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SEHIIHULE 1942 W s.:, ?iV W .1-Al, -K7 S he powder keg exploded, ond one ot the most dismol chopters in the history ot monlaind is now being written. We, the youth ot Americo, tully occept our responsibilities tovvord our not-ion, cought in the throes ot on dll-out wot. In the next tevv months ci greot mony men will leoye this compus to serve Americo-true Florido men ot whom we moy be proud. They leove o lite ot comporotive hoppiness, comrodeship, ond eose, to enter the moelstrom ot o world ot wor. These men will corry with them memories ot this post yeor ot Florido--memories ot peoples, ploces, ond events-memories which we hoye tried to toithtully depict in this volume. S ur Record Na Nine Crowded Months llre lrerrrl ul nur Iurlverslly 15 luurlcil urn llwe Qlclfemrourrr, lu rm rnyerqrruwu Cubicle, lull el llre Wfarlcjlls mmf-,r uuccurrwlorlclble seem, pro- lemurs cmrl stucelea rub elbuyvf, cmd melelw wil lsl, llere rrwcruy cu lrlilflflfl mem ponders uycrr :came Weiglrly rurulglerrr, cr lrlelfy trem- lulluu, Cumpllcrcrterl lurrrlule, or l'llS gurl! luyely lnlue eye: llcvre lm tlle Clcrssreum ure lurrrwerl mrruy lrleurlulwlps, fmrrwe long urlrl X e . . Lllflllflllflf ullrers rullrer Sl'lflVl"'llVCCl Re- merrwluer llrul lelluvv wlru used to sleep mexl lu you in Bs-flllfl? lle really get sorrrellrirlq out ul llwe Coursey cruel tlren there were llwe aeyerr elrrsarrrcrlef, vvlwu urqrmizecl under llle Slqu ol Crcaf+,erl Axe: all uulelerrdlrwq rrrerw uurl true lrierwrls Wlmr wfauld you lreye flume Wltlreu nl llre lecture mules of your qoofl lrncvucl wlru Sul flu yuur lell, Krruwlecelge cmd llre lrcrfllllurrul 'wlllfll lrlerwclslrlp lrere is l lurlrlu ul lla lve' ll .,f5. 'V X ff 1 f X X b 1 , 1 fy f , ,IJ s 1 Lovely flowers of the Old South mode Florido lVlen's heorts do borrel-rolls. Ah, few ond for-between were those moments of joy when you proudly entered with some loyely domsel on your orm, to the enyy of oll your friends ond the omozement of others, l-low groeefully she donced, how beoutifully she smiled, ond whot o time you hod trying to get just one donce with her. But ofter the donce you were the mon of the hour for hoursl, but we won't go into thot. Yes, those were wonderful times, while they losted. And ofter it wos oll oyer, there wos thot let-down feeling, both for you ond your wollet. But oll wos forgotten in the deep ond profound sleep thot followed, often losting for doys, Yet on the next weekend you were reody to leoye this hermitoge for onother short but exhousting yocotion in the lond of the Voir. Fond memories oll. Clt8S f r x 'ft ' ' ' , f , f ' ' ' ' ? '75, r 1 I - S I , ' X 3 A . I , f I .L 're' Q' pu i E . L .fi ' fb' f . ' l 1 Y-fr ., ,- i -W gall I i S f A 7? -.-. b 1 K at A ,I J i N I -off' ' 1 W ff' 2 fs. 1: 4 W Y TI .5 1 . f 5 I y Q, . ' ' f- 4 "1 5' -Sa, 1 5536? t . p if M ...f I r x Q , - 'Y 6 .,-. .i"""""""""'-"q'A , 5 9? r if ' NK J .0 F vnu H wr rf . 1' .. an x 4 ,I Y ff V, Yv u up J ,,.,u'-. x r'. ' ' ' . ,. 'O " , .--' - I Q 1 -lv Di' D ha- -. . Q, K . - gi. 1 A ' 4 ,,,- 'wff. I i' 9, AT Florido, SporTs Took o Top billing, On The gridiron, in The ring, on The hordvvood, on The Cinder poTh, The Fighting GoTors disployed ThoT TrodiTionol spiriT ond sporTs- monship oT which we ore so proud. We dll Turned ouT To give The Teoms supporT lwe could hove used o IiTTle supporT ourselves loTer on in The eveningl, Roin or Shine, oT home or owoy, sTudenTs followed The GoTor Troil wiTh o losTing inTeresT, celebroting Their vicTories, mourning Their deTeoTs. w an ff f A W Of' ,,M, .ii ' ,JP fi ,,,,,X X N Q X tw ?,.,,-5 f I X X .VJ M--..,w X y , J, NX, 5 E+, X x X. x X I l-leavy gavels beat a steady tatoo-H campus orators rise to heights ot magniti- cent eloquence, a 'levv floors dovvn, haggard men seated before vvorn typewriters, pound- ing out pearls at vvit and vvisdom tor your Alligator, Orange Peel, and Seminole. These were our campus activities, many and varied. lvlost ot us were a vital, living part ot these activities, others merely on-lool4- ers. That great game of politics enveloped everyone, along about lvlarch when Spring elections came up. Veteran politicians dug their old soap boxes out ot the closet, soitened up the soap, and prepared tor the vvorst lvvhich vvas pretty badi. And hovv many a publications man has mourned, "Oh, it l had only spent as much time on the boolas as I did in the oiticef' But they would do it again it they had the chance, ampus Activities Ah, yes, those memories ot the old trot- hovv they rise to hount you now ond then. Some ore tond memories ond others-well, they ore best torgotten. There wos the oyergrown bungolovv with the Greek letters oyer the door, ond your brothers-some punks. You'd trust them with your lost dol- lor ond your best girl, ond lose both. Pop donces, tormols, breoktosts, smokers-oll o port ot thot colortul existence known os troternity lite. Those were truly the good old doys . . . raternities this is MM? 1111.-w 1 1 lf, Ul:-f-- - 0 194 The dark shadow ol another year has llitted quickly across the broad expanse ot Alma Mater. lt has been a year ot change, a year ol uncertainty, during which our University has gradually become streamlined to the vvar emergency. Yet vve have tound time to enioy college lite to its fullest. We have studied, and played and even loaled a little. ,l-lere, in vvords and -pictures, is em- blazoned the record of this brief episode in your lile. h E E MX Nob 9412 V" un In ,I 'H un vx iifajinl I 3 "Lam nr LU iff- J' l. . - ::s..,1m' S -3.-4 Oil 'N --la.: COPYRIGHT... ... 1942 Edward A. Lang . . ........... Editor George D. Avant . . . . . Business Manager 47" S -dvr.. R, , 'Q' .. gg, 1' .-Q , ,...-- W ,ff , RY n Q1 Z A X 1' V. V v rl ' v J thx , . - - Q :4....-- , - - -b 7"j'.,,...-""---fi-YV v .,J,,4. 1 ,,.,. 'ziflf-H, fl-4' -4 i '...-,- ' 'T T' . 3 "' , ' ' ' 857 - I , M, I, 1... A3111 X,-.. ...--', 1" E ,4 A 4.:ue.f 0 X j-:- vi A 1 " ,,,,,-.,..T M:-f , ,. . ...Q-n 1 rl f' "' if lv'?'lL11.T.'.IJi.f.--- 7- -64-f , f 1 1r'r'r'f upmunllP!""""""""""" .Mg f r"' 1 I If in, 1-,---1 ...:n.l."'-r" : '- ,,',-Q-q14. -I gag'-1aw'.v1,g w .1-' I' v -1' -' -R, ff'---, 1, 1 4 'NTWIIW' HOLLAND Orange blossoms fell on Gatorland when Floridians by their vote in the gubernatorial election of i9-40, told Bartovvfs Spessord l-. Holland to pack his clothes and move to the governor's mansion in Tallahassee. University alumnus, past president of the Alumni Association, the governor is this University's first favored son to officially put his feet under the chief executive's desk. Campaign promises, of which con- cern for the University was one, have turned into solid actualities as Alumnus- Governor Holland lent his substantial in- fluence to developing and fostering a greater University. Students, faculty members and campus administrators doff hats collectively to a familiar figure on the campus when Gator- land turns from curricula to celebration---- a Florida son: Governor Holland. GOVERNOR SPESSARD I.. HOLLAND Executives of , , , , Hon. H. P. ADAIR I-ioN. T. T. SCOTT HON. N. B. JORDAN High moguls controlling University JACKSONVILLE LIVE OAK QUINCY affairs from far-flung thrones through- out the Smfe me members of The Al- HON. w. M. PALMER HoN. R. H. Gone HoN. J. T. DTAMOND ocALA FT, LAUDERDALE TAl.l.Al-IASSEE mighty Board of Control, appointed by the governor. Final say-so is theirs as regards the University of Florida as i vvell as other state educational insti- tutions. Last word on appointments, policy, student matters, et cetera, rests with the B of C, members of which visit the campus novv and then. Unknovvn by name or reputation to most of the student body, Board of Controllers make up the one group vvhose hand in University affairs is distantly removed from campus and mystically conceived by the general campus public. TIGERT As vvell known tor his sott-as-butter drawl and post-banquet iokes as he is tor his executive and educational ability,JohnJamesligert, has directed from his presidents chair in Language l-lall, has managed University ot Florida attairs vvith adroitness and skill, Acclaimed by student, non- student, 'taculty member, friends, and enemies, Tigert needs no greater at- testation to his incredible ability to vvin additions tor and intluence triends in behalt ot this University than a re- view ot Orange and Blue progress since his arrival in l928. Like so many rabbits, buildings, books, bounties, benefits, and benevo- lences have come to Florida to make "my collegel' become "Alma Mater" under Tigertian administration. Unrestricted student treedom, lib- Gfal administrative practice, and close faculty-student association mark Hllgert at Florida" as a key landmark On the national collegiate scene. JOHN JAMES TIGERT th Universit, Coach Tom and Dr. John . STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION SPESSARD L. HOLLAND aovcizuoie R. A. GRAY J. Tom wATsoN SECRETARY or smite A'l'lOlQNliY ci2iviSi4A COLIN ENGLISH, scare J- EDWIN LARSON Sl'!XllESLJPlllilN'l'FlXll'lEN ST!X"l li TREXXSURFIQ PUBLIC llXlS'l'lQUCl'lO KLEIN H, GRAHAM R, C IEEATY J. ED, PRICE Business Mohogor Doom of Students, Assistoht' Doom of Students ' 'f f , 1 A P, A, EOOTE RUDOLRH WEAVER W Diroctor, School of Phormocy Director, School of Architecture tkltr E I 5 tt f t t to t ff E T 'cf' it f . X- -'IM A. X J. l HARLEY W, CHANDLER J. W. NORMAN Dean ot the University Dean ot the Summer School Our Deans. Heaven Bless 'em and Heaven can . . . look atter 'em Like so many actors on a col legiote stage, some are loved, some vvould like to be loved, and some have auit kidding themselves and just do their daily dirty vvork. However, regardless ot vvhat the student body, individually or collectively, thinks ot them, tor the most part they assist in the operation ot the University in an etticient, ettective, Gnd productive tashion. National recognition ot more than a tevv sorts, has come to many ot them. Several are outstanding in and out ol their curricular tields throughout the state arid are acclaimed as leaders. A Some are big tish in small ponds, a tevv are big tish in big ponds. All have degrees tacked atter their names like so many New Deal Agencies, Chosen as college heads tor superior work in their tields, these men sutter no student derision in regard to their pro tessional ability, just a little as to their respective persons. Generally acclaimed by their students, these are the men the Alumni come back to see. As a group, l3VOQressive, up-to-date, and open-minded to change, Eloridafs Deans have helped to make Florida the Cradle ot liberal education and higher education she is today. D. R. "BILLY" MATTHEWS WALTER IE. HILL FRANK S. WRlGH'l- Diractgi-, Flofidg Unig,-1 Librarian Director ot Publicity WALTER J, MATHERLY TOWNES R, l.ElGl-l Dean ot the College ot Business Administration Dean ot the College ot Arts and Sciences on the colleges .... The University ot Florida stands today an educational institution at considerable size, boasting a general college, upper division, six colleges, three schools, a graduate school, a general extension division, a college-wide R,O,T,C, training unit, and more than CO departments ot instruction ranging all the way from Aeronautical Engineering to Veterinary Science, A radio station, WRUF, vast acreage under cultivation by agricultural students, stock herds, e hydraulics laboratory, a clairy operated by students supplying ice cream, millc, and other dairy products to the campus cateteria and soda fountain, e new wood-processing lah, a four story library with 7 lloors ot books, tung-oil experimental station, a medium-sized forest all at this, and lots more, is utilized in the collegiate training ot Florida men. Florida otiers tive major classifications ot degrees: Associate ot Arts CA. Al awarded tor completion ot trash and sophomore vyorlc in the General College, Bachelor ot Arts tBt A.l, Bachelor ot Science CB, Sl, Master ot Arts CM A.l, and, tinally, Doctors' Degrees ll3h, Dl. Streamlined education tor tirst and second year men is the Gatorland Way. Successful and ettectiye is the General College, tirst leg of the educational journey at Florida. Learn ing man's place in the social, physical, literary, philosophical, psychological, mathematical, cultural, and biological worlds is the lot at Gator lrosh and sophs. Wide,-sweeping compre- H, S, NEWINS lol, D. WINGATE PERCY M, BEARD VV. L. SCl-lOCI-'l Director, School at Forestry Auditor Director at Athletics Director ot Maintenance W, H, WILSON G. B, SIMMONS Fl. ll, l-'IUME OCtateDeanottheCollegeotArtsandSciences Dean ot the College ot Education Dean ot the College ot Agriculture hensive courses pushing general concepts typily the General College, proving ground for aspirants to the upper divisions and eye-opener for collegiate neophytes. The College ot Agriculture, commonly classified, "Cow College", hands out degrees in Agricultural Chemistry, Agricul- tural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Animal lndustry, Botany, Entomology, l'lorticulture, and Soils, Progressive, practical, and positive are adjectives keynoting Ag College training, Students in the College ol Arts and Sciences, scorn ol I3 us Ad men, take degrees in Bible, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Flistory and Political Science, Journalism, Languages and'erature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, and Geography. Broad, brimming, and blending is A and S training in Gatorland. Slaves in the College oi Business Administration, objects ot derision 'tor Arts and Sciences majors, work in two lieldsi Business Administration and Public Administration. lnlormation bulletin objectives ol this college arei tll to produce business executives, l2l to turn out men capable ot assuming increasing responsibilities ol business ownership, and tll to turn college men into business specialists. A three-word picture ol lius Ad training under the Orange and llluei Work, Work, and More Work. Teachers busy propagating tor their prolession is the Work of the College ot Education, With its main purpose being The cleveloprnent' and improvement ot teaching in all its branches, this College uses little Gainesvillians ol kindergarten, grade, and high school ages as human guinea pigs tor its students to put theory into prac- tice. Football players, tastidiousness, and the tellowship that's the College ol Education, With no curricular punches pulled the College ol Engineering runs its students ragged for tour, tive, or six years ol brain-racking and then slips sheep-skins to tip-top COL.Ps,Aji, HOPKINS engineers who promptly gain all sorts ol recognition lor themselves and their college. -G ' 'S' T' Granting degrees in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and industrial Engineer- ing, this College never marks time, is continually progressing. Solid, substantial, and stitl so it goes tor the Engineers. ln the Graduate Division, the College ol Law stands top outtit, Set up to "impart a thorough, practical, and sciontitic knowledge ot the law," you may see the Law College more clearly when you think ot: ill passing the bull, t2l passing the buck, and til passing the bar. Florida curricular activity is pliable, bending to the times, Currently, the Administra- tion has turned its attention to revising and increasing courses to assist in the all-out tight to train Americans tor elticient participation in the tight to shove the Japanese and associated snakes back in their respective holes, Courses in meteorology, radio, tele- vision, astronomy, navigation, etc., instigated in increasing numbers, continually help to swell the schedule ot courses as Florida trains brains. W. We LITTLE T, lvl, SIMPSON I3. C. RILEY Dean ol thrr General College Dean ol the Graduate School Dean ol' the General Extension Division The University ot Florida, like the proverbial oak tree, sprang from a tiny beginning. Today's 300 laculty members, 320 acres ot beautilul campus, 4,855 acres ol University land, 30 buildings, and a total investment ot 258,000,000 stock as signilicant testimony ol Orange and Blue progress 'lrom the days when our Alma lvIater's grand ancestor, the East Florida Independent Institute, vvas tounded in Ocala in H352 vvith six teachers East Florida Independent Institute was taken over in the following year by the State, being moved to Gainesville in H366 and renamed the East Florida Seminary. Then other state schools sprang up like so many mushrooms: Florida Agricultural College, ISS3, Lake City, State Normal School lor White Students, I887, De Funiak Springs, St, Petersburg Normal Industrial School, l90l, St. Petersburg, South Florida lvlilitary and Educational Institute at Bartow, IFEQS, and the Agricultural Institute, l905, Gsceola County, Weak, small, and inevitably short on tunds, these institutions, iq, 5, JQHNSQN rg, Q Tllll-MAN nevertheless, served their respec- RGQISIVOV UHIVGVSIW PIWSICIOV1 tive purposes, although Florida's higher educational record on the national scene was puny. Then came the Buckman Act, l905, re- sulting in the establishment ot three substantial state schools, one ot which was the University al Florida in Gainesville. Beginning vvith 'two buildings, Buckman and Thomas Halls, and a shop, Florida's state school tor men got under vvay. JOSEPH WEIL l-l. R. TRUSSLER Deon ot the College ot Engineering Deon ot the College ot Low ln l906, the tirst student body, less thon lOO rnen, wos enrolled, two skeleton militory companies were torrned, ond educotion begon under the wise leodershio ol the lote President Dr, Andrew Sledd. . . . And so begon the University ot Florido. From so modest ond comoorotively recent beginnings, there grew o lovely Southern cornpus, groced with toll ond stotuesgue pines, ond royol polms, blonketed with wide expense ot grossy green ond tlorol coloring, ond ceilinged with bright blue Southern skies ond storry nights when the heovens ore iomrned with glowing goloxies, ond o tropicol moon, ln the midst ot this noturol borodise rise stotely Collegiote Gothic buildings ot red bricls ond white stone, spires ond pointed orchwoys, leoded gloss windows ond intriguing gorgoyles. Teddy, mony o once-red Gothic woll now weors o cool green cloolc-o covering ot clinging ivy vines This is Florido todoy, honne ot the Oronge ond Blue, where her loyol sons sing, os they hove lor so rnony yeors, the Beoutitul Alrno lvloter. .. There's No Other Nome So Glorious All lrloil, Florido, l-loill 3, R. S, ATWOOD - 'Peter ot the institute of HAROLD RIKER J, V. lVlcOUll TY l'l!XROl.D MOWRY Hier-Arnericon Attoirs Director ot Residence University Exoininer Director, Experiment Ste Peo body H0 II Infirmary '-'--A-v.,5,,,,5N w.,, U ig N 'P f ' 5:3-xs.mX.J-i ---Q X . A 1 Ili? """"i Benton ' 'z 371 ' L 4 ' - M, A v2 .Vb A J V 1' r Xl rg' K pl' ,. , A W -55. 1 J in Y . ,Ku wrt 'V ,, ,' - fr.. '. rf' 1 Xp--' ffr.G.':", 1-, rf' ,A fa rj!! 7,52-A 1,,:?x -A .J-KILV Z' An ,-uw ,Yi i ggziqmgjjg 3. - u . ,wwf " mx y ' W ",h'un'Qj'? "fp, " 'YH 4 W1 M m S f W T ,f-, sf M- ,V H Q' Amp M A,,: 5m. 5,-mm . ,A 1 fx 5 xml 1- , -, Q ' L.,,, W '- V-1, , -, f f "" 1 " :Wm 'X f f 1" , ' w4'?f'if47n.",l.f"5'H:2 -' , :Vim '?? f'g:gAp"'Q "" ww w.f-W. uf P - Aff 'WW' ' Mur hree Ml.. -i fi '- ,....,ff?-""'V -f . D rm-,g, , f ff I V .. 3" Y R.. 'I ' .f ' -+ ' :A . I 4, , p my - ' . f 'f,....,,f - A , 3' ,. ',.:.-QW ' 1' 43'-7" um 5. " nw., , f .,...,,... f1i,.1. g , A NA. ,X X 'NX , ki ,li ,,, W ,ik nit - v Y 'fa .K N Radio 1 w., - .3 .k.-.uw -sw x"9'.'3P? lgfj' . g , Hy. I ... STGTION ew -6 N ., ,P X x wma i .QL M6 -. ' 4 .5 . 'ul ww.. "Qi ' .. ' N2-'fxiiifnn A ' 1 N, X fb. I ...ww If ' , 'x ,Mg v 4 s K -An .--lf Y-, NW, A .n 4 ..-y,G , .un ' u N W wi . ,A s Q. , 1 . ML. V M, .4-h0'Q",.., . N .g '- I .Dfw V P v4,.A v n px .Q 5 1 A .."'44.-Q' " .A C Hemi sfry Whe re Palm and Pine Are Blovvi W9 New Gy TTI ,. ,,,L V ...., - 'V 4' W, . 'k" ' - , V A hmmm: .. .WN M-.W,..,,,Q X ' mm, -. K , A V- , A W . ' A A 332 'N- X .,:K:0,. J, M1 .pf-xy, .gf " ' " mb YR: f M' '- 1" .. ':g1, -.v'- 5 m,f.i'yg'A 'Q' 'm ,, R5 f -Pc' : Nfl f-J:!s'1' W- G W Fletcher 'Neath Shaded Walks HENRY LORISH Vice-President Senior Law Class Ojicer E Junior Law Class Officers ORD THOMPSON SIDNEY WEST President Vice-President Freshman Law Class Ojieers LLOYD PHILLIPS KENYON ECKFIELD JOHN GWYNN President V'C9'PV95'deVII Secretory-Treasure Senior Law iilass EHRLICK, RAYMOND L. L. B. nm Crescent City Executive Council, '39, President's Cabinet, '4l, Vice-Pres. Freshman Law, '40, Florida Blue Key, Pres., Treas., Phi Beta Kappa, Hall at Fame, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, lnternational Relations Club, Who's Who. FOSTER, LEO L. L. L. B. Tallahassee - Pres. Sr. Law, Kappa Phi Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Alpha Delta, Pres. John Marshall Society, Bar Ass'n., Ch. Homecoming Skit Committee. LEVENSON, EMANUEL L. L. B. mia: Daytona Beach President PLP, Young Democrats Club, John Marshall Law Society, Propellor Club, Home Town Club, Sec.-Treas., Commission U. S. Army. MALON EY, FRANK EDWARD L. L. B. nm Miami Phi Alpha Delta, Newman Club, Honor Court. NELSON, E. JACK L. L. B. Gainesville Honor Court '37-'38, Bus. Mgr. Seminole, '39, Circulation Mgr. Alligator, '40-'4l, Phi Delta Phi, Cavaliers. KERR, JAMES BENJAMIN L. L. B. KA Fort Lauderdale The Colonels, lntertraternity Conference. LORISH, HENRY HALLMAN L. L. B. xo Hot Springs, Arkansas Chancellor Honor Court, summer-'4l, Vice-Pres. Senior Law Class, '4l-'42, Alligator, '38-'4l, Seminole, '38-'40, Phi Delta Phi, Colonels, Glee Club, Vice-Pres., John Marshall Society, Bar Association, Vice-Pres. Chi Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Treas. MARION, FRANCIS L. L. B. l-lowey Phi Delta Phi, Clerk Phi Delta Phi, Monitor '39-'4O. SCHUPLER, MOE L. L. B. T:-:aa West Palm Beach YONGE, PHILIP K. L. L. B. KA Pensacola - President Phi Delta Phi, '4l-'42, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, John Marshall Bar Ass'n., Pres. '4l-'42, Executive Council, '41-'42, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, '4l, Varsity Debate. unior Law lass ARONOVITZ, SIDNEY M, mio , . Key West BELL, ERNEST W. . .1 .... . Gainesville CULPEPPER, JAMES DONGAN, JR. In . . Jacksonville DEXTER, WORTH, JR. . . . Gainesville EDWARDS, HARRY PHILIP . . . Boston, Mass. EGGART, ROBERT BROWNLEE . . Pensacola GAY, WILLIAM W., JR. BW . . St. Petersburg HAY, GEORGE TABER, Ill UE . Gainesville KATZ, ERNEST ISIDOR . St. Petersburg KNISKERN, CHARLES B., JR. . . Miami LESTER, M. IGNATIUS . . Key West MCRAE, WILLIAM L. ATU . . Clfiipley MADIGAN, JOHN A., JR. I'lKA , . . . Miami ,MATHENY, RANDOLPH Y. ZX . . Sarasota MILLIGAN, JOHN S., JR. IKE . . Ormond ROBINSON, GROVER CLEVELAND, JR. UE . . Pensacola TYLANDER, ROBERT DARWIN NK' . Fort Pierce WEST, SIDNEY DUNCAN, JR. . . Ocoee WICKER, IDLJS QUENTIN UK0 . Miami Freshman aw lass ECKFIELD, KE NYON C. FARISH, JOSEPH D. X0 . GWYNN, JOHN S. UE . HOPKINS, MARGARET . LYNN, JOHN D, 049 . MAURER, MARK MORE NEFF, HAROLD "H" . . NORMAN, J. WILLIAM . PHILLIPS, LLOYD M. , ROHAN, LAURENCE B., JR. . SAXE, ALFRED JACOB . SMITH, GEORGE CLARK TOWNSEND, ARLIE K. . WEBB, J. ERNEST . BARNES, JOHN M ..... . Jacksonville BISHOP, ROBERT J, AVP . . . . Orlando BRADLEY, FRANCIS MacLEOD 'DFA . . Bradenton COTTEN, JOHN HOWELL KA . . Tallahassee COURSHON, ARTHUR H. FIM' HEDRICK, DAVID W. Am . KE. . . Miami Beach . Lake Worth West Palm Beach , Tallahassee . Jacksonville . Gainesville . Fort Myers Fort Lauderdale . Pine Castle . Gainesville . Clearwater . Miami . Gainesville . Miami . Mayo . Jacksonville enior Class lfficers WHEELOCK . . . ,,,, President LLOYD KITCHEN .... .... V ice-President JACK FROST .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer NORMAN WHEELOCK College Senior . . . atter waving the Orange and Blue tor tour years . . . atter tour years ot studying . .and looking . . . and cramming . . . and looking . . . ot developing the mind lhawl . . . and looking . . . ot bulling and looking and playing cards and looking and going to Tally and looking and looking and looking and so forth . . . thought l'd never get out , . . tour years ot loy and sorrow . . . ot week- ends and term papers . . . cram and exam . . . but l'm wised up now . . . and it's been good . . . l'll remember tall pines and vine clad walls. . . the green felt tops on the Union's pool tables . . . and the "new" gym . . . and the smooth-as-molasses politicians . , , practising up tor a lite ot "Whaddayaknow Joe" and "Howyatellin' Wheelan' '... whaddam l gonna do with tour years' accumulation ot love letters and silly where-I-went and what-I-did letters . . . save 'em . . . grave 'm . . . and all my profs , l l the screwy ones . . . the wise-crackers . . , the ramblers. . . the guizzers. . . the tizzers . . . the tiddlers . . .while l burned . . . shoulda studied more . . . instead l buddied more . . . but what do l really re- rnember . . . Sure . . . Bunnie Berigan , . . Kay Kyser . . . Paul Whiteman . . . Sonny Dunham. . . and that letter from Dean Little , . . "cc: to your tolks' '... And then that letter trom home , , . those piles ot dirty laundry . . . my socks tulla holes . . . who's got my pretty new tie . . . hey, that's my soap , , , and Chirstmas holidays , . . Four years ot Blue Mondays . . . in 'n out ot the mental doldrums . . . can't study, better study, that don't-givadam feeling . . . read that book . . . write that paper . . . all those meetings, Qreetings . . . talling asleep in the library . . . annoying notices trom this librarian and that dorm slave - . . that new wartime. . . up in the dark . . , more eight o'clocks slept through . . . dozin' in class atter lunch . . , that last semester . . . won't I EVER get outa this place . . . really sorry to go. . . 's been tun . 's been home tor a helluva long Tlme . . . Those happy, caretree collitch days . . . Heaven Bless 'em. - LLOYD KITCHEN ' MQK FROST Senior lass ALEXANDER, E. HOLMES Al-TMAN, MARVIN H- BA, B.S.B.A. Chattahoochee OCOIO Alligator '38-'42, Seminole, '40-'4l, President Press Boxing, '39-'40, Alligator, '37, "F" Club, Scabbard Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma. and Blade! Advonced Mlll'fGl'V- ANDERSON, WILLIAM J. ANDERSON, ROBERT GERALD B-S-E., BVAI Jacksonville Clearwater Florida Players, '37-'40, President, '40, Glee Club, '37-'4l, Vice-President, '40, WRUF,Staft, '40-'42. ANHALT, HERBERT S. BS. New York, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Fourth Estate List. BAKER, ROY E. B.A. Clermont BAUMGARDNER, CYRLIE B.S.B.A. Orlando Advanced Military, BECK, WILLIAM MASER Phi Eta Sigma. B.S. Clearwater BENTON, JOHN J. B.S. ex Gainesville Club, Dean's Cooperative Living Organization, Vice-President, Baptist Student Union, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Instructor, C-2, R.O.T.C., Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi. AVANT, GEORGE DAVIS B.A. Tallahassee Executive Council, '40-'4l, Business Manager of Seminole, '4l-'42, Seminole Staff, '39-'42, Florida Blue Kev, President, Cavaliers, Phi Eta Sigma, Gator Pep Club, BSU. Council, Y.M.C.A., Slippery Seven. BARBER, ROBERT LESLIE BSA, Kissimmee Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle Club, Agriculture Club, ROY BEARDEN, ECEHN GANTT Deland ,J .J Mortar and Pestle Society, President '4l-'42. BENNETT WRAY American Society of Tau giiuii JOHN JEFFERSON Nashville, Tenn. Club, Industrial Club BERT, HAROLD ROGERS B.S.A. Havana Alpha Zeta, Newell Entomological Society, American Society ol Agricultural Engineering. 1 BEVIS, JAMES E. B.A. Gracevillo Industrial Arts Club. BLANK, RALPH J. B.S.B.A. Am West Palm Beach Football Manager 'fllg Seminole '39-fll, Editor, '-ll, Managing Editor '40, Freshman Key '39, Phi Eta SlQfTtCl, Treasurer, ATO Fraternity, Who'S Who in American Colleges and Universities, Hall of Fame, fll, Florida Blue Key, L'Apache, "F" Club, BOWER, HOLLIS EBERLY B.M.E. Gainesville BRANDON, WILLIAM CLINT BS. om Sebring QlDlftO Zeta-Chancellor-'4l, Block and Bridle Club, Qflgltlture Club, Executive Council, Fla. Blue Key, Jglfhos Who, President Agriculture College Councilg Ontorth Fellowship winner-'fllg National President Qanforth Fellowship, Alpha Tau Alph ' Phi Eta MQVPUJ l:.F.A., Executive Council, and Bus. DQV. ,of the Fla. College Far er, i f I-i Ag Fair, Gans List, '39-'40, if tl ' b, BSU., Advanced R.O,T.C.j I olarship, vip, I ' was '-ir't .,. RLES ' i l xt' 61? ,V ,Tit l' Q, 'l- lil" do LYCeum ffl , 5 BR? N, BEVERIQY MCKENDREE B. , Lynn Haven J ' Alllha Ze aj , BERT, JOHN GUSTAV BSA. I-lavana Newell Entomological Society, Alpha Zeta. BIVANS, ERNEST L. BEE. Fort Lauderdale i A.l.E.E., Phi Gamma Delta, R.O.T,C., Benton lfn- gineering Society, BLOOD, NORMAN WYCKOFF, JR. BA. IN Lake Worth White Friarsg Scabbard FJ Blade. BRANDON, CHARLES H. BA. KZ Mont Clair, N. J. White Friars, Pistol Team, '39-'-lO, Gator Pep Club, Advanced R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, President Kappa Sigma Fraternity. BRAY, CAREY H. BS. Winter Garden BROWN, ALEXANDER Z. B,S.B.A. Winter Garden Student Manager Cafeteria '-'ll and '42, Cavaliers, Vice-President' Cavaliers, Business Manager Orange Peel-'fll, '42, Business Manager Summer Gator, '4l, Associated Editor "F" Book, '4l, '42, BROWN, FRED V. BSE. h Lake Worth Archeology Club. Senior 'lass BROWN, JOHN COTTON BA, non Miami Editor, The Alligator, '4I, '42, Student' Body Execu- tive Council, '39, '40, Ass't. Sec'y. of Interior, '40, '4I, Alligator, '38-'394'40-'4l-'42, Review, '39-'40- '4l, "F" Book '39-'40-'41, Seminole '40-'4l, 4th Estote Club, Blue Key, Tau Koppa Alpha, Los Picaros, Pi Gamma Mu. BYLE, RICHARD CAPLIN B.S.B.A. Fort Myers Belo Alpha Psi, ROTC iadvancedl, CAREFOOT, JACK W. B.S. Clearwater cAvEs, Rossar M. BSA. Homestead Affiliates, ACS, Leigh Chemical Society. CHANDLER, WM. HUGH BA. ZAE Gainesville Phi Eta Sigma, Florida Ployers, English Club. CHRISTIAN, JAMES KIRK BSBA, TIKA Mclntosh Scobbord ond Blade, CIANCI, ANTHONY JOSEPH B.A.E. Corshahocken, Penn. Football '39-'40-'4I, "F" Club, Industrial Art Club, Bishop Barry Club. BUZZETT, REGINA LAURICE BSP, Apalochicolo Phi Koppa Phi, Rho Chi, Kappa Epsilon, Mortar and Pestle. CAH I LL, LEOi THOMAS I3.A.E. Watertown, N. Y. Executive Council, Education, '4l, Football 259340- '4l, "F" Club. CARTER, OLIVER MARTIN, JR. B.C.E. OKT Bagdad Executive Council, '4l-'42, Rifle Team, '40-'4l-'42, Sigma Tau, Vice-President, ASCE, VicefPresident, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Alpha Phi Omega, Benton Engineering Council, Florida Rifles, President, Scablaard and Blade, CHAIN, ALVIN PHILIP B.S. Miami Bond. CHEW, JOHN C. B.S.B.A. West Palm Beach CHRISTIE, JOSEPH NOLTE BEE, KA Washington, D. C. Dean's List, '39, '40, Symphony Orch, '39, '40, American Institute of Electrical Engineers '4I-'42 COBB, CARROLL EVANS BA. Fort Myers P"e5lJYterian Student Session, Symphony Orchestra, YMCA, International Relations Club, Los Picaros, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, COCKRELL, JOSEPH OSBORNE B.C.E. Jacksonville 3. E. S., A. S. C. E., Sigma Tau, Advanced ROTC. X COMBS, HORACE G. B.S.B.A Jacksonville Beta Alpha Psi, Advanced ROTC, Intramurals Basketball, Honor Court' l2epresentative'Comm. on Clubs, SOC. Cr Frats. COLL, JAMES A. BME. St. Petersburg A. 5. M. E., B. E. S. CONLON, FRANK CHARLES B.S.l3.A. AX Boxing l9fl2, l-lonor Court, B. S. U., Chairniai Christian .Youth Conference, Univ. Band, Univ Symphony Orchestra, YMCA, Broward County Club COU RSHON, ARTHUR HOWARD COOKE, LEWIS EDWARD, JR. BA B,M.E. I-UW' SGfGSOt'G Miami Beach A, . - - -. ,, , , f, . QGSX,g1l,'E,g Umvclslly Ol Flomlm Bond J7' 35 Gml ED' Varsity Debate Key, General College Squad, John A' Marshall Bar Assoc. COWEN, J. WILLIAM BAE, COWEN, WILLIAM J. me BSA, Dgyfcng BQQCI1 Cl1GllGltOOCl1CC Egflfbag '38, '39, VIO, "ll, "F" Club, Industrial Arts Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle 'UN , P. E. Football. CREAL, CI-gAgRg.EXS EDWARD CREWSMAIEOY L. nm . ' Bunnell LNG OOF Deng Sigmg Pi, Treasurer. Florida Players. CROMWELL, ROBERT FREDERICK BVSBVA' CROUCIIQIQIE T., JR. . . , ,- y, l Rlvlelo Gainesville BOMHQ: "F" Club CULBREATH, CHARLES E. CUTLEBR5 ,CARROLL 55- 'ima ' KZ ' Miami Beach Tampa Th rg S , . . qi I Alpha Kappa PsiAPresident, Pirates, Young Demo Y Us ecmloly and Tlcobllmr' l'R'C' l9J9'lO' crats, Gator Pep Club. 0 K, Y V7 A. ,A . A . f , U ct. fill, W? .l7 t DAVIS, GEORGE BENNIE I3.S.B.A. DAVY, WAETSERAWOODWARD KZ . .B. . Miami Beach W hi Am D C I , . Rifle Team, '39-'40 and '40-'fll, Kappa Sigma, OS mg On' White Friars, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Team, Baseball l9fll, Alpha Tau Omega, Pirates, Scabbard Florida Rifles, Dean's List '38-'39 and '39-'40, ln- and Blade, tarfrat. Conference and Advanced ROTC. DEAN, ALFRED D. DEMAREEEZARDIQ FRANCES BSA, A - Y Chipley Gainesville Block and Bridle, Ag Club, Mortar and Peslle. , DeTAMBLE,BF!GRBES ROSS DeWITT, WILLIAM T. . . B.l.E. om :os Miami Daytona Beach lntertrat, Conference, Dean's List 'fll, L'Apgqhe, S, A, M, SPE, Glee Club, D'CKMAN'B 'gli CRALLE otcxs, PARISATRAMMELL RL'Sk"' Lake city Thyrsus. DOYLE, WILLIAM STEELE DOMINGUEZ, RAMON G. BAE, BA, KE TOVTIDO Gainesville YMCA, Vice-President, Los Picaros, Capellan, IRC, Executive Council, Summer Session, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Glee Club, Alligator Staff. Council Regular Session, '40-'4l, IRC, Peabody Club. , , oucKwoRTH FRANK A l - f BS. Pliy l le ,.,r.' 3 ioekmttte , 'N,AlWAYgCgI.ENN nopxs ' wff 'A .1 Honor Court 'fll-'42, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Mortar gf, and Pestle, Dean's List, Honor Ccurt, Dorm. Mani- L, 'lfxffy -- 'X tar. 2, ,WMI . vxq, t 5 ' lL' ,qt at - - Left i N ,g if DUNCAN, Gannon ALEXANDER, Jn. , l WOSIQQIQHOUI Afii K2 l .kg 'fi Tallahassee an fGCI:!5UVille"! Vice-President gf KS, Glae Club, Advanced Military, PLPhi. ECKFIELD, KENYON C. B.S.B.A. Lake Worth Executive Council '4l, Vice-President, Freshman Law CIOSS, Florida Players, Cavaliers, Band '38, '39, '40, Dean's List '39-'40, John Marshall Bar Association, AA with Honors. I ELEBASH, EUGENE P., JR. B.S.B.A. EN Pensacola Pirates, Senior Class Exec. Council, Gator Pep Club, Advanced ROTC. ELLISH, STEPHEN ERNEST B.A.E. KI Duquesne, Pa. Basketball, '39-'40-'4l. ' ERSKINE, FRERDSRICK ADAMS Atlantic City, N. J. PVGS- Symphony Orch., Univ. Band. FERNANDEZ, FRANK JOSEPH ' B. . KI Tampa i939-42, Advanced Los Picaros, Newman Dept. Statt Phctog. Stott CAA, Dean s WAITE Delta ob, Barry Club, Ad- VCIBCSCI Club. LEROY ampa Intramurals T A. E., Intramural Track Intramurals, Block and Bridle: Munflger, Track, QQ- Club, Gator Pep Club, Cross Country, Debating, FF Club, and Wesley Foundation. ELDRIDGE, MARION C. BS. ArP Setha AGRho, Alpha Tau Alpha, Alpha Zeta, Agri. Club, Block and Bridle, F. F. A., N. E. S. ELLIS, ARTHUR P., JR. B.S.A. AX Chaires Pres Delta Chi Al ha Zeta' lnterfrat Cont' Jr - 1 v , - -, . lntertrat, Cont., Scabbard and Blade, Ag. Club, Block and Bridle. ENGLE, RALPH LANDIS, JR. BS. xo Coral Gables Honor Court '40-'4I, Asst. Sect. of Finance '4l-'42, Fla. Blue Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Presbyterian Student Ses- sion, YMCA, Debate Squad, FABRICK, ARTHUR LEWIS B.A. Gainesville Presbyterian Student Session, YMCA, Glee Club. FERRIGNO, CARMEN JAMES BAE. Hillside, N. J. Baseball '40, '4l, '42, Football '39-'4l, Ind. Arts Club, "F" Club. FORCE, HARLEY M., JR. B.S.B.A. mio Daytona Beach Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Young Dem., Cavaliers, Daytona Beach Club, Propellor Club. FOWLER, DAVIXD COVINGTON B. . ' Louisville, Ky. ' Fla. Review '39-'40, Kappa Kappa Psi, YMCA, Band Orchestra. Senior 'lass FOWLER, TALBERT B., JR. BA. Bartow FROST, JACK H. B.A. :os Tampa Executive Council, '4l, Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class '4l-'42, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, L'Apache, Omega Sigma Pi Band, Ad- vanced Military, Publicity Director of Band '40, '41, GA RCES, OCTAVIO S. B.A. Havana, Cuba Cheerleader '39, '40, '4l, Los Picaros, Benton Chemical, Leigh Chemical, Pep Club, Peabody Club. GILBERT, ROBERT IRVINE B,A. Jacksonville GLENN, WOODROW "COONBOTTOM" B.S.A. Havana Executive Council, Chairman of Gator Party C. L. O., Block and Bridle, Future Farmers, Pres. at Ag. Club, GOLDMAN, PHILLIP B.A. TEO . Ocala President Tau Epsilon Phi Social Fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alligator '38-'42, Co- Sports Editor, '4l-'42, General College Debate, '58- '39, Ala.-Miss. Trip, Varsity Debate Squad, '39-'42, Debate Key, Intramural Board, '40-'42, Publicity Director, St. Petersburg Times Trophy Winner, '40, lntertraternity Conference, '40-'4l, Press Club. GRAHAM, RAYMOND WILFRED B. Arch, Fort Lauderdale Gargoyle, Vice-President Gargoyle, '40-'4l, His- torian Gargoyle, '4l-'42, President Fine Arts Society, '40-'4l, Executive Council '4l-'42, FRIERSON, PETE H. B.S. ArP Newport Richey Intramurals FULLER, MALCOM E. B.S. Gainesville Senior Executive Committee, '42, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, IRC. GEORGE, HARRY E. B.S. Norristcn Ag. Club, Block and Bridle Club, F. F. A. GILLIS, EDWARD W. B, A. in Ed. Jacksonville Track, '40-'4l. GLOVER, VICTOR DUDLEY, JR. B.S.B.A. Daytona Beach GRAHAM, PROCTOR DEAN, JR. B, Ch. E. Orange City American institute ot Chemical Engineers. GRANTHAM, ALBA MYRON B.S.A. Wacissa Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle Club, Agricultural Club, N. E. S., Cooperative Living Organization. GREEN, JOSEPH N. B.S.l.E. Miami B- E. S., S. A. M., Benton Engineering Council. 1 GREENE, JOHN PATTERSON BA. SAE Jacksonville Florida Review, '38-'39, Scabbard and Blade, White Friars, Advanced ROTC. GROMMET, GEORGE P. BS. Phy. Miami GWYN N, JOHN S. B.S.B,A. :AE Tallahassee Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Law Class, '4l-'42, Alpha Kappa Psi, ' HANSINGER, MICHAEL J., JR. B.A. Miami Phi Eta Sigma, International Relations Club, Archaeology Club, HARBISON, MARK RAMSEY B. Ch. E. Dawson, Ga. SlQiTiO Tau, A, I. Ch. E., Benton Engineering Society, HARMAN, DAVID A. BAE. Winter Haven Phi Eta Sigma' Alpha Phi Omega' Advanced Qllilitary, Scabbalrd and Blade, Executive Council, IMCA, Presbyterian Student Session, General Col- GQ6 Executive Committee, '39-'4O. GREENE, EDGAR LEE, JR. B.A.E. Sebring Baptist Student Union, Peabody Club. GREENLAND, EDGAR H. BSA. AFP Orlando GUERNSEY, JOHN PALMER B.S. Jacksonville Laboratory Instructor in Biology, HALLBERG, ERNEST VAN A.B. Gainesville Glee Club. HARBIN, RICHARD EDWARD B.S.B.A. ZN Jacksonville Scabbard and Blade, Captain Advanced Military HARBOLD, GEORGE JAMES BAE. , Lake Worth Band, Symphony Orchestra, Florida Players. ' HARRISON, JACK T. B.S.B.A. one Tallahassee Senior lass HEATH, RICHARD C. B.A. Bartow HENRY, CHESTER W., JR. B.S.B.A. St. Petersburg HIMES, BLANEY T., JR. B.S.E.E. West Palm Beach Sigma Tau, A.l.E.E., Institute Radzo Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. HOGAN, JAMES EARL B.S.B,A. Pensacola Circulation Staff Seminole, '39, Alpha Kappa Psi, President Pensacola Club, '4l. HOLTSINGER, CLARENCE E., JR. BME. one Tampa Sigma Tau Secretary, American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Benton Engineering' Society, President Phi Delta Theta, L'Apache Secretary, Freshman Group Leader, Dean's List, Advanced ROTC Regimental Adjutant. HOWELL, P. BERNARD, JR. B.A. Bushnell Alpha Epsilon Delta Sec'y, '38-'39, President '39-'40, Glee Club, Wesley Foundation President '40-'42. HEIM, RALPH WILLIAM B.E.E. Avon Pork Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering Council, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. HIGGINBOTHAM, CLYDE T., JR. B.A. :AE Jacksonville Tennis Team, '40-'42, Bacchus Club, Alligator Staff, Advertising Manager '40-'4l, Seminole '38-'4l. HODGES, EUGENE M. B.S.B,A. Jasper Dean's List '39, HOLLAND, W. CARL BSA. Bartow Baseball, '40-'4l, Alpha Tau Alpha, "F" Club, Ag. Club, Block and Bridle Club, F. F. A. HOWELL, LOUIS MOFFITT BS. Jacksonville Alpha Epsilon Delta. HOWELL, THOMAS D. B.S. AXA South Miami HUFFMAN, WM. U. BSA, xx Tarpon Springs A. S. A. E. HUGHES, Benton Engineering HULBERT, wii.i.iAM HERBERT HULL' MMON ARTHUR B-5-B-A BAE. :N zo: Pensacola plan, City Scabbard and Blade, Ch I d '40-'4l, L'Apache if ii Club, Advanced Militariereo er I: Club' HUNTLEY, WILLIAM TAYLOR HUNT, JAMES BETHEL B.S.B.A. B,S,B,A, Doctor's Inlet Clermont Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. HUTCHINSON, ROBERT LEE, JR. IHRIEISIZAVID BRA-E. Azo In . Winter Park Jacksonville Las Pic Forestry aros, Cavaliers. JACKSON, ELBERT C., JR. B.S.,Phy. Miami . JERNIGAN, WALTER A. B.A.E. zx Tampa HENRY WOODS a, Ga. Phi Eta Sigma, President, D.S.P. '4I, A dvanced Mill tary, Primary, Secondary C.P.T., Thyrsus. JEFFCOAT, R. N. B.S.B.A. Plant City JOCA, JOHN GEORGE B.A. Am Cleveland, Ohio Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Council, '40-'fll Vice President Athletic Council '4l-'42, President F Club, Boxing, '39-'42, Blue Key. JONES, GERALD OTHO BS. Gainesville Cavaliers, Advanced Military, C. A. A. JONES, ROBERT E. . B.S.A. Altha Agricultural Club, Block and Bridle, F.F Senior lass JULIANO, ALFRED P. BS. Long Branch, N, J. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Sigma. KEMP, JERROLD E. BS, mio Miami Beach Intramural Board '39-'40, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. KIMBALL, DON HARVEY B.M.E. Mount Dora A.S.M.E., BES., Florida Rillesg Rille Team, C.L.O. KLEIN, GERALD J. l3.A. TEO Miami Beach Alligator '38-VIO, Seminole '38-'40, Florida Players 'RB-'39, Advanced Military, Intramural Board 'flOf'fl2, Assistant Intramural Director 'fll-'42, Dean's List, Treasurer T.E.P,, General College Debate Squad '39-'flO. KOHN, ALFRED MORTON BA. nm Miami Beach Alligator '38-'42, Florida Review '39-'42, Seminole '39-'42, Student Director Intramural Board 'fll-'42, Intramural Board '39-'42, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, General College Debate Alabama Trip '40, Editor-in-Chief Florida Review 'flO-'fllg Florida Blue Key, Sigma Delta Chi, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. KURTZ, CHARLES WH ITAKER BS. IN Tampa Scablnard and Blade. LACY, PETER D. B.E.E Jacksonville KEHOE, JAMES J. BS BA, Schenectady, N. Y. Newman Club. KEMP, ROBERT R. B EE. Miami Sigma Tau, A.l.E,E., Benton Engineering Society. KITCHEN, LLOYD B.S.Ch. Gainesville lrlonor Court, Summer '40, Vice-President Senior Class, '42, Credit Manager, Summer Ciator '40, International Relations Club, APO., Cavaliers, Los Picaros de Queveda, American Chemical Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President' Leigh Chemical Society 'fll-'42, Recorder Gamma Sigma Epsilon '-'ll-'42, Student Affiliates ol American Chemical Society, Chairman 'fll-"IZ, KNOWLES, GORDON B., JR. BA. EAE Bradenton Alligator '39-'iltlg Seminole 'SB-"lO, Debate Squad 'A-IO-'42, Class Committee 'JB-"IZ KURLAND, BERNARD B.A.E. Miami Vice President Glee Club, VicefPresident Peabody Club 'fll-'42, Industrial Arts Club, International Petitions Club. KUYKENDALL, JAMES H. BEE. xo Gainesville Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering Council, Al.EE. LAIRD, CUBIE R. BSA. Darlington LAMSON, DONALD F. B.S,B.A. Am LANG, ALFRED ALLEN Sanford B-M-E Senior lnterfraternity Conference, '39-'40, Junior lntertraternity Conference, '38-'39, Board of Student Publications, 'ell-'42, Florida Union Board of Directors, '38-'39' Dean's List '39-'4O' "F" Book, Business Manager, '40-'4l. I I 1 LANG, JAMES TALLEY B.S.B,A. ATG St. Petersburg LASRIS, ROBERT B.S.B.A. nm Jacksonville 5,t,g3rfiEiIiSg' '40-'41, Fresh. '38-'39, Dolphin Club, LEGGETT, CHARLES LAMAR Winter Haven Honor Court '41-'42, Sigma Tau Fraternity, Benton Engineering Council, ASME. LASRIS, HENRY B.S.B.A. mio Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, "F" Club, Dolphin Club, Advanced lviilitary, Swimming Team '40-'4l. LEE, HERMAN A. BAE. West Palm Beach Secretary of Labor, Who's Who Among American Universities and College Students, Florida Union Planning Board, Vice-President Forestry Club, Vice- Chairmon of "F" Party, Chairman of "F" Party, Jacksonville County Scholarship, Advanced R.O.T.C., Dean's l-ist, Young Democrats. B.A. FAE, LEGGETT, JAMES ADELBERT Gainesville BAAE' 5-hl El? 5lQmO, Debate Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Macon' GG' Joll KGPD0 Allbha, General College Declamation, unior Oratory Winner, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A LElFESTE, T. HILTON LESLIE, M- C- B.S.F. B.S.A, St. Petersburg M0diSOn ELGSL' Plnf? Cache, Tau Alpha Nu, Forestry Club Member at Honor Court, Alpha Zeta, Block and eS'denfJ Editor Slash Pine Cache. Bridle. LEVINSON, MERTON B. LESTER, M. IGNATIOUS B.A. L.L.D. TEO KEY West Miami LICHTENWALTER, HOMER OTIS, JR. . B,S, LIGHTBOWN, LYNN EDWARD IAE B.M.E. Short Hills, N. J. :AE G If i , I I Lake Worth O 40, A.l.Ch,E. 39- 40, Scabbard and Blade. Senior lass LIPPOLD, WILLIAM H., JR. LOGAN' CLAUDE D. St. Pgtlgrsburg Bigf' Honor Court .'4l-'42, AY.M.C.A,l President '40-'4l, T0mD0 l6mi5A'Rg?35fSt 'lfffiiilf4if35iU5fPf'eWi5i'1l7 Q.S.ii.E.f 51151Wgiiiiiisre..iamiPfeaisxi. '38-'40, Southern Field Council Y.M.C.A., '4l-'42j Engineering CbunciIIRepresentative 'Lil-'4i Florida Freshman Friendship Club, '37-'38. LOWE, JAMES THOMAS LYNN, JOHN DURWARD, JR. B.S, Comm. Art, Begg' Clermont Fr' Myers MCANDREW, JAMES THOMAS, JR. MCALPIN, IRA MALCOLM, JR. B.S. B,S.B,A. X0 Plant Citv Jacksonville Executive Council, '41-'42, Phi Eta Sigma. McCALL, WADE W. B-SAA' McDONALD, CLARENCE WILTON MGVO BAE. Florida College Farmer, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Tauohossee AIDPOZ A94 Club: Bl0Ck Gnd Bridle: F-F-All Ad' Choral Club, Public Speaking Club. vanced Military. I McDONALD, JAMES S. B555 MCELYEg,SSTgwART D. - - . .B. . ' Mmm! Webster Alligator '39, A.l.E.E., Cavaliers. McKINNEY, HOWARD TOWLES B.S.B.A. AX Cross City FlQl'1llnQ GGIOV Bflfid- Pirates, Advanced Mcvov, JAMES DAVID MACK' BS, Arch. Gainesville CUIUPOIG . Football '39-'4l, "F" Cl bg Industrial Arts Club Y'M'C'A" Gargoyle' Bishop Barry Club. U MACKER, WILLIAM ROSS B.S.B.A. Miami Honor Court '4l-'42, Phi Eta Sigma, F.F.F. Club, Dean's List '39-'40, Dorm Monitor '42, Advanced Military. f MANCHESTER, GORDON CHARLES B.A. KZ Gainesville Basketball. MANUEL, STEVE FRED B.S.F. Archer Forestry Club. MAY, JAMES EDWIN B. Arch. Jacksonville Gargoyle, eiee Club. I MEADfVINCENT ALEXANDER B.S.B.A. SAE Jacksonville MILLER, BERNARD I. B.S.A. nm Miami ROLAND, JR. FIOVKIO 38 '42, Y.M.C.A., Newell Zeta, Agricultural Club, Press Club, A., Baptist Student Union, MOVIUQIIWQ Florida College Farmer. MACKLER, EDWARD D. B.S. Tampa Alpha Epsilon Delta. MANNING, WAYNE O. B.S.A. Ponce de Leon A.T.A., Collegiate F.F.A., Advanced Military, MATHEWS, LAWRENCE GLENN B.S.A. Reddick Block and Bridle Club, President, Alpha Zeta Scabbard and Blade, Executive Council. MAY, WILLIAM DONALD B.S.A. Tallahassee Los Picaros, Ag. Club. MEANS, SAMUEL A. B.S.B.A. Gainesville MILLICAN, G. CARY B.F.A. Fernandina Gargoyle. MILTON, RONALD AUGUST A BL. Arch. ZAE Marianna Senior lass MITCHEL, JAMES S. B.S.B.A. ATA Tampa MOORE, MAURICE VERNON B.Ch.E. Tampa Sigma Tau, Recording Secretary, '41, A.I.Ch,E., BSU. Council '38, '39, '41, A.S.C, Student Affiliate, Gator Pep Club '37, Cooperative Student '38, '39, '41, MORLEY, ROBERT EDWARD B.M.E. St. Augustine Sigma Tau, A.S.M.E., C.L.O., Baptist Student Council. MORRISON, WILLIAM STEWART B.A. Pensacola Honor Court '40-'41, Track '39, Gargoyle, "F" Club. MOSTOW, NATHANIEL B.S. Tr-:o Washington, D. C. Baseball '41, Alligator '39, Business Staff Alligator, "F" Club, President Tau Epsilon Phi, Freshman Football, Letter in Baseball, Numeral in Baseball, and Basketball, Varsity Squad in Baseball '40-'41, and Basketball '39, '40, '41, MU RPHREE, VIRGINIUS CLYDE B.S. IN Gainesville NEFF, HAROLD HARGROVE B.S.B.A. Pine Castle Executive Council, Bus. Ad. '41-'42, President Junior Class' Circulation Manager of Seminole, "F" Book Circulation Stott' Florida Review Business-Staff, '40-'41, Alpha Phi Omega, B.S.U,, Propellor Club, Gator Pep Club, Y.M,C.A., Slippery Seven, John Marshall Bar Association, Debate Club, Florida THD! Cavaliers' l.N.R.C.' Model Senate '40-'41, Colonels, Advanced Military, Scabbard and Blade, Blue Key, Chairman Florida Party. MOORE, JACK B.A. Lake City Dean's List, I-loncr Court, BSU., Gargoyle, Presi- dent '41 -'42, Fine Arts Society. MORGAN, WILLIAM GARDNER B.Ch.E. Pensacola - , A.l.Ch.E., American Chemical Society, Benton Engineering Society. MORRIS, JNO. EDWARD, JR. B.A. OA6 Ft. Lauderdale Alligator '38-'39, '39-'40, MOSHIER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN B.S.B.A. oK1' St. Petersburg Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Tau. MULLIS, CLYDE MONROE B.M.E. OKT Tampa American Society of Mechanical Engineers. NANTS, JACKAARLINGTON B. . one Live Oak NICOL, EDWARD J. B.S.B.A. Eustis Bond, '38, '39, '40, '41, R.o.T.c, c.i..o., cfm NUTTING, WILBUR F. B.S,B.A. mon Orlando AlDha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Bacchus '38, Junior lnter Fraternity Conference. 1 OTTINGER, GUY E. , B.S.B.A. Lakeland PARHAM, HARRY CLIFFORD BAE. :os Tampa "F" Club, Presbyterian Deacon, Football '40-'4l. PARTAIN, WILLIAM A., III B.A. on San Mateo ,Y'Fe'pV9Sident Sophomore Class '39-'40, Cavaliers, 'W' KODDG Tau. PAYNE, LEONARD OTIS l3.S.A. Sebring Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle, Alpha Zeta. PERT, JUNE LOUISE Mayo Mortar and Pestle. POWERS, ALBERT B.S. Bayonne, N. J. OSTLUND, GRANT J. B,S,B.A. Miami OVERSTREET, JAMES R. B.S. een Havana PARKER, CHARLES LEE B.A. nm Miami Band, '37, '38, '39, Glee Club, '39, '40, '4l, President of Pi Kappa Phi, '40-'4l. PAULSON, JACK CHARLES B.S. in Ed. Gainesville PEADEN, RANKIN ADAMS B.S.A. Baker American Society of Agricultural Engineers. PHERIGO, LINDSEY PRICE B.S. Miami Cllee Club '39, '40, '4l, Wesley Foundation '41, '42, -PRYOR, HARRY THOMAS B.A. Miami Council 4 1 iv , 1 , r N , QUINN, JAMES EDWARD B.E.E. Miami Engineering, Business Manager of the Florida Re- view '39-'40, Florida Review '57, '38, '39, A I EE., B.E.S., Newman Club. REGISTER, SAMUEL TILDER B.S. Tallahassee Rifle Team '39, '40, 'fII, '42, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Florida Rifles, Advanced l2.0.T.C. RICHARDSON, HENRY, JR. BSBA. our Jacksonville ROBINSON, CLARENCE M. BSA. Jacksonville Block and Bridle. ROBSON, HERBERT E. BA Am Tampa Pirates, Scabbarcl and Blade. ROGERS, PAUL GRANT BA. one Ft. Lauderdale Sophomore Executive Council '59 '40, Junior Executive Council '40-'-ll, Alligator '38, '39, '40, Florida Players '40-'fIl, A.PO 'fllf'-IZ, OSP, T.K.A., Varsity Debate Squad '39-'42, Florida BIUC Key '40-'42, Chairman Orchestra Committee, Executive Committee '39-'1li, Who's Who, Vice- President Broward County Club. ROSENTRETER, ERNEST W. BEE. Winter l-laven Honor Court '40-'41, ST, A.P.O, American Institute at Electrical, Benton Engineering Society, Dean s List '37-'58, YMCA. '40-'fll. REEVES, WALTER LOUIS B.S. Felda RICHARDS, WILLIAM J. B.S. Orlando Engineering, S,A.M., Scabbard and Blade. RIDGELY, JOSEPH VINCENT B.A. Ben St. Petersburg Band, KK.P., Fourth Estate, English Club, ROBINSON, WILLIAM BRYAN BAE. mae Orlando Member Athletic Council '40-'fll, President Athletic Council 'fll-'42, University Athletic Association '-'ll-'42, Football Letters '394'fl0-'4l, Alligator '39-'40, Circulation Manager, Seminole '39-'40, Florida Blue Key, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, President of Peabody Club, LApache, Young Democrats, "F" Club, Presbyterian Student Deacon, Scabbard and Blade, Education. ROGERO, CLARENCE R. B.S. St. Augustine ROSEN, ARNOLD P. B,S,B.A, mio Miami Beach ff ,,,, ,....,-X?X i' i ix ,X W , .N H V.,-A ,V ,AN X, Il, I W1 ' Q I R ' f oss. LAFEQ7. WesI'?I9a l mXBeactl1Ql" i F-X 1 RUBIN, IRVING B,S.A. l'IAO Miami Beach 1 SANCHEZ, glglTLER HALL Plant' City QEEgLC0BnOg?S3icSl Societyj Leigh Chemical Societyg SCHMIDT, JOHN Z. B.S.P. Kissimmee Mortar and Pestle. SCOTT, WILLIAM RALPH BA. me Miami ,EXSEISCSQFQAOUUQGV '4Og "F" Clubg Board of Athletic SEVERIN, CARL FREDERICK B.S.B.A. ATA Pensacola Track man YMCA.: HFH dub. D R El'6Slden Om Tens I Eoncor phi Sem an ond EDGAR A.S.M.E. Numerols '40 '4l, '42-Captain 'Lily Fresh- Holl of Varsity phony, SABLOW, IRVING L. B.S.A. nm Jacksonville SCHAUB, DAVID WARREN B.S.B.A. Tampa SCHOCH, WILFRED LEROY BME. :oz Gainesville S.T.g A.S.M,E,g Benton Eng, Society. SELLERS, THOMAS W. B.A. ooo Jacksonville Scabbard and Bladeg White Friarsg Advanced R.O.T.C. SEWELL, WORLEY LEE B.A. IAE West Palm Beach Gator Pep Clubg Piratesg Young Democrats. SHEPARD, CLIFFORD BISHOP B.S.B.A. Jacksonville . SILVERMAN, MARK R. B.S.B.A. Wauchula enior lass SIMMONS, WILL MARION BSA. Bruce AZ. SINGER, JOSEPH HAROLD Miami Beach Benton Engineering Society, Benton Engineering Council, Chairman--American Society at Mechanical Engineers, Press Club, Camera Club, Glee Club. SMITH, ALBERT L. Jacksonville Architecture, Gargoyle, Fine Arts Society. SMITH, GEORGE CLARK SINGER, ARTHUR BA. Miami Beach Dean's l-ist, P.E.S. SISTRUNK, PEARY AINSLIE BSA. Williston Collegiate EEA., ATA. SMITH, ARTHUR SNELLER A.l.Ch.E. White Springs P.E.S., RCS. SMITH, MELVIN B. Miami BA, Executive Council '4l, Cavaliers, SAR., John Tgfnsgo Marshall Bar Association, Executive Council. SMITH, OWEN BAKER BA. Brooksville SPRINGER, GEORGE ROBERT B.A. AX Hollywood President B.A.P. STILL, HOMER EDWIN, JR. B.A. Jacksonville President, Florida Blue Key, Secretary at Social Af- lairs, President, Bela Gamma Sigma, Chairman, Military Ball, l942, President, Sophomore Class, l9394'4O, President, Alpha Phi Omega, l94lO, WltO'S Who, Chairman, General College Weekend, l94Oj Scabbard and Blade, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Cavaliers, Slippery Seven. Advance R,O.T.C., President of Alpha Tau Omega SOUTHCOTT, WILLIAM H. B.A. KZ Jacksonville l.R.C,, Intramural Board '40-'4l, l.'Apache, Ad- vanced R,O.T,C. STEWART, RAYMOND EDWARD BSA. St, Petersburg ilcgk and Bridle, President Dairy Technical Club STORK, GILBERT J. B A Gainesville l.R.C., American Chemical Society. STOVALL, WALTER BOYD, JR. B.S. Sanford Phi Eta Sigma, Affiliate of American Chemical Society, Leigh Chemical Society, Gamma Sigma Elisilcn, Los Picaros. X SWOOPE, ROBERT L. MSE. nxo New Smyrna Beach American Institute Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, Florida Engineering Society, Sigma Eau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Igma. TATE, CHARLES WILLIAM B.A.E. Jacksonville l:OOtball '39, '40 'fil, Baseball '39, '40, "F" Club. TAYLOR, MAURICE E. BAE. Kissimmee TEUTSCH, KURT B.C.E. - TEO Gainesville Assistant Secretary Interior, '42, Cross Country, '4l, -l-rock, '40, '4l, '42, International Relations Club, Benton Engineering Society, War Council, Honor EOUVI, Summer '4l, Debate Club, Los Picaros, Shapiro Oundation, Scholarship, '4l, '42, THOMAS, RUFUS IRVING BS. in Phy. High Springs lvlortcr 23 Pestle. THOMPSON, DeWI'gTE TALMAGE, JR. B. . Gainesville SUBERMAN, JACK B.A. nm Miomi TALBOT, WILLIAM SHAFTO BA. Ponce de Leon TAYLOR, DOYLE J. B.S.A. I.ake Wales Newell Entomological Society. TELFAIR, JOHN SPIER, JR. B.C.E. KA Jacksonville American Society of Chemical Engineers. THOMAS, LOGAN McDOWELL B.S.P.A. St, Petersburg Baptist Student Union. THOMAS, WILLIAM M. BS. in AQ. LaCrosse THORPE, HAQEY ROWLAND A . x Miami Baptist Student Council, Beta Alpha Psi I 6 K.. 4 . ,J .i TORIBO, MARY B.S. Phy. Tampa Mortor and Pestle, Kappa Epsilon. TRICARICO, NICHOLAS B.I,E. om New York, N. Y. F,F.F Club, Advanced Military, Benton Engineering Society, SAM., Sophomore Y. TU RLI NGTON, RALPH D. B,S.B.A. :os Gainesville Executive Council '40-'fll, Alligator '38-42, Business Manager 'fll, Seminole '39-"lO, "F" Book 'JB-'39, Beta Gamma Sigma, Florida Blue Key, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, President, BSU., Brotherhood, YMCA, VAN CLIEF, WILLIAM CARROLL, JR. BCE. ATG Winter Haven American Society Civil Engineers lPresidentl, Vice- President, Benton Engineering Society 'fll-'42, Florida Engineering Society, Dolphin Club, Scabbord and Blade, "F" Club, Swimming '40-'42, Blue Key, VAUGHAN, WILLIAM PORTER B.S.A. ArP Crestview Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Secretory, Agricul- tural Club, Vice-President, Member of '41 Dairy Judging Team. WALDRON, EDWARD JAMES BA our Miami Seminole Statl '38, lnterfratcrnity Conference, White Friars, Advanced Military, Gator Pep Club. WEBB, JEFFERSON D. B.S.A. Chipley Block and Bridle, Agricultural Club at J 'Q ' .AJ 6,- 'J NNT f ,ll ill "1 . .V l ll gk , ii H l J , iii 'i TREIMAN, MONROE W. B.S.A. Brooksville American Society ot Agricultural Engineers. TUDELA, OCTAVIO B.Ch,E. Lima, Peru ULMER, S. CURTIS B.S.A. Largo Dairy Technical Club, Agriculture Club, VAN DYKE, WILLIAM L., JR. l3.S.B.A. :AE Tampa WALDEN, JAMES HENDRIX B.S.B.A. :os Jacksonville White Friars, Advanced Military, Y.M.C.A. ,yi i fa f I' i"' 'N-' VW wmlp, Fnsngigidfiiitiiefu 'eddihk HV In . Block and Bridle Club,, reasurer, Agricultural Club, PFA 7 at J. ,fl tif" ff It lt "' ' . S. LI! ,1 , l t WEINBERG, ARTIIUR LEE Kgs, B.S.B.A. xp Miami Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Secretary-Treasurer, Beta ,Gamma Sigma, lntramural Key '4l, Dean's List '39-'42, Student Assistant '4l-'42, David Levy Yulee Scholarship, Albert M, Gilchrist' Scholarship. WEISS, DONALD GENE B.A, I'IAO Jacksonville Managing Editor, Florida Alligator '40-'4l, Dean's ,List '38-'40, Freshman Class Executive Council '38- 39, Sophomore Executive Council, Junior Executive Council, Freshman Reporter Alligator '38-'39, Alli- Q,OtOr Staff '38-'42, Proof Editor, Copy Editor, Ac- tivities Editor, Alligator, Seminole Staff '39-'42, Florida Review '38-'42, Campus Correspondent, Freshman Group Leader, Phi Eta Sigma, President, S'Qma Delta Chi, Fourth Estate, Cavaliers, hwter- fraternity Conference, Jr. Intertraternity Conference, Alligator Distinguished Service Award, Florida Blue KEY! Debate Club, President, Press Club, Depart- ment of Labor, General College Debate Trip, Ad- ministration Editor, Seminole. WHEELOCK, NORMAN RAY BS. IAE Miami President, Senior Class '4l-'42, Head Cheerleader fll-42, Cheerleader '39-'4l, Phi Eta Sigma, Scab- bard and Blade, Advanced Military. WHITING, RICHARD MYRON BSE. Gainesville WILLIAMS, CHARLES ALTON BS. B.A. St, Augustine WILSON, CLAUDE SANTFORD B.S.B.A, Miami ISOVICIO Band '38-'41, University of Florida Symphony VChestra '39-'40, A.K.Psi. f' gf' WINDHAM, Jo he ' .7ARD.,' JJ cksotwTle"NPi' 4:1 Newman Clubi ii J ' , Q7 .t.A ,V IL, Q l' A virr , iss, L is n x fri'-i.i 'SCT' 'S I -- "4 - --V' .':.4,..., fQfi'Q53, C LEAMoIiPiiiiiii,ll .1-Ass ABE. ,LU QBrag fordffx Lx, WEXLER, HAROLD PERRY BA. I'IAO Jacksonville Freshman Group Leader, Freshman Glee Club, Inter- national Rel. Club, Los Picaros, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, WHITE, JAMES A. BA. nxo New Smyrna Beach Bacchus, Cavaliers, Advanced R.O.T.C., Scabbard and Blade, President, P,K.P, President, Young Dem- ocrats Club '40, International Relations Club, Freshman Baseball Numeral, Varsity Baseball '39- 'flO. WILBANKS, WILLIAM H. BS. Am Bartow Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Agriculture Club. WILLIAMS, STAMIE DUDLEY BSA, Jacksonville Agricultural Club, Block and Bridle Club, Freshman Group Leader, Dean's List '39-'-'lO. WILSON, DONALD C., JR. BSA. Ben Detroit, Mich. Alpha Zeta, Alpha Psi Omega, Florida Players, White Friars, Agriculture Club. WINTER, WILLIAM VANCE BSA. Jacksonville Block and Bridle Club, Agricultural Club, Newell Entomological Society, WRIGHT, ROBERT ALFRED BME. ' Jacksonville Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, ASM E., President, Ben- ton Engineering Society, Advanced R,O.T.C., Phi Kappa Phi. Senior lass BRADY, CHARLES WRIGHT BA. mm Orlando Sigma Delta Chi, Press Club, Jr, Interfraternity Conference, Sr. lnterfraternity Conference, Bacchus, L'Apache. BROWN, HERBERT E. BSA. Gainesville Alpha Tau Alpha, F.F.A., Agricu KEELS, DANIEL B.S.B.A. KZ Miami Seminole '40-'LIZ MURRELL, WILLIA B.A. AFP Winter Haven Advanced Military. E. M H. ltural Club. BRIDGES, DAVID WILLIAM BS. Am Orlanda Scabbard and Blade, Colonel Advanced Military, BUTLER, WILLIAM H. B.S.A. Am Camilla, Ga. Glee Club, Black and Bridle, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Zeta, L'Apache, Captain in Advanced Mil- itarv, MALCOLM, JOHN F. BAE. ex Jacksonville President, Theta Chi '41, Treasurer '42, Bacchus, White Friars, Advanced Military, Industrial Arts Club, Treasurer '42, lnteriraternity Conference. YODER, WILLIAM RUSSELL BSA. ex Reading, Pa. Scabbard and Blade, American Society of Agricul- ture Engineers. Junior lass fficers ROBERT TENCH . . . . President CLIFFORD ATHEY . . Vice-President TOM ECONOMOIJ . . Secretary-Treasurer RoBERt tiiucu Finally got into that blasted upper division. . .what'm l gonna take now. .. At least the course don't sound off with "C" this and "C" that . . . gonna keep up-to-date this time . . . no more cramming . . . says l . . . says you. . . so what. . .so we crammed anyway . . . Golly what a dope l was last year . . . and the year before . . . but now it'Il be different . . .says I . . .says you . . . so what . . . That football team . . don't they EVER use the first string . . . Oh, that IS the first string . . . oooooooohhhhhhh . . . those llCr'MS5aif"ll Bulldogs . . . my, my, ain't the frosh and sophs dumb. . . and then there was Fall Frolics . . . here's my date . . . ain't she the solid trick . . . where's my date ?????? . . . ain't she the two timin' so 'n so. . . and then we put the bags on the bus and they went home . . . . . and then there was Homecoming . . . Dads and Grads . . . one bay window bigger than another . . .whadda they wanna come back here for anyway . . . the draft. . . the Navy . . . the Air Corps . . . the Marines. . . Join the Armed forces. . . V-l, V-7, Reserve, R.O.T.C.. . .nosiree, they ain't gonna draft me. . .think l'll join Blue Key.. . all ya need is 9,644 organ- ization memberships, participation in 44 political races . . . and four good friends on the inside . . . so says John Doe . . . Joe Blow. . .Tally ho . . spent half my college career at Ninth and University . . . hitchiking . . . Tallahassee? IN-loooooo . O. K .... Monticello? Nooooooo . . . O. K .... Live Oak ???? Nooooo. . .Awright. . .Lake City?? No. . . lzzatso, ya bum . . . Blondies? . . . O. K. so l'll goto the show. . . My money's spent again ...and it's only the 23rd . . . Roomie better have enuf for a coupla beers. . . brings tears . . . thatwoman o' mine . . . bless her . . . that jerk with the double tuba across the hall . . . l don't care if yer in Stowkowski's Phillie jazz band . . . Turn off the lights, he says . . . What does he think l am. . .a night owl?. . .de- fense or no defense . . Ain't gonna worry 'bout exams this year . . . jus' take 'em as they come . . . tha's me . . . jus' bounce 'em as they bust . . . tha's them . . . aw, nuts, l need my sleep more'n l need that "B" . . . or wasit"C"?9...O.K .... OK... so l did makea HD". . . Passed, didri't . m at l . . . G'wan lookit yer ole picture . . . CUFFORD ATHEY TOM ECONOMOU ADAMS, MILTON B ,... AGNER, JOHN ROYCE AFP . ALFORD, BURT ,.... ANDERSON, HENRY WM, . . ARONOVITZ, NATHAN A. FIM' ARRINGTON, CLAUDE FREDERIC ASHMORE, HENRY LUDLOW , . ATHEY, CLIFFORD S .... ALJCREMANN, FRANCIS I-I. . AucREIvIANN, ROBERT CI . . BAKER, RICHARD CREGO , BALL, FRED N. IIKA . BARCLAY, EDWARD SIEARNS . BARNES, ANDREW JOHNSON KZ BARNES, DELMAR c .... BASSETT, HARRY DeVOE . BATEMAN, JACK H. ,... . BAYNARD, WILLIAM THORN ATU BAZEMORE, WALTER ORBIE ZOE BEACH, EUGENE ...... BEARDSEEY, VOLNEY ROBBINS . BEATTY, JAMES E, JR DX , BENNETT, JOSI-I c., JR. . BESvINIcI4, SIDNEY L. . BETZ, JOHN MCCANDLESS . BINGHAM, ROBERT CAROL , . BINZ, BARRY IX . 1 . . BISSETT, OWEN W, AFP ,.,. BLAQ N ,,r55:Z5'r.i,i'A"A Am OJ' I I ' ' A - I "5 , A-:I 'I I' ' ',,,14I',I' wh' BCH.: If-w""' - - A .gym I .I . BOL -f?-fi -DI Ffrif?-z,,-,Lff.1-3'. . . I ' I I - ' l. if-'YIQF BO EL CL 5,fff,,y, I --'T . . I W, I fr . J f 4 .r ' A - E V BO , -...1 v ' AEN , 'f A -4 'mlm 9 it 335' I . BOYC f:fvRf'.Xv BRA S? I I I' . f . ' xfQj..-I ZAE . Jacksonville . . Perry . , Ellenton . . Brandon . Miami . . Havana Cravvfordville SI. Augustine St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Delray Beach . Jacksonville . . Tampa Et, Lauderdale . . Ruskin . Quincy , . Mclntosh St. Petersburg . Plant City , Tampa . . Clewiston . Jacksonville . Jacksonville Miami Beach . Los Angeles,-Cal, . . Pensacola . . Sarasota Winter Haven . Gainesville . Lake Worm , Gainesville . Wacissa . , Ft. Meade . Lake City St, Petersburg . City Point Q27 Eli, BB et? W " FIRST BRANAN, FRANKLIN ..,. BROWER, HARRY EUGENE . BROWN, ALEXANDER Z. . . BROWN, HERBERT MILTON . BROWN, ORLAND MORGAN . BROYLES, ARTHUR A. ATR . BUTLER, RAYMOND WEBSTER, JR. EN . . BYRD, BENJAMIN F ..... BYRD, ERICE WAYNE . ROW , , , . , Sanford , SI. Petersburg , Winler Garden , Clearwater , . PenSoCola , , , , , , Miami f , , Miami , , , , Barlow , Branford SECOND ROW CADDOO, KING HENDERSON . CAMPBELL, IOIIN DOUGLAS . CANNING, WILBERT ROSS Am CANNON, DANIEL A. I . . CARTER, RAY H .... CARDSO, AUSTIN rx . . CATLEDGE, WESLEY W, IR. . . CHAMPLIN, WM. GARDINER fl CI-IILDS, JAMES I-IOWARD . . ' , , , . Gainesville , ,.., Mzami , , , . Sl. Petersburg . , San Anlonio, Fla. , . Jacksonville . Orlando , . . Madison KA , . Pensacola . Bartow THIR CLARK, WILLIAM ARTIILIR rw CLAYTON, CHARLES WINSTON, CLAYTON, WILSON MALCOLM , CODRINGTON, CLAY CI -we . COFFEE, CLAUDE W ..... COLEE, RAY E. EN ..... I' I XC I .I'TEIfx. f, C, lnow in ,Y IR. . I I ,L,,,-.,,.., , IL., ,,,, ., S I ,,, III I COLEMAN, ALVIN DELMA, JR, COLLINS, HARRY LEE, JR. IN . COLLINS, J, ERNEST .... FOURTH CONE, ALBERTUS JENNINGS EN COOLEY, GEORGE MILTON , . COONEY, RAYMOND HOWARD . CORNELIUS, BILL ,.... COURTMAN, SOL I. . . COWEN, IVAN J. . . COX, JOHN S ,.... CRAWFORD, R, BRUCE, JR. . CROMARTIE, JOEL BLAKE , . ROW Gulfport, MISS, If'xLIve Oak ,IM I,IVC Oak QM, ' I.nIuI?.,CIIy fn'-l,,!'g Mioini . Anauslinc . X. MIEAIIUIII . . UITTOIIIICI . . Perry . IOCIXSOIIYIIIO . . Lynn Ilavcn Winlor Haven . Wayfross, Ca. . Miami Beach , . SOIIIII Bay , Jaf'IXSIIIIvIIIcr , .Fl Meade . , Tallalwossaa CROOKSI-IANK, J. A, JR, . . CROSSLAND, CLEIVI ATA . . . CULBREATH, CHARLES E. K5 . . DADY, EDMUND THOMAS , . DALE, JACK KYLE we . . . DANIEL, ROBERT CARLTON . I DANIO, RUSSELL SIDNEY . . DAVIS, LAWRENCE CADE . . DAVIS, RELJBEN WARREN . DAWKINS, MATHER EMORY . . DAWSON, JEEFERY E ,... DeBUSK, FRANKLIN L. GX . . DENNIS, ROBERT S., JR. GX . DIXON, CHARLES HENRY . . . DOMINICK, BENNETT A, JR. ATG DORSETT, EDWARD A. . . . DOLJGHERTY, DALE ALAN . . DOUGLAS, EDWIN C .... DOWDELL, CLARK H, . DUNCAN, JAMES M, . DUNN, EDGAR STREETER . DLIPREE, RALPH E. . , EASTNIAN, RICHARD D, , . . ECONONIOLI, THOMAS JOIIN . . EDDINGS, PATT EDWARD .... EDWARDS, HARRY MCCREARY ATS! EDWARDS, OLIVER JOHNSON ATA EISELE, WM. MARTIN ZX . . . ELLIS, HOWARD N ,,.. . , . . . St. Augustine . . Bradenton . , Tampa . Tallahassee . Vero BeaClT . . Miami . , Miami . . Leesburg . Hollywood . Tallahassee . Gainesville . Hibiscus Park . . Gainesville . Lake Worth . . Orlandv . Branford . , Bradenton . . We i rsdalc . . Tampa . . Frostpraot . Gainesville . . Gainesville . , Daytona Beach . . .Miami . Pensacola . . Gainesville . .,.. Orlando Hat Springs, Ark. West Palm Beacli EMEJQSON, WILLIAM ALLEN 'UKT , . , , , St, Petersburg ENDELICATO, ANTONIO, JR, . . ENSIGN, ORAYSON EIARTER ex ENWRIGHT, JOHN GOODMAN MG ERICSSON, ERIC A. .,... . ERWIN, CHESTER D,, JR I... . ESBERG, ANDREAS ABRAHAM IWW. . . . Orlandn . .Gainesville . St. Petersburg , , Hallandale . . . , Miami New York City Junior lass FIRST ROW EVANS, WILLIAM EDGAR, JR. EARABEE, LLOYD BATEMAN . FECHTEL, ALBERT THOMAS . FELKEL, HERBERT WARREN . FISCHBEIN, MILTON N. TW . FLAX, SETH ...... . . Sarasota . . Orlando . Jacksonville . St. Augustine Newark, N. J. . 5 Miami FLEISCHMAN, GORDON KEITH . I . . Gainesville . Frostproof FLOYD JOE S AX . . Arcadia SECON ROW FORTNER J LeROY AFP .... . . Tampa FRALISH JOHN WE . . Daytona Beach FRENCH WILLIAM T. IN . . . . Tampa FROSIO JOSEPH MICHAEL . .... Pensacola GAGLIARDI, FRANK ANTHONY . . . Merchantville, N. J. GALLOWAY, BUEORD N. . . . . . Westville GAMMON, CHARLES ADDISON, JR, . . . St. Augustine GAMMON, WILLIAM LAMAR, JR. KA . . MGFIGUNG GARNER, WM. EDWARD ex . . . . Ft. Myers FLOOD, E. LLOYD .... , u -...... THIRD ROW GERMAIN, R, DILL IN ..... GIBSON, LEONARD P ...... GILBERT, DONALD EUGENE OKT . . GILLESPIE, DONN MERRIMAN AXA . GLASS, CARTER ALLEN .... GOODWIN, MORRIS W. UK0 . . GORDON, EDWARD .... GRAVELY, LLJCIUS 205 GROSSMAN, ELY . . Fouim-I Row GUEST, M, 1. KA ........ HAGAN, EUGENE MERRILL . HAI-Irv, JAMES LEWIS AXA . HALLOCK, FREDERICK A. . HALSEY, LAWRENCE H, . . HANCOCK, ROSCOE LAMAR . . HANSON, FRANK c ....... HARKNESS, RALPH CHARLES nm . HARMAN, JAMES F ...... . Jacksonville . Tallahassee Sl. Petersburg . Ft. Myers . Pensacola . Jacksonvrlle . . Tampa . Newberry Sl. Petersburg . . New Smyrna Beach . . . Jacksonville . . . Jacksonville . Patcltague, N. Y. . . Terra Ceia . . Sebring . . Kenwood . . Tampa Winter Haven - I IIIL to Jn ITIJ I JJ S , I, ,. DS.,- I C SD , fly' Q J' H. Y I EX N HART, ,C. 'I . 4 wt '-4 - I 4105 I I-IARvEY, STEVE lvID , . HATTON, , . . . X JY HAYES, CLYDIJ , . -J. . . HAYES, IIAMILTON Am . HENNIE, DON KA . . HENRY, ALLEN I4 ..,... I-IERNDON, I-IORACE FREEMAN . I-IERRON, JACK H Am , . . HERRON, WILLIAM E, JR, Am HERSHEY, SANFORD E AXA . , I-IILL, JEFFERSON P. AVP . HILL, O'NEAL , . I HITCHCOCK, ROBERT E, . HOLMES, JAMES W Jw HOLT, ANDREW JAMES HOLTON, EDGAR HENRY . HOLZER, CURT, JR, . HOOKS, HOMER ERLE . . I-IOUCK, JAMES HAMLIN. . HOWELL, CHARLES BUCHANAN HUGHES, LANCELOT DURELL . HUNNICULT, HERBERT A, . HURT, E, WILLIAM . , JARRELL, ELBERT N. . . JOHNSON, KENNETH W . JOHNSON, WILLIAM EDWARD JOHNSON, W, PALMER . . , JOINER, JASPER N, , JONES, DAN B .... JONES, DAVID WILSON . . JONES, EDWIN ANOIJS . KAMINSKI, BERNARD ADAM X0 I . KASTER, PAUL RAYMOND, JR. OAG KATES, CHARLES MILTON . . KAZAROS, SHANTE ROBERT AFP . . . Brooksville . Mt, Dora . Bradenton . St. Cloud . Miami . . . Tampa . Ft, Lauderdale . Lake Wales . . Lakeland , . Lakeland . Winter Haven , . LaCrO5Se , . Lake City . Winter Haven . . . Miami . Bartow . . NOW York, N Y. . . . Pensacola . . . . Clermont Winston Salem, N. C, , , Ft, Lauderdale . . Crestview , Ocklawana . Gainesville . . Ft. Lauderdale , Jacksonville . Pensacola . Jacksonville , . Winter Garden . Keystone Heights . . Canal Paint . Bowling Green , . , I-llalealw . . Daytona Beach . . Miami . Orlando FIRST Row THIRD ROW KEEPER, TOM D. . . , . . KHaLIRI,ALERED . . KIMDALL, EARL A . , KING, IRA LAMAR ATA . KNIGHT, Das T. ZAE , , , KONETSKY, FLOYD WALTER . . . 4 . KRANTZ, ELLSWORTI-I STOUT AXA KROL, JOSEPH DONALD .,... KURTZ, ROBERT EDWARD M9 , . SECOND ROW LAMB, PHILLIP L ........, LANE, RICHARD M ..... LANG, EDWARD ALEXANDER . LANGSTON, THOMAS M ,... LATSKO, WILLIAM SYLVESTER . . LAYMAN, JAMES HUGH K2 . . LEWIS, OSCAR HERMAN Bon , LIGHT, LOUIS H ,,,,, LINDAIJ, WARREN TEO , . Gamesvillo . . JacIKSaIIvIIIa . , JacI:SoITvIIIc . . DLIITITCI lun , , . Mzarm . Fooidala, Pa, . . Tampa . Karma . MIamI . MIamI . MIIIOIT . OrIarIda . Lakeland , . Farrell, Pa DeFLIIT3ak SDIIDQS . . Lakeland EI, LaLIderdaIe . Miami Reach LININGER, WILLIAM GLADSON ATQV I I I LOFBERG, EDWIN STUART UK0 I MII. I LOUGI-I, CHARLES MELVIN ATA . I'. " I LUCAS, JAMES a., JR. IN . . , I MCCARTHY, DANIEL MARIaN AX MEQURDIE, JOHNS ....... . II MCDADE, EDWARD DONALD DRA I MCINTYRE, F, RAY :AE .... It -. . I I fp MCKENDREE, JIM . , . . . FOURTH Row MELADRIN, JOHN MIJRDOCK ..,, MQLINDEN, JOHN WARREN , . MAIAIQNEY, WILLIAM LIARDEE K2 . MAIZEL, SOL. S ,...., . MARKS, DAVID LEON . , . MARTIN, EMORY SPENCER . , MARTIN, WILLIAM BARR . MARTIN, WM. R .... MATHIELIX, JOE ELISEE . lI'II" f" FII . ' III I I I f II II II III ,BITS I SfIjI'IieIerSbI,Irg? ,Jon-RRDIWIIID I II. I. TAITIDOII II - I.I.acIK,sI0DvI . . Okeechobee . EI. LaIIderdaIc . Coral Gables . JQCLSDIWIIIE . Carrabellc I GQEDQSVIIIQ . . . MIamI . JOCIQSOIWIIIEI . Paterson, N J. . Daytona Bvach . Cresfemt CIW . CFCSCCIII CIW . . Orlcmdo , QICIICVG MATTHEWS, CHARLES A. EX . MAUNEY, JACK E .... MAY, LEONARD THEODORE , MAYER, WILLIAM A. UW . . MAYO, JAMES LAWRENCE, JR, . MERRIN, WHITMAN HEADLEY, JR MESA, PAUL LOUIS ..... METCALF, CLAYTON G. , MICHAEL, JOSEPH W, AT!! . MILES, RALPH FRANKLIN , . MILLER, DAVID W. . . MILLER, JACK UE . MILLER, ROBERT HARVEY ATF! , MILLS, MARVIN A. . . . . MOLNAR, ARTHUR E. F. . MONTENEGRO, DANIEL . MONTENEGRO, ENRIQUE . . MOON, GEORGE F .,.. MOO'l Y, TOM R ..... MOUTZ, WILLIS BENTON, JR, . MOWAT, WILLIAM J. . . Ivitiaatf, Iaatseiar II. 'vm . MUNNELL, .IQOBEIQT In. me . IvIIiIaIIAv, IQICIIAIQD A. . MYERS, IIERMAN OGDEN . . NEALE, WILLIAM JAMES UK0 . NEFF, S. FRANK ....... NICI-IOLSON, ELMER CLARENCE, JR. IvaI4A,JaIIN Is.,JI2. we . . . . IvALAI4avvsI4I, ANTHONY JOSEPH . PALOIQI, JULIUS P. . . . . . PAIQKEIQ, WILLIAM DAVIS . PARTIN, CHARLES CLAYTON . PEARLMAN, LEON PINCUS . PERRY, CHARLES THOMAS . . PETSCI-IOW, ALFRED G. . . , . Jacksonville . Clearwater . Miami , Miami , Pensacola . Plant City . . . Kev West Montgomery, Ala. . . Wahassa . Miami Springs . SI. Peterslnttrg . I3 radentan . St. Petersburg . . Conner . . . Dannellon . . Santiago, Chile, S, A. . Santiago, Chile, S. A. . . . Frastpraal . Winter Haven . . Lakeland . Lynn Haven . . Tampa . Fort' Pierce . , Tampa . Benson Junct ian . . . Miami . Gainesville . Pensacola West Palm Beach New Britain, Conn. . . . . Tampa . Sarasota . Kissimmee . . Pensacala . Ft, Lauderdale . Winter Haven unior lass FIRST ROW PHILLIPS, CHARLES MOORE, JR, AT9 ST. Pclersburg POLLNER, JACK WILLIAM BON , , . . Lakeland POULOS, THEODORE C .... . Jacksonville POWERS, LEE M ,... . . DeLand PINGLE, JOE P. ....... . Fort Green PULLARA, ANTHONY LIBERO . . . , Tampa PYLES, SAMMY :AE ,.,, X . . Ocala RAMSEY, ARCI-IIE WOOD ww . Coral Gables RANSON, JAMES I-I ..... Delray Beach SECOND ROW RAYBON, JOHN R ,....... . . Mango REIFENSTAHL, MARK RORERT . . Jacksonville RIHERD, THOMAS S ..... . . Tampa ROBERTS, DAN A. 'DAG , , . . Gainesville ROBINSON, JOHN ROBERT 0159 . . Malden, Mass. RODGERS, EARL G. AFP . . . . Trenlon ROE, ARTHUR I., JR. ATG . . . Arcadia ROGERS, ERNEST R., JR. . . Miami ROYER, DANIEL KING . . , Miami THIRD ROW RLJBI N, BERNARD WW ...... RUDOLPH, BOB LOUIS . RUE, HARVEY E ,,..... SALE, THEODORE EOEAN Am . . SAPP, S. HOUSTON ...... SATTERWI-IITE, JAMES PUMRHREY . SAVAGE, JOHN ....... SAYERS, JOEL vv. xv- . . SCI-ILESINGER, ARTHUR . FOURTH ROW SEIBERT, WILLIAM I-I. AXA .... SEMPSON, JERRY FIM' . SHASI-IY, ABRAHAM M .... SHAW, GEORGE SESSIONS ATA . SHEPHERD, ALEX ..... SIMMS, GEORGE L ..... SIMPSON, ROBERT F. M0 . . SIMS, PAUL . . .. . . SKINNER, THOMAS C. . . . Ft, Pierce . . Miami . . Hornesiead Coral Gables . . I-Iilliard . Sebring . Lakeland . Orlando . , Miami . Jacksonville . Jacksonville . . Ocala . SI. Cloud . . . Bonilav EI, Lauderdale . Jacksonville . Marianna . Archer SLATER, CLAUDE KNIGHT . SMITH, ALBERT L ..... SMITI-I, ARMIN IIILL, JR. AT9 SM I TI-I, I-IAROLD WAYNE . . SMITI-I, IAIENRY FOREST . SMITI-I, MORRIS, JR, ATA . SMITI-I, SMITI-I, BOB SAMUEL HGH . WAYNE I-IUGGINS KA SMITI--I, WILBUR D ,..... . SNIMELY, FRANK BURNS VIKA , SPANGENBERG, JAMES LUIS . STANLEY, GORDON DOUGLAS . STEARNS, ROBERT ARTHUR we . STEELE, H, WAYNE ...,. STEWART, ToM BRINLY, JR, . STONE, CARL E .,.. STRICKLAND, EARL LoY . . STLIRRocIc, THOMAS T, . SUDDUTH, HENRY ...... SUGGS, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, JR. SUMMERS, I-IUGH B. ZAE . SWINDELL, DAVID EUGENE . TAINTOR, HAROLD . . . TEDDER, DAN W, , TELLER,MoRT,oN HERMAN . . TENCTTTRQQI-III RYAN Am 'I'EIzZENI2AcI7IQIfIAI2oLD LEE . THDM so11I,cHARL. E xv . A ,H 7 THR IADC-GILIIUIQ IIIIERT I-I, . , , IQ? TIB IDS, H.5,Mg NSON .... . TIM ERLAKEJII LTER BALDWIN, JR, . I room," JAMES ,,..., . . ,II I I 4 -- I TISL, , iw I EDWARD OAG TLJRNER,'I3wI5NiMILToN . . . IJMAN, IBERNARD . . . . . Jacksonville . Jacksonville . . , Tampa . . JackSonvIIIe . . Palalka . Jacksonville , . Jacksonville . Gainesville . . I-laslings . Winter Flaven , . . Miami . . Sanford , . Miami . Hollywood . . DeLand . Jacksonville . DeFLIniak Springs . . WeSl' Palm Beach . Panama City . . Newberry . .Lake City . . Ocala . I-Iallendale . Live Oak . . Miami . Clearwater . . , Bowling Green Rings Mountain, N C. . Miami . Umatilla . Miami . Lakeland . Orlando . . Jacksonville . . Tampa . Tampa Euaiar' ITJIETSS FIRST ROW VASS, GEORGE THOMAS SAE . WALKER, DAVID M,, JR. . WALLACE, Cl-IARLES R, . . WALLIS, JACK BLANNIE AX . WALTON, HARRISON B, JR. . WARE, WILLIAM S .... WARREN, GEORGE FISHER . . WARREN, HOSAE FENNELL, JR, WATERHOUSE, W CARSON . SECOND ROW WATSON, BILLY me , , , WATTENBARGER, JAMES LORENZO , WEAVER, CHARLES STANLEY K2 WEBB, ROBERTWILLIAM, JR. . . WEIL, MARVIN LEE ..... WHETSTONE, GEORGE Mtci-IAEL WHITE, ROBERT MOORE , . . WHITNEY, VERNON W. we . WILKINSON, LANDIS . . iii. . Tampa . Tampa , . Dania , Jacksonville . Tampa , Branford . . WGLICITLIIO . Lakeland Gainesville , , , . Miami West Palm Beach , Boynton Beach . St. Augustine . Gainesville . Gainesville . . Jacksonville . . . Tampa . Sl. Petersburg N T C I 4 J if .,,. :J ,. - ,'-L ,J ff.f'AYQQ,,- I f' sdvegfse E1 jQi1iifR I WILLIAMS, JOSEPH O SLSAXI iistine WILLIAMS, JOHN H, "mpc WILSON, JEAN TARV I IIIIUH WILSON, SIDNEY LA ,, 'TSS T' "" i'OamaT5sxIiEQEIi WILSON, WILEORD ERRY'fNWf"'I39U TI . . . Jacksonville WINDI-IAM, JOHN E ......, . . JEL-Rgtiiiviiic WINSOR, RICHARD CARROLL . ,,,. MIGHT WINTER, JOI-IN STRANGE , . , Vviniof Garden WOOD, GEORGE W., III X0 . . . Coral Gables FOURTH Row WOOD, WARREN CLIFFORD rx . , . . . AIGEIIIIG WOOD, W. PRESTON .... . St, Peterslutirg WOOOBERY, EOWARO I-I. we I . . OYIQIRIR WOOLLEY, FRED F., JR .... . Sarasota WORLEY, WILLIAM CHEVIS KA . . Mmm. YANCEY, ROBERT WHITE . . . Ocala YATES, WILLIAM O. K5 . . . Mmm. ZETROVER, WALLACE E. ex . . RHEIYQIIQ RIOIJY, ERNEST ELIOTT . . . Miami ophomore lass Officers ROBERT EATON ROBERT EATON . . . President ROBERT RABORN . . . . Vice-President KENNETH WADSWORTH . . Secretary-Treasurer Ah, for the corefree doys of yon sophomore yeor . . . how heovily wos this trembling heort of mine burdened with thoughts of deep ond rodiont love . . . the birds . . . the bees . . . the trees . . . ond oll the while my constont thought wos of my foirie oueene in Tollohossee . . . or wos it Weewohitchko . . . ond oll the while I wos busting C-6 . . . ond then there wos C-5 . . . ond Cloude lvlurphree ployed boogie-woogie on the orgon . . . such culture . , .such refinement . . . the morks of on educoted mon . . . they don't meon morks . . . they meon scors . . . ond how we looked forword to Esquire eoch month . . . ond the photo section in Coronet . . Vorgo, sweet Vorgo . . . whot would the dormitories be without Vorgo . . . ond those ofter-the-gome-riots ot the Elorido theotre . . . where Scott-tissue wos king . . . ond thot groove I wore to ond from the post office . . . those eotless doys before the first of the month . . .wondering why my Kotinko doesn't write . . . those unfortunote homburgers ot the College Inn . . . ond the moon ond stors over the compus on o worm October evening . . . os seen f'rom o dormitory window . . . to helllllll with Buckmon . . . ond vice verso for Thomos, Fletcher, Sledd, lvlurphree, ond Georgio . . . those bus od courses . . . supply, demcind . . . comprehensives every time I wonno toke off for the weekend . . . or for The week. . . Gothering guolificotiohs to run for office. . .join, join, join, join, plot, scheme, finogle, wrongle, sweot, smile, shoke honds, swop yorns, meet, greet, orronge, reorronge, the swomps, the dorms, votes, votes, votes, goots. . .why don't I study. . .Who DO I study. . .Will I poss. . .Will I get possed. . .better brown, shine opples, lick boots, osk the prof some silly question thot sounds like I know som'n. . .if he thinks I do he'so bigger dope thon he mokes out to be . . .I-lere comes those exoms ogoin. .. better get into thot upper division . . . or else they'lI disinherit me . . . then I won't get to use the cor ony more . . . Oh for the corefree doys When I wos o freshmon . . . I wish I wos in the lond of Dixie, heort of Trixie . . . micldle of the Nightengole . . . I-lome Sweet I-lome . . . Well! I-lo If woy through college ond whot've I got? . . . two letters ofter my hondle . . . -A. A.-. . . ho hum . . . better thon B. U. M., I guess ...lhope... t J .X - rr" Ng. QQ X ROBERT RABORN KENNETH WADSWORTI-I ' ophomore lass ADLER, EDWIN FIM' ...... Bradenton ALLDERDICE, THOMAS GILMORE 'PKT Jacksonville ALLEN, THOMAS WEST . ,..... Milton ANDERSON, ALLAN GEORGE . . St. Petersburg ANDERSON, ELWOOD MEREDITI-I AFP, Dade City ANDREWS, THOMAS OAKLEY UKA . . Orlando ANTHES, WILLIAM J, D. . . APPLEBAUM, BERNARD . Daytona Beach Miami Beach ARNOLD, H. DUDLEY ZOE . . Melbourne ARONOVITZ, AL .... . . Tampa ARONOVITZ, LOUIS FIM' . . Miami ATKINSON, HENRY S. . . Umatilla AUSTIN, ROBERT SULLIVAN . Sarasota AUVIL, D. LAWRENCE AXA .... Dade City AUWERS, FREDERICK JACOB . . Jacksonville BAKER, JOHN EDWIN ATU . . , Umatilla BALDWIN, CHARLES JACKSON AT9 Coral Gables BARCO, CLAUDE, JR. UKA .,.. . . Miami BARNETT, WILLIAM MONROE Ki . Brooksville BARRETT, RAYMOND DALTON . , Daytona Beach BARROW, GEORGE W., JR. . . Crestview BARRY, DAVID E. K2 . . Pensacola BARTLEY, JAMES H, . . Ft Myers BASS, ALBERT E. 9X . . Quincy BASSETT, AMOS EARL, JR. . . . Jupiter BASSETT, JERRY WILLIAM . . . Bartow BAUMSTEIN, JACK TE0 .. . Lake City BAXTER, DEAN HOUSTON . . . . Miami BEARDSLEY, DANIEL WALDO . Clewiston BEAUCHAMP, JOHN HURST , BECKMAN, JOHN ALSTON KA. , , BELL, MEYER BERNARD . . . BENITOA, ANTHONY PEREZ . BENITOA, JOSEPH PEREZ . BENKEN, JOHN s. mm . BENN, DONALD GORDON . Pittsburgh, Pa. Miami Miami Miami 9' BENSON, BENJAMIN P. . . BENTON, WILLIAM J .... BEVERLY, JOHN BURTON on BEVIS, HINTON FOLSOM . BLANCO, RENE MARCEL . BLIZIOTES, JOHN M. . BOBROFF, ALVIN . . . BOGGS, ARTHUR C. AX , BONIFAY, JACK EDWARD . BOOTH, HERBER.T A, our , BOULD, l.INCOLN OKT . BOYD, R. EUGENE . . BRADLEY, SAMUEL D. . . BRECHT, VINCENT ERNEST . BRONNER, RICHARD mio , BROUSE, SIDNEY MERRILL . . Princeton Lamasa, Calif. St. Augustine . Marianna . . Tampa . Gainesville . Gainesville . Hollywood . Pensacola . Homestead . Clearwater . Dunedin . Palmetto , Ft. Myers Miami Beach . Jacksonville BRUMBY, JAMES REMLEY, BRYAN, CARL FISHER . BRYAN, DON SPURGIN . BRYAN, WILLIAM HAMILTON . . . BUTLER, HOWARD JOE . BUZZETT, BERNARD GANNON . . BYRUM, WILLIAM C ..... West CALDWELL, CHARTER L. UK0 , . CAPELOTO, REUBEN . CAPPLEMAN, HOMER L., JR. . CARLILE, L AYMON E. . JOHN UW Ill ATU . Clearwater . Miami . Bartow Greenwood Key West Apalachicola Palm Beach . Umatilla Tallahassee . . Miami Tallahassee Jacksonville ERNESTO H. . . Cartago, Costa Rica CASTLEBERRY, COLLIS J. . . New Smyrna Beach CHAMBERS, RALPH ........ Ocala CHAPPELL, WILLIAM VENROE, JR .... Ocala CHAVERS, GERALD MORRIS' IN . . Panama City CLAPHAM, ROY G ...... - - OVIGWCIO CLARK, BERNARD H .,... . Greensboro CLARK, DONALD EUGENE ATA . . AFCIWSV ophomore lass CRAFT, FRANK EDWARD CRAIG, A, JR. we . . CRAWFORD, PAUL GLENN CREEKBAUM, CORNELL F. CREWS, JAMES W, , CREWS, WALTER L, . CREWS, WALTER R, . CROORE, JAMES I. . CRLIM, TIIOMAS LEE . CUNNINGI-IAM, L, E. . CVZVCRI, VICTOR W. . DARSEY, STANFORD W, . DAUGI-ITRY, OLAM F. . DAVENPORT, RUSSELL A. DAVIDSON, JOIIN C. . . DAVIS, EDWIN D, . . DAVIS, IRWIN F. ww . DAVIS, JOIINNIE E. , DAVIS, SAMUEL. A, . DAVIS, WILLIAM L. we CLARK, GEORGE RIESS , . Winter Park CLARK, GEORGE ROBERT . . . . Lakeland CLARK, WILLIAM C . Daytona BeaCl't COBB, LELAND . ...' Tampa COBO, LIONEL M, . . Key West COLEMAN, ELISI-IA E. . . Palwokee COLLINS, DONALD . . . . Miami COLLINS, DAVID GLENN . Jacksonville COLLINS, J FIMO . . Webster CONE, WILLIAM ll, . . Fargo, Ga. CONN, JAMES ATA . , . St. Cloud CONNELL, R, . . . l3lOLtntslOWn CONNER, JAMES TUCIAN . . . Starke COOPER, I-I. ELWIN . . . Homestead CORSIGLIA, ALBERT ANTI-IONY EN . . Miami COTTRELL, BEEKMAN W ..... St. Petersburg . . . Jacksonville St Augustine . , Tampa , . Ocala , Wellluorii . Orlando JaCks':nVi!le . Pensacola . . BLISIIIIOII St. Peterslptirg . . Biinnell . QLIIIICY . . O"BrieII Winter Park Coral Gables . Gainesville . . Miami Atmore, Ala, . . Panama . Tallahassee DAY, GORDON, M .... DQMENT, ROBERT M. KA . DENNIS, NORMAN M. ex . DERRICR, s. FRANKLIN . . DESHOYERS, WILLIAM A. ex DGWOLF, LEvANT P. . . DIAMOND, JOEL . . DIXON, WILLIAM C. . DOHNER, SAMUEL H. . DOSH, ROBERT N. . . DRAKE, GRADY ATA , DRILLICK, LEONARD F. . DUBOSE, HUGH C. KA I DUFFY, FRED AT!! I . DUGGER, GORDON L. . DUNCAN, DONN R. . . . Lantana . Jacksonville . . Gainesville . . Pine Castle . Ft. Lauderdale . Crescent City . . Miami . Jacksonville West Palm Beach . . . . Ocala Lake Worth . Miami Beach . Pensacola . . . Tampa . Winter Haven . . Frostproof DLJNCAN, DONALD E. . DURAN, RICHARD . EATON, BOD .... EBERSOLE, ROBERT F. . ECI4LEs, RALFI-I D. . ECONOMOLJ, WM. J. . EDENS, JAMES T. . EDWARDS, PERRY IJ. . EPSTEIN, AUBREY . . ERWIN, THOMAS C. . . EYCLESHIMER, GORDON F. . . FARABEE, MAURICE F. . FECI-IT, WILLIAM W. . . FEINBERG, FRED L. HM' FERM, CHARLES M. . . FETNER, S. RALPH M0 FISH, RENDALL R. :As . FLETCHER, RICHARD L. IIKA . FOLKS, s. JOHN MP . FCWLER, STEWART H. . St. Petersburg . . Tampa . Tallahassee . . Arcadia . Sanford . Mlonwi . . Orlando Jacksonville . . Miami Winter lflaven Winter I-laven . Ft. Myers . . Miami Miami Beach . Jacksonville Jacksonville , , Tampa . . Orlando .' Floral City , . Bartow GODDARD, RAY E. AX X- Y v'i'I'K' ' A. i "I 'S'+'Q:"' 'I . 1 ., ,Y-AJ. 'tj 1 -1.72 "-. . 0 ' : Ji "Qu 13 5 11 n' L" 1 F'IqQ .. . '. . . . 55' uphomure flass FRANK, STANLEY A. WW . FRAZIER, DWIGHT E, . . FREEBURG, HAROLD O. . FREEMAN, HENRY L. . FULFORD, HORACE J, . . FULGHUM, WILLIS W. WW GADDY, ROBERT L. . . . . GAMMON, CLAIR B. . . GARAVAGLIA, ANTHONY . GARDNER, LLOYD . . GATRELL, ROBERT. , . GAYNOR, HERBERT E. . GERBER, DAN 5. . . GERMANY, JOHN F. . . GIBBONS, MYRON AT9 . OLASSER, LEONARD H. TE0 . . . . . Lakeland GOLDBERG, JEROME M. WW GOODRICH, WARREN M. OAG GOOKI NS, JAMES H ..... GORDON, HAROLD c. een . OOLJR, JOHN L. .... . GOYER, JOSEPH L . . . GRASSFIELD, RALPH O. wn . GRAY, JOHN c ,... GREEN, CLIFFORD R. KA . . GREENE, BARNETTE E. Arr' GREENE, WILLIAM J. ATP . GRIFFEN, FRANK A. KZ . . GRIFFITH, LEON O. . . GRIFFITH, ROBERT F, . . . . ORUBER, JOHN D, ATA . . . GIJISTWHITE, JACK C .... GIJRGANIOLJS, E. WALLACE AX . HADDOY, JACKSON A. . . HAGAN, REUBEN C. UK0 . . . St. Petersburg . Jacksonville . Miami . Pensacola . . . Miami DeFuniak Springs . Jacksonville . . Millville . . Port Orange . . Orlando .Jacksonville . . Jacksonville . . . Milton West Palm Beach West Palm . Jack Miami Beach . . West Palm Beach . . Miami . Miami . Okeechobee . Jacksonville . Gainesville St. Augustine . . . Miami Miami Beach . . Fairfield Brooklyn, N. Y. Winter Haven . Plant City . . Tampa , Miami Beach LZ., 'Y HAGER, JACK B ,.... HAGOOD, CHARLES SCOTT HAMILTON, J. WALLACE . HAMPTON, JOE E, mm , , HANCOCK, PAUL LEE . . HANCOCK, w. R. 'iausrrsraf . HARBIN, CHARLES w. . . HARDEN, RICHARD CLAYTON HARPER, JACK B. . HARRIS, BERT J. . , HARRIS, NELSON M. . , HARRIS, RICHARD EARL . . HARRISON, GEORGE HODGES HART, EVERETT BURCH . HAUBER, FRANK CHARLES . HAYNES, JOHN MARSHALL K: 1 1 . Orlando . Crestview . Jasper . Miami . Riverview . Aucilla Greensboro . . Miami . Palatka Loke Placid Jacksonville Graceville Palmetto Ocklowoha Brooksville Jacksonville HAYS, ROBERT D. TWP . . Miami Beach HAZLETT, WILLIAM IRA, JR. AX ..., Miami HEALD, C. ELLIOT ATU . . . . Lakeland HEIDT, JAMES H. . . , , Dana HEITZMAN, RICHARD FRANCIS . . , Gainesville HELTON, HUBERT E. . . HENDERSON,J.A. KA . HENDERSON, JAMES CARROLL . . . Gainesville . . . Pompano . . Tallahassee HEY, CARL S. HK' . . . Everglades HICKERY, JAMES EDWARD . , . M.amr HICKS, THOMAS W. 'VA . . Bradenton HINDERY, ROBERT CODAY . . . DeLand HOGAN, G. B., JR. . . . . . Pompano HOOKER, ALFRED L., JR. . . West Palm Beach HORNSBY, EDWARD G ....... Clearwater HORTON, ROBERT CARROLL ATA . . Oradell, N. J. HULL, HAROLD LEGRAND ,205 . . Gainesville HUNT, DON M., JR. GX . . . New York, N. Y, HUNTER, WILLIAM ARTHUR SAE . . . Ft. MYGVS HONZIKER, RUPPERT . . ' .... Monlverde 'Ev' sf-555 Iliff I4 rig 1 4' 'll Sr 'Q , 'Big ,,,., 3 ef Ha. rx QWI VIII'--.. 5 A 'tldbiiem Wm.-' v,Iw?ffJ.,. I' 1. I LQ. .I,. we it .,:, m'iv,1'lAAi,5rifw1" -A I '. A I -www fl Q ' I-1 11'-L ri 'N LM 1' -".'.,.f Lf. i 3 -' 'WHS -25' iv . .1 sr -at .A ,I Q , ,, .Am ,-I 'I T. JQW fy . ., .Ai-' Bw 1 -r-1 S-vm ,IL .,47,, I, ' Af fi f if ,E If I' r L- :Z W. ' K A J We 4-.if 'Rn' t"YE'?QgA . 1 Sh 'FC-A "' ml I Ji" af' L sbt ' VFW: il 2 r 'rg 'itll . ml A A 'A ir , IM J' I 4 Jlvfqf I.-N, lift-WL 'J-if , A 'Ee :im Htl PA fr tit .I , 'Y I frliyrrr, 3' MP3, I 3 1- rfflwlt It 1 Iwi, if I f ,I I L ag 4 I X gr Li? ol 'I , I K.: My ophomore Class HUTSON, S. F. M0 , . HYLAND, MATHEW P. . INGLEY, FRANCIS L. . INSALACO, SAMUEL R. . IRONSON, ELLIOTT J. WW . IRVING, KENNETH W. . IVEY, JOHN F ...... JEWETT, CHARLES F. X0 . . JOHNS, FRANK CARLTON . . JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E. . . JONES, ARTHUR BATTES U9 JONES, WILLIAM MICHAEL . JONES, THORAL DEWEY . JULICH, ARTHUR WILSON . . JOHNSON, JACKSON CHESTER . . . JONES, CHARLES MORENO . . KASTAN,MURREL NM . . Miami Beach KATZ, ELLIS ROBERT FIM' . . Jacksonville KELLY, EDDIE L, ...... . . Waverly KENNEDY, STEPHEN MECALL . , High springs KERR, ENDS EDWARD HKO . . Miami KEYS, REGINALD JOHN AX . . . Lantana KING, ALBERT ATR . . . . Lakeland KING, H, GIDDENS ATU . . , . Tampa KITTREDGE, CONWAY D, mm , , Orlando KJELLSTROM, MARTIN DAVID . . , Miami KNISKERN, KENNETH F. . . . Miami KNOWLES, TOM C. K2 . . Stuart KNOX, DAVID W, , . . . . Bradenton KRANZ, MARVIN mis, . . i4i2AusE, DWIGHT A., JR. we . , , Miami Beach Ft. Lauderdale LASAROW, WILLIAM J, UM' . . Jacksonville LASLEY, MARION MURRAY ATG ..,. Lakeland LAUDERDALE, BYRON NEWMAN , Jacksonville LAUTNER, MAX ERNEST . , , Pensacola LAZARUS, HERBERT CHARLES . . . Miami Si. Augustine . . Miami . Orlando . Miami Kearny, N. J. . . Miami Jacksonville . Lakeland . Hastings High Springs Brooksville . Orlando . Panacea Fart Meade High Springs . Umatilla LEDBETTER, JAMES E. . . . LEISEY, CLARENCE ELvvooo . LEVEY, LEON ...,.. LEWIS, ASA HENRY AFP , A X LEWIS, ROBERT DICKSON KA . LINDSTROM, ROBERT O. Am I-INNVILLE, EMORY M ..,. LONG, LARRY WATERS, JR. IN LOVETT, LINDSAY FRANK . . LYNCH, GEORGE GREEN EN . MCALJLEY, JAMES REED . . . MCCORD, KING STEWART AX . McCoRkLE, WILLIAM CLAY . MCCOUN, THOMAS B., JR. :As MCCOY, FRANK rvRoNE KA . . Gainesville . Ruskin . . Miami . Ft. Meade . Tallahassee . Bradenton . Pensacola St. Petersburg Fruitland Park . Jacksonville . . Lakeland St, Petersburg Pine Castle . . . Miami St, Petersburg MCCIJLLOCK, ROBERT GEORGE . . Tampa , MCELMURRAY, WILLIAM CONE ZAE . . . TGITIDG MCEWEN, THOMAS M. ATU ..... WGUCITUIO MCGREEVY, G. F., JR. ATA . Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. MCJUNKIN, J. MORGAN . . McKEE, PAUL vvM. rx . . MELEAN, FRANK C. . MELENooN, ons E .... MEMILLAN, CHARLES vvESLEY MCMILLAN, FRANCIS NEILL MCMILLAN, JAMES ELDON . MCMILLAN, STEPHEN L. Am MCRAE, WALTER A, M0 . MCSWAIN, DANIEL H., JR. . MADDOX, W. HARLAN . . MAGRUDER, JOSEPH P. . MAGUIRE, ELLIOTT M0 . . MAGUIRE, RAYMER AT9 . .. MALONEY, WALTER C. . . MARCH, WILLIAM JACKSON . . MARINO, ANTHONY LOUIS f . . Ft. Lauderdale . West Palm Beach . . , Dunedin . . . . , Miami FIKA Winter Garden . , Lake Wales . . Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale . Jacksonville De Funiak Springs . . . Clearwater Miami Green Cave Springs . Orlando . Key West' , . . Leesburg . Orange Springs Saphawwii MURRAY, MUSK, WILLIAM CLIFFORD , . MYERS, EDWARD FOSTER . . MYERS, JOHN GEORGE X0 . NAFF, WILLIAM H .... NEEE, ROBERT W ,... NETTLES, GEORGE E, Am , . NOEL, GEORGE EDWARD on . . NORDMEYER, LOFTON LEE . . O'CALLAGHAN, THOMAS PATRICK ODOM, BURKE HAYES .... OLSON, CHARLES DAVID OKT . . ORTA, PHILLIP LAZARUS ,E--f. . . I ,,,. MARKS, ELLIS M, UM . . MASTERS, LOUIS F ..... . MASTERS, WARREN -KENDLE ,f w re Llmss . Miami Beach . Leesburg . Jacksonville MATHIS, ALLAN .... , . Florala MATHIS, GILBERT P ..... . . Tallahassee MILLER, ROBERT BANNERMAN . . . Tallahassee MILLER, ROBERT STANLEY one , , . DeLand MILTON, RALPH A., JR ,.,. . , Lakeland MISCHUK, THEODORE E, .,,.... Orlando MITCHELL, WALLACE HERTTELL IN . . Key West MOODY, ISAAC I ,........, Bunnell MORGAN, ROGERS 049 . . Tampa MORGAN, SHELDON B. 'KT . . . Jacksonville MOSELEY, ALGIE MILNER , . , . Jacksonville MURRAY, JOHN AIKEN UE . . . . Dunedin JAMES ORMOND . . . Ormond Beach . . Gainesville . Clearwater . Miami . . DeLand . . Orlando . . . Tampa . St. Petersburg . Wlnter Haven . St. Petersburg . . , Jasper . St. Augustine . . Key West ILQWJ, OWEN, JACK H., T13 , OuinE PALMER, WINSTON . ff -,g,I.,Q-,i-:QQ:5L:i?i?xLn5 WW 6 PARcELL, ROBERT Ili E, , . C 2 A Q f If A f PARKER, EDWARD I of WMI f 1 , M f' PARKER, JOHN H R . , nr I EEO' PARRAMORE,H E E, . . A ' -I? 1 PASTEUR, Tl-IOM ,mi l ..,. 1 -D PEARCE, ROSE T 1- 'ffggwgm g I rr EtI25b?42E?Tl,zit2'R-,'tfr .1 PEARMAN, ROBERT WEBSTER . PEARSON, RAY H. xo , . . PEARSON, ROBERT L Jim , , PEEPLES, RODERICI4 L, . X PETERSON, CARL ENIIL m . PETERSON, WILLIAM HERBERT PITTIVIAN, R. FRANK . . . PLANK, SETH B .... PLATT, CALVIN C. .,.. . PLATT, HARRY THOMAS me POOLE, WILLIAM EDGER orA POPE, CHARLES ALLEN . . POTTER, LARRY H. KE , , POULOS, TEDDY CHRIS . . POUND, JAMES EDWIN ..., POWELL, BENJAMIN IREDELL, JR. . . . . Miami , Miami . Tampa . Jasper . St. Cloud . . Eustis . Tampa Zephyihills Summerfield Jacksonville Jacksonville Homestead . . Ocala Jacksonville Kissimmee . . Miami PRIEST, WM. EARLY, JR. . PLJLLIAM, WILLIAM C. . . RABORN, ROBERT EDWARD . . RAMOS, LEO ..... RAWLINS, TRDNIAN D. . . REA, GRADY W., JR. . . . REvELL, JAMES WOODROW Arr' RHODES, BRUCE Ivi ,..,. RHODES, GIFFORD NEILL . RICHARDS, OLIN THOMAS , . RICHARDSON, I-IORACE DARRELL RIVERS, WILLIE S .... . xx S RIVERS, WILSON S. mu . A 1. X . QQZQLQI ROBERTS, THOMAS ROSCOE , . ROBIN, ALVIN ROBERT . RODGERS, ANDREW C. . 'IU ll I R IQMORE JOHN EDWIN . J fffflmx IRNQLJEZ, ENIILIO A. iff-'I A "JJ QM ffl? , RIIISQISI, HOWARD BERTRLJM . +V... SJLQM' I- . WZZMUIHERNESKY, JOE . . . . I X . , lndiantOWn , Pinetta , , Trenton . . Gainesville . WildWoOd . Madison Tallahassee , Jacksonville . Jacksonville . . . Sarasota De Funiak Springs . . Auburndale . . Lake Butler . Jacksonville . . Tampa . Bunnell . . Ft. Meade . . Tampa . Jacksonville . Miami Beach ophomore Class ROSEN, BAUM ALLEN A. . ROU, CHARLES MICHAEL . RUBIN, MILTON IRGING FIM' RUSSELL, DAVID EMERSON RUSSELL, EDWIN WALLACE . SABSHIN, MELVIN HM' . . SANDERS, JAMES CLAYTON SAPPINGTON, JULIAN RALPH SEFRNA, EUGENE F. . SELLERS, E. GUY, JR. . . SHACKLEFORD, WILLIAM DYER SHAW, BENJAMIN T., JR. . . SHAW, JAMES WILLIAM . . SHEA, WARREN JOHN . . . SHEALY, ARTHUR L., JR. GAO SHEPHERD, CHARLES L ..., SIIERRON, HAROLD LEE . SIMMONS, HORACE H. . . SINGER, DAVID EARL mio A SKAGGS, THOMAS W. X0 . SLAUGI--ITER, EDWARD R. ZOE SIVALL, ROBERT GARNER . . SMITH, DEWEY HOWARD, JR, . SMITH, HENRY JEFFERSON . SMITI-I, Iiuozi MADISON . . SMITH, Ia. Boa .,.,,, SMITH, ROBERT E., JR. son Soma, ROBERT S ,..,. SAWYER, THCMAS ROBERT . SCARBOROUGH, OVID P. SCHELL, WILKIE JAY 0110 SCHOONOVER, ROBERT B011 SCOTT, GEORGE FRANCE IX SCOTT, LEOPOLD EDEN . SCOTT, WILLIAM EVERETT . Punta Gorda . . Reddick . Jacksonville . . Jacksonville , Brooksville Miami Beach . Fernandina . . Havana . . DeLand . . Baldwin . . Jacksonville . . .Miami St. Petersburg Daytona Beach . . Orlando SEAWARD, ROBERT SHELDON, JR. OKT Jacksonville . Frostproof . . Wauchula U5 . . . Miami . , . . Alachua . Mt. Dora I Lakeland . . Gainesville . , Avon Park , Hollywood . Munson . . Gainesville . . Miami. . . .Orlando . . Lake Worth . . Daytona Beach . Moore Haven . Mayo . . Tampa - . . Orlando . . Miami SPECHLER, DAVID HAROLD . SPECTOR, CHARLES l-l. mio , STEED, WILLIAM J. . . . . STELLRECI-IT, CHARLES RANDALL 1 STEVENS, F, CLYDE, JR, . . STEVENSON, MARVIN WEST . . STIGGINS, HILL .... STRATTON, CHARLES . STRAWN, R. KIRK ...... STRICKLAND, LEO EDWARD STRDUP, LESLIE a .... STUEBS, ROBERT GUERRY . STLILTS, RICHARD LEE . SUBERMAN, IRWIN rm , SIJDDUTEI, JERRY ROWE EAE , SUMMERS, WAYNE N .... . . , Quincy . , Miami Beach . . Kissimmee . , , Miami , Jacksonville , Lake Wales . Winter Park . . Orlando . . . , DeLand De Funiak Springs . . , Fr, Myers . Jacksonville . Gainesville . . . Miami Panama City , , , Bristol sWoRDs, eoLEINs W., JR, W . suskv, JOHN E .,.. . rAINroR, HAROLD . . . TEAGLJE, SAM EVERRETT THOMAS, ARCHIBALD J., JR, THOMAS, CHARLES WM, K2 THOMAS, VALDEEN FIKA . THOMPSON, BLJFORD DALE THOMPSON, JOHN WALLACE THOMPSON, SAMUEL M. THOMSON, ADDISON HOGLJE . THOMSON, RANDOLPH MURRAY TILLMAN, WILEY JAMES . TILTON, WARNER B .... TISDALE, FRANK PRITCHETT . TODD, JAMES VIRGLE . . . TOMS, GERALD E. ATA . Q. . TORNWALL, GEORGE EDWARD . TRAMMELL, CLYDE G., JR. IN . TREERY, JOHN ALLEN . . .- , Miami . Orlando , Hallandale . Tallahassee , . ,Starke , Zepliyrliills . . Orlando . Lake Wales . Gretna . . Conner . Miami . Miami . Ocala , , Jensen . Crestview Lake Wales . . Hialeali . Clearwaler Williston Sl. Augustine 'B I 1 fre' . :L S I -I .R 44 If M, T413-, P ilu, ' . ,42o.I'f,' iff' v .1 wvifmwwfl 5.4 O ,IA lr, O IIAIIB O P' ef QT l Til TRIBBLE, HIRAM LOWRY I'lK0 TROTTER, WARREN K. Arr . TRUEBLOOD, RALPH . . . TUCKER, GRADY O., JR. . TYSON, ZARIEL GAY Arp . . UGARTE, O A ...... VARNER, MARION DoPONT rim VICKERS, MOSQO ARTHUR . . VIDAL, ALBERT PIERRE . WADDELL, TOM ..,.. WADSWORTH, KENNETH C, , WALDIN, EARL DoWITT, JR. . WALKER, WILLIAM M. KA . WALRUP, SAM H, JR. . WARNER, JACK L. ooo . . . WATTS, STEPHEN' W. IN . . WEATHERUP, ROBERT B. . . . . . .Miami WESTER, JORDAN LACY, JR. . . Lake Wales WEEKLEY, Pl-IARIS E. . . . Ft. Myers WEISS, PAUL JOHN, JR. . , . Miami WEISSING, DINNIS , . . . . Tampa WELLS, COLIN CARROLTON . . . . Clearwater WHITE, HOLBROOK ...... Ft. Lauderdale WI-IITESIDE, AUGUSTUS FRANCIS KA , . , Miami WILLIAMS, JOE W,, JR. 'DAG . . . Panama City WILLIAMS, WHITNEY B ..... Hollywood WILLIAMSON, ROBERT MARSHALL . , aoioeoviio WILSON,-ALERED WILLIAM . . o f A I' WILSON, WILLIAM H, JR. Am . WOODWARD, WILLIAM FRANCIS, J WOOTON, MELvIN EDWARD . . WYCKOEE, ROBERT QLIENTIN we 'Her Im: WAR YOUNG, EVERT A ...-... Qrlqndo YOUNG, MORRIS A.. 'VA i . . cksonville RUSH, JAMES KNOX Am . . . Orlando 43 . Jacksonville . . Largo , . Lakeland , Campbellton . Zepliyrhills . Tampa . . . Orlando . Gainesville . Gainesville Daytona Beach , . , Tampa . Miami . . Tampa . . Mclnlosh Ft. Lauderdale . . . Miami A' 6,1 .I-In S :di X JI""iQ,."-N r , 2 , I' .V ,. . , wig - Ia l'vg.I?I5' i 5 in G31 I iii I1:,..."fw'l1 ri ' .I .o a s ' G "ai if I 9 Ii' '5i?A' mLf". ' :I 'l l Q ix V . , ,Q ,nf nwwf l Maxim, N ,. . . J I ' J Freshman lass ficers JOHN BOLTON. . . President FRANKLIN PALMER. . , Vice-President wqfllt' ' NL HARRY HUNTER . . Secretary-Treasurer ff! i a'k K3 X212 t -' L sg r -gif J if f l '- ' iffy' Q: JOl-lN BOLTON Whatta year! Thought those d-n comprehensives would floor me . . . Been through a helluva lot since l got here . . . Can remember that first day like it was yesterday . . . Started out with an armful of registration blanks, enrollment forms, health certificates, schedules, bulletins of information, and a pocket full of money . . . Ended up with a basketful of warning notices and a pocket . . . Those fraterni- ties . . . such promiscuous wining and dining 1 . . followed by scrubbing and rubbing . . . sitting in class looking at the lovely weather outside , . . What's he talking about anyway? . . . C-l, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-l7, C-l,986, C-985702, Sooooooo what? . . . And those progress tests l took . . . and those I didn't take . . . Where'd all my money go? , . That blankety-blank military . . . those lovely afternoons drilling in the broiling sun with the dust and dirt choking you and rasping your throat . . like flowers in the spring . . . cactus flowers or somp'n . . . and bumming home . . . what fun . . . stood in that two-bit filling station at Opechalakawaca Junction where the only traffic moving over 2 mph was the horseflies . . . and that goocl ole Georgia-Florida game in Jax . . . lost my rat-cap-that perfect fit-for somebody twice my size . . . woke up on the floor in the Roosevelt patio, . . back to the books. . . lthat's a joke, put in for the parents? . . . At last!! l-lame for the holidays . . . jook, jook, jook, lvlerry Xmas!! . . . jook, jook, jook, l-lappy New Year!! . . . jook, jook, jook, back to school, cram cram jook jook, exams and so came the end of the semester. Whatta year . , . Gainesville is colder than an iceberg packed in dry ice in the winter, hotter in summer than a fourth floor room in Murphree . . .Those dorms, ahhhhh, such a luflee place. . .water fights. . . fires in the trash chutes. . . rat courts. . . Good Nyyyyeeeete, everrry boooody OOOWWP flSftSaf!iif????! ! l . . . and so it went. And it was fun and now I know the difference between As- sinine and azimuth, between Carle- ton and Dauer, between the cafe- teria and the bookstore . . . between the big politicoes . . . The Florida lfops and the Dixie Degenerates . . . one outfit is crooked and the other is crookeder . . . or somp'n . . . then the finals . . . and so l got through . . . or rather they got through with me . . . Ho hum . . . anyway, those A L bull sessions were fun .... ' FRANKLIN PALMER HARRY HUNTER ABERNATHY, JACK ...... ACOSTA, PAUL BROWNING, JR. HKA ACREE, CLAUDE ....... ADAMS, GUY WILLIAMS . ADKINS, WILLIAM M, . . ADLER, CHARLES CALVERT . AKINS, WILLIAM ARTHUR . . ALBERTSON, DESMOND . ALEXANDER, WALTER FERDINAND . ALLIGOOD, PLAS ANDREW . . AMSTER, WALTER W .... ANDERSON, RALPH GRAHAM . . ANTHONY, ALVA EDISON, JR. . ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH LEWIS . . ATHEY, EDWARD MOORE . AZAR, ouv SYLvIO . BAER, ROBERT I-I, . . . . BAILEY, WILSON L. nw . BAIN, JAMES k, .... . BAKER, I-IAROLD JACK nm . BANAKAS, PERRY ..... BARGAR, JOHN RAYMOND AX . BARKET, THOMAS ESSIE . . BARNES, ROBERT PAUL . BARNETT, JOE PAXTON . BARTON, DAVID c. . BASSETT, GEORGE B. . BATES, BRUCE . BATTLE, JOHN WARREN, JR, . BAXLEY, WILLIAM LEO . . . BEARDALL, WILLIAM II, ATS2 . BELL, IKE CARR, JR, . . . BELL, WILBDR SEALE we . . BELYED, L. M. .... . BELYELI, OSBORN CAPERS . . . BENSON, MARVIN THOMAS K2 . . . Tampa . Jacksonville . Jacksonville . . Miami Moore Haven . Et. Meade . Wildwood . Chipley Chattahoochee . . Miami . . Miami Apalochicola . Vero Beach St. Augustine St. Augustine . . Sarasota . Branford . Blountstown Daytona Beach . Jacksonville . Pensacola St. Petersburg . Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale . Brooksville . Rochester, N. Y, Winter Haven Daytona Beach . Pensacola . Weirsdale . . Orlando Charleroi, Pa. . . Live Oak . . Quincy . . Quincy Boynton Beach Freshman lass FIRST Row BENZ, JOHN THOMAS 0I'A . . . BERENSON, LOLJIS STANLEY . BERG, R. HOWARD, JR. we . . BETHEA, W. F. ..... . BIDWELL, JOHN ALFRED -we . BISHOP, JOHN JEFFERSON, JR. . BISHOP, MOYE LYNWOOD . . BLISS, W. CARLETON, JR. nm BLOONIBERO, SOL we . . . SECOND Row BLUENILE, WILLIAM ARNOLD . . . BOLAND, ROBERT LOUIS .... BONHANI, MARK NIYATT, JR, K2 . BORAIKO, JOE DONALD . . . BORCHELLER, KARL HEINZ . BOREE, HAROLD D ,.... BOWDEN, HILMAN FLEMING we BOWERS, C. I-IAROLD . . . BOYLE, WILLIAM EDWARD xo Miami Beach . . Miami . Melbourne . Sanderson . Tampa . Ocala . Clewistan . . Miami . Carmel, N. Y. . Tampa . WaciSSa . Orlando . Ruskin . Titusville Jacksonville . Plant City . . Ft, Lauderdale . . Miami THIRD ROW BRABHAM, VERNON, JR. . . . . BRACKEN, WILLIAM V. D. 0150 . . BRAINARD, WILLIAM WHITE ERE . BRAMMAR, SAMUEL NEILL . . BRANAN, WILLIAM EDWIN . BRASHEAR, CHARLES EVANS . BRAXTON, JOHN S . . BRAY, CECIL ARDIS, JR. . . BREWER, ALBERT MAX AT9 . FouRTH Row BREWTON, WHITT LYNN .... BROOKS, JACK nw . . . BROWN, CLYDE DAVID Ki . . . BROWN, EDWARD MLJRRILL KA . BROWN, GERALD MALJRICE . . BROWN, IRA DONNA . . . BROWN, JOHN MAYS, JR. . . BROWN, RICHARD BENTLEY BROWN, VICTOR LeMOYNE . Moultrie, GCI. . St. Petersburg West Palm Beach . . St. Cloud . . Sanford . . Jacksonville . Cottondale . Ocala . Orlando . Paliokee . . Hollywood . Boynton Beach . GaineSvillo . . . Miami De Euniak Springs . . . Naranla . Sanford . Gainesville BRYAN, DICK EDWARD . . . BRYAN, DONALD MCIVER 9X . BRYAN, FRANK MARINE IAE . BRYAN, PAUL JACKSON . . BUCKMAN, PAUL SIDNEY M0 . BUCK, ROBERT CLYBURN nKA . BUFFINGTON, JUNIOUS BRYSON . BUGBEE, CECIL W., JR, . . . BURKE, WILLIAM JOSEPH me . . BURNETT, GEORGE s. rx . . BURRIS, FRANK I I...... BURROWES, HARRY GEORGE IN . . BUTLER, DANIEL ROBERT, JR. . BUTLER, ROBERT A .... CALDWELL, ROSCOE EUGENE .... CALDWELL, WILLIAM BROWN, JR. :As CALHOUN, BENJAMIN P. . CALVIN, PAUL HENRY . CAMP, GREGORY nm- . . . CAMP, THEODORE KELLOGG 'TKO . CAMPBELL, JACK PAYTON KA . . CAMPBELL, WILLIAM EASON 'KT . CARLETON, RICHARD F. IN . CALSON, RAYMOND A. . . CARNELL, DARREL P. nw . CARRAWAY, MERRILL ARAI5 .mi . CARTER, JACK W. . . . CARTER, RALPH DEVON . CARUSO, JOSEPH MICHAEL rx . CARVER,WEYMANS.. . . . CASON, ANDREW EVANDER M . CATES, YWOOD, JR. . WILLIAM, JR. . . Tampa . Mulberry . Ft. Myers . . Palatka . Plant City . Jacksonville . . . Ocala . Lithia . Miami , Miami . . . Lutz . . Palm Beach . Largo . Miami . . Miami Clearwater . Palatka , , Lakeland . Ormond Beach . Ormond Beach . Chipley . Miami . Lakeland . . Grovelond . Ormond . ...Miami Ft. Bragg, N. C. Ft. Bragg, N, C. . Orlando . Avon Park . Delray Beach . . Tallahassee . . Gainesville New Smyrna Beach . St. Petersburg . Greensboro W If we iii IIIIII, WI I I FIRST Row CLEMENS, RAYMOND S ..... CLEMENZI, ROBERT LOUIS we . CLEMMONS, A, HERSCHEL . CLEMONS, MARION ELERY . CLIFFORD, WILLIAM RALJL . CLIFTON, HOWARD J. . . . CLUSTER, ELBERT ORvILLE . COBBS, JIM H. nw . . COHEN, BURTON nm . SECOND ROW COLEMAN, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR. . COLLIE, JACK CLAYTON ..., COMFORT, HARVEY HARRISON 0139 CONDON, JOHN A. FIK4' . . . CONRAD, GERALD THOMAS . CONWAY, JOHN FRANCIS . COOK, RALPH WILLIAM . . . . COFLEY, CHARLES J, JR. sen COPPEDGE, JOE L. :AE . . . Duquesne, Pa . Ft. Pierce . . . Chiplev West Palm Beach Dunkirk, N. Y. . . DeLand . . . Largo . Miami Beach . Miami Beach . . . Bushnell West Palm Beach . . . Miami . . . Miami . Panama City . . Jacksonville . Ft, Lauderdale Norwalk, Conn. . . . Miami li Y J THI ,jrpw , . I COUNCIL, CHARLIE THOMAS metto COX, JAMES OLIN, JR. Am . . Q .. demon cox, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, I I ,gigjin CQ COYTE, RICHARD B. . . .I lll',eif'f lm GTI CRABTREE, ALBERT MORRISK gd I CRAWFORD, JOHN HUGHES .I CRAWLEY, THOMAS HERBERR, CRAWSHAW, RICHARD OEOReEE2:JXL..R4llI--l.-Tefvvpdl CRENSHAW, JOSEPH MARION ..... Sqnfofd FOURTH Row CREvELINC, HUGH IvIN .... . . Mimi CREWS, WILLIAM CLYDE . . . Bradenton CROMARTIE, DeWlTT TENBROOK . CROPPER, DAVID GAYLE . . . CROUCH, THOMAS ALLEN . . CRUMLEY, JACK ELTON UK! . CRUSOE, CONRAD D ..... CUNNINGHAM, KENNETH DAN CURLIN, FRED HAROLD M0 . AXA Ft, Lauderdale Miami Springs . Gainesville . Jacksonville . , Bartow . Tampa . Tampa CURRAN, FRANK CLIFFORD KA CURRIER, LEWIS WILLIAM, JR, WE . D'AOUlLA, FRANCIS SAMUEL . DAMPIER, CHESTER LIONEL DARDEN, WILLIAM EDWARD, JR. DAVIS, BOB ...... DAVIS, CHARLES EVANS . . DAVIS, WESLEY KIMBROUGH 069 DAVIS, WILLIAM A .... DAWSON, FRANKLIN JOSEPH . DQGROVE, Cl-IARLES WILLIAM K5 . DELGADO, SALVADOR . . . DEUTSCH, LOUIS MACY . DICKSON, JOHN FRANCIS . DIXON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DOMINICK, JULIAN KLETTNER DORSETT, HUGH J. . . DOUGLAS, JOHNNIE M . . DOWNING, JOHNNY LAMAR . DRAKE, WATSON POLK KA . DRAPER, WALLACE B. . . DUBLER, RALPH FRANCIS . Dal-IART, PAUL ALBERT . . DUN, WALTER ANDREW, JR. DUNAWAY, JAMES LEE, JR. . . DUNNAVANT, JOHN EVERETT DURRANCE, JOHN R. M9 . DYER, JAMES AUGUSTA ATF! DYER, WALTER Wooo rx . ovkes, aorzoen WAYNE . ovsotxt, FRED A., JR. . EADDY, WILBUR . . EAST, JAMES WARREN emo . EDENFIELD, BERNARD CHASON EICK, GEORGE E. HKA . . EISELE, GARNETT THOMAS IX AT!! SAE . Jacksonville . . Delray Beach . New Britain, Conn. . . . Alachua . . . Palatka . Cherryville, N, C. . . . Trenton . Tampa . . Clewiston . . Chicago, III. . Ponte Vedra Beach Central Baragua, Cuba . Miami Beach . Jacksonville . Bushnell Orlando . Branford . Weirsdale . Gasparilla . . Ocala . Sarasota . . . . Miami . Worcester, Mass. . . . Orlando . . Molina . Gainesville . Gainesville . Bartow Chattanooga, Tenn. . . St. Petersburg . . Sanford . Bushnell . Ft. Lauderdale . Greensboro . . . Sanford . Hot Springs, Ark. Freshman lass EiRsT Row ELLINGTON, THOMAS P ..... ELLIS, ROBERT STRAND ATA . . EMMEL, GEORGE LEONARD we . EMMETT, WELDON scHuLLER . ESTEY, EDWIN EARL. , . . EvANTASH, LEONARD vw . .EZELLE, W. CURTIS . . . FAGAN, CHARLES NORBERT . FALSONE, FRANK JOSEPH, JR. SECOND ROW FARABEE, DELANEY ALLEN .... FARINAS, THOMAS WILLIAM . . FEINBERG, ROBERT M. . . FELTON, EUGENE R. , . . FETTE, HERBERT FRANCIS . . FICKETT, STEPHEN BURROWS, JR. K2 . FILLASTRE, ALVIN JOSEPH ATS? . . . FINK, ABRAHAM IRA FIM' . FINK, DONALD LAROY IRE . Jacksonville St. Petersburg . Gainesville . . Sebring Crescent City Miami Beach . Wauchula . Greenville . Tampa . Wauchula . Pensacola . Quincy . Hernando . Gainesville . Orlando . Lakeland Jacksonville . Miami THIRD ROW FLANAGAN, EDWIN "Cl-IET" ATA . FLEMING, JAMES THOMAS GX . . . FLEMING, WILLIAM McRAE, JR, AXA FLINT, ROBERT LOUIS EN . . . FLOYD, LINTON EUGENE HKA . FOCARACCI, PHILLIP GEORGE . FOLSOM, PERCY RUDOLPH . . FORD, CHARLES EDWARD, JR. FORTH, FRANK FENTON . . FOURTH ROW FOSTER, THOMAS RUSSELL K2 . . . FRANK, ROBERT BROWN . . . Tampa . Clermont . Jacksonville . . Gainesville Jacksonville Beach . . . Miami . Tallahassee . . Tampa . Punta Gorda Charleston, S. C. . . Ft. Mvers FRAZIER, NORMAN R .... . . . Miami FREEDMAN, MORTON CHARLES . . Miami Beach FUCI-IS, FRED JACOB OKT . . Homestead FUEYO, LOUIS . ...... . Tampa FULFORD, WILLIAM EDMOND UKA . . Orlando GADDUM, JERRY W .... . . Gainesville GATALIS, TED PETER . . Ft, Lauderdale GALLATIN, JAMES C., JR. . . GALLOWAY, BOBBY G. IAF . GANGL, ROBERT CARL . GAND, OVID RAYMOND . GARDNER, ARTHUR W. AX . GARDNER, ROBERT LEE UE . GERBER, JESSE EDWARD . GERMAIN, J. KENNETH IN . GERMAN, MARK HARRINGTON M9 GIDDENS, DAVlD BlLLlE B90 GIFFIN, ALLYN BRUCE 'KT . GILMOUR, JOSEPH B. AX . GITT, STANLEY ALVIN . . . GLIDEWELL, CHARLES F., JR. . GONZALEZ, FRANK C .... GOODNIGHT, LYMAN EVANS, JR. . GOODWlN,J,CALVlN,JR. . GRACE, WESLEY .... GRAY, RIcHARo WILSON . . . GREENBERG, ROBERT IRVING ww GREGG, JAMES R ...... GREGORY, JOHN LAWRENCE FIKA . GRlFFlN,WlLLlAM W, . . . . GRINNELL, GRAYDON BELVIN . GUlCE,COPELANDWOOD,JR. rw . GUNDERSEN, GERALD .... GLJNDERSEN A 13 ID v I, L vER wil' H , RY . . :I I, I l I 51,3 'T - ' f' gi' . wg. ItI'IE5p6HlI,Zlg'i'I. ffm H I Rf - - H -,jiljiiiii fwgzg'r.r.,iM,Ui31lIlY?',fI my I'1A0 , P337 'L " '14 II A- Htl. Mi ' . 'F' 'ufrl A fizltl f-15:5 WILLIAM, JR. I I ' f l'-IL. 'LI' M" 11 :.1,i.'fSw.'AAI1"Rf AVI- i ,A-15 ,QW Ri -" ,X-Q F5152 fji- ,V ', . 231 . RK pm!- ve.. .,Il:,I.L , 1 .J R-.L-.,f, I W, , Ax ' eq! Vl1Y:vI- , an . . . ' ,II ' " I 2 G l Ill IIAIflf I- ' EPARD JR. R . Es E Jg:9Q'fl-fit? . 1 if R25 A I-IALL, alliitil iiiw E . lf' HALL 1- 'li l HAL ,ILA . 1, 1 - ,E . St, Cloud . . Miami . Akron, Ohio . Gainesville . Hollywood . . Miami . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Jacksonville . Tampa . . Lakeland . St. Petersburg . Passaic, N. J. . St.Louis,Mo. . Warrington . Tampa . Pensacola , Gainesville . . Chipley . . Miami . . Tallahassee . Leesberg . . Orlando . Anthony . Tampa . . . . Miami . Jacksonville Beach . Jacksonville Beach . . . . Hinson . Tampa . . Jacksonville WU . . Lakeland . . . Tampa . . . Hollywood . Wilmington, N. C. . West Palm Beach . . . Miami li' te .R Ji, ni rr ri, tl 5 rr .S .s FIRST ROW HALTIWANGER, HUGH JOHN, JR. , JC1Cl4SOfWlllG HANCOCK, JOHN WESLEY, JR. . - PGIOIIYO HARDEN, EVERETT ISSLER . - lvl-Gm' HARE, EDGAR ALLEN, JR, . . Quincy HARGIS, TERRY KING ,. . Boca Grande HARLAN, WILLIAM E .... GaInesv:lle HARPER, THOMAS WILSON KA - CRIDJCK HARRIS, BRAINARD Il. . . . PIGVII Clll' HARRIS, JACK WESLEY ATG . Orlandvr SECOND ROW HARRISON, BARNETT Ben , , , JaCkSOnv.Ile HARTSEIELD, A, B. IN . . Wesl Palm Beach I-IARTSFIELD, JULIUS F . . . . Tallahassee HARVEL, OTIS EARL, JR. ZX . . Delray Beach HEATON, JULIAN U .,.... . . MIamI I-IEIMER, WILLIAM LENOX ATR . OVIOIICJD HENDERSON, HAROLD EUGENE . . WaLICI'IIIla HENRY, ROBERT FRANCIS .,,. Peabody, Mass. HERSPERGER, SAMUEL PEERCE AX . . . Lakeland HERSTEDT LESTER ARTHUR IAA xl HETZER CHARLES KEMP HIGGINS BEN THOMAS X0 HILL BILLY WAYDE HILL EUGENE DOUGLAS ATU HILLYER CHARLES EDWARD HIVELY EDWARD LEE f HQ'-"'ln, ll? I QI If fl rx 3 :FIV eynf I ' . . Orland J . Plant CIty . . Ja'peT . . Orlandu . Ja:ksOnyII.C Frederick Md. . . Tampa F AW'-All F J T- -I , IIA, 1 , IDG 'Ax . ' l-IIBBS, ROBERT ANDREWS . , . . . Com . Qtvifuf jh f . ' I I 1. 3 l X HOFFMAN CHARLIE E RLJK. . f EI FOURTH ROW HOFFMAN, RICHARD ORANCER . HOOE, JOHN ARTHUR . . . HOLLAND, GEORGE D, JR, . HOLLAND, JACK MARTIN . HOLLAND, Tl-IOMAS WM . HOLMES, JOE DEAN . . HOOK, JOHN H, we HORTON, CHARLES . HOWE, E. CARL , . I,Il . . Pensacola . Lakeland . Pensacola . Bronson . Pensacola , Panama . Ga,nesy.lIo . VCIO Baath . Jacksanwllc I-lOWZE,JlMMY ALEXANDER 'MG . HOWZE, STUART ALSTON 'MQ HUDDLESTON,'MlLTON ATU . HUGHES, WILLIAM DONALD HULL, ODDIS LYNN . HUNT, CHARLES M., JR. . . HUNT, OVEDA FREDMAN . HUNT, PAUL . . . HUNTER, HARRY D. KZ . ILER, GALE A ,..... INGLIS, ALLICK WYLLIE Ben . JAMESON, ROBERT TRIJSTON, JR, JENKINS, JACK JENNEY . JENSEN, ANTHONY SVEND . . JOHNSON, JAMES JOLLY :QE . JOHNSON, RALPH EDWIN . JOHNSTON, DONALD FRYE . JOHNSTON, J, ROBERT . . JONES, DONALD RANDALL ATU JONES, JACK PASCAL . . . JONES, LAWRENCE COURTNEY NE JONES, SIDNEY UPSON Bef' . JONES, WILLIAM BAZZLE, JR. KAISER, ROBERT STEWART . KARY, WILLIAM W. . KASPARIAN, NAZAR . KEARLEY, WILLIAM S, . KEEL, ALLEN T. KA . KELLEY, ED. GRIEEITH . KEMR, STUART PAGE . . . KENNEDY, MABRY DAVIDSON we KESSEN, BILL .... KIIJLER, DAVID BURKE, III Am KIMBALL, THOMAS BROOKS . KING, DEL MONTE GRAHAM KING, LEON JACK . . . . Palmetto . Palme i' to . Sanlord . Largo . LaBelle . Lake Wales . . Mayo . Plant City . Ft, Lauderdale SO. Jacksonville . Jacksonville . Bartow . . Miami . Tallahassee . Delray Beach . . . Miami . . . Tampa ChadIJoLIrn, N, C. . . . Sanford . Live Oak . Vero Beach . Coral Gables . . Wildwood Rochester, N. Y. . Tallahassee . Daytona Beach West Palm Beach . . . Tampa . Ft. Myers . Ccral Gables . . Orlando Ft. Lauderdale . Lakelanil . Mt, Dora . Chiefland . Tampa FIRST ROW KING, MARVIN ELDRIDGE ATA . . KINSEY, EUGENE ..... KIPP, RICHARD REYNOLDS AX . KIRSCH, RICHARD ROBERT TE0 . - KITCHLER, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN KLINE, RUSSELL ELWOOD . KLOTZ, ALFRED AUGUSTUS, JR KNIGHT, EVERETT VICTOR KOBLEGARD, RUI-IL W., JR. ZN . SECOND ROW KONDO, FRANCIS NOBORU . . . KONETSKY, FRANCIS C. . KREMSER, FRANK JOSEPH . LAIRD, DANIEL HOBSON, JR. . LANGFORD, CHARLES PHILLIP . LANIER, IVAN ERNEST . . LANIER, J. HAROLD . . . LARK, JAMES IRWIN IAE . LAWHON, VERNON BRUCE, JR. . lug.-...H . . . Archer DeFuniak Springs Daytona Beach Ft. Lauderdale . St. Augustine . . Bartow . Miami . Tampa . Ft. Pierce . . . Miami Footedale, Pa. . . Miami . Panama City , . . Tampa Ft. Lauderdale . Jacksonville . Panama City . Fellsmere THIRD Row LAWRENCE, CLURE MANNAN, JR. LEAVENGOOD, VICTOR PRICE -we LEE, DONALD EUGENE . . . LEEPARD, GEORGE PROCTOR . LElBOVlT,LOUlS no . . . LEONARD, THOMAS E nw . LEVITT, WILLIAM ww . LEWIS, LEONARDA. Im . LIPSCOMBE, ROBERT B., JR. -me . EouRTH Row LITTLE, EoMoNo GRAY . . . LITTLEWOOD, WILLIAM H. . LITTMAN, JAMES E .... LLOYD, SPENCER ROBERT . LoCI4E, L, HERBERT . . . LONG, Pl-IELPS WILSON SAE LORD, JOHN E, .... . LUCAS, HOWARD CHARLES . LUMPRIN, ROBERT OLIVER . . Bowl ing Green . . . Ocala . Doctor'S lnlet . . Pensacola West Palm Beacli . l3IoLintStoWn . Miami Beach . . . Miami . DeLand . . . Miami Wyandotte, Mich. . . . Stuart . . Miami . Chiefland . Tallahassee . . . Tampa . Winter Haven . . . Palatlca LLINDY, MARTIN .... LYBRAND, NOAH FRANK, JR. . LYLE, CLIFFORD OGLESBY . LYLE, TERRY :or . . LYNN, BRIAN CARLTON . LYON, WILLIAM J, IN . . MCCARTHY, BILLIE RAE IX . MCCARTI-IY, ROBERT E. AX . MCCLURE, MORRIS WILLIAM . . MCCLURE, ROBERT EDWIN, JR. AX . MCCOOK, WALTER RAMON . . MCCORKLE, ROBERT DANIEL . . MCCORMICK, HERBERT ANsEL . MECRARY, BEN .... MECDTCHIN, HENRY EARL . . MEDERMOTT, RICHARD ZIEMER . MEFADYEN, ALBERT ROGERS we MECAHEY, THOMAS DRAMLET, JR. :AE MEGDIRE, HERBERT FRANK . . . MCINNIS, DAN KENNETH . MCINVALE, WILLIE KENNETH . MCKEE, DONALD I-IILTZ . . MCLEAN, ELLIS JUDSON . MCLEOD, JON FERRIS . MCLERAN, PAUL DEAN, JR. KA . MCMILLAN, DONALD HUGH . ,ICQTRSDDERICK C. -we . . M: ,.,A f ,J ,i Magolg. ER, WILLIAM RETTICRU . K WT: l M n bl ltyg f b GR T . . TSEESESS SEPH LEO Ben . 'f fgtjjfiil if iw TRASK . . . ARD HENRY . YV GE WHITEFIELD . AS. i ,tt " 1 .I -If '1 . 'i lif f . . r3il'-fi--"fi.f'i- alliiff A A Y il I A AN R Nah, ,W . I, F3 'IM ' ' 1 .F:I" ARD LEON . til . ir, 3317-.tfl ' fs I .yllrvii I Gi , FI , W i ., If tit ,r,,it,.,.f 4' I , II . WESELY . . . Miami Beach . Vero Beach . . Bartow . Jacksonville . Et. Myers . Pensacola . . Gainesville . Passaic, N. J. . Ft. Lauderdale . Hollywood . Key West . Pine Castle . Eort White . Chipley . Century . Gainesville . Sarasota . . Miami . Plant City . Gainesville . Doctor Phillips . . Pensacola . Durham, N. C. . Jacksonville . . Tampa . Plant City . Palm Beach . . Miami . Lakeland . . . Miami South Orange, N. J, . . . Bartow . Tarpon Springs . . Tampa . Gainesville . . Ocoee T' ri R lt, Tit, rt it C l cz s s FIRST ROW MASHBLJRN, WILLIAM THOMAS . . MASSEY, JOHN ROBERT . . . MATHERS, LESLIE JAMES IN . MAURER, DAVID EUGENE KZ . . . . MAXEY, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JR. X0 MAY, BASIL ELLIS, JR, . . . . MAY, WILLIAM CLINTON . . . MELLOR, JOHN FREDERICK GX MELTON, HOWELL W. . . SECOND ROW MELTON, RALPH R ....... MENDOZA, CELIDO JOSEPH . . . MEYER, LAWERENCE FREDERICK . . MILLER, CHARLES KENNEDY IAE . MILLER, PAUL REID AX . . . MILLETT, FRANK BLAKE, JR. . . MILLS, DAVID BENJAMIN WE . Gulf Hammock . . . Ojus . . .Miami Ft, Lauderdale . . Miami . . . Hernando Daytona Beach . Ft. Myers . Mayo . Pineville . . .Miami Apalachicola . . Dunedin Daytona Beach Ft. Lauderdale . Vero Beach MILLS, MEREDITH MacDONALD, ll WKT . St. Augustine MILLS, RICHARD ....... . Dunnellon 1 I , I I THIRD Row 'i" N, A -"1 " Cf' l MINER, A. NORRIS Qfx ..., .N1',xx.5,,,:, Apqpkn IWNER, SIDNEY A. I "QQ,--,gr Et. PQfQfgxtTg farxxxwx 'eir ' f f MINTON, ,:rQlj,t,T'if", ', . Jackitlnville Mu icHLLL, QEAZIETLDALF -' f' f5iM7T"L'iz'c'r 'i"7fOUEi.3EiL, ' I I, MlXON,WlLLlAM TIJN O, JR. :Aerim-' m2" CoralGable1, MOLER, E,l,QGARlLEE, Fx . . C,ffQ,,Y..-.L.,...,JQckuwlse. MONK, HAROLD LAMAR HK0 . , Gainesville MONROE, EARL S. 205 . Vero Beach MOODY, c. OSMENT nm . . . Miami FOURTH Row MOORE, JOHNNY FRANCES .... . Sarascvta MOORE, WALLACE COKER . . MOORE, WALTER W ,... MORRIS, JOHN HENRY, JR. . MOSBY, LEONARD L. . . Moscovnz, ABE nm .... MOSELEY, LAWRENCE M, JR AXA MOSHELL, JACK WALTER . . 1viOuTz, KENNETH RAYMOND Delray Beach Zolfo Springs Jacksonville . Oak Hill Jacksonville Jacksonville . . Tampa . Lakeland MOYER, HARRY RAHN, JR. . MURRAY, TALMAOE E, mm . MYERS, FORREST EARL . . MYERS, WYCKOFF . . NADLER, STANLEY J. mio . NATHAN, PAUL J., JR, nw . NEAL, OAYLORD vvELLES . . NQSMITH, JAMES MADISON . . NEWMAN, ALLEN B ..... NEWMAN, ELOYD WARREN, JR, NEWETT, PAUL EDWARD . . NICHOLS, JIMMIE JOHN . . NIXON, TOMMY NIXON KA . NODINE, JOHN HAZEN .... NORDBERG, DELBERT WARD rlKA NORDMANN, THOMAS EDWARD NORMAN, DROADUS SPEIR Me . OOLETREE, O. B, JR. Am . . O'NEAL, WILLIAM HENRY xc . ORIHUELA, HENRY .... OTIE, RICHARD BURTON . PAINE, JAMES c. rx .... PALMER, FRANKLIN RHODES QKT PALMER, JOHN EDWARD . . PARKHILL, CHARLES B, Am . . PARR, RALPH EUGENE . . PATRINELY, COSTA C, . PATTERSON, ROBERT S. . PATT ERSON, WILLIAM EARL . PEACOCK, JAMES AMAZIAH . . PEARCE, FRANK HOWARD HKO PEARSON, EMME TT C ,... PEEPLES, l'l, CAREY . . . PEREZ, WILLIAM APONTE . . PERRY, MLJRRELL EDWARD X0 PHILLIPS, HAROLD MORGAN . . . Ft. White . Jacksonville . . Groveland West Palm Beach . . Miami . Jacksonville . Arcadia , Arcadla . . Sanford . Jacksonville . Leesburg . Apalacnicala . . Jackson . . Clearwater . Orlando , DeLand , Tampa . Gainesville . Miami . . Tampa . . Gainesville West Palm Beach . . Jacksonville . Gainesville . . . Tampa . Et. Lauderdale . Jacksonville . . Jacksonville . . . Miami . . Blountstown . . Miami . Sanford . Tavares . . Tampa . Coral Gables . Lake Wales Freshman lass 4... FIRST Row PHILPOT, HAROLD WEEKS .... PIERSON, RANDOLPH COLE . PLAIJT, EDWARD WEILL ..... POAGE, WILLIAM BURTON, JR. mw . POMAR, MANUEL ...... ROPHAM, J. H., JR. kr . . POSEY, VERNON JONES, JR. xv . POTTERFIELD, JACK MAXWELL mm PRATT, EUGENE ALOYSIUS . . SECOND ROW PRICE, JACK HORACE M0 .... PROPST, RICHARD JOHNSON -me . PUMPHREY, WILLIAM FINLEY . . PLJRDOM, GLEN A. . . . . RAMSEY, IRA WILSON . RAMSEY, J. PERRY, JR. . . REED, JOHN LAWRENCE AX . REEP, DUDLEY LYONS . . . REEVES, DOLPHLJS CLINDON . . Newberry . . Cocoa . . .Miami Beach . . Tampa . Tampa . . Bushnell . . Miami . . .Jacksonville , Farrell, Pa. . . Orlando . Jacksonville . Marianna . . Ocala Daytona Beach , Go inesvi I Ie . . Arcadia . Jacksonville . . Ocoee THIRD ROW REYNOLDS, THOMAS FLEETWOOD . . . Pensacola RHODES, RALPH E ..... . . Starke RHODES, ROBERT L. . . Jacksonville RICE, EDWIN RAY .... . Pahokee RICHARDS, JOE MURREY SX . . . Ft. Myers RICKENBACH, RICHARD VERNON . . . Punta Gorda RICOU, EARL DYER ..... . . Stuart RIFE, JOHN WESLEY X0 . . .... Miami RIGGS, CHARLES EDWIN . . . West Palm Beach FOURTH ROW RION, WILLIAM E. . ..... . Palatka RIVERS, MARVIN T. . . Ft, Meade ROANE, I-I. GRAY . . . . .... Oakland ROBERTS, GEORGE B., JR. AX .... While Plains, N. Y, ROBERTS, SIDNEY, O ..... ..... M ayo ROBERTSON, JAMES G., JR. UE . . . . Orlando ROBISON, RAYMOND WARREN . . . White Springs RODGERS, RICHARD WARD Nm .... Clearwater ROE, LAWRENCE BRADY AT!! . . Arcadia ROGOLINO, VAL ANTHONY . ROHAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS . ROLLINS, NEIL G ....... ROMANO, ANDREW FREDERICK UK0 RONNLOF, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. KA . . ROOKS, JEFF ........ ROsEisiTHAL, JACK RICHARD m . ROSS, AIJBREY LAUDEN . . . ROUNTREE, Pl-IILIP KENNETH KA . ROUSSEAU, EDWIN E. . . . . ROUZIE, THOMAS JEFFERSON . . RUBIN, NORMAN TEO , . . RUDASILL, SMITH JOHNSTON ATG . RUESS, CHARLES WARREN . . RUHL, DAN HART ATA . SAFER, LOUIS WW . SALVATORE, FRANCIS PAUL . SAUNDERS, JACK BERNARD . SAWYER, ROBERT LAMAR . SCI--IEE, LELAND B, . . SCHELL, JOHN POWELL OA9 . SCHER, STANLEY UAW . SCHMID, WALTER, JR, . . SCHULZ, RICHARD HUGH . SCHWIARTZ, MURRAY ARTHUR rw SCHWARZ, ALBERT P, KA . . . SCOFIELD, DAVID ABSHIRE Hen . SCOTT, JOHN L, JR. . . SEGALL, MARTIN M, . SEGHERMAN, ELLIOT . SEGREST,TOM,JR. K2 . . . CHARLES VERNON . DONALD AX . Freshman Class . St. Augustine . . Miami . . Tampa . Ormond Beach . Pensacola Jacksonville Beach Miami . Pensacola . Chipley . . Largo . Jacksonville . . Miami Beach . . . Sebring . Daytona Beach , . Ft Myers . Jacksonvile Wildwood, N. J. . . . Miami . Dady . Largo . Jacksonville . . Mami . Bradenton . Winter Haven . Laurelton, N. Y. . Jacksonville . Lakeland . Arcadia . Miami . . . Miami . Ft. Lauderdale . Melbourne . Orlando . . Citra . Apalachicola . Mayville, N. Y, ,1-if FIRST Row SHEAROIJSE, JOSEPH EAYNARD, JR. U9 SHEEAN, JAMES EDWARD . . . SHEPARD,LELAND C, . . . SHEPHARD, JOHN WILLIAM . . SHERMAN, FRANK E. PAP. . . SHOEMARER, JAMES MASON ex . SHUTE, GEORGE CAMERON rx . SIMON, GEORGE M. TE' . . SIMONDS, JOSEPH ARNOLD we SECOND Row SIMPSON, FORBES RHEAIJME . . . SIZEMORE, DONALD MOYE . SMITH, CHARLES WILLIAM . . SMITH, LAWRENCE PORTER . SMITH, LEODERT EUGENE . . SMITH, MELVILLE STEPHEN . SMITH, PRESTON HARLEY, JR. . SMITH, ROBERT O. . . . SNOW, RALPH C.,JR, IN . . Orlando . . Miami Coral Gables . . Ocala . Orlando . Sanford . Sarasota Miami Beach . Orlando . Maitland , . Miami Richmond, Va. lnterlachen . Westville Jacksonville . Wildwood , Miami . Lakeland Ea' - 'I ,J . .:.q,R.JjL,,EQ,,j X. . . . J l ,IL A? ,fu e , . . IIJJ I ll I I 2 l N SNOW, ROBERT HUGH . -J Bradenton if .. .,iT:i?: :.,i:::E:gg:. SOLOMON, NORMAN A . J..,-.LAJgm EEQEII ,, ,..,, , , ,A SOLJTHALL, CAREY ,, . . . .fijfg-'. II-JIIEQ SPAIN, FRANK O. E+: Il. SWIIE SPARI4MAN,WILLI MLEONBRDLQE .-HIIJIE . Da jffitv L, , , E- SPARIQMAN, WI lA hfEllmoA0 . . . TXTMIJQ SPROUL, CLARENCE CRANFORD .... Hollywood STAMPER, WALTER HUNTER, JR. ZX Chattanooga, Tenn. STENHOLM, FRANK AUGUST, JR. . . FOURTH ROW STEPHENS, FOY W. ..... . STEPHENS, JULIAN GLENN . . STEPHENSON, ARTHUR M, JR . STEVENS, LESLIE ROBERT . . STEWART, JAMES MARTIN OKT . STICH, WALLACE CHARLES . STONE, GEORGE G. . . STONE, JOHN TRUMAN . STOUT, DONALD J. . . BrOOkSvill0 . . Largo . WOLIC'lTLllG . Ga1neSville St. Petersburg Jacksonville . . Orlando Walnut Hall . Gaineswlle Sheridan, Ind. STRATTON, JIM ARTHUR . . STRINGER, JAMES KENNETH . . STRINGEELLOW, ARTHUR KING, JR. STROUD, JESSE HILLMAN 'PKT . STUCKEY, HAROLD LEROY X0 . SUITER, JAKE M., JR, . . . SULLIVAN, ARNOLD WAYNE . . SURRENCY, WINDER HILLMAN, JR. . SWILLING, BILL W. . SWI NDAL, GARRETT . SWI NK, HAL WOOD . TAMM, RICHARD L, . TANENBAUM, STANLEY DAVID rw . TAYLOR, eARLiS A, .... . TAYLOR, EARLE ABBOTT, JR. we . TERRELL, FRED FALSOM rx . . IHTOPEN, ALLEN DWIGHT . . . THOMPSON, ALEXANDER RUSSELL . THOMPSON, CALVIN ASHE . . THOMPSON, JULIAN D. . THOMPSON, WILLIAM EDWARD . THORNTON, JAMES EDWARD . . TILGHMAN, WALTER W .... TILTON, RANSOM RICOU ATA . TISDALE, JOIIN BYRON . TOBI, FREDRICK G. KA . TOMLINSON, THOMAS . TOUIJY, RICHARD . TREADWAY, WILLIAM HOYT . . TREADWELL, TOMMY LEE iN . TRIMBLE, LEE SHACKLEFORDE . TRUETT, JAMES COOPER SAE . TUCKER, WILLIAM ANGUS . TURNER, JERRY EDGAR 059 . TURNER, RICHARD JOHNSTON . TURNER, ROBERT I3. . . . . Miami Beach . Gainesville FIKA . . Jacksonville . Jacksonville Hemingway, S. C, . Winter Heven DeFuniak Springs . . Sarasota . . Miami . Okeechobee . Evinston . Kissimmee . Q Miami . Lake Wales . Gainesville . Tampa . Apolaehieola . . Bunnell . ST. Petersburg . . Gretna . Gainesville . Ft, Mvers . Pala I ka . Jensen . Crestview . Jacksonville . Gainesville . Miami . Tampa . . Arcadia . Macon, Ga. . Tallahassee . Bradenton . Boca Raton . . Tampa . East Palatka Freshman lass FIRST Row TLJRNER, ROBERT Ivieiaivi ,... TWITCHELL, LEWIS RAND . UPDIKE, JOHN CONNER xo . . VANDEWALKER, LEWIS ALVIN . VAN EEPOEL, EDWARD E. KA . VARN, FRED H., JR. .f. . . . VICK, CHARLES CONWAY, JR. ww VICKLESS, EDWARD PETE . . . vIDAL, FRED L .... SECOND ROW VIDAL, JAMES HENRY ..... VIDEON, THOMAS STETSON, JR. . VOYLES, JAMES WILBURN .... WACHTSTETTER, GUY MASON EGU . WADSWORTH, GEORGE PATRICK . WALKUP, JOHN BELK, JR. . . WALTON, SPENCER ATU . . . WALTON, THOMAS PEYTON ATU . WARE, CHARLES EDWARD . . . Ocala . Miami . Sebring . Lakeland . . Tampa . Dade City . . Miami Brentwood, Pa. , Gainesville . Gainesville . Gainesville . Polk City . Hollywood . Wildwood . Mclntcsh . Tampa . . Tampa . Jacksonville THIRD Row WARNER, GEORGE EARL .... WATSON, EJRENARD l-I. . WEIL, ANDREW ...,.. WEINSTEIN, HERBERT AIELvIN nm WEISS, LAWRENCE FENWICK . WELLER, GEORGE HEBER, JR. iw WELLHONER, JACK, JR. . . WELLS, HAROLD ESTON . WELLS, JACK E. . . FOURTH ROW WELLS, ORRIN SHELBY ..... WENTZ, FRANK JAMES WHEELER, DONALD EMERSON . WHIDDON, WILLIAM PINSON . WHITE, DURWARD BELMONT, JR. WHITE, ELMER E., JR, . . WHITE, FRED V. , . WHITE, GRAHAM V. . WHITE, HENRY PAUL . . Sa rasota . Toronto . . Orala Jafksorivillo . . Miami Jac ksonvilla . . Connor Sl. Polorsluitra Miami BC-OLIT . Sarasota Jacksonville . l'lawllTOI'ITe . . Miami Coliimluus, Ga. . Pensacola . Jacksonvillc Crescent City Oak Park, Ill. wi 1- i I 4, WI-IITEHEAD, CHARLES WINSTON, JR, . WHITTON, FRANK FORREST . . . WIBLE, JOHN VOGES .... WICKER, THOMAS HAMILTON, JR, WILCOX, DAVID DUANE FIM . WILEY, FRANK WHEELER . . WILLIAMS, CHARLES AQUILLA . WILLIAMS, EUGENE LAMAR . WILLIAMS, SAMUEL T, . . WILSON, JAMES BLAKE ATU . . WILSON, TRUMAN DUBOIS 009 . WINKLER, FRED HERBERT . . WOERPEL, JOHN ALBERT FIKA . WOHL, THOMAS MACLYN T50 . WOOD, THOMAS H, M0 . . . WOODBURN, ALBERT ALONZO . WOOLBRIGHT, ROBERT BOLT . . . WOOTEN, SIMEON FRANCIS, JR we WORTH, JAMES O ,..... wRioi-IT, HERBERT COLEMAN K: WRIGHT, JOHNS CULLEN . . WYKOFF, RICHARD DOYLE IN ZACK, BILL HOWARD AX . CHAILLE, ROBERT JEAN . CHAMBERLIN, FRED HOLLAND X0 . DRAPER, FRANK WINTHROP ZX . DUNN, JOHN GORDON . . FERREIRA, ROBERT PAUL . fl s MAYHALL,WESLEY WAUOH . . . MILLER, GEORGE KNOXJR. ,ru 1yiussALLEM WALLY-:ALBERT I' I ,xi I f I - SCAFF, EDVVARD . . 'I J! vw' j7,,,I '1 I E If ,ff -.fx Ii In si ,f iw, ,f,j, . Tampa . Plant City . Miami . Umatilla . Clearwater . Bradenton . . Alachua St. Petersburg . . Euslis . Gainesville . Ft, Myers . Pensacola . Clearwater . Hollywood . Tallahassee . . Tampa . Bradenton . Tampa , . Miami . Black Mountain, N, C. . I. Sanford . Vero Beach Augusta,Mo. . . Miami . Miami . Tampa . Sanford . Fernandina . Marianna Houston, Texas St. Augustine . . Jasper Y rr Irir his Whois Who CORl Y ROGERS ROBl NSON ROBERTS JOCA ROSTER George Avant business manager ot the Seminole, Clint Brandanee editor Florida College Farmer. Charles Brokaw, lyceum council. Bill Corrye executive council. l-lomer l-looks secretary at organizations. Bert Hunnicutt- -managing editor at The Alligator. John Jocaw evice-president athletic council. Peyton Jordan' secretary at finance. Alfred Kohn -student director ot intramurals. Edward Lang editor ot The Seminole. l-lerman Lee secretary of labor. Bill McRae evice-president at the student body. Ralph Martin- chancellor at the honor court. Dan Roberts president of lyceum council. Bill Robinson- president athletic council. Raul Rogers national TKA discussion champion. l-lomer Still secretary at social attairs. Norman Wheeloclce head cheerleader. ldus Wicker secretary ot interior. Phil Yonge executive council. Row I Row 2 Bl OKAW IlUNNlCU I 'I' HOOKS KOI IN YONLE Among tudents McRAE MARTIN Eoch yeor the prosiclonl ol tho student' body selects o score of l3lVlOC's lor this noiionol compiloiion ol collogioio load- ers, No specific qiiolilicolions ore neces- sory for inclusion in Who's Who, but ooch mon solecrocl hos clisiringiiishocl hinisoll in some phose ol college lilo. In American Universities cmd Colleges LA NG AVA NT STlLL WICKER Wi Il2lpl.OCl4 lRlQANl HON JORDAN I 1 32' ' CALENDAR September 10-llucllc lmcqlrmlrlq cal llmc www vcur . . , urflrmgu-loppccl lroslm svvurm ull uvcrr rorrmrms . , . usual lorrg lmus wml pallnrrwllv to nov lcos Grrcl rcrghlcfr , , , lvc,-cl lam rm Lcmgllicl l'loll , , Qullmrnrllclllvcz mnrrulmn guido llwclr lroalm Clworgcrs lrrrrn cum: l1,c1l1- spot lo Grmollmer . , , lrcmls rourlm lnqlr lun' Slllll lrymg lu slump lffhll mcfcll, September I7-College Nllc llQOllll'lllQ lflumvr Sllll Grrcl Florlclo Ummm Dlroclur Bully Moll' llwowkl clozcs, omcuzcs, ormnscs, welcomes lroslw . , 4 Colm curl Sclllorc Deal porlius flrfx mllsflos lor Comlrrg Closes Qlcrflions . . , Long FCIWCIIYWCS llur llovlew rnolqas il "Tlx: Orcmgr: Peel' '... prugrcsla docs not pcm:- lrcmlc Cover, urrlorlurmolelv . , . llonrlolplm- lvlumn ulcvurw UVCVWlWClfY1C'fl lay Colors lu voor! llrsl game, September 24 -Saguaro lluzulrrrk, xlrnlac Q1 Crolur lrcnt lJlwC Gtrrr to cllssolvu some , . . Mrs- srsslppi Slate Gclmlnialcrs larsl clclocll on Golor grlclclfvrs . . . Campus Ol'QGl1lZClllllllS Uclcl lrllrwclrocls ln: rolll. Us lrcusll sol slglwls fill Blur: Key. lCczr1lir1l,1ecl on page ll6l lr1 llrcf corly flclvs uf Scrplcfmlncrr, llrc: rrrfvv cirrzp of lroslw lnlcaascnrrrocl lorllw, rccflv lu lmrclrrr llrc ropos. fXllQr several rlflyf, ul lcrclurcs, tours, cmcl lcrsls, llrc lbovs worm rcoclv lu lry llmulr apllrz rm llm raloro Collccl Collcfgu ..ll f f W 'Sf W UW' A A xv: 5:24 ww Y. .ggi ,Q , was-.f 4? W, tw 1 , 1 '.4 'Hn 1 , Q' ,, WM! F I gn 1 if R E M' x I 1 ff AH . 'QA 1 -M 1 A r- va, I , 3- ' M 1' JV' I , X1 455 1 f , 4 K3 1,5521 v 1 , u vw I4 X wiilffia X M, ,mx ,gp I f ,vffrw wfjf Zxq , N 1 W Sl 7f1i'QLf'H 3' , A 1 13,9 'fm v 4 f 'Wm' -nah' 5 nf .A wwl il .fy 1 n A qv P' ? ff' we Qi? ,vas VN' X , '123-1 3 K J... it-. f . w .1- K 6 CM4 , 3 , - 1, , v, n, 6 ,Q , 5 77 1 P . k AI Hiilhli A In s ,mm- 1 M in M . yy I in V 1 if X 1 ww 4 1 k -wg' A fwfn' K w,ag3Qm?g',f ' 1 u ,. If A mf-4" if M18 eewwffmif ,N-1-" 6 AM sffggrmu ms - Y. Ijyw ' w fwi we:g??22', ' lk' , I A .51tff55'fAi'KQ4,g,f .,1gf:,'? grfgilfac-5' ,ie 4 gtggygw v ia :N ' T"'fw'?? W, K w .gi , L Mfr 1 'www ' IW "L '69 , .V 1 "M E' Apu wwghe Q X ' , ., aw fl' vs- k fu f F pf ' ,gh ,A B Q, My - , A ' - 'W .ag wi Q ,M -, V , va . 'N' .::,!E:' yh.".'f1xflyf,l 25 , I w ' ' Qywwlmmil ,, 41 :Wai wk fgfb f? "Mm'EA ,j ' " "' :2:r' 15 Tw. 'ff' " ' I E.. 'Y IMVVLU 1 ' ' " ""f'? 'kzfaaf .J K ,A if ,, M , Lv, Q1 L,-, f -. ' vc , .9 1 m f X W ,M Q55 R 1 W4 f W 3, , , ,V N W N , ,XX f M. 1fg5w'5Ln f I '.1iv2L'W1M fi? A, I r ,vm gilxagx 1 . ,!fJ'4 " . A - ,L W, f Mk ? Qggflm 5 L, fy - if ,fy 'Y 2, f . ., 1, ,,. , , 4 , " 3, gWK"Z' fQi' , Q"7iAjA , j,.:fLx I? u KK I 15' .V " a.1fj:!" 371 V . ,m ..-. 'yr' W, V 'Jw I fyk A X fi, T11 L Y' 'A ,JJ 'KL f Q31 , ' 3,534 '81, .wd A 4 S' init. -X x ,A,Av,Vg1', V4 -Lg ' fy Q ffsv-.W -, W ' ,VI j ty xg.L4AwxQ In . VA it bg' nV1'99a,, XA' flag, Q it xv? A 2' , ,MAL ,' ., 41'ffl,5v K ,V ww, 1 L' ' A A , V x .' ' ' A 2 inf y, Q fy Tf my 5 ,, vw ! za ' -afb , if 'El . ...uv ,A Xww , K X. ga. 'WL ,f, v 1 n X 9. 9 ,iff . , , . . ,wiv X. .1 m 2 Qi n n AY, 'L K iff 5 fi er if taste rf' to to 9 9 N ,A vtl-ft its 'ti l iff' rf: K slew f' A, galil! 3, wyktvt CALENDAR October 1-"l3reathes there a man with so little to do, than to read I-lalf Way There half way through." lTurlingtont , . . Alligator Bus Mgr, thus takes crack at Gator col- umnist Brodkorb, while he lTurlingtonl counts his loot . . . Gator Party sweeps elections . , . voting machines used for the first time. . . we beat Tampa. October 8-Intramurals swing into high gear as all three leagues fight for internal trophies . . . Secretary of State Gray discusses Florido's plan of government at assembly-we frosh squirm in democratic seats . . , Villanova ekes out 6-O win over fightin' Orange G Blues, October I5-Elected candidates fail to turn in expense reports, remain officially unelected -epositions thus vacant . . . Prexy Sherman solves muddle by appointing elected men to office . . Fall CAA course gets undere way as Floridamen spread wings . . . class executive committees appointed . . . promptly forgotten , . . Gators upset by lvlarylande-surprise of the season . . . Dud- ley Arnold heads Phi Eta Sigma . . . from SPE to PES in one slide, October 22-Lyceum opens season with Navy band 4 . . seafdogs double in brass--and good , , . Barracks, CLO, TEPs take 'mural boxing titles . , . record rain soaks campus - efloods dorm and ATO basements . . . livlackfeet bathe feet . . . Fall Frolics, with Sonny Dunham live chieftan, hits Gatorland . , . Tally-lassies invade cannpuse--campus offers no resistance . . . Sherman names 20 to Whofs Who . . , even Lang makes it . . . LSU beats our Gators in final seconds of game . . , Lieb groans out loud. lContinued on Page ll8l Florida men turned out for the games. A few of the results are graphically depicted on these pages in the indelible impression of cold ink. Down Miami way, the Gators were welcomed by a cute little maiorette. Ah, Florida was never like this. Butch lvlyers, the "brain" lor FIorida's brawn, holds forth on the sidelines. A bit of hip-swinging among the Tampa Trojans cheer' leaders. Team please note. Beaten by a pair of flat feet and a broken law, as Sinkwich grasps the pigskin. f WH 1 A, W, 3 .- Wi . wfwg, P "K 6+ NM., qw ff? E V7 N s 'Af my wr L1 ,. Q, 4 1 K J , ,, f A fm.. , ,if 7 V' nl"'x .WA , . P. .fe T271 A . Q, .1- M , 5 1 f Wyvwfailzi M- ', . ,, f W' 'Kim MJ 21 Q. SEI, . ,W 350 M1 , L .cf N I, 'L w 5 Q V' vw 133 ' I' M 0 uf Zn 1 ,J Y sq.- 'sf 'I 5 fs fi t, x, 3' .Q- mfg ,gsm ,V .s"a?S?aK4 tn' 93 D a,v,m Ulu 31 0l'D' l Ola, kg ",',C',w ",,1.',Ml 'Q l J' fu' 3 H, 'n",," , 1 M, QQ' ar hoax 9 ,vt 'Q' va' 'Q 1 9 J, any W as 9 hy -uf lex 'f K as ' 'Q '11- r :M 1 y 1 'QL ,v 4 I .4-7: Q 1 f ' MW ' ' " s 4 2' ' . 1 , 1 " an ,A , -4 V 41' . - Jw , r ,, E .I W1 1,54 A! , , it .Q..4 1: ' Mi, Ca U ,J . A 2+-.L ' L '75','59?m ' ik I v Y 17 , , - ,- ff F Jr ,,.. ' Jai- 5 jg- 'LFH I X :L"'h'm:., ' H 2532 ' 1 5f:'f?:h: -Q' ' . Q"- A H I , .EM -,-Q1 - W.--. ' . , N If, 'gif' -, I ' is W. gf". '5 - - - 4 rf-. '-i',"3P?, -' I Q V migr- . fit. ' ,s "'4"" " ' "df: X, ..,' "ffm ,, Z' . .if ' 'lu v - ' 3 gf. W 1 ' ,-1 0 V3 I' '17 jlrfilfllfll 'w w Came the week-end lTl1ursday Through Tuesdayl and Florida rnen departed lor various and sundry destinations, by various and sundry modes of transportation, Tallahas- see, Jacksonville, and Home, l-li Yo, Silver, avvay. lv' ' X1 i li uii 'iijii vfi "s, l K' 7 "T , ,,i. ,Xl ' X v U' W. -'A' ,H V ,we Qffgw Kjl, T Auf: , ffl' 3 ff,-Tai". 1 , YT ,W Q ' 3 at . '., ftisg- 3, f' ,Q I 'T X iw 'UWVEY ' 'irq I j . mf' 0 -,1 .4 o . M , M Tm ff f K e lg 1 H as 1245 - 53-fijhl Ev i w 44 7 74, xg? .A m l 'rv , ,q 3 ' + ws N 3 5w,z'?f :MM ,,y,M A: Y ,LW , ry v I 'X hw, ' K ' x X X' . ' 4 fm. X 1 N """" n pp.. 5 Y I M, , VV A Qi! '70-'V . gg .9 , b X ik .4 x -" tw ' .f J A - vw I I ff -H-M. . . I x ' 1 . A 1 1 fsei-'v X f x In ,, x f V 1 i " Q, 'VW A ha ' i ?K,' "E '4 ., r V495 . r Y ' .vm , ,xy A., "Q, M ' ' N ' ww I , M, if , , 1- . 4 3 T , I WW4HWW'?41M""' , 5 . , G -rib 7 'rf , . ,V " 'Y 1 ......-m 2' 44,,, .., xl 'GN 1 A QW? ai'lffwWff :iw -WMV W ik X N93 Q N 1 1 W, Nix Q 84' Q W iw , 3 f 1551: 4' 5 qi l . E 5 K A 3 2 fi Qgfgi 'AV ., 1 ,ff 'Q w Ei 1 is i f 4 . .. , Y' 'ff M12 is - wigs, LH 4" A Vi 1 " ' - , W V ,ja k "w,s5+' g , :gf , f 'YH Y. , fry , A W, ff ' in , , ' QM .X , Q4 W 4, YE, - ,f 'w x 1' Er. yfwn' 1 wi?g'g3qf?ii.' A . ,K it K ,-, , Mit , QQ , R 4fJ'Jiij- ' 4-QA af 5 4 I 1, wr 1 ,B 1 wager . , 1 ff , 1 f' . 1 mf!!- f an-Q.. g Q 'lvl X , Q ,wk ,fi if X ff .fy A 1 w-- , ' a ' - figs xi. J 1 5, kwin, , 2' , Q 'W .D My 3 R 4aa,',f: , -0 N. ng z 1 N X fn KX . 1 HN3 .X M ,mf , Yf f Ar v Kr M " I a 4' . ,I . ,X 'x 3? -A5151 ' E324 ' Q4 f1B239V,'a4' fa , A , Tw?-if ,, ,fn f,IQf,zfgiJf5w fg 'F 'Ina 'ffm n ,nip , Mn f W -5? UEHQ ww W U V ,L H zzmfiv , M, vnlgq, 'rf 'X fwdx Nm 1 " 'il K W Q Wir 3 ,Cp wiki' 2 51 , 1? M" , W"-ww.. " lx, H552 K gm ,aw ,Mt X 3c4 wQQywwiWg -:A X gy, 'E5?H,4Q?,QE ,M ff: -avwwfw xWM7 mN KV, v ' V V, A v 1'-'9,,K""'Ir H : !,,,, , J ? -Lai? ,7 ' L, Q, if ,fkfwi . 5. 5 .ww .M lim' ff A .ws 5 4, f X ,A -W' iff J, .W W, 2: 1006 :QNX I 1 f , MW ,fw 1 in N, W 'gf it yy, ' X 4 - maaayix 531 " .QYV xy-,f11'i9 ffm: ffgffgll 2"',1:,fI ,V , aww ivgrrfl, 5,35 . ' . EWS Lf' vzlfhiwiaefs wi def vlfmilia M" ,QFMW zpziwfi? ' M W- mug " 'ffa,wg1, ,mf HX .uw vyp Wx' 1 M A 'V VV' C' U97 W fait fffffmi it I W to tif ' f iw e fiwtriif X 1' Twice a year, the day of judg- ment nears and studies begin to interfere with the social activities ot Gatorrnen, Text books once more come to light as gruelling quizzes be-Come eminent. Black Coffee, aspirin, Cigarettes, and midnight oil are consumed in great quantities. But why say anything more about such on un- pleasant subject? Jr? f iiwiliffi Hlyfw 4' K 'Q-.J " .., A 'UTM r 7? w , gy! W, ii-f 1 2 lliijilllliili isfswia :hwy , ,, 32? ,P ,sf fy 4 'lv 'ga-. ' 1 w, ' fc r M I ff e H M? Kb I '21 X ' 'V M I v I fwiwfm f Q M. I 5? .' 'fie MQW . .ff ' -em! Na , 4 1 l HJ -5 5 an XQL fr: l Q W H m m m 'm r1w'WmWH XI X wx . L if 2 .xr -K A ' V if L 5 R R M , 1 . S fi , W ,L . 595,143 . ,. ,wglwrwwr , Y ' ' , QQ ,X aw. bww' 2, 4 as r f f 5 B' Eff is Q 5 my New , 2 fig.: W'-z' ,wwf ' Eff f?4sI'f4 Q wiv: ' 5 1 M1 I QW WPI LM' 1 ' Qszv f"Xw5i?wf1Ih,wfAi 55 12 nywwfff M, , ' Q, W.,,,,g -- Q, Q V. Ja 2 Wai' Q Xt 1 gr if 4 - W! ' ' 2' ., 1 ' 5 535 le Q51 f" , 9 K. Mimi Y' Q K. 31' ,X , ,V M mf I W M. ,W M w -H' M,,M--- ami, rf," S 9 5 . 61 I . X W' , 'N' u 2 , 4' VI! J. u 1 If ,V . . vi n ,,- 'I '34 x 'W 'Uri' F114 f fy si de H, M " 1 . 'W wp, 25 if 'EV I 1 I 4, 5 , -1 'F V - . ', I ,M H fn V7.9 L' y E ' 2 :gg g :4 . ,wi " 6 3 101-. 1 I , V I lg . , Q W A ,ir ' g jf 'iw' " P f, ff 1 , ff. .YV iff air' 1 if I ,M f f 1, ' , 9 'K f iff!! " .19 Lf' A .AQ -'f ff' I rv vp 1 gl I 5 uf y, an W Vg 9 K, .N Kunz K Q X' 54, 1' 3 N S lsr , s Qs. , N MQ frlvib S ' A VAX AC, 'Q og? 1 Vw - , f 77 T 'W f. A N ' 2 X rf Q J .' auf 'Y Q. ..-'f is-I' w H' - 'au 'WAHM :Ik V-C W f Ei 'XX F ,w 4 W I 4 fm ,J ' 'SI Wk... :Q f ,, ' ln" J ,, Q 5' ..A,gMf,f 1. .gjv Q, 5. 'N ' ml ' A V M. A , V fn 1 4 Q AA Ap, .QE if , I, 1. '1 5 Xu 1 E I ' . fa H! A5 -dm ,N ,, F 11 J' ff' im Y W V. rw f sy 44 O :.3nv.K lf. 'Y wi' Us yy, X lx HJWA .n""' .-www-J., . sk -I 1 y, f'w1g'qy lf. 31. , , . n 4,55 X JI i, if i fir. ,ii ,. i'l mt, X, , E. , . ,i, xl 1 l f l f i , I ,r 'l 1 lx I fy I If I l l fx! i i. II Q l aft! I I gt l 2 "lll ll! -'iff 1 t i ' il il CALENDAR March 6-The liall arrives . . also shapely visitors, in droves . . . ncte ol grimness pervades festivities---may be the last' . , . bouquets to Still, Ball headman . . . new political party appears -'name of Dixie . . , student body confused by political hedge' podge . . . Florida party iittery as Dixie lines up liig houses . . Editor Brown urges UNlON NOW with Tally in current editorial . . . bright-boy-l3rown uses head in urging same cn Ball weekfend when union gets solid Hayes." March I3-Gov, l-lolland tolls students he ex- pects future state bigshots from the vine- clad walls . . . awesome Gatormen inflate chests, heads-f-decide being governor wouldn't be such a bod iob . . . councilman pump on economy wagon en masse and shout' for lower campaign expenses . . . lrlelen Keller is magnificent at University auditorium , . . Teutsch and his "garbage" committee buy first defense bond e-see bright, iron-bound days ahead March 20--Alligator amendment sgueoks through OK . . Bob Tench, ATO brother of broth- ers, and J. C. Brown get ready to represent Florida at Atlanta speech tourney . , . politicos pass out preliminary cigars and hurl trial balloon insults . . Al Cone, Joe Floyd, Warren Goodrich, and Phil Yonge leave on debate trip through Florida. March 27-Strong, smiling, SAE Bill Carry lDixiel beats out Hill Norman for student body prexy . . , Florida party cops all the other top jobs except chancellor, which Dixieman Frank Duckworth finally wins after three recounts . . . Dixie dominates lower offices . , . honor court' hears charges that special Alligator election was illegal because of tardy poll closing . , . Wicker defends himself and is cleared , , , Tally glee club captivating and harmonious . . . UNION NOW lCantinued on Page l3ll Ah, yes, we lived for the social week-endsl With the influx ol dates on Friday aft, spirits rose land flowedl, Dances, parties, and looks of every kind, and in the end, when the smoke cleared away, tired but happy socialites hied aivay to hibernate 5, V,,, , I, if Mini' 5Qg,,..--14 W ww: !' SW' Q A f QM? -Ann R.. ,, ,ff 4 'Y f 4 If I 1 4 u min wb A W A W., 5 A.: wh fvfwtlm , 'a' J 1 M, f , N Q . ff V, V . . , A ' 4 ' ' ' N" V' m x X N M Lk: - vii' H' GCTI1 Greeks In heir Hey V 99 CALENDAR APril 3-Iiranrl nuw Alligalizr rflczfinral lvaaril nanius Ilnnicrr llaalas, livn Vagclsan, and ' f Pliil Craig frclilcir, niariaging vclalnr, ancl Iniisinofis manager, rixpafiiyaly, lar 'lQ?'l'3 IFUIUCV . . . 'larry Sliaiicl ancl lizs niiisical rnaslcrvynrlavrfi slalcrcl lar Spring lfralifs, wlicjli, Iilzzz Plinoiiix, lias riscin ia liyo again . . . liall ul lainie aclrlw l'i hL:lllOI'H. APril I0-I5 Cliiln ancl SIDX jain vvilli lm-ali saplis In wcirla up liig Spring lrnlifs Weak irncl , . . liliicr Kay lapfu I6 altar all niglil scaainii al Waiilaiirg . . . fainpiif, lias lirsl Iulackaiil nn riina, nn liil-H, nn urrar- ,.., ruclcimalian lilan cya al alingliiius in Wasliinglnn may wxlcwiirl nyur nation , . , Cialnr liasc' lnallrira Iii-al ,lax Nzivy loam. ADH' I7-Spring lfralice, iinclczi' iivw manage mrriil, liils ranipiis pranaiinc'0nl Sl1f'Lif"S-5 , .. Vlfi' proxy liill lVlc'llau Icayas li,r Ilia Navy - . Ji'-,sifa lircigcziioliv calcium iialnr Qyvs .vf anrl cars ninally uyvs . . . Scalnluarfl IU lilaclu inilialus palril plaf'a ancl play caps, aiizl ralmlwrs in nlinri panls . . . K'-alnr fin! rlcrrnic-n clirlvaivrl lay liuni'g:a cliispiiu fanif luiiccl vllnrli, nf Mzlcliull Fi Milnlicwll , Crlfli' lpclriiigliiii siii'c'm'clH -lVl'lllHi'll aa rvnila nialivn livcicl , , , luiil-icli lias ian many ii'i,nf, in Iliri lin' 7" Sflf ofvth' Fl A-Q iomewr Thfai flee' . I-'ree to Shi' Mere i llic pays in Ilia Grcck lciflgcs Carriacl an in lraclilianal lasliian And allcr perusing tliciso WUQGS, yaii'Il sac vvlial we moan. 'llia Al'O's iliroyv a Ball, ar parliaps yaifya guessed il. lAlO Troasiircr plaasc nam: adv. raias 5525 pcr PUQU. Nici' Ilia manner cf llic clzl Sciilli "'W"' "'::: llliarilc you, siilili llic KAR in lypifal Caslunia H: nw,,,if ,inn dancer! away Ilia ayoriing, Tlia swimming pool an llio appmilc' page was Crvalccl in Ilia A'l'O llascmanl cliiring a clamp spell. Bay's were an llifl walar wagon lar a Clianga. Kappa Swig l3lUflQCs get a load willi slringg attached. 54 77 srffr The liglil wos lwol orid llfie Smoke hung lfieovy, On every stump some two-bil' poli- liciori bid for volesi Florido Porly ond Dixie Forty lirwed up ori opposile sides ol the fence, Corry corries oil Top lriooors. Florido oorly look oilier top offices. Keri- oelly Covorls in sourid rruclf. ori lnelwoll of Normori orid the Florido Porly, Lovvor Ieflg imporloril boord meeiirig in session llXlole the EdiTor's Coriservotive Soclcsl. if l A fi ,, , K I . A Jl: .iii . 1' H if 4,4 .. 7 , 1, i 1' i ,N 'X f' - ii ' ' 5 K ' i lt A X ' llgx M3 i..,1 .Ay , 1 I, fx ,.X M I i'LXlm'..iN,f hk f K if if V. , I X, 3 gl I K , i l l ,, ' . , x iff ,iZ'i , 1 cf '1-if-. x i l ' io., i i- 1, SYSYEYG ' SALF.S,Qj, SERVXCE - RENTALS A -1Z'1g1'p?N. Qrgggrs xnxx , W, in Aw 5" ?Yr."iJGw.:'5 M., W wi: ,f..w,x1?l'5t11Ui-:.1WM5 if 'I pf cs ,Mi .. ag 05433335577-5',t1xxq5'x,5 3'-'f 4 2' 1-, Maw' an 'A' ,..4N1"' M 'YZ' ' , ,, , Aa, v ,v 41, ei YM ,wiv 4, K lxwa.,-. H,- .,f' ' my J, H 1' , ni,- n W , "'g,iQy:cS W x ELEC T FOR RST ,NURNAN me B X it ,,-..,..,.4,.,,.,,...-.- hw-ww 5 .V Q , my - ,x Nix 1 -gk CVjbuV'N NONE BM! 935 'l.UKN.NL A , Mf,,4 Hu V 4 X if E A , Y, .W ,., ,R ., ., Tgw , M . HN., .r- M 1 ,-5 , . ,'A, , A 1-gn' 1 gf Ixfwnap I N b 5 An Q J' i w V X 2 K, 'Q . .4- , :J 2 4 .vi I W AV' A W .MV i my - Q R, , X . ? :iw-ff wx M 'B X " ' Q5 nw" . 4 M A YM E kr M .4 ' - Qunuf , F ,gp M Ti W ! -N I . iqri k. V M , ,V . ""' , ajgiiyfwx , ,. AW 'M wk w Mm bn! 3' """f"z. , 1 fx fx 5,4 'W .. 'muggw X 64 'N U .. H133 'W-1655 -W5 BKLL Iffvfkx y., N A 6 f 'A 1 QB mi RY. DVM, ,Q JY: ,f 1 4 w 6' 1- , 5, m3 fyyg7?y , Q 'mx W f' X w f .F , ,l X f ,L 1 3' '45 ' f ww ' ,api K V ,K 4 , f I vim fg rf. , - 1 , ' 1 ' ' Q .12 U. A f. r- l , V 1 Q x 5 x V' 'O 'nf k . x f,--sf'rx., , Sf 'il ' x N X K X W f- 1,74 'fwff' .Q .ag . 4' pg, '-'Q A' "w.'.-N""'l421"- "'x1A""'.UJ"MTf ww-,.. rs.-X W 'X VN JWQN ,,ttVgjx,,j1P :bl sxw .A N A 1:,.'QN,ixs V XXX "4.:,, x 'A 6 x X, .J .1- 'f5'x ,X 1 N N , I K 4 X A 1' : .3 I 1 X I , at JI' fx Ji , rl X .P 73 , J H: SX ' f 1 X . 1' : GW 5 J' 1 559' .FW V " ' A , ..' ' W9-, Q4 ,' ,V 11,25 ,I K ,. ., ,,.1,-rn. 1, , , .Q 1 fam' ' ,, --'Q' . n,.,4-,I 351-5-' " are -5 .fgjlv 'Z '-si: 'nfl' "" hifi! ' '7""9""' 'D all 1519 r 'T' ,, 42 - I I ,XL L We , . V , .M g ' T-K N J 'li' ' W ' ,u 4. f' "Q ' vs. , D ' u 4' ' ' n A ' 5 , , 1. k , Q 1 4 M, ' of NV' fA 4' 1, -V' fig: A ' , -nv. mfs- -W' , , . Y HW , .Mr -. jx uf gm Q, if -Y, P 5 A , fi 2j,pQgxgA fi Zfzmks' af 5 , ?' t 1. H ' 12 bf' ,L , V f'w.'w 1m ' rb W , wr rar: r-WE W 1 rim' ' K , Wy ' ' a. rr . W' r Verge Girl Courtesy of Esquire Magazine--Judged by A. Vorgo Thi 5 young miss should moke the Hollywood I girls look to their I1 U88 g omor onors. --A. VARGA. TLO The Seminole 4 Evcmell Klinfvvorth Pearl Tyler -qw W?" :gb W. Elsie Moe Willits Mary Louise Polmour W 1-13:-we: -G, M ,V wn,:x.Lz',irT:'f cfm. ,Tr -, z 1 fx Margaret Chcxllqer 'vital' 1, My 'ff tM.. ! , if Betty Thornton Jocqu elirwe Bierer 5- les il Caroline 5 Chappell I Judy Erik -as i Y' Mary Rown Mory Catherine Guthrie WVWM Vorgo Girl, Courtesy of Esquire Magazine Orlene Cox Irma Doudney Jo Helen Burt I. V"V""'su Muriel Knox 'yr i S ' w .give Y. bil 'X Qylvio Cho mbliss Janice Hield Martina Wilson Mary Martha Emerick Dorothy Wilson .Jessie Durde Il Elaine S lwel la ll Belly Allele Viviarme Cardinal Evelyn Bush Mary McBride K Mometie ChGSIWlli in Ellen Chest er Dodson Mory Vogt h- Norway Moson all 0 ame UNIVERSITY OF' FLORIDA GAINESVILLE OFFICI OF TH! DEAN or svunsm-e APT11 2. 1942 Mr. Edward A. Lang, Editor or the SE!u1Jx'0I.E, Campus. Dear Mr. Lang: The nominations for the SEMINOLE'S "Hall of Fame' for l94l-42 have been made by a representative group of the faculty and administrative officers who have had intimate contact with student leaders and student life. In view of the fact that the number of graduating seniors in the 1941-42 session is the largest in the history of the University, the number selected has been increased from twelve to fifteen. These students have made their contributions not only by faithful and loyal service in a variety of student activities but on the basis of active leadership and good citizenship in the Univer sity collrmunity. The final selection is as follows: John Cotton Brown William B. Robinson Edward A. Leng Thomas C. Harrison Fletcher G. Rush, Jr. Randolph Matheny William L. McRae .Temes W. Norman, Jr. Ralph Turlington Ralph H. hhrtin Homer E. Still, Ir. Allen L. Poucher Charles D. Shannen Norman R. Wheelock John George Joca We feel, therefore, that each man on the list deserves the recognition which the "Hall of Fame' gives but regret that it is im- possible to honor in some way a large group of other students who were mentioned for this honor. We take pleasure in making our nominations for the 'Hall of Fame' this year. Sincerely your R. C. BEATY, Dean of Students , Bill Norman GHZ W 'W W Charles Sherman Homer ,, . sw 1 . fyf , ,-A .,.. , f I 1 gf gp? X 1' " I' 'X 1' ,f Ralph TU :f1 ' .Mu W rlingtorw Edward Lang Ralph Martin Bill Robinson Hull Norrnon Wheelock John Joco f ll Ulf I? Bill McRae Randy Mcltlfmeny John Cotton Brown ly! I my ,. ., W , 5761 GD 'W W fi -1 .F f Fletcher Rush , J :Jw ,' if 1,11f',. A '-1 -,gf , f Lf Alien Poucher Tommy Harrison ad Coach Tom Lieb smiles through tough luck, hopes for better days ahead Gator LIEB LOSES GAMES NOT POPULARITY Assembles Fine Staff For l94l Gator Team Despite the won and loss record of six defeats to four wins, Coach Tom l.ieb's prestige suffered none in the eyes of football fans of Florida in l94l -H---the customary wolves making few allusions to the Hhard luclc team of l94l ." Occasional scattered rumblings among dissatis- fied pressmen had little effect on a maiority of the backers, students, and the administration, and the ex-Notre Damer and his bride seemed well established in the University City at the close of spring practice. Much credit for the excellence of the team's departments must go to Coach Sam McAllister for the inspired defensive stands of the Gator line, tn Rarkfielrl Coach Larry Mullins for the potencv The Sea GATORS ARE NATION' LUCK TEAM Florida Loses Five Games Of l9 Points The most promising Florida te won for itself the questionable hono most frequent hard luck aggrega it dropped five games by a tota points, and a sixth by ci l9-3 score. The Gators, paced by Tommy, th Forest Ferguson, and Red Mack, tui offense a Florida team had had ir lack of reserves in the front lin many other teams to score at emb Inexperienced backs proved de-tr defense, the regular line of Fergusr or Ferrigno, Robinson, Kenetsky, l.c permitting touchdowns only to Sink' Plaster of Tech, and Cantor a U. C. l., A. Fourteen seniors closed their car Bruins on December 20, but even t forward to other losses in personne affairs subsequent to Pearl l-larbori Mentors The grins weren't assumed, this really coaching staff: McAllister, Mullins, r tt I 'Hilli- lilank said Co-Manager Bill Scott was in his Seminole last year, and edged him out of the picture. They split the work and trips. All-American Waterboy Tootie Perry went mechanized in l94l, got himself a water-wagon, which gave Trainers Scholze and Manchester some anxious moments in practice sessions. The brain trust-l-lausenbauer, Entzminger, Latsko, and Tate-picks up some tips on ball handling from Coach Mullins. Florida tumbled less than usual in l94l. Red-heads Harrison and Mack team up in practice- l-larrison throwing, Mack, as usual, doing some fine blockii !yuHID4v', ,linkin iillii 'AQVQRTH l it X, R - H l 4 ,, .,, GRI YB I0 I , vu , Q A l f' l Q 4 K1 It i Uk T G . 1 , X' cum it ' ' QNRIU4 gwlW0.4iif,, g .i X-i,mURl11 'rf rygx-URI . ' l a Quinta it BTG? Mnnmil Y yqiupd. Q Q- i 6 , n igx.YgfU4i,,f 41455 11943, 1 US I I Mi 454350 Y GB 4 , A , , . 2, , , , R Q l ,A . f .gl f ii l'tLURQ?Jll'7'fl As mfg A' URI 1 omni rf RQNSYJUA an ULN! . QW, I 0 J QL 04, ,nm me ' 6 L A A 6 lf-lb Nw Florida's l9fll Fighting Gators ware: First Raw, loft to right, Chubby Ferrigno, Bill Cowen, Harry Parham, Joe illedl Mack, Charley Tate, Benny Lane, Tommy lthe Redl l-larrison, Milton lPeanutl I-lull, Forest Ferguson, Leo Cahill, Bill Robinson, Tony Cianci, Second Row, Coach Lieb, Frank Buel ivvlio left the team after Flomecomingl, Bill Latsko, Nick Klutka, Floyd Konetsky, John Barber, Jack Jones, Eugene Lee, Spike Godwin, ivvlio left for the army air corps before the first gamel, Fondren Mitchell, O'Neal Iflill, Al Fochlel, John Bltztotes. Third Row, Ray McNeal, Budge McCown, Percy Entz- minger, I-larry Platt, l-lugo Miller, Walter Klickoyitch, Joe Graham, Louis Wadlnger, Bill Cornelius, Walter McRae, Bill Raborn, Andy Bracken, Don Collins, and Eddie l-lausenbauer. Not shown above are Carl Mitchell lin Talichassee conlering with his draft boardl and Paul Eller iwho joined the squad late l Eff ii r' i if iii 9 .s if it tlii, iii shows how it's done on picture taking-day before season opened, then did it 26 times in lO games. - Fergio k ,gy f, ' 1 , LETTERMEN , Af " MSF? Y jf Seniarsi Forest Ferguson, Benny Lane, Tommy l-lar- rison, Milton l-lull, Charley Tate, Bill Robinson, Leo Cahill, Chubby Ferrigno, Joe Mack, Carl Mitchell, l-larry Parham, Tony Cianci, Bill Cowen, Paul Eller. .ff Juniors: Floyd Konetsky, Nick Klutka, Fondren Mitchell, Eugene Lee, O'Neal l-lill, Jack Jones, Bill Latsko. Sophomores: Bill Raborn, Walter McRae, Percy Entzminger, Harry Platt, Walter Klickoyitch, Jae Gra- ham, Ray McNeal, Eddie l-lausenbauer, Andy Bracken ' 'IU Munlqffw u . l I S , r f Q f r x.un1gIr x,'5x.0lU ' 4 lrzgwr N funn: 3, Mk rs' im- , h F' X1 l rf rr ir rr r' .ws l .:f'f'lUg,,r l ri I-"47lF'Hw ,U W1 ,cg ,hvfjlljf ' X ' Q,,,,,-' yfif , llQl To - A ll?-ll f. LJNlVEl'QESlTY OF FLORIDA ,vll'l.f-YO l?Aurvrvll'H Yw1Arfur1 Ufxrrlrwvllll !1rr'l.Ii'l Mr-,ur lr'r'lF3rAll SIrArrCn1lrr.n Or v. 11 TAMPA LA ruuvrll Orv.l1 Vulm wx Ihy, Il! MAHYIA r C-Aural avrr lu Cr-r l n r.r Puma O-.v. 25 l,rwl-:IANA nur, Thu-rr Rm Nrvv. 1 Orrru N-uv. U Cymru IA .IAr'r.' xrrll. Nrxv. 15 Mmm! Mmul N-rv. 22 Grmrr,rA'l'rrrl Guru url fllruru rru.alru.j Urn, STO Cmnlrfmrllx JM:-' rxlllv rrw1l,1mArrrxllu-rl OO 110 1 00 : CVO C10 l 'S LXO 133 OO O0 Harrison Cowen C. Mitchell F. Mitchell Tale Mack l-lull Parham iv' 'l Qi, 9' ,C- rm 1 FOREST FERGUSON-"B lvlcllae I Iron Men With .g Ferg" , . fXll'Southeastern . . . best pass receiver in Florida history, third best in nation in 19'll . , . led team in scoring with 36 points, in time played with 420 minutes . . , defensive bulwark . . . colorful . , . " BENN ' Y LANE-Lieutenant unprolictable. ll B L . . ane, U, S. A now , . . great defensive tackle , . . 194 pounds of what gave and took with the best of them, bad knee notwithstanding . , . confident . . . aggressive , . . outspoken. TOMMY HARRISON-"Tl - X " ie Rcd . . . spearhead of offense , . . ranked eleventh in U. S. in total offense . . . ran, passed, kicked . . . another lieutenant now . . . courageous . . . dynamic , , , dependable , , , popular. MILTON " " H U LL- Peanut at 19 . . , one of the South's best tackles . . , great blocker . . . strong on defense in the line or behind it . . . natural leader . . . loves the game , . . rough . . . tough . , . pro prospect. CHARLEY TATE-"Round Man" . , . a great fullback for two years, fine quarterback in 19fll . . . blocker, line-backer, signal-caller . . . played despite injury jinx . . . spirited . . . loved to win. BILL ROBINSON-best Florida center since Shearer . . . bad knee c ll ' . . . great linofbacker. . . ind - " ' ' LEO CAHILL- . . . defensive back . . . fine til-wppyii smart . . . dependable. C ARMEN FERRIGNO-"Ch ll " oucn t' keep him down i auntable spirit intelli ent . . . - g , . . fiery , . , fine leader, a Yankee who made good in a big way down South . . . great pass receiver . . . good in the o f pen ield . . . good-natured . , . unny . . . made up in spirit' h man one cf l N in ightes determined w at he lacked in size . . . married t regular linernen in conference friendl y...trickly,,,. Ferfjgno JOE MACK-"Red the Ripper" . . . hardest driving fullback since Hughes . . . five touch- downs this year, three in 1940 , . , great' blocker . . . stoical . . . his injury was greatest blow to team during season CARL " ' MITCHELL Catfish" - . . . . doubled in brass, alternating at left' and right end . . would have been regular on many ball clubs . . , old ' touchdown a a' g insl U. S. L. est man on squad . . . also fastest' A. prettiest play all season by a Gator. Collins e Men In White a re L S U Tigers unsucc f . . . , ess ully trying to keep lvlack from ' ' HARRY PARHAM--Ole Ti ' " scoring. The Tigers won, IO-7. mers sort' of genius at pass defense" held back b comeback , . , fine ball player llc hte . . . , y Robinsons . . . 3 -st' center in conference. . . could take it, and did. TONY CIANCI-the Rock of Gibralter as reserve tackle , . . tough . . . h d likeable . . . good natured . . . alwa BILL COWEN -"Wilcl Willy the Bull" i . i . ar to move . . . ys good lor a laugh and some fine performances. it' . , . riury jinx personified . . . fastest back on squad ward drivcr, led in average gain per try . . , popular , . , l' t ' among senior football me n PAUL ELLER-"U-turn the T " wighcst scholastic average , f oe . . . place-kicker de luxe Gmhom Bulldogs . . , also ICJ ext ' ' . . . got' only Gator score against ra points , . . might have made Maryland fiasc dff . , , one man who really enjoyed practice o i' erent' story f . . . . brainy. FLOYD KONETSKY-fine guard in second year as regular . . . knew most of the tricks . . . happiest when complaining about practice, or turning in fine performance on Saturday. BILL RABORN-"Legg" , , , XXII--Southeastern C f V re l ' on erence sophomore team guarl. . . immovable on defense . . ' . . . only sophomore . tough on field, good-natured off. I ase fumble in practice, played the Rosebud and Legs" dive for a o most ball among the sophomores on the l94I squad. A Fighting Spirit a tackle "Ball player's hall player" . . . strong K KLUTKA as good an end as he was . . . I I 'rn in i912 NIC and silent great an defense . . . watct wi 'A .. FONDREN MITCHELL-"the Jeep" , . . potentially brilliant . . . shifted from right to left halt' ID spring practice . , . ball carrying is beautiful . . . finer punter . . . CarI's brother. WALTER MCRAE lvloneybagsu took a lat of lashing aff field, played some great ball on it . , another fine sophomore guard. EUGENE LEE Oleo" . . . biggest man on squad , . . fine reserve center, also l.ane's unders study at tackle . . . crushing tackler . , . all-around ball player , . . another one to watch next year O NEAL HILL another whose action's spoke louder than his worcls , , . lightness no detriment at fullback . kept injuries to Mack and Cowen from hurting team so much. PERCY ENTZMINGER-fine sophomore quarterback . , . ran team well . . . good blocker . , . line backer , fearless, hence frequently injured, HARRY PLATT Greasy" . . . the man who came through in a pinch . . , most improved man on squad good-natured, easy-going ,... tine prospects. JACK JONES Gomer the Goan" , , , the man who came back . , . all was forgiven against C . . triple-threater , . , may reach heights next' year. again, this time the hard way, as Raborn, "the Mole," and the squad's only uncamera-conscious player k the pass. try to brea up mm I ff ' . fl U J' , . 7 ti if if ti? Aim lan rift it it Buel grimaces as he goes down in Randolph-Macon game, but couldn't scare Jackets Moberg, Steiner, and McMullin, STATE SNIPS SAURIANS, 6-0 Black's Punt Return Is Decisive Play STXXTF FOUFGE MISS Sent 27 A 42 ard unt .- - -. J ., i . A v D returned by one J, T, "l3'ondy" Black, a Gator nemesis in l9flO, handed the Orange and Blue a 6-O defeat at the hands ot Mississippi State here this afternoon, Florida had just held the Maroons on the tour and a halt yard line, when Black took I-larrison's punt and scored aiter twice reversing his tield on a dazzling run, On posses trom Harrison to Fondren Mitchell, Florida drove to the State i5 in the second period, but a field goal attempt by Eller tailed, Mitchell drew praise in the Gator backtield, and Lane and l-lull in the line. l I fi i W X i ,Y ., .H X V x ik V, RANDOLPH-MACON ROUTED, 26-0 Jackets Prove Tough First Half Team FLORIDA FIELD, GAINESVILLE, Sept. 20 A strong second halt ottense brought a 26-O victory to the Florida Gators in their opener here tonight, atter a lightly-regarded Yellow Jacket team trom Randolph-Macon held the Grange and Blue score- less until the tinal play of the lirst halt, XX pass from l-larrison to Ferguson good tor 49 yards broke the ice as the intermission gun sounded, and pudgy Paul Eller added the conversion, Florida scored as Jones reversed to Mitchell tor iS yards in the third period, with Tate kicking the point, and Mack and Cowen bucked over in the fourth. The Jackets, led by Paul Isenberg, drove to the Florida ll in the tinal minutes, but could not score. Mack runs into trouble at Mississippi Stale, as Harrison and Tate give him moral encouragement, Cameraman Beard's technicolor shots ot this game were great, but the contest would have been bet ter with a little less "Black" COl'I'tQllUS Kgnetgky TAMPA IS TRAMPLED, 46-6 Harrison, Ferguson, Each Score Twice FLORIDA FIELD, GAINESVILLE, Oct. 4 Highest varsity score in the history of this ll-year old stadium came tonight as Coach Tom Lieb's Gators routed a game but inept University of Tampa eleven 46-G. Racking up points in every period, the Saurians tallied on a five yard pass, Jones to Ferguson, with Cowen convertingj lVlack's two yard plunge, Tate convertingg Flarrison's 3l yard pass to Tateg l3uell's 25 yard dash down the middle, Eller convert- ingg Ferguson's l8 yard end-around, l-'lull convertingg and l-larrison's 62 yard punt return and 47 yard off-tackle jaunt. Late in the forth quarter Paul Straub accounted for -l-ampa's first score in the tour-year rivalry between the two schools, going through the line and down the field 38 yards agonist Florida's third team. Harrison runs, Tate leads interference, and somebody overlooks Villanova's Tackle Paul Stenn. Cahill comes to l3uel's assistance against Tampans. 'CATS ARE CONQUERORS, 6-0 Long Pass Gives Villanova Close Win FLORIDA FIELD, GXXIIXIESWLLF, Oct, ll The largest crowd in the history of this field l8,27fl paid admissions saw a one-play lapse on pass defense cost the Gators their second CS-O defeat of the sea- son here tonight. Midway through the third quarter Postus of the visiting Villanova Wildcats faded back, while his left end, Bill Prohovitch, turned on some of the most effective speed ever seen in this neck of the woods to eluds the Gator defenders. When the 205 pound end reached the l8, Postus hurled the ball 35 yards past the line of scrim- mage to Prohovitch, who escaped two more men and crossed the goal line, and that was the ball games Florida drove to the opposition lti and 24 in early stages of the game, but lacked the punch to score, Superior reserves for Coach Clipper Smith halted Gator at- tempts in the last hall. Barber Cianci Miller Klickovitch Fondren Mitchell is ganged by host of Maryland Terrapins, and Tate, Parham, and l-lill in background lust suffer, and suffer, and suffer. FIELD GOAL FIXES FLORIDA, IO-7 L. S. U. Wins Close One On Lipkis' Kick BATON ROUGE, LA, Oct. 25 With eight sec- onds left to go here tonight, L, S, U.'s Bernie Lipkis robbed the Florida Gators of a 7-7 moral victory by following up his pass interception with a perfect placement to take the Tigers to victory, Coach Lieb's charges proved the "Fighting" ap- pendage to their name by driving to a score in the second quarter, after trailing since the first three minutes of the game, 7-O. Passes from Harrison to Fondren Mitchell carried the Gators close to Glory, and Mack finally bulled over, Tate's place- ment converted, The tired Saurians drove to the Tiger l7 and 20 even after this, but never mustered enough strength to get the lead that nvight have with- stood the winning field goal. Sponsors and escorts, l-lonor court culprits never saw Tiger like this. MARYLAND SURPRISES SAURIANS,l3-I2 58 Yard Aerial Brings Terp Win COLLEGE PARK, MD., Oct, l8 -A Florida football team that regarded itself a little too highly dropped a close ball game to a supposedly weak Maryland Old Liner aggregation here this afternoon, i3-lZ. The surprisingly stubborn Old Liners arose from a terrific shellacking at the hands of Duke, and grabbed a first halt 7-O lead by ending a 42 yard advance on a short pass, Wright to Cordyack, and on Dick Alexander's goal kick. A fine pass interception by Cahill set the stage for Mack's scoring buck in the third quarter, and in the final period the Orange and Blue went ahead, l2-7, on an eight yard toss, Buell to Bracken. But the old weakness, pass defense, reared its ugly head, and Merle Duval, Iierrapin left halt, made a sensational catch of Ulman's pass and negotiated the remainder of 58 yards needed to score. SINKWICH SINKS GATORS, 19-3 All-American Scores I5 Points for Georgia MUNICIPAL STADIUM, JACKSON- VILLE, Nov. 8 All-American Frankie Sinkwich made the lilfll renewal of this annual classic close to a one-man show here this afternoon as he led the Georgia Bulldogs to a I9-3 triumph before 2l,OOO fans. The Gators held a 3-2 half-time lead, Paul ElIer's I7 yard field goal topping the safety that went to the Georgians when McPhee tackled I-Iarrison behind the Gator goal. But the broken-iawed Ohioan took over in the third period, Eight minutes after the kick-off he raced beautifully for 22 yards and a touchdown, and let Lou Costa boot the point. A little later he proved adept at the kicking chore himself by putting a field goal through the uprights, and in the fourth he scored from the Florida I8 in four plays, with Costa again converting. Mitchell throws what looks like a clip at a Miamian, as another comes up to take I-lill. Entzminger Bracken ,., . - 3.4 Klutka dances with glee as Cahill snags one against Georgia Injuries early in the game to Fullbacks Mack and Cowen and Left End Ferguson hampered the Gators as a team, and could not be over come by Flarrison's inspired play, The slender red-head brought thc crowd to its feet in the first quarter with a diving pass interception paced the Florida offense throughout the contest, and closed his compc tition against Georgia with a 52 yard run that might have been a touch down with a little more luck and blocking, HURRICANES HARD HIT, 14-0 Harrison-Ferguson Passes Bring Gator Scores BURDINE STADIUM, MIAMI, Nov, I5 The ever- reliable pass combination of Tommy I-Iarrison to Forest Ferguson clicked twice here tonight to bring the Florida Gators a I4-O victory over the best Miami team since i938 A crowd of 3l,73l, largest ever to see a regularly- scheduled football game in this state, saw "Big Ferg," Florida's acting captain, score in the first and second quarters on passes good for 45 and 74 yards, with Eller converting both times. Miami threatened from the Florida six and four later in the game, but Ferguson led his mates in repulsing the I-Iurricanes and keeping the zero on the scoreboard. Buel I-lill Harrison sets out on a 32-yard run against Tech. Fergie, Hull, Lane, Mack, Cahill, Ferrigno, Konetsky, Robinson, and Tate want to block Engineers Faulk- ner, Lamb, Jordan, Anderson, and Wright. We haven't figured out yet how Harrison got this far with so many of his blockers still standing. BRUINS WIN WILD ONE, 30-27 Passes Score Four of Eight Touchdowns MUNICIPAL STADIUM, JACKSONVILLE, Dec, 20- -- A disappointing crowd of 8,000 fans saw Florida and U. C. I. A. ring down the curtain on their l94l foot- ball seasons here this afternoon in one cf the wildest games in the history of either institution. The Bruins finally emerged victorious, 20-27. Florida scored first on a 27 yard pass, Harrison to Ferguson, Eller adding the po:nt. Late in the first quarter, a Florida lateral went wild, to be recovered by Finley on the Gator five, and from there Snelling plunged over, Jack Jones rose to the fore then to alone for earlier mistakes, and hurled touchdown passes to the Mitchell brothers, first to Carl for 43 yards, 25 of which was run by Mitchell in a fine display of ball-toting, and to Fondren for 47 yards, Eller place-kicked the point on the second score. On the first play after the kickoff, Bob Waterfield, Uclans quarterback, Milt Sm'th and Jimmy Grubbs teamed up on a 55 yard forward-lateral to put the Uclans back in the game, Sne!ling's placement made it 20-I3. Q Leo Cantor led the Uclans on two second half marches of 45 and 58 yards, scoring once himself and l letting Pierson make the other, and Snelling twice converted. The place-kicker clinched the game midway through the final quarter with a 25 yard-field goal, and Hill ended the scoring for the day on a I2-yard center smash, Eller adding the point, and making the final score U. C. L. A. 30, Florida 27, Lee After the scoreboard looked like this, Fondren, Mitchell and Fergie made spectacular catches of Harrison passes, but couldn't make the score look any different. TECH IS TOPPLED, I4-7 Gators Make Own Breaks In Homecoming Win FLORIDA FIELD, GAINESVILLE, Nov, 22- -Florida's Fighting Gators annexed a brilliant I4-7 triumph over Georgia Tech before l5,000 homecoming fans here this afternoon to make it two in a row over the Yellow Jackets for the first time in history. The Gators made their own breaks to score twice in the third quarter. Ferguson stole the first kick-off of the period on the Tech 28, and two plays later took a touch- down pass from Harrison, with Eller coming through as usual on the point. Shortly after, Harrison passed to Cahill on the En- gineer 3O, and the veteran right halfback turned in a brilliant piece of broken field work to carry on to the five. Harrison picked up four, and Mack dove over, followed by Eller's second conversion. Tech retaliated with a 65-yard march ending in Plas- ter's one-yard plunge and placement for point, but could not score again. The game was the highpoint of the careers of Florida's two acting captains---Bill Robinson and Harrison-each of whom performed spectacularly, aided and abetted by Lane, Ferguson, Mitchell, and Raborn. "Gomer the Goon" digs in against U. C. L. A., a couple of plays later began pitching touchdowns to the Mitchell brothers. Bliziotes S - . Coach Carlos ProCl'or's Baby Gators, best' freslwmarw Team since VBS. FRESHMAN SCORES Georgia Tech, l6, Florida, 13. Florida, 25, Miami, 0. Florida, l2, Miami, 0. Eller gels the range in practice, vvlllw Cahill applying the linger, and ever-lwelplul Leo blacks lor Buell Caplain al Team lVlil'Cl1ell Klullsa Robinson Cghjll ., 104 L GD is 'hx F 1 , lgssx- 413:14 5 iw, CC 99 lub Altman Blank Cahill Cianci Corry Covvgn Cromwell Bracken Davy Entzminger Ferrigno Gardner Gillis llalin llarrisan llolrnes lrliill Joca Lane Lasris, lfl, Lasris, li, Latslao Mitchell Morrison Nlostow Parham Parnell llahorn llobinsori Scott Severin Van Cliel Yi,iinQt,IUOLl OFFICERS President ........... ...... J OHN JOCA Vice-President ............. BILL CORRY Treasurer ..,. ...JACK YOUNGBLOOD Secretary .... ...HENRY GARDNER The HF" Club was founded to taster a spirit of lceener friendship and under- standing among the students engaged in athletic contests under the banner of the University of Florida, Members of the Organization are those lellovvs who have earned a major letter in any line ot sporting endeavor engaged in by the University. The membership also includes the managers or the major sports teams. Since its inception the "F" Club has succeeded in bringing into a closer relationship not only the athletes of one single sport but the athletes of all sports. ,,., heerleaders Llp in the air go Cheerleaders Garces, Aromovitz, Wheelock, Hulbert and Stevens, This is prarlice, al games cheerleaders operated Ol'l top ol Gator dugout, and there were people in the stands AX T 4 F l 1 J Head Cheerleader Wheelock: "FY-AFM F . . . G K l fix , H V ,- Garces: "Give 'em hell, Gators!" l'lUlbC'l- RCQdY'O- one lwo Stevens and Head Cheerleader-elecl' Aroncvilz: "Ray, ray, ray, sis, sis, sis--J' Y -i ,lf ' A J ' V? lf 'lrl Cooch Proctor Monoger Fogelson I7 lf i ,Q . xiii JD Lil ill' itll, K Not by the won ond loss records, but by the ploudits they drew everywhere should Floridols l94l2 boxers be judged. Coptoin loco, Young, ond Cromwell were only experienced menw-the Gotors took on the toughest, usuolly lost. But the Sugor Bowl committee picked them os one ot the notion's top teoms tor o New Grleons exhibition. Sold hosts on rood trips: "Go tors best in skill ond conduct . . . good boxers . . . true sportsmen . 4 , reol gentlemen," Most skilled wos loco, undeteoted in duol meets, loser only to Wisconsin's Ronkin, defending chompion, in the NCAA tinols ot Boton Rouge. Young lost only once, couldn't go to notionols. lnle ond loco took stote AAU titles. .1 ,,..,...,, l l. Ii I S 4 l, Toylor V, AJ i s fi J ,'f , y " ill ll gil 'lf' f l Docornlncr 257 January I4 January F 31, February 7' February 9 Folnruary lla ,, Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida .......2W Conlon Comes Alter Coe THE RECORD Southwestern Louisiana Instituto lSugar Bowl Exnibirionl Soullwwostorn Louisiana lnslilule Murray Stale TeaCl1orS............. .....2Vz Virginia Columbus....... .....3Kz Michigan Slalo. . .. 6 V3 5V1 4 EVP 3 4 Va Cromwoll Trollor l-lart Conlon Jack Hagar, Doyle Carlton, Jr. were ',opliornei'e regi ilars Captain led scorers, Un the vc Ellisli i' , Coach Sam Mcfxllisler developed green material A creditable record of eight wins, eight losses, in regular season play was the showing ot the greenest basketball team in Florida cage history, and kept alive the lvlcfXllisler tradition ot never having a losing cage team as mentor at the Orange and Blue. From the greatest team in Florida history, the l94l aggregation, only one letterman, Steve Ellish, returned. With the ottense built around him, "Big Steve" lived up to expectations, topped the Gator scorers vvith l88 points in ltr games. Newcomers Doyle Carlton, Jack Hagar, and Phil Craig won regular positions, and Bud Manchester returned to the sauad alter a year's ineligibility to take the titth starting post, and, as a senior, to share acting captaincies with Fllish. At tootball season's close, Eddie Flausenbauer joined the sauad, became Number 6 man, l-lighlights of the season came on January lO, when l-lausenbauer dropped in a toul shot with 45 seconds to go to beat Georgia 29-28, on February lfl when Ellish scored 22 points to lead in a 46-35 victory over lvlississippi, and an February l6, when "Big Steve" and Carlton got hot early in the second halt to edge out Mississippi State 48-47, Kentucky, ultimate tournament winner, was the team to lace the Gators in the Southeastern Conference competition at Louisville, and the Wildcats eliminated the Orange and Blue by a 42-36 score. Lee gave plenty of help in last hall of season Tommy Lunsford, Eugene Lee, Former loolted geod in practice, icver gat cligible Dccomlugr I Dcremlacwr I Doccrmlurrr I January January I Ifolmruary lolmruary Folmroary February arclwood 2 5 6 9 KI ? 5 6 9 lllxcl "Hug Slove" lakes Ill a roluollnrl as Ihr: Clalorx clown Mmm: wlllm casa", Nolnody lvlonclw-Ilcr. This fum svnlor lmally gal olvailwlv, played great goarcl gamo Ovvr lnqnlrc-cl owl who lluo ollmcrr Klolor allur lllc lwall was, lull lorwarcls Plall IIIII anal Cralo look oo, In Illcr luaclrgrouml, lluu "Old Clray l'ox" anal "Tom Krmwlclf' Flarlrla .... ..fiI Soullrorn look ou. THE CAGE RECORD l"wlwrl1ary ICI llorirla. ..,.. P7 lloorg IO .... ..... I 'I liloricla ...,,, III Aloluoma clwmary If I' Iuriclo ...... .IS Naval Arr SIGIIKTII .57 I Florlfla IEIQFIKICJ Florirla Florida Florlcla Iilorlrla Florida . . .. . .259 Alalwamo ....., -II CIur.rr3lc1 . . . . . H79 Cloorgla ......fxlI Solrlluom ......'l7 Miami . ......I'! Mlaml . .,....7G Qlcforgla I, Il 'lvrlnary Ill Florlcla ...... AIG l'olvruc1ry IG lilorrcla ,... ..-I8 lolvrllory I7 llorlcla .,.... II I, 'vlumary QIII lilorucla .... .QI l'4'lIl'llUVy .II l'lorlclo ....., I6 lVL,'III'lIC1VV 76 lllorucla ,... MIG MISSISSIIHIJI .......v'w MISSISSIIDIDI Stale ..-I7 Mrsslssryupl Slow .plb-' Aulwurn ,......... -I7 fmlnlrn ....... .38 Kvnluclry lSollll1uar.lvrr1 C.or1lorcr1c'o lourllomvnll goumvfl souoml ol mlclfyvarg Carroll was In 'lorry lllall, Ray Carroll, Erlcllc llauscrrmlnuucr "Clroc1ay" Cagcr in Florida lmialoryg lllllo kclcllcr nluarlwcl loom lo amporlanl WIII5. lllvsl' IIIIII Crara On wrwks wlwu ilmu Alllgolor wlmorl ol urls, il mvonl IIC was I'ClC'IXHlgj up IXIIIIIN lor Coolll Sam f U va --- Backstroker Morgan Mclunkin, sophomore flash. Distance man Jim Duncan, Sprinter Herbert Feinberg. of rr l ia, e i '-'0G5f4""' g..-.. ., Bill Van Clief retired undefeated SEC breast-stroke champion for three years. i942 brought to Florida's miraculous swimming winning streak the end that must come to all things. Studies and service took eight of Coach Frank Genovar's IO leading swimmers between December and the opening meet, limita- tions on spring sports trips cut possible victories from the schedule, On March i4 in the only dual meet, Georgia Tech handed the Gators a 4l-34 defeat, first in eight years and 49 dual meets, But it was close, a Florida win in the free style relay would have meant a Saurian victory. At the Southeastern Conference meet in Atlanta the following week-end, Tech and Tennessee topped the Gators, but individual championships went to Van Clief in the breast- stroke, l-lolmes in the 'SO-yard dash, and the medley relay team of Mclunkin, Van Clief and l-lolmes, The next week l-lolmes, high scorer for the season, resigned from school to fatten up for the Army Air Corps. - WHMQ - Yikff.-' 7 '-rsilggfiif''lliifllla'.?i'Tl'l?3:.r:'- -, yy ,,grQf"4,".1j'.. 1 wif.: pw K .. .Nb . ,W . . S iw l rits ll in W, g Coach Frank Genovar, Manager Jerry Sempson, saw eight- year victory streak shattered. Tiger Holmes, leading scorer, con- ference 50-yard tree-style champ, Diver Jimmy Zoll, best since Skipper Distance man Sam Donner, Backstroker llrads Collins, Distance man Dan Beardsley 'A-in-P ,J .K 'eg x Q' I 4 4 R . 1 lk ini ,I 'K 3,! .T,iw iii ' 15' t l i l lvlostovv pitches. The sports editor never could figure out whether Nathaniel was trying to scare the batter, was peeved at himself, or got a raw deal from the umpire. Catchers Emerson and Ferrigno. March Zl March 28 April 8 April l l April l8 May l May 2 May 8 lvlav 9 n the Coach Sam raps out a tango to the outfield, THE SCHEDULE Florida.. .S lfl3i'd lnlantrv ........... .fl Florida. . .2 l43rd Infantry ........... ..O Florida.. .8 Mavport Naval Section Base 7 Florida State Prison at Raitord. Jacksonville Tars at Jacksonville. Jacksonville Naval Air Station here. Jacksonville Naval Air Station at Jacksonville Jacksonville Naval Air Station here. Jacksonville Naval Air Station at Jacksonville Part ot the pitching statt: Mostovv, Kleinhans, Scarborough, Phillips. Diamond Managers Jenerette and Phillips pick up pointers from Veteran l-lurler Mostow. Lightning struck twice in the same year for Coach Sam McAllister, Who had only two lettermen for his baseball team after going through the basketball season with one veteran, Limitations on trips made it impossible for any collegiate teams to be scheduled, but Gator fans got just as good baseball from a slate of service and other teams. Catcher Chubby Ferrigno and Pitcher Nat Mostow were "Sad Sam's" Oflly veterans. But Forest Ferguson left track to give baseball a try, filled in hole at first base, new men at other posts gave Gators an infield that looked like a slick-fielding quartet in early games. In the outfield, Bill Wilbanks arrived in left after two years of understudy work, well-known Leo Cahill patrolled center, and Jack Davis took over in V'Qht. Red McKendree, junior ex-relief hurler, looked like a coming mound star in annexing wins in first two games, and big Bud Manchester came through in the third contest. Eftcl Of spring football practice added Eddie I-lausenbauer, l-lugo Miller, Gnd Georgie Sutherland to the squad. McKendree warms up, was plenty hot in first two games. lnfielders Bryan, Cabot, Ferguson, Postan, Kaplan, Johnson. At left, Outfielders Wilbanks, Davis, White, Murray, Cahill, and l-larris. At right, more lnfielders lincluding freshmenl 1 Cabot, Bryan, Ferguson, Johnson, Kaplan, standingg DeWolf, Myers, l-lershey, Poston, l-larris, kneeling. l. . , - f------7- 'Qs r - , s, who runf, most everything, and Phii Craig, who hdci ralher lop lhe timbers than wrap the rock A . ff' is fir, rr i an the diamond, V 4 V Bill Cowen, sprinting addition, and Hurdler George Wenzel ,. amtorn Coniarenre Iiigh Jump Champion Hank Gardner soars over the Cross-bar. THE GATOR SCHEDULE April iife 'Florida 53 i-3g Georgia Tech 72 2-3, iZfSG5'?N?fYSf'3" April i8 -Mississippi Store, here. and relay man. May 2---f--ALIburV1, here. Moy i5-16 Southeastern Conference Meet, Birmingham Dyer Shackclford, standout sophomore pole-vaulier and Jock Owen, Number i jovelin thrower S I 'rj 1 - - tfinrle rs Distance Men Stephen I-larvey and ,loc Santanello, Fondren Mitchell, who competed in a good number ot lield events when not running the sprints. Only tive veterans, all ot them high scorers on the 1941 team, reported tor Coach Percy l3eard's 1942 track squad, and more than a dozen new men had to be used as augmen- tation to this quintet in meets throughout the season. Experienced men were the Mitchell brothers, Carl and Fondren, who competed in just about everythingg Ed Gillis, hurcller, middle distance man, and broad jurnperg Henry Gard- ner, Southeastern Conference high jump champion, and Carl Severin, miler and half miler. Outstanding newcomer was Phil Craig, who in the first meet tlt't' h l- cl d'tl h'h. OOQ Irs In the low md CS On Secon In 19 lg S Two Milers Sam Walkup and Kurt Teutsfli. C Carl Mitchell threw the discus, did everything else Oach Percy Beard confers with Manager Sam Galloway, discus thrower, in tielcl events l?XC0I5l lltf0W 1110 tflvlflttti Billy Watson, n the ourt Manning Beardsley lhreadgill Sherman Davidson Kates Crews Jones Farish Very severely handicapped by lack of a coach, sufficient balls and playable courts, this year's team had nothing much to offer except a love for the game and a true 'Gator fighting spirit. Saueezed out by the close score of 4-3 by Davidson College from North Carolina in their first match, the netters then faced their down-state rivals from Stetson in a home-and-home match. The regular tennis trip was called off this year and will probably be off for the duration. Conse- quently the team played only three matches. With only three lettermen back from last yea r's great team, inexperience was dominant through- out the matches, Playing three doubles combinations that had never played together before was only one of the many headaches of Player-Manager-Coach-Captain Bob Beardsley. Bob Thread- gill, Charlie Kates, and Beardsley were the only inexperienced members on this year's team. Other members of the team were Dick Jones, a junior who did not play last year, Jack Davidson, one of last year's star freshmen, Walter Crews, winner of the fraternity intramural tennis singles trophy, and Charlie Sherman, student body president, n the inks s K ,ky X Front Row: Homer Lichtenvvolter, Jimmy l-liint lCoptoinl Winston Summerlin, John Lynn Bock Row: Joel Cohen, Myron Gibbons, Bill Corry, Jock Boldvvin, Armin Smith Becouse ot the vvor ond the resulting poor tirtonciol ond tronsportotion condi- tions the octivities ot Florido golf teom this yeor hove been contined lorgely to locol ond stote tournoments. One collegiote motch with Doyidson College which wos lost 702 to lOV2, the Goinesyille Open, "I-loil Americon, ond Florido Stote Amoteur tournomerits comprised the golt teom's schedule tor l942. It is untortunote thot golfing -fggilirieg Should be so poor ot this time becouse Florido hod o good ond men, Vosco Londrum ond Word Rodgers, who lorge sgtiod this yeor ond two tresh F ood golf teom next yecir brightest in mony yeors would hoye mode prospects- 'or o g , A The teom lost two seniors this yeor, Lichtenvyolter, ond Hunt, Richard Stults l.t. Driggers The team was att to an early start in October when ap- proximately ZOO men answered Lieutenant Driggers' call tor try-outs. By competitive elimination the best shots at the University were selected as the sauad. Manager Davis had booked 40 matches with all the leading college teams from lvlaine to l-lawaii, 32 ot which were won. The varsity team capped second place in the Fourth Corps area match, being nosed out by the Citadel only by l l points. A tive man team ot Coleman, Folks, Desnoyers, Register, and Edwards was beaten at the Southeastern sectional meet only by Alabama. John Folks posted high individual score in the team match with a 275. Coleman was high scorer tor the year. Only Register, Frierson, Carter, and Davis will be lost by graduation. E ,Qi ,U D" I , 5-.3 1 St. Sgt. Criswell Edwin Rice Ed Rice, Bill Desnoyors, lflowarcl Lticias Top Row -Lt. Driggers, R. L. Slults, Frank Burris, Erlwin Rice, Raymond Barrett and Stalf Sergeant Criswell. Bottom Row- 'George Bassett, Flarry Edwards, Pete Frierson, George Davis, Sam Register, O. M. Carter, S. J. Folks, and E. E. Coleman. Gator portsmen in wr -Mi 4' FIIW Horseshoe Singles BUCKMAN C., Horseshoe Doubles Student Director Kohn ond lntromurol Director Proctor One of the most comprehensive progroms in the South, the Florido lntromurol progrom serves o greot mojority of the student body, From four to six every ofternoon Gotormen compete in the vorious dust bowls for highly coveted odditions to their olreody heovily loden key choins. ln o greot number of sports, ronging from horseshoes to footboll, the men of Florido compete vvith one onother, either os teoms or os individuols, purely for the fun of it, Among the Winners in oll three leogues is often found good moteriol for the severol vorsity teoms. Under the competent direction of Student Director Alfie Kohn ond Cooch Corlos Proctor, the lntromurol progrom enjoyed its greotest porticipotion this yeor. Mony other students mode use of the equipment ovoil- oble to them through the deportment. The boys from Buckmon C, poced by Ken Wodsvvorth, corried off the honors in the Dormitory Leogue, While the CLO tollied up vvins in six sports to cop the title in the Independent Leogue. ln the Greek competition, the Phi Delts lllO strongl ond the 'l'EP's vvere running o close roce. Our hope for the future: on even lorger progrom of physicol fitness os offered by competitive sports. l Intramural Competition NU ND I 'i 4 iff s Q! WW Boskellpoll aff-1N1,,'L.Q' Ywfk -, , BUDDY THOMPSON, Independent Buxmg BUCKMAN E., lxmptql Un I2 ll H' Track Storl TW Bcxmq f ff! ff ff ' if " Z " 5 1 f fi f -0 it A cv' 1 " lf! ,J Q1 QQ iff' ki iz, LL if df ,f Singles Horseshoe i 'r'f1fSQi'v92 , ,B9Li'3'.G? Swimming VO"Cvf1O" Boxing Fraternity 7 Kms -A1-TH-M League WW EAI! ooo ooo TEO Dormitory W K A A m -M-E W LECIQUG Y i Wi F F-KV W M- -Yiwrgfnw Aiblt Y-A r if B-C Bqrrqckg Independent Gorgeous W --- Grunts YMCA YMCA CLO CLO 059 Swimming MCJUNKIN, independent Swimming MURPHREE G., Swimming MURPHREE M., Tr-nnis Singic ATA Badminton M-5 .,,.J- ,-1 "7 1' !"1"'.7' ip v f hi F' if-J f .' ri fs fl 5 Nfl' E"-J f , V17 If fi I JJ U i ifilf all J if il J 31 in J A- J J Ji Jiliili Q J Ni Sliulflcbaarcl Sliulflelvaarcl Ping Pong Ping Peng Tennis lennis Singles Daillnles Baskellnall Football Singles Doubles Singles Daiilulus zx mm mio ATA mia mio TEO F-D S-J B-E B-C M-J F-L M-M M-D Crane Gorgeous Hall Grunts Univ. Lodge Invincibles Tyro Invincibles CLO l YMCA i , wife ' wav- ll B. 5 445, 1 ,if 'ik ,V f' o."..13'Y? , W .1 A E-' 'rm 1 QM "4 A i, 'tw . ' ' ini. 'Y:""--"sb.M,.'k.1Sh-nf '!-. ..-W-4... EX Shuffleboard Singles FLETCHER K., Horseshoe Singles JERRY BROWN, MURPHREE D Handball High Point Tmck Golf Singles Individual Winner SAE Am T50 Bill Partain B-C s'A Ken Wadsworth CLO CLO Gggiiss Jerry Klein lnvincibles CLO Vclley Ball BUCKMAN C., Vallev Ball -W. ' Q ' -Q an 1:2 M A ga G al l .- -ig .K :sv niljiilmli f Q, 1 ,. .,., V V 'q i,,:, ,, Y - li in : 4, xl 1 f ,"'Qlil'Y H Q I, as 'F' 1-x o r o Y 0 I Y, J! V, l 7 ,e' - fy, jj? Jjv il. 4? ly If W: Tv il! Al 5 Q K T143 - 1 H 1. .2 T ,,,.,,,3 w I D I l " ji ' lj l 'll ' jf gl xl f L! ff ljjf l. 1 Q ' LD L All 0 :If 671 gf L! QQ9 C, FLETCHER L., Ping Pong Doubles ATA Touch Football 049 Volloy Boll FIM' Ping Pong Doubles 5186 E sglfl -W- ' CLO Boxing WW Sl'1L,IfllQlDOC1Fd Doubles FRANK CONLON vs, JACK SUBERMAN cz M ei 0 zz F' Mi mg U M 5 as ' W. TROTTER vs. JIM HOWZE GORGEOUS GRUNTS, Shuffleboord Doubles BILL COWEN, Truck IQ X N up-fx-1' ' , "" 11 ' 95' , ,A ,X ff 5 ' f?g5'if?"fmWf ,Iv - Rf 17 li Q, . .",f,3T! -swf ,V Wil ,' "IM:,T' I V I Z 7 .er , f K 11-'H K, 'BQ ' X Yi ! f -r 5 RW ,1'. V 'Xb kt! .. - lp f y B X W VKX X f f FQWFNEN in-5J,1If 5 X y ci L mmf ' ' ' f Q 1- x I . 5 M , X N L W 0- x bf xfgrg' ,f f' la A, ' gui.- - 'w i . K 5, YQQ QQQ 7 x M X Wa x N ' 1, 1 I f Q"- M' ' X Qrfilwga,-f if-'1 J 1 -If . j N. tg,g,,,x:5mlg 515, , 4. 1' " . '-13111 ' ., '-,ff ,, If Llx f m. L I 'k 9 FRANK JoHNs, Truck Blu. HARLAN VS. sos KNIGHT wi ,. h2+iii5?l4' ff5,rf'f4.1i55?59f3.9?f1E55??1?f3f5234f'?3f1 - an - ' Jr- "1 ' 'I 5 -ux 'V !'wl2'Z,Lu-ifi'..+ ' qg'9R1i 'EB-"lin, ff? rf! ..,. 4 uid VE r-- --E I Y 5, ri. ,B fi? 41, fo 5157 1: rv ,fp Fm Qu UD JW, GV If Nfif if ffm M ff L! H Y.M.C.A. Swimming INVINCIBLES 4 FLETCHER D. Slwufflcboord Fcwotlaoll Fomlwxl ,QE ' ' INDEPENDENT rack MURPHREE ck cal. ,f E E71 f ,E E Yifyxs A 1-A ,,,.,.,,:v5-N-.M ,-.,,,...,h..-...M '.S'.:u-- X "THE VOICE OF FLORIDA" CONTINUES T0 SERVE From 250 Watts To Important Mutual Affiliate I928-ellie Beginning, Talk of ioining a network, V159 -WIQUF goes commercial, I929 Major Garland Powell liecarne director, I9-IO Scliool tri Radio ostalvlislted. "Slttdent'-training" program Cxponclef V330 WIQUF now 5000 walt station Director Powell inaugttrates present l9'tt Sttftttfl- 'RUF NUDDCCIII IO 350 Ott VOUV CIIGI- SIIICICIIIKIIGIIIIIIQ IIUIIW' IUII Noveiiitnet' ll7tlt, WRUF toins Coast' ta coast network of Ilia Mtttual I9-32' -"'I"liQ Votgc Qf Ftwtdaff mm C553 for Scvcmt mcmhgl Ilroadcasting System, Itijitltl walls and ttill-time sought, V936 --'RUF still not a nriernber of network, I9-'IZ' -I-Dedicated to "service" and concentrating on VICTORY! At Controls-Directing WRUF policies since I929--Mator Garland Powell Main Studio-The long and short of iti One minute before the little Beginners in a fascinating business. Operators Scott and Gano. Htonewme IVOVEIIGVH 9065 Cm the Gif, F0fmfff,DGf1 Willem' Stnel Iias swiped the mike. Amused but onworried are Berry, News Room-"Speaking ot Sports" Boggs reads a Iiot tip off UP wires, OWSOII cmd SIIGGIYA POUCIICI COIICGHIVOIC5 'DVI HIFIOUV WIIII -IIIC IVIGSIQISW Announccrs' Studio-The orange light flashes, I-Ioplatns spins tlie opening record, and Covington announces "This Is Your Variety "Right on the Beam." We'lI take Engineer Martin's ward for it. Musical Parade." tudent Government I I PRESIDENT CHARLES SHERMAN When vvar struck America in December, l94l, Florida's student body president Charles D. lCharliel Sherman immediately became an important cog in the University's war machine. Piled on top of Charlie's normal executive duties, these added responsibilities of gearing student activities to war strength kept "the chief" on the go all year. But Charlie's phenomenal scholastic record held up under the strain, which amazed no one more than Charlie himself. The first non-lavvyer prexy in six years and the second in thirteen, Sherman led Florida's vvidely- acclaimed student government through a successful, progressive year, Charlie leaves us to con- tinue medical training at Johns l-lopkins, and Florida men will long remember his alertness, keen insight into student affairs, super diligence, and easy smile--which cannot be reflected in even the shiniest Phi Beta Kappa or Blue Key. - fficers VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER BILL MCRAE BILL NORMAN Student government odministrotion took on o heovy lood this yeor when the University osked prexy Shermon to set up o Student Wor Council to represent student body views ond interests in the Uni- versity's vvor progrom, Eoch ot the cobinet deportments vvos ottected in some vvoy by the vvor ettortg this odded to their regulor duties ot ossisting Shermon in running the executive bronch. Most sig- niticont vvork vvos done in Idus Wicl4er's deportment ot interior, where ossistont secretory Kurt Teutsch conceived ond directed o gigontic student body reclomotion progrom which vvos loter odopt- ed tor use in schools oll over the country. Secretory-Treosurer Bill Normon expertly seporoted his otti- ciol duties trom his personol opinions on the Executive Council tloor ond definitely eorned his tit e, 'fWotch Dog ot the Treosuryf' Vice-President Bill lvlcRoe,veteron in student government, vvos involu- oble os Shermon's right hond mon. CABINET INTERIOR FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS LABOR SOCIAL AFFAIRS IDUS WICKER PEYTON JORDAN I-IOMER HOOKS HERMAN LEE I-IOMER STILL Executive Council Representing by colleges the entire student body is the Executive Council, non-executive legislative branch of Florida's student govern- ment. This year's aggregation of 23 solons can be complimented for a progressive year. Faced with reductions in finances due to a slump in registra- tion, councilmen were super-cautions all the way and even broke the long standing tradition of passing requisitions without question by holding up a questionable bill now and then for review. Lack ofa quorum or difficulty in securing one at several meetings proved to be a disappointing sidelight on the council's year. Perhaps the rea- son can be traced to the scarcity of red-hot issues on the council floor and the tacit disregard of party lines on many controversies. Anyway, fines were duly collected for absences and several re- freshment sessions were enjoyed by the legalites. Significant work done this year included changing the name of The Florida Review to The Orange Peel, investigation of intramural finance situation with more student control the result, drive to restore cut NYA funds lunsuccessfull, abolished tabloid size Alligator . . . suggested one issue a week . . . slashed salaries of editor, managing editor, business manager, backed campus-wide defense stamp sales drive, came out for compulsory early-morning calesthenics as suggested by the University administration lthe whole idea was later droppedl, unanimously ap- proved constitutional amendment taking selec- tion of Alligator heads from the student body and placing choice in hands of a special electoral board llater passed by narrow margin in special electionl, cut political campaign expenditure allowances all the way down the line. lt was a busy year. I Nominations: Most Efficient and Diligent- Neff and Cox. Cagiest and lvlost Cautious- Brandon, Most Courteous-Yonge. Most Con- vincing--Lefevre. Most Talkative-lvlathews, l-larmon, Goodrich. Least Talkative-Rivers. Brandon Caddoo Carleton Carter Cone Carry Cox Doyle Farrington Goodrich Graham Harmon Lefevre Mathews Metcalf Neff Rivers Saunders Smith Sudduth Tibbals Wright Yonge nlverslt 0 .Fl MEMBERS College of Agriculture RALPH OVERSTREET School of Architecture JACK MOORE College of Arts and Sciences FRANK DUCKWORTH BILL LIPPOLD College of Business Administration FRANK CONLON PAT MACKER Board of Masters Chancellor RALPH MARTIN This yeor the Honor Court hos tried more eornestly thon eyer betore to impress upon eoch student the signiticonce ot our Honor Coder Reolizing thot the success ot the Honor System Iorgely depends upon how it is presented to the new students eoch incoming Florido mon wos introduced to the Court ond its meoning by o yisit to the Court room itselt, ond by o tolk deliyered in the quiet ond dignified otmosphere ot the room by one ot the outstonding compus leoders, Hoying once understood ond oppre- cioted the pride ot o Florido mon in his Honor System, tew students will choose to betroy it. Before Qroduotion ond otter, moy eoch Florido mon help sincerely to preserye our most cherished trodition. orlda College of Education CHESTER HAMlLTON College of Engineering ALLEN LANG General College JACK MURRAY EDDIE TRIPLETT College of Law FRANK MALONEY WlLLlAlvl TOMASELLO MARY FRANCES DEWELL fm IM HD If III fm I' II MARTIN TRIPLETT MACKER LESLIE LIPPOLD MOORE MALONFY HOLMES DUCKWORTI-I HAMILTON LANG CONLON KQI IQ? ,fi ti If 'QI IU rj.-:DE JII IE EI IX I .B AQ LII I LI, ,X I3 QIFM"I5 ' I HONOR COURT SEAL CLERK ROGERS HOLMES STUDENT MEMBERS PRESIDENT CHARLES HROKAW JIM GUEST DAN ROBERTS 'Q The 'value ot tine entertainment and its ettect upon civilian morale cannot be overlooked during these days ot war, Realizing this! the Lyceum Council has attempted to bring to the Florida campus a yaried program ot high enter- tainment and cultural value. lt is the sincere hope ot the Council that Florida men were pleased with and even inspired by the ringing tones ot our Nayy's Concert Band, the rich baritone yoice ol Lansing l-lattield, the stormy two-piano fantasies ot Frey and Bragiotti, and the silyery lyricvoice ot Americas be- loved soprano, Jessica Dragonette, FACULTY MEMBERS lrl P CONSIYX NS if- J. E. JOHNSON U. S. NAVY BAND FREY BRAGIOTTI i Athletic Council Tl-lREADGlLL MANNI NG BEARD ROBINSON ROGERS ABELE JOCA The Council serves os o medium through which students, protessors, ond othletic personnel work together to promote o better othletic progrom. Three of its members olso sit on the University Committee on Athletics. The body opproves oll expenditures mode from student othletic tees betore they ore referred to the Executive Council for tinol oction. President ....... OFFICERS . ........ BILL ROBINSON Vice-President ............... JOHN JOCA Sec retc ry ....... Member ......, Member ........ . ....JOHN MANNING .. . .CHARLES ABELE ...... .BOB THREADGILL Athletic Director. .. ...... PERCY BEARD Faculty Member. Faculty Member. ...............P.L.REED ........FRAZlER ROGERS 0 S X' i Rn 4 6 fe If XXI, J Xi 1 Sammi of Smtleut i3te.Mi1frziiatfa..s FOGELSON ARRI NGTON DOLBEARE MAHONEY KOKOMOOR DAY LAMSON EMIG Seven solons vvno guide the destinies ot University publications are the tour taculty members and three elected students on the Board ot Student Publications. Cliairmaned by a taculty member, the Board lfias complete control over all contracts, purchases, policies, appointments and awards. Under its supervision come the Florida Alligator, the Seminole, tlfie Orange Peel, tlfie "F" Book, and tlfie Florida College Farmer. Activity of the Board during the past year bas been limited to signing contracts and approving policies, appointments and awards, and to main- taining tbe large reserve tunds as a means of avert- ing any tinancial crisis that miglit be caused by the vvar. MEMBERS Chairman ...... . .FRANKLIN KOKOMOOR Sec reta ry ....... ....., Faculty Member Faculty Member .... Faculty Member. Student Member Student Member .FRED ARRINGTON .........JAMES DAY HARWOOD DOLBEARE ............ELMER EMIG ....BEN FOGELSON ...........DON LAMSON Student Member ........ sang Sh-1'11'3 fi X 3 .BILL MAHONEY 1' 'tl'?ilN t 'Sllh illiltlllllllll-Ji llli tllllll 1' Q llllljl S i il- i' 2 1 ' . , X fsfi tfgl N 'QWW WH 1 .S .-. ,N-Q- Mar-1- Na. l tra' - - I, X -run i i h . N 'aa V Cl ' 1.1" llllli .- l A A ' ll e l:lol nw nerve - ref' will 'D C"t?w Co' K.-A We "di nf a UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAIN-ESVILLE. -- E 0 . C""l.e'f 1 This Is nts growl' ull Glo nys F09 in doug Qevorigxen golrclxwc I0 gases, Bggzfeg wv in ll. we lf- ll fd-'O' .. -of fn. we . Fogclsonn? begin Ixus no ragga me iillvdlle lor th t ecuU'E" S Blown for all' nd ls W5 FOQY my 'ail0". le9'ou 1 no ovpicciuvus iii il,933- - J To Sell nlllidiilqlacignionfln Dnve As llents Ai In Nets 0 Date' Vbefl ' I' at the start ol the week while Star Cub Reporter lalso Exchange ' Lil Editor, also Delense Editorl Morty Freedman watches lor a juicy - lll'flg'l'IIII'l NOW UOYICI 5C00P- Lhe two tlZllll'!'S .Ull Slll,lll'llLlj'.i Illgllfgll T, qllll- :ln fll'Il'l'll00ll loaf dance and the Olill'l' :l liilflllilli fllllllfl' that night, Ivlllsil' for ull' Ulf- nt'f':lil's will ill- t'lll'llisl1vll hv tux i ,jul I'l'Lll.0 Vvgh, Managing Editor Ben Fogelson posts early news assignments ,V ,A alll clol'lllit,lill'y sl-ctiolls :md t'l':ltvl'llity ll0llSFS, Ulf' Stllfllflltf'0llll1lllU'f,' for l'0l'lHlll2l,- Lion, l'Ullql'l'VI'lIllIll find 0K'UlI0l7ly this: wi-ek took Steps to unl5'lllzlsizf: 4-Is.. 1.c-- s,.-. b....f-f nl' .-,A-I-Ah pllnsen ol' 'li T Q E G i ity l'CDl'f" T' ll Fl ' cl All ' 'lf -A .l.t,4-r- Mon- ,U VOL. 33 Z-104 No. 32 Ulillalllzfl' ' ---AW ----- f - - ll r l' : r-- I-I JOHN corron BROWN ...... Editor-infCIiief Q,Q,,,,', 'tn M BEN, FOGELSON .......... Managing Editor 4 'Of Nm! 51, PHIL CRAIG ..l ......... Business Manager I comlglmn W EDITORIAL STAFF lf the rue- fff imma Hooks zxmnilve nnlnommm Alexander .... spam Ed- . vc' Jim Powell .. . Associate Ei! Phil Goldman .... Ablwcldo Etlffmlpd srl Alfred Kohn ....,.... Asst. Stuart: Newmum ..... Mm-als. Edbumm fm, fu Angina Slllnuer ..... Z-LL ' ........ Night Ed. lgdfw 'ld- t ll w it. p STAFF ASSISTANTS Min Y of James Brodknrb. Asst. Night Ed. 5 Hank Gardner ...... Art Ed ,I if H V! Morton Freedman l':XCl'18.llg'C Ed. Thomas Erwin Photographernll-' 'H "I Wallace Stich. .Asst. Makeup Ed. Melvin Richardson . .,Cartoonistv' fYf"mlTllll' i l i I-Ir-l-bert Anhalt .. Music Ed. Harold Goldberg ....... Cartoohlm l W "Wi 'iMug?-5F21W'iiiic'i"ElH'rElFd?-'i-A mf' ffm" , so Eddie Kelly, James Hahn, Ward Griffin, Arthur Gardner, Louis Safer t0l'lf'l'l 'lm' ' ,U - --- r W- - lVlClAiII,'?,ll- , BUSINESS STAFF ll bv C 'Tl l nl .lim ltntll.niulll ..... Aunt. Bus. Mgr. ' Ed Grafton. Night Bull. Mgr. 'OI ' i VI lcmllly MQNQ-Il .... Night Ad Mgr. Melvin Laugh ...... .credit Mgr. and Nl' , lg Henry Smith .. . 0-tflce Mgr. Boll 'Hays .... Clreulatlotn Mg'r.9ilJl0 lines? U. lllllllfy Arnold .. . Ad Mgr. Ed Lung ......... Malling Mgr. g 01 ' "'mIs'ii?-liillinnis' sT2lr9E'AIxSQl5'fjBF'15-FAAEEEWA Hfmsfl lm' 3 'fr clwcmllllngton, Malcolm Fuller, Wilbur Bell, Bob Patterson, zlnaslSf'S WCG- l pl Pitcher, Frank Palmer, Jerry' Gnddumh Terry Lyle, Jim Craig, Ed Qumlllll.-l Brown, Coppedgc, John Savage, Max Bresver, Joe Magruderrf-,,1 4.0002 03' , 'Published every saturday during the regular school yur i i ' except on 'holidays or examination porladl la . gf Qgl. THE STUDENT BODY or THE UNIVERSITY or IELORIIDA f nientioned Subject 01, ll'IJl'lVll' uamlsyvx ulrvlvll, Bild iw for of fl-0 1-we gylm-Mf+- 1 z'ff'f':'l.:f:'..i".:13f"'3.2i.':f:.'1f"i21:. l i 'mf 5 W 5. Y Girl Cute ? he lirst sem0Sfc'5 m ores K- cr one i - J hn Cowon Bwim ell-siazed P-ll'9"'o' tob- i iiordin-Sllnllle Zecond Scmfsfcils gilown alvfays icgrriiiliions Brown l ' wi I0 l - m , ' 1 'chilly aw0Y hom ihgiiimiliic big one has li: CE ailound tn. loid with Qllcdlon' ore roam T0 'mow bigwtiep ' says-if 'Wes him m l L l l 1 Tim Slated gilt lc1NlIALT Freshman Scribe Elliot Horovitz kibitzcs on Sports Editor Holmes ,. , - AIexander's sporty "Saurian Slants" while Associate Editor Phil is tulncd in Goldman, who also doubles in sports, is thoroughly preoccupied with 'mal-tgp gf ' some ol his own scintillating copy. ' I LY IHC Qujpyqi jl:sol'l'uwuLl l lllll' ' at VVednfr9 lllll II Ihr? sol' As the reponersl . C0 b ' 0 aalmner tnghp fron? '-fglns to ,Ottmar H1 I H amlte Sufi' Pondersgwes if 0 critical e de5k'.N0ws Edit d e 0' An X aru3:'LfC::,:L hrs2'se:lll.'st:-fs "':'a'::gLEroblem xerwlilg srgisg-UP Edigg: - "Moth "9ed' ."f-'rin ln the deep recesses ofihceoPY desk is Muzghfdlfooklng yew stuff' W-M 1 newsroom lurks me :tor Herbert Ahhh? Except for the Lehlgn ml., .,f"o"' depafrme ' nt. I 'niglltfll preview lll P. K, Yo Fayette debates, the question wif: -Al-,M :lin tmligllt .lose 1 the latest "lf llO2Il'flS. l'1f'L kll:fll,. lliil lltioll, l-:lsting It pl'0bl0lll, but the Pl:lvol's h wary well. Betty ll McKinst.l'y EUI' ble pel'fol'm:ln ,lgh to face all HI hind the footlig pected, in addition of admiratgion fl LA..- ,hr l.l.,. ..,..I:. r,., I? ' z rl 0 Y , lr 't rr v r i . A s g ' 3 ,sr s e 1, I , .f".. r'-1 1 'rel fi. .fix . ,. r 1 - 'is ..,.. 'N 1' ' 'I 1ff?l :Q NW! "lx -"rv jx, fr S15 all 50' lo . mcster WGS accent. for lrrst S0 Howard ,,..... an09el uirc thu' business m Xen to Of-q Turlmglon' fore he RUlPh ards be r break new 'cc 523 eil 5 On th Cr ' e Ad of llcigr kieahfdfslloikzf the Alligafor I f he Cum i ms f0fcef over his a edgf-'r, Bu 0 ul CCQ . Sing Lg' ZS ecahhzihe lusheslczllj' Craign,:Zs"'thSeorcl1siflizlager Ph, ' 'lf 'p ' .""'Pded env iob 0 S0n - sollrc -. , rl. ... age' Undli is Shll subsr So!o"S shi Nic campus Iii' m'sIO'fUnc-E G i' 'V rapherin H1 glnnql Chou PPed rr of mu h as eye, k e gh f , C . 'vow ond, J,,,, Robin liar Assmamvg nf ,Myer 'inf' ,. .. G.. W :On wants' using,-ss M . 6 ,' K 0 learn fh on- 3 Q F - C' Prada , L, . ,nfs fr-, s 1 I ,ylx,,'.',, l , . 1 'ang rw 1 D ua. '.' 3 own Alligqpgr ."'f Game . ' ' 'S r ' SWHU S . r Sill CUPY deflgdliiii fo' 'hc-u1'fanc'c"' News t 4 . 4 , s,,,f,fS Upsomgc 'gm Edna, Ear, the nighliope' plan: wh X' li Hi 1 ml N cporrer 5ddiZPz,7?le,,,,,der71:k Hulscy Chcilew holds do'-'Ji Te f in ,. 1-rr, ,gn - . e ys - s t ,Lion wlzvrom' rr.."'f"'dfffsov.-,"fj',f3boloveisiifgif'Sumnff mul wow' l mz-umilm' of' 'Phu ,frlliz:'::1r'-.- tx ..."""""2Iead. scC"""- re '-EM'r'f i ' rw. , . ,r . : .,.. , zz ' , ll 1 Sylfj'-.'lf.i Olkliw' ' Here 1. ...- x sk"""""" Art Editor Hank Gardner and Cartoonist Harold Goldberg rush , ., , :ark on o last minute cartoon to illustrate one of Brown's latest -.. ,MA ' ' ,, ,X .N M roinstorms for u "live Alligator". . f ur : V' '1 ' ,+ ,- " 1 'lv - 1 J. .,.....r...st1'at.ro11 rm .r , J v Y if . " - . . .. ., I ! 's1't1flClEIl Crezrtimm of bpceelr ' A rg- r..- e 0 Pm.. fr 'wgisgr YQ , . s !,.....l W in A and Tr f' Q' x s . 1 .M at 2: p - 1 cv-+54 4.-14.4 , if . .es ills-A .l 'rr spmmorccl of the Amr Miss., , - f A. , , QT'4"'2ll Wg! Q'ft"Z , lion ' . tr'1r'ul engine' W' ' h V 'N " ,, . Ohm :J ...-4 MO demonsu V ,O " Ml H011 dOl1lf7Ii Out in the backshop Fogy asks advice on o streamer problem from 'V' 'fliff "ill 'I V' 'fl ' ' men r' the Sun's managing editor and 'Gator mentor and tormentor, Bobbie ilf", i':'c:1Q- ivrvl .r Beard whois now in the Navy. Murals Editor and jock-ol-all-trades 13 r . .- -- ' . . ,xml-1.4 1 lu r r w Stuart Newman ollers his usual chattery advice. V in - -ct1' :rm llill Columnist James Brodkerb lcenterl kindles a new torch with Co Orpg ,M I. V V 4 . . . Y H' umnist Allie Kohn lanything to keep from being boredl. Brodkerb 2c'h'uNmn In ll F115 mlfl has been discussed at Gainesville's civic luncheons, accused of being !Cl1 2tY1Cl Ill CCHZI' A An mlm!" "lm In HJ" "n'C'lt'l 0l'lLll1.'57 o nazi and o communist. Kahn has been thrown into Newnan's'0r H0 ,Vim R- , , 1 .iutltl yw.'Illll 1 al-,Cm . Lake. Both like to write. Brown meanwhile mollilies another out- ' ' j ht, ri,.,p.H,AI,M,,H , "1 fl-7 raged laculty member over the phone. lllClS Rllfl UICLL ' ' ' ' ' ' Fhcy ure: wsu. Cl,,n,,,mS ir. ..'.1n2 as pun 9 known ns, talk, recite poetry, The zuxclicrrce, ami of 11 girl opcrf 'half of fin.: . 14151, I sun as ' 1"l'2i':'.4 of uh . Or! 1 lf-vlimx nt All' 4 1 .1 ' .,r. vfa""' l l I - r. . I . 2 rf., '- "' Izllllbtoll is built, except. Inf. I n'::gf,f","i ' H- . , H 1.' .. U""m tlrely of rrppzwzrtu-:I hmm Wm' 'Hd , , telephone service , l f 'n I K 'flllgu I, -, ' , x Q. Q F blhllilrll llrllJl'v! , ' , , l , . i ' - l Z1 512013 III St 1 l0.l.w I aff. H t, ,, DOWN in H10 prcssroom Sumner, Stlch, Brown, Alexander, and New- A . ' Qlll..-f,,'!Jl. th telephone Iabofah 4 fa l ll fl' 'ml 01 man give their lmol okeh to the first paper all the Sun's historical ' ' l l 'Hai Nlnrg' ,ts posqibmucr E exe-:rrllwa mrunr llmbcd- NU' 5l0Pf the Spanish Cafe. wma - - .4 0 1 - ' . - , , , . , , , - ., -- 0-V ., r 5, ,U f .-. 1 , F.. ,.. .2 sf: :ner f0T Llfsuu.-um. rxmpxx rs. lvnur- i as a and transmit-, dD1llll'lt.'lll, control. I rJ..1.. 1. qi r r'::l,.1J1 L.Pl2!1.,.., .. wir I . , . rx- - - - , W V A 'hi ldwrvffflf Nfmflv Mason- M1-1 mr. rr. . im vrtavf . - f-..?'ll'0 .. .1 lnf'i"Ti LO 'TF FWF' T "mr M THE EDITOR Edward Lang Associate editor Fleischman did most of the work while the editor went to Tally. l , it I . i A V -f.,.t , - soils Managing editor Mahoney is the man for all the dirty work. Editorial Staff EDWARD LANG Editor BEAUTY EDITOR Homer Still MILITARY EDITOR Ben Fogelson ADMINISTRATION EDIT Don Weiss INTRAMURALS EDITOR Alfred Kahn PUBLICATIONS EDITOR J. C. Brown FEATURE EDITOR l-Iomer I-looks FRESI-IMAN ASSISTA NTS OR EDITORIAL BOARD BILLY MAHONEY GORDON FLEISCHMAN Managing Editor Associate Editor SPORTS EDITORS Holmes Alexander and Bob Beardsley FRATERNITY EDITOR George Benjamin COPY EDITOR Billy Lasarow STAFF ARTISTS Ray Colee and Lamar Sparkman PHOTOGRAPHERS Frank Fernandez and George Avant Bill I-leimer, freshman key winner, James Wentz, Morton Freedman, Frank Bryan, Joe Slwearotise, Wilson Rivers, Jack Brooks, Foster Myers, Clif Green, Osment Moody Walter Timberlake. Left. to right-Still and Fogelson compare the pictures of the editor's girls. What they said didn't matterg they both made the beauty section. Weiss tells busybee Norman IMulefacel gust what a good annual is like. Freshman key winner Heimer in one of his working spells. i.. ig, ' I s-nw. W te im, 5 is as ll rf The business staff stooges. They collected the money but never the gravy Business Staff Business Manager ........... Assistant Business Manager . Associate Business Manager. .. Circulation Manager .......... Staff Assistants BILL CALDWELL HARRY HUNTER ..GEORGE AVANT RAYMER MAGUIRE .TOM ECONOMOU . . . .HAROLD NEFF GADDUM DAVI WILCOX X X Maguire was everything but a pool player at er EUGENE FLOYD WAL 'y3 UNKlN LARRY ROE AN 5 ER NOAHJENERETTE l-iOM li yfk 4, L tiff Eilqf' - ' " ff m " - N e' -Q----W' Q-' Left to right-Newman and Kohn seem in a happy mood. Kohn evidently has forgotten his ducking at Newnans lake Brown and Hooks are probably working on some yellow journalism rather than the Seminole Alexander and Beardsley look over the sports layout to see whats new under the sun OVEI' 'f75?ff51fl ' t injfllfafilifk L Left to right-Benjamin and Lasarow chuckle over something. It couldn't be the Orange Peel. The suckers of the Seminole, the staff assistants. lt usually takes more effort to get them working than to do it yourself. Artist Sparkman would rather draw nude women than division pages but unfortunately we couldn't use them here Photographer Fernandez at work in dark- room lphotographer's darkrooml. Seminole. Neither of them know anything. 11111 1 il 'Kli- Left to right-Artist Colee gets the credit for the advertising section page. He claims he got the idea from the fact that business all the country is looking up. Richardson's cartoons came in too late to use. Poor Richard! Neff and Economou argue over the Ogg Iv" : 91 E ' . . . dlf0r Shaw and executive editor Smith try to assume that casual busy look. Just a motley collection to fill out the page. Staff GEORGE SHAW .........,.... ..-' ......... Editor JERRY BROWN .,... ...,. B usiness Manager KIENAST SMITH. . . H ..,. Executive Editor JON MCLEOD. .......... .......,.. E xchange Editor ASSISTANT EDITORS GRADY DRAKE RICI-IARD MQDERMOTT ED BARCLAY DANIEL MONTENEGRO EDDIE KELLY STUART NEWMAN CLAUDE LOGAN ROBERT SMITH HARPER WI-IITAKER OFFICE STAFF WINTOIXI BLACKWELL TOM ELLINGTON EDGAR MOLER Artists Smith an ' d Barclay look over their I t t I ' . G es ewd dmwmgs' Business Manager Brown did things up brown in the way of advertising. lVol. ll No. 3 SPRING, 1942 15 gems Editor Lloyd Flood Q0 R9I5'I:I' Assistant Business Manager Bill Clark Staff Editor .............. ......... ......... L L OYD FLOOD Business Manager ........... ...... J OHN STOUDEMIRE Assistant Business Manager .................. BILL CLARK ASSISTANT EDITORS J. C. BROWN JERRY BROWN ED LANG I-IOMER HOOKS BEEKMAN COTTRELL FRANK FERNANDEZ GENE USDIN JIM ROBINSON BOB SMITH BILLY LASAROW Too often regarded os the "Freshmen Bible", the "F" Book is the otficiol hondbook tor oll University students os the rnost outhoritotive source of infor- rnotion obout the compus, odministrotion, ond student body ottoirs, The "F" Book is written, mode-up, ond published in the summer in order to be reody tor Freshmen Week in the toll, It is not just rebound every yeor os some put it, The book represents reol work on the port of the stott. I Col. S. R. Hopkins, P. M. S. G T. INFANTRY MAJOR A. S, RUSI-I LIEUTENANT COLONEL D. P. YEUELL MAJOR B. F. RIDENOUR CAPTAIN W. T, ARNETT H LIEUTENANT J, C, DRIGGERS FIELD ARTILLERY Front Row-Major R. L. Joyner, Col. S. R. Hopkins, Maj. J. M. Robertson. Back Row-Capt. A. S. Reynolds, Capt. J. L. Lazonby, Capt. E. P. Roebuck, Capt. R. G. Banks, Jr., Lt. C. E. Gildersleeve. OWFJEJL the 0 "One of the best in the entire Southlf' That's the United States Army verdict on the University of Florida Reserve Officers' Training Corps. With an organization of about WOO cadet officers and men enrolled in tvvo field artillery and one infantry regiments, the Florida ROTC unit has sent its graduates into every part of the United States armed forces fighting on every front in the current gigantic vvar struggle. Not without its share of glory is the Florida ROTC corps, for at least a half dozen of its graduates have already given their lives fighting for the principles which the University cadet corps instills in its graduates. INFANTRY Front Row-Major A. S. Rush, Lt. Col. D. P. Yeuell, Major B. F. Ridenour. Back Row-Capt. W. T. Arnett, Lt. J. C. Driggers. FIELD ARTILLERY MAJOR R. L. JOYNER COLONEL S. R. HOPKINS MAJOR J. M. ROBERTSON CAPTAIN A. S. REYNOLDS CAPTAIN J, L. LAZONBY CAPTAIN E, P. ROEBUCK CAPTAIN R. G. BANKS, JR. LIEUTENANT C. E. GILDERSLEEVE fculets Field Artillery-Cadet Col. Wheelock and Col. Hopkins. R0 1: - ,R 0 tc - if wmv - if wifi' Infdnirymen receive the award for outstanding performance at camp. bil. ravi. Infantry-Col. Yeuell and Cadet Col. Nutting 'bw W' " h.Lfl4l- 'x 'i"""f ,Ah .1 1 -1 , 5 f ,YSHWA f .Q f I 1 I1 v: ladweh, 4 -- The New and the Old 5 1 ' ' lil V ff 5 iff" ,ff 'N J ff 31 'f J" 1 A J" ff :J F- I i -'V I rv lib, rf: r ,ff r'-1 C1 xj ,Zi r-1 A L- ,i N rf' - V .. 1 ,ggi- I v , fm- ' ,Qv.,r,gv.,1,, at 4 ": , . . M .irish Left to Right: Right arm of the artillery: The French aiming circle Left to right: lnfontrymen field strip the machine gun in 20 seconds. Machine gun squad goes into action S ri nz, as 5 it i rt, g ff fi o rr it A S ri frilfr-1 r X "-As the coissons go rolling along" Ca,-ry Sqbersl The R. O. T. C. is not a place where boys go just to get uniforms to attract the girls, lt is training for young men for future service as Reserve Officers in the ranks of national defense vvhich is so important at the present moment. There is no need to talk about our. unit here, Every year we vvin the trophy for being the best unit. The popularity of the unit may well be judged by the number of applicants every year. Men are selected on basis of scholastic standing in other courses as vvell as in military. T Left to right: Commence firing. lnfantrymen with o Stokes mortar. Top to bottom: Cadet Col. Nutting and Staff. Junior Platoo .A.- .An - Left to Right: Present ARMS! Hard iWork .5. T. P. . . . ..:...:f:... .' -'--.W .-vv. -- . . .. ,. ......-...- Left to Right: Physical drill: the old "duck walk" At the break in 2451. Order ARMS! Physical drill: "push ups" Mczkes Hard M Q lil, Four men and a gun Top to Bottom: Cadet Col. Wheelock and Staff. Junior Battery Ji..- . . ..,-4 ,Lx M My ma, GU 5 iff amz we gb i V -If Q WHEELOCK RUTC l ,- A bro DICKMAN 4 KN 4 -. B r ig a d e CORPS STAFF COLONEL NORMAN R. WH EELOCK ...... Corps Commander MAJOR LYLE C. DICKMAN ........ ......... . .Adjutant MAJOR JOHN J. WHITING ............ Plans and Training CAPTAIN ROBERT N. JEFFCOAT ..... ..... ..... 4' ff ,I 9 l , ' ! . L. ips.. lf' -Q I 3 WHITING JEFFCOAT Betty Brown ...... ..... C olonel N. R. Wheelock Vernelle Collins ..... ..... M ajor L. C. Dickman Frances Gaither. . . ....... MajorJ. J. Whiting Mary Rhame ...... ..... C aptain R. N. Jeffcoat Ban First In antr Regiment f REGIMENTAL STAFF COLONEL WILBUR F. NUTTING .... Regimental Commander LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHN T. MANNING. . Exec. Officer MAJOR HARRY C. PARHAM .................... Adjutant X PARHAM MANNING ..-M NUTTING Barbara Morrison. .Colonel W. F. Nutting Nancy Mason. . .Lt. Colonel J. T. Manning Maida Baker ........ Major H. C. Parham F . MAJOR First In antr First Battalion BATTALION STAFF PETE H FRIERSON Battalion Commander i. K A. W M 1 X Q . ......... . . 'rgiiiy l V CAPTAIN DONALD G. WEISS .... ............ A djutant FRIERSON 1 . I. . Wt' A W fgQ,y'y v .x .5 agp - ,L: "'. '13 . r. J, a-t. 1 W , 1 i . - . A " A N ,5gf.iLfi,fi2gii -' r 2 '-" I ' S L- i ' 1t'fi?Q9i ' Us 5, i -. . : lr . i i 'F tat Y f gif-A 1 . - to fgxi f r nf 5 4 KIM, ' N xy L' .- I 'XM X 'X ' 'lf' Il 2 f -L K F A fi 3 " ., '-Lge . - - .. A'ta ' far l ' s WHSS . ffg3f?'4f-5 'L A f l , , i .- im 'AZ - in , 1 , .i TK? ' Wig h ir it ,,n, . . ' 'Q if fl ,f V f 4 rr V ...T -n i . Company A if O- ' I K 4 Q 5 Captain Arthur P. Ellis A J Company Commander First Lieutenant Lee Graham, Jr Sig , 1 - -'-21+ Second in Command ' 'lr :J If 1 0 N - . , - , ' - 1 , , , ,Q X A is . xx X - 1 Q i I 1 , ll ' r -,, ' A ' W :ef ,. C9mPunY B ' fa . Tig. I Ji Alix? , . J' , link., , it 5' r tg. or -1 Captain James J. Dwyer Sivtig i- 355 'i h Q Aj gi A ,, V company commander 1 L. i Q J i K ' r, First Lieutenant Edmund R. Collins A 7 5- 'J .. ' , A , m 1 A i-'a H X: S Second in Command ' EP' f +' 14' l N , vii. it X ' I i ' -. f i i '-..-,,32f , V I QA 'Q l X I - ..'-. r.., si J' 1 .4 L 1, K ig 3 ' 'f.:.Ql.' " -4"'f 3' Company C . f . -fi.1g? ' A . Captain Marvin H. Altman 3' ' g, , ' N- -A V i ' -- ft A ,YS E Company Commander . QV' A ,J Fife Lieiifefiofif John F. Malcom ga.. .. ' Second in Command Ellis Dwyer Altman Graham Malcom Matheny Metcalf Thorpe Walden Bell Flanagan Grantham Walker White Dwaskin Guest McElyea Metcalf Noel Lucretia Thompson ..... Major P. H. Frierson Jewell Marshall Bee .... Captain D. G. Weiss Maria Bird ........... . . .Captain A. P. Ellis Mrs. Marvin Altman. ..Captain M. H. Altman Regiment Second Battalion X X X at BATTALION STAFF 'LAe S MAJOR GEORGE T. VASS ............ Battalion Commander Pt ' CAPTAIN HOMER E. STlLl. .................... Adjutant - VASS 'ri Di it "sy .- ,.,,, X H I ' A i'- X. I X '01 .fy XX ...HX f ev J y : ,,., - i ,5 F-rl in STILL Xifl ,X XX- 19, 'X' .. Company E J ' li U4 XX Captain William l-l. Butler X !'Q'X , -X. " , Company Commander . First Lieutenant Edward M. Murphy X L Second in Command X XA XXX T' -. Al H lei J' A ' X i A' T if L l X." Captain Herbert E. Robson , - T ' 'it av , K Company Commander ' l - r, I , i- A First Lieutenant Thomas D. Ryan ' " WJ' ' l Second in Command A- M Company G in r Captain Samuel T. Register Company Commander 6 First Lieutenant George B. Davis Second in Command I ' 6' 'ft Xl 5 JC., QM Y Company H X .X X X f X -T' 4 Captain Lawrence G. Mathews Company Commander I if f First Lieutenant Eric R, Mills 1 l 1 Second in Command , X X XX I . a X 12' X,.g g Jean Stearns .... .. . ..Major G. T. Voss Butler Robson Register Mathews Elaine Sheftall .... ....... C aptain H. E. Still Murphy Davis Mills Leslie Jo Bedford ...... .... C Gptclln W. H. Butler McCall Overstreet Blood Gilbert Janey Welch ...,.... . ..... Captain H. E. Robson Scott E034 HWY Hull Patricia McNamara .... .... C aptain S. T. Register lebosh Johnson Polly Ross. ......... .... C aptain L. G. Mathews 1 L, - I First Field Artiller pf' BRIDGES REGIMENTAL STAFF COLONEL DAVID W. BRIDGES ..... Regimental Commander LIEUT. COL. OLIVER M. CARTER ......,. Executive Officer MAJOR SIDNEY M. ARONOVITZ ...... ........ A djutant CARTER XX:-4' ARONOVITZ '35, Marion Morris ..... .... C ol. D. W. Bridges Annie Jo Gaither. .Lt. Col. O. M. Carter, Jr. Ethel Mintzer ...... Major S. M. Aronovitz First Field Artillery Regiment , First Battalion W BATTALION STAFF A: g 1 MAJOR HAROLD H. NEFF ..... ...... B attalion Commander fi, f CAPTAIN THOMAS W. SELLERS ........ Battalion Adjutant NEFF L y l , l lffx Ll' -n br' 'l . ' I. N X A SELLERS Battery A Captain Melvin B. Smith Battery Commander First Lieutenant Robert G. Anderson Second in Command i Battery B j Captain Paul G. 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Gertrude Futch .... Second Battalion BATTALION STAFF MAJOR CLAUDE W. COFFEE ...... ...... B attalion Commander CAPTAIN ROBERT A. WRIGHT .... . . .Battalion Adjutant Cf, 'r - 'i l 'X -f 'tr 'Yr 1 . . rl vt, ,-,' I .r I ., , 'K ,ve . .M , 'is ,ZX ,RV .X -Y .. ry - X ke' X, V, ,, Y r 9' T , . , or Q f .P .gg if y ra-S . xr' .,s-Qwtg . L. 131' -x-' K " X I ' N ' C ,Q i ' xl . 'TT 1 Q . 1 ' " Ax , it-5-4. .gi Force Lee Owens Combs Mcfxlpin Macker Reams Silverman . .. . .Major C. W. Coffee Captain R. A. Wright Captain H. M. Force .. . .Captain H. A. Lee Captain J. T. Fralish '-.m K4 JM 4 , 3364. 9 . ,. Qv '- r ' 'X' lx 4? ,X 1 f'l . ff ,fe 4, -N Fralish Whitehead Mundhenk Brown ,gi . M. 1 .I -J X 4 'Wi , . P wr.. Rx . ':'f'i ' f . fit? . . .Mfr 'ifief "T, A : ug .. . -ft' , Q P n Greenland J ones Means Grommet 1 , will iw-0' f'77"M"'7' ! 1 1 1 29. 7Z,wwv K 6274, Q m WHS 4 1 ' .2 'U' in V iw s 1 KSQQS Y 1 l 'iz' ' 1 , 'a Jziwwf af MW . A N , ' a. fm fiww f.714"7"" Kumi ffm L , - V - 7 f' Klllflzyhg S 31 ii Q1 , , f4"Vf 1 - 1 W 8 has i t 4 MM 0.0M U Wa img - I - V 1 , I wlufim ARNOLD BENTON BRADY DEBUSK DUCKWORTH ENGLE FECHTEL HOLMES HOWELL JULIANO KAMI NSKI REGISTER Alpha Epsilon Delta E HONORARYV PRE-MEDICAL FRATERNITY Q r OFFICERS 5 ' ,V L President ....... .......... . ...RALPH ENGLE Vice-President ..... ...NED MACRLER 1 secrerary ...,... ..... .... s A M REGISTER Treasurer. . . ..... FRANK DUCKWORTH il' ' Reporter .... ...... . ..AL JULIANO Alpa Epsilon Delta, the only pre-medical fraternity on the University of Florida campus, was installed April 4th, l93O. The fraternity is honorary and members are selected on the basis of scholarship, medical interest, and character. There are thirty-two chapters in the United States and the organization has long been recog- nized as the largest pre-medical fraternityin the coi Alpha Epsilon Delta is not only an honorary fraternity but also a seryice fraternity in that it aids pre-medical students in covering the long and tedious path in the direction of an lyl. D. degree. Its program consists of lec- tures, medical films, trips to medical schools, hospitals, and other institutions of interest to "premeds". lts most essential element is that it has helped to bridge the gap between pre-medical training and the school of medicine. - Inha' 611111161351 -1, x 1' WW X A 'L IA I 4' B.5,CUTLE.l2 PRES. RTF MANN J.D.MILLEQ E. A. LANG DEAN WJ MATHERLY C.B.5HEDAl2D - VICE:-PQE5 N J.E.HOGAN TJ. ecomomdu W cs.-w1LsoN Dl2.l2.B. EUTSLEIQ - PROP H.G. HURST .gig-L. W. QCANNING SM- Trams. W. F. NUTHNC. W. W. COQQY C.F.Al2l2INC.TON - J. CHAMILTON J.D. WILLIAMS V.A.Mf:AD J.W.WISDOM Pl2OEJ.G.E.LDl2IDGE DQ.FW.TUULf: ADV! 5052. W. BTIMBEIZLAKE CA MA'ITH EW S ' N J.5.GWYNN Alpha Phi Umega HONORARY SERVICE FRATERNITY OFFICERS President ...... . .. . . .......... PRESTON COCKRELL First Vice-President. '. . . ....... RAY PEARSON Second Vice-President ,... ...... S TANLEY WEAVER Secretary ............ .... W ALTER TIMBERLAKE Treasurer .... .. ...... FRED HALLOCK Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity composed of ex- scouts, was founded in i925 at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsyl- vania. Tau Chapter vvas installed at the University of Florida, April l3, l93l, Today there are more than lOO chapters of the fraternity in all parts of the country. The organization has a four point plan of service, involving service to the student body, service to the youth of America, service to the members of the fraternity, and service as participating citizens of their state and country. ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 BENSON CARTER COCKRELL EATON GAY GRASSFIELD HALLOCK HARMON HARRISON JONES LANG LAZARUS MATTHEWS NEFF O'CALLAGFlAN PEARSON RIVERS ROSENTRETER SMITH STILL STURROCK TIMBERLAKE TURLINGTON WEAVER -few A My Mig-'f' 'EZ-:k iwi-M. 5gmm3'?'2 - J f. xvmgt. ',y.z.,1,4 2 dw' -f '24 1 15 , J, K Q l 11 x M3 1 'W 439 445, 'H x 32 rw W 1 L ' -gg- E.R.miHS w.Bp.n gn W-Burmr 6' a Q A IP' W' 'i!,, . 'A :B 1 WN ,' x Wilson L.mothewS Oversfr-eel' R.L.Bu-ber x-.w1RH ' ,HAL WM f Q 44 S., N. I E "f 'N' WE 0 Wdww, ' ' V . f o X fd' www-, . in , wi? nf , 4 ' fl Q m9CuH Beta Alpha Psi NATIONAL HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING FRATERNITY OFFICERS President ..... . . . . . . Vice- President .... Secreta ry ..... Treasurer. ........... . . Permanent Vice-President ........ .ROBERT SPRINGER . . . .RICHARD BYLE WILLIAM HUNTLY . . .HARRY THORPE .DR. D. M. BEIGHTS Beta Alpha Psi, honorary and professional accounting fraternity, was installed March 26, l938, on the University of Florida campus. The fraternity consists of twenty National Chapters in all leading schools of Business and Accounting throughout the country. The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi shall be to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession, to promote the study of accountancy and its highest ethical standards, to act as a medium between professional men, instructors, students, and others who are interested in the development of the study or profession of accountancy, to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional attainments in its members, to encourage cordial intercourse among its members and the profession generally. ROW I ROW 2 BEIGHTS BYLE COMES DANDELAKE FISCHBEIN HUNTLY JOHNSON MOSHIER SPRINGER STILL STOUN THORPE Beta Gamma igma HONORARY COMMERCIAL FRATERNITY I l RALPH TURLINGTON HOMER STILL ARTHUR WEINBERG President Vice- President Secretory-Treasurer it l HENRY LASRIS D. lvl. BEIGHTS BILL HUNTLY Beta Gamma Sigma is not only the highest but also is the only strictly honorary fraternity in the College ot Business Administration, Those who have won election to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma have won an honor greatly coveted by Commerce students, a distinction highly respected by a large number ot leaders in educational and business fields. H Q The national organization of Beta Gamma Sigma had its origin in the consolidation ot three local honorary clubs on February 26, l9l3. Today there are approximately titty chapters ot this fraternity which are located among the most respected ot the nation's 'universities The alpha ot Florida chapter was installed in l93O. Eligibility tor this traternity is determined by scholastic requirements, one ot which is the limitation ot junior election to the highest two per cent and senior election iincluding those elected when iuniorsi to the highest ten per cent ot the graduating class. R . "rv: 'w!fQf1,'U1-VI.:-.ix-V-4 'fu L-V,-1 AV.. 111.,,,'.1I,:I 1'--yyilqhfl QI r 4-V V-.'., ' , .V-w.'V ...IL ,. fu' -"M-'V. ff.-5 ' ': .a. "'V 5.1 IMI: IIIrV- gy :V-.1-NI. .I.. . 3, g .VI V' I... .IVV. gn. . . -7-. My IV VL. V3'i"' "f1":'.A'5 -f .'VV'Q "if 7'7-2.-1.1 V fVsf:'xSf V. V, UM. "--'jI.-- -.V:I.... f-Ify 4-5 M-,V Wx 'V -L ' -'VN 'q -- 'g X14 'I if-2.51, . H" 'V'-TN .VVV VV nVV.'.w V . V+., , -,-e-1.-1 If ry 1, ' ' ff ig NV V.-:IV LI,-VI.-V: QV' ' 'me-'I-.1-i 1.54. ' .V !'l"f",V"'1"I. '. ' vw -. AV wwH.'A .wwuHfw-mixrmaw. :L wwdi "-'fx' V -'MA-Y 'V "."'.r ww 5-+V. .1 .fl-' ' "' '-rffl ...V ,II "VZ':'H4"'V. -.Qu V..:'. " '.. e.Vl V. ' III "" , 4' V. V gd... V , V-V'VV........:a.IIII .. V-vVfV- . V- V - I 'QV V-"' 14" f' 5 , V...V....,V.,,.,. I 1... V3 J , - ',:' ' H 5. . I V... - .. YI S V .,I ..xI,.... -.,I . If QQSX V, .V, V.,V.., , ..g.,."" V 5 -QQ-Q' . , ,. - . , ..., . I . V.,. 4' 1' JH., .-V , '. .. V- f'V,, . JJ' I I,vVyx.1....V I .8 ' I V V,..V, .N -V,'.,:,, .V V... 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VMXL ce lfVfy-Af Sigma Tau, National honorary engineering fraternity, ' X "tw, ship record alone The initiate must have vxhihited those was founded at the University ol Nehraska, February 22, NNE? qualities which are regarded as being essential to engineer- l9O-l, At the present time there are twenty-three chapters if AJ "IQ SUCCGSQ 'lOmClV5 l7'OCl'C0l'lVf 5UC'Gl5'lllVf and Sfllolmc located at various colleges throughout the nation, Upsilon Xt' Sllljt chapter of the University of Florida, was installed in l923, 5el'VlC'3 to llte 9"t9l'tf?G"lVtQ SlUClSttl is CHC of llte lCV0ttt05l Y ' X V I if purposes of Sigma Tau. The Florida chapter maintains a T0 be '3l'Q'l3lG tcr meml9CV5ltlPf CUC mU5l be ttt The UDPGV loan tund which is used to assist worthy seniors who are in third of the students of the College of Engineering, L. ..,. need of financial aid to complete graduation. The national Selection of members, however, is not based on scholar- li organization, in addition, maintains graduate scholarships l E 3 S 4 Every arts and s dent ho - - SY 1 accepted mto the, fa - - S Q lloidry co - z - r S S ' 2 ppl' 'When weisee a'mafiiWeaan ,the hftlc? inode shaped Phi Beta Kappailiey, we can aes ' assured at he has reached thessutnmritvofuscholaii s achiev . A i A' Q W .A is A A V A s' ' lorida ' admitted to this hi hl exclusive tr 5 9 Y It only at ven semesters of the highest ranking- . . . S. 'sc a ip. But this doesnot mean that its ., - -1 ers are. N -v . . . 71 Y s scholars alone. Among avr-wb eve V - re leaders 5 ' S f - i'n"f2 a f. . sf ! f I , ' tfercra aclvl ,A nu ida's rne s o sera 5 Klppa. Qu :A 'ff of t f' chap :Af e a 'faculty N I 7 f ZH 4 s A , S lmombers. '4Qf . , . . lx 5 t ., 5 u s 5 h , -.sf 5 A sl ci-:All ESE-IERMAN LAMAR Lsacrrr , WILLIAM Jolt ao'r1'oN nnown Jossm aioasw Jon-IN nemo Hl' TQ BAKER MICHAEL HANSINGER SIDNEY LIER STOVALL. Homes - - , , , sw ll 'S' i' S 5 5 S N ' L . . In i N 'Ri-ff 1 A 1 , S . z-F cgi' 2. P h i I ap Phi Kappa Phi, an honorary for scholastic WILL CLINT NORMAN WHEELOCK MICHAEL HANSINGER LLOYD KITCHEN HOMER STILL ARTHUR WEINBERG JOSEPH RIDGELY HOLMES ALEXANDER BEN MOSS ANDERSON RAYBON PAULSON HUNTLEY LASRIS recognizing seniors most other CHANDLER BINGHAM BLANEY HIMES ARTHUR SMITH PETER LACY ARTHUR ZUPKO KENYON ECKFIELD RALPH TURLINGTON WILLIAM NORMAN time y I A i .K . X-J , w. it i . 1 q I a lslff' . fi WIN av' lx dna x l PA r lb Lance Lazcnby Tam Lefevre , Billy Gay l-larry Edvards George Dandelake Ernest Bell Advlsor Justice Vice-Justice Clerk Treasurer Marshall Pohert Bishcp lsen Eckfield Joe Geiger Charles Kniskern Frank Maloney Torn Wakefield Sid West Phi Alpha Delta, national honorary and professional legal fraternity was founded in l897 at the University of Illinois Following a policy of conservative expansion, Phi Alpha Delta novv has chapters in fft of the leading lavv schools in the United States and alumn many of the larger cities. The purpose of the fra scholarship and fellowship, and to encourage its the ideals and standards of the legal pro- fession. The University of Florida Chapter, named in honor of the late Senator Duncan U. Fletcher, vvas established in i924 ancl since its installation has attained a dominating position in this state and on the University campus. , MAGISTEFK Exca-IEQUER ,HISTORIANN CLERK ai K 1 P.YONGE J.NELSON ABRACKETT W.DEXTER phi ileffcz 076 ' R-WILKIM I-LLORISH 5.5MITZE6 4 Y CRROBINSON ' ,oy of W X S 6 O ff fy ff aferlzzlfy JYMADIGAN F.RU5l-I E.noBnN5oN F,-nQ4QMp5QN - L. SPA N ' 3 N A A SS 35' ' 1 'fi F , Q 'W , . - .S Aww fi mf R' :Li-.Y f 4 ' Q N 7 r' HAY 1 I E fu F g 7 M" , P : 1 .: E , . , ' Rrcr-mats 1 xg, . "J sf -21-sf. W f . wrcxzn Y 2 vX 1' ' 5 G x' I 1 ELLIS 1524 1 MURPHY ALTMAN -,A 5 HP' 1.xc1-lrsnwusrsp. .4 ru' Ya r ixh Q R "YQ: , X . CAPTVASS X . i . if Ha A F1105 F? I is A , -2 , h va FORCE 'Q fi R ' .1715 X M ITCHBLL 'A .V bl, sw i w . -14' ROBSON ,N i .1 as W ' I ., ' f -y' ' f"8 I6 L' 1 'WHITE " ' .Y ,H ' ' 'ff' ,, A' f ' 5. y. 'Y "!"'!'. -' W' QQL I MKI' THEW6 r , w X. ,z u. 1 W f ' vw A ,gm mix 1' .-FM , A 4 - N - X X MW1. 8 - 4 ' ' . Q . , n ' V 4 i Q ,KW ... at t v: f Q ' " 'f' 7 O " 4 Ml 1 ... 'I'fLT.BRlDGE6 mmfcoamntx 2'i'L'lfNUTTING w'sARs.HuLBERT HARMAN wr-nzELocK .MM lv 13? r " V +- 2 'N . fl li' OFFICERS COMMANDING rabhard Blom? QW' Q' -'Q X -Z" HARBIN .ax .' 5. N ' fm.: 154616 ft 5. 5 35 5 u '42, 4 . N, COMPANY I-I SECOND REGIMENT' MAJOR RUSH FACULTY mem asa 'Fm " NW 7 'ww mm xg K Q Q , ia! . , 8 FARRTNGT ON C APCTER '4 .N X k 'Sl W 'Haig . I v' ' 'ni-' " f ? eg, in 4 Q 5, V Q , 5 ' S9 e Wg -,M . I P Q U0 4... lt W Qi H A 4- L MARTIN ROB INS oN , N w 35' I 4 'S z 5 ,, - Y if P ENN , Q. . hp 5 2115 ' '76z'5!34 Q i .. , , BUTLER Lx REGISTER FRALISH f ,T J DWYER 1 . .qv Hb in f f?v2"' 4' , -4 'K Q a fe. s :A "gf , ffm A , S l I , Q , . MANNING V :ff Q i!i"! - 7If .STILL Moms YODER DAVY NEFF METCALF 1 N A v 1 .f ' of,-:Rf 1 f.xn,n..,ifi ,,-g..,..- SELLERS GREEN . gannlm 4 f gi L A A SKGNHX DELTA 3 ' A ' ffm K9 "1 Banff Ldeisq S73 ' C A W SW A A X 51 , 5 Q ac. 9 I t 0 ' Q f " Q x X 'f.1m'f.':::::f:u1::i"fJ'ir H 1' A mam . ' , , f 'TWEL K' " x " '2u'i3fff5'fif3.Q:. ' ' 1-f 'A f f121t11s5.h Q M nf fig Q Yo' Qbxamduu L Q . ' ' jpg wan 7 '.'b "j A A 4 K6 f'N K V vm!! "Y if f f 5 X HUNUWAHX f0W!V4!!5f7 CooDu?n7i5n ffmfffffvffr nw liz lr, rr rr rin ll W lla, rr i BRANDON J l BROWN , y ELDRlDGE ' Ag, .5 HCLLAND "' llillfllrfs Ga11i.nrrrr. S 555' Egg rr fb fs 5 in in Front row, left to right: Lloyd Kitchen, James A, Todd, Jerrold E. Kemp, William F. Tomlinson, G. Joe Sliagar, John H. Pomeroy, Jellrey Dawson. Rear row, lelt to right: Marvin Weil, W. David Stallcup, Dr, J, Erslcine Hawkins, Ralph Engle, Walter Reeves. Not present at time of pliotot R. Eugene Fuguitt, James B. Redd, George Armstrong, Charles Nearpcm, Robert Swoope, Malcolm E. Fuller, Walter Stovall, Jr., Bernard Kamnski. . , , -- K - .' fi-1--cf. 'e.g-.f', -lf..,zff'1'-3"u.-iayel - r ' ' A t,- . Ly . -"" 'L-.3-f:F'1' . K' ,--. - Y . " -' v P i N M, m U o u .sq K fa pp ez up p ll P 5 i Austin Borrow Brokaw Col I ms Dosh Douglmorty Fowler Guistwhitc 'Harrison Hotton Imglo Jockgon Moore Munnell Porkcr Riclwords Rudgcly Sebring Tornwoll Wore Whitney Wlllioms .Fl li, i E t Il ig m ll Phi Eta Sigma, freshman honorary scholastic traternity, was founded on the Uni- versity ot Florida campus January ll, l93O, through the efforts of Dean R. C. Beaty. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is based solely on the attainment ot a 35 honor point average during the freshman year, Active membership extends tor one year atter initiation. The principal purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to bring together the members ot the freshman class who have shown high scholastic ability. The organization works continuously with Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi to further the standards ot scholastic achievement at Florida. Dean Beaty was Phi Eta Sigma's tirst faculty adviser. Dean J. Ed Price now serves in that capacity. OFFICERS President ........ ........ . ...DUDLEY ARNOLD Vice-President ..... ,..... D AN BEARDSLEY Secretory ........ ........ . BILL LASAROW Treasurer ...... . ..BEEKMAN COTTRELL WW wlll Z X .X Q ANDERSON ARNOLD ARONOVITZ AUWERS BEARDSLEY COTTRELL DAVIDSON DOSH DUGGER DUNCAN DURAN GODDARD GOODRICH HULL HU NZIKER JULICFI LASAROW NEFF PARKER SCHELL SEFRNA SMITH SOAR STRATTON WALDI N Varsit ebate EASTERN TRIP LAMAR LEGGETT PI-IIL GOLDMAN MID-WESTERN TRIP PAUL ROGERS SID ARONOVITZ SOUTHERN TION TOURNAMENT J. C, BOB TENCH Z -T Q-2 A 90 , X 'x ,..- .X X FLORIDA TRIP AL CONE JOE FLOYD WARREN GOODRICI-I PHIL YONGE I Varsit Squad Aronevar: Bormc5 Cooney Crews HUISGV I-Iunnicutt' Korea Murray Rigby Stewart Q Tedder Teutsch Townsend Weaver General Wollege Helwzmf GENERAL COLLEGE-SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION HONORABLE MENTION PHIL ANDERSON WALTER AMSTER MAX BREWER JAMES MARR GENERAL COLLEGE-GEORGIA ALAN ANDERSON DUDLEY ARNOLD JULIAN DOMINICK COACHES NATHAN ARONOVITZ AL CONE . C. BROWN PAUL ROGERS PAUL GEISENHOF ARTHUR HOPKINS Reading Room if lfmfvfff P ll . uf' ., 2 lk-ilxi ,' ,f -.D tfxlfrlg X 'brag -, L: 6 l N 'tAmNi'Qfili"'f ill-qi-llV'i'T"! X- Iffl QXXX 5 it Qbc,..3t,fQ',ff5,hTH-mi N "ii'.if.if1isii.1iil. Z f liiititciiiifff X x:4.j,. Ilfffxiffirffbf-. J l l ru,1iw4,-,,L!.QL,.--'- it A fig: -l' X X flillfgjfri V in--x CQ, .Ftp-cffi l cf ff "' 'C ,rmgigfifl , gfglfift' , 12' f " li-'W Lf.: ' 'A W--Q-A: I ,41125:ii1f..J. Boolf. Store . ., -A ,,,sf'm, 1,5 . -1...A U 'Y !l7 G ft M 4 i , JD 545 if tl v , The center of student recreation, the seat of student government, the campUS forum, the home of University publications, and the epitome of tlie real "FloridO Spirit"5 tlwat's tlie Florida Unionl The Union building has long been considered bv Florida students as tlie mOSl important building of the campus, lt is here tliat we can find the book store, the soda fountain, and beautiful Bryan Lounge, lt is liere tliat vve might listen to tlie "fireworks" of an Executive Council meeting or observe the solemn pr0- cedure of an l-tenor Court session. Tlio Union librarv and the Carnegie MusiC Appreciation Set provide students witli recreation of a verv educational nature, At all liours of the day the publications men can be seen busv at work at tltfi Alligator, Seminole, and Orange Peel offices Un io 1, Under the able direction of "Billy" Mathews and his staff, this lneohive of student activity is kept' in smooth running order, Much credit is owed Director Mathews for the loading roll the Florida Union plays in the campus lilo ot the Florida student, W hAeeUng J Nm ll fat" ' Egg fi. ' Witt? 5, 1 lgwwt' tt? 2, 5-' 'a,,?,g. :I if ti W ., itll il' QlQ3gwEt -' 1 .:."l'l-Ati' 'Ji'-wr. rl it " phwwm r tt ic., N 1, r 4 wi :iz 1 i , so., fi, t i .es i-s-iw Y ' k i-xi l W, it 2 . , i .,y1"-fl 3 K lg ' fl ' Q , .fit t vii. N .3-ti:'f.',-V Q N ,M 2 1 .th li Bl ..:..., :fi ,L N desi, A L1 5 i lv ' - ' 9 win -- i Y i ,nel-'Q -if e ' N ' L5 i ' ' ' ' I r l ' .,,, H , -- 1 . .,,, ' WV' 'if- V 's-:ME ici:-. ---A- H .Hit 1 'Q , M "l TH 'Wi Mft: :ia-"' 1 'r H' t atlwtw Maize' 4'K:filt, X Q x 14, lwggylrgap Y t. .Y 'V - K , '---liig---., N Wt , ' 1. 1 rs-, XJ- -V . Mi ff m k' - Rl -...-Y- .fy l XX 'L-f l " X . H X X X Wit" --,,Am C + , t Stott fjzf swf? HU ... HFLORIDAYS AMBASSADORS GOOD WILU' PRESIDENT DIQECTOWIQQ eusmess MGR. 2 55 , 1 Q R RCBERTS DUNN vucm-:--Pr-aes. JW' DE BQWN vice-PRES. AQ EST NJDlTOR'TONES KUR ADV. MGQ. crgooxe- C5ooK::- tiJa!taiirrer'sits! Ufl?l0l'illll Figh sirig Calor' liar Chas. Stratton ZFRUMPETS t t lzobt-rt wittiimo Chas. Brokaw . Jack Baumstyein 1 w- r f- tt Jack Benken X J. J. Bishop Cecil Bray Gayle Diamond Frank Forth Rtllnh Grassfield Edward Kern Ivan Lanier Donald Lee Howard Lucus Robert Mann Warren Masters Leonard Newman Oliver Quarterman Ira Ramsey Joe Ridxzely Clem Theed Jake Suiter Arch Thomas TROMBONES Vernon Whitney Richard Bard:-iley George Barrow Howard lierir Carleton Bliss Bill Coleman HORNS 'f--- ,L till.. Q ' L 'L' 5 .luck lnizle J. li. Iiltffimrttmii Wm. Cox W. A. Davis ' lioliliy Horton Glen Purtloru Wm. Rion Robert. Rhodes Gene Selxrim: Henry White fe. BASSES Wm. Ware Terry Lyle Greizory Camp Earl Rieon Grnlinni While lluuh Dorf:-tt Cullen Wriirht HA RITONES Robert llilxlis Ted Camp FLUTES pjnaoiy Diamond Jaek Condon o ert Dash David Fowler PICCOLO Chas. Gibson John Chowinu Carl Howe '1'om Maxey 7 1 James Moore SAx0PH0NkS Morris McClure Wyckoff Myres Philip Nourse John Shephard Gl'0l'R'E Tornwall CLARINETS Davis Parker Robert Austin Mark Bonham Rlllrlh Chambers Ernest Collins Calvin Goodwin Sam I-latton Dewey Smith l'. A. Alliirood Vernon llralmham Robert liullet, Donald Huizheni R. A. Hilrhs OBOE Russell 'l'homnson Gem-pge Shealy Jack Dale WE ARE THE BOYS FROM OLD FLORIDA Curr H ' R b -t J-ft' t Paul Newett: Carlis Taylor liuddy Harrison DRUMS Dick llaker Harvey llllll . . - L- :I 'Alffgd Illdndtllletrn Gegiuze Mille? Martin Seprall John Tisulale lien Mills Dale Douszherty Richard Gray Jaek Moshell t'L0l'KhN?Pl"F Edward Hornsby Robert Munnell liill Starmann Ed Ware Henry lllackhurn James Hain Jack Guislwhite Olin Richards I:lll1llb3l'll'l'lL'1ll'l'll'h Charles Brokaw Robert Austin Terry Lyle Vernon Whitney Assistant Director Business Manager Assistant Publicity Director Business Manager Director R, DeWitt Brown .li . ing i . -. M fm W II, II N jf W I' ev le, 42 S I I' N PRESIDENT S M ANAGER I vlcE-PRESIDENT VERNON WI-IITNEY FRED EIQSKINE Cl-1,4 . DIRECTOR WFS SMH, RI mewm' BROWN 'WAN ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER JACK DALE PUBLICITY MANAGER Cl-IAIQLES IBROKAW OFFICERS Florida Pla ers i Avant Caddoo Crew Douglas Eckfield Epstein Rogers Soar Squires Summers Williams Wilson "Tl-IE MAN WI-IO CAME TO DliXllXlER""OiXl BORROWEDTIIVIEH got it "OUT OF Tl-IE FRYIINIG PAN". And so went the three major productions of the Florida Players this year, offering a varied field of entertainment to the University and its community, In addition, nine one-act plays were presented, a schedule of diversified shows featuring drama, folk-comedy, sati and comedy. The production of plays for the entertainment they the experience gained by the participants are the two reasons fying Florida Players' existence. During the current year nine sons have donned the lvlasla and Wig in one hundred and twenty ent parts. In the twelve shows sixty-seven Florida men have gained experience in business, publicity, make-up, electrical work, and si and building. And so, if their audiences enjoyed some degree of en Florida Players feel that their efforts to bring the Stage and its community have not been in vain. FACULTY ADVISORS FIRST SEMESTER I President .............. KING H. CADDOO Secretary-Treasurer ......... DON WILSON SECOND SEMESTER President ............ ...... D ON WILSON Secretary-Treasurer. . .. .... ROY CREWS coNsTANs GEISENHOF HALE X Young Menis Christian Association HARRY BAUMER RAY ooiviiueuez ora. ioiiusou PRESIDENT vice-PRESIDENT ERIC MlLLS SECRETARY PURPOSE-"We seek in fellowship with others to un- derstand and enter into the experiences of Jesus in l-lis relationship to God and man and discover and serve in l-lis spirit the fullest welfare of humanity-on the campus, in the nation and throughout the world." MEMBERSHIP-Any student who subscribes to the following two points: Cli Personal committment to active participation in the program, t2i To share in financing the Association's program. EXTENT OF PROGRAM-A varied program prevails throughout the school year which includes: An- nual Freshman Camp, worship services, Sunday Cabinet breakfasts, off-campus retreats, lectures, supper-discussions, athletics, deputation trips, campfire trips, special banquets, and state and regional conferences. ft. PAUL WEISS TREASURER FRESHMAN WORK-Outstanding, is the Annual . Freshman Camp, which is highly recommended for freshmen to attend by the University Admin- istration, lt takes place immediately preceding Freshman Week every year, All entering fresh- men are eligible to attend. ORGANIZATION-All of the various class groups are united, which has as its policy making group the Cabinet ibut supplemented by an Admin- istrative Council for the duration of the war.i LOCATION-The facilities of the organization in- clude the second floor of the Florida Union with offices in Room 207. ' 3' 11 T3 . il ff Y i -1 ' It L- I , lf- Q 5 . fr-W ff ,A v- tj It "'- f ri if ii, i T 7 tx' Back Row, left to right- --John Benton, Gaylord Neal, Fred Winkler, l-lugh Thompsen, John Nadine, Art Fabrick, Calvin Goodwin, Ralph Engle, Max Cheney, George Cooley, Eugene l-till, Jack Woerpel, Charles Horton, Stuart Kemp, David Crapper. Third Rovv, lelt to right' 'Gilbert Wilson, Rev. D. Y. Page, Bob Aucremonn, Mike Whetstane, Frank ftucremann, Glen Purdom, Bert l-lunnicutt, Patt Fdclings, Jimmy Thornton, John Patterson, Manton Frierson, Charles lflampton, James Gallatan, Nieille Brommer, Biilw McCullock, Whit Merrin, Jimmy Conn, Carl Peterson, Bill Movvort. ' Second Row, lelt to right' -Joe Williams, Friley Myers, Dick Penn, Scotty Linder, lrlarry Parham, John Jaco, Benny Lane, liev U. S "Preacher" Garden, Temmy l-larrison, Dyer Shacklelorcl, Bob Gilbert, Sam Galloway, Longstreet Sibley, Carroll Cutler, Joe Price. Front Row, left to right-f-Bob Neel, Tom Reynolds, Frank Sniveley, Buddy Phillips, Barnett Alford, Possum Potter, Tom Mc'Gahey, Phil Anderson, John Greene, George Voss, Al McFodyen, Bill Champlain, Willpert Canning. The Student Session, Presbyterian student service organization, offers a full program of worship, friendship, and activity for students of Presbyterian and affiliated faiths. Membership in either of the two deacon groups or the elders group is contingent' upon signing the covenant card and active service in the church's program tor students. All activities are centered in the First Presbyterian Church vvith the Student Session House, lt3Ot3 W. University Ave., as on auxiliary unit. The Session Flouse is open all hours of the day and evening for recreation and Study. All Florida men are welcome to the use of these facilities. Since its organization in V334 the Student Session has grovvn in its interest and effectiveness as o contact unit of the church vvith the students. lts membership is open to all who will worthily wear the Covenanters' Cross. REV, U. S. GORDON, D, D. Pastor ' i K R 1 st l QNX H l f , 'l X X. - Y'N',l i '-f X X , gt 'ti ' . N -P A 'fl XX -T -i.- FT:-5... A u ' f Vx tx J , X 1,-C in V Q 4 . ,X , M, X ' X . .X W . . X .1 t i X ff X X il J " VTX 1 K f' . .Q , V . xi, i f X f Q l i , .1 ,iw f. XFX' Q-.i.l,ii K 1 If r x X. ,Mx .XM , ni, RN It f xxx .f,, ,VMI D X ff lx. f t J X t, ,J , i,ii -. V f fl XJ X X t, X - N If 1' , .kxlixx NY .gr In ki , tix 1 ,fl i 3 ,fl ,YY , 1 N 1 4 I 1. I fr f' -1 ' f' 3 H If 1 .V 1' I ', , X H I ,VL ,I ff W' as 75 IN A 1 'f rv rv ,f -1 .,,.s i .M M i. ,, , , ,. lg Q' . -.I :fp ,f ul fy ,, fy. ,,. ff V' ' 57 ff 5 If F7 L fi ,I ,',.' I . 1'L'i , , , ..., . 4. I A I , wwf . ' 1 V 1'. . .L - J I 1 Tfrlf' , I H O I if! rf 177 fx? If VTX, s iv J 4 I , , . V' I A I ry 4 -f 5 f-ff' Q 'W H A70 GJLW 547 if 4? W 5157, 'A dll fl 'ia Q 11 fl all yr gi! 'J' l ,CN ' ll l ' :, fi if il I I if sf f 'X 1 .' l.J il 1 ' 1 if it -i ' :I 'A Gi if , -f 4. 2' 1 . 'i Agner Barber Beardsley Brandon Brokaw Campbell Ciiiiiwgliain Duhni r Dominick Eldridge Folks Fortner Fulford Galloway George C-Ienii Grantham Greene Harvey Hal lon l--lindery llunzikor Lamar lvlrCormii k Mclunkin McLaurin May Mills Morris lvlowal Owens Perry Roberts Rodgers Trotter Vaughn Willuanks Wilson Williams The Agricultural Club, founded in l9lO as the otticial student organization ot the College of Agriculture, has throughout its existence on the campus mode a record ot achievement and success that shows it to be worthyot the prominenceithasattoined. The programs conducted by the Agricultural Club include tallfs on son1e.'phaseXbt agriculture given by men connected with the College at Agriculture and ,motion pictures- i i demonstrating recent developments in the tield ot agriculture. P N , i A The outstanding attair sponsored by this club is the Annual Fishf "" Fryfy-whic,h ls,QI,:f 'A' tended by the students ot the College ot Agriculture Gnd UIWlVGVSlWliQQf.fl'QZidlS. TA' rurqil it youth conference is held each year in conjunction with the 4-H yxlib-'ofTgiQl,l'dltosseG. i y i i- ,e,,' "ui Q. so U V. oFFicERs ilk 5 yi-ei ' President .......... ............... R oYcE AGNEJ " A-yi git' Q A X - 'ri vice-Pre5idenf.J ..... ..... E ARL RODGE ' s ,ii Secretary-Treasurer .... ......... E RIC MILLS it ixyijy' C " if Report-er ............ .... J oi-iN CAMPKELL if i, ii V '39 C57 if ,U T? 'E 't 1 ff Y f'7 t t nl it , iv OFFICERS President ........ . .,..... .L. GLENN MATH EWS Vice-President ..... . .... W. CONNIE McCORMICK Secretary. ..... ........ P ORTER VAUGHN Treasurer .... . ......... FRED WARD Reporter ..... . ..... ..... R OYCE AGNER Marshall ..... .... C LARENCE ROBINSON N A liliiizx F 'vti "Ta,,:f he Block and Bridle Club is composed ot members ot the College lXlg!,ji?1U.,WK jflfsfijgtsftgricufllture who are actively interested in the promotion ot the WM L ggi if gaxima in ustrv. low Jhe club was organized in i932 as the Toreador Club. That year first "Little International Livestock Show" was given by this group B 7315" tj H at and about BOO attended. The club continued to grow and in i935 qgggtgged a rodeo in connection with their annual livestock show. ln l93B local organization became affiliated with the national Block and -'g',fif11jfMltf',3ffiflQijtig5f,Q idle Club, The "Little International Livestock Show and Rodeo" has Abecome a tradition with the Block and Bridle Club and for the past tit fr three years has drawn an attendance ot nearly ten thousand. Mathews McCormick Vaughn Ward Agner Robinson Barber Beardsley Brandon Butler Cunningham Dchner Dominick Eldridge Folks Fortner Fulford George Greene Lamar Leslie McJunkin Payne Plank Stewart Trotter . 4, 0 4 A, .. ,fi or , iii' FQYE7 ,, 'iw fi 57' , -an ... . ifiiiiiei iifzfrim iiifsiiaiiiiiwri wry sfiii,ifiizmfiii ifi'LiiQ,griiiiw2ii s Adams fxucramann Battle Christie Heim Himes Johnson Kemp Knox Kuykcndall Lane McDonald Marlin Rosonirelcr ii. MMF Mifiifiif ofiilgf-f79fW5f1J56ZfelifffZ'i iii? ' ,HJM Ui5VMiGf iffiin sisJfi?i?iiW,iifi5Aiii? ri' 5 is ' Bgblcf Bggvimjck Qgddoo Cliiids Clark Duncan Morgan, R, A. Evans FVGHCI, Gmlmm ' I-Iarbisan Hull McCor1i1y Moore Moody Morgan, G. H, Smith Summers Swoope Todd Wallace f 5mIQa'iwmI Sm:ia2IIfy egfAgi'i1fsaliNi'wi ,IIfaIIgil1Ivv1's . ,W ,,.,L..., ,... 11. I F551 'L " ucv: -q.1w1:'I-1f31,.,I-.-v., 5? . A g-pug,-,gf wwf .115-ll'I41Y'v V, A, ., new-. A IM, ' , ' flfi? I , 1-:":n:,:I tag - I. I", u "I: 4557, I I ' 'I-'I.:I Eh, I ' ' If iff? ',15 .jirff "II If f,,. fff' 'Tri ' IB, III: PROP, F. ROGERS SMITI-I TREIMAN Advisor President Secretary-Treasurer W ,JT .-Sk I'-"Q " ' ' ri? my 1.1, , .VP I Wi- df - . .-,eq -. I, If 'I 1 IA ' Al M4 MQ ,z ' , sf Mb ' X' v' W I Iv .wym HI ' 4 I -W E , ' f Ia . If-a av ' M4 " ,I . I I A I I YA I ,X Is- ,,, g m I Qqgeu I- nuns 2 I 1 M ,Q ' "'-1: ,ay A 'M I-arm: . . ., .ri . . -33 'yr-qWg,'RM1',5,,r ,::I.M1,J1 H- .4-.I-r. I: . .,. -V P- ,QA -Q!-3, ,..-L.: 5- 5" 444heIzf,5:1s24mm.,mm-ibm I ALFORD BERT EIVIERSON DANIO DESNOYERS fd? Ie Q In 1 g,lgj' . , iII , , I m C 44 q' 'I N' If" . 1 .ax Q 'fi I, 59 I Q Q 'I ww HN "- - I IEII Sfgylii f rd -1 N 5-,c..: QI' . . . M I, I .,, U - I. fT"'i .y,'..I..A...I N, ,- , i--- I " -J'7i7ifi"-2 ' ' , 1, x- KW' f WF7L"fl31if?TfQEN425Q5:qI N Qmfxr f4LIiiE!fPFf5? g54?7 xX'fSfmMwI,LfJ6ffJf I XX NSL.. gf?--fi I FORTNER ,. v ,I . . x I-IUFFIVIAN NICJUINIKIN PEADEN ROBINSON SHULER STRICKLAND W ,SS -L 12 liai , ' 1- - .. 1' Q.:-1-LL" , ffmgx- X , I , ' 1 MTL" ' -I-Y NM-M . I . 1 ' 1' 'II' . I .. if , . , f- V E , Q I , 'X . . - . I f Iv Z , W' I vs . WILSON WRIGHT YODER THEORY ...... PRACTICE .... f . vu- ,---1 -1- - V -- - - . A - Y ,JL W,,.q... , A -f . .. . .,,. ,. ,...n -W A A - I - - - . . . 0 W., .. .-In .........n-.. BACK ROW! PROF. REED PROE KEITH BARRY CHRISTMAN MCGREEVY COCKRELL VAN CLIEF MONROE DADY BENNETT HENRY BLACK LOFBERG PROF. SHIVLER MOORE LOGAN. FRONT ROW1 CARTER OXFORD MILES KING CAPPLEMAN MOLNAR HARKNESS MAY FLOOD PARRAMORE BOGGS ALLDERDICE COBB MAHONEY TELFAIR. NOT IN PICTURES HARDAKER HARDIE MILLER MRUZ MYERS SWORDS TOWNSEND TURNER TEUTSCH Student Chalnfer of me AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS I I WORK ..... PLAY! igierrrirorrr, Engirnzeering founcil Wright Von Clicf Cox Coddoo Corter Heim Hughes Kuykendoll Lone Long Logon Myers Posey Singer Summers Young V V ' 1 ' 'W 0 H 0 W 0 werr,rer'crl Lollege lmgmeerln boclety Borrett Bottle Carver Cook Floyd Fuezo Heimer Hines Hull Insoloco Jewett Jones McCulloch Mogrid Mendoza Miller Myers Patterson Posey Sheehan Sherron Thornton Twitchell Whiddon Wood Young 1 fi fm 7 '14 llfkl i ' 'Iii Elnaugh Fincren Thompson Augustine Coffee Cooke Cox Ellis Holtsinger Kimball Kurtz Lang Levy Morley Morris Pasteur Pearce Roe Schmidt Schoch Shoemaker Singer Snyder Stone Wright OFFICERS Chairman ....... ..... ......,. ...... . J O E SINGER Vice-Chairman .... ........... E D COOKE Secretary ........ ..,... R OBERT MORLEY Treasurer ..... .... . .WILFRED SCHOCH Advisor ................ .... P ROF. R. A. THOMPSON The American Society of lvlechanical Engineers vvas organiied in i880 in order to provide for the advancement of the engineering profession and the dissemination of technical in- formation among its members. ln l926.the University of Florida student branchgvvas estab- ' lished to permit undergracluate engineering national society. ' The bi-vveekly programs include the presentation of technical papers and informal talks h by members and outstanding men in the profession. Industrial moving pictures and ot er illustrative materials are often used. students to participate in the activities of the ,f it 'K ,. yn 'fl P ,.y . ,.,, vu L., , "" 1 U , 1, ...iz 1.31 lil' , ,W ,i t, ti: 'trt -..f . Q -.. t..f -1 Student owned and operated, the Cooperative Living Organization has as its main purpose the provision ol adequate and satisfactory living conditions at a minimum cost to its members. The Organization was started ten years ago by a small group ot students who realized that the group is stronger than the individual. Since then it has grown to-a maximum membership at eighty-tour in l94l. Ci L. O. is deeply grateful to Dr, Joseph R, Fulk, ot the College ot Education who presented to the organization, in trust, their present three houses and grounds as a memorial to his late wite, Nellie Swanson Fulk. Attording not only economical advantages by collective buying and cooperative living, the Organization also develops in the individual the art ot living with other people. Bill Anderson Bill Atwater l-larry BGSSCH' Arclney Bolcnrl Robert Boland Beverly Brown Joe Busby Phillip Carrol Bernard Clark S, W. Clark OFFICERS WILLIAM HENRY CONE ....... ......... P resident WILLIAM J. ANDERSON. . . ...... Vice-President " TED, NICOL ............. . . .Secretary-Treasurer . C WOODRQW W. GLENN .... ...Purchasing Agent I .A H! .sux l ' lf, . I ff, ss S be MEMBERS If : - I-r: l,ilflp'rft,lWCone l-,wg V xl-lorfpce Fultord J. I.. High Ted Nicol f'f"RO5ltyyrJrl,?Caol1sezy "QQddVOW Glenn Roymmd Kgder Hubert Parramore Sol' Cotirfman. xxx farm Gow Don Kimboll Roderick Peeples Butt Cowen,.'Witytiiy 5 Joe Crensliavvjitx Xl-if ' Edmund Dodd lfusixitftxtx 5 Charles, Davi-,xilixtltlltl .SamfDavJZ Q .'l' ' ki nlrlarlarilbye ' Nathan Finney J rXt'jVlarrPs Haimowilz f ck Gray Myrln Grantham .x Q Dqyid Gunsan KCZJW. Harbin T. T, Hatton Tom Kimball Tommy Lunsford Dick Mecklem Ben Moss Thad Moss Tommy Newell John Pomeroy Harry Pryor Bill Pumphrey Robert Raborn Bob Rudolph Paul Simms George Simms Merrell Stevens Henry Swanson Julian Thompson Wallarie Thompson Carlis Taylor Doyle Taylor Sam Williams Bob Willis Billy Reese Henry Suddath ,ii 1 i uf '-J' Front'---Left lo Right'---Tony Ciamci, Bill McCuen, Joe Graham, Bill Klinlianis, Bill Latsko CVICC-Prosiclcntl, Bill Cowan lPresiderilJ, Jolin Malcom l'l'rc5asLirerJ, Carmen Ferrigno, Bernie Kurland, Rad Mack, l-lem ry Smitli, . Rear' flfdviiarfl Gillis, Norman Cliill, Oiieal Hill, Foiiclreii Milclwall, Floyd Komelsky, Nick Kliilka, Jack Joi1c's, J. Bovis llnslructorl, J. Berry llrislruclorl, J, Bclwaniiori Mdvisarl, Martin lliistriiclorl, I-lugo Miller, Evam. ' , fr I I if , Y K , 1 - , J ii , J v ' f i f v ii K w . i , I ,A J! ily 1, y! I X u Jiri fl, X5 T 1,7 I J ' - ' H U I M, 4 ii 1,1 J. -' 'xl m 'wiv Bert, H. BCH J! Cgrgon Friersaii Granlliam Halton Heedi Hiilii Lauderdale Mills, Morris Rodgers Slmwm Taylor Walkup Yaclar Barrett Bassett Carter Coleman Copley Davis De'-noyers Edwards Folks Friersan Caaclmight Lucas Plank Ramsay Register Rice Rauze Snew Stults Tlworritan Twitcliell Warner Wiblc iff fi ff 'D 0 fo! , lt li it ml rift lu, fri is ,Vw air, if' fl lil if s 5 rr tl Q2 iii M51 Brown Coppedge Crews Freedman Hooks l'-lulsey Hunriicutt Jones Kelly Lang McEwen Mcliadyen Williams McNeil Murray Russell Smith Sticili alll ir rr 5 lflrii lr 3 AlGXOHCleI' l3fvOr1 Codringlon Coleman Crews Feinberg Greenberg Griffith l-lunt Kelly McEwen Mosby Murray Parker Russell Smith Williams in , 1' V 4 ' P 5 M H' Y Q M5 nw rn rr 5 Ms small ia rf Marr lr rr rr riffs ll, l li .7 ,4 ir 1 N ry' fy A ff' Aiiclvrsoii Cobb Durranfe Ecnnaniwii Fernanclc: Gay lla I Ion Hcizincr llulsey l'llll1l1lCllll KCI ly Lang MCJ linkin Magii i rv Mascley Murray Neale Noll OlCOllOQl1ClIl lqllilll ulwcium il lllll7L"TlOlKL' l urliiiglnzn 'lei ilscli Allen Cone Hampton Leite Murray Rayborn Smith Wadsworth Armfield Eaton l-larward Lewis Patterson Robin Taylor Weadock Arnold Goodrich Hutson McCoy Pearson Roquemore Tornwall Weiss f' 7 ' if .p f " iq i 1 ' OFFICERS President ....... .......... .... . B OB EATON Vice-President .... ...... J ACK MURRAY Secretary ..... .... F RANK ARMFIELD Treasurer .......... ...... A LGIE MOSELEY Publicity Director .... .... W ARREN GOODRICH Sergeant ......... .... G EORGE TORNWALL The Gator Pep Club is composed of sophomores, both fraternity and non-fraternity men, The purpose of thlS organization is to stimulate and foster spirit in student body activities and to work in co-operation with the cheerleaders and various campus organizations in at- taining this end. Of the various projects carried out by the Pep Club each year, the "Pep Paradesn are the most colorful. These parades find droves of freshmen marching through the streets of Gainesville, dressed in pajamaS or blankets, cheering the football team to,iviiqtory for .V ,- i I if , -- i, the coming football gaiigtlel, K ,,-,N ti up lbs? ik iv 'LA if 5 i ,Vw f ii .AN fi, , unfit- ,limi f if.-f ,gg l i f Qi wi s f we i i f X-lit' ,f ' ' N iffy? ' ,m""' if' K , .Tw-Ai 'X KFC lNlkg2'J,f-7: . I lf' ,, K fi il X ' .NN X' X' h lx' ,ff ,i J1l,....,. ii, -i l .N XKXHX jxf.f'4 H 'l ,H l ' Ex lbs ll ff 'X ' ' lxll i 'il I f i. 3-'-' E" i. 4 Q ' ll i' Clerk tix, gil Af nv- ,Y,, ,,,.T Lf, .X Lan ,K ,ffm if i X i f sw! INV 5 Greene gill , ll l' l l l th My 1' X l pf iuiicii Q' F li T. lt, iffy' g - Moseley ill- EL uf X ,i 'i Ll Pittman lff' 'lffi"'X'l"'g"i-'-1511, i-"i' , QR l ' ll --,' ' , 9 1ii"l'fl'i""4'fiffif'X - i l- I .' Q i i, Sclrlneldcr ff -XM' 1 P' TI l l l 'igQf,Ig1.-gf! i ff X1 41 Aff" Waddell 12. 2 .A glJ,Y,g',i','.", My jx Li if il? Wilson --iw Tv .i'- Q7'i.fT vi- -1,--it-,-i-i 1 . , -. ,i,, ,, .f.,i ,,,,, W K ,ni i',,.,.f,,- 1, . V,-.,.,f w.-i,-,,f- ,ii i , . ,tx-,t , ,ii w-ff-,Q , N,g,,:i. ii".,,y "T " l- 'li .1 '.'. iii it It rr if' ni' til BAUMSTEI N f BEARDEN isEyis BRADLEY BUZZETT ADLER COBO DALE DERRICK DUCKWORTH ENDELICATO BEVERLY I IARRIS HUGHES LAZARUS MCPI-IERSON MCSWAI N DEMAREE PERT Rfxppv TIBBALS WARE ZUPKO I HUNTER JACKSON MASTERS NEWLAN SHAW THOMAS TOR I B I O The Mortar and Pestle Pharmaceutical Society is composed ot all the students enrolled in the School ot Pharmacy. The purposes at this society are to unite pharmacy students and to instill in them the high ideals ot the protession at pharmacy. ln the tultillment ot this objectvie, bi-monthly programs are presented that include talks by members, protessors, and outstanding men in the protessiong moying pictures related to pharmacyg debatesg and anything that will lead to the at- tainment ot its goal. ln the annual program an inspection trip through outstanding manutacturing companies is in- cluded. This trip otters the students an opportunity to observe the manufacture ot pharmaceuticals and obtain a more com- plete knowledge at the tield he has entered. , 1 L I i OFFICERS f2rQslpEntxIix.,11kg.I. .L i .E .1101-IN BEARDEN -vide, isapb ..... BILL MCLEOD Secretar .I ..., I ia: ..... ....... J UNE PERT Trecsureif .... . .J. RICHARD NEWLAN Reporteif ..,.. . . ..RUFUS I. THOMAS ,I -S lx Atf' l I I I l If Il l Co Il li lt 1 f . . X iv if ,J I Htl rt, ft ti ri, IJ Anderson Barrett Cannon Endcl icato Farinas Fernandez Gilmour Harris Hcilzman Hoge Kelly Leite McCarthy, D. McCarthy, R. Maloney Molnar Nuff Hardman O'CaIIaghan Stevens Susky Windham White The Newman Club isa club ot Catholic Culture and Catholic Fellowship, Organ- ized in the non-Catholic colleges and universities ot the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, the Newman Club is the Catholic Club tor the students who attend these schools. The purposes ot the Newman Club are identical with the activities: Religious, Educational, and Social Each Newman Club has a chaplain tor the spiritual guidance and assistance ot the members. Father O'Mahonev is chaplain at the University ot Florida. MEMBERS ADAMS, MILTON ALLEN, BILL ANDERSON, ALLEN BARCAR, JOHN BARRETT, RAYMOND BOYLE, BERNARD BURRIS, FRANK CANNON, DAN CAI-IROL, PHIL CLEMENZI, ROBERT CONWAY, JOHN DELCADO, SALVADOR ENDELICATO, TONY FARINAS, BILL FERNANDEZ, FRANK FOCARACCI, PHIL FORTH, FRANK GRAY, DICK GILMORE, JOE I-IANBURGER, DICK FIEITZMAN, DICK HOGE, JOHN KELLY, ED LEIT E, ROY LAMARR, JUSTO MALONEY, FRANK McCARTHY, BOB MCCARTI--IY, DAN MCLAUGHLIN, JOE MENDOZA, CELIDO MOLNAR, ARTHUR MORAN, BILL MORRIS, JACK MUSSALLEM, WALLY NAFF, BILL NEILLYI JACK NORDMAN, PAUL NORDMAN, TOM O'CALLAGl-IAN, TOM PALAKOWSKI, TONY POMAR, MANUEL RONNIOF, JOHN RUESS, WARREN SAUNDERS, JACK SCHENKEL, GILBERT SIIEHAN, JIM SLANKAUCKAS, TONY SMITH, MEL STEPHENS, LESLIE WI-IITE, GRAHAM WI LSO N, TRUEMAN me-Pass. ssc. mms. mm.. SGZHT-MH -'. 4 1lP!Kf?""?7W' 1- LN A + E f., - K E " ' E ' A.Z. BRUWN B. HUNNICIII' T 5. WEST IW NURMW H .Sflll DANCE CHAIRMAN PRESIDENT ' xf A Q gk N N E. LANG G.AVANT A.ARONOVI TZ R. CAPELOTO K CUNKUNG KECKFIELD B. H1865 B. BLUENEF v . cLA3K v B. CUNHINGS I Fl. M' .. , ' Y . A .r ,Jax 1 41' 11 ' , ,V -1-:: E if I W E VANS Mid ,tw , W, Y, W C HOLZER E. BROK0lV 4 I mi R C0tA'REl.L D. EA 70N 'Qu E FE RNANDEZ R. HUI C HINJUN 4 w 1 'Q 3 K ., 1 W 600DRICH E ygupgk .f ,L A , H 1 Q YL .Q si M53 M Vi' f ii .' w E. JONE5 S. KENNEDY a. HH ffffg E KILGORE llliw BOARD OI' GUVERNORS I A "-lfgzfqu-.T,Iim I 91.22112 MVN Tw ff. r zu N 'I pa v, Nl Wa I 'ls 4 I Qu ' 1 if , -N ' R' RJ' - I a , J .F Jfmbil , eg ,M , ..,: I KENNEIIY II NEFF -K.WID5WORTH I Ef0N0l'l01! E MYERS H.vFORCE R 7I!IIUN670lV C. POT7fR M L006H R. MARTIN J. MOSHEIL "HJR u4A.m1zmfN X ,M M4 ' 1 ILANG5 IDN I I19 DONALD C. MATUIEW5 f.. .7 . wlvmf R. PEARCE I ,lxx Ml: F. PITTMAN M ROLLINS B. SMITH G.C. SMITH B. JTEARN5 . Q. .T i W TIMBERLAKE G TURNWREI D WEI55 .I WHITE . V WHITNEY MMSJUNKIN mum II PALMER I8 . I M Us ' ,...,, ,, V 1 I 5' W' il C. PERRY WJ .SUGG5 A.G. ZUPKO SID JONES H SMITH MW v ve 3475953 ,, ' A Q - '44 MSLGQAN MAUQGIQ CLPOSEY A. ICECL N MINEQ WENTZ J.A.BlDWELL. ' 1 - 1 A .., . ,i , C.DAQKHlLL QLCODDEDGE DOD!-IAM O' NEAL A.Q. M? FADYEN k - 1, V'. WCOTCN A D. BRYAN .WWW M . Na D.CAQLETON A - . ICEAQLCY F. CUQQAN ,M , Jfeffbmmmm '11 ll ll . .Glacia- w Q, V Jsegdewmrr 9,1 mam Ama? Jae? amz-, i 7 m4M.,fdf.-,U 6 -ffieaudon I QI 6 710461 dyama 7jo'rmafr1.,:55xrrL ANY QQ, .X 'F",l?f'i'f 51? -2' W . 1 05 Jwmul y.!,iw2m 513m ,2,1j:"rQe L35 - wss?f1vQrGAi 22. A , we I fa, ea dm Wm A ' S lrw""' Jw: ffm? A 3 Ns 3 N SSE I ---eg QN .,: g YO fo ' VQS 0 wig 2-is S3mSf31EYiWi5Q?f2?? N wi we 5? f F off cb fAff?SW?gxgsf X 5 E A 3SMb'? i5 -f sSv2Si2iFi5QE52S5i5s5 Q5 Q . Sv ii WSW EQ F? g Si swgisgs 53 wg E lg. 1 r ig W? 9 X I I Back rovv: Malcolm, Waldron, Goldman, Floyd, Whiteside, Weadock, Slaughter, Murrell. Front row: Gay, Rush, Williams, Morris, Jordan, Crossland, Pearson, Forbes, Wicker, Benjamin. ln the past year the lnterfraternity Conference has had to face far greater problems than usual, because of the present war conditions and the part they have played in painting a dark picture for fraternities, The conference had to sacrifice l-louse Parties this year and has carefully moulded its program to these unusual circumstances. Composed of one member from each of the tvventy-one fraternities on the cam- pus, the Interfraternity Conference has constantly striven for a better understand- ing among the fraternity chapters, and has worked co-operatively in behalf of the University and the fraternity group in order to vveld a more progressive fraternity spirit on the University of Florida campus, An outgrowth of this effort has been a recognition of the lnterfraternity Conference as a necessary organ for the con- tinued progressive fraternity attitude vvhich is necessary to the Florida Spirit. Alpha Gamma Rho William Murrell Alpha Tau Omega Jimmie Rush Beta Theta Pi Billy Gay Chi Phi Ray Pearson Delta Chi Joe Floyd f Delta Tau Delta Clem Crossland Kappa Alpha Augustus Whiteside Kappa Sigma George Davis Lamba Chi Alpha T. J. Durrance Phi Delta Theta John Morris SONNY DUNHAM TONY PASTOR MEMBERS Phi Gamma Delta Forbes Detamble Phi Kappa Tau Edward Waldron Pi Kappa Alpha Charles Brady Pi Kappa Phi ldus Wicker Pi Lambda Phi George Benjamin Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. H. Williams Sigma Chi Peyton Jordan Sigma Nu Bobby Weadock Sigma Phi Epsilon Ed Slaughter Tau Epsilon Phi Phil Goldman Theta Chi John -.W mf. ' , 1 , , :I ' JI fy fm M Im , .A Y ff fQR ffI TIWD ia Ja Cfy my UPU Jfa wa Lf? Jw I OFFICERS MARION ELDRIDGE .......... ....... P resident EDDIE GREENLAND... .... Vice-President RALPH CHAMBERS .... ..... T reasurer JEFF HILL ......... .... S ecretary SENIORS J FAXON BISSETT EDDIE GREENLAND MARION ELDRIDGE W. H MURRELL PETE FRIERSON H. A. SMITH WILLIAM VAUGHN JUNIORS JOHN AONER BOB KAZAROS BOB BARRY PAUL MILLER JOHN FOLKS EARL RODGERS JEFF HILL ELNNOOD ANDERSON BILL GREEN SOPHOMORES A. RALPH CHAMBERS CHARLES BARBER L. E, CUNNINGHAM LOUIS BOZEMAN ROBERT DOUGLAS FRED THOMPSON B. E, GREENE WARREN TROTTER HENRY LEWIS ZARIEL TYSON FRESHMEN IRVIN GREEN ROBERI' PERRY JUSTO LAMAR EDWIN STEWARI' RCB SI EPIIENS f 'Mlm-L,' X ,sYQm5wPiII Ifflfflafipf IILKISW 'I Wiz' ""' 'k"7777?"?fi qw w ,.+ffQ ' 1 I IH. I 'Tj ST, XKAII J' ,,,A ,kkjgiulalf W, .L ,...,.I ..I,, ,, A I 'Y 'MQ7-if f ' - H 'Nw' R.f.V , Ju .-,I 4- 1 A I X I 13" 'L-l '- .A-- 53:2-R"I':'I3I?34 .- ' ,, ' -ffifwf 'Rf.eiiiii-3':T"',Il1gfsg?"f. K fm f f "-r-wif if . I X U f I gf rf S If L I7 ' I ng. PA I X A """V1 Y'-f 'JD' 1 K AGNER, J. ANDERSON, E. BARRY, R. Rissmcr, J. RoZEivifxN, L cifiAiviBERs, R. CUNNINQWIAM, L. ELoRioaE ivi. ELoRioaE, rvi. c. EMERSON, D. EoLk, s. ERiERsoN, R. GREENE aREENE, vv. c.REEN GREENLAND, E. HILL HI NoER, R. kAzARos LEWIS MILLER MURRELL PERRY REVELL RODGERS STEPHENS VAUGHN BAILEY TROTTER STEWART N With fifteen pledges to climax a successful rush week, Alpha Gamma Rho began the scholastic year. Socially the year beganwith a smoker honoring pledges, and next came a midnight breakfast after the Tampa game. Dads and grads ate barbecue in true southern style on the lavvn at Homecoming. With several dances during the fall the AGRs relaxed in a big way at its annual Harvest Hop. A Christmas Charity party brought to a close the fall social season. After thoroughly orienting pledgestwith Alachua County during Hell Week, the ACiRs plunged into the social function with Military Ball and the usual Spring pop dances. To highlight it all, Founder's Day Banquet and Spring Formal climaxed social functions for the year. Having nearly one-half of the active membership in advanced R,O.T.C., the selective service has affected the AGRS very little, Several new pledges at the beginning of the second Semester also strengthened the ranks of Alpha Gamma Rho. DONALD BISHOP RALPH BLANK ALLEN BRACKETT DAVID BRIDGES WILLIAM BAYNARD LEM BELL, JR. CHARLES BLACK ARTHUR BROYLES WILBERT CANNING RICHARD ADAMS JOHN BAKER CHARLES BALDWIN JOHN BOWMAN FRED DUFFY WILLIAM BEARDALL JOHN BRYAN JAMES COX AL FILLASTRE JR. VIN , EUGENE HILL DAVID KIBLER WILLIAM BUTLER WALTER DAVY W, GORDON FRAUENHEIM JOHN JOCA BENNETT DOMINICK, JR. HARRY EDWARDS HAROLD GOFORTH HAMILTON HAYES JACK HERRON MYRON GIBBONS ROBERT HOGUE LUTHER HOLLOWAY, JR. ALBERT KING H. GIDDENS KING WILLIAM MCMANUS PHILLIP MELOY GEORGE NETTLES LAWRENCE ROE SMITH RUDASILL ALFRED STEVENS SPENCER WALTON THOMAS WALTON Alpha Tau mega SENIORS RICHARD KING DONALD LAMSON JAMES LANG FRANK McMlCHAEL JUNIORS WILLIAM HERRON, JR. ARTHUR JONES CHARLES LASLEY WILLIAM LINNINGER HAMILTON McDONNELL SOPHOMORES MURRAY LASLEY ROBERT LINDSTROM RAYMER MAGUIRE, JR. REIMAN MacDONELL, JR. THOMAS McEWEN FRESHMEN JAMES WILSON WILLIAM HEIMER ROBERT BIRDSALL ALBERT BREWER RICHARD BROWN JOSEPH BYARS JULIAN DOMINICK JACK GATEWOOD WILLIAM McRAE WILLIAM VAN CLIEF, JR HERBERT ROBSON MELVIN SMITH DOUGLAS STENSTROM ROBERT MILLER ROBERT PEARSON ARTHUR ROE THEODORE SALB A. H. SMITH, JR. GEORGE McMASTER STEPHEN MCMILLAN GEORGE NETTLES RICHARD POSTON CHARLES POTTER EDWIN GUERNSEY JOSEPH HALE JACK HARRIS JOHN HOLLOWAY JAMES HORSEY NOAH JENERETTE DONALD JONES O. B. OGLETREE JOSEPH MICHAEL CLAUD LOGAN ROBERT TENCH MONTE TILLIS WILLIAM WILBANKS CHARLES PHILLIPS JAMES RUSH ZACK RUSS, JR. LEO WILSON WILLIAM WILSON CHARLES PARKHILL WARD RODGERS JOSEPH SHEAROUSE RICHARD SOWELL HENRY SMITH JACK WELLS Alpha Tau Omega continued to step high throughout '4l and '42, and although the War struck hard, this lodge re- mained in the elevated position it has held down through the years. The loquacious brothers Who serve as liason officers for the chapter and campus politics include Bill McRae, Vice-President of the Student Body, Bob Tench, President of the Junior Class, Pat Saunders, Executive Council, Don Lamson, Board of Student Publications, and Bill Bridges, Student Executive Council. Since War is the important subject today, it is fitting that ATO Should rank so high in Military Science at the University of Florida, Bill Bridges, Worthy Master first semester, acted as Regimental Colonel in R.O.T.C., While Melvin Smith, Walter Davy, Bill Butler and Herb Robeson Were ranking captains. When the time came for this lodge to get on the beam and be the smooth social men that fraternity men are supposed to be, it did just that. Highlight of the social season Was the closed ATO Valentine Ball and rawl Week-end. To the Brawl celebrate some seventy happy for a never to be forgotten , O new idea Was initiated IA queen of TO Bowery Will con- President President Treasurer Secretary Manager ' Adams Butler Hedrick King McMichael Rodgers Stenstrom Fillastre Baker Canning Heimer Lamson McMillan Roe Tench Goforth Baldwin Cox Herron Lane McRae Rudasill Tlllis Heald Boynard Davy . Herron Long Macdonell Rush Wal ton Maguire Bell Dominifk Hill Lasley Meloy Russ Wilbanks Logan Black Duffy Holloway Lindst rom Michael Sluearouse Wilson Miller Brewer Brown Broyles Rrnrnlay Gibbons Halo l-'larris Hayes Janexs ones Ktblcr Kung Liningerwxll 'ff-. Clfwon Mflvlantls I Mclvlaslers , ,O letrec Parkltillqvfn Robson Smlllt "i li, 1. mitlt Smith 'L Sowell l --N' "' 'A xl! 1l . by WilSb:4tx gi77 ,Q Wilson 'ff-f--s--'Brtdqesff-V.,'4f,,,-,NBlank 'l Q'gig.iL5,"1-.,ty'i2l'Ijrr Salb ,f ll' Vanl Chef Q L ,Potter Q:ttt,l.:frJjg,,A:'3v, X A ,Q A i - , ll fi?1i-,riseffl f l r + 'L,----l ' ' Ni, l if 4 f' lpn! i' 1 , ,,, I ff 47 , 5 i i,oo oll , ix is , A U' ,l'Y'Y- sa 111' D iq 3' I I"-' C S Brcwii liryuril Cockrcll Copley Gay Giddoris Gordon Goulds Inglig Jonas Kuhi irig Lewis Lewis Myers Ovorstreel Pollner Scliririg Shocley Skipper Smith, R. E. Smith, R. S. Smith, R. W. Wochtstetler 'P Grafton Grassfield Halserman Harrison Hun Quigley Ridgely Royce Schoonover Scofield Wilson, D. Wilson, W. P. Wilgore Whiddon OFFICERS DONALD C. WILSON... ....... ...... P resident P. SCOTT LINDER ..... ...Vice-President F. VERNON QUIGLEY ...... . ..... Treasurer FORREST A. KILGORE, JR.. . . .... ..... S ecretary W. PERRY WILSON ....... .... H ouse Manager CLASS OF '42 John Cotton Brown Ivan K. DeBlieu William W. Gay P. Scott Linder J. Ralph Overstreet Richard K. Penn Joseph V. Ridgely Carl lvl. Squires Daniel M. Valentine Donald C. Wilson CLASS OF '43 Louis J. Atkins Frank O. Bryant Preston T. Cockrell O. Herman Lewis Orris D. Pacetti Jack W. Pollner F. Vernon Quibley Rob S. Smith Roy W. Smith James H. Strock W. Perry Wilson CLASS OF '44 . Harold C. Gordon Ralph G. Grassfield Forrest A. Kilgore, Jr. William W. Lewis Jack Sheely Eugene E. Sebring Robert E, Smith CLASS OF '45 ' Charles Copley, Jr. Billie Giddens Edward Grafton JGVOGS GVGllGm George Haldeman Barnett Harrison Allick lnglis Sidney JOVYGS Robert Kuhling Francis Myers Richard ROYCG David Scofield John Stone Charles Smith Mason Wachtstetter , f - A' Gamma Xl of Beta Theta Pi was chartered at Florida on December l2, l93O, at the petition of Delta Tau local fraternity. lvlaint'aining the trio at tenets to recognize mutual assistance in the honorable labors and aspirations of lite, culti- vation of intellect, and friendship, Gamma Xl, in its eleven years existence at the University has produced campus leaders in every tield of activity. Among these were a president ot the student body, heads of all classes, editor and business manager at the Alligator, Seminole Editor, members at the Honor Court, Athletic Council and Executive Council. Outstanding Betas on the campus today are: Carl Squires, President ot the lntertraternity Con- ference, John Cotton Brown, Editor of the Alli- gator, William Gay, Secretary-Treasurer at the Junior Law Class, Don Wilson, President of Florida Players, Scotty Linder, President of White Friars. Beta Theta Pi is now in her one hundred and third year of existence, having been founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in l839. Beta claims as outstanding alumni from Gamma Xi: John W. Prunty, Harold C. Ricker, A. C. Van Dusen, and George Baughman. ,f V ri f, ' ' it Ti 0 lf 57 I A ,lf fl 17 l l " ' i 3 1. l I lf lioyla, W. E Q N. Chi Phi shield becomes object of envy as Florida Greeks turn their thoughts to vvar . . . Miami tightens grip , . . Engle, the last of the ex-Ns, points at Hopkins steadily . . vvonders hovv summers slip by . . . Tally tvvins, Holmes and Kamin- ski, follow the gleam with medic aspi- rations . . . Sayers and lVlcAndrevv, lrish clique, at odds with lone Orange- man, Arch Updike . . . What's to be- come ot the Big T, lover, esquire, lover? , . . picking poppies until Joe D's batteries jam p the bracket and send him fox-hunting , . , The fair- haired Pearson waving at G, H. S. and looking way oft to the realm of l.orish the law library , . . Jewett- -will he always have to pay? . . . What price conserva- hi's will go to W ar for it . . , may they come back to it. tism? Chi P H ' Qi? ' ii . Dovvd Engle Farish HGu5liali . -H 24 li ,li Hawes, M. Higgins Hill Holmes 11 ' fdqviitett f KZLN I fliflggii l Korninski, B A. Kiiykandall Laxlon Lorish ly Nfflnplriew' .--. X Ajfg-'l-1j?l3--,--ff,-s Maxe T, J, Myers O'Neal Pearson ll tlGPos y l6,Yi 4 , Ii iQ:Q,7"' v, , GL f .ox A , ,L AW. liife, J, W, Sayers Smith Thomasson 44 EDEN e l X MQ-. Updike Wood Hollister Ogden -' iyflsf, .Y Axixigifflxfiix A Lf ll ll H l ' i 'H+ 'YP -Pill if sf, fi - H ma , il i-----,if . f ' P' . ,1-1 'i f Q ff' f V fi it , 4 ,ire-if ,gives is ll l l l " K it L A-ijt-Qi 9Q:ip?35'rLjjXQi Q .1355 5-at 2 ,, li lcl' fi, Pity X .x .., Y, , lm, .A . 'V V ..l:,, ,, Him 7 .V . ,-,A i.f of .- i"'i 'f 4 '--ll . mv x-n. ' ,f'1."3f'fflfll OFFICERS JAMES MCANDREW .... ,. . .. ....... President JOEL SAYERS ....,... . . . . ..Vice-President CHARLES JEWETT .... .,... T reasurer BERNARD KAMINSKI. .. . .... Secretary RALPH ENGLE .... . . .House Manager SENIORS Ralph Engle Jim Kuykenclall Jae Farish Jarnas lVlc!Xnclraw Jael Sayers JUNIORS J. W. Holmes Arch Ullllllxi? Bernard Kaminski Caarga Wood Charles Thamas5an Charles Kales SOPHOMOR ES Paul Guslal Mark Hawes Ralph llallislar Charles Jawall Russell Laylan liill liayla Bah Davvcl Ban l'llQQlllfS Tam Maxay llanry O'Neal FRESHMEN Jahn Llllilllill' Jack Myere Ereklna Ogden Ray Pearson IlaralclSln1ll1 Ralph lrlainas linzzz Parry Vernon Pasay Jahn lille Clunn Sarnnean Haralnl Slnckey ' ' 'Y U 0 M af I Z7fQ'!1'f 5, M af E gg- QF' Y 1 f Z' -e--- 'JW 5' Bcrlletl Beatty Bedvvell Berry Boggs Comm I Godfrey Gurgonious Holi I-icnzlett ' Hersperger Jenmngg iofby Cgwlon Mu Mner Nanny raobeffg 5 - PVS " P e ' V ' mlih Springer Tc1ylOf OFFICERS ARTHUR ELLIS .... ......... ....... P r esident RAY GODDARD ....... .... V ice-President FRANKLIN BEATTY ...... . . . ....... Treasurer JACK WALLIS.. ...... ...... . ............ S ecretclry WALLACE GU RGANIOUS ..... Corresponding Secretary SENIORS K John Berry Arthur Ellis Howard McKinney Robert Springer Frank Conlon Harry Thorpe Elmore Godfrey Roger Miller JUNIORS Franklin Beatty Joe Floyd Jack Wallis Nat Carson SOPHOMORES Arthur Boggs Ray Goddard Wallace Gurganious Jack Keys Bill Hazlett James Taylor Robert Jennings John Mickles Jack Neilly Sid Colby FRESHMEN Dick Bartlett Robert Bedwell James Chiles Arthur Gardner Joe Gilmour Cliff l-lall Samuel l-lersperger Dick Kipp Paul Miller Sid Miner Robert McClure Robert McCarthy i George Roberts Gordon Shearer Jack Smith Bill Zach Grady Witter Craig Gehlert John Barger 'N 'wr' 'I' if Ellis Floyd Gardner Gllmouls Goddard lVlCCarthy, D, McCarthy, R. McClure McKinney lVl'Cl4le5 Shearer Tlwroe Wallis 'Chiles 623 1 4 "' X F l "Alf N X f' Aff S X j X 1, .- J ll " Q! ... . ,, x -X- X X -ff . il L: as ' ll ' 32' ' -1 '-I-.FI?f4'1:'gQ -, X 'P' i- i l 1 " - " . ' U6 it '30 I ar iigm -, l I7 -- - J ' 'I A 4 :-if F, l'5 i l 1" 1 f Fl 'V flaw: 'if-ef' -' all class of students in its historyeetwenty- nine, The chapter was also greeted with the breath taking news of having won the Campus Scholarship Trophy for the pre- ceding year, thanks, being given to the hard working members of last year. The social year was oriented with a pop dance, others following at regular intervals until the culmination was reached with the annual gala Spring Formal Banquet and Dance. Other activities included the annual Christmas Party for underprivi- ledged children with one of the pledges very aptly taking Santa's part. Other events were the yearly Barbeque and Mid- night Breakfasts and other social events during Military Ball, Homecoming, and Fall Frolics weekends. Also a week was set aside during the first semester as Pledge Week at which time the pledgees took over the obligations of running -the fraternity. The chapter has suffered greatly from the loss of some of its best members to the service of our country. Rush week, accepted stimulus for annual Greek revival, finds members of Delta Tau Delta still scrubbing white woodwork and washing windows. At the zero hour, Delts drop mops, don coats, and pledge enough freshmen to insure their campus stability, Final score: l8 pledges, three convertibles. Absence of traditional paddle and hazing is salient feature of Delt neophyte training, At l-lomecoming Delts bestir themselves enough to convert their easily convertible house into a river shovvboat, "Delta Queen". This activity is sufficient to enable fraternity to steam avvay with prize for best decorated house. With surmountable odds, Delta Tau Delta wins intramural football cup, and fin- ally makes big type on Alligator sport page, Members turn on best behavior when a rapid fire of high fraternity officials make visits here, Delts ride the crest when Alvin E, Duerr, "greatest Greek of them all", ad- dresses campus fraternity world in March. Less hard hit by the draft than most fra- ternities, Delta Tau Delta continues to "exist" for rest of semester. if, ri iii iii .U re , Barns! Carravvay Carroll Conn Gruber llarton Jones King Schmidt Severin Shaw Smith i Cushman Drake Edwards Day Malmic Mauney Miieliell Morrison White Bell Masters Clark OFFICERS CLEM CROSSLAND. .. ........ . ...... .President LAMBERT FRIEDERICK. . . .. .Vice-President JIMMY CONN ...... .. .......... . ...Treasurer GRADY DRAKE. .. . . .Corresponding Secretary RAY CARROLL ..... . ..... Recording Secretary OLIVER EDWARDS. . . ..... House Manager CLASS OF '42 Frank Cusliman Terry Drake Jim Milcliell Gordon Day Carl Severin CLASS OF '43 Dan Bernal Clem Crasslancl Oliver Edwards Lamar King Ray Carroll Jimmy Conn Grady Drake 'Lamlverl Friederirk Merrill Carravvay Jimmy Dickson Bala Ellis Clie! Flanagan Stafford Morrison Morris Smith George Slwavv Frank Bell CLASS OF '44 Balm Horton Oil McGreevy Kienasl Smilli Jerry Tams CLASS OF '45 Marvin King l-larold Lanier Lelleris Malnie Ben Page Jack Gruber Edwin Jones Melvin Loiigli Jack Mauncy Don Clark Jesse Ellioll Carl Pcierson Jalin Roluorls Earl Rican Dan Rillil Paul Scliinicll Dirrwarcl Wliile Ellis Flanagan Peiersan liiiaii Lanier Laiigli f ff dk Niwiflfli, X i fl , I- N ,X ,--LA , i .Vxx 'fi ' Xi .X I .L AX ,xxx fl.f'E I, 'f X 1 1 , i ,T " X i , X .lin-1 'ii' -3 i fer V, 4 W if Q ,N . ,,'.,X.i I Eriedericli Rulil llslweris F X i i , I X. .4 l J, WT: - 1 N ,i,r,"Lfk,-1 Qs. ' 'HIE i .n ,,,.,, W 1- .f , X ,V i UM Q- i . ,A f-4-ff vi 5' fl? l"2.l A,X , ,W Aff 761 Dfw A L E Q13 i,gis'igrvU,, .L A Chrlsie DuBa5e Hardin McCoy Parsons Teague iherton l30QW6ll Barton Beckman Burtchaell COODQV Gotten Curran Dolcater Fllilllyson Ford Frazier Gammon HUVDCI' Henderson Hennie McGehee MCKQQ Rannlap V . Keel Major May Roberts Rountrec Schwarz Ori Ecpacl Walker Wctherell Whiteside Yonge Holmes Mc Loran Telfair Campbell DeMent Green Kerr Nicholas Sparkman W oodwa rd ,,,..', '- Carkhu Drake Guest Lewis Nixton Tobi Worley l , fiij i ,.,.5:+f'ifi1gi,x i ii' ' N . ll? i- irifw 'rf mf". ,. uiiifflf ft. 51' .L J lj 5,,1.1:,,.,i45gif,,5',Q.1:L , 1:5 el' M . ,ffm 'f'1'l , mix-,EHm,y,Qyl1:,-1.lflgf,,ifiglw A 1 wi i,i-fc-"iw-li'gi"" ' , if 'zliniia T'-'e i A, if": iii. J' Lf A ' 1 Qlimfii i . g -.,.,5,,1!?1fL,,.,i.-.-.rif i , J A 'gt PWR- 1.1 ., Y 0 9 Lfw- , -, . - 1? I - f , llf f-we z , ,xl x I 411-lg. Sx il. "iw i l i Pledge night found the K. A.'s with twenty-seven new pledges to begin the new yeor. Soon otter rush week the K. Afs held o lown porty ond with their new pledges performed the sixteenth wonder ot the world here in Goinesville-chonged the sond dune in tront ot the house into o moss of gross. The biggest ond best sociol event ot the yeor wos l'Plontotion Weekend", when cill the Chi Ornego's were invited down trom Tolly. Wowlll Hoy ride, picnic, sguore donce, Conlederote l3dll, ond bonguet. The K. Afs like the rest ot the cornpus, hove lost sorne ot their monhood to Uncle Som's services, omong them the presi- dent, J. J. Doniel. Never-the-less, K. A. goes torword. D. E. HENNIE .... R. B. HOLMES ..... l. . w. D. wooowzuw. .. J. S. TELFAIR. . .. .. H. C. DuBOSE .... OFFICERS -1' 'cf l , k X - ""N,.. L- I .. ..... nt . ..... Jill. . . . . . ' .flli,'--Wf,-gffggqurer ' . . .Jfifjeftdfary l ......... House Manager ii- -i l J ilrf-l lil X'-- 3 ,JIJ sENloR5,Lq1' lg '.,g- 5 J. N Lklirislic J ll Colgloii 8-NRA' .f-'11 J Dalits-l J. li. Kerr J S lvlloir l. K. Yrwiigv, lll JUNIORS lvl. l. lliiusl J VV llicililrixwr ll. li llulinps C Milclioll, Jr. VV ll Sniilli ll li NNlriorlxxui'rl VV Cf VVoi'lr'V J VV lltirixxr-ll SOPHOMORES O S llmrlrlrirlx l.. ll Coilcliilll lf V Ciriniir-r I4 M lR'Mr-iii ll Cf liiillow l: ll liiiloysoii NN' li lroriur Cx li Ciruuii li IW lows lf. N Llogrl U. VV. lluiiiiiv l, l" Moy 'lf VJ lxilrlwc l' l.. Milrliull W S Pcirsoiis S lf luogiir' VVM W'ollwr IX l5 Wliili-sirlr' VV I3 Woorlworrl D K. liurlriri J XX llvrlsinriii li Cf. lkilruli-r ' J. li fxiV'llllUIT1 J A. lluiirlvisoii li. l. Mcfoy W M Mtiior lf. S Mvlicliuv A VY. llrrlwr-rl-, FRESHMEN ll. VV. fXll1t'rloii J l'. Cliiiiplwll VV l. fox l M liioxiii 'lf C-iirvloii VV. lf llrulm l' lk Ciiririii C. lf. ltiirl, Jr IQ l' llcirclin l W. llrirpwr A 'l' Km-l l' l7 Mrlriraiii W C' Miiwli 'l N Nixon .l W. lltwiinliill l'. llririnlrrw A ll. Srlixxrir: J. l.. Slicwur li. G. lohi rl ll. Spcirlxinon lf F, Von Pcvpuvl IQ M. VV'ollioi'till Cs li. Willioiiis m..xxxs Hem L f i f OFFICERS CHARLES BRANDON.. . . ...... President HUGH LAYMAN. .. . .... Vice-President GEORGE DAVIS ..... .. . .Pledge Master DICK PATTERSON .... ...... S ecretary BILL YATES ..... . . .... Treasurer Starting the year with 25 old men' and 27 pledges, Kappa Sigma has had its share in furnishing men for the armed forces and in obtaining new ones to fill their places, But in spite of the war Kappa Sigs carried through their usual social calendar. The annual dance celebrat- ing the Georgia-Florida Game in Jacksonville was ex- ceptionally good this year, as was the annual Christmas formal, and the breakfast-dances during I-lomecoming, Fall Frolics, and Military Ball. The chapter contributed a large share of the varsity basketball team this year with Manchester, Ellish, and Griffineh-Ellish winning the award as the most outstand- ing player af the year, The diamond ball team worked hard this year in preparation for the annual game with the SPE's which was celebrated afterward with a joint party. The fraternity is taking the war seriously for many of its men are already overseas and many more expected to be there soon, Yet the members of Kappa Sigma have enjoyed this year and those not graduating are looking forward enthusiastically to the next semester. slwg. . ,UML Kappa Sigma SENIORS Charles Brandon Charles Culbreath George Davis Billy Doyle Gordon Duncan Steve Ellish Cecil Farrington Frank Fernandez Paul Partridge Mark Maurer JUNIORS A. J. Barnes Lowis Chrislman l-lugh Layman Billy Mahoney Bud Manchester Bob Patterson John Ramsay Billy Southcott Stanley Weaver Bill Yates SOPHOMORES Davis Barry Joe Johnston Sim Lambrecht Tom Butterfield T C Knowles Buck McLean Bud Chappelka ' ' Dick Patterson Frank Grilfen Joe Hodges Andy Pittman George l-larrison Dan Keels Larry Potter FRESHMEN Marvin Benson Larry Browning Mark Bonham Steve Fickatt Tommy Foster Harry Hunter Vasco Landrum Dave Maurer l-lollie Popham Tom Segrest Starke Shelby BGme5 BOVVY Benson Bonham Degrove DOYl9 Duncan Farrington KGGlS Knowles Lambrecht Landrum Partridge Patterson piffmon pophom Brandon Chappelka Chrislrnan Fernandez Culhrealh Davms Fickeflr FOSiGV Griffon Harrison Hodges Hnnler LGVVVWGV1 MCLCOH Mahoney Manchester Maurer, D, E, Maurer, M Potter Ramsfly Southcall Weaver Thomas Yale: 5 F , U1 ,N 1 i 1 ' m""9,.e 8 ' 1 lt? N V 5 'fd' i K' W We----LL---N or r frfff? " 'f 'V Q ' If Nh .. -' r W! YU? X' 1 if X4 'A 'L ..1:-e qfgiw, . " R I 2 2 15 " ' X rj N11 rn, W- HL, i-5,59 r,.,f"':' 'Ax 'Y X r ' giwffl.-rf 1 .-fb . 'Yjvvqx ?'v,11". hx V U, lf' i..,,5 l42'J.,,'N 7..C7',x g-DW " ' X K' , A' L . '-' 'fr ' 61.1 ffl I -H ' ,Vx .xx I1-Ivwzrzdm , . V f.'f'Z'3i"' IJ, : -H, 1.-1, , , +I Ig ez mf I1 rl rr I hi I p In rr .1 , . 4-',f.. My I ,,.,v'.fw- '1-'9,,!IF ,.x,5. 5 ' ' A' f'I'-5if,',i"' OFFICERS President ....... .... T .J. DURRANCE, JR. Vice-Presidenl' ..... ...... J IMMY HAHN Secretary ..... .... B ILLY PERRY Treasurer... .... LARRY AUVIL SENIORS JOHN CLOWER JACK DAVIS T, J. DURRANCE, JR. TOM HOWELL JOHN LAND EDWARD MURPHY SIDNEY PARN ELL JUNIORS TOM CECIL JIMMY HAHN CHARLES JOHNSON PEPPER KRANTZ BILL SEIBERT Sw M W L, , fi' :I ' Q W ESQX In L 1 fl I X MA' I v 21. 1 n x , " 5' f ig ,gg ' I ' f RY 'NL 'E Q h-mzfziixwz .ANDY HE AAK I WINSTON RBIVILLE -- 515573: gf? ,nw ig.: :fy 1 ' f If-L2x1"'?', I? 5-L"'f-I ra -.wx 5 IWW ' f I ,J J X I If,- :L I -B 4, ' ,I., I ,11ry.,55fT4..: A FEESHXA .. mg GE RGE TABELING ARCHIE ODOM BUDDY SATCHEL 1' l l s Auvil Bentley Cecil Cunningham Durronce Fleming Hohn Tobeling Howell Johnson, C. C, Johnson, E. Krontz Murphy Sotchell Seibert Thompson Perry Gillespie MCCrocl4en Turbiville Lombdo Chi's live in the little ivy-clod brick house with the white door ond old English otmosphere IX good exomple ot the close fellowship ottered by the progressive, smoller troternity, ln notionol prominence Lombdo Chi Alpho stonds os one ot the tour troternities hciving over one-hundred chopters the only tro- ternity to hove tour chopters in the stote ot Florido, ot Rollins, Miomi, Florido Southern ond the University ot Florido, Lombdo C-hi lor nine yeors hos ronked in tourth plocenor higher omong oll troter- nities by the otticiol Notionol lntertroternity Conference roting - Lombdo Chi Alpho is proud ot its complete system ot constructive pledge troining. On the compus militory representotives trom the house include Coptoin Tom l-lovvell, lst Lieutenont Edword Murphy ond 2nd Lieutenont John Lond President T. J. Durronce is deboting with the vorsity sguode -Jomes l-lohn is writing tor the Alligotor Buddy lhompson entered the ring this yeor to win his letter in Vorsity Boxing- -Jock Dovis hos been octive on the Vorsity Boseboll Souod. 2 1 QF, ,,,, kg Yl,"c, J . XC px -.-.1 c 'X K -5, - ,, 'lb-12 ,QA ,-P-Wi t retire: ,131 Hs if R f ll-""li1lx.!v 1 P X 4 ,, f ' ' , if , N 1 v y A 4- - . . X f 1 X' X 'Q W gi f'?-:-MW5' s xx r 'if ,-',:i3wE , tl . i :Mr 4s',- ,, fb 'X X 1 1. iw' li ' l ff Flt i 1'ri4:tiwr"' -W Q" 2" x- 5--f' ,f 9 if N W ifl'7ffl'J7i',Q2teil3+Yfl ti , -t i ' 'Q' inf-ff i f. i..ti"i.GS' "',f,- X5 Jil!-. N- ,i i irrgirg lfvigfrv-ff . ylli cs r ' 935222, V, , ., ,, .. . X ltr X Exlti'-N ii' ' ' . if 'ui v f .v 'it ' ' l 2 ' : xi lil ltllrllj l i l wh? i1gf't'H J l tk 1 !,:g,!??: I , i i my , ir-,X ' t f 'w 1 Qi. ,Mi I f , v 1 - i Q f.f,f,.gtJ' i f C ew H f Knut? f , ,,",',fTIU'--.f'lr- Y K' lift ,fm r, , I. 4 JD Jri D ella T h e to 11, t, r l,1'.XL, 'r fslf' K7 r,-.- Q 1: Anderson Bell Berg Bergmaier Bidwell Davis, W. L. Durrance East Emmel Enwright Krause Kurtz Lewis Lipscombe Lynn Propst Ragsdole Roberts Robinson, B. Robinson, J. C. Thompson Trapp Warner Warson Wentz OFFICERS PAUL ROGERS ..........,... President JIM ROBINSON ... ...Vice-President BILL SCOTT ....... ..... T recsurer CLAY CODRINGTON .. ...Secretary George Anderson John Morris Jim Riley Jack Harrison l-larris Boll Jim Cason Howard l-lall Bob Robinson B,lly Watson Jack Day Dw ght Krause Harry Platt John TeSelle Ralph Felner Wilbur Bell Bill Burke John Durrance Mabry Kennedy Frank Sherman Tom Wood Dick Propst Bowman Bracken, A. J. Bracken, W. V. Burke Cannofgi Fuller German Goodrich Hanson l'lorw0V McCormick McCrary McFadyen McNeil MCRUe Rogers Schell, P. D. Schell, W. J. Scott SQlle'5 Williams Wilson Wood Worrill, E. H. Worrll SENIORS Bob Jurtz Burr Rogsdole Tommy Sellers Jack Nants Paul Rodgers Ford Thompson Bill Robinson Tom McCormick l-lol Wright John Lynn Bill Reynolds Bill Scott JUNIORS Homer Bergmaier Joe Bradham Cameron ByrneS Clay Codrington Phil Craig John Enwright Jock Jones Bruce Robbins Dan Roberts George Tedder Louis Trapp Edde Trrplett Jack Youngblood Billy lrlowell Loy Lewis Paul Koster SOPHOMORES Warren Goodrich Louis Harward Mark l-lulsey Walter McRae, Jr. Bob Miller Frank Owen Jim Rab:nson Wilkie Schell Arthur Sheolt' Jack Warner Jo Williams Bob Wyckoll Rogers Morgan Elliot- Maguire Bobby Dosli Eugene Lee Andy Bracken FRESHMEN John Bidwell Jack Bowman Harvey Comfort Jim Crg Q Leonard Emmel Walt Fuller Roddy MCNIGI Broodus Norman Billy Sparkrnan Earl Taylor Victor Leavengood B05 Rigby Jimmy Wentz Digk Key Al MFFOCIVQVW Gene Thornton Bill Bracken Fred Curlin Mark German Jim Scott John Voges Bob Judson Wesley Davis --,,, X Cason, C, M. Cason, J. F. Codrington Comfort Craig, A, H. Craig, J. XX Craig P, Cnr-lin Dgyigy W K l-loltsinger lrlowell Hovvze lrlovwe Hutson Jones Jordan Koster Kennedy Maguire Miller Morgan Morris Nants Normon Qyygn plgii Prifg Sheally Sherman Simonds Simpson Snelling Sparkman Taylor 'ladder T051-Ile Wyckoff Youngblood Ball Fetner Harrison Leavengoocl Scott Thnrnton Marge, After Rush Week, the Phi Delt Bungalow needed an addition to the house, the largest pledge class in history . . . Captain "Dirty" Anderson and McCormick played their fourth year in annual charity football game . . . Opponents were downed . . . Blue Keyman Rogers d around the country eb.oti.n but hispresence felt in lo l politi al circles . i l ' 9 t and Triplett middle-a ed i . , , McRae, ,l,y Craigfand l-lall are rr l- but no The rough and tum lpfb y captr so st place in intramu als 1m'Q,t"o ,e fi-,r f nson, Jones, Bracken Pl , ' om ort, Q nd Hudson lug the pig llllslgltiblh c or the g idii y . . . Wood, German Em Wifi nrlfej kef'!X" averages . . . Sw nk all trol eg Q ' ter dance was Peak of -g l: He . , ' -Ft' lx vventy of the ' Phis left to s. - y i- r--'fig , ' --t x W" Reynolds and his HDIQISW . "Round lMlGt'1H rgdhcyf-fig ' , W NMXQ Qgr y l U l-larwar fstilfgelebts' -ir'g"1'sp1' he" gmh U , Roberts, Croig, Bill Robinson la' so in Tue Key . . McRoe and Jim Robinson politic with success . . Phi Delts, as ever, remain omnipotent . . . , 'f:9 f'Qrii,i'iiii,iiiii,riffi flielllirzi Barcus Brecht Lenahan Sawyer tag. 'f"hnv" Benken Carter Leulael Swords Bivans We are the latest of the twenty-one na- tional fraternities to be installed on this campus-installed lvlay 3l, l94l. Yes, we shall soon celebrate our first anniversary. --'- Now let us turn back the pages of the history making year as we move through it. Septemberesflhe interior of the house was entirely renovated, freshly painted, floors sanded and new drapes purchased. XX successful rushing program was cli- maxed with the pledging of fourteen men, October Our first dance was a huge success. A wonderful time was had by all including the rushees. November Homecoming and our Victory Banquet was enjoyed by many prominent "Fiji" alumni who have made this state their home. December- The first of our an- nual Christmas parties for Under- privileged Children found the brothers enjoying themselves im- mensely as they "entertained" the kiddies. lt must be admitted that the many toys were usual- ly in the hands of the mem- bers. January - -- Made eventful chiefly by the farewells of the brothers joining the .X armed forces. nse I I N l X A, , . DOi'l'lQllVl "' Ii'iQ sxh wl oi' ,., ,V Y f , the Air Q in 1.4 if f"f l . . --it 1 V FDM l L., I L34 ,Q L e or 4 re f 4 ,oogng d wityiiei - kg- - ,Fig V I pf 1 mil L if""e+ c tw ltr 3 ' l ffliie 'L V r ll K' X' 1 V i ' i il? X- -f5.1hffie'3a,lbflf Benton Benz l X -"i A l I l ' -t-:"f35wJ.'f- i "1 'ff' A Clayton DcTamD e iq g imij-,,7,wl,.',,.,,, gi W, ,if t ,,,,,f,f Maxson MGQQe i f fy- Q Ll:,!i'5Bi,i 'x Toclsen ' Tricarico o H sq ilffitigw '1i'1lvi Percno f f S' , K 1 J N ' ,xml .i l ' 9 A -1 'f its OFFICERS NICHOLAS TRICARICO. ., JAMES LENAHAN.. MORRIS YOUNG .... FRANCIS BRADLEY... ROLAND BAILEY .... IQQIGHCI Rowley IECIVIICSI Iiivuus Fraums Bradley George Barcus I'I0rmc1r1 Ilulucrl Muggo John Boukcn Ilrumos IIICIQS Joruus Lcuolwou Edgar Maxxum SENIORS Ilorlncrl Cloyiou Iforlwcs Da,-Tomlin: JUNIORS David Sawyer SOPHOMORES Francis Lcrukcl August Pcrcuo FRESHMEN WwIIiom Pooh? . .. President .. . .Treasurer . . ,.Secretary ......Secretary House Manager 'I Ircrmas Ryan Ilwumus Iodwu Niflmulos I ruarxm MorrIs Young Jomvs Cnrlor CUIIIIIS Swords VVIIIIQH1 Horrlcum Viuccful Breclrl John Benz Another year has gone by and the Phi Kappa Tau's have completed their third suc- cessful season in their new house on Masonic Street. Many members have left school to join the armed forces, however, to offset these men lost, the Phi Tau's have pledged a good crop of enterprising freshmen, who showed their mettle by attaining a 2.5 average on the semester exams. The chapter was quite active in the social whirl of the campus, having held breakfasts, picnics, or informal dances on all of the big week-ends of the year, The dance at the l-lyde Park Country Club in Jacksonville dur- ing the' Georgia-Florida week-end was a big success, as was the Christmas Formal held at the house. The Fraternity has also been very active in lntramurals, rating very high in swimming and basketball, Bill Partain was runner-up for individual points in 'fraternity competition during the first semester. And so the Phi Tau's end the year with eyes ahead, waiting for the chance to make next year better than ever before. I hi liialppa Tau OFFICERS WILLIAM MOSHIER .... EDWARD WALDRON .... GEORGE WENZEL .... HERBERT BOOTH... JOHN BEVERLY .... Oliver Carter Edward Donnally Milton Boyce Donald Gilbert John Beverly l-lerbert Booth Lincoln Bould William Campbell Edward Chandler Fred Fuchs Allyn Giffin James Hightower SENIORS William Moshier William Partain JUNIORS William Emerson SOPHOMORES Sheldon Morgan George Noel Charles Olson Robert Seaward FRESHMEN Meredlth Mills Rcbert lNl:eland Franklin Palmer Ward Parker :ll MJ' i. " ......President .Vice-President . . . . . .Treasurer ... . ..Secretary House Manager Henry Richardson Edward Waldron George Talbott George Wenzel Thomas Alderdice Arthur Kilpatrick George Tarnwall James Stewart James Stringer Jessie Stroud William Townsend Fred Varn ,AlvE,xl',4, ., hx Q lk X 3 Ctvlgt '5. X A- -HU,-, ' lxilfxlfl.-,, ll-X fq,l'tj, V' ', 'iiv - .nm X llllfl ry 1 V Allderdice Beverly Booth Bould Campbell Chandler Dannally Fuchs Griffin l-Iiglwtower Kalpatrurk Mulls Morgan Mashier Noel Olson Palmer Partain Richardsar Seaward Stewart Stroud Talbott Townsantl Waldron Nleland Rickenbaflw Wgwelg l 7 x N ' X 11N '. ID X- X -Q U KX! , - N nf.. r t Mylar, ttftt llkll NW' r 1 D 5 Q579i?Q'9'.-.Qfif5'Qf, fh, L lq ff' , ' tl Qi: If 'Q' '7"'ff,4g445n.n:g.-.gz ri , Q, -.2"R':e-7' E- l ff llffffffTTf.'T,'f" eygttttlx Effie 3 Tm tt tlltttix t I 4 K3 qxfpu -iigxvpj. 3,1 P i K rm 1 ll a A l p IL cz , - -9- . V .Z- , . Acosta Alford Andrews Baker Ball Barco Bishop Buck Champlin Chapman Chapman Christian Crews Crumley Dyson Gregory Hawkins Eick Groover Hogg Evoringham Hampton Kepharl Ficgnetle Hand KitlredQ0 Fletcher Hardness McDade Floyd Harris lVlcGoagan Fulford Harrison McMillan Brady lfollerficld Vorncr Madigan Marshall Rickman Rivers Scales Sheavy Simpson Snively Slfringfellcwv Thomas Turner Wilcox Wcerpel Woodruff lt... Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in i868 by six youngfmen, who having suffered the hardships and miseries of the Civil War drew together, and organized, wishing to preserve the high ideals of fellowship and the integrity of character. Since that time the fraternity has enjoyed phenom- enal growth in the south and with the turn of the century began its steady push northward. Alpha Eta chapter was founded in Lake City, Florida, in i904 and moved to Gainesville with the Uni- versity, building its house in i926 lt boasts a preponderance of alumni throughout the State of Florida, among the most outstanding are Senator Charles O, Andrews, Dixie Beggs of Pensacola, and Judge Raleigh W. Pettaway of Miami. The Pikes are proud of their social tradition on the campus. The Motherfs Day reception is the longest unbroken campus custom, The party at Christmas time for the underprivileged children of Gainesville has received nation-wide acclaim. Campus leaders are Jack Madigan, Vice-President of the lnterfraternity Conference, Wilson Rivers of the Executive Council, Charles Brady, President of Sigma Delta Chi, and Clyde Simpson, President of Alpha Phi Omega. l OFFICERS i WILLIAM CHAMPLIN ...... President WALTER TURNER ..... Vice-President DON McDADE ............. Treasurer HARRY FICQUETTE ,....... Secretary Kirk Christian Oakley Andrews Fred Ball Bernays Bishop Ray Chapman William Champlin Charles Kephart Barney Alford Walter Crews Robert Everingham Richard Fletcher Robert Groover Joe Worth l'larris Conway Kitlredge Patil Hawkins Sam Marshall Claude Barco Sonny Bishop John Booth Robert Buck Judson Charman Jack Crumley Fred Dyson George Eick Eugene Floyd VVilliam Fullorcl John Gregory John l'land Ra'ph l-larkness JUNIORS Wm. Mcl., Christie, Jr. SENIORS Jack Madigan Robert' Eichelberger William Tomasello l-larry Ficquette lrlinton Baker Clyde Simpson Charles Brady Don McDade Jess Rickman Frank Snively 'Walter Turner Bradley l-logg David Walker John llansen SOPHOMORES Howard McGoogan Charles McMillan Wilson Rivers Valdeen Thomas D. Varner Joe l-lampton James Marr Frank Woodruff William Seavy FRESHMEN Eugene l-larrison Delbert Nordberg Jack Pattertield William Scales Arthur Slringlellow George Weller Davicl Wilcox Jack Woerpel Robert Clark Nick Wiggins Charles Dell Fred Bryant I 9 1 'f 'QFU' f i EQ az if if ez W ia, i X 1 ima was ABL Anthony Bailev Bliss Brashcar BrO0kS G- COND T, Camp Cornell Cflfpenter Freeman Fulglwum Godwin H0900 HGV KCVV P. Leonard T. E. Leonard l-Ofberg Papy Parker Peacock Pearce POGQC RUVVWSCY Ramona Swaopc Tfibble f OFFICERS HARLEY FREEMAN .... CARL HEY .......... ENOS KERR ..... . . . STUART LAFBERG .... . . ROBERT CUMMING .... SENIORS Monroe Cox Pope Leonard Charles Creal Alex Edwards Harley Force James Kuppers Robert Cummings Morris Goodwin Stuart Latberg John Carpenter Henry Freeman Willis Fulghum Bud Anthony W, L. Bailey Carlton Bliss . Gregory Camp Theodore Camp Jack Condon Frank Maloney James McDonald Charles Parker JUNIORS Milton Mingonet William Mundhenk SOPHOMORES Carl Hey Enos Kerr Kiram Tribble Harold Monk FRESHMEN Cecil Costin Thomas Leonard James Peacock William Poago Andrew Romano Maurice Patrick . .. President .Treasurer . Sec reta ry . . House Manager .Chaplain William Papy Robert Swoope James White Robert Tylander ldus Wicker William Neale Archie Ramsey Charles Pearce Charter Caldwell Norman DeVant R. C. Hogan William McWhorter Charles Brashoar Darrell Cornell Robert Gongl John Brooks Osmant Moody Ort Cox Creal DeVant Edwards Force iald Maloney Mlngonet Monk Moody Neale :ler White Wicker Cummings Freeman "' K "?fH'YlZ 1 4 "S C fy I, If x X. I' A SEN X X L 6 1,1 ll L l , E! I j S la' , , 5, H l X Y ra-fp-:A i i Vi- tn H ll1,"'f "5Y' l':,.:' I M , Q . 'il. Q ' l'f43i.b.l.'3,:-, "l..tiPla- -,,. vL.L,e '79 Twenty-eight Pi Kappa Phi pledges were given their first social tunction at the year with our annual Pledge Banquet and Dance. This was followed by Fall Frolics, then Homecoming with our prize-winning house decoration. The thirty-ninth cele- bration of our Founders' Day was jointly held at Leesburg with the Stetson Pi Kapps. March found the new initiates proudly displaying their pins while expec- tations tor Military Ball and l-louse Parties soared. Our social activities are annually climaxed by a special Mother's Day pro- gram. ln addition to these social activities, Pi Kappa Phi has initiated courses ot in- struction to all pledges in special tields such as etiquette, golt, dancing, and other social refinements. Peak year for the Pilams opened in a blaze of fraternal glory as the long-wandering Florida Delta chapter settled down in its new colonial house and filled the mansion with the biggest pledge class in the years since the i925 found- ing. Fall Frolics comes up and the Pilams function socially with the second largest group of dates all along Greek row. Armed forces call and nine, ten, eleven men answer the urge in the air corps, army, and navy. Suberman packs grips, marries the girl, and goes for army wings at Maxwell, Ehrlich, the man, graduates law and joins navy as midshipman for ensign's course. Kohn is director of intramurals and makes Blue Key, the Aronovi remain top debaters, scholar Lasorow assumes chapter presidency, Wexler dangles new Phi Beta Kappa key, Fogelson re- signs from Board of Student Publications to be- come new Managing Editor of the Alligator while the Chapter contributes advanced RO.-l',C. students from Major to Sergeants. Military Ball opens second semester socials for the Pilams, the chapter house mantle's be- ing decorated with six newly-won Intramural cups, The annual Spring Dance in Jax ends the period of terpsichore for Pilams as the books get dusted off for finals. i1 l 'Ili--1 ll1l '. A 04 A DK 'QQ' Brenner Cobbs Courshon, A. I-l. Caurshon, J. R Cravitt Davis Gottfried Haimowitz Hays lronson Kostan Katz Lewis Marks Marks Mayer Nadler Nathan Saul Scher Spector Suberman, I. Weil Weinstein OFFICERS WILLIAM LASAROW. . . ...... President BERNARD RUBIN .... ...Vice-President ANDREAS ESBERG .... .... . .Treasurer GEORGE BENJAMIN .... ........ S ecretary JERRY GOLDBERG. .. . . .House Manager SENIORS Sid Aronovitz Rrthur Courshon Irving Cypen Louis Dwoskin lathan Aronovitz Andreas Esberg Louis Aronovitz N Edwin Adler ueerge Benjamin Richard Brenner Harold Baker Morten Balch Paul Buckman Jimmy Cobbs Burton Cohen Herbert Cone Jerald Kemp Si Ketive Allred Kohn Henry Lasris Ben Fogelson William Mayer Frank Davis Fred Feinberg Stanley Frank Jerry Goldberg Jack Courshon Daniel Cravitt Abraham Fink Robert Lasris Emanuel Levenson Bernard Miller Raymond Ehrlich JUNIORS Barnard Rubin Marvin Saul SOPHOMORES Robert Hays Joseph Hirsch Elliott lronson Murrel Kastan Marvin Kranz FRESHMEN Teddy Gottfried Melvin Haimovitz Hershel Isaacson William Freedman Bill Levitt Belvin Friedson Irving Getzug Leroy Levy Leonard Lewis Arnold Rosen Irving Rubin Irving Sablaw Jack Suberman Jerry Sempson Shelby Trager Ellis Katz William Lasarow Ellis Marks Milton Rubin Robert Marcus Hilbert Margol Howard Margol Frank Marks Abe Moscovitz Stanley Nadler Donald Weiss Leon Singer Marvin Singer Harold Wexler Marvin Weil Jack Rubin Melvin Sabshin Charles Spector Irwin Suberman Paul Nathan Ed Plant lluhert Saal Louis Safer Stanley Scher Herbert Weinstei It Dwoskin Kemp Rosen Wexler if O lixi .f 'cv W t -. 1 t X X t tl' " f I tr , lt. ,.t,,-ll ,italy M 'gitgtt i, 4 . I , f-,.f. ,. I L, . i ' 'N--,.w ' - X . l , ,r I. .. W, Y r- M... .?I Ehrlich Esherg ' Ketive Kran: Rubin, B, Rubin, M, 'I Xlffsfg Singer X Suberman Nr- , X E i' X ,tb 1 , I I I I i , I, i Y I It , 1 it , itt I , ,-N f ..,t....:w.,.- 1,'t.."t is , z, t , '- Waldo Carmichael Ted Covington Carroll Cutler Lee Graham, Jr. John Greene Fred Arrington James Bryan William Carry Richard Catlin Phillip Anderson Doyle Carlton Dick Fauth Kendall Fish William Foster l-larold Gaines William Horton George Kennedy William Leffler William Brainard Frank Bryan William Caldwell Henry Cochran Joseph Coppedge Lanier Densmore Walter Dun Donald Fink i ma Alpha Epsilon OFFICERS GEORGE T. HAY .... .......... . ...... P resident NORMAN R. WHEELOCK. .. .... Vice-President GEORGE T. VASS .......... ...... T reasurer JOHN GWYNN .......... .. .... .... S ecretary HOMER LICHTENWALTER .... .. . .House Manager SENIORS John Gwynn Gordon Knowles Thomas Harrison Homer Lichtenwalter Gegrge l-lay Lynn Lightbown Clyde Higginbotham Jock McGriff Gordon Johnson John Milligan Robert Knight Grover Robinson JUNIORS William Jennings Vincent Mead Charles Leggett, lll John Murrell, Jr. F. E. Mclntyre, Jr, Sammy Pyles Jackson Miller, lll George Smoyer SOPHOMORES John Livingstone Earl Risbeck William McElmurray Hugh Summers Lucius McLeod Ben Willard John Murray Louis Wodlinger Thomas Perry Sam Galloway Jack Pierce Frank Butler Joseph Power, Jr. Earl Futch William Reynolds Charlie Henderson FRESHMEN James Freel George Logan Robert Galloway Phelps Long Robert Gardner Brad McBride Robert Gilbert Harrison McCown Joseph Henry James Truett James Kuykendall Thomas McGahey Malcolm Kirby George Miller Edward Langford Kennedy Miller ln the 27 years since its founding at Gaines- ville in l9l5, Florida Upsilon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has established itself among fraternity leaders in many fields. J SAE carried into the spring political tussle a strainless record of three years standing- ei len nominations, ten offices, with two men unopposed. Last fall Tommy "the Red" Harrison devas- tated Gator grid opponents for the third straight year with his deadly aerials and bril- liont dashes. On the basketball court, Doyle Carlton, sharp-shooting sophomore, brought home more glory for SAE. Norman Wheelock, head cheerleader, senior class prexy, Who's Who, etc., was named ranking colonel of the ROTC unit, with Ted Covington, WRUF chief announcer, iust be- hind as on artillery colonel. George Voss, in- fantry major, was captain of Scabbard and Blade, and Carroll Cutler was President of Alpha Kappa Psi, national business fraternity. SAE socialites continued heavy activity, and the annual SAE revue continued as the top fraternity offering of Military Ball week-end. Although contributing heavily from the best of its stock to the nation's armed forces, SAE put the button on enough outstanding young freshmen last fall to be assured con- tinuation of the best traditions of the fra- ternity. Worley Sewell William Von Dyke, Jr Norman Wheelock John Williams, Jr. John Wisdom Edward Sporkman Winston Summerlin George Voss William Hunter Joseph Magruder Charles McCarthy Thomas McCoun Earl McCuller William Shackelford Jerry Sudduth Strother Wightman Gilbert Wilson William Mixon Joseph Price James Robertson Erwin Sibley. Frank Spain William Steed Rowe Sudduth Francis Wooten Anmh-rsnn Arrington Ilrynn Culdxvoll Cnrlion Clll'YHil'hIl1'l Cnppothrv Curry Unch ru n Covington Cui lor Du n Fuuth Fink Fish Fulch Frcvl Fosivl' Gnlluwny, D. G, Galloway, S. Gnllin Gillwri Gruhaun Grvvm- Gwynn Ilnrrisnn lluy llvmlvrsun Hon ry I-l imxinhnlhzun Hurt nn I Inntvr Jonninus Johnson K1-n nmly K iI'lxy Knixlht Knowles Kuykvndnll Lurk IwH'l4-1' Lichicnwnltvr Lixzhthuwn Livimzstunc Lmmn IAIIIL! Mcifnrlhy MOCnun Mulfullvr Mvlfllrmlrrny Mz'Gnhvy Mvlntyrv Mvffvml Mnltrnclvr ' nr, C. K. Millor Milliunn Mixson M nrrny Mnrrvll l'vrl'y l'iorL'0 Mvanl Mull l'yl4-s Vuwvr Rvynolds Risln-vk Rubs-rlsun S1-wx-Il Shnrlclvforll Smnyvl' linhinsun Sunin Spnrkmnn Snnlclnih Snmms-rlin Sumnu-rs 'l'ruc1,1, Vunllykc Vnss Whvolnuk Williams y Wooten Wightmsn 'Wisdom ' 1 Wodllnwnr McCarthy 300011 sg' 3' ti " 5, J: , 1 , J l,lf OFFICERS RANDOLPH MATHENY .... ..... . . .. President MARTIN EISELE. ........ .... V ice-President WINTON BLACKWELL... ...... Secretary AUGUSTUS ANSLEY .... .... T reasurer SENIORS Roy Christopher Jerome Fugate Peyton Jorclan, Jr. William l-luffman Randolph Matheny Walter Jernigan Allen Poucher Samuel Johnson John Watkins William Johnstone Augustus Ansley Maxey May Edmund Collins Allred Schmidt Lyle Williams 1 JUNIORS Barry Binz Louis Schowo Austin Caruso James Sewell Martin Eisele Walter Snyder, lll Charles Matthews, Jr. Arthur Weaver , ' ' Milton l-loward Merry Warren Wood , fl SOPHOMORES , X! fxibl Winton Blackwell Thomas W. l-luntson, Jr. ' , xt, i ,,,f',1' l-lenry Blanchard, ll John Miller l f Robert Christ, lll George F. Scott i, i"l'l V Percy Entzminger Arch Thomas, Jr. i ' l Thomas W. l-legler John Wllks , ,gf lp- l FRESHMEN fl George Burnett Billie McCarthy Joseph Caruso Richard Mills Jack Conway Jack Mitchell Frank Draper Edgar Lee Molar, Jr. Garnett Eisele James Paine Earl l-larvel, Jr. Robert Chaille I-larry May, Jr, George Shute Leo Trimble , ,......4 ,e ,i ,-1, l . l .i k i , I, ,A ti .ll ,iq 'ii it H 'Bl 9 S' , T Ansley Binz Blackwell Blanchard - Burnett Caruso, A. Caruso, J. Collins Conkling Germain Harvel Hegler l-lillyer l-luftman Johnson Jordan McCarthy McKee i Schmale Schmidt A Scot t Sewell 5GYl4OVG Slime Snyder Stomper Weaver l ! 5fOper Dyer Eiscle, T. G. Eisele, W. Nl. l:U9OlC otheny Merry Miller Moler Poine ilkes Wood Browne Terrell Mottlievvs Although hoying lost our omnipotent politicion ond elocutionist Alon Poucher, one might think thot Sigmo Chi is woining but Blue Key boosts ot two illustrious Sigmo Chi's in her ronlcsj Virgil Conkling ond Rondolph Nlotheny. The lntertroternity Conference cloims Peyton Jordon os its president, Professor Guisenholt ot the Florido Ployers is proud ot his proteges Billy Johnstone, Vernon Weover, ond Tom Eisele, Percy Entzminger ot tootboll tome hos recently turned oguotic ond is on his woy to being one ot cooch Genovor's chompions. lnsteod of being odyersely olfected by the vvor our chopter seems to be even more prosperous under the chonging conditions. Our successful yeor is lorgely due to the oble leodership ot "Big Mon" Randolph Motheny. With this otloble ond joyiol personolity guiding them, the freshmen hove ployed no smoll port in moking this one of the most outstonding yeors ot Gornmo Theto history. This yeor we hod the honor of ossisting in the instollotion of onother chopter of Sigmo Chi in the stote of Florido. The 99th chopter come into being os the boys of Pi Chi "locol" ot the University ol Miomi become Sigmo Chi's. 19 A ' L if if iii, rr s ii, Ti fl Abele Arongo Baker Bennett Blood Brinzon Bfown Cone Cihclson Crabtree Culpepper Davis Elebash 'nl Hutchin on Kearly Knowles Koblogard Llewellyn Long l-UCOS Patterson Purser Reeder Russell Sandborn Shepherd WOW Sigma Nu this year contributed many members to the armed forces. ln the air, on land, and on sea, SN's took up the arms in defense of their homeland. Into the Army went two chapter presidents, Jonnie Arm- strong, later Leonard Baker, Uncle Sam beckons to a third, Tom Wakefield, as this is written, Despite war nerves, several Snakes distinguished themselves. Cone proved potent politically and on the Executive Council, Manning came through as a Lieutenant Colonel in the R.O.T.C., Bob Wright was influential in the Executive Council and the lnterfraternity Con- ference, Wakefield, now becoming a campus fixture, added legal honors to his other records . . . Christmas Carol scored another success. Bobby Weadock and l-lerbert l-lulbert kept the name of Sigma Nu re- spected in Tallahassee. Squire Walt Brown and Roomie French lived in perfect harmony for second year, Andalusia returned to Florida for third time, joined Yardbird Clark and Lynch in producing a l-learstian scandal sheet, the Sigma Nu Bugle . . . So passed '4l -'42 42. wx, Butler Burrowes Carleton Carmody Chavers Christoffers Christollers, D, Clark Colee French German Gholson, S. Guice Hardman Hartsfield Hogan Hulbert llurst l-WCl1 Lyon Manning Manning, L, Mathers Mercer Mitchell Murphroe Nicliolson SUVHHGV Trammell Treadwell Watts Weodock Wilhoit Wright Wykolf llury oFFicERs t if , x Xl ,, ' . X 9' A 2' Jlw' TOM WAKEFIELD ,..... ...... P resident 'M - Y . . N 4 -1'-taltwg X , ' WILLIAM WRIGHT .... .Vice-President C7 - 1 EM , f ts N i i-itil, ELMER NICHOLSON. . . ..... Treasurer 355 yy BILL FRENCH ....... ....... s ecretary fag Pelle HERBERT HULBERT .... House Manager gil' ' , Pwr "life '22 1:15 Yue. li? lf' X 5 SENIORS ' tee i ie Robert Abele Eugene Eiebesh wiiiiem Mercer 3 Leonard Baker Dill Germain Virginius Murphree f j ' Norman Blood Richard l-larbzn James Powell '5sfj1-Q-X E Walter Brown Harry Hardman Howard Sullivan 'jg B5 Harold Colee Herbert Hulbert Tom Wakefield 'll' F James Culpepper Bob Hutchinson William Robert Wright lx ' V Charles Kurtz E t ,. . rw. t JUNIORS 5 'ltii 4 " 5315 XJ 3 Tom Bennett' Paul l-lordaker John Patterson Q Y ' iff Raymond Butler William Clark Raymond Colee Al Cone Bill French Frank Arango Ned Carmody Don Christofters Jesse Davis George Lynch Harry Burrowes Dick Carleton Albert Crabtree Bobby Flint Kenneth Germain Angus Gholson David Gholson Copeland Guice Dave Knowles James Llewellyn John Manning Elmer Ntcliolsoil SOPHOMORES T. J. Oxford Clyde Trammell Bob Weadcck Jack Brinson Gerald Chavers Jim Hurst FRESHMEN A. B, Hartsfield Roy I-logon Claude Jones Bill Kearley Larry Long Bill Lyons Jim Mathers Bruds Collins Bert Christoiters L, T. l-lury Jim Lucas Wilson Shepherd Edward Manning Bob Nowlin C, L, Reeder Mickey Russell Steve Watts Palmer Pursei' Ruhl Koblegartl Richard Sandburn Ralph Snow Randy Spreen Tam Treadwell Bob Wilhoit Richard Wykoif -., ,. Q- W IJ " if iff if " iii' 't if - G yi i7?t."7i PM ik I 'I f , i' " if filfifv .fl .ffflf If Q15 f , r A ii' Arnold Bazemore Bowden Carlton Dale Fralish Frost Gravely . Herstedl' Hull Hull Johnson Jones l-Yle Moore Munnell Myres Nora Saucer Schopmeyer Slaughtey Simms Taylor Turlington Walden Whitney Zgll Cone Hill Monroe I sation of orange fights with neighboring and removal of hedge brings these twO is closer ..., Still Kappa Sig crew to le in annual diamond ball contest . . . New er establishes Annual Spring Formal . . . irriage floors Stewart, so rushes with hiting, Palmer, and Walden to get Army ommissions . . . Red Streak Sherman, 2nd tudent Body Prexy in a row, heads for 'ohns Hopkins with a 4.00 average . . . MacKercher finally departs . . . DeWifl leaves and takes flashlight, too . . . Footballers Hull and Cowen bid adieu, Hull to Marines, Cowan C?l . . . Turling- ton scholarships to Haa-vahd to insti- stute reforms and establish new order . . . Insurance company pays off on collar bones, Brokan finishes in luxury . . . Major Whiting weathers Hurri- cane and escapes with Touchdown Tommy again . . . Whitney dropS trombone for bugle as army calls. . . Schoch engineers way out . . . Reed fights for the PhD between time sp W oking up chemistry testS. 2: . 'iii - ,Mi-ty f"L+'lL35 -'Jjlf l'll iiyy, . t X- f ' lcd-l t j ,ff ' .1-1 K, . i .-,i 1 IQVLYGQ, if 112 'f 'lk' Ll :J 'Lf H,...e 0 -if N 3 as ,.,, A .a.a ..1--W l , Y if , c -little we f I X w OFFICERS JACK FROST .....,.. ...... . ...... P resident WILLIAM DeWITT. . . . ..Vice-President ROBERT MUNNELL ..... .... T reosurer EDWARD SLAUGHTER .... .... . . .Secretory L B GRAVELY .... ... .. .. . .House Manager SENIORS Charles Brokaw William Cowen William DeWitt John Fralish Jack Frost Arthur Hill Milton l-lull Rex Mackercher Walter Bazemore William Crow JUNIORS John Palmer Wilfred Schoch Charles Sherman William Stewart Ralph Turlington Jim Walden Joe Whiting Vernon Whitney Robert Munnell J. B. Nora Jack Dale Loren Snarr L. B. Gravely Robert Stearns William Taylor SOPHOMORES Dudley Arnold l-larold l-lull l-larry Carlton Eugene Saucer l-larrie Cone Edward Slaughter Roy Ellis John Schopmeyer James Zoll FRESHMEN l-lilman Bowden Jimmy Johnson Van Cascn Courtney Jones Frank Chambers Terry Lyle Robert Clemenzi Ben Mills Louis Currier Earl Monroe Gravely Wallace Moore J Myres Naurse OFFICERS NATHANIEL MOSTOW. .. HOWARD CARASIK .... GERALD KLEIN. LEONARD GLASSER .... . MELTON AUGUSTINE ..... . LAWRENCE FEINBERG .... Gerson Blott lleward Carasilc Joseph Doblairi Marvin Fssrig Sol Alexander Melton Augustine Julius Bearman Joel Cohen Jack Baumstein Lecnard Glasser Albert Haber Robert Kaplan Scl Bloomberg Arthur Bookbinder Jason Berkman Arthur Chorst Vtlilbur Cohen Sidney Dubbin Leonard Evantash Irving Fleet Irving Ginsberg CLASS OF '42 llerlaert Goldman Philip Goldman Martin Cireenberg Melvin Katz: CLASS OF '43 Herbert Feinberg Lawrence Feinberg Milton Fischbein I-lenry Gardner Warren Lindeau CLASS OF '44 Melvin Richardson Frank Rosenblatt Al Schneider Elmore Spector CLASS OF '45 Elliot l-lorowitz Stan Kaplan Sanders Kottlernan Richard Kirsrli Murray Miller l-lubert Ornstein Norman Rubin Jack Rosenthal ... 0 T7 ' rr rr lf'L'i'1v:silrlo rr tl " frail .President .Vice-President Treasurer ... . .Secretary . . House Manager . .Warden Gerald Klein Nathaniel Mostow Arnold Sussman Kurt Teutsch Irvin Slott Ansel Wittenstein Stuart Newman Lou Schott Art Kaplan Robert Rippa Herbert Sussman Frank l-lurvitz Albert Rosen Jack Rosner George Simcn Arnold Slome Murray Schwartz 'Arthur Washton Herbert Wilensky Stanley Kanner Louis Lebovit it 3 Alexander Augustine Baumstein Bearman Berl4m0'l Evantash Feinberg Fischbein Fleet Ginsbvfg Magid Mostow Ornstein Richardson RiDD0 Slott Spector Tanembaum Teutsclt -sv' Bloomberg Bobroff Bookbinder Corosik Cohen Dobkin Goldman l-lober Konner Koplon Kirsch Klein osenblott Rosenthol Rosner Rubin Schneider Schott Jnderberg Wilensky Cohen l-lorowitz Koplon Miller Brothers gove out with "the shout heord 'round the world" os rush week closed ond 38 men enlisted to don pledge pins. The oll-out offensive to vvin intromurols begon os the first semester opened. Tonks ond heovy ortillery Went into oction os Tou Alpho blosted ovvov to win the coveted Boxing Trophy. "Keep 'em Rising" vvos the motto os the Scholorship Committee sought in on effective monner to bring up the house overoge. The Tep house wos the site, os Allies from oll over the South met during Foll Frolics ond l-louse Porties, to stoge the biggest demonstro- tion of fun ond festivity ever seen. I Dubben Essrig Leibovit Levinson Schwartz Simon Sussman ' sw is s 'J 7 -J S S S X XQ x 2 bi i Q QQ llll ll!'Jlll!llmnqin y x QM Q 'lixjvvt '- X Q 2 X K E T W T1 .v r : 4 - X X -,g : x N zcee f gsfl . ' X X l ,.. ...M T '- "1 ui- Sp X ' lf 'imma ' " ' S -5255555553557 T "'1:::::5' f n gf in , - J 7 Theta Chi's Silver Anniversary year on the University of Florida campus was certainly a lively one, from the hilarity of Brother Fuller Warren's toastmastership at Homecom- ing Banquet, to the dead seriousness of our nation at vvar, Theta Chi was leading a full life. Leaving the old Spanish Villa, known for nineteen years as the Theta Chi House, the chapter became like a man without a country-a fraternity without a debt in its new home on Washington Street. What will be remembered about I94l-42 longer than the visits of National Officers, Fred Ladue and Nick Huntley, also the Rebel Reunion lconvention of Southeastern chaptersl vvas the re- sponse to Pearl Harbor. By the end of the first semester forty per cent of the fraternity upper- classmen had left school to join the armed services of their country. We solute these men, upon them and their kind rests the future of America. OFFICERS RUSSELL YODER .......... . .. President FRANKLIN DeBUSK ..,... Vice-President JOHN MALCOM. . .. . .... . .Treasurer JOHN BENTON .... ..... S ecretary SENIORS JOHN BENTON JOHN MALCOM JOHN Kina iaussELL YODER JUNIORS THOMAS BOONE BILL GARNER FRANKLIN DeBUSK LEROY GODWIN ROBERT DENNIS DON HUNT GRAYSON ENSIGN WALLACE ZETROUER SOPHOMORES ALBERT BASS BILL LEE NORMAN DENNIS BILL LORENZ BILL DESNOYERS BOB STUBBS NORMAN FAIRWEATHER CLEMENT THEED xy! we i,i, fax l XQFRIESHWEM 'fb A I " '-, Jfff I I' ,ygj D I BISTGANM, ifiiiegiilsiiiweie Q HERB RT CRAWl:EY,,.M.Y'f3Q Riciifxiipik M, ii T .s,, pbgftyiiiqgt'-" r"'1lm,BI-IOEMA Alicia MEZLOR ' so 'AM sss,s eYQuNQBrQQD1.f2:,if I l I I gff Ii 'iic I 1 Wyff523?55?iiIIQQEEQWII I ,jjj ll fa f S1 I .if:fE':7'- A IF , f 14 ,ff illlfl ff"'!'l y ,LN ll l if 'I :if '1 if ' if - I ,V ' if lull: I-, ,, ,,,, inf., I 'TT " "5 1,7 I. x:u,.5. 1T7.-417.1-TY., lx i .Xi Af ""lBl.,il Il l X9 ri it or iff Ili 5 Boss Benton Bryon DeBusk ,, ,, Dennis, M, nnis, R. S. Dcsnoyers Ensign Fleming I 'h all Garner lliinl' King Molfom Mellor ffl' Minor Ricliords Stubbs - Tliced Yoder I Q' Lf QRIFIQ-'1lQlL1ggQl ,,,3,N V fi Zetroucr lmrwcollicr Leo M ,Q fi X 4, il ,lvl . XM, ix if A , ii., 4 i Y, N R gi i 1'A 7-fl in .ww i n i fi if ', in F771 f Eff lv' V'Q"l X 'wgggx im,.gQi, i IJ .L P ill J, i i fi- -, i fl lllvi-.f,,,,l, f ik ik x XX hx I 'If ' i1,. ,A K f ix A Mr, X fg, fi N- i 1 .', lr! f iii V N4 N ff fi i i , 5 K X My xx xxvff-m I xii -A li ffl L"iP'x:l:i ' li " """?fgL1fi'5l'1-l-lil?-P.i ,4,. .-f,'r'X! , N-R-XXS 'i'A'J29'.f'A"'A'-"f"'.f-f!':"' ffl f" . l-il "'i -lf i K w a N - H4537 ,'.v Q yt. 'V I fl V l ,W t ,,, , W v-All-, ,ill ,V , :..,iy'5, .,. ., fi. ,. , . E.i15'."Afi11fi:u-'.fA- L15 V ' ,yy L :,:.,,r0gf ',l-'pn'-Lf '-LW." 2' . 12 -w..-in-,i,.,,1f, .NYJ C mrior elutm' 4f'llfHl'lLil'Y Cons r2r'errr,rre Balch Benson Benz Bliss Brashear Campbell Caruso Dunn Eisele Flanagan Gregory Harrison Hartsfield l-Iill McFadyen Murrell Odum Palmer Price Richards Schwarz Stephens Taylor Turbiville The Junior Interfraternity Conference is composed of freshmen representatives of the various national social fraternities on the campus. It has as its aim the promo- tion of cordial and friendly relationships between the new men. lt also serves as a field upon which the new men may become better acquainted with each other. Various lcinds of activities were engaged in by the group during the past year. The conference presented its annual trophy during l-lomecoming for the best-deca- rated fraternity house. A dinner rotation program was carried out which enabled all members to visit each fra- ternity. A "morning-after" breakfast was held in con- junction with the Military Ball Weekend. l Burrough Grafton Monroe Schmidt S Brown Bryan Fickett Bardner Maxey Maxson Roberts Rosner Wetheroll Wilcox OFFICERS President... . . .. Vice-President ..... Secretory ...... Treasurer. . .Paul Social Choir.. .AI ,f Tfefq TJ?3I1WlwEfQ,3N ' M dm ai zmfffiifwg Lsefffwfv fd L1 X ? Z ' "" .rw i li' A E 'Xu N 'QA -,- ,.4g"'L 4 .1 ""+..h 'V xx X' x. f ,. 1 h. ,fx , ,'. YM X, : 'r .. if Q In E5 x . n t , 1 1? 1. M: , ix. v gaf ' A vl .UQ F ff? , HQ. 'T ' f 1 ' 'Er we -ff P W ' V, V. ., ' 1 ' i , ffff , ' . 1 --14 A xi RV? ,' .Q V. 1,, -4 , ,. a 5, px 2 5v'K Bai If Q 'Marg N me 4f'hQx',g, ' n A' xi..1-is GJ if 5: L . .'- 'ff HESPESS EHISHHVIHE IIUHIPHIW yfacktofmfzfle Just os modern streomlined trciins represent o vost improvement over old methods of tronsportotion in speed, beouty of oppeor- once ond quolity ot service . . .so the Record Compony hos the modern equipment, the skilled croftsmen, to give you o modern streomlined printing service, superior in beouty, speed ond oll oround effectiveness. , , .. . . 1 Cyljc blazer cvuzjvfcfe .wwe c un ffcnyu, cuu1iiw.ulwu, Jffllllllly an ll fu liz! Il aff fwc nl in rf Getting Off on the Right Foot is mighty important to any young man entering the world of business. First impressions are often lasting impressions . . . and most employers examine critically the banking connections of a prospective employee. l'irst thing after commencement, associate yourself with a good bank. Become acquainted with the officers, seek their advice on matters of business. We invite you to take advantage of the friendly counsel and convenient services which this bank has to offer. FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK r OF JACKSONVILLE A riNANciAL srraoncuotp X THIS Somewhere there is a boy, already feeling tl1e surge of ambition. He is a typical American youngster . . . confident, clear-eyed, courageous . . . eager to meet the challenge ofa job. And wherever he starts he'll climb. He'll be running this com- pany some day! Whose boy? We A BUY LIKE THIS 'N WIL COMPANY SUME DAY! L BE IIUNIIING don't know. He may be yours. Tl1at's the American pattern. Free enterprise, equal -opportunity-this is the life blood of business, the solid basis of American industry. May we always hold to these truths of the American Way. ummm vo sriiiiour wuvmw 5 5' ' I 64" Dunn 'S " the Army, Navy or Coast Guard take over-We are PREPARED l" HEADQUARTERS FOR I ARMY, NAVY, COAST GUARD OR MARITIME SERVICE UNIFORMS ,., , W e lf Wg, J '3 'V ,: 'fi sk rf f E ' i' ' 2 I ' ,K 1 if 3 9 Q i - " tX"L.' -' ..if-aff' Eqf , N. .,x...:. ,,:II tl, 'ii if. X rt- 2 ' ' I 4 A 5 Q2 ' 'Pg I is vit I ti ,A Q 2' i K i S l ' if i I ' i fl I r fl Z M.. HEADWEAR AN D EQUIPMENT ww'-r f-. Y W v-'. Skilled tailoring, distinctive custom-styling and fine quality gi trimmings make these uniforms the finest that money can be buy, They are guaranteed to retain their shape and good i,'gA appearance permanently. Collars will hug the neck snugly. Perfect fit and your complete satisfaction are assured, M . ' ll. A THE Most compuftis STOCK in FLoi2ipA .'rr Write for our illustrated catalog--Yours for the asking l "'ll I J A c K P E N D o L A rtk 408 Franklin Street Tampa, Florida 'S ,JS ., QC . F, "fi fE??il1'Tf'f?C-E 1 A 1 ' "'f1:.f il .- , N " E . 1 Q' 341' 'f-. - "L: 1 fffw' 54221. "ff"f"L':: "-, 3 ' . .ts -1. 1 :lah Egfairsipi fs f 4,11 1- h AA -V .Q-9 f' .irc I .1511 ' ' -7.:1-:QT-i' '- ' ' E , VV? , f, ,. A ,,, ,..,..,., "Lv 512' 4- ,' ffm' ' J f., ,-....,., . ., t-' f' -xi. " Q- 1' ,,,l'fQi?i:1-wwA9211-S::4i4m'3,z -1g . V "Yr, , 1 L,-4,-5-: .2,'ff+.'fr:""--Q-f.,.i'-15--.,:gc .1 1 rv- :'1 . - .- ' H-., .414 -vii. -."'- 4 qv -4- Y-4 A- ' "vial" 3, --, f'-Ne-wllffix ggww Q--,Q-Q.:-1: I--. .-.F -' , '. 4 2. -t 'V-sf, - '. ,y- . '-n , :Q---M. 44.-. ff. an-.'2,'y" ' 'T I fi iff.: '.'i'--432 Q..-,am-w-fqt-ng-fm ' ' . 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'-1.-'fy PF' xa"l:pa'3z:7Ef3Sg - ,4 " wifi 1 : - ia'-1"rf?--."23Q.fR?m Eff ,Q..fg , if fjfrsfm . 1- - 1 "X-ill "' "I 7:1 ' 'L' Q.: ' "fi-7 -. i ' ' ' ' 1 - ., ' . Ji - T5 'S 53-it-' if -ff 1' ' 15,5- 25 a j.,.- -- -- ' Hia ' 6 PH' 5:4'R""' 31 "L i ffl ,s'ffif""? A.4.Z:.-s-f"'i:0 . .,... . ,, ' - , it .... -v M' U1WMqm M amvvb w,-,,.....,,, -pf I I To the Class of 942 Uar Hearty Congratulations Best Wishes to All the Undergraduates FLORIDA STATE THE TRES, Inc. H ll Organization ' An All-Florida Bringing You the Best in Entertainment I 'Hill'll'HHH'WI:iiiiiiiixiiiikitllfltllflifltltlfllr ltllflrlrltllrltlrlrlfll-ltilrlrlfltlrlr In Gainesville lt's i The 44Fl0rida" and 44State" i' The NoIion's Most I , Complete Insurance Company CIIIJ -ene I ALL FORMS CASUALTY INSURANCE. FIRE AND ALL ALLIED LINES. FIDELITY AND SURETY BONDS. AMERICAN FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY HOME OFFICE ORLANDO, FLA Cx.'iII5 Av-x ' -'H . . . X MH 11' 1 U V414 . A KJ? IP 'xt ' - Xu A .. ' ,Ll j .K . -I' I 15? , A - I. I Q T ff , ,Q 6 'Q 1 2 If 5 ' - - f A 1 3 7 I -JY! I , F I I 'M fl I , I V EST VI: I al .1-we, ,FXR ' f rf '53 'if Q , f ' ml .Nts ' -. 'ggi -, 91v"'f Q Arn ,jf 'fi V ' . ,, .. 5 V'b ji H VG .,' ,,, I,,, 4, f- - , Viz I if-1 , I 'mr '4 1"v'1" ,.' 'OIT -- ' A ' I I JLI ' ' -III A . X THE E942 SEWIHUEE IS BCDUND C1161 KINGSKRAFT COVER ff? x . fy Q-Z5e.uy1ze.E! C7g!I1aZ Wccwffzcepf THE HIHGSPUHT PRESS, Inc KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE . I Dramonds Convement Terms Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF l942 En, On your scholastic achievement during the past year, I ALL OVER FLORIDA I May all your efforts in the future be as successful, Ill MAlN STREET ------- JACKSONVILLE FLA MAAS BROTHERS MEN'S SHOP rooo STORES!-J EXTEND HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO Tl-IE CLASS OF 42 Keeps Good Company! l-HCKEY-FREEMAN CLOTl-IES KENTCRAET - - - KUPPENHEIMER DON RICHARDS ---- ARROW BVD ------ MAC GREGOR and dozens of others! Compliments of LYONS FERTILIZER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OE ORANGE BELT BRANDS vb? . QL 'l -35:5 I TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA . V X lf, ch! A ' ' 'Lf 11, ,l 'fr i f . 4-'f gh V A- -.A-.,...l,,.. ',yV l J , y K -A .V l.,, S I, h , ,gf , , A j', ,,.wR,,1,q ,Q 4 Q ' 5 . ' rltf TEM. , , A , T .fy f J- A, "L" 'K f i : 1-I Ayr. A ' 'Z ' A X . 5-A 'Q' 52. Tffiji, i '4 - 'Wg s r' h ' 'N 'fun' ' A 'lf :Q , '1 fit 'y I L ' 5 Q Q ,wvfflf N, me ' - -T X . T. 'lug .TL Better Ammunition or Soldiers of the Soil Y OU young men who have the advan- tage of college training know the im- portance of scientific methods and sci- entific thinking. You know that science is especially important in producing more and better agricultural products. And you know that such fine fertilizers as IDEAL Brands are truly scientific products, laboratory formulated and IJ u'a'l-X EHTILIZEHS vmi ' QOOMER P60 gt limi 'Q' F 3 o ,fu , OQONVILLE I FLOWO tested, then field tested and, finally time-tested. Florida's future soldiers of the soil can count on IDEAL Brands to provide them with better ammunition in their battle for greater agricultural production. For victory in field and grove, use IDEAL Fertilizers. WILSON 8' TOOMER Fertilizer Company Manufacturers of IDEAL Fertilizers Jacksonville, Florida THE LRWYER'S LIBRARY Should be selected with care. Our long experience is yours for the asking and whether you intend practicing in Florida or some other state, we are pleased to offer our services. Complete list of Florida Law Books mailed on request -ealso catalogue of New and Used Books. Compliments of THE SWEET SHOP Tallahassee, Florida At South Gate of College Opposite Landis and Gilchrist 'A JOHN M. ELLIOTT P. O. BOX I23 BABSON PARK, FLA. FLORIDA REPRESENTATIVE THE HARRISON COMPANY LAw Book PUBLISHERS ATLANTA, GEORGIA WHATEVER THE SPORT WE FURNISH THE EQUIPMENT :Tr 6509 - uit HARRY FINKELSTEIN COMPANY 63l-39 West Bay, Cor. Jefferson St. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA BOY, HOWDY! WON'T YOU HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR? ELI WITT COMPANY Q .1 X01 'r .,.,, - 1 ,'.C-11 3 - l I ',!:':f:N,g. lrffz. 1 I p gg- . . .,v.. V.. N, , . 1. 'f" - 'e-' lf- 'I ., -. . . , v !'f 'F' 'QL ,5 Q11 if f " wg, P' ' ' q i ,1- I I' 1 P 'A 4 f' y . ,ar f ' 'I AFI A' pl I, If J' v.. , 1 4 1 4:,,?5f!ftJf' I m 45 " K ' l' 'I I 'Av' 'y A A V f w I . N Q , ya! I V I ff.'1f:H.v:f,3i:: .-'11 .f.:.-Pj 'mit 1 r,'j:,.'f',A,,f.-..I.',P" 1.6! 2-'J gi ft vlyf. f ', '2',1,. f , 1'XY-"'?"""'1".'7'TJU' ' if ' '?i'.'5'J ' 'fi' .xi 7" ' ' I x ff ., "",jT':':Sf ' ' , " 7531! Mia. 'I' Ill." pr?'fT.- If G.. 1 :j:'Q,QflL',Jr.-A-7 -1,3 .- f r,.gf ,.f'-my.: r 5 'I' I-1---w-ew ' 4, 16 ' AL- Cum :.."5M'. - x f, 4 ,,.,..... , 391 JL 3 mi ,'!f ' vm ff,G1!QQf1:.1.4, '-'- 1 ,1 y AIN 11" . ' ,"1"'lfiilf"15"' A ,., - -,I ik. , 'H-,,... ,' ' Z f' "'vyi-" ," ' "N, ,' ' 4 , .5 I "A2""'Q-fflffif ' , f-fi' -WS, " Q ffgffx- :3,a1: z. , ,nr ,,,g!"'9"f5f.fv-' 2 4' 1424!- WJ?-:'Q'f , , "fn fllggfwf- '- -fr '75 ' Y-ur' '--"' 1",, ?"' 1 ,. 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Er U V xf If, ,,7f.,...,...,,,,.f--A I 'xy 1l:'.l',7 ., 57. 5, fly: gg ff - A -,5 -sj , ,ff A .Tf.,9g,2,a ,, . .fla-fri ...-J-1 -:Sway -. .15 ' H+ ' "'WfS'2j. .D '. .. 1' -: -.PT . uw- w T ' 'J'-:"'1"i,:L11f'1F515'75, JAY' """""" If 5'-i"'f A7 . H .. J u, .-, .,,, ,,...,,,,,,,..,.,.,.,- wg, c,, , .. H ,-,. . ti lffj nf, wir..-.-La.-f-.,..f . , , f, - , . iam '..,:.:L ' 6' 1',,' -A.. ., M. -'-.-,r',",t".5rl'11A . " ' 'mlfl' 4 "' - 3 YF'- ' ' J' ' ' :',E'1Yf'?Ff3',I, -Q .:-' - - ., . "M if1r'f'1fr?f4d5ff1jh.N ,,w,,pgfh12w,1uAsr4"2.3I5f""""'a"':""mMs"'5s,,i. ,,,e,, ,'rL3. ,aaa F 'l - 'ng-'LQ ,. Qu illlllllllllllg 1 I M, ,wzfwzf NSACOL . ':'1f1- For many years Pensacola has been one of the vacation headquarters for the Southland. Located on the scenic Gulf Coast, this city possesses a wide variety of advan- tages and attractions. It is noted for its fine beaches with clean white sand. It has one of the best land- locked harbors in America and offers exceptional op- portunity for boating and fishing. Golf, hunting, riding, motoring-W these and other sports provide a diversity of recreation for visitors and residents alike. Pensacola is known throughout the land as the "Annapolis of the Air", because here is located Uncle Sam's largest naval aviation training school, where all Navy fliers get their wings. I-lere are ancient Spanish and early American forts and other places of historic and scenic interest. Pensacola is a thriving, growing, progressive community, a good place to work or to play, a city of homes and good living. Let us send you full information about Pensacola. Our illustrated booklet vvill be mailed on request. Address A. E, Langford, Manager, Municipal Advertising Board-4 PENSACOLA, FLORIDA ON TI-IE SCENIC GULF COAST Compliments of COmp"men'SOl A. LOUIS AND soN, ine. The Phifer State Banlc Miami, Florida MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of KENT WARREN COMPANY Gainesville, Florida Jacksonville, Florida Men's and Young Men's Clothes "SOUND PROTECTION AND FRIENDLY COOPERATION IN ALL FINANCIAL MATTERS" AFFILIATED BANKS SPRINGFIELD ATLANTIC BANK Jacksonville FIRST ATLANTIC NATIONAL - BANK of Daytona Beach TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Gainesville The ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK of Jacksonville Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AFFILIATED BANKS Tl-IE PALATKA ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK THE smsiroizp' Awxntic Nmionm BANK Awxutic NATioNAL A K B N of West Palm Beach OOO TAMPA DRUG COMPANY f If r .1111 " HW. 'L Wm, Q L ,-.. 5.1- r- gl A 4.1-,H . LIL..-gif, Ig.. L Q 1 l,,,,.l-1"-'W . mm mmm , mr iff.. ,, Wjh-P 'L Jvmguvlwfllw I M ll - in O 1 M5 Q 'll 'ly w"G2r'f'2 .. L - l'H3!f1'L'1Eiaf'l'15 iii '15LPfLff-ie- Elm .I ff"1.I1nfE'!!L'1::"' .-J- fi'.F5lL1flf.r.."7 yi as UF' !h!'IH'13.:1:I' ' '-" 'L '."..: 'UI -"LL-3: :L-! LI' uk - f'f"' 1".V1.,' ' "1'I""f WHOLESALE x One of the South's Great Stores MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS We stress the integrity of our lobe! on any product on which it may oppeor O -906 O Wwllllvgyimlth nw JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 9 " . .wif 5- 'f ' - gal.. lr . x J.-V ' L 5 H .. .4 ,.,g if -YP? l." ' A , , .V . Af- I - 14, 1 wx-Ile . .1-mf. - f- . .- 2 fftfi 1 .... . .4 ,. A, ' I , .. ' fy. 2,,,4' 'I' :Adam-wre-fence-1-1.4'1.-r-w-,'mggh,,,,,W99.-. -"iz-W1 -'-r- ..,.-w,.'s'1 Bi. . . V . -19" WSJ . - ,-vqg:A,7?.,,,4.- .. if-.-'.-....'.'. .-5.. -':1 w 'p1- . Wy -,lv ' '::' X' Nflgn A rg' Vivitar - jul W -1 "-. ' l ..-if'f:ff'1fvg. Mi' ,f?f'-,,g',"' . .I G-Q .Z ffrl ','l5"'QS' 94' .. 5' Q13 ffl, 4-' . . fit?-P .f .' - A 2',",2,3' y:f'fi'- - wg.. ' " ',..' . ""'1f7"'f'-V' L' ."'- . '., - ,wvvrpfv .5 .I ..... NM j51Q,g'f'g,.f . H. 3 A in M2 . 1 fi -4-14. . 'L : L. . 1 " ' .2 'S 11 'iv-.. " . .'5-g.4."- ' ' 1 11232 .- ' "ff.1J" . Qi .Ai-A f i. .. 'mx-QYAK. - ar gglmei - main' . . - ,- , fini' Mfg.. w ' . . , 'impiw , f 5-55451 . .4 ., Apu .-. g . ,X 51,1 14.6 ,A U,,,'l N.. .-1-.,,. V .F . c.. eff' . 9 1 ' - J i11'f'.+ 21-9'ffk!f1'S-'.-Ei. I-"' . - "+:'-1 ' Wes -V f :'s".:.-, ' :Lf .' "'f.'-".'f'G"nr-'-1-' '-.f "xr xii' 'Y -113' : ywggirvfgiff' 'Liege ' 94 . ,wg 1441- --'J.9v?, 1 9 1 1' 1--i 1513144 .icfakggv .g-,. '. -' :I ,fi-' ,fi--EE ig f?'.s"Wi . -4- -1"'5s?Zx3 fit ! If ff ' -3552211 .Y A' If M 4 'L I L.. fig K' '.'g,fjh5557-.jgA1,0123!"r.iifv5.g'.' ..,w ,A X .-Q1 ' S, :V T if -1251 " 5.-I' if l- I'E.,l3"' "W J2."f:J1V:5fj 211 'f A I-EW, .fl -Q " 4" ':Lf f, f'f5Z,,2. ef- wr. wrirfffi 5 5 . .su pf- 'ig' "Ml 1. ?,-A. Q..-'. W,J.v4.'...-V... -1 fr' L.. I A1 V- 'ti -mflglvplbw '1!p,g-- 5 . : f f 9 .s '- .. A ,Lf -' 'fr 'K-H'-'Rf - ' 'eb 'N fs'3rJ1f,f 'f'4iL. 3.1.5 '-4 9, , .'.3pfw?g,4...,...-.., ' H fr. - 2 F .L"?,.'v"22. , .plzigicgrf 'J JI' f,., y.5,?Zfw-usa-kiiv? - 4 - W -1 -f 'WE' ' ' ME f5l"'Lfj'?x:d4f- . X. 'S---51 ' ' rf .f --nw . - -ay-.f "--:J v A .. ,- f .P efuh. r m-'4' - 'fi'-M 1- -tri? .-w -- ' 2-S,-. .L -fr '1-'fvfy ,wr i" if . f. . - L - i i' A 0 Q1 '- a. ' ,twig -f- Jim. 'P . -1 'Grje' rx J,p Q' 4 , .firf-W4 1 A ' '15 , -ga.-' H wa ma.. . .- ' 1 +-. .-"ff ' ." .'-w, "ay:-.f"3l:b'-:K ' ,,' 1, gag mf' - J gfnbgi 'WL' qu I -:Hr r .Nvzfg if ." . 'iw gay'-:m.,.z . m g. . LE?-' Q, A v: H - .f 4, in :ms-3 1,1?s -fII'd,..- V N' ' ' I. . .' .1:a A aa' 'i.-" f"E",.r5 ' - 'iw . R :gf- Allga 7-wk , ,E 4 .,i....I , Au.n,,,4 ,Mr . -lx ,-rf, 4-. 'Pc-.M mn, AAF, f. A ...Nw ..-Q.. LL,-,.h. a - 193' EP..-:J - :ge " . f ' - , 3- ' ' ,- 13i,,'l.. - .VS-,ff - 4au,.,rg3i V .V . gy. 1.1. - , 1., ,, X ,H ,WH N.--i I. 3. rf., .ef - .. , -, W.: , . Pqyfrh .4 'W .,,,- mv. - -N-- -.'fa,,..,,I Q.-. . ,....w In--'- .g,5vj1l7lu5 nz..--fi .N A. ." A -,- A . . . --www' -:.:.f:.--we-f,....... -.ff f-we ' H I 'I 'ying-:W ,.e,..- ' .r,,l. if, V ' , V.-.M m.W.,' I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF i942 SIIIISIIIIII FASIIIUIIS tl! . ..x..,t X I X f House Rules No cheap liquor sholl be permitted in the house. There sholl be no loud sweoring when o brother hos o womon in his room. Brothers must toke oll precoutionory meosures ot oll times. Quiet hours sholl be observed between 4 om. ond 5:30 o.m. to give brothers o chonce to sleep. Pledges must serve brothers with breokfost in bed. Before ony brother con put his pin on o girl, oll other brothers must hove the opportunity to test her in o dork room. No brother sholl send ony pledge to give Deon Beoty o hot foot. A severe penolty will be inflicted on ony pledge entering ony dark room before knocking ten times ond on- nouncing himself. Only the chopter president moy dote the I8 yeor old housemother. Other brothers ond pledges will form o line to the right for her twin sister. All core must be token to prevent onnoying the front yord stotuory to the point of rooring. Dotes ot this house will be limited to white, red, block, yellow, or brown girls. No others will be odmitted. Nude doncing will not be toleroted in the front room. We don't core' whot you do in the bock room. Beer will not be served ot breokfost. Chompogne will not be served ot supper except on Sundoys ond holidays or when on olumnus donotes o cose to the chopter. Pledges will not throw point ot stone onimols during the doytime. IN JACKSONVILLE IT'S ALWAYS THE NEW FURCHGOTTS FOR BEST VALUES HOGAN AT ADAMS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE OLD RELIABLE INCORPORATED 1888 it Member Federol Deposit lnsuronce Corporotion GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA MAX WITTEN'S 52 W. Forsyth St. Showing whot we cloim to be the finest suit in town ot . .............. BY MIcEIAELs-STERN MAX WITTEWS in Rochester 52 W. l:OI'SyTl'l Sf. I9I2 I942 E. H. Thompson Co., Inc. KITCHEN, DINING ROOM AND INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT 730-34 W. Boy St. Jocksonville, Florido THE WHITE HOUSE HOTEL O "GAINESVII.LE'S FINEST AND LARGEST COMMERCIAL HOTEL" Q SIXTY-FIVE AIR MODERNIZED ROOMS CONDITIONED Compliments of THE CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 0 906 0 O 4900 C9 THE LEWIS STATE BANK FLORIDA'S OLDEST BANK BEGAN BUSINESS IN I856 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 49 49065 O C I I I I ,Ha , -1.1 ,fy I ,'lI' 'I II I--I-I ,I I I . 4 . I . I1f.I'.ffI I - I-. - . I. Glu' I,"-11,1 'ff I .Q-Egfr II,',,!- If' " f ww .fa fini? , -fv ugws If' FIT!! I ' "I"1",'IF fi M fy. y1'g: IgyI X I -,,yZ,'g'v.f f 2 3 I IQ, f .If-ff7.-I,', 5,151 'I', - ,'-, P 'V I - IE, -if i H38 Myffji' if I' AI' 122 I. FH 1 In :If f ,I .I 7. ' I ,I ' AI I 'I -ff"5G5?',f'I,f7 II I' I:44:I.sv1'. L Y ,Q W i? I , x v'-., g.. :I I ' ,' -f'-' , , A f"IW5yif 9"LfI I4m"5J5I?agzIff -A-I if 6' f f II I IIIQE ffw . Asfief' ,, 4 A -buf f I 21' It :, r ',I,A,I.Kv:E'13 4 V -wI:ag?dIr5?,z,f?y, Iv I 'III2I5ffIifI'II5!I'i gg, fig. ,' I, , mf I ,,,..,,.. j, ii g ':' -,Ap I ,fwfff54fl1L,1 , -1'-'Q'-fIi:,i'-7-Wyl-1L:,'WI...-.'-I 'J W 1 IW, gI ,I5'iII,Ie I f:r'ff 1 'I - 5, ' ,wp I , J' -' ', fix' I e'QJ.'2., . 'Q F 1'2'f"ff'f g""'f5Irf?f ff,I3:' I ,rg 1 II f 1 .I ' If +I, Mu -,, 4 4 " 'J 'I ' I If'-' 143 vw- I f fczfx R-ff.-' ' I' zjfii' ,L 124 IIb:KEfz33..IjAg3E:'?g1 N . :'IfIE:v, 1ll ,J4 it W I . , I , q . -I .K I :,gI.f..f',fI-.Ig H I- 4,-lg ,III .-3 I- A .. f I -I' .1 Ififgiv 'f1?II3?.2i'i1fff5gHef7I6I5'I 5.-I . 'y'.ffr--I-:I If " ' ' .f - ,ju I' '. 'I If-1-wi-II-'x:,.fffiI ' HI IGM I I '- ?"'1:.1fI1': Y If I' fe WI ::fI2.f:' I' .f5I.'.IIr vim wi. 5, I mg? fx ' WSj,'f?'Tg:y if - If 45, I. ji-,gxsgl 5 43, ', 1311, I 'u 'Iffg I -I: - . IIIIWIVQ' Is? ' ' I-94223 'I I 'SIIP-:I .ffm AI- Hu 1 big-II.-Q-I4 ,- I ,,Q1I'.P,I,5. -. I, f I 'I 2 "'i:'g:3'..1,A1- , f',qgt','gI5II - 'gf,,,I',f'Q ' :IW I 5' I F3f"iQ :73W'f1?".f'E7'F'7?T""T' : ', y I,.,-'rI1'1'-.vm 1,7 .- 1- .I,I. I I .' gm' ' f ' I1.'uIf, I '-- ' "f " " " I-- :I .4 -. .uf ' Afzfiff- 5'I I' I . .IW .II 99- , :Ml-. ,I:w::QI,.IfH x,,.,p -, ' A - V I :Y I, V' N 'g .N ,SLI ,A , J,!,,I.'fL: Iwi., a-,!', Viv! 5' ,AX'!'ffV1'21'4- " '- 'A 'I nn-.'-'I -- I . vi 1 'L,f XT" ,--pI: :I'1'v,,f ,F ,ff ,I " " .'4 IIEip1,,57:i9" '?I'qr',r,'f- 5L1?Qf ::5f. - '7mF:m,. '-3'-- L . 522151 1-. I- fy I- I ' ' 4 ' I ,I 'I4n'7EWIfuI,1' .F ""'Q'Li:EG35I-IW ' "f2f2'1If-.I' .aI fl, I . f zfhf ixifp imff - "'m:W'WCQ, I AM , - 1.0, ' ',..- Iv : ,I .V l I To Hell With OPM MEN'S CLOTHING SHOES AND FURNISHINGS or Why The Wizard , o 0049 o A DRAMA IN ONE ACT '-'1 Compliments of Scenei Dabigshot Tailoring Establishment, iocksonv-lie. P. W. WILSUN GUMPMIY Time: The present. Into a scene of customary pastoral bliss, TALLAHASSEES BEST STORE we walk into find: SINCE 1837 Tailor IA short, squat, greasy little devil lg But, Mr. Whys, you know how these new clothing restrictions from OPM are Q29 ' o making us cut down the material in suits, I don't know about extra material for that shoulder. Mr. Whys lCrafty-eyed ex-politico whose right shoulder tilts sharply toward the groundl-A-Well, l'm not worried about the OPM restricting tires. l'm the only man in the country with eight-ply tires for my big, beautiful, black, exclusive "Don't Touch lt" Chrysler, But this OPM cutting down on suit material is very annoying. Tailor ICautiouslyl-Well, Mr. Whys, you, uh, uh, could take off that reclamation scrap-heap you wea re Mr. Whys lShockedl---What! After all the trouble and conniving it took to wheedle these beautiful keys from the suckers at the University! l couldn't bear it. You know, I might quite also modestly admit that they didn't have enough keys on campus for me, so l had these few made special. Would you like me to show them to you in detail? Tailor lOuicklyl--Not now, thanks. l only have three hours, Well, I guess the only solution to putting enough material in that right shoulder to counterbalance that Christmas Tree key chain drag is for you to figure out some slick way to beat the OPM. You've had plenty of practise. Whys lMusinglyl--Certainly I can 'do it. I sure can beat the government and OPM, because l've had all the experience I need fooling those big suckers on campus. They took me to their bosoms like a friend, but I fooled them! I turned out to be a viper! Curtain. MILLINERY eee- LADIES' SHOES LADIES' READY - TO - WEAR PIECE GOODS AND NOTIONS ONE OF THE souTH's FINEST AND LARGEST coLLEcTioN or AUTHENTIC UNIVERSITY-STYLED CLOTHING IL IEX Y " S ADAMS AT HOGAN JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE HOTEL THOMAS Central Florida's Finest Hotel GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA CLARK Cr LEWIS CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL SUPPLIES "SensibIe Service" JACKSONVILLE, FLORI DA Compliments of Chesnut Office Equipment Co. J. Gibbes Chesnuf THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR Class of 1914 .A A E O 2 S 2 E - 'FI z - yy 0 54 5 .l Q NN. 3 5 F 'gg Lf Q -4 2 an - um MNA f Q 'ri' E 3 Z EI X m m Fm U s 7, 7' Z 5 Q rn -N5 Q -:eNvi0,oQx gglmg -Z .F-iii - m S 5 " X -" WW ff' Siem 6:1'k5:f'25fy Q 2 5 rn em "' I "' Hui.SF?.f:fzS35?:If3lI?:3?5-:-QV! X. . m 4 ' 3 -F, S Jfl- ,. -we-.f lflv-:-:fn-2-1-' 2.-c '.vo.+. Xt-.wx .- X AX QS Q S -4 I. .U . X t 1 'lf HU J ff'-1. --X Qsfgg Q5 ,- -1 .. -4-1.6.73-!'.-., ' ' U1 - 1 1' ' f fl' LL U I -L I ff.:+:Q:1:s-sis, + P .,,. O 49 S! - X' U "' I V 'ff -' ' L' L mia", 5 2? -I 3 P - - - f L: -. 2- - - 1+ K - 4 , P. r - 3, f""h' - - .. A we xxx 'QL . 'C -7? ,T 0 'l- f llI55"efl fl? -9?-QC' O 3' .aim ' 'zfzfjfiifi' ff ,, ' S 2 Lam, X - A sz-sf D, .. . .... :fa Q- fs' ' 3-ff"'i-.N-Qf,f:552".ii-E-fffl-fi,-I3E5555:fifiI:'51"-i'-F75ff:-.4 'fl N :ik v N ww: Sn '- xg.5i3,gQ,,5-til5.5:j'ljg.-.i.,.v,'-islgfa.3:g:1.,,.:. ,:,.,.:f:-'15, h -:Q bf .d:i,,.?g QQ. 11. '-r221e12Ivr'.G:i:1:vt-ffiaf.E':ff'1'- 59511225-I-1f:.n?ff1..efairizf'.'1f? -e,- NF. 1 ' 'E 'S' ' ,.,Lggg':g,-g3ragf5:sit i'ifi:1i'f,-' ef - X 32i2ii"'f1'f'1"1 33111 S'1 f:5-s'gi?.1:1.f' A L l '7'1af?5jeflilfllfifsil'i15iiS:'i-IfQi?Q,.:"'-55'1-.:5'P.-f-'1-55" .A W 5 rf' 5- V " 5 iflfsl-,.1:,zsazvgazbipfjqlifi:::s:rf1sfffrf? ..jl.:1' 3 rx I6 E " +R -- . . Xxx .IQ1f551?3qgi:.ff:'.'...2-.,5S5'Tl:-14 fi Qi25i51:i9" X 5 6-2-Zi-2-25233552222-iff,1''..v.-.-vxdxfimwh-:.9.X 23:5-E::55Eigg3:3.,f-' A -S -' "'- - D k XY-., WX .in ru 41:-I-ix an !-r-'-r-,-,.'- I X X 4 QQ! 2- A 1 X N - I l"l-I l -'L ,- N .x K 0 V f-. me V j L 11 .A 'W EH ' All, :I QS?-Q3 ' 0 H14 ,QCX ,, - - l xxfilxxkg' I 'bf 7 .m I l .xx - 2 LH Jj: 'N -X E- 1' ::-.' "Engl 'N-. 1.-fu -Sa.'f1Sf's.1Ef2'Gf ,. L ia 23' O L -. "'. ' E 5 - - ,-1-lx'--U I4 E.. vw- s CN i . I ' 'T Tx KU"--i, f.- - 54- 1, --ia. 0 P 1 N S .':,r :I jf 9 a n-I3 4-..-. .- --1 - ,- M E' X .1 f L 5 A' D ar 5- E v 'Q 'S S h 9. Q Norma,n is a Good Guy Or the Saga of the Slippery Seven Friends, Voters and Gatormen--Lend us your ears. The evil men do sticks with us. So let it be with Norman. For Norman is an honor- able mon. So are they all, all of the Slippery Seven, honorable men. For was not Norman protecting the interests of the honest poor boys when he accepted a Buckmon nonitorship last year, even though it meant tearing him- self away from his home and family right here in Gainesville? He is truly on honorable man. And have not the other six allowed them- selves to be forced into office after office? Hove not Lang, Hunnicutt, and Fleischmon nobly allowed themselves to be run for the all powerful Board of Student Publications, which now fills Alligator offices with salaries totalling more than a thousand dollars? Cer- tainly they have--for they are all honor- able menl And while Avon is so busy taking Seminole pictures lot a small feel that he cannot afford the sacrifice of again serving the student body, is not Economou, of the lean and hungry look, offering to succeed Avant os Seminole business manager---second richest office on the campus? Indeed, they are all honorable men! And finally there is the noble Neff laffec- tionately called "Nasty" by those who know himl---the noble Neff who unas- sumingly assumed the chairmanship of the Slippery Seven Party so that Norman would be relieved of so much sordid detail in seeking to save the student body through his generous offices. Surel the should be praised for they are Y Y all honorable men-all the Slippery Seven are honorable men--and Norman is the noblest of them all, for in truth he is their brain. Can the students afford not to elect such a man as Nightcop Norman? He is such an honorable man. . ,L What have you done," St. Peter asked "That l should admit you here?" I ran an annual," the editor said, - "Of my college for one long year." St. Peter pityingly shook his head And gravely touched the bell, "Come in, poor thing, select a harp, "You've had your share of hell". JACKSONVILLE PAPER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA it DISTRIBUTORS OF SOUTHERN MAID AND EYEREST FILLERS TABLETS AND COMPOSITION BOOKS "REST YOUR EYES BY USING EYEREST NATURE'S OWN WAY" THERE ARE COMFORTABLE EcoIxIoIvIIcAL Affiliated GILBERT HOTELS in the Following Cities: IN FLORIDA: JACKSONVILLE "Gilbert Hotel" "De Soto Hotel" "Briarcliff Apt. Hotel" ST. AUGUSTINE "Gilbert-Plaza" PALATKA DAYTONA BEACH "Gilbert Hotel" "Dixie Hotel" IN OTHER STATESZ CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. "Vinrinia Inn" CHATTANOOGA, TENN. "Gilbert-Ellis" KNOXVILLE, TENN. "Gilbert-Stratford" NASHVILLE, TENN. "Maxwell House" LOUISVILLE, KY. ATHENS, GA. ATLANTA, GA. "552 Apt. Hotel" "Renal Hotel" KISSIMMEE INDIANAPOLIS, IND. "Gilbert-Arcade" H, . lllffilll SQSEHRRNGQA "Paramount" wAvcRoss, GA. sr. PETERSBURG DOUGLAS, GA. .t..sIILttI:i,sIi.. ET. LAUDERDALE CillvlOtBIIgE,12LaA. " ' , If "I e 's- . n rew" GllEif,2gli',f,lS"d BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ,, . ,, WASHINGTON, D. c. Gllllefl'-VVGSl'ilDUl'I'1, WEST PALM BEACH "1St1g2ntmo?l"l RENsAcoI.A T I I -, TALLAHASSEE 3000 ROOMS "GiIbert's Dixie" F S125 FOI11 The Gilbert DETQEZEQ ggtfi System Hotels PRIVATEIBATH Give More For Your Money THERE'S NO SUBSTITUTE FOR TO THE GRADUATES RIDDLE ATHLETIC SHOES OUR BEST WISHES State Distributors for CHAMPION OUTBOARD MOTORS SENTINEL RADIOS WILSON SPORTING GOODS 'Br BAIRD HARDWARE CO. of-xiNE5vii-LE, FLORIDA Compi imerits of JENSEN'S INC. The New Meri's Store With All New Merchandise GIDDENS BLDG. FRANKLIN G LAYFAYETTE STS. OF COURSE-GRAD. YOU WANT-STYLE, QUALITY G PRICE SEE WALTER MENGES HCLOTHIERTO MEN" cocA-coLA BOTTLING COMPANY 206 N. Orange Orlando, Florida -.'-V -mmf ' I - ,IL v4.- H ' .. W .gpg-nwif If ,cf ,A ' N 'J' :gf I ,Lili I . R, - V- 1 it .iAif15r:5fN?'F:-:uf-mv ,mg ix 1 f Y new ,,W,a.ff'i+i'4,'!7f7,.f I. w- i I, jest-. ti, 1, 1' I ph, : , fi-,VV xi '5 . .nr-5-iff .1 . n tfffrf 1 - ,,s!,i,4' V- I vr' ': I V E.- WM. I 3 .ffm ' ,1,.'g,YiJ'4.y,'kp,,-..F M . , if 14. A .V V T! s ,gg I . IA? ,N-V I4 -X E! L .-,hu I ef " ' iw -wzfafh qi if -1 .ia mei! UWM n ' 5, ,'li"vxr 5 '-,I 3 ,K 1 . AV 'I j.4'Qff""'! f ,if 1 7" 7'3"""W""" .u J'-L fmt... ,. ...- ,-7' ' ff,., '.":', 52 -- W M., .f,'y,i4 ' 9 35' I Iffi' ' .'fI2'I"' it-:"IIf I .-,I 1 if hfl',.,"',f'iE."' f 1' J iff: "" Iffyrwf ' lifi! 'f'f5i9i?,,,Sg-vi ' f'ic'f'V- Apfffifggy ,SIHII Mfii : 1 1 4 Trix' -.' ith '-' Ii !,1',i's' I. '-'9':f'W .r'!7'If I' Fw '- t "fi I .f-ff' .511 "IPI 1' iff' I -' , L - fry It L ' L fgqig A, . ,-ww' ' F I .V , 135 51 V IL 1, -,fIgs24fffr:fiik2gzgfLf, ,. -I3 ,w'1f"rfe-wisslpa-I iii. A , I' wif """'1, "viii, " I3 I A ""'fff'f 'III 1.1 .fur Y' - "l!f ' 1-rf , I v 7"1 'II'I:'II1':"1IIII' 'S f " , ' -',', AZ '-' :Iii .. ,S i, I! fir,-' 51' Q ' V0.1- If fr-' I fi- .. I-.0 .rn .I L'-'Ki - , '- I- , Af.. .v s what 41 , mi- 6'g'r-I it' Y an ' N I -iq X954 . ' ' "L Q-,H I? , 1,3r"4 I 'V 'Eff' M -1 ' I- 4 FH 12:43,-' 'fvtq ,tiigmg 3 3,3 I -."3.H" 'Pt if 14:94-, IMI! ' If2T""',yyrf-55942 EIR: Vis? T, I . ,- 1-, if., gff5 .,' iigfig? 'kg' 'E 'I5I'i,?ii5-.,,ff- r"f5W41P"f'f"" -1 ,H . 1 15jQ.ff-gf' .I h 1 4-U 5, I, wg. I -fi. :He f,yL, .- ixfpr it, -aww, i I . ,. fgiiifpf it-1.520 ,ff-,-e ,. "ik ,- m "i+f'- gil, i,!zf .g fgf I -I Air' Mu- I . ' - -up 5554 Zim , f........., A ' Irina ww- r ' ,'gtt151i?. fi r MQ 'iff ,, .,'-',5'5?.. ":' .5 wrfydfrfi' , .I .,.. '41 :ww ' Lg, Ar I, . it A .:..,,.vror-M M' " -' .far , -'- ,ff.,.,, , M-, - rf L .4 Y UJ' :' , '- fM'5f""':""A 7S"'I'E'- -. fyfu.',,f. , ': L'-1.711-,-:lf-.--. ..i, I, . ' 11531 I7 " I . -.-1' It viqv- v :, .'l1gfu. Send Yoljr Boy to Lovely CAMP BLANDING The favorite camping ground of 55,000 enthusiastic men. Located near historic old Starke, noted for its hospitality, slave- market, and trailer camps. Personal attention tor every lad We furnish food. clothing and 5S2I-a-month allowance. The only risk encountered at Camp Blanding is getting the hell shot out of you. Your love lite is well taken care of, with 20 middle-aged USO. women for the entire crowd, Do not miss this golden opportunity for recreation and lun. Just sign on the dotted line: I wish to join the vacationers at Camp Blanding tor the next ten years: I just can't wait tor the jolly tun to begin! ISignedI ........................ WELCOME KIDDIESI . ,,,, Y i, ,-..... Help Wanted. PROOFREADERee-Should be able to read and write English. No previous experience necessary. Address Rensselaer Pup, Club- house, R. P. I., Troy, N. Y. -..1.E.-.,.....-. Maroon Bee And then there was the cannibaI's daughter who liked the boys best when they were stewed. L WYE-- -L Pace First nut in dark room of insane asylum V I bet you can't climb up that beam ot light. Second nut in dark room ot insane asy- Iume-eeYou think I'm crazy? I'd get halt- CONGRATULATIONS Graduation is an important step. It means that the young man going forth into the world must now begin to apply the lessons just learned. It also means that the lesson of living and of earning a living is just be- gunning. Because the lesson of money and its management is of the utmost concern to graduates who hope to be successful . . . and all of them do. . . the Barnett National Bank of Jacksonville and its affiliates urge you to keep a good banking connection. THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK of Jacksonville IESTABLISIIED 18771 AND its AFFILIATES: THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF DELAND DELAND. FLORIDA THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF COCOA cocoA, FLORIDA THE BARNETT BANK OF AVON PARK AVON PARK. FLORIDA THE ST. AUGUSTINE NATIONAL BANK ST. AUGUSTINE. FLORIDA THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF FORT LAUDERDALE FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THE UNIVERSITY ot FLORIDA USES MONARCH FINER FOODS WHEN IN TALLAHASSEE IT IS S P I C K SL S PA N YOUR HEADQUARTERS way up and you'd turn it att. ' "At the College Front Gate" RED WING SHOES For College Men 'Dr -9949 'fr RED WING MINNESOTA SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 220 MAIN STREET Jacksonville Diamonds, Watches, Silverware, Clocks, China and AII Jewelry REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY COMPLETE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT Compliments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA WERE BEHIND YOU-"FIGHTING GATORSH McHere Investment Co., Inc. BUILDERS OF FINER HOMES IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA ABSTRACTS TITLE INSURANCE When Investing in Real Property, Insist on a Title Insurance Policy Issued By the LAWYERS' TITLE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF RICHMOND, VIRGINIA O Represented by GUARANTY TITLE COMPANY 407 TWIGG STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA .r ., I" f 'iff' VI-'5 " ' of if I I! 7I1,,,lEw,aH I4 , 0 I' -ggi-v I A. I, ,EL I QQQIVQZI - Q. ' 2 ,....,..g1- .Q-'g f -'.eG1l.'E--I 5 'I'-WI". If-:.4:.g :gffa-.-.,.,.--I . I-Iyf-If . x Iywr- ,I -A - -ww:-Q-, .-'II-nm., ' -I:1r',,.'-I A51 '4vLm'.g pcm,-I'.-I-.I,,,,, ..gv' I I . 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He: "Answer my question I" ...-.--l'll.-,.Y- Yellow Jacket My wife ran off with the butler. What a shame. I'm satisfied, Furthermore, my house burned down and I haven't any insurance. d Too ba . I'm satisfied, and to cap everything off, business is so bad I'm going bankrupt, but in spite of everything I'm satisfied. How is that possible wi t h all your misfortunes? I smoke Chesterfields. -Yellow Jacket. .----Er--... ' Chaparral Coyly she dropped her hankie As she strolled past me at the Lake,- Quickly I picked up the flimsy And hurried her acquaintance to make I drew up abreast, And, as you've probably guessed, It wasn't her hankie, at all. TWELVE SUPER MARKETS O ego Groceries Meats Sea - Foods Produce O 49049 O DAYLIGIIT MARKETS JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA WEIL-MAAS FRANKLIN AT TWIGGS TAMPA Wearing Apparel for MEN...WOMEN...BOYS Tampa Owned and Operated! In Jacksonville . . . SPRINT STRAIGHT FOR SEARS, ROEBUCK Cr CO. THE STORE OF FASHION WITH YOUNG IDEAS FORSYTH AT BROAD ag f FINIS 115 N 1 1 1 v X ' A ,O x f jaa-i ,ef? " ,ff 'Wx'Yfv 5, , . X. .MI :il '- AUTOGRAPHS AUTUGRAPHS

Suggestions in the University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) collection:

University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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