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ALLEN COUNTY P BLIC LIBRARY illflIHHIHIUIllllllllllllilllmlllIIUHNIJIUIHIIIIHHI 975.902 3 1833 01853 6828 G12S 1939 t"lb' 1 'I 3 " 'Z ",'1'b,s 0 'R' any L 1 ff" lv fl '3'WJ' -v '-. 9 , ,Y Wftqazhvf :vga 6 gk 9 A , V V H " "' 'Z' 'fer Q . 1 K ,711 5 ,'g,v,,5 Q. K gkxkxis ,Juni 3 h .An I :li-Rb"?',i,1 In ,KA I Ia! 1 Gfifwwfkhfkdd lL.d,J,,g gm? Amit 3 , , 'K W 'ff I 39 ' - -V ,. ff L ,fm ' 4 Y? ' f,:,1'z:.: 1 I - ' .5 s 'a ' 1. 4- Q 5 Y H in -ww.-...,,9 Q M . ' 'fff W1 ff TM' 'Wir' ,,: W' ' fi ' ' , I . A 9 h fq an N 92. J., ..,.-. Q J ' ' ""' f 9 f", ' ' " Vg Qi V v il -mf 41 ,F .-f-9" 'A' ' ' ,,. 'fy " ' ' S i , :Lk 'Ng U!! mxlffv Q Ev? Xa H! ' N .ML 'La ' if L 4? ,aww 3 . -Q1 f H 5' ' 9 '11 ' ' . . Y 9, 1' ' ' fi 93 w "z 3'rf f , Q -' Q i g., ' 5 V, X K 5 1 , N, .E',"f V I 4' Un, 4. . 5 ,ggi ga L 1 M 9:48 W ,J QQ. ,X xv, .5 .'H+1,.,3. ,, K- 5 . ., j. -13 ,f!t,,1 Q V 'fa , 51936, .- A Izzy . 1. g f 8 J Rlmdw 0 A X- V Qc I M' X . 5 I ' ff kj! 8 Q 9 Q W Lf 4222" 'wifi gf? A f 'Q 3 gg '-12' H 1lnr"V,.A-55 I ,,'n.5- .1 'J if., ' 459244 I 'J 'I'l"l,"4 Li Y J TQ. P , -. N - 'N t. H ,,ki.,,:,'g" x .ii K ,. U W Q9 4 X! ,L at u . is A, EJ hunk gs? tm X. 4- 1 ar' - .,. . ' M 9999999L ' if , P ,.3V V, ,S Ag? ap -A mx Y? 5 I 'A' f A ' 1. " , N 9 A. 1, " L f" , -'Lf' , 'M "QM 1, 4-4, 2'-3 f b I K, -5 E . . -, , ,. 4 , .K ., 1 .ax , 1. -" - f- , K ,, 1, Q ,. , . "'--- .-f 1 -' ..?., - X -Fi ' , - -'1 , N, ',, 1- kk 1 -f -V ' I, f L ' X " A '9 L 4. -X., 'N .,. 4 -V.,fW ' N L" ,.-- ' ffffllii.. N 'x . 7' ' pl ' ' . , 1' 2 I x W J! -- -. - I, p wc, .xqws tr ' H, .S ,ss r . K l V 1 Y- q 'L Win, Nu 'W Q E ff? X ' ear df Horid x J STEN E RICHARDSON L., - AN-- Edlmr-w AQ 5 JACK NELSON EUSMQSS Mgri me ,W DEDICHTIOTI This volume of The SEMINOLE is respectfully dedkcoted to Doctor Frdoklm Wesley Kokomoor, Professor to the Depdrfmeot of lvlorlmemotrcs, dod Clloirmdo of the Bodrd of Studeot Poblicdtioos. IT HAS LONG PEEISI CUSTOIVIARY TO EILL THIS SPACE WITH SEISITIMEAITS EAINTLY PEMIISIISCEISIT OE THE PPEAMPLE TO THE CQHSTITLITIQH, EDITORS OE THE PAST HAVE STATED, IISI SIMPLE, BUT EORCEEUL LANGUAGE, WHAT PHILOSOPHY OE LIEE, WHAT OUIDINO PPIISICIPLE, IMPELLED THEM TO PRESENT THE BOOK IISI SUCI-I-AND-SUCI-I A EASHIQISI WE, HOWEVER, MAKE ISI0 SUCH PRE- TEISISIOISIS. THERE WAS A LAD CONNECTED WITH THE STAEE WHO HAD A IVIANIA AND A TALENT EOR TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS. HE BROUGHT THE PICTURES IN-WE PASTED THEM ON PAPER AND WROTE THINGS TO EILL THE BLANK SPACES. THIS, COMBINED WITH VARIOUS OTHER ACTIVITIES, EVENTUALLY RESULTED IN THE THIRTIETH VOL- UIVIE OE THE SEIVIINOLE. WE HOPE YOU LIKE IT. ERE PHLITW FI ,fffylin I I . . BLOLUI fin 4 . .X , , .M W .Wf N W d W., ,asv-W, M , NXQQQMMAW M ,. 1. . . ,vw wx 'ff- wo-..-, ww Mm... THIC HL'- 5,inQf5,.5g4 -. sf: W f' ,' ' . ,,,, X, ,, ,c,,, ,I , ff' il X kffw X , E ,, ff X- X X- E X :X X X XX , ZX, 7 XX X? 304 ' X X X1 X 5X I I XX 4 v f,,, f QX ,, M, , X XXXX X XX ' ,XX'f!fXX,, ,, f ff ' ' 1 f ,H X2 X ' , , , Xff,w,W15 f XXX 3 X ff 'Vg XX? EXX W -XX , f X ,X , XXXW XX , 4 2 X ,, X 'ffm XX X I: , K X X, 2, X V, 1 ,A X X X X 1 'X X fy, X 7X , S ,X . X , f if ly X XX ,z Q ' , XXXX , X7 C ff , V ff f X W f - of X f X f- -1. ,V .X ,, f X ,gk X, X , X X f X X iw fl f ' F2 and' X X ,- "Y N X - ,X ,F Q5 X ' X57v,.,X A XXX X gfX'-r71w,.XXgf-- X X f. if X' L. L X' X ,,,X,'.:1XX'2XX 1 X X sf V X 121 k -XX X :Q U-,XS NK ' 5 XXX - X X, X5 X X fi X X LEX X XX ' 1- , :XXV RX I X ,, , A XX ' X ' 555 , X X' XXK XXX X X XX , XX X XXX XX XX XX X Xssx f X , XX X X X X X -XXX X X X X V f SX f XXXX X X XTXXXXX XXX XX X , 'X U N XX ,, X W X XXX' ,, SQ , FX! XX X- XXX ,XXX X X, f Y XX XXX X XXX ,X X, X , X K NXX XXX XX ff X 2, Af - XSX X ' XX M XSS I :X Xi -:X ' 'f n X X X X x X-XXX X 5' XXX- X XXX XX Q . x ,i , fix. X X , X' X - X X X ,' X XX XXXXX X, 'QXXXX ,p ,X ,X XX , XXX XXXX X - f ., f , XXX ' XXX: XX - X X XX X X X , XXXX 'f , X 1 f XXX N X X XX , X X V X X 327. A ,X XX f XXX 4 XXX? XXX ,gf 1 NX- XXX , Qs X -X X X X -X X f X ,XX XXX X fXXX, XXXX 'XXX 'wXX,,.w, XX: "J: QXXX Z, A -S XXX EX - N: Sw X XXX. X 5 X. -2 5X 1, XX ,X ZX :XX X XX wma . X XX i...-QS av XX X 8 X 5 X 'fs u " X f .gnu 4 .-:A lx 1 Rally' X THE GOVERNOR During The odmihisfroiioh of Fred P Cohe os Goverrior of Florido, progress in the ihsriwtioris of higher leorriihg hos coh- fihiied with UIWODOTEECT vigor, Governor Cohe hos oh horhoerless occosiohs proven his friendship to The course of iiberol ohd derhocroiic edocorioh, ir THE BOHRD OF CONTROL ROYALL P. TERRY . CHOTVITTGVT of The Boord, Miomi, Florido HENRY P. ADAIR ,...,.. Joeksohville, Florido THOMAS W, BRYANT , . . Lokelohd, Florido CHARLES P. HELFENSTEIN . . Live Ook, Florido WHITFIELD M, PALMER ..,.,..... Ocolo, Florido JoHN T. DiAMoNo . Secretory of the Boord, Tollohossee, Florido PRESIDENT JOHN J. TIGER-V LONG AN EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL PLANT, "THE INSTITU- TION OE HIGHER LEARNING" AT GAINESVILLE IS RAPIDLY BECOMING A UNIVERSITY. OVERSEERS OE THIS EVOLUTION HAVE BEEN NOT STUDENTS, NOT ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS, NOT POLITICIANS, BUT IN LARGEST PART THE EACULTY OE THE UNIVERSITY. ACTUAL LEADER IN THIS CAMPAIGN HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT OE THE UNIVERSITY, DOCTOR JOHN J. TIGERT. YEARBOOI4 TRIBUTES TO COLLEGE PRESIDENTS OETEN EOUNDER ON REEES OE INSINCERE RHETORIC. WE EEEL WE J' PAY HIGHEST HONOR TO OUR PRESIDENT WHEN WE POINT WITHOUT COMMENT TO HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS -HIS STEADEAST STAND AGAINST UNIVERSITY DOMINATION BY ANY AGENCY OTHER THAN EDUCATIONAL, HIS TACTEUL ADJUSTMENT OE EXTRA-UNIVERSITY RELATIONS, HIS TOLER- ANT AND SENSIBLE SOLUTION OE STUDENT PROBLEMS, HIS UNEALTERING COMMITMENT TO THE ADVANCEMENT OE THE HUMANITIES TO A RIGHTEUL HIGHEST PLACE IN THE UNIVERSITY. HRTS HND SCIENCES Pram Arnerica's calleges at liberal arts and sciences came the na- tian's leaders!the statesnwen, the scientists, the teachers, the jaar- nalists, the artists. Wise aspirants ta the pratessianal schaals also lay graandvvark with the A B. degree. ln a changing yyarld where exag- gerated emphasis is increasingly being placed an the practical ta the exclasian at the liberal educa- tian, the Arts Callege tinds itselt less a preparatian tar than a canci- Nis it LE l GH Db T G 1 it i 'Wil Qtvitztl H 5,953 1 QNBLE petitar with the pratessianal and trade schaal, This is as trae at Flarida as anywhere else, but the Callege at Arts and Sciences remains the keystane at the University. Its distinctian was recognized when a chapter at Phi Beta Kappa was installed last year C HUXMST RY i --Y ASSISTANTYDEAN W, l-l. Wiisori P SOQXQLOCN BQOW lflfl' ENQLXSH GERMAN HND SP AN XSH PS C QHC1X C1GKf W XXLQSOPHN I V N We-W -J W, G. CAREETOM M J. DAUER AA N PAYNE i 'xi if-firi- iiisrdw Ann PdEiricfxE sciEncE 5--it Ariiologies to Professors Arkin, Brunei, ond Wol- ldce of the FRENCH DEPARTMENT for not including their picturesg time ond d deadline mode it im- possible. J D iiiyir W. S Cfxwrnori .-lf'-ij gpgggpi MATHEMATICS if IQEQGM fi rin C5EQEQQr PHYSICS CCLLEGE OF LH The University gl lflgi'idd's College ot Ldvv is outstdhdihg ih the hd- tioh ghd d ledder ih the South. lts high stdhddrds chdllehge dspirdhts to its degree. lts trdditidhs gre dig hitied ghd time-honored This high- est rdhkihg ot Floridds college hgs grddudted d long list ot emi heht ghd siiccesstiil meh. ii is TRUsiEiQ, Dwi. LAW FACU LTY I7 COLLEGE CDF BUSINESS HDITNHISTRHTIOH A wide voriely ol brolessionol courses lor sbeciolized business ond cornrnerciol lroining ore included in the curriculum ol the College of Business Adminisfrotion, These in- clude occounting, business low, lo- bor economics, properly insuronce, public linonce, foreign rrode, ond econonwerrics Enrollment is bigb, ond lbe degree is recognized by business leoders tbrougbour the store. l-luBcR l-luRsT J E Civics ,ri F' U Y' f f 19" ix . 5 X S f H-:ILL IS NW TUVTLI j E-' M I X ' J. Hi.. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY I9 el Q X ll Alf Lll till Vlll ll lliiixfi l' field uorlsc in ogrononwyl onimol lwus- bondry, botony, entornology ond liorticulture L org e government lond gronts provide fertile fields for c-scoerinient ond orocticol Worlg Credit is given for octuol form w+i'l', ond efforts ore rnode to oloce students vvbere they will benefit by sucli experience during vocotion, Tlie College is olso octive in in- structing ond guiding Florido form- ers by issurng literoture ond reoorts X CGLLEGE OF HGRICULTURE Tlie stote of Florido is clwiefly ogro- tion, ond its forrriers nfioy look for excellent leoderslwio to the Univere sity's College of Agriculture. Cf its undergroduotes from oll ports of tlie stote, triere ore mony urbon students who lwove cliosen forming for o life-work, in oddition to bun- dreds from fcirrri bornesr Tbe Col- lege offers clossroorri ond loboro- tory instruction cis well os orocticol H l-l, HUME, Deon DTWARTMEI lT OF AGRfDlsIQlVlY DERARTMElslT UF AGRICULTURAL ECUNCMICS AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING, CI-IEMISTRY AND EDUCATION DEPARTMENT DE EIDPTICULTUPE TTT DEPARTMENT DE ANIMAL. EIUSBANDRY I I 'M Ps I L DEPARTMENT DE BOTANY AND BACTERIOLOGY DEPARTMENT DE ENTDMDLDGY AND PLANT PATHCLQEY 21 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Tlidiigli dne dl the youngest schools dn tlie Cdnipiis, rlie College dl En- gineering IS C3LllSlGNClllNlQ in llie SOLllll The lgeililies gre excellent, pgrriciildrly in Cliennicdl engineer- ing This leer-grgwing depdrlmenl dl flie University begets llidl it lids never lgiled To pldcie Cl NWGN, Be- sides covering aiieli rngjdr lields ds Civil, CllGNWICCJl, eleetricdl, indiislridl dnd meclignicdl engineering, rlie College differs g liirtlwer degree gl Specidlizdtidn in CJGVOIKILITICS, dir Conditioning, NWGllUQQNWff'lll' grid de- 5 A S A E sign. Dmii lc,i5rei2H Weiiee ENGINEERING FACULTY 22 CCLLEGE CDF EDUCHTIOH EDUCATIGN FACULTY The College ot Edueotion is distin- guished tor its P. K. Yonge Loboro- tory School, outstonding in the South os on up-to-dote troining plont tor tuture elementorv ond secondorv school teoehers. lt hos ottrocted vvide ottention tor o suc- cesstul proctice ot the methods ot progressive edueotion. Prominent men ond women in the edueotion world ore brought to the comous bv the College during the veor. But it is during the Summer Session may when the College ot Educotion is 1x2 busiest, os hundreds ot Florido teochers return to the University to Continue ond improve their pro- tessionol troining. DEAN J. W, NQRMAN 23 COL, VV, S. BROWNING, RMST. A FTTILITHRY DEPHRTITIEHT REGULAR ARMY GFP ICERS 24 THE GRNDUNTE SCHCDOL The ultimate gaals at educatian, the ends at all study are embadied in the Graduate Schaal Represent- ing lang haurs at independent study, research, and creatiye wark, aspirants tar dactar's degrees in all calleges and varied tields are 'laund in this schaal. Their ma- tiyes are vvell detined, their aims setg there is nane at the uncer- tainty taund in the lavver calleges. Thaugh tacilities are samevyhat limited in same tields, the schaal is impraying every year and alters excellent appartunities tar educa- tlan and adyancement in many lines. DEAN T XX SIMPSON GENERHL EXTENSION DIVISION Deyated ta attering cal- lege caurses ta peaple thraughaut the State, . fr the General Extensian Diyisian makes accessi- ble branches at knaiil- edge especially usetul ta the peaple at Florida I Ta this callege gaes the credit tar making it passible tar many peaple wha wauld atherxxise be unable ta cantinue their callege mark ta get advanced degrees DEAN B. C. RILEY 25 DEAN WINSTCJN C LITTLE The Generol College purposes to bridge the gop between the con- trolled dependence of high school ond the unguided freedom of col- lege, Eventuolly it will be o prepor- otory school of liberol orts At present, moior ottention is poid to vocotionol guidonce, By generol survey courses in the severol fields of knowledge, by speciol ottention GEHERHL J , 5 it .4 . lr f ! MAN AND THE SOCIAL WORLD to contemporory problems, the two- yeor Generol College curriculum is designed to give o view of whot college ond life hos to offer, The future speciolist receives some bo- sic instruction in fields he will loter forsoke, ond the student who plons only two yeors in college is intro- duced, if he wishes, to the world of the mind. Unfortunotely, we were unoble to get o picture of the C-2 stoff. The members of this stoff ore Professors Li W. Goddum, T, N, Goutier, W, W, Ehrmonn, E, D, Willloms, C. G. Phipps, E. S. Quode, S. del? Diettrich, l-l, L Knowles, D, C Swonson, ond T, S. George. CCJLLEGE QQ sg WP HUMANITIPS ,WWF , I " I I at f , - f -'ff :I , I ii . 'fl' , I. 1 iq ,af af' if I I 11", IM Iiwa 1, as 3' q , V gif 'V W X I MAN AND THE BIDLDGICAL WDRLD N, L fi 4 27 GEINEIVAID MXIIII M! II MAN AND HIS THINKING READING ' SPEAKINL XXIQIIIN Ruoowri wrfwrra, orieasi THE HRCHITECTURE HDD HLLIED HRTS This small but tast-growing branch ot the University otters recognized degrees in architecture, landscape design, commercial and tine arts. Its highly specialized curriculum is based on a new plan permitting students to devote practically un- reseryed time to their tield ot ma- ior interest. The General College diploma is also reauired. Many ot the graduates are eminent through- out the South, Plans tor the state's higher educational plants originate in this school. M., ARCHITECTURE AND ALLIED ARTS H. S. NEW NS, Director SCHOOL OF FORESTRY The vastness ot Elorida torest lands, and the new signiticance attached to them with the rise ot the paper industry, has clearly re- vealed to state economists in re- cent years the importance and tu- ture ot these natural resources ln- eyitable and parallel with this realization has been the growth ot the School ot Forestry. Formerly a department ot the College or Agriculture Forestry has become a separate school in the last tew years, and has steadily SCHOOLS SCHOOL OF PHHRfT1HCY ln the absence ot a medical school, that ot Pharmacy has been particularly vvell developed, and otters excellent preparation tor all pharmaceutical tields. The school is uniaue in that it makes special admission to vvomen students and is the source ot nearly all the Uni- versity's coeds. W ,- F it Y ...M-v-f"", ,. ,iw , ' B. V.CfHRlSTENSEhl Dwedor developed in tacility and etticiency. The recently completed Austin Carey Memorial torest, attordina excellent tacilities tor practical tield instruction, adeauate laboratory eauipment and a vvell rounded tac- ulty makes the school a complete and balanced organization, vvell eauipped to do its job. Open to the graduates ot this school lies a broad and vital tield, as protectors, developers, and di- rectors ot Florida torests and its allied industries. PHARMACY FORESTRY DEHTT GF STUDENTS F-TSSISTHHT DEHD OF STUDENTS . BUSINESS MHHHGER K H GRAHAM H. W. CHANDLER 31 REGISTRHR 1 1 ,Q f sf I ' ., - w r A m- ' 2 Yu?" , W 1'-MM" DA R rRil,l,Y7 MATTHEWS DMI! Ixr H r1ifJ llfillwll , , . , - , 7,,.-1---- ill? ' ' - ' YI A51 , ft" I: wr- ,Z , .- sf 1 ' ' ' , ,. -, R .,1g," 5: Fky-'R' . -I . V , V4 x, , I itat.. ' 'Ia ' 1 LA , "' 'G . ' ' v.L ' - ,' ' ii" x JPY: 7,4 -'-7 W' fyf if-' ' 'v..'5 9' . Q' . tif: 'ia . Q W . .,, .A 1,1 HEVIPIF MM EDM fxmllwq LNIQJIUJVIUVN 32 5""-Q-y--.-. DR. G. C TILLMAN Umvermfy Physician 'PEQJ 5' J Bw 'ff ' a r. do 64. ,, W 7, W N ,,W,W L it f ' 5 594 Eh? l 4 12 x K fx, rf' :mil .X ' , f .P V ' R . 4 .cfm 14 . 'X v" ,,',9 f 1 X 2- N x 'J-S 4 3 ' WV.-w,"1.:.i.S, X 1355.7 -f3Af.i.: v - W V G-9smw'- NH., xf?1?Sim Y' Q ' 'Y ,, ,.,. ' :E X wif' ff"'?5W " . A -w f, X J X L X H 'sw Na- K Ax , 0. ,M -ev Af. of NN Q . X x ' '4 1 f' x sl- . 1 EJ-. I Q Ni 1 317 pk. M - In-,H . V We-A. l . .gn Y f 755, 5 -sw' if .N V ' X '- " ' if!! 4 if Q 353. f 'V , dw ' 'K ,Ib f- Lx - J - , K' w ai? . r. fm " , , , , , ' .x . , Q . Q 5 an N I? fi :Y ,Q f yay "' ll: Az. .. .. 1 f '- ' 'ggief z 2 57.555 , X11 , ,,.,.., A -4 . 3 FEHTURE SECTICDFI intaonuction Yeorbooks ore mostly sentimentol enterprises. Their tunctionol chorocter is contined generolly to helping you leorn the nomes ot the other Phi Delts, or proye yeors loter thot you were Sergeont-ot-Arms in the Astronomy Club. And the sentimentolest port ot the book is, or ought to be, the Feoture Section. Keeping cleor ot heort- throbs, loyender ond old lingerie, we've sought to moke its noture lorgely nostolgic. The pols, personolities, push- oyers, politics, populor profs, porties, ploy-boys, pickle- pusses, pretty hopes, people who count lond those who should, ond some who think they dol-they're oll here. But not here ore the slime ond slonder which some think should constitute yeorbook sotire. lt's meont to be most- ly good-notured. Now, we leoye you olone with your memories, got o cleon hondkerchiet, Sonny? GRHDUHTIOD 1938 For The llrel Time luhe Ccmelrrecrwicfhfr' vvos held ll'l Florudo Fleld The oodlemf. occupied the horrh sloduom os, nh lofc olrerhooh, The ocodemlc pgroceesloh ch- lered from lhe soolh olohg the rolfc used by the loolholl leom oh ooloffh occosuohs Presidehl John J Tngerf dellvered the commehcemehr oddreee CLEFT, Toel l-leorls beol loeferj, pulse? roce, their BIG DAY no here, cllrro'-lrg four yeors of closses, orolessorg ghhde, ohd grodes lCErwEv' Eosf ohd 'lll .eei emoly slohds wofch The sl,lcce2sh,lll, comoleled '38 models roll off lhe os- semhly lime. lBoTTow,+ Todo, lmhge ocodemlc dlghlty lomclrrow ledgerg lrohsuls, Test woes ohd lllllho sfohclhel lBeLovvl Go lorlh, ycluhg mem Grd cohdoer the jolly old world. Av" L.. i ' First, and in most instances lost, was the visit to the Library. T They had eyes and sow not. ii Stammerers and stutferers were de-sfummered and de-stuttered. ii Mugging the mugs iYou Too Can Look Like AI Coponc!I. 'Q an FRESHITWHTI There are more highlights than these in any man's Freshman Week, Here are sorne basic: and otticial incidents in orien- tation. The agonizing rites at actual registration are too Complex and baintul to show. The turnishing and decoration ot his new room, the introduction to his newly acauired neighbors, the eager assumption ot his new station in Iitegflollege Mani- are brave adventures tor many a hornesbun youngster. There is the hair- and head- sics. 11. Snetmon presented the case for foren Campus big shots ballh d t - EE iff Splitting whirl ot troternity rushing tor sorne, tor others the desperate importance ot getting o job, ony job. Bot the keynote tor most is thot long-ovvoitecl terror ond thrill, rornored in whispers throughout high school-hozing, lt's wholesome now, ond never violent, unless the storrntroooer world trend ot the lote thirties makes tor ond teothers ogoin toshionoble. y ooe ex ra curriculiar activities: Rood pushed the press. 'MLJ f lx, I . ffY'," 1 Mtwiil, VWQ e """"'1'N NJ- ll Caps, the climax. ll P. S. ll And through it all the Freshmen listened in rapt attention. ll D. R. "Billy" Matthews implored the boys to make his house their home. Q 19 -If ay' 1 1 W1 'L111 111111111 f51TV1'11111111 1111 I11I1: 111111 111 1111 111 U I 111111111 11111111111 1-'1 l1111l1111r P11111 11111111 1 111c1115qf lil! 111 1 1111111 111 x 1 I 1111V111J11 Elf 1111 111' 1111111111 HW'-11111111 U lvf I T I1 111 1111 11 11111 .M- .W ,.,T,1 Tl 1 R 4 1 f111l,lV1' 11111 11 'HVLH1 1111111 111111 Lf 111 HK 1111 M111 11111111 11111r1w-1'11i111'111111111,.1111111 11111111, 111111111 1 1 1111 'lf'ViP11T 11 1111 11111 gui" 111-'11 PRCJFESSORS els the next shlnrng new tact lur tht Freshman The l tt from schoolmarms lu sehoolmen rs made worth ullrle D such good teachers and good guys a these lex l mar llirrl Some ot Bull Carleton's polltrcal formulae are Complex, but the Chemr- Cal aoracadabra on the blackboard is not hrs doing Alert students in has Classes get hugh grade marks ll Doctor Black models the latest creatron tor the vvelledressed chemrstry professor, ll lvlr. Clark Can eat no tatg though not his wrte, Mr. deGaetanr may he sand to eat no lean They are unstruc- tors in the same Wrrtrng Lab, and it looks lake a wise Conspiracy lRreHT READING upl Dean Wrlsorw tries to lm! munrze gullrble freshmen agalnst hlgh- pressure OdV6'VllSlHQ, most ot them wall go unto Bus Ad anyway 'Il Doctor Senn holds open forum rn the Cafeteria, 'll Legend has lt that a Curlous student almost starved to death H1 Doctor' Baue-r's oftrce He was lost tor days ln thus pile of paper l- Robbit Robbins band is the best lnve orchestra pre It all sounds so simple when it comes out of your radio. sented over WRUF The best unlrve orchestra rs thc This is fhe Radio Guild. LURUF A oriutomrot wrrrrr from the average commercial station, WRUF is one of the best radio stations in Florida Few are the boresonte cornrnercnal ads, great are the educational and interesting programs Ranging tronu the Philadelphia Syrnphony and Benny Goodman to the Grange Grove Strung Band, WRUF presents a varied prograrn designed especially lor Florida listeners. Mtttoaglt students constitute the statt alrnost entirely, no tuner announcers can be toand in the State Continuity shows reasonable freshness and tlte student written and directed plays are otten very good, always novel llltl lVlcJjLml clltcl l'lIS lmtlys, flu Wtlll So is Danny Riss. Danny has lived in nearly every city in the U. S. .tl I For information about this thing, write directly to WRUF. It is probably connected with the process of broadcasting. l U GUTLYIDG PRECINCTS Less thort o third ot the Studeht Body resides ot present ih the dormitories ohd hot os mohy more lil troterhity houses. The rest ore guortered iri ott- Comous roomihg houses, goroge oportmehts, tourist Comps, tehts .... lRioHT CouNrERCLoCi4wisEl A humber ot studehts liye ih troilers situoted heor the eompus OH uhiyersity property Evert becolmed yogobohds must meet eight o'clock closses 1lThese troilerites will moke some hice girls good husbohds. llperhops the boys ore huildihg o cot house tor the Cot. 1lSordme sessioh, bull style fllvlohy boys ore hroye eriough to liye ih 'llhe Svvomosue yost wostelohd ot roomihg houses ohd rutty streets, Here we see two or three ot them gothered together in the home ot study. 11 These occu- , in o it t s ot o ,W Zig rtimmf iwt QOVOQ9 GPG rl-- l i m Q 'll "l ft Q ,Q, ' g t reoched Port pq 3, 1: ii ot iiieii bull 'tx ' SGSSIOl'i'IWOlUG- i is ly ssssex. ,L ll Cold shower 'I to he tollovved F by hot Cottee e some people work better under pressure ortywoy, Gr this Swomp Citizen moy octuolly be gettihg set tor o heoyy dotei 10 17.1 119 1 ZZ U QQ 1 m- - v I 3 , R I A , lf L if 'I Q 7 l -Q' J n 1 if -A . I i .' t N , 'quail'- KE iii . .i X i N gb My 4 Lf' 'Q X ,sw MM .,,,.,,-1--- iii? ,, X x r X -Q X2 itil F . ',,,..,-'A' !AYg,,Z,,4 fa 1 P ,f im. Nw 2 ,. Xb. i l' 1 -V i L JCJYS FIND Such pastimes as tliese occupy tlte interest ot tlte norrnal stu- dent an orclinary occasions. Gainesville lacks tlie attractions at Monte Carlo, Broadway or Coney lslancl, but you can still lwaye a lot ot fun witltout breaking a billy your neck, or eyen a lieart. ll5ll"'Wi tl-'tl 'WU' l lllitfl'-IW" liir Iliff i"elll,,iali,- Vvllialls llie llt-ff? WailfQ'i', CJ liocl ll lfsiiUl'te lic iiii lili' 2 .liill ri iiiiiil ltr l ltgil, l iiriiaii ll For riii -eil rfriiiiiiaiiy xxl'iriile2i,iiiie et'tlQrlOii'ir'i'ic'lil fftvtflx flcllslt, llllgl il all ll ii' l,lllli 'ri 'xlijici--. 1, l Tl QM' Wl'ltilH tlllltf lllei li ifll tii!'lll,lPlP Tl riiilil, liiil xniill liiitii yoiirsi-ll iii llii' iiinriiiiiti .Y il' fl7Il,f'W, rt1L,IHH5'rLlk1rI'W1'wll Marry ulrrriwrrfu WML lfOI'l''IIilN ul Tlrry lulrrury Ilre' r'Iruu"s, ure urrrjurrrlurlulrle Lrui l-evlfl one uwuhr TI IMI Frurrt Lure Trerrrrrrf-, friurrt --.freer ut Srrorr srrururq ur Hug rrwrrer' TI VWn'rr,1'rslrrr,r rgrrri fl1tinJNVl:rL1fJCr hlrlllt Huw srrrgrrt wurclw uwer tlwrs sreerrurg surdrer TI Prlvrlegeri QIUJLICJTL' 'wIlIf,1K,'IlTB Move LVCV'vOV'lOl desls bud rrl The stnjd'-r where rrrr 1-rue Ulu see wu wl'rer'u yur: sleep, lirut LID li Ii Jolwmrue flultlruyrr never sNeeLJS. TI Tlus mum prefers In do has porcllel rrfudrrru nr ure I rerrerol Ccrffegeg reodrrrg ruuru where the pruritrvrs. rrrflurlv niurrrely Mrss Efrre Duvr-, TI Marry luds Ore vvlllrrm I-1 LIIldL'l'Qf,l murrr dlstrwjlrirrrg suI11ur1uru ur the prrvOCy :rl Irrrglr ruurux Hu' rr Hn' uirvnruu jrrnjfr' My rl Vrufr rrlrrrut f1vr'f1llr1JIl1rI1 It is mreresrmg ru see lwovv students ed- jusr to Q strange or unpleesent situetiem. In the eese of study, rrrerwy exercise sur- prising rmgemuity re Cepe with the preblem. Normal edjusfment requires secrifiee of such uecupufuurrs us Hrrrse urn The uppusite page sq Q K 15228 fy N , ' A5 447 ' Air mx fra S xx: , -1-JL?-N X 2 1 W xx Wlltg., 'E f""' ' ' i 5 1 . W 2' - L A I .3 - c ' a f ' W af '11 ' V 2. .1 42 fall: A , J K ! eg 1 f ax., r, L, -Ai in - .. . , X A5.. -1 3 , A we r '- -AX M .A by 1-is -5 ' K ' 1 - T - Ry " F "' .42 f ' - , fi sf 1 f rr r f ' -- W , . s D , , :, r we W- rl ' x ' , .,,,..,.4. 5'- -vs, i Front for the Phi Tous. ir Froternity rnen in generol ore just like ony other stu- dents ond hoye their joys ond sorrows too. The Holly- wood interpretotion ot lite in the lodges is high exoggero- tion, ot leost os tor os this University goes Oroiostic revels ore rore ond no tro- ternity hos o stoble toll ot Doesenbergs. Qurs is no country-club college. Here there is no Htroternity type" -there's os rnony Curiosities in the outtits os out ot thern. ir 5. v They fixed up for house parties and then didn't party. , 1 ara f EEE , Ei a g!! k .- ff 9 . Zigi' was l -lbe anly important differ- ences that distinanislf Greeks fram free men are: tlie sclwalastic ayeraae af frater- nity members is lawer tban the Student Bady'sy in cam- pus palitics fraternity men vate in a blac, Wlwetlwei' nr nat la accept a fraternity bid remains purely a persane Kappa Sigs are better knowntorcaper-cutting. ,"'f1- SAE's go in for culture. Music furnished by Ar- tic Shaw. 4 x Q 1 A al prablem lwerec Far same men it's all tbat will saye tbemg far atlwers, all they need ta ruin them. "For only two million more wc can build a chapter house bigger than the Library!" The SAE's kccp a high-powered car rcady at all timcs lor lion-hunting. lScc back of book for dctaiIs.l A 4-1,- - l .,f i Q.- QVMUHH when pkydwne ommea ATHHWTMQ puqe Qroumd Gnd TNQ D 55 g,11.1rTmg fm Timur fj11r'mpfj1r1y mfglrmer'-3 The Hi'-3-'39 ggq Lodacs and gcnfs hod to pass fhcsc DYOICYOYIODS fo get fo "He IQH his hckcf In has ofher the scene of The revclry, sul? so I'II fokc her in." CU 2 U .C Q -+- GJ 2 C -U d Q S GU G UW fC 0 -I-' Q O -C f: cw 4-f 4-f U cu L 0 E PN .Q rwGrkGd GS I. .f 5 T 7 C 'F Z Z ,J VU 5 X. .Q VD C2 .J VD VD -Q- C FW :J .J I .J I W SGC SUN CU .C 4- GJ 2 U .C Qu -+- GJ Q LJ .C LD fx CJ .Q GJ .C -+- Ny TUG IW Eve Dutch. V1 W dares do GJ .C 4-f TIQD , Q0educQ ,G ly mem' G HU d pe GVOUU QS dot mga. - H After and Before Sweepstakes: The but y commission I love m -6 Bottomi ki 1 3 O P- -C O iff? 17? 4:31 asf ' ik' rf' un- zz A A ' 3 1i,f.:'f'1' 'j"j"a""" ' N ' . Nga"-?:".. . Q 9" - 5. 'Y 'iT14f..'z?C'f"a!:fi VN Y , 4 Q K,,,is?, , 4. Y ,- ... 'Q GA J. I go i r VX 4w",g3x',A' -.A yxgwy . f , Y ui D P' . i 33 " - X 1521 I we 6 'fr ff, STC. sts, age brea rg' .fx W1 .nl SGV ed sooth 5, harm . Nr Q, MILS: ' if ff' 'X -. . V 3' ' m!.Q " QIASQDQ C had C US . M right 1Above and up for the autographites, ed sign boswell Berlgan's Milf 4. 1 ' Y-- ' , f 'i S L. ,.i:, , ff, xv- , 1 QQ4, ' SVA ,, if-v -7+ P Q- i I wg'-,lgt V rg N -+ .Y 'di-4 var' K ks, ioo N9 'Beiowl Eventually everybody hif the outlyi UW" if lRightl The PKP Jit- terbug Jamboree was unmistakably collegi- ate. lFar rightl Such salubriousi eve-nts as the Kappa Sig breakfast compensated for the jittcrbug excesses. 4 Nil H llie look of flie Yeor is olmosf exclusively o fro- ternifv funcfion Lodge members turn fneir rene- menfs over fo lodv friends during fne Spring Voco- tion ond decomp fo their non-Greek friends' rooms. Luckily for fne fun, Universifv policy during fnis vvide open vveek-end is liberol, Some of fne events, such os the Pike Kid Porfv, ore, or were, frodifionol. Gfners, sucn os the SPE lvlounfoin Boy Donce, re- flecf currenf fosnions in ideos. Nexf veor's House- porfies will likely feofure o Doudnpov fneme. 1 .Qi N ,N- f---X' Athletic events like these were wholesome antidotes. lRightl At the TEP skating party, "' skirts flew, iook rats bit the tloorwax. 48 ,wig I PHRTIES lAbove and rightl The Phi Delt house is the only mountain in Gaines- ville but this Mountain Boy Dance was given by the SPEs. Only white horses were al- lowed in the house. ' Battle lealously guards his fair prey at the ATO swim. we ww' ff" lRightl Kappa Sigs served no beer at their Li'l Abner look. These curious peo- ple, then, may be pre- sumed to be sober. ill" im ,I fRightl Happy plantation handstat the Pike formal demonstrate that the South is NOT the nation's eco- ' nomic problem num' ber one. A S ""?'fEifw THE STEPHENS HFFHIR Hn .M 5 lm rw. Quill all Jllwlf sf from Col E H EL U JUS1 NXUX"wTLlTIL'lI Um tlwwur fOllI1d'TMC-LOLJIWTVX Inu' Hull IlM'!lldt'C1 AIHIUVOIIS mcirvf of N E A EW EEE. E E 1 , - x . -was-an-.ggw x 2 . l f if sqqlww F 1' 4? s ir : .1 , J gf 5 1.. , time +V, f ws' ls' aw, .rg 'ii 1 . r N Hr , N :M fm! imXm.N5ri fwm Vx1f"XNVVUl1'E 4 N x 'wif fm rw! .-.MM Nw ,nwwx 11fwp.1rf-rnfx' fwtw Dflvlw ' V ry' I .1 Us lm' Mjrfwrmf' lywrch' QT f kj , R 1, wr .1 ' TI U' 11 f' .mn xofvliefe TMI'-, Dlljlp fu , E 4? N 1.x .,-QJ if? Qc gg, , 8 'nl BEAUTY 5'6'6'7l0N JY ANNIE LAURIE MCNAB r X X ANN I E LAUIQ I E FOLK L. X I fx , 2w. M. . 1 X K . ' . -v ae' . OLIVE DELI 'v L, f. LA O. 14' ' 'f,f2'Ef w Tm Af A 1 CLAIRE TILLIVIAN 5 , ANN CARLTON QF Zi' 1' I A R W . Y . A I .X BETTY LOU ALEXANDER JIMMY PARRAMORE LUCY RQUMILLAT CARMEN CROOKS MARGARET EDWARDS 4355 TQ, .3 23 1 1 1 vc., Am l 1' 'W fi Wx?" 'Sk-:Tl V- Elf: 'fig ,, 5 1 f U FRANCIE GOGDELL AT CAMPBELL is ! 2 ' I a ig! Q: 3 33 L19 in 'H i':f'1l KATE HEDRICK 4 3-'Q S Vw?gSwx Q ' , . -1'--, A ul AMEUA AVANT IRENE "KO" LEBARR BETTY KNGWLTUN vi. -5 -Q ' ' ' .ffl X, A X, I. ff! ,Q 'nd 1 X f, rx 5 1. , ' :Q X xx: X? K v X 1.145 Wvhsxk XY . ' I X P I Q 37 LAURA DOZ I ER X! I 1, fix sg grin! A j- 'V g u ix sin ' 'ss Q oi . 'S ' l Qi , www? I .I ' Yi 5 'sf -1 i , it , I QM- ,,..- ' is LA Q FREDICA GARDINER 'Z ff :T 12, R X ,Q MIN--aw..L..V ,,,V iSAl3EI.I.E CQLEMAN wif' cave?-HL CGLLEGE QUGGUJ 49' ,-fl? GLWE DELL ANNIE LAUINE MCNAB FRANCES BATTY QUEEN 1 v U ...Q 'S Qx A uf 2' ZQE jOHfJ3 MIRIAM GUY MAE HAMPTON M? Q wi'u4k o'Y,,x ' '. - 1. - , ' . 'V A J ' ' n' 5 'I' A .., A x f I 'f':f A " N fx., B L ,-L" ,- Em,xA JEAN E-MQLEY ELQAEETH HOLLEY LOUISE CROSBY DOT NICKERSON LYCEUfTl Beauties at the baay yield ta beauties at the mind, Having reviewed the lush ladies in the fareaama pages we Continue aesthetics with a Caiisiaeratiam ai the past years predominantly masculine Lyceum Principal issue revolving around Lyceum programs this year was the shortage of seating space in the University Auditorium. Two s h o w s satisfied everyone when Whiteman came, but for the other programs many could find no seats and had to resort to such The 1938-'39 program was opened with a song recital by Charles Kullman, young Met- ropolitan Opera star. Not shown, the WPA Florida Symphony was a popular second num- ber. Senator Bennett Champ Clark was this year's political speaker. Many students would have preferred someone else, say Sally Rand. as this. Hit of the season was Paul Whiteman and his Concert Orchestra. The pian- ist, Roy Bargy, turned out to be an old friend of Organist Claude Mur- phree. 1Leftl Joan Edwards, the warbler, turned into a good friend of Lyceum President Frank Swann. Less triumphantly than he may have hoped, James Melton returned for a con- cert at the scene of his early triumphs. He had been a popular Lyceum number two years before. Anna Kaskas, Metropolitan contralto, was the final item on the series. D ,ff -TN .- is-q, ,N X, EQ BEHIND FLCRIDH FOOTLIGHTS Tri+ prmide thernrrrcal tore at our Uhixwersity, Lyceum programs are siipplemeriled arid when improved kill hy The Florida Players Getting better year hy year! hmclrictiivhs are rim IIQGV-DVOJVQSSIQHGI, Drcimotic spirit is tihly eqgcfcl wh by Piwlessurs l-l Phil COIWSJICIIWS Grid Lester L. llcile Here ine lrriloxx the hirrgehhiiig of one of the years big shows, alll llliL"Iilil1Clli'Ij rlrhe Hlmprirtahce of Being Emrhest 'f Another major y elliirl in the Sprlrig was HNoLiCc1h'l lute It Vyfith Ycruf! 43,57 in I 'i Professor Constans looking like Groucho Marx 'in an off moment. He directed lost yeor's hit, GGIswarthy's "Strife." 5. Overture! Director Doud should be asked to explain its title. Sc! 'Zi' Z. There's little glory for the boys back stage. Production is earn- estly under way when Avant's mechanics set to set-building. 3. Oh well-they say a bad dress rehearsal means a good first night. Last minute admonitions from Director Hale. Hi G '1 4. And we all have to eat our peck of grease paint. Just five more minutes I, Would-be actors display their wares. From such crude stuff the Q, cast is culled. Veterans in the show were Dan Riss and Thelma 'igv' 5 Boltin, I 2358 si 6. Curtainl 7. The ploy's the thing. Danny Riss being earnest, Curly Squires being coy. K . If s X 5 6 . K - :vm J 4 L. A ' 'W A s 8. Love rears its smirking head in the some play. Marion Morris is the miss. "Earnest" rated o three-night run in P. K. Yonge Auditorium, and turned out to'be almost as witty, it not as shocking, as it was when O. Wilde wrote it forty years ago. Miss Williamson, Miss Smith, Rego, Rogers, Bridges, were also in the cost. 9. The obvious way to refer to these shots from "Johnny Johnson", last FoII's big success, is to soy that they're "timely." The next obvious thing to soy is that the first remork is so obvious. Do you core tor cream with your vicious circle? Bob Anderson, brother ot virtuoso Orval, was Johnny. Other principals were Rego, Miss Blockmon. Q. we I ' X X Mr. Hale looking like Joe Penner paging a duck. He directs most ot the Players productions, sometimes acts in them. 3 if Campus polrtrcs were never more colorful than nn the Sprung of 39 Nrght and doy thus sort of dazzle went on. Thus they drummed up trade-successfully-for Boyd. Brokaw had a good band behund hum but hrs bloc wosn't big enough. Ordrnonly the Aotrvitres A A ouhlicotions, dro- ntotlcs, Contntrtteesf doneesf housetororties, gurls A ore the ntojor dtstroctron tor Florido students hut Ill the Sprrng OLIV young nten's toncues llghtly turn to thoughts ot oolrtrcs. The boost is thot Flondo student government is the tnnest thing ot its lurnd an the notlon At ony rote! it's drtterent The SPRIH Contrnonrtloce Choroeterastiis ol Arnotitidn I-olrlrcs, nerghoorhood or notronol, ore oll herei red topo, rrlotutudes, rirrontrses, pork oorrels, borhecues, hloos, bosses But olso here ore the Collegiote extrovo- gonces you see on these ooges, plus ntuch more unlinietured trenit ond trolic thot ntolie U. ot F TE TOO MANY FUNNYPAPERS Wl ONIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE A NIGHTMAR ,100 h tLeftl Not the vice squad, the vote squad. Many dorm residents sagely barricaded their doors against the cam- paigning politicoes. Earnest candidates had to beat the Swamps, too. But lucky frater- nity men had to endure no such annoyance, for their voting preferences were determined in ad- vance, no muss, no fuss, no bother. ELE politics 'outstanding among American Colleges" Unconeerned with Utopian idealism, our boys train tor Citizenship by learning the tricks of the trade We may not be a Cultural keystone ot the South, nor a landmark ot learning and liberalism, but, by Cracky, we sure can raise Cain CTIOTIS lAbovel The gauntlet. lRightl The gauntlet- ted. Turn the page. --el SOMETHING LIKE THIS. SUCH FROLICKING GOT SOME CA NDIDATES IN. KEPT OTHERS OUT :MQ Vw gt LMBEEN l V ,f itll- oi.ES ' Fl' fggtlllc -4't1..8,,?i5?xv,. , W Q- U , ,Any . ,ips I 1 .ff 51 - .i 'U ggsy-mf-ln, -mg" 4' ,,...-af. LS-M s,,gQg',kxN wut -exft' an-57" .. ,cv-if ms. fr Bluff: te. 'mm Eiga- Nts. or-A-w sv ' fs " ' VONN -FEV pousm STEW -pi? fy - -nf- KQCJ1 . - A . il vs 4 ,fx F1 Ja -10, s" V lg' I M Q. i-all 5 Q L. SQ 524 V11 5 X ,. k fa f. 'fn Q ' .Q X 4 7 . yf j' 11,43 fue-C'-.:Vf'I ,4- 44, ,D- edt 92.1. ,- in " "3- Keeping the common touch, ,W Rood drove his own band- wagon. , lLeftl On the horns of a dilemma: Why vote anyway? The propagan da piled about this dismayed mem ber of the electorate is now worth less except for its souvenir value and to employ a janitor. Hun- dreds of dollars go into campaign literature every election. l Ng.: lRightl After the bawl was over. Many a heart was broken, but not the Gator Party bloc. The pro- cess of counting takes all night, and the fashionable thing is to stay up and see your friends de- feated. K tw' bw. ihgtlv tw ,411 iiefii The Death Watch. Tradi- tionally the vote-count takes place in the Old Gym, admirably design- ed for this because of the gallery for gapers. Candidates usually learn their luck by four A. M. and con then go out and drown their sorrows or celebrate. As is so otten the reol cose on our cornptis, politics leocls here into the l-loll ot Fome. Every nominee hos porticipoted octivelv in student government ond over holt hove been leoders. Qutstonding scholor- ship receives onusucil recognition this yeor. There ore more BMOCS thon these, but Holi ot Forne troclition drovvs the line ot twelve. 70 LC 33 r cmyuu 'K l :Will 01: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAlNEsvlLLE Orncl or :P : our Mg-rch 21, Dear Mr. Richardson: The twelve men chosen for the SEMINOLE'S Hall of Fame were selected from a large group of nominations. All of the nominees have demonstrated leadership ability in one or more student body activities. These nominations came from the deans of the various colleges and from other administrative officials who have come in close contact with the activities of the student body. While scholastic standing has been an important factor in the selection of men for the Hall of Fame, the students' general attitude and usefulness as citizens of the University community have been given a great deal of consideration. It has been a pleasure for your com ittee to participate in the selection of the twelve men for the Hall of Fame. We realize that many students have attained distinction and have shown qualities of leadership, but, inasmuch as the Hall of Fame is limited to twelve only, the committee submits the following as its final selection: Robert M. Barton Alfred B. Parker Louis Snetman Joseph L. Geiger W. Steve Richardson Tiffany T. Turnbull Chester C. Holloway Edward B. Rood William I. Wood Lloyd L. Johnson George L. Simonson George C. Young One of the greatest honors that can come to a 'Florida' man is to be selected for the SEMINOLE'S Hall of Fame. The committee be- lieves that this group merits the distinction. Cordially yours, defame Dean of Student Mr. W. Steve Richardson, Editor of the SEMILNOIE, Campus. 71 if STEVE RICHARDSDN EDWARD B RDDD s mm Edmwrshugn CoIL1mr1uat D lcltlrncl gVVIVI1DIiHQ,pVG51dP!'IT flf ct HHLL OF ROBERT M BARTDN Stuc1chTQOverhmeht, Debohhg mm . J, SELDEN WALDD ir ,1 F H E 'Nj --..,,,,,,..w-7 ALFRED BA PARKER Architecture, Scholarship ir T I TIFFANY T, TURIXIBULL LOUIS SNI TMf' III I,cJw, Student CTIOVITIITIIIITIQIII IJIAIIIIIIIIII 'QfIII,IIIII I I..l ,I -11 1: Ii HHLLCDF FHITIE Wulf -H-may-f STEVE UCOIXINELL ir I WILLIAM II WQQD CHESTER C PICLLQNNIWN RCTC CoIOneICy, Sclfwolorship Student Goxemmem CIweerTeQdII IQ 73 t ir USED le JQHNSON JOSEPH L, GEIGER 'fttttiwnt Gnmytttttttt-ttt VQlt?CiICTOVIOf'I, 'P H K HL F FH ir t t CFQF-'GV L SIMCJNSQN GEQRGE Q YQUNG ttttttf Gwtvfffttft't'2tetTt Qfittfttfltfttttt Student Government! Debating, Scnolorsnnp, 411 It lx 74 A u -. -' - f - wwf? 1 , ,fvmyi ' ex WA JUS' 9 ' K' f . f'vf'- wfmfi inn y ,b it - . yfww' ,wv W M wg wzi?.M" 1 N ,- czd ig f V sffsww 2 MRSA' -. S' 1.1. ' wwf. ' 1i,u,,,,, ww .K ,if 4 ,- . 2 .I , X, 4 11 yv Xa z vw Ay! Jnvif 'Q jnhf Q, fj"x'! x , is 4 5 Vg 1 Q ' ,ty . ' ', 1, A 11 if ' 4 . 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Ks' 'dh' ARMSTRONG BENTON CASSELL GEIGER HYRNE KITCHEN OPP PREER RODGERS SNETMAN VUILLEMIN YOUNG Phi Beta Kappa was tounded an December 5, l776 at the Cal- leae at William and Mary in Virginia, dedicated ta pramatina "the ideal at excellence in schalarship inthe liberal arts and sciences" Beta Chapter at Flarida was installed at the University at Flar- ida an February IT! l939 Its membership is limited ta thase stu- dents whose work has been detinitely liberal in character and purpase, the selection amana such students is determined primarily an the basis at character, braad cultural interests and schalarli achievements. OFFICERS . . . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Jann J. TIQERT . JAMEs MILLER LEAKE MANNING J. DAuER I-IAROLD L, KNOVVLES . PPH I 'QI 1' ' ,A IIII' , Hb. Lk-I' ,avr -If 1776 ,.. c, . . I I S , K X , e ' ? S . x x 5 5 I Deamgdb 5 3 I s 5 S s e 3 ssxxuss-x X .-eguxsv-rr QL: ... IIE. . , I-listarian WILLIAM I-lt WILSON 77 P I ,R 6 nies 7 flies T5 A . :Tx 5. ,AQ Tl I ts ,wv'i -. a 4-A -f-get -. -et mv, Q E 'N 5- W i , K ii -'M' Ilavwj vi -if Q.: JP 9 ,, yfli 4:-I W, vs ., tm' 'tw A 0,15 - n s ......-- .,, rw F 'W '51 ' .Q A .1 , pf' 'TX -124 ' X ,ff . . ,K .3 we X N. :Q -'wx ft X.. Q , my s e Qu 'TS yi 'AS'- g 'H' . es. 'Q , -1. rpfma' if 3 'lxfksgi IQ.- -....,,,, G vw As. R x We ,x Q 1 , 30 Vi ,...-.,! .Q . , . 41 Qs- Q . A v 4 ' ' fx x we -f , 35 35153. . ., a -Q, h itil. IM Q G " t ' -vw It ,gn ff? I xv ws!! t 'nu ii . 'X E in ,fgl5'g. 2 wr 5 ,,- f , wt' P Is x ,ss Q x i Eg RST 'KM . .W ,iw .4-MRL it 1 ,gb A 5, 9 6' if Q' "' i ' 32.1" "" , X ". 'n "-.., i 4 im-. NTL' 'tl ! l .9-Nh nv- WV' .Y-fy. ,. 4' I ...W , I, Aw . ff- I 'em s.. ADLER ALBERT ARMSTRONG CRAGO DAVIS EHRLICH HALSEY HOLLOWAY JACOBY MacDONALD MEARES MIZRAHI RODGERS ROMAN SMITH VAN BRUNT VUILLEMIN WALLACE OFFICERS I ltlfirirrfif Vtfisi ....I President H Pi Coristwiis . . I Vice-President Mpc G Geiisser Secretary K. G Siwaas . Journal Correspondent B J H Gtte I .... Treasurer W H, Wirsoti . . Historian V To Mcrsori , , . , . Marshal The honor society ot Phi Kappa Phi was organized in i897 tor the purpose ot promoting scholarship among American college students. The University ot Flor- ida chapter, which is seventh in the list BENTON FULLER KITCHEN MOODY SNETMAN WILKINS QI Illlyg l I nl X I ft: X lliu N5 Q i T' 3059? Q to A Ii 78 7-..... qv. BROWN BRUNDAGE CASSELL GAYNOR GEIGER GRAY LeFEVRE LEVITCH MCCAULEY ODLE PARKER REYNOLDS TODSEN TOFFALETI TRUSKETT WILLIAMSON WRIGHT YAMAUCHI ot torty-eight active chapters, was estab- lished in l9l2, Recognizing the eauality ot all branches ot knowledge, the society seeks to toster learning in competition with numerous attractive and conflicting interests at- tecting the modern, everyday lite ot the undergraduate. It aims to promote good teeling and high ideals among students in their personal college relationships, and in their associations with the taculty. Moreover, the society serves as an agency in overcoming the decentralizing tenden- cies ot separate school emphasis in the larger institutions. ZAW Greaves Emi Air it fXLi,Lu LL E3 Fort Mx Us K-A A '5 . , A 'I' A 1 " ,- H wir Lnnrt, '3Y', Vice-President Senior Law ' 'A r' s 31 Football Pllll'lTftfC1l, '33, Blue Key, P Nlpliti Delta Delta "i,iina, Caxalinrs, John l 'Xl rslriiill ntsiet, Q k 'A' 1 lirucig BAr:i ii L Lv Ll- l3 Perrine - '38 13 if A X --ef 5 , 'ff 4. I ,-- U ' w Cui was lf bALlt,llMAN LL B. ml-ljl5lll5lG mm, pw li B II 'B' "' liiririfi Pha, Phi Delta Phi, Bela Gamma s. ""' C nw lUi'nrnfi'tjrg Qliilw, ,lalwi'iMiiirsIqq1l gaeiii-ty, '- i' K I ' L I VViisL iAr,i WADE l'lAMPlCtlAl, lll A--,. LL B - Ciainesyillti it? L 1 A B 7' as ,, il Delta llmil Pi, lohn Mar'-.hall Hntgiit ,, ' i "" f-ls, Plil Delta Plwi 'W 5 """"' if ldv ' f LlJlt'll,JlJD C:QX'lllC3-l'Llll JClHllb'l'CllNl ' Ll lf 3in"' in ' fa' 6. W' 2' xslt rg.,i,' My . 4 'acl'-'flll'?l" -ui 94 41 .- i K Ll Biifari l'5lllL,r X LL B ' - lltietis as A A ox X A 'H 3' Q' w tyiftairi '3l, lritertratr-rnili, Canter- "' r an r f tha Phi Oniefia, Orrliristra, tfwlee Club r 55" nf V ......, l'PAlllt D. lvltjlliyiier LL B - 1 1 prl'lC'llCl's emi -, 'F W 5 A23 95 ilu fxlgrzia Delta, Jalfiri Mrlrslvill HCLL-l,f, 5-'N' 'x ,sv .Q "':- sl ' 'M N' A K A il tx JUL lylorfrii l L B 'l'f'J"i'irrfi Q' 1' li Z2 if ' f'lL liti lr,fjir,iri Psi, ,lfillit Nlflrklifjll 'rf:f,lfil',.f xg-Q X I LA 1 S I 80 MICHAEL N, ARFARAS LL B Tarpon Springs A X A 4 RQBEBBI lvleliinriey LJAFI'lDltl LL B St Petersburg E N Alligator, '34, '35, Sports Editor,'36, Serninale, '36, Blue Key, President, '38, Sabres, Phi Alpha Delta, Varsity Debating, Debate Club, President, '37, White Friars, Hall of Fame ir Anson l, Daeiseu B s B A , .LL B, Miarni QB A Beta Gamma Sigma, Manaaer lntrarnurals, '37, Intramural Board, '36, President Phi Beta Delta 5oCial Fraternity, '37, lntertraternity Conference, '37 'k Joeiu Pxxriou l-lyMAu, Jr: LL B Bartow K A E-ecutiye Council, '35, Varsity Debate Man- ager, '36, President Freshman Law Class, '36, President Senior Low Class, '38 Alligator, '33, Phi Delta Phi, Blue Key, Pirates, Colonels, President, '33 Debate Club, John Marshall baciety, Young Democrats, 'k DAVID V. KEBNS LL B XVC1yerly A A A Alrirlia llapna Psi 4 Georeoe C. lVlCCAUL3HAlsl LL B, Miami l-lonor Court, '35, Clerk, '38, Seminole, '34, Florida Review, '33, '34, '35, Business Manager, '36, John Marshall Society, President, Florida Players, l. R. C, Phi Alpha Delta, A JAMrs 5. Moooy B s B A , ,LL B. Plant City HK A Treasurer 'Senior Law Class, '33, Phi Delta Phi, Colonels, John Marshall Society, lnterfraternity Conference, '38, S lyAN E, ODLI5 LLB. Hoopeston, Illinois Phi Alpha Delta, A MADISON F PACETTI B s B A , .LL B. St Augustine Phi Alpha Delta, Wesley Founrlation. Daytona Beach i' MARCUS LEONARD PEPPER BS B A ,.LL.B, Daytona Beach qw B A Executive Council, '33, Alligator, '33, '34 '35, Seminole '33, '34, '35, Phi Eta Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma, Intramural Board, Ereshl man Debate Squad, John Marshall Society, Commerce Club, 1k Leo ROSENBLUM B A,.LL B. Daytona Beach A IIJBA FRANCIS KIERNAN DCHOONMAKER B A, LL B, St, Petersburg 'A' HAROLD TANNEN LLB. Miami Beach II' B A Glee Club, Radio Guild, ir WILLIAM JACKSON VAuuuAN LL B, Melbourne E N DWIIJIAII iQl,l'3EllL UIUIIIP LL B Jflii i-' f,CII'I'y Ii iff' 0 K N Allifiutor, '-lil, Phi Delta Phi, Farr Litcrurf 'JocIrtt,f, John Marshall 'QocIet,f, "fi.fl'Iite Enars 'lr PHILIP ALEPED PACYNA LL B IDVJIVIEBV Il Ie JOHN C PIIIIEPTUII LL B Howey A 'I' il Et-ecutiye Council, '3El, 'lr-cretrir,vTrcc:sIIrfr Junior Layv Class, '37, Varsity Bo-Init, "3-l, Al- ligator, '34, Phi Delta Phi, Colonelz, L'Apaci'e, "E" Club, Blue Kew, Bacchus, Sabrrs A ARNOLD RLJBHNI BSBA,.LLB Miami sb B A 'A' WILLIAM PAUL SHELLEY, JR. LL B Tallahassee A T Q E-ecutive Council, '37, Blige litiii Capfaii Pistol Team, L'ADache, President Alpha TCII Omega Social Fraternity, '36, Bacchus, Phi Delta Phi, President, '33, Sabres, John Marshall Society, Who's Who 'k TIFFANY TuRNBuLL LLB Monticello fb A 9 Executive Council, '38, Vice-President Freshe man Law Class, '36, President Junior Lat-. Class, '37, Delta Sigma PI, Bacchus White Friors, Colonels, Intertraternitx Conference, Blue Key, Commerce Club, Baseball Numeial, '34 Letter, '35, Manager '36, President Ph. Delta Theta Social Fraternity '37, 319, l Q C , Benton Engineering, Noting Democrats, l-lall ot Fame 'lr DELDEN FENNELL VVALDCJ LL B Gainestille E A E Chancellor Honor Court, '36, E-.ecutne Coun- cil, '3S,' Chancellor Honor Court, Summer Session, '35, General Chairman Homecominct, '37, Whos Who, Blue Key, President, Vice- Presiaent, Phi Kappa Phi, President Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social Eraterrutx, Phi Delta Phi Celonels, John Marshall Societx, White Eriars Debate Cluh, Tau Kappa Alpha Xarsitx DIT- bating '33 '34, '35, '36, 'ST 35 '39 WILLIAM VVILSON ARNOLD Groveland E A E Honor Court Summer Session, '33, Vice Presi- dent Junior Law Class, '38, Colonelsg Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, President Sigma Alpha Epsilon ?ocial Fraternitv, '30, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Phi, President, '39 'A' MURRAY Doeois CARMICHAEL, JR. West Palm Beach Il A E Phi Delta Phi, ir VVILLIAM G. CARVER Laleland Acacia Alligator, '3l, '32, '33, Phi Alpha Della. ir Utis E i:ARPlNGTON Fort Lauderdale KID E-ecutive CoLincil, '37, Colonels if DELeRioc,E l.. Guess Jacksonville fb A U President Lvcenrn Council, '37, Alligator, '34, '35, '36, '37, Seminole, '35, '36, '37, Coionels, Blue Kev. 'lr JOHN I3 l-lARRis, JR. St Petersburg Colonels ir WALLAcE l-l. JoRLiNc, Lalce City K A Clerk l-lonor Court, '37, Seminole, '36, Bloc Kev. 'k l-lAL Haw AACCAGHREN Lakeland 'Nr -g,.N . gi 'J' ' .,....J A '1d"'. l,,u-fe. 'N JA. Yin Oku- ,' fi' 5 4.1-rg. dns if ' At' fr, ,Quan ,. .Qin 1' X ...J A W if? l.UciLLE CAIRNS N A ii- ei' 'S' '-r:-, Rf. 2.151-k Gainesville 'k 55, q ' SAM F. CARTER J tl Palm Beach "JS" 5 N Pirates, Colonels. 'A' A. T. COGPER M' I Monticello Y' N X5 Ad rf' , President Junior Law Class, '35, Cofonels l.'Apache. 'ir WILSON FREEMAN , Jacksonville 3 gk li A of 3' Senior Manager Varsitv Football, '33, Semi ...,.-- ff nole, '3-l, Colonels, L'Apache, Sabres, Intifr fraternity Conference Debate Club. J., A im, HAROLD E GOODING ,fx t f' 'A ' ft West Palm Beach :L 9 K N . ' , fi il' 6 - l-lARRY POE JOHNSON W , South Boca Grande X. wr' , B 9 II -lr ARTHUR WiLLiAM JaRoAN, JR. Clearwater H K A "Z.1,,'-N ,' Colonels, Pirates. JUHI R LH J U I R GUYTON PIERCE MCCORD, JR, Tallahassee E A E Colonels. vi' VVILLIAM L. MILLER Gainesville Alpha Epsilon Della. -A- SAMUEL OLIvER OIBRYAN Miami Secrelarv-Treasurei' Junior Law Class, '38, Tennis, '35, '36, '37, '38, Phi Alpha Della, "F" Club 'A' WILLIAM A, SPENCE Metropolis, Illinois II K A Cofanels, Phi Della Phi. 'A' JEANNETTE TESELLE Gainesville ir JAMES EDWARD WALLACE Vxfilminglon, N, C. H K A 'lr RALPH BRAITHWAITE WILSON Palalka 9' HQ.. Y fig 4 5 'V' A i' il .....AW' Q 99 R ,K , " fu W7 - F 'JRR l 'dl --160' was ' W F... .2 F, 3,2 ' r ati 1 . y - F gil' L GEOPGE CREssLEIf Yamila Dav l ana Ecafi lei I A E I5I.if- l'hi lfappa Pill, Im pill Colonels, l-lall of Farm -A' VVAREIIIIJ THaI,iAsliflILLEI1 NN es l Pa l rn Eleafi h E A E I 0' Presidenl Fl'Ij3lTlVl'lOl'I Law Class, '37, F ', ""V- '55, Blue Kev, Coloncils' Piraliis I If Z ia " ,nf ., ,I A ' fr ay' M ' if . 5 , I .. , was ' A JUSEPH F lVlOOlilE I Qaineiiville if 1 . lVlAvIiAI1rp RAI-.IQEII ' v , I , Tarnpa ,g E A E 'Q Golf, sis, l'll'II perm PIII, llolciisiels if 'W' fa, RICHARI5 TEIoIvIAs TEIICH M.. Q l ea ma le I' .Wx A BILL C VVAIIII,xIrIIIsIn wk, Laiilei x"""" A X A A S M-4... fue, IQLIQNLTIEI A VVIEI ITE Pensacola Z N FFCSlllT1l.lIlBUAIll-Ml, '34, Cijfonols, Piraliss liars. 'A' ALFRED Vlloops Tanwpa Fioriaa Rex Ieii 'w l'l'i, Jlgoll, Lava RODGER l-lAvEs BARTON Lale XfVOrth 'A' N P. CALHOLIN St Al,lQLl'lllllC' fb A 0 'Ik ROY CHRISTOPHER Mauht Dara E X Calartcls 'A' WILLIAM M. GOZA, JI2. Clearwater II K A Iiimiuolci, Sports Editor, '36, '37, Chlahclsg Pirates, lrttramural Dfibata Champiah, '37 'k ROY DONALD GREEN Belle Glade 'A' KEITH J. GIQIOSBY OVlOllIflIfI A E fb rlriaar Court, Summer fassiari, 95, E-Ijicutiwig Cauacil, '36, femirtolc, '36, Bluff l'iEII,f. 'k JAMEs BRANCH l'lCJDL5ES, JI2, Lake City' K E ir EI2NEsT J. JACOIss JC1ClfgOI'IvIllQ I GERSON BLATT :tm K' ' '3 "l JP Miami , W. 9 3 ..,- A 'I' E KI? 3 3- . """ Alligator, '35, Jahh Marshall Society, Prapctllar . Club, Rauma Democrats, Commerce Club. lc ' - . . 1 f .nh 1:3 332242. ::- t Q. ROBERT SINOLETON CHAPMAN s, 'Zi Raitard V' "" fp K 'If ' ,f Bacchus, Whitt: Friars. lg ., W J' KEITH E. COLLYLI2 :Zi C -1- -A Sl' Cloud . ' A, .mf ' ff' - ,k AV 5' 7 .pfgfwir I ' ' Q ALBERT WILLIAM GRAEssLE X ix ' v ia, " Jaclsohville I ,N fi' A F! i s Q1 -'f""' Cavaliers, Calariels, l-lahar Court, QLITITIIII,-r "tits- siah, '35, Executive Council, '37, WCC-Prciszdcrit wi, Freshman Class, '34, wa., lf, 'R- f 1-N., . M.. cA,. A .Y 2 ,Q -I ,af-'ft Z ...Y DONN N. GREGORY Tampa ...H , 9 X .J 1 4, ,L , sewn E- ,, J VVILLIAM C. GRIMEs . Palmetto " IW, I E IA W Q ,..... Cavaliers, Debat-5 Club D , CHAUNCEY K. HYATT I 3- ' Tampa dl QA Cammhrca Club, Della Sigma Pi, Flarirla PWIN- I 3 'A hrs, Glfro Club, l. RC, Prapollar Club, Jahh Marshall Society, Cavaliars FRESHfTlHll LHUJ 84 l FRESHFDFIH B00 WlLLlAM A. JGHNSON Lake Worth 'Ir EMANUEL LEVENSON Daytona Beach fb la A 'A' Bisnoe MCCAULEY Jacls sonville ir Ross E MOWRY Gainesville 9 X ril of Student Publications r -k Eb B. ROOD Bradenton '30, Business Manager Alligator, '38, Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Class, '36, Swimming, '37, Seminole, '37, Florida Review, '37, "F" Bool-L, '37, Blue Key, Sabres, Hall of Fame 'lr TOM B. WALKER Winter l-laven X 112 Eeoiimzi Numeral, f3s Leiter, '36, '37, 38 Track, '38, Cofonels, "F" Club 'k JuLiAN I.. WiLLiAMs Callahan A E fb Honor Court, '36, Board of Student Publica- tions, '38, "F" Book, Associate Editor, '36, Seminole, '37, '35 swf- fl K eww ff X .359 Na 1 Sm Jaw , , .. e , 5 g , A at A se QM, XY 'Z LS V5 -gf .rg 7 ,Q if? gn .A sw' f , gli- . u y,"1"ff .EQ l , - N JU' F . l ' I . wif ' , Vg, - gf ,iq lwg L, 'll N 2, I Qi-eggv' 42: 5 A T :fr X U1 JAMES Y. Wi Lsoiri Lfjlfe City HK 42 Coloriills, fiiirria Della Psi 'I' l-lFlNlFtY E B KUPTZ lvllariii '-I' .X H 'A' JOHN IXACORE MCCARTY Fort Pierce EQIDE Secretary-Treasurer Student Body, '37, Execu- tive Council, '36, Football, '37, Basketball '37, Baseball, '37, Blue Key, Colanels, Bacchus Debate Club, John Marshall Society, l.'Abache Sabres, Sigma Delta Psi, White Friarc ir pETER NICHOLAS AAEROS St Petersburg fb K T ir STANLEY B, RICHARD lvliami Beach 'A' WTLLIAM A, SCHULT: Urlando B H Il 'A' ERNEST W, WELCH Marianna Caxaliers A ROE l-l. WILKINS Leesburg Jumon Emu cuass Offncens f T. CIHIIIFI' A . , , President IIIAM WS, XXMOIOEI , . VICO-PVOSIOOIEIIE f -Em O, O'IfIn1wm1 OPC'VC'ILIU'--I-VIE3OSI,IVGI' SEFIIOR LFILU CLHSS OFFICERS JOHN P, HYMAN . , .,.. President GEORGE E ALLFN . . I , Vice-President IAMFS S IVIOOOY . , Secretory-TreO5urer FRESHFTIHI1 LHW CLHSS OFFICERS DWIGHT L. ROGERS . .... Presidem RUSSELL W. CUMMINOS . . Vice-President ROBERT I. CASEY . , Secretory-Treosurer 5'fNl0R !l6f4DEMl6' SENIOR CLHSS CJFFICERS R, HUDSON BURR .............. President JAMES WA HUGHES . . . . Vice-President IDUs Q, WICKER . . . Secretory-Treasurer JOHN W. ADAMS, JR. B s EE. Gainesville Benton Engineering Society, A.l.E.E., Phi Eta Lk-'EQ lj Sitima. A WILLIAM G AIRTH BSB A. Live Oak CIDA 9 A ARTHUR ARRLEYARD, JR. BS. St Petersburg A T Q Leigh Chemical Society. A GEORGE THOMSON ARMSTRONG BS. Miami Leigh Chemical Society, Gamma Sigma Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma 'Ir GEORGE BYRON ASHMORE B C.E. Tallahassee Baseball Numeral, '35, ASC E., Benton Engi- neering, Siama Tau, BS.l.J. i' JOHN LONG AvANT B S BA. lvliami B 9 II Executive Council, '38, Seminole, '34, Alligator, '34, '35, '36, "E" Book, '34, Beta Alpha Psi President, Delta Sigma Pi, President, Sabres, Secretary, Interfraternity Conference, Secretary- Treasurer, '38, Commerce Club, Fall Frolics Dance Committee, '38, Military Ball Dance Committee, '39 i' LEO GILBERT BAKER BS E. Pierson Peabody Club. A IXAARJORIE F. BALDWIN B.S.Phy. Alachua Mortar and Pestle, Kappa Epsilon, Rho Chi. J JACOB HENRY ADLFP B A. DaylOr'iO B60f'l'i '-lf' B A 'H T f 'ffirria APlNlOLD l3EFiTl2At.'t ALBERT B S.Phy. lvliami Phi Eta Siarna, Pho Chi, Bfl'T'llV'iOlf', 1' President 'Ophomore Class, '36, Par o ir JAMEs C ARANT B S B A Sanford Beta Alpha Psi i' FRANcis F. ARTHUR B S B A. BVOLJE'lSllCll'l Beta Alpha Psi -A' ERNEST G. ATRiN AB Gainesville 'Ir RUSSELL BAGLEY AB St Petersburg A ERNEST F BALDxx'iN B S Orlando Leigh Chemical Socictu, Give ir VVYLMA H. BALDvxiiN B S B A. Part Tampa City .X X A Tiacl-.N '36, '37 '35, Propellar Club, F tlil -l-I-IOMAS EMMETT BAREFOOT B S B A. Graceville if BURNESS AUSTIN BARRINGTON Es. Melrose Alpha Epsilon Delta. if Lucius DURHAM BATTLE AB. Bradenton A T Q I P C, Fourth Estate Club. 'k FRANK P, BEDDQW, JR. B S B A. Jacksonville E X ' gi Alpha Kappa Psi, YMCA. 'k CHARLES A. BEGGS B C.Ei Pensacola II K A A S C E , Benton Engineering. 'Ar CHARLES A. BETTS BS B A, Sanford H K A Seminole, '35, '36 '37, Alligator, '35, L'Apache, Propellor Club. 'A' WARNER THoNiAs BIGGER B.Ch.E, Gainesville Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering, Cavaliers, fiabres, A I Ch E, Secretary-Treasurer, '38 ir GERSON BLATT BS. Miami T E II' John Marshall Law Sotiety, Propellor Club, Alligator, '36, Young Democrats, Commerce Club. ARTHUR C. BARRETT , 1 BS.B.A. lg 5 Q Miami ,k4' fi, xxlx 'Vi ii C , it R Q.. VVILLIAM I.. BASSETT Es.Ni,E. Clearwater - AS.M.E., Chairman, '37, Benton Engineering President, '38, Delta Sigma Pi, Florida Engi .,.- sag, Q X . neering, ir XX MAX ELY BEAR ,. AB. 91 Pensacola -li Florida Review, '37, '38, '39 I! I. i' JOSEPH C. BEDSOLE B.S,A. ,,., M V , Graceville 4 ' ' Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Cavaliers, Ph f' Eta Sigma. - A 'x ii P i CHARLES R. BENTON BS. Gainesville 9 X Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Sigma, German Club. , 'lr p l'lENRY I-I. BEVIS '95 B.S.E.E. 1,3-Mm Arcadia I ' Cavaliers, A.I.E,E., Benton Engineering. fl .X A , g NEILS. BITTING AQ ce, , . B.s.Rhy. 1- E' ill' Ocala .41 A-4. 2 -4 ,l Mortar and Pestle. 1. i. , V 1 f I . BRUCE B. BLOUNT B.S,A. Pompano Agriculture Club, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle. JAMES PHILIP BRADSHAW, JR, AB. Gainesville YMCA, Presbyterian Student Session, English Club. 'lr GOODWIN lvl. BREININ B S Miami Beach T E fb Alpha Epsilon Delta, 'k CHARLES A. BROcI4 B.S.B.A. St. Petersburg Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi. i' DOUGLAS l-l. BROWN B.S.B.A. Miami Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Florida Players, Propellor Club. 'k WINERED ELLIOTT BUCKLES BA J. Lakeland B 9 II Alligator, '36, '37, '38, Sigma Delta Chi, Band, Publicity Director, Fourth Estate, Press Club, Vice-President. ir CARLTON l'lALL BUTCHER BSB A. Miami Beach CII K T Bacchus. 'A' CHARLES MARTINIQUE CANNON B.S.E.E. Tampa 9 X Sigma Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, A.l.E.E i' l-IENRY l-l. CARY BAE. Pensacola 9 X White Friars, Bacchus. RAIEORD E BRANCH BSA. Gainesyil le H X ilewrrll Eritcrrioloazcal Triciftg 'k BEN l-l. BRIboEs B B. Tallahassee K A Tennis, '37, "F" Club, Glee Club it CHARLES R BROWN B B A. Orlando if JOHN l'lOLT BRuNpAaE B SE E. Orlando X ITD Sigma Tau, A l E E., Benton Engineering 'lr R. HupsON BuRR, JR. BS. Tallahassee Honor Court, '37, President, Senior Class, '38 Blue Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta, YMCA, MSO Young Democrats. -A ROBERT A CAMPBELL EIS. Quincy F FA., Agriculture Club, Blocl. and Bridle. -if ROBERT TuLLEY CARLISLE EI A. Jacksonville A T A Intertraternity' Conference, President, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Band, '35 'A' CLYDE W. CASON BAE. Adel, Georgia Rifle Team, '37, Captain, '39, Florida Rifles. CHESTER CASSEL B i,' Miami . A ' i Qi i -fb B A T :fd i ,, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Giee Club, German Club, + 1 WAYMAN A. CAYSON B S B A. Blountstovvn A E 11: -A' ROBERT BUECHNER CHAPMAN B S B A, Orlando fb K T Prapellor Club A JOHN l.OcKE CHENEY AB, Tampa X111 Cheerleader, '35, Alpha Phi Omega, Sabres, Gator Pep Club, Interfraternitv Conference, '36, Presbyterian Student Elders, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, '37, President Chi Phi Frater- nitv. A HENRY S. CHuBB BSA Wiiwter Parlz Thvrsiis, Newell Entomological Society. i' KENNETH AMES CLARK B S A, Greensboro Efecutive Council, '38, Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club, President, '38, FFA., Block and Bridle Club, Sears Schoarship Club, Alpha Tau Alpha, Forida College Farmer, '38, Livestock Judging Team, '38 ir WiLLiAM l-l, CLARKE B S BA. Washington, D. C B 9 H Bofing Manager, '38, Intramural Manager, '37, "F" Club, A' ERNEST i'lAMEY Copv Gainesville Football, '38, ' uv S AL' Q49 4 2"'?,,',,"'y al , 1' ' Q f ' ' G . ,x I v 'Q Q . ln. it il WY X' k li g G- 4 Q, BA 6 3, dn. , i 'IL R ua 1- ,HR L VICTOR AACROBBIE CAWTHON BS. Gainesville Tk JOHN LAWRENCE CHANCELLOR B,SB.A. Jacksonville Cavaliers, Sophomore "Y" Club, Commerce Club, Manager Freshman Baseball, '36 -k ROBERT SINGLETON CHAPMAN B S.B.A. Raiford 111 K T Bacchus, White Friars. 'lr Russ JACKSON CHRISTY B.S.B.A. Tampa B 9 II Bacchus. it FRED A, CLARK BSA. l-ligh Springs A X Alpha Tau Alpha, FFA. vi SCOTT 0lLWORTH CLARKE, JR AB. Monticello E N Cavaliers, White Friars, Bacchus, l, R, -A' VVILLIAM COLE CLIETT BSA. Bowling Green X SIP Senior Intramural Manager, Thvrsus if DAviB C. COLEMAN, JR. B.S.B.A. Miami E N Pirates, Propellor Club, Bacchus. Tlnrsus, President, '38, Entomofog DAVID NOYES COLLINS BS. Palatka C-lee Club. 'lr JAMES M. CONGDON BS. Alva 'lr LYNWOOD L. CONRAD A BE. Panama City ff JAMES COOPER B.S.B A. Titusville HK fi' +I JAMES LEROY COTTER B.S. Tampa E N Commerce Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Bacchus, Seminole '35, '36. 'A' JOSEPH M. CREVASSEE BS. Tampa 'k l-luaH S. DIANNA, JR. B.S.A E. Tallahassee 'lr CHARLES L. DAVIDSON B.S.B.A. Melbourne Beta Gamma Sigma. y Club. I l Q., x Us - M' I ' fm- A4, X A .. mf.. 'bv 3.3"-J f. ,XM L1 K Nlg s"""x AQ' " W' x"?,:,--. V 'I 5 JACK T. COMPTON I3 S I3 A. Orlando .x 22 fb Comrnerco Club, Bela Alpha Psi 'A' l'lOMER C. CONKLINO, JP B S B A Titusville Band, Alpha Plwi Omega ir DON E COOPER B S Plly. Miami 'k VINCENT PAUL CORSO B.S. Miami Q' . "':A H A ZZ Kappa Psi, Band, Orchestra, Florida Players ir JOHN ALFRED CRAOO A , A.B. T N I Gainesville -.. 111 A 9 ? Alligator Staff, '35, Sabres, Glec Club 5 ul' 1? - A 7 THADDEus T. CYZYCKI X Es S E A A if ,I Bunnell 'A' JOFFRE C. DAMID ,W fx- 'W -' B S BA. H """ Q. 1 Q Orlando t""' W c, f Phi Eta Sigma, Alplwa Kappa Psi, Beta Gamrrra A 'P , Sigma, Commerce Club, Cavaliers, Track Let- ily ter, '36, 7 if lil A JAMES E. DAI IS, JR. 9-at 41- S ,Q BSB A. '-S' . Q.. R f-M n it nag, A I, , ' tx x i I R Jacksonxr Ille Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Pi, Commerce Club, Caxaliers. Delta VVILLIAM NEAL DAvis B SB A. Mt. Pleasant K A Band, '35, '36 'A' JACK DEMOSS B SB A. Louisville, Kentucky fb .3 9 White Friars. 'A' JAMES ROSSEAU DICKINSON BA E. Lakeland B 9 II Glee Club, llappa Phi Kappa, English Club. 'A' l-lARRY MORRISGN DOUD B s E. Palmetto 'Eyniphnny Orchestra, President '38, Band, Florida Players, Kappa Kappa Psi, Forestry Club, Press Club. 'lr C. i:lNLEY DOVVLING A B. Gainesville 'k JoHN B. DuNcAN B5 B A. Lake Weir Seminole, '36, '37, '33, '39, Cavaliers, Vice- President, '37, Commerce Club, Band, Propellor Club. 'k JAi.iEs Scott EDWARDS B SF. Bartow 4 JOSEPH ANTHONY FALSONE BS B.A. Tampa Sigma lata, Leigh Chemical Society. . F k,,' t, ,ix n its 4 Y ig .all in tt? 3 i We Qu 'fu 1 LZ- ' h i,,j 3 3 Q' K 64 ,sign f . RY, g R 'AX l Q RALPH GRADY DAWKINS, JR Pg ZR W Miami B.S.A. A 1' P Alpha Zeta. 4 WOODROW W. DickEY ABE. Tampa A T A Alligator, Forum Editor, '35, Florida Pavers Junior "Y", I. R. C., A. S. U., Peabody F.F.F. Club. -Y- LATREEEE DOBYNS B SBA. Jacksonville E X Beta Gamma Sigma, Bacchus, Junio ternity Conference, Debate Club. JoHN DOWD B.S.P. Moore l-laven A E 119 i' i'iORACE RAINSFORD DREW B S B A. Jacksonville E A E Propellor Club, Colone's. 'k JOSHUA L. EDWARDS BS. Lake City K A Semino'e, '36, Sabres, L'Apache, Ju fraternity Conference, President, '35 ul' RAYMOND EHRLICH B.S. Crescent City fb B A Phi Eta Sigma, Executive Council, '38 I R C President, '38, English Club, Leigh Chemical Society, Florida Review. 'A' J. NOYCE FANNING, JR A.B. Jacksonville II K CII Interfraternity Conference, '38, Pirates Bac chus, Band, Orchestra. ALLEN WALDO FARABEE AB. Ft. Myers YMCA, Secretary, '38, Sophomore "Y", Presi- dent, '36, Band, Debating, '35, '36, Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Class, '35, Alpha Phi Omega, 'k EDWARD l'lARVEY FAWSETT B.S.B.A. Gainesville 'If A 9 ir THEODORE A.. FINGER BA J, Palm Beach Sigma Delta Chi, Fourth Estate Club, l. R. C. 'A' CHARLES EDGAR FOSTER BAE. Ft. Myers Florida Review, '37, '38, Alligator, '38, Fourth Estate Club, English Club, Peabody Club. ir l'lARRY FRY BS. Miami II K 'IJ 'A' RANDALL ALEX FULFORD BSA. Okeechobee Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle Club. i' PAUL FELix FuRR, JR. BSE. Ocala -A' MELviN B. Furcu Lawtey . J I W T. ,W 5 ,. . .gg BAE. il, 'Z' qqlh gg. bk VINCENT R FOULDS B A E Clearwater 'k ROBERT VVHITE l:EFiGUSClll it BC ,i. 'sv r XNaucl"iula x , E -dn-N f 11.50 'lr T. BERT FLETCHEP, JR B i , 5 .. . 5 N, Jrecinsburu S A HAMiLroN SHAW FOSTER ABE. Miami Debate Council, '3l, Lyceum Council, '32, Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class, '3l, Executive Committee, Sophomore Class, '30, Manager Freshman Boxing. '30, Manager Varsity l3D-mg, '3l, Seminole, '30, 3l, Florida Review, Associ- ate Editor, '3l, Blue Key, Varsity Debating, '30, Freshman Debating, '29, Alpha Phi Ebsi- lan, Farr Literary Society, Intramural Board gl, YMCA Cabinet, '3l, Florida Players, "F" lub. 'A' mai EARLE FRYE, JR. . 'YZ?-- If BS' ' Wiiwter Haven it Boxing, '33, "F" Club. , l we WALLAcE F. FULLER B S. Clearwater WMCA, Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Foundation. WARNER EARLE FussELL A,B. Tampa B 9 II English Club, Cilee Club, Inter-Church Council. -A' MELy IN W. GAMBLE BAE. Gainesville DAVID S. GARLAND B5 Ch E. Clearwater Wrestling Numerals, '34, lnter-Church Council '35, '36, Rifle Team, '35, A.l.Ch.E., Vice President, '36, Executive Council, '36, lntra- mural Board, '36, Manager Dormitory League '36, MSO, President, '37, YMCA, Treasurer '37, Benton Engineering Council, '38 A MILTON GAYNOR AB. Miami CD B A I. R.C. i. GROVER C. GODDARD B c.E. Lakeland AS c.E. A COLEMAN J. GOIN BS. Gainesville Phi Sigma. ir MANuEL GOMEZ B C.E. Miami A SC E., Benton Engineering Council. 'A' J. RUDCLPH GOSSMAN as E. Princeton Peabody Club. 'k LLwis WlLLlAM GRAHAM B s B A. Gainesville HK A l Delta Sigma Pi, Sabres, Commerce Club. 'A' ALVIS G. GREEN B.S.C.E. St. Petersburg Honor Court, '38, A5 C E., Benton Engineering, 4- V fabregsj Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering Coun- cil ' , , l"lAROLD T. GARRETT B S A. l-laines City Florida College Farmer, Circulation Manager '38, Thyrsus, Vice-President, '38, Newell En- tomological Society, Agriculture Club. uk JOSEPH LEE GEIGER A B. Lake Butler Honor Court, '38, Phi Eta Sigma, A SU. I. R. C., Hall of Fame. lb- . . --5--1 Miami ir ROBERT MARSH GOHEEN B.S.M.E. St. Petersburg A T Q A.S.M.E. 'A' NATHAN B. GOLD B.S.B.A. Sarasota T E 'P if l'lAROLD MiLroN GORDON B SME. West Palm Beach A.S.M.E. A- BERT W. GRAHAM B.S.B.A. Bradenton II K A 'A' l'lOWARD l-l. GRAY BME. Sigma Tau, A5 ME. Benton Engineering. if CURTISJ GREEN Agriculture Club Leigh Chemical Society Toreador Club. . li? 1' . ,N if ., ' 5'5" ' A ., x, 'Q gp' B,S.A. ""' Baldwin X ,N . I VVINTON GARDNER GREEN BSA. Greensboro Agriculture Club, Collegiate F,F.A. i' DONN GREGORY AB. Tampa 9 X Executive Council, '37, Lyceum Council, '38 Blue Key, Sabres, Florida Players, lnterfraterl nity Conference, Varsity Debating, White Friors, Bacchus. ir DONALD P. GRIFFITH BA. St, Petersburg 'k JULIAN LIONEL GRINDSTAEE B.S,Phy. Jacksonville Rho Chi, Mortar and Pestle. if JAMES GRAHAM HAiEE B 5.8 A. Gainesville E A E Propellor Club, A VVILLIAM B. HAEsEY BSE. Terra Ceio 'k CORNELIUS C. HANG Es s. Miami Beach A FREDERICK STEWART HARFORD AB. Jacksonville hm... ' ,..4n7' 1 1 f -' 2 .ii,, ' li? Q AX N . A .ja ta 1 UM in iw 'lun '54 an-4.5, u --ax '-'QQ-A uc: .rf .N ff- LEONARD GREENBLATT B S B A. lyliorni Beach T E 'If Florida Players lntrornural Board ir ROBERT E GPESIMER B 3 Ch E. Jaclfsonville A X A A I Ch E, Benton Enginecring 'Ir GEORGE RAYMOND GRiMEs B E. West Palm Beach KE 'lr HERMAN GUNTER, JR. A B. Tallahassee K A Gee Club. A NORMAN C. HA1-sEY BS E. St Petersburg Phi Kappa Phi -A' THOMAS FRANR HAMME: i B S A Orlando Z1 41 E Florida College Farmer, Managiri Erlilor S Aloha Zeta, Thyrsus, Agriculti ci Club ir THOMAS XX. HARD 1' B 5 B A. c .sc V s-.,... vu ' AQ.: ga. PFS! WiEsoN H. HARRISON B S A Milton Collegiate PPA, FRANK O. HAY BSE. lnverness E ffl E White Friars, Sabres, Peabody Club. if ANDREW pl-llLlP HEYMANN B SEE, Orlando Sigma Tau, A,l.E,E., Vice-President, '39, Ben- ton Engineering Council, '39, Newman Club. 'lr FRED M, HIRONS, JR. BSB A. Jacksonville fb A 9 l.'Apache, Radio Guild. ir CHARLES PARSONS HOOKER AB West Palm Beach Phi Fla Sigma, YMCA, Inter-Church Council A BRiSTow SANFORD HORRER B.A,E. Belleview Sabres. A HENRY SPRINGSTEAD l'lOWlSON B.S.B,A. Jacksonville Executive Council, 37, Alpha Phi Omega. 'k CHARLES F. HuDSON B SBA. Ft. Myers -k BERT WILLIS HuiviPHRiES B,S.M.E. Orlando 'IJ K T Bacchus, Sabres. ROY HERSH BS. Miami Beach .,.,, 5" Florida Players, 1... 'A' .,. qi , A j, . JAMES DOUGLAS l"lICKS 'Q g, ' ig L ' 4- . l B.S.E.E. 1 il Pierce A W: ,Q , Baseball, '36, '37, '38, ,sf Q 'A ' at GEORGE W. l'llRSCH l3.A. W, Jacksonville li A WJ 'fl CHESTER HOLLOvvAY JR. A , B.S.B.A. Clermont A T Q Lyceum Council, '37, Vice-President Student . -f Body, '38, Junior Class Advisory Council, '37, Cheerleader, '37, Editorial Staff "F" Book, '38, Vice-President Florida Student Government As- sociation, '38, Blue Key, Beta Gamma Sigma, President, '38, Cavaliers, Gator Pep Club, Sec- retary, '36, Glee Club, Commerce Club, Young Democrats, Sabres, General College Debate Squad, Who's Who, Hall of Fame. -1 'lr I l.EON PORTER HOWARD L - - B.S.B.A. is- ' f' P? Jacksonville 9 Propellor Club, Commerce Club, l. R, C., Young Democrats, Junior-Senior Prom Committee. -k 'T ,Sq PAUL M. HUDDLESTON S ,gn B.S.C.E. " i ' ...A ' Sanford -hx KID K T AS C.E., Benton Engineering Council. i JAMES VV. HUOHES W Qu C at B,S.B.A. "V :Z . . 1 -"' A 1" Miami Vice-President, Senior Class '38, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. ,. VlCTOR CASE HuSzAaH X -I B.S.B.A. ,F-og ', West Palm Beach , , 2 A E ,X CLARENCE F. HYRNE, JR. A.B. Miami . Alligator, '39, Florida Review, '37, Phi Eta Sigma, English Club, A ALBERT JuDD JACKSON B.M.E. 1 fi Jupiter A.SI.M.E., Benton Engineering. N pe J. 7 vos f HL. ,mf x ..,,, 'M .5 'aw im- '--b , D 51 -A WILLIAM E. JACOBY B.A. Miami T E fl? f'Q ' n ew . M .C Alligator, '35, '36, '37, '38, '39, Seminole, '35, '36, '37, '38, '39, Publicity Director, Intra- mural Department, '37, Intramural Manager, '38, Fourth Estate Club, Press Club. A GEORGE V. KARRAN B.S.C.E. Safety l-larbor Sigma Tau, A.S.C,E., Benton Engineering. -A' i HAROLD WARREN KELLEY B.S.E.E. Caryville Phi -Kappa Phi, A.l.E.E., Phi Eta Sigma, Benton Engineering. -k RAYMOND LAURENCE KENNEDY BAE. . St. Cloud Executive Council, '38, Debate Club. ,, 'M' . aes ,R .I I T . tl., 31x TON,- .M 1' -k JAMES D. KIRTLEY A.B. . Miami 7 EX at LELAND JOSEPH KITCHEN B.S. ' Ft. Myers Q I -CNS, - X ...N 'N Phi Eta Sigma, F.F.F., Freshman Executive S--6. Council A.S.C.E. Leigh Chemical Society 3 t . QA 46 ' Y if sl 1 1 1 7' President '38, . i if , ff 'FJ I Q. 5 T-,, ."'9-as-ng ,, A x M 1 I .1 --W. -L. f" ' W5,mkl, l 'NU GEORGE A. ISRAEL B SME. Tampa E N Junior lnterfraternity Conference, Sigma Tau Benton Engineering, A.S.M.E Florida Engineer ing, Chairman Military Boll Committee Sabres -lr VV. VV. JAC KSON BSE. Gainesville if I LLOYD L. JOHNSON B SBA. Largo President Junior Class, '37, Honor Court Sum mer Session, '37, Blue Key, Beta Alpha Psi M. S. O., President, '37, if LESTER FULLER KEENE B.S. St. Petersburg if KEITH VINCENT KELLY BS. Hopewell, Virginia E X A JETTON KING, JR. B.S.B.A. Tampa A T Q A JAMES NEAL KING B.S.E.E., with Honors Jacksonville ak THOMAS A. KLOOS B.S.A. Lakeland Agriculture Club, Newell Entomology Society Thyrsus. TOM KNOTTS j, . THEODORE FREDERICK KOCH Rifle TCODT, '36, B 5 B A J, ,, if ,SJ vt BME. YOnIReefOwn lx 4, J ' H. ClTiCOgO, Illinois Xl-I, 'T Sigrno Tou, Benfon Engineering, Benton Engi- Swimminri, '37, '3B, BQ, "E" Club, COnTrnerCe nearing Council' ASME" Cholrmcn' 35' Cliib, PrODel!Or Club, lnfromurol BOOTO, '38, ul' 'A' HOWELL STEWART KORR WALTER JOHN KROL BA- d BSA. l-lOme'steO FOVOMO A X A ATO, Coiiegmie EEA. if if A DA LA Y TRACY l-l, LAMAR, JR. "WN WD ND B A AB. pomgm PensoCOlO 'IP B A l. R C, if af lvl. K LANGBERG B Q B A THOMAS VERNON LEEEYRE Jensen BA' H K cb ST. Petersburg -k 'k WILLIAM M. LEMAN JOHN PATE LEMAN B 5 l,E. B S I,E, JOCksOnville JOCl:5Onville COVOllCFS. 'k ROBERT BERNARD LEONARD, JR B S B A. Et, Louderdole K E Bolo Alpno Psi, L'AOOCl1e, AIDITO KODDO 'k STANLEY BLJRT LEVITCH B S B A, Miami BeOClT 'I' E fi? Pnl KODDO Pnl, Belo Alpha Psi, BQTO Cuomrno 'i'rnO Orido PlO'ers irninole A 'J , El gy , 'Q L, '56, '37, f'iSSOClOlF? Editor '53, lnfrornurol Boord Mon- Oger, COrnmerCc Club ir JACK R, LTTCHE B S B A. SOrOsOtO H K KI' Propellor Club, Sigino TOLL Covoliers, S.A.M., Vice-President '38, Benton Engineering, Vice-President, '38 Pistol Teom, '36, if WTLLTAM J, LESEMAN, JR. B.S.C.E. Cureen Cove Springs Sigmo TOD, Benton Engineering Council ASCE. if FRED LEVIN B.A. JOCk5OnviIIe T E fl? A WALTER WYNES LTDDELL AB. Jocksonville B 9 IT "E" Club, swimming, '37, '38, '39, l'lARRY LEE LINDSEY B S.A.E. Geneva Honor Court, '38, Honor Court, Summer Ses- sion, '38, Gargoyle. ir KENDALL O. LLEwELLYN B SBA. Daytona Beach II K SIR Seminole, '37, '38, 39, Delta Sigma Phi, Cavaliers. 'Ir WILLARD CAVE MCCLELLAN A BE. Jacksonville X SID Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega 'A' BEN C. MCGAHEY BS B.A. Miami E A E Pirates Alpha Kappa Psi, "F" Club, Propellor Club, llrack, '36, '37, '38, Alternate Captain, 39. if JOSEPH J. MCLAUBHLIN BS. Pensacola Honor Court, '38, .Leigh Chemical Society, German Club, Newman Club. 'k ALECK F. MACDONALD B S Ch E. Clearwater Benton Engineering Council, A.E.Ch.E., Cava- liers, Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering, Sabres. 'A' CHARLES F. MARKS B S BA. Apalachicola II K 113 Beta Alpha Psi, Cilee Club. 'k VVILLIAM S. MAURER B S B A. Ft. Lauderdale K PI Beta Alpha Psi. CHARLES l-lARN l.lTTLEJ0l-lll A B. Clearwater II K A Bacchus, Band, '36, Zerriinole, '57, L'fi 'ir DwiaHT EDWARD LucAS B S A Bradenton A I' P Newell Entomological Society, Time ir JAMES DOYLE lVlCl:ARt-AltJD B 3 B A. DOytijinO B6'OCl'i I 119 E Glee Club, Florida PloyerS, President' Phi Epsilon Fraternity, lntertrati-rnity C ence, White FriarS, ir JoHti l-l, McKitSitiEy B S B A. Holopow Alpha l-Zappa PSi if DOUGLAS PEARCE lAVlCLAl,ILIlJ B B A. Mulberry A RAILEY WoopSou MAcEy, JP B A E. l-lomestead A JAMES MADISON MASTERS B S Phx Newport, lenneS-:et Il K A Mortar and PeStlE. it JAMES ELTON MAXWELL B S A Gretna A T A Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club Blocl and Bridle, ThxrSuS, Newell Entomological Sc I Tx DON F. MAY BSA. Quincy K A Baseball Manager, '38, Bacchus, Pirates, Win- ner, Open Bridge Tournament, '37, '38, '39 ir LEONARD P. MEARES AB. St, Petersburg Peabody Club. af ANGUS C. MERRITT B.S,E.E. Ciainesville A PAUL MIKLER B.A.E. Oviedo Baseball Numeral, Basketball Numeral, 'k B. CRAIG MILLS B.A.E. Plant City if JAMES WAYNE MITcHELL B.S,B.A. Mulberry 'k JOSEPH MARTIN MIZRAHI B SBA. Jacksonville T E 111 Alligator, '35, '36, '37, '38, '39, Seminole, '37: Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Glee Club, 37, lntertraternity Conference, '38, Intramural Publicity Manager, '38, Junior Class Advisory Council, '37, 'k H. E. MoREDOck, JR. B.S,B.A. Miami KA Tennis, '38, Alpha Kappa Psi, Colonels, L'Apache, Sabres, Junior lnterfraternity Con- ference. K 'IQ 4 .gen .2""T N :NJ ' fl . 1' 211' S 3 and V ' wa x 'S '12 li . .V ,, I nil? Y -nur .9 !' nl ...I EK X J? ,I JUDGE J. MAY B.A.J. Jacksonville vw. . Sigma Delta Chi. i Y 'A' SIDNEY WILLIAM MENDELSON B.S.B.A. Tallahassee T E fb Clerk, Honor Court, '38, Intramural Manager, '37, '38, '39, Alligator, '35, Seminole, '36, Blue Key, Undergraduate Director Intramurals, '38, Fraternity League Intramural Manager, '37, Gator Pep Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Treas- urer, '37, Vice-President, '38, Florida Players Young Democrats, I. R. C., Commerce Club A ROY E. MICHAEL BAE. Lake Worth Honor Court, '38. A LEON WEAvER MILLER B,s.A. Jay Baseball Numeral, '34, if JOHN FRANKLIN MILMINE B.s.A. Winter Haven Thyrsus, Band. A WILLIAM EUGENE MITCHELL B.A.J. Gainesville A T A Sigma Delta Chi. A A. FRASIER MOOTY AB. Winter Haven Press Club, Camera Club. if WILLIAM T. MORRIS B.S.B.A. Tampa E N Delta Sigma Pi, Cavaliers. ARTHUR CRAWFORD MOsLEY BSE. Panama City K E Presbyterian Student Session. A HENRY ROBERT MuELLEN B .5.E. Leesburg -A CLYDE MONROE MuLLis BS. Tampa 115K T A- WILLARD NORRIS B.C.E. Milton AS CE. A CARL BRADEN OPP B.A. Tampa 9 X Honor Court, '37, Florida Review, '35, '36, '37, '38, "F" Book, '38, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Florida lntercollegiate Press Association, Presi- dent, Freshman Executive Committee, '-35, Sophomore Executive Committee, '36, Junior- Senior Prom Committee, '37, Phi Eta Sigma, Gargoyle, President, Sigma Delta Psi White Friars Cavaliers Blue Key, 'A' DAN C. PADGETT B.S.A. Pahokee A.T.A., Collegiate F.F.A. 'k ALFRED B. PARKER B.S.Ae. Miami B 9 H Hall of Fame, lnterfraternity Conlterence. 'k FONIA R. PENNINGTON BSA. Leesburg II K KID Athletic Council, President, Football, '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball, '35, Baseball, '35, '36, '37, '38, Sabres, "F" Club. TT MAC M. MRuz . BS B A. X avr iii- hi utx' Del.OFld fi ,N if--F-f Newman Club, Propellor Club Q i . X , .- sf 4 'A' L. Q. AAULLINS BSE. .ff Ft. Myers A 'll Q "F" Club, Pirates, Football, '35, '37, 'lr ELROY J. NELSON cel- B,S.B.A. Lantana Business Manager Seminole, '39, Cavaliers Propellor Club. 'k TOM FREDERICK GATWAY B.A.E. Lake Worth Band. My A ALFRED JOSEPH ORMSTON B.S.M.E. St. Petersburg S. B 9 H AS ME. 4' ymwsrf. . L""-H., v m 1 Q A ALFRED B, PANKEN , --- My Jacksonville 11213 A 9 -Q, A JAMES F. PARRAMORE .tan vw' ' g. ,,F-' B.S.F. Q N, ' Tallahassee White Friars. FRANK WiLLlAAll PEPPER -r'- Tallahassee K A EARLE B. PETERSON BSA. Branford A SAM l-l. PHILLIPS vi l3,S.B.A. , 73' 42:2 u., Rf lit SmitlT,Arl4anSoS Q.. 5.'V 1 fDA9 A QTTIS LAMBERT PIPPEN BSA, Vernon A I7 P Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha, Collegiate F FA, Agriculture Club, Block and Bridle. 'k JAMES J. POLLARD BSB A. Miami Tennis, '36, '37, BB, 139, HP' ciub. T ALLEN Louis POUCHER B SB A. Wauchula V X .44 E-.ecutive Council, '37, Alligator, '35, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma, lnterfraternitv Conference, Junior-Senior Prom Committee, President Sigma Chi Fraternity, Commerce Club, Debating, '35, '36, '37, '38, Chairman Summer School Constitution Committee A JOHN RANDOLPH PREER BS. DeLand Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Sigma, President, '38, Band, Orchestra, A WILLIAM E RADFORD BS. Orlando :lr BERNARD D. RAWLS B S.B,A. Miami A T A Alligator, '35, WILLIAM l-l. PETTY, JR. B.S.l3.A. Jacksonville X112 Seminole, '36, Delta Sigma Pi, White Friars, Propellor Club, YMCA. ir CARROLL D. PIPES B SBA. lvliami Alpha Kappa Psi, A CARROL ALTON PLATT BSA. Summerfield A X Collegiate F.F.A., Alpha Tau Alpha. A JOHN CLYDE PORT AB. Pittsburgh K E 'k BENTON T. PRATHER B.S.Phy. St. Petersburg f , ROBERT ANDREW QuIxLEY BSB A. Mount Dora "F" Club, Commerce Club, Propellor Club, Cavaliers, Freshman Swimming, '35, Varsity Swimming, '36, '37, '38 ar WATSON RAMSAY B.A.E. Jacksonville II K A Athletic Council, Football, '35, '36, '37, '38, Athletic Council, "F" Club. 'k RICHARD EVERETT RAYMOND B,S.E.E. St. Petersburg SIP K T Track, '38, Sabres, A.l.E.E., Florida Engineering, GEORGE EDWARD REMP B.S.M E. Miami Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Benton Engineering, A S ME. 'A' JAMES S. REYNOLDS B S. Crescent City Phi Eta Sigma, Cavaliers 'k M. JANET RIDENOLJR BS Phy. K E Rho Chi. 'A' HAROLD l-l. ROBERTS B S A. Bartow F F A, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha 'A' JACK R. ROBINSON B SB A. Orlando HK A Pirates, Glee Club, Alligator, '36 'A' CHARLES ROMAN, JR. BS. Miami Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. ir DANIEL FRANCIS ROORS B.A.E. Inverness Peabody Club 'lr JACK C. RUSSELL BSA. Sanford Newell Entomology Society, Cavaliers. M . K . 4 1 . ,Q f . Sb f' test l sf 'V 372' . -N """ A A A in J uw ,- L ,,.f-uf, we-'rf f Q1 Q W . . K 5.5! j R 'Q J , is f f CHARLES GlLLlLAllD RENEEO A in ,Q B'L.I.E. ' , V -l-Orripfl Il X fr' ,V -5 BOCClllif,, ',i1rfirli'it, B' Fliufi Er gint frir ,N f- H , X Q Faulticill, 'dl if -5, V . l-luaii EGBEPT RHODES G, ' ' N' Q ' B -. A Jdcl iiiinyllle 1 as ' Fllflglf, Cl1ilJ, A' PO , BCll'i"l 'A' ,. fi l CL hs Q, Ww- F. W. RIVERS BSBA. Jacl sonville II KID Sabres 'k HENRY ELMO ROl3lllSCJlXl BSBA. West Palm Beach A T Q Baseball, '37, '38, Caotain, '3Q, l.'AOache Presldent, '39, President Aloha Tau Omela Fraternity, '3Q, Bacchus, "F" Club, Prooellcr Club, Young Democrats, FFF., lntertraternit,' 'A Conference,"3'3, Who's Who ,. A A ,,,,,. A RicHARD Cox RODGEPS .W BS- 3 uf ,+ C Tampa 'ggi' 5: Y . "'i' ' Debate Club, Freshman Debating. dl- I GEORGE l-l. ROOD B A J. , svn 494 'V New Smyrna Beach -P A II K fi' , J Seminole, '37, '38, Sports Editor, '39, Alligator, V? '36, '37, '35, Bacchus, Cavaliers, Band, Orches- ,l kms tra, Press Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Freshman Tennis, Fourth Estate Club, l. R, C. 'S 'k REOINALD Fl. Ross 91 xc , B A L: Vy'illlSt-Jn A Il it Ab 'A' ."'Z"a .,' W 'V DAyiD S. SAFFY B.S.B.A. 'sf' f ,Lk Jacksonville Beta Alpha Psi. RAYMOND G. SAGE B.S.F. Jacksonville K E Forestry Club. ir lRyIisIa SCHINDLER B SB A. Miami Beta Gamma Sigma. 'A' E EUGENE SEGO B s Rriy. Williston 'A' CHARLES SIERRA B.A.E. Tampa Los Picaros. 'A' GEORGE l.. SIMONSON A B. St. Petersburg l-lonor Court, '37, Hall of Fame, Secretary- Treasurer, Student Body, '38, Blue Key, Glee Club, '35, '36, '37, Debating, '35, '36, '37' Phi Eta sigma, sobres, YMCA, Alligator, BG. af J. B. SMITH B.S.A.E. St. Petersburg Gargoyle. 'k JOLIAN V. SMITH B S B A. Tallahassee K A Bacchus, Pirates, Winner Open Bridge Tourna- ment, '38, '39, I 'k ROBERT EyERETT SMITH BA I. Tampa Secretary-Treasurer, Student Body, Summer Session, '33, Sigma Delta Chi, Gator Pep Club. l 1,3 . nf lf' I B393 mm . 1. .Oy if S.,- We X, 5 up L -A :' ,fi- . .. .- 3, 'N "Fl 'i ,IMI K '-.' A-. I K dy 1' , X' XRD '-RQJR' ' A ..,, Q ' .I-4' ,-1 A l . CNN' Ui-nn-an-V .Iii f 'l ,. 53 , - v --f' E, 'fx ' 5' Q ll Y I I JOHN WILLIAM SCHAUB B.S.B.A. Tampa -A- ROLAND SCHINDLER B.S.B.A. Miami Boxing, '36, '37, '38, Football, '35, '36, Alli- gator, '35, '36, Florida Players, "F" Club. 'k JOHN SEABON SHIPP, JR. BSE. Greenville, Georgia 'lr THEODORE R. SIMONS A.B. Miami Glee Club, YMCA, l. RC., Fine Arts Society. if l-lOI4E SMITH B.S.B.A. Jacksonville Executive Council, '38, Rifle Team, '35, '36, Phi Eta Sigma, Florida Rifles, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi. 'k J. E. SMITH l3.S.A.E. Bradenton Collegiate F.F.A. if LAWRENCE S. SMITH B.A. Washington, D. C. A T Q Blue Key, Executive Council, '38, Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer, '36, YMCA, Presi- dent, '38 Secretary, '36, Varsity Debate, '38, General College Debate, '37, Delegate National Conference of Student Christian Associations, '37, Delegate Southern Student Conference, '36, F.F.F. Club President, '35, Gator Pep Club, Cavaliers' Alligator, '37, Freshman Week Group Leader, '36. if WALTER A. SMITH BA. Jacksonville Louis F. SNETMAN BA. , 199 , Miami 'ID B A Blue Key, Hall of Fame, Debate Club, Presi- dent, '38, Phi Eta Sigma, Debate Team, '36, '38, '39, it JAMES E. STEARNS BSE. West Palm Beach Los Picaros, Peabody Club, Pistol Team. if JOHN Ruifus STEWART BA. Milton BQII 'k JACOB FREDERICK STRAIGHT Bs. Miami Alpha Epsilon Delta. Tk MEYER LOUIS SUGARMAN, JR. B.S. Pensacola Glee Club, l.R. C., Florida Players, Freshman ,, Debating, Leigh Chemical Society. ir BENJAMIN SWEETING BAE, West Palm Beach -A ROBERT Fl. TERRY AB. Miami K E Benton Engineering, S. A. M. is JOHN QUINTEN TILGHMAN B.S.A. Miami Alpha Zeta, Newell Entomological Society, Agriculture Club, Thyrsus. 1 qi . 5.5, ... 'il is A . , -04, ' 1 A... R , TIX- . ft qui I L, .f ' 3 ' fx ' ,qu-Y' , "Ln n 4 -bt. ns. 'KTA A x ALBERT W, SRILLER BSME, St, Augustine Rifle Team, '35, '36, '37 '38, Manager, '36 '38, lnter-Collegiate Rifle Champion, '37 Florida Rifles, ASME, Benton Engineering if JOE JOHNSON STEPHENS AB. Bartow A T Q Honor Court, Summer Session, '38, lnterfrater- nity Conference, '37, Football Numeral, Base- ball Numeral, Intramural Wrestling Champion '37, +1 l-l. P STOCKWELL BME. Eustis A S M E., Benton Engineering af FRED A. STRANGE BSE. Concord ir FRANKLIN W. SWANN B A. Lakeland fb K T Lyceum Council, '38, Seminole, '38, "F" Book '37, Glee Club, Business Manager, '37, Young Democrats. ir JAMES FRANCIS TAYLOR B.S.Phy. Punta Gorda Mortar and Pestle. 'A' CHARLES W. THOMAS B s ciw E. Miami i' THOMAS K, TODSEN BS. St Petersburg Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. JAMES lDHlLLlP TOFFALETI B SA. Port Tampa City A I' P Afpha Zeta, Newell Entomological Society, Agriculture Club, Thyrsus, sk l'lARVE EVERETT TRUSKETT A B. Gainesville l R C, Phi Eta Sigma. -A- GILBERT ANDREW TUci4ER BS A, Bunnell A 1' P Back and Bridle Club, Agriculture Club, Exec- utive Council, Sabres. A REUBEN ELLIS TURNER B AE, Gainesville if WILLIS JAMES VAN ARSDALL BSE. Winter l-laven if HARvEY BURT VAN SLYKE BS Phy. Tampa Mortar and Pestle. af JOHN BENTON WALLAcE BA. Tampo E X Alligator, '35, YMCA, Band, Glee Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Debate Club, FFF. ir JOHN CURTIS WARREN B SE. Dunnellon B 9 H White Friars. JOHN L. TRAiNA BS Ch E, Tampa A,l,Ch.E. Benton Engineering, Leigh Chemical Society, S, O. ir JOHN lvl. TUBES B.S,l.Ei Orlando A X Benton Engineering, Benton Engineering Coun- cil, S. A, M,, President, '39, B S. U,, President, '38, '39, Band, Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Psi, A CLYDE lVllLTON TURNER B.s.c.E. St Petersburg if W. DEITH LJLMER BSA Largo Collegiate F.F.Ai, Florida College Farmer, Alpha Tau Alpha, Thyrsus. af ToM BYRD VAN BRUNT BAE, Tallahassee E N Executive Council, '37, Junior Class Advisory Council, '37, Glee Club, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alligator, '35, '36, Debate Club. -A ALEXANDER COURBIS VUILLEMIN AB. West Palm Beach l. R, C. A WALDo W. WALLACE, JR. BSBA. Panama City Honor Court, '38, Beta Gamma Sigma, Glee Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Session Elder, A JAMES lVlANLEY WEAVER BS. Leesburg Intramural Board, '37. l PSI. l'lARRY WEINTRAUB GRAHAM PATTESON WEISIOER, JR. B.S.Phy. T I3 A I, Kev W95l I lg 4 Doyfono Beofh +I- , 33 A E ' Allioolor, '35, '56, 3QrrIInOlL, 'i--1, Flonclo . Ployers, i' GEORGE W. WELLS ROGER MOORE XNERIIICILE BME, I3 3 A Plflnf GTV Pengocolo if if ji MAYNARD Z. WERTZ Ig! DALE Vl FST LOl4e Worth ,. 'A lVl'O'P' Peobody Club. A X A 'k ak ADRMN I-IEWETT WHITCOMS Q V. ELLIOT WHITEHuR5T, JR. I3.M.E. 5' ' . Q B 5 A X A WllllSlClW AISMIE. I N x ,Is Agnculfure Club, Blocl-1 ond Bndlc. ,k ar lDuS QUENTIN WICRER B.S.B.A. WILLIAM F. WHITMAN Mmm, BSB A. R . 'R ' , W V , up H IL KID Mmm' Beach I L' Choncellor Honor Courl, Summer SGSSlOlT, '33, 211113 - 'A' WOODROW W. WILRINS q 5 D 5.5 A. 'JH 1 Pensocolo 'Y' Phi Elo Sigmo, Pirofes, Glee Club, Belo Alpho RICHARD G. WILLIAMS BSA. Golneswl le l XCR V SGCFQTOVV-TFQOSLITEF SenIor Closs, '38, Bacchus, EE Delto SIQmO PI, lntromurol Boord, Gonvrol ' College Debofe Squod, Vorsmf Dobohng, Gin- erol Arts Club, VICQ-PYGSIGCUT. 'A' KM F' kuin FREDERICK l-l. WILLIAMS bb 5: llz ' B S C E , A Sonford s. -. 'TN A T SZ Bcnlon EnginDCrInQ COIIDQII, ASC IIIIIO- murol Monouor Froternm LDOIYILIO '35 I "" Sv i' ' EDWARD C. WILLIAMSON f' B A. ' 'G Atlonhc Beoch X' K E FMTCIIIIVC Council, '33, Trurl 97, to CFOSS-COl.ll'IlFX', '38, lloooo PIII lxopoo, PII Elo SIIJVDO, "F" Club, PrODQ-lor Ciub, ICllf'l'CS JOHN DURHAM WING, JR. BA Winter Pork cb K T Interfrofermfy Conference, President, Phi Koppo Tau, '39. I3 'A' FRED HENRY WINSTON t BSBA. is GOIIWGSL Il IQ WILEREO WILLY WoLEsoN B.S.Phy. Lakeland T E fb Mortar and Pestle, Leigh Chemical Society. 'k GUY DARRAcoTT Wooo, JR. B.A.J. Jacksonville H K KI' ir THOMAS HUNTER WOODBERY B,S.B.A, Tampa E N White Friors, Propellor Club. 'A' DON McLARTY WRIGHT BS. Lynn l-laven Rifle Team, '36, '37, '38, Presbyterian Student Session. 'A' MIEAs T. VVYNNE B SBA. Eustis II K fIP A JAMES PAT YOUNG B.S.l.E. Gainesville I -H. nw f is 1 an , R , W s- x X B Q Q. V gi gs' SF .. i ' Q51 ljzh Blix N,:K'ws xl X l ix .. X Q ' 'T' ,ml l ,. 1 T -3 . .V . kb , Q Xie X . i n -. -...Q , imfkd vt 535, if 'T I in-.-F 70" V '.,... as so RA, . LAWRENCE WOLPERT BA, Miami CIP B A -V- RICHARD COLLINS WOODBERY B.F.A. Orlando fb A 9 Florida Review, '37, Gargoyle Society, Fine Arts Society, I. R. C. ir ROBERT MANcE WORKMAN B.s.Es.A. St. Petersburg A T Q if RIcHARo O. WRIGHT B.S,Ch.E, Montgomery, Alabama Sigma Tau, AE,Ch E., Phi Eta Sigma, Engineering. 4 YsHII4AzU W. YANIAUCHI B.M,E. Miami Beach A,S,M.E. 4 KARI. EDWIN ZINI4 BA. Jacksonville English Club. Benton feiif W Q3-,K '. V, WRC WH f' 'Q 1, '- 64 f N BUTT, JP ,,.....A. .... I3 residerwf RICI-IAPD JI fxmomsom . . . . . Vice-President DAVID AVANT . . Secretory-Treosurer JUTIICJR OFFICERS ir JUNIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE CQUIXICIL nz ABRAMS. M. Phi Beta Delta Gainesville ACOSTA. ST. E. W.. JR. Jacksonville ALBRECHT. J. R. Jacksonville ALBRIGHT. E. W. Pi Kappa Alpha Weirsdale ANDEHSON. M. L. Theta Kappa Nu Odessa ANDERSON. 0. E. Englewood ARMSTRONG. P. R. St. Augustine ARTHU R, J. P. Bradenton ATKINSON. W. H. Umatilla AUSTIN. M. H. Kappa Sigma Miami BAGULEY. C. H.. JR. Delta Sigma Phi DeLand BAILEY. F. E. East Palatka BARTLETT. B. Pi Kappa Alpha Orlando BEACH. B. M. Daytona Beach BEDWELL. M. D.. JR. Phi Delta Theta Ft. Smith, Ark. BENJAMIN. F. Sanford BERRY. J. L. Delta Chi Tallahassee BETTIS. R. W. Sigma Nu Tampa QW? sf Wa. -'Lt mph ,gt 93-'Y 4 I EN ,ly P 'za . an ,Q 1 QF :L "' . . 1 ,.s c ,ff A D.-:: W arf -if fd' ?7 'US ,sl 1 J sl 'T' if W ji? L 1 '- 'wnl' 54 if' ug. 32 -uv al 22 x "" R B .ge W. f Z-fl" 3' as vt y if g 'gl'-L' l il" ' v-"9 'Huw had alf- -2 ' . fir' -sw' A -. ..,.. ' Par. , L, 4 ' ' iii 4 f ex, , . At. ' 1.. it .'Q. 3 Q . 1 ' ae.. ., ,fx 4 M 34.2 ' Q7 J . ,, .2 'R ,x....,....a.s.-ins.. 3' Glenv- Q' .fr 'Hier , ,V . ff! 'K gt A Q 113 ...A P -K M'-. N , 'Ui .of 5 K A A, lill . .. fix 'LB' ADAMS. J. F. Quincy ADELSON. B. H. Tan Epsilon Plzi Tampa ALLEN. W. H.. JR. Pinetta ALVAREZ. J. C. Tampa ANDERSON. R. J. St. Petersburg APPLEYARD. T. Pl1iDclta Tlzela Tallahassee ASH. P. B. Cl1iPl1i Ft. Lauderdale ASKEW. B. E. Cl1iPl11' Gainesville AVANT. D. A. Mt. Pleasant BADGER. W. E. Hastings BARLEY. R. J. Pi Dclta Sigma Orlando BARKEH. W. T.. JR. Delta Sigma Plzz' Glen St. Mary BEAUCHAMP, W. A. Winter Haven BEDELL. N. Phi Dclta Tlzela Jacksonville BENNETT. M. M. Phi Dvlta Theta St. Petersburg BERK. S. Jacksonville BEYIS. B. Bascom BEWAN. J. W. Alpha Gamma Rho Miami x ,- f i"'l l ...Al . , pr. x P .- i " - T i Afxii I 'A .eh BIGGS. H. K. Barberville BINGHAM. B. G. Pensacola BUOTE. A.. JR. Pi Kaffa l'l11 Jacksonville BOYD, C. T. l'1 Kaf'f'a1.'llf'lm Jacksonville BRACKIN. C. 0. Munson BRADLEY. J. R. BFYG Tflvfll Pl' Sweetwater. Tenn. BRAKE. M. O. New Port Richey BRAWNER. D. C. .ellfllu Yan Omrgu Pensacola BRIDGES. S. S. Blountstown BROOKE. D. L. Seville BRYANT. L. A., JR. P1 Kaffa .-llfihu Orlando BUCK. D. E. St. Augustine BURKHOLDER. R.. JR. Altamonte Springs BU RNS. T. M.. JR. .Sigma Phi Efvsilnn Lake Worth CACCIATORE. A. D. Tampa CAMPBELL. J. H. Quincy CAREY. C. I. St. Petersburg CARTER. F. Tallahassee i 61' 69 ....,- . 'la 3' 8 A 'Bi ff f" f' ug, , EL as iffy ,M X 'SF ' W' . sig. . .jf eg , , Sxswi -1 5 , 3. I ff . -J .... 1 ' Jltg s X Q., ,Mx x if ,me . ?4g.fe:??fz ,9+.e . ,, ' . 55 f I T I ,Aff . mi! .iffff . f 5 1 .en we .- . .. 4 ii A be aj' I . . . 5 4 Y ,,, 1 , -A..-p,'..4. Z 4'-'Fil I - Q A , Q T, x .ae , 1.55.-I.: 2 L pew A. .A-' l a .mf " L 1' -N Q -Wk I 'V' -,fr iff-P N-ff: if -.. X , Q' -sl W gl, 'pil . .by Jr, lf-A, 9 . AL 'I 52. 'i f ? BLACK. L. L. Gainesville BLACKBURN. W. W. .Yfyllllil Nu Miami B020 RTH. C. L. Gainesville BRACKETT. A. F. .ellfhn 'lan Omrga West Palm Beach BRAGDON. K. P. .illfilru fzvllllllllfl Rho Winter Haven BRAGG. B. W. l7l'1fl1 .Wgllllzi Phi Alachua BRESLER. E. H. Pensacola BRICE. .l. R. .Sigma Chi Gainesville BROWN. H. B. Phi Urlid Thffrl St. Augustine BROWN. E. Jacksonville BUCK. F. A. St. Augustlrc BUNKLEY. J. W. Bushnell BYRNES, G. M. Phi Delta Theta St. Petersburg BYRUM. A. S. West Palm Beach CAMPBELL. J. T. St. Petersburg CANTRELL. F. H. .Siguza .11 lpha Epsilon Eustis CARTER, W. 0. Bagdad CASEY. I. S. Winter Haven CASTI LLANO. C. Tampa CATHRAE. W. F. PiKa,bfr1.4IpI:a Eustis CHILES. S. H. Orlando CHILDRESS, J. C. Plant City CLAUS. H. P. Sigma Chi Miami Beach CLEGHORN. E. Bda Tlmta Pi Reading. Penn. COBB. E. N.. JR. Leesburg COCHHAN. D.. JR. PiKaff'a.f1Ifl1a Clearwater COFFIN. D. P.. JR. Jacksonville COHEN. H. J. Miami Beach CONRAD. W. E. Tavares C00 K E. L. E. Sarasota CREVELING. C. J. Miami CROFTON. C. C. Tampa GRABTREE. J. M. Alflza Tau Omega West Palm Beach CROSSON. H. Jacksonville CURTIS. G. D.. JR. Sigma Alpha Efvsilmz Tampa CUSHMAN, F. Fl. Delta Tau Delta Miami ur -ar-Q il? ,iv-A view' 'J' 31" w..-f" 1 9, , , if: wrt? . R x uv ' - ' ' ga-W 4-M T. my A .:,'. 'er P W x .Q . .., .. Sf. 5. Wife. R ,,,,, Q, A 3 uv '--rv. a f, f ..,- . .u f 'QL " 4, . , Q S M 1 4 ,ty if ,gf 7 .- ,A .3 .... ,sn Mir .K Q-M ' 5. -r Z, ' www h . V ' If .ie-njsf ' . f fizf . . A f fi .rv I,-, s- if 'D """ f QNHKXX4, '-Pztf' . W . 1 . ,Q 4, '1.f'gA. nf' ...nv 'L'- 4-w 3 'wi g.-WL . , exlgiwn CHAMBERLIN. W. Sl. Cloud CHAPPELL. F. C. Manatee CLARK. F. J. Alachua CLARK. H. R. Coconut Grove CLEMENS. J. C. Wauchula COBB. C. C. Milton CODY. R. W.. JR. Bunnell CODY. R. S. ..7. L lu 1' liz Frostproof COLEMAN. J. 0. Dade City CONKLING. V. B. Titusvllie COTTLE. B. J.. JR. West Palm Beach COWDEN. B. B. St. Cloud COTTRELL. J. D. Alflza Tau Omcga Leesburg COWLES. F. L. Sigma Nu Tampa CUBILLAS. L. M. Miami CURTIS. D. C. Hastings CUSHMAN. R. A. Delia Tun Delta Miami CUSHING. W. R. Gainesville G. 'Gif' mrs. K T'f.lC"'Y"W va .1 e-i, K 5 fr ., L... V i t K DALE. W. H. Miami DALTON, P. E. Vernon DAVIS. A. Girardot, Columhia DAVIS. G. S.. JR. Leesburg DBVANT, F. C. Pi Kappa Phi Mi3ITli DEXTER. W.. JR. Gainesville DOBYNS, R. S. Sigma Chi Jacksonville DODD.. J. B. Phi Delta Thcta St. Petersburg DUNLAP. D. F. S iqma Alpha Epsilon Jacksonville DUNN. W. S. Sigma F1ziEf.vilm1 Daytona Beach EGGERS. S. A. Pinellas Park EIDGE. F. D.. JR. St. Petersburg ELY. R. L.. JR. Sigma N11 Mlami EMBRY. V. M. Kafflfa Alpha Quincy ERWIN, C. R. Winter Haven EUBANKS. J. D. Beta Theta Pi' St. Petersburg EVANS. R. P. Phi Kappa Tau Dade City EVERETT, C. A. Kafvfia Sigma Chipley ,a+"" .' S ,M -'R' 'mm Q' If W -f .1 f f ' li V .X ' is i XX e .. .. 19: ,cfs ',n+ if . age , N ,f Ars X i wel ff " "J el in " 7 1 . -agp - . ,ms ' af -...fir ,X fa.. Q- ,Xl an 7 37' , . 1 'ul - sd , -,X .5 -X. .Q -.rv ' sf Qi. 5 an -as Q -Q ec: rn ' ...ann .41 ,v I or- 19 N1 ,A sf' lf .3 Q. . 'YA 1 .K x Wan.. .7 h 1 X U a N . I V fig.. I K1 if , W. . ,l. tf if .'.:sI.'5' DASHER. J. B. Mlami DAVID. W. Jacksonville DAVIS. J. Sigma P1Il'EPSilUl1 Gainesville DEAN. R. E.. JR. Delta Sigma Phi Gainesville DILLARD. G. V. Lakeland DOBARGANES. R. M Jacksonville DORN. R. W.. JR. Coral Gables DUNBAR. U. F. Sigma Phi' Iijkrilon Tampa EARL. M. H. Sigma Chi St. Petersburg EGGART. J. P. Pensacola ELLIS. C. H.. JR. Alpha Tau Omega West Palm Beach ELLIS. R. B. Mlami EMMANUEL. P. G. Pensacola EPPES. F. J. Tallahassee EVANS. A. B. Orlando EVANS. J. G. Jacksonville EWING. W. T.. JR. Orlando FISHER. F. J. Pi Kappa Phi Pittsburgh. Penn. FISK. P. H. Orlando FLEMING. W. T. Pi Kappa Alpha Pensacola FOGARTY. D. B. Jacksonville FREDRlCKS.1. M. Homestead FROHOCK. K. S. St. Petersburg FROMME. H. F. Sigma Alpha Ep.v1'luu Jacksonville GARCES. 0. S. Havana. Cuba GARDNER. G. W. Sigma Phi Efs1'1m1 Lutz GAY. W. W.. JR. St. Petersburg GAYLORD. R. W. Tampa GILLIAM. R. W. Ft. Myers GODMAN. R. R. Miami GRAY. J. H. Tallahassee GREEN. A. F. Madison GREGORIE. J. B.. JR. Sigma Nu Miaml Beach GRIFFITH. W. B. St. Petersburg GUTHRIE. T. H. Tarpon Springs GUY. H. A. Hampton vill- I 2 ,..-4 ffsiomg , Q , ns. "' ' . ,pa fU '41 ' -If .2 ,--Q ,- vw ....--R. ,wk .1-H-f -.f -I , fx ,.. , gnalf' V .i ,. Q ,.1,!g5.fY9 A ,, f' Q T' 1, w f W .fi-21141: .im ,I v X X , ' 3: " -s.. ' vw ' , ' . xp - ig. . el' xv . f :W V ' ' ' .. , ,. i fm 3 if Jn- he 'N' 'R ' ig, if H so I V12 ' f-ij' aff or ,f ,. ,. Th 'Q Q' . iw JK, U? 6 5 cr I "T M "Q, ' W -f l- ,qw ' 5...z .. , 549.Ifife.. If' . .,,,, 4 " ' , ..., 'if is ff' As J, .1 pv- . 'W' ...swf wan: .4 nf 'R i wa .P Q, ' xv nal? .3 -X, 6 ur' 141 L X A . 1' .L NPO.-s i..SIss' , 41. V , ' M-fd 95 " . .M 5 m i.. -- ,5 1. ' . , V ,xx 1. 6 , ,, 1' P,-,ag 01' .y X, :L XS wr "L" if FLETCHER. W. S. Bartow FLOYD. R. W. Gainesville FRIEDLAND. M. S. Maitland FRINK. R. L.. JR. I'z1fuPpdAlpl1u Jacksonville FULLER. E. P. W. Gainesville FULLER. W. E. .Xiiluzu Pl1iEpsz'Ion Coconut Grove GARLAND. J. E. Bula Theta PI Lakeland GASKIN. T. A. Phi Uclfd Tllclu Birmingham. Ala. GERGLEY. A. Gainesville GIBBS. W. W. PL Kappa .-llplzu Gainesville GOODING. H. E. Theta Kappa Nu West Palm Beach GRAHAM. H. H. Sigma .-llplza Epsiluiz Naranja GREENFIELD. A. M. Pl1iBeta Dalia Miami Beach GREER. H. W. Howey in the Hills GRISSETT, B. I. Tallahassee GUERNSEY.1. S. nllflm Tau OPliL'gl1 Orlando HAEGER. J. S. Miami HAGADORN. DQL. .-Ilfflza Tau Omrgla Tampa """"?F 3 W1 i A .Yi X is i Y il 3 s '- S ', l . 'ff 'Qs L. W ' A 'JIC1 K 'uw .1 t .Ulu f, HAGGERTY, M. B. Miami HALE, M. A. f71'It11 .N15111111 PI11' Tampa HAMILTON. J. W. N11111111 .'1If'1lLl1?f'.Vll1'll Jacksonville HAMILTON. L. M. Jasper HARDWICK. 1. Q. ,S1'l1u111 Plllk l1f'XlI1Ull Daytona Beach HARPER, W. B. Jacksonville HASSETT. B. C.. JR. Pfll L71'ffll Illl'fll Coral Gables HATTAWAY, J. D. 11111411 L-111' Tampa HEDRICK, D. W. .-llflul 11111 U1111'1111 Jacksonville HEEKlN.1. F. Jacksonville HENKEL, C. L. Miami HENNESSY. J. F. Sl. Petersburu HEUBERGER. N. J. Pl11b'1'tu1M'lt11 Center Hill HEY. J. A. Foley HIGGS. A. B. .qllfllu 11.111111111161111 Sanford HINES, W. F. Gainesville HOBBS, G. J. l'1'I!u.S1'1111111 Flu' Tallahassee HOBBS. H. llrlm 511111111 PIII. Gainesville 2 .. ji.. .. ,. if SRX 14 XE. ' -J' A xx ,4 -4' f' ,N-nlf. . -3 -1 '55 .... Gm- s... NI --.wo . an ff wk -in -s. ff vl -,f Y '31'-:If Q "CF" 'sd' ,..dv HALLAM. T. B. Davenport HAMILTON. J. G. Jasper HAMRICK. C. M.. JR. Sebring HANNON. F. W. Woodville HART. P. P. Sigma PIII- ljp.v1'Iu11 Ormond Beach HASENCAMP. J. R. 1'1lx'uN111 nllplra Clearwater HAWKINS. H. M. Lake Worth HAY. G. T.. Ill 511111111 .'-llphu lif1.v1'I1111 Maplewood HENDERSON. W. B.. JR. S111 mu .Yu Tampa HENDRY. 0. L. Gainesville HENNINGTON. J. F. Tampa HERRING. W. K. Pi Ilrlta Sz'gn111 Mlami HICKS. L. MCD.. JR. Bradenlon HIERS. C. W. .YI-fllllll .llfihu lff1.vi11111 Miami HIRSHBERG. S. F. P111 Hola Dvllu Jacksonville HOBBINS. J. MCA. Kappa Sigma Orlando HOFFMAN. W. Pensacola HOGUE. E. W. West Palm Beach HOPE. M. E. New Port Richey HOWE. E. W. Pilfappa l'11i Williston HOWELL. 1.1. Lunzlvda Chi .-Ilplla Miami INGLIS. R. B. .-llplia Tau Ullli'3!lI Jacksonville JACOBS. A. Tau Epxilnn PIII' St. Petersburg JAMISON. J. C. Miami JONES. A. D. Phi Delta Tlwfcl Gainesville JONES. F. G., JR. Phi Kappa Tau Jacksonville JONES. S. L., JR. PI1iKappa Tau Lake City JONES. T. H.. JR. Kappa .-llplia Arcadia KAY, H. J. Phi Bcta Dalia Miami Beach KELLEY. C. M. Quincy KIME. R. C. nllplzu Gamma lfllu Orlando KING. E. H. Delta .Sigma Phi East Hampton. N. Y. KIRKLAND. E. R.. JR. Tampa KLUEPPELBERG. E. H. Signza Pl11'Epxi'lUn Ft. Pierce KOKOMDOR, M. L. Gainesville KOSINSZKI. E. J. Fords. N. J. ii' 55. 5, V 42' p 1 F 'Q' X Z . es f is r W .I it 4' .r , We 'N We-V Q ev. f...,, -ki -AWK I 9 52133512 f 71-2i1'I'17:"1ii'ff. V. . f.. Ar ai' 3 : A -A ".i4fg-.5-fir?-1 . HOWE. H. V. Kappu.S'1'gnza West Palm Beach HOWE. J. E. Miami IRWIN. H. C. .Siguza xllplzu Iipxilun Jacksonville JACKSON. G. IJIII Llvilu Tflrlil St. Augustine JENKINS. L. W. Panama City JETTON, B. F. Alpha Tun fjHIe'fld Tampa JONES, G. L. lx uppu Siguiu Vero Beach JONES. H. T. Ft. Lauderdale JONES. W. W. Lakeland JORDAN. P. T.. JR. Tampa KENNEDY. R. L. Malone KENNER. W. E. Ocala KINZER. J. M. Wahasso KIRBY. W. B. 1'1' lx'uf'f'u .-Ilpllu Bradenton KNIGHT. E. B. Brfu Yllctd Pi Jacksonville KOCH. W. A.. ll Chicago. Ill. KUMMER. H. 1. .xlgjllld PII 14 I1 pyzvlun Palatka LANCASTER, O.. JR. .Vi Kappa .-llplm Daytona Beach LANDY. A. D. Phi Beta Delta Pensacola LASSITER. C. B. Sigma Chi Gainesville LEE. J. H. Lake Butler LEONARD. T. Phi Delta Theta St. Petersburg LEWIS. J. D. Alpha Tau Omega Tallahassee LIFSEY. J. H. Sigma Alpha Epsilan Mlami Beach LISK. P. F.. JR. Fort McCoy LITTLE. H. D. Odessa LOGAN. H. C. Alpha Tau Omvga Lakeland LOGAN. R. F. Kappa Sigma St. Petersburg LUSTGARTEN. D. Moscow, U. S. S. R. McCALL. J. V., JR. PiKappaAlpha Jennings McCORMICK.1. C.. JR Ft. White McCULLER. L. P. Sanford MCGEE. L. H. Dclta Sigma Phi Lake Worth MCGLASSON. M. Phi Kappa Tau East Orange, N. J. MCINTOSH. C. A. PhiKappa Tau Dade Clty McLeod. J. D. Sigma Chi Aucilla . Q A 3 L xi P Y' ":" ' " ' fr' Q '- . ' ,rv- . r L xl' ' su. , M3 4 x ' .Jr , Yr' -H' 3 AI fe- ," 1 ., L 9 V av l -4 -' sm' Q " ' A .1 5 in-...- m-535 H ,, . 4 ,us-'Wt A -al 40 can Y ,,.v- .Q 4 . ol , '-Qu I 1 4 J Q T F- xr-1 M. 4 t af- . 7.2 wt., . 3, 'Q gd 2 ' HQ... llfxs TAR 'x 'X Ll. -Tx LATOUR. M. H. Miami Beach LAWRENCE. L. S. Monticello LEVIS. W. W.. JR. Ocala LEWIS. A. M. Sigma N14 Panama City LIGHTBOWN. L. E. Sigma Alpha Epsila n Lake Worth LIPSITZ. M. L. Tan Epsilon Ph 1' Miami LOCKE. R. C. St. Petersburg LOCKLIN. R. M. Munson LORISH. H. H. Chi Phi Hot Springs, Ark. LOVEJOY. G. B. Kappa Alpha Jacksonville McCall, M. W. Brewton. Ala. McCANN. R. J. ChiPhi Ft. Lauderdale McDONALD. M. Alpha Tau Omega West Palm Beach McDOWALL. C. D. Gainesville McG LYNN. T. F. Tampa McGURN. M. T. Beta Theta Pi Daytona Beach McLANE. W. A. Phi Delta Theta Gainesville McPHERSON. A. Stuart MCRAE, R. J. Alpha Tau Omega Jacksonville MADILL. L. H. Kappa Sigma Dade City MANSON. P. C. Phi Delta Theta Jacksonville MANTELL. M. I. Miami Beach MAY. D. F. Kappa Alpha Quincy MELA. H.. JR. Plant City MERRILL. P. LaR. Homestead MERRITT. L. M. Sigma Nu Pensacola MILLICAN, G. Fernandlna MINER. W. E. Theta Chi Apopka MIXSON, J. G. Phi' Delta Theta Tampa MONAHAN. J. F.. JR. Ft. Lauderdale MOORE. H. B. Jacksonville MOORE, J. Lake City MOORE. W. E.. JR. Baker MORIARTY. V. F. Jacksonville MOSCOVITZ. N. E. Phi Beta Delta Jacksonville MOTES. H. G.. JR. Palatka 1 .,.f . 'vi - .x. '7 ' '55 Q! . at ', J -as f X t Ai' 5' ,3,, 4 24 La L. J- ,..n-A ,vw ..- vs: 4Q'Q'Af' -.'Zg"'1 suv .flag V .J mi' avdy 1 A Ns, M68 "3' .A nw. wi Q, -4, -vi . ,J-D+ -.W 1-A we' A, uv' ,wav 44' x is E I. bf? . kk -af' Q-'qv Oak. 'Nh 'V-QM, is Y - s 5 x uf iimm it MANDIBERG. A. J. Gainesville MANN, C. H.. JR. Phi Delta Thpra Jacksonville MATHENY. R. Y. Sarasota MARCHAND. L. J. Tampa MELTON. W. E. sllfoha Gamma Rho Miami MENNINGER. J. U. .Allfhu Tau Omraa Stuart MILBHATH. V. L. .Sigma Chi Fort Ogden MILLETT. W. E. Ft. Lauderdale MIRO. R. M. Tampa MITCHELL. L. W. -llfha Gamma Nha Ft. Meade MOORE. C. H.. JR. Jacksonville MOORE. F. R. .Yiyma Plz1'Ep5ilUn Hawthorne MOORE, J. C.. JR. 1,1-Ardffd .-llfha Clearwater MOORE. M. V. Tampa MORRISON. W. S. Pensacola MORTON. R. B. Ft. Lauderdale MRUZ. E. K. Pi Delta Sigma DeLand MULCAHY. J. Alpha Tan Omrga Orlando Q- Y C' 'Lyon- Q . ku' .4 . . . . s' X j 14- ff ' 4 ing -'i f i 'T NEARPASS. D. C Gainesville NEFF. E. Fl.. JR. Marathon NORRIS. W. A. Tampa NUNN, T. E.. .IR Q'f1:'f'llz' Jacksonville PACHIS. P. Pi Delta Sigma Miaml PALMER. C. Gainesville PARKS. R. R. L XII Ph: Jacksonville PARVIN. W. R. Bradenton PEEL. W. H. Chipley PERRY, C. W. Oxford PETERSON. A. H. Sebring PETERSON. C. A Orlando PHILLIPS. B. H .Siignza Chi Ocala PHILLIPS. H. Fl. Lakeland PLANK. D. K Zephyrhills POOSER. F. M. Mt. Dora PRICE. B. C. 'I IIEIU Lqlll- Live Oak PRICE. 1. R. 'I' ...J- -Q' we IL 3 wif """ if xifgff i as V5 .. J? r we . ,-4 ga, .3487 '--,g,,gg.s, ..- -ul ' 1. .33 .g,,.E-- -Q3 -4- ' X ff' ur' ..-M' W' 5 'P' 2 I if H ,wg of 'ti Lg, 1. ,..p .f fs.. . Zh.: fb. Q... f J, 2 x f Q f iw ? A .Sa 5 I -M- 4- S H.. T fr - 'T' QL iq- xi 3 35' If : 1: npr' ' K V' s. X., NIGHTINGALE. B. T. Cl1iPl1i Gainesville NIHOUL. R. S. Crescent City PACE. 1. H. Clif Phi Miami PACETTI. R. B.. JR. Phi Della Tllvlu Jacksonville PAPY. W. A.. Ill 1'1'Kuf1fiu l'l1i Miami PARHAM, D. S. Miami PEACOCK. W. E. Slkjlllld .-llfllu Igfxilwiz Campbelton PEARSON, C. R. Sanford PERRY. F. S. Cocoa PERRY. H. G. xiilllltl.'HfVlllIlff'.Yil1Ill Miami PETTIT. M. A. Gainesville PETTIJOHN, F. P. Tfwfll Clit' Tallahassee PHILLIPS, L. M. Clearwater PlKULA.1. Ormond POUCHER. J. L. Largo POU RNELLE. G. H. Gainesville PRICE. M. A. St. Augustine PRIVETT. J. K. I.umInlu Chi nllfllu Largo , , A PULLARA. A. Tampa QUINN. J. E. Miami RAMOS. 0. N. Gainesville RANDOLPH. J. F. Sigma Nu Pass-a-Grille REDD. J. B. Weirsdale REHM. F. G. West Palm Beach RICHTER, R. Phi' Bda llvlla Miami RICKETT. E. D. Pl11IDeIta Tlwlu Jacksonville ROBERTS. H. L. lx'al'l'u .-Ilfflra Tampa ROBERTS. 0. D. Tallahassee ROBINSON, W. A. Jacksonville ROBISON. I. R. nllflza Gamma Rim Bonifay ROTHE. H. S. 1'lii' lfujijnz Yun Gainesville ROUMILLAT, F. E. f'hi'Ka1'Pu Y an Sanfi-rd RUBIN, H. M. P,llBi'fd IJUIYU Miami Beach RUSH. F. G.. JR. :llpha 1lIllf,Hli'gl4l Orlando RICHARDSON. S. Phi Kul'l'u Vlxilll Deerfield SCHRADER. H. W. Gaineeville 'QQ 12" 'S' Ou" -env' -Q- .Amr W " , 99 ? S at fr ' sf f.7J.' FQ-rf - 'x. 363 'N r -I ,..,-as X -4' RAMAGE, R. C. l'l1lKuf?f'd Tau Jacksonville RAMEY. W. P. fllflzu Yau Umrqu Tampa REED. W. W., JR. ,S iwnu .-!lpl1ulil's1l.fu Jacksonville REEDER, 0. E. Palmetto RHYAN. R. Wauchula RICE. K. L. lleltu Clin West Palm Beach RIVIERE, 1. P. fxvilffu .Slijlllql LBKG Clly ROBERTS. C. J. Kissimmee ROBERTS. R. A. Daytona Beach ROBERTS. W. A. Belle ROCHE. Q. C. Vernon RODGERS, R. B. Kissimmee ROWAN. T. M. Greensboro ROWLEY. J. W. Hrta I hem P1 New Smyrna SCHAUB. W. C. Tampa SCHENKEL, K. F. Jacksonville SEELMANN. F. G. Kuffu .Siyrriu Palm Beach SEYMOUR. C. F. Sneads ,mm ll . , V4 t 1 SHIDEMAN. E. G. Alblon. Michlgan SIMARD. N. O.. JR. Phi Delta Theta St. Petersburg SINDEN. R. H. .S igma Alpha Epsilan Dunedin Sl NGER. L. Phi Beta Dalia Gainesville SLAUGHTER. C. MCC. Sigma Phi Ifpxilmi Orlando SMITH. E. G. Phi Delta Tlirlu St. Augustine SMOAK. D. F. Phi Kappa Tun Punta Gorda SOUTHARD. D. A. Orlando SPENCER. A. R. Gainesville SPICER. H. S. Stuart STARR. H. H. Sigma .-Ilpha Ijpsllan Miami STEARNS. H. F.. JR. Sigma Alpha lipszluu Tamna STEWART. W. A. .Sigma Phi lipxilfflz Vero Beach STRAIGHT. W. M. Mlami STRICKLAND. J. L. Crystal River STRICKLAND. W. C. Pine Castle SULLIVAN. J. D. Sigma Nu Melbourne Beach SUTTON. G. E. Milton Q5 M l 3 SN. X-ad ,- H X 'xx ...wi :Li I ,. , X , ,RW , Q align-V A 4. 1 edit 1 'Q w Q' ,mi A ... N J js, .gg :Xie :lx ,5"-hw' Q JD 7,6-' -uf N- -15" W' Hrs-ni N3 -. ,ff f .ik lk. QP? A -uv-'K vue sf -f' 100-'U' gli' ,gm - 17?-:sa if Q-ar .X-an -I hae S13 m, m.,e nf il' 'ev'-. une 4,2 'M' We-M ,Av mn Wm. ,Q-' . -Q . qw i ,qv 3 SIMON. S. Phi Beta Della Miami Beach SIMPSON. T. B. Pi Kappa Phi Jacksonville SIVITER. R. E. Beta Theta Pi St. Petersburg SIRMONS. J. F. St. Petersburg SMITHERS. R. M. Winter Haven SMITH. R. Y. Jacksonville SPEEDY. H. T. Stuart SPEIRS. D. T. Miami Beach SPU RLOCK. R. W. Callahan STANWIX-HAY. W. B. Lambda Chi Alpha Jacksonville STEPHENS. F. F. Alachua STEVENS. I. B.. JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Miami STERNENBERG. R. R. Ponce de Leon STRICKLAND. A. H. Phi Kappa Tan Miami STRIPLING, R. 0. Pi Kappa Phi Tallahassee SULLIVAN. D. J. .Sigma Chi Crestview SWERDLIN. S. M. PhiBeta Delta Tampa SWOOPE. R. L. Pi Kappa Phi New Smyrna Beach ' I l . 4 , i 4 Y' 1 2 . 1, . 1,4 SYFRETT. 0. C. Alpha Gamma Rho Wausau TAKAMI. S. J. Jacksonville TEW. L. E.. JR. Sanford THOMAS. C. A. Sigma Chi Lake Harbor THOMPSON. W. B.. JR Beta Theta Pi Washington. D. C. THOMPSON. W. H. Kafpa Sigma West Palm Beach TRICARICO. N. New York City, N. Y. TUCKER. 1. 1. Sigma Chi Greenville TUNIS. F. L. Beta Theta Pi Coral Gables TURNER. J. E. Delta Chl Ocala VARN. W. C. Pi Kappa Phi Bunnell VAUGHN. J. A. Umatilla VILA. G. .l. Havana. Cuba WADSWORTH. M. Tampa WALKER. B. H. Gainesville WALLACE. F. E. Alpha Tau Omega Palm Beach WATSON. J. N. Jacksonville WATSON. J. H. Phi Kappa Tau St. Petersburg L adv' -Q., .vw , uv' .-1-I gi - ., fx 4, w-ww' Y V ' 4 K V ,, ' 'ir .ft .S sf . . ., . 4 ' A . P ' . . 'A A .. 5 A. u aim" if 2 V" il' ,A-v 6255- 'lg 6 . f K mu .1 , gm '93 L X " .aff Q '14 . in 2' 6 X 1 ' K4 F Q iiaiagwf l ii' lr v-K-fr 'A' P as N. K . P, .srfiidlif I . .- A wr 1. f i. 5,3 if' ff' lg.:-r .-wtf Alpha Tau Omega Tavares TALLY. S. K. TAYLOR. D. J. Lake Wales THOMAS. W. N. Brooker THOMAS. C. M. Phi Delta Thela St. Petersburg TILLER.1. E. Vernon TOMASELLO. W. P. Pi Kaffa Alffha Ocala TUCKER. W. F. Bradenton TUGWELL. H. L. Pensacola TYNER. D. R. Laurel Hlll UPCHURCH. J. J. .S iama Alpha Epsilon Williston VAUSE. L. E.. JR. Pi Kappa Phi Williston VERNON. B. K. Tampa WAITS. W. E.. JR. Hawthorne WALDROP. W. B. Pi Kappa Alpha Bradenton WALTON. J. M. Phi Kappa Tau St. Petersburg WARREN. M. A. Sigma Phi Epsilon Vero Beach WEBER. W. R. Lambda Chi Alpha Miami WEEKS. R. M. Dflta Sigma Phi Moore Haven V VVYVV 5- -.F Q .X W as if WEINTRAUB. M. S. PIII' RMI! llflhl Miami WEISSINGER. E. B. Orlando WICK E. A. F. Pensacola WENDT. R. E. V1 K11f'f'a l'l1i Jacksonviile WHITEHEAD. R. H. l'1'l7rlI11.N1f111111 Gainesville WIGGINS. E. G. l'1 lX'II1'f'll .HN111 Orlando WILLIAMS. S. N. Quincy WILLIAMS. R. E. I1lx11f'fw1.I.'j1l.11 Orlando WILLIS. C. F.. IR. fx'11f1l111 .NIIIIHII Baltimore. MJ. WILLIS.1. L. Slfflllfl Pill. lffwll ll Miami WITHERS. R. W. lx11f'fw1.ll11.'111 Tampa WITT, A. A. West Palm Beach WOOD. R. G. .H'1q111a CAIN' Homestead WYNNE. 0. B. l'f11 flrlfu lllplu Tampa i -KM? .qv 1 I, .. K Lei' .,.,.. R . ' 1 xv sv.. WEST. E.. JR. Gainesville WEST. S. D.. JR. Ocoee WHITE. J. G. l'i Knffn .llf'l,11 Pensacola WHITE. W. P. X1'11111r1 :VII Pensacola WILCOX. E. H. 1441111111111 C'l11'.llfl1n Clearwater WILLIAMS. J. L. .X'1'yl111n Lulllr Gainesville WILLIAMS. W. R. Gainesville WILLIAMS. E. H.. JR. Jacksonville WILSON. C. T. Pensacofa WILSON. W. K. 817111111 .fllflra Ifflillzill Lake City WOLF. L. YLIII lff.v1l1111 pfllv Orlando WOLLY. G. J. lan lff.v1'l1111 Illlll Orlando YETTER. D. A. Waucfiula ZANDER. F. W..1R. Okcccholicc 5'0Pfl0MORf 14040511416 SGPHOITICRE OFFICERS Gzsscum R. FWLEY .............. President WM, Rvws THOMPSGN . . . . . Vice-President CHESTER H PEACOCK . . Secretory-Treasurer 128 .ae ,M 2 -:1""i 1:a:z'.ff.' '75 VER.: vw ' fu' 1? . M-' 1 , XM. . E,-557 Q J ' 1 X fm' .15 sw. 'ff i f ' Jr -. -at ,sw gp. gy lm GF 'AAA ,, 1 .,f.,., is ia X ' 'th , 1111... 'hr ve- . 4 f 1 'P'-. . ,' . 1 , 5 -g ' , ,11 ,. ww X ' MH sa. K Nl' ACREE. C. W.. JR. Jacksonville ADAMS. W. L. 5701110 17111. Ef.Yl111ll West Palm Beach ALLEN. G. W.. JR. Chiefland ANDERSON. J. H. Eau Gallic ARONOVITZ. S. M. Pl1iBeta Delta Key West .1111 1 .-we , -.... X ,ful ., 512 ima: . M. F.. ' ,ff 7.32.54 .,,, YIBP 1 ur 1. . Saw' l"'f our ,,.-f iq.,--Al' 9-" 1 ,...-- 755 r ADAMS. A. H. Jacksonville ALDERMAN, L. Wimauma ALONSO. J. Y.. Tampa AND ERSON. R Clearwater ATKINSON Umatilla .A. D. JR. G. ADAMS. J. R.. JR. Lambda CI11' . IIPI111 Sanford ALEXANDER R.L..JR Bvta Tlwta l'1' Jacksonville ALTMAN. M. H. Ocala APPLEGET. R. L. P111-1XVUff'f1 T1111 Ocean View ATWATE R. W. E. Chattahoochee ADAMS. R. E. Sanford ALLEN. F. C. llflza Yau 011111711 Jacksonville ANDERSON. C. C. .glfllllll C111 West Palm Beach ARMSTRONG. F. Bradenton BABB. H. H. Umatilla ii' IZ9 it . l ,. , A -.5 I' 1 ,elmo ,. Q f" , . M ,,f'.' 3, xii ' if ' -v ' J x.,., . ,.: ,,.-.- sf ' ,nv uw Jil: 1 A an-6 -.aan v -1' ., .pm nf y ,fa 'Wir 1 , "A -Z qs' - .f ,al O8 ,J sr 1 1 up -A - 1 "' -1. - 1 - - fi? 'Z 53- p A A 1 ,- I f I f V N ' lf WZ' fe.. ' J me Q fs- W- ' "SH - -R' Q- . - 'A , .14 e ff. .-1- 1 C 1 K 2 1. ,atm- Nr ,Nqs BAKER. L. A.. JR. .5'1'g11111 N11 Miami BARKER. V. L. Glen St. Mary BARRACK. E. S. Iitlll lfPx1'l1111 Phi Miami Beach BEARDSLEY. J. W. Clewiston BAKER. R. E. Clermont BARKER. W. L. 511111111 :IIN111 Efxi Jacksonville BATEY. R. E. Gainesville BEDWELL. E. E. Plll'D1'1fU Tlzrta Fl. Smith. Ark. BENJAMIN. D. L.. JR BENNETT. R. A. Hunter. N. Y. Bum Tl11'!11 Pi Orlando I11 BALKOM. L. P. Baker BARNES. H. D. 'llflza111111111111Kl1.1 Orlando BAUGH, W. B.. JR. .'lIf1l111 Jkllll 011113111 Tampa BEERY. W. H.. JR. ' 9 ' . 1 ,,.1-'- BARBER, L. E. IJ1 K11f'f'11 .-l1f'l111 Clearwater BARN HILL. E. Baker BAUMSTEIN. M. A. 11111 141111111111 Ivll, Lake City BENFORD. S. M. P1 17111111 511111111 511111111 .-11f'l1a Iifsilmz Bradenton Clearwater BERG. R. B. BERT.J.G. 515111111 .-11111111 15115111111 Havana. Fla. Jacksonville Ci .if .133-v.. A ti-k . '-PQ! A4 '. lhq . Q.. , -nf 1--'V 1 -sf fa.. , .-more ,f-ff" "rf-X ' we xr -S. ,I.".. ,,- . Q'-,v x T gg.: . fig.. R C FW. s 2' 'C 1' F' K' 'Y sf' if fn. .'f. .A ' 'A -w M fix 1 .' 5 'z 'X Q, 'W 265 .3- 's- N- Y S- BEST. C. M. 511111111 Lxlll. St. Petersburg BLACK. 1. R.. JR. lx'11ffH1 511111111 Jacksonville BOUTWELL. G. A. Jacksonville BOZEMAN. W. H. CQIIIA P111 Winter Haven BRODIE. J. S. Yillll lff.v1'I.111Pl1i Outremont, Quebec BETH EA. J. M. Sanderson BLOOM. H. I'!11l31'r11 Dflflz Jacksonville BOWEN. W. C.. JR. Birdsboro, Pa. BRADLEY, F. M. Bradenton BROKAW. C. H. Orlando BINNICKER. R. J. Ijlllr 11'-lin flzvfa Tampa BOCK. J. H. 1XYl.lflf'll .lljtlm Tampa BOW ES. C. ,X'1'.g11111 X11 New Orleans. La. BREWER, H. S. Marianna BROOKS. G. U.. JR. Bda rlqflffll Pi St. Petersburg BIRTHISEL. F. C. Gainesville n -,4 -' 'am 13, , sa X4 Q pw 906 Bale. 'Z 59, .GY 1 .1- 2 ,..- I 1 ...sw-1. f 1. -.". 2-if-sim' ,,J0f5' .5 'sf sh, QM ml ,.,. .2-"W ' ww th sn... - -Q. ,qt X 'iv' fi BROWARD. C. S.. JR. .811-lgfllltl Ayll Miami BRYAN. L. C. flvlla Calif Archer BOGGS. 0. P. Polk City BOYLES. E. H. Live Oak BUNING. W. J. Orlando BURNSIDE. S. C. .X-ltnlllltl Chi Dade City CALHOUN. A. A.. JR. Panama City llflm 'l'a11 011117111 BROCK. R. N. Pensacola BROOKS. J. A. Ocala 'ki'-A' iso " 'wa . . we Q52 Y in N' 1"'Z'."' 11.1. J W 1 f . 4.,. .bw-sa, ol 5 ,-f- fe T si A , ,g - -' an .el QQ BROWARD. G. W. 31.311111 A ll Jacksonvilfe BRYANT. F. E.. JR .S'1'g111u N11 Coral Gables BURKS. J. B. Phi Kuffa YNUII Dade City BYRD. G. W.. JR. Pahokee CAREY. W. P. BROWN. W. W. Walnut Hill BUTTRAM, J. H, Palmetto BURNEY. H. W. Tallahassee CAHILL. G. R. P1'D1'ltu Sigma Miami CARROLL. C. H. .3'1'y1111a Alflm lIj1.v1'l111z Pi Drlta Sigma Miami Kissimmee BURNS. J. F. Slwjlllld P111 ljf1v1I1111 Lake Worth BRUNO. T. F. 511111111 .-llflla lifLv1'l1111 Pensacola BUNING. J. A. Orlando CALDWELL. W. E. Gainesville CASHWELL. E. D. Groveland vii' G'--nv ,fp 52 f Y ,Jn an 'Wh' , , his M . J., , is 33 Q , an 1 f f fi. 'Q' -w .4- Ni " W , . fi' . 1 - , , I ., an fl 1 -lin' ev "Je ,g-Q. Q 'ii' T? 'be fe... Q-.-I QM 'ss-10 NN ac , Y, W 'E 2 'CIZIV .. W ...sf ,A""",ZfR M 1 1 ...ff M: ' ss Q' I CHANTER. R. W. CHAPMAN.J.S. CHEW.J.C. CHRISTIANSEN. C.C. West Palm Beach Newberry West Palm Beach Miami CLAIBORNE, H. T.. JR. CLARK, E. D. CLARK. H. E. CLARKE. F. W. Orlando Clewlston Gainesville Jacksonville CLARKE, J. D. CLARKE, J. L. CLAYTON. H. CLOSE. D. Mc. Phi Dglta Theta Lakeland Pensacola Jacksonville Tampa CLOWER. J. COCHRANE. T. E. COLE, C. M. COLE. G. P. Lambda Chi Alpha Kaffia Sigma Phi Dalia Thcfa Chi Phi Carrahelle West Palm Beach Harlan. Ky. Jacksonville COLEMAN. L. W. COLEMAN, M. A. COLLINS, T. A.. JR. COLLODI. G. A. Pahokee Sigma Alpha Epsilon Homestead Lambda Ch i :I lfiha Panama City Gainesville ti' 'ki' Cali if -A -J sv' Ma' Q: W me . it : aw 7' -. Ekxwlf-r h"" I --1 li 4 ,av 'F ' all 4: :L J C: :LL ,pv- sd ' fs, ,V f ' -'P 2' 'V s N, N, I we Q 2. vw ' 2 CONE, C. W. CONE.J.S. Theta Chi Theta Chi Tampa Tampa CONLON, F. C. CONWAY. M. Dalia Chi Pi Kappa Phi Hollywood Green Cove Springs CROMER. D. H. CROSLAND. C. E.. JR. Lakeland Lakeland CUNNINGHAM. W. C. Phi Della Thcla DAILEY. D. B. Micanopy CURRY. R. C. Venice-Nokomis Crummies. Ky. DAVIS. L. E. Pi Kaffa Phi Sasser. Ga. ft W f s .a. '0- no-"F uh. if if CONDOS. W. R. CONGER. B. R. Alpha Gamma Rho Buta Theta Pi Orlando Tampa COX. E. CRANE, R. B. Tampa C11 1' P11 1' Jacksonville CRUTCHFIELD. C. M. CUMMINGS. E. Milton Archer DAANE, A. H. DAIGLE.L.J. Gainesville Orlando DAVIS. R. S. DAVlS.S. H. Si- Cloud Phi Bda Dalia Miami l l H ' -Q -0- N4 x Q, -was 3 KQWMX . 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Hrfa Theta I'i' Miami EGGART. R. B. Pensacola .96 'uaqdg l 'Q-, x., ...-A fun sv' v-"" ',..,s 4 3 .Ya Q., ,cv is . g. i 'QF H Aa B If-' ' -Q -0 11" I' ' -tr Yi. 1 "' al 1 I , N53 . 'S' fy 1 If hr ... Q ll vim Xxx. ' x ' Z zzz... it .,,..!.:1:: 3, ...Mi GQQSQQ 'I I V4 52 . 75' wg ICSW' 7' is ' 'A' '3 Y? X, zz ' SP .X,-4.- ELLIOTT. W. B.. JR. St. Petersburg ERSTLING. J. H Miami EYRE, E. A. Tampa FINLEY. G. R. St. Petersburg FORD. P. W. KUNHI .gljllllll Tampa it Q-I' ,uv EMBRY. R. F. lt'.1f1r.1.l!f1lia Quincy EVANS. T. N.. JR. Jacksonville FAUSTINI. J. Miami Beach FLEMING. J. W L'l:1'Phi Ft. Lauderdale FORESTER. R. Miami .'.at""" c-Ai 4-af EMBRY. V. MC. K1ll'l'1I .llfllfl Quincy EVANS. W. E.. JR. Sarasota FEASTER. N. B. .Sigfnza flu' Miami FLOOD. E. C. Ft. Meade FOSTER. J. T. Jacksonville ...J ENGLAND. W Inverness EVERETTE. D. Tampa FERRELL. E. Midway FLY. E. W. Tllvfa C4111' Zellwood FOX. W. E Miami R E M. 1 0-M' .-av' s 'IVF Ml" Mi' of ' lv' , -ea , 1 ff' . X we , ..ZF,,, f ' L C.. -- X. X! in Y mf .f-v-..,,, Amana. . 13- 3' ,f wwe X Q a ef .,. 4 3 .. ga . ' FRANKLIN. L.D. FREEMAN. B. A. Hialeah Sigma .-lllfllu lZ'f'.Yl'l0ll Tampa FUCHS. B. C. FUGATE. J..JR. PIII' Born l,t'lftl St. Petersburg GAG ES. J. H. Beta Tlzctu Pi Miami GERMAIN. D. P. Signza Nu Jacksonville GLOVER. V. D. Daytona Beach .gllglllltl C11 1' Boca Grande GATES. R. W. Ft. Lauderdale GHELERTER. I. Z. yvllll lifxilml 17111- Jacksonville GOLDMAN. H. Ocala 'Zi 'Uv Q55- we .nv Juv' f 'v' uv' ,, . My 2 ' . h Q :-. :G X 2 ffkf 5 Y. im! FREI. F. J. FREN Jacksonville un. CH. A. L.. JR. Mt. Dora GAINES. W. H. fjl'lXyL1f'f'd l'l1l' New Smyrna GENTILE. 1. 5. Phi flulfa 'I'l1vlu Orlando GILBERG. H. T. Tan lffhtilmr Phi Tallahassee GOLDSTEIN. E. G. Gainesville GARMAGE. E. C. Bronwood. Ga. GEORGE. W. H. Orlando GILBERT. W. J. Vernon GRAHAM. P. D. Orange City 'ki' 'kt ww ,av 9 -r aafv' rf' 3 ' 4 f ,,. , , . - ia.. iiiraaf ., ff vw ,rf .gn "ff - gf fi 2 1--'fi' 'j Q, 1 -ef .QQ V '-4 Z x aaf E -345. -so p -.- ""'?1f I . E-L. -.f QV ri ' 1 I .E . ing '1 " 1 4.4- s il: - .as ,. . N", f i skffrrr f i? gk if N 5 F at GRAHAM. R. W.. Ft. Lauderdale GRIFFIN. J. W. . d"'f. 'gf gr. N- f 'sa 'F' ,av a,,..w we-6' GRANTHAM. A. M. Wacissa GRIFFIN, R. 1. l.umlnlu Ulu' .slllilm ll lxuf'fw1.fllN1u Daytona Beach GRIFFITH. W. B. Gainesville HALE. D. C. Sarasota HASTINGS. C. Uvlfu flu' Nassau. N. Y. ,, . Jacksonville GROMMET. G. P. Miami HAMILTON. N. A Daytona Beach HATCHETT. H. W Mclntnsh GREENE. T. J. GREGORY. L. H HL-1.1 lllutu li Xmlml .nllflrll lift: ll Miami GRIFFIN, W. C. Pill' lX'uf'l'tl lim Gainesville GUNSON. R. A. Hinson HARDIN. J. H. Sanford HAYES. W. F.. JR. Daytona Beach Quincy GRIFFIN, W. E. l'll'.'lf.1,x1lm:.1 Plant City HAEGER. R. R. llulm L lil Berwyn. Ill. HARTLEY. W. D Miami HAYGOOD, J. D ,Sztmm L In Gainesville J Q- ..- 1. -..J .Qf F' .-- 5 . 7 rg, of-1' ..-. 3, Nr. 3 .,..- 5 -an S -an-'35 .ff .fbi KW if. . -NW if ., 1 m. s Y... K xx -135. 61 was Q - nh Iwugf 1 fit . 'va , -vu- -,, A Q. , al 'Q' 49' 1' ' nv' 'Q wt 5 J Y,a-4Y'f fi? -vp. 4 . WN ...H vs . K x- N... P.. ,'56.9F .a-5 7 -142' .0 z' -P N! ,nr ld' ,Z 3 ,ia ,419 fi x 'X E 17 , -A w .f x . 'alfa if basil' .Q-"' 5 . HUDSON. J. H. HUGHES. L. D. Chiefland Ponce de Leon 3 h lGOV.P.N. INGRAM.T.S. HAYSLIP, N. C. HEARN, E. HEDRJCK, H, D. HWELSETHJA. O.. JR. 'HMM Tau Omvga XHNIU Tan Omcgd Sarasota Miami flljilzu lan Omcgu 5191110 l"1iiEfsilUiz Kissimmee Orlando Winter Haven Vero Beach JACKSON. H.P. JENKlNS.P.J..JR. HENDRICKS. C. HENRY, A. A. HENRY. J. HlGHTOWER,J.W..JR. jupiter websm- Oflala Dalia Tau Dclfa Signza 1'7lZ1'E1L'SiI1l7l Ifufijiu .Jlpha Atlanta, Ga. Miaml Marianna JOHNSON. D. JOHNSON. R. E. HILL, F. S. HIMES, B. T. HINKLEY, D. M. HINSEY, A. D. jagkggnyillg Sf, Augugting Gainesville West Palm Beach St. Augustine Sarasota JOHNSTON.W.H. JONES.J.R..JR. HITCHCOCK, P. R. HOCH. G. W. HOGUE. Ft. M. HOWARD. J. G. lf.1Mv.1 ,11p1,a Sanford Apopka ,-llplig Tau Ouzugm Orlando Pittsburgh, Penn. Tampa Orlando HOWARD, J. 0. HOWELL. G. L. HOWELL. P. B.. JR. HOWES. R. B.. JR. Phz'Dc11a Theta Miami Bushnell liflta Tau Delta Pontiac. Mich. Miami 'ki' 1 7 14" ff 4 u Y -at -' fav . fn fl. ' wi 3 -, -v' .arf .-i"V-iizlgf' A 53 Ska 5 V V t' gg. y. ,. , a ' 1 1, HUNT. W. D. .S'1'i1n1u Chi K noxville. Tenn. IRVING. R. A. Miami JENSEN. E. R. P1'Kaf1fa Phi Miami Beach IB ...J HYMAN. SAM Tun lilxvilini Phi Tampa ISTED. R. E. nllfiha Tan Ouirga Eustis IERNIGAN. W. A. .5'1'gm1a Chi Tampa JOHNSON.R.M. JOHNSSON. K.0.JR r1lf'haGau1ma Rho St. Augustine KAHLE. E. W.. JR. f7i'lfu Chi Miami Miami KAPLAN. S. R. Phi Beta Ilwltu Miami Beach -'I x,-mai' Qu :Li f . an-., bb fx I H ... G.. A x X 4 if gg . 1 ifiw 2 'an 0 5 5' sr' 54' .Jo KELLY. F. A. Miami Beach KING. R. E. Miami KOLEDA. P. Red Bank. N. J. LABRY, D. S. C. Pi Kappa Alpha Jacksonville LEONARDY. S. P. Orlando Yi N Q, wr' ik. it .nv ,,ov' NF' ..-f KIMBALL. D. H. Mount Dora KING. D. W. Gainesville KIRBY. G. G. KIRKPATRICK. J. M. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jacksonville KRAUSE. R. Tau Iifxv1'l01zPl1i West Palm Beach LANEY. D. 0. Greenville LEVIN. l. E. West Palm Beach Ph 1' Delta Thrla St. Augustine KRONEv J. M. Kaflfa Siylml Chappaqua, N. Y. LANG. A. A. Winter Haven LEVINE. S. Tan lffvsilun Phi' Miami Beach "Ta Elf - 'za at '5 7-B Q4 .5 54" ' JZ. . -- A -.. -f . ' ' x, .-1 ' , .1 I . .aw 4 ZX g - -X 1, l A 'A f x Y I K f .fm .Q-fi-' . Ma-lf .X ,,,-. V- VY V, -J' ..,l if"-'T' ,fa 1295... ' ' D' f 7 x 1 , V- .,. X ' -ef 7' V' K, izyf' - ... I MV it we 3 . any A . e N 22 b' , R -j f. Y 3 525: ,ip , .Q ., .,.... aj- ' A ' 1" A Ami. - Vvli 6, .Fl 2' F- 5: 'A r . 1 , . .f-" ,f luNG.1.M..m. NK' 1 M Theta Chi Jacksonville KNOWLES. R. V. DeLand KUYKENDALL. J. Chi Phi Ft. Lauderdale LARISCY. B. Bradenton LICHTE. M. E. Sarasota 'ki' LINDSEY. L. B. LINDSEY. S. Dalia .Svlvflllld Phi Siglmz N11 Alachua Perry LITHERLAND.A.C. LlTSCHGl.A. B. Gi1il10SVill0 Sigma .'1l1'l1l1Ej1vrlm1 Tampa LOGAN. H. R. LONG. S. C. .glfllllll Aljvlla IEIVXIIIUII FY- Lfllldefdalft Tampa LOWE. J. T. LUCAS. C. B. Perry Lakeland McCLELLAN.1. B. McCLELLAN. W.T. M Jacksonville Blountstown ' -if cc. NA . 6' 5. ---, -3' A .14 'Vw Qgj .z :fel . GG" K A ga. Q V. k Q, I ' X-T' 'IL 1 LlNDSTROM.L. B. LIPPOLD, B. H..JR. Miami St. Petersburg LITTLEWOOD. T. P. LOGAN. C. D. L'l11'f"h1' .llfhu Ian fmzughl Tampa Tampa LOONEY. S. L.. JR. LOVE. R. H. .llflm lah Umrlm ,Nlrglfllll'ff14I:f'.vJl'wlv Tampa Brandon LUND. 1. McCAULEY.J.D..1R. Pensacola llulta L'h1' Roseland CCONNELL. D.F. MCCULLOUGH. M.E..JR Tamil!! Ocala ak-kt 7,7 ,,' .' 'iz' ',,-'vu - ,O ,.f'-. ..v"'. I7 A P+ Q gslvvfttgxag 3g""'A' Xlgsg ..- .- ,, .ax-Q hh Aim., -b'sN'3-gh. S .. .5 I W... uf -5 Na RW Q . 43 IGH' .,.:.::'f- f ' .' . .,, if 117 w--I .f 1-4, A5553- f sf. mm. -W , 'am ,- ,. g sr 1779 if . ft' 09 333 MPG. A f J 1 'Cx 3 x ? ' -ff S 4 .ol 46 'Ag A. .3 f 'sv , X 'V Ik' . as 'Q auf . ,Q -., - Y .,, iffy . 'iw A V if gi fi' I N? ,,, -ff' Q .au 4 Q, Rl -s l ' A--,I MCDANIELL. S. R. I-'lii'lJ1-liulliulii Gainesville McKlBBEN. J. E. Winter Haven McLEOD. W. H. Jasper MacKlNTOSH. J. Tlirtu Chi' Jacksonville MALTBY, A. J. Hastings , - 9 ., ,M . as -'Q L. ..- I1 3 ,.i .I '35 .Q -..., MARTIN, R. H. MARVIN. J. G. MASSEY. G. H. Wildwood Sigma Aljiliu lYIf'J'l4!Ul1 Quincy Clearwater MATHIS. D. MAXWELL. R. H. MAY. F. H. MCGUIRE W E MOKAY A L MCKEE R B JR l'2vlmz.5i'yi11a Phi Green Cove Snrinos Iiupfu Alpliu PM Dalia 'I hula Ocala ,Nxfgllllll 1'!ii'lijis1'l,fii Gainesvme Qumcy St. Augustine West Palm Beach MELTON. H.M..JR. MENDELSON. H. MERRILL.J.E. MCKINNEY H T Mc!-EAN W L MCLEOD M E llulz'u.S'ig1u1a Phi Tun lfj1vilm1Pl1i .Niiyiilu Chi lrplfu cqlllr Palmetto Greenville Mayo Tauahassee 0caIa Cross City MESSER.W. H. MIKELL.C.0. MILAM. E. B..JR. MEMULLEN F M MCPHERSON C D MCRAE W L .S'z'g1n1u XIIPIIII lijmvilun Siguizii lJl1z'1l1u'i'liu1 Slglllll Nu ldamlnla Chl- A HN, Quincy Chipley Tallahassee DeLand Jacksonville Largo MILLIGAN.J.S..JR. MILLS.D. MIMMS. C. W. MMMULLEN. 1.i.. MAHONEY. H. R.. Jn. MALCOM. J. F. SIl.lf'l1l1-'Ilfllll lil'-fffvff Phi Uvlfu 7'lfvff1 -S'1'f1HH1 Clfi .elljillu Y an Umfggu lxlllifm .Xl"llHil 'flwta Clif Ormond OI-Iando 0caIa Key West Jacksonville Jacksonville MANLEY, W. W. MARSHALL. B. J. MARTIN. E. H. Quincy DUMEIIOH .Nl-lllllll .-Ifliliu lijiiiliiii ' Ocala 'kt 's- va., MATHERS. R. L. Miami MAY. L. T. Miami MESERVE. G. S. St. Augustine MILLER, F. J. l'iKuf'f1a .-Ilfilia Graceville MITCHELL. J. S. Tampa NZ .-5-rr ...-v. 2 .I N ,nf wr. ' ,yy S- 1 me .. . 2 --f .13 , yy ' f ,aw 7 4- . ,Q v .113 'Na "Hn ,1:7,,Q7e f cf- i .......-- f ,. "S, ban. .wa 5' le ' .. 1" f Q lm - li " sf' ll , ' W TA il., , ,Vx ,Aff -I .1 Q QI f' gi .N ..-V.. Y .germ Nb MOLNAR.A.E. F. MONTGOMERY.W.T. MOODY. A. M. MOORE. T. C. P1 Dvltu.Si'gm1u Miami Ilflfu lun Umulm Cl9wiSi0n Dunnellon Tampa MO0RE.W.J. MORGAN.W. E. MORGAN.W.G. MORRISON. D..JR. Gainesville Gainesville Pensacola A lljvlm fl all fllllflfll Gainesville MORSE. J. D. MOSS. B. B. MOTES, D. J. MURPHREE. V. C. Gainesville Haines City Jacksonville Gainesville MURPHY.E.M. MURPHY.J.J. NEBI.Y. Z. NELSON. G.M. Lumbliu L'li1'.I!flm Daytona Beach NELSON. G. S. Lady Lake glllllllll .-Hflllu lzjkvlll Miami NEWKIRK. H. D. Sxlllllld .hllflzu lifuvlluil Jacksonville Guney Koy. Turkey NICHOLS. E. L. lwlflz .X'1Qm1l1 I'l11' Tampa Gainesville NIXON. T. E. Quincy at-A'-A' -Hi' if wi ,fl ,wr " AL'-gf ,G- ' s +15 Q" QJ' ,. 4, 75. 5 Du 53- 5 I ' C: 'X . s ' ' A "' A A 1 . f -f fa. ,,.,v.,f ' f-Q . 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', ' V A fs. X9 -Rl I' xr F 8 cf' sl Q33 Lf --4. if 'IF ---' , --, . - - . -is . gg- . Q 'N 41. , Q- 7' ' , .1135 ' , -4 wr ' - sl . , " V- ff ' -5 ' ,.- . . ,Q ' ' fiifia '. iii' .gif Sw: .1 ss! . . f 3 1 1 if ' 4 it Y .gf Y W 2' .xr-,p of . 15 ' WA f 1 wa 1 6 -an ' 'Sv X- . QTL? PATTERSON. R. Y. lfujifa .sxltrjllltl Clewiston PEARSON. C. D. C'l11'1"l1i Miami PEPIOT. B. 0. Daytona Beach PLUMMER. M. C. Homestead PRDCTOR. S. Jacksonville -if ...nv PEACOCK. C. H. Jacksonville PEEPLES. R. C. Sfglua Nz: Tavares PETRIE, R. C. Ufltl T11f'tdf'l Orlando PDLK. R. B. Tampa PULLIAM. T. P. Madison PEACOCK. L. A. Luuzbtlu Clif .-lljflla Miami PENNEY. H. E.. JR. 141111174111 Chi . lljvliu Coral Gables PIERCE. J. A. .Sigma N11 1' PEADEN. R. A. Baker PENTON. A. D. Pensacola PILLANS. 0. 0. llvlta Clzi Coconut Grove Lakeland POWELL. T. W. POWERS. A. C. Gainesville Sneads PYLE, F. L. QUISENBERRY. A. C. lx'apPu Sigma Dalia Sigma Phi Daytona Beach Tampa .A s i x ,U- -Q. all an BF iv ..., xiZ'V'K ' . '-. KW? gf xi GYM - 2 . .xl I . - I ' 'I ' x, , 'fr XM. 'W nn I! 30 'V ,125 li' 1' Q0 .4-'IM r"" N- ' 'Q -.-0 -.1 -..., Hd' .... f,3fi.2"',. sf" as ,f A -:Dax . Vvi 1 'Y pf.- ' X P2 -. . .. 47 ..- ,Q 15 6 ,...-- X I UK... ' . ,J a. fb .Qsv...... , .'5'QiiN our ,.w lr y. RAMSEY. .l. H., JR. RANDALL. B. J.. JR. RAY. T. W. RAY. W. A. Miilmi bhlvflllld xlllfllu lifvxllan Waldo Baker Clearwater REAGIN. A. T. REES. A. L.. JR. REESE. L. L.. JR. REGA. W. J. .-llflia tlamma R110 Sarasota REVELL. W. C. Bristol RICHEY. J. A. l'zKt1l'fal'llf Tallahassee RODEN. R. Pensacola it Ifaljvfig A-llplm Miami Binghamton. N. Y. Orlando REYNOLDS. T. M. RICHARDSON. H.. JR.RlCHARDSON. W. W Mulberry Jacksonville Auburndale RIVERS. J. F.. ll ROBBINS. L. ROBINSON. W. N Jacksonville fun liflililtlll Phi Williston Ft. Lauderdale ROGERS, D. J. ROOD. J. B. ROOKS. M. W. DeFunlak Springs .Sifmia .-llfvlzu l?fm'Imi Gainesville Bradenton Q qv 1" .'f..f Qi ' . ,ii ffgfff'-'z J. .MJ f ,vu J C""? Wifi' ,mv se- 5 ., f I -S:-'- it .A- W ,xnrxi-A 1 f..'41f4'm Q 1-'Q vfva mx 24 3 4 J is ' '-Q. if .AW V hey... ' f Z-,N -Q . -nf' ' .F - 4f .31 Q, , 'W - '. ,f ' an x, . I A za Aa' .'2l. 'T f . X , ,. N . A, - ffl' ii' QQ, A-fir 'lf' 3 60? ,ply ?y A 73 ----.. L' iii 4 .J of I 5-"' W wr f " 2, "--af f 'ha' ,ef fa sy ?' - EIL. gg? X.. ,A, dh, v- ? -'Q . X 5. no S I we- - ,.., . - , ,gg an , , . 3 an . 5. A. . .N , .. 3 M J ,J-' T' 19" X A ' 41? ROSENBERGER. H. A. ROSENTRETER, E. W. ROSS. C. C. ROTHSTEIN. S. Micanony Winter Haven Jacksonville Phi Baia Dplfa Jacksonville ROTTER. C. N. SALE. L. L. SAPP. J. D. SAUNDERS. E. C. Phi Kappa Tm, Lakeland Sigma Nu Lambda Chi Alpha SHARPE' M- H- SHEA- L- Miami Beach West Palm Beach Miami B'-'shneu G"e'3"V"'e SCHAILL.P.M. SCHEIBLERUI. SCHERMERHORN.J.D. SCHURER. F.M. SHUMAN. l.G..JR. SIEBRECHT. K..l. Ft. Meade Miami Miami Pi Kappa Phi Ft. Lauderdale 5'z'ynza Chi Jacksonville West Palm Beach SCONEIRS. E. T. SCOTT. N. H. SCOTT. T. H. SCRUGGS. J. SILVERMAN. M. R. SIMPSON. C. W. DeFuniak Springs Gainesville Sigma Alpha Iifvsilon Madison Wauchula Jacksonville Jacksonville szssreor. H. c. sslasnr. w. H.. JR. sizieow. c. n. SEIGLER, H. D.. Jn. six, D, L, SKIPPER, D, E, Chi Phi Jacksonville PiKap11a1"!1i Kappa Signzu Chi Phi Thvto Chi Ft. Lauderdale Mount Vernon. Ghlo Tampa Tampa Tallahaggeg SMITH. H.A...lR. SMITH. L. P. Alpha Gamma Rho PHIISHCOIB Orlando irir .x.,,s,,,, all . -R I '- Q-. SHELLEY. J. Palatka SIEGEL. H. I Miami E. SINGER. J. H. Miami Beach SKIPPER. E. Lake Butler SMITH. W. D Chi Phi Tampa E. -' "Wi . fm fav -f J .,, ,J -Q 1 Qfzi-.:'Q'f 5 Y 'ff f f .lf 1 . . . of A ' - 1 1 E 44 ,-JI.: SHINE. C. E.. JR. Jacksonville SIGMAN. W. 0. Phi lx'af'f'a Tun St. Augustine SINGER. M. Phi' BA'f11.hha'!fiJ Gainesville SKIPPER. E. W. Lake Butler SNARR, C. M. Sigma Pl1iEps1'lvu Orlando E1 9. ' sf .as B ,-v ,,,...v 5 Q., Sa R f s QMS' 7 La W -f "f e 5 . ,f 1 . 1 1' . 9 . as :EV G .-M. ,ss-5'-' ,,s X.. . SOMERS. G.A. SPIWAIQS. Holly Hill Yunlzj-.v1!.111l'l1i Jacksonville TEPHENSON.G.W. STEVENS. H.J. Bartow Tilusville STEWART, R, M, STOCKDELL. M.. JR. Plant City Kal'!'u .SIJIHILI llwltu .Slkflllld P111 Alachua SUGGS, H. W. 0'Brien STRINGER. F. P. Miami STU BBS. L. G. Carrabelle SULLIVAN. A. W. Ytllffll C liz' Tallahassee X. 1' 5. , -'v l --. x . gf. x uf , iv of Mii ai , L im. W l3'f"?"1r2zZ, .: -3 P'-W H.. N- . -1 if-if -:a-oe ' 7 I 5 5 'K ,Wd X , . . . as . if, 1 ' 4. WA' si ,4 We .. 4585 -5857 V . -ef' it Nr .Q NI SQUIRES. C. ffufu Tl11'ful'1' Miami STEWART. D. LaBelIe STONE. S. R. Port St. Joe SUBER. E. L.. JR. f'i'fl'1l'ItIllf7l'ffll Quincy SUMMERS. D. F. Bristol .mfs-nf -is zfrtif? ., ., 6 HM . .' 11 f .L v-we ,,, Q , . .fr v .5 .ff STANTON. G. A. Chipley STEWART. R. E. St. Petersburg STDUTAMIRE. F. H. 7sfll'ftI, Qqfll' Tallahassee SUDDATH. R. H. 511511141 Nu Jacksonville SUSONG. C. J. Hum Tlrftu l'1' Coral Gables .4 : -.Qu I ig, QU! 4' fi Y -of." 7-s. uv- ' ,A--I as-1-"4 -.P ,Q- I3 2' X l .wggq g I ' SUTTON. J. E Auhurndale SWEGER. J. B. lx'ul1j1u . 11111111 Quincy TAYLOR. A. Tampa THOMAS. R. l. High Springs TITUS. A. F. Lynn Haven 'kir .msggg ,.."' and 'S , " ff '53, X- ' ,L 5 . ,g.s' 21f. - if X 1 . -.1 V 1.3 V 'Q ' S ..Qe-af' xa- s-.., SWANBOM. A. W. SWEAT. L. M. Tlmta Lqlll- 511111111 l'l1i lffhvilfi Lawtey Ft. Lauderdale SWINDLE. D. A. Ft. Lauderdale TAYLOR. W. S. TALBERT. S. S. Sebring, Ga. TENCH, B. .N'ii111li1 .-llfluz Ifjvxilmi Phi llvlia Y In-1.1 Jacksonville Gainesville THOMPSON. F. L. THOMPSON. R.C. PM llvllu 'I llvlu Vfllv flrlfu l,l'llA Tallahassee Miami TOWNSEND. A. K. TRIPLETT. JOE Mayo .N lllllllll Ulu' Jacksonville 6' SWEET. G. H. lx'ul'j1u ,X'1'f1111u Miami TAPPEN. N. C. lx'ul'lu1 .yllgllllll Lake Placid THAYER. H. S. DeLe0n Springs THOMPSON. W. R.. JR Jacksonville TYLANDER. R. 0. Pl' lx'uf1ful PM Ft. Pierce ,R 1. -z 1 J ........ is o O P 0 ,A "J -.-v Wai 1 Q-4 3 i t . , Q... SN l ,,.. A f "'E. f, .EW t 7 ' Mai ite X ag ,f ' 1....fsii.fa wr- Y ' f x -n v Ivy fllfi ei- 'Y if TWEED. R. C. l,1'Kuf'fm .llfha Pensacola VENABLE. J. B. Center Hill WAGGONER. W. Sl.!lIJltl l'l1iEfsilm1 Tampa WALL. C. W. Dvlm Siguia Ph 1' Tampa WANMAN. H. 0. Miami UNDERWOOD. E. H 3 . 'L 5 ' . nz- , I t 1 . ""' f SJ-11 r T' , -f E 1-, ' Q72, ' .W 'k ' Il r .f ' A 5 '- 9' g Ty ,rv up -fl .4-aln,N A f X 0 wr? N3 Y .5 A 4 X' Ni - 7.7 . 'N "6 x .,.., ,QQ 5 .5lfgn1a.N1i Miami VI DAL. M. H. Gainesville WAKEFIELD. T. H. .sxlgllld lvl! Miami WALLER. R. J. Chi' Phi' Lakeland WASZAK. E. J. Lauzlwia Chi .-llfehu Chicago, Ill. -A .J-v , X. A we ' N45 ,,N. .f ' x MQ' 'V Ni. w . , g f. 5 Ci f' I A 5 WK" ,ww .W 7 M... ,E ..,, 2 1 f . . VAN CLIEF. W. C.. JR. VAN DE MOTTER. .l. S. Winter Haven Lamlula L'hi.lll1ha Daytona Beach VILKAITIS.J.V. WADSWORTH.J. R. Avon Park WALDRON. L. B. Miami WALTON. W. L. Phi l7f'lla 'I hvfa Nashville. Tenn. WATSON. J. T. Phi Drlra Theta Tampa Haines City WALL. B. S.. JR. Jacksonville WALZ. G. S. lxvaffva S'r'g7h1u Miami WEBB. C. E. Dvlta Signzu Phi iii l4l it "'.. Wifnlxrs 'NA X N .5 pl .ff . . f m -fic, x 0:- f-" 2 uf yy s ' li 0' . gg? gy A. V ,sn ,O .- ..W E . ,E ,, fa?-.ef S' R at vw .' 9 QW 1 .,, . J ,..- 'A S sl Q W-..4f "3 I.. WEBER. R. A. East Palatka WHITE. J. A. Piliziff-l1l'lri New Smyrna Beach WILLCOX. C. M. Orlando WILLIAMS. C. M. Kaffa Sigma Vero Beach WILLIAMS. C. DeW. Thrta Chi' Tallahassee Y 'aw-'QV' 5 'V ur' .2 33 A? - if" K ' f-.If . li ,gif at-OW WEEKS. C. B.. JR. WEIDLER. R. C.. JR B.-rg Timm IU Jacksonville Lakeland WHlTEHURST.W.J..II WIGGIN.H.C. Williston Millville WILKERSON. 0. C. DeFuniak Springs WILLIAMS. D. B. Clearwater WILLIAMS. T. J. .Sigma .N ll Melbourne WILKINSON. E. L. I hrfu Q hz Jacksonville WILLIAMS. G. Bushnell WILLIAMSON. J. B Jacksonville ...,,5 . ix '.,ff y vi Q. . ., w t , .1 Sava 1. s'7'4' , , 5 - 14" " 'Nur' sf' Q f 'r G5-555 W' WHEELER. W. W. Q'hz'Pl1z' Jacksonville WIGHT. W. H. ,Ilfha 'Ilan Umrfm Sanford WILKINSON, W. C Jupiter WILLIAMS. J. H. Dulfa Chr' Cross City WILSON. J. E. Frostproof 'ki' 1' xy! I 3565 uv N' '13 1SY', B ., 1. IX Q. in J' fi 'ing axgd. 13531 iff' WILSON. W. WINCEY. C. W. WISDOM, L. E. WITHERS. D. Gainesville Live Oak 511111111.llf1!111lIfxv1il1111 Ocala Tampa WITTERS. A. G. WOMBLE, J. G. WOOD. W. L. WOOLLEY. F. F .IR Coral Gables 1'i llrlfu Slfllllll ,5'ig11111 Qilll- Sarasota Miami Alachua WORKMAN.J.E. WRIGHT. A. C..JR. WYNN.0.E. YOUNG.J.N m1111111 .-111-1111 Ef.v1'l1111 Bum 11111-111 Pi Lakeland Vero Beach Jacksonville Lakeland YOUNG. R. W. ZAGOREN. S. ZYCH. F. A. 51.117110:1H7llt1EflXff11l1 Orlando Marianna Daytona Beach 'ki' FRISHMAN 14640511416 FRESHfTlHl'I OFFICERS HUBERT T, HOUSTON ,.,,..,...... President BILLY B4 BURNS ............ Vice-President REUBEN P GROOM . . . Secretory-Treosurer 'JB H , 5 ,....., A RS 5.14 su-.X J' .f' mf' ,vu 1 i -'M in T vm i . N' ' .XA . 1 P ,,V i W1 Bm . v .X AAA. , .467 ABELE. C. R. Sigma N11 Miami Beach ANDERSON. G. H. Plzi Delta Theta St. Petersburg ASHBROOK. F. M. Plzi Kaffa Tun Dade City BAKER. R. C. Delray Beach BARKEN. A. H. Pl1iBcta Dalia Miami Beach Ns Kwai? ADDISON, W. W B610 Tlldd Pi Miami Beach ANDERSON. W. 1. Jacksonville ASHWORTH. B. Apopka BALDWIN. 0. F. Pi Delta Sigma Jacksonville BARKER. C. E. Vero Beach 4-' l 'kt ,. f, war' 5 , el . X, . 'ei Sf Q 1 I ' X Avg, 3 1 ...W 1 34 P 'H 1'5 .3er 31. xg- . fi s,,,.,. Y' ...Q- vb ,,..w- ALEXANDER. E. H. Tampa ANDREWS. T. 0. Pi Kaffa Alpha Orlando AVANT. G. D. Mt. Pleasant BALL. 0. H. Pi Kaffla Alplza Jacksonville BARNES. J. M. Jacksonville uw ...uv-' fu .-s Ak 7 YK Q ' -.4 lp 4 if - -. 2 as Q "f 2 Wm., 4 , y"? :ge ,- 3.53. f Q v P - ,A -.' if ALLEN. J. J. Auhurndale ARMSTRONG. J. L. Bradenton BASS' L F. Hammondsport. N. Y BAKER. H. J. P' Knfffdaaf'ffl"' BAYNARD. w. T. Alpha Tau Omega St. Petersburg BALLARD. W. L. F tM 0' yen BENNETT, 1. w. Miaml BARRETT. W. H. BERT' H' R. St. Augustine Havana Fla- BIVINS. H. W.. JR. Pi Kaffa Alpha Clearwater 'A' 'A' 145 -Tir 5 N. x Af ta P -,,, A 1.5,-F BASS. L. W. Sigma Nu Jacksonville BEACH. E. H. Clearwater BENTLEY. T. C. Winter Haven BISHOP. G. D. Alflza Tau Omega Sanford BLACK. W. E. Lee wh. V3 A 5 fu- ' P M. -A -15 gl BASSETT. H. Dev. Quincy BEARDEN, J. G. DeLand BENTON. J. J. Gainesville BISSETT. 1. F. .-1lflmGamma Rlro Winter Haven BLACK. W. W. Tallahassee BATTLE. J. W. llflza Tau Umca Bradenton BEAZLIE. G. N. Shamrock BERRY. J. l. Pensacola BIVANS. E. L. Ft. Lauderdale BLAIR. C. H. Pi Delta Siam Miaml U ' an V E , f Y San w-nl X.. .- ,3 ii , . f - Q' A an -L... .gn Nye if ,ZA 5. A ' 1 'A -Q.. M.-3.7 BLANK. R. J. ilflm You Hurvfxu West Palm Beach BOERNER. H. Gainesville BUWDEN. G. M. l'l1X'!1f'f'l1Vfll' Jacksonville BRADY. J. E. Eustis BRAY. C. H. W inter Garden it W 5 1- 4, 4. 25' "' wr-4' Q 2 .' "Af-my 9' ,qv-W .4- . wg -.4 Q3 A nm at I ,, ' ...A 2 -.. .. .s , it ,...-' 'Ni' .1 P. 9 aid, -I W' BLIZIOTES. L. M. Gainesville BONNEY. R. W. Lake City BOWIE. T. 'ilflrn Tau Umrgyu Washington, D. C. BRANDON. C. H. lXVf1f'f'f1 .S'1'f1ma Polk Clty BREINER, C. H. Miami mm fs., -.., f-12 Qs gn- .Q .S W' k'qvvv"Y 'uv 'C""9 f 65' 4'- gf 4- Q ff 'Ki -. BRIDGES. D. W. .-llfilza Tau Umrga Orlando BROWN. D. M. BLooo. N. BoAnDMAN,1. o. Lakeland I-3510 W0I'ih Lan1Ivf1r1C'l11'.sllf'l1a Jacksonville BROWN. T. F. BOONE, T, A, BOS, W, J, .-llfilm Tau Omfga Tlzrta. flu' .-llfvlza Tau Omrga Sf- PBf0l'SbUl'!l Jacksonville Buftalo, N. Y. BUTLER. W. H. BRADDOCK. W. BRADY, C. W. .lljilm Tau Umfgu Phi' lfafofa Tau Pi Kaffe Alpha Camilla. Ga. High Springs Orlando CAMP. 0.1. BRANDON.W.C. BRANT.A.l. DeLand Sebring Miami BREWER.J.A..JR. BREWER. M.H..JR San SDFJFIUS .S1lf7lHCl Alpha Ff',rr'Ifm West Palm Beach -kt-Ar wi' ... ,.,-V 1 , , . . Y .iii-'11E'f.:. ' it ' fwibii .' ifcgilf. l s-af BRIGGS. J. L.. JR. Jacksonville BROWN. J. C. Hffa Tlzctn Pi Miami Beach BROWN. W. A.. JR. .Signza Nu Tampa BUZZA. K. L. Dflln flu' Hollywood CAMPBELL. I. Sigrua .Yu Miami BROCKETT. F. T. Titusville BROWN. J. W. Graeeville BRUNDAGE. I. S. Hialeah CAGLE. L. H. Jacksonville CANNON. D. A. San Antonio -'A 'Q' ...uf BROOKS. C. A. Bradenton BROWN. R. L. J Lklljllllll I 111' Efsilmz Ft. Pierce BURNS. B. B. Xiynrnz Chi West Palm Beach CAHILL. L. T. Watertown. N. Y. CAPPS. J. R. Miami R1 it '-can 21 so ...., 53. .124 A, GQQ n r 73,4 ,"f!.:..,p .IA milf pf, :.' R ,,,,,4wf .w4".- Lift if so! ,as-f wif' :Lf 44" .mmf , .MF M ,-v -vs '4 ... ,, . Q . . -wav- Q A 4 C3 -- ......-f 11" A Q , l ,hgh 2 -.sag Y 'l?'7 '. , ,1, dl , ,av FX... df ff? ...-ff' CARASIK. H. R. CAREFOOT. G. N. CARLSON. H. E. Tan Iifesilnn Phi' Ifafvfa .-llfiha Riviera Jacksonville Fort Meade CARMICHAEL. W. S. CARMONA. J. E. CAROTHERS. A. D.. JR Sigrua Alfha Efxviluzz KEY WGS! West Palm Beach Sylacauga. Ala. CARROLL. J. R. CARTER. G. M.. JR. CARTER. 0. M.. JR. Kissimmee Jacksonville CHAIN. A. P. CHANCEY. M.G. Miami Ch1'Phi Ft. Lauderdale CHRISTIAN. J. K. CLARK, G. B. Pi Kuff-a Alpha Bradenton Mclntosh Bagdad CHANDLER, W. H. Sigma Alfha lffnszhfzz Gainesville CLARK, R. Kaffe qllflza Bartow . K' gs.. CARLTON. R. w. 512711141 Phi Efmvilon f. 3N,AVg.l Fort Pierce fl". .f s' CARR. W. W. nllfha Gmnma Rho CLELAND- G- E- Gainesville MH-mi CAVES. R. M. Homestead COFFEE. C. W. Miami CHEANY. P. M. Chi Phi Ft. Lauderdale CLAVILLE. D. LeR. Ft. Myers if t COLLIER. H. B. Asheville. N. C. CONIGLIO. A. M. Tampa COOK. M. A. Dflla Sigyma Phi Miami bf' 1'- COARSEY. J.. JR. Kilffni.-llf'l1a 3414 X... COBB. C. E. Ft. Myers QC COCKRELL. J. 0 Jacksonville Tampa COHEN.E.R. COLEE. H.W. COLEMAN. P.J. Miami Beach ,Yfgriza Xu .Nnyvmi Chi' Jacksonville St. Cloud COLLINS. E. R. COLLINS. J. E. COMBS. H. G. Sigmg Clif Perry Jacksonville Haines City CONNER.G.L. CONSTANTINE.T.J. CONZELMANN, P,A llfihu fun Onzrghl l'i K.11'1'u .-llfhu Miami Bartow Clearwater COOKSEY. R. D. COOPER. W. W. COURTMAN. S. I Tallahassee .Nijfrmi .-Iffha l1f'5z!.1h l'l1z'l?vt.1 llrlm Jacksonville Gainesville 1 'U'-up .,17""'.,-' .95-v-"' 'uf Q.. ti' '--.1 -Q.. .ff-' -.f k, -Ly I . ,P .-vw' 13V . . . 5 vs.- -...K YQAV 'sg -X V '35 . VV Q .1 -. "A . if -,h 9 2 ,-NV! N as V, V . 4. 4. mil 1 qu. .....- , i .ZZ ' X . f 4. i , N . 5 -t 'T' 3 , N 'sau V ' 3 I ... . ' COVERSTONE. D. Y. COVINGTON. E. D.. .IR COWEN. W.. JR. COX. D. M. Bushnell Plant City River Junction Pi Kappa Phi Blountstown COX.J. H. CRAFT.1.W. CRAWFORD. M. CREAL. C. E. Ft. Lauderdale lima Thrtu l'1 Lake City Bunnell Gainesville CRlSP.J. H. CROLEY..l.T. CROMWELL. R. CROW. W. Sarasota DeFuniak Springs Riviera Sigma PIi1'Ep,vfl0,, Gainesville CULBREATH. C. E. CUTLER, C. DANIO. R. S. DARBY. C. D. Kuffa .yljlllld .SivllH1t1.'1lf'llt1 lffsilon Miami l-8K0 CNY Tampa Miami Beach DAVIS. G. B. DAVIS. R. DAVIS. W. A. DAVIS. W. E. Plvr lx'afif'u Tau Biil'i0W Kafffa .fllflia Williston Mlami Beach Fernandina -on an ,pv- VV,g 'Q' 3 Nt' ..-nf , .V ! Gi N153 -Inv Q 'W ' V . .aff Kr. kg W' 'X ch . 7 Q , ..... ., ss f ,wslgg .V V 'f WNW. Q -ef f ,...-HY . Qh I t ,dx 41" 3' A V sr "". wt tx:..Vs.- sw-V V V 5 DAVY. W. W. DAWSON. J. E. DEAN. R. W. DGGRAFF. H. llfha You Ilan.-gm Gainesville St. Augustine Miami Washington, D. C. DBMAREE. S. F. DeMlRZA. W. P. DGWITT. W. T. DICKMAN. L. C. Gainesville Miami Daytona Beach Ruskin DIXON. A. L.. JR. DOBKIN. J. B. DOSS. J. P. DOTY. R. S. Cocoa Tan Efxilfvn Phi .-llflra Tau Umrfla DGLGDU Jaksonville Beach Tavares DOUGLAS. L. DOXSEE. H. DOYLE. W. S. DRAWDY. T. E. Lake Worth Collier City Yonges Island. S. C. I,au1lv.ia Chi .sllflza DRIGGERS. R. A. Lake Butler 'kt-ir DRIVER. J. L. Coronado Beach DROMPP. E. Ilflia Tun Omrya Tampa Miami DUCKWORTH. F. A. Jacksonville f 4 1 4,,,4w:'q ,ao-'BRA .ffrlsi Ig: 4 ,ff ,319 ' QQ. an X ...av flifs' "sit" " Q" 1:0014 rf' ff" U Xin xg E'- ? vw ,.- if 9 sf-.p 'Qi "FV W A .-'3 DUFF. K. D. Mims DuPO NT. V. R. Jacksonville EASTMAN. R. D. Daytona Beach EDWARDS. R. A. Crescent City ELLIS. A. P. Chaires DUK ES. R. A. .Szgma .Yu Lake Worth DURDEN. J. R. Pi Kappa .Allplm Daytona Beach ECKFIELD. K. C. Lake Worth EDWARDS. W. E. Pi Kappa Phi River Junction ELLIS. J. E. Kappa Alpha Tampa DUNAWAY. G. R. Mollno DWOSKI N. L. PI1iBeta Delta Jacksonville EDWARDS. A. H. Pl1iKappa Tau Tampa EICHELBERGER. R. J. Pi Kappa Alpha Eustis ELLISH. S. E.. JR. Duquesne. Penn. Z! 'W--my .95 ll- , fm. .F 1 I '- 'll .Hwy 'V' DUNCAN. G. A.. JR. Kappa .Sly ma Jacksonville DYE. D. D. Sigma .ellplza ljpsllan Ft. Lauderdale EDWARDS. G. T. DeLand ELEBASH. E. P. Sigma Nu Pensacola ENGLE. R. L.. JR. ClziPl1i Coral Gables ti' -k-ki: Ml' a an W. W7 an 45 .Y' ."Q Ii af' Y - f ' u 1 -s , A 3' G ' rn lr., Q, P "V -.D , , .Q D -Q TV 3 x , 's , .. 42. T. it an l 43 45 ya 'Iii ' ' 3 Q' ?. xi I, if cv" -4. S S f. "4"-f. ,f A 5? . is - 1 , M , '3 as! gg. 'G :mm n.'QN f 'ET' N M R . , WK , . , -vw .YJ .. is . k Q xv 1 ETTINGOFF. N. V. Jacksonville FARRINGTON. C. T. Kappa .5'z'gma Ft. Lauderdale FLANAGAN. A. G. Long Beach. Calif. FLOYD. G. E. Jupiter FORT. R. A. Ft. Meade s-3, FABRICK. A. Gainesville L. FEASTER. N. .xilglllll Lxlzz' Miami FLANAGAN. W. Schenectady. N. FOGLE. J. H Gainesville W. Y. FORTNER. J. LeR. Tampa FAIRCLOTH. W. E. Chietland FIENBERG. R. Till! Ifpjllun 12,11 St. Petersburg FLETCHER. H. D. Greensboro FORCE. H. M. Pi Kappa Phi Daytona Beach FOSTER. A. H. Cleveland. Ohio FARISH. J. D. Clxipliz' West Palm Beach FERNANDEZ. F. J Tampa FLETCHER. H. V. Greensboro FORSYTHE. J. W. Winter Haven FOURAKER, W. J.. JR Theta Cilzi Jacksonville 7' . 'fv- N ..- '30 -1- A A ,J l f v' 0' "- 1' vi: .sf PN . M vs ' l X s? is ' ,- 'Y if ff. x'0'f'l?5'2 ' , va 4' I, ff FOWLER. D. C. Louisville. Ky. FRASER. J. F.. JR. PM lXVtI,'f'L1 Tun Hartford. Conn. FRIERSON. P. H. Elbers FUTCH. S. C. Boca Grande GAMSEY. J, St. Augustine ,f . 5 -M . qwfj' QV is A X 3 . ,W ,, 1' arf 3, xg' V . ss., 2 tt' if-E 3- fi-5' K- . '35 Q8 u.' i i . . yi? :us fi X. s , ttf . 'S J 5 sw.. 'S ks. 3 ,AU M A B Q ' .eqvgg K Q mn? 9 s . .se 'auf' vu., 1 5 -A . 'U .gs 4:4 '. 2 4 in .J gr ,V J --4-, -N., v -N..,l . 'Q FOWLER. T. B.. JR. FRALISH. J. FRANCO, D. K. Bartow Daytona Beach Tampa FRAUENHElM.W.G. FREEMAN.G.R. FRENCH.W.T. Allftlm 1.1.1 HIIIUNII Chattahoochee Miami Sarasota FROST.J.H. FULLER. M.E. FUNDERBURK.T.J..JR. XIQIIHHI l'l11 lzjinlffn Gainesville Gainesville Tampa GAHAN. H.N. GALLENTINE. M.J. GAMMON,C.A..JR Ocala Daytona Beach St. Augustine GATRELL. F.D. GEORGE. H.E. GlBBONS.S.M. Falrtield Morriston ,llfflm 1 ,JH U,,,,..,d Tampa s. Q. ang' n' 'W' X -., r-' 13" ' V-:ff f 5 1-F77 5 K , ilk.. .waiif T -' , 25 X gf bl law . 'mifzr 'W 'M Q51 aw, t i .mar 3 N. 'J' uri 'Jim "Hum A Nu L . H I 1 .wa 'V' W'-I 1 R g 'al 'Q' me Qi! uf' ff' ,ff s ',,.Qj.- -rf- ff' GIFFIN. G. N. La Gloria, Camaguey. Cuba GLENN. W. W. Havana. Fla. GOLDENFELD. E. A. Phi Hvtu llvffcl Massilon. Ohio GOURLEY. A. D. Phi Kal'ltu Tun St. Petersburg GREENLAND. E. H. .-llfllu Gamma Kliu Orlando it 150 4- b :L yu swf GILBERT. R. I. GILLIS. E. W. GLASS. F. C., JR. Jacksonville Jacksonville ,NUIIHLI Chi Lee GLICKFIELD. L. GLOVER. L. GOCIO. W. R. Phi BN., 11.-lf., Daytona Beach Sarasota Miami Beach GOLDMAN. P. F. GORDON. J. R. GORDON. W. Tun Ilpxflifir PM Sxmnzu .-Ilfiliu Izjuvzlrfll DeFuniak 5llfifl9S Ocala Jacksonville GRAHAM.L..JR. GREEN,A.E..JR. GREEN. C. F. TFIUIAI .-11171111 l:l'.v1'Iu1z T3llahaSSOB Phi Holla Tlwiu Gainesville Live Oak GREEN. G.B. GREENE.J.P. GREENWO0D.L. K Gainesville Slflllltl .lilplm 1111511011 Homestead Jacksonville S,-... .gnf 53" www NO' ...New . f , xl e was ' 'Q ,K .em Ae J QI ., 'gif GRIFFIN. E. C. Quincy GROSSBERG. F. S Taulips1!w1Pl11' Miami HAFFSTEIN. G. R. Miami Beach HAMILTON. H. U. Aucilla HANSARD.1. B. Daytona Beach riffv nf' ur' -W ,,, GRIMM. 1.1. Gainesville GUERNSEY, J. P. Providence. R. I. HAIMOWITZ. M. Orlando HAMILTON. R. B Pi KuM'a .-llplla Gainesville HANSEN. I. E. PiIx'up1vu fllfwlza Orlando ur' ,A- Kgil'-fiwv cn0cAN.1.n. Hialeah GUEST. M. l. New Smyrna Beach HALL. B. Delta .Sigma Phi Tampa HAMPTON, 1.1. Okeechobee HARBIN. R. E. .5'1'qma Nu Miami 4 an A' .'s . Qi-XFHQ.. . 'EPB ff. .1 4.1 .'Y5"f.f .x V GROOM. R. P. Wacissa HAAS. W. S. Eustis HALL. H. P. Center Hill HANCOCK, L. Kappa Sigma Sebring HARDMAN. H. M. Sigma Nu Clinton. Mass. ti' 'ki' '51, X1 ...J 1 -.Ny J ,J ls -A ., 4 ,, . . . 93 t , ff'-1 wi X if w I 935' , 2 - .399 - '. Z' V X,,-5 l"' J N ,gg ,S My wi' - .4 if s , fe. .4 ,A-A asv- 52? N-M' Q J 'G 'li gig.. if 0 ...- 1, ,,.v- XY 5 ji ,ff . -4' ,ev -1 an 5: I' .Ui 4- ,ll 'f f'f"F I , gp... ' -nv' hi i .Q W 'P' HARDY. H.B. HARMAN. D.A. .Sigma N14 Winter Haven Miami HARRELL. W. R. HARRISON. C. M.. JR. Mulberry Palmetto HARTSTEN. H. HATTON.J.l. Miami lX,nlf'f'4l .Xvlijllld Miami HElDER.P.H HENDERSON.C. E. Miaml Tallahassee HENDRY.E.G. HENRY.A.K. Gainesville Ft. Lauderdale HARRELL. H. R. Bowling Green HARRISON. J. K. Shamrock HAWKINS. C. R Sanford HENDON. A. H. Ft. Lauderdale HENRY. N. P. Live Oak Q.. HARRELL. H. W. Chipley HARRISON. T. C. ,SNlllHll1.'f1ffll1flfjlldll Memphis. Tenn. HEATH, R. C. Bartow HENDRICKS. M. D. North Mlaml Beach HENRY. W. C. St. Petersburg s -o ti' .Q .Q ... sign, N' .. -J a L o a N-4 -sf -4- , . W' we 51 N4 .bij-' if . ...ff 'vi' xy "xx 'K Q.. rxi 'R ss fl 3 '?' F .Nm X , .. , 3... as ,.. -L fl 20' 'Q 44 "FNB, HERNDON. A. B. Orlando HERRING. T. A. Palatka HILL. 0.1. Ocala HODGE. J. D. Palatka HOLLAND. C. Bartow HERNDON. J. R. Lake City HETHCOX. J. C. Theta Chi Apopka HINDERY. G. A. :llpha Gamma Rho DeLand HODGES. E. M. Jasper HOLLOWAY. 1. Fl. Kappa Alpha Ft. Pierce HEHRIN. M. Gretna Pi Kappa .-ilpha Sanford HINES, E. L. .SXIAQHIU Chi Tampa HOGAN. J. E. Pensacola HOLLUMS, D. H. Miami ..4v' HERRIN. T. Lambda Chifllpha Pensacola 1 :fs .Pa-' QW' Q 9 . 4 -535' 'v . -W.. Q Sk " -'Z 57 'd if :sr- 'auf' 05-1 x . J 1 ' sp -Q... MQ! .ca 'M X we .0 -.7615 Q4 N,- HOLTSINGER. C. E.. JR. HOOLEHAN, W. C. HICKSON. R. G.. JR. HIGGINBUTHAM. C. T. .Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jacksonville HINES. M. H. Dade City HOGG. J. L. Jacksonville HOLTON. J. Plant City H. Phi Delta Theta JaCkS0fIvillB Tampa HOSFORD. J. W.. JR. HOSKINS. F. L. Tallahassee Kappa Alpha Jacksonville HOWELL. J. F. HOWELL. L. M. Jacksonville Phi Kappa Tau Jacksonville HUDSON. R.H. HUFFMAN.W.U. Titusville Tarpon Springs HUNT. B. L. HUNTLEY. W. T. Sigma N14 Doctor's Inlet Miami 'ki'-A' 152 Q Sw .tv-...., HOOTEN. C. L. Eustis HOUSTON. H. T. Phi Delta Theta St. Petersburg HOWELL. T. D. I.amlJda Chifllpha South Miami HUGUELET. E. J. Beta Theta Pi Coral Gables 5. - - r u......LQ...x.:. .. :LLM .zv 4 "" K fb- 5, Q' D , Qi 7 ' 'QQ' gf,-, ff T CT 'af V --..- HORTON. W. H. Sigma Chi Haines City HOWARD. R. P. Winter Garden HUDSON. D. Kappa Sigma Ft. Lauderdale HULBERT. W. H. Sigma Nu Pensacola HUNTON. W. P. HUTCHINSON. R. C.. JR New Smyrna Beach Kappa Sigma Plant City 'nh ' " .Ga 'A ' ii ..,- er 1 'Q' ,..v ' wi 1 h' at Nu .gh 1 ,A 14:1 J- Wm. 55" 101 ul' ..,,.e--v . ,.....-w ' V, fa' 5 ..':.".4' .sv H-iii?" X ' A M r ., X 554 an-L., v Aw, l Y . Q . -1 gif' '4 . .25 SUS. . 2 Lf bff ,P X M .te.-..- h xx'- .I " :V N R . ,Ne 4. l .M 'fe . ',, 'R Q ..-.B 2 if we E a- .asv if fr l 5 ra .J 'Q' , 'ff ,Mr 'LE W' X w 1:1 ff' HUTCHINSON. R. L., JR. HYLTON. M. L. IHRIG. D. INGMAN. R. B.. JR. JHCKSUUVHIC Wllliel' HBVBII Uvlta Siynia Phi .gltlllltl Nu Winter Park Miami JAMISON. J. H. JARRELL. E. N. JARVIS. J. S. JEFFCOAT. R. N. Stuart Goldsboro. Md. Micancpy Plant City JELKS,D. K. JENKINS. J. E. JENKlNS,.l.T. JOCA.J.G. .S'z'gma Alpha Ifpsilpn Bunnell Tavares Cleveland. Ohio Jacksonville JOHNSON. B. E. JOHNSON. G. S. JOHNSON. W. L. JOHNSTON. R. E. -'30k50nViU9 Sigma .-Ilplza Epsilon Pi Delta Sigma Webster Gainesville Jacksonville JOHNSTONE. J. W.. JR. JONES. G. O. JONES. L. JONES, M. O. Mlami Auhurndale Orlando Crescent City ti' 'kt ".' -vw 'ev ' '41 Q 'l vvt f' 'V S 4 K .1 'Z , 1 11. I, S 'Sam' N ,L " ' Y wr we 'ZYVI 45- X wa.. 'gfnial Q .1 'G ' 'MA W ' y .a K 2' it fs., .,- ., , ' v 4-Q.. ' -- X 4 Y' 'fi sf ' 'J . Navi, 2 X ff? WE gf f. 'ic ,,..-' ,w!" lg Sv i 'af I 131 475. ' JONES. 0. K. JORDAN. L. E.. JR. JOSSELYN. L. D. Perry Oviedo Miami KANE, J. D. KARNEY, L. L. KASS. S. H. Bgm Thgfa Pi Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville Coral Gables KEEPER. T. B. KEHOE.J.J. KELLAR.W.B. Gainesville Schenectady. N. Y. Bradenton KEMPER.J.A. KENDRICK.P. KENNEDY. A. Hamilton, Bermuda Sl. Augustine .Szynza Nu Lakeland KICKLITER, L. N. KIMMEL. J. G. KITCHEN. L. Sarasota Sarasota Ft. Myers h,,.-'v-. -1 -.,, a' uv.. 'J K. A 355' 33 1' ve L Z..-f 1 . gt W ,elf L: 1 . ,aL KAHN. A. M. full- Bffll IPUHG Miami Beach KEATING, H. J. Ylxtl mu 1'l1z llfxiili Tampa KEMP. J. E. f,,Il'BUfL1l7L'1fLl Mlami KENNELLY. J. G.. Jacksonville KLEIN. G. J. Tau lipsifurx PM Miami Beach 433- . ','a"'5- ,EQ 'io' 'Y have au' . ,-r wa. :gm -Wing: 1 X.. ff "' 'N-L ...N ff", ...A of -P Rv, , M 'Tn KLEINMAN. J. M. Kissimmee KNIGHT. R. NI-QIHLI .Hjillu lzjosil Miami KUPPERS. J. R. l'zKuf'11u1'lzi Vero Beach LADEBURG. D. C. West Palm Beach LAMSUN, D. F. sllflru 1 an Umrgd Sanford ull 'ww ...f ,.J' KLEISER. G. A. Tavares KNOWLES, G. B.. JR. .Xzkmiu .Ilj'l1i11'j'.fllm1 Bradenton KURLAND. B. Miami LAI RD. C. R. Darllngton LAND. 1. H. l.umh.1i1Clzi,-Hflza Apopka .gf 'kit 9 ...rf Q5 he ,vm affix.. we .mt 'FWZ KNIGHT. 0. E Jacksonville KOCH. B. A. Daytona Beach KURTZ. C. W. .Sigma Nu Tampa LAMB, R. E. Jacksonville LANE. R. M. Milton wwf KNIGHT. R. F. .-ilflfu Yau Umcgu Vero Beach KOLMAN. P. I. Tun l4jfsilunl"l1i Miami LACY. P. D. Jacksonville LAMPP. E. R.. JR. Mulberry LANGSTON. D. St. Aullustlne . wt' 'Ka-QV ...,' ,4- are ' ,an- ,f- ,uh- ,ur '93-' auf' 'E' E -Q., ea M fr A ii' v ., , 3. 0' 5 , Mak s if i 2 .ff . fl. .... L, -. . ....L.-. 4? f"" uv' ...nv '-ar .Ansar LASRIS. H. LASRIS. R. LATHINGHOUSE. T. Pl1iBvtu In-Im Phib'.'ml2.'11a D0FUI1iak Surinus Jacksonville Jacksonville LEE. F. A. LEE. J. C. LEE. R. E. G3illCSVill0 Swlvilllld .AHN111 1111511011 .Sigma Clif LESLIE. M. C. Madison LINDER. P. S. Brill TIIUNJ Miami LOWERY. A. C Lakeland 'ki' Orlando LESTER. D. G. Ft. Lauderdale LINDSEY. T. H. Kufvfu Signzu Miami LOWERIE. J. D. Phi lffltu Theta Tallahassee Si. Petersburg LESTER. R. N. Quincy L. LOADHOLTES. B. J. Kulvfu .-111-ln: Ft. Meade LYO NS. F. S. Tampa 25,3 'Aja V, ii ifigff .Av ,Zig Q.. 4 -.. f " ' I . I 'nfs 'fi , SY! 7 ,Q fi: f f .fr LAYFIELD. G. M Dalia .gllglllld Plz: Trenton LEMIRE. E. H Bam Theta P1 Orlando LICHTENWALTER. H 0 JR. .Sxiynm .-Iljfhu lifmlo 71 Short Hills. N. J LONG. W. N. Starke LYONS. F. 0. .Signza Nu Tampa r 1 V . l i V l w i I 1 l li li li V 'i 1 . l 5 1 i 'x I, E ' 5 1 wad? .57 Q2 as sl Www aw 1 McANDREW.J.T..JR. McBRlDE. H.S. Chi Phi Jacksonville McCORMICK. T. Phi Delta Thuta Tampa McDANIEL. H. P. l'h1' Delta Theta Homestead McGAHAGIN. R. Jacksonville McLEOD. J. A. Lockhart 'f..-'ZZ T vnu . 'X v f , "WB" f 'fi A ff NL. L fm z Jkifzfi- , s " .. A ag ,gym-,a.5'g,5::-'5s.: 2 f V' a 2 1' gg?-x N McCALL. W. W. McCLUNG. J. D. Barberville Mayo Aucilla McCORMICK. W. C. McCRARY. B. Y. McCFlILLUS. R. M. Ft. White Chipley Miami McDANlEL. J. S. McDONELL. R. W. McELYER. S. D.. JR. Pi Kappa I'l1i High Springs Webster Miami McGRlFF, J. McLANE, W. F. McLAUCHLlN, A. J. Sigma Alfvliu lzpsilun Phi Hella Theta Fairfield Gainesville Tampa McMlCHAEL. F. P. MCMULLEN. T. R. McNab. R. C.. JR. Alpha Tau Umcga THFHD3- Phi Delta Theta Tampa Tampa 'ki' it 'Za "" 'wr i it Us 1 'wr . . , M, ...V , .. 5'-...-.wh if MCSWAIN. L. B.. JH. Lambda L'l1i.4Ilplia Tampa MAGNUSON. F. N. Lambda Chi fllffha Miami MATHENY. E. G. Sarasota MEANS. S. A. Gainesville MEINER. H. T. Orlando A., ' -2: '. .- ' an Q 4-HW 0 fl' '40, Q.. 'J :.. Sz Shri J 1 -Nt V X x , . X A 'w Q 'Sv ap.. ... ...Q -Q ,ara fn. Q 2" we' ' f- ig frf"'f' ff V,dV I , f -Q 4 -4 .4 5 an ' N x .v -.s if Qi ..:,a' 'a ,JL W x Q ANIR Sf 1 we " MACKER. W. R. Miami MAHONEY. R. Kapfvu.5'1gma Tampa MATHEWS. L. G. Roddick MECKLEM. W. M. Crescent City MENDELL. J. L. Tan Efwilari Phi Miami sf MACKLER. E. D. fan Ifpxilau Phi Tampa MANNING. E. M. Jasper MAURER. M. Kappa .Sigma Ft. Lauderdale MEEK. W. Delta .Sigma Phi Jacksonville MERCER. W. G. .Sigma .Yu Miami Nt MADDING. J. .mama .4I,f'I1al:p..1l ri Pine Bluff, Ark. MASTERS. W. G Miami MAYES. T. EI Paso. Texas MEHRTENS. G. H. Theta Phi Jacksonville MERIWETHER. C. J Phi' Kappa Tau Sanford . ,3- YQ x -nl . 41 wyl V' XR 5 'I' vb? X' X .f Q' - . -A we ...Q , W l - ,W a irir , 4-1' vu. i. 1 ani' .Xi VN . .g ,f 5 1 - A ' .sf- fn- V 'L X ' 5: we S' We .7 vi' ,I MERTINS. F. W.. JR. Pensacola MICHNOFF. D. M 11111 l:j'.v1lu1zl'l11l Miaml Beach MILLS. E. R.. JR. Conner MIZELL. R. H. Jacksonville MOODY. I. I. Pi Kuffa Phi Flagler Beach MESA. P. L. Key West MILLER. B. E. PhlfBCf4l Uultd Miami MITCHELL. A. J. Lakeland MOCK. .l. M. Phi Delta Theta Jacksonville MOORE. H. P. Auburndale N4 '--Q, MEYERS. P. L. Bradenton MILLER. P. D. West Palm Beach M ITCH ELL. C. Tallahassee MOCK. K. L.. JR Pi Kappa Phi Leesburg MORGAN.1. M. PiKaMfa Alpha Sanford MICHAEL. 1. W. Alpha Tau Omega Wahasso MILLER. R. E. LaBeIle MITCHELL, J. A.. JR. Jasper MONSALVATGE. W. H. Key West MORLEY. R. St. Augusllne hh sv -uni' .W 'XR' si f 'bi 'vv ss t . se' 4.-g-ie' S. --.M Q in 1 si of '-TBIQQL :V QQ' :iff xx, 6 , . e ,,. again. W M N W. aes ,W . N.. -.w . A vw' 'v Q, MORRIS. I. E.. JR. Phi Delia Theia Ft. Lauderdale MURFEE. N. Bonifay NEFF. H. H. Orlando NOA. H. M. Pensacola NORRIS. H. G. Crescent Cily 'ki' MOUTZ. W. B. Lakeland MURRELL. W. H Winter Haven NELSON. D. B. Chipley NORDMAN. Fl. A. DeLand NUTTING. W. F. Delta Tau Delta Orlando M ULLI NS. G. Ocala MYERS. A. I.. lr. Philfaflffa Tau Sanford NICHOLSON. E. C.. JR. Sigma Nu Pensacola NORMAN. J. W. Gainesville 0'HARA. I. S. New Port Richey MUNTZ. J. H. Jacksonville NANTS. .I. A. Phi Delta Theta Live Oak NICOL. E. J. Eustis NORRIS. F. Gainesville ONOPRIENKO. A. Della Chi Miami W, ,wr 'NY 76 .wh W a 7M...,.-F ...w"' Swv x'l,g,f. zfE".SP ,..'- . Q 'awk T OSBORN. R. H., JR. Pi Kafffa Phi Daytona Beach PARKER. J. H.. JR Perry PARTRIDGE. H. E Kaffa Sigma Jacksonville PEACOCK. T. Lakeland PHERIGO. L. P. Miami Q- V417 OVERSTREET. J. R. OXFORD. G. T. Havana. Fla. High Springs PARKER. R. E. PARNELLE. M. H. Bradenton Sebring PARTRIDGE. W. D. PATTERSON. J. W. Lambda ChiAIfha Cleafwaiel' Miaml PEARCE. C. P. PERT. J. L. Pi Kaffe Phi May0 Miami PHIPPS. R. W. PLANT. J. B., JR. Ifaffa Alpha Miami Tampa Q PACE. B. V.. JR. Ft. Lauderdale PARTAIN. W. A.. Ill Palalka PATTILLO. R Shiloh PHILPOT. B. Gainesville POLLOCK. K. Ft. Myers C. J. R. 'kit 'ki' 3 1 PW "J" xv , ,, 4- - 52' ' M... .ii'.11' -' ', LA nl . mm P' ff- 'A , HIL? . . ' ff v f 3 ,IQ-' f -,f',y ' Nw I ,ie A ML f s .iii s 7 . 21112. , ay A "i' . r . J Wi . xv? . . 5,1451 r. 'fn u , "f o -...sag ha. f 1 -sv x .1-.e 1' ' .W . . . - .X ii?fgf5'1QQ V 5 .5 93 ,, wg ual' Wiki lf 296 .ala f-f 1 Nr if .17 , if 42 'fm'-I. POOCK, T. F. PORTER. R. P. POTEET. W. L. Jacksonville Sigma Pl:1'Efs1'lwz. Miami Plant City POWELL. G. E. POWERS. A. PRESTON. B. S. Creslview Tan Efxvilon Phi Cross City Bayonne. N. J. PRlNGLE.J.P. PRYOR. H.T. PURVlS.G.L. Fl. Green Miami Madison RAGSDALE. B. A. RAINE. N. RAMAGE. V. L P1,iDe-lm Theta Gainesville Tilusville Tallahassee RASMUSSEN. N. M. RAULERSON. R. C. RAWLS. J. S. Zenhyrhills Planl City Marianna ,wif 'iv , 1? A. .31 ,R zz POU LOS, T. C. Jacksonville PRESTON. F. 0. 51211710 Phi' Ijfivili Brandon RADFORD. G. B Shamrock RAN KIN, G. D. Jacksonville RAWLS. W. A. Pensacola , :u P -.4 TQ. .-'Q f H' -4 --4. N- Q.. -MJ if W an 1 re. 4. ink.. ,, . f-' f '-in 1" ':,5vv.' 'ki' ,sq XNQ ..- Nur' ii i W., 1 ,4-vw Zi ' 1 ZTQW is ,.- -.V ...awk A' .' t V.: - :av K N, as gf- 1 1 ' a --V! 39 S, --f 1 '13, fi ii RAY. R. E. RAY. W. A. Ixufif-ii 511111111 Blountstown Palm Beach RAYMOND.J.G. READ. E.M..JR Ft. Lauderdale Trenton REGISTER. S. T. FlEISINGER.J.A. Tallahassee Cl11'I'lii' Miami RICHARDS. F.C. RIDDlCK.J.F. g1uh.hiC'liz'.1!fl1u Gainesville Miami ROGERO. C. R. ROGERS. J. St. Augustine Perry 1-1. RAYBON. J. R. Mango REAMS. C. J. Lamont HEMBERT. D. M. Dflfa .N'z'y7111a Phi Tampa ROBINSON. C. M. Jacksonville ROGERS. P. G. Phi Dclta Thcla Ft. Lauderdale RAYMOND. D. P. Kafifrz 511711111 Ft. Lauderdale REEVES. W. L. Felds REVELS. F. Phi Knfifiu Tail Dade City RODGERS. E. G. Trenton ROHAN. L. B.. JR. Miami -. '3 ,QM 1 ': Nh? R9 -I , ' xv-v" ,. is ,W x .1 ROOD. R. S.. JR Bradenton ROSENBLATT. C. J. fall 13f'.Yil0lI Phi Tampa RYAN. T. D.. JR. Doctor's Inlet SAUNDERS. P. H Sarasota SCHAUT. J. W. .-Ilfiha fun frjlilfj Bradenton lil s'Nvf 'tg-v ROSE. A. M. lun lxfivihui Phi Miami Beach ROSS. W. H. Slvjllllll Chi' Chicago, lll. SABLOW. l. L. LI Phi livin livlt Jacksonville SAYERS. J. W. C'hi'Ph1' Orlando SCHROEDER. H. Quincy H. in iii ' i 'Uh .mach- an if F -8 MJ ROSE. E. J. Yun lzf.vih11zPI1i Miami Beach ROUSE. H. E. Dclfa 7.1111 lirlfu St. Augustine SAUERS. R. H. St. Petersburg SCHAFFNER. H. J N-'ji' ROSEN. A. P. Ph1'I1'vtn ljlilfll Miami Beach RUBIN. I. ivflll 13,1711 l7Cll'd Miami Beach SAULS, N. LeR. Bowling Green SCHAUB. D. W. Pensacola Tampa SCHOCH, W. L. SCHULTZ. H. E 511111141 l'l11'lffxvi'I.111 Wllliel' HRVBII Gainesville .r Vwfe 'ki I-Wg 4 ,,.g.... 'Q-nv Q 2454: ' v V 'X or ,pw -I -va' 4,-1 M- f-Thaw-5, ' 'v if-rf WW! Q ...Q x. M. wh- fe' 4? fi SCOTT. W. R. SEITLIN. J. Phi I7r'ltr1 Theta Tan Ef'x1'hu1 l'hi Miami Miami SETZER. E. J. SEVERIN. C. F. Tau Iffnvilou Phi PBHSGCDIH Jacksonville SHUMBAUGH.S.S. SHEHAN.J. jigyuza Chi Miami Jacksonville SHEPARD. M. R. SHERMAN. C Jacksonville Avon Park SKULL. C. E. SIMMONS. H Miami St. Cloud SELBY. C. E. Winter Park SEY MOU R. C. L Barberville SHELDON. W. H Sigma Chi New Port Richey SHOEMAKEH. N. Ft. Lauderdale SIMMONS. S. H Miami E. v SJ Q. .94 A -oil' QP. In -as ,W , ,,. V .9 'sv 1 - L Q.. ...Si VKX' 'XVI Q Y , , 4 , , -,511 -.,. Q,.' , ff NI.. df- 'N-v sr' SELLERS. T. W. Phi' I,F1fl1 Thvfd Jacksonville SHACKLEFORD. 0. G. wauchula SIMPSON. T. C. Daytona Beach SHEPARD. C. B. jacksonyme SKINNER. B. L. rllplzrz Tan fjJIlt'QU Dunedin SHARROCK. I. L. L,l.,,,, C-,,,- w. B. Crescent City Miaml SIMMONS. W. M. Bruce SMITH. 0. B. Brooksville SPEAR. G. C. Nichols 'kit SIMPSON. W. H. Madison SKIPPER. J. E. Sebring SMITH. J. L. Della Clhi Cross City SMITH. R. G. Tampa SPRINGER. G. R. DUNN L-hz. Hollywood SISTRUNK. P. A. Williston SLAGLE. L. E. .'lIf'ha Gammrl Rho Ft. Lauderdale SMITH. J. E. Aflfffd TCI!! iilllfglil West Palm Beach SMOCK. R. A.. JR. Delray Beach SPRINTZ. R. L. 1JfVl'Hl'fll lwflffl Miami Beach SKAGSETH. A. 515111141 .'1lf'hu Iffxvrl ll Miami SLOAT. J. R. Pill RPMI IVUHLI Jacksonille SMITH. M. IVUHU fun llvlti Miami SOUTHCOTT. W. H. Ixaflni ,Niguiu Jacksonville SQUIRES, J. F. Ocala 159 i it-k 42' j jp- '5 7 3 if 1 and y K, , . A 2. , - .3-3, 1 .::. QL. A. W' -H' 1 - A 3 3 Q in if -, I 6 if 3 ' ff L. - za 4' A new '- Y 'sv 921 N' -.1 -ww' .aw ,uw 139. 'SH Na 'Ny Llaugej V wigs gg :C S 'Hp f f, - 2 4 if .1 'f 2 55 14 if .95 ,4- Z' STANLEY. G. D. Sanford STEWART. W. C Mount Dora STOKES. L. S. Kappa Szfluza Orlando SUBERMAN. J. l,17lle1'fl1l,L'lfll Miami Beach SULLIVAN. J. P Y hrla fllll Tallahassee ,JW STINSTROM. 0. D. STEPHENS. M. Y Alpha Tan Huzvga Brooksville Sanford STILL. H. E.. JR. STOCKS. H. C. Jacksonville Frostprool STONE.J.D. STOUDEMlRE.J. .fllpha llauzma Rho Chi Phi Gonzalez Jacksonville SUDDUTH. H. L. SUGARMAN. S. L Panama City Pensacola SUSSMAN.A. SWlNK.P.C..JR. Yau Iffrvilaii Phi EVillSl0l'l Miami ff'-"-fs. f.,..f-A was ,A 47 v- x. V, sr ,.-, A . Y Q' u ,. A , L. '- if i Y V I J. TAYLOR, J. A. TERZENBACH. H. L. TEW. C. T. TEW. J. A. Gainesville Bowling Green Pompano Sanford THALGOTT. H. F. THEUS. P. J. THOMAS. D. C. THOMAS, 0. H., JR Dunnellon Ocala Clermont Alpha Tan Omgga STERRITT. W. Gainesville Chi Phi Hollywood THOMAS, P. 0. THOMPSON. S. S. THORNTON. H. R. THORPE. H. R. Kappa .S'z'57ma Lake Wales Ph1'DcIta Thvia Miami STOER, C. H., JR. Sebring Palatka Pi Kappa Phi Leesburg THROOP. K. M.. JR. TILLMAN, B. R. TORIBIO, M. TOWNSEND, W. C. Pi' Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tilmlla Sf- P0f0l'SbUf!l STRIPLING. E. L. Miami Tampa Orlando TOWSON, L.A. TRAMMELL,C.G..JR. TREIMAN. M.W. TURLINGTON, R. D .gljllllll .-Ilpha Epxilon Sigzma Nu Bl'00kSVill8 5167110 Phi' Ef'5lfUH SULLIVAN. D. R. Gainesville Tampa Gainesville Thrta Chi Homestead TAYLOR, C. E. Sfyynza Chi Gainesville 'ki -1-Y 4...-1 .x,,,.. .Q 'uv 'ik TURNBURKE. G. M. Clearwater UNDERWOOD. J. F. Sliillllll P111 Efsilml Jacksonville VAUGHAN. R. E. Ft. Lauderdale WALDRON. E. J. Ph1'Ka11fa Tan Miami WARD. F. R. Reddick N i . 'vw 3 .ff v'r"'f --Q. TURNER. B. E. Miami USHER. P. M. Miami VAUGHAN. W. Crestview P. WALKER. B. C. Jacksonville WARD. R. D. .gilifilllfl Chi Florence. S. C. 'Nt Wa... , ' TQ? hurl' X ' 1 ik W? . f ,x 2 away ,, 52, " ' Rf" . f 'V ' '. '35 ne . . - .as 'K 1 :WW mm ' ..- I 1 - . Ns A 9 "f 0' as - . fp K kr 7 st' il -'djwv i 11 H Ai 1 Nik, . Tvuzn. R. G.. Jn. TvsoN.1.c. l'1'.Ka11fu l'!11' Sr. Cloud Miami VAN DYKE. B. L. .xlljlfiid f1lf'l1a lff1s1l Tampa VRANA, B. G. Homestead WALKER. H. R. Lamont WARD. R. W. Frm Tl1f'fal'i Miami HH VANDEMOTTER. V. C. Daytona Beach WALDEN. D. G. Madison WALKER. J. T. Gainesville WARNER. H. G Kaf'f'a.'1lf1l1a Tampa 'ki' it Qu 'CFD ML. .1 2 Q' sau tg' 6 ,uf fi V5 I iwvj . . , . ,.,, X 5 ,fav y W. 1 .5 X ,.. WATSON. J. C. Tallahassee WEISS. D. G. PIIIT Brin Dflta Jacksonville WHEELOCK. N. R. .S'1'y1111a Alpha Ef1s1'l1v11 Miami WHITEHURST. A. L. Gainesville Z E Y '. W.. .ci f " X 'f A is er Byte 'Nv- in-..., "Ts- ' . -4 -M... f' me Y J fy. ,., . 25: 0 , . :"w:'.-- 'v ,Exam-, ,R , WEBB. R. W.. JR. St. Augustine WELLS. W. J. Plant Cily WHIDDON. R. P. Monticello WHITING. C. L. Micanopy WHITMAN. D. WILBANKS. W. H.. JR. ,gliflllld PIII. lffhvilmz Miami Bartow -I , 4? an-li 5 13253 Jw ...X Q 'J 'p as .A Q Q 'Wu- ,f::'.W'.' if WEIGAND. J. F. Miami WEX LE R. A. C. Miami WHITAKER. C. C. .N'1'11111a ixvll Tampa WHITING. J. J. Miami WILHOIT. W. M. 511111111 .HN111 lffxflw Quincy 'S 0 ,.... , J CZ 'sf' . if Qi' ...i WEINBERG. A. L. Miami WEXLER. H. P. Iif11ABL'fllI71'i'f11 Jacksonville WHITEHEAD. B. L Ft. Myers WHITNEY. V. W. Tampa WILLIAMS. D.. JR Jacksonville 'kit vg- Tir -E N! 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I'11iDcIfa Y lzrta Miaml YONG U E. A. C. Fairfield 'ki' 5- V I' .4 Fi. ,,. -ff X-M ,..,-v Nl WOOTEN. W. Y.. JR. Lakeland WRIGHT. W. R. Signza Nu Miami YOUNG. E. S. River Junction ... " - V" . . if sw . fag... 5 1 .K fg 2 WORLEY. B. C Miami WYNN8. W. C. Lessburg YOUNGBLO0D.J A Tampa ID fTlEfTl0RIHfT1 HENRY HOLLHDD CHLDUJELL JACK PHELPS SH EA '42 , ,,,7 4 3 3 X, X ' L f f mf A ,f ,, W , WWW! M X - ,W 13? ' e ,ln f ,Y 4 , XX! 53? M X if F ,' ' lf gf 1 ',KQi!21X if 7 1 N X if A.,A X X X M X X 2 f X X ff, f X 2 f 2 ff , 11 I X K X fa' TX 5 X f X f .X f , X I X X, X XXX! X X XX f X, XX in X ga' QQ Wg? pw ," X I -X I 'D Xa' fi-EXX W 'X M Q, ' ?!svX:SX X i X 5 Q X i , - - , ig-.XX .X XX Y , X ,, -N ,, , .,,efx X ,, ,.,,5X, X W me XX 19 ,M ,X ,v X ff' ASX 4.1 ,X , EAXXQ C X125 LV 2 X9 4 1 X 1 X ' A-X ' XX gf- , X 1 "pkg, d X XX, Hz, , 24 .1 , XI, : 'VM 3 X. ' as'f?f,i1 f wif , iv, V XXX X --.ra W SX ' X ' nM X 4 '7 :X X .,f':' X ' . , X 4 X X, ,fig XXXXAX X XXXX I ' 'i V ,X X ' 3.4552 X 7 fy' X ffl 2 , K 1 , x I Q ' 'XX ' , X X X X g5.'24, ,m,:h:k:,,,,.pn,N.- W- X W ,. ,frm X X , XX X N' j X X I :' -,X- QQ 1 ,X A , iii' f ' X 5 X ,, ,,,, ZXV , X 4' We .X X X , ,X 1 ' ' X5XXfg5Xk H 4 , X. ,gs 75 X Y ' X Xj jig: an ISSN X X X fag I :iw lk X .gg 'C"V"' X X -u f .-,- ,wk F' Students Cm wd Into the Auditorium to Show Josh C odY Th0y're Behind Him FALL l938 .... Florida's big pay-ott year, the tootball season that vvas going to balance the consecutive years ot bad luck, the year Josh Cody's breaks vvould come clicking through .... then A... Stetson beat Florida .... Ole Miss trounced her .... Florida barely licked Sewanee . . . . then trimmed by lvliami . . . an expected vvin over Tampa . . . . then the score reversed, and Florida done in by Boston .... spilled by Georgia, in the big lax game .... then the tun startedh-"Whats vvrong with Florida?" "What's vvrong vvith Cody" "Get rid ot the coachl" miraculously, irate tans stood ready to take over the Administration, tire the coach, hire dl the another, "restore Florida's glory", start vvinning games .... criticism, threats, suppose y unanimous voice ot the alumni, poured into Gainesville .... tvvo days betore Homecoming, and a crisis was at hand .... STUDENTS SUPPCDRT CCDDY Wiusori Fivcsivmri, Mana Then, on Thursday atternoon, November lO, the University Auditorium tilled up to overtlovving as vvell over halt the student body marched solemnly in, tools seats . . . . the RCTC unit, called out in mass .... an alumnus, Bob Pyle, spoke, announcing the tormation ot the Florida Quarterback Club composed ot loyal graduates .... "Back Codyl' '..., Steve O'Connell spoke, pledged the support ot student govern- ment .... "Support Codyl' '.... students shouted approval .,.. the entire mob streamed from the Auditorium, marched in cavalcade across the campus, past the lntirmary, over l500-strong, to Graham Field .... Josh Cody, tired, harried but resolute, vvas putting the Gators through a tinal practice betore the Flomecoming game .... the Florida Gator Band joined the marchers, saluted the coach .,.. Pyle spoke tor the Quarterback Club, re- attirmed loyalty to Cody .... G'ConneIl gave him the taith ot student government . . . . over halt the student body roared their contidence .... Cody auietly ex- plained the situation - ravv Sophomore players, bad breaks, untortunate misunder- standing vvithin the team, discouragement from vvithout-but his ovvn vvord that his best vvas going into it .... G'ConnelI- "lt I hear that any Gator has broken training, he'll account to me personallyl" . . . . roaring, heartening cheers ot taith tor Josh Cody .... A day later, the president-elect ot the Alumni Association stated his taith in Josh Cody .... student support vvas re- attirmed, and strengthening messages poured in trom all over the state .... Saturday, Florida's Homecoming, betore thousands packed in Florida Field, lvlary- ll'1 STCDRITTY SEHSCDTI if ff land's strong team went dovvn betore Josh Cody's Gators, 2l-7 .... Josh Cody had WOO .... The rest is not nevv .... the brilliant battle in the mud against Georgia Tech to a scoreless tie .... Auburn deteated by beautitul tootball betore the Jax tans, 9-7 . . . i the gallant contest against Temple . . . . promising bright hopes tor l939. . . . Josh Cody restored to his honored place ot respect .... But most important .... the University ot Florida, and the Florida Gators, were run by the Florida Administration and the Florida student body. l ,S ci Y-4 ,Mx ,nf J? ss- 1 -0' .,-I ir Q'-s K S' j ,sw we'- L Lx KA .nu- wg EE 55 CLUB Tbe members at tbe "F" Club are students vvba have been awarded the letter "F" as recaa- nitian at meritariaus service in athletics, eitlwer as players ar as managers at maiar sparts. lvlaintainina its awn clubliause near tbe Uni- versity's playing fields, tlte araanizatian tasters triendsbip and understanding amana Florida atliletes. Here autstandina participants in ma- iar and minar sparts meet an camman ground. During tbe scbaal year tlie "FH Club spansars a number at successtul dances in tlte Basketball Caurt. Tap tu iacirtcum in intumiis Acnsta, bridges, Crabtree, Gardner, lanes, J E, Liddell, Austin, Clarl, Nan-,,, Hassett, Janes, S L., Liqntbriwii, Bettis, Cntly, Faster, Inglis, Knott-a, lVlcCialwey OFFICERS L D MULL1111. . , P1'GH11'IUlI WAL'I'I 11 M1111-11 lfl-' 11 V11'L' P1'Gz.1dc111I SAM Q'11,..W11, 91'11fr11I1'1ry I1Q13s1111'1er 111111-1111 I111111111 II111111PI111111111111 MEMBERS IAVI HLALM 1 IIILIILIH IiiA11'1v1A 117111111 I'AIj'II II M111 IALII IIA IDALIL IILLP1' IDAIJL DELAIII '1 IL11111 DLWELL JAM111 INA11'-. I11'11f1'11'111I1A1'111111' I,LAI1'I 511911 IIILIPI-'ILL IAIA1 .-', 1 TI' IIILL H1Q1v111LL I'I1,1B11Y J1L,1H11'-,1111 IXIALPII IKXILIVIIIII I'11'A111 Ix1j11w11. I11111L11g1111'11:111111 '3111111 Y IJAIJI II LI VJ I111111 I 11,11111:1,1 M1 1 IVIAYIIAI-'I'1 IA11115 MUL1 A1111 J11v11v1Y O11'1q1f11 F1,1111A P111111111j.11i111 WATSIUII IHA11'f,f11,' PAT IQIEI II IL1111 S1 011 IIIIIII I1 511111111 I 1'1i1 I MLL11-1 IL1111 WAL1 II1' IL,LIIIUI1'IQ1XAfIIII1I'11'1I IIUID VVAL11 1II I'iIfIfIIII 111 W1LL1f. E11 MA111-11111, PAL11. I"A11,11 Y IN11f.L111 F1-11 1 MA11 PIJAIII Y111t-11A1111, VIIIK II-IT Z11A11:L11 A IAIEIIRY CIIALI II1' WM A KOIII DI-AII M1LLL11- EI.1IVII'I1HLLL HA11121L11 I'IL11.1111x AL IIAYHUII IIAY I31,11Q1ZI 1-' A211111 M1111L,111w AL1n111 I,1A1'1 IA HA111 31.113111 IUIIII I511Q12'1 IQLIQSI LL VV1-1 ll ,1-11 H II L'11fA11f1111 CIIIXI1' I 'N IEIAVI I'1111,f,1'LL Q I, I11111'f IVIMJ11111 1 AL1',1111 6,1-'AW1 L11'1Q1 MLJHL1 11 I'I1111-11' I1.11L I'A1fL1 P1111 IDILL BTI 11111111. IQOLA1111 S1 111111i1L1 11 FINA?-II1' I1111111 CL 11,11 D111L,1 .1 11'-, M11 L1g1111j. EIIVI G'C1111111'LL E1'111a1 LL11111111 IIILL ILLAIJI CL11'11111I'L1'1-B1 IL1I11,1I1l11L1111.1111 IYIAI-'ILII.II IQL11-:111 I 111111 IIA1-'1'11,1A11 DOII If M111 D101 E1151111, I11-'A111'1'1, IKIA1-'111'11' I3S1 II MUI3A111w DICI IQA11111511111 I1L SIIVIIIS II II S1'1v1111,f111 I' L1 VVA1 I 11'111w1 WA11.1111 I IJ VV1LL1A1111,L111 IIALI-'II I111i.L1--, S1 ILLIVIO VV A11'11,1A I E I1i1111ES, IGM Ii110'1 11, DAIIIIL MA1 ML11211-111 E111wA11 1:1 B IQ111111 MV VV I,IIPII,II LI. I-i A QL11'1L1w' II E S1 W11111 AI'IIYI'ILP SM1111 IILII I51111i1Lg1R. IQ131311-11 C1 DIAII SHAW P0311 1-1 W1LL1A111 F11A111Q I'IIiIIIIvIY1f1Ll1III J131' HA11L1w11 11 IQ1111 IVIHCA1-11'w' WAI1'I 11113 I M1LL1 11 IALI IJIIIIII-'IOII JA1111 1. I PL1LLA1f'111 I31LL1 I1'1111A1f1,1w1111 1 1- IYIlIl1I 11-. P TO 1311110111 1111 1ToLL11v11112 MQcML11'1I1y, M1IIer, M135.Iey, O'BryQ11 G1111eII P1311'1eII, P1'1IIQ1'd, Q1111IL1y, IQ1Jy1111111LI, I111i1IJ111e1511, I4L1sseII, OQI x101,I, VVCIII'1G'l', W0IQ,1'11'1, W1II1Q111x1'11'1, Y1112I113111s, ZdC111:11I0m -M ,. ,4 .,svM'f' 3'5" oi .1 -. ,,.. -ff 4'-I ,I C5 ivy' . .A Qi" ,..,-s lg lb" , .n ,,,. Il uv 1 ...f : 4-"" A-... 1. 1'- T' ---. v-ri up T' as Q ov. -0 ...Q X X Bxm Newxs, Moa Jo if-me NXNKE Boa Heed Cheer Le NES BUENZLK Cmwoum PARKS Nxxow Eumee ll 9 ALB saw "BOOTS Evfxw eder I LCHEQR 2 y J 1 3 J 6 .Ear We F007Bv4ll 147 FZORIDA 171 lt's no Accrbmt thot footboll seoson is one of the most enjoyoble borts of o college rnon's lrfes When foll brings cooler yveother, ond thoughts of the long summer yocotion ore frnolly pushed into the recesses of the mind, footboll holds svvoy. For weeks before the seoson octuolly storts the sbortrng poges of Florldo pobers corry stories obout thus or thot teom, obout this or thot stor, so thot finolly, when the seoson does stort, everything except the frne ylolnts of the scores hoye been settled, ot leost to the sotisfoction of the reoding public, The night before o big gorne freshrnen ore routed out in their bojomos to 'forrn o huge bojontro borode which eyentuolly winds through town This is o demonstrotuon of school sblrrty ond mony trntes it is hobed thot some of the enthuslosm of the student body con be conyeyed to the footboll teorn. A bojonwo borode rs indeed o colorful things lvlony ore the hues In the rnlnbovy-lrlrr rrolorrrds, Few ore the boddles used to Worl' url spirits I72 CODY AND PLAY nts swrr PLANS WE The day ot the game sees the town turned into a carnival. Cars speed up and down University Avenue, and pedestrians are on the alert or on the ground. Qld grads, gals and dads pour into town largely judging the school by the pertormance ot the t three thousand, eam, eleven men vs. It is not the football game itselt which makes the season popular, rather it is the carnival-like air, and the pop-Corn, peanuts, crowds, gals, and merriness. All this makes tootball season, Puwetas usttitxl V - r l i l 173 l l l PAJAMA PARADE WORKS UP PRE-GAME EIXITHUSIASIVI SPECIAL TRAIIXIS BRDUGHT HUNDREDS FROM JACKSOIXIV I LLE 174 Lg HARRY SMITH EIXIIOYED TI-IIS STETSOH An experienced Stetson eleven smashed pre- season dreams ot an undefeated season tor the Gators by taking advantage at fumbles by a iit- tery Gator backtield to score a la-lil upset in the season openere ethe tirst night game on Florida Field. Raced by Lyn Warren, the Hatters led at the halt by two touchdowns to a lone score tor the Gators, Anderson booted the tield goal that scored the winning points. Bud Walton's attempted tield goal that struck an upright and bounced into foul territory might have meant a Gator victory. On three successive drives deep into Stetson territory, the Gators lacked the scoring punch that might have won, JACK BLALOCK . N ve 32 Hardy plunges through to score tar Stetson Stetson's speedy Lyn Warren about to be brought down by Big John Smith l , sc? - . . y""Eu-Q., GORDGN GARDNER 175 of WN R ,Q 4 XX Q l ' gcc? K N st? X ,.,. "QB r S , ,s,r Q g as ig nz , -x.: ' TOM WALKER ,. "'5,' NI GN MUS!-I BATTISTA X BW W WXXTSCDN RAMSAY 1 X' l 2574 , 'Mu ,fa JH" ' V 'sf' pq 71-' fiwii'-ff .-1 , ,ku IQTZS-Zh . L Mai? ? L ' K Z " X I - , "Wf- HI'-'2"zz, H -1 f ' fm, fl-fn - 1, 1 , ,,:'2 .ff ' " " V 5 " f fi. .Q Q33 ' ff: ,v ,, L ,, 2 A my 2 ff' 'fi If rf f yyk W me, ' , ' np, I 1 " MILLIGAN, CODY, WILLIAMS I 'T' 39 K K w , Nu.. new 2.59, - I-i JIMMY OXFORD blocked out by chemistry. A TE D JOHN PIQMBQ Y KJHNSQN BOSE 177 JQHN '55 -N TAYLQR X RW An unrelenting Maroon attack routed the demoralized Gators when they journeyed to Mississippi tor the second Florida game. . Q Near the end ot the second auarter, the Gators started moying - when Watson Ramsay caught Bud Walton's bass on the l2, but State S: . i it . ik ri- 'S stubbornly detended her goal. Wsfixv Wil,-Swett A partially blocked punt and a touchdown driye gaye Mississippi her last two touchdowns in the third period. T' M S -ll 0 C0 Near the end at the game, Bobby Johnson made a beau- titul lsickott return to the Florida 49, but the last Ga- tor threat was stopped by a pass interception. Pifewuii siyiowr PAT REEN ln l'Iorida's second night game, a weak Sewanee fglcyeii stoiiiiied all but one Gator driye to emerge on thc short end ot a IU-6 score the Gators' tirst yictory ot the season Bud Walton's pass to Jack Blalock at the start at the second period accounted tor the only Gator touch- i'flOWVi, Siiwan irp- Q got into Gator territory only twice but thc llgers scored when bobby lahrisanls lxicli was liloclfed Paul Eller calmly booted the ball through the ub- rightr, tor the tield goal that cinched the games Gyer the ground and through the air, the Gators racled up lrlffl yards to l7l tor the Sewanee lads. Riss talks, Anderson smokes. 178 fT1lHmI An intense riyalry was created he- tween Miami and Florida when the two teams clashed here in the Gators' tinal night game with the Hurricanes coming out on top ot a l9-7 score After playing a swell tirst halt, the Gators taltered and allowed three Mi- ami touchdowns in the second halt. During the tirst two periods, lVliami's great Eddie Dunn was stopped in his tracks, but he came back to score all ot the Hurricane tallies with some hard and tlashy running. Florida's score came when Pat Reen passed to Piompo tor the tinal l5 yards atter a sustained Gator drive. Piomlno leaped high into the air to take the heave and darted between two Miam- ians tor the score. sary . THE BIRTH OF H TRHDITIOTI Tom Scott, Franl, Kocsis, and Jimmy Oxford come up to tackle a fighting Mia carrier after John Smith had missed 179 THFDPH ln the tirst closh between the University ot Tornoo ond Florido, the Gotors hit their stride ond completely outclossed the Sbortonsetolq- ing o 33-U decision on Tomoo's home tield, ln the eorly minutes ot the gome, the Spor- tons mode their only threot, being stooped otter they hod odvonced to the two-yord line Tom Scott thrilled the tons when he gol- lobed 44 vords on on ott-toclqle slont thot went tor o touchdown. Loter he dublicoted the run, but it wos colled bock becouse ot o oenolty. 'lr BOSTCDH CGLLEGE Bottling o highly tovored Boston College teom scoreless tor the tirst holt in the initiol intersectionol tilt ot the seoson, the Gotors let down in the tinol holt to give Boston o 33-O victory. Freguent interceptions ron up the score os the Gotors disostrously gornbled with bosses in the closing minutes. Not only did the Gotors stoo the Eogles corn- oletely during the tirst 33 minutes, but they mode o drive thot the timel4eeber's horn ended on the Boston l7 yord stripe. I' "" ,i 2 '4-' -, f 'l rf. , gW " 1 ch f",Qt,i Mft? 45 5 wrwiy -'1.- alex rhvff My ...Y Q., 1 TTY, an e wmhwvwww Z 'Q , , V W V, ,g gl , ., fe '9 1-ff fifty 'wtf if - . iv mi H an swan Pot Been fumbles but recovers for o tirst down in the Georgie troy, GECRGIH Under a blistering sun, Georgia and Florida battled in Jacksonville on even terms for three quarters, but two fourth period passes handed the Bulldogs a i9-6 decision. Georgia scored first early in the second guar- ter, but the Gators retaliated before the half was over to tie the count at 6-6. As the fourth period opened, Bobby Johnson lugged a punt from the Gator 44 to the Geor- gia 37, but Florida was unable to capitalize. Instead of punfing on fourth down, the Ga- tors gambled on a pass and lost. ln two plays Georgia had a touchdown when Vassa Cate caught Billy Mums' perfect toss. Before the game was over, Mims dropped back again and shot a touchdown pass to lVlcCaskill. ir FHHRYLHHD Before a homecoming crowd of over l0,0BO, the Gators made a snappy comeback to defeat Maryland 2l-7. Ernest Cody, starting his first varsity game, was the Gator sparkplug and led Florida to her initial score with his long runs and passes. Tex l-lanna plunged over for the score. At the outset of the final period, Bobby Johnson, Tom Scott and Bud Walton swung into action and put on a touchdown drive with Scott dashing off left end for the counter. The Gator forwards effectively bottled up Charles Weidinger until the final minutes when he passed and ran the Old Liner to a touch- down. Torn Scott breaks through left tacl le for the Gators' citil, score agairiit the Bulldigg' rrir " Ji. is tis' . 5' lv-pf V f 5' 'zu as " 4 qi V' .C V SS 3 as V . . . V f ..,. ... ' . ' 2 . 4 - . , ' t -V . ' 2 ".- J , ff i. fr iivii . - . . V J V' Wg " , l L . u - Q w ,,fi 4 t"' ' . , , -in ' 4 ,' 'Q' . 'V ,v-., ,,, .. w, Mtv-mfw f Q W A ,,.,,, - V f9'l""99"7q ' f J, ,I , V xx .,,,, It fm V I , ,Q Y A Wrwf' .I 6 - G ::. , V I S J 44,5 ,. Scott is trapped by Stevens, Skipworthy and Lurnpkin of Georgia after a short gain . WV . ' :S-'gi 'f' eHWftv1'VQwW9.V.p 2, 5 n .f ew '55 'IW V M ox I YN Q M5o""'vxeVe,. Qwwxw -'::SS"fH in-,tfa."'r -J .. r , wwf, , 1- 'iii jimmy? J.'jv?'fVV 2 i, . .W : ig, I I, My AM, , ! ,V .,, . M... M ,,,. , -. , V V T3-,N"fM:'13g f x ..,,mL,v,mg,g,'.',,,'fee, .V i y, . . I ,., V ,M.,,f. V- , V I i . we A" If 1' Vgff'2Vi34ji 1 wS W,',.. ff Q M' Wwi H' S' Q. ,,. ,M , Wm S msg, V A, ,M ' +t9"4':'V 0,4 - f' nw . er Q ,. H A , V, ,. ,M-V . A WV :ig ' V ff 'J J 1 Af: 'Viv NJN .SK E.: V f ' 'ma VV , . - X M . XV .. inf? ,' ,- .gf-1, V hw' X 'JV ,K . rvzmlyg f Q, ' V' W I I vm. , 'V 9 r I - we V - r . 15 f ' T ' rv - ' A X '5w,z,Af:,Ar3g?gig'f:"x,Meg: A Wv?"'f'1 V .V 'le f W V W-fm .1 2 ' Vs ifm,-k"l3Vi2g5Yg1'S QV, S ' c 5 A .' ' ' lit J V 5 1 ' K , SV URN " J V5 S X . 1 " - I . I awww' ' - 5 'tgw gif- ,J r .xv gr- Q - 'S .V,+-ww' V- , gg aJ,.?sd .L , UVM ., Ll., pi' 1 i I sf- . A r ,fu jqiq V , A , g ,. .5 AWS, ,Y VM, . Q Nl! X ' A Q y R:i'9gb,sQ,Vf fr M, - ' A A S fm . .. W - 4 . ' W . . , ,K 4 xsf X """ 7 Q , , ss " vcvf ,4 v'f"'x4 ' ,. jfffjf , " s -, . , V S , , -, ' . . -V S J, J jj: . H3' V 'l f . 'MK' g ' ' - ' . it .zi 'nf "M ' - . " ' f ' ' V ., - -. Q7 ,M Af x' s. sy " , x Awww, J ,X K --10345 N H k .I X .5 A . , ' , V - V. QV- vm, . , 4, g' 'ti ff-S .. . ,ss ,QQ-:1,'t' H Q ' ' 1. ,mwah ' : 1 , My t . X ' Y . W '- ' ,grime , V VA. .w,g,,.,,- 4 , . -t Q U NV YLQIHQ 4 .jg so f . V Gator linesmen rush through on Charlie Weidinger, lvlarglands ace passer. , 18,23 G , Y wr 1 X S , aw,-,sfkfrvss c ' - . , ,- K s- gff-ail' S. . V, E" fwfr. -. -Q 1rS'Il"'S'XVtg:Vff.11? Lis , S t E t . if S . S , S V V yV'f'fQ'N9YfrVf vt Bfw ,'s "S ts .S , "s A . ' ' V V"'fq S""9.t NFM 1."5vC'Y Q S . . ' V . 1 ' V ffl! Ni, 'f?32g1"ZVx it V . A . V S ,, . ,L S S 'S -f S, , . K 'W'-A L X V . 4 K X A ir S Q. ft v Vs S 1 if 1' . S ' 1 it ' sk S. 'S V1 -Q ' rs-Sk 1' tiff hy' l' V. ' " ' - XXV is S? Sr S X V' ' V " - V ' Y S -ms S: SV S S SS. . G V V' iv' S V, YUSs.sQ1:Q ZVR if, es' + V' it 4 V' S - ' TSX V V S ' ' S X . : 3 M' ' X S , i V V ' V X 'Elf . ET S' f S .1 X V S -S ' S s .se Steywsmx ,deaf X 5 M SL, , S . . r VB. v . , I sv, Q ,. .E,A,c35,x St ,QS - was Vert 4 Sfcw-2VS.S tixfi V 5 VS: Milf? 1 Sa A XSGQQS., x . km AV-, ,,s', A K , - . . x VV J " swab, tx SV YQSTES . I -X SV .: . vwgf- V- -a . -S . S QS: X, yygf ffglgbtlx' A Q32 153 g,i,.:Sg.fIQ.wSS.fSj: ' ' V ' S , A- 'X Y . A N gssm-. as V S . :S tt .ASQW-:ev 'faslgSEVtSrS S ' ' gmt-it V Q S A Ss Fi.- Nfsggiigsfw it 4- X X v w i l , ,tm QNJ 1 " '- "Q 23,5-N-'f Vt ' - j fy' ,F S' . . I 4- XV S ' . S ., S: ,sSQiM, Q Q c.,s.zQ.x,s3g ,X-i x N. W x 9 t' .Sr . V .,,,' xS : , V. X 3. -. -w tk -, ' s. . , -s X . - L V X -W-Q fr -':tSSt "sY Q S 4 S ' S X S S t ' :Sf .--- flags: Q' N " -P ' elf' Sxfxx ' x . we X E w B X Aw sg , , -Q . .V V 54SS'S 1 . X .tv V .t Vt s. S ' ' 'rf V. iz S- Q - V .QS sb to X Si 1 S if Y fr- ' :digg N t at Y V, :E uycxc . ,gg V. - 351, .l ,, xfvk g X! S 'SA ,x '93 A S JVM V c - N tr' 'S-c,'Q'w"l's fv- 't tt- xx V. :fx Sw f". . 4+-'H S. -.1 Mx .' " is Ms.. ,. . . t,cs,..,,,s t,,.t.,.,,c, ,Kuta ,. .. Mc. . ... 9 . V sy. as W Sw, -s S ' 1 ' t ,S t QQ-SQ fs' 5, sfwse Pg.,-54' ,,,sSkxS.xsQS ' wh . NF' -S' f. V as ts.. -ft .V Siiiwv fit M V 2 t - . -1 M Q S - QF.'"..,,M'E:gwc5'ftt ge-. . . S .V J c ' ' ifr,,sQQ5fcQf1 jg' Sit Vg sVs,sS3s,i:SA3-X., 1 xisngklsgxs ingias-1,Qc .-'tj' QV 'ST +, i-f.',1Il. V 4 55 S K t S -ik.: -: l B N ,V gff3ax'.S' 2531 SS 7 Nix" W3 . , ' SPX kxlilo 5 visa f X fox kQ'S-'A'xxtS'. ' l '4 1 SK 1 ' A Q i. .Y X N S . Jtxt' M-was A M .. ft me Q ..S'isN'EwxN. 151+ - s -mc mm EES. ers- AS-AS-,az-. ' K-,FIV ua. A .1 Little Bobby Johnson leads Tom Scott for a first down against the Teipi 181 Fronk Kocsis cotches lVlorylond's Skotnicki neor the sidelines Bud Wolton gets off o beoutiful touchdown poss in the Auburn gome, Coptoin Kocsis comes up to oid Wolton on o right end dosh neor Auburn's gool line, 182 GH.TECH ln o seo of mud, the Gotors bottled o strong Georgio Tech teom to o scoreless tie in Atlonto. Both teoms were ploying for the breoks ond Bud Wolton corried on o successful punting duel with Bottisto, Wolker, ond Romsoy cover- ing them smortly. The Engineers hurled three determined os- soults deep into Florido territory, but eoch time they were repulsed by the Gotor line. Lote in the fourth guorter, Anderson of Tech tried o field gool but Romsoy broke through ond blocked it. Loter Tech ottempted onother field gool, but Show missed the boll. Much credit is due the Gotor linesmen who were instrumentol in holding Tech's fleet bocks. ak' HUBURH ln one of the moior upsets of the seoson, the Gotors climoxed their comebock to toke o 9-7 decision from the Auburn Ploinsmen on lvlunicipol Stodium in Jocksonyille. Roin ond extreme cold weother kept the crowd smoll. Gotor forwords kept Spec Kelly, Auburn's oce bock, bottled up the whole gome ond blocked his punt ond scored the sofety thot won the gome. At the outset of the second period, Auburn pulled o perfect ploy thot went for 74 yords ond o score, , Bud Wolton possed to Ted Toylor over the gool line, but Auburn protested Wolton wos not five yords behind the line of scrimmoge ond the ploy wos colled bock. Loter motion pictures proved the ploy wos legol. Jock Blolock mode o beoutiful cotch of Wol- ton's poss to score for the Gotors. Mush Bot- tisto blocked KelIy's punt ond Tom Wolker dove ot the boll, knocking it out of bounds over the end zone for the winning sofety. TEfT'lPLE ln the final game of the season, the Gators fell before the onslaught of a powerful Temple team, 20-l2. Pop Warner's hard-hitting team scored first, but the Gators came back to get a touchdown of their own, Then came the outstanding feat of the game-a lO3 yard run by Jimmy Powers, speedy Temple back, who caught the kickoff behind the goal line, u Early in the third period, the Gators scored again to cut down Temple's lead, but the Gwls staged another touchdown drive, The game was a thriller throughout and the Gators ended the season much better than they started Temples fleet Jimmy Powers returns Florida lciclotf t r l t r t ever made on Florida Field Temple linesmen nearly block WaIton's perfect toss 6046055 After the tootboll seoson, which wos none too successtul, o ropid turnover ot cooches sow two tootboll mentors resign ond two new ones toke their ploces. "Ped" Sonders wos the tirst to leove the Gotor cooching ronks. l-le occepted on otter from LSU. ond reported there tor spring proctice Sonders wos treshmon bocktield cooch ond wos due tor o promotion. The loss ot "Ped," believed to be one ot the most brilliont young cooches in the gome, wos deeply telt in Gotorlond, tor besides being o good cooch he wos populor with the boys he instructed. ln replocement ot Sonders, Florido obtoined Horold Willioms, one c-t the cooches ot the tomed Pittsburgh teomi Willioms come to the University in time tor the beginning ot spring proctice ond he wos soon joined by onother member ot the Pitt cooching stott, Wolter lvlilligon. Bocktield cooch Lewie l-lordoge resigned betore spring proctice stortedy ond in costing oround tor o new cooch, Athletic Director Josh Cody ond the Boord ot Control decided on lvlilligon who orrived here soon enough to toke on octive port in the spring drills. When Florido brought Willioms ond lvlilligon to Gotorlond, some- thing else wos olso instolled in the Gotor tootboll system-the Pitts- burgh tormotions ond style ot ploy. All during the long, tedious weeks ot spring proctice-on extro week wos even odded-the new cooches took on outstonding port in inougu- roting the new system which is hoped will bring success to the Gotors in the tootboll wors ot V939 184 3 if My 'E w, I 'Q '21 fi Q? Q 9 5? J ' 1 ' 5 ' mfg X 2 S , :sw af x A I rj 5524555 ,si X .5 R M .fs wgif-,'4insb ,gG, ' ' gk 'Y x X. , ,Nm 5 al H iyiv 6. .v ' f A K M E? - ,K88'cxASwf11S4Y?Q?zxi 1 jx, 5 B' , f , . - 1 "muah .J wmv -. .4 Wm """'-Udzanzf 'Www-,z Eff? 2E4iHArM'2' d"' ,XQWQ 5' Q N . mga X. ., I 1 1 ' 'tk 1 , sf ,. W .x . x W1 1 1 f 1 Q ,-W ,A f ' W-1 1 1 '1 1 if 1 1 1 1 ix ,lx I u x vw L xv'-"V Q ,, - .ff pf 1 rms.. ff' ,f A 4' X H v.,-,F .ww TEFIHIS tv ' N Faortii Zacltry, Bedvvell, Land BACKQ Bartlett, Merritt, Pollard, Bridaes ak Note. Dae to tiatorturwate circtimstarwees, the picture at the Galt Team is not iricluded, Tlie members at the team arei Maynard Ramsey, Captain, Billy Thomas, George Jackson, and Jimmy l-loot. JACK SWEGEB, Sports Editor 188 ,rf- Svqmf ,Q 4' -'ft . .,-2.951 .yi ' nr ' - ' h . ,rim ' ' Lv 4 , Q QW fy- fwmnff--f W' ' A Agfa' ,gl Tw if fA v w fag 5 1 f N-wp' L. . . QfW,f1,1fJ ,v ' -. 6 .. 4 ,ff W At. 1 M 1, , . - 1.,nw 5,..e.,,4..5, . f ff f L fff'-f5M".lff5?f' ' 4' :I?r,4v'---9'f'gf4'i""1r1 X :iM'y:iWi7,J""i1'ff"."?', 'wif - .w,S7" """ '22 ' N fJ.1.,fLA-,faq i7.v,f?5.,2,j 'lygiszyg-fn.2flf,, uf K V1 an , ' 'f'11'4,..-cm ff W"5f,4,f1ff-w--ff hz. . J Aww f . 1 ' 4'-' . s"',J" ,155-.5 W. i-15,115 ,,.W-L,j'i:.1',f,:.A., fngti b, . ,Q . - :M 1, 1.5, 1 ' Ah," j,,5,jt.f. A4 '? J ,ef - ' ' 1 J A' V1-'xv E. .. W -jx ,M ,. y , D Y , :Qv :ff'f'QQ1'F:Ef- 'W' '-'A' ' 5 1,,.,,,.fa,, H-f,,' fy . ,2 .. .. W .wifw,:ww,. 5 ,, ' " 1-4 ,v 41,51 4:1 S' 'V 51. 53, Ji. ' 3 H " f h,,,,., ' .L!""'?, ' 3 " f-po ' ' ' x . M' 1 ' -,x!Q' , 41 f. " if 0 Wt Mfw XM , , in , W, 1,4 ' -r ' A410-1n.' J "?' 2 '94 as gh TD ,V 'gk d if L ft I0 Rqht CAPT. ELMO ROBINSON. JOHN CLOWER. PAUL DELANEY Pre-season outlook tor the baseball team did not promise anvthing exceptional, All ot the very capable mound statt and several ot lost year's stars were gone, and Coach l.evvie Hardage vvas at a loss where to tind some pitchers. Atter the initial game, however, the Gators settled down and gave a good account ot themselves in inter- collegiate competition. Several pitchers developed rap-- idly and a batting punch gave the Gators victories in over halt ot their games. ,f iiiff W Left to R gm FomA PENNINGTON. GENE HARTMAN. so MANNING ,k,,q, or P X 4' i,.1 i, Left to Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida LEWHA D GE C h L00 M Rmhf ERNEST WATSON,DlCK RAYMOND,BILL THOMPSON TRHCK First annual Florida Relays, three year dream ot track coach Percy Beard, was almost ruined by a sudden downpour ot rain, but the dark clouds soon passed over and representatives ot nine Southeast- ern colleges gave on excellent pertormance. Although the University ot North Carolina's tam- ous teams took all ot the relay events, Auburn nosed out the Tar Heels on a point basis. Florida tied in number ot points with North Carolina. This track season has been one ot the most suc- cesstul in the history ot athletics at the University, and Florida is rapidly gaining a name tor herselt in track circles. STEPH Ensou JUMPING Left to Right: IKE STEVENS, FRANCIS KEARNEY. BEN MCGAHEY i 3 I l :sv ' Y 5. 1 K R a W, A -Q 1 ' ,WL 4 f 4,5 iii 5 in N W 4, by N 79 1 TRACK RESULTS ,A N n n N f ?, Honda 3'-W2 , Georglo -ll V3 4' k Plwm O4 ,.WLAw QQ Tech CQ 5 N , sim f Left to Right: JACK BRADLEY. ED WILLIAMSON, JOHN SMITH fy 'Willa-.qw Aa Ili Kearney Wnnnnng I00 By Inrhf-S In TPCII MW! SK ,, x 5 ww ff? 5 v Q 1 as an - y ,Q AN x 1 2 'A 61 X , A K any -kv, K -1 - V W 4 , 5 N Q f Q N N ,af WL s Xu, Y .U .w V-gy A - 1, ' I " N EK :USVI M 5 5 H W B", ,APE X 1. W6 ft . if ,M 5 ,S . I s SVQ H. Florida Florida Florida Florida " Florida JACKJONES WALTER Ll DDELL, Captaln RESULTS ,,,,......lfmory Tennessee .Ga Tech iami GHTCDR mERfT1Ef1 SEC CHHFHPS Coming into its own as a major sport this year, the Gator swimming team won the Southeastern Conference title again this season and brought the consecu- tive undeteated dual meet total to 37. Rood and Acosta represented the University in the nationals held at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Acosta blaced tourth in the 50 yard dash! and Road won a berth on the All-American Collegiate Swim team by placing better than tenth in three events. Left io Right: BILL NORRIS. OLIVER SIMARD, BILL SNELLING 37 i 5 23 i fi I6 25 if 1 K1 M' 4 mi' 'lun ..-Mbna t t 19" 5 0'1" .XY in "'T.."'1i.,, MQW' 7' Left to Right: ST. ELMO ACOSTA.. Cant. Elect: JDE ROOD. ED R000 In the conference meet held at Knoxville, the Gators scored a total ol if points! six more than the Georgia tank team which placed second In the meet, the Gators hung up tive new records Joe Rood, sensational sophomore flash, racked up new marks in the 220 and -M0 yard swims. Captain Walter Liddell outdistanced all opposition and smashed another record in the hreaststrokel and Chic: Acosta flashed to a new time in the SO yard dash The medley relay team also made a new SEC marks Left to Right: FROSH SWIMMERS, COACH FRANK GENOVAR, DAN MacMURPHY ,Q . Xi X Xxx 1 7,-St x ,V . I jY"' - 5:-. ie - Q f ' R his XX XQAQX y. M V if h. ft . x ,IW - Xstgf j, 4 K X i . 1 ' Q We x x fx Q X 5 or 1-wr 2 ,w,,,,q 1 Wdavw . : V L.. .r v - A, : GF ' +1 - - vw" .rf - an - . ' 4 4 , 'ai' fjif-, ,,'!'gf'5 5 .231-" 14 .Q f Z 74- , ,lf ff 551 Wgfe.-1. ' ,NI 1 I Y .K,m'f""" ' s KVM is, . of w- fy f ? " X 4- 1 i X H ' 9 ' X N ?N"'WsNsnmQ,,m.K ' x if v- . jxff? N., Mmkwwwnmw- jf I 3 J, , ' 7 L14 , mMf.,www W A. P -Q .gig TL I ff f,- -2 1:21, 2 x' 4 N, W, L, ,A ,., ef ww ,f ,W ' Y, J? EK 1 . 5 if I 3 L , si, ' 49 4 Z-? F 58 5 'm Wvrfquq ,Q ,mil i'X,44 Nz 5 2 5 . 5 3 ? 5 X-wllfir 4 ,fi f E, I xillllq X ., 3'f",3'ji': , t x Left fo rughf: MANAGER A. FRANK GREEN, CAPTAIN C, W. CASON Front Row, left to right: BOYD, JONES, BAILEY, CAPT. C. W. CASON, COACH MAJOR H. R. ROBERTS, SPEIRS, CARTER, MANAGER A. F. GREEN. Second Row, left to right: REGISTER, DUNLOP, WHITAKER, HENRY, COLEMAN, CAGLE, L. H. EDWARDS, HOSKINS, THOMPSON, C. H. EDWARDS. RIFLE TEHITI IHE Kms TEAM WGS SIIUVI IH VELIUQIIIIIQII lferforrluuruic III 1.051 ILJLHEIII CUH15 fXr+:O, AI IIM5 AIGUUIIIU tucm Won Isnt Mun urn Uther sports -si. .T,4,-'Hn-. - ,4 --48 '41 'Lil' nqf, 'WA 'Nr reiogruied H115 yvur O5 G murmur uf the Uutewcnldarng record of ms yecu Lust yeurk vvnme:r5 In the the Mum vvos wwrwd TIU5 year shouldcr-tUA5IwL.1Ider mmdw tm 'IYIIIS ns vqmllvulvrur In SIC Wim mr Q DI 1. .I r . ,f I YM -A I wiv. .I f Z. 'K JI ' , .f ,f W f ' 1 I V . I , 2. . 335 ' 35, rg, ' " I 1 A I X If INTRAMURAZS X., ' -V is its , 6' 5 . xf 'K J r-'35 Mandelson and Proctor twho replaced Stanleyl, discuss Intramurals with trial managers and the diamond ball manager. IL. to RJ Fogle. Open Foul Shoot- ing Tournament Winner, Buck- man C. Winner uf Basketball in th D it e ormi ory League, Inde- pendent Radians Won Its League in Valley Bull. Sidney Mendelson, secretary of the Intramural Board, was responsible largely for the smooth functioning of the vast intramural program. , .,:,-Q, fu. .5 X 1 Grunt and groan artists try to pin their op- ponents. Pete Manson llower picturel is shown winning over Leonard Greenblatt in IS9 Ib. finals. This made Manson's third straight championship in wrestling. As tits Avi'i1fAt.i atItleticdllv-irteliited student tirtds it more artd more . ditticult tu turd a berth art the various Varsitv teams, irttrarnurals are Carrrirta ta the trartt as the big sports tactar at the University, tram a startdivairtt at particiivatiari at least Lotta divided irrtu three leagues, Fraterrtitv, Darrrtitarv arid Inde- ireriderttf Intramural sirurts give active iltarticipatiart in a number ut varied I,1IUQiUIll's tur everv student! vvltetlfter he Ire Quad ur tru III 'V'-tr "st tw llrgfrsr wut V H' It rtriis. 'I harris I Htnifflebo-Jrrl Wltufflebaard X Water I B ,W I trutfft I ur ulrlt 4. I 'I IH' rtrtgtia, aural.-Q t vtngies Dorm-s emits-ibut: V WW FRATERNITY , Ii A I II K A W I .X IC KIP A tl KI? A 0 fl, Ii 'I' A I' I' fl' A U A 'I' Il . . t s A. A t V - I Thomas Thomas New Dorm Thomas I Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas t DORMIT RY O D c I c E is F B . c I Gator Jook Jook Univ. Duff, K. I Univ. I INDEPENDENT Restaurant Rats Rats Lodge Ramage, L. I Lodge C' I" 0' OWIS OWIS vf1'v',.f7? 111, , ,gig egg? ,yu KW , ,- BOYS GIVE THEIR ALL IN KEEN COIVIPETITION IN THE TIJXXCK EVENTS W.-W,,, N' The ATO championship touch football team go into a formation in front of their house for the cameraman. This year has seen, more than ever betore, less discrimination between leagues, with each getting good representation, and each getting tair play. good teams a chance A trend which was emphasized this year was the use ot the round robin system ot competition whenever possible. This giyes to get their righttul due, and poor ones J M ll if E lp f 5 -w- The SPE's proudly display the basketball championship cup. Cross Touch Volley Handball Handball . M I Diamond- COUVWTVY ping Pong Bosketbcll Football Ball Singles Doubles Wrpqlmg Tmdx ball BAE 4159 EQE ATQ BAE BAE CIJBA QIDAI-9 Gilt-l N Buckman Buckman Buckman Buckman Thomas Thomas Thomas Buckman Thomas Thomas y C D C C C F B C D D Assembled look ' Y' ' af T I Rats and Buck- Jook Shadow ' ' Crane Jook Shadow I - I man Us Touch Rats Sale Lawn Edalon Radians Radians HGH Rats Lawn I Radians I Fhootbgll Cham. I I pionshin Team in Action. 'AI H V t A ,M R- f fia -NA. .,,x . wr-, . 1-4, .en 'H , .. ,, .A 4 X. to .w v 'iv' " .' - f - A fm, ' we ,ik ' "t'f":"s I , , ml Q -.-- 1 t"?"i- ' ',-,QX-Q6-Z ' -. -w , " 'K - , f- 1, ,ig-X.. . -K 6 . . .Q X ,, vs .lp I A. H4 , v-ggf' -?QpL,v . Q' 4 M 'T 'RM -... , N. W oft. .- Vtftltflll HAS!--Ql ll39AlcL CIeIfXMl5tlONS Htl DLLTA THl,lA AND THOMAS C "Ace" Dunlap won the open cross country event, and promptly celebrated his victory with ci bottle of beer. ltave mont rlillicultie-5 in lucleing through to the linul-, and adding up points to their credit perhaps not justitied Ever alert tor changes tor the Qood at Intramurals, the men vvho are in charge at the programs this year introduced new sports, and laept those which proved popular. New and superior methods ot scoring are being worked auty the handbook is being revised, and promises to be a work at distinction. Flonda's Intramural program is rated highly nationally "Dutch" Stanley, tor so many years an integral part ot the Intramural program, left the University l-lis shoes are ably filled by Carlos Proctor, Proctor will strive to continue developing lntramurals as did his predecessor. New Dorm C championship swimmers and SAE champions. Several ot the winners of track events in all three leagues. .an-Q 9 Qs, .9 ' 'A 1 4 Q 34 it l l 1 Q I . .Sk L' YV ,Y M'gwfaw0llP'mh ,K34'f'ii , -"W Q B If .' q' x 5 ii t e , 202 "' A, 3 ,uftwi id The Phi Delts won both singles and doubles in tennis, giving them a clean sweep of the field. To the many students who serve as managers and olticials in all this wide program goes special credit tor the success ot the Intramural program, To Sid Mendelson, secretary to the Intra- mural Board, goes a great deal ot credit tor the nightly bulletins issued, and the smooth manner in which the whole system tunc- tions. Their ettorts have largely made the whole program the success it is. EoiroR's Note ln presenting this section vve were forced to leave out many pictures we desired greatly to publish, but could not, We hope that this section is representative, and will serve as well as have sections in the past. " A t' i i ,. , 4 ew X I 5 Ste 4 5 H-.fmfftqd ,Q 4 i i ccss . SAE volleyball champions. S. L. Jones defending champion, hits Mosley at the Gator Growlg Mosley hit back and won the fight. WN The Jook Rats didn't have a ship to desert, but they swam fast enough to win the swim- Sale, independent ping pong singles champ, ming event in the Independent league. swung a mean paddle. 203 iii li X Florida Union's billiard team did itself proud in national competition. Duff and Romage inspect the rockets that won Independent tennis doubles for them. Sw: 9 J ' , ' v-A V , I i l V ,E I I: K 5 . H I .v df . 45, . 7 A . I i , .V 2 if h e f- If ' Q- - - 7 ii' ,1 . - A ' 1 1- ' 2 , :I More lhandballl 'Sflf x 5 Q-A ,. A q 7 ai o Q no . si , Jim Pollard of Thomas F bounces a handball be- fore he won handball sin- gles. safe, 5, QM ,.M't9""" "f'l 4 . ' W has z -'Q 'll " E l 'X ' xi 1' ' 2 3 A X N iv- W- 14 fa ' Cox. 4 Xie' ef ' 4? The Independent Radians took the diamondboll title. lbottoml Thomas D eked out the title in the Dormitory league. M45 v4C'7lVl7lf.S' :image a- 4 V Qf 15.1 -1 rj ..., ' 'I 1' STUDINT 6'0VERNMfN7 Student government ot our University is modeled on Americon politicol institutions. Every member ot the compus odministrotion is elected by populor vote, in- cluding publiccitions editors ond monogers, othletic ond lyceum councilmen, ond the choncellor ot the iudiciory The University Administrotion hos gronted unusuolly libercil right-ot-vvoy to the Student Body in the conduct ot student ottoirs, Regordless ot horseploy ond Tommony politics betore ond during elections, student otticers ossume their posis tions in o spirit ot seriousness ond good intentions. Flo- gront dishonesty is unheord ot, ond ronlq incompetence ond inetticiency ore rcire. Moking ollovvonces tor the roshness ond inexperience ot youth, Florido student gov- ernment is lorgely vvell-conducted. With sensible ond tocttul guidonce trom toculty triends ond the lucky occurrence ot ideolistic, intelligent ond vigorous student leoders, the University ot Florido politicol system moy some doy ochieve thot excellence vvhich undergroduote orotors novv like to boost tor it-"best in the notion," In its reolistic ottempt to imitoteour country's civil institutions lie both the strength ond vveokness ot our student odministrotion, Young men ore troined to por- ticipote in oll phoses ot the reol politicol mcichine, they leorn how the wheels turn, both openly ond secretly, ond they moy leorn o vvholesome cynicism. ln this is its strength, lts vveolcness lies in the shying ciwoy trom the most importont issues, the hesitotion to progress tovvord more odvonced politicol methods, the irrotionol beliet in the intollobility ot populor election. Democrotic choice hos not consistently put the best men into otticei The volue ot this method tor tilling technicol posts hos otten been disproven, A better student government would moke room tor chollenge ond experiment, ond resultontly turnish tuture stotesmen ot brooder vision ond wiser doring. STEXQE 0lCONNELL pfbnl dairkaf EXECUTIVE EO U TI C I L 1-.Ex 'WP L r 'xi' 4:5 Q ov' N if w fx H, vw If Irnv-uf H L S SMITH J,M Mmm? J L .fmwww Ii ZVHI4 F, L ixn,r1r1+Lf 208 E C W'lLLuAM'Ors EXECUTIVE CCDUHCIL College of Agriculture KENNETH A CLAPK GILBEPTA TUCKEP School of Architecture ARTHUQ l. CAMPBELL College of Arts and Sciences RAYMOND EHPLICH LAWPENCE S SITAITH College of Business A Q' Administration JOHN l. AVAVIT l-IOEE SMITH --If M K College of Education -Jf"""""" Elf RAYMOND L KFTITTEDY EDWAPD C WrLLlArT,ASOr1 College of Engineering GTQEGORYJ Hoses hAfIl.LlAM I WOOD General College ST EEMO AEOSTA VIPGIL B CONT LING VVTLLIAM T l:LEMlllG FPANT A GREEN JATQE E JONES YVTLLIAM A STEWAPT College of Law JANE C lD1lll-TRTON TIEEANY T TUTJNEULL School of Pharmacy CHESTER HOLLOWAY JAMES lvl AAASTEPS GEOETOE SlMOll5Oll VICET-President Student Body SQCretaryATreaENrer Student BOO Aga,fQ K" 'W' ,fr Q4"""77 .diy I, S. E ACOSTA V. B. CONKLING W T. FLEMING F A GREEN J E JONES W. A. STEWART J C PINKERTON T. T TURNBLJLL G. J. H0355 XV. l, hA."lOOD 209 Dici4 TENCH Choncellor Tl-lE l-KDNQR SYSTEM, the very essence of student body relotionship on the Lniversity of Florido compus is bosed on the procticol ideol thot every mon is to be trusted ond thot eoch individuol is to be the sole judge of his own honor until he hos proved to his fellow students thot thot is no longer possible, lts extroneus presence is monifested by the l-lonor Court composed of twelve members ond o Choncellor whose duties os o democrotic instrument of the student body politic ore to deol with those few individuols who hove violoted their trust. This court olso cicts os the civil judiciory in interpreting the Student Body Constitution. Thot the ideol behind the l-lonor System is well founded is perhops eosily indicoted by the comporotively few violcitions of its code which hove come to the ottention of Florido students, However, in spite of its ouspicious beginning ond bright history, it hos been felt by mony thot in recent yeors there hos been entirely too much system ond not enough l-lonorg thot the Student Body hos been corelessly ond inodvertently letting their heritoge generote into o mere mechonicol institution. The reosons for this ore monifold: Une is thot we hove lost touch with the spirit involved in the l-lonor System by forgetting thot this system like ony system bosed on democ- rocy is dependent for its growth ond development on eoch individuol who profits under it, ond we hove been too eosily influenced toword letting the l-lonor Court guide the system-which by the very noture of things it connot do. In short we hove let the Court become the 210 H0l'l0R CCJURT R URT system rother thon the mere instrument thereot, Furthermore, the incorporotion ot the Generol College with the consequent closer relotionship ot individuols, ond the increose in Qenerol enrollment without our hoving properly ond openly extended the system ond its spirit ond understondino to meet these new situotions hove ottered chollenges to the systemg chollenges which we hove not occepted or even noticed. Thus, it the l-lonor System is to continue in its development os ony Honor System should, eoch student in the yeors to come must moke it his own individuol problem, responsibility, ond desire so thot he too will developg so thot when he leoves the University he con look boclc ond truthtully soy thot by his octions, his Stote, his University ond he himselt hove progressed. lt is telt thot Florido students ore willing to do this, ond thot the tuture will never see them under toculty ond odministrotive supervision. Tl-IE HONOR COURT Zll HLETIC COUNCIL PURPOSE To serve as a ntediurn throuah vvhich students, protessors, and athletic personnel have an opportunitv to vvorlc together tor the promotion at an increasinalv better athletic irroarani Front this council is selected three students to represent the entire student liiody on the Faculty Conintittee on Athletics this contniittee is contposed ot the Deans ot various Colleges! several protessors, Klein Graham, business ntanaaer ot the Universiti, one alumnus, the above three students and headed ov Dean Slaale This cornrnittee vvith the aid ot Josh Cody, vvas responsible tor the addition to our coaching statt this vear ot tvvo ot pIllSlDl,ll'Ql'llS leading nientors vvhich should prove to he thc turning point in Gator tootball tortunes The three students on the convnwittee vvere Walter Liddell! l-l lol Grahant and Fonia l3enninaton lvlentoers ot Athletic Council are as tollovvs Porim Petitiiriistori , . T , T ljresldent H l-l GmitAi,i vice-President Ciirroeo Wuioooti . . T . SecretarveTteasuter lvlElVll5El3S Vvmgirit W Lioot: to Vvmsoti l?xwsfw P L Reeo Fmzieiv Rooms lose Coov The rnost outstandina acconiplishntent ot the Council this vear vvas vvhen thev made swimrnina a nwaior sport Une evantple hovv this Council retlects the student opinions and gives the students a voice in the manner in which their athletics are conducted This council also passes and approves on all expenditures necessary in the conducting ot varied athletic proarants. 212 PUBZICYITIONS' fvga f Af, A U ,L .L wid? I III IIII' RI- HAIJIISIIII OIIII IDIIIITIII I-'AIJIII I-I FIIIII-'SLI-I , F! ,JIS . I I I I'xfIIAIIAI'wIIIIj1 LDITOP HAP-PK BROWN OIKIVJ fX'1,'1,I'1fIA.III RIICI'IOI.IfAPIIIIf LLFWILLYI: X11 THE SEITIIFIOLE NESS EDITORIAL STAFF MOTIOQIIIQ EOITOTI HOrry B, BROWN ASSOCIOTe EOIIOTS TOM WATSON MALCOLM IVICGLASSON FORD THOMPSON ROBERT J, IVICCANPSI MARY JAIIE -IIIIIER I' BUSINESS STAFF A ROBERT STRIPLINL, XXSSII BIIS MOI DeI.IOrIIEIIeIIIOI EQIITOIS FRANR GREEN JOHN BI DUNCAN MORRIS I-IALE JIJILIAN WILLIAMS WII LIAM C CHI-'IMITIH GEORGE ROOD JACK DWEGER HAYNES MAHONQI DICK BINNICKER IXILWION HELJDEPIIII-1 HENRY LORISH IHIAROLD MENDELSON DTANLEY WIMDERLY JOE ALONZO 'A' IZGOIUVE ECJITOTS' WILL MCGLIIRE ED COFFFE 'A' FIQSITITIOII MOIeIIITI' RALPH BLANK, LICSCSETT I. KARNEY! Runner-LID FreSIImOIT Key DONALD BISHOP G, J, KLEIN W, I FRENCH BILL REOA JT B DODKIN E J. WALDRON DICK HUDSON B. V. BACE, JR, The FeOILIre SIOII, COII'-I'-IIIIQ Of II TIQI FJ ELI COTIEII, CLAIKIIITI HYRIII, The edIIOr, ED WIIf,L,IIII,I-R, OIILJ rIIOIrIStOy MVILL I'J'II'IfIUIVI These bw: LJIODOIJIM IIOII IIIOI'e IIIII WIIIIFIQ O feOILIre 'SQVIIIIII IIIOII WIII UIIY Of the QEIIIIE' reoderw reOIJIrIg 214 KIRK CIIRISIIAN ITVESITITTCIIT Kev' l THE BUSINESS STAFF, These boys sold more odvertising thon hod been sold in mony o yeor This SEiviiNoEE differs from no others in thot it offered o moximum of problems of every sort, some with little or no solution, During the Course of the yeor three monoging editors come, only one stoyed to be editor of the l94O SEMINOLE. To Tom Wotson ond lvlolcolm McGlosson, monoging editors in times of stress, we express our oppreciotion for their work, To l-lorry Brown, monoging editor who sow the book go to press, we only hint of the problems he will foce os next yeor's editor ond Chortle. The Cordinol sin in this, os in oll SEMINOLES, will be omission. Not oll the foult con be ploced upon our shoulders, however, for we hove worked with the extreme in vorioble, ond vogront, foctorsi the student body of the University of Florido. Our pride ond joy this yeor wos our photogrophy ond ort work, The photogropher wos o student, Billy Coursen. He wos lorgely responsible for putting mony of our ideos into concrete forms which ollowed us to present our subdivisions os you see them His persistent efforts ot recording every event Ex-monoging editors TOM Wfxtsoiv ond MALCOLM lVlcGEAssoN. Both found other things more to their liking before it wos too lote ond they become editors Copy editors ldi'uEiiw5t'P, EltlHl'lt'lfN ,laifjiev A , lntromurol editor GEORGE Rooo loughs with lor ot,l Spoizts Epitori luis Si-,EQEE ff' if' ec" V- 457 ,f"" Mm, Q s., SQ' 'N N. x on the earrrrsrtlg ffrtz, AW THF STAFF gear! worthwhrfe arud otherwrse, were resporrsrple for the feature sectrorr henna Iaraefy a Chron: cle of the gear ltr addttrorr to henna art exgeflertt photoarapher hlfl, prprxeruf to be just air Qood G friend The dwustorrs are clay models made by Mereduth Hawkrhs forrrrerfy a staderrt at the Urrtversnty Hawf urns had done Irttle wort, tr: rjfaj, ttrrttf we asted hrrrr to rrrafe some of our Ideas rrrta eta, the rrrodels you see art the cover arrd drvusr OHS penrra the rfgsaft Hawks rrrarw helpful saaaestlorrs this year atded as rrraterraffy nrt aettrrra out a hoof of whseh we can fare proud fr deended rgprrtrast from tffre fast Ssrmrrorr are the Clear, fthe errgravrrrras The Qredrt for these aoes to Mr Arrratd Meyer of the Tarrrpa Photo Erraravrrra Corrrparry He tamed out a ter- frivgfff 2- ax? V V Q if ri. 'Q U' 'if7"1 1 ux ', 1 47 ,- , Q. ge ,Ar fr, f, rrr V, tw wr-rr Sqft r'rr5-rrrfrrgr fartgft The wfltrrr WOT gratrfrrgf It pr fr fr, Mft Mad r,Jr+r,'.rr .xfrei-rr tt Cfllhe turn? Ia frrjv ,MT trtfttlrff :wade UTLLY Coawsnrt, ttr wlrrrm the fferfut for Qrrrrd pfmrtrrrfqrrjlrfw goes Ntltrrttglt a student fr tx rated rrrrw of the free! xrrttrrrg pfmrtrrarrltrfrtyr-. rr: the state rifle arhoarrt of engraving OIT short order, yet kept the stahd- ard of has work hugh, sorrrethnrra desnrable among GITQVOVGVS. Car old stahdbys, The H, 8 Wt B Drew Company, with marry fthe Craftsmen! have dome more than therr share toward aettrhg the Smnwote out Theirs as the task of rrdrhg the staff to see that Copy as nr before nt rs too late to put out a book, amd a thankless task rt was. We were proud to work wrth people as rruterested rm our book as we were With considerable relref, we furnished artother SEMINOLE. 216 1' il vi -ul' 'Y' 4411092 -Q-xr bf. X 5, i R Q gf .w ff Y NI' 47' fl fs 52299 WW' - Q VMI' IIN' II: IVIMLYI Iv!! I M ' ' 1 I III 112 Hwy 'Iam I si. ,.+f,,. ,if-, ,E I EXW! ,-if'?wE7A A "HM UI III: a", X 'IIIIIS IIN Ilxe IMI wmmQI1amIer,M E HAM CawLrs,sI1aws par wrum' Mum CUIIIIII Hwawu haw ta get away with at THE FLCRIDH HLLIGHTOR EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF MEMBERS I-at is fm , . fkgafuate Edum Mnwtr X'VAw.xxaww+f . . N--,I Baunrweea Manage' ,II MIf.w. .II I fmsatiuate Eaum Iiae IXIKVIEANII . . . CnrfuIa1uarwMamaQe1 ,It wg IIA.',',IL1as1 , Q Ifgjnarlal Board Jawa I'L1f.Mm, . A--,HI I.'fwrcfuIaIrar'wNIgr I Lr.fI1,nv . Sparta Idniaf Ivw YQAIIIVILL I . Credit Ivlanager ILM' IIIA TXIUILI I: I MQI eup I dular Iam, In4a,',4v'-,aw . . , . A ACIVFIIIEIIIIQ IVIarnaael lfttw 'wfrm-. Ifeamfe Edit-,Ir . . IV, Im My Q 4 f,km,mM f.41,,U, Busmess Staff Assnstants Hman Xfkfwrl Bam IjIIIIlIII SPECIAL REPORTERS IAA rt PA-QE IQALW Il,wLIru,law If ,f-,I Ig. ,pm I. Hmm 2 INAAIIUIUI LL vIfI I I+afs-,zv1uamA1.I II'II,II'III'..ILI71l,4A'I I"rrn,xfmv Tut II , . . I I ,UT,,,,l, IQUTDFLL CMH Circulation Stuff Assistants IVInuar1I.we.ur1 JIM IVII Darlfmgf FIRST YEAR REPORT-ERS SAUL Lrvlru, IVID LH unwaalf I ,,,-, fftm,-g I3mg,t-,Ig BILL P'ff,A Mum I-ILLL BAaf.xwrr,wr1 Bae VVALTI P Tw Ham fKI-'IIIJLIJ SU'5'w!.'..A!J XVALTIP STI Rrfll I' DIA I Nfkwtw I III mv-'I JAr.mya:4 Alwfm I'I,I4'. I A MM' WAI IH U wma XVI uw, 'JI Ivcr',IfjTIIy IM' IIJII 1,1-t,In:,, ITM IIN III-IIVIITI Jar FAIQIKIII I Il.: II-nv-11, XE r 5' JL! I ,fail Baazm was talking Ia Swuguz when this was taIem Swnafw was ta have been in thus Shar, but he laaked worse than the warts Calumnist. in 'W' ff' --7-1 h LOIIIQH, MQCAIIII ond BrIXIrILrr vvorkfftur what? ,I , I V, ,Y , , e I. THE FLCDR HLLIGHTOR I I l 'SrIIjIrts waters WLI3I3, and KOIIIII get theur detoul for their We-ek'S Wert. tmm Seems Emrow Swsetw, Center 1 t I I I ! 'cr :mf- , T"""F2r:-' I X , -- T it ig -rw L It I , 'v' I I I IIIIIII' tu Ilhurmt ut let 'IIrIII'thIIIg tr r hIII-ttt I ' ' 'IVI 1' ttf tht' ItIIIteIIt tII,IIt:, IIIIII 'It 'IMI ft ' ft III IJIIQIIJ, bI,I',IIIe:u Ih0r'IIJQI,r tte 'et IIVl1lttI't1':J It I, I' ,rt ' I 'P .xr IDH II t-I il I PT 3 It he hqjti III-t ftgvd IIIIIrt:x U71 ft I' Q E Ot the Itttmy NNE rmght haw I" I I In the ueuot order ore Sruouo SLEUTI-1 Tom WATSON, Boon Jorbrm ARTPYIUR RIPIIIII, TI-IIN XVII? ll-' Img tht-. tIIgItIxe tIIIIII S x t HILLIF GRIFFIN, ond REEL DQPER, BILL Jfxroav I'VhGUlRE, hot here' The edrttrr IIIIIt t.I tw The tmht pgqe 11171 -XIII I able to count on some Qure Copy each week They were It II-tt the Ughth I-III th I I 219 I I 4 --nf Monoging Editor -lEHOlvlAS E l'lAlvtMETl Associote Editor Doug LAS BLIRCE FLORIDH CCLLEGE FHRIUER J l Eflll-' ljifiu- llt'F', lic"lllOV l 0107 fwinqqr Advertising Monoger 2 vl' KEITH ULMER Circulotion Monoger Elfwoiuo GJARRETT Home-lvlolaing Editors EETTY REED lVlARL5ARET Aifoeo A Lit Etiiiiri-i, ltiisiness Mono Publisned ov students in tne College ot Agriculture, tne Elorido College Eorrner serves os o medium to Correlote tne diversified tield ot interests onnong students ot ogriculture. The current veor's issues lwove drovvn oroise over tlie NBC Notionol Eorm ond l-lorne l-lour. il' X 4-'lv L Q 1 , 5- wf 'fs' 'f-C2 inf' HAMMETT, T. F. PEEPLES, R. C. ULMER, W. IK, GARRETT, H. T. BADGER, W. E. SYFRETT, 0. C. FAIRCLOTH W E PIPPEN, O. L. JAMISON, J.C. FORTNER, J. L. BOYLES, E. H. CLARK, K. A. ELLIS, A. MILLS E R R 220 av , "" BOGK in 9 3.37 "0ll1a uv Eowiii XMEissiiloii: Mimi Xlhxciswoi-tru Lditor BLlSlllC53 Monogclr The HF" Book, otticiol hondbook ot the University ot Florido student body, is the most outhoritotiye source ot procedure, regulotionsy ond generol intorrnotion cn student body ottoirs published ot the University. Attectionotely known os the "Freshmon Bible," the intorntotion contoined in its poges is olso indispensoble to upper-clossrnen, since it publishes the student body constitution ond by-lows, os well os the chorters ot subsidiory orgonizotions lt is especiolly designed tovvord helping the incoming treshmon occlimote himselt to his new lite ond surroundings so thot he moy sooner teel himself on integrol port ot the University. ASSOUATE Eoitoiir ASSOF img lfpngi, 3 SJ' A. FRANK GREEN Cl-lET l-loi.i.owAY 221 BOHRD OF STUDENT PUBLICHTICDHS w e f P :fi rv 'ilyiff--f 1 I t -,.,..v V -. .. 6 , f. 5 K 1 LEET TO priser: Victor Cawthon, Secrelary, Julian Williams, Ross Movvry, Elmer J. Emig, Malcolm McGlasson, J, VV, Day, H B Dolbeare, F. W4 Kolxomoor, Chairman THE BOARD or STUDENT Puscicmions controls in a supervisory capacity the tive student publications at the University ot Florida The Board has in the performance ot its functions rendered to the student body as a whole a distinct and valuable service. The Board consists ot a chairman and three faculty members appointed by the President ot the University, and three student members elected by the student body Spocitic duties ot the Board are the awarding of contracts tor engraving and printing ol publications, granting requisitions, approving budgets, and awarding keys to staff members lor services rendered On publications. 222 fl0NORv4RY AND PROff5'5'l0Nv4l FR!l7fRNl7lf.S' F' Si LF Snefman H. SK'nppar LO LUE ,. J .C.HnKerTanJl: LS. Smifh fr-:aw 'in' ' CC.HolIowayJu: E.B.Rood W-Uvlilleu' Swmendelson G.l..Simonson D. N.Gl-130 ay 'Gin wr' vi,-was-4' WM.-.lopling "2f""f-F-Tj ,if Q ,.x mf N m Mlll'l.l'l.Cll'al1am l mul ,, I H! 1 1, ' l ,S lll ,I wPShflnzyJlfi l.. ,. f 'gf' 5 29 ' C ,. VVVVVV ,412 .2 ' . f'rfE 'Q 459.-1 ,I ' 'I X 'AE' ' 1 r S osconrlel I l,"""-,i in -5 .A-'dv l-IR BLllf.lTM engulf' gdb? l 1 Pdnlkalffl ll ,W I .fb -E: gil , SV' ' l l Beasley xx . ,,i'qX.:x W! ant., f? -, Q :jg ff 'S fsfilfi X 'S has ii 3 ,O -. If M31-5 ,V ,. ,l , . ,,., HS. lqasler 'r Sby xznal 1' TT. Turnbull X an gf- ff- ' '. 25" 18" A 't inf' ' NI, """Y GF Allen GC.Young w.l.lVl.lVlCCarTy l..K.Eclwards D.l..Gibbs . gf . i i 9 iw 2 v fx 2 ,ne ,-nur 4 .-A 4 D Q E Q wax . i 4 A my si ,f4ir if ,, , -Jw Q s , 4 Q 3 Q, A 'R is A !,.u ,pi-wy x I D Viv nffaq- QW k 1.5 'l , f it X X 1 I W B XX sf W 'QA I -Rf' F . l ,,.aui 1 gi Q' A ,pa '95 if I ,gt , '13 5' ' . , - I ' N 2- -1' W J 1- .f , .m - , S im: , ' -' f .. , .aj da My 2' rf ' A? ff .. if vg. CRAGO BLACKMAN HOBBS NORRIS "Mi xcygil' XM' T MN ,- R -J' K N' 'A .A ll ,...f f-" j EEV5' i aw' A A- 9 ar x My V f 4' iiiii V1'v ....i' A A 1 STANTON ISRAEL AVANT GARDNER SIMONSON BIGGER CHENEY GIBBS GRAHAM GRAHAM, L. W. GREEN GRIMES HOLLOWAY HOPPER KING LOGAN MHCDONALD MOREDOCK PENNINGTON RIVERS ROOD STEVENS TUCKER WILLIAMSON orncsns loiiri CRAao . .... Captain CURTIS STANTON , . First Lieutenant GEORGE lsRAEL , . Second Lieutenant GORDON GARDNER . . Sergeant-at-Arms JACK AvAisiT . I . First Sergeant SABRES is a local organization and was founded di the University of Florida in l932i It is an honorary society which accepts as members those men in the advanced course ot military science who have shown the best character, leadership, and proficiency in military science and tactics. The purpose ot Sabres is to help to keep and develop a good relationship between the military department and the student body and to taster in its members the essential gualities ot good and etticient otticers. The activities of Sabres are mostly social in nature. In addition, the society annually awards a trophy to the winners ot rifle and pistol matches which are conducted by Sabres. 226 PHI ETH SIG H ,im W if -'M' V' ,,,. , Q x Z I T 5 Sa 4 K ky' Y ' I f 5' ' 5 A v lv' 1""fY' 4 U'-N , K 'V' V 1 """ Xi: X r if A, Q, A, An- --4' , ..,-o A H' 9 4.1. As- .Lit ...if'3'ZL -f R, .Q me 5 , 'R EM A ,Tk 3 If ga I 'I it l I' I ' 1 rwffif 9 P' ' 5 f Xt my 9 ' ,tt ii L. lf M' I, an i in V I A 8 'T I3 - who P jf. gif' ." Pr g I" if Q, -" ' Q, --rf' . -fe 23.1 , t jf., I "::- f f -f--T X ., ,.V., , t ' A X , f, K Q Il I -IL ja A A L 3 A L S A I ' ' I I i I 1 'Q ' A -R h . ' gi pa- an gi, w,,,.af,t'F RW . 'W' A yn gas T ' Q A I t Q 'K is gt 'U' Q 45 4 N' jr:-Y Q J 1 X A lit: A An' J J 3' J' - .sa ,AJP l M' ' 5 . ff' I .4 , -af ,,,A f -. , I 'M ft' ,.A, ":' I g ' I 11 If I ...J a wAIcEFIEI.D KAPLAN McRAE ARONOVITZ BINNICKER BARRACK BRESLER BABB CASHWELL CAMPBELL DAANE FUCHS Hocus HIMES HASTINGS HARTLEY IRVING KELLEY LITSCHGI MccoNNELI. MAY MATHERS N0I.A PEACOCK PEEPLES PATTERSON ROTHSTEIN TAPPEN WEIDLER WEBER WANMAN YOUNG OFFICERS I I . T,.. President . . . Vice-President , Secretory-Treosurer Jr Ep PRICE ...T........ ,..,.,. E oculty Adviser Toivi WAIAEEIELD . . SHERMAN KAPLAN BILL McRAE . . THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA CHARTER OF PHI ETA SIGMA, notionol scholostic froternity for freshmen, wos instolled in l93O, through the efforts of Deon of Students R, C Beoty. T The primory purpose of Phi Eto Sigmo is the encourogement of scholorship omong first yeor students. Eoch yeor, Phi Eto Sigmo mokes o drive to roise money for the Tolbert Memoriol Loon Eund, ond sponsors o speech project with the purpose of informing Elorido high school students obout the Generol College. Membership in Phi Eto Sigmo ig one of the most importont honors o freshmon con win ot the University of Elorido. Eligibility is bosed solely on the ottoinment of o 25 overoge on oll ocodemic work completed during the freshmon yeor. Only four percent of the I937-38 freshmon closs were odmitted into Phi Eto Sigmo this yeor. Active membership extends only through the Sophomore yeor Members of Phi Eto Sigmo ores Sidney Aronivitz, I-loword Bobb, Eorle Borrocly Richord Binniclqery Emonuel Breslerl Joel Compbell, Edmond Coshwell, Williom Cunninghom, Adrion Doone, Bernord Euchs, Wiley l-lortley, Cecil Hostings, Bloney l-limes, Roymond l-logue, Robert Irving, Shermon Koplon, Albert Litschgi, Duone McConnell, Bill McRoe, Robert Mothers, Leonord Moy, Bernord Myers, Louis Nolo, l-lugh Potterson, l-lorvey Peococlq, Russell Peeples, Owen Pillonsy Lewis Reedy, l-lugh Robinson, Simon Rothstein, Compbell Toppen, Williom Terhune, Joseph Triplett, Thomos Wokefield, I-lorry Wonmon, Alfred Weber, R. C Weidler, ond Jomes NI Young. 227 HLPHH EPSILCH DELTH x 13 6'1" K' 3 Q' 'L R wi ' IA v' Q ft T' 5 . 9, if is - lla W 4' GFJ5 0 '79, 6 5 'gi rm my .s fa- sae, , 'Nl 'J,- Q-fur SJ' ,dn Q:-F ---7 CASSEL STRAIGHT HAEGER BREININ BARRINGTON ADELSON BURR ERWIN HOWELL HOWARD KAPLAN MILLER MELA PENTON SUDDATH STRAIGHT WITHERS WATSON Tnnoooii its crmptrm ot the University ot Florido, Alpho Epsilon Delto premedicol troternity hos served os o constructive force in crystolizing movements tor the good ot the premedieol students, ond hos helped bridge the gop between the spirit ot the premedicol troining ond thot ot the school ot medicine Alpho Epsilon Delto is more thon on honorory orgonizotioni lts oetive progrom Consists ot sponsoring trips to medicol schools, hospitols ond other institutions ot interest to the premedicol studentsg open illostroted lecturesg medieol tilmsg on onnuol oll-premedicol bonouet ond severol protects, mony ot which ore ot Compus- vvide interest. The selective membership is Chosen on the bosis ot scholorship, medieol interest, ond personolity. 228 SIGFDH THU OFFICERS RicHARo Oi Waioiit ..,.,, President ALvisGREErt . . , , T Viceepresident Aucia Ei lVlAcDoiiALO , . Recording Secretory VVILLHAM LEseiviAisi . Corresponding Secretory JOHN l-l BRuiiOAc,e , , . . . Treosurei CHARl.ESlXACA?llXtON 4 T . l-listorion Preorssson T M LOWE . Chopter Advisor SIGMA TAu, notionol honororv engineering troternitv, vvos tounded ot the Universftv ot Nebrosko, Eebruorv lil, l904i Since thot dote, it hos grown until ot the present time there ore twenty-tvvo chopters hoving o notion-wide distribution. Upsilon chop- ter, ot the Universitv ot Elorido, wos estob- lished in l923, being the nineteenth chopter, To be eligible to membership One must be O junior or senior student in the College ot Engineering ond be in the upper third ot his closs. lnlovvever, selection ot mem- bers is bosed upon demonstrotion ot those guolities which ore regorded cis being essentiol to engineering success, nomelv, procticobilitv, sociobilitv, ond scholorship, Sigmo Tou endeovors olvvovs to be Ot service to the college. Among the service projects during the post veor vvere the sponsorship ot the Engineering Dov Cup ond the onnuol Engineers' Boll, Smoller projects during the veor ore corried out tor the purpose ot bettering the grounds ond buildings ot the College of Engineer- ing. The chopter olso mointoins O loon fund which is used to ossist Worthy seniors who ore in need ot tinonciol oid to grodu- ote. The notionol orgonizotion mointoins o groduote scholorship. I fddsi o sb " fl". "lung, .W- E -- me As .V -,.., ,tw as 82. 1 , 'A.v Z 4 Qfgh M jj:-Q, V ,Q kr WQTQZK 45 vu SX iss sz lyk f ,E3- , F es 060 AT I 409' ,li f ' an HPV' 3' uv 3 ,...-aw :-gl A ww j Ln L..4 wmcnr LESEMAN ASHMORE COTTLE HEYMANN Kina sumcHoi.n:n 229 3 ... 1 7' v-J' , ,, Mgr T g? . 239 qi? ' wp Q NN,. Nw IFHHEEETH, we 44 --was .lm 41- U, ,m,, 4 1s1"Q f ,avi Nl N , A19 , . .sn Q '53 I J ff' I A, 54 , .,,,' . .0-"' 1 i si .--Q r' we X A x 'l fa 'M E- N iii' if g la an 6 t nw ' wtf 'X 'Jia s::T T sf ,,, K .QA GREEN BRUNDAGE BIGGER GRAY KARRAN KOCH REMP MacDONALD CANNON COBB HAWKINS KELLEY LEMAN HV' MEQLE WADSWOQTLI S DEQ DIETTDJCLI JBMQFEQQI N Ilcliu iggmu Il' commerce fruicrn nhl .mm Nczvvx wsu c NJ. cummwojf CA. PETE QSON 'I.Q. WICKED. , L GT? NW 'Y-fy YH-ff 9,14 Sl' '-iff! if Ns., ,-,ff 4353? sl' .vu":2 ,Mn fl mu-IW, H, L HAMMETT TOFFALETI TUCKER PIPPEN BAILEY BLOUNT BEDSOLE BRAGDON BROOKE CLARK DAWKINS FREDRICK FULFORD LITTLE MAXWELL PERRY THOMAS F l-lArviivierT JAMES P, TOFFALETI DOUGLAS BuRcE . . GILBERT A, Tuciqeiz , Oris L. PMDPEN . . OFFICERS ROBERTS Chancellor . Censor . . Scribe , . Treasurer Chronicler ALPHA ZETA was established on the Florida campus in May, l932 lt selects its membership from the outstanding members ot the upper classes ot the College at Agriculture. Character, ability, and a scholastic average in the upper two-titths ot the class are required. lt is the purpose of Alpha Zeta to develop leadership! fellowship, and interest in the field at agriculture. The organization sponsors agricultural radio talks, aids delinquent freshmen, and assists other organizations in carrying out worth-vvhile projects during the year 231 'Q' P I E T H I IE- -L , I S' A IQ Qii mat' ,Tk --fm EID fir' Y as ,fir Q 'I if 'I ' -- IA . ui 44 , 65,5523 'if' 'mv-"" ""7', SHELLEY PINKERTON ARNOLD SPENCE BAUGHMAN CARMICHAEL HAMPTON HYMAN MILLER MOODY OGIER RAMSEY WALDO VAUGHN YOUNG OFFICERS WILLIAM P. SHELLEY, JR. . ..... . Magister Jann C. IDINKERTON . . . . Clerk WILLIAM W, ARNOLD . . . . Exchequer WILLIAM A, Spence ........... ...... . . I-listorian PHI DELTA PHI, oldest national legal fraternity, was founded in l869 at the University of Michigan. Since that time 65 chapters have been granted to well-organized groups located in first class schools, The membership roll of these 65 chapters now totals over 27,000 Phi Delta Phi chapters are known as Inns, the University of Florida lnn being named after Judge R. S. Cockrell, a past member of the Florida Supreme Court, and at present a member of the faculty of the University of Florida Law College. Cockrell Inn was founded at the University of Florida in the year l9l9. Phi Delta Phi was founded because of the need in the legal profession for the advancement of high scholarship and culture, the opposition to corrupt practices and the rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics, The fraternity flower is the Jacgueminot rose, the fraternity colors are claret red, and half-pearl blue. Phi Delta Phi is the only fraternity which completely dominates and unquestionably leads in its field. Among the distinguished members of Phi Delta Phi arei Franklin Delano Roose- velt, president of the United States, Charles Evans I-lughes, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Harlan Fiske Stone, Pierce Butler, George Suther- land, members of the Supreme Court, the late Benjamin J. Cardoza of the Supreme Court, Willis Van Devanter, former member of the Supreme Court, Louie W. Strum, federal district judge of the Southern District of Florida, Scott lvl. Loftin, a past president of the American Bar Association, Charles O. Andrews, United States Senator from Florida. 232 HI HLPHH DEL llx ip, I? elif' mn-I., .,avV"" ALLEN McDEVITT 0'BRYAN BARTON CARVER KERNS MCCAUGHAN MOONEY ODLE ARFARAS Pei ALPHA DELTA, notionol honorory ond professionol legol froternity, vvos founded in H397 ot the University of Illinois Since thot time it hos followed o policy of conservotive exponsion ond hos ploced chopters in 52 of the leoding lovv schools of the United Stotes, ond in mony of the lorger cities olumni chopters hove been instolled. The purpose of the froternity is to foster scholorship ond fellowship, ond to encouroge its members to live up to the ideols ond stondords of the legol profession. The University of Elorido Chopter, nomed for the lote Senotor Duncon U. Fletcher, wos estoblished in l924 ond since its instollotion hos ottoined o dominoting posi- tion in this stote ond on the University compus, A I5 scholostic overoge is required for eligibility to membership, Extremely octive ot the University, it onnuolly sponsors lectures by outstonding members of the bor ond olso sponsors on onnuol trip to Tollohossee for purposes of visiting the Supreme Court ond other legol offices. Among the prominent Phi Alpho Deltos in the Stote of Elorido ore: United Stotes Senotor Cloude Pepper, Congressmen Joe Hendricks ond J Hordin Peterson, Gov- ernor Ered P. Cone, Ex-Governors Dove Sholtz, Doyle Corlton, ond John Mortin, John J. Tigert, President of the University of Elorido, Bert Fish, United Stotes Minister to Egypt, Attorney-Generol Cory D, Londis, Chief Justice Williom H, Ellis of the Elorido Supreme Court, Eronk J. Widemon, Assistont Attorney Generol of the United Stotes, Eederol Judge A. V. Long, Eederol Judge Spessord Elollond, J. Ed Lorson, U. S. Collector of lnternol Revenue, ond Peter O. Knight, prominent Tompo ottorney. 233 355,39 I IEIIQI A J WE SIDENT VICE -PRESIDENT CI-IESTEIZ I-IOILOWAY WALTER WALLACQE JOE NIIZRAI-II I SECRETARY-TREAS. Izevomui CI-IARI.EY mvIDsoN ALAN voucuau SERGEAIIT-ATAIINXS JANIEI I-IUGI-IES ANSON DIQIESOII IAM DOBYNS DOUG BROWN JOFHIE DAVID JAMES DAVII NXECOVINGTON GFIITHTIH SIGITIH EPSILOFI WMM' CALM ES HODNETT CASSEL Aw. ya ! 'Wm i s ,W-07" 3 5. , ,. 5 19,0 ,, if L QE 'gx 'S 7 tr A 'W Ax-,MA ,.,, , . A A 'Sv ,gt 'WEN -um t 'iv fx S Rx ff: 44.., , -V ,Ng 'I -Nik . - - 9 P Q' TODSEN HARMON ROMAN ADELSON ARMSTRONG. B. H. ARMSTRONG. W. F. CROCKER DAVID FUGATE KOSINSZKI NEARPASS STRAIGHT WALTERS OFFICERS , . . Grond Alchemist . , . Visor I . , , Recorder . . Sergeont-ot-Arms L , . . . . . , . . . Elecitronot the Block Arts TED CALMES , THOMAS K, TODSEN . RALPH W. l-lARMoN . CHARLES ROMAN , . S ERNEST M, l'lODNETT . THE BETA ALPHA Chobter ot GAMMA SioMA EPsiLoN, honorory Chemiciol troternitx, vyos instolled ot the Uniyersity ot Florido in l92li The troternity vyos founded in Wifi ot Doyidson College, Dovidson, North Corolino lts purpose is to stimulote ond encouroge the study of chemistry. Eligibility for membership in GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON is limited to members ot the Junior ond Senior Closses, ond to groduote Students In order to be eligible o student must hove o Scholostic overoge ot ot Ieost two honor points tor two yeors ot college chemistry, ond must tultil the requirements ot good fellowship, sports- monship, ond good morol chorocter, 235 A 4- , . S i S 'W' '--4-uv M6 'z 'Sf 5 .S A-In m "sq 4, sy 'N we -Q . asf?---A, 4, ff fa 1, A SAS., VAN DAME BROWN HAEGER HLPHH KHPPH PSI 58' .1 'J ag HK' gf' 1'- uw' P' Q, NK U. 'W I . Ay X t .1 Q... ,Am a 1 BROWN CUSH MAN A1 A 2- A elf , .ff-1' ,nib it 'ho ,,.-- ASH KERNS EVERETT GILLIAM MCKINNEY McPHERSON DOUGLAS biizowisi P. B. AsH D. V. KERNS C D, PIPES IZPAIAIK W, -l'ut'tLE , , , DEAN WALTER J. MATHERLY l-luEsEi2 C. Huest Y no 'Cd' PIPES ALONZO ARNOLD AUSTIN HOBBINS HUGHES MCCANN MCGAHEY MORAN MOREDOCK NIXON orriczns . . . . . .President . Vice-President . . Secretory . Trecisurer FACULTY MEMBERS . . . . . . Deputy Councilor LH Nl. BRISTQL R. B. EUTSLER JOHN G, IELDRIDGE A. S. CAMPBELL ALPHA KAPPA Psi, internotionol protessionol troternity, is the oldest ond lorgest trotere nity in commerce. It wos tounded ot New York University in IQO4, ond now hos titty-eight collegiote ond sixteen olumni chopters with o totol membership of over twelve thousondi Alpho Phi chopter wcis instolled Jonuory 22, I926 Firm in its beliet thot protessionol troternity experience is on integrol port ot every well-rounded business educotion, Alpho Koppo Psi hos os its objects ond ideols to turther the individuol weltore ot its membersy to toster scientitic reseorch in the tields ot commerce, occounts ond tinonceg to educote the public to oppre- ciote ond demond higher ideols thereing ond to promote courses leoding to degrees in business odministrotion in institutions ot college ronk. 236 f i xfx L S I R S W-Q: mm,-3 ,IKE PUR V m:w', 'M x fn, ,,,....-.,-my 8 ev rf' ,....-div Q. V t .Sim A X! ,fum nib gf? A , . ffg' - ,A xi I C 3 M Sf ,, A .F SS , xg, ll x 1 x WWW PADRON QE Q6 V QLJEVE ,-air' HAUPTMANN MAY RAMIREZ AI.vAREz LISK MINARDI STEARNS vII.A OFFICERS JAMES JXAIPJARDI ,.. .... . . . President DR O l-lr l-IAUPTMANN , . ViCe-President LEONARD MAY , . , . . Secirefary lVlATXlLJEL D, RAMIIQEZ , ,,.. . Chaplain MEMBERS FALIL ll'AMos JOSE ALONSOYYOLESIAS LEONARD MAY RAFAFL CUELLAI-1 LAWRENCE WOLPERT JORGE VILA FREDEPIC LISK JAMES STEARNS MANUEL PADRON MANUEL D RAMIREZ JOSEPH ALvAREz ALDO GARCIA JAMES V. MINARDI JOSI1 DESCHAPELLES DDO l-l l'lAUPTMAllfl MP l:RAfJCISlVl DEGAETAUI THOMAS PACKARD PLEDGES OCrAvIO GAECES LOUIS F REEDY LOUIS CUBILLAS HARRY B BROWN MAEIO l-loEEMAN J D RAYE FREDERIC REYNOLDS XMALTER SMITH In THE SPRING OF l933, stUdents and members of the faculty of the University of Florida, realizing the advantages esoCial, CUltUral, and CommerCialH to be derived through the familiarity with and the fregaent Use of the Spanish tongUe, established the first honorary Spanish fraternity on the Campos SinCe the foUnding of the organization, members of Los Picaros have strived to maintain and fUrther those ideals vvhiCh the original groUp tried to establish here, Among the activities of the ClUb are sponsoring an annUal high sChool Spanish deClamation Contest held here, a radio program broadCast over Station WRLJF, the pUbliCation of a general Spanish magazine, and open fOrUms in Spanish. 238 s I GFDH DELITH CIHI I it ,,.,w ,Q F., ' 11f . L f L LL X? K, ix? ff 1 . jj' ,. J r 5 in Mimi L A. 59+ ffggw,H1g gmwgji , K 1 Y v,.,:, X , ' X f wf' 2 4, ' k'1N ik L f, 5 A . , Y, 9 M' 5 "' Q Y 'E A , X 0 L ' 5 , sl? X L V' 53-Q f f R M U R 7, N 1 X if swf N Mr? A, 2NW'fi in 1 v My lf if afxgx A. . . ff nff X f ,4 Eff! A' ' VAUSE BUCKELS HLPHH THU HLPHH P N ff Q 'X . f f?S,?NQx g W' 'uf' 1 Em md' Y - Lf i ' l V 1 QP: . Y ' ' f , H Q H Qgllk 'gwxlg f A f COWLES CLARK CODY FINGER MITCHELL ' 'Fl-3, MW", F4 fn 7 x gm ,S 6525 B ' M 3' 'K ' f ff , -X 'Y N '-nf" 9 ,. A ' "5 35 A L is Ln 1 Q T: ,ygQWiy! , L ' 0 Q, ' 1,85 1 g Hxfgggii f QQBSM QM 'S- 'QS GRISSET BELL CLARK KROL PADGETT PLATT POUCHER ROBERTS ULMER 239 HLPHH PHI CDHIEGH '31 -can-'W' ' -4- vs N' .,... ""'1r .suv ,ah- qmauvf "-ds t , L., TR i -V,-L . ,, 525' "V r ug1ufi. riu Q A I9 9 rj. fini" Q- ,,i- if vb, -AW 1 3 A M 3' vi f AM., V ... X Y' .3 f , . ,ff If lx A 4 I .ai - M-1-ia. In ' 'l" ,A If lg, ii S - -'35 wx' -s -3 1- N' 11 amp- - """ we sr I' ,. V ' A 5.0 'Ny F 'N-P '.., ww Rf . '11 ,, .4.""""N, l f fs, - -1 s M it We M A L3 A ' Q 'V' 'J' """' - we l N' , H ? R . . f i . 1 Y - 1 74 i El, 4 " if wk ti :sri vt A +1 fl ' "HQ N, ' , R , y 'X " .PIL Ptz' A fl -an ,QQ A - 63. 6, 3 ip. Q, S -IQ! , it - 3 We 4 , . Q ff l ,M v 'wa 9' A F at -n""5" X PARKS HEUBERGER WEBER SIMPSON JORDAN CANNON MCCANN MENDELSON CODY BAUMSTEIN DAANE DUTCHER FARABEE GOCIO HOWISON KEMPER LEVINE MATHENY MENDELSON PACE SQUIRES STOCKS WALL WHITEHEAD WOOLEY ALPHA Pnl 0r.iEisA! national honorary service troternity composed ot ew-scouts, was lounded in V925 at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, Tau Chapter was installed at the University ot Florida April l3, l93l, The organization has a tour-point plan ot service involving service to the student body on the campusg service to the youth ot America and ot the vvorldy service to the members ot the traternityy and service as participating citizens, l-lere at the University ot Florida, Alpha Phi Omega has had an active existence. During the past year it has carried to a successful conclusion a number at worth- vvhile projects, most notably the sponsorship ot the local appearance of Ellsworth Vines and Fred Perry, protessional tennis players. Membership is restricted to former members ot the Boy Scouts of America, by vvhorn Alpha Phi Omega is chartered There are 54 chapters located in all parts ot the United States 240 -an --2.9 :fa lm -...Q i f 7 - S 'wh Q -all , Zi 1 440 PENNEY CHENEY KARNEY SEIBERT ORGANIZA 7l0lV.S' Lvl MArTiiii.vx, Dirrjrgtoi 'llll UOMID OE DIRECTORS Eos loun in in Brion Loon G 5 Q 5 Q EACH YEAR 'finds Elorido Union becoming o nnore integrol port ot tlie lives ot University rnen. lt bos been soid thot Elorido Union bloys host to oll tlie combos leoders ot leost once every week, ond ot leost bolt the student body visits the Union every week, Under tbe oble direction ot Billy lvlottbevvs ond bis stott tbe Union bos grodoolly enlorged its scope until it is ditticult to imooine some 242 FLCDRIDH UFIICDH FIPHT ifow, L TO i- ' Mi' MAfTIiiXX"-L, Evfxii iv Vii.I.i XA,fFi'4,':lill2fff', Cfigni-'ii Muni-'i, fiViII31S0il Firil.i- Srijniin pow' BiLL MWQAH, BAM' f3Ai'iLifi U M Vf LM SMITH fioe iiri-in JOHN ,liriiiris i , iiiiwo r-nwj iNf"IAPion PLUf,ii.iir', I,-iioimi in J- W,. Ji, iii Vfxiif-,i pnose of University life vvfiieii the Union does not ploy o port. From ffie sooo foonfoin fo fne librory, the Union offers Florido men feofiires which odd definifely fo ffie richness of college life. The foreign movies, weekly donees, o Well-rounded Iibroiy, the Cornegie rniisicol Iibrory, ond counfiess ofner feofures oo fo moke up Florido Union. 243 f , ,pv- s,. 'A' ' X ,Q 3. Ss ' i I ,Myanm- Grcmd Eastern Debote Toumomermt DEBH v 523' .M 83 Florldo Trup 4.N.,dF' L1i3H.1l5 3 x , N' Srmmmm SIMON Fssommg WMHPIELD DUNLAP FUCHS Foromsic Toumomermt of South Tmchers of Speech COUCPWGS BGCL"AflDEF'35iV:1 TQIMSELLQ AA A HOPKWS PHH' CONSTAN5 Swv' B, TE:-:CH E T T ' W T ' MOS QFD VID Qgtgm mp if 'leg . KENNEDY SULTINXH Fosma WALDO 244 TE VHRSITY EB -vw La. n- , g mf' 3 -ar " mv Vmmv 4 q Q -Ll f Y Y ' LQ """1"f an 4, H ll 4 .aff , 'f1,.,,: .wf'wf . v. . 1 A, 1 i 'fa b ag f Y I 'situ ,534 fx M, "if, V n 1 gui, X 'af' -:', J Jas 45? 'A ggg ,QQQ - :M ga Nw - 'W' sv, 1-M' A , Wm I - 4,5 K, , M ggg Q n SWK ,f wgag Y Q xl mis Aga i k ff 3 ' , 2 A ,. I 5. ' Q-"1" E. f . 1 S K f' -Y ' L -gf ' . a1'w:a,,f fp, , ' ,, ..J: ,. !yfe3g ,, TI M , 58 mf' i j' , XL . A ,. X wb a gl ff Q XY, T V! Q Q, ' Zvff Wx . ARONOVITZ GAY PACE C. F. BOYD BROCKETT DEXTER ELY FROHOCK GOZA HEWITT KAPLAN MCDONALD MCRAE PETERS R000 SNARR TUCKER GERERHL an Q qv ":::m f""' .,f A 'R N gala' .' 'K 13, x K BAKER KOHN R000 1 .-1 L A f E- '95 , v f "' X f we K In--wap if QR was ' I 54-1 f 5 BARKEN LAMPP SKIPPER SWERDLIN TENCH WALLACE WHITEHEAD WILLIAMS YOUNG CCDLLEGE DEBHTE SQUHD x . , Y - ' - '- gi' 1 an Qi, A at - n -0 mf, ' "' fra, 'W' W t - ,ak xf ax! up xv .5 6 HN' Yi, KN ' , ' Z xx -f' j fry TN ' , ' ' ff fax ' ' I Q 6 ,f . 4 . - Al AL X 1 .tY,,,L,.-'I 3 img 5 7 g -A. 610, Pb :Qi , ' i ' by nd' I ygyhi' 1' Nl. , -sf xZ"T'7? "' ' X"':' '53, ,M A I J W " -we I 5 3 Y A .3 A -ca asa, n in 'ma x . Q 1 Q ' K' , ,. , ,:'.,f -' I Jn .QL V L 'Q BRADLEY LINDSEY BROWN COURTMAN ENGLE GOLDMAN MORRIS NEFF NORMAN ROGERS STILL TOWNSEND TURLINGTON WEISS WOODBERRY ZACHRY 245 RTE l l l 2 l fin ff l Cf lllHl-'llvll Dlr'flrlr Y 1 sl 'e FIRST TENORS Irrlm Baloch 1 lrurles Carroll lifrclwrcl Eoslrncm l-'orllfgr FlOyCl !Xllxr'vLuTl1erIUrwcl Wrllrrgrn MCPQL' P'QrlJl3rT Mlller Curmiw Mirrrrm Wux rw Mom 'orrlr 'rx' 4 J l,ll1rvd Plwilllps Dl,mQ'fl Splsrs ljlvvrfglrwcc Elol rw Mwwr 'irgcnrrrlcrrr lrgrm-Is Erlltlorw Frgml- Tlworrrpsorw lf'lQwl,lrJl31,rs Wolrjrorw Wlgroflrow Wl l lllrrk, BARITONES Cmrcy Barry WrIllC1rrrBLlller Wrllrrum DQWM 'wfjrmlr-l Egrjr'-rs Clmrlos Fo- lolm Frollslw Pr- liwlllICJl'Tl MQrrorrGllQs.1 lil-rrrrlrfil l-lowwll ljrr!'lfVlUf9l'lC1ll l' lrqrlr,-w l3CJFSOVnx l'r.lyIIlrJVld Row l9r21lQvE'FT lvlfjfldrgr W Dl'rlr'l:Sl11r'l VOM Vlwfl l"+ly'llrrr1y Wlll' ll'lH ll SECOND TENORS Errlesr Boldxxlrr lolwrl Bmrwrfll lmrrlris Dual rrrxorr Elglword ECL lrgs lcrmx Gcrrluml .lorrues H0vl,lOor,l Ge-orglw I-' ll:'lSnjl Fox lf l'lOWl1'Q l-lerlrx Lorislw Pncl1Url'lMcLrlrlrw lolm Myrrrll Howorcl Poly Wilbur Purvlrl 'l lwornus Powwll lucl. Robinson Alfm F?cm'r'rbr'rgwr WGld1.v WOll41C,1' BASSES Robert Al'ldfQ'l'SOI'l ,lolwm Amdorsom lOlWr1 Arrrlilrullrl John Crogo llcrrrlorw Glmlrrr lllormorr l-lr3lsr,,-y Tlwwdorrr l-luzlfll Pm rrroml l-logr lr' Brfrrmrrl l"r,lrlr,lrlrl l I-I Ll-rg Charles Osmr-r Rlilberl Purlrrr Lrrpoxf lirnrrla Hurold lrfr1ur'lllrJr,l l l CH il .A l N lrrrrnBvrrlvrnllilvlurl ll'l,l Prvw WAI: l':l4'l,,lll'l Pls lcls Ill GFFICERS QQ T 'Ni vs., ""',!9' it r .Arr l ll rmml l U lrrr J nur frm ,rr Vx". rlrrrvmv W1Lllrl'. lm l'rAr'LArruv r ll ' ll I r l , P wfrrrd .f Prrf. llrlrrlV l' fmclrlor linux M-Jr THE FIGHTING GHTOR BFIHD K , i. L., ,gn .T --Vw-eg, V' A Jae Mfiaairsic, Owen Pirriwis R DEVVWT BROWN . . . . Director JACK Eppes , . . , Business Manager CHARLEs Baamw . . Assistant Business Manager FRED Bueiaes ,.i... . . , Publicity Chairman Jas Mwaima and Gwen Pirisfws , . . Drarn Majors bkfylm ff ,rw Q, 21' 'E Yay M, s' ,,g2',.M7,gkf ri 5 si, FPED BUCKLES Cnfmss Brtciifnii -tai Errii THE BAND ON PARADE SYFDPHGHY ORCHESTRFI VIULINS Ch irlrs Duvry Elma-r J. Setzrr Robert J. Williams George Goshen V, P. Corso VIOLAS L. J. Dulgh- Frzmk Dusynski BASS LaMar Folsom Wm. B. Grittitli BASSOON Collins Richard Livinqgton TRUMPET Chas. Brokow B, N. Brown TROMBONE Eugene lstcd Vernon Whitney L M. Sweat F""I"Ii0" Thomas J. Bi-ll Win. Hostord Kuupera John Benton David C. Fowler I N. Kiokliter 'gt R.fL"9 Home Toni Oalwuy Auguatine leorgette Ai-'un' Gr'ml:m?q 0BoE FRENCH HORN Q. Vidal CELL05 FLUTES Kenneth Smith Charlus Sherman PSRCSISEJDN ' o V'LtU" Brow" P' Vidal ROMAN Hmc""m"' H' M' Duud D' wi Benson INTVIIII-'eggijlillillg AIiyrlaLithInl?lull. Margaret Smith Ted Hagell , ' gingham coli.-in Aron- R. J. Bailey LLAWNET Home-tti Brown Wilma Beat Bernard Beach HARP C. Cobb John Pri-er Milton Hodgaon f is l'l-'al rw lil l'uTl U1 1.1 wiring tvrmgriilvlt' gal waters I luv Ulllbllf SLICVLYKJHS of the lirogrums tml llrv umm- : if J f g thin UllI'x,cglNlllV, ol ilroalltlu gihlllldlplllly Urgheslru slwlorit liiiiirweruifgrit uri tho Urgcirnllutlorr le. duo to the li it groxvrl tour iliy mul into Illia lfmsviit llltjl'lkIi:Cl'willfP L,llllIlIllQ clitoris of Prolvwapwr K DQJWIII Hmwli, Conv ' -I - ti, hi l'l:.7 tho ww. tlitirlwrvd uw uri tltmtor of the or'Cliic5lru lil itil l'kR,l'lll uw l1loVlLJl!lilJlIUll 'uuwlru Ufllcjwa uw Mormigari Uuucl Prusldvril, Moi: pl tho I'C'AiFw 41" '-4'xl'il.lll llifn on luwlru gow Jcnhri l5'rvt frf Vim l3rw.1dirul, linlly Grrnlflllil iiLl.IllVHN Mini lv wi, i 1,1 it rl will tw: lfirluoil tim will. till llrv t.1i.1wr hvllri lfwrulwrnl ,'fXHHIHTl.llIl i'illVIllt'lHV Ml1lllll114"l' V.' ti will fr. wxfiml .ml til limi: tlyilfiiriiiilw. is ' ... -sq, Q" 5 lwflwiu in lltim VI' nfl' r-l Dll'1I'Illl lfi UVWVI l'3+-ww: FL RIDH PLHYERS FIRST ROW SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW! Roland Schlindler John Bethea Shaw Foster Arnold Greentield Douglas Brown Marinus Latour Stanley Richards Robert Anderson Dick Logan Arthur Repkin Samuel Eggers Lloyd Phillips Frank Pyle George Avant Bill Rega John Knight Charles Riley Mortimer McCown Lmlm--,ill ul L1 liigluly IIlltlt,llt'l,l will IIVIIIICICIII llltllllitfhlllll il fgrlmilgllg l,1em1iiig:s llie pleci-Allre Ill rlw Flllrltlu I-'lugtpra lu ivwwelll, ull luollolf ml llnff slutlemr Llmly, Q well mLlm'lel.l drgimctm regwerllliru Selldrjwmf il ever belflre, lm: Ilia group lmgm ul-Ile III e-lillfnl llwe lfllrrelrl y6GV':, uflwrlrigs For the limi time in the Iwtmy ul tlie orqarilzollim, rlwe- Plotters were lllliil year able to IJI'VlLlLIfft' 0 current Bmoclt 'I CCIIIII TGLQ ll Wllll Yuiin Ailmmllwei' was Ilia 1wr'eSer'Il0lilwi'i ul on lzrignlol fmigrgrl Il ul sllffww dllil irlrifvvolilm miioriq Its In-I NlllI:lQl'll ml tlic l.lr1iv:-Wally", DEIIOVIIRIIUIII ul Ellefsfjli l3mbfj1l,Ily Ilw r1'IwA,I' OIIKIIIIIIIIIIN um I lug xxiullmw lux I3 Qlleriilrlrvd lgllkl the lil-QI -QIIJQQ mi- tlmfg Pllnwra' Ilfullilllgllllrl ul I nil K, lr'eer1'w Pulilie-V Pirie' vviiirimg Wm illrjv, 'fliulirlm Jtlliiiwui' III lllll'lt't'II Llllltsltlll LI, llllllllllllllllljllp lklhlllllltk- Qin CGSI lvl rllvel wevellly llrgeufulgll wiiug IQQI lfgljlliillfeil igiml Qrlle-.It I' f f J' lllI1lJlL'IllN wlir' we - Clflllllljlly Iijmllul Iwi KJ ffilltge ljlllllll lil IIJWIIIQ Ilme ifrualciilqllliwrl Ill Illwef xxollfre:fclvcf, clirefhylsl um Owfcir Vxfrlllw VAL Arm: iff-,ml lJlC'S.lClL'IIl ,I Sfsrric'-,IQV 'ml ifluyl., llip llifulritul HCUHLIII ima ilswrilllllgligil xxllll -. Hllllll lung fnwimfely, lliy lrrlpwiliiiili' lvl llliilp lima' I OFFICERS SAM l 111.1 iw lit lelt ill Sufrclmrx 5w1vllll5eImI lm MEMBERS NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE Orval Anderson Bernard Beach Charles Cole Morrison Doud Donn Gregory Mitchell Hope Jack Johnson Dick Lear II ll limll Illxl r LYCEUITW CCJUHCIL VACU LTY ADV I SURE, It I Jflnnn gi" w r DJIJI N Casson Fwxrtr un SWAIN!! President THF LYCFUM CQUNCIL brought to the Qompus thus Year 0 vclrmed ond interQstinQ pro- gram, Ccansistrng ot the Flnridm Syrnronony Qrcnestrc, Cnclrle-sKullmcJnfPOL1lWnite- rncrn, JCIITIQS Melton, Anno Koskos, and Bennett Charms Clerk. Un the whole, the program wcrs successful, ond the stu- dent recegrtrun erwtnttsuostrc 250 HGRICULTURHL CLUB .- sr WI, lk? G? Al 5 , A 4? ML , -vffmqg, ,..., Quik ""'4s -u-dw, 'HU ,qnlv in """"-w. 45.- Q' . I Q. A 2 l QI adv 'Asif .X .'g,p- mr- I my A wr if J 40' -we QW CLARK lPres.D BREWER ELLIS GARRETT McCORMICK PHILIPS SY , WW' nWQ"'gyn " 'sw' KINZER IV. Prea.J BROOKE FLETCHER HAMMETT MAXWELL PIPPEN Nm... Nf 4? ', Ia! V, 'iufzf 495' A 6 A In tb 'v ,...4v 5 if' , I I fi ae, K 'Af' una.. 'hr TUCKER ISBC.-TFBBSJ BOYLES CRBDOFIUFP BADGER BAILEY BUTLER CAMPBELL CAMPBELL. R. A. DAWKINS FORTNER FREDRICK FRENCH FULFORD HINDERY HOPE JONES KLOOS MELTON MILLS NIHOUL PEEPLES ROBERTS RODGERS RUWAN SQUIRES FRETT TOFFALETI TYNER WHITEHURST.V.E. WHITE!-IURST,W.J. GHTOR PEP -M. M, "pun CL "1. - "x . 53' fm fi 6 f 'x fm .. '- Q if I haf' Y 'I 3 K. V x VV y .r-""' xii' A M, . - . Wav" ' 1 .su A - -W? R -4 - Q i 'J 1 , 'av- ' s X sh" , 4-s 'gag' gy , X M Q S-wwf' - , N M P 7 1 ! xfg km V-1 W M "' 311, " A -ff -f 'ij 2,51 A ff'fZLI1,g A ' A as , - ,,-g.- ' W A -we A 1- - M , af' I 3 5 A -' s 'I Lx nyh ii' I -,vp If' X is -if 1 fi X: -.1-:bv I: f 1 f' H f .. 5, Y LICHTE noon HNLEY WAKEHELD ALDERMAN CALHOUN couz EVANS KELLEY LAmscY MMLEAN MANLEV MATHERS MARTIN MONTGOMERY NORRIS PARKS nocsns SIGMAN Tween lbw fyfjfflf Pep Cluln as regpuru-.ublng for Hu illlul M Muvfnre Qt the ffwilfflf Cmwl flvflvy W1 252 'u .lf UB DELUELL EDTOHTOLOGICHL SCJCIETY m mf, , L 35" T -4- ' wal uf Zn: s , 4 49 c is Y f 51344- 4 E - Xu., Eh 'Q 'Q Qi ix 'Q'-V . V 1 . 1 :zu Q' f "" ' 't in X" Nr. K 'J fs af- 3 ,Q-ol" 3 Q , Si" . .xff-.N'Tl5' ' V' ,, gf- -. , i i M , .3 sig, ,... ' N' it , """.., ' -'lf -.0 A-u:?'l 2, T ANDERSON BADGER BRAGDON BRANCH CHUBB DILLARD FLETCHER FOGARTY FREDRICK GASSETT HAEGER KLOOS LUCAS MAXWELL MELTON MITCHELL PEEPLES PLANK RUSSELL TAYLOR THOMAS TOFFALETI THE Neweir Enrorvioioeicfxi Society wds tounded dt the University ot Florido in Februory, l935. lt wos nomed otter Dr, Wilmon Newell, provost ot ogriculturc ot the Stote ot Florido ond one ot the South's most prominent ogriculturol odministrdtors, The objectives ot the society ore to promote the study ot entomolooyg to encouroge reseorch relotive to insectis ond reldted orthopocls in the Stote ol Floridri, ond to disseminote widely knowledge ot pure science, economic ond iiopulor entomology In the three yeors since its toundmg the Newell Entomologicol Societw, hos grown to become one ot the lorgest student orgonizotions in the College ot Agriculture. The society onnuolly sponsors the Florido Entomologicol Conterence ot Gomes- ville. This yeor the Newell Entomologicol Society ond the Florido Entomologicol Society were joint hosts to the members ot the Cotton Stotes Bronch ot the Americon Associotion ot Economic Entomologists ot their onnuol convention held in Tompo. 253 LO ,,,40i' x .- ll s-ff X M xxx 'D "Nr FX Q 90:79 TUCKER BAILEY CARLTON GRISSET 'K wig ln . ......--2 'f-TZ' Nd' .qw--v 59 Qin Ang N -n f ' ,Q . f heh M19 s - TK. TT. lbafaflzl Y -Q if '4 63 maxi! iff, X5 W, ,Isl we cl -vrziff 35, , Ki ,wp l x A , 2' fm MOORE CLARK WHITEHURST KINZER SYFRETT BISHOP BLOUNT BOYLES BREWER CAMPBELL COLEMAN DAWKINS DRIGGERS FAUSTINI FLOOD HOPE MAXWELL MELTON PERRY PIPPEN ROWAN TYNER WHITEHURST WILKERSON WINCEY Tue BLock Ano BRIDLE Clue is composed ot members ot the Agriculturol College who ore octivelv interested in the promotion of onimol husbondrv. The club onnuollv stoges o "Little lnternotionol Livestock Show ond Rodeo" in which onlv members porticipcite. The rodeo is olwovs tull ot color ond oction, The club wos orgonized in l932 os the Toreodor Clubs The tirst "Little lntere ndtionol" wos held thot veor with obout 300 people in ottendonce. In V935 o rodeo wos stoged in connection with the Livestock Show lthe first to be held ot the University ol Floridol The club continued to grow ond in V937 it stoged o "Livestock Show ond Rodeo" which wos broodcost over WRUF Over 2000 people ottended, ln l938 through the leodership ond untiring ettorts ot Sidney lvlorsholl ond the tocultv odvisorv committee composed of members ot the Animol Husbondrv De- portrnent stott the locol orgonizotion become ottilioted with the notionol Block ond Bridle Club The V938 Little lnternotionol Livestock Show ond Rodeo wos held in the stodium ot the Universitvr ln April, V938 the show wos held, Over 8000 people ottended the show which wos ogoin broodcost over WRUF This onnuol teoture on the compus hos ottrocted so much ottention in recent veors thot it promises to be one ot the big events on the colendor of entertoinment ot the Llniversitv in the future, 254 CH HRD BRID LE 453 is -4 vt r ii x JA ADAMS CAMPBELL FULFORD ROTHE ind' . ,naw-W MP J E Jowr-isori Generol Secretory i73AripY Ivifxriirriir, Presideiii Bum Sriwfxifr, Vleeepresideiit BOARD OF DIRECTGRS PURPOSE We seek in fellowship with others to umdersremd cmd enter inte the experiences of Jesus in His reie- Tionsriip to God cmd men arid discover and serve in His spirit The fullest vvelfcre of riumemiiy-on the campus, iri the metipri cmd throughput the world. .gray 5 -2, Y ,...-f ,...nv' F F F. ,'k' ' L MY' -P . M ' 5 H pi r i- " "K .i BENTGN ENGINEERING SOCIETY yi.- . -rc, -,faq an , ,M Qt my Ja ,fs at .f , 57" ' gr Q I .6 i f if ,W .nv es 'gift , Shag, ,Q M, i "CT: si. BASSETT LEMAN LESEMAN BRUNDAGE GARLAND GOMEZ GREEN HENKEL HEYMAN INGLIS JONES KOCH KOCH. W. A. MCDONALD SCHAUB SPILLER TERRY THOMAS TRAINA TUBBS WILLIAMS OFFICERS WiiiiAit.i L IBASSEIT . . . . . . . President Wii,i,iAi,i M LEi.iAn , . , . Vice-President Wiiiifftn J, Lesefvmn, lr, . . Secretory-Treosurer P O, Ymron , , ....,. . . , . , Eoculty Advisor THE Benton Eiioineeinno Society is the co-ordinoting professionol orgonizotion of students in the College of Engineering, its membership including oll engineering students lt is the purpose of the society to bring before the students men who ore outstonding in the engineering field, in order to give these students o brooder understonding of, ond on insight into, the engineering profession os o vvhole Eoch yeor the society sponsors the onnuol Engineer's Doy, vvhich hos become o definite port of the students' octivities in the College of Engineering The Benton Engi- iriiiiiiiiriiig Society is offilioted vvith the Elorido Engineering Society os o student bronch. The Benton Engineering Council is the governing body of the Benton Engineering Society The membership of the council consists of presidents or choirmen of the Americon Institute of Chemicol Engineers, the Americon Society of Civil Engineers! the Americon Institute of Electricol Engineers, the Americon Society of Mechonicol Engineers, the Society for the Advoncement of Monogement, ond tvvo members elected by eoch deportment of the College of Engineering The officers of the Benton Engineering Society serve os officers of the Benton Engineering Council, The council endeovors to serve the College of Engineering ond further its progress through its concerted efforts lt formulotes plons for octivities in which the vvhole college porticipotes, such os Engineers' Doy, smokers, donces, ond vorious other progroms sponsored throughout the yeor. 256 FIITIERICHII IFISTITUTE CDF CHEITIICHL ETIGIIIEERS 494 in ,iw c' ,nag 'Ik I . , ,Qs-' 1:5 5 Q 3 D "P Q 34' 45' - I' Q 232 2 'Jr 10? t 1,--v ' I .-'-- I Ns X 1 1 , I V-,I x'Nx , f: - ' f. , . wk .49 '-1".,,g- -435,-7, .53-' D.. -Q, ur x N v mxvrgg s ,Mfr ' -QA av MCDONALD HENKEL BIGGER WRIGHT HAWKINS GRESIMER GARLAND SWOOPE BYRUM DAVID TRAINA MORGAN REHM KOSINSZKI MORTON EVANS ALBRECHT ROBINSON THOMAS MOORE HITIERICHII SOCIETY OF CIVIL EDGIDEERS IIAII Iiivxx 'ICH In mjlwf' LUIIIIUII IXIIIWX, fX'XI1rmgrzj', If-fmfw, Illfyqvlx, IXIf1rIwwywIImI, Lmrtrr MIM LI IW IA TI I rI1I'I 1 f f I broom! IIIIIIIII VNIIIIGIIIXI fjurwij, IvlrrmvlI-II1IjfjIIC1.IUr1, IIIIIICI, Irmvsuru, I-lrrm llgft lg IIIJIII XA.I4,1III-xx Lwwxmfy I-'yUj4I, Qobb, BLICHZIII QIGVIQ, SLIIIIVOIII AdI my 257 HITIERICHII SOCIETY OF -, 'E ' ' 3' . J fy - nt' ,,,.,41I KOCH CLUBBS JACKSON STANTON In-uit., x gan-I .',-aaa? I' EI -ff' 'N , 'lkggy .luv 'W i nf 'luis if Q N A I ..- K -... ,Q K .W - x ' s' XL quill' .iw We -' I sf iw' -4' ,..-- ORMSTON GRAY YAMAUCHI EBAUGH FIEZL GODMAN GOHEEN GORDON JENKINS JONES PEARSON REMP STOCKWELL TUNIS VILA WELLS OFFICERS T F KoCH .... , . Choirmon A J, QRMSTON . ViCe-Choirmon H H GRAY . . . . I .SeCretory . , ....A Treosurer Prrforizssom N C EBAUGH , , I Honorory Choirmon YC W. YArviAuCHi . THE AMERICAN SoCiEtv or MECHANICAL ENGINEERS wos orgonized in I88O in order to provide tor the odvonCement ot the engineering profession ond the disseminotion ot teChniCoI intormotion omong its members In I926 the University ot Florido student bronCh wos estoblished to permit undergroduote engineering students to porticipote in the oCtivities ot the notionol soCiety. The bi-weekly progroms inCIude the presentotion of teChniCoI popers ond intormol tolks by members ond outstonding men in the profession Industriol moving piC- tures ond other illustrotive moteriols ore otten used The Florido bronCh onnuolly sends o lorge portion ot its membership to the regionol Convention The student representotive presents his poper there in Com- petition with popers from numerous other southeostern sChooIs This Convention permits the students to moke inspection trips through outstonding industriol plonts, These visits ore ot greot teChniCoI volue sinCe they present the proCtiCoI side of engineering ot the some time the student is obtoining theoretiCoI knowledge in the Clossroom. 258 .nf A ITIECHHIIICHL ENGINEERS ,,...-f .: . 4 ,al V, . W all If N- -A-.xs- BASSETT HATTAWAY SPILLER WHITCOMB FITNERICHN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICNL ENGINEERS I ri . , F' ..' -.P .,fM"t' r' .4 4 .- 'r""-f' "' - 'T' x 'M t ' A . 1, " , . x . I , A., ,jg , f ,rs 1 , .W 2 ,, . . ,Wag L If . ' "Q 4: 'T " 13 E ' M- rs 1 c , ff , . M-'iff bf-,M ff .' i an 2 .5 km VL -.1-ff! V, My if X I Qi mm E Q- BRUNDAGE HEYMANN CREVELING LATOUR BRICE LOCKE CLARK BLACK EVANS HEY RAYMOND FRIEDLAND CANNON DORN STEPHENS BEVIS QUINN TALLY HALLAM orricens J I-l Bnuisipfxae , . Chairman XX, P l-IEYMANH I . Vice-Chairman C J. Cresveisiisio I . Secretary-Treasurer Pnor, E F. SMITH . I . . Counselor Tl-I-IE Ursiivensirv or FioRipA BRANCH ot the A l, E E is a part ot the American Institute ot Electrical Engineers The institute was tounded in I884 tor the purpose of advancing the theory and practice at electrical engineering and the allied arts and SCIENCES. The local branch was established in V924 Since then it has grown rapidly and now has a membership ot thirty-tive The Florida branch has as its obiective the development ot the electrical engineering student and the establishment at contact between the student and the practicing engineer, ln the attainment ot this goal, programs have been adopted embodying the presentation ot student papers and talks bv outside speakers and members ot the engineering faculty, Occasionally the bi-monthly programs include technical motion pictures 259 EIT- .ECCDLO ELS' NNKLLIAM ARNOLD SAM E. CAQTEQ PATTON UYMLXN Luxe? .susnce WILLIAM M. COZA D. LIOQME Q. DQEW OTKS EAIZDINQTON JACK UAQQIS suemznlr L. amass ww. HAMPTON I GP MQCGQD UEMODEDOCK Jv. WADEIN MXLLEQ. JAMES 5. NXOODY E E ,mmfs xwuson ABNJODDISN J-. JC. DNNKEDTON WILUAM SPENCE SELDEN EWALDO KENNETH WUXTE QEODQE CYOUNQ CCITWITIERCE CLUB ,adffsf 'Q ,'-- ' Z W , Q Q Ck ,W J 'W ,AAA ' if HEUBERGER WADSWORTH MCCANN COMPTON DAVIS GRAHAM GRAY GREEN KNOTTS LANGBERG PETERSON QUIXLEY O I. Coiviposso oif rvtsiviiseifes of the College of Business Administrotion, the Commerce Club is still one ot the lorgest orgonizotions on the Floridci compus, olthough its enrolle ment wos cut considerobly with the odvent of the Generol College in i936 Its purposes, since its founding in l924, hove been to creote good will omong the students, to estoblish o better relotionship between the students ond their professors, ond to obtoin o closer ond more onolyticol insight into the economic ond business relotions ot our commerciol world Beside the executive committee, whose pictures oppeor obove, the leoders of the Commerce Club tor l938-39 were: MERLE WAoswoRTH . A President Bos MCCANN . . . Secretory N. J. HEUBERGER i Treosuiei' 261 yi""I l 9' iw X. K Q XS 3 .. -ss - 1, m al' :VZ L W I Q ,df I -........-nv Y' Qt 5 is 'I - I A A KA" W 13-31 A N- W ,Q 1 V . - . V' V' I 'Q' aff If . .T .b Ns 'E' I ' O . flfuif Q' f " ' 'N' ' 'f . I ff 'f Y 1 V -' f 2' as xl 455 -sf ll K: f, .I la I I T , 'G f -J' ,g 'lim 'wi --'YZ I 7,2 I . THE , If...- BUTT 1Pres.I VAUSE tV. PJ BROWN. H. B. BROWN. J. C. BUCKLES DALTON GRIFFIN HEATH HUDSON KARNEY O'HARA FIOCHE WRIGHT IPub. DIr.J FCURTH ESTHTE CLUB Q., V , ws ' 'X 'Z M, 'J' J 2: 'K . 5 41 0 52, M If is I .S g, I 'gig AK 'I I+ 4 4 .I f A - ,. - ' xt 'Q 5- . ., K ,fa ,, -.h W im Q, K - 1. , A ol A , . , 'df ff . Q-.157 4 . 1... ,, 1 "' I , ' , 1: mf .L . 6 3 71 'l , A If -f 1 . , ' ff"x4s'.?3" , X , 3 I' ",fj.-..Ee.52BI f .TAY -f I 0 .1 f 1 'v M 'incl Q -A D in . X Q., uv . M il ' X -... if I -I 3' fi " ,A+ Wfif if ' qnav' iw vi X HAMILTON COWLES SWEGER MENNINGER BROWN BUCKLES CLARK FOSTER GOLDMAN GRIFFIN IACOBS LEVINE PROCTOR VAUSE WAKEFIELD WATSON 262 COOPERHTIVE LIVII'lG CRGHIIIZHTICDD WILLIAM ANDERSON WILLIAM ATWATEP ROBERT BAILEY HARRY BASSETT JOHN BERRY HAROLD BREWER BEVERLY BROWN HAROLD BURNEY HUDSON BURR, JP OFFICERS T, BERT FLETCHER, JR. . . . . . Generol Monoger L E, TEW, JR ,... HoUSe lvlonoger KENNETH A CLARI4 . ,,.. SeCretory J, BRUCE SMITH . , . Choirmon, Exec Boord MORTIMER MCKEOWN . . . HoUSe lvlonoger R HUDSON BURR, JR. . . PUrChoSing Agent MEMBERS FRANK CARTER WILLIAM COWEN JACK CLARK KENNETH CLARK. FLOYD EUBANKS EARL FAIRCLOTH BERT FLETCHER, JR HAL FLETCHER HOWARD FLETCHER IVIAXWELL FLETCHER TALBERT FOWLER GEORGE FREEMAN WOODROW GLENN IVIYRON GRANTHAM BILLY GRIFFITH WINTON GREEN PERCIVAL GRISSETT ROBERT GUNSON RUBEN GROOM BILL HAAS RODNEY HANEY FRANK HARTSEIELD CLAUDE HAWRINS BERNARD HOWELL GERALD HOWELL DON KIMBAL ADIN MALTBY BISHOP MCCAULEY MORTIMER IVICKEOW BEN MOSS N HENRY IVIOTES JOHN RAWLS BAM REGISTER WOODROW RICHARDSON MAHUE ROWAN EDWARD SKIPPEP ETHO SKIPPEP WALLACE SMILEY BRUCE SMITH RALPH SRURLOCI FRED STRANGE JAMES TEvI L E TEW PAUL LJSHEI-' JOHN WADSWORTH GEORGE WALRER LAMAR VVATTS, CHARLES VVINCEY LOUIS WINCHESTER ALBERT VVITT Fundomentolly the Cooperotive Living Grgonizotion is designed to Serve Unif versity students ot limited inCome, The Grgonizotion is monoged entirely by its members ond their elected representotives Through living together IIT o Spirit ot Cooperotion, its members ore not only enobled to ottend the University, bUt they olso oCgUire the Ort ot living With people, ln Seven yeors, the Orgonizotion hos groWn from O membership ot toUr to o membership of sixty-tour, 263 FRANR ZANDER FRANR ZIMMEP DON WILLIAMS WOODROW BLA BILL XNILLIANIS ARTHUR TITUS LAW TON OWENS BILLY REESE TED CALMES IFITERTIHTIGTTHL RELHTICDHS CLUB ' 'f ' " T"'lllI V , 1 ' , .J-ff' "', Lf I E , Vi- J A-MTEALL' , M. - L 1 , , , 1 ' T ' Imam J-fm fm Tlwlnwi' f'uswfJJ LJLJK71JL'X', Sfufnlfgy J'-,MfJI1',lVLJ, Juhrw Illllllil, Wryw M355 Hcrbcrl Lilwfxxlw, ww Vw' UM lfwylrm Mwmmx XVwrwtrLJL1l1 Srxwrw IRM UJKJIIKJJIIQJ MU- LJ1fL,lV', Nvuw Cwinfgfnf AJVIII lxnul., TTJNIJIX, w.Jxl,Tw, Pm? H J' , X E I C-11'-JMU Viv J'W1xrmvmi ll1lJuIu I-JUIJMUI1-frm Arufllf' f'll11J+wJ:-ral: Jr-5: J'f1N.'v "fllV1'JNlx4J' f +'1JJ AMITW Aww lftwj JNl'K1t'Iljt'J JAIIHILMJJMHJ'JHlXXH,fnrlj'J"11111J Jvlyyu' l'QI111J E' f ' ' f Ur LxJ1lHlNUNfj I l"n1wr', JWJHJJX YJIJXJ'-HI, rw! ur IWJIU1' N. 1 JMS 'V , Mmm 264 ff PEHBODY CLUB COLLEGE OF EDUCHTICH f 1 f LH J NN LJl1b""'AV' ,MW XXL' IPM f H1111 IJ NN IAM 1 MJ. MMI' ALP! l Hill I O ill-'IMIH 1 1 NN 1 .,A,r,1o,u+ ln M HM ns Ulm limp Ulll'LlfLJIIJ',Hf1 ' J f uri Lmwm ' 1 fl mf wx www FACULTY ADVISOR DP J L7JIA1MwMw FACULTY MEMBERS Uv Alf:-'v1fla'AT.L, J KY. STUDENT MEMBERS Urn JAIHIOII NV Hxwrn OFFICERS . . , . pl'kf'flCJPI'lJ . Vnfofpresiderm SGCVEIOFV Iwo'-,mrer MEMBERS fn1,u"r1,mCr-wr nm Ln ffl MAI-'Tuf1,Jw fNrwrf1,n C, LJfw1',Jsf JAl.'Xl'Jf1IIAl-'IIN IJfw.mr1IiA1-nur Hrr11A.',xlrJ fmvrr rum. fXr'ln1mf'JAlnr l"'lUJ PLIVJ L.JlI"lf'1IlJX.J1 flu F' L Tuwnp FLOR rv' '49 1? Y' dr .evwf Z? :ips Y J Pe' X. .3 1 G7 'Wd I H IFLES fn, 3-v I N38 ,wr 'Igl ! J AAII :QE - G 1 V',- Io' A GREEN CASON SPEIRS JONES HosIcINs BAILEY Rovn BozEMAN CAGLE CARTER COLEMAN EDWARDS I-IENRY MANLEY REGISTER THOMPSON zEIGI.ER I QI I I C I I I S I Q L I E I I I I I K. . 5 ' ' v3 QQ? 'emi E' gif I , N E ,' -.- ' DQ, 'T' ' 5:33 , f . ,. TNQ? ' A: .. ' . A ..-A:-. -f-'M P . 'O 4:- FRONT Row, LEFT TO RIGHT JSJTTJUQJI R. D Bailey, R, M Wernicke, F. G Rnem, Coptoms, J E Hedrns, Manager, Ii NN Wnners F T. Dodd, Capt.-Coach. NOT IN PIQTIIRE: C Brandon, T E Hernn, J, O. Lund, R, F. Noyes, C, T, Wnlson. 265 S M , 94, 1 ,-. S ms sd II-fe Q-I L44 5M I,-I,L Row, LEFT TO RIGHT JKneeIIngJ: M. I.. Augustine, Moss, W A, Pdpy, III, Podron Manuel, Jr, JOlN1RLW"I, F K Fergmnrwx, J ld Sxxeqer THIIII I,IIfT TO RIGHT CStGndIngJ2 E G, Hendry, J, D JVJCCOLJJGY, Jr,, T B. Simpson, E J NIClVJJg, L l QIJJI3, J' XIX Sellers, L l MII-Im XX I MEMBERS FUTURE FFIRITIERS CDF HTTIERICFI Qu... I 'TT' 0 we-... M ...-H" J...--S , L' 1 LW I m n " I Us Q ,Y .zgvfg t J wg .am ,Y-A BAILEY HARRISON PIPPEN 0.5 R, -, I I 'Gig A A Q Q, ,Q . 2 'sv 4155s R CAMPBELL CHILORESS CLARK CLARK, K. A. FREDRICK JONES KROL MCLEOD NIHOUL PADGETT POUCHER ROBERTS ROWAN SMITH ULMER an 4' 1'-""'?f J M if C T !+,Iff.f','I'r-r1IItj, FLJGFVIE BPOWII Pref Iaent VICE-PVGS IMI r Ti I IIIMIE POB pA'I"lII'SOI1 SI-C Treo" PuiIIII'I1yDIref1OI' 266 LEIGH CHETTIICHL SOCIET THE LEIOH CHEMICAL SOCIETY is intended primarily tar the benetit Ot tirst year students IIT Chemistry ta give them a turther insight INTO interesting ChemiCaI Drahlems nat tully Covered in the regular Caurses It serves to present ta them a better knowledge at the sCODe at Chemistry and at the same time ta Dravide a meeting DlaCe tOr students having a Camman interest Dv J E I-IAvvIINs FaCuIty Advisor O E AIIDEPSOII LYNN E BUSSEY TJOBEPT M CAVES SOLI COURTMAIII JOHIIJ DIEM LDWARD F ECKEL CHAPLES H EDWARDS RALPH L ENGLE, JR, HPI-ZBEPT GOLDMAN CUPTISJ GREEN T E HAZELL JOsERH N LTRELN J-JI NIZY Dt GVAVV, JP MAC D HENDRICKS WILLIAM C HENRY FRANK HIND JERROLD E KEMP L J KITCHEN LLOYD KITCHEN S P LEONARDY JAMEs S MCDONALD BERNARDI MILLER GARDNER MORGAN CHARLES LEE PARKER VVM A RAY J B REDD F A REIBER W A ROBINSON STANLEY H SIMMONS ARTHUR S SMITH ROBERTS SMITH RuEusI THOMAs BARNEY E, TURNER WM PORTER VAUGHAN NORMAN R WHEELOCK HAROLDA WILLIS TDCDRTHR HOD PESTLE ff' '55 Y Q 5,9 15+ f li 'S Y 5 - MW , Q X 'QQ JI , ., A I I " 1' I soc14' br ' I -Ts: ,f ' -V f L 3 .3 Si Ag.. 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C, GRIMES MARY WALSH CAPTAIN M, MGDONALO IVIAE HALIEIO 275 11' COMPANY SECOND BATTALION Q-8 -CF' IVIAJEIR H I5 ISLALIS -nhl' x 'A if I IXXIAIJYWILEY CARTAIII O L SIIVIOIAISOII MARY ALICE LESTER COMPANY B, EIRS-I' BATTALION ,pa '--..,N, '56-2' ,-4-3' CAPTAIII L VV CII-'AIEIAIIA COMPANY EE, SECOND BATTALION CAETAIN H H CWAEIAIA VIIPIQIIIIA CEAWTILWD 'F 5 l" EMAIIA JEAII HIQLEY ADJUTANT FIRST AEITAIIIA C .BARRETT l C- IW CAPTAIII R BT LEONARD GRACE CLEMEIIT5 BATTALION ADJ UTANT SECOND BATTALION LAURA ADAM CARTAIII H C, LOGAN JUAIIITA LEWIS I A+-Z . K ' yaff-fig' lf Km'- V7 276 A Q, A' y If Q .iw 7 ww ff? Mi? J f 9 , 70, , 47 1 f' W ug f 1 , ff uh. H, ,V Z. -W f . 5, ,, f yn if 2 if iq 2, Y 'lfzw ff W W 'S W , Qi lf Q , J Q r S3 i ,,,' 13 " MAf95?Vff P ,, 1 +' I O I Q 39" ff- DANC' 506157155 DAVID R GEIIIIAIII ULMR EDUNBIIR I I-IENILY S.ILOTI-IE II E WILLIAM S.FIlA'I'ES WILLIAM I-I. ENIIEIS ' I LDIIIIY W-YIITCIIELL I EuzABEru sock REBA BELL SCOTT D. CLARKE ANDREW SULLIVAN PAUL B. 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X XX U yy xx I hw '-2 fQX,ffW f f f my X X X il, K E X ?fgX Wqii " x K 'fiti 131gii 2 ,,, 'gf3f2?1 f '41 IHTERFRHTERHITY CCDNFERETICE IDTERFRHTERTIITY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA EVERETT WILCOA BILL WAILIRIGHT BETA THETA PI JAIQL AVAIYIT, QILRLTAI Y AL PARLLR KAPPA SIGMA BOB LEONARD I'IARMON HOWE ALPHA GAMMA RHO' I'IARRY BARNES LORRY MITCHELL KAPPA ALPHA JACK SWEGER WILSON FREEMAN TRLA UF LI PI KAPPA PHI IXIOYCE FANI-IIIIO ROBERT STRIRLIIII3 DELTA TAU DELTA ROBERT CARLIIJLL T ERRY DRAI L ALPHA TAU OMEGA FLETCHER RUSH TOM INORAM THETA CHI Ross IVIOWRY DONN GREGORY CHI PHI TOM KIXIOTTS BOB MQCAIIII COD 287 FEREIICE ITIEITT PI BETA DELTA STEWAPT SIMON CHESTEF' CASSIEL DELTA CHI JAII,IE'a MI CYALILI IXLIIIILTII IQIIYI, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON I-IOWARO STEARIIS BILLY ARNOLD PHI DELTA THETA DELL GIBBS BILL AIFITH SIGMA NU I.LJCIUS MERRITT TOM BYIQD VAN BRLJI-IT BERS SIGMA CHI JAEIL JOIIIB ALLIEII IDOLWIIII SIGMA PHI EPSILON JAIIIN M FAI-'LANL' IDALJL IIAI-'I' PI KAPPA ALPHA BILLY TOMA'5I,LLII BOYD HAIPIJIE. PHI KAPPA TAU MALIQOLIII MQIELAQSIZI JOHN VVIIIO DELTA SIGMA PHI GREOORY I-IOEBS JOHN DOIIO RRESIDIQI iT Irs.. .-.. n-- - - -.-- -1-....-. TAU EPSILON PHI JOE MIZEAHI SIDCOOPEF1 Wd' A ' ,anllw ,av f. Nd' N90 QQQQK . 'NF QHAY, i5n.a-ww P" f wil wif Q' X MK QMS? -1 'Nu' -, ,'vwA 'Aff .,A.4uvh A V" , Mum? wa? rail' W if' ani? Q-.7 ,,a" 'ml' MITCHELL KIME DAWKINS NPPEN MELTON BARNES SMITH BISSETT JOHNSON KINSEY sig? ,Q Q!! Q!!! ez!! Aung? xqn' yy? W A iyg ,,,,..s S55 'Q' 54 ,' ,ffv TOFFALETI TUCKER CONDOS GREENLAND LUCAS SLAGLE 66 ZW , ww ,, BEWAN BRAGDON REAGIN HINDERY STONE ALPHA GAMMA of HLPHH GF1fT1fT1F1 RHO C. E ABBOTT J. P. CAMP J. R. HENDERSON JAMES W. BEWAN RALPH G. DAWRINS K PAuL BRAGDOII ROBERT C. KIME HARRY D. BARNES J. FAXON BISSETT WALTER W. CARR JAMES P. DOUT BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY J F. COOPER H. G HAMILTON FRAZIER ROGERS GORDON KIRK BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 LORRY W. MITcHELL OTTIS I.. PIPPEN CLASS OF 1940 WALTER E MELTON CLASS OF 1941 W, RANDOLPH CONDOS HERBERT A. SMITH CLASS OF 1942 EDGAR H. GREENLAND GEORGE A. HINDERY ROBERT M. JOHNSON PHILIP H. KINSEY ALPHA GAMMA RHO was tirst Organized in 1924 with the intention ot petitioning the national agricultural fraternity of the some name. Installation ot Alpha Gamma chapter was made January 19, 1925. High in scholarship tor several years has been Alpha Gamma Rho It led all fraternities on the campus from 1929 to 1933 and at present ranks second. Publications men including editor and managing editor of the Alligator, editor and business manager Ot the Florida College Farmer, editor at the F Book, member of the Board ot Student Publications have been produced, as well as members of honor court and executive council and many Ag college organization leaders, Carrying on today are Clyde Driggers, Blue Key member and novv a graduate Student, Otis Bell, president of Alpha Tau Alpha and vice-president ot Kappa Phi Kappa, and Gilbert Tucker, block and bridle president, treasurer of Alpha Zeta, and executive council member. 289 HAROLD MOWRY K. B. SWINFORD F. S JAMISON JAMES P. TOEPALETI GILBERT A. -I-UCKER l. RANDOLPH ROBINSON WILLIAM M THOMAS ARCHIE T. REAGIN D. E LucAs LOWELL E SLAGLE J. DAN STONE I W .. ,Tai Kar,-' 6 .W , 9 Wa- Y' l LOPPY VV.I1fllTCHELL,pPEflDE'IT 175m fgfgii 'A C2135 " - Elgfw. R 3134 xxwi -FQ ' 'AVG'- :jfs 1 1 ,Aj gg. A6563 ', .au A W X, V .W , ,gg .ar ff Q--16 .xg J I Q, fm -. 'Q -4 :Q C f-N.. X 1 W .,. xl I N . - ' 'M I-Q' 'Y I' 5 '. x sci , ,W wx 5 "Mg-sr ? . ,QHX 'nl' Q '- HDV I I 9 IH VE? I A ' .If-f Q gym' Q wx W., Nd I A 'ii wr 'A It-ff f gm W, .Q a f 'v-"'1Ql'!3 ,asap uf' . K J .I 53 , .1 'QQ W V Q A ...Z v V, ! A ' 'g' 'FM , --U '17 3,7 19' r -.. , V, , X --s 1 3, sv- GUEFINSEY BRACKETT McDONALD APPLEYARD BATTLE CRABTREE ELLIS GOHEEN INGLIS KING LOGAN MULLINS RAMEY SMITH WALLACE WORKMAN BFIAWNER BUTT COTTRELL ELLISON HAGADORN JETTON LEWIS MCRAE MULCAHY RUSH ALLEN BAUGH DELAPLANE HEDRICK HOCH ISTED IGOU INGRAM LOGAN MENNINGER MOODY MORRISON MCMULLEN WIGHT PINKERTON BISHOP BOWIE BOS BRIDGES BROWN BUTLER CONNER DAVY DOSS DROMPP FRONHEIM GIBBONS KNIGHT LAMPSON MCMICHAEL STENSTROM SKINNER THOMAS SMITH SCHAUT BATTLE BAYNAR 293 N., fglxfif I -:ax is ,Jn if I I TALLY HEDRICK BROCK LOONEY BLANK DAVY MICHAEL D FLORIDA ALPHA OMEGA of HLPHH THU OFIIEGH H R TRUSLER W H WILSON L, W. GADDUM ART APPLEYARD LUCIUS BATTLE HENRY BAYNARD JOHN BURNETT JAMES CLARKSON THEODORE COOLEY JOHN CRABTREE HEYWARD ELLIS ROBERT GOHEEN ALAN BRACKETT DAN BRAWNER NIKON BUTT JENNINGS COTTRELL MARTIN ELLISON P. C EVANS MERRILL ALDERS CHESTER ALLEN WILSON DAUGH RICHARD BROCK CHANNING DELAPLANE HARRY HEDRICK JAMES BATTLE WILLIAM BAYNARD DONALD BISHOP RALPH BLANK TYLER BOWIE WILLIAM BOSS WILLIAM BRIDGES FRANK BROWN WILLIAM BUTLER BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY A R BLACK G C TILLMAN E B, SALT F. T. DODD BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 RALPH INGLIS JETTON KING CLAYTON LOGAN MARSHALL MCDONALD JOHN MCKAY L D. MULLIIIS STEPHEN C. OICONNELL JOHN PINKERTON ELMO ROBINSON CLASS OF I940 JOE GUERNSEY DELISLE HAGADORN DAVID l-IEDRICK FRASER JETTON RICHARD KING CLASS OF I94I GEORGE HOCH CRANDALL HAGAN GENE ISTED PHIL lGoU THOMAS INGRAM CLAUDE LOGAN SAM LOONEY CLASS OF I942 GERALD CONNER CHARLES DAVY WALTER DAyY JAMES Doss EDWARD DROMPP GORDON FRONHEIM SAM GIBBONS RAYMOND KNIGHT DON LAMPSON BENNY LANE CHARTERED IN IBB4 at Tallahassee, Alpha Omega Chapter ot Alpha TaU Omega surrendered its Charter beCaUse ot anti-traternity acti- vity there in IBQO. Reyived in i904 in Gainesville, ATO was tirst ot the fraternities to be established here, Enviable has been the reCOrd Created by Alpha Omega Chapter lt has prodUCed three presidents, one vice-president, and two seCre- tary-treasurers of the student body, nineteen Class presidents, twenty-Six Captains of varsity teams, as well as one Charter member of Phi Beta Kappa and Six times the highest Cadet military OttiCer Prominent today are Steve O'Connell, president at the student body, Chester Holloway, viCe-president of the student body, Elmo Robinson, president of L'ApaChe and Captain at the baseball team, Nixon Butt, president ot the Junior Class, and Lawrence Smith, president of the YMCA. 29I CARLOS PROCTOR PERCY BEARD C. VANN WOODWARD PAUL RAMEY PAUL SHELLEY LAWRENCE SMITH WILLIAM STEPHENS JOE STEPHENS SID TALLY COAKLEYJ TAYLOR EARL WALLACE ROBERT WORKMAN ROBERT KING JEFF LEWIS RALPH MCRAE A, B, MICHAEL JAMES MULCAHY FLETCHER RUSH ROBERT MC KAY JOHN MENNINGER ASHBY MOODY DONALD MORRISON JAMES MACMULLEN HENRY WIGHT EDDIE LANE FRANK MCMICHAEL JOE MICHAEL HERBERT ROBSON JOHN SCHAUT BEN SKINNER JUGLE SMITH DOUGLAS STENSTROM OSCAR THOMAS li ELMO ROBHJSOMI PRESIDENT -'r i 5,6 I. 3 'A " , 5 .5 ,.9 7 PR' .f SCT, ', ' D! 4'-A' T. E : Lui f ., 1. '. P 'LS Q, . --A-s Refi.-A 7 'W ,, ggi' 5 -r xf""' 33"v', Nr 1 .aw 'M 3 1 Q J ..,:,, Myh'.V ff 'J CWA, '.L. QL gg J '01 ""-v Q iw - .A QW PARKER CHRISTY LIDDELL GARLAND BENNETT PETRIE BROWN ' n . K , , Orr. - -A I NX 'N' A f .uf wr! ,MK .wwgwf 1 wa . . - - .ax . 3 A '- G. - AQ , 1 L Sf Nw? ff I , Q .. Jlh. lluillp A1 Aww giwi ymm x L. 1 1 ,QM V Wi ' 2 nw -wsyxfg X W 1' wiQ ,4 I ' Ola. fx ' I 3, 5 ,gan in 3 5 Q lb 5 5 an ,,,. 5 , W ,f 0' ,,. dum M rv Q A -W-D I X If I A A rg A J, xx 'll' Q I ..,' 'wf V G 'ah , Q -fax md Q, v T 3 Z' AE, ' 'ivy 5 "-21 l -'75 '55 ' IZ' A W' new w, 'Q I V, Q 1 J V ...W .9 T' Nw!! XX fy 'K ,A 4!: 4 -' , ,af 'M parm' i-an gf.. If- I ff .E I Xyw I , ROWLY NVITER AVANT CLARKE FUSSELL ORMSTON BRADLEY BUCKLES DICKINSON GATES KNIGHT THOMPSON BROOKS CONGER DUTCHER SQUIRES SUSONG WEEKS CRAFT KANE LEMIRE WARD WILSON.D.C. WILSON.W.P. 292 R , vs DQS I fevffgfwwx-f., W .f:. , i I bf 1 NV' L, ,I Q x -nl' , .fag gf? ' 4 , 'wwf' 'e4T.dqN 1 'gi-N-'Nw M' v m uf u L Adlh! QW' S 3 if ' 111' S Q JOHNSON STEWART CLEGHORN WRIGHT GREENE WINN UNDAR TUNIS X 'Zh wa , it QR? lu'- ,...-mv .33 A I 13 -me .Q at 'ivy QL 'Nil .1 .gg Q-s Ng, Www? L FQ' no -,,.., , My I +A .ff Wd-Y, icuii? ' SCHULTZ WARREN EUBANKS ALEXANDER MCGURN ADDBON QUISENBERRY GAMMA XI of BETH THETH PI E S. QUADE H P. CONSTANS KLEIN H GRAHAM J S ROGERS JACK L, AVANT RUSS J. CHRISTY W. H CLARKE ROY DONALD GREEN VVARFIER IZUSSELL. JOHN BRADLEY FRED E BUCKLES EDWARD CLEGHORN JAMES DICKINSON JACKSON EUBANKS REX ALEXANDER ROBERT A BENNETT GLEN!-I LJ BROOKS WILLIAM CUNGEP WILLIAM W. ADDISON JOHN COTTON BROWN JOHN W CRAFT JACK DARE KANE BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY W. B HATHAWAY K W KOKOMOOR W, T, ARNETT BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 HARRY P. JOHNSON URBAN T. KOCH WALTER LIDDELL ALFRED J, ORMSTON ALFRED B PARKER CLASS OF I940 JAMES E. GARLAND JAMES H, GATES EDWARD B. KNIGHT ROBERT E SIVITEP CLASS OF I94I ADRIAN I-I. DAANE DONALD DUTCHER YIYHOMASJ GREENE MAYNARD T MLGJUFII ROBERT C. PETRIE CLASS OF I942 EUGENE H, LEMIRE PAUL S LINDAR RICHARD K. PENN A. C QUISEIIBERRY PURROSING TO BUILD up O traternity recognizing mutual assistance, cultivation ot the intellect, and friendship, Gamma Xi Chapter ot Beta Theta PI was Installed here December IZ, l93O, The charter was granted to the petition ot Delta Tau local, Produced by Beta in its nine years of existence have been O president ot the student body and heads ot all Classes, editor and business manager ot the Alligator, editor ot the Seminole, and meme bers ot the honor court, executive council, and athletic council, Men Ot Beta leading at Florida today are Al Parker, chapter president, Blue Key treasurer, Phi Kappa Phi, and president ot Gargoyle, and Jack Avant, Who IS an executive Council member and president ot Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Alpha Psi. Outstanding alumni include John W. Prunty, J K. Mizell, Paul M, Pope, Jr, W. Alvin Hamilton, Fred Archie Meatyard, and Harold Riker. 293 N W DAIJBORIJ Ralph D DICKEY KENNETH DAMERON CAPT. G R CARPENTER J, WINDSOR RUWLY VVILLIAM SCHULT1 J RUEUS STEWART JOHN C WARREN ALBERT NN SWEET WILLIAM -I-HOMPSOITI A. C WRIGHT FRED I.. -I-UIJIS DONALD C VVRIGHT CARL IVI SQUIRES CEHAPLESJ SUSOIJG CLARI-R B WEEKS VVARIQIEII ROBBINS Wlllll WILLIAM HILL THOMAS ROBERT W. WARD DONALD C. WILSON WILEORD P. WILSON I E' L x B I . I, .wi will .fa 'W W-0" Y---v V' ,un Q:7 'haw ...sf il' uN Y . in 'LCX 3915? 'JN ,-aa.. agua 4l""'io S . VN: . JZ -,fp Q 'wx 005' ,Nm A I 'ww s -.-nm., fff' nf" ,pil , wr-f SJW ,,4-nf N"""" wwf ...pv- vw-.ay 655' sf ',,,v' .,.,i,' ...Q ny' N S M Q ,...u"f, -mf fa ,d,.,,,:g Af-4-.g 'Y C., ,, Y ...xr X-uf F ,. MCCANN PETTY PARKS KUYKENDALL WALLER ENGLE BRUNDAGE NUNN.T KNOTTS NIGHTENGALE LORISH COLE UTTLEWOOD SEESTEDT SMITH CHANCEY ASH MBLELLAN CRANE NUNN.l CHEANEY Y """'r A an CHENEY CODY FLEMING PEARSON FARISH -3'-ff STOUDEMIRE MUANDREW REBINGER SAYRES 'kwa ...YL CLIETT FACE WHEELER SIX STERRITT THETA DELTA of BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY JAMES N ANDERSON CHARLES R l-lUGHES JOHN L CHANEY TOM KNOTTS BILL CLIETT TCM WALKER ROBERT S CODY JACK PETERS THOMAS NUNN WALLACE BOZEMAN CLAIRE SEESTEDT JOHN FLEMING DON Six MILTON CHANCEY JIMMY MCANDRES WALTER STERRITT CLAUDE L. MURRHREE BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS or 1939 PAUL l-lELLIwELL FRANK ADKINS BRAILSFOHD NIGHTINGALE WILLIAM PETTY JOHN WARREN CLASS OF 1940 JACK PACE BEN ASH CLASS OF 1941 BILL SMITH TED LITTLEWOOD REUBEN CRANE DADE PEARSON JIM KUYKENDALL CLASS OF 1942 JOHN STOUDEMIRE JOE PARISH JOEL SAYRES CHI PHI installed its thirty-fourth active chapter on February 15, 1935, when Alpha Delta local became Theta Delta chapter of the national fraternity. Alpha Delta, founded in 1923 as a local, had recognized that there was O need for one of the great Conservative fraternities at Florida. With that end in view, Chi Phi, the oldest of Social frater- nities in existence, was petitioned. Backed by Strong and national antecedents, Chi Phi has produced editors of Alligator and Seminole, an Alligator managing editor, vice-president of the Student body, a number of Class officers, athletes, executive council and honor court members Chi Phi occupies third position on the Campus in scholarship, Tom Knotts, senior intramural manager, F Club member, and varsity swimmer, Jack Brundage, AIEE chairman, Phi Kappa Phi member, and treasurer of Sigma Tau, Tom Walker, varsity football and track star, and Bob lV1cCann, chapter president, are the under- graduate BilVl.O.C.'S, Leading Alumni is Everett Clay, former Editor- in-Chief of The Alligator and present Sports Editor of The Miami Herald. 295 C HOWELL JANES JOHN BRLJI-IDAGE GEORGE MORGAN GRAY C RAMSAUR W C fVlCCLELl.Al'J l-lENRY LORISH ROBERT J. lVlCCAlJN BOB PARKS GEORGE COLE BILLY NUNN WALTER WHEELER BOE WAl,LEP PHIL CHEANEY JOHN REISINGER RALPH ENGLE OEERTJ lvlCCA'.Ii, PPESIDEVIT . . ES, , v wg!! jj 5..-.,. , ,, ,R 47 lg ' 'P' , T' ,Anal ' 'sql' 'df' .r""""y 3' i nv' 'Wy .Qu y xi 1?-V' any Ei Q . W I ' X , N '- n' 'gif' -4- J ' ,amid 2 1-Y if 'Q 5' 2 I 0 if .y 2 :I :.f Y ,,w,., I . -MW MCCAULEY. J. D. PILLANS. 0. PLATT. C. A. TUBBS. 1. DRAPER, R.S. EDWARDS.C. MCKINNEY, H. WILLlAMS.J.H ELLIS. A. P. HAMPTON. 1. WILLIAMS. R. TURNER..l. ...,....a-w .-Lanz, lXT X 1 X Y 5 x Al " 4 i 5 H A R :gi X U ma- . NIO? ...mwah ...gif ,gf 04" w-ff' if N..4f RICE, K. L. BRYAN, C. L. HASTINGS. C. BUZZA. K. SMITH, J. L. WYNNS. W. C. fp. Q I V. 1, ,ii ,X1 Q' ' 4 'Q N X . L if 4 5 L 1 'nf' 52 nw? 5" .--fy , A -A f971""zf ' . ' X. -uw-.-ev' A L . Q W4 Q N Ax, Y . K. ll M J CLARK. F. A. CONLON. F. KAHLE, E. COVERSTON, D. Y SPRINGER, R. ONOPRIENKO. A. DE TH CHI FRED CLARK L CLARK BRYAN FRANI4 C. CONLOII ROBERT S DRARER KENNETH BDZZA D, Y. COVFRSTOIIIE A, F, ELLIs BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF I939 ALTON PLATT JOHN lvl Tomas CLASS OF I940 IUENNETII RICE CLASS OF 1941 CHARLIE EDWARDS CECIL I'IASTINCwS EUGENE l'lAI-ILE JAMES D, IVlI'C:AUl.IlY CLASS OF I94Z J J I-IAIVIRTOII SIDNEY IVIARTIN A L ONOPRIENIO JAMES SMITEI IODDIE M. WILL IF-.MS l"lC'WAPD T. McKIIINEv OwEN O IDILLAIJS JAt'If WILLIAAIAJ GEORGE ROBERT J E. TURNER WILLIALI XNYNN SPR IIIIJI R Q -J' ' .Viv I, ffl H 40 J Im MFCADLETI, IDPEQIIJTIJT if A IIITENDINO TO PETITION DELTA CHI, Chi Delta local was founded in l922, On February l6, V926 the local became twenty-fifth in the chapters ot Delta Chi, its chapter house was completed in l927, Always Delta Chi has been a leader in scholarship and athletics, and tor a number of years it led the national fraternity scholasti- cally. One of the founders of the Florida Review was Leonard Baily, l-lub McAnly was a noted athlete ot a few years back, while Stephen Spurr was a charter member of Phi Beta Kappa. The fraternity has produced a number of campus leaders includ- ing members of the executive council and honor court, several ol Phi Eta Sigmas, and political big-wigs. Campus leaders today are Kenneth L Rice, school ot arthitecture student, Owen O. Pillans, drum major and member of Phi Eta Sigma, Alton Platt, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ross Haeger, outstanding scholastically in his first three years, Lester Mills, honor court member, and Clyde English, member of the executive council. 297 , I, f""'l? , ,fbgg -4 if 1 ,.-- ' ww , i 4 ..4,, , an-411 - -3 3? Nc.. ,...,,5 1644 Ni' '., 4333? , ,.,uu- our 'wo' ,,,-1-av .N-P" ml Q 2, I.. C-5 iv -'vc' mga V. -und' K., 355- j'??: ?" ,-+ 'Nr' 'Z15 'G' sv--...Q if sr-"'J 'X 'N - f-Q. " "J, . 5,5 410' , 5 'iv wr ' if llfilbw WW ,....nW io - , wt-,N QQ S531 I 'N-1-ug. ,...-..- -M., ,...., -'ua au"'W' ms" ,aww IA-P 451 HOBBS HALE WEEKS DOWD WILLIAMS BAGULEY CAYSON COMPTON GRIGSBY BRAGG MCGEE STRINGER DEAN KING LINSEY MATHIS MELTON NICHOLS QUISENBERRY WALL WEBB COOK HALL IHRIG LAYFIELD MEEK REMBERT LAIRD 298 BETA ZETA of DELTH SIGFHH PHI R H WEsTvELD C F. BYERS C. H. BAcuLEY DOUGLAS DURCE S. O. CARSON W. A CAYsoN B. W. BRAGG R G GUNTHEP M A HALE DURNELL LINDsEY D W. MATNis MAX COOK ROBERT HALL BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY V. T. JACKSON H. H. HOBBS BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 JACK COMPTON J R Dowp J K. GRIGSBY C H. Hoses GREc-,ORY Hoses CLASS OF 1940 L. l-l MCGEE F P STRINGER R M. WEEKs CLASS OF 1941 HoLMEs MELTON ED NICHOLS ANDERSON QUISENBERRY CLASS OF 1942 DAvE IHRIG GERALD LAYFIELD JAMES LETTON THE DELTA Sics, after existing for four years as a local known as Phi Alpha Epsilon, petitioned the national organization IIT 1930 and received their charter on April 20 as Beta Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Through politics, the Delta Sigs have had their bid for fame on the campus, for in 1934 Mac Grigsby organized a successful party and became its first chairman. Two years later, Keith Grigsby led the Democratic League to victory and this year Julian Williams heads the Gator Party. During the last three years the "Sl.65's" have furnished two vice presidents of the student body, Ben McLaughlin and Dutchy Stormes and have also placed others IH student body and class oftices. Outstanding alumni of this chapter in the state includei Dr. D. S. C. Pearson, physician, Dewey Johnson, a States Attorney, Dr. Fred L. Rowan, Chattahoochee, Mac Grigsby, Gainesville, and others The "big boys" in the chapter this year are: Keith Grigsby, Blue Key and former chairman of the Democratic League, John Dowd, president of the lnterfraternity Conference, Julian Williams, chairman of the Gator Party, and Harold Hobbs, president of the Gargoyle. 299 MAc G CJPIGSBY WALTER BYERs WILLIAM LAIRD JuLIAN WILLIAMs R G. STORMES FRED MAcDoNALD R J. DEAN LLOYD TAYLOR EDWIN KING CLARENCE WALL CECIL WEBB WILLIAM MEEK MAc REMBERT A E BucEIANAII, PREsiDENT fdx, 'fA'2fi5i' xx Nm." xx ,I s""E L "Na-., yff, ms. Q. 'ivukx 5 N4 f iqliffjf UU' ' xi 'QQ 3 1.-.,. 2 . Q 'wi A-diff gf 'X H . A .. Q. G n, , 'Msg fi Q Ku if 1 . L " T K 1 A' .wg-, :Z , xi? 1 'wif ,......-f' 'dl' , 'QQ' qu' an-if -if CARLISLE MITCHELL. W. E. MITCHELL. E. F. DICKEY MAXWELL RAWLS CUSHMAN. F. CUSHMAN. B. DRAKE HOWES OSTNER KIBBE BUCHA ROUSE SMITH 300 :Siu nr-'sg ALLEN SUBER HENRY NUTTING DELTA ZETA of DELTH THU DELTH R l-l DONALDSOII lrl O Et-IWALL GEORGE E ALLEN, JR. ERNEST BALDWIN RODGER l-li BARTON GEORGE G BYRNES, JR. FRANILIN R CUSHMAN MICHAEL BIJVHA JOHN DIEM TERRENCE JL DRARE GEORGE K I BBE WATSON LONG BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY ROLAND EUSTLEI- ELMFF1 D HIIII LIY BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 ROBERTT CARLISLE MJOODROW W DIckEY KENNETHJ l-IORTON JAMES E MAXWELL CLASS OF 1940 ROBERT A CUSHMAII JAMES B. SHOTTOII CLASS OF 1941 RIcHARo B. HOWES, J ANDPEW A l'lEtlPY CLASS OF 1942 WILLIAM NuTTINa WHEN DELTA TAu DELTA began its Southern expansion program a few years ago it presented to Omicron Gamma Sigma, O local here on the campus, an opportunity to go national. ltS charter was granted in 1925. The present chapter Delta Zeta, has enjoyed its proportionate share of campus leaders, including: Clyde Crabtree, Royce Good- bread, Weber l-laines, Ernie Priest, George Gunn, and others. Bill Jackson, chancellor ot the Honor Court, and Guy Botts, party organizer, are among the truly big names the Delts can marshal from the field of politics Always looking toward the tuture, the chapter has purchased a building Site directly across from the baseball tleld, and wIth the completion ot a new house, hopes to move out of the "woods" next year. Noteworthy Delts on the campus this year are: George Allen, Blue Key and Justice at Phi Alpha Delta, and Ed Mitchell, basketball manager. 301 .IDI-Ill MfQl,lliI'1Y GEORGE E WEEELT' EDWARD F MITCQIIELL WILLIAM E, MITCHELL RIcHARo l MOORE BERNARD D RAWLS E L DUBER R P KOZLO-Sky CHARLES E OSTIIEP T D SILVA l-IARRY ROUSE MORRIS SMITH - J I Q ' I f, I Ae x-' - " -,,. ' GEO ALLEII, PRESIDENT Nli' wif., ..--""'1.. V' it Q.-N AH" x-'NN Q. 4- 1 3 Q ,IQ ri? .4 " '10 'fav ,,..-. 'x if ,-Q Nagy? Auf'- .E lv if ' Inf 4-10, ff I ,lpn md 4-'T W 4 1, fa x v V75 if " .241 '-nv? ..m.. Wm nv'-'F' :sw MW 'Nd A ov' V' '-...W ,...- av' wx 'V' nu nv'-' 'Y' --.L A-" FREEMAN JOPLING BRIDGES MAY ATKI EDWARDS GUNTER HYMAN PEPPER EMBRY, V. WITHERS BOGGS EMBRY. F. JOHNSTON CLARK COARSEY ELLIS LOADHOLTZ WARNER WOODWARD BETA ZETA of HHPPH HLPHH C A ROBERTSON ERNEST ATKIN BEN BRIDGES, JR BILL DAVIS J L EDWARDS TOM FARMER WILSON IZREEMAII JOHN DEWELL G B LOVEJOY JIM BOCK WILLIAM JOHNSTON GEORGE CAREFOOT ROY STOWE EDWARD ELLIS DICK PHIRRS BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY W S PERRY A A MURRHREE BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF I939 HERMAN GLJIAITFR ROBERT I-IIERS PATTON HYMAN TOM JONES WALLACE JORLINO JOHN KEEFE DIEI SIMMONS CLASS OF I94O HENRY ROBERTS CLASS OF I94I WILLIAM Booos FOUNT Moy CLASS OF I942 JOE LOADHOLTZ JIMMY COARSEY HENRY WOODWARD FRANK l'IOSKlNS J W HIOHTOWER, JR THE KA'S PROUDLY point to the foct thot their chopter, Beto Zeto, vvos one ot the tevy Chartered while the University wos locoted In Loke City, the IDSIOIIGIIOH occurring IH l9O4E This Chopter, instolled with the Ideo ot tostering ond mointoining Southern ideols throughout this oreo, wos loter moved with the University to Goinesville, These "southern gentlemen," justly proud ot their heritoge here on the compus, con nome os former B MO.CI'S two Rhodes Scholors, O president ot the Student body, o Colonel of the R D TC Brigode, tive cgoptoins ot the tootboll teom, ond the tomous Dr. A, A, Mur- phree, former president ot the University. Prominent Beto Zeto olumni found throughout the Stote In- cludep W. M. Christie, tormer Speolcer ot the Stote House, Rex Forrier, o Stotes ottorney, E. C. Cronberry, noted poet, Judd Spivey, president ot Southern College, ond mony Others. The reol "big ShotS" over ot the KA House this yeor ore: Rot Hymon, president of the senior low closs ond Colonels, Wolly Jop- ling, Blue Key member, Wilson Freemon, vorsity tootboll monoger, ond Jock Sweger, sports editor of both the Alligotor ond Seminole 303 JAMES KIHI3 ARTHUR LEWIS DON MAY HOWE IVIOREDO I JLILIAN SMITH FRANK PEPPER VICTOR EMDRY ROBERT WITHERS PAIN EMBRY JACK SWEGER RICHARD CLARK HARRY VVARNER JIMMY HOLLOWAY BERT REESE 1-l .Q an .". Vxf gfv,3 .FY S4 Own G04 x,.1 X- Q . . S 4: QS, 42. fs xfx Qi, lk . .Qi A wf E ff- 1' 4219 f ...i f ' f-ww in 5' S , 22 W3 ,ff x55 vp Q f ,Q -M0 ...rf ,..-1 f ',-3 5 SMQS f 'M ui an-59,5 .J E Rqwfv 'X' f--8. .,,..-P '63 '75 w Wm I np Y rf ,.-E I, v , was if 3.-,f 3, jc r qi ' wa -.-bg .X Wir' J M , A N0 f M - - .Sf E7 gr' f"" 'N eg 3519 .Q AA' Q! xxx LEONARD HODGES TERRY BLACK SEIGLER DUNCAN JONES ,Q 1 N : sys s, mf' -441 11" QUWI AS, 'Eff ,.-0 iii all 'wb "'.v?' .aullf 9015 4 A , ., X 'SEV' ,,.-nv- 'vi' :id W -f A N' 'TM Sz fd' HOWE LAIRD WILLIAMSON COCHRANE STOCKDELL FARRINGTON LINDSEY RIVIERE J Q Www. j LOGAN MAURER AUSTIN KRONE SWEAT HANCOCK MAHDNEY SOUTHCOTT 5 wa we, Wm Q THOMPSON MORAN AVERETT MAHONEY.H.K TAPPAN HATTON MAURER,M. STOKES 304 -JCR , 'NP --,if FARRINGTON MOSELY MADML PADDOCK WALZ HODGES,L PARTRIDGE THOMAS 1 .fa 415-'M M .252 ,""f GRIMES HOBBINS PARRAMORE PORT SEELMAN TRAFFORD PATTERSON PYLE WILUS CULBRETH HUDSON JACKSON RAY RAYMOND WILLIAMS DELTA DELTA of HHPPFI SIGITIH B. W, AMES J. M. LEAKE WILMON NEWELL JOE IVIORAIEI JAMES PARRAMORE JACK HOBBINS ROBERT TERRY ED CURRINGTON WILLIAM MAURER MAURICE AUSTIN WILLIAM THOMPSON RICHARD LOGAN JAMES R BLAEIK CAMPBELL TARRAN l'lAYNFS R IVIAHONFY FRED N PADDOCK HARRY SEIGLEP CHARLES CULBREATH GORDON DUNCAN CECIL FARRINGTOI-I WILLIAM I-IAILE JOE HATTON LAMAR I-IANDCOCK JOE l'lODGES BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY A L SHEALY T M SIMPSON C L POLLAND BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF I939 QTIS FARRINOTON Raymond Sage ROBERT B LEONARD HARMON I-IowE ED MANNING CLASS OF I940 FRED SEELMAIRI ROBERT TRAEEORD LAWRENCE MADILL CLASS OF I94I THOMAS COCHRANI, PAT FORD GFORGE S WAL: ROBERT Y PATTERSON MEADE STOCKDELL CLASS OF I942 RICHARD l-IUTSON ROBERT I-IUTCHINSON ROBERT JACKSON TOM LINDSEY ROBERT MAHONEY MARK IVIAUPER EDWARD PARTRIDOE RICHARD RAY ANOTHER NATIONAL fraternity made its Obbearance On the campuS in l922 when Delta Rho local became Delta Delta of Kappa Sigma. Beginning their Career on the campus, the Kappa Sigs were blessed with a student body president Only a year after installation, Since that time they have produced two more, Along with these big Shots Kappa Sigma has had leaders in publications, I-lonor court, and politics, R, P Terry, Angus Land, and Bill Carleton helped develop the party system used on the Campus today. Outstanding alumni produced by Delta Delta are: R P. Terry, Chairman ot the board of control, Judge Brantley Brannon, Lake City, Bud "Dean Hudson" Brown, famous orchestra leader, and Bill Ferrazzi, former big league hurler, The Kappa Sigs can name as their Contribution to the ranks of this year's Campus leadersi Crawford Mosby and Maurice Austin, boxing, Lawrence "Cotton" lvladill, l-lonor court, Ed Williamson, feature council, and others. 305 I J, l-IIOOINS G M TURIAIEP WILLIAM J, CARLETOII LD WILLIAMSON JAMES B, I-IODCES GEOPGE GRIMES JOHN PORT CRAWFORD lVlOSLlQY JOI-lltl LAIRD JAMES K, SRIERS STEVE LEE CARY EVEPETT UEOROE I-I SWFET JACK lvl KRONE CHARLES WILLIS FRANK PYLE ED COFFEE DOUGLAS RAvMOND LAWRENCE STOKES PAUL THOMAS W H SOLJTHCCJTT, JR G L JONES J P, RIVIERE C lvl VJILLIAMS iv S 1 ...L .,,L, .gf ' V 'ti' Il 3 I ' f l 'inn EOE LEoI1ARrI, pl-'ELIID ff? R l 52" 'af' X gil wi wr ,, X J il ,vial . fffa' x5 ,nh-f ,.,q.0"4 I Af-af 4.p'!l'H' fin A ff A 55 ,- 85 Kal? sf M., 3 NF A sf' awww in ' .4lh9"" , ff ' 'gm Nr --ff' ..-M" 1 ' K- 1 'X 'Q "' an 5 4 if 'C 4 ag v' .4 WILCOX PARNELL ARFARAS WAINWRIGHT PRIVETT WEST CLOWER WASZAK PEACOCK MURPHY I-AND MAGNASON DRAWDY X fl? Q vm' 7 S: MJ, px' V 3 s-M' !' 'P , r'?",x 5 M., f""ff W- X an 3' ., W wr' VI I ' ' --P' Q-M" ,K Z5 I 1 dv" , 9 "', . X ya! . ,Q NA .N - I , 'R ,noun :gf Q Q' E -sql 'M was-' I P 1...-' ' 3... I ,- l we-Q M Q , 2 1 SP I 9 ,ig if 5 'kv- Ih ,- W ms fm- . '-I-ug, gun- ' 'A VAN DE MOTTER SAUNDERS KING KERNS GRESIMER THOMPSON BALDWIN COLLODI STANWIX-HAY PENNEY HOWELL. J. WEBER ADAMS Mr:MULLEN GRIFFIN BOARDMAN HERRIN RICHARDS HOWELL PARTRIDGE 306 46-lf J' EPSILON MU ZETA of LHITIBDH CHI HLPHH BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY AA HOPKINS BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF T939 MICHAEL ARFARAS DAVID KERNS ROBERT GRESIMEP FRANK THOMPSON HOWELL KOPP WILLIAM WAINWRIGHT' WYLMA BALDWIN CLASS OF I94O KENNETH HARRISON GEORGE COLLODI WALTER HUTCHESON CLASS OF I94I SIDNEY PARNELL WALTER WEBER JOHN CLOWER LAWRENCE PEACOCK EDWARD SAUNDERS EDWARD MURPHY EDWIN WASZAK ELWOOD PENNEY JOHN HOWELL CLASS OF I942 JOHN LANE THOMAS HERRIN FRANK MAGNUSON FREDERICK RICHARDS JOHN BOARDMAN CLIMAXING ITS STAY ON THE CAMPUS os O IOCOI, Sigmo Lompdo Tou petitioned Lombdo Chi Alpho in T933 ond reCeiyed its Chorter the some yeor. This IOCOI WOS founded by six students on the Cdrnpus Who Wished to turn their deep friendship into Something permonent, These men Were R. H. Johnson, F. B. Reeder, O W. HeWitt, N Hedson, Z, M. Pirenion, ond R. L. Kelly. The Lombdo Chi Alpho Wos instolled Epsilon Mu Zeto in T933 Its present home on West University Avenue hos been mdintoined by the Chopter SinCe I926. Prominent Olumni Ore Buddy Ebsen, Orlondog Oliver HeWitt, St Petersburgg Jerome Connor, PenSOColOg Eornest Roberts, Miomig Thomos C. Wright, Joclesonville, ond Mox Kilbourn, Tollohossee. The Lombdo Chis nome Os "Big Shots" John Clower, Sydney Pornell, Bill Woinwright, ond Jomes Privett. 307 Z. M. PIRENIAII BYRON KING KELSEY RRIVETT DALE WEST WILLIAM STANWIX EVERETT WILCOX FETT H AWIILCIJY, F'F'EEIlUEi.T 1 ,f:'Af"l.sgs -HAY 2 S1 T! MORGAN WATERS JULIAN ADAMS FRANK MCMuLLEN JOHN GRIFFIN JOHN VAN DE MOTTER WILLIAM PARTRIDGE T. E. DRAWDY THOMAS HOWELL .3 A' ' .. 'Z f NJ' Q L- 'qi - .. 5, 5. W, X. af sf' ,6..Pkw , gn pk. .J- wy , wr- 'A , Q .A fm. ,wif ff' I -Sami Xi? ww -1943 xv f' ' -N.,,4, ...Q E-HAR? fifis ,Q Id' 2' ,-f-- ,,,, fu' 3 -.,..,"' , 'XF IW' ur' , """ 0' I ? 'I I, Sly me 04' N J, iv K 'vlipv . nga . ww wk., I we dl Im. 33, wr, -32.3 ez. if 3 A -15, ,fa-Ki 1 14-"Q f5vff3'9 , 4 Q ' ., 'ur 'X' s' I wi' I '- V -f " I . ' :V vdffv' ? gf Q. . 62 -35 , . '53 -fd ,aa 53- 4 if 91 ., , W , ' , f V., 1. I' ' lx. M: MI, :F--' , fl-Y," .ff -nv' , X 'S ,li gr, f-' z V-.f , M, 'Y .-fy S H gag fm ' - '72 'M k xg ' ,gk Q pw qw Qi N, CASSE RICHTER SWERDLIN FUCHS RUBIN DREISEN PEPPER TANNEN GHYNOR LEVENSON ROSENBLUM RUBIN PARKER SNETIVIAN SINGER LEAR ABRAMS WOLPERT ADLER EHRLICH LANDY SIMON HIRSHBERG GREENFIELD KAY WEINTRAUB MOSCOVITI KAPLAN ARONOVITZ ROTHSTEIN DAVIS SINGER BLOOM BARKEN GOLDENFELD LASRIS. H. ROSEN SLOAT WEISS WOLFSON DWOSKIN KEMP LASRIS, II, RUBIN SPRINTZ WEXLER GLICKFELD KOHN MILLER SABLOW SUBERMAN WOLFSON COURTMAN 308 Charter members of the chapter DELTA of PHI BETH DELTH BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY DR JOSEPH WEIL BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY MILTON ABRAM5 JAcOB H ADLER CHESTER CASSEL MAURIcE CROMER ANSON DREISEN RAYMOND EHRLIcH M GHYNOR ARNOLD GREENFIELD SIMON HIRSHBERO HERBERT KAY SIDNEY ARONovIT: HAROLD BLOOM AARON BARKEN LOUIS DWOSRIN LESTER GLICKFELD ERNEST GOLDENFELD JERROLD KEMP ALFRED KOHN HENRY LASRIS PRESENT CAMPUS LEADER scholastically Delta, a fraternity whose fourteen have been marked with a continual CLASS OF 1939 ALVIN LANDY RICHARD LEAR EMANUEL LEVENSOTI ALFRED PARKER LEONARD PEPPER LEO ROSENBLUM CLASS OF 1940 NORMAN MOscovITz ROBERT RICHTER CLASS OF 1941 STANLEY DAVIS BERNARD FUCHS SHERMAN KAPLAN CLASS OF 1942 ROBERT LASRIS BERNARD MILLER ARNOLD ROSEN lRvINa RUBIN IRVIISIG SABLOW JULIUS. SLOAT iS Delta chapter of Phi Beta years on the Florida campus struggle to reach the top. at the time of its installation were Goldy Goldstein, three years on All-Southern backfield, Irving Ashkenazy, first editor Of the Florida Review, and Ely Katz, member of Blue Key and the Organizer of the University of Florida Clubmen Besides gaining recognition in the field of Studies, Phi Beta Delta has also achieved some Success in the Intramural race and in forensic competitions. Leaders of Phi Beta Delta today are Louis Snetman, member of Blue Key, Debate Club, Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi, Chester Cassel, chapter president, head of Alpha Epsilon Delta, and member Of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi, Stuart Simon, David Yulee speech award winner, varsity debater, Southern and Southeastern Debate Association champion, and mem- ber of Phi Eta Sigma. 309 APIIOLD RUBIII HAROLD RUBIN LEON SINGER LOUIS SNETMAFI HAROLD -I-ANIJEM LAWRENCE WOLRERT FRANK WOTI'r3I Y STUART SIMON SANFORD SWEIIDLIN lVIAURIcE WEIIITRAUB SIMON ROTHSTEIN MARVIN SINOER ROBERT SPRINT: JACK SUBERMAN DONALD WEISS HAROLD VVERLER CEcIL MVOLFSOII MURRAY WOLESOIAI SOL l. COUPTMAII ff' ' OBA . X I .4o ' an 493 Qi 'WT Sf. .5 gp . . , WK! -3""'Q Sv -yau..,f 363' sk .-uf-. .. .3- W -el a bmw. S... I, it Af.. ,, 9 ,.- AIRTH 0eMOSS SMITH BEDWELL SIMARD HOWARD WALTON LEONARD YAGSDALE gm Q .Eu-Q i xr 1 QP if ,I ' 5 53? S9 A If ,Q du F In 'W I '- 71' 'W s on O' .r is 9 -- ' av?" X 1' . .fr jf, f NNE , .9 .5 ,If 7 lg H . I A I4 ' rc 1:-4'-A 'Was .Q-'V QW' , ' ' -W, nf ' 'W 'U' ' 'W -...,,,,, .no-' we .mf Y 4-"' I M 311 '-749 W' WWII' 'MM 'QF' --as-I ,,,,, N, N, AA -.IQ 'ii' f"" ' 'Tv' 5' , """' I N 'ran ".::,fe,,-7 .Wm WW" V" , W' "" Q N. WWA? O" W., X , ,M M ...K AQ, X ff, 45' X gn! ,JG-3-a-1 b-gt'-, I -I f 0' ..-J 539 ll. 7 v f f 1 -I ,Ld - ' I ,. ' ' Y " -f 5 N:-1 1 4--4, , If' 1-"' 445' his IDAAM kamf -'r.'e..lg.,, .ggsgf asia? 1 'Q ' V. I -.0 f .A 2 Z- -v' ,,,4 -5 rv Lal .-...I vm" L f' . gf I -Qs. ,, I ,L -f TQ CRAGO SMITH FAWSETT KURTZ APPLEYARD BERNARD CALHOUN DODD FERGERSON GIBBS HIRONS MANN PHILLIPS RAYMOND WOOOBERY WYNN BEOELL BROWN BYRNES GASKIN HASSETT JACKSON JONES MIXON MANSON MCDANIEL MCLANE RICKETT ADAMS BEDWELL BINNICKER CLARKE COLE CUNNINGHAM GENTILE KIRKPATRICK MILLS OWEN PARKS TENCH McGUIRE THOMPSON WATSON ANDERSON BENNETT .IENNISON GREEN HEUBERGER HOLTSINGER LOWRIE MOCK MoDANlEL McLANE McCORMlCK McNAB NANTS PACETTI ROGERS SCOTT SELLERS THOMAS TUTTEN WRIGHT MORRIS HERNDON 310 FLORIDA ALPHA of PHI DELTH THETH BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY MAJOR BERT C. RILEY DR, JOHN J. TIGERT R. S, COCKRELL WILLIAM AIRTH TOM APPLEYARD TURNBULL BERNARD PUTNAM CALHOUII JOHN CRAGO JACK DE MOSS JACK DODD L K EDWARDS EDDIE FAWSETT ROBERT IIERGUSOII DELL GIBBS NATFIAII BEDELL J. M. BEDWELL HARRY B. BROWN GORDON BYRNES ALLEN GASKIN HAMILTON ADAMS EDDIE BEDWELL RICHARD BINNICKER JAMES CLARKE CHARLES COLE XVILLIAM CUNNINGHAM GEORGE ANDERSON MIKE BENNETT BUDDY ENWRIGHT CHARLES GREEN NEWTON HEUBERGER GENE HOLTSINGER JACK JENNISON TED LEONARD ROBERT E HOAG BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS or I939 AL GRAESSLE GENIE HARTMAN FRED HIRONS JOHN HIGREE CLIFTON KERBY CHARLES KREJCIPIJ HENRY KURT: JACK LONG CHARLES IVIAIAJN JAMES PHILLIPS CLASS OF I940 BURRELL HASSETT GEORGE HASSETT GEORGE JACKSON DARBY JONES PETER IVIAI-ISON JAMES MIXON CLASS OF I94I JOE GENTILE KIRK HENNESSEY JOHN HOWARD W. D HUNT JACK KIRKRATRICK W. E. MCGUIRE RICHARD MILLS CLASS OF I942 PIERRE MCDANIEL DUBBY MCLANE TOM MCCORMICK CALVIN MCNAR JACK NANTS RICHARD PACETTI ROBERT PILGRIM WILLIAM RAY JOE D, LOWRIE BURR RAGSDALE JAMES MOCK THE PHI DELTS Came to the Campus in l92S when Beta Pi, a local, be- came Florida Alpha of this national Organization, "The Brothers in the Bond" have had O rapid growth Since the founding, Claim to have had, over a five-year period nineteen men in Blue Key, Seven in the Hall of Fame. Strong in politics they boast of having had three of the last five chairmen of the major political party Phi Delta Theta has always been strong in athletics, one year placing six men among the first-string gridders. The "Big Shots" this year around the Phi Delt's new White Manse include: Spencer Burress, Chancellor OT the Honor Court and a mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa, Tiffany Turnbull, acting president of Blue Key and a member of the Hall of Fame, Dell Gibbs, Blue Key, L, K. Edwards, Blue Key, John Crago, Captain of the Sabres, Dwight Rogers, president of the Freshman LOW Class, and Charlie Kreicter, three-letter man. Some famous old grands of the chapter include: Olin E, Watts, prominent Jacksonville attorney, Sam Byrd, acclaimed the foremost young actor on Broadway lost year, Dr. Chick Sompayrac, nationally- known dermatologist, and others. 311 IVIADISOIJ D CODY FRANK S WRIGHT HOWARD PADGETT ED PARKS SAM PHILLIPS RICHARD RAYMOND DWIGHT ROGERS ARCHER SMITH NEIL SMITH TIFFANY TURNDULL RICHARD VVOODEIERY RICHARD WORSHAM O B VVYNNE RAY MCDANIEL WILLIAM IVICLANE DONALD RICKETT OLIVER SIMARD EJMMETT SMITH ARTHUR OWEN WARREN PARKS BENMONT TENCH FORD THOMPSON BUD WALTON TOM WATSON WILLIAM ROBINSON PAUL ROGERS JOHN MORRIS WILLIAM SCOTT THOMAS SELLERS MASTON THOMAS HUGHLEN THORNTON LARRY TUTTEN HALEORD WRIGHT H B HERNDON ,if 'U' 'mf' ' N if' XvQ,,4y .ix u ""5,,"x 361' .X 'v- '--.ti gig--.... NF' .fav Yun N am' iw Qin ,,nnQAil' 'IS' ' 1 JH" 96' C ME" ' wr-"""" '4lNq,. ,- ,,.,-, .wwf QM? ...avi 'ui N '1l!C9"' i I IZ vw -Q 1-I' 31" , ur'- ,nav 040 if ,- ape-vw 6 adv A,-av-'- 'ix xy, W' ,Malv- ngv-Hr' BUTCHER MULUS ROUMILLET OVERMAN BRADDOCK 'fd' .4-nb' WING CHAPMAN RICHARDSON SMOAK ROTTER DAVIS MEYERS if 4-liaw, uali STRICKLAND CHAPMAN EVANS ROTHE WALTON FRASER REVELS McGLASSON MCINTOSH JONES WATSON MGMUND GOURLEY STEWART 915 'Guy FRATES HUDDELSTON MAYNARD APPLEGATE MEROS HOWELL WALDRON SWANN RAMAGE GRIFFIN BURKS MERRIWETHER ALPHA ETA of PHI HHPPH THU BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY ll WI CHANDLER R L PuRvIS D W.COPELAI1D M B COGBUPII J G, ELDRIDOE LEWIS BLALOCIC J D GLUNT EEEERT DEALL R S CHAPMAN PAUL MAE HuDDLEs CHARLES IIVICINTOSFI ITPAIIY' SwANn WILLIAM BOYIITOII FRED JONES JACK MORRISON AL RAYBUN FRANCES RouMILLET HOMAN STRIcRLAND EDWARD O'lSELLIi-r ROBERT AI2RLI'rII'T RALPH IVIIIA-IOP' DON GouRLEY DI D l-IAMILTOII ED WALDPOISI GEORGE DAVIS INIOPMAII SHorI BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 CARLTON BuTcHER EDwARD DONNELLY PETE MEROS WILLIAM Moiwisoii JCIHII WIIIG CLASS OF 1940 ROEIERT EVANS MALcoLM McGLAssoN RAYMOND RAMAGE STEVE RIcHAI2DsorI JOHN SMITH I'IlfNl-'Y TARDETT CLASS OF I94I CECIL GRIFFIITI WILLIAM OVERMAN JOHNNY BLIRIXS CLASS OF I942 FRED REVELS FRANK ASI-IBROOK ADELBERT LEGGETT A L MYERS CHARLES MERRIWETIIER IN l926 SIOMA KAPPA IDI-ll, a local, become Alpha Eta of Phi Kappa Tau. Origin ot the local is somewhat obscure, but it was founded , with the purpose of petitioning Phi Kappa Tau, the national social fraternity, Through the eftorts of I-l. W, Chandler Phi Kappa Tau I was Induced to extend the charter to Sigma Kappa Phi, l Alpha Eta has produced many outstanding young men during its stay on the campus, Some ot these arei l-I B, Wahl, President ot the Junior Bar Association and mentioned in the Who'S Who, William Lantatf, prominent Miami Beach lawyer, Bill Jibb, Sports Editor ot St. Petersburg Times, O. L, Drayton, JLIdge of Pasco County, and Arlie Rhodes, Superintendent ot Public Instruction ol I l I I Leon County The Phi Tous have as prominent men on the Campus Steve 5 Richardson, Editor ot the Seminole, Franklin Swann, President ol the 1 Lyceum Council, Malcolm McGlasson, Managing Editor of the Florida I I Review, Associate Editor ot the Seminole, and President ol the I SOB Society, and Cliftord Beasley, President ol the Blue Key, l li SI3 R B CHAPMAN WILLIAM FRATES EARLE JOHNSON PAT SPAN RUSSELL WRIOHI JAMES XNALTOIAI JAMES EyANs JACK MAYNARD CLYDE lVluLLIs STURGEON ROTHE FRANK SMOAK JOSEPH VVATSOIII S L JONES. CHESTER ROTTEP M L. KOWELL CHARLES BENNETT JOE FRAZIER BUD STEWART VMARPLI-I BRADDOI 3 of' Ei Q,-avi? .sq ,,,,-n -5' ""'f', I I -an-atv wh, u'' ,,.. Q ' N. 3 ' ff H . , .f , Af' I I? x , X V 'X QQ Ilmkgv Wv 4 """ 'iq' ww- nl,-, Yi ul-aqp, ' 'bf ,Jw '--...qt ,fx WHITEHEAD CORSO MRUZ HICKS QUINA PACHIS BAILEY HERRING BEERY CAHILL GRIFFIN MOLNAR WOMBLE,J. BLAIR JOHNSON LYONS WOMBLE. W. 314 4 , PI neun siamn y I X V. P. Coaso R J, BAILEY W, K HEPPII-Io W H BELPY G R CAHILL C. H, BLAIR WARIQEII WoI.IeLE BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY H L KiIowLL5 BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF I939 R H, WHITEHEAD PAuL PAcHI5 CLASS OF I940 L, M Hicis CLASS OF I94l W E GRIFFIII J C Woiviiati, CLASS OF I942 W L Joiiitisoii pl DELTA SIGMA, HI organizing a group at the University of Florida, had In mind promoting individualism and founding an organization embodying friendliness, and spiritual, physical, mental, and social development. Six years old as a local, the fraternity, conservative though it is by policy, has held a strong position among the larger national fraternities both as a serious rival and a brotherly organization. Pi Delta Sigma is now getting ready to petition Phi Gamma Delta national. Since its formation on March 24, l934, the chapter has placed men in Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sabres, Executive Council, Honor Court, and in many other organizations and activitiee Active today on the campus are Bill O'Bryan, Blue Key member, Charles Collier, member ot Phi Kappa Phi, Bud Wood, executive council member, and Dick Whitehead, chapter president and past president of Alpha Phi Omega. 315 H R QUIIIA B L l:oLsoI.I E C Mriui ll, lvl IKELLf Aietnue IVloLIIAI Q F, BALDWIII J lvl NICHOLS nw 4 -go , .A 3 ,.,... , . lafrvfff .wg ,vo qx S er- ...- 34' 'J' ,.,- NV' , X , ,14- .-vv' Q :an nw u-4, wi!! .,-an ,, wa I . nn .1-x .yn Q vm... Allin G7 -:IG 1-., 'L ws ,va- ivu 43' " A A5 MIR fr q X -eq ...av .all he an In 'W ce: Il- I Nr' .A it 0..prf"P' 'sv .lx ffl" I 4512 -ihet ,.f hw TOMASELLO ROBINSON TWEED WILLIAMS BARTLETT BEGGS HINTERMISTEH BRYANT MILLER ADAMS CATHRAE WALLACE WHITE SKIPPER GRAHAM GRIFFIN ANDREWS BRADY MORGAN WIGGINS MCCALL COCHRAN GRAHAM an -1--.. 2 LITTLEJOHN MOORE BETTS BOYD PATTERSON WEST SUMMERS BARBER THOMAS LABRY CHRISTIAN HANSON DILLAHD EICHELBERGER KIRBY HAMILTON 316 'Sv' in-D. HA FRINK ZACHRY FLEMING GIBBS HICKSON BAKER CUNSTANTINE RRIS of ,uv HASENCAMP WALDROP SPENCE RAMSEY LANCASTER BEVINS ALPHA ETA of PI HFIPPH HLPHF1 R B. IVICFEFZFZIIAI JACK KLINE JAMES MOODY FRANK MCGRAW BOYD I-IARRIS JACK ROBINSON CHARLES BEGGS JOE MOORE RALPH WILLIAMS BURNETT BARTLETT CHARLES BOYD RUSSELL FRINK Rosa I-IASENCAMR JOHN l-IINTERMISTER JACK MILLER EZRA PATTERSON OAKLEY ANDREWS CHARLES BRADY KIRK CHRISTIAN JOHN I-IANSEN R, G, I-IICKSON JOHN MORGAN BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY LAW JAMES WALLACE GEORGE GILLELAND PAUL IMIENDERSOIII CLIFFORD SUMMERS CLASS OF 1939 CHARLES BETTS CHARLES LITTLEJOHIXI WILLIAM TOMASELLO JOHN WEST CLASS OF 1940 JAMES BRYANT BAXTER WALDROP MELvILLE ADAMS WILLIAM CATHRAE WILLIAM FLEMING GEORGE J, WHITE CLASS OF 1941 WILLIAM TERHUIIE WILLIAM ZACHRY LOUIS BARBER CLASS OF 1942 MURRELL DILLARD ROBERT EICHELBERGER lvAN MORGAN ITIINTON BAKER l-IENRY BIVINS DONALD COCHPAN ELDON WIGGINS J V, MCCALL ALPHA ETA of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was installed at the University of Florida at Lake City, Florida Moved to Gainesville with the University in September 1906, and built a fraternity house in 1924, The Pi Kappa Alpha takes great honor In tvvo main events on the Campus and these are the annual "Kid Party" during Spring l-lolidays, and the annual "Mothers Day Reception" which is their oldest unbroken tradition, and one now being Copied on the campus. Campus politics leaders are: Bill Fleming, Executive Council, Watson Ramsey on the Athletic Council, Jim Moody Secretary- Treasurer of the Senior Law Class. Pi Kappa Alpha also Shares well in the campus intra-murals of the fraternities, winning a Cup in horse Shoes and runners-up in interfraternity debating and volley ball On the Campus the pl Kappa Alphas have Billy Tomasello who is on the varsity debate team, and are well represented on the General College debate team, Burnett Bartlett and Bill Zachry are members of the varsity tennis team, and Bill Thomas and Bill Galt on the Varsity golf team. 317 C L CROW WILLIAM SPENCE ARTHUR JORDAN WILLIAM GOZA WILLIAM GRAHAM WILLIAM GIBBS WATSON RAMSEY ROSCOE SKIPPER WILLIAM THOMAS GEORGE ROLLINS CLARK GOEE JOE SMITH QLLIL LANCASTLFZ R C TWEED DAN CLARK LARRY RICHARD GRIFFIII DICK EvERII-IGHAM JAMES MASTERS BERT GRAHAM WICKLIEE KIRBY ROBERT HAMILTON PETER O, KNIGHT KANNEDY AVERETT T. J. CONSTANTIIAIIL BILLY TOMASELLO, PRESIDENT VW .y Q?irR'iiE I it R ga! 1 .AP T' -'slliff' an iffwi ' "7- -149 - 3 ,, . wwf? 3 H 44 ---eq, QQ' 'W' v ...Q- 'fm xr I q-1' N-uf QE'- "" I' ' --L.. X , , W W' awbfv .cu 5? ml? .J I af' , f , my ,Nm ,4-f .4-an Az ,n"Wx' A uv . 1: Rx'-Q""'9' " , VH' Y.,.,-v Aww Q-05 ,AX ,aw 'w f 6164 U. M QM Q 4 'Sr ...wr '41 4-hun -J' ,-ww" vm, . W' ... 'IL' f 4,-A -ar' N54 - f 62' Y ggwvkf V' -M 'ku' ,, 5 f -f' 4 'M ..- Wx "J ' 4 , ' I5 - IA lf' ' -am. O'STRIPLING SWOPE WICKER COURSEN SCHURER DUNLAP , ff Un id' ,..-.X ,, 4, ,ae- ,Q--+ AZT' MARKS FANNING CONWAY FRY LICHTE WENDT WOOD COOPER LLEWELLYN ROSS WYNNE LANGBERG RIVERS WILSON HOWE JENSON WHITE DeVANT VARN DAVIS THOMPSON PARKER SIEBOLD RICHEY TYLANDER EDWARDS FORCE MCDONALD MOCK MOODY PEARCE STOER THROOP TYLER KICLITER EDWARDS,W. 318 ROOD SIMPSON VAUSE GAINES COX OSBORN E. PHA EPSILON I HHPPF1 PHI WALTER H. BEISLLR MARVIN CONWAY HARRY FRY JACK LICHTE JAMES OREORD WILLIAM ROMAN REGGIE ROSS TOMMY SIMPSON EDSON WENDT GUY WOOD JACK BLALOCR EVERETT HowE EDWARD VAUSE GENE DAVIS WEAVER GAINES FRANK SCHuRER ROY THOMPSON MALCOLM BOWDEN J, B. COBB MONROE Cox ACE DuNLAP ALEX EDWARDS BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 JAMES COOPER DIXIE HOWELL KENDALI. LLEWELLYN FONIA PENNINOTON WILLIAM WIGHTMAN STEPHEN SMITH ' ROBERT STRIPLING IDUSWICRER CLASS OF 1940 WILLIAM COLJRSEN ROBERT JENSOP-I CLASS OF 1941 AL HOPKINS CHARLES RARRER CHUCK SIEBOLD CLASS OF 1942 JAMES KUPPERS JAMES IVICDOI-IALD LEON MOCK I. l, MOODY RUSSELL OSBORN HARLEY FORCE EARL KICLITER ALPHA EPSILON Chopter of PI Koppo Phi wos instolled ot the University of Florido In 1924, the outgrowth of O IOCOI known OS Phi Beto Psi, The froternity wos founded to promote friendship ond under- Stonding Omong its members, to encouroge good Scholorship, ond to inCulCote In its group, the highest ideols of monhood ond good Citizenship. Outstonding in the Chopter ore Jimmie Oxford, footboll Coptoin lost foll ond member of Who'S Who in AmeriCon Colleges, Fonio Pennington, Athletic Council president, CO-Coptoin of Vorsity bose- boll, ond olso o member of WhO's Who, ldus Wicker, secretory- treosurer of the Senior Closs, ond Ed Vouse, Sigmo Delto Chi president. Leoding olumni members of the Chopter ore George Cggltgr, Jocksonville, notionol Secretory of the froternity, Judge H, S. Her- long of Leesburg, Don Kelly, Nossou County Stote Senotor, ond Douglos Leigh, Advertising Executive in New York City' 319 APCHIE CAI--I: MILAS WYIIIII, IXIOYCE ITAIIIAIIIIG MAIJR ICE LAI IISBEEIS CHAPLES IIVIARIES WALTER RIVERS GEORGE ROOD ROBERT SWOOPE JAMES WILSON KEN WILLIS JAMES WHITE FRED DEVANT WILERED VARII IROBEPT TYLANDER XMILLIAM RAPY JACE RICHFY TLD EIEAYLOF' CHARLES REAPCE DON ROMEIRE HERBERT STOER KEN THROOP GRADY TYLER WILLIAM F, EDWARDS ROBEPT STEIPLIIIG, IDPESIDEIJT NQQIQ Y, ef' . ?3i?5'JI.f" H6724 s if 'D aww xZ .0 Nei' Q' gm Q' ...--Q' -f if ov' W,-ff XV X ,v -383 'NN JY 7 B ,Z . sl' U X ,,,'3 x V X A, K X ,Q SHP gf if .: F ,, RA ,Q khx VV ...ff ,SKA -Nw my Wi as au., 4-4 " ,GX Q I , . in R .2 A nf' ff" 'i., -X hw,xGG 'X all ,gif 1 A X NY 5 X --Q. asnff' 'uf' 1 , N 4DfCRw.f 'A Ns..- hr M151 .AN .fm if' ,f' A ,Al .19 A i wwf' :gf-K' -.- -:E Lf!! Q5 ' ,. ,ELM ,. .Lew 4' :TM N . Wulf 'Wi A swf x, ,, -x :gf Zi ,4""fN . "1 Al' an .11 .M 4: 1' Q W ,, , N' .ii A -H.. ARNOLD MCGAHEY PERRY CAhEY MESSER WISDOM DYE KNOWLES .4-J"'4'. 1 CARMICHAEL DUNLAP SINDEN COLEMAN MILLIGAN MARVIN GORDON .W 'QI 53" gm Z2 A -an . l nt' , qw ' , OM' ,glam 5- 5 'L 'Nwfh-gg , -W sw H' f if 'Q' ' nv- . Qi so if A ,,..-- , sw' ' L,,A-fu' f R LICHTENWALTER SKAGSETH WILHOIT VANDYKE WILLIAMS WISDOM.J. QQ' Tv' .21 - fx: Rf' 41 wALno HAMPTON VOUNG MILLER DREW FRDMME IRWIN Mcconn LIGHTBOWN LIFSEY sTEARNs UPCHURCH WILSON HAMILTON BARGER FREEMAN GREGORY HAY LlTscHGn LOGAN MURPHY NEWKIRK RANDALL REED R000 YOUNG BRUNO cARMncHAEL CHANDLER COOPER GRAHAM GREENE HnERs JELKS JOHNSON STARR TILLMAN TOWSON woRlcMAN LEE GRAHAM, H.H. scoff HUSZAGH PEACOCK BERG MARTIN TAYLOR CUTLER KNIGHT WHEELOCK FL RIDA UPSILON of SIGITTH HLPHFI EPSILOI1 JOSH CODY WILLIAM ARNOLD JAMES BLINIAI CROSWELL BRAUCH CLARENCE BROWN RUDY CARMICHAEL HORACE DREW FRED CANTRELL HENRY CHALKER GEORGE CURTIS JOHN DAWSON DAVISSON DUNLAR HARRY FROMME LANGDON BARKER SIDNEY BENFORD ROBERT BERG WILLIAM CAREY ALFRED COLEMAN PAULL DIXON WILLIAM FREEMAN LEWIS GREGORY ROBERT ARNOLD MARTIN BREWER THEO BRUNO WALDO CARMICHAEL WILLIAM CHANDLER WORTH COOPER CARROLL CUTLER DONALD DYE JOE GORDON H H. GRAHAM LEE GRAHAM JOHNNY GREENE TOM HARRISON BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY C H, WILLOUGHBY BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS or 1939 WADE HAMPTON VICTOR HUSZGAH BEN MCGAHEY WAREING MILLER ROBERT MILTON WILLIAM RICHARDSON CLASS OF 1940 JOHN HAMILTON HORACE IRWIN FRANCES KEARNEY LYNN LIGHTBOWN JULIAN LIESEY G, P. MCCORD CLASS OF 1941 GEORGE HAY BYRNE LITSCHGI HARLEN LOGAN HENRY MARTIN BUD MARvIN HEYWARD MESSER DEAN MILLER JACK MILLIGAN CLASS OF 1942 CLAUDE HIERS ROBERT HICKS CLYDE HIGGINBOTHAM DONALD JELKS GORDON KNOWLES JACK LEE HOMER LICHTENWALTER JOE MADDING JACK MCGRIEE TOM QUINBY HARRY REEDER TOM SCOTT WORLEY SEWELL THE SAE S Con troce their history on the Compus bock to 1884 when O Iocol, Delto Pi Lombdo, petitioned this ropidly growing notionol orgonizotion, ond Shortly ofterwords received its Chorter, This Chop- ter wos instolled while the University wos locoted ot Tollohossee ond wos loter reinstolled ot Goinesville. These Sons of Minervo, justly boostful of post politicol perform- once, hove hod two presidents of the Student Bodyi Henson Morkhom, ond George Smothers, ond one Choncellor of the Honor Court: Selden Woldo. During the post few yeors the SAE's hove Shown themselves tops in the field of intromurols, SAE olumni who hove goined distinction includei Henson Morkhom, Joclcsonvilleg Judge Futch of Ocolo, ond Spec Stonley, Gi B Knowles, Al Coogler, Jocksonville. The SAE Contribution to the "big men" on the compus ore: George Young, Blue Key ond Debotingg Woreing Miller, Blue Key ond "F" Club ond president of the Young Democrotsg Selden Woldo, Blue Key ond Debotingg Billy Arnold, president Of Phi Delto Phig ond Ben McGohey, trock flosh ond member of the "F" Club. 321 CLIFFORD CRAIIDALL WILLIAM STAIITOII IKE STEVENS SELDEN VV?-.LDO RICHARD YVATSOIAI GRAHAM WEISIGER GEORGE YOUNG EDWARD PEACOCK GAITHER PERRY RICHARD SINDEIYI HOWARD STEARNS JACK LJPCHURCH KENNERSON WILSON JACK MURPHY HOWARD NEWKIRK BURR RANDALL WILLIAM REED JOE ROOD WILLIAM TAYLOR LOUIS WISDOM ROBERT YOUNG ARNE SKAGSETH ROBERT STARR CHARLES TATE BEN TILLMAN LOUIS TOWSON WILLIAM VAN DYKE NORMAN WI-IEELOCK MERRILL WILHOIT J. H, WILLIAMS JOHN WISDOM JAMES WORKMAN GORDON JOHNSON ROBERT KNIGHT V! SL 62' ,. I BILLY ARNOLD IDPESIDEIIT i 1. ,Q 'si-A' ii! W xx Lin ,. N, Rh Q lgl. NJ' -..-' ag' Q-' 'dl 35? N A i ? 1""k"'h- f RQ! '34, "S-za., 'Km M-Q., Qc:-a s if' ...Q Y .X ,QD :wg ,fd ,Une uf ,4-1. '56 SMX ,v sl' 1 ,.,...-4 BH gg vt' s,..43' K. A oiif' W " ww f .QW i Wx- ikHW Kwai' ul' s '39 -v M ul' ,mmm -MR wx Mig' ,si 'tf7 V If --...V DOBYNS LASSITER ANDERSON THOMAS HAYGOOD WILLIAMS COLLINS A-. QW fl! KIRTLEY ROSS DOBYNS TUCKER MERMLL WILSON FUTCH WORLEY NP as-it ,-1 ,..a.--f ,....-A' :Aw Q g A-M 5 -X49 2 Al. Y Q95 ' ,.-v mv' L 'O-',7 CLAUS POUCHER EARL BEST MIMMS WOOD GLASS SHELDON MILBRATH RENFRO WOOD BURNSDE FUGATE McLEOD HORTON SHAMBAUGH BEDDOW WALLACE PHILLIPS DURHAM SIEBRECHT BURNS HINES TAYLOR ,Pi CHRISTOPHER KELLY SULLIVAN KNOWLES TRIPLETT COLEMAN LEE GAMMA THETA of SIG H CHI R L REED T R LEIGH JACF BRADLLY I:F!AtIlK BEDDOW ROY CHI2IsToIII-II If LATRELLE Domus JIM KIRTLEY C C AIIDERsoIII HAROLD CLAUS RAOUL S DoIaYIYIs IVIARSHALL EARL COE BEsr STANLEY BuRIIsIDL BOB CI-IAIITER BILL DuRHAIvI ROY KRIovvLEs BILL BuRIRIs PERRY COLEIvIAII DICK COLLIIIE, STAI-ILEY FUTCII BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY JW RLITZ JD HAYOOOD BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF I939 CHARLI3s LAssITER BILL MCLEOD MAYIIARD MCLECD ALLEII ROLIEHER CEIARLEs REIIERO CLASS OF I940 JAER JONES VIRGIL MILBRATH DOUGLAS MELEOD ROY WOCD CLASS OF I94I JAMEs HAYQOOD XNALTER JLRIIIGAII JOHN EDWARD MERRILL CARMEY W Milvitvls JERRY FLIOATE JIM SIEBRECHT CLASS OF 1942 BILL I'IOFITOI-I EMMETT I-lIiIEs BOD LEE BILL Ross FRED GLAss III V922 A NEW LOCAL made Its appearance on the Florida Campus. lt was Sigma Phi, sponsored by tive Sigma Chi alumni living In Gainesville, and working toward the establishment ot a Sigma Chi chapter at the University ot Florida In I924 the national fraternIty granted Sigma PhI a Charter as Gamma Theta of Sigma Chiu The Colonial Chapter house built IIT V930 has won many prizes for vvInnIng the annual Homecoming Decorations Contest Gamma Theta men making their mark on the Campus arei Allen Poucher, Crawford Solomon, Buck Sadler, Jack Bradley and Mitch Emmanuel Outstanding alumni Includei Carl Brorein, Tampa, Logan I-IIII, Pensacola, C. C. Curry, Miami, and C C. Vega, Jr, Tampa, 323 W D, PAsI1I4ALL O C R STAGEBERG JOIIII WATI IIIS JOIEIII WALLACE FRED WEST MECLDER Mwilfis K V, KELLY BRYAII REIILLIPs D J SuLLIvAI-I A C THOMAS JAMEs TUIZKER JOE TRIPLLTT LYLE NMILLIAMS WARIIER WILSOII WILBEP WOOD JAMES MCLEOD W C. WORLEY WILERED SI-IELDOIYI SHAM SHAMBAUGH CHARLEs TAYLOR DIER WARD S L DDETYIJS, IDE ree' 5? IIN! . PB mst iii' I-...Q F L-- if I C, N :aw ,Nea IU' 'VA K5 -.I , I my .I 'R Q R Q' Ip ,tv DI s, I -.A an I 1-i ,..., V -v A :J I- --. , -AI, ,fi 'K A I , .L fn. :L mg Qs N . , ' -5 , "" GH , " 'sk A ,K 49' nswf. X-I 'mf , 7: qt 'XI R . -,4 " nv II ,Q Q MAI NA' - 'J' A -.. -H ' A ...Q .. .- If "' Y f 'fs is-L ,., i 36 ' nm.. Lx :Fx 'QW-S V ,A f' ,-gn K' A .ax ""' 'AT In - 4' M' -5. 'F A 5- -1' .3 f 33' A N' f I I I II 2 I X. I , .Mr I - I nn, , I .. , ' .fx Af- my-f .4 If-'T .2415 Aff' -. -A-Q -, C, -w 5 ...S ml, PV 'v . J, .--T' I F ,4,..,, " I IIII X, - . 'cf' if QP' ' "" fra- fn- an ,Ng 3 mm ' 3 'Q my A 'n 'C' K' S- -.Q , -.1 T' -.P . -' I I '---v ,.,.. Q ,, - f X' I Tx' B fl IM lx . ' 'Mi W 4 X ,. , 1 , "' 'Q 'Q ,N If A as I? ,au . QI -gg, Ifp. We wi I -Q-. I I .Il 5 vw' II 'hw- -3'-Q W viii' -' C' 'K ' sf? I ag me Va, I R I I ,agua I, . AQ -1, 'sz -Q fr: ,za 4 ra ,ff-F' "T" .L J M I. .-,nu ' - ee- .. . I -1' I 3 RA 4 ::. ml .-A-A ::. LI Cs: V.-f" 'M . WW: A4 S 'A , V,-se N1 WSW' ss. -roar 'Wm mfg . :av 52 A , we , ' f I 'rv- , I ,, 11" g MW ' 4' I J if I I I we-mv ' ,..., ...aff II Z,-. X -T-Q 4-'T' - 0 ,If gf N! vAN BRUNT LEWIS COWLES vAuCHN BARTON COOPER HARRIS CLARKE WILKINS ISRAEL RDDCERS MORRIS CDTTER COLEMAN BLACKBURN WHITE wooDBERY RANDOLPH BETTIS ELY SULLIVAN HENDERSON WHITE GRECDRIE MERRITT BAKER Bowes BRYANT PALLARDY BRowARD WAKEFIELD WILLIAMS GERMAIN PARRISH LINDSEY MILAM SAPP uNDERwooD PEEPLES ABELE BROWN BASS CAMPBELL CDLEE MERCER NICHOLSON ELEBASH HUNT HARDY KENNEDY KURTZ HARBIN HULBERT INCMAN WHITTAKER TRAMMELL WRIGHT DUKES 324 EPSILON ZETA of S I U RI W. BLACKLOCK VVALTITP J IVIATHEPLY ROBERT BARTON BUPT BASSETT VVILLIAM BLACKBURN GEORGE BOND SAM CARTER DILL CLARI E D C COLEMAN RICHARD BETTIS FRANK COWLES ROBERT ELY JAMES GPEGOPIE LEO!-IAFZD BAKER CLIFTON BOWES FRANK BRYANT CHARLES BROWARD GORDON BROWARD DAVID GERMAIN NATHAN LINDSEY ROBERT ABELE WALTER BROWN LEON BASS JACK CAMPBELL I'IAI3'OLD COLEE RICHARD DUKES EUOENE ELEBASH BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY CECIL G PHIPPS BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 1939 TI-HARIINI COOPER LEROY COTTER ROBERT FISHER JACK HARRIS GEORGE ISRAEL SYLVAN IVICELROY CLAUDE IVIEPCEP CLASS OF 1940 WALTER l'IEItlDERSOItI ROBERT IVIACLEAN DAN IVIACMURRHY ALBERT LEWIS LUCIUS IVIERPITT CLASS OF 1941 RICHARD NIACLEAII BOWLING IVIILAM LEE PALLARDY BERNARD PARRISH JOHN PIERCE RUSSEL PEEPLES CLASS OF 1942 RICHARD HARBIN HARRY HARDMAN HARRY HARDY BEN HUNT HERBERT HULBERT ROBERT INOMAN AL KENNEDY GEORGE ITPAIEII- LIN SIGMA NU Was brought to the CamDUS largely through the ettortS of George lylillam, Joe Dalton, and R W, BlaloCl4 in 1919. The national Chapter granted a Charter to the lOCal in 1920, thus bringing EDSilon Zeta Chapter Ot Sigma NU to the CGVTIDLIS, Students have eleCted three Sigma NUS as Florida Student body DreSidentS in reCent yearS. Prominent men On the CampuS noW are Bob Barton, Blue Key, Hall ot Fame, Tom Byrd Van Brunt, lQH'GSIClGl'II ot the Glee Club, and Several OtherS, Prominent EDSIIOFI Zeta gradUateS Includei John H, Logan, Brae denton, OWen Pittman, Miami, Norman ViSSering, Tampa, Truman Green, and JameS FrenCh, Jr, JaCkSOnVille. 325 R J, WILIVIOT JOHN PAUL JONES WILLIAM IVIORRIS RICHARD RODGERS HENRY TOLAIID TOM VAN BRUNT ISIEIIIAJETH WHITE WOODROW WILITIIIS TOM WOODBERY JACK RANDOLPH JOHN SULLIVAN JACK SWIFT WILLIAM WHITE JACK REIIISCHMIDT JOHN SAPP JAKE SLATON RICHARD SUDDATH ED IJNDERWOOD TOM VXfAI'.EFIELD THERON WILLIAMS CHARLES KURT: FRED LYONS WILLIAM MERCER ELMER NICHOLSOII HOWARD SULLIVAN CLYDE TRAMMELL CHARLES WHITTAKER ROBERT WRIISHT -W...- ..-I 3? if Ii .U I Rm I '51 fi Ti-'Z' II- TOM BYRD VAN BPLJIIT, IJPESIDEIJT If? rf I H gy , fi' ff 'IW'-. fe'--, .45 ' - I is 23..- ,Mg ......., f- ' Mani.. I? "V ,Q ug. .43 V ,X nag.: .AQ f L3 2" , L, 1 'W' Nr, gf :fi .- Qin' eww, 9'-- N- l WI' ah SCI" f mf y 4-...f K rllluilla, f ,g,46-uf 5 ,, ,..-1 , I!fmK W -If 'aff ' if w- , 1 .Q l ,W any A N r v-2 N. D N0 -,,' , Nh Z? ff J?" yi" 1'-GZ ,,...,M, I . Z3- if ...-0' .229 -af ' F"--5' 5 ,yr 'V 3 'Ei ' 2 ws HW vw' ,-was wwf RW 5,1 x-Q,KAgf' 41 f . f w,, 1 TJ X J, Wm... Q r I X 2 fiikils AN X ' ' 4: g .n W n -4 , I S! nb' R ,., qui ' A 'ff ml -:JK I xx il :K 7141! 'Gd' ,qua-v ,,...-.av , , . ,, ., .J i, IQ f mm!! HART HAY MOORE McKEE WAGGONER FROST bf' ,nv- N Q ,- Af 34-.4 MCFARLAND GARDENER WARREN HELSETH STEPHENS BROWN WILLIAMS ix: ant if 'TV KLUEPPELBURG KUMMER FULLER SLAUGHTER SWEAT CARLTON PORTER X MW' g gp NI wwf' MCCARTY DAVIS STEWART MIKELL LOVE WILLCOX CROW hw 'No os., ENNIS DUNBAR BURNS SNARR WHITMAN WILUS TURLINGTON 'd' ,,.p-v' WHITMAN DUNN ADAMS BURNS.L HENRY PRESTON FLORIDA ALPHA of SIGITIH PHI EPSILOFI JAMES S DAY HUBER C HURsT BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY BILLY MATTHEWS J HOOPER WISE BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY PAUL P. HART EDGAR H KLUEPPELBUPG VXXILLIAIIA T FII:-IEIS T J DAyIs ULMA DUIIEIAR WILLIAM DUIIII WILLIAM L ADAMS ROBERT B MEKEE ALBERT O HELsETH CARMAL IVI SLAULSHTEP JOIIIII PALMER DUDLEY WHITMAFAJ DOUGLAS ROUTZAHII JOE HEIEIRY FRANK PEMEERTOII JACK FROST JULIAII KEATII-Io CLASS OF 1939 JAMES IVIEFARLAIIIO WILLIAM WHITMAII JOSEPH O HAROWIIiri CLASS OF I940 TOM BURNS FRAIIEIs IVICJORE MILES A WARREIKI WILLIAM F FULLER CLASS OF I94I JAMES l. WILLIS CHARLES tylii ELL CARL SISIARIQ HARRY H HELVEIIISTOII JIM BURIIS ROBERT LOVE CLASS OF I942 RUE LANE BROWIII SIOIYIEY BREWER REUEEII CARLTON JIMMY WILLOA ARCHIE BAOWELL HAROLD WILLIS F O PREsTOII THE SIG Eps con troce their history os O notionol Orgonizotion on the Comous Bock to l92S When the petition of Sigrno Phi, O locol, Wos OCA Ceoted by the notioriol Enioying O rooid groWth, the chooter hos groWn from obout twenty-tive men ot Instollotion to neorly sixty thIs yeor, Alwoys powerful IH othletics, the SPFs hove hod severi Cootoins of vorsity soorts including Lomor Sorro, Jimmy Hughes, Dole Von- siclale, FlOrId:J's All'AmerICon, ond Wolter Ivloyberry Moguls found ot the SPE House this yeor Ore' Johnny Mc:Corty,' Blue Key ond one-time politicol higewig, Buster McForlond, ond others. Consoicuous olumni of Florido Alpho ore: Jomes Hughes, Tornoo, Doniel MCCOrty, Fort Pierce, W, Clinton Green, Miomi, Thomos Fer, guson, Ivlionii, Lornor Sorro, Tornoo, ond Eugene V Fisher, Cross City 327 ALTOII C lVlORRI-1, IQLJUOLPH WI AVI If FRAIRIIR O HAY GOROOII CTAROI-ILR HUIj,O KUMMTR Rocco N MARsIEAuo WILLIAM STEWART WILLIAM PITTMAI-I ESTER HAHIIA WILsOII WAOOOIIER WILLIAM D STEPHENS DEWITT DAWI Iris LEROY SWEAT T S WILLIAMS IVIILTOII HULL ROBERT PORTER BILL CROW RALPH TURLINOTON WILFRED SCHOCK JAMEs UIIOERWOOO ,,, I f ,Asf:.f.,- ERR' 5 I :I . ,Q AJ, Ol AHL HART, PRE T H' "'2 - 'WC J' I AI- 236112-'3, rx -.,---ff ., 2:1-.,. . vnu Y f a., 'inif-', Q -..,...J si' ,alb- Y 'Q '53-" ' T X 9 1, Q wr' 'ww N 0 w. ' -. mv ' w , , I x If X ' 1 " W W 'Q' . I ' 1 A ,A , v -.,,,,,r ....,... ...---+ if ,.v. AQ! -.25 .A ,,......, 3 1 'Nix Zvi ,gtg ,pw-Q M' vow . in W w- ww' r" ,,f ADELSON GREENBLATT ROBBINS LEVINE DOBKIN KOLMAN ROSE if" 'hwy-KC' 'md' ,uw -tal" .Qu X! Q 4, ,..a" ww' ,J-f' .f mf 5461? X-it , vp ...wr WOLLY JACOBY BAUMSTEIN HYMAN GOLDBERG MACKLER ROSENBLATT BLATT MIZRAHI SPIWAK BARRACK JACOBS MENDELL SEITLIN i. if-:' -41" ,dpvvf .wav W' vii' -4" www ,mf if ..A.w" an ,...- wm' A J ,pvc-R kk E WM -: 4 x 'K , ,A Y is fu- w" ,K is WY' J' ,mer ,..,-1 BREININ MENDELSON, S. LIPSITZ WOLF GHELERTER MENDELSON, H. BRODIE AUGUSTINE KANAREK KASS MICHNOFF GROSSBERG SETZER ESSRIG 328 LEVITCH KRAUSE GILBERG CARASSIK KLEIN ROSE, A. GOLDMAN DON MICHNOEE TAU ALPHA of THU EPSILOTI PHI BROTHERS IN THE UNIV CLASS OF 1939 JOE FIELD GOODWIN BRIIIYIIII CSERSON BLATT SID IMIEIIIDELSON C W, I'IOMA STANLEY LEVITCH MOE SCHURLER PALIL GARBLER BERNARD ADELSOII SYDNEY COOPER MILTON LIRSITZ RICHARD KRAUSE LEONARD ROBBINS MITCHELL BALJMSTEIII SALIL SRIWAI4 lRvIN GHELERTER IVIELTOII ALICUSTINI5 HOWARD CARASSII J I3 DOBINIII PAUL GILLER NAT IETTIIIJGOFF RAY FEINBERG ED GOLDBERG ARNOLD JACOBS EEOIAIAPD GREEIIBLATT WILLIAM JACOBY NAT KORNIBAD CLASS OF I940 GEORGE VVOLLY LEOI-IARD WOLF CLASS OF I94I I'IAF'OLD IMIEIIDLLSOII ITIOWARD GILBERC. MARTIN LEVIIIE SALJL ILEVIIXIE SALIL SELBY CLASS OF I942 IZPLD GROSSBEPG II-'WIN KANAREI1 STANLEY KASS JERRY KLEIN ED MACRLEI- JACK MENDLLL PHILLIR KILMAN ERSITY AL POWERS FOUNDED ON THIS Combos boClA In l92S, TCILI Alpho ot TOLI Epsilon Phi hos grown from o group of eight Chorter members to its present Strength ot titty-three brothers Linder the Din. TOLI Epsilon Phi hos tor yeors held o Coveted ploce in the tirst division ronks ot the troternity sCholcIrshiD roCe, ond hos olWoyS tin- ished Strong in the lntromurol stondmgs for Greek-letter houses. Some of the UIWOGVQVOCIUGIQ B. M O. Cfs ore Sid Mendelson, Clerk ot the I-lonor Court. Undergroduote DireCtor ot the Intro- murol Progrom ond member ot Blue Key, Joe Mizrohi, member ot Phi Koooo Phi, Beto Gommo Sigmo,'ond the lntromurol Boord, StonH ley LevItCh, member ot Phi Koopo Phi, Beto Gommo Sigmo, Albho Koppo Psi, ond the lntromurol Boord, Bill JoCoby, Coby Editor of The Seminole, Columnist on The Alligotor, member ot the lntromLIrol Boord tor tWo yeors, ond member ot PIII Kopbo Phi, ond Milton Lipn sitz, AsSOCiote Editor of The Seminole, ond member of the IntromLIrOl Boord. 329 JOE MIZRAHI BEN GOLDEN FPED LEVIISI JEROME SELII WILERED MVOLFSOII ELLIS BARNERT AARON DAVIS WOLEORD BEPMAIJ JACIRJEI-ITZEF1 SAM HYMAN EARLE BARRACII I'IERBEF'T GOLDMAIII JULIUS BRODIE ART ROSE EEWIN ROSE CHARLES ROSENBLATT JACLSEITLIII1 ELMER SETZER ARNOLD SUSSMAN MARVIN ESSRICI PHILLIR GIOLDMAII SIDNI I COOPER, C2 I , 94- 'Q 5 Q cb J 3,4 PEEILII I1 'X A6 X , r -.-5 gif , A I' f 5' xv NH' F "',f' iuik , . I if ws 5 4 -.5 D, "Niall ...ff ,f 7 - "'-w. -2 g 'N 2 Q f 'I' x 1 sf -vi 2 V ,E f .,, Q A412 J,-,V 'S . Zi 5 , 1 I .' Q 'uf' ,WWW Civ ,W "ge -1 m ..,- E J 'L al' R cali' M7 if' if 'hs 'Qi f""' GREGORY SULLIVAN CARY BENTON CANNON PRICE PETTIJOHN STOUTAMIRE CONE FLY KING MACKINTOSH SKIPPER SWANBOM WILKINSON OPP FOURAKER RADFORD SULLIVAN 330 'WIS' 1 X Fm J' .AM Jul' Aw MINER MOWRY CONE MALCOLM WILLIAMS MADDOX ETH CHI BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY G, BI SIMMONS HOMER HOWARD HARRY WOOD WESLEY FLY F, H HEATH BROWAPD CULPFPPEP A S CAMPBELL BROTHERS IN THE UNIVERSITY CHARLES R. BENTON CHARLES M. CANNON DDI-IIAI N GREGORY CARL B OPP CLASS OF 1939 CHARLES B ROGERS JOHN C. BERNHARD HENRY I-I CARY DALMAIN HATTAWAY IRAIFORD E BPAIICH GEORGE R CROFTOII CURRY IVIERCHAIIT CLARK PPIEE ROSS MOWRY CLASS OF T940 RICHARD M, REMINGTOIEI WILLIAM E, MINER FRED IDETTIJOHIYI FRANR STOUTAMIRE A WIIYISLOW SULLIVAN NORTON WILSON CLASS OF T941 WILLIAM Cu BOWEN EDWIN W. FLY JOHN H. MAcRINTOSH ARTHUR W DWANBOM THAMES BOONE GEORGE MEHRTENS DAVID SULLIVAN CI D WILLIAMS C W. CONE THOMAS W. HEETH JOHN F, MALCOLM FREDERICK C. UPFELMAN CLASS OF 1942 WL J. FOURAKER WAYNE PRESNELL JOHN SULLIVAN CoUNcE VVATSOII J L. CONE JOHN M. KING DAVID SIQIPPER EDWARD L. VVILKIIISOI JOHN C HETHCOY GEORGE RADFORD ITPAIIZ WARNER THE THETA CHIS, formerly O locol on the comous under the nome Lombdo UDSIIon, Went NOtIonOl IIT I9lO ond become O full tledged member chooter Ot the IWGIIOITGI OrgOnIzOtIOnI TheIrS WOS the hfth notionol frOternIty to be eStODlIShed on the UnIVerSIty of Florldo compus. TOu of Theto ChI hOS contnbuted ItS Shore of comous "nOmeS" PreSIdent of the lJnIVerSIty Student Body In I9I9 WOS BIII Bivensg O teW yeors loter, Roiney COWthOn become VIce-President, Chuck Rogers WOS coptoin ot the VOrSIty tootboll Squod In I93-I followed In the next two yeOrS by "TootIe" Perry ond S, A. B, WIIkInSon Shormg SImIlOr honors The reolly "big" men thIS yeor Ore Donn N, Gregoryg Lyceum CouncIl, Blue Key, Sobres, Executive Council, ond WIIIte FrIOrS member. Corl ODD, renowned Obout the Stote for hIS OIJISIOITCIIIWQ IournOlIStIc Obility thIS yeor mode PhI Beto KODDOL ROSS Mowry on the Boord of Student IDLIDIICOIIOITS ond ChOrleS Benton OISO PIII Beto KODDO 331 JUNIOR INTERFRNTERNITY CONFERENCE 'N .as- I if S' T nfs ,v-'N it NA L -was Q59 485 455. "Ni T 11.11 " "T A If ' - . 4 ff' 19" J 5 quad!! mA QA' X, mf 7 4!'.'f"f MJT ,sv K ' , ps- hx . , Cv ..-V BOWIE FARRINGTON LEE SMITH ALPHA TAU OMEGA DON I.AMSOIII J T, BOWIE KAPPA ALPHA DIIQI' PHIRRS JIM CSOARE-EY PI KAPPA ALPHA CAIJL T. ILAIIGVOIQD if-IPI-'LFS W. Ii3RADf SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON JACV LEE J. I-I. VVJILLIAMS THETA CHI DAVE SULLIVAN JOHN SULLIVAN TI E ILINT SIGMA NU HOWARD SULLIVAN LEON BASS KAPPA SIGMA DIN I"IUDZOII CII IL LARRIIIOT II 'A' ,M- 655-T LW f ,rn-o 'Mw- "N-I.. af'- 'iuf Y Y, - , ,rf-' Huw' vim X ---Q- , " 325' BRADY COARSEY COOK ELLIS ENGLE GROSSBERG HINDERY HORTEN HUDSON LAMSON LINDER MAGNUSON MORGAN MORRIS PHIPPS STOER SULLIVAN TURLINGTON WILLIAMS wINN PI KAPPA PHI DELTA CHI I-IERDERT STOER ROBERT SRRINGER LEON M004 JAMES SMITH SIGMA CHI PHI KAPPA TAU RICHARD COLLINS D, D. HAMILTON BILL I-IORTEN DOO GOLIVIV ALPHA GAMMA RHO DELTA SIGMA PHI LOVVELL SLAOLE IVIAX COOL GEOPGE I'IIIlDEIlIY BOE I-IALL PHI BETA DELTA BETA THETA PI IPVIIIG SABLOW BOB WIIAIN DOI-IALD WEISS SCOTT LIIAIDER TAU EPSILON PHI LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRED GROSSBERG T. E DRAWDY ARTHUR RI-,gg FRANK MAONUSOII DELTA TAU DELTA CHI PHI BILL NUTTIIIQ, PHIL CHEANEY MORRIS SMITH, TREASURER RALPH ENELE, SECRETARY SIGMA PHI EPSILON PI DELTA SIGMA RALPH -IYUPLIIA!CfI'OIAI TOMMY LYONS BILL CF'OW' JACK JOHIISOII PHI DELTA THETA JOIIII IVIOIf'I?'IS CALVIN MQNAR 332 'lc v4DVfR7l5'6'M6'N75' THE LlOl'l HUTIT Home again. This picture is notable mainly for the stupid expression on the faces of those in the gathering. Leo remains impossive. The restoration. Whitewashed later, the king of the SAE jungle again lies in wait for the virgin who never comes. N t. ' '..-:gf:+'3i4Is,?L,,. ' , if W Z if X lim, the Qanuale SAE lian, was used ta such niild abuse as niidnight lairing at inischieyaas Caats at red paint, but nat until the Fall at '38 was he victim at anything as sinister as kidnapping SAEs weren't the same during his all-winter absence, and when they gat him back they gave him a burglar-praat base sunk deep into tha earth, 334 To You wno nave pride in your Prrn ting lrtnograpnrng ana fngra wng tnat reflects tne sprrit of sane modern- r' wno want tne trena' of grapnrb art styles ana' desgns. . . eager to nave ina'r'w'a'ua!ity rn your work, snoula' be rncluaea' among our many satrshea' customers. i THEH.8ilU.B.DRELL,fUmPHIi9 Manufaeturrng Statroners 1 22 30 llIEST BHU STREET - IHCI4SOI1VIlI.E,Fl0RIDH fifth consecutive edition INOLE to come from ou 4 EQ na X X Q Zia' 'i'c..f4.. Q L5 "fl-Q, 4P'V"f'QV 'V - ? L, 3 , , .RE V x , . '1 F V. -'ff' - 4 -'iw-lla . ,'VV'2.,,, pfif' h' x L.- , - v " ' . - :VI .LV E.-nuns!!-'6'v'?2H'-v1w.1-V-Lv.-4V-,-x.,,.',E., ' b. 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K N 5 :E N XI I L L E WEST PALM BEACH BANK GAINESVILLE I ' Eflhfll.-g ' ' ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK 2 1.1: IORGANIZED 19033 MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 9 Extends I'IeaTtiest Congmttilations UNIVERSITY OF FLORID Class Of'39 Jacksonville Paper COmpany IMPORTERS - WHOLESALERS - MANUFACTURERS Piinting Wvapping 808 WEST BAY STREET PHONE 5fO35O JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA ir HA Dependable Papeif Hoiisew 'K' TAMPA MIAMI ST IETERSBURG ORLANDO MOBILE PENSALOLA SAVANNAH WEST PALM BEACH MACON TALLAHASSBE LAKELAND 338 A 5 . .ff 4, w . , 1 3 . , r . . 1 ' " Y . .1 lf" "f'-- '5 sim' . frf' 5' 1' 3: -1.559 r' 2 hw.-H ,Yf . Jw +435 4 435' vi VL... p ' 4 ' - - " n J' f' . N q,,.QnI I F 1 ,s-vig, l. Y I., ,F ,ur I .. ,QEIVLQQ r ff-f-1 Er.. 3 zffiiigffuif, il iE'fz5,,g:5.QJ..x. : wif, if K ' ..v"' . 3 1 454 .mf -Q - H - . mf. ,.. . , -. -'., - . Y -.. xc. . 4. 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Seven of the hotels appear on this page. The others-Useppa Inn, Useppa Islandg Gasparilla Inn, Boca Crancleg Everglades Inn, Evergladesg and Hotel Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda. Write to Hotel direct for literature or information or communicate with COLLIER FLORIDA COAST HOTELS 745 sth AVENUE, N. Y. C. of TAMPA, FLORIDA 2 Hotel Royal Worth "i' on the shores of Lake Worth Wlllhx ar L, 4 A -J l 5 4l Y WWW I at West Palm Beach,Florida 1 W A ,-X-Q 45, I II 93 fvextftsy a an 1 lik: can at. f I IH Qi 'ai naar . lit!! - fifty' I . - U ! A ' ll - Rini! . T. f fill iff . i t-ralffly A A NEW MODERN Hotel Sarasota Terrace Sarasota, Florida Hotel Dixie Court, West Palm Beach, Florida I A V: ..'-: -.5FIf, :ICT ' ' .,., Right: Hotel , I! 52, Lakeland Terrace, it T Irv-. gf to , v Z will I Lakeland, Florida 5 5 ffp Aer.-at liweaaata r,e++f Kean ,.a- iff! 31 ' Rfgl1rrH0re1 .Q-rf,,aS?fTi" T Q29 ' , H Manatee River, ,5 ' Bradenton, .4 ,, tg ' I , J Florida Ili "Ilya 3 W I . W ,, ling. ggfwiix ggi, -1- ,W-'if ZJHALL' ai JR,.- ?,i, f:NInUr AL4ui..a., Qfg CECRGE H. MASON, Vice Pres. E99 Gen. Mgr. 340 . ..-1 A 4 ' 1 - wwf? ' . 1 , r , Mgzfff , ' if 7' df Q- .12 W Z iT H E 19 3 9 SEFFIIHOLE.. reflecting the quality of engravings produced by the THmPH PHOT0-EHGRHVIFIG CC., Inc. mmm, momma 341 i?H'a -f -- fl. ,fiff fy - V 'Y 'slffisfil "H .. ,, - ., V 'P ,Iwi l l g fisl, M Z-'Im A .p A A 113. - 2, , " :Q 1 f IP' L Q - mf wx ' 'Uff 'Mfg I in L wi Y ,- .W Qi 2157 , . f""r-:T '.': A ?2'fi:,t.7 ' gf V524 511- " if 1533-35.51 3 ' -1? -. i ' 1 ff f J-'F Q-ff' I f U. 4- :U it til I A! I ,'f. ?.a74195,'fl-"Y ' . ,wi Q54 f I K f ,-. ' "fffQ'f'V Q. if hiflfig-'59,-.11'5? I n H - 4.-. . 1- J .. ,QFQQLT1 - I I I QTLS. .H fig-fl-',"f it ZW : v ..,-. , Ag .. LM-rf'-fd 'phfwfl 1 ,. V, I t 3 !,'Q5':.ii in 'eN"'4j ? :M':'- iq ,L 1 wwe? , 521. -,, . - , X ly' 'V' , ,f,. 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I 'f'!'4! , I ,.., V I -,I 7: I f ...P 0 I ' .' fd' -I -iv ' 1 ' V ' H' Y 1 -g ,,, A-' ' .rx . I-U .wi - ., . , ,fm fe VYU W , r 1 ' ,X . 1- , 5 i'Vl'L75VA-'15 Av in , . ,Q f. .1 , -'- v J-'FBI A55 A ' -' 'A ' V 1 -if' ..A f 'L ' 4 I iff!!! U, I.. TQ 1 1-13101: -- fma,,,.L:-:1 'f "-' 'fr 54- , '. L, . if J' ,'f"':i7.-. This page offered a problem. We didn't have money to have an engraving made for itg we didn't have any good jokes Care any jokes good?D, so we are just leaving it blank. 345 ia me r' ff l nel: lr gi l l , Q ni? Q, X LN l X " UNT SELL Eitcrnlclrv! Surprising, perhaps, but true! The three most important ingredients of the service We sell are: Convenience, Dependability and Economy. When We were in school We learned that PERFORMANCE -not PROMISE- is What counts. Whenever you get out of school and set up housekeeping, give us a chance to prove what We mean. Your Publi Sermfztf 346 FLORIDA PUWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY MEN'S CLOTHING ,, AND FURNISHINGS sHoEs as I , j IfI s, c:oMPL1MENTs or y y - A 'H it . I I IIIH VV L P. W. Wilson Company ,ij . effftffflf i f Q3 I II I LT4 e , 'V I-If Q.. 1 I .E 'TEH' 55 Tallahassee s Best Store im g Lag CE 8 7 Ilill lhm SIN I 3 5 " -'UI' ' ff 'gig PLL LADIES, READYfTOfWEAR PIECE oooos AND NoT1oNs MILLINERY - LADIES' SHOES W "One of the SoutI1's e are Great Stores" Headquarters hw SPORTING GOODS F, I I BAIRD HARDWARE COMPANY Q'G'J42J8'asnav im GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA are destined to play an im' portant role in elevating agricultural practices to a higher and more scientific plane. For more than two generations we, too, have been helping to raise agricultural standards by applying every bit of proved scientific knowledge in manufacturing our fertilizers. We are proud to say that IDEAL BRANDS are preferred by Florida's most successful and skillful growers because these fine fertilizers have proved their superiority during many years of actual use in fields and groves. IIIILSIIII 81 TIIIIIIIER FERTILIZER LIIIIIPIIIIEI JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Manufacturers of IDEAL BRAND Fertilizers 347 THE LEWIS STATE BANK Flofridcfs Oldest Bank Began Busines in 1856 Member Federal Deposit Insuranc Q I t TALLAHASSEE, FLGRIDA 1912 1939 For over a quarter of a century we have catered to the needs of restaurants, hotels, hospitals and institutions. Qur engineering department is composed of men who are special' ists in planning the most modern methods for the preparation and serving of food. Complete layouts with specificaf tions and prices cheerfully furnf ished without obligation. E. H. THQMPSUN CO., Inc KITCHEN, DINING RGOM AND BAR EQUIPMENT 226228 WEST BAY STREET PHONE 58907 JACKSCNVILLE, FLA. -.Hlaas Brothers... FASHIQN FIRST EAsH1oN R I G H T SUITS BY " KENTCRAFT " KLIPPENHEIMER "' HICKEYfFREEMAN .lTHlllPH.l The University if WHEN IN JACKSONVILLE of Fkjrlda Get the Habit OF SHOPPING AND SAVING AT SEARS Mfmafch senns, nussufn nnn rnmpnnu t 532 WEST FURSYTH ST. - JACKSUNVILLE, FLORIDA IN Congratulations JACKSQNVILLE TO THE CLASS OF 1939 On Your Scholastic Achievement During the Past Year. Itls Always Mamy All Your Efforts in the Future Be As Successful. G I COHUC7-QTCTYNS The Store Accommodating DUVAL JEWELRY Co. For Best Value 111 MAIN STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 'k 'Clips nhersnn Stuiliu PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 1939 SEIVIINOLE 1868 WEST UNIVERSITY AVE GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ir 349 Compliments of COIWPLIIVIENTS OF STRINGFELLOW SUPPLY C GMPANY FARRAR TIRE COMPANY GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA TAMPA, FLORIDA V I S I T Compliments of H A E R JIM LAROHE V TY? Complete Home Furnzslnngs HSermng Sons of F londa Since 1929" LONG EASY TERMS 317 Iviain Street jacksonville, Florida PHIFER STATE BANK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ' JOHN A. OUNNINOHAM, Im. Compliments of Mernber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LET Us TAKE YOUR MEASURE EOR A TAILOKEIJ SUIT FQRSYTH AT BRQAD STREET We will guarantee satisfaction JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA QUALITY DRY CLEANING Phone 354 QTTO F. STOCK f'Florida's Oldest Home Owned Furniture Store" 104 East University Ave. Gainesville, Florida etting off on the right foot is mighty important to any young man entering the world of business. First impressions are often lasting impressions. . .and most employers examine critically the banking connections of a prospective employee. First thing after Commencement, associate yourself with a good bank. Become acquainted with the officers, seek their advice on matters of business. We invite you to take advantage ofthe friendly counsel and convenient services which this bank has to offer. FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSONVILLE A Financial Stronghold 350 Compliments of W. F. DUKE 599 CO., INC. Gainesville, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF STERLIMNG E. SMITH JACKSON VILLE, FLORIDA ABSTRACTS TITLE INSURANCE When Investing in Real Property, Insist on a Title Insurance Policy Issued by the LAWYERS TITLE INSURANCE CORPORATION if Represented by CUARANTY TITLE COMPANY 407 TW ICG STREET TAMPA Z: FLORIDA FIFTER CCJLLEGE what Some of you fellows are going to own Citrus Groves . . . and Vegetable Farms . . . West Coast Brands will make the profits greater . . . Write for Price List LUEST COFIST FERTILIZER COITIPHIWY P. O. Box 1094 TAMPA, FLORIDA ooMPL1MENTs of SPARKS' FLORIDA...ancl...LYRIC THEATRES A cofed Cslightly existent creature at Floridab is often embarrassed by a friend who is not feeling himself. The Wriiwriiz rioiosis Hotel I ir '4Gainesville's Finest and Largest Commercial Hotel" 'A' I SlXTYfFIVE AIR MODERNIZED ROOMS CONDITIONED I I I Co West, young man, to Hollywood, I I Hitch your wagon to a star, I And when you can't keep up with her, I just drop your anchor at a bar. -Ca. Arch. I I I I I Comphmcnts of R I C E 9 S BICYCLES :: SPQRTING GQODS 310 E. Iviuiu, South I 7 GAINESVILLE. FLURIDA Kclvimtor Rcfrigcrtation Simmons Beautyrest Mzxttrcsseb M.1yt.1g Studio Couches W 0'YL,t TOM BEASLEY GF WILLIAMS Dealers in FURNITURE HoL15EHgES1?hIfIi11sH1Nos I H H V- H -T H m P H IBS XXVI-SIX IINloN Srlzrflf 1' GA1NrfsvlLLr-', FLORIDA LUUIIS FERTILIZER IUIIIPHIIU 1 mnnufnfrunfnsnf I Orange Belt Brands EU wfffcompanv THIIIPH, FLURIDH I DIARY Dec. 264Snowiu'. CLIIIQU go huntinf Dec. 27 Still snowinf Cflllut go hunting. Dec. ZSRRSUII snowixf. Shot Grgmdmnw. 352 Cf'mP"me'm of Diamonds, Watches, Silverware and Gifts CHESNUT OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. v I J. GIBBES CHESNUT Favors arid Trophies for All Occasions Class of 1914 STUDENTS SUPPLIES ENGELKES IEWELERS G Ln, F Gainesville, Florida THos. W. BRYANT T s TRANTHAM I Compliments of Law Ojj5ces BRYANT AND TRANTHAM , Fl ti National Bank Building LAKELAND, FLoR1i A 'I Across l-mm the Dofmifofiw YGUR 1939 SEMINGLE is the fifteenth edition since 1924 to be bound in a MGLLGY MADE GGVER ir The continued confidence of Seminole staffs in our ability to produce a fine cover has been brought about by and justified by the dependable perform' ance of Molloy artists and craftsmen if THE DAVID J. MGLLGY PLANT 2857 NGRTHWESTERN AVENUE : : C H IC A G G, IL L I N G I S 353 HALL GOOD WISHES FROM THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS" of MAAS llwe l1ql,erflqsl1er,l... 5l6 FRANKLIN STREET " CORNER OF TLUIGGS TAMPA, FLORIDA C. H. COLES E99 SONS . . . jewelers and Silversmiths OAINESVLLLE, FLORIDA . Compliments of L E P L . THE CAPITAL CITY BANK . T A A H A S S E E """' ""' U Mevnber of the Federal Deposzt Insurance Corporatzon rl. Q G E o RG E ls: ':2 . l A A A A we R l "2.10"' I ooms w-nh . Url' ,ygyng Sym , ,..,..... 0. X... e.,.,e e on av orc o 5::"' Q WHIP ,322 the Soulla. Raduo and 2225555 X oviiliysgs Q qvetylfnownlacvlllylor Fff AW fm! clan operalvon. I l "'-' i1C?P5"" GARAGE' A S---f - 'IS 'S MAY F l- O W E R 300 R eo-00" A . Q52--gg ov ::::::: :::: . , -h GARAGE cl' " . 5 5 5 ln dnacl ,LsY,v., la tonnechon muh lobby U H 59,5 J X R TE rom 'G 'X r I lr e KA l , Nil ooms wnln My K D Bath and Shower ' 05' F at L I l X ' ',.n-03:5 1 .33 cf..'2fl1l fufffalfl SUM s wmler vnnorx and Corn -:T H mercnal Iravvlau Raduv " :Z-1 ff' 'lf a poumng ' X' ' RATE rom 2 00 T h e :av.-.'--p...n.-.. I -U xi ....... .. . F L L E R ns Rooms.. am ' I v...'u S. pawns mn. T M convemence com- 5555555 'TQ f R ""' for! and service od 3. I if 'role pncu pnevanl I ,..... l I G uectly In 1 Ill' connected T' RATE rom S1 oo A G K ' 5 "It Pays to Play' with Uwilson Sport Equipment" S .... 4 . HENRY GIDDENS CLOTHING CO. ifinmmiiimM .,:::::::ai,i.,.Li,,,, ,,,,.,.,,,, S , r I T H zgh Grade Clotlung .EMEM5255,,,,... . W1 X "" . w ' 1 ll FURNISHINGS, HATS and SHOES ' - A - 1 l FOR MEN Franklin at Lafayette TAMPA, FLORIDA :L T-' -x..f "excl " ,lllrimvlrinliaa Fl K. S waz..a1....:.,,,, .5 QQ jmmieaia' M .1 ff .I l m Fi T 3 :iv ...S :I ' I vi. '-1.,i'... 1 '.z.L...-1-:Iii Q -If Ll-,S,Mm.:, - ,n-amQWl'1l , I ,- -7 I ---- - - M VI H i Y Wg ,wi W ini i K-A W i,'ifE'4'1l " f- izpl 2 'Tw TM GEOQGE WAFSTHINBTON 200 Room wi ln Ba lu nd Slwowl ' Open all llwde y:af. ifaduoiancl Zvsvy modev: gon- COO, VCHICHCQ an SQYYICQ Of summer an WIDIEY C0771 Oll- ff GARAGE ffm- Outfitters "From Pins to Safes" i'Reosonoble Rates Posted in Every Room ROBERTTKLOEPPEL CORNER POLK ST. and FLORIDA AVE. TAMPA, FLORIDA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Old Reliable INCORPORATED 1888 MEMBER F. D. I. C. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 354 TTL Tampa . . . lt's WQLF BRGTHERS The Best Dressed for Smarter Clothes for Men FICTION Cnce upon a time a Florida Players show started on time and everyone was in his seat. Men Wear lor 55 . nun.: af THE SCHUJOB CO. Jacksonville Pensacola Miami St. Petersburg Crlando Tampa West Palm Beach ITTIPURTHITT FLURIIJH LHLU BUUKS INTERESTED 'N MEN ' ' Encyclopedic Digest of the Florida Reports Florida Compiled General Laws Florida Supreme Court Reports Kooman's Chancery Pleading and Practice Carson's Common Law Pleading Redfearn, Wills and Admrn. of Estates Florida Chancery Act Annotated, 2nd Ed. QlVIcCarthyD Arnow's Florida Rules of Practice if Detailed information mailed on request THE HHRRISUIT EUTITPHITU LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS SPRING STREET, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA This Bank has demonstrated its interest in youn in n of Florida since its organization 62 years ago. NVe have helped hundreds hy advising, lry loans. when there was a sound plan for liquidating such a loan, and hy employment. Note the several locations served hy The Barnett National Bank of Jacksonville and its affiliates: THE BARNETT NA'l'ION.AI. BANK or TTICLAND DeLand, Florida THE BARNETT NATl0N.Al. BANK or tTocoA Cocoa, Florida THE BARNETT BANK or :NVON PARK Avon Park, Florida THE ST. TAUCUSTINE lv.-XTIONAL BANK or ST. ALIQLSTIWT- St. Augustine, Florida THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK or Foirr LAL'nEHnA1i- Fort Lauderdale, Florida TN 1'lYlll'l0iY l"lul'i4lzl 114' Lonetv feet This is one of the hest photographs the editors have ever seen, and in case you didn't save your Florida Review, We thought you'd like to have this to keep. 356 A tlower "girl" presents o bouquet to Swonn'S grinning sponsor. Greot vvos the emborrossrnent of the flower "girl". 357 DEDICATION ... FOREWORD ... SCENES ... FACULTY ... FEATURES . .. Graduation ..... . Freshman Weel: ,.... Professors Are People . .. WRUF ........... Outlying Precincts Joys and Sorrows ..... Brothers in the Bond ..... looks ond Janes and Stutt ..... I-louse Parties ............ The Stephens Attair .. Beauty Section .. Lyceum ................ . Behind Florida Footlights . Elections ...... I-lall ot Fame .... THE CLASSES .,. Phi Beta Koppa .... Phi Koppa Phi Low ...... . Senior Class ... Junior Class ... Sophomore Class . .. Freshman Class .... ATHLETICS . . "F" Club ....... . Football at Florida .... Basketball ....... THBLE OF CONTENTS 1939 SEITIIFIOLE Page 4 5 6 9 33 .. 35 .. 36 .. 39 .. 40 .. 4I .. 42 .. 44 .. 46 .. 48 .. 50 .. 5I .. 65 ., 66 .. 68 .. 7I .. 75 .. 77 .. 78 .. 79 B7 .. III .. I27 .. I43 .. I65 .. I68 .. I7l .. I85 Golf and Tennis Baseboll ... .. Track ..... Swimming . .. Boxing ..... Rifle Team .... Intramural .. ACTIVITIES ......... Executive Council .,.. I-lonor Court .... Athletic Council PUBLICATIONS ... Seminole ...... Florida Review Florida Alligator ..... .. Florida College Farmer F Book .................... .. Board ot Student Publications ..... .. HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES ..... .. Blue Key Sabres ...... Phi Eta Sigma ..... Alpha Epsilon Delta ,... .. Sigma Tau ........ Delta Sigma Pi Phi Delta Phi .... Alpha Zeta ..... Phi Alpha Delta ..... .. Beta Gamma Sigma .... .. Gamma Sigma Epsilon Alpha Kappa Psi Gargoyle ...... Los Picaros ......................... .. Sigma Delta Chi and Alpha Tau Alpha ,... . . Alpha Phi Omega .................... .. Page I 88 I 89 I92 I94 I96 I98 I99 205 208 2I 0 2I 2 2l3 2I4 2l7 2I8 220 22I 222 223 224 226 227 228 229 230 232 23I 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 ORGANIZATIONS .... Florida Union ... Debate Club Glee Club ............. The Fighting Gator Band Symphony Orchestra .... Florida Players Lyceum Council ..... Ag Club ....... Gator Pep Club ............ Newell Entomological Society .... Block G Bridle YMCA ...... . . Benton Engineering ................ y American Society of Civil Engineers ...... I I I I i i American Institute of Electrical Engineers .... i I The Colonels ......................... I Commerce Club ..... I Fourth Estate ........ ....,. I Cooperative Living Organization I. R. C. and Peabody Club ..... ll Florida Rifles and Pistol Team ....... I F.F.A. and Leigh Chemical Society ..... Beta Alpha Psi .................... y Military ......... . L DANCE SOCIETIES .... I White Friars Cavaliers ..... y American Society of Mechanical Engineers ..... THBLE OF CONTENTS coNTiNuED Page . . 24l . . 242 . . 244 . . 246 . . 247 . . 248 . . 249 .. 250 .. 25l .. 252 .. 253 .. 254 . . 255 . . 256 . . 257 . . 258 . . 259 . . 260 . . 261 . . 262 . . 263 . . 264 . . 265 . . 266 . . 267 . . 268 .. 277 .. 278 .. 280 L'Apache . . . Bacchus .... Pirates ............... SOCIAL FRATERNITIES .... lnterfraternity Conference Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi .... Delta Chi ..... Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha .. Kappa Sigma .... Lambda Chi Alpha . .. Phi Beta Delta Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Tau .... Pi Delta Sigma .... Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Phi ...... Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Sigma Chi ......,. Sigma Nu ....... Sigma Phi Epsilon .. Tau Epsilon Phi .... Theta Chi .... .......... Junior Interfraternity Conference ADVERTISEMENTS .. . Page 28l 282 284 285 286 288 290 292 294 296 298 300 302 304 306 308 3I 0 3 I 2 3 I 4 3 I 6 3 I 8 320 322 324 326 328 330 332 333 IEXI -f1' L.- Q . L '1v11',l L 5fn-.w.- f 2 - a 1 f 1 , sf 01- s 4 1 f W . X . , , Q 3 1 1 -ff. , Q 4 4 a Y 1. 4. , Q gs is , K + ' I Of 'Q ?".!' A '. X . - ,.., -H . had in ' nv: 4 Ke . ' H - b.. la 1 - 4 Q . x, i u 'gn-. Iguana -4-o . M, M- -up-1-A"""' WX. ' , ao6v9"f- ' 1-." M, ' ', ' ' N , . "INV .' f -' . ..,,Q,'- . A , ' ' ' ' o si , 'L L 1 1 .1 9 9 I V ,Sf 4 1 xx' 1 lb! Ml' 'L 1 295 rg F f 'L in ff ew . jx 2 .1 : 5 5, .' Lg L. hi 1 . fm, If' n'i Y' ku , if 3 8

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