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'Z' af.-' I 1 N, EBI . gm- ..,. . . g.g.g.g:5g.g.g.g.A.-.' ,flff ':1: ,f.f21Q'.' ,. ..g+,g.,..: ' W5 , . .4 Hi I. . .,. . Epi., I Q ' . ,fi Af , ,l Q l :mf ml V1 out lil!!! 1 , , 1 ' -1-J' '- ' , . ' f ' ' .1 ,l'1'l:-' 1r,1:,:.'f , ' -' 1, f f2Efi9s1,w . ,f.- - 3 pf:-.aa n I . if 23 as a :si M 44233 Fl-B' 2 N ' ii nw u H , ii 1' D7 CCW CLPX2 u qlorida Q I -Y "I7'.Il ff.: r I . . . and in so being, we are proud . . " f SO, 1 We are proud of our school, of our laurels, and of the very things our existence here has stood for . . . and has strived for. We are proud of the attitude with which Florida students accepted a world war, and in spite of the exigencies which resulted therefrom, continued to uphold the value of college life and education. L.. f Q , I - . g y coME WITH MEQMY FRIEND' and lei as iwrpey through vfhar which isifpast to us now but thinlting l..l.fQivQilluqiwuys be indicative of the presentrand fguturei Letfus muave downgvthetrail of that vibrant yeqf,'f: ..Q- .Hand i4n'to,,aiperi6dif'of,hurl-olives' that can-never be 'put'asunderforifevergforgottena5.'."A'N- if " 'i 5 " g l i ' N 4 , I ,- . ' " ,. +1-' .. u . J ', Q . -1-' . 'M M A 4 f . y- -r' ." - V - .1 '.l '- 'v,,, - . t . ' Letfs'see,.,vjewerengineteen then . . . and l"'-"L"-"g-, x l i Ji' Wi Hlquktv It .. . K i LN., Tl" eg . 1' u -x ' ' .948 "",Ar'F.f-f xx Q hs- 3114 QM, N 5 ' .r-Rh 3-if N v V . Q . r. J .,., L45 t ,-' 1 fda' N1 4 -I .Q I 1:11,-. I' 4 A . . E al a 4 . .Vs N , ' 4 1 WS ff. ' I. A SS' n f., V . .ha ' . 21. A W . 9 5' , bl Xing- .' :Qi Y,.oT ,.. . .tiff ' xii' 'H Q I 3 Q ' '.,.. ,... V , 5 H535 3 i . -T,-' n ' "5 Q, -Q--5 H - -W' f - rf' f Q A iLA'., ,IA " 'A -I 1.-'N 4 I .-1:1-Q 4.-mf-Ji pr .NM Whip ll-in 5.1 I ' I 4' 4 s 4. 344 A Q 'A- A' fu. l ' nf Awiki .wwf Aa -, 'fm-Q 4 ff'-f' ,wr-xy L nv .gn HL ' W--V - -4' N. ,j A if avoir-W flfwl 'where Southern ,Seas Qre glowing. Where flhlm and 'Pine C5-Zire flowing, g'3'+ 'IQ - "iii ,Shine Cgorth 551151 Mable Qotlmic Tdalls, ll ll Ill EE: :- IH In 'Fwy Lovely 'Uinefclacl Walls. Uxlgath the Qfcmge and iBlue victorious, Gm Love Shall JNQUGT Cgail B r I A . .ax ,-4 1-a .-I 1 " a' ff HU: ,X K I Gia NMNQN N pf, -In-naman. LW .dr i ' 4 lim! f M 4355" J, 77,5 ,L..,f 2735 '3f m4fi.,, ,, .-. 1.1 6 ' I' . 'ds ' 'L 1 f '1 L'fPr1 in X 1 o 1 . urlnull vlan ur -inlrl Xzifgfk N V- -YQJQQUQIQZQM HW? W CQ- ff X f X WNfX X Q kt 5:-1,32 f F! fx '1 x ,S r S' f v vi.. N 5:13 3 ...iii X9 , K px X 6 IQ43 Cflloreworclm This is our Seminole ond o depiction of one yeor ot the University of Florido. lt is ours becouse it illustrotes the things we did, when ond how os students, 1942-43. lt represents us os Florido men, living ond ottending o University thot hod consigned itself ond oll its inhobi- tonts to unending efforts os smoll, though necessory, contributors in the initiol problem of woging o successful world wor. We then reolized the importonce of creoting o tongible portroyol of these things we did in striving toword this oim, ond with such full knowledge hove de- vised this yeorbook. From here on we shcill preserve it ond forever be owore thot it serves to remind us of o college yeor, with the octs ond thoughts ensuing therefrom. In full realization and recognition of that which we know Florida men are doing in their wartime march to the four corners of the earth, and with an ab- solute knowledgc of the tribulations of a world 'war that have been placed on them as ser- vants of their country, and ours, fwe, the edi- tors, proudly dedicate this 1943 Seminole. They represent and ex- emplify the type of Florida men we know our institution is cap- able of producing. We then, through our dedi- cation of this epic crea- tion of a year at their alma mater, make a sincere and earnest effort to pass on a feel- ing of supreme grati- tude and respect for the unconquerable spirit with which they are tackling a momentous task as Fighting Men of the United States offrmed Forces. OTIEGTICSFX. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION CLASSES LAW ' SENIORS JUNIORS SOPI-IOMORES FRESI-IMEN FEATURES BEAUTY SECTION I-IALL OF FAME ATI-ILETICS INTRAMURAl-S MILITARY ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS FRATERNITIES i . Milf! I mm !I! 5 ... - :nl-1. aw.. ,- iv.. ..,.,,. L l IQ H11-.. 5!!III!!! III!! II uma.. ...Q ing., - ,- tv-....., lima... I I !II!II sawn- ff-,s 'H' .-.-un-1 rf., , -1. .- Chuan 1, --- u v nr. ,Q-b..f. ,1 :sur , ---v , .-- 19:3 , as-an i " I 1-.uv -1 " , wnqr Ani " .. swam- wsu 1 1 "' ., -nu. 4 Q ' - -, .,, A fun. 1 vw ,,- - Lv-, . . u 11- --4 . ---.1 1:4-.l1.:.Im.: . x nl!!! I lvl Ima, 1 , w , .ov . mu pun l"""3"1IW ' - -51 I ' I Q M Y V l ' g f i wg. L. I I! ,E I K -sg .. .i, , g . "M I 1 .ff ! 'U . I ' IV I I I - I ' ! I I !2 I 'I .I In ' I L Q9 ,.,,A,, ' Q I: ! I ...Ry 1, y I ' I 1! A ,I QI: ' I-,..1 Y'-' ul. ' fs , I -kiwi' 5 I 3 , ' ... .. I I , "' 7 Q I I y Y Q. I, f ,V , ' 5 1 'i . Q f N r YK - W If Ik! I I .41 P T ' 'Q k ! G 'fk , I . I f A I I . r - 'fx ' ' f-'25 , VJ! - x vt 0 , i 8 X fffx na f .ww I "' QF'-I 'x x, "U, " , '5W:!!"!" Iv X " ' F! Q, f 3 ' I ' - .0 ' of I. . , T 1 1 I NX W A ms. ,X iz, I Q I - " ' - ' N 4 , 4 Q. ,I . Q 4 .fvv vb' - a r , , l ' : H ,, 8 l5"f""7ff'f' .ff'7' 0 A 4 J L , ,ff . Iikfl' - ' -' Ig.f5'5.'-i,4,d. ,K I, AL ' '4j.x:A" k 1 A. vi, 1 7 'Q.NQE',A' V .1 , V 'M vi, 4 1. Fwy., .w.,1y'- ' A. dz. ,F- " IN "' ' ,. -figs?-.-sw!!! I 'In U 0 . GOVERNOR HOLLAND The halfvvay mark has been sighted and successfully passed by Governor Holland, Florida graduate and past president of the Alumni Association, in his unequaled service as chief executive of the state, Well into his third year as number one inhabitant of the Governor's mansion in Tallahassee, Holland is continuing his established policy of faithfulness to the state university and his alma mater. Since the time he walked from the law building with the letters LLB outstanding, through his sessions as a young lawyer in Bartow, his arguments on the floor of the Senate, and to the present while he hands dovvn the official documents of state government, Governor Holland has never forgotten the University that once served him so well. We then who follow doff our hats and salute a truly great Governor and take the greatest pride in calling him a Florida man. Executives of the STATE BOARD OF CONTROL lll,NlQY l', ADAIR lar lcsnnville 'l l lOlvlAS W BRYANT' Lakeland ll ll GORE Ft Laticlerrlale N lt JORDAN Quincy 'lf T. SCOTT Live Oal-L STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION SPESSAIQD L HOLLAND Ciuvernor ll A GRAY Sei retary nf State J EDWIN LARSON State Treasurer J. TOM WATSON Attorney General COLIN ENGLISH Secretary State Superintendent of Public lnstructioi University l Tiger? after one of his m0'W.frips to Washington cxplalns to the student body' The status of the E.R.C. . PRESIDENT TlC3ElQl Fully mcclllmq Wur-limo LTXIQUVICIUS rn U slulu LIllIVLll'5lly' ljlAUNlflLlll lmlm IL llllfw ulslllly and Vl'I'HCllllIlV Ill lmllvrlq llw UIIIVUI :lg :nl lllkkllllillllu l lrigorl vvull Cllslulclyua com in llwo llC1llOlll5 WUI' vclllfulionml lnuflwlrw. lrom lnf wall in l clrlqllclqo l lull clrmcl Ins position on llw Wall lallll ullwllul Cklllllllll ll N in Wuslwlrlqlcqrwf Dr, lllllllf wrurlwcl lo lvrillq llw lwsl :ul llw ualllcmllnurml lllklkllkllll ln I x x lllfl C'UIIll7llS cnlrl xnl wllll lm I1lLlIIllU'IlL'll llw Cllqrnly mul Calm lwllllmq um wxllunnl sl41lc'sL:ppcJrlc'ql Illfwlllllllllll 'xr A lllliilllf lVf'lll"-'w lmw l-LUyl1OlUCl lwls LlCllllllllSllLlllOll slucw luv. cnrlml ll lL lll l ll ulmcl llw uc-W SlCllLl'w ol lilllllflllClL'Cll'lX'Il1ClllIlUSlS llmt Nllllll lln-vlluln alllclwrll cjcuwl'rllwlll, lllwlul Clfllllllllfwllklllllll mul rormlplwll lllllnlll lnnllllx U cnuwllfmlllcnll l- WIP lllc H l 'O ll lllwlllllluvl' ll ill llll' f'l'll'fl'lfll''nl'0ll'f1lll A Wall' Illllllwllllfl Lllllwr llx wclfumus ilu- llcnlcl ul llw cowl lc-:nn xllll xxlw will l 1 L gn ilu urllmlllsll'c1llol1om ll1wcoLsr'w wlncll will luclfl 10 ll flllllllkll pw A 1. 4 LL 334 :wg- 4. '32, uv 43" .W 2355" -1 t-lm f. .F- Q Z" 47" rf 1 -:K .. vu 1. ,405 M , .R i' 5-NZ' M, M ff , 1' Malay Dick llelaxes to Give l'lis DV- LCGl49i Soulllcm Gcllllcmon Views on l3usiness and Sex from RanClClDlW MOCCW l5,NCVCV Seen Without a Flower in lflis Buttanhole Flbrofessors Qlrej Teoplo WOFQWQEOX XXVGQZKXDQSG XdXfx5i Q06 OQQOQ 219 'XQYSI Xe X16 ay COXOYTXOQ SWG Q t WOR' wee i til reno to .G ak we lmportant and valuable aspect ot a college man's education is a personal contact with his protessor. After he gets to know him he may tind his professor to be an excellent con- yersationalist, tennis player, advisor, sports lan, connoisseur ot food, wine, and music, or eyen a first rate look rat. l-lere are a tew protessors caught by the camera in att moments. XQOK , i ,y eh, Yllc3q?CX055cl3 it HCCA Xa-SW Ulm we X, .igmaylsgwcg Q - lxqfavx' x Must Be the "Gin Mill Special" Judging "Dc:n'l Tell Any One I Read This Tripe From the Pleased Look on Wild B ll' F - s ' r i i s acc Say, Prof, Eldridge lOttr,n Quoted in Bull Sessions lay Would-he Fcanemislsl These eighto'clock classes were always the worst. They were the reason why Florida students were able to get only ten hours of sleep in- stead of the prescribed twelve. They were the reason we had to havclights in the classrooms during January. But in spite of this handi- cap to an acceptable curri- culum falong with the Gen- eral College's C-l, C-2, C-5, C-7, C-l0, C-41, and Cz-60931, the University draws boys from the city, the farm and the shipyards. They come from far and near . . . from Georgia and Alabama,from Peru and Bolivia. They come seeking a college education. Inside the gates, they proceed to acquire all that goes into the making of a college man. Most times there are fraternities, clubs, and politics, but always there are classes . . . and eight o'clocks. The C's finished, divisions occur. Some go into Busi- ness Administration and learn haw to use an adding machine. Others study Ag to discover that clay is red. Still others resign them- selves to the Law College and have to wear ties. Four years gone, or five, or six, or ten, and the evolu- tion comes. The college graduate emerges with a chain full of keys lrepre- senting Bacchus, White Friars, the Cavaliers, and other honorary organiza- tionsl, two pair of socks he didn't pay for, a degree, and most important, the knowl- edge that he made at least half of his eight o'clocks during the senior year. lasses OFFICERS OF SENIOR LAW CLASS Robert Brownlee Eggart, Vice-President Robert Bishop, President Officers of the Law Glasses OFFICERS OF JUNIOR LAW CLASS Fred Reedy, Secretory-Treasurer, Som Fouts, Vice- President, John Gwynn, President OFFICERS OF TI-IE FRESHMAN LAW CLASS Tom Stewart, President, Joe Griffin, Vice-President, Ernest COUNTS, 56CfGfGry1 Charles Phillips, Treasurer Gollege of Law SIDNEY M. ARONOVITZ L.L.B. mio Key West' Blue Key, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, President Debate Club, '4l-'42, President Tau Kappa Alpha, 40-'4l, Board ot Directors John Marshall Bar Association, '42, JAMES DONGAN CULPEPPER, JR. L.L.B. EN Jacksonville Phi Alpha Delta, John Marshall Bar Association, ROBERT BROWNLEE EGGART L.L.B. Pensacola Cavaliers, John Marshall Bar Association, Secretary- ireasurer Freshman Law Class, Vice-President Senior Law Class, Phi Alpha Delta. CHAUNCEY K. HYATT L.L.B. ex Tampa DPIW 5lQmO Pi, President Tampa Gator Club, SAR, Vice-President TC, De Malay, John Marshall Bar Association, Commerce Club, Glee Club, IRC, Florida Players. RANDOLPH Y. MATHENY L.L.B. ' xx Sarasota Eresident Florida Blue Key, President Sigma Chi faternity, Hall of Fame, '4l-'42, Member Board of Student Publications, '39-'40, Member of Lyceum COWCII. '38-'39, President YMCA, '38-'39, Phi Delta Plili Chairman of Gator Party, '39-'40, Who's Who 'nr American Colleges and Universities, YMCA, Distinguished Service Award, '39-'40, National Inter- C0lle9iate Three Cushion Billiard Champion, '43 JOHN E. MORRIS L.L.B. awe Ft. Lauderdale J , 9-'42, President, '42-'43, Secretary, '42, ,UBIOV IFC, '38-'39, President PDT, '42, Secretary, gl, Scabbard and Blade, Who's Who, Alligator Key, wierd, Of Student Publications, '40-'4l, Phi Delta J 'f 42X Treasurer Wesley Foundation, '40-'4l, ohn Marshall Bar Association, '40-'42, Intramural Golf Manager, '4l, Blue Key. IFC '3 ILA R. PRIDGEN L.L.B. Gainesville dministrative Assistant and Law Librarian. A ' IDUS QUENTIN WICKER L.L.B. nxo Miami SIUE Key, Secretary of Interior, Who's Who, Secre- Sqflf-Treasurer Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer Oenior Law Class, Vice-President IFC, Chancellor Honor Court SS '38' Scabbard and Blade' Phi Eilfl Phi, Colonels, Delta Sigma Pi, BocbhUS: POCIIG, Board of Directors Young DGITIOCFOTSI B0Grd of Directors John Marshall Bar Association, President Pi Kappa Phi. ' ROBERT JEFFERSON BISHOP L.L.B. AFP Orlando President John Marshall Bar Association, '43, Secre- tary, '42, President Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, President Senior Law Class, President Agriculture Club, Alpha Gamma Rho lSocial Fraternityl, Alpha Zeta il-lanorary Agricultural Fraternityl, Co-Chair- man Democratic League. IRVING CYPEN L.L.B. ' mio St. Petersburg Varsity Debate Manager, Debate Team, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Board of Special Masters to Honor Court. WILLIAM W. GAY L.L.B. sen . St. Petersburg President John Marshall Bar Association, Secretary- Treasurer John Marshall Bar Association, Blue Key, Justice Phi Alpha Delta, Executive Council, President State Conference International Relations Clubs, Secretary-Treasurer Junior Law, IFC, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Phi Omega, Colanels. PEYTON TERRELL JORDAN, JR. L.L.B. :X Tampa President IFC, '4l-'42, Sec.-Treas. IFC, '40-'4l, President and Vice-President SC, Blue Key, Vice- President, '42, Phi Delta Phi, Vice-President, '42, Secretary of Finance, '4I-'42, Executive Council Student Body, '40-'4l, Junior Class Executive Council, '39, White Friors, Cavaliers, President Colonels, Alpha Phi Omega, Propeller Club, Com- merce Club, Student Assistant to Deon of Students, '42, lntertraternity Debate Champion, '42, John Marshall Bar Association Executive Committee. FRANK HARPER MOORE L.L.B. Largo English Club. LLOYD M. PHILLIPS L.L.B. Clearwater Glee Club, '37-'4l, Vice-President Glee Club, '40-'4l, Florida Players, '37-'38, Student Labor Board, John Marshall Bar Association, President Freshman Law Class, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Alpha Delta. ROBERT DARWIN TYLANDER L.L.B. nm Ft. Pierce Blue Key, President IFC, President Lyceum Council, President Glee Club, President Pi Kappa Phi, Presi- dent Phi Delta Phi, General Chairman Homecoming '42, John Marshall Bar Association, Colonels, Bacchus, Freshman Executive Committee. I ALONZO McKEE WING, III L.L.B. Bert St. Petersburg Phi Delta Phi, Colonels, President, '42, John Marshall Bar Association. SENIOR CLASS Gollege ofL,aw JUNIOR CLA SS John M. Barnes John Howell Cotten Cecil T. Farrington John S. Gwynn Lewis Fred Reedy Jacksonville KA Ki ZAE Miami Tallahassee Ft. Lauderdale Tallahassee O. Harris Ball woe Jacksonville A. J. Barnes KZ Ft Lauderdale J. Ernest Collins Perry John S. Cox Jacksonville David Eugene Maurer KZ Fl Lauderdale Jacqueline May Lakeland Armin Hill Smith, Jr. Am J Tampa Tom Brinly Stewart, Jr. Deland RESHMANJCLA SS Mary Brigham Winter Haven Rafph Marcus Clements Sebring William M. Howell moe Jacksonville Benneth Walter Johnson Jacksonville Charles Moore Phillips, Jr ATS2 Sl. Petersburg Ernest Eliott Rigby Miami George W. Tedder, Jr. Q-Ae Fl. Lauderdale Robert Ryan Tench ATSZ Clearwater eniors Qfficers of STUART NEWMAN Vice-President CCs57he ,Senior Glass L.. ........,.,, . .- ., M., TOM ECONOMOU President EDDIE TRIPLETT Secretory-Treasurer Gollege of cyflfrts and Sciences HART ACHENBIACH B.S. Orlando SOL ALEXANDER B.S. 'rm Miami Florida Players, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's LIST! Gomfllo 5iQmG Epsilon, Executive Council TEP, Vice-Presi- dent, Chancellor, Intramural Boxing, American Chemical Society President, Alligator Circulation, IFC Representative. AL ARONOVITZ B.A. Tampa Freshman Executive Committee, '39-'40, GC Week- end Committee, '39-'40, GC Debate, '39-'40, Florida Players, '39-'41, Phi Eta Sigma, IRC, '40-'4I, Dear1S list, '40-'42, Cheerleader, '41-'42, Head Cheerleader, 42-'43, Los Picoros, '42-'43, Assistant Secretary ot Interior, '42-'43, Senior Executive Committee, '42-'43, Secretary Cavaliers, '42-'43,3Who's Who, Glee Club, '42-'4 . 0. HARRIS BALL B.A. time Jacksonville CAA, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. GEORGE WILLIAM BARROW, JR. B.S. Crestview Glele Club, '40, Band, '40-'42, Kappa KODDO P552 AIDIIG Epsilon Deltc, Wesley Foundation Council, Advanced ROTC. WALTER ORBIE BAZEMORE B.S. :oe Plant City White Friars FRANK W. BELL, JR. B.A. Lake Worth CICERO FRANKLIN BRANAN, JR. B.S. Building Construction Sanford Honor Court, '42-'43, Gargoyle Secretary-Treosufef, '42-'43. PHILIP DODD ACKERMAN, JR. B.A. Fort Myers Mask and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Advanced ROTC. HENRY WILLIAM ANDERSON B.A. Brandon Florida Players. NATHAN A. ARONOVITZ B.A. mio Miami Varsity Debate, Concert Master Symphony Orchestra, Phi Eta Sigma, ANDREW J. BARNES, JR. B.A. KZ Fort Lauderdale Freshman and Sophomore Executive Council, Varsity Debate, '40-'42, Finance Chairman Spring Frolics, '40-'4l, Co-Chairman Florida Party, '4l-'42, Ad- vanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Delta Phi, Gator Pep Club Treasurer, John Marshall Bar y Association. HARRY DeVOE BASSETT BS: Phy. Quincy Vice-President Mortar and Pestle, '42-'43, CLO Board of Executives, '42-'43, Intromural Manager. JAMES FRANKLIN BEATTY, JR. B.S. AX Jacksonville Dean's List, '39-'40, Advanced Military, Treasurer of DC, Presbyterian Student Session. LOUIS PARKHURST BRADY B.S. City Point Chancellor Honor Court, Summer, Honor Court, '42-'43, Press Club, '40, Band, President Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dorm Monitor, '40-'43, Senior Worden Episcopal Student Vestry. ' CLARENCE LeROY BRANTON B.A. Gainesville SENIOR CLASS F. OSBORN BRYANT, JR. ' B.A. Ben Jacksonville IFC, Ch ' n Dixie Party, Scabbard and Blade, oirmo Junior Executive Council, White Friars. EDWARD ROBERT CARMODY BA. ZN Daytona Beach ROY GEORGE CLAPHAM B.S, Arch. Orlando THOMAS PRESTPON COCKRELL B. . sen Jacksonville Alpha Phi Omega, White Friors, Cavaliers, Presbyterian Student Session. JOEL ZABAN COHEN B.A.J. 0 TE Miami Beach Varsity Golf, '41-'42, Sigma' Delta Chi, Press Club, Florida Alligator, Miami Daily News Stott Correspondent. . ALVIN DELMA PCOLEMAN, JR. B. . McAlpin Press Club. J. ERNEST COLLINS BA. Perry Band' Symphony Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Psi, John'Marshall Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Secretory Freshman Law. JACK KYLE DALE BS. Phy. me Vero Beach Band, Assistant Business Manager Symphony Orches- tra, Business Manager, '4l-'42, Rho Chi, Secretory- Treasurer, Vice-President SPE, Kappa Kappa Psi, Dean's List, Rho Chi Scholarship Award, Emrich Scholarship Award, APhyA, Clerk Honor Court, YMCA, APO, Mortar and Pestle. Gollege of cflrts THOMAS J. BUTTERFIELD B.S. Phy. Stuart JAMES FREEMAN CASON BS. OAG Jacksonville Scabbard and Blade, L'Apoche, Freshman Executive Committee, '39-'40, WILLIAM ARTHUR CLARK BA. EN Gulfport, Miss. Alligator Staff, '40-'42, Amusement Editor Alligator, '4l-'42, Freshman Group Leader, '4l, F Book Busi- ness Stoff, 'Lil -'42, Acting Business Manager F Book, 542, Fourth Estate Club, Advanced Military, Scabbard and Blade. . CLAY C. CODRINGTON B.A.J. we Lake City Chairman Department Reclamation, Conservation and Economy, '42-'43, Secretary DRCE, '42, Robert Sikes Journalism Trophy Winner, '40-'42, Honorable Mention, "il, Who's Who, Assistant Secretory ln- terior, Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary, Vice-President PDT, Secretory, Vice-President Press Club, Alligator Staff, '39-'40-'42, Seminole Staff, '39-'4l, Vice- President L'Apache, Junior IFC, Fourth Estate Club, mc. ' RAYMOND F. cause BFA. ZN St. Augustine Gargoylej' Scabbard and Blade, Advanced ROTC, Press Club, Seminole Staff, Three years, President St. Augustine Club. HARRY L. COLLINS, JR. B.A. Umatilla Alligator Stott, '39-'40, Alligator Key, Varsity Swimming, '4l-'42, Honor Court Member, '42-'43, JOHN S. COX B.A. Jacksonville Who's Who, Secretory Interior, '42-'43, Executive Council, '4l-'42, GC Executive Committee, John Marshall Bar Association, Executive Committee John Marshall, Advanced ROTC. FRANKLIN LAFAYETTE DeBUSK BS. ex Gainesville Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scabbard ond Blade. SENIOR and Sciences EDWIN C. DOUGLAS BS, Building Construction Weirsdale Gargoyle. FRANK A. DUCKWORTH B.S. Jacksonville Blue Key, Chancelar Honor Court, '42-'43, Member from A. G S., '4l-'42, Whds Who, Dorm Monitor, AlDl'1O Epsilon Delta, Treasurer, President Mortar Grid Pestle, Board of Managers of Florida Union, Student War Council, Attwood Leadership in Pharmacy Award, Dean's List. ROBERT DELOT EBERSOLE B.S. Arch. ATS! Arcadia Glee Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Cavaliers, Advanced Military SETH DORIAN FLAX B.A. Miami Beach Dean's List, Association of Arts with Honors, '4l, Assistant Managing Editor ot Alligator, '4l-'42, 5Dorts Editor, '40-'4l, Alligator Stott, '39-'40, Sports Editor Seminole, '40-'4l, Seminole Stott, '39-'40, Editorial Board Orange Peel, '4l-'42, Orange Peel Staff, '39-'4i, s. cnt. Club, '40, sfxrs Convention, ill! Congress ot Human Relations, '4l, IRC, Fourth Estate, Gator Party Nominations Committee, '4l, Dixie Party Nominations Committee, '42. E. LLOYD FLOOD B.S. Building Construction Frostprcot BlUe Key, Editor Orange Peel, '42-'43, Editor F Book, 'eil-'42, Associate Editor Florida Review, ,CIO-'4l, GC Debate, '39-'40, Gargoyle Historian, ill-'42,Gargoyle Freshman Key, Fine Arts Society ylce-President, '42-'43, Freshman Group Leader 40-'4l, Dean's List, '39-'4l, Sophomore Executive Committee, Student Assistant, '39-'42, YMCA, Cavaliers. R. DILL GERMAIN BS. Arch. IN Jacksonville Gargoyle. MORRIS W. GOODWIN B.S. mio Jacksonville J. B. GRIFFIN, JR. BA. Jacksonville Advanced ROTC, Vice-President Freshman Law Class LASS CLARK HUGHES DOWDELL B.A. Tampa RALPH F. DUPREE B.S. Gainesville Glee Club, '39-'43, Glee Club Executive Council, '4l-'43. ALBERT THOMAS FECHTEL B.S. Jacksonville Vice-President Alpha Epsilon Delta, Advanced Military, Football, '40-'4l. GORDON KEITH FLEISCHMAN B.A. Gainesville Seminole Statf, '4l-'42, Associate Editor, Senior Executive Committee, Advanced Military, Scabbard and Blade. BENJAMIN HARELD FOGELSON B, . nm Reading, Pa. Managing Editor Alligator, Blue Key, Convention Chairman Southern Federation of College Students, Who's Who, Seminole, Orange Peel, Florida Review, F. Book, Head Manager Varsity Boxing, F Club, Major Letterman, Advanced Military. WARREN MILGU RN GOODRICH B.A. Me Jacksonville Vice-President Freshman Class, '40, Executive Coun- cil, '4l-'42, Freshman Group Leader, Pep Club, Publication Manager, '4l, Phi Eta Sigma, A. A. with l-lonars, BSU, Cabinet, '4l, Junior Executive Com- mittee, GC Debate, Varsity Debate, SATA, TKA, Secretary-Treasurer Debate Club, Alligator, South- ern Federation College Students, Blue Key, Scob- bard and Blade. EDWARD GORDON B.S. Tampa Secretary-Treasurer ACS, '42-'43. JOHN DAVID GRUBER B,A. ATA West Palm Beach FREDERICK H. HALLOCK B.S. Potchogue, N. Y. Glee Club, '40-'42, Alpha Phi Omega, '40-'43, Cavaliers, Y.M,C.A. JAMES ROBERT HATHAWAY B.A. Pensacola HOMER ERLE HOOKS B.A. Clermont Florida Blue Key, Editor, Florida Alligator, '42-'43, Executive Editor Alligator, '4l-'42, Student Govern- ment Editor Seminole, '42-'43, Associate Editor "F" Book, '4l -'42, Orange Peel Staff, '39-'41, Vice- President Sophomore Class, '40-'4l, Secretary of Organizations, Scabbard and Blade, Who's Whc in American Universities and Colleges, Dean's List, '39-'4l, President, Fourth Estate Club, '4l-'42, Student War Council, '4l-'43, Phi Beta Kappa. MARK HULSEY, JR. B.A. Me Jacksonville Managing Editor Florida Alligator, Executive Editor Alligator, Associate Editor Seminole, Chairman Florida Party, Vice-President Phi Delta Theta, Flor- ida Blue Key, Florida Players, "F" Book. BERNARD ADAM KAMINSKI B.S. xo Miami Springs Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Vice-President, White Friars, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretory, Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary, Seminole '4l-'42, Alligator, '4l-'42, Leigh Chemical, Chi Phi, President, Junior IFC. JACK B. KOTOK B.A. Bridgeton, N. J. . . GC Debate, Varsity Debate. OWENS HAMILGFQN McDONNELL AISI Foley F. RAY McINTYRE B,A, ZAE Jacksonville Scabbard and Blade, Honor Court, Senior Repre- sentative, Military Bal! Committee, Junior Inter- fraternity Conference, Florida Players, Student Assistant to Speech Department, L'Apache. Qollege of cyflrts JAMES FREDERICK HARMAN B.A. Winter Haven Advanced ROTC. JAMES WALTER HOLMES B.S. xo Miami Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, White Friars, Leigh Chemical Society, Junior IFC. JOHN N ELSON HOWARD B.S. St, Petersburg FRANCIS L. INGLEY B.S. Orlando CHARLES MILTON KATES B.A. xo Miami CHARLES H. LASLEY B.S. Am Lakeland Senior Advanced ROTC Artillery. JAMES C. McDOWELL BA. Auburndale Managing Editor Florida Review, '40-'4l, GC Debate, Alabama-Georgia Trip, '40, SATS Tourney, '4l, Student Press Club, WRUF Staff. JOHN WARREN McLlNDEN B.S. Miami SENIO and Sciences RAYMER FRANCIS MAGUIRE, JR. BA. Am , Orlando Business Manager, '43 Seminole, Two Years Staff! Advertising Manager "F" Book, '42, President lRC, 'll-'43, Labor Board, '42-'45, Student Social Affair Committee, Who's Who, Scabbard and Blade, Dean's Lot, '4l, Group Leader, '4l, Assistant to Dean Price Freshman Week, '42. JAMES LAWRENCE MAYO, JR. B.A. Pensacola Glee Club, '39-'43, Part Leader, '4l-'43, Advanced ROTC, Baptist Student Union, '39-'43, Member of Council, '40-'4l -'43, G. CORY MILLICAN BFA. Fernandina Gargoyle. ROBERT HERMAN MUGGE B.A. om Tampa gfemdent at Lyceum Council, President of Phi tOrnma Delta, President' ot Walther League, Secre- EGVY-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Who's Who, Phi to SIQVUOQ Glee Club, '39-'42, Advanced ROTC, Alligator Staff, '39-'4I, Dean's List. CHARLES THOMAS NEWELL B.S. Phy. West Palm Beach f DIWO Phi Omega, "F" in Track, Symphony Orchestra, CLO, Mortar and Pestlo. FFF' Al JOHN BAPTIST NORA, JR. B.S. 2-DE West Palm Beach L'Apache, White Friars. HUGH J. PHILLIPS B.S. Q I Jacksonville Qzmlgolef ,395 YMCA, '42-'43, Jacksonville Club, ' O, Wesley Foundation, '42-'43, Secretary APO Pledges, '42 JAMES DAVID PRESTON B.S. . Auburndale Presbyterian Student Session, L A S S SOL S. MAIZEL B.S.P. Patterson, N. J. Rho Chi, Mortar and Pestle, Dean's List, '40-'42 ROBERT HARVEY MILLER B.A.J. Am St. Petersburg Sigma Delta Chi Fraternity, Prop. PHARES L. MIXON B.A. Live Oak Y. ZIYA NEBIOGLU B.S. Arch. Guneykoy, Turkey Secretary-Treasurer of Fine Arts Society. STUART GORDBN NEWMAN B. . ' TEO Ft. Lauderdale Vice-President Senior Class, President Sigma Delta Chi, '42-'43, Secretary TEP, lnterfraternity Con- ference, '42, Under Secretary DRCE, '42-'43, Alli- gator, '39-'43, Associate Editor, '42-'43, Mural's Editor, '4l-'42, Sports Editor, '4I, Orange Peel, '40-'43, Exchange Editor, '40-'4I, Assistant Editor, '-ll-'43, Seminole, Contributions Editor, '42-'43, Sports Editor, '40-'4l, Intramural Board Manager, '4l-'42, Broward County Club, Vice-President, '41-'42, Secretary '40-'4l, Press Club, St. Petersburg Times, Trophy Winner, '4O. WILLIAM ANDREW PAPY, III B.S. Arch. nxo Miami THEODORE C. POULOS B.S. Arch. Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigma, Fine Arts Society, President, '40-'4l, Gargoyle, President, '42-'43, Los Picaros. ANTHONY LIBERO PULLARA B. Arch. Tampa Gargoyle, Fine Arts Society, Los Picaros, Executive Council. SAM LINDN ER PYLES B.A. SAE Ocala Bacchus, L'Apache, President, Scobbard and Blade, General College Executive Council, '39-'4O. OSCAR RAPPAPORT B.A. Miami Reclamation Committee Summer, '42, Glee Club, '42-'43, Florida Players Productions, '40-'42, Mask and Blade, Hillel Service Key, John Marshall Bar Association. ERNEST R. ROGERS, JR. BS. EN Miami Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. LEWIS MORRIS SCHOTT B.A. TEO Daytona Beach International Relations Club, Advanced Military. ARMIN HILL SMITH, JR. B.A. Am Tampa Varsity Golf Team, Company Captain, L'Apache, Executive Council, "F" Club, John Marshall Bar Association, Glee Club Soloist. JAMES LUIS SPANGENBERG B.A. Miami Baptist Student Union, Local and State, Deon's List, '39-'4O. ERNEST LEE STANLEY B.A. Gainesville Alpha Psi Honorary Fraternity, Florida Players, Radio Guild. TOM BRINLY STEWART, JR. B.A. DeLand Debate Club, Assistant Secretary Labor, President, Freshman Low Class. Gollege of cflrts FRANK VERNON QUIGLEY, JR. B.A. Bon Miami Beach Bacchus, President, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, '4l, Episcopal Student Vestry, Uni- versity Religious Council, Florida Players. JOHN ROBERT ROBINSON B.A. OAS Miami Scabbard and Blade, Seminole, '39-'40, Alligator, '39-'4O. AL LEON SCHNEIDER B.A. TEO Port St. Jce Junior IFC, Freshman Basketball Manager, Varsity, "F" Club. CLYDE WAGNER SIMPSON BS. and B.A. I'IKA Jacksonville Alpha Phi Omega, '39-'42, President, Delegate to Southeastern Convention, Episcopal Committee of 25, '39-'42, Alligator Staff, '39-'40, Seminole Staff, '39-'40, Summer School Honor Court, '4l, Summer Gator Feature Editor, '4l, Book Exchange, Intra- mural Golf and Boxing, IMC, ROTC, Platccn Sergeant and Battery Adjutant. MORRIS SMITH, JR. B.A. ATA Jacksonville Treasurer Junior IFC, Bacchus RENDER M. D. SPENCER B.A. St. Augustine MERRILL ARTHUR STEVENS B.A. Newington, Conn. Advanced Military, CLO. WILLIAM ADDISON STEWART B. Arch. :QE Vero Beach Blue Key, Gargoyle, President SPE, President YMCA' President Gator Pep Club, Executive Council for General College, from Architecture, Chairman South- ern Student Christian Council, APO, White Friars, FFF Club. SENIO and Sciences LAWRENCE S. STOKES, JR. B.A. Orlando Cavaliers, Dean's List, '4l-'42. ROBERT RYAN TENCH B.A. ATQ Clearwater President TKA, President Junior Class, Advanced Military, Blue Key. ROBERT H. THREADGILL BA. Miami Executive Council, '42-'43, Athletic Council, '4l-'42, Committee on Athletics, CLO Board of Executives, 42-'43, Vice-President, '42-'43, Tennis Team, Phi ETQI Sigma, Glee Club, Debate Team, Advanced Military, IRC, Winner Intramural Tennis Inde- pendent League, '4l, Dean's List, '39-'4l. WILLIAM SCOTT WARE B.S. Phy. Branford Band '39-'42, Kappa Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, Executive Council, '42-'43, Mortar and Pestle. CHAS. STANLEY WEAVER BA. I KZ Boynton Beach AIDIW0 Phi Omega First Vice-President, '4l, Gator Pep Club, Varsity Debate Club, Wesley Foundation. GEORGE HENRY WENZEL, JR. B.A. on Ocala Freshman Executive Committee, Junior IFC, Florida Revue, '39-'40, smbbofd Gnd Blade, Advanced ROTC, President PKT, '4I-'42, IRC, '40-'4I. JOHN HULON WILLIAMS, JR. B.A. ZAE president SAE, '4l -'42, Executive Officer, Lieutenant CClOnel Infantry Unit, Chairman Summer Military PGH, 42, smbimfd and Blade, Who's who, IFC, 40422 Delegate National lnterfraternity Confer- IFVICG New York, '42, President Tampa Club, '4li ERC! Executive Council, '4l-'42, l.'Apache, '40-'42I Jifeeutive Committee Freshman Sophomore 'Grid uniorlClasses, Alligator Staff, '39-'40, Seminole Staff, 39-'40, Treasurer Bacchus, Secretary Dixie Party, President Junior IFC. W. PRESTON WOOD, II B.A. St. Petersburg CLASS HERBERT STANLEY SUSSMAN B.A. 'rio Daytona Beach Seminole, '39-'40, Alligator, '39-'40, Florida Revue, '39-'40, Manager Basketball, '40, IRC, '39-'40, Young Democrats Club, Fourth Estate Club, Daytona Beach Club. CHARLES F. THOMASSON B.A. xo Kings Mountain, N. C. Secretary-Treasurer White Friars, Advanced ROTC, Drum and Bugle Corps, '40-'4I, Decorations Com- mittee Chairman Military Ball, Summer, Band, '40-'42. MONTE JULIAN TILLIS B.A. ATG Bartow A. VERNON WEAVER B.A. zx Miami White Friars, Florida Players, Advanced ROTC, Alpha Psi Omega. MARVIN LEE WEIL B.S. nm Gainesville Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Group Leader, Historian Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dean's List, Recorder, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Advanced Military. GEORGE MICHAEL WHETSTONE, JR. B.A. Gainesville GEORGE W. WOOD, III B.S. xo Coral Gables A.E.D., Dean's List, '40-'41, Glee Club, '41-'42, GORDON ANGUS YEARTY B.A. Otter Creek MILTON BRICKETT ADAMS B,E.E. Jacksonville Chairman AlEE, '42, Benton Engineering Ccuncil, '42-'43, Sigma Tau, AIEE, IRE, '4l-'42-'43. MELTON LOUIS AUGUSTINE B,M.E, TEO Sarasota Florida Pistol Team, '38-'39, Florida Engineering Society, ASME. SIDNEY L. BESVINICK B,Ch.E, Miami Beach AlChE. CHARLES A. BLACK B.C.E. Am Gainesville Glee Club, ASCE, Camera Club. KING HENDERSON CADDOO B.Ch.E. Gainesville Florida Blue Key, '42-'43, Secretary, AlChE, 39143, President, '41-'42, Executive Council, '4l -'42, Florida Players, '40-'43, Stage Manager, '4l-'42, President, '4l-'42, Benton Engineering Council, '40-'43, Vice- President, '42-'43, Alpha Psi Omega, President' '4l -'42, CRRO JAMES L. COX B.M.E. Lakeland Sigma Tau, ASME, Dean's List, '39-'4l, General College Engineering Society, President, '40-'4l, Benton Engineering Society, Secretary, '4l-'42, President, '42-'43, Executive Council, '42-'43, USNR. ROBERT JAY CUMMINGS B.l.E. nxm St, Petersburg SAM, President, PKP, Advanced Military, BES. EDWARD A. DORSETT BEE. Branford Baptist Student Council, AIEE, Radio Engineers, Gollege o ROBERT CLARENCE AUCREMANN B.E.E. St, Petersburg AIEE, Benton Engineering Council, Presbyterian Student Session. RICHARD CREGO BAKER B.C.E. Delray Beach ASCE, '39-'40, '40-'4l, '4l-'42, '42-'43, Florida Society Civil Engineers, '39-'43, Benton Engineering Society, '39-'43, University of Florida Band, '40-'4l -'42-'43. JOHN McCANDLESS BETZ B.C.E. Los Angeles, California Sigma Tau, Treasurer, ASCE. ORLAND MORGAN BROWN, JR. B,Ch.E. Pensacola Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, AlChE, JAMES HOWARD CHILDS ' B.Ch.E. Bartow Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, '39-'40, Benton Engi- neering Council, Sigma Tau, AlChE, American Chemical Society JOHN A. CROOKSHANK, JR. B.C.E. ex St. Augustine ASCE, MATHER EMORY DAWKINS BCE. Tallahassee Dean's List, '39-'4l, ASCE, Benton Engineering Society, Major, Advanced Military. JAMES MOYER DUNCAN B,Ch.E. Frastproot Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Swimming, AlChE, Scholarship Award, AlChE, Secretary-Treasurer, Sigma Tau, President, Florida Blue Key Valedictorian. SENIO Bngineering 1 JAMES JOSEPH DWYER B.M.E. Hillside, New Jersey ASME! Benton Engineering Society, lntramurolsi Newman Club. HOWARD N. ELLIS B.M.E. Stuart Chairman ASME, Benton Engineering Council, Secretory Wesley Foundation, YMCA WILLIAM E. EVANS, JR. B.Ch.E. Sarasota FFF, '37-'38, Vice-President Gator Pep Club, '38-'39, AlL.hE, '38-'43, Secretary, '4l-'42, President 423431 Seminole Staff, '39-'41, Cavaliers, EES, Florida Engineering Society, Senior Executive Council, '42-'43, WILLIAM THOMAS FRENCH B.Ch.E. EN Miami A'ChE: Seminole, '38-'39, L'Apoche, Advanced Military, Scabbord and Blade. ELY GROSSMAN B.M.E. St. Petersburg ASME, Hillel Foundation PAUL H. HARDAKER B.C.E.- ' IN Lakeland gemfffil College Engineering Society, President, S40i4l: Dean's List, '40-'4l, Florida Engineering GUQIYQ Benton Engineering Society, Benton Engi- nee""lQ Council, '40-'43, ASCE, President, '42-'43, Advanced Military, Scabbard and Blade. ALLEN K. HENRY B.C.E. Ft. Lauderdale Rifle Team, ASME. WILLIAM EVERHARD HERRON, JR. - B.Ch.E. ATS! Lakeland AlClWEi Sigma Tau, American Chemical .SocietY- CLASS PATT EDWARD EDDINGS, JR. B.E. E. Pensacola Sigma Tau, AIEE, IRE, Benton Engineering Society, Presbyterian Student Session, Advanced Military. NATHANIEL VAL ETTINGOFF B. l,E. Jacksonville SAM, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramural Board, '40-'42, Intramural Director, '42-'43, JOHN HEBARD FLOOD, JR. B.C.E. Mims Dean's List, '4l, Benton Engineering Society, ASCE, Benton Engineering Council, Florida Engineering Society. FRANK ANTHONY GAGLIARDI B.M.E. g we Merchantville, New Jersey ASME, Orchestra, International Relations Club, Ben- ton Engineering Society, Florida Engineering Society, , Rorc. CHRISTOPHER JAMES HANI:-LE: B.M.E. Jacksonville ASME, BES. W. DUVAL HAZEN B.M.E. West Palm Beach ASME, Benton Engineering Society. 'JACK ' HAMILTON HERRON B.Ch.E. Am Lakeland AlChE, Sigma Tau, American Chemical Society. ROBERTAE. ,iiircucocx ' BEE. Winter Haven AlEE, University of Florida Bond, lnterfraternity Conference, '35-'36, WILLIAM EDWARD JOHNSON B.E.E. Pensacola Sigma Tau, AIEE, BEC. CARL A. KIMBALL BM.E. Jacksonville ASME, BES, Advanced Military, BEC, Florida Engineering Society, Sigma Tau DAVID W. KNOX B.E.E. Bradenton AIEE. RICHARD M. LANE B.E.E. Milton AIEE, BEC, '4l-'42, ess, '40-'42, DANIEL MARION McCARTHY B.Ch,E. AX Okeechobee President Florida Newman Club, '40-'4l, Treasurer, '39-'40, Executive Council, '4l, Advanced Military, AlChE, BES, John H. Newman Honor Society, Chair- man Southern Newman Club Federation, Secretary DC, Junior lnterfraternity Council, '39-'4O. LEONARD THEODORE MAY B.C.E. Miami Phi Eta Sigma, Los Picaros, ASCE, Dean's List, Cadet-Maior ROTC, BES, High Honors Project, Florida Engineering Society, American Society of Military Engineers. SAMUEL STAFFOED MORRISON BE. . ATA Orlando Advanced ROTC. ANTHONY JOSEPH PALAKOWSKI B.M.E. New Britain, Connecticut ASME, Florida Engineering Society, Newman Club. Gollege o ALFRED KHOURI B.E.E. Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau. IRA LAMAR KING B.C.E. ATA Dunnellon General College Engineering Society, '40-'4l, BES, '39-'43, BEC, '40-'41, ASCE, Deon's List, '39-'4l, Phi Eta Sigma, Bacchus, Junior lnterfraternity Con- ference, Scabbard and Blade, Florida Engineering Society, Advanced ROTC, President DTD, '42-'43, Sigma Tau, Secretary, '42-'43, Honor Court, '42-'43, ROBERT EDWARD KURTZ B.M.E. OAS Miami Sigma Tau, ASME. EDWIN STUART LOFBERG B.C.E. nm Jacksonville Cavaliers, BES, General College Engineering Society, Sigma Tau, ASCE. WILLIAM HARDEE MAHONEY B.C.E. KI Jacksonville Editor Seminole, Blue Key, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Board of Student Publications, ASCE. RALPH FRANKLIN MILES B.C.E. Miami Springs ASCE. TEOFIL JOHN MRUZ B.C.E. Deland Intramurals, Newman Club, ASCE, Benton Engi- neering Council, '42-'43, BES. ARTHUR I. ROE B.M.E. AT!! Arcadia Intramural Manager, '40-'4l, Assistant Director '42, ASME, Treasurer, Florida Engineering Society SENIO Engineering X WAYNE L. ROSS B.Ch,E. West Palm Beach AIChEj Sigma Tau MARVIN WILLIAM SAUL B,M.E, nm Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigmaj Sigma Taug ASME. WALTER OVERTON SNYDER B.M.E. rx Coral Gables ASMEQ Florida Engineering Society. SIDNEY S. THURSTON B.M.E. Miami Beach ASME. MILTON OWEN TURNER B. . . ' xx Tampa SAM, Secretaryg Advanced Military. CHARLES R. WALLACE B.Ch.E. Dania Phi Eta Sigmag Dean's Listj Sigma Taug Freshman GVOUD Leaderg BESg Florida Engineering Societyg AlChEg Phi Kappa Phig Valedictorian, '43. ROBERT WHITE YANCEY B.Ch.E. Ocala LASS DANIEL KING ROYER B.C.E. Miami EUGENE F. SEFRNA B.Ch.E. Frostproof Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Taug AiChE. HUGH B. SUMMERS, JR. ' B.Ch.E. :AE Lake City Alpha Psi Omega. JAMES A. TODD B.Ch.E. Lakeland Phi Eta Sigmag AlChEg Sigma Tauj Gamma Sigma Epsilong BESQ Advanced ROTC, MARIO Z. ULLIVARRI B.E,E. Havana, Cuba AlEEg President of Los Picaros. HARPER E. WHITAKER, JR. B.l.E. Tampa Society for the Advancement of Managementg Presi- dentg BECg Camera Clubg Seminole Photographerg Orange Peel Photographer. WALLACE F. ZETROUER, II B.E.E. ex Rochelle Institute of Radio Engineers. Sigma Taug AlChEg BEC, '4l-'43g Florida Playersg JOHN ROYCE AGNER BSA, AFP Perry AGR, President, '42-'43, President Agriculture Club, '4l, Reporter Block and Bridle, '4l-'42, Secretary Alpha Zeta, '42-'43, YMCA, Associate Editor Florida College Farmer, '42-'43, Executive Council, '42-'43, Scabbard and Blade, Roaming l-louse Chair- man DRCE, '42-'43, Taylor Agriculture Scholarship, Vice-President Agriculture Club, '4l, Florida Blue Key, V. R. BEARDSLEY . B.S.A, Clewiston Blue Key, Who's Who, President Athletic Council, Tennis Letter, '4l-'42, Captain, '42, Coach, '4l-'42, Alpha Zeta, Scabbard and Blade, Assistant Sports Editor Seminole, '42, DRCE Campus Buildings Chair- man, '4l, Secretary-Treasurer, '42, Dormitory Monitor, '42-'43, Faculty Athletic Committee, War Effort Committee, '4l. WILLIE D. BRYAN B.S,A. Crestview ' Alpha Zeta, Advanced Military, Dean's List, '40-'4l, Monitor of NYA Barracks. AUSTIN A. CARUSO B.S.A. ZX Orlando President of Sigma Chi. DANIEL A. CANNON BSA. San Antonio Newman Club, Bishop Berry Club, Agriculture Club, Dairy Technical Club ELISHA EJ COLEMAN ' B.S.A. Pahokee SAMUELZ H. DOHNER B.S.A. West Palm Beach DALE ALLAN DOUGHERTY B.S.Fy. Bradenton Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary Kappa Kappa Psi, Flor- ida Rifles, Gator Band, '39-'43, Rifle Team, Ad- vanced ROTC, Military Band Captain, Forestry Club, Reporter, Vice-President, Editor Yearbook. Gollege ELWOOD MEREDITH ANDERSON BSA. AFP Dade City Agriculture Club, Black and Bridle. ARDNEY JAMES BOLAND ' " B.S.A. Wacissa YMCA, Agriculture Club, YMCA Worship Com- mittee, lntramural Basketball, Epworth League, CLO. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BYRD BSA. Bartow Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club JOHN D. CAMPBELL B.S.A, . ' Miami ' Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club, Thyrsus, ROTC. HARRY S. CARLTON B.S,A. :QE Plant City LEMUEL EDWARD CUNNINGHAM - B.S.A. ' ArP St. Petersburg Dean's List, '4l-'42, Treasurer Block and Bridle Club, Advanced Military, Agriculture Club. BENNETT A. DOMINICK, JR. B.S.A. A ATQ A Orlando Advanced Military, Scabbard and Blade, Block and Bridle Club, Alpha Zeta, Executive Council Summer School, '42, D. CLAYTON EMERSON BSA. AFP Micanopy Junicr Interfraternity Council, '39-'40, IFC, '41-'42, ASAE, Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle, sEN1a cflgriculturef HARRY STEPHENS FICQUETTE . B.S.A. nKA Winter Garden Secretary of PKA. MANTON RODGERS FRIERSON, JR. B.S.Fy. Miami Presbyterian Student Session, Advanced Military. BUFORD H. GALLOWAY B.S.A. Dady Alpha Tau Alpha, Advanced ROTC, FFA, BSU. JACKSON A. HADDOX B.S.A. Apopka Dean's List, '4l-'42, Thyrsus, Collegiate Chapter - FFA, Special Drill Company. FRANK C. HANSON B.S.Fy. ' Kenwood Phi SIQVUG, '4l-'42, Secretary-Treasurer Forestry Club, '4I-'42, President, '42-'43, STEPHEN DAVID HARVEY B.S.A. Mount Dora JAMES H. HEIDT B.S.A. Dania NES. JEFFERSON PARKER HILL B.S.A. AFP La Crosse Q'Pl'G Zero: ASAE, Advanced Parc, F. A. coicneiz ECVEIUVY AGR, '4l-'42, Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade. CLASS SOLOMAN JOHN JOLKS, JR. B.S.A. AFP Williston President Agriculture Club, Collegiate FFA, Alpha Tau Alpha, Florida Rifle Club, Alpha Zeta, Forestry Club, Dairy Club, Block and Bridle, Captain Varsity Rifle Team, Southeastern Conference Rifle Team Match, '42, Secretary YMCA, '40, Advanced ROTC. WALTER GORDON FRAUENHEIM, JR. B.S.A. Am Sarasota Pep Club, Scabbard and Blade, Business Manager Florida College Farmer, Captain Freshman Swimming Team, Senior lnterfraternity Conference, Advanced Military. WILLIAM JORDAN GREENE B.S.A. AFP Jacksonville Agriculture Club, Vice-President, President Block and Bridle, Forestry Club, Chairman Little Inter. Livestock Show and Rodeo, '42, Intramurals, Dean's List, Duval County Scholarship. ROSCOE LAMAR HANCOCK B.S.Fy. Sebring Varsity Boxing, '39-'4l, "F" Club, Forestry Club. BERT J. HARRIS B.S.A. Lake Placid Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle. THURMAN T. HATTON, JR. B.S.A. Gainesville CAA, '40, Advanced Military, Thyrsus, NES, Inter- national Relations Club, Cavaliers, Agriculture Club, Orange and Blue Bulletin, CLO. THOMAS G. HERNDON ' B.S.Fy. AFP Manatee Tau Alpha Nu, Forest Clerk TAN, '42-'43, Execu- tive Council, '42-'43, Forestry Club, '39-'43, Vice- President, '42, Advanced ROTC, Student Assistant University Library, '40-'43, Intramurals. JACK LAWRENCE INGLE B.S.A. ' Sebring University of Florida Band, Newell Entomological Society, Symphony Orchestra. SHANTE ROBERT KAZAROS B.S.A. ArP Orlando Alpha Zeta, Dean's List, '40-'4l, Thyrsus, Agri- culture Club, Intramurals. JOSEPH MORGAN McJUNKIN B.S.A. Ft. Lauderdale Florida Blue Key, Varsity Swimming Team, Vice- President Dolphin Club, '4l-'42, President ASAE, '42-'43, President Fencing Club, '42-'43, Sec.-Treas. IRC, Block and Bridle, Agriculture Club, APO, Buildings Chairman DRCE, Transportation Chair- man DRCE, Dance Chairman Cavaliers, '42-'43, Business Manager Symphony Orchestra, '43, Assistant Business Manager, '42, Business Manager Florida College Farmer, '42-'43, Editor Florida College Farmer, Executive Council, '42-'43, Vice-Chairman Victory Party, '4l-42, Seminole Staff, '42-'43, "F" Club, Slippery Seven, Censor of Alpha Zeta, '42-'43, JOHN MURDOCK McLAURIN B.S.A. Gainesville President Agriculture Club, '40, Junior Oratory, Block and Bridle. MARVIN A. MILLS B.S.Fy. Conner Forestry Club, '40-'43, YMCA, '4l-'43. JOHN PATTERSON, JR. B.S.A. EN Brooksville Presbyterian Student Session, '39-'42, Block and Bridle, '39-'43, Gator Pep Club, '40, Press Club, '40, SETH B. PLANK B.S.A. Zephyrhills Block and Bridle. DANIEL ALTMAN ROBERTS B.S.A. Me Gainesville Florida Blue Key, Secretary-Treasurer Student Body, '42-'43, President Lyceum Council, '4I -'42, President Glee Club, '4l-'42, Captain Scabbard and Blade, '42-'43, Chancellor Alpha Zeta, '42-'43, Who's Who. WALTER MEDHURST SANFORD B.S.A. New York, N. Y. Thyrsus, Intramurals, '42-'43, NES. 3 S- Y' Gollege o JAMES RICHARD KUPPERS B.S.A. mio 4 Verc Beach Band, '39-'4l, Symphony Orchestra, '39-'4l, Student Affairs, ACS. JIM L. McKENDREE B.S.Fy. Carrabelle Baseball, '40-'42, Advanced ROTC, Forestry Club. WHITMAN H. MERRIN, JR. B.S.A. Plant City Thyrsus, Agriculture Club, Alpha Zeta, Presbyterian Student Session. CHARLES CLAYTON PARTIN B.S.A. ArP Kissimmee Black and Bridle, Agriculture Club, Intramurals. HARVEY TIMOTHY PAULK B.S.A. Campbellton Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle. WILLIAM C. PULLIAM, JR. B.S.A. Pinetta EARL G. RODGERS B.S.A. Arr Trenton Dean's List, '40-'4l, President Agriculture Club, '4l-'42, Censor Alpha Zeta, '42-'43, Honor Court, '42-'43, NES. CLAUDE KNIGHT SLATER B.S.A. Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, PKP, Duval County Agriculture Scholarship, Colonial Dames of America Scholarship, Winner Dorm Tennis Singles, '40-'42, Winner Campus Wide Tennis Singles, '4l, Dorm Pingpong Doubles Title, '42-'43, Advanced ROTC, YMCA, Alpha Zeta, Graduation with High Honors. SENIOR cvflgriculturef FRANK BURNS SNIVELY B.S.A. nKA Winter Haven THOMAS TRACY STURROCK B.S.A. West Palm Beach Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, 42, President, '43, Thyrsus, President, '42-'43, Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club, Press Club, Florida College Farmer, Assistant Editor, '43, PKP. HAROLD LEE TERZENBACH B.S.A. Bowl ing Green BERNARD UMAN B.S.A. Tampa Agriculture Club, Advanced ROTC, Hillel Council Member. RANDOLPH TOWNSEND WEDDING B.S.A. St. Petersburg SS SIDNEY L. WILSON B.S.Fy. Daytona Beach Forestry Club. EARL LOY STRICKLAND B.S.A. DeFuniak Springs Alpha Zeta, ASAE. HENRY L. SUDDUTH B.S.Fy. Panama City Executive Council, '4l-'42, Forestry Club Officer, '4l -'43, Tau Alpha Nu, BSU, CLO, Advanced ROTC WALTER MORROW TURNER B.S.A. mu Sanford President PKA, Vice-President PKA, Secretary ATA, ASAE, Florida Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Radio Guild, FFA, Advanced ROTC. ARCHIBALD R. UPDIKE, JR. , B.S.A. xo Lake Wales Band, Symphony Orchestra, Thyrsus. JEAN TARVER WILSON B.S.A. Milton Intramurals, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, ASAE, Alpha Zeta. CLAUDE FREDERIC ARRINGTON B.S.B.A. ZAE Havana Executive Secretary Board at Student Publications, '41-'42-'43, Alpha Kappa Psi, '41-'42-'43, Executive Council Summer Session, '42, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. CHARLES JACKSON BALDWIN B.S.B.A. ATS! Coral Gables President L'Apache, Crack Drill Company, '41-'42, '42-'43, Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM THORN BAYNARD B.S.B.A. ATS? St. Petersburg DONALD STRAND BERNST B.S.B.A. ATA St. Petersburg ALEXANDER Z. IJERRYJ BROWN ' ' - B.S.B.A. Winter Garden Vice-President Student Body, '42-'43, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Florida Blue Key, Secretary-Treasurer Summer School, '41, Student Manager Cafeteria, '41, Assistant Editor "F" Bock, '41 -'42, .lunior Class Executive Committee, '41-'42, Senior Class Executive Committee, Business Manager Orange Peel, '41-'42, Business Manager Summer Gator, '41, Member Labor Board, '41 -'42-'43, Dormitory Monitor, '4li'42, '42-'43, Caloviers, Vice- President Cavaliers, '41-'42, Chairman Summer ' School' Elections, '42. WILBERT ROSS CANNING B.S.B.A. ATS! St, Petersburg Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary, '42, Vice-President, '42-'43, Presbyterian Student Dea- X cons, Secretary, '42, WILLIAM GARDINER CHAMPLIN B.S.B.A. nKA Pensacola Credit Manager Florida Review, '40-'41, Executive Council, Advanced Military, Pirates, Junior Inter- fraternity Conference, President PKA Social Fra- ternity, '41, First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade, Seminole. WILSON MALCOLM CLAYTON B.S.B.A. Live Oak Dean's List, '41, Advanced Military. Gollege of iBiusiness CLIFFORD S. ATHEY B.S.B.A. ZN St. Augustine Executive Council, '41-'42-'43, Vice-President Junior Class, '41-'42, Chairman Victory Party, '42, Student Labor Board, '42-'43, Executive Council Member l-abor Mediation Board, '42-'43, Monitor, '41, Execu- tive Committee Senior Class, Ring Committee, Dorm Social Chairman, '41-'42-'43, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Student Riding instructor, Primary C. AA Grad, Xgice-President St. Augustine lub. EDWARD STEARNS BARCLAY B.S.B.A. Arm Tampa Bacchus, '39-'40, Sophomore Executive Council, '40-'41, Mask and Foil, '39-'40, Cartoonist Florida Review, '39-'4O-'41, Orange Peel,'41-'42-'43, Florida Alligator, '42-'43, Publicity Committee, Fall Frolics, '41, Advanced ROTC, Second Lieutenant Field Artillery Reserve. LEM A. BELL, Ja. B.S.B.A. Am Tampa Advanced Military, Captain, Scobbard and Blade MILTON BOYCE B.S.B.A. our St. Petersburg HERBERT M. BROWN B.S.B.A. Clearwater WESLEY W. CATLEDGE, JR. B.S.B.A. Madison Beta Alpha Psi, Glee Club, '39-'40, CHARLES WINSTON CLAYTON, JR. B.S.B.A. Live Oak Dean's List, '40-'41, Advanced Military. AL J. CONE B.S.B.A. ZN Jacksonville Blue Key, President Debate Club, TKA, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Group Leader, Executive Council, Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class. S E LTQN 'I .O oflclministration., GEORGE MILTON COOLEY B.S.B.A. f Lynn Haven 50nd, '39-'40, Glee Club, 39340-'4l, PresbYTGFl0U Student Session. R. BRUCE CRAWFORD, JR. B.S.B.A. Ft, Meade R. WARREN DAVIS B.S.B.A. AX Hollywood Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. THOMAS JOHN ECONOMOU B.S.B.A. Miami President of Senior Class, Alpha Kappa Psi, Florida ' Blue Key, Cavaliers. HERBERT SIMON FEINBERG B.S.B.A. TEO ' Tampa Varsity Swimming, Dolphin Club. JOE S. FLOYD, JR. B.S.B.A. AX Arcadia Phi Eta Sigma, Group Leader, '40, Tau Kappa Alpha, YGYSHV Debate Key, '42, Cavaliers, Honor Court, 42-'43, Honor Court Graduate, Phi Kappa Phi, President Delta Chi Fraternity, '42. DONALD E. GILBERT B.S.B.A. St. Petersburg BelCl Alpha Psi, National Professional Accounting Fraternity. LUCIUS B. GRAVELY, JR. I B.S.B.A. we ' Newberry Wesley Foundation, Alpha Kappa Psi, CLASS WILLIAM WALDEN CORRY B.S.B.A. ZAE Quincy President Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President "F" Club, Vice-President SAE Fraternity, Football, '40-'42, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, President Beta Gamma Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Executive Council, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, Senior Warden Episcopal Vestry, Florida Blue Key, President Student Body, A. RUSSELL DAVENPORT, JR. B.S.B.A. Winter Park ORVILLE WRIGHT DIXON B.S.B.A. Fellsmere Alpha Kappa Psi. ANDREAS ABRAHAM ESBERG B.S.B.A. mio New York City MILTON N. FISCHBIEN B.S.B.A. TE-xi Newark, N. J. President' TEP, President Beta Alpha Psi, National Accounting Fraternity, Graduate with Honors, Gen- eral College, Dean's List, '40-'41, '4l-'42, Student Assistant, Accounting Department CHARLES S. FORD B.S.B.A. Crescent City Freshman Basketball, '39, Glee Club, '4O4'4l, BSU. HAROLD WALTON GOFORTH B.S.B.A. Am Orlando Seminole, '40-'41, Assistant Secretary of Labor, '43, Gator Pep Club, President ATO Fraternity, Manager Library Student Staff, '43, Advanced ROTC. ' WOODFORD HAMILTON HAYES B.S.B.A. ATS! Coral Gables Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, President ATO Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade, Presbyterian Deacons, DRCE, Florida Blue Key. JAMES CARROLL HENDERSON B.S.B.A. Gainesville Senior Executive Committee, '42-'43, CU RT HOLZER, JR. B.S.B.A. EN Pensacola Secretary of Labor, '42-'43, Labor Board, '4l-'42, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President of Cavaliers, '43, Alpha Kappa Psi, intramural Board, '4l-'42-'43, Vice-President Pensacola Club, '4l-'43, Co-Chairman Dixie Party, '43, Student Manager Cafeteria, '4l-'43, Senior Executive Committee, Monitor, '4l-'43, L'Apache, Cap and Gown Committee. DON M. HUNT, JR. B.S.B.A. ex Miami Shores Treasurer of Theta Chi, '42-'43, PAUL JOSEPH JENKINS, JR. B.S.B,A, Webster EDWIN A. JONES B.S.B.A. Bowling Green Advanced Military, Glee Club, Cavaliers, Secretary Glee Club, '4l, Auditor Glee Club, '4l-'42-'43, W. PALMER JOHNSON . B.S.B.A. Jacksonville Advanced Military, Florida Players, Orange Peel. EDWARD ALEXANDER LANG B.S.B.A. Orlando Blue Key, '42-'43, Treasurer, '43, Who's Who, '42, Hall of Fame, '42, Editor Seminole, '42, Managing Editor, '4l, Freshman Key Winner, 140, Circulation Manager "F" Book, '4l, Assistant Editor, '42, Florida Review, '40-'4l, Alligator Mailing Editor, '42-'43, Summer Gator, '4l, Secretary Board of Student Publications, '43, Member Student Publications, '43, Secretary-Treasurer of Summer School, '4l, Secretary of Interior Summer School, '4l, Slippery Seven, Alpha Kappa Psi, '42-'43, Secretary, 43, Alpha Phi Omega, '4l-'42-'43, Treasurer, 42, Chairman of Book Exchange, '42, International Relations Club, '4l-'42-'43, Executive Board, '4l, Vice-President, '42, President, '42, Cavaliers, '4I-'42-'43, Dance Chairman, '42, Board of Governors, '43, Scabbard and Blade, '42-'43, Program Committee, Chair- man Senior Class lnvitations Committee, '43, YMCA, Fourth Estate, '42, Baptist Student Union, Labor Board, '42, Florida Union Planning Board, '42, LOY LEWIS B.S.B.A. me Jacksonville College of fBusiness HORACE FREEMAN HERNDON B.S.B.A. Lake Wales HERBERT A. IBERTI HUNNICUTT B.S.B.A. Ocklawaha Vice-President Freshman Class, Executive Council Sophomore Class, Board of Student Publications, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Managing Editor of Alligator, Cavaliers Dance Society, President and Secretary, Associate Business Manager of Florida Review. LEO T. HURY B.S.B.A. IN Jacksonville Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM B. JENNINGS B.S. B.A. ZAE Bradenton BENNETH WALTER JOHNSON B.S.B.A. Jacksonville Scabbard and Blade, Beta Alpha Psi, John Marshall Bar Association, Advanced Military. JOSEPH GALLOWAY KENNELLY, JR. B.S.B.A. Jacksonville YMCA, '38, Cavaliers, '38-'39-'40-'4l-'42, Board of Governors, Secretary Gator Pep Club, Dean's List, '4l, Senior Class Executive Committee, '43, Pro- peller Club, '39, Executive Council SS. OSCAR HERMAN LEWIS B.S.B.A. sen Lakeland Scabbard and Blade, Advanced Military, Intramural Board, Treasurer of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Intra- mural Diamond Ball Manager. LOUIS H. LIGHT B.S.B.A. Ft. Lauderdale SENIO e54dminist'ratio'n., WILLIAM GLADSON LININQER B.S.B.A. AT!! St. Petersburg Alpha Kappa Psi, JAMES 0. LUCAS, JR. B.S.B.A. IN Jacksonville Sergeant-at-Arms, Gator Pep Club, Senior Class Executive Council EDWARD DONALD McDADE B.S.B.A. mm Gainesville Phi Eta Sigma, Group Leader. ROBERT TRASK MANN B.S.B.A. Tarpon Springs Executive Council, '42-'43, lSummer, '42l, Student War Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, KODDG Kappa Psi, Band, Symphony Orchestra, Vice- President, '42, Cavaliers, Florida Union Board QI Managers, Labor Board, '42-'43, Seminole Staff, 42, Alligator Staff, '42-'43, Associate Editor, "F" Book, '42-'43, Assistant Business Manager Orange Peel, '42-'43, Junior Class Executive Committee, '42, President Gator Pep Club, '42. WILLIAM BARR MARTIN B.S.B.A. ' Crescent City Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, '39-'40, '4O-'4l, Beta Gamma Sigma. CHARLES A. MATTHEWS B.S.B.A. zx Jacksonville Phi Society of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Cavaliers, APO, Mask and Blade, Glee Club, Dean's List, '39-'41, JACKSON DALLAS MILLER, III B.S.B.A. IAE Bradenton P"eSident Alpha Kappa Psi, President Wesley Foun- dation-Methodist Student Group, Secretary Uni- Ve'5'lY Religious Council, International Relations Club! Gator Pep Club, Young Democrats, Delegate to International Convention of Alpha Kappa Psi, Chair- mflfi Of Post-War Planning Council, Captain, Ad- V0'1Ced Military, Vice-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Member Senior Class Program Committee. ELMER CLARENCE NICHOLSON, JR. B.S.B.A. IN - Pensacola k'ADache, First Lieutenant in Scabbard and Blade, Clvanced Military, Treasurer Sigma Nu, and Alpha Kappa Psi. l CLASS JAMES LIONEL LLEWELYN B.S.B.A. ZN Miami Bacchus, Scabbard and Blade, President of Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi. KING STEWART McCORD B.S.B.A. AY St. Petersburg Alpha Kappa Psi. ELLIOTT LEO MAGUIRE B.S.B.A. -we Green Cove Springs Transfer from South Georgia and Florida Southern College. JOHN THOMAS MANNING B.S.B.A. ZN Tampa Secretary-Treasurer of Summer School, '42, Secre- tary-Treasurer Athletic Council, '4l-'42, Scabbard and Blade, Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry, '42, Chairman Military Ball Flowers Committee, Fresh- man Tennis, '39, Varsity Tennis Team, Band, '39-'4l, Symphony Orchestra, '39, Student Member of Faculty Committee on Athletics. DAVID LEON MARKS B.S.B.A. Daytona Beach DAVID W. MILLER B.S,B.A, St. Petersburg WILLIAM JAMES NEALE B.S.B.A. nm Miami ORHAN SAKIR OZDEMIR B.S.B.A. lnstanbul, Turkey FRANKLIN MILLER PICKARD B.S.B.A. St, Petersburg CHARLES MALTBY POTTER B.S.B.A. AT!! Orlando DEWEY STOVALL RIEK, JR. B.S.B.A. Tampa JAMES KNOX RUSH B.S.B.A. ATR Orlando Freshman Group Leader, '41, Dean's List, '4l-'42 Varsity Debating, Freshman Executive Committeei '4l, Executive Council, '42, Advanced Military, IFC '42, BAP, L'Apache. THEODORE EDGAR SALB B.S.B.A. ATS! Coral Gables Advanced Military, Seminole, '39-'4l. ABRAHAM MOSES SHASHY B.S.B.A. Ocala Beta Alpha Psi. GEORGE LAWSON SIMMS, JR. B.S.B.A. Ft. Lauderdale Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer CLO, '42-'43 Gatcr Pep Club. ROY WAKEFIELD SMITH B.S.B.A. Ben Jacksonville Advanced Military, Alpha Phi Omega. Gollege of Business JACK WILLIAM POLLNER B.S.B.A. Ben Lakeland Advanced Military, ROTC, Florida Union Staff, '41-'42, Student Assistantship, '43, Intramurals Swimming, Scabbard and Blade. ARCHIE WOOD RAMSEY B.S.B.A. nm Coral Gables Advanced Military: Dean's List, '39-'4 THOMAS STAPLES RIHERD B.S.B.A. Tampa l . Intramural Golf Champion, '4lg Varsity Golf '4lg Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi, '42-'43, BERNARD RUBIN B.S.B.A. TIAO Ft. Pierce LOUIS C. SCHOWE B.S.B.A. ZX St. Petersburg Alpha Kappa Psi, Dolphin Club. CHARLES L. SHEPHERD B.S.B.A. Avon Park Advanced ROTC, Fighting Gator Band, Crack Drill Company. HAROLD WAYNE SMITH B,S.B.A. Jacksonville ROB SAMUEL SMITH B.S.B.A. V Ben Jacksonville Team '40-'4l l-lonor Court, Business Administration, Alpha Phi Omega, Dean's List, '39-'40, Beta Theta Pi, SENIO cfzlclministration., nossnr A. sTeAnNs B,s.B.A. , ZOE Miami President FFF Club, '38, YMCA Council, '38-'40, Auditor, Glee Club, '39, Glee Club Soloist, '39-'4l, President Baptist Brotherhood, '42, BSU Council, '42, Monitor, Inter-American Section, '42, LOUIS O. TRAFP B.S.B.A. mae Orlando Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma, '40, Student Corre- spondent, Press Club, Advanced ROTC. THOMAS EDWARD TRIPLETT l3.S.B.A. Me Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Swimming, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Alpha Psi, Sophomore Executive Com- mittee, l-lanor Court, Gilchrist Memorial Scholar- ship, Loring Memorial Scholarship, Dolphin Club, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, Florida Blue Key, Beta Gamma Sigma. ROBERT J. WILLIAMS B.S.B.A. Gainesville EDWARD H. WOODBERY B.S.B,A. me . Orlando Seminole, '40-'4l, Alligator, '40, "F" Book, '40, Florida Review, '4O. MONTE JULIAN TILLIS, JR. B.S.B.A. ATS! Bartow KENNETH EARL TRAXLER B.S.B.A.' Alachua University Glee Club Accompanist, 4 years, C-5 Carnegie Set'Operator, WRUF Piano Soloist. JACK LEE WARNER B.S.B.A. we Ft. Lauderdale Glee Club, '40-'42, Rifle Team, '4l-'42, Florida Rifles, '41-'43, White Friars, '4l-'42, Assistant Treasurer PDT, '42-'43, Advanced Military, '42-'43. WILLIAM K. WILSON B.S.B.A. ZAE Lake City Delta Sigma Pi, Presbyterian Student Session, Advanced Military. foliage of Educhation., JOHN MCPHERSON BROWN , B,A,E. Hillside, N. J. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, CLO. RAYMOND HOWARD COONEY BAE, Winter Haven Varsity Debate, '4l-'42, Florida Colleges Debille Tournament, '4l. LASS FRANK COMMANDER, JR. B.A.E. Sopchappy Advanced ROTC, Dean's List, '4l-'42. EDMUND THOMAS mov B.S.E, Tallahassee CLO, ASCE. ollege of Education ROBERT LEWIS EATON B.A.E. Tallahassee Scabbard and Blade, Executive Council, President Sophomore Class, President Gator Pep Club, Student War Council, Labor Board, YMCA, Cavaliers, First Student Assistant Florida Union. DAN B. JONES, JR. B.A.E. Keystone Heights Student Body Executive Council, YMCA Cabinet, Methodist Student Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Dolphin Club, Varsity Swimming. FLOYD WALTER KONETSKY B.A.E. Footedale, Pa. Football, '39-'40, '4l-42, Track, '40-'4l, '42-'43, Industrial Art Club, "F" Club. EUGENE ORSON LEE B.A.E. me Elberton, Ga. Varsity Football, Basketball, "F" Club, Industrial Arts Club. AIME MILTON MINGONET B.S.E. I'lK0 Eustis S. HOUSTON SAP? B.A.E. Hilliard DAN W. TEDDER B.A.E. Live Oak Advanced Military, CAA, Camera Club. JAMES L. WATTENBARGER B.A.E. ATA West Palm Beach Kappa Delta Pi. JACK ARTHUR YOUNGBLOOD BAE. mme Tampa Cadet Colonel Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Swimming Team, '39-'4l, Dolphin Club, "F" Club, Secretary-Treasurer, '4l-'42, Social Chair- man,'4l. GORDON FENTON HENRY B.S.E. Wabasso ARTHUR LANCE KAPLAN B.A.E. Syracuse, N. Y. Varsity Boxing, Track, Intramural Manager, PFP Assistant Instructor. WILLIAM S. LATSKO B.A.E. Farrell, Pa. Freshman Football, '39, Varsity Football, '40-'42 Industrial Arts Club, '40-'4l, Newman Club, Bishop Kappa Ka Barry club, "F"c1ub, '4o.'42 JACK EARL MAUNEY B.S.E. Clearwater Dean's List, Dorm Monitor JAMES EDWARD MOORE B.S. E. Daytona Beach ppa Psi, Band, Orchestra, ASCE, YMCA, Library Staff. HENRY FORREST SMITH B.A.E. Palatka MORTON HERMAN TELLER B.S.E. Miami Kappa Delta Pi. ALBERT V. YOUNG B,A.E. Panama City Varsity Boxing Team Glee Club SENIOR CLASS J juniors DONALD CHRISTOFFERS Secretory-Treasurer Qfficers o The junior Glass DANIEL BEARDSLEY ' President HORACE FULFORD Vice-President X H. A. Booth C. O. Bosworth,Jr. L. Bould A. M. Brewer S. M. Brouse 'PKT St. Petersburg 'DKT Am Jacksonville Homestead Clearwater Titusvillc H. G. Brownlee C. F. Bryan D. S. Bryan A. B. Busbey E. W. Cameron Sanford Miami Bartow Dallas, Texas Gainesville . i H.L.c I ,J H. s. c lt J.o.c r R. H. c f G. Cl it ek.G'5e?giEELn P. D. griderson Wm. J.zlZkAnthes H. S. ditknnson Fxgsran ' Pl :guilt on J km:iPeI': ef J kex UITIBI' Grlonzlg Gm West Palm Beach Daytona Beach Umatilla on 'Y GC so V' e GC Sow' C B. H. Clark L. J. Cobb, Jr. L. M. Cabo E. L. Cochrane E. Coleman R- 5- Austin R. S. Bain J. E. Baker C. J. Baldwin Greensboro Tampa Key West West Palm Beach Pahokee Sarasota Jacksonville ATS? A Am Umatilla Coral Gables J. G. Connor H. C. Corbett B. W. Cottrell F. E. Craft W. Crews Pensacola Chattahoochee St. Petersburg Jacksonville Wellborn W- M. Barnett G. W. Barrow D. E. Barry J. H. Bartley Brooksville . Crestview K2 Ft, Myers Pensacola A' E- Bassett, Jr. D. W. Beardsley J. A. Beckman F. W. Bell, Jr. Il' Clewiston KA , Luke Worth Jupiter Jacksonville G' M- Benjamin H. F. Bevis R. M. Blanco A. C. Boggs nm: . ' T AX Jacksonville Morlonno Gmpo Hollywood JUNIOR CLASS W. P. Crews D. M. Christoffers Jo' l".+:n-.nllo ZN l,yrlIlrnf:l', N, Y R. E. Darby A..R.Davenport,Jr. Sl. ljritrgrslguarg Winter Parl-1 W. A. Desnoyers L. P. DeWolf, Jr. OX fr rnl filly Y . UH' .3 ., I I. I onrlffnlalrf R. W. Douglass G. Drake AFP ATA Mvionopy lalfo Worth R. Duran R. D. Eastman Tampa lilaytrgna Beach W. T. Cross L. E. Cunningham V. W. Cyzycki Hello ftlaflo AFP Borrnell Sl l3oteralJur'g J. C. Davidson I. F. Davis R. C. Dell Coral Cables WW AT9 Mlamm Sl. Petersburg B. F. Dixon S. H. Dohner R. N. Dosh, Jr. liomlwrlfxll Wm! Palrn Beach 'DI-X9 Ocala H. C. DuBose F. G. Duffy D. E. Duncan KA .AT9 Sl. Polerslmrg Pensacola Tampa R. L. Eaton R. B. Eckles W. J. Economou Tallahassee Sanford Miami G. L. Emmel we Calrlcsvulle M. F. Farabee Ft, Myers H. J. Fulford Okeechobee H. C. Gordon Ben Pensacola B.E.Greene,Jr AVP Orlando A. Endelicato, Jr. A. Epstein G. F. Eycleshimer AX Miami Winter Haven Orlando S. N. Finney F. F. Forth H. L. Freeman JGCVBOVIVIIIC Panda Gorda HKU. Miami A. Garavaglia H. F. Gaynor M. G. Gibbons Miami Brooklyn, N. Y. AT9 Tampa J. L. Gour R.G.Grassfield,Jr. C. R. Green Migmi Bon KA Lakeland Port Orange F. A. Griffen, Jr. D. F. Griffith J. M. Grossman K2 FIKA St. Petersburg lacksanvulle Beach Bradenton JUNIOR 3? E. W. Gufgdnious, Jr. AX Jllcksonville C- W. Harbin Greensboro E- B- Hart, Jr. Oklowaha R- F- .Heitzman G0Inesville H. Hun OE Gainesville CL J. B. Hagar C. S. Hagood J. W. Hamilton Orlando Crestview Jasper R. C. Harkness R. E. Harris G. H. Harrison Tampa Graceville K2 Palmetto L. W. Harward,Jr. H. C. Haskins, Jr. T. W. Hegler 'PAB Sanford ZX Jacksonville Orlando T. W. Hicks C. Horton J. E. Hughes 'DFA 'DKT Brooksville Bradenton Vero Beach M. Hulsey, Jr. W. A. Hunter R. R. Hunziker me :AE Montverde Jacksonville Ft. Myers ASS 1 I l S. R. lnsalaco J. C. Johnson A. W. Julich E. R. Katz E. L. Kelly Miami l-liglw Springs Umatilla WW' Waverly Atlanta, Ga. A. G. King B. King H. G. King T. C. Knowles, Jr. S. J. Kalner ATS? Miami AT9 K2 Gainesville Lakeland Tampa Stuart M. Kranz W. J. Lasarow M. M. Lasley J. D. Lawrence J. H. Layman nm: mia: ATS2 Qgglm K2 Brooklyn, N. Y. Jacksonville Lakeland DoFuniak Springs H. C. Lazarus L. Levy A. E. Lewis E. M. Linnville Miami Miami Sebring Pensacola J. R. McAuley F. T. McCoy H. L. McCracken T. M. McEwen Lakeland KA Venice ATG Sl. Petersburg Wauchula L. F. Lovett Fruilland Park J. M. McJunkin Fly Lauderdale P. W. McKee G. R. McMaster W. A. McRae W. H. Maddox E. H. Manning R. F. Parcell Lakeland R. J. Pearce Miami Beach Gainesville ATS! 'DAG Clearwater IN R. F. Pittman Tampa Jacksonville Tampa mm Tampa J. Y. Marr, Jr. E. S. Martin, Jr. F. L. Masters W. K. Masters W. Mayo FIKA Crescent City Daytona Beach KA A Jacksonville W.E.Priest,Jr. Jacksonville Jacksonville lndiomown B. J.M d ,J. C. K. M'Il H. S. M'lI R. S. M'lI R. E. M'II - Highegpgllgs r ZAENI er KZ J er Me.. er AX I er 0'T'R'fC2ards'J" Dunedin West palm Beach Jacksonville LaBelle Somsom W. F. Mills W. H. Mitchell I. I. Moody J. E. Moore J. A. Murray St. Petersburg Key West Bunnell AX UE Daytona Beach Clearwater H. 0. Myers J. G. Myers J. H. Nodine D. B. Odom J. H. Owen Benson Junction MU D Clearwater Jasper QUWCY iami l W. S. Parsons T.B.Pasteur,Jr. D.R.Peacock,Jr. KA Miami Manatee Jacksonville R. H. Pearson R. L. Pearson R. L. Peeples X0 ATS? Jasper Miami Tampa H. T. Platt C. A. Pope T. C. Poulos M0 Homestead 'UKT I Jacksonville Jacksonville W.C.Pulliam,Jr. R. E. Raborn L. M. Reeder Pinetta Trenton Palmetto H. C. Richardson, Jr. H.D.Richardson M.S.Richardson ex MA Tam DeFuniak Springs DeFuniak Springs Miami Beach JUNIOR Y'-"' Q4 px A. M. Riley A. R. Robin H. Rosen C. M. Rou Clearwater Tampa Miami Beach FIKA Reddick J. M. Russell W. J. Schell G. E. Sebring E. F. Sefrna Miami OAG HGH Frostproof Jacksonville Sebring f W "WY F. C. Stevens, Jr. E. P. Stewart C. Stratton R. G. Stubbs G. A. Sutherland A. L. Shealy, Jr. H. L. Sherron J. G. Simmons D. E. Singer Jacksonville I AVP Orlando .Jacksonville K2 FAQ, Hollywood Lake Worth Gainesville l'l"lf-lmoof KY- Bartow Gainesville D. E. Swindell, Jr. J. J. Taylor A. J. Thomas, Jr. J. R. Tittle G. E. Toms R. G. Small D. H. Smith, Jr. H. M. Smith D. H. Spechler Ocala AX ZX Lake Worth ATA Lake Worth Daytona Beach Mayo Quincy Hollywood Slo'ko Hioleeh 5. M' Spector L B Sponhohz W J Steed Jr C R smllrecht E. J. Tronson W. K. Trotter Z. G. Tyson C. A. Ugarte D. E. Underberg ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . - mio L AFP T T Northfork, W, Va. Starke Ongsdo Miami Newark, NI J' argo Zephyrhms ampa ampa CLASS E. D. Wcldin, Jr. J. L. Warner R.. E. Watson R. B. Weotherup P.J.Weiss,Jr. Miami M9 Trenton Miami Miami Ft. Lauderdale R. P. Wheotly R. M. White F. W. Whitmore R. M. Williamson R. L. Willis Jacksonville Jacksonville Lake Placid Gainesville Miami A. W. Wilson Tampa J. O. Wilson om' St. Petersburg S. C. Wood KZ West Palm Beach W. C. Wood EX Alachua E. A. Young ZN Orlando G. A. Yearly Otter Creek G. R. Clark Winter Park . D. R. Duncan Frostproof F. L. Ingley Orlando A. L. Kaplan Syracuse, N. Y. T. P. O'Callaghan X0 St, Petersburg F. M. Pickard St. Petersburg I U C. L. Shepherd F. P. Tisdale Avon Pork Crestview W. H. Wilson, Jr ATS! Gainesville J. A. Woerpel mm Clearwater R. Q. Wyckoff time Winter Park R. W. Yelverton St. Petersburg W. Allen KZ Jacksonville H. E. Casseres Cartago, Costa Rica R. L. Goddy Gainesville L. O. Griffith ox Milton E. E. Kerr FIIKGI Miami D. A. Krause, Jr we Ft, Lauderdale L. H. Potter KZ Ocala W. S. Rivers nKA Lake Butler NIOR CLASS ophomores Officers o BEN JOHNSON Secretory-Treasurer The Sophomore Glass ROBERT SHAW President JIMMY FAI NE Vice-President JACK ABERNATHY CLAUDE ACREE GUY WILLIAM ADAMS WALTER W. AMSTER PASCO A. ANGELICA GUY SILVIO AZAR R. WATSON BACON ROBERT H. BAER WILSON LAMAR BAILEY HAROLD JACK BAKER JOHN RAYMOND' BARGAR JACK BARNARD CHARLES FRANKLIN BARROW IKE CARR BELL, JR. JOHN T. BENZ MAX BERMAN WILLIAM GRESHAM BEVIS JOHN A. BIDWELL JAMES LIONEL BILDERBECK WHITNEY CARLETON BLISS, JR. SOL BLOOMBERG WILLIAM ARNOLD BLUEMLE JOHN W. BOLTON MARK MYATT BONHAM, JR. HAROLD' D. BOREE SAMUEL NEILL BRAMMAR CECIL ARDIS BRAY, JR. LESLIE LEE BRITT GERALD MAURICE BROWN IRA D. BROWN RAY A. BROWN RICHARD BENTLEY BROWN STANLEY L. BROWN DON M. BRYAN PAUL JACKSON BRYAN WILLIAM J. BURKE GEORGE S. BURNETT FRANK I. BURRIS OPHOMOREACAD DESMOND HEWETT ALBERSON WALTER FERDINAND ALEXANDER KA ATQ I'IK4D ITAKD I'IKlD 0I'A OAS I'IKlIU Ki ATH HARP KA OAG ZX E M Tampa Jacksonville Miami Cliipley Cliatralioocliee Miami Miami Sarasola Winter Haven Branford Blountstovvn Jacksonville Sr. Petersburg Jacksonville Tampa Cliarleroi, Pa. Miami Beach Jacksonville Quincy Tampa Newberry Miami Carmel, N. Y. Tampa Miami Orlando Jacksonville St. Cloud Ocala Orlando Miami DeFuniak Spring Gainesville Sanford Miami Mulberry Palatka Miami Miami Luiz S IC DANIEL ROBERT BUTLER, JR. ROBERT ALLAN BUTLER ROSCOE EUGENE CALDWELL WILLIAM BROWN CALDWELL, JR. IAF BENJAMIN PUTNAM CALHOUN PAUL H. CALVIN DOUGLAS ARTHUR CAMERON JOHN RANDOLPH CAMERON RAYMOND A. CARLSON DARREL P. CARNELL JOSEPH MICHAEL CARUSO WILLIAM HAYWOOD CATES ROBERT GENE CHAILLE HERBERT L. CHAPMAN THOMAS EDWIN CHASON JIM CHILES JOHN S. CHOWNING ROBERT WHITE CHISSEL JACK CLARK SPURGEON WILLIAM CLARK, JAMES CHARLES COBB MAXWELL COBBEY BURTON COHEN WILBERT COHEN JACK C. COLLIE JOHN FRANCIS CONWAY RALPH WILLIAM COOK EDWARD GRIDLEY COOKE JOE L. COPPEDGE, JR. THOMAS F. CORNISH, JR. JACK ROBERT COURSHON ALBERT MORRIS CRABTREE JAMES A. CRAIG DANIEL CRAVITT JOSEPH M. CRENSHAW DeWITT T. CROMARTIE LEWIS WILLIAM CURRIER, JR. PRESTON COY DANIEL, JR. STANFORD JOHNSON DARSEY CHARLES EVANS DAVIS FI KKIJ ZX ZX AX OKT JR. ATA TEID ZX ZAE I'IAl11 SN OAG ATA KA Largo Miami Miami Clearwater Palalka Lakeland SI. Petersburg Live Oak Groveland Ormond Orlando Tallahassee Miami Dover Tallahassee Lakeland New Smyrna Beach SI, Cloud St. Petersburg Greensboro Leesburg Tampa Miami Beach Orlando West' Palm Beach Jacksonville Ft, Lauderdale Sarasota Miami ' Daylcno Beach Miami Beach Jacksonville Jacksonville Miami Sanford Fr. Lauderdale Delray Beach Tampa Quincy Trenton OPHOMOR CAD H. ENDER DAVIS SALVADOR DELGADO W. GAYLE DIAMOND HUGH J. DORSETT JOHNNIE M. DOUGLAS S. ALEX DOWDELL WATSON POLK DRAKE RALPH FRANCIS DUBLER JAMES LEE DUNAWAY, JR. GORDON WAYNE DYKES RAY OMER EDWARDS, JR. DENHAM GIRARDEAU ELY THEODORE A. ERCK ROBERT M. FEINBERG LAURANCE SHIBLES FERNALD HERBERT FRANCIS FETTE STEPHEN BURROWS FICKETT, JR. EDWIN CHESTER FLANAGAN DEAN L. FLEISCHMAN HUGH JACKSON FLOYD LINTON EUGENE FLOYD PHILLIP GEORGE FOCARACCI THOMAS RUSSELL FOSTER MORTON C. FREEDMAN i GEORGE R. FROST LOUIS FUEYO JERRY W. GADDUM TED P. GALATIS JAMES CLOYD GALLATIN OVID R. GANO ALEXANDER M. GARCIA JARRELL OTTIS GAY JESSE EDWARD GEBER MARK HARRINGTON GERMAN DAVID BILLY GIDDENS JOSEPH B. GILMOUR JOHN RICHARD GOELLER JAMES CALVIN GOODWIN, JR. MURRAY GOODMAN THEADORE GOTTFRIED ATA KA BGTI ATS'Z K2 ATA FIKA KZ FIIIO ZAE OAG BGIT AX TE61 IIAGJ Tampa Central Barag Tittisvilla Branford Weirsdale Tampa Ocala Miami Molina St. Petersburg Jacksonville Tallahassee Weirsclale Quincy St. Petersburg Gainesville Orlando Tampa Gainesville Ocala ua, Cuba Jacksonville Beach Miami Charleston, S. C. Miami Beach Miami Tampa Gainesville Ft. Lauderdale St. Claitfl Island Grave Tampa Gainesville Brooklyn, N. Y. Tampa Lakeland Niitley, N. J. Daytona Bcach Gainesville Miami Beach Miami Beach RICHARD WILSON GRAY ROBERT IRVING GREENBERG ALLYN BRUCE GRIFFIN WILLIAM W. GIFFIN EWELL AUBREY GRIFFIS EDWIN W. GUERNSEY ' LUIS GUERRA GERALD GUNDERSEN HENRY GUNDERSEN DAVID OLIVER GUNSON W. P. HADLEY MELVIN HAIMOWITZ GEORGE WILLIAM HALDEMAN HARVEY JAY HALL FRED PETER HANSON, JR. JACK WESLEY HARRIS OTIS EARL HARVEL, JR. JOHN McMlLLAN HAYGOOD WILLIAM IRA HAZLETT, JR. WILLIAM LENOX HEIMER HAROLD EUGENE HENDERSON KELLY HENNESSY LESTER ARTHUR HERSTEDT BEN T. HIGGINS JOHN CAMPBELL HIGGS, JR. BILLY WAYDE HILL CHARLES EDWARD HILLYER, II JACK B. HIPPLER EDWARD LEE HIVELY JOHN ARTHUR HOGE JACK MARTIN HOLLAND THOMAS W. HOLLAND COREY KEITH HOLMES JAMES SAMUEL HOLTON CDKT ATS! ATQ HAO BOTI ATR ZX ZX AX ATQ OAG ZOE X0 IAE EX ATQ 9X NORMAN McDONALD HOPKINS,JR. KA ODDIS LYNN HULL ROWLAND HUNT ALLICK WYLLIE INGLIS, JR. Ben JAMES GARFIELD IRVING THOMAS LAWRIE JACKSON ZAE San Juan, Puer Tallahassee St. Petersburg Anthony Jacksonville Orlando Lima, Peru Jacksonville Be Gainesville Hinson Gainesville Jacksonville Lakeland Gainesville St. Augustine Orlando Delray Beach Gainesville Miami to Rico och Washington, D. C. Wauchula St. Petersburg Daytona Beach Plant City Tampa Jasper Jacksonville Eustis I Frederick, Md. Lakeland Bronson Pensacola Daytona Beach St. Augustine Mulberry La Belle Gainesville Jacksonville Ohio, N. Y. Lake Wales OPHOMOR CADEM JACK KENNEY JENKINS ANTHONY S. JENSEN BEN JOHNSON DANIEL FRANKLIN JOHNSON ZX EDGAR LEO JOHNSON FIKA DONALD FRYE JOHNSTON NAZAR KASPARIAN ALLEN T. KEEL KA WALTER CLYDE KELLY 1I1KT STUART PAGE KEMP BILL KESSEN DAVID BURKE KIBLER, III ATS? CHARLES EUGENE KICKLITER LEON A. KING EN ALFRED A. KLOTZ, JR. ALVIN AUSTIN KNIGHT FRANCIS N. KONDO' SANDERS M. KOTTELMAN Trial DANIEL HOBSON LAIRD, JR. ATQ PHIL LANGFORD IVAN ERNEST LANIER VICTOR PRICE LEAVENGOOD M9 DONALD EUGENE LEE WILLIAM LEVITT LEONARD A. LEWIS HM' SPENCER ROBERT LLOYD HOWARD CHARLES LUCAS CLIFFORD OGLESBY LYLE TERRY LYLE WE MORRIS WILLIAM McCLURE WALTER RAMON McCOOK JAMES McCOOL HERBERT ANSEL McCORMICK RICHARD ZIEMER McDERMOTT WILLIAM JOHNSON McELWAIN,JR. ALBERT ROGERS McFADYEN WILLIE KENNETH McINVALE GX ELLIS JUDSON McLEAN ATA WILLIAM A. McMANUS ATS! ROBERT R. McPHERSON Miami Tallahassee Jacksonville Miami l-lavvthorne Tampa Daytona Beach Tampa St. Petersburg Coral Gables Ft, Lauderdale Lakeland Sarasota Tampa Miami Gainesville Miami Orlando Panama City Tampa Ft, Lauderdale Doctors Inlet Miami Beach Ocala Miami Miami Winter l-laven Bartow Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale Key West Daytcna Beach Fort White Gainesville Tallahassee Sarasota Doctor Phillips Durham, N. C. Tampa Gainesville KIREAKOS KAY MCROYAN MALCOLM JAMES MAGID WILLIAM THOMAS MASHBURN JOHN FREDERICK MELLOR HOWELL W. MELTON PAUL IRWIN METCALF, JR. NEWTON M. METZGER LAWRENCE F. MEYER ALFRED NORRIS MINER JOSEPH KELLY MINTON EDGAR LEE MOLER, JR. HAROLD LAMAR MONK WALTER WARWICK MOORE JOHN HENRY MORRIS, JR. RICHARD F. MORSE ABE MOSCOVITZ HARRY RAHN MOYER, JR. FORREST EARL MYERS WYCKOFF MYERS ALFRED NASRALLAH PAUL J. NATHAN, JR. PAUL EDWARD NEWETT ALLEN B. NEWMAN ROBERT B. NIELAND JAMES DAVID NIXON BROADUS SPEIR NORMAN CHARLES LAWRENCE NULTER O. B. OGLETREE, JR. PHILIP C. OWEN K. DIXON PATIENCE COSTA CHRIS PATRINELY THEODORE WILLIAM PATTERSON SAMUEL LAFAYETTE PAYNE JAMES A. PEACOCK EMMETT C. PEARSON JAMES WILLOUGHBY PENNEL WILLIAM A. PEREZ JOHN DAVIS PERRYMAN HAROLD MORGAN PHILLIPS MAURICE CHARLES PIMM OX KE OX ZX FIKID KZ ATA OKT KIJAO ATS? ATS'2 KI10 Sarasata Miami Gulf I-lammack Ft. Myers Mayo West Palm Beach l-lewtliarne Apalaclw cola Apapka Jacksonville Jacksonville Gainesville Waurilwuila Jacksonville Starke Jacksonville Ft,VVI1ite ' Gravelancl West Palm Beacli Jacksonville Jacksonville Leesburg Sanford Gainesville Panama City Tampa Plant City Gainesville Jacksonville Crescent City Jacksonville Gainesville Milton Bleuntstovvn Sanford Tallahassee Tampa Lecanto Lake Wales Tampa OPHOMOR CADEM EDWARD WEILL PLAUT JACK HORACE PRICE RUDOLPH J. RACKLEY JAMES PERRY RAMSEY, JR. DUDLEY L. REEP GEORGE A. REYNOLDS JoE MURREY RICHARDS JAMES EVERETTE RICHARDSON EARL DYER RICOU JOHN w. RIFE CHARLES EDWIN RIGGS MARVIN T. RIVERS DENNIS EDGAR ROBERTS LAWRENCE BRADY ROE ANDREW FREDERICK ROMANO JEFF ROOKS ALFRED R. ROTH JAMES JOSEPH RUBASH NORMAN RUBIN GAO AFP GX ATA XID ATS2 FIKKD SMITH JOHNSTON RUDASILL, JR. ATS? DANIEL HART RUHL LOUIS SAFER RAYMOND MAURICE SAIGH ROBERT G. SANDERS ' ROBERT MYRIC SANDERS JACK BERNARD SAUNDERS WALTER SCHMID, JR. H. W. SCHRADER' JAMES HENRY SCOTT KENNETH T. SCUDDER MARTIN M. SEGALL ELLIOTT SEGHERMAN CHARLES VERNON SHAFFER FRANK ROBERT SHAW JOSEPH BAYNARD SHEAROUSE,JR. STARKE SHELBY WILLIAM LIDDON SHEPARD FORBES R. SIMPSON DONALD MOYE SIZEMORE EDWIN LEE SMITH ATA I'IAd1 IN IDAG ATQ K2 0I'A Miami Beach Orlando Altha Gainesville Jacksonville West Palm Beach Ft. Myers Miami Stuart Miami West Palm Beach Ft. Meade Worthington Arcadia Ormond Beach Jacksonville Beach Delray Beach St. Andrew Miami Beach Sebring Ft. Myers Jacksonville Miami Charlotte, N. C. Pahokee Miami Bradenton Gainesville Miami San Antonio Miami Miami Melbourne Orlando Orlando Lodington, Mich. Ocala Maitland Miami Reddick MELVILLE STEPHEN SMITH, JR. SYDNEY EDWARD SMITH ROBERT HUGH SNOW NORMAN FRANK SOLOMON CAREY T. SOUTHALL, JR. RICHARD GORDON SOWELL WILLIAM LEONARD SPARKMAN WARREN FRANK SPENCER JOHN P. STEVENS LESLIE ROBERT STEVENS JOHN W. STOKES, JR. JOHN T. STONE ROBERT AXLINE STRATTON JAMES KENNETH STRINGER JAMES DUNN STURROCK ARNOLD WAYNE SULLIVAN EDGAR CECIL SURATT, JR. HENRY FREDERICK SWANSON ROBERT H. SYLVESTER RICHARD LEWIS TAMM CARLIS ANDREW TAYLOR EARLE ABBOTT TAYLOR, JR. FRED F. TERRELL, JR. R. JACK THACHER CALVIN ASHE THOMPSON HUGH NELSON THOMPSON JULIA.N B. THOMPSON JOHNNY M. THOMPSON JAMES E. THORNTON WALTER W. TILGHMAN JOHN BYRON TISDALE WILLIAM LAWRENCE TITUS THOMAS TOMLINSON WILLIAM TOMLINSON RICHARD TOUBY LOUIS L. TRAINA LEE SHACKLEFORD TRIMBLE, JR WILLIAM ANGUS TUCKER LEWIS RAND TWITCHELL JOHN C. UPDIKE ZX AI'P ATQ KA ITKA ATA B9I'I IDKT ZX OAG ZX ATA Z N IX ZX X0 Jacksonville Jacksonville Bradenton Miami Beach Palatka West Palm Beach Dade City Gainesville Jacksonville St. Petersburg Stuart Gainesville Orlando Gainesville West Palm Beach DeFuniak Springs Jacksonville Lake Worth Richfield, Utah Kissimmee Lake Wales Gainesville Tampa Indian Rocks St, Petersburg Gainesville Gretna Tampa I Ft. Myers Palatka Crestville Jacksonville Gainesville Madison Miami Tampa Macon, Ga. Bradenton Miami Lake Wales OPHOMOR ACADEMIC FRANK VALCARCEL LEWIS A. VANDEWALKER FRED L. VIDAL THOMAS STETSON VIDEON, JR. JAMES WILBURN VOYLES GEORGE BEVERLY WALKER, JR. ROBERT L. WALKER WILLIAM A. WALLENDORF HERBERT WEINSTEIN JACK WELLHONER, JR. JOHN THOMAS WELLS FRANK JAMES WENTZ, JR. JORDAN LACY WESTER, JR. FRANCIS EARL WHITE FRED V. WHITE GRAHAM V. WHITE HENRY PAUL WHITE AUGUSTUS FRANCIS WHITESIDE JOHN VOGES WIBLE BYRON BENNETT WILLIAMS, JR. EUGENE LAMAR WILLIAMS, JR. JOHN MERRIWETHER WILLIAMS SAMUEL THOMAS WILLIAMS HORACE STATEN WILSON, JR. JAMES B. WILSON FRED HERBERT WINKLER MAX WOEHLE JOHN ALBERT WOERPEL THOMAS HAMIL WOOD HARRISON W. COVINGTON CHARLES L. EDWARDS BARNEY HAIMOVITZ WILLIAM HENRY LOUISELL LEFFERTS L. MABIE, JR. WALLY ALBERT MUSSALLEM ERWARD PEDRERO, JR. WILLIAM MONROE POPE GEORGE G. STONE RICHARD JOHNSTON TURNER ATQ ZX TIKLD TIAO OA9 SX OAG AT!! ATA I'IKA OAG ZAE ATA Lima, Peru Lakeland Gainesville Gainesville Polk City Columbus, Ga Longwood Coral Gables Jacksonville Conner Miami Jacksonville Lake Wales Orlando Hilliard Crescent City Oak Park Miami Miami Panama City St, Petersburg Waslwington, G Eustis Branson Gainesville Pensacola Delray Beach Clearwater Tallahassee Plant City Plant City Tampa O DeFuniak Springs Lakeland St. Augustine Tampa Canal Paint Atnou, Ala. Tampa 's cc Long 'Maud to Graduation .dw . -HTS! x Hardaker Walks Home Beneath the Blowing Palms Great ls the Beauty of the Blowing Palms qreshmen., J. A. Abbott E. Acree L. S. Acuff FIKA Jacksonville Lake Wales La Crosse J.. R. Adams A. B. Alexander T. T. Alexander Jacksonville Miami HKA Gainesville G. F. Allen D. J. Almengual C. C. Anderson Hastings Tampa ATA Monticello A. K. Andrews D. A. Andrews,Jr. S. R. Appleby West Palm Beach 'DFA Arcadia Cedar Keys R. G. Abric J. Atkinson T. B. Atkinson,Jr. Gainesville Tallahassee IN Jacksonville President Jack Fleming C. E. Ayers W. D. Baggott J. Bain H. W. Baird, lll G. E. Baker EGU Panama City Miami Opalocka Miami Coral Gables J. D. Baker, Jr. W. M. Baker, Jr. R. P. Baldwin W. D. Ballou A. Barash ATQ Ben zx ZN TEID Jacksonville San Mateo Jacksonville Chattahoochee West Palm Beach .H. W. Barber G. G. Bardin, Jr. H. J. Barnhard T. J. Barr W. S. Baskin, Jr. ATS? Middleburg Miami Beach 'NST Anthony Clearwater Ft, Pierce J. L. Bast J. A. Battillo R. Bawer G. B. Bexley J. Baxley Miami Miami Miami Beach Panama City Panama City i' Swami L. Beaty H.C.Beckman,Jr. E. A. Beddard A. J. Beer W. S. Belcher G em Tampa KZ St. Petersburg Miami Beach HGH Stuart St. Petersburg E. M. Alger Eustis R. L. Anderson Miami G. Applegate Minas de Mata- hambre, Cuba F R E s 1-1 M A N E- Bell F. v. sen J. A. ameri J "IND I wxr ZVAE V 0Cksonvllle Homestead lvlnaml G- T. .Bergouist A. Berko, Jr. S. D. Bernbaum P'eVCG Okeechobee TE4' West Palm Beach J- W. Bibb, II E. w. siggefs, Jr. J. H. sara J Ki l oxr Ben GCksonville Sanford Lakeland G- G. Blair, II E. A. Blankenship L. A. Bodden S K2 Longwood BW V lU0fl Jacksonville T- hasnt: A. E. Bond w. J. Booher OAG 50'll0I'd Wouchulo Coral Gables R. D. Bennett J. A. Benton mon zx Greenwood St, Petersburg W. T. Berner, Jr. H. R. Bettmon ' ' TEO Miami , Jacksonville R. C. Bishop H.F.Blackstock,Jr Aucilla Miami R. E. Bolick, Jr. J. R. Boling OAS ATA Miami Tampa H. S. Boyer, Jr. C.C.Braddock,Jr. Tallahassee High Springs ACADEMIC SeCr9l'Or,llN LONG 5-7 fCOSUrCr 1 .- 1 .X H A 1 RE ' f g ' I lf'-'c1CYfJDA ,WEL . lO.SldQ,7 f R. A. Bradley J.W.Brodshow,Jr. W. C. Bronon H. T. Branch Bradenton nm ATQ ZAE Lake City Sanford Miami R. B. Brotzel A. D. Bresler J. T. Bridges H.T.Broodstreet Ft. Ldllcflaerdale Pensacola Jasper Jacksonville E. G. Broch , R. J. 'Brock T. H. Brown W. J. Brown AX ZN ' - - Bridgeport, Conn. Jacksonville Gcmeswlle Jocksonvllle A. Browne, Jr. E. R. Brownell T. J. Brumlik J. C. Bryan :AE Mlflml OKT Gainesville ' Miami Beach Miami geoch R- C- BYYGNJ JF- W. G. Burch, Jr. D. M. Burr H. C. Burress Ja AX C SDGV Om-mdo oral Gables Tampa J. S. Bulbin C. G. Bush W. Byrd Miami Pensacola SAE Miami C. Cabrera E. P. Cain T. W. Cannon,Jr Ponce, Jacksonville Live Oak Puerto Rico J. J. Carpenter A. J. Carrico M. V. Carter DeFuniak Springs Dallas, Tex. Loiglfgnd W. C. Catledge G. F. Catlett, Jr. J. E. Causey Madison BSU Plant City Jacksonville E. C. Chestnut A. L. Chorost J. R. Christie Miami TEO Mount Dora Brooklyn, N. Y. A. Cabrera Miami J. D. Capps Plant City M. S. Cassel mlm Miami R. A. Chazal me Ocala B. J. Cimino Tampa C. G. Clarke H. L. Cochley, Jr. T. L. Coffey, Jr. J. B. Colbert, Jr. W. R. Colson nm Coral Gables W. E. Combs Gainesville R. L. Cooper Jacksonville D. G. Cowen Greensboro OKT , St. Augustine Tampa ZAE Jacksonville Miami D. G. Constantine E. G. Cooke C. J. Cooley R. D. Cooper Pensacola Sarasota Lynn Haven NM' Jacksonville F. B. Cornish J. M. Council H. E. Coverston W. D. Cowan KZ oKT KZ ZAE Jacksonville Miami Bushnell Gainesville S. D. Cowley, Jr. E. H. Cox W. F. Cox R. L. Crogo Tampa Crestview 'DKT IMG, Bonitay Gainesville J. N. Crews N. L. Crowder,Jr. E. R. Currie D. A. Curtis, Jr. B. Daniel, Jr. :AE Ft. Lauderdale KA Lutz Clearwater Coconut Grove Ocala FRESHMAN G. Al0CiiUG Columbus, Ga. GH- P- Dov R. M. Deehl V0f1Cl Island Miami H- S. Deweii A. Dewankienir. OAG xg, Tflmpa Miami W' F- Dliflne T. Dixon ATS? zx West Palm Beach Jacksonville M11 L- Drake J. L. Dra er allahassee P xo Lake Wales ACAD W- Dunsbv, Jr. c. A. Darby, Jr. H. G. Davis S. M. Davis C. H. Dawkins Roifcfd nliw Jacksonville Miami K. DeGroot A. M. DeLoach J. M. Denker wKT Tampa , TF4' Jacksonville Mmm' Beocll N. L. Dudley C. M. Dughi C. Duncan P. F. Duncan R. R. Dickert R. w. Didion R. Hkggrrmar Columbus' GG- Tampa Clmmcm' ioeiffillviiifsr aw Daytona Beach Mlfomi Gainesville E. C. Dunham, Jr. C. A. DuPont, Jr. R. Durden H. J. Durham, Jr P W D n Wwbouglas Jr S E Dowling ' St. Petersburg St, Augustine Nichols Fernandina . . or . . , - - - ATQ QKT Live Oak South Miami TarnD0 D. J. Eanett C. R. Earnest H. S. Ebersole W. G. Ebersole nm Miami xo zx R F D hon P Drummond F V Drury Miami Beach Miami Beach Arcadia . . rau - - - Boriowg St' Petersburg Jaclgfizlhville M. S. Eisenberg A. Elchak M. L. Elliott, Jr. J. D. Ellis TEH' Charleroi, Pa, ZAE Ft. Myers West Palm Beach Tampa C. W. English J. W. Everett T. E. Ewart R. L. Eyman Cordele, Ga. Gainesville AX Tallahassee Jacksonville EMA I C l l l G. J. Falk Panama City H. N. Feinberg TE111 Tampa R. T. Fistere Tampa J. E. Fleisher mam Jacksonville L. E. Fosgate Orlando T. A. Fancher J. E. Farrell R. T. Farrior ' IAE zx ATS? Miami Jacksonville Tampa R. L. Fels J. R. Ferguson R. H. Ferguson Charleroi, Penn, Gainesville UE Clearwater K. W. Fite, Jr. J. W. Fleming W. D. Fleming Am UKA Crestview Sanford Pensacola W. J. Flynn J. H. Ford J. B. Forshee SAE Crescent City Jacksonville Tallahassee M. Frank J. A. Franklin, Jr. C. P. Fredericlis Miami BeaClt A79 AVP Ft. Myers Homestead J. M. F. A. Friedman R. J. Fruin Funderburk, Jr. W. J. Gale Gene Gull UMR Osceola Miami I'l,K'DI Constantine,MiCl1 Miami Miami D. O. Gallentine C. B. Galloway D. H. Gard E. M. Gardener L. W. Garrett Daytona Beach AT9 X0 I Ocala V I QFA V Tampa Miami Mississippi CITY Miss. W. M. Gathright J. F. Gautier J. L. Gay C. W. Geer L. D. Geiger Tampa Crescent City Winter Park ATA Fernandina Tampa P. R. Gibbons L. B. Gibson R. H. Gibson V. Giglio G. M. Gilbert Archer Pensacola Ben Tampa Bronson Lakeland R. F. Gilfillan N. M. Giller D. Gilman J. E. Gladson L.H.Gleichenhaus Jacksonville Miami Beach ATF! Miami Miami Lakeland F RESHMAN .+ G' M- Godwin W. B. Godwin W.R.Gadwin,ll H. H. Goldblatt T. A. Gold Walnut i-ill H Am Teo ZAE I Gstmgs St, Cloud TarnD0 Mloml H- Gomez I A.T.Goodhue,Jr. R. H. Goodwin W. H.GoodIoe,Jr. S. H. Gray Key West Jocksomille KE mm Tallahassee Bushnell Nuptune Beach W' A' Gmllom M. L. Green J. B. Gregory W. K. Griffin J. S. Grimsllei' IAE - zx Panama City . , DAO Dania . Miami Miami Jacksonville J- T. Groover A. Guerra, Jr. M. J. Hahn L. D. Haines, Jr. H. D- H0ldem0'1 Limo pe,-U TEO Jacksonville Osceola ' Palm Beach K2 Boston, GQ, F- M. Hall M. L. Hall, Jr. s. J. Hall, Jr. w. P. Han B. ku. Hom l'lKw Am AX Am Miami Wlnlef Garden Coral Gables Jacksonville Greenwich, Conn. ACADEMIC H. H. Ham, Jr. W. R. Hancock M. J. Hanes J. R. Harlow Port Orange K2 , Gainesville 5 X41 l3FOO'l4SVIll0 Coral Gables J'.S.Harrington,Jr F.M. Harris B. C. Harrison T. D. Harrison 'PKT Am M9 Millville Canal Point Bartow Tallahassee N. W. Hart, Jr. J. B. Harward H. H. Hassell N. Hasty Bartow M9 4 Miami Sanford Jacksonville A. F. Hatton N. M. Hazauri R. P. Heasley G. W. Heath, Jr. Gainesville Jacksonville Orlando ZX West Palm Beach C. W. Helzer F. D. Helvenstan D.M.Hendon,Jr. F. H. Hendrix Orlando Live Oak NE h Winter Haven Plant City T. H. W. M. Hull R. P. Hunt E. H. Hurlebaus J.C.Huskisson,Jr. Hutchinson, Jr Miami Gainesville ATS! Tampa B95 Clearwater Lakeland l C. S. Hyers W. O. Jaeger J. N. Jackson W. A. Jackson W. R. Jackson ' . Ft. Lauderdale Miami ZX I Daytona Beach West Palm Beach Miami P. C. Herndon P. G. Herndon W.A.Hickman,Jr. J. T. Hicks ATA l'lKA Oflqndg OAG Fl-JVJYGVS B"'3de"ll0Vl O"l0Vld0 E. James J.C.Jenkins,Jr. A.B.Jennings,Jr. M. M. Jetton N. L. Joel TQ-,mpc 'mel Ocala ATQ mio A Gainesville Tampa Jacksonville H. C. Higgins R. G. Hightower L. J. Hindery H. H. Hipson BQFI U Panama City AVP Stuart MIOVTN Delofld B. K. Johns D. L. Johnson E. J. Johnson L. W. Jones T. A. Jones Tampa Tampa EN KA AVP Jacksonville Mulberry Orlando B. M. Hoffenberg R. E. Hofma R. E. Hogue G. Holden, Jr. Jacksonville Tallahassee West Palm Beach Jacksonville T. H. Jordan J. D. Keating J. C. Keegan F. C. Kelley L. J. Kempf Eustis AT9 ZX Plant City IN Orlando Jacksonville Lakeland R. O. Holton, Jr. N. M. Hopkins F. D. Howard, Jr. R. T. Howard St. Augustine Lakeland Leesburg AX Lakeland A. C. Howell R. C. Hubsch J. D. Huddleston G. A. Huff SAE Miami Beach Ocklawaha Jacksonville Tampa FRESHMAN W- K. Kendrick c. Kennedy c. J. Kicklighter H. E. Kiipnnank c. J. King Tgfnim DeFuniak Springs Jacksonville Palwokce Ft- Loigerdole R- H. Kino W. D. King W. J. Knauer, Jr. J. M. Koenig M. Korengold ZX COCONUT Grove SAE Miami Miami Beach i Jacksonville Jacksonville H. Lee, Jr. J. E. Lee J. G. Lee I. A. Leibson I L. Kofok G. N. Kowkobony A. M. Kraft G. S. Kramer W. H. Krarnes,Jr. Scxggrd Miami Jacksonville Miami Beach Blldgelon, N. J. Jacksonville Miami Beach LeeslJurQ Mmm' P- S- Kronen R A Lampe J B Landfield J. F. Lane B' S. Langston E, A. Lembeck, Il S. L. Lett, Jr. H. 5. Levin W. D. Lide, Jr. nw - ' - -W T Molone NewSrnvrnaBeacl1 Fr. Meade Jacksonville Jacksonville Samford Si. Petersburg Miami GYNDG A. J. Lindsey, Jr. O. D. Link A. C. Lisk J. E. Lockwood 'DVA I Ft, Lauderdale Fr. McCoy Jacksonville Jacksonville 5- Lanier W. B. Lanier, Jr. Ol.E.Lannom,Jr. E. H. Lavine H. W. Leavengood mm ATQ Ben nhliw V Ocala JOCksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Mlaml H. E. Long W. S. Loucks R. Worrell D. S. Lowe AVP Orlando 20,5 Kev West Chulaola Ft. Pierce W. E. Lucas D. R. Lynn H.T.McAIIister,Jr R. F. McCandless Jacksonville Gainesville Miami Nor1hBergen,N.J. ACADE MIC J. A. McClenny W.W.McCormick K. L. McCroan R. H. McCullen Jacksonville W. M. McCutcheon nKA Winter Haven J. W. McEaddy Miami D. M. McKee West Palm Beach S. B. McMillan KA Quincy Ft. White Palmetto L. McDonald R. G. McDonell X0 High Springs Sebring T. McEIyea A. L. McGlaun,Jr. Webster Cocoa McLeod, Jr. C.R.McMoster,Jr. Wauchula ATS2 Tampa L. McMullen P.R.McMullen,Jr. Largo St. Augustine on New Bern, N. C. C. S. Mc Dowell Auburndale H. F. McGuire Plant City J. J. McMillan ex Mulot J. M. McNamee Bartow L. A. Maiden, Jr. J. M. Mallory S. R. Marco W. M. Margol J. P. Marsh Barre, Vt. Miami Jacksonville FIND U Miami Jacksonville D. Martin L. W. Martin, Jr. B. M. Mason R. G. Mason G. B. Massey, Jr 'MSA Sebring EAE ZN D Lakeland Gainesville Jacksonville Jacksonville N.Mastrogianokis L. Motassini L. Mayhue, Jr. W. B. Meharg D. S. Melluish Jacksonville Tampa Ft. Lauderdale ATS? Tampa Lakeland L. E. Merlin S. J. Merrill M. Meyer F. Miles W. D. Miley V FIM' Palatka Lake Placid Jacksonville Lithia Miami Beach H. W. Miller J. C. Miller R. N. Miller J. R. Mills, Jr. W. K. Mills XID l'lK0 LQ Belle OKT FIKA Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Pensacola RESHMAN W- Winter Garden H- C. Mitchell' Sebring W- Vk Moore 2 Wauchula G- L- Moss Miami E- J. M it Lake Y N. L. Minear I. J. Minenberg B. S. Minor R. H. Minor KE TEO Miami Jacksonville Jupiter Miami Beach W. J. Mitchell W. H. Moncrief E. W. Moore W. F. Moore, Jr. Greenwood Ft. Myers 'DVA LC1l4G CNY St. Petersburg L. A. Nunez del Prado M.. Morgan R. J. Morris R. K. Morrow J. Mortellaro La Paz, Bolivia Quincy ATS2 Clewiston Tampa Leesburg R. F. O'Donoghue EN J. M. Mowat T. J. Mullis C. Mussallem, Jr. E. G. Mussallem Jqgkgonville Lynn Haven Panokee Jacksonville St. AUQUSW9 B. O'NeaI R. D, Murray R. E. Myers D. E. Newton R. C. Nobles DI KEB h . . Ban KA eray eac Mmm' Tampa Jacksonville Pensacola ACADEMIC R. L. Overman mKT Pensacola J. E. Palmer Jacksonville J. E. Nunn E. J. O'Conell E. L. Odom Jennings Titusville Jasper E. M..Ohi, Jr. E. L. Oliver T. C. Oliver Miami Tampa Palatka H.L.O'ppenborn,Jr H. L. Orwig B. S. Outlaw, J X112 A wKT Panama City Miami Waucliula R. Ovide S. W. Owen H. E. Palmer Key West Tallahassee Daytona Beach C. G. Parker R. E. Parnelle D. W. Parrish St. Petersburg Ocala Lakeland M. Price, Jr. C. P. Price J. D. Price J. L. Price, Jr. W. F. Price 2 E M' ' nko me K W Tagwpa loml Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville ey est W. G. Price W. A. Prior W. B. Protz L. K. Puckett G. B. Pyle . Ocala Lake Coma New Ycllfi' N' Y. Floral Cnty Hollywood J. W. Paschal, Jr. F. A. Povese A. J. Peacock, Jr. H. B. Pearl yockigiville A Fl MYEP p,G,ff'2i.y MiO,f,f'DBe,,Ch L. Raoul, Jr. J. T. Randle c. w. Rauiefson F. M. Read, Jr. R. E. Reif Sarasota Jacksonville Okeechobee K2 V 'BKT Jacksonville Wauchula W. B. Pemberton W. G. Peeples W. H. Peeples C. W. Perez Tgfnepc loclqscnvllle Moore l-loven Key Wegl J. M. Reynolds,Jr. R. M. Reynolds W. E. Reynolds H. M. Richards J, K. Richards,Jr Crescent City Mulberry ATS? BSU Tampa St. Petersburg Lakeland H. Phillips W. C. Phillips H. W. Phipps J. M. Pierce Roselle' Nt J- Omdo Tofffpo Sl- Pe'e'SbU'Q J. A. Richey G. s. Riddoch J. s. Rilling R. J. Ritter w. N. Rivers Leesburg Ki Clearwater AXA , ATS? Palm Beach Mlami Bradenton L. F. Pierce A. K. Pike J. E. Pinholster J. D. Plummer Marianna 4 X0 AFP KZ Clinton Corners, Dade West Palm Beach N. Y. T. A. Polatty I. Pollack S. B. Pound, Jr. M. N. Prew Daytona Beach Miami Beach Jacksonville Sarasota FRESHMAN C- A- Robbins Ocala C- R. Rosier l-acoachee R- T. Ryan EN JGCksonville T- W. Schaub Tampa A' N- Serros time Orlando CA J. H. Robbins one Tampa J. C. Rosser one St. Augustine J. R. Roche W. D. Rooks M. L. Rosen SAE Banifay Q UM' Miami M:ami Beach L. A. Rubenstein A. H. Rubin L. J. Ryan nnw rlltfb Jacksonville Miami Ft. Pierce E. H. Ryder, Jr. F. A. -Salk J. A. Savarese,Jr. C. E.Schaeffer,Jr. UKA West Palm Beach SAE Leesburg Miami TGVUD0 G. J. Schenkel W. P. Schilling N. F. Schuh, Jr. W. S. Scott AX :AE SAE I ZX Jacksonville Miami Miami West' Palm Beach J. F. Sever J. M. Severson D. Shaffer R. A. Shoshy Clearwater Miami X0 JC1Cl1S'3l'lV'll9 DEM Hialeah I C J. W. Shedrick W. L. Shouse J. D. Shubin A. R. Shuman Sarasota Sturgis, Ky. TEO OKT V West Palm Beach Jacksonville B. T. Shuman C. L. Shuman H. Sibthorpe, Jr. G. A. Sier, Jr. BSU ATA Miami Bayside, N. Y. Coral Gables Monticello G. B. Simmons E. G. Simon R. Z. Simon W. J. Sinot GX I WE 205 West Palm Beach Gainesville Delray Beach Delray Beach R. W. Skiff E. R. Smith E. P. Smith J. F. Smith EAS St: Petersburg Tampa UE Eustis Ft, Myers J. L. Smith L. C. Smith L. F. Smith L. J. Smith, Jr. Daytona Beach OAG ex EAE Gainesville Starke Tallahassee W. M. Taylor W. J. Terry O. Tetenbaum L Teuton R M Tharln Sarasota Ft. White Oljliggdo Ocala Duinltalijm x J. B. Thigpen A. M. Thomas D. F. Thomas P M Thomas R W Thomas ' - WKT. Cocoa ATS? 'BKT DeFuniak Springs Apalachicolo St. Petersburg Daytona Beach M. M. Smith V R. Smith E. I. Somberg D. W. Spaulding Tampa AXA TAE4' I Jacksonville ' lmvemcss Miami T. A. Thomas D. T. Thompson H. C. Thompson T F Thompson B T Thorpe FKA, Webster IRE St Petersburg Miami Gainesville Daytona Beach M. D. Spooner R. B. Springer W. T. Stafford C. H. Steffani Pahokee Hollywood Marianna 'UKT HOme5le0d L. F. Tift W. M. Toomer W. H. Towers H Trafficante TSTranthamII Miami 069 4 ZX I Tampa Lakeland St. Augustine Jacksonville J. H. Stephens W. D. Stephens W. M. Stokes F. S. Stribling Babson Park Milton Harold Tampa R. H. Traurig W. F. Trawick J. M. Truluck J H Turbevllle W S Turnbull mio :Me ATSZ Lakeland ZAE Miami Tallahassee Sanford Daytona Beach H. L. Strickland H.R.Stringfellow J. H. Stroud E. A. Strunk, Ill AXA KA OKT Key Vlfegf Inverness Gainesville Jacksonville R. M. Sturrup R. V. Sweat G. Taormina W. R. Tappan Miami Palatka Tampa DeFuniak Springs FRESH AN E. H. T Arcodtgner B' S- Varn ATA Fl- Meade T' G- Vickery l'lK0 il-Ollalwasgee W. E. W ld' Mlqm? In L. wan' h NllOmi H. S. D. Turner D. A. Umbreit VonLandingham D.VanWagenen l. Parrish St. Augustine Greensboro Grocnccfvigprmgg M. J. Velez S. G. Venning H. D. Venters L. Vickers, Jr. Limo, peru Me Tampa Douglas, Ga, Miami D. E. Voorhees H. M. Wadsworth J.R.Wadsworth,Jr. J. A. Wagner AVP Miami Beach Tampa TGWWDO Pensacola D. R. Walker E. L. Walker K. J. Walker, Jr. M. D. Walker :or-: Palatka Tampfl l-l0Yd T. Ft. Pierce R. Wang W. K. Ward J. P. Watson M. L. Weaver Ormond K2 ATA KZ Dade City Tampa Boynton Beach ACADEMIC W. J. Weaver M. G. Weatherly J.M.Weeks,Jr. La Belle Crestview Brooksville C. E. Weinstein G. B. Welitskin J. R. Wells TEID Miami Beach IRE Miami Beach Daytona Beach M. P. Wexler P. S. Wexler S. L. Whalley Jacksonville Miami Miami Beach T. A. Whipple F. C. Whitaker L.D.Whitehead Eustis Tampa Jacksonville G. L. Whitman A. R. Williams,Jr. E. C. Williams Henderson, Ky. HKA Weirsdale Pensacola Bill Weimer Clearwater G. H. West Jacksonville G. Wheeler zx Jacksonville L. Whitehurst, Jr. Brooksville J. E. Williams, Jr xx Tampa R J. B. Williams Miami J. G. Williams St. Petersburg B. L. Winegeart Jacksonville B. H. Wise Gainesville W. R. Wood Miami T. W. Wooten aan Lakeland G. Xanthos AX l-lol lvvvood R. M. Yacobian Orlando L. R. Young ZAE Daytona Beach R. P. Youngblood Tampa H. T. Zumholte G. W. Chenkin ' ' TEID Mmm' Zephyrhills L. E. Williams xo Cleveland Heights Ohio C. D. Wilson Miami B. H. Wohl mio Miami L. H. Wolf nlim Lakeland V P. B. Worley Tampa W. H. Wynn we Tampa J. Yaeger ZAE Tallahassee J. S. Young om Jacksonville M. E. Zipprer Lake Wales C. H. Zirnstein Ft. Lauderdale ESHMAN ACADEMIC f The time has come the student said To talk of many things. Of books and girls and cigarettes, And airplanes and wings Of swing and sway, of sports and art, Philosophy and love, As the radio plays unnoticed on And the blue smoke curls above. Of football players and sleepless nights Of politics and war, Of week-end trips and drunken plights, Fraternities and law. Thus in that room that night we sat Till the clock struck well past three, And in between our joke: and tales Unfolded our lives to be. And night, after night, after night, after night As the college year flew by, As youth to youth we smoked and talked Ofd memories that never ze. Now this was many a year ago ln l943 When there went a boy that you may know To the University. Ah, take this book and some far time When you've nothing else to do, Observe its pages carefully For the boy that went was you. I Wal Qeatmes Tie? we. "nm So This ls Florida Men 'vu 41 LM. Better Get a Size too Large to Allow for Shrinkoge Even Your Mother Won't RecognizeThis Introducing-the General College '.. li Suites hmcm Cyfeycla A man's first week at college carries a thrill which he will never target or ever quite ex- perience again. The agonizing rites ot his actual registration, the decorating of his new room, the introduction to his newly acquired neighbors, and the eager assumption ot his new station in lite--College lvlanl--i 1 are brave adventures for many a home spun youngster. This year 700 neophytes sat anxiously in the University's great auditorium awaiting what tate might bring for the uncertain col- ln the Student Forum Frosh Are To of Extra-Curricula Activities Brown Explains Student Government The SAE's Entice With a Scrap Book- Look At All the Swell Fellows 'ls ,f Q, a ing for cc week lege career they were just beginning, They YVGVG assured by the Administration ot the Increased wartime value at a college educa- l'0Vl Gad promised on all sides ot the draft l3oard's consideration tor a college man. MQW entered the hair and head-splitting whirl ot fraternity rushing and over 450 he- mme Dladges. For others came the desperate lml3OVTanCe ot getting a job, any job, Who Could know that by June over halt ot lliem would be in the service, C . ongratulationg, We Are Certainly Glad to Have You Hmm Is the ERC Y 6' 'wrt .1 gg ,F 9 --f A 4, um WM, Mm Q Your Best Chance So This Is Florida- Onc Week Later Nl , Climax of Freshman Neek-Meeting Both Presidents Registration - Gad What an Ordeal That Was Bringing Home FIorida's Most Cherished Tradition mmmmm . . Must Be Heart Murmurs. K L gf- less. 'with Cgiall Gomes qootlaall . . . ILL Hyun! and 'lcijtith Cgootlmll Qomw Kappa Kappa Sigh in ragtime Gatom prepare lor Sinlqvyieh slaughter . A . Cirrrrrrri' A , , aftermath , , , 75-O lelt to right' Tomrny Dorsey, Harry James, Will Bradley and Charlie liarnet' , A Glenn Miller anal his plumlJer'fa lriencl leael Who was that guy Siiikwieh anyway? Students assist in Salvation Army drive . A , lvlississippi Game next day is incidental. Mil, They're just lcicldin' about' Slnlcvvieh. They knew he was a swell lellow. Love in bloom, Please nole lho had lhe young lady is holclina, Lend-lease and lhe University. See the majoretles? ' The Galor Band, llghling il' oat' among themselves. The freshman in the center blames il all on Flunkenslein. Ollege Gapers, yea CZ5'eam! Tolly orrivol for lost' week- end, December, 1942 Osborne fioll one? ond vocolist -I 'fly Aooooooooooooob Modern meons One horse, sooooooy WMU'-f IFC sponsors, 631.75 per? F Club monopoly Pusbin' olong Mclrionrwc Friends Cgall Qwolics Break? No? Cow Cow Boogie Time out As 0 Bacchus sees it Q I ilitam j - Y gs E, . ,. xr ,pw ', V.-s... lf' V 1 -if ' .- -y '5 , 4' . . X . -0 -. I J ' s. 4 Q Ja N r f I3 ? ' ve, f ff e fri' 4 , if l ME , ' affix wi' 3 ww A , 'I ,h gh fl KY 'ssh x A , 0 4 N. "5. 1 , ...- . , Eyes Right! .nn 7 r- M'-1 .X ., 1 b QM , ' ' " " Q 1 fl. 1 . N' fo ieazz . Honor stoodcnt Classy chassis those A bass and a back9"0""'d Hanging in doubt for weeks because of the im- mlnence of more uniforms Un the campus, the last of last bi 9 weekends lwith all due respects to the holders of numerous final blasts and blows! was staged during Mc"Cl1- Tommy Rcynold's Band 90f thc nod and it turned on the heat far three dllnces and a concert for he PS- Cadet officers showed off ' their bars and bags, while others maintained the strictest of military bearing lhmughout the weekend. LT? Order ofthe night . . . "Pin 'em up and kiss 'em." Pipe Dreams Blue Danube Chirp I . ww LA vp, X X 4 f wt-:wif 'I -M av ., 0 . . - ' " :,. .1 ,L 4, ., . 1., gf ,-'jf 155. ff iii? 1 5 5-:L 1:,1125:E2k2:E:2gE:1.125ggi1' ' 1,15 ' ' ' 1 .Q ,-,,-' W s fab 5, X 1 m - D, r ' FT- Q-. xg ,.f frm Q im R "L s If 2. '- " 09' eb A P, .AN mt , sig' " . ,VI I ffy . f I , 4' Rik ,, 1 ' au Q I "YWc,f'5km3" , , X 'Q' wk . Q X ci W alum ' N . .fyg . if l ' ,Li -.ffv K 1. Ml 4 'Ns 55' A!'.IJQ-s x W' ,, E N Ni 4,-,A , ., W, WJ! 1 li .X M4 fu 9 ak Y .. ' E .3 54 D 1, 4 .65 X Q 5 VU if W JE, '92, .Q if I I 4 4 H N' I 953 A , 4 M If' K? I if--f -f sf - Fix l Il l x. 7 UI it 4,.,.,, 'twig - i D. L-.,, i. . , Late at Night After a Hard Session With the Books lor Withoutl the Any Fraternity Freshman Remembers Lawn Parties Men from Mortgage Row Grab a Snack at the Piggie Park Kappa Sigs Are Mowing for Military Ball - it - -f,..l,.,, .. , , , I. ' K - , - Wm' L. 'f ,, Vi 66 Tfhef Much of Fraternity Life Centers Around the Card Tabll Often the Ruin of Many a Scholastic Career. The5 Delta Chi's Are Playing Bridge y7 'Y reeks Even Fraternity Men Are Not Immune to This Habit Someone Told the Chi Phis Exams Were Coming Let the Party Wax Merrily Who Painted Our Nice White House, Demand lndignant Kappa Sigs, Morning After Below: AGR's Collect Scrap for Defense Hallowe'en. They Found Out Later Qt W . ..5,q,,.,.-4-w--'- ' SPE'5 DUNCC Till Dawn ATO's Basement Is Known to Bc Wet 1:00 O'cIock in the Phi Delt Living Room ye!-rllff gl national social fraternities played a greater role in student lite. this roomflg as the dorms and cafeteria went to the army the trot house andldining Studs Ffgame more and more a necessity. Against theodds at a last dwindling their 'W I Qdy andrinereased cast at laying the traternities had to light hard tor Gnd existence. 320 men tlargest number in historyl were pledged in the 'lall Com Tore men than eyer initiated, With the dissolving of the IVFC in May they th D eted an excellent year and all laid plans tor carrying on in some manner 'OUQhout the war. brhlilfhat fraternities offer to the individual and the student body inclades the CGm9'mQ Ont at a bashtul l3oy's personality, the leading. and organizing at HV, DUS social lite, and an education and incite into men which comes from close 'DQ OVlCl Working together in the fraternity manner. F ,QL Ever Sec a Jungle Jump? Thcn Drink This The Inner Man-Greek Meets Greek at L'Apache Function Pikes Gct Ship Wrccked in Their Own House lllltf' i .Q Lit' '1R7,f -MEP '1 ki- it Wake Up Cobb-You'rc in the College of Engineering Dormitory Frosh Are Given a Warm Welcome By Their Upper Class Section Members The CI Was Seldom Like This Waiting for Vitamins l l S X Recreation in the Union-Behind the 8 Ball The Great Migration l What No Radio? I Colrom the 'Dorms Dormitory lite consisted mostly at mov- ing, The strange race ot nomads who oc- cupied the Dorms began their migration tram Murphree l-lall in early tall as the OCS moved in and continued it from Fletcher as more and more soldiers arrived until finally in March with the coming ot the Air Corps they left the dorms cam- pletely and took refuge in the nearby "swamps," Yet while occupied by students the dormitory section is to its inmates as the trat house is to the greeks. Sections have monitors, social and in- tramural chairmen, and the members play, work, and live together generally in close harmony. A boy's best triend tor the next tour years may be decided by vvho he hap- pens to roam by or with in the dormitories. rlllll illfl , , I ff Even in the Swamps This Moy Continue Late Into the Night Keep Your Eye on That Book Palmer All the Comforts of Home Including A Nice Wood Stove to Start Mrs. Jones Makes Such Good Corn Bread 1 Anywhere other than the dormitories and fraternity houses LS known to Florida students as the "swamps" and here over 50W ot the student body lives in boarding houses and apart- ments, Swamp lite though perhaps not quite as collegiate as that in the dorms and frat houses usually otters a more home l'lfff Gtmosphere. lt is notable that a boy living out here may OCCUDY Guy thing from a luxurious apartment to a trailer in U vacant lot, C60 the ,Swamps Nothing Can Stop the The OCS Arrives-Notice the Former Topkick on the Left Army Air Corps f In F354-fy .i -, if l PFP ls One Class We Will Never Forget Opp Takes a Wife Funny What They Will Find to Use the Stadium for Glasses . .. . i s A gxfh , :,r'3,3 " Progress Tests General College Students Nightmare Laboratory Classes Are Common in the College My Rail Weighs 49 Grams Complains Eddings. of Engineering. ln the Hydraulic Lab Civils Sigma Tau Initiation Requirement is 45 Grami Study the Flow of Water Over Wiers ll Hawkshaw Tells the Architects How to Design the Building But They Don't Believe Him The Serving of Food in This Ag Must Be q C.6 Lecture Class Does Not Frequently Happen 1 'f . A " f'F'531frF'f1 if if Scabbard and Blade Inifiates With Paddles and Giubs All Present and Accounted for Sir-Except Our Pants Here are just a few of the myriad of honorary and profes- sional clubs and societies which lnockom fha students of all COHGQGS offering Iqcys, shmglas, meetings, initiations, fees, socials, and banquets. ,J I ,ff Mg, W A inf ,I if' ' - S P mg! O L05 H660 . eff WS T19 Pharmacist Frolic Air Corps Boys Chase Block and BridIe's Greased Pigs . J 4 fl , , -1 fm" ' QU Q in .-.J agx,'+ J.. J -x 1., Q ', 9' . , I '.' 1 L U A 'P rs Y' V54 J 'i M i "N R New-if vw, T14-Ffa: N n TSN' L 1 no NCT PARK BICYCLS n IN COURTOR ARCHES -,ffl - : i. , -- '- ' ' -1. , n 1 N Ju Q. V sg,..V,g-V ' 1 ilzifg . The Campus ls Going to the Dogs l0:O0 At the Post Office When the Air Corps This Sign Was Removed in 24 Hours by Order of the C-3 Department. Wonder Why? Templeton Leads the Hep-cats Students Enjoyed Thibault's Voice Going to the Show, Though Off Campus, ls Integral Part of Every Student's Life ls Calling-Yeah, I Got Mine, Did You? Hitch-hiking Becomes a More Leisurely Occu pation. At Least We Eat .yflround they Gampus Many are the strange, interesting and humorous happenings which help break the routine of everyday campus life. The tweeeet of G mon's shrill whistle, the ring- ing of the bells, between classes, the odor of the Chemistry building are just infallible ports of a Florida day but occasionally something new hits the campus. Those Week-end Trips to Luke City to Fight Forest Fires Got to Be a Habit Qor CGTIOSG who Work 9 O O X Prexy Carry and Vice-prexy Brown Help Out in Cafe- teria Labor Shortage r Statistics show approximately three-tourths ot the student body at the University ot Florida work their way wholly or partially through College. The radio station, cafeteria, union soda fountain, maintenance and athletic departments, telephone exchange, oft campus boarding Dlaces and professors after jobs to needy students. This Year with more money in circulation and less students around the labor problem favored employees rather than Gmployers, Here's Something Nice in Size 44 Napoleon-a Working Student Relaxes The Union Opens a Cafeteria Uni-versi-ty Futurc KP's for the Army Engineerslcdlield Ta ,Ann johnson . S' Boll sidenk ueen ol' Edngggeegigmu Tau We ls C'0W"e Jam Duncan Doy of reloxotion tor engineering students ond professors is engineers' field doy with othletic com- petition between deportments, plenty ot food, ond o boll ot night. This yeor the chemicols coptured the coveted cup from the civils tor the tirst time in yeors. Backstroking for Points Carl Bryon Elected Next Year's President of BEC It's in the Bag They're Off COW COLLEGE RODEO Ride 'em and Rope 'em .,,.. . - ,A,..,i,.. . 'Wu f By JOl-lN ROBERT POWERS 247 Pork Avenue New York City '-fBeaut Section., ,f-v iz, Y! . i l 4 ll, 'xx 5' E i .l l lt s l l l i Mr. Billy lvlohoneyf-f-Edit'or Seminole: It wes e greet pleasure to iudge your beouty contest for the l9Al3 Seminole. 'P' I wish to fongrutulote every eondidote in this contest end to tell you thot choosing nineteen winners was on exceedingly difficult toskl lt would hove been for eosier hocl l seen severol photngrephs of eoch ol the girls, together with some Condid shots' , ond I could hove been o better judge ol the personalities involved if I hed been oble rv. to meet ond tolk with the contestants. ' The w:nners were selertecl for their opperent olertnegs' intelligence, end innqte ehorm, os well es tor their leoturc-s ond the contours of their feces, Glamour per se does not interest me ond my eclmiretion for the Neturol Girl hos, of course, been the mean criterion in the iudg:ng ol this contest. With hest wishes to ell the contestonts, to the students of the University of Florida, ond the stoll of the l945 Seminoleg l om, Sincerely yours, JOHN ROBERT POWERS. N. wi Fe?- . .',,, .L -2523 I '4 1 1 V V N 4 HJ JA ,ia Mildred Woodberry ginio Gregory Sore Von Dohm Gretchen Kolqomoor Dome Cochran jf' Pot Homem Anite Thompson Nancy Jenkins Mo ry Ellen Coson lvecnne Holi ' fig' M155 ,X , ., 'V A MW 'fix-Q" 2+ . ' , fx Afwv' VM, .- ' levi , x. rv, ,iwbw , , ' .- 2' gg? f wgi, fi iii W W: fl- , .,3Sxsg,,nk 1.4 - M, -, If .W-f,u,g:-'+.,g,Q - Q. -' ,, V L. f . 5 i mg: Y A w r 222+ 5 gjpfwi-gf -. a n A ,gi Q Hx., , , ,A A .x w p 7 - K J ' V iii? 9, fvfg- 5 ' A W ,ega'+4,:5z2 f x LJ, "im, 5 X .fx-A u ,yi -f 5 qi' wf fm ,f.z, 'A X S , ,W:,,?.'j' 1 VJ, ,,v, z5a :- K- , ,W ' Tillie Von Brunt ll l-lelen Consforwtme Xl Mary Riggins Mary Alice Hampton Jean Knapp Nell McNeil I wr a N W V -. NN sl, 'NN , Mary Alsobrook 5 Jean Dunlop Wall Uf ga WLC 1 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE OFFICE 07 'fur new or s1-unsure Dee.r Bill: I March 29 1943 We present the 194-2-43 nominations tor the 'Hall of Fame' section or the Snurnorn under peculiar circumstances. Some ot the nominees for this year have already reported and are now in training camps preparing for made their contribution to the student life sent many phases of student extra-curricular The call to the colors has reduce September 1942 to less than one third oi' its high caliber of leadership in the student bo Our nominations are as follows: A. Z. "Jerry" Brown King H. Caddoo A. -T. Cone, Jr. William W. Coz-ry Philip B. Craig W. Hamilton Hayes Homer E. Hooks Peyton T. Jordan, -Tr. In making these nominations we Im been named who are eligible for this honor. that all or those named for the 'Hall of Fam honor. With very best wishes, I am Mr. William H. Mahoney, Editor, SBMINOLE, Campus. tor duty in the Service combat duty. They have on the campus and repre- activities. d the student body since no-mel Size, however, the dy has been maintained. Raymer F. Maguire, Ir. William H. Mahoney John E. Morris, Jr. Ray H. Pearson Daniel A. Roberts Robert L. Weadock J. H. Williams, .Tr ow that some men have not We are confident, however e" this year deserve this Sincerely yours, . c. 'Hmm' Deen of Studs s t,..... RAY PEARSON BILL CORRY Athlete, scholar, gentleman . . . President af the Student Body and "most valuable" of 42-'43's Fighting Gator gridders , . . a natural leader and a man's man, Chancellor of the I-lonor Court . , . a mature Consciousness of ideals, coupled with vigorous and refreshing enthusiasm . . . "with justice for all." RAYMER MAGLHRE Advertising mogul of this hook . , . aggressive efficiency and a zeal for Getting Things Done , , . his competence is made easy with a salty wit. Wall 0 1-:Qi DAN ROBERTS PI-llLl.lP CRAIG A man of honest Convictions and daggedly A man whom no one called enemy . . . sincere purpose , . . holder af numerous high all-around athlete, loyal to his fraternity, offices and expert in all . . a friend of all healthy mixture of ideals and practicality who knew him. . . . Alligator Business Manager. n BILL MAHONEY A deceptive shyness hiding excellent mental equipment and hyper-efficiency . . . Seminole editor and source of skilful originality. HAMILTON HAYES Top soldier in a military time . . . ROTC ranking colonel . . , friendly smile . , . magnetic leadership is his claim to success. game HOMER HOOKS ROBERT WEADOCK JOurnalist quick Wiffed ond keen infellis Collector of Chairmanships . , . President Qenqe i 'Edgwf gf the Alligator Phi of the lnterfraternity Conference . , . genial Beta K' i I r i 'fl' f manager of campus social affairs . . , ready ODDS ' ' ' originator as Well GS re ec or wit and cool thinker when the chips are down. of student opinions and ideals. AL CONE ' Dynamic bundle cf efficient energy . Z . persuasive speaker founded on a quick mind and ready wit . , . no jab is too littleg no cbstacle too big. JOHN MORRIS PEYTON JORDAN Organizer supreme . , , barrister cf the walk Never content with less than lOO'Z, truth, his . . S Fort Sill was never like this . . , intelligent "lC'5'VC lC9'C Slomps ll'm, 05 G leader Ol Sw, In the IFC Crm Q t A Competence men . . . dependable choice for any task. galore. Wall of 1 game J. l-l. WILLIAMS Cadet Colonel, Summer School . . . Eager to please, neat and well dressed, well man- nered and gentlemanly at all times, diplo- matic, a smooth and efficient worker. A-1 JERRY BROWN KING QADD00 Pefefinifll D"0lGClC" Ol The U'WCl9V'Cl0Q - - - Genius of production and creator of stage optimistic cheerfulness a torch for followers 59:5 for Flcrido Players Q l , keen Bronx . . . the un-traditional, super-active Vice- humor of powder-dry wit . , , leading ex- President of the Student Body. ponent cf the philosophy of hard work. The Jap charged, wearing a leering, blood-thirsty grin and carrying a long knife with a curved blade. Judg- ing by the monster-like expression on his face, he seemed to have rather drastic and barbaric inten- tions. His objective was an American soldier and he was attacking from behind. lt looked like the end for un- suspecting Johnny Doughboy. But lo and behold! When the Jap came into contact with the khaki-clad Amer- ican, he was instantly thrown to the ground and stabbed with his own knife which had been torn from his hands by the quick ac- tion of the soldier. Who was the powerful American? Was it Superman? No, you are wrong -- it was none other than a former Univer- sity of Florida student who had been through the Gator Physical Fitness Program. This year marked the first winter term Florida has had G Physical Fitness Program and it was designed for an all-out blow at the Axis. Coach Tom Lieb and his staff of coaches turned from building intercollegiate athletic teams to making muscle-men out of Gator Students. The program was Supplemented as it pro- gressed and the end of the semester found PFP men deriving exercise from ob- stacle course runs, work- outs with sand bags and wands, windsprints lPittman runs them on the hands and feetl, and organized games. Many a drop of blood has been sweated from the PFP fields, but strength gained there will help to make many a drop of Axis blood drop on the battlefield. Qltlmletics N....... -.-.- i,,,,,,, vga.-A-.-. . . .' pq . - . .1 ' W. .,,,..,..,xnuv v-J-..v-,..,..Q - -0 M n y. '.,"y 'ffl-4 QV-H54 W Q N- M S' QW'-KK 1 iiiii ' Tl 4 .lr P s ' 1 is , A x , , 1' ,f'2f'!"'-1'-'?1?y',"'fFa:f AR' 53" Hy. m'?!'.f- ' 4 aye, fr U . npfl :M A jug, gf ' L!!!-,6,,N ?r1vtglAkQ,biif,lvBl.tu . ri. . if P-mf '51'-'4"gfl"m'! .vi A mm f' fury., pr! 41 ,jg ,' -wif 4 9 N X ' if if .. ' in nn nfyPfQJQ,QSm!,i?m,'ig,ygf5Pgi'5 iq , . 9 .M,,3gM , . Kia". 5 an K x. ' L.,-.".X?"x 1 ' ' ss W5W3?x?Ai ff ty X f., , wg, ' " , . .- 4 b5,b, 3? M. ,W ilr'g, xl' WY Q hR P ' '-um., d1wmm Hw,V -5' - 5 . . !f"""'W M, ' A ' ' v . hx -A X. I -, A A 1 A -W, y ' 8 IN 7 s HQ 5 is Q k f afwgm fi lm A .1 Q 5:1551-ai 55: W 'Q'-w.f,5 -Q1 1- 3, A... ,mkrggfiix L? C50 War f Shortly after a basketball season Cat' short' by Urther calls from Uncle Sam, intercollegiate 5l90VlS were Cancelled lor the duration. Most' Florida athletes have since joined other Gatormen in the armed torees 'where the 5lGlses are higher and the lighting is done on a l30l't'le lront instead ol on a sports lront. A vic- tw mast' be won over the Axis before further V'ClOries are won in Gator athletie Competition, Athletic Director HDPERCY BEARD addy Long-Legs" -MJ-I' "The Braintrust" Coaches Lieb, Dermody, Pittman and Cherry work on strategy. Main 4 Managers Gholson and Wood 0 , 10,4 S e Lieb shoves grid "knawIedge" into heads of linesmen rid The first war-time football season for the University of Florida, since World War l caused its abandonment for one season back in l9l8, was one scarce in highlights that gridders and fans like to remember, Perhaps the saddest highlight came when Florida was bowled over by the University of Georgia's Rose Bowl bound aggregation by F' a 73 to O score. A highlight Gatormen like to remember is the 6 to O Florida win over a favored Auburn eleven, lt was the Gator's lone triumph over a Southeastern Conference foe, Fullback Bill Corry drove over right guard for the score after accurate passing by right half-back Andy Bracken had put the ball into position. There was one trip during the season the Gators will never forget because of its hard- ships. While en route to Philadelphia for a tussle with Villanova, they were caught in a flood, which they managed to overcome. But the Villanova Wildcats proved too much to conquer andthe Saurians fell i3 to 3. During the '43 season Florida faced some of the leading backs in the nation, On the Georgia team were All-American Frank Sink- wich and Lamar Davis, both as fleet as they come, Mississippi State sported Blondy Black, a passing and running star, Georgia Tech had Clint Castleberry, the freshman sensation of the year. On the Jacksonville Naval Air Station team was a galaxy of stars headed by All-American George McAfee, formerly with Duke and the labovelg but uses finesse on backs lbelowl The charge of the beef brigade-Konetsky, Lee, and Klutka fvfighitgiifsy Chicago Bears, Monk Gafford was a lad the Gators saw too little of in their game with Auburn, l-le was continually getting Gvvay from them. These stars and others gave the Gators a lot of trouble in l943. ln a year that saw the South out- standing in football power, the Saurians not only tound tough going among their Opponents, but also found tough luck trailing them from start to tinish. The Liebmen maintained their fighting Silirit and wound up the season by Qiving mighty Georgia Tech a much Stronger battle than expected, That lOSS, although the sixth in a row, re- mains a highlight because the Florida Qriclders would not say "die" in a dis- astrous season. Tl-IE RECORD Florida 7 Jax, Naval Air Station 20 Florida 45 Randolph Macon .... O Florida 26 Tampa ............ 6 Florida 6 Auburn ....... .. O l:lOVlCla 3 Villanova ....... .. I3 Florida I2 Mississippi State ..... 26 Florida O Maryland ..... .. i3 Florida' O Georgia ..... .. 75 Florida O Miami ........ .. l2 Florida O Georgia Tech .. . .. 20 l:lC1. lO6 Opponents .. .. l92 Double-barrel--Jones pitches with his rightg Bracken throws from Port Arthur Fliers Take Saurians, 2.0-7 .IACKSONVILLE MUNICIPAL STADIUM, Sept. I9 - The University of Florida furnished the local U. S, Naval Air Station football team with surprisingly strong op- position here yesterday, but finally succumbed in their super-heated contest' 20-7. The Fliers were doped to win by almost any score they cared to roll up, but the Gators held their more experienced fces, many of them former All-Americans in college and professional stars, scoreless through first half, Striking swift' at the outset of the third period, the Fliers scored and took a 7-0 lead, but the Gators snapped back to tie it up when Carry plunged over for a touchdown. That was the last gasp on the offense for the Gators, as George McAfee and Co romped to two more quick touchdowns, All of the scoring was in that third period Randolph Trampled 45-0 FLORIDA FIELD, Gainesville, Sept. 26---Flashing a type of offense that hasn't been seen in these parts since the days of the famous "Phantom Four", the University of Florida piled up a 45-0 decision over Randolph-Macon here tonight to balance their tables for their football season, to date. In running up the tally of 45, the Gators really looked good, They ran their plays with o precision that glad- dened the heart of Coach Tom Lieb, and it is needless to soy that they all worked. Tampa Beaten 26-6 TAMPA, Oct. 34-Florida's Gators defeated but did not outclass a determined University of Tampa team here this afternoon before 7,000 fans in a sweltering heat, Two Florida touchdowns came as a result of pecr kicks and a third from a fumble deep in Tampa ter- ritory. The Gators maintained a scoring drive in the thiril quarter when Fullback Bill Carry, a hardvhitting 200- peunder, ripped the Spartan line to shreads. MIMS DUI-IART ,1il.14fi.s ill' Gators Upset Auburn 6-O noiziow FIELD, cciiiesviiic, foci. io-- The University of Florida pulled one out of the football hat here today by turning back a highly favored Auburn eleven 6-O in a thrill-packed vattle. After a scoreless first' half, Auburn came back VOQIHQ on the ground to strike within scoring VGHQC, But the Plainsrncn forgot how they had Denetrated deep in Florida territory and called for a pass Monk Gafford, a good back all "ISIN, threw it and it was intercepted on the Florida 20 hy George Sutherland, who ran it hack lo the '36 And the Gators then opened a drive that wasn't closed until the Auburn goal had been crossed by Bill Corry. Villanova Victory, I3-3 IJFIILADELPFIIA, Oct. I7 After all the hard- Sllllis of floods, which brought' on Northern rail- road delays, the University of Florida lost a heart'- lweakiiig gaine to Clipper Sinitlfs Villanova Wildcats at Shibe Park tonight I3-3. licb llenry, a substitute tackle from Peabody, Mass., kicked a perfect field goal from the I6- yard line rnidway in the second period, but the Gators could not keep step with ViIIanova's hard-hitting backs in the last' period, Al Postus Gnd Ziggy Zarnlynsk scoring touchdowns. State Outlasts Gators ' 26-I 2 FLORIDA FIELD, Gainesville, Oct. 2-fl -'-- Missis- Slillli Stote's large and well balanced football Sftuad lasted longer under the sun here this hot afternoon than did the University of Florida's IUSS heavily manned outfit and took a 26-I2 victory in the Gator's annual I-lomecoming game. IIWC lvlarecns batted out a touchdown in the WCUIMI quarter, hut Florida came back with renewed spirit in the third heat and got a touch' flOWn in a hurry, tying the score 6-6, But' State moved 7I yards for its second iffltliler and the weary Gators lost track of their defensive assignments. Williams makes mud pie a la Villanova, Hill offers skillful helping hand Graham catches pass lbelowl and breaks ankle running across State line Field Generals-Hausenbaur, Latsko, Entzminger, Sut'herland,.MilIer J. Old Liners Win I3-O GRIFFITI-l STADIUM, Washington, Oct. 3l--- A luckloss Florida eleven that spent' all of tho first period and most of the first half in Mary- land territory could neither muster a scoring punch of its own nor stave off the Old Liner's counter thrusts and bowed by a I3-0 margin before 7000 fans today. Maryland went' into the air to gain the victory. Tommy Mont threw a couple ol strikes to Jack Mior and Bob James for the winning touchdowns, scored in the third and fourth periods. Georgia Goes Wild, 75-O JACKSONVILLE MUNICIPAL STADIUM, Nov. 7- -Florida today cast an additional ballot for the University of Georgia as the nation's lead- ing football team. The Georgians forced the vote by rushing, passing and running to a 75-0 win over the University of Florida. It was the most' lopsided score in the history of gridiron relationships be- tween the two schools. The Bulldogs piled up the tally without loo much help from their celebrated backfield star, Fireball Frankie Sinkwich. But' Frankie was around long enough to give convincing evidence of his greatness. Playing only in three quarters, and not going half the way in any ol them, Sink- wich scored twice on the ground and passed for two more touchdowns. He gained 7l yards in I0 rushes and found the receiver on five of nine passes for another ll2 yards. The fans didn't complain because he wasn't sent back in the last quarter. The score was large enough as it was. FARY FIFI DS PRATT WILLIAMS JAMISON Battery mates-Sutherland pitching, Horsey catching. lnfielders Williams and Platt. Ball furnished by Miami. iffy Miami Blanks Florida l2-O l MIAMI, Nov. lfl Floridds Gators tools Il on the Chin again here this f'llCrnoon, the sons ol Liel Dalling before Miami's l-lurricanes as a partisan frovvd at lf5,5fQ8 vcrlled approval in the Offlfigei Bowl Stadium. 1 lt' was the eld, old story. Florida's lille ciouldn'I stop a driving game, and lllC Gators Couldn't score when they Gill the hall down naar the Miami float, The victory gave Miami the H010 College title eq!-wy 'Cf' Nl-Q" g 4 s"F"l" will Georgia Tech stopped. Today's problem: Find the Florida tackler Tech Topples f'XTL.fXlXlT!X, Nov, 2l-A-A surprisingly strong Florida football team battled undefeated Georgia Tech on even terms for one hall here Iodav helore falling lnelore superior man DOWCV 207- The Yellow Jackets started their reserves against the underdog Gators hut' soon realized that wouldn't work at all alter Florida had l-llLl. HENRY IWQRI Liebmen 20-7 dominated play in the opening period and threatened to score on several ofcasions. lt took Teeh's lirst-stringersf-f-and their host- fl to crack a tough Florida defense. Ilard running Fullhack Bill Carry featured Florida's offensive plav. l-le is the hardest runner seen on TeCh's Grant' Field this season, NGI-ON CORRY IIORSEY l qiead BOB BUD p THE SQUAD Al. ARONOVITZ Head Cheerleader BUD PILCHER BOB WEADOCK CYLDE STEVENS BILL BRACKEN left Before Pictures Were Token! D7 ell the Gh68Tl6CLCl6TS iBci5ketl9all IQ43 X The Florida hoopsters opened their '42-'43 season vvith a disastrous trip that saw them lose every contest. They were at a disadvantage because ot the ineligibility of several key players. Coming back strongly on their home court, the Gators racked up seven consecu- tive Wins, two over collegiate opponents and tive over service toes. The Win streak Was snapped by an invasion of paratroopers from Fort' Benning, Georgia, As lar as the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament was concerned, ll' Was "oft again, on again" tor the tournament Atter receiving the green light to lJlC1y in the annual attair, Uncle Sam interterred in the plans of Coach Spurgeon Cherry by calling a large portion ol his squad and left athletic otticials vvith no Glternative but to cancel the tournament entry Eugene Lee Jack Hagar THE TEAM Henry Steger Frank Commander Arthur Stephenson Levant DeWalt Kay Jamison Phil Craig Bill Pemberton Louis Fueyo C, M. Price Harry Platt Arnold Tucker Harry Hancock Harold Bert' ROy Carroll Eddie Hausenbauer Tommy Dixon Robert Ryan David Singer Doyle Carlton Charley Ford Florida Florida Florida. ., .... Florida... .... Florida Florida Florida... .. Florida ..... .... Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida CAGE RECORD Won 8-Lost 7 Alabama ....... . . Alabama ......... . . Mississippi Stale .. .. Mississippi State .. .. Mississippi ...... .. Mississippi ..... .. Local OCS ....... .. Cross City Airman ,.... Fl ainpa .......... . . Tampa ......,..... lilanding lnlantry ..... Naval lnslioro Patrol... Ft Running Poracliiitors lilanding Artillery ..... Hollywood Naval Gunners X f fi ' LT. HUMPHRIES PLANK TWITCHELL BARRETT SGT. CRISWELL SMITH DESNOYERS FOLKS KERR PAGE fIQfle C57eam., Members of the rifle team ofthe past season will make plenty of trouble for l-litler, l-lirohito, and Mussolini be- fore World War ll is brought to a close. They were the best rifleshots in the Uniyersity's ROTC unit this year, and in addition rank among the best in modern history of the sport on the Gatorland campus. ln 30 postal matches only four schools were able to get the best of them. Winning the Fourth Service Command Gallery Rifle competition with a 3703 x 4000 score was the climax of the season. ln this competition the University of Alabama placed second with a 3688 x 4000 score. The win was the first for the Gators in the command area matches since the l938 team turned the trick. A galaxy of fine sharpshooters made up the Florida rifle team. They were led by Captain John Folks and Alternate Captain Elisha Coleman, These two lads tied for the honor of firing the highest score during the season, a 388 x 400, Coleman was winner of the club member's match. l-le also fired the most unusual single position scoree-a 97 x l00 standing while firing in the National Intercollegiate Matches. All members of the team qualified as small bore rifle experts in the army qualification record course. Six qualified as NRA experts and five as NRA sharpshooters. Coached by Lieut. Julian M. Humphries, the team in- cluded Folks, Coleman, Bill Desnoyers, Ray Barrett, Seth Plank, l-larry Lee, Jr,, James Page, Jr., Howard Lucas, Bob Smith, I-lart Stringfellow, Lewis Tritchell, John Wible, Enos Kerr, and Dale Dougherty. Intramurals :mural Staff, left to right, front row: Glasser, Belcher, Wooten, Bassett, Schubin, Stone Margol, Holzer, Holland, Davis, Coach Cherry, Safer, Bookbinder, Student Director Ettingoff 55.4 McDowell To Win the l45- ght for University Lodge eta Theta Pi Horseshoe Singles Champions Wells Fighting Independent Defeats Craig of Phl Delta Theta in the Finals of the 165-pound Weight Bracken of Phi Delta Theta Clinches the l55-pound Weight by Defeating May in the Finals Elorida's popular lntramural System survived its first full war-time year with flying colors de- spite many great difficulties. With the draft and the calling of the reserves taking a heavy toll of intramural participants, the quality of play was not up to standard, but the competitive war-time spirit and wish to win remained. Handicapped from the beginning of the yea r when seven managers failed to return to school, Student Director Nat Ettingoff did a wonderful job with the small group who remained and the few others who joined the intramural staff as assistants. Other aid came from members of varsity teams who generously helped officiate contests in their respective sports. Meanwhile Publicity Director Louis Safer kept the student body informed of the intramural department's functioning with a weekly column in the Alligator giving-the latest intramural dope, First sport participated in by the Fraternity league was horseshoe singles, which was won by Beta Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon took the second sport, horseshoedoubles. Phi Delta Theta then assumed the league lead by capturing three major sports in succession, swimming, boxing, and volleyball. Sigma Alpha Epsilon placed second in the first of these, Sigma Nu was runner-up in boxing, and ATO was the other entry in the volleyball finals. The tournaments in ping pong found Pi Lambda Phi's three-year single hold in this sport broken with ATO wresting the singles crown from the Pilams, and PEP gaining the doubles crown. Phi Delta Theta won its fourth major sport in basketball by defeating ATO in the finals. YMCA, Independent League Horseshoe Winning Team in Boxing Was Singles Winners Phi Delta Theta ,'.I',. ,-xp? h Phi Delt Basketball Champions CLO, Independent Winners ln Touch Football The Phi Delts Also Took Swimming SAE won its second cup ot the year in shuftleboard singles when it. defeated Pi Lambda Phi, and ATO advanced into Second place by winning the doubles tournament in the same DOVL Phi Delta Theta made a clean sweep ot the major sports TOV the tirst semester by trouncing ATO in the finals ot the l0Otball tournament. As the first semester ended the top tour lodges in the Fra- ternity League standings were Phi Delta Theta, ATO, SAE, pl Lambda Phi, and Sigma Nu and TEP tied tor fifth place. ,ATO began the second semester by winning the tennis S"TQlGS tournament. Pi Lambda Phi tightened its hold on laurth place by taking the tennis doubles and handball singles ClWOmpionships in matches with Chi Phi and SAE. aw lI"SlL0lf TEP Ping Pong Doubles Champions Inter-American Section Ping Pong Doubles Champs ucllmqn E Winners of Dormitory Basketball Floridians Were Independent Swimming Winners CLO's Winning Volleyball Team CD N681 ill! l T141 ,i .-I Will! it uw FHM -45-'Q S9119- U nm wumfxnQ -awww! 'WIDWP'-V' 1' ,tis CLO Basketball Champs Buckman C Shuffleboard Winncrs ATO edged closer to the top position by relieving the Pilams of the handball doubles trophy. Track found the Phi Delts increasing their lead on first place and capturing their sixth consecu- tive major sport, followed in the scoring by SAE and ATO ATO defeated Phi Delta Theta in the semi-finals to break the Phi Delts major sport winning streak by overcoming Delta Tau Delta in the finals of the soccer tournament, which was played on the intramural calendar for the first time this year. Diamondball found Phi Delta Theta and ATO struggling desperately for the league champion- ship. Upon this sport will rest the top two positions while SAE has already clinched third place and Pi Lambda Phi has definitely captured fourth place, As this is written the tournament has just begun and it is impossible to name the winner. Interest in the Independent League ran unusually high this year and although only six teams entered the full season, the struggle for the championship provided one of the closest finishes ever witnessed in this league. CLO has been leading all of the year, but it has been followed closely by l-lillel and YMCA. As the league enters its final stage with soccer and diamondball remaining on the calendar, Cl.O still holds first place by seventy-nine points,and Hillel is leading YMCA by eighteen points. Trailing behind the top three are Floridians, Cardinals, and Crane l-lall. Volleyball, football, handball singles and tennis singles were captured by the leaders, while the second place team has taken the ping pong doubles and handball doubles tourneysi YMCA has Phi Delta Theta s Winning Volleyball Team This Team Won Football for Buckman E CLO Boxing Champs Thomas E Horseshoe Doubles Winners V' Flghflng and Splashing Their Way Down the Pool Florida Backstroke Swimmers Give Their All ln Tony Wins Sl-.ufflebgqrd for Crane Hqll Intramural Competition won two cups, horseshoe doubles and tennis doubles. The Cardinals came out on top only in ping pong singles, while the Floridians were winners of swimming. Crane lglall took its lone trophy in the shuffleboard singles con- ests. The Dormitory League was the lone casualty of the season, having to close its season early when members of the armed forces moved into the dormitories. While ll functioned, the league provided a full calendar of 5DOrts for the dorm residents. Sledd C was declared champion of the Dormitory League by virtue of a strong hold that it had on first DlOce at the time of abolishment. Buckman E, was runner-up and Thomas E was awarded third place in the final standings. Swimming, the first sport, was taken by the champions, who also walked away with the boxing tournament. Thomas B captured the ping pong singles tourney, and The Latin-American Section of Fletcher E and F won The doubles crown in the same sport. Buckman C came through in the volleyball tournament Ghd Buckman E won the basketball tournament for the Second consecutive year. Thomas A dominated shuffleboard taking both singles Gnd doubles in this sport, Thomas E was the champion th horseshoe doubles. I And so the intramural system completed its first wor- llme year with a credible record for participation and Gctivity. After thirteen years of existence, Florida's lhiramural Department still ranks among the best in The South. Sledd C Winning Boxing Team ' l Q Buckman C Volleyball Champions . Thomas A Winners in Shulfleboard Doubles nn-- 4 l6'?"' rf: f i.u.Vi ,,. is. f J...x I. ,,,g.,, vs Li'l?7i.f7 l2H'?"i" -,, ., ., ,,,,f,,., ig ll 'll ll ll I 1 'TP' Q . V in is S p .ff No ' .-'F 'Q' E AQVQUOQ' Y r. I lh ii ' , H., 14 -'l' V. 'l",f" ' .. . 'bw' . Bl!! 1. Bill!! 16,541 -'SZMH vs ... ...A,. , V-L - .vi 1 I ,V ' x ' -Q I ' 5- i - , .-4 um ,f in n .. :ii fs- . 2 2 4 en-ii . ' -"" ' , l ,-MH: V ,". . S 5 S - Sr 4 i ' ,Q 'J' ,law P f ,,..,v,-4 ' -1 ,.43f?',' I ,I P 5, l V' ', B ...,, 5, , A """ - 44 . , ' 1 A-.1-7 'Q ' ' , 5 '- .HS A .'9p'f'4 5 "' . 5: V' , 151-V be A - .ram ., ' . fr. A M' ,. f- ' ' Strike One on the Southpaw 'Phi fDelt5 'Elin Gap in Glose fliacc SAE's defect ATO diamond boil Team fo dampen bldckfeet hopes Mehcrg Wins Tennis Singles for ATO Bryon of CLO Wins Handball Singles ZA, Receiving the highest War Department honor rating possible, that of Excellent, Florida's ROTC transformed this year in conception from that of an extra-curricula activity to the vivid reality of basic officer training that it has been designed to represent. No longer has there been any thought of accepting admittance to the advanced course for the mere secur- ing ofa uniform, or of being permitted to function at Military Ball. No longer does My-303, My-40l, or even My-l02 represent an extra subject that requires more study and work than credits given. Rather, training in ROTC has served to equip those boys enrolled with a mental and physical knowledge that will work for their subsist- ence, and the nation's sur- vival, just will a concen- trated curricula of chemis- try, physics, and engineer- ing. Throughout the year, train- ing was emphasized with greater reality and thorough- ness than ever before. The artillerymen studied the howitzer, gun positions, sur- veying, and military funda- mentalsj and at the some time the Juniors were sweat- ing on the smoke puff range, the seniors were in- structing the basics. The Infantry Regiment played "true-to-life" war games, and studied tactics in their preparation for the bigger fight that was yet to come. With May and examina- tions came the departure of the seniors and juniors, the former, l75 in all, headed for OCS, the latter, just headed. No one denies now, nor ever will, the unending con- tributions of the University's Military Department and personnel to the complete gearing of Florida to the situation at hand. I. .... -. -... Colonel S. R. Hopkins, P.M.S.6 T. INFANTRY STAFF Lt. Colonel A. S. Rush Mejor B. F. Ridenour Coptoin W, T. Arnett Lt. J. M. Humphries . , 1-F 'IQ Q, C5 Staff Arnett, Ridenour, Humphries ARTILLERY STAFF Bock Row-Gildersleeyc, Beordsley, Conroy, Fox Front Row---Hooker, Robertson, Joyner, Funke Lt. Colonel R L. Joyner Major J. M. Robertson Coptoin C. V. Funke Lt. C. E. Gildersleeve Lt. J. W. Beordsley Lt. F. P. Conroy Lt. G G. Fox Lt. D. E. Hooker Lt. Col. A. S. Rush Lt. Col. R. L. Joyner 'L Ns I HAYES CLARK Lk .,Vf I JANE ANN MCCALL CORPS STAFF ' COLONEL WOODFORD H. HAYES ..... Corps Commander MAJOR WILLIAM A. CLARK .... Corps Executive Officer MAJOR WILLIAM G. CHAMPLIN ........ Corps Adjutant CAPTAIN DALE DOLJGHERTY ............ Band Captain Infantry qQgimenrN REGIMENTAL STAFF COL, JOHN ROYCE AGNER ..... Commanding Regiment LT, COL. GORDAN FLEISCHMAN ..... Executive Officer MAJOR EDWARD A, LANG. . .Plans and Training Officer Gorps Staff CHAMPLIN I I I DOUGHERTY CHARLOTTE RIDER DOROTHY CHAPPELL MRS. DALE DOUGHERTY AGNER LANG b FLEISCHMAN SHIRLEY ECHOLS ATHOL LONGLEY FRANCES COMPTON W 'Q-. HOOKS ROBIN Company A Captain Oscar Lewis Ccmpany Commander First Lieutenant Leo T. Hury Serond in Command Company B Captain AI J. Cone Company Commander First Lieutenant John R. Robi Second in Command Company C Captain Robert Tench Company Commander First Lieutenant Wiliiam A. Second in Command nson Leffler Infantt Cf-first 'fBattaIion BATTALION STAFF MAJOR HOMER E. HOOKS. . .I . .Commanding Battalion CAPTAIN ALVIN R. ROBIN... ............... Adjutant LEWIS TENCH HURY ROBINSON BOOTH DAVENPORT GIBBONS HARVEY HERMAN KATES KERR MADDOX SHEPHERD STEARNS STELLRECHT TEDDER TILLIS iffy, Faye Whitmore Major Homer Hooks May Beitz Captain Alvin Robin Grace Dukes Captain Oscar H, Lewis Louise Mosely Captain Robert Tench Betty Burns A Captain AI Cone 'Mgiment f econol iBattcLlion BATTALION STAFF MAJOR JACK POLLNER ......... Commanding Battalion CAPTAIN JAMES L, LLEWELLYN ............. Adiutant GOODWIN GWYNN WILSON FRENCH LUCAS MILES BALDWIN CARLTON CARMODY COLEE COLEMAN EATON FULFORD GRIFFEN I-IADDOX LEWIS MCCLJLLOCI-I MI NGONET PATTERSON PLANK PULLIAM ROGERS WILSON Mrs. Jack Pollner Major Jack Pallner Cathryn Stockwell Caotain James Llewellyn Patricia Markey Captain Jean Wilson Jean Corry Captain John Gwynn Helen McCormick Captain Morris Goodwin POLLNER .,,.... 'l 1 LLEWELLYN Company E Captain Morris Goodwin Company Commander First Lieutenant J. O. Lucas Second in Command Company F Captain Jean T. Wilson Company Commander First Lieutenant Ralpli F, Milos Second in Command Company G Captain Jolwn S, Gwynn Company Commander First Lioutonont W. T, Frencli Second in Command ll! A ROBERTS GOFORTH BEATTY Cgitst Cfllield cyflrtillefry Rgiment COLONEL DAN ROBERTS, RegimentalCommander LIELJT. COLONEL HAROLD W. GOFORTH, Executive Officer MAJOR JAMES F. BEATTY ........... Adjutant .11 Margaret l-larn. . .Lieut, Col. Harold Goforth Jean Durrance ......... Colonel Dan Roberts Ora McGraw ........ Major James F. Beatty econcl Cgiielcl Qfzlrtillerjy 'lQgimenPw COLONEL WlLLlAM McLEAN Cl-IRISTIE. . .Regimental Commander LIEUT. COLONEL lRA LAMAR KING, Regimental Executive Officer MAJOR CLIFFORD ATHEY .................. Regimental Adjutant CHRISTIE fe, 'Q .11 .. zz.. B14 L. J N KING Alta Daniels ..,... .......... L t. Col, Lamar King Allene Drew .... ...... C clonel William M, Christie Lutia Knight ..... ....... M ajar Clifford Athey ATH EY MAJOR JOHN S. COX ...................... Battalion Commander CAPTAIN ROBERT J. CUMMINGS .... ...Battalion Adjutant Bfzlirst Qiielcl cvllrtillery Q-Jiffst iBattalion BATTALION STAFF rw Battery A Captain Tom G. Herndon Battery Commander First Lieutenant Elmer C. Nicholson Second in Command X Battery B Captain Robert Rudolph CUMMINGS Battery Commander First Lieutenant Philip Ackerman Second in Command COX l 1 1 HERNDON ' RuDoi.PH ACKERMAN NicHoLsoN ARoNoviTz BARRovv BERNST Bisuop BRYAN CARTER JONES, D. B. JONES, E. A. MAGUIRE MYERS RUSH SALB A sMiTH, A. sMiTH, ROB sMiTH, Rov svviNDEu. WARNER Mrs. John S. Cox.. Carol Turner ........ Sara Wall ...... Mrs, R. Rudolph... ............Major JohnS, Cox .Captain Robert J. Cummings .......Coptain Tom Herndon . . . .Captain Robert Rudolph . . McMlLLAN BRA NTON Battery C Captain Hartwig Achenbach Battery Commander First Lieutenant Paul Koster Second in Command Battery D Captain Louis Trapp Battery Commander First Lieutenant James McKendree Second in Command Nia qirst Cgiield dlrtillery Second 'Battalion BATTALION STAFF MAJOR STEPHENS MCMILLAN .............. Battalion Cammandel' CAPTAIN CLARENCE BRANTON .... ..... B attalion Adjutant ACI-IENBACH TRAPP MCKENDREE CAMPBELL CLAPHAM EBERSOLE FRIERSON HATTON HINDERY INGLEY KAPLAN MCDONALD PARRYMORE PAULK PYLES REEDER STONE THREADGILL UMAN WENZEL Alice Havener ...., .... M aiar Stephens McMillan Ann Turner... ..... Captain Hartwig Achenbach I...-T l I . i s A .I I ERICSSON BATTERY STAFF MAJOR CHARLES PHILLIPS, Battery Commander CAPTAIN CURT HOLZER, Executive Officer FIRST LT, ERIC ERICSSON, I Reconnaissance Officer FIRST LT. JAMES MAYO. 5 Cgfirst junior iBattery in , . 3 . Chu' PHILLIPS HOLZER econcl junior iBattery MAYO Nancy White Major Charles M. Phillips Jane Godbey Captain Curt Holzer -TIVZTIX1. 'T-L? CORRY WHITE MCLAURIN FOLKS BATTERY STAFF MAJOR WILLIAM CORRY, Battery Commander CAPTAIN ROBERT WHITE, Executive Officer FIRST LT, SOLOMON FOLKS, Reconnaissance Officer FIRST LT. JOHN MCLAURIN. Virginia Palmer Major William Corry Louise Cowart Captain Robert White MAY SIMMS Buttery E Captain Volney Beardsley Battery Commander First Lieutenant H, M. Brown Second in Command Battery F Captain Bennett Dominick V Battery Commander First Lieutenant Frederick Hallock Second in Command econd Ggiield Cfllrtillery Cgiirst iBattalion BATTALION STAFF MAJOR LEONARD T, MAY ................. Battalion Commander CAPTAIN GEORGE SIMMS .... .... B attalion Adjutant X42 BEARDSLEY DOMI NICK BROWN HALLOCK ANDREWS BARRY BYRD CLAYTON CODRINGTON COMMANDER COOLEY HAINES JENNINGS MCI NTYRE RAMSEY ROE SLATER SNIVELY STEVENS SUDDUTI-I THOMPSON TURNER Celeste Markham ,,.... .... M ajor Leonard T. May Aileen Sims ....... .... C aptain George L, Simms Elizabeth Draughn. .. ..... Captain Volney Beardsley J 'A Mary Ann I-la .'i' 1.. , , .Captain Bennett Dominick Second Qlield C5-Zlfrtillery Second f,Battalion BATTALION STAFF MAJOR PAUL l-IARDAKER ..............,... Battalion Commander CAPTAIN LEM BELL ..... .... B attalion Adjutant. ,-VN +'X '-r PE KNOVVLES MILLER U MCCARTHY H TSCHOW CLAYTON EDDI NGS GALLOWAY GOODRICH EIDT HERNDON JOHNSON, B. W. JOHNSON, W. P. KIMBALL KURT-Z LASLEY LAYMAN MORRISON MUGGE PEARSON TODD TURNER WILBANKS lveanne Hall ..... Jean Leech ..... Annie Lcu Pearrc ..... ..... C aptain Dave Knowles Marjoree Silks. .. . . . . .Major Paul Hardaker .Captain Lem Bell Captain Jackson Miller HARDAKER BELL Battery G Captain Jackson Miller Battery Commander First Lieutenant Daniel McCarthy Second in. Command Battery H Captain Dave Knowles Battery Commander First Lieutenant Alfred Petschow Second in Command cgbffial-Dfear Graduates N H 1' .1 L ', 1' A nv 1 M If JA sr .H rr 5' ll rn vi-Ill. I If 'V ARRINGTON BALL BLIZIOTES CASON CROW DAWKINS FOGLESON GAGLIARDI HILL METCALF PILGRIM POPE TURBEVILLE WILLIAMS YOUNGBLOOD ' A flower "girl" presents o bouquet to the sponsor of o beom- mg officer. Greot wos the emborrossment of the flower "girl," . , , ,,...,,,,,.W,..,m- ,,,. ,A , , , , .,,.,,,..,.,.,.. . f. r- .WW " "' "" . , , 1- , . - . -rr ' 5 ' ' - . r . .- Y .1 J-vm'-1,'.,4 - af! , 1? fig? eg -jg, .25 , 'Z rgyn- L3 M 1wiMW?UKiR- , X .Q A. A J ri 423+ ,W J, 'X Vt R Li WJWW' ak Q R25 5- ' 'W JM fx PM A QKMSIEQQ IFF' Jfhgkgi me wi? V .-,nw fx V 'L N ww -ev wn1WMP1 A 'giggffg f . M'-.HF ,s Q ., . 5 N ow ,, '.. H .- fuse' . my , mar 1 - xv , mwww, .WE '42 f ' 1 'V'-LN? ' vhf' KU' ' ,zff.',f,4x,' kff. ,Q -- ., f .... :V ., x,.3.xj,U .- , 5. '1N,:'."a--"uw ' , QuwwQMwHgW4fw, 551.99 ,l-.K '?'i,-'FF2'hg-Fy.E1Qr,'.xEff'fY--' . 4 vf ' W-y.',f-.11 .E A 2' X . ,X Lg, rag v -nw '.y-rg?-1 :'.:'R,y5.vF:s. , 2 -. '.w:'fLa " WD. " ' .. Qi ff' ,5iiv,4'..f", - -fer f ri fil-fC1!Wvm,, 2- 'C' ' -.-fpw. 1 .-1.99 . L- f M- . -M' U 'J-.5wl,'3M'5Q4 M 'Mya' wkmwi ' A as " 11,731 ':1'.f fQuQ' 'Qwgx -3 1 -., ,f.,,L.'Aa, A .4 ugh, vw J , lwfw.:,, , . 4-falgyfni. i5,wM.. I X.. U ,. N135 Jw 'fige',QiQfffM if 4 rg-I Q' '5Mv,',f'.i 'up . U X , j ,L53T.'--tes? - ,f'1qg,Sj' 'Q' A ,V J' '1 A ,:,,f,,,4.-5 ,L A 1.'f1vSff5i:'xg f.'nTTfx,3g 2 1 , -. -,:1:y," 5 K -"5,-,,'.Qf: Q U7-I,-,L-xl E1gifi:fJn:x.,i I-wx . r " 11 i':1'..:'gw 2 - 1E4?'ff,: 1' ' ' 1, ,,x.,,g5,ig Q Q. ,, Mm , I, QM 55,44 ,xfy-.Vp ik wx U f ,nw Y A , 4.NEv.,w 2 V. gf 4 Lrg, is 4,1 f , X f 'Anim' Y'Wui K We vw 32- ' rg " 4 z 1- '5 'h ' ,. f' W 1 3 ydyfi Cfqcti ities Vice-President Secretory President of the Student Body BILL CORRY Student Governments: Playing his outstanding fullback position, football star, scliolarly, President Bill Carry led the student government on to a very successful year in maintaining a stable administration faced with all war contingencies . . . Brilliant, energetic, President Carry carried the extra duties af a war-time president with ease and ability . . . assisted by effervescent "Jerry" Brown as vice-president, who after long service to the University left in February for the Navy . . . efficient, well-liked Dan Roberts kept the written business of the administration with the same skill that he guarded the "coffers" of the students. Cabinet members were among the most outstanding of recent years and showed their worth by tireless effort and diligence in carrying out a "war-time student body" program . . . Gabinerw Labor Reclamation Social Affairs Interior Organizations Finance Curt l-lolzer Clay Codrington Bob Weadock John Cox William "Mac" Christie Billy Lasarow Executive ouncil 1 Representing the entire student body by the various colleges is the Executive Council, non-executive legisla- tive branch of FIorida's student government, - Despite the fluctuating membership caused by mem- bers being called to the services, this year's council went on to prepare the student body for the emergency measures that it will be forced to accept in the next few years. lt is to be commended for maintaining the usual diligence that has characterized past councils. Hoisting the friendly flag to all Army men who made their debut on the campus this year, the Council sought to convey true Florida spirit to the khaki-clad men. Limitation of fee-supported organizations was the main action of the Council but all of its work was indica- tive of its war consciousness. Chief among its activities was approving a joint radio DVOgram sponsored by the U. of F. and WRUF describing The University's war efforts . . . adopting a community sing for the benefit of the OCS men fostering friendly relations between army men and the students . . . probed refusal of the State Board to return fees for student Officer salaries as guaranteed by the constitution . . . Oppointments . . . sadly recommended that Orange Peel fees be turned over to the strickened Seminole , . . The Alligator subhead "Refuse Pep Club but Vote Themselves Keys", brought comment . . . studied possibilities of eliminating Spring politics because of greatly lessened Student body fwas later done away with in a special electionl . . . more appointments . . . ironically ap- Dtoves Florida Blue Key's amendment to the constitution for establishment of a war government . . . fthis was also approved in special electionl . . . finally recom- mendation of the Publications Board that all publica- tions be greatly curtailed or modified to meet student l3Ody needs . . . still more appointments . . . Approval of the constitutional amendment to dissolve The Council in favor of the war government by the Students brought the work of the Council to a close Until after the war, so it will cede its coveted position go the new senate which is to serve the war-time student ody, Athey Coppedge Cotfen Cox Eaton Gay Lyle Mann McCarthy Pullara Raborn Threodgill White McJunkin Agner Jones Arnold Hill Gibbons Poulos Palmer Mitchell Dale Knouer 'Nvf' we-bw CHA NCELOR RAY PEARSON 621601101 Original Cjouww College of Agriculture EARL RODGERS Sfliaczl of Arclwileclure FRANK BRANAN College of Arls and Sciences LOUIS BRADY HARRY L. COLLINS College of Business Administration JOE FLOYD ROB SMITH College of Education ALEX SHEPHERD College of Engineering LAMAR KING General College FRANK PITTMAN JULIAN DOMlNlCK College of Law JOHN BARNES Board of Masters EARL CYPEN SID ARONOVITZ CHANCELOR FRANK DUCKWORTH ODLTIPXI The l-lonor Code is the backbone ot Florida's system of student government. The Honor Court gives Florida men the fullest opportunity to settle their own problems and to correct Gnd reprimand their own students. Although the l-lonor Code deals specifically with stealing, cheating, and the passing of worthless checks, over a period of many years it has gotten to be more, it is a way ot and spirit of living on the Florida campus. U Tlllsl Year when Florida men had to make dynamic changes In their torm ot student government, every man wanted to See this l-lonor Code and its ideals preserved. At the beginning of the year all freshmen are taken to the l'lOnOr Court Room and instructed as to its spirit and mean- 'RQ by Some outstanding student speaker, From thereon it is O Dart of him, not only until his graduation but on out into GVGVY Clay life, FIorida's most cherished tradition will live onl The War got its share ot l-lonor Court members as it did all Of The Student Body. Only tive ot the original May, l942, Court were remaining in May, l943. Chancelor Duckworth leff 'toward the end ot the tirst semester with Clerk Pearson fhoving into his shoes and Frank Pittman moving up into posi- 'Hon of Clerk, CLERK FRANK PITTMAN JW-eiv 3 lg' :Dix lb OXy.,..Qr Q WQQ i , Cf? porviinick FARABEE FOLKS ' iviCiNTvRE Mii.Li5R RIHERD RODGERS siirppsizp A-"5 G- . GLENN CONNOR BOB MUGGE FRANK McCCY Lyceum ouncil The purpose ol the Lyceum Council is to bring programs at entertainment and education to the Campus. With its funds limited because at decreased enrollment, this year's Council has attempted to tul- till this purpose. To inaugurate the season, the talented blind pianist and composer, Alec Templeton, came to bring us a varied concert in October, ln December Conrad Thibault sang a popular program for us, ln February the Don Cossack Chorus, directed by Serge Jarott, rendered a concert ot Russian music. Then, towards the end of April, Anna Kaskas and Lansing l-lattield sang together in our tinal concert. ' -, ,. ,..,.. -LT V. . , 1 'Nw 1 l i PROP. CONSTANS PROF. JOHNSON Tl-l I BAU LT DON COSSAC KS TEMPLETON i REED BEARD BEARDSLEY MCRAE LATSKO TROTTER cflthletic ouncil ........President BOB BEARDSLEY .... WALTER MCRAE ..... WILLIAM RABORN., EDDIE HAUSENBAUER ..... WARREN TROTTER.. PERCY BEARD ....... . ..... Vice-President . . . ...... Secretory . . . . .Member . . . .....,... Member . ..,.. Athletic Director .....FocuIty Member P, L. REED ......... FRAZIER RQGERS ..,... ..... F ocuIty Member The Council serves os o medium through which students, professors ond othletic personne Th ree I work together to promote o better othIetic progrom. of its members olso sit on the University Committee on Athletics The body opproves oII expenditures mode from student othletic fees before they ore refer red to the Executive Council for finol oction. MCEWEN LANG KOKOMOOR DAY HUNNICUTT LOWRY iBoard of Student Tublications FRANKLIN KOKOMOOR ..... ........ C hairman EDWARD LANG .......... .......... S ecretary JAMES DAY ............ ..... F aculty Member HARWOOD DOLBEARE .... ..... F acuity Member WILLIAM LOWRY .... ..... F aculty Member THOMAS MCEWEN ...... ..... S tudent Member BERT I-IUNNICUTT ..... ,.... S tudent Member EDWARD LANG ....... ...... S tudent Member Seven solons who guide the destinies of University publications are the tour faculty members and three elected students on the Board ot Student Publications Chairmaned by a faculty member, the Board has complete control over all contracts, purchases, policies, appointments and awards. Under its supervision come the Florida Alligator, the Seminole, the Orange Peel, the "F" Book, and the Florida College Farmer, This year the Board has been faced with the tremendous problem of running the publications against odds of decreased enrollment, higher prices, and scarcity of materials, For the first time in history the Board voted to delve into the reserve fund to help finance the Seminole. Investigations are being made to continue the Florida Alligator throughout the vvar. Q CEIQB 96 f , ,5:-.. 6'ff""' h wan w o will DUDQE CONNOQ Prcsndevl. COOLEV JOHNSON V, pn-5 . Stcvefovq LANG FOOD Publlofhf HQ'- fh, X 'he wx-EVN -LG-0 hx, QP' X . K' ' li ...Ni ' "UV" qigywwv ,. Cgilorida Florida Union and Florida students form an inseparable bond. With the basement' floor, we begin to understand the power of the Union. The game room provides recreation in billiards, ping pong and checkers. Various student publication offices keep the campus well supplied wtih news and current events. The ground floor, the spirit of Florida Union, begins with the directors office and information desk where the staff of the Union welcomes friends, visitors and students. Bryan Lounge provides news- papers, radio, and a place for friends to meet. Servicemen's Lounge is an attempt' to extend our services to servicemen to make their stay here as enjoyable as possible, The Alumni office welcomes former students and keeps in touch with them throughout the globe. K' Union., The next few floors provide other attractions for students. Such as a large auditorium on the second lloor equipped with an electric organ. The library satisfies the craving for reading, The religious activities come from the YNLCA, office. The Big-Men-On-Campus, are found in the llonor Court, Executive Council rooms, and the student body president's office, The library ol recorded music, and the Carnegie music set, soothe the hungry music lover. The fourth lloor is as high as we go, but here South American and Florida students are brought close together by the Institute ot International Affairs. Till we meet in the Seminole again, the Florida Union extends best wishes and kindest regards to you, Bond Officers TERRY LYLE ROBERT AUSTIN 5JloridcL's Cgighting Gator fBand Drum Majors Olin Richards ond Grover Boker Director R. DeWitt Brown mplmon Qrchestra R. DQWITT BROWN, Direcior w Yr" . ,- Business Manager First. Busincss Momoger Second p 'd f Semester Scmcstcr PUIJIA '1 M Y TERE3 an JACK DALE MORGAN MCJUNKIN vlcjfbl 3133323 CONE ANDERSON FLAX GOODRICH HALL HULSEY KRAUSE MOSCOVlTZ MURRAY SERROS TENCH STEWART STEARNS 'Debate Glub Since its inception in l9l6, debating has enjoyed a prominent and honored position an the campus. Debating activities had a feeble beginning that year, there being only one debate that season. The next two years the debates increased to two, Following this for the next three years, Florida en- gaged in debates with Tennessee, and South Carolina until in l925 the University branched out into other schools, In l929 with the setting up of an active speech department debating really came into its own. Florida sent its men out on long trips which covered schools in practically every state east ot the Mississippi. Last year the debate squads participated in over 80 contests that season. For the past twelve years our teams have averaged 75'Za wins against the best colleges and univer- sities in the country. Usually the varsity and general college squads number around l5O men, but this year the size has been lessened because of the war. Even though there were fewer debaters, debate activity was only curtailed slightly, The two biggest trips were cutout, but our teams brought home one first and two second places in three other major trips. . fi-'A Tublications l ..w...-.-.....-..........,........ . ... -. ...-.-.... . . .. ... .......... ......,.,. AND TIIIC ' WAR l II'S NUI' IOO LAIL 'IO DO YOUR PART IN THE RED CROSS DRIVE HELP THEM CARRY ON. Q I ' I -.fri -l "What the hell do you think this is, the Seminole?" Ex- ' ecutive Editor Tom McEwen demands of solemn but 1 seething Richard Turner, rewrite editor. Reporter Leldon 4 Martin sneaks a glance at Turncr's tragic mistake. was c:l:u'il'icrrl lz1sL xvevlc, llltlx lflvlyfn I rf' ' 1 :lv-rm! zllwlx ful xl" ,, . . -1 llllfy l'lUl'l4l1l -:Q :ilfrlugg I Q' " ii' lin- llllf-1-l'l11mlj.' it ..- 5, l'l:iml , 2 111511111-ml Nl'lll1'-Hx' :4:r1:l lg 'H I mirably. Apprentice to Fogelson first semes- 34 Z104 GAINESVILLE, Selects Nei bers M da boi Adonis of the staff, Associate Editor Eddie sg, A I ggi Kelly came over from the sports department . ,. ., ,gn h C and did a fine iob as right-hand man to the ' Q' A editor-with special attention to news in- , lr D4 volving students' war status. Easy-going, smiling, Kelly finally found an outlet for some ' r ll'lp excellent ideas in his "Blare Enough" column laf in the second semester. A fine newspaper- man in the making. F l Ln! M yl "ln charge of production"-the Managing Editor, Mark Hulsey. Competent, fast, ac- V curate, and thorough, he filled his role ad- v-of , ter as Executive Editor, Hulsey stepped into lg I E the job after Christmas with no trouble at all. 1 ' gs - ' Journalism loses a good man when Hulsey 1 '-llirillil gets his law degree. off lll l,lllIIX'UlKl2ll3l0,HI 1- ol'l'i1'v lmursl N Q H Y x Lfm'ui-fi Studi E -le P sxti1:LI.iu11,' Illl I l:'.'Yr sul' ilu-ml to 3 M B H 'f l :L l'l'llOI'l, ull ,f .... . I Y 3 WFP .. . .. ,- lllxplzmg llu- mc-1-Ling Lwfm vuumril-N F s A 1 .if ' .:1, 'rs ' ' l1ll'Il wr-rv zlplmiiilul, the wt-el:-cml' I 50 mill lu- x'.':uix'vfl lw Illlvkl' lllf' Sill-' ul Aprll .IU was se-lvull-ml lm' :ill 'HU-Il HWYI. 44:4-1.-lxtixwe K'UllIlt'll lim! lfmss ilzuic-fy ' I " - War Editor Dee Van Wagenen and Reporter ll"l'l"li 'l"'ill:'l- "li7l""l'5'll ill llll' :null 513-l l'l'lllllHlllUll fm' Ilm".X':spJI- WI C I' ' v I ' - - I - A - I ' a :er trewfs :stern ard look 'while Hulsay 1r:m1.:l1:n1:, i"lllllIlllll'l', zlfwltf. ll1.ll DM- Hubs,-I-,m1,,,l5 Im- Un. 5,.I.vl,.,. , b ' 1- ' ' -f '- -' i ni. ' v . ' . l 5Z'L'ci,T:ifhffz:E,::3c,::E1cncl:I.scY 'mg l 'l""l'l1'-1ll"'le ll' 'WIA' fl 'll l'l 1111-11.4 lmumgv was llllilllllllllllhly lMCC0lllllN'llllh I- l"lc1l'l1l:c l'1llmm vll-,wk ul' l,llIlI1Y ' ' .fn-I.--. V .... -.... , 1 . t.. Ulu' H l 111-'-'lla-1' ul' llu- rmmlrlrulllmzs vfmn- , ' H' .. lilbinlhsdl Ed Plout had two jobs, both tedious: writing "The Next Seven Days", calendar ofthe week's events, and filing the exchanges away. He did both with a benign air of unconcern that made them seem like fun. hll 4 ru- ly" 1r.rzm1'r'w.'.' lmfizl, A x pl'Ull4INl'll .xIllr1'Il1lIlIl'lll lmrylul '4-lgfl ll' ' lr'-' I . ,?..,..., H.. I 4 . ,I v. , .C tu . .' IVV wl"'-Us "The boys in the backshop" . . . Gainesville Sun linatype operators and composition men who put the metal to- gether and roll the presses that print the papers. Each one is a skilled artist at his trade: without their services -no Alligator. From left to right: Leroy Echols, Tom Paige, Percy Greene, R. G. Gore, Lewis Spear, and W. C. Carr. mzxry :i::Li l it ll IU Nil ILL4 ln lllx rw ill Mana gradu mm' 1 . . Mofk """." "" A " mr: liz.. ll 11' I 1 1 5 ' :fl mx pa lil-1 H1 Um Sllllllx Ml Mllllllllh ll1Jll.ll,l-I lflsuvgua lvl' lm- xlllm-.1:.l..l, Iwo. lTl:1:a:sllll Cell 1'1:sn.-:wists mul il "ll"'lfIUi1l Vllililw M'l"'iHlWl , but very un-iournalistic pose. He never wore clothe ' 4' ,' im' .rl lv ':,l'l'lCl g,..1l'lll. 43 ,ILLUI ulll Lllt gills! ging Editor Ben Fogelson in a cheery ' s like that in the Alligator afficel Fogey I ated in February and was succeeded by I Hulsey. P. K. Yonge ri Ili aio: Editorials, ,Pg 2 ' ELECTION' NEXT THURSDAY ir. ll . Lim-:RAL iaoucsrion' . 'NEW sronrs POLICYQ' , i is T f ' NUMB-ER22 wg i FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 26, 1943 A -" 4 ewspaper Hears Call to Arm ges Fr Cslm. deliberate, energetic, and impartial Editor-in-Chief Homer Hooks performs the most difficult and Important lo? of keeping a mystified and changing .student body Ih orrned during the most crucial period-in the histerY Qf this paper, this University and this Nation. ,fwdy mu'1'f53'i2,rr'Z:ifii 3.321 I III llll ball Your ballot is therefore cooperate . ' ' 2 C Dollar-mark Craig and his smoothies of the business dc- Oy thc A eft and Eddie Grafton I usmess mana er the mam time that this C planner of dif ' size las .. ..-5 V- whose din- in operation, partrnent pause in the day's work to exchgrlgc l1l.9l"P'c5' 5 To Correct izfclldeas. Assistant Business Manager Jim Robinson on City f,l'l1CkS' to C , , . , I inshtb 9 'O-" fthe en- rrw "9l'lt. All three paid income taxes this year.. Credit ' rorlnlfl ri, Y. min Tgnuger Warren Goodrich was out collecting bills and 1QSVlll0. Cl-vm if I 1 Caught in action, Odell Griffith, news editor -' the Irnlr and author of the much discussed r'BulI Res- iid thc quota 5 sion", is pounding out soniermorc 'COPY - gn w t D this polite word for it.i Griffith s probes onld I Qmm y i attacks stirred up alot of action--most of it IOC Coll resulting in favor of the students. l'lis biting , Collril sarcasm kept Editor Hooks busy with a copy ln announcof pencil and a libel textbook. Cir status as bona fide members of the Armcr. I in the g Stays In School DC, . AERC inductecs are advised to stay in school in order to main- tain their status as bona fide members of the AERC. n tmake the picture. U , , -,,:day morning and AERC mductocs me advised to By Jackwnorlmr continuing most of the day- secure transcripts of both their rmveiberm 'those who ob' if Fraternities are asked to 'have College and IQOVFC mm,-ds. pos- t0 the policies and 'methods ' 5 A ,Mx , G II S , h the Alligator is put --. F0-SP-if ww- sid --d Sf-fc' dwdc."n T '?"w"" R."::..'i:2z .:'.ni:L' 'SWE to Improve their page. Faced with problems 0 U flqffrare. shares a lay-out worry with Associate Editor Eddie Kelly, ii :g::yd"cdUCed Gator'SPortf Program: 'hose rwocgg: ltlfl cant who is teething 0'1idc?' Freshman rcporrcr Jolmrly pur' asa puff g'3,"'Y"' 'ff,fP'r'Qj"gf-'ff'SPgf'ff,'?7cL"Z'Z.......i flips. chi isnfhinisoft-g,m'v":'fT0m "1ff'0n' 0f"'0" 15.9 1 - use au orize " aurian an 1 , H ' ads Copy wit a viscious penci. spa,-Q ,. M s , Rf 'C I . 5 u coliiiiiliilrigxfdzgl fgffgfsofilidmimoicrural usmg :Se ll great deal sidered inadvisable for fFlR.C,stu- ' ' 1 . - - st s eeia immedi- , ,!!sllllf.2-nl-11. 3 i I A. ...Mt i.. inmimuno amine fleets to M110 P Harnessing the students' news- paper to a University at war-this was the task of Editor Homer Hooks and his staff in the 1942-43 Florida Alligator. Edition number one, Sept. 25, 1942, carried a front page editorial stating the policy of the news- paper for the year. Geared to the tremendous responsibilities of war- time journalism, the Alligator dis- carded 'rbusincss as usual" and set out on a program of reaching every student on the campus with facts, figures, and latest truthful infor- mation on the student's place in the war. This was the most vital topic of every Florida man and their newspaper sought to keep them informed. In line with this policy, a regular front page column, "You and the War," was introduced. This column. written by Odell Griffith and Eddie Kelly, was practical ap- plication of thc Alligator's war- time policy. Information published thcrcin camc from authoritative administrative officials and gov- ernment sources. Particular cm- phasis was placed on spiking dan- gerous and un founded campus rumors in regard to status of the studcntsl There were no vigorous cam- paigns or editorial sicgcs carricd on. The Alligator worked for bet- ter wages for student employes in the cafeteria, for application of our Honor System to the physical fitness program, for a modification of student government for the dura- tion, for rclcasc of news of army- navy-marinc rcscrvcs as soon as possible, for increased student pur- chase of war bonds and stamps and contributions to war benefits, and for continued publication of the Alligator, in a modified form after 1942-1943. Heading the various calls to arms, Managing Editor Bcn Fogcl- son and loyal staffmcn Robert Mann, Stuart Newman, and Morty Freedman departed and were sorc- ly missed. The entire staff--cdi- torial and business-worked mag- nificently all year, and without their constant cooperation no paper would have been possible. Aftcr thc last issue of 19.12--lf! the Alligator faces a new period of Joint student-army management rc- vcrting to tabloid size. But no mat- ter how it is run or in what form it appears, the Alligator will go on --articulate voice of the students at the University of Florida. .......,.,.........-......e...............,.,. W , l I I , , X . I i held Monday night, Q ,xi The Editor McEwen chuckles over a new idea for the Who turned on that light demands Pho- feature section-Source of much originality tographer Harper Whitaker at work in his in layouts. dark room. Gite 194 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ................................. BILLY MAI-IONEY Feature Editor and Assistant Editor ...... THOMAS MCEWEN Sports Editors .............. EDDIE KELLY and SID BROLJSE Student Government Editor ................. MARK I-IIJLSEY Art Editor ..,............ ...... R AY COLEE Beauty Ed:tor, Ist Semester .... ....... T OM ELLINGTON Staff Photographers ............... HARPER E, WHITAKER MORGAN MCJUNKIN and JIM LITTMAN Fraternity Editors. .GEORGE TEDDER, VICTOR LEAVENGOOD Managing Editor Iwent to air corpsi .......... LEO ELLIOTT Freshman Key Winner ............. .... A USTIN WHIPPLE Intramural Editor .... . .... LOUIS SAFER BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .........,........ RAYMER MAGLJIRE, JR. Assistant Business Manager. .. ...... BILL CALDWELL Advertising Manager ...................... JACK FARRELL Circulation Manager Idrafted December, '42J BOB WEADOCK Assistant Business Manager ........... ..... M AX BREWER Staff Assistants .......................... JIM ROBINSON, MORGAN MCJUNKIN and LEM BELL Freshman Assistants .... EDWIN BEDDARD, BILL BRADSHAW, RICHARD FARRIOR, LESTER GLEICHENHAUS, EARLE SMITH and JOHNNY BURTON Sales Manager .... .............. .... DO R OTHY KING Hard working freshmen Whipple and Beddard laugh at Fraternity Editors Tedder and Leavengoad in rare form. somebodys picture. Couldn t be the editor's. eminollef Looking iback . The last fragment of copy has gone to press, the last picture is long since sent to the engravers and as I sit here writing it becomes almost impossible to transform into words the misty recollections, trials and joys that have gone into the making of this book. A four year dream given hope by a generous Board of Student Publications early in the second semester and finally becoming a reality late in the spring is the i943 Seminole. Not all thot was intended could be put in it, mistakes have Crept in, and limitations of all kinds have doomed what might have been some of its best features. And yet considering the failures and disappointments that threatened all year, the drafting of the greater student body, the calling of the Air Corps and ERC, the limitations on supplies, and the leaving One by one of o generous and talented staff, it is with in- expressable thanks and gratitude to providence and to those men who during the whole of a trying and futureless year gave their untiring efforts to the production of this book, that this Seminole is presented. For out of the gloom came hope and out of the darkness bright spots appeared. First bright spot on the horizon was lan-ky, foresighted Harper E. Whitaker, staff photographer, whose excellent photography, laborious work in the dark room, originality, and untiring efforts to produce the editors' crazy ideas become the life and vitality of the Seminole. Second bright spot was energetic business manager Raymer Maguire who believed faithfully, in spite of what others said, that this would be o good advertising year, and aided by advertising manager Jack Farrel, proved his point by selling more ods than last year ond allowing the editor to order sixteen much needed additional pages. lCont'dl Miss Dorothy King sold so many Seminoles to resigning students that Business Manager Maguire put her on the staff. M T . he Business Manager The great Caldwell and supersalesman Farrel. Circulation Manage' Robinson and Weadock had to wait a long time for circulation. -....-..-..... Sports writers Kelly and Brouse tackle difficult task of describing Florida's war I M. E. Leo Elliott was called by the army fgrn athletic ggqggn, Student Government Editor Mark Hulsey corps in March. Third bright spot was assistant editor and feature editor Thomas McEwen who worked faithfully for the production of the Seminole from September to May and spent many hours in the writing and planning of all sections of the book. lt would be difficult to mention in this short space all credit that is due, freshman key winner Austin Whipple who typed line after line and many who left for the service long before production, contributing first their invaluable part. To you the student body, scattered all over the world, we hope you will forgive our omissions and mistakes and fill in with your imagination all gaps left by this book to remember forever a year which we as Fellow Florida Students should never forget. ' iBilly Editor, Staff Cgcworites ELIZABETH COLSON DELPHENE COVERSTON FRANCES BLAKE Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Flood B939 '7""1 EDITORIAL STAFF LLOYD FLOOD ,... EDDIE KELLY ......... BEEKMAN COTTRELL .... STUART NEWMAN .... GF ............Editor . . . .Managing Editor . . . .Associate Editor .....Assistant Editor RICHARD MCDERMOTT .... .... ........... ..... C 0 i ny Editor Editorial Assistants Bon Foglescn, Tam McEwen, Toni Ellington, Morton Freedman, Latimer Garrett, Jock Jackson, Seth Flax, liolnby Ebersole, George Millican, Bob I-loguc, Ed Barclay BUSINESS STAFF WAYNE MAYO ................ Business Manager fy M-. -Q' Business Manager Wayne Mayo BOB MANN ...,...... Assistant Business Manager JIM CRAlG ..,... ..,...... C irculation Manager Business Assistants Seymour Marco, Danny Johnson, Bert Benton, Jack Holland, Jack Booker, Martin Avery, Bruce Bates Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Are Not Doing a Radio Script But Writing a Story. lncidentally They Met Through the Orange Peel Kelly and Cottrell Laugh Over One Of the Editor's Jokes McEwen Waits For Artists Ebersole and Barclay To Draw Him Something To Write About Editor ........... Business Manager .... Associate Editors: MARVIN CASSEL DONALD EANETT BEN FOGLESON MARK HULSEY Assistant Business Manager.. Advertising Manager ..... Circulation Manager.. Editor Lincoln Bould Often regarded as the "Freshman Bible", the "F" Book is the official handbook for all University students as the most authoritative source of information about the campus, administration, and student body. ' The "F" Book is written, made-up, and published in the summer in order to be ready for Freshman Week in the Fall. It is not just rebound every year as some put it, The book represents real work on the part of the staff. The "CJ" iBook STAFF . . . . .LINCOLN BOULD ROBINSON BOB MANN FRANK PALMER TED SHURTLEFF GEORGE TORNWALL . . ................. DON CLARK .....RAYMER MAGUlRE .....BlLLY LASAROW Business Manager Jim Robinson The Department of Rec- lamation, Conservation, and Economy program at the University of Florida entered its second year of activity as one of the most repr'e- sentative symbols of college government cooperation in the war effort. lnitial aims! of the organ- ization--to reclaim valuable materials needed by the government and to conserve and economize other such materials--were carried out to a great extent. At the beginning of the school year, different posts in the department were filled and the organization got underway to carry out its aims and purposes. Thousands of pounds of metal of every kind needed were collected and sold to dealers. Until the waste paper market closed, the University regularly sent truckload after truckload of collected paper to the mar- ket. lnformation vital to the conservation of heat, hot water, and electricity was distributed throughout dor- mitories, fraternity houses, and rooming houses. A statewide attempt to install similar organizations in every college and university in Florida was made, and other efforts to make the Florida student body war- conscious were carried out. A unique plan to use the money derived from the sale of waste materials, con- ceived last year and fol- lowed all during the current year, was that every penny taken in was used to buy War Bonds in the name of the Tolbert Memorial Loan Fund to aid worthy students. Thus the government was aided in its program of col- lecting badly-needed prod- ucts, the sale of War Bonds was stimulated, and the students of the University of Florida were directly aid- ed by the enlargement of the loan fund. To date, S450 has been donated by the DRCE. These worthwhile efforts have made the Depart- ment of Reclamation, Con- servation, and Economy a representative part of the University of Florida stu- dents' war effort. Um rn will all ml all libel Cut ill hull lldl lld lllflll hcl ni all nh in can im in imma culuum nl A llu in an nthsriul nllum ...Z A 1 N 1 7 N Q 25591 f 1 poll Qrganizations ilizgfft '1' nf ll 111.1 0,1 1 4 T 1ST SEIVIESTE R OFFICE RS-NoRMAN.PREsg JORDAN was-PRES' cAooo SECT - LANG TREAs. H glnriim z5.N0wm A.c0-rw K.CaLLoo Elamkj ' n Jarmfl WMMM, . .1a,Af,M M.MCJmfm 5.Afw'rwviQ l3.Bwzd4Zcy , I fefflafrzcluzf fDua6,wazM Bfawf Rizlofwio . I ZND SEMES-I-ER'P'l'ATHENY, PRES2 STEWART, vrcf-PRES: RoBERTs,sEcT Hoo Ks,mAs. ' f 11112 CTR 5. Sibwwzi D. .7?,a6vzZE H Howie. f. Wm J mm N. ou, L.F4mL Tfoovwmozc Rfwfwan t M.Hulw1 W IQCIZAL? JMOM, WCfunLaLz B.lL57Ell2,07'L 7?JUi4m 'Phi fBeta Kappa OFFICERS R. C. WILLIAMSON .......... ........ P resident W. H. WILSON ....... ..... V ice-President J. R. ASHTON ...... ...... S ecretory H. L. KNOWLES ...... ..... T reosurer E. G. ATKIN ........ .... H istorion Membersein-Course elected Summer Session I942 ARTHUR A. BROYLES DANIEL W. MONTENEGRO Members-in-Course elected Jonuory I943 FRANKLIN L. DeBUSK J. NELSON HOWARD MARVIN LEE WEIL Members-in-Course elected Moy I943 HARTWIG ACHENBACH WARREN M. GOODRICH SOL ALEXANDER HOMER E. HOOKS ALBERT S. ARONOVITZ CHARLES LASLEY CLARENCE BRANTON FRANK H. MOORE ROBERT H. MUGGE H , 2 ff, U NIIIIW' Safe .2 IEFIZLY' 5 ' fl rimixKXx ,I K 5Phz Kappa cIPI'Ll OFFICERS A, L. SHEALY .................. ........ P resident B. W. AMES ............ ..... V ice-President ALTON C. MORRIS ...... ........... S ecretory P. O. YEATON ........ ............. T reosurer OSCAR F. JONES .... .... J ournal Correspondent GLADYS LAIRD ....... ........... H istorian F. W. KOKOMOOR .... .... M arsnoll Undergraduates Agriculture I C. K. SLATER JEAN WILSON L. E. CUNNINGHAM Architecture T. C. POULOS E. L. FLOOD Arts and Sciences A. S. ARONOVITZ SOL ALEXANDER N. ARONOVITZ E. H. MOORE W. M. GOODRICH . E. HOOKS H. ACHENBACK R. H. MUGGE . E. KURTZ C. L. BRANTON P. L. MIXON . H, THREADGILL C. H. LASLEY Business Administration K. SULLIVAN W. H. HAYES . A. ESBERG E. H. AUCREMANN E. S. DUNN, JR. .W, DAVIS W. W. CORRY T. E. TRIPLETT Education D. B. JONES, JR. Engineering J. M. DUNCAN A. KHOURI R. E. KURTZ M. B. ADAMS I. L. KING L. T. MAY J. M. BETZ -W. H. MAHONEY Law I R. PRIDGEN Graduate School D. S. BURGIS V. L. GUZMAN www S Q '-1 A Q h 0 0 SL E cl? 1 Eta igmci 1 I 5553 SQ.: 4, Wood Bryan 1 Me Cook Coopedge Courshon Davis Emmel Goddum Hoge Horton Kessen Knight Leavengood Louisell Lyle McDermot McPherson Myers Nadine Seghermon Shaffer Simpson Smith Wilson Winkler Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, was founded on the University of Florida campus January l l,l93O, through the efforts of Dean R. C. Beaty. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is based solely on the attainment of a 35 honor point average during the freshman year. Active membership extends for one year after initiation. The principal purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to bring together the members of the freshman class who have shown high scholastic ability, The organization works continuously with Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi to further the standards of scholastic achievement at Florida. Dean Beaty was Phi Eta Sigma's first faculty advisor. Dean J, Ed Price now serves in that capacity. PROF EBALJGH J M DUNCAN PROP FINEREN J A TODD Foculty Advisor President Focully Advisor Corres.-Sec. W R MARTIN L K J M B TZ R E KURTZ VICC President Record Sec Treasurer Historian Adams Brown Bryan Cameron Carter Childs Clark Cox Eddings Harkness Herron, J. Herron, W. Hull Jackson Johnson Khouri Kimball King Lichtenwaller Loffberg McCracken McMillan Mahoney Ransom Sefrna Sherron Shoup Wallace Scabloafrcl and iBlacle OFFICERS DAN ROBERTS ....... ......... ......... C a ptain HAMILTON HAYES .... .... F irst Lieutenant BILL CHAMPLIN ..... .... S econd Lieutenant JOHN GWYNN ...... First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade, a national honorary military organization, having been inactive since l932, regained its active status in the Spring of l939. The national organization was founded at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin in l9O'l and was first installed at the University of Florida in l92O. Active members are chosen from outstanding cadet officers in the R,O.T.C. units, who have shown the best character, leadership, and proficiency in military science and tactics. The purpose of this organization is to bring about a good relationship between' the military department and the student body and to faster in its members the essential qualities of good and efficient officers. Agner Arrington Athey Baldwin Ball Cason Christie Clark Commander Crow Dawkins Dominick Eaton Griffin Gwynn Hill Hardaker Hayes Holzer Hury Johnson Knowles Lang Lichtenwalter Llewelyn Mclntyre Nicholson Pollner Roberts Robin Rogers Tillis Turbeville Wenzel Youngblood ADAMS ARNOLD BARROW BRADY DeBUSK DUCKWORTH EDWARDS EMMEL FECHTEL HADLEY HOLMES HOWARD MCCOOK MITCHELL SABSHIN WEIL WOOD Cilllpha Epsilon fDelta OFFICERS LOUIS P. BRADY ..... ........... ......... P r esident ALBERT FECHTEL ...... ..... V ice-President BERNARD KAMINSKI ..... ...... S ecretary FRANKLIN DeBUSK. .. .... ,Treasurer MARVIN WEIL ...... .... H istorian Alpha Epsilon Delta, the only pre-medical fraternity on the University of Florida campus, was installed April 4th, l93O. The fraternity is honorary and members are selected' 'on the basis of scholarship, medical interest, and character. There are thirty-two chapters in the United States and the organi- zation has long been recognized as the largest pre-medical fraternity in the country. Alpha Epsilon Delta is not only an honorary fraternity but also a service fraternity in that it aids pre-medical students in covering the long and tedious path in the direction of an M.D. degree. Its program consists of lectures, medical films, trips to medical schools, hospitals, and other institutions of interest to "premeds". lts most essential element is that it has helped to bridge the gap between pre-medical training and the school of medicine. I !f,NM. I I ': f51 ' pi' l I V . fp -W A A 1 !441'r'A"" J X f , 'Q HI X ANI Mu UNC M ' X gAfJ ', uit W 4 sfcigj W, 1 p,Iltp5 i D E . om N h 'bdmwwm ' L'k ,wyfg ' Jggyvnqgcgffha DN ' ..-l,g.,if Q . ,ik PM FM IAM F VTWO If , H SCAIL 5' N015-: TYPE- 'E' NAS YVAIIDROBE- 5647 Lxruwmc FROM ' or mrs- "bf 'X "-E ,N : A W . . " - 3 XX' fffl 12' 57? gf' R f QQgQjKji LQ A M"'mNL' 'NN TICDNV Cpfh QCQD ,f...g,f 7 wuz- 5' I f Q .A dsvlg. JI A - 4. if .Ima SMH. ww wfawrcm " ' X7 ' Fiat zi' ai' ,4 , Ai-x,5fkNLL .. Y A f NLM . . f Y 'pan V ,y,-,M.,.-N...r. , ' Q I Q K ' f 5 f", 'VS . ,AkQN, 1 N, , N nfl' Ai 'NNN gn-Dcm M - ' f f W . W 'fb 1 - xo' M h N, bi Um. 1 ,P . ,. . I V1 .. ....., .Af 1 ! j ..,.,,' ' 'M Q-4 f I F ggi ' 4 .1 , A' ' M ll 'IV' J, l 'W L MWF' ,liable z xcmz 5 out 1'-If-Q1 ' 1 l Dflf' ' " J' lp: Rll-IERD BOYCE Fiscnseiu DAVIS TRTRLETTT POTTER GILBERT AUCREMANN CANNING JOHNSON RUSH DARBY CATLEDGE SHASHY Lewis HAYES ANDERSON DUNCAN fBera Qllpha CPST OFFICERS MILTON FISCI-lBElN .... ............ ........ P r esident MILTON BOYCE ....... ..... V ice-President EDWARD TRIPLETT ..... ..... . Secretary THOMAS RIHERD ...... ..... T reasurer Beta Alpha Psi, honorary and professional accounting fra- ternity was installed March 26, l938, on the University of Florida campus. The fraternity consists of twenty National Chapters in all leading schools of Business and Accounting throughout the country. The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi shall be to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting pro- fession, to promote the study of accountancy and its highest ethical standards, to act as a medium between professional men, instructors, students, and others who are interested in the development of the study or profession of accountoncyg to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional attainments in its members, to encourage cordial intercourse among its members and the profession generally. MILLER LANG MANN ANDERSON BARR GRAVELY CATLEDGE MATHEWS WALDIN ARRI NGTON Qllpha Kappa 'Psi OFFICERS JACKSON D. MILLER, Ill .........,...., WILBERT CANNING. .. ED LANG ............. CURT HOLZER ........ TOM ECONOMOU ...,. L. B. GRAVELY ..... . . . . . . .President ....Vice-President .........Secretary ...........Treosurer ..............Warden Master of the Ritual CANNING NICHOLSON DIXON HOLZER LYLE ECO NOMOU BOYCE COPPEDGE LLEWELYN Ll Nl NGER Alpha Kappa Psi, honorary and professional business administration fraternity was founded in l904 The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi are to further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance, to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals thereof, and to promote and advance, in institutions of college rank, courses leading to de grees in business administration. f all I p I1 Cl Ze t CL I-IONORARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Scholarship - Leadership - Chorocfer AGNER FOLKS HARRIS Rooemas BRYAN BEARDSLEY CAMPBELL MCJUNKIN OWEN ROBERTS STURROCK WILBANKS WILSON MEMBERS NOT PICTURED SPRING PLEDGES B. F. BYRD W. H. MERRIN NEW FACULTY MEMBER J. E. BALDWIN D. vv. BEARDSLEY H. R. BERT E. L. STRICKLAND DR WAYNE REITZ H. J. FULFORD B. H. GALLOWAY S. R. KAZAROS B. C, MCCALL ' B. E. GREEN H. T. PAULK B. A. DOMINICK J. P. HILL C. K. SLATER G. E. TOMS W. M. TURNER S. H. WALKUP m FACULTY ADVISORS ' P. H. SENN F. B. SMITH GEO. D. THORNTON OFFICERS DAN ROBERTS .......................... Choncelor MORGAN MCJUNKIN ..... ............ C ensor FRANK BYRD ....... ..... T reosurer ROYCE AGNER ...... ..... S cribe V. R. BEARDSLEY ..... .... C hronicler A , 5 1 SI -' F , W In i Q' f . I il? wi - -I I , , ',,,m- Q ., sf in I , I . lit t I Mlititttiill ft, ,NN U X , X4----f ' -sc. , ,- XX--g F-- 1 -HL, JZ NX, BISHOP KNISKERN COX PHILLIPS CRAWFORD WEST STEWART EGGART CULPEPPER COLLINS GAY REEDY OFFICERS LANCE LAZONBY ..... ............ ..... A cl visor BOB BISHOP .......... ....... J ustice CHARLIE KNISKERN ..... .... V ice-Justice JOHN COX .... ...... ........ C l erk LLOYD PHILLIPS ..,... ..... T reasurer BRUCE CRAWFORD ........,,......,.,.,.............. Marshall Phi Alpha Delta, national honorary and professional legal 'fraternity was founded in l897 at the Uni- versity ot Illinois. Following a policy ot conservative expansion, Phi Alpha Delta now has chapters in titty-tvvo ot the leading lavv schools in the United States and alumni chapters in many of the larger cites. The purpose at the fraternity is to foster the ideals and standards ot the legal protession. The University ot Florida Chapter, named in honor of the late Senator Duncan U, Fletcher, was established in i924 and since its installation has attained a dominating position in this state and on the University campus. MATHENY SQQIEIES' I- owvrsirsi WICKER NORMAN FARRINGTON COTTEN HOWELL RIGBY TYLANDER JORDAN BARNES, A. J. TEDDER CPM FDeltcL GPM HOINIORARY LEGAL FRA-I-ERIXIITY OFFICERS CECIL FARRINGTON ............... ..... M ogister BILL CHANDLER ...... ...... C lerk JOHN COTTEN ..... .... E xchequer JOHN BARNES .... .. ..... Historian Phi Delta Phi, oldest national legal fraternity, was founded in l869 at the University of Michigan, Since that time 65 chapters have been granted to well-organized groups located in first class schools. The membership roll of these 65 Chapters now totals over 27,000. Phi Delta Phi chapters are known os Inns, the University of Florida Inn being named after Judge R. S. Cockrell, a past member of the Florida Supreme Court, and also a former member of the faculty of the Nathan P. Bryan Law College of the University of Florida. Cockrell Inn was founded at the University of ,Florida in the year l9l9. Phi Delta Phi was founded because of the need in the legal profession for the advancement of high scholarship and culture, the opposition to corrupt practices and the rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics. The fraternity flower is the Jacqueminot rose, the fraternity colors are claret red, and half-pearl blue. Phi Delta Phi is the only fra- ternity which completely dominates and unquestionably leads in its field, Among the distinguished members of Phi Delta Phi are: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president of the United States, Windle Wilkie, Harlan Fiske Stone, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Charles O. Andrews, United States Senator from Florida, Spessard L. Holland, Governor of Florida, H. L. Sebring and Alto Adams of the Florida Supreme Court. Cilllpha 'Phi Qmega National Service Fraternity made up of college students who have been Boy Scouts OFFICERS THOMAS T, STURROCK ....... ....... P resident WILSON S. RIVERS ........ .... V ice-President FREDERICK A, HALLOCK ..... ........ S ecretary THOMAS M.. WOHL ........ .......... T reasurer HERBERT C, LAZARUS ..... Alumni Secretary JACK HOLLAND ..... ,...........Historian W. CARLTON BLISS .... ....... S ergeant-at-Arms DR. ARTHUR SHEALY .......,. Senior Faculty Advisor PROF, GUY FULTON ........ Assocate Faculty Advisor ERNEST HOGAN, Scouting Advisor, Asst. Scout Executive Chapter stayed partly active all summer by contacts with members on campus and those at home . . . year's activities opened an first day of school with the Florida Book Exchange. . . .Extensive pledging netted fifteen pledges . . . Keep Kampus Kleen campaigning started by pledges .... Com- mittees help Florida Blue Key with homecoming plans .... Pearson, Gay and Mclunkin elected to Florida Blue Key . . , Infirmary visitation put on committee basis with Lazarus in charge , . . members usher at lecture in stadium . . . Sturrock elected chapter president ..., Hallock tries camporee with Boy Scouts, result rain, cold, one patrol participating ..., Pearson chosen national man of the mcnth ..,. Six members initiated larmy got the restl .... Prof Guy Fulton and Asst. Scout Executive Ernest Hogan chosen faculty and scouting advisors respectively .,.. Book exchange run again at mid- term ,.., Camporee tried again, result seven patrols, Sturrock and fifty sccuts "chilled" lHallcck and Edwards went home for the nightl .,.. Chapter assists Red Cross in making boxes for surgical dressings .... Members assist with Boy Scout track meet ,... Loss of members to Air Corps, ERC, and draft cuts active membership of chapter down to twelve .... Rivers elected chapter president .... Patrol leader's training course conducted for Boy Scouts .... Annual Boy Scout Field Meet conducted by chapter with the Germond Trophy awarded to the winning troop ..,. Chapter goes on record as intending to stay active throughout the duration of the war even though only one member remains on the campus thus giving as much service as possible .... Year's activities of the chapter closed with the Twelfth Annual Founder's Day Banquet at which new members were initiated and National Alpha Phi Omega Sec- retary Sidney B. North was guest speaker. Barr Bliss Ebersole, R. Ebersole, W Edwards Elliott Ettingoff' Floyd Gay Hallock Holland Lang Lazarus Mathews- McJunkII Mitchel O'CaIlaghan Pearson Rivers Simpson Sturrock Wible Cilllpha 55am Qklpha agp 'Ubbv' 41 541' '-Qnm.. FOLKS GALLOWAY HADDOX NORRIS PAULK TURNER VWLBANKS WOOD Gamma Sigma Epsilon DALE TODD WEIL HULL ALEXANDERL GROSSMAN INGLEY Sigma 'Delta Cjhi EROUSE CODRI NGTON CREWS GRIFFITH KELLY MCEWEN MILLER WOERPEL Tvess Glub BROUSE CREWS GREENBERG GRIFFITH KELLY MCEWEN ' STURROCK WOERPEL CONE TENCH x- y T... , Y 'hr tt l i A A F ARONOVITZ KATES FLOYD GOODRICH LASAROW MURRAY Gam Kappa Qfllpha OFFICERS BILLY LASAROW ..... .... P resident JACK MURRAY .... .... S ecretary CHARLIE KATES ....... ......... ..... T r easurer Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary forensic fraternity, is a nation-wide organization of over lOO chapters and a membership over l2,000. The purpose of TKA is to award suitable recognition for excellence in public speaking and forensics, and to promote an interest in speech activities among the general public. To accomplish that aim TKA has been instrumental in fostering many forums and discussion groups on the campus, Last year the Florida representative won first place in the National TKA Discussion Contest held in Detroit. TKA has sponsored many such tournaments and each year holds a national contest for discussion. This year be- cause of war conditions, the university was not able to send a representative to the tournament. . The National Association of l-lonor Societies has recognized TKA as the official representative in their group of forensic honoraries. Baird's Manual has also listed TKA as an honor society. The chapter here endeavors to maintain the high standards of TKA as recognized by the aforementioned organizations. cfllplia 'Psi Qmega . Left to right: ERNEST STANLEY, DAVID PEACOCK, JOHN STONE, WALTER TURNER Kappa Kappa 'Psi Austin Bain Baker Barrow Barry Cimino Deehl Collins Dale Dougherty Forth Harrison Hunt Louis Martin Lyle Lynn Moore Myers Nourse Thigpen White Williams Cornell CORRY FLOYD DAVIS HAYES AUCREMANN ESBERG MARTIN MILLER TRIPLETT ffieta Gamma Sigma HONORARY COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS BILL CORRY ......... ........... ........ P r esident WILLIAM MARTIN. . ..... Vice-President Beta Gamma Sigma is not only the highest but also the only strictly honorary fraternity in the College cf Business Administration. Those who have won election to member- ship in Beta Gamma Sigma have won an honor greatly coveted by Commerce students, a distinction highly re- spected by a large number of leaders in educational and business fields. The naticnal organization of Beta Gamma Sigma had its origin .in the consolidation of three local honorary clubs on February 26, l9l3. Today there are approximately fifty among the most alpha of Florida chaptess of this fraternity which are located respezted of the nation's universities. The chapter was installed in l93O, Eligibility for this fraternity is determined by scholastic requirements, one of whzch is the limitation of iuniar election to the highest two per cent and senior election iincluding those elected when juniorsl to the highest ten percent of the graduating class. JOHNSON BEVIS WHITE PAINE MOORE HEIMER FLOYD MOYER GREENBERG MANN SHAW SAFER KESSEN RUHL SCHWARTZ HUDDLESTON WHIDDON WHEELER BATES POSEY MORRIS BLISS BELL CALDWELL CATES DRAKE LANGFORD Gator 'Pep Glub The Gator Pep Club is composed of sophomores, both fraternity and non-fraternity men. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate and foster spirit in student body activities and to work in co-operation with the cheerleaders and various campus organizations in attaining this end. Of the various projects carried out by the Pep Club each year, the "Pep Parades" are the most colorful, These parades find droyes of freshmen marching through the streets of Gainesville, dressed in pajamas or blankets, cheering the football team to victory for the coming football game. Front row left to right: Ernest Stanley, David Peacock, Walter Turner, John Stone. Back raw left to right: Mark l-lulsey, Tom Eisele, Tom Hicks, Alvin Knight, Aubrey Epstein. Members not in picture: John Chowning, Vernon Weaver, Perry Wilson, Vernon Quigley, Ray Mclntyrc E. B. Jc-hnson, Bill Giddens, Bill Kessen, George Haldeman, King Caddoo. Cgfloricla Tla ers The Florida Players have always brought Gator-men the kind of dramatic offerings wanted--as evidenced by continued, enthusiastic support from the student body. Last year, three majors-this season two major productions under war time conditions which saw stage managers and crews, and members of the two casts withdraw to play bigger roles under the direction of Uncle Sam. First semester brought forth "A Slight Case of Murder" lno pun in- tended? under the capable direction of Prof. Lester L. Hale and the second semester offered the even bigger hit "The Late Christopher Bean" directed by Prof, Roy E. Tew. The "Players" function solely for the pleasure of University of Florida students-those on both sides of the footlights-and so long as Florida men want them, Florida men will continue to have Florida Players. Agner Beardsley, B. Beardsley, D.- Burch Campbell Cannon Carleton Clark, B. H. Clark, S. Coleman Cunningham Dohner Douglas Felton Folks Fulford Greene Harbin Harvey McCormick McJunkin Miley Nettles Partin Patterson Peeples Plank Priest Rhodes Robbins Southall Thompson Trotter Tyson Vanlondingham ortar and Testlef so BAUMSTEIN H. BEVIS W. G. BEVIS CIMINO DALE ENDELICATO HARRIS HUGHES LAYMAN LAZARUS MASTERS PEDRERO RIGGS WHALLEY WHITMORE M Cffllorida Rifles COLEMAN DESNOYERS DOUGHERTY FOLKS LEE LUCAS PLANK SMITH TWITCHELL WIBLE cyflgricultural Glub Presidents During the Year Exist Quuricr JOHN FOLKS Second Quorier DA N BEARDSLEY Third Quarter JOHN CAMPBELL Fourth Quarter WARREN TROTTER AGNER BEARDSLEY CAMPBELL CUNNINGHAM FOLKS GALLOWAY HARBIN HIBBS JONES LITTMAN PULLIAM ROBERTS RODGERS STURROCK TROTTER 53 -g ig gm .4 .. ,J v-' . K 552- i f - CSA f ' Jr ggirfio 'ITL C 'T I C G Tl O C I 6 ty O " 'i.'1i'14fi1 yffQl O - :-. ' ' 'Nz' - - -J L, ,4 ,yff all rzcu tural En 5 5339? WILSON EICHELBERGER MCJUNKIN DILL DESNOYERS ,...f-, 141111 c X STRICKLAND :IW .J 'LZJ ' . er 'f 5" P F! ina-J: JJ We L " JJ4 Back Row: Kurtz, McCarthy, Flood, Evans, Clark, Summers Middle Row: Childs, Mraz, Johnson, Adams, Aucreman, Ellis Front Row: Duncan, Kimball, Caddoa, Cox, Whitaker, Cappleman iBenton Sngineering Qouncil OFFICERS JIM COX ......... ......... ....... P r esident CARL KIMBALI. ..... .... V ice-President KlNG CADDOO .... ....... S ecretary DR. R. MORGAN ....... The Benton Engineering Society was founded in l9l6 and named in honor of John R. Benton, the first dean of the College of Engineering. The purpose of the society is to coordinate the activities of the various departmental Engineering societies on the campus, and to serve as a social organiza- tion for the entire Engineering College. This year, as in the past, the main function of the society was Engineers' Field Day held on April l7. This is an occasion at which the Engineers forget their slipsticks and concentrate on fun. The Chemicals won the Field Day this year with . ......... Faculty Adviser the other departments trailing in the following order: Mechanicals, Electricals, Civils, and a com- bination of the Industrials and the General College Engineers. Other activities include an annual smoker, the Engineers' Fair, and Technical Paper Contests. The governing body of the society is the Benton Engineering Council, pictured above. The Council is composed of the Society officers, the president of each departmental society, and two elected delegates from each department. The brains of the organizationi Ettingoff, B.E.S, Representativej Whitaker, President, and Turner, Secretary . f 'trier .,...,g Pouring over a plant Iavniit are: Crisp, Linder, Bain and Nathan Combine to Work in the Motion and Cummings and Time lab. CCs5he ,Society for the cfldfuancement of e7XCanagement The S, A. M. consists of those industrial engineers who believe that without good management the other engineers would do their work for naught. Qfzimerican Ynstitute of Qhemical Engineers BROWN TODD DUNCAN HERRON, W, I-IERRON, J. GROSSMAN YA NCEY FRENCH MCCARTHY EASTMAN CLARK HULL EVANS CADDOO CHILDS t 4 i ln the Sanitary Laborat'ory-Mahoney pettrs same el his solution to King while Harkness chuckles. In the hack Flovcl and Hardaker scrutinize a nessler tithe. t t In the Hydraulic Laboratory tlitttchk Iohl l'lotv til water over weirs is studied here by Boker, May, Miles, Crookshank, Bute, and Mrtti wht: takes the netes as ttsttol It was iietwsstiry te hreols tip a good game ot salvo to post- this ptctttre. cyflmerican ,Society of Qifuil Engineers The ASCE gets the boys who spend the greater pert of their nine months in the llydrattlic Lah together every other Monday night for discussions and programs of interest' to Civil Engineers, let programs of a social nature, and for greater cooperation with the College of Engineering in carrying Cut its projects such as engineer's field day. Among the activities this year were a hamhttrger fry, interesting programs, and the wearing ol black hands by lietz and Flood when the Civtls lo-tt the held clay for the first time in many years. ln the Drafting Room-The ittnicrs argue over the exact location of point A On Cameren's railroad plan Miller, Carter, Cameron, Cappleman, Parramore, and Boggs are the juniors. 'C , .4?' l, M .. s .V-lf. N... W . , ln the Field-The surveying party fotnes heme qflu, G hart! clay! wtzrk Chosen throws thc chain while Cohh, McCrat ken, Oxford, and Lewis Ieolx on with -keen interest, cflmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers Bock Row. Prof Craig, Bryon, Eddings, W. Marlin, Aucremon, Hitchcock, Ullivori, Prof. Wilson. Front Row: Adams, E, Martin, Dorsett, Stcllrcclwl, Johnson, Khcurs, Lone, Gono. OFFICERS MILTON ADAMS ..... ........, ...... C I1 oirrnon PAT EDDINGS .... .....,, V ice-Chairman O. R. GANO ..... ..... S ecretory-Treasurer E. F SMITH ..... ............ C ounselor C5-Zlmericcin Society of efbffeclianicctl Engineers Ebaugh Ellis Cox Roe Kimball Kurtz Fineren Palakowski Snyder Augustine Ranson Gagliardi Stone Handlee Hazen Sherron Pearce McMillan Ericsson Knowles McAuley King Levy Stratton Pasteur McKee Katz Gaynor Goravaglia LA. iwzf Hin 47 ,f .r E V 1 W Pxruxy Jgomim '1 , I, cmgfz cw: , wh ss X car-wi ...M-. ww 3 ' . gi V- " vw, Hyman 'VIH-rf' ,xx G Ufbnscm, 07za:v:Jo Q me lmumm, Cbwffff wN"X Q Mk! Q , 9' qomm, Cu.n'unifmf.S ' Vprgs. NOLZER ffl' Sovnl-017 Sec AEONOVITZ cnmnmm ,sul M AWS 9 MIN Qcurfejins Do-hnsn. B .A V ' mf 03 '33 MS' .fm vi" 'bww -aw fr ' gm Ham- Qe.:1sm'er O gag, Glvwa-le, -Gzaxfdqby W- v .. ' vi N.. N .wi ' QA P,s.TJn-.Awf'- x Bmwe 74-wi , KM.. ,.x,,.. ,, fn, W ' 1, Q, 1 gg W Gdvw-sk flicm. Hqjdinm ,W--1 It .: ,- Interfcglmerzcain ectzon., During the l9'l2-43 sessicn of tlia Uriiverzity the Inter-American Section had representatives from Bolivia, Brazil, Cliila, Colombia Co5ta Rica, Peru, Puerto Rico, and tlio United States. A MARTI-IA I-IANDLEY MARY ANN SMlTl-l Gampus Go-eds STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY ON WEEK-ENDS ll. SUSANNE PIERCE DOROTHY PERKI NS JEAN STEARNS BETTY JEAN BAILEY ANN DECCARD JUNE BOWDEN Front Rovv: Carl Bryan, Merrill Stevens, Thomas Newell, Billy Reese, John Mc.l3rown, Roderick Peeples, llenry Cone, Dr, Joseph R. Eullq, George Simms, Bala Threadgill, Edmund Dady, l'lenry Suddath, Harry Bassett, T, T. Hatton, Ardney Boland, Lovic Pierce - Second Rowi Eugene Gardner, Bill Leovengood, Stanley Cray, J. L. High, Raymond Kader, Phil Carroll, Nathan Einncy, Charlie Davis, Bela Raluorn, ernard Clark, lfluhert Parramore, C. W, l-larhin, Thad Moss, Wallace Thompson, Bah Willis, Reymer Gaventa, James Christie, Charles Whitohurst. Third Rovvi Pat Murphy, Austin Whipple, Sam Williams, Bryan Goss, Ben Daniels, Bill Moore, Buddy Hatton, l-lilton Cotten, David Gunscn, Carlis Taylor, Julian Thompson, Dan Cowen, S. W Clark, Carey Robbins, Anthony lvlusseau, Eustice Parmelle, l-lulnert Van Landingham, Gooperatifve Living Organization OFFICERS l-ll:NRY CONE ...... ........... ...... P r esident BOB THREADGILL .... ........... V ice-President GEORGE SIMMS, JR.. . .... Secretary and Treasurer RODERlCK PEEPLES. .. ...... Purchasing Agent The Cooperative Living Organization, operated entirely hy students, is designed so as to otter any boy who is Willing to do his part in team work, the opportunity to live at' the University at a minimum cost. C. I., O. owes deepest gratitude to Dr. Joseph R, Eulk at the College ot Education, who presented to the organization, in trust, its present property as a memorial to his late vvite, Nellie Swanson Fulk. The Cooperative Living Organization was founded in l932 and then, as novv, it was woven into a single unit by the economic needs ot its individual members. lt Otters to each boy valuable experience in living vvith other people, ee SERVICE -- Worship Roorn in Floriclo Union lerry Lyle, Bill Lippold, Beekman Cottrell, Poul Weiss, Don Jones, Eugene Coldwell, Bill Woldin, Maurice Eorobee, Eorl Woldin - SOCIAL - Breokfost-Stole Conference EARL CHESTNUT ARTHUR DEVINE WILLIAM LOUISELL DICK GRAY LESLIE STEVENS ROBERT CLEMENZI JOHN BARGER EDWARD MUSSALLEM LOUIS KEMPF FRANK BURRIS JOE FORSHEL THOMAS HALEY HAROLD BERT FRED MCCALL GILBERT SCHENKEL DAN MCCARTHY RAYMOND BARRETT PHIL FRARACCI JACK KEEGAN PASCO ANGELICO GRAHAM WHITE HILTON COTTON ewman., GIIJLIJ DAN CANNON ...... OFFICERS TONY ENDELICATO ................. BILL ALLEN .... JOHN HOAGE ..... DENNIS WEISSING MAURICE GRONDIN JOHN BOLI NG ROBERT BRYAN CHARLES PARK CHARLES PEREZ CHARLES WILSON JOHN BATTILLO EDWIN BROWNELL ROBERT FRUIN ALEXANDER GARCIA LOUIS TRAINA WALTER MCCOOK ED O'CONNELL BOB MQCANDLESS BERNARD CIMINO JAMES MCNAMEE GEORGE MASS WALLY MUSSALLEM GEORGE KOWABANY KELLY HENNESSY OFFICERS . . ....... President .....Vicc-President . . . . .Treasurer .................ScCreIc1ry CARL DUGHI JOE ROBBINS WARREN RUESS C. MENDOZA BOB MCCARTHY THEODORE CHINE CELESTINO RUBIERA HENRY ZUMBOLTE JOE GILMOUR DICK BARTLETT TON-Y GARABALDI VINCENT ALMOI NA JACK KOLNIG L, M. COBO VINCENT COSTELLO PHILIP OWEN DONALD DOMATO TOM NORDMAN FRANK FORTH LUIS GUERRA FRANK VALCARCEL ii CANNON ENDELICATO ALLEN HOAGE PHIL CLARK JOHN CONWAY JACK MORRIS ANDY SERROS JOHN MARSH SALVADOR DELGADO JACK SAUNDERS BERNARD MCCABE BOB Tl-IREADGILL RICHARD ANDERSON PHIL CARROL JOHN DICKSON FRANCIS MCDONALD DOMINICK MAZERO FRANCIS FENNESSY ANTHONY FRATTO JOHN DOLAN JOHN GILLAN DANIEL O'GRADY WALTER BELL NORMAN JONES FRANK SENERCIIIA um! . ffff'-' sgQXlW5f 7 5 ' F Aw r f , P411 E qw W! P QR. , .-7 . - i ' ',., A l 'N' wflf qv Front Row: Alias John Smith, Phil Anderson, Bill Colson, George McMaster, Ciiddens King, l-lomilton lflayes, Richard Farrior, Myron Ciihhons, David Crapper. Second Row: Ben Benjamin, Glen Purdom, Sam Pinder, OCS, lrlugh Thompson, Calvin Goodwin, "Preacher" Gordon, Yandell Page, Dick Crago, Max Cheney, Jimmy Bryan. Third Row: Jack Baldwin, Ted Salb, Frank Pickard, Frank Aucremann, Pat Edclings, Jim Preston, Lester Baden, Charles Oynes, Jim Gallatin, Jack Fleming, Robert Green, Buddy Phillips, Junior l-lorsey. Fourth Row: Bill Hickman, Sandy Geer, Stuart Kemp, Fred Winkler, Wliit Merrin, George Cooley, Willbert Canning, Spencer Waltr:ii,. Richard Sowell, Bill Lininger. Filth Row: Bot: Stratton, Preston Daniels, Neill Brammar, Boi: McCulloch, Mike Whetstone, Dan Beardsley, Dave Martin, Lieut. James Bearclsley, Jimmy Thornton, Jim Littman. Tresbyteriam Stucleniew Session., The Sludeiit Session, Preshyterian student service organization, fillers a lull program ol worship, friendship, and activity for students ol Prvslyyterioii and alliliated faiths. Memhership in either ol the two deacon groups or the elders group is contingent upon signing the covenant card and active service in the church's program for students. All activities are centered in the First Preshvterian Church with the Student Session l-louse, l606 W, University Ave, as an auxiliary REV. GORDON X unit. The Session l-louse is open all hours of the day and evening for recreation and Study. All Florida men are welcome to the use nl these facilities. Since its organization in l9Jfl the Student Session has grown in its interest and effectiveness as a contact unit of the church with the students. lts membership is open to all who will worthily wear the Convenanters' Cross. REV. PAGE li i l l i 5 i l ...H i---N TFT -. .-S, ti Fl wwe, 4 ' . i 1 ' 3 1, Ggfillel ,Society The Wesley Foundation, which is the name for the student religious program of the Methodist Church at State Universities, centers mainly in an attractive brick building on University Ave- nue across from the campus, Here Sunday services and week-day activities are held. The building includes a chapel, lounge, social hall, kitchen, office and other facilities. The l942-43 pro- gram, in spite of severe wartime changes, included such highlights as the en- tertainment of the Eleventh Annual Florida Methodist Student Conference and ad- dresses by several outstand- ing student leaders includ- ing Mrs. Grace Sloan Over- ton of New York and Dr. James W. Workman of Chi- cago. Student president of the Wesley Foundation: JACK MILLER Director REV. A. ROUK BUHRMAN 7-T' President' SID BROUSE COUNCIL '3 x. ii, ' ss . rl.Ix'l1'l'D """"""". , D, Sl'l'lL'lCll'y "CCW DAVID SPEC: ILER RAISBI AMRAM PREIQO IQIELICSIOUS SERVICE iewzslt Students Los 'Picaros Q I N Ullivor ' Cabre Cabr Delg d FI Garcia Gonze b h Guer Pav g Po I Pullara Valca I Vele APP' 9 Ar Camero Casse Chow g Cort I Dal MCk McCoy Marr Mart May Tittl V W g fad Q 3969 V? VO Q it I ,J CJ QI QQ! if X Gfllraternities Backrow: Miner, Beatty, Wenzel, Germany, Whiteside, Robinson, Payne, Nourse, Kates. Front Row: Floyd, Griffen, Bryant, McEwen, Weadock, Newman, Neale, Elliott, Losorow. lnterfraternity onfererice Serving as executive body for Florida's efficiently managed Greek Lodge system, the IFC this year faced and subdued all problems arising from the pledging of a record-breaking class of 520 fresh- men in September, to social affairs, and wartime changes in policy. Represented in membership by each of the 2l national organizations on the campus, the Inter- fraternity Conference successfully continued its established precedent of complete cooperation among all of the local frats. Socially, the season was carried through in the same fashion as in past years, though somewhat curtailed in lieu of the present war. ln spite of these hindrances, football dances were held earlier in the year and two big name bands were brought to the campus: Will Osborne for Fall Frolics and Tommy Reynolds at Military Ball. Facing even more handicaps and restrictions as a result of a continued World War, the IFC drew up plans toward the end for operation of an in- terfroternity conference just so long as fraternities existed on the campus, and recommended to the succeeding bodies of this kind that every effort be mode to prolong the present conception of fraternity life at Florida. I Qfficets l IJLJU VV LFXIJLJLJX T T WlLLlAM LASAROW President THOMAS MCEVVEN Secretory Vice-President Alpha Gamma Rho Ellis Green Alpha Tau Omega Thomas McEwen Beta Theta Pi Osborne Bryant Chi Phi Charles Kates Delta Chi Franklin Beatty Delta Tau Delta John Germany Kappa Alpha A. F. Whiteside GMCMDETS Kappa Sigma Frank Griffen Lambda Chi Alpha Ed Gill Phi Delta Theta Jim Robinson Phi Gamma Delta Morris Young Phi Kappa Tau George Wenzel Pi Kappa Alpha Eugene Floyd Pi Kappa Phi I Bill Neale Pi Lambda Phi Billy Lasarow Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leo Elliott Sigma Chi Jimmy Paine Sigma Phi Epsilon Philip Nourse Sigma Nu Robert Weodock Tau Epsilon Phi Stuart Newman Theta Chi Norris Miner Agner Anderson Baldwin Cunningham Emerson Folks Green Greene Fredericks Hindery, L Hindery, R. Herndon Hill Jones Kazaros Long Miller Partin Peeples Perry Pinholsler Rackley Rodgers Southall Stewart Tyson Voorhees cfllpha Gamma 'Rho . .Q ---v . -. ws SENIORS LEMLJEL CLJNNINGHAM JOHN FOLKS JACK HADDOX ROBERT HINDERY ROYCE AGNER THOMAS HERNDON CHARLES PARTIN WILLIAM GREENE PAUL MILLER JOHN BALDWIN JEFFERSON HILL CLAYTON EMERSON ELWOOD ANDERSON EARL RODGERS ROBERT KAZORAS f JUNIORS ROBERT DOUGLASS ZAR I EL TYSON ELLIS GREENE WARREN TROTTER SAMUEL WALKUP SOPHOMORES ' EDWIN STEWART CAREY SOUTHALL ROBERT PERRY RUDOLPH RACKLEY STANLEY ROSENBERGER FRESHMEN CARL FREDERICKS LLJCIAN HINDERY CLAUD JONES HERMAN LONG THOMAS JONES JACK PINHOLSTER September . . . Window-washing, floor-waxing . . . the porch columns have to be painted. Who the heck do you think you are, Perry? sleeping til 6330! We gotta snare some freshman future farmers! Rush week , . . I7 pledges. Just plain freshman one day, they said, but galley slaves the next under Pledgemaster Emerson. But they wore the green and gold. October . . . Football games, wiener roasts, Harvest Hop, sweater girls, falling leaves and falling grades . . , frost in the air and farewell to I-A's . . . Peeples, Lucian Hindery, Allen, gone but never forgotten. Perry goes home to farm, rush chairman goes frantic. lNoble Ruler stayed franticl November . . . Hill shines, at least on the shoulders, as he mounts his three diamonds as an artillery regi- mental commander . . . Miller also mounts . , fthe stairs to matrimony. Agner and Bishop exhibit proud chestsl?l bedecked with Florida Blue Key. Rogers becomes more involved with more women. Hindery becomes first victim of AGR wolf pack. December . , . Fall Frolics with l3l imported females. Agner, Dean of Wolves, had to shop as far as Texas for his. Whatcha gonna do Xmas? Work, loaf, study or sleep, stay sane or sober? Xmas party for under- privileged children . . . Ellis mothers his brood. Southall DONALD VOORHEES THOMAS CANNON 'GEARLD GAY GEORGE DOLJGLASS BILL KELLER SIDNEY ALLEN making a better Santa Claus than a Marine. The final movements of i942 then we all rushed away. January , . . and we all didn't rush back. Rogers didn't even get back. Browning the sergeants at Parris Island now. Partin begins new era of Thursday-to- Tuesday weekends with new bride. lXmas present from his pop.l Miller to the army, wife and all. Finals com- ing up, more bull sessions. February . . . Hill, Kazaros, Rogers exit via "honors". "Kaltenborn" Kazaros gives final session. Hill bellows last orders to regiment, also bellows love-call and is joined by mate lpoor girlll Stewart exits via West Point, Emerson and Anderson exit via Army Air Corps. March . . . We keep the house. Colonel "Agony" takes command of infantry and the Military Ball. Whatta Ball! Women everywhere! Even Herndon lured one down using approved Lonely Hearts tactics. Jones in intirmary so at least one wolf less. Remember the wiener roast and Pinholster? April . . . Rodeo tirnel Prexy Wild Bill Greene does splendid job. Cowboy Cunningham shines on steer . . . Rackley shines as usual. Tyson's heifer grand champion, and Long from Chuluota thrills whip-cracking fans. Folks hits Lakeland jackpot, and even Cunningham lets hair down for date. May . . . how the hell do we know what happened? lt hasn't come yet! W WJ f , T xldw A ' M E 'Qi xl Q fa' 552 V' "' Nh N -n, '-5 X57 Q wg, .'.fs""!i Q4 Y 'r ,1 if 'Q Xml , 1 D is 4 " . Y X , J cyfllpha CGIEIIJI Omega CHARLES JACKSON BALDWIN WILLIAM THORN BAYNARD LEMUEL A. BELL GEORGE DONALD BISHOP WILBERT ROSS CANNING BENNET AVEY DOMINICK WALTER GORDON FRAUENHEIM JOHN EDWIN BAKER, JR. JOHN HARRY BOWMAN RALPH CLIFTON DELL FRED GRADY DUFFY, JR. RICHARD WATSON BACON WILLIAM HAMER BEARDALL ROBERT JACOB BIRDSALL BRUCE BOLT ALBERT MAXIMUS BREWER RICHARD BENTLEY BROWN JOHN STOCKTON BRYAN JAMES OLIN COX, JR. JULIAN KLELTNER DOMINICK WILLIAM EMERY ADAMS JAMES DUNCAN BAKER HAROLD WARE BARBER HAROLD MARTYN BEARDALL JACK OLIVER BOON WILLIAM C. BRANAN JOHN W. BURTON BENJAMIN P. CALHOUN MACK NORMAN CLEVELAND WILBUR FISKE DIVINE PHILIP WESLEY DORN SENIORS HAROLD WALTON GOFORTH OWENS HAMILTON MCDONNELL WOODFORD HAMILTON HAYES ROBERT LAFAYETTE PEARSON WILLIAM EVERHARD HERRON JACK HAMILTON HERRON CHARLES HADEN LASLEY WILLIAM GLADSON LININGER ROBERT HARVEY MILLER CHARLES MOORE PHILLIPS ARTHUR I. ROE THEODORE EDGAR SALB ARMIN HILL SMITH, JR. ROBERT RYAN TENCH J u N I o R s EUGENE ROBERT FELTON ROBERT OSCAR LINDSTROM EVERETT BURCH HART, JR. RAYMER FRANCIS MAGUIRE ALBERT GRAY KING RAY D. B. MATTHEWS, JR. HENRY GIDDENS KING THOMAS MASSEY MCEWEN MARION MURRAY LASLEY S o P H o M o R E S THEODORE AUGUSTUS ERCK JAMES FREDERICK HORSEY ALVIN JOSEPH FILLASTRE NOAH HANNIBAL JENERETTE JACK EUGENE GATEWOOD DONALD RANDALL JONES EDWIN WELBORN GUERNSEY DANIEL HOBSON LAIRD, JR. WILLIAM PULLEN HADLEY WILLIAM AYLLETTE MCMANUS JOSEPH H. HALE JAMES MADISON NeSMITH JACK WESLEY HARRIS O. B. OGLETREE, JR. WILLIAM LENOX HEIMER KURT DIXON RATIENCE JOHN REARSE HOLLOWAY RICHARD WARD RODGERS LUTHER WILLIAM HOLLOWAY LAWRENCE BRADY ROE F R E s H M E N RICHARD THOMAS FARRIOR EDWARD HUGHSON HURLEBAUS KIRBY WILSON FITE, JR. EARL WILLIAM JETER JAMES ALFRED FRANKLIN MATT MURFREE JETTON CHARLES BETTS GALLOWAY JOHN DAVID KEATING OWEN DOUGLAS GILMAN WILLIAM BUCKNER LANIER, JR. ROBERT LOUIS GREEN HUGH BEDIEL LINDGREN MILES LEWIS HALL WM. HERBERT LIVINGSTON, JR. WILLIAM FHIFER HALL ROBERT RAY LOGAN FREDERICK MEWHORTER HARRIS CLARENCE REID MCMASTER ROBERT HAUL HEASLEY WILLIAM BRYAN MEHARG JACK BRADLEY HIPFLER RICHARD RIPLEY MEHRHOF CHARLES ALVIN BLACK ROBERT PELOT EBERSOLE MYRON GUNBY GIBBONS STEPHEN LAWRENCE MCMILLAN CHARLES MALTHY POTTER JAMES KNOX RUSH MONTE JULIAN TILLIS GEORGE RILEY MCMASTER GEORGE EDWARD NETTLES WILLIAM HENRY WILBANKS DAVID BURKE KIBLER Ill SMITH JOHNSTON RUDASIL JOSEPH BAYNARD SHEAROUSE, J HENRY CECIL SMITH, JR. RICHARD GORDON SOWELL JAMES HENRY VIDAL THOMAS STETSON VIDEON SPENCER WATSON JAMES BLAKE WILSON RICHARD KING COLE, JR. ROBERT JAMES MORRIS WILLIAM ELMER REYNOLDS WILLIAM NELSON RIVERS JERRY ROSS JAMES VERNON SEE EDWARD MORRIS SHURTLEFF ROBERT FRANKLIN' STAHL DONALD FRANKLIN THOMAS THOMAS SIMMONS TRANTHAM JAMES MCKAY TRULUCK TRENT STANFORD WAKELING First rush week during wartime, but still we managed to come out with the proverbial, "Yeah, we lost a couple, but we got who we really wanted anyway." When t'was over we found we had the larg-est class ever, in the ups of 46 and types ranging from a Boon to a Irantham to Lu Hall and Heasley. The rumors themselves started early this year and with the advent of the grid season plans were made each week-end for our final blow." For weeks in a raw, including the somewhat cut Homecoming, also deemed as a "date function," the basement was dressed up In the proper attire for a fun week-end. Even so early boys began receiving their fares paid to Camp Blandingf and me FIIGDTCT IDGQUD to shrink, but only after arrangements were made with their local boards to lay over for a rest durina Fall Frolics. The Frolics, Will Osborne and Marianne were tops for the year and furnished a perfect atmosphere for the record-breaking 75 dates IIT the house. Then came Coffee Dan highlighted by the skits In which the techniques of a Captain, a Mole, a Deacon, and a Speedster were revealed . . . and Mr. Pettybone. Christmas, the semester Came and went and so did about half the chapter. Freshmen of course got the bug first and parties were being held nightly for departing brothers, including ShLIrtleff, Barber, Dominick, Brewer, Dell, Thomas, Tiger and Billy, Miller, Fite, Tiny, and O. B. Even best freshman Lanier slipped off on the 922i special to diplomatic school. Then, a Valentine's Ball and Brawl just to keep our spirits up, showing off some of the brothers legs and otherwise in a precision chorus. This week-end as usual the basement and library took a beating. Military Ball, Reynolds and his not-so-sweet music and Cadet Col. Hayes with Charlotte "long, long ago." Lt. Col. Goforth land Megi, Majors McMillan and Philips, and Capts. Bell and Dominick wearing their Scabbard and Blade Keys along with itoi the bars. McEwen and Hayes were added to the standing list of Tench as campus BMOC's in the form of Florida Blue Key, which served as an erstwhile climax to campus activities for the year. No elections this year and emphasis was placed toward the last on catching the Phi Delts in Intramurals, while still making plans for "after the war." At the end fare- well parties were again in order and a final salute was given to the departing seniors who had served for 4'5- fu 'Q' 1 I 10 Y '17 Q , .5 -ix Quigley Bryant Smith, R. W Smith, Rob Gay Sebring Grossfield Cockrell Gordon Grafton Holdeman Giddens Myers Harrison Inglis Britt Edwards Baker Drury Carter Higgins Winegeort Newton Simpson Lonnom Hart Toy Bird Bodden Wooten Hutchinson Cotlett Duncan Belcher Gibson Shumon Richards Rhodes Ayers Tyson fBeta Theta 'Pi O. HERMAN LEWIS JACK W. POLLNER F. OSBORN BRYANT, HAROLD C. GORDON GEORGE HALDEMAN BILLY GIDDENS WILLIAM M. BAKER W. S. BELCHER J. H. BIRD LESTER BODDEN M. VERNON CARTER GEORGE F. CATLETT F. VAN DRURY I S E N I O R S F. VERNON QUIGLEY ROY W. SMITH S. W. TURBIVILLE WILLIAM W. GAY W. PERRY WILSON E. B. JOHNSON ROB S. SMITH P, SCOTT LINDER J U N I 0 R S RALPH G. GRASSFIELD WILLIAM W. LEWIS G. EUGENE SEBRING FORREST A. KILGORE, JR. PRESTON T. COCKRELL S 0 P H O M O R E S I. BARNETT HARRISON JOHN STONE JOHN E. BRITT, JR. EDWARD GRAFTON H. MORGAN RICHARDS ROBERT RHODES FRITZ MYERS F R E S H M E N OMER E. LANNOM DONALD E. NEWTON J. WILLIAM SIMPSON B. LAMAR WINEGEART T. WARREN WOOTEN BEN T. SHUMAN ROBERT D. TOY PAT F. DUNCAN, Ill R. OMER EDWARDS M. W. HART H. C. HIGGINS GUS D. HINSON WILLIAM V. HOWLAND THOMAS H. HUTCHINSON JACK L. BAST ROBERT H. GIBSON DONALD TYSON BARRIE MINOR LESLIE BRITT JIMMY PENUEL CHARLES AYERS National social fraternities last active year for the duration was not unkind to Beta Theta Pi at the University of Florida. 'ln spite of the great depletions in the ranks af older men which the war had imposed, the chapter was successful in pledging a record number of men. Besides the pledges, Frank, newly annexed mascot was added to the membership and succeeded in making a spectacle of himself at the W. Osborne concert as well as on the fields of PFP. Functioning in a social vein began with a bong during Auburn week-end when the campus jumped at the Beta Tea Dance, while brothers and dates knack themselves out over the only Zoot Suit on the campus! Fall Frolics found the Betas in fine shape for their big week- end of the year, Climaxing this week-end was the lOth annual Beta B- Party which was a howling success as many of the neighbors will verify! Early initiation followed closely on the heels of Fall Frolics and fauna' 23 men seeing the light of Beta Theta Pi's three bright stars. Topped off with the annual initiation banquet honoring initiates and campus great. January and February, with their gruelling cramming and- exams were not entirely wasted by the Betas. Pollner and Lewis announced marriage and Dlans of some, while less fortunate brothers turned to local talent and scholastic acti- vities. Come March and Military Ball is the lead news of the month. The Beta's did function in mass, To the extent that the living quarters of the house were given over to dates from all over the state and adding quite a few more complications to a complicated week-end. Climaxing the week-end for the campus was the Beta dance Saturday night with almost everybody on hand til 4 or later. Other than a little trouble with the neighbors to the west, the air corps, the ERC, and the draft, Beta Theta Pi has marched on triumphantly and so will continue in spirit no mat- ter how depleted the ranks become, until that day when peace and victory are with us and Beta Theta Pi as before will lead in the reformation of fraternities in colleges and universities all over the country. r ' I N ,340 if L -af sl '99 .15 'PR "l'AfJwlQ9 Holmes I. .glad Updike, A. ,',,rx fQfq 1 I 0 47 ,Q Wim 7 , cd '+-ug if -4 ,Mg 3' Vw? ,ara Wood Thomasson Katcs Frosio 0'Callaghan Pearson Myers Rife Updike, J. O'NeaI Higgins Baker Williams Gard Ebcrsole Maxey Pinder Maugans Harlow Oppenborn Pike Draper Goehring DeWinkler Didion McDonald Whitehead Shaffer' Miller Landfield FPlIi JEROME LA NDSF I ELD s E N I o R s BERNARD KAMINSKI CHARLES THOMASSON GEORGE W. WOOD, III JOSEPH FROSIO JAMES W. HOLMES ARCH uPDIKE CHARLES M. KATES J U N I o R s TOM o'cALLAaHAN JACK MYERS RAY H. PEARSON RALPH I-IOLLISTER ERSKI NE OCDEN CHARLES JEWETT s 0 P H o M o R E s JOHN RIFE JOHN uPDIKE VERNON POSEY HENRY O'NEAL BEN HIeeINS F R E s H M E N HENRY OPPENBORN LEE DRAPER ROBERT DIDION DOB BAKER PHILIP PINDER JOSEPH MAueANS HLJDER EBERSOLE LEA E. WILLIAMS JOHN HARLOW LAYTON WHITEHEAD DICK SHAEEER EDWARD MAXEY ROBERT sAuLTs AUGUST DEWINKLER ALDEN K. PIKE PARKER LEE MCDONALD HOWARD MILLER WILLIAM E. OOEHRINO PRED KELLY With Chi Phis all over the entire World fighting the Axis in every branch of the service from the Theta Delta Chapter, the brothers remaining pledged up our largest pledge Class in the last five years--26 freshmen. With the Sportsmanship Trophy for the entire School on our mantle, the Chace l-lall boys Went to battle in intramurals under the leadership of Brothers Wood and O'Callaghan. First semester, "Bird Dog" Thomasson became a major in the cadet infantry Corps and Brother Ray Pearson become Chancellor of the l-lonor Court. At semesters Chi Phi sent three brothers to medical school. Kominski to North- western, Wood to Cornell, and l-lolmes to Tulane. On his way, Kaminski grabbed Phi Kappa Phi honors. Arch Updike received his degree and Was off to Navy school to be an Ensign. Socially speaking it Was another great year, Fall Frolics brought loads of dates and a highly successful Chief Mogul campaign. DeWinkler became president of the pledge class and "Fragliardi, my darling," Will never be forgotten. Military Ball, With steak fries, dances, horseback rides, and breakfasts will long be remem- bered around the house. Ogden, the "record collector" finally deserted his juke box for Camp Blanding and Pike stole the girls' hearts. Kates and Rigby make the West wing look like the Law Library. - Second semester the Theta Delta boys with their Florida Alumni formed the Florida Chi Phi Trust Association to hold our house While we Whip the Japs. Pro- lessor Jim Chace is the first president of the Association. ' War or no War, it was a great year. Beatty Davis Endelicato Mc M Floyd Leite Carthy, D. oore Boggs Goddard Gurganious Hazlett Taylor Bartlett Childs Gehlert Gilmour M cCarthy, R. Miner Roberts Schenkel Brull Burr Clark Costello Ewart Hall Howard McAuley Sanchez Worley Xonthos 'Delta Ghi J. FRANKLIN BEATTY JOE FLOYD WALLACE GURGANIOUS RICHARD BARTLETT ROBERT MCCART HY DAVID BURR DOUG CLARK VINCENT COSTELLO WARREN DAVID ROY LEITE RAY GODDARD BILL HAZLETT SID MINER JACK MORRIS JOE GILMOUR TOMMY EWARTS SHERWOOD HALL RALPH HOWARD DAVID McAULEY SENIORS DAN MCCARTHY TO NY ENDELICATO JUNIORS ART BOGGS soPHoMoREs ' GILBERT SCHENKEL GEORGE ROBERTS JAMES CHILDS FRESHMEN JOE SANCHEZ GEORGE XANTHOS PAUL WORLEY EDWARD BROCK JAMES MOORE ROGER MILLER JAMES TAYLOR CRAIG GEHLERT SERGIO BRUILLE JACK FUNDERBURK DONALD DAMATO JACK JACKSON This looks like the last year Delta Chi will grace the U. of F. campus until this war if fought and won. Its members are scattered over the four corners of the nation, training in all branches of the service. Holding down the home front, for awhile anyway, are Beatty, D. McCarthy, and Boggs in the ROTC. Gurganious, Miller, and Burr are awaiting the Navy's call and Leite, upon graduation will help fill the "Halls of Montezuma." Still "waiting" are: Worley, Endelicato, Hazlett, and Roberts. Those "caught in the draft" include: Davis, Miner, Schenkel, Bartlett, and Hall. Morris is helping the Navy to do its job, Taylor, Gehlert, Sanchez, and Gilmour are doing their bit in the Army Air Corps. Goddard became very patriotic lor tired of schooll and volunteered. Ol' I-luman Dynamo Floyd is still hard at it up at Chapel Hill, Those called by the ERC: B. McCarthy and Xanthos. Good luck boys. Delta Chi will be here to greet you upon your return. - Q.. fp" If ons.. nn 'rv vi' if -a. Toms Shaw King Gruber Friederich Bernsl' Morrison Germany Drake Myers Conn Ruhl Carrol Woehle Lough Flanagan Peterson Stokes Davis Ricou McLean Mabie Crenshaw Geer Clark Mayhue Trice Godwin Anderson Boling Varn Shuman Sturrup Watson 'Delta , Fam Kllelta S E N I O R S LAMAR KING DONALD BERNST GEORGE SHAW MORRIS SMITH JOHN GRUBER JAMES WATTENBARGER SAM MORRISON MELVIN LOUGH J U N I O R S RAY CARROLL JAMES CONN WYCKOFF MYERS GERALD TOMS LAMBERT FRIEDERICH CARL PETERSON GRADY DRAKE MAX WOEHLE JOHN ROBERTS JOHN GERMANY S O P H O M O R E S JOE CRENSHAW BILL SHICKLER MAXWELL COBBEY ENDER DAVIS JOHN STOKES JACK SELLARS JAMES DICKSON E. J. MCLEAN CHET FLANAGAN LEFEERTS MABIE DAN RUHL EARL RICOU F R E S H M E N PHIL CLARK JACK BOLING BILL TRICE PAUL HERNDON JAMES WATSON LEROY MAYHUE BUDDY VARN JIMMY THORNTON SANDY GEER CHARLES ANDERSON GEORGE WEST C L. SHUMAN JERRY IVEY BOB STURRUP W. R, GODWIN WAYNE SMITH Behind the screen of fast maturing shrubbery DELTA TAU DELTA started the year as a composed and firmly established Fifty-mon Chapter. Every attempt was made to maintain both good scholarship and the usual fleet of convertables. The only two February graduates, James Wattenbarger and Jack Gruber, received Phi Kappa Phi honors-and the convertables were obvious. Social event Number One was the Rainbow Boll week-end, The banquet was ideal in that it featured ample food and no speeches. At intermission the faculty provided plenty of impromptu entertainment in the guise of selecting a Queen. "The Gong"- those were the tough guys who didn't go for the panty-waist, stuffed-shirt affairs-organized a Saturday night Hayride and Jive party at Dr. Hinckley's lake. Clark and Dickson sabotaged the canoe in a deliberate attempt to de-glamorize their dates. Being good sports they put their wet heads together and came out ingeniously attired in o pair of Indian blankets. After getting stuck in Warren's Cave, we did think that D, B. would lay off those Fudge-Nut Sundaes. However, there is really not much sense in being treasurer if you can't live off the fat of the land. A When both his room-mates were called, Ender decided that he was leading a very dull life, so he bought his first razor blades, joined the Coast Guard, met o new girl, and pinned her-all in one week-end. Maybe it' was the Christmas spirit, for scarcely a man survived the holidays without pinning his own Delta Queen. Fru-Fru King served during the first semester as one of our most respected presidents. He should write a book sometime on "How To Be a Civil Engineer, make Sigma Tau, be a Cadet Colonel and an Honor Court member, run a fraternity, and still have time to play bridge half the night." "C'est' la guerre" was the password to John Robert's Smooth lSpanishl Cafe Society. Farewell party followed farewell party throughout the year, and everything was so gay, until, alas, the ERC took Johnny away. "Smidge" Toms, "Stooge" Carrc-ll, and "Cue-stick" Mabie were the Intramural wizards. P.F.P, and extra-curricula activity at Tally accounts for their physical prowess. Cadet Major Friederich would insist that we mention that the ROTC Band was the best in years under his command. Every Delt will remember Delta Tau Delta's splendid con- tribution to war-time living at Florida, and every remaining Delt student salutes the Brothers in the Service, whom we will soon join. I l Sl .44 1' 61" WK Nr' -lg. YN s... Farrington Weaver Barnes Mahoney Patterson Griffin Layman Harrison Knowles Pittman Barry Blaine Wood Richards Potter Maurer Bonham Fickett Popham Shelby Miller Sutherland Benson Foster Metcalf Moore, W. W Wells Teaff 0'Ncal Read Minear Ward Plummer Protz Moore, W. Cornish Pepper Bibb Coverston Riddoch Hancock Palmer Ernst Groover Goodwin Blair McGlaun KCIPPUI f Sigma S E N I 0 R S A. J, BARNES CECIL FARRINGTON BILLY MAHONEY J U N I 0 R S WILLIAM ALLEN GEORGE HARRISON WILLIAM McEWEN DAVID BARRY T, C. KNOWLES DICK PATTERSON NEAL BLAINE HUGH LAYMAN ANDREW PITTMAN FRANK GRIFFEN HUGO MILLER LARRY POTTER S 0 P H O M O R E S MARVIN BENSON STEVEN FICKETT WALTER MOORE MARK BONHOM THOMAS R. FOSTER JOHN H. POPHAM DAVID MAURER F R E S H M E N HENRY BECKMAN I-IILMAR ERNST BUD MCGLAUN JUDSON BIBB HAROLD FORD PAUL METCALF GRAHAM BLAIR ROGER GOODWIN LAIRD MINEAR JAMES CONSTANTINE J. T. GROOVER WILLIAM MOORE HARRY COVERSTON RUSSEL HANCOCK ROBERT MORRISON CHARLES DORMAN NORMAN HEATI-IERINGTON BRADLEY O'NEAL EDWIN DREW EOEERJTI-I-O-SUE HOWARD PALMER STANLEY WEAVER OLIN RICHARDS GEORGE SUTHERLAND DALE TEAFF SIDNEY WOOD STARKE SHELBY SHELBY WELLS RICHARD PEPER JACK PLUMMER WILLIAM PROTZ FLOYD READ GORDON RIDDOCH WESLEY WARD MARCUS WEAVER Kappa Sigs paint and scrub for rush week-at it again six weeks later but now to remove a coat of red donated by Sigma Chi .... I9 members returned and 43 men were pledged during the year though a great number of them were called into the service .... Socially we managed to hold our own in spite of war . . . breakfast dances on Homecoming, Military Ball, and Fall Frolics-a dance in honor of LSS and our annual party and diamond ball game with SPE ,... Knowles gets rich and adopts a great dane that eats us out of house .... Mahoney makes Blue Key and Richards a big fuss as drum major ,... Read, Popham and Griffen take the fatal step, the latter making a good prexy in spite of his trips to Jacksonville every week- end .... "Grades" Potter becomes a glamour boy to the admiration of the Jackson- ville Freshmen .... Weaver trades gavel for gun, leaving big space to fill .... Wood Imgrl, Sutherland, and Miller finally get football F's and wear sweaters all summer .,,, Farrington, Barnes, and Maurer become legal eagles in the suitcase college and compete with Patterson to be the most dignified man in the chapter. And so on runs the spirit of Kappa Sigma, bucking the war and going strong to the last, This was a year filled all the way through with trials, tribulations, hopes, successes and failuresfa year which as fraternity brothers in Kappa Sigma we will never forget. The year l9fl2-43 has been a very busy one for Beta Zeta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. Like every other chapter on the campus changes in membership have been great, Highlights of the year have been: a lightning-like three- day rush week which ended with the pledging of twenty-four boysg a memorable l-lome-coming without the usual decora- tions and large number of alumni but with the usual amount of good spiritsg a buffet' supper during Fall Fralicsj the use of the telephone booth to sleep in by one of the Brothersg weekly trips to Tallahassee by many of the brothersg the Kappa Qllplia Geiger Major 1 Frazier Green Musk McCoy Whiteside Dubose Masters Beckman Parsons May Woodward Dorsey Cotten McKee Drake Hardin Alexander Brabhom McLeran Keel Schwartz Hetzer Williams Spencer Bryon Campbell VanEepoel Hopkins Jones Johnson Embry, E. McMillan Russell Withers Owen Stringfellow Cooper Jaughin Phillips Phipps Crowder Foster Bishop Ricketts Noble beginning good luck in intramuralsg the annual Christmas Party for the freshmen which was a howling success and enjoyed by allg the loss of several members at the end of the semesterg the beginning of a new semester with a much smaller chapterg the unexpected calling of the Air Corps Reserveg e noisy Military Ball with open-house and buffet suppersg the annual KA-ATO picnic and beer party which broke all recordsg the calling of the Enlisted Reserve Corpsg and the final ending of school with only fifteen or twenty boys left. ...Q r r Lambda I C9111 Qllpha 'Q' ,--f-f TABELI NG KRANT2: CECIL s E N I o R s TOM A. CECIL E. 5. KRANTZ J u N I o R s W. M. SCRUGGS s o P H o M o R E s E 5. GAYLOR GEORGE TABELI NG F R E s H M E N ROBERT RITTER HUGH LEE STRICRLAND RALPH MCCORMICK TROY HEWITT GEORGE A POWELL RAY SMITH LONNIE MOSELY NORMAN HART T. I. HANILEY CHARLES GILLEY L SI SHIELOS JAMES GRIFFIN --.rv4 if 'WWW Qui ,-3 6 'ff ri Bailey Clayton Mugge Young Hicks Lenahan Pereno Richardson Wolff Benz Riggs Maxson Sizemore Andrews Board Bush Chapman Kowalske Lindsey Manning Moore Wadsworth Young, J. S Thi C3 amma Tkha s E N I o R s ROLAND BAILEY HERBERT CLAYTON ROBERT MIJOOE MORRIS YOUNG J u N I o R s THOMAS HICKS JAMES LENAHAN HORACE RICHARDSON GEORGE WOLFF AUGUST RERENO s o R H o M o R E s JOHN BENZ EDGAR MAXSON CHARLES Rioos DONALD SIZEMORE BUD RILCHER E R E s H M E N DAN ANDREWS THOMAS CHAPMAN THOMAS LATTO BILL MOORE BILL BOARD RICHARD DREYER JOHN LINDSEY HARRISON WADSWORTH ORADY BUSH RICHARD KOWALSKE RALPH MANNINO JERRY YOUNG Rush week opened the yeor with the usuol hectic doys ond sleepless nights, Airplone rides, Froternity movies, porties, etc. proved convincing orguments to the rushees ,.,. Porents ond olumni, especiolly the olurnni, enjoyed onother College week-end os homecoming rolls olong .... Templeton meets Tigert ond Oll join in bull-session ofter concert .... November 28th finds Young ond lvlugge becoming. voters in O joint celebrotion, very much enjoyed by the bloodthirsty brothers .... Mugge resists lobbying for boogie-Woogie, but brothers find Thiboult ci fount of the lotest jokes in ofter-concert beer porty ,... Members surrender eosily to the Greot Tollohossee lnvosion, or Foll Frolics ,... The usuol Christmos Porty wos held with the underprivileged children coming in to entertoin the brothers ..,. Annuol Pig Dinner goes off in troditionol style with Brother J. Ed supplying wit ond humor os toostmoster .... Second semester comes in ond holf of the men go out, ot the request of Uncle Som .... lvlilitory Boll, ond ours becomes the Fiji- Beto l-louse, while the Beto House becomes o girls' dorm .... Bill Moore Still the dote bureou for the Chopter .... Richordson wins prize for hoving the most dif- ferent girls in the l-louse .... Fiji Formol finds gross Skirts svvoying in South Seo Surroundings. Our lost sociol function of the yeor ond the vvor. Wenzel Boyce Tornwall Seward Olson Bould Booth Poulos Wilson Darby Kilpatrick Horton Clark Palmer Giffin Townsend Payne Rives Campbell Chandler Stringer Fuchs Meredith Kelley Orwig Stroud McNeelY Watson Douglas Reif Vara Burton DeGroot Barr Council Thomas Shuman Aman Steffani Wilkinson Garcia Overmdn Lee Cochley Bell Brumlik Mills McCuller1 Harringfo 'Phi Kappa COMM. GEORGE H. WE NZEL, HENRY ATKINSON HERBERT BOOTH WILLIAM CAMPBELL EDWARD CHANDLER JACK CLARK FRED FUCHS H. A. AMAN THOMAS BARR FORREST BELL EDGAR BIGGERS THOMAS BRUMLIK SENIORS JR. MILTON BOYCE DAN TEDDER JUNIORS LINCOLN BOULD DICK DARBY TED POULOS ROBERT SEAWARD JAMES STRI NGER SOPHOMORES ALLYN GIFFI N DICK HOFFMAN CHARLES HORTON WALTER KELLY ART KILPATRICK MEREDITH "SPARKY" MILLS ROBERT NIELAND CHARLES OLSON HARRY LEE ORWIG FRANK PALMER FRESHMEN JOHN COUNCIL KENNETH De GROOT BILL DOUGLAS JACK GARCIA, JR. JOHN HARRI NGTON, JR. GRADY L. BURTON, JR. ROBERT HOOD JIMMY BUSBY WILLIAM KAPP HERBERT COCHLEY, JR. HARRY LEE, JR. FRED MCNEELY JOHN ROY MILLS, JR. ROBERT OVERMAN ROBERT REIF RICHARD M. RITTER WAYNE SESSIONS ALAN SHUMAN CHARLES STEFFANI GEORGE TORNWALL JOHN WILSON SAMUEL L. PAYNE HOWARD RIVES HILLMAN STROUD PAUL VINSON JOE vARA WILLIAM WATSON, JRE CHARLES WILKERSON EARL SHAEER FRASIER cox JACK THIGPEN ROBERT HOEIVIA LESSLE GIBSON CHARLES ROCKY McCULLEN This year has been one of growth for Phi Tau although the Army, Navy, and Marines end up with more Phi Tous than the Chapter . . . rush week ended with the usual banquet . and 30 pledges .... Mother Knight still housemother making a home out of the fraternity house .... Editor Bould finally gets his F book off the press only two weeks late. . . October came in with o bong, o near riot with the Betos . . . the friendly relation continues through the year .... Torn Borr GIG-CTSCI President of the Pledge class, Bob Reif Vice President. The Auburn football game brought the first dates to "Boys Town" and a wonderful time was had by all since -everybody ended up with someone elses date .... Homecoming o big success??? Two alumni back but the house was full of female loveliness .,.. Then came the Georgia-Florida week-end with all the good brothers in Jacksonville making merry ot their dance in the Mayflower Hotel ond singing "to hell with Georgia" as they pick each other up from the floor. Chandler ends Chapter meeting with a "rip shorter" as Sheriff Campbell tries vainly to get on o committee .... PAUL THOMAS Giffin inaugurates a policy of "speak softly and carry o big stick" as he helps his date into her shoes .... Windy leads his parachute battalion through the house after hell week . . . and Tcrnwali spends all his time telling Joe Vara to study. ...Vara won!!! The l4th Annual Christmas Formal was held on schedule and in the traditional manner . . . afterwards the boys and girls let their hair down and got "Hoy to the Joy" with a 3- piece colored bond .... Semester exams arrive 3 months early but Palmer holds up the fraternity average as usual .... Shuman holds Harry Lee's fraternity pin as security for a 25c debt .,.. Poulos gets rich from the laundry business and the treasury ,... Air Corps calls reserves and Brumlik, Council, Biggers, Stroud, Reif, and Boyce get 6 weeks vocation in Miami Beach at government expense. Tornwall elected proxy in March and Wenzel finally retires to think only of Georgia "peaches" . . . Military Ball, the lost round up, brings Tommy Reynolds Band .... Phi Tous move cut' ot their house and live with Pikes while the girls enjoy life on Masonic Street. The year ends in uncertainty with every Phi Tau looking forward to the first Home- coming after the war. Editor's Note: Just as we go to press, Master Beta Bryant finally bounces the bottle off the Phi Tau house which broke the camel's back .,,, Phi Tous moss for action and storm the Beta house but find they are not in o fighting mood. , . o visitor bears the blunt of Phi Tau rage as he takes o beating from Poulos . . , a good time was had by all except the Betos. Christi 6 Crews Thomas Sni vely, F. Turner Ficquette Hogg Andrews Champlin Eich Ma elberger rr Ball Walker Simpso Pope McDade n Alfred Rivers Harbin Hampton Floyd Wilco Woe Crumley x rpel Pittman Br yant Olson McCutcheon Williams Abbott Angel Hol den Fleming Hogg, J. P. Mills Johnson Swa n Lanier Rau W alker Griffith Suarez Turner Goodloe Hern Bra don dshow Howard S nively, H. Pritchard Mims EPT I KCLPPUI cfllpha T. O. ANDREWS FRED BALL BERNAYS BISHOP BARNEY ALFORD WALTER LEE CREWS DON GRIFFITH FRED BRYANT JAMES ABBOTT JOHN ANGLE BILL BRADSHAW JACK FLEMIING BILL GOODLOE P. G. HERNDON CHARLES BRADY BILL CHAMPLIN MAC CHRISTIE BOB EICHEL BERGER ROBERT GROOVER JOE HAMPTON WORTH HARRIS JAMES HOGG lx HARRY FICQUETTE BRAD HOGG DON McDADE JOI-IN POPE GEORGE HOWARD JAMES MARR FRANK PITTMAN WILSON RIVERS SOPHOMORES JACK CRLJMLY EUGENE FLOYD EDGAR JOHNSON FRESHMEN GEORGE HOLDEN SIDNEY LANIER CHESTER McMULLEN BILL MILLS BILL MIMS BILL McCUTCHEON LYMAN OLSON GEORGE PRITCHARD JACK RICHARDSON HARVEY SNIVELY, JR, ALBERT SLJAREZ JACK SWAN CLYDE SIMPSON FRANK SNIVELY WALTER TURNER CHARLIE ROU VALDEEN THOMAS JACK WOERPEL DAVID WILCOX TOMMY THOMAS RUSS TROMBLY DAN TURNER WARREN WALKER ALBERT WILLIAMS Pi Kappa Alpha is in the War. The chapter has given 35 of its members and pledges this year. They were raring to go -EEA and so are those remaining, most of whom are now in the reserves and on call tor duty at any time. There are two gold stars on the Service Flag. One is for Lt, ljgl Baxter Waldrop and the other tor Lt, B. M. Terhune, USA. Fraternity officers are: President, Valdeen Thomas, Vice-President, Walter L. Crews, Secretary, Frank Snively, House Manager, Mac L, Christie and Dining Room Manager, Bernays Bishop. Mac Christie Was elected to Florida Blue Key and is a cadet colonel in the ROTC besides being chairman of the Dixie Party. Jack Fleming was president of the Freshman Class this year, Frank Pittman is clerk of the Honor Court. Socially the Pikes bore their share of the load with the annual Dream Girl Ball, the Shipwreck Party, the Blackout Party, and numerous informal and spontaneous dances and parties to round out the year. The Christmas Party for underpriviledged children attracted about IOO youngsters for an afternoon of play and a visit from Santa Claus. Thus Pi K A has tried to do its Wartime iob. Goodwin Cummings Ramsey Kuppers Wicker Kerr Freeman Carpenter Stephens Romano Beard Barnard Walker Jaeger Vickery Clarke Gale Price Miller Flcisher Hall Seaver Anthony Bailey Gongl Brooks Peacock Cornell Hendry Costin Kappa Thi BOB CUMMINGS BILL NEALE MILTON MINGONET HIRAM TRIBBLE WILLIAM STEPHENS EDWARD ALGER CECIL COSTIN IDUS WICKER WILLIAM PAPY STUART LOFBERG ROBERT TYLANDER MAURICE GOODWIN JIM KUPPERS HENRY FREEMAN JACK CARPENTER S 0 P H O M O R E S JAMES PEACOCK BUD MONK ROBERT GA NGL A NDR EW ROMA NO CARLETON BLISS DARRELL CARNELL JOHN BROOKS ALVA ANTHONY JAMES HENDRY F R E S H M E N WILLIAM WALLENDORF WALTER MARTER WILLIAM JAEGER CHARLES CLARKE FRANK HALL JOHN MILLER COOPER MATHEWS THOMAS VICKERY JOSEPH PRICE JOH N PALMER ARCHIE RAMSEY ENOS KERR HANSEFORD BEARD JACK BARNARD W. L. BAILEY WILLIAM GALE WILLIAM SEAVER ELI WALKER September's manpower shortage was alleviated when a bumper crop of out- standing freshmen took the Pledge's Oath. New neophytes were soon well ac- quainted with Alachua County after their first road trip, but all came through as well as could be expected under the circumstances. Freshmen became imbued with the idea of reciprocal trade, so the bloodthirsty sophomores were taken by storm-no broken bones, but sprains were plentiful. The war may have taken a lot of Pi Kappa away for the duration, but it didn't take away the social ambitions of those that were left. Every social function found all members and pledges in high spirits-not to be taken literally-and enjoying what he thought to be the last "big blow." Due to the conditions of the time, Pi Kappa Phi lost its most prized possession, Mrs. Belle Road, house mother for six years, whom we all have greatly missed since she left at the beginning of the second semester. We have proudly made our contribution to Uncle Sam's armed forces this year, and Pi Kappa from our chapter are now serving in every theatre of war. XxX-N .. .... I.. , . . 7: Aronovi Cypen Weil tr Soul Esberg Gronson Sabshin Benjom Losarow Ko tz Kra Da nz vis Marks Shader Margol, Ho. Freedman Haimowitz Courshon Gottfried Weinstein Gerzig Safer Nadle Bake Y I' Margol, Hi. Scher L Lovine Rosen Gree ewis Wohl Merlin Ea hell' Wolf Traurig Bell Grunthol Fried Rub man enstein Kronen .loel Murgol, Pallot, N W. M. Cossel Pallo Silv Ru t, N. S. erstein bin Davis Brown Cooper Lambda Thi SIDNEY ARONOVITZ IRVING CYPEN LOUIS ARONOVITZ CEORGE BENJAMIN JACK COURSHON HAROLD BAKER MELVIN HAIMOWITZ EDWARD BELL MARWIN CASSEL RALPH COOPER LEONARD o.tuNTHAL NATHAN JOEL STANLEY BROWN S E N I O R S ANDREAS ESBERG BERNARD I, MILLER IRVING RUBIN MARVIN SAUL BERNARD RUBIN BENJAMIN FOGFLSON J U N I O R S FRANK DAVIS ELLIS KATZ ELLIOTT IRONSON MARVIN KRANZ WILLIAM LASAROW S O P H O M O R E S HERBERT WEINSTEIN HOWARD MARGOL IRVING GETZUG MELVIN SHADER TED GOTTFRIED STANLEY NADLER HILBERT MARGOL STANLEY SCHER F R E S H M E N STEPHEN DAVIS DONALD EANETT FREDERIC FRIEDMAN MELVIN GREEN HOWARD LAVINE LEONARD MERLIN NORMAN PALLOT With war service its main objective for the year I942-43 Pi Lambda Phi continued to achieve recognition on the campus in extra-curricular activities. NORTON PALLOT MARTIN ROSEN LEROY RUBENSTEIN ARTHUR RUBIN MILTON SILVERSTEIN ROBERT TRAURIG MARVIN WEIL NATHAN ARONOVITZ MELVIN SABSHIN JACK RUBIN LEONARD LEWIS LOUIS SAFER MORTON FREEDMAN LEONARD WOLF WILBUR MARGOL MAURICE LEVY STANLEY BECKER LESTER KOTOK ELLIOT SEGHERMAN Opening the year again with the scholarship cup on its mantle Florida Delta of Pi Lambda Phi made its first wartime rush week a successful ODE. Fall Fralics found forty-five Delta dates enjoying one of the most successful affairs in the chapter's history. Graduation came and Blue Keyer Lt. Sid Aronovitz reported to duty at Fort Bragg, Blue Keyer Ben Fogelson was sent to OCS at Fart Sill to gain his bars, Bernard Rubin entered Northwestern to begin training as a naval ollicer, Irving Rubin and B. I. Miller were called by the Army Air Corps, and Phi Beta Kappa Marvin Weil entered Johns Hopkins Medical School. Next came the calling of the Army and Navy Air Corps Reserves but fortunately the calling of the ERC was held off just long enough for Delta to make the University's final social week-end for the duraticn a memorable occasion. Shortly afterwards the Pilams said goodbye to eight' cf their men who were called by the ERC. News of the death of Lt. Simon Rothstein in an airplane crash saddened the hearts of the Pilams and brought the war that much closer to the Delta house. DeIta's war service committee was one of chapter's most active, helping the DRCE program, span- saring its own scrap drive, and selling war stamps to members of the chapter. -'QS' Mclntyre Gwynne Miller Williams Corry Wilson Arringtvn Lachienwv' Carmichael Summers Pyles Lettler Jennings McEImUff0Y Doerschlef Moore McCown Horton Murray Anderson Steed Hunter Henderson Higgs Anthes Wooten Miller, C. Pearce Henry Caldwell Coppedge Jackson Fueyo Mixon Logan Galloway Roche Tharin Fancher Ely Currie Colson Schuh Knauer Yaeger Howell Young Mahon Haskin Mason Edwards Smith, L. Murray, E- Byrd Price Cave Wells Thompson Cowan Nichols Bennett Gold Flynn Graham Branch Browne Smith, R. Elliott Spain Covington Patterson Schilling Savarese Ferguson Skitt igma cfllplia Epsilon FRED ARRINGTON WALDO CARMICHAEL BILL CORRY PHIL ANDERSON BILL ANTHES DOYLE CARLTON DICK DOESCHLER BILL CALDWELL H. G. COCHRAN JOE COPPEDGE LOUIS FUEYO BOB GALLOWAY JIM BENNETT BILL BYRD PIE ,BRANCH ART BROWN wHIT CAvE BILL COLSON HARRISON cOvINCTON oEwITT COWAN ERNIE CuRRIE ., U , ,,' ..,,. . s E N I o R s CLARK DOWDELL RAY MCINTYRE JOHN GWYNN J. D. MILLER BILL JENNINOS SAM PYLES HOMER LICHTENWALTER J u N I o R s CHARLIE HENDERSON BUDGE MCCOWN BILL HORTON T. v. MOORE SHANKY HUNTER JACK MURRAY BILL LEEELER DYER SHACKLEFORD BILL MEELMLJRRAY s o P H o M o R E s BOB GILBERT GEORGE LOGAN JOE HENRY JOE MECASLIN JOHN Hiees TOM MCGAHEY LAuRIE JACKSON MICKEY MIXON MALCOLM KIRBY KENNY MILLER JIM KUYKENDALL E R E s H M E N BREW ELY LEO ELLIOT TOMMY FANCHER ROBIN FERGUSON BILL FILYAW BUDDY FURLOW TOM GOLD BILL GRAHAM HARRY HANCOCK LEE HASKINS BROTHER KNAUER ALBERT LEACH LACY MAHON BILL MASON SONNY MURRAY AL PATTERSON DEKE PRICE JIM ROCHE JOE SAVARESE WARREN SHILLING HARVEY RUE IIUGH SUMMERS KEN WILSON BOB T. SMITH BILL STEED GILBERT WILSON LOUIS WODLINGER CLINE NICHOLS FRANK PEARCE JIM RICKARDS FRANK SPAIN BUDDY WOOTEN NILES SCI-IUH J. L. SMITH J. F. SMITH BOB THARIN BRUTIE THOMPSON BILL TURNBULL RALSTON WELLS JOE WINSTON JACK YEAGER LARRY YOUNG BILL EDWARDS CLEWIS HOWELL This year found Florida Upsilon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon heavily hit by losses to the armed services as were other fraternities, To help offset this condition SAE pledged the largest class in its history, assuring the fraternity of enough outstanding men to carry on the functions and traditions of the chapter. As usual, SAE was actively engaged in various Campus-wide organizations and functions. "Mother" Carry, President of the Student Body, led the political field for the Chapter. "Dognose" Mclntyre was a juror on the Honor Court, while Joe Coppedge and "Brother" Knauer held seats on the Executive Council. J. D, Miller served as President of Alpha Kappa Psi, national business fraternity, and Jack Murray was Secretary of Tau Kappa Alpha, national forensics honorary. Carry and J. I-I. Williams were honored by being Chosen for the Hall of Fame, In athletics SAE led in both football and basketball, Bill Carry wcn the coveted Baird Award for outstanding athletic achievement, this being the second consecutive year that an SAE has won the award. On the basketball court, "Bird Dog" Carlton led the varsity team as high scorer, and Louis Fueyo was fourth scorer. Dick Doeschler kept SAE on top of the social ladder with three memorable week-ends. The famous Military Ball Revue was shifted to Fall Frolics because of the uncertainty of the Ball, but even there it held the place it always had as being one of the best shows put on by a fraternity. The last social affair cf the year was appropriately called the Last Blast, for it marked the end af social activity for the duration. Jordan Matheny Mathews Snyder Caruso, A. Turner Weaver Thomas Hutson Sewell Miller McKee Crist Wood Hegler May Caruso, J. Conway Terrell Paine Acosta Smith Gregg Chaille Trimble Hillyer Browne Mills Burnett Harvell, 0. Johnson Walker Molar Eisele Ebersole Haygood Dyer VanWagenen Jackson Wheeler Williams Willson Scott Titus Towers Farrell King Derby Gladson Heath Baldwin Duke Sturrock Keegan Stewart Griffin Benton igma Glmi ROBERT CRIST JAMES OVERSTREET SEWELL CHARLES MATTHEWS THOMAS HEGLER T HOMAS HUTSON PAUL BROWNING ACOSTA JOHN FRANCIS CONWAY DANIEL JOHNSON RICHARD MILLS JIMMY PAINE ROBERT PAUL BALDWIN JACK FARRELL WILLIAM GRIFFIN ELMER JAMES DUNCAN McKEE PERCY ENTZMI NGER S E N I 0 R S OVERTON SNYDER MILTON OWEN TURNER PEYTON JORDAN LOUIS SCHOWE WARREN WOOD VERNON WEAVER AUSTIN CARUSO RANDOLPH YATES MATHENY J U N I 0 R S PAUL McKEE JOHN ED MERRILL GEORGE SCOTT ARCHIBALD THOMAS JACK SMITH WALTER BLAKE KING S O P H 0 M 0 R E S LEE TRIMBLE TOM EISELE JAMES GREGG ROBERT BROWNE FRED MILLER CHARLES HILLYER JOHN HAYGOOD EDGAR MOLER EARL HARVEL GEORGE BURNETT MELVILLE SMITH FRED TERRELL JOE CARUSO JACK DYER GEORGE WALKER F R E S H M E N WILLIAM TOWERS JOHN ALBERT BENTON CHARLES DUKE JACK WILLSON JOHN GLADSON GEORGE WHEELER WILLIAM EBERSOLE JACK JACKSON GUY HEATH JOE WILLIAMS RODNEY KING JOE STEWART WAYNE SCOTT LEO RYAN WILLIAM TITUS JAMES STURROCK DURYEE VAN WAGENEN Despite the considerable drop in the student body this year, Gamma Theta of Sigma Chi was able to boast one of the largest chapters in her history. Social Chairman John Conway led the fraternity in a series of very successful social events. The first of these was a dance in honor of the new pledges, At the Georgia-Florida Trackmeet in November we joined with the Georgia chapter in an open dance at the Jacksonville Women's Club. February was featured by the largest of all the chapter's social functions-the Sweetheart Dance. Sigma Chis crowned their first sweetheart, Miss Biddy Grant, of Jacksonville. Departures of brothers to the armed services were frequently marked by parties, which usually necessitated a delivery from the local breweries. During the year thirty members left the chapter to enter every branch of the armed forces. Sigma Chi was able to claim two presidents of Florida Blue Key, an honor that seldom comes to any organization in one year, as Randolph Matheny replaced Peyton Jordan upon the latter's graduation. Freddie Miller, Duncan McKee, and Leo Ryan set a standard of scholarship which should be a goal for any student. Behind the Florida Players, on and off the stage, were members Tom Eisle, Rodney King, Wayne Scott, and Vernon Weaver. In the football limelight was quarterback Percy Entzminger, while Gator Cagers were aided by Jack Farrell and Tommy Dixon. 4-., A3 .gain 'li' 0, fi 'QR' 'Lf 121 + ffq, -.O .ati Llewelyn French Hardaker Patterson Nicholson Colee Carmody Germain Knowles Clark Weadock Manning Oxford Hury Christoffers Carleton Ghalson Crabtree Lyons Koblegard Hogan Purser Wychoff Kearley Smith Stenholm Baumer Sanders Holzer Young Athey Rogers Bassett Tilghman 0'Conner, 5 Kempf 0'Donoghue Mason Ballou O'Connor, W- Eden Webb Culpepper Brock Miller White King Barnett Johnson Atkinson zgma lft ROBERT WRIGHT JOHN MANNING ROBERT ABELE JAMES LLEWELLYN WILLIAM FRENCH ROBERT WEADOCK WILLIAM LYON DAVID GHOLSON WILLIAM KEARLEY RHUL KABLEGARD RAY HOGAN THOMAS ATKINSON ROBERT RYAN ROBERT BROCK OSCAR BARNETT ALBERTUS CONE PAUL HARDAKER L. F. HURY JAMES LUCAS R. DILL GERMAIN SENIORS EDWARD CARMODY DAVE KNOWLES RAY COLEE WILLIAM CLARK ELMER NICHOLSON J U N I OR S DONALD CHRISTOFFERS T. J. OXFORD AMOS BASSETT, JR. R. BOB SMITH S O P H O M O R E S EDWARD MANNING RICHARD CARLETON ROBERT SANDERS HUNTER MCELRATH RICHARD WYKOFF ROBERT WILHOIT ANGUS GHOLSON FRANK STENHOLM ALBERT CRABTREE PALMER PURSER WALTER TILGHMAN HARRY BAUMER CURT HOLZER CLIFFORD ATHEY ERNEST ROGERS JAMES CULPEPPER EVERT YOU NG WILLIAM DAVIS WILLIAM MIMS JACK KING JOSEPH KNIGHT VASCO LANDRUM F R E S H M E N ROBERT MASON WALLY EDEN LOUlS'KEMPF WILLIAM O'CONNOR RICHARD O'DONOGHUE SANKY WEBB EDWARD OLIVER RICHARD WHITE WILLIAM FREY DAVID MILLER EARL JOHNSON JOSEPH SPIERS CLAUDE C. STREET DEXTER BALLOU The Army, Navy, and Marines collectively threw a curve ball to the old Snake Lodge this year, but nevertheless sixty-five men trickled in and out of the East Tallahassee Country Club. From "Jungle Jumps," "Barn Brawls," and the time honored "South Sea lsland" dance to the ultra ultra Black and White Formal Dinner Dance lthe l6th annuall and the equally sophisticated Christmas Carol reading, the country gentlemen remained socially impeccable. Star Socialities Llewel- lyn, Christoffers, Carmody, and Nicholson burned up the roads, and their convertibles, between G'ville and Tallahassee, Miami, and the newly installed "Casements." Led by Majors Athey, Hardaker, and Clark, a total of fifteen Snakes held sway in Scabbard and Blade, honorary military frat, and provided seven sponsors for the Ball Parade. l.F.C. prexy and Sec't, of Social Affairs Weadock and Number I Debate man Cone entered the coveted Hall of Fame, while Curt Holzer left Cafeteria society to becomei Secretary of Labor in the President's Cabinet. "Cheerful" Cliff Athey held sway in the Executive Council and Paul "Hairless Hinson" Hardaker sented as A.S.C.E. prexy. Poppy French and Yarclbird Clark saved the venerable Kokonut Klub from extinction by initiating four worthless men, Athletically speaking, the Snakes achieved quite a bit of distinction. Billy Mims, Billy Davis, and "Big Mick" Ryan starred on the varsity football team and "Little Goat" Gholson was varsity manager. Ryan was also one of the high scorers on the varsity basketball team. ' To end up the year the chapter left for the armed forces en masse to settle a personal score with the "Sons of Heaven," Stewart Gravely Dale Nora Bazemore Taylor Gagliardi Carlton Hull Arnold Zoll Slaughter Lyle Nourse Clemens Herstedt Moore Monroe Herndon Hulter Singley Peacock Simon Gallaglier Sullivan Louis McComb Deshong Baggett Paschal Dittmar Burrows Simon, E. G. Walker Grover zgma 'Phi Epsilon PETE BAZEMORE BILL CROW DUDLEY ARNOLD GENE CALDWELL THEO CHIVE JULIAN BAGGETT GROVER BAKER TOM BURROWS JACK DeSHONG RAY DITTMAR I G R A D U A T E J B. REDD S E N I 0 R S JACK DALE LUCIUS GRAVELY BOB STEARNS FRANK GAGLIARDI JOHN NORA BILL STEWART J U N I O R S HARRY CARLTON HAROLD HULL JIM ZOLL ROY ELLIS ED SLAUGHTER S O P H O M O R E S BOB CLEMENZI EARL MONROE PHILIP NOURSE LESTER HERSTEDT COKER MOORE JACK STAPLETON TERRY LYLE ' F R E S H M E N DELMAS GALLAGHER JACK MacCOMB RICHARD SIMON DAVID HENSON CHARLES NULTER ED SINGLEY LESTER JOHNSON PAT PASCHAL JACK SULLIVAN CHARLES LAWHON JACK PEACOCK DON WALKER ROBERT LOUIS ERNIE SIMON BILLY YOUNG World War II finally robs the Sacred Heart of its last vestige of a perennial when it takes Bill Stewart away from his pursuit of lines and colors and his hopes for political reforms in Gatorland. In addition to pill-peddling as graduate instructor to pharmacy Co-eds, "Rejectee" Dale keeps his title as "Wold" and takes over chapter finances from Reformer Lyle who cleans up the Infirmary stink and enters the Army via ERC, necessitating cessation af his honors and key seeking career, And Ph. D. Redd lGod save the Chemistry Departmentl takes time out to look for apartments and to think of his trek down the aisle come June. He glories in asking Prexy Lucius Gravely, the erstwhile reformer and fundamentalist, about the unsettled date for him and Jo, but apparently it doesn't bother this old-schcol Southerner. Speaker Bazemare, after fours, still insists that something good comes out of Plant City, and he offers himself as proof. Why? Frankly we wonder, too. "Doc" Nora continues sponsoring o.k. socials-more this year than in the past-and he rests easy with his Navy V-7 rating. Who wouIdn'tl Bob "We came here looking for some cute dates for Military Ball." Stearns does his singing in the bath room now instead of with the Glee Club and "Prof" Romeo Frank Gagliardi departs seeking Army bars and leaves his mantle unplaced because of no likely successor. Bill Crow also seeks Army bars, and to our amazement the lights of G'vilIe still burn nearly as brightly as when he maneuvered the switches. "Yankee" Zoll finally resigns and begs his araft board to let him get into action. Arnold goes Navy and signs up for pre-med so as to stay around and represent Florida Alpha and "Billy" Matthews at Florida Union, Big-shot Carlton still piles it high but by now all the good brothers recognize it and stay prepared. The good old days are gone forever and the fellows that knew of them are gradually going too, carrying memories of the Sacred Heart. B Cohen Slott Schott Fischbein Feinberg Newman Alexander Augustine Sussman Baumstein Richardson Kaplan Rosenblatt Glasser Haber Jacobson Goodman Wittenstein Chorost Baokbinder Rosner Dublin Kirsch Leebovit Wilensky Fleet Kootleman Schwartz Barash Hahn Weinstein Eisenberg Goldblatt Feinberg, H. Finman Bernbaum Shubin Denker Pearl Somberg Weisman Chenkin Tetenbaum Minnenberg R3ati J Epsilon 79hi SENIORS HERBIE FEINBERG AL SCHNEIDER JULIUS BEARMAN SOL ALEXANDER STUART NEWMAN MILTON FISCHBEIN LOU SCHOTT IRVING SLOTT JOEL COHEN J U N I O R S MELVIN RICHARDSON LEONARD GLASSER FRANK ROSENBLATT HERBERT SUSSMAN JAKE BAUMSTEIN ALBERT HABER BOB RIPPA PHIL KAPLAN ROBERT KAPLAN S O P H 0 M O R E S WILBUR COHEN SIDNEY DUBBIN IRVING FLEET ARTHUR BOOKBINDER JASON BERKMAN ARTHUR CHOROST SANDERS KOTTLEMAN RICHARD KIRSCH JACK ROSNER HERBERT WILLINSKY LOUIS LEIBOVIT FRESHMEN CHARLES WEINSTEIN JERRY DENKER ALBERT BARRASH HALE GOLDBLATT MORTON EISENBERG Despite the beckoning finger of Uncle Sam, T.E.P. forged ahead again to round off a most successful year. New records were set when 27 new brothers donned the emeralds and pearls during I942-43 to swell the chapter roll well past the ZOO mark. Fall Frolics started the social year off with a bang. Minus tires and gas, plus more parking, highlights of the week-end were another Tep musical extravaganza with original script, music, and lyrics by Irving Fleet and Arthur Bookbinder, and a jam-up picnic. With a finger in every pie, Tau Epsilon Phi scored again this year in Intramurals to bring home a first in ping-pong doubles, and leading the field in other sports. EUGENE SOMBERG HAROLD FEINBERG JERRY MINNENBERG MURRAY HAHN GILBERT CHENKIN On campus Tep men have been active. Politics are not to be overlooked, and political plums have fallen thick and fast. Stuart Newman was elected vice-prexy of the senior class, and president of Sigma Delta Chi, Milton Fischbein was appointed to the Honor Court and served as president of Beta Alpha Psi, Sol Alexander was named to head the Florida chapter of the American Chemical Society, Eugene Somberg served as president of the Junior l.F.C., and on the freshman class executive council. Other "hep Teps" are Irving Fleet, Arthur Book- binder, Al Schneider, and Charles Weinstein. Blow of the year was the sale of "Tau Alice," the house jitney. Military Ball topped it all off with a new record of frivolity. What with a Tep "Hay- loft Hop," a moonlight picnic, and another Tep show, a huge time was had by all, Tep men who are doing their part for Uncle Sam, and who left school this year are Milton Fischbein, Jason Berkman, San- ders Kattleman, Herbie Sussman, Stuart Newman, Sidney Dubbin, Frank Rosenblatt, Al Schneider, Louis Leibovit, Al Haber, Bob Rippa, Arthur Chorost, Herbie Willin- sky, Julius Bearman, and Joel Cohen. Garner DeBusk Hyatt Zetrouer Carter Hunt Crookshank Desnoyers Lee Richards Mellor Miner Holland McMillan Simmons Mclnvale Griffith White Ley Ingram O Theta Qlhz FRANK DeBUSK BILL DESNOYERS ODELL GRIFFITH CHARLES BARBER JACK HOLLAND JOHN MCMILLAN Theta Chi seemed far removed from war when POST GRADUATES BILL GARNER, Bus. Ad. CHAIJNCEY HYATT, Law S E N I O R S RAY CARTER DON HUNT JOHN CROOKSHANK WALLY ZETROIJER JOHN BARBOR J U N I O R S STAN CARY BILL DAVIS ALBERT CARTER NORRIS MINER 5 O P H O M 0 R E S JACK MELLOR BILL LEE HENRY WHITE JOHN PRESTON F R E S H M E N JAMES ELLIS FRANK PAVICE J, B. JONES LEONARD SMITH NICK KLUTKA FRED HALLOCK TED GALATIS DAVE MIDDLETON BALLARD siMMoN CLARENCE J. Kina s, JR Theta Chi's overseas came, these letters were twenty-three pledges joined the family back in September. The jook blared. Mamie, the house- mother laughed with the gang, and members and o few pledges danced through pledge week. Then the year got underway, and the fellows trickled away. Five were called by the enlisted reserves, some were drafted, others volunteered. Richards wrote the fellows he was learning to fly a plane at a Virginia air base. Mclnvale wrote from an Army camp out West. A few letters from marked "c:ensored". And at the end of the year a little huddle of Theta Chi's were left. They would be in uniform in a few days, but like the fellows who'd already gone, they were waiting until they could return, unmolested by the war. It was a Theta Chi who said, "War is hell". But with Theta Chi's it's still Country, Alma Mater, and Theta Chi. unior Interfraternity Gan erence OFFICERS EUGENE SOMBERG ............... ....... P resident ALDEN PIKE ....... .... V ice-President BILL SCI-IICKLER .... ....... T reasurer M. LOUIS I-IALL ........ ........... S ecretary BILL McCUTCI-IEON ..... ..... S ergeont-at-Arms The Junior lntertraternity Conference is an organization composed of representa- tives from the twenty-one social fraternities on the campus. Its object is to promote friendship and cooperation among the fraternities. During the year the conference had dinner rotation enabling members of the conference to visit the other fraternity houses. A huge banquet was given in con- junction with Fall Frolics. ' The Junior IFC gave generously to Uncle Sam. With the loss of Prexy Randy Cooper, Eugene Somberg was elected president and Alden Pike was elected to the vice-presidency. Andrews Atkinson Brock Browne Catlett Cooper, R. Cooper Elliott Farrior Fredericks Hall, M. L. Hall, S. Howard Jaeger Jenkins Jones McDonnell McMillan McNeeIy Minear Peacock Peper Pike Ricketts Rubenstein Scott Shubin Simmons Simon Somberg Winegeort f Nobly they died that we might lifuef In Ma Lt. lst lst Ens. lst lst ernoriam., ,ior James Greenwood Abernathy Jesse Blake Adams t. Charles Oran Allan, Jr. -t. Sidney Berk Harry Eugene Black, Jr. t. William Hazen Boyce -t. Benjamin Hollon Bridges Lt. 1fJGD Richard Bull Capt. Curtis Eugene Caton Lt. James R. Davidson Lt. Harry Everette Driver Znd Lt. Richard Heath Empie Capt. Benjamin Cunningham Yancey Fuller Harry N. Gahan Capt. Joe Henry Gray Homer Hancock, Merchant Marines 2nd Lt. Cary A. Hardee Capt. Coleman Hinton Lt. Charles R. Hill 2nd Lt. Mario C. E. Hoffman Ens. Hilliard 'Galliver Holland Lt. QSGD Robert Paul Horrell Capt. John Patton Hyman, Jr. Lt. Thaddeus K. Johnson, Jr. 2nd Lt. Francis Kearney Capt. Thomas Cyril Kennington, Jr. Lt. Edison E. Kester Ens. Howell Nelson Klueppelberg, Jr. 2nd Lt. Jasper Kennedy Larkin Znd Lt. James Thompson Manning Lt. Col. George Frederick Marshall Capt. George B. CJackD Massey Private Thomas Owen Mills lst Lt. Francis Jefferson Minor Cadet Solomon D. Moon , lst. Lt. Virginius C. Murphree Cpl. Sidney S. Newsome ' In eibfemoriam., -t. John Henry Palmer 'I lst Lt. David Wills Pinkerton, Jr. -t. Elmer Leo Ricou ..t. CJGD Wilson Rippey I Ens. Clarence Charles Ross -t. Simon Rothstein Ist. Lt. Leonard William Salsbury -t. Thomas V. Skelley -t. Charles D. Smith Major Elton Smith -t. George Rosse Smith 2nd Lt. David A. Southard Capt. William H. Sutton AfC Marquis Byron Taylor Lt. William V. Terhune, Jr. Ralph Edward Thomas Znd Lt. Charlie Gordon Tison Lt. Thomas J. Willis Znd. Lt. Tom C. Young tit it tif William Bradshaw William E. Townsend 'fir tif iff MISSING IN ACTION -t. Leon W. Bass Ist Lt. Robert M. Chapin -t. Edward Drompp -t. Paul P. Hart -t. Thomas S. Ingram 2nd Lt. Henry Arthur Keel ' st Lt. Robert Shealey Kramer 'st Lt. Nathan F. Lindsey Staff Sergt. Charles J. Meriwether Lt. Louis Albert Towson What of The Future? OUNG men ot todoy ore looking seriously--and onxiously toword the future. ln moking your plans lor tomorrow, remember thot o young mon who eorly estoblishes a cordiol relotionship with o good bonk is likely to find more opportunities ond moke foster progress thon one who doesn't. I 'k FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSONVILLE A Financial Stronghold Ev! erzderslzip be yfflll' Gm!! I Leodership colls tor men ot courage, strength, Uflll vision ond the Capacity tor self-socritice. Post-wor IDEM Americo will need such men. The road to leodership is long ond hord but the knowledge thot you have mode o Worthwhile contribution to monkind is worth the cost. 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Glass of ,43 First Row: Albak, Shaderak, Almanak, Cadilak, Cossak, Renfro, Phrocton. Second Row: Wunmeg, Zog, Sczhtrig, Wynsaki, Mours- zourski, Bud Bud, Boolboll, Bopshire. Third Row: Sharp, Flat, Sop, Choppey, Ura, Cobb, Frank, Furter. Fourth Row: Maidenswoon, Buglebutt, Bubbaduck, Greasy Gus, Little Root, Hotlips, Money Bags, Little Stud, Pinhead, Baltimore. Seventeenth Row: Slouch, Glider, Sponge, Filfthy, Nasty, Meat, Jooker, Peewee, Frusty, lchibad, Mouth. Fortieth Row: Butch, Jarvis, Schrapnel, Tandalayo, Yohn- son, Yolson, Yenson, Boomstein. Members not in picture: Smith, Jones, Brown Ithey were camera shy and joined the armyI. it 'iff 'liz A bargain is u good buy. A good-bye is a farewell. A farewell is to part. To part is to leave. My girl left me without a good-bye. She was no bargain anyway. BE WELL DRESSED WHETHER AT SCHOOL OR IN THE SERVICE WALTER MENGES Clothier To Men 206 NORTH ORANGE ORLANDO Compliments of KENT WARREN COMPANY Jocksonville, Florido IVIen's ond Young IVIen's Clothes Tl-lE Tl-lE ongratulationsl Graduation is an important step. lt means that the young man is go- ing forth into the world and must now begin to apply the lessons he has learned. lt means that the lesson of living and earning a living is just beginning. These young men will vvant friendly advice and assistance as they launch into their various careers. As a matter of course they will have oc- casion to call on their bankers for genial aid as their prospects broaden. Visit any of the following banks for a casual get-acquainted chat: BARNETT NATIONAL BANK Tl-lE BARNETT BANK OF JACKSONVILLE OF AVON PARK Established i877 Avon Park, Florida BAR'tlEgTDNAXL'0NAL BANK THE st. Aueustiivii ivAtionAL Bfxnk D eh St. Augustine, Florida eLand, Florida Tl-lE BARNETT BANK Tl-lE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF COCOA OF FORT LAUDERDALE Cocoa, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MATLANTIO NATIO BANK, or JACKS NV1 1. 1. E FIorida's Largest Financial Institution Organized l903 Affiliated Banks The Palatka Affiliated Banks Springfield Atlantic Bank Atlantic National Jacksonville Bank First The Sanford National Bank Atlantic National of Daytona Beach Bank The First National Atlantic National Bank Bank Gainesville ' of West Palm Beach Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation QQAQWXQLQQEQE , JENsEN's mc. Showing whot we cloim to be the OUTFITTERS TO MEN finest suit in town ot ............... BY M'CHAEL5'5TERN MAX WITTFNP PHONE 2267 GIDDENS BUILDINGTAMPA FLORIDA in Rochester 52 W. Forsyth St. ' ' 1912 ' 1943 lr- He: I can't see what keeps girls from freezing. She: You're not supposed to. wir 753' it Joe: Where are you going in such a hurry? Blow: I just bought a new textbook in the bookstore and I'm trying to get to class before they change the edition. E. H. THOMPSON CO., Inc. KITCHEN, DINING ROOM ond INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT 730-34 W. Boy St. Jocksonville, Flo. Whotever The Sport We Furnish The Equipment HARRY FINKELSTEIN COMPANY 631-39 West Boy St., Cor. Jefferson St. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE oLp RELIABLE INCORPORATED 1888 it Member F. D. I. C. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA In Jacksonville . . SPRINT STRAIGHT FOR SEARS, ROEBUCK Cr CO. THE STORE OF FASHION WITH YOUNG IDEAS FORSYTH AT BROAD IN JACKSONVILLE its ALWAYS THE NEW FURCHGOTT'S For Best Values HOGAN Amp Apfwis Compliments of THE SWEET SHOP Tollohossee, Florido At South Gote of College Opposite Londis ond Gilchrist Service in One Company Complete Insurance ' N ALL FORMS CASUALTY INSURANCE. FIRE AND ALL ALLIED LINES. FIDELITY AND SURETY BONDS. AMERICAN FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY An "OId Line" Company HOME OFFICE ORLANDO, FLA. grate Fraternity life at Florida is represented in its highest form in the Zappa Chapter of the dear old Whatta Enigma fraternity with its spacious and unpaid for mon- sion just three miles Kas the Dean fliesl from the campus. Let us look into the inner life of this solid impeccable lodge where men live together, study together, and bor- row each others underweor. Below is o brief outline that clearly shows Whatta Enigma's excellent condition. ln Finances: There is only one way to accurately de- scribe the finances of Whotto Enigmo-OUTSTAND- ING. ln Activities: In line with the motto of the fraternity- EVERY MAN A BOOMER-'all brothers engage in count- less activities. For instance: Brother Paul Maull was elected chairman of the committee for Cooperation with the Kleon up Klub for keeping old Alligotors off the campus, Brother Will Bustit was recognized by the Scholarship Committee, Brother Raren Braren by the Athletic Committee, and Brother Whioncho DuRite by TTI ity Lifey the police. Brother Frazzel was made president of the Society for the Promotion of Bulgarian Literature in the South. Whatta Enigma nightly thanks God that it had Oompah Whizzle who was elected the most valuable mon on our team. Unfortunately Georgia elected him. ln Fraternity Spirit: The spirit of Whatta Enig- democrotic good fellowship-was best phrased by Brother Ferdy Frupe when he stated, "Whenever we pledge a mon we always ask ourselves-ls he Whatto Enigma timber? Our National, of course, insists that he be of Scotch, French or Mongolian lineage and an all state football player. Or else have money." Frupe also denied point blank the malicious rumor that boxing gloves were furnished during chapter meetings. ls there any wonder then that Whatta Enigma is such on outstanding fraternity and gets all the good boys from Sopchoppey every year? Dilmonds Convenient Terms Congratulations D E TO THE CLASS OF I943 ' uva no I On your scholastic achievement during the past year. Moy all your efforts in the future be os successful. I Au' OVER FLORIDA U iii MAIN sweet .....-- iAcksoNviLLE, FLA. WELCOME TO In Tampa it'5 GAINESVILLE S A M A A S COMMERCIAL HOTEL for everything for the military SATISFACTION GUARANTEED w OFFICIAL ARMY EXCHANGE SERVICE 220 Main Street 605 Franklin Street JACKSONVILLE TAMPA Diamonds, Watches, Silverware, Clocks, China and all Jewelry MENS SHOP MAIN FLOOR REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY COMPLETE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT f.. M f '?fJf:,lI-F as JI AX I fl-lvl 'YIII' . , A?"hp .x - I 'If.lIf' l9l"li-1 C I A 'S' Ili Allis lI'l " . II ll. i'-I,i I-E'-'-gIfw.'II.NwX 1 I I - I If- iI'l'-I'lI I-Jr - OFIBIIJII llll iI'IIF:2i-' I. Sim-II"t-ffiiiie :Wil III: i::.I:1..I-I: :Iwi-1Im-zlaglfllzal, I'--I Q -a1'.',I.Il.'iiI Iiniuwgxvl-f'-'Q-i 'I 1-:nn will: :""':Qf'.-QM.: g,,II cf .,,.5-..1. .,...g.,It1".'l ., e - A I I One of The South's Great Stores FLORIDA STATUTES AN NOTATED To be complete in 30 volumes and kept to date by modern Pocket Part Service. The completely annotated edition of the OFFICIAL FLORIDA STATUTES, l94l. It you haven't already placed your order at the special pre-publication price, with liberal allowances for the Compiled General Laws, we urge that you do so right away. Detailed information mailed upon request. Wh mmm ' U THE HARRISON COMPANY JACFTQRITBILLLE LAW BOOKS 91 Hunter St., S. W., Atlanta Lenfestey Supply Co. Dairy and Ice Cream Supplies Laundry and Dry Cleaning Supplies Citrus Canning Supplies Janitor Supplies TAMPA, FLORIDA f: I i 1 -I l M 02322352323 to 'X From ..,ii.i':F'p1lliiIi "'F M HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON Tavern and Dining Room Air Conditioned Two Students of Marriage and the Family it wir sir Hawkshaw: Is your daughter in? Irate Father: No, she isn't and get out of here. Hawkshaw: But you can't talk that way to me, I'm the campus cop Father: Oh, I'm sorry, come right in. I thought that was a Sigma Nu pin. 'W-' iw, fiazfefwif P NSACOL Illlllllllll . 2.93" 4 . , For many years Pensacola has been one of the vacation headquarters for the Southland. Located on the scenic Gulf Coast, this city possesses a wide variety of advan- tages and attractions. It is noted for its fine beaches with clean white sand, It has one of the best land- locked harbors in America and offers exceptional op- portunity for boating and fishing Golf, hunting, riding, motoring' 'these and other sports provide a diversity of recreation for visitors and residents alike, Pensacola is known throughout the land as the "Annapolis of the Air", because here is located Uncle Sam's largest naval aviation training Q school, where all Navy fliers get their wings. I-lere are ancient Spanish and early American forts and other places of historic and scenic interest. Pensacola is a thriving, growing, progressive community, a good place to work or to play, a city of homes and good living. Let us send you full information about Pensacola. Our illustrated booklet will be mailed on request. Address A. E, Langford, Manager, Municipal Advertising Board-- ' PENSACOLA, FLORIDA ON Tl-IE SCENIC GULF COAST E Hope or OR YEARS grad- uating classes have been told that they were tomorrow's leaders -that the future of the world was to be in their hands. Today's graduates do not have to wait for tomor- row - they are Part of today's history of the events which will deter- mine the course of history for a century. Upon this younger gener- ation rests the responsibility of lighting a war and building a peace. Your school years have taught you the underlying princi- ples of the American Way of Life - of the spirit of democracy - you have learned to cherish the ideals of freedom of speech, of press, of assembly, of enterprise. 'kiriryirir Let the world you build be con- structed on that foundation and you will need have no fears for the future. . .xl FLORIDA P0 GHT CDMPANY 7" :una 'S 'ktiuki BOY, HOWDY! WON'TYOU HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR? s vos 05" :JOE HAV-A-TAM PA CIGARS 105' coma 1101 are distinguished by their xprvf- rich yet mellow flavor. They have claimed the a smoking preference ot of-" 'I' thousands of men At Your Favorite Counter ELI WITT COMPANY MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS DOBBS HATS ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN AND EDWIN CLAPP SHOES LUGGAGE P. W. WILSON COMPANY TALLAHASSEES BEST sToRE SINCE I837 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR LINGERIE ACCESSORIES HOME FURNISHINGS PIECE GOODS MILLINERY ' NOTIONS Y I X ' -SEB I X f fb A A XX JE ff f . N 5 f N X , T ' f .v ax ' f I I I' - P A ,ZF N 1 , ,, 1 , I 1 V1 f g . 1 ilfklft f I E t galil 1, '4V,VxXQxf 1ff.'fwf ,A A T 2 .TA ul -ff' -f .fee .. 2 , , - -1 .m f XQJHJ' Q - . T..-1-Tfufllwue .. new ew fe-X fi, lj, fix .J All I' lm", 'f A-,gag ' f N ' ' 'K ' X f' ' I F' I T,ff5f'f1f-,QT -yew A lwf s m-1 ,-Ml' N, f UMW V4 'H' , "1 T yy. , E X , I 1 I f yr fn,',.,fg, ,,,,,,, ,ul 4 T 5 fe f"wwf4 'YA rm' - ' ,f T A T IN J I ' '- . I K X N7 ,I ms ,l..lHflQ' I - f 1 HM A.1:,1-1-. fnwll--1-uw .. lf 415A ' --mvgwigglg., 1 ' 1,-9 I H '.N r- ' ":: i,,'-' gi ifl '-- - ,. il A "'-4i- -1- 1 ff: . T , ,H 1.26, "T " E V- " h i . - 1 X I 1. , .L A S 'I l'I1V1ll1iiIll,1'.'-' ' ...- -. 1 l lJ'l1f-11.1 H- 3' iw. 1 ' W- -I ' ' ' uHiII'1"'-' "' - W- ,..,. .fa JT. an T .T .,.-:f52.452-e,rgs.'qriw'42iE21:1 ' .. 3. , -.,. .-via Ill1H?Al"i'?5?5-117241154 nf! l . H' . 'gg' Jn QW,-g,:,xQa,1 4 ,143 T-'gfq 5 .x I 8 . .'l- .L .l .5 .I w,,:,5ifM ' fig? 'gf' I , , . 1 ' ' R i- A 'f ' 4-A , 'Q QR 2 gb fem . , ' ? ' - . fi. - av- '- 1 2 fill . fmt . " 'vi . ' fs- A T 1 Tmiie- wif K 4 52- -3 PAL ia f, Q' .'T'!3ii". I-rs'-.:'4.31L f35'22b :. "?f4i.- -iflfwffixk'1f'i11?4l"ff' +2'H'-.11-Ja's:.fH'ii??S3?Ja:E-5432" f!.- ZQGETXL15 1631+ 1ELu'5L?W'?5 -- 'U' V'-3-5 'PT f 'Hb lfkfl ' Q ' 1 Hi "W M -' ii AN ALL FLORIDA HLT. . 'N . -0 35,5 ,taxi mfi- H INSTITUTION--Bringing .,.-X 7 J 'X' ' 11-'fh'.,i I Pleasure to All Florldal sif?211-'i jr !! E-5553? li 'fm Q35 32419 'mins' Khalsa 2-'zyififg vxf 0 9 In Gainesville It's . ggi T, The "FLoRlDA" and "STATE" lwiszf' "EL . - 54' ' ws' ' ' :sigh fa :J if X Qyf 19' " Inq' Y .. 'vigil . Q", 'f 1- .1 .X -- ' 3: .I . V A , 1 :Q P ,' .A N- ' I xx 3. gf. . vu X Q A fg ix Un .. bi ' J - s It of 0 W sf.. ' - 1 ' ' f of 4 I IQ: I 8. N" -il uv: 4 1,1 I if F, 'M ,:,4'f'a- 1 li" . B 4 - we o A A 'lf . V T .. 5 gg . 'L' ' , : 3- 1 -' 'I ' ' Ui! ', .QM ' -. . . 'nm It .L . Commumiv N 4 T22 - v :TPS .4 ff'-:I .fS-'LFF-?if'1iEf.ff---2if '5f'Ze-111Tc- fa,-sv-1..5,?,1.1A-31'3f'fA-.955-JW . ,. HF X ' 'ffgiid-744'"2ii2f?fCr?"i5'Ix-Tiff . N" " ' -1 ' .-ffl" '52-'if.,5?53f-ff"i5',q'a?-: ?1?.'- 4 1 - -N spQ2.:15'4?..f'i?:i4?iw15:225'' -- ' F .ff .er ' ."' M' -2'-1'.2Eai:ii113:f..2f5 54 ' 1" ' L , . ,F A Q I my-LiihZgirjiq,w:gfvri:f'TS-fl:"li511:41!'1Q,4.,gf,-f'4?e1'-,3'.3L.5:fp:a,5-v.:L'-sf?1-4a"1'vf.Nav5..::-1.44.-'?-r' 4 . -I A Q "ii -i' ' .. " -ff----Q A O,Iv fA"l1,:," r XX N , ,..1l.,.1.,i.,4. 4. QQ A . .., Q- .:, ' I-AL .- ..,, A '.. V . . 4 ., , . ,- 52.11-...WL , ul :',..'-wb? -L,k4g,g.,p1v" ' A T: . e4...,5n:,4eaT...' 1. 32:142L-.5lUi1'li5,i-2:1395-ftPa:Z2rJAi"1 ' 1,SL':'i'Eiff:11aIf M 'd'z?r4i'?mP2:24Wi 1 .5 St. Augustine's venerable Cathedral Jn Me Mzmf Gif? of Cgdznf 0-lngulfzne - Approaching St. Augustine from Anastasia Island M24 annum! wars ja-cofncef 'Illlf IKIZCIIIHII PRESS, Ima. CFORMERLY THE RECORD CO9 ONE OF THE LARGEST AND BEST EQUIPPED PLANTS IN THE SOUTH :We offer: comtpfele .service in zlmiyn, cvmjzohliou, Aprinlfuy auf Aillvlgljllg in uf! lwzes of wot if-1 ,.,,,gg 'annum' ' a 2 5 3 Q ? , Ylfi? k. 1' :ku '14 al vw 1 -s-xx 4 'a ,sf is ' 4-Y :ij E

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