A , M A, -1' 3 Y 4 , , i I . In ,r -A , ' ' , - v sa. , ,. .. ' ' ' nf: V ll A ' H, 4 L ll!-UL A I 1 W lf .,,,,, U 'fffveiw-gsxwiflsvl-,.Q:M31Gi , , gn 1 YllfM74'u7u'L'7a'fa'fn'f!ff'!lffj7'fS'J'n'n'f.'ii?aiiinn ' 1 Illllllllllllllfllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIUHIOK ...l--1-1. 1 V p fi. 4 ' QA: g '-"N - " y : -,lf QP- I f r wif W .X 'QL' ' a- da 1 2' ' V 1 5 . -W -W ,,, ' , 1 . , M' jf' , . . f' 4 A , 'Q' A Nm' N N 5 fp 1 X ' V' l . 1' kj " k V"-:vi . , I I , th X, 1, VE. A ' 'Q ,xy . Q' ' ix ,y Lf, ...pgff-.f.h 1, . X if V, ,,.., , 1 Xff f -N., YW - .A . 42. - 1 ,-A . mf ' :Y-mlbxx I 3 X I ' if n ,. 'ff A 1' uf? -Ai' KZ Y . f- ' f ' asf" v.4:+Qf:N4w.1 'ff' ix f' r Mir Jswxi . I 3 A K' tx 1, - -X -K ., M' ,' .a-A---, ,f,, ! I " -'bp ' A 1. 'mmf 'M-S -f. .- ff 44+-4 "' is ' +-if 4-N ' ' 'T ' Q ' - 7" 'A .- ff 24 Ml' A A 7 x ' XX fm 'fx I-. ' 1 Q21 ,fv,QR47,i',Qf'fkil' -Egg., '--.ILL 'C -.V qs, it . , A. 4 X A 1 v A . J- K - kv 'R ,f - Ifx?,xu3q:. , 7,1 V 'gljaif' . . m b JL- I7 .fa 6Nfsv,.A. , A v. ' 'f ' ' ' 4 . ' ,. '. X ' - My f 0 , . ..Q., xstf- ,Q 15,-Q ,:.Q. ., .Y I ,N Q I., A K. Q .Jrff 1 5 K .fn A ,X Q W., .. . 1, A , , J., 'y , . .sg . if ON ff' ri fx Ui' ,Q '- ff X f ii 7 X x ' - -- .f HL' . . x - A - ' 'X' -"4" f m 1' 1' QY f . ' X if ' f X-'lim' . I 1 - .3 12' P X f A ff , ' . vw . .M jk l Y ' , i F A i Y. . X 64 I 7 I 'fl' ' c ff' V I , . ' , X 1 , - , N 5? , , f.. Mt Q in J:.:,w V, , w f" f 1 ipwfff , 4- ' ' ' ' , -.. ., 'T'g1Trf'ff'7" . . .. .- VfwTih ?-M f ' fi 'A " ,1. . - -' ' "4- -1,.V '.:Qg,g,"M L "'1-xg 5 -, f Q. -Q - 'w-V 4 """""' . . ,,., 4 A 4 .V -w-..-..... -. . ,M 4 The College of Agriculfure of 'lhe Universiiy of Florida is made up of fhree main divisions, Resicleni' Teaching, ihe olclesh +hefAgricul+ural Experimeni Sfafion, which is ihe research division, esiablished in I888: and 'lhe Agricullural Exiension Service, esfablished in l9l4. The lnsfruciional Division Hhe College properl is macle up of deparfmenis in lhe College devoled +o fhe various phases of iechnical ancl praciical agri- cul+ural work. The work of ihese depar+men+s is closely relaied, and ihe aim of 'lhe College is +o afford sluclenis 'lhe besi' possible +raining for ser- vice in agriculiure. H. Harold Hume, Provosi and Dean, College of Agriculh. OLLEGE DF AGRICULTURE Lefi io righh E. W. Garris, Ph.D.: J. T. Creigh'ron, Ph.D.: H. S. Wolfe, Ph.D.: F. B. Smiih, Ph.D.: W. B. Tisdale, Ph.D.: Frazier P. Rogers, M.S.A.: P. H. Senn, Ph.D. A A ylv.Lz4.i,5A4 Ll .:...Q..rr N , 5.1 Page 189 It ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ALFORD, Barney M.. Jr., Pensacola . . . ALTMAN, Roberf BILDERBECK, James L., Newberry . . . BOURQUARDEZ, M., Sopchoppy . . . ARMSTRONG, James E., Bradenfon Lee E., Bushnell . . . BROWN, John M., Narania . . . BUSH, . . . BAILEY, John M., Sanibel . . . BARKER, Quinfas H., Willard, Graceville . . . CAMMACK, Elberl, Luiz . . . Gainesville . . . BARNETT, Joe P., Brooksville . . . BATE- CAMPBELL, Leon, Darlingfon . . . CAMPBELL, Raymond E.. MAN, Jaclc H., Mclnfosh. Gainesville. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: CAMPBELL, T. C., Darlinglon . . . CARTER, Roberi D.. CLOSE, Elmer, Moore Haven . . . COCHLEY, Herberl L.l Gainesville . . . CASADO, Mario, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuo- Jr., Jacksonville . . . CRAWFORD, John H., Haines Cily Ia . . . CHAPMAN, Herberl L., Tarpon Springs . . . . . . CREWS, Waller L., Orlando . . . DANCY, Francis L.. CHARLES, Hoyf, Tampa. Wabasso. 4' 'g 4 5 e ,ui V. n 5' , ,CD . il li ' A . 1 . 1 ji 195 " ' . J Q YfV'LK', V 1 , is WI can my . ng fl , fu -D, LF" Q33-f.,f','-A ,. v-,jr ad' v - ,f'.Q,,gnTiG f" 15 , L .. 'fi wimw " l 1-.1-.wil-l.-qvl 1 mr: V,-all -, 1-.-. 1 1 .-mu ABOVE-TOP: DAVIS, Johnnie E., Afmore, Ala . . . DAVIS, Waller K., Screven, Ga .... DIAMOND, Wallser G., Miami. ABOVE-BOTTOM: N DODSON, Roberf K., Greensboro, N. C .... DOSTER, l . Ernesi --q 'X S., Blalrely, Ga ..,. DUNAWAY, James L., Jr., Molino. I lf ' HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON? BELOW--TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: FARNELL, Wendell E., Gainesville . . . FOWLER, John, HARGRAVE, John R., LaCrosse . . . HART, Evereii B., Jr., Apoplra . . . FRIEDMANN, Walfer J., Jr., Dayiona Beach Olrlawaha . . . HASTINGS, Arfhur W., Howey-in-fhe-Hills . . . FULLER, Joseph C., Mulberry . . . GARFIELD, Morlon . . . HEATHERINGTON, Norman, Orlando . . . HENDER- J.. Miami Beach . . . GRIFFIS, Raleigh S., Raiforcl . . . SON, Harold E., Wauchula . . . HINDERY, George A.. HALL, Francis M., Winfer Garden. DeLand . . . HOOVER, Maurice W., Wrighlsville, Ga. v-i . I I- ? H i mi, ABOVE-TOP: ' " ' ' I' 4 3-.1 APOVE-BOTTOM: HOPPER, Howard H., Tampa . . . HUNT, Paul, Gainesville LEONARD, Charles H., Milion . . . LYLE, Clifford O., Bar . . . JOHNSON, J. Fred, Bonifay . . . JOHNSTON, How- fow . . . MAGUIRE, Roberr J., Green Cove Springs . . ard B., Kissimmee . . . JONES, Thomas A., Chrisimas . . . MARSH, Ansle R., Jr., Bushnell . . . MARTIN, Henry C. KAUFMAN, Irving, Hallandale . . . KONDO, Francis N., Inierlachen . . . METZGER, Newfon M., Hawihorne . . Miami. MILLIGAN. Myron M., Auburndale. BELOW-TOP: . BELOW-BOTTOM: MINER, Alfred N., Apoplra . . . MOORE, Thomas A., PREVATT. Ruberi W., Seville . . . RABON, William L., Thomasville, Ga .... MURRAY, Dayron J., Tampa . . . Waulreenah . . . REMINGTON, Charles L., Orlando . . . OSWALD, Douglas H., Marianna . . . PATRICK, Maurice RICE, Edwin R., Paholree . . . ROBBINS, Carey A., Ocala C., Eusiis . . . PATTERSON, Richard M., Clewisfon . . . . . ROBINSON, Henry E., Jr., Jaclrsonville . . . ROTH- I PRESTON, Francis A., Auburndale. WELL, Donald F., Tampa. ABOVE-TOP: ' ' ' ABOVE-BOTTOM: RUHL, Dan H., Jr., Ft. Myers . . . SCRUGGS, William M,, SOOWAL. Jerome M., Orlando . . . SOUTHALL, Carey T., Jr., Moniicello . . . SIMMONS, Sfephen B., Chipley . . . Jr.. Palailra . . . STENHOLM, Franlc A., Jr.. Brooksville, Ga. SHAW, Fred A., Glen S+. Mary . . . SMITH. Henry J., Pal- . . . STONECIPHER, John, Orlando . . . STUBBS, Robert meHo . . . SMITH, Leonard C., Gainesville . . . SNIVELY, G., Jacksonville . . . SUMNER, James L., Fairfield . . . Harvey B., Jr., Winler Haven. SWANSON, Henry F., Gainesville. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: ' THOMPSON. Buford D., Lake Wales . . . THOMPSON. TYSON, Zariel G., Zephyrhills . . . WALKER, George B., f Harold F., Plani Ci+y . . . THOMPSON. Jack C., Winfer Jr., Columbus, Ga .... WEEKS, Jack B., Lalceland . . . , - 5 Haven . . . TOWNSEND, Thomas R., Mi. Dora. WILCOX, Norman E., Clearwaier . . . ZORN, William C.. , Y Dar ingfon. Page 193 ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: ALRED, James E., Thomasville, Ga .... BOYCE, Merrill G., FORTNER, Eugene M., Planl City . . . GLISSON. James Jr., Jacksonville . . . CARLTON. William A., Wauchula . . . B., Miami . . . GREATHOUSE, Brady B.. Jr., Earle-lon . . . CHRISTIE. James R., Ml. Dora . . . CLEMMONS. James A., HARLEY, Richard C.. Barlow . . . HOLTSBERG, lsidor H., Chipley . . . CONYBEAR, William R.. Winler Haven . . . Fi. Pierce . . . HOWELL, O'His N., Lake Cily . . . IVEY, DOSS. Eugene, S+. Pelersburg. Henry N., Marianna. ' ,w1.', BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: Ji llli' 3' ' KLOEPPEL, Wm. E., Malabar . . . KNAPP, Douglas M., LOVE, Samuel B., Ocala . . . McCORMICK, Wallace W. , . Tampa . . . KRAMER, George S., Leesburg . . . KRET- P+. While . . . MIDYETTE. Payne H., Tallahassee . . SCHMER, A. E., Jr., Fi. Pierce . . . LEIBOVIT. Arlhur B.. MINEAR, Judson, Jupiler . . . NESMITH, James M., Ar Wes+ Palm Beach . . . LEWIS, Richard C., Fl. Meade. cadia . . . OZAKI, Charles T., Eau Gallic. S Qnlf V. Mg .,,,m:5:.j.", W5 , 1 . .b.,3.',,4,5 4 f, 1 3 ffsgf li.g",r1 16-.?gi':,p' Gay, H l -.- ,..,. . . l -l l ABOVE-TOP: OZAKI, Henry Y., Eau Gallie . . . SKINNER, Charles B., Jaclcsonville . . . STORMS. Don A., Jr., Planl Cily . . . STRICKLAND, Lanfis H., DeFunialr Springs. ABOVE-BOTTOM: Look, Mom, no hands . . . Look ogoin no head l l VANNETTA, Albert W.. Hollywood . . . WARRINGTON, John F., Jr., Gainesville . . . WILLIAMS, Harbor? A., Tampa. NEWELI. ENTOMOLOGICAI., OCIETY Newell Enlomological Sociely was ins'l'alled on lhis campus February 28, l936, and bears +he name of Dr. Wilmon Newell ide- ceasedl. Dr. John T. Creighlon, Professors Andrew Rogers, Milledge Murphey, and Lawrence A. He+riclc serve as facully ad- visors and sponsors. Professors Rogers and Murphey are former members of lhe So- ciely. The Newell Enlomological Sociely has lhe dislinclion of being +he only slu- denl' enlomological organizalion affilialed wifh lhe American Associalion of Economic Enlomologisls. - FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN HAROLD H. HUME DR. JOHN T. CREIGHTON PROF. ANDREW J. ROGERS PROF. MILLEDGE MURPHEY. JR. PROF. LARRY A. HETRICK FIRST ROW, lefr fo righf: Myron Milligan, Elroy Kresiensen, Howard Weems. Reuben Capeloulo, Cyrus Nicholson, and Dan Duncan. SECOND ROW, lefl 'fo righh Ben Davis, William Neel. Waller Thames, and Eugene Solomon. THIRD ROW, lelil +o riqhlz Ben Knech+, Roy Roig, Dempsey Sapp, Dale Thompson, and George Walker. FOURTH ROW. left lo righh Weldon Emmel, Miles Sheppard. Norman Dennis, and William Genung. Members nol' picluredz William Bidlingmayer, Charles Bingoman. Herbert Chapman, Charles Hassler, Rodney Hudson, Roberi O'Berry, John PaH'on. John Slonecipher, Donald Slormes, Kirk Slrawn, William Sudia, William Taylor, Ralph Townsend, and Mahlen Wrighf. Page 195 AGRICULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........................... ...... S andy Johnson VICE-PRESIDENT ............. ..... W illiam Coiion SECRETARY-TREASURER ..... ...... J ames Glisson REPORTER .................................... Richard Harfley The Ag Club was organized in I9I0 and has since been acI'ive in creaiing and siimulaiing in'I'eresI in agriculiure. II' is composed of sI'udenI's from Ihe College of Agriculfure and ihe School of Fores'Iry. serving as coordinaiing force be- iween 'Ihe Iwo. This pasl' year. one of Ihe bes'I', an Annual Turkey Shool' was inauguraied and received campus-wide par+icipa+ion-over I200 con+esIan+s. Over 200 members and guesis aHencIed 'Ihe Annual Fish Fry aI College Park on March I6. Plans are being made for more and greaier acI'ivi'l'ies nex'I year. MEMBERS ACREE. JR., EDWARD B. ACREE. N. C. ACREE. RICHARD M. ADAMS, NICHOLAS A. ALENCAR, JOSE DE ALFRED, JAMES E. ALRED, JAMES E. ALTMAN. ROBERT M. ARMSTRONG, JAMES E. BISHOP, JR.. R. T. BOURQUARDEZ, LEE BROWN. JOHN W. BROWN, JR., R. J. BURKE. WILLIAM R. CALVERA, JR., CARLOS CASADO, MARIO CLEMMONS, ALEXANDE CLEMMONS, JAMES A. CLAY, JR., R. T. CLOSE, ELMER G. COTTON, WILLIAM R. COTTONE, JOSEPH R. CRAWFORD, JOHN H. CURETOUCH, THOMAS DARBY, JOHN F. DAVILA, ALVARO J. DOSS. EUGENE DOSBER, ERNEST S. DUNAWAY, JR., JAMES RH. L. DUNCAN, DAN FOWLER, JOHN F. FLYE. ORLANDO FORTNER, EUGENE M. FRIEDMANN, JR., WALTER J. GARRETT, WILEY C. GEST, ROBERT N. GIGLIO, JR., VINCENT GLISSON, JAMES B. GREATHOUSE. JR.. BRADY "B" GRIFFIS, RALEIGH S. HAAS, WILLIAM S. HANEY, RUSSELL E. HARDMAN, L. E. HARGRAVE, JOHN R. HARGRAVE, ROBERT H. HARLEY, RICHARD C. HARRELL, A. L. HARRELL, M. L. HAYNSWORTH, HARRY J. HEATHERINGTON, NORM HENDERSON, HAROLD E. HERNDON. MARVIN H. HERRING, KENNETH HOOTEN, C. L. HUSSEIN. M. FARID H. JACKSON JAMES A. JAMES. GEORGE C. JOHNSON. SANDY JONES, LAMAR AN E. Page I96 JONES. RALPH F. KIRTON, TERRY KLOEPPEL, WILLIAM E. KNAPP, DOUGLAS M. KULWICH, ROMAN LAURENT. KENNETH LEIBOVIT, ARTHUR E. LOGAN, RALPH W. LOVE, SAMUEL B. MANN, EDWARD L. McKAY, M. J. McNAMEE, JAMES M. MELVIN, HERMAND D. METZGER. NEWTON M. MIDYETTE, PAYNE H. MILLER, CHARLES W. MINEAR, JUDSON MOORE, GEORGE G. MOORE, THOMAS A. MOORE, WILLIAM E. MURARO, LOUIS J. MURRAY, DAYTON J. MURRELL, EUGENE S. NAYPAL. R. L. NEEL. WILLIAM W. NEI SON, CARL R. OGLESBY. RAYMOND P. OZAKI. CHARLES T. PAI MER, CHARLES M. PHELPS. CLYDE P. PINNER. WILLIAM J. PUGH, VERBON POE, LESLIE N. REY, CHARLES R. REYNOLDS, THOMAS F. RIVERS, MARTIN ROBINSON, RICHARD R. ROGERS, CLARENCE J. ROTHWELL, DONALD F. ROWAN, EDSEL W. RUSSELL, OVIS STANLEY SENTERFITT, JAMES H. SHARP, WILLIAM J. SMITH, LEONARD C. SMITH, WILLIAM H. SNIVELY, HARVEY B. SUDIA, WILLIAM D. SUMNER. JAMES L. TOMLINSON, EARL L. TOWNSEND. KENNETH G WAPRINGTON, JOHN E. WHITMORE, THEODORE E WHITTON, FRANK F. WILCOX, NORMAN WINTON. JAMES WOOD, H. DEAVER WOODWARD, WILI.IAM D WYLES. W. EUGENE ZORN, WILLIAM C. Americcln Society of Agricultural Engineers Fronf row, leff fo righf: Professor Choafs, Professor Myers, Ralph Lamberf, Professor Skinner, and Professor Rogers, Head of Agriculfural Engineering Deparfmenf. Second row, leff fo righf: Carlos Cabrera, C. J. Rogers, Aubrey L. l'larroll, Brady Greafhouse, and Beniamin Wiggins. Third row, leff fo righf: Harold F. Wallace, James E. Alred, Charles W. Sfeele, Mclnfosh, Carlisle, Dufch DeHaan, Waller Friedman, and Nick Kormanlk. Fourfh row, leff fo righf: Lanfis Sfrickland, Tom Jones, Don Voorhis, Orlando Flye. and Royal Sfulfs. Fiffh row, leff 'lo righf: Cecil Skipper, Harris Rakesfraw, Bill Rose, Jim Connell, Mario Casado, and Charles Davis. Members nof picfured: Joseph J. Brown, Thomas E. Hancock, Allen R. Hufchinson, Hunfer Kelly. George G. Moore, De Vere Rilchie, and Jack W. Whifney. OFFICERS Presidenf .,...... Vice-Presidenf .... Secrefary ..... Treasurer. . . Reporfer .... The Sfudenf Branch of fhe American Sociefy of Agri- culfural Engineers was organized on fhis campus during fhe second semesfer of fhe I940-4l school year, under fhe supervision of Professor Frazier Rogers, Head of fhe Agriculfural Engineering Deparfmenf. Professor Rogers has faken an acfive parf in fhe A.S.A.E. for many years, and has confribufed much fo fhis nafional organizafion. The purpose of fhe organizafion is fo keep ifs members, as well as ofhers who are inferesfed, posfed on currenf . . .Ralph C. Lamberf . . .Aubrey L. Harrell . . .Brady B. Greafhouse . . , . .William N. Rose . . . .Royal W. Sfulfz. fopics and problems fhaf face fhe engineer in fhe field of agriculfure. lf is also designed fo supply freshmen and sophomores in fhis field wifh informafion fhaf will help fhem pursue fheir courses more infelligenfly. The Sociefy meefs fwice monfhly, and occasionally invifes speakers of sfafe and nafional prominence fo lecfure on currenf problems and work fhaf is being done. The scope of nhis organizafion is nof purely academic, buf social as we . Page 197 Alpha ELMER CLOSE RICHARD M. PATTERSON Chronicler Scribe GEORGE A. HINDERY FRANCIS N. KONDO Chancellor Treasurer EARLE UZELL, Censor. lnot picturedl READING DOWN: Alford, Barney M.: Cammaclc, Elbert: Diamond, Wallrer J.: , Hoover, Maurice W.: Hunt, Paul: Leibo- vit, Arthur. , ll -' " ry-Mg READING DOWN: Preston, F. A.: Rice. Edwin R.: Scudcler. K. T.: Swanson, Hen- ry F.: Prevaff, Rubert, W.: Thompson. I J. C. .f -W Z if 31 A ids! .ki-if 1+ ii . Q-3.1.-'2'-'-.f --: ....::"..-:lf-.Q-.3319 j tr" iii-'-1-lgj-. ' "'f-it? N..-M' 1 7 f ll ll Z Grennel, Myron: Hopper, Howard Alpha Zeta was founded at Ohio State University in 1897, as an hon- orary agricultural fraternity. Its object was and is, to promote the profession of agriculture, to estab- lish, foster and develop high stand- ards of scholarship, leadership and a spirit of fellowship among its members. The Florida chapter was established in May, 1922. Mem- bers of Alpha Zeta are selected on three-fold basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Page 198 Not pictured: Altman, Robert M.: Barker, Quintas H.: Be- low, Charles C.: DeHaan, Jacob D.: Gholson, Angus K.: Noles, Samuel O.: Ozaki, Henry Y.: Parvin, Fayette W.: Platt, Donald A.: Powell, Levi A.: Strenholm, Frank A.: Thomp- son, Harold F.: Hibbs, Robert: Witter, William G. W.: McClure, Morris M.: Alpha Zeta seeks to serve as well as honor and its members are leaders in practically all the activities in the College of Agriculture. The organization aids deserving stu- dents in securing scholarship and assists other organizations in carrying out worthwhile agricultural projects. The major projects of this year are an Ag Fair and publishing a record of events of the College of Agriculture. BLOCK AND BRIDLE I Firsl row, lefl lo righl: J. L. Simmons, Pele Clemons, John Warringlon, Jr., Hugh Barringion, Howard H. Hopper, Joy Bulls. and Lu+her Harrel. Second row, lefl 'lo righi: William Scruggs, Thomas Haselfon, Horace Lasaler, Charles L. Anderson, Richard Harley, Charles Hasseler, Marlin G. Woodward, Roman Kulwich, and Howard Taylor. Third row, lefl' fo righf: Hank Hendrie, E. W. Rowan, Carey A. Robbins, Herschel Roberls, Jr., and Richard Pallerson Fourlh row, le'f'l' lo righi: John Black, James NeSmi+h, Earl A. Tomlinson, and John M. Bailey. Fif+h row, leil' +o righl: William Lee, Charles l. Musgrove, Wallace McCormick, and Eugene Doss. Sixlh row, lell fo righ'l: William Kowalski, Joseph Howland, Harry M. Adkinson and Richard Prange. Sevenlh row, lei? lo righf: R. W. Sexlon. Thomas Clay, James R. Duzlley, Joseph Carfer, and Edwin Rice. Members noi piclured: Kennelh Pailerson, Eugene M. Forfner, Eugene Badger, Elberl Cammack, E. D. Tvner, Judson Minear, Verbon Pugh, Buck McClain, Herberl Chapman, Richard W. Hunl, Roberl S. Smilh, Frank Williamson, Jr., J. W. Slroud, J. W. Bass, J. L. Sumner, William C. Champion, Jr., and Cobia Sheffield. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .............. Howard H. Hopper TREASURER.. .. ..., Kennelh Paherson VICE-PRESIDENT ........, Charles L. Anderson REPORTER ,.... ,.... J udson Minear SECRETARY ,....... ........ E ugene Badger MARSHALL ..... ..... E ugene Forlner promole a higher scholaslic slanding and slandard among s+uden+s of animal husbandry. To legmes and universilies. To bring aboul' a closer relalionship berween sludenls, iacully and of ers engaged in animal husbandry." Known as 'rhe Toreador Club of The Universify of Florida unlil i+ aflilialed wilh lhe Na+ional promole animal husbandry, especially all phases of sludenf animal husbandry work, In col- . proiecls splendidly. The Club has grown conslanlly and now boas+s a membership oi over 30 sludenls. Block and Bridle Club on November 29, I937, 'lhis organizalion has carried oul i+s aims and . Each year 'lhe Block and Bridle Club sponsors and parlicipales in lhese enlerprises here on lhe campus: The LiH'le lnlernalional Liveslock Show and Rodeo, The Florida Baby Chuck and Egg Show, and a Lives+oclc Judging Team. The Florida Chapler of 'lhe Nafional Block and Bridle Club has lhree m.ain obieciives: "To I Page 199 FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA 'l Firs-i row, lef-i 'ro righh W. T. Lofien, John Fowler. J. L. Dunaway, A. R. Marsh, J. T. Barnes, S. B. Love, W. H. Smi+h, R. C. Bishop, and E. N. Higgins. Second row, leff +o righ+: C. T. Sourhall, Lee Bourquardez, L. E. Siriclrland, R. S. Griffis, Eugene Doss, T. A. Moore, Don Vandergrifr, D. C. Hursi, and D. M. Bishop. Third row, leH +o right G. O. Lasiinger, T. C. Campbell, J. L. Simmons, Verbon Pugh, W. C. Garreii, W. E. Moore, H. N. Ivey, D. L. Wilson, D. A. Sforms, and R. L. Hea+h. Fourih row, lefi +o righrz W. J. Sharpe, J. C. Smirh, J. O. Ellis, S. B. Simmons, L. J. Daigle, L. W. Harrell, J. L. Sumner, N. L. Srorms, and Franlz Whi'Hon. Fifrh row, leff 'io righrz W. E. Kloeppel, Leon Campbell, Lansing Gordon, W. E. Priesi, W. L. Kilpafriclr, Louis Muraro, J. F. McCall, and R. H. Hargrave. , Members noi picfuredz Dr. E. W. Garris, Eugene Badger, O. A. Barlcer, Willard Bush, Alvin Davis, Euqene Foriner, C. D. Geiger, Myron Grennell. Sandy Johnson, Terry Kirion, M. H. Marlin, R. W. McLeod, J. H. Senierfiff, M. H. Sharpe, C. A. Sfriclcland, W. R. Tolar, D. E. Treadwell, W. W. Weaihers, W. C. Wes+. S. S. Coversron, A. N. Minor, Lloyd Sralvey, H. D. Melvin, H. J. Haynswor+h, E. G. Diamond, Maurice Hoover, Fred Johnson, T. F. Reynolds.. and Fred Shaw. OFFICERS --'L -my ., FALL 'fnigwm fb sPRlNe A. Ray Marsh ..,........... ...... P resideni ggjlzaf ulx John T. Barnes ........................ Presideni James L. Dunaway ...... Vice-Presideni 'i 'c,BT1O4, Z' X Samuel B. Love ...... Vice-Presideni John Fowler ..... .... S ecreiary QA?,h '4f :vf'? William H. Smifh ..... .... S ecreiary Willard Bush ..... .... T reasurer K 3 ' , Rex C. Bishop ..... .... T reasurer W. L. Rebon ...... .... R eporier i, ' , i ' , E. Noel Higgins ...,... ..... R eporfer C. T. Soufhall .... ..... S eniinel 041 49 -5 ' Desmond M. Bishop .... ..... S enfinel NN L,CuL D X li i .JL JXf7T FACULTY ADVISORS: Dr. E. W. Garris, and Professor W. T. Lofien The chief obiec'l'ive of mainiaining 'ihe Collegiaie Chapier, F.F.A., is 'io provide opporiuniiies for Agriculiural Educa- iion sfudenis io secure rraining experiences in order ihai' ihey may become more compereni advisors of High School Chapiers. To ihai end, +he program is designed io be insiruciive 'Firsi', and o'I'her values, such as social, have had a secondary place. Page 200 Floricla's large foresf area of fwenfy-fwo mil- lion acres offers a challenge which we accepf -fo esfablish and develop professional frain- ing in foresfry and game managemenf in order fo preserve fhis herifage for posferify. This requires fhe dedicafion of all efforfs foward fhe conservafion of fhese nafural resources which, fhough mosf abundanf, are pififully neglecfed. 'gfii' Y Visj'j,,4f ' llnry. , rg, N41 f - ' .- 5-4, I u ,, QLIQ Q! P 1 gi H. S. Newins. Direcfor, School of Foresfry CHOCI. OF FORESTRY Seafed, leff fo righf: Charles G. Gelfz, M.S.F.: H. S. Newins, M.F.g and E. A. Ziegler, Sc.D. Sfanding, leff fo righf: K. R. Swinford, B.S.F.g P. W. Frazer, Sc.D.: C. Edward Carlson, B.S.F.: George F. Weber, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.: and James W. Miller, B.S.F. Page 201 V 1 .v, c' e ,fi ff'fWw"w:f'""s.1,ff" wx J.. Ya. ,,'.:fmp..pI6Vi- 1g',33l?:Q...,,. .,.'....x:4,' up ljgrl, 3,114 251 I f,,, ,.A . f ' I I l f JN, .. , . W .K vi 21. W. 79 ,,.I- a- H JK., V ml I r Lil ,vs , ,,,,a QU. .,,w,,.s .f xv f ' . 4 I J awry. . QQ f . ifW0f ' I 115 142.4-. Q. ,I at'ix53i.p35e. .. f,fL.gj'.wm.2fF6i,. 'sg f . ',,,,Lf,gszf'1 if ? .KW g'iai2gffI'wz:f,' W " "f1fW5rw 1 1v1iw.'v1 5-wlfw' 'fSJ'1l1'-.v uw Ulf f'1,.? '-Q76 ',':'?'iVQ -1' .V V4 f f 'X' ilififiw arm' ..,..'pa..y.'. ,.: I '.'.xT21f1 gy ,..- :rf-no I, , H ,,..... ,W V. ?fi31i-zvff ' 1' J, 'JI Wf'P"L'.l mi. 4. '.?J'P3.:'..Iif ,,cgwf'5 15.1 ,. I .aff ..-.nk .L ,hga ,, ,gp g,.4.,1.-...W,,g',,.,4.,1 ww f.s""'s'i'3 'WS .ma :g'v.,n1 :,, ,V ,,.3.W,L,M:,'i,,,..', W1 Q H, 'A IL'.Q,q."-"Wil I .2 , f ' U' Lf'-fcfiil-43? I I CD ff. , 93.5 s, ph fe- , wg ifffw , Page 202 tltwixgni' A . ,A iq Jn l'?Bf?EWQ5YWJ awe.. mfg, Mug. ,V K.. .Y ' 1 I1 1. .f W by ,dr-ff.,,'Q'fg'p 4,5 wQiq+.ffI+3rnan "f1.,.42m,QMfugIf',PE..I- 55. ,Jr .1 uw? 4 .w ,fllrfa " fl I iwwwg 1 '5,,a3.,fq 5. ,ff ' , Q .til-WY"1'5 ' E.. .W ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-CENTER: - BARNETT. Harold V., SI. Pelersburg . . . EMIG, Elmer B., McCLURE, Morris W., FI. Lauderdale . . . MOYER, Harry Gainesville . . . ENTZMINGER, Percy R., Orlando . . . R., FI. Whiie . . . PARNELLE, Roberl E., Jr., Ocala . . GOODWIN, James C., Gainesville . . . JUSKIEWICZ, Ben. PEEPLES, Henry C., Tavares . . . PERRYMAN, John D., Le Gainesville. canio. ABOVE-BOTTOM: POWELL. Levi A., Pineffa . . . SCUDDER, Kenneflw T., San Anronio . . . SLANKAUCKAS, An+I1ony F., Verona, N. J. . . . SMITH, Edwin H., Reddiclc . . . VETTER, Emerson W.. New Brunswiclr, N. J. BELOW-TOP: BROWN, Challcer W., Lalte Cify . . . CLOSE, Boyd W. Moore Haven . . . COX, Gene T., Lake Cily . . . FISHER Gusfaf W., Pierson. BELOW-BOTTOM: JACKSON, Wm. A., Sou+h Dayfona . . . NICHOLSON James D., Havana . . . OLIVER, Wm. F., Jr., Baldwin . . RICE, Waller D., S+. Peforsburg . . . TURNER, Clarence L. Marianna. FCRESTRY CLUB OFFICERS f FALL SPRING Morris W. McClure ................. Presidonf J. E. Dickinson ..................... Presideni' Angus K. Gholson .,,.. ...,... V ice-Presidenf Harold M. Phillips .............. Vice-Presidenf Henry C. Peeples. .. ..... Secrefary-Treasurer Edwin Howard ..... ..... S ecrefary-Treasurer Douglas F. Horan. ..... Reporfer M. H. Sheppard .... ......... R eporfer Q.. l I Y l . I l 1-UNK DAB." . ll E Firsf row: Peeples, H. C.: Schaffner, J. F.: Veffer, W. T.: Slancauckas. A. F.: Moses, F. H.: Herndon, T. G.: Dowling, B. J.: Mingledorf, H. C. Second row: Parker, R. E.: Gerber, J. E.: Moyer, H. R.: Sparkman, W. L.: Van Cleef, E. G.: Sfokes, R. A.: Smifh, E. H.: Close, B.: Rice, W. D. Third row: Jackson, W. A.: Nicholson. J. D.: Hoisingfon, R. E.: Scruggs. J. D.: Wenfworfh, W. E.: Sheppard, M. H.: Fisher, G. W.: McCar+y, W. A.: Jarvis, W. T. Fourfh row: Professor J. W. Miller: Dickinson, J. E.: Dodson, R. K.: Goodwin, J. C.: Turner, C. L.: Parnelle, R. E.: Horan, D. F.: Nordman, L, H. 'E 'Q l l I D Firsf row: Scudder, K. T.: Campbell, E. R.: Juskiewicz, B.: Oliver, W. F.: Hardee, J. L.: Connell, T. L.: Mikell, H. K.: Moses, P. J.: Brown, C. W. Second row: Professor C. G. Gelh: Powell, L. A.: Birchfield, W.: Carlson, N. A.: Gilmore, A. R.: Philips, H. M.: Gholson, A. K., Jr.: Perry- man, J. D.: Bumgarner, H. D. Third row: Walker, G. B.: Lewis, D. J.: Thompson, J. B.: Turner, L. H.: Breff, F.: Bulbin, J. S.: Hudson, J.: Anderson, R. A.: Bremer, R. H.: Allen, H. W.: Schlufer, E. A. Z0ULfh'gow: Professor K. R. Swinford: Sfanberry, F. Collins, E. H.: Hall, S. J., Jr.: Veffer, E. W.: Harris, G. M.: Wheeler, D. E.: God- er . . E. Page 203 1' A vf ,Q V -'R' 15 3' . MQW: -w-. 'fs -Q . M lx 1 ,I 6. fl: ' THQ V' X -1 1- 'f, r', J. K W, 5 ' lf ' x '- ' , "' " ' -My . .... . v . . '.gr-1-- ' -fr-,".Vff:."M J ... f ' 'wx ...:i'f,-MM gl w.,,z7f 5,1 , --'Q W W A Q A 'ww A.r:',mk2.,x W g..5...'- 5 :Xl J3,5,. nb , J x x ,L- Jgzawg,-:. V- - ' 1-Sie f 13 . W NL' ,n- ,7Qq,fQ,." .Q W .W wr. W, .. n.. L ' a F -1 1 . PM sf 'vm 1 ,kim mw.,,,, M ,J ' x .a,,,,, The demands for educalion have increased enormously during 'Phe posfwar period. The College of Educaiion lis meeling lhis chal- lenge by expanding i+s services +o include pro- grams of sfudy for leachers in all levels of our educalional syslem, by conduc+ing educa- 'lional research, by demonslraling advanced educalional procedures. in ils laboralory school, and by providing exlensive research, field. and consullalive services. G. Ballard Simmons. Dean, College of Educalion QF DUCATION Lell lo righl: Harvey K. Meyer, M.A.: E. W. Garris, Ph.D., Sc.D.: J. W. Norman, Ph.D.: Charles R Fosler, A.B., Ed.D., Ed.M.: R. L. Johns. Ph.D.g G. Ballard Simmons. Ph.D.g Kennelh P. Kidd, M.A. Ph.D.. A.B.: Hal G. Lewis, M.A.E.: H. E. Nuller, M.A.g Roberl O. Slripling, M.A.E.: A. R. Mead Ph.D., Ed.D.: and John H. Moorman, M.A.E. BILDERBECK Lorena Gainesville BISHOP Waller L Greenville . . BOLTON Mary A Quincy BRYCE Anna L., Bryce vs e BUCKNER Mlldred N Dayfona Beach . . . BUT- ABOVE-TOP: JOHNSON, Roberf N., Jacksonville . . . KARAPHILLIS, George T., Tarpon Springs . . . KEEL, Allen T., Gainesville. li J, ABOVE-BOTTOM: I .- -ff' N R A 'Ti , Q , :uve-'f ' KlLPATRncuc, wenaen L., Jay... KLIPPLE, John s., s+. H' 'jx Petersburg. - WHAT? NO PIG--SKIN? BELOW--TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: KOON, Donald K., Mayo . . . LAMB, Phillip L., Miami . . MCINTYRE, Daniel E., Brooksville . . . MENGE, Vernon C., LAND, Willa F., Millon . . . LAND, William R., Milfon . . . Jacksonville . . . METHVIN, Gregory W., Cross Cify . . LEGATE, David V., Si. Pelersburg . . . LORENZ, William MYERS, Herman O., Benson Junclion . . . ODHAM, Mar- H.. Minneola . . . MAYSE, Kenfon C., Gainesville. shall G., Sanford . . . PETERS, Thomas J., Miami . . PLUMMER, Dale C., Milford, Ill. -I in ,S Ei , .. ,- e.'l I v, I CD -1. 1 ,1. ,,u:.- .- . - I. '.i.-- '.f ' 1 P096 203 W5 1,50 'Y .fi , f W' .ml ' .WJ ',. v I' , ,"'f'... f.-'yi Q , , K. A,,,5,f.L.:q:,5.' , Q4 .ff-fm, -1 M r . H .-- -5.-, IIA... s y .M 1"-2 , ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: PROCTOR, Hazel K., Jaclcsonville . . . REDDICK, Dalion, SWINDLE. Fulda C., FI. Lauderdale . . . TAYLOR, Earle A Willision . . . REYNOLDS, Thomas F., Pensacola . . . Jr.. Gainesville . . . UTSEY, Bernice C., Gainesville . . RUMPH, Leo J.. High Springs . . . SCOTT, Thos. M., Man- VARN, Thomas L., Broolrsville . . . WHEELER, Kilfy L darin . . . SMITH, Pauleene. Fl. Lauderdale. Miami . . . WILLIAMS, Edward A., Jr., Bonifay. BELOW-TOP: AGRESS, Shirley, Daytona Beach . . . ANDERSON, Marion Y., Gainesville . . . BARBER, Annella J., Cross Cify . . . BARNES, Ross E., Jaclcsonville. BELOW-BOTTOM: BEASLEY, Harry H., Sanford . . . BELDEN, Douglas R.. Tampa . . . BISHOP, Donald D., DeFuniaIr Springs . . . CALES, Roy T., Bushnell. I1 f: iLlaawn111la.r.PJ.r1 IL'-1. C ABOVE-TOP: CASEY. Thomas L.. Auburndale . . . CHASTAIN. Frederick O., Palafka . . . COBB. William H., Wesf Palm Beach. ABOVE-BOTTOM: GUY, Herberi S., Jr., Vero Beach . . . HALL. Wm. E., Tampa . . . I I A , 'Q . 6, . I I A K l . l x .'1.l, 2 HARRELL, Larue W., Lakeland. SOMEBODY'S BOUND TO LOSE. BELOW-TOP: BELOW-BOTTOM: HARRISON, Thomas F., Fi. Pierce . . . KING, Leon A.. SHEFFIELD, John M., Ocala . . . SILBERSTEIN, Sam L.. Tampa . . . MCCALL. Walier F., Fernandina . . . MINER. Jacksonville . . . SMITH, Wm. H., Madison . . . WALKER. Duane A.. Miami . . . POWELL, Caleb A., Jr., Gainesville William R.. Jacksonville . . . WARNER, Dale A., Miami . . . . . . PYLE, Gordon B., Hollywood . . . REYNOLDS, John WEINSTEIN, Naomie S.. Jacksonville . . . WEST, George M., Cresceni' Ciiy. D., Jacksonville. l,, 1 1 -1 . 'W7Z!"!!'1 J' 'N-4 ...M -1111. mm . I' -Q11 -31'f1""". Ff 1.. -1.1. axe... nn.. .,.. -..-..f. -0.1-1 1" ., , ...-... -1. V' 1 -1--....S.:. ui .rf 511 NM um-.1..11. 1, ., W K .,1.11.11 , nu v1 1 .:g, 7-,gf-11 - N ..." 1, r. vag- ' 1.1-11., - 1 1 -F 1 ' 'MP-mntfllm. U-. fx: .1 .. ,,, .14'- " . -vu 1.11 11... 1 N. ..,.,. .-1. -pn- 41- .1 -1.-111.-.1 . , - if .. 4111 .1 ., Q .411 un 1. G 11 s.. - Ji -.. I 1 YL11 ' .n gl lllllill XXI XXX Sl!! 11-1- -9"s1--1.,-..,., ,N ,uxt Q. 1 U' I 1 ,, - I . 1 X., K. U, ,S , 1 ' ,1 v 1 1 D, ,, 1 5 " 0 Q ., 1 1 ., . x v , ", J ,, 11W l . 1 1 1 .1 - .yi .1., X A 1 ' ' 1' ' 1. , ..... 'fl-n 1, U ' 1 -1 , . , A ' -- W ' Ay-'f ,Q 1 M gn w,,,uJAf ,11 .4 f, 1... J g X MM 1.11.11 A , . ,, 1 , . " vu., nv ' - 1 '--1-1.1 1 1 , 4 ' "-2' .. W g . 1 K , 1 0 . 11-11. 1 1 1 , I I M H -,-..,,,g 1 ., ,, , 1- qw:-0 . ..f '1 . 1 U-11.1, 1..JZ' l v i I -11 Z, 1 . . , - A A M. Q I A -1. t ' W K - -. .. :A F 11- . - .. . ,. I f x N x 11 , ' 1 ,, , h h . - 1 - If ,,, x 1 . , A 4 Y s -. X ll .1 , ' ' A M M 1 1 3 -1 Q N 1 -1 L N ' y 1 1 -1 H - l . A ,, ' 1 Bn. -I1 ,K -1 11 -M an 111, 1 - ,, 1.1 S 1 ' 1 1 5? A 1 J l Q' X 1 ,N 111- 1 1 " a l g v N K 'Q 1 4 ' 1. ' ' I - " f 1? ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' I 1 '- 11, 5 1 , 1 'M . 1 : A f 11 F 1 , 'I 1 . 1 M u , 1 4 1 ' 1 , 1 1. 1 r A ' lx' ll 1. 1 , ' m -1 111 Q 1 -11. 1 f 1 1 1 HAY' . H ft 1--'r Q? A." ww, , 1, . 1 14 bk 1- 1 3 1 1 X11 11'!- ....,'.15' .... 1' Q.-. 1.. 1. , 1. ,X ., ,J ,. . 1 , 1 .,. 0... ,H . H.. ,W-. . 1.-.1 ,M 1 -A.. , , ...,.. 1 ,,,. -.-. , ,. . -. -... 1, fi ei . ,. ,, 1-1 -,M nn' 11.11. , , 1..- ,. .-W - 1111... -1-fg ...H 1 ' villa! ' 119' 115544 ,111 M .- 'l"'t'4' IZA! .-., ..... ,.,.- ,.f -1-1 .M- unn-ll tlrl -Ml , .1..- --fw-, L..- ,,.,... ...- ..1 -m- , 51 . , B. 1 ,1 -1. 1 .11 1 . 1 " . B, 4-L., ' 11 -I 1... 1 D 11,.., ,1 . 1 .K 1 .A ' . ,UN x . ., 1-1. 111.11., - 1111.1 . 11 1.11 ,',"-' 1 24 L- :Ji-K 7 1... 1 .11 1.11 . A' V . 11-1 , 4 8. 1.11. 11. :. - 1 1, , 1 'ami 1 . . -111 ,1 .1 11 n vu 111-.4 VS , The Universi+y's youngesl' College was es'l'ab- K r A, F91 lished in fhe spring of I946. Serving all slu- ' R denis of fhe Universiiy, i+s four deparimenis ' f of Sludeni' Healfh, Professional Curriculum, M Required Physical Educaiion, lniramurals, and - Recreaiion, and ln+ercollegia'I'e Aihlelics, i'l's four curricula lead 'lo lhe degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Educaiion and Healih. I+ is designed 'ro prepare graduaies 'For ser- . vice in such fields as leaching, afhleiic coach- ing, and supervisory or adminislrafive posi +ions in schools and colleges. Dennis K. Slanley, Dean, College of Physical Educaiion, Healfh and Afhlelic College ol Play ical Educaiio H alll: and Athletic Lefl fo righh Joe Sherman, B.S.: Herman Schnell, M.A.: Dr. Embree R. Rose. M.D.g Dennis K. Sianley, M.A.E.: Raymond B. Wolf, B.S.: Dr. E. Benion Seli, Ed.D.g Spurgeon Cherry. M.A.: and Percy Beard, M.S. Page 211 Y A--"J, . , ., , ', M0-na f V- ,. . ff i 'mp-:A ez.. wgqgc-1-..,N,'Yw.w f -. f ,, . - ,Wim-. JE-rf U 19 w 34, fr' .NUQDB3 ,f ,, , , qrgggypsff ' g Y.,.- W .vyjwf ,--v in I'f, 5 ' r . . lf br. Jai.-'i., ,ln ' 'OP: BLOUNT, Ralph, Mari, Tex. . . . LETT, Sim L., Fl. Meade . . . MUNDELL, Charles E., Jr., Arcadia . . . RICHARDS, Huberl E., Chipley. 2nd Rowl COOPER, Reece D., Lalueland . . . DORSETT, Hugh J., Branford . . . HARGROVE, Joe W., Chipley. ' mr yg, , . - ,,,,,f.:, - ' Ml.. . Q. ,. , - ,aw f. V . 47 4 ,, U , UU' L. .- L'f,f,. 'U MALONEY, Edward L., Charleston, W. Va . . . JACOBS, Walter E., Miami . . . HARLAN, Wm. E., Gainesville. fh- Page 2l2 ig, fr--Qf "Nxt-L 0: .. Q . 4. N x I. SENIOR ACTIVITY ABELE, CHARLES ROBERT Miami Beach, 'Florida B. Architecture ' Sigmu Nu , Pres. Sigma Nu l'4I-2-6-7l, Member Athletic Council l'40-ll, Member L'Apache ABRAHAM, GEORGE FREDRICK Charleston, West Virginia B. S. Engineering ACREE, CLAUDE Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'47-Bl, Member Ben- ton Engineering Council l'42l, Member Cavaliers l'47-87, Member Gator Pep Club I'42l ADAMS, ALTO LEE Tallahassee, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega ADAMS, JOHN HENRY Delray Beach, Florida LLB Chi Phi Member Phi Alpha Delta V47-81, Flavet No. I Commissioner l'47J ADDINGTON, MAURICE HILLS Lakeland, Florida B. S. Business Administration AGERTON, EMORY PRESTON Panama City, Florida B. S. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-Bl ALEXANDER, WILLIAM DANIEL, JR. Nashville, Georgia B. S. Business Administration ALEXSUK, JERRY Brooksville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Omega Mu Delta ALFORD, BARNEY MILLEN, JR. Pensacola, Florida B. S. Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Member Pirates l'43-4-5-6-7-8l, Member Alpha Zeta l'47-83 ALLDERDICE, THOMAS G. Mandarin, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Member Sigma Tau l'47l, Member Executive Council l'47-8l, Pres. A.S.C.E. l'47l, V-Pres. Benton Engineering So- ciety l'46lg Member Benton Engineer- ing Council l'47l, Dean's List l'42-7l ALLEN, WILLIAM GEORGE Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Kappa Sigma Member Newman Club l'40lg Member Pep Club l'4llg Member Cavaliers l'42l ALLENDER, HOWARD FRANKLIN St. Petersburg, Florida B. Architecture Member Gargoyle l'46-7-81, Student Associate Florida North Chapter F.A.l.A. ALLENDER, VIRGINIA THOMPSON St. Petersburg, Florida B. A. Education ALLRED, STEPHEN F. St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering ALTMAN, ROBERT MORRIS Sopchoppy, Florida B. S. Agriculture ANDERSON, EDWARD WILLIAM Richmond Hill, New York B. S. Business Administration Secretary Gator Veterans l'47lg Stu- dent Assistant Housing Office l'45-61, Statistician General Extension Division l'47l, Commissioner Flavet No. 3 lSum- mer '47l ' ARMSTON, WILLIAM HARRY Dunedin, Florida B. S. Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon ARMSTRONG, JAMES EDWIN Bradenton, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega Member Thyrsus Club l'47-8l, Member Agriculture Club l'47-8l ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH LEWIS St. Augustine, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering ARONOVITZ, MARVIN W. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi Member Glee Club V43-6-7-Bl, Mem- ber Los Picaros V43-6-7-8lg Member Real Estate Club l'47-8lp Member Hillel l'43-6-7-Bl, Dean's List l'43l, Member A.V.C. l'46-71 AUTREY, FRANK EUGENE Miami, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Executive Council l'47-8lg Member A.I.E.E. I'47-81, Board of Di- rectors of Student Co-op l'47l BAGGOTT, WILLIAM DUNCAN Panama City, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Baptist Student Union Coun- cil l'42-3-6-7l BAILEY, JOHN MATTHEWS Sanibel, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Block and Bridle l'45-6-7l, Cross Country Team l'4S-6-73 BAKER, GROVER ELDRIDGE Miami, Florida B. A. Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Kappa Kappa Psi l'42-3-4-6- 7-8lg Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-8I, Member Episcopal Student Vestry U42- 3-4-6-7-8l, President Canterbury Club V46-7l, Member Band l'42-3-6-7-8l, Drum Major l'42-3-7-Bl, Assistant Business Manager Orchestra l'43-41, Member Young Democrats l'46-73 BALL, CHARLES FREDRICK Hollywood, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Pi Kappa Alpha Football l'45-6l, Member Florida Play- ers l'46-7lp Tennis l'46-7l BAMMESBERGER, KENNETH RICHARD Evanston, Illinois B. S. Business Administration BARKER, QUINTAS H. Vero Beach, Florida B. S. Agriculture BARNES, CHARLES MALONE Panama City, Florida B. S. Business Administration BARNETT, HAROLD VERNON St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Forestry Club I'45-6-7lg Slash Pine Cache l'46-71 BARNETT, JOE P. Brooksville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Phi Sigma l'47-8l, Member Thyrsus l'47-8l, Sec.-Treas. Brooks- ville Club l'47l BARNEY, JOHN M. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma Member A.l.E.E. l'46-7-83 BARNS, PAUL DRYDEN, JR. Tallahassee, Florida LLB Sigma Nu Member Phi Delta Phi l'46lp B. S. Washington and Lee University l'44l BARRY, DAVID E. Pensacola, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Kappa Sigma Member A.S.C.E., Member Benton En- gineering Council l'43lp Member Band l'4I-2-3ip Member Symphony Orchestra l'4l-2-3l, Member Kappa Kappa Psi Page 213 INDEX BARTON, WAYNE DOUGLAS Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.I.E.E. l'47-81, Intramurals l'47-8l BATEMAN, JACK HOWARD Mclntosh, Florida B. S. Agriculture BATES, HORACE GILBERT Orlando, Florida LLB Chi Phi Member Phi Delta Phi, Member Pi Gamma Mu, Member Cavaliers, Mem- ber John Marshall Bar Association, Member Young Democrats BELYEA, RICHARD Upper Darby, Pennsylvania B. S. Landscape Architecture BENFIELD, CHARLES WILLIAM Miami, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46-7-8l BENJAMIN, THEODORE SIMON Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Pi Lambda Phi Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46l, Mem- ber Alligator Staff l'43l BENNETT, ROBERT H., JR. Washington, D. C. B. S. Aeronautical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'47J, Member l.A.E. l'47l, Member Florida Players l'47l, Member Los Picaros l'42-Bl, Member Student Senate l'43l BENSON, MARVIN THOMAS Boynton Beach, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma Chairman Gator Party lSummer '47lp Member Phi Eta Sigma l'42l, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'4l-2-3-4-5-6-71, I.F.C. Representative lSummer '47Ig Member Adelphos l'47-8l, Junior I.F.C. Representative l'4I-2l BERGSTROM, GEORGE FENTON Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma BERKMAN, JASON M. Boston, Massachusetts LLB Tau Epsilon Phi Pres. Tau Epsilon Phi l'46l, I.F.C. Representative l'46l, Sec. Tau Epsilon Phi l'45l, Intercollegiate Billiard Team l'4l-6-73, Intramural Tennis Cham- pion l'4Il, John Marshall Bar Associa- tion l'46-7l, Dean's List I'4Il BERRY, CHARLES VARDAMAN Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi BERRY, JAMES JOSEPH Jacksonville, Florida B. Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Member Sigma Tau l'47-83, Pres. Sig- ma Tau l'48l, Member Scabbard and Blade l'47-85, A.I.E.E. l'47-81, Pres. A.l.E.E. l'48l, Member Benton Engi- neering Council I'48lg Member Newman Club l'43-4-7-81, Managing Editor Florida Alligator l'43l, Associate Editor Florida Alligator l'44l, Member Flor- ida Engineering Society l'48i, Sopho- more Group Leader l'43lp Advanced Military BETTMAN, HENRY ROBERT Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Scabbard and Blade l'47-8l, Member Leigh Chemical Society l'42- 3l, Advanced Military l'46-7-8l, Mem- ber Hillel l'46-7-81 BIGGERS, EDGAR W., JR. Sanford, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Phi Kappa Tau BILDERBECK, JAMES LIONEL Newberry, Florida B. A. Architecture Member Baptist Student Union Coun- cil l'46-73, Member Glee Club l'46-7l BILDERBECK, LORENE Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education BIRDSALL, ROBERT JACOB West Palm Beach, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Member A.S.C.E. Student Chapter l'46-7l BISHOP, WALTER L. Greenville, Florida I B. A. Education Business Manager Summer Gator ISum- mer '47J, Asst. Business Manager Sam- inole l'48I BLANTON, JOHN ROBINSON Miami, Florida LLB Member Phi Delta Phi l'47-83, Mem- ber John Marshall Bar Association l'47- 8l, Member Cavaliers l'47-87 BLOOMBERG, SOL Grant, Florida B. S. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi BLOUNT, RALPH Mart, Texas B. A. Physical Education BOLTON, MARY ANN Quincy, Florida B. A. Education BOND, WILLIAM Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'46-7-8l, Village Commissioner Flavet II l'47-81, Freshman Group Leader l'46J BONHAM, MARK M., JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Kappa Sigma Member Scabbard and Blade l'47-8I BOURDUARDEZ, LEE E. Bushnell, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club l'46I, Di- rector C.L.O. l'46-7l BOUTELLE, CHARLES MERRILL St. Paul, Minnesota B. S. Business Administration BOVIS, HENRY EUGENE Kissimmee, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Executive Council l'47l, Pres. Kappa Kappa Psi l'47l, Member Phi Eta Sigma, Band l'45-6-7-83, Member Orchestra l'45-63, Member Newman Club, Member Cavaliers, Dean's List l'46J BOWE, JAMES JOSEPH Orlando, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member Student Senate ISummer '44I, Member Board of Student Publications l'44l, Member Elections Committee l'44l, Alligator Staff l'44-5-6-71, Sec. Sigma Alpha Epsilon l'44l, Member Gator Pep Club l'44l, Sec.-Treas. Gator Party l'44l, Orange Peel l'47I, Orientation Group Leader l'47J BOYER, ROBERT A. Tampa, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Phi Eta Sigma BRADLEY, RAMON ALBERT Bradenton, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences BRAMMAR, SAMUEL NEILL St. Cloud, Florida B. S. Business Administration BRANNEN, GRADY Lake Butler, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Gator Veterans l'46-7-8l, Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-BI BRASHEAR, JOHN HIBBS Youngstown, Ohio B. S. Business Administration Delta Chi BRATZEL, ROBERT BRUCE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Member l.R.C. l'46l, Member Seminole Staff l'47l, Member Alligator Staff l'42l, Member Debate Club l'42l, Member Florida Players l'46l BREEN, FRANK HENRY, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-8l BREISCH, GEORGE Detroit, Michigan B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'47-81 BREWER, ALBERT MAX Titusville, Florida LLB Alpha Tau Omega Pres. Alpha Tau Omega l'46J, Co- Chairman Dixie Party l'46l, National Student Committeeman l'47-81, Pres. Young Democrats l'46-71, Member Phi Delta Phi l'46-7-8l, Member L'Apache l'42-6-7-8I, Pres. DeMoIay Club l'4ZJ, Ass't Business Manager Seminole l'42l, Florida Blue Key l'47-81 BRINSON, JOHN BRADFORD, JR. Monticello, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences BRODEUR, ROBERT ALEXANDER Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Newman Club l'46-7l BROOKS, ROBERT ORAN Mango, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Vice-Pres. Student Body l'47-8I, Mem- ber Executive Council l'46-7l, Mem- ber Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-8I, Co- Chairman Campus TB Drive l'46l, Co- Chairman Campus Red Cross Drive l'47J, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'47- 8J, Track Team l'45-6l, Member Cava- liers l'47-8I, Member Young Demo- crats l'47-8I, Member I.R.C. l'47I, Florida Union Staff l'45-6-7-83, Flor- ida Union Game Room Manager l'46- 7-8l, Tufts Scholarship, Hall of Fame l'47-8l, Florida Blue Key l'47-SI BROWER, HAROLD EUGENE St. Petersburg, Florida LLB Sigma Chi Member Cavaliers BROWN, HERBERT M. Clearwater, Florida LLB Member Phi Delta Phi, Member John Marshall Bar Association BROWN, IRA DON DeFuniak Springs, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Member Society for Advancement of Management l'46-7-81, Treas. I.F.C. ISummer '47l, I.F.C. Representative l'47-8l BROWN, JOHN MAYS Naranja, Florida B. S. Agriculture Delta Tau Delta Member Thyrsus l'46-7-8l BROWN, WILLIAM JOHN Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Gator Veterans l'46l, Sum- mer Gator l'46l BRUESTLE, CHARLES CLARK Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration BRYCE, ANNA LEE Bryceville, Florida B. A. Education Pi Beta Phi Q Page ZI4 BUCHMAN, PAUL S. Plant City, Florida LLB Pi Lambda Phi Co-Founder Adelphos Society l'46l, Sec. Adelphos Society l'46J, Pres. Adel- phos Society l'47l, Honor Court Justice ISummer '46-7, '47-81, Member Honor Court Board of Masters l'47-83, Sec. Young Democrats Club l'47I, Member Executive Committee Young Democrats Club l'48l, Committee of 67 l'47J, Member Debate Team General College l'46l, World Student Service Fund Com- mitteeman l'47l, Gator Party Nominat- ing Committee l'47l, Member Executive Committee l'47-8l, Member John Mar- shall Bar Ass'n l'46-7-8l, Member Cavaliers, Member Gator Veterans, Pres. Plant City Club l'46-7I BUCKNER, MILDRED NIX Daytona Beach, Florida B. A. Education Transferred from Rollins College BURNETT, JOSEPH ARTHUR Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta BURNETTE, CARROLL FRIAR Jasper, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-87, Member Glee Club l'45-61, Member Baptist Student Union Council l'46- 7-8l BURR, DAVID MARVIN Mt. Dora, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Chi BURRIS, JOSEPH EDWARD Lutz, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi Dean's List l'46l, Member A.I.E.E. Club l'47-83, Newman Club l'46-7-8l BURTON, CHARLES C., JR. Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Beta Alpha Psi l'46-77, Mem- ber Alpha Kappa Psi V45-6-73 BUSH, WILLARD N. Graceville, Florida B. S. Agriculture BUSSELL, WILLIAM HARRISON, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'47-8l BUTLER, DANIEL ROBERT, JR. Largo, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Phi Sigma BUTLER, JEANNE ELIZABETH Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Member Orchestra l'46-7l, Transfer Penn. State l'43-63 CABOT, CORNELIUS LINWOOD Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LLB Varsity Baseball l'42l, Member Phi Delta Phi l'47-82, Member John Mar- shall Bar Association CAMMACK, ELBERT Lutz, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Alpha Zeta l'47l, Member Phi Sigma l'47J, Member Block and Bridle Club l'46-73, Member Tech. Club l'46-7l CAMMACK, MARGARET COX Lutz, Florida B. A. Education Member Kappa Delta Pi l'47l CAMP, THEODORE KELLOGG Ormond Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi Member lnterfraternity Conference l'45-6-7-81, Member L'Apache l'45- 6-7-8l, Member Honor Court l'45l, Member Band l'4l-Zi, Member Social Affairs Committee l'45-63 CAMPBELL, AUSTIN F. Tallahassee, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Member A.S.C.E. CAMPBELL, LEON Darlington, Florida B. S. Agriculture CAMPBELL, RAYMOND E. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Florida Union Staff l'43-6-7l, Member Agriculture Club l'47l CAMPBELL, T. C. Darlington, Florida B. S. Agriculture CANNON, WILLIAM O. Tallahassee, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Member A.S.M.E. CAREY, DONALD FRANK Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Sigma Tau l'47-8l CAREY, TEXANNA MANNING Miami Beach, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences CARLILE, LAYMON ESTERIDGE Tallahassee, Florida B. S. Architecture CARLSON, HERBERT CARL EINAR Riviera Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration CARLTON, ROBERT H. Tampa, Florida LLB Phi Epsilon Kappa Member Phi Delta Phi l'46-7-8l CARRICO, ARNOLD JAMES Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Member Sigma Tau l'47-8l, Member A.I.C.E., Member American Chemical Society, Dean's List l'43-4-73, Honor Student Engineering College l'47-8l CARTER, MAURICE VERNON Lakeland, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Member A.I.E.E. CARTER, ROBERT DANIEL Gainesville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Presbyterian Student Session, Member American Chemical Society l'46-7-83 CASADO, MARIO Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela B. S. Agriculture Member Los Picaros l'45-6-7-81 CHABOT, FERDINAND EUGENE Haverhill, Massachusetts B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.l.E.E. CHAPMAN, HERBERT LEE, JR. Tarpon Springs, Florida B. S. Agriculture Dean's List l'46-79, Member Block and Bridle Club l'46-7l, Member Ne- well Entomological Society l'46-73, A.A.B. Executive Council Commissioner lSummer '47, '47-81, Trailer-Vet II Commissioner l'47-8l CHAPMAN, ROBERT PHILIP Leesburg, Florida B. S. Education CHARLES, HOYT Tampa, Florida B. S. Agriculture CHEANEY, PHILIP N. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LLB Chi Phi I.F.C. l'45-67, Member John Marshall Bar Association, Member White Friars CHEEK, THOMAS COMER Cross City, Florida CHILDS, ROBERT ROSCOE Tampa, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Member Sigma Tau l'47l, Member A.l.C.E. l'46l CISSEL, ROBERT W. St. Cloud, Florida B. S. Business Administration CLARKE, GERALD M., JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Florida Alligator l'46-7-8l, Summer Gator l'47l CLARKE, ROBERT FRANCIS Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Education . CLEMENTS, RALPH MARCUS Sebring, Florida LLB Theta Chi Member John Marshall Bar Association l'43-8l, B. A. Florida Southern Col- lege l'43l CLEMENTS, WALTER EUGENE Sebring, Florida LLB Theta Chi Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7-8l, Member Phi Delta Phi l'47- 8l, B. S. Florida Southern College l'46l CLEMENZI, ROBERT LOUIS Ft. Pierce, Florida B. S. Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Newman Club l'46-7-81 CLEMMONS, ALEXANDER H. Chipley, Florida B. S. Agriculture Phi Kappa Tau CLOSE, ELMER GEORGE Moore Haven, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Alpha Zeta, Member Agricul- ture Club COCHLEY, HERBERT LIGHT Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Phi Kappa Tau Cheerleader l'46-7l, Member A.S.A.E. l'46-7-8l, Member Agriculture Club l'46-7-8l COLLEY, SHIRLEY RAE Starke, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Sigma Delta Pi l'47l, Member Los Picaros l'47l COLLINS, DONALD EUGENE Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Football l'4l-2l, Member Baptist Stu- dent Union COLLINS, J. ERNEST Perry, Florida LLB Sec-Treas. Freshman Law Class l'42- 3l, Member Kappa Kappa Psi l'43l, Treas. Phi Alpha Delta l'47l COOK, FREDERICKA E. Tallahassee, Florizla LLB Member Phi Delta Phi, High Priestess Phi Delta Phi l'47-81, Member Execu- tive Council John Marshall Bar Associa- tion l'47-81, Membership Committee Chairman John Marshall Bar- Associa- tion l'48l COOKSEY, DOUGLAS L. Monticello, Florida B. S. Architecture COOPER, ALBERT MARTIN Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha COOPER, JAMES LAGETTE Orlando, Florida COOPER, REECE ,DANIEL Lakeland, Florida B. A. Physical Education Member Varsity Team l'40-7-81, ln- tramural Tennis Manager lSummer '47l, Member Future Teachers of America l'47-8I COSTIN, CECIL GUERRY Port St. Joe, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Phi Member Delta Theta Phi l'47l, Member L'Apache l'42-3-4-5-6-7l, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7l COTTEN, HILTON I., JR. McComb, Mississippi B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Co-operative Living Organiza- tion, Member American Chemical So- ciety, Member Newman Club COUNCIL, CHARLIE THOMAS Palmetto, Florida B. A. Education Member Kappa Delta Pi l'47l CRAFT, CHESTER LEE Coral Gables, Florida B. S. Architecture Beta Theta Pi Member Executive Council l'47-81, Pres. Gargoyle lSummer '47l CRAWFORD, JOHN H. Haines City, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club l'47-81 CREWS, WALTER LEE Orlando, Florida B. S. Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Varsity Tennis l'42l, Member L'Apache CROLEY, RANDAL DECOVAN Panama City, Florida B. A. Education Basketball Team l'46-73 CROMWELL, ROBERT F. Gainesville, Florida LLB Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pres. Junior Law Class l'46I, Member "F" Club, Member Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity CROWN, HARRY VICTOR Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta Summer Gator l'47l CRUMLEY, ROBERT JAMES Sanford, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Lambda Chi Alpha DANIEL, CHARLES LESLIE, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'47-8l DANIEL, ROBERT CARLTON Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member International Relations Club, Member Debate Society, Member Y. M. C. A., Member Baptist Student Union, Monitor DANCY, FRANCIS LITTLEBURY Wabasso, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Adelphos l'47-Sl, Member Agriculture Club l'46-7-Bl DARBY, JOHN F. Avon Park, Florida B. S. Agriculture DATZ, ALBERT JACK Miami, Florida LLB Pi Lambda Phi Member Phi Alpha Delta l'47l DAVENPORT, WILLIAM RANDOLPH Pensacola, Florida LLB Member Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity B, 5, pharmacy B. S. Pharmacy l'47-8l, Member John Marshall Bar Member Mortar and Pestle 'Member Mortar and Pestle l'45-7-8l Association l'45-6-7-Bl Page ZI5 V DAVIS, GEORGE EUGENE, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Kappa Sigma Member B.S.I.E. l'47-8lg Member A.C.S. V46-7-81, Member Gator Pep Club DAVIS, GEORGENE A. Ocala, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Chi Omega DAVIS, HORANCE GIBBS, JR. Raiford, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta Member Board of Student Publications I'47-87, Alligator Staff V46-7-83, Summer Gator Staff l'46-7l, Orange Peel Staff l'46-7l DAVIS, JOHNNIE EVERETTE Atmore, Alabama B. S. Agriculture DAVIS, WALTER KING Screven, Georgia B. S. Agriculture Member Honor Court l'47l5 Member Executive Council U47-Bl, Member Adelphos, Member Young Democrats, Member A.S.A.E., Member Agriculture Club DAWSON, FRANKLIN JOSEPH St. Augustine, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47l, Member Beta Gamma Sigma l'47lp Member Honor Court lSummer '47J DAWSON, WILLIAM PENN Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration DAY, GORDON MILLS Lantana, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta DAY, JOHN ROBERT Lake Worth, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Member Phi Delta Phi l'47l DAY, WILLIAM HAROLD Bradenton, Florida B. S. Business Administration DECKER, ANDREW JOSEPH Gloucester, Massachusetts B. S. Business Administration Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46-71, Dean's List l'47l DEE, JAMES PHILLIP St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration DEMRO, CONRAD G., JR. Dania, Florida B. A. Education Delta Chi Secretary of Religious Affairs l'47-83, Commander of the American Legion l'47l, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'47l, Dean's List l'47l, Member Pep Club l'46lg Member I.F.C. l'46lp Member Adelphos l'47-8l, Adjutant of the American Legion l'46l DENNISON, FAYETTE Bowling Green, Kentucky B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47-83, Di- rector Student Co-Op l'47l DERRICK, FRANKLIN S. Pine Castle, Florida B. A. Education Delta Tau Delta Vice-Pres. Baptist Student Union l'47- 8l, Member Teachers of America l'47- 8lp Publicity Chairman State of Flor- ida Baptist Student Union l'46-7lp Co- Chairman Youth Conference Florida Student Union l'47-83 DEWINKLER, AUGUST Miami, Florida B. Civil Engineering Chi Phi Member A.S.C.E. l'47-81 DIAMOND, WALKER GAYLE Miami, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Alpha Zeta l'47-87, Member Agriculture Club l'4l-2-6-7-Bl, Mem- ber Thyrsus l'46-7-87, Member Band l'4l-2l DICKERT, ROBERT ROLAND Daytona Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Chi Member Cavaliers l'46-7l5 Treasurer, Sigma Chi l'46l DITTMAR, RABUN HOOD, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Student Assistant, Business Office l'46- 7-8l DODSON, ROBERT KENNETH Greensboro, North Carolina B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Forestry Club l'46-7-835 Mem- ber Slash Pine Cache l'46-7-8l, Mem- ber Baptist Student Union l'46-7-8l DOHERTY, HERBERT JOSEPH, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta Orange Peel Editor l'46-7, 47-8lg Pres. Delta Tau Delta lSummer '47l, Vice-Pres. Delta Tau Delta l'47l, Treasurer Delta Tau Delta l'46lp Trea- surer Gator Party l'46l, Hall of Fame l'47-81 DOMINICK, JULIAN KLETTNER Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega Pres. Alpha Tau Omega Frat. lSummer '46l, Clerk of Honor Court lSummer '42l, Member of Honor Court l'4l-2l, Member General College Debate Team l'4l-21, Chairman of Reception Com- mittee l'46-7l, Dean's List l'4l-2l, Member Alpha Psi l'46-7l DORSETT, HUGH JACKSON Branford, Florida B. A. Physical Education Phi Delta Theta Member Baptist Student Union l'4l-2lg Member Band l'4ll, Basketball l'4Zl DOSTER, ERNEST STANTON Blakely, Georgia B. S. Agriculture DOWLING, PEGGY PURCELL Gainesville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Phi Sigma l'47l, Member Los Picaros l'47l, Dean's List l'46-73, Member Spanish Glee Club l'47l, Transferred from University of Alabama DOWNEY, JAMES C. West Palm Beach, Florida LLB Chi Phi Member Phi Alpha Delta DOWNING, HAROLD EARL High Springs, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.I.E.E. l'45-6-71 DREIFUSS, PHILIP Gainesville, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering DRIGGERS, CORLIS J. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Los Picaros l'45-6-7-8lg A.A. with honors l'46l, V.-Pres. Phi Eta Sigma l'46-7l DUBOSE, HUGH CHESTER Pensacola, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha DUCKWORTH, FRANK A. Jacksonville, Florida LLB Chancellor Honor Court l'42-315 Mem- ber Honor Court l'4l-Zlp Sec. Interior President's Cabinet l'46-71, Member Executive Council l'45-63, Pres. Fla. Page 216 Blue Key l'46l, Member l'42-3-4-5-6lf Pres. John Marshall Bar Association lSummer '47lp Treas. Alpha Epsilon Delta l'40-ll, Pres. Mortar and Pestle l'42lp Hall of Fame l'45lp Who's Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges l'42l, Board Man- agers Florida Union l'42-3-6l, Member Phi Delta Phi l'45-6-73, Member Ca- valiers l'45-6-7lp Member Gator Vet- eransg Member V.F.W. Campus Chap- terg Dean's List DUNAWAY, JAMES LEE, JR. Molina, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Collegiate Chapter F.F.A. V46-715 Member Agriculture Club l'46-7lg Member Wesley Foundation l'4l-2-3-5-6-7l DUNKLE, JOHN ROBERT Tallahassee, Florida B. A. Education Kappa Sigma Member Kappa Delta Pi l'46-7l5 Mem- ber Executive Council l'47-8l, I.F.C. Representative V46-7l, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46-71 DURAN, RICHARD Tampa, Florida B. Architecture Member Gargoyle DURRANCE, CARL CLINTON Ft. Meade, Florida LLB Chairman Dixie Party l'46l, Sec. Or- ganizations l'46-7l, Member Honor Court l'46lp Member Executive Coun- cil l'45l, Florida Blue Key l'4-7-483 DYAL, BENJAMIN F., JR. Cross City, Florida B. S. Business Administration DYE, DEWEY ALBERT, JR. Bradenton, Florida LLB Sigma Alpha Epsilon Seminole l'46-7l, Orange Peel l'46-73, Member L'Apache DYKES, GORDON WAYNE St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Member A.S.C.E. l'47-Bl EARNEST, CHARLES R. Miami, Florida B. A. Education Delta Tau Delta Track l'46-7l5 Cross Country l'46l, "F" Club EATON, JOE O. Tallahassee, Florida LLB Kappa Alpha Member Phi Alpha Delta l'47-8l EDWARDS, OLIVER J., JR. Orlando, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta EHINGER, EDWARD ALLEN, JR. Palm Beach, Florida B. S. Architecture ELLIOTT, LEROY ERNEST New York, New York B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Weed Hall Vestry l'45-6-7-81, V.-Pres. Junior Class l'47l5 Member A.I.E.E. l'46-7-83 ELLIOTT, M. LEO, JR. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon I.F.C. Representative l'42-31, Jr. I.F.C. Representative l'42-31, Managing Edi- tor Seminole l'42-Bl, Associate Editor Seminole l'46-7l, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'42-3l, Advanced Military l'4Z-3l, Business Staff Alligator l'42- 3l7 Member Gator Pep Club l'46-7l, Member Press Club l'46-7l, Member L'Apache l'46-7-8lg Member Interna- tional Relations Club l'47-8lp Member Florida Real Estate Club l'46-7-83 ELY, CHARLES CLEVELAND, lll Neptune Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member Pirates I'46-7I5 Member Bacchus I'42-31 EMIG, ELMER BYRON Gainesville, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Forestry Club l'45-6-7-SI EMMANUEL, MICHEL GEORGE Earpon Springs, Florida LB Sigma Chi Member Phi Delta Phi, Member Beta Alpha Psi, Seminole I'36-71, Member Florida Players l'36-7Ip Member Glee Club l'36-73, Member John Marshall 'Bar Association I'46-7-835 IFC Rep- resentative I'38I, Staff Announcer WRUF I'47-83 EMMONS, ALBERT WINSTON Daytona Beach, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering ENSIGN, LORING SABIN Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Sec.-Treas. Alph Phi Omega I'44Ip Member Band and Orchestra I'44lp ' Member Presbyterian Student Session I'46-7I ENTZ, NOEL W. Leesburg, Florida LLB ENTZMINGER, PERCY R. Orlando, Florida B. S. Forestry Sigma Chi Football l'4l-Zip Swimming I'4ll, Sec.-Treas. Freshman Class I'40Ip Member Forestry Club l'4l-6-7lp Mem- ber L'Apache I'46I ERICSSON, ERIC AUGUST Hallandale, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering FARNELL, WENDELL EARL Gainesville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega Member L'Apache: Commander Gator Vets I'45-611 Member Executive Coun- cil I'44-53: Chairman Gator Party l'45l, Member Executive Council ISum- mer '46-7I FAVATA, JOHN JOSEPH Tampa, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Football l'45I FEINBERG, ROBERT M. Quincy, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Honor Court l'42-BI, Member Press Club l'4l-ZI FERGUSON, ROBIN HUNTER Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Alligator l'46l FERNANDEZ, JOSEPH Tampa, Florida B. A. Education FERNANDEZ, PAUL ALPHONSO Tampa, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Glee Club I'47-8Ip Member Los Picaros l'46-7-83 FERREIRA, ROBERT P. Fernandina, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi Member Beta Gamma Sigma I'47-8I5 Member Phi Eta Sigma I'4l-2-3-4-5- 6-7-BI, Member Alpha Kapoa Psi I'47- 8Ig Pres.-Treas. Pi Kappa Phi FIELD, WILLIAM HOWARD Miami Springs, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47-BI, Mem- ber Scabbard and Blade l'47-8I FIELDING, CLAUDE B., JR. Orlando, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Mortar and Pestle I'46-7-BI FISHKIND, ROBERT JAY Tampa, Florida LLB Kappa Nu Treas. Young Democrats I'47-8I FLANAGAN, EDWIN C. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Tau Delta FLETCHER, JOHN C. Greensboro, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha FLORRID, LESTER W. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Gamma Sigma V475 FLOWERS, WILLIAM D. Ft. Pierce, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi FLOYD, LINTON EUGENE Neptune Beach, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha I'47I, Sec. Sigma Tau l'47-835 Member Scabbard and Blade l'46-7-8I, Member Honor Court I'43Ig IFC Representative I'42-BI: V.- Pr s. Al ha Phi Ome a I'42 3I' Semi e p g ' I ' nole I'4l-Zlp Member Gator Pep Club I'42-317 Member Bacchus l'4l -215 Member Pirates I'46-7-BI, General College Debate l'42-3I1 Dean's List I'4l-2-3-6-735 Florida Blue Key I'47-83 FOLSOM, LUTHER WELLS Tampa, Florida B. A. Education Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Future Teachers of America I'46-7I: Member Canterbury Club I'45-6-7-83, Member Episcopal Vestry I'46-7-835 Member Band l'45-6-7I5 Member Orchestra l'45-6-7Ip Member Glee Club I'46-73 FORRESTER, JOHN R. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Tau Delta Member Beta Alpha Psi I'47-Bl FOWLER, JOHN FILLMORE Apopka, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Collegiate F.F.A. I'46-755 Member Block and Bridle l'46-7l, Member Agriculture Club l'44-5-6l FOX, ALLAN J. Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Sigma Sec. Phi Eta Sigma l'46-71, Member Executive Council I'47-8I5 Alligator I'46-7Ip Seminole l'46-7-835 Member Cavaliers I'47-8Ip IFC Representative l'46-7-831 Member Hillel Executive Council I'47-8I5 Treas. Gator Party I'47I, Member Alpha Phi Omega I'47-8I, Pres. Delta Sigma l'46-71 FREEDMAN, MORTON C. Gainesville, Florida B. A. Journalism Pi Lambda Phi Editor-in-Chief, Florida Alligator l'46- 7Ip Ed.-in-Chief, Summer Gator I'46l5 Member Florida Blue Key, Hall af Fame l'46-7I5 Pres. Fla. Intercollegiate Press Assn. l'47-8I, V.-Pres. I'46-7Ip Sec. Public Relations Presidents Cabinet V46-73, Co-Founder Florida Party I'47Ip Associate Editor Alligator I'45- 6-7-8I, News Editor I'42I, Assistant Editor I'42l, Freshman Key Winner I'4l-ZI, Editor-in-Chief Freshman Edi- tion I'4l-211 Associate Editor "F" Book l'46-73, Seminole Staff I'4l-Zi, Foun- der University Press Assn. I'47Ip Foun- der American Veterans Committee Chapter I'47Ip Treas. Cavaliers I'46I, Board of Governors I'46-7l, Publicity Director Gator Veterans I'46I, Member Young Democrats l'46-71: Publicity Director Gator Party l'45-6I, Sec. ISummer '46Ip Member Univ. War Committee l'42-BI Page ZI7 FREEMAN, HENRY L. Miami, Florida B. S. Architecture Pi Kappa Phi FREY, WATTIE MELVIN Ft. Myers, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Nlember Mortar and Pestle I'39-40-6- 7 FRIED, MELVIN Miami, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences FRIEDERICH, LAMBERT PETER Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Tau Delta V.-Pres. Delta Tau Delta I'42Ip Mem- ber Scabbard and Blade l'43I, Member Band U40-I-2-31 FRIEDMAN, FREDERIC ARNOLD Miami, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Pi Lambda Phi FRIEDMANN, WALTER JOHN, JR. Daytona Beach, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club I'46-7-BI, Member Agricultural Engineering Club l'47-BI FULLOR, JOSEPH C. Mulberry, Florida B. S. Agriculture Kappa Alpha GARCIA, MARIE LEONORA Tampa, Florida LLB Member Phi Delta Delta, Membership Committee John Marshall Bar Associa- tion GARFIELD, MORTON J. Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club I'47J GEER, CHARLES W. Tampa, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Delta Tau Delta Member Glee Club l'42-3-615 Member Presbyterian Student Session I'42-3-4- 5-6-7-8Ip Alligator I'47-83 GEIGER, RAYMOND JACOBS Leesburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi GENEAU, JOHN PAUL Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi GIAFFAGLIONE, NUNZIOI PAUL Jamestown, New York B. S. Business Administration GILBERT, ROBERT W. Ft. Myers, Florida B. A. Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member Executive Council l'47Ip Foot- ball Letterman I'46l, Freshman Foot- ball Numeral l'4lI, Freshman Basket- ball Numeral I'42l, Member "F" Club I'46I GLASSER, LEONARD H. Miami Beach, Florida B. A. Architecture Tau Epsilon Phi Pres. Tau Epsilon Phi l'46l GLAZIER, RUSSELL CARLYLE Tampa, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.l.E.E. l'46-7-8I GLEICHENHAUS, LESTER HASKELL Brooklyn, New York B. A. Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Seminole I'42I5 Managing Editor Sum- mer Gator I'46Ip Board of Editors Orange Peel l'46I, Member Alpha Phi Omega GOLDBURG, HERBERT GILBERT Tampa, Florida LLB Tau Epsilon Phi Member John Marshall Bar Association GOLDENBERG, SAM Pensacola, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi Member Intramural Board l'45-6-7-8l, Asst. Student Director Intramural Board l'46l, Alligator Staff l'46I, Seminole Sports Editor I'47l, Member "F" Club l'46-7l, Varsity Baseball Manager l'46l, Pres. Pensacola Club U46-73, Member Committee of "67" l'47l, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'46-7-81 GOME2, Hsuo Key West, Florida LLB Member Phi Alpha Delta l'47-8l, Mem- ber John Marshall Bar Association I'47-8l, Member Conch Club I'47-Bl GOODLOE, JAMES D. Neptune Beach, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Member A.P.O. l'47-SI, Member A.S.C.E. l'47-8l GOODRICH, WARREN M. Jacksonville, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta B. A. with honors University of Fla. l'43l, Editor University ol Fla. Law Review Board l'47-81, Member Florida Blue Key l'43-4-5-6-7-8l, Member Phi Beta Kappa l'43l, Member Phi Kappa Phi l'43l, Member Varsity De- bate l'4I-2-3l, Member Tau Kappa Alpha l'43l, Clerk Phi Delta Phi l'47I, Asst. Business Manager Alligator l'42- 3I, Member Executive Council l'4I-2I, V.-Pres. Freshman Class l'40l, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'42I, Member Scabbard and Blade l'42-3-4-5-6-7I, Sec. Debate Club I'42l, Member Executive Com- mittee John Marshall Bar Association l'47l GOODWIN, J. CALVIN, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Glee Club l'42-3-4-5-6-7I, Member Presbyterian Student Session l'4I-2-5-6-73, Member Forestry Club, Member Band I'4I-Zl GORDON, ARCHIE WATT Ocala, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma Pres. Kappa Sigma I'47-81, Member Sigma Tau l'46-7-Bl, IFC Representa- tive l'45-6l, Member Honor Court l'47-8l, Member Benton Engineering Society l'46-7-8l, Member A.l.E.E. l'45-6-7-8l, Transferred from Univer- sity of Miami GORDON, JOSEPH R. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member A.S.C.E. V46-7-83 GRAHAM, FRANK A., JR. Madison, Florida LLB Chi Phi Member White Friars I'47-81 GRAHAM, HOMER G., JR. Tallahassee, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Member A.I.C.E. I'46-7-8l, Member American Chemical Society l'46-7-87, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'40-I-27 GRAY, RICHARD WILSON, JR. Miami, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Band l'4I-2-33, Member Newman Club l'4I-2-3l, Member Los Picaros l'43I GREAME, EDWARD ANDREW Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Pi Kappa Phi Member Lyceum Council l'47-8l, Member Executive Council l'46l, Mem- ber lntramural Board I'46-7l GREEN, CLIFFORD ROBERT Ocala, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Kappa Alpha GREENE, JACK IRVINE Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Gamma Rho GREENHUT, JACK H. Pensacola, Florida LLB GRIBBLE, CHARLES FRANKLIN McMinnville, Tennessee B. S. Education Omega Mu Delta GRIFFIN, JOSEPH B., JR. Jacksonville, Florida LLB Member Phi Delta Phi l'47-Sl GRIFFIS, ELBERT BRYAN, JR. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LLB Chi Phi Member Phi Delta Phi, Member Phi Eta Sigma, IFC Representative lSum- mer '46, '46-71, V.-Pres. lSummer '47l, Member Law Review Board l'47-8l, Member John Marshall Bar Association, Director, Sec. Students' Cooperative Exchange l'47-BI GRIFFIS, RALEIGH SIDNEY Raiford, Florida B. S. Agriculture GRIFFITH, LEON ODELL Milton, Florida B. A. Journalism Theta Chi GRIMSTAD, WILMA RUTH EUSTIS, Florida B. A. Education GUARINO, ELAINE TAYLOR Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education Alpha Omicron Pi GUEST, MARION I. New Smyrna Beach, Florida B. Architecture Kappa Alpha V.-Pres. Gargoyle l'47-BI, Member Glee Club l'38-9-40-I-Zl, A.A. with honors, Member Lyceum Council l'4I- Zl, Dean's List, Advanced ROTC GUNDERSEN, MARTIN G. Ft. Myers, Florida B. Architecture Member Gargoyle l'46-7-81 GUNDLACH, WILLIAM, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha I.F.C. Representative l'46-7l, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'47-8l GUPTILL, BARBARA LOUISE St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. Chemistry Member A.l.C.E. l'46-7-8l, Member American Chemical Society l'47-8I GUTHRIE, LEWIS HAGAN Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-8l, Member Symphony Orchestra l'39-40- Il, Member Bacchus l'39l HAIMOVITZ, BARNEY Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Los Picaros I'47l HALL, FRANK M. Winter Garden, Florida B. S. Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi HAMILTON, JAMES KENNETH Daytona Beach, Florida B. A. Education Alpha Tau Omega Football Team V44-Sl, Baseball Team l'45l, Member "F" Club l'45-5-7-81 HARGRAVE, JOHN ROLFS La Crosse, Florida ' B. S. Agriculture HARGROVE, JOE WILLIAM Chipley, Florida B. A. Physical Education Phi Kappa Tau Page 2I8 HARN, GLADYS MAURINE Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education HARP, CLIFFORD EDWIN Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Chi Psi Member Beta Alpha Psi I'47l, Chair- man Gator Party l'47l, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'47l, Mem- ber Cavaliers l'47I, Member Interna- tional Relations Club l'46l HARPER, JACK BENJAMIN Palatka, Florida B. A. Journalism Managing Editor Alligator lSummer '47l, Member Board of Student Publi- cations l'47-8l, Independent Basket- ball Champion Team l'4I-2l HARRA, JOSEPH S. Tampa, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-83 HARRELL, JOE JACKSON Pensacola, Florida LLB Sigma Nu HARRIS, JACK WESLEY Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega Member Tennis Team l'46I HARRISON, JAMES O., JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi, Member New- man Club HARRISON, THEODORE E. Baldwin, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering HARRISON, WARREN EUGENE Sanford, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha HARROLD, JOSEPH GOIN Gainesville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Pi Kappa Alpha Member Alpha Epsilon Delta HART, EVERETT BURCH, JR. Oklawaha, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega Boxing Team l'42-3l, Member Block and Bridle l'4l-2-3-71, Member Pep Club l'4-OI, Member "F" Club l'43l, Member Agriculture Club l'42-3-4-5-6- 77, Member Scabbard and Blade l'43l HARTWELL, DONALD O. West Palm Beach, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Advertising Manager Seminole l'46l, Secretary American Veterans' Commit- tee l'46l HARVEY, RONALD RAY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.I.E.E. I'46-7-81 HARVILL, PAUL MOORE Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration HASTINGS, ARTHUR W. Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida B. S. Agriculture Phi Delta Theta HATCHER, BENJAMIN B. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Brotherhood of St. Andrew I'46-7l, Member Canterbury Club l'46-71 HATHAWAY, GEORGE EDWARD Gainesville, Florida B. A. Journalism Member International Relations Club I'47-8l HAWKINS, CLAUDE B., JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member A.P.O. l'40-I-6I HAWKINS, EDWARD M. Panama City, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Sigma Tau l'46-7-8l, Mem- ber A.l.E.E. l'46-7-83, Member Bap- tist Student Union l'40-Il HAYES, CLYDE sr. Cloud, Florida B. S. Aeronautical Engineering HAZEN, ROBERT DOUGLAS Brooker, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member Theta Tau, "F" Book HEATHERINGTON, NORMAN EUGENE Orlando, Florida B. S. Agriculture Kappa Sigma Member Agriculture Club l'47-8l, Member Thyrsus l'47-8l HEINE, FRANK EDWARD Spring Lake, New Jersey B. S. Business Administration HEITZMAN, RICHARD FRANCIS Gainesville, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Member A.I.C.E. l'46-7l, Member Ad- vanced R.O.T.C. l'43l HENDERSON, HAROLD EUGENE Wouchula, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club l'46-7-8l, Dean's List l'46l HENDERSON, THOMAS L. Trenton, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pres. Lyceum Council l'47-8l, Business Manager Orange Peel l'46-71, Asso- ciate Editor Seminole I'46-7l, Asso- ciate Editor Alligator l'44l, Member L'Apache HENDERSON, WALLACE WILLIAM Pensacola, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46l, Dean's List l'47l, Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47l HERRING, JOHN LAMAR Palatka, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Phi Sigma l'47-Bl, Member Florida Entomological Society l'47l HESS, WILLIAM S. Silver Springs, Maryland B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha Member Alpha Kappa Psi I'46-7-83, Member Honor Court l'47l, Member Glee Club l'45l HICKS, PURDY L. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Member A.S.C.E. U46-7-8l HIEPE, EDWIN St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi HIGGINBOTTOM, DAVID BAINES 'Babson Park, Florida LB Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7-Bl HIGGINS, BEN THOMAS Plant City, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Chi Phi Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-Bl HIGH, JESSIE LAWTON, JR. Sorrento, Florida B. S. Business Administration HINDERY, GEORGE A. DeLand, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Alpha Zeta l'47-8l, Member Block and Bridle l'47-8l HINSON, JAMES W., JR. Clermont, Florida B. S. Education Sigma Chi Member Cavaliers, Annotator l'47l, Pro-Consul l'47l HOAGLAND, MALCOLM E. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Kappa Sigma HOEHL, JOHN ROBERT Coral Gables, Florida LLB Sigma Chi Member Phi Beta Kappa l'44-5-6-7-8l, Member Phi Delta Phi I'47-8l HOLLAND, SPESSARD LINDSEY, JR. Bartow, Florida LLB Alpha Tau Omega Member Phi Delta Phi HOLLINGSWORTH, JAMES NEWTON Nocatee, Florida ' B. S. Business Administration HOLLISTER, RALPH PHILLIPS Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Chi Phi HOLLOWAY, LUTHER WILLIAM, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Member Glee Club l'47-83, Member Pirates HOLMES, ROBERT D. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Phi HOOVER, MAURICE W. Wrightsville, Georgia B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho HOPPER, HOWARD HUGH Tampa, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Block and Bridle Club l'47-Bl HULL, HARRY HOYT Bradenton, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering HULSEY, MARK, JR. Jacksonville, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Pres. Florida Blue Key l'47-81, V.-Pres. and Sec. Florida Blue Key, Managing Editor Florida Alligator l'43l, Asso- ciate Editor Seminole l'42-3l, Asso- ciate Editor "F" Book l'42-Bl, Chair- man Major Political Party l'42l, Po- litical Representative Phi Delta Theta i'42-3l, Member Phi Delta Phi I'46-7- 8l, Member Florida Players l'42-3l, V.- Pres. Phi Delta Theta l'43l, Debate Key l'42-3l, Member Varsity Debate Team, Member Tau Kappa Alpha l'42-3l, Member L'Apache, Member Board of Managers Florida Union l'47-8l, Member John Marshall Bar Association, Hall of Fame l'47-8l HUNT, PAUL J. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Newell Entomological Society l'4l-2-3-4-5-6-7-Bl, Member Metho- dist Student Union l'4l-2-3-4-5-6-7-8l HUNTER, JOSEPHUS PEELER Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration HUNTER, VICTOR RUSSELL Tampa, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Glee Club l'47l HUNTER, WILLIAM ARTHUR Fort Myers, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon HURST, HARRY E. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi Member Glee Club l'46-7-8l, Accom- panist l'46-7-Bl, Piano Soloist l'46-7- 8l, Auditor l'46-7l, Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-81 HUSA, WILLIAM JOHN, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Phi Eta Sigma, Member Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List I'46-7l Page 2l9 HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH J. Lakeland, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Gator Vets l'46l INGLIS, ALLICK WYLLIE, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Beta Theta Pi Member Society for Advancement of Management l'46-7-8l, V.-Pres. I'47l, Member General College Engineering Society l'4I-2-Bl, Member Benton En- gineering Council l'43-7-8l JACKSON, THOMAS LAWRIE Lake Wales, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon JACOBS, GILBERT Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi JENERETTE, NOAH H. Jacksonville, Florida LLB Alpha Tau Omega JOHNSON, BENNETH WALTER J-T-cksonville, Florida B Sigma Alpha Epsilon Asst. Instructor Accounting Dept. Col- lege of Business Administration l'47-8l, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'42-3-6-7l, Member Beta Alpha Psi l'4ll, Sec. Board of Student Publica- tions l'47l JOHNSON, CHARLES ROBERT Ocala, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHNSON, EDGAR LEO Hawthorne, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Alpha Member Band l'42-3-4l, Member Y.M.C.A.. l'42-3l, Chairman Dixie Party lSummer '44l, Treasurer Pi Kappa Alpha l'43l, V.-Pres. l'44-5l, Pres. lSummer '44l, Member John Mar- shall Bar Association l'45-6-73 JOHNSON, JAMES GOTTFRIED Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Phi Kappa Phi I'40-l-2-3-4- 5-6-7-8l, Executive Sec. Board of Stu- dent Publications l'47l JOHNSON, J. FRED Bonifay, Florida B. S. Agriculture JOHNSON, REGINALD B. Ft. Pierce, Florida B. Architecture JOHNSON, RICHARD' S. Fredericktown, Ohio B. S. Landscape Architecture JOHNSON, ROBERT N. Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Education Member Band l'45-6-7l JOHNSON, THOMAS CARLISLE Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu JOHNSTON, HOWARD BLAKE Kissimmee, Florida Master of Agriculture Member Phi Kappa Phi, Member Alpha Tau Alpha, Member Agriculture Club JOHNSTON, JOHN JAMES ERIC Kissimmee, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Presbyterian Student Session l'45-6-7l JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E., JR. Brooksville, Florida LLB Pres. Student Body lSummer '47l, Chairman Gator Party l'46l, V-Chmn. Gator Party l'46l, Chairman Murphree Students Housing Committee l'47l, Member Florida Blue Key Speaking Tour I'47I, Adjutant Gator Vets l'46I, Member Board of Governors Cavaliers I'47I, Member John Marshall Bar As- sociation I'46I, Member General Col- lege Debate Squad l'40J, Pres. Brooks- ville Club I'47I JONES, ARTHUR BETTES Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega JONES, BILLIE JEAN Pensacola, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences JONES, THOMAS ANTHONY Christmas, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho V-Pres. Student Body ISummer '47I, Pres. Alpha Gamma Rho ISummer '47I, V-Pres. Alpha Gamma Rho V46- 7I, V-Pres. A.S.A.E. I'46I, Sec.-Treas. Agriculture Club I'43I JUSKIEWICZ, BEN Kenosha, Wisconsin B. S. Forestry Member Forestry Club I'46-7-8I, Slash Pine Cache I'46-7-BI, Reserve Of- ficers l'47-8I KARAPHILLIS, GEORGE THEO Tarpon Springs, Florida B. A. Education Member Cavaliers I'46-7-8I, Manager Intramural Dormitory League I'47-8I, Member Band I'42l KATIMS, ROBERT BERNARD Miami, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46-7I, Dean's List I'46-7I, Member Literary Staff Seminole I'46I KAUFMAN, IRVING Hallandale, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Glee Club I'46I, Member Thyrsus I'47-8I, Member Alpha Zeta I'47-81 KAVANAUGH, ELWIN CLINCH, JR. Firnandina, Florida L B Member John Marshall Bar Association, B. A. University of Pittsburgh I'35l KAWALER, MORTON ARNOLD Miami, Florida BL S. Industrial Engineering Member Society for Advancement of Management I'46-7I, Dean's List I'46I KEATING, JOHN DAVID Orlando, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega KEEL, ALLEN TISON Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education Kappa Alpha Member Bacchus I'4I-2I, Member Pirates l'46I KEITH, JAMES J. Ocala, Florida B. S. Business Administration KELLER, KEITH Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi I'47-SI KELLY, EDWARD THOMAS Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member Newman Club l'46-7-8I KEMP, STUART PAGE Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Presbyterian Student Session I'4l-2-3-6-7-8I, Moderator I'46I, Treas. l'47I KENYON, ALBERT LYON, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu KEPHART, CHARLES M., JR. Pensacola, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Member A.S.M.E. l'46-7-8I, Member Benton Engineering Council I'47I, Florida Review I'40-II, Seminole I'4Ol KESSEN, WILLIAM HERMAN Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta Pres. Phi Gamma Delta I'47I, Historian I'46I, Member Florida Players I'4l-2- 3-4-5-6-7I, Pres. and Sec.-Treas. l'47I, Member Alpha Psi Omega I'47I, Mem- ber Phi Eta Sigma I'4II, Silver Medal General College Declamation I'42I, Hall of Fame I'47-8I KILPATRICK, WENDELL LEE Jay, Florida B. S. Education KIMMEL, HERBERT D. Brooklyn, New York B. S. Arts and Sciences Pi Lambda Phi Sec. Gator Party I'47I, Member Florida Young Democrats I'47-BI, Student Assistant Biology I'46-7I, Member Spe- cial Programs Committee Florida Union I'46-7I, Publicity Director American Veterans Committee I'46-7I, Member Alligator Staff l'46I, Boxing and Soft- ball lntramurals I'46-7-BI KINDER, IRVING WILLIAM Hardin, Illinois B. S. Business Administration Kappa Sigma Member Beta Alpha Psi I'46-7-BI KING, CHARLES JOHN Umatilla, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Agriculture Club l'45I, Mem- ber Forestry Club I'46I, Village Gov't I'46I KING, RODNEY H. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Chi V-Pres. Sigma Chi I'46-73, Advanced Military I'46-7I, Member Scabbard and Blade l'46-7I, Seminole I'46I, Florida Players Production I'42I KING, WALTER BLAKE, JR. Miami, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi Member Phi Eta Sigma, Member Sigma Tau, Member Band I'39-40-I I, Summer Gator I'42I, Member Benton Engineer- ing Council I'47I, Chairman A.S.M.E. l'47I KIRSCH, RICHARD ROBERT Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LLB Tau Epsilon Phi KLEIN, GERALD J. Miami Beach, Florida LLB Tau Epsilon Phi Director of Intramurals I'47-83, Presi- dent Tau Epsilon Phi I'42I, Alligator I'40I, Seminole Staff I'40I, l.F.C. Rep- resentative l'42I, General College De- bate Team I'38-9-40J, Dean's List I'39-40I, Florida Players I'4l-2I, John Marshall Bar Association I'46-7-BI, Intramural High Point Trophy I'42I, Florida Blue Key I'47-8I KLIPPLE, JOHN STANLEY St. Petersburg, Florida BL A. Arts and Sciences KNIGHT, EVERETT V. Tampa, Florida B. S. Engineering Delta Tau Delta KONDO, FRANCIS NELSON Miami, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Alpha Zeta l'47I, Member Thyrsus Page 220 KOON, DONALD KEITH Mayo, Florida B. A. Education Member Honor Court I'46-7-8I, Mem- ber Scabbard and Blade I'46-7-BI, Member Debate Club I'46-7I KREAG, WILLIAM MICHAEL St. Petersburg, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Member Phi Alpha Delta, Member John Marshall Bar Association LACHMAN, RICHARD WAGGENER Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences LAMB, PHILLIP L. Miami, Florida B. A. Education LAMPP, E. R., JR. Mulberry, Florida B. S. Engineering Member A.S.C.E. I'39-46-7I, V-Pres. Benton Engineering Society I'47l, V- Pres. Students Co-op Exchange I'47I, Member Florida Players l'38-9I, Mem- ber Y.M.C.A. I'38-9I, Member Wesley Foundation I'38-93, Member General College Debate Team I'38-9I LANCASTER, OLLIE, JR. Daytona Beach, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Alpha Member Cavaliers, Member Seminole Staff I'37-8I, Member Alligator Staff I'36-7-8I, Member Young Democratic Club LAND, WILLA F. Milton, Florida B. A. Education Dean's List l'47I LAND, WILLIAM ROBERT Milton, Florida B. A. Education Football I'45-6I, Basketball I'45-6I, Member "F" Club I'45l LANGFORD, CARL THOMAS Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Chancellor of Honor Court I'47I, Jus- tice of Honor Court I'47-8I, Pres. of Beta Alpha Psi I'47I, V-Pres. l'47I, Mayor of Flavet Village No. I I'47I LANGFORD, EDWARD ROSS Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi I'46-7I LANGSTON, BERNARD JOHNSON Lakeland, Florida LLB Member John Marshall Bar Association I'46-73, Member Phi Alpha Delta I'46-7I LANGSTON, THOMAS M. Lakeland, Florida LLB LANKFORD, BETTY LOUISE Gainesville, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Kappa Kappa Epsilon l'46-7I, V-Pres. I'47-8I, Member Mortar and Pestle I'46-7I, Treas. I'47-8I, Sec.- Treas. Leigh Chemical Society I'46- 7-81 LAWSON, HORACE FAY Lake City, Florida B. S. Engineering Member Sigma Tau l'47-BI, Treas. A.S.C.E. I'47I, Member I'46-7-SI LEE, ROLAND MARION Punta Gorda, Florida B. S. Engineering Beta Theta Pi Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-8I, Commis- sianer Flavet Ill I'47-BI LEGATE, DAVID VICKLER St. Petersburg, Florida B. A. Education LEGG, LAIRD BROADDUS, JR. Tampa, Florida B. S. Architecture LEIBOVIT, LOUIS West Palm Beach, Florida LLB Tau Epsilon Phi, Dean's List l'4I-Zi, Member lnter- national Relations Club I'4I-Z-33, Member Student Senate l'4'5-GI, Pres. Tau Epsilon Phi I'46I, Member Phi Alpha Delta l'47I, Member John Mar- shall Bar Association l'45-6-7l: Sec. Veteran's Affairs ISummer '47Ig Legis- lative Editor Florida Law Review I'46- 7Ip Member Constitutional Revision Committee I'45-635 I.F.C. Representa- tive I'46I, Member Young Democrats l'47I LEIMBACH, WENDELL BOLLMAN Catonsville, Maryland B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Member Alpha Kappa Psi I'47-8I, Group Leader V45-6-7l, Senior Warden Chapel of Incarnation I'47l LELAND, JAMES D. St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration LEONARD, CHARLES H. Milton, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho LEONARD, PAUL AUGUSTUS Ocala, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Episcopal Vestry l'46Ip Mem- ber Canterbury Club I'46I5 Postulant for Holy Orders I'47Ip Transferred from Emory University l'45I LETT, SIM LAMBRECHT, JR. Ft. Meade, Florida , B. A. Physical Education LETTS, NED M. Ft. Pierce, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Phi Member Phi Delta Phi I'46-7I LEVINSON, MELVIN Miami, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Tau Epsilon Phi Dean's List l'46I, Finals Intramural Boxing I'45I5 V-Pres. Tau Epsilon Phi I'46I, Member Photographic Club I'45Ig Member Leigh Chemical Society l'45I LEWIS, EARL LEE Milton, Florida LLB Executive Member of John Marshall Bar Association lSummer '47Ip Chair- man Legislative Committee for Law School I'46-73 LEWIS, WILLIAM Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering LINDSAY, JAMES JOSEPH Tampa, Florida LLB Member Cavaliers V46-73 LINET, JEROME Miami Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi Member Band l'45-6l, Member Or- chestra l'45-6I, Freshman Track I'45I LITTLEWOOD, WILLIAM H. Wyandotte, Michigan B. S. Biology LORENZ, WILLIAM H. Minneola, Florida B. S. Education Theta Chi LOYLESS, P. DELEGAL Miami, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Alligator l'47-Sl LUCAS, WILLIAM EUGENE Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Glee Club l'47I LUIKART, DAVID L. New Port Richey, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Executive Council l'47-Bl, Member Cavaliers I'46-7-8l, Member Mortar and Pestle l'43-6-7-83 LYLE, CLIFFORD OGIESBY Bartow, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Glee Club LYLE, ROBERT TERRY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres. Beta Alpha Psi I'47lp Pres. Sym- phony Orchestra l'43lg Vice Pres. Sigma Phi Epsilon I'47l, Comptroller Sigma Phi Epsilon I'42-3-6-7Ip Asst. Busi- ness Manager Band I'42-3lp Publicity Director Band I'46-7lp Vice Pres. Alpha Kappa Psi V46-7-8l, Treas. l'42-3l5 Member Beta Gamma Sigma I'47-8l, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'42-3I, Mem- ber Executive Council I'42-3I, Member Y.M.C.A. I'4I-2-BI, Member I.F.C. I'42Ip Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'43- 4-5-6-7-8I, Member Kappa Kappa Psi l'42-3-4-5-6-7-81 LYNN, DANIEL RICHARD Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Kappa Kappa Psi V433 MABIE, LEFFERTS LAMONT, JR. Iiakeland, Florida LB Delta Tau Delta Member John Marshall Bar Association I'46-7-8I ' MALONE, THEODORE HUGH Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres. Sigma Phi Epsilon ISummer '44I, Member A.S.C.E. l'44-7-83, Member White Friars i'47-8I MARGOL, HILBERT Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi Member Alpha Beta Psi I'47-8l MARGOL, HOWARD Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi Member Alpha Beta Psi l'47-Sl MARGOL, WILBUR MILTON Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi MARSH, ANSLE RAY, JR. Bushnell, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club l'46-7I, Member F.F.A. I'46-71, Member C.L.O. I'46I, Flavet No. 3 Commissioner l'47I MARSH, JOHN PATRICK Miami, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Member American Society of Mechan- ical Engineering, Treas., Member Ben- ton Engineering Society, Member New- man Club MARTIN, EMANUAL HENRY Ocala, Florida B. S. Business Administration MARTIN, HENRY CASPER lnterlachen, Florida B. S. Agriculture MARTIN, WALTER GABLE , Avon Park, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Member Alligator l'45-6-7l, Member Cavaliers l'46-7-Bl, Member Young Democrats l'47-8lp Member Publicity Committee All-Student Party I'47l MASSARO, FREDERICK L. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration MATHIS, ALLAN GORDON Florala, Alabama B. S. Business Administration Member Cavaliers l'46I Page 221 MAURER, DAVID EUGENE E:-rg Lauderdale, Florida Kappa Sigma Member Phi Delta Phi i'47-835 Mem- ber John Marshall Bar Association V43- 4-5-6-7-8I MAURER, MARK Fort Lauderdale, Florida LLB Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Phi l'47-83, Pres. White Friars l'4l-2-6-7-Bl MAY, CHARLES R. Lakeland, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega MAYSE, KENTON CHRISTY Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education Monitor U45-6-7I, Member Executive Council I'46I McCART, RICHARD H. Leesburg, Florida B. S. Engineering Member Sigma Tau I'46-7Ip Member American Society of Civil Engineering I'46-7I McCLURE, MORRIS WILLIAM Fort Lauderdale, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Phi Sigma l'47-8l, Member Forestry Club l'46-7-83 McCULLOUGH, JOHN H. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta McDONALD, JOHN ADDISON Pensacola, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Chi Phi - V Member Gator Pep Club I'46-7Ip Mem- ber Bacchus I'46-7l McFADDEN, JOHN FRANCIS Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Los Picaros McINTYRE, DANIEL EDISON Brooksville, Florida B. A. Education McKEE, DONALD HILTZ Pensacola, Florida B. S. Business Administration McLERAN, PAUL DEAN, JR. Tampa, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Member Bacchus l'4l-2I, Member L'Apache V45-6-73, Member Variety Show Committee I'47-81, Group Leader I'47I McROYAN, KIREAKOS KAY Sarasota, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Alpha Phi Omega l'47-8I, Member Cavaliers i'47-8I, Member Y.M.C.A. I'4I-2-3I McSWEAN, MALCOLM L., JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Gamma Sigma Epsilon I'47-815 Member Mortar and Pestle l'46-7-SI MEANS, WILLIAM A. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Mzmber A.l.E.E. I'47-Sli Dean's List MEGAS, NICK ANTHONY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'45Ip Mem- ber Canterbury Club l'47I5 Member Episcopal Vestry l'47I MELTON, HOWELL W. Mayo, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Member Phi Delta Phi I'47J MENGE, VERNON CALHOUN Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Education MERLIN, ELI LEONARD Miami Beach, Florida B. 5. Business Administration METHENY, ROBERT LANE Wauchula, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Chi Member L'Apache l'46-7-8l METHVIN, GREGORY WINSTON Cross City, Florida B. A. Education METZGER, NEWTON MATHEW Hawthorne, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Agriculture Club l'42-3-7-81, Member Wesley Foundation l'4l-2-3-7 81 MEYER, MARDIS Lake Placid, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Band l'42-3-5-6l, Member Symphony Orchestra l'42-3-5-67, Mem- ber Kappa Kappa Psi l'45-6-7-Sl, Member Glee Club l'46-7-81, Member Mortar and Pestle l'45-6-7-8l MILEWSKI, FRANK JOHN Clearwater, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Alpha Kappa Psi MILLER, ARTHUR RAYMOND, JR. Orlando, Florida B. S. Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-81, Pres. Lambda Chi Alpha l'47l, V-Pres. l'46l MILLER, CHARLES KENNEDY East Pepperell, Massachusetts B. A. Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon MILLER, HARVEY GEORGE Ocala, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.l.E.E. MILLER, JOHN CHRISTOPHER Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Phi I.F.C. Representative lSummer '47l MILLIGAN, MYRON M. Auburndale, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Newell Entomological Society U46-7-8l MILLS, RICHARD CHARLES Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. S. Engineering Sigma Chi Member Band l'44l, Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-83 MIMS, WILLIAM OSBORNE Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Building Construction Sigma Nu Varsity Football l'42l, Member "F" Club l'42-6-7l, Dean's List l'42J, Member Athletic Council l'46l, Sec. "F" Club l'46l MINCY, ROBERT PIERCE Sanford, Florida B. S. Business Administration MINER, ALFRED NORRIS Apopka, Florida B. S. Agriculture Theta Chi MITCHELL, WAYNE PIERCE St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Public Administration MOOR, WILLIAM LOUIS Tallahassee, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Manager Orange Peel l'47-8l, Assistant Business Manager Seminole l'46-7l, Intramurals Editor Alligator l'47l, Fraternity League Manager Intramurals l'47-8l, Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-89, Alpha Phi Omega l'47- 8l,7 :assistant Sports Editor Seminole l'4 - MOORE, STEPHEN ANTHONY Lakeland, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega MOORE, THOMAS AULSTON Thomasville, Georgia B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Collegiate Future Farmers of America l'47l, Member Agriculture Club l'46-7l MORGAN, MARCELLUS Quincy, Florida A. B. Arts and Sciences MORLAN, HAROLD E. Wauchula, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Adelphos l'46-7-Bl, Member Gator Veterans l'46-7-8l MOTLEY, ROBERT WARREN Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Mortar and Pestle l'46-7-8l MOYER, HARRY RAHN Fort White, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Gator Pep Club i'42l, Mem- ber Forestry Club l'43-6-7-81 MULLINS, GEORGE WASHINGTON Ocala, Florida B. S. Business Administration MUNDELL, CHARLES E., JR. Arcadia, Florida B. S. Pharmacy President Rho Chi l'47-81, Pres. Mortar and Pestle l'47l, Vice-Pres. Mortar and Pestle l'46l, Member Adelphos l'47-8l, Member Gamma Epsilon l'47-81, Mem- ber Cavaliers l'47-Bl MURRAY, DAYTON JONES Tampa, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club l'46-7l MURRELL, SAMUEL EDWIN, JR. Orlando, Florida LLB Business Manager Seminole l'48l, Bus- iness Manager "F" Book l'46l, Business Manager Summer Gator l'46l, Member Honor Court l'46l, Member Symphony Orchestra l'45-Bl, Member University Band l'45-83, Board of Governors Ca- valiers l'46-7-8l, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'46-7-8l, Member John Mar- shall Bar Association l'46-7-83, Mem- ber Debate Club l'46l, Member Cam- era Club l'46-7-8l, Circulation Man- ager Summer Gator l'45l, ROTC Band Captain l'46-7l, International Rela- tions Club l'47-8l MYERS, HERMAN OGDEN Benson Junction, Florida B. S. Education MYERS, JOHN GEORGE Miami, Florida B. Civil Engineering Chi Phi Benton Engineering Council l'47l, A.S.C.E. l'46-7-81, Member White Friars l'47-Bl NEWMAN, FLOYD W., JR. Jacksonville, Florida A. B. Arts and Sciences Member Adelphos l'46-7l NEXSEN, WILLIAM ELBERT West Palm Beach, Florida B. S. Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Phi Eta Sigma l'45l, I.F.C. Representative lSummer '47l NODINE, ROBERT CARLTON Clearwater, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Phi Eta Sigma l'45l, Presbyte- rian Session l'45-6-7-83, Pres. Presby- terian Westminister Fellowship l'45-6l NORDMANN, THOMAS EDWARD DeLand, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Newman Club l'42-3-7-Sl NOTT, ERNEST CLAYTON Ocala, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Page 222 NULTER, CHARLES LAWRENCE Plant City, Florida A. B. Arts and Sciences ODHAM, MARSHALL GLENN Sanford, Florida B. A. Education Pi Kappa Alpha Football Team l'44-5-6l, Track Team l'44l, Member "F" Club l'45-6-7-81 ODOM, ARCHIE MALCOLM Ft. Myers, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Alpha Member Phi Alpha Delta, Member John Marshall Bar Association, Member Gator Party Nominating Committee l'47l OGLETREE, O. B., JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega Member Seminole Business Staff l'4I- Zl, Member Pep Club l'4I-Zl O'NEAL, BEN F. Tifton, Georgia B. S. Chemical Engineering Kappa Alpha Member A.l.C.E. l'46-7l, Group Leader l'45l O'NEAL, PATRICK W. Ocala, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member Florida Blue Key l'46-7l, Member Hall of Fame V46-7l, Seminole Editor l'46-7l, President, Florida Play- ers l'48l, Sec.-Treas. Florida Play- ers l'46l, Member l'45-6-71, Pres. Junior Class l'46-7l, Pres. University Press Association l'46l, Sec.-Treas. Florida Intercollegiate Press and Flor- ida Student Government Association l'46-7l, Delegate, SAE Leadership School, Orange Peel V46-71, Delegate, Associated Collegiate Press National Convention, Seminole Executive Editor l'45-61, Seminole Photo Editor l'44-Sl, Alligator Staff l'44-Sl, Head Joint Publications Photo Board l'45-6l, Sec.- Treas. A.P.0. l'44-Sl, Member L'Apache l'46-7l, Freshman Group Leader l'46l OSBURN, JOSEPH KARL Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi OSWALD, DOUGLAS HATTON Marianna, Florida B. S. Agriculture OTT, THOMAS TRUETT Tallahassee, Florida LLB Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7-8l, Member Cavaliers l'46-7-Bl OWEN, HARRY ASHTON, JR. Palatka, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Sigma Tau l'47-81, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46-7-Bl, V-Pres. A.l.E.E. l'47-8l, Member l'46-7-8l, Pres. Benton Engineering Council l'47- 8l OWEN, PHILIP C. Jacksonville, Florida LLB Member Phi Alpha Delta, Member John Marshall Bar Association PAGE, ERNEST MALONEY, JR. Greenville, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Phi Member Phi Delta Phi l'47-8l, Execu- tive Officer Gator Veterans l'46l, Member Adelphos l'47-Sl, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7- 8l, Member Young Democrats l'47l, Member Committee of "67" l'47l PARNELLE, ROBERT E., JR. Ocala, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Forestry Club l'42-7-Bl PARRAMORE, HUBERT EARL Marianna, Florida B. S. Engineering PARTRIDGE, HENRY EDWARD Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Kappa Sigma , Member Beta Alpha Psi l'46-7-8I PASTEUR, THOMAS BENJAMIN Miami, Florida B. S. Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'4I-2-3-6-7-81, Member Y.M.C.A. l'40-I-2-3lp Member Christian Science Organization l'48I5 Member Benton Engineering Council l'47I PATRICK, MAURICE C. Eustis, Florida B. S. Agriculture PATTERSON, RICHARD McCARTHY Clewiston, Florida B. S. Agriculture Kappa Sigma Member Alpha Zeta l'47I, Member Block and Bridle Club l'46-75, Mem- ber Gator Pep Club I'4Il, Member White Friars l'4l-2-3-4-5-6-7Ip Mem- ber Committee of "67" PATTON, VINCENT DION Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Engineering Member A.I.C.E., Member American Chemical Society PEACOCK, GEORGE ROWATT St. Petersburg, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta PEARCE, ROBERT JASPER Coconut Grove, Florida B. S. Engineering Member A.S.M.E. i'4l-2-3-4-5-6-7-81, Member Cavaliers l'4l-2-3-4-5-6-7-8I PEARSON, DONALD KENTON Sanford, Florida B. S. Business Administration PEEPLES, HENRY CLAY Tavares, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Tau Alpha Nu, Sec.-Treas. Forestry Club l'47-BI PEERSON, HENRY HERNDON Lake Worth, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Alpha Kappa Psi PENN, RICHARD KENNETH Reading, Pennsylvania B. S. Industrial Engineering Beta Theta Pi Member Scabbard and Blade l'42Ig Manager Flavet III I'46-7I, Member S.A.M. PEREZ, CHARLES WILLIAM Key West, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47-83, Mem- ber Newman Club l'42-6-7-Blg Mem- ber Los Picaros l'42-6-7-83 PEREZ, WILLIAM Tampa, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Los Picaros l'46-7-87, Mem- ber Mortar and Pestle l'46-7-83, Mem- ber Cavaliers l'46-7-BI PERRYMAN, JOHN DAVIS Lecanto, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Executive Council l'47-831 Member Forestry Club U46-7-BI, Mem- ber Phi Sigma l'47-83 PETERS, JAMES CLAIBORNE Pensacola, Florida B. S. Business Administration PETERS, THOMAS J. Miami, Florida B. A. Education Theta Chi Student Assistant College of Education l'46-7-BI PHILLIPS, JOHN H. St. Cloud, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Tau Delta PHILYAW, JAMES WILLIAM Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sec. Sigma Alpha Epsilon l'44Ip Dean's List l'43I PICKLE, HENRY A. Lakeland, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering PICKLE, HERBERT E. Leesburg, Florida B. S. Engineering Member A.S.C.E. l'47-Bl PLUMMER, DALE CARLTON Milford, Illinois B. A. Education - Member Band V44-S-6-7-BI: Member Wesley Foundation l'44-5-6-7-8I, Sec. l'46Ip Member Florida Players l'44-535 Member Glee Club l'44-5l POAGE, ROBERT GLENN Tampa, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Phi Delta Theta Member S.A.M. l'47I, Member Pirates Krewe l'46-7I, Member Intramural Board l'46-7I, Member Wesley Founda- tion l'46-711 Member I.R.C. l'46-7I POPE, HAROLD CRANSTON Panama City, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47-8lp Mem- ber Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-8Ig Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46-'ll POTTER, ANDREW ELWIN St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Chemistry Delta Tau Delta Member Honor Court l'44-5-6-7l, Member Gamma Sigma Epsilon, V-Pres. Delta Tau Delta l'44l, V-Pres. Amer- ican Chemical Society Affiliate l'47Ig I.F.C. Representative l'45I POUNDS, EDWIN HARVEY Ocoee, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Mortar and Pestle l'47-835 Member Newman Club l'47-83 POWELL, BENJAMIN IREDELL, JR. Miami, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences POWELL, BENJAMIN OSCAR, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46I, Member A.I.E.E. l'46-7-8I, Member Benton Engineering Society l'46-7-BI POWELL, LEVI ALLEN, SR. Pinetta, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Honor Court l'47-8l5 Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46I, Member Phi Sig- ma l'47I, Member Tau Alpha Nu l'47I, Member Forestry Club U46-7-83 PRESTON, FRANCIS ALBERT Auburndale, Florida B. S. Animal Industry Member Alpha Zeta l'47-SI, Member Block and Bridle Club l'46-7-8I PREVATT, RUBERT W. Seville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Sigma Chi Member Cavaliers, Pro-Consul Sigma Chi l'45l, Annotator l'44I PRICE, CLIFTON ARTHUR - St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration PROCTOR, HAZEL MARJORIE Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Education PROCTOR, MEYER Jacksonville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Scabbard and Blade l'47-8I PROPST, NEIL WILSON Lake Worth, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Delta Upsilon Page 223 PUGLISI, LUIS A. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Los Picaros PURDOM, GLEN A., JR. Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Presbyterian Student Session l'4I-21, Member Band l'4I-2I PURSER, HENRY WILLIAM Atlantic Beach, Florida B. S. Agriculture Sigma Nu PURSER, JOHN PALMER, JR. Atlantic Beach, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Sigma Nu QUISENBERRY, ANDERSON C. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration RABIN, WILLIAM. LEON Waukeenah, Florida B. S. Agriculture Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Agriculture Club l'46-7Ig Foot- ball l'44-SI, Member F.F.A. Chapter l'46-7I RAMSEY, JAMES PERRY, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi Member Sigma Tau, Member A.S.M.E.: Recording Sec. Sigma Tau l'46-7I, V-Pres. l'47-8Ip Member B.E.S. RAWLINS, TRUMAN D., JR. Wildwood, Florida B. S. Architecture RAWLS, JOH N S. Marianna, Florida LLB Theta Chi Member Phi Delta Phi l'47-81, Member Theta Chi l'46-7-83, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7-835 Member Block and Bridle Club l'38-9- 40I REAVES, JACK SHELDON Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Honor Court l'47I REDDICK, DALTON Williston, Florida B. S. Education REHWINKEL, CHARLES CLARENCE Crawfordville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-855 Member Pep Club I'45-6I REIF, ROBERT E. Wauchula, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Kappa Tau Member Cavaliers REIK, JOHN HENRY, JR. Lakewood, Ohio B. S. Chemical Engineering Member A.l.C.E. REMINGTON, CHARLES LEGRAND' Orlando, Florida B. S. Agriculture M. S. Agriculture Member Freshmen Swimming Team l'38-975 Member Intramural Swimming Team l'38-9I, Member Newell Ento- mological Society l'39-40-I-Z-3-4-5- 6-7-8I, Student Mayor Trailer Vet ll V46-7I, Member Florida Party Nomi- nating Committee l'47I REYES, FRANK Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Board of Directors of Cavaliers l'47-BI, Delegate to All-Student Party l'47-BI, Treasurer of Florida Party l'47l5 As- sistant Secretary of Social Affairs l'47I REYNOLDS, THOMAS F. Pensacola, Florida B. S. Education RHODES, ROBERT L. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi RICE, EDWIN RAY Pahokee, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Block and Bridle Club I'4l-2- 6-7-81, Member Agriculture Club l'4l- 2-73, Member Rifle Team l'4l-2l RICHARDS, HUBERT E. Chipley, Florida B. A. Physical Education Phi Kappa Tau RICHARDS, JOE MURREY Fort Myers B. S. Pharmacy Theta Chi Member Mortal and Pestle l'42-6-7-8l, Member White Friars RIDDLES, MILTON J. Geneva, Alabama B. S. Chemistry Theta Chi RIGBY, AUBREY HOYETTE Century, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-87, Member Kappa Kappa Psi I'46-7-8l, Member University Band l'47-8l, Mem- ber Glee Club I'47l RIGELL, JOSEPH S. Panama City, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Executive Council I'47-81, Member Panama City Club U46-73 RITCHIE, DEVERE, JR. Orlando, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Golf Team V46-7-8l, Member Engineering Society ROANE, RALPH ALLEN Oakland, Florida B. S. Business Administration ROBBINS, CAREY ARNETT Ocala, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Block and Bridle Club I'42-3- 6-7l, Member Dairy Tech Club I'42-31, Member Agriculture Club I'42-33 ROBBINS, JACK ETHAN Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Alpha Kappa Psi I'47-8l ROBBINS, JOSEPH HERMANN Tampa, Florida B. Architecture Phi Delta Theta President Newman Club I'47l ROBERTSON, MURRAY Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega Member Tennis Team l'47-83 ROBINSON, HENRY EMMONS, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Agriculture ROBINSON, JAMES CARSON Orlando, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Member Florida Blue Key, Pres. Phi Delta Theta l'4Z-33, Business Manager "F" Book I'42l, Assistant Business Manager Alligator i'4l-Zi, Member Phi Delta Phi I'47-83, Member Alpha Phi Omega, Member Board of Governors Cavaliers, Circulation Manager Sem- inole l'42l, Dean's List I'4ll RODGERS, DONALD DUDLEY Miami, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.l.E.E. l'4l-6-7-83, Member Benton Engineering Society RODRIGUEZ, JOSE JOAQUIN Bogota, Colombia B. S. Building Construction Phi Gamma Delta Pres. Los Picaros l'46-71, Member Gar- goyle I'46-7l ROEHRIG, WILFRED OSCAR Miami, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering ROGERS, PAUL GRANT Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Pres. Florida Blue Key I'47l, Member Phi Delta Phi l'46l, Member Tau Kap- pa Alpha l'40l, National TKA Debate Champion I'4ll, Pres. Phi Delta Theta I'42J ROGERS, VOLNEY TRENT Gainesville, Florida B. A. Journalism Member Sigma Delta Chi, Member Symphony Orchestra I'46-7l RONEY, RAY E. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration ROOKS, JEFF Jacksonville Beach, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Mayor Trailervet I i'46l, Member ln- ternational Relations Club I'47l ROTHWELL, DONALD F. Tampa, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Adelphos Society i'47l, l.F.C. Representative I'46-71, Member Agri- culture Club I'47l RUBASH, JAMES JOSEPH St. Andrew, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Theta Chi Member A.S.C.E. I'46-7-83, Member Scabbard and Blade V46-7-83 RUBIN, HERBERT L. Miami, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member A.P.O. I'46-7-87, Member Agriculture Club I'46l, Member Hillel I'45-6-7-81, Member Gator Vets I'45l, Member A.V.C. I'46l, Member Glee Club I'46l RUESS, CHARLES WARREN Ormond Beach, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Delta Tau Delta RUHL, DAN HART, JR. Ft. Myers, Florida B. S. Agriculture Delta Tau Delta RUIS, RONALD HAROLD Plant City, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences RUMPH, LEO JARNNAGIN High Springs, Florida B. S. Education Sigma Phi Epsilon Intramurals, Member Young Democrats, Member Alpha Kappa Psi RUSSELL, DAVID EMERSON Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. V46-7-81, Member Leigh Chemical Society i'4O-I-27, Member Vestry Episcopal Church I'42l RUSSELL, EARL ESSLEY, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi I'4'l-Bl RYALS, LESTER JAMES Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi RYAN, CARL D. Arcadia, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member American Legion I'46-73, Member Beta Alpha Psi I'46-71, Mem- ber Beta Gamma Sigma I'47I, Radio Station WRUF U45-6-7l RYAN, ROBERT THOMAS Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu Varsity Football I'42l, Varsity Basket- ball I'43-4-5-6l, Member "F" Club SALAZAR, GEORGE, JR. Tampa, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Mortar and Pestle l'46-7-8l SANCHEZ, NILO G. Key West, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Page 224 SANDERS, JAMES CLAYTON Fernandina, Florida B. S. Business Administration SANDERS, RICHARD CARL, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Freshman Football l'39l SANDS, HOWARD ELLIOTT Ocala, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon SAUNDERS, JOHN B. Miami, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7-81, Member Newman Club I'4l-2-7-Sl SAYERS, JOEL WATSON, JR. Tampa, Florida B. Architecture Chi Phi SAYMON, BURT J. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. I'46-7-8l SCHAUT, JOHN W. Bradenton, Florida B. A. Journalism Alpha Tau Omega Florida Alligator I'38l, Executive Edi- tor Summer Gator I'47l, Florida Alli- gator Staff i'47-BI, Member Cavaliers I'47l SCHMIDT, PHILIP KINGSLEY Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Post Finance Officer Gator Veterans l'46l SCHRECK, ROBERT THOMAS Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Sigma Tau I'47l, Member Gamma Sigma Epsilon I'44I, Member Benton Engineering Council I'47-Bl, Member A.I.C.E. V43-4-7-8l, Member American Chemical Society I'44-7-81, Member Florida Engineering Society I'44l SCIOVILLE, HENRI Bogota, Colombia B. S. Building Construction Pres. Los Picaros l'46-7l, Member Cavaliers I'46-7l, Member Newman Club I'45-6-73 SCOTT, LINOS, A. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member Phi Eta Sigma I'46l, Dean's List I'46I SCOTT, THOMAS MCDONALD Mandarin, Florida B. A. Education SCUDDER, KENNETH T. San Antonio, Florida B. S. Forestry Member Tau Alpha Nu I'47-8l, Mem- ber Forestry Club I'46-7-8l, Member Slash Pine Cache V46-7-83, Member Leigh Chemical Society I'4l-Zl SEEGMILLER, WALTER ROBERT Lakeland, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Sec.-Treas. A.l.E.E. U47-83 SEIBERT, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. Architecture Member Gargoyle l'47-83 SEIDNER, ROGER BENTON Windermere, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alligator I'43l, Seminole l'47l, Mem- ber Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-Bl, Member Real Estate Club I'47-83, Member Adelphos l'47-8l, Member Young Dem- ocrats I'47-81, Publicity Chairman Real Estate Club ISummer '47l SELDEN, LEO B., JR. Tampa, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46l, Member Florida Alligator Staff I'46-73, Sec. Math Club l'46l SERROS, ANDREW NICK Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Member Newman Club l'42-3-4-5-6-7- 83, V-Pres. l'47-8l, Member Gator Pep Club l'42-33, Member Gator Veterans l'46-7-8l, Member White Friars l'46- 7-8l, Alligator l'46-7l, V-Pres. Phi Delta Theta lSummer '46l, Member Debate Club l'42-3l SEVER, JOHN F. Clearwater, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Sigma Chi WRUF Writer l'44-5-63, Program Di- rector l'46-7-8l, Pres. Sigma Chi l'47J, Member L'Apache l'45-6-7-83, Member Sigma Delta Chi l'47-Bl SHASHY, DANIEL JOSEPH Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Chi SHAW, FRED' ANSELL Glen St. Mary, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member F.F.A. l'46-7-83 SHIVERS, DOUGLASS BOURNE Chipley, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Member Phi Delta Phi l'47-8l, Member White Friars l'46-7-Bl, Member Com- mittee of "67" l'46-7l, Pres. l.R.C. l'46-7l, Member Young Democrats l'46-7-81, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7-8l, Seminole l'46i, I.F.C. Representative l'47-Sl SHOEMAKER, ROBERT A. Wildwood, Florida B. S. Business Administration Baseball l'45l SHUBIN, JOSHUA D. Hatboro, Pennsylvania B. S. Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi Jr. I.F.C. Representative l'42-35, Inter- national Politics l'4Z-3l, Debate l'42- Bl SIKES, VERNON F. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu Member Real Estate Club l'47-Bl SIMMONS, STEPHEN BROWN Chipley, Florida B. S. Agriculture SIMPSON, WILEY TERRELL Winter Haven, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega SIZEMORE, DONALD MOYE Miami, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Member A.S.M.E. l'47-Sl SLANKAUCKAS, ANTHONY FRANCIS Verona, New Jersey B. S. Forestry Member Tau Alpha Nu l'47-85, Mem- ber Newman Club l'46-7-8l, Member Forestry Club l'46-7-8l SMITH, AUGUSTUS VANNESAR Clearwater, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Chi Pres. Sigma Chi l'47l, Sec. l'47l, Dean's List l'45-6l, Member Alpha Phi Omega l'46-7l SMITH, EDWIN HAWKINS Reddick, Florida B. S. Forestry Sigma Chi Member Forestry Club l'46-7-Bl SMITH, EUGENE RICHARD Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta SMITH, HAROLD S. Arcadia, Florida LLB Commander Gator Veterans l'46l, Member Executive Council lSummer '46, '46-7l, Co-Chairman Gator Party l'46-7l, Member Florida Union Board of Managers l'46-7l, Chairman Con- stitutional Revision Student Body V46- 7l, Florida Blue Key High School Speaker l'37i, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'46-7-81, Member Cavaliers l'46-7-Bl, Winner Redfearn Law Prize l'47l, Student Assistant General College l'46-73, Member Young Democrats Club l'46-7-8l, State Delegate University Reserve Officers Association l'46-7l, Member Methodist Student Session l'46-7l, Board at Di- rectors Student Co-op l'46-7l, Member Staff Summer Gator l'46l, Intramural Manager l'36i, Florida Blue Key l'47- 8l, Hall of Fame l'47-8l SMITH, HENRY JEFFERSON Palmetto, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Y.M.C.A. l'40-I-Zi, Member Thyrsus l'46-7-83, Member Agriculture Club l'46-7-Bl, Member Alligator Staff l'40-ll SMITH, LEONARD' C. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Phi Delta Theta V-Pres. Athletic Council l'47-83, Cab- inet Member lSummer '47l, Member L'Apache, Member Dairy Tech Club SMITH, PAULINE EVANS Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. A. Education SMITH, RALPH MILTON Thomson, Georgia B. A. Journalism SNELL, RO'Y JACKSON St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Chemistry SNIVELY, HARVEY BOWDEN, JR. Winter Haven, Florida B. S. Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha SOFGE, JOHN THOMAS, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Band l'46-7l SOOWAL, JEROME MARVIN Orlando, Florida B. S. Agriculture Delta Sigma Member Thyrsus l'46-7l SORBER, ROBERT RAY Orlando, Florida B. S. Business Administration SOUTHALL, CAREY THOMAS Palatka, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Pres. Alpha Gamma Rho l'47-8l, Mem- ber Alpha Tau Alpha l'47-8J, Member Scabbard and Blade l'47-SJ, Advanced R.O.T.C. l'47-83, Freshman Boxing Manager ' l'42i, Sentinel Collegiate Chapter F.F.A. l'47-8l, Member Block and Bridle l'42-3-7l, Member Baptist Student Union l'47-83, Freshman Group Leader l'47l SPAULDING, DAVID' WARREN Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Historian Sigma Tau l'47-83, V-Pres. Phi Eta Sigma l'43-47, V-Pres. A.I.C.E. l'47-81, Freshman Group Leader l'43l, Dean's List l'43-4-7l, Honor Student Engineering College l'47-81 SPEARS, SEYMOUR ' Jersey City, New Jersey B. S. Mechanical Engineering Member A.S.M.E. l'47l SPRAGUE, JOHN LEMUEL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu STALLWORTH, HERBERT F. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Chancellor of Honor Court l'46-7l, Member l'45-6, Summer '46l, Member Executive Council lSummer '45l, Mem- Page 225 ber Florida Blue Key, Member Florida Union Board of Managers l'46-7l, Chairman Joint Convention F.I.P.A.- F.S.G.A. l'47l, Delegate to Convention l'46l, Member Cavaliers, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'45l, Member Hall at Fame l'46-7l, Independent Political Repre- sentative l'45-6-73, Member Gator Veterans, Seminole l'45-63, Member Aligator Staff l'45l STANLEY, FRANK C., JR. Auburndale, Florida LLB Chairman Gator Party l'47l, Pres. Phi Eta Sigma l'46-7l, Board of Governors Cavaliers l'47-83, Executive Committee Young Democrats l'47-8l, Member Phi Alpha Delta l'47-8l, Member Inter- national Relations Club l'47l, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'45-6- 7l, Member Gator Vets l'45-67, Sec.- Treas. Student Body lSummer '46l, Florida Blue Key l'47-8l, Hall of Fame l'47-8l STEED, WILLIAM JEPHUNNEH, JR. Orlando, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dean's List l'4l-Zl, Treas. Sigma Tau l'47-8l, Member l'46-7-8l, Pres. A.I.C.E. l'46-7-81, Member l'43-4-5-6- 7-83, Member Florida Glee Club l'4Il, Member Benton Engineering Council l'46-7-Bl, Member American Chemical Society l'47-Bl STENHOLM, FRANK A., JR. Brooksville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Sigma Nu Member A.S.A.E. STENHOLM, RICHARD ARNOLD Brooksville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering STERRITT, WALTER R. Hollywood, Florida B. S. Business Administration Chi Phi Member White Friars l'46l, Alligator l'39l, Member Bacchus l'38l STEVENS, F. CLYDE, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Cheerleader l'4l-2-3-6-7-8l STEVENS, JACK GERALD Mansfield, Ohio- B. S. Business Administration STEVENSON, MARVIN W. Lake Wales, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.I.E.E. STEWART, EDWIN PAUL Hindman, Kentucky B. A. Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Rho Member Debate Team l'42-33, Ad- vanced R.O.T.C. l'45-6-7l, Member Rifle Team l'46-7l, I.F.C. Representa- tive l'42-33, Member Presbyterian Stu- dent Session l'47l, Member Block and Bridle Club l'43-6-75 STINSON, JAMES ALBRECHT St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi Member A.l.E.E. l'46-7-Sl STOCKS, HOUSTON C. Frostproot, Florida B. S. Business Administration STOKES, SHERWOOD L. Haines City, Florida LLB STONE, ASBURY MCDONALD Lake Worth, Florida LLB Chi Phi Member Executive Council lSummer '47l, Member D'ean's Election Commit- tee l'47l, Chairman Dixie Party l'47i, Treas. l'47l, Member John Marshall Bar Association l'4677-8l, Member Young Democrats l'46-7-87, Member Gator Vets l'46-7-8l STONE, ERWIN EARL Lynn, Massachusetts B. S. Pharmacy Tau Epsilon Phi Member Mortar and Pestle V46-7-Bl STONE, JOHN T. Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Beta Theta Pi V-Pres. l.R.C. I'4l-ZI, Pres. Florida Players I'42-3-7-8l, Pres. Alpha Psi Omega I'43l STONECIPHER, JOHN Orlando, Florida B. S. Agriculture Chi Phi Member Newell Entomological Society I'47l, Member White Friars I'47l STONER, CLIFFORD W. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member A.l.E.E. I'47-Bl, Member Ben- ton Engineering Society I'47-Bl STRATTON, ROBERT A. Orlando, Florida B. Architecture Seminole Art Editor I'47I, Alligator l'46-7-81, Member Presbyterian Stu- dent Session I'42-6-7-8l, Member Band I'42-33 STROH, OSCAR H. Linglestown, Pennsylvania B. S. Engineering Member Fencing Club I'38-9-407, Member S.A.M. I'38-9-407 STUBBS, ROBERT GUERRY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Agriculture STULTS, MAX WAYNE St. Augustine, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu SUMNER, JAMES LEROY Fairfield, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club I'47-Bl SWANSON, HENRY FREDERICK Gainesville, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Alpha Zeta I'47l, Member Phi Sigma I'47l, Member Executive Council I'47I, Member Thyrsus I'46-73, Member Agriculture Club I'4l-2-33 SWEAT, JAMES PASCO Tampa, Florida B. S. Engineering Member A.S.C.E. I'46-7-81 SWEET, CHARLES A. St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Alpha Kappa Psi SWINDLE, FULDA CATHERINE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. A. Education TAMM, RICHARD LEWIS Kissimmee, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Mortar and Pestle I'4l-2-7-8l TAYLOR, EARLE ABBOTT, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education Phi Delta Theta Member L'Apache I'4l-2-3-4-5-6-7I, Member Scabbard and Blade I'42I, Jr. l.F.C. Representative l'4ll, Member Crack Drill Company I'4lI, Pres. Gen- eral College Engineering Society I'42l TEDDER, GEORGE W., JR. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LLB Phi Delta Theta Seminole I'4l-Zl, Member Broward County Club I'40-ll, Pres. l'40-ll, Pres. Phi Delta Theta I'47l, Steward I'4-2-SI, Jr. I.F.C. Representative I'39- 40I TESTY, JOHN W. Hollywood, Florida B. S. Business Administration THOMAS, ARCHIBALD J., JR. Starke, Florida LLB Sigma Chi Pres. Cavaliers I'47-8l, Member Phi Alpha Delta, Member Adelphos, Mem- ber John Marshall Bar Association THOMPSON, BUFORD DALE Lake Wales, Florida B. S. Agriculture THOMPSON, HAROLD FREDERICK Plant City, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member Alpha Zeta I'46-7I, Member Thyrsus I'46-7l, Member Block and Bridle Club I'46-77, Member Agricul- ture Club I'46-7I THOMPSON, JACK CONRAD Winter Haven, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Alpha Tau Alpha I'47-8I, Dean's List I'46-7l THOMPSON, THOMAS FRANKLIN Tarpon Springs, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Band I'42I, Member Cavaliers I'42-3-4-5-6-7l, Member A.I.E.E. I'47l TILDEN, JOHN RENTON Winter Park, Florida B. S. Engineering Kappa Sigma Member A.S.C.E. I'46-7-8l TIMBERLAKE, WALTER BALDWIN, JR. Miami, Florida Master Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Member Florida Blue Key I'46-7-Bl, Member Hall of Fame I'46-73, Pres. Senior Class I'46-73, Pres. Alpha Kappa Psi I'46-7l, Pres. Alpha Phi Omega I'45-6I TIMMERMAN, THOMAS WOODHAM Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon TOWNSEND, THOMAS RALPH Mt. Dora, Florida B. S. Agriculture Phi Kappa Tau TUCKER, GRADY O., JR. Campbellton, Florida B. S. Business Administration TUCKER, WILLIAM ANGUS Bradenton, Florida B. S. Business Administration TUMLIN, RUPERT MOISE Lafayette, Indiana B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Member Alpha Kappa Psi I'47l, Mem- ber Baptist Student Union I'46l, Mem- ber Cavaliers I'47I TURNER, WINTON FREDERICK Panama City, Florida LLB Treas. Adelphos I'47-BI, Member John Marshall Bar Association I'47-Bl, Pres. Student Body ISummer '46l, Member Board of Directors Students Co-opera- tiveI'47I, Sec. Panama City Club I'46- 7l, Commander Gator Vets I'46-7l, Member Florida Bar Association I'47l, Group Leader Freshman Week I'47l, Member Committee of "67" I'47-Bl TYSON, ZARIEL GAY Zephyrhills, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho Member General College Engineering Society I'40I, Member Agriculture Club I'42-3I, Member Block and Bridle I'42-33, Member Agriculture Engineer- ing Society I'42-31 UGARTE, CARLOS A. Tampa, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering UTSEY, BERNICE CONWAY Gainesville, Florida B. A. Education Page 226 VALDES, ELMO MANUEL Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Glee Club I'44-5-6-7l, Mem- ber Los Picaros I'44-5-6-7l, Member Alpha Kappa Psi I'46-7I, Member Pep Club I'45I VAN DE MOTTER, JOHN S. Daytona Beach, Florida LLB Lambda Chi Alpha Member Phi Delta Phi I'47I VANDEWALKER, LEWIS ALVIN Gainesville, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences VAN WAGENEN, DURYEE Green Cove Springs, Florida B. A. Journalism Sigma Chi Sec. Sigma Chi I'47-8I, Alligator Staff I'42-3-6-7-Sl, Associate Editor U46- 7I, Member Los Picaros I'42-3-6-7-81, Member Sigma Delta Chi I'47-8l, Member Committee of "67" I'47I VARN, THOMAS LELAND Brooksville, Florida B. S. Education VARN, WILFRED CLAUDE St. Augustine, Florida LLB Pi Kappa Phi Member Phi Delta Phi I'46-7-BI, Mem- ber "F" Club I'39I, Member Cavaliers V46-7-BI, Member Delta Sigma Pi V38-91, Executive Officer, Vice Com- mander Gator Veterans I'46-7l VETTER, EMERSON WALKER New Brunswick, New Jersey B. S. Forestry VIDAL, ALBERT PIERRE Gainesville, Florida B. S. Pharmacy VIDEON, THOMAS STETSON, JR. Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega VINCENT, NICK MARIO Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Cavaliers, Board of Governors, Execu- tive Council ISummer '47I, Alpha Kap- pa Psi, Executive Council I'47-81, Or- ganizations Staff Seminole I'48I WACHA, FRANK A. Jensen Beach, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sec. Finance President's Cabinet I'47 8I, Member Alpha Kappa Psi I'46-7-81 WALDEN, JAMES HENDRIX Jacksonville, Florida LLB Sigma Phi Epsilon Member Phi Delta Phi I'47-8I, Pres. Sigma Phi Epsilon I'4'll, Member White Friars I'4l-2-6-7-81, Member John Marshall Bar Association I'47-8I, Mem- ber Y.M.C.A. I'4l-ZI WALKER., CORNELIUS THOMAS Pensacola, Florida LLB Member Phi Delta Phi V46-7l, Member Gator Veterans I'46-7l WALKER, GEORGE BEVERLY, JR. Columbus, Georgia B. S. Agriculture Sigma Chi Member Newell Entomological Society I'46-7-8l, Member Agriculture Club I'46l, Member Cavaliers I'47-Bl WALKER, HARRY LEIGH Gainesville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Dean's List I'46-7l WALLACE, LOUIS WAYMAN St. Petersburg, Florida LLB Member Cavaliers I'46-7I, Member John Marshall Bar Association I'46-7- 85, Member Alpha Phi Omega I'45-7l, Member Gator Veterans I'46I, Member Gator Party Committee I'46l, Member Alligator I'46l WALSH, LEON GEORGE, JR. St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47-8l WARE, EDITH F. Branford, Florida B. S. Pharmacy! Pres. Kappa Epsilon l'47-8l, Member Mortar and Pestle l'46-7-83, Member Presbyterian Student Session l'46-7-83, Member Leigh Chemical Society l'46l WARE, MARY C. Branford, Florida B. S. Pharmacy Member Honor Court l'47-81, Pres. Kappa Epsilon l'46-7lp Member Mortar and Pestle l'46-7-8I5 Member Pres- byterian Student Session l'46-7-Bl, Member Leigh Chemical Society l'46l WATKINS, LOIS Gainesvjlle, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences WATSON, FRANK B., JR. Miami, Florida LLB Member Phi Alpha Delta l'46-7-8l WATSON, JAMES P. Tampa, Florida B. S. Business Administration Delta Tau Delta WEAVER, WILLIAM JAMES LaBelle, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences WEEKS, JACK Lakeland, Florida B. S. Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega Varsity Football l'44-Sly l.F.C. Repre- sentative l'44-Slp Member Intramural Board l'46l, Member L'Apache l'45Ip Member Gator Veterans l'45l, Member Student Branch American Society Agri- cultural Engineers l'45l WEEMS, HOWARD VINCENT, JR. Sebring, Florida M. S. Graduate Chi Phi Member Newell Entomological Society l'46-7-8I, Pres. Chi Phi l'47l WEISS, LAWRENCE FENWICK Miami, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering WELLHONER, JACK, JR. Conner, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering WEST, GEORGE HENRY, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Member A.P.O. l'46l5 Member A.S.M.E. l'47l WESTER, JORDAN LACY, JR. Lake Wales, Florida B. S. Chemistry Varsity Track Team l'42l, Freshman Track Team l'4llp Student Affiliate American Chemical Society l'47-83 WETHERINGTON, RYNDAL LEWIS Williston, Florida B. S. Engineering Member Glee Club l'4l-2-3-Sl, Mem- ber Baptist Student Union Council l'46- 7l, Member A.I.C.E. l'46-7-83, Mem- ber American Chemical Society V46- 7-83 WHEELER, KITTY L. Miami, Florida B. S. Education Member Future Teachers Association l'46-7I WHEELER, ROBERT HENRY Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-8I, Sec. l'46-77, Pres. l'47-81, Member Pep Club l'44-Sl: V-Pres. Baptist Stu- dent Union l'44-Slj Sec. Pi Kappa Phi l'44-Sl: Advanced R.O.T.C. l'46-7-81 WHIPPLE, THOMAS AUSTIN Eustis, Florida B. S. Pharmacy WHITE, GLADYS H. Miami, Florida LLB Member Phi Delta Delta, Membership Committee John Marshall Bar Associa- tion WHITE, WILLARD' EUGENE Quincy, Florida B. S. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-8I WHITESIDE, AUGUSTUS FRANCIS Miami, Florida B. S. Civil Engineering Kappa Alpha l.F.C. Representative l'42-3l, Member A.S.C.E. l'46-7l, Member L'Apache ' l'42-3-6-7l WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM STROTHER, JR. Miami, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'47-8lj Member Gator Veterans l'46-73 WILCOX, NORMAN E. Clearwater, Florida B. S. Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha Member Agriculture Club l'47-8l WILES, GEORGE R., JR. St. Augustine, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta WILLIAMS, EDWARD A., JR. Bonifay, Florida B. A. Education Member Band l'44-575 Member Gator Veterans, Member Future Teachers of America WILLIAMS, EUGENE LAMAR, JR. St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Industrial Engineering Phi Delta Theta Member Sigma Tau l'47l, Member S.A.M. l'47lp Sec. Benton Engineering Council l'47lg Member Wesley Foun- dation l'4Il, Member "F" Club l'47lp Varsity Track l'47l WILLIAMS, JONATHAN BEATTY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration WILLIAMS, KAVANAUGH RAMSEY Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Kappa Sigma WILLIAMS, OWEN EDGAR, JR. Bartow, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Phi Delta Theta Member Board of Student Publications l'47l, Member Seminole Staff V46-7I, Member R.O.T.C. Rifle Team l'47l, Member Florida Rifles l'47l, Sec. l.R.C. l'47lp Member John Marshall Bar As- sociation l'47l WILLIAMS, WALTER DEWEY Chipley, Florida B. S. Electrical Engineering Member Benton Engineering Council l'46l, V-Pres. A.I.E.E. l'47l, Sec.-Treas. l'46l WILSIE, EVERETT BRUCE Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Building Construction Phi Delta Theta V-Pres. Alpha Phi Omega l'46-7l, Sec. Pep Club l'46-7l - WILSON, BETTE JO Miami, Florida - B. A. Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Pres. Chi Omega l'47-8lp Member Seminole Staff l'47-87 WILSON, FRANK MAXWELL, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Nu Pres. Students Co-op Grocery l'47l, Sec. Interior Presidents Cabinet lSum- mer '47Ip Member Executive Council l'47-8l Page 227 WILSON, HORACE STATEN, JR. Bronson, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Member Baptist Student Union l'46-7l WILSON, JAMES BLAKE Gainesville, Florida B. S. Arts and Sciences Alpha Tau Omega Member Phi Eta Sigma l'4I-23 WINEGEART, BRANCH LAMAR, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi V-Pres. Young Democrats l'47l, Pres. Beta Theta Pi l'46Ip Member Executive Council lSummer '47l, Member Presi- dents Cabinet l'47-87, Co-Chairman All-Student Party l'47l, Chairman Homecoming Registration l'47l, Mem- ber Cavaliers l'46-7-8l, Member White Friars l'46-7-Sl WINTON, CHARLES F. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Photography Club l'45-6l, Member Executive Council l'46-7l WOOD, HENRY IRVING Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47l, Member Phi Eta Sigma l'46l WOEHLE, MAX L. Delray Beach, Florida B. S. Chemical Engineering Delta Tau Delta Member A.l.C.E. WOLFE, GEORGE ELLIOTT Fernandina, Florida B. A. Arts and Sciences Phi Gamma Delta Treos. Phi Gamma Delta l'42l, Member l.R.C. l'4I-21, l.F.C. Representative l'46-79, Member Bacchus l'4O-Il WOLPERT, LAWRENCE Baltimore, Maryland B. S. Business Administration Member Beta Alpha Psi l'47-Bl WRIGHT, ROBERT LYTLE Gainesville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta Member Alpha Kappa Psi l'46-7-8lp Member Scabbard and Blade l'47-83, Member Florida Union Staff l'45-61 WYKE, EDWARD DEAN, JR. Miami, Florida B. S. Architecture Kappa Sigma, Pres. l'46l Florida Blue Key Vice-President l'47- 8l, Moderator Presbyterian Student Session l'46-71, Clerk of Honor Court l'46-73, Justice of Honor Court l'46- 7lj Pres. Gargoyle l'47lp Member l.R.C. l'39-403, Member' Leigh Chemical So- ciety l'39-40l, Hall of Fame l'47-8l YOSIM, SAMUEL JACK St. Petersburg, Florida B. S. Chemistry Member Phi Eta Sigma l'47l1 Dean's List l'47l5 Member American Chemical Society l'47l YOUNG, EVERT A. Orlando, Florida B. S. Engineering Sigma Nu V-Pres. A.S.M.E. l'46-7l, Sec.-Treas. l'46l, Pres. General College Engineer- ing Society l'42-31, Member Benton Engineering Council l'42l ZELLNER, GEORGE ABNER, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B. S. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alligator Staff l'46Ip Intramural Staff l'46l, Member Real Estate Club l'46I, Intramural Participant Golf, Baseball, Track l'46-77 ZORN, WILLIAM CARLTON Darlington, Florida B. S. Agriculture Member Agriculture Club ? 3 4 2 5 1 ' 5 2 Q K s 4- - blnuwwn M..-N.. -Q 1 .+. .- .. -r iw' I 'l ii f Q4 f 4- .wa- gil 5 ' 5 i ' .Nr-wg' 'WGS' Y 5 n v Fig ' ,I r. 1 Q4 l '- s f nv 1, ,f an . I 1. 'X 'K Y 313 The purpose of ihe Universily College is 'lo 'rhoroughly acquainl all s'I'uden'l's wifh +he Basic College Courses befoye 'l'hey enier 'lheir cho- sen field of sfudy. Therefore, all Freshmen are enrolled in ihe Universiiy College 'For fheir firsl' +wo years of s+udy, ancl rake rhe pre- scribed Comprehensive. or "C" Courses. The "C" Courses consisf of: C-l lAmerican lns+i- fufionsl, C-2 lThe Physical Sciencesl, C-3 lEnglishl. C-4l lLogicl. C-42 lBasic Malhe- maficsl, C-5 lThe Humaniiiesl, and C-6 lBio- logical Sciencesl. Al'l'hough lhis syslem of preseniing Universiiy work is compararively new, if has mel' wi+l1 wide approval, and is being adop+ed by more and more Universilies fhroughoui' lhe naiion. ,bk ll Winslon W. Liifle, Dean, Universi+y College UNIVERSITY CQLLEGE Page 229 ARRINGTON Kenf A Tavares ASHLEY John G Jr Madison . ASTURIAS Lus E Guafemala C A ATKINS, Edward J Mlaml ATK NS Elmer S O lando . . . ATKINSON Gordon E Jacksonville Jaclcsonvllle ALBURY Bar? C Pensacola ALLEN ABOVE-BOTTOM J. rv-j1','1,g,A:,g-, ., .K M33 A635313 'Y h 1+3,?f3J?5w?' 1' v, ,Ylfgg A I 4-lim A I we vawf I Qwwggwbiihh ATKINSON Jaclr W Jacltsonvllle BABBITT James A Jr., Flagler Beach BABER Richard F Green Cove Springs . . BADGER Eugene C Hashngs BAILEY George T. Mraml BAKER Douglas A Mlaml BAKER, Susan F JBCKSOHVIIIB BAKER Thomas N Jaclr sonvllle . . BALKCOM Ichabod L Mlamu BARCO Carroll S., Galnesvllle BARDEN Claude Bonufay BARKER. Jack M Vero Beach - ,K vw... W , fait 1-I In gi - 5 Jr. 95-9 llwf: i+'f4iW51l nlgvbgp ww- 11" M -,, im-5fffe5IZ"e?11"11 14eT.q-ga g s . . Gainesville Page 230 T.. Haines Clly BIELBY Charles W DeLand BIELLING, Jesse R Jr Lalre Bufler BITTEL Jordan Miami Beach BLAIN Thomas K Lalteland BLACK BURN, Roloeri M Mlaml Beach BELOW-BOTTOM BLANDING Roberf L Gainesville BLANTON M Allisier, Tampa BLOUNT Wm M Tampa BOKAS Folios V.. Pensacola BONNER John R Galnesvslle . . . BOWMAN Davld G Fl' Myers BOWMAN Wal mer T., Marnanna BOYD Roberf U Jr Dunedin BRADLEY, Mlma P Daylona Beach BRADSHAW Sanders H., Lalre Clly BRAGG Joseph H Tampa BRAMLETTE wlllldm Jr Ocala 71 Q4 in ABOVE-TOP: BRANAS, Wm. R., Dade Cify . . . BRAND, Raymond S., T., Wesl Palm Beach . . . BROWN, George E., Miami . . . Miami Beach . . . BRAND, Roloerl' C., Miami Beach . . . BROWN. GOOFQO W-. l'l0llYW00d - - . BROWN. JUS- J-- BRANDON, D. Marshall, PaIme++o . . . BREWTON, Wade Miami . - . BROWN. Raleigh J-. Jr.. Wlnler Haven . - - H., Jr., Dade Cify . . . BRIDGES, Jack K., Gainesville . . . BROWN. RGlPlI N-. Bl0Unl5'l0WH- BRIDGES, Lamar P., Tampa . . . BRINKLEY, Harry H., Day- iona Beach . . . BRINSON, Jlohn L., Lake Bufler .I. . ABOVE-BOTTOM: BROADFOOT, Allberl R., Jr., Cewislon . . . BROCK, Ava B N T F' T I I . BR EN' J h H' J I H.. Sanford . . . BROCK. Frederick C., Jacksonville. Ssonfezsbgfzg . .BBHATJAMBYI Akin, C?::?wa+,,.'. tr: - , BRUMBY. Holly, Clearwaier . . . BRYAN, Alexander W., ABOVE CENTER' Jacksonville . . . BUCHMAN, Edyfhe, Plan? Cify . . . BUR- BROCK. P0l9 H-. S0nl0l'd - - - BROCK. William B-. Miami DEN, George S., Winler Haven . . . BURKE, John T.. S+. Springs - - - BROPHY. Gilberf T-. Pdlfn Beach - - - BROWN Pefersburg . . . BURKLEW, Jack E., S+. Pelersburg . . . Alber+ 5-. D650 CNY - - - BROWN. ADM D-. G-!lMSVlll0 BURR, John W., Jr., Mi. Dora . . . BURT, Alvin V., Jack- . . . BROWN, Edward, Jr., Bee Ridge . . . BROWN, Francis gonvillg , , , BUTTS, Joy M., Miami, lfhmQgggQQQi'KwQgW1kK1Qf35QQ,,5Qi5m,kQi25,,., ....,-, L... ,. .4. 1 . ... n n ,.l a 5 J B . . R l .r 4 - 1 A B l ' T JNL?" 1 XA 2 5 'yi 'A-itil Sf, .fi .K V K Y A-, , -,yt-ll E . . V , - if D " l V . . ' f- . 'Q 5 A . 1 A 1 .1 be -fm lf' fr. rffllii. if . -Q15 M WST. ' ,. Vf fl f , '. '+,.,,,-:g-lQ7'i".,,- TW ,,,, ...ali .2--film. ,,e,?,.,,,.,,.f ,,,, g.,, , yah...,,,,.31xT,w , at , , .i+,g,g,:J1f. ,y,, gfjggjfp, -A 5 ' q , s . 1 l ,,,. My .Z J... .,l. J. .Twp f L .4-,V , ye- Gil. ,V .Y .. A ., J. t BELOW-TOP: BYROM, William H., Millon . . . CABRERA, Carlos, Jr., TEEN, James R., Raiford . . . CHAZAL, Louis L., Ocala lsabela, Puerto Rico . . . CAHILL, John M., lnlerlachen . . . CHISHOLM, Mary E., Avon Park . . . CHRISTENSEN, . . . CAHILL, Rolaerl F., Jr., Miami . . . CALDWELL, Wm. Edward W., Fi. Lauderdale . . . CLARK, Avon G., Daylona H., Lakeland . . . CAMPBELL, Alex D., Graceville . . . Beach. CAMPBELL, Roberl O., Quincy . . . CANCELMO, Alfonso V., Philadelphia, Pa .... CANTRELL, Richard A., Kissim- BELOW-BOTTOM: m" - ' - CARABALLO- Ju MH TWP' ' - - CARLTON- CLARK Jmph s J. s+ PB'l'0l'SbUI'g CLARKE Alma J. D., Plymouih . . . CARNEY, John T., Orlando. Wu Jr" Miami . D . CLARKSQQNI Julign D., HN lvgyers . CLAVEL, Emerson M., Wauchua . . . CLAYTO , eggy -. BELOW-CENTER' Gainesville . . . CLEGG, Harry F., Bunnell . . . CLEMONS, CARPER. Ralph H., Fl. Lauderdale . . . CARTER, James Ofis O., Kissimmee . . . CLICK, Clifford W., Daylona R., Gainesville . . . CARTER, Joseph R., Miami . . . Beach . . . COBB, Roberi E., Fl. Lauderdale . . . COCH- CARUTHERS, Troy W., Gainesville . . . CASSENS, Rudolph RAN, James F., Punfa Gorda . . . COHEN, Wilberl, Paler- D., Fl. Pierce . . . CASSIDY, Richard C., Jacksonville . . . son, N. J .... COIT, George S., Jr., S+. Peiersburg. CASTELBLANCO, Carlos J., Sanliago, Chile . . . CHAS- Page 231 l "' 2 '9fl4 "i5?2M 1 - will H-' 'Q A 'W ' i 'Ihr-'G 1lv '1S ABOVE-TOP: COLBERT, Julian B., Jr., Tampa . . . COLLAR, Dwighf, STON, Samuel S., Gainesville . . . COVINGTON, Decarr Miami . . . COLLIER, Morgan L., Lake Cify . . . COLLINS. D., Jr., Dade Cily . . . COVINGTON, Wm. N., Jr., Lake- Guy F., Miami . . . COMBS, Harold J., Gainesville . . . land . . . COWART, Wanda E., Nocafee . . . COX, Gil- CONDE, Julius, Jr., Miami Beach . . . CONN, J. Roy. Palm more M., Quincy. Beach . . . CONSAGRA, Joe, Tampa . . . CONWAY. John M., Apopka . . . CONWAY, Roberl' A., Apopka . . . ABOVE-BOTTOM: EOSDKA ICeC'I L" FII' Myers ' ' ' COOK' Davld Y" H' COX, John O., Gainesville . . . CRANE, Frances J., Gaines- au 9' ae' ville .H. CREESE, Poloseph hP., Frosiproof . CIRISER, Mars a M. es? a m Beac . . . CROVATT ares . ABOVE-CENTER: Jr Jacksonlville CROWE John H. Dayfona Beacli COOK, Howard F., Jr., Wes+ Palm Beach . . . COOPER, . . . CROWN, John L., Jacksonville . . . CROWN, John Thos. J., Chipley . . . CORAM, Wilmer T., Tampa . . . S., Jr., Jacksonville . . . CUMMINGS, Morris V., Neplune CORDRAY, Fred L., Jacksonville Beach . . . CORNELL, Beach . . . CURTIS, Ronald J., Havers-lraw, N. Y. . . . John E., Coral Gables . . . COUNTS, Frederick E., Sf. DAMSEL, Charles H., Jr., Apopka . . . DANIEL, Joseph W., Pefersburg . . . COURTNEY, Judy E., Miami . . . COVER- Jr., Lakeland. , 'I f La. ' 'fl . -' ' fi ' A J ,. ., J ' , . ..,-' --..' Q-1g:?'.'..1- ' - Q: , I ,, -- 51, gf, Av, ,son sg .. 'A -- ,. . ' X ' f, ,l- Q ,' A -- 1a':,w,g.-"f ,+-W0-. X f Ll ,,-, . , , A ' ,... I lQ5W 5ff45,JS5ffEfNf,wygi,y?4g3'4W' W?41,o'fY BELOW-TOP: Johnny L., Tampa . . . DEGROOT. Kennelh. Jacksonville DANIEL, William F., Chipley . . . DANIELS, Slephen A., DEIZEADO' DREarIApggATamz: 'i' ' DTELIXEE' GMEIELN2' - Miami . . . DART, Rooonl M., Jacksonville . . . oAsl-lea, jg S",Q"1? 'Q - DEUDNEQQU UMPH' Miami ' Lanier S., Jr., Tallahassee . . . DATSON, Burfon T., Or- O n " ren on ' ' ' ' g " ' Iando . . . DAUGHTREY, Maxwell B., Ft. Lauderdale . . . DAVIIDSON, Carolyn R., Nepiune Beacr . . . DAVIDSOFJ, BELOW-BOTTOM: Donad E., Jacksonville . . . DAVIS, Avin, Afmore, Aa. DEVANEY J E J L b I D i DIAZ Mucha., B. E' 3 DfV'5zHBa'ba'5Al,':g S""'eSg"'2'.- ' '?QV'5- C"""eS Tampa . 5lIgl2SO'N,r Dolifiourlii., Jacksonville . . . DIE- " ac sony' e ' ' ' ' amy " amesv' e' MEIE, Barbara W., S+. Pellgrsblil-liq .'d. .HDILLS Reber-I J., - J 'Ile . . . DILLINGE , aro ., arasora . . . BE'-0W'CENTER: Diilkihvs, wln. A., Ingles . . . DOHERTY, John s., .look- DAVIS, Leo V., Jr., Bagdad . . . DAVIS, Lucille D., Miami sonville . . . DONEY, Joseph W., Jr., Jacksonville . . . . . . DAVIS, Marion W., Bluff Springs . . . DAVIS, Richard DOUGLAS, Paul T., Lake Worih . . . DOWDELL, S. Alex, A., Miami Beach . . . DEEN, James L., Miami . . . DEES, III, Tampa . . . DOWLING. Bernard J., Perry. Page 232 ABOVE-TOP: A DOWNEY, Neil B., Canfonmenl' . . . DOYLE, Jerry E., De- Wm. G., Zellwood . . . ELDREDGE. Charles T., Tampa . . Land . . . DRAKE, Charles D., Lake Worih . . . DREW, ELLIS, Calvin B., Frosiprooi . . . ELLIS, Thomas J., Talla- Edward D., Jacksonville . . . DRIGGERS, Andrew L.. Ox- hassee . . . ELLISON, Newion M., Jacksonville . . . EMER- iord . . . DUBBIN, Murray H., Miami . . . DUKE, David SON, Lawrence W., Jr., Orlando. C., Bariow . . . DUKES, Neal M., Lake Builer . . . DU- MONT Roberl' F. Gainesville . . DUNLAP William P s+. Pe+ersburg . . .' ounwoooif, Leland B.. 'Coral'S ABOVFBOTTOMI - - - DYKES- Befnefd M-- Teveree- EMERY, Don w., Dayfona Beach . . . EMMETT, Weldon s. Sebring . . . ENZOR, Joe K., Frosfproof . . . EUBANK ABOVEQCENTER: Loren T., Jr., Orlando . . . EVANS, Cecil H., Ti+usville . . EVANS, John P., Jr., Niceville . . . EVERETT, Paul H. EARLY, Carl, Lakeland . . . EARMAN, Joseph H., Vero Gainesville . . . EVERY, Rollo M., Dayiona Beach . . . Beach . . . EASON, Vernon F., Jennings . . . EATON, Wil- FAILE, John B., Hobe Sound . . . FALSONE, William C., Iiam G.. Tallahassee . . . EDMONDSON, Doroihy G., Ocala Tampa . . . FARRELL, John M.. Wesi' Palm Beach . . . . . . EDWARDS, Charles D., Jacksonville . . . EDWARDS, FAULK, William V., Jacksonville. ,.i, -err . A BELOW-TOP: FERGUSON, William B., Si. Peiersburg . . . FIELD, Sianley Goeiie O., Jr., Clearwaier . . . FUTCH, James H., Dade E., Billerica, Mass .... FIELDEN, James C., Coral Gables City . . . GACHES, John W., Nepiune Beach . . . GAFF- . . . FIELDING, Roberl' C., Washingfon, D. C .... FISHER, NEY, Marvin T., Polk City . . . GAHLENBECK, Wm. A., Jr.. Charles T., Tampa . . . FISHER, Don E., Dayiona Beach Pensacola . . . GALE, George F., Coral Gables. . . . FLEMING. Raymond C., Tampa . . . FLETCHEIR, Homer M., Greensboro . . . FOLAND, Russell. Jacksonvile I . . . Fowes, Joram. P., yrsllshsme . . . FORSYTHE, Ray- BE'-OW-BOTTOM nnend Le- Jeeleenville - - Ji FORTES- Jeek F-I Oflende- GARRETT, Je... e., crwvaew . . . eARvlN, wnnsm F., U Pine Casile . .I . GATJHRITGHTIH W. hgku.-h.gRTa6npad.H . . - , GATLIN, Doug as S., ac sonvi e . . . , avi ., BELOW CENTER' Prince+on . . . GAUTIER, David M., Jr., Cresceni Cify . . . FORTES, Roberi E., Orlando . . . FRANKEL, Leonard H., GAY, Gilber+ A., Gainesville . . . GEIGER, Philip N.. Green Jacksonville . . . FRENCH, Donald D., Mi. Dora . . . FRIER, Cove Springs . . . GEST, Roberi N., Orlando . . . GHIOT- Malory B., Tampa . . . FRUMKES, Melvyn B., Miami Beach TO, Frank C., Fi. Lauderdale . . . GIBSON. Harold G., . . . FULLER, William H., Nepiune Beach . . . FUSSELL, Weirsdale . . . GIDDENS, Irbye G., Lakeland. Page 233 .1 ml' Y f1 l1,A A ABOVE-TOP: . GIDDINGS, Charles W., Jacksonville . . . GILBERT, John NAN, James A., Winfer Park . . . GROGAN, John D., San: W., Miami . . . GILLEN, Barney E., Orlando . . . GIL- ford . . . GROVES, Fleicher L., Jr., Tampa . . . GUARIS- MORE, William C., Orlando . . . GLASSER, Roberi L., CO, Nuncy, Tampa . . . GUINN, Lindon L., Weirsdale . . . Miami Beach . . . GLENN, Barbara J., Tampa . . . GOD- GUNN, Emily, Pensacola. WIN, Wm. R., II, S+. Cloud . . . GOEDERT, John L.. Gaines- ville . . . GOKEY, Harold A., Miami . . . GORSHEL, David . E., Miami Beach . . . GRANT, Zeb C., Wesf Palm Beach ABOVE-BOTTOM' - - - GRAVES- William C-- Vw Beach- GUNN, Randall Y., Gainesville . . . GUNSON, wa.. E. Hinson . . . GUY, Thomas R., Vero Beach . . . HAERLIN, ABOVE-,CENTER: Chesfer F., Jr., Wesf Palm Beach . . . HAGAN, Alfred W., Miami . . . HALDEMAN, Harold D., Jr., F+. Lauderdale GRAYBILL, Malcolm W., Tampa . . . GREENE, Daniel B., . . . HALL, Herberl' L., Tampa . . . HAMLIN, George P., McAIpin . . . GREGORY, Howard S., Quincy . . . GRIF- Jr., Tallahassee . . . HANDROP, Ira R., Pensacola . . FIN, James F., Jr., Tampa . . . GRIFFIN, Mary L., High HANSARD, Lee, Ocala . . . HANSKAT, John E., Pass-A- Springs . . . GRIMES, Sfephen H., Lakeland . . . GRIN- Grille Beach . . . HARGAN, James A., Tampa. .ot if D E5 M V 0 BELOW-TOP: HARGRAVE, Roberf H., LaCrosse . . . HARLAN, Wm. H., Pierce . . . HENDERSON, Ward! H., Lake Placid . . . III, Wauchula . . . HARRELL, Jackie R., Lakeland . . . HENDRIE. James H., Miami . . . HERRMANN, Charles A., HARRELL, Philip B., Pensacola . . . HARRIS, Donald R., Cenfer Moriches, L. I., N. Y .... HEWLETT, Thomas W., Willisfon . . . HARRIS, Robi. S.. Jr., Vero Beach . . . HAR- Tampa . . . HEYKENS, Roberf H., Tampa. RISON, Dalionls., DeFuniak Springs . . . HARRISON, Wil- liam T., Jr., Pa meHo . . . HART, Raymond, Marianna . . . l HART, William D., P+. Lauderdale . . . HARTLEY, Frank B., BELOW-BOUOM Jf-- Tampa - - - HARVEY- James M-- Waldo- l-llclcs, Thomas w., Jacksonville . . . l-llclcs, Wilbur L., Jr., Planf Ci+y . . . HICKS, William M., Lauderdale . .l. BEL W,-CENTER: HILL, Al+on V. V., Orlando . . . HILL, E win L., Gainesvile O . . . HIRES, William F., Tampa . . . HODGES, Reber? R., HASSELER, Charles S., Hollywood . . . HAWS, Frank H., Cedar Key . . . HODGINS, Paul F., Sanford . . . HOFMA, Miami . . . HAYES, Paul P., Frcsiproof . . . HAYES, Rober+ Lou A., Tallahassee . . . HOLCOMB, John W., Orlando C., Tampa . . . HEDRICK, George R.. Lake Worlh . . . . . . HOLLENBECK, James E., Jr., Palm Beach . . . HOLTS- HELMS, Mary F., Gainesville . . . HELSETH, Alan E., F'l'. BERG, Jack S., New Rochelle, N. Y. Page 234 ABOVE-TOP: 'lon T., Tampa . . . JACKSON. Cody T., Cocoa . . . JACK- HOPKINS, Frances, Mulberry . . . HOPKINS, Junell B., SON' James M.. Wesf Palm Beach , , , JACKSQN, Ran- Pensacola - - - l'lORWlTZ. BBl'b6l'B Jn Miami Beech - - - dolph C., Tampa . . . JAMES, Harold E., Jacksonville . . . HOUHA, Roberl' W., Cocoa . . . HOUSE, Pele, Bradenlon JAMES. Hoke Sn J,-U New Smyrna Beach, . . . HIOWARD, John P., Jacksonville . .k. HDYVELL, Cloyd G., Or ando . . . HOWELL, Dee C., Jac sonvi e . . . HUD- soN, clnnan w., Jr., Hudson . . . HuDsoN, Dennis s., ABOVE-BOTTOM: swf' - - - "'L!ff"'E5' Russel' V" 0"B"d0 - - - HUGHSON- JANET. David K., s+. Pefersburg . . . JARRATT, Rohan v., Chas' W" Chlp ey' Jr., Pensacola . . . JARVIS, James L., Jr., S+. Peiersburg . . . JEFFCOAT, Wm. R., Jacksonville . . . JENINGS, Fos- ABOVE-CENTER: fer L., Marianna . . . JESTER, Niles D., Tampa . . . JINKS. Clarence L., Jr., Panama Cify . . . JOHNSON. Duncan M., HUTCHINS, Dewey M., Jr., Jacksonville . . . HUTCHISQN, Jr., Can+onmenf . . . JOHNSON, Edw. C., Pompano . . . Wm. C., Sanford . . . HYMAN, Samuel D., Clearwaier . . . JOHNSON, Geo. D., Jr.. Miami Beach . . . JOHNSON, IRWIN, Jeaneffe, Miami . . . ISERHARDT, John L., Lake- Harold W., Winier Garden . . . JOHNSON, Harry E., land . . . JABARA, Lloyd W., Miami . . . JACKSON, Bur- Tampa. . g ' - - . U l . v H A . l , J V . , BELOW-TOP: JOHNSON, Hoke S., Daylona Beach . . . JOHNSON, . . . KAUFFMAN, Rolaeri L., Sarasoia . . . KAUFMAN, Hugh V., Jacksonville . . . JOHNSON, Oscar K., Pompano Herman, Jacksonville . . . KELLY, James J., Jr., Jackson- . . . JOHNSON, Rich C., larqo . . . JOHNSON, Roberl ville . . . KEMP, Erford C., Wesfboro, Mass. . . . KEN- F., S+. Pefersburg . . . JOHNSON, Rober! L., Largo . . . DRICK, Carroll U., Ponle Vedra Beach. JOHNSON, Sandy, Quincy . . . JONES, Chas. H., Fernan- dina . . . JONES, Jack R., Tampa . . . JONES Jack W Sarsuma . . . JONES, Jan M., Jacksonville . I. . JONES: BELOW'BOTlOMi John P-- Tampa- KENDRICK, wilnnn. J., Jacksonville ami, . . . KENNEDY, Gayen L., Jr., Clearwafer . . . KENNEDAY, John Win- - . 'ie Garden . . . KERLEY, Chas. R., Fi. Lauderdae . . . BELOW CENTER' KERZIN, Joyce B., Miami Beach . . . KEY, Beniamin T., S+. JONES. Lawrence E., Pensacola . . . JONES, Louie G., Pefersburg . . . KICKLIGHTER, Charles, Tampa . . . KIL- Micanopy . . . JUNG, Donald L., Orlando . . . KAHLEN- GORE, Charles F., Largo . . . KILLIAN, George W., Dover BERG, Piri, Saraso+a . . . KAHN, Alberf H., Miami . . . . . . KIMBROUGH, Jack E.. Milfon . . . KING, Billy B.. KAISRLIK, David L., Orlando . . . KALER, Leonard, Miami Chaliahoochee . . . KING, James L., Narania. Page 235 " ' il ' '-.I FKUYIVUNI x'w"'C-.' if..-r"t"n. . ' -' --.I -MEIKYKQP. WWI- "" l Il - X ABOVE-TOP: KING. Jos. D., Winler Park . . . KING, Truman K., Tampa . . . KIRBY, James H., Jr., Wesf Palm Beach . . . KISSAM, Edward B., Oceanway . . . KLEIN, Donald R.. Miami Beach . . . KLEIN, Donald W., Lakeland . . . KNIGHT, Friley B., Melbourne . . . KNIGHT, George F., Orlando . . . KNOCHE, Jack F., Tampa . . . KOKOMOOR. Donald F., Gainesville LANE, Sarah M., Miami. . . LANGSTON, Paul, DeFuniak Springs . . . LATHROP, Eugene C., Melbourne . . . LAUR- ENT, Chas. K., Barlow . . . LAWRENCE, James D., Eolha . . . LEADER, Jerry, Miami Beach. . . . KOWALSKE. Richard M., Melbourne . . . KOWALSKE, ABOVE-BOTTOM: William G., Melbourne. ABOVE-CENTER: KRESTENSEN, Elroy R., Ponle Vedra Beach . . . KULCH- INSKY, David, Miami Beach . . . KYNES, James W., Mari- anna . . . LAMBERT. John W., Campbellton . . . LAMPE, Russell A., S+. Pelersburg . . . LANE, Ryan F., Tampa . . . LEE, Wayne E., Jr., Panama Cily . . . LEE. William P., Pana- ma Cily . . . LEER, Jerome C., Tampa . . . LEETH, Jack D., Indianapolis, Ind .... LEGGETT, Mary L., Gainesville . . . LEONARD, James D., S+. Augusline . . . LESNETT, William R., Lakeland . . . LEVIN, Herberl' J., Miami Beach . . . LEWIS. Abdenour N., Jacksonville . . . LEWIS, Charles E., Mayo . . . LEWIS, John A., Decalur, Ga .... LEWIS, Reginald H., S+. Pe-lersburg. 1 .i "f,,.,' We " f f'J"W' 'vi 'Z 5-' - , fl" -, ' I ' ix... -fefiu. ff?-Q' Q ' .L '9yWli1f " fwfr"l,-3l,yi'.'l":w9. -saw' M. , ' ' ' 'X L' V . ' . wx PT'-'si,'fQI"Q 'W' " .,. V' Wear. . .w".,,:-fs. - . l'wfJ.wJ,.f'. Y-I 'wha 'x,,f,f, ' -ff, . wb We V I 4 V. 5 ,, M, 3' V 5,2144-,. i'1.:i.f ffl?'2,:g-' w,f,zQv , f a u,.,.m.., w'Q,5g'f -W-.w.,y.'.. +1,,mI-, -.n 11, wi if ' ,, M.2,,l'f'1 3' 1i' l.55f1l'wfffr"'7l?5ig,f,iW1iw3vjcg51WW W2 - 'fffgfzggg - W J' ' w:.f "V if A " Q1 r' 1 Iwi '2 mf ,f f we - 'l'..21+'f..2"Y , Wir. r ..- lisa, 1... W' , wifi. 11-fel, ,nw -1. M' Nw' I? ' ' ,er 115. xl, 'f y 12 ev D HJ-3 , vi 47 . if fyw . .. , . . , ,X . T. -I,.. ,, .iii ,,,,,,, ., 'I ' all W. , . 33 -f f 1 ,3 ,ifwgf W, , .' we e. 'f " . off: . . c' ,. A, -',z,,. U ' ,h A .1 ' . 1 W0 ,Wil 5 I REX, -N ., 2f.2.,1' 'lv W f f -4' pl, - 'L Q 'M ' - I gy., , ' ,' 4 ll ,' lf'e..,f myQf2' ,- .L ,- f -a.'3x1f,gx',1..?i'f3,6l'v,f , vfgwiggiiiijg, .5..,3ll'r,17lIf,gIv w-..,,l,i 53 'll ffm. . , l Q 'I' 4ff1'f3l7'71'3lif -,' ?:l3 ' f,'1'?i5uil.lWf'lligilflflil'iliiillWi5f"3.iP'iifflllgiiiii'I' . 'lf .. - ' " I' , 'ffjff z x cytjgylg Lfykiwgi,-5QQzrgvfglyZ,i.'??'.fg,:,'5ggi,-3y:f3jf'1fE,.:Q-J ""fa',w'..". 'fv,VX.i,z,f1lfjPf'..g..Le . , , f -wuz-,.g " . 1 " . , ' ' + ' ' - I B ELOW-TOP: . LEWIS, Roberl' H., Jr., Barlow . . . LEWIS, Roberl W., Ill, Gainesville . . . LEWIS, Weldon B., Miami . . . LEY, Fred- ' erick P., Tallahassee . . . LILLEY, Bobby F., Orlando . . . LINGLE, Glenn A., Sanford . . . LIPPERT, S+anley J.. Miami Francis B., Clearwaler . . . MACLEAN, Chas. D., Arlinglon . . . MADDOX, Carllon, Jacksonville . . . MAHONEY, Jim B., Jacksonville . . . MALTBY, Richard J., Haslings . . . MARQUIS, Joseph A., Allanlic Beach. ami. . . . LIUZZO. Joseph A., Tampa . . . LlveNeooo, BELOW-BOTTOM: Sara L., Kissimmee . . . LOCKHART, W. C., Jr., Haines Cily . . . LOPATIN, Maurice, Miami Beach . . . LOUNDS, Joseph E., Crescenl' Cily. BELOW-CENTER: LOWELL, Vernon C., Jr., Pensacola . . . LOWERY, Donald D., S+. Petersburg . . . LOWRY, W. D., Jr., Tampa . . . LUBOV, Marlin, Brooklyn, N. Y .... LYBRAND, Lowell R., Tampa . . . LYLE, Loyd, Jacksonville . . . MACDONALD, Page 236 MARSHALL, Harry W., Wesi Palm Beach . . . MARTINEZ, Sabino, Jr., Tampa . . . MATHEWS. Sydney E., Key Wesl . . . MATTESON, Wilbur L., Alloona . . . McCLEERY, Rich E., Brooksville . . . McCLUER, Hunler S., Fellsmere . . . McCOWN, Jack T., Umatilla . . . McDONALD, Thos. S., DeLand . . . McDOUGAL, Roberi D.. Vero Beach . . . McDOWELL, Fred C., Cresceni Cily . . . McEACHERN. Neil M., Jacksonville . . . McFATTER, William T., Vernon. Q.-I,1.:le3f.fFq,f?gl , ,i ABOVE TOP Laurel . . . MERRITT Clemenls B Lakeland MERTINS Chrislian C., Pensacola MEYER John W Mlaml bald E Brooksville McKENZIE Oscar P Jr Panama MEYERS' Micheal B Mmm' MEYER5 Samuel M'-m' CIIY McKINLEY Douglas P FI Myers McKlNNEY - - - MIDYETTE Wm M Wlnlef HUVOU MII-AM James D Dade Clly MCLANE Theodore F Tampa Rabi, L., Jacksonville Joel A Dunedin McMILLAN John J Mulai' ABOVE-BOTTOM: MILES, Mary J., Tampa MILLER Alfred A Jr Jack sonville . . . MILLER Clarence E Orlando MILLER James L.. Jr., Sarasola MILLER John G Jr Fl Lau derdale . . . MILLER Julian E Pensacola MILLICAN William W., Gainesville MILLS Anne C Jacksonville . . . MINEAR, Lloyd O Jupller MINEAR Nafhan L Jupiier . . . MINTON Edwin J FI' Pierce MITCHELL Alfon G., Miami I I .V ,.-2. :'l1xf"'l LS .f1,r,-Isl '-fa-Q, rm- -- f F'-fr all-,JN 1' ie: " I... ,-.1 4 .... r. NEW-2.-i4,1: 3 1 J lf. vi vw, . lk, y . . ll.. 2. vg.: , ap , burq . . . MURRAY James O Ormond Beach MUR RELL. Eugene S. Wlnfer Haven MUSGROVE Chas J., Live Oal: . . MUSGROVE Rufus H Llve Oalc NADLER, Jos. M Miami Beach NASH Henry W Tampa . . . NELMS Wllllam C Jr Bradenlon chula MOKORMIAN Marlc L Galnesvllle MOIRGAN BEI'OvV"BOTI-OM: PM E -'HC SW' 9 M0R'50N -'mes 5 'Wm NeLsoN. cm R. Melbourne NEWELL emefyJ wa.+ Beach MORLAN Mlldred G Waucllula Palm Beach . . NICHOLS Charles F Bradenfon NICHOLS, Don E S+ Pelersburg NICHOLSON BELOW CENTER Cyrus, Miami Beach NIHOUL Wllllam H Cedar Key . . . NOBLE, Wm I Miami NORD Richard H Mlam: Roberi E Mlhml Alan W Fl , , , Rgy P Jacksonville Rene I-'3UCI9l'd0I9 MUGGE Rlcllif'-'-I A TGNPG MUNRO Tampa . . . OBERRY Rob? B Gainesville OELSLAGER Beri F Miami Sprlngs MURPHY John G S+ Pelers Wm, R., Limgng, ABOVE-TOP: OHAIR, Chas. K., Jacksonville . . . OHARA, Aubrey T., S+. Pe-Iersburg . . . OLDHAM, Gordon G., Leesburg . . . OLESON, John B., Wesf Palm Beach . . . OLIPHANT, Elmer, Miami . . . OLIFF, Eusiace A., Jr., Jacksonville . . . OQUINN. Hague M., Gainesville . . . OUTLAW, Beville S., Jr., Siarke Arcadia . . . PARKES, Jerome H., Miami Beach . . . PARRAMORE, Emma G., Ocala . . . PARRISH, Harley T., Weirsdale . . . PARRY, Wm. J.. Coral Gables . . PATE, Joe E., Caryville. . . . OVERSTREET, Murray W., Kissimmee . . . OWLES, ABOVE-BOTTOM. Fred G., Jr., Orlando . . . PACE, Richard A., Tavares . . . PADGETT, Richard H., Jr., Ocoee. ABOVE-CENTER: PATTERSON, Jeanefle, Graceville . . . PATILLO, Andrew G., Jr., Orlando . . . PEARLMAN, Donald H., Key Wesl' . . . PEASE, Carl D., Jacksonville . . . PECK, Richmond H., Ponfe Vedra . . . PEED, Billy M., Fi. Lauderdale . . . PAGE, Harvey A., Fi. Myers . . . PAGE, Wm. L., Sara- PENA, George A., Coral Gables . . . PENSON, Edw. M., sola . . . PLALOTT, Sluarl R., Miami Beach . . . PALMER, John E., Jacksonville . . . PARADA, Ramiro, Panama, C. Z. PARKER, Wendell C., Jacksonville . . . PARKER, Wm. R., Miami Beach . . . PERIMAN, Charles B., Auburndale . . . PERRIN, David S., Miami . . . PERRYMAN, Pierre V., Miami . . . PETYNIA, Wm. W., Jacksonville. - fi - '.. T: A7 "4-. I ' ' ' 5 . 1 .1 3. W .-1 ... , . . . . 'if' M tg-ffli:.,,.',-.1-,fLf:',.g4'f f':i-'-+,fiLi 2 ' V - ' ' ' j':1v3z'i-i'1'- Wy ln" .xif .V A' , ' -. ,, - . g.,,,Q.., . 1. K, .. .I 1. Y. , A ,V - .-. I 1 I . N. M .. . i. D Q 4 ,Xl S N .A V rig gap. D 1 1 ' V if? 5.4535 J :fi V ' - . , a W' Y:-all - - 1 V 1 ' ' ' , L fm ., e V. if fra- ' :I A' I ' - V ..ff.11',:.- ,r ' T J. " "I . ' ' -, ,5,f,.Q ff.-11.13-jf -f ,- ,?f.j,.,. .wc . . .- "' Q7's1,i.,,'i .QM - fx "MN " 4-0' R . . ' - fr - V .4 -i 1- . -.Q...',, . Q,:,f.g'.',:.1 - , , . ,,'-K... -. , ,. BELOW-TOP: u PFAENDER, Marvin A., Winier Haven . . . PHARR, George E., Jacksonville . . . PHILLIPS, John A., Tampa . . . PHILLIPS, ' Zack L., Tarpon Springs . . . PIERCE, Harry A., Jackson- ville . . . PITTMAN, Owen W., Miami . . . PITTS, Charles H., Westport, Conn .... PLATT, Roberi A., Dayfona X rg., . .- v- -M. ..- PRICE, Samuel, Jacksonville . . . PRINCE. Charles L., Jacksonville . . . PROCTOR, Roberi' E., Lakeland . . . PROCTOR, Sol H., Jacksonville . . . PROPHET, Roger B., Plani Cify . . . PUTNEY, Louis W., Tampa. Beach PONDER James W III Venice PONS ELOW-BOTTOM: John Jacksonville' . . . POOLE.'WiIliam .E.., .Jackson: B ville . . . POPE, Allen L., Homeslead. BELOW-CENTER: PORTER. Gilberl R., Jr., Apalachicola . . . POTIER, Wood- row P.. Tampa . . . POTTER, Archie R., Key Wesi . . . POTTS, Wm. H., Jr., Pomona Park . . . POWELL, Harold L., Chaflahoochee . . . PREVATT, Amos L., Tampa . . . Page 238 RABB, Harry H., Jr., Jacksonville . . . RABB, Leslie E., Arcadia . . . RAMSEY, Donald P., Fl. Lauderdale . . . RASE, Alberf E., Tampa . . . RAST, Gusiaf J., Jr., Porl Orange . . . RAUDENBUSH, Jack D., Coral Gables . . . RAY, Kemper W., FI. Pierce . . . READ, Floyd M., Jr., Jacksonville . . . REDDING, John C., Tampa . . . RED- MAN, Russell P., Jr., Jacksonville . . . REICH, Arihur, Daytona Beach . . . REID, Bobby G., Jacksonville. ABOVE-TOP: REID, David L., Jacksonville . . . RELMAN. Harvey M. ROGERS Doyle E+ Lauderdale ROGERS Richard Miami . . . REX, Charles W., Jr.. Orlando . . . RICHARDS B Wln+er Park ROGERS Richard F Ocala Edwin P., Tampa . . . RICHARDSON, Jack, Havana . . ROGERSON John T Miami Springs ROSCHUNI RIHERD, Paul M., Lake Bu+Ier . . . RILEY. Howard W., Jr. EIIlo++ J Jacksonville ROSE Donald E Ocala Miami . . . RIO. Evelio B., Tampga . . . RITTER, Richard M. Miami Shores . . . RIZNER, An rew R.. Tampa . . . ROB ears. elmo, Zolfo springs . . . Roaekrs, Eugene o. ABOVE BOTTOM Howev-in-+he-H-Ile Rose w.lI...m N Jscksonv.ll. ROSENKRANZ Mor+y ABQVE,CENTER: ROUSE John H Jr Jacksonville ROUZIE James W ROBERTS, Roy F., Jr., Ti+usviIle . . . ROBERTS. Wm. C. ROWTON James M PaIa+ka ROYALS Byron Por+ S+. Joe . . . ROBINSON, Charles L., S+. Pe+ersburg Ponce de Leon RUTLEDGE Wllllam H Fernandina . . . ROBINSON, Wm. S., Key Wes+ . . . ROGERO, AIber+ SACKS Leonard M Daytona Beach SADLER William L., S+. Augusiine . . . ROGERS. Ar+hur, Miami Beach . . H Tampa SAKALARIOS C A Pensacola ' I,., ' f ,M L 'if3f+EffO3IiP? ,"I' ,I 5 A.,, Q "ff jfff' 'ffif W 5 1 I I I 4 W5 .- ff A 1 1 v s ff W 5 If in D 93 rf S r iff I aww., i - ,. Ig., 5 . , .F arf? .21 -. M ' '. iw A 14 3' mm 5 if iii' 3-'fiffgif ' ' 7' 'fi if fr' , F?fvfW,i,. ,' lL'1iw.i 4 r ' 1 fm. ,rn ,fQ-f.:,'.,-faqs's..'-.g.v'1f.'i-':.f',Y' I - , my , 1 " , -, A p ' ' ,, 'HN 71.1"gl,v,:1v ,- L. 1' fyffa' 2-'fWf',.gFw'ga, ,K 3 5 , , ' ' , - 6 I BELOW-TO P: SANDS. S+ephen R., Tampa . . . SAULTS, Rober+ W. Yankee+own . . . SAVAGE, Margare+ D., Ocala . . . SAYE Roland A., Miami . . . SCHAEFFNER. James F., Gaines- ville . . . SCHAIBERGER, Geo. E., E+. Lauderdale . . SCHEB, John M., Saraso+a . . .SCHEE, Leland B., Largo . . SCHNIER, Sanford, Miami . . . SCHROTER, Roberl' W. Lakeland . . . SCHUH, Niles F., Miami . . . SCOTT, Law- rence R., Leesburg. BELOW-CENTER: SCOTT. Lee H., Tallahassee . . . SCOTT. Rober+ K., Or- lando . . . SEAMAN, John W., Jr., S+. Pe+ersburg . . SEAVER, William H., Orlando . . . SECKINGER, Harold E. Gainesville . . . SEGAL, Nor+on M., Miami Beach . . . SEL- ABOVE-TOP: Jaclrsonville . . . SMITH, William E., Jay . . . SMITH, .,. .. SIMMONS. R. h A G.. K. . . . . SIMS' Alb Tu Wilson, Coral Gables . . . SNIVELY, Roberl E., Win'Ier Wesi Palm Beifclir. . . SlM?ImEndjvin H., Jr., OrIand:rT , , Haven . . . SOHN, Herber'I', Jacltsonville . . . SOLINSKY, ZINGLETARY, Clare L., Mgigsil Ga. . .6 SINGLETON1, Paul Ber+, Miami Beach. ., ampa . . . SIRKIN, Iep en M., aylona eac . . . SKIPPER, Cecil P., Avon Parlr . . . SLAFF, Norman I., ABOVE BOTTOM' Tampa . . . SMART, Donald T., Reddiclr . . . SMITH, - ' Earl S., Fl. Laudercaaleb. . . SMITH. Geerge H-. GGIFWS' SOLOMON, Eugene L., Miami . . . SORENSON, Henry E., vi 9 - - - SMITH. T OTH Sf- Miami SPFIUQS- SI. Pelersburg . . . SPARKMAN, Wm. L., F'I'. While . . . SAPARAROWIBIAVILK, Roberi L., Tampa dh. . SIUVTZ, Hugo ABOvE,CENTER: ., iami eac . . . SPRINGSTEAD, ancey ., Broo s- ville . . . STEELE, Charles W., Jr., Hollywood . . . STEIN, SMITH, James C., Bushnell . . . SMITH, John C., Jay . . . Mar-Iin E., Jacksonville . . . STOCKTON, Richard J., Jaclc- SMITH, Johnny B., Miami. . . SMITH, Ralph W., Daylona sonville . . . STORMS, Nalhaniel L.. Planl City . . . Beach . . . SMITH, Reeves S+. Clair, Wes? Palm Beach STRAUGHN, Herberl E., Tallahassee . . . STRIBLING, . . . SMITH, Rema L., Lake Cily . . . SMITH, S-Ianley W.. Flelcher S., Tampa. AVN ,5QfQ?ggiQgEg?5iQgifH,fjJn , Vyi, lvix y yvya y3Q nig,gff. k , V riei- x l- a r S a V. -A 'M Q5 leie 4' a iii i TP ' D . vig., D A V- ., E " A , A riaa ' fl I 5' I -S a . a , a ' ' -"' "l"lf - . 'I' . A I + se A 1 I BELOW-TOP: , STRICKLAND, Glenn L., Miami . . . STRINGER, Harold N.. TEED, Fred A., Palm Beach . . . TEMPLE, George M., San- Gainesville . . . STRINGFELLOW, Fred R., Gainesville . . . 'Ford . . . THIGPEN, Ramon L., Chaflahoochee . . . ' STRIPLING, John R.. Hialeah . . . SULLENS, John E.. THOMAS, Charles R., Gainesville . . . THOMAS, Heywood Tampa . . . SULLIVAN, James M., Homeslead . . . SUM- B., Bradenfon . . . THOMAS, Nadine E., Gainesville. MERS,.CharneIle H., Coral Gables . . . SUSSMAN, Ira 's:w'A'.3'T'B.25"..1 +.'..f,Y"?'F': Z'WXli2Oi4', QSEIOIY. ng.: BELOW-BOWOM: Son - - - SWANSON- Shnlev Ef- Pierson- THOMAS, shmey A., Jnksonvalle . . . THOMPSON, Hugh N., Gainesville . . . THOMPSON,dJol'5nIP., Por'I Orange . . . 3ELQW-CE TER: THOMPSON, Thomas E., H. Lau er ae . . . THOMSON. N David M., Miami . . . THRELKELD, Gloria A., Miami . . . SWARTSEL, Everelf F., Elfers . . . TAENZLER, Hans G., Jr., THRELKELD, Wm. R., Dunnellon . . . THROWER, Hanson Jaclrsonville . . . TARVER, Edward J., Jr., Jaclcsonville . . . R., Jr., Tampa . . . TILLIS, Wesley M., Jacksonville . TATOM, Wm. McKinsI'ry, Gainesville . . . TAVEL, Eugene TILTON, Charles N., Jensen Beach . . . TONEY, George B., E., Orlando . . . TAYLOR, Thurman R., Jr.. Sarasola . . . Daylona Beach . . . TORRES, A. F., Tampa. Page 240 ABOVE-TOP: TORRES. James F., Tampa . . . TOWERS, William H., Fl. WAGENEN, Waller C., Green Cove Springs . . . VAUGHN, Monroe, Va .... TRANTHAM, Thomas S.. Lakeland . . . Philip Y., Pensacola . . . VEAL, Fred D., Jacksonville . . . THRESHER, George F., Jr., Jacksonville . . . TRIGG, VEAL, William G., Jacksonville . . . VELEY, Hugh J., Jack- James R., Miami . . . TRINKLE, John R., Planl City . . . sonville . . . VERDERY, David C., Winler Park. TROTTER, Lee R., Largo . . . TROTTER, Lewis G., Largo TROVILLION RavA Jr Win-ler Park THRUSHIN B Tlidodore M., Talllahassed ..I. . TUCKER,. .John W., Jr.: ABOVE- OTTOM2 Ol'IGl'ld0 - - - TUCKETT- Nofmln I--- -I"-- Mi- Dora- VETTER, Waller T., Miami . . . VICKERS, Charles A., Ocala VICKERS, Lewis, Jr., Douglas, Ga. . . . VOIGHT, Richard sff..A'+ufw...:.S'r:5':E:Dr.-H.-1- Fi Jcsism' ,or ., laneac... - TUDISCO, Joe, Tampa . . . TURNER, ROBERT L., Braden- RIGHT, Charles O., Jacksonville . . . WALD, Anna Belle, lon . . . TURNER, Wm. E., Sl. Pelersburg . . . UTSEY, Miami Beach . . . WALDRON, Harold E., Por? Orange G. E., Jr., Jacksonville . . . VANSTEENBURG, Ted E., . . . WALKER, Judson B., Orlando . . . WALKER, Kennelh Orlando . . . VANTURE, Homer S., Sarasola . . . VAN- A.. Daylona Beach . . . WALKER, Roberl D., Miami. BELOW-TOP: WARD, Frederick J., Jr.. Miami Beach . . . WARD, Frederick Harold A., Hawlhorne . . . WHIDDEN, Rodney, Arcadia J., Orlando . . . WARD, Roberl' C., Coral Gables . . . . . . WHITE, Harry E., Barlow . . . WHITSITT, Kalhrine WARREN, Shannon E., Jr., Miami . . . WATKINS, Thomas A., Gainesville . . . WHITSTON, David A.. Haines Cily . . . R., Jacksonville . . . WATSON, Franklin McC.. Oroll . . . WICKHAM, Harry E., Tampa. WEJATHERLY, Carr:lldD.i Fl. Laueardale . WEATHERLY, Ro erl' S., FI. Lau er ae . . . EAVER, urtis A., Boyn- . lon Beach . . . WEBB, Philip A., Chicago, Ill .... BELOW-BOTTOM' WEBSTER, Bruce S., Winler Park . . . WEEKS, Charles F.. WI'-DS' John Eu Qcala , , , WILDSI william A.. Ocala . . u Lakeland. WILKINSON, Roberl A., Washinglon, D. C. . . . WILLIAMS, Allaelrl R., Jr., Pensacolas. . . WILLIAMS.k Dorllati F., Pen- BEL ,,, R: sacoa . . . WILLIAM, Haynes E., Oeec o ee . . . ow CEN-I-E WILLIAMS, Herman A., Jr., Leesburg . . . WILLIAMS, WEINBERG, Harold N., Miami . . . WEISENBURGER, James K., Jr., Miami . . . WILLIAMS, James N., S+. Pel- Henry F., Wesl' Palm Beach . . . WELCH. Wm. A., Malone ersburg . . . WILLIAMS, Joseph W., Jr.. Palalka . . . . . . WELLS, Joel R., Orlando . . . WENZEL, Guslave G., WILLIAMS, Rolaerl L., Jr., Orlando . . . WILLIS, Jack S., Gainesville . . . WETZ, James E., Lake Jem . . . WHEELER. Punla Gorda. Page 241 ii f4".!.i11 7' ' l -WFT if "'Qh-T J ,WAI Hifi Y 3r2!HIa!. 'Z llu.nL.g.Z- - 1 ABOVE-BOTTOM: ABOVE-TOP: WILMOT, Royal James Jr., Gainesville . . .WILSON, Julian YEAGER, Edward M., Miami . . . YOUNG. S. P., Jr., L., Pensacola . . . WILSON, Omar, Jr., Tampa . . . WILSON, Miami . . . ZACCHINI, Hugo, Tampa . . . ZART, Carl Richard J., DeLand . . . WISE, David R., Miami . . . H., Jr., Jacksonville . . . ZIEGLER, Jayne E., Miami . . . NER Ted P., Tampa . . WOLF, Irving, Miami Beach ZOBEL, Max F., Pensacola. WITT , . . . . WOODARD, Robert F., Tampa . . . WOODWARD. Mariin G., Fi. Lauderdale . . . WRIGHT, Mahlon L., Jr., Sanford . . . WYNN, Milion G., Marianna . . . YAROS, Andrew E., Orlando. , 1 .......,.... ,,.,.,. .,. .1 . . I . . , T fs QM LQ 5 Page 242 ,L?.'fFs'., Liv ji J if 2 , .., . 'f,. 3- f5qf3.i44 'fwiblw Aww W,- f"f11: Av xi, 4,l,,5.f, Umm-L.... I4 I' I , ABOVE-TOP: . COX, Carlisle, Jr., Jacksonville . . . COX, Charles C., Jack- SI. Pefersburg . . . DERGARRY, William T., Lakeland . . . sonville . . . CRARY, Evans, Jr.. S+uar+ . . . CROPP, Donald DOUGLASS, William D., Jr., Cresiview . . . DRAKE, Harry W., Palm Beach . . . CROWDER, John H., Tampa . . . L., Jacksonville . . . DREW, Bobby R., Tampa . . . DUBOV, CROWELL, Jack S., Jacksonville . . . CROWN, Dorolhy S., David J., Miami Beach. Gainesville . . . DACY, Victor B., Coral Gables . . . DANN, William A., Winler Garden . . . DARBY, James B., u Jr., Jacksonville . . . DAVENPORT, wm. J., Mimi . . . ABOVE"'BOITOM' DAVIDOW, Melvin H., Lakeland. ABOVE-CENTER: DUGAN, Caldwell N., S+. Pefersburg . . . DUNWOODY. Willard D., Coral Gables . . . EBSARY, Roberi B., Coral Gables . . . ECHELMAN. Gilberr M., Orlando . . . EEFTING, Ronald M., Miami . . . EIE, Rose A., Gainesville DAVIES, Fred I., Miami . . . DAVIS, Arlhur, Lakeland . . . . . . EVERETT, Gordon D., Gainesville . . . EVERETT, Siansell DAVIS, Charles C., Jacksonville . . . DAVIS, Henry J., H., High Springs . . . FARMER, Waller L., Miami . . . FEE, Quincy . . . DAY, Thomas G., Jr., Coral Gables . . . Edward H., F'I'. Lauderdale . . . FEIT, Jack, Miami Beach DECKER, John B., Daylona Beach . . . DENNIS, John, Jr., . . . FENNELL, Walier F., Tampa. m. i?I539iil5liI2W7,FiifrfL'i"3'5l7if'fQffi''fff.443i" -5 - "" "'71f.SSfi2f 7Vl9l'f.f:.' U5 ,2r f7'iW ' i:ii5v37ii i' i " I 'i ' "'lI"'fiii' E'53.2,'ii '.fl3i'-'T'. " L 'rf'f4fw'f4f'.f'1 .... f rrii five ai "air-?az:'. I f.':'Hw.' Q' Q L .fWW,vf.2.rf1airl-wr. w'fi'Fl'." w 251.21 . . . ' I m1i"'..ix'!'r'.-'i": 'Vff UV' 3" ar ff: "H, fff M "qA5'f..'a'w 4-' f'f1"i'5iimv LH? ' ""Jfi?: 'I Ii H5235 My Wi5l:fi.'iX .M V M I W Awe?" 1filihffi'fi1h2.'7'.'.'JQ':'I':"' '55 'kiwi MA l 'iv".2EIF'1f:fW4.1E.-ii' ."i'w .iQ'.iifl' K if D 1 r.-. . Q rivr. .pr ,',, . iigfriffg -Skis' fa w ax. 2flrQfEf'iI?r,55a.,f:'glQQr1.. .'.. 155.134 'f1E?f?2i1W'-3s'rifa3i"?i ,. P? 1 1 ' M ,L . ai.. r rw , 7 -duff: 1,Qi.f.f,sff"11 -1, ,r.afaf-faL.,4.y. yi 1h f.,gia,l wi?-15,fg2.+TE'-'ty Yfifgiif 'us L. l"' ' .af-5.35 ,ri.,'af" .f3Ti' .. 'nf -,jj ig,-, ffi?e'+q.?..fW.fI 12 f--" lfjr--9 I "1iHf5aJ:'21"f' Pi , bfi-.Ti Tri'if1'Ia1'-aaa,11.if'q:1gj'r,f..'r.' ..'.-R+' WW i BELOW-TOP: . FETNER, Eugene M., Winfer Garden . . . FIELDS, Louis G., G., Tampa . . . GINDY, Beniamin E., Miami . . . GLASS, Jacksonville . . . FITCH. Williallin H., Fi. Meade . . . Edware: F., Fi. Lauderdale . . . G-OLDBERG,r Milion H., I' ' FRANKENFIELD, Royce P., Umali a . . . FRANKLIN, Pe+er Newar, N. J. . . . GONZALEZ, ose A., ampa . . . I M., Orange Cify . . . FRAZER, Carolyn D., Gainesville . . . GRANT, William H., Jr., Orlando. A FRAZIEKR, Kaiherine S.. Gainesville . . . FREEMAN, Walson ' L., Jac sonville . . . FRIEDSON, Wilbur, Miami Beach . . . . FULLER. Harris w.. Mama Beach . . . FULLER, Hugh L., BELOW'BOTlOM' Panama C'+v - - - FULMER- Jadaaa"T-. Orlando- GRAVES, John L., vm ami. . . . GRAVITT, Chas. w., Miami . . . GREEN, Baird, Sebrinq . . . HADIEOCISE Roberi BELOW,-CENTER: L., Jr., Gainesville . . . HAGAN, Lee, Jac sonvi e . . . 1 HALL, Clifford A., Miami . . . IFIAMILTSDNIL Charles H., GABY, Louis I., Homeslead . . . GARLAND, James P., Miami . . . HAMMERMAN, Sian ey R., ac sonvi e . . . :N Aneco . . . GAUTIER, Lawrence P., Jr., Miami . . . GEIGER, HARPER, James E., Jacksonville . . . HARRELL, Ralph E., f Harry M., Melbourne . . . GEYER, Roberl H.. Fi. Lauder- Winier Garden . . . HARRINGTON, Tom K., Miami . . . dale . . . GILBERT, Leroy R., Sanford . . . GILLEN, Joseph HARRIS, Marion, Jacksonville. Ina..- . , , Page 'I244 I ABOVE-TOP: HARRISON, Curiis C., Gainesville . . . HATCH, BeHy J., Jack M., Tampa . . . HUMPHRIES, Horace D., Hollywood Jacksonville . . . HATFIELD, Lee P., Jr., Fi. Lauderdale . . . HUNDLEY, James G., Jr., Miami Beach . . . HUTSON, . . . HATTON, Lon M., Tampa . . . HELMLY. Chas. F.. Miami Lucian C., Jacksonville . . . INGLE, Roberi R., Sebring . . . HENDERSON, Frank P., Tampa . . . HERTZ, Toby L.. . . . ITALIANO, Nelson A., Tampa. Jr., Pensacola . . . HICKS, IFu1herfordHP.,SPTmgcoLa . .L. HIERS, H N., Gainesvi e . . . IP K , i'lz ., . Ocala . . .T-igBBINS. go.. N.. Jr.. Rockledge . . . HQLLAND. ABOVE-BOTTOM Home W-. Jeclrwnvllle- JACKSON, James Fallon, com . . . JAc:oss, Louis G., 'lIv1iRAmiSBaacLh .SI .SJ1MES,b Brady A., Jacksonvilllle . . . B E-CENTER: A E , o err ., +. elers u g . . . JAMES, W' ' G., A Ov Delray Beach . . . JINKS, Jbhn B. Panama Cifyarll . . HOLTON, Joseph N., Miami . . . HOSS. Marvin A., Miami JOHNSON, Howard R., Jacksonville . . . JOHNSON, Paul Beach . . . HOSTETTER, Floyd L., Jacksonville Beach . . . E., Tampa . . . JOHNSON, Wm. G.. Jacksonville . . . HOWELL. George B.. Tampa . . . HOWZE, Ronald C., JONES, Carolyn L., Gainesville . . . JONES, Roberr K., Vernon . . . HUBBARD. Roy I., Jacksonville . . . HUGHEY. Branford . . . JORDAN, Harold D.. Oviedo. BELOW-TOP: KANT, Seymour, Miami Beach . . . KAUFFMANN, Elma B., . . . LEVIS, Norris K., Jr., Rockford, Ill .... LEVY, Albert Coral Gables . . . KAUFMAN, Floyd T., Miami . . . KAY, Jacksonville . . . LEWIS, David R., Miami Beach . . . Alexander J., Lakeland . . . KEEN, William T., Tampa . . . LEWIS. Joseph M., Jr., Orlando . . . LIGHTER, Irving. S+. KEHM, Charles E., Miami . . . KEISER, Rose M. R., Jack- Augusfine . . . LIGHTFOOT, Omar K., Miami. sonville . KENNEDY, George R., Tgampal. . LKXEVNNEDI. Lafayeffe ., earwaier . . . KERN , Ho com ., Jac - . sonville . . . KIKER, Rober+ J., Dayfona Beach . . . KING, BELOWAOITOM' l'I9"l-79"'f E-- Miami Beach- LILLARD, Urban L., Johnson . . . LINNEKUGEL. Louis J.. Orland? . . . LONG, 'Harold W., Jr., Selmng . . . LONG, BELOW-CE TER: Roger ., Miami Beac . . . LOWRIE. A arf G., Dayrona N Beach . . . LYNG, Reginald W., Jr., Kissimmee . . . KITTLESON, Henry M.. Jacksonville . . . KNECHT, James MACDONALD, Thomas C., Jr., Tampa . . . MACINNES, L., Palm Bay . . . LEBARON. Donald L., Coral Gables . . . Donald A., Miami . . . MAHARREY, Joseph T., Perry . . . LEE, Gordon H., Jacksonville . . . LEONARD, Aaron M., MALCOLM, Oscar O., Miami . . . MARGOLIN, Roberi, Jacksonville . . . LEONARD, John W., Wesi Palm Beach Jacksonville . . . MARKS, Daniel M., Miami. Page 245 r.i . '1 . '1lI 1 1'YilP' l ilu! 1 .l UIl ' I i il ABOVE-TOP: MARSH, Leroy M., Sarasoia . . . MARTIN, Charles R., MERTINS, Richard E., Pensacola . . . MILLER, Arlhur L., Miami . . . MARTIN, Marshall A., Jr., Jacksonville . . . Leesburg . . . MILLER, David Frances, Jacksonville . . . MARTIN, William S., Barlow . . . MATTHEWS, Richard F., MILLIGAN, James M.. Orlando . . . MITCHELL, Clemenl Cocoa . . . MAYERS, Rosalie J., Clearwaler . . . MCCABE, P., Miami . . . MIXSON, John B., Euslis. Richard W., Miami . . . MCCALL, Joseph D., Jr., Coral Gables . . MCCLURE, Wm. J Tampa . MCDONALD Gilbert T.,'BfaJan+an . . . MCIDONALD, Jam.. B., Jaakl ABOVE"BOTTOMi Sonwlle - - - MCMILLAN- Marv '--- Lake Wales- MoLPus, Jah.. K., J... Daylona Beach . . . Moons. Jaya. E., Arcadia . . . MOORE, Oren G., S+. Peiersburg . . . ABOVE-CENTER: MORRIS. Sidney. Miami Beach . . . MORROW. William R., Tampa . . . MOSES, Cregg F., Branford . . . MURRELL, TBACVOE, Thlomas V.. Pensacola . . . MEADOWS, Daniel N., Doris L., S+. Augusline . . . NELSON, John R., Fl. Lauder- e ray eac . . . MEDCALFE, Peler S.. Miami Beach . . . dale . . . NEWLAND, John C., Winfer Haven . . . NYGREN, MEGRATH, William A.. Lake Park . . . MERLIN, Jerome Harvard E., Pensacola . . . OLIVE, Ralph D., Lakeland . . . S., Miami . . . MERRYDAY, Harry L., Daylona Beach . . . ONEAL, Maslon A., Ocala. 2Q1?f2-'2'Z'IZ'f1"liv u i'i f'W ' "' f3555i7,2Lff7Z,T'- "Sli iT3'f-'lf' 57, - .Q ' ' -Q -- .mf-I .:Q1"t -I 'ivwail 'l' 'Ta'ilff!f'?e,e..LLw', "' Fi" ,e"' 'Q 4,,g',,f"'f' vi.,-,gQ'+1?.gj,Qi -gy-' H+.,vQ'.'5xiQPv'.Y,,.1f!if'f. , ,' iQ.f?ll'?J, f"I.1L1W -if?-,', 7. a , .. bil. " iiil I ' ' I.-4 - I .,VlL':,V1,q5g,E?5,,g Q AQQA is-. , . 9. . if, , ' .14 M ,mMQWwBM,aMQawm EW. , am? i H- 1, PM . lwwx -, 'f . .--.W-, .- -.- 4 .- -,-. , J -' 1-4. I - B ELOW-TO P: . ?NIEllLL,JFrarg:isPWes+on, Pgl6?iaTganaLZone . OSTEEN, Email T., Jr., Daylona Beach . . . POND, Edward R., Frosl- au ., r., . ierce . . . , eniamin ., l. el- . . . PORTER, E 'I' M., D L d . . . PRIESTMAN, ' ersburg . . . PALMER, Bernard G., Gainesville . . . PARKS, .rlghii H., Sluari . . . PRil:IT:E, Hovilaiidl T., Jacksonville . . . Rober+ L., Jacksonville . . . PATILLO, Charles E., Tampa PRUITT, Charles W., Jr., Jacksonville. M . PAUL, Raliplg, miamiceleafh .J. . PEEPLES, Earle E., Jr.. iami . . . E A O, ares ., Tampa . . . PETERS, . Julius, Wauchula . . . PHILLIPS, Charles T., Daylona Beach BELOW-BOTTOM' - - - PHILLIPS- Donald l--- H- Lauderdale- PRUTTT, william H., Miami . . . PRYOR, osbama w., Mary Eslhes . . . OUARTIN, Herberl' S., Miami . . . RADFORD, BE'-0W.CENTER: Robera S., Jacksonville . . . RAMBO, Charles B., Tampa . . . AMIREZ, H E., M' ' . . . RANEW, B H., PHILLIPS, Harrop B., Winter Park . . . PIERCE, Francis Pensacola . . . I:ElAYMS, Kdxiidlh D., Vero Beacllmli . . E., Winler Haven . . . PIPER, William L., Jr., Miami . . . RETTIE, George, Jr., Fl. Lauderdale . . . RICHARDSON, PITTMAN, David Y., Orlando . . . PLACK, Richard P., John D., DeLand . . . ROBERTS, David L., Coral Gables Warrmglon . . . PLISCO, Jack A., Orlando . . . POLLITZ. . . . ROBERTS, Ed G., Jr., Daylona Beach. Page 246 ' 1--...rue--ag..-aexy -gg.-...a1..i.ny..11 - a- 1-1 1 1.11.1111 -:iw-.W .p. -...-.,n-s- 3 l A., ,, I ., W, ., ., 'f1w'lPi: I .ff 2, . 'QL 2 Qi.. '- -.fv fm ,., , , .. 1 . ,,.,, el. 5.:,M..'f f ABOVE-TOP: ROBERTS, Jo., Sebring . . . ROLLER. Richard H.. Tampa Kenneih D., Miami . . . SHAW, Frank R., Orlando . . . . . ROTH, Sfanley H., Miami . . . ROWE, Carolyn M., SHEAROUSE, George M., Orlando . . . SHEPPARD, Jean, Gainesville . . . RUNCIE, Roberl A., Sf. Peiorsburg . . . Coral Gables . . . SHIELDS, George M., Miami . . RUNYON, William, Fi. Pierce . . . RYAN, Archibald J., Jr., SHIELL, David M., Jacksonville. Dania . . . SAGE, Roberh D., Dayiona Beach . . . SAHLIE, Richard Scoif, Jacksonvi e . . . SANGAREE, Char es V., . Marianna . . . SAWYER, Richard D., Key Wesl' . . . ABOVEQBOTTOM' SAWYER- RObef+ K-v JaC'fS0nv"'e- sHoRsTElN, Jack F., Jacksonville . . . SHUTTLESWORTH, Joe L., Ocala . . . SILVERMAN, Preslon Z., Miami . . . ABQVE1CENTER: SILVERTOOTH, L N., B d + . . . SIMPSON, Fred- erick J.. Jacksonvilll: . . . ST.llgERclnGeorge T.. Jacksonville SCHATZBERG, Roberi, Miami Beach . . . SCHUMPERT, . . . SMITH, Frank H., F+. Lauderdale . . . SNEED, Thomas John E., Jacksonville . . . SEFRNA, Eugene F., Froslprooi M., Fi. Pierce . . . SNYDER, Larry J., Cicero, Ill. . . . . . . SEGAL, Bernoy S., Tampa . . . SEVER, Jackson K., SOKOLOW, Jerry J., Miami . . . STARNES, Charles W., Clearwafer . . . SHAFFER, Don W., Oviedo . . . SHAFFER, Fi. Myers . . . STIGGINS, Frank E., Lakeland. LTJ. ,T J a V a . -Af A Lawfxsl. 5' .viii . . .L.-, f K w-,,,. , K YW .. I ,, kk., i K I -W , mv L El 4 ll it l Am5fYQ,.?,. '.J' 1::f',,:f, ffllik ll'L-'k .Q 7 All K K ll A . ff-rjQ 5 ,. -. "intl Lea' ,g T- 1 l , , I W:..'uk:,,,...,,. 'l,',,1.,,N, X f ..k.. . X... f . ,,,.,i.,. . .. U , k .x . ,. - .1v.,.v,5.-A. v f .y v .,. ,-fy. . .f,f, ge, K ,. k,,,N:, ,i..,,,.. ,.. my A . BELOW-TOP: STONE, John C.. Orlando . . . STRlCKLAND, Henry S., . . . URQUHART, Joseph W., Milfon . . . VAN AUKEN, Kissimmee . . . STRINGER, Thomas F., Jr., DeLand . . . Frank M., Peoria, Ill .... WAGNER, Arihur W., Miami STURGIS, Warren A., Jr., S+. Pelersburq . . . SUTHER- . . . WALKER, Allen R., Fl. Pierce . . . WALKER, George LAND, John Holi, Daylona Beach . . . SUTTON, John W., L., Planf Ciiy . . . WALSH, William D., Fi. Pierce. Jacksonville Beach . . . SWALLOWS, Levi S., Orlando . . . SWEET Thomas W. Miami . SWICHKOW Bernard Miami 1 . . TAYLoR,' Thomas E., Tampa . . . TEAIQ, Pgul H.f BELOW'-BOTTOM: Wlnfef Gdfdafl - - - THOMAS. PBFCY l--- JH- -lUClf50nV'll9- WARD, Joyce Y., Gainesville . . . WEBB, Sidney A., Orlando . . . WEINSTEIN, Dagid L., Jacksonville . . IWEIEISTBOCK. BELOW- R: H w d, M' m' Be c . . . WEISSENBOR . ee ., iami CENTE . PHNVEISMTAN, Aghleigh, Tampa . . . WEISMAN. Siephen, THORNTON, Washingion B., Lakeland . . . TILLMAN, Tampa . . . WELLS, Charles C., Jr., Coral Gables . . . George V., Gainesville . . . TUCKER, John Andrew, Fi. WELLS, Jack G.. F+. Myers . . . WHEELER, Irwin W., Lake- Pierce . . . TURK, Morrill Melvin, Miami . . . TURLINGTON. land . . . WHEELER, Wm. H., Lakeland . . . WHIGHAM, Edwin B., Gainesville . . . TURNER, Laiimer H., Bradenlon Pairicia A., Ocala. Page 247 1 P l .. '. l '.ll' Y lPl'v lawn? ll'.l6!milNr..s1Iexl.. f il ABOVE-TOP: ABOVE-BOTTOM: WHISENANT, Roberf B., Palme'H+o . . . WHITE, Alfred J., WOLFSON, Nathan, Jacksonville . . . WOOD, Frank D., S+. Pefersburg . . . WILKINSON, Clark H., Jr., Jackson- Lakeland . . . WOODS, Marvin B., Polk Cily . . . WORTH- ville . . . WILLENZIK, Norman, Pensacola . . . WILLIAMS, INGTON, Fred C., Jr., Miami . . . WYNNE, James R., Hoyle B., Jr., Wesl' Palm Beach . . . WILLIAMS, Richard C., Miami . . . YARBROUGH, Harry C., Tampa . . . YATES, Tampa . . . WILLIS, James H., S+. Peiersburg . . . WILLIS. Lynnwood E., Jacksonville . . . ZACCHINI, Rene A., Tampa James R., Jacksonville . . . WILSON, Roland A., Tampa . . . ZBAR, Allan L., Tampa . . . ZEIHER, William A., Holly- . . . WITHERINGTON, Chas. G., Orlando . . . WOFFORD, wood. William R., Tampa . . . WOITKE, Edward K., Miami. - 1 X Page 248 SCHEDULE CHARGES F HK ORFIDES THE LATEST! NEWCOMER TO SWELL THE RANKS OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES AT THE UNIVERSITY IS THE NEW COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND ATHLETICS . . . IT OFFERS INSTRUCTIONS AND SERVICES UNDER FIVE DEPARTMENTS . . . HEALTH SERVICE . . . INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS . . . INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS AND RECREA- TION . . . PROFESSIONAL CURRICULUM . . .QTHE NEW COLLEGE WILL WORK IN CON- JUNCTION WITH OUR SPORTS AND ATHLETICS PROGRAM . . . WILL BE HOUSED IN THE NEW MILLION AND A HALF DOLLAR GYM NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION . . . POSSIBLY NOTEWORTHY AND REC-IPIENT OF THE WIDEST NATIONAL PUBLICITY IS THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE WHICH IS CONSTANTLY ARRANGING AND REARRANGING ITS COURSES . . . STILL STAYING AMONG THE LEADERS IN A LIBERAL EDUCATION TO KEEP UP WITH THE CHANGING PACE OF NORMAL LIVING . . . PROVIDES THE TYPE OF EDUCATION PEOPLE MUST HAVE IF THEY ARE TO BE GOOD CITIZENS, PARENTS, AND WORKERS . . . WHILE GIVING A STUDENT HIS BASIC EDUCATION, HE STILL HAS TIME TO CHOOSE HIS MAJOR FIELD OF EDUCATION . . . , THESE ARE ONLY TWO OF THE MANY OUTSTANDING COLLEGES OFFERING THE STU- DENT WORK IN MANY AND VARIED FIELDS . . . THE GRADUATE SCHOOL HAS RECENTLY EXPANDED' SO THAT IN ADDITION TO OFFERING THE OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDY TOWARDS THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, STUDENTS MAY NOW APPLY THEIR GRADUATE WORK TOWARDS A DEGREE AS A DOCTOR OF EDUCATION . . . NOW THE STUDENT AT THE UNIVERSITY MAY ENTER NEARLY ANY FIELD . . . THE MAJOR FIELDS OF .STUDY ARE THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE . . . SCHOOL OF AR- C-HITECTURE AND THE ALLIED ARTS . . . COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . . . COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . . COLLEGE OF EDUCATION . . . COLLEGE OF ENGI- NEERING . . . SCHOOL OF FORESTRY . . . COLLEGE OF LAW . . . SCHOOL OF PHARMACY . . . GRADUATE SCHOOL . . . DEGREES ARE MORE NUMEROUS THAN THE SCHOOLS . . . THE NEW ADMINISTRATION HAS SHOWN A CONCERN WHICH WILL INEVITABLY MANI- FEST ITSELF IN MORE AND BETTER SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES THAN WE HAVE EVEN NOW . . . AND PUSH FLORIDA ON UP THE LADDER OF AC-ADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT . . . Page 249 SORORITIES . . . HOMECOMING . . . AL SCHACT . . . CLOWN PRINCE OF BASEBALL -A Q .Wm Xl ,,,.',,M V L, 5 pai., :L rl cam 'i Pl In .,,.r. 1 '51-13 ff3i5s'a'?llg aw, , -f-v I -qs - V , ,M 'ls -'pk l T , P A - r , lr, f'2!..1l,.fi.-qg . . 1 V - . ..:..5x:,gg 'elf 'N , : ' PY' 'M..2"4' 'li for f- " YY: ""':w..-.n Lim A ., ' I . ,,t ,M-MM V V Q ., ,I I Siilmt .32 H is W- ww w' if 1 1 Y-'g ' ffms. 7' 7' I ' - ' A 'I Wt, -"7'7?f?1?.. - RQ Tim I gs I S K ., '. :sn . ' , , f , ., l y V l "fm . fi, 1 if .1 ,YT f A , , rl, 3 A 3- klw. ,wjryll is ' L r ' ' fl., - f- . '- Ji?-.a 1- l ' .3 ' C Q 1 l ' 7 ' ii X , fry, A is-h N ,-:Q , ' A 3 ,. ' Xl hr ij.:-2 it 3 -'ty 4 Q v-LH,'8f' 4 rfb 1 Q X mg ,Li mviyishrp .71 K In . , WV: ' XF' Y fzi ff' S E -Mr' -- -V ,---Q....,. The l948 edition of Homecoming . . . 25,000 eager alumni crowded into Gainesville to hash over old times . . . to.see a great show staged by Florida Blue Key . . . directed by Mac Christie ...The prize winning Delta Tau circus wagon lll had Tarheels caged for better than the Gators were later able to do . . . Phi Delt's Choo Choo l2l gave fair warning . . . welcomed alum- nae and survived the rain... 139 The old lady who lived in a shoe now lives at the Phi Tau House . . . We wonder if alumni understood . . . Army planes l4l started the show . . . Several were reported lost in nearby buildings . . . The Betas l5l tried to beat the rap . . . but Justice prevailed . . . l6l Florida's Air Queen . . . Miss Betty Skelton . . . amazed the crowd with unique air antics... C73 SAE greeted Grads with the rare delicacy of Tossed Tarheel Salad . . . KA Plantation l8l was also graced by Choo Choos . . . Suh ...while Phi Gam Gator l9l beat the Tarheel all weekend . . . Page 253 Mike I I V, .A 8 b X 9 1 nu? i . O ff ", ', x 55 ,JIM f 4 V., 'A grief ' b .V Q, " 5' .. - f .gf 3, N . .ov " I r- 5- "' 'Q-r I fl, . . i y5' 'vm W' tv f J wi' 1 PV. I '-' 0 5 J f 1'14!1 1 y. -'sw nw x , nf., x - a If v'G. ID' JV' .1 li. - 1 41 ,. f 9' Af! N ' 54 1, I fi I Jr'-I u KY -eq, 9 :N I' 'Y s -" qv-3".'S. 'fQ.Qf. . IJ." ff-M f ' . w.,-xv,--p, A xf,. rx' ., I ,f'k"L"n,w-lf" kv' 5 NAPL V-.'a"4Qi.4p '.""x- 'L X b 5 ' -'QL , f' 'sf1f'i"v'?xL"f'fW-'X' !"'wH'f'.'36 .I ,515 .L ' .Q -,q .. 5 1 ' . ' L41 F E.g,g'1-Ex My Q I' o"f' N ' ,Q 1" Qs xl r 1 A, '4 dl XJ. J.. , , T u l ', glib h. Yqzf X' xml' jail " lgligrm' 3, ' 4.5, , . . ,. ,v ' ll' fl th! K 'I M 334, P xi .Wi 1 V ,, 1 N '5 ' e "li , Q I I Lim' AI "- -,ix .AX IL ug fx M W ..-. E ' 'H 441, , A ..,,A, , ' A 'J 1 I -lu-ua.: 1" ': .--,,- l . , ' W in ' W V 1 ' v, , f 'Y ' v, 5 i-"9 " X L 'ffify ' 'W . V 55. Q xl 2, ' , wsu- A , u 591.1 Lag.: R.'t:A.,a X2 xx , ' ' , va ,M f-ltr. ' K L -:mf wg-gg , " aa n 23, . ...Hg lrglq . Z, N., X "" A, ,,,. ,,.... . I ., .f,1,..4-1. ' ...uns -4-4-4-"N" -""A"""' A U l N, A ' X ' .k 1 , , 51, . , . Q. 4' ' , ' , V fx , 'ar' V' r-1 5 U' Y. I ' ,I ,. wa. I . ' , , ,, ' n , ' , V r Q -N - v . f f. x H X 1 H , W M ., ,y ' Y. K . ."' ' ' ' ' 3 1" , ' . " , 'K' .,' ' , -5 4 ' - ' I - . -- x , -V , x,"1-,."f'H- ",'f'H"4ff'.i"U.UY ' V ' . A , -1-L , ,'HlfN"17z::'. qw'-f 511 ' H ' ' .LV - Q ,f Q-43877165 . !..., f fr Aix,-g-'1j5'?Q 'N , :q"1-,'w'g'.1. '-GH-fi 5' 51", '. v '- - . ,. , f ,5 In V' 'gf 5, H 'Q' V - b 3,-1' ' U ' 'NLM' 9 '-' .nu .I 4 wf'.f.,-f.. .- V 1 mm. Mwxw -Q - . . vlv , 'Qi , X.. , .A-7'-2- ' x ' "H A Nl. 1 A ' , M , S... ' Wm W1 1 . ' ' . 4A ' 1 E ,-91" 1 Kr- 4, ff 1 V hi' 4 wb- nf, 1 , 3, ' .1 , ff . 399' ,L 2 vr!f i V. I 'sg 14 .. 'HJ Z . ,fs 4, Y 5' K' . ,,? 4 1 IN, 1 N- x X . J' ." QA ifx A ad V' Www ., Q - F 4' A "f -' "Hr 4. .Lu Q11 " II" -IE' I Q' ' x - A H 'if .f , 1,, . ,, ff, za fu -, if' 4 Qf'71,W5' Tm M fr 5' ?"f K'+ .. Q' ..5'i . X r R 0 ,M - QASLD gm., , 1 nfl' .K ' "o1,,h w 2 him! , ki, i- A I F .N A . M' " ' 1 ' ff fx. Q W f ' 4 M, In 'W' -nf ' , 2' h ' 4 5.34 " ' 'L ? ' ..' J: "?,f . " 14 A ,Q 5 h , M ' 27 I' K , Y V ' ' 1' .9 . v Y . -. ff ' yy 1 ' ,mx l 1.5.-W. j , .ru I! Q 40, f, 1, yQ A , f . 'V' tl I - k , ,. xii 2' ' Q5 ag ' -2 1- '- 'J' 1 7 ffl' .v L' .Av S ft "N S , fm W ' 9 J Y 4, 3 . 1,9 4 5 -Agni' 1 '13-N7 4 ' f ' ' Lf f 'S ' x ' gf' B, fix, -.V , I Y, A ' ,f. .N .ix I, 1 'A A 1 M A A A J fl . ' Vs . - 7 -gNf,,,Q1, , f ,,' 1,,A , A' 51 , , i 1 f 51' ' 54'lT' vm U32 Ur-rl I 3'4" 512 3 '-51 , ' 'H . K A A . VW" A T N Nl! K . X4 . A 171' Y 'Ln "LJ:-'if TQ 1' w , M. .-3.4 .. 1 gmj:'3g55:L.fggfj' .Q J V. I . ,,,,,.,.T..,, , 6 , L: 51 . . 2' 1 ff- A . A .1-U I' ' 'V1 O 1 . 5- '. " k , V. ' ',., ' ' fi ,WV ,-,K KMA' ,. V 1 kffs:5'J'T,:k'1L ' ,j gAfwif?r:2 A ' Y ' z ,,, R 4.3. ggi: . 5 ,.1L,,.Nz , . i, .1 k Sufi' , ,k L, 'V W ." dy :fwyhy x Pfi" l"fP?'5- ' .. f ,, i.' j lr ' ' . 4 nun vV7Nh:n,A:-,JIU :3Mv:,tf:.D.g5'l ve Q' 'ff' ,glgzy .hdxl-A N Y ' ,Q A ' HI ,W xr M - H .,. n ,. , . .Nr IG' , 5.,'., .,'. , , ! M, V1 5 , , V , .A A' 'K ' I, Af ' I? - A , 1- 'f . . , , 4 V I 'Oil Q ' A W' 1 'g-g.'.,' A : K A 'M - f H gr . ' ,. X J A 1 wdmd. :il -,ff ,g ,,,,g:':1,eq.. ' 5 , f.Q u.. -. 1 ,I 'I' AA-,,..,, Q.-I -sf, 'Vx , g I J, ' - A ' wwf ' Ln 01 W N, U, . fy' ,- ' ' ' g- f'- f- - , 4 gnyffe -" ,W , Q .,. ...--'--'- hwy' I ' ,"v'1l-5 -v -I , . . X, ' 6, o ,y-4,9 4 A ' xly Lfen. 4 f" , ' 'm,.'..x.a,.4..,. . 41 - -5 Eff -4-N - 'NL-' "5 '- . ', ' M' , r' ..- inf' i s ,,., M,!,.::,l........- , ...,. ......-' I ZS gffgfiaff . - " ,Mr . ,. a 4...-5-9' w-11.11 5..- ..M'a....:,..9a-s---qv---ff-A'-4' ' - ,Q-f"'-'4 fJ,4,f1jf 1 1 5 W1.4Wu..'..,.-, , N, .gh , v . - ' L 4,444 Vx 1, I "" 1'.':' , ' -."-: , . ., . M-.-v-+ 1 'W N47 --5115444 .fmt l 1 ,,.,.,.gA.,..i4- ..-W .A. J J--fw:. . .y , , qi - ,W - ., wg., nw- N.,., .,Q,....,..,..., . gn, My J, ..- 1, H V 4 A qi ,V ,sq ,. .V -Q -avi-Qfwv----""""" Q-59 t , W'-g1J,q,,,. . ' 4""f"1 '5 "nv ' ' ...,.QE,qY,e-,........,.f.-N-4-'j, 5 f J ifFkTb'.Lx7f, ' 1 Q",,1 1 ,. a z: M5 ' ,T 5, 55: ,F ,v I x " 'waf "3 b '1Qsl- I 5 ' ff! ,il 1 . .-1 . ...Q 1 b , 1 , ', , , f - ' - 92-fig?-i',1,1,,w', ' ' . 'J P 1 . " ' - " I-433'-.y'?w . ,- - '. --- l ...V ,f x ' , Q . 'W 'ppb -pifg. 'f - sk, b --, , 0'f,45'f pr MA,m5,,,.,- '.,..-,.....Y 9, , L -Sm! V+- ',f.p., , , In 1,7 jf v I5 : Hg, g,'ly'.-I' -fx lin. , j g,?irrs3f1.,yy-qzvfj ' W W.. . 1 ff sx. f.s 4,,,4,,,,.+.,..,.m,.,, .ix glitaiggffrggf - K: . 7 v ,,.-I , - vm 4-. ,... ,Z naiqf' if gf I " A 3 :V 5!'Z'7:'.g1,f5-an - gil" ...,.,,. 4 QQ' . ,Q-I4:,.:,IAf'f.vL:1:l r ax-4' :Lift s up vb' 4' st ' ' 'F Wi '1- illtd .- qty fb? -" cf H 4.3. ggsm.-ff zftgjzygn ,u-A .-I ' 4, F g I' fi Af a I 1 1 4 4 5 l ! 'WA K I f' 4. 1. Q 1 Q 6 I O ! l r v R... ,,,. X X I .X I, S . S ' 5 I YE .v .-...-up-1.4 m K' 4' I -711 , A .-. ,.. -- ,I - 1 f.s.f',g..1if. 0 ru., afff ,riwm Agfa? i I as Wil' gi. I 'L I A iii, fi r 0 X93 H Q M E C 0 M I N G 22,000 hot Gator supporters . . . ll Hotter Tarheels . . . and a scrapping bunch of Gators . . . battling it out in Florida Field . . . That is what we saw from the kickoff HJ 'til the final whistle . . . For about ten minutes of the first quarter Gator fans witnessed the workings of the smooth offense of the famous Choo Choo and company . . . After this initial shock the Gators got down to business C29 and gave the home crowd a good show . . . The "Weekend Warriors" l3l were fea- tured at a spectacular half-time show . . . A bird's eye view C47 of the spec- tacle . . . The Tarheels kicked off i5l to the Gators many times that day but only one score could be pushed over by the boys in Blue . . . The big show for the afternoon l6l was not the run- ning of the Choo Choo, but the fight- ing Gator line continually stopping the NC star . . . the evening's festivities featured Florida's Band-leading Alum- ni, Dean Hudson l7l playing for the F Club Dance... F Club Homecoming Queen, Mrs. Janice Pyle l8l looks pleased to say the least . . . The end of the biggest and best Homecoming in Florida's history i9l . . . Page 257 - n ., ',, Q Q 4. -. ,g+,g.,gpw lm, S, Q , 'rin v -F, 1 ,: , . aff aw. , QR Mt - , f h -,,4.4,,v -5ffiv4'FuJ .JLPQX .1 ,ff av' V W. 15 1 K .jg Y gig Q ' .. .43 LQQIY- .f aqlj, ' j A. 1-' . - E' ug, Y f ,ng. W S I 5 ,Qi I 5- -,,p- 'fx f fu 8 n-lv x ga . -47 Q I Blue Key Bar-B-Que . . . where great and near great meet . . . Politicians slap some mighty important backs. . . past and present campus wheels talk deals. . .The Chow line lll features Coach Cherry at his best. . . President Miller enjoys his first while the Gov- ernor greets . . . lZl "The food is good", say the smiling faces in l3l . . . Our Governor looks happy l4l as he gets down to the business at hand . . . l5l General view of a good time . . . Former Governor Carlton l6l looks the situation over and seems quite puzzled about the whole thing . . . The Law School skit l7l packed 'em in and laid 'em in the aisles . . . Most digitaries were there twice and the crowd saw everything from Sen- ators jumping fences to our friend from Miami with all the war stories... Saturday morning the Tally Tarpons and Gator Tankmen l8l gave a pre- game pool performance of the first order . . . Page 259 1' K ,I Y rg hw- A . 11? .ww y 'fi Q. 4, Xi iff A I , 1 if 'as . ww: A A, .-Y ' f 'M 5' JN -1- ' it' N' n '-'xanax' ' 3 R. v.. . , Af bfi - -. i 1 . ' 1. ' f V , Q I 6 I mx , ' 1 il f ...W 0 4 -3 ""' " -----.. , 'nv' A Q - , A :. -- L I X,- U -C A, .i fi l il Q., X, a ' f fs CFS X gl v, l l PERSCNALITIES Our new President lll has made friends throughout the state . . . His warm handshaking ability has been used to great advantage for our grow- ing University. . . Dr. John lzl takes it easy . . . enjoying a long deserved rest. . . Rubylea Hall l3l author of "The Great Tide" . . . best seller . . . gained nation-wide recognition for her outstanding work . . . Our genial Gov- ernor and President l4l hashing it out . . . Coach of a fighting outfit in '47 l5l looks to '48 . . . Excitement and much lost sleep accompanied the hurricane during the first semester . . . Fla. Vetters l5l gathered in Florida Union l8l to watch their homes blow down University Ave .... The main casualty was the loss of Lindsey Hol- land's car l7l and several large pines from the campus . . . Page 261 W V . .J .-,Q , Y ' tif Fi at 1 ff vm l V50 I . ' Eff fJ"2f-'sp I . "" 1. QQ , ,nm 'Lf LCS- M 3 1? 'E' 1,.iA,A AAAA 5,, , A, 1 f A 'QQ Q55 EE 5? HQ ff XX X '51 I Frolics are always fun . . . no one can deny that . . . Many Queens arrived from all parts to make their dates happy and as far as we know most of them succeeded . . . to the music of Jimmy Dorsey. . . So many lovely chil- dren in one picture is awfully hard to imagine . . . but there you are in lll . . . This seems to be the main trouble with Zack Mosely and Jimmy Dorsey l2l . . . One might think that they were enjoying their work . . . Someone had to be queen and this year it is LOVELY Miss Milly Mooney of Tampa l3l receiving her crown of orchids from the judges as Master of Cere- monies Owen Allbritton grabs the mike . . . Everyone looks pleased l4l as the Queen of Fall Frolics is introduced . . . Jimmy Dorsey l5l and Band gave a concert that won't be forgotten . . . His wonderful music completed a won- derful weekend . . . The line of lovelies l6l made many a Boystown "student" howl . . .The Queen and her Court l7l . . . The Skylarks of the Dorsey Crew l8l make with the music you like to hear... l9J waiting for the call while Dorsey gives his famous sax a good working over to the tune of "Green Eyes" . . . Page 263 N av A-'r 'Ov , -J 'ii gin' -5 . n m 1 X l 1 1' A, Zffw '35 X ' . ' -3 I Wk' ,' ski: A' I E: .' 1 I E i KY ,! x V i ,.-' N JI.. I :lf x ' Ja" -4' X v 256 ss . + ' H .,.ay."N' qw ' .N . , .7 ' "-""' ' ' K , '4','WQ.j.zi?Q5-+6-xg! av . ' " 4. , 3 . .1 ' ,J gk' W, QT' gNff,..,x: ' A' g N . "v: I' .,'-- "4j',i.Q-4 -gf? infill 1 at , I A ' h KY.. , .K L:..Vv.p.U v I L' ' f ' :LMA ' LX' .L ,L E13 f ,, ,A I ,x, i - , x ' '-??o.'1a' , 'wie - .Q V I , 5 ff-'Q' A4 ': z':'4'4' 1155 F335 '- -, ' 1 n Ou. , . 'J -'-'L A .L 5-Lf' , ' 1 If ., ni l 4 1 x .5 N 2 "v-1---. V. 4. P M- ,, W A , T vw Q- ' if 14' lg gzw 5 N' 4 A wi ' ' ' Us I ng ,, M ps 3 55? "VJ XX rl '1 5 .4 'F' L I 4 vw' ',g .fx ",,lx1Zf Q' ' X ' A 1 if Q 4',I1iS11QH -.24 1 If h X Al .31 MJ V 5 X. QA . 1 fmia-5 I ' a 3 Y L , , Y .1 4 , a N f,- W AM" w 4 5 5731 ,1- wif ff ff Q ,Q '3 it "" ' - M., N H X xxfx 'H X -1 V " -lg,- Q-1....,. MI ei Q 4 w-v . ,yy . , f lv b- - '1 if F gb' in 'hf N my ,, ,-LJ' QV? "A F17 s ,A l QU! 3 A 1 T. ' , 1" 'Y A . K .1 ' Y 1.3 U Qj KW A-4. . . , .. . I, . ' 1' J, if 'PL 53 Qui' sl , v N 22.-"3 ' .Zi N 5a"5-R? 18 T X .W LS me lifil .-. L xii l , X ...X FALL FROLICS Saturday night was far from the loneli- est night of the week . . . Party, party everywhere and not a drop to drink... Dorsey lll pleases thousands that packed into the gym . . . The ill-fated Pirates lzl give their "Last Blast" and have a good time that may have to last longer than expected . . . the drummer l3l caught everyone's at- tention and had no trouble holding it with his "classic" style . . . the singers l4l went over big.. .with the smiling face on the left making little female hearts putter all weekend . . . What a bunch of peo le for such a little place l5l . . . l5lJ intermission chit chat . . . people with queens had better watch the snakes and take their dates home only after daylight. . .What time is your date taking you home, etc., etc. . . . Waltz winners l-ll don't seem to mind the sore feet . . . Phi Delts and guest lgl relax after the Battle of the gym... l9l Like we said. . .what a bunch of people for such a small place . . . Page 267 M , 1:5 .- . W link -1'I:'. "' H rv ui r GEDRGIA-FLORIDA Anyone who misses a Georgia-Florida game in Jax shouldn't be allowed to graduate . . . You can't miss . . . any- thing is liable to happen and usually does.. .such as Bugs Griffin lll tak- ing off around end for the only Gator score . . . lzl what goes up has to come down . . . Mrs. Parker l3l a noble addition to lead our fighting Gator Band . . lfll RAH, RAH. . .our Editor paints the town . . . RAH, RAH . . . Gator Cheerleaders l5l lead big rally . . . just before the Band l5l swings through downtown Jax for the parade followed by l7l floats . . . cheering students . . . cars . . . and more RAH, RAH . . . 483 our band again appears at half-time . . . to cheer on those Fighting Gators l9l who try desperately to stop a Rauch pass . . . Crago llol speaks . . . while Alumni Prexy Herlong llll tries his hand at "We are the Boys" . . . llzl The always available and capable Billy leads another Gator song as only he can do . . . Page 268 nf QT?" -,-4 gr' 3, , mf . v 'n"7.:Wb.. Left to right: BORCHELLER CRABTREE MACK HENDERSON LYCEIIM CDIINCII. Siu H The Lyceum Council is entrusted with stu- dent funds which they direct to the entertain- ment world in an effort to schedule the best possible cultural and educational programs for the enjoyment of the students. The coun- cil is composed of a president and three students chosen from the campus at large, and two faculty members appointed by the President of the University. Members of the 1947- 48 Lyceum Council are: President Tom Henderson, Student members: Karl Borcheller, Al Crabtree, James Mack, and Ed Graeme, Faculty members: Alton Morris, Henry'Con- stans. TOM HENDERSON President of Lyceum Council Presentations this year have been: July, Moc Morgan, baritone, August, William Dale, pianist, No- vember, Guardsmen Male Quartet, December, San Antonio Symphony, January, Footlight Favorites Mixed Quartet, February, John Charles Thomas, baritone, also February, Philharmonic Piano Quartet, March, Detroit Symphony conducted by Karl Krueger, April, Henry Scott, piano humorist, and May, Virginia Sale, character impressionist. 2 Appearing here on Valentine's Day was the group in the photo at the right, The Philharmonic Piano Quartet. This group is composed of gifted Amer- ican artists, all products of the Juillard School of Music. LYCEUM COUNCIL Al-lists At left is the Guardsmen Quartet which appeared at the University on November ll as the singing gentlemen of the Gay Nineties. Their program was highlighted by their appearance as "The Lady KilIers" quartet. The center photo shows the De- troit Symphony with Karl Krueger conducting, as it appeared at the University auditorium on March 30. Page 271 '1Q.1Z73?' v Left to right lstandingl: JOHNSON, DAVlSg isittingl: DOLBEARE, DAY, EMIG, HARPER, OSHEROFF, KOKOMOOR. BOARD QF STUDENT PUBLICATION The Board of Student Publications, composed of seven men, exercises general financial and policy control over the five campus publications at the university. Four of the members are faculty men, appointed by the President of the university, and the other three are students elected from the campus at large. Prof. H. B. Dolbeare is chairman of the Board and the executive secretary is James G. Johnson. Faculty mem- bers are Professors Elmer J. Emig, F. W. Kokomoor, and James W. Day. Student members are Horance G. Davis, Leo Osheroff, and John Schaut. The latter replaced'Jack Harper who graduated at mid-term. Student mem- PROFESSOR H' B- Dol-BEARE bers must be at least juniors at the 'JW' vm? , .Qs . f,j':.'-55. fi, Nr Q university and must have completed at least' three semesters in a journalism -y 'Mr 'J , - x major or two semesters work on a i' W. sm publication. Page 272 Sludc nl Own: ll !! 6' S1 1 1 ml Erlrnon 7 Sludf nt Controlled Dr flu ated to the gfltdllll Intern! ' 'llw 1948 SEMINOLL Dwlicamd to H 'x l Florida Yearbook: Volume l, No. l GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA June 1948 Alligator ' Keeps Pace With University llble 'Gator Staff Completes Many Major Projects GAINESVILLE, QUFJ - The FLORIDA ALLIGATOR, the cam- Dus newspaper dedicated to student interest, completed a full year of service to the University of Flor- lda campus, according to reports received yesterday from the edi- torial office of the paper. Headed by Editor-in-Chief Pen Gaines, with an able staff, the stu- dent newspaper enlarged its size, circulation and coverage to meet the requirements of an expanding and growing educational institu- ion. In a special interview, Ted Shurtleff, the ALLIGATOR'S man- aging' editor, reviewed the progress Of the paper the past year. "We have more on the front Page," says Shurtleff, "and we've made strides in the mechanical as- Dects of the paper." He then went On to enumerate the progress. "The size was enlarged from a 5-column tabloid to an 8-column full-sized paper, which met the ap- Droval of the staff," Shurtleff said "but complication arose when be- Cause of the paper shortage, we Were forced to use off-sized paper which accounted for the flaps in the early editions." "The large part of the year found the ALLIGATOR without flaps," he commented, "and the Gainesville Sun's new Goss Rotary Press gave Us speed and better printing." Coeds Helpful Executive Editor Harold Her- man, who headed the personnel, also commented on the past year. "The advent of co-education," Said Herman, "brought many Changes to the make-up of the ALLIGATOR staff. We found co- Ods on our staff for the first time and they 'certainly injected the Womenls view of the news into their Work." The newspaper, serving the larg- Bst student body in the history of the University, carried through a Drogram of unbiased reporting Coupled with a complete coverage of all student activities. The staff was set-up to follow the pattern of a metropolitan news- Paper, with copy desks, beats and beat heads, press conferences, and editorial board meetings. New equipment and a revised of- GENERAL STAFF, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Standing: Fran White, Bill Walker, John Bonner, Jack Shoemaker, Hugh Stump, Charles Holtz- er, Holly Brumby, Anne Brumby. Sitting: Peggy Clayton, Jane Poorbaugh, Mary Lou McMillan, Jerry Sololow, Dot Martin, Bob Lewis, Roger Long, Hayes Kennedy, Joyce Moore. 'Gator Siaff Puceseiiers if ,fix 4 1 4.11 V I f , I. N M 4 5 l ' x ' PEN GAINES TED SHURTLEFF Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor fice make-up brought the at- mosphere of a large daily to the of- fice of this weekly college paper. Numerous comments, by both students and faculty, termed the past year's ALLIGATOR "the best yet published at the University." The Florida Alligator went through its biggest year in 1947- 48, and the Business Staff proved itself capable bf maintaining the pace and aided greatly in making the Alligator one of the foremost college newspapers in the nation. Page 273 Broad Policies' Widen Campus Coverage GAINESVILLE, QUFJ-To keep pace with one of the fastest grow- ing universities in the nation THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR during the 1947-48 year embarked on a oroad editorial policy of informing, .nterpreting and entertaining. Inadequacies were often over- looked until discovered by the paper or brought to its attention. Legit- imate complaints were investigated and solutions were urged, being ac- cepted in the majority of cases. The Alligator moved up to twice a week for better coverage. The 'GATOR supported the build- ing program which climbed to the peak during the first semester. It urged that something be done- and presented its recommendations -about the crowded postoffice, lack of parking spaces, poor phone ser- vice and long waits in the bookstore lines. In some of these cases nothing has been done as yet but action is underway. Urged Better Stadia Through the football season the paper pledged support for the team and editorially backed it through the losing streak it had early in the season. Blasts were leveled at the bad seating conditions in the Tampa and Jacksonville games. On the athletic side, the ALLIGATOR increased its sports coverage to at least two pages every issue. Contests were sponsored for nam- ing of the new gymnasium and for picking the University's Baby of the Year. The baby contest brought over 120 entries. Plugging for more Homecoming spirit, the ALLIGATOR came out as a special Homecoming edition. "A Greater University of Florida" has been the unofficial slogan and in this light the paper emphasized the Honor system, more alumni clubs throughout the state, an or- ganization for independent stu- dents, better relations between them and fraternity men, and more participation by students in campus government. Finally, for itself, for other Uni- versity publications, and for future publications, t h e ALLIGATOR fought for a printing press and for more office space. Progress was made 0:1 these issues and future ALLIGATORS will continue to hammer at them. Page2 THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR June l948 sz .. .oats fr! I . or O!!! al Newspaper of the University ot Florldn. ln Galnesvllle, Florlds gubllshed every Friday morning durlmz the year and entered as second elsss mail matter, January 30, 1945, nt the post ollleo at Gnlnes- vllle, Florldn, under the net ol Congress ol March 8, 1870. .L- Editor-in-Chief . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . Pen Gaines Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . Ted Sliurtleff Business Manager . . . . . .lm .-... . ... Ken Rwhlfds EDITXJRIAL ltor Harold Hermann Aslsoelate Edltors, Marty Freed- mgmngfgngglg? Jadk Ilryum News Editor, Elrrln Hvhlteg Copy Editors. unryes Van Wafrenen, Alvln llnrtr Features Editor, Marty Lnbovp Musk' Editor, Gerald Clnrkeg Office Manager, Anne Ilrumbn Sports Editor, lllll lloyd: Assistant Sports Edltor, Jullnn Clarkson- ASSISTANTS i John Bonner, Grads' Bowen. Pet-uw Clayton, Bill Dllhllllh Sandy GOU- llnp Hazard, Dlll Henry. 'Phonmu llleks, Burton Johns, Sum Krentzmnm Roger Long. llob Lewin, Dot Mnrtln, June Moyers, George Myers, Jack Shoemaker, llugh Stump. Lee tVelsuenhorn, Fran Whlte, Sentty Verner, Dell Luyless, Doyle llogeru, Illll Pepper, Dnn Marks. Jim Camp- Dnvld llrnyton. Rnlrln Brown. Anne llrnnllry, Dewey llntehlml, Dnle Everett. lVnlter Antellmurn, Jerry Sokolow, llolr llrowller. sim,-nu Lenmd Ihnves. Tom Mnenonnlrl. John Kvlllllord, Sanford Sehnler, lllll Mor. Charles McGraw, Lacy Mahon, Jack Ledonx. Typlstsx llolly llrumlxy. Mtn-lrnret Mnrnhnll. Kltty Cnllnhnn, Joyce Moore, Clare Slngletnry. Photographers: llnrold Armstrong- Hflllk WVCll0llblll'8Cl'p Al' vln Register and Carl Znrtx Rcllprlons Edltor, Mel Frumkel. BUSINESS STAFF Ed Grafton, Asxlntnnt Bnslnesm Mnnnm-rg Rudy Thornnerry, Adver- tlnln: Manager. Aetlnprx Illll McCoy, Collet-tlon Manager und Merchnndln- ing Managers llolrln llrown Exehnnge'Edli0rg John Cornell, Clrvulntlon Manager: Mel Frmnkn-u, Aeeountnntg Steve Sh-kln, Arvclntnnt Accountant. llolp Allenrler. Hob lllrt, Dnvlal Fyvolent, Dlek Mnrlmr, Ted 1Vhlttnef, Advcrllnlng Solh-ltorn. Everett linyzood, Kenneth Meyers, Lamar Drake, Jlmmle Trencn, Merchnndlalng Assistants.. Editor Praises Stuff The 1947-48 Florida ALLIGATOR attempted to cover a campus of 13,000 people, and present to more than 12,000 readers a complete coverage of the Florida campus. Staff members had to do all this and stay in the upper portion of their classes. The ALLIGATOR is the largest circulating non-daily in the state of Florida, and its coverage and projects throughout the year has been one of definite achievements. This could not have been done without good staff writers. Thus, the editors of this year's ALLIGATOR can safely praise its staff members with all the appreciation and en- thusiasm of any paper. We worked together for one purpose- to serve the student body in the best possible way. Humor Man Tells Story 0f 'Gator Progress When the present staff of THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR walked into the office, everything was in a mess. The new staff felt in their hearts that they could do things in a much bigger way than had been done in the past. So now the office is in a bigger mess. But it is big- ger! Everything we do is bigger. We now have a bigger paper. We have more this and more that. Big- ger and better gripes than ever before. In fact, everything we do is in the superlative. Last year's reporters were just lousy. Ours are lousier. Last year, the writers were big prevaricators. Ours are bigger. But let not this whimsy fool you. The staff this year is nothing short of miraculous. It's miraculous how we turn out a paper at all. But we turn it out. When we entered this office, there was only a box on the floor and a beaten-up typewriter. We wanted progress! So we had the typewriter fixed. Student Blitz After our first edition this past year, a great horde of the student body swept down into the ALLI- GATOR office. We were proud to have so many of the students call on us-until we learned they had brick-bats in their hands. We have an outstanding crew of reporters. We have the best there is to be had. No other college news- paper on this campus can make this statement. Our reporters have the finest up- to-date equipment. Three bicycles, six wrecked jeeps and two-and-one- half pogo sticks. We are the only college newspaper in the business with a representative from Lower Slobbovia. No one else would have KEN RICHARDS Not content with merely solicit- ing advertising for the Gator, the Business Staff did some advertis- ing of its own. Display boards, with large headlines announcing important stories in the current Alligator, were posted at various Alligator distribution points, en- couraging purchases and extensive reading of Florida's newspaper. him. We'll take anybody or thing. We have the most complete news coverage of any college paper in the country. We never miss a thing. From the birth of a baby in Flavet Village to the birth of another kind of baby at a coming-out party. Our reporters are thorough. On any other paper they would be through. THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR has expanded. It is growing. It is big- ger than ever before. It is the larg- est college newspaper in the South. It is the largest college newspaper in the co---- we'd better stop here before this thing gets out of hand. But we sure are big! --flx .- .----f':11ff.:-1-... . ..,, 4 NEWS STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dewey Hutchins, Scott Verner, Smiling SPORTS, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Standing: Lee Hawes, Tom Samuels, Grinning Jackson, Kytle Williams, Sad Sackingham, Robert McDonald, John Williford, Steve Grimes. Sitting: Bill Katims, Jerry Block, Mel Levinson, Dan Machs, Hap Hazard. Moor, Bill Boyd, Charles MCG,-ew, Lacy Mahon. Page 274 June1948 THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR Page3 Alligator Business Room Was 'Biggest Little 0 ce, on Campus Ken's Krew Does First Rate Job of Running Gator Business Office "The biggest little office on the Campus" is the best definition you can find for the Business Office of the Florida Alligator. Keeper of the books-acquirer of Alligator advertising - circulator of the paper and generator of bus- iness that promotes a "balance of finance"-that's Ken's Krew. Under a revised system of solicit- ing advertising, the advertising staff co-ordinates solicitors, makes it a point to give advertisers the best of service and procures a max- imum amount of advertising for the weekly Alligator. A merchandising service was of- fered to National advertisers, and six merchandising assistants worked under the supervision of a Merchandising Manager in meeting the requests from the advertisers. Grow th Widens Task Circulation, including the task of handling mailing and exchange, comes under the category of bus- iness for the 'Gator Business Of- fice. Increased enrollment, plus wider range of circulation, has made this job bigger than ever be- fore. -Everything "from soup to nuts" in the business line is placed on the books of the Alligator. And what transacts must be accounted for- so the Business Office has an ac- countant to add to the columns and pray for balance. General business is a mis-nomer for the work done by the Business Staff. In addition to providing most of the money that keeps the Alli- gator in print, the Business Staff must also handle all the by-products or newspaper finance. Gripes and groans from the ad- vertisers-hounding from the Ed- itorial Staff-very little praise- and a lot of work-that's Ken's Krew-and that's the Business Of- fice of the Florida Alligator. 1947-48 'Gator Sports Coverage Shows Increase The sports staff has worked earnestly this year to keep up with the rest of the growth of this paper and when the final edition has gone to bed for this year we feel that we will have accomplished our aim. True most of the staff started out with little or no experience on a college publication, but as the year progressed it was evident that their experience was proving fruitful. Our staff varied from ten to six- teen men throughout the year. Some came down and worked for a few issues and then found other troubles. Others came down and worked the entire time. The sports department has grown from a tabloid, page put out by two or three men during and immediate- ly after the war to a two and three full page section with fifteen men this year. Every man had his chance to cover almost any kind of sports event he wished. All intercollegiate sports got top billing some time during the year with the intramurals getting their usual fine coverage. Pictures and cartoons adorned every sports page through the year. Up to the minute Gator or sports contests and stand- ings were published on our pages. It was a big job, but we believe that we accomplished it, with both the readers and the writers learn- ing something worthwhile during the course of the year. 'P OFFICE STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Brumby, Mel Frumkes, Robin Brown, Rudy Thornberry, Bill McCoy, Holly Brumby. 'Gator System of Ad Sales Success With a primary purpose of gath- ering advertising for 'the Florida Alligator, the Business Staff, stepped into a new order during the 1947-48 year and presented a system of soliciting that proved successful. Operating under the Advertising Manager, solicitors worked on a point basis, with awards being made for the most successful of those soliciting. General areas of operation were assigned solicitors and the proportioning of soliciting areas aided the Business Staff in securing a maximum amount of ad- vertising. The service consisted of making requested surveys of nationally ad- vertised and distributed products and sending the information to requesters. One survey, made on request of the National Advertis- ing Service, covered 1,000 students and touched most of the popular brands of cameras, shaving creams, and other toiletries used by stu- dents at the University. Wider circulation, due to in- creased enrollment, added interest among alumni and other people throughout the state, gave the Bus- iness Staff the task of stepping up their operations in circulation. Downtown sales helped to pre- sent the Alligator to the people of Gainesville, and a mailing list of 1500 alumni circulated the paper throughout the state and nation. Office space was small but the Business Staff went about the task of handling financial affairs and found time to install new equip- ment, rearrange the office, and increase the efficiency oi' the office as a whole. EDITORIAL BOARID, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Jack Bryan, Bill Dunlap, Elgin White, Harold Herman, Marty Lubov, Bar- ton Johns, Gerald Clarke, Louis Sweet, Alvin Burt. s..ffi"Q.i: f r. ., gs, I L . -. 4 -at "" il -1 o s A . . .. .... s -c r ADVERTISING STAFF, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Bill Blount, Lamar Drake, A. Hard Worker, Bob Birt, Grady Bowen, Bob Allender. Page 275 'ho' 12 1 F-fs A! AL CARLTON Editor-in-Chief HANK GARDNER Art Editor EC- ..,,.,.....-- Colleges, Activities, Features, Humor, left to right: PURDOM, FOGARTY, HENRY, TURNBULL, FOX, DICKERSON. Organizations, Housing, left to right, sitting: ASHLEY, DILLINGER, WARREN, UTSEY. Standing: STRINGER, VANTURE, SENTERFIT, SHUPE, CARTER, PRUITT. Page 276 .., .H . 1.5m ,QQ , If--rm .QQ BILL HENRY ALVIN BURT Assistant Editor Literary Editor Somehow, as we look back over the year . . . and what a year!! . . . there is a lot of enjoyment in seeing the job finished, and in our estimation, a job well done. It was a lengthy year, one which began way last Spring . . . it seems an eternity since the SEMINOLE staff walked in and said, "WelI, here we are." All through the sum- mer, tempers and optimism ran hot and cold, with minor successes and failures. But in spite of headwinds, the whip-cracking continued . . . and it was then when we laid out the book. With success came the inevitable, "Ureka!!" Then, there were always the other times, but they didn't bother us too much . . . there was always something else to do. There are a lot of things that we, as members of the '48 SEMINOLE will remember . . . our amazement when we met our first deadline . . . the all-night efforts of the more staunch supporters . . . the delighted smiles of the dubious as they finally condescended to give us a help- ing hand . . . the fear that someone would destroy the "dummy" . . . and our own feeling of a terrific sigh of relief when the last batch of engravings went in. These are the things which make a person glad to have had the experience, but not want any more. Besides the staff members, here are roses for Mr. Whitehead of the Registrar's office for his IBM machine, to PIC magazine for the go-ahead on the humor, to Zack Mosley and Milton Caniff for reducing our "beauties" to seven, and to endless numbers of the Administration for many helpful short-cuts. To Assistant Editor Bill Henry, Housing Editor Harold Dillinger, Intramurals Editor Bill Moor, and Bill Turn- bull, who are the only ones who fulfill the qualifications to be labeled staff members, go our hearty thanks for carrying a terrific load. To Hank Gardner, who wielded the paint brush, Dan Browne and Brian Lynn, who took the pictures, Buddy Purdom, who handled PIC and Fea- tures, Eddy Glenn, for Administration and Student Gov- if Introduction, Miscellaneous, left to right: GLENN, WALKER, MARSHALL, H- ' CALLANAN, BROWN. ' Photographers: LYNN and BROWNE. 0 Ecliloriul ' ' ernment, George Utsey, for Organizations, Dick Cassidy, for Sport, and to Kitty Callanan, who spent many long . l hours over a steaming typewriter, go best wishes for the - if part they should play in making next year's SEMINOLE i UM .X a success. Also-rans, as assistants, are Alvin Burt, Pen O, 3 ff 'L Gaines, Owen Allbritton, Sonny Warren, George Dicker- if .Q son, Ed Fluker, Robin Brown, Bob Carter, Julian Clarkson, i 'i willffl ll Frankie Cochrane, Buddy Davis, Elgin White, "Marsha" , if ' Marshall, Jane Snow, and "Dan" Boone, who managed Q 3 N- ' ' to sneak in at the last minute to get some important A copy in for us. K ' t I So, that's the story ot the SEMINOLE office. lt's been li' i Qi A: . Ssjll l a long time, but lt's been fun . . . even though our studies l ' 3 are wrecked, we have been forced to neglect our cam- l it - a t N l LQ, pusology, and we are all a mass of nervous frustra- tions . . . Page 277 s ons, len to fight: Moon, TARATus, MAHoN, CASSIDY, Bowen. P snown anowns CALLANAN CASSIDY Dickenson DlLLlNGER FLUKER if- fi t -2 Q1 S -3 4 ,,,..,vf.- t .A . - Y - K V g 44,6 'nv v ' yy t xhw . X ,. f K . ,Tea K V s xw sssfg' it ig. . la l as , Q: FOGARTY GLENN LYNN MARSHALL MOOR PURDOM UTSEY A we . J 55 1 nv J. L .H eip lf' .- ' 'B ff? ll, A raft' I l' 1 A7 ' L 1. ',' :ar Ai I f' I I I I ' ,.,... ik" A I I Page 278 SEMINOLE BUSINESS STAFF Sam Murrell ........................ Business Manager Walter Bishop, Henry Kittleson . .. Asst. Business Managers Robert O'Berry ................... Advertising Manager Neal Evans ................. Collection Manager Loyd Lyle, William Clark, Edwin Minton, Nick Vincent ....... Solicitors Betty Jean Hatch, Frances Hopkins, Virginia Barrett ............ Office Assistants Sanders Bradshaw ............ . .Organizations Manager Homer Vanture, Larry Senterfit .... Photography Managers -un:.'56 "' QQ ,,.-I., .' fkmgwik I I SAM MURRELL, Business Manager An entirely new business staff started work back in early fall . . . a few stuck it out all year . . . From behind the desk cluttered with broken pencils, cigarette butts, aspirin boxes, and copies of ESQUIRE emerged a record-breaking amount of advertising . . . Headaches with the photography . . . Co-eds in the office for the first time . . . Betty A Jean's nimble typing fingers. . . Virginia's helpfulness. . . Frances' ready smile . . . Bishop and Kittleson with their noses to the grindstone . . . lVlurrell's optimism . . . Lyle, Minton, WALTER BISHOP, Assistant Business Manager NEAL EVANS phones while VIRGINIA BARRETT writes down the message I 2 I Standing, left to right: EVANS, BARRETT, MURRELL, BISHOP. Seated: LYLE, O'BERRY, HATCH, KITTLESON. Left to right: BISHOP, HATCH, BARRETT, EVANS MURRELL, STONE, KITTLESON, HOPKINS, LYLE. and O'Berry, super salesmen . . . Demanding letters from the Board of Student Publica- tions . . . Fiery blasts from the editorial office next door. . .That constantly disappearing typewriter . . . "Yes, the SEMINOLE will be out on time this year' '... Ad-getting trips in Clarlds station Wagon . . . "Anybody seen Sam?' '... Afternoon cups of coffee over the adding machine . . . Deadlines to meet . . . Copy to send in . . . Money to collect. . . Bills to pay . . . "Do your studying some other time, vve'ye got work to do tonight' '... A sigh of relief when the last proofs were OK'd . . . and a feeling of a job well done. vmGiNiA aAm'rr sANnERs nRAnsHAw FRANcEs HOPKINS HENRY KiTTi.esoN Lovo LYLE Rosen o'smY ,ye lux V . I I PAV y YW' .UL f""' .fu 'J"-nw' , it In 1 'V 'S 3 'K f X . ."' "' . l , ,r , , fs , Y sv-fv 1, 7. - ' f' zgrt , L ' ' ' ' Q i T E - i s i it g- -V + A-' wt . . J -f 'Xi 'RT Sw' 1 i A if .l T' -1 : ' "W'C'524i. i ,gtrftggtif . if: i ' QL A . T rip ' r ,, .. uw: A ii f is ' A - ww. Rx, if Stl. i ' A .lglllift E.If'Qlf:xfii. sw ! AWWQ is. sWieeQ,SmfwPszf f 'A A iv f M i - v , in ,Q A Q QI Gm' -1' 2-.1 Q ' i ,tl2j55,lQL, JT-JQ2fQ,'.'. 'IQ ' , rs 53.1:Q5ff f,llW., - 1+ i i .izy wifi ' . . ,u 4 U 517. ' ffff if K . , . iii ' f Mix!!! .lffmfffh Page 279 , r Q71-,,,-41,325 . JACK DOHERTY Editor-in-Chief MISS GLORIA WOODS lSummerl MISS NINA KENNEDY IFallI ' 1 'Y' Xi nu. IQII7 DRIINGE In its second year of post-war revival, the ORANGE PEEL showed defhnte dgns of Hpening, but was stHl beset by troubles chieHy in the form of inexperienced staff members, and a lack of top-notch HcHon. Jack Doherty, serving his second straight term as editor-in-chief, overcame the greenness of his assistants by working overtime himself and by picking able men from other campus publications to aid him. With one or two exceptions, all the staff members were serving their fhstyearonthe PEEL. The applause which greeted the first ORANGE PEEL "cover girI"- on the Summer I947 issue-convinced Editor Doherty of the popularity of the scheme, and the practice was continued for all four issues this year. During October a contest was held in which all students were invhed to subnut pktures of theh gid fdends, and the four lucky beauties were chosen by a committee of campus leaders. The winners were evenly divided between high school and college lassies, proving nothing-unless perhapsit was that boys Hke gids One PEEL cover was featured in a national publication, VARSITY MAGAZINE. A reprint of the Summer I947 cover was used by VAR- SITY to illustrate a story on college humor periodicals. PEEL was also honored by having one of its cartoons and several of Hs jokes reprinted in the same magazine. With the coming of co-education to the Gator campus, the names of feminine staff members appeared on the PEEL masthead for the fhstthne. AnotherinnovaHon was a book renew cohnnn,to whkh both faculty and students made contributions. A popular feature con- tinued from last year was Leonard Mosby's "Uncle Mose, the Cracker Barrel Philosopher of Distinction." SUMMER I947- Miss Gloria "Torchy" Woods. Miss Woods was I9 years of age and a sopho- more at Bessie Tift College, Forsyth, Georgia, when the photo was made. She hails from Atlanta, and served as sponsor for the 3rd Battalion, ROTC, at the I947 Military Ball, where Gordon Potter snapped this shot. Picture submitted by Jack Bryan. WINTER I947- Miss Marilyn Overby. A graduate of Gainesville High School, Miss Overby lives here and plans to attend the Uni- versity of Florida also, where she will major in dramatics. She is I8 years old, and her picture was made and turned in by Gordon Potter. MISS MARILYN OVERBY IWinterl Page 280 WINTER , 9147 FALL I947- Miss Nina Kennedy, l8, of Jacksonville, Florida. Miss Kennedy is a senior at Rob- ert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, and has had some modelling experience. She plans to attend the University this Fall. Photo made and submitted by Harry Robb. SPRING l948- Miss Love Lindsey, of Ocala, Florida. Miss Lindsey is I8 and a pre-medical stu- dent at Duke University. After winning the title of Azalea Queen at the Azalea Festival in Palatka in the spring of I947, she was chosen as Miss Florida at a con- test in Miami, and received a contract as a Conover model. Picture submitted by Jim Jernigan. MISS LOVE LINDSEY ISpringl 'Q as F I SPRING l9'6B I . X Q PEEL THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief .... ..... J ack Doherty Managing Editor John Trinkle Executive Editor Jack Bryan Associate Editor ...... George Mason Humor Editor .... ..... J im Gollattscheck Book Reviews ....... ....... G ene Baroff Advisory Consultant .................. Dr. J. E. Congleton Board of Editors ...... Elgin White, Marty Lubov, Bill Murray, Jordan Ansbacher, Barton Johns Staff Writers .............. Jock Clarkson, Harold Herman, Horance Davis Assistant Managing Editor .... .............. P en Gaines Photographers ........... .... S am Johnson, Bill O'Rork Exchange Editor ........ . ............... Lee Weissenborn Writers .......... Anne Mills, Barbara Glenn, Leonard Mosby, John Williford, Robbie Lee Milam, Carolyn Davidson. Artists .... .......... L ou Fields, James Houser, Bob Holsing, Ralph Paul BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .... .... B ill Moor Advertising Manager .... George Utsey Circulation Manager ................... Bill Turnbull Staff Assistants ............ Bill Allbritton, Owen Allbritton, Lamar Drake, Huber Engel, Donald Rose. Page 281 JACK BRYAN GEORGE UTSEY BILL MOOR Business Manager il . - - '-"4 :Lb i ' ,,.,, HL Left to right: James Houser, Elgin White, Jack Bryan, Marty Lubov, Jock Clarkson, Jim Gollattscheck, Lee Weissenborn. BILL TURNBULL GEORGE MASON JOHN TRINKLE 1947-48 COVER EDITOR, ALVIN BURT -1L. , BUSINESS MANAGER, MARSHALL CRISER F-Book Our official handbook this year was something of which we can be proud. Headed by Editor Alvin Burt, and Business Manager Marshall Criser, the book was said to be one of the finest yet published. The cover was laid out in the traditional Orange and Blue, and presented an attractive appearance to the student body. Assisting Burt and Criser were an editorial staff of six, and a business staff of four. Work was done on this publication during the summer months so that the book would be ready for the incoming Fall freshmen as they oriented themselves to University life. The '47-'48 "F" Book had a fine staff and every one of them worked hard in putting out the handbook, but there were two boys who were, always on hand with assistance when it was needed most-Joe Doney, an associate editor helping Editor Burt, and Jimmy Baze- more, assistant to Business Manager Criser. Front Row lsittingl-left to right: Joe Doney, Stan Mulder, John Warrington. Back Row lstandingl-left to right: Pen Gaines, Elgin White, Jim Bazemore, Clarence Wood Page 282 I ll "General improvements and additional facilities" is the keynote of l947-48 for the Florida Union. This student activity center, entirely supported by students fees and receipts from sponsored activities, has made great progress with the general increase of facilities together with a more varied program of entertainment for the use of the student's leisure time. The establishment of the Florida Union Rec Hall, a temporary building converted from navy barracks, has done much to alleviate the crowded conditions. The beginning of a long-range program of physical improvements and new equipment for Camp Wauburg is a major step forward. The construction of a new bath house has been completed while a new 140-foot pier was begun late in the year. Additional outdoor cooking units and renovation of present build- ings together with a surfaced road and parking areas are next on the agenda for the much needed improvements. New installations with many local improve- ments have been made in the Air Base Soda Shop. The increase in facilities offered those students living at the Air Base has meant much to their college li e. ' Last, but by no means least, comes the bright future toward the com- pletion of the Florida Union North Wing. 540,000 of student building funds was released by the State Cabinet in December for the finishing of the second floor of the new Wing. In the Rec Hall alone, a general program of planned entertainment and recreation is provided for over 200 students daily. Many types of recreation and games are available to the entire student body fourteen hours per day. Regular programs of the Rec Hall include dancing classes, bridge parties and tournaments, special programs for various occasions and weekly all-campus Page 283 Ag BRYAN LOUNGE FLORIDA UNION STAFF rl.omnA dances on Friday night. The establishment of a weekly audience participation radio show under the auspices of Florida Union and WRUF is probably the greatest single unit of entertainment held in the Rec Hall. Even though we find no one that believes it to be the actual truth, approx- imately seven or eight thousand students per day enter the doors of the Florida Union. The conversion of the Banquet Hull into a cafeteria attracts many students while others enter for varied reasons. Long the center of campus life, the Florida Union provides facilities for students which run the gauntlet from being entertained at a reception or dance to seeing a popular movie at which no admission is charged. A home-like atmosphere continues to prevail over the Florida Union even though it is hard to imagine a home where these seven thousand students pass in and out each day, 2,500 read daily newspapers and popular periodicals, 1,500 ask as many questions at the Information Desk, l,00O participate in activities of the Game Room and approximately 750 attend club meetings of various types and receive planned entertainment. The physical plant of the Florida Union proper is composed of five floors comprising a total floor space of approximately 32,000 square feet. The Ground Floor contains the Game Room where study- weary students may use the recreational facilities for checkers, chess, bridge and other games. Various student publication offices keep the campus well supplied with news and scoops of student activities. The main floor is the location of the Director's Office and the Information Desk. Bryan Lounge and West Lounge provide newspapers, radios, a piano, and a place for friends to meet. The Alumni Office welcomes former students and keeps in touch with them around the country. The second floor has been set aside mainly for religious activities. A large auditorium, equipped with an organ and a grand piano, provides a place for church services and religious meetings as well as large organizational meetings. The auditorium can be quickly converted to a place for moving pictures. The Browsing Library pro- vides magazines of popular interest and best selling books for the pleasure and relaxation of students. Four meeting rooms provide space for student organizations. Page 284 Student Government offices are located on the third floor. The Honor Court and Executive Council rooms are found along with the Honor Court Chancellor's office and the Student Body President's office. Two additional meeting rooms are also found on the third floor. North American and South American students are brought closer together through the activ- ities of the lnter-American Institute whose of- fices are found on the fourth floor. In order to keep in step with the greatly increased enrollment, the Florida Union estab- lished a branch at the Alachua Army Air Base where many students and their families are being housed. A soda shop and grocery store ls maintained and operated by the Union. Many picnics, parties, dances and other social and religious activities are held for the entertain- ment and recreation of those living at the Air Base. The University's Camp Wauburg, maintained by State and student funds and operated by the Florida Union, is a recreational center for the exclusive use of University personnel. The Camp is located about nine miles south of the main campus on the Ocala Highway. Facilities include a large picnic area, a recreational building, a new bath house, a small dock, many small out- door fireplaces for cooking, and a playground area for volleyball, horseshoes, diamond ball. The influx of new students together with in- creased activities of the Florida Union and other student organizations has proved to be a major problem for the Florida Union Board of Man- agers. This Board, composed of five students and four faculty members, directs the activities and program of the building and established policies concerning its operation. BOARD OF DIRECTORS N-nl.. TOP PHOTO: Phi Eta Sigma Banquet at Campus Club LOWER PHOTO: Camp Wauburg ,- Miss LACE For The l948 SEMINOLE and 1he gang af The UNIVERSITY oF FLORIDA wilh The bes1' wishes oF New York -1-il fliw ,,.' ,af 5 'H t' 3 1.: - .4 i , .drift . Q if 155534 7' S MILTON CANIFF JIMMY nonszv ....BEAlI1'Y.... Following last year's SEMINOLE, we started out this year's plans to include the most magnanimous ex- travaganza that the campus had seen in the form of the Second Annual Seminole Beauty Contest. Papers flew, long distance telephone calls buzzed up and down the Atlantic coast, and the final outcome was that we did have a darn decent portrayal of that most fascinating of all creative genius-the feminine pulchritude. Milton Caniff, of "Steve Canyon" fame, and ex-creator of "Terry and the Pirates", Zack and Bob Mosley, originators of "Smilin' Jack", and Jimmy Dorsey, racked their several heads over pictures and individuals until they finally came to the conclusions shown on the following pages. BOB AND ZACK MOSELY A, H1 Q Y -- L, fx ,, Kb! A Q' , M . A I N -,vm L ' ,.x 1 V .,-v. W E , , gunna- - ' r P 1, -f-- x 44 v 1 l , S3 tt, vi iv, , gi. 2. I 7 , wig I 5 A xi, , , fl- . , 5. 4 I ,, 1 Q, Q , , 9 ,A . 5 k 'Q Q A ' ,W ' f - I f I KK t L V it -1 ,K .Q-K' "' V KK K"wK'K " vi? 4' ' 5. K 1- , K KK 'L' Y W F . Kg Jw ,:gK U' Q, W I . I ., ig . sl K :Is 1, Klkzf: K K K . K I ff' f ff -up f . 4. ' , 45, 4, . Sy. .fda 41 'U I .- K N' 1' .ani 1 ce-f '.' 'W '17 K' KU Yr ' IV r. H. f W 1? 5 M V4 , , , - W fm Y ik ri Q Q 7 sn. .- KY iv 1 do -1 ' "' M f- AA 'n ' A Q ww Q4 ,W f 'r .- I- It f . ' . 55,2 I I 'i i , 4 W! 1 6 21?-'X if A , 1' W 1 , ' 1 .f ' il , ' w e 1, M. L.Wx Quan, Wfloonaq, Page 289 Pg 290 III I I Baby, HUM, I ll IIIIIIII llllllllllll Qnlia, Jlougm, 5 fl 4 ,Q 1 ik. ' .- ' 1, QQ' , .5""s 3-Qanfwfvqg JI!!! .ff .w I 9 X . 4 wi Fafzlwz, Page Vw nf I WS., , . , ' x .L .kt X .-. .V y . ., ff-32'-J' 1530? 'nat sig? Zh! :QK gt?-'K ., your 3 .g F, ,Q Wx ' 12,5 Judy' Ss,--133 fs. h-sk A . -if -N Ao 'rf ' if-x . -J -f ,asf 4 V' 'hi w . , -MZ' :Qcp H AMI lr' Of,--' -VH ' . M ,. A ' ' ' ' nw? ff ,Y ,t N, A x P 4 . , ', 4, ' x-X5 NX x f X . N. 'X ,Q ' Xi, Uh Y gy x YQ .,x I X I r . v ,.. :X itv,m-y:v'.1', rx T .5 f '.Z'.l .il X MJ x., I. A V PEP RALLY Gator Cheerleaders . . . with four fly- ing skirts this time . . . really put some of the old Rah-Rah back into G'ville this year . . . They were just getting started when the victory-starved Gators came through with their first win in many a day . . . The old town will probably never recover from that wild and wonderful celebration lll pep rallies . . . pajama parades . . . dances l8l bon-fires l4l send-offs lZl welcomes l7l all were fun . . . but who' will ever forget THE TEAM and THE BEAR l3l when they re- turned from the N. C. State game . . . or the pep rally. . . parade. . . game . . . etc? . . . ln Jax for the Georgia- Florida game. . .The whole squad l6l under the direction of Billy Bracken, upside down in l5l deserves our thanks for doing a wonderful job of keeping slumping Gator spirits at a high pitch. Page 297 9 ' we tv. CSE BILL BRACKEN Head Cheerleader CHEERLEADERS -N qi 3 f-5 i . I . di ...g . . Q l ' -4 ix - 1' , PJ xr V , 4 l 1 M N H A f g l 4? X I Q X-X X ' l If L A X 1 , :gal 1 V i f ' A ' 52 ' H ' We I . I 2 I tr N3 wmxus SAUNDERS I A ' V ., E ' A BARBARA DAVIS A ' ' ' f sq- N .5 .QA ' U - . l mf , g y Q mls nlsuor 6:5 A.' - , A X A . LEE ROBINSON Q N At last . . . here they are . . . take a good look . more wlll follow . . . Heres to the greatest addltlons to the . F cheerleading staff in many a year . . . WOMENH!! K 1 f "Mascot" JIMMIE STEVENS GUY CO'-l-'NS ' -A , 3 gd' S X. l 'Ap X Kg . , I - Q -9 t ' r l A r X I I K f 1 - A 9 A Q -7' , t ' ' S EDDY SMITH L CLYDE STEVENS A V' v e-ve - ELMER ALLEN W ' P096 293 SANDY mano AME is not popularity . . . It is the Spirit of a main surviving himsel in the minds and thaughts of other men. WILLIAM HAZLITT BECAUSE THE MEN ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES, BY THEIR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNI- VERSITY OF FLORIDA STUDENT BODY, HAVE GAINED RECOGNITION AS LEADERS IN CAMPUS ACTIVITIES, A SPECIAL COMMITTEE, COMPOSED OF BOTH FACULTY AND STUDENT MEMBERS, HAS DEEMED THESE MEN WORTHY OF THE I948 . . . 72711 5 "I v""I I nivefasifxf 06 'flofziaa D3 Richard C. Broome STUDENT GOVERNMENT Dick . . . adept campus politico from Jax . . . now Chancellor of the Honor Court . . . former staunch independentg finally swayed by the Delts . . . BSU boy active in religious affairs . . . applies Christian principles to the wielding of his gavel . . . M Ha ll ll Univefzsifu 06 'flofzida .i. I , Robert Oran Brooks STUDENT GOVERNMENT Loyal to convictions and friends is staunch . . . conscientious Bob . . . participates with a determined goal in any activity entered and usually succeeds . . . rose as an energetic leader in student government through ef- ficiency and dependability . . . two of his strongest characteristics . . . lywpflw hwxwilx lflnivefzsify 06 'floiida Page 300 William John Castagna FORENSICS lf it's a word, Bill knows how to use it . . . outstanding debater and law student from Clearwater . . . his social amiability is a sharp contrast to the cold, calculating logic he clothes with flowing rhetoric . . . integrity won him position on Honor Court . . . politics found him on President's cabinet . . . out- standing speaker at South Atlantic Tourney . . . in top ten in Grand National Tourney . . . Op E' univetsify of 'flotiba William Albert Carlton PUBLICATIONS Pianos and parties . . . energetic and ef- ficient . . . conscientious and cheerful . . . Rah-Rah . . . Al is a dreamer . . . This long, lean SAE cattleman from Wauchula travels first class . . . directing his sheer, driving force at an excellent staff he turned out a great yearbook-on time . . . Wi univefzsifxl .06 Tlofziaa l ,lx shi! Jock Doherty PUBLICATIONS Another Jax Delt . . . Jack . . . fluctuates between politics and publications . . . his skill in the smoke-filled rooms won him the Orange Peel editorship twice . . . as a political science major, he will find his steadying reserve beneficial . . . 05 Hall I rim University of 'floziba Harold B. Crosby LAW REVIEW Hal . . . genial, balding sage from Kis- simmee . . . legal scholar par excellence . . . papa and first Editor-in-Chief of the UNI- VERSITY OF FLORIDA LAW REVIEW . . . Blue Key . . . active in student activities . . . president of his legal fraternity . . . always a work-horse-but never too busy to make friends-or to graduate with high honors. 3 P wXllN'l'.ll Univetsifxy of aflofzida Page 302 9? f 9 Hank Gardner ATHLETICS FIorida's Southeastern Conference high- jump champion . . . Tampa calls "Lanky Hank" its own . . . tall, affable, industrious . . . at his best when dancing the Samba...Semin- ole Art Editor . . . President of F Club . . . with his dauntlessness he should soar to greater heights . . . - 05 ffi' A tx li 'I i Univefzsifu at Htlofzida John Pendleton Gaines PUBLICATIONS Quiet, unassuming "Pen" . . . small in stature but big in ideas and ability . . . quick wit and a congenial laugh . . . never tiring, aggressive worker . . . outstanding ability won him the post of Editor-in-Chief of the Florida Alligator . . . one of Bushnell's best . . . ff 45 fig Hazzlliiwhgk ji time Witt lffniveisifu of Tlofzida Page 303 Rogers B. Holmes ATHLETICS His long, lithe, and lean body tabs him as "Tiger" . . . sincerity and enthusiasm make him a dynamic leader in two fields . . . seniors coll him president . . . swimming ace from Jax . . . his water ability brought him SEC championship and team's cap- taincy . . . l I Edward Graham Grafton SERVICE "Ed" . . . tall, genial . . . winning smile . . . Miami's contribution to campus poli- tics . . . publications . . . "Art for art's sake" . . . his service ranks him high among those on the campus . . . iullull iillw ll' VW l Univefzsify at 7lo'zi3a X , 0: . ' I f lhlx .-xx Univeisifu as 7lo'zida Page 304 ' A P .... 'Se lr M!'F!'f!,t? "E!!2!g'f5fgg'y .M 1- A A- w nn William H. Kessen SCHOLARSHIP High paint man from the lowlands of Fort Lauderdale . . . a genial WRUF disc jockey . . . his record stacks rival his book stacks . . . applying psychology to both, he came up with a Phi Bate key dangling from his chain . . . Bill finds his experience with the Florida Players of great value while onstage as Phi Gam prexy . . . '. 1' On diifffl lflnivefzsifml of Tfloiida Mark Hulsey ORGANIZATIONS Tremendous drive and ability have earned him top positions in nearly every phase of campus activity . . . popular despite his humorous but caustic criticism of any supine neglect laying around . . . this six foot Jack- sonville "joiner" has hurried to the peak . . . swung the "big" gavel this year as Prexy of Florida Blue Key . . . 0: i 'I- hxll -'wx ' mf v i Llnivefzsifml of 'floiiba Page 305 William G. O'Neill Pourics Genial Irish lad from south Florida . . . Bill . . . adds friendliness to common sense to-get leadership . . . politicked himself into Executive Council . . . hard work promoted him to President's cabinet as Secretary of the Interior . . . President in his own right by heading SPE . . . never without his pipe . . . 0. . dliffl i Univeisify 06 jlofzida Lacy Mahon ORGANIZATIONS Leoder in intramurals, politics, fraternity and social circles . . . smiling, friendly, black-haired Adonis from Jacksonville . . . with a keen hand in all campus activities . . . and a steady eye on his law career . . . Op 5 "- "Xl',ll'.'l ' il ' l Llnivefzsify 06 'flofzida I - Page 306 Frank Stanley POLITICS AND ORGANIZATIONS Stan's boyish, friendly grin . . . speaks his mind in a few thousand well-chosen words . . . infinite friends are his greatest asset . . . was either a lst Lt., INF or a Lt. Col. AC . . . left a leg at Normandy . . . dreams of POLK county and rearin' his boys . . . "a good man cnd true" . . . M2 lfiff' Univetsifml of 'flotida Harold Smith POLITICS Harold hit the campus with the General College . . . majored in poker and picture shows in '35-'37 . . . back again in '46 with soap box and ten-gallon hat . . . calls Ar- damn-cadia home . . . "Crump" of the Gator party . . . sponsored numerous tap fivers and gillons of lesser lights . . . recruiter of poten- tial campus Ieadership . . . WI V Islnivefzsifil of 'flofzide .u,,v Page 307 Dick wyke STUDENT GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION Idealism and balance . . . architect . . . leader in national religious activities . . . this Miami boy prexied Kappa Sigma and his professional honorary . . . deceptively calm and casual . . . intense and varied interests . . . campus renown for work on Honor Court . . . Blue Key recognition of ability and leadership . . . 1 P7 ' ff" .IIWII 'gif ' IH gl nivetsily of 'flotida William Stover Turnbull ORGANIZATIONS Combination college Joe and Hot Rock Navy Pilot . . . pompous . . . keen sense of moral responsibility . . . intelligent . . . often known as the Bobby Soxers Dream Boy . . . the "Bull" . . . capable president of the IFC . . . 09 I' ' ffff .WWII in 9'-.-I .I Univeasify of 'flofziba Page 308 if-X ii Qin J '-A 'fx 'C' - 4-H x if55rQ.,'2-Syn 1-' "W ui W, nl lqm, V., 5 4, " fi' .2 N 1" 6 gs 45:- vl . Qgsavfi 5 a. I ,lv I 'QQ . QL s A ,o 4 I ,4 3 'qi . Zz T ' . A A ,W .l ' I .' - I f Gy 'iw f 1 ' M., I 1' xxx sf, .uv R ug. A ii . , ,ge . 5 Q. , . LV' -V , .R A QM . ,. br . . ,f-5 ,Q .4 ' 1 ' . ',"y vw' - -vwp,-W As.i'Q9w?M:f 1 1' ' H, 3 ij f A '1- 1, UNIT The Reserve Officers' Training Corps is rapidly approaching the prewar level. The cadet corps comprising both basic students and advanced students numbered close to 2,000 enrollees which were grouped into four separate battalions under one reg- imental headquarters. The majority of the cadets are enrolled in the basic training course which is of two years duration. However, the advanced course is highly popular offering training in three branches of the service. Available to the advance student is training in Infantry, Artillery and Air Corps. A course of training in the Transportation Corps is being formu- lated and plans are that this course will be offered the academic year i948-1949. Ten interim students received their com- missions as second lieutenants after their completion of the semester's work in Jan- uary '48. Commissions as second lieuten- ants in the reserve will be granted to thirty students graduating from the Infantry .. . ,..- I COLONEL E. M. EDMONSON Artillery, Commanding .Fiqh ,Q , ,. '-.. . i f . .. I fa te. ,ffffa-f iq, LT. COL. EARL W. EDWARDS LT. COL. JOE G. GILLESPIE Infantry Air Force Page 310 QQQQ ,- course, thirty-five students graduating from the Artillery course, twenty students graduating from the Air Corps-Supply course, and thirty-six students graduating from the Air Corps-Administration course. The facilities for the training of mili- tary students are being rapidly expanded and this year two additional classrooms were constructed to provide space for the increased enrollment. Separate offices to house the officer personnel have been provided lending toward a most efficient program of training. The construction of a new motor shed has been required due to the increased number of motorized vehicles now assigned to the University of Florida, ROTC. Such specialized equip- ment as a 90 milimeter anti-aircraft gun and an I8-ton prime mover has been made available for training purposes in addition to the 105 mm howitzers and guns which have been on hand for the past year. 'Q ' A "rf'w J..- 1' -N ' vx' X, .. . i '. ., feet 1. , 3- . ig . Q- , X . .xx X Q., 1 MAJ. ERNEST H. LORENZ, Jr. Field Artillery Q! A i . U. . 11 ' .m..i- - M... --. ,.- Front row, left to right: Capt. William M. Kennedy, FA, Maj. Eugene F. Miller, AF, Maj. Edward W. McLain, CAC, Capt. Harold A. Wicklund, AF, Capt. Harry R. Jackson, FA, Capt. Frank E. Burgher, Inf., and Lt. Col. Earl W. Edwards, lnf. Rear row, left to right: Maj. Charles F. Lawrence, FA, Capt. Leroy Patterson, FA, Mai. Ralph H. Hughett, Inf, Maj. Ernest H. Lorenz, FA, Lt. Col. Joe Gillespie, AF, and Capt. Lachlan Field, FA. ENLISTED MEN .Leg 4- Front row, left to right S!Sgt. Milton E. Robertson, S!Sgt. Alfred L. Langston, S!Sgt. Joel P. Robertson, 5f5gl'. Samuel W- BOStiCk, T!Sgt. Beniamin H. Domian, S!Sgt. A. Banister, and S!Sgt. W. T. Bekeler. Second row, left to right: S!Sgt. Russell E. Grooms, l!Sgt. Alton A. Peacock, S!Sgt. Elmore Davis, M!Sgt. William McNabb, TfSgt. Frank D. Marinelle, and T!Sgt. Jesse Mullins. Rear row, left to right: llSgt. Henry K. Ellis, Jr., l!Sgt. Joseph V. Briley, M!Sgt. William C. Kerkesner, llSgt. Henry T. Moring, M!Sgt. Carl E. Gilmer, M!Sgt. Elmer L. Miller, and MlSgt. C. Lewis. Page 3ll ,,- , if Y a ' ' ' . .ff "' .. ' ' . 'Nw' -f X ,M ,- ' . , '-f:.?fH', - 3 --. 1 - 'f ' A -315 -i' .- -. 1-3.1-7 .r -"-4 A z. Ag- S '- - ff' ' . ' ' " -. ff". 1- . 5 - A W ,,,. - - - , , ,.,. . . .. .lv-.. ,- H V , .- 1 iv- . Y, lb , ' - -f - ' 1 fi. -'1'f"fL'-A",?g"'."1a' "vt ' "Y - f A- ' - ,- .a.g if wt-.,f.-3. if A -.x , -, 1 . u . '. -'P '1 4 fl' " fy., k :ggi .....,,,'1,r,.,,,.,. , A N ,..a-A.-r-...' wianlivn.- 'un age 312 . M :x- ,Q d -,,,,3iff--'H H . ... v ' f . '--- " in?-TT" 'H 4-il L -"""Tf ' 1- ' I ..-.-'3-.,'rr-"- 'f ' 'V' . M- '-Q-'iii-fhml - af 'J ' b . -...,,., . "V"-1-9-.o.r,--,ff -A E! . f , , , 3 u..b-1-r ' .Q-- 4 -.Y SECOND IIN. - IIN. STAFF: ,.'.. I CADE1' QFFICERS Col. Karl L. Borcheller Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Lt. Col Wilbur S. Biebowier Meyer Proctor Arlo D. Carter Justus O. Mainar Arthur V. Morgan Leslie G. Pooley Henry R. Beltman Jack W. Foster Daniel B. Green John L. Haley Col. L. E. Floyrl. Royal. Conulr.: I.l. Col. P. J. Ilrynn. Rrgl. Ex. 0. Maj. H. L. Cooper, Jr., Rogl. Awlj.: Cnpl. C. L. l'. Sylwslre, Assl Rr-gl. Arlj. FIRST IIN. -- IIN. STAFF: Ll. Col. L. Ilurwick, Iln. Connlr.: Mllj. F. IC. Wurlloy, Rx. 0.1 Cupl R. L. Cup Mclllcny. lin. Adj.g Isl Ll. II. L. Frournun, Assl. Iln. Adj l. C. A. Whitmore. Isl Ll. IC. Flccl, Isl I.l. C. W. Nixon, 2ll Lt. H. G. Ynrllluy, Isl Ll. K. II. Beeson. Jr.. 2ll Ll. W. M. Cnspcr, Jr.. Isl Ll. J. R. Tilclcn. 21l Ll. J. H. Capo. Cnpl. II. II. Cilrllrisl, Isl Ll II. F. Colson, Isl LI. R. M. Tnggcrl, 2:1 I.l. W. I. Trolrnun, Isl Ll U. F. Kniglll, 2lI Ll. L. R. Soull, Isl Ll. R. P. Hooslcy, 2d LI. D. 'I' Mills, Cnpl. R. H. King, Isl Ll. F. C. McGill, Isl Ll. R. M. Declll 2lI Ll. J. F. Eyslcr, Isl Ll. II. H. Hincllcc, Jr., 2lI Ll. R. II. Ward, Jr.. Isl Ll. K. L. Campbell, 2d Ll. H. R. Bnrksdnlc 2d Ll. L. II. Thompson. Eel Ll. D. M. Johnson, Jr., 2d Ll. P. II. Moocrs. THIRD IIN. - IIN. STAFF: Ll. Col. M. Gurciu, IIn. Comrlr.g Muj. J. J. Berry, Bn. Ex. 0.3 Cup! H. C. Lap 0 Slock, Bn. Adj.: Isl Ll. C. E. Davis. Asst. Iln. Adj. l. I.. F. Yurlxron lx Isl Ll. T. E. Wlxilmoro, Isl Ll. E. M. Forlncr, K v .nl Ll. P. T. Lenus, Isl. Ll. C. I. Princn. 2ll Ll. L. E. Morgun, Isl Ll. R. E. Koon, Kemp. 2lI Ll. G. C, Rolmcrlson, Cnpl. D. K. Koon, Isl Ll. L, E. Isl Ll. II. I. Powcll. 2d Ll. C. T. Criglger. Isl Ll. P. V. Perryrnnn. Illl Ll. H. W. Scuvor, lst Ll. J. S. Jollnson, 1!ll Ll. G. 'WiIlimns, Cnpl. W. H. Field, Isl Ll. H. P. Bunrd. Isl Ll. J. H. Rose. 2lI Ll. A. T. Floyll Isl Ll. W.A . Ilolrcrlson. R. D. Morne, 2lI Ll. P. E. Truwick, Isl Ll. F. J. Fnlsonr, 2rI Ll Page 313 Ll. Col. I'. I'. Johnson, Rn. Comdr.: Mnj. J. J. Ilnlmosh, lin. Ex. O. Cnpl. M. M. Bonham, Jr., Bn. Adj.: Isl Ll. C. C. Marlins, Jr., Assl lin. Allj. . Capl. I-I. E. Johnson, Isl Ll. J. A. Sllurlcn, Isl Ll. D. Il. Crinl, 21I Ll L. J. Pac, Isl Ll. Il. M. Iilucklnlrn. 2ll Ll. R. P. Ryrll, Isl Ll. J. G Miller. Jr.. 2d Ll. II. J. Ferrari, Cnpl. I'. L. Burrell, Jr., Isl Ll R. L. Wriglll, Ist Ll. C. M. Clurk, 211 Ll. W. C. Ellwnrlls. Isl Ll. W. D Rice, 2rI I.l. D. H. Mnylrcrry, Isl Ll. D. 0. Rodeo, 211 Ll. W. I-I. Lorenz Ctlpl. R. II. Noilnml, Isl Ll. H. E. Oycr. Isl LI. 0. F. Ilunl, 2lI Ll C. J. Mnsgrovc. Isl Ll. C. E. Miller, 241 Ll. R. A. Slokos, Isl Ll. D. 5 Harrison. 2rl Ll. J. 0. Polslon. IVOURTH IIN. - BN. ST'AI-'F: Ll. Cul. J. W. Willingham, Bn. Conrdr.: Maj. J. A. Mc-Clenny, Bn Ex. O.: Cnpl. R. W. Lnylon, Bn. Adj.: Isl Ll. H. J. Elmore, Assl IIn. Arlj. Cupl. C. T. Soulllnll, Isl Ll. E. L. Toulon, Isl Ll. C. 0. Ilrooks 2d Ll. S. Poole. Isl Ll. J. F. Davis, 2ml Ll. II. T. Goodwin, Isl Ll W. D. Iliron, Zrl Ll. R. Il. Rrownn, Cnpl. S. II. Love. Isl Ll. C. B Prison, Isl Ll. W. S. Holloway. 241 Ll. J. A. Gililrs, Isl Ll. W. II. Luger uren, 2lI Ll. R. P. Sl:-wunl, Isl Ll. S. L. Sillrersloin. 2ll Ll. V. C. Manga Cnpl. J. C. Rcflrlinpg. Isl I.l. P. 0'NonI, Isl Ll. W. P. Mcrrinm, Zrl Ll J. L. Crown, Isl Ll. W. T. Molhis, 2lI I.l. A. E. Banks. Isl Ll. M. E Bishop, 2rI Ll. R. F. Ilunoy. f' 3' FIRST BA'I"I'AI.l0N ' Company A COMPANY COMMAN DER Charles Whitmore EXECUTIVE OFFICER Erwin Fleet Company B COMPANY COMMANDER David Gilchrist EXECUTIVE OFFICER Hurder Colson Company C COMPANY COMMANDER Rodney King EXECUTIVE OFFICER Francis McGill Page 314 lt. .lo ,E - Jw 'W " "' .-M SECOND BATTALION . . J c, J , ' J M I-. , .-V I. -,-,AV Company E COMPANY COMMANDER Pearce Barrett, Jr. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Robert Wright gm- - '4'i4Q . -,f..4if "F . "5-r , AJ.-Q, f'x,,'-FQ, nv .L 7 .J f. -156-'V-A tI'IjdFbE'--'i7'L. 9' if 4,5984 we 31 +1 H343 - '?'ZC1,,k Company D COMPANY COMMAN DER Harry Johnson EXECUTIVE OFFICER James Sugden 3 QT:-'ga' :Q-' :--3. fi 21941. . 4 . Company F COMPANY COMMANDER Robert Neiland EXECUTIVE OFFICER Harvey Oyer Page 315 +1 Company ll COMPANY COMMANDER Donald K. Koon EXECUTIVE OFFICER V Leon E. Koon ,..,,7,..l,. A ,. THIRD BATTALION Company G COMPANY COMMANDER L. F. Yarbrough EXECUTIVE OFFICER T. E. Whitmore ff ,. ..- - 1' . ,J 'N 15.-s.:'f-M .J-.-M we., "' " ' A .-...ff x-:LS Af- ' ' I - . A ,gpm , . ., 4 'Q' Stu, Company I COMPANY COMMANDER W. H. Field EXECUTIVE OFFICER H. P. Beard Page 316 FOURTH BA 'l"l'AI.l0N 137.3 Company K COMPANY COMMANDER C. T. Southall EXECUTIVE OFFICER E. L. Teutnon Company I. COMPANY COMMANDER S. B. Love EXECUTIVE OFFICER C. B. Prisoc . .- 1... ' ' v .-fly. - -- " I 'pq ..1 - .-f-'?.,..u4-,.f ' .4 F' . U I i Company M COMPANY COMMANDER J. C. Redding EXECUTIVE OFFICER Patrick O'NeaI Page 317 1,511 . g . . ' '3 4 ' A " uf' -" ' f- ," . . ix ' 'hay ' ,,. lu g: . ," - gif' -v- 9 x r 1, -X ,. .--. u .f-, ,- I. x ' .4 f' f Q ' 4 s - 1 X 4 ' ,7 ' r . 3, I . Nw 5 N". 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'ti ----- ,r-'vf -- -"rt "" ""'i7'1'T 3 ple 'A' .r 'fi. :'i.r'r2.t,:.'.:ri:", And Hard Climb Before Pri iqllllcgs pi 'LS 'ami 531-i,,r:i5r :. MMF.-Efr,'r ggi ., , ' 2 ,-,11-,,.iy,,+p:-iL-extras. -rf Their Te hy?" Present l'-f',,,5,'1',,,1f'5"' "1-5 'Y-2 '5lW"34-'U5' -r...r.'iL,2'!1l'S71'.....-l '- I'-iffotlod fit! lil' 252 ftiitigal will5''llllMl""5f55lf2if5"l'if it :ffl 'fra ' ' T15 f' .--fi J t,'1,1',.g113'gm. ,,,, , T-13137-15-,,,l' C fllcal Dir 'T-,I """7"'9"5l """""l"'F!5'?3773'5'f 2.L11..1L1"'.7" """7.', W . .-,. . if ,gs ff El: I f 3? fx gi, slefse lszsesfi. 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W5 'TT' -'M wry-f.zt1sm'rrffw-hr, ""' ls ll 'Ill I A' s" "N 'ln wr ram... ww. lT,l-.,,',v1'L:-.J'7,21.,f. 41 ,435 :QI-.,'1gv-f,fg,f.,,,h QI, .'1TL"',..:i'...'f :-V. use were ' '-are f Inq me ov.. ss.. .. -i 'wi Br " .' A n 'rf -i" . , .,.....,.:'.. . 1:7453-T:-W? "'-it roger celqwtr mryfolq ,,-",,',r,-- 0 r-. 3-":,.:-wire-..':,-1, ,gr-rgr,-:Freq :f-.,g-.'gg- cfw., 'WM ,..,..E ..'- '17"".Nm.""IC"s:'M.' uv... 'zszzfras-.Qs:,ars.'t4fi..g',., 1947-48 :n'a:'xn.r...i """'h""" FALL SPRING ' ' President Jolm Stone President d ........ 3:11. OISNTEI Vice-Prcsi cnt. my ia s Secretary .. ...... Jayne Crane Secretary ..... ...Jayne Crane Stage Manager ..................................... Pele House ax Assistant Technician .......... ......... ..... C h nrlos Recd 'nprrnuquimsnn f DR- D- B- DUSENBURY if Business Manager ...,...... . ................ Ronaldo Roux "'g,,',j,f:g',:""' DAVID HOOKS Dirac,-or , Properties md Costumes ........................ Jayne Crane .,,,,,',,,,,,,,,,m, Technical Dil-ecfof , ,R , .. .. . . . J.,-If ,. ,xv Q,-. LfYKs,gi:x.,,!, . . t Q- Hi ' ? 4, vs-vin -,,i54y.ww3:,-1,454 -suqviii .ir .-f'gw.:,g:t.fg7ri, ggi'-N. G .-t ,g,"'+'?' Q' wi E, .v ..,"-,- f jywffm., r"4,.41.::L...i,:,L:'1"' l f.f'f:f..ifili'3lPrif'r iii. if if 'fif5'I,f'f6 il-64,5 "-f4'Jf9,3" 'qgz.f7C.'Qs ,E:f?."f'tfr,s's 1,6 'i?f,,g:2"IN6-5 ""'Y """""" H" "'- ii4Qi?Qltit2rii3L'5 EE 1 wus if -Wi' +P-'tfih ie ,girl-etftrsfr.ur-xifi"'fr1r"fsts"E1fE'- Hard Climb Before Pres- .. T' P ' -1- it ' -'r1",1"r Q in I-T! ff"-J"-f 'Jn "'."t'f-tr trot- ff'-t""-1-'.-'-5 'M' 1 .,-. ,f,.1 .- , P ' . fl! ,.1J"ir 5 4' '."4" 'h,',r, sy ,nf , 'l's7",a"S i1"- -..,,, , wi- in is-..'::"r....,.'f-f f T ,T we - rf-rw - r' -'S' 717 rfflfr E W'-if-' ff?-'mls-' s.'v-MJ' -.221 ' X "+'r""P" M- -' ' ' A f X- 4 'L'z'..J.'ir.?:,L:l.:5iff' Q1 .sei 1 ..... .. rs. ...T ":.l".l"".31'1'1 tru nur- mf s L.- in New-i.. .J "lu, i FI w"M'?24 M. .mv F-t'..'.!-,'3,l'.5'f'iE ' '57-v-P 'tl-1 tsfvq,-,'tv-3 -"QS, "fi- S 13: 'Zi-v' I 1- ""'JsI W r-",,...-- - "5'm- F951 iw ,,,,,sg-,,,, .qt wg ,rm -rf' 22113: ., J, .-. ' In keeping with the fine tradition of the high standard and the continued growth which has been associated with the Florida Players in the past, another step forward was made in I947- the establishing of a University Theatre program. The Department of Speech expanded the course offerings in all fields of the theatre, and the Florida Players offered a series of plays representing the outstanding dramas of our time. An educational theatre must serve all departments of the University and at the same time offer theatrical presentations that will interest and entertain the student body, With the tremendous increase in the student body, the Florida Players has, of necessity, accepted a greater responsibility than it has in the past. One of the main purposes of an educational theatre is to train an audience- . . 95" - . we I x-vs ,. -I xg? f 'rip' 95 5 c y Q, i. Q 4 ,A 'v n-.n.l.u1i.-.sq Plans For Year 5,-5-f,.,:,,,,11tre Told By Lf--c' 'fu -ft ZT1 ' Dusenbury L.I7-?"3:,,5'f'I.-- 5. on-mn oim.. an audience that has participated in the rich experience of attending the theatre, and that after college, will be an enthusiastic supporter of the professional theatre, Another important purpose in the training of directors and technicians for the educational and civic theatres which are increasing throughout the country. The theatre courses offered by the Department of Speech cover all aspects of the theatre-acting, directing, designing, costuming, construction, lighting, playwriting, and theatrical history-so that students by combining their course work with the actual participation in the public presentat'ion of plays will have a complete background to enable them to assume responsible positions in the educational and civic theatre field. The past season has also seen an increase in the academic Ti ..?:'l,Qlgg 1 ... M. . "1 ' - -Iflugqgrl. Florabel Wolff ln DoublePari 1 W ,..,' T51 'lived s.....,,g,..i. 1-. 'nn In Msludwlfthr ,Uh Thru flrys Msn E , wr. rv-msiw-in-s-urs fi run. is. 4.-si. ,N M w1....,. .::., "" ' -u"'l rm!-ful so-1, :fu-uv 1-1.--v ru- -in 4 -.. ,i-.. wo. . . i T... ni ...rf i. .. ....,... .. ::?.L?:':,',Q:i:,E-'-?i2Mosos,C:rNllU staff handling theatre and radio courses as well as the appearance of outstanding authorities on t'he theatre on cur Lyceum series-- jx: . "" T , .,I'..,.:.-.Wm ,P C. R, Kose, President of the American Educational Theatre Association and George Freedley, curator of the Theatre Collection, New York .'r..:'i?1:2L: :ISX't,Li.--.vt-Inxmlvmfayjygltqgj Public Library. Plans for an experimental theatre building are already underway which will enable us to produce plays for specific groups :iff ,:,g21i?.z:3j',f2-,5r'g,.,,r, such as the Humanities, classes in drama, and others. These plays will also provide opportunities for experimental techniques in direction, ...xi ,Q-Q23 acting, lighting, and scene design. Plans for a Florida Players touring company which will travel about the state presenting plays and Wffgi?-,HQ-ffaji ::,"'f2i72.:'f3g-,i."1'ifiiJ'f""' " "1 the ho e of a theatre buildin of our own limmer bri htl . When one looks back to the ast ear's successful presentations of Patrick's '194-m':.m:i:' E ' THE l-TASTY HEART Sh 'Q CANDIDAUPX 'lh' ATNITLGONE d ii P 1' P ' D dy STATE or THE union ' ' d r 'r 1 "W ' gf,g.:5,3-,Qm,f3:.-5,Q.QyQLj,,,,- , aws , noun s , an t e u itzer rize come y , It is e ini ey ,5,-it2.Ti-H ,1 apparent that the Florida Players is living up to t'he purposes of an educational theatre in that it has offered a wide variety of theatrical l ii-'iT5'?'l'57'.'r,11-W:'f,ff"li:" .Fig experience to those who were on the stage, to those who worked backstage and to those who saw these plays as members of our audience. lgri-f':2n12,,d".71,ig'.7:'-QQ ' "-Y' -- .ww '- .ei , . , . --........ , .. ...., - M fol7'2.Ig2"" ' t e etl for ,Y'-j-H..-' - v- 5--ir fs" ' ' .asv pt' ""'r"Ql.',iL.L'.'.1. ir.ZLff'l.'fi "tT:Lr'gs:,z'::.t,' L .15 ff ' ffffi-if Need ' """""P'm,.,'g:-' F"1dq'f'-f'-'-V--V fqvzh layers' Mj,5'f:'a1'j"' . QXBWFXS,.5:Eg'i:l-iff" ,,uY:lJt"f, ,,..:Y'5'0l'7Zif,"'fQ "'Z"f?Ef1'tt':lsQ1r'f?2l"if-E.ff:if-Evil' tif' f-f1n'l1'!l?-T E'4iF"'if5fF' -tflfk' h'f'QQT:1lff1-l See P:2fS::nclR,1Boudo"' ?-T f'.f'l'l "Qi 75152 Qiflftillll liicllon 'K 'oooh xS'41S::i:2.1't'o-t"wt'3- "-of 0P,"'f'--2-'SZ' wt --41fJr1'm5 fs-qvab' 4-'Sf '71-7 . ..3' -'fm' 'rf . Tom, its ft-Tim i'.s-'.r":1'- - -" ' "t ' " ri- ."v".f".t.-'v r .- '.-' ' fa- V - ' - Ii- -'r-1.1,. ' ' ' I." i i "'- 1. . ' . , we 1..o-ei. . , .vo .- MEMBERS . . c ,, ...- ,if .. ri... - :T or +- :.f::: Nts .s 9tl."f1'5:?-'IW' ' .'2"":.-1,""o"' .21":1'iJ5L"i57:"5E5ifit'f'f:"-" - V - rv- -sri.".?l-iff' W "df"''f':ff'i-17.1-l1'5.iL'."""'1"'57"itiffli" " -"'Tf'Qfi?" l"73."i'v't 0 -. .Na+ 4 rr.r.rsy,r 4 .gb .v ,. . , .i.. r .. . s A ..:r..:'. ti.1L,.r...:L??--,1r::rx:-f- wifi" .-.lim 1''- -'i:Tflfl'c5'.4'ifJ.Jr.lL.3?f.e1"41L:W-v':-.if ...8"rK.+ .r-'lavti' .2 r.!"-- -in-win-fr 1"1F"'- 1 ' 1'--'g-is fwtlw , L: ,-,, ., 37" A . 1...5:::' "" 'Q-1: ':N"q:fg2Q1 iisisiafis Tire:-:.5et21?--fr: See-pref 3 f,r,,,,g, 8 . L-.-"''l3j,.1r"4 4.55: -' ki-'JSI-" 5' of A i r . 1-Z'2fif'1 ftlrlh mu, ,. ...h tsc,tor"l'5IGl"i div F ol... U ,ca- uemg Well? saggy ll Rx . lritf., Lou Fields and Russell Folland. First row, left to right: Jayne Crane, Charles Damsel, James Dee, Elihu Edelson, Clay Fields, Second row, left to right: Emmett Holton, Pete House, Frank McDonald, Leonard Mosby, Pat O'Neal, Ronaldo Roux and Steven Sands. . T are-1 N 'Hasty Tlclron Starving "Cai By O n Third row, left to right: John Stone and Theodore Trushin. .Q-f".2,,'+'i Members not pictured: Dick Crago, Harold Herman, Thomas Hicks, Dick Jones, Louise MES? Livengood, Leon McKim, Jack Mills, Bill Ployden, Sanford Schnier, Herman Shonbrun, Wilson qgqsm Smith and Florabel Wolff. s,'n.'g:g:2,'E -, E VWQY I .. ,....-..- , ...Q-..... Q-.ZH ,. 1 -iq. -, fa-'::,,sm,,y-.w ti w ,ic-M":3 n-- naw- min. gg, on-is 01- rw- me-s -, ,. -, 4 gp.. , - , , . , tw ,I .M . E...-. f ,,..-eggtu' 47 'o4'i1?"'-X, i. - ' it - fif4t?::K?:v::+?-:Er-.5-S21 .:r:::x:.:.::::::. hi Newt boats, ofa, mr. -- -------f 'ff -- -1f1"'-- i- N f ' Y' tw '- '5'f9L3:'m"er:'v,,,r-RI' F-err.,-fggr.-ye ri-:g.'m.-2111: X . . 0 X ,B .,.. , 3- 'mr ,...4,.-ii.: Q - - - i as V. Qs ,Id -u::?,,,,-Ly:-t T.-w,.h'.:.vL,,f4g,, T . , Ara A6 60,.3f'9v ' ,Q g 4' QW 5:33, .L'I'L."'r.q::.. X' 4 - 2 ,dr '.'ffk,s5'fg.1:"E'1'3ff5atgf,.' ,my 'rm-.n sqm 2 g 5 I c- r-vu vu , , u ,ri XM.: .-, ,J uv sf w,4,,,4, Ag, 's,J' f so . , 4' 5.-' ...ft -- .v's- - n-"3-"Viv-"" P. 1 mm i 't'fv""f"C"4o 'jg' !C'ri::.'z:.:u,-1-'Z' 't ' " "?Q' 3 ' "'lll',:l?:4'3"J!-'9fiL'-T.'.l'frt-'f'1".- 135- ""f'.:,:,'.o.1-.'.u":':-'..-r-T ' r - s . ,,,,,, , f 11- n f ,rv ow, . ' ' 'wi Wagga., font .riff ,eatmaewm . i pig 'tilt ..e:1sge:rfa:hE1:'e',sa"-se. Q X .. .v n--we . Q5 - , - K uf 5',v , ,ew ,nn -...num--r.w.+ "W-'J'-"+f 'M.:'r.2"Q'.'fc-:.'."..-g-"ieo':,gog,g- E f. 'kg 'r,i.vAsjfX:W,a.,5g,W.,-5, :ff anal' '-' i . - , 4 , . , . d , A F! ' ii. rl.s1irLib:es'ff,4u-,e-me . ---....-.... .. title 01 PlaYer's Best lauded -1 " Crm, 3 I 'rl Pl I S I I 'W Merril. Hifi" 'l't.:z: ,ll i-L, 12t""fl . 9 l I,-,tv ,orsemcn , :egg o l'ilf':lfL1Qtf5 'Z' ffl' "4 'i lb l llliftif-'iff ,"f 6 1' . K 'dsx' ifiiqg :yell Ream "if"':., 'gh' Cr f.:i'I.:'-,fi7.fi1-'t. QW - if uri 'C ,i,iI?Ei..l.,, I , 'V fll'3'.f'i.:lf?M " '7?"LJz Ro ., ,, A V' i. " U", "' " t ,W ...xg . , :wi ff- 3.5 ' 'Q .i7'T.QiEi" Q .,,,, Nj, , , ' ff1T..wI'fJ-I 1'-.., wg- 1 '- -2, 5 , Q1,ti:-:V-jj,-:.,:-:li to sw J 0 7'7iv""f1. "'-. ' y 94 L, , 00 . m gp 0 r ,40,,!'-' 0 'ywlswi lfov 0 ' Shiwi' H11 -Il I Crm 'ids Rohczr .l g.m,4lp,,ff,,,fd , ,I Students learn ti t Sraitiiiifof' iii "HASTY HEART", by John Patrick, presented May i2 through May l5, directed by Lowell Matson. t2l "ANN- GONE", by Jean Anouilh, presented July i7 through July I9, directed by Lowell Matson, l3l "CANDlDA", by George Bernard Shaw, presented August 27 t'hrough August 30, di- rected by Lowell Matson. t4J "STATE OF THE UNION", by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse, presented November 4 through November 7, directed by Dr. Delwin Dusenbury. l5l "PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD", by John Millington Synge, presented December 9 through December l2, directed lvy Dr, Delwin Dusenbury. OTHER PLAYS of the season were: "JOAN OF LORRAINEH, by Maxwell Anderson, presented March I6 through March 29, directed by David Hooks, "THE INSPECTOR GENERAL", by Nikolai Gogol, presented April 27 through April 30, directed X ni w:.:.gM Walsh C . my i. sm:-1" xrlcw . , . sir-9-'aww mm E,,ixwtt'itM, by Dr. Delwin Dusenbury, and two bills of one-act plays di- rected by students. During this year, Florida Players formed a new group to as- sist in its work, The membership consists of persons having earned a minimum of tive points toward Florida Players mem- bership, and showing an active interest in some phase of dramatic work. The members in this Apprentice Group are Greta Andron, lris Bishop, Kitty Callanan, Robert Murdock, John Throne, Murray Dubbin, Rosemary Flanagan, Pat Collier, James Mooney, Gordon Day, Ralph Wilson, Lawrence Mansfield, Larri Redman, William Ferguson, Austin Calloway, Mildred Langford, Margaret Marshall, Whit Palmer, John Bonner, Bette Sofrenko, Helen Harris, Lois Watkins, Doug Wells, Rob- ert' Starrat't, Stanley Axelrod, Doris Manuel, Barron Johns, Delores Bobinsky, Gloria Palter, Judy Courtney, Eunice LeClierc, H. E. Seckinger, and Morrill Turk. .ss..i.::'fps..jair,,., .0 . -' . . . . . , ., ,, ., , ,y . FN NJZQJI State Gllhe llnwtt lifudeu lM0dern Antlglgfe To 5' ' U' one-gf: We-il Q A Fill-i,.'.gj1:,,'4 'fandgdggpws x g., fv..ggqgL.g,-3.2,,LynnM., A 0 gOlPl6Y8t5BeSl Tresenred By Wars it , .fi ,, I 9N,bh at-9, M , -' A'iw-:gf':'EfiEj5:,n2Z-Q-'i.'4"d,5't"ti-'F 5 nv. , r...t.t...1..iti. -. : H V "Y -ii. 'cfowlgd A FWVDGYS RUN w lg'j,g"W-'15, 35,4 df' -- ,ii..,.i.,u:.:: mn ,,, mo- . gl- ty, J, , 5' E. fx.. ?f'FI.g 'g , axpfxqvi mmwngultl ,D hw V , , ,.. , i- I, ,W-,I-3: ' -,', 1 " A 5--L,-', ,0llAUQUSl l' , ,it..'22'?:2-i"7I'Tf""'kW,trN' z,'cof:9i+f1:-,-,f-i "fri 'F A 1 A " 733' 1 ,Y 5 .- .i... 2 ,xv-':,,,10wz gj7.3:31.g,- Fifi-A "" 1-i:igjg'ijggq,ii'iE:..1,. Lsu To c- K .- A ' ' ...':. "" ggi? Q A ,,ZJ1L-,.,.--'.- '10 '., 5'--'lt' ' il? " ' N ei- 775-5.172 3' Flight Bu i h - ' 1'-5 .,: we M.-,.,,.e.-c.f,.f,-..h- - - - ,. ., J N ov, me .5.,gw:+-,-gz.-1'-' Q- Y :Hum ' --- Hasty f--l score Hut , Shake Be Giv N01 Yu Pant In-t cart . -wt ..:,vSX,B4eBxXXxgmVXQV ,112 'WD K. ' 'U Y F'-'C"7Z.'9AI,'NF Florida ,Players Presert Their Technical Direc' 'Viv K '9 ' sage!! 'ff 'Antigone'Cpensihreb-tiii tliizrsdaey ln Yonge Audito M4.m mem.. mi Ag- om r..,..4,q u... sim--it Atimima 1. '.' ."" JI. ff I-.,' ''J . ,,.i f W- i,t..m ,. ti . .Lift -1. ..i .Ui . .,. .. t -ni-. , yy 1 x i ry c o is n s Our long fight for Gator Girlies finally ended this year . . . the first semester we greeted only a few of the braver fems ll? . . . but the situation seems to be improving all the time . . . They jumped right into activities l2l and soon had the campus pretty well covered . . . After a talk on rules . . . etc .... l3l by the Dean, things really got under way . . . The Union took its first real taste of femininity in stride at the Sorority Reception l4 C1 63 . . . Florida Union Dances were livened by their presence . . . see 15677 . . . Cheerleaders with real crowd-appeal C81 helped morals. . .etc .... We hope that many more such smiling faces as seen in i9lwilI grace our campus in the near future . . . Page 322 Nl.. 1 gif 1 '11, Angra- .. Seated on floor: Nita Des Champs, Pat Collier, Belle Rhodes, Rita Kipskind. Seated left ta right: Robie Lee Milam, Carolyn Davidson, Barbara Jean Glenn, Mrs. Emily Slviter lHausemotherl. Standing left to right: Jayne Ziegler, Anne Mills, Pat Miller, Susan Baker, Joan Meenan, Winkue Saunders, Damaris Thornton. OFFICERS: President ,,...., .... B ette Jo Wilson Vice-President .... ..... L ouise Riley Secretary ..... .... D ot Jean Owen Treasurer ..,.... .,.. S arah Lane Pledge Mistress .,.. ..... S ylvia Shaw Personnel ,..... ..,. G eorgene Davis Chi Omega with its ten actives, piedged ten girls first semester. Kappa Sigma, our brother fraternity, gave us a dinner-party and surprised us with a three-layer cake and a silver-cup. Cardinal and Straw came in first in the Homecoming cross- country run. Poinsettias and candlelight lent atmosphere to our first Christmas party. Chi O's spirits were high as we placed in the volley ball semi-finals. Our housemother, Miss Sally, wears the X and horseshoe too. "The wise ole owl" guards our house from a near-by pine. rn Alpha Delia Pi OFFICERS: President .................... Robie Lee Milam Vice-President ..,. ..... S usan Baker 5eCfef0ry ....... .... J ayne Ziegler Treasurer ....... ........ A nne Mills Social Chairman ....... ...... C arolyn Davidson Scholarship Chairman ........ Barbara Jean Glenn That whirlwind of rushing, the Alumnae Banquet following pledging, the fun re- decoroting the house, those midnight bull- fests, Sunday night coffees, the times we followed the team cross-country for those gridiron battles, those entrancing Christ- mas parties, not to mention the unforget- table "big weekends". These are treasures of an Alpha Delta Pi. Seated, on floor: Kay Maurer, M. C. Bracken, Doris Murrell, Jeanette Irwin, and Claudia Holland. Seated, left to right: Ann Threlkeld, Sarah Lane, Bette Jo Wilson, Mrs. Kirby Sutherland fHousemotherl, Nancy Morris, Sylvia Shaw, and Dot Jean Owens. Standing, left to right: Anita Johnson, Louise Riley, Ray Moore, Shirley Swearingen Gladys Harn, Janyth Odenthal, Lee Robinson, and Wanda Cawart. Page 324 Seated on floor, left to right: Ann Whitsit, Frances Helms, Pat Whigham. Recording Secretary Social Chairman .., Rush Chairman ,... Historian ...,..... House Manager ......... . . Intramural Manager OFFICERS: President ....,...,........... Vice-President .,.,....., .,.. Corresponding Secretary ,,..,, Treasurer .......... , . .... Sue Wise MaryWarc Dorothy Edmondson . . .. Anne Whitsit . . Eunice LeClerc .... Edith Ware . , , Frances Helms .. Annella Barber ,. Patricia Bradley . Katherine Frazier Seated left to right: Marie Fuller, Dot Edmondson, Mary Ware, Edith Ware, Betty Montague, Joann McDonald. Standing left to right: Annella Barber, Dantzler Frazer, Katherine Frazier, Patricia Bradley, Virginia Barrett. OFFICERS: President ................ Mary Elizabeth Conant Vice-President ..... .......... A nne Brumby Secretary ..... .... H olly Brumby Treasurer ....... ...... E mily Gunn Social Chairman . . . .... Frances Hopkins Our first year as the first co-eds, those hectic weeks, our confused tramping from Building E to Building K registering late, moving in the house, the disappointment when we found that we couldn't go'out on the balcony, and rush week and the time the ice cream was too hard to serve. Those midnight meetings and that awful waiting as the girls came down to the house one by one for pledging . . . Home- coming . . . Mrs. Andrew's reception . . . Christmas parties . . . Those midnight serenades with fireworks . . . The pledges' coke parties . . . Cramming for exams . . . These things we will never forget. Pan-Hellenic Representative .,....,.. Corisc Varn Mad week of rushing, a wonderful party at Club Delta, excited pledges, Homecom- ing weekend, teas and parties, meeting our pledge-mothers, the Founder's Day Banquet's, Hitch's visit, holidays . . . our memories. Our president is married . . . best wishes to her. A new year brings the Bi Deltas a house after a long wait. 4 3. Seated on floor, left to right: Frances Hopkins, Emily Gunn, Clare Singletary, Anne Brown Seated, left to right: Jane Snow, Anne Brumby, Liz Conant, Jane Poorbaugh. Standing, left to right: Jane Mayers, Holly Brumby. Page 325 if ex ,A as fi? ' NP '3 -' V" Wu, - Q AW I . Q aw nga in , fm -Qf ol 9 L? I Q A 4 . ,,,-. 4 3 M- x 'I " I j 6+M, . 1 151: 'Hs-.V ,J K N '-Phu- in- -N., --up Q 73' . S - f 515 H 'av . 7 1 I S ,NH , X f ,. ff .vu WLS, .1 f . M -iff' A, "3" " . 34:?3"f-Hz. ' R. A "'-v..., 4 7 ' L: -w-null!! . V """' " ..k5r'fv ", J . ..,.. XM " --'-f ' , ' ., , . ' "' J' vp' QQ J ol! ' A j l fi v Q 5 X,a X X .E-l Facing the largest Freshman class in the history of the school . . . Dean Price lll starts them on their way to four eventful years in Gatorland . . . a lot to do during that first week . . . most of us were still depending on Uncle Sam, but a few had to pay l2l . . . The State offers a great service to the people l3l . . . Some Flavetters with working wives introduce a future Gator to the long lines of registration l4l . . . speaking of lines!!! l5lf there were lines for everything from shots to sandwiches . . . even a letter from the current "queen" maybe . . . Book Store "rush week" l5l . . .after all that waiting they didn't even have the book.. . more lines l7l . . . and after it was all over a few lads went so far as to take a look into the library before exam week l8l . . . and then the politicians l9l started slapping backs for Fall Elections . . . Page 327 r'X by 'N ,W ,Q ' Xxx, Qc Glillv 5 C .1-UW Q my s X N xv kf "2 ,I -1.--M .- -Y Q -,- 'H vm -5 Q A 4, x ACTIVITIESfON THE CAMPUS REACHED A NEW HIGH THIS YEAR . . . ONE OF THE FEATURE ATTRACTIONS WAS THE BIGGEST HOMECOMING CELEBRATION EVER . . . A SPECTACULAR DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS AT THE GATOR GROWL . . . FLORIDA BLUE KEY-ER EMMCEE L. K. EDWARDS HIS MAGNANIMOUS SELF . . . BLUE KEY IN CHARGE OF THE WEEKEND . . . DEAN HUDSON'S ORCHESTRA APPEARED . . . AL SCHACHT LEFT THE BASEBALL DIAMOND TO PERFORM AT FLORIDA FIELD . . . FRATERNITY SKITS . . . OUR ONSLAUGHT AT THE HANDS OF THE TARHEELS . . . "F" CLUB DANCE WITH THE DEAN . . . FALL FROLICS . . . THE SMOOTH "C-ONTRASTS" OF JIMMY DORSEY INITIATING THE CELEBRATION AT BOTH DANCES . . . MANY INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS . . . "F" CLUB WEEKEND . . . SPRING FROLICS . . . LYCEUM COUNCIL OUTDID ITSELF IN TRYING TO BRING OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINERS . . . OUR STUDENT BODY AGAIN SHOWED UP WELL IN ITS SELF-INSTALLED STUDENT GOVERNMENT . . . THE HONOR SYSTEM REMAINED "FLORIDA'S MOST CHERISHED TRADITION" . . . IN PUBLICATIONS, THE ALLIGATOR WAS RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE NATION'S TRULY GREAT CAMPUS WEEKLIES . . . ITS PUNCTUALITY AND PRESTIGE REGAINED . . . THE "F" BOOK AND ORANGE PEEL ALSO DREW COMPLIMENTS AND COMMENTS . . . ZACK MOSLEY AND MILTON CANIFF ADDED TO THE SEMINOLE BEAUTY CONTEST'S TASK OF SELECTING A CAMPUS QUEEN . . . MILLIE MOONEY OF TAMPA HAS THE HONOR . . . MANY QUEENS WERE IN THE RUNNING . . . THE MILITARY SECTION ADDING NEW DEPARTMENTS . . . TRANSPORTATION . . . GREATEST ENROLLMENT EVER AT THE MILITARY FIELD . . . MILITARY BALL STILL TOPS . . . AND GROWING IN SIZE AS FRATERNITIES CONTRIBUTED THEIR SUPPORT . . . HALL OF FAME HAD TO GROW TOO . . . THIS YEAR WE HAD EIGHTEEN LUCKY OUT- STANDING CAMPUS MEN . . . SORORITIES WERE ABOUT THE BIGGEST THING TO HIT THE CAMPUS IN YEARS . . . WE STARTED OFF WITH A BANG, HAVING FOUR NATIONAL SOCIAL SORORITIES AT THE OUTSET . . . Page 329 FLAVETS . . . DORMITORIES . . . TEMPORARIES . . . AIRBASE . . . FRATERNITIES . . . HOUSING . . . RIKER . . . INTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE . . . JR. I.F.C .... BUCKMAN . . . SLEDD . . . FLETCHER . . . THOMAS . . . MURPHREE . . . FLAVET I . . . FLAVET 2 . . . FLAVET 3 . . . TRAILERVETS . . . SWAMPS . . . FRATERNITIES . . . ALPHA GAMMA RHO . . . ALPHA TAU OMEGA . . . BETA THETA PI . . . CHI PHI . . . DELTA CHI . . . DELTA TAU DELTA . . . KAPPA ALPHA . . . KAPPA SIGMA . . . PHI GAMMA DELTA . . . PHI KAPPA TAU . . . PI KAPPA ALPHA . . . PI KAPPA PHI . . . PI LAMBDA PHI . . . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON . . . SIGMA CHI . . . SIGMA NU . . . SIGMA PHI EPSILON . . . TAU EPSILON PHI . . . DELTA SIGMA . . . LAMBDA CHI ALPHA . . . FLAVETS . . . DORMITORIES . . . TEMPORARIES . . . AIRBASE . . . FRATERNITIES . . . HOUSING . . . RIKER . . . INTER- FRATERNITY CONFERENCE . . . JR. I.F.C .... BUCKMAN . . . SLEDD . . . FLETCHER . . . THOMAS . . . MURPHREE . . . FLAVET I . . . FLAVET 2 . . . FLAVET 3 . . . TRAILERVETS . . . SWAMPS . . . FRATERNITIES ALPHA TAU OMEGA . . . ALPHA GAMMA RHO . . . BETA THETA PI . . . CHI PHI . . . DELTA CHI . . . DELTA TAU DELTA . . . KAPPA ALPHA . . . KAPPA SIGMA . . . PHI GAMMA DELTA . . . PHI KAPPA TAU . . . PI ' o KAPPA ALPHA . . . PI KAPPA PHI . . . PI LAMBDA PHI . . 4 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON . . . SIGMA CHI . . . SIGMA NU . . . SIGMA PHI EPSILON . . . TAU EPSILON PHI . . . THETA CHI . . . DELTA SIGMA . . . LAMBDA CHI ALPHA . . . FLAVETS . . . DORMITORIES . . . AIRBASE . . . FRATERNITIES . . . HOUSING . . . RIKER . . . INTER-FRATERNITY CONFERENCE . . . JR. I.F.C .... BUCKMAN . . . SLEDD . . . FLETCHER . . . THOMAS . . . MURPHREE . . . FLAVETS 1 . . . FLAVETS 2 . . . FLAVETS 3 . . . TRAILERVETS . . . SWAMPS . . . FRATERNITIES . . . ALPHA GAMMA RHO . . . ALPHA TAU OMEGA . . . BETA THETA PI . . . CHI PHI . . . DELTA CHI . . . DELTA TAU DELTA . . . KAPPA ALPHA . g . KAPPA SIGMA . . . PHI GAMMA DELT7k . . . PHI KAPPA TAU . . . PI Ini r-Fraierniiy . . . """hG"' v Ji 0' l lifts ' i I . f I A ' ,E 5 J' A' O F F l C E R S PRESIDENT ..... J ................ Bill Turnbull VICE PRESIDENT . .. ...... Ed Davis SECRETARY ...... .... K en O'Hair TREASURER ... .., Jim Hartley l ak 4 Ml' A co-ordinating body of all the 22 fraternities on cam- pus. Twice a month a "shining light" from each chapter attends a conference meeting to work out problems con- fronting them all. One big functicn is the supervision of rushing and pledging. The boys were really busy this September during the biggest rush season Florida has witnessed. The big social event of the Fall was the con- ference's annual Fall Frolics. Jimmy Dorsey provided the music and Zack Moseley, creator of Smilin' Jack, was on hand to pick a Frolics queen. Highlight of the Spring semester was the conference presentation of Spring Frolics. ln a more serious vein, the Conference assisted Blue Key in Homecoming festivities, supported the Red Cross and TB seal drives, and in general worked to further fraternity aims and ideals on the campus. ln summary, the '47-'48 season was one of the most suc- cessful in Conference history. JUNIOR INTER-FRATERNITY CONFERENCE The Jr. I. F. C. is composed of a member of the pledge class of each fraternity. Each chapter appoints one of it's more promising freshmen as representative. This serves to acquaint him with conditions "out on the cam- pus" and to work in close co-operation with pledges in other chapters. This year the Jr. l. F. C. sponsored a Waltz contest during Fall Frolics and staged a highly successful bridge tournament, as well as aiding the senior Conference in many of it's activities. Page 332 TOM JONES Alpha Gamma Rho MATT JETTON Alpha Tau Omega ED. DAVIS Beta Theta Pi EARL WARFORD Chi Phi JIM HARTLEY Delta Chi AL FOX Delta Sigma N 'F Ng ,,. ai? . . -, lg l I A :ret viii?-All I . g Q 1 A W -I . . I W' I Representatives CHARLES ERNEST Delta Tau Delta TOM BARKDULL Kappa Alpha JOHN HALEY Kappa Sigma BILL GUNDLOCK Lambda Chi Alpha ED. HARDMAN Phi Delta Theta Junior Inter - F V J DON BROWN Phi Gamma Delta JACK SULLENS Phi Kappa Tau BERNIE SHIELL, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha TED CAMP Pi Kappa Phi MARTY ROSENKRATZ Pi Lambda Phi raternity Conference .-P., 1 Front row, left to right: Frank Hardaway, KA, Morty Cohen, PLP, Marshall Martin, SC, Jack Roger- son, BTP, Lewis Vickers, SPE, Ray Chapman, PDT, Berney Segal, TEP. Back row, left to right: Charles Weeks, LKA, Homer Vanture, PGD, Jim Granger, PKT, Bob Houha, KS, John Tucker, PKP, Art Rogers, DS, Victor Dacy, ATO, Darryl McCall, CP, Richard Maltby, AGR, B'll Wheeler TC Ski Willifred PKA. I I I , I Not in picture: Les Rabb, DC, Bob Kiker, DTD, Whit Palmer, SAE, Dexter Douglas, SN. BILL TURNBULL Sigma Alpha Epsilon KENNY O'HAlR Sigma Chi JIM BAZEMORE Sigma Nu BOB MCCORKLE Sigma Phi Epsilon STAN TATELMAN Tau Epsilon Phi AL BASS Theta Chi Alpha Gamma of . . . O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... ... Carey T. Southall VICE PRESIDENT .. Earle M. Uzzell SECRETARY ...... John F. Fowler TREASURER .... Roy F. Roberts Two hundred people had indigestion at Homecoming Bar-B- Que . . . Cue Ball Stewart buys larger hat as date Ann Parrish cops Goddess Demeter Trophy at gala Harvest Hop . . . Harvest Hop finds "Madame Tadpole" Woodward and "Politician" Badger united in the nick of time . . . AGR in upper scholastic bracket . . . "Saw- mill" Dodson gets Tau Alpha Nu outstanding forestry student award . . . "Squeeze-Box" Muraro and "Jax Weekend" Fowler make the Hit Parade . . . "Santa" Connor makes vice president of Fresh- man Class as he drops the presidency of the State FFA . . . "Speed" Jackson is trying to catch "Gotta Go" Southall with "Fireball" Thompson a close second . . . "T-Bone" Jones retires as vice presi- dent of Summer Session . . . "TayIor County" Brown and "Canvas- Back" Leonard have midnight snack of fishhead stew . . . "Lumber Jack" Herndon makes president of Tau Alpha Nu . . . The "DoubIe L" Trotter combine produces an engineering marvel for Homecom- ing . . . Mrs. Green has been bringing Irving to the meetings since the Ladies Auxiliary was formed . . . "Insecticide" Krestenson, "Tampa-Bound" Oelslager, "Nebraska" McCleery and "Loblolly" Dowling congratulate "Steam Heat" Barden for fixing the fur- nace . . . "CIaghorn" McCormick and "5'70" Roberts have estab- lished a financial empire . . . "Crew Cut" Johnson of the Student Senate announces "Congo" Bailey can be contacted at the Lyric . . . "Buddy" Rothwell gives "Double Ring" Moody matrimonial advice . . . "Silent" Hoover, "Smiley" Dunaway, "Curley" Foldes, "Georgia" Moore strike for twelve month's teacher's pay . . . "Near You" Close and "Spud" Maltby confess theft of funny papers while "Casanova" Turlington has alibi . . . "PinbaII" Ley takes vacation . . . "Pas- teurized" Skee buys prebred lawnmower . . . "Convertible" Jones is also available . . . "Major" Williams gets up in the air . . . "Photo- fIash" Metzger snaps "Waltz King" Hussein in action . . . "Great- fellow" Greathouse visits Stork Club . . . "Commuter" Uzzell gets vice-prexy of Alpha Zeta . . . "Southern BelIe" Love makes vice- prexy of Collegiate FFA . . . "Mom" Brown blushed as she was pinned . . . "West Florida" Strickland, "Tiny" Glisson, and "CoIoneI" Willingham came in with the New Year while "Pittsburgh" Blanken- ship tells of AGR experiences . . . Page 334 L w, Qifi-1"P w ,LQ Xvw 4 Q L Alpha Gmega of . . . O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... M orrow Bennett VICE PRESIDENT .... ... Robert L. Green SECRETARY ..... .... E arl Jeter TREASURER . . . ..., Pierre Brown Alpha Tau Omega . . . the first fraternity founded on the campus here at the University of Florida . . . establishment provided mem- bers with brotherhood and entertainment . . . and things haven't been dull since then . . . There was the time last summer when the atmosphere seemed quiet . . . "too damn dull" . . . thought brother Herbie Pitts . . . he took a shotgun and cut loose out the window with five blasts . . . Mother Armie dug a foxhole and things cooled off . . . Bob Ward gave the boys a lesson in fast deals when he pinned an ADPi from Tally on the second date . . . Ward's Coup d' Etat served to re-double the efforts of Doug Belden and "Flex" Rivers, previous champions . . . Belden still completes more passes off the gridiron than he does on . . . Rivers has never actually been seen in action but he always gives a good replay at the dinner table . . . if the pace slackens off at the house, the chapter officers can always issue communiques denying that the basement is flooded again . . . During the storm last fall the boys were wading around in two inches of water . . . yea water . . . wheels . . . self- styled and otherwise . . . roll around the house to give the brothers a treat . . . Blue Keyers such as Raymer Maguire, Ralph Blank, C. J. Hardee, etc., give out with an occasional tidbit of wisdom to keep all the brothers informed . . . the singing Irishman, Jerry Fogarty has now added the sax to his musical accomplishments to keep the brothers entertained . . . yea brothers . . . The pledges had their fun Sophomore night, but we are all sure that they will never forget Joan when Christmas comes around again . . . The good Taus ended first semester with a rousing Christmas party . . . egg- nog . . . We returned to face exams . . . then relaxed at the annual Valentines Ball . . . and Brawl . . . Brothers Belden, Forbes, Groves and other Tau musclemen busied themselves on the gridiron, hard- wood, clay and water while intra-mural specialists were right in the middle of a hot fight for top spot' in the league . . . to help the trophy case ATO took the first IFC Bridge tourney . . . the pledges worked and played . . . cussed and cried . . . the big house full of Blackfeet buzzed all year with fun and frolic . . . Page 336 AIlll0'lT C W ADAMS, A. lf. ADAMS, W. E. ALLEN. W. C. ARMSTRONG, J. I' HAHNICS, li. l'. lH'1NNl'1T'l', N. M. IIIRDSAIJ., ll. J. IZLANDING, Il. L. IFIKICWICR. A. BROWN, R. P. UIIUWN, T. R. HUIINS. C. ll. fYAllI.'l'0N. J. T. COOK, W. I.. lIOI!DIiI.L, J. B. DACY. V. B. DAVIS, II. J. DAY, 'l'. G. DOMINICK, J. K. l'fS'l'lEY, W. II. l+1vANs, N. D. l1'AnNlaLI., w. E. MQNNJQLI., W. F. FISIIER, C. T. l+'l'1-1:11, W. H. I-'or:A1zTY, J. E. FRANK. L. n. l1'nmcMAN. W. L. l1'm,MER, J. T. "'l1ssm.L. G. 0. UALLOWAY, C. Is. GRAYBILL, M. W. GIKEICN, li. L. URIMES. S. II. CROVES, F. L. IIAILEY, J. UUICIKNSEY, E. HAMILTON, J. K. UAIKRELL, J. IL llfumls, J. W. HART, E. n. lI..vr'1'oN, L. M. 1ucAn, W. L. IIICASLICY, 11. P. IlI'II.l.lNGER. W. C HI-IWI.IiTT, T. W. ll0L4:0MJx, J. W lI0l.I.0WAY, L. H0WJf:Ll., D. C. ITALIAN0. N. A. J 14N I-1 JUQTTE, N. .ll'I'l'I'IlR, 15. W. Jomcs, A. 13. KAY. A. J. lu-:ATlNu, J. D. MQNNJ-LDY, G. L. LAN!-U. JJ. F. l.A'I'llH0l', E. C. Llfll-Ill. J. C. lflNGl.l'l, G. A. NlAll..mJuf:v, J. T. J1AnT1N.W.c. 511-Il0NAI.D,'l'. Nh-IIONALIJ, W. M.1l,muc:Al.,1c.1J. J1.fNJ-:n.L. L. Mm ov, T. V. M11.r.14:n,A.J.. 5llI.l.IGAN, J. M. Moon:-3, s. A. M-1sMl'1'll, J. M. of-I.lC'l'lH-Ili, 0. li. UWCllS'l'lll-II-I'l'. M. l'A'l"l'I-1llSON, W. E l'A'l' Il I 0 4' 'l' .. . .. PIQARSUN. lx. L. l'l-l'l'I'IIiSON, J. 11. lxIIII.l.Il'5, C. l'lllI.l.lI'S, JJ. lx. l'llf:lu:lf1, I-'. l'I'l"I'MAN, D. Y. l'l'l"l's. 41. ll. -'UlumM, A. JJ. lmsli. A. I-1. IKIQIJIIIAG. J. C. lil-LX, 11. W. lm1llAlms0N. W. lfOHIili'l'5UN, M. Qu11Au'r. J. W. Qll1':A1mL7slf:, G. QIlUu'1'l.l-:I-'Jf, li. M 5IM1's0N. W. T. 5UMMl'1IlS,C.lI. S r W I-:lc'1'. T. W. Tll0RN'1'0N, W. B. 'lil-11u1W'lcu, 11. u. TRA1N'l'IIAM. T. s. 'lfUllNlCR. I.. TURNER. R. L. VAN AUKEN, F. VIDIEON, T. s. WARD, R. c. WEEKS, J. ls. WILSON. J. lx. jug. 337 X w 11 Gamma Xi of ... ,Kelli fi O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT .................... ,.Ed. Grafton VICE PRESIDENT .... ... Stanley Poole SECRETARY ..... ..... B ill Rose TREASURER . . . .... Lester Ryles The Gamma Xi chapter of Beta Theta Pi began the I947-l948 school year, literally, with a bang. The firecracker that exploded in front of Omer Lannom's door marked the first outstanding event of the season . . . Congratulations go to house manager Roy North, who set fire to the coal pile at the request of Brother Dawkins . . . After the Gainesville Fire Department saved the Beta House from destruction Dawkins again announced, "I'm cold" . . . Fall Frolics will never be forgotten . . . It will forever be a mystery how handsome John Knight is able to love so many women at the same time . . . Dick Stockton, who would rather stand on his head than listen to Jimmy Dorsey's music, thrilled the frolics crowd by doing the "Big AppIe" upside down . . . Lamar lthe BODYI Winegeart and Earl lthe HEADI Peeples continue to thrill our coeds with their everlasting charm . . . Also, Jim Ponder seems to have the local gals excited, we all admit he must be robbing the cradle, but Jim likes this dangerous type of recreation. Bobby lthe DOUGHNUT KINGI Reid and Kenny lBALDYl Ails- worth are fighting a losing battle to keep some wool on their heads . . . Beta Theta Pi's BMOC's include: Ed Grafton, Blue Key, Hall of Fame and Assistant Business manager of the Alligator, Bobby Reid, President of White Friars, Stanley Poole, President of Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President of Phi Eta Sigma, and treasurer of the Military Ball committee, Ed Davis, secretary of Alpha Phi Omega and Vice President of IFC, Bill Rose, President of the Amer- ican Society of Agricultural Engineers, Lamar Winegeart, secretary of organizations, and Crosby Dawkins, Vice President of Alpha Phi Omega . . . The Florida Chapter, the Gamma Xi of Beta Theta Pi was founded on December IZ, 1930, at the petition of Delta Tau local fraternity. Maintaining a trio of tenets to recognize mutual as- sistance in the honorable labors and aspirations of life, cultivation of the intellect, and friendship, Gamma Xi, in its seventeen years of existence has produced leaders in every campus organization. Page 338 L':'..l L-I rig, v ia. ml' f f ' ' AII.SWOII'I'II, K. A IIICIIIIY. II. Y. IIAIl'I'I-III. J. 1IAII'l'I-III. M. CII AS'l'I'1I4IN, J. II IIONNICLI.. .l. II. CIIAl1"l',lI.I.. CIIOWI'II.I.. J. S. DAVIS, II. IC. IIAWKINS. C. II IIICAIIMAN, W. I'1l!SAIlY.II.lI. I'1I.l.lSON, N. l'lI'I'IIIY. Il. GII.I.l-IN..I. G. l2IlAI"'l'0N, IC. G I-U'I'lIIIlI'f. I.. II. IIAGAN. I.. IIAMIl.'l"0N. C. IIAWS, I". II. IIOI.'I'0N. J. IIUIIIIAIIII. Il. I. IIUNIILI-XY. J. G. INGLIS, A. W. KNIGIIT, C. I". I.l'Il'I, II. M. LEWIS. J. A. LICWIS, II. LONG. II. S. M AIl'I'IN, C. II. IIINIAIIIC. II. W. MOIIIIUIV. W. II. NIIIITII, II. I'. OSIIUIIN. J. K. I'I'II'II'l.ICS, IC. IC. I'ICNlII-II.. J. W. PICIIIIIN, IJ. S. PONIJICII. J. W. l'00I.I-I, S. I'00l.l'IY, I.. 11. I'IIUI'I"I', 43. W. Rl'IIIWINKI.IC, C. IIICIII, II. G. IIOGICIISUN, J. 'I IIOSIC. W. N. IIYALS. I.. J. S1I0'I"I', I.. II. S'l'I'IICI.I'I, C. W. S'l'm:K'l"0N. II STONE. J. 42. .J. STIIAUGIIN, II. I STIIAUGIIN. J. If TAYLOR. T. IC. THOMAS, lI.II. WICST. G. ll. WILLIAMS. J. WINIQGI-2AII'l'. I.. Page 339 g T cl lla of... O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... ... Frank Graham VICE PRESIDENT .... .... G lenn Strickland SECRETARY ..... .... N eil Downey TREASURER ... ... Jim Southern The year I947 will perhaps be remembered as the joy year of Theta Delta Chapter of Chi Phi. With major scholastic, athletic, social, and political accomplishments surrounding us, and a calen- dar not yet complete, we can but remember this as the glorious year of the realm. But even laurels can not over shadow the memories of laughs, prompt and impromptu, that made the Chakett spin. Featuring: White and dark piano keys . . . chocolate "walteds" . . . building the tar out of a bucket . . . mid-night hikes . . . intra-mural body building-"strength through joy" . . . coal we ain't even used yet . . . Ham, Sam! . . . you name it, we'll pump it . . . "Oil" truck, that is! . . . panting at the Pantry . . . and a large furry dog will pass among you . . . mingling with the maestro, J. D .... "lt's collecting under the living room!!! . . . rats l39J . . . Engine Co. 7-ll . . . Everybody out by IZ . . . He scraped ME, Officer! . . . I5 song books and no music . . . raising "cane" . . . Singing songs of blood and slaughter. . . Chief Mogul . . . "I have a few tickets left." . . . Just ask the operator . . . The fire went out . . . "Who needs a room?" . . . What did he say? Issue, one each, racoon coat and pennant . . . Will a senior goat take over the mike? . . . This dinner dance is fine type party . . . Someone explain a rolly polly party . . . From there we'll take a bus.. .Take a shower or I'll clabber ya! . . .We can get one more man in room No. 2 . . . He doesn't know BS from Burma Shave . . . IOOO watts he sez . . . And a bottle of eye wash to that man . . . Does any one want a date-of his own? . . . Gentlemen of the jury-I mean, may it please the Alpha . . . One more verse of Chloeeee! . . . We'll put' that on the agenda . . . Would any one like to make an announcement? . . .Marry them off or graduate them . . . Who said fish, this is mullet . . . Operator, give me Williston-the Wheel . . . One back seat, COD . . . The view is terrific . . . Store it in the phone booth . . . 6 dollars a punch . . . Another trophy for the mantle . . . The radio SHOULD be fixed . . . B.H.O.B. . . . Road trip: a bottle of beer and thou beside me . . . Who took the funnies to the Blue . . . Don't "sugar" me . . . Spirit, that:'s what we need . . . Sweet dreams . . .Bike rack gratis . . . What hot water? . . . Sorry, Shand's Hq. across the street . . . Each of you have a detail . . . Hot issues on a cold floor . . . Does any one know about the Seminole page? . . . The debaters . . . Charge it to the house fund . . . Who's inactive? . . . Did any one make his grades? . . . Refer it to the policy committee. Page 340 V 3' Q M5 R Q' EE nJ J Ll A Florida Chapler of . . . O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... D ouglas Horan VICE PRESIDENT .... Charles Prince SECRETARY ..... .... L umbros Kounlos TREASURER . . . ..... Stanley Field lntending to petition Delta Chi, Chi Delta local was founded in I922. On February I6, l926, the local became the twenty-fifth chapter to be admitted to Delta Chi. The Florida Chapter of Delta Chi has always been among the leaders in scholarship as well as in many other fields here on the campus, and for a number of years it led the national fraternity scholastically. Last year the chapter was reopened after being completely in- active since l943. With a few former members returned from the service and a moderately small pledge class, the fraternity was able, during the '46-'47 term, to regain for the most part its former position at the University of Florida. This year the chapter is definitely back on its feet and with a very promising pledge class in achieving ever greater successes. Active in campus affairs are: Jim Hartley, Secretary of the I. F. C. and Conrad Demro, Secretary of Religious Affairs on Campus. Con- rad is the first man ever to hold this position at the U. of F. Our politicians include John J. May, Member of the Executive Council, Bill Parker, Secretary-Treasurer of the Sophomore Class, and Tom Parker who is in the race for state legislature. It is with sincere regret that we contemplate the exit of some of our dearly, beloved brothers through the portals of this fair institu- tion and we hope that in years to come they might look back and recall some of the happier memories of their fraternity: . . . The wheezing of the Breathless-One . . . the laughter of the Red- Head . . . the quiet dignity of the gray-haired old man . . . the ultimate conversion of our alien brother from the far north . . . the ever present voice of the Senator . . . lucky Pierre and his friends . . . those nightly classes in astronomy . . . our valiant stand against our enemies to the west . . . Mother Hartley's chickens . . . purple pas- sion . . . Gurgy still has it . . .the sound of little feet in the attic . . . Our house-daddy finally leaving . . . etc., etc., etc., and so forth. Page 342 11 H H! I .Lg O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... J ack Doherty VICE PRESIDENT ..,, ... John Trinkle SECRETARY ....... . . . Jim Nicholson TREASURER .... .... D an Goodrum Delta Tau Delta was established at Bethany College, Virginia, in I859 and now has 76 chapters and over 40,000 members. Delta Zeta chapter has been on the Florida campus since I925. The opening of school in September showed that Delta Zeta has done much more than recover from the effects of the war. With I37 members and pledges to begin the year in true Delt style, there was ample reason to count on continuing the old tradition of progress. Getting into high gear, the Delts annexed the Homecoming trophy for the third straight year. Under the supervision of Sam Johnson members and pledges worked day and night erecting a circus wagon, piloted by Coach Wolf and drawn by a huge gator. The intramural ping pong team, managed by "Slim" Bingaman, also "brought home the bacon." Led by Dick Burklew, who is considered the mythical champ due to his victory over Bill Reynolds of ATO, swept through all opposition with comparative ease. Delta Tau Delta again presents a number of men about the cam- pus with Jack Doherty, Orange Peel editor and campus Hall of Fame, Dick Broome, Chancellor of the Honor Court, Jock Clarkson, Alli- gator and Orange Peel staffs, Paul Langston, Executive Council, Buddy Davis, Board of Student Publications, Charlie Ernest, senior class secretary and track letterman, Tommy Taylor, track letter- man, Fred Teed, varsity swimming, and on the national scene, Leff Mabie, national intercollegiate billiards champion. The great new era of university history-coeducation . . . And the Delts were again among the first to sponsor the development of new tradition . . . Mayberry led the pack by squiring a whole sorority to Sunday dinner . . . And old traditions, too . . . Prexy Ruhl's cigar . . . Roberts from Packard to Plymouth, by way of Studebaker and Buick, and all lead to the 400 Club . . . That winning softball team . . . The best dressed house on Fraternity Row . . . Frolics, banquets, and open house . . . And always at the end-exams, the wild hunt for lost and wasted time and the Delta Shelter quiets like a haunted house . . . But still the scale swings to the side of another wonderful year and the "Greek" life Iit's great, my boys . . . I goes on. Page 344 '-:Q s, 1- ADABIS, B. II. ATKINSON, P. S. IIALKCONI, I. III'I"I'ICK. IC. K. BOWMAN. ll. G. HIKOWN. J. J. IIIIOWN. .I. M. IlI'IIKI.I-IW, J. IIl'IIKI.ICW, II. II. I!lTII'I'. .l. W. IIASSIIXS. II. IILAIIKSON, .I. Il. r:0nlx,w. ll. 4:uNN,J. lc. 1:0M'nl':.xn. W. c:n.ucY. I-1. czlxm-1-,n. IIIIOWN. ll. v. lmvls, 11.41. nn, cz. xl. IIICIIIIICK. 5. I". IlOIIl'1II'l'Y. II. IIOIII-IIITY. J. II. DIIAKI-I, II. D. IDIIMONT, II. I". l'1AIlNI-IS'I'.1I. ICNIICIIY, ll. I", J. II. I-YKIINIICII. W. I.. IVLANAGAN, IC. C. IIIIIICIJIQIKIIZII. I.. IZALIC, II. I". GICICII. IZ. W. GODWIN. W. Il. GOI.I.A'I"I'SIIIII-Zlllx, ,I . IIOWAIII1..I.l'. IIIIIISON, D. III.I.I., I'. X. JOHNSON, II. I". KII1KI.IlSII'I'I-III, KI. KIKI-1I!.II..I. KNAI'I', D. KNIGIIT, IC. V. KNOIIIIIC. J. I". I.ANGS'l'ON, l'. XIAIIIIC, I.. XIAIISIIALI., II. W M1-OIIA'I"II. W. A. NI:-KINI.IiY, D. l'. M:-RAI-2.12. NIII.I.I1III.J. I.. NlII.I.IOAN, W. W. NIIMS, W. NIINTON. Ii. MI'l'IIIII'II.I., A. G. MOIIGI-IN. ll. A. MOIIISON. J. S. NIIIIIOLSON, J. IJ OIIOIIK. W. M. PAGE, II. A. I'IIII.I.II'S. .l. II. I'lI'IIHII-I, II. A. I'O'I"I'IiII, A. Ii. I'IIlIiH'l'MAN. .I. II ROBINSON, C. I.. IIOY. II. Il. IIITI-ISS. lf. W. III'III.. Il. II. 9IIOI3I'. .I. 'l'. S1IIIIIIKI.I-ilk. W. IV. SMITII. II. 'I'. SI'II.-KGUIC. .I. S'I'AIINICS.1I. . 'I'l-'FD I" A I.. W WAGNICII. II. II. WI-II.I.S. ,I. G. WOEIILIC. XI. YONT'z, J. Page 345 D lla Tau D lin O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... , .. Robert Yates VICE PRESIDENT .... ... Max Cheney SECRETARY ..... ... Harry Phipps TREASURER .... ... Kemp Williams ln December of I864, out of the wreckage of a prostrate nation was born a brotherhood destined to become the most powerful organization of its kind in the South. lts birth was humble-five determined young veterans united by the years of fruitless struggle for their ideals, and guided by the President of their college, Gen- eral Robert E. Lee, resolved to spend their lives in an effort to salvage the traditions and customs of their once-proud nation. Because of these noble purposes, this brotherhood found eager acceptance wherever there were young men anxious to rebuild, and quickly be- came the largest college secret society in its section of the country. The University of Florida chapter, one of four Kappa Alpha Chap- ters in the state, has maintained these high standards, having been established even before the University was moved to Gainesville from Lake City and has remained a campus leader from that time on. Many of its brothers fought for the Orange and Blue on the grid- iron this past season, among them Bill Turner, Jimmy Kynes, Hal Griffin, Dewell Rushing, Tommy Bray, and Glenn Cary, while on the Varsity basketball team we were represented by "Big BiIl" Atkinson, Hans Taenzler, Julian Miller, Lamar Bridges, Harry Hamilton, and Bill Savage. A few more athletes bolstered the ranks of Coach Beard's cindermen including Brothers Bill Atkinson, Bob Watkins, Don Davidson, Mac McKinnon, Hal Griffin, Billy Harper, and Ray Smithers. Besides the athletes, we were represented on the campus by Tom Barkdull, a member of the President's Cabinet, Rex Farrior, of the Executive Council, and Rogers "Tiger" Holmes, president of the Senior Class. Many of our socially inclined found an outlet for their interests in Bacchus, Pirates, L'Apache, Cavaliers, and other similar campus organizations, and we had our usual representation in Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary. Kappa Alpha enjoyed the most successful social year in its his- tory-Homecoming, Fall Frolics, Spring Frolics, and highlighted by Plantation Ball, at which our Kappa Alpha Rose of 1948 was se- lected. The boys from Beta Zeta donned Confederate uniforms, escorted hoop-skirted Southern belles, and seceded from the Union amid Rebel yells and the good old strains of "Dixie." Page 346 L.-J K ALIIITIIY. II. C. ATKINSON. G. IC. IIAGWI-II.I.. J. W. IIDUI1IIAlID.Il.0 IIRIIJGICS. I.. I'. lZAXII'IlI-II.I.. A. D. CAIINICY, .I. 'I'. IIASSICLS, K. G. COI.I.IICII, M. I.. DAVIDSON, D. IC. DAVIDSON. J. I". DREW. Ii. D ICDWAIIDS. D. I"Al.SONI'1. W. VAIIIIIOII, J. II. l'I.IC'l'IIIII-III, II. M. I-'l,I-I'l'CIII-III. 1.12. I-'lfI.I.I'III. J. l.III-.I-.IM I.. II. IIAl.I., II. I.. IIANSAIID. I.. IIAIIIIIS, N. M. IIICKS, W. IIIIIICS. W. If. .IIiS'I'IiII. N. D. KI-IICI.. A. 'I'. MAIITIN. W. S. MvIl0WI'fI,I.. I". Mn-LICIIAN. I'. NOIII.I-1.II.C. OWLI-IS, I". G. S'l'lCVI-INS. W. ll. S'l'IIINGI9I-1I.I.0W, 'l"AI'INZI.IClI, II. G. VANI-IICI'0I-II., II. I' i w:l.m'. ll. J. VOIGIIT. L. 0. w1u'rEslDE,A. WILLIAMS. I. K. YARIIIIUIQGII. II. YA'I'ICS, I.. E. -gPoge 347 K.. Kappa Alpha O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... Marvin Benson VICE PRESIDENT .... ...... M arc Bonham SECRETARY ..... .... T ommy Thompson TREASURER . . . .... Curtis Weaver Kappa Sigma traces its ancestry to the University of Bologna, Italy, where, in the year l400, students organized a society as pro- tection against the evil governor, Cossa. After spreading to other European universities, the ideals of the fraternity finally were brought to the United States when Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. The expansion of Kappa Sigma in this country was very rapid. lt was the first Southern fraternity to place a chapter in the North, and it is now, with lI3 active chapters in this country, one of the largest social organizations in the world. Delta Delta, the local chapter, became one of the first national or- ganizations established on the campus when a charter was granted to the Delta Rho local in l92Z. Since that time the chapter has produced three presidents of the student body and many other leaders of campus activities. Prominent Kappa Sigma alumni in the state include Governor Millard Caldwell, Julius Parker, past president of the Florida Bar Association, R. P. Terry, past chairman of the State Board of Con- trol, John Fahs, banker and former mayor of Leesburgfand J. B. Hodges, former member of the State Senate. A most complete social calendar included a pre-game buffet sup- per in the Hotel Windsor in Jax before the Mississippi game . . . barbecue honoring the new pledges . . . our traditional reception for our House Mother, Mrs. A. M. Cunningham . . . congratulatory party in honor of the first pledge class of our sister sorority, Chi Omega . . . Homecoming open house weekend, at which time Kappa Sigma won the trophy for the best skit presented at Gator Growl . . . our annual Fla.-Ga. weekend dance at the Mayflower Roof in Jax, topped off with our prize-winning float in the parade . . . our elaborately-decorated Holiday in Hell dance at the chapter house Fall Frolics Weekend . . . our visit from Santa Claus at our Xmas Party . . . Founder's Day Banquet at the Thomas . . . a memorable and pace-setting Military Bull . . . seniors honored at our traditional Senior Banquet . . . and weekends at the Kappa Sig House made lively by the fraternal spirit and informal festivities. Page 348 LS AI.I.l-IN. W. C. I AI.I.I'1N. W. J. AI.'I'IIAUS. J. ANIII-IIISON, C. A. IIAIINIEY. J. M. IIAIINIIILI., C. IIAIIIIY. IJ. Ii. IIIQNSON. NI. III'2IICS'I'IIONI, fl. F. IIONIIANI, NI. IIOYII. II. U. IIIIA MI.IC'I"I'I'I, W. IIIIOAIJI"OO'I', A. II IIIIOI'IlY. C. CAMICIION, J. II. CIIAI'I'IiI.KA, J. A. CLAIIK. I". I-I. CONIDICT. I.. II. COOIII-III. II. I.. COVI-IIISTON, S. S, l10v1m:'1'oN. W. N. DAMSI-1I.,C. n. lmsm-zu. I.. mvls, 11. c. mvls. cz. IPlINKI.I'I, J. II. cmcm-zs, J. w. 1:1-uw-zu. n. u. m:um'r'ro. 1-'. c. GIDDINIJS, cz. IIOIIDON, A. GIIANT, Z. C. GIIHICNIQ. II. II. IIAII'I', II. IIAIIIIISON. W. IIIiA'I'IIIiIIINGTON, IIOAGLANII. M. I". IIOIIIIINS. J. IIOUCII, W. II. II0l'IIA, II. W. IIUN'I'I'lII, II. Il. JACKSON. C. 'I'. JACKSON, J. I-'. JA MI-IS. W. C. JICNNINGS. I". I.. JOHNSON, II. JOHNSON. II. C. KING. J. Il. KIIAMICII. G. I.AMIIICII'I'. J. W. I.ICI-1, C. I.I'II'Y. W. I.lCI'1, W. Mm-Il0NAI.Il, I". Il. MAIIONICY. J. II. MA'I"I'IIICWS, II. XIAUIII-III. II. MAIJIIICII, M. NIvGI-IIIICIC. C. AIvI.I'IAN. J. A. AIQCLUIIIC. II. I'. MIC'I'CAI.I-'. I'. I. MINICAII, J. MINI-IAII. I.. 0. NIINEAII. N. I.. MOOIIIC. W. W. NIOOIIIC. W. V. MOIIIIAN. I'. Ii. MIISGIIOVIC, C. II. XIIFSGIIOYIC, II. II. UI.I.II"I", IC. A. I'AII'I'IIIIHlIC. II. IC. I'A'I"I'IiII5ON, II. I'l-I!-IANO. C. J. I'Ii'I'I-IIIS. II. I'OII'I'I'III, IC. l'O'I"I'I'1II. I.. II. I'III'IVA'I"l', A. I.. IIAMSAY, Il. IIICAD, I". III. IIIi'I"I'II'1, G. IIOI.I.ICII. II. II. IIOUSI5. J. II. SCIIIICSSWOIII., II. SIIAKLICI-'OIID. II. Il SIII'1IlIIICK.J. SIIII'I'I'I.IiSWOII'I'II I SIMS. A.'I'. SMITII. S. W. SPA II IIOWIIAWK, II STIJIIGIS. W. TAMAIICO. J. J. TAIIVICII. Ii. TIIOMPSON. T. I-Y. TILDIGN. J. II. 'I'IIIINI'TII. C. VICAI.. I". WADE, C. WALKEII. G. I.. WIiA'l"IIICIII.Y, C. D WI'IA'I'IIEIII.Y. II. S. WI-1AVEII.C. A. WIIISENANT. II. II. WILLIAMS. II. WILLIAMS, K. WILLIS. J. WOOD. S. WYKE, E. D. ZACCIIINI, II. ZACCIIINI, II. Page 349 Florida Alpha of . . . O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ......,. ... Gene Williams VICE PRESIDENT .... ...... J im Scott SECRETARY ....... . . . Bobby Poage TREASURER .... ... Jim Camp In the l0Oth year of Phi Delta Theta, Florida Alpha maintains its outstanding record at the University of Florida. For the third time in six years, the chapter holds the Harvard Trophy, coveted award of the national fraternity . . . We're looking forward to keeping it a few more years . . . Still right out in front in the Intramural race with most of the Phi Delt champions of 1946-47 with us for another season . . . Rush week came and left a lot of cigar butts in the ash trays . . . The same old story "you get a few, and you lose a few" . . . With Preceptor Gene Williams after them, these pledges are going places . . . Under the guiding hand of Walter Timberlake, Pattillo is elected president of the sophomore class . . . Mark Hulsey succeeds Paul Rogers as President of Blue Key and with them in Florida's highest honorary are Robinson, Timberlake, Goodrich, Bryan, Brooks, Crago, and Roberts . . . Bob Brooks doing a swell job as Vice-President of the Student Body and Gus Smith working as Vice-President of the Athletic Council . . . Gatormen Johnson, Bishop, Dempsey, Broadus, and Pace were the ones to watch on the gridiron . . . We stayed right in the social light with the Jook Joint Jamboree and Buccaneer's Brawl . . . Looks like the jaunt to Webber might get to be a habit . . . Phi Bete "Doc" Solomon laid aside the scapel and came over to Law School to be with the legal eagles . . . Jenkins leads the Chapter the first semester . . . Bob Runcie is President of the Phikeias . . . A lot of good brothers walk the last mile down the aisle as Hills, Robbins, McKnight, Hastings, Shingler and Jenkins go out of circulation . . . Once again our boys drive to victory in the annual charity tilt with Sigma Nu . . . Co-eds? One postwar project that improves our prewar status . . . The Senator returns . . . Jet propelled racers streak through the living room . . . Jim Johnson wins l0,000th free game an the pin ball machine . . . Sparkman finishes General College . . . Second semester opens with the Military Ball . . . Bill Scott has the job of leading pledges into the Promised Land . . . Hot dog and milk shake boys begin to re- place beer and pretzel boys as many of the Old Guard graduate . . . How the days hurry by! Page 350 Q.. ' +..fg 4:1-:Illlll ' ALIIINSON, A. IIICAUMON'l', G. W. lIlIA'l'ZI-1I..R. Il. IIIIAYTON. D. S. IIIIOOKS. Il. 0. IIIIYAN, I'. .I. CAMP, .I. D. CANNON, W. C. 11AIIII.I.. II. I". IZIIAZAI., I.. llAIl'I'. II. M. IJAUGIII-III'l'Y, M. HASTINGS. A. W. lIII.I4. A. V. .IUNI-ZS, .I. l'. LAM I'I-I, II. A. LICUNAIID, .I. D. LIEONAIKII. .I. W. MAIISII, .I. I'. MI-1I.'l'0N, II. W. OLIJIIAM, C. OLIVE, II. I'AllIIY, W. .I. POAGIC, II. C. IIOIIIIINS, .I. II. ROBINSON. 1.12. IIUGICIIS, Il. IKOGICIIS. I'. G. IKIINIIII-I, IK. A. SIIIIUMI'I'1II'I', J. I". SICIKIIOS. A. N. SIIIYI-1IKS,ll. II. SIMS. A. SINCI,l'1'l'0N. I'. SKINNI-III. II. II. SMITII, G. SNIITII, I.. C. SNIITII, RI. M. S'l'I!IlNlll-Ili. II. W. 'l'AYI.0Il. Ii. A. 'l'I-1lJDI'1Il, G. W. TUCKI-III, W. D. TUMLIN, II. M. UPIIIIUIICII. II. Il WAGNI-III. A. W. WAIID. I". .I. WllI'I'I'I, II. I-I. WIIJCS, G. w11.l.n,ms, c. la. wu.r,l,ms. xc. wu.l.mms, J. wu.1.lAMs, 0. lc. WILSII-I, n. n. WIIIGIIT. u. r.. muos, A. ra. ZICIIIIQII. w. A. Page 351 Phi D lla Th la 1 ft ' 9-. .- L xi A. X Io-- ,4- nv A ny, ,... HWY' .gf-7 Q -.W .N 4 , I Y A it A tg 9 I gr S O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ...... ... William Kessen VICE PRESIDENT .... .... W illiam Poole A SECRETARY ..... .... S tanley Barchan TREASURER ... .... Jack Admire This year the Fijis celebrated their 7th anniversary on the cam- pus . . . of those 7 years, the first four were characterized by an almost week to week fight against the superior attraction of local draft boards . . . It's hard to realize that the one-time "house next to the ATO's" has become, in 3 years, an integral part of Florida's fraternity life . . . Fiji memories: . . . beachcombing . . . Addington makes his solo . . . has anybody seen Snalde? . . . Kessen defends his honor lBrown had first shot, dammitl . . . Generals Maxson and Brown marshall forces for water-pistol battles . . . Bonner in style at the Pig Dinner . . . MacDougalI's private peep show . . . Barchan has a date!! . . . Mugge showing off at Blue Springs . . . our first cup . . . southern sportsmen, that is . . . invasion from Tally lencore, encorel . . .Summer sessions: . . . grand opening of the patio, Flem- ing with trowel . . . cerise walls and Chinese prints . . . the vaca- tioners' return to Summer Frolics . . . statewide manhunt, parties in Jax, Miami and Tampa ... Fall again: ...the rat race for rooms... the "Queen" throws a rod and Brute changes outfits . . . "We've got a brush that will just fit your hand" week . . . the traps were well baited and Rush Week successful . . . 0le Miss and Dimples' girl- friend, Cherry . . . Homecoming, the rains came and our decorations went . . . the Alumni barbecue . . . Gator Growl spotters, Van and Larry, with free publicity . . . Coach Trovillion and his fightin' Phi Gams . . . Fiji blacksmiths zero in, Fiji mermans out to win-net profit, two cups . . . Dill and Sammy's swim party, unscheduled . . . Lock- hart on all-star team . . . Warner's Tally path . . . "Mother" Curry feeds the gang family style, but good! . . . Shupes' Ale and Quail Club . . . Rear Admiral Peacock . . . Presidential fireside chat, the Insomnia serenade . . . Georgia-Florida weekend: . . . where in the hell is the judges' stand? . . . Jax alumni throw a big one . . . "I want him for Xmas". . . Hey Miller, got a match? . . . At last, Royal Purple T's for the team . . . Davis and Stan to N. C .... Fall Frolics: . . . The place looked like "hell" but it's home to us . . . You haven't met Bea? . . . Van and Dill swear revenge for Batbutt . . . Xmas- time: . . . Santa's beard streaming with sirens screaming . . . ice cream and kiddies . . . have another eggnog . . . Purple orchids . . . to Blue Keyers Chowning and Richardson . . . to Kessen who chalked up Phi Beta Kappa, graduated with high honors and followed Rich into Hall of Fame. . . Page 352 5 f .Y .J lv 'gn .3233 .1 , Nitlyiif "' ' . . ' 4 'F S4 argl X 1 , 4 if A plan Ella of... 0 F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... ..... E d. Fluker VICE PRESIDENT .... .... B uddy Dreyer SECRETARY ....... .... D ick Ritter TREASURER ... ... Harold Gibson Rush week found the Phi Tau mansion with a refurbished interior and looking better than ever and Housemother Reyes still handing out the hospitality in generous helpings while keeping the boys under control . . . While the rest of us slave, Jim Hartley has honor points to burn . . . lt's rumored that Treasurer Gibson has hidden a supply of gold somewhere in the basement resembling Ft. Knox . . . "Justice" Bowes wields the hatchet on the Honor Court at all electrographic shrewdsters . . . Between Stetson and a position on the President's Cabinet as Secretary of Labor, political representative Larry King has found the solution to man's problem of leisure time . . . The Waldorf is twisting T. R. Townsend's arm for him to manage their dining room . . . Ed Fluker pleads with Chapter to pledge his brain- child, "Hotstuff" . . . We found a New Dealer in our midst. Al Pope ran for president of the pledge class for a fourth term-and made it . . . Dozier Laird settled down to being a family man in the first wedding ceremony held in a fraternity house on the campus. All the members had a gay old time eating cake and throwing rice and pledges at the bride and groom . . . If you know of anybody who needs help with their C-courses, see Pete Franklin. He's majoring in the darned things . . . Homecoming was such a huge affair that Avon Clark got out of bed long enough to join in the fun . . . Fred McNeely and Jack Sullens hope that a photographer from Better Homes and Gardens comes to take a picture of their newly furnished room-before the finance company does . . . Most of the "war stor- ies" have died aut, but you can still see Dick Ritter scaring two semesters growth out of a newcomer in the corner telling him how it really happened . . . Wanted: The man who smashed Cinderella G. Stump's recording of "Temptation"--so we can shake the hand that did it . . . Jack Clark is the Frank Buck of the chapter. Just ask him about his hunting trip . . . Jim Ross decided not to secede from the University any more and stay in school like a good boy . . . Phi Kappa Tau is now known as the cleanest fraternity on the campus. lf you don't believe it, just look at that fleet of laundry trucks out in front of our house. Page 354 3. .J II.IIIIlGII'l'. G. III'IASI.ICY. II. IIIIIIC. II. 0. II0lIIII'I"I'. W. IIOWIAIN, Ii. IIOWI-25.12. II. BOWMAN. W. T. IIUIIKI-1.12. IIl'IIKI'I. J. 'I'. IIYIIOM, W. II. KAMICIION. II. IIAMl'I!I1II.I.. II. K IIAIN'I'IIIiI.I.. II. A. IIIAIIK. A. C. IILAIIK. J. lII.I'IMMONS. A. II. IIOIIIILI-XY. II. IIOI.I.lXS. G. I". IIANIICI.. W. IIANII-II.. W. I". ANN.W. A. DAVIS. I.. V. IIAYIS. M. W. DI'fllII0lI'I'. K. DYIII-15.12. W. l'fI'II"'I'ING. II. M. ICIIIKSI-IN. W. 'I'. I"l.lIIiICII. IC. Il. I-'IIARIiI.IN. I'. M IS XIIY. I.. I. AU'I'II'IlI. II. II. GIIISOY. II. G. IJIIAVI'I"l'. II. W. GIIOGAN. J. II. IIAIIGIIOYIC. .I. XI IIAII'l'I.I'IY. J. I'. IIII.I., Ii. I.. IIUIHIINS. I'. I-'. IIOI-MA. I.. A. IIOIVMA, II. IC. UWZI-I, II. C. IIITGIISON, C. W. .I AIZKSON, II. 'I'. JAMI-IS, II. JONI-IS, S. I.. KICNNI-IDY, J. Ii. KICY. II. T. KING. J. I.. I.AIIIlI. II. M:-GOWN. J. T. M1-Il0NAI.IJ, G. T. M1-I"A'l"I'I-III. W. 'I' M4-MlII.I.I-IN. l'. II IIIQNI-il'II.Y. I-'. II. MICICKEII. J. W. MINI-III, D. A. MI'I'IIIII-II.I., II. I'. MUIIPIIY, J. li. NICLMS. W. AYGIIICN. II. Ii. 01 I.. A. I.. IIEII-', II. Ii. IIICIIAIIIIS, II. IC III'I"I'I'III, II. III. IIUGI-IIIO, A. I.. IIOSS. J. II. SAYICI.I.I-I. D, II. SHAMAN. J. W. SIMMONS. II. J. MVIII. II. W. SUI.l.I'lNS. J. SWANSON. II. Ii. TICAI.. I'. II. 'I'l-IMI'I.I'I. G. 'l'IllGl'I'1N. II. L. UIIQLIIIAIIT. J. V YICNNICY. II. W'AI.KI'III. K. A. Page 355 LST ..- X. Q- Q vs 'N T' Phi Kappa Tull ,I- Q u , i Wi! r.,-1" I 4 .,. I Wx. L ,Jw .- 4' . 'W' vi ,frlwm . f,., O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... C ecil Rosier VICE PRESIDENT .... Leonard Hines SECRETARY ....... . . . Bob Anderson TREASURER .. . ... Al Cooper Pi Kappa Alpha . . . formed by five young men who had fought side by side in the Civil War, to perpetuate the ideals upon which their friendship had been based . . . founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 . . . enriched with the traditions of the South, Pi Kappa Alpha grew until it became one of the foremost of the south- ern fraternities . . . Northern expansion of Pi Kappa Alpha began in 1909 . . . a select- ing process was employed . . . because of this only the stronger schools can boast a chapter of old Pi Kappa Alpha . . . at present there are 86 chapters spread throughout the United States . . . The Alpha Eta chapter at the University of Florida was installed November 17, 1905 . . . with this beginning Pi Kappa Alpha has established itself as one of the oldest and strongest fraternities on the campus . .. Pikes have found their places among the different organizations on the campus . . . on the varsity football squad are Cliff Sutton, Earl Scarborough, Billy Parker, and Freddy Rozzelle . . . Harold Haskins was a star cager this year . . . In politics we have Bill Hess on the Honor Court and Dick Warfield as Sec.-Treas. of the Fresh- man Law Class. .. Prominent among the campus publications and intramurals is Bill Boyd . . . Sports editor of the Florida Alligator, Sec. of the Uni- versity Press Association . . . Publicity director of the Intramural Department and sports writer for the Tampa Tribune . . . Chapter President Eugene Floyd is also a campus bigwig . . . was cadet colonel of the ROTC unit on the campus . . . Mac Christie handled Homecoming celebrations with finesse . . . Cecil Rozier, second semester president, continued the good work of Floyd . . . Other Pikes found their places on the campus such as Sandy Brad- shaw on the Seminole, Henry Williford, Jr., IFC member, John Willi- ford, Orange Peel and Alligator . . . Albion Hutchinson, staff writer, for the Alligator . . .Tommy Hill, was found frequently as an intra- mural official . . . Page 356 l A .. .Y 4-5.31-4 HhF DU AIIEIKCROMIIIIC, II. ADAMS, ll. IC. ADKINS, A. Z. AI.I-'OIID, Il. M. ANDERSON. II. M. ANDICIISON, II. IIAILICY, G. T. IIALI., C. II-IIKIZ0, C. S. IIICIIIIY. J. J. IIIIIIC. W. T. IIIIADSIIAW. S. II. IIIIOCK. A. II. IIIIOCK. I'. II. CAMI'IIICI.I., II. 0. III.I-fAVI'II.AND, II. II. COOK, C. I.. IIOOIWIII. A. M. IIIIHWS. W. IZIIUMLICY, J. IC. DUNWOODY. I.. DUNWOODY. W. ICUIIANK. I.. I'IVI'IlII'I'I"I'. G. I'1I'I'1III-I'I"I". I'. I-'l.0YD.I..I-1. I"III'INIZII. D. I5AIII.I-INIIICCK, W. . GAY, G. GIIEGOIIY, II. S. IIAIIIIISON, W. II.-KIIIIOLD. J. G. IIIISS, W. S. HOPKINS, .l. II. IIOWI-II.I., 0. N. JAIZOIIS, I.. G. .IAlIIIA'I'T. ll. V. LICYIS. N. K. I.0WI-II.I.. V. C. I.lII"l'0N, G. Nllf1nln'n.xY,1l. I.. XII'1II'I'INS, 12.12. NlI'IIK'l'INS. ll. 1-1. MuNl'1III. W, V. IIIXSON. J. lc. M0x'r4:oMmn', W MUNNO, II. I-'. XIUIIIII-Il.l.. I-1. s. M:l.s0N, J. onom, A. M. ummm, M. G. l'Ii'I'EIIS, J. I'l"AIiNDIClI. M. l'r..u:k,1:. In I'I.A'I"l', lc. I'IIOI'III-l'l', u. nuzllmmsox, J. 5lIII'II.I., D. NI. SNIVI-ILY, II. II. SNIVICLY. II. WICIIII. S. A. WI'II'ZICI.I41II. II. WIIITIC, W. IC. WILCOX, N. IC. WILLIAMS. A. ll. WII.I.IAMS. D. F. Jw hi Pi Kappa Alpha I I .Q . f,. R v 2' I an ,TN vz.. AM fit -an 'Q 1' 'Q 7- 9' Ch -v- 'ix 'K .qrx " A uw V an f 3 ff .Qrm '6- Q-.N '- ""'-"N MMM. 1 ulf' cv Gs. u 21 .Po- iv- Gv. , Q I Alpha Epsilon of 6 Q, O F F l C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... J im Clemmons VICE PRESIDENT .... . . .George Johnson SECRETARY ..... . . . Morris Cummings HISTORIAN ... ,.... William Veal Pi Kappa Phi . . . founded nationally at the College of Charleston on December IO, l904 . . . since that time Pi Kappa Phi has grown to its present status of forty active chapters that stretch from coast to coast . . . Alpha Epsilon came to Florida as a local fraternity, Phi Beta Psi, in l922 . . . Petitioned for a charter in Pi Kappa Phi in l924 . . . Alpha Epsilon began with three members . . . now pushes the one hundred mark in membership . . . Our annual social events proved to be the bright spots of the year . . . Fall Frolics saw Pi Kappa dancing to the music of Harry James . . . Brother Sydney Herlong was the principle speaker for the most important event of the year, Mother's Day . . . Co-eds on the campus make us doubly glad to have our Mother Rood back with us for another year . . . Our chapter room has another new addition . . . a sparkling, brand new water cooler given us by the Miami Mothers Auxiliary . . . Chapter also sports a new paint iob and an entire new roof over our heads . . . behind the house we have completed the building of a patio complete with a dancing floor and electric lights . . . Both of our political candidates were successful . . . Eddie Graeme captured one of the coveted posts on the Lyceum Council . . . Walter McCall gained a seat on the Executive Council . . . Darrel Carnell and George Johnson received Band letters . . . and cheer- leader Carl Pease was also awarded a letter. These brothers were elected to honorary and scholastic frats . . . Bob Ferriera, Phi Kappa Phi and Beta Gamma Sigma, Bob Wheeler, Alpha Kappa Psi Prexy, Jack Carpenter, Sigma Tau secretary and Phi Kappa Phi, Bill Harrel, Blue Key and Prexy of Freshman Law School, Ted Camp, Honor Court . . . Memories of the year . . . sophomore rush . . . beginning of our chapter newspaper under the supervision of George Johnson, John Palmer, and Harold Combs . . . Spring Frolic's Shipwreck Dance . . . studies, books, and classes that were cut . . . Neale's moustache . . . "Fearless" Bliss and his airplane . . . back home again in Indiana . . . intramurals . . . and so a wonderful year has ended . . . Page 358 1 :' inf.L lil 1 ziiwm-1' L A'l'1IIIl'II.DI-IR.II. S. I!l'l"l'.-KN. B. IILISS. W. C. IIDIDO. I.. lilil'1W'I'0N. W. II. I!R041K.If'.C. KIAMP, 'I'. K. fIANCl'II.NIO. A. V. IIA lKl.!-ZWAIID. IC. II AIINICLI., D. P. cmTWlcl.I., P. li. rim-IMMONS. J. COMIIS, II. J. comms, W. 12. CONDIC. J. CONDUN, J. A. 1:0S'1'lN, C. G. cox, 41. ri. IIOWN. .I. S. CUMMINGS. M. V. DAVANT, I". DAVIS, A. DINKINS. NV. A. DICKSON. D. II. DONICY, .I. XV. DOUGLAS. I'. I-ILCIN, I.. W. MICIISON. I.. W. ICNZOII. .I. K. IVIGIIIIIICIIA, II. P. I-'I.0WIiIlS, W. D. IVIIICICMAN, II. I.. GAIILI-1, A. S. GAIIlII'I'I"l'. .I. C. GIIAICMIC, IC. A. GIKAVI-IS. .I. I.. IIAVICS, W. IIAI.I., I". M. II0l.Ml-IS, Il. D. IIlI'I"CIIlNS. D. JOHNSON, D. M. JDIINSDN, C. D. JDIINSON. II. W. KICNDIIICK, W. J. I.ANl'I, J. F. I I'1'l"I'S. N. M. LEWIS. A. MvCAI.I.. W. I". M1-KICNZIIC, V. MIl.I.I-III, .I. II. MUUIIIC. II. II. MIYIIIIAY, J. 0. VICAI.. W. G. 0VI'IlI'I'0N, ll. I". ALI4., .I. II. I'ACI-1, Ii. M. PARKS. II. I.. I'l'IASI'I, C. D. PICNA, G. A. I"l'ACl-IK. I.. .I. IIADVOIID, R. IIAIIDICNIIUSII. J. D. IIIGID, D. I.. lIICIIAliDSON,J. lI0llIiIl'l'S, D. IllT'l'I.I-IDILIC, W. II. SADI.I'IIK, W. II. SAIII.Il'I. II. 5. SAWYICII, II. SHA VEII. W. II. HIIliI'l'AliD, J. SIIII-ILDS, C. 9'l'ICVI'INS..I 5'I'IlAUGIIN. J. Il. WAIDMAIRK. A. B. 'I'II.I.lS. W. M. TUIIKICII. .I. A. WALKICII. A. li. WALKICII. .I. Il. WALSH. W. D. WELLS. C. WIIICICLEII, II. H. WILLIS, .I. A. WOIIIJ, l1'.D. Pug 359 hui I ff ,sir Florida IIa of... O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... R onnie Curtis VICE PRESIDENT .... Alvin Leitman SECRETARY ..... .... H erbert Sohn TREASURER . . . ,... Melvin Frumkes Pi Lamba Phi celebrated its fifty-third national anniversary this year, having been founded at Yale University, on March Zl, l895. Since its founding Pi Lambda Phi has expanded to thirty-eight under- graduate chapters in the United States and Canada, adding three new chapters in the past year with one of these being founded on the University of Miami campus. Florida Delta first appeared on the campus in 1924. During the following years it produced many "B.M.O.C.'s" in all fields of cam- pus activities. After wandering for a number of years Delta finally settled in its present, permanent home on University Avenue in l94l. ln the past year Pi Lambda Phi again took the coveted IFC Scholarship cup, leading all-fraternity groups on campus with a 2.56 average. By taking it this past year the Pilams copped the third leg on the scholarship cup, thereby retiring it. ln the past fifteen semesters the Pilams had relinquished this honor only once. But this envious record does not preclude any of the other well rounded activities for which Pi Lambda Phi is noted. Besides various social functions held in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami, the Fall, Spring, and Summer Frolics always were, and all indications show that they will be the focal point of another successful school year. According to the words of THE ALLIGATOR the Pilams have a fine chance to gain intra-mural honors this year in the Blue League. After coming fifth last year in the all-fraternity league, the Pilam teams were bolstered by the addition of several freshmen who made All-State honors in basketball and football. ln varsity sports sev- eral men have made letters as managers and two are now on the freshman basketball squad. In other extra-curriculars Pilams have a fine representation with three of the varsity debaters, two men on the Honor Court, the managing editor of last years Seminole, a member of the Board of Student Publications, a member of the Ly- ceum Council, and three brothers in Florida Blue Key, all sporting Pilam pins. Page 360 " ' ' F Al'I"lCl.I!AIJM, W. A. l!AKl' S. Ill-ILI., Ii. BENJAMIN. T. S. l!Eli'l'lIl'1. li. lSI'1"l'l'II.. J. HUNISKIC, ll. l'. CASSHI., M. I". COIHCN, M. J. CURTIS. ll. J. DATZ. A. J. IJAVIIJOW. M. FARHICR, D. l"I.lili'1', E. l"llUMKl11S, M. B. GEIGICN, Ii. J. CINDY, lx. I.. Gl.Il1KSUERG, M. G0l.Dl!l-IRG, M. II C0l.lH'INI!lillG, S GOLIJSTEIN. S. W. HAMMRRMAN, S. R. HARRIS. M. IIHIKTZ. T. I.. Huss, M. A. KAIIN, A. H. KAPLAN, n. KLEIN, E. s. LEITMAN, A. LEONARD, A. M. LEVIN, II. LEVY. A. l1l'TWlS,lJ.ll. l.lN1-:'r, J. L0vA'l'lN. M. Munson., H. Mfuuzol., 11. MA1u:oI.,w. M. 0I.Il'IIAN'l", lc. 0SlIl4Ili0l"lf. L. ls. I'Ar.l.o'r. s. n. lu. ALI., M. l'll0IZ'1'0li,G. I.. QUAu'1'lN, 11. S. ROSENKRANTZ, M. RUBIN, M. I. SHERMAN, M. I. 5lI.BIillS'l'lClN. S. SILVHRMAN, l'. Z. Snuam, s. 50HN,H. STMN. M. lc. Swuzmcow, n. THOMPSON, J. J. W!-YINl!l'1IlG,lI. N. WEINSTEIN, n. J. WILLIENZIK. N. WISE, D. lc. W0I.1fsoN, N. Page 361 'C' .u vs. .-IM. 14 Q Q, ' YI 'K n 'HJ 5. 4' wsu. q. sg. --W fu 'Q 2... 'hiv USMC.. fo' if AE - Florida Up ilon of . . . O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ..,..... .... H enry Carrington VICE PRESIDENT .... ........ B ill Moor SECRETARY ....... .... E ddy Glenn TREASURER .... . . . Mack Towne Blow torches and Leo, the Lion . . . painted . . . scraped . . . un- painted once more . . . "How long can this go on?" . . . Bull sessions that take the place of studies, on the inevitable religion, government, and sex . . . "Wheel" meetings that break in time for a 7:40 . . . "This guy is a cracker-jack. We've just got to get him past. He'll open the door to Kokomo for years,"-the ever-present rush talk . . . Vows not to go to Tallahassee for two more weeks . . . then on Fri- day those ill-spoken vows are forgotten . . . Firecrackers and rail- road flares awakening our snoozing brothers in the dorm . . . and that S97 fine that was racked up . . . This is life at Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity . . . largest in the world . . . these are things which make college life unforgettable . . . Distinguished in campus activities all through the years . . . SAE has placed five presidents of the Student Body in the past fifteen years . . . placed high in intramural sports . . . student govern- ment . . . publications . . . and many other campus curricula . . . This year big newsmen abounded . . . Al Carlton, Editor of the Seminole . . . Pen Gaines, Editor of the Alligator . . . "Turkey" Moor, Business Manager of the Orange Peel . . . Ken Richards, Business Manager of the Alligator . . . Tom Henderson, President of the Ly- ceum Council . . . Bill Turnbull, President of the Interfraternity Conference . . . While Gaines and Mahon joined the envied ranks of Florida Blue Key, Carlton, Gaines, Mahon, and Turnbull were chosen for Hall of Fame . . . Social weekends galore . . . Homecoming . . . Georgia-Florida party at the Embassy . . . Fall Frolics and another memorable barn- dance . . . the Christmas party at the house with would-be egg-nog ice cream . . . Black and White Ball . . . last years pledge-weekend, another first on the campus duplicated with an even greater fanfare this spring . . . Spring Frolics . . . Military Ball . . . Founders' Day . . . the "skit" growing to magnanimous proportions and moving to the Club 400. . .even that couldn't contain the mob. . . Last in this column, but first in all our hearts is dear, lovable Joree . . . our queen of the housemothers . . . climaxing another year of enviable service to her "boys" . . . watching them come and go . . . This year she witnessed another great year at Florida Upsilon of SAE, chartered in 1915... Page 362 .ah o, if A... V' 4 K H f-'qi S if mx' K .1 ! M L ki Ta .1 H . vw . ' X , ff if 32, rx N 22' + .1 E :M ,fm yu A ..-. I, . ' f N ! ., f' V F SQ w 4 w 1 S4 X J 1 ' ,Qi .Q x 4553 V . 44 I 1 . .-f', 1 M . Ann M, . ,www , ww v ,, , , 1' x ff, 2 'fri P w Gr. ,. Q,- 1 - z A Af, ,J ' M' Aw W 45, ,-Q 1 V , f ,. ' 'I' av iw , f x v ' 1 Y' I ,M f ,A-, , "' fF"1f3.Ai A Wk, 9 3g,f,g,g,0-. X. fur A ,N K W gg C , i ,W Q3 A i g? ' .X Q fr L . X, I I 24 - A " N .ff yx.. , A km? V- fx a n - Q :. f ' ff2 "', ,.f"N ' 65 LN 1 . x ' ' Q Q flaw-f? 5 Aa- ' . ' r Y A pw an 4 ,..,.. :5,.T,?. , L , N k ill' '-.. J 7 ,ii 'J , fr A K W , 5' Y x 4'fi x W 4 Ev . ivy 15. 'hr Q- l ,fr 4' if 5 f fl A., x lla' 5 -W M 5 Q q lu Y 4- .A 1 H W U yu fS,-,f' -1, Q :glam-' f U 3' ? , gg-5.25 J , V 5 5 Q 1 .H A M Gamma Th lu of I. 2-. ff N fh 'Q w I g in ,K Q I C O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ......... .... J ohn Sever VICE PRESIDENT .... ........ E d. Smith SECRETARY ..... .... D . Van Wagenen TREASURER ..... . . . Robert Matheny You ask us . . . con a large chapter be a real brotherhood? Why certainly! We've really enjoyed this year of fellowship behind the six white columns at 2030 West University Avenue. So . . . how about a bit of reminiscence around '47 and '48. Remember how the Chapter came to the conclusion that grass never grows under its feet lPoe's Follyl . . . or the time Jarvis did the impromptu trapeze act on the "Store Room" door lno door no morel ...then at Gold Head State Park when Ed Smith decided to go swimming . . . or the four weeks the Chapter was in a sweat about whether to send Freddie Conkling to Harvard, Yale or Johns Hop- kins . . . surely you couldn't forget "Mistah Omah's" pre-election steak dinners.. .or how easy it was to trounce the Phi Delts in Water Basketball and Tennis lor was it so easyl ...the night all the pledges expected to get paddled, but got pickled instead ...then there was the time Brother Cook "et al" decided to go to the 400 Club, and ended up at the 400 Club lin Sarasotal .. .the Homecoming weekend Rod- ney King entertained the alumni and J. Sever entertained their wives ...the vehement verbage vending of our "praying semanticist", A. V. Smith . . . the time Towers lof the Leaning Towers of Pisa! set a new. l00 yard dash record in l. M. football to set the ATO's back for a loss . . . the great "tissue issue" . . . and how we nosed out the Georgia Tech Chapter to receive the Sigma Chi Foundation Scholar- ship Award . . . or how somebody's "roommate" always seemed to be running for an office . . . all the great weekends like the Triad function in Jax, Fall Frolics and the holiday shindigs . . . and then a lot of things that can't be mentioned like "C. R. Red McKisson" . .. and on and on... See, it's been a year filled with memories . . . a year of real Sigma Chi fellowship. Let's all drink a toast to it . . . quick! Page 364 iiylr AIIMSTIIOING W ASCIIE C ATKINSON J IIAIIIIITT J IIABIIIII R HAIIWICK I ISAYLICSS J. A IILIZAIID ILH IILOWEIIS C. III IIOSENIIIEIIC II I IIOSTAIN ll. II IIOYCE M IIIIOW IIIIUICNING .I.II IIUIINS II.l CANNON II. W CAREY D CARI I.IIlIlS'l'I1INSlCN I IIOIIIJIKI COUNT COX IIA'I'soN Il I1AvIcNI10I1'r W I1AvIs I1.A DAWSON W.1 Ill-ll-IS 11111111 11112111-:I1'I' 11.11 I1I1I-:W 11.11 I1I1I'IsIoN J 1111 AN 1 IU1IIKl.Y I-.111-:I1s0I.If' w.1' I-'AI1I U'-JOIN W V IJ I ' 1 I-1 A1 I-'U .'I'oN II. A 1:15111-' 1 1:Izs'I' 1l.N CUNN 11.Y 1IANs1cA'r'r llAI11:AN J HAI1I1A J.s IIAI1 I IIAZI IIINSON J.W lI11I.I.IcNI1ucK J IIos'I'I4:'I-'I'IsI1 I IIu1:IIIaY J JAI1AI1A I..W JA1:I1s0N JAAIIcs 11.1 JAI1vIs Ns0N II J0.I.1 JONI-is 1 Jonas J IQAIIIAI-'11. A 1 II K -'12, W. II. I.If:IIAI10N 11.1 I fiwIs 1. I.0w-: 'I. . MAI1sI J. M1 ' J! . ,I.. . MARTIN M. MAI1QuIs.J. . H+-I1INsoN. Ia. McII1:AI.Ifc I 1:'I'IIIcNI' . J. 1 I.l.S 1. 1111111112 0.11. Mos .. .. Nl1:II .5 1. Nl1:1IoI.s II. 11' HAII1 11. 0'1IAI1A A. 'I'. 0U1:II'I'I5I1soN, W. l'liI2II,I. . Pl I.IIS. '. '1III.I.1I" . .. l'0I'IJ 12.11. I'lIEVA'I'T, 11. W. HIZNIQI1 A.I1. IIOIIINSON IJ. SAvAI1Y II. NYE, I1. A. -.2 A131-'I-'NIcr1.J.If q1IIIA1I1nI11:IcI1, 11. 53 I-3I1.J. -g 'I-:11. . . QEVRII, J. I-'. NIASIIY. II. J. SIMS, Ii. 11. SMITII, A. v. SN 'I'11.Ic.II. S F - 'I'II,Ic, .. SMITH 11.11. SNYIIIII1. I.. J. QIINSON, J. A. ?WAI1'I'sIcI.. Ia. If. FAVICI. Ia. K Ql'AvI.oI1,'I'.I1. I 1'I1I1I11:I.I. I-' If TOIIIIES. A. 11.' I TOWERS W. TI1I1:1:. J. I1. I VAN wA1:IcNnN I1 . VAN wA1:IcNIf:N1 W' WHEELIQI1, G. 11. WHITs1'1IN. D. A. WILLIAMS. 11. 1:. WILLIS. 1.11. WI1.I.s0N, J. s. WILSON, J. 0. WILSON. 0. Wl'1'HI:I11-'oN c. C. WoIPIfoI1u, W. I1. W0onAI1u. 11. WRIGIIT. J. J. ZAI11-, 1:. II. g O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... A lbert Crabtree VICE PRESIDENT .... .... J ohn Stanford SECRETARY ....... . . . Paul McKenzie TREASURER . . . .... Marshall Criser Epsilon Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu splashed into the academic year of I947-48 last summer with a salty "Shipwreck Dance" during the Summer Frolics. Homecoming early in the Fall found the Sigma Nu's with a mam- moth tunnel-like Gator ornamenting their front lawn. A large num- ber of alumni passed through the paper-mache saurian into the fraternity house to make this Homecoming the most successful since the war's end. Then Fall frolics brought to the Snake's house just what the occasion implys-frivolous frolicking. One of the most outstanding events on the Sigma Nu calendar was the annual Sigma Nu-Phi Delta Theta football clash. In accor- dance with established custom, all proceeds from the game went to charity and the classic was sponsored this year by the Gainesville Junior Chamber of Commerce. Following the opening of the second semester, the Military Ball moved down on the house and captured same with an array of pretty girls and "polished brass"-with Col. Paul Johnson leading the latter. Big John Warrington shined for the Sigma Nu's in the campus political galaxy as president of the Athletic Council and Secretary- Treasurer of the Student Body during the Summer session. Bill Harlan and Frank Wilson were members of the Executive Council, and Bill Pruitt reigned as prexy in Bacchus. Athletically speaking, the Snakes were led by Captain Bill Harlan, Eddy Glass, and Billy McGrath on the swimming team, Bam Webster and John Cox in varsity football, and Carol Kendricks picking 'em up and laying 'em down in track. Sigma Nu, as this goes to press, was also close to the top in Fraternity Intramural listings. Mother Mason, mother of house mothers and who has been with Sigma Nu for well over half of their twenty-six years here on the campus, is still with us to make our house our home. Page 366 l L r .r1i!1 r.v'wm1v'r.InL AI!I'lI.IC, C. II. IIAIINS, I'. D. IIAZICMOIIIC, J. I.. IIAZICMOIKI-1, li. INlWl'1N,II. C. IIIIOWN. I". IIIIYAN, A. W. IIIIANIIY, I'. II. lIOI'I', G. S. KIOI.III'IR'I', J. II. IIOI.I.AI!, D. COOK, II. F. CIIISIIII, NI. M. IJICCKICII, .I. IS. IIUIIGLASS, W. II. I"I'II'I, I31. II. I"l7I.I.IiIQ, ll. I.. GAU'I'II'Ill, I.. I'. GICIGICII. II. III. GLASS. IC. I-'. I- IIO WI-III , W. I.. IIAIILAN, W. IC. IIAIIIKI-II.I.. J. J. IIAIIIKICIJ.. I'. II. IIAHT, W. IIICKS, W. M. IIUTSON. I.. G. JAMES. IIUKI-I JINKS, II. I.. JINKS, .I- II. JOHNSON. Ii. C. JOHNSON. II. IC. JOHNSON. 0. K. JOHNSON. 'I'. C. Kl'1NlllIlCK.C. U. KING, I.. A. KING. 'I'. K. I.I'II1I'l'II. .I. II. LONG. II. W. MMINNICS. Il. IIII-ICACIIICIIN, N. M. I. MrKI-INZII-I, 0. l'. M1-IXIlTI.I.I-IN, ll. V. IIIOOIIMAN, M. NICWICLI., Ii. J. NI-IWLANII. J. NIIIIIOLSON, C. NOIILIC, W. I. 0'MAI.I.IiY. I'. I'I"l'NIAN, 0. I'liUI'l"I', W. H. I'UIiSI4IIi, J. P. umm, H. M. nnino, C. S. IQICDMAN, H. luLm', H. W. RYAN. R. T. s1:0'l"l', I.. SIKES, J. SIMPSON. I". J. SMITH. li. S. SMI'I'II. IK. S. SOIIICNSON, II. S'I'ANI"0IID. J. W. S'I'l'I.'I"S, M. NV. SU'I"I'0N. .I. W. 'I'A'I'0M, W. M. THOMAS, C. TILLMAN, G. 'l'IlAM3II'II.. C. C. WALKIEIK. Il. II. WA IKIKINGTON, .I. I". WI-IIIII, I'. WILLIAMS, II. A. WILMOT. Ii. J. Page 367 Florida Alpha of . . . 5.51, B gl L.. J 'mf L if le O F F I C E R S PRESIDENT ....... .... T erry Lyle VICE PRESIDENT .... ... Jack Almond SECRETARY ..... .... L eo Winfree TREASURER ..... .... R obert Louis Florida Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was established on this cam- pus in l9Z5. Since that time the "Sig Eps" have grown steadily and I948 has proven to be a big year boasting the largest pledge class in Florida Alpha's history. Early in the Fall "Wheels" began rolling out their political campaigns . . . pledge meetings began . . . A SKULL AND BONES went to press . . . Erford Kemp was elected pledge president . . . Theodore Bor recruited his fol- lowers . . . Bull sessions thrived . . . and so did intramurals, conclave chat- ter, and clues. The Chapter hailed Uncle Tom McCaul as newly elected Grand National Chaplain at the conclave . . . and the Sig Ep's first housemother, Mother Turner, was welcomed by her new sons. Starting off the social calendar for the year was homecoming, which dis- played an overflow of alumni, and was highlighted by the dedication of the very recently erected dining room. On the mantel soon appeared the Little Brown Jug won by the Sig Ep Quartette . . . "BOism" prevailed . . . Cheers from the D.F.O.'s . . . Boos from the West Hall Clique . . . Patio Parties . . . The formal reception honoring Dr. and Mrs. J. Hillis Miller at the chapter house . . . The Zeta Weekend in Tally . . . Ping Pong Tournament . . . and no more Roost versus Sleeping Porch water fights, thank God! Soon following in order were: Fall Frolics and Jimmy Dorsey . . . The Character Carnival plus pledge skits . . . "Henry Don't Eat No Meat" and the Beauty Contest . . . then two weeks later the Annual Christmas Party at the house. Soon after the Xmas holidays "TLism" developed, and soon gained absolute power, accompanied by the usual chaos, bloodshed and bottles of hair-grower. Other outstanding events included the Golden Hearts Weekend the latter part of February . . . formal dance at Woman's Club . . . picnic at College Park . . . The annual Sig-Ep-Kappa Sig Softball Game . . . Formal Spring Frolic carried out in the usual tradition. BMOC's included: Grover Boker, Drum Major and Student Band Director, Elmer Allen, cheerleader, Terry Lyle, Vice-President Alpha Kappa Psi, Asst. Secretary of Interior, Lewis Vickers, President Junior IFC, Bill O'Neill, Florida Blue Key, Hall of Fame, Secretary of Interior, and James Baxley, Associate Editor of Alligator. Page 368 0 1ILIiRI'I'T0N. J. ALLI-IN, l'I. L. AI.I.I'INIJICII. II. M. ALMOND. J. IIAKICII, D. A. IIAKICII. G. IC. IIAIIKI-III, J. M. III-IST, D. II. IIICST, I-I. I.. IIIlI'I'. II. IILANDI-'0IID. W. II. IIOKAS. I". V. IIUIITON. ll. C. IIUTLICII, Il. II. IlAII'I'IilI. II. ll. IILICIIII-INZI. II. I.. Ill'I"I'MAlI. II. II. IGCONOTIIUS. 'l'. M. IVOLSOM. I.. W. I"0II'I'ICS, J. 0. . -UN, II. s. GUY. '1-'. JJ. Ilfumls, K. J.. lll':I.sJ-1'J'JJ. A. li. IIIICIIS. ll. N. lI0O'l'I-IN. H. J. IIUNTJ-zu, v. lc. JOHNSON, II. s. JOHNSON, lc. I.. JOHN:-JON. W. rn. Joylcs. J. W. IfI'II'I'I'IiII. T. Ii. IEICIIM, IZ. I-I. IEICMP, IC. C. IfI'I'TI.IES0N. II. M. IxIIl'Z'I'SIIIIMIiII, A. IIEIGII, II. LIUZZO, J. A. LOUIS. II. W. I.YI.I-I, I.. 'WI I' n '1' 5IAl.ONI'l, 'I'. MAIIICICS. J. M. 3IcIZl.UliII. II. S. MLIIOYAN. K. K. Mmnows. IJ. II. IIIICGAS, A. MICYICII. M. MOI.l'US. J. K. NICXSICN. W. OSTEEN, P. L. S T 0U'l"l.Aw. lx. S. OW:-:NS. lc. I'E'1'YNlA, W. W. I'0l.I.I'I'Z. la. 'r. POWELL. 11. L. l'1uNc:Jf:, u. 'r. lusmus. K. n. RUMPII, L. J. IIUNYON, W. Agra. uc. n. gcruuccx, 11. T. sco'r'r. lc. 'r. Snnmum. lc. n. SKIl'l'I-III. 12. 1-. Sumcn, cz. 'r. SNI-1l'ID,'I'. M. Soren, J. T. SUT111-:lu.ANn,J. ONLY. c. VANS'I'I-II-INIIUIIG, 'l'. YJ1:xl':us. J.. NMu.lJJcN. J. IJ. WAl.mx0N. ll. lc. VfAl.Kl-III. IJ. lc. WEST. G. n. VGflJ.KlNsoN, 11. H. Wlmfluila, J-'. Page 369 Tau Alpha of . . . WS O F F l C E R S PRESIDENT ........ .... A aron Goldman VICE PRESIDENT .... .... L eonard Saks SECRETARY ..... ..... S tanley Tate TREASURER .... .,.. L eonard Frankel It was a glorious twelve months that brought to a close Tau Alpha of Tau Epsilon Phi's third year on the post-war road to recovery. From the campus to the house, from Tally to Tampa, and from Jax to Miami, it was Tau Eps in a year of success. A banner pledge class started things . . . then to Jax for the Mississippi game and a dance at the Roosevelt's Floridian Room . . . down to Tampa for the Furman game and another successful TEP affair in the Tampa Terrace's Caribbean Room . . . the Georgia game found Tau Eps back in Jax and another Floridian Room affair . . . Thanksgiving party in Miami and then-Fall Frolics. Ninty jivin' Teps and ther dates danced to the music of Jimmy Dorsey . . . Tau Alpha's biggest Frolics. A new front living room with new plastic furniture added grandeur to the house as TEP men went out on the campus in full stride. The Hall of Fame claimed Southeastern Conference High Jump champ, Hank Gardner. Blue Key added the names of Gardner and "Mouse" Klein, student director of intramurals. ln publications it was Hal Herman, Executive Editor of the Alli- gator, Marty Lubov, features editor, and Sandy Schnier of the Alligators Sport staff. Florida Players had Herman and "Spook" Shonbrun, with Schnier and Turk adding membership points quickly. Athletics found Hank Gardner stellar-standout of the track team and "F" club president, Bobby Glasser, track team manager and an "F" club member, Bernie Segal and Joe Dunayer, state high school net stars and promising youngsters for the Gator tennis team. Gardner, Herman, Lubov, and Tate were members of Cavaliers . . . and around the campus it was Lou Leibovit, one of the editors of the Florida Law Review, Stan Tate, formerly a member of the Dean's committee and IFC representative, Jack Plisco on the debate team, Steve Weissman, an assistant basketball manager, Sam Price, intra- mural's official, Art Leibovit in Alpha Zeta. The year passed quickly. New pledges are initiated, Spring Frolics rolls around, memories are reiterated. Tau Epsilon Phi ends another year at Florida. Page 370 I' PJ! "LH-Ear ACKICIK MAN. J. AliGlN'1'AIi. IE. B. ARUNOVITZ, M. IIICIKKMAN. J. M llI'IIiS'l'ICIN, P. M KIOIII-IN. W. DI-INKI-III, J. M. IIUIHSIN, M. II. DUIIOV, D. J. I+I1IIIIiI.MAN, G. FIEIT. J. IVIIANKI-II., I.. II. FIIIICIJSON, W. l'UI.I.EIl, II. W. CAIKIJNICII, II. GLASS!-Ill. I.. II. GIASSICII. li. I.. GOI.DIIUIiC, II. C GOLIJMAN. A. I. IIHIIMAN, II. A. II0l.'l'SIiI-IHC, I.. KALICIK, I.. KANT, S. KATIMS, ll. S. KING, II. KIIKSCII, Il. Il. KLICIN, D. Il. Kl.l'1IN,G. J. I.I11Il!0Vl'l'Z, I.. LICVINSON, M. l.llIII'I'I'Il!, I. l.liIIl0VI'l', A. l.II'l'l'IIi'l', S. J. Lunov, M. MAm:0l.1N, R. MARKS, n. MICIKLIN, J. s., J. M. mul., lx. I'I'IAIlI.MAN, D. II. l'I.lSCO, J. A. I'llIlIl'1, S. Ill-IIIZII. A, luf:LM.xN. II. M. 1m'1'1I, 5.11. s.u:Ks, I.. M. SCIIA'I'Zlll2IiG, II. HCIIINIC, J. A. SCIINICIIIICIC. A. I.. SCIINII-Ili. S. SICGAI.. II. S. SPIGAI.. NI. M. SIIONIXIHJN. II. SIIOIlS'l'I-IIN. J. SIIIVIIIN. J. SII.VI'1IK,lJ. M. SlI.VI'IIl. J. SOKOLUW. J. STONE, I-1. I-I. 'l'A'l'ICl.MAN. S. C 'l'UliK. M. M. WHISMAN. A. WI-IISMAN. S. WIT'l'Nl5II, T. l'. WOLF, I. ZIIAR, A. I.. Page 371 Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Chap! r of. .. 0 F F I C E R S PRESIDENT .......... ..... M arvin Woods VICE PRESIDENT ..... .... W arren Harrell SECRETARY ...... .... L auren Merrium TREASURER .... .... M arvin Fleming The boys of Tau . . . still digging out from under a successful rush week in the style of the Virginia Cavaliers as put on by "Jocko" Phillips, the erstwhile gentleman from Charlottesville by way of Tarpon Springs . . . new pledges prove mettle as over 601 make grade . . . Al "Red" Carlson . . . in spite of innumerable committee meetings . . . finds time to be elected Prexy . . . "Vote-Getting" Al Bass continues to amaze one and all with the smoothness of speech derived at lengthy IFC meetings . . . Woody still keeps an open line to girls' dorm at Florida Southern . . . all Brothers are amazed to learn from "reliable source" that famed "Hot Foster" Myers is "sweet, but too innocent" . . . the eight foot 'gator constructed for Homecoming blinks out a welcome to the throngs of visiting alumni . . . Homecoming Banquet takes place in long line of successful Tau functions as brothers Grady Burton and Fuller Warren perform the oratorical honors before large group at Thomas Hotel . . . the An- nex assumes the atmosphere of a French Cafe as an Apache Ball features big Fall Frolics weekend . . . Irving Wheeler takes duties as bartender a bit too literally . . . Brothers Doug Wells, Gerald Lewis, Bill Coram, Don Beck, and "FulIer" Harrell became "ring- wise" as lightning of matrimony strikes . . . "Lester Gooch" Flem- ing continues to lead Dauntless through page after page of botany lab paper . . . the egg nog at annual Christmas party knocks 'em dead . . . Mommy is hailed anew as true genius . . . practical jokers run wild during exam week as "Little Orson" Wells finds bomb in car and "Perry" Parker goes to bed with a water-filled balloon . . . "Shaky" McAlpin makes grades although finding time to answer his calling . . . "The Arm" Gaines and "The Bat" Ledoux gain greater fame through their exploits on the diamond . . . as Seminole went to press, all hands were sitting around the newly created lounge making plans for Spring Frolics and of course the annual Spanish Ball. Page 372 1 MASS, A. E. HECK, A. IJ. IIOIIANNOIN, I.. CARLSON, A. li. CARTER, J. ll. CIIASTAIN, F. 0. CONWAY, J. M. CONWAY. R. A. IZORAM. W. T. I-'l.EMING, M. L. GATIIRIGIl'l',W. IIARRELL, L. m:mmY, I.. cz. Jolm, P. lx. LEWIS, G. A. mcwls, R. H. LEWIS, R. w. McMILLAN, J. MINER, A. N. 0'NEILL, I". l'ADGET'1',li.1I. PALMER, ll. C. PAVESE, I". A. l'E'l"Ell5, T. J. I'lIll.LII'S, Z. L. PORTER, G. R. VRYOR, 0. W. RAMSEY, J. l'. IIAWLS. J. S. RICHARDS. J. M. IKOIJERTS. W. IZ ROWTON. J. M. RUIIASI-I. J. J. STORMS. N. I.. WELLS, J. ll. WELLS, J. R. WHEELER, I. XV. WHEELER, W. H. WOODS, M. li. Page 373 Th Ia Chi 18. Nr fn 'IU' KJ' .Al- is pw., 1'5- if 'Fu- .na IHECKIQIK, lc. P. EISCIIOU, ll. M. FOX, A. J. GI-ZNDZIICR, S. GII.l!Hll'I', '. . CORSIIHI., D. E. Il0l.'l'SIll'1llC. J. S. JOI-II., H. v I I H gi !KlVl'IL, li. l.l-IADIQIK, J. MEISICL, L. MORRIS, S. 'vmuu-zu, J. 11. marwsow, lc. nocnus,A F s0l.1NsKY.n. V, 0LOMON,E SOM MENS. ll. SPITZ, II. M. SUSSMAN. I. L. f wE1NsTocK, Page 374 H. l K-4- T, 1 Cx 'irrwwp ggi! iv is. if .'1'1 aff ,M -1...f . O 413+ :Q- Qs., A , V1 C! A XA Lambda cm Alpha AGICRTON. E. I'. ANDERSON. A. ANDERSON. H. AIIIIIII-Ili. W. B. l!I' ll. IHNNHY, IK. L. lll.ACKHlIRN. ll. HLAIN, T. K. A. II. M. IHKINKLIQY. II. II. CIIANIJIJCN. II. CIKUMLI-1Y,R. J DANIIGI.. J. W. HLLMAKICIK, S. J. l"ISlZlHCT'l'E, J. A. FORSIIAY. D. A. l"0li'l'Nl'Ili. E. M. CUNDLA CII, W. HALL, C. IIICRMANN, C. A. JONES, D. MAIJDOX, C. Mn-I,l'I0ll, J. MICHllI'I"l', C. ll. MICHAEL, C. A. MILHCR, A. Ii. S Mll.l,l-Ill. C. MULLIS. T. J. NOIKD, ll. II. lK0lll'IR'l'S. H. 0. IKOCICHS, ll. ll. CIIEB, J. M. SIIIIIIOTTCR. Il. W. SIIRUGGS, W. M. TONI'1Y,ll.I.. WICICKS. C. I". L. WICISICNIXUIIGICII, II. Page 375 MWRP Q R. Y 1.0-V' 5- .ss ri, a-X. if Tia 1 I bv V-"la 5. ,P 491 I 'I' 'PU' is M- ,I -fv- Mn p VW' 1-f .gm "Q 4. ' 1 lib ..-v-. ay., Q x qv' ru. o-operative Living Organization . 0.-5 SEATED, ON FLOOR, LEFT TO RIGHT: Whidden, J. E., Martinez, Sabina, Martin, Hugh, Brown, Albert, Reeves, Laurens, Bryant, Norman, Cowen, E. J. Rowan, Edsel, Robbins, Cary. SECOND ROW: Jones, Doyle, Evans, Tom, Cotten, Hilton, Bourguardez, Lee, Frierson, Ed, Anderson, Kenneth, Hendry, Bill, Gunson, Edgar, Oglivie, Fred Fleming, Fletcher, Smith, J. C., Bussell, Bill, Sharpe, William, Cook, Dave. THIRD ROW: Bromwell, H. P., Bevis, Glen, Westberry, Felder, Nelson, Don, Gallagher, Bill, Heyerdahl, Ray, Dutton, Conrad, Roberts, Hershal, Reeves Frank, Harden, Elphia, Lanius, Frank, Massey, W. T., Boney, Bill, Jones, Lamar, Butler, Pat, Fisher, Gus, Hamrick, Dave. FOURTH ROW: Kiscaden, D. S., Gaffney, Marvin, Haas, Bill, Dilley, Roland, Wilson, Bill, Stanley, Bill, Bailey, Cliff, Stratton, Robert, Kelso, Robert, Carson, Howard, Wright, Carrol, Smith, Harry, Ryals, Dan. . - BACK ROW': Aguilar, Bert, Jordan, Scott, Skipper, Etho, Bernard, Howard, Pryor, Harry T. ' Student owned and operated, the Cooperative Living Organization has as its main pur- pose the provision ot adeauate and satistactory living conditions at a minimum cost to its members. i The C. L. O. was started in the early '3O's by a small body ot Florida students who realized that the group is stronger than the individual. Since then it has grown to a maximum mem- bership ot eighty-one studentsnin l947. This organization is deeply indebted to a former member ot the University ot Florida's taculty, Dr. Joseph R. Fulk, vvho presented to the organization, in a trust deed, their present group ot buildings and grounds as a living memorial to his late wife, Nellie Swanson Fulk. Attording not only economical advantages by collective buying and cooperative living, the C. l.. O. also developes in the individual the art ot living and working with other people. Page 376 Georgia Seagle o-operative l f iV'7I.1 142926 Y19'9Z 9?Q',Q1Y1,'! Sli! X191 5"'ey'f'2"'3 if t its L5. I W As. ,ls xp x is. -its ig- ggycfmwkf Q, fl .- H11 9 - READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT- FIRST ROW-Thaxton Springfield lCounselorl, Hosmer Chesser, Ray Milton, Bill Troy, Bob Mincy, Allan Stuart, Francis Wilson, Evelio Rio, Whit Spearman, Jewell Hooper, George Musson, Harold Cason, Bill McDonald, Tom McDonald, Guy Jordan, David Howard, Charles Goodroe. SECOND ROW-4Gleen Black, Robert E. Lee, Joe Stansell, Hurdin Wise, Charles Ozaki, Ed Johnson, Tom Diedeman, Leonard Hart, Emmett Herndon, Ray Duke, Charles Everett, Charles McNeil, John Shepard, George Patterson, Hugh Sheffield, Horace Deudney, George Cox, Bob lngle, Hubert Hancock, Leo Brinkley. THIRD ROW-Neil Geiger, Forrest Smith, Dick Robinson, Clifford Geiger, Calvin Wilcox, Walter Stripling, Jimmy Woodward, Harry White, Ray Sullivan, Dawson Wilson, Lawrence Gautier, Glenn Sowder, Tom Howes, AI Brock, Pete Brock, Douglass Reed, Walter Schnable, Bill Strickland, Joe O'Steen, Tom Fast. FOURTH ROW-Dick Gerber, Julian Wilson, Bill Fleming, Allen Powell, John Hays, Dick Baldwin, Eustace Kelly, Harmon Chesser, Mac McGrew, Percy Thomas, Robert Fernandez, George Wessel, George Smith, Henry Armstrong, Luther Collier, Don Padgett, Bob Howell, John Lovett, Bill Threlkeld, Guy Risley, Clinton Ansley. Georgia Seagle Cooperative, organized in September, l946, started its second year with 78 members, an increase ot 22 members over the previous year, which vvos made possible by the addition of another building. The cooperative is unique in that its main tenet is Christian tel- lovvship in all phases ot college lite. lt is organized on a non-protit basis, with each member A being assessed his pro-rata share ot actual operating cost, and is only successful through the active participation of all members in its program. Georgia Seagle Cooperative is non-secta- rian and has most of the major religious denominations represented in its membership, The ad- ministrative powers ot the organization are vested in its representative group, the Co-op Board. Page 377 l Buckman I'IolII 1 'W M' pw' T ' n 1.5 -r y. .yi '.f,- . FJ" f sw' ' f T Am. ,, at xi.. f ' QVWUF' , it The first building to be added to the campus of the University of Florida Campus was Buckman Hall. Construction of this building was completed in 1906, iso have pity on dear ole Buckman, fellasl. The name Buckman is synonymous with the late State Representative Harry H. Buckman the origi- nator of the Buckman act which established the State University. For years to come Buckman Hall was to be the center for many student activities. Mud has been slung far and wide in Buckman as many a politician rallied for posts within the stu- dent government, much of the ground work for our fine student body organization of today was planned, mapped and studied within the famed walls of Buckman Hall. Buckman Hall seems to be a collection point for the better athletes of the campus for the intra-mural teams presented by this dormitory have brought home more glory through victory than any of the other dormitories. Buck- man is significant in its true college spirit that was borne and has been nurtured throughout the years by its occupants. This year top honors were re- ceived by Buckman C. and D. for their outstanding Homecoming decorations. iArtists and Athletes- what a combinationl. Buckman is typical in one respect to the campus in that Jerry said, "Move over Tom and make room for another rat!" The boys are wondering if the next group of students that increase the campus enrollment will sleep on hooks. The l67 students housed in this dorm is a 27 per cent increase over previous years. A jaunt near Buckman on a balmy night would make one wonder if Tarzan hasn't forsaken his Page 378 "Bongo, Bongo, l don't want to leave the Congo" for dear old Buckman. No one but Tarzan can make such morbid sounds, l'm sure. Which brings forth return of "To Hell with Buckman". This couldn't possibly be T's mate could it? , V, . ML ' M .V ,, . 1 5 ., . , ' K' , . ,J L W 1 pt. U' ,Q X' N, ,- K b I Q -I I 1 Z 'gi 1 ,:,.4' .gp-can -1. ,au 1 'J 'r Q ,vm .M , .,ff""'Z- 4 I 4 lg. ,A G The central building of the dormitory area is Fletcher Hall, so named in honor of the late Senator Duncan U. Fletcher. This edifice was completed in l939. Perhaps it is the immediate pre-war idea that gives Fletcher its most distinctive and desirable feature-Fletcher Lounge. Ask any bull session artist and he will say, "Destination? Fletcher. This edifice was completed in l939. Perhaps there is room enough to cuss a cat without getting hair in your mouth". The lounge is typical bachelor in its massive comfortable furniture which makes for good "bulling" and reading. The dorm, like all others, has its growing pains. The most painful is that brought on by the desire for company. Conditions are such that to make room for a guest lmale, of coursel, the student and his bunk buddy must take their respective positions in the alcove, on bed or table, and in the hall before the entertainment may begin. Fletcher P won second place for original decorations at Homecoming. The ideas and materials came strictly from the boys. Fletcher could be called the Hall of the Bourgeois if the campus were class conscious. This Hall is inhabited by men who are too smart to join a fraternity, and fraternity men who have finally realized the mess they have gotten them- selves into. Memories of Fletcher Hall have been carried through- out Latin and South America for, until this year, one section of this dormitory was reserved for our Inter- American students from our neighbor countries. This year, however, the Inter-American students are being housed in the various dormitories. An airview of Fletcher Hall, Thomas Hall and Sledd Hall reveals that the architectural structure of these buildings forms the initials UF. lt is advisable for freshmen to room in the dormitory, and the upper classmen consider it their duty to instruct the freshmen in the art of selecting Pin Up Beauties, the art of beating a dormitory code on the steam pipes without fatality to the pipe, and the tech- nique ofa TOILET PAPER BLITZ. Page 380 I 1. I 1 l l -4 H,- I.. x ,,- J A n v-0.-gt "":'f""" 'W-nk? N .. "V 4 'mm The last and largest of the dormitories to be added to the campus was Murphree Hall, so named in honor of the late Dr. Albert A. Murphree, president of the University from l909 to 1927. This classic structure was constructed under the guidance of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. lHooray for Rooseveltll For two years after the war the small efficient apartments of this building made convenient accommodations for veterans and their families. Now we know why we saw so many women and babies on the campus before we had co-education. All the wires you saw in back of Murphree were clothes lines and not an obstacle course, although in taking a short cut home, many a student almost hanged himself. At one time Murphree Hall was being considered as a possible co-ed dornn 'Thisidea was tossed back and forth so heatedly that one enthraHed student in ending his C-3 speech said, "Yes, gentlemen, what this University needs is more co-educational dormitories." Murphree Hall has 705 students living within its quarters. The mighty Gator Football Team domi- nates one section of the dorm. After a hard workout, the Gators can appreciate being housed close to the gym or otherwise they would never make it-"Just saving ourselves for Saturday", is the final comment. Chief West, who looks out for the boys, is forced to have two roll calls on Wednesday nights-one for dorm and one for the Gainesville Recreation Center boys. Page 382 fi n ., - - -- , --1 , - f - , , , . 7,wiffw.-,,,. . - Y rift-Q-L., . Q ' 1 , . if 4 . vi V- f..v13'a-.l x, ' ' A , ' 3 f l o l s . l Q . In 2 AQIYYQILBLICL 1 . Rial- .. . 'M 0 A 'b W w.+,L H 'Vt E IT -- vp ii 5 I I , M ... J, Dr' ....... A -u-un -- 5 . ,X ,, . HI N TT' .. . A If ",' . an ZH ZH li! i"!!I'3' -ww. 'Y- NA, 1 .4 - - ,.x - - .J , N, -'ww M. -, vw- ,,f:.,1- " fx- . -- 4' .:' . 1 'pn - ,-.p-5 . gn! wi' it f :Qf5j.-.Sprung , ,H - . N W ., 2925, .733-v..71?'f f N' -f"wj,'.:f3Q '- VL", ' N ,.. . 'GE' " ' ' , 2 '- f A N fw 'fi' 'h'f+'f2-cya:-2235 ,M-w ' - A- La' f vw". ' ', Q. . ' ' .' . 'A . ' 5--11-'.,.f4+'ff'f-1-:1ig,1.fqA.-'fryef' 'I w 1- mlm- - PM I' my .4 ,'-:.' r .tri Q v.4 .mx my 'ZX vi :.,,,h1,apmz Ii-.. A .1 zijn., llygi., Jax. . Q gifs-,,,?, v X -4.,V,LSM.5u.A'x,h', 'T ' "nf fbi -' . ' ' V' JY--JV, Q ' - ' ' '- ' ffuf' ,JP A ,-""Jf'-:"f bi " W 1 :H-1, " - A 3' .... ' 1 infix" W- V-J." I A .V 'R+ 'F y Q". Q' Q . wifi '. 'kl'iv LW4 fN'4f'2'e '5""'5'2"'3"'y' -u A-JT' h1,4-Bfgk' 'f11,5'f?.:Qf"'.' ' j'if'7' 413 .. gd fv- A 459650 -' - f..- ,5- any x . , 'Q Ag.: ,1.L,,, ,rm I,-, V ,B vb ,,-f - '1 Y- ,Ji P. ,,-N ,44 APU f ,rv Y , Jawa ,PY Q -I , , -W ni M ' ' --,, 1, ' F ' . il - , . MA- , . , I . . ,r 'V -.-"A, N554 -3' .X ,V ' , -A . . A . .., , 'f Y - I 6 Emmy 4, '. Q4 Mrffff., Q . H 43 , 4' I va fx ,gg 1 ,-ff" f. "' . ,- I " ,. . .N N' ,L .' ' " ' ' -g .N ' ' ' 7 wi Vx Q - 'qv' ,fs ,. 311.1 . . " ' I' lg , ' ' .. l - Ma, 3 5 0- 5 'V Q- ,A .. - V A-LatX,:.VzL::i. J . I N4 4,A v Q 1 , .- fiflx kv 5.4. ,J , - f ,'3'M.- v - 3 . , -.v- 4- .4 X .'Q!L.mglx-. Jwvi . SI clcl I'IclII Sledd Hall was built in l929 and named after the first President of the University of Florida, Andrew J. Sledd. "Believe it or not, in years gone by we had real beds with inner-spring mattresses," said one student, "but now we have the old army age of double deckers taking over." With 317 men living in the dormitory as compared to theintended l82,one can readHy see why there had to be some changes made. The old Grey More ain't what she used to be applies to Sledd as well as to the other donns. Due to the crowded condihons the pigeons have found it necessary to Hnd other places to roost.'VVith the rapid turnover of students, can1pus color and spint has ten1porarHy gone out the window. Feehngs prevaH that coHege Hfe wiH be far different and better with the coming years. During the war many of the traditions were not passed on, as a resulh they have been forgotten, but n1any new ones are coming to light giving added spirit to the college Joe. Do you know the story behind "Mucozo"? This may be found inscribed in the archway of Sledd J. History has it that Mucozo, a famous lndian, saved the life of Ortiz, one of the first explorers of Flodda. Page 384 xi .ffdffff 642431 4.. .-g, ' 1, - . ,,,,1,s- A t. f .1 77 ,h . T' N,-r ". 1 .4 9 ll W h A . X" 4 K va, K . L5 . S . .1 f ""5'5-MEF' MMM -,gjggw , X iwf- -' .x' 4 - a Q .' 1 n- 45... x . - ,," ,fm.25A,".- -,I . V . , f 1 . ' ,. w - 'X JL 'Ayx , ":'Q".A ,.15'x!1E'LQ5. . -1 '17 1 ' , - ,rv ' -'- '1 Qivgqil ,fry ' M 'IZ' h 4 M .. Ar. 4 Thema Hall . --'fd A quick scan over the area of the University of Florida today would make it o htHe dHHcuH to reahze that Thomas HaH oHginaHy housed not onW the enthe student body of this swell institution but also the class rooms, cafeteria, infirmary and the administrative offices. Thomas was given its name in memory of Major W. R. Thomas, who gave the land to the state on which the University of Florida now stands. Normally l84 students occupy this dorm, but now 285 students add their voices to the echoes of yesteryear. Once a year we hear strange voices within the halls of Thomas, and our survey reveals that women students take over in the summer. Oh! What a far cry from the old days. The dorm was painted and remodeled in i945-46. As one student said, "Now we can hang pictures on the walls without shame, as it brings out the finer points of the pin up girls. lAheml, a little more light on the subject, Joe". ln the old days, Thomas was known as the "Swamps" with more truth than fiction to this tag. During the rainy weather lwhat am I sayingllll students got their daily exercise by rowing, and by having tug-of-war with the mud. lf they were lucky a grape vine may have assisted the more agile to class by an air route! The problem of the swamp was eventually remedied by the construction of the swimming pool. Clean- ing is one of the biggest problems in the dorm, maybe the old G. l. Detail idea should be inaugurated. Cobwebs are furnished free of charge--roaches on request. Page 386 45... ls, ' ,z r.. , f ff. rw ,m -. I .. 1 .,. mf 1 I wgfv '. X-J 4 s. if , 1' ' 5 ' x , I ,sm 'F' W.-, ' 4, if fe v ,J 'X 'D Q an--, Tv nf' V 0 Q fr '4 Q 4' xx ' 3' ?f! J ' 'pig 27 I, f' J' NJ . -5 1 M, . lv x' 'Mg I 4 .f' . I iv, 1 'V - 'J J' 5 i.,'jk. QW., V, . "A, .- -if 'W -f ' QVQWQ W - 5' ' 1 Q A .1-ff?" ,, - ,. , LQ ' FH 'H ' f ' - - . - ii, .-x'f's.J:f. A-PM fff: if '--:fix 'f , "mv "- - , ""f3 -awe- ar'-W fx A Q 'P F1295 Qi- -. J 'V ', Xb' . ' 4 -1 -, i, ' M., 'jf .1 6 F- . H' ' fist' - + " Y W h 10 4,31 Y bg., " .il , 'W , -vq,'f'?z'w - A wah ir 333 W 'ln nl Mn, NNN '!"5Q',,qL s M4 1 1 N uggwmif W., f 1 'A x ff X xy' ' . vgb Q 4- Sl- ,W -321' X wif is-1 3 awk rl '. Qlj 'g,Pf'g .egg - f QW., Ar.. .KJ 'Rav' '- ' :J 1 R XM Nh' VT an-w iff? fm V 4 'Q '- , H., 'x x . ' 1: 'QR g x F . .tlyuv X wa . 4 wb. , 1 W N2 W 4 m , ,., x - X 5 . .' fx' ,- if Xfksinjkm A v , , ' -f ' L ' x - ' "1i.?'H- aff?" ,th 'X " . Q. t 1.k fgw-.yi 1 .R 1 ,'1.x". YY 5 V, -Wigan: -734-xx. K V, . Q, -f., K , B , wbqiigv., -,xr-NN, ya, .- - -491. 'F 'S W , .. vnu . , . ,A , s,X ' X 'Ma-' - Q 'r I ffl" qv . .1 " W f ' 4 Fa ' 3' yu.. x ... 'si' 'O 'J' Rm -1.91 " ' H , V ,X , ,U fi 43' X lu sl H xii V 4' X xii if 1 M Q ,V " M.. Mal' 'X' .., K' s -X if , 'A .gwfu X an ,nw ' ogy: . . .K N , . ff, V fi 2 'lf-Qs!! x' K . of Q 'M' ' ' fqgfq . . L2 QW. ' , f ,N . . . U .X M, Rf" s: ' v4 X N, Lftki 1 . . :avg ,: f ,N , 'Ky w . Q '4,.,gx4,1g 'x R ' x ' Xa- ' px .1 2- , af- -f ' sf 1. my all Tj Q, H 'V -N, .,.,A 1,333 ,. 'A , wr 3,l1!"1'!1,, s , , ,ww " -fwfsu am, . '.K:'f,12 ,.,, 1' -ii-1 1 X. .. ' , ,- , , V , M ai, y ' ,X 1 "..:ff,'-,aw A " - ' -, "1 4'1,,-xv , 3 1 , . Q. Q xh 2- .- ' af -uv Q! """'y-fs. Z , b " '-'Q' ,Q 25,14 -x . i r .1Q',, , S L 52:14. ,. X, 1 4 K V . A , H-ix ir lf. gy FJ -I X' Q 1 4 QA P " 'LQ , , . - in X. X' r ' 1 . Q 1 s h -" fm- LV. 1 l K K A ,Q K . ,zz ,ff 1 gkfw K, K, ' :Il , C Q' 'f if -SF' 1 ' , 24 s..f D 2 . .1 J, AQ. . ., A ,S .K A A '-.S 1 ' ,, -..-I Q, g , is 0'-' sh X X 3: ' W "wv12fthf . -ttwwigx f 5,5 4. 'X -1' faux 555 . ff., . . x 4 S Y.. Q :fl , an 'X X A if' - ,A f 11+ ,g, , 4 A J. A -.55 , af: My ,, 1 I? .-. Q M, A ' ,sw s .GFI , 24 .w N - A. ' s sl 4:- 5234 1 I J fg, iQfY f-gf' Q .- SW -i A f rl 1 1-.L 3-..-V A ev '3- . '- 'fn g.3.,,Q , :mf ,.g,,:,,f. - . .,, , ,fx ., - . - 1? .. .,., , Y , . Y' f ' r . '40 .4f?ii? K ,iw ., - 5' yf3ff , M K, v k , ,guwv -J :R y 5 ' 2 k xg- 3 x ' f 'A I if Lu , fy . Q A , . 4' 5' Y Q 4, -. 3 - - Jjrl . 5 g 4 1 f' 1 -. . A .s. - P, 2 em, 4 0. .n4!w. . f ,, Q. f .H ' x -1 "'. . Q I 1 -A u 1 I I 1 'im 'X ZLZ,xi-If '- ' Fi.-'H' " - l ' ' OUR CAMPUS HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH THE "UGLY DUCKLING" STAGE . . . THE ONLY ANSWER TO OUR TREMENDOUSLY INCREASED ENROLLMENT WAS THE ENLARGING OF CAMPUS FACILITIES, AND CONSTRUCTION . . . AS THE DECISION WAS MADE TO EXPAND EVERYTHING POSSIBLE ON THE CAMPUS, OUR BEAUTIFUL GROUNDS SUDDENLY SEEMED TO GO BERSERK . . . EVERYWHERE AROUND US HUGE HOLES APPEARED WITHOUT A MOMENT'S NOTICE . . . SCAFFOLDS SPRANG UP ON THE SIDES OF THE BUILDINGS . . . THE SKELETONBSTRUCTURES OF A NEW WING ADDED WOULD BE THROWN ABRUPTLY ACROSS THE PATH TO CLASS . . . WHAT WAS A DESERT YESTERDAY IS A MOUNTAIN TODAY . . . BRIDGES WERE C-ONSTRUCTED ACROSS THESE OBSTACLES AND WE FORGED ON TO CLASS, IRREGARDLESS OF RAIN, KNEE-DEEP SAND, AND CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION . . . THE TEMPORARY BUILDINGS WHICH CLUTTERED UP EVERY POSSIBLE SQUARE FOOT OF SPACE SEEMED TO SOME AN EYESORE . . . INDEED THEY ARE . . . FOR OURS IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAMPUSES IN THE COUNTRY . . . BUT BEFORE GET- TING LOST IN DEPLORING THE FACT, WE DIDN'T LOSE SIGHT OF OUR GOAL . . . FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS, EDUCATION IS FOREMOST . . . WE HAD TO HAVE HOUSING AND ADDED SPACE . . . QUICK . . . THESE BUILDINGS WILL NOT BE HERE FOREVER . . . AS SOON AS CONSTRUCTORS FINISH THE WORK THAT THEY ARE DOING, OTHER IM- PROVEMENTS ARE BEING STARTED . . . BEAUTIFUL NEW DORMITORIES ARE IN THE "APPROVAL" STAGE . . . APARTMENT TYPE DORMS FOR THE GIRLS . . . NEW PERMA- NENT DORMS FOR THE MEN . . . JUST REMEMBER AS WE THINK ABOUT THE TEMPO- RARIES THAT THEY WILL 'ALL BE REPLACED WITH SOMETHING EVEN BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAD ORIGINALLY . . . AND ALSO REMEMBER THAT OUR TEMPORARIES ARE THE BEST ANYWHERE . . . YES, THE BEAUTY OF OUR CAMPUS THIS YEAR HAS NOT BEEN QUITE WHAT WE SHOULD LIKE IT TO BE . . . BUT OUT OF THE CHAOS OF ALL THE CONSTRUCTION A NEW CAMPUS IS BLOSSOMING . . . ONE THAT WILL SURPASS THE OLD ONE FROM WHICH IT GREW . . . ANOTHER GREAT STEP OF PROGRESS . . . Page 393 ,n,. .Fw- mv", .4 ff A -35 .E . fx! EF ' J ,ff xi nrt' f .0 46 V 4 . 'xy BW '.4..,wQf5f.i,K.t , . it in 'V -Wa m 1 .I H Xxxx 'e 4 f A fl' . if . ' , ar Q W 'Q f L,, A? I 1 ,-K 7. fi V- 1 E IAN, 1 ' If 34 XT ' I' , 5,1 ,. . .fl G ' 5 ' 1 X, n Sr! .-f 195.1 .- . lf' igf .,.4 'ua A fu I lf-f" - 'N 5 Y , l 0 I I f 6 N .xx K rg! ,K 1 Q' x - ff W' K: 1 ,li 4' . 1 .M , - W nn-as MAGAZINE Fon vouNgSQi1lmK757i ' ' ' A , QR1 if . h sw, , N 'X I 1 L 1 4 1 'x 1,411-an 995 1 ' ,nt P 'izwsixxk -suv ' - 5 Kit! I .t K-05, Agf 'j W. , .Q 'a c "ff" Sue. ' '5 NW. .- H I 'Q , ge, -1 L w 1 N, ' 'suhbi -'Xml 'fx '1 Q1 I f. Congratulations May We Serve You to the Class in the Future as We of '48 Have in the Past X 4 f 'I' Y lf X T 'ZBQQS HTF4' 1' 5 Q i 'KA' -if at ' 4 Mf5:' 1 I 51: 4 1 ei PM 'ff f +- Qdnkazl 0,3 hz1,Af' U ENTERTAINMENT in Gainesville lt's the Florida, State and Lyric Page 396 MID IGHT lL . It takes lots of studying to get ahead in school. In the business world it takes plenty of studying, too. How to serve our customers better, more efficiently. How to make their tough jobs easier. How to improve our service and cut our prices so that everyone can enjoy all the advantages of "living electrically." And just as your studying "pays off" in better grades and a better education . . . our studying pays off in making our state a better, more pleasant, more prosperous place in which to work and live. Fmuum PO GlIT com' NY Page 397 Manufacturing Stationers 0 Lithographers 0 Printers 0 Steel and Copperplate Engravers 0 Office Supplies Furniture and Equipment Air Navigation Service Agency U. S, Aeronautical Charts I WEEMS COMPUTORS PLOTTERS LOG BOOKS O THE H. 8: W. B. DREW C0. Ph. 5-I5OO 22-30 W. Bay Jacksonville I Miami Tallahassee I THE MAGAziNE Fon YouNG MEN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Motherless Deddlyne ASSOCIATE EDITORS Warner Fox, Movies "Twister" Skidvinsky, Sports Rocky Feller, Business Stoop Nagle, Assistant MEN'S APPAREL H. Shafnerr Marks, Director G. String John "Bowtie" Croos PHOTOGRAPHERS Petti Vargas Snap M. Awl PRODUCTION Semmie Knoll WEST COAST A. Oddfellow, Editor Kodack Von Brownie, Photographs RESEARCH Dig M. Uppe CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Johnny Walker J. 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This department invites your comment on ony subject April Fool's Day, 1968 '34609781 Park Ave. New York, N. Y. Dear Sir: Last fall my son, Lucius "Precious" Pimpleton entered school at the Univer- sity of Florida. He is a good boy. He made straight A's at his prep school, Rol- ings-on-the-Ocklawaha. Since he got to Gainesville, he has been making, not straight A's, but horrible, horrible grades. I am afraid that he has become associated with the wrong crowd. He has, of all things, been going to marble games. And I understand that he has even partici- pated in some of them! I had so hoped that he would have been able to make the "Crew", but Rolings-on-the-Ocklawaha doesn't have a very good team, so he didn't attempt it. QI should have sent him to Parkingfords-on-Noonan's Lakel. One thing that may have something to do with his atrocious grades is the fact that he pledged a sorority. I had under- stood that MEN pledged FRATER- NITIES, but "Precious" has always liked the girls. Would you please investigate the situation for me? I would be in- debted to you for life. And I am sure that "Precious" would appreciate your straightening out his problems. lst. Ed. Note: '34609781 Park Ave., lo- cated just west of Withlacoochee, Fla. Take plane to Jacksonville, train to Bush- nell, bus to U, etc. 2nd, Ed. Note: On investigating, PIC found that "Precious" has made to date: 1 "B", in Abstract Designg 4 "E's" in English Literature, Archery, Driving a Taxi, and Military frequired at Flor- ida. It is an old-fashioned "Land-Grant College"J. Also 46 late-dates on 3 social weekends, and has won 16th place in the "International Tiddlie-winks Match" played in Alford's Cafeteria. This gives him an average of 0.069 in school. You have nothing to worry about, Mrs. Pim- pleton. Horse Creek, Georgia May Day, 1968 Deer Sir: My youngest son, Ezra, has just turned 24. He left here last fall to go to Ganesvil last fall afore the weather got cold. I ain't heerd frum him since. But that ain't my main ailin'. This morning when the school bus came through, fThat's how we gits our maill, it brung a "Orange Peel", which had in it a article writ by one of the stoodents thar. Now, I am a good, hard-workin' red- blooded Americun, and it just plum busts my old heart wide open to read some of the things it said. All about how the Rus- sians was good, and we orta not fight them, because we wuz a gonna have to git along wif them somehows. Ut didn't say that, but I am wise to what them young college upstarts think when they gets to Ganesvil. I even heerd as how they was a teacher there who had been to Mosscow.J I am skeered that Ezra will get hooked up wif them and I want you to stop it afore he does. He didn't fight in the war, because he wasn't borned yet. Kill the fcensoredl Mrs. Cornelia Corncobbler Ed. Note: Ezra Corncobbler is 24, av- erage intelligence, taking "Marriage and the Family". If he does get "hooked up wif" the Red, he deserves it . . . the red- headed galoot. Two Egg, Florida October 1, 1967 Dear Sir: My daughter has just left town for the University of Florida and I haven't heard hide nor hare of her. I'm just wondering if she has met up with foul play or somethin. I shore would appreciate it if you would look her up, 'cause I d0n't know how to get in touch with her and you are my only hope since everyone else has failed. Beings as how she's my onliest daughter I have been put out. I leave you with this thought in mind . . . Hoping to hear from you when you find Essie Lou. I remain, Yours, fMissJ Winnie Pooh Ed. Note: We found Essie Lou wash- ing dishes at the College Inn. She ran out of money after her first day in G'ville and has been working at the C. I. even since for her meals. She hadn't written home because she didn't have the 312 for a stamp, but we gave her one so she could write. At least our slate is clean!!! Leersville, Florida July 4, 1968 Dear Sir: My son is a student at the University of Florida. He paid his full Activity fee fas per requirements under the late al- leged G. I. Bill of Rightsj. The govern- ment must have paid it because it had to, fMy son is a veteranj. I know I didn't because the cucumber crcp was flooded out in 1947. 1Remember the big flood?J Anyhow, I as a taxpayer feel that my son has not received the full benefits of his G. I. Bill. I have registered a complaint with the beloved old senior Senator QD., Fla., 1946-703, Spessie L. Collander. The University of Florida may expect a Senate Investigation. fCol- lander has been in the Senate long enough to get what he wants, and he is my third cousin, four times removed, ion my Aunt Mamie's sidej. Cordially, uBunnyn, Pres. Woman's Uplift Society. Sirs: I was invited, and I have my signed contract to prove it, to the University of Florida for the express purpose of play- ing football and gletting an education. When I came ere, I was told that I would receive courses that wouldn't be too difficult during the football season. Well, I find the courses I am taking a little tough for the fall semester, and I was wondering if you, in your capacity, could influence the powers that be into changing and easing the load just a little. At present I am taking Tennis 311, Cinema 412, Ping Pong 217, and Horse- shoe Pitching 33. I am very interested to know if that course, Sy. 344 has a laboratory section in it. If it does, where do I go to sign up? Yours sincerely, ' Blank Flimsly, Right Tackle. Contract No. A345-9C Page 403 Effdqff-4 THIS C-5 BOOK CARRIER is the lat- est thing for you College Guys and Gals and it is designed especially to carry those heavy "volumes of larnin' ". This little labor-saving device is just what the old prof ordered and should prove quite handy for those long hikes to class. It is equipped with numerous gadgets to make your college days more complete. It has a collapsible coffee pot for those in-between moments when you might need a cup cf Joe! A notebook that you can see in the dark for the night labs in "Marriage and the Family", etc. GADGET FOR GOUGING is just the thing. You, too, can be a success in col- lege! Graduate with honors . . . Make the Dean's list!!! This small pocket- sized movie projector can easily be strapped to your leg and the answers thrown complacently on the floor. The gadget cannot be purchased under the G. I. Bill, but can be o1'dered direct from: Cheat M. Faster, Inc., Telogie, Fla. "An- swer film" also available for a nominal ee. PERFUME ATOMIZER to scare, in- stead of entice, the local wolves! This is just what you lovely ladies need to keep the wolf away from your door. The "Be- witch Me Not" model is very nice. WATER-PROOF CIGARETTES for "smoking in the rain" has just been an- nounced by Troublesome Ranches, Inc. This remarkable addition to smoking en- joyment is ideal for water-skiing, water- basketball, smoking in the shower, or at rainy football games. It contains abso- lutely NO NICOTINE and is encased with ramie fiber for positive water-proof- ing. Representing the ultimate in cigar- ette manufacture, these "Stallions" are easy on the T-zone, and come in all colors of the rainbow. Order yours now, by "pack or by carton" from: Troublesome Ranches, Inc., Lily, Fla. Prices 660 per pack, and 86.66 per carton. YS FUTURES FLDRIDA GRADS 0N TDP IN... ci e:..,r, +V T?" - , :annul-: I-lead Man BY ELGIN WHITE AND LEONARD MOSBY When Rodney Pifnetter left the University back in '47 with his Masters in sanitary engi- neering, his classmates feared that he would amount to little in the outside world. 'He had been an intelligent and well-liked student but had failed completely to show respect for the many advances being made in the field of san- itary engineering. He constantly argued for maintenance of the "status quo" in his field. Since graduation he has stuck to his desire and now he is recognized throughout Florida as the leader in his branch of sanitary engineering. At the mention of outdoor toilets, for "privies", as Pifnetter lovingly calls his works of artl Floridians immediately think of Rodney Pif- netter. His name has become a household word. At 31 he is sitting pretty as president and chief designer for Pifnetter's Practical Privies for Particular People, Inc. Pifnetter became interested in sanitary en- gineering when, as a sophomore at Lac.oochee High, he was appointed Corn Cob Custodian, a position he held until graduation. A course in manual training enabled him to learn an- other branch of his field, star and crescent cutting in privy doors. Even now his delicately- cut designs mark a genuine Pifnetter Privy. Today Pifnetter's income runs into three figures but he is not content with his amazing success. He constantly turns out new designs, like the new back-to-backer fsee cutj for bash- ful people. His Any-Age Adjustable has proved a popular favorite and may be seen in any discriminating privy. For institutions and schools, Pifnetter developed the eight-seater. When asked to what he attributes his tre- mendous success, Rodney Pifnetter replied: "I believe in making them comfortable. This enables people to catch up on their reading, and to become educated on otherwise wasted time." Page 404 .laurncllism Bullfinkle Q. Noosprint, class of '47, is an- other distinguished Florida graduate who has made a name for himself. Of course, the name might not be too complimentary, but Bull- finkle is not the type to worry about such trivial matters. Before entering the University of Florida, Bullfinkle had a brief but outstanding career as a paper-boy in Centersauke, Florida. After several years of floundering through the Uni- ve1'sity College, Bullfinkle made his bid in the field of Journalism. Backed by his invaluable experiences as a paper-boy, he was appointed third assistant circulation manager for the local campus paper. Due to his undying inter- est in this work, he was tapped by "Bringa Gator" honorary Journalistic fraternity. After graduation, Bullfinkle returned to Centersauke and after two years his paper route had grown from 30 to 33. Now, to show you the brilliance that Noosprint harbors in his Florida-trained mind, his customer list has grown from 33 to 40. Nlposprint attributes this phenominal growth in is route from t e intricate training he received at the University of Florida. Writes Bullfinkle: "I was destined to fall into a thirty-customer route for the rest of my life. However, after two courses in Journalism at the University of Florida, namely, 'How to Read a Newspaper' and 'The Folding and De- livery of the Newspaper', I have expanded my route to this new and important position." .f ,X vi i C V 'lx 'I .J 4501,-"Wx r "'!- Q. -s . V,-V' WV, 'I "' vvsltf w Y' w v, vf "'uW,,. W' UI W JLKN VUL X qu' in .ww W rr hyat X n Y 9 - ' , - u r- f f t. EF Agriculiure Cl ,,,1 X - E BY ELGIN RASPUTIN WHITE It has been a long time since 1947, but in the annals of the University of Florida the name of one man will be remembered for many generations to come. Abercrombie P. Squashbadger, the young genius who graduated from the University in 1947 from the School of Agriculture, and has since become one of our leading pickled scientists, is now astounding the scientific world with his new discovery. Abercrombie, who was the first man ever to develop the new dill pickle with the warts in the middle and the seeds on top, is now working on what he terms his greatest formula. Abercrombie maintains a laboratory and farm experiment station in southern Florida, and it is here that he has made his latest discovery. Mr. Squashbadger has developed a new vac- cine which will undoubtedly be a very best seller in the United States. It is an anti-toxin for the prevention of distillate varicose vein infection due to the injurious and infectuous bite inflicted on a person by the terrible Mooble- titate field mouse, which is found only in the outer part of outer Mongolia. However, Abercrombie states that should the Moobletitate field mouse ever migrate to America and get by the immigration author- ities, persons in this country will be thankful that they can buy the Squashbadger vaccine. It should be noted that Abercrombie Squash- badger will be remembered for his excellent book entitled, "The Intricate Palagarisms Con- fronting the Eradication of the Spoffengish Flea from the Dog-Eared Polgrain Cabbage." . . ...., :Xi ,i f' , 'l l l 1' QU" l 3 f 'M 1 4 ff, 5.4 f -vansf . X57 laggggggzf . f i Annie Page 405 .-..............-I ........-..........kk - .5 ' 1.17 , xxx -bl, 2. -- Q A will T 'i A f 4-""' ' fill-J N .... f ., K-My , I7 I L f, CQ, I 'sg' Z, j . jf -7-V , lisa fx Q jg S- V KATE. M vs N' 5- 31, 7 Pk ixf' -1 l K zz' 243- P VA' Q 1-ai! .N Il ,, 'gg fife '--. fL::" . .- f,2-iwi "' 'lgze S' ff' 'Ziff 1 3 - ' X .w-g..:,...' . . A fl, - - 'S g -D ci 5 -FU-Ili-ERJ' BY LEONARD Moser AND ELGIN WHITE Titus Binzwanger graduated from Law School back in the spring of '48. He was out- standing throughout his three years in Law School. As president of John Marshall Bar Assn., in his second year, he passed the .resolu- tion that all law students must wear either black or dark blue suits, at all times. The next year he introduced the hotly-debated "Ten- Cent Cigar Bill", requiring law students to smoke only cigars that cost more than ten cents each. Titus Binzwanger fought contin- uously to maintain the prestige and sobriety of the Law School, even to proposing a change in the name "Barn Association. As president of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity fought and won a hard battle against a resolution to either make law books smaller or to let students wear knapsacks. After graduating from the U. of F., Binz- wanger settled down to an easy-going practice in Pahokee. But things soon proved too slow for one so ready for action as Titus Binz- wanger. He decided to stir up some cases for himself and business was booming for Binz- wanger until he was arrested for being "ac- cessory before, during and after the fact" in izjjob at the First National Bank of Canal oint. Moving his headquarters from Pahokee to Raiford didn't phase one so resourceful as Binzwanger. In his first year he was elected secretary-treasurer of the freshman class, and was appointed chairman of the Committee for the promotion of Skeet-Shooting and Archery. Binzwanger proved himself a natural leader and in only 13 months was appointed monitor of his cell-block. Today Titus Binzwanger is still associated with law, though not in the precise branch of law he had in mind at the University. He is now editor of the Raiford Rcprieve, a contrib- utor to the prison humor magazine, Saw and File, and a member of the John Dillinger Bar Assn. And all this success, Binzwanger owed to the U. of F. Law School. We can well be proud. - APPAREL FLDRIDI-l MEN CHO0SE FDR... WORK . . . PI.AY. . . CLASS . . PARTY... PLAY AGAIN.. One of the most striking things about the campus of the University of Florida today is the dress of the students. After only twenty years one sees little trace of the once famous post-war garb of the students. An occasional tattered, khaki top coat is seen, but mostly on the older professors. All in all the students of today are well-dressed for all occasions. The distinguished appearance of the scholars adds a note of distinction to the already "country club atmosphere" of the school. All the way from the Gator Golf and Country Club to the exclusive Pigg Parkie Club just off Shady Fraternity Drive, one sees only the very best in the latest fashions. Representative of the clothing used both for formal and informal wear on and around the campus are these casual impromptu snapshots taken by Pic's roving photographer. On the left you see a shot made at a small, before-dinner cocktail party. On the opposite page, top left, we see a dignified professor, hard at work on one of his courses. Upper right, an unposed snapshot of a section of Sy. 344, a very popular course at the University. Lower right, an in- formal gathering, taken at the beautiful Gator Golf and Country Club. As a result of the interest shown in styles around the campus, the International Fashion Festival will be held here in Indian Summer of 1969. At this time, Frenchie Gumbleberg will show her latest creations direct from Par- ish, a little suburb near Ruskin. Miss Gumble- berg will be aided in her work by "Platinum John" Walker, famous throughout the South- land for his creative genius in men's fashions, and his deep interest in Miss Gumbleberg's lines . . . Page 406 1, gpg I his S '? 3 2 nl-L 5,41- t A QQ 'ki sk Tx ' 1 f N THE WIIX WORKS BY JIM BOWE Cheap sensationalists can't hold a candle to One-Man-Show Julis P. Cornpone. Recognized as the "Hottest Zither this side of Hell", he doubles on the glockenspiel in his latest number, "Meat's Gone Up", which was adapted from the smash hit musical, "Let's Celi- hate." This Decker Disc reproduction is masterfully done on a new composition material consisting mainly of cast-out toothbrush handles. On the hind side, and superbly done too, is a sure fire Eng- lish translation of an Afghanistan love song, entitled "I Found A Great Big Kiss Right Under My Baby's Nose." Critics are all say- ing, "It's different anyway." I All America is agog over the arrival of that famous French jazz- man, Jacques La Strapp. He is being backed in this country by an unnamed diamond miner who met Jacques while getting his rocks in South Africa last year. On the continent, he laid them in the aisles with his hot licks, society matrons proclaiming, "He tickles me pink." La Strapp and his trio, known as Three Rocks and a Jacque, are currently offering their best seller, "Razz Me One More Time." The entire Indian reservation at Okeewaw, Oklahoma ran to get their guns and tomahawks when they heard the new Wictor cutting of "Redskin, Why Are You Blue?" Ronal "Liverlips" Lumpkin, renowned equally as a gazelle fan- cier and a jew's harp virtuoso is back in the groove after a disturb- ing series of physical ills. A st1'aight shot of scalding back room coffee severely impaired his tongue work, and a severe attack of "cold" lips rendered him completely impotent in his line. How- ever he's his old intriguing self again on the novel deep-down dirty blues platter of "LapIander Lament" and "Bedridden Blues." For those who like to sway to music in the style of Chuck Shuck- nitz, his new lyrical portrayal of a Harlem dwarf, called "The Low- est Man in Town," is hard to beat. He falls far below his usual high standards, however, in a sloppy re-write taken from the Broad- way, "Finian's Chamberpotf' Rumor has it that he is now working on a nostalgic ditty about his old "Steamer" entitled "How I Miss That Chassis." Also rans: Gene Krouper, blowing his top in the rythmic two- some, "Singapore Sling", and "A Lasting Peace". The Real Estate Association's themesong, "Get Lots While You're Young". Page 408 "THEN I SAID, 'DOWN WITH LONG SKlRTS!"' ' if kc lrxxffliill 'ufosif luv Mau.. ff iiffdlffffff .,., .. M07 MMIUUMZM I fl G 1 How A zosnamuscts MAN I BECAME A 97ub.wEAkLuNe.' gen is stulovf t. , XA f Nz.ScKouNQY LAKABUT ' faxsuoqov P MAKE YOUA lroq IN mtv A A DAY" 6 l'1 CAN if NEW MAN I5 MIM. 5 A WRITE ll AT 9Ng..S2E" Il--as ip,cTum. U,,,,,, A 2 UNRETOUCNED fEFPfLoDuCT1oN I R. B .H LET Hee count voufv. I 5 mm ULINPDID ADVERTISEMENT., 4- kw'x'N"" Aix,- "'l'he Junior" 1 I ! PIC PIICTO The pictures on this page show the results of this month's PIC Photo Contest. First prize, upper right, goes to Harry O'Too1e for his dramatic lighting effects in "Staff Meeting", as he entitles his best work to date. A by-product of a piece of research into building conditions on the campus revealed this odd freak at the radio station. PIC editors agree that regardless of its origin, Cornelius J. Fudwiler's Page 409 "Storm" merits second rating this month. And to Brianne Lynchberg goes third and consolation prize for HCUFVG-SGttG1'H. Miss Lynchberpg shows great possibilities in the field of photography. Several other pictures in this issue belong to the creative genius of Miss Lynchherg. The reader is referred to pages 148, 408, and 417. at I ,fQQgf'.T7l , ! L L XX X I-l.l Nil x. 0 r. ,, -f'1J-!f- - ' 'I' 'KI 8' uv nf N---:ss FICTION Tour of Ihe Campus As I turned off the apron of the beautiful four-lane high- way leading to the unmarred campus of the University of Florida, I decreased the volume of WRUF, the 50,000 watt voice of Florida, serving Eastern United States. I didn't want to miss a doggoned thing because it was the first time I'd visited the Alma Mammy since I was turned out in 1948. They'd told us about the 10-year building program of the University's, so I expected quite a few changes, but they said nothing about the 20-year plan. What a jernt! !! If it hadn't been for the multitude of state troopers direct- ing traffic I wouldn't have known where to go next. But one of the friendly little tykes led me right to the huge 25-story building where the cars wound right up the 1'amp and on to the parking space on each floor. It was Homecoming and quite a few other cars were there, in fact, I had to drive all the way up to the roof-garden parking lot, but that was okay because the elevator was fast. I lost no time. As I hustled out, I charged straight into a bevy of coeds who immediately turned on me. I th1'ew up my mitts to de- Z' ll! .gui-'fi F , LJ EE' , , K? 4 9 r ,Af Page 410 ,N ',i. ,.-'.',l-'wi . fend myself, but I needn't have-and wouldn't, if I'd known that all they were trying to do was to get to me to ask for a date. What a deal that was! After I soothed their frenzied passion, I inquired as to why this turn-about from 1948. "Cuties," I said, "in my time here we boys had to battle for dates with the 550 who were here. Now why are you asking me for a date?" "Well, Pop," one of the beauties replied, "we don't know about your time, but right now we outnumber the males by 29 to 1, and it's a ---- tough situation. You're not too much to bi ag about, but you still have remnants of your hair left so we'll take you." Having received four years of basic training at Boy's Town in "what-to-do-when-a-woman-gives-encouragement", whattaya think I did? Next installment 4 a. m. at the Devil's Millhopper . . . The football game was the big event of the day. I'd tried to get a bet on the contest between Florida and Notre Dame, but they all wanted me to spot the Irish at least 53 points before they'd take my! cabbage. That was too much even for a good loyal Florida man. I knew Notre Dame had a good team because they had just knocked off Army, and the Wil- liamson system rated them as the number two grid machine in the nation. Forty-five points, okay, but 53 . . . NO! That, however, didn't worry the Gators, who were getting fat from a hefty 38-game winning streak. And as the final result showed, their being cocky didn't hurt a bit because' they were on the happy end of a 45-0 count fexactly as I predictedj. The game was played in Florida Field, which in the past years had been enlarged a bit. Every student had a choice seat, and there were no bottles or fights at the game. But those preying coeds kept slipping me the late-date looks all through the game! For old-times' sake, the C. I. was the immediate destination after the game, where brew was selling for a dime a bottle fgreen beer two-for-tenj. Ah, an astounding sight! From the campus to the other side of the street was an overpass for me to dance nymph-like across the street. As I went, I instinctively dodged every time I saw a taxi passing beneath. It was just a four-year habit being renewed after 20 years. Beer at one of those off-campus joints for 10 cents! I couldn't believe it. I just figured there must not be any more veterans left for them to gouge. Ah, well, onward Old Grad! As I sauntered about, I saw freshmen who refused to walk across the grass on the Plaza of the Americas, politicoes without keys on their chains, and party members who ad- mitted their's was a lousy party, butthat they just wanted to push their boys so the little wheels could make Blue Key. I understand, from kicking the bull around with one of the boys, that they now give you the size trunks you ask for down at the swimming pool. They don't even sneer when you make your meek request for a size 34. The pool is all tiled, has a sliding glass roof, water that stays at 78 degrees and no athlete's feet. As for the crack swimming team of the Gators', the cry now is, "Break up the Gators!" Takes me back to the old beef in the early forties about breaking up the N. Y. Yankees. Fall Frolics date had been announced for over a month and the White House, Hotel Thomas, and the two new 500-room hotels downtown were begging for reservations. The campus was a great thing to see. Not even one little sewer fwhere so many freshmen had been lost in '47 and '48J. The postoffice occupied four city blocks and ran helicopter airmail service every two hours. Murphree, Thomas, Buck- man, and Fletcher had been torn down and replaced with modernistic 30-story dormitories using escalators to furnish transportation for weary scholars. They even had lights in all the bathrooms all the time. Harken! What stirring sounds were striking briskly out over the crisp air? Nothing but "That's What I Like About the South," with Suh chapter of Alpha Kappa swinging down University Avenue in columns of fours. They were holding up traffic for six blocks, but it was a special occasion, for 4Conl'inued on page 4!2! Quickie Reviews xl f sd -, THE HOUSE ON 69th STREET it This ' dilly starring the unapproachable Tessie Two- J B bit is sultry land not from the sunj drama of grand passionate love, with plenty of a three letter word rhyming with TEX! You will be thrilled by the many fascinating instances that surround Miss Twobit in the house of questionable repute. A sure-fire box office at- traction that will raise all audiences to a height of frustrated emotion. You too can be tickled by the tassles of Tessie at your local Armpit theatre! 1 ! , SECRETS OF A SORORITY GIRL f Starring Kitty Chio and Anna Etapie, this psy- 4 :hological drama of a young girl driven to -iii drink by the intriguing romantic life of a young coed will stir you to the pit-falls of emotion. You will be touched by Miss Etapie's dramatic scenes when she is forced to reveal her secrets to the Sigma Epsilon Chi Fra- ternity. Miss Chio has a brief, but moving affair with A. T. Blackfoot fa charming characterj. All in all, you will enjoy the little tale. ' "" THE FABULOUS HORSEYS A weak, smelly outdoor drama featuring Rhoda Nagg and Fanny Soar, about thoroughbred horses and ill-bred babes. This purely second-rate flicka is kept alive only by the fast stepping hoof movements of Studdfree, a beautiful grey mare who is sure to go far in the movie world. Studdfree is the fastest thing to hit Hollywood since Rin-Tin-Tin. Miss Soar does the best she can with the lines she has, but she fails miserably to put them across in the manner to which we have become accustomed. This is the first production of the Sellsneck Studios and if this is an example of subsequent productions, we advise them to start selling something else. Put your money on the race horses and not on the Fabulous Horseys. 2 K' ? 1. 'R th LUST IN THE DUST With Getta Gar- 5 ter and Hanz Romin. High-caliber satire on I S' 'J X stuffed shirt Boston society, reeks with real- "'f- ism. A thrilling story of a dapper, depression- struck French Bluebeard who lures, larcenates and liquidates the lush ladies of the cream of Boston's society. Mr. Romin gives a brilliant performance during the scenes in which he t1'ies to get Miss Garter's wad of money! Miss Garter has large, well concealed stacks which are constantly sought after by the men of her neighborhood. This picture is not recom- mended for people under the age of 42. Due to the fact that it was banned in Boston, it is sure to be a sell-cut elsewhere. Page 4l! COMPLIMENTS OF K L O E P P E L FLORIDA HOTELS HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL MAYFLOWER . HOTEL JEFFERSON JACKSONVILLE HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON WEST PALM BEACH -miles- ROBERT KLOEPPEL-Pres.-Dir. ROBERT KLOEPPEL, JR.-Gen. Mgr. Tour of the Campus Konidl pledging time had arrived. Since Florida Field had been enlarged, ceremonies were slated for the stadium. Brothers sat in the East stands, and pledges in the West stands. Chaptuh Prex'dunt Phil Marris stood on the 50-yard line tossing black-eyed peas to those assembled. It was a high- light of my visit to see such comradeship evidenced. In the publications line, history had been made by the Florida Alligator, a 20-page daily and has a state-wide cir- culation of 97,682. And the boys who run it attend classes without fail. Publications offices are things of luxury. The SEMINOLE BUILDING is decorated in lime-green leather, has plush chairs, mahogany desks, cypress paneling, and is equipped with nciseless typewriters with good ribbons and even-tempered editors. The Seminole has blossomed into a 1076-page semi-annual with all pages in four colors. Six-hour sight-seeing tours about the campus for 10 cents were offered but it was time for me to get back to the dol- drums rf the working man so I had to forego a look at the rest of the campus. As I nostalgically wound my way back to the modernistic parking building, I felt a sense of incom- pleteness, a sensation of being left out of things. But joy! Zounds! Gad zooks! Palpitations of the heart! I was not a stranger after all, because, there, parked next to my run- about, was the symbol of the past, the ultimate representation of my university days-the venerable, aged, revered Ford of Dr. Leake's . . . L... -'S'--X.. ---s..i-1: FUNKY- - QY-T' 'X BUT 1'M SCARED OF THE. DAMN THING. " Page 412 4.-. 'c ' J' : Il gf Y, ill? t wlsi-tl roll SAVINGS 5' C 1 ....-N.--- lt's Here! lt's New! lt's Thrifty! A Smart Shopper's Dream of Savings Come True-Sears big new catalog The spring and summer edition is out! Sears new catalog with pages and pages of savings for you, for your family, and for your home is ready and waiting for your use at Sears Catalog Sales Department. You'Il find it's fun ,and it's easy to shop the Catalog Way-with the help of our friendly, courteous Catalog Sales Department people. And you'lI find a thrill in seeing all the things for spring and a better summer displayed in the beautiful "shop windows" of well over a thousand pages of wishes fulfilled. Be among the first to see the new s rin and ' ' Department today. In Your Local SEARS Store p g summer catalog. Visit Sears Catalog Sales sl-lov AT cATAl.oe SALES DEPT. Page 413 ff X ff O AINESVILLE is proud at the University ot Florida and salutes the Student organizations ot this great institution Gainesville Chamber ol Commerce BUILDING YOUR FLORIDA LAW LIBRARY - For Duster Requirements The Young Lawyers Should First Buy - Florida Reports Florida Statutes Annotated SEE Encyclopedic Digest of Fla, Reports Adkins, Fla. Crim, Pro. Act. Anno, Carson, Fla. Common Law Pleading 6' Practice N A C 0 Falls, Florida Forms Kooman, Fla. Chancery Pldg. G Practice Redfearn, Wills C7 Admin. of Estates A , , State Distributors of that Famous Adding to the above--as his practice demands- various sets and texts Root Duster for Farm and Grove For Details Write THE HARRISON COMPANY V Law Book Publishers FT. PIERCE JACKSONVILLE P. O. Box 4212 Atlanta 2, Ga. 'IFIFIIIE WHIITE IITIOIUSTE lIfiIO'IIT'IB,lI,4 it HOME OF THE FAMOUS WHITE HOUSE DINING ROOM The Hotel for Your Family and Friends J, H. HiNtERMisrER, Mgr. Page 414 X CLARK 81 LEWIS C0 PA Y WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL SUPPLIES P. O. Box 2970 Jacksonville 3, Fla. Serving Sons of Florida for Over lO Years QEILVERMANQ THE MANS S'TOlRlE "Distinctive Apparel" 308 W. University Ave., Gainesville, Fla. Compliments of Hotel Windle In the Heart' of Downtown Jacksonville B. K. lKenl Vernon, Mgr. Nearest the Gator Bowl e f -in ' ' , ,. , fT az.. . E 45 ...Z Q Y 2 2 'News X K, x X5 I x tl i X A I m i as f -- -fr ri 0 I 1 sn E e Y I! F 4. b .auf - -i -e we .3 4 F' fl 'S A .. Fx' ,- - .5 g N HQ .3 3 r' 5 41' 'P 5 , -9 ,E .Eg . - 9.-'gy' ' . 3, ' Q 5, Y' A, , Q V ,FEL Aj. K ff" :if nf" : ,' v -' . for S 1 .1 ff -' ...oifl-.e'zs'T"" ...QBVY If 'li TAMPA REE speech and a free press are essential to a free world. But to remain free, the printed and spoken word must not be used to create hate and suspicion. Free speech and a free press must be used for impartial report- ing, moulding o tree and cooperative world, with no compromise with truth. Such is the aim of the Tampa Tribune. TRIBUN FIRST ON THE WEST COAST Page 4l5 Howard Biser's Restaurant "Famed lcr Florida Sea FI3ocl" 2300 KINGS AVENUE South Jacksonville, Florida On the Highway-aU. S. No. l South One Mele Suuth of St. Johns River Bridges KRISPY KREME DUNUT SHOP FRESH noNu1's DAILY Phone 1783 715 W. University Ave Central Floridds Largest Department Store MAAS B ROTH E RS COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF '48 llJlIuII.zIIllQfMf4ltQ-III., Tampa St. Petersburg OIQOEIQ BY MAIL ALL OVER FLORIDA ORDER BY PIIONE 0 TAMPA M-7911 , , ST. PETERSBURG Wm Jacksonvllle, FlorIda We Invite Your Patronage The Atlantic National Bank Of Jacksonville Organized 1903 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PRINTING " . .. AS You LIKE IT" The WAYSIDE PRESS 233 W. MAIN SO. lLouis Goolsbyl GAINESVILLE PHONE 130 Page 416 SPECIALISTS IN ALL LINES OF BEAUTY CULTURE M I LADY'S BEAUTY SALON Sara D. Jones, Owner Phcna 296 661 W. Univ. Ave. GAINESVILLE Compliments Ot CENTRAL TITLE 6 TRUST CO. ORLANDO, FLA. DORSEY'S BAKERY T. S. "UNCLE TOM" DORSEY 125-127 South Pleasant Street I Phone 489 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Class Ot l948 CHEPEINIK cf soNs Jacksonville, Florida "The Graduate" ADAMS, MAGNON J EWELERS Headquarters in Central Florida for FINE DIAMONDS, WATCI-IES, SILVER CRYSTAL and CI-IINA Ralph Stoutamire Motor Company GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Phone 1775 510 Franklin St. Tampa -qluly I Compliments CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DEALERS f MACK TRUCKS O STANDARD OIL AND ' Cox Furniture CO. GOODYEAR PRODUCTS Gainesville Lake City Ocala Cross City Tallahassee Page 417 T11ere's No Substitute for Home and Business Delivery ATLANTIC CO I Goinesvi Ile COMPLIMENTS OF . . . ,XM fiew-M55 "Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer" 1055 W. Fl.IlGl.ER ST. Ccor. 11th llve.J PHONE 9-6441 MIAMI, FLORIDA lI IlI XEEVEOTEU J .W. EARNEST 81 CO., Inc. DEPARTMENT STORE South Central Florida's Shopping Center More Then 40 Yeors Serving This Territory 3 Floors of Fine Merchandise AIR - CONDITIONED WAUCHULA FLORIDA Pg 4l8 EVANS DRUG STORES Complimenfs of EVANS IDFIARMACY ANGEFIILT I3I'IfXRMACY 6, SAN JUAN Pieifxiamfxm ' Tl ORLANDO, FLA. ORLANDO CQMHIMENTS Of: Welcome TO GGIFIGSVIIIG Quina Typewriter Exchange COMMERCIAL GAINE ILLE FL R SV I O IDA MODERN 0 STEAM HEAT 0 AIR-COOLED THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK COMPLIMENTS OF GUARANTY TITLE COMPANY OF JACKSONVILLE Established 1877 506-508 Tampa Street Q Th Old TB Ii th P Ia of Florida M b f th F d I R System Tampa d Fd I Dp t I Sy tem ' COMPLIMENTS OF Piiincfss Boo ISHUP SI4 Franklin Street Tampa 2, Florida Page 419 3? COMPLIMENTS OF lg, H SPANISH RESTAURANT BIN'S 'A . " ,E - Air-Conditioned fa ,. . g .l Q ' 4 May We Congratulate the class of '48 and remind the men they will be as pleased with our more mature lines of Arrow and McGregor as they have 1403 T0mP0 Sffeel' been with our Collegiate styles. PARKS' MEN'S SHOP 221 E. Flagler St. Miami, Fla. Tampa, Florida Scientific Fertilizers For Scientific Farmers Men with the extra know-how gained from university training in agri- culture appreciate the extra values of IDEAL Fertilizers. These fine fertilizers, famous in Florida for more than half a century, represent the last word in scientific knowledge, formulation and preparation. IDEAL Brands are scientific fertilizers for scientific farmers. Similarly, FASCO sprays and insecticides embody the highest quality materials scientifically compounded for greatest effectiveness. Keep IDEAL Fertilizers and FASCO sprays and insecticides in mind for future use. USEAA rrmrnnuzrns fo fa'f an ...............E,, .i....., ,.,. A S S, ' , WILSON In TOOMER FERTILIZER COMPANY. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Page 420 r uh! 1 - rx, A . ir -.,.e., '.,' 3 WS EEQ1 , 55 -' ! ,-..,......,,..,,q, .,,. A , Q 'P ' ' SERVICE M Nailon-wlcle . . . ' rf. gil 'XV w vnlif. - a Pnonucrs hme-Iesle ,rr , . ' ,ffl . in mf 1 sr ,..r,,..,..,.e,.s.., ' . r- i V if X - l . . X f ' 1 I 'M Q ef X 1" ln selecting glass and paint products, there is one way to make certain of high ff' quality. That is, to depend on the name "Pittsburgh" as your uide to superiorit and , v , , 9 Y y lf X dependability in your glass and paint requirements. The name "Pittsburgh" has meant j quality for more than halt a century. A broad research and development program assures continued improvement and control of quality. Adequate stocks of a truly comprehensive line of glass, paint, and allied materials, I- together with experienced personnel, enables your local "Pittsburgh" organization to s FL- provide efficient and intelligent service. Give us a call. in Jacksonville, at 601 N. Myrtle Avenue ' Phone 4-2836 in Tallahassee, at l2l5 North Monroe Street Phone 930 'nrrsaumm 'szbwf 16: fda: M1246 LATE GLASS COMPANYF COMPLIMENTS OF H. E.WoIfe Construction Co., Inc. 6th Floor Exchange Bank Building ST. AUGUSTI NE, FLORIDA Page 421 'HEETTER CEoTHES" COIVIPLIMENTS OF DEPENDABLE m,i'Rl:Qllil!H'l9 DRY CLEANERS IOS W. Adams Jacksonville, Fla. PRINTING Up to a Standard- N t Down to a P A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE I Pepper Printing Company 438 W. BOLInCl0I'y G0lI1eSVllle Established 1904 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA NACO 5-Star Fertilizers l-love a Fine Reputation Throughout Florida NACO FERTILIZER CO. JACKSONVILLE FT. PIERCE Cur Best to the Class of'48 F RCIIGIITT' Page 422 -it Serving the University IYYYYYYQYY' UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA SODA FOUNTAIN and BCOK STCRE ir Congratulations E. H. THOMPSON C0., Inc. T0 THE C'-A55 OF 1948 HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT On your scholastic achievement during the post yeor. Moy all your efforts in the future be os successful. 739-34 West goy Street! JOCIQSOHVNIGI ploridc Phones: 4-6830s e-4-6839 COMPLIMENTS urea E... of V N. vv. LAUNDRY M DRY CLEANING 122 E. University Avenue GAINESVH-LE, FLORIDA 614 West University Ave. GAINESVILLE FLORIDA AFTER WHAT Are You Going to Do? you fmzsh college WHAT? WHAT Are You Going to Be? Have You Considered FOOD RETAILING? Food retailing offers you employment in one of the largest, most stable industries of our country. Work in pleasant surroundings, with alert, aggressive, progressive people. Food retailing is not monotonous, new scenes and situations develop daily. All jobs in retailing are not behind the counter. There are department heads, supervisors, assistant managers, managers, buyers and other jobs which offer unusual opportunity to those fitted and trained to fill them. If you are interested in making your success in Food Retailing write or apply to Personnel Manager of WINN 8c LOVETT GROCERY CO. Beaver 6: Barnett Sts. Iacksonville, Fla. Page 424 X II. R. CDGSWELL BLUE PRINTS PHOTOSTAT PRINTS DRAWING MATERIAL ENGINEERING SUPPLIES O "Since 1921" HOME OF ADVERTISED BRANDS BOTANY SOO SUITS ARROW SHIRTS IVICCURRACI-I TIES JANTZEN SWIM TRUNKS I-IICKOCK BELTS FLORSI-IEIM SHOES INTERWOVEN SOCKS WILSON MEN'S STORE 223 Hogan IcrcksoI1vi11e N Sd of Square G II cnvqblnmumnts. . . lf., li 1 AIP IIEII IIIIIIIIIIVI' IIIIIII FOIIII S'I'IIIIIIS 0I Florida Pg 425 "The nurseryman's wares are Chameleon Q ll the only commodities one can buy that increase in value and Press THE GEM OF give a greater measure of sat'- A isfaction as the years go by". Oftncesi Vampa, P. O. Box 2461 Plant: Eustis, P .O. Bax 1180 PUBLIC RELATIONS COUNSELLORS TAMPA 5, FLORIDA 7th Ave.and 22nd Sweet Phone Y 1136 M Cr M Nursery 14444 N. Florida Avenue Phone 339424 Tampa " oke for me N '62 GAINESVILLE COCA - COLA BOTTLING COMPANY WHEREVER YOU G0--- lnnk fm, - ,,,, nnn...,ml I . I... um u...,,,tl -I 1 64541, 1 1' MZWL ,vm- hl I I. K -11 IRE KIEAM Page 426 Flowers by. . . DOYlE . . . Tollohossee OTTO F STOCK DRY CLEANING sci-lwoBn.'r CLOTHES I04 E. University Ave. THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING "SCHWOBlLT SUITS THE SOUTH" COMPLIMENTS OF BALDWIN INSURANCE AGENCY INCORPORATED "Writing Every Line of Insurance" 220 SEYBOLD BUILDING TELEPHONE 28I8I MIAMI, FLORIDA ffmatofux, nl Jian, pfuhtbzq, . . . u' "ll Ii R0 EPRINTING 0 . -1 ROSE BUILDING TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA VIDAL DRUG CO. Phone 239 Gainesville Page 427 "With Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors of Our Great University of Florida" CARPENTER'S DISTRICT COUNCIL Jacksonville, Florida, and Vicinity UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS fr JOINERS OF AMERICA AFFILIATED WITI-l AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR A. M. STONE Carpenter's Building, 920 Main Street, Jacksonville, Fla. President Includes the following counties: W. N. BASTIAN ALACI-IUA, BAKER, BRADFORD, CLAY, COLUMBIA, Financial Secretary DUVAI., NASSAU, PUTNAM, and ST. JOHNS. Local No. 627 Carpe-nter's Building 920 Main Street Jacksonville, Fla. Local No. 1278 Proposed Carpenters Building 949 West University Ave. Gainesville I Y Fin. Secy.-I. M. Myers ""l" ....'.- A: 1: 'F'-si 1219?-lffif , Fin. Secy.-John Maxim Local No. 1500 Odd Fellows Hall Palatka Pres.-Coggeshall Fin. Secy.-W. R. Squires 5 i- an ,, ' nl Local :,lil0l7-Pearl and North Street, Jacksonville Local ifl200-Fraternal Building, St. Augustine Local ilrlll8-Carpenter's Building, 920 Main Street, Jacksonville Locol 411854-i300 W. Columbia Street, Gainesville Local 32224-808 Main Street, Jacksonville "UNlTED WE STAND" It is our sincere desire that the great University of our State shall continue to produce leaders. Page 428 'I'I'IE SWEET SHOP AT THE COLLEGE GATE Sandwiches TALLAI-IASSEE Sodos Compliments of M. BAUER I DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY REPRESENTATIVE OF W' C' JR' Jeweler S' 124 E. Pensocolo ST. Toll hossee CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF FROM D AY L I G H T THE G R 0 C H R Y CAPITAL CITY C O- NATIONAL BANK Compliment of UNIVERSITY CHEVROLET CO. 333 E. Main St., South Phone I6I6 Q M23-QIIITI, -TIN ' '4'fv'I- II .I I ' K -lu, ,I 1 l I Mutiny V .TI . :III iiIIEI?nIMfIII I iiII?II5EI II: IIIIIIII I Ii I I! IISIIIIII X T Egan I, I I I. One of the South's Great Stores U!1C2s1VQIeI!IA2fS Page 429 cgfozivgali cjinealf 0-Sfnawcef 45-fone bloc ,Men ana! Cyufmen Y JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA MEN'S CLOTHING DOBBS HATS ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN AND EDWIN CLAPP SHOES LUGGAGE P. W. WILSON COMPANY TALLAHASSEES BEST STORE Since I837 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR LINGERIE ACCESSORIES HOME FURNISHINGS PIECE GOODS MILLINERY NOTIONS I'l0'l'EI. SEMINDLE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA A FAVORITE RENDEZVOUS OF FLORIDA ALUMNI FOR TWO DECADES A J. B. POUND HOTEL J. MARSHALL MORROW, Mgr. Associate Hotels DESOTO, Sovonnoh, Go. PATTEN, Chortonoogo, Tennessee GENERAL OGLETHORPE, Sovonnch, Go. DESOTO BEACH, Sovonnoh Beach, Go. Page 430 Fountain Service Regular Meals Compliments of "ln the I-Ieort of the Social Life" FARQUHAR MACHINERY coMPANY The Mecca F. S. U. TALLAHASSEE Serving Drug Sundries Magazines Florida ond South Georgia Since l9lO MILL SUPPLIES o CLOTHING COMPANY MACHINERY STEEL Pnooucrs MENS WEAR JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA lOO S. Monroe Tallahassee Today a knowledge and understanding of world events is essential to success in any career. For the kind of news coverage that makes for an alert and well-informed public, read The Miami HeraId,-- choice of the leaders throughout the state. First in News First in Features First in Readership Elia Hliiamr ilizralb FLORIDA'S MOST COMPLETE NEWSPAPER Page 431 YOU'RE WELCOME! . . . Any time, at any one of the friendly Florida National Banks. The aim and pleasure of these twenty banks is to help you, advise you, and serve you. Whether you plan to continue your education, prepare for a profes- sion, or enter into the business world . . . you are cordially invited to come in and talk it over with the Florida National Bank in your community. Florida National Group at Banlcs Florida National Bank of Jacksonville BEST WISI-IES TO Tl-lE Graduating Class Jfillabnfzo Jlohzl. S. W, LILLIOTT, Manager Tampa Florida KING MOTORS, INC. Chrysler -- Plymouth Monroe at Call Tallahassee Florida National Bank and Trust Company at Miami Florida Bank 8: Trust Co. at Daytona Beach Florida National Bank at St. Petersburg Florida Bank at Grlando Florida National Bank at Pensacola Florida Bank 8: Trust Company at West Palm Beach , Florida National Bank at Lakeland Florida National Bank at Bartow Florida National Bank at Key West Florida National Bank at 0cala Florida Bank at Starke Florida Bank at Chipley Florida Bank at Port St. Joe Florida National Bank at Belle Glade Florida National Bank at Coral Gables Florida Bank at Fort Pierce Florida Bank at Bushnell Florida Bank at Gainesville EVERYTHING FOR THE ENGINEER, ARCHITECT AND DRAFTSMAN CHARLES BRUNING COMPANY, INC. ll4 FoRsYtH sTREET, ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA LAMAR 0241 THE VARIETY STORE New and Used Furniture ll5 East Union St. So. Best Wishes from LYON S FERTILIZER CG. TAM PA - FLORIDA Page 432 Side of Squa re Gainesville "A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU" Seafood, Steaks, Chops Soda Fountain, Drug Sundries CAMPUS CANTEEN B U T L E R ' S SUPER MARKET BR 505 W. Boundary Gainesville 5000 Watts I460 KC COMPLIMENTS OF Sweet Insurance Agency Jacksonville, Florida ALL TYPES OE INSURANCE " C B 5 " I4TI1 Floor Pan-American Bank Bldg. Phone 2-2676 MIAMI R ll D D Y ' S ONE OF THE FINE STORES IN GAINESVILLE A DEPARTMENT STORE IN THE MODERN MANNER BRANDED CLOTHES MEN LIKE TO WEAR THE LEWIS STATE BANK Began Business in 1856 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ' Page 433 GAINESVILLE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING DRIVERS: ED I-IILL - GRADY SMITH M BILL PENNINGTON - C. W. DANIEL 700 W. University Ave. Telephone 48 DIAMONDS ' WATCHES 0 SILVERWARE . Phone I885 II6 W. Main St., S Serving Florida Over A Quarter Century 220 Moin St. Jocksonville, Elo. BELII - LINDSEY INC. Compliments of The NIK- AK OPEN ALL NIGHT I26 North Ninth St, Goinesville Department Store GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA STATE IIFFICE SUPPLY C0. D. A. DIXON, Mgr. 119 S. MONROE TALLAHASSEE OCALA MOTOR CO. OCALA, FLORIDA THE ,UIIAIIAIIZGIE INN Page 434 INDUSTRIAL BANK OF TALLAHASSEE "Financing the lndividual" 205 E. Pork Ave. Phone 234 CHEROKEE HOTEL "A Stiles Hotel" FACING PARK AVE. TALLAHASSEE ll MARABLE STUDIOS, INC. -Creators of Fine Portraits- 653 W. University Phone 634 Jensen's, Inc. POSTELL FLORIST Outfitters to Men "l-lame of Beautiful Flowers" GIDDENS BUILDING 605 W. Main So. Phone 1021-W Phone M-2267 Tampa, Florida GA'NESV""'E' FLA' LUGGAGE WATCH REPAIRING JEWELRY l2O N. Garden St. PEone 257-R . Behind A. 6 P. stlre GAlNESVlLLE'S ONLY PAWNBROKERS GOODYEAR TIRES OARRY MORE PEOPLE TO SEE THE GATORS PLAY THAN ANY OTHER KIND ALL WEATHER TIRE CO. I. R. LIVINGSTON C. R. THEBAUT, IR. IACKSONVILLE - FLORIDA Page 435 ,.,i f XJ ' "' -. f, Ig, vw- .Y .f-s,f5,,, , N., , .Q N,.,,.,,.,, ..-Q, A -wav-W" WAWW ft' 1. 5, 3,,O,pAqvs4:H'f:ggw'wv'fX YA ,Q M g ,- ' rl, .-.,,,,M V 'e. Q , x A" -sa-,Nh . .-Q W, . 5 . Y-...yn - . 1 1, K 4 K U x"i-"iff 71,h"-QQ, , I . l, f. .If g,.gmw, .,Lg+453e,3,,,.,? 5 4 iw K N V . . , 4 . ,MJ K , .xl I K, . , x 'N - N bv-lc u '-vwwf-535 wr, ,T5f?,.,,3.gz1Q.Q1fffga,.4j I X 0 5, j:lr,,,1 " Z .-.A :P J ?Q'?4f:f, ,. 'Q-!'fFf:',' Q 'XV -V IV M" f fy.N":"'..,,:f"Af": ,ygyf-W'-fm ' 1 f"-H inxwyy -f , , ' :M Tl A A - ,fr . whizzwff:ff,?,f2'T'Kf'f::"T1'f 'i W ,- --1""fv" 1 . , ' da, v'k.', ' ,, ,. Y . 3 s, -ww ' . f' . ,',+.,s-4, . - 1, ' . ,FZ ' 4 . f' .r ' 4 , , . .. N . ,, . QT? fxfv iff., 7 D ,Q ',-X' f 1 - I--.-1-.4...Q...... .,. 1,53-f l . W -. gh' Q X K Q I N 1 4. NN 5 wx f 1 - v ,xx ,"A' X . , . ,wr . - X ' 5b"YZ'f' 1 N4 Qs! FR . vw , ,4 , V !'5'r rugs, 1,3 ' fs, s,,,x 9 Q , M, fr, v I- l "TF, Q 6' "fx 'iw f -:.?1'.:a.'r" . .X:N ,,f,i ' vi 1. .Q 1- . i 1, ev in o I ,Q . .f The bst t 're fo CHAMPION o MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTOR We Are Headquarters For WEIL-MAAS READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY SALON SHOE SALON ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT MENgI,UDgg'Egr HALL BAIRD HARDWARE co. F H d TSMART SHOP GAINESVILLE, FLA. on m on M995 T A M P A donaldson, inc. Something Different in Men's Wear" l I7 West Adams St. Jacksonville, Florida Clayton Foundry Cr Siren Co. Manufacturers of Clayton "Whirlwind" Sirens Daytona Beach, Florida ALFORD'S CAFETERIA - ENTRANCE OF CAMPUS - MR. and MRS. I-1. o, ALEORD TALLAHASSEE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings to .S'5,000. 00 Resources over S6,500,000.00 115 E. Park Avenue Phone 282 Tallahassee, Florida Pg 437 BECKWITH-RANGE IEWELRY COMPANY WQNT YOU 353 W. UNIVERSITY AVE. Gcdnesvi11e,F1c1 I I'I A V - A - 'I' A M P A 9 KENT WARREN CO. ' "Head to Foot Outfitters IOI' MGD ond Young MGH!! DISTRIBUTED BY 222 West Adams St. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Ill WITT Compliments of CIGAR 61 CANDY C0 Wholesale Distributors wa L F B R 0 T H E R S ToBAccos. cAND1Es, PAPER Goons FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES One of America's Fine Stores 560 W. MAIN NORTH P. O BOX 476 Tampa, Florida GAINESVILLE LUGGAGE IEWELRY SPURTING GO0DS RAWLINGS - SPALDING - SPOT BILT "WHATEVER THE SPORT WE FURNISH THE EQUIPMENT" Harry Finkelstein Company W. Bay corner Jefferson JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Page 438 I Adams, Magnon Jewelry Co. All Weather Tire Co. ...... . Alford's Cafeteria ........ Atlantic Ice Ca. .......... . Atlantic National Bank A G P Super Markets .... A. R. Cogswell ........ Baird Hardware Co. .... . Baldwin Insurance Agency Barnett National Bank ...... Beckwith-Range Jewelry Co. Belk-Lindsey, Inc. ,....... . Brown Clothing Ca. ..... . Butler's Super Market .... . Campus Canteen ........... Capital City National Bank Carpenter's District Council Central Title G' Trust Co. Chameleon Press .....,..... Charles Bruning Co., Inc. Charles L. Wells .......... Chepenick Cr Sons ............ Cherokee Hotel ............... Chestnut Office Equipment Co. Chidnoff Studios ............. Clark If Lewis Co. .............. . Clayton Foundry G Siren Co. ...... . Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Gainesville Cohen Brothers .................. College Inn ................ .... Columbia Restaurant Commercial Hotel ..... Cox Furniture Ca. ..... . Daylight Grocery Co. .... . Dependable Dry Cleaners danaldsan, inc. .................. . Dorsey's Bakery .................. Duval Jewelry Co. of Jacksonville Duval Jewelry Co. of Gainesville ..... E. H. Thompson Co., lnc. .... . Elinor Doyle Florist ........... Eli Witt Cigar fr Candy Co. Evans Drug Stores .......... Farquhar Machinery Co. .. Ferrell Jewelry Co. ........ . Florida National Bank ......... Florida Power G Light Co. ...... . Florida Theatres of Gainesville Furchgott's ..................... Gainesville Laundry ............... Gainesville Chamber of Commerce . . . Guaranty Title Co. .............. . Guernsey and Green, Inc. .,..... . H. E. Wolfe Construction Co. H. M. Chitty G Co. ........ . H. Cr W. B. Drew Co. .... . Harry Finkelstein Co. Hillsboro Hotel ...... Hotel Seminole ........ Hotel Windle ............ Howard Biser's Restaurant ..... Industrial Bank of Tallahassee .... J. C. Penney Co. ............ . J. W. Earnest Cr Ca., Inc. gndmctoddv 417 435 437 .... 418 .... 416 .....425 425 437 427 419 438 434 431 433 433 429 ....428 417 426 432 401 417 435 402 399 415 437 426 .... 429 .... 434 .... 426 .... 419 417 429 422 437 417 416 424 424 427 438 419 431 434 432 397 396 422 434 414 419 419 ....42l 401 398 438 432 430 415 416 435 402 418 Page 439 Jack Pendola Jensen's, Inc. Kent Warren Co. King Motors, Inc. Kloeppel Hotels ......... Krispy Kreme Donut Shop Levy's ................. Lewis State Bank ..... Luby Chevrolet Co. Lyons Fertilizer Co. M G M Nursey ..... Maas Brothers ....... Marable Studios, Inc. Marlow White, Inc. Miami Herald ......... Milady's Beauty Salon ..... . N. W. Laundry .................. Naco Fertilizer Co. of Jacksonville .... of Ft. Pierce Nlk-Nak ..................... Naco Fertilizer Co. Ocala Motor Co. Otto F. Stock ..... P. W. Wilson Co. Park's Men's Shop' ......... Pepper Printing Co. ........ . Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Postell Florist Shop ....... Princess Boot Shop ....... Quina Typewriter Exchange .... Record Press ............. Respess Engraving Co. Rose Printing Co. ...... . Rubin's Restaurant ....... Ruddy's Department Store S. B. Hubbard Co. ........ . S. Gumpert Co., Inc. ..... . Schwobilt Co. of Florida ..... Sears Roebuck G Co. .... . Security Loon Cr Jewelry Co. . . . Silverman's Men's Store Southern Dairies .......... State Office Supply Co. Stautamire Motor Co. ..................... . Sweet Insurance Agency .................... Tallahassee Federal Savings G Lo an Association Tampa Tribune ............................ The Harrison Co. ... ................ .. . . . The Mecca ......... The Sweet Shop ....... University Cafeteria ....... University Chevrolet Co. Variety Store ........... Vidal Drug Co. .......... . Wayside Press ............ W. C. Vason, Jr., Jeweler .... Weil-Maas ..... ............. White House Hotel ........... Wilson 6' Toamer Fertilizer Co. . Wilson's Men's Store ........... Winn Cr Lovett Grocery Co. . . . . WMBR Uacksonvillel ..... Wolf Brothers ........... Q Owe C74!vZvezIfZ4e'c.4 . . A WORD OF THANKS THE COMBINED EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFFS OF THE '48 SEMINOLE TAKE THIS MEANS OF EXPRESSING OUR APPRECIATION TO OUR ADVERTISERS. THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING, WE ARE ABLE TO OFFER MORE IN THIS SEMINOLE WHICH YOU WILL LONG REMEMBER FOR ITS SIZE, DESIGN, AND CONSTRUCTION. TO THE STAFF MEMBERS WHOSE TIRELESS EFFORTS ARE HEREIN REWARDED IN SEEING THE COMPLETION OF A IOB WELL DONE - MANY WELL DESERVED AND HEARTFELT THANKS . . . AND TO OUR ADVERTISERS, AGAIN, THANKS. Page 440 f I A ABBOT, JAMES HAMILTON, Box 54, La Crosse. ABBOT, POYLE EDWIN, Ft. Green. ABELE, CHARLES ROBERT, 610 E. Main St. N., Gainesville. ABERNATHY, THOMAS E., 2426 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville. ABRAHAMS, GEORGE FREDERICK, W. Vo. 737 Central Avenue, Charleston 2, ACKERMAN, PHILIP D., JR., 1637 First St., Fort Myers. ACREE, CLAUDE, 2778 Dellawood Ave., Jacksonville. ACREE, EDWIN BRUCE, JR., 365 E. Lyman Ave., Winter Park. ACREE, NOLAN CHILTON, Ft. Meade. ADAMS, ALTO LEE, JR., St. Augustine Road, Tallahassee. ADAMS, BABB HARDISTER, Rt. 4, Box 1516 K, Tampa. ADAMS, CHARLES BENTON, 610 Macy St., West Palm Beach. ADAMS, JOHN HENRY, 221 Dixie Blvd., Delray Beach. ADAMS, ROBERT DAVIS, 830 E. 2nd Ave., Gainesville. ADAMS, ROBERT EDWARD, JR., 384 Cove Rd., Panama City. ADDINGTON, MAURICE HILLS, Lakeland. ADELBERG, JOHN, 1358 Penna. Ave., Miami Beach. ADKINS, ANDREW Z., JR., Starke. ADMIRE, JACK GAYLORD, 1012 Acosta St., Jacksonville. AGERTON, EMORY PRESTON, 851 Jenks Ave., Panama City. AGLIANO, SAM, 2207 N. Albrawy Ave., Tampa. AGU I LAR, DAGOBERTO, 5 de Febrero 745 Col. Alamos D. F. Mexico. AHERN, FRED LAWRENCE, 654 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach. AKERMAN, WALTER, JR., 47 Cheney Place, Orlando. AKIN, JACKSON WEBSTER, Bax 472, Dunnellon. ALBURY, RONALD FREDERICK, 1444 N.W. 7 Court, Miami. ALDERSON, C. ROLAND, 238 Ray St., Gainesville ALENCAR, JOSE de VICOSA, Minas Gerais, Brazil. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM DANIEL, Nashville, Georgia. ALEXSUK, JERRY, Route 1, Box 111, Brooksville. ALFIERE, ANTHONY VINCENT, 2208 Flavet III, Gainesville. STUDENT DIRECTORY ALFORD, BARNEY MILLEN, JR., 1400 E. Gadsden St., Pensacola. ALLAN, HARRY W., Rt. 2, Box 189-B, Panama City. ALLBRITTON, OWEN SAMPSON, JR., 1444 Drew St., Clearwater. ALLDERDICE, THOMASG., Rt. 6, Box 77W, Jacksonville. ALLEN, ELMER LAZONE, 4302 Pearl St., Jacksonville. ALLEN, HAROLD EDWARD, Route One, Box 58, Brooksville. ALLEN, NORMAN STANKY, 3308 San Jose St., Tampa. ALLEN, RICHARD HENRY, 2231 So. Parkway E., Memphis, Tenn. ALLEN, ROBERT BROXTON, 142 N.E. 56th St., Miami. ALLEN, ROBERT FREDERICK, 1112 N. Virginia Ave., Gainesville. ALLEN, ROBERT LAVERNE, 476 8th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. ALLEN, WILLIAM GEORGE, 2565 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville. ALLENDER, HOWARD FRANKLIN, 659-40th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. ALLENDER, VIRGINIA THOMPSON, 659-40th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. ALLGOOD, SAMUEL YOUNG LE, Clearwater. ALLVED, STEPHEN F., 1718-10th South, St. Petersburg. ALMOND, JOHN DIXIE, 826 Atlantic Ave., Ft. Pierce. ALRED, JAMES EDWARD, 311 Hardways St., Thomasville, Georgia. ALTMAN, ROBERT MORRIS, Sopchoppy. ALVAREZ, JOHN, 1918-13th Ave., Tampa. AMOS, ELENA VERSON, 824 E. Lassiter, Gainesville. AMOS, JOHN BEVERLY, Milton. ANCHORS, GARNER B., JR., 2901 Univ. P. O., Gainesville. ANDERSON, ALLEN C., 2174 Queensboro Ave. So., St. Petersburg. ANDERSON, BOYD HICKS, JR., 401 N.E. 15th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. ANDERSON, CARL ARTHUR, 1015 Acosta St., Jacksonville. ANDERSON, CHARLES WASHINGTON, 216 Margaret St., Jacksonville Beach. ANDERSON, EDWARD WILLIAM, 120-01 91st Ave., Richmond Hill 18, N. Y. ANDERSON, MALCOLM, Box 301, Cross City. ANDERSON, MARIAN ELAIN E, Gainesville. ANDERSON, RALPH GRAHAM, 89 Ave. C, Apalachicola. Page ANDERSON, ROBERT MILTON, 109 Ave. A N.E., Winter Haven. ANDERSON, WARREN, 808 N. Hampton, Orlando. ANDERSON, WILLIAM HARLAN, 1001 E. Lloyd St., Pensacola. ANDERSON, WILLIS WA.YNE, 1009 McDonald St., Lakeland. ANDREO, ROBERT ALBERT, 134 King St., St. Augustine. ANDREWS, BYRON KNIGHT, lnterlachen. ANDREWS, DANIEL ALFRED, JR., Cedar Keys. ANDREWS, RANCE ADAM, Lake Butler. ANGELL, RICHARD PALMER, 233-5th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. ANSBACHER, JORDAN JOSEPH, 1341 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville. ANSBACHER, LEWIS, 1341 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville. ANSLEY, A. E., 1406 S. Moody Ave., Tampa. ANSLEY, CLINTON HENDRY, Box 14, Blanton. ANSLOW, ROBERT EDWARD, 131 Cedar St., Gainesville. ANTHONY, ALVA EDISON, JJR., 1405 19th St., Vera Beach. ARBIC, RICHARD GUY, P. O. Box 300, Gainesville. ARMAGOST, WILLIAM ISAAC, Box 1385, Casper, Wyoming. ARMSTON, WILLIAM HARRY, 225 Edgewater Drive, Dunedin. ARMSTRONG, DONALD' EUGENE, 344 Gerard St., Gainesville. ARMSTRONG, HENRY EUGENE, 2143 Rosselle St., Jacksonville. ARMSTRONG, JAMES EDWIN, 2404 16th Ave., Bradenton. ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH LEWIS, 169 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine. ASBELL, JOSHUA B., Brenton. ASCHE, CHARLES HENRY, 1529 S.W. 7th St., Miami. ASHLEY, HARVEY THOMAS, JR., 14 Hamilton Heath Drive, Tampa. ASHMORE, HENRY LU DLOW, Crawfordville. ASTURIAS- HALL, LU IS EDUARDO, 14 C.O. No. 44, Guatemala, Guatemala. ATKINSON, PAUL SWANN, 425 W. College Ave., Tallahassee. ATWOOD, ROBERT HICKCOX, Bradenton Beach. AULEB, ooN LEE, 179 Franklin Ave., Maplewood, N. J. AUTREY, FRANK EUGENE, 1877 N.W. 3rd St., Miami. 441 BACKUS, FRED WESLEY, 137 N.E. 92nd St., Miami BAGGETT, JULIAN ASTOR, Ft. Pierce. BAGGOTT, FRANK, 230 Kings Highway, Atlanta, Ga. BAGGOTT, WILLIAM DUNCAN, 1039 W. Cypress St., Gainesville. BAGWELL, JOHN WESLEY, 402 Riverside Dr., Holly Hill. BAILEY, ARTHUR W., JR., 21 Mabbette St., Kissimmee. BAILEY, JOHN MATTHEWS, Sanibel. BAILEY, LEWIS, Kinard. BAILEY, THOMAS LIOGETT, JR., 2117 N. Federal Hwy, Lake Worth. BAILEY, WILSON LAMAR, Blountstown. BAKER, CARL F., 2221 Post St., Jacksonville. BAKER, RICHARD FOSTER, Box 1329, Sarasota. BAKER, ROBERT SIDNEY, 6810 Harding Ave., Miami Beach. BALDWIN, LOREN RICHARD, 5212 10th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. BALL, BAY O'BRIEN, Cross City. BALL, CHARLES FREDERICK, 1819 Arthur St., Hollywood. BAMMESBERGER, KENNETH RICHARD 408 Washington St., Gainesville. BANY, WILLIAM NICHOLAS, Newberry. BARBER, ANNELLA JANE, Cross City. BARBER, ELMER PEARCE, 1504 Barrs St., Jacksonville. BARCHAN, STANLEY SAMOEL, JR., 2231 Post St., Jacksonville. BARCO, CLAUDE K., JR., 241 Flavet Ill, Gainesville. BARCO, CLAUDE KEIGWIN, 303 Ferndale Rd., Gainesville. BARCO, JOHNNIE FRANK, Route No. 1, Palmetto. BARKER, QUININS H., Rt. 1, Box 39, Vero Beach. BARNES, CHARLES MALONE, 53 W. Bench Dr., Panama City. BARNES, CHARLES PRESCOTT, P. O. Box 966, Crystal River. BARNES, JOHN THOMAS, 2220 N. 8th Ave., Pensacola. BARNES, RICHARD P., 827 Lexington St., Lakeland. BARNES, ROSS EVANS, Box 233, Alachua. BARNES, THOMAS WM., 235-S, Flavet III, Gainesville. BARNETT, HAROLD' VERNON, 3909 57th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. BARNETT, JOE P., 114 Creston Court, Brooksville. BARNETT, WILLIAM MONROE, 509 Bell Ave., Brooksville. BARNEY, JOHN M., 2770 Park St., Jacksonville. BARNS, PAUL DRYDEN, JR., cfo Supreme Ct. Bldg., Tallahassee. BARRETO, REYNALDO, 2110 10th Ave., Tampa. BARRETT, PEARCE LAMKIN, JR., Apt. 200-S, Flavet III, Gainesville. BARRETT, WILLIAM JORDAN, 966 E. Court, Gainesville. BARRINGTON, BURNESS A., JR., RFD No. 2, Hawthorne. BARRINGTON, HUGH HORACE, 1132 N. Orange Ave., Dunedin. BARRY, DAVID E., 640 N. 20th Ave., Pensacola. BARRY, RICHARD W., 325 E. 30th St., Miami. BARTLESON, THOMAS PORTER, JR., 1922 Hough St., Fort Myers. BARTON, WAYNE DOUGLAS, 4315 Pinewood Ave., Jacksonville. BARWICK, LIVINGSTON, 401 Melbourne Ave., Melbourne. BASKIN, HAMDEN HOLLOWAY, Flavet III, 247 T., Gainesville. BASS, ALBERT EUGENE, P. O. Box 713, Quincy. BASS, JAMES WILBUR, 818 Beach Court, Fort Pierce. BASS, JOHN FLOYD, JR., RFD 3, Box 282-A, Gainesville. BATCHELLER, DAVID SPRINGSTEEN, Box 736, South Miami. BATEMAN, JACK HOWARD, Mclntosh. BATES, HORACE GILBERT, 35 N.E. Ivanhoe Blvd., Orlando. BATES, JAMES CARSON, Route 2, Box 199, Arcadia. BAXLEY, GROVER BARKER, Box 632, Lynn Haven. BAXLEY, JAMES, Box 632, Lynn Haven. BAXTER, MAXWELL, JR., 1211 S.E. 2nd Ct., Ft. Lauderdale. BAXTER, RHEA, Ponte Vedra Beach. BAXTER, ROSS MCPHERSON, Box 517, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. BAYNARD, LAWRENCE W., 1049-14th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. BAZEMORE, JAMES LAMAR, 400 Daytona Ave., Holly Hill. BEALL, KIRKE MONROE, Pensacola. BEARD, HANsFoRo ouNcA, Jn., 2354 Post St., Jacksonville. BEARDALL, WILLIAM HAMER, 214 Lucerne Circle, Orlando. BEARMAN, JULIUS EDWIN, 545 14th St., Miami Beach. BEASLEY, HARRY HERBERT, 1001 Laurell Ave., Sanford. BEATTY, JAMES FRANKLIN, JR., 4650 E. French Ave., Jacksonville. BEAUMOUT, GERALD WILLIAM, 505 S. Orage, New Smyrna. BECHT, CHARLES EUGENE, 1591 Glendale St., Jacksonville. BECK, ALAN DONALD, Box 85, Zellwood. BECK, RAYMOND WARREN, 2100 Stevens St., Jacksonville. BECK, WILLIAM M., JR., 4621 Sunderland Rd., Jacksonville. BECKER, DALE WILLIAM, Box 588, Bradenton. BEDWELL, NORMAN W., Spring Garden, Ala. BELDEN, DOUGLAS RAY, 3605 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa. BELL, EDWARD, 2358 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. BELL, THOMAS JORDAN, 236 Univ. Terrace, Gainesville. BELL, WILBUR SEALE, 210 Helvenston Ave., Live Oak. BELL, WILLIAM AUGUST, Orange Home, Wildwood. BELOW, CHARLES C., 1834 Laura St., Jacksonville. BELSER, PETER PAUL, Route No. 2, Bonifay. BELYEZ, RICHARD, 300 Coronado Dr., Clearwater. BENDER, JOHN 'ANDREW, Plant City. BENJAMIN, BEN M., 224 Wildermore Rd., West Palm Beach. BENJAMIN, F. DYAL, JR., 728 N. 17th Ave., Pensacola. BENJAMIN, THEODORE SINO-N, 3543 Oak St., Jacksonville. BENN, DONALD GORDON, Cocoa Beach Road, Merritt Isle. BENNETT, JAMES PEPPER, 412 Oak Ave., Clearwater. BENNETT, JOSH C., JR., 2123 Merrill St., Jacksonville. BENNETT, NALTON MORROW, 2822 Cherokee Ave., Jacksonville. BENNETT, RUSSELL ERNEST, 43 Water St., St. Augustine. BENNETT, WILLIAM AMES, 287 Valencia Road, West Palm Beach. BENSON, BESS HILL, Flagler Beach. BENSON, MARVIN THOMAS, Boynton Beach. BENSON, MORRIE, Staff Judge Advocate, MocDill Field, Tampa. BERGSTROM, GEORGE FENTON, 5201 Fremont Ave., Jacksonville. Page BERKMAN, JASON MORSE, 132 Seawer St., Roxbury, Mass. BERMAN, SAM, 3346 Mayflower St., Jacksonville. BERNARD, HOWARD, 227 Washington St., Gainesville. BERRY, CHAS. VARDAMAN, 912 Platt St., Tampa. BERRY, JAMES JOSEPH, 1912 Dewey Place, Jacksonville. BERRY, JOHN L., Tallahassee lclo Grant Furn. Co.l. BERRY, JOHN SMITH, 605 E. Plymouth St., Tampa. BETHEA, FREDERICK WADDELL, Route No. 1, Box 115, Jacksonville. BETTMAN, HENRY ROBERT, 106 W. 18th St., Jacksonville. BEVERLY, JOHN GRAHAM, Route 4, Box 344, Tallahassee. BEVIS, MAURICE GLEEN, Box 152, Greensboro. BEVIS, THOMAS EARL, Greenwood, Jackson County. BICE, RAYMOND OTIS, JR., 741 N. Franklin, Gainesville. BIERBOWER, WILBUR STEWART, 2818-9th St. No., St. Petersburg. BIERCE, HARRY MARION, 5406 Taliaferro St., Tampa. BIEWEND, HELEN LOUISE, 805 26th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. BIEWEND, ROBERT ERIK, sl 2310 E. Harbor Drive, St. Petersburg. BILDERBECK, JAMES LIONEL, 143 E. Arlington St., Gainesville. BILDERBECK, LORENE, 143 E. Arlington St., Gainesville. BINZ, BARRY, 756 Indian Beach Rd., Sarasota. BIRDSALL, ROBERT JACOB, 2425 S. Poinsettia Ave., West Palm B BISHOP, DESMON E MARCH, Aucilla. BISHOP, HENRY W., Pabin Terrace, Gainesville. BISHOP, JOHN FRIERSON, 2523 Prospect Rd., Tampa. BISHOP, M. L., Newberry. BISHOP, MACK B., JR., 6907 Oakwood St., Jacksonville. BISHOP, MARVIN ELLIS, 3226 No. Rome, Tampa. BISHOP, ROBERT PAYSON, 102 Central Ave., Crescent City. BISHOP, ROBERT THOMAS, JR., 2523 Prospect Rd., Tampa. BISHOP, WALDO E., 410 W. Park St., Lake City. BISHOP, WALTER L., Box 126, Greenville. BlSSONNE'1'1'E, THOMAS EDWIN, 704 So. Packwood Ave., Tampa. BITTAN, BENJAMIN ALBERT, 901 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce. 442 each. BLAIR, OSCAR E., 900 S. Riverside Dr., New Smyrna. BLAKE, ROBERT GEORGE, Rt. 2, Box 25, Gainesville. BLAKELY, GERALDINE MARIELLEN, 2165 Bedford Rd., Jacksonville. BLALOCK, JAMES C., Wake Forest, N. C. BLANCHARD, JAY LANE, 1528 W. Orange St., Gainesville. BLANCO, RENE, MARCEL, 503 E. Amelia Ave., Tampa. BLANK, ARTHUR, 4307 Alton Road, Miami Beach. BLANK, RALPH JOHN, JR., 6201 Garden Ave., West Palm Beach BLANKNER, FRANCIS WESLEY, 701 E. Central Ave., Orlando. BLANKNER, LEONARD F., JR., 755 E. Lemon St., Bartow. BLANTON, JOHN ROBINSON, 2750 S.W. 10th Terrace, Miami. BLISS, WHITNEY CARLETON, JR., 4100 Monserrate St., Coral Gables. BLIZARD, RAYMOND HORACE, 405 N.W. 39th St., Miami. BLOCK, GERALD ALLEN, 1628 Washington, Hollywood. BLOODWORTH, JAMES EDWARD, Box 186-G, Boy Harbor. BLOOMBERG, SOLOMON, Grant. BLOUNT, RALPH, 601 Nauarro Ave., Mart, Texas. BLUEMLE, WILLIAM ARNOLD, 2402 Fig St., Tampa. BOARDMAN, JOHN DANA, 2130 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville. BOBINSKY, DOLORES PAT, 544 N.W. 23rd Court, Miami. BODGER, JAMES BERNARD, Box 369, Hastings. BOHANNON, LEWIS LAMKIN, 1131 West Arlington St., Gainesville. BOIDO, LAURENCE EDWARD, 3116 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables. BOLICK, RALPH EUGENE, JR., 3204 S.W. 2nd St., Miami. BOLING, JOHN RADFORD, JR., 918 Golfview Ave., Tampa. BOLTON, MARY ANN, 505 W. Jefferson St., Quincy. BOND, WILLIAM, 224 N.W. 91st St., Miami. BONDS, JESSE SAMUEL, 1362 Swallow Ave., Clearwater. BONHAM, MARK MYATT, JR., 1632 Challen Ave., Jacksonville. BOOFISH, HARTSON HALLETT, 421 East Union St., Gainesville. BOOZER, THOMAS BLAIR, JR., Jacksonville. BORCHELLER, KARL HEINZ, North Miami Beach. BORDEN, ELBERT W., JR., 917 E. 26th Ave., Tampa. BORELLI, MICHAEL THOMAS, Rt. 3, Box 2846, Gainesville. X BOSTAIN, RICHARD HARVEY, JR., 907 S. Dakota, Tampa. BOSWELL, CLARENCE, 1335 First Ave., Bartow. BOUCHARD, ROGER OVIDE, 1001 10th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. BOURQUARDEZ, LEE E., Bushnell. BOVIS, HENRY EUGENE, 509 Main St., Kissimmee. BOWE, JAMES JOSEPH, 1240 Mercedes St., Orlando. BOWEN, ERNEST THOMAS HARRISON, 1408 W. Olive St., Gainesville. BOWEN, FRANCIS JOHN, 239 N. French Ave., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. BOWES, CLARENCE HERBERT, 1020 S.W. 19th Ave., Miami. BOWMAN, HAZEL, Box 71, Brewster. BOWMAN, ROBERT THOMAS, P. O. Bax 71, Brewster. BOYCE, MERRILL GERALD, Gen. Del., Mandarin. BOYD, ROBERT EUGENE, 1326V2 W. Union, Gainesville. BOYD, WILLIAM W., Tallahassee. BOYER, JAMES RUSSELL, 309 E. Jean St., Tampa. BOYER, ROBERT ARTHUR, 309 E. Jean St., Tampa. BOYLE, BERNARD T., 145--17th St. N., St. Petersburg. BRACKEN, ANDREW JOSEPH, 1172 Woodlawn Ave., Gainesville. BRACKEN, MARY CATHARINE, 1233 E. Ft. King Ave., Ocala. BRACKEN, WILLIAM VAN DOLSEN, 1172 Woodlawn Ave., Gainesville. BRADEN, JOHN ROBERT, 1016 Boston Ave., Ft. Pierce. BRADHAM, JOSEPH WALTON, JR., 1618 W. Thomas St., Gainesville. BRADLEY, CHARLES HOWARD, 239-D Flavett 3, Gainesville. BRADLEY, RAMON ALBERT, P. O. Box 493, Bradenton. BRADSHAW, CLIFFORD' A., P. 0. Box 616, Gainesville. BRADY, JOHN SPEER, 939 E. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. BRAINARD, WILLIAM WHITE, 25 Currie Crescent, West Palm Beach. BRANAN, ROGER LEO, Box 528, Leesburg. BRAND, LEONARD ALLEN, JR., Miami Beach. BRAND, RAYMOND STARLING, 235 77th St., Miami Beach. BRANDJOUGH, EDWARD ANTHONY, Box 176, Wewahitchka. BRANDON, WILLIAM CLINT, Box 530, Marianna. BRANNEN, GRADY, 1123 W. Arlington, Gainesville. BRANNON, JOHN D., Box 127, Belle Glade. BRANTLEN, JAMES QUINN, JR., 3019 Harbor View, Tampa. BRATZEL, ROBERT BRUCE, 1501 N.E. 5th Court, Ft. Lauderdale BRAUN, JOHN CHARLES, Box No. 6, La Crosse. BRAYTON, DAVID SEWARD, 311 N.E. 14th Ave., Fort Lauderdale. BRECHT, VINCENT ERNEST, 2214 Woodford Ave., Fort Myers. BREISCH, GEORGE, 15374 Stansbury Ave., Detroit, Mich. BRETT, FRED, JR., Box 437, Crestview. BRETT, KING WM., 244 N. Ridgewood, Daytona Beach. BREWER, ALBERT MAX, Titusville. BRIGGS, JOHN LUTHER, JR., Hibiscus Park, Gainesville. BRILES, SARA ELSPETH, 436 E. Union, Gainesville. BRINSON, JOHN BRADFORD, JR., Monticello. BROCKWAY, GEORGE ROBERT, 546 Country Club Rd., W. Palm Bea BRODEUR, ROBERT ALEXANDER, 4638 Ramona St., Jacksonville. BROGDON, LYLE CHANDLER, 101 Flavet Village II, Gainesville. BROGDON, WARREN ALSTON, JR., 1521 W. Court St., Gainesville. BRONSON, ROBERT MURRY, Box 685, Eustis. BROOKER, JAMES WARREN, 718 S. Blvd., Tampa. BROOKINS, GURNEY, R.F.D. 3, Box 81, Marianna. BROOKS, ROBERT ORAN, Box 109, Mango. BROOME, CLARENCE RICHARD, 1168 McDuff Ave., Jacksonville. BROWER, HAROLD EUGENE, High Springs. BROWN, CHALKER WHITNER, JR., 1621 E. Duval St., Lake City. BROWN, EUGENE, Chem. Dept., Campus. BROWN, GEORGE ALTON, RFD No. 2, Hawthorne. BROWN, GEORGE L., JR., Largo. BROWN, HENRY CLAY, Shamrock. BROWN, HERBERT E., Gainesville. BROWN, HERBERT MILTON, 636 Court St., Clearwater. ch. BROWN, IRA. D., 111 Clay St., DeFuniak Springs. BROWN, JOHN ALDEN, JR., 707 Goodall Ave., Daytona Beach. BROWN, JOHN M., Naranja. BROWN, LINCOLN, 4830-27th Rd. S., Arlington, Va. BROWN, ORLAND M., 1310 Blount St., Pensacola. BROWN, RAIFORO MARVIN, JR., 607 W. Haines St., Plant City. BROWN, RAYMOND PIERRE, JR., 1100 W. Moreno St., Pensacola. BROWN, RICHARD LEON, Box 7, Crescent City. BROWN, SWAN ACPHIS, 933 Wyoming St., Ocala. BROWN, THOMAS ROLAND, P. O. Box 933, Pensacola. BROWN, WILLIAM JOHN, 1057 E. 12th St., Jacksonville. BROWNE, J. DANFORTH, 301 Valencia Way, Fort Myers. BROWNE, ROBERT BRADFORD, 2737 Vernonter, Jacksonville. BRUSSTLE, CHARLES CLARK, 2640 River Rd., Jacksonville. BRYAN, GROVER CLEVELAND, Umatilla. BRYAN, JOHN STOCKTON,1JR., 932 N. Virginia Ave., Gainesville. BRYAN, PAUL JACKSON, 617 Oak St., Palatka. BRYAN, WILLIAM LOCKE, Hibiscus Park, Gainesville. BRYANS, ROBERT LEE, 1836 E. Blount St., Pensacola. BRYANT, DAVID R., JR., Tampa. BRYANT, FREDERICK DAVID, 642 W. Boulevard, Gainesville. BRYANT, NORMAN, Box 22, Homosassa. BRYCE, ANNA LEE, Bryceville. BUCHMAN, PAUL SIDNEY, 805-A West Baker St., Plant City. BUCK, MORRISON, 513 Columbia Dr., Tampa. BUCKNER, MILDRED NIX, 505 Bellevue Ave., Daytona Beach. BUENZLI, ROBERT A., 2418 E. Woodlawn Circle, St. Petersburg. BULBIN, JOSEPH SAMUEL, 515 S.W. 22nd Road, Miami. BULLEN, KENNITH S., cfo Mrs. H. E. Cannon, Route 2, Box 53, Gainesville. BUNCH, ROBERT LEVI, 542 S. 25th St., New Castle, Indiana. BUNDY, DUANE ROBERT, 758 Ave. "B" S.W., Winter Haven. BURHANS, GEORGE PAUL, P. O. Box 1221, Ft. Myers. Page 443 BURKE, CHARLES WILLIAM, 2412 Burlington Ave. N., St. Petersburg BURNETT, CHARLES WESLEY, 408 So. Blvd., Tampa. BURNET'I', EARL ORAN, P. O. Box 7, Sanderson. BURNETT, JOE ARTHUR, 4031 W. Alhambra Dr., Jacksonville. BURNETTE, CARROLL FRIAR, Rt. 2, Box 40, Jasper. BURNEY, HAROLD WESTLEY, Rt. 4, Box 354, Tallahassee. BURNHAM, RUEL DUDLEY, 1712 N. Albany Ave., Tampa. BURNS, CECIL BRUCE, 2136 Forbes St., Jacksonville. BURNS, JAMES WILSON, 14 No. Main St., Castleton, N. Y. BURNS, HARRY EDWARD, JR., P. O. Box 4, Neptune Beach. BURNSIDE, JOSEPH EDGAR, 221 Plant Ave., Tampa. BURR, DAVID MARVIN, 1024 E. 4th Ave., Mt. Dora. BURRIS, JOSEH EDWARD, Route 1, Box 250, Lutz. BURT, JOSEPH WRIGHT, 318 Reynolds St., Palatka BURTCHAELL, PETER EDWARD, 1318 W. Arlington, Gainesville. BURTON, CHARLES C., 39 E. Central Ave., Orlando. BURTON, JOHN WILLIAM, Box 426, Wauchula. BUSH, HARVEY HENDERSON, JR., 4536 Irvington Ave., Jacksonville. BUSH, WILLARD, Rt. 3, Graceville. BUSSE, JAMES ARTHUR, 734 East Asalet St., Jacksonville. BUSSELL, WILLIAM HARRISON, JR., Rt. 10, Box 796, Jacksonville. BUSSEY, ROBERT NELSON, 700 Bayon Blvd., St. Petersburg. BUTLER, DANIEL ROBERT, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. BUTLER, HOWARD J., 421 Roux St., Gainesville. BUTLER, JEANNE HUBER, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. BUTT, NIXON, JR. 331 Cherokee Dr., Orlando. BUTTERS, KENNETH FREDERICK, 901 Coral St., Tampa. BUZZETT, BERNARD G., Apalachicola. BUZZETT, LAWRENCE CARROLL, Apalachicola. BYARS, JOE C., 722 S. Blvd., Tampa. BYRD, ERICE WAYNE, O'Brien. BYRD, PAUL WALLACE, Barberville. - BYRD, WM. H., SAE House, Gainesville. BYRUM, BARNEY LUTHER, JR., 2976 Fitzgerald St., Jacksonvillc. BYRUM, WILLIAM COLRIG, 1701 Georgia Ave., W. Palm Beach. C CABBEY, MAXWELL ELLIOTT, 3709 Granada, Tampa. CABOT, CORNELIUS LINWOOD, 612 N.E. 3rd St., Ft. Lauderdale. CAFFEE, WILSON RAX, 219 T., Flavet 3, Gainesville. CAGLE, HOMER B., 4 2770 Greenway Lane, Jacksonville. CAGLE, WILLIAM EDWIN, 2814 LaViere St., Jacksonville. CAHOON, ROBERT HAROLD, 1289 Murray Drive, Jacksonville. CAIDIN, STANLEY DANIEL, 727 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach. CAIN, EMO RY PRESTON. Jacksonville. CALAWAY, WILSON THAYER, 414 N. Franklin St., Gainesville. CALES, ROY THOMAS, Rt. 1, Box 155-A, Clewiston. CALLEN, ARTHUR LANCE, 1213 W. University Ave., Gainesville. CAMERON, DOUGLAS ARTHUR, 1315 Sakeview Ave. So., St. Petersburg. CAMERON, JOHN RANDOLPH, Rt. 3, Live Oak. CAMERON, WILLIAM WALLACE, JR., 3195 S.W. 24th St., Miami. CAMMACK, ELBERT, Flavet ll, No. 139, Gainesville. CAMMACK, MARGARET FRANCES, Rt. 1, Box 21, Lutz. CAMP, JAMES DAVID, 2620 Aurelia Place, Fort Lauderdale. CAMP, OSCAR JEROME, JR., 620 W. Univ. Ave., DeLand. CAMP, THEODORE KELLOGG, 120 Seminole Ave., Ormond Beach. CAMPBELL, AUSTIN F., 224 W. College, Tallahassee. CAMPBELL, EDWARD ROSE, Box 132, Bronson. CAMPBELL, JAMES THEODORE, 819 W. Olive St., Gainesville. CAMPBELL, JOHN MERRILL, JR., Eustis. CAMPBELL, JOHN NEEL, JR., 1225 W. Arlington St., Gainesville. CAMPBELL, LEON, Rt. No. 3, Samson, Ala. CAMPBELL, KENNETH LEON, Flavet Ill, Apt. 200-C, Gainesville. CAMPBELL, RAYMOND ELLIS, 229 S. 8th St., Gainesville. CAMPBELL, ROBERT A., Macclenny. CAMPBELL, T. C., Miconopy. A CAMPBELL, WILLIAM ROSS, 69 Denton Ave., East Rockaway, N. Y. CANNON, WILLIAM OLIN, 515 E. Georgia St., Tallahassee CAPELOUTO, REUBEN, 125 N. Duval St., Tallahasscc. CAPPLEMAN, HOMER LEROY, JR. 2248 N.W. 4th Terrace, Miami. CAREY, DONALD FRANK, 3700 Sheridan Ave., Miami Beach. CAREY, JACK SMITH, 606-18th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. CAREY, WILLIAM HART, 606 18th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. CARIBALTES, PETER GABRIEL, JR., 506 E. Monroe St., Jacksonville. CARINGTON, HENRY ALEXANDER, 1002 Frankland Rd., Tampa. CARKHUFF, EDWIN oIxoN, Marianna. CARLILE, LAYMON ESTERIDGE, P. O. Box 364, Tallahassee. CARLISLE, HAROLD M., Rt. 8, Box 969, S. Jacksonville. CARLSON, HERBERT EINAR, 1131 Broadway, Riviera Beach. CARLSON, NORMAN APPELT, Rt. 1, Box 112, Orlando. CARLTON, ROBERT H., 1108 So. 22nd St., Tampa. CARLTON, WILLIAM ALBERT, P. O. Box 415, Wauchula. CARMICHAEL, WALDO STRONG, 1020 S. Olive St., West Palm Beach. CARNELL, DARREL PITTS, 40 Corbin Ave., Ormond. CARNEY, RICHARD STEPHEN, 110-20th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. CARPENTER, JOHN CURTIS, 3011 Palmira, Tampa. CARR, EARL GRAFF, 628 N. Adelle Ave., DeLand. CARRE, JOHN EUGENE, Box 38, Rt. No. 1, East Palatka. CARRICO, ARNOLD JAMES, Box 117, Mesquite, Texas. CARROLL, RAYMOND, JR., 2Vz Tremaine St., lP. O. Box 6051, St. Augustine. CARROLL, THOMAS JOSEPH, 237 W. Minnesota Ave., DeLand. CARSON, HOWARD ILEY, Webster. CARTER, LOUISE B., 1436 W. University Ave., Gainesville. CARTER, MAURICE VERNON, 702 Woodward Dr., Lakeland. CARTER, ROBERT RUFUS, 701 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. CASADO, MARIO, Calle Bolivar, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. CASEY, THOMAS LEUI, JR., P. O. Box 693, Auburndale. CASSEL, MARWIN SHEPARD, 410 N.E. 17th St., Miami. CASSESUX, RALPH HANS, 55-P, Flavet Village, Gainesville. CASTAGNA, WILLIAM JOHN, 324 Jeffords St., Clearwater. CASTELLANI, PETER C. F., 400 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach. CASTELLUCCI, ALBERT H. E., 6328 N.W. 3rd Ave., Miami. CASTIGLIONI, PIETRO, Via Saragozza 113, Bologna lltalyl. CASTRO, ALBERT, 2706 Lemon St., Tampa. CASTRO, EDWARD, 2706 Lemon St., Tampa. CHABOT, FERDINAND EUGENE, Flavet No. 1, V-80, Gainesville. CHACE, JAMES EDWARD, 1228 Kentucky Ave., Gainesville. CHAFE, ESTELLE AGNES, 1656 West University Ave., Gainesville. CHAFIN, CARL F., Holden, W. Va. CHALKER, PAUL RUSSELL, Box 2747, Gainesville. CHAMBLEE, THOMAS F., 42 Aragon Count, Pensacola. CHAMPION, EMILY BROWN, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. CHAMPION, LOU IS DONALD, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. CHANDLER, HARMON COLE, JR., Rt. No. 1, Ft. Lauderdale. CHAPLAIN, DAVID K., 1034 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach. CHAPMAN, HERBERT LEE, JR., 463 N. Orange Ave., Orlando. CHAPMAN, JESSIE HAROLD, 111 Cedar Ave., Sanford. CHAPMAN, RICHARD DAVID, 1024-28th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. CHAPMAN, ROBERT PHILLIP, Rt. No. 1, Leesburg. CHAPPELL, WILLIAM VENROE, JR., Route 4, Ocala. CHARLES, HOYT, 4114 Central Ave., Tampa. CHASTAIN, FREDERICK OWEN, 410 So. 9th St., Palatka. CHASTAIN, JONES ALTON, 202 W. Woodlawn Ave., Tampa. CHEANEY, PHILIP N., 231 Almond Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. cI-IEEK, THOMAS coMER, Cross City. CHENEY, MAX WILTON, 434 E. 5th St., Jacksonville. CHESHIRE, QLEN WYATT, Rt. 1, Box 155, Lakeland. CHESSER, HARMON EUGENE, P. O. Box 433, Dunnellon. CHESSER, JOE EARL, Rt. 2, Quincy. CHESTER, WILLIAM v., Live Oak. CHILDERS, EUGENE, Flat No. 2, Richland Hts., Gainesville. Page 444 CHILDRE, JESSE WILL, Box No. 3, Bostwick. CHILDS, ROBERT ROSCOE, 1004 Charter St., Tampa. CHOULAT, JAMES EDWARD, 1629 Liberty St., Jacksonville. CHRIST, GEORGE RICHARD, JR., 1223 E. Hanna, Tampa. CHRISTIE, JAMES RONALD, 619 E. 7th Ave., Mount Dora. CHRISTIE, WILLIAM McLEAN, 1786 Challen, Jacksonville. CICIRELLI, VICTOR GEORGE, 637 N.W. 1st St., Miami. CIRALDO, ALFRED JOSEPH, 114 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio. CISSEL, ROBERT WHITE, 1314 Ind. Ave., St. Cloud. CLAPHAM, GEORGE R., No. 2 Beeman Pk., Orlando. CLARK, ERNEST PALMER, 1214 Lake Weir Ave., Ocala. CLARK, JACK, 337-15th St. No., St. Petersburg. CLARK, JOSEPH NEWTON, 104 Grove St., Eustis. CLARK, JOSEPH ROBERT, JR., 25 E. Harvard Ave., Orlando. CLARK, PHILIP AMENT, Pompano Beach. CLARK, WILLIAM CLAYTON, JR., 211 Second Ave., Daytona Beach. CLARKE, CHARLES MARTIN, 309 E. Ridgewood St., Lakeland. CLARKE, GERALD MORDAUNT, JR., P. O. Box 87, Arlington. CLARKE, ROBERT FRANCIS, 891 W. Masonic, Gainesville. CLAWSON, ROBERT EMM ETT, Frostproof. CLEAVELAND, HAROLD HULETT, JR P. O. Box 1786, Pensacola. CLEGG, JOHN ALFRED, Bunnell. CLELAND, RALPH S., JR., 1115 Line St., Leesburg. CLEMENT, WILLIAM F., Box 203, Ft. Myers. CLEMENTS, DAVID CHARLES, 305 Pontotoc St., Auburndale. CLEMENTS, JAMES EDWARD, 228 Mulberry St., Jacksonville . CLEMENTS, RALPH MARCUS, Box 366, Sebring. CLEMENTS, WALTER EUGENE, Box 366, Sebring. CLEMENZ1, ROBERT LOUIS, Route No. 2, Ft. Pierce. CLEMMONS, ALEXANDER H., Rt. 3, Chipley. CLEMMONS, JAMES ALTON, Rt. 3, Chipley. CLIFTON, MARGUERITE DONIS, 723 East 8th St., Ocala. CLINARD, THOMAS PAYTON, Z0 Early St., Brooksville. , CLOPTON, MARY FRANCIS, Rt. 5, Box 306, Pensacola. CLOSE, BOYD WALLACE, Rt. 2, Moore Haven. CLOSE, ELMER GEORGE, Rt. No. 2, Moore Haven. COBIA, SHEFFIELD MICHINER, 314 W. Hancock St., Lakeland. COBB, WILLIAM HUGH, 437Vz Evernia St., West Palm Beach. COCHLEY, HERBERT L., JR., Rt. 8, San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville. COCKRELL, THOMAS PRESTON, 802 Lomax St., Jacksonville. COE, CHARLES SHIPLEY, "Longview", Gulf Breeze. COFFEE, EDWIN CHRISTOPHER, JR., 1722 Belmont Ave., Jacksonville. COHEN, BART LEONARD, 1800 S.W. Zlst St., Miami. COLE, LOREN FLETCHER, Jasmine fr Wisteria Sts., Hibiscus Park Gainesville. COLEE, HAROLD WILFRED, 3517 Pine St., Jacksonville. COLEE, STANLEY FREDERICK, 89 St. George St., St. Augustine. COLEMAN, JESSE LEON, 306 Hobart St., Daytona Beach. COLLEY, SANFORD CAREY, Mt. Dora. COLLEY, SHIRLEY ROE, Box 414g Starke. COLLIE, JACK CLAYTON, 601 Avenida Alegra, West Palm Beach. COLLIE, ROBERT L., 601 Avenida Alegra, W. Palm Beach. COLLINS, DONALD EUGENE, 800 N.W. 58th St., Miami. COLLINS, EDWIN HARRISON, Oneco. COLLINS, JAMES ERNEST, W. Green St., Perry. COLSON, BILLY W., Bell. COLSON, LEONARD F., JR., 301 S. Marion St., Lake City. COMBS, WILLIAM EDWARD, 400 E. 2nd Ave., Gainesville. COMMANDER, FRANK, JR., Sopchoppy. COMMER, JAMES VERNON, 5026-26th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. CONDON, JOHN AMICK, 3629 S.W. 12th St., Miami. CONE, JESSE P., Alford. CONE, WILLIAM HENRY, Anthony. CONKLING, FREDERIC EVERETT, 1728 S.W. 14th Terrace, Miami. CONKLING, HOMER CAPLES, JR., 123 N. 7th St., Gainesville. CONNER, Route No. CONNER, Apopka. CONRAD, P. O. Box CONTER, DOYLE EDWARD, 2, Starke. WM. LEWIS, SHERMAN F., 1004, Pensacola. JOHN PAU L, Flavet I, U-78, Gainesville. CONWAY, JOHN FRANCIS, 338 East Monroe St., Jackson CONWAY, ROBERT ALLEN, Rt. I, Box 51, Apopka. CONYBEAR, WM. ROBERT, 800 Elhert Dr., Winter Haven. COOK, FREDERICK, ville. Tallahassee. COOK, HOWARD FARY, JR., Surf Cottages, 623-30th St., We Beach. COOK, WILFRED LOWELL, JR., 2600 W. Flagler St., Miami. COOK, WILLIAM GATES, Box 848, Eau Gallie. COOKSEY, DOUGLAS L., Monticello. COOKSEY, JOHN CALVIN, Lloyd. COOLEY, MACK DUGGAN, Wildwood. st Palm COOPER, ALBERT MARTIN, 7118 Central Ave., Tampa. COOPER, ALTON WINSTON, 307 E. Paris St., Tampa. COOPER, HUGH LAURENCE, JR., 3222 Remington St., Jacksonville. COOPER, JAMES LAGETTE, 1215 Ridgewood Ave., Orlando. COOPER, R. D., 531 W. Hunter St., Lakeland. COOPER, RICHARD STREETY, Apt. 6, Braddock Apts., Daytona Beach. COOPER, ROBERT WILLIAM, 95 N.E. 50th St., Miami. COOPER, T. J., Box 113, Chipley. COOTNER, PAUL HAROLD, 1677 S.W. 15th St., Miami. COPELAND, RICHARD WATSON, JR., 208 Oakwood Ave., Hopewell, Va. COPELAND, WARREN RAYMOND, Rt. 1, Box 130, Dade City. COPPS, HENRY LEE, 3410 Barcelona, Tampa. COPPS, SUSANNAH URIE, 324 So. Scenic Hwy., Frostproof. CORDELL, JOE BEN, 307 E. Beacon Rd., Lakeland. CORLETT, EDWARD STANLEY, 8276 N.E. 7th Ave., Miami. COSTIN, CECIL G., JR., Port St. Joe. COSTNER, GERALD CRUMP, Box 398 Auburndale. COTTEN, HILTON, JR., 644 Minn. Ave., McComb, Miss. COUNCIL, CHARLIE THOMAS, Route 2, Palmetto. COUNCIL, RAY ELDON, 428 E. Johnson Ave., Lake Wales. COURSHON, CHARLES JAMES II41 Normandy Dr., Miami Beach. COVINGTON, HARRISON WALL, 205 Lake Rd., Plant City. COWAN, WESLEY DEWIN, 332 East Hampton Ave., Gainesville. COWART, JOSEPH ALLEN, Box 1133, Cocoa. COX, GENE TROTTIE, 1010 W. Madison, Lake City. CRABTREE, ALBERT MORRIS, 2103 Herschel St., Jacksonville. CRAFT, CHESTER LEE, 123 Salamanca, Coral Gables. CRAFT, ERNEST J., 120 So. Seventh St., Gainesville. CRAGO, RICHARD LEON, 1351 W. Arlington St., Gainesville. CRAIG, ELLWOOD GEORGE, 1401 12th St. So., St. Petersburg. CRAWFORD, JOHN HUGHES, Apt. 46 N, Flavet I, Gainesville. CRAWFORD, THOMAS HILLIARD, JR., 1010 Carlo St., Jacksonville. CREWS, JAMES WILLIAM, 2107 W. Seminary, Gainesville. CREWS, JOHN J., JR., Macclenny. CREWS, LESTER THOMAS, Vernus. CREWS, WALTER LEE, 1112 Palmer, Orlando. calm, DONALD Roaskr, 1931 N.W. 4th sr., Miami. CROCKETT, DAVID C., Route 3, Box 94, Madison. CROLZY, RANDAL D., 218 S. 8th St., Gainesville. CROMARTIE, DEWITT TENBRODK, 846 N.E. 2nd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. CROMWELL, ROBERT FREDERICK, 1206 W. Court St., Gainesville. CRONIN, JAMES HELFRICH, 1201 S.W. 23rd St., Miami. CROOK, THOMAS R., JR., 1632 Roosevelt Ave., So. Jacksonville. CROOKE, JAMES J., 1320 E. Bobe St., Pensacola. CROSBY, HAROLD BRYAN, Box 591, Kissimmee. CROSBY, JOHN H., Apt. 256-W, Flavet III, Gainesville. CROSBY, RALPH WILLIAM, San Mateo. CROSLAND, PATRICIA M., Waldo. CROSLAND, ROBERT ELDER, 354 Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda. CROUCH, SAMUEL LEE, 139 N. 7th St., Gainesville. Page 445 CROUCH, THOMAS ALLEN, 204 W. Church St., Gainesville. CROWDER, NATHAN LeROY, JR Mirasol Hotel, Suite 102, Tampa. CROWE, JOHN HANCE, 550 N. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona. CROWELL, JOSEPH McCALEB, 500 Magnolia, Panama City. CROWN, HARRY VICTOR, 1683 Canterbury St., Jacksonville. CROWN, JAMES IRACY, 4200 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. CROY, GEORGE JAMES, 545 E. Call St., Tallahassee. CRUMLEY, JACK ELTON, 1832 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. CRUMLEY, ROBERT JAMES, Box 88, Sanford. CRUZ, ORLANDO EARL, 923 McBerry St., Tampa. CUELLAR, JOSE, 2108 Lowe St., Tampa. CULPEPPER, VERNON MERCER, Box 13, Geneva. CULVER, ROBERT HARRIS, 1560 N.W. 2nd St., Miami. CUMBO, CHARLES MICHAEL, 1901 Carmen St., Tampa. CUMMINGS, VIRGINIA LORA, P. O. Box 1352, St. Augustine. CUNNINGHAM, DUDLEY H., 1212 Minnesota Ave., Orlando. CURAY, THOMAS EARL, JR., Box 182, Rt. No. 1, Lutz. CURRAN, FRANK CLIFFORD, Jacksonville. CURRIE, ERNEST RICHARDSON, Route 1, Box 64-B, Largo. CURRY, WILFRED JOHN, 683 E. 19th St., Hialeah. CUSHING, WILLIAM SEDGWICK, 137 Dix Ave., Ormond. CUSIC, DANIEL WARREN, 15 W. 16th St., Jacksonville. D oAsoLL, WARREN wM., arp, Dade city. DAIGLE, LOUIS JOHN, Rt. No. 4, Orlando. DALE, LAMAR B., JR., 1774 Leon St., Gainesville. D'AMICO, HENRY, Box 499, Palatka. DAMPIER, CHESTER LIONEL, 1071 E. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. DANFORTH, ALAN H., 524 N. 9th St., Gainesville. DANIEL, CHARLES LESLIE, JR., Trailervet No. 1, Alachua Air Bose Gainesville. DANIEL, C. WELBORN, 108 Lee St., Icebuy. DANIEL, JOSEPH. WILLIAM, JR., 1000 S. Johnson, Lakeland. DANIEL, ROBERT CARLTON, 151 N.E. 11th Terrace, Miami. DANSBY, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR., Box 122, Alachua. DARBY, HERBERT, Lake City. DARDEN, JOHN DALE, 117 Lemon St., Palatka. DATZ, ALBERT JACK, 169 N.E. 29th St., Miami. DAUBT, DAN CLAYTON, 1027 Miami Rd., Jacksonville. DAVANT, FREDERIC C., 211 N.W. 3rd St., Miami. DAVENPORT, ELBERT JACKSON, JR 311 N.W. 4th St., Miami. DAVENPORT, WILLIAM RANDOLPH, 812 N. 6th Ave., Pensacola. DAVIDSON, JACK FREDRICK, 2340 6th Ave. W., Bradenton. DAVIDSON, JOHN CAMPBELL, 1524 W. Flagler St., Miami. DAVIDSON, WILLIAM BROWN, 2340 6th Ave. W., Bradenton. DAVIES, WILKINS LEE, 932 E. Cleveland St., Clearwater. DAVIS, CHARLES EVANS, Trenton. DAVIS, GEORGE EUGENE, JR., Route 1, Box 126 A IJackson Ave.I, Gainesville. DAVIS, GEORGENE A., 300 Torrey Ave., Ocala. DAVIS, HORANCE GIBBS, JR., Box 221, Raiford. DAVIS, JAMES WILLIAM, 1417 Challen Ave., Jacksonville. DAVIS, JOHN F., JR., 2908 Bavista Ave., Tampa. DAVIS, JOHNNIE E., Route 1, Box 69,'Atmore, Ala. DAVIS, LOUISE HOUSTON, Casa Caprona Apts., Fort Pierce. DAVIS, MOSS VERNON, 2500 6th Ave. South, Lake Worth. DAVIS, NATHANIEL, 2320 Belote Pl., Jacksonville. DAVIS, NICHOLAS EUGENE, Rf. 3, sox zaz.r, Gainesville. DAVIS, QUINCE BLERINS, 984 N.W. 5th St., Miami. DAVIS, ROBERT STANLEY, 2359 Oak St., Jacksonville. DAVIS, WM. AFTON, Box 123, Mims. DAWSON, FRANKLIN JOSEPH, 610 E. Church St., Gainesville. DAWSON, WILLIAM PENN, JR., 3022 Chapin Ave., Tampa. DAY, GORDON MILLS, 641 Lake Dr., Lantana. DAY, JOHN LEWIS, 1003 Southard St., Key West. DAY, JOHN R., 313 So. "O" St., Lake Worth. -I DAY, WILLIAM HAROLD, 716 3rd Ave. Drive, Bradenton. DAYAN, JACK, 1021 23rd Ave., Tampa. DEAL, JOHN RICHARD, 4130 Tangerine Ave., St. Petersburg. DEARMAN, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, JR., Box 121, Purvis, Miss. de CARIOU, GEORGE HAROLD, 2503 S.W. 60th Ct., Coral Way, Miami. DECKER, ANDREW JOSEPH, 14 Hempden, Gloucester, Mass. DECKER, FRANK CHARLES, 24 N. 17th St., Fernandina. DEEHL, ROBERT MARION, 8901 N.E. Bayshore Drive, Miami. DEHAAN, JACOB DONALD, 2918 Poinsettia St., Ft. Lauderdale. DEKLE, GEORGE WALLACE, Davis Road, Gainesville. DELAHOYDE, FRANKLIN W., 10967 Rochester Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. DELAPARTE, ADOLPH, 407 W. Frances Ave., Tampa. DELL, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Pinedell, Hilldale Rd., Gainesville. DELOE, JOHN PATTERSON, Melbourne. DeMlLLY, PRESTON W., P. O. Box 627, Tallahassee. DEMRO, CONRAD GEORGE, JR., 107 S.W. 2nd St., Dania. DENKER, JEROME MAYER, 335 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach. DENNIS, DOLPHUS GIBSON, 819 So. Tenn. Ave., Lakeland. DENNIS, NORMAN McLEAD, 1065 E. Seminary St., Gainesville. DENNISON, FAYETTE, Bowling Green, Ky. DERRICK, S. FRANKLIN, Oak Island Road, Pine Castle. DESKINS, ANDREW J., Pikeville, Ky. De VANE, WILMA JEAN, 512 E. Duval St., Lake City. DEVLIN, ANNABELLE, Rt. 1, Box 489 G, Jacksonville. De WINILLER, AUGUST, JR., 336 N.E. 98th St., Miami. DeWOLF, LEVANT PRIOR, JR., Route 1, Box 10 A, Crescent City. DIAMOND, WALKER GAYLE, 1131 N.W. 38th St., Miami. DIAZ, GEORGE FRANCIS, 654 N. 9th St., Gainesville. DIAZ, JULIAN LINO, 3000 Highland Ave., Tampa. DI BONA, JOSEPH A., 1006 10th Ave., Tampa. olclcERT, ROBERT ROLAND, I zls N. Ridgewood Ave., Holly Hill. DICKINSON, J. C., JR., Dept. of Biology, Campus. Page DICKINSON, JAMES EDWARD, 904 South Range St., Madison. DICKISON, ROLAND BISHOP, 630 N. Virginia Ave., Gainesville. DICKS, P. T., Chiefland, Lake City. DICKSON, THOMAS GODWIN, Box 14, Pahokee. DIETZ, GEORGE ALBERT, 435 4th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. DINGMAN, VIRGIL A., 4840 Lawnview St., Jacksonville. DITTMAR, CHARLES H., 1160 E. University Ave., Gainesville. DITTMAR, RABUN HOOD, JR., 1160 E. University, Gainesville. DIXON, EVA. JOHNSON, Evinston. DIXON, MERLIN J., Rt. 3, Gainesville. DIXON, THOMAS, 1253 Challen, Jacksonville. DODSON, ROBERT KENNETH, 405 3rd St., Eastport, Md. DOHERTY, HERBERT J., JR., 64-4 Alder St., Jacksonville. DOLCATER, JOHN STEWART, 2814 MacDill, Tampa. DOLIVE, SILAS GEORGE, 309 Knowles Ave., Winter Park. DOMINICK, JULIAN KLET'1'NER, Route 5, Orlando. DONALDSON, BARDWELL MATHEW, 536 N. Grandview Ave., Daytona Beach. DONN, ANDREW JAMES, 46 Star Island, Miami Beach. DONOFRO, JOSEPH LOUIS, 735-16th St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. DORO, GEORGE NICHOLDS, 3640 Herschell St., Jacksonville. DORSETT, HUGH JACKSON, Branford. DORSEY, MARGARET L. LINA, 1017 Franklin St., Tampa. DOSS, EUGENE, Trailer Vet ll, Gainesville. DOSTER, ERNEST STANTON, 2201 Flavet No. 3, Gainesville. DOUGLAS, ERLYNNE MARIE, 934 Sec. Ave., Gainesville. DOUGLAS, JOHN FREDERICK, JR., 1402 West Duval, Lake City. DOUGLASS, SOPHIE HERRING, 3903 Mobile Highway, Pensacola. DOWDY, HOKE, 235 N. Adelle Ave., DeLand. DOWLING, HERNDON GLENN, JR., 1806 West Church St., Gainesville. DOWLING, JEAN BOYD, 1144 Thessalia, Gainesville. DOWLING, PEGGY PURCELL, 1806 W. Church, Gainesville. DOWNING, HAROLD EARL, High Springs. 446 DOYLE, JAMES V., JR., 237 W. Minnesota Ave., DeLand. DOZIER, LAURIE LESTER, JR., 607 East Sixth Ave., Tallahassee. DRELFUSS, PHILIP, Apt. 241-S, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. DREYER, WILLIAM R., 1621-19th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. DRIGGERS, CORLIS J., 201 S. Victoria Park Rd., Ft. Lauderdale DRIGGERS, JAMES CLYDE, 1155 W. Cypress St., Gainesville. DRISCOLL, WILLIS C., 302 Riverside Drive, East Bradenton. DRURY, FRANK VANDEVEER, 3871 Park St., Jacksonville. DRYMAN, JAMES J., 216 Irving Ave., Sarasota. DUBE, JOHN PAUL, Box 168, West Nyack, N. Y. DuBOSE, HUGH CHESTER, Pensacola. DUBOV, DAVID JULIUS, 802 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach. DUCKWORTH, FRANK AUSTIN, 2335 E. Lakeshore Blvd., Jacksonville. DUCKWORTH, ROBERT E., JR., 917 N. Westmoreland Dr., Orlando. DUDLEY, CECIL MOISE, 138 W. 7th St., Jacksonville. burr, JOHN HOWARD, 714 "L" St., West Palm Beach. DUFOUR, RICHARD L., Cooley Farm, Franconia, N. H. DUGGER, RODERIC RUSS, JR., Pierce, Polk County. DUKE, DAVID CLINTON, Rt. 2, Box 127, Bartow. DUNCAN, DANIEL URIAH, 115 E. Maxwell, Lakeland. DUNCAN, GORDON ALEXANDER, JR., 1500 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville. DUNHAM, BRUCE CAMERON, 61 Downer St., Baldwinsville, New York DUNKLE, JOHN ROBERT, 302 S. Doval, Tallahassee. DUNN, WALLACE, 300 N. Seventh St., Gainesville. DUNWOODY, LELAND BROOKE, 525 Coral Way, Coral Gables. DUNWOODY, WILLARD De GEOFF, 525 Coral Way, Coral Gables. DURAN, RICHARD, 2114 West Columbus Dr., Tampa. DURRANCE, CARL CLINTON, Fort Meade. DUVALL, ELISE B., Hawthorne. DYE, DEWEY ALBERT, JR., 203 N. 18th St. W., Bradenton. DYTES, GORDON WAYNE, 4032-3rd Ave. So., St. Petersburg. E EAGAN, JOHN ROBERT, f Rt. 1, Box 104 S, Tampa. EAGLE, RICHARD ADRIAN. Trailervet No. 1, Alachua Air Base, Gainesville. EAGLE, SARA WOODRUFF, Clermont. V EARLE, JAMES BISHOP, 807 S.W. 6th Ter., Gainesville. EARLY, CHARLES EDWARD, 433 Oak St., Sarasota. EARNEST, CHARLES R., 51 Glen Royal Phwy, Miami. EASTHOPE, JOE, 1028 Tyler St., Hollywood. EATON, JOE O., 28-I, Flavet 111, Gainesville. EBERHART, FRANCIS CLAUDE, Apt. 33-J, Flavet No. 1, Gainesville. EBERT, LOUIS HENRY, 4 East Bay, Jacksonville. ECKEL, EDWARD F., 1305 S.E. 2nd St., Ft. Lauderdale. EDELSON, ELIHU, 350 W. 9th St., Sarasota. EDMONSON, EDWARD MACON, 502 College Park, Gainesville. EDWARDS, CHARLES HENRY, Box 82, Gulf Hammock. EDWARDS, CHARLES L., Lowry Ave., Plant City. EDWARDS, GEORGE ELMER, JR., 213 East St., Ocala. EDWARDS, HERMAN, Hotel Troy, Daytona Beach. EDWARDS, OLIVER J., JR., Box 1320, St. Petersburg. EGGART, GEORGE J., JR., Pensacola. EIDE, ALFRED THEODORE, Box 1255, Lake Placid. EIE, ROSE-AMELIA, 928 Oddfellow St., Gainesville. EISGROV, HARVEY MONROE, 110 S. Halifax Ave., Daytona Beach. ELDER, RANDALL COLE, Box 27, Grandin. ELGIN, LEE WILLIAM, JR., 2410 Alton Rd., Miami Beach. ELLIAS, LEDIE THEODORE, 449 Phelps St., Jacksonville. ELLIOTT, LeROY ERNEST, 212 Ardsley St., Staten Island No. 6, N. Y. ELLIOTT, M. LEO, JR., Bayshore Royal Hotel, Tampa. ELLIS, BUSIL ELWIN, Box 107, Fort White. ELLIS, JOSEPH O., Alachua. ELLIS, THEO HUFFMAN, Alachua. ELLMAKER, SOLON JAMES, 1612 New Jersey Rd., Lakeland. ELY, CHARLES CLEVELAND, 220 Magnolia St., Neptune Beach. EMIG, ELMER BYRON, 41 L Flavet Village, Gainesville. EMMANUEL, MICHEL G., 809 Wakulla Ave., Gainesville. EMMONS, ALBERT WINSTON, 1308 So. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach ENGLISH, ERNEST PORTIS, Rt. 1, Box 158, Live Oak. ENGLISH, JAMES JOSEPH, 1314 Madeira Court, West Palm Beach. ENNIS, ROBERT F., 214 Glen Ave., Tampa. ENNRIGHT, JOHN GOODMAN, 2324 Queed St. So., St. Petersburg. ENTZ, NOEL W., 1212 Line St., Leesburg. ENTZMINGER, PERCY R., 541 S. 9th St., Gainesville. EPPEN, KATHLENE ANNETTE, 352 N.E. 60th St., Miami. ERICSSON, ERIC AUGUST, 103 N.E. 2nd Ave., Hollandale. ERIKSEN, WARREN I., Orange City. ERNEST, LAWRENCE KRETSCHMAR, 1217 18th St., Bradenton. ESHLEMAN, S. KENDRICK, 733 East Lassiter St., Gainesville. ESPY, CALVIN CLAY, 5358 Colonial Ave., Jacksonville. EVANS, ANDERSON PIERCE, 138 Washington St., St. Augustine. EVANS, DONALD W., 825 Beach Dr. No., St. Petersburg. EVANS, NEAL DOW, 3631 Boone Pk. Ave., Jacksonville. EVANS, RICHARD BYRON, 321 S.W. 9th Ave., Miami. EVANS, THOMAS PELHAM, Box 693, Okeechobee. EVERETT, AREN WYNDELL, High Springs. EVERETT, CHARLES MANLY, 1432 Westchester Ave., Winter Park. EWART, THOMAS EDWIN, JR., 2535 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. F FAGAN, OSEE ROBERT, 229 East Arlington, Gainesville. FAIRCLOTH, WILLIAM EARL, Box 173-A, Rt. 4, Gainesville. FALCONER, HUGH SCOTT, 530 South First St., Jacksonville Beach. FALSONE, FRANK JOSEPH, JR., 710 Cake Ave., Tampa. FANELLI, CHARLES McKEE, Reddick. FARABEE, THOMAS JACKSON, Route 4, Orlando. FARBER, DANIEL, 1345 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach. FARNELL, WENDELL EARL, Gainesville. FARR, EARL DRAYTON, JR., Box 635, Punta Gorda. FARRIOR, J. REX, 2413 Sunset Dr., Tampa. FAULKNER, LESTER W., JR. Hollywood. FAULKNER, NORMAN ALBERT, Alachua Air Base, T 35 A, Gainesville. FAVATA, JOHN JOSEPH, 1916 15th Ave., Tampa. FAY, THOMAS HOLLAND, JR., 230 N. Arredonda, Gainesville. FEE, EDWARD HAMILTON, 1306 E. Broward Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. FEINBERG, ROBERT M., P. O. Box 384, Quincy. FELKEL, HERBERT WARREN, 1962 Hernando St., Gainesville. FENNELL, JOHN MARCHALL, 601 West 1st St., Sanford. FERGUSON, ALAN FLETCHER, Pine Castle. FERGUSON, JOHN RANDOLPH, Rt. 2-224, Annis Blvd., Gainesville. FERGUSON, MONA, Rt. 2, 224 Annis Blvd., Gainesville. FERGUSON, ROBIN HUNTER, 607 S. 7th St., Gainesville. FERNANDEZ, JOSEPH, 1805 14th Ave., Tampa. FERNANDEZ, PAUL A., 2510 Cordelia St., Tampa. FERNANDEZ, JOSEPH E., . 915 12th Ave., Tampa. FERNANDEZ, OSCAR OTTO, 2545 Queensboro Ave. S., St. Petersburg FERREIRA, ROBERT PAUL, 129 N. 4th, Fernandina. FEWELL, MILTON LAMAR, 4115 Lynn Ave., Tampa. FICKETT, STEPHEN BURRO-WS, JR., P. O. Box 1001, Orlando. FIELD, WM. HOWARD, 556 Palmetto, Miami Springs. FIELDING, CLAUDE B., JR., 1507 Weber Ave., Orlando. FIELDS, CHARLES GORDON, 365 Stanley St., Bartow. FINDLEY, GEORGE BERNARD, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. FINK, MORRIS, Rt. 2, Box 270, Homestead. FINNEY, SAMUEL N., JR., 2322 Russell St., Jacksonville. FISCHESSER, LUCIEN G., P. O. Box 850, Bradenton. FISCHESSER, MAC IMRIE, P. O. Box 850, Bradenton. FISCHETTE, JAMES ANTHONY, 1 Davis St., Binghamton, New York. FISHBACK, MARTIN PRESTON, JR., 800-27th Ave. Na., St. Petersburg. FISHER, DONALD W., 721 Putnam St., Orlando. FISHER, GEORGE RYAD, 2923 Forbes St., Jacksonville. FISHER, GUSTAF W., Pierson. Page 447 FISHER, ROBERT I., 605 E. Chelsea St., Tampa. FISHKIND, ROBERT JAY, 236-D, Flavet 3, Gainesville. FITZPATRICK, CHARLES B., 523 Fern St., Jacksonville. FLANAGAN, EDWIN C., 6018 Dexter, Tampa. FLATHMANN, SUE ELLA, Rt. 2, Box 25, Gainesville. FLEET, ERWIN, 612 N. Jefferson St., Perry. FLEMING, BENJAMIN A., 75 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine. FLEMING, JOHN SHELTON, 1451 No. Alabama St., Gainesville. FLEMING, MARVIN LEE, P. O. Box 895, Millville. FLEMING, WILLIAM GLADSTONE, JR 1517 Magnolia Ave., Sanford. FLETCHEN, JOHN C., Box H, Greensboro. FLETCHER, JAMES P., ' 118 Parshley St., Live Oak. FLINT, ROBERT LEWIS, 33016. West McCormick, Gainesville. FLORRID, LESTER WRIGHT, JR., 424 N.E. 11th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. FLOWERS, WILLIAM DUNCAN, 507 No. 6th St., Fort Pierce. FLOYD, ALFRED THEODORE, JR., 3213 Plymouth Courts, Tampa. FLOYD, LINTON EUGENE, 226 Magnolia, Neptune Beach. FLUKER, EDUARD HAWTHORNE, JR., 2235--Ist Ave. No., St. Petersburg. FOLKS, SOLOMAN JOHN, JR., RFD No. 2, Box 25 AI, Gainesville. FOLSON, HENRY MILTON, Live Oak. FOLSON, JOHN KENT, Rt. 4, Box 185, Tallahassee. FOLSON, LUTHER WELLS, Rt. 3, Box 916, Tampa. FOLSON, PERCY R., Star Route, Box 59, Tallahassee. FOOTE, ANDERSON MARSHALL, JR., 1424 Edgewood Ave., Jacksonville. FORBES, RICHARD B., Rt. 2, Box 110 A, Orlando. FORCHAND, AUTHA WESLEY, Apt. 127, Flavet No. 2, Gainesville. FORD, CHARLES ROBERT, 824 E. Arlington St., Gainesville. FORD, HERBERT PIERCE, JR., 651 E. 6th Ave., Tallahassee. FORD, WILLIAM PAT, Box 374, Tampa. FORGET, LOUIS C., Route 3, Box 275, Ft. Pierce. FORNEY, ROBERT EDMOND, 1509 Catherine St., Jacksonville. FORRESTER, JOHN REGISTER, 138 W. 30th St., Jacksonville. FORSHAY, DAVID ABRAM, 1763 2nd Ave. N., Lake Worth. GERKEN, FORTNER, EUGENE MITCHELL, RFD 4, Box 310, Plant City. FOURAKER, STANLEY RANDOLPH, 1505 N. Peachtree, Jacksonville. FOWLER, JOHN FILLMORE, P. O. Box 311, Apopka. FOWLER, TALBERT BASS, Flavet No. 3, Apt. 243-U, Gainesville. FOX, ALAN J., 2460 Haminga Drive, Miami Beach. FOX, JOHN LINCOLN, Box 803, Jacksonville Beach. FRANK, LOUIS ROBERT, Crescent Apts., Tampa. FRANK, RAYMOND DEPAUL, 1714 Crill Ave., Palatka. FRANKLIN, JAMES ALFRED, JR., 2015 Almeria Ave., Ft. Myers. FRASER, HARRISON MARVIN, Box 435, Auburndale. FRASER, LAWRENCE ARNOLD, 1113 S. Pond St., Ocala. FRASIER, ROBERT DONALD, 3409 Palmira Ave., Tampa. FRAZIER, DWIGHT EAROLL, 2101 Georgia Ave., W. Palm Beach. FRAZIER, WM. R., 3110 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. FREEBURG, HAROLD O., 1879 S.W. 13th St., Miami. FREEDMAN, MORTON CHARLES, 5550 La Gorce Drive, Miami Beach. FREEMAN, GEORGE R., Box 214, Chattahoochee. FREEMAN, HENRY L., 1221 N.W. 5th St., Miami. FREEMAN, JAEQUELINE MARGOT, 1538 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach. FRENCH, A. LEE, JR., 722 E. 5th Ave., Mt. Dora. FREY, WATTIE BELVIN, 2209 Wilna St., Ft. Myers. FRIDAY, E. O., Punta Gorda. FRIDY, RICHARD SLEAP, 205 N. 5th St., Palatka. FRIED, BETTY ROSAMOND, P. O. Box 622, Arcadia. FRIED, MELVIN L., 408 N. Franklin St., Gainesville. FRIEDERICH, LAMBERT PETER, 4611 North "A" St., Tampa. FRIEDMAN, FREDERIC ARNOLD, 210 C, Flavet 3, Gainesville. FRIEDMANN, WALTER JOHN, JR., 418 Vermont Ave., Daytona Beach. FRIEND, CHARLIE, 940-9th St., Miami Beach. FRIERSON, EDWARD PERCY, Route 1, Ona. FRISHMAN, NEWTON, 1401 S.W. 15th St., Miami. FRUIN, ROBERT J., 1612 N.E. 2nd Ct., Ft. Lauderdale. FUHRER, CARL HAROLD, Flavet Ill, Apt. 248 B, Gainesville. FULLER, MARIE, 1306 West Union, Gainesville. FULLER, WILLIAM HENRY, JR., 207 Hopkins St., Neptune Beach. FULLOR, JOSEPH C., Mulberry. FULTON, RICHARD ALSINA, 410 Iris St., West Palm Beach. FULTON, WERNER C., 455 Orange Ave., Bartow. FUNDERBURK, ALONZO J., 124 No. 6th St., Gainesville. FUQUAY, ALBERT WORDE, 1070 E. University, Gainesville. FUQUAY, ROBERT FRANK, Rt. 4, Box 185, Ocala. FUSSELL, CHARLES JULIAN, Box 698M, Florence Villa. FUTCH, MABRY DELISLE, Lake City. FUTCH, MACK SISTRUNK, Box 68, Starke. G GABLE, ALEX S., 328 E. St. Johns St., Lake City. GADDUM, JOSEPH GLENN, RFD No. 2, Box 22A, Gainesville. GAGLIARDI, FRANK A., Box 28A, Route No. 4, Gainesville. GAINES, JOHN PENDLETON, Box 163 B, Bushnell. GAINES, MARION T., 317 N. Roper St., Gainesville. GAITANIS, LOUIS ANDREW, Rt. 4, Box I59B, Gainesville. GALBIARTH, LAURA H., High Springs. GALE, GAYLORD GLYNN, 3305--13th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. GAMBLE, JOSEPH GRAHAM, JR., 415 29th St., Gainesville. GAMMEL, WALTER HAWKINS, JR., 538 N. Cov't St., Gainesville. GAMMON, WILLIAM LAMAR, 203 W. LaFayette Ave., Marianna. GARCIA, MANUEL, 2404-E Columbis Dr., Tampa. GARCIA, ROBERT COURTNEY, 653 Chestnut St., Jacksonville. GARDNER, EDWIN LEWIS, 315 North 9th St., Gainesville. GARDNER, HENRY, 3306 McKay Ave., Tampa. GARFIELD, MORTON J., 1453 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach. GARLAND, JAMES E., 229 Annis Blvd., Gainesville. GARMAN, FRANCES COOPER, 538 N. Roper St., Gainesville. GARMAN, GEORGE G., 538 N. Roper St., Gainesville. GARRETT, HOWARD LEON, 8217 Klondyke St., Tampa. Page GARRETT, OTIS PHILIP, Box 112, Crestview. GARRISON, CATHERINE D., Dunnellon. GARRISON, GLEEN HOWBERT, Dunnellon. GARRISON, JEROME STERLING, Box 161, Sarasota. GATES, PHILIP CUSTER, 711 Indian River Dr., Ft. Pierce. GATEWOOD, JACK EUGENE, 647 W. Smith St., Orlando. GATHERS, WAYNE EDWIN, Hinton, Okla. GATLIN, WILLIAM A., 1251 Margaret St., Gainesville. GATTIS, REID WILLIAMS, 1043 GAY N.W. 9th Ave., Gainesville. FRANCIS SAWYER, 1922, s. Lime sr., Ocala. GAY, JAMES LANGSTON, 1261 Arlington Place, Winter Park. GAY, JAMES MAURICE, 855 E. Magnolia St., Gainesville. GEAFFAGLIONE, NUNZIO PAUL, 65 Hazzard St., Jamestown, N. Y. GEARHART, EMORY JOSEPH, 803 S. Pleasant St., Gainesville. GEER, CHARLES WARREN, 2506 Morrison Ave., Tampa. GEHLERT, CRAIG, 907 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach. GEIGER, CHARLES DONALD, 403 N. Garden St., Gainesville. GEIGER, ERIC FRANCIS, Lake Butler. GEIGER, RAYMOND JACOBS, Box 359, Leesburg. GEIGER, WILLIAM C., 1006 Jefferson St., Gainesville. GENDZIER, SHELDON, 2125 Myra St., Jacksonville. GENEAU, JOHN PAUL, P. O. Box 2371, Jacksonville. GENU NG, WILLIAM GORDON, Route 2, Moultrie. GERAKIOS, MIKE THOMAS, 208 S. Palmetto, Leesburg. GERBER, JESSE EDWARD, 624 Ave V, Brooklyn, N. Y. GERBER, RICHARD DEAN, RFD No. 2, Pomona Kansas. CARL, Trailervet No. 1, A.A.B., Gainesville. GERMOND, GARTH SPENCER, 1156 Margaret St., Gainesville. GEROW, GEORGE RANDOLPH, JR., 241 24th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. GHIOTTO, FRANK C., 435 Seabreeze Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. GHIOTTO, MARY ANNE, Niagara Falls, N. Y. GHOLSON, ANGUS K., JR. Chattahoochee. 448 GHOLSON, DAVID SIDNEY, Chattahoochee. GIBBONS, GEORGE HUNTER, Archer. GIBBONS, PERRY RAMSEY, 730 So. Pleasant, Gainesville. GIBSON, FRANK, 1074 E. Seminary St., Gainesville. GIBSON, LAWRANCE H., 210 T, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. GILBART, DUDLEY S., 1835-16th St. So., St. Petersburg. GILBERT, ROBERT WAUGH, 241-W, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. GILBERT, SPENCER BURSTON, Burston Hotel, Fort Pierce. GILCHRIST, DAVID BAILEY, 1512 West Main St., Leesburg. GILES, ROBERT WEST, JR., 1334 Hill Ave., Ft. Myers. GILL, ROBERT D., Box 387, Zephyrhills. GILLER, CHARLES, 1509 Penn Ave., Miami Beach. GILLESPIE, TILLMAN BURGAMY, 2910 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville. GILMAN, ROBERT LOUIS, Rt. 3, Box 284 F., Gainesville. GILMORE, ALVAN RAY, 2224 N. 12th Ave., Pensacola. GIUDICE, ROBERT ALVIN, 119 Jaspex St., Paterson, N. J. GLASSER, LEONARD H., 1045 Penn. Ave., Miami Beach. GLAZIER, RUSSELL CARLYLE, 213 Cardy St., Tampa. GLEASON, JOHN E., 132 E. Early St., Brooksville. GLENN, DORIS GOSDIN, 908 East Court St., Gainesville. GLENN, ROBERT TALMADGE, DeFuniak Springs. GLENN, WILLIAM EDWARD, 1520 Barrs St., Jacksonville. GLICKSBERG, MANDELL, 1210 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach GLIDEWELL, JOHN J., JR., 3945 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. GLISSON, JAMES B., 2933 Whitehead St., Miami. GNUSON, ROBERT ALLEN, Box 1442, Plant City. GODDARD, RAY E., Rt. 1, Box 112, Plant City. GODWIN, WILLIE, 12 North J St., Pensacola. GOETTE, ROBERT LOUIS, 955 S. 8th St., Gainesville. GOFF, PERCY O., Charlotte Harbor. GOLD, ARNOLD P., J 8504 Chadbourne Rd., Dallas, Texas. GOLDBURG, HERBERT GILBERT, 603 S. Willow Ave., Tampa. GOLDENBERG, SAM, 107 N. Lloyd St., Pensacola. K GOLDMAN, AARON I., Box 465, Ocala. SOLDSTEIN, HARRY, 1614 Penn. Ave., Miami Beach. GOLDSTEIN, SAUL WM., 1511 Naldo Ave., Jacksonville. '7OLLATTSCHECK, JAMES FRANKLIN, fox 56, Lake Park. SOMEZ, HELIO, 719 Duval St., Key West. GOOD, SHELDON EUGENE, 1127 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach. GOODLOC, JAMES D., 106 Fla. Blvd., Neptune Beach. GOODMAN, LOUIS, 858 S.W. 7th St., Miami. -SOODRICH, WARREN M., Jacksonville. GOODROE, CHARLES T., 702 W. Haines, Plant City. GOODSON, JAMES BROWN, JR., Apt. 256 U, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. GOODWIN, ROBERT THOMAS, 302 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine. GOODYEAR, L. W., 938 Callalan Ct., Lakeland. GORDON, ARCHIE WATT, 403 Palm St., Ocala. GORDON, EUGENE MILTON, 531 W. Jefferson St., Tallahassee. 1.GORDO'N, GERALD LvoN, 4440 Nautilus Drive, Miami. GORDON, JOSEPH R., JR., 1614 Laura St., Jacksonville. GORDON, MARGIE, Rt. 1, Box 30, Lakeland. GOSS, BRYAN WILCOX, Box 3, St. Andrew. GOTTFRIED, THEODORE, 340 West 44th St., Miami Beach. GRADY, RUSSELL SHELBY. 1351 W. Arlington St., Gainesville. GRAFTON, EDWARD GRAHAM, 2218 S.W. 62nd Ave., Miami. GRAITON, ROBERT, P. O. Box 904, West Palm Beach. GRAHAM, BERT WILSON, 228 N. 9th St., Gainesville. GRAHAM, FRANK A., JR., Madison. GRAHAM, HOMER G., JR., 525 W. 8th Ave., Tallahassee. GRAHAM, JAMES LOVETT, JR., Rt. 2, Box 43, Tallahassee. TRAHAM, OLIVER R., O. Box 212, Altoona. RAHAM PATRICIA CULBERTSON, G , . clo Graham's Dairy, Hialeah. GRAHAM, WILLIAM ANSON, clo Graham's Dairy, Hialeah. GRANT, BILL HENDERSON, JR., 548 W. King St., Orlando. GRANT, JORDAN WINSLOW, Flavet No. 3, Apt. 224 S, Gainesville. GRANT, WILLIAM BARNETT, Route 3, Ocala. GRASS, ALEX, 711 14th St., Miami Beach. GRAUELY, EMERSON, Box 15, Newberry. GRAVES, ROBERT ARTHUR, 300 N. 7th St., Gainesville. GRAVITT, CHARLES WARREN, 26 N.E. 60th St., King, N. C. GRAY, LAWRENCE E., 814 E. Lemon St., Lakeland. GRAY, RICHARD WILSON, JR., 415 N.W. 19th Ave., Miami. GREATHOUSE, BRADY, JR., Earleton. GREEN, CLIFFORD ROBERT, 305 S. Marin St., Ocala. GREEN, CURTIS JAMES, 1117 W. 5th St., Lakeland. GREEN, E. ANicE, soo w. can sr., smfke. GREEN, ELEANOR KUHLMAN, 4015 N. Ninth St., Gainesville. GREEN, ROBERT WILLIAM, Box 20, Fernandina. GREEN, WILLIAM DYKES, P. O. Box 1138, Tallahassee. GREENBAUM, HERMAN, 605 S. Virginia Ave., Gainesville. GREENBERGER, HARRY PAUL, Box 518, Okeechobee. GREENE, DANIEL BIXLER, Box 17, McAlpin. GREENE, JACK IRVINE, Box 1019, Orlando. GREENE, SI NGLETON LUNSFORD, 417 N. Wild Olive Ave., Daytona Beach GREENFELD, DAVID, 526 Douglas Ave., Dunedin. GREENHUT, JACK H., 813 N. Sp:ing St., Pensacola. GRENNELL, MYRON GAYLORD, Box 98, Rt. 1, Homestead. GRESHAM, MARY, 230 N. Arredonda St., Walton, Ga. GRESHAM, WILLIAM BACON, JR., 1806 W. Church St., Gainesville. GRIBBLE, CHARLES FRANKLIN, 3809 Arlington Ave., Tampa. GRIFFIN, JOSEPH B., JR., 2341 Forbes, Jacksonville. GRIFFIN, MARY LOUISE, High Springs. GRIFFIN, ROBERT C., 840 E. Foothill Blvd., Monrovia, Calif. GRIFFIN, WILLIAM KING, 19 Washington St., Jacksonville. GRIFFIN, WILLIAM WARD, JR., Box 20, Anthony. GRIFFIS, ELBERT BRYAN, JR., 106 S.E. 9th St., Fart Lauderdale. GRIFFIS, ERLE LESLIE, Box 153, Macclenny. GRIFFIS, RALEIGH SIDNEY, Box 61, Raiford. GRIFFITH, JOSEPH ARTHUR, 5750 Maximo Rd., St. Petersburg. GRIFFITH, LEON ODELL, Milton. GRIFFITH, ROBERT FRANKLIN, JR., 415 Westwood Rd., West Palm Beach. GRIGGS, RUHARD HUBERT, Rockledge Ave., Rockledge. GRIMM, DONALD S., 7511 Burlington Ave. N., St. Petersburg. GRIMSTAD, CLAYTON ROALD, Flavet I, Apt. 25 H, Gainesville. GRIMSTAD, WILMA RUTH, Flavet 1, Apt. 25 H, University Station, Gainesville. GRINAKER, MARGARET HARGEN, 2162 2nd Ave. N., St. Petersburg. GROSS, LILA JANE, 542 N.E. 85th St., Miami. GROSSER, WILLIAM FOX, 1101 54th St., West Palm Beach. GROWER, WILLIAM LOWELL, 408 S. Ky. Ave., Lakeland. A GUARINO, ELAINE, 1245 W. University Ave., Gainesville. GUCCIARDO, GAETANO TOMMIE, 2216 8th Ave., Tampa. ' GUERIN, WILLIAM HALSEY, Melbourne. GUERNSEY, EDWIN WELBURN, 1300 Ivanhoe Blvd., Orlando. GUEST, MARION I., 116 Park Blvd., New Smyrna Beach. GUINN, LINDON LOUIS, Box 71, Weirsdale. GUISTWHITE, JACK COLE, 215 S. 8th St., Gainesville. GUNDERSEN, MARTIN GERALD, Box 716, Tice. GUNDLACH, WILLIAM, JR., 7645 Calvin St., Jacksonville. GUNTER, LAWRENCE H., 8502 Taliaferro St., Tampa. GUNTHARP, WALTER ANDREW, Box 782, New Smyrna Beach. GUPTILL, BARBARA. LOUISE, 122 4th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. GURGANIOUS, EDGAR WALLACE, JR., 1157 Lamboll Ave., Jacksonville. GURNEY, JAMES THOMAS, JR., 1701 N. Springlake Dr., Orlando. GUSTINE, DON RANDOLPH, 636 N.E. 2nd Ave., Fort Lauderdale. GUTHRIE, LEWIS HAGAN, 607 E. Church St., Gainesville. GUY, HERBERT SMITH, JR., 2216 17th Ave., Vero Beach. H HAAS, WILLIAM SIMON, 1708 E. Orange Ave., Eustis. Page 449 HACKER, EDWIN HEARNY, 224 W. De Soto St., Pensacola. HAGUE, WALLACE GREGG, 306 S. Westland Ave., Tampa. HAILEG, JASON ARMSTRONG, 3800 9th St. N., St. Petersburg. HAIMOVITZ, BARNEY, 1214 Holmes Ave., Tampa. HAI NES, JOHN DAVID, 428 Seabreeze Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. HALBROOK, NOAH JEFFERSON, 1125 Tressalia St., Gainesville. HALDEMAN, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR Rt. 4, Box 304, Lakeland. HALEY, JOHN LESLIE, Box 2545, Boynton Beach. HALL, D. E., 550 N.W. 30th St., Miami. HALL, FRANCIS M., Box 95, Winter Garden. HALL, JERRELYN LUCILE, Box 55, Canoe, Alabama. HALL, LEON D., JR., Route 3, Box 90, Marianna. HALL, ORION M., 834 N. Roper Ave., Gainesville. HALL, ROBERT EDWARD, 1029 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. HALL, SHERWOOD JAMES, JR., 2893 Downing St., Jacksonville. HALL, WILLIAM EARL, 411 W. North Bay, Tampa. HALSEY, LAWRENCE HENRY, Terra Ceia. HAMBLEN, CHARLES HILLEN, JR., 540 11th Ave. N., St. Peterbsurg. HAMILTON, ADDIE VIRGINIA, 709 S. 7th St., Gainesville. HAMILTON, CURTISS BRIGHT, 4308 N.W. 2Znd Ave., Miami. HAMILTON, HENRY C., Box 311, Monticello. HAMILTON, JAMES KENNETH, 1015 N. Beach St., Daytona Beach. HAMILTON, JOSEPH ALTON, JR., Arabi, Ga. HAMRICK, DAVID OLIVER, Okeechobee. HANCOCK, ROBERT TERRY, 1804 W. Hernando St., Gainesville. HANCOCK, THOMAS EDWARD, Flavet Village No. Z, Apt. 156, Gainesvi HANCOCK, JOHN WESLEY, JR., 304 N. 3rd St., Palatka. HANCOCK, WILLIAM LAWSON, 810 E. 6th Ave., Tallahassee. HANDLEY, FRANK GRAY, P. O. Box 522, Pahokee. HANES, MYRL JUADEAN, 1133 E. Arlington St., Gainesville. HANNA, JAMES E., P. O. Box 1222, Tallahassee. HANNON, CHANCELLOR IRVING, 435 32nd St., West Palm Beach. 'I Ile HANSEL, JOHN, JR., 13717 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg. HARDEE, CHARLES FAY, JR., 2916 Hawthorne Rd., Tampa. HARDEN, WILLIAM PERRY, JR., Waldo. HARDIN, REX EDGAR, 116 Andress St., Jacksonville. HARDISON, RICHARD P., 880 4th Ave., Gainesville. HARGRAVE, JOHN ROLFS, RFD 2, Brooker. HARGROVE, JOE WILLIAM, Chipley. HARKER, HENRY LAYTON, 819 North Ave. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. HARLAN, WILLIAM EDWARDS, 332 West Masonic St., Gainesville. HARLEY, RICHARD COYNE, 515 S. Oak Ave., Bartow. HARMAN, DAVID A., 2203 Ave. "C" N.W., Winter Haven. HARMON, RALPH WINTER, 35 K, Flavet Village No. 1, Gainesville. HARN, GLADYS MAURINE, Box 12, Hibiscus Ave., Gainesville. HARP, CLIFFORD' EDWIN, Arcadia. HARPER, A. K., 2119 Riverside Ave., Trenton, N. J. HARPER, CARLOS E., 536 E. 2nd Ave., Gainesville. HARPER, JACK BENJAMIN, 416 Emmett St., Palatka. HARRA, JOSEPH S., 1301 Morrison Ave., Tampa. HARRELL, AUBREY LUTHER, Box 112, RR 2, Alachua. HARRELL, JOE JACKSON, 1718 Osceola Ave., Pensacola. HARRELL, LoRUE WARREN, 951 W. 11th St., Lakeland. HARRIE'1T, ANGUS WENDAL, Apt. 255 L, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. HARRIS, ARNOLD H., 233 De Soto Ave., Gainesville. HARRIS, CHARLES FRANKLIN, JR., Melbourne. HARRIS, HEARD, The Rock, Georgia. HARRIS, JACK WESLEY, 1017 Park Lake Ave., Orlando. HARRIS, JOHN FRANKLIN, Brooksville. HARRIS, KINCHEN LEE, Box 330, Route 1, Fort Pierce. HARRIS, NELSON MERRITT, JR., 3869 Walsh St., Jacksonville. HARRIS, SAMUEL WM., 1001 1st St. N., St. Petersburg. HARRISON, CHARLES, 242W 20th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. HARRISON, JACK E., Box 97, Baldwin. HARRISON, 1631 Avoca HARRISON, Shamrock. HARRISON, Baldwin. HARRISON, 510 S. 8th HARRISON, 548 N. Fra JAMES O., JR., Pl., Jacksonville. JOE KIRK, THEODORE E., THOMAS FELTON, St., Fort Pierce. WARREN EUGENE, nklin Ave., Gainesville. HARRISON, ZADOLF DANIEL, 730 Eaton St., Key West. HARROLD, 1908 N.W. Gainesville. JOSEPH G., 6th Ave., HART, cHARLEs ROSS, 720 Acosta St., Jacksonville. HART, EVERETT BURCH, JR., Oklawaha. HART, NORMAN WILLIAM, 705 East Church St., Bartow. HARTLEY, 1533 Adam JAMES MITCHEL, s St., Hollywood. HARTLEY, JAMES PHILLIP, 875 N.E. 74th St.. Miami. HARTWELL, DONALD O., 412 Westwood Rd., West Palm Be HARVER, JESSE ANDREW, JR., Williston. HARVEY, JOHN B., 5508 Suwanee Ave., Tampa. HARVILL, PAUL MOORE, 910 McBerry, Tampa. HASELTON, THOMAS OWEN, Box 507, Eu stis. HASKINS, HAROLD CLARK, 2018 Sanfor d Ave., Sanford. HASTINGS, ARTHUR WAYNE, Howey, Lake County. HASTINGS, DONALD' oLIN, Box 1446, Trenton. HATCHER, sos S. Dako BENJAMIN BOOBY, ta Ave., Tampa. HATCHETT, CRESSWELL, 418 Seneca St., Sarasota. HATCHETT, ROBERT THOMAS, 418 Seneca St., Sarasota. HATHAWAY, EDWARD, 214 N. Bay St., Gainesville. HATHAWAY, w. T., 200 N. 7th St., Gainesville. HATLESTAD, HARRY DARGIS, Rt. 1, Box 19, Arcadia. HATTER, JOHN JAMES, 135 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville. HATZOGLON, SOZON MICHAEL EFRAS 5, Athenas, Greece. HAUSRATH, LOUIS JOHN, JR., 221-S, Flavet No. 3, Gainesville. HAVEN, NED LEROY, 515 N. Evers St., Plant City. HAWKINS, CLAUDE, JR., 551 W. 18th St., Jacksonville. HAWKINS, EDWARD M., 672 Cypress St., Panama City. UC 1 h. Page HAYES, CLYDE, SI. Cloud. HAYES, WILLIAM, 114 Edwards St., New Haven, Conn. HAYMAN, JACK C., Box 711, Bartow. HAYNES, JOHN MARSHALL, 4715 Iroquois Ave., Jacksonville. HAYNSWORTH, ROBERT JACKSON, 52 Phillips St., Lake Wales. HAYTER, WILLIE, Box 536, HAZEN, ROBERT DOUGLAS, Brooker. HAZEN, Star Route, Melbourne. HEAD, WILLIAM JUSTUS, Avon Park. HEARNE, BEVERLY WEAVER, 403 E. Main St. N., Gainesville. HEARNE, JAMES JOHN, JR., 4420 4th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. HEASLEY, ROBERT PAUL, 1636 S. Delaney, Orlando. Leesburg. WILLIAM HENRY, HEATH ERINGTON, NORMAN EUGENE, Rt. 3, Box 520, Orlando. HEBB, MAURICE FULTON, JR., 2919 Bay View Ave., Tampa. HECKERLING, PHILIP EPHRAIM, 233-V, Flavet 3, Gainesville. HEINE, FRANK EDW., 334 Pitney Ave., Spring Lake, N. J. HELLINGER, WALTER CHARLES, JR., 3619 Boone Park, Jacksonville. HELMS, CLYDE COLLON, JR., Box 64, LaBelIe. HELTON, HUBERT EDWARD, 1001 N.W. 10th St., Pompano. HELTZMAN, RICHARD F., 415 N. De Soto, Gainesville. HENDERSON, HAROLD EUGENE, R.F.D. No. 2, Wauchula. HENDERSON, JAMES M., Box 611, Dade City. HENDERSON, THOMAS L., Trenton. HENDERSON, WALLACE WILLIAM, 407-C, Gododen St., Pensacola. HENDRIX, WILSON HOUSE, Box 376, Alachua. HENDRY, ELLIOTT, G., 2223 N. Alabama, Gainesville. HENDRY, LLOYD G., 420 Riverside Dr., Ft. Myers. HENDRY, WARREN CANDLER, JR., 910 Wayne St., Jacksonville. HENRY, BRYAN w., I 617 N. Calhoun St., Tallahassee. HENRY, N. TAMM, JR., 2517 Palmetto Ave., Sanford. HENRY, RICHARD A., 339 Wisconsin Place, Daytona Beach. HENRY, ROBERT ROWLAND, 1956 Adams St., Hollywood. 450 HERBERT, JOHN H., JR., 617 Ivy St., Jacksonville. HERMAN, HAROLD A., 849 S.W. 37th Ave., Miami. HERNANDEZ, JOSE ORLANDO, 4265 S.W. 4th St., Miami. HERNDON, MARY PENTON, 209 E. Fourth St., Sanford. HERNDON, PAUL C., 503 Gradway, Fort Myers. HERNDON, ROBERT S., 209 E. 4th St., Sanford. HERNDON, THOMAS GLENN, Box 47, Orange Park. HERRING, JAMES KENNETH, Rt. 4, Box 199, Plant City. HERRING, JOHN LAMAR, 136 DeSoto St., Gainesville. HERRON, WILLIAM EVERHARD, JR 2320 New Jersey Rd., Lakeland. HERSPERGER, SAMUEL P., 2117 Marjory Ave., Tampa. HESS, WILLIAM SEYMOU R, 9705 Lowrdale Drive, Silver Springs Maryland. HIBBS, ROBERT ANDREWS, 644 Brevard Ave., Cocoa. HICKENLOOPER, HARRISON THOMAS, JR., 600 South 14th St., Polatka. HICKS, PURDY L., Apt. 51, Flavet No. 1, Gainesville. HICKS, WILLIAM MARVIN, 625 N.E. 13th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale HIEPE, EDWIN, ' 332 Lang Court, St. Petersburg. HIGGINS, BEN T., 1244 S.W. 8th Ave., Gainesville. HIGGINS, ELZIE NOEL, Route 2, Raton, Texas. HIGGINS, ROBERT DONALD, JR., Tides Apt's, Daytona Beach. HIGH, JESSIE LAWTON, JR., Sorrento. HILL, ELMER CARL, 545 W. Cypress St., Gainesville. HILL, FRANK STEPHEN, 5410 Seminole Ave., Tampa. HILL, JOHN ARTHUR, 1883 Brokwood Rd., Jacksonville. HILL, WALTER THOMAS, 723 Port Drive, Leesburg. HILLS, GEORGE BURKHART, JR., 1830 Mallory St., Jacksonville. HILLSMEYER, LOREN BOYD, 525 N. 8th St., Gainesville. HIMES, B. T., JR., 1045 S.W. 8th Ave., Gainesville. HINCHEE, PENJAMIN HARRISON JR 509 Deleon St., Tampa. HINDERY, GEORGE A., Flavet No. 2, Apt. 143, Gainesville HINES, NORMAN MAURICE, 3434 N.W. 25th Ave., Miami. HINSON, JAMES W., JR., Clermont. HINSON, WILLIAM THEODORE, 7106 Taliaferro Ave., Tampa. X HIPSON, HARRY HAZEDALE, JR., Box 934, Stuart. HIRSH, JOHN HENRY, 164 N. Gulfstream Ave., Sarasota. HITCH, JAMES M., 1105 Woodland Ave., Orlando. HITCHCOCK, WILBUR JOSEPH, 1111 11th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. HIXON, WILLIAM DAY, Box 7-A, Naples. HOAGLAND, MALCOLM FISHER, 945 Cordova Place, Jacksonville. HOBBS, JOHN WILLIAM, P. O. Box 103, Milton. HODGE, RICHARD DEANE, 36 N.E. 52nd Terrace, Miami. HODGES, JOE E., Lake City. HODGETTS, JAMES CLIFFORD, 712 E. 20th St., Covington, Ky. HOEHL, JOHN ROBERT, 1307 Lisbon St., Coral Gables. HOFF, ROBERT S., 1225 S. Ninth St., Gainesville. HOFFENBERG, BENNIE M., 1427 Silver St., Jacksonville. HOFFMAN, FRED WILLIAM, JR., 114 Knight Court, Daytona Beach. HOFFMAN, RICHARD GRANGER, 592 N. Bay St., Gainesville. HOFMA, ROBERT EARL, 531 W..Jefferson St., Tallahassee. HOGAN, FRANK TURNER, 645 N.W. -40 sr., Miami. HOGARTH, ALFRED THOMAS, P. O. Box "M", Stuart. HOLBORN, HUGH ALEXANDER, Rt. 8, Box 361, Jacksonville. HOLBROOK, GEORGE HAMILTON, 648 Park Lake Ave., Orlando. HOLLADAY, GEORGE W., 221 N. Barcelona St., Pensacola. HOLLAND, SPESSARD LINDSEY, JR., Bartow. HOLLAND, WM. BENJ., Flavet No. III, 218-S, Gainesville. HOLLENBECK, JAMES EUGENE, JR., 220 Monterey Rd., Palm Beach. HOLLINGSWORTH, JAMES NEWTON, Nocatee. HOLLINGSWORTH, JAMES WRIGHT, French Lick, Indiana. HOLLISTER, RALPH PHILLIPS, 1211 River Oaks Rd., Jacksonville. HOLLOWAY, JOHN PEARSE, 1516 Seminole Rd., Jacksonville. HOLLOWAY, LUTHER WILLIAM, JR., 1516 Seminole Road, Jacksonville. HOLMES, ROBERT DWYER, 2302 College St., Jacksonville. HOLMES, ROGERS BALDWIN, 3561 Fitch St., Jacksonville. HOLSINGTON, RICHARD' ELLIS, 415 Colson St., Gainesville. HOLT, DUNCAN McKAY, 3011 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. HOLT, MARJORIE SEWELL, Jacksonville. HOLTON, EMMETT ARTHUR, 115 Pine St., Titusville. HOLTON, JAMES SAMUEL, Box 1220, St. Augustine. HOLTON, JOSEPH NIMMO, 811 N.W. 7th St. Rd., Miami. HOLTSBERG, ISIDOR HAROLD, 132 N. 12th St.. Fort Pierce. HOLTZ, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM, Madison Cr Hernando Sts., Lake City. HOLTZENDORF, RICHARD L., Box 27, Arcadia. HOOLEHAN, WOODROW COWAN, 3866 Valencia Rd., Jacksonville. HOOTEN, CLINTON LOUE, 54 Lee St., Marblehead, Moss. HOOTEN, RAYMOND JACKSON, Box 216, Flarala, Alabama. HOOVER, MAURICE W., 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. HOPE, ROBERT LINWOOD, JR., 239 14th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. HOPPER, HOWARD HUGH, H Rt. No. 2, Box 63-A, Gainesville. HORAN, DOUGLAS FRANCIS, 405 Wolcott Ave., Beacon, New York HORN, ROBERT LEE, 692 N.E. 83rd Terrace, Miami. HORNE, GEORGE, 310 W. Crest St., Tampa. HORNE, HOMER JUDSON, JR., 1646 Nassau St., Gainesville. HOROWITZ, CHARLES, 2747 S.W. 19 Terrace, Miami. HOROWITZ, EDWIN MACK, 526 15th St., Miami Beach. HORSEY, JAMES FREDERICK, JR., 36-K, Flavet I, Gainesville. HORTON, KENNETH JOHN, ' 705 Lake Avenue, Lakeworth. HOUGH, JAMES CECIL, Route No. 2, Havana. HOUGH, WILLIAM ROBB, 2626 Znd Ave. N., St. Petersburg. HOUGHTALING, EDWARD' LYNDON, 1366 Edgewood Ave., Jacksonville. HouHA, ROBERT WILLIAM, cfo Mrs. Esther Jamieson, Route 1, Cocoa. HOWARD, EDWIN R., Grand Ridge. HOWARD, NORMA BLEDSOE, 3000 Granada, Ft. Lauderdale. HOWELL, ALONZO' CLEWIS, 2509 Bay Share Blvd., Tampa. HOWELL, CHARLES BUCHMAN, JR., 215 S. 8th St., Gainesville. HOWELL, ELMO, Box 395, Crescent City. HOWELL, LAWRENCE DANIEL, 1040 Ionia St., Jacksonville. HOWELL, OTTIS NORMAN, Route No. 3, Lake City. HOWELL, PERCY BERNARD, JR., Bushnell. HOWELL, ROBERT EUGENE, Box 565, Lake City. HOWELL, RoTaERT HENRY, 818 E. Duval St., Jacksonville. HOWELL, THOMAS CAIR, 4204 Branch Ave., Tampa. HOWZE, JAMES A., JR., 1209 4th St., Palmetto. HOXIE, O. E., 2609 Forrest Ave., Cocoa. HUBBARD, ROY IOLAS, 1352 Laura St., Jacksonville. HUBER, AUGUST CHARLES, 401 N.E. Fifth Ave., Delray Beach. HUBSCH, DANIEL FRED, 837 4th St., Miami Beach. HUBSCH, RALPH CARL, 124 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach. HUCK, MARGARET J. CHAPMAN, 2523 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. HUDSON, JOSEPH THOMAS, JR., 223 S. Ist St., Jacksonville Beach. HUDSON, ROBERT ELLIO'1'I', 2038 S.W. 3rd St., Miami. I HUDSON, RODNEY W., 731 H. Woolsey Ct., N.A.S. Pensacola. HUGH, ELBERT D., Box 24, Archer. HUGHES, CHARLES ROY, 1221 W. Cypress St., Gainesville. HUGHES, MARIAN PATRICIA, 606 S. 8th St., Gainesville. HULL, FLOYD VANCE, JR., Pompano. HULL, HARRY H., 2221 13th Ave., Bradenton. HULL, JOHN WAYNE, 900 B Hamilton Ave., Tampa. HULL, PERRY FRASNRE, 312 Pine St., West Palm Beach. HULSEY, M., JR., 2922 Holly Ave., Jacksonville. HUMBLE, THOMAS NIXON, Richland Heights, Gainesville. HUMPHRIES, JACK BOWEN, 34 E. 4th St., Jacksonville. HUNT, HARRY GAGE, 1032 W. Michigan, Gainesville. HUNT, OVEDA FREDMAN, Route 2, Mayo. HUNT, PAUL J., 329 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. HUNTER, HARRY DANIEL, 415 S.E. 17th St., Ft. Lauderdale. HU NTER, HARRY WHITFIELD, Reddick. HUNTER, JOSEPHUS PEELER, 4229 Manchester Rd., Jacksonville. 451 HUNTER, VICTOR RUSSELL, 5502 Cherokee Ave., Tampa. HUNTER, WM. ARTHUR, 1811 Fowler St., Fort Myers. HUNTER, WM. R., Rt. 3, Box 326-C, Ocala. HUNTLEY, WILLIAM ROY, 195 Ave. "D" N.W., Winter Haven. HUPT, EDWARD' HIGGINS, 1011 Oak Ave., Sanford. HURST, HARRY E., 1910 Rekle Ave., Tampa. H U RST, JAMES H., Branford. HUSA, WILLIAM JOHN, JR., 1124 Margaret St., Gainesville. HUSSEIN, M. FARID HOSNY, I3 Walda Pasha St., Garden City, Cairo, Egypt. HUTCHINSON, ALBION KNIGHT, JR., 2837 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH JACKSON, 226 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. HUTCHINSON, ROBERT LEE, JR., 1289 Rensselaer Ave., Jacksonville. HUTSON, HARRY MAINE, 1286 Hollywood Ave., Jacksonville. I INGLEY, FRANCIS L., 1815 Gerda Terrace, Orlando. INGLIS, ALLICK WYLLIE, JR., 2200 College St., Jacksonville. INGWALSON, ORPHA W., 1215 West McCormick, Gainesville. INGWALSON, RAYMOND W., 1215 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. IRBY, WILLIAM W., Box 355, Alachua. IRONSON, ELLIOTT, 2 Osborne Terrace, Newark, N. J. IVEY, HENRY NEAL, 315 N. Madison, Marianna. IRWIN, JEANETTE AMY, 16 N.W. 47th St., Bel Air, Maryland. J JACKMAN, DANDREDGE IRENT, Star Route, Box 322, LaBelIe. JACKSON, GEORGE W., 1199 Wolfe St., Jacksonville. JACKSON, THOMAS LAWRIE, Highland Park, Lake Wales. JACKSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR, 2026 So. Ridgewood Ave., South Daytona. JACKSON, WILLIAM LEON, JR., 2301 Cleveland Hts. Blvd., Lakeland. JACOBS, ALVIN STANLEY, 2171 S.W. 21st St., Miami. JACOBS, GILBER, 1345 Penn. Ave., Miami Beach. JACOBS, LOUIS GEORGE, 1560 Calais Drive, Miami Beach. JACOBS, WALTER ERNEST, 2511 S.W. 6th St., Miami. JACOFF, NORMAN IRA, 54 Church St., New Rochelle, New York. 1, CHARLES FREDERICK, o. 2, Box 295 A, Gainesville. R, FREDERICK STREATER, 1. Ct., Gainesville. 'ICH, ROSE MARIE, Iatherine Ct., Jacksonville. , HERBERT THOMAS, JR., .'lity. ON, ROBERT T., JR., lougainvillea Way, Bartow. SON, JOSEPH GEORGE, E. 86th St., Miami. IJN, JOHN HERBERT, 1 St., Stuart. IE, WALTER E., vrth "J" St., Lexington, Mass. ., WARREN TAET, o. 3, Madison. STTE, NOAH H., emington, Jacksonville. IS, EDUARDO, ve. 12, San Jose, Costa Rica. IS, JOE CLINT, JR., lniv. Ave., Gainesville. IS, ROBERT MILLER, Flavet III, Gainesville. IGS, HARRY S., IGS, LAWRENCE MARTIN, aston Blvd. No., St. Petersburg. E. W., JR., Lamar St., Americus, Ga. CLARENCE LESLIE, JR., k Ave. lBox 8791, Panama City. JOHN GEORGE, Flavet 3, Gainesville. ROBERT V., hallen Ave., Jacksonville. BARTON KIRBY, ist Jean St., Tampa. JOHNNY Fellsmere. JN, ALBERT S., JR., eventh St., Gainesville. BEN, JN, B. W., ox 336, Plant City. JN, BENNETH WALTER, tch St., Jacksonville. JN, CHARLES ROBERT, Jklawaha Ave., Ocala. JN, EDGAR LEO, 'ne. JN, FRANCES E., gersoll Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. JN, FRED W., oline St., Key West. JN, GLENN E., ie St., Jacksonville. JN, GORDON STANLEY, '. University Ave., Gainesville. JN, H. R., ox 665, Sarcsota. JN, HENRY DOUGLAS, Pierce. JOHNSON 300 Barton, JOHNSON Rt. 1, Box JOHNSON, HERBERT SHELDON, JR., Ave., Palm Beach. HOWARD BLAKE I1 19, Kissimmee. I HOWARD ROSS, 1653 Aberdeen Ave., Asheville, N. C. JOHNSON, J. FRED, Box 601, Bonifay. JOHNSON, JAMES WIMERLY, 418 Kanuga Dr., West Palm Beach. JOHNSON, JOHN BATES, JR., Ocoee. JOHNSON, JOHN MALCOLM, 604 E. Mechanic St., Gainesville. JOHNSON, OSCAR, 1450 Belmont Ave., Jacksonville. JOHNSON, RALPH OWEN, Box No. 2068, W. Station, Gainesville. JOHNSON, RAYMOND CLARENCE, JR., 624 South 8th, Gainesville. JOHNSON, REBECCA NORTON, 126 South Fairview, DeLand. JOHNSON, REGINALD B., 718 Boston Ave., Fort Pierce. JOHNSON, RICHARD STERLING, Fredericktown, Ohio. JOHNSON, ROBERT LOUIS, 417 E. Bay Drive, Largo. JOHNSON, ROBERT MAURICE, 1343 Duk's Court, Gainesville. JOHNSON, ROBERT N., 2920 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville. JOHNSON, THOMAS CARLISLE, 708 Caracas St., Tampa. JOHNSON, THOMAS J., JR., ' 5907 Roberta, Tampa. JOHNSON, VIRGINIA MATHEWS, 3536 Pine St., Jacksonville. JO-HNSON, WILLIAM EDWARD, Box 284-W, Rt. 3, Gainesville. JOHNSTON, JOHN JAMES ERIC, Route One, Box 205, Kissimmee. JOHNSTON, JOHN WARD, JR., Box 113, Foley. JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E., JR., Brooksville. JOLLY, BLANCHARD E., 5118 Nebraska Ave., Tampa. JONES, ARTHUR BETTES, 430 E. Jackson St., Orlando. JONES, BILLIE JEAN, 1618 E. Lee St., Pensacola. JONES, CHARLES MORENO, Break-A-Way Lodge, Sopchoppy. JONES, DAVID W., Ona. JONES, DONOVAN WARNER, JR., Box 348, 758 N.E. 127th St., No. Miami. JONES, EVERETT WHEELOCK, 6216 N.W. 1st Ave., Miami. JONES, JESSE MILTON, Gen. Del., Univ. Sta., Gainesville. JONES, JOHN ARTHUR, Box 372, Hastings. JONES, JOHN PAUL, 2 Davis Blvd., Davis Island, 'I'ampa. JONES, JOSEPH B., Cottondale. JONES, JUNE G., 240 Florida Ct., Gainesville. JONES, KENNETH LESLIE, Rt. No. 1, Box 201, Laurel Hill. JONES, MARK WALLON, 240 Florida Ct., Gainesville. JONES, MILTON DAVIS, 507 Lotus Path, Clearwater. JONES, RICHARD PALMER, JR., 1984 Leon St., Gainesville. JONES, ROBERT A., P. O. Box 121, Princeton. JONES, SAMUEL LEVY, JR., Lake City. JON ES, THOMAS ANTHONY, Christmas. JORDAN, SAMUEL ALEXANDER, JR., 106 S. Palmetto St., Leesburg. JOUGHIN, LESLIE E., JR., 1601 Franklin St., Tampa. JOURDAN, CATHERINE ROGERS, 625 S. Pleasant St., Gainesville. JUSKIEWIER, BEN, 410-E Seminary, Gainesville. K KALISHMAN, SIDNEY, 1618 E. Lakeview, Pensacola. KANT, SEYMOU R, 1543 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach. KAPLAN, DONALD ANDREW, 1511 Penn. Ave., Miami Beach. KARA, SOLTAN KU RATOR, 35 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miami. KARAPHILLIS, GEORGE THEO, 14 Read St., Tarpon Springs. KATES, GEORGE WILLIAM, 2258 N.W. 58th St., Miami. KATIMS, ROBERT BERNARD, 2042 S.W. 14 Ter., Miami. KAUFMAN, FLOYD 'l'HOMPSON, 3400 N.W. 14th Ave., Miami. KAVANAUGH, ELWIN CLINCH, JR., 102 Flavet ll, Gainesville. KAWALER, MORTON A., 1850 S.W. 16 Terrace, Miami. KEATING, JOHN DAVID, Amherst Apts., Orlando. KECK, JAMES EDWIN, 1536 Naldo Ave., Jacksonville. KEEGAN, JOHN CLIFFORD, 2522 Herschell St., Jacksonville. KEEL, ALLEN I., 1122 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. KEENAN, HARRY CLAY, 1821 San Marco Blvd. S., Jacksonv KEENE, CARL ELMER, 228 E. Evans Ave., Orlando. KEENE, LELAND GORDON, Box No. 135, South Bay. KEETER, GREENVILLE SPENCE, Rt. 2, Box 300, Arcadia. Page 452 ille. KEETER, THOMAS EDGAR, JR., 507 N. Main St., Rutherfordton, N. C. KEHOE, JAMES WALTER, 4203 Monserrate St., Coral Gables. KEISTER, Mc FAELTON, Bronson. KEITH, JAMES JEFFERSON, 1053 W. Union, Gainesville. KEITH, PAUL R., Route 4, Ocala. KELLEY, HUNTER C., 1029 S.W. 8th Ave., Gainesville. KELLER, K., Route 3, Box 43-D, Gainesville. KELLY, EDWARD THOMAS, 1724 Bay Rd., Miami Beach. KELSEY, JACK ALFRED, 5506 Taliaferro, Tampa. KEMP, STEWART PAGE, 345 N.W. Ist St., Miami. KENNEDY, CLIFTON, 101 Plateau Ave., DeFuniak Springs. KENNEDY, JAMES EDWARD, JR., 2312 Highland St. So., St. Petersburg. KENNEDY, STEPHEN McCALL, Bax 132, High Springs. KENNEDY, STEPHEN R. MALLORY, P. O. Box 910, Pensacola. KENYON, ALBERT LYON, JR., Rt. 11, Box 799, Jacksonville. KEPHART, CHARLES MARTIN, 1821 E. Brainard St., Pensacola. KESSEN, WILLIAM HERMAN, 14 S.E. 9th St., Fort Lauderdale. KEYS, REGINALD JOHN, Box 57, Lantana. KIBLER, DAVID BURKER, 743 E. Bacon Road, Lakeland. KILBY, JOHN D., Biol. Dept., U. of F. Campus, Gainesville KILPATRICK, WENDELL LEE, Route 2, Jay. KIMBALL, THOMAS B., Box 144, Mt. Dora. KIMMEL, HERBERT DAVID, 2818 Elmore St., Tampa. KINCAID, JOE NEAL, 736 Lakeshore Road, Lake Wales. KINDER, IRVING WM., Hardin, Ill. KING, CHARLES JOHN, Apt. 166, Flavet II, Gainesville. KING, HAROLD ORMOND, Box 624, Vero Beach. KING, IRA LAMAR, Box 284, Dunnellon. KING, JOHNNIE PYRAM, 55 East Third St., Jacksonville. KING, LEON ALFRED, 604 W. Warren Ave., Tampa. KING, RODNEY HARLAN, 3736 Lilly Rd., Jacksonville. KING, THOMAS JEFFERSON, 310 Washington St., Gainesville. KING, WALTER BLAKE, 3663 Avocado Ave., Miami. KINZER, MARJORIE ELIZABETH, Box 67, Archer. f KIRBY, JAMES HENRY, 219 Ridgewood Ave., Orlando. KIRBY, THOMAS MALCOLM, 2756 Oak St., Jacksonville. KIRKLAND, LUNDON, 400-C Baker Village Annex, Columbus, Ga. KIRSCH, RICHARD ROBERT, 2313 Taylor St., Hollywood. KIRSCHNER, DONALD JACK, 929 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach. KIRTLAND, JACK PITMAN, 2144 S.W. 6th St., Miami. KIRTON, TERRY, Rt. 1, Box 1040, Tampa. KITCHING, BERNARD D., 1127 W. Masonic, Gainesville. KIVEL, BENNETT, 928 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach. KLEIN, EDWARD STANLEY, 3045 S.W. 21st St., Miami. KLEIN, GERALD J., 1521 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach. KLIPPLE, JOHN STANLEY, 800 32nd Ave. So., St. Petersburg. KLOEPPEL, FREDERICK ANTHONY, Star Route, Melbourne. KLOEPPEL, WILLIAM EUGENE, Box 26, Malabar. KNAPP, DOUGLAS MERIWETHER, 208 W. Platt St., Tampa. KNECHT, BERNARD WILLIAM, 2144 Rio Grande, Orlando. KNIGHT, CLARENCE B., 506 N.W. 41st St., Miami. KNIGHT, EVERETT V., 1014 E. Henry, Tampa. KNIGHT, LON DANIEL, 902 Kolb St., Leesburg. KNIGHT, PAUL B., 1168 W. Union St., Gainesville. KNOPKE, WILLIAM CHARLES, RFD No. 6, Box 586, Tampa. KNOW, ROBERT BETHUNE, 22 Clyde Ave., Kissimmee. NOWLES GORDON BROWN, JR., K . 408 N. 31st St., Bradenton. KNO-X, HOMER MILTON, 1529 Donald St., Jacksonville. KOENING, PAUL CARL, 1210 E. Mohawk Ave., 'l'ampa. KON DO, FRANCIS NELSON, Box 154, L. R. Station, Miami. KOON, DONALD KEITH, Mayo. KOON, LOUIS LEE, 315 S. Fla. Ave., Lakeland. KOONCE, RAY RANKLIN, 1235 W. Cypress St., Gainesville. KORMANIK, NICK, Box 23, Sneads. KOURLOS, LUMBROS, 24 Foleyville, Trenton, Michigan. KOWALSKE, WILLIAM GILMORE, Box 34, Melbourne. KRAMER, GEORGE SPIVEY, 105 N. 13th St., Leesburg. KREAG, WILLIAM M., 436 E. Orange, Gainesville. KRETSCHMER, ALBERT EMIL, JR., P. O. Box 1101, Ft. Pierce. KROL, JOSEPH D., P. O. Box, Korona. KRONE, PAUL R., 1049 S. Fla. Ave., Lakeland. KRUEGER, ROBERT J., 1147 Forester, Gainesville. KUGLER, ROBERT HENRY, Apt. 210 R, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. KUHN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, 1912 E. Jefferson St., Orlando. KULWICH, ROMAN, Rt. 2, Box 132-C, Ocala. KUNZIE, VICTOR JACOB, JR., P. O. Bax 47, Citra. KURZ, LO-UIS, JR., 2721 Forbes St., Jacksonville. L LACHMAN, RICHARD WAGGENER, 3575 Park St., Jacksonville. LACKEY, JOHN PAUL, 100 Maple St., Greensboro, N. C. LAIRD, DOROTHY STEPHENS, P. K. Yonge School, Gainesville. LAMB, PHILLIP L., 3161 N.W. 3rd St., Miami. LAMB, ROBERT LEE, 1143 N. Alabama, Gainesville. LAMBERT, JOHN WILLIAM, Rt. 2, Box 96, Marianna. LAMBERT, RALPH CLINTON, 53 P, Flavet No. 1, Gainesville. LAMBROS, RUSSELL, 1632 Hubbard St., Jacksonville. LAMPP, EDWARD R., JR., Mulberry. LANCASTER, OLLIE, JR., Daytona Beach. LAND, WILLA F., Route Z, Milton. LAND, WILLIAM ROBERT, Route 2, Milton. LANE, JAMES FRANKLIN, 616 W. Sligh Ave., Tampa. LANEY, WILLIAM ALFRED, 5506 Seminole Ave., Tampa. LANGFORD, CARL THOMAS, General Del., Orlando. LANGFORD, CHARLES PHILLIP, 411 Robles St., Tampa. LANGFORD, EDWARD ROSS, 2085 Crawford St., Thomasville, Ga. LANGFORD, GEORGE CURTIS, 2116 Southview Ave., Tampa. LANGSTON, BERNARD JOHNSON, Box 586, Lakeland. LANGSTON, JOHN CLIFFORD, JR., P. O. Box No. 84, Malone. LANGSTON, THOMAS MARTIN, 126 Valencia St., Lakeland. LANIER, ROY WARREN, 5003 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa. LANIUS, FRANK LEE, P. O. Box 13, Venice. LANKFORD, BETTY LOU ISE, Windsor. LANNOM, OMER E., JR., 1226 Hollywood Ave., Jacksonville. LANSDALE, RICHARD B., 523 E. Turner St., Clearwater. LARKIN, RICHARD LEE, Dade City. LASATER, HORACE CLARK, 248 Parker, Tampa. LATSKO, WILLIAM S., Apt. 100-2, Flavett No. 1, Gainesville LaVElGNE, ROY DONALD, Oxford. LAWLER, SAMUEL S., JR., 1342Vz W. Arlington St., Gainesville. LAWLOR, HAROLD JOSEPH, 1008 23rd St., Bradenton. LAWSON, CARLTON WADE, Winter Garden. LAWSON, HORACE F., Flavet No. 1, T-72, Gainesville. LAYTON, RUSSELL W., 121 Mayo St., Sebring. ' LEA, HOLLIS CLAY, JR., 129 W. 40th St., Jacksonville. LEATH, WILLIAM BRYAN, Blountstown. LEBOLD, LEROY FREDERICK, 147 S.W. 18th Court, Miami. LEE, GORDON HOUSTOUN, Jacksonville. LEE, JAMES HARTRIDGE, 631 E. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. LEE, cAlL, 715 S.W. 14th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale. LEE, MARY JOY, 405 W. Market St., Gainesville. LEE, ROBERT EDMUND, 211 Annis Blvd., Gainesville. LEE, ROLAND MARION, P. O. Box 846, Punta Gorda. LEE, SIDNEY E., JR., 167 N.W. 32nd St., Miami. LEE, WALTER MAYBERRY, 122 S. lst St., Jacksonville Beach. LEE, WM. C., Baragua, Cuba. LEEDY, GENE ROBERT, Bartow. LEFFLER, WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, JR., 903 N. Franklin Ave., Gainesville. LEGATE, DAVID V., 725 25th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. LEGG, LAIRD BROADDUS, JR., 116 W. Alfred St., Tampa. LEIBOVIT, ARTHUR BERNARD, 403 N. Olive Ave., W. Palm Beach. Page 453 LEIBOVIT, LOUIS, Winter Rose Apts. No. 1, West Palm Beach. LEIGH, CLARENCE OSCAR, Lake City. LEIMBACH, WENDELL BOLLMAN, 501 So. Rolling Rd., Catonsville, Maryland LEITMAN, ALVIN ABRAHAM, 1124 Riviera, Jacksonville. LELAND, JAMES DELK, 2156 6th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. LeMASTER, WILLIAM ANTHONY, 106 Butler St., West Palm Beach. LEMMERMAN, LEO VIRGIL, 905 Tennessee St., Lawrence, Kansas. LEMMON, WILLIAM JAMES, 3142 N.W. 1st Ave., Miami. LEMON, RICHARD LOUIS, Chattahoochee. LENAS, PETER I., 14348 Bayshore Drive, Madeira Beach, St. Petersburg. LENNINGER, JOHN JOSEPH, 404 Colson St., Gainesville. LEONARD, CHARLES DENIS, Blountstown. LEONARD, CHAS. H., Rt. 3, Milton. LEONARD, FRANK R., 760 16th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. LEONARD, PAUL AUGUSTUS, 933 E. Wyoming, Ocala. LEONARD, STEPHEN V., P. O. Box 463, Tallahassee. LEONARDY, SIDNEY PHILIP, Windermere. LEONHARDT, MABLE WESTFALL, 1318 Dukes Court, Gainesville. LEONHARDT, WILBURN O., 1318 Dukes Court, Gainesville. LERGENMILLER, JOHN JOSEPH, JR., 1750 E. Blount St., Pensacola. LETAW, HARRY, JR., 219 Coral Way, Coral Gables. LETAW, JOYCE WINSTOIN, 219 Coral Way, Coral Gables. LETT, SIM LAMBRECHT, JR., Fort Meade. LETTS, NED M., 517 Beach Ct., Ft. Pierce. LeVEILLE, WILFRED DONALD, JR., 830 N. Blvd., Oakland. LEVIN, WILLIAM RALPH, 5050 Sheridan, Chicago, Illinois. LEVINE, STANLEY JOEL, 1523 West Ave., Miami Beach. LEVINS, JAMES H., 417 Paradise Ave., Sarasota. LEVINS, MARIE BOWIE, Rt. 2, Box 154 A, Gainesville. LEVINSON, MELVIN, 1906 S.W. 21st St., Miami. LEWIS, ALBERT L., 214 Lucerne Circle, Orlando. LEWIS, CLARENCE WALTER, 1342 Wolfe St., Jacksonville. LEWIS, DAULD RICHARD, 729 14th St. North, St. Petersburg. LEWIS, DAVID ROBERT, 4310 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. LEWIS, EARL LEE, 207 Stewart St., Milton. LEWIS, GERALD ALEXANDER, 3668 Boone Park Ave., Jacksonville. LEWIS, LAZAROUS BRITTON, 419 East King St., Quincy. LEWIS, NORMAN JAMES, 637 W. University Ave., Gainesville. LEWIS, RICHARD C., lst N.E. St., Ft. Meade. LEWIS, ROBERT ARCHIEBALD, Rt. 2, Box 676, Lakeland. LEWIS, VIRGIL ROBO, 604 Delaney Park Drive, Orlando. LEWIS, WILLIAM, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach. LIBERMAN, SIGMUND JOSEPH, Oldsmar. LIGHTFOOT, OMAR KENNETH, JR., P. O. Bax 583, N. Miami. LILLARD, URBAN LOCKHART, P. O. Box 54, Johnson. LINDGREN, ALDEEN HAROLD, 1626 N.W. 19th St., Miami. LINDSAY, JAMES JOSEPH, 132 W. Davis Blvd., Tampa. LINDSEY, LELIAS BURNELL, High Springs. LINET, JEROME, 1239 Alton Rd., Miami Beach. LINK, ABRAHAM IRA, 858 Old Hickory Rd., Jacksonville. LINNEKUGEL, LOUIS JOE, 1319 Oregon Ave., Orlando. LIPSCOMB, RUDICILLE CLAUDE, Box 381, DeLand. uTHzRLANo,ALLvN cAPRoN, 1250 N.W. 12th Ave., Gainesville. LITTLE, ROBERT MURRAY, 2802 Prairie Ave., Miami Beach. LITTLEWOOD, WILLIAM H., 314 Poplar St., Wyandotte, Michigan. LIVINGSTON, JOHN BURL, JR., 424 So. Pleasant St., Gainesville. LOCHAS, GEORGE CHRIS, 1826 E. Lee St., Pensacola. LOCKE, LeROY, Cross City. LOCKWOOD, CHARLES WILLIAM, 2212 Hough St., Fort Myers. LOFTEN, WILLIAM TRAVIS, 320 Dell St., Gainesville. LOFTUS, ALBERT WESLEY, 2320 S.W. 3rd St., Miami. LOGAN, RALPH WINSTON, I29 S. Buena Vista Dr., Dunedin. LONG, HAROLD WOSTER, JR., Box 42, Sebring. LONG, JOHN HENDERSON, 105 Annis Blvd., Gainesville. LONG, QUENTIN, Miami. LONG, WALLACE TOBIAS, Brooksville. LONG, WILLIAM N., Starke. LONG, WM. PALMER, P. O. Box 38, Waldo. LOPEZ, BRUCE T., 212 W. Powhattan Ave., Tampa. LOPEZ, CARLOS S., 212 W. Powhattan Ave., Tampa. LORENZ, ERNEST H., JR., 2341 W. Court, Gainesville. LORENZ, RICHARD JOHN, 3065 Washington St., Miami. LORENZ, WILLIAM HERMAN, Box 51, Minneola. LOUCKS, WILLIAM STANLEY, 3230 N. Orange Ave.,-Orlando. LOUDON, BENJAMIN FRANCIS, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. LOUIS, ROBERT WORRELL, 739 Del. Ave., Ft. Pierce. LOVE, SAMUEL B., Rt. 4, Box 2-A, Ocala. LOWE, BENJAMIN I., 1204 Hollywood Ave., Jacksonville. LOWRY, SUMTER De LEON, 1902 Ardsley, Tampa. LOYLESS, P. DELEGAL, 1020 S.W. 23rd Ave., Miami. LUCAS, ROY HILTY, Box 997, Winter Haven. LUCAS, WILLIAM EUGENE, 4621 Crescent St., Jacksonville. LUIKART, DAVID L., Box 463, New Port. LUKE, GEORGE WINSTON, JR., 1907 Illinois Ave.,.Orlando. LUNSFORD, HENRY CARROL, 2143 W. Seminary St., Gainesville. LYBRAND, NOAH FRANK, JR., P. O. Box 707, Vero Beach. LYLE, CLIFFORD OGLESBY, Rt. 1, Box 15, Bartow. LYLE, ROBERT TERRY, 1669 Belmont Ave., Jacksonville. LYNN, BRIAN CARLTON, 2127 Royal Palm Ave., Ft. Myers. LYON, WILLIAM JOLLY, 528 E. Seminary St., Gainesville. LYTLE, ERNEST J., JR., 213 Annis Blvd., Gainesville. M MABIE, LEFFERTS LAMONT, JR., 208 W. Belvedere, Lakeland. MABIE, MARIANNE MUNSON, 1400 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. MACBETH, JOSEPH O., 612 Sweet Bldg., Ft. Lauderdale. MACK, JAMES LIONEL, 512 12th St., Miami Beach. MADDOX, CHARLES J., JR., Fort Meade. MAGEE, CLARENCE HOWARD, Rt. 1, Box 62, Pinetta. MAGUIRE, ROBERT JOHN, Green Cove Springs. MAHON, WILLIAM LACY, 306 East 6th St., Jacksonville. MAHONEY, JAMES WILLIAM, 2580 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. MALEY, ROBERT LEROY, 15 N. Manatee Ave., Arcadia. MALLARD, JAKE ALEX, 511 South Oak St., Gainesville. MALLORY, JOHN McALISTER, Box 45, Nokomis. MALONE, THEODORE HUGH, 603 W. 46th St., Jacksonville. MALON EY, EDWARD LEO, 119-A Wyoming St., Charleston, W. Vo. MANK, MILES BOGGS, 513 W. Orange St., Gainesville. MANLEY, WALTER WILSON, Quincy. MANNING, MARION CALLIS, P. O. Box 166, Starke. MANSFIELD, LAWRENCE FREDERICK, 609 11th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. MANTEY, WALLACE FREDERICK, Route 3, Box 477 A, Orlando. MANVEL, FRANK JAMES, 324 E. Jackson St., Orlando. MAPLES, JAMES N., Flavet II, Apt. 131, Gainesville. MARBLE, BESSIE DAVIS, 610 Seaman Place, Daytona Beach. MARCHMAN, ROBERT HAROLD, JR., 802 E. Virginia St., Tampa. MAREES, JOHN MICHAEL, 1638 Hubbard St., Jacksonville. MARGOL, HILBERT, 1537 River Oaks Rd., Jacksonville. MARGOL, HOWARD, 1537 River Oaks Rd., Jacksonville. MARGOL, WILBUR MILTON, 1243 Boulevard, Jacksonville. MARK, SIEGFRIED JOHN, P. O. Box 295, Alachua. MARKER, CHARLES WILLIAM, 811 N.E. lst St., Fort Lauderdale. MARLER, SYLVAN T., 5969 S.W. 22nd St., Miami. MARSH, ANSLE RAY, JR., Bushnell. MARSH, JACKIE TRAVIS, Limestone. MARSH, JOHN PATRICK, 119 S.W. 7th Ave., Miami. MARSHALL, ROBERT JUSTIN, Box 1222, Eustis. MARTIN, CATHERINE G., Melrose. MARTIN, EARL OLENY, 1211 E. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. MARTIN, EDWARD GAY, JR., 508 S. Arredondo, Gainesville. MARTIN, EMANUEL HENRY, 847 East 2nd St., Ocala. MARTIN, ESTHER PHIFER, High Springs. Page 454 MARTIN, HENRY CASPER, Interlachen. MARTIN, JOHN FLETCHER, 526 N. Franklin St., Gainesville. MARTIN, MARSHALL ALSTON, JR., 5038 San Juan Ave., Jacksonville. MARTIN, WALTER GABLE, Avon Park. MARTIN, WILLIAM SELBACK, 475 N. Oak Ave., Bartow. MASON, BOBBY HAYNES, Lockhart. MASON, GEORGE RABB, 762 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. MASSARO, FREDERICK L., 2330 Main St., Tampa. MASSEY, GEORGE BLOXHAM, JR., 314 Hillcrest Drive, Lakeland. MASSEY, JACK EMORY, 907 S.W. 23rd Ave., Miami. MASSEY, MILO CRAIG, 314 Hillcrest Dr., Lakeland. MASTERS, EDGAR JAMES, clo J. H. Ritch, N. Alabama, Gainesville MASTERS, LOUIS FRANKLIN, 15Z8Vz W. Orange St., Gainesville. MATHESON, ROBERT HARDY, 4205 Douglas Rd., Miami. MATHIS, ALLAN GORDON, Stella Rt., Florala, Ala. MATSON, JOHN ROBERT, Inverness. MAURER, DAVID EUGENE, 1216 S.E. lst St., Ft. Lauderdale. MAURER, ELMER HAROLD, 3002 San Nicholas St., Tampa. MAURER, KATHERINE FEJER, P. O. Box 1069, Lake Worth. MAURER, MARK, 1216 S.E. lst St., Fort Lauderdale. MAXSON, EDGAR WORDEN, 861 Burlington Ave., St. Petersburg. MAXWELL, HUGH CLYDE, JR., Box 103, Climax, Georgia. MAY, CHARLES ROUSS, JR., 1033 S.W. 8th Ave.-, Gainesville. MAY, FRANK P., 430 N. Jackson St., Quincy. MAY, M. D., 3525 17th Ave., St. Petersburg. MAY, WILLIAM DONALD, 715 W. Jefferson St., Tallahassee. MAYBERRY, BENJ. H., Ocala. MAYBERRY, DAVID HARPER, Boynton Beach. MAYER, HARRY RAHN, JR., Box 102, Fort White. MAYER, WILLIAM RAYMOND, 231 Australian Ave., Palm Beach. MAYHALL, W. W., 508 Russ St., Marianna. MAYNOR, JAMES HOYT, Tavares. MAYO, WILLIAM DAVIDSON, 23 Cincinnati Ave., St. Augustine. MAYS, MARIAN W., 514 E. Mechanic, Gainesville. X MAYSE, KENTON CHRISTY, 98 B Thomas E., Gainesville. McCABE, PETER THOMAS, 1405 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. McCALL, CHARLOTTE, Box 205, Pine Castle. McCALL, ELMER AVON, 90 X Flavet Village, Gainesville. McCALL, JAMES FRANK, 228 E. Broad St., 'I'ampa. McCALL, WALTER FOSTER, JR., P. O. Box 785, Fernandina. McCALLUM, GENE MILFRED, 1516 N. Grove St., Gainesville. McCART, R., 1018 W. Main, Leesburg. McCARTHA, ALICE P., Leesville, South Carolina. McCARTHA, CARL W., Leesville, South Carolina. McCARTY, CHARLES MURRAY, 313 W. Park Ave., Tallahassee. McCARTY, PEARL SANDS, 1421-A West Arlington St., Gainesville. McCARTY, WILLIAM ATLEE, Rt. 3, Lakeland. McCLELLAND, HAROLD MOOPY, 917 West Hill St., Avon Park. MCCLENNY, JACK ANDREW, Box 4671, Jacksonville. McCLUNEY, ROBERT CARL, 248 N.W. 59th Terrace, Miami. McCLURE, MORRIS WILLIAM, 1337 N.W. 2nd Ave., Fort Lauderdale. MCCLURE, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, 405 Columbia Drive, Davis Island, Tampa. MCCORMICK, WALLACE WINDELL, Ft. White. McCOUN, THOMAS BULLITT, JR., 3555 Crystal Ct., Miami. MCCOWN, HARRISON J. 2144 S.W. 6th St., Miami. MCCOWN, WILLIAM ROBERTS, Mount Dora. McDoNALD,Gn3EkT TENON, 1425 14th SL vv, Bradenton McDONALD, JOHN ADDISON, Rt. 1, Box 59, Cantonment. McDONALD, PARKER LEE, 215 Hickory St., Sebring. McDUFFEE, ERNEST GREELY, 1411 E. Jackson St., Pensacola. McEACHERN, FLOY McCALL, Rt. 3, Box SOVI, Gainesville. McELRATH, H. B., JR., 2155 Oak St., Jacksonville. MCELROY, RICHARD GILMORE, 2500 North "A" St., Tampa. McELWAIN, WILLIAM JOHNSON, JR., 1102 Hays St., Tallahassee, Fla. MCFADDEN, JOHN FRANCIS, 1021 Palm Ave., Gainesville. MCILVAINE, LEE EDMUNDSON, 1027W Margaret St., Gainesville. MacINNES, DONALD ALFRED, 2295 S.W. 9th St., Miami. McINTOSH, RUSSELL HUGH, 206 S. Federal, Lake Worth. McINTYRE, DANIEL EDISON, Inverness. McGAUGHEY, RICHARD EDWARD, 1600 Drew St., Clearwater. MCGEHEE, E. MARTIN, 255 Colonial Lane, Palm Beach. MCGINNIS, JAMES PERRY, Apt. 229-D, Flavet III, Gainesville. McGRIFF, JACK, 210 South 7th St., Gainesville. McGUAN, MAYNARD THOMAS, Flavet 1, Apt. 39 L, Gainesville. McGUIRE, VINCENT, 404 5th Ave., Zephyrhills. MCGUNAGLE, JOSEPH ALFRED, 1885 W. Flagler St., Miami. MclNNIS, MARY CATHERINE, 1111 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. McKEE, DONALD HILTZ, 1408 E. Gonzalez St., Pensacola. MCKENZIE, HAROLD LEE, 315 W. 32nd St., Savannah, Georgia. McKENZIE, VICTOR WADE, JR., 408 S. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach. McKlNLEY, PAUL ALLEN, 33 Royal Palm Park, Ft. Myers. McKlNNON, CRAIG K., 427 Magnolia Ave., Panama City. MCKISSON, EARL W., Box 1114, Clearwater. McLANE, EDRIDGE FRANK, JR., 1105 De Leon St., '1'ampa. McLANE, WILLIAM McNAIR, lcfo Paul Smith Constr. Co.I, Gainesville. McLEAN, JOHN EDW., 1502 W. 4th St., Palmetto. McLEAN, JOHN EDWARD, Hampton Jet., Hampton. McLEOD, ALEXANDER LEE, JR., P. O. Box 668, High Springs. McLEOD, JOHNIE ALLEN, Box 76, Lockhart. McLEOD, WALLACE LeROY, Monticello. McLEOD, WILLIAM JOSEPH, 1150 W. Olive St., Coral Gables. McLERAN, PAUL DEAN, JR., 2106 Dekle Ave., Tampa. MCMILLAN, FRANCIS Nsiu., Box 465, Lake Wales. McMULLEN, JOHN L., 214 1st Ave. S.W., Largo. McMYLLEN, CHESTER BARTOW, JR., 1008 Druid Road, Clearwater. McNAlR, CLAIRE HENRI, 1501 N.W. 16th Ave., Miami. McNEELY, FREDERICK BLAKE, 264 15th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. McNEIL, CHARLES LEON, Route 3, Box 178, Brooksville. McNEIL, JOSEPH MYLES, RFD 3, Box 178, Brooksville. McNEILL, JAMES THOMAS, Port St. Joe. McNULTY, WARREN EDWARD, 741 Palmetto Ave., Melbourne. MCPHERSON, RUTH ADAMS, 2401 N. Alabama, Route 3, Gainesville. McQUAlG, FRANK E., 724 Magnolia Ave., Panama City. McROE, ERNEST DeWITT, JR., 435 E. 6th St., Jacksonville. MCSWAIN, DANIEL HARLEY, DeFuniak Springs. McSWEAN, MALCOLM L., JR., 2138 Hernando St., Gainesville. McVAY, ROBERT HOUSTON, 74 S.W. 21st. Rd., Miami. McVOY, THOMAS VANN, 1518 North Baylen St., Pensacola. MEAD, DONALD EDWARD, 1880 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. MEADOWS, EDWARD LEE, 19 W. Evans Ave., Orlando. MEADS, WILLIAM JEWETT, 526 Long Branch, Jacksonville. MEANS, WILLIAM A., 1351 N. Alabama St., Gainesville. MECHANIC, JACQUELINE, 2 Grace Ct., Brooklyn 2, N. Y. MEDSGER, OLIVER PERRY, JR., 509 Greely St., Orlando. MEEHAN, JAMES ALOYSIUS, JR., Box 267, Arlington. ' MEEK, ROBERT CHALMERS, clo Prof. W. T. Meek, cfo College of Bus. Adm., U. of F., Gainesville. MEEKER, JOHN WILLIAM, 25 W. 27th St., Jacksonville. MEEKS, LAMAR CECIL, JR., 3035 23rd St. N., St. Petersburg. MEGAS, NICK ANTHONY, 1733 Berry St., Jacksonville. MEGILL, HENRY CARROLL, JR., 1825 Elm St. N.E., St. Petersburg. MEGRATH, WILLIAM ALONZOS, 429 Greenbrier Dr., Lake Park. MEISEL, LEWIS T., 4444 Post Ave., Miami Beach. MELTON, HOLMES M., JR., Mayo. MELTON, HOWELL WEBSTER, Mayo. MELTON, ROBLEY BRUCE, 1011 Cypress St., Gainesville.. MELVIN, HERMAN DeWITT, Route 2, Box No. 8, Cottondale. MENDONSA, ROBERT EUGENE, Box 175, Plant City. MENDOZA, PETER, JR., 1929 Palmetto St., Tampa. MENGE, VERNON C., 1857 N. 8th St., Gainesville. MERLIN, ELI LEONARD, 320 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. MERLIN, JEROME SHOLOM, 734 N.W. 6th Ave., Miami. Page 455 MERRIAM, LAUREN EVERETT, JR., 406 N. Cove Blvd., Panama City. MERRIAM, LILA WINN, 406 N. Cove Blvd., Panama City. MESSER, TRAVIS OTIS, Box 346, Tavares. METCALF, PAUL IRWIN, JR., 328 4th St., West Palm Beach. METHENY, ROBERT LANE, RED No. 1, Wauchula. METZGER, N EWTON MATH EW, Lockloosa. MEYER, HARVEY KESSLER, 1504 Oakwood Ave., Gainesville. MEYER, MARDIS, Box 224, Lake Placid. MEYERS, DONNA PEARL, 221 West Main St. North, Gainesville. MEYERS, RALPH FREDERICK, 221 W. Main N., Gainesville. MICHAEL, CHARLES ALEXANDER, 306 North Orange Ave., Sarasota. MICHAELS, HARRY LEWIS, P. O. Box 2422, West Palm Beach. MIDDLETON, ERNEST LAMAR, 1800 Royal Palm Ave., Fort Myers. MIKELL, ALUIN E., Morriston. MILBRATH, VIRGIL, Fort Ogden. MILESKI, THEODORE GERALD, 225 Stanley St., New Britain, Conn. MILEWSKI, FRANK JOHN, 804 Eldridge St., Clearwater. MILICERIC, MIKE, Box 204 No. 1, Lake Wales. MILLER, ARTHUR RAYMOND, JR., Box 545, Orlando. MILLER, CHARLES K., Nissittissit Hill Farm, E. Pepperell, Mass MILLER, DENNIS ELMO, 1342 W. Arlington St., Gainesville. MILLER, HARVEY GEORGE, 212 N. Tuscowilla St., Ocala. MILLER, ROBERT BANNERMAN, Tallahassee. MILLER, ROBERT LAWRENCE, 540 11th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. MILLER, ROBERT' T., 954 Augusta St., Lakeland. MILLER, ROBERT THOMAS, 617 East Duval St., Live Oak. MILLER, ROGER ELLIS, Box 128, LaBeIIe. MILLER, ROSCOE NIGEL, JR., LaBeIle. MILLER, ROY W., 92 Orange Ave., Port Orange. MILLER, SAMUEL EDWARD, Miller's Bootery, Tallahassee. MILLETT, FRANK BLAKE, JR., 400 "H" St., Gainesville. MILLICAN, FRANCIS CHAMPION, 410 N. 4th St., Palatka. MILLICAN, GEORGE LORY, South Beach, Fernandina. MILLIGAN, MYRON MARCUS, Box 825, Auburndale. MILLS, BRANTLEY REES, 151 Piedmont Ave., Live Oak. MILLS, D. T., Box Z67, Perry. MILLS, JACK, 5508 Branch Ave., Tampa. MILLS, JOHN WILLIAM, 3140 9th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. MILLS, RICHARD' CHARLES, 815 S.E. Znd Ct., Ft. Lauderdale. MILLS, RICHARD H., Box 416, Dunnellon. MILTON, CHARLES BAYNARD, Jasper. MINEAR, JUDSON, Box 217, Jupiter. MINER, ALFRED NORRIS, Aoopka. MINER, DUANE ALBERT, 1366 N.W. 26th St., Miami. MINETREE, JAMES ALLEN, JR., 307 Perkins St., Leesburg. MINEY, ROBERT RIVEE, 400 Myrtle Ave., Clinton, N. C. MINOR, RALPH L., 819 29th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. MINOR, RICHARD HARROLD, 449 Long Branch Blvd., Jacksonville. MINS, WILLIAM OSBORNE, 142 W. 10th St., Jacksonville. MINSHEW, WILLIAM T., Lake Butler. MINTON, OMA RICHARD, 703 S. 9th St., Ft. Pierce. MITCHELL, ARTHUR JAMES, P. O. Box 1297, Lakeland. MITCHELL, CLEMENT PAUL, 659 N.E. 74th St., Miami. MITCHELL, JANICE ANITA, 1011 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. MITCHELL, WAYNE PIERCE, 1033 Locust St. N.E., St. Petersburg. MONCRIEF, WILLIAM HENLEY, 2806 Gladiola Drive, Ft. Myers. MONROE, EARL SCOTT, Bax 444, Vero Beach. MONTILLA, RUDOLPH EARL, 210 29th Ave., Tampa. MOOR, WILLIAM LOUIS, P. O. Box 749, Tallahassee. MOORE, EDWARD' WILLIAM, 453 4th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. MOORE, GEORGE CARRETT, Rt. 3, Box 61, Sarasota. MOORE, JOHN EDWARD, 560 S.W. 8th Ct., Miami. MOORE, JOSEPH CURTIS, 170 Flavet Village ll, Gainesville. MOORE, LEE P., 1149 W. Olive, Gainesville. MOORE, RONALD WORTH, 216W W. Tenn. St., Tallahassee. MOORE, STEPHEN ANTHONY, 400 Hillcrest Dr., Lakeland. MOORE, THOMAS AULSTON, Rt. 2, Thomasville, Georgia. MOORE, WALTER W., Wanchnea. MOORE, WILLIAM EDMOND, JR., Baker. MOORE, WILLIAM IRVIN, 703W E. Sth St., Ocala. MOOSE, JOHN 'I'HURSTON, Vero Beach. MORDT, DONALD BRADFOR, 214 Ora St., Daytona Beach. MORGAN, ARTHUR VANCE, 623 47th St., West Palm Beach. MORGAN, HARMON PERCY, Brooker. MORGAN, HAROLD CRAIG, 5501 Suwanee Ave., Tampa. MORGAN, LEO E., Rt. 4, Box 34, Gainesville. MORGAN, MARCELLUS, 1019 W. King St., Quincy. MORGAN, PHILIP WRIGHT, 705 N. Hernando St., Lake City. MORGAN, WILLIAM GARDNER, 724 N. K. St., Pensacola. MORGAN, WILLIAM LOUIS, Callahan. MORGEN, RALPH ANTHONY, 2624 Nelson Ave., Gainesville. MORGENROTH, FREDERIC HEYWARD, 224 Roslyn Road, Winston-Salem, N. C. MORIARTY, JOHN D., Old Town. MORLAN, HAROLD E., S06 E. Mechanic, Gainesville. MORRIS, JOHN THOMAS, 902 Horry St., Madison. MORRIS, ROBERT'WARREN, 2318 Bristol Ave., Lakeland. MORRISON, CLAYTON ALLISON, Wauchula. MORTON, SAM KMBLEY, 115 N.E. 78th St., Miami. MOSBY, LEONARD L., JR., Oak Hill. MOSES, FRANK HENRY, 201 S. Iowa Ave., Lakeland. MOSES, PHILIP JOHN, 608 N. Alachua, Lake City. MOTLEY, ROBERT WARREN, 2896 Forbes St., Jacksonville. MUELLER, JOHN WINFIELD, JR., 4617 S.W. 11th St., Miami. MULLINS, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR. 211 E. Washington St., Ocala. MULLIS, TIMOTHY JAMES, P. O. Box 84, Pahokee. MULVANEY, KATHRYN JANE, 428 Parkway Drive N.E., Atlanta, Georgia MUNDELL, CHARLES EDWARD, JR., 126 S. Gumter, Arcadia. MURPHREE, HUGH LINYER, 618 W. Orange St., Gainesville. MURPHY, JOHN LEO, P. O. Box 486, Micanopy. MURRAY, DAYTON JONES, 3911 North Boulevard, Tampa. MURRAY, LOUIS CHARLES, Rt. 5, Box 714, Conway Dr., Orlando. MURRELL, SAM EDWIN, JR., 1304 Delaney St., Orlando. MUSCARELLA, FRANK JOHN, JR., 307 Jasmine Way, Clearwater. MUSGRAVE, R. KENTON, 309 Memorial Hwy., '1'ampa. MUSGROVE, CHARLES JACKSON, Rt. "C", Box 122, Live Oak. MUSK, WILLIAM CLIFFORD, Rt. 2, Hibiscus Park, Gainesville. MUZIO, ORIEN MICHAEL, 561 Bosporus, Tampa. MYERS, C. B., JR., cfo J. H. Peterson, Lakeland. MYERS, FORREST EARL, Box 72, Groveland. MYERS, HERMAN, Benson Junction. MYERS, JoHN GEORGE, 176 N.E. 56th sf., Miami. MYERS, LEWIS OSAR, JR., Rt. 2, Box 126 A, Hawthorne. ' N NAGLE, LEVI MARSHALL, JR., 343 W. Michigan Ave., Gainesville. NANESS, CHAS. HASKELL, 1028 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. NANTS, JACK ARLINGTON, 700 Pine St., Live Oak. NAUGHTON, DAN A., 417 E. First St., Jacksonville. NEALE, WILLIAM JAMES, 299 N.E. 38th St., Miami. NEEF, ALICE ELIZABETH, Lutz. NEEL, WILLIAM WALLACE, 314 E. Jackson St., Thomasville. NELSON, BEVERLY JUNE, Cherokee Lodge, P. O. Box 1162, Sarasota. NELSON, HUGH A., 302 5th St., Panama City. NELSON, ROSSOE, THOMAS, JR., 339 Central Ave., Lake Wales. NeSMITH, JAMES, Box 787, Arcadia. NETTLES, WILLIAM MACK, 1610 S. Pond St., Ocala. NEVILLE, GLENN, 1424 Tenth St., Bradenton. NEWETT, PAUL EDWARD, Leesburg. NEWMAN, ALLEN B., 1214 Oak Ave., Sanford. NEWMAN, FLOYD WARREN, JR., 2253 Post St., Jacksonville. NEWMAN, JAMES DEWEY, Bradenton. NEWTON, DEWEY CLINTON, 314 W. 7th Ave., Tallahassee. NEXSEN, WM. ELBERT, JR., 735 Hampton Rd., West Palm Beach. Page 456 NICHOLSON, JAMES DURANT, Havana. NIEBRUGGE, FLORENCE LOUISE, 3518 Carloy St., Jacksonville. NIEBRUGGE, HAROLD HENRY, 3518 Corby St., Jacksonville. NIREMBERG, MARSHALL WARREN Rt. 2, Box 114, Orlando NIXON, WILLIAM, 238 N.W. 57th St., Miami. NOBLE, ROBERT VERNON, 1460 N. Grove St., Gainesville. NOBLE, RAY c., 65 N. Donelson St., Pensacola. NODINE, ROBERT CARLTON, 1403 N. Ft. Harrison, Clearwater. NOLA, LOUIS. Perry. NOLES, SAMUEL OSRO, 517 E. Mechanic St., Gainesville. NORA, JOHN BAPTIST, JR., 545 37th St., West Palm Beach. NO'RD, RICHARD HARRY, P. O. Box 483, North Miami. NORDMANN, Rt. 1, Box 24 NORDMANN Rt. I, Box 24, I LOUIS HENRY, DeLand. THOMAS EDWARD, DeLand. NORRIS, JOHN EWING, Box 86, Branford. NORTON, BESSIE AMANDA, Palm Terrace, Gainesville. NOTT, ERNEST CLAYTON, 513 E. 9th St., Ocala. NOURSE, PHILIP GUY, Box 722, Ft. Pierce. NOVAK, ALBERT ALOYSIUS, JR., 661 N.W. 3rd St., Miami. NOWLIN, ROBERT EMMETT, JR., 606 H. St., Gainesville. NULTER, CHARLES LAWRENCE, 1042 W. Reynolds St., Plant City. O OAKLEY, THOMAS DAFFIN, 16 Lake Morton Dr., Lakeland. OATES, JOHN H., Route 2, Box 202 B3, Gainesville. O'CONNOR, EDWARD JOSEPH, 1126 16th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. ODHAM, MARSHALL GLEEN, 911 Park Ave., Sanford. ODOM, ARCHIE M., Ft. Myers. OGLETREE, O. B., JR., 854 E. Lassiter St., Gainesville. OGREN, SAMUEL, JR., Delray Beach. OHLSON, RICHARD FRANK, Rt. 3, Box 1216, Miami. O'KELLY, HAROLD ERNEST, 1039 Wofe St., Jacksonville. OLIVE, ROBERT LOYD, 1775 Davis Ave., Bartow. OLIVER, WILLIAM FRAZIER, JR., Box 215, Baldwin. OLSEN, JULIAN OLE, JR., 603 East Gadsden St., PensacoIa.! O'MALLEY, PAUL, 2761 N.W. 16th Terrace, Miami. O'NEAL, BEN F., Rt. 5, Tiftan, Ga. O'N EAL, ELLIS HUGH, 1021 No. Morrison St., Kokomo, Indiana. O'NEAL, JANES C., JR., Shamrock. O'NEAL, PATRICK W., Old Silver Spr. Rd., Ocala. O'NEAL, WM. C., 109 Palm '1'errace, Gainesville. O'NEILL, WILLIAM GORDON, 145 S. Wild Olive Ave., Daytona Beach. ORLEMAN, JOHN OLIVER, 9600 N. Miami Ave., Miami. ORMOND, WILLIAM NERMAN, San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville. ORR, JOHN BARCLAY, Bax 2338, Univ. Sta., Gainesville. ORR, THOMAS RICHARD, JR., 6335 N.W. First Court, Miami. OSBURN, JOSEPH KARL, 2405 E. Washington St., Orlando. OSHEROFF, LEO BENNETT, 2485 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach. OSHINS, MILTON BERKSON, 716 14th Place, Miami Beach. OSKIN, ERNEST THOMAS, 2741 Bayside Dr. S., St. Petersburg. OSWALD, DOUGLAS HATTON, 616 N. Caledonia St., Marianna. OUGHTERSON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, P. O. Bax No. 2, Stuart. OWEN, HARRY ASHTON, JR., Box 506, Palatka. OWEN, JEAN WORTH, 537 Oakland Ave., Tallahassee. OWEN, PHILIP C., 1221 Nira St., Jacksonville. OWEN, THERON JAY, P. O. Box 1111, Tallahassee. OWEN, WILLIAM CECIL, JR., Box 1274, Clewiston. OWEN, WILLIAM PARHAM, Box 66, Milton. OWENS, EMMETT L., Route 2, Box 33, Lake City. OZAKI, CHARLES TAKEO, Box 326, Eau Gallie. OZAKI, HENRY YOSHIO, P. O. Box 326, Eau Gallie. P PACE, JAMES EDWARD, 214 Washington St., Gainesville. PAFFORD, TED M., 2368 s.w. 13th sf., Miami. PAGE, DEBORAH HARRISON, 155 21st Ave. S.E., St. Petersburg. PAGE, ERNEST MALONEY, JR., P. O. Box 17, Greenville. PALLOT, NORMAN SAMUEL, 5070 Alton Rd., Miami Beach. PALMER, CHARLES MALCOLM, 340 East Lemon St., Bartow. PANDAK, JOHN ANDREW, 1643 So. Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. PARCELL, ROBERT FORD, 402 So. Tennessee Ave., Lakeland. PARK, JAMES L., 716 S.E. Ist St., Ft. Lauderdale. PARK, JOHN C., 8 West Yale Ave., Orlando. PARKER, ARTHUR, 12 Oakleigh Ave., Greystone, R. I. PARKER, CLAXON EUCLID, Paisley. PARKER, JOHN NEWTON, Mayo. PARKER, RICHARD EDWARD, Box 192, Bushnell. PARKER, THOMAS MARION, JR., 325 N. Polk Ave., Arcadia. PARKER, WENDELL COLVIN, 2840 Apache Ave., Jacksonville. PARKER, WILLIAM DAVIS, 1161 W. Taylor St., Gainesville. PARKIN, WILFRED BYRON, JR., 1604 Lakewood Rd., Jacksonville. PARNELLE, ROBERT EUSTICE, JR., 850 E. Magnolia St., Gainesville. PARRAMORE, HUBERT EARL, Marianna. PARRAMORE, NORMA, Route 1, Box 45, Citra. PARRISH, DAVID WILSON, 1550 Lavon St., Lakeland. PARSONS, ROBERT CURTIS, 3613 W. Platt St., Tampa. PARTIN, MELVIN EARSEL, 517 Macy St., Orlando. PARTRIDGE, HENRY EDWARD, P. O. Box 1203, Atlantic Beach. PARVIS, FAYETTE WARD, 306 4th St. E., Bradenton. PASTEUR, THOMAS BENJAMIN, JR., Stuart. PATRAY, JAMES WILLIAM, Box 62, Starke. PATRICK, .IoHN WILLIAM WATSON, 2150 Quinby Ave. N., St. Petersburg. PATRICK, MAURICE CONWAY, Bax 1224, Eustis. PATTERSON, PAUL BRYAN, 1410Vz W. Univ., Gainesville. PATTERSON, RICHARD McCARTHY, Box 6410, Clewiston. PATTERSON, ROBERT PERRY, 2888 Olga Place, Jacksonville. PATTERSON, ROBERT Y., JR., P. O. Box 641, Clewistan, Fla. PATTERSON, THEODORE WILLIAM, 1848 West Leon, Gainesville. PATTERSON, WM. CARL, 307 21st S.W., Winter Haven. PATTON, VINCENT DION, 1604 Dunsford Road, Jacksonville. PATTON, WILLIAM MILTON, 139Vz N. 7th St., Gaineville. PAUL, MELVIN LEON, 1734 Pear St., Jacksonville. PAVESE, FRANK ANTHONY, 1118 Jackson St., Ft. Myers. PAYNE, CHARLES HENRY, 2313 Eleventh Ave., Bradenton. PAYNE, JAMES W., 227 E. Boundry, Gainesville. PEACOCK, DAVID ROSCOE, 1411 22nd St., Bradenton. PEACOCK, GEORGE ROWATT, 157 12th Ave., St. Petersburg. PEACOCK, LEONARD' MARTIN, R. R. 2, Live Oak. PEACOCK, STERLING PEYTON, 620 East Main North, Gainesville. PEARCE, JAMES MARTINE, 428 E. Orange St., Gainesville. PEARCE, ROBERT JASPER, 3217 A Aviation Ave., Coconut Grove. PEARCE, ROBERTA AUSTIN, 428 East Orange St., Gainesville. PEARL, BRUCE C., Box 1693, Ft. Myers. PEARSON, DONALD KENTON, 1717 Park Ave., Sanford. PEARSON, ROBERT LAFAYETTE, 3112 Villa Rosa Ave., Tampa. PEEBLES, GEORGE CLINTON, Rt. 3, Bax 225, Jacksonville. PEEPLES, HENRY CARY, . Tavares. PEERSON, HENRY H., Lake Worth. PENN, RICHARD KENNETH, 1311 Mineral Sp. Rd., Reading, Pa. PENNEL, JAMES W., 450 St. Francis St., Tallahassee. PEREZ, CHARLES WILLIAM, 923 Seminary St., Key West. PEREZ, WILLIAM, 1405 26th Ave., Tampa. PERINIS, PETER WM., 215 Eagle St., Tarpon Springs. PERKINS, WILLIAM EUGENE, 137 N.E. sofh si., Miami. PERRY, ROBERT LeROY, 3203 Granada, Tampa. PERRYMAN, JOHN DAVIS, Lecanto. PETERS, HAROLD MECK, 2701 Rio Grande Ave., Orlando. PETERS, JACKSON LEVICK, 492 N.E. 57th St., Miami. PETERS, JAMES CLAIBURNE, 25 E. Trinidad St., Pensacola. PETERS, THOMAS J., 11305 N.E. znd PI., Miami. PETERSON, ERHART G., 1616 W. Thomas St., Gainesville. PETERSON, JAMES HARDIN, JR., Lakeland Highlands, Lakeland. PETERSON, VIRGINIA FAYE, Box 302, Crescent City. PEYTON, JOHN T., 3248 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. Page 457 PHILIPS, CHARLES FREDERICK, 614 Sunset Rd., West Palm Beach PHILLIPS, CHARLES MOORE, Apt. B, Sunburst Apts., Clearwater. PHILLIPS, HAROLD MORGAN, Lake Wales. PHILLIPS, ROBERT MONROE, 1525 Berwick Rd., Jacksonville. PHILLIPS, SAMUEL DAVID, 521 So. Fed. Hwy., Lake Worth. PHILPOTT, HELEN F., 1130 W. McCormick, Gainesville. PHILYAW, GEORGE EDWARD, Monument Ave., Port St. Joe. PHILYAW, JAMES WILLIAM, 1245 Florida Ave., Gainesville. PHIPPS, HARRY WATROUS, 1027 So. Dakota Ave., Tampa. PICKLE, HENRY A., 706 W. Belmar St., Lakeland. PICKLE, HERBERT EDGAR, 601 S. 9th St., Leesburg. PIERCE, CLYDE FRANCIS, Box 565 B, R. No. 5, Jacksonville. PIERCE, FRANCIS EDMUND, JR., 417 Ave. K N.E., Winter Haven. PIERCE, JACK WARE, 1851 S.W. 21st Terr., Miami. PIERCE, ROBERT JAMES, 1854 Montgomery Place, Jacksonvi PIERSON, RANDOLPH COLE, Cocoa. PIKE, ROBERT JOSEPH, 730 South Pleasant St., Gainesville. PILSBURY, HERMAN FRED, 1046 6th St. No., St. Petersburg. PIMM, MAURICE CHARLES, 1301 McBerry St., Tampa. PINK, GEORGE LEONARD, 130 S. 6th, Fernandina. PINK, HELEN R., 130 S. 6th, Fernandina. PITTMAN, ANDREW OWEN, JR., Stuart. PITTMAN, CHARLES FARAN, 636 N. Adams St., Quincy. PITTS, THEODORE ROBERT, 820 South Blvd., Tampa. PLANT, RICHARD, Madison. PLUMMER, DALE CARLTON, RFD 3, Milford. POAGE, ROBERT GLENN, 505 So. Newport, Tampa. POE, LESLIE NEWTON, 1209 Ida St., Jacksonville. POIDEVANT, AZZERL LEO, JR., 1471 Belvedere Ave., Jacksonville. POOLE, LEWIS ALBERT, 307 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. POOLE, ROBERT DAVID, 212 Young St., Eau Gallie. POOLE, STANLEY, 4740 Soppha Ave., England. POPE, EVELYN, Cairo, Ga. Ile POPE, HAROLD CRANSTON, 109 Allen Ave., Panama City. POPE, JEAN H., Rt. 2, Ponce de Leon. PORGES, ANNE, 213 North Oak St., Gainesville. PORGES, JOHN MELVILLE, 213 North Oak St., Gainesville. PORTER, CLARENCE GLENN, JR., 1621 Emerson St., Jacksonville. PORTER, EUSTIS MOODY, 114 South High St., DeLand. POSET, ALFRED LOUIS, Largo. POSTON, RICHARD ASBURY, 323 Hawthorn Dr., Lake Park. POTTER, ANDREW ELWIN, JR., 956 59th St. So., St. Petersburg. POT'I'ER, LARRY H., Ocala. POTTS, JOHN THOMAS, JR., 4006 Perry St., Jacksonville. POUNDS, EDWIN HARVEY, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. POURNELLE, GEORGE HENRY, 415 E. Orange St., Gainesville. POWELL, BENJAMIN IREDELL, JR., 183 S.E. 14th St., Miami. POWELL, BENJAMIN OSCAR, JR., 1099 Charry St., Jacksonville. POWELL, CALEB ALLEN, JR., 1110 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. P 'WELL LEVI ALLEN, SR O , 'I , Apt. 0-61, Flavet Village No. 1, Games- ville. POWELL, PATTYE PATTERSON, Flavet Na. 3, Apt. 245 B, Gainesville. POWELL, SAMMY EDWARD, 29 West Tenth St., Jacksonville. POWER, WILLIAM GRAY, 225 Covington Drive, Detroit, Michigan. PRATHER, THOMAS HARDY, 424 Northwood Ave., West Palm Beach. PRESTON, ANDREW CAMPBELL, 507 N. Boundary St., DeLand. PRESTON, FRANCIS ALBERT, Rt. No. 1, Box I4D, Auburndale. PREVATT, RUBERT W., P. O. Box 22, Seville. PRICE, CLIFTON A., 734 3rd Ave. So., St. Petersburg. PRICE, JOSEPH L., JR., 531 W. 19th St., Jacksonville. PRICE, WILLIAM ROBERT, 2025 15th Ave., Vero Beach. PRICHARD, LOYD CARLISLE, 18 Gilliland Rd., Pensacola. PRIDA, LUCIANO, 1214 E. Columbus Dr., Tampa. PRIDGEN, THOMAS DUPREE, 502 N. Fla. Ave., Lakeland. PRIEST, WILLIAM EARLY, JR., Indian Town. PRINGLE, GEORGE O., Silver Lake, Leesburg. PRITCHARD, GEORGE HOLMES, 612 N. Collins St., Plant City. PROCTOR, GEORGE LOUIS, 735 West St., Jacksonville. HAZEL MARJORIE, PROCTOR, 735 West St., Jacksonville. PROCTOR, MEYER, 735 West St., Jacksonville. PROKY, KATHARYN HALL, 1230 W. Olive St., Gainesville. PROKY, LUCIEN CLEON, 489 College, Grenada, Miss. PROPST, NEIL WILSON, 311 N. Lakeside Dr., Lake Worth. PRYOR, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Williston. PRYOR, HARRY T., 160 N.E. 57th St., Miami. PTACEK, LOUIS JOSEPH, P. O. Box 996, Ft. Pierce. PUGLISI, LUIS ALONSO, 2813 Elmore St., Tampa. PULLARA, ANTHONY, 2913 Nebraska Ave., Tampa. PUMPHREY, WILLIAM FENLEY, Box 590, Marianna. PURCELL, JAMES BRADY, Apt. 62 R, Flavet No. 1, Gainesville. PURDOM, ALLEN BRADFORD, JR., 1001 W. Bay St., Wauchula. PURDOM, GLEN ALAN, JR., 228 U, Flavet III, Gainesville. PURSER, HENRY WILLIAM, P. O. Box 1436, Atlantic Beach. PURSER, JOHN PALMER, JR., P. O. Box 1436, Atlantic Beach. PURSIFULL, RALPH BROWN, 1644 4th St. So., St. Petersburg. PYLE, FRANK L., 417 N. Wild Olive Ave., Daytona B PYLE, GORDON BRUCE, 1644 Jackson St., Hollywood. PYLE, JOEL FRANK, 408 S.W. 2nd St., Ft. Lauderdale. Q QUARTIN, HERBERT SAUL, 1690 S.W. 17th Terrace, Miami. QUISENBERRY, ANDERSON C., 67 B, Thomas C., Gainesville. QUIXLEY, ROBERT ANDREW, 232 W. 11th St., Mount Dora. R RABON, WILLIAM LEON, Waukeenah. RABORN, SIMON F., 236 W. Mich., DeLand. RADTOVD, ROBERT STANLEY, 3741 Sommers, Jacksonville. RAKESTRAW, HARRIS Z., JR., 2442 N. 7th St., Gainesville. RAMBO, C. B., 1828 Church St., Gainesville. RAMOS, VICTOR E., 124 No. 6th St., Gainesville. each. RAMSEY, DAVIS WINDSOR, Bristol. RAMSEY, JAMES C., JR., Apt. 140, Flavet 2, Gainesville. JAMES PERRY, JR., RAMSEY, Gainesville. RANSOM, LOUIS THOMAS, 1411 Belvedere Ave., Jacksonville. RAPOSA, ANTONE PACHECO, 999 9th St., St. Petersburg. RAPPAPORT, OSCAR, 503 S.W. 11th St., Miami. RASE, ALBERT EDWARD, 2914 Coachman Ave., Tampa. RAULERSON, JAMES H., Lake Butler. RAWLINS, TRUMAN DOANE, JR., Box 226, Wildwood. RAWLS, JOHN S., 133 N. Washington St., Gainesville. RAY, ROBERT EUGENE, P. O. Box 449, cfo E. W. Page, Palatka. READ, JOHN BROWN, P. O. Box 906, Plant City. REDDICK, DALTON, 1146 A West Union St., Gainesville. REEVES, CLARENCE THOMAS, 1710 Ascort Ave., Tampa. REEVES, VERNON FRANK, JR., Okeechobee. REGENSTEINER, HENRY, 1793 Riverside Drive, New York 34, N. Y REGISTER, FREDERICK J., 2792 Oak St., Jacksonville. REGISTER, GEORGE ROBERT, 509 Woodbine St., Jacksonville. REHWINKEL, CHARLES CLARENCE, Crawfordville. REICH, STANLEY SANFORD, 723 14th Place, Miami Beach. REID, GEORGE KELL, JR., 304 S. Newberry St., Ocala. REID, ROBERT CREGOR, 42 Carrera St., St. Augustine. REIF, ROBERT E., Wauchula. REIK, JOHN HENRY, JR., 1216 Elbur Ave., Lakewood 7, Ohio. REILLY, PAUL EUGENE, 630 N.E. 12lst St., Miami. REMINGTON, CHARLES L., 308 E. Princeton Ave., Orlando. RESNICK, EDWARD S., 1232 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. REVELL, S. R., Sopchoppy. REVES, WILLIAM DICKENSON, 3338 16th St. North, St. Petersburg. REYBOLDS, WILLIAM ELMER, 849 4th St. No., St. Petersburg. REYES, FRANK, 335 N. 9th St., Gainesville. REYNOLDS, JAMES FRANCIS, 1133 U Alabama St., Gainesville. REYNOLDS, JOHN MARSH, JR., Box 312, Crescent City. Page 458 REYNOLDS, RICHARD FRED, Massage Parlor, Angebilt Hotel, Orlando REYNOLDS, THOMAS FLEETWOOD, 800 N. 6th Ave., Pensacola. RHODES, FRANCIS ARLIE, Box 204, Woodville. RHODES, MARY MARGARET, N. Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee. RHODES, R. L., 919 Rosselle St., Jacksonville. RHODES, ROY THEODORE, 502W E. Park Ave., Tallahassee. RICE, WALTER DURANT, 1002 James Ave. S., St. Petersburg. RICHARD, LOUIS HARRIS, 514 McDaniel, Tallahassee. RICHARDS, HUBERT EARL, Chipley. RICHARDS, JAMES KENNETH, 3209 Parkland Blvd., Carrollton, Georgia RICHARDS, JOE MURREY, 1835 Barcelona Ave., Fort Myers. RICHARDSON, JAMES EVERETTE, 435 S.W. 6th St., Miami. RICHARDSON, JAMES FRANKLIN, 1630 W. Orange St., Gainesville. RICHARDSON, J. G., 1926 W. Church St., Gainesville. RICHARDSON, PAUL E., Rt. 5, Box 473, Jacksonville. RICHARDSON, WALTER LEVILLE, 3239 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. RICKENBACH, RICHARD VERNON, 335 E. 9th St., Sarasota. RICKER, LAWRENCE H., 828W N. Summerlin St., Orlando. RICKETTS, THOMAS STEVENS, 1901 Wyoming Ave. N.W., Wash., D. C RIDDLE, TRACY LOVETT, 1544 Market St., Jacksonville. RIFE, MARK ROBERT, 131 West 30th St., Jacksonville. RIGBY, AUBREY HYTTE, P. O. Box "W", Century. RIGELL, JOSEPH S., 159 Flavet ll, Gainesville. RIHERD, JOHN MAURICE, Lake Butler. RIMES, JAMES GORDON, 212 6th St. South, St. Petersburg. RINEHART, WM. DAVID, 444 W. Arlington St., Gainesville. RION, WILLIAM EDMOND, 839 Palm Ave., Gainesville. RITCHIE, DeVERE, JR., 910 Maxwell Ave., Orlando. RITTER, THOMAS WARREN, JR., 6012 Eustace Ave., Tampa. RIVERS, RALPH WILLIAM, Waldo. RIVERS, WILLIAM NELSON, 1404 22nd St., Bradenton. ROANE, HANSFOR GRAY, P. O. Box 194, Oakland. ROANE, RALPH ALLEN, Oakland. ROBBINS, CAREY ARNETT, 209 Anthony Rd., Ocala. ROBBINS, FACK ETHAN, 436 East Orange, Gainesville. ROBBINS, SESEPH HERMANN, 1818 Richardson Pl., Tampa. ROBERTS, BAYARD, JR., RFD No. 1, Mt. Dora. ROBERTS, DANIEL ALTMAN, 521 S. Dell St., Gainesville. ROBERTS, JOHN EDWARD, JR., Box 515, Gainesville. ROBERTS, RICHARD EUGENE, Box 293, Stuart. ROBERTS, ROBERT B., Ona. ROBERTSON, GEO. C., 2941 Selma St., Jacksonville. ROBERTSON, MURRAY, 3805 Palmira Ave., Tampa. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM ELKIN, Cherokee Park, Sarasota. ROBINSON, DAVID VINCENT, Box 327, Melbourne. ROBINSON, ELIZABETH THORNTON, 516 E. Pine St., Orlando. ROBINSON, HENRY EMMONS, JR., 3533 Sunnyside Drive, South Jacksonville. ROBINSON, JAMES CARSON, Box 125, Orlando. ROBINSON, JAMES FRANK, 3608 Tacon St., Tampa. ROCKER, CHARLES L., JR., 118 Lake Hollysworth Dr., Lakeland. RODGERS, ANDREW CAROL, Box 38, Bunnell. RODGERS, DONALD DUDLEY, 134 N.W. 6th Ave., Miami. RODGERS, EARL GILBERT, Trenton. RODN EY, ROY EMM ETT, Webster. DRIGU EZ JOSE J RO , ., Calle 14 No. 13-45, Apt. 201, Bogota, Colombia. Roomsusz, NEREIDA CARMEN, 3104 N. Rome Ave., Tampa. ROEHRIG, WILFRED OSCAR, 2114 N.W. 27th St., Miami. ROGERS, JOHN PERRY, 315 W. 18th St., Jacksonville. ROGERS, MORRIS HUGH, Rt. 1, Box 200, Laurel Hill. ROGERS, ROBERT STEWART, Rt. 2, Box 1495, St. Petersburg. ROGERS, VOLNEY TRENT, 715 Virginia Ave., Gainesville. ROHWAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS, 1430 S.W. Mater, Miami. ROIG, ROY V. 1712 N. Crove St., Gainesville. ROLAND, MATH IAS C., Mayport. RONEY, RAY E., 4319 Baltic St., Jacksonville. ROOKS, JEFF, Box 397, Jacksonville Beach. ROQUEMORE, JOHN EDWIN, 88 X, Flavet I, Gainesville. ROSCHACH, WINTON, 101 Cedar, Ft. Pierce. ROSE, LOLA JEAN, 1236 W. Masonic, Gainesville. ROSIER, CECIL RUBEN, Dade City. ROSS, JAMES RAY, 280 Crystal St., Jacksonville. ROSSER, JAMES CRAIG, 34 Carrera St., St. Augustine. ROSSIN, SHARON M., 1311 N.W. 5th St., Miami. ROTH, S. H., 337 N.E. 28th St., Miami. ROTHROCK, COMAN W., JR., Asheville, N. C. ROTHWELL, DONALD F., 4500 Estrella, Tampa. ROUNDTREE, ROBERT EDWARD, 1530 W. Mechanic St., Gainesville ROU, CHARLES MICHAEL, 941 S. 7th St., Gainesville. ROUSSEAU, EDWIN EARL, 365 3rd St. N.W., Largo. ROUX, RONALDO JOHN, 1658 Maison St., Gainesville. ROWAN, CHARLES EDISON, Greensboro. RUBASH, JAMES JOSEPH, Box 282, Panama City. RUBIN, ARTHUR HAROLD, 622 S. 12th St., Ft. Pierce. RUBIN, HERBERT LAWRENCE, 1890 S.W. 21st St., Miami. RUBIN, MILTON IRVING, 3516 Ola St., Jacksonville. RUDASILL, SMITH JOHNSTON, Sebring. RUESS, CHARLES WARREN, 704 Buena Vista Ave., Holly Hill. RUFF, ROSEBROUGH, 1266 N.W. 55th Ter., Miami. RUHL, DAN HART, JR., Ortiz Ave., Fort Myers. RUIS, RONALD HAROLD, Unit 73-T, Flavet No. 1, Gainesvi RUMPH, CARNOT EARL, Box 15, Mayo. RUMPH, JAMES QUINTON, Rt. 1, Box 75, High Springs. RUMPH, LEO J., Rt. 1, Box 75, High Springs. RUSH, JAMES KNOW, 126 S. Lawsona, Orlando. Ile. RUSHING, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, 1010 15th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. RUSSELL, DAVID EMERSON, 4354 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville. RUSSELL, EARL ESSLEY, JR., 1310 W. Arlington, Gainesville. RUSSELL, WILLIAM NORMAN, JR., 401 N. Birch Rd., Fort Lauderdale RUTLEDGE, STRAUTHER AUBREY, Rt. 2, Fort Myers. RYALS, LESTER JAMES, 2801 Esperanza, Tampa. RYAN, CARL D., P. O. Box 423, Arcadia. RYAN, LEO JOHN, 1340 Liberty St., Jacksonville. RYAN, ROBERT THOMAS, 2636 Oak St., Jacksonville. S SAIN, CHARLES HASKELL, Rt. 2, Morrison, Tenn. SALAZAR, GEORGE F., 1013 14th Ave., Tampa. SALE, LAFAYETTE LAMAR, JR., Box 363, Port St. Joe. SAMMECK, ELIZABETH JOANN, 106 Cardy St., Tampa. SAMUEL, JOHN ALTON, 325 Lafayette St., Gainesville. SANCHEZ, ALDON BERNARD, Rt. 3, Box 85, Gainesville. SANCHEZ, CHARLES J., 1112 Varela St., Key West. SANCHEZ, NILO, 1120 Division St., Key West. SANDERS, JAMES CLAYTON, 602 Date St., Fernandina. SANDERS, LEE GRANT, 416 Perkins St., Leesburg. - SANDERS, RICHARD C., 358 W. Gerard Ave., Gainesville. SANDERS, ROBERT, 811 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, N. SANDERSON, RAYMOND, JR., 3523 Park St., Jacksonville. SANDS, NOWARD ELLIOTT, 929 Pape St., Ocala. SANTORA, JOHN ERNEST, JR., 1729 East Rd., Jacksonville. SAPP, DEMPSEY ROBERT, New River. SASSER, JAMES BUIST, JR., 618 Ivy St., Jacksonville. SAUNDERS, GEORGE MORRIS, Hotel Allerton, Chicago, Ill. SAUNDERS, JOHN BERNARD, 338 N.W. 49th St., Miami. SAVAGE, LUTHER GEORGE, Gen. Del., Starke. SAVALLE, DUANE HIGDON, 42 E. Nebraska Ave., Bonifay. SAVARY, DONALD LEE, JR., 1307 W. Union, Gainesville. SAWYER, EARL M., 1133 W. Court St., Gainesville. SAWYER, JOHN ALEC, 1121 Fowler St., Ft. Myers. SAYERS, JOEL WATSON, JR., 3702 Palmira St., Tampa. SAYMON, BURTON J., Box 591-A, Route 9, Jacksonville. SCARBOROUGH, DOROTHY D., 152 South Evans St., Gainesville. Page 459 SCARBOROUGH, EARL MARVIN, 950 Ontario St., Jacksonville. SCHARLA-NIELSEN, H., 255 N.W. 51st St., Miami. SCHAUT, JOHN W., 3125 11th Ave., Bradenton. SCHEAFFER, VIVIAN LENORE, 2135 Bay Drive, Normandy Isle, Miami Beach. SCHEEL, CURT CULVER, 4281 Baltic St., Jacksonville. SCHELL, JOHN, 2316 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville. SCHENKEL, GILBERT J., 1332 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville. SCHIESSWOHL, ROBERT CHENOT, 2321 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville. SCHILKLER, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Delta Tau Delta House, Gainesville. SCHINE, JEROME ADRIAN, 1118 Edmunds St., Leesburg. SCHLEIFER, CARL BENJAMIN, 34 W. Oak St., Arcadia. SCHLUTER, ERNEST ALFRED, 2400 18th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. SCHMIDT, ANN, 227 Aberdeen, Dunedin. SCHMIDT, EARL HUGH, 620 Verone St., Kissimmee. SCHMIDT, PHILIP KINGSLEY, 213 Ray St., Gainesville. SCHMIDT, JOHN ZACHARIAS, Box 451, Kissimmee. SCHMITZ, JOHN HENRY, JR., 7004 N.W. 3rd Ave., Miami. SCHNECK, ROGER C., clo Chemistry Dept., Gainesville. SCHNEIDER, AL LEON, Port St. Joe. SCHNEIDER, NATHAN JOSEPH, 715 Ralph St., Jacksonville. SCHRECK, ROBERT THOMAS, 3431! Talleyrond Ave., Box 749, Jackson- vi e. SCHROEDER, ERICH GEORGE, 301 Plymouth Rd., W. Palm Beach. SCHROEDER, GEORGE COLTON, 138 N. Grandview, Daytona Beach. SCHUH, NILES FRASER, 3851 Stewart Ave., Miami. SCHWARTZ, ROBERT PAUL, 3118 Morrison Ave., 'I'ampa. SCIOVILLE, HENRI, Bogota, Colombia. SCOTT, ALFRED C., 1634 Pearl St., Jacksonville. SCOTT, FREDERIC ALEXANDER, 1756 Silver St., Jacksonville. SCOTT, JACK HUGH, 711 40th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. SCOTT, JACK LEE, 4531 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville. SCOTT, JAMES HENRY, 94 N.E. 93rd St., Indianapolis, Ind. SCOTT, LINUS A., 320 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. SCOTT, MARJORIE, Clermont. SCOTT, NEO HOBSON, 119 S. Virginia Ave., Gainesville. SCOTT, TAYLOR CARVER, Box 29, Sarasota. SCOTT, THOMAS McDONALD, 184821 Hernando St., Gainesville. SCOTT, WILLIAM RALPH, 94 N.E. 93rd St., Miami. SCRU BBS, JAMES DEXTER, Madison. SCRUGGS, WILLIAM MARTIN, JR., Flavet 3, Apt. 255-S, Gainesville. SCUDDER, KENNETH T., Box 134, San Antonio. SEBREE, F. GAINES, JR., 141 Flavet Village No. 2, Gainesville. SEEGMILLER, WALTER ROBERT, 824 E. Cumberland, Lakeland. SEESTEDT, HENRY CLARE, 209 S.E. 5th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale. SEFRNA, EUGENE FRANK, Frostproof. SEIBERT, RICHARD FREDERICK, 424 E. Mechanic St., Gainesville. SEIBERT, WILLIAM HENRY, 234-B, Flavet No. 3, Gainesville. SEIBERT, WILLIAM HOWARD, 326 N. Perry, St. Marys, Ohio. SEIDNER, ROGER BENTON, Windermere. SELDEN, LEE B., JR., 322 Rio Vista Court, Tampa. SELLERS, LAWRENCE EDWARD, Box 262, Rt. 2, Arcadia. SENTERFITT, DONALD TAYLOR, 2906 Olga Place, Jacksonville. SENTERFITT, JAMES HENRY, 201 13th St., DeFuniak Springs. SERROS, ANDREW NICK, 1400 E. Washington, Orlando. SESSIONS, WAYNE FRANKLIN, 101 26th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. SEVER, JOHN F., East Druid Rd., Clearwater. SEXTON, RALPH WALDO, Vero Beach. SEYKORA, JOSEPH JAMES, JR., 1445 W. Michigan Ave., Gainesville. SGANGA, FRANCIS THOMAS, 924 W. University Ave., Gainesville. SHADER, MELVIN AARON, 808 Harwood Ave., Orlando. SHAFOR, GORDON FRANCIS, 501 13th St., Herrin, Illinois. SHANDS, THOMAS WALTER, 1028 E. Court St., Gainesville. SHARPE, GLADYS CREWS, Jasper. SHARPE, MILES HERVEY, cfo M. H. Sharpe, Bushnell. SHASHY, DANIEL JOSEPH, 1639 E. 8th St., Jacksonville. SHAW, FRANK ROBERT, 1221 E. Marks St., Orlando. SHAW, FRED ANSEL, Glen St. Mary. SHAW, JAMES WILLIAM, Mount Dora. SHEA, EDWIN H., New Smyrna Beach. SHEDDEN, ROBERT FITCH, cfo U. A. Hosp., Lake City. SHEDRICK, JACK WALTER, 1317 W. Union, Gainesville. SHEFFIELD, JOHN MASON, Box 208, Ocala. SHEFFIELD, PHILIP ELIAS, 451 9th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. SHELER, EDGAR GROGAN, JR., Forest Dr., Glendale, Tallahassee. SHELTON, WIRT JOHNSON, Box 8, Bradenton. SHEPARD, CLIFFORD B., JR., 2062 Gilmore St., Jacksonville. SHEPARD, JOHN CARROL, 2568 Hiland St., Jacksonville. SHEPARD, LELAND C., JR., 3110 Segovia St., Coral Gables. SHEPARD, MARION RUFUS, 2568 Hiland St., Jacksonville. SHEPPARD, MILES HENRY, 29 I, Flavet Village No. I, Gainesville. SHEPPARD, WALTER ORION, Fort Myers. SHIELDS, LEWIS SCARBOROUGH, JR., 1250 Gerard St., Gainesville. SHIENFELD, ELLIOT, Hotel Sheldon, Hollywood. SHINGLER, ROBERT JAMES, 26 Cordova St., St. Augustine. SHIRLEY, BARNEY VIRON, 1730 N.W. 47th St., Miami. SHIVERS, DOUGLAS B., Shivers Hotel, Chipley. SHLANTA, BOGHDAN A., Plaza Hotel, Gainesville. SHOEMAKER, JAMES MASON, Sanford. SHOEMAKER, JOHN FRANCIS, 312 Starr St., Phoenixville, Pa. SHOEMAKER, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Wildwood. SHOENBERGER, FRED, 427 Colson St., Gainesville. SHONBRUN, HERMAN, 1406 Bay Villa PI., Tampa. SHREVE, FRANCIS ARNOLD, 6 Riberia St., St. Augustine. SHUBIN, JOSHYA DARIUS, 149 Crooked Billet Rd., Hatboro, Po. SHUBRICK, EDMUND TEMPLAR, 7024 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. SHURTLEFF, EDWARD MORRIS, 774 Lantana Ave., Clearwater Beach. SIEGEL, ALBERT GEORGE, 936 Pa. Ave., Miami Beach. SIGMAN, FRANK wvNN, JR., sox 566, Plant city. SIKES, JAMES WESLEY, 810 Biscayne Dr., West Palm Beach. SIKES, VERNON FRANKLIN, Rt. II, Box 799, Jacksonville. SILER, HARRY K., 1149 Monmouth Way, Jacksonville. SILLS, OLIVER WENDELL, Apt. No. 1, 920 E. Univ. Ave., Gainesville. SILVER, CLARENCE EDWIN, 404 10th St., East Bradenton. SILVER, LEONARD, 744 West St., Jacksonville. SILVER, MORTON HENRY, 48 Fonseca Ave., Coral Gables. SILVERTOOTH, LYNN, 1906 W. Univ., Gainesville. SIMKINS, MARGARET KATHARINE, 3557 Hedrick St., Jacksonville. SIMMONS, HERBERT, Box 615, Bushnell. SIMMONS, JERRY P., 2318 Prairie Ave., Miami Beach. SIMMONS, MARIE BISHOP, Archer. SIMMONS, STEPHEN BROWN, 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. SIMMONS, WILLIAM BLACKBURN, JR. 1626 McDutf Ave., Jacksonville. SIMMONS, WILLIAM HENRY, Archer. SIMMONS, WILMA, 535 Roux St., Gainesville. SIMPSON, FORBES R., RFD, Maitland. SIMPSON, HARRY WALKER, I2 Water St., Chattahoochee. SIMPSON, ROBERT FOWLER, 1271 Belmont Terrace, Jacksonville. SIMPSON, WILER TERRELL, JR., 1505 Orange Ave., Winter Haven. SIMS, ARTHUR JAMES, S. Beach Road, Hobe Sound. SIMS, JAMES HYLBERT, 3705 Darwin St., Tampa. siMs, WYTHE DAvls, Rt. 5, Box 813, Orlando. SINCAVAGE, ALBERT PETER, 934 East McDonald St., Lakeland. SINCLAIR, DON CHARLES, 318 No. "G" St., Lake Worth. SINGER, DAVID E., 147 S. Arredonda St., Gainesville. SINGER, LEON, 147 S. Arredonda St., Gainesville. SIRMONS, RAYMOND LAFAYETTE, 918 24th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. SISTRUNK, PERRY A., Newberry. SISTRUNK, RALPH EDWIN, 234-C, Flavet Ill, Gainesville. SIZEMORE, DONALD MOYE, 1452 N.W. 24th St., Miami. SKILLMAN, FRANK MARTIN, 374 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. SKILLMAN, JOE HUNTER, 374 W. McCormick St., Gainesville. SKINNER, CHARLES BRIGHTMAN, Route No. 11, Box 105, Jacksonville. Page 460 SKINNER, THOMAS COBB, Archer. SKIPPER, ETHO w., 227 Washington St., Gainesville. SLANKAUCKAS, ANTHONY F., 67 Linden Ave., Verona, N. J. SMITH, ARTHUR HUGH, 213 S.E. Ave. "B", Winter Haven. SMITH, AUGUSTUS V., 1152 Drew St., Tampa. SMITH, CHARLOTTE, Box 702, Avon Park. SMITH, CHESTERFIELD HARVEY, 420 E. Hickory St., Arcadia. SMITH, DONALD CHARLES, 44 Oakwood Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. SMITH, EDWIN HAWKINS, Reddick. SMITH, EDWIN LUTHER, 2436 2nd Ave. N., St. Petersburg. SMITH, EUGENE RICHARD, Rt. 5, Box 827, Tampa. SMITH, FRANK A., Flavet No. 2, Apt. 168, Gainesville. SMITH, GEORGE CLARK, 6330 N.E. 5th Ave., Miami. SMITH, HAROLD LOYD, Rt. 1, Box 122, Mayo. SMITH, HAROLD S., Arcadia. SMITH, HENRY FORREST, Rt. 1, Box 378, Palatka. SMITH, HENRY JEFFERSON, 1II1 5th St., Palmetto. SMITH, HERBERT DAVID, 2244 First Ave. North, St. Petersburg SMITH, JACK HAMLIN, Box 284 BC, Rt. 3, Gainesville. SMITH, JOEL ALLEN, 4220 Prairie Ave., Miami Beach. SMITH, LEONARD CHARLES, 633 So. 7th St., Gainesville. SMITH, LEONARD FOSTER, JR., Box 162, Starke. SMITH, MARCELLA ANN, 1230 Frederica Pl., Jacksonville. SMITH, MARVIN MALONE, Williston. SMITH, MILO MURPHREE, 3616 Obispo St., Tampa. SMITH, PAULEENE EVANS, Box 1632, Fort Lauderdale. SMITH, PEGGY JANE HAMILTON, 1915 19th Ave., Vero Beach. SMITH, RALPH MILTON, Box 209, THOMSON, Ga. SMITH, RICHARD McSWAlN, 17 S. De Soto Ave., Arcadia. SMITH, ROBERT SIDNEY, 421 N.W. 22nd Lane, Miami. SMITH, ROBERTS COLES, JR., 1768 W. Church St., Gainesville. SMITH, SAMUEL FREDERICK, 1786 W. Church St., Gainesville. SMITH, SAMUEL INMON, JR., 2783 Green St., Jacksonville. SMITH, SYDNEY EDWARD, 147 West Seventh St., Jacksonville. SMITH, THOMAS PARSHAL, 1007 Robson, Tampa. SMITH, WILLIAM HOWARD, Route 1, Box 129, Madison. SMITH, WILLIAM R., 608 W. Reynolds St., Plant City. SMITZES, STANLEY JAMES, 229 W. Lime St., Tarpon Springs. SNELL, ROY JACKSON, 223 I0th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. SNELLING, JAMES F., 847 Highland St. No., St. Petersburg. SNIATOWSKI, ALEXANDER J., 40 Tiemann Place, New York, N. Y. SNIVELY, HARVEY BOWDEN, JR., 1823 Lake Roy Drive, Winter Haven. SNOW, HARRY MARTIN, Box 27, Marathon. SNOW, ROBERT HUGH, 1303 13th Ave., Bradenton. SNYDER, WILLIAM MARION, JR., Box 189, Palmetto. SOAR, ROBERT STEPHEN, 9300 E. Dixie Hwy., Miami. EOAR, RUTH MARIE, 9300 E. Dixie Hwy., Miami. SOFGE, JOHN THOMAS, 1236 Monterey St., Jacksonville. SOKOLOW, JERRY JEROME, 110 S.W. 21st Rd., Miami. SOLBERG, GEORGE WOODFIELD, 1147 Soralla Ave., Coral Gables. SOLER, ENRIQUE RAFAEL, 631 Euernia St., West Palm Beach. SOLOMON, HENRY DOYLE, 705 14th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. SOLOMON, NORMAN FRANK, 4491 S.W. 5th St., Miami. SOMMER, ROBERT GEORGE, 1235 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach. SOOWAL, JEROME MARVIN, 822 Arlington Ave., Gainesville. SORENSON, HENRY ELMER, 503 23rd Ave. No., St. Petersburg. SORHER, ROBERT RAY, Route 2, Orlando. UTHALL AREY THOMAS, JR., SO , C 914 Lemon St., Palatka. SOUTHERLAND, WM. R., 401 W. Main St., Gainesville. SOUTHERN, JIM EVANS, 10760 N.E. 2nd St., Miami. SPAI NHOU R, WALTER E., 403 Calhoun St., Fernandina. SPANGLER, BYRON DEMENT, Bascon. SPARKMAN, CURTIS LANIER, 3412 Granada St., Tampa. SPARKMAN, JOSEPH MARVIN, Box 86, Fort White. SPARKMAN, THOMAS BYRD, 612 S. Duval, Tallahassee. SPATOFORA, CONSTANCE SUE, 3307 South Grand St., Monroe, Louisiana SPAULDING, DAVID WARREN, 4602 Ramona Blvd., Hartford, Conn. SPEAR, STEPHEN ARNOLD, 68-12 Burns St., Forest Hills, L. I. SPEARS, SEYMOUR, Box 474 G.P.O., 33rd St. Cr 8th Ave., New York, N. Y. SPEER, BETTY FLOREDE, Box 235, Pahokee. SPEIR, DAVID ALEXANDER, JR., 2762 Post St., Jacksonville. SPENCER, ERNEST ALONZO, JR., Alachua. SPINKS, DANIEL OWEN, 1637 W. Columbia St., Gainesville. SPRAGUE, JOHN L., 2727 So. Cleveland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa SPRINGFELS, CARL LENZ, JR., Rt. 1, Box 316, Homestead. SPROUL, CLARENCE CRANFORD, Hollywood. STACK, ALONZO LEE, 8 Bernard St., Alexandria, Va. STADLER, ALBERT, 20 West 86th, New York, N. Y. STAFFORD, WM. T., cfa Countryside, Marianna. STAHL, STEADMAN SMITH, JR., 1259 Castile Ave., Coral Gables. STALLINGS, GEORGE BROOKS, JR., 823 N.W. 9th Ter., Jacksonville. STALLWORTH, HERBERT HARISH, 221-U, Flavet III, Gainesville. STALVEY, LLOYD, Rt. 4, Box 131, Jasper. STAMEN, SIDNEY JOHN, 1034 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach. STANBERRY, FRED WILLIAM, Route 8, Greenville, Tenn. STANFORD, JOHN WILLIAM, 349 Sunset Dr., Ft. Lauderdale. STANLEY, FRANK CLIFFORD, JR., Auburndale. STANSBURY, GRAHAM P., 4832 18th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. STARLING, BRYCE EDWARD, JR., 1130 N. Osceda St., Ocala. STARRATT, ROBERT POWELL, 1230 E. Henry, Tampa. STATHIS, ANTHONY L., 424 N. Orange Ave., Arcadia. STATON, ULYSSES GRANT, 28 E. Amelia Ave., Orlando. STEED, WILLIAM JEPHUNNEH, 732 Lucerne Terrace, Orlando. STEELE, DONALD FRANKLIN, 236 19th Ave. So., St. Petersburg. STEELE, HERMAN ALTON, 1146 E. Main St., Lakeland. STEELE, JOHN W., 720 W. Sixth Ave., Pensacola. STEELE, RICHARDAKEPPLE, clo Civil Engr. Dept., U. of F., Gainesville. STEGER, THEODORE ROOSEVELT, Flavet III, Apt. 221-0, Gainesville. STEIN, ROBERT BARNETT, 1524 Ionia St., Jacksonville. STEIN, ROBERT JOHN, 3150 16th St. No., St. Petersburg. STEINLEN, ADOLPH LEWIS, Rt. 5, Box 827X, Tampa. STELOGEANNIS, GEORGE ALEX, 1710 E. Oklawaha, Ocala. STENHOLM, FRANK A., JR., Box 66, Brooksville. STENHOLM, RICHARD ARNOLD, Box 66, Brooksville. STEPHENS, FOY WOODROW, P. O. Box 313, Largo. STEPHENS, IRWIN WILLIAM, 603 N. 8th Ave., Pensacola. STEPHENS, JOHN WM., Box 213, Brooksville. STEPHENS, ROBT. WOODWARD, 224 W. Sage, Toccoo, Ga. STEPHENSON, ALEXANDER BASIL, 1846 River Road, Jacksonville. STERNS, REGINALD HERBER, JR., 455 18th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. STERRITT, WALTER R., 502 S. 24th St., Hollywood. STEVENS, F. CLYDE, JR., 240-C, Flavet III, Gainesville.. STEVENS, JACK GERALD, 442 Hammond Ave., Mansfield, Ohio. STEVENS, JOHN PIERCE, 4244 Baltic St., Jacksonville. STEVENS, WILLIAM ROBERT, Hibiscus Park, Gainesville. STEVENSON, MARVIN W., 346 N. 4th St., Lake Wales. STEWART, CYRUS QUERY, JR., Box 806, Ft. Myers. STEWART, EDWIN H., JR., 2718 Herschell St., Jacksonville. STEWART, HARRY MILO, 2705 Fieldston Lane, Jacksonville. STEWART, JAMES MARTIN, 1224 Gary St., Jacksonville. STEWART, WILLIAM L., 1808 Lynnwood Ave., Ft. Myers. STICH, WALLACE CHARLES, Box 136, Route II, Sanford. STICKNEY, HERBERT HARRY, 950 E. Church St., Gainesville. STIGGINS, HILL, 133 E. Vanderbilt Ave., Orlando. STINSEN, JAMES ALBRECHT, 1237 12th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. STOCKS, HOUSTON C., Box 205, Frostproof. STOCKTON,'A. L. WALDO, 1029Vz Margaret St., Gainesville. STOCKTON, BLANCHE ULMER, 10Z9V2 Margaret St., Gainesville. STOKER, NORMAN PIERRE, Rt. No. 2, Quincy. Page 461 STOKES, JAMES ARTHUR, 3825 48th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. STOKES, MAURICE DEWAY, P. O. Box 155, Fort Meade. STOKES, SHERWOOD LINDON, P. O. Box No. 3, Haines City. STONE, ASHBURY M., Lake Worth. STONE, ERWIN EARL, 14 Lowell St., Lynn, Mass. STONE, JOHN T., 1307 W. Union St., Gainesville. STONE, PATRICIA M., Box 1171, Tallahassee. STONE, SILAS R., Port St. Joe. STONECIPHER, JOHN, P. O. Box 1265, Orlando. STONER, CLIFFORD W., 234 E. University Ave., Gainesville. STORMES, MARSHALL ALLEN, 2919 Ionic Ave., Jacksonville. STORMS, DON ARTHUR, JR., Apt. 238-A, Flavet III, Gainesville. STOVALL, WALTER BOYD, JR., 1101 Elm Ave., Sanford. STRATTON, ROBERT A., 1215 E. Gore Ave., Orlando. STRAUGHAN, JAMES H., Box 3084, Univ. Sta., Gainesville. STRAUGHN, JOHN ELLIS, 738 E. Jefferson St., Tallahassee. STRAWN, CHARLENE STEVENSON 127 S. Orange Ave., DeLand. STRAWN, ROBERT KIRK, 127 S. Orange Ave., DeLand. STRICKLAND, CHARLES ALBERT, 608 So. Virginia Ave., Gainesville. STRICKLAND, LANTIS H., Rt. 1, Bax 30, DeFuniak Springs. STRICKLAND, SYLVAN WILSON, Glenview Drive, Tallahassee. STRICKLAND, THOMAS w.Q Hibiscus Park, Gainesville. STRINGFELLOW, ARTHUR KING, JR Jacksonville. STRIPLING, ROBERT OLIN, 1605 Nassau St., Gainesville. STROH, OSCAR HENRY, Linglestown R.D. 1, Pennsylvania. STROUD, JOHN WILLIAM, 5718 N.W. lst Place, Milledgeville, STUBBS, DAN HAMER, JR., 1921 Perry Place, Jacksonville. STUBBS, ROBERT GUERRY, 1232 Monterey St., Jacksonville. STUCKTON, WILLIAM T., JR., 1780 W. Church St., Gainesville. STULTS, MAX WAYNE, P. O. Box 1569, St. Augustine. STULTS, ROYAL WAYNE, Bax 126W, Rt. No. 1, Gainesville. STURRUP, ROBERT McCLARE, 1830 N.W. 47th Terr., Miami. SUBERMAN, IRWIN, 514 S.W. 25th Rd., Miami Beach. SUGGS, H. WILSON, Branford. SULLIVAN, ARNOLD WAYNE, 48 N, Flavet I, Gainesville. SUMMER, JAMES LEROY, Rt. No. 1, Reddick. SUMMERS, GLEEN EDSEL, Bristol. SUMMERS, NEVIN MORRIS, Lulu. SUTHERLAND, JOHN HALT, 849 S. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach. SWANSON, CARL GUSTAV, P. O. Box 4692, Jacksonville. SWANSON, HENRY FREDERICK, Flavet Village, 20 F., Gainesville. SWANSON, RALPH KENNETH, Box 215, Pierson. SWEARINGEN, SHIRLEY, 312 E. Seminary St., Gainesville. SWEAT, HENRY LESTER, 2557 E. Jefferson St., Orlando. SWEAT, JAMES PASCO, 537 S. Oak St., Gainesville. SWEET, CHARLES C., 1506 5th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. SWINDELL, DAVID E., JR., Box 563, Ocala. SWINDLE, FULDA CATHERINE, Box 1514, Ft. Lauderdale. SWINFORD, KENNETH ROBERTS, 522 Wakulla St., Gainesville. SWINK, WILLIAM J., 2915 S.W. 13th St., Miami. SWOFFORD, HERBERT R., 891 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. SWORDS, MARION LEWIS, 2006Vz Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables. JT TALBOT, WILLIAM S., 1210 W. Gerard St., Gainesville. TAMARBO, JOE JAMES, 2510 Main St., Tampa. TAMM, RICHARD LEWIS, Kissimmee. TANNER, RIBERT ERNIE, JR., Baldwin. TANNER, WILSON PENNELL, JR., Melbourne Beach. TARPY, WILLIAM ARIESS, clo J. E. Pitts, Greensboro. TATELMAN, STANLEY G., 4301 S.W. 11th St., Coral Gables. TAYLOR, CHARLES EUGENE, P. O. Box 2386, Gainesville. TAYLOR, CHESTER WARD, JR., Dade City. TAYLOR, DOUGLAS C., 2016 Virginia Dr., Bradenton. TAYLOR, EARLE ABBOT, JR., 418 N. Roper Ave., Gainesville. TAYLOR, HAROLD CLARENCE, 422 Sa. 2nd St., Jacksonville Beach. TAYLOR, JEROME TYLER, 236 A, Flavet III, Gainesville. TAYLOR, LAWRENCE J., JR., 1754 E. University Ave., Gainesville. TAYLOR, THOMAS PAUL, 1726Vz Meade Ave., San Diego, Calif. TAYLOR, WILLIAM GARRETT, 2035 Deleon Ave., Vero Beach. TEAQUE, SAMUEL EVERETT, JR., 1004 E. Park Ave., Apalachicola. TEDDER, GEORGE W., JR., 712 S.E. 5th Ct., Fort Lauderdale. TELFORD, JAMES COX, Lake Alfred. TELZRO-W, THOMAS EUGENE, 909 West Woodlawn, Tampa. TEMPLE, FRED M., V 16232 Gulf Blvd., Redington Beach. TERRELL, FRED F., JR., 116 Adriatic Ave., Tampa. TERRELL, HARRY CLIFFORD, 815 N. Sanchez St., Ocala. TERRELL, NOBLE K., 3004 Hawthoms Rd., Tampa. TERWILLIGER, MYRA T., 809 N. Virginia, Gainesville. TESHER, FRED KAY, 921 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach. TESTY, JOHN W., 949 Tyler St., Hollywood. TEUTON, DOROTHY B., 2309 W. Court, Gainesville. TEUTON, EDWIN L., 2309 W. Court, Gainesville. TE JAMES A VW U 200 Avocado Ave., Sanford. THAMES, WALTER HENDRIX, JR., Flavet 2, Unit 106,'GainesvilIe. THARP, WILLIAM ROLLIN, Rt. 2, Box I E, Sarasota. THIEL, WILLIAM ADAM, 1465 Bath Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. THOMAS, ARCHIBALD JOHNS, JR., P. O. Box 2079, Univ. Sta., Gainesville. THOMAS, CLARICE ANNETTE, Box 368, Starke. THOMAS, DONALD PATRICK, 3303 S.W. 27th Ave., Miami. THOMAS, GERALD ANDREW, 9th St. and Michigan Ave., Rt. 3, Gaines- ville. THOMAS, MARY LOUISE, Box 1284, Clewiston. THOMAS, WILLIAM M., 804 Oak St., Palatka. THOMPSON, BUFORD DALE, Cody Ville, Babson Park. THOMPSON, EARLE RAYMOND, JR., 941 Grace Ave., Panama City. THOMPSON, HAROLD FREDERICK, Rt. 3, Box 10, Plant City. THOMPSON, HARRY JONES, 750 Lynton St., Jacksonville. THOMPSON, JACK CONRAD, Rt. 1, Box 181, Winter Haven. THOMPSON, JESSE J., 1401 E. Curtis St., Tampa. THOMPSON, JOHN WALLACE, 1828 West Leon St., Gainesville. THOMPSON, JULIAN B., 1716 W. Mechanic St., Gainesville. THOMPSON, THOMAS F., Villa Plumosa, Tarpon Springs. THOMPSON, ULDRIE, 3002 Chapin Ave., Tampa. THOMSON, ADDISON HOGUE, 1929 N.W. 55th, Miami. THRELKELD, G. I., 260 N.E. 31st St., Miami. THRELKELD, MAJOR EDWARD, JR., 260 N.E. 31st St., Miami. TILDEN, JOHN RENTON, Grandin. TILLER, WARREN ORR, Box 732, Orlando. TILLIS, MONTE JULIAN, JR., 705 E. Main St., Bartow. TIMBERLAKE, WALTER BALDWIN, JR., 131 N.E. 42nd St., Miami. TIMMERMAN, THOS. WOODHAM, JR., 2743 Riverside, Jacksonville. TIMMERMAN, WILLIAM L., JR., 806 Lambright St., Tampa. TIMMONS, DOYAL EDGAR, JR., Rt. 3, Box 291, Gainesville. TISON, EUNICE PEPER, 1225 N.W. McCormick, Gainesville. TOFT, PATRICIA ANN, 515 9th Ave., Palmetto. TOFT, WALTER H., 515 9th Ave., Palmetto. TOLAND, CECIL V., 2581 Post St., Jacksonville. TOLAND, MABLE MARIE, 2581 Post St., Jacksonville. TOLAR, WINTON RAY, Bristol. TOLLERSON, JAMES CHARLES, Rt. No. 1, Columbus, Georgia. TOMLINSON, EARL ARNOLD, Ona. TOMPKINS, JOHN WOODLAN, High Springs. TONEY, ROBERT LUIS, 1820 Park Lake Ave., Orlando. TOOKE, JOSEPH CLYATT, Box 1413, Ft. Myers. TOOSEN, THOMAS KAMP, 527 E. Mechanic St., Gainesville. TORNWALL, GEORGE EDWARD, JR., 305 N. Ft. Harrison Ave., Clearwater. TORRANCE, HAROLD ROBINSON, JR., 1636 Delaney St., Orlando. TOWNSEND, JAMES CLEVELAND, High Springs. ' TOWNSEND, THOMAS RALPH, Rt. No. 1, Mt. Dora. TOY, JERRY ROBERT, 20428 Briarcliff Rd., Detroit 21, Michigan. TRAGER, J., 608 Bostwick Ave., Daytona Beach. Page 462 TRAMMEL, CLYDE G., JR., 1018 Comeau Bldg., West Palm Beach. TREADWELL, DONNIE 'E., Rt. No. 4, Bonifay. TRICE, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, JR., 611 Palmetto St., New Smyrna Beach. TRITMAN, WILLIAM ISAAC, 11th St., DeFuniak Springs. TROBAUGH, ERNEST ELWOOD, 120 Flavet 2, Gainesville. TROVILLION, RAY ALLEN, JR., 357 Vitoria Ave., Winter Park. TRUE'I'1', JAMES COOPER, P. O. Box 1085, Tallahassee. TUCKER, GRADY OSCAR, JR., Campbellton. TUCKER, WILLIAM ANGUS, 518 12th St., Bradenton. TUCKER, WILLIAM DURAWD, 115 3rd Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg. TUCKER, WILLIAM HENRY, 4618 Kerle St., Jacksonville. TUCKER, WOODSON C., JR., G-21, Flavet Village, Gainesville. TUMLIN, RUPERT MOISE, 1935 Union St., Lafayette, Ind. TURLINGTON, EDWIN BALDWIN, 219 Annis Blvd., Gainesville. TURNBULL, NATHANIEL MASSIE, 853 Tuscawilla Ave., Gainesville. TURNBULL, WILLIAM STOVER, 867 Tuscawilla, Gainesville. TURNER, CLARENCE LEO, 518 E. Jackson St., Marianna. TURNER, THEODORE CHARLES, 308 Ridgewood Ave., Allandale. TURNER, WINTON FREDERICK, Box 735, Millville. TYLER, HERBERT WM., JR., Melrose. TYSON, Z. G., Box 281, Zephyrhills. U UGARTE, CARLOS A., 2610 Conrad St., Tampa. ULLIVARRI, MARIO Z., F. No. 573, Apt. 7, Vedado, Havana, Cuba ULMER, HERMAN, JR., Ortega Terrace, Jacksonville. UNDERWOOD, HERBERT LEO, 229 Hogan St., Jacksonville. UNELL, EARLE MASON, 652 Chestnut St., Jacksonville. U PCHURCH, HAMILTON DAVIS, 14 Nelmar Ave., St. Augustine. URIBE, RAFAEL C., Medellin, Colombia. URQUHART, JOSEPH WARNER, 508 Canal St., Milton. UTSEY, BERNICE E. CONWAY, 503 N. Evans St., Gainesville. V VALCARCEL, FRANK LOUIS, Colon 660, Miraflores, Lima, Peru, S. A VALDES, ELMO MANUEL, 27 Morgan St., Tampa. VAN DE MOTTER, JOHN S., 411 Colson St., Gainesville. VANDEWALKER, LOUIS ALVIN, 810 Wokulla St., Gainesville. VAN EEPOEL, EDWARD FRANCIS, 116 W. Davis Blvd., Tampa. VAN EEPOEL, ROBERT PETER, 116 W. Davis Blvd., Tampa. VANEK, HENRY. Rt. No. 2, Box 88 BB, Gainesville. VAN MALSEN, W. W., 1611 Aberdeen Ave., Jacksonville. VAN NETTA, ALBERT WM., Rt. 1, Hollywood. VAN PELT, ARNOLD FRANCIS, JR., Bax 1387, Delray Beach. VAN VALKENBURG, HOWARD M., Umatilla. VAN WAGENE, DURYEE, Green Cove Springs. VARN, CORISE PATRICIA, 10 Rhode Ave., St. Augustine. VARN, THOMAS LELAND, Brooksville. VARN, WILFRED CLAUDE, 10 Rhode Ave., St. Augustine. VAUGHN, MAE, Alachua. VAUGHN, MARIAN RUMPH, Box 55, Alachua. vAzQuEz, JOSE PENA, X 3602 Apt. 83, Lake Ave. Homes, Tampa. VENNING, SELBY GREGORIE, 4210 S.W. 4th St., Miami. VETTER,, EMERSON WALKER, 262 Richmond St., New Brunswick, N. J VICKERS, MOSCO ARTHUR. 1219 E. Boundary St., Gainesville. VIDAL, ALBERT P., 1156 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. VIDAL, JOHN ALLEN, 1156 W. Masonic St., Gainesville. VIDEON, THOMAS STETSON, JR., 234 E. Orange St., Gainesville. . VINCENT, NICK MARIO, 243 West Seventh St., Jacksonville. VINCENT, PAUL EDWIN, 243 West 7th St., Jacksonville. VOGH, JAMES WILLIAM, 169 N.E. am. si., Miami. VOGH, RICHARD PHILIP, JR., Route 4, Box 25, Gainesville. VOIGHT, LEONARD O. P., 2670 Green St., Jacksonville. VOORHEES, DONALD EVERETT, Rt. 3, Box 351, Pensacola. VOYLES, JAMES WILBURN, Box 215, Polk City. VOYLES, LOUIS V-1 Box 215, Polk CITY- W WACHA, FRANK ALBERT, 234 U, Flavet III, Gainesville. WADE, CHARLES AUGUSTA, 1507 East La Rua St., Pensacola. WADKINS, OSCAR LEE, JR., Cantonment. WADLEY, FREDERICK EARL, 1719 No. Howard Ave., Tampa. WAKEFIELD, ARCHIE, JR., 1307 W. Union St., Gainesville. WAKILING, T. S., 620 H St., Gainesville. WALDEN, DOW GEIGER, 315 E. Pinckney St., Madison. WALDEN, JAMES HENDRIX, 921 Jasmine Place, Jacksonville. WALKER, ALBERT GARNER, 2561 Rosselle, Jacksonville. WALKER, CORNELIUS THOMAS, 304 West Gadsden St., Pensacola. WALKER, DONALD REED, 625 N. 4th St., Ft. Pierce. WALKER, EUGENE LEE, 1048 Odd Fellow, Gainesville. WALKER, GEORGE B., JR., 1543 17th Ave., Columbus, Georgia. WALKER, HARRY LEIGH, 208 De Soto St., Gainesville. WALKER, JOHN ELLIOTT, Ocala. WALKER, KARL, 1001 E. Comanche Ave., Tampa. WALKER, KENNETH ALFRED, 134 Daytona St., Holly Hill. WALKER, RICHARD JAMES, 4229 Pearl St., Jacksonville. WALKER, SIMPSON ROBERT, JR., 238 River Hills Dr., Jacksonville. WALKER, STANTON, 1155 Woodlawn, Gainesville. WALKER, WILLIAM ROFUS, 2924 Cherokee Ave., Jacksonville. WALKER, WILLIAM ST. GEORGE, 1034 E. Duval St., .IacksonviIle. WALLACE, LOUIS WAYMAN, 641 8th St. So., St. Petersburg. WALLIS, DELMOS EDWARD, Box 76, Fairforest, S. C. WALSH, LEON GEORGE, JR., Rt. 2, Box 606, St. Petersburg. WALTERS, GEORGE LAWRENCE, 1404 G, Powhatan Ave., Tampa. WARD, BERNARD JOSEPH, JR., 3021 10th Ave. No., St. Petersburg. WARD, FREDERICK RALEIGH, Webster. ' WARD, KENNETH CHARLES, 322 Lathrop Ave., Forest Park, Illinois. WARD, ROBERT CONVOY, 5080 S.W. 62nd Ave., Miami. WARE, EDITH F., Branford. WARE, MARY C., Branford. WARFIELD, RICHARD PRESTWOOD, 1505 E. Gadsden St., Pensacola. WARFORD, EARL FLEETWOOD, 1538-H S.W. 3rd St., Miami. WARNER, DALE ALFORD, 1041 N.W. 44th St., Miami. WARNER, OLIVE WELLS, 3278 Riviera Drive, Coral Gables. WARNS, HOWARD EUGENE, 3120 Queensboro Ave. So., St. Petersburg. WARREN, GERALD EDWIN, 614 W. Main St., Gainesville. WARREN, JAMES THOMAS, 106 Emerson Drive, Sebring. WARREN, JULIAN, 510 N. 7th St., Gainesville. WARRINGTON, JOHN FRANCIS, JR., Archer Road, Gainesville. WARTH, STANLEY, JR., 2631 Jolly Rd., Jacksonville. WATKINS, LOUIS, 607 South Seventh St., Gainesville. WATKINS, MARSHALL, Rt. 3, Box 285W, Gainesville. WATKINS, MAUD C., 607 So. 7th, Gainesville. WATKINS, PIERRE B., RFD 1, Box 413, Palatka. WATSON, FRANK B., JR., 6829 N.W. 4th Court, Gainesville. WATSON, JAMES FRANKLIN, 129 Market St., Jacksonville. WATSON, JAMES PAUL, 3024 Lawn Ave., Tampa. WATSON, l.uciEN WHITEHEAD, Jn., Marianna. WATSON, WILLIAM A., 636 5th Ave., Palmetto. WATTENBARGER, JAMES L., 1011 East Boundary St., Gainesville. WEAVER, LEON FRANKLIN, 251-B, Flavet III, Gainesville. WEAVER, WILLIAM JAMES, LaBeIIe. WEAVER, WILLIAM JENNINGS, JR., 533 Hillside Ave., Daytona Beach. WEBB, G. E., Box E, Baker. WEBB, THOMAS DEAN, 512 Oak St., Auburndale. WEBBER, IRVING LEONARD, Apt. 58 Q, Flavet I, Gainesville. WEBSTER, HYLAMAN ALISON, 707 W. 7th St., Columbia, Tenn. WEEKS, JACK B., Lakeland. WEEMS, HOWARD VINCENT, JR., 160 South Lakeview Drive, Sebring. WEINSTEIN, BERYL J., 1515 Marco Place, Jacksonville. WEINSTEIN, CHARLES ELLIOTT, 586 14th St., Miami Beach. WEINSTEIN, HERBERT MELVIN, 2559 Post St., Jacksonville. WEINSTEIN, N. S., 2559 Post St., Jacksonville. WEINSTEIN, RICHARD S., 3 Dry Hill Rd., Norwalk, Conn. 463 WEISENBURGE, HENRY FRANCIS, 335 Kenilworth Blvd., West Palm Beach. WEISS, LAWRENCE F., 242 S.W. 10th Ave., Miami. WELCH, JAMES SAMUEL, Rt. 3, Box 86 C, Gainesville. WELCH, RAYMOND D., 5604 Branch Ave., Tampa. WELDON, EARL SIDNEY, 932 Hampton, Gainesville. WELLINGTON, EDMUND, JR., 1475 N.W. 24th St., Miami. WELLS, EDWARD LLOYD, Rt. -4, Box 127, Pensacola. WELLS, JOEL DOUGLAS, 43 Gatlin Ave., Orlando. WELLS, STAFFORD LIVINGSTON, P. O. Box 282, Gainesville. WELLS, WILLIAM RANDOLPH, Route 4, Box 322, Tallahassee. WELLS, WILBUR JAMES, 308 W. Baker St., Plant City. WENGER, WAYNN R., Flavet Ill, Bld. 212 U, Gainesville. WEST, DARYL WADE, N. Dixie Highway, Ocala. WEST, GEORGE DAVID, 640 Herman St., Jacksonville. WEST, GEORGE HENRY, JR., 35 W. 19th St., Jacksonville. WEST, JESSE FRANK, Box 362, Bogalusa, La. WEST, MARGU ERITE D., Murphree Hall, Room 473, Univ. of Fla. Gainesville. WEST, ROBERT CHARLES, Oak Park Ave., Gainesville. WESTBERRY, FELDER LUTION, 573 E. 55th St., Jacksonville. WESTER, JORDAN LACY, JR., Box 131, Lake Wales. WESTIN, ALAN F., 745 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. WETHERELL, ERNEST JAMES, Box 682, Daytona Beach. WETHERINGTON, DAVE WALTER, Jasper. WETHERINGTON, RYN DAL LEWIS, Williston. WEXLER, MAURICE PAUL, 2549 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville. WHARTON, WHITFIELD CARLISLE, JR. 122 W. Cambridge St., Greenwood, S. C WHEATLY, ROBERT P., 3538 Mayflower St., Jacksonville. WHEELER, DONALD EMERSON, Hawthorne. WHEELER, GEORGE CAMERON, 1018 Carlo St., Jacksonville. WHEELER, KITTY L., 6303 N.W. 3rd Ave., Miami. WHEELER, ROBERT HENRY, 147 N.W. 59th St., Miami. WHIDDEN, WILLIAM KIRBY, JR., 941 Franklin St., Ocala. WHIDDON, WILLIAM PINSON, 548 N. Franklin St., Gainesville. WHIPPLE, THOMAS AUSTIN, 207 Wakulla Ave., Apt. 12, Gainesville. WHIPPLE, WILLIAM HERBERT, 1010 S. Lucass Ave., Lakeland. WHITAKER, CHARLES CLARENCE, 122 So. Fielding Ave., Tampa. WHITAKER, FRANK KING, 2343-A W. Court St., Gainesville. WHITAKER, F. C., 2112 Watrous Ave., Tampa. WHITE, BERNIECE SAMS, 395 So. Broadway, Bartow. WHITE, ELGIN FERRELL, JR., 4739 Post St., Jacksonville. WHITE, EUCIDA RAMOS, 124 N. 6th St., Gainesville. WHITE, GLADYS HEINICKE, clo Mrs. J. I. Watts, 61 N.W. 50th St., Miami. WHITE, MARY ANN, 804 Garden Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. WHITE, MARY FRANCESCA, 1003 Wolfe Ave., Jacksonville. WHITE, ROBERT CHARLES, 395 S. Broadway, Bartow. WHITE, WILLARD EUGENE, Rt. No. 1, Box 21, Quincy. WHITESIDE, AUGUSTUS FRANCIS, 1452 Brickell Ave., Miami. WHITESIDE, JOHN EDGAR, Box 1140, Route No. 1, St. Petersburg. WHITMARSH, THOMAS EDWARD, 1120 Wolfe, Jacksonville. WHITTON, FRANK FORREST, Rt. 1, Plant City. WICKEN, THOMAS H., JR., 1250 West Court St., Gainesville. WIGELIUS, FRANK EDMUND, 1349 Cypress St., Gainesville. WIGGINS, ELDON GAYNOR, 1002 Park Lake Ave., Orlando. WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM STROTHER, JR 477 N.E. 92nd St., Miami. WILCOX, JOHN BROWN, Rt. 2, Box 759, Tampa. WILCOX, NORMAN E., 210 W. Turner St., Clearwater. WILES, GEORGE, JR., 121 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine. WILHOIT, STERLING EDWARD, JR., 410 Carry St., Quincy. WILKERSON, WALTER E., 121 E. Masonic, Gainesville. WILKINS, WOODROW W., 716 N. 8th Ave., Pensacola. WILLAUER, CHARLES H., JR., R. D. No. 2, Quakertown, Pa. WILLIAMS, ARNED OTTO, 618 W. Orange St., Gainesville. WILLIAMS, B. D., 626 W. Olive St., Gainesville. WILLIAMS, BYRON BENNETT, JR., 917 Grace Ave., Panama City. -1 WILLIAMS, CHARLES B., 752 E. Magnolia, Gainesville. WILLIAMS, CHARLES ROBERT, 3560 N.W. sofh sr., Miami. WILLIAMS, DANIEL B., Apt. IZD, Flavet No. I, Gainesville. WILLIAMS, E. BRUCE, Cherry Lake, Madison. WILLIAMS, EDWARD ARTHUR, JR., Bonifay. WILLIAMS, EDWARD M., 2249 Ernest St., Jacksonville. WILLIAMS, EUGENE LAMAR, JR., 2463 2nd Ave. N., St. Petersburg. WILLIAMS, GLORIA MIGNON, Quincy. WILLIAMS, HENRY JOHN, JR., Box 42, Day. WILLIAMS, HERBERT AUSTIN, 406 E. Francis Ave., Tampa. WILLIAMS, ISAAC K., 3052 Randall St., Jacksonville. WILLIAMS, JAMES EDWIN, 105 East Market St., Gainesville. WILLIAMS, JAS. HYTLE, JR., 1048 N.W. 17th Ave., Miami. WILLIAMS, JESSE LEE, JR., 2752 Vernon Terrace, Jacksonville. WILLIAMS, JOHN RUPERT, 1184 E. Odd Fellow St., Gainesville. WILLIAMS, JONATHAN BEATTY, JR., 1350 Belvedere Ave., Jacksonville. WILLIAMS, JULIAN LAURENCE, JR., 79 N.W. 31st St., Miami. WILLIAMS, K. R., 2145 Oak St., Jacksonville. WILLIAMS, OWEN EDGAR, JR., 190 W. Boulevard, Bartow. WILLIAMS, WALLACE EDGAR, Box 404, Belle Glade. WILLIAMS, WALTER D., 1857 Hernando St., Gainesville. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, JR., Box 99, Helvenston Ave., Live Oak. WILLIAMS, WISTER EDWIN, 1064 Riverside Dr., Holly Hill. WILLIS, HAROLD ARTHUR, 2226 N.E. 2nd Court, Miami. WILLIS, CLINTON E., Pine Castle. WILLITS, KENNETH RICHARD, 2909 Remington St., Jacksonville. WILLSON, JACK, 155 Worth Ave., Palm Beach. WILSIE, EVERETT BRUCE, 4817 Manchester Rd., Jacksonville. WILSON, DALTON LEE, Rt. 4, Box 315, Plant City. WILSON, DAWSON SAMUEL, 2491 S.W. 13th St., Miami. WILSON, DONALD K., Box 1222, Ft. Pierce. WILSON, EDGAR ARTHUR, 1789 9th St., Gainesville. WILSON, ELEANOR MAURECE, 244 Florida Court, Gainesville. WILSON, FRANK MAXWELL, JR., 1537 Talbot Ave., Jacksonville. WILSON, FRED HUBBARD, 4331 San Juan Ave., Jacksonville. WILSON, HORACE STATEN, JR., 243 T, Flavet III, Gainesville. 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ZOLL, JAMES E., Ann Arbor, Mich. ZORN, WILLIAM CARLTON, Rt. 1, Box 119, Darlington. .,., , ,. '15, 1 I 1 ' :V , --43, ' ' 5 W ' . .. . . , .. ,I 'xf-,fi . .,x, JE- A ,,,. : - Y :. 7, 5112. P 5' 1 -- ' 1 ' . , v ew-Em ff Q 6 Q f 11- 1 -1 1 11 V -Q 59' AQ'A Q f 73 ,'1 " A L l V A " ,A It Q5 8' Q at 4 3 x X. , F QR. Y.. ,vu ., t 4 v , .h X . , W M3 ' . .1 W 1' ' . . 1 , . 1 1 '11 f + z - - 1, 1 , L 'X ,f Q 1 9 an qv P1 . 1 ' mf , 1v, 41 .11 ' , 1 by , 4 wm1 ., "' 1-1 ? -Sf , -1 - fy 1- ,S 1 - 3 , 'Z 1 u A . X , 1. . V . I 4 , f. . . 1 11 N.. 1:4 l .4 ' M 4 fa, rf QM' 5 A Q " , in K , W 6 1 .Y 'ff ,ak +1 X ws 5. 1 1 tg as if YA? A nl, ' M' V EU M S 1 'M 6 an M sl' I' Q ff' iw , t x i 5, fx Q af! it l Q ' fa? vu i ' 2 1 5? ,Q . , 1 F ' f 1 5' 'ff y Qs - k , of Q' 4 ,a Wm W Q ,Jw A ,K ' A 1 " 11 ' ' 44 K v 5 E u 4 M 0, fx 0 xi 1 X r 1 .1 X011 ' ff F X 5 , 1- Q Q 4 1,1 R. ,V . 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Suggestions in the University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) collection:

University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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