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University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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cA cWar year ah FloridaEditor-in-Chicf—GENE 8AROFF Monaging Editor—JOHNNY WALKER Business Manogcr—WILKIE SCHELL' Palms at MightMR. H. P. ADAIR Choirmon of the Stole Boord of Control Dedication , This, the thirty-sixth volume of the University of Florida Seminole, is respectfully dedicated to Mr. Henry Porterfield Adoir, Chairman of the State Boord of Control, who during his connection with the Board hos given unstmtingly of his time, h«s energy, ond his greot ability to odvance the welforc of the University m on exceptionally trying period in its history1Contents ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY CLASSES LAW SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN FEATURES SPORTS AND INTRAMURALS ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS HALL OF FAME THE CAMPUS, 1943-44 FRATERNITIES IN MEMORIAMUniversity cAdministration. Running a university in wartime is the severest test of its Administrative structure Perhops no other situotion is so opt to discover the smollest modequoc es ond to cost them into high relief Certomly no other situation so consistently ottocks the troditions end usoges wh h form the spiritual core of university life, that core which it is the Administrator's task to develop ond perpetuote from student generation to student generation Since the beginning of the Second World Wor, the University of Florida, like universities or»d colleges throughout the country, hos foced its severest test A seemingly endless senes of problems hos come to the desk of President John J Tigert, to the desks of the Deons, ond to the Business ond Faculty offices Problems of reduced enrollment, of empty dormitories and harassed frotermt»es, of o foiling athletic program ond o drastically curtailed curriculum—these hove been the Administration's constont concern, but there hove been other problems, too, involving the liberol, progressive troditicn of Florida education ond the momtenonce of vital Student Body Government It is o fine thing to be oble to say that the University is meeting ond weothermg its crisis, but it is a finer thing to know that its leoders seek o solution to eoch problem that is o step forward os well Since the beginning of the Second World Wor, the University of Florida has moved forward, or»d it is to the University Administration President Tigert, the Board of Control, the Business Staff, and the Deons ond Foculty that the credit ond our thonks belong.Executives of Inouguroted or ToHahotM cn Jcroory I, I9»5. Governor Milord F.llmcre CokWH look cs r the t«o4mh p of the Store government ot o tit when the notcn »os emergng Iran o second World Wor. No mon is bencr a«Mied to serve the best interests of fkedo in the period of gro»o political ond sociol problems wh h I«m oheod A Tcmesseon, like Prescient Tiger!, Caldwell hos hod ccnsidcroWe logoi ond legislative experience. Educoted m Tennessee. Misvsvpp. ond Virgimo. Governor Caldwol was odnutted to the Tennessee bar n 1922 ond to the Ffcndo bor n 1925 He served os prosecufng attorney ond canty ottorney for Scnto Rons Canty ond, loter, os ottemey fer the City of Mltcn He wos a member of the 192? ond 1930 sesvens of the FIctkJo legislature He was efected four times to Congress os o fepresentotnr cf the third Flordo U tt t, vttvrq both on the Committee «n Fcre-gn Affo-rs ond the Committee on A( yoprot ns In 1938 he wos o delegate to the Interport errenrory Uncn ot The Hogue, ond 1) 1939 o member cf the Conference of the Interporliomentory Union ot Osk , Nfcrwoy, In privote life Gaemcr Caldwell res-des with his fomly ot their plontoticn tome "He wood' neor ToHahossee. 9he University The oiyj integrity of Dr .John Jorrwi Tigert ore well knpen to all Flendo men Duresg the •or emergency, when the very faittence of the University wot threotened, President Tigert octcd •«th o forthr hwess ond v yt thet hat mode Fbrdo the en»y cf lets forhnotely odtvrvstcred miHuton Throughout the wor eors Fkrdo hot preserved the d gmty httmgSy choro: ter-stic of o cmlon Vtotc tLCpcrted restitution ond its trodtens of flexible student government, I be o' odm-mjiroKn and student-faculty cooperation Perhaps the most remorkobfa och«vem nt of the Tigert odm.n.»tro t n m this tme of cr.vs hos been the montenance of the pd y of "progressive cducotcn" »h h hot been the keynote m "Or. John's" progrom we hit orrivot here m 192$ Frcm h-s desk n Larvgjoge Hotl and ha pcvtcrs on the War Educaticnol Ccmmltee in Washington, Pres dent Tigert has »crked to bring the best possible cdu-'Ot'onal progrom to Flordo. Wc took, forward to h s gxd gudonce and copablc Icodcnfvp n bu-ldng o greater post-war Unntrsity.University T R LEIGH Dton cf CdVge of Aj|| ond Sciences H R TRUSSLER Ocon of the College of Lew H. H HUV4 Oecn of the College cf Ay ultufe T. M SIMRSON Decn of the Geoduotc SchooloAdministratioru WALTER ) MATHERLY Doon of the Ge« ol College ood CoJ' je of Buvineu Adr.rtairoton J W. NORMAN Dean cl the Sonwcf Snvon JOSEPH WEIL Deon of the CdVgc of Engineer W. W. LITTLE Deon of the Uttvcmty CollegeUniversi J. ED PRICE Assistant Deon of Students W. H. WILSON Assoc 4 te Dean of the College of Arts ond SetnccscAdministratioru KLEIN H GRAHAM Bus '-™ Monoger 6 C RILEY Ocori cl Gec ol E femc » Ovrtun R S- JOHNSON Regntror CARL OPf D rccr«r o4 Res-denccUniversity tAdministratioru COt RALPH L JOYNER PMSOT. ALLEN 0. SKAGGS, JR D recto c( Publicity PERCY M BEARD Difccfor of AthlctKS LESTER L. HALE Director of Florida LV'kxiClasses WILLIAM HUGH CHANDLER IL8 SAC Gonesv.ile i l» Be to Koppo. Pti Gcmro Mo; Pres-dent. John ‘.Vjfihall Bcr Assocteiten; Phi Koppo Pt MoetMc, P " Delto Ph . Ph Cte S gmo. Flcrido PSayers; President Low Ckm. Deon's DELPHENE ELIZABETH COVERSTON LLB. Bcahrx?: Hcrcr Ccotl; President, Ph Wto Phi; £« Conwttee Soedl After , Jchn Vor. shell Bar As woo ten JAMES EMORY CBOSS 8SBA;LLB ChpWy RALPH CLIPTEN DELL BA,LLB ATO $t Petersburg Studmt Scncte. Suwer; Phi Delta Phi. BUTH BARBARA DURRANCE LLB Fcrt Meade Secretary.Trcov-rcr, Wm Marshall Bo" Association DONALO JOSEPH EANETT LLB rue Miom Beach Luocote Ed tor F" Bock; Alloator StoH; Vtxrol Coi’cgc Debate Sa»d; tow Deal Chorspionship; Varsity Debate; Second, icufhem Association Teochm ol Soeecn !crr «ntion; Second, Trustee Medal Senior Oratory; Tou Koppo A’ ho LAW f HAIRY PHILIP (OWAIDS LL B Ml) Bolton, Mow Phi Bero Kappa, Ph Koppo Ph-. Justice. Ph Alpho Del to STEPHAN RALPH PITNER LL B •AO Joc«.icnv-llt E eojt vf Committee, Jchn Morihotl Bo- Avvxctcn Exchequer, Fh Delfo Ph L'Apoche, Debote CL6; Inter.Frotem. ly De bot ng, Compaqo ManOQef. Student Rgl'tPV, Gctor Vcffecr.i HALLEY IIONSON LEWIS LL B. WilliMcn MARION D MERRILL LLB DeLood LOUIS SAFER LLB an JotkienviH Prev d n Student Hence Court, Who's Who In Amer cn Ccllcqc ond U" vent e Inte'-Frotem ty Coherence, Prevdenf, P. Lombdo Ph, FlO-■do llnon Bcord of Director . Boo'd of Student FV61 0! ony Corrrr. ttee on Frotemti . Ciubi. Soc e»»e»; Publicity Drector. Intromxoll, Student Dree-•or. Introrrurot . Intramurol Monoqer. Atl'qotcr Stoff. Sem nde Stoff; Hor. riven Ca A« ord fer H.qheit ScNSov-c A erooe in Freshmen Low Clew 19M FREO VAUGHN WHITE LLB •on Hilliard Vrh 'v Who n Amcf cn Co: epei ond Unveruftci; Treovurer, Ph Al- c Ddto. Swrrner SeiVCrt Men ter, Cc-chormon, F SC W. Youth Conference; All gator CeAjmvvi; Secretory.Tree-ajrtf, John MonhoM Bor AMoc oton; S«retor». S’ote Baptist Student Un rv PreiPent 6opt i Student Uncn. Dance Choirmon. Summer Sevv-cn. Hsncr Court, Summer Seivcn, OerL, Henor Court. Sunrtr Srtvon. Conti-tu«ion Re»n«on Committee; Flcrido LViion Boord of Monopoi. Gofer Pep CK6; Student Senote SHIRLEY WOOLF LLB Mom. Beorh Secretory. Hilld; John Moriholl Bo Ph. At;ec P. GRADUATESLAW JUNIORS TEO f. GALATIS LEWIS MORRIS SCHOTT DORIS MAE HARTMAN IETTY L SMITH WILKIE SCHELL PATRICIA WHITMORE 0. Ha»n» Roll Robort M. Corfu Eraatf Jaaxo Heweff H L«:a Hclbrool Korlyie Houlholdcr Holmei M Jr Jalta Aiken Marroy Somuel L. Payne LAW FRESHMENSeniors ALLEN ALEXANDER 8AJ Fknhrsg. N Y. Freshnnon Trock; Inlemorionol Re ot«m Club; Ne«s Edtor, Allgotor, Executive Editor, Allgotor GUY SYLVIO AZAR 8.SBA Sorosoro REGINALD D. BAILEY BSE. Miomi HARRIS RALL ALBERT JACK BEER JOHN A BENTON JOHN RADFORD BOLING. JR. BA 8 SB A BA BS • o Maonra XI AT Jockscrmlle Ok« Cub; Audtc . dee Club; How Cart; Rifle Teom; Accountant, Semnde. President, Hillel Foundor n S» Petersburg SecrefaryTrcosurer, Inter-Fra’cmity Conference, President. Sgrro Chi; Honcr Court, L'Apoche; Sen or Worden Episco-cd Vestry; Group Leader. Freshmon Week; Treasurer. ACCS; Religious Counc-l S Tompo E N I o :HENRY THOMAS BROADSTREET, JR BS KA Joekvonv-r Los P oroi; Pres-dent, Alpha Epvkn Del'o. Mener Court, Suvrrer Srukn; Honor Court; Amef on Chemcol Sorely. WILLIAM BROWN CALDWCLL. JR B S BA ut Cleoracter Treosurer, S'gmo Alpha Epi Ion; Sluder. Smote; Buvnesi Monoger, All-gotcr. Assailant Buvneu Monoger, Semnde, Vrfic’s W n Amer :on Cottages ond Unvent-es Oeon's List; Ho«1 of Fome IWEN KEITH CAMERON BCE (A Ganesv.lle V e Pendent, Sgrro Too; Prndmt. Ben-ten Ccunc-1; Lcs P corot; Student Smot , Glee Oub; Amercan Soc ry of Cv Engineers. RALPH FRANCIS DUBLER 8SA M-ami Student Senote. JACK DREW EMERSON BS Euttit EUGENE R. FELTON BSA ta Hemondo President, ATO; Student Smote DEAN L FLEISCHMAN BS B A Gonesv.iie P»AI»ctfyAKjrmi Off e; Recresmtotne. Student, Honor Court. Sirrmer Seism; Stoff Amouneer, WRUF CLASSJOSEPH GRAYDON GRAHAM, jR BSE KA Joel vcnvtHe Frevhmon Foctboi. Frethmon BotLctboH. Vorvfy Foctbof . Vcyvty Botketboll, Cep-ton, Von tv FeetboM CHP. Irvdyvtr «l Art Club, Student Smote EUGENE RUSSELL H01Z BCht oi WMI P0W1 Boocb Secretory. Theto CH, V t President. A ner on Che " ol Socefy; Secretory-Tr«o et, Ame on Irot-tufe o Owm • col Engneee . Prevdent, WetJev Fando-ton JAMES GARFIELD IRVING BCh£ Oho, N Y Sp o Too Amef on ImMufe cf Chemi-COJ Enjr«n, Amer on Chemcol Sor-e-tv. S»«pbony Ochevtro REM ELMER JAMES BA. u Tompo AU-gotor Stoff, Secretory, Sp™ Inter-Frotcm.ty Conference. Pr«v S gmo Chi; Honor Caet. Editor, V Holl Newv Letter; Jietior Worden. Ft pot Vrtfry; Donee Convntfce 19 3 Frct y L'Apoehe. JIRRY W. GADDUM BS Goneiviile FY.. Eto Sprna. Student Senate Lyceum Ceavc.l, Ph, Kocpo Ph WILLIAM FREDERICK GOEHRING BMC i M crr. Ben ten Engnecnng SoC-ety, Ben fen Engneer-•ng Cewcil, Anver on Sccety cf Mechont col Eng.necr , Buinru Monoger. Gee C ub. Sprrfvg Football. Inter. Froterrvty Conference OVID R GANO BEE Gone»v.iie Spma Tow Amercon Institute oI Electncoi Engneen. Bmton Eng neer vg Ccunc l. I R EOUANE I MeCONNELL ail Tompo P » Eto Sgrro. PS Koppo Ph., Prevent, '-•yr 3 Toj. President, A r r on Institute c-’ Electrcol Ernr ers, Senate, Summer VW; Benton Engmeerng Council. Beto Comma S r o Alpho Koppo Pv HERBERT AUSIL MeCORMlCK BSA Fort Vthite Agr ulfure Ck . Block ond 8e dle DAVE MARTIN BA RICHARD F. MORSE BEE ___ Stork Goinemdc $gmo Tou- A T f ori l»»»'tute A Hectr . Student Smote. Lyceum Counc t; los eof £"0 ' Pkoroik Doipbn CW ; Amouncer, WRUF; Moll o Fome IRVING LEIBSON BChE Won-. Beo:h Ft . E»0 S'Qmo, Benton Engmeemg Can-c l; Amee on Institute J Oem cl Eng • reefy A r r on Chemcol Society; Sgmo Tou; Gamma Sgma f pylon ARTHUR FRANCIS MclRIDE BS Surrncr Mo e« Pres mt. Ftv S-gmo. Botogcoi A o»d. PH Sgmo WALTER CLYDE KELLY BS ♦•T St Petersburg Student Smote, Pres-dent, Inler FfOlern.ty Ccnlerence, Present, Pb Koppo Tou, Boo'd C » Student PubUotony Oo rmon, ACCS; Committee on Fraternities, Organisations ond Clubs. Committee on SoooJ At to ry Choirmon, Go tor PcVifcol Party, Sencc In-vtotiCns Ccrrmttcc; Vrtio's Wto n Ameri-con Colleges ond UniversitiesIRWIN POLLACK 8S Miami hi Eta S«gmo; Ph. Kopca Phi. Phi B«?o OCC« MANUEL POMAR BSA Are Tampa Cfc-fc; Block and Bride; Sec-'tiory, tc Pxoras: President, A«p « Gamma Rhe; Inter-Fraternity Conference, Student Senofe; Ph. Sgmo, Tali Memorial Scha orjKp; Story Roebuck Agriculture Scholarship; Dormitory Meritor WALTER FRANCIS PRICE BA •AT Ke, West SIGSBEE C. PRINCE BA •i Gonesville ISAAC I. MOODY BIE HOWARD J. PAGE BA Delray Beach SAMUEL L PAYNE 8S8A ♦KT Miion Choncellor, Honor Court, Secretory-Treasurer, Student Body, Summer Sevvon President. Glee Club; Who's Who in American College-, ond Universities; Student Senote; Ho’ of Fame; Los P arosRICHARD VERNON RICKENBACH BA •AO Ptjnto Gc do Y M C A ; Lti P«yca, Bond, Orcheitro; At' coicf Stolf. CHARLES EDWIN RIGGS B.S ♦ro W«t PoWi Beoch Prcident, Phi Gowno De'to; Pr«dent, Morrow ond P«tlc, Student McraQtt, Unfccrvty Cofeter a WILLIAM (. RION BA ♦AO Portico Preident, Student Body; Present. Student Body, Summer; President, Ptn Del to Theto; Trcoiufee, Leu P c'«; Pre-.dent. Vedey Foundation; Who's Who n Arrencon Colleger ond v«ies, Noicnd Inter-rOltegote B'!ord Chon-pcn; Feature Edtor, All otce; Sophomore execute Commttce Vonoge . Frciivrcn BasketboH. Ftcrda LAncn Gome Rccm Vcroger LAWRENCE BRADY ROE BS8A. ATO Afcodo THOMAS JEFFERSON ROUZIE BChE IAI Jockjonv.tfe • ter-Frotem.ty Conference, I'Apoche Secretory-Treo a-er, Amef ;on Imt.tute of Chem col Engoeerv, President, Ameei. con CHem ot Society; Gorrmo S«yna Ep vton; Student Senate. GEORGE F. SCHRADER BSE Gonesvt'e S»gmo Toy; IRE; Ameren ©• E'ectrKoJ Engneea HANS WILLIAM SCHRADER BEE Ganovilte Amencon Irutitute of Electncol Eng nc«v CLASSROBERT NESBIT SILLERS BA ♦A Corkidolc, Mu, L'Apochc; In ter-Fraternity Conference MELVIN A. SHADER BEE. rue O «wA Student Body, Summer Sess-cn WALTER HARRY SCHULLER BS !•( Ddroy Beodt Deon'j Lul; A r ri on Owmcol Scociy; President, Lu« ron Students O smrotktn, V e prevent. Lutheran Wolther Lcoguc. President, Leflh Chcnvcol Soc ty. Sr'rtf-torv-Treasurer, Phi Efo S'Qmo, Prevent. Comma Sgmo EpvVyt; Student Senate ROBERT MURRAY SIEGEL BA St. Petersburg Student Senote. Gonrmo Sgma Epi'cn. Wesner, Int'cm o! Tenn s Doub'es. Winner, Iniromurol Tenn.s Sngt», All otor Staff; Psxhotogv Oeportment Aswan t-tfiO; Ph Befo Kocoo. PH 0PP0 Phi. MELVIN STEPHEN SMITH JR BSBA si Jodaonville CARLIS ANDREW TAYLOR BS Loke Wol« Bend, Hone Court, Pr Jent, CLO, Urn-senity bbrary Stoff; V e Prevdeett, CLO THOMAS TOMLINSON BSBA GooctvilfcJESS HARDIN WHEELER BS Go-o«v lle IUEIL LEE WHITEHEAD BFA Fcrt Mi n PitinSent, Fuiufe Teochtn d America; Gator Vcteroni Rifle Teom; Gargoyle RICHARD JOHNSTON TURNER BA Tonx» Manogwg Ed'tcr, Ailgotor, Pretj Club; Sg-nno Delta O . Copy Ed ter. Alligolor; Scpho-mere Key. Allgotor LILLIAN MARGUERITTA WILEE 6SA. Joeisermlle Honor Court. Sgmo, Seo?i. Roebuck Agriculture ScHcfcxihp BYRON BENNETT WILLIAMS JR BS KX Ponomo City Inter-Frctcm.fy Conference; Student Senate. Secretory-Tceowrer, Mortor ond P«tle LASSEDUARDO SEVILLA NARANJO MA A-r OJC, EOJOCfc Los P-cores JULIO NOLTENIUS M.C.E. Son SoKodot. El SoSod FERNANDO ORTIZ DE ZEVALLOS MCE. XAC L no, Pern Los P COfOS. Pfc. KoppO PW. LUIS ANGEL OSORIO STRUVE M.SE Morocooo, V«n:ut'.o Los P-cores RODOLFO SELEM MSA. Luro, Peru Los P Of«. MASTERSJuniorsADKINS BARKY BASSETT BRAUN BRYAN CABRERA CLEVELAND COLSON COX DENNIS DREXEL EDMISTON J U N I O FORD GALIENTINE GREZ GUERRA, L HENDRIX HIllYER KAZMIERCZAK LE MASTER LIZANO MASTROGIANAKIS MAUNEY MORGINROTH CLASSMOSS NEWMAN NUNEZ d l PRADO PRITCHETT RICKS SMITH SOLOMON STONE STORY TERRY WALKER. D. WALKER. R VALCARCEL JUNIOR CLASSSophomoresADAMS AMAN ANSBACHER ASENJO BARKER BARRY BONEY BOWE BLUM BROWN BROWNE BROWNELL BUSSE CAMERON CARLSON CLARK CLEMENTS COX DAVIS. I. DAVIS, t. DENNIS DODGE DRIGGERS ESSLINGER EVANS FARBER FINK FLEMING. B. FLEMING. H. FRENCH SOPHOMORGEROW GUERRA HANSEN HARRIS HARVEY HAVEN HlAlD HENDRICKS HOLTON HUFF JACOtS JARVIS JONES KENNEDY KOACH KOWKAIANY LANSDALE LEE LEEDY LEVER MARKHAM MARKS McGHIN M LEAN McLEOD MENDEZ MITCHELL MOLZ MOODY. H MOOOY, W. academicmortellaro MURPHY MURRAY NEWMAN O'NEAL PAUL PAYNE PERO REHWINKEL RICHARDSON ROIERTS ROLLINS ROSENIERG SAGE SCARIOROUGH SILVA SILVERMAN SKINNER SUTHERLAND SUTTON THOMPSON TORRES TUCKETT WEAVER WEST VICK VINCENT WHEELER WYNNE SOPHOMORE ACADEMICfreshmenALLEN ARANT ARCHER AVILES BAGLIEN RALMONO IAILEY BAKER BAMBERG BARNES BARRINGTON BARR BARTLETT BEJANO BELL BLACK BLALOCK BOATWRIGHT BOSTAIN BOSTWICK BROWN. G BROWN. L. BRYAN BUSH CABANAS CARLTON CARTER CARY CASTELBLANCO CAZIN FRESHMENCMELLMAN CHENEY CHILDERS CLARK CLAYTON CLEMONS COGGINS COHEN CONE COSTELLO COVINGTON CUMINS CURRY DAVIS. G. DAVIS. L DELL D.SALVO OURRANCE EASSA ECHAURREN EDWARDS IICHNER ELLIOTT. L ELLIOTT. R EPSTEIN FALJONf FARNELL FARRIOR FLEET FLOftRID ACADEMICFOWLER FOREHAND. A FOREHAND. T. FREEMAN FRUCHTMAN FUSSELL FUTCM GAINES GEIGER GIESE GILLESPIE GUIDICE GRAFTON GREENIERGER GROOVER GUILFORD HAAS HANDLEY HALL HASKINS HASTON HARGROVE HELMS HENRY HEWLETT HEWELL HERMAN HICKS HILL HINSON F R E S H M EHOGAN holtsberg hoknsby HUTCHINSON HYMAN JACOBS JINNINGS JOHNSON JUUCH KALISHMAN KAPLAN KATIBA KATZ KEMP KING KNOBLOCK KOON KYLE LAWS LEE LETCHWOBTH LEVENSON LEVINSON LIUZZO LUCAS MACK MARTIN MASON MASSEY MATATICS ACADEMICMcCORKLE McCUllfftS McOAVIO M LEOD METCALF METHVIN MEYER MILLER MILLIGAN MILLING MILLS MIRANDA MORAN MOTLEY MURRAY MUSSEAU MURRELL NASRALLAH NELSON NICHOLAS NOBLES OLIVER O'NEAL OWENS FALMER FAFY FEREZ FERRINE FERRY FILCHER FRESHMENPLUMMER PROCTOR POLLACK POWtLL PREVATT PUGH Kt AME$ PEED PEEVES RIGBY ROBERTSON ROBINSON ROGERS ROUMiL ROWELL SALMON SANCHEZ SARGENT SAVAGE SCHIBLEY SCHMIDT SCOTT SHEEHAN SIMON SIMMONS SKINNER SMITH. D. SMITH. R SOLER SPIVY ACADEMICSTAFFORD SUWMf RFORD SUAREZ SURLES TAMBOR TAYLOR TISDALE TOBIN TOWNSEND TURNER VALDES WALKER WEST WESTIING WHITE WHITTLE WILSON WILLIAMS, E WILLIAMS, M. WILLIAMS, W WILLIS WINTON WOOTEN WRIGHT YODER FRESHMEN ACADEMICfeaturesQuest Noted ri»k ond leeturer John Enkme mited the compel, too. He i tho»n ot left With Jomet ond dote ; ot right, with the T.gerfi ond tfofrtM Robert Helen Jetton, noted opero tlti, undo vomewhot unuiuol irc«m ttonce Seme dein tb« Mt hooie it in th« boekgroond Singer Jepv.n under leu unuiuol circom-Ittottt The Den Cettoekt get thing ttroight. Rum ond Co o Colo on Deon Hod on Iron, fro et Colwell Well!?nd Stuff faring the First We tor Cocduce-lion, we hod o wishful weekend The result wos Co-Id Quten Jeon Hennessy. Although Florida didn't get c«edueot.en, D k Softer yet the Qoeen. W. c. Nesbitt, m native eostwoe, rowas Steed • Where were we? Or yew see lovely. These boys with cers o«d floshy ties!Singer. Alumngi, or»d Or. Jimmy Mflre.. Judge Murphree, Jomc» Melfon, o d Or. Tigert before the eere-■MNI. ( Melton i In Moy of 1945 Jomes Melton, University of Flondo Alumnus and leodng tenor of the Mctropoliton Opera Association, come bock to Gotorlond to sif g ot the Memonol Concert in honor of Dr. Albert A Murphree, kite Presklent of the University. Before o large ond enthusiastic audience, Melton sang voried ond excellent program in memory of the mon who first urged him to embark on o singing career Later, he received the first honoiory Doctor of Music degree the University ho$ ever awarded “ . 0:ct: i m »jM. at languogc Holl At the U«i»er»ity AuditOff«m8 atorland Toe rkot U«. I " The occoson of the concert gove Jimmy the opportunity of renewing mony old ties in Goinesville ond on the Compos He sow, too, the model of the Murphree Memorial, o stotue of the late President designed by the eminent sculptor Pool Monship, which will be erected between the librory ond Feobody Holl. The Murphree Memorial Committee arranged for the concert ond the fine bronze os well Tke mc-r l « Ike Murphree Me- Tke ComeMtee S- er Mellon tTmpeik.z«t »wk V k o 4 Ctoik.r Tt Gotw-FSCW feetboll ««me We »enne »eucMo»n "WWn I - with ye , e.erytWj m««i vo d'Ocent.'W« ore rK« bojt Irwn tl witi' roof. Your 1945 Seminole wos not opproved ond organized until the second semester of 1944-45. Consequently, the Editors tore their hair end, finally, student scrop books in Order to find photogroph moteriol representative of life in Gotorlond from September to February No moteriol wos forthcoming until we Struck Upon these pictures of the SAE Skit. “Tko ltd I long foi . . . An •••fenlitied admirer ond Wolkor. ScA£ Clomp, clomp . . . UGH' Tk» Fift ond Oium CotptToken by the S E's for their own modest purposes, they never-the less represent one phase, high or low, of doings on the compus during the photographically dork oges If they couse you to buck for o pledge pm or dyncmite the Lion, we con only soy thot Dr. Hinckley's offices ore in Peabody Hall. Jock "Y « 11 JcomoNtw" M r. ioy ot Ok or W,ld« ot lUor Oo it. Ckopt«» Mooting’ Sort R«om«t op to kit old trickt 090 ■». $ 09109 «a t«n. too’ Th y ko»» orrytk ? ot tkot kovtc' Guilty? !!Di » Po«»» Itolly. he Campus Th« O'mlfrck, the »t»on l« KM, and tk« koHNELSON PhilstopScr'i He4 day. ”... and whaap— p it up wat do $«ioui So koppy to ko» yoo pbdpo Don MeG'f "JCere and cSkere A Ikm vc« k 4 uta«4 wo tN A«lt Dr Ti9«rt, w« prt- m«»« It wot. H«-»kWo. W« t Wo. in ott to wo V •« «o Tt 0«oi g« o« J line dro«« tWe« to rf. TW Low •ottir Coik o « Oo « o £Hor«ot Ml. l oo«f »»4 Mr Bhj Mr liggttt 6 l««4 to b« in th« tkturrMoby Dxl lecture on curvot Me will gn« you Southern gentlemen. Dr Leohe prefer the mol ttotritict anytime thot hi itwdenti come to lett Prefer . olio, booh 0 (4 freth boutonniere. rProfessors are Wild 141 Corleton reloiei offer o rough day for the frethmen It that hi home recorder? Pro fetter Eldridge in on orch moment. The object on the doth may be book to you, but many claim they are headtlonet rPeople Claude Murphree may fool you with the lack We he»e heord too much boogie-woogie at the Spanith.Sports and IntramuralsCOACH SPURGEON CHERRY DOUGLAS IELOEN DICK WOOURY Although a freshmon outfit for the most poM, the Flo 3 coyn boosted o ter o oN-s«o»e hgh school player from the start. Wodccy, Stobbt. Bdden and Ben.pmn led the pock. At the season protested. Ed Benjom-n emerged os the tep man cn the totem pole, eventually poceg the ?eom with 74 fxkj geoH ond a tctol c 185 pontt One poll Ch te h m for the All-Southeastern first team Doug Betden’t I6C and 63 pooh was a greot footer n the Gator too ton, with Copton Wocfcry's 117 rd Welch' and Stobbt' S5's no mecn od: t ons When the full schedule cf eighteen game hod been ployed. The Flcr do Hocpstces ccold boost erty seven »un .n all Four of them hod been oga-nst Auburn ond Gecrflio. the cn y non-terv’Ce eppenentt of the 1944-45 season Qator That wot only port of the story The Gotors' tctol score ton up to 79j ponts, os ccmpored w lh the r rivals' 795 Three pomes we e lost by o single goal, two by two or three, ond several were shiftng bottles thot remaned np-ond tx k. snt.l the hngj quarters. WAYCROSS ARMY AIR RASE Cooeh Cherry's beys went to the Southeostern Tcumoment n LcuSville cr Mo'ch 1, but hod the m-sfortune to meet Kentucky's ogg'esvve players on oggregofcn thot went cn later to wm the Southeostern crown ond dorr tny costem h xrj, tee CAMP HANDING•ILL WELCH ID BENJAMIN BILL STOBBS S «e 24 4D 57 46 46 28 64 45 36 50 67 4D 33 42 36 43 48 50 57 852 Gagers JACKSONVILLE NAS. Dote Floride Score Dec 13 77 Dec 15 34 Jon 4 47 Jon 9 26 Jen M 44 Jen 18 46 Jon 27 26 Jon 30 34 Jon 31 39 Feb 2 36 Feb 6 44 Feb 8 42 Feb 12 58 Feb 13 40 Feb 17 52 Feb 19 41 Feb 20 62 Feb 23 45 •Vcr 1 35 Totoi S28 'Ccnlcrence Gomel ’Southeaitem Tournament C« c Key 901 it, AAf |fn.t Pr C n Army, AAf Lee Field J Xkjcnv lle NATTC Comp Bondng University ci Georgio Jck htawal Air Sfotcn Jockwnv e MATTC Cemp Storing Comp eiood-ng Jo« Nfcvol Air Stolen WoyCroM Arm, Air Sroten Auburn Auburn Gecrgo Adbum Auburn Welch Arm, Hospital Kentucky 1944 BASKETBALL SQUAOSCHMIDT GROVES WHITE MOONEY GllMARTIN MtLEAN DYER J GRAHAM FORBES o i CARTE tyirst cam 1944 y Left End....... Left Tockle ... Left Guord ... Center ........ Right Guord .. Right Tockle .. Right End______ Quarterback .. Left Halfbock . Right Holfbock Fullbock ..... ... Dewell Rushing ......Jock White Kenneth Hamilton -----Roger Adorns .Fletcher Grooves ...Poul Mortellaro ......Joe Groham .....Buddy Cortc .....Bobby Forbes .Kenneth McLean .....Jimmy Dyerlobby FoiWt r»»» i4 ora« d right end, at Gotort ooftcorc Morylond im wartime tenon of Homecoming Bobby Forbet go»t 15 yordt in Florido-O e M«v gome ot Jock von title, which Rebeh won 26-6. Dewell Rushing receitet Forbet post in end zone ot Go ton top Morytond 14-6. IM4 GATOR SQUAD • Dewell Rothmg, ALL SEC end. goet offer Jot No.ol Air Station ployer otfemptmg to Hop Jimmy Dyer ot Go ton via 27-20.flotido ploy«r hits « « herd o Getors lose to Ok Mrtt 26 6 f'K xJo wos withcvt o teom dying the dffxult wor v«or of 1943, ond the Sour on gr.dncn opened the '44 schedule with o grexp cf intr-ed ex-hgh school plovers. three non-freshmen, ond cmfy cne men wha hod seen ocfcn m O CO' ge yrr A tough spot, OJ moy soy, but the Gotcrs set off with on e«pkn n In the f«r»» gome of the scoten they tepped the Moypcrt Soviets » th o tolly of -6 to 6 ond go red nneteen fwst dc m tc Alport’s fire To-bock Betty Forbes was the shm-ng light of the gone, occountmg for three scores, cr on the gome's fifth ploy Gong to Jacksonville for thc r f-rst cut-cf-tcwn dote, the Colors feud o rough nut in the Rebels c» ©c Miss ond m the r oce tosser. Jchnoy 8ruce Forbes blocked o punt m the first cuorter ond ron 69 vord to po drt, ond the home teom locked good cr better then the mol aggregation But fao Flcndo furies cn the one crd l-ne helped Cholk up the tots 8kx mg hord on the r honds. the bos com h»ne to toke on the powerful 0 Nov©i Fl s on October 7 In o see- © bott’e where there »os plenty to da, the Florida men fmolly squeezed out o w.n, one tcuchdo n to the good With two rctones ond one defect bthrvj them, the Gators met o be I-bound Tennessee powerhouse ond ©.toed the record A1 though they were snotfe to get the boll out of they own territory n the f‘»st quarter, the Volunteers odmflittered the worst drubbmg 0f the seoson Six thousand forts turned Cut to see 0 QCy Homtcomng ogqmst Morylond on o perfect foot-boll day, Beth icorns bogged d n men, times ky ng the gome, but the Gofers got their rival's measure eorfy m the game ond come out on top cf o 13-6 marker Next on the Gator's docket os the frodncnol Mom. gome The Kyr leone were heo r fhon our boys, but they sonk of toner then they swom. tost mg onother shut-Out defeat of the hands c‘ Florida Another trodticn rhot peked up where if left off «n '4$ wos the Georg o-Flc do tussle The b g Bulldogs from north of the Suwonee boosted no Snkw h this v«or. but they still hod the stuff to beat down Gotcr efforts Wolly Butts’ berys recened o good score m the first period, however, when the two F lor da spore-filters were chalked Eoch gome m the 19 4 season sow o different teom captor, oppomted by Cooch Tom Leb Fcrbes wos oll-Southeostem c ond date, ond h-s mates Dyer, Gnahcm. Carte, Groses. McLeon, and ethers were voted loureH by mom, popea throughout the state All things ccnsdered, '44 wos o season to apploud Forbes follows iw»«rfeie«ce os Go tors bev to U«i «rsify of Georg Iwlldogs 35-12 Forbes it stopped by Gcergio os be oftmpts to go o'ound • rigbt end.ntramurals 1945 Despite the persistent clutching of the long orms o locol Selective Service Boards, the Wor Monpower Commission, ncorby shipyards, ond the Mcrchont Morine, Intro-mural participation this year was spirited ond hcorty. As a motter of foct, the Intromurol program got off to o much better start then did the Seminole, for when work began on the Seminole in February, major intromurol events hod been completed Consequently, we ore unable to present photographs of the various activities. The Intromurol program is designed to provide recreoticn for those members of the Student body- who do not participate in vorsity sports. As such, it becomes "the poor man's major league." Engineers forsokc their drafting tobies, chemists toss osidc their crucibles ond things, and sleeping students leop from their beds, oil in order to romp oround in the Florida sunshine for a few hours Intromurols afford the student on occasional hour or two of healthy relaxation The eye clears, the chest expands, the muscles ripple; in short it is good stuff. Approximately 60% of the student body participated in this yeor's Intromurol program. Competition wos of the strongest, with on occasional good-natured contestant throwing a playful brick ot his opponent. Enthusiastic spectators attended coch contest, cheering their respective champions on ond odding to the festive oir. The progrom, offering a wide variety of sports, included contests in eleven sports They were: swimm ng, horseshoes, basketboll, football, boxing, volleyball, shuffle-board, ping-pong, tennis, trock, and d omond-ba!l. When Buck Lanier, head Intromurol officiol, finally hung up his oboe us and colled it o doy's work. Phi Del to Theto emerged os the winner of this yeor's trophy The Phi Delts, who also won lost yeor's trophy, were presented their award by Cooch Spurgeon Cherry, Intromurol progrom sponsor. Alpha Tcu Omega gave the league-leading Phi Delts several onxious moments during the seoson but ended up in second ploce The AT Os were awarded o runners-up trophy by Cooch Cherry in recognition of their efforts Pi Koppo Alpha ond Sgmo Alpha Epsilon occupied third ond fourth ploces, respectively All in oil, the contest was on extremely close one, with o mere 158 points seporotmg the first-ploce Phi Delts and the fourth-pJoce SAEs When the smoke cleared ofter the lost contest ond the finol scores hod been announced, everybody odjourned to the annual Intromurol Bonquet Axes ond hatchets were cordially buried, ond everybody congratulated everybody else ond vowed to do better next year. President Tigert, Cooch Cherry, Professor Moclochlon, and Acting Publicity Director Skoggs met with froternity representatives Bill Scovell, ATO, Bill Rion and Doyle Solomon, POT, Bill Colson. SAE, Eorl Scarborough, PKA, Chuck Powell, DTD; Jim Hendricks, SPE; Tony d Solvo ond Aron Ouk. PKT; Fronk Vokorcel, Los Picoros; Erwin Fleet, PLP, and Dick Bostoin, $X Buck Lonier octed os moster of ceremonies(Jntramurals 1945 The Intronxjfol off »ols, heodcd by Bock Lonier, picked out the most outstanding diamcnd-boll players ond compiled them into the ALL-CAMPUS DIAMOND-BALL TEAM They were os follows: Pitchers Pete Hortsow, ATO, Buddy Kenny, PKA. Cotcher—Burton Oliver, SAE. 1st bosc -Julion Fussell, ATO. 2nd base -Doyle Solomon, PDT. 3rd bose-J. T. Cory, ATO, Shortstop—Billy Wynne, PDT. Leftfield Chos Bostwick, SAE. Center field--W.lkie Schell, PDT. Rightfield Brody Hall, PKA Short field -Gene Felton, ATO. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS RESULTS 1st Semester— Swimming--PKA, KA Horseshoes- (singles) ATO, DTD, doubles) ATO, PLP. Bosketball—PKA, ATO. Boxing PDT, KA. Football—PDT, SPE Volley boll—PKA, SX Shuffleboord-(singles) PDT, LOS P. (doubles) PLP, SPE. 2nd Semester— Bosketboll—ATO, SAE Ping pong—(singles) PLP, PDT, (doubles) PLP, ATO. Tennis—(singles) PDT, SAE (doubles) PLP, ATO. Trock LOS P. (tic) SAE, KA Football PDT, SPE Dtamondball-PDT, ATO. INDIVIDUAL POINT STANDINGS PDT 1332 PKT 7% ATO 1280 LOS P 783 PKA 1234 SX 677 SAE 1174 CLO 399 KA 1085 SN 352 PLP 1056 PKP 340 SPE 990 TX 227 DTD 90-1 KS 139Activities and Organizations■ PxtKfcflt SILL RION Student Wortime conditions ond the resultont small student body d J not stop student government ot the University An emergency amendment to the constitution was passed, strcomlinmg the Executive ond Legislative bronches of the government, ond the progressive programs of pre-war Florido were corried on without suspen-sion,Qovemmen Under the hoppy odmimsrrotton of Student President Bill Rion the Cocducotion movement come into its own Committees were formed, newspapers were lobbied, petitions were signed, and o bill wos introduced into the state legislature The bill wos defeated, olos Still, the work of our own coger senotors hos roised o question thot must eventuolly be onswored, "Yes'" Our guess is '47. S«rcto«y-Ti oturtf BILL COLSON B«0«r «n C old w r 11 Edmitlcn £ aai r« ««u tcnfoB Goddam Hillman Kelly Murray to mar khcll kkalkr Se9«l Strader Shaken Will ramicJ{onor Clerk GCOBGE MOSS The Honor Code is the bockbone of Florxlo's system of student government. The Honor Court gives Flortdo men the fullest opportunity to settle their own problems ond to correct end reprimand their fellow students. At the beginning of the year oil freshmen ore token to the Honor Court Room ond instructed in the operotion of the Honor System on the campus A prominent lark row: Broodstreet. Coteritoo. frince, BoK««« t, front row: Moss, Hendrii, Borr, Safer, Beer.Qourt Chon «llo« SAM PAYNE student speokcr exploits thot eoch Florido mon is expected to regulate his own behavior in such o woy thot it will reflect credit upon himself, his fellows, ond the University. Since its inception the Honor System hos proved its effectiveness. It hos become o symbol of student unity ond is regarded os one of the most cherished com pus traditions IEER COVERSTON HENDRIX PRINCE IROADSTREET flCISCMMANFlorida Florido Union o«xJ Flondo students form cn mseporoble bond. With the bosement floor, we begin to understood the power of the Union The gome room provides recre-otion m billiards, ping pong ard checkers Various student publication offices keep the compus well supplied with news and current events The ground floor, the spirit of Florido Union, begins with the directors office and information desk where the staff of the Unan welcomes friends, visitors ond students Brycn Lounge prov des newspapers, rodio, and a place for friends to meet. Servicemen's Lounge is on ot tempt to extend our services to servicemen to moke their stay here os ennoble os possible The A lump i office welcomes former students ond keeps in touch with them oround the globeUnion The next few flows provide other ottroctions for students. Such os o lorge oudi-torium on the second floor equipped with on electric orgon. The librory satisfies the croving for reod ng The religious octivities come from the Y M C A. office. The Big-Men-On-Compos, ore found in the Honor Court, Executive Council rooms, ond the student body president's office The library of recorded mus c ond the Cornegie music set SOOthc the hungry music lover. The fourth floor is os high os we go, but here South Amencon ond Florida students ore brought close together by the Institute of International Affairs Till we meet in the Seminole ogam, the Flondo Union extends best wishes and kindest regards to you. OR LIST IR MALE 0 ie to«Florida’s ‘flighting Qator 23and It. 0«WITT BIOWN, Dir«cto Qlee 0ub cAmbassadors of Qood 'Will FftED DENNIS ELMO VAIOES DAVE MARTIN RAYMOND TOWNSEND WILLIAM GOEHRING Prct.4t«t Vk«Pr W«M Vk« Vic«. Pr«» «nr S«r t4'y TrcomrerSymphony Orchestra (feed t. DeWITT BROWNCOLSON MARTIN MOSS ANSIACHER COSTCUO UNETT Net In COHEN. MURRAY. SALMON tfDebate 0ub The Oft O debo'. iMj hod tt e ept n on the Unnervi conxxrt n 1916 ond enthj-ixnrn presetted Uo fy but it«od ly utt.l 1929 Ar th.t time, on octne speech deportment oi jet up on the tOTpA ond debotmg rcolly come mtc itj evin For the post 14 ecr Go tor tcomj hove crvc roped 75% rn ogomit the b«t ctfiegote m the country. Thu eor, c » g to curt© led «'ove! g, the v x d hod to reduce the rxmrfcer of t mter-CoMegotc motche Even though the VQjod v o» yro'Wr then n pre- or yeorj, enthusovn for d«t Otng »Oi not «omcdPROFESSOR CONSTANS Lyceum Council PROFESSOR MORRIS It is the function of the Lyceum Council to bong entertomment to the Florida Campus Members of the Florida Student Body are admitted to all Lyceum progroms tree of charge, for the organization s supported out of octivity fee furxJs. Despite o sharply curtoiled income, the Council was oble to bring four progroms representative of the best entertainment to Gotorlond during the post year The 194-4-45 season opened with o rectal by Helen Jepscn noted Metropolitan Opera star Jcpson was followed by the Don Cossack Chorus, which sang a Sunday afternoon concert here m December. A New York rood company of the comedy hit "Junior Miss" was the first Lyceum offering of the second semester, and the lost concert of the year wos given by the Britt String Trio, with the University's own Claude Murphree at the piono. GADOUM DODGE MARTIN •AROFF, PrctafentSKAGGS. DOLBEARE. DAY. KOKO-WOOR. JOUBERT. EERO The board of Student Publications is empowered to exercise general supervisory power over oil student publications and to let oil contracts pertaining to them In performing these functions the Board renders o distinct service to members of the publications staffs. ‘Board, of Student Publications Foculty Choirmon...........Professor H B. Dolbcore Foculty Member.................Professor W Joubert Foculty Member.................Professor J W Day Foculty Member ............Professor F W Kokomoor Secretary...........................A 0 Skaggs Student Choirmon ...................Walter Kelly Student Member .....................Lincoln Brown Student Member...........................Joe Pero KEUY BROWN £ he Florida THE EDITOR EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ...............................Eddie Kelly Monoging Editor.............................Johnny Wolker Assistont Manogmg Editor.......................Dave Sage Executive Editor ............................Allen Alexander News Editor ...................................Don Wolker Wor ond Rewrite Editor......................George Kowkobony Fraternity Editor .............................Rugg Dodge Sports Editor .................Poul Cnbtxns, Carl Hancock Exchange ......................................Tom Hicks Rewrite and Proof...............Ted Nelson, Horold Hermon Reporters................Robert Bless, Bob Seigol. Bill Rion, Art Browne, Ans Roumel, Rick Rickenboch BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...............................Bill Caldwell Assistant Business Manoger ...........................Joe Pero Circulation Manager ......................................Edgar Davis Col'action Monoger .....................................Charlie Vick Business Ass'Stonts .. Bert Reomes, Pat O'Neol, Bob Johnson w lk« M. Walker J. tMMl A, Ut D A, C«d«c«i HW|, m dtuki. Grinning So J« 0«d WTolkcr, plan 0 l «l.cAlligator The war emergency cut the Florida Goto to tabloid size, ond the Gotor stoff was cut to tob-loid s»zc, too Still, ot the erxj of the spring semester. no one could SOy that the boys ot the 1944-45 Editorial ond Business Staffs hodn't done themselves proud Neither the traditions nor the quality of the campus poper were sacrificed in the name of problems that couldn't be solved Prcbobly the mon who deserves the most credit for the Alhgotor's success is Editor Eddie Kelly A Groduate Student m Journalism, he picked his stoff for competence ond energy, ond he really p«cked 'cm Monoging Editor Johnny Wolkcr ond Asvstont Dove Soge proved the ablest trouble shooters on editor could osk They kept the small stoff together ond working News Editor Don Wolker pitched in wherever he was needed, os did Editors Alexonder, Kowkobony, ond Dodge The small stoff of reporters is deserving of orchids, too. for they worked os long or»d os hard os any stoff before them — ond sometimes longer ond horder. THC IUSINESS manage To Business Monoger Bill Caldwell ond his copoble Asvstont Joe Pero we owe o special vote of thonks They were the men who sowr to the Alligator's financial success »n o time when we prayed to break even Cnbbmi, Mon o h, $« ! ond Sot ol Notts Irownt one ot (koto Coq«r B o»«r f«ro ond S. Lof'cc ColdvHI m fxniiod dtorUt inmoiIi. rbc Allifoto o«ln he 1945 TK Editor. cp» by eptimitm. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief .................................Gene Baroff Monoging Editor.......................................Johnny Walker Assoc tote Editor ..................................... erry Goddum Assistant Mo noting Editor........................Dave Soge Froternity Editor................................Rugg Dodge Sports Editor ....................................Ted Nelson Intramural Editor ..............................Chock Powell Art Editor ..........................................Charlie Blum Photogrcpher ............................................Pot O'Neal BUSINESS STAFF Business Monoger .....................................Wilkie Schell Assistant Business Mcnoger................................Al Sheehon Advertising Mcncger..........................W C Nesbitt Auditor ...........................................Al Beer Office Moncger ................................Harold Herman Soles Moncger..................................Elliot Heold Solictors..........Louis Sofer, Dick Woolery, Dick Balmond Staff Members ..................Jock Barker, Lincoln Brown, Bob Elliot, Benny Suorez Pbetopropfer O'Neol « d fb « ner« c mu. Cfa’lie «l ploy bit 6 hSeminole Tl Imihu and Goddum ,n a K(M U»m "Feait" The 1945 Seminole is obout to go to press, ond o gentle sighing sweeps through these offices. In o row on the desk before us all the errors ond omissions of the post yeor sit ond smirk, ond we smirk, too, not because we hove beaten them, but because we have hod o good try. When the Seminole wos re-octivoted in March 1945 by o foreword-looking Board of Student Publications, campus opinion wos divided on whether the job could be done of all Ominous shorteges were everywhere: ink, poper, photographic supplies ond engraving materials. Advertising, too, ond willing workers were o great mystery. But the signal wos gnen, and in a little while the newfy op-pointed Staff wos taking the hurdles ond tripping on more than o few The Seminole staff owes o great debt to some of its members the members weren't meny. Without their energy and stubborness this book would not have been possible First, o bow for Monoging Editor Johnny Walker, who stayed at his desk on m to the summer to see that things were right A second ond no less deep bow to Charfie Blum, who modeled with cloy that wouldn't model and who d-d o dozen jobs thot weren't his. We wonder, too, ot photog-ropher O'Neal He seemed to get pictures when we couldn't get film. To Editors Dodge and Goddum 90 our sincere thanks They did more jobs then we have space to mention Wc hepe, ot Ic-ost, thot the 1945 Seminole will help the staff of '46, so thot cur readers moy soy in the end, "All is forgiven " The Editor . fd.fon Goddum and o » »««» m©r.«„r. WHo do yov i»ppo t knew it pfceto«ropk«r orovnd’cAlpha Spsilon cDelta BASH BOSTWICK OAVIS DILL EDWARDS GOEHRING UEBSON LIVE KATZ MIRANDA O'NEAL KION BOUMEl VICK ROSENBERG iAlpha Thi Omega GEISE LIZANO MARKS PRITCHETT BROADSTREET MAUNEYcAmerican Institute of (Chemical Engineers IRVING LIEBSON E. R HOLZ THOMAS JEFFERSON ROUZIE JOSEPH STORY JAMES CAMERON RUBEN ROSENBERG cAmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers DAVIS OREXEL GANO GUERRA MUFF MtCONNCL MORSE 4 1 FRADO SCHRADER SMITH WILLIAMSBenton Engineering Council CAMERON. J. GAUENTINE GANO McCONNfl MORSE The Benton Eng:neermg Society was founded in 1916 ond nomed in honor of John R. Benton, the first deon of the College of Engineering. The purpose of the society is to coordinote the octivities of the various deportmcntol Engineering societies on the campus, ond to sene os o sociol organization for the entire Engineering College The governing body' of the Society is the Engineering Council. Cooperative Living Organization Stonding, left to ngM: »-5««y. Rc ». KkkligM«r, Kaobl« k. Sooud: To»»0f. The Cooperative Living Organization, operoted entirely by students, is designed SO os to offer ony boy who is willing to do his port in loom work the opportunity to live at the University at a minimum cost. C. L O. owes deepest gratitude to Dr. Joseph R Fulk of the College of Education, who presented to the organization, in trust, its present property os a memoriol to his late wife, Nellie Swonscn Fulk.Qamma 5 gma Spsilon BARKY OINNIS SCHULLER SIEGAL Cchiture c6eachers of £America Q. Ballard Simmons (Chapter Beck Rew: Ed»o d Wocft«, V. H. Lmktf, Deon S—•»««». Miss. L L J «••« , Corl Toyior, W. O.WMtle. Front Rov: Rktard Poyoe. Wolloce M«tche«, J. H WkNltf, J « Rkherdson, Kenneth Ee My, Bill Herrn. KENNETH EADOY JOSEPH GOYER WILLIAM HARRIS FATE HELMS WALLACE MITCHELL, Secretory CHARTER MEMBERS RICHARO PAYNE, Trcosurer JAMES RICHAR05ON, V e Pres-dent CARUS TAYLOR KEAT THOMPSON. Iteonan JESS WHEELER, Preset WI NT ON WHITTLE EDWARD WILLIAMS EDWARD WOOTEN G BALLARD SIMMONS, faculty Ad»nor MISS L E JONES. Foculfy Adrrtcr The noi-onol ergor rot-on cf F.T A »os established n 1937 and ho gronn to the proportion ol neorty 2000 Choprer The compus Chapter »o onorded its charter March 15, 19 5 The F.T A. is lor the benefit ol oil future teocherv Thd Chopter has os its project the securing ol the best hgh school talent fee the teoching profession( ttortar and Trestle HENDRIX WHITMORE KOWKABANY RAUL RICCS SCHMIDT WILLIAMS Siuma 5au CAMERON GANO IRVING LIEBSON McCONNEL MORSE SCHRADER SHADERF.ont row Wt »• »« kt: O'Ncol. F.wcktmon, Mrfli. NirroWrg, Mott gt k row l«»f »0 riflkl: Molten, Horrit. Wolkar, Millar, F ! •«? Mortm, Plummer Member »«r in p-ctuia to»«ond Tounten . WetWr S««?, Tom M kt. lob McCorckla, Id».« low . Rett Archer, lill Sherman. Dan MeUtact, R««4 Scheycr, Leo M Kim, Frank Sronl.t, Am Roe met Florida cPlayers Representing the dramotic interest on the compos, the Florida Ployers hove o two-fold purpose to stud - theatre arts and to produce plays A student earns membership in Florida Ployers by octmg ond assisting m the many activities involved m the production of ploys Membership is gamed ofter about two years of participation As a result of reduced wartime enrollment, the Ployers were witlout members during the past year Nevertheless, owing to the spirit ond efficient work of twenty-three Florida Player ospronts, a highly successful season of ploys was presented Under the direction of Professor Roy £ Tew of the Deportment or Speech, the following ploys were produced "Mr Pirn Posses By" by A A Milne, November 17, 18; ' The New Poor" by Cosmo Homilton. March 14, 15; and "The Little Foxes" by Lillion Heilman, May 7, 8.IROWNELL CARRERA CAMERON FLEMING KOWKAIANY VICK WHEELER Qator 'Tep Qlub The Gofor Pep Club is composed of sophomores, both fraternity and non-fraternity men The purpose of the organization is to stimulate and foster spirit in student body activities and to work in co operotion with the cheerleaders ond various campus organizations in attaining this end Of the various projects corned out by the Pep Club each ecr, the "Pep Parades" are the most colorful. These parodes find droves of freshmen marching through the streets of Goinesville, dressed in paiomas or blonkets, ond cheering Florido teoms to victory.‘Delta ‘Delta 6otk Row: llo Pr }? •, Poiitoo Wh imou. tocqwc Mot. Menfio Whitney. Frcnr Row; Bert, Smith, Dclphcnc Cercntcm. Mono i Merrill, Jot« R«- Net in picture: Doris Hortmen. CHANDLER OILL CHACE FETNER Thi ‘Delta Thi OFFICERS w. CHANDLER Moyster, first semester ft DELL Mogrstcr, sec end semester ft FETNER E chcqufr J CHACE Clerk K VAS£ Rt JL$€ HritCrion ffr Ori'O phi, eeriest notunol I q| frofemty, »o landed n 1869, at the IVv.crvty of Michigan. Sine thot twne 65 chapters hose been granted to w« l- gor»zcd grcxips located n first class schools The wr weshp roll of these 65 chapters row tolols ever 77,000 Fh. Delta PK chapters ore known os Irm the IKservty of Flcrido Inn s named otter Judge R S Cockrell, a post member of the fW do Scpremc Court, and oho j fcmxr rrx rt r d the faculty of the Nathan P Br an low Cclkgc of the Urvvervty of Florida Cockrell Inn »os landed ot the Unw»vty cf FkxcJo m the «or 1910Thi £(a Sign •AMY • USSf JACOBS JONES KOWICAIANY W GHIN SCHICHTIR SILVERMAN TISDALE WATKINS WALKER Ph Eta Sigma, freihman honorary xWattiC fraternity, wo Icxnded cn the Un„emty of Fkrido corrpu Jonuor 11, 1930. through the effort of Dean R C Beat) Mcrrber hf m Phi Eto Sgmo baled %oieh cn the otto-nrrent of o 3 5 hexxr pc nt overogc durrxg tiv freihmon eor Aet-vy merrfcerihip extend for cre year of ter mil eto The prncipal purpeve of Ph Eto Sgmo i to bring together the member of the freihmon clou »H ht e ihcmn hgh ichototic ability The on jn.rotcn work contmucujJy th Ph Beta Koppo yyj Ftv Ko«X) Phi to hythcf the tondard of X3hefc»t ©;fve « nent ot Florida Dean Beaty o Phi Eto Sigma' hm faculty odnior Dean J. Ed Price no ver»c n that capacity.T ii c0Beta Kappa OFFICERS Horwood 8. Dtfbcore............................Prescient C. A Robertson ..........................V ce-President C E Mounts.....................................Secretary Harold L. Knowles..............................Treasurer INITIATED IN 1943-44 ROBERT M WILLIAMSON MELVIN SABSHIN ALBERT S ARNO JOHN HAZEN NOOINE WILLIAM J. LASAROW RICHARD K COLE FRANCIS L McCOY INITIATED IN JANUARY 1945 MRS RUTH $ McVOY IRWIN POLLACK JACK DREW EMERSON INITIATED IN MAY 1945 ROBERT M SIEGAL member-m.course CHARLES I. MOSIER alumnus. 1932T ii Kappa Tihi CHAPTER OFFICERS. 1944-1945 President ............ Vice-President ....... Secretory ............ Treosurer............. Journal Correspondent Historian............. Morsholl ............. H Harold Hume .Alton C Morris F. W. Kokomoor ....C. V. NoWe ...Groce Stevens J. Hooper Wise .Lewis F Haines NEW MEMBERS Arm:c Baldwin Albert Jock Beer T. Bernard Bishop Robert George Blake Ewen Keith Cameron Walter TonksJcy Cross Eulo L. Dixon Anne Hamilton Franz Jerry William GorJdum Blair Thompson Hathaway Raymond Bruit t Hobbs Copttota Prevatt Hopkins Jose Rofael Hurtodo Sora Lovinio de Kcni Selma Thompson Me Anally Eulo Zetrouer Mclrwis Robert Royal McPherson Ruth Shortel McVoy John Miller Moc loch Ian Jocquclme May Cora Meochom Coro Lillis Moore Matthew Earl Morrison Augusta Morie O'Donofd Emma Lee Owen Ivyl F. Pirtle I own Pollock Fonnie Glenn Puckett Louise Nosh Rhood Robert Murray Siegel Dorothy Corel Stephens Dxi Arthur Storms Laura Virginia Word Lillian Morguentteo Wilee Viola Word Wilson Leomon Wood Fernondo Ortiz de Zevallos Phi Kappa Phi, one of the highest honorary scholastic societies of the University of Florida, numbers omong its membership ixxJergroduote students, yroefcotes ond foculty members It hos for its prime object the promotion of scholarship and irrcproochoblc chorocter This Society differs from other societies chiefly in the foci thot its doors are open to students in any department of study in the institution whe«e a chapter exists It welcomes the engineer, the agriculturist, the architect, or the chemist as heartily os it does the closs ol scholor or the man of letters The thirty-seven new members listed above were initiated by the Flondo Chopter from June, 1944, through May, 1945. Baptist Student Uniono rev. McCall ukcomb IONEY BROWN CAMIRON FlIISCHMAN MUFF. C. HUFF. J. LAUS JONES FAYNI McGHIN RICHARDSONMeUmum (?lub officers THOMAS J HALEY ......................Prtydcnl GEORGE MOSS ......................V ePrevdenr EDWARD BROWNELL ......................Soado'y GEORGE K0WKA8ANY ....................Trconxcr REV JEREMJAH P O'MAHONEY, Choplo.n, Newmon OJb ond D-f«lor of Crone Hail CRANE HALL. CdMic C«»rcr in JBrmorfam THE NEWMAN CLUB OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA PRAYERFULLY REMEMBERS ITS FORMER MEMBERS, DECEASED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY IN WORLD WAR II: Major Jorra G Abernathy Copio n Gtrold G Kirby CoplO-n Jomei P 8anL I u tenant Oo. d P Germom L uttnant Alfred W Re Coptom Rcberl G Ludo -Lieutenant Thcmat V SUHf Prnote R-chord A Co o Prnotc EW r S Stroko PrrrQl JOMph Moffirvjn PfM l John Harken Pr-voi William H-lderbrond Leulcnont Elmer R.«u L wienonl Willom H Southed t. Jr. L vl«nonl Willom 8 Horper S rgeont Br n J Hurt Prrvat Willom 0 C ork Private Vncent E Fiordalul Private H nry Evrfend Privaic Edward W Me fr h L uleror l R hord G Ottc bocher Ser eont Joveph 0 Schermerhcm Episcopal Vestry STUDENT VCSTRY iOHN BENTON ALAN SHEEAN REM JAMES KENNETH VAN OCR HULSE HARRIS BALL GRAHAM BARR SERVICES W««kd«r 7 50 o m -—HcF Conrnir on 1000 Om—Corpfine S«M«yi 900 om Hofy Cow»jmon 9 30 am -Brooklost Club 11 00 O m —Momng Prayer 6 00 prn—Stndty Evening Faun EPISCOPAL CHAPEL Ttte R«««r(cd Jamn Srirl- . D.r« »«' iL-a.X II i J f] i 6 |l t fillThe ‘Wesley foundations UNIVERSITY METHODIST CHANEL 8IIIE CLASS CONGREGATION ARTHUR A CHARLESWORTH, EUGENE HOLZ.Los cTicaros •ONGIOVANNI CAtANAS CABRERA CAMERON CAS1ELILANCO DRIGGERS GIISE GUERRA. L GUERRA. A HICKS LIZANO MENDEZ Wit ANDO MOSS NUNEZ tfd ttADO fAYNC ritiz ROMAR OLIVER RION SANCHEZ SELEM SOLER NAtANiO SHEEHAN SILVERMAN SUAREZ VALCARCELLOUIS SAFER Prouder ! of Student od» qoet capability and .n!dli. gence k g-:ol mr J Intron rol Director TOM WOOO £« « oF IFC . Lvcevn Cojoc.I v:hcJo%! or«J oth l«r proweu , . d,nomc erd (ffKUM JACK WOERFEL Edtc of Ali-patcr . . . eoiy gong olffc bonded with ex-ceprcnol competence ond jour-no'-if-c abrf ry . . t AVed All-Oder threugh tcughnt per fad SIMON CIVJAN Cho nron of LyOJUB CcuncJ . . . vchokjr . . comeit and con-K enf ui n carrying cut dut l . . . itud-OUf . . . Qj-tt . . . reovnaMe '943''944 Wall of JACK MURRAY Ooncetk of Hence Ccwrt . . pcf.» ol oamen oen ui at crgan.roton wnwnvc wake and debate a «fdnm rrv«?ure of -deoX ond proctcollty. • ILL CALOWELL Ru%«ei% Monogee cf ASguW practical . . . kg o» . «eM-faexJrd and icif-iuff-aert cencnol't) noturally fr«ncIV but le « c f ht when he be-level he •» r ht. CHARLES VAUGHN Me man colli hen cnentf . . well-liked by oil compw 9-04 worm ond frendy penonot-ity . . . oWe ond vneereA iron cf honest ond v«crc p»pc« s . . pcpulor and efficent t rns « o rzb • ■! (Jen n on he mder takes Preident cf Stud ’ Bed, . . . conscientious . . . devoted to duty ond deoH . . refresh-•ng nthuSH»m . . cbf ond sneere WftUf onnamcee . . lyceu Coux l easy geng a m ond friendly n personal retotens ond ccntocts able publ c speol.e-ond debater ChoneeJk c Hcncr Court , . . mofiy per-speorrve . . . vgcrcu . competence coupled »tth determmaten to w .ust-ce regn Bus-ness Monoger of Serr.foV . . dynomie oggres- jr t itro oht«cn ord capable . gets th'ngs fcne fyames 1944-1945 • IU cot.SON Sec retory - Trecurer cf Student Bod, brcoc smile and mogneK personality . . mony foreted ropob'ity ... a social os ell os pet t ol leader cn the comcus EDDIE KELLEY Ed'ter cf the Alligator . . journalist delu . . on-gnotce and r fl C!Cr C student cprtom lead-er n cceducotion movement WAITII KElllY Pct.txol leader stu. dent senator hor. man of Gotce Pc»ty . . leader n movement . . , hord Crt and o fnendy persord ty get thngs dene for h-m EUGENE IAIOEE Edice cf Semncl . . . ih-c«sn« ond cngnol thinker sporting coustic »'t I te ar talent . . . fne senvtnity.Qatorland ig43-44 Although the yeor 1943-4 1 is gone, it is not forgotten, for this wos the time of the University's greatest crisis—this was the period in wh h University ond compos leaders together with the student bod ', hod their hardest struggle to keep the University on on even keel. In retrospect one ccn now see the mogmficent job accomplished, and one con better oppreoote the service rendered and the results accomplished by a smoll but determined group Florida's Wortime Student Body During the year 1943-44, the University Student Body, under the leadership of Louis Sofer, President; Jock Murray, Chancellor of the Hcnor Court; Dewey Smith, Secretory-Treasurer of the Student Body, ond Amos Bassett, Clerk of the Honor Court, contr utcd mony sconces to the war effort Under their leadership a compus-wde s».rop drive was conceived ond carried out The Florido Alligator, the one remaining Student Body publication successfully launched a drive to send ogorettes to soldiers overseas The World Student Service Fund designed to obtain books for War Prisoners was successfully accomplished Facility in Florida Union become a campus Service Center for solders in training of the University. The Co-education issue, always close to the heorts of Florida's all male Student Body, was revised during 1943-44, receiving its greatest impetus from orgcmsotions such os Veterans of World Wor II, the Alligator, ond the Student Senote These were the organizations thot ser off the spark that flored mto o stote-wide drive for co educotion. Although the issue was killed m the 1945 Legislature the student leaders who revived one of Florida's oldest controversies will not soon be forgotten. Despite o general curtailment of campus activities, the University Debote Team carried on, winning o major portion of the mtro-stotc encounters. A military oir pervaded the compus during 1943-44 os the more thon 4,000 men of the Army Specialized Training Corps ond the Army Air Corps' 62nd College Training Detochment marched to classes in codence ond assembled for doily Retreat where once o peacetime Student Body paraded in preparation for o war not yet realized. Replacing the nostalgic Stroms of the Alma Mater during this year was the soul-stirnng strains of the Air Corps' "Up we go into the wide, blue yonder" or more the appropriate "Into the Air Junior Birdmen." To meet the needs of the smoll wortime Student Body, the Constitution was revised ond streamlined to meet the demands of o University gone to Wor All constitutional amendments recommended by o joint Student-Blue Key odvi-sory committee went into effect early in the year of 1943-44 following o general election Although the colorful com-pus politico! rallies become 0 war cosuolty enough spirit remained to sweep the Gator Party into o majority of the curtailed Student Body- offices During this War year the soool fraternities were perhops the hordest hit ond hod the hardest struggle of their existence Mony become war casualties while others bo rely mcncged to stoy open, with the draft reducing their membership weekly. The some fraternities whch hod enjoyed o pre-wor membership of 75 members to 100. operated with only 20 students At this time there was only one housemother left on the compus, SAE's Mrs Joree McForlin The compus, however, during the year enjoyed the best in professoral entertamment. Through the efforts of Simon Civojon ond the Lyceum Council such stors os Florence Kirk, Don Cossock's Chorus ond Veronsky Babin, duo-pionist, oppeared in well conducted concerts Although inter-collegote ofhletcs were suspended for the 1943-44 year becouse of lock of motenol ond curtoiled traveling facilities, intramural activities remained olive ond took on o new significance os fraternities Oiid independent compus teams vied for championship Competition ond o rigorous schedule of football, bosketboll, diomood ball, swimming, boxmg and minor sports ploced Phi Delto Theto with the chompeonship. Publications were hard hit, with the Seminole, the F-Book, Orange Peel, ond the College Former being suspended, leaving the Alligator the only Student Body urgon m operation The Go tor wasn't killed but only crippled ond reduced from o regular eight column poper to o five column tobloid The smoll staff under the leodershipof Editor Jock Wocr-pel, did o mognificont |ob in turning out o poper of interest to both the militcry ond crvilan students on the compus Socially, fraternity fixations ond weekends were small but potent. No name orchestras oppeored on the compus during the year but the traditional Foil Frolics ond other sociol weekends brought g-rls to the compus for the usuol revelry. BMOC's chosen os Florida's contribution to "Who's Who in Ameraon Universities ond Colleges" were Alton Anderson, Joseph Cotten, Cecil Forrington, Jock Murray, Harry Plott, Lou s Sofer, Charles Shoffer. ond Jock Woerpel. This wos the year 1943-44 m retrospect—this was o yeor of hord work ond struggle for the University- -a chollcngc which the Student Body, the Foculty, and tl administrative leoders met admirably in bringing Florida through its hordest struggle, ond through o yeor during which there were more University of Flondo men on the bottle front thon on the compus.Graduates for ig43-44 Semester SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND ALLIED ARTS Robert Lofoyette Pearson Cicero Franklin Branan, Jr., With Honors COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Amos Earl Bossett, Jr. Robert Eugene Boyd William Glodson Lininger Barney Ralph Colson, With Honors COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Virgilio Coomono-Sabat Benjamin F. Dixon Warren Clifford Wood Roderick L Peeples John Edwin Baldwin, With Honors COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Raymond G Carroll, B S. Harold B Rosen, BS. Mclvm Sobshin, B S. Robert F. Parcel I. BS. With Honors John Hozen, BS, With High Honors Williom John Economou, BA Morris Arthur Young, Jr, B A Williom Losorow, BA, With High Honors COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Thomos Joy Cooper Horry T. Platt, With Honors COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Chemical Engineering Joel Morton Grossmon, With High Honors Harold Legrond Hull, With High Honors Civil Engineering Lelond J. Cobb, Jr. Edrnn Wiollioms Aikmon Cameron, With Honors Howard L. McOockcn, With Honors Rclph Charles Horkness, With Honors Electrical Engineering Meyer Bernard Bell Carl Fisher Bryan Emory Spencer Mortin, Jr. Somuel Richord Insoloco Andrew Orestes Jock son, Jr, With Honorj Mcchonical Engineering Anthony Fortuoato Gorovaglio Herbert Fred Goynor Williom Duval Hozen Horold Lee Sherron, With Honors c5Advanced "Degrees COLLEGE OF LAW John Modiscn Barnes John Howell Cotten Cecil Trocy Farrington Qraduate School MASTER OF SCIENCE C E Gouidmg, Jr. BS, University of Tompo, 1939 (Chemistry, Boctenology) Thes s: "A Study of the Syntheses of Pipcrozme ond Pyrozme" MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION Elton Lorenzo Jones, BA, Florida Southern College. 1930 (Education; Sociology' Thesis "History of Publ Education m Jefferson County, Flondo" Ccrolyn Bowers McClure, BA m Educotion, University of Flondo, 1937 (Educotion; English ond Speech! Thesis: "A Status Study of English Instruction in the Secondary School" Qraduates for outlay, 1944, Semester COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Public Administration Earl DcWitt Woldm, Jr, m obsentia Business Administration Robert Sullivan Austin, in absentio Robert H. Boer Frederick Grody Duffy, Jr, in absentia Harold Chorles Gordon, in obsentio Edward Lee Hively Emory Maxwell L«nnvillc, in obsentia Pool D Miller Rmhcrd Fronk Pittman, Jr, in obsentio Horoce Dorrell Richordscn. in obsentio Wilson Samuel Rivers, in obsentio Wilkie Joy Schell Robert Louis Wcodock. m obsentio Sidney Clark Wood, in obsentio COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Thomas W Stricklond. BSE, With H:gh Honors Williom Henry Cone, B A E. in obsentio. With Honors John Fred Germony. B A E, in obsentio. With HonorsCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Chemical Engineering Richard D Eostmon Samuel Nothon Finney, Jr. Richard Wayne Yelvcrton Samuel James Kolncr Simon Crvion, With Honors Gordon Leslie Dugger, With Honors Civil Engineering Albert Grunwell Carter Bernard Leonord Jocobson Electrical Engineering Samuel S Morrison Charles Vernon Shaffer. With Honors Leslie Gorton Stroup, With Honors Mechanical Engineering Ellis R Katz SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Jock Boumstem Robert L Goddy, Jr. Doris Bryon Corkhuff Antonio Endelicoto James Edward Hughes Paul Rosenberg, in obsentio. With Honors Faye Wilson Whitmore, With Honors COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Dewey Howard Smith. Jr., B S Thomas Homilton Wicker, Jr., BS, With Honors Donald Murray Chnstoffers, B S, in obsentio Allyn B Griffin, B S Roy C Weidler, 8 S, m obsentio Richard King Cole, Jr., BS, With High Honors Thomas Mossey MeEwen, B A J , m obsentio. With Honor Sidney Merrill Brouse, BA, m obsentio Robert Arnold Kaplan, BA, m absentia George Hodges Hornscn, B A,, m obsentio George Riley McMostor, BA, in obsentio Paul John Weiss, Jr, BA, in absentia Marion Murroy Losiey. B A, in obsentio With Honors John Aiken Murroy, BA, With Honors Kirk Sullivan, BA, m obsentio. With Honors Francis Tyrone McCoy, BA, m obsentio, With High Honors COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Doniel Albert Cannon Oliver Rudolph Homnck, Jr., in obsentio William Arthur Desncyers. in absentia Morvm Singer Hugh Madison Smith, in obsentio Ruppert Rudolph Hurvtikcr, in obsentio, With Honors Som H Walkup, Jr., in obsentio. With Honors Willeno Owen Johnson, With High Honors cAdvanced Degrees COLLEGE OF LAW Ernest I. Kotz Kan H. Yeneychi Qraduate School MASTER OF SCIENCE IN AGRICULTURE Carles Gonzenboch-Frcire, BS, Control University, Ecuador, 1939 'Plant Pathology, Agronomy and Batonyl Thesis "A Study of Resistance at Some Potato Hybrids to Infection by Phytophthoro Infestons Mcnt de Bory" master of science in pharmacy Jock Kyle Dole, BS in Pharmocy, University of Flondo, 1943 (Fhormocy, Chemistry) Thesis: "Hydrolysis of Zinc Salts" MASTER OF ARTS Evolyn May Dorwel, Bochclor of Arts, Mogno Curn Loude, University of Miomi, l H2 lErvalrth, Sponish) Thesis "Keats and Beauty A Study of the Influences of Keats' Conception of Beauty upon his Life and Philosophicol Attitudes" Soroh Hollis Fleming Bachelor of Arts, Bessie Tift College, 1911 • English; Education) Thesis: "A Comparotrve Study of Some Aspects of the Supernatural in Elizobethon and Modern Americon Dromo" master of arts in education H Spurgeon Cherry, Jr., B S. in Educotion, University of Florida, 1935 (Education, Heolth ond Physicol Educotion) Thesis "A Comporotrve btudy of Certom Measurable Differences of Athletes ond Non.Athletes in the Army Air Forces Training Progrom at the University of Florida 1943-44" Lillo Rochel Palmer, B S in Home Economics, Florida Stote College for Women, 1935 (Education, English) Thesis "As the Clock Ticks" Gem P kett, BS m Education, Florida Stote College for Women. 1932 (E icoticn, English ond Social Science) Thesis "Reflections of the Life of Robert Louis Stevenson in His Poetry for Children" Robert Grover Pitmon, Jr, BA in Education, University Of Flondo, 1933 • Education. Heolth ond Physical Education) Thesis: "Improving the Physical Conditioning Progrom for Flor»do High Schools"paternitiesInterfraternity Conference VICEPRESIDENT COLSON The Interfrotemity Conference is the centrol execute body for compos Greek Letter societies Its prmcipol purpose is to coordmote frotemity octivities and to bring uniformity to the rushing ond pledging progrom It octs os o plonmng board for fraternity sociol weekends, doing much to iron out conflicts hich orise «n scheduling a weekend of $ooal octivities Represented in membership by one mon from eoch octive lodge on the compos, the IFC operotes os c collecting ond clearing ogency, designed to gother ond dispense money used to bring "name" bonds ond Other weekend attractions to the campus » ck Row: Williom . MoftHUio. foitior, R m». •»«. McC«fclt, Sollm. l w «IL Fn«» Row: M L«on. Iritt, lento . KeUey. CoUo . Roe. Sole . IFC PRESIDENT KELLYcAlpha Rho Qamma OffICERS Prcvdent_____ V e-PrewJc«r.. Sccf. Trcoi.... Oap'on......... Mcrvtl Pcrrty Vorlin Agnt ...Mn Boil«y .leonord Ccrte ARRIETA DIXON IAILCY HEATH ROMAR CONE SKINNERAlien 8«Jnk nd Ba»n » BeUen Cory Denim Orer Forne Felton FoucH GntctiMoehct Ko mil ten Hondtey Ho mow Heold Hendrkki Hewlett Holton Hcmboldcc Joekion Lenter McOo.kJ M«ce Mof®o« Newmon Rebmven Roe So m men Scott Scoell Simpven Worttn Week WettingATO wos the first frotermty to follow the University here from lokelond in 1904 Smce then it hos momtomed a reputation os one of the foremost sociol organizations on the compus ISM-4-45 wos o yeor of othlctic success for ATO with Pete Hortsow taking high point mtromurol honors for the second yeor m succession and eight men ploying for the "Fighting Gotors" These were Buddy Corte, Jimmy Dyer, Fletcher Groves, Reed Bell, Ottis Mooney, Doug Belden, Kenny Homilton, ond Jock "Scroppy" Weeks Roy Hendricks wos varsity football monoger. Doug Be Wen wos one of the two men on the compus holding three letters, in football, boseboll, ond bosketboll Nor wos Belden the only ATO representative on the baseball teom Mooney, Dyer, Homilton, ond So mo on sow oction with the nine, while Bobby Gruetzmocher joined Belden on the bosket bo 11 squod Buck Lonier served os Student Director of Intromurols. 8oth Hortsow ond Felton held seats on the Student Senate, ond Hortsow represented ATO on the Athletic Council. On the sociol side ATO provided its troditionol "Basement Browls" for weekend fun. the onnuol Volentine's Donee in February, ond the Founder's Day Porty on March fifteenth OFFICERS President .......................Robert Eugene Felton Vice-PresWent ...................Cargyle Elliott Heold Treasurer..........................Lawrence Brody Roe Secretory .......................Wode Hompton Dennislorry Iryon CkiMcn Clork Co.. OiMt Goidkc Motor McImi Mc4»xo Mrotrup Netr o fott PowtU imilk Tivoli T ck«n"Delta Delta c(oau OFFICERS President ............................John R Boling Treasurer Raymond Borry Vice President ...........................Ed McLeon Secretory J R Conn September found Del to Zcto of Delta Tou Delta with o great big house and nobody m it. Invitotions from the President accounted for mast of the boys, ond John Boling, Ed McLean, Drew Potter, ond Mormon Tuckett were the only returning members Ed McLean, the rush chairman, ond the rest of the boys pitched in, ond when the smoke of rush week hod ckored twenty-five new men were weormg the Delt pledge pin. Ray Barry Phi Eto $ gmoi end Drew Potter were initiotcd into Gamma Sigma Epsilon Potter also represented the Gcnerol College in the Honor Court. Socially, the Delts functioned frequently As the only Frat having an epen homecom-ng donee, the house was overflowing Although there were no Joxons in the house, there were the usual crop of Jo girls down for COCh weekend Ed "Pooch" Benjornm was the Florida basketball team. Playing first string, he emerged high scorer in most gomes "Pooch", os he was known ot the house, was also o member of the Flo.ido Athletic Council. Doug McGoon kept the ploce olive with his wit and his ideas for revolutionizing ovation Ed McLeon wonted to reod the Miami Herald so bodly thot he secured twelve pledges from Miomi m order to get the chopter to vote o subscription to the Herald "Charming" Chuck Powell, o member of the varsity baseball teem, still thinks that he's the bestlooking lod m school Bob "Rock” Elliot, the St Petersberg Flosh, lived up to expectations when he hod his steody up from St Pete for the weekends. Jchn Boling, offer serving the chopter for two very successful terms, was succeeded m the presidency by Ed McLeon during the spring elections Lew White decided that college life was o trifle dull so he colled his girl m Miami or»d the next doy he was o husband The Delts threw o b g shower for Lew ond his lovely bride, the former Judy Smith ond presented them with on electric dock. After o Wild ond wooly compotgn John Boling was elected Secretory-Treasurer of the Student Bod for the summer session McGocn's home brew promised to liven up the parties but unfortunately, or fortunotely, os the cose may be, the stuff ote through the pot ond esc oped before onycne could drink it We're still waiting for "Horry James" Mentrup ond his greot bond to materialize The Delts were the only lods to finoglc o cor into the GeorgiO-Florido football pc' ode in Jacksonville You guessed it; Lew White's "Mus ol Plymouth After o very successful year, the Delts sit bock ond look ot the prettiest house cn "frot row "A»4 » loK ««i lroodttr«r • 0«nrU H. lr)M, It. Com oa CMiiey (uUft fatttn Fleming G-oM« Ha«ri» Martin Mom» Milling Meo y Mairoy N«We PncHord Froctflf «ddenber»y InkiH S «r Stebbint Tkompwn. G. Th - wa, U Tack VincentcAlpha OFFICERS President ............................. »" Vice President ....................... "1“" B«cunon Secrctory-Treosure. .....................Ed"°'d Brwn KA's port m ccmpus octivitics for the year wos well botonced between politics end sports. Prominent in student body politicol offoirs were Joe bier non Boscunon ond Tom Broodstrcet who both served on the Honor Court ond Joe Grchcm ond Ed Brownell, members of the Student Senote Ben Fleming octed os President of the Pep Club Joe Grohom wos football coptom ond received o spectol footboll sweater for four yeors on the team from Ccoch Lteb. Grohom teamed with Dewell Rushing to give the "Fighting Gotors" one of the best sets of ends to perform on the compus in a number of yeors Rushing wos also o member of the boseboll team, while Gus Brown ond Bob Roddenbury were on the basketball squod KA's comprised o mojor port of the trock team, os Scm Milling, Boscunon, Johnny Martin, Don Evans, Dick Korney, end Billy Tucker were stor trockmen. 1944-45 wos the 40th anniversary of KA residence on the compus The event wos celebrated in o special anniversary party.President______ V ce President Treasurer______ Secretory _____ OFFICERS .. .Starke Shelby Donald M West ..Bill Covington .....Leroy HuffHDelta Qamma OFFICERS President .....................................Charles E Riggs Secretory .....................................Mchoel J. Kennedy Treosurer.....................................Williom A. LeMostcr Historian.....................................Richord P. Trocy COX UMASTER HILL RIGGS KENNEDY TRACY8or» Stock I tool i O.'Cva fcrfO (fell Dowling Edmrlto Fotocr For.kond Cxllon Mortal Melton IkktKbMk Imd fttckta UMm Soitoii ScM Stock TitdoW w»» c heta Delta OFFICERS President ................................W. E Rion Vice President..........................W. H. Wynne Sccretory-Treosurer.............Richord V. Rtckcnboch Florida Alpho of Phi Delta Theto wos awarded the coveted Harvard Trophy for the second time m three years m recognition of its outstanding achievement »n scholarship, leadership, and activities. Rion leads the students summer ond winter os student body prexy. Edmistcn, Bryan, Martin, Schell, and Sheehon pass the budgets as senators Wynne leods L'Apochc and Sellers, Fetner, and Schell round out the party boys Doc Solomon lectures, with lorge attendance, on the foirer sex, while Bless ond Tisdale ore the star pupils Brown foregoes the sock for Board meetings and Melton is off to the Stotc Legislature to plug for coeducotion Brother Oscar Harris Ball bos completed 50 missions throughout the state at the present. R kenboch levies fines, while Barr alternates between the golf course ond closs All have shared m grunts and "Groins" to win compus intro-murols for the fourth consecutive year, and the Sword and Shield predominates at Florida Union with the situation well in hand Brothers Poul C. Beam, Tigert, Riley, Montgomery, ond Specht hove ottended banquets at the house Brother Mortin plans to follow Schell's exomple ond leave the wide for a narrow path, the aisle Will Rion follow suit ond score onother victory for the heme front? Sellers ond 'The Body" ore better known os the "hondsome twosome ' while Brooks searches for the happy medium between books and women along with Sheehon ond Block Stock ond his red convertible odd color to the Phi Delt monsion. Schell becomes money-mod ond tokes on the management of the d nmg-room in addition to managing the business end of The Seminole Bless ond Tisdale, the brightest boys, bring forth a couple of straight A overoges to take scholostic honors, and ony time of day or night you can find Forebond, Dowlm, Wilson, ond Brown gothered oround the bridge toble with kibitzing by Block Bryon, Brantley, Edwords, ond Venell felt the patriotic urge and answered their Uncle's coll Grafton ond Sexton, the song-birds, tour the state with Florida's Ambossodors of Good Will ond Dell ond Rick comply ot the piano with the Phi Delt favorite, the Wiffenpoof Song.AW AN CARRERA CLARK COX DAVIS DENNIS D.SALVO DODGE KELLY McClendon PAYNE PRICE SYKESKappa OFFICERS President ..................... V e President.................. Treosurer ..................... ..Walter Kelly W Frover Cox ___Sam Payne Founded on this campus in 1926, Phi Koppa Tou was hord hit by the war, but 1944-45 has seen the fraternity reoch its stride ogo n Two members held top political jobs on the compos Sam Payne was Chancellor of the Honor Court ond Walter Kelly octed os Chairmon of the victorious Gator Party. Kelly also served os President of the Inter-fratemity Conference end on the ACCS, the compos coeducation committee H. A Amon was bead cheerleader, and Rugg Dodge received an appointment to the Lyceum Council Socially, Phi Kappa Tou hod o very successful year The frotern.ty participated fully in all sociol weekends, and the troditionol Christmas Formol was crowded with imported and local beauties. Nor Will onyonc forget the famous Phi Tou fire a smokey wafer heater thot reeded on open window ond got the Gomesvtlle hook and ladderAktrmon Andre vi fcMt f rcemon f»e« ck Gole H«a Hoikmt Hm I • a a a 1 M«rfe McForlin McU«« Hop MMh Netbiir topy Seo'bo'ougS S)l rw a T»i««r Vick W«l WMckf WooleryKappa OFFICERS President _____ Vice President Treosurcr _____ Secretory _____ ..Dovid French .Edgor Johnson W C Nesbitt .D»ck Woolcry Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on this campus November 1904, shortly ofter the University moved from Lokeland to Gainesville. This year Pike was a campus Icoder m othletics, with Jock White, Brody Hall, Earl Scarborough, Jimmy Turner, R. D. Hobbs, ond Dewey Treodwell ploying on the footboll squod Pike was also represented both on the bosketboll ond loseboll teams Dick Wodery, Brody Ho 11, Harold Hoskins, Earl Smith, and John Chestnut served on the quintet, while Scarborough, Turner ond Haskmson sow oction with the Gotor nine Pike finished third in mtromurols, copping second semester diomond boll when Dick Kinney pitched a no-hit game ogamst Phi Delt. W C Nesbitt octed os Advertising Manager of the Semmoie ond os Stoge Manager for the Florida Players, while Chorlic Vick wos the Alligator's Collection Mon-oger and Monoger of the trock team D»ck Holbrook mode Phi Eto S gmo, freshman Iwnorary Dick Kirmey and Hugh Popy were members of the Glee Club Socially, Pi KA chose Margie Elliott of Winter Haven os "Dream Girl" for 1W-45 ot the annual "Dreom Girl" weekend, held the first week in December.Kappa OFFICERS President .................................Corl Stafford Treosurer ..............................Jerry Mortellorc Secretory ....................................Sidney Lee hasty lii mortellaro STAFFORD WALKER WHEELERLambda OFFICERS President .........................................Lou Safer V ce President...................................Abbey Fin’ Treasurer ................................Don Eonetr Secretory .............................Arthur Hillman ANSSACHER •AKER CURTIS EANETT ERSTEIN FINK FLEET HILLMAN MACK METER NIRENIERG RAUL SAFER SALMON SAVAGE SHADER. M SHADER. C.ShM Bottwiek 8o c Browne CoMwcll Corltcn Carter Choker Ckmcnli Colton Cos C'tbbint Oovit Fleming Foket Gilletpie Henry Hicks Homtbr Johnson Korney Kooch Lee4y Lilly Mode iro MeicoN MJh Moron Morroy Mutteou Helton (Xieer O'Neel Pero Reomet Rkkt Recent Reomel fcootie Star borough Skinner Welker Wemel Zero llotc5Alpha President ... Vice President Treosurer______ Secretory______ OFFICERS ....................Wm. Colson ...................John Wolker .................Wm Coldwell .................Horry Fleming Florida Upsilcn of S gmo Alpho Epsilon walked off with politico! honors this eor when Jock Murray, Honor Court Chancellor in 1943 44, Bill Colson, end Bill Coldwel! come through with nominations for Holl of Fame ond "Who's Who in American Colleges ond Universities" Murray ond Caldwell were holdovers from the previous ycor. Colson held the |ob of Secretory-Treasurer of the Student Body-, while Johnny Wolker served os Monoging Editor of both the Alligator ond the Seminole In the Senote, SAE hod five men- Murray, Rouz«e, Coldwell, Colson, ond Walker. Walker served os Vice-President of Phi Eta Sigmo, freshmen honorary Bill Caldwell was Business Monogcr of the Alligator and Joe Pero was Assistant Business Monoger Ed Davis peddled the "Gators" as Circulation Monoger Pero and Jim Bowc held seots on the Board of Student Publications Zevollos, Hicks, ond Wolker were mem bers of Los Picaros Charlie Blum was cheerleader and Art Editor of the Seminole, while Colson octed os Vice-President of the Inter-Fraternity Conference Jock Murray was a leader in the coeducation movement, serving cn the ACCS On the social side, SAE took part m oil weekends ond contributed its shore to compus entertainment with its annual hit, the "SAE Review" during Homecoming weekend.ACMt« Adomt Benton Boiroin Brown loci Conklin-) fo9«n Mo»»0« Hillye Menton Jomet iotinton Jonet Letckxrih Mctnois Murrey Frcrett Rimer S«»er Torres Wo Ike. Wt kiOFFICERS President .... Vice President Treosurer------ Secretory ... ..John Benton Chorles Hillyer ...Pool Acosto Robert Prevott Sgmo Chi, os o notioool frotcrnity, hod its inception in 1855 ot the University of Miomi in Ohio The locol chopter wos instolled m 1925 The frotermty flower is the white rose and the colors ore blue ond gold ... ond its song . . . well, everyone knows "The Sweetheort of S grno Chi." In compos octivities, Burt Benton served os student I coder of the Episcopal Vestry-while Paul Acosto, Rem James, ond John Sever were "Big Shots" ot WRUF, University rodo stotion. In Intramurols, Sigmo Chi put up o good fight, finishing second m volleyboU ond fourth in diomondboll ond domg oil right for itself in swimming competition. The highlight of S«gmo Chi's soool octnnties for the year wos the "Sweetheart of Sigmo Chi Weekend", with Miss Betty Jane Rhodes being chosen os the "Sweetheart" for 1944-45. Besides this special Sigmo Chi weekend, the chopter took port in compus wide celebrations including Foil Frolics. Spring Fling, ond Cocducotion Weekend. Chorlie Hillyer, Rem James, ond Burt Benton were members of L'Apoche Sigmo Chi is now on the upgrode following the low spot shared by oil frotemi-ties on the compos lost year. Cl) KEY KARANDJCff HUTCHINSON ROSERTSON HEWEll REED SALTER OFFICERS President ........................................Solten V ce President .................................Robertson Treosurer ........................................Sol ter When the wor struck the compos, it struck Sigma Nu the most resounding of blows Overnight, draft board signatures hod all but wiped out the membership Smce that time S gmo Nu has been a small froternity, but a highly octive one in proportion to its reduced membership Operotmg on a slim budget. Sigma Nu has nevertheless presented some of the best socials of the year. Among the most popular was the annual competition for the best original skit by a fraternity, the Sigma Nu Smoker This yeor the ATO s wan the ' Wonga Wonga" trophy for a highly unusuol skit. In addition to their other activities, the boys could be found partying at olmost any hour in the bock room. The pool table was a populcr spot, too, where those who weren't taking military could wotch "Poppy" Robertson, hood mon in the com pus military, put his men through their paces «n the hot sun Although small. Sigma Nu hos endeavored to keep things going In its best trodition.Allen Apple; Q'd Bo k«f Butte Comcon Corlfi Clayton Folte- Gim« Hendrii Hercfedf lotrt Uu« McCorile Mastrag to nokit VfeCnMm Notrollah, A NotrolloK. F. fainter Fntthtll fancy Sargent Schuller Sunmont c. SmM, J. Stobbt Sutherland Tyndal Wetter WaateaPresident ----- Vice President Treosurer ... Secretory _____ OFFICERS ...Jim Smith ...Jim Hendnx ....Jim Busse Fred Novolloh SPE was installed on the University campus in 1925 and Since thot time hos held its own os o campus leoder. This year, Jock Dole's Dixie Party did oil right for the S g Eps, placing Wolter Schuller in the Student Senate and Jim Hendnx in the Honor Court. Jim Busse walked off with the scholastic honors when he come through with the overage to put him in Phi Eta Sigmo, freshmon scholastic honorory In athletics, SPE was represented by Bill Stobbs who ployed on the bosketboll squod, serving os alternate Coptoin, ond on the football teom SPE didn't come out on top in Intramurols, but mode its presence known by reaching the finals both semesters in the touch football competition, fir.olly bowing to Phi Delta Theta, Intromural champions. The Sig Eps olso reoched the finals in the shuffleboard tournoment. High spot of the Social year were the Founder's Doy Banquet, followed by full SPE participation in oil compus sociol weekends, including Foil Frolics, Spring Fling, end Coeducation Weekend All in oil, SPE was hord hit by the war, but sow normal conditions in range ogomTheta OFFICERS President ...............................c J. Adkins V»ce President..............................Jomes Bush Secretory-Treosurer ...............E. A. Willioms, Jr. APRINS CLEMONS DENNIS HHA4S HOL2 RICHARDSON WILLIAMSIn UU'nuirtantTO THE MEMORY OF THOSE FLORIDA MEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED Mat |ai»w Cteenwocd Abernathy Lt ) im Blake Adam Jr Pvt Lewi L Alberts U Aihett Astor A lent us U Chari Or on Alloa Jr U Mnn Hubert Artsiey U Torn Woltooo Appleyord P c AibNt Arooovlta Li KaOwii A Aionovl't U Albert D Ashmeod U John E Bogley S Sgt I am i K 6a in L Thomae E Ballet LtleonWBau Lt Inte E Bale Cap Ci»i! WCmer 6 11 Lt Us M Belyeu Jt Lt Rotort Tyrt Bervttn Lt William V 6 mon Copt M nty QmUm Berg Em Hmm Lt Sidney Berk S Sgi Alb it B tko Jr Pvt Sheldon BBentbaum Copt Rv.-bard J Binnkler Cm Harry Eugtnt Block |r Pvt Cordon Com Bonoock Igt Robert ChorW Bowers Jr It WUbam Hasen Boyc Li BenjaHolloa Bildrer U Wado CUttad Bruns U Oy) Richard Bull Pvt Cameron T Byre UCcmdr Cordon D Cody Copt Aqultia Adolph Calhoun Sgt Beniamin Bi’sas Calhoun Sgt Fort t Burk Cotnpb ll Lt ChorW M Cannon Jr U JotaMCarv . Cm Ira T Con C-qy Cum [ujw Coton Lt John Chapman Lt Join Kirkpatrick Christian lr Lt Cc«n lM« Chrwaancy Jr A CDougto Clark Jr U WUWam A Cork Lt William Dtctoy Clark Jr Lt Jam Clarkson Lt Gordon Edward CWland Lt Edward WUMam CWm r t Jr Pvt Rotort Spran Cockrell Jr Cpl Thurman U Ccdl y Lt Alvin 0 lma CcWman Jr Lt Dwho C Col man Lt Harold Tran kiln CoMman T Sgt Rcton HaU Colgon Mot 6 Collin Lt Paul Angt r Cc—t Lt Walter Jam Ccrun Jr Capt Robot i B Conlon Lt Ralph Ja.kron Connell U Jam Gl « Connor T Sgt Retort Loul Coon y Lt Fr d V Coop Lt Roftdilfh Coop U William Walden Cony Lt Richard BCoyl Lt John (Jock) William Croit Lt Catl Edward Cro«« S Sgt Shally Hutort Davant Lt Jam R Dav d ©n Li Coi GnJJrn D Dan A RDM J c William Jock Don LtJohnWDvam Lt Murr U Jock ton Dillard Pvt Martin J Dodg Lt Rotort Southard Doty Lt Watson Polk Drak Ca Walloc B Drop t Lt Harry Ev r 't Drtv r It Edward B Dvompp Lt Louii I Dwoskln Lt rr d rick A Dyson Jr Lt Uland E Edward U Son '. A Cgg r Jr Lt Thomo P Ellington Lt Richard H aih Em pi Lt Rotort M Cv t n Lt John Frond Faulk- ! Pic Frond Fwsl Copt tondaU K FUh Y J c Donald Walter Forsyth Li LouU Moral ru yo Copt Benjamin C Yoncy Tutor Col Percival Crre i Gatot Lt Horry N ly Gohon Cpl D lma t GaUaghor Pvt Ray L G ig t U David Pr oa G rmaln It Jock Aton ado Lt kvtag M Ginsburg Lt Thoms A Geld Capt Jo H nry Cray Pvt John DCrutoc Capt Thomo F Hammett Sgt Chari C Hampton It Col St ph n foe'er Honey K:m r Hancock (Mm. Mannm) Lt William Bary Harper Pvt n«d M Him Lt Cary A Hatd Lt Lewis William Harvard Jr Lt Al s Faerung Hstion U Claud Ray Hawktn Lt K nn th T Hayn Capt Harry Davi Hedn.k Sgt Fr d D Helm Ll Rotort Vane H oty Jt Lt Jam T Hick Lt CharW R Hill Capt Cokman Hinton Lt Raymond Simmons Hobbs Lt Mono C E Hottman Li Rotort W Hogu Em Hltoard GalUrer Holland Sgt Mocrl R d Hop kin It Retort Paul Hocrell UDg) John Opp Howard U Floyd Cart How Ll John JoMph How 8 Smn Retort B Hugh S Sgt Brian torn Kurt Capt John Patton Hyman Jr Lt David Ihrig Em Rotort B fkUy logman Jr It WUlkun C Jacoby Lt (jg) B nJom)n Fra r J neo Lt Chat I Fra net | w »t Capt Henry Wood Johnson It Thoddtur K Johnson Jr U Will,. Waldo Jon ll Charlo M Kate ll Ftanci Kearney Cap Thomo Cyril ICMAlnglon Lt Edio:n E K i«t Capt Got aid G Kuby Ll John MDten Klein toon Capt K on th Wood burn DcO Cn How ll N l on Ktueppeltorg Jr Sgt Itbi V Knoblock Sgt Allr d M Kota Ll CharW Wkutator Kurt Ltjam A Ladd IM Ll Donald F Lamson 2nd Lt Jaspor K nn dy Larkut Lt John S Larin 2nd ll Thomas Julius Rxk Loo Jt 1 1 U Nathan T UndMy Pie Ptoip W Long Jr U Harvey Hill Uc Cap Rotort Gregory Ludovld It Oi) Jack Oscar Lund l»r Ll CarU Burr MocDow»U It Georg Sttrling McClellan Pfc Mallard E McCullough Jr Pic Rxhard Z McDermott Ll AWtn E M.-Geh 1 1 U William Edward McCuir U Thomas Wilbur Me to Capt Jam T Metosght 2nd Ll Maynard Mom McLood Sgt Clarenc Reid Me Master Jr Ll Ug W. liam L R»y McRo Cap William Mocker Capt Laurence Arthur ModUl Ll Em «t M Mogaba 2rv4 Ll jgiMi SlofifiloQ U Col G org Fr d«rtck Marshall Pic William Thomas Mashburn Copt Georg B (Jack) Massey Prl Ray D B Matthews Sgt Emil Rum May 2nd Lt Edward P Maycumber Jr l»t Ll William Mayer T Sgi lock Mello AOM lie C lido C M ndom Jr S Sgt Chari ] M nw th r Pie W Dwight Mll y Prl Retort Stanley MUWr Cap John $ terry Milligan Jr S Sgt Edgar L MUM S Sgt M r dith M Mills Jt Pvi Thomo Own Mills 1st Lt Tranct J ll t on Minor Ua) Rudolph M Muo Capt Jam S Mitchell U William Eug ee Mdcholl Pic Edgar Mol t Cod l SoVsmon D Moon Lt William John Mowal 1st Ll Vugmius C Murphr Ll Richard Arnold Murray Cpl Sidney S Newsom Copt WUtor Franklin Numng Mai Ed Todd O'Donald Sgt Lyman Gregg OUon Pvt Bradley O Neal 1st Lt Jam Ralph Ov i U ei Lt Cdwm Edmund Owen Jt Mai WUUom S Pogh It Additon W Potaot Jr ItfltJota Henry PoJmotJt Lt John Patt r on It Cod t Coil Emil Peterson T StallBlaln P.wrscn Sgt Lout L Pleil«r lM Lt Hick Raymond Phillip Pvi Jock Edward Pinhol i r 1st Lt David Will Pinkerton Jr It Joseph Pinkooen En Cat roll D Pipe Pvi John A Podmcc 1st Lt Hatty W Popp :: Jr LlCoi Rotort Von Dorn Post 1 1 Lt William Pr ton Lt {« P Pringle Ll Ug) Jam E Quinn f O loobordo D Romo LiOgl John R Ramny Jr Capi Aton Gto r Raybun 2nd ll FSetctof P Reyn ds Pvt Jock C Richardson Pic Jam S Rickard Jr Lt Dm « Leo Rkou U Og) Wilson Bloom Rlppoy Cap Bm Robbins T Sgt William r and r Rotoits 1 1 Lt John F,-e Rototimn Jr 1st Li Allred WilUorn Ro Ll URoy Rook Jr En Clarence Charles ttm Ll Simon RolhtVln Ui U lame Harold Row 1 1 U Leonard WUliam Saltbury Li David W Schoub S Sgt Jo Dm Scheimeihora U ( gl Roland Bock Schindler Capt Hubert C Schucht 2nd Ll Ewart Theodor Scooter Pic WUliam Rotort Caine Seeley 2nd Lt Lawrence Gceden Seamen En Edward Tollman Sherman Radioman Harold Stbthorp Jr Georg A Sier Jr Capt U Stir Capt Nautott OUver Sunard Jr 1 1 Ll WUitam Rom Slngtaaty 1st Lt Thomas Vincent Skelly 2nd U ChorW Don Smith Mat Elion Smith Sgt ErnMt P Smith Jr It Col Georg Rom Smith Pvt Jock “Jtve" Smith 2nd It David A Southard 2nd Lt Wm Herbert Souihcort lr Sgt Richard Cordon Sowell 2nd Ll Robert I S anMy Jr Lt John WUliam Suitmann l t Lt Robert Arthur Swam ll William Daniel Stephen l»t Ll ChorW Albert S« v»ni Jr Capt Ftonk Perkin Stryker It Paul M Stult Copt WUitam H Sutton Pvi Chari Rotort (Bob) Taylor A C Margui Byron Taylor I St Ll Mosby Gibson Taylor Ll Wtlbam V Trihuno 2nd U Q m nt Loo Ttord Jr Pic Ralph Edward Thomas A C Ralph Roy Thompson Jr 2nd It Flank Pmcholt Tisdale 2nd Lt Charts Gordon Tiecm Avi Mach Mai Joseph Tobt Jr Lt LouU Alton Tow son Ll MU ion Owen Turner 1st Lt Jam Forr t Underwood 2nd Ll UvM Edward Voum it 1st Lt WUliam Hairy Waggon t lr Lt Konuon B Walton Jt Pvt Wtlltom H Waucm Jt 2nd Lt Phams E t»l Weekley Lt Jeta T W Us Pk Orrln Shelby W lt 111 Ll Richard W Well. 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Peterxbnry Florida Hank at Orlando Florida National Hank at Key West Florida National Hank at Ocala Florida Hank at Starke Florida Hank at Chipley Florida National Hank at Pensacola Florida Hank rtf Port St. Joe Florida Hank Trust Company at West Palm Reach Florida National Hank at Belle (Hade Florida National Hank at Ixtkeland Florida National Hank at Coral (tables. . . That is welcome lews to the aviator for it means clear vision ahead ... and time was when it applied to graduation days in a world in which one could plan for the future. • But teday, the outlook is clouded. The world is groping its way as it seeks to find the path to peace and security. Mistakes of the past have brought the terrible tragedy of war today. • Men are fighting and dying the world over to preserve for you that which is worth saving in the old world in the hope that as you take your place by their side or in the vast army of workers behind the lines, you will somehow avoid the pitfalls of international distrust, of hate and greed which cause wars. It is their hope that you will fight through to build a new world of peace, of opportunity, of security • The burden is heavy, the responsibility great but there is no one else on whom it can fall, no one else who can clear the shadows from the world and bring again an era of “CEIIING UNLIMITED '. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A CATILINA SWIM SUIT We Are Heodquorters For ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT BAIRD HARDWARE CO. GAINESVILLE, Flo CECIL B. LOWE Accident — Illness Hospitolizotion INSURANCE 216 HikJrt rof d» Bldg, Phone 5-3252 JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA OTTO F. STOCK Dry Cleoning- Alterotions SCHWORIII Mode to Mcosurc 104 E. University Avc. J. s. WILLSON BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 155 Worth Avenue Polm Beoch, Florida TOBIN BAKER, INC. 420 Linc 4 MIAMI (EACH, FLORIDA •OUR POLICY IS GOOO INSURANCE" Whotever The Sport We Furnish The Equipment HARRY FINKELSTEIN COMPANY 631-39 West Boy St., Cor. Jefferson St. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA Compliments of COX FURNITURE COMPANY Gainesville Lake City Ocalo Cross City VIDAL DRUG COMPANY Northcost Corner Square Phone 239 GAINESVILLE FLORIDAWONT YOU HAV-A-TAMPA CIGARS ore distinguished by their rich yet mellow flovor They hove cloimed the smoking preference of theusonds of men At Your Favorite Counter ELI WITT CIGAR Cr CANDY COMPANY WWttfllc Distributors CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCOS CANDIES, RARER GOODS. FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES 560 W WAIN ST . NORTH POST OFFICE BOX 76 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDACompliments of PEOPLES SAVING BANK LAKELAND FLORIDA Compliments of JIM HOPE ELECTRICAL CO. J. F HOPS GMNESVILLE FLORIDA Compliments of HOTEL FLORIDAN f. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA ONE Cf THE SOUTH'S FINEST AND LARGEST COLLECTION OF authentic UNIVERSITY.STYLED CLOTHING LEVY'S ADAMS AT HOGAN JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA E. L. "BERT" REAMES RECORDS TYPEWRITERS RADIOS REPAIRS GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA THERE’S NO SUBSTITUTE FOR RIDDLE ATHLETIC SHOES Stole Distributors for Champion outboard motors SENTINEL RADIOS WILSON SPORTING GOODS BAIRD HARDWARE CO. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDAGood Taste! It's the thing thot people talk about In others— You can't buy Good Taste It is priceless I t's something that the people you buy from Must know and understand. We think you will find it a very real thing At this store— In Apparel for Men. JACK PENDOLA MEN'S APPAREL 408 Franklin TAMPA YOUNG FLORIDA LAWYERS? Should First Purchase Florida Statutes Annotated, Encyclopedic Digest of Flo. Reports, Florida Supreme Court Reports, Kooman's Flo. Chonccry Pldg. (x Prac., Corson's Flo. Common Law Pleading, Adkins' Flo. Criminal Pro. Act Anno., McCarthy's Fla. Chancery Act Anno., Arnow's Florida Practice Rules. Adding to these as his practice demands and warrants Descriptive folders and complete information on request THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOKS Atlonta, Georgia We Invite Your Patronatfc The Atlantic National Bank Of Jacksonville Organized 1903 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONCompliments of McCRORY'S 5-10-25 Store GAINESVILLE FLORIDA IN JACKSONVILLE IT'S ALWAYS FURCHGOTTS HOME OF FASHION PARK AND ADLER-ROCHESTER CLOTHES “SCHWOBILT SUITS THE SOUTH” THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR . . . he eTffost talked c (Clothing cValues In t‘America SCEWCEILT CLOTHES, THERE ARE COMFORTABLE ECONOMICAL Affiliated GILBERT HOTELS in the Following Cities: IN FLORIDA JACKSONVILLE "Gbert Hotel" De Soto Hotel" - "8 0 1111 Apt Hotel" JACKSONVILLE BEACH •'Neprine Bcoch HcieT ST AUGUSTINE "Gt H-PJozo" PALATKA DAYTONA BEACH ‘Gbert Hotel" "D»x-c Hotel" 0'crqr V.llo" KISSIMMEE "GfceH-Arcode" TAMPA ST PETERSBURG GAINESVILLE LAKELAND 'GbeH-WoiNxen” WEST PALM BEACH PENSACOLA TALLAHASSEE "Gbefi'i Ox»e" MELBOURNE ••D.x.« Hotel BARTOW ’Gbeft-OoLi Motel" The Gilbert System Hotels Give More For IN OTHER STATES CHRISTIAN68URG. VA "Virginia Ion" Chattanooga, tenn "Glbcft-Elln" KNOXVILLE, TENN "Gt c t-Sftotlord LOUISVILLE. KY. ATHENS, GA ATLANTA, GA ”552 Apt Mowr • Regal Hotel" INDIANAPOLIS. IND BAIN6RIDGE. GA NORFOLK, VA AUGUSTA, GA SAVANNAH. GA WAYCROSS, GA. Douglas, ga GRIFFIN. GA MOBILE. ALA "GfceetVSt Andre " BIRMINGHAM. ALA WASHINGTON D C BALTIMORE. MO "Altomcnt Hotel" UTICA. N Y. TMOMASVILLC, GA 3000 ROOMS from $ 4 25 OdACHEO X IATH From S 1 SO PRIVATE A BATH Your Money GREEN'S FUEL OF GAINESVILLE The Economtcol Gos Service Cooking • Hearing • Refrigeration Buy the Best • It Cost Less 723 W University Ave Phone 1088 PRINTING Up to a Standord- -Nh Dcw n to 0 Pr e A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Pepper Printing Company E«abl.ihed 1904 GAINESVILLE. FLORIDAWELCOME TO GAINESVILLE BOLTIN SERVICE STATION Compliments of THE PHIFER STATE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Gainesville, Florido THE WHITE HOUSE HOTEL ☆ "Gainesville's Finest and Largest Commercial Hotel" ☆ SIXTY-FIVE AIR MODERNIZED ROOMS CONDITION WELCOME TO GAINESVILLE COMMERCIAL HOTEL MODERN • STEAM HEAT • AIR-COOLED Compliments of CARTERS SPORTING GOODS TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA JENSEN'S, INC. OUTFITTERS TO MEN GIDOENS BUILOING PHONE 2261 TAVPA. FLORIDA Congratulations C»—»«•—i Turn TO THE CLASS OF 1945 Duva|W Co. On your scholoost achievement during the post yeor May all your efforts in the future be os successful ALL OVtt FLORIDA 122 E. University Avenue GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA:v “Thank you” • •• ••• €•«• CM «••• • •• Gainesville Coca-Cola Bottling Company Compliments of CHEROKEE HOTEL J. A STILES, President ond Monoger Tallahassee, Florida FACING PARK AVENUE MIDYETTE-MOOR INSURANCE AGENCY Payne H. Midyetfc Fronk D. Moor Cerrcfeie Insurance and Bend Serv«ce TALLAHASSII FIO IOA ★ TAMPA DRUG COMPANY WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS We stum the nteoftty of our label on ony product on »h h it mO) appear ★ MAL HAUGHTON, JR., CO. Heal Cirote ond MorffOfiti 108 W BAY ST JACKSONVILLE. FLA Compliments of TABLE SUPPLY STORE 215 W University Gomcsvillc. Fla.Our country hos the broins ond resources to win ond to those in authority we give our fullest confidence. Our job is to work at our task of speeding the oil out for victory war effort, to keep up our morale, ond not to lose heart if temporary reverses come. We must use our heads more ond our cars less. We must cooperate in civilian defense and we must put our dollors to work for victory through the purchase of War Stamps ond Bonds. The personnel of this organization is cooperating 100%. ' DEDICATED TO COMMUNITY SERVICEMOLLY'S Compliments of THE MODERN MARKET "Where Friends ore Proud to Meet" N. W. LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 1514 WEST UNIVERSITY AVENUE Chester S. Harold, Prop Gainesville, Florida 614 W University Ave Gainesville, Flo Compliments of ☆ KLOEPPEL FLORIDA HOTELS HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL MAYFLOWER The LYONS FERTILIZER COMPANY Jacksonville TAMPA, FLORIDA Extends sincere Greetings to The 1945 SEMINOLE and to oil those identified with it HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON ☆ West Polm Beach THE Wm. P. McDonald Corporation FIRST NATIONAL BANK CITRUS GROWERS • CANNERS • SHIPPERS GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA CITRUS JUICE BRANDS "McDonald" More than 56 years of continuous service ond Member: .Federal Reserve System "Solar Glo" Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. AUBURNDALE FLORIDAMENS CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS DOBBS HATS ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN AND EDWIN CLAPP SHOES LUGGAGE P. W. WILSON COMPANY TALLAHASSEE'S BEST STORE Smce 1837 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR LINGERIE ACCESSORIES HOME FURNISHINGS PIECE COOOS MILLINERY NOTION Ga.NESV.LLE is proud of the University of Florido ond salutes the student organizations of this great institution. Hollond Hordworc ond Furniture Store 123-33 West Union Street GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA RUDDY'S A MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE in o modern city GAINESVILLE FLORIDA KIRKHAM'S FRESH ORANGE JUICE All you can drink for 15c I ».—1S • t qt.-JOc • 1 »ol-SI 00 NORTH NINTH Compliments of Stringfellow Supply Company GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA Compliments of CHESNUT OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY J Gibbes Chesnut Class of 191A STUDENT SUPPLIES GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA COLES Jewelers 123 West University Avenue Gainesville, Florida GAINESVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCETHE ANDERSON STUDIO THE PLACE TO EAT PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS Between the University and Down Town Ptene 981 The Home of Good Foods GAINESVILLE, FLA THE STEAK HOUSE 338 West Un Y vly A»«nuc R L Block. Jr — — D T. PS-V » Ralph Stoutamirc Motor Company Compliments of GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA Phone 1775 HOTEL TAMPA TERRACE Chrysler-plymouth dealers "A Good Hotel Run by on Innkeeper" ■MACK TRUCKS i STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS GEORGE H MASON WRECKER SERVICE General Monoger Compliments of Compliments of BECKWITH-RANGE COMPANY CURLEY'S SERVICE STATION JEWELERS Gulf Products Complete Service TAMPA FLORIDA GAINESVILLE, FLORIDAcAutograp hscAutogr a phscAutograp hscAutogr a phscAutographsc5AutographscAutographsAutographscAuto graphscAutographscAutographscAuto graphscAuto graphs t■AutographscAutographscAutographs ♦   i

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