University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL)

 - Class of 1938

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University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 371 of the 1938 volume:

QA ,LM fl W-an M "W- Vkqhmu -,uv-EL mmm Qy-x Wiuyik , Aw 1 I "'-M-. wqhw 4-...ina sg ' xi -i'.'."-4 " 1 W.. V., - N W his ,. . ! . """3"w.,, ' M, "v4J ff? W." ,,,. A I i ' !'1--- N. ..1" ' A " 1"?p95,. x ','1.. Aga., V H, '11 .fx-..,' , 6 1 v r r n v VJ: .,,., W, , . mg fa km v x . UN V--gag -'YI - , s v . -1 ,... COPYRIGHT, 1938 Enwmm BOARDMAN ....,............ Editor-in-Chief STEVE RICHARDSON, . .,,.. Managing Ediwr WILLIAM WTIGHTMAN . . . ....... Business Manager jj X In this. the twenty-ninth volume ol' the Senzinfole, the eflitors have encleavoretl to catch zuul pre- serve in the inetlium ol' print some ol' the color :mal spirit ol' the Floritlu stlulentg to put within these covers at leust ll IHll'lll1ll presentation ol' lil'c ut our University. lt is our hope that the tlivi- sion pages will create il living picture ol' the phases ol' stuclcnt uctivity that will enuhle the stranger l.o heller llllll0l'Slilllll our college life, and that, to the l"lori1la man, these pages will 'hring hack the title ol' youthful memories which keep us young even in the autumn ol' life. ll' hut an small part ol' our hopes ure realized, we, the editors, will not have lahorefl in vain. 4 1 '3 ' k uiafsi, c or BOOK I BOOK II Upper Division College of Law ....' Senior Academic Q r . , .5 Junior Academic .... . . BOOK III General College ....... Sophomore Academic . . . . . L Freshman Academic . . . . .K BOOK IV Features ............ . . . 122 BOOK V Athletics ..... ...194 Intramurals . . . . 229 BOOK VI Activities ..... . . .238 Publications . . .. 239 ' Organizations . .. . 249 Military ..,..... . 275 Dance Societies . . . . 285 BOOK VII' Fraternities I Honorary and Professional .... 295 Social ..... .313 4. . i n.-,., . V - -u,. 1 ii is yyfisbf Ni: QW FW? JP Y' sway is ,yifyrxik I -qu N i x n N 3 U,-1 ' fzf H ' ' LA ' JI" 1 A 9 I at-A 3' H+"-fr' , 'Lx . -- f ai L-ru-'K H .-1... m. . . .V .- ,- I ,. 5: . ,i.- g-7,55 pw '- saw . -- . EEE r f.'-. my at X" N. " ', I1 +A. .N ' I, ,,a1,1',, ,, :gh-.. V 5, , V' fl gf 25.-E' "-fm 1 .3 , jf' fu - J Hit: ' " 'Y' - ' ' ,, ' 2? JN . '52-g N13 7 6 I.: ' 13 . 5 ' Yi' T -'il' A -, 1 il., ' ' ' af- f. as-..QfI as A A if .gp . I-.rf-A, . "3 5'-r!'1',' 1 7, if i ia? 7 5t1'7l'hfLg -V . . ' mg' fl f Amir UN, I. - Figs K 'Q'-nuff-..,, .E vv ,. . -1 fi-,H 71 Arm'-.,.,' .. .ef - 1 gs gfzix 'fra -. -,La ,ffQ2'?g, , 1r5? Tis' -, . ' we gg, is if-is 1 9.1 .qtfqi-' ' . .a..fi345:g.- else' "'ifi- -130 .,,',:j:f,,1,- wg 1 .x h.. "' 1',, . ', H95 fir, 37' im' M1 'Nw ' aqua.. A 's...' "U--su ,f s., . . 0 'T-1'Q'wf'f',ff!', Ng- ' :V K' 1 'P' fi.i':gf-is ri . '24, ' M ' ' f?afaz:af4a5-.'- X I- 5,9 . . -.'ff'?:w:P: 'F Q. ' tl-7.1 iwisiiill-i fff' ' if nur ..- G..a 1 UEUICIITIUII To the one who makes an edu- cation possible: to that unsung hero of college life-the father of the University student-this, the twenty-ninth volume of the Seminole, is sincerely dedicated. 6 Q-0 f ff: Q.. if ,J-Vi , .Asp . x, I J I' N J era- r B O O K '11 ' ' " "4 'I "' " " ' " " ':V3""""f" "' 'M - fTffff,, w,g,.a1-., 'H . gfww' 'Q U -I - H.. wa.. .ci!,E5e'!..i'c.12if:Lf':'f:., .,.:f2:1?:2i:i??:r5xa '- V ,P b . ff: 1' nm,1e?2Efm"3T2!'.n ..----w-1 ' ""' """""""""' """"?W" "" N E wo 5--.ra-.a.-an-auwn.1p-uivnymu fla-sr-pu, , ' ...m,u..suu:w'v--rw.:u- www. r-1-u .nn svn 0- uv-1 11:-'Aid u 1 s . f v- . x 1 1 w an 9 wh. l,i!. M wL,J'1Wn1'w Jn' 1 ,. W. ,Jul U W.-viii, J """"WQF .. .-.... ,......a..:..u:.r..'f'svQm1n33i,?1'15 fmfiiiirkfmzn . .. .im 0"v7'0.b'I VQX'99T15'M X'W9','V495 1 ,af w" , M, ,. , "-1-:Www M!" , UNIVERSITY is A N5 W . , :gg - ' 4 ' M ,, J ' ei 1 fi L Q . X K 4 X N A+. x ,X U XM , "nu '1 X f N'-.N . x 4 . X'-. H .X ' N 'NN x x, K 1 'X . , ,M , ,. ' Nm "X v 1 , . -. x .xy ,, A , . N' K x M ' NE it - .' x 4 f : xl f 5,39 W in " N 'N X K 1 gf' 4 w W ,i N 7 is ix N NNHM xyxwx TT b-fl. -F I 'vw EE Qs. w 'N V1 I l .- W "f2,l.Q, rw , f X ' f ,VI 5' .L V .l Q fp .,.v"ff3fJ ' f J -P Q '5w?'fm5fYf'f K 5--wi ififff ,, V 7i:.f'fQ A . A , Q-r Ji -X ,. ri, X . .,f. I 15,1 ,, ..,. , -y, Mm, ywm 5, V 1 X X .liywy Wl .5Iini.Y,l73 I N X W. 5. W 'fn ,l -. R. A ,LQ wwf' g .- 1 iw 'ilrf , Qieiifg fs 2ff'Y:TW5ng,: Q SL?!SL:5:3f7ii"5,r :Q- Qm: f-:f,ffgf,f,fEsg ,,gs ' ,xi wi: H' . -HWS!-mi, W Q, x K NW .TL,Fpa,,,? x.w,w ,hi ,K-g, i1,v,XvJq,W31: 2 '4,..! am, - "3 't f . 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'sr ' ,,,- f:43y,?.I 5' ' iq ' 'fl ' ' lf1'Y:": "f f I Q-'VIA-f."l 3 f'J.' 'ia 'x " '-1 f' 1,':f'."g'igvL' lv ' ' . . L. ,I. 4.1345 JI., If..-I :I . X '. .,-:gg xv- , ' , . .- fin '.'.,hX4""' fa' .I,I Id II -. V. n- Y , I, , ,I 'I4 eu, 14. . J' -m.f4.'A-,. ' Qhxkn' '-4' 'f ' 'QI Q' v',g,4-gi ' s 1 .vw 1 . I 1,,I,,I.,,II. II III I fd! 'fn 1 ' 'WM fur 'v-wmv N --' '-'--fn 'y' :fn-' :1 ' - 'f""A'iQ,V"f'!"'7"7,PK"','i?"'-T"""""" ' ii ' wi-QW' ww 'i"-1-F3-Nfl J' -U1 b Mn S 'ff-fflw' ! .,4,e:e,ksi5' f9E:f?zE551:4metx gfmdimim mw-w-:w-ff-:f1w-w-fiifcwizffvrm -uwv: "'-"N"Nv'-'ucv-fer-1-s an..uw-and-wx-fr-vxfwkrncvr' ,... .,,,p..r .41-.H ur- u www nan -2 -nv - -M1M1uvvq,r4.f.ya.'-1guaAJ'.p04.P-u"JVvv-w4ilfil-vkfiv o 0 i io THE GOVERNOR FRED P. CONE AN ALUMNUS of the University of Florida, Governor Cone has repeatedly exhibited his interest and pride in our University. To him we all look for that counsel and help which a con- stantly cxpanding and improving institution needs, and he has never failed to give us that support. THE PRESIDENT I i-UMW , N Ak'fQiY Nliiwwtx W Wim IJ R. .I U HN .l. 'I' 1 C E R 'lf Vanderbilt. 1904 MA. f0x0nj. LI,.D. Ed.D.. D.C.L. D.I,iH., L.H.I7. 'l'llld UNIVERSITY is fortunate in having as its President one of Americzfs greatest, educators. Under his capable and wise lead- ership, the University of Florida has become one of the nationis outstanding colleges, and the passing of each year sees additional. ' id improvement as a result of his untiring efforts. development. .u State Board of Education FRED P. CONE, Governor. ,.,.. .... fl 'allallassee R. A. GRAY, Secretary of State, , , .,.. Tallahassee W. V. KNOTT, State Treasurer ....., ,.,. T allahassee CARY D. LANDIS, Attorney General ,,...,,.......... Tallahassee COLIN ENGLISH, State Superintendent' of Public Instruction V Board of Control W. M. PALMER ..........,..,.......,.,.... CHARLES P. ITELFENSTEIN . . , . , . . HENRY P. ADAIR .....,.... .,.. THOMAS W. BRYANT .,.. ,. ROYAL P. TERRY ....,....... . . JOHN T. DIAMOND, Secretary ..,. . . . Tallahassee . . . . , .Ocala . .Live Oak . Jacksonville . .Lakeland . . . . .Miami . Tallahassee 120: College of Arts and Sciences Filling two important jobs capably at the Univer- sity keeps Townes R. Leigh pretty busy during the scholastic year. Besides holding down the post of Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Leigh is also acting vice president of the University. .lt was largely through his efforts that a school of pharmacy was established here. Dean Leigh later was promoted from head of the department of chemistry to Dean of the College of Pharmacy. Leigh Chemical So- ciety, local undergraduate group, was named in his honor as a tribute to his achievements. Dean Leigh is a past national president of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, honorary chemical fraternity, past president of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and a member of the following societies: Society of Chem- ical lndustries., London, Deutsche Chcmische Gessell- shaft, Berling American 'Institute of Chemists, Amer- ican Chemistry Society and American Pharmaceut- ical Association. His social fraternity is Sigma Chi. Dean J. N. ANDPIIKSON Ph.D. fjohns Hopkinsj MA. fUni11ersity of Virginiaj Dean '1'owNEs R. li.ElGll ILS. flukaj, A.B. fLebanon University l'h..D fUni1mrsity of Chicagoj The Graduate School One of the oldest members of the faculty in point of service, is kindly, gray-haired J. N. Anderson, dean of the Graduate School. Dean Anderson left the fac- ulty of Florida State College for Woliieli to become head of the department of ancient languages at the University when it was founded. In 1910 he became dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and when the Graduate School was created in 1930, he was ap- pointed its first dean. He is a Chi Phi. i Dean J. W. NORMAN Ph.IJ lljolumbiaj College of Law Before the piercing eyes of Harry R. Trusler has marched the panorama of the rise of the College of Law from its founding in 1901 to one of the leading schools in the Association of American Law Schools. For Trusler has grown as the College of liaw has grown. He came here in 1901 as professor of law, was made dean in 1915. His text Essentials of School Law, is used in an number of American law colleges. Dean 'lfrusler is a meinher of Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha 'l'au Omega. 1221 The College of Education Coming to the University in 1916 as professor of education, Dr. ,l. W. Norman rose in 1920 to the posi- tion of dean of the College of Education, then known as the 'l'eacher,s College. He set a pace as head of the 'l'eacher's College which resulted in the emerg- ence ofthe College of Education in 1931. Before his arrival at the University, llean Norman had heen on the faculties of Howard College, Richmond College and the University of Nlinnesota. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa llelta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Phi Kappa. Dean H. R. 'l'lu1sl.l-:ii MA.. l,l,.H. llV1icl1.iganj The College of Agriculture One ol' the leading agricultural scientists in lhc United States is VVilmon Newell, former stale plant commissioner, who became dean ol' thc College ol' Agriculture in l92l. Not content with thc full-time joh of College ol' Agriculture, lican Newell also directs the varied activities ol' the experiment station and agriculture extension. 'l'eaching scientific agricul- tural work is not the only function ol' thc College of Agriculture. lit also conducts research work in all phases ol' Florida farming and helps slate farmers solve their prohlems in a scientific manner. Dean Newell is a member ot' Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta. Gamma Sigma Delta and liappa Sigma. Dean Wfil.'l'blll J . Nl,x'i'lir:iil.v A.H. fWillir1rli. ,lcicfell tfollegel MA. fWushinglon University! Ileau. Wu.MoN Nizwifzu. lJ.5c. llowa Slllllf College! College of Business Administration A two-joh man for the past three years, Wziltcer J. Nlatherly this year resigned his post as acting dean ol' the General College to give full time to his duties as dean of the College of Business Administration. llean Nlatherly came here in 1926 to serve as director ol' the College of Commerce and Journalism, later divided into the College of Business Administration and the Department of Journalism. lle is a past president of thc American Association ol' Collegiate Schools ot' Business and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, 'liau Kappa Alpha, l'hi Kappa l'hi, Beta Gamma Sigma and liluc lxey. Dean lVlatherly's social fra- ternity is Sigma Nu. '23' General Extension Division Previous experience in organizing extension divi- sions at the Universities of Indiana and Arkansas stood B. C. Riley in good stead when he was called upon to establish the University's General Extension Division in 1919. The founder of Blue Key honorary service fraternity, Dean Riley is a past president of the Extension Association of Southern Colleges and Universities and a past vice president of the National University Extension Association. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Rotary and Phi Delta Theta. - Dean WlNS'l'0N W. LI'r'rLr1 Dean B. C. RILEY A.B. flowal. B.S.A. fMissou. Dean of the General College Guiding and shaping the ever-changing com lhc General College from a spacious ollice in Lang Hull, lvinston W. Little draws for experience ul number of years teaching in public schools 0 state. He was principal of St. Petersburg School from 1921 to 1931, and during this tim ganized and was made first dean of that cityis ,I College. Dean Little came to the University in as instructor in education. Later he was made ciate dean of the General College, a position he until last year, when he was named dean. 11 Southern Association of Colleges and Secol Schools, he is head of the Florida committee chairman ol' the Standing Committee on Stan: 124: Dean .lossrrr R. Wen, Acting Dean of Students Wllell Robert Colder Beaty was named last sum- lller to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the late, beloved Dean B. A. Tolbert, his realization of the dilliculties of thc joh only resulted in an even llilrder effort. Today it can be truthfully said Dean Beaty has served well in a position that has not once been an easy one. Beaty graduated from Nlississippi College and received his master's degree at Vander- bilt University. He did further graduate work at a number of other colleges. It was in 1925, as secretary of the YMCA, that Dean Beaty came to the Uni- versity ol' Florida. Later he joined the faculty as an instructor in the department of sociology, and was Promoted in 1928 to assistant. dean of students. ,ln 1925 Dean Beaty was state director in Florida for the National Youth Administration. He is a charter member of the Florida chapter of 'Phi Eta Sigma, member National Association of Deans ol' Men, S0uthern Sociological Society, Blue Key and Rotary. 13,31 College of Engineering From head of the electrical department in 1929 to dean of the College of Engineering in 1938 is the story of the rise ol' energetic young Joseph R. Weil. XVhcn Blake R. Van Leer resigned as dean of the College of Engineering in 1937, Weil was named act- ing dean. This year the appointment was confirmed, and he was made dean. Giving engineering students a responsible background for their life's work is the aim of the College of Engineering, and Dc-an Wtail is actively interested in furthering this aim. Dean Ronlzlri' COLDER BEATY fVarulerbilL Uniwfrsityj HARLEY W. Cll'ANDl.l:ZR M.S. fUILiUl!fSily' of lowal School of Architecture and Allied Arts Well known in state architectural circles, Rudolph Weatver became the first director ol' the Universityis School of Architecture when il was founded in 1925. Growth of the school since that time has been steadily progressive. Along with courses in architecture, the School of Architecture and Allied Arts now offers commercial art and landscape design as well. Weaver, a member of the state hoard ol' control, developed the first coordinated project method ol' teaching architec- ture. Direction ol' new huilding projects on the campus is also in his hands. Weaver is past president ol' the Florida chapter ol' the American Institute ol' Architecture and a past president ol' the University ol' Florida chapter ol' Phi .Kappa Phi. He is a member ol' Phi lVlu Alpha lSinfoniaj, Sigma 'l'au and Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity. '26' The Registrar Since l927, has smiling, round-faced Harley W. Chandler acted as registrar for the University. For four years before this he was an instructor in math- ematics. Chandler, who came here from Minnesota in 1923, has his hands full supervising the involved work of registration and compilation of statistics on students. He is president of the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities., and a memher ol' Sigma Xi, Gamma Mu, Phi Kappa Phi and Gamma Alpha. His social fraternity is Phi Kappa 'l'au. lilIDOLl'll Wmvsn Director BICRNAIHD V1C'ron lilllllS'l'l'INSl'IN Dircclor l'l1.ll. fWisconsinl School of Forestry As a result ol' thc cllorts ol' Profcssor Newins, the University ol' lflorilla saw the installation ol' a School ol' l"orcstry. Professor Ncwins came to the Uni- versity in 1935 to act. in his capacity as Heafl ol' the llepartmcnt ol' Forestry of the tlollcgc ol' Agriculture. During thc two and one-hall' years ol' service to the Univcrsity he consistently triecl to establish a School Ol' Forestry anil thc result was the founiling of such a School, ollcring a four-year tlegrce 4'0llrS0 illlll il Iwo-ycar liangcr coursc. Professor Newins is a Fellow ill thc Socicly for the Allvancement ol' Science, a lncmhcr ol' Xi Sigma Pi, national honorary profes- sional l'ratcrnity: Society ol' American Foresters anll l'1lSt Chairman ol' thc Southcastcrn Section: anal mem- hcr ol' Phi Sigma. His social fraternity is Phi Gamma llclta. -27- School of Pharmacy Director Bernard V. Christensen ol' thc School ol' Pharmacy is onc ol' the most aclivc aml capahle men associated with thc University. Hc was gratluatcml from the University ol' Wisconsin where he rcceivecl his Ph.B., lVl.S. and Ph.lJ. llcgrccs. ln l927 lloctor Christensen camo to thc University of Florida as Pro- fessor of Pharmacognosy anal Pharmacology, and in 1933 he was appointed llircctor of thc School ol' Pharmacy. Hc is a mcmhcr ol' thc Ploricla Statc Pharmaceutical Association, 'l'hc American Pharma- ceutical Associaliong Sigma Xi, Honorary Scicntilic Societyg Rho lihi, Honorary 'Pharmaccutical Socicty, National Treasurer, l93l-35, Gamma Alpha Scientific Society: Phi Sigma, Honorary Biological Pratcrnity: Beta Phi Sigma, Prol'cssional Pharmaccutical Fra- ternity: Presitlcnt ol' thc Plant Scicncc Seminar, l93l-32, Follow in the .American Association for thc Advanccment ol' Scicnccg Nlcmhcr ol' lhc National Conference on l,ll1lI'lIlill'0llllt'kll licscarch. lloctor Christensen had the honor ol' having his name in- chulecl in American Nlcn ol' Science. llAll0l,Il S. NICWINS Director PILH. fliafaycllcjg M. F. IYa1cj 2-.L i Acting Librarian Resignation of Miss Cora Miltimore in September, 1937, as University librarian put Miss Henrie May Eddy in line for the position she now holds, acting librarian. Efficient, energetic and with a wide back- ground as librarian makes tall Miss Eddy well fitted for the job. Before coming to the University as head reference librarian in 1927, she managed the circula- tion department at the University of Tennessee library. She attended school at the University of Colorado and has an M. S. degree in library science from Columbia University. Miss Eddy is a member of the American Library Association, secretary of the Florida Library Association, American Associa- tion of University Women and Delta Kappa Gamma. Her social sorority is Delta Delta Delta. D. R. "BILLY" MA'r'rm:ivs . Director HA. fUniversi1y of Floridaj Librarian Miss HENRIE MAY EDDY fUniversity of Coloradoj WIS. fflolumbmj Director of Florida Union His parents named him Donald Ray Matthews, but everyone knows him as '4Billy." Heis director of Florida Union, and his alfable manner and broad smile have given the building a distinctive person- ality. "Billy', was graduated from the University of Florida in 1929 with a Bachelor ol' Arts degree. He stacked up an enviable record of achievements dur- ing his stay here., being vice president of the student body, president of Blue Key, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon and president of the Clee Club among other honors. After a short session in the state legislature in 1935, Matthews returned to the University in June, 1936, to act as director of the new Florida Union. He is a member of Phi Gamma Mu, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Kappa Phi Kappa, Sabres, Lions, Young Democrats and Sigma Phi Epsilon. 128: Dr. GEORGE CLARENCE 'I'n.I.MAN flamory Universilyj fjolms Hopkinsj Business Manager Always on the job is Klein H. Graham, an old- llmer who has grown gray in his service as business manager of the University. Graham became business manager one year after the University was founded and has held that position since, a period of over 30 Years. He attended the University of West. Virginia and the East Florida Seminary., out of which later emerged the University of Florida. A past president Of the Association of Southern Educational Buyers 111111 Business Ollicers, Graham is also secretary-treas- llrer of the Rotary Educational Loan Corporation, and a past Exalted Ruler of the Elks. He is a mem- ber of Pi Gamma Mu, Blue Key, Masons, Knights lrgemplar, Rotary, Florida Faithful and Beta Theta 1. 129: Wztgillg a winning hattlc against infection and disease on the campus is the University infirmary, directed by competent Dr. George Clarence Tillman. Dr. Tillman attended Suminerlin Institute at Bartow. took medicine at Emory University and did postgrad- uate work at ,lohns Hopkins University. He came here in 1916 as clinical assistant to Dr. E. R. Flint, then University physician. Three years later Dr. 'llillman took over the joh and has held it since. ln 1927 the infirmary was awarded the "fully approved" rating of the American College of Surgeons, the only college infirmary to win the honor. Dr. '1'ilhnan is a past grand historian of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a Fellow of American College Surgeons and a major in the Medical Corps of the U. S. Army. KLE1N H. GRAHAM Business Manager iiI'10ItGl4I A. SNIATI I ERS l'rr'sidcnl THE EXECUTIVE Student government has completely justified its existence since its establislnnent on the campus ol' the University of Florida. lt has given students prac- tical experience in handling civic problems and keen insight into politics. As no other activity can, it demonstrates the democratic spirit ol' the University. If one could attribute leadership toward our pres- ent democratic system to any department of student government, it would certainly he to li'lorida's Ex- ecutive Council. 'Ifheir's was the practical and busi- ness side of the problem, thc disbursement of' funds t.o campus organizations and the determination ol' their policies. Regardless of the trend of politics on the campus, Florida men have always seen t.o it that their prin- cipal governing body was composed of the Univer- sity's most qualified men and rcsultingly., the Council's THE EXECUTIVE COUNLII il,. . .,... t. ,g ' A "f3!H"MWff', .loHN M. NICCARTY, Secretary-Treasurer l30l M1 actions have always been unimpeaehable and above criticism. 'Perhaps it is this untlagging interest on the part, of the students that has niaclc Floritla campus government. outstanding among student governments of totlay. The Executive Council's chief claim to importance on. this campus lies in its tlnty to allocate properly aurl spenfl wisely. lts functions lie in legislation, ecution anll arhninistration of the entire stuflent. activity funcl to all campus organizations-Aathletic, musical, tlramatic, literary and artistic. 'llhe histor ' of Flori4la's Executive Council is the 5 histor of successful democratic government on our B campus, for the cfliciency of the former has in a large measure been responsible for the thoroughness anfl proper functioning of the latter. I-hcmw Ween Uris lima, Smnm' Mane-an,u.l. R. GORDON Srenrvn-:s l"ic'4- l'rvxiflvlit IN SESs1o,N 1 w 1311 lnzlmi-IIN AIIIIUI-INGO tl. T. llwpclns Aliltl-1It'l' Gnarzssla-1 Qfvff-egsnasww ui Y' x :ttf i"cQN, ' " ., 1, w It .5 V - V ' wr' ljifvifm "wiv" vm fp. ' fz 1 x v M? , .V tilvflx ! .X y V 'V Q 1:9 :Q .gh A ?1M 1, 'v ., TK 11. 1 A p 1 5 1' LA' :fi A -1 is SQ' 'g ,jg . 5 f P Q' ' .V 'X I HAH, nf.. D . eg ' 1 ff. pi ,Q a ' nf! 'I W I nxfr A :if"f.'f'i' QII KQALV is . y dfwfj 1'-g', gm ' ' fl, in Q W Jmri? nl . 5:1 .if xy g bu, f + ,.4 1 if Q L xqx f J.. , A X S4 v' 1 . 0 V . - l , . .1 . N. ' ' M' M ,V if 7 M E-'5"w'n. ., Q., qw ' H25-w3Q3-f ' if ',:M,f.. 4 - 'Q u' 2, -if COURT W tw- UPP SIMONSON SMITH MILLS Nouns J0SlQIil1I FIEIIDIC Al.l.lcN CROWN Bunn IJIJDLEX' Since its founding, t.he 'Honor Court has funct.ioned efficiently and swiftly in dealing with various culprits charged with vio- lating the code. Qlts decisions have always been wisely reached by the .members of the court and never has a verdict been chal- lenged. The faculty .has observed its every decision and co- Operated to enforce it. Morally, the Court has greatly aided in placing the responsi- bility for each studentfs conduct directly on himself and his fellows, without reliance upon superiors. ' lt has enabled others, Outside the University, to put their trust in students without fear or prejudice. Seldom is this trust violated. As honor and trust are the cornerstones of democracy, the Honor Court. and what it stands for has been of invaluable aid in developing the charact.ers of the students within its dominion and in giving to each the eorrcct balance between right and Wrflllg. ,lt has been the final touch in the complete democracy illlil self-government of a student. body. WALl.M:l-3 Joi-LING, Clerk --.-.s-...r., Y" Q-Ex-'ar B G 0 ,. env:-'YFQB' N' ' . 93 Q- 1"'9:' A ', H ' . i:33"T-C35? 7' X . ?fsa .H .w-aw-u-uvzsnwxnasr-:gas u- T W 0 up u,w9'9fNa-M ravi--war-va.'4m-u4w.MwP.nn'h?vv-an flrur-vw. . -..vaav.c-uv-:w'r-ra..rm wvvmc rv--xv on-:avr s new 'o-11-nk' null 'W -Awqgqwwnn Wh., ui. uilwM!"l- M. UPPER DIVISICN 'al 4- I 355K 3218 P", . .:. -.M . """"""""M-Nuff-fr-f-sf4.n-sw-ess 1 1 C . ii , 5 ai 5522 ff "ff-ffe fi T' 1n'dltmi?? :iff 1 LP.:-0qDvsN'J'5,'vnl0ul llfilfr'-'Nl l .z.:"4h- JUNIOR LAW CLASS OFFICERS 'l'll+'lf'ANv 'I'UlxNn ,. I rvsirlvnl ,Male l'lNlu-zlrruw Svvrvlary-'l'r1'as11,ra r SENIOR LAW CLASS OFFICERS IJIKICIJ S. GlI.l!I'IIl'I' l,l'l'Silll'llfl ROIIICIVI' Nlclllmlcv Vivre I,l'0Silll'lll STA Nl.l1:Y Wl'IS'l' Svfrrvlary-'l'rr'asurf r FRESHMAN LAW CLASS OFFICERS WAR!-KING lVlll,l.l-:lr l'rf'si1If-nl SAMUICI, 0. UQBIKYAN, ,In. lf"i1'1' I,l'l'Sifl4'l1fI Al,lzl'1lt'l' f:00l'l41l! Svvrvlury-'I 'I'l'!l'Sll'I'1'l' 'film' -- -- v-- . .. -.I . - li',':., . . X .,.. . ., .. K lt.. Senior Law SCWWW' LWN9 Top ROW 'BOTTOM ROWV JAMES C- ADKINS, JR. WALTER BERNARD HUMKEY LLB. l.L.ll., B.S.ll.A. Gainesville Ganfcsfllle IIKA LM' Colonels Club? L-Apache. PM Delta 131-.L Commerce Clglggietfgoloiislsntglgb:P.ml1n Marshall v DELPIIIN ARMANDO ARDUENCO ' I.I..II. Tulll a ., P 3t5i6Clll1lVB Council: Secretary-Treasurer ls'reslI- TSWIJARWI Cavaliers: John Marshall Society: G S llcaros: Phi Alpha Delta: Newman Club: haixman .luleotion Committee. v EDWARD F. BOARDMAN l.l..ll., B.S.ll.A. Miami All C Xi' '33, CMYIDUS Forward, '33: Baseball Numeral, C1db.01g'nmeI'ee Club: Young Men's Democratic ,3G. ,H ourth Estate Club: Intra-mural Board, Cmaferfi-Y1d'bfll1 ,Manager, '36: Intex-fraternity Wllite ence, 35, 36: Executive Council, 30, 37, Se t Friars Dance Society: Political Repre- Hative. Sabres, Honorary Military Fra- ternity. I 1 ,, 1- fjl. Field. Artillery: Blue Key: Make- ziRlg'tfU'Q bemlnole, '34: Fraternity and Orgarli- ag-In? ltdltor, 'a5,':xcg Associate manor: Mlm- '3S. 13, Editor. '3G.'37: Edam- of semmoie, '37, , resident ot' Chl Phi. v GEORGE C. BOLLES I.L.lx. MiaIIIi Clllonels C -ATA lub? Phi ,Delta Phi: White Frlars. v ALEXANDER STRACIIAN DUNCAN Ll..B. Jacksonville HKA Cfllonels Club: Phi Alpha Delta. V MANUEL MICHAEL GARCIA LL.u. Tampa B ' e.i,1f,f,'KffS,,Mf1,11eser Alligatm-, 'ac,'a7: Executive mittee I ,,34,H35: Chairman Cap and Gown Com- Aliig-ui ,34,f' 35: Assistant Business Manager 1101 fu' 35,'36: Circulation Manager Semi- ey 34 "gr-. - , , . C I--1, Advertlsin' Manager, 35 36. ytiillgnils Club! John Marislhall Society: Vllhds '37 ,JSF Ifihneriean Colleges and Universities, " , resident Young Democrats, '35,'36. v FRED S. GILBERT, JR. LL.n. Jacksonville IIKKIR 3 ldgigqflgfli Senior Law: Vice President Junior Blue, icecrle-tary Board ot' Student Publication:-xi phi, P ey, John Marshall Society: Phi .Delta " hi Kappa Phi. MANUEL GARCIA Profound and Constant interest iII stateeraft . . . knowledge of stu- dent political lore . . . Cagey . . . Calculating . . . essentially honest . . . aspiring . . . gramliloquenl . . . profuse . . . former Alligator Business Manager . . . he knew the game of politics and played it by the boys' rules. '37' JAMES C. HUNTER LL.ll., ll.S.B.A. Tavares ATS? Secretary-Trensurer Junior Law: Band: lselta Sigma Pi: John Marshall Society: Phi Alpha Delta. v ISAAC BENJAMIN KIIENTZMAN, JR. I.L.lI., lI.S.lI.A. Milton President Freshman Law: President Blue Key: Colonels Club: Debate Club: John Marshall Society: Phi Alpha Delta: lntramural Board: Student Body Constitutional Itevision Com- mittee: Varsity Debater: Cheer Leader: Chair- man Democratic Leagne: Secretary Students Party: Board of Manar.:ers Florida Union: Lieutenant .Field Artillery: John Marshall So- ciety: Commerce Club: Young Men's Demo- cratic Club. v ROBERT L. MCCRARY, JR. Craceville IIKA Vice President Senior Law, '3'i,'3S: Business Staff AlliI.rator, '3G,'37,'3S: Commerce Club: Colonels Club: John Marshall Society: Pirates: Sabres. V FRED ARCI-IIE MEA1'YAllD, JR. LL.a. Gainesville B911 Vice-President Freshman Law: Swlinminir, '33, Letter, '34, '35, Captain, '36: Blue Key: Colo- nels Club: Delta Sigma Pi: F Club. V VINCENT PEEL I.I..II. Melbourne A2111 lflxecutive Council, '31, '32, 'iiilg Farr lllterary Society: I. lt. C.: Y.lVI'.C.A.: l'nterl'raternity Cont'eI'enCe. v WILLIAM SAMUEL RODGERS, JR. LL.ll., II.s.II.A. Tampa President Junior Law: John Marshall Society: Phi Delta Phi. Senior Lawns J unfiow' Law 'POI' RONV l"l0'l"l'OM ROYV Pnlmr NATHAN SELBER MICHAEL N. ARFARAS "L-li' Tarpon Springs Jacksonville AXA TE? Y. M. C. A.. Alligator, '33, '34, '35, Semlnolo, '33, '34, '35, lllue Key, Debate Club, John Mztrslmll Society, l-'hi Kappa Phi. , V GEORGE ARMISTEAD SMATHERS LL.R., A.u. Miunli ZAE Executive Council, '34, President Student Body, '37-'38, Football, '32, Truck, '33, Basket Bull, '33, '34, '35, Captain, '36, Blue Key, Colonels Club, Debate Club, Florida Players, John Mar- :-zhnll Society, Phi Delta Phi, Pirates. v IQENNETH TAYLOR SMITH LL.n., A.R. Bartow ATU Seminole, '35, '36, Alligator, '34, '35, 'Farr Iliterury Society, .I. R. C., John Mztrshftll So- ciety, llelgh Chemical Society, Phi Delta Phi, I-'hi Kappa Phi, Young Men'H Domourzttic Cluh, li. O. T. C., FFF Club, Mzmnglng Idrlltor, IA' l-look, '35. V EMORY EvANs WALKER LL.l'l. Gainesville Phi Alpha. Demi. V HARRY R. WANSKER - Ll..ll., B.S.ll.A. Jacksonville Commerce Club, I. R. C., John Marshall So- ciety, Sigma Delta Psi, Football, Basket Bull, Tennis, Stetson Players. V STANLEY L. WEST LL.l!. Jacksonville Secretary-'l'reasurer Senior llztw, John Mur- shztll Society, Phi Alphn Ileltn.. V J un ifw Law GEORGE EDWARD ALLEN Fort Myers Honor Court, '37, l1'ootbull, '33, Connnerve Club, Deltn Sigxnu Pl, John Mitre-:lmll Souix-ty: J lhl Alpha Delta. GROVER ROBINSON lilull' goniulily . . . fricmllina-ss . . . uchninislrulivo uhility . . . huurli- nl-ss . . . llflllllplilllillllllll! chuructcr . . . oplhnislir: outlook . . . sin- cere . . . impatience with shun: . . . high uim . . . willingness to work . . . President of the Y. M. C. A. friends. ho llllllllN5!'S muny 138: V ROBERT MCIQINNEY BARTON Sl. Petersburg EN Alligator, '33, '34, '35, Sports Editor, '36, Blue Ki-y, .lohn Mnrshnll Society, Phl Alpha. Delta. V MAURICE J. CRoMER Miami Mm .lohn lVl'fll'Sllilll Society. V ANSON I. DREISEN Miami fl2BA lriotn Gmnnut Sigma, John Marshall Soclety, Senior Manager Intramural Board. V MARGARET EDWARDS Lukclunal V WILLIAM WADE HAMPTON, III Gainesville ZAE Uolonels Clnhg Delta Slgxnzt Pl, Sabres. V 'PAUL LIONEL EDWARD HEIALIWELL Tulnpu X41 Seminole, '33, John Marshall Society, Los l'h-an-os, Order ol' Palms, Il.'hl Alphn Delta, R. 0. 'l'. C. u,'H'l'l'i01" Luww 'POI' RONV JOHN PA'I"I'ON HYMAN, JR. Bartow KA Executive Counell, '363 PI'CSilKll-llll Freshxnan Law: Varsity Debate Manager, Colonels Club, Debate Club: John Mar:-Iliall Snvletyg Pirates: R. O. T. C. v EDMUND COVINGTON JOHNSTON Gainesville Sem-rotary-'I'1'ea:-River Senior Class: Cavaliers. v DAVID V. :KERNS Waverly AXA Alpha Kappa Psi. v JACK HAMLIN IQLINE Orlando IIKA Cnlonels Club, John Marshall Society, Phi Delta Phi, Phi .lflta Sigma, V GEORGE CHANDLER NICCAUGHAN Miami llonm- Court, '36, Seminole, '34: .l"loI'ida .Re- view, '34, '35, '31ig Florirla Players, .lohn lVla.t'- shall Society, Order of Palms. V 'FRANK D. MCDEVITT Pinellas Park .lohn Marshall Sevie-ty, Phi Alpha Della. v T. C. lVlERCHANT Madison 1 OX LAW FRED GILBERT Mind that cuts to the point . . . pleasant . . . retieent . . . key man hetween puhlieations Oflieers and the hoard . . . hard-working . . . enviable seholastie average . . . President of the Senior Law Class . . . smooth . . . Inannerly . . . he keeps his Counsel. 1391 J unim' Law 'l!O'l"l'OlVl ROXV JAMES S. MOODY Plant City HKA ilelunels Uluhg .Phi Delta. 1'hi. V JOE MORAN Tampa KE Alpha, Kappa. Psi. v DWIGHT EUGENE OCIER Jacksonville GKN Allif,:'atOr, '32, fl"ill'l' lliterary Sm-ietyg John ll'lill'Sll2l,ll Sm-li-typ White l"riaI's, V MADISON F. PACETTI St. Augustine Cavaliers, Phi Alpha Delta.. V MQARCUS LEONARD PEPPER Daytona Beach QJBA lilxevutlve Ummm-il, '35, ,l1'inani-Ce Cmninlttee, '35, Seminole, '33, '34: Al1lI.?atOI', '33, '34, v JACK C. PINKERTON Howey-in-the-Hills A'l'S2 Sec-retaI'y-'I'rea:-nirex' Junior- Law, Boxing, '35: AlliI.:'aLOr, '34, '35, Colonels Club, lI'Apaehe: l'hi llelta. Phi, Sahresj li' Cluh. v WILLIAM BRADFORD ROMAN Miami IIKKI' lleta lriililllllll. Slirniag Delta Simna Pi: Phi Eta Simna., .l'hi Kappa. Phi, Alpha, Phi Uiiiegn. Golf, '34, '35, Captaln, '36: Blue Key: J Junior Law 'POI' RONV LEO ROSENBLUM Daytona Beach -mm V ARNOLD RUBIN Miami KIJBA John Marshall Society. Y FRANCIS IQIERNAN SCHOONMAKER St. Petersburg Debate Club. v lflrcslmnan Law WII,LIAM PAUL SHELLEY, JR. Tallahassee ATC Executive Council, '38: Base-ball, '34: Blue Key Bacchus: Colonels Club: John Marshall So clety: L'Apache: Sabres: Major, R. O. T. C., '37: Pistol Team Captain, '37, v STEPHEN P. SMITH, JR. Jacksonville IIKCID V HAROI.D TANNEN Miami Beach 4113A V HENRY S. TOLAND Tampa EN Phi: Sabres. Phl Delta Junior Lww no'r'roM Row T. TIFFANY TURNRULL Monticello CIUAG Vice President Freshman Law: President Junior Law: Baseball, '3-1: Bacchus: Colonels Club: Delta Sigma Pl: John Marshall Society: Sabres: White Friars. V WILLIAM JACKSON VAUGHN Melbourne EN V SELDEN FENNELL WALDO Gainesville EAE Chancellor Honor Court, '37: Executive Council, '36: Chancellor Summer Session ll-loner Court, 'Zl5: General Chairman Homecoming, '37: Semi- nole Hall ot' Fame, '37: Outstanding Freshman, '34: Who's Who ln American Colleges :Ind Unl- versltles, '38: Debate Team, '34, '35, '36, '37: Blue Key: Colonels Club: Debate Club: John Marshall Society: Phi Delta Phi: l-'hi Kappa Phi: Tau Kappa Alpha: White Friar:-1: Inter- lfraternity Conference. V Frcshfman Law WILLIAM WILSON ARNOLD Grovelantl ZAE Alpha Kappa. Psi: Beta Garnma Slgxna.: Debate Club. v MURRAY DUBOIS CARMICHAEL AJI. West Palm Beach EAE Kappa Kappa Psi: Band, '32, '33. V SAM F. CARTER ILA. Warsl Palm B4-at-In EN Colonels Club: Plmtcs. ALBERT THARIN COOPER B.S.B.A. Monticello EN Sec.-Treas. Freshman Law Class: Bacchus: Colonels Club: L'A,pache: Sabres: Interfratern- ity Conference. xo b l I F I' e .w ln, m, a fn IJ a, fw F 1' e s h In a, fn L u ua BO'I"l'OM RONV TOP ROW JACK HANSEN COPPLE WALI.ACE MALCOLM JOPLINI: l B.S.ll.A. . Luke City Wash1ngton,IndIuna KA I3 t G . - 1 bg PII Dt , , , on mm Sigma-Iilaellof C U I ' H sifsksf::.OfJSsxfalf,Q,,sff Phi Eta Sigmag Sabres. ociety' LAWM01 v v A. T.. DRIGGERS n.s.n.A. JOHN MOOIRE MCCAl!'l'Y Luke Butler Fort llicrcu E'-IIE Executi C :il,'3C,'1 - -1 - ,f-. . . , v '37, 'asJeF02?1?i11, Baslgdf 5133? Ui5ZSi8i35"3f?3f Blue KOYI Colonels C111-bg Bacchus' Dzgbilici Clllbg John Marshall Society: L'Apaclwfg Sabrlsi 0 E FARRINGTON Sigma Delta Psig White Friars. ' ILSJLA- v Fort Lauderdale K2 llflxeculive Counvil, '37-'ISSJ Bi1CC'l1llf41 Colonels GUYTON PIERCE MCCORD Club: John M':n'sImll Society: Phi Eta, Sigma: Tulluhussce white mms. IQEITH GRIGSBY MF Q 1 v Potent personality in pow wow... political chieftuin...appreciation v Of the realities of life . . . witty f ' . . wlI.I, 1 WILSON IHJEEMAN . . . POIISCFVIIIIVC . . . reliable . . . IAM MASSP'Y Jucksonvlllc uffublc . . . former Chuirmun of Qzlgnlyl KA the Democratic League "he 4-Um J ,Z V , , , , h ' ' - - - .' merue Cluhg John Mm-slall S :',1, f N"mm'10' 34' I' Apmhe' saved others, himself llc could H mm 3' not." v v WAIIEING THOMAS MlI.LEl! Louis ANDREW GAITANIS W I1'AlB. B n.s.n.A. cs SAE cud' Miami 1 . ' ' Pres. Freshman Law Cla.-., '37 'gp . I '35g Colonels Clubg Eiratceg jivS'CE?,c?Um'l1' v v JOHN DAVID HARIIIS JOHN MOORE l!.S.lS.A. AM- Sl.PelerslIurg I now Raton LN I , I, :fm Uulnnnls fllulig K-mpa Kappa P:-:IQ IJADILUTIC- v v H. E. MOIIEDOCIC 0LAvI M. HENDRICKSON Miami A.1I. KA Milllmi TenUiS, '35s Alpha Kappa Psi, 141: vw , . .. .31 ... N I I km . . 5. az.. . I g S A I 4, lf' 1' e s ll, In u. n L llf au' mor' 'Row SAMUEL OLIVER 0,BRYAN A.n. Miami Vice Pres. Frof-IIIIIIIIII Law Class, '37, '38, 'Pen ms, ':I5,':m, ':I6,'37, ':s7,':ssg Ir Club. 7 MAYNARD RAMSEY Tampa BAE Golf, '26, '37, Colonels Club, L'ApaOhe. V JAMES D. RAYE Jacksonville 7 GEORGE JAMES ROARK Pensacola Cavaliers. V GROVER CLEVELAND ROBINSON l!.S.B.A. Pensacola EAE l"I'OS. Jr. llaw Class, '36, '37, Blur: Keyg Cava- liers, Snlmresg Y. M. C. A. V DWIGHT LAINO ROGERS Fort Lauderdale 'PAQ l502LI'Il Off Stuclont Public-nLiOIIS, '37, '3S3 Alli :.:'zLtOr, '3,4,'35, '3ti,'37, '37,'3Sg Seminolo, 'IHS '37, '37,'ZISg I,'ApachO. v CRAWFORD SOLOMON Jacksonville ZX Colonels Cluhg PiI' LAW ARCIIIE lVlEATYARD Spirited . . . likeable . . . legal mindorl . . . diplomatic . . . ath- , lotic . . . Inoral rcctitudc . . . knows his way in politics . . . safe honor point average . . . Swim- ming team . . . friendliness . . . politically Ilcpcmlalrlc . . . a witty companion. 21-4' a F 1' e s h fin u fn L 11. fw 'l3O'If'l'OM ROW WILLIAM A. SPENCE Mctropolis, Indiana IIKA Phi 'Delta 'IE'hi. V RICHARD THOMAS TENCII Clearwater V BILL CAUL WAINWRIGPIT Luwtey AXA Delta Sipfmn. Pi. V JOHN LAWSON WARREN ILAJLA. Gainesville X41 V liENNETH A. WlIl'l'E Pensacola EN I Boxing, '34g Cavaliers. V RALPH BRAITHWAITE WILSON Palatku V ALFRED WOODS Tampa QI.1'Ourth Estate. , 'if' 6- x-U., 21 45.2, 595314 n1."i.'3E.6v'-1'wni3 N4 n-v..1-Q.'mw-mn.-fr-.f-.v frm-qv.-s-naw-av:-uh 'WPT'-"Y r 'ff'1'im' 'Wa-E'fW'3"' I ,QFD . Y v -no ns vw- 1 . !r5n,j..Q"f 95. L un- r- . A-Rv V1 vnu i-,-.v4.-...m.'.-vsuxnavahab-v1 'hfvwoe Jiri!-A-:P-I O O WW? SENIO12 CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS F. FLEMINC ...... ,.,......,.....,,......,....,. P reszkienz CEom.E BUCKNER Vwe Presidenz DOWNFR RENSHAW Secretary Treasurer 44 SENI R.s.R.A. Business Administration Live Oak CIDAG Alpha Kappa Psi. V C. 0. ALLAN, JR. B.S.A. Agriculture Panama City Business Manager F Book, '381 Flor- ida College Farmer, '36, '37, circula- tion manager, '3S: Alpha Zeta: Torc- ador Club. v PHILIP STONE AREY ll.5.A. Agriculture Montverde APP AI.: Cluhg Newell Entomological Society. v WALLACE FARIS ARMSTRONG ll.S.CH.E. Engineering Miami er. I. Ch."E.: Benton Engineering: wnmnna. blgma Iupsilon, Phi Eta NF-7111213 Sigma Tau. V HORAOE DENISON ATKINSON n.s. Arts and Sciences Orlando Mhha. lip:-mllon Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa. ' T JOHN LONG AvANT lI.s.II.A. Business Administration Miami B911 Seminole, '35g Allllgntor, 35, '36: Delta Sigma Pl. V EDWARD RIDDICK BARDEN, JR. AJ!- Arts and Sciences Fort Myers 7 JEAN T. BARROW a.s.c.E. Engineering DeSoto City ik- S. C. E., '35, '36, '37, '38: Benton nnfiineerlnar. '35, '36 'a7- Band '35 gfaliggirgappa Kappa P-sig' University 0 R C IC 1 - fun .f""ff' " E, " ei - W i 1' 9 I rar 5 A . , ll R 'A if , Sl' i K X v J 'QQ ,A . fl Q X if W A X, XM NL 9 ggi if E" kt 4 ' 5 7 A' wb' I 11 1' U ' I. I " l yilal I A 'giia:ii11i':XlA, i ' ' 1- -r l 1 3sl iii:-f' ' I 1 WILLIAM HENRY ALBRIGHT, JR. Is.S.n. A. Business Administration Orlando Alpha Kappa Psi: Bela fiillflwllllil. Sigmag ,Phi Eta. SlH'lYlfL. V HEWLETT SULLIVAN ANDERSON A.l!. Arts and Sciences Gainesville V WAI.I.ACE J. AREY R.:-2.A. Agriculture Montverde Kappa Kappa, Psi: Newell ,lCl'li.fllllU lopgivztl Society. v HARRY LEE ASKEW, JR. A.n. Arts and Sciences Lakeland Cavaliers: Emrlislx Club. v JOHN FRANKLIN ATKINSON Il.S.E.IC. Engineering Lake City Cll!lll'lll2lll, A. l. lfl. E.: Renton licllillll- ceringg Slgnia 'I'nu. V WILLIAM EAVEY BABER lI.s.I..A. Architecture Green Cove Springs .i'iX0l'lli,lX'0 Council, '3S: Fine Arts Snelctyg flu I'1.1"llylC. V BARNEY .BARRIELO l!.S.E.lC. Engineering Miami A. l. IC. ld.: Renton lflI1I.:'ilIOeI'illz.:. 'V ABERT DEAN BARRY A.R. Arts and Sciences Clearwater Honor Court, '37: Nvrestling, '34, Gator ,Pep Clnhg Presbyterian Student Session. 5 -2 X". . z .,,MH'jf1g.. . , I in 4,1 ',q5,j,4..' '- A 1 L ' Flu 1.,iyfLv. f?t1W'.,':f', . ' ' 1-if-if-i',..'.-sw.-R. ' - -'T .. ' ,,f".I,J- W" , . . , , ., , tw.. I., ,fp , J - . . . .I- . .IRR .is , QA- -. .' ...,. iLl:i..,.,., SENICR ACADEMIC CLIFFORD CARLTON BEASLEY ll.A. Arts and Sciences Sanford If I ' ' ' O . ' Assure" , lcli I' ieyg lnteI'i'I'rItLrI1ity f,0Ill'8l'0IlCI Pre:-Iiileiit. ' Iii . U I' I r ', 30 ll 4 I 'I' , I i ltlllllll F li Ok, '37, mic- 'J UI 47' . , A Seminole, '37: Alllgraior, '36, '37: l'SlIIe ,I '- I . I .Y . , it v l ls, : A OTIS BELL II.s.A.l-I. lfzlncalion Gainesville AFI' lfilIlIlil Della l'i, l,l'GSlllE3lll, '3S: lfilllllll l'hi Kappa, Collegiate l"l"A. V ROY A. BENJAMIN, JR. ll.A.J. Journalism .lacrlcsonville GBA Slhflllil, Delta Chi, presirleiii, '37, '3SC Foiirth IC:-xtate Club, vice Irresirlent '37, '3S: Allimitor Staff, '35, '36, '37, '3Rg Seminole, '36, '3T: llll1l'2llI1llY'2l,l Roarrl '36, '37: .Phi Eta Slpxnmg Phi ig I P .I .I I I . I I l . gn is :ix I N ,I ,, ei ? ,ff RORERI' BUCKNER BEASLEY A.ll. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville I. H. C.: l-'hi ,lflta Slirinag Phi Beta Kappa: C. ll. O. lflxcuutlve Board. V ,l. P. BENJAMIN, JR. ll.S.M.l'l. Engineering .luvksonville A. S. M. IG.: l'iGlll0ll I'1III.riIIe0l'lIIl.r: Sli-fllliil, Tau: Alpha Phi Omega: Cap- tain, Ii. 0. T. ll. v DUIILEY WOODROW BENSON lS.A.E. Education Flagler Beach liahrlg University Orulmee-Itiwig Y.M,C.A. Kappa. Phi: lIIteri'I'a,LesI'IIlly Cunfer- v f-'W'-" ence: Student Assie-:limi -l0lll'll1Lll!-llll "' - . lleparlinent '37, '38, I v ROBERT LOUIS BENSON , f ILS. ' GEORGE ROYAL BENSON , 'IN , I 'WI -U 4' A , I lmrmacy S n'A'E: I - ' 5' Gainesville I Education f lN'lHl'l,Zll' and Pe:-lilo: Rho Chi. ' Flagler Beach I +3 I ldxeuulive Klmlnvil SIIIIIlIIeI', '33, ,, . ' Q If ., ' I , -Am v RICHARD JUDSON BESTOR ,- - ROBERT JERRY BEVILLE ILSDIIIAI SI ll.!'l.ll.A. Business Administration 'I Q3 ' Q, BUSUWSS Adm'mSU'UU0" Clewigmn .455 HJ Fort Lauderdale 1. 4 KE I If ' lllfflf Alhha Kaliliii Psi: l'rOpeIlOI- Club: ' "" ' Ilan-villas: C1II1ImeI'l'e Qllllli IIAImul1e: 'i White l"l'l5l.l'!-X2 Newman Club. , If 1""l'eH'l1' Vlull' IIQ ' - I, , Ei, gi , I, . im l il I. , ,L , ILDMONII ln. IBISSON is ,Ig DAVID WM. BLACK "'5"M""' I ll ll.S.ll.A. 1' ' ' ' F . . . . '1'wI'w0""H A Business Administration I S M I MiIllIOIIrne I I " f I Mihon I. .. . . G.: 'len On Cm: IIOOI'iII:.:': ,, , .. 1 Silrlilzi 'Fang Newman Club. Y , " . - AIm"'um' 'N' I ' ii I X If '- I 7' fl ' v . . . . v I ,r l DONALD DURWODY BLACIQEURN I HARRY EUGENE BLACK n.s.u.A. II.s.II.A. .1 3 'I if Business Administrrnion Business Administration 'W I V " Tampa Daytona lieucli I EAE Cnliiinerve Club, Delta, SiI.:'IIIzI Pi. f 4 I I,',y1,,I,.I,e3 SIIIH-es, l I 'f ' I 2, v K .I il ,X - 4. v CHARLES E, BLANTON , I ARMANI: HENRY BONNETTE ll.S.IC.IC. ' I R YS, ll-A--L Engineering 51,15 6' , , ' Arts and Sciences Perry , v'f""3 ' M -,ga St. Pl!N5I'Blllll'g , A. I. E. E., Ia-mon I1:nIr1mA-I-Ilia-5 Ivinr- 'f 5 we N' S Mamiainu' l'3fll1'0I'. Al1iR'awv'. '38: liln liiigingqy-ing-, If I, . I wx I - Fourtli lislateg Sli-Ylllil. Delta Chi. , 1..,jw-A " Il.. If 'I . 'I' I B I Ei - " I A e, 1 I in f a f A ' 4 6 ' hifi.. if , V V 1 l A " f-- -.- .. L. .,.. - .... ...Q.Q,....,. .-,-.-.-............. ..,, . K ..,.. -..- .... - ........ ...,. L-. ,, ,,,, ,M ,.4.,,,,,,,, , ,, ui SENIOR ACADEMIC EDWARD LEWIS BONNEY l!.S.M.l-2. Engineering Miami UAE A- S. M. E.: Benton l'1nH'ineerlm-:': Band! University Omellestru: R. 0. A. v HARRY WARD BOWER R.s.n.A. Business Administration Orlando HKA lfetzt Alpha Psi, president: I-letu Kinmma. Siprmst, Iieeretilry-trezxe-nlrel'I L,.omInerc'e Club, vice president: VIu'- Hlty Debate Mitmtgfer, '3S: .Debate Club: Blue Key: Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Qi!-Una Pl, olmneellor: Sophomore Class Soolnl Committee: Junior Class l'inIInee Committee: Senior Class CHP and Gown Committee. v ARTHUR THOMAS BRANDON, JR. II.S.D.A. Business Administration Palmetto CnvI1.liors: Delta Simnu. Pl. v C. H. BRAMMER B.S.CH.E. Engineering St. Cloud A. l. Ch. E.: Benton 'ldmrlneerlngi Band: Florida Players. v PHILIP A. BROWNINO ll.S.A. Agriculture Trenton Collegiate FFA. V EARL J. BROWN, JR. ILS. Business Administration Tampa EN Glee Club. v RICHARD GERARD BROWN II.s.n.A. Business Administration i Daytona Bear-lx Beta Gzmnna Sigma.: Cavaliers: Pro- gfEH?IbgIgI.lm: Alphu PIII Omega: New- V GEORGE H. BUCHNER B.S.B.A. Business Administration Gainesville Vice President, Senior Class, '38, -47- i eg E B.- . S S I ff' i ii S Q f f lgtaisil-s JOHN WILLIAM BOONE R.s.R.A. Business Administration Jacksonville 'PAO v WILLIAM lCEN'l' BOYLE A.n. Law W1IslIilIgton,ll. C. KDAG Tennis, '!l7: Wlhite l"I'izu's. v ORLEY ICENNITH BRALEY, JR. ll.A.J. Arts and Sciences West Palm Beach l'IKfl5 l'lIl Kappa Phi: Sigma llbeltn Chi, v 'PA UL HOWARD BROOK, JR. R.S. Education Pensuvolu ATU lfuotlmztll, '34, WSG: Haskell Rall, '34 'l'x'm-k, '34: Boxing, '35. V DONALD E. BROWN B.A.J'. Arts and Sciences St. Petersburg Il Kflf l'l0lll'tll ,lfle-state: Sli-1'll'llt Delta Chi. V JOHN ALDEN BROWN, JR. A.B. Arts and Sciences Daytona Beach Clerk Honor Court, Summer, '36: U0llllllGl'l'l' Club: Cavaliers: l. ll. C. V IQENNETH ALEXANDER BRYANT B.A.E. Education Gainesville Debate Club: lf'lOrlda Rilles. V GEORGE WILLIAM BURCH ILS. Arts and Sciences Ft. Lauderdale Xfll 'l'9lllll:i, '35, '36, '371 F Clllll, SENIO C DE IC R. HUDSON BURR, JR. ILS. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee llonor Court, '38, YMCAQ CLD: Meth- odist Student Organization. V LEONARD CALDWELL, JR. ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Mulberry IIKA Alligator, '34g Commerce Club, 1. R. C.: L'Apache: Propeller Club: Inter- fraternity Conference, '36, '37, '38g Captain R. O, 'l'. C. v . HENRY IQISSAM CARDENAS n.s. Arts and Sciences Orlando Allll-511.1013 '35, '36, '37, '38j F0lll'Lll ES- tate: Florida Player:-1: Gator Pep Cluhg I. R. C.: Radlo Gulldg Fresh- man Ilehute Squad. V L. DALE CARLTON ll.S.H.PL. R. SPENCER BURRESS A.n. Arts and Sciences Tampa 'PAQ Baseball, '37g Blue Key: 'Wllltc Friar:-sg F Club. V WALLACE O. CAMPBELL A.n. Arts and Sciences Arcadia AX V STR: GEORGE CARLSON ILS. Agrlkrulture Luke Hamilton Aziff' V ED TAYLOR CARMICHAEL ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Education T umpu Wauchulu Tennis, '345 Seminole, '35: Commerce l3'0UUl1lll, '332 Cuvflliers. Clubg Propeller Cluln. v v .I ULIET HASKELL CARRINGTON "'?"""' CHARLES L. CARROLL Agriculture AIB. Clermont Arts and Sciences lflorldrt Collefre Farmer, '37, '38: Ag. M . Ulu-bg Phi Sigma: Thyrsusg Co-Ed urmnnu Club: Newell Entomological Society. ' v ROBERT L. CASEY Ml- ARTHUR ICIRKLAND CHAPMAN Arts and Sciences B.A.E. Corul Gables Education EfI1E Newberry lg'Ap:tehc. V V DICK BEAUREGARD CHEAT!-IAM , M, JOHN DEATON LYHOATE Arts and Sciences "'5""A' i Miami Business Administration DDE Trenton Clerk lflonor Court, '373 President, New Gfum'mqS:l'l'Tm'5 Glee Club: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Debate Club: Var- '1'L"'U"'- sity Debate, '36, '37, '38, Florida Playersg YMCA. v 1 V BERNARD LOKER LOUIS VICTOR COLEMAN, .l R. M" R.s.I'HY. Arts and Sciences pharmacy Sebring St. Cloud KE lflxeuutlve Connell, '38g Mortar and Banqll Pestleg Phi Slg'lHlLQ Rho Chl. H i '.1,w',n,t 4 Y A, - X 'tlltllghgtt . 4 8 . ,,.A,. ,,, 4 by ' u , - .. A f L ., -tt. - ,,, Q ' .W-M, N N-ML, W, , , SENICR CA RALPH F. COLLINS, JR. I II.s.I'HY. I lturmacy Bushnell ltlortar :Incl .lice-:Llc V LYNDON CHADWICK l1oNLoN n.s.II.A. Business Administration Hollywood AX Allllilltlll' '35g Semlnnlc 'tlliq 4lOllllllGl'C0 Clubg Delta Sigma Pl. V SHADE LANIER COSPER Business Administration. Miami Beach ' XII, Cfl7lllllll5l'l'Q Club: 'Debate Club: Propel- 101' Club: Bax:-Ikot Bull '36, v MARCUS EUCLID CovINo'I'oN, JR. ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration 4 K Avon Park Delta Slgrna. Pl: Propellm' Club. V ROBERT HARRIS CKOSBIE II.s.CI-I.E. Engineering Lukelund A- 1. CII. E.: Benton Engineering V A'rHELsToN CROWSON Ix.A.E. Education Pensacola V WARREN RICHARDSON CUSHING R.s.E.E. Engineering Gainesville A. l. IC. E. V NELSON PHILLII- DAvIs ILS. Forestry Tampa ' ATO 1., "'UU111ll, Illlmen-:II '34, Ieuer '37- Pirates l49. 1. DE IC ROBERT L. COLLINS ll.S.ll.A Business Administration Umutillu EN lllllllll' Lilllll't '37, l,lll2llll'0ll0l' 'JlN HXVllll'llllY'lf-I, lllllllGl'lll '35, letter '36 '37: Iilue Key: lieta lillllllllll Slglllll t'0llllllGl'l'E! Club: Ci'lV2l,ll0l'SQ Sabres: F tllllll V WILLIAM HAMILToN COOK A.ll. Arts and Seienees Wl'Sl Pllllll liuuoln BAE l'll'lll.t'S. V WILI-'RED T. Coucu A.Il. A Arts and Srienees St. Pet:-rslrllrg V WAI.I.ACE POWER COVINGTON II.A.E. Education Jacksonville GX Alligator '34: l2lll'l'llllS1 Sabres: XVIIHI- l1'1'lm'sg lnteI'l'ratc-rnlty C0lll'CI't5llL'0Q Vuptaln R. O. T. C. v WM. E. CROWN II.s.n.A. Business Administration Clearwater lloum' ll0lIl'l 'IISQ Alpha Kappa Psi: lh-lu llllllllllil Sli-l'lll2l.Q CllllllllUl'l'0 Club, V RoEER'r H. CULVER ll.S.CH.E. Engineering Miami A. l. Ch. IC.: Benton l'llllllll0Cl'lllg. V HUGH D'ANNA, JR. II.s.A.Ic. Architecture Tullulmussuu 7 WAYNE PIERCE DEAN ll.S.A. Agriculture St. Petersburg l4'lUl'lIl2I. College lI'aI'InoI', '35, 'Illia Ax. Cluhg Phi Eta Slprmaz 'l'orez1dor Clubg Newell ltlllltlllltlllll-l'll'2ll Som-let y. Q. lffllwff J ' 1 ILA. Arts and Sciences Clermont lfxec-utive Counvll, '37, Allit':ator, '35, '36, '37, '38, Florida Review, '7l7Z SENIOR ACADEMIC . 5, RICHARD RICHARDSON DEAS I II.S.II.A. , ,A , 3' Business Administration H k lx' Sanford W 1 ' A I IIKA , , "' P, , lmlta Slglllll. l'l. mg V, " ' J KL v A- I I . b sr PAUL H. DELANEY fi " IM- 5 ' I 5 liflucation 5 ' Z' Elowuh, Ten nossoe x ' Q, A'I'S2 ' 'I . - 'W , liaseball Letter, ':I7. A D 5, , , Q'Q,,, 2 I I I Q -r : xv mfs, Q l S 'A ' f 7 . DAVID A. DENsLOw - Ir Fourth Estate, secretary, '37, Ito:-I Ph-arms, Phi Eta Sitrma president, '34, '36, Y.M,C,A., C0-l'lI'lf-flll?ll4ll' ol' l A f 'Is 1 I "Gator News ol' the Air." n ix JOHN R. DOwD - . LN II.s.PHY. Pharmacy Moore Haven , f-,A , AEKI- It . I f . V I m A fl I Alligator, '35, Advertising Manager-, 4 '37, Seminole, Associate Editor, '38, ' 3 , , lVl0l'l.11l' and Pestlei Sabres, lnterfra- N"'x ' K 3, f . Q X 1 Irsrnlty Conferenr-e, vice president, '38, secfretaI'y-tI'easIl rer, '37. ll' g Ji' ,-3, ' 'X 1 .I . V WAI,'FEll L. DRAUOIION ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Fort Myers DDE AlliI.:':ItoI', assistant h'li'l.ll?l.l-l'llll.f editor, '36, assom-late editor, '37, Seminole, '36, 4 mat M r Il: Iflorirla Review, '36, Fourth Estate: 'lflorirla Players. - 4- v , Q CHARLES WILLIAM DUDLEY, JR. gg' , 7 fl, ig, n.A.E. W' 2. Education ' U " Jacksonville . 5 " ' ' , llonur Court, '38, Kappa Phi Kappa, , fx A, A " , J' WRUIW stall' radio guild. 'X G ' , , '5 ,V , R . V JOHN BENNETT DUNCAN ' lI.S.lI.A. 1 Business Administration R 'Q L' SuuInIerfielcl lu S'uuIiuolc-, '36, '37, '38, Vive president "Qu, Cavaliers, '38, Band, '36, '37, Ad- 4 van:-ed Military, Band, Commerr-e Club, Cavaliers, Propeller Club. wt 'v I ROY W. ECI-IOLS " II.S.II.A. Business Administration Sanford Sec-retary-treasurer, Athletic Council, '38, Huxlnpx, numeral, '35, letter, '36, '37, F Club. ,ms ., . JOHN ROLAND DEBRUYN Graduate Gainesville l'hi ltlta Sigma, Phi Kappa. Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. S v SEEBER M. DENMARK n.A.E. Education St. Augustine GX l'l'llDUll0l' Club, Sabres, White Frlars v ROBERT HENRY DOPP ll.S.C.E. Engineering Key West lflxecwutlve Council, '38, A. S. C. lC. Henton IGIII.-rlneerlmr. v LEM C. DOWNS ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Mount Dora lllifll Cavaliers. v JAMES CLYDE DRIOOERS n.S.A. Agriculture Waluclllxla APP I1'loI-ida Colletru I"aI'InOr. v .IAMES ROY DUGGAN ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Wcast Palm Beach ZTAE Haseball, '35. v FRANK EUGENE EBY ll.S.l.l'I. Engineering Luke WIIIKES lientou lqlll-l'lll00l'lllH, Sigma 'I'au, A. M., president. v HARRY PHILLIP EDWARDS ILA. I Arts and Sciences Boston, Massachusetts German Club. "w"" l I I ' 5 0 l SENIOR ACA JAMES G. EDWARDS n.s.n.A. Business Administration Tampa Hlifl' llaec-lIu -4. V RODNEY LINCOLN ELKIND ll.A..l . Arts and Sciences New York, N. Y. fslligator, '38g Fourtln .l'l:-Itateg Glee CNE'-filEFFlLrInI1 Delta Chl, treasurer: V DAVID LEE EMERSON ILS. - Arts and Sciences Miami HAZ A. I. Ch. E.: Band: l.elI.:'h Chem.: Unl- Verslty OPC'l1GHtl'f1Q American Chemi- Olll Society, v DAVID RUSSELL EYMAN IS.S.I'I.l'I. Engineering Tallahassee A. I. IG. E.: Benton lqlll-l'lllCel'lllH'I Phi Eta Sigmag Sigma Tau. v PHIL H. FAIRCHILD H.S.ll.A. Business Administration Ft. Lauderdale ATA White Friarsg lnterfI'ateI'IIlty Vou- ference. V CHARLES HAROLD F ELTON ll.S.CH.l'2. Engineering Key Wczsl . Ch. IG.: Benton ling.-:iIIeeI'lII1.:': Lelpgh Chemie-nl A.1 V I. WALTER FISHER II.s.lI.A. Business Administration Alachua Allll-FLUI I- FQE . Club? 1,v:l,pe'i?6l. gil ,libel iE':On:,PifN:i fum, Ie.Iar.. V Y-I1 1 .I1oMAs FARRAR PLEMINI: ll.S.Il.A. Business Administration Ft. Lauderdale X47 1'l'eaiIl t. ,"- ffm Senior Class, '37, Sevre- Tleasurer Junior Cla-I:-I, '371 te FFUIFS, resident :38.' Presl- gfE:1rtCeClIi Phi Braternltif, '37g Com- muml glllb. Qresldent, '383 Intra- mum1M0m'd. 37-'38: Senior Intra- mural Fflnager, '38: Seminole Intra- gator O-flitor, '37: Debate cum: A111- man Airculation Manager,'38g Fresh- more qdViS0l'y Council, '35: Sopho- lnterfriocial Committee, '3G: Junior im' Intaternity Conferenve, '353 Sen- Court grfraternlty Conference: Honor Dem0OQ1un1mer Session, '36-'37: Young Key. fats Board ot' Directors: Blue IS1. l 1. fl' "xx 3'-JW LM. ' . ,KJ as 1 Q Ari' .Nik ' gi J , in " ' . p s 1 5 -1 A x U X' we ..' . JI.. . 'f N n fl . A 'ii if , YA 3' .--T,-m r, Ara , DEMIC L. K. EDWARDS, JR. B.S.A. Agriculture Irvine -TIAS S1'1'l't'llll'X-ll'Bl1Slll'BI' SODll0lll0I'C Class, "HV Xu' Uluhg Blue Key, 'l'0l'6Il,ll0l' 1 Lluln. V THEO. H. ELLIS AJI. Arts and Sciences A luch ua V ORRIS R. EVERS l!.S.A. Agriculture Bartow AVI' l'llHI'lll2l. Collette l"arnleI', 'RSL Ag. Ulnlyg Newell il'll1Ull1llll0iIll'2ll Som-ioly. v RICHARD F. EzzARD Il.S.Il.A. Business Adm in istration WintIvr Garden XII' llnnor Court, '37, TI'I'aI-k, '35, Alpha, Kappa Psi, Blue Key: Beta Gamma S'lR'lllll.Q Rand: l"lIll'lllil l'layeI':4C Kappa Kappa. l'slg l'hl lfltn S'lg'Inag Suhr-us: llulversity Ol'i5llt:I3ll'll. v EDGAR L. FEINDERI: ILS. A rls and Sciem'es 04-ala Alpha lslp:-Iilml Delta: fiilllllllii Slglllil Q lflpsilong lmluln l'll0lNll'l1l. V JESS P. FERRILL, JR. ILSJLA. Business AdHlilll'.YH'llH0ll Tampa A'l'S2 l+'onl.lmall, nunu-ral, 'llllz lioximr, num- eral, '33, letter, '34, I-aptain, '35g llluo Key: lJ?l.l'C'llllSI l. ll. ti' l'I'opIelIor Ululr: l'lI'nt0:-1, Salrrf-sg lf Cluh, V FRANK LEO FLANAGAN ll.S.ll.A. Business A dministrutiou Slfllvllvtfllllly, New York l'1lllllllCl'l'vE! Cluhg I":Iva,lieI's: l'I'upellm' Clubg Newman Club. V GEORGE C. FOGLE ILSJLA. Business Administration Gainesville Football, numeral: lkasohall, nunu-ral: Sa lures. r 3 'rj' "W ' 4' -I J- 'Af -'s,.1.....1,m..:l..F.La.Lm....QI FREDERICK THOMAS FOSTER ILS. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville 22N Allll,2'ili.0l', 'Zl5: liilllflllit .l'lztyOI's. v JAMES MCNICHOL GALE B.S.C.E. Engineering Palatka A. S. C. IC.: Benton lCn:.:'inecI'iIIp.r. v MILTON THOMAS GALLAGHER lI.S.A. . Agriculture Dover 2IfIPE Seminole, 'lltig Alpha. Zeta: Sabres: 'Pliyrsusg White lfriars. .- '-.. - v JERROLD TAYLOR GASKINS AJ!- Arts and Sciences Arcadia Florida Players: Propellor Club. I v . AUGUSTUS HUGH GAUTIER ' n.s.R.A. Y Business A drninistrution 'J it Miami : Cunimerr-e Club. I Q I we 1 1 , .A V F i f A DELL L. Gmns n.s.R.A. ! .. ' Law 5 g Jacksonville ' ' IPAQ l'l'ESlIlC-Bllll, Lyceum Council, '3l8: Semi- - nole, feature editor, '37: Alligator, 5 radio columnist, '35, '36, '37: Florida Review, '3li: Alpha Kamm Psi: Com- merve Club: Colonels Club: I. R. CJ .Iohn Mnrslmll Society: Propellor Club: lntcrfraterulty Corifereruee, NVIlUl". K 7 g 4 5 Q 3 JACK EDWARDS GLISSON .i II.s.n.A. 7 ' Business Administration I Bradenton 7 AARON GOLDENBLANK ' II.s.lI.A. U Business Administration ' Miami ' TECD in l Coliinlermre Club. . X- V. ".'W'-' lv , , 4, W I . ,.,. .. .L...-,.L.....L4............,.-..........,.. R A A in f2r37w'f J ' ' 'WCW ' ' - P Hill, A, "' if! al . gg ' : will A A' -- 'ii' K- 4' i ' . ML' 1 'I ' A ily-ill hr.. ' -129:51 X YH It 175 52 ' - L 1: l 'l'?:fQ3i1Ai'LI . ax' N 'A ' ' - A Ask ' M .lr ill-2' Q I ' Lk f , 5 ffm.. l In I., w . A A, i .6 . I A ., il. A in l Q Ali I 1' A , A .ha rf f v lux P- Ai' fit I 0 K 'fi . V i ,??My4 A V 1 4 .fi I " ti in " ' A W 'As A , . A. . . ,. ll A HQ it ACADEMIC ll'l.V if .........., l allers: lleltxh Chem.: IIA J. MAC CALBRAITH, JR. ll.S.F. Forestry High Springs AX v WILLIAM J. GALE n.s.A. Agriculture Palatka AI.:'. Club: Cullotzlztto 'l1'lf'A. 7 MAR'l' W. GARY ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Brooksville l'l'0Il6lllH' Club: Newman Club. V STANLEY HAMPTON GAYLORD n.A. Arts and Sciences Tampa l. R. C.: Sabres. v WAIATEII RUSSELL GEORGE li.S.M.lC. Engineering Orlando A. S. C. ld.: Benton ,lillll-'Illl0lil'lllH'. V MONROE CARR GIBSON ll.S.Il.A. Business A dministration Tallahassee ZEN Wlilto l4'I'inrs. V NA'l'llAN BEN GOLD II.s.n.A. B usiuess Administration Sarasota V GEORGE R. GOODWIN H.S.ll.A. Business Administration Ft. Lauderdale tfonuncrce Club: l'hl lfltu. Si,L:'mu: Sabre:-1. 1 5 2 1 puulieg SENIOR ACADEMIC ALVIN EUGENE GOURLEY HARDY GRAY II.s.R.A. N I 'LS-A' Business Administration - b A3"'C"lm"f' St. Petersburg ' 4 'IPKT ' Q Alli:-:'u!m', '35g S'Omlnolo, '35. , 44 A , 'lf ,IK v v JOSEPH IQEITH GIIIGSBY HEIRBEIIT SCOTT GREGORY ,LMI ll-S-IG-IL I 1- Education Engineering 4 41: h 0l'llU1ll0 . . , , P- 15 ' A2113 up . Tunuhuhrm - - QP if Honor Court Sunnner SOS-sion "RW folk, Honor Uonrti, 373 A. l. lu. lu. E X I ,M F, I t. , C' " .H ,.,,.j 'bl' 3, "' Blnu Kuyg Benton lCIII.:'lnOOI'iIIg', prcsi- ' S- A Ae'-'lllfxc OUT E 1, ,Q 45 "fl" 'WU' dent, '37g Phi Eta SU-fllllll Sibilllil 'l'2lll, A , A i'JqII1,Oc,1l:1tic Lengug, 30, Sl'll:il1sll.6, ,sm gi"0'DresldeIIt, '37: B. S. ll., prosi- ,r"f'f I ,xv lffi'glb'57I-, 5E?"KlilffII5'Et'f' 1 IH 'I I """' 'GNL lfwul and State. I. WR ,N ' is Y 'i V i 5 3' 7 V EMORY I'IUT'l'0N f:UY 1' R JOHN SESSIONS HAIR lI.s.l-:.E. I ' Ii.S.ll-A. lfnginec,-ing Ilusimess Acllninislratiou, Hampton Livc Ollk A- ll IC. IC.: llienton i3iIlgiI10Cl'illl-Z' 4159 ldelixh Cilfllilillltl. Iiglqgi-lugg- Y v v DANIEL f:EORGE HAIII., QII 35 VARY A- HARDEE A H I-,I lK.S.Il.A. u u Xlkl ' I . . ' Arts and Scimwex t R' A Y Business Aclmmistranoll, ,, 1 St. Pctcrslnlrg Q, Tmmm' lflorhlzm l'l:1yeI':-I: Qlindio Guild: l'1ng:- Q ' T-BFE mm uhm. 1 I A, l A v X, ik v BYRON B. HARI.ESS n.A.E. Education fillilH'SViil15 'Y WILLIAM HASEL HAlll!EI,I, l!.S.A. Agriculture Livo Ouk Sreslmlentn Student Session, Suxnunor' nfssifbllz .ing Vice-Pre:-Iident. Sovhu ..lf,',lfu UUSS. '36, Business M1lllilLZ'l!l' Book, '37: FloI'lrliL Union Stzlfl' V 'FRANK 0I.MES'rEAn 'HAY lI.A.l-:. lfrlucution IIIVQYFINHSS EWDE v MARVIN HAIIWELI. .HENDERSON l!.S.ll.A. Business A dministraiion, Tulnpu ii Kfi' l'l'oIwlIoI' Uluh. 'i faux . v ' QA 'ifunk ' I seg in " ' If iv if E? 'I A ii-A , T5 1" . ff , , AR, I - BEN HAllllEI.I. ll.S.F. Forestry Luke City AX l"oI'0SlI'y Ulllln, v DONALII T. HAWI,EY R.:-2. Arts and Sciences Plum City V CALDWELL HAYNES R.S.R.A. liusinvss AdlllfilliSll'l1ii0Il, Jacksonville BAE lhu-1-llllsg I,'Ap:u-hu. V CHARLES JOHN HENRY ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration St. Augustinc 'PAO Seminole, '35, '36, Floriflzi Review, '36, 'SESQ Allig':Lt01', '36, 'IKSQ Hemi plum- mu. Simnzng Commerce Clnbg ,l.. R. 0,3 i'l'UIlt'iiUl' Club, .Phi NUI S'i1.:nI:I: XVllit.c ii'I'il'Ll'bi. S NICR CADEMIC WILLIAM MOSELEY HENRY ll.S.A. A griculture Monticello ZEN Florida College lptLl'Ill6I' '37: Al-:'. Clllll l'resbyterlaII Student Session: Col leglnte l1'll'A. v BEN H. HILL II.s.II.A. Business Aclministrlition Tunipu BRIDE Swimming, numeral '34, v RAYMOND SIMMONS Homss Il.S.C.E. Engineering Milton A, S. C. IC.: Sigma 'l':Iu. v MILTON VIDAL HODILSON A.II. Arts and Sciences Gainesville llnlverstiy Omeliestrn: l'lIll-Ill!-ill Club. V C. WILLIAM HOMA lI.s.II.A. Business Administration Miami TE4' AlIiI.:'tItOr '35, Sports lfltlitor '2l5: Smu- inole '37: l,l0ll'lllll-!l'U6! Club. v LEON PORTER HOWARD Il.S.I!.A. Business Administration Jacksonville Coinnierce Club, Propeller ClIIb: Young' Iminovretts Club, V RoIzER'I' 0. l'lUTCl'lISON II.A.I-:. Education Gainesville V ERNEST J. JACOBS Ii.s.II.A. Business Aclministrntion .Jacksonville nr in " II v 1 we we JOHN HENRY HIGBEE ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Jacksonville 'PAS 'Delta Sigma Pl: I. R. C.: Propeller Club. 7 PERCY M. HIN'I'ON A.II. Arts and Sciences Lakclantl v JAMES BRANCH HODGES, JR. A.Il. Arts and Sciences Lake City K2 v HAROLD HENRY HOFFMAN ILS. Arts and Sciences Muliaska, Kansas V LEE HOOPER Il.S.AE. Architecture Jacksonville EX Gargoyle v PAUL BROWN HUEF II.s.A. Agriculture West l-'alm Beach ATA Wrestling '34: Tliyrsusg White Fri- urs: Newell Entomological Society: Forestry Club. v CHAUNCEY K. HYATT Il.S.ll.A. Business Administration Tampa Commerce Club: Delta Sigma Pl: Florlrla. Players: Glee Club: I. R. C.: Propeller Club: DeM'oluy Club. v WILLIAM F. JIBB II.A.J. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville CIPKT 'Honor Court, summer session '36: Alligator '36, '37: Seminole '36, '37: Plil6 Key: Sigma Delta Chl: White Fl'i1Y'S. 154.1 l I SENIOR ACADEMIC FRED BERTRAM JOHNSON n.s.cH.I-:. Engineering Tampa Sigma. Tau V JOHN ARTHUR JOHNSTON II.s.u.A. Business Administration Torrey Commerce Club: Pro ellor Club: Arl- D vanced R. O. ill. C. v JAMES H. JONES ll.S.A. Agriculture Jacksonville Alllhn Zeta.: Ax-:'. Club: 'll0l'll2'Ul0l' Club. V ARTHUR MYRON ICAHN ILA. Arts and Sciences Miami Beach TEKD lnterfruternlty Conferenm-e. V HARRISON LEVAN IQALBACI-l ll.S.Cl-LE. Engineering Manatee I' Ch. El.: Benton l'llll-l'lll5'GI'lll5-T2 Y-ator Pep Club: Pre:-IbyLcrimI huulent session, V DAVID IQANTOR ILS. Arts and Sciences Gainesville l6Y0eum Council 'sag Florida Film Pgmmltteei Jewish Student Union: Flesident American Student Union! Orida Plavers' Universltv Orches- ggldngloridzll Union: WRUIF: Lyceum v PHILIP ICAPLAN li.S.ll.A. Business A drninistration Miami Felwirll-I' '35, '36, '37, 'ssq H:fUlll2 cam- liers: Kumm Kappa Psi. V A. CLIFTON KERBY, JR. ll.A.E. Education Gainesville 'PAS Bf1Sket Ball, numeral '35: Baseball. numeral '35, letters '36, '37. Y' 155. P L. HOWARD BLAKE JOHNSTON ll.S.A.E. Education KlSSlIlllll8C Ag. Club: Collegiate FFA: Alpha 'Pun Alpha. V J. D. JONES II.s.II.A. Business Administration Sarasota Cavaliers. V CHARLES WERNER JOSEPH ll.S.CH.E. Signm 'I'an. Engineering .Jacksonville A. 1. Ch. E.: Benton Engineering: Gmnnm Sigma Iipsilnnl hell-th Chem.: v BURTON SAMUEL KAHN R.S.lI.A. Business Administration MiaIIIi Beach Tlflfll Seminole '37: Allimttor '34, '35: l"OuI'th Estate: COInIneI'ce Club: l"I'eSlIIII:iII Truck '34. V CLINTON NEWMAN KAMINIS V A.l!. Arts and Sciences Tarpon Springs AXA v ERWIN PILTON KANTOR ll.S.Il.A. Business Administration .Jacksonville 'PBA Allifratox' '36: Beta. f:i2'lll1lTl2l. Siglnnp Phi Eta Sli-flllil. v lqEl'l'H VINCENT ICELLY ILS. Arts and Sciences llopewell, Virginia EX .l"GIll'lllj.l', '35, '36, '37, '3S: Seminole, '2l8: ,lnlfflllflllilllt R. 0, 'l'. C.: Alpha Phi Omeg'a: A. l. Ch. li.: ,Benton Engin- eering: Cavaliers: Leigh Chem.: Y. M. C. A.: Ainerim-an Cll0lllll'2l.l Society. V HARRY JAMES KICLI'l'Ell ll,A.E. Education Ft. Pierce BAE Footlmll, numeral '34, letter '35, 'Il6: prcsldent, lf' Cluh. SENICR ACADEMIC LEROY R. IQIMBLE ILS. Arts and Sciences Titusvillc llunslg Kappa Knppn Pnl. v JACK IQING ll.S.C.l'1- Engineering Grand Ridge ldxem-utive Count-ll, '37g A. S. C. E.: lientuu lCllIl'IlIl6GI'lY1g'. V HOWELL NELSON IQLUEPPELBERG, JR. ll.S.A. Agriculture Fort Pierce 2-DE AI-5. Club: Thyrsu:-4: Newell Entomo- logical Society: Golf llllLl'1l.lYllll'El.l lvlilfllll-f0l'. V CHARLES MARTIN ICREJCIER ILS. Arts and Sciences Wailswortli, Ohio IPAQ lfnollmll, letters, '36, '37g Basket Ball, '36, '373 F Clulr, v RICHARD L. LAMDI' ll.S.C.l'1. Engineering Mulberry A. S. C. E.: Benton Eng'lnem'lnI:. V ,JUDSON HOWARD LAssI'rER D.s.A. Agriculture Gainesville 'l'hy1'su:-I. V HARRY LOUIS LASRIS I!.S.Il.A. Business Administratifm. Jacksonville 'DBA A Beta Glllllhlil. Sigma: lflorlmlu Player:-up Phi lim SlI.fmug Phi Kappa Phi: Uni- versity 0rclIestI'zL. .14 ' A. A v Huoo LESLIE II.S.A. Agriculture Luke City Air. Clulmg flJOl'Qil1l0I' Club. ' ' Lat. f 'J if '...f'g'.L.-.g CHARLES DAVIDSON KIME, JR. ll.S.A. Agriculture Orlando APP Alplm Zeta: Thyrsus: Rifle 'Pcumz Ag. Club: Newell Iflntonfxologlcnl So- elety. v JCENNETH W. ICLOTZ II.s.M.E. Engineering Jacksonville Boxing, '35g A. S. M. 'l'l., Benton l'lflg'lll86l'lllHQ Band, '34, '35, '36, '37: l'lIl Em Slmnu: Slixmn 'l'u.u. V WILLIAM STEPHENSON Kocu II.s.I-nv. Pharmacy Arcadia AX Mortar' and Pe:-Itle. v WlI.LIAM MCICENNA LAIRD ll.A.lC. Education Gainesville A2111 V VERNON DELMoN'I' LAMPE II.s.AE. Architecture Miami ll'llQl'!l,ll1lll'fll Darin. lvlilllill-I'6l', '36: Fine Arte-1 Soc-Iety. v J. S. LAUDERIIACK II.S.AE. Architecture J ucksonville Gurl-ioyle. v JAMES THOMAS LEocE'I"I' ll.S.M.E. Engineering Miami HGH A. S. M. E.: Benton JCYlg'lllG8l'lllI-T. V ROB,T H. LEVISON Il.S.Al'I. Architecture St. Petcrsllurg OKN Ru.:-Ielmll, '34g lill!'llYl6SH mamuxcr l"lDl'lll2l Review, '36g Fine Arts So- elety. i ' z I J I -56- SENICR ACADEMIC ARTHUR JAMES LEWIS B.S.ll.A. Business Administration Muriunnu KA ,l1'ADuc'lIeg .lnterfraternlty Conference, 371 Nltllltll-fel' ,IPreslurIan Football, '3ti5 Mu.uag'er-elect Var:-Ilty Football, '2lS. V EDDIE J OE LoNc li.S.l'H.L. Education Luke City K2 Football, '33g .Ru.sehall, '34, '35, '36. v JAcIc R. LICIITE Business Administration Sarasota JIKYIP ,l"ropellor Ulu-h. v RICHARD MEIIEDITH LOVELACE A.ll. Arts and Sciences H Jacksonville luxecutlve Count-il, '3Sg Y. M. C. A.: lDng'll:-IlI Club. v HENRY CARROLL LUNSI-'mm ll.S.F. Forestry Haines City AFP iifmrd of' Student Publication:-I, '3SZ Nlorlda College .i"lLI'1l'l6l', iill!-l1ll0blH 9lflTNltJeI', '3Sg Seminole, '37: Alpha 'Pmi AH. Clubg Cnvallersg 'lforeador "hill: Forestry Club, vice president. , V WILLIAM EDWARD McCoRMIcIc ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Pass-u-Grille Beach 'IPAQ Commerce Club, I, R. C.: l'ropI-llor Cluhg Newman Cluh, v WILLIAM J. MCGUIRE AJI. Arts and Sciences X St. Augustine "l1H'ifm inpylew, '35, '30, '37, ellltor- m::lIief,.vlS,':Alll1:aLoI', 30, '37, len- Blle editor, 383 Seminole, 36, 37: fha. '36, ':s7: Elm-Ida I-'layfwsz .' -- -I ld "li. Cl lg A ":. student Umum, -ah um nIeI I Ill J. T. NICICNIGHT lI.s.A. A rch itecture Al Fayette, Aluhumu vlflgilm ZUU1: Arr. Club: 'Poreador Club: '36 5231151 ldlorldu. Qlilllesg Rllle 'I'eaIu, 1 -.U JOHN DEMARY LEWIS R.s.II.A. Business Administration. West Palm Beach AX Beta Gllllllllit Shrine: Phi Eta Slmnng University Ol'Uilt'Sll'2L. v J oHN HENDERSON LONG II.A.J. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville GX Board of Student Publications, '3Sg Alligator, '35: Florida Player:-I: SiI.:'nm Delta Chi: University L,l't5il6Sll'llI University String Quartet. V MELVIN LOBEL A.Il. Arts and Sciences Gruntwood, New Jersey 'PBA Florida Review, '3lig Florida Players: lilllfjl' Pep Club. V ELLIOTT BUTT LOYLESS, JR. II.s.cH.I-:. Engineering Arcadia Fencing, '35, '36, '37, '38: Seminole, 'ESRI A. I. Ch. IC.: Chairman Astron- omy Cluh, '3ti: Benton lCIIglneerlIIg': Hand, '35, '36, '37, '38: Cavalier:-I: John Marshall Society: Alpha Phi OIIIeI.:'n, alumni sevretary, '3Sg Amerim-:In Ui10llllt'2li Society. V SAMUEL L. MCCALI. B.S.CH.l'I. Engineering Quincy IxA A. I. Uh. 111.3 Pirates: Suhresg Cnptaiun Ji. 0. 'I'. lf. v ROBERT J. MCGAHEY lI.S.R.A. Business Administration Miami EAE Alpha Kappa Psi: Bncclnnsg 1"l'IbD0ii0l' Cluhg Pirates. v IJAN LUTHER MCIQINNON ll.S.ll.A. Husin ess A dministrution Winter Gurdon ATU V ROBERT GARllET'l' lVlcLENDoN II.s.A. Agriculture Jacksonville 41K'l' Alpha Zeta. l57. X .-.q S' 3 u. 5 lt ll if ' I ,. I l qt. I if I as-gf Q, 'j. SENIO ACADEMIC WARREN C. MCRAE ll.S.A. Agriculture Pulutka Alpha. ZCll2'LI F. I". A.: E. S. V GEORGE R. MARSH A.ll. Arts and Sciences Gainesville I"lOx'lcl:t Review, '381 Slgma Deltn. Chlg American Student Union. V JOHN J. MARTIN ll.S.A. Agriculture Moss Bluff AX Alpha Zotztg Agn Cluhg 'll0l'9llllfll' Cluh, V DAVID HAROLD MEANS lI.S.F. Forestry Lake City Alpha Zetng Forestry Club, V ELLISON EWELL MENGE D.S.E.E. Engineering .lacksonville QKN tTIIeeI'leI'uler, 'llllg A. l. E. IG.: llenlzon lclll-flllt:CI'llll-I. V ROBERT HOWZE MILTON n.s.A. Agriculture Marianna ZAE l1'AI1Lll7llC. V JIMMIE VINCENT MINARDI ll.A.IC. Education Tampa El Executive Council, '38g LO:-I l"lcarO:-I: Nutiumxl l+Iclllu:ttlOn A:-I:-Iocinlloll. v WALLACE MCVEICDH lVl0N'1'GOMERY B.S.ll.A. Business Administration Miami A2242 PAUL AUGUSTUS MALONE ILS. Arts and Sciences Pensacola Lelfrh Chemlcalg English Club. V SIDNEY PAUL MARSHALL u.s.A. Agriculture Greenville APP Executive Council, '38: Florida, CO1- lege Farmer, '37: Alpha. Zeta.: Ag. Club: Toreador Club. V WALTER THOMAS MAYBERRY ll.S.E. Education Daytona Beach EQE Freshman vice president, '35: Foot- ball, numeral, '34, letters, '35, '36, I-aptuln, '37, V GEORGE CHARLES MEANS II.s.A. Agriculture Gainesville KE Sabres, White Friars. V LESTER J. MILLS ll.S.A. Agriculture Cross City AX l-lonor Court, '38g Alpha Zeta.: Thyr- susg N. E. S. V GEORGE MALCOLM MIMS n.s.E. Education Williston 7 PAUL DAYTON MITCHELL n.A. Arts and Sciences Lakeland Sigma 'Delta Chl: Advanced R. O. T. C. V OSCAR KEELING MOORE ll.9.A. Agriculture Marianna Florlda College Farmer, '38: Alpha Zeta: Ag. Club: Phi Sigma: Toreador Club: 'l'hyrsus. l I , I I . 5 8 . SENICR ACADEMIC NELSON WILLIAM MORLEY, JR. Il.S.Cl-LE. Engineering Mt. Dora SWlIlllTllllg', '35: A. l. Cb. IG.: Benton Engineering' Council: Leigh Chem. V WILLIAM JOEL MORRISON Il.A.E. Education Sanford CIFKT V Ross E. MOWRY A.II. Arts and Sciences Gainesville , ex Serjnllnole, '3G: F Book, '37: Alllxzutor, E3-1, 38: Florida. College Farmer, '3S: Nfbrwsz White 'Friars' Y.M.C.A.: YOURS' Men':-I Democrntle Club: Inter- lrutex-Inity Cont'eI'enue. V RICHARD THOMAS :NEUMANN ll.S.F. Forestry Munutee Sabres: Colonel R. O. 'I'. C. v WALTER HUGH NOLAN ILS. Agriculture Jacksonville AFP AH- Club: 'l'oI'endOr Club: Newell l':lll.0lYl0l0l-Tll'il,l Society. v STEPHEN C. O,CONNELL II.s.II.A. Business Administration West Palm Beach N ATO C'oune1l,u '38: i3I'0flll,l:Ill re Class 36' Boxing 37. -'frlllgfttorn '35: Bfue lfey: lI'AIiuI-Ile: Nlbfesz "Is" club. v WILLIAM STANLY PAGII II.s. Arts and Sciences Ft. Myers Football, numeral, '34: Sabres. V BENJAMIN N. PORCH II.s.E. Education Burnesville, Georgia Baseball numeral, '34: Football, nII- In-eral, '34, letter, '35, '59- FRANK B. MORRISON ll.S.E.l'Z. Engineering Huwtllorne ECIPE A. I. III. E.: Subros. V ,IULIAN M. MOUNTAIN II.S.II.A. Business Administration Pierson Delta Slprum Pl: Propellor Club. v F. JOSEPH NAHOOM n.S.II.A. Business Administration Tallahassee Excl-utive Count-il '37' Seminole '37 Alpbn Kuppu Psi: Clll1llllBl'l1G Club! N9XX'lllilll Club. V JULIAN THOMAS NEWSOM l!.S.B.A. Business Administration Jacksonville ZEN Couunerce Club: lfropellor Club: Pi rates: Young' Ilelnoeruts. V BERNARD JOSEPH NORIJMANN ' ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration DeLand l1'loriIlu Review, '36, '37, '3S: Alplut Knppu Psi: Newumu ClIIb. V GEORGE EVERETTE OWEN II.S.A. Agriculture Covington, Tennessee IIKA Footbull, '36: F Club. V GEORGE E. PERRY II.s. Business Adntinistration .lueksonville A XA V WILLIAM GEORGE POTTER ll.S.Il.A. Business Administration Jullleslown, New York Alllllllt Killlllll- l'Si: l. R. C.: i3l'0Il8lllIl Club, .....,. I 'Si ., 1 , . fl i' . v I a . I f ' A 1, : V lil 1 , EARL P. POWERS "' ,V N- .. ROBERT SIIEPIII-:RD PRYOR Il.S.ll.A. . f I ik K I II.s.E. BHSilil2SiJ1:Zlf'lgiwSll'llli0ll -I V Fomsn-y I EN i, ' ' AL , Ft. Lauclerdule Seminole, llusiness S't:Lff, '36: Semi- 1, QM 4 nole, Idclitore-I Staff, '37: A Chziirman A 'W' Junior Class l"lIl2llll'8 Cmninltteeg , lllxemltlvo f.lUlll'l4.'llQ CommeI'I'e Club, ' 1 president, '37: Buselmll l'llllll'Gl'lfLl, '34: W ' liusclmll Squad, '37: Cavaliers: Young' L' I v XlGH'S Deinocmtle Club, Board of Ili- reotors: Alllprator, Assistant Iiu:-Ihiess Mmmgei-, '31, Business Manager, 'asp ROBERT ANDREW QUIXLEY Chriirnian Constitutional Revision BSB A Committee, '38: Who's Who in Arnerl- D ' ' , D I-an Universities and College:-I: Sa- Business AlllllllllSil'IlIl0ll bres: Blue Key: lIli.I'l1llllll'lll Nlilllill-YGl', HKS: lieta Alpha Psi. Mt'D0m lllilll CHARLES WORCES'l'Ol! PUTNAM A. h. M. IG.: l'3eIIt.On l+lIIg'lIIeeI'lIII-I: l"lllI Agriculture lirislol .Xlplm 'I'zIII Alpha: App. Club v II.s. Arts and Sciences St. Pelerslrurg R911 V CIIARLES HENRY RACE II.s. Arts and Sciences Winter Haven r OX llnefeli us. il V GEORGE EDWARD REMI' Q Il.S.M.lC. ' Engineering MiaIIIi Sllllllil. Tllll. v 0. Z. REVELI. lI.S.A. FRANK H. RICH ll.S.A. Agriculture Winter Haven Al'P 'iclzi Collepre li'2Ll'lTlE3l', '35, '30, 'RT' Alphu Zeta: Apr, Club: Newell ldntol lllUl0l.l'l1'5ll Sorlety. WILLIAM WA'l'S1DN RICHARDSON 'I'I'iI uk, ALFRED WILLIAM ROE V II.s.A. , Agriculture Ocala ZIAE lIlIIll0l'21l, lCill6l',2 Hamel: llzuf- I-hus: 'l'hyI':-III:-I. - V ll.S.CIl.lC. Engineering Arcadia ATS2 A. l. CII. IC. VO Swlllllllllll-T, Iiumerul, '35, letter, '36 '37, '3S: Cavalier:-I: Il' Club. V JOHN M. REDIIRAVE II.S.M.E. Engineering Miami B911 A. M. Ill.: S1LlJl'CH. v CLAUDE DOWNER RENSHAW II.:-I.c:H.E. Engineering Miami Beach CIJKT Hem-retziry - Treasilrei' Senior Cla:-Is Football, nunleralg Rnselnill, nIIIneI'IIIi V AR'I'IIUR A. RICH, JR. ll.S.F. Forestry Retlclick AFP 'Pau Kzmmmai Alplm. V JAMES J. RICHARDSON ILS. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville QIIKT Preslrlent Alpha lflpsllon Delta '38 'I'reasIIreri, FFF Clllh, '35L Phi, l'It:i S'll.2'lYlll. v JAMES WESLEY ROBERTS ll.S.A. Agriculture Zolfo Springs GKN Ag. Club: Collegizite FFA. v THOMAS CARSON Ross ll.S.C.lC. Engineering Sanford '-IPKT A. S. C. IC.: Benton lCI1.I.:'lII0eI'lII,a:': SI'llJl'6H. . ' 6 0 ' I I ,h-1 SENIOR ACADEMIC HAIIIJLD M. RUBIN A.II. Arts and Sciences Miami Beach KIIIIA lin:-Iuhull, numeral '35, letter '37g ln- l.I'II.IIIlIl'lIl lsoard. v FRANK MAYNAIID RYLI. ILS. Arts and Sciences St. PCl0l'SlIllI'L!, HKN S'euI'eLu ry-LI's-asa rm' IIItcI'lFI'u.LcI'IIIts' Con liCI'QYll'C. v . NATHAN JOSEPH SCHNEIDER , lI.S.CH.E. Sli-IIIIIL To II. Engineering Jacksonville A. I. CII. IC.: Brenton l':II1IlIlCt!l'lIlJ-l'Q GIUIIIIIIII Sli-TIYILI. Idpsilonp Leigll Chem.: v ALLAN DAYTON SEARLE II.S.II.A. Business Administration St. Petersburg l?l0I'lllIL 'Review '3G: Nota. Gnxnnm 5lR'II1FI.2 Commerce Club: I. R. 0.3 PIII lilo Simna. v RoIIER'r LouIs SEITLIN n.s. Arts and Sciences Miami v .losEI'H A. SIIELLEY II.s. Arts and Sciences Pulatka RHIC 'I'c-um '37: Glee CllllI '36: I4'IoI'IIl:L Rifles '37, 'IISQ Captain R. O. 'I'. C. v AI.oNzo EDWARD SHERMAN II.S.II.A. Business Administration Pcznsuttolzl Propeller Clnh. v MYEII OSCAR SICAL II.S.II.A. Business Administration IJoNAI.D FI.oYD RYnoI.'I' R.s.A. Agriculture Orlando A I' I' V JACK SAIINDERS II.s.n.A. Business Aflministratiou I Delray Beach Eflfli Uuskot Hall 'tI2: Ilan-I-Inn:-I: White I-'Il ar:-I: InIeI'I'I':It0I'nit.y t'onI'orvIn-e. V MOE SCH III-LER II.s.n.A. Business A dm in istration. West Palm Blillfil 'I'Efl' ,l'I'opoIIor Clulr. v E. EUGENE SEGO n.s.PI-IY. Bharrnacy Willistcmll Mortnx' and I'ostIo. v MIAIICUS BAILEY SHELFER II.S.II.A. Business Administration Quincy BAE Allulm, liIll'll2l Psi: I'I'osIIyt.o1'IzIn Stn :lent Session. v LEON LIVINGSTON SHEPIIARD II.s.I'HY. Pharmacy Apopka AXA V JAMES F. SIIIvI.ER, JR. lI.!w.C.I'l. Engineering Tampa A. S. lf. IG.: Iionlon l'lIII-Z'IIlUOI'lIIR' v GuII.IfoRD TRICE SIMS Il.S.A. Orlando Agriculture TIM, Tavares I 1 x Hola liilllllllil SI1.:'ImI: CUllIIlIOI't'C lllnhg AI li 1 ' Debate Club: I. R. C.: PIII ICIII Sigma. AIIIIIH Zeta: N. lu. tm: I.. U. A. I 6 1 1 I fxv r l p r' . ' :.,.1. lg, , .. .a...'........a.x SENICR ACADEMIC JOHN MARSHALL SINCLAIR n.S.II.A. Business Administration St. Pelerslturg HGH Delta, Sli-:Ina l'i. v DAVID BARRY SMITI-I ll.S.C.E. Engineering Milton 'I-lonox' Court, '38: A. S. C. ld.: Benton lCnglneerlng: Sabre:-I: Sigma Tau. 7 JAMES ARCHER SMITH ILS. Arts and Sciences Homestead 'PAO Asst. Swimming Manager, '36, '37, Swlmming Manager, '38: Ilelgh Chem- ivul Society. v lIYNW00D BURDETTE SMITH ll.S.CH.IC. Arts and Sciences Tampa Alpha Epsilon Delta: A. I, Ch. ld.: Gamma Sigma lCp:-lilon: Sigma Tau. V STEPIIEN H. SPURR ILS. Arts and Sciences Winter1'ark AX Swimming, numeral, '35: Alligator, '35: Debate Club: Florida Players: Phi lflta Slgum: Rifle 'l'eam: Mo:-lt Out:-xtanlllug' lEI'CSlll112l.Y'l, '1l5: Debate 'l'e:un, '35, '36, '37, '38, 7 STANLEY WOLFE STEIN l!.A.J. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville Vvllllllfl' Intramural lloxlng, 'Dilip Flor- lcla Argus, '36. V EUGENE NORBERT STEPHENS ll.S.A. Agriculture Monticello ATA Ag. Club: Collet-:late FFA: Newell lCntomolog'lc'a1 Society. v D'0NALD WAYNE STOBS B.S.B.A. Business Administration Miami lianml: Kappa Kappa P:-sl: Ilnlverslty Orchestra. M ft.. l I HOWARD EARL SKIPPER B.S.A. Agriculture Sebring Ren Athl0t.ic:Councl1: Secretary-Treasurer, Fre:-zlunan Class: Football, numeral, '2l4: Swimming, numeral, '34, letter, '35, '36, '1l7: White Friars: "F" Club. V C. BYRON SMITH Il.S.CH.E. Engineering Umatilla A, l. Ch. IC.: Benton Engineering: Gllllllllill Sigma Epsilon: Sigma Tau: Methotlist Student Organization. V .JOHN BRUCE SMITH, JR. ll.S.AE. - Architecture St. Petersburg Fine Arts Society: Gargoyle. V GEORGE W. SMoAK II.s.A. Agriculture Gainesville HAZ Ag. Club: 'lioreador Club: Forestry Club. V JOHN ELVIN STEAD n.s.A. Agriculture Ft. Pierce A247 'l'hrysuS. V EALY WILTON STEPHENS n.s.A. Agriculture Wauchula Florida College Farmer, '37, '38: Al- pha Veta: Ag. Club: Cavaliers: 'Foren- flor Club: 'l'hyrsus: Newell Entomo- loglc-al Society: Collegiate FFA: Ag. College Council. V XVILLIAM CURRY STEPHENSONI JR. B.S.B.A. Business Administration Tampa EAE Seminole, '35, '36: Commerce Club: li'Apache: Propeller Club. v CHARLES A. STOKES B.S.CH.E. Engineering Mohawk UAE A. I. Ch. E.: Benton Engineering: Phi lflta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma 'l':tu: American Chemical Society. 162. SENIOR ACADEMIC WILLIAM HARTLY STONE B.S.A. Agriculture Gonzalez AFP Florida. Collette Farmer: Alpha Zeta: gi-?lkxClll'l'DQ 'Poreador Club: Collegiate V ROBERT GORDON STORMES ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Jacksonville Beach A245 Athletic Council, '36: Vice-President Student Body, '38: Senior lntramural Manager, '37: Vlce President Athletic Council, '37g Wrestlliig, '35: Intra- mural VVref-Itling Manager. '37: Cheer- leader. '37, Head Cheerleader, '3Sg WhO'sI VVIIO, '38: Florida State Wrest- ling Champion. '35: Captain R. O. 'I'. C., '37: Cavaliers: Gator Pep Club: Propellor Club: Y. P. S. ll. v RUSSELL PHILIP SULLIVAN, JR. AJ!- Arts and Sciences Melbourne Beach OAK lflorlda I-'layers-1: T. R. C.: ,lQflH'liNil Klub: lCmerx.renc'y Peace Council: ln- tramural Manager: Radio Guild. v FREDERIC WILSON SUTTON R.s.cII.E. Engineering Braden Castle A. l. Ch. E.: Benton lilfll-flllG6I'll'Il?.'. V CRAMER L. SWORDS ll.F.A. Architecture Gainesville Fine Art:-4 Society: Gargoyle. V ROBERT TAYLOR ll.S.E. Engineering Lakeland A. S. C. E.: Benton Ent-:'ineerlng. v RICHARD R. THERE ILS. A rts and Sciences Luwtey Cavaliers. v HARRY TOUIIY R.s.e.E. Engineering Miami A.S.C.E. 163. it if ., - H3 3, 1 Q :rsh .QP . M A 'il Qi X h ' It ' , ' E., I VJ' X I Y ix Y Q w 1-P", "' S 'lo . . . We . .X tl I 'Qw M 41717 . Jw.. ,N .+' .. if . A ' -W M... .- li T .. Q . ..--ff ., 1 xx . -ii-fm .x Aiiix it . rf Q. 9 .. 4'- ' I rio' x I . . g . DAN STONECIPHER A.ll. Arls and Sciences Orlando Xi' llloe Club: Los Pit-aros. v ORVILLE WINP'0RD STRUTHERS ll.S.F. Forestry Winter Haven lflditor, lforostry Club Year Book, '38 Ag. Club: Forestry Club President 'tlfig Att. Club, vice president, '37 'Porcamlor Club. V NATHAN ASHLEY SUMNER ll.S.l'I. Education Fairfield I'hi rltn. Sigwnuz Kappa llhi Kappa. 0. QR. C., 2nd Lieutenant. v ROBERT CHARLES SWENDIMAN A.n. A rts and Sciences Tampa R011 SecI'etary - Treasurer Student Body Summer Session '37' t'7nvaliers llelixh Chem.: Kunpn Phvi Kappa: All phn Phi Uniegu: linglish Club: Pres- byterian Student Session. v COAKLEY TAYLOR Il.S.ll.A. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville A T52 7 ALTON HENIIY TEW R.s. Arts and Sciences Pompano V FRANK CARLYLE THOMPSON A.n. A rts and Sciences lfro sip roof A XA V HARIIY NORMAN TOWSON n.s.E.E. Engineering Gainesville Il KA A. I. l'l. IC.: Honton ltllll-l'llll'0l'lllE-YQ Huc- vhus: lI'Apu1-lie: Sabres. .. h. , . 55 Qi i O 1153 .12 Q2'.k:1:I.A. SENICR ACADEMIC RAYMON FRANKLIN TUCKER R.s.A. Agriculture liunnell Al'l' Alpha Zeta: Ag: Cluh. V HENIRY EUGENE TURLINGTON All. Arts and Sciences Gainesville Al'l' . M.. C. A.: Ent-:'ll:-Ill Club: B. S. U. Council, lnterchurch Connell. Y ' V MAGIC TYNER, JR. ll.S.CH.l5. Engineering Laurel Hill A. 'l. Ch. E.: Benton 'I'Inx.':lIIcer1I1g': llztmnm. Shrine. 'ldpsllong Tlelgh Chem.: l'hl Em Slmnng Slgnm 'l'2tll. V JIJSEPII D. VEREEN ll.S.ll.A. Business Administration Perry v WILLIAM H. WALKER R.S.I'HY. Pharmacy Lamont Mortal' and Pcstlu. v WOODROW WILSON WALLIS AJS. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville Flnrlcla Players: l'llll.1'llSll Cluhg Pence Council. 7 FRANK RUDOLPI-I WARD ll.S.CH.l'I. Engineering Miami Beach A. I. Ch. E.: Benton l'i'llg'lll0Ql'll'll-L' Council, Sigma Tatu. V SAM FLOYD WARREN D.S.C.E. I Engineering Apalachicola A. S. C. IC.: Benton lW1nglneering tfuunvllg Hlgfnm Tatu. 'lun .,,g1g? 'ei Tx il ' X" EDWIN B. TURLINc'I'oN ll.S.A. Agriculture Gainesville Al'l' V ,louN B. TURNER ll.A.J. Arts and Sciences llagdad ATA Stllllllllllfl, '34g AxlllH'2li.Ul', '34, '35, As- sistant News ldrlitor, '36, ,ltldltor l!o:I,I'Il 01' Alllg:I.toI', '37, FUI" Club: l"llllI'tll Estate Cluhg Manager Ql.4'll'!-lf. Open lntrztnxnratl 1-'enl 'I'onI'nument, 'lltig fiatm' Pep Club: Santa 1-to:-Ia flllllli Sli-flllbl, lleltzt Chi. V RONARD BEACH VANDAME R.S. Arts and Sciences Orlando V fllLES B. WALKER II.A. Business Administration Haines City IPAQ V AR'I'I-IUR R. WAl.LACE M.E. Engineering Stuart A. S. M. IC.: Benton l'illf-flllGUl'lllll'I SlgIII:I Tatu. 7 l.INwooD A. WALTEIIS, .lR. R.s.CI-LE. Engineering Miami A. l. Ch. IG,g Henton .lflll-Z'lll6G!l'llll.2', fitlllllllkl. Sl!-Yllltt Ep:-Illong Slprxnn. 'l'zLu. V RICHARD EARL WARREN ll.S.M.lE. Engineering .Iucksonville lhlxlxlg, numerztl, '32: 'Frm-lc, llLllll0l'll.l, '32, letter:-I, '35, '36, Wrestling, letter, 'tlilg l4' Club. V WILLIAM Ric:-IARD WARREN, JR. II.s. Arts and Sciences Key Wiast O. lt. U., 2nd i4l0lll.G!ll1llll.: C0lll'll Chill, ,, -1 I I fl A '64' SENIOR ACADEMIC PAT B. WATSON ILS. Arts and Sciences Tampa 1126.0 AIllI.,'atoI', '35, '36, '37, Seminole, Assom-late Iflrlitor, '38, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sabres. V THEODORE WILLARD WEEICS ILS. Arts and Sciences Moore Haven A2117 T JOHN ROBERT WEST A.II. Arts and Sciences St. Petersburg IIKA V PAUL MADISON WHA'fLEY A.n. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville ATG V GEORGE HENRY WliITESIDE ll.S.CH.I+1. Engineering Miami KA A. I. CII. III., Gamina Sigma ldpsllon. v ' BILL S. WIGHTMAN II.s.R.A. Business Administration-Law Jacksonville HKCP fgelflingile, '34, '35, business lllllllilj-Z'Gl', iff., QlI'c:I1la.tlon Manager Alligator, C01 E303 Boxing, letter, '38, Commerce Iilub, Propellor Club, Pirates, Sabres, Aimffllllsi 'Assistant Business Mgr. thlgS'2E,I.x1,' 3?-'1i7,g,SoplIoInore Execu- f ll . '.. ' ' ' S R. O' T- C- 09, 1, SllXGl 'Serpentm V CLYDE HAIROLD HOBDS ll.S.A.lC. Architecture Gainesville A2241 :,'2r:ltirQiILt:-I Soc-lety: G2ll'll'05'l6I Inter- 1 y Lonferenue, Honor Court. V' HAYWARD AGNEW WILLIAMS n.A.E. Education Gainesville -65- ARTHUR G. WERE II.s.II.A. Business Adntinistrution Tampa KA Allipxator, '37, Alpha Kappa Psi, .Propellor Club, R. O. T. C. V DALE C. WEST II.S.n.A. Business Administration Miami AXA v JOSEPH POPE WI-IITTLI-:SI-:Y, .l R. ll.S.ll.A. Business Admin istration Jacksonville Young IJeII1oI-rats. 7 MARSHALL WOODROW WHIGIIAHI Il.S.PHY. Pharmacy Clli.lll1lll00l'll0lE lVl0l'tZll' and Pestle, Rho Chl. T Cl-IESTER E. Wl1l'PTLE ILS. Business Administration Sarasota ATU 1l0llllllGl'l'9 Club, Ca.valiuI'S, Della Simna. Pl: Glec Club, l. R. V.: Pro- pwllor Club. 'Y AUSTIN N. Wll,DER Is.S.E.E. Engineering Plant City A. I. li. ld., 'Benton l'llll-l'lll0Cl'lllI-T. V ALBERT MCCOY WILLIAMS ILS. Arts and Sciences Daytona BI-Iu-lI BAE Seminole, '36, Alliixator, '36, '37C Cominerce Club, Debate Club, l+'lorida Players, Propellor Club, Radio Guilml. V .lULlAN L. WILLIAMS A.B. Arts and Sciences Callahan AEC!! Honor Court, '37, Assom-late lflmlitor lf' Book, '37, LOS Pluaros, l'ealIoIly1 Kappa Phi Kappa. 7-.x-rg?-g+1,f:R,,.,f,-E my 5 Tk i ,f , . . an qi msn, . .. - lv .I f A . . W, , , ,, , P . ,,., - -P - X N W, M I i A f- I A f . s... ....... I . :Len WI-f,'i I N 7 "'f,A"'I1f--., ' wg.. "-A-iw' , -- of' ,I . ,. . . -- . I.. M . . . - SENIO CADE IC MARCUS ORENE WILLIAMS Il.S.A. I Agriculture Eustis Ag. Club: Thyrsus: C. L. O. - v MAR'fIN ROY WILLIAMSON D.s. Business Administration Tampa ATS? Golf, '36, '37: L'Apachc: Sabres. v BYRON M. WINN 1I.s.D.A. Business Administration Gainesville ATO 7 Jos. WITTENSTEIN B.S.B.A. Business Administration Orlando TEQIJ Varsity Basket Ball, Manager '38, v RICHARD COLLINS WOODBERY B.F.A. Architecture Orlando 'PAO Florida Review, art editor '38: Fine Arts Society: I. R. C'. V ORTON E. YEARTY B.S.A.E. Education Otter Creek Ag. Club: Collegiate FFA. 7 GEORGE CRESSLER YOUNG A.D. Arts and Sciences-Law Daytona Beach EAE Blue Key: Colonels Club: Debate Club: Florida Players: John Marshall Society: White Frlars. . . J WILLIAM L. WILLIAMS B.S.A. Agriculture Riverview ATO Football, numeral '34, letter '36, '37: Thyrsus: F. Club. V ROBERT LEE WILSON A.n. Arts and Sciences Gainesville ATO Debate Club: Silver Serpents: Phi Beta Kappa. V ALLEN EDWIN WINTERS l'l.A.E. Education St. Petersburg Alpha Kappa Psi: Commerce Club: Glee Club: Leigh Chem. v JONATHAN HENRY WOOD n.S. Arts and Sciences Jacksonville HAZ Executive Council, '38: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Cavaliers: Debate Club: Phi Eta Sigma. v WM. FLOYD WRIGHT u.s.I.E. Engineering New Smyrna Beach BOII Benton Engineering: Florida Players. v VAN JACKSON YORK B.S.A.E. Agriculture Pahokee Collegiate FFA. v T. ROY YOUNG, JR. R.S. Agriculture Tampa Alpha Zeta: Ag. Club: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Leigh Chem.: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Sigma: Newell Entomo- logical Society. ' v LOUIS G. ALEXANDER B.S.E.E. Engineering Miumi Florida Engineering Society: A.I.E.E.Z Cross COuntry,'33: Rifle and Pistol 'l'eam, '33 - '34, '34 - '35: Intramural Wrestling Champion, '36: Intramural High Point Man, '36: Manager Pistol Team, '34. l 166: '1 Zllah: Bran EB. A. Enlhvrt 'I'luq l+'A'i'lliclz-CUNIPICSSUII ul' thu l'il0l'l1lAlSlll1ll'lll, his lximlly 1-minsvl amml guiding lmml In-Ilwal lmmlrccls ol' us along lhul. rovky rmul whivh lvzuls lu holh mzulc-rianl mul spiriluaul siwvc-ss. A lim sunsv ol' llolmr, an klmlly Ililll4'lN'0 mul :ln inlinilx' umli-rslauuling ul' Ihm- slmlvnl nml his prnhle-ms H . .ull l'0llllTlll01l lo mukv llvun lolhvrl uno ol' Gull s gn-all XLE1'llllK'lIlt'Il. With his passing, ihv slam mst an gLl'l'lll lllilllv llllll lll0 Sllllllill Bully has losl ils clvaiwsl fri:-ml. lin flllemurmm 1 QHARIIS F MLGIKATII Ifrvslzman RLUHLN RLAMs, S1 nmr A1 1:1 wr A Win IN ,Iunmr FliANlxI IN LLO F1 ANA! AN gcnmr Q w Fr. - Y .A . . 1 - F 7 - 1 4, ww .Y .J 4 0 I7 w ,. , . , 4 1 J .1 1 A 1 168: 1' lam -- -- .. .-. .,. -Qw- -- ... Jef-rw-f,.--,E pf.,-has 4 ua gf- ..v.Nann,wc- ""'3"""'N'N-w'-'un-fr-.r-w -n-aveeu--4'w-v1.fv'k,7'+nw" ,F- ,ya O ?Yf"'f Wr4K:1a:f1st,a:xsag-fwfgg :if sd: +xx?3'rJN,z. -I ', 1 :.,".2t::.j3tE?:.. .,:., . Ax.?9.:,':xi: 1lM.AJ',Lv01aD-lI1'.'V'vvms4fl-'2A'u,A-rf'vqgAau-la.s. JUNIOR OFFICERS 3 LLOYD JOHNSON .,.. ......,.., P resident WlLT,IAM A. Nomus .,,. ....,.. V ice Presidcnz ROBERT 1'IEWIT'I' . , . . . .Secretary-Treasurer 170: JUNIOR CADE IC AISRAMS, Mll.'FON fI1BA .... ADKINS, FRANK W. Xib .... ALLEN, BENNETT Y. ...,... AND:-:RsoN, JAMES B. . . ANDlcRsoN, LLOYD O. CDKT.. APDLRYARD, ARTHUR ATG. APPLEYAIID, Tom W. fI1A0. .. ARMSTRONG, GEORGE T. ,.... . ARTHUII, FRANCIS F.. . , . ASHMQRE, G1-:omni-: B.. .. A'l'KlN, ERNEST C. KA .... A1'KlNs, ROICER1' M.. .. BAGc0'r'r, F. WARD ......... BAGULHY, CLAIRE I-I. AXIP... BAILEY, RORRR1' C. ....... , BALDWIN, MAll.l0lllIC F. .... BARIEFOOT, THOMAS . . BARNE'l"l', CLYDE H. ...... BARRETT, All'l'l'lUR C. ...... BAlUllNG'l'ON, BURNDSS A. . BAR'r0N, Romain ATA .... BASS, ANDREW J. ,...... . BAssRT1', Wll.l.IAM L.. . . . BATES, SHERMAN N.. . . . BAT'I'Lli, Lucius D. A'l'Q .... . BEALL, E. R. fIfK'lF.. BEAR, MAX E, ..,,,,, BEDDOW, FRANK P. " mx. ,.., Bunmsom, J, CM ,,,,,,,,,, , , . Braces, CHARLES A. IIKA. BENTON, CHARLES R. GX .,... B1-zlus, HENRY H. ..........,. BERNARD, TUIINRULL QAO .,... BERNHARD, JOHN C. OK .,.,.. Bl-:'r1's, CHARLES A. HRA, . . . . Buvls, Lawns R. ......,... . ' 7 1 ' . . .Gainesville Miami Beach . . . . .Lakeland . .Jacksonville . . ,Dade City Sl. Pctcrslmrg . . .Tallalnassuu . . . . . . .Miami . . .Braclcnton . . .TllllUllUSSl!4! . . .Gaincsvillc . . . . .Miami .l.'anama City . . , . , ,DeLand .Shady Grove ... .. . .Alachua . . . . . . . .Graucvillv J . . . .West lf alm Buacll ..,........Miami . . . .lilLlWtll0l'Ill! . , . ,Lake Wortll ...........Wal1l1r . . . . . . .Cluarwah-r Wm-at Palm lic-acl: . . . . .llraclunlon . . . . .Braclmenton . . . . .Pcnsavola . . . . Jacksonville . . . .Cravuvillu . . ,Plzmzuuolu , . . ,Gainesville . . . ,Arvaalia . . . .lacksonvillu , . . ..la1'ksonvillu . . . . . . .Sanford . . . .Marianna ..- .,,.. -,....,.,.,,..,,,,,, Wf4'vWF3K K E W I gh. A v ,. . nhl' w, .ir .--.-T A - Q' El 1 5 5 5 . H +L 4 1 JUNI R ACADEMIC BEWAN, JAMES W. ..... BIGGER, WARNER T.. .. BITTING, NEIL S. X41. BLACK, LLOYD L. .,,. . BLACKIIUIIN, WILLIAM BLAIN, JOHN S. BX. .. W. EN BLINN, JAMES R. BAE .... BLOUNT, BRUCE B.. , . . BoO'rE, ARTHUR IIK41 ,.,. BOURGEOIS, W'lI.SON P.. BIKACKMANN, BERT B. . BIIAGIJON, KENNETH P. A l' P . BIKAINARD, MAllSHAI.L D. K2 BRANCH, OVERRY C. EAE. .. lillANCl-I, RAIEORR E. 9X ..... BREININ, GOODWIN M. TEKIJ BRIDGES, BEN H. KA ..,., C f' BROCK, 4HAllLl.h A. ..., BROWN, CHARLES R. .... BROWN, DOUGLAS BROWN, NORMAN S. EN ...., BROWN, PAUL D. EX. BRUNRAGE, JOHN H. X112 .,.. BUCKLES, XVINFRED E. B!-JII.. BURKE, MARCUS R. QMS. . , . BUNNIETT, GORDON E. ...,., . BURNE'r'l', JOHN H. ATS! ..,. BUTCHEII, CAIILTON H. GJKT BYIINES, CEORUE G. ATA .,.. BYRUM, ALv1N S. ...,. . CALDWELL, CHARLES K., . . . . . . CALHOUN, N. PUTNAM CALLIHAN, WAllllP1N W. IPAQ.. AXA. CAMPRELL, JAMES H. ..,..... CAMPBELL, ROBEIIT A... CANNON, Cl-IARLES M. GX... ,y l I ..:J ........Miami . . . .Gainesville . . . . . .Ocala . . . .Tampa .,...........Tampa .,,......,..,.,Miami . , ,New Smyrna Beach ............PompanO . . . .Jacksonville . . . .Gainesville ... . . .Gainesville . . . ,Winter Haven . . . . . . . .Delray Beach ......,.........Ocala Smithdalc, Mississippi .. . . . . . . .Miami Beach . . . . . . .Tallahassee . . . .SL Petersburg ......Orlando , . . . .Miami ......Tampa . . . .Hollywood ... . .Orlando . . . ,Lakeland . . . .Gainesville . . . . .Jacksonville ..........Tampa . . . . .Miami Beach . . .SL Petersburg .'.'.I.'West Palm Beach . . ,... .Gainesville . . . . .SL Augustine , . . .lmmokalee . . . .Quincy .. . .Quincy . . . .Tampa 1721 JUNIO DE IC llAllIl0NEl.L, YcNAcIO D. BGII.. CARLISLE, ROIIERT ll. ATA .,,. CARTER, FRANCIS H. ...,.... . CARY, HENRY H. OX ,.... V CASON, CLYDE W. ....,., . CASSEI., CIIESTI-:R IPBA. .. CAw'I'HON, VICTOR NI. , . . . . . CAYSON, WAYMAN A. A2111 .. V CEPEIIA, MANUEL N. ......,., CHANOELLOR, JOHN L. ........ . CIIAPMAN, ROIIEIIT B. IPKT .... CHAPMAN, ROIIER1' S. IPKT. . . V CI-IENEY, JOHN L. XII' .... CHESSER, RAYMONII ..,.. CHlllS'I'0l'HEIl, ROY . , . , . CHIKISTY, RUSS T. IIOII .. V CI-Iums, HENRY S. .... . CLARK, FRED A. AX .,.,. CLARK, JOI-IN W. IIKA ,... CLARK, ICENNETH A. . . . . V CLARKE, ScO1'1' D. EN. . . CLARKE, WILLIAM E. .,.. . CLAIIKSON, J. L. ATU ..,. CLEMENS, JAMIE C. .. V CLIE'r'1', WILLIAM C. XID. . . CLOSE, HERMAN L. ......... . COCHRANE, Wll.l.lS M. KZ! ,,,. COLEMAN, D. C. EN ....,. V CONKLINO, IIOMI-:R C. .. CONWAY, MAIKVIN B. IIKA .. COOPER, JAMES IIKII- .... . Conso, VINCICNT P. IIA! .... V COT'l'lCll, .JAMES I.. :IN C0'l"I'l.E, BENJAMIN ll.. . . COWIJEN, BURNEY Ii., . , . Cox, JOI-IN P. ,...,. . '73' . . . .Key Witst . . .Jacksonville . . . .Tallahassee . , . .Pensacola . . . Gainesville . . . . , . .Miami , . , Gainesville ,. lilounlstown , . . . . .Hulopaw . . .Jacksonville . . . .Orlando ,...Rail'OrIl . . . , .Tampa . . . .Pensacola . . . .ML Dora . . . .Tampa .. . . .Winter Park .....HiglI Springs . . . .Cliattullooehee . . . .Greensboro . . . . , .Monticello . . . .Zephyr Hills .. . .I"t. Myers . . , .Waueliula . . . .Bowling Green ...........LukepOrl . .West l'ulnI lleaell , . ......... Mlllllll . . . . . . . . .Tilllsvillv Green Cove Springs . . ...,,.. Titusville ......MiaIIIi Tampa ..WeSI Palm Beach . .Sl. Cloud . . . Miami .,, V ...N i Q.: I :A 'Y' I' L., ' 'I' 1 I ' ' W AI R " . Q ,A M V 1 F7 ' T5 5 Yr. 1S" afsmAuef:s . "5,g,.., fa:-.X ' 51' 1-A ' C .- ' --- - I -rf-. A .'.... A. i Q L .... -.. .. . ,M ,,,, . ...-,g1,1,,f..- Lx. " N2g3gL.j:L,.L, f-M.. '- v W . ., I " 4 I4 .. NIOR ACADEMIC JI I Q War' CnAn1'III-:I-1, JOHN M. ATO ,... CRAFT, C. L. B911 ,......, CIIAco, JoHN A. QAO .... CIIAwIfoIm, T. H. EN .... V CROFTON, CAIII. C.. . . , . . CuIIII.I.AS, LouIS M. ...., CUMMINIIS, RUSSIaI.I. W. ,... CYZYCKI, THADEUS T. ..,. V DAVID, WII.I.IAM N.. . . . . DAvInSoN, CHAIiI.I:S L. .... DAVIS, JACK R... . .,.. DAVIS, JAMES E. ...,... V DAVIS, THOMAS J. EIDE. .. DAVIS, WII.I.IA1vI N. KA. . . DAWKINS, RALPH G. ,....,.. . DS Moss, EIIWAIIII H. LIDAG .... V DIcIcI:Y, Woomxow W. ATA... DOIIYNS, SAMUI-JI. L. XX .,,.. Doon, JOHN B. QA6 .....,.... DoNNAI.I.v, EIIwAIm W. IDKT.. V Doun, IJARIIY M. ............ . DIIIIW, HORACFI R. EAE ....... DUNCAN, WII.I.IAM L. ATQ .... DYSON, JAMES H. ,.... ....,. . V EIIIQIIHAIIIIT, JAMIIS G. XII, .... EIIWAIIDS, J. L. KA ........ EIJWAIIIIS, JoHN S. ATQ ...., EHIII.IcH, RAYMOND IDEA V EI.I.Is, C. HAYWAIIII ATU EI.I.IS, RICHAIIII B. ............. EMMANUEI., MICHEL G. EX .... ENNICIS, WII.I.IAM H. ZLDE ..,., V EPIII-rs, FIIANCIS E. ....... . EIINST, DoNAI.u 0. B911 .... FAKES, RoIII:Irr D. .,..,,..., . FANNING, J. NovNI:S ITKT. .. 'I I A W ' ...x I.Y3, j1k- . I , 7'-',f...lIy.2.I,,5.. ' af .WF-vii ,X . 5. ' 'lxffjt N3 Ugg" -. A.-Q. .A . . 3111211 . 1 LF- I , . .. ., - I ".,.4.....a.I . . .West Palm Beach ,,,..........Tampa . . . . , ,Gainesville . . . . .Jacksonville ...,...MiaIIIi .........Miami . . . .St. Augustine .......Bunnell . . .Jacksonville . . . . .Melbourne . . . . .Jacksonville . , . . .Jacksonville ........Emporiu . . ..,. Mt. Pleasant ..............MiaIni Louisville, Kentucky ,.,.....Tampa . , . . .Jacksonville . . . . .SL Petersburg . . . . .Melbourne . . . . . .Palmetto . . . . .Jacksonville . , . . . . .Tavares . .. .. .Sanford . . . . .Plant City . . .Lake City . . . . . .Lakeland . . .Crescent City . . ,Wei-It Palm Beach .,..........Miami . . .Tarpon Springs . . . . . . .Alachua . . . .Tallahassee .. . . , . .Miami . . . . . . .Chielland . . . . .Jacksonville 1741 JUNIOR CADE FARABEE, ALLEN W. ........ . FARMER, THOMAS G. KA.. . FAULDS, VINCENT R. .,..... . FAWSETT, EDWARD H.. . , . FIEI.D, W. JULIEN EX ..,.. FIERROS, JULIEN M. ...,.... . .. . . .FL Myers Ft. Lauderdale . . . .Clearwater . . . .Gainesville Ft. Lauderdale .Havuna, Cuba FISHER, LEONARD M. IPBA. .. .... Miami Beach Fl.l+ITCHEll, THOMAS B.. . , . FLETCHER, WILLIAM S.. . . . FOSTER, CHARLES E. ....... . FRATES, WILLIAM S. QKT.. FRAZIER, HOMER C. B9II.. FRIEDIIERG, MORTON A. QBA FROHOCK, KENT S. ........ . FRY, HARRY E. IIKKI1 .,,.. FULLER, BENJAMIN C. Y. .... . FUSSELL, DAVID T. KA ,... GARLE, JOHN D. IIKA .... GALE, H. FREDERICK. . . GARIILER, PAUL TEKP .... GARDNER, GORDON W. EIDE. . .. GARRETT, HAll0l.ll .,,....... GAYNOR, MIl.TON OBA .,... Gmus, WILLIAM W. IIKA. GLAZIER, RUSSELL C... GODMAN, ROIIER1' R.. . . . GODWIN, GEORGE D. ........ GOHEEN, ROBERT M. ATG.. GOMEZ, MANUEL ..... . C00l.l-JY, J. T. ATQ .... . . . GORDON, HAROI.D M. ........ GRAIILE, THEODORE J. 'DAG . . . .Greensboro . ..Bartow . . . .Ft. Myers ........MiaIni .Coral Gables . . .Jacksonville .St. Petersburg ..,.....Miami . . .Tallahassee .......MiaIni .....Luke City . . .Jacksonville . . . .Miami Beach .........Lutz .. .Haines City , . .... Miami Beach , . . .Gainesville . . . . .Tampa ........Miami . . . .Avon Park .SL PUt0l'SlNll'g . . . . Miami , .......... Wildwood J . . . . . . . .West l. alm Beuvll . .Tampa GRAEI-ISLE, Al.liEIl'l' W. IPAQ ...Jacksonville GRAHAM, HERIII-:R1' H. ...... ...... N urunju GRAHAM, JOHN E. ......,... . . .Jacksonville GRAHAM, LEWIS W. IIKA. .... Gainesville Q' li v e . itil ' Avidgizf i' ' 'I . -' 'Wifi Gill-iii f4E."'if .I ' 5 ' v lvl' 6 ' iIZs'..f-ir' I' W. JUNI .,,,,6.,,,.T YQ! 'f-.J . an-w 'Q Q! 'HE ,I OR A A l .vi . . nv, fo , i an I inf? i 451' ti Q ., Y ,. . K. 5 lil, W :rj 2 E Af A 3 ww.. m:Qk4.,,5Q::g-,N . an... 1 M W 151 A i U C DE IIC GRAY, HOWARD H., . . GREEN, ALVIS G... . GREEN, CURTIS J. ,.,, GREEN, WINTON G... V GllEENlll.A'l"I', LEONAIIII Bu'I'cII TEID .... . GREEII, HOWAIIID W. ...4...........,. .. GREGORY, DONN GX ,..,.... GIIESIMER, ROIIEIIT E. AXA .... V GRIFFITH, DONALII P. BSU. . . GIIIMES, GEORGE R. KZ .,., GRIMES, WILLIAM C. ,,.. . Gaoss, ELMICR W. V GUNTICII, HICIIMAN KA ,.,. l'IALIlRO0K, NOAII J. .. HAI.lE, FRED J. A241 .. I-IAI.I.MAN, CLIE'I'oN H.. ., V HAl.SPIY, NORMAN C.. . . . . . IIALSEY, WILLIAM B. ..,..,.... . HAMME1"I', THOMAS F. MDE. . , . I'IAMON, BURIIELI. F. UAE. . . V l'lANG, CORNELIUS C.. . . HARIIOLII, GEORGE J. ..,,,. . HARIIWICIC, JOE O. ZIIIE .,.. HAIIFOIRII, FREDERICK S.. .. V HARRISON, KENNETI-I F. AXA .... HARRISON, WILSON H. .....,,... . I'IART, PAUL P. EIDE ,,.,..... HAll1'MAN, EUGENE D. fbA6 .... V HATTAWAY, JULIEN D. SX .... HAWKINS, HAROLD M. ,.,.... . IJEIDT, WEIISTER B. ,....,......,.. . HIGLVENSTON, MARGAlKliT C. AAA. . . V HENICFII., CI-IIIIs'rIAN L.. ,. HlCNNlNG'l'0N, JOSEIII-I F... I'IENSON, PAUL G. ,..... . HFIWITT, ROIIICIVI' S... . ..........MianIi St. Petersburg ...,. ...Baldwin . . .Greensboro . . . .Miami Beacll .Howey-in-the-Hills ...........TaInpa . , . . Jacksonville . . . .SL Petersburg West Palm Beach . . . . . . . . .Palmetto . . .Coral Gables . . . .Tallahassee . . . . .Alachua . .. .. . . .Tampa . . . , .Jacksonville . . . .SL Petersburg . . . .Terra Ceia . . . . .Orlando . . . Miami . . .Miami Beach . ., .... Lake Worth . . .Daytona Beach . . . .Jacksonville .........Geneva ...........MiltOn . . .Ormond Beach .. . . . . .Gainesville .........TanIpa . . . .Lake Worth ......,Dania . . . ,Ocala . . . . . .Miami ........Tampa . . . ,Palm Valley . . . .Gainesville I I il l I il l JUNIOR ACAD HEYMANN, ANDREW P. ,... HIRONS, FRIED M. fbA0 ,,... HZIRSCH, GEORGE W. ......, HOIJRINS, JACK M. KZ! .... Honns, GREGORY J. AEG! ..... H0l.l.0WAY, CHESTER C., .. Hoon, AUBURN D. ....... HOOKER, Cl-IARLE5 P... HOUSTON, WlCSl.P1Y M.. , . HOWE, HARMON V. KE .... HOWELL, JOHNNY L. ........, . Howl-:I.l., WILLIAM E. QPKA, . . HOWISON, HENRY S.. . . HUCCINS, GEORCE T. ,....... HUGHES, JAMES W. .......... . HUMPHIIIES, BERT W. QDKT.. HUNTPIIK, IIAIKOLD R. ,,,. , . . . IIUSZAGH, VICTOR C. BAE. . . HYRNE, CLARENCE F. ..... . INCLIS, RAl.l'l'I B. A'l'S2, . , ISRAEL, GICOIKGIC A. EN. . . IVY, WILLIAM R. ,.,. ..,. , . JACKSON, AI.llElK'l' J. ,......., . JACOHY, Wll.l.lAM E. 'l'EfI2. .. JOHNSON, JOHN M. .,.. . JOHNSON, JOHN S. Nb ...,. JOHNSON, Ll.oYn L. ...... . vy: JONEs, l'lAll0l.D G. ... ..... JONES, THOMAS ll. KA ..,. KARNmAo NATHAN Tlidv ..,.. 5 KARRAN, l:H0llQE ....,..,.. KEARNEY, FRANCIS BAE. .. KEEFE, Joan .KA .... KEENEQLESTICR F. ......, . KENNEIJY, RAYMOND L.. . . KIMBALL, Wll.l.IAM L., . . 177. .,.- .,,, .,,.... ,.,...............Orlando . ............... ,Jacksonville . . . .Muskegon Heights, Mich. . ...........,...... Orlando . . ,Gainesville . . . . . . . .Clermont ..........Caryville NVeSt Palm Beach . . , . .Winter Park West Palm Beach . , . . .Panama City Montgomery, Ala . . . ,Jacksonville . . , . . .Alachua . . .. . .Miami . . . .Orlando . . . . . . Gainesville W4:St Palm Beach ..........,Miami . .Jacksonville .. . . .Tampa . . . . ,Lakeland .. Jupiter ...,Miami . . . . .Gainesville ...Plant City .....,l.argo . . . .Miami . . . . , .Wauehula . . . ,Jacksonville . . .Safety Harhor .. . . . . . .Tampa . . . . . . . .Tampa . . .SL Petersburg . . . . . St. Cloud , , .Bradenton F 'vimglm CR ACAD KING, HlI.TON L.. . . KING, JAMI-:s N. ...... . KING, Jm'roN ATU .... KING, WII.I.IAM F. .... . V KlllKl.ANll, ERNEST R. .... . KlllTl.FIY, JAMES D. EX ,,,.. KITCHEN, LnI.ANIr J. ...,. . KI.oos, THOMAS A.. . . . V KI.UEPPl'1l.llI+IRG, EDGAR H. 22d1E. KNOTTS, ToIvI Xfb ........... Koen, THEODORE F. .... . KOCH, UIIIIAN T. BBII. .. V KIIoI., WAl.TFIR J. ......,.., KIIoNaNrsI.n, .JOHN 'l'Efb , . . KUMMER, HUGO J. ........ , LANDY, AI.vIN D. IPBA. . . . V LAssI'rIaII, CHAIII.I-:s Ii. ZX .... LIcAvI-:NGoon, CI-IAIII.I-is R. ATU Lal-IIIMAN, AI.IIsII'r M. TEfb . .. . . .. LEMAN, WII.I.IA1vI M. ..... . V LnoNAIIn, Roalawr B. K2 LI:vI':NsoN, EMANUEI. MIA . . . LIevI-:N'rI-IAI., WlI.l.lAM MIA . . . LIavIN, Flmu 'l'E4r ........... V LEVITCH, S'rANI.Icv B. '1'Edv . . LEWIS, AI.nI-:Irr M. EN ...... LInImI.I., WALTER W. B611 . LI'r1'I.mJoI-IN, CI-IAnI.Ia H. IIKA V LOCKIC, RAYMOND G. . .. LoGAN, llI:NIIv C. ATS! LONG, JACK B. QA!-J LoIII:Nz, ERNEST .. V LUCAS, DWIGHT E. AFP McCAI.I., MYIION W. ...., MCf.lAUl.EY, BISHOP ........ McCUI.I.ouGI-I, JOHN QAO .... :.f,w f: f ' Wi 7:4 A. .vii ."1-"1.I'W.5s. 'NI ' U 355' H , , f g :Igf'E'9 . 1 I-Af:'z.2'2'a. tw-. Mi ati.. 'f .m,x?.-wv 'ea .Ap W... 15 'w. .4,.f- .41-if ,, cf. 1,.f,f' , A- I' ULF' .A '. " .ui.1,.m,N ww. .- "wa:-" 'v' H1:f64fLf'3 -.I 'wwf'-. I' M IKMZ ? ' !i2 M'9 "5'' fwufp.f1ZF1"5 Wfflisiiif :Q 4: E IC . . .Jacksonville . . .Jacksonville ........Tampa . . . . .Windsor . . . . .Tampa ........Miami . . . .Gainesville . . . .Lakeland . . . . .FL Pierce . . .Yankeetown . . .Chicago, Ill Daytona Beach . . .Favorita . . .Miami . . . .Palatka . . .Pensacola . . . .Gainesville .St. Petersburg .Miami Beach . . .Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale Daytona Beach . . . .Miami Beach . . .Jacksonville ........MianIi . .Panama City . . .Jacksonville . . . Clearwater .SL Petersburg . . . . .Lakeland . . . . .Miami . . . . .Mohawk . . . .Bradenton ......Brewton . . .Jacksonville . . .Jacksonville 1781 JUNIOR CADE MACDONAI.Il, ALECK F. ...,. . MCDONAl.lD, FRED D. ......... . McDoNAI.D, MAllSHAl.l. ATO. . . McDoNI-:I.I., CHARLES D.. . . . . . V MCl'lARl.ANIl, JAMES D. EIDE. . . McGAHEY, BEN C. BAE. .. .. MCGAUGHEY, RICHARD E. AXA ,... MCCEE, LoTUs H. A243 ........ 7 MCGIIATH, TED GX ....,...... MCINTOSH, CHARLES A. fIrKT.. McKAY, JOHN A. ATS! ....... MCKINNEY, JOHN H... .. V MCLAUGHl.lN, JOSEPH J.. . . . MCLAULIN, DOUGLAS P. . . MCLEOD, MAYNARD M. EX ..., MARRY, PAUL H. ............ V MACEY, RAILEY W. ..... . MAI.l.ETT, NORMAN ......... MAIIKS, CHARLES F. IIK9 ..,. MAIITIN, ARTHUR L. ...... . V MARVIN, H. K. BAE ..... MASTERS. JAMES M. .... ..... MAXWELL, JAMES E. ATU ..... MAY, DON F. KA ........ . . V MAY, JUDGE J. ..,,,,,,,,,...... MENDELSON, SIDNEY W. TE41 . MEIICER, CI.AUDE J. ZN ..,..... MlcHAEl'9 Roy E. ........ . V M'K'1l'3lt, PAUL . MlI.F2S, SAM P. M"""'3R, JJUGH I . M""'EN, ROIIERT C. fbK'l' .... V Mm-ER, WILLIAM D.. .. M""'l'3R. WlI.l.IAM G ENE"-LS, BAIIRER C. fl-IKT. . . . IMMS, JOHN M. .... . 179' . . . . , . .Clearwater ,.......WauclIula West Palm Beach . . . . . .High Springs . . .Daytona B8l:l4'l'l ..........MianIi . . . .Clearwater . .. .Lake Worth .....Ft. Myers . . . .Dade City ......TlllllpLl . . . .Holopaw . . . . .Pensacola . Mulberry . . . . .Aueilla . . . .Plant City . . .Homestead . . . . .St. Cloud , . . . .Apalaehieola West Palm Beach . . .Clearwater . . . .Newport . . . .Gretna . . .Quincy . . . .Jacksonville . . . .Tallahassee . . . , . . .Miami . . . .Lake Wortli . . . . . . .Oviedo . . . .Jueksonville . , . .Jac-ksonville . . .SL Petersburg . . . . ,Jacksonville .. St. Petersburg . . . . . . .Plant City . . . . .Oeala An? . My I ' Q' L, A Y I X ,,.-......,,.1 JUNIO A nfl! .4 X CADE MINOR, RALPH L. -bK'l'. .. Mmo RunoI.I-H M. f .. MI1'c1-II':I.I., EnwAIIn F. ATA... Ml1'CHI'Il.l,, JAMES W. ,....... V MlTCHP1l.l., LOIIIIY W. AFP.. MIZIKAHI, JOE M. 'l'E1h .... . Moons, FIIANcIs R. EQJE .... Moonn, HoI.MI:s B. .,,.,. . V MOOIKIE, RICHAIIII I. ATA ..... M0o'rv, A. FIIASIEII ...,,..... MOIIGAN, Glconcn E. Xfb ., . Monms, WILLIAM T. EN. . . V MOSI.EY, AIITIPIUII C. KE .,.. MUIQLLIQII, IIENRY R. .... , MUl.I.lNS, L. D. ATS? ...,. MUI.I.lS, CLYDE M. .... . V NELSON, E. JACK ..... .. NFIWEl.l., CI-IAIII.I:s T.. . . Non, GUY T. .......,. , Nomus, Wll.l.lAM A. .... V 0,KEI.l.P1Y, EnwAIIn B. fIvK'1f,.. OPP, CAIII. B. .,....,.,..,...,. . OIIMs'I'oN, AI.IfIII:n J. Bl-JH OVHRMAN, CIIAIILIcs H., Jn. fbK'I' V Oxlfonn, JIMMIE T. IIKIII ..,. PAncI':'r'r, DAN C. ..,...,.... PANKICN, ALIfnI:I1 B. 4213A ,,.. PAIIIcIf:II, AI.mII:n B. Bl-HI... V PAIIIIAMOIIII, JIMMY I". KE .... PATRICK, JosI-:PH P. HAZ ,,.. PA'rTIcIIsoN, JOHN A. GKN ..... PI-:AIIsoN, CHAIILI-rs R. .....,. . V PEARSON, RALPH ...,.,,.,.,.. PENNELI., WILLIAM L. Ahifb... PETERSON, A. HAIIIIINI: ...,... Pwrrv, WILLIAM H., JII. , ,. . .,,..,.,,... IC . , . .SL Peterslnurg . ,. , . . , Tanipu ...,.Miumi . . . .Mulberry . . .FL Meade . . .Jacksonville . . . .Hawthorne . . .Jueksonville Miami . . . .Winter Haven Miami . . .Tampa .. . ,Punulnu City . . . . .Leesburg . . , .FL Myers . . .Tampa ...........Lantunu .West Palm Beucll ,Hurlun, Kentucky ..,.........TuInpa . . .Jacksonville ..........Tampu .. . St. Petersburg .....,., llagdad . . . .Leesburg I ....,..,1al1okee . ..,. Jacksonville .......Miumi . . . . . . . .Tullullussee . . . . . . . . .Pensacola Jacksonville Beuell ....,.....,SanforIl , . . .Sanford . . .. .Miami .. . . . .Sebring . . .Jacksonville 5 li YW! Y.: 8 0 'iiL. E l , ,. . . . ' ia- V: V 1 .QQ , ,,,. vp, G' .I :L'.1.wL JUNIOR ACAD I,l'I'l"I'Y.I0l-IN, SAM JACK . . . 1'Hll.l.1vs, SAM ll. -DAO .,.. Pu-Es, CAIKROLI. IJ. ..4.. . Plvl'laN, 0'r'rls L. Al'l'. . . . V PLANK, DoNAl.o K.. .. .. .. PLA'I"I', CAHIKOI. Al.'l'0N AX, . . . P0l.l.Ann, JAMI-IS J., . . . , . , . l'oa'r, JOHN liI.YIlI-I KE . .. V Poucxmca, Am.:-:N Louis EX ,.,. PIIIGICII, JOHN RANDOLPII ,.,,... Palvl-:'r'r, JAMES Kms:-:Y AXA . . QUINA, Ill-:mu-:a'r Rum.. MAE. . . .,..,...lu1'ksonvill1- . . . .l"l. Smilll, Ark. Miami . . .Va-rnon . . . ,Ze-pliyrllills . 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SALSISURY, LEONARD W. ..., v SAT'l'I'IllWl-lI'l'I'I, ROI!!-IRT lSIcNNr:1'T. . , SAwYIcR, EARL MORIICJW .......... SCIIAUII, XVILLIAM CI-IAIILI:s ...,.. ScovII.I.Ic, RAYMOND ISANKICR, JR. V SCOIKGIN, E. DUDLHY ,... . SI-IIPP, JOHN S., JR. .,.,. ..,.. SIMONSON, GIcoIu:I': L. .....,....,. SIMPSON, THOMAS BLAIR Illifll., V SIMPSON, HOIII-:IIT LINCOLN ..... SIMS, CROIIOI: E. ...,..,...., . SINGIIII, LEON. -DBA ......... SISTRUNK, LOUIE WILSON ..... V SMITH, ll. Nlill. TAO ,,...... SMITH, JULIAN VIaIII:IcN. KA. . . SMITH, LAWIIRNCI: S. ATU ..... SNIQTMAN, Lows I". TBA ,... V E IC KE ..... SPRIRS, DONALD TAIT .,....,......, STAMIBAUGH, Jane LONG, JII. AFP, .. STANTON, CURTIS l'lI-INDICRSON ,.... S1'I':ARNs, JAMI-:s E. .,..,.,.... V STIaI'HI':Ns, l"LI:TeIII:R l'l0S'l'Ell .... STI-:vI:Ns, IKIQ BIKACKIN, JR. BAE. STEWART, J. RUFUS B1-III .....,., S'l'IiAlGH'l', JAeOII I". ,..... . V STIKOH, OSCAR H. .,..,....,., . SUGARMAN, MICYEII LEWIS, JR.. .. SWANN, FRANKLIN W. fI1K'l' .... SWOOPE, RoIII:II'r Liar: IIKIII .,.. . . . .Jacksonville . . . , .Coral Cables .,.....,..Williston Green Cove Springs New SIIIyrnII Beach ............Sanford . . . . . . .Jacksonville . . .Port Tampa City , ....... Sebring . . . .Lynn Haven ............Tampu . , . . .Daytona Beach . . . .Bradenton . . . . . . .Greenville . . . .St. Petersburg . . . .Jacksonville . . . .Madison . . . . , .Miami . . .Gainesville . . .Williston . . .Gainesville . . . . . . . .Tallahassee . .WaslIington, D. C. .......,...Miami . . . .Miami Beach . . . , . . . .Auburndalc . . . . .FL Lauderdale ..West Palm Beach . . . . .Alachua , . . .Miami . . . .Milton . . . .Miami . . .Gainesville ..........Pensacola ,.........Lakeland New Smyrna Beach 1 Z 8 2 JUNIOR ACADE IC SULLIVAN, EUI:ENE li. 24115 ..... TALLY, SIIINI-:Y K. ATU .... TANSIEY, JOHN B. .,.... . TAYLOR, THEODOIIE R.. . . V TILGHMAN, Joi-IN Q., JR. ..,. ToIIsoN, THOMAS K. ,..... ,, TOIIEALETI, JAMES P. AVI' .. . TOLANII, WILLIAM J., JR. ..,. . V TRAI-'I-'oIIn, A. II., JR. KE ..,. TRAINA, JOHN L. ........ ,...... . TREAIIWAY, CI-IE:-:TER B., JR. AT!! TRUSKI-:1'1', TJARVIC E. ..,... , . . . V T'-WFS, JoHN M. AX ....... TUCKI-:R, GILIIEIIT A. AVI' ,.... TULLY, CHARLES J., JR. APP .... ULMHN, W. KEITH .... ..... V VAN BIIUNT, TOM JJYIKD 22N .... VAUGHAN, PAUL J. ...,..,.... . VAUSE, L. EnwARn ....,... VUILLEMIN, ALEXANIIER C.. . . V' WADSWOR1'H, MP1Itl.Ii M.. . . . WMTS, WILLIAM E., JII. ..., WAl.I,ACPT, JOHN B. EX ..... WALLACE, NVALIDO W. .. V NVALKICR, ToM li. Xflf. . . WARREN, JOHN B. ......., . WARREN, JOHN C. B911 .... WATKINS, JOHN B. :ZX .... T WATSKJN, RICHARD B. BAE .... WEAVER, JAMES M. .......... . WEINTIIAUIJ, HAIIIKY .......... XVEISIGI-ZR, GRAHAM P. :BAE ..,. V WELCH, ERNEST W. .,.,.. . WENDT, RAPH E. IIKKD .. . WERNICKE, JULIUS F., JR.. ,. WERNICKE, ROGER M.. . , . I 8 3 . . .. Miami . . .Tavares . , . .Miallli , . .Leesburg ...........MiUllli . . .SL Petersburg .Port Tampa City .....Jueks0nville . . .Cocoa . . . .Tampa . . . . Tavares .. ,Gainesville , . . .Orlando . . . liunnell . , . .Bradenton ...,...Largo . . . .Tallahassee . . . . . . .Bradenton . . , . . . . .Williston West Palm Beach . . . .. . .Tampa . , .Hawthorne ..........T8lllpll Pillllllllil City . . .Winter Haven ........Miami . . . .Dunnellon . . . .Micanopy , . . . . .Miami . . . . . . .LCCSJHIFE .......Key West Daytona Beach ., . . Marianna .. . Jacksonville . . . ,Pensacola . . . , .Pensacola Vi.-.... .-..-.... , , -.1 Ii., I A W J A 4 ' ' '5i1rW.W'?Jt.Eak UNIO A fi .ff 555 2122 'Ku F t V I-W 4 A 54 WEIITZ, MAYNAIIII Z. ,.,., ..... WHITOOMII, AIIIIIAN II. .....,... . WIII'I'I-:I-IIIAII, HIOI-IAIIII H. IIAPJ. .. WHlTPJHUItS'l', VIVIAN E., Jn.. .. V WPll'I'INlI, JAMI-:S li. ..... ,4... . WHl1'MAN, WILLIAM F. EIIIE .... WICKI-zu, IIIUS Q. IIKIII ...... WIOOIN, Al.IIIf:II'I' A. ...... . V WILII, WlI.l.lAM H. BAE ,... Wll.KlNS, ROI-1 H. ..,I..,,,,... WILKINS, WOOIIIIOW W. ZEN ..,. WILKINSON, JACK. .,........ . T XVILKINSON, ROGER I... , . WINOIIESTIJII, LOUIS . . XVING, JOHN D. fIvK'l' ,,.. WILSON, DON II. AVP. . . V WILLIAMSON, EIIWAIIII C. . . .. WOLFSON, WILIPIUIII W. Tldflf ,... WOOIIIIIQIW, THOMAS I-I. EN .,.,. WOIIKMAN, ROIIIQIIT V. ATS2. . . . V WOIISHAM, RIOIIAIIII A. NAB. . ,. WRIOIIT, DON M. ,..,..,...... . WIIIKIPIT, RIOIIAIIII 0. ,..,.. XVRIGHT, RUSSELL A. fbK'l'. , . V XVIKIGHT, wlILl.lAM E. GKN .,,.. WYNNE, MIIIAS T. IIKfb .,... WYNNIG, 0. BOYD 'DAO ,... YAMAUCHI, YOSHIKAZU .. . V YnI:, HowAIm R. IIKGI .... YON, P. L. dum' ..,...,. YOUNG, GIQOIIOII T. 2IfbE, . . . l'1Ul.l,ER, WALLACE F.. . . , v FAIIIIICK, ELMOIIE K.. . . . IJYKHS, .l. N., Jn. LANIC, FRANK L.. ., NF ,I ....., -L -. .- - .M ..,. .I IC . . . .Luke Worth .. . . . . .Umutillu . . . .Annu Muriu ....WilliStOIl .......Cainesvillu . . . .Miami IIGIICII ....,,.......MiuIIIi . . , .C0t'0lllll Grove . . . ,Jacksonville . . . , .Luci-Ilrurg . , . . .Punsucolxn ...Clliclluml ,......JIIpitI-r . . . . .Tullxlhusscc . . .Wintasr Purk . . . . . . ,Bartow . .. Atlantic Bench . . . , . . . ,Lxlkcluml ...........TuInpII . . .SL Put:-rslillrg . .. .... Juvksonvillu . . .,....,.,.. LyIIn Huvun . . . . .MOntgOIncI'y, Alulnumu Bust Orungc, Now JI-rsvy . . . . .Ncwlncrry ........EustiS .,.....,.Tumpu . . , .Miami Bcucli . .,.. Leesburg . . . . .Tulluhusscu . , . .Vero BOIIIIII . . .Clcnrwntcr . . .Guincsvillc . . . . .Huvunu . . , .Tumpu 1 8 41 1 0m Zhanlw THE STAFF of the 1938 SEMINOLE well realizes that without the counsel, aid and cooperation of a great many other people this book could never have been transformed from abstract plans to a reality. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the following who have contributed much to the publica- tion of this volume: To DR. IQOKOMOOR an.d the Board of Student Publications for the splendul cooperation which they gave us this yearg 'to FRED GILBERT, the ever-helpful Secretary to the Board g to ED HAWIQINS, our artist, for our artwork, unique to Floridag to MR. OGLESBY, MR. HAY and MR. VAN Sc1vER of the H. 81 W. B. DREW COMPANY for their aid and advice in printingg to MR. W. M. MATTHEWS of the Tampa Daily Times Engraving Department for his excellent aid, necessitating many trips between Gainesville and Tampag to IQENNETH SKAGGS for his helpful sugges- tions for the feature sectiong ALAN AND FRANK ANDERSON for their cooperation in getting the pho- tography so vital to the book, and to others which space prohibits nam ing. -THE EDITOR BOCK 1-'-A ffm Q' ,. fl Www -Q-A+s3"" ' W. " 1. - 5.5 J-5 nw 453151-D335 vu- 41' sW'IhN'lli'1.tE9fSl!U'LI'NfSlSuP' T H R E E af-va.'-vvuAa.MN-Pfuvnwvmuflrv-P-l. . ' -'-11"-N"v-2""-P""K'W"V""""""'n""""""""n"""' 'Q- NX Y -H 'Nw GENERAL COLLEGE !"'x7VW? HB? YL -'1"""'l" -'ir .:ff.f..fl.k. Q4 DW, an 6551.1 :M rife 11.4 4, 3.-.IUMA .1 "M Sv'v-rLx'rI.- urn-9 Q4 rp.-v 4.10- gy-pg. 9.-v-1-g:1.,g rr'Q,j'4,l4x-' MMM . nur-'xl-'H ' I EZRWT'-.r .ffdfffwf-.. . . . AV Vg- . f-N '- . -. -, . -. 91.1'vvx-uAJ'.:f0--I-ui '.'ew-me rl: il -A- SOPHOIVIORE CFFICERS LESTER Poucmsn ,.,., , . ,...... I'residunl SAMUEL S. SADLER, Jn., . . ,...,.,. Vice Presidenr JOHN HAMILTON ,,.,. .,., S vcrvlary-'l'rvasur1:r 1881 U K 'd Q SOP Asn, P. B. X-D ,...... Aslan-iw, Il. E. Xfb ...,. ATKINSON, W. ll. . . AUSTIN, IVl.wn1r:l-1 ll. li AvAN'r, ll. A. .... . BAm:l':n, W. IL. ,..... BAn.l':Y, R. J. HATE. .. BAK:-zu, I.. G. ,...., . Bfucmu, R. J. .. Bfxnco, J. N. ........,. . BARNEIQT, E. II. TEQP.. ISARNHILL, E. , . . . . . Bfumow, I.. R. ,.... . BAn'rl.l-:T'r, B. IIKA, . , BASS, J. S. ..,....,... . IIAYNAIKD, II. 'l'. A'l'S2.. IIEAUCI-IAMP, W. A.. . . . Blcnwl-:l.l., M. D. QM-J. . Iilclcus, S. l'. 'DM-J ,,.. lilflhl., E. W. EX A HOMCRE . .,... I"l. I.umlul'1lulc . . .llvlfuniuk Springs ...........Umutillu ....IVIiumi V .. . . .NIL Plcusunl .. . . . . .Hastings . . . . . .0rluml0 . . . .llivrson V . , . .l'lunovcr, Pu. . .,,. Gainesville .. , ,Jacksonville .. . . , .Ilukvr V . . . .Pcnsucolu . . . . , . Orlumlo ...........,.IVIiumi .. .SL Putcrslmrg V . . . . . . .Wil1l1wr Huvon . . . . .Fort Smith, Ark. . . . . . .Evnnslon, Ill. .. . .Cruwfordvillu 89' ,ACOS'l'A, S. IC. ADAM:-A, W. I.. AIIICLSUN, li. Il. Almlvls, J. I". ..... , Eflfl 'rm- w Anmzu, J. II. fl-lu Al.llIlIiCH'I', J. li. ALLEN, W. II. .... . Anvmucz, J. C. ANmcns,' C. I.. ANDICIISON, C. ANm:ns0N, Il. ANIIICIISON, M. ANDICRSON, 0. ANDERSON, R. ANDERSON, W. Anclbucn, ll. . AnMs'rn0Nc:, J AnMs'rnuN4:, P. AnNoi.n, J. N. All'l'HUR, J. l'. U IIKKIP .. EX IVI. CIIAI L. UK IC.. . .. J.. .. R IA E .... ..... N .... .. . . . . .Juvksonville Quincy . .NVQ-sl Palm BI'1ll'Il ... ... ...Tumpu . , . .llzlylunu lla-uvll .. .. Guilwsvillu . .,,.. Pincllu .. . Tampa . . . . . . . Iilounlsluwn NV1-sl l'ulm Bt'lll'Il ,.........IVIiumi . . . Uclussu .. . . . . ,. .Englvwooml . . . . . .SL Pun-rslmrg North Miami licucli . .Howvy-in-tlm-Hills . . . . Jzufksonvillc . ., Sl. Augustim- . . . . Grovclunal . . . Iiruclumon ACADEMIC BERMAN, I. W. TE41.. Br:'r1'ls, R. W. EN ,.., BEVIS, B. ,.,....... . BIGGER, C. H. ,.... . Blccs, H. K. ....,,.,.. , BINGHAM, B. G. .,.,.. ' , Bl.AN1'oN, J. R. BAE. Boorn, E. W. ...,,.. . BOYD, C. l'2. B611 .... BOYD, ll. T. IIKA BozoR'rH, C. L. ,.,,.. ., BllACKl'1T'l', A. F. ATS2. BRADFORD, R. ll. AXA ...,. . liR,un.r:Y, JACK EX ,...... .. BRAIN.:-:Y, J. R. ,,..... . Baum, B. W. AE41. . . Bamcizs, S. S. A'l'Q ,... BIKIGGS, E. E. .,...,.. . BIIINSON, S. S. KA ..., BIKOOKI-I, D. L. .... . . , . , ,Crestview . . . . . .Tampa . , . . .liascom , . . ,Gainesville . . , .Barlvcrville . . . . .Pensacola .,......Minmi . . , .Plant City . . . . . .Lccshurg . . . . . .Jacksonville . ..,..... Gainesville West Palm Beach . . . . . . ,Carrahcllc . . . . . . .Gainesville Sweetwater, Tenn. . .......... Alachua . , . ,Blountstown ..,.....0rn-sino . . , Madison . , . ,Seville I N R w SCPHOMORE ACADEMIC Bnoolcs, C. . .. BROOKS, W. B. ....... BROWN, B.. .......,... . BROWN, ll. B. 'DAQ ...,. BRYAN, W. ISI., JR. ....,. . BRYANT, L. A. lIKA,. BUNKLICY, J. W. KA ...... Buuxnalurr, R. W. EX ...., BUIIKI-lAllD'I', V. L. EX ,,.. BURNS, T. M. ..., . . .. BUTLI-Ill, A. L. .... BU'rl.r:R, J. R. ..... Bu'r'r, N. A'l'S2 ,..,.,,. BYIKNICS, G. M. 1I1A0. . . CANllI'Il.l+I'l', J. F. BQII.. flAN'l'llI'Il.I., l". H. ZIAE, CAI-0, M. T. ....,.. . CAm.soN, 0. I. AX CARI.'roN, L. V. AX. . .. CAYCE, W. ll. ,........ . ....Mount Dora . . . . .Tallahassee . , . .Jacksonville ,... .SL Augustine .........,Palatka ..........0rlund0 Montgomery, Ala. West Palm Beach West Palm Beach ... . . .Lake Worth .......Schring . . . .Plant City .. . , . . . ,Orlando . . . .SL l.'etcrn-slmrg . . . .SL Pctcrslmrg . . . ,Gainesville . . . .Cuincsvillc . . . .Winter Park . . . . . .Wauchnla . . . .Jacksonville I C 4 l 1 I 1 I 1 K ,l 1 A B 4 12- if 1, Q fW O jx 1 W1 A ' f . Q V49 t I A l V v l w l0CHllAN, D. D. .. C lICCll., T. A. AXA. . . HALKICII, H. E. EAI HAMIH-1lll.lN, W. G. ..... HAMIIICRS, W. L. ,.... . ..... l-lAI'I'l'1I.l., I". C., .. HASTAIN, H. M. .... Hlufs, S. H. ..... ll.AN'I'0N, I.. li.. . . max, H. R. ......., Mus, H. l'. EX .,.. l.r:oHonN, E. BQII ..... .. . Lunns, li. A. EX. .. olm, C. C. ,.... ouv, R. W. .,..... . ODY, R. S. X41 .... l0Hl'lN, A. J. .... Iol.r:MAN, J. D. .... ou., J. A. ......... . omrzn, P. A. EX. .. M... . .. Eagle Luka . .. .Dunne-llon .. . . ,SL Cloud Princeton, Fla. .. .. Manatca- . .Now Smyrna ...,.....,...Orlando .. ..... D4-Funiak Springs Cm-onut Grove- . ..,. Miami Bean-ll . licatling, Pa. . .Panama City . , , , . . .Milton . ,. .Clvarwata-r . . . . . .Bunnell . .. .Frostproof . . . Pa-turslmrg , . . .Dude lilly .SL Putt-rslmrg Miami SOPHOMORE ACADEMIC C0Mv1'oN, J. T. ADI- ..., CONKl.lNu, V. li. ..,.. . CoNl.r:H, W. I". ,.... . CONRAD, W. E..- V C0'r'rai:m., J. ll. ATS! .... , CUUNSEN, W. ll. ....... COWMVIG l". M. ....... . COW'-HS. I-'. I.. EN .... . 7 Clmmz, J. D, ,,,., A Cnuvl-:LxNu, C, J,, , H CULVHIL J. C. .... . Culrrls, IJ. C. ,. V' CUSIIMAN, lf. ll. ATA ..,.. LUSHMAN, li. A. Am ..... lMl.l-1, R. E. ..,.,,.,,.., , DASHEII, J. li.. .. .. V "Avis, A. ...,. ,,.... . DMS, fs. ....,...... . DAWN, H. G. nm: ..,.. DAWSON, .l. M. mm ..... '91 . . Orlando . . . . .Titusvillc . . . .Sarasota . . . , .Tavares . . . , . . .Leesburg .Daytona licuuli ....Haines City . . . . . .Tampa C0llIlllllllS, Ohio .........Miami . . . . . .Miami .. . .Hastings .. . .. .Miami ..,.....Mianli . . . . .KlSSllllIlll'l5 . .. ,. , .Miami Colombia, South Amuris-a .. . . . . .Leesburg .....,...Miami . , .Coral Gables HD DMN, C. W. ,.,.,.,. IDEAN, R. IC. AE-If . DEVANT, l". C. lllifb .. Ill-:wi-:l.l., J. II. KA . . IIr:x'ri-za, W. . . . . DIl.I.Alill, G. V. ,.., . IJOIIARGANI-IS, R. M. .. Doavns, R. S. EX .,.,, DONALD, R. A., .. Dorm, R. W. .... . , , . , . . .Vcr0 IICIIIYII . . .iucksonvillc . . .. ,, .Miami ... Haines City .. ., Unincsvillc . , . . . , .Lakeland , . .Iacksonvillc . . . Jar-ksonvillc ., .Oak Park, Ill. .. . . .Coral Galrlcs l I 94.9.9 Dowunc, ll. I"... ...,.. ....... I Palmetto DUNIIAII, U. I". ZfIfE ..... .,., T ampa DUNLAP, D. I7. BAE .,., ...... .I ucksonvillc K DUNN, W. S. EIDE ...... ,,,,,. I Juylona licacli "' IJUSYNSKI, I". S. Ncw York, N. Y. -4 DYIH-INFORTH, IT. R. IIKA ,.,, ..,... .I ucksonvillc V Q . l'Icf:An'r, J. l'. .,.. .,... I Icnsucolu A " EGGICIKS, S. A. . . .... , .. Sl. Pctcrshurg X - - A, . t a A. R. OX ,..,, .,... I fort Myers Q . . .lh0N, M. I.., ,. . .,. Jcllico, Tcnn. .Il Y f Env, R. L. EN ,.,,.... EMIIIIY, V. M. KA.. EMMANUEI., P. G. ..,... . IQRICKSON, R. A. AX ,... Eas'rI.1Nc, J. H.. . . , Enwm, C. R... M... E1'Hl-Jimmie, P. L. EvANs, A. li. .,.,., EVANS, J. G. .. EVANS, R. P. IDKT .,.. Evmu-:1"r, C. A. ..., .. Ev:-:ln:'1"l', T. ,.., . . Ev:-:ln-:'l"l'lf:, IJ. E. . . , . Ewmc, W. T.. Fir " FISK, P. Il. APP... I"l.l1:MlNc, W. T. IIKA Fl.ic'rcHl':n, IJ. ......... . FLOYD, R. W. .....,.... I"m:An'rv, D. B. TIK41 ..... -.zl., L. A. .,...... .. V V V 'Y 9 2 . . . . . .Miami . . . . .Quincy . . . .Pensacola .. .. .Arcadia .......Miumi Winlcr Havcn , ....., Miami .. . . . .Orlando . Jacksonville .. Dada: Cily ., ..CI1ipIcy . . . .Clliplcy . . . . .Tampa . . , .Orlando . . . .Orlando . . . .Orlando . . . .Pensacola ... ...Bartow . . .Gainesville . .Jacksonville -.lip gf I l"nANKl.lN, W. T. ...... . l"nANKs, A. C. EX ..... FIIIHIIDRICK, J. M. . . . . . l'lIIlNK, R. L. IIKA. .. V l"noMl-:, ll. I". EA E. . . l'lIIO'l'I'IS, J. li. . . . . . . l"ul.l.r:n, E. l'. . . . . . . . l'lUl.l.liIl, W. li. Pi-PE V l'lUSSl+Il.l., J. li. AX . .. GARLAND, J. E. BON ..., GA'I'lf1S, J. ll. BOII ..... GAYl.onn, R. ll. ..... . V limsoN, H. E. .... Gn.l.lAM, R. W.. .. GODFIKICY, S. J. UOI.llS'l'ElN, G. E.. .. V GRAY, J. H. ....... . iillI'IEN, A. l". ...,,..... . . . . . . Gm-:lcNE, T. l.. 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Tallahassee . . . ,Somerset, Pa. . . . , .Clearwater . . . ,Coral Cables West Palm Beach Maplewood, N. J. . , . . . , .Clearwater . . . .Tampa . . . , .Jacksonville ......Jacksonville , , . .Miami Beach .. . .. . . .Tampa ... .Live Oak .....,.Miami . . . . .Ccntcrhill . . . . .Bradenton . . . . .Newberry .......Mialni . . . ,Gainesville . . . . .Jacksonville SOPHOMORE .f ACADEMIC HOAG, W. D. ......... . HOAGLAND, M. F. KE ...,. HOFFMAN, W. F. ........ Honnrzn, C. L. ..., . V HOPE, M. E.. . .. Howl-:, E. W... ,, Howa, J. E., .... ... HOWELL, G. L.. . . . V Howl-rm., W. K., . ,.......... . . . Housmionmzn, KAm.vr.r: ATU ..., Hum., H. H. .........,........ . INCL!-JY, H. A.. . ., lllWlN, H. C. BAE , JACKSON, D. C... . ,. JACKSON, C. W. fl1A0, . . . JA:-'I-'12, ARTHUR ....... JENKINS, J. D. EX ..,,. JENKINS, L. W. ........ JENSEN, E. R... V V JETTON, B. F. ATQ .... ..... 94' . , . . .Jacksonville . . . . .Jacksonville . . . . .Pensacola . . . . .Jacksonville New Port Richey . . . . , . . .Williston . . . .Miami ....Miami . . . .Branford ....Sanford , . . ,Bradenton . . , .Orlando , , , Jacksonville . . . .Winter Park . . . . .SL Augustine . . . , . .Gainesville .. . . .Jacksonville . . . .Panama City . . . . Miami Beach ........Tampa A I I J0NI:s, JJARBY IPAQ. . . J0Nns, F. G. QKT JoNI-zs, C. L. ....... .. JoNI-zs, J. E. EX.. . JoNI:s, S. L., Jn. fIvKT J0IInAN, I-I. W. ....... . KAY, H. J. IDEA ...., KAzAIIos, R. H. AX. KI-:IsI.ING, C. C. ABQ. KnI.I,I-:Y, C. M. .,.. . . . KEl.l.PIY, H. C.. . . . , . . KI:I.I.0GG, A. B. IIKIIL KI:NNI:nY, R. L. .,..,. , KIME, R. C. AFP... KING, E. H. .....,... . KING, R. W. ATS2. . . KING, R. R. ATU. .. . KINZIZR, J. M., Jn. . KlllKl.ANll, W. H. AFP .... KITE, E. I., Jn. ABQ.. . . . . .Gainesville . . , .Jacksonville . . . .Vero lieacll . . . . .Miami Beacli . .. , Lake City . . . .Winter Haven .. .. 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BQII . . . .Jacksonville . . . . .Gainesville . . . .Pass-a-Grille . . . . . . .Jasper . , . .Orlando ......Alnchua . . . .Weiradale . . . . .Palmetto . . . .Jacksonville . . . . .Jacksonville . . .FL Lauderdale . . . . . . . .Pensacola West Palm Beach West Palm Bench . ,... Jacksonville . . .. . .Deerfield . . . .Tallahassee .........Miami . . . . .Jacksonville .. . .SL Cloud .50 ' v ... I Y I il ' 1 I RIZK, J. S. ....., ...... ROIIIIIITS, H. li. KA .... IQOIIICRTS, W. A. ...... R0III:II'rs, W. K. .. RoIII:I:IIs, R. ll. .,... . lioI:I:IIs, F. L. ..4........ R0IIIcIII:cK, C. G. KA Ro1'III':IIMI:I., G. J. S.. .. RoUMII.I.A'r, I". E. IIIKT .... ROWAN, W. V. ......,..... RULII-:N, D. W. IIAE ...... .. Rowrz, I". W. .. . . . . , . RCDYIIE, P. l".. . . RUSH, F. G., JII. ATU RUSSl'll.l., DAVI: IIIKN ..... ..... SAIII.I:II, S. S. EX ....,., . . . SAwYI:II, li. H. EIDE ..., ScAI.Ics, J. H., Jn. ...,... SCHHNKIJI., K. l"... ScHMIo1', A. 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CLAIIIOIINI-1, HI-:NIIY TIIOMAS. ,, CLAIIK, EIIIIIUNII lJIf:x'I'I-:II ,.... V CLAIKK, CIf:OIII:Ie WII.I.IAIvI fl-.XO ,... CI.AIIKII:, FIIANK WVILLIAM ,........... CLAIIIQIQ, JAMI-:s IJIINOAN, JII. -PAO, .. f:l.AllKl'I, JOI-IN IJIIAx'I'ON KB ,.,.... ACADE , ,... .i:llil10SVili1! iil'1'1'll Cow- Springs ...,.........Tumpu .. , .Miami . . .Furl 05,1414-II .. . .Winter IIIIVUII , . .... Crovuluml . , . .xVilIll'l' Huvvn . . . ....... Orlunllo .XVIISI Palm Bm-null . . ..... Jaluksonvillu . .VVOSI Palm llcuvh ..........,..MiuIni . .SpringfiulIl, Mass. .. ., . , . , .0rlaIIIIlo . . . .Clcwistoll .........l'I'I'ry . . . . .Jacksonville . . . . . ,Tlllllllll . . . .Miami MIC COOPEII, WIl.I.lAM WAI.'l'l'IlK 'I' Rfb COIINIQAL, DONALII ll. AI'I'. .,.. , COIIMACIQ, JOHN C.,, ,,,,.. ..,. Cowl-:N, RAYMOND LI-:WIS fblm... V COX, EIIII: i'il.WYN .,.,,..,,,.., CIIANH, RHUIIIIN BI-:NNI-:'I"I' XII' .. CIIOMIQII, DANIEL HAGAN, ,.,.... CII0sI.ANn, CLAYTON EIIWAIIII, Jn. V CNOSSON, HUOI-I SIMPSUN ,,,,. 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NELSON, GORDON S., .. V I NEWICIIKIC, lli0WAllIl ljUNCAN EAR. .. NICHOLS, EIIWARII LAWRICNCIG ...... NICHOLSON, JOIIN K. EX .... NIXON, TI-IOMAH EUGENE, .. V NOLA, LOUIS ....... . . , NOYES, RICIIARII l'lll'1I.D ..,... NUNN, WVILLIAM H. XID OSIUS, RUIIOLPII FREII .. .. V OSTLUNII, GRANT J. .........,...... OSTNICII, CIIARLIE l"REnERICK ATA ,,.. OVERMAN, WILI.lAM JOsI-:PII IIIKT. ,. OWEN, AIITHUR TILMAN fl-A0 ,... ' 1 1 5 , ....,.... Gainesville lllmleiislnlrg, Mel. Daytona Beach . . . . .Gainesville Miami .. . .SL Allf!,llSlll1C . . .IZll1ll', Turkey . . .Lady Lake . . . .Jacksonville . . . . . . . . .Tampa Palm liarlmr . . U ....... Quincy .......l'erI'y ,.. . . . . .Manatee . . . Jacksonville . . . .Miami Deaeli ...... . .Miami . . . .Jaelcxonville .......BagIlad . . . .Jacksonville ivy: . X 2 1 A B! 9 .1 :lid I OWENS, LAVVTON KEIKMIT OZDEMIR, ORHAN SAKIR ,, .. PAIJIIOCK, FREII NORRIS KE ., PALLARIIY, LI-:E F. EN V PALMER, JOHN IIENRY EIPE, . PAPY, XVILLIAM ANDREW .,,,. Seville . , . .Izmir, Turkey West Palm BCRCII ..,...,.,..Tumpu . .. Plant City ,,... Miumi PARKER, CHARLES LEE TIKID ., ,. . Miumi PARKER, En. HAMMER .....,. . . Blountstown V PARKS, XVARIIEN B. IPAQ . ,. Orlando PARRISH, CHARLES PAT ..., .. Parrish PARRJSH, RALPH B. EN .. Tilusvilln PARSONS, B. F., JR. .. Z4-pllyrliills 7 PARSONS, CHARLES E., JR. .,.,... .. Huvumi PATRICK, JOHN WlCNIlPIl.l, .,..,... Umutillu PATTERSON, EZRA DALTON HKA. , . , , . Gruccvillu PATTERSON, HUCH THOMAS ,llvv .. Sarasota V PATTERSON, ROIIERT, YOUNGSTOWN, JR. KE ,..,..,. Clewiston PEACOCK, CHESTER JJARVEY ..........,,..... Jacksonville PEACOCK, LAWRENCE A. AXA PEAIIEN, RANKIN ADAMS ,...,,. .,.,.,.Miumi ....BukCr 1 -ashx -Q' 29. FRESHMAN ACADEMIC 39. PEARSON, C. DAIIE Kd- ,, l.lEICl'Ll'ZS, RUSSELL CONE . PHNNOCK, IIENRY SELI.I-:Rs, PENTON, A. DOUGLAS ,.,. l.,lCRRY, FRANKLIN STANTON PETERS, JACK I.. X41 .. . PETRIE, RORI-:IIT C. BGII , l'HlLl.IPS, LLOYII M. ..,. . l,Il'1liCI'I, JOHN A. EN PIKULA, JOHN .. . PITTS, TOMMY ll. E-MC l,l.UMMl'IR, MAIIION C. , l,OPl'l'1l.I,, JOIARRY XVILLARD, POWELL, JAMES ORMONII EN . POWERS, ALVIN CUIKTIS , PRICE, CHAlll.I'1S P. PRICE, EXICAR H. BAE .. PRICE, JOHN W. BUII ., Pll0C'I'0ll, SAMUEL . .. ,, PRUSOFF, HERMAN WILLIAM mlm JR. . . Miumi ., Tuvurvs , .. Jllllillfl' . ll4'llSlllT0liI , , ,li4N'0ll . . Miumi , . Orlun4lO ., Cleurwutur Miumi llunm-ll Miami ll0llld!Nll'llli .llN'lCSOIlVilllE Allilllllltilll, Alu. .. , Snmuls . , lluwlliormc . Suruaolu fl0l'0f'llll Grow' ., Jucksonvillc ,. , . Miami fy' y. J' W I r l FRESHIVIAN PULLIAM, THOMAS P. .... . PYLE, FRANK L. KE ..,.... QUINIIY, EDMUND B. BAE. .... ....MuIlisOn . . . .Daytona BCIICJI ...........TlllllpU QUISENRERRY, ANDERSON C. B911 ..,. ..,. T ampa V RAMSEY, JOHN H. ....,..... .. .... Miami RANDAIIII, BURR J., JR. EAE . ., ..., Clearwater RAY, WllIl.IAhI A. ............ , ...... Baker REAGIN, ARCI-IIRALD T.. .. ..., Sarasota V REED, WlI.I.IAM WooDwoR'rH BAE .... ....,. J acksonville IJEES, ALBERT LAMAR, JR. .......... ,. REESE, E. IIORACI-I IIKA. .. REESE, LEONARD LEE, JR.. .. ...........0l'J1lllKl0 . .JJCFIIII iuk Springs ......MiaIni V REMILLET, JOHN J. BGII. .. Now Britain, Conn. REVELL, WALLACE C. ....... .............. I Bristol RICYNOIIIJS, FLETCHER P. .... .... J ai-ksonville REYNOLDS, THOMAS M. .... .Mulberry 7 RHODES, BRUCE MONIIOIII. . . . . . . . . Jacksonville RICHARDS, JULIAN S. Efbli.. ..... ..NI-w Orleans, La. RICHARDSON, DANIEL CRENSI-IAw ..,. ........ J aeksonville RICHARDSON, D. M. ..........,. .. . .Gonzalez ACADEMIC RICHARDSON, IIENRY, JR. .... .... J acksonvillc I ROIIARTS, EDWARD JASON ..... V ...... Plant City ROBBINS, JRVIN TEIIP ...., ......,.. G ainesvillc ROISBINS, LEONARD TELD .... ..... F I. Lauderdale V ROIIINSON, IJENRY E., JR. .,.. ...., J acksonvillc ROIISON, RORERT M. ..... . .,,....... Miami RODEN, REX A. .,.... ........ 1 'ensacola ROGERS, DAVID J. .... DcFuniak Springs V ROOD, JOE BILL ................... ...,.. B radcnton ROSENTRETER, ERNEST WILLIAM AFP .... .... W inter Haven ROSS, CLARENCE CHARLES .,......... ..... J acksonville ROTHSTEIN, SIMON IIQBA ,... , .... Jacksonville v ROTTEII, CHESTER N. IIDKT ,... SALE, LAMAR L. ,.... ........ SANDERS, OSCAR EUGENE. .. SAPP, JOHN DAVID EN ..... V SAUNDERS, EDWARD C. AXA ..... SAVAGE, EIERBERT R. .....,... . SAXTON, JOHN EDWARD ........ SCHAILL, PAUL MOORE APP .... '117' . . .Miami Bcaclx . . . . . . . , .Lakeland . . .Daytona Beach . . . .West Palm Beach . . .MiuIIIi . .. . .. . .Miami . . . . .Jacksonville .....Ft. Meade l . w II ' 1' .,. -- sniff tina ' ..... -.... , 'Yr SCI-IIMMEL, CAIIL W. ,..,,,.,.. . SCHIIAIJEII, IJAN5 WILLIAM ....,.. SCI-IUIIEII, FIIANK MILLIIII IIKKI1. .. SCOTT, NI-:n H. XID .... ....... V SCOTT, TOM HAl,l.lN ,....,.,., SCIIUGGS, JAMI-is DI-:xTIcII IDAO. ,. SEAIIIIOOK, EDWIN L. ,.,....,, , SEICSTEDT, HI-:NIIY CLAIIIQ. . . V SEGAL, STANLI-:Y Louis TEIID, ,. SECAL, WlI.l.IAM TE41 ....... Sl'IIllER'l', WILLIAM HENRY ....,. SEICLIIII, HAIIIIY DAVID KE ,... . . . . .Pensacola . , ,Gainesville . . .Jacksonville . . .Gainesville . . ,Jacksonville . . .. . Madison ...... Jupiter .FL Lauderdale . . .Miami Beach . . . .Jacksonville . , .Jacksonville ....,.,Tampa V SELBY, SAUL G. TEID ,,.....,.,..,... .,., M iami Beach SHACKLLFOIIIT, WlI.I,IAM JAIIOII KA ..... , .... ,Luke City SHARPE, M. HI-:nvI:Y ........,.,.... .,,,. l Bushnell SIIAvIa, LEIGHTON CASSEY KA ,... ...,. I fernandina V SI-IEPAIID, CALVIN T., JII. ZX ...,,....,. Sarasota SHEIIMAN, W. SCOTT EX ,....,, . . .West Palm Beach SHINE, CECIL E., JII. ..... ..,,.. J acksonvillc SI-I0I:MAKIfII, SAM W.. .. ,... Bushnell I' If . -5 . ATL . 'Q Tk :. . T . 'I ' I' 1' O 'IIQIIIII-:CII'I' JAMI-:s KYI.lC WW, SIFMAN WAllIlIfIN 0. .. .. .. SILVA, THIQOIIOIII-1 IJIQANIQ ATA SIMMONS, WVILLIAM ivlll.'l'0N . , . . ..,,. West Palm Bcach . .St. AuI,,ustine . . . . ........., Tampa .Arlinglon,I Va. FRESHMA ACADEMIC ,cz I V - .s . I, . S' S J J' I ,I V ., '95 1 ' ul - vs 9 . " I ' x U -2 , ,, h u ' , "" ' I- 35' VJ" 1 ' ' I l ar' A J ' Q 4' ' A L at :L I X Q-1 - . 1 . a A ' V ,ay . A I 1 . I 7 ,I , wwf 17 1 - 'Fi . SINOIQII, Jos:-:I-II l'l.All0l.Il .. . SINGIILII, MAIIVIN IIIBA ,, SIX, DON LEWIS XII' ,. SIcII'I'I':II, lJAvIn E. HX SIIIIIIII-:II, EnwAIIn E. .. . SKIPPIIII, l1l'l'lfl0 W. ..... .. . SLAuI:IfI'I'IcII, CAIKMICL M. EIDE S:vII'rII, ALAN M. AVI' ...., . SMITH, GI-:OIIIIII CLAIIIQ .. ,. SMITH, J'llCllIiHll'l' A. AFI' . . SMITH, LINIINI-:II, Jll. XII' .. SMITII, RALPII YA'I'Ias ,.... SNAIIII, CAIIL lVlAIl'I'lN Efblfl . SOMIIIIIIIG, JACK IIIVINI: 'I'Efb SOMIIIIS, GIIOIICI-1 AIITIYIUII .. SIIIWAK, SAUL TEIIH .,.., . '118' . .Miami Beach . . . , .Gainesville . ...... Tampa . . . .Tallahassee .. Lake Butler . . .Lake Butler .. . . . . Orlando . . ,Winter Haven . .. Miami , , . .. Orlando . . . .Jacksonville .. . .Jacksonville .....,.Orlando Miami Daytona Beach . . . . ,Jacksonville .If .1 "" fl futility f I . L Tfffsillff I . . F . SPUIILOOK, RALPH W.. . , . S'rANIcO, lVllII'I'0N AI.l!lCR'I' .... . S'l'AN'l'0N, GICOIKGI-I ANDIIIcws S'l'lCl'l-IENSON, GIQOIIGII: W. ..., V S'I'I':wAII'r, DAVID ,......,....,. S'l'IiWAR'l', RAYMOND EDWARD ,. S'I'I-IVVAll'l', RODI':II'I' MAxwr:I.I.. . . S'l'lEVVAR'l', WVILIIIAM Cosnv. . . V S'l'll.lNG RODIIIII' ACKLAND :DIPE 3 S'I'0CKIllCI.l., WVILLIAM MI-:ADIc, Jn STOOKY, DAVID GIf:OIu:Ic ....,.., S'I'OIIv, CHAIILI-:s GIIADY AX .. V S'I'0NI-1, R. .I,............,.. SUDDATH, RICHARD JIARVICY EN Sums, HAIIMON WILSON ..,.,. SUMMIIIIS, DONALD FOIIIQSI' ,... V SUSONG, CHARLES J. BOII ,... SWANDORN, AIITIIUII WVAL'I'liR.. SWEAT, LIQROY MAI.C0l,M ,.... Swlawr, GI-:Onan IJAIIOLD KE. . . . . . .Callnlmn . . . Ovicilo . , . .Clliplcy . . , .Bartow . ...... Lulicllc .. . St. Putcrslnirg .. . .Plant City .. . .Mt. Doru Duytonu llvlliill .. .. .......... MIIIIIII . . . . .Lutz . . . .Edgar Port St. Joe . . .Jacksonville . . . . .0'llricn . . . .Bristol .,...Miumi . . . .Luwtcy . . . .Tunlpa . . .Miumi FRESHIVIAN ACADEMIC ii' Swncnn, JOHN B. KA .... .,........ Q uincy I SWINDLI-1, DALLAS A. ...., ..... .... F t . Lauderdale , ga U TADIaI.lNI:, ROY H., JII. ....... .... J ucksonvillu N TANKSLI-:Y, WVILLIAM 1.14111 ATS! ..... Gainesville 'R v TAPPICN, Nlill. CAMPDIILL KE. .. .... Luke Plucicl TAYLOII, Al.l?lll'jll .,,,,.,,.,,,, ......... '1 'Innpu TAYOII, WILLIAM S. BAE. . ., TICNCH, BENMON1' IDAO .. V '1'I':lIIw, WAIIIIIQN ll. .... . .. THAYI-zn, III-:NIIY S. ........... . THOMAs, Ruvus lnvINI: ABCD .,.. . THOMPSON, l"OIID LIcsLIIc 111130 .... V THOMPSON, ROY C. IIKKII. ....... . THOMPSON, WAIIII T. ATS? ,... ...,. . THOMPSON, WVILLIAM Rulfus EIDE .... THUIIMAN, l'IORACE LD. ............ V THuIIs'rON, lllflllltlilfl' ALI-IXANDICIK .... TILLIQII, JAMES EDWIN ...,.. . . . . TOWNSISND, AIILII-3 ICIERMIT .... TIllPLli'l"l', JOSEPH EX .... '119' . . . .Jacksonville . . . . .Gainesville ......,.,BurtOw DOLOOII Springs . . .High Springs . . . . ,TlllltlllUSSOt5 ......Miumi ...,...TuInpu , . . .Jacksonville . . . .Juuksonvillc . . .SIInforIl . . . .Vernon ........Muyo . . . .Jucksonvillc ' 4. ,Hut . T .ax , I I Y I lx rg lil . ,sq . M fi 3- ', .V .1 V In If 'El 'U . x n.. - ' . "' ' 3 . , W he 1 X V as mx L' 'V W- I ' Y I W . r :IQ 1 v I if .' ' w TRULUCK, SAMMIE O., .... ..,. . . . . . . . TURES, LIUHICIKT JOSEPH AXA .,,. ..., TWEED, R. C. IIKA ......,..,,.,,. TYLANDICR, ROIIER1' DARWIN IIKKII. ,, V ULMER, CURTIS S. .,,.,.,,.,. . UNDERWOOD, EDWIN H. EN ......, VAN DE MOT'l'PZll, JOHN S. AXA .,.,. .. . VAN VI.PICK, DENNISON W. ,,.,... . V VAUCHN, JOE ALTON. .,.., , VENABLFI, JAMES BERNARD ...,, VERICAN, RICHARD EIOWARD .... VERNON, BAKER KICNNE'FH. . . . V VIDAL, MARTHA IIUGHES. ,. VlI.KAl1'lS, JOHN V. .,........ WADSWORTH, JOHN RICHARD. .. WAGGONIEII, WILSON W. 234112. ., . . . .Jacksonville Des Plaines, Ill. . . . . . .Pensacola . . , Fort Pierce . . . ,Largo .........MiaIni .Daytona Beach .... ...Jupiter . . , . .Umatilla , . . .Center Hill . . .Winter Park .,. . . . .Tampa . . . .Gainesville . . , .Avon Park . . .Haines City . .. . . . .Tampa V WAGNER, SIDNEY HERMAN IIDBA .,., ..,. ,.... M i ami W'AKKFIliLD, THOMAS H. EN ...... .... M iami Beach WALDIN, VINCENT IIOWARD .... ......... M iami WAIIKEII, WM. T., JR. HKA .... ...Jacksonville FRESHMAN WALL, BELTON S., JR.. ..,.. . A WALL, CLARENCE WILLIAM, . .. 4 2,5 WALL, PERVIH OWENS ....... . VJ' '1' .7 ff T' WALLER, RODERT JAMES XQII. .. .4 ' WAI.'l'0N, W. L. 'DAQ ....,... . WALZ, GEORGE S. KE ..... WANNIAN, IJAIIRY O. ..... WATSON, JOHN THOMAS, JR. if WEIID, CECIL EUGENE .......... WEBB, J. ERNEST ,.,. . WEDER, WALTER RICHARD .... WEEKS, CLARKE BANKSTON .... WEEKS, WII.I.IAM T. EQJE .... WELLS, WILLIAM D. EN .... WIIFFLFII WIILIAM WALTIII WIGPIT, WIIIIAM HFNIIY A152 XVIIBANKS, JOHN VAN ILA WIIICIRSON, 0 CIINTOK ACADEMIC v WAI.'l'P1R, JOHN DAVID IIK41 .... T WATERS, GEORGE MOIRGANV AXA. .. A9 ..... V A v Va .. . 7 H .... .. . . . A .... . 4 ' fl J I 1 120 . . . .Jacksonville .......Dover . . . . .Tampa . . . .Lakeland ,.......0rlando Nashville, Tenn. ..........MlUlUl . . .Miami .. . .Palm Beach . . .. . .Tampa ......TaInpu . . . .Gainesville .Coconut Grove . . . .. . .Lakeland . . . . .Brooker . . . .Pensacola . . . .Jacksonville . .. . .. . .Sanford . .. . .. . .Manatee . . . .DeFuniak Springs WII.KINSON, EDWARD L. GX ..... WILKINSON, WILLIAM CLARE. ,... NVILLCOX, CARLTON M. .......... . WILIIIAMS, CLARENCE DI-7WI'r'r GX ,lu . ' .f I -In X I A V WILLIAMS, GUYTON MONTREIE. .. WILI.IAMs, JACK HENIIRY AX .,.. WILLIAMS, MAURICE C. ........ . Wll.LlAMS SAMUEL NATHAN. .. v WILLIAMS, TH!-IRON JOHN ..... I. Q WILLIAMS, WILLIAM L. ..... . A WILLIS, JAMES LOUIS EOE. . .. x WILSON, JOHN EDWARDS ..... I V WILSON, WARNER EX .... WII.SoN, WILLOUISE ,..... v WINCEY, CHAS. W. ......... , H, WITTI-IRS, ARTHUR GEOROE .... , ' R Q v WOLI-', RAYMOND JOSEPH TECP. ,. WOMIILE, JOHN COLLINS IIAE.. WYLY, THOMAS B.. .. ....... WOOD, WILIIUR LEON ............. . . . .Jacksonville .......Jupilcr . . . . . .Orlando . . . .Tallahassee . .. . .Bushnell . .. . .Cross City .........MiuIIIi Attapulgus, Gu. . . . . .Melbourne . . . , . .Havana .....,.MiuIIIi . . .Frostproof ........Ocalu . . . . .Gainesville ......Livc Oak ..COrul Cables . .Miami Bench .........MinIIIi . . . . .Homestead ......Limona FRESHMAN ACADEMIC YOLESIAS, ALONSO JOSE, JR. .... .... .............. T u mpu YINSIIANIS, FRANK GEORGE BGII .... .... N ew Britain, Conn. YOUNG, JAMES N. ................. ......... V ero Beach YOUNG, ROIIERT WILLIAM SAE .... .,.. D uytonu Beach 1 ZACHIIY, WILLIAM BROWN IIKA ........ ............. 5 unford ZIIANZUKAS, VINCENT RAYMOND B911 ...... New Britain, Conn. W 4 "13"f"'TP" rj F? 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'uw AMW CZ? CIJLH 9380115 5L!ZOfIOlAIcly Kyacgionuiffe 132 gums ifgwzfzicfig kfifacgaorz 'V' x' V ,X 'Nl 1 'ww L, W , ' wi! A , X 1 , X , . wry, W. an sx ' M vw V Af fjfggazaaf 15541111 114041141 BEA CH , .A m.-g1,t..m.L2.,.,, ' W a MW, ww GHS fjgOn2Qi Uaffagaiaze 34 .snia .Jlfliunzi Q' MM ,v J J - F72 ZAUDERD GENERAL Cwofu BYTE: Qjwarzcaa gigiorz L. 2 cflffazy gdfll .famgzfff . M-1 , ' , -Lf' IN. ' ' ff, A f X ' if . ' --'ga if " ' .' w tf? ' ' 1 , 2 J! l w, 4 , 5' 1, 3' 4 5, gifnrnis gDcuzzcuno'ze: -QLLEZH BEAUTIES Qjzzancaa Uzanfgam l gearms .dfflarzgaa ' 1 3 6 ' CQLLEGQE Enzagsffzi lynn .ffmwzy fnzazgsfg Baku Bunn is Uu'anfiuff FLORIDA'S HALL CF FAME Every student in attendance at this University has an ambi- tion or two, but the goal varies with the individual. Une honor is above all others in lure to the aspiring campusman, and that honor is nomination to the Hall of Fame. Faculty members are supposed to sec the worth of campus not- ables in the truest perspectiveg therefore, the faculty leaders annually select twelve outstanding seniors for an extra picture, a complimentary' write-up, and a secure space in the annals of Floridtfs immortals. On the following pages are the pictures, the write-ups, and the secure spacesg Deans and Administration leaders made a list of names, from which the Dean of Students and his committee chose the twelve new immortals. 1138: THE lncisive intellect . , . versulilily . . 4 strong :incl souncl bocly . . emotional balance . . . cheerful . . lnorul in- tegrity . . . .industrious . . . aunlxitious . . . inspiring . . . l'lii Bela liuppu . . , slur Gator lmselmll pitelner . an NV0lll-T0llIlIil04il eaunpus career. x Efuu. Powl-:ns HALL OF FAM , .. . I.: fi ,l. if l . 'N Sl-1-:Nolan Bummss Business ulvilily . . . political leaulersllip . . . nimlesl., . .outspoken . . . fair- niiucleal A . . ingenious . , , sinccrity ol' purpose . . . fuitli in the honesty ol' llis fellow stnllents . . . reasonable . . . Business Manager of llie Florimlu Alli- gator , . , lie works ellieiently and willi- oul oslenlution. THE ALL OF FAM limolionully slulilo . . . lanky , . , ul'- lulrlo , . , llllllllrfliiil uml unrullloil . . . zulfliulml lo liloruluro in Illo our-mul voin . . . an genial spirit directing lllo lfloriilu ig Alligator , 4 . All-American ovaulor, lrul. luis woril is lrorl-rock' 'Wll0ll you can got ii. 4:36 Q24 K 'I'oM l4l'10NAl!ll l'lxoouI,ivo genius . . uslulo in mzlolii- nulions ol' politics . . . an clomon on lln' lmmllmll oourl. , , l'Islil,or-in-lIlliol' ol' the I938 Sominolu , , . aliplomulic . . . Cllgilglllg porsollzllily . . . przwlioul oul- look . . . lm will soruloll your lmok il' you will rouiprmrzllu. EDWARD BoAnnMAN 1 4 1 THE HALL OF FAME Keen, analytic mind . . . modest . . . unohtrusivc . . . flashing wit . . . scientific attitude . . . average of 2.8-highest in the Senior Class , . , President of the Inter- national Relations Club . , . sell'-control . . . dutiful . . , critical . firm but not insistent. Srsvla 0,CON NELL Engaging personality . , . dynamic , . . trustworthy . . .physical fitness . . . initiative . , . keen mind . , . strength ol' character . . , Captain ofthe boxing team . . . President ofthe student body . . . his leadership inspires. f 141 ALLAN SEAIQLE THE HALL OF FAME Athletic prowess which teammates and opponents alike respect . . . gallant leadership . . . unaffected modesty . . . staunch loy- alty . . . great will . . . Cap- tain of the football team . . . All-Southeastern Con- ference Halfback. WAL'l'ER MAYBISIIIKY Religious sobriety , , . il sincere concern over the systemic ills of student government . . . helpful . . . conscientious . . . zealous' . . . leadership A , . industrious , , . academically outstanding . . . Vice President ofthe student body . . . he sought to rcmcdy. l.'IARBER'1' GREGORY ' 1 4 2 ' THE HALL OF fillallenging mind . . . optimistic . , . personal charm . . , scholastieally able , . . outstanding de- hater . . shrewd poli- tician , . , loquacious . magnetic friendliness . . . twinkling humor. . . keen interest in events . . . President. of Florida Blue Key. FAME Experienced ill the busi- ness world . . . diplomatic without duplicity . . . possessor and master of a temper . . . cynic without pessimism . A . devoted to duty . A .competitive. . , ambitious , . . Editor of the "F" Book . . . Presi- dent of Interfraternity Conference . . . keen in- sight projected him. Lll.lFFolm BIEASLEX' BENJAMIN ICRENTZMAN ' 1 4 3 ' THE HALL OF FAME Clean. ol' mincl anal limh acceptance ol' reality , pleasant, , . reserved , , . judicious . . . firm helicver in the estahlishefl virtues . , . calculating . , . Captain ol' the swimming team . . . Chancellor ol' the Honor Court . . . he qualifies as a gentleman. 1i0BER'l' Col'.l.lNs 3 All-rouncl ahility . V scholastic excellence . facility ol' expression , . . purposeful ,... deter- mined . . . quiet . . . gentle of manner . forceful character , . . political acumen , , , vi- tality . , . weighty in council , , . active in student government . . . knowing what he wants, he gets it. CLEVE Iilcmnclc ' 1 4 4 ' 4' N Q" Q' V I -'F' ' an Q. ' Em ilia K Q Q Vol. 1 Established 1853 GAINESVILLE, MAY, 1938 How T0 L00K ,AT NAKED GALS 4 141 5. , X V All 5, , ,xi ,J V :. . .. .31 ,1 I, Q Q. 'iw' , .QV 4 X K- fi L A-,J ' 1' ' r' Q A ' , A . ' at K, YK 1 Q ,dwg P- 1 ff' VUL' runs IN THE RANX -------- bm: Pilgl' H6 N - v 1 - . - . - -"A- k " 1,12 1 I Alxl, XX ARIQANI ------ but Page H6 SENSATION OF FLORIDA-SINCE 1853 PRGPAGANDI EE PGLI CS CAMPUS, March 25-As political theorists we are inte- rested in finding why public opinion changes so rapidly on the campus. One day a man is popular and could he elected to any office without effort and tomorrow, well . . . it just goes to show. For instance, the first of the year Henry Howison could have been swept into oflicc without difficulty, hut when the elections were run off . . . he was just swept. Uhcdiah lloixcyflmklc, acc propagandisl, states that it is all due to man's actions. Today man is popular because of his actions, and tomorrow he is un- popular because of his actions. Then again we might take as an example the recent nomina- tions for student body offices. As far as qualifications go there is no one more eligible to he Pres- ident of the Student Body than John McCarty. The surprise came the night of the announce- ment of nominations when Mc- Carty was not picked by a stu- dent party to represent them. A change of public opinion? Noi says Ohediah, it wasn't a change of opinion on the part of the public, hut on the part of thc minority. ul know for a fact that Mc- Carty was ignorant of what was taking place. I know also that Steve O'Conncll was ignorant of what was 'taking place - the more fact of his surprise when he heard his name elevated as candidate for President of the Student Body was enough proof of this. '4It was a manipulation of political theorists behind the lines and the lack of the polit- ical representatives to hold onto the power lines that would have put McCarty into tl1c nomina- tion", says Ohediah. This reminds me of a story about Rastus who had a boat t.icd to a wharf. One dark night he went down to the hoat with the purpose of rowing to Mem- phis about 20 miles up the river. llc forgot to untie the line run- ning from the boat to the wharf and rowed all night long in the same spot, never noticing that he was not going any place. 'When dawn came another darky coming down the road saw Rastus rowing away with the boat- tied to the wharf. 'Gliastus", he says, 'Gwhal in the world are you doing down there lp 77 ,-- , I , ,, ,, ..,,,. V Rastus turned in his direction md in a surprised voice said: 'cWl1o dat up hyar in Mem- phis know mah name?" So when you get in a hoat to 'zo somewhere he sure the lines are untied or you won't he ahle to move from the spot. But getting hack to the polit- ical situation it is much like a big rain--before you get into, it be sure you have protection from the elements. The cause of the whole mix- up came with the fall of the Democratic League and the ad- vent of the Florida Student Party - and the University Union Party. ln the shufiie the Phi Delta Thetas were dealt out of the line-up of the FSP and were re- fused admittance in the UUP. Through a finagling, and we must admit that it was a good one, Phi Delt Edwards led his flock hack into the folds of the FSP, accomplished mainly hy his finagling with "Boss" Young. All this grew out of the with- drawal of the Pi Kappa Phis, .mder the tutelage of Bill Wight- man, from the FSP - which made room for one more frat to bring the voting strength up to par--and the Phi Delta Thetas were tl1e only ones available, so they were taken. Edwards knew this from the start, no doubt, and it was upon this fact that he was hoping for success. Well, anyway the races were run and the results were tabu- lated and probably the same thing will arise again -- it has arisen many times in the past. But Ohcdiah says that for the next two or three years the political cauldron will boil much worse than it did this year. So watch for exciting political campaigns for at least two more years and this time students, demand more than ice cream and cigars. You deserve more for your measly 3,200 votes. Fake Warrant For Lover GYM, March 6-The picture shown depicts just one bit of cn- tertainment to which Miss Rose- mary Townley of Atlanta, Mi- ami and New York is being suh- jected hy President George Armistead Smathers 011 her sec- ond visit to the campus this year. Sergeant C. Strickland of the Police Department is serv- ing the blonde beauty with a Gainesville warrant which states she "Feloniously, maliciously, willfully, hy a premeditated de- sign and with malice afore- thonght did break into and en- the unsuspecting heart fbut he loves itj of one George Smathers, causing said George Smathers to completely disre- Igard, forget and ahandon all duties, studies and ambitions, and to completely waste his time pondering, reminiscing, day rlreaming, night dreaming, and abstract musing to his im- mcasureahle damage." Nothing camo of the law suit because it was all a joke con- vocted hy Smathcrs to have a little fun for his lady love on her visit, which kept him walk- ing on dirty clothes for three fCIll1flll!If'll on lillfff' H71 ' -r it -r K L O E-P PEL H 1 A c .Ks o N v In L L. E 'coo rr.. Gsonos WASHING Q- COi,D,,?,t0Ngo 300 Rooms wlth Shower and Bet .E2:.Y'z.::1s ti:'z!..'i.:r:.i.:::I::,.":"1'.'r'f :':': rsltifts 1 GARAGE an direct connectron with lobby tidal: ' nares rm.. - 1AN.,rss.,MAR.r.... ss.oo H N----v-w-I'-mm ' K.. T h e M ' -ijfyrlllxritfg ifiliiv T' J ,E:,,P- J. A. lirtvcr, Munrugor The FLAGL You'll be pleased with its convenience, com- . fort and scrvlcc. Moderate prlcc: prevail- GARAGE directly connected. RATES lrom 51.00 ' IAN., FEB., RATES rm. s2.oo - - JAN., res., MARQ E R . 125 Rooms . . . - . Baths AYFLOWER 300 Rooms with Bath and Shower Famed For its hospitality and favored alike by Winter Visitors and Commercial Travelers cooRddl0 o 0 o o o 0 ddfOlltll1Q 0000 MAR- 51.50 Leland S lumar- Mungu W E sgtj PAA LM, B ,E -A5C,,H., .- - ' . at A Z A- Elli gii " r' s' Nm , - 'V r- 'ff'G'-tllifl.'r..ixff1r.Q, -,.,, ' ' " "QQ 4' -M" .::.:,?. ' Wlilll f it ,V 1 M . ' 'Ta tr' if "9l,1lA B. J- Juclul-Manager The GEORGE WAS HINGTON 200 Rooms with Bath and Showers Open all the Year ' Radio and cvcry modern convcnicncc and scrvicc lor summer and winter comlort . . . Q Q RATES from 52.50 ' JAN., FEB., MAR. 53.00 A Reasonable Rates Posted in Every Room' R o B E-R T - ,K L'ogsPgP E L if A ' '146' Sehauh Becomes Dark Horse In Political Race Uvereomes the Dorm Stigma DORM SQUARE, March 22-- It's lVlanny Garcia at the SN house, Henry Howison at the SPE house, and Earl Powers at the ATO house, but the man of the hour and the man of the campus is "Honest" John Schauh, champion of the poor boys, In the picture hc is seen tak- ing a collection just following! llis maiden speech which launched his campaign on the political bandwagon for Presi- dency of the Student Body. With this collection he hopes to Pay his room rent for at least two months of school. He was laughed at when he announced he was going to run, laughed with when he made his Political speeches from thc back of a mule-drawn wagon, and wept on fby Powersj when he Split the ticket to allow Steve 0'Connell to win the coveted l'0om in the Dorms. Out of a clear sky "Honest" .lohn announced his campaign and in two weeks became more famous than most boys become 111 the four years they jook in Gainesville. He meant for the Students to have entertainment and he gave it to them. "Fellers", he said in a cracker V0ice in his maiden speech, "it's those blamed fraternity lads Who are hogging all the big of- fices- And that ain't all., they scramble in their big sedans on 11 week-end, hie themselves to Tally to see the pretty girls and leave us here in Gainesville with what?" Later in his campaign he stat- ed that "if you elect me as your President, I'll see that there are enough girls to go around for all the boys? i i It is rumored that the Univer- slty Union Party offered "Hon- e5t" everything but the Presi- dellcy to pull down from the face. His history of publicity dates fmm the time he jumped from the Lafayette street bridge to Wlll the Presidency of tl1e Soph- 0m0re Class of the University of Tampa. Had not the UU Party scat- tered the rumor on election day that he had withdrawn he would have polled more than 500 votes rather than the 332 he scored. The rumor was an outgrowth of the "political sale" of Preacher Jamison, who withdrew the sup- port of ,lohn's cohorts on the promise that Powers would car- ry forward Schaub's platform. Caesar had his Brutus but "Honest" John had his Jamison. "Honest" began the political purge as entertainment and a way to seek publicity, but his movement went even beyond his own comprehension. He became frightened when the UU Party said they would withdraw Powers and put him in as Presi- dent to defeat O'Connell. Run- ning to the Florida Student Party, his backers, he asked that they promise he would not be elected. No chance! So the man of the hour be- came the man of the shower and once again returned to the com- mon herd. He did a good job and earned his monitorship. Thcre's No Substitute for RIDDELL ATHLETIC SHOES Ask the Athlete State Distributors Johnson Sea Horse Motors Fada Radios Willson Sporting Goods BAIRD HARDWARE CO. Gainesville, Florida FAKE WARRANT FOR LOVER fcdlllillllfll from Page 1461 days before she arrivedg which enveloped him during her two day stay, and as a result of which he lost one debate on the trip he took immediately follow- ing her visit. Krcntzman had to mother him the two weeks they were traveling together. The romance of the year be- gan in 1936-37 when Rosemary visited the campus on the bid of Smathers' best friend llaek Beckwithj. Smathers, the heel that he was, stole the heart of Townley with his Greek profeel fthe Aryan style, and left Beckwith in the lurch. He nev- er would have done the trick ex- cept Beckwith was a trusting individual and never suspected such conniving from his best friend and pal. It is rumored, but no definite plans have been set as yet, that the pair will middle-aisle it by December of 1939. Their off- springs, in all probability will be a bunch of beauty contestants or Hollywood actresses and actors. But there is one thing certain and that is that the Atlanta flash will put a ring through his nose and kindly lead him around. She should know one thing and that is the "Greek God" is neat in his dress, but lives like an un- washed goat in the sanctity of his room. Since she gave him the blinders to put over his eyes he has quit sleeping with a dirty sock across his peepers. In fact, much of his time dur- ing this year has been spent in sleeping out of the dorms. He gives as an excuse the fact that he can't study in the tenement sections but finds rest and quiet oti' campus. Our business is to improve your appearance 'i OTTO F. STOCK' TAILORING DRY CLEANING Gainesville, Florida Students Fotmd Old Mau Club Feeling that nine-, ten- and 12- ycar men should have some dis- tinction on this campus, a group of former young students at the University of Florida organized themselves into what they call the 'LOld Man Clubff President of the group is Ed Abbott. Cliff Beasley is Vice Presidentg Bill Jibb, Secretaryg and Daniel Riss, Treasurer. Other members are: Walter Humkey, Manny Garcia, Jack Smith, Paul Whatley, Dolphin Arduengo, Rand Dixon, John McCarty, Keith Grigshy, Eddie Boardman and L. K. Edwards. Most of the "Old Man Club" members are leaving by the sheepskin route for should I say goatskin route?j this year. Those remaining in school will be unable to vote new members into the group, unless they qualify under Section 6 of the By-Laws which states that uto be a member-one must have en- tered the University before 1930." Compliments of the FLCDRIDA and LYRIC THEATRES -0- SPARKS TI-IEATRES '147' FLORIDA POLICE GAZETTE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE Tlill Emrous of the Feature Section for this year pay tribute to the National Police Gazette--that popular nutionalunaguzipel It is because of their courtesy in allowing us to use their copyrighted name that this section took birth. To them we give credit for many ideas incorporated within this section. We have not conformed to their style in every respect, but have tried to follow it as much as possible. W. F. Jam .,..,....,.. ...... , 1 ..,........ iff ' . 1'AUr,lIxcl.I.nvm.L .......,.,..,,., . ........,,.. S 'hmm' Bon MCCANN ,..., Picture Editor and Staff Photographer JUNE, 1938 Dough Line The melancholy line pictured above is not a breadline, nor is it a portrayal of a lineup in a police station. It is merely a group of University students who are desir- ous of depositing or removing money from the Business Manage1"s ofliee. These stu- dents have nothing much to do since the cut system has been abolished, which is just as well, since they will be in that line for the next few hours. ' , For all of these students there is one cash- ier's window which is open on an average of four hours a day. There is one cashier to take care of all of these students. There is another cashier and another window, but they are merely decorative. Perhaps this extra window has been put there to torture the students. We don't know. All we do know is that it takes the better part of half a day to get any service at the one cashier's window that is open. Whenever anyone disappears from his room and does not return promptly he can be found in the line waiting patiently for his turn. Florida students are very patient. However, we do think that the University could provide easy chairs for those who stand and wait, or else they could put on another cashier. Either course would be deeply appreciated by the student body. If the University cannot do either of these things, they should start to pay interest on the money on deposit, since it takes such a long time to get it out that it certainly should have earned something. We caught our staff photographer at his ow11 game. McCann deserves much credit for the success of this section, if it enjoys any, and all the blame, if it gets any fand I guess it will. He's the man, boys and girls, and his address is Chi Phi Housej. Block Week a The University of Florida is a very unique place. First, it is not co-educational, and second, it is one of the few colleges in the country where final examinations begin on the last day of classes or even before. We would like to know if there is any good reason why the powers couldnit pep the pro- fessors up a bit and get the class work fin- ished a little sooner and give the students Q and some exist on the campus, contrary to popular belief J three to four days without classes so that some decent reviewing can be done before the final exam. It's just a trifle harrowing to have to worry about pop quizzes and daily assign- ments right up to the day exams begin, and it is certainly not conducive to proper study. How about giving us a "Block Week" free from all worry of daily assignments and classes, just to study for the final exams? You'll have the undying gratitude of at least five students in the 3,200 student body. , A , '14-8' SIHIAIDOW' ON Tlellld CAMPUS Highlights of the jooking 'Year By FLEMING-HELL1wm.L Casanova Blackburn is ruined for life! His brothers kicked out his front teeth fsomething they should have done long agoj and the fairer sex shuns him. He expected to be good looking with l1is new store incisors, but he needs more than teeth. Remember when Bob Mc- Crary was eating dinner with two debs and his teeth dropped on his plate. It frightened Mc- Crary and the debs. It ain't the summer tan he's still blushing. And, oh the Buchner-WPA irrigation ditch in .lax in front of Roosevelt? And how Holmes Moore and Wimpy Ward stood on dry land and disclaimed any acquaintance with Cawgie. That was the same night the Sigma Xlus, led hy Scnunens, were lost an Bay Street in the same city. And, oh yes, Ike Stevens rolled from his girl's lap into the St. lohns river. Public ASP No. 1 is JIM SWANN--for 1938. The pride of Tampa with nothing better to do on week-ends than to lead a pledge's date astray, while the pledge waited in the. living room. This year marks the beginning of the end for the Pirates. They have the campus mad at them for taking un good dance time during Fall Frolics to announce their pledges f and no one cares to knowl and their social func- tions have been suspended for not respecting the rules. The Pirates accuse White Friar Fleming of stool- pigeoning. fAnd we wouldn't put it past himl. Last Christmas Alpha Phi Omega Howison, George Boss Young and .lack Choate proved their capacity was a figment of the imagination. And McGlas- son., Steve Richardson and others of their ilk turned the Phi Tau barn into a low jooking parlor during the vacation. Then Bowling Powell, SAE, took a trip to ,lax to be embar- rassed by his frat brothers when they walked up and found him playing handies with one of the curb girls of a drink stand. I F ire Trap We have what is laughingly called the '4New Gymnasium". We have dances there. Like most dances, there are intermissions. These intermissions are fifteen minutes long. It takes twenty minutes to get out- side, since the powers that be have decided that one four-foot door is sufficient to per- mit the easy coming and going of 1,500 peo- ple. We do not mind the pushing and shov- ing, or tl1e feeling that we have been pushed through a wringer after trying to get out- side. We are very patient. However, we sometimes wonder what would happen if a fire started. After all, the building is made of wood and wood burns. We believe there would be a panic if a fire began, and in the rush someone could easily be injured. Of course, we are insured, but what about the people who are not that fortunate? And we hardly see how it helps the University to Permit the existence of a fire trap, when it would be so easy to fix the side doors so that the gymnasium could be cleared in less than five minutes. Certainly a little expense is warranted when tl1e safety of a thousand or more people is involved. Look at the pic- ture above. No one is in a hurry and look at the jam. Imagine the building on fire and then picture what the above scene would be. Can't something be done? Need New System - We can remember when Homecoming Was a week-end of festivity, when students, alumni, dates and wives had a swell time. That was before somebody apparently got the idea that our alumni are a bunch of old Saffers who tottcr up here on crutches, creak into the football games, and then col- lapse in bed at 8:00 P. M., completely ex- hausted. Considering the fact that the ave- Page age of a Florida alumnus is under 40, they really must age quickly. The powers-that-be say the fraternities can't really break down and do some enter- taining, that the week-end should be de- void of real festivity, that the students should do nothing but help tl1e alumni tot- ter to and from their wheel chairs. Now ain't that something! Of course, the alumni like the system very much. We asked over a hundred about it and they all said about as follows: '6Why in 1-I-- should we drive two hundred miles to see a football game and go to bed at 11:00 P. M.? We want to rico- chet around a bit and have a time on our old stamping grounds. We can go to hed at home." And why should they? There is no rea- son wl1y we can't make it an enjoyable week-end with a football game, a dance and general get-together. Maybe an affair where the members of each graduating class get together and swap tales. At least a general entertainment period where they can enjoy themselves for two days at least. This school needs alumni interest-and tl1e best way to get is to give them something they can all take part in and enjoy. CofEducation Let's get to the point, students. After deep research into all the learned arguments pro and con, this picture is the most prac- tical argument for co-education. '149' SHADOW UN Tl-llE CAMPUS Consider also how Rosa Rus- sell and Margaret Edwards have taken the legal binders for a ride. Among their victims of the heart disease have been: Garcia, Waldo, Toland, Krentz- man, Watson tPhi Deltj, Smathers, Dixon, Barton, Hum- key, Boardman, Shelley, and others, Manny the Moocher be- came the most consistent one with the least possibility. Dutchy Stormes still resents the term "meal sack". ' The Phi Taus went to Wesley- an to see the women incarcerat- ed there. After the trip, all their dates were put on pro for a month. Beware Tally! Remember how Betty Spicer, KAT, boasted in her Flambeau column that she had seven bids for Military Ball. But she fin- ally came here on ATO Dela- plane's date--thus sucking in a poor boy from the wilds of Polk County. And the campus is still talk- ing about the Doc Waldo4-Car- olyn Edwards KKDJ affair. He never visits the KD house, I wonder why? 'Tll be faithful" Armand Bonnette played the field of social week- ends with heart flutters. Now he's taking the primrose path and will never again be a threat Kas though he ever wasj. Paul Brock and not Walter Mayberry was the man who was chased out of the woods with bullets whistling over his head the latter part of March. He became so excited he ran off and left his girl in the woods. Harold "Tommy Manvil1e" Riker took several trips to Tally, the most notable of which was when he threw dice to find which girl he would date. What- ta man! Tom Fl0lIlil1g'B status on the campus is like that of the cow pictured below! Gone but not forgotten. ., ,.., ,. ,.., n , 0 1 1 s j ' 1 A 1 if 'Q 1 . . - -. ,V t-.-,gy H, 4 LO Kappa Alpha Upon reports reaching Holly- wood that the KA's were calling themselves "Southern Gentle- men" movie scouts were sent to Gainesville in an effort to ob- tain some of them for the forth- coming production of "Gone With the Wind? After investigation, one scout wired back as follows: "This bunch really gone with the wind stop Absolutely no possi- bilities unless want to sign Fus- sell, Gunter, .lopling and More- dock for parts Tobacco Road stop Made to order for that need no training at all stop Hyman make excellent roman- tic lead for Shirley Temple stop Apart from that group has nothing to offer even for Mick- ey Mouse stop More I see them more they remind me group of has-beens who still think they have something stop Apparently suffering from delusions of grandeur stop" In short they need a bit of re- construction or the last tattered remnants of the Old Gray line will perish from the earth- thank heaven. O THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Old Reliable Incorporated 1888 Member F.D.I.C. Gainesville, Florida MGR GAGE R0 Sigma Nu Sigma Nu has just announced its victory in the Tenth Annual Mortgage Handicap, although this time the margin was nar- rower than usualg since it was by the slim margin of two hock- ed pins. Early in the year the boys came to life and pledged Earl Powers and Bobby Collins, not because they liked them, but be- cause it was the only way the Snakes could get a couple of members who were known cast of the stables who would admit they were members of the lodge. The only other brothers even mentioned in polite society are Toland and Barton, and they prefer the company of SAE's and Dormitory Dans. Hence, they are little more than con- tributors to the mortgage pay- ments. In short, Sigma Nu is its us- ual self. In its ranks are found the second-rate jook rats and the first-rate has-beens who have or- ganized themselves in a feeble effort to be saved from extermi- nation at the hands of the of- fended multitude. They stagger on from year to year, hoping for a decent legacy, but they never get one. In the words of Ham- let, "Alas, poor Snakes, we knew them well." ' 'Theta Chi In an effort to fill space in this issue, Ebenezer Snargle, our star reporter, was sent to Mus- tard Villa, the home of the Theta Chis, to get a story. After remaining within the confines of that brewery for seven hours, he returned a broken and shattered man. Said Ebenezer: "It's the only place on God's green earth where I can't get a story, because no- body down" there ever did any- thing. All I could find out is that they have members named Gregory, Merchant and Den- mark-also an itinerant fiddler named .lack Long, but they aren't worth space even in the obituary section." Having thus unburdened himself, Ebenezer collapsed and was sent to a local sanitarium. Delta Tau Delta Gainesville Local No. 1 of the C. I. 0. has been installed at the Delta Tau Delta house in the swamps. Charter members are Dean Silva and an individual named Kozlosky whom Cody brought down in a cage from the northern steel mill section. Some doubt existed as the constitutionality of the installa- tion, but "Pufl'er" Huff consulted his legal love and found that there was no law against such an innovation. As a result the Delts, under the leadership of George Bolles, pseudo-graduate of the University, bestirred themselves for the first time since 1931 and carried out the organization. They are proud of the fact that there are four members who have become immune to Theta Kappa Nu A party' of intrepid explorers have reported the discovery of a lost tribe bearing the name of Theta Kappa Nu. This news is startling since reliable reports had it that this 'tribe became ex- tinct in 1937. The last expedition was form- ed as a result of rumors from the interior that old and batter- ed Chief Levinson was still alive. After a perilous journey the ex- plorers found not only Levison, but also Dwight Ogier had 8111'- vived. Surprisingly, this lost tribe still speaks English, dress- es conventionally and occasion- ally stages a war dance. A full report is being made to thc Florida Museum and a pamph- let will be issued on the history and customs of the almost ex- tinct group. the local redbug infestation that is harbored in their shanty in the near Everglades. Finest of all they now have enough mem- bers to once more gain entrance points in intramurals. KA Members thc Movie Scouts Sightcd FLIJRIIIA LAW BO0K Encyclopedic Digest of the Florida Reports, 15 Vols. and Current Cumulative Pocket Parts S Florida Compiled General Laws 1927, and Permanent Supplement, 12 Vols. Florida Supreme Court Reports, Vols. 1 to 22, Reprinted in 5 Books I Redfearn, Wills and Admrn. of Estates in Florida, with Current Pocket Supplement Florida Chancery Act Annotated, 2nd Ed., by Edward McCarthy Arnow, Florida Rules of Practice, Annotated PRICES AND TERMS MAILED ON REQUEST, ALSO DllJSCRIl'TlVE CIRCULAIIS AND COM- PLETE LIST OF FLORIDA LAW BOOKS YoUa coRansPoNDENoE INVITED THE HABRISIIN CUMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS 151 SPRING STREET, N. W., ATLANTA, GEORGIA '150' Alpha Gamma Rho Numerous complaints regard- ing the stable odor around the Alpha Gamma Rho house has brought to light the fact that the boys never have learned what to do with the bathtubs the archi- tect installed in their house when it was built. This group of socially ambitious farmers, it Seems, still eat with their fin- gers and only wash when their skin begins to crack. Their only claims to fame are their reputations for unfailing discourtesy to visitors-unless the visitor happens to be from Baker or Walton county - and their great "journalist", Tom Leonard, who dispelled what little belief the campus had in his intelligence with his naive Suggestion that all the frats hand together and choose sides fOr the spring elections. Apart from Leonard, few know and no one cares who the Other members are, and space in this rag is too valuable to be fluttered up with such useless Information. Delta Sigma Phi A sudden raid on the Delta Sigma Phi House has brought to light that the famous harem 01100 flourishing there is no more. During the darkest days of the depression the mere sound of 31.65 was suliicient to bring pic- tures to mind of tl1e nightly brawls led by Grigsby and D0wd, but now alas, womankind has gone to greener and more fruitful fields and the Sphinx h0YS are alone with themselves. only Stormes and Cason carry 011 the tradition of a glass of beer and a date every night in the week and Stormes prefers the Crossroads to the sanctity of his house, while Cason lurks OVCI' at the Orange and Blue. Even Bragg, with his loud Clothes and car, has been forced to go to Trenton for amusement. The boys are back in their class now, with only three dates up from the Okeechobee bean- fields on the really big week- ends. and the rest of the chap- tel' going stag and consoling themselves with needled beer. l?ran-rnity Sun Parlor Sigma Phi Epsilon Due to the guiding hand of Dick Cheatham the SPE's are still trying to carry forth on the campus. Staggering under the burden of such horrible ex- amples as Jeff Davis, Ulma Dun- bar and Buster McFarland, only the sometimes exhibited foot- ball ability of Mayberry and the sympathy aroused as a result of their political rape by Howison permitted them to close their 1938 history without recording a complete disaster. Thinking themselves social- ites, the bulk of the chapter tried to snoot the poor innocent freshmen with at resulting disas- trous rushing season, culminat- ing in feeble elforts to pledge NYA workers. h Their principal extra-curricular activity was fol- lowing "Skeets" Gallagher from jook to jook and trying to imi- tate his unlimited capacity for ten-cent beer. Phi Beta Delta The "Heil Hitler" Associa- tion has been formed at the Phi Beta Delta liability on Masonic Street. Under the leadership of Herbert Tannen, Rubin, Wol- pert, and Snetman this organiza- tion has been formed to support Nazi policies, especially when applied to their neighbors and friends on University Avenue. The Phebes say they are tired of attempting to offset the high- est scholastic average on the campus against the rush talk, "We have a bath to every room" given by the TEP's, and they feel that only by bringing Hit- ler to the campus can the sanc- tity of their domain be saved. '151' STUDIO or ' JZQQWJUYZ .adware FINE PHOTOGRAPHS 1938 SEMINOLE lJll0lL0gl'klIJllCl'S 1868 West University Avenue GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ALONG MGR 'Tau Epsilon Phi In an effort to forestall the Sheriff and an eviction warrant the Tau Epsilon Phis are offer- ing reasonably clean and airy rooms at very low rates--with a special discount for cash in ad- vance. Stuck with the quondam ritzy boarding-house which Klepper foisted on them last year, the boys are suffering tor- tures because of the huge obliga- tions they have to meet month in and month out. The situation was so critical that under the leadership of Ross and Selber they made wild political alliances in an effort to get Mizrahi in as Editor of the "F" book and thus get that S50 salary into the depleted cof- fers, all to no avail. To make it worse, they won't have a man coming back next year who can attempt to get any kind of a salaried political of- fice, unless you can count Lip- sitz, picture cutter for the Sem- inole. They managed to give a house party this year, so they could show off their numerous bath- rooms to the outside world. Apart from that the chapter score is no hits, no runs and a big mortgage. THE PAINT STORE f Incorporated J Walter B. Stubbs, Pres. C f Q COVII niiiin rl ' M1555 I' A Sherwin-Williams Products l Phone 810 423 W. University Ave. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Chi Phi No other way to gain campus- wide attention, their Editor of the Seminole always absent, this lodge resorted to such a cheap stunt as burning their house. The main purpose behind the idea was to get rid of the beer- soaked couches and the evil smelling bed clothes, and fumi- gate the structure for tl1e first time since the erection of the barn in 1932. , Fleming was not able to with- stand the weekly orgies and moved to the dormitoriesg Boardman slept in the Seminole office when he was in towng Hel- liwell banked with the janitor in the Law barng and McCann sneaked about the campus tak- ing peek-a-boo shots with his picture box. This allowed four members to gain enough clear oxygen to make their bi-weekly tramps around the campus and let the general public know that all is not evil in their section. Occasionally one of the other five members can be seen rous- ing himself sufficiently to amble to the nearby drink stand and call for a bromo' seltzer. So completely in the fog were they that for five nights the members slept in the burned structure and wondered where the draft was coming from, before they realized there was no roof on the house. BELL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, Inc. Air conditioning Refrigeration Heating 109 N. oregon Ave. P. O. Box 1221 Phone H-1230 TAMPA, FLORIDA GAGE Pi Kappa Phi The Pi Kappa Phi frat has instituted a series of Friday teas in a feeble effort to get a modi- cum of social prestige. Bill Roman when interviewed said, "My deah, we got tired of sec- ing all the girls at the Lambda Chi Alpha house on week-ends when our pretty front room was just too, too empty." The first tea was a howling success, being attended by five people. Host- esses were "Jackie" Smith and "Freddie" Gilbert, both of whom were charmingly dressed in chiffon undies. Vocal selec- tions were rendered by Idus Wicker., while "Funya" Pen- nington and .lymes Oxford per- formed a ballet entitled "How to Let 'Em Thru the Line." Knives were at a premium be- cause their ace Michavellian, Bill Wightman, had them dis- tributed over the campus in his friends f?J backs. All in all, with J. Noyce Fan- ning proving his name an ap- propriate moniker, the affair was a wow and the Pi Kappa Phis deserve much credit for their efforts to get back into the public eye fby the back routej. They will, if they don't have the same trouble opening house next year as they did this year. RO Delta Chi Delta Cl1i still retains its claim to being the house that proves fraternities should he abolished. Ever since their installation in 1926, this alleged lodge has pro- ceeded on the theory that no man should be a Delta Chi un- less he can first prove himself' to be a complete nonentity. Only two Delta Chis are known on the campus. They are Clyde English, who punches a cash register at the Varsity, and Bruce Barfield, chiefly 11oted for his asinine questions in law classes. Time was when they could at least boast of a high scholastic average, in competition with such great fraternities as Alpha Gamma Rho, Tau Epsilo11 Phi and Phi Beta Delta, but even that glory is now gone and Delta Chi remains a lump of brick across from the tennis courts. The Tiger you see quietly re- posing on the top of the page has much in common with the dormitories on the campus. They, like tl1e Tiger, have the power to sorta control things if they could only get around to it-but they are content to lie still and NAP. SOMEBODY SAVED MONEY AND YOU WENT TO COLLEGE Now that YOU soon will be receiving an income, determine within yourself to set aside a certain amount regularly. Systematic saving is one of the steps in the development of character and success. ' If you locate near one of our affiliates we invite you to bank with The Barnett National Bank of your city. We are interested in the progress of young men and will welcome the opportunity of serving you. The Barnett National Bank of Jacksonville The Barnett National Bank of Cocoa The Barnett National Bank of DeLand The Barnett National Bank of Ft. Lauderdale The St. Augustine Natibnal Bank The Barnett Bank of Avon Park Members '1S2' of FDIC ALONG MORTGAGE RO The figure seen walking to- ward the camera has his hand I0 his head and is muttering i'My Heavens, What is Florida Politics coming to?" You see he has just left the lemonade stand where Wight- man dispensed free drinks. Compliments of W. F. DUKE 81 CO., Inc. Gainesville, Florida . ,..-,QM Pi Kappa Alpha Investigating reports ,of a stoppage in the Gainesville pub- lic drain system, local health inspectors have determined that the obstruction is the ivy-cov- ered mortgage which temporar- ily belongs to Pi Kappa Alpha. The time was when this majestic liability stood above the common herd, but under the impetus of such noncntities as Skeet Caldwell, who sold out his brothers for fleeting fame as a L'Shadow" spy, Strachan Dun- can, wlio respects neither age nor sex, and Bob MeCrary, whose reputation is such that he can't even get a date, the Pikes have sunk into the bowels of the earth and now loom as a menace to the public health. Careful investigation of Betts, Bower, Tomasello and Frink have convinced the inspectors that the cause is hopeless and steps are being taken to dip all the members in' antiseptic and hang them out to dry. Abstracts Title Insurance I When Investing in Real Property, Insist on a Title Insurance Policy Issued by the LAWYERS TITLE INSURANCE CORPORATION of Richmond, Virginia Represented by GUABANTY TITLE CIIMPAN Y 407 Twigg Street 1' AMPA FLORIDA Pi Delta Sigma The University of Miami's curse on the University of Flor- ida, namely Pi Delta Sigma, has announced its intention of peti- tioning Phi Gannna Delta. My God! Sigma Chi The moth-eaten Sigma Chi circus is still giving weekly per- formances in its Ringling-built house on University Avenue. Every Wednesday night the brothers gather together to see what else they can do to drag the once fair name of Sigma Chi further into the mire. Latest inspiration is the crea- tion of an International Rela- tions Club within tl1e member- ship of the lodge-charter mem- bers being Emmanuel, Burk- hardt, Solomon, McLeod and Poucher. They hope to be able to add a Chinese member in the near future, thus giving them a well-rounded group for rushing purposes. They even talk of pledging Tony Harlow, since he loves Poueher so much. Apart from this weekly con- niving the group merely sits around behind the hedge-row in a state of complete inactivity, except so far as making enemies is concerned. They hope that time will eventually purify them, but in the meantime they content themselves with a de- creasing scholastic average and absolute social passiveness. I Alpha Tau Omega The first signs of life noted among the Blackfoot lodge, since their mass movement to shift their house off the front street before it crumbled under the watchful eye of the campus, was with tl1e return of the slap happy and punch drunk broth- ers from football and boxing trips. Up to that time Brother Shelley was weakly trying to represent the 100 athletes on and off the campus since the de- parture of Cleve Hedrick. At this time one-half the chapter has taken residence in Gator Hole with the other half living in four sections of their adopt- ed hay loft in their former back- yard. Since the advent of Steve O'Connell into the political limelight and the daily campus collection to keep the political taxi running, the ATO's are now among the active frats on the campus. No other way to gain recognition one member lMul- linsj resorted to such cheap publicity as becoming distribu- tion agent for a chewing gum company. In this way it was hoped against hope that their lowly rating in the face of fate would be raised. "Keep the frat before the eyes of the public at any rate even if we have to send forth such am- bassadors of free thought as Paul Whatley., Coach Davis, Bill Williams and Paul Brock", is the password of this down-at- heel group. WILLSON COMPANY Gainesville's Shopping Center The Big Store 3 PHONES 109 and 349 '153' LUNG OR GE RU Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau has devoted its entire year to stooging for Chi Phi in an effort to get Rich- ardson in as next Editor of' the Seminole. It took a revolution to do it, but after the great "I Am" Know "I Was", thank good- nessj Beasley was overthrown by the Communist block under Jibb and MeGlasson, and a col- lection was taken to buy some water-soaked rugs so the boys wouldn't get splinters in their hare feet, tl1e entire efforts of the chapter were devoted to ac- quiring all of the vices and none of the virtues of the Chi Phis. The history of Chi Phi for the year is the history of Phi Kappa Taug but in justice it must be said that even the Chi Phis wouldn't have such prime jook rats as Bobby Evans, Tuffy McLendOn, and Russell Wright, and the two surviving respect- able Phi Taus quit wearing their pins until these boys lost theirs. The first time in four years that the chapter has taken on a human'smelI dates with the de- parture of S. L. Yon from this institution Of' alleged learning. Now, when .libb graduates the boys can once more exhibit their charter with a little pride. 'LOUIS' SANDWICHES O 'Hamburgers A Specialty 0 south virginia Ave. Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi has Once more been admitted to polite society. The heated politics of this year caused the boys to appreciate the value of the minute Beta block, and the Florida Student Party accepted them after tak- ing a guaranty bond that there would be no jumping to the other side the night before elec- tion. Apart from this, the fratern- ity has continued to follow the tradition of its founders fwho were men who couldn't get an Alpha Delta Phi bidj and has continued to take men that look good on the surface., but who no other lodge would have after meeting them more than twice. A notable crew of bar-flys, has-beens and never-will-hes., the Betas relied on Iehabod Crane Meatyard to keep them acceptable in the lower jooks, and on a couple of Cody's train- ed steel-workers to get their name in other portions of pub- lic print than the police reports. We understand they have a couple of nice boys down there, but we don't want to? embarrass them by letting it become known to the public that they belong to the Masonic Street Master Betas. Sigma Alpha Epsilon The lion-tamers of the east- ern half' of' the campus are sit- ting in a precarious position atop their dolmen with a sur- plus of tamers but with no lions. Mighty-man Smathers is leav- tossed the charm of winsome- ing the ranks and has whip to the chubby Doc Waldo and the ness of George Young-who had under the it was a his appendix removed erroneous impression Phidelt. Outdone for jooking supremacy by the Pikes, the SAE"s have had to content themselves with throwing ink bottles at the Kappa Sig house and chiseling on the brothers. Most outstanding chiseler was Jim Swann, who carries with him the admiration of all the lovers of Venus. No longer does the sight of the SAE lion awe the campus, for the boys have at last com- pletely submerged quality with quantity in a feeble effort to lift the fourth mortgage and top the Blaekfeet in pledge numbers. Their only acquisition of' the year was Grover Robinson, thus giving them an opportunity to pledge local YMCA members. Avcluengo Pvofves To Be Singer Delphin Arduengo, t ll e Tampa flash, proved his repu- tation as a crooner of the first order in J aeksonville during the Georgia football game. He is on an equal par with Garcia for entertainment for any occasion, but he excels in the art of love crooning. The ladies of the Gateway City are still mourning for this larruping legallite to return to their city and give them another enjoy- able night of Spanish songs and fiesta numbers. Arduengo has held this talent back for six years but it came to light under the Jacksonville Beach moon which was shining down 011 the fair city of Jack- sonville the night he made his- tory. Wait'll his girl in Tampa hears of his escapades-I bet he hasn't told her as yet, but he might as well start getting ex- planations ready for his return to Tampa. P. W. WILSON CO. Tallahassee, Florida Since 1837 Dozier Sz Gay have made a study of Southern climatic conditions for thirty-six years -- hence the slogan- "Best for the South" DIIZIEII 8: GAY PAINT C0. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA KNIGHT, THDMPSON Es? TURNER AttOrneysfatfLaw TAMPA, FLORIDA E Peter O. Knight A. G. Turner C. Fred Thompson P. O. Knight, Jr. John Bell '154' I Q i l l fl v . R E . Q 5 t A e 11 Y E i r L l l I l 1 l ! 1 4 z l l A 1 i l i i 5 l fl gl Q i if l E ,l l 1 f 3 I l . 1 5 1 f 1 l Y U-.E ALO C- L. O. Lodge Chapter Number One ol' the C- L. O. fCorner Living Orga- llizationj was installed on the University of Florida campus a few years ago. Members were taken from the rank on files and en0llgh capital was grouped under one roof to enable the members to secure sufficient liv- lllg quarters. uDappcr" Frank Carter, the youngster who led the Florida bfudent Party to a wild eyed Victory, is the Chief Hammer Swinger of this group. Under leadership such out- lliB able Standing members as "Burrfoot" Clark, Illld "House- Kenneth mother" Bert Fletcher have ldlcd along to campus been cor fume. Fletcher is teaching the EJPYS cooking in his spare time UB related. I Al Robbins holds the distinc- tion of being the most outstand- Ulg member of the lodge be- Cause he is on speaking terms With a national celcbrityg llamely, Poet Frost. . Horace Atkinson has found llme between summer jooking and his winter social activities to respond to the library atmos- Pllflrc and bc eligible for a Phi MGR Kappa Sigma The nine hundredth chapter of Kappa Sigma has announced the letting of a contract for ren- ovation of the house so that "Chipso,' Scoville and the other chapter giants can get up and down the steps without having to use a ladder. Also cleats are being installed in all floors for such feather- brains as Farrington, Austin, Port and Cochrane to hold on to so they won't blow away with every vagrant draft that passes through their unpaid-for Navajo living room, and they are hav- ing the front of the house paint- ed to cover the blue spots re- sulting from unsuccessful rush- ing. Only other accomplishment of the year was the annual egg fight between freshmen and brothers, in which it was diffi- cult to tell which smelled the worst, the eggs or all the brok- cn-down Kappa Sig ambitions. Beta Kappa key. Bob Beasley, not to be outdone in scholastic standing, refrained from his five dates a week and crashed through to the surprise of all with a PBK key. TGAGE Lambda cm Alpha Epsilon Mu Zeta of the Lamb- da Chi Alpha conglomeration reports an unusually successful year. In the first place, they have kept their doors closed so that passers-by could not see what they keep on their mantel from time to time, and in the second place they got every- body they rushed this year, by the simple expedient of not rushing anybody that any other frat wanted. Under the leadership of Wzxinwriglit, the only fraternity on the campus where it can be truly said Greek meets Greek, has kept up its reputation of getting a little worse every year. Socially just about nil, they made a fleeting effort to get back on their feet politically to no avail. Gone after this 'year will be Frank Thompson, and then their pansy bed will be shot. Wllat have the poor boys to live for? Nothing, except for the distinction of being the cel- lar member of the mortgage league. ' A fashionable drink is a dope. A dope is a drug. A drug is a dumb girl. Then why don't thc Tally students get wise. Wh Trained Agriculturists Prefer IDEAL Brands Men trained in the science of agriculture quickly recognize and ap- 1 prove the scientific accuracy of blend and balance they find in IDEAL Fertilizers--and the results IDEAL Fertilizers bring. IDEAL brands are so named because for 45 years we have sought to produce fertilizers that are ideal for each fertilizing need. And we have spared no pains, expense or research to maintain the standards that have made IDEAL Brands preferred by successful growers throughout Florida. WILSON fr TOOMER FERTILIZER Jacksonville, Florida '155' ROW Phi Delta 'Theta The latest reports coming into this office, Qbeing almost identi- cal with reports received annu- ally since 1929j have it t.hat the Phi Delts will begin building their house in the spring of 1944. The promise of this house has kept the local athletic guild alive for the past ten years, and has enabled them to pledge suf- ficient men to pay the rent on their SPE-owned house. Headman Tiffany Turnbull reports that the plans for a new house include a specially-built cellar for the Phi Delt brain trust, namely, L. K. Edwards, who broke up a political party with his dim-witg Charles Henry, who tried to get Uni- versity approval for a cocktail partyg and .lohn Hair, who chis- cls on everybody from the cook up. With this new cellar in use the Phi Delts hope to once more go out into polite society with- out receiving the boos and hiss- es of everyone, including the great unwashed. ISM Expert! Know all the shufiles. Nothing to them. ltlxposc artist of the first ilk. Dick Touch, Buckman Hall. them are called for. It should HE T EME ECTIO Macihouse Section Ojjiers Nothing Buckman B is outstanding for its lack of progress. Nothing much comes out of this mad- house unless it is detrimental- we refer you to Bud Walton. Al- though located next door to the class rooms the members always leave our midst minus any indi- cation of intelligence. For ex- hibits to prove this point we hold up such notables as John Berry, Rand Matheny and R. B. Ellis. Their one redeeming mem- ber, M. H. Jolmson, is never in, never associates with the other residents, and never associates with other campusites because of his own chosen association. All American Group Permeates Area Representative of the campus, this section embodies most every type 'of student in school and comes more nearly to being typed as the All-American group. Outstanding in their circle of society are such figures as "Slap Happy" John Piombo and "One Round" Graham in the athletic branch, and Ed "Shoe Shine" Rood of political circles. We present this section for your study, as a section which gains its fame mainly from the pecul- iar smell that permeates the at- mosphere within twenty feet of its location. Others not worthy of mention ibut we need to fill spacej are Bill Grimes and Finley Gibson, who are the most outstanding men on the CAMPUS--by their own word. v Buckmun Ilull The Home of Forgotten Men Florida Gator Hole When the public glimpses the inmates of this abode they might think this a muscle fac- tory for men, but when you stop to think about it you realize it is the abode of the various ath- letes on the campus. They have within the walls of this house any type of man you might call for, and many of be nearer the Movie Industry, what with the '4Greek God" Mayberry, "Larruping" Bill Williams, "George O'Brien the Second," Paul Brock, and others too numerous to mention, room- ing within. They have the ridge runner from Tennessee cooped up in tl1e second floor, but Rand Dixon finds time to mosey around the town a bit and even goes so far as to journey to Tal- lahassee for week-ends. SMITH, RICHARDSON 81 CONROY, Inc. Q' Florida's Exclusive Distributors Tallziliassee WEST COAST 'FERTILIZER COMPANY Geo. A. Hormel 81 Co. Meats and Provisions Miami Jacksonville Tampa West Palm Beach Orlando Section Hatches Efv il Brood We recommend that anyone passing along the sidewalks in front of Buckman D, pass quick- ly, just as we pass it in writing. It harbors an evil brood. All ef- forts on the part of the Business Manager's office and other stu- dents has failed to completely submerge this section in the mire. Nuff said when you mention some of the inmates of this booby hatcli: Bobby Johnson, Dick Anderson, Joe McLaughlin and Ed. Hogan. Inmates Compare ,To Drain Pipe On the first floor of the "Red" section rooms the man who would have placed the Alli- gator in the same category with the past issues of the Florida Review-we give you Victor Bogachoff, for what he's worth Qnot muchl . Above him reclines C16 hours a dayj a football dud whose only claim to fame is that he rooms with the "Czar of the Campus" and therefore is the first to get the misguided infor- mation on all subjects. Close to him resides the SAE represent- ative to the greater unwashed area-Bill Carey, who seems to be the only one of the Lions who realizes that the masses can think and do act. James Watson's name is on the list downstairs, but he never stays in-much to the relief of the other members of the sec- tion. This entire section is classed in about the same cate- gory with the section in which Henry Howison resides - com- parable to the two ends of a drain pipe as something goes in one end and something comes out of the other. AFTER COLLEGE what Some of you fellows are going to own Citrus Groves . . . and Vegetable Farms . . . West Coast Brands will make the profits greater . . . Write for Price List 303 Krause Building TAMPA, FLORIDA '156' 5 il . R . . 2 t 3 i 4 4 . 1. ,. . 15 i 3 i I ii 1 F i i 'x i li '1 1 3 t I I 4 1 THE EME ECTIC 'Thomas A. Dog fennel Campus Section The University Union section. Chaperoned by Earl Powers, the Umatilla dogfennel, the boys in this section constantly go from had to worse. Cursed with the dumbest freshman on the cam- PHS, Qne George Maxwell, and with K. T. Smith, the law school's primest goldbricker, this section rates with the ave- rage pool hall in social and eco- Il0mic standing. Find Horror Chamber 111 Dorm Area In this rat nest is to be found some of the outstanding ex- Hmples of campus horrors. Leading all are George Buchner, the terror of all nice people, and Harry Edwards, the authority 011 Russia, who is never happier than when his dear friend Will McGuire visits him for a social Chat on morbid literature. Of course, Coleman, Bob Young, 3011 Miller and Charles Dudley IWC here too, but their names are only of interest to salesmen for hooks which are shipped "in H plain cover" to Thomas C. The Home of Disabled Students Identical Kinds Same Roof The Fascist stronghold of the campus "Thomas D". Under the guiding wing of that Mussolini lover Will McGuire, backed by the Blackshirt battalion of .loe Scales, Russell Sullivan and Robert Dopp, this section is out- standing for its reactionary ten- dencies. Only forward-looking individual in it is Dean Barry, the YMCA midget, who makes himself seem like a big-shot by half-baked swaggering in R. O. A. meetings. jk X 5 ellie ' V ML- --all-. are wrists.. 'MLB' Lv fi 4' , ' ,.f"' ni 'hi ' aztifwx' " . . ' 4 1 u - . nfiy. Q ll ,. ,,.'v.wffi5,1 .Gigi - . ?fq.:t. if ' 431: lx :li ani,-, -f ' 1 .4 - We.. X .15 'i'i:f1iTii71i'3" liii"l'iiii"li'iIi? "w , 'Mei-:-' nf-""-'S -. 'law fi-E:-I-'+ ' li a fltmiie !I!! 1.1 F-FE: in-el :-flip-lffI1'a:Eill!t,' as ,, ,WI '51 11: 11? il' 'f-f'E2'q1g,'.aZ'i :XL P "leI:Ej:: :- . ' 1.1 ,"'-"z'li1.m mml----nuy,-Mrlir f -0--must mm .ii1lH:i:::::S-' .za f we f" ' wi if-if-Q, .V ig .fm ff' .zryfw " -v 'Y ' ' fl' 1' " A-,Q -V is-pn, ' 1 ,- 4 ,V 1 "Une of the South's 1 Great Stores" Qiahegygrpthmn .Queer Lot Inhabit Thomas Hall E Inhabited by that leading Bolshevik and I-Iowison stooge, Dick Tench, the name of this section is never mentioned when women are around. Within its termite-ridden walls resides that pompous, egotistical b a t o n- chunker Phil Kaplan, glee club- ber Gray Ramsaur, nit-wit engi- neer Kenneth Klotz and king- lnaker Gene Black, whois to be admired for telling Cobra How- ison where to head in during Fall elections. HENRY GIDDENS CLOTHING CO. High Grade Clothing Furnishings, Hats and Shoes for Men Franklin at Lafayette TAMPA, FLORIDA Compliments of STERLING E. SMITH JAcKsoNv1LLE, FLORIDA Beware Friends! Gopher Hole Abandon hope all ye who This foul box con- enter here! tains the mortal remains of that lump of clay known to few as Henry Howison and to many as something unprintable. Also resident here is Chet Holloway, vice president elect, who coin- bines ineptness and stooging with an ability to get people to believe that he really is import- ant. Away, away, 'tis a veritable charnel house. Besides it is the hovel of the Shylock of the Campus-Albert Graessle. He really takes a pound of flesh for every dollar, and secretly gloats over his trimmings. john Cox, Last and Sole Surfvifvor At one time this section had some men in it, but since John Cox lives there now in his ac- customed squalor, it has become a habitation which is shunned even as the leper colonies are shunned by all normal people. Even the grass around the sec- tion Thomas B is dead. '0i'0U Compliments of WALK-OVER BOOT SHOP 211 Laura Street JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 100102 '.115.7.' HE T EME ECTIG Castaways Wave At Passefrsby Like castaways on an island, the members of this exiled com- munity sit on their parapets and wave frantically to the passing students, hoping that one out of every fifty-two hundred will stop and speak. Shunncd by the campus be- cause of the stigma that "Shad- ow" Tom Fleming and "Willy Nilly" Bob Collins has placed on their abode, they rely on thc fact that there are only nine months of school, and only 12 hours of daylight. Frequently members such as, George Goodwin, Arthur Bell, Marcus Covington and K. V. Kelly, stride forth into the sun- light amid the boos and hisses of the general student body. Escape Raids Tlfwu New Dofrm Drain The Bradleys of the campus. Located on the south side of the tenement district it is the ten- derloin of the area. Schemes of gyppery arise here f for example we point to Max Baer who tried to dupe the student body by selling meal tickets at a price lower than the University asked for theml. Also there resides in New Dorm A the boss of the tender- loin section, Joe Nahoom, who will climb on anything for pub- licity. He's the John Schaub of the New Dorms. Ward heelers for the bosses are: S. Robert Lackey, Alvin Landy and Dick Embry. They have escaped every raid through the drains of the New Dorm area. " WANTED! Dormitory Residents to Become Members of CAVALIERS ACE DANCE GROUP Fees Reasonable Apply JOHN ALDEN BROWN University of Florida Iohn Cox's Stooge f y y yy Resides Here Most outstanding of the ele- ment in this section CNew Dorm HD is the Chief Stooge of John Cox, braintrustcr of the Univer- sity Union Party fwe give you George Allenj . At the command of 6'Boss" Cox he proudly waved the one red undershirt he owned when the University Unionites were inaugurated on the campus. 'Placed on an equal plane with the upper feeble-minded mem- bers of the section are Arnold Albert and .ludge May. From the directory Vit appears that Russell Cummings and Arthur Swanborn also reside here. Who are they? Inmates Come Out- Dwring. Night Members of New Dorm B umble forth only at night seek- ing the shadowy sections of the campus. The sight of one of them during the day would . Jookers Rest startle even the most hardened member of New Dorm A Gang. Here resides the chief peeper of George Allen's mob--Sammy O'Bryan. Even his room mate has erected a partition to get away from close association with him. 4 John Duncan and Lemuel C. Downs reside here, but they can't help it. However, they were refused admittance to any other section, so they remain dormant. Compliments of STRINGFELLOW SUPPLY COMPANY Gainesville, Florida Compliments of C FLORIDA SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY O Union Terminal Warehouse O Jacksonville, Florida 'nm LEWIS STATE BANK F lorida's Oldest Bank Began Business in 1856 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation X '158' THE TE EME ECTIU Discofvev F lorida Mammoth Ccwe No one can doubt which sec- lion this is when they pass within three blocks of the struc- tures referred to as dormitories Purely as a means of specific classification. New Dorm G is identified with the loud nasal voice of Ed- gar Feinberg fflhief Stooge to -lfsrome Berkowitzj who receives his orders through the trash chute from the third floor every morning at 6:00 A. M. I Rooming above Feinberg land VGTY happy of the factj are: .losef Rizk, Harry Weintraub and other main supporters in the Poor Boys League. I One member of the section is il member of a local fratg name- ly- Emmet Smith. The frats re- fuse to recognize the other mem- bers initiated under cover of night. Curtis Stanton, the Conk of the Campus, spends most of his Ume around the town square looking for doughnut holes. House mother of Charles Bram- malk who resides on the second H0013 is Alonzo Sherman, who is --.- N. Barton F izzles On M ystevy Even the presence of Arthur Martin is not sufficient to offset the residence of the other mem- bers of this group. Prize n1ys- tery of the year occurred in this section when Monitor Bob Bar- ton scurried down floor to investigate feminine voice. He failed to see than the hem of a pearing over the window sill as the door was shut in his face. Boys placed here for obser- vation by Dr. Barton are: Nick Drakos, Andrew P. Heymann, Philip Pacyna., Roy Tabeling and Bob Beason. The campus 'till doubts that there is hope. to the first sounds of a much more skirt disap- so busy darning socks and mak- ing beds that he is never able to get out-thank heaven. BUnnlNE's Extends Heartiest Congratulations CLASS OF '38 University of Florida fl ShadowTom FlemingTheTruth is out Tom Farrar Fleming has been the author, or rather the main responsibility for much of what went into the columns of the "Alley-Gator" this year. As hammer swinger on this column there has not been much said about the young man. And it is the purpose of this section to give him a bit of publicity--the stuff he loves so well to read about other people. Does his girl in Tallahassee know that he has been dating a certain lady here in Gainesville quite frequently? If she doesnit she had better get busy for this certain lady has been leading him around by the ring in his nose. Then has he ever explained about the night he failed to sleep in his room or the frat house? He might take time out to explain this. He is also the one who unwit- tingly weaseled on the "Pirates" affair-for which he has their undying gratitude fno doubtj. F uthermorc he allows his date from Tallahassee to pay her ex- penses down here on week-ends and pay half of the expense of entertaining her. fThe Greeks have a word for it-todayj. He's the man who likes pub- licity so well he journeyed to Tally to speak before the Inter- collegiate Press Assn. on the suc- cess of column gossiping. Tat- tling is his business and he loves it. 1. He took the job to gain noto- riety-and has he gained it! He's the man who wouldn't change his White Friar uniform because he wanted to be seen in a silk shirt around the dance. N Then he might explain his fre- quent trips -to Umatilla with his buddies -- something his girl would like to hear, and a few more of us, too. All in all, he has had a great. deal of fun and the campus has laughed at others. When you flip a coin sometimes it comes up heads and sometimes tails-in other words the same side is never up always. So the tables are turned. 59' I s I May Timed No, this is not the beginning of a May Pole Dance. These students are trying to get some of the voters to see the light. t Compliments of MAL HAUGHTON, JR. and MILLS SMITH Jacksonville, Florida Digging Their Crude us! und Present-Mayberry und Vnnslckle -1' CKIHIU nuvg, :zu L., x Texas Brown fSee Page 1643 ' 1 6 0 ' ,.n----- -Q so , ' wx-my 3.54" , ww , 4. Army Life in the Rnw . wi g 5 I .fm .A , ' w . , .. 1' s- 4 Y' of .' ' - vw' ' . , ,Q , 'x 1. .- , , , -, li.: Ai ,. 1 U.,--v 15, .- .1.4', -,ia ff. ' JLJK . 6 V. A , -1 -'f f' MZ.. f 433- , P' Qfzzfwf-xi , I Seen Him Fir:-l School's Out 'VW 9--Q, 5 Q Jr .3 ' ir ,. 3 I A fi ' ' Y V A I 'V' Headed for Georgia-the Gutorn Arc on the Run Thats Joe INuhoom, Boyz, . . . Delta Tau Della :- Moving Again. Talking Ove-r the Ilousm-parties und Such! Carter flvfti-"I told you I'd do it." AHl'll-HYPIIII, I slleqwclml il!" rw' The crowd that cunie to sec Smulhcrs muku his maiden speech this yu-ar A bureau s of lovcliness 4. , Lp.. Q . ., X . F A . 'i .ri , A146 ' N ' w . ' ,gi .-a.. . 1 Cl'f0U"'i1' Manners B00! . . Dr. Cordon u P. H. K. Ohvron und RUF .Milwlllim-r Fosh-r ' 1 6 1 ' Phi Tuu's first muil in six yours . . . I., . we . .4,'." ' L. 1 ww, - .. . N' ...ww - .N " 'u. . ..,,.f lf. ' V-"u.,.! v M. 2 , ,M .1-"'-4 34 " Y J aw. ' Jil . , r' -gifs . 'l . .n'2y1:7"' - .'h,,,..,-wing i.L"'j, .ai ' m,,,,.-W' AP" . ,.- I V 'v. , . A' ! ML ,MA-N I ,V ,E,...,-M-v--1 .-- f. M ,,. ., nv.,,,-nf ,537 .4-Jw 5525 1 '--4... . ., N... 1 ... 1 ... .Q ,A , .1 . ' 1 N. X .1"" wa f1"'. .' 4' . , , ""-. U K" M, A mf ""V'ff' 3f"?Qv7R?Tf',g . .. . W , - . 1 . ?34,ef' iiwiftifflsxgf..:.',Q.3,gr , 3 9.-u. .. 2-914 1 .fff:f" ...Dj -15, "7"fWk" ,wfzff ,.-, gm, q , ,H-,5.,.. 1, .-wisfif'F...'A A-' X4 ,wfhwl 44-1 .rw H vs' if J. , .X 'Lf' 'fl 1"N 'g. v"' .sf ' sa, 9, 9114 -1-- .4 4 jr ., 5. Q .J, I. N . . , 1 h s f 5 F 6 4 w"' ' 1 . -H. f' s- ws-- : .V 1 Y S fu. ,ff 1? 'ji r J 1 jf I A v . .I r WM I -"' ffm Sf' - . 0 HV' fr 'A " .nz-x 4 Ati- . 1 sal "' 54 'g .K 1 ' J , . .. .,4. , .ff . .5-','.f","-'J '.' f' F QQ 1' ,- ?'g'T""1r, ' fl I il. -I, li' V, 4 1... H- 7,57 .fri ,. U 1 314, ,f if L -' ' . .- , F 1 Xi' ' 7- . ' "t, fT1'g" 2--A-'M '- ,. f ggi? A - ffm? 7 ' w1E'3mS+1f? ff y, 4 ' ly? xii 1 . - .X H: . -, ,X , x f rml .A w, ,- x. f. M... -- A' , "Lf-f-. ' an .1 'z . A ' MA-.ff I , . 1 W .vin 'ML .1 '1.LTxHJ!,- 1.1 !-:V , HL. 1-1, . A .ga ' H , ,.c?l.' u Q " . ' L'Qf"g. Ir. A f' .' . J v I H A w -I a fm i F ' "' aff R ,,""N"' V ' , us r , k . Vg" wwuif' 1' ,W 5-,, ,. ...... ,,.- H - V , v L r u 5 TI n '- x 5. N .f" . -13" y .-.-. ,f mf-um 'NN h.noSn.m,f4aq ,ff ff ,-,,.,...---"4" ff. ...---,, V 'Y . X ,f X f , A f Xf' X I, ff p 1' X. ,...- N-L J' F . "N .M-at ,V --J, .f '--..... A' T ...- lHI'G'f! luvrllvvlizfn , ::1:: 1::.Z"' -. . A'- f...g.f, f 2. - A if , 7 ' .J::?z:', .. U l r M .... .................5.g3 - """ ,. ww "1 ...Q ... ,... ,,,,.n-P .-....... ... . ,..- 3, .1"A ngzauingi fox "Ugg 5351126120 an FURNISHED BY THE TAMPA TIMES E GRAVI G PLAN TAMPA, FLORIDA BOOK REVIEWS FROM CORN GAME T0 CORN--by "Dutchy" Stormes - publish- ed by the Crab Orchard Press. 31.65. The spectacular rise of the Hllthor from the wilds of .lack- Sonville Beach to the celibate sanctity of the Delta Sigma Phi House is portrayed in this great W01'lC- Imbued with ambition, Y011ng Stormes faced the vicissi- miles of life without fear and by slelght-of-hand made enough fl'0m a corn game by the shores of the Atlantic to invade the in- land citadel of Gainesville there to carve for himself a niche am0I1g the immortals. n Enthralled, we read of his titanic struggle to enter into the field of politics, of his efforts to get a bid to a fraternity. We read how this simple lad had learned that c0l'Il could be used for more than game purposes, how he wormed his way into the 0'-mfidence of the Independents and became vice president of EN? Student Body, how he Dnifed his party and joined a emocratic League fraternity Lhree days after the election, OW .he deliberately failed to get his degree in an effort to be- 00me one of the Blue Keys, and We finally leave him at the Or- Zflge and Blue with a bottle in IS hands surrounded by fra- Congratulations T0 THE CLASS or 1938 On Your Scholastic Achieve- ment During the Past Year. Mar All Your Efforts in the Future Be As Successful! -ii-.- .... Convenient Terms fri-1. "UVA......sgls11..m.5,-L-BY C0- 111 Main Street Jacksonville, Florida ternity brothers who gaze in ad- miration upon their pride and joy-the man who made the campus realize that success is a matter of capacity and not luck. PEARL-DIVING by Will McGuire -Florida Review Company, 69c. This is as a silk purse thrown among the swine, for few can realize that with the appearance of this work another Oscar Wilde has appeared in the field of literature. The work, though it is little more than a mono- graph, contains one of the greatest expositions of oyster- culture as engaged in upon the isle of Lesbos fthe old home- place of Sapphojf The ups and downs in this great industry are presented in a delicately ether- eal style, which cannot fail to impress even the most crassly normal. As Mr. McGuire, him- self, states in the introduction, ures of how he came to the Uni- versity city of his own volition and dwelt on the shores of polit- ical intrigue to the chagrin of all silver tongues. There be- gins his tale of how he duped the unawares for six years only to be caught in the snares of an amateur, haled before the col- lege tribunal and exiled from his alma campus. Here begins the story of how proper string pulling and knee bending accomplishes purposes where purse filling fails. Upon the leaves he discloses his com- panion on that night of orgy as debonair Humkey, flashing ace of the Townsend club. In all he reviews the life of a hard hitting politician, fast and smooth talking lover, and ard- ent supporter of the unemploy- ed during the political daze. Recommended for the select few who appreciate the finer things of life. "This work is my masterpiece a veritable threnody of dreams." And your reviewer feels that it is a worthy sequel to his famous poem which begins "I want to run naked in the rain." l..-.......1-...-.-1. Hicx PUBLISHER or The Life of Thomas Leonard, by Armand Bonnette. Flaxseed Press. 31.13. With the pen of a genius, Ar- mand Bonnette, pseudo-journa- list of the field of publishers, has picked a rare specimen for his work. From the long, never-ending potato rows he traces the back- ground of' his contemporary, Leonard, to the desk of a hurly- burly weekly crusading collegi- ate newspaper editor. Bonnette in straight language presents the long, lanky, gangling writer of Hickville Center as an actual human being, free from all error. "For to be error there must be accomplishment, and what has my contemporary accom- plished?" says Bonnette. ,,,j IN AND OUT--by Manuel Garcia, Gainesville. Apollo Printing House. 33.00. Senor Garcia's literary efforts on the art of mixing politics and love-making in the Tung Oil district is unique. Nothing has equalled it before. A latin turned loose in a happy hunt- ing ground. Within the covers of the book he relates his strange advent- BOARDMAN SPEAKING, by Tom Fleming, Jr. Published by The Shadow Publishing Co. Price 32.50. In his latest expose Mr. Flem- ing has brought to light all the workings and trappings which were the weapons of Mr. Ed- ward Francis Boardman to achieve those goals which were foremost in his mind. The author has gone beyond the outward activities of Mr. Boardman, and gives the reader a chance to see the mind of the man as it really was. . From the first page your re- viewer grasped the fact that one thing, and that alone was pre- eminent in the mind of this great man. That thing was the acquisition of a Blue Key. Who had to be ground under heel, who had to be slighted or hurt mattered not, so long as that ac- tion was a step toward the Key. The author goes lightly over the various activities of M1 Boardman, but mentions them enough so that we see our hero rising slowly but steadily into public slimelight and going from the minor activities to those which give promise of greater rewards and greater publicity, for the great Board- man must become known. We see him acquiring lists of people whom he must meet, and who in turn will do him some good, we see him in the social whirl, not necessarily enjoying it, but to be seen with the right people, '163' until finally we see the ambition realized and life goes peaceably on. Baan BARON--by Edward Ab- bott. Old Union Press. 32.25. Mr. Abbott with his usual charm of writing presents the contrast of campus life during the prohibition days of '28, his first appearance in the fair city, and thc after years with the dis- appearance of speakeasies, his graduation year, the year that eventually rolled around, to his amazement. Page after page is devoted to enlightening the reader on how the true student of literature re- sorts to deep reading at tables lined with palatable liquid con- coctions. His clay models of life patterns are such geniuses as Shelley, Byron and Keats. Orgy after orgy is depicted with painstaking details which concerns all the near greats who have been exposed to the teach- ings of the faculty during his ten years of class attendance. His keen insight into sorority subjects as discerned from ob- servations gleaned from ten house-party periods is worth the price of the book. Mr. Abbott in this novel fully explains why he resorts to his life of celibacy amid his silent company of dead soldiers. Well worth the price. In Jacksonville It's Always FURCHGOTT'S The Store Accommodating For Best Values Cotton "Texas" Brown Had the political leaders fex- cept "Battlesnake" Edwardsj kept their eyes and ears open the first of this year they would have felt the crumbling of the Democratic League with the ad- vent of Texas Brown into local bartering circles. Brown is a gangling six-footer, hailing from the Trenton staple cotton area. His awning teeth give one the impression he is about to bite off his lower lip, but beneath his old battered hat and his simple appearance there lies a wealth of 'csimple cun- ning"-and it's truly simple. Having spent his early life trading jackasses, and knowing one when he sees one, Brown delayed not in seeking out Man- ny Garcia, and through the "Czar of all Jaekasses" was soon introduced to the leaders of Thomas Hall. First, he met Tony "Hitleri' Harlow. For two hours this weird pair discussed the situa- tion pro and con. Brown dropped the information that he wanted to form a political party and had 3900, so Harlow following his belief in a division of' wealth, offered to make TAMPA DRUG COMPANY Wholesale I Manufacturers and Distributors Of Allen's Poinsettia Drug Products Quality Highest Grade Money Back Guarantee We Recommend Rub-All-en, A Liniment All athletes should use it Brown President of the Student Body. Brown remained dubious of the Bronx accent of Harlow, so Tony called in Russell Sullivan, originally an inhabitant of the worst part of New Orleans, in an effort to get control of the 3900. Sullivan viewed Texas with suspicion, but when he ac- cused Texas of' being Bill Jibb, and Texas threatened him with a knife, Russell decided that all was well. After fifteen minutes browning on the part of Harlow and Sullivan, Texas decided to talk business. After listening to the proposition, he stated that if he organized anything it would be for Mr. Jibb. This precipi- tated a brain-storm on the part of Harlow, who rolled on the ground rubbing sandspurs in his hair. Texas left, and Garcia, Harlow and Sullivan departed for the College Inn. A few minutes later .libb walked in and exhibited a check for 5150 bearing the sig- nature of Texas Brown. Sulli- van immediately rose to his feet and pointed out to all and sun- dry that Jibb was even lower than a wart on a coal-miner's heel. He threatened Jibb with dire penalties at the hands of the old men under Collins, un- less said check was at once re- turned to the poor innocent Brown who Sullivan was de- termined to fleece himself. But what a laugh, for Texas Brown was and is none other than the campus version of Death-Bill libb. With a set of 32.50 false teeth, a pair of 10c eyeglasses, and one of Smathers battered hats and one of George's equally battered suits, Jibb strode over the entire campus spreading consternation into the hearts of the campus bosses. At the mere mention of 3900, "Honest Benn Krentzman prom- ised Texas Blue Key. CHe got it too, since .Iibb made that none-too-select groupj. Young, seeing another payment on the SAE mortgage, rushed him mad- ly, only to see Texas turn into Phi Kappa Tau .libb just after a button was offered him. Archie Meatyard saw a ray of political hope for the Betas, and rushed over to get the 3900 at the cost of a Beta pin, but Texas would have none of it. Socially, Texas cut a wide swath. He met Billie Behle fMayberry's gall, fell for her two-fisted attractions, and tried to use his 3900 there. She would have nothing to do with him, and each time he broke she gave the distress signal to her SPE stooges. Texas unmasked, and Billie threw her arms around the neck of Smathers-which was hard for her to do, since she only used him three week-ends when she wanted to see Gaines- ville. Texas figured prominently in the Chi Phi breakfast during Military Ball week-end. He ap- peared at the breakfast in the company of Tom Fleming and occupied a table in the midst of the revelry. The climax came when, after dancing all evening or rather morning with various Tally socialites to their embarras- ment, John Cheney offered Texas a pledge button-which he accepted. The girls upon witnessing this immediately whispered to their dates that the Chi Phi social standing was going on the rocks--as though it could. llc chiseled on Charles Bram- mar by asking where ,libh lived -which was next door to Bram- mar. After a few remarks he got Brammar into conversation and ,libb found out just what a rotten actor his neighbors thought he was fby the Brown routci. Brammar told Brown Knot knowing it was ,libb him- selfj that he thought Orval Anderson was by far the best in the role of 'cDeath Takes a Holi- day"-a fact which Jibb admits, but rather hates to hear from someone else. Then he met Rosemary Town- ley and Rosa Russell. Their dates fSmathers and Jackass Garciaj twitted poor Texas about his squirrel teeth, and they grew irate, only to have him umnask and reveal the hated features of Jibb. Myrtle Butts, KAT, threatened to break up with Tom Fleming because he insisted on her having a date with Texas fhe also wanted 359005 and Texas wanted to smooeh a trifle. On and on it went, until Texas has become a campus fixture, feared by many and loved by none, even as his creator-Old Man Jibb. '164' SNAIIK CLEARS SHADOW MYSTERY CASE GAINESVILLE, May 10-The greatest mystery of the year was finally Solved with the last issue of the "Alley-Gator." Obediah Snark, ace detective, has traced the Shadow to its various caves. First issue spell-binder was that hawk noscd pseudo-journw list, Bill Jibh, wlIo believes there is nothing more sensation- al tlllllli his embryonic utterings to the guffaws of his own cackle box. It was too much even for Stoogen Leonard. For the next six issucs another slimelighter took to pounding the keys to the delight of the lewd masses. Manny Garcia lit- erally shoveled tlIe dirt into the Paper but his own self-indulged ego Caused his release. Worse: Wen than .libb he couldn't bear t0 leave his besmirched name 0l1t.0f his own productions. Tlring of running a Garcia build-up Leonard called quits and called in the ace organizer of Campus dirt, one Thomas Farrar Fleming, Junior. Taking over the task of he- traylflg bedroom secrets Fleming fffultd that there was more to ihsllmg the dirt than merely col- ecfmg the asinine utterings and gallons of the student body. esperate for an author he call- fd 111 legallite Paul Helliwell, , .,.. W, K x W W Agua, J Q Y t- 1 A. , U . 'elm I . ' if I 'lf IM- . ,W V A , W ,iff an .M "V, A -44 J L 1 Qian s-....f-1 Ib lx ' . ,.w-Q, 1 TQ 2 .- V A l Qllqi A . 25.41 A 'Sli - Wim. J lf.. -..-,.... .... ,,- ..,,.,. .-..-......... .. WI-:ASEL FI.mvIINr: whose pixilated putterings out- weigh his moronic mutterings. Both boys retired to the Chi Phi barn to publish the unprint- ables and unspeakables of Chi Phi life. Kappa Sig George Means was called in by the lads to put the "Eye" on the campus. He is re- sponsible, under orders from "Boss" Fleming for the forma- tion of the Dirtdobbers ASSOCIEI- tion. Charter members were: Pike Skeeter Caldwell, Beta John Warren, Blackfoot Roy Williamson, Phidelt Charles Henry, SAE's Waldo and Mc- Gehee, Deltsig Johnny Dowd, Snake Bookie Cooper, KA Bud- dy Lewis, Phitau Charles McIn- tosh, SPE Tubby Sullivan, and Bushleaguer Louis Coleman. Not content with organiza- tion on the campus Fleming hied himself to Tally to induct the "Sister Snoopers Society" composed of such wavering lights as AD Pi Dodo Trantham, Phimu Fair Milteer, KAT Pat Campbell, Cl1iO Jackie Texada, and Tridelt Tincy Collins. "Pm sorry I done it, HDI.I.IwI:I.I." F ootballin g Prowlevs This past season the Pi Phi house became the center of in- terest one Sunday morning when a pandemonium of noise arose out of the cellar. Paul Brock and Bill Williams had come to the college early and entered the Pi Phi house unknown to the members of thc household and in the cellar turned loose a barrage of noise. Before any of the inmates could find out what the trouble was the two behemoths es- caped, accomplishing what they thought was the prize mystery of the year. Let it be known that the Tally sisters caught them by sight at least. Hence, watch out for the "Sister Snoop- ers Society." Slater Smith Is Loyal Slater Smith, larruping Pike socialite, this year established a precedent in social history by having two dates down for Fall F rolics. But in addition to hav- ing both girls down fund both were Kappa Deltasl he also watched out for their social life. Beth Rickards and Erma Engel really are sold on the political leader. as .Tas OF IACIQS NVI LLE and Affiliated Banks FIRST ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK DAYTONA BIzAcI-I, FLORIDA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GAINDsvII.LIs, FLORIDA THE PALATKA ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK PALATKA, FLORIDA ' THE SANFORD ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK SANFORD, FLORIDA WEST PALM BEACH ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Wrsr PALM BEACH, FLORIDA SPRINGFIELD ATLANTIC BANK MAIN Srnrrr, JACKSONVILLE Sound Protection . . . and Friendly Co-operation in all Financial Matters I Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BOY HOWDY , Won't You - 'IIAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR G Eli Witt Company Compliments of Jno. A. Cunningham, Jr. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA '165' W 'W V W 1 'W X 5, W - ff ?f:i,:Sa1r:ffe:1, a iii, "" " 'TQQISMIQZ1-. ,. " f Qi if i fi 1 ,RQ 5 f f ' Ag H 4 rf M '22, if 1 I I A W A Day on the Beach The Last Mile! Study Hour ,F 4 ' W Footman, Tigert and Chauffeur Rolled Into One A Asleep in the Deep '34, , u., -1 ,xl J.. ' ' V M12 'zfl Q For a change they'rc washing dishes sq : if 'Sig ' 3 l fax if N 'iii ' ff if ,Q 5 N -' I-, , - f A.. 1 . 'z my , . If 4. f -. -1 ' f: ' f i H fn " D n ',,m.Jf, "Ll 2414-31, , AN-V b y -A . .I .. ,Ml , ,M ,,,, .., I: Q McClellan Asleep-and He Goes Means Searching for Shadow News to College! All J 'B-U' Kb A-W' I l "f4.uq-N., ' 4 lP's. - ' Q aj In 'A Ag, , Crackpots Glen Gray-the campus hero! '166' .r N. 'H Wits li. uibhsf Mail Day l'hi Tun llcznrning Life Trnslvr and Recruit 1 A 1 ai, v 4 , 'I 3 w 4' 1 He sure vain pick '1-ln! Just shooting the ---N KS training for Olympics Duncan in his glory and a rurc treat -someone listening! i 1 14.1 Hunting for Reds on Lannpus I thought I sta-ppcrl ovvr it A he-man likes his Wilde! Pay duy ut the mines 95 or Vmg-the Frat Law '167' "Mushmouth" Kafry Says: For many weeks I have been the most popular announcer over BARN, YARD, KOW, LOT, radio station. In my six months as a radio announcer I have had experience with quite a good deal of broadcasting such as football, basket ball and base- ball games, boxing matches, track events, not to mention news, music programs and dra- ma. I have really gained knowl- edge of most of the factors that go to make a good announcer. flf you really want to become a good blah artist read my book "The Way to Talk Back to a Radio Audience."j Let me give some examples of what to do and what not to do. Take the case of the garglers at WRUF. Here are some things about them and their wonderful vocal qualities. One of the most popular mud- dled voices is that of Orval An- derson. To gain tones similar to his, stand back from the mike about 12 feet and shout loudly in the direction of the floor. If you have a Martha Raye mouth you can accomplish the same ef- fect by standing 25 feet from the mike and shouting at the ceil- ing. It is not suggested that any- one should try to announce with marbles in the mouth, as does Raymond Kennedy. He can get away with it occasionally be- cause he has an extremely large aperture under his . olfactory system Ksnoot to you mugsl . Be- ginners should not try this until the head grows to tl1e size of the mouth, as in Kennedy's case. To get the Daniel Rise effect fRichard Daniels to the radio audiencel drop into a fruit stand on the way to your audi- tion and buy about two bits worth of celery. When you get near the microphone stuli' two stalks into the right side of your mouth and talk just as fast as possible. In this way you get the pseudo-Riss effect--but for the real stuff add two more stalks every five minutes. Little can be said about the tonal quality of Clarence Stoeck- ler fPhil Dean to youl. Your best bet is to spend about six summers and ten winters in the Hats of New Joisey, or a similar tonal effect can be had by living under "de winegar woiks in de Bronxf' For the Charles Dudley snor- tle no better practice may be had than peeling oranges with teeth and talking at the time, taking care to emit of the peelings into the at the end of every fourth y0llI' same part mike sentence. ' In order to get the tonal qual- ity of Roy Tabeling join a road show and play Little Willie parts for a few years, or, even better and easier, join Cavaliers and study the voice technique of John Alden Brown. To talk like Freddie Foster is a dillicult proposition. The sys- tem is complicated and requires study. Take the written copy and make a vertical mark at the end of every third wordg thus caus- ing the accent to be placed on every second word when speak- ing and a very marked pause to exist at the end of every third word. This is to be done regard- less of meaning, for after all meaning should be subordinate to tonal expression. CLARK 8 LEWIS C0. Hotel and Institutional Supplies JACKSONVILLE and MIAMI, FLORIDA Nothing can be done to gain the .lim Walton saccarinity and monotone except to take "poetry expression lessons" under a qualified singing professor, as .lim did. The sweetest voice that can be obtained, however, is a voice like the pride of the WRUF announcing staff-the great Dell "Bunny" Gibbs. He takes in his stride the most diliicult assign- ments with the greatest of ease and the least amount of prog- ress. He should be made the permanent announcer for that program of programs - the Orange Grove String Band. Don't even try and study the ,lack Swift style. All it is is a constant stutter, during which the lower mandible wags up and down like a piston. If you will ignore the styles of all of these gab-artists you will never be an announcer, but you will have many more friends. "We Feed the Multituden WW" as 'fill' I n Milf! I .5 in flnfufs l'lnllua4 n4.vv" '11- 100'7b Owned and Operated in JACKSONVILLE Six Beautiful Stores The Hotel Thomas Central F lorida's Finest Hotel GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA '0'0'01 The WHHTE HOUSE Hotel "Gainesville's Finest and Largest Commercial Hotel" Sixty-five Modernized Rooms AIR CONDITIONED '168' ffiee, ffice, h09s Got ne? Poucher Becomes Treasurer for Dayf Gregory Gets Hall of Fame CAMPUS, March 31--The year 1937-38 saw the arising Of more complicated appointment situations than in any N515 previous years of this canned factory of class attendance. ,eorge Smathers began the Year with nothing in mind, ex- cePt ll few week-end trips to Aflumil- a few round robbins with the Executive Council and a few trips to the Bookstore. Everything was sitting pretty, the Democratic League was holding together-at the first of the Year-and the period ahead leoked like an easy administra- tion, But. lo and behold! The first Wait On Smathers mind was the hash house horror. Students be- gan C0mplaining of the food itlltl several of them began cack- ling from eating so much corn While still others began mooing from the milk, their choice of' food being scarce. Increased by a gentle hint from the dorms the rumor 3P1'6ad like gossip among the fofllball players and the first thms Smathers knew he had a problem on his hands. He journeyed over to see the of- ficials, journeyed back to the dorms, ran back to the officials, ran hack to the dorms, raced to the head man and then tore back to the dorms--SUCCESS -they cnt the price of beans one cent, and issued a blanket statement tlIat covered the cam- pus. Then out of a perfect semes- ter, marred by riots in the dorms, the "Hamlet Soliloquy" by "Honest" John Schaub from the second floor of Thomas Hall, water fights and campfires in the halls of the tenements, ex- ams were announced. But before they arrived John McCarty retired from school. The Presidential timber became shaky on the east side, but on the west side Earl Powers stayed to face the worst--and he got it! OT 23 GVER YEARS ctshion' irst Passing Out Offices He went back to the College of 2.5 students fBus Adj, finding law too tedious. With the office of Secretary- Treasurer left vacant SInathers appointed "Treasurer for the Day" Allen Poucher. The Exec. Council approved the temporary appointment. Then with the se- mester over McCarty returned to school and was reinstated in his old position in the place of "Treasurer for the Day"-- Poueher. Then a bare trickle of a rum- or came down from above. Dutchy Stormes it seems had also resigned from school-find- ing Jacksonville Beach more suitable to his taste. Smathers with his usual good office in mind did nothing. He and Krentzman took a two-weeks de- bate trip to see the New York sights. In the meantime the Constitutional Revision Com- mittee had met and was ready to report. Having no one to whom they could report a wire was dispatched to Smathers to appoint a Vice President of the Student Body in Stormes' place. Smathers wired back that Har- bert Gregory was the man for the oflice. Consequently Gregory makes Hall of Fame! Gregory took office and pre- sided with a determined will. Following the report of the Con- stitutional Committee John "Jack" Cox, to voters, arose and stated that he wanted the people to know and the masses to un- derstand thatnhe voted against each of the revisions recom- mended. fNote: All the re- visions were aceepted by the Student Body at the spring electionl. Whispers of impeachment from the radical groups were scattered on the campus. Im- peach who? Was the question, Why Smathers! Was the answer. For What? Was the question. Why, I don't know! Was the answer. So the rumors quieted down for no one could find any- thing that Smathers had done. So it goes, another year, an- other President. The populace speaks and the officers squeak. AND I . l I . 5 CL S h 1' O in R' 1' g h It Largest Exclusive Makers of Office Furniture and Filing Equipment in the World I FILING CABINETS FIRE Pnoor FILES FILING SUPPLIES BOOKING EQUIPMENT ' SKYSCRAPER Desks Exscui-Iva Ssrss ' THE SIIAW-WALKER COMPANY T a -m P a 608 Laura Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA '169' Cawthon Lays Plans To Found Society T Leading F ollowefr Sees Need F or Group The picture on the right has nothing to do with this story ex- cept they might try to inveigle the chief windjammer into their ranks where he can put his wind to better use. Every once in a while some person gets a good idea for something or other. This year we have found the man with novel ideas and to him we pre- sent the Booby Prize of ,the year . . . thumb nail sketch of him- self in a dark tunnel on a black night. We give you Victor Caw- then!!! Vic has solved the major problem on the campus with his idea. You understand that this year has seen a surplus of lead- ers, as exemplified by the Blue Key 'pledges fall 341, and a scarcity of followers. But Caw- thon has an idea to do away with this eyesore. He plans to found a society for the purpose of following the leader-the game we used to play in grammar school-as there is no difference between grammar school and college, ex- cept about ten or fifteen years. To date we have a worthwhile society of leaders fBlue Keyj, but no organized group of fol- lowers. Now, under the forma- tion plans of the PINK LOCK SOCIETY this will be remedied. As Vic has pointed out and wisely, students on the campus just don't know when and where to follow. For instance if they see a man walking across the campus wearing a key and they begin to follow-well, he might lead them tok the stables fbeing a Sabres memberj or he might lead them to the dorms fbeing a Cavalieri. This is a waste of time for the students to be chas- ing down the leaders, when the The Gator Wind Jammers leaders should be rounding up his followers. So to do away with this situ- ation Cawthon plans to found the Pink Lock Society--to fol- low. He would have organized it this year but he has been so busy-following, so he says, that he hasn't had sufficient time to go over the minute details of the formation plans. But next year he will get around to it, we are told. Then this society will elect as its head a Locksmith, and Cawthon has his eye on this position. You see the Locksmith will he the leader of the Pink Lock group and as such it will fall to his lot to get the groupout of any situations in which it might become involved. For instance with the Blue Key group on the campus and the Pink Lock organization they might go together to put over some project. And should any- thing jam--well, the Pink Lock group will have its Locksmith to get them out of the jam. Now we don't exactly under- stand all Vic says about this, but then he claims he is twice as smart as anybody else and here's how he proves it. He says people understand only one- quarter of what he says and,he understands half of what he says--so he is twice as smart as anybody else. Cordial relations with a good bank are 'of the utmost value to a young man seeking to business world. get ahead in the This bank invites you to become one of the many customers who like its modern facilities and friendly atmosphere. F L NATICNA QNK FORSYTH AND LAURA s assrs '170' .I N2 1 1 1 I 1 i 4 l 4 1 P: '4 1 3 G F! '1 3 ji. owison Turns Easter Egg Colors Three Ducklings Afraid Of Wet Water FLORIDA UNION, Dec. 14--"Rooster" McCarty leaned back on his two small underpinnings and sent forth a loud Crow over the general barnyard area calling the ugly cam- pus ducklinites fExecutive Councilj into solemn conclave to discuss the weekly egg-laying contest. It was rumored around the area that "Cock of the Walk" Henry Howison was getting ready to hatch an evil brood on the student body. All the ugly ducklinites came a-scooting into the general meet- Ing place. They came from all sections, the park avenue row, the tenements, and the woods, where they had been sounding out the political crumbs for HCXI year. All except three of the leading fowlers were in at- tendance. These three, Bob At- kmsi Steve O'Connel1 and Rich- ard M. Lovelace, failed to show UP because they didn't like the heavy black cloud that had set- tled over their area. They wanted to remain at home and HY to hatch their hen house material. Smathers took the position at the head of the group and began hw Prancing up and down the planks pointing out the evils of Compliments of LliVY'S Adams and Hogan JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 0 "Florida's Finest Apparel for Men and Women" the "Florida Spoils System." All this time he was steadily gazing at Howison, Garcia not being present, who is noted for his egg-laying abilities. Through- out the parade of the "Boss of the Barnyard," Howison meekly took on the seven different hues of bunny eggs. For five minutes thereafter Florida's Featherite cackled forth abstractions to arrive at three general conclusions of why Howison should not attend the National Student Egg-Laying Contest, and there represent the meek 3,200 fmeek until election timej. "First, Howison is suffering from an inflated egog second, he is afflicted with diarrhea of the palate Knot a rare disease on the campusjg and third, he is not representative of the cam- pus, but only one section, that section west of the stadium." After a few minutes more of heated cackling the members attending the barnyard meeting gathered enough strength to- gether to break the shells around them and vote "Rooster" John McCarty a vote of greetings and a pocket of money to attend the National Egg-Laying contest and do his best. All results of the odorous meeting having passed out of the windows' the ducklinites romped down the three floors and onto the campus to scuttle back into their hovels until an- other cackle from McCarty. . Those seen pecking at the gravel around the tenements section soon after the meeting were: Dutchy Stormes, Delphin Arduengo, Bill Baber, Otis Bell, Louis Coleman, Robert Dopp, James King, Sid Marshall, Jim. mie Minardi, Allen Poucher, Paul Shelly, Tom Van B1-um and J. H. Wood. ...-.-1- llawkshaw is seen being given an "Annie Oakley" departure from the ballot counting during the Spring Elections. The two muscle men, Nel- son Davis and Paul Whatley are act- ing under orders from Election Offi- ciul Arduengo. , , 1 W nf ,ia'9W','nf H, ,X as I my ' 4 5 'rms wus.. .alllllr Kr,r.P You :gym s POSTED V 4 . fl The crackpots who put out this section are indeed happy to find that you are reading it. Letters of crit- icism should be addressed to Box 91, Ubangi, Africa. They will receive prompt attention. Strange Place This School ' This University of Florida, school of higher learning for the Florida citizens, has a well rounded group of students from the four corners of these United States. Of the 3,214 students enrolled in the University 191 rep- resent 29 of the 48 states and also, Washington, D. C., Cuba, South America and Puerto Rico. So we are truly qualified to have an International Relations Club. New York leads with 28 stu- dents registered fprobably all from the Bronxj and Pennsyl- vania is seeond with 20, which accounts for the steel workers we have here. New Joisey is third with 14 Call from the flatsj and Tennes- see has 12 ridge runners on the campus. They, probably more than all the rest, miss their hills and vales. Then according to alphabet- ical tabulation the following number of students are found to be from the other states repre- sented. Alabama has 113 Arkan- sas, three fnone kin to Bob Burnsjg Connecticut, sixg Cali- fronia has one favorite sun who came here to get away from the liquid sunshine of Californiag Georgia has 16 fpolitical refu- geesjg Iowa, one corn huskerg Illinois, 113 Indiana, five Hoos- iers, Kentucky, nine sharp- shooters fprobably all on the rifle teamjg Kansas, oneg Min- nesota, one Swedeg Michigan, threeg Massachusetts, seveng Mississippi, two kernels fboth '171' '- E KA's no doubtlg Maryland, fourg North Carolina, three tar heelsg New Hampshire. one Yankeeg Ohio, seveng Okla- homa, one cowboyg South Caro- lina, four geechisg Texas, three rangers, Virginia, five Southern Gentlemen, West Virginia, one Western Southern Gentlemang and Wisconsin, one Mounted policeman. Washington, D. C., has threeg Cuba, fourg South America, oneg and Puerto Rico, one. l If You Like Syrup Try Dads Best Quality Syrup 0 Irs Digerenz 0 GAINESVILLE, FLA. C0 LD THEY NOT Have different colored grade sheets to show your average when you register, to designate the good students from the poor. Green for Ag Orange for B5 Blue for C5 Red for Dg and black for failure, because it doesn't make much difference if you can't see your failures? Give the library workers Sat- urday off, because there are no classes on Sunday and the li- brary could stay open on Sun- day when the boys want to study? Put radios in every room in the dormitories? Erect a roof' over the walks along the side of the dormito- ries leading to the cafeteria for rainy days, and to protect them from assault from rooms above? Put mail boxes in the dormi- tory rooms and have a mail man deliver the mail to the students? The fraternity houses get such service, don't they? For the Sake of Your Health and Your Budget Patronize A8zP FOOD STORES Allow students to print their own paper here at the Univer- sity? Make the pillars in the new gyln out of cellophane so that one can see through them? And make the officials out of cello- phane also? Make the handball courts out of hard rubber-to keep the boys from skinning their knees so badly? Have one of the big social week-ends between semesters when the students have time to enjoy themselves? And also the students have put one worry be- hind them and are not worrying about the sentence coming up? Change the swamp angels to pretty white girls so the boys would want to live in the dorms? We need a general edu- cation like they get at Harvard. Allow some student to keep a concession in each of the dormi- tory halls and work his way through school through serving coffee for the ground routej ? Put students of one college in the same section-so they can study together more easily? Organize the dormitory sec- tions each year into social clubs and barter for political hand- outs like the fraternities? Bar all fraternity men from mem- bership? Strength my boys makes officers of the student body. Establish a co-op bookstore to allow students to receive dis- counts on the cost of their books, paper, etc.? Divide the registration into groups and register seniors, jun- iors, and General College stu- dents separately? Do away with so much red tape in graduating. It is harder to get out of this place than it is to get into it. And costs just as much. This my friends is u photostatic copy of u well known studcnt's mind during exams und also during rush week. It is no untruth to state that the two are about equal us far as put- ting the student in the so-culled qualms. This applies to the freshmen us well us thc old men. Kappa Sigmas Get Paint NINTH STREET., Sept. 30.-- The Kappa Sigma house sitting in the basking moonlight of a September evening with all its white splendor took on an in- digo hue from unknown sources. An irate KS mob, led by the invincible "Butch" Chipso Sco- ville, stormed the household of the Greek gods of Ninth Street, to the utter amazement and dis- gust of the paid admissions sit- ting on the floor of the hotel. "Butch" stretching his chest skyward demanded of Dale Mil- ler the reason for such a house shellacking. "No son of Minerva can get away with this. Why the idea of throwing blue paint over our house. Aren't we blue enough? It's gotta be stopped, what's the difference if we do paint your lion every other week, 'you got no right to come over and paint our house", stormed Chipso. Dale stood his ground, all the time quaking in his shoes, know- ing that he had the backing of the 120 members around the house fsomewherej. Anyway he could see Butch was torn up about the whole affair. Miller finally excused himself to take a poll of the wandering fraternity members and after several hours he returned to say none of the sober ones could re- member painting the house blue. So once more a mystery settled on the campus-this time the painting of a house. '172' aff, , 05 fu ffff fwfa fe -v X Xx X -fl ,I acksonville Pensacola Miami Tampa Orlando -r .ga gre R52 'ft I' gin -P M ff :S i 1 fl 2 Al Q 3 5 'u 11 4 i 'Aa .45 iw ,U J, vw 3 1. 1 3 S -1 1 2 LE 51 1 .L .-1 5 'Ss fl, 1 1 3 If 4 Y Ti 'A 15? af ., .. 5 -i 1 'Q A SO WHAT Tl1e "Farm Hour" is the old- CSI continuous program over WRUF fand about the second b0Sl-the Orange Grove String Band coming firstl . . . Daniel RHS, whose real. name is Richard Daniels, once broadcast as a thespian of the ethereal chan- nels over the CBS chain , . . too bad he came south with the sllrintl - - . Edward Abbott at- tended t.he University of Mis- souri for one semester before entering Florida in 1928 fwhere 116 has been enrolling every Year sincej. , , , .Clifford Beasley fwho ma- tl'lCl1ltltCtl in 19305 is the founder of the original Old Man's Club on the campus. , . . O00 Of the supposedly hardest Colleges in the University is the Bus Ad College f2.5 grade fac- t0rYl, but the truth of the state- ment is that Freddie Foster, WRUF announcer, crammed one week on the Accounting 301 exam. and made the highest grade in the class. . . . Victor Cilwtholfs brother, Stanmore, was lJ0rn in Buckman Hall fand Part of the family has been at- tending school in the building eller Sincel -... Look Alikes: Delphin Arduengo fin the min- iaturcj of Mayor LaGuardia. . . Eddie Boardman and the former Boss Tweed fwho has used Tweed principles while in sehoolj. , , . Smathers for Cary Grant flixcept for Smathers' big nosej .,.. Gordon Gardner looks like Tommy Farr fand Hghts much worsej. . . . .loc Hardwick and Nat Pendleton fexeept Nat gets paid for being dumbj.. . . It is against the law to draw a check on a National Bank for less than 31. fbut poor old Dad receives no protectionj .,.. Remember when you step down the aisle with your future just after the marriage ceremony the piece they play is the "War March of the Priests" by Felix Mendelssohn fstepping Oli' on the wrong foot to begin withj. , . . Meigs Haggerty is a Gainesville police flatfoot while attending the University fjust one flat foot among 3,199 flat headsl. . . Chick Haynes, SAE sub-house mother loves to knit and can twirl a mean needle fthe next thing the SAE's will be learning to Tatj .... .lohn Hamilton served three years in China with the U. S. Marines fthe "Florida Review" will probably become a Marine Bulletin next yearj. . . . Russell Sullivan is a member of the New Orleans Curb fabout two feet back from the gutterj. . . . The sound of Thunder is produced by the sudden rush of air into the vacuum caused by rapid passage of lightning through air fmuch like the wind whistling through Bobbie Col- lins' headj. . . . The people of the earth speak 3,424 languages or dia- lects fthis docs not include the jargon spoken by the students who live in Buckman Halll.. . . Mammoth Cave, probably the best known of similar freaks of nature, is located in Kentucky and has a length of nine miles feomparable to the mouth of Edgar Feinbergj. . . . The hu- man brain, it is said, contains over 300,000,000 cells, and that about 3,000 cells are destroyed every minute. If this is the case, then a new brain appears once in 60 days fsomething that George Allen need never worry aboutj. . . . Malcolm McGlasson has been around this country a lot fbut why did he settle here?j . . . Dick Worsham has traveled ex- tensively in Europe fyet despite his learning. he became a mem- ber of Phi Deltj .... NEW V PAINT - 5 DISCGVERY ! twafzlm MAKES WALIJS AND WOODWORIC WASHABLE AS PORCELAIN! 1 all 740 0 H. THOMPSON OO., Inc. 3 Hotel, Restaurant and Bar Equipment if 3 we ,, g -4F-"".':aD- f . A , KWOSVU 226-228 W. Bay Street M' H U T C JACKSONVILLE, FLA. JACKSONVILLE MIAMI Florida Players The Florida Players, a social organization of the Stage, this year set a precedent for future members to follow by having one paid admission to their ont- standing hit of the year which ran for two hours on West Union Street. In the past the organization has had great dillieulty giving away tickets to their produc- tions and have been bothered by the one member who consist- ently sat in the 15th row of tht- ccnter aisle of seats. This year they not only had one paid ad- mission but had three onlookers and one sat in the back, one in the middle and one in the first row. The one sitting in the back was near sighted, the one in the front was far sighted and the one in the middle of the audi- torium was asleep. Sueccss at last! Beware of Greeks who bear fruit! Remember that this past election showed that any man running for ollice and was a member of the General College had a sure shot winning posi- tion. Diamonds Watches FERRELL Silverware China and All Jewelry Easy Terms 220 Main St. . Jacksonville, Florida ' ..,,+, i i i i '173' Your 1938 Seminole is the fourteenth edition, since 1924, to be bound in a MOLLGY MADE COVER The continued confidence of Seminole staffs in our ability to produce a fine cover has been brought about by and justified by the dependable performance of Molloy artists and craftsmen Our .service is available to all high E schools and colleges which are facing 5 s- -4+ 2 a yearboolc cover problem. inquiries is are welcome u u er large or small THE DAVID J. MCLLOY PLANT 2857 Northwestern Avenue a ef e er Cl1icago,lllinois COLLEGE WIDOW WISE Uwnd Describes the Woman Student By SOSHAL OUND During the next school year, if the buses hold out and Sltldents return to the University of Florida, it is conserv- atively estimated that at least 3,200 girls will travel the 200 miles from Tallahassee to Gainesville and back to Talla- hassee fbecause they can't stay here during the week, only 011 the week-endj. And these men students, at least some of them, will spend 011 all average of 310 and 48 hours without sleep entertaining the. switchers from your neigh- boring cities and schools. This handsome sum will go to 1'00ming houses, hotels, music boxes. drinks, nickel pianos, food and foot ease powders. No one knows where the students spend their 48 hours without slfielh except in the case of the P1 Kappa Alpha lodge. S0me girls will blossom into C'-fmpus socialites and some girls will just blossom. Out of the 'lelshboring jook joints will emerge 21 new set of social queens, for yearly the past queens are relegated to the un- Compliments of CHESNUT OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. J- Gibbes Chesnut Class of 1914 Students Supplies Gainesville, Florida known ranks of just college wid- ows. The college debutante takes over the town for her four years' stay in Tallahassee, except in the case of Phil Asher and An- nie Laurie Polk who have al- ready worn out the Johnny Cake, and switches from frat house to frat house all depend- ing on which house has the wealthiest member who is dumb enough to invite the "deb" down for a week-end. Drawing on personal observa- tion of twelve years standing and gaining an insight into the pre- ceding four former years by con- sulting with Manny Garcia, Ed Abbott, Cliff Beasley, and .lack Smith Call of whom entered the University soon after the World Warl, I have drawn a composite picture of the usual co-ed. She is between 16 and 20 years of age, with some excep- tions, and is slim or fat, depend- ing on where and what she eats in Tally. She is blonde or bru- nette and sometimes both. She loves necking, and shows no real choice in some of her com- panions. She funnels her boy friend's cigarettes, uses excessive pow- der, paint, and rouge and is a general nuisance, since she can't talk of anything except the last boy she had a date with and oh, How cute, How cute, was her summer romance. Give her several years to get the warped sorority idea out of her head and about a year in the business world and she will be the future motherof some fine man's children. She can al- ways entertain her children with her college escapades. She catches the eye of every male. She likes her males at two feet rather than at ten feet, so she demands he give up all women, which he does while she is in town. She is conspicuous for her lack of dress rather than her choice of designs. And she thinks every male is dying to meet her fapologies to Betty Spicerj. They mistake polite- ness for familiarity. Cheap jewelry is her weak- ness. Any sort of fraternity pin suits her, so long as she gets two of any kind. During her boy friend's stay in Tally she wears the pin, but during his absence she carries a plug of "Picnic Twist" for her Gawga boy friend, who drops in after every cotton crop. fApologies to An- nie Laurie Polkj. The average one is world-wise, canny, money crazy, and knows how to take care of herself un- der all conditions. Tally Ho! Boys! Another year coming up. - . Tally Sisters Some Babies Some Tallahassee girls change rapidly. When they change rapidly they are fickle. And to be fickle and hold their own means they are some babies. Therefore some Tallahassee girls are some babies. Eb, What! Jus! tidying up a hit Alpha Delta Pi Issues Iwvites In order to insure themselves of having a few boys at their formal dance on December 12, 1937, the ADPI'S sent out a blanket invitation to four of the fraternities fSAE's, PKA's, ATO'S and KA's in Gainesvillel -sounds as though the sorority is going in for quantity instead of quality attendance. But they live in Tally and don't realize what they are doing. Sounds as though one of the powerhouse members of ADP had a hand in this and her first name is Vir- ginia! TAMPA ABSTRACT 81 TITLE INSURANCE CO. Established 1887 P. O. Box 2288 Phone M-8234 405 Madison Street TAMPA, FLORIDA .,,,,., ...-... , WHEN IN JACKSONVILLE Get the Habit Compliments of Of Shopping and Saving - At SEARS! SOUTHERN DAIBIES SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 532 W. Forsyth Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 1 ,il- 1,5- QAE Firing Parfoinmnec What, No In-.inunuu Money ' Y Another SPE lllflllg ' taken for Il rifle. AXA music lovers . llnnee of the fairies rs 'Nw'-.. J Wwe point with pricle' . . . liclitor llelliwvll ...uv nun z.,-. Mf'Cunn and the nl ,Q-new--P ,an-in Bcautiful Cams No this is not u rmleu, this is Honn-roming .lark anal an urmfnl SPL 1.Xl'lIllll The llusll-House horror in 'lCll0I'll T110 Betus and a lady is almost unbelievable Movie Queen l890 Wit Farrington shows a plulga, that there is one Tuxedo in the Knppu Signm Lodge . in oving uolnlmn The hammer giunt Curtlner uml his moll, and others llower will neva-r learn '1A7'7' 1 I Princess Snow Drift and Her Seven Warts A Tale. of 'Ye Modern Knights Among Dusty Law Books and Lame Brains Once upon a time 'here was a little princess named Snow Drift Rosa Russell who lived in the Kingdom of Pensacola. Her guard- ian wanted her to see the world, so he sent her traveling. As she traveled she learned much and grew ever and ever more curious, until' one day she came to a monastery known as the University of Florida, and there she stopped to learn from the monks the secrets of Torts and Crimes and Marriage and Divorceg so that she could one day return and rule her people wisely and well. The princess was very beauti- ful and was wondrous fair to gaze upon. Although she be- came slightly haggard from brushing off dirt from hitherto unused legal tomes, she seemed to enjoy her surroundings. But one day Queen Margaret Edwards also came to this mon- astery to learn the law. She be- came envious of the beauty of Snow Drift, and, being herself wondrous fair to gaze upon, Snow Drift grew envious of her. One day Snow Drift could stand no more and fied into the forest exceedingly fearful and wroth. She ran and ran, until she be- came exceedingly tired, where- upon she laid down upon the ground and cried herself to sleep. As she slept she .dreamed a wonderful dream about a fairy prince who would someday come and carry her away from all of her troubles. Suddenly her was disturbed by queer and she awoke to find near that fearful place as the Cave of Warren, dream sounds herself known where gnomes and ogres abound. Startled, she prepared to flee, when suddenly there popped Compliments of RUTH G. BROOME Realtor 300 W. University Ave. GAINESVILLE, FLA. SNow Dmsr Russam. out of the hole seven of the queerest individuals she had ever seen. All of them were less than three feet tall and all were dressed quaintly in loud 'checked coats and trousers. Upon seeing her they ran forward and gathered in a circle about her and began to sing this queer little song. "Hi, ho! Hi, he! "Seven Thirsty Warts are we, "With a chisel for some, "And a stomach for rum, "Seven Thirsty Warts are we." At the end of the song, each little man stepped up to the Princess, made a little curtsey, and introduced himself as fol- lows: Stmarv DIXON 'Tm Dopey Watson, the Cas- tle Heights smoocher!" "Pm Happy Garcia, the great campus moocher!" "Call me Sleepy Dixon, the hill billy king!" "My name's Sneezy Krentz- man, of ME I sing!" "Me, I'm Grumpy Barton, the scourge of Minerver!" "Bashful Humkey's my name, I'll never deserve her!" "They call me Doc Waldo, the sorority HEEL." All: "And now, little woman, how the h-- do you feel?" After looking at the little men for a space Snow Drift realized that they could not possibly QUEEN Maacanrr Enwanns harm her, so she arose and turn- ed on the voltage in her best company smile. The little warts were blinded by the display of incisors and were so dazzled that they immediately made her feel at home by taking her into the cave and putting her to work darning socks. Now each one of the Warts had a loving heart, and they all fell in love with Snow Drift and told her that they would escort her hack to the Monastery and take care of the Queen, and thus make the World Safe for Dem- ocracy. So away to the Monastery they went to see what could be done about the matter. When they got there they gazed upon the Queen and saw that she was wondrous fair, and immediately dissension sprang up among the Warts as to whether or not they should continue to side with Snow Drift. Compliments BUILDERS SERVICE COMPANY Everything to Build Anything Gainesville, Florida Compliments of MILTON A. FULLER INCORPORATED , jewelers 124 West Adams St. JACKSUNVILLE, FLA. Charles M. Fuller Milton A. Fuller Formerly Pres. and Vice-Pres. Greenleaf 81 Crosby Co. '178' Dorm' Wfvrsow Grumpy tried to remain faith- ful to Snow Drift and would sit llnder the shade of her Evidence lT00k and would write her sweet l'0ems, hut he could not stand the competition which Happy Jlilve him fafter the Queen turn- ed him down flatj so he sulkily retired to the Kingdom of freorge Allen and issued hulle- tins accusing Happy of all man- -,U,r I DQQ 5 Ill!! x M-Q M. III! llll -all IND! Oli! --Inna' mens ul ' in Q t will A 'le' we ' . ', , '. fn' " - 1 ,t . "Wf-J- F ' -:snr-t.f1... I GRUMPY BAn'roN ner of sins, the bulletins being published by the Royal Press of Allen. But Snow Drift had he- come enamored of Doc, and the mournful bellows of Happy could be heard throughout all the corridors of the college of law whenever he spied Doc with Snow Drift. But Snow Drift changed her mind, and while she tolerated Doe because his pudgy charm reminded her of her father, her love was burning brightly for Sleepy. But her love was unre- quited, for Sleepy preferred to remain in the Hole of the Gator and dream of the ridge-runners of Tennessee he had met while burrowing North for the winter. ll.u'l'Y G,uu:lA Poor Dopey was ignored hy all, and finally retired back to his cave to sulk and dream of inflicting tortures upon every one. Sneezy became enamored of Snow Drift, but she liked hiln only because he would run errands for her. He tired of this and became a slave of the ,t at .,.. hge -,, sazgirtl-pa xv ' 1 semi A-JJ VW 21855 ,L Sq.. :V , L' ff an ea 1 ef 1' 'N5llm.2irv:r A 'K ' " til-Kris.. Eff V . 5 . lu' 'N 'SK 5. 9.834 ' 5--HEL ' Min "w3..23P9Qf WKQM ' w .wx . , . X N . ,.,,,.,-,gi . 5 ,R X t any -3 V W Its. +5 f 'K F it -I iw., A We 53 X' - I lissnifm, lluivmx-:Y queen only to throw an epilep- tic fit one day when she appear- ed in a red gown which remind- ed him of his dread enemy, the gnome of the American Student Union. Thus things progressed, with the little W'arts all hating each other----even unto Bashfnl who hung around the outskirts mak- M... niMnL"W4k .M it '-vM,"- -y., V af M1 .Q Q 5 SN mem' Klll'1N'I'ZM .x N ing feeble efforts to he noticed, and having to content himself with an idiotic love for a duch- ess with a Packard. But one day came the Fairy Prince Shelton Baxter. He stormed up to the Monastery walls astride his great steed "Niblick" and tore down the gates to rescue Snow Drift. But even as he seized Snow Drift in his manly arms his roving gaze fell upon the Queen. Down fell Snow Drift upo11 the hard ground and off went the Prince and the Queen to other and fair- er fields. Snow Drift. cried and lloc Wuno cried, but everything was all right because she still could fool the Seven Little Warts any time she wished. And so everybody existed for a long time afterward. 0 5' ' Com. liments of SQ I 3 P visit fp a THE CAPITAL CITY BANK i HAVERTYS A N ggi ' A 3 p The Friendly Furniture Store I D gli 1' 'A Wifi 1 TIALLAHASSEE g In L, ,,,. ,g in 317 Main Street . fi. -, Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Jacksonville, Floffflf' H iiflf 'i o A '. . . . PIKINCI-I CHAIIMING Bsxrrzn 5 '179' Gluyas Kabodel, Noted Political Leader, Pauses Enroute to Cuba to Visit Campus Amazed at Size of Institution Today And at the Seeming Industry Gluyas Kabodel, noted political theorist, and one-time President of the University of Florida Student Body was a visitor to our campus this past semester. Mr. Kabodel is seen at left pointing to the spot where he was inaugurated into ofiice with the 25 students of the col- Iege grouped around the barrel on which he took his oath 1 1 .i ,,. .v - 4 i4 of office. He was amazed to find the student enrollment at 3,200. He il- g remarked that he did his poli- I gl tieing in? one day back in 1853, fy I -'7"" 'l" V the date of the founding of the If 4 University. ' ti U When asked how he was able 3 to be elected to the prominent ii- office of President of the Student Body, Mr. Kabodel said that it ' was easy due to the fact that "17 if members of the student body were direct kin." I Q' "The other seven voted against p,,, if U' mem he said, "but I voted for gf. myself ." Us Kabodel has been traveling in the Orient for 16 years attempt- ing to track the wild "Ga- zookusn, the bird which flies backward, to its lair. He has only seen it once and as it was then on wing, so to speak, he couldn't keep up with the half- mammal bird. Kabodel is planning a trip to to the wilds of Borneo in order to fraternize with the natives of that district and to visit the 234th chapter of his fraternity. He is a member of the nation- ally known Sigma Halfa Upsi- lon. Slightly overweight he con- fessed he was to stop by Africa to wrestle with a couple of ele- phants to lower his mid-girdle. He is a former movie actor, having played in the first ver- sion of 'tTarzan" back in 1900. He knew the famous King Zol- fus of Ubangi, who presented him with a wild sofa rat. This Kelvinator Refrigeration Maytag Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses Studio Couches 3 BEASLEY tk WILLIAMS Dealers in FURNITURE and all kinds of HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS l 138 West Union St. Gainesville, Florida Thos. W. Bryant T. S. Trantham Law Ojices Bryant and Trantham Florida National Bank Building LAKELAND, FLORIDA gift was presented by King Zol- fus after Kabodel saved his life. Kabodel dove overboard and barehanded slew six ferocious climbing perch as they were about to attack Zolfus. While here Kabodel was a guest of the hotel on corner of Ninth and University Avenue. He praised the food and the room accommodations but failed to mention the famous Southern hospitality of the institution. He paid homage to President Smathers on his visit by saying that in all his years of travel he had never run across a man more versatile in all lines. Kabodel said he expected to come back to the campus within the next year. He plans the in- stallation of the 235th chapter on this campus, which he says will fit in perfectly with the new educational system. Sigma Half a Upsilon is one of the lead- ing scholastic lodges of the fra- ternity group. Kabodel is an honorary member. -- .l..i1, Compliments of ADAMS JEWELRY CO. TAMPA, FLORIDA - University Week-Ends Once upon a time this was an educational institution! Now it is a bunch of week-ends tied to- gether by five other days. The student body is perpetually broke, studies suffer, bills mount and nobody is happy except the boys that just love to be on a dance committee. Every time one opens the "Alley-Gator" there is an au- nouncement of solne new and novel kind of week-end. The only week-end we haven't seen mention of is a week-end when one can have af little peace and quiet and get by without spend- ing a young fortune on some dizzy dame from Tallahassee or for dance tickets so some club can have a new chair to sit in and read. Other schools seem to get along just fine on two big week-ends per semester. Why can't we concentrate all the money that is being piddled away on various and sundry week-ends and really put on something worthwhile for the students and the school, and after we put it on, settle down to a peaceful and darn sight less expensive existence. Or maybe we can't do it just because the campus politicians and would-be big shots have to be on a committee of some kind to become eligible for an office. We don't know, but we think the Student Body is playing the part of a "Grade A Sucker" on this week-end business. THE COLLEGE INN Across from the Dormitories THE VARSITY GRILL Air Conditioned For Your Convenience -1'a'o'- The VIRGINIA PAPER GOMPANY INCORPORATED JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA N Dealers in Eine Coated and Plain BOOK PAPERS Especially Adaptvable for COLLEGE ANNUALS AND HIGH GRADE 2 CATALOGUES a M THIS ISSUE OF THE SEMINOLE PRINTED ON WARREN'S LUSTRO GLOSS-100 LB 181 .Xml in this 4-ornt-r, llxuln-s :intl frl'llll0lllt"ll'- Ealitor Rivliurtlson Boss Young 'IW fizagafglff v" A 'Nik l " l 'l'hought Yvu Htltl lzzio ll Sigma Chi? in '-snr' ,,., vw- --..,- ff ' - O ., You'4l nm-va-r hcliovu zu Party? l"oothull Slll1ll'fllS S A . tt.-t1i:."1f-L -Wufrvmg out FHEE the U U P , ffm ' any iiimiiumtt it, ho has hooks with him. My nxnnc N in tho p.lp4,r Folkw, lnrt tolling you Weekly Pustinu: llu Uptlllllg honlhlust Yu, sir xt gooll polltuul -lun! The Cont :mtl Henry Tony lll.65 Glory 1 It's u Lulu Convocation Sunday Football Training Pilot 0'Connt-ll '182' Colonel lo You! 1 Thu Tcsrrihlc Turks N nifllfl you know l was u Colonel? McCann and Gucss Wlw f ,WW i 1 . 'lx l l 471, A ? A -4 ' r . , X M X 5. i 1 - .I l. i 'Q-0' 4 No That's Not Bourdman's Wife and A Ncighhor's Child ,. K H X. N' 1 ,. . . FlG!lU65f'9" MUNLY .Nu f.x,,,.qy iz. Q: 5 4, . viii, e f M 1 ivkf' Tcu for S1-vm-n Two 'llypiml Signm Nm. xi " x4 Hound amd liounal Kappa Sigs got u lll4'1lgtf"Tilll1' lo Cvlvllrnlz- 'E Local Schemes Betus coming out of the barrel Wahl and Mrs. '183' DOWN CLASSIFICATION LAN A W0liLD,S GREATEST MATHIMONIAI. MARKET. Correspondents everywhere seeking ideal mates. Some intelligent and some have college degrees. Address all communications to the i'Club of Great Unwashedn, New Dormitories, Campus. LEARN THE ART or KNIFE Trmowmc! Be a real student of Michiavelli, Politics in the Raw. Confidential advice based on four years of practice of my own principles. Bill Wightman, Pi Kappa Phi house. WANT AN EXCITING EVENING? Cover principal cities of Flor- ida and middle west! Letters of particulars forwarded on request. S. L. Yon, Orlando. Students love automobiles, autos cost a lot, but a lot is a piece of land and land is dirt. Therefore, students at the Uni- versity love dirt. SLEEPERS Sorge Jimonsou Howey Henrison Purl Howers J ace Conson Whorge Howen and many others See CHARLES KREJCIER Gator Hole Luvsnmz l.AnY, money, craves escort. Write! Annie Laurie Polk, KAT house. Take your date for dinner or for a snack tl! THE THREE TORCHES Across from F. S. C. W. Tallahassee Notice the difference in atmosphere .in the various restaurants at the Cam- pus? There must be a reason. Meet your friends at NEW GATOR RESTAURANT 1514 W. University Ave. "Best Eats at the Campus" WANTED! Vacant lot to build fraternity house. Tired pay- ing rent to Sigma Phi Epsilon frat. Feel necessity to fulfill our pledging principle of past ten years. Also desire new lo- cation away from Delta Tau Delta competition. Apply Phi Delta Theta house. Watches Diamonds LEWIS JEWELRY CO. 307 W. University Ave. Gainesville, Fla. Expert Repairing Silverware Fall Elections are soon here! Are you well equipped for the occasion? We have an extensive array of the sharpest and keenest hatchets and knives. HATCHET SCHEME CO. L. K. Edwards, Pres. Henry Howison, Sec. Buy Now! Dick Tench, Vice Pres. Eddie Boardman, Treas. Act Later! ROUND TRIPS TO TALLY! Any time day or night. We know the road. We know the best accommodation spots. Apply: James Swann, Maynard Ramsey, Bull Marvin, Davidson Dunlap and Billy Cook, sAE Hotel. TALLAHASSEE GIRLS seek corre- spondents in Gainesville. In- teresting conversationalists, inexpensive. Write Phi Mu House, Tallahassee, Florida. WANT A SWEET!-IEART? Get big list, description, photos. Ten years' experience. Complete 150. Paul Wliatley, ATO house, Gainesville. MNAKED TRUTHU, the spiciest story of the political year. Was 50c now 10c. George Allen Uohn Cox's stoogei, University Union Party, Cam- pus. Ciusa Tuoss LONELY Houas AWAY! I have the very pal for you, lonesome like yourself. Write today-you'll be happy. Phil Asher, Pi Phi House, Tallahassee. THE KEENE COMPANY ' Optometrists S. B. Schumacher, O. D., Mgr. Jacksonville, Fla. Get In Line !! Next to begin work of building a new house is Phi 9 Kappa Tau. Shown above is the artists conception of how the house will look when finished. Proposed plans include radios in every room, baths on, first floor and elevator service. 1353 WEST UNION STREET '184' DOWN CCJLASSIUFHCATION LANE Beat The Politicians!! it Big Prices ' ' r Fewer Players . fs is I Alxg 2 6 .X 'tgp Q' Y . lx 'ff' W w if l l y 'W' 512.2 A Ty I. ' !N!"f't all L tw L "Mb .Y 7.-4 Were you ever a boy scout? If you were, then here's the organization for you. The Slewfooters of the campus. Need reference. Learn the best parking places, the best swimming holes, etc. SEMINOLE PADDLE CLUB Campus Apply: Mocassin Bob Johnson 310 Buckman Hall 1 f 1 TM IZ!lxi ,W f "4 ljw4k.Aw., R ' I-IJ!!! ,A D ff' 'Ir H I! l A ll 11. W 1 1' lllllilmv. my ff my Eu' WU, w W il p' Knowledge Worth Knowing Winners And How to Pick Them by Bobbie Collins If you play the politicians you should inform yourself on wise money plays. 136 pages of winning information. From the Master of Winners. Send in your name and address and whether or not you desire a crate of oranges. FLORIDA HUMOR COURT 1 , ff! if pl A1 at ' X I 59 . '14 ffl' If I - Wouldn't you like to take your summer cruise on Lake Wahl- berg? Make reservations now. Two weeks cruise out of sight of land. Modem boats. PROPELLOR CLUB New Dorm-Bobbie Collins Campus ,Q xx .f M QSTR 'oos 1 if c W A S! ffli wf N. I U- ' , Tritt. 4'u..! 'J . ,V . . .A . , , , V I . . 1 . ' "v, . ' - Ill 'I 'I I ' i 1 14 5 .. A an M iwu.., f ff! IH . . 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Come and get it at the NEW GATOR RESTAURANT 1514 W. University Ave. Holloway Tosses Bombshell in Kantor Trial Anderson Produces Bed Bug As Defendant Swoons GAINESVILLE, April 1--A bombshell was thrown into open court today with the withdrawal of Chet Holloway as attorney for the defense of David Kantor, self-styled Fascist dictator of the 'idudsn on the campus. John Cox, out-of- date walking dictionary, was appointed by the court to handle the defense. Kantor, on trial for his under- handed Fascist movements, sat hunched in his little red bottom chair, plainly showing signs of his nervousness by pulling at strands of his hair and biting his finger nails. In the first row of court room seats were perched the most out- standing of his group of stoogesg such as, George Marsh, Bill Mc- Guire, editor of the campus Dai- ly Workerg Tony Harlow, and Harry Edwards. Prosecuting Attorneys Orval Anderson and Bob Atkins were dressed in the latest of fashion with red scarfs round their necks. They were seated across the table from Kantor leering at him. Anderson rose in all his splendor and stretched his five feet two inches to amazing erect- ness. He stated to the court that the "prosecution rests." Yester- day he placed Hazel Bowman, his star witness, on the stand to climax three days of trial. With this statement of "rest- ing," not uncommon of the prosecution staff, Anderson closed his direct testimony which included such outstand- ing notables as Rand Matheny, Joe Scales and Russell Sullivan, ,.,.., -,. ,,... V ,,,...., f - - It A ' e ta 1. I Q.. I I I Y J, I Dictator Kantor is seen above in one of his more humorous moods. Saluting him is one of his compatriots with the Mexican Bolero movement. who took the stand to prove that Kantor was an element for which there could be found no balance. Cox called on Judge Will Rodgers for a two-minute recess so he could ascertain the facts of the case from Anderson. With the resuming of the trial Cox placed the defendant on the stand. Kantor strode proudly to the chair assuming the stance of his pride and joy-Muscolini. "What is your name?" was the first query asked of Kantor. "David Kanter," was the an- swer. "What is your occupation, Mr. Kanter?" asked the hefuddled Cox. "I am a bookkeeper to a bookie," came the sharp answer. "Are you married? " "Not yet," was the quick an- swer of Kantor. "Are you the leader of any Fascist group ?" queried the de- fense attorney. "No, but I am Dictator of the American Student Union, a mu- sical organization formed to study the wind instruments," he proudly replied. "How many members are there in the group?" was the next question. "I don't know," replied Kan- tor. "How long have you been Dic- tator 999 Fraternity Jewelry 0,0'icial Badges Keys and Charms Dance Program Party Favors Stationery Invitations Medals Trophies Write for Free Catalog ' L. G. BALFOUR CO. 744 E. Main St. Gainesville, Fla. Malcolm Foster, Representative PHIFER STATE BANK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Steam Heat Fireproof LAFAYETTE HOTEL Lafayette St. at Bridge TAMPA, FLORIDA Moderate Rates Garage in Basement Student Guests Are Always Welcome '186' 'LI don't know," again replied the self-styled leader. 'iDo you know anything?" "I don'L know," he answered to roars of laughter. "Take the witness, the defense rests" stated Cox, as he strode back and flopped in the red bot- tom chair. Anderson strode to thc stand and leaning forward placed his forefinger under the nose of Kantor waving it horizontally to work in congruity with Kan- tor's nose which projects verti- cally, casting a shadow over his Adam's Apple. "You say you are Dictator, Mr. Kanter?" blurbed forth the Prosecuting attorney. "Yes!" snapped hack Kantor. "Isn't it true that you are merely a stooge to George Marsh?" returned Anderson. "No, I am not, I formed the union to work for a true de- mocracy with myself as DIC- TATOR," cried the little self- styled leader. "Besides I've never heard of Marsh!" "Have you ever seen one of these before?" asked Anderson as he extended the palm of his hand. Kanter looked down quickly, gave a roar of fright and fainted in his seat. The court room im- mediately became a pandemo- nium of jibbering. "Order in the court, Order in this hyar court!" yelled Judge Rodgers. "What have you got in your hand Mr. Prosecuting At- torney?" asked the Judge, l1is curiosity getting the best of him. "A red bug, your honor, mere- ly a red bug from the moss of the Florida trees!" he answered, meekly. "Order in the court, we shall have a ten-minute recess to fum- igate the court and rid the room of all red: bugs," shouted Judge Rodgers. Whereupon the entire first row of stooges led by Victor Bogachoff rose and with one simultaneous movement raised their right hands in the Fascist salute and in one loud voice cried "Heel Kantor, Heel Kan- tor, Heel Kanter!" i i r I 1 I 1 I I I I S l .I I i l AS KEEN AS DAMASCIIS STEEL! HROUGH the centuries, Damas- cus, a city in Syria, became famous for its finely tempered steel, used in the manufacture of weapons. Knights in armor, Crusaders, famous duelists of history- often credited their success, their very lives, to the quality of Damascus steel in the swords they carried.. Today, in the business World, an employer selects his as- sistants With the conscientious care of a Knight of old in the selection of his weapons. Your energy, your ideas and abilities must be as keen as Damascus steel-if you are to become an efficient part of the business world. Utilize your education, apply it practically -and you will be successful. rf' u-SQ -0 'mm COM PAN1 187 O00 V DOWN C ASSIFICATIO LA E llow to Look . . . . Come to Summer School! Educational and cultural advantages unsurpassed. Two terms. Renew those old high school acquaint- ances. Acquire a well- rounded education. Make merry during the best cli- matic months in Gaines- ville. For particulars write Campus Detectives Hawkshaw and Sherlock. Money Making Ideas! WRI'l'E TODAY for ways of earn- ing your way through college. I rl e a s , tricks a specialty. Learn how to promote a Mili- tary Ball Dance. Specialist in ticket selling. Organizer de- lloys, Are You Iliseontented With Tallahassee? If you are, we have an interesting proposition for you. Visit DeLand, the Athens of the South! Stetson girls can check out for the week-end, no light flash to worry about. Beaches nearby, all modern conveniences. Prospectus 10c. Write Box X-3. Chaudoin Hall, DeLand, Florida. luxe. Bob Milton, SAE lodge. SNAPPY IMPORTED ART Puoros, cartoons, books. Big amateur sample list. Write. Harry Edwards, 71-B Thomas Hall, Campus. NOTICE TO CAFETERIA A piece of meat is a ham. A ham is a Florida Player. A Florida Player is a conceited mug. A conceited mug is a pretty pitcher. A pretty pitcher is a Florida baseball player. A Florida baseball player is a great rarity! A great rarity is a piece of meat. Therefore a piece of meat in the Cafe- LAWYERS WITH DELAYED GRADUATIONS : Don't be alarmed when Nature fails. The Canned Brief certified treatment has moved many ab- normal, stubborn, except- tional delays quickly. Shelton Baxter: "Believed my Zw-year delay with one set." Special treat- XVRUF announcers take the air. Air is public property. Anyone who takes public prop- erty is a public enemy. There- fore WRUP' announcers are public enemies. Bswmucl Political leaders take Heed. 'Learn all the tricks of Florida politics. My ideas are used by the best dealers in the game-no failures. Expert at dealing. 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Apply back of Lyric-anytime day or night! RATCAT CONCERN FLORIDA'S BORING PECDPLE Tom Leonard A c o un t r y editor whose editorials have the force of cold grits. Inseparable from the American Student Union from the day he sang t h e L'Internationale" with several of the mem- bers, '6Stooge', has used this combination to raise the already noted stand- ards of the 4'Alley- Gator? F recl Gilbert The glorified 'eMer- curyv of the Board of S tu dent Publications. Particularly distinguish- ed for his "Zeus,' atti- tude, his ineptness in many matters, and his horrible fears that some- one might call for a showdown. The publi- cation stall' with one loud voice place him in I.his group of horrible examples as the replica ol' General Misplace- ment. Y Philip Selber The Moses of the Tau Epsilon Phi bullrushes. He led his children out of the 'political weeds into the plumlight and finagled a crumb from the "Greek Godn organi- zation. All to no avail! if , lf ' J. George Buclfmer 'llhe angel-faced terror of the ,look Joints. Blessed at birth with an innocent face, he has used it to take advant- age of every man and woman in the State. A political nonentity, he has made his reputation via Mac's Grill, Blondy7s Blowzy Brewery, and points west. W.. IH. 190 Downer Rerisliaw Phi Tauis bid to fame who collapsed on the road to glory. The man whose love affairs, if told, would make Casa- novals life story seem like the tale of Cinder- ella. The Night Rider of thc campus, who af- ter five years' exposure to higher education leaves our midst without a mark of identification. lm Paul Wliatley A doddering old man who tried to keep up the so-called tradition of "flaming youth" and the "jazz age". Quon- dam performer on the football fields, he is now a Simmons athlete of the first order. F A LORID 1 l X 'Qi I if . -A lg,-.gc XX - . Eddie Boardman The only reason he is in this section at all is heeause he is our hoss. llis most noteworthy achievement was discov- ering after seven long years that a Blue Key will not automatically give one a "C" average. A'S BCJRING PECDPLE Archie M eatyard A Beta. Master of his Lodge. Neither man nor mouse, he has stumb- lingly tried to lead his hrethren out of oblivion with a conspicuous lack of success. lv ,fn L. K. Edwards A two-by-four politi- eian whose supreme ego leads him to believe that the smiles that greet his loud voice and his 'ceraekeri' ten-gallon hat lover a pint-sized headj are smiles of admira- tion. .? 1 Earl Powers The Umatilla Flash. Dug out of a gopher hole and transplanted to the atmosphere of Gainesville. He has flourished because of the erroneous belief of the average student that a person as rural as Earl can't be a baekstairs politician. George Smathers The sheik in the pig- pen. The example of u8lIl00lllll0BS,, to the un- iniated, our great leader takes on the flavor of an unwashed goat in the sanctity of his littered den in Mueozo Hall. Walter Mayberry His athletic achieve- ments are more than eounteraeted hy his un- warranted propensity for exhibiting his Cre- cian profeel at every opportunity for the ad- miration ol' the Tally- sisters. ampus aumells Sitiiilil in The Hops Realizing there always are a number of individuals on any campus who think the sum total of college life is membership in an alleged "dance society" so that they can get crocked with the 'fbig shots", the Police Ga- zette herewith submits the latest Bun 81 Badstreet reports on the groups which infest this campus. Bacchus -- T h i s freshman group is composed of pledges of various fraternities who, during the first six weeks of school, have acquired a reputation for knowing the latest dance steps and have a proven ability to hold their own. This year under the leadership of Byrne Litsch- gi, SAE, they have given several breakfasts and huffets at which remarkably little eating has been .done. Membership in this society is equivalent to pledge- ship for the upperclass societies which require even greater ca- pacity. Not recommended to MAX WITTEN ., Fashions for Men I 52 West Forsyth Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA freshmen who come to Gaines- ville to learn something useful. Pirates -- This "society" is composed of the grade-A jook- rats of the older fraternities on the campus, and like said older fraternities, is on the greased skids downward. Under the leadership of Bob Mefirary and Thorpe Fussell this magnificent group of brass-railers managed to stay in hot water the entire year. Outstanding accomplish- ment was using up 350.00 worth of Interfraternity dance time Fall Frolics to announce and in- troduce their half-pickled, none- too-good pledges, which inspired the only Alligator editorial of the year in which Leonard showed any ability. Not recom- mended to anybody, since the future of the organization is du- bious and bids fair to get worse with the passing of time. L'Apache - Another group of iook-worms who aren"t doing so well. Time was when they were fair to lousy, .but they, in com- mon with the other societies are on the road to oblivion. Main virtue of this group lies in the fact that they manage to keep their parties locked up in sound- prcof rooms so that the rest of the campus can sleep, main lia- bility lies in the fact that they try and outdo the Pirates in the capacity of their members, es- pecially those taken from the Pike house. -They give a dance THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Uses MONAllCll FINER FO0DS during Houseparlics every year, but guests are requested to bring water-wings. Recommended only to those suffering from extreme bad taste. Whifc Friars -- The upstart group composed of the high-wa- tcr boys from the rest of the fra- ternities. While it is a compara- tively new organization, it al- ready rivals the older societies in the high proof of its break- fast coffee. Provided the biggest laugh of the year, when, under the inspired leadership of Hen- ry, Fleming, I-luff and Farring- ton, it cancelled a scheduled buffet "supper" rather than put it on in Florida Union as they were ordered to do. Recom- mended to naive lads who like to wear white silk shirts. ' Cavaliers-The non-fraternity dance society that rarely gives a dance. We even wonder whether we should put in this section mention of it, since its head "mann is John Alden Brown, and the rest of the members fiit rather than walk. However., it occasionally serves beer, so guess it qualifies. Recommended only to lads from Sopchoppy and 'Panama City who want to be one of "these hyar college-Joe fellersf' Colonels - The law-school organization. The super quali- fied group composed of the most hardened men of the four minor Ninth Street lodges who are too tough for the other societies. They don't even pretend to give dances. Shunned by all respect- able law students., they were forced to admit Manny Garcia to membership in order to have enough money to buy iced tea at 85c a pint. No recommenda- Ntions of any sort. '1'92T' Ladies, Take H eed! Girls., if you want to select a suitable mate, stay away from college men. Fraternity or no11- fratcrnity it will make no differ- ence. for your life will be a con- tlnual marital problem. All of illt'lll are imbib:-d with their own sclf-importance which im- mediately defeats your chance of' having a happily married ex- istenec. llcn'l marry for social. distinc- tions either. Many socialites on the campus today will spend their efforts to make whoopee when they should save their energy for making money in later periods. Another thing, which is to your benefit, l have noticed that many of the hzzys are not hard to satisfy when it comes to food fthere were 1,765 monthly tick- cts sold to thc Cafeteria this yearj. Here are some observations from the general campus life which might help: SAE-love to dressg AT 0-love to eat, KA -love to gargleg SN-just lovcg PKT---formerly fighters now feintersg SPE and FKA-sociah ites: PKP--nuisic loversg CP-0 non-workers fbest bet for the WPA' rollsj :, SX--romanticistsg BTP-strong meng CLO-poli- tieians:, and PDT-crooners. If you want to wash, iron and chew gum all your life then by all means come here to the cam- pus and find you one of the non- Emily Post fans and settle down to a life of working bliss. It will take 50 years to edu- cate the masses on this campus to the responsibilities of life. ,o 'F' I I ! l I t 1 I 1 1 I E THIS ANNUAL IS PRODUCT O-E THE HOUSE OE DREW 'K X113 , l' J' so W xi fi IJ . 4 .NZM ge x F51 gl Z w A Eor over eighty years this symbol has stoodlfor excellence of quality and craftsman' ship in flprinting . . . Lithogmphing . . . Engraving. We specialize in the oeeds of schools and colleges. BLANK BOOKS - BANK AND COUNTY FORMS RUBBER STAMPS - SEALS AND STENCILS THE H.EiW.B. DREW COMPANY O Complete Office Outfltteys 22'3O WEST BAY STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA '-19:s- B 0 0 K . W sary'-. wwf:-ww ' . m . """""""""""""""""""' F I Q I E -voN-wana-M'mui-,-.v4.wa.-omna.1oanu-'A-,wmarl-'ana--. . ' -- - ' ' ' 4 .4 .--ks.-.w...,w,.,pL-w-am.-fr,1-v4.n.-gvfsndv-411:-vbcfkl ..I 5 2 'fl' 1 ' 5 """W'U-Nm .av 1. X W ' 'N '1' 1' l 1'-'l ' zu , 7' ,1fr'f'u' '05, 1 lj ijE'-933,-5E.:',A1- ' , - as l 1 H 3? "-kwN'N' 1"1! I ATHLETICS THE STUDENT ATHLETIC COUNCIL Tllli Sl-:Conn University of Florida foot- .1 ball season under the direction of Josh - Cody produced an improved grid outfit . and forecast more successful Gator ' athletic teams. .losh has fostered a program of sub- . A stantial, progressive improvement since his advent here in February, 1936. His ' first two football teams, although not world heaters yet, have soundly indi- cated a turn for the better. fy His hospitable manner and good na- lurcd personality have combined with ambitious initiative to bring many ont- standing athletes to the University of 'Florida in the nearly three years he has served as athletic director. It is the policy of the athletic depart- ment now to encourage higher scholas- tic standards among varsity and fresh- man athletes while endeavoring to attract athletes to the University of Florida through a complete varsity and intramural program. .losh Cody graduated from Vander- bilt University after a colorful athletic career there, coached at his alma mater for several years before accepting a posi- tion as head coach at Clemson College. Returning to Vanderbilt again, he was assistant football coach there at the time I of his acceptance of a call lo Catorland. JOSH CODY Ilirvelor of Alhlvlics Head Foolbal l Coach S. l.. YoN, l'1-vsiflmu JACK Lone, Vice President Rev Eenons,Sm-y.-Tre-as. Roumrr l,HAN llowann SKIl'I'l-IR K i -195- ALLEN DAVIS IJLALOCK, JACK BROCK, PAUL CIIAIITIIEI-2, JOIYIN DAVIS, NI-:LSON IJIQLANIQY, PAUL DICWIELI., JOH N EVANS, J. H. GAIIIINEII, GOIIIIUN CORP, CLAIIIC IIASSIa'I"r, BURRIQLL HOWIQLL, BILL KOCSIS, FRANK IQIIIGJCIIQII, CHARLES LIGIITROWN, LYNN MCCHICE, XVAIIIIICN MAYIIIQRRY, WAI.1'IsR KNOTTS E I 1 . 5. . TIJE HARRY IQICLITER .. JJOWARD SKIPPER . , JESS FERRILL ..... ARCIIIE MEATYAIIIJ . . MAYNAIIIJ, JACK NILILCAI-IY, JAMIQS M ULLINS, L. D. UXFORD, JIMMY I'I-:NNINI:'rON, FONIA JIAMSAY, XVATSON XVALKICII, TOM VVHIIIIJON, CLIFFOIIII XVILLIAIVIS, W. L. WILLIS, JcIiNNIC'l'I-I IVIANNING, En. JQAIVIEY, PAUL COLIII-QN, ISIQN YON, S. L. KICLIIIQR, IIAIIIIY MCCARTY, JOIIN BRIDGES DELANEY LONG 0FI+'II'lE,RS MEMBERS Iv:-:Y, JJOIIICIVI' H. CIIASON, I'IUIII-III'I' ECIIOLS, JIUY LONG, JACK K If:I1:I,, Hl'1NIIY OJCONNI-ILI., S'I'IavI': Mlcccs, BILL SCIIINDLICII, ROLANII IDI-:AN, ROIIICIIT LOIII-INZ, ERNIISI' SI-:MMIcNS, LARRY AIIAMS, A. II. JR. ISURRIQSS, SIIRNCRII IIICKS, J. IJ. I'I'AII'I'MAN, I'luI:I:NI-: I KICIIIIY, CLIIf'rON BURCK ECHOLS CLUB . , . . . . .Prcszdunt . .Vice President . . Secretary-Traaszzrvr Dance Chairman LONG, EIIIIIIC JOI-2 JQUIIIN, HJAIIOLD ROIIINSON, ELMO RICHAIIIISON, BILLY MCGAIIRY, IIIQN XVIIIGII'I', RUSSIQLL S'I'IcvIcNSON, I'IAIIOI.D NVILLIAMSON, En. I+'RA'I'I4:S, IIILL ISALIIWIN, W. H. PIOMII0, TONY ALLEN, IS. Y. COLLINS, R. L. Ii NO'I"I'S, TOM Llnm-:I,I., W. W. QUIXLICY, R. A. SKIvvI':II, IIOVVAIIII IJOYLIC, XVILLIAM KICN1 IJUIICII, GI1:ORI:Ic W. III-2NIIl'1III.Y, H. Ii. UJBIIYAN, SAM POLLAIIII, JAMIQS J. I"uSSI':I.I,, D. T. MIiA'I'YAIIII, AIICHII-I HARIIWICK, JOI-1 BROWN, IJRIQNNAN I"I'IIIIIlI.I., JRSS I.'I NKIEIITON, JACK S'I'If:I'IIIcNs, BILL OWEN, GIGOIIGIC WAIIIIIQN, RICHARD IC SMATIIIQRS, LJEOIIGIC BURRESS COLLINS HASSETT HENDERLY LORENZ McGAHEY ,-an Q, if - 5 I . ,, t, MULCAHY mul.LuNs o'BRvAN OWEN WRIGHT POLLARD wnttmmsou RAMEY usmsv WALKER wAnnEN wn.uAms Quicuzv o'coNN:LL llfumv lilCl.l'l'I'IR Pl'lfSi!IPl1lf Qhcss l'll'1ItItlI.l, Serfrelally-'I'rvusurel' THE "F" CLUB To l+'os'1't1lc a spirit of keener friendship and understanding among those students engaged in athletic contests under the hanner ot' t.he University of Florida, the "FM Club was founded. Melnhers ot' the organizations are those fellows who have earned a major letter in any lille ol' sport- ing endeavor engaged in hy the University, in addition to the managers of the major sports teams. Since its inception, the "F" tlluh has succeeded in hringing into a closer relationship, not only the athletes of one single sport, hut those athletes of all sports. '197' lli0WAltIl Su ima-in Vice l'rvsidM1L Alltlllll-I M l':,vl'1'.-xlm IIIIIIC4' Clllliflllllll ' hm. ' s G A '1' 0 R CHEERLEADERS S DUTCHY S'l'0lIlVIl'.b Blu. Nomus 1 HI 1 Hou IOWAY BERNICE Pnocmn Eumglq NIXON C. L. JON!-is J. E. Bun-:Nzm L 5'-B-,Q---, 9 SAM McAm.xs'n u "DUTCH" STANLEY Llaw Hmumcv ,fa 1 ,V 451546, an--u l' 0 , . 11 ,, ,.ggfi- 41:Q?gy27Lf, "Wu'1'E1,E7f ,z ' N nf, L , ,N r , Ui ' 44 ,1 ' f 1 . 1 1 ,, wi .. W .Y V . , , , if 3, -,z Ag.. A,-1 v 4 I ,W Q Q, ' KN, , QW 'Q jf. t"i"'QJ" i,, ,,:,rw5 ' 'HSM-U '-fN 1 uma 'I Jw :JFK , ,fa I., ,ww , ', -wr ' 'V' , ,. ' - 'Iwi x ff' if W Q QV , N K "" ,X 5 , A .. IMA V :jx . 'Y if 1 v , 1 X T2 ' X 'Q 4 'ca ff, JJ, ' I ww N, Af ar' A ,. ' nf , fK55?i5a Q v . ' rw 'M 'A 'ff' . '.' , W M 'Ll , L , ,L "W J All V,,?.27', X 8 , ,' I , . ,. . ,, 4- '-K ' ' ,V ' 'Y' ,,, f 1,4 " '. H- 4 V ,.- . ,. y .,o-,,,,,,i.f ,- , A ,ll , rn. nv P Q 9-if "--Y rr' ' , 4.. ,Q 1 1,4 .v O :Q , A I 4 ' , yu aff ' ,U J - 9. , , n-' ' 0 , 4., F I i.4v"7'fd:ZE4 . Pl ' 'I 1 i 4 ,., I 3 A I ' C 1 v., , M- Q. .wwf Tl 1. 'I I -1 Y V . U 'lf v , 0 5. 0 w 'r D Y, H . 'lb-'lik ff? ' . f' -' y-my ff' k f x , A n fi 2457lf'a 'EM A "J . A' "1 , " . I .. 0 1 'U ' A "En A-4 " nf . . s M 4 . V v , ,a 5 , , . 1 ill V . . af 1 , ' ' ' QA. 1 , , .9 ' ' r ., ' - " 1' " 'M f. :L 71 f ' . . ' I1 + PM .44 gf' A ' , b ,P 1, , .I .M ., ,1.1Q,, Q, A N, h H+, , . - u , K 3 is X ,. Af .' ', ' T Z., , Q " M,-awww ,J Tififf , 4 ww: ns , - ,A , ,JVQW , gf W' wwf W ,, ,t W, . f ,taxi I Q. 45-1 kk, ,K ' Wo- ' N Y , I 5.3 , ,I , A . ...L if'Y', X A .1 '37 4"Vz. . J. f Hg 'ff i"'- 'flf' ,ff ye' " m.4'7",-gh' 1.' L, M H . Wf"1'.'1'z, " J.l1..f'4-U,-iff ,.. ' I 'Yf .4 V JACK BLA LOCK PA ur, Dsmzvs 0IlIlflPfbllPA? Halflmck The Bayou Bengals scored once in the first half after a stub- born Florida defense forced Coach Bernie Moore to swamp the Gators with reserves. A long pass paved the way to young Bussey's plunge across the goal and the extra point that put the Gators 13 points behind in the fourth quarter. L. S. U. was able to pound one more touchdown over before the game ended. .Wlayherry and Alternate Capt. Kenneth Willis led the way for Florida. May- berry halted two Tiger drives by intercepting passes deep in his own ter- ritory during the first half. Willis carried the hall al- most always when May- herrv did not' P4 Ur. BROCK 0lI!lI'Il'l'b!l1'k The I - ber evening U- was played under lights on a warm Septem. ball game mlvtllar ing the University of ,Florida's first night fggt. on to. mug in rom .t rat contest the improved Gator teanl moved svhedule. an impressive record through its tough 11-game FDIH' pluyt- ' , ' H ln is lm-I1 Gator ure heading oll' Stetson, lJ,.,,,.giu, Auhurn and f.h-lnson hall varriq-rs . 1. '201' .lnvimv K C 'H G05 Gator guard, leads wane. ..-..,,, - l ll anham 1335 back, Hardy frank l ocsi: . , ' tht Stetson left end with Arnold 1595, em, r , C4-lj, back, and Kirkland 0173, center in the way. STETSON, 0--FLORIDA, l8 A muddy field and a stubborn playing of Stctson's Hatters forced the Gators to scramble for an l8 to 0 victory in their first home game. ' A meager turnout of 4000 fans saw the Florida team that was glorious in defeat only a week before against powerful L. S. U. this time hang on to a bare six-point margin until nearly half time and once fight desperately to stave off the first serious Stetson threat in 25 years. ' -' l b 'lliant passing of In spite of Stetson's pluckmcss and tie ri h utcome was never in doubt and the Gators 'od. Lyn Warren, t e o 2 finally pushed over their third touchdown in the fourth pert ' ' '- l Brock snagged Walter Mayherry's Kenneth Willis and lau passes for the first two scores and Moon Mullins, Junior full back, plunged over for the final tally. The score might have been more top heavy when Mayberry raced 67 yards to cross the Hatter goal only to have the play 'd alized for holding. Vincent Schaefk called back and Flon a pen ' Fl rida's nine-yard line with one o fer, btetson end, got to o Warren's passes before the Florida defense held. JOHN Dewsm, Rani EVANS Halibut-k Quarterback W, A J TEMPLE, 7-FLORIDA 6 rformance Captain Walter Mayberry turned in a glorious pe when Florida rose up to score ahead of Coach Pop Warner's powerful Temple Owls and hold a 6 to 0 advantage until the third quarter. Temple finally won 7 to 6 in the Gator's second night game. l n he reeled off Mayberry headed u second-quarter threat w ie f interference and then moved down to 36 yards behind per clit the Owl 17-yard line. An incomplete pass to Kenneth Willis fell over the goal line. McGhee scored the only Florida touchdown after Mayberry and Willis had advanced the ball from Temple's 47 to the onc- yard line. A partially blocked Temple punt paved the way for ' " - d drive the Gators touch own . mee ll rossed the Florida l' t uchdown in the third pf-riot goal for Temp e s o Bowles kicked the extra point. NVAIIREN Clltani McGHm F ullbuck 1 V' , Renzo led the way and fina y c ' ' ,' l. Whale .lun MlIl.CAH v Fullback SEYVANEE, 0-FLORIDA, 21 The Gators won their first South t C . ' cas ern onference victory of the season over Sewanee's game Tigers, 21 to 0, on Florida Field, Octoher 16. It was the first time in many a day that the Gator place- k. .k. X x . ie mg department functioned perfectly Moon Mullins ' , . , Jun- ior fullback, placed three tries for extra points squarely he- tween the goal posts. Sewanee was able to stave off the Florida attaek ll tl , a ie way through the first quarter but a pass from Ed Manning to Jack lilaloek aeeounted for the first touchdown in the seeond period. sustained drive in the tlnrd period was the only time the Florida offense was ahle to stand out over Tiger determination rut the bators got going again in the final period ami scored H . I . lt'll tlurd touthdown after Manning paved the way with a thrilling 65-yard run. W0 llorida players and a couple of Sewanee gridders scrap over the hull mar the Sewanee goal while the l' t " l ll ' 11l0lb not a narrow lead En NTANNING MooN MUl.l.lNs fllllffllwfi' Fullback MISSISSIPPI STATE, 14,-FLORIDA, 13 A thrilling eomehaek in tll f l ., e ourtx period almost tied th4 seore ft ' S - f a er isslsslppi State had led, 14 to 0, through most o the game. Moon Mullins scored all of Floridx' 13 ' 1 s points, hut failed to make good hi f' l , s ma try for extra point to let the Maroons finish in the lead, 14 to 13. It was revenge for Mississippi State, who last year lost a sea- son-eloser to the Gators. .lames Goolshy, sophomore center intercepted a flat pass early in the second ruarter d 1 an raced, 56 yards for the first touehd Tl ' . own. IC Stale gridders eame right hack with a prolonged drive to score finally from the six-yard line in the same period. The final period was the only one in which Florida was able to match the Mississippi playing. Mississippi State threatened several other times during the first three periods, hut the fourth quarter was Florida's all the way through. The Gators took to the air several times, and Walter May- herry's passes were a dangerous menace to the Maroons although Florida never capitalized on them. Dan Brawner, Florid a quarterhaek, just misses a Sewaner hall carrnr n keeps part of the Tiger's Jersey ' 'W - 3'A"b.. . ,k,gg9L.....J!"S A. , A Q P "' .-wesmmn wail 'U CAPTMN VARSITY Mnmmmr on 'rum L'F1uufr1Nu Gmrolzsw FOOTBALL SP0 NS ous AND Escowrs all 1. .-.. A W..,w, SQUAD fy .s aovfviiaqz, . , . Y. ,M . a,-v,W"5 f'f'q , W A Q vw. Gunn M ,. , . . n,H .- ' , , 'ww-. P-s , N, 2. I ANAGER PAUL 'RAMEY ll ITMAN OF 'rum Gr: CAv'r,uN Al omzm uBlJI.I,DOCS,, Bill H'artman 6311, Georgia captain, is headed olf hy Waltc:r Mayberry 1643, Florida Captain and safety, after u long gain GEORGIA, OHFLORIDA, 6 A seven-year old dream became a reality when the Gators turned back Georgia's Bulldogs for a 6 to 0 victory ill a thrilling battle played before 20,000 fans in Jacksonville, November 6. Clifford , . ey rejcier made the second-quarter break that woII the game. Wllell Krejcier broke tlIrough the Bulldog line and blocked a punt by Bill Minis, Wfhiddon scooped up the ball, and dashed 25 yards for tlIe only score. I Determination fired the Bulldogs during the sec- ! ond half and time after time they drove close to the ! Gator goal. i i A tr . , ., .ate, Hartman and Ford- ! ham, sought to z l cr IS 1 tlIe Orange and Blue line, but were repulsed time after time. Whiddon and Clrurl K E io ol' Bulldog backs C i I I 1 JACK .MAYNAIIIJ BILI. Howl-:I.I. I End F-- -' JIMMY Oxronn BII.I. XVILLIAMS Crfnlvr and Captain-h'l0ct Center Captain Wall , 1 ys punting was the defensive mainstay. ter c'Tiger'7 Mzyberr , ,Florida fans had a real scare when .lim Cavan sprinted 52 yards to the Florida 17 before he was brought down. The play was annulled by a clipping penalty, bIIt the fans will long remember it. Statistics gave Georgia a slight edge over Florida. The Gator eleveII had nine first downs to the Bull- dogls ten. Georgia piled up 191 yards from scrim- mage while Florida made 152. Hartman, flash .. I ' ', Cf t IG field in individual gains with 106 yards to his credit. .lack Blalock's interception ol' a Bulldog pass near the Florida goal and his 66-yard lfllll to safet destroyed tl li ' ' Y 16 nal Georgia challenge. y Georgia flllllJlLk l l l Wzgngg.. HI, - - 1 s if Aix, 1 Q,- TJQJ. 'NX a. 1 w'r'f',-' eg . 1 Y .',,, , x -'-'ilTi"- -M515 :"' . ., Z-Q ,. . k".1'Ty. J ., K ' mg,-g-,, WVATSON Ramsar TOM XVALKER End ' End CLEMSON, 10-FLORIDA, 9 d fell on Florida Field when An eight-year recor , . Clemson's Tigers had to make good a field goal to beat the Gator, 10 to 9, on November 13. Ben Pear- son, Clemson halfback, booted the ball that handed the Florida gridders a one point defeat in the last two minutes of a thrilling game. l not any more astound- The unusual field goa was l Tigers did their scoring. Clem- ing than the way t me g son struck first in the first two minutes of the ball game and again in the final two minutes. Walter Mayberry personally conducted Florida's passing and running charge goalward. Tom Walker trapped a Clemson ball carrier for the safety. May- berry scored the only Gator touchdown from the M on Mullins converted. four-yard line and o orlda lmcuwn llassclt 1175, Williams 1375, Gardner 1425, wi ma.. H-Rl. assisu-cl hy hacks llcwell 1545, and - -' ......:...- while Brock " --.J .uit i ' ' 'ir ., - Milf' Willis 1545, Clemson hack, and U. Payne 1405, ga through l"lorida's tackle for a Clemson hall carrier. MARYLAND, 13JFL0R1DA., 7 Two quick rea , gave the Old Liners from Maryland a 14-7 victory over Floridais dogged Gators in a galne played October 315 at Col- l Park. Flashy Moon Mullins drove over the goal ' re the only ege in the third quarter untouched to seo touchdown for the Orange and Blue team. Clark Goff made the extra point. Gator superiority in ground gaining was consistent, hut Maryland's ace passer, Ed Weicliiiger's punting and passing provided the margin of victory. Florida lost an opportunity to score in the first quarter when, with the ball on the four-yard linc and fourth down, Ken Willis was swept around end, l the one-foot line. but ran out of bounf s on , , , larring ,lim Meade, Maryland's smashing halfhack, l Terrapins. Florida led played swell football for tie in first downs, 9 to 6. b ks in the first half Foam Pi-:NNnNc1oN 1ll.lFlf0lIl5 Wlillll!0N limi End f f fs-Hrzmslf ard, lead ilu way Siu lully, one ol' u ' . 1 atm ltlt end with Tom Walker 1455, and ,lack ll: ny john Crabtree 1345, tackle, in pursuit. Cmuuc bow Jon N CIIAISTIKEIC Tackle Tackle GEORGIA TECH, 12-FLORIDA, 0 k t eleven won almost as it A powerful Yellow lac e ' 1 12 points in the last two periods, ' for pleased, racking 1 p to spoil a fine winter afternoon and Homecoming a crowd of 16,000 Florida Fans. 1 Tech battered at the Florida goal line many times but were repulsed by the stubborn Gator defense until after the final half had gotten under way. lt took the Engineers eight plays to move from the Florida 21 yard line and score after General Wlood, tackle, had blocked lVlayberry's punt. Captain Fletcher Sims charged over the last white line to score on the fourth down after Tech had pushed Florida back to the one-yard line. Sims again had a hand in the scoring when he coolly heaved a long pass to Dutch Konneman for the other tally. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' r only three times. The Ga tors were in lech terrlto y A lllllliii high-speed halfhacks, dashes around the 1 nard 165, ends, and 415 is stopped at the Tech line by Rinuner K625 Chwing 1 1 li 135, Oxford C195 and Moon Mullins Q , 1 ' ton QM5, and two more Yellow Jackets while ll a oc Lightbown 0135, try to get into the play. AUBURN, 14-FLORIDA, 0 On their second trip to Jacksonville November 27, the Gators clashed with Auburn, one of the country's ' f the 1938 Orange Bowl strongest teams and winner o " ' "l 'da did almost everything wrong game at lVl1am1. lf ori to, lose, 14- to 0 after building up a swell reputation in the eyes of Jacksonville fans by beating Georgia there, 6 to 0. ' ' ' l to make a real Captain Mayberry trled valiant y ' 'l was greatly outclassed. fight of the game but lfloru a The powerful Plainsmen, with two speedy backs, K ll outgained the Gators Jimmy Fenton and Spec e y, two to one. An almost equally speedy Auburn line, smashed the Florida offense. f r the Plainsmen during the Fenton scored first o first quarter and made both extra points. Kelly scored the other touchdown. lluiuuem, llAssi-:'r'r GolmoN Gmumiau Tackle Guard Ralph 0'Gynnc, Auburn hall'hu1'k uses blocker flSIll0 Smith 1141, to help him slip hy Paul Brock 1581, Moon Mullins 1413, Bill llowt-ll 1151 and Burrell Hassett. .FLORID Ending probabl , scledule in many years, Florida whipped Kentucky's versatile Wild- cats 6 to 0 in a creditable wind-up to the 1937 season on Florida Field, .December 4. The Gators outplayed the Kentuckians from start to finish. From actual rushing plays Florida picked up 224 yards to 162 for the Wildcats and doubled the Kentucky total in first downs. Paul Delaney, sub- stitute halfback, plunged over for the score. Something new in the way ol' an aerial attack was seen when the Florida eleven unloosed a smashing offensive to carry the ball again and again far do A, 6-KENTUCKY, 0 y its toughest l Wll LYNN 1HlfnJ LIGHTIIOWN F Nm.soN lMvis .-uard Guard CHAm.m' li ItE.lCll'IIt I-'M N , . I arlfle K Kocsis z1lN'I'II!lll? Clllllllill-hvll'i'l and Guard the field. Bob Davis, sparkplug of the stubborn Ken- tucky squard, caused the Gators no end of trouble, once getting away for a gain of 23 yards. Benny Golderfs backfield work was especially com- mendableg Ed Manning turned in a 58-yard run during the third quarter to place the ball on Ken- tucky 16. Capt. Wztlter Nlayberry ended his grid career with brilliant playing and consistent running and kicking, but was unable to put the pigskin in scoring territory. Gordon Gardner, shifting to tackle to fill Clark Gofi"s,position, displayed an unusual ability on de- fensive and offensive. Tom Walker, at cnd, was fre- quently in the limelight with his hard tackles. M y-uf' oon Mullins hart-lv get IT , s 0 a try for extra point through the arms of K1-ntut-ky's Garland 13-ll, and Hagan 1361, 1-ndsg while .lnclwwski 1323, is stopped. A 4 iv .N ,V X258 FRESHMAN FCOTBALL 'TIIE 1938 EDITION of the Baby Gator Footballers turned in a performance in three tough games that marked them as one of the outstanding groups of future varsity grid candidates of recent years. The Frosh wound up their season by dishing out a sound licking to a powerful and highly touted Riverside Military Academy team on November 16. The score was 40 to 16. The Freshman season opened with a .l3 to 2 decision over Alabama Poly- technic Institute Freshmen at Selma, Alabama, October 16. Un 'November 11 the Baby Gators followed the example of last year's Frosh by winning the an- nual charity football game at Savannah over the University of Georgia fresh- men, ll to 6. A large number of freshmen turned out for practice early in September and the squad continued to number around 50 throughout the season. Dixon l'no4:'r0ll 1 BASKETBALL AI Ruyhuu lukus u long puma to svoru on ll vrip shot uguin:-at Auhurn us Florifhu hzuuh-cl the PI1liIlSllIl?Il un upsul th-fr-ut. Two more- action shots of the I' VARSITY . : Irs! Au- Two points for Tzuupu Uuiw-rsily hut Ihv HZIIOFH won nfl:-r u tough hullh- IIIITII-l'vI0l'illll gunuv. In the low:-r photo Cupl. f:lliIl'I1'H1iT''i1'I' and H4-ury ffhzllkvr Inova: in lo 1-lu-ck un Auhurn shol. 5- ALRAYHUN , Iforwllfll JACK NIM NAU" Hun CIIASON liuurfl mul F0I'HWUfI . ' fs Knrguzu-zu ' ' 4,M.f,-MN f.HAllI.I., l, l'llH'l C reulvl' wb-r QV WX Ld Z4 11415 vu - 1 H BASKETBALL December 16 Deeember 17 January 4 .lanuary 7 .lanuary 10 .lanuary 14 .lanuary 15 .lanuary 1 7 February 2 February 4 February 5 February 8 February 1 1. February 14 February 1 5 February 1 6 February 1 7 F.lori da Florida .Florida 4 7 .Florida 42 Florida 3 9 .Florida 31 .Florida 38 .Flor.i d a 45 Florida 34 E 33 - 27 Albany Y SEASON SCORES -NV .33 Duke . S 37 Duke . 1 37 Naval Air Station .. . . . S 27 Stetson -- 34 Georgia - 32 Georgia S 25 Havana Florida 41 S 36 Georgia Florida 27 N 28 Georgia Florida 24 S 21 Tampa . Florida 34 - .Florida 24 Florida 31 .Florida 28 18 Tampa .... 59 'Vanderbilt . 33 Sewanee 41 Tennessee .. . Wolford .,.., Blues ..... . . . . .Gainesville . . . , .Gainesville . . . . ,. . . . .Gainesville . .Gainesville . . . . . . . . . . .Gainesville . . . .Gainesville . .... Gainesville . . . .Gainesville . . . .Albany, Ga. .....Alll6llS . . . . .Athens . . . . . . .Tampa . . . .Gainesville . . . .Nashville . . Sewanee . . .... Knoxville .Florida 40 54 Georgia Teell .... ..., A tlanta February 22 Florida 25 42 Stetson ..... ..... 1 1eLand .February 25 Florida 43 34 Auburn .. . .... Gainesville February 26 Florida 51 35 Auburn . . . . . .Gainesville QA A . .' '- .'ll0WII Sl'0"ln " u 1.llllVl'l'blly it 1 ds. ,Ion-3 xvI'l"l'l'1NS'I'IClN l.1"::g.i,, over U10 llorldu guur lm: Golm0N Mflllflifef RAY BOOZER Forward Guard SAMMY O,BRYAN, Captain ALAN Brmcxsrr En CARMICHAEL Joi-IN Pour BAM: BARTLETT Lucius MERRITT r i . 5 l Gi DUTCH" Smwmy '21-1' Coach CAm.os PH BOXI Cupmin Swzviz O1 JoNN1sl.L Umlvfvated i D 215 n ual Matches, 1938 Senior M iddleweighz I 1938 GATCR -f 5.1" I ,'f'ff,e ,v',y.5fF- ' A ..- E A ,..ff ,sz ,-A A-jy .M i""'f, ' 'm.n,f4vg -A. , Ammo GARCIA Ctvlnc DRIGGICIKS DON DAVIS Favs J. Roy DU: 1 AN Flyweight Lightweight Junior Micldleweigllt Junior Middleweight Light Heavyweight Florida Floricla Florifl a Floricla Floritla Floritla EASON RECORD Clemson at Gainesville Tulane at Tallahassee Tennessee at Gainesville Georgia at West Palm Beach Virginia at Charlottesville Nliehigan State at Lansing The Gator boxers started the season off with one of last yearis two Southeastern Conference champions back on the squad. .lack Long, wel- lerweight champion, antl Steve O'Connell and Henry Keel, senior and junior miclclleweight semi-finalists of last season, composed the nu- cleus about which Coach Carlos Proctor built his team. The fighters came from behind to defeat Clemson here, 4M to the margin of victory coming in the final bout when Gordon Gardner hatteretl out a hartl-earned decision that kept the fans on their feet through the last rouncl. Tulane, last year's champion team, went slown, 4-K3 to fiw, before the Gators at Talla- hassee. Then the squad returned here to rout Tennessee, 8 to 0. Two of the tallies came on clefaults to Capt. 0'Connell antl Ernest Lorenz, light heavyweight. The final match in the state took the team. to West 'Palm Beach to meet the University of Georgia. Florida won, 6 to 2. livery match '216' BOXERS Enmcsi' Lo1u2Nz GORDON GARDNER Bm. CLARK I 'Ffh' H0flU3'WPiI-Ihr Heavyweight Varsity Mazinger except lQong's and Clyde Driggers was won or lost hy a knockout. Driggers lost and Long won decisions. It was when they stepped into the Southern Conference that the Gators met their match. Virginia handed out a 6 to 2 defeat and Long lost for the first time in two seasons. Then the Gators traveled all the way to lVlichigan State to earn another 416 to vic- tory hefore returning directly to New Orleans and the Southeastern Conference tournament. The results of the tournament: H. H. Graham, a junior fighting his first season on the team, won the featherweight tournament and Lorenz was the only other Florida finalist. Lorenz was runner-up among light-heaviesg Aldo Garcia, lost his first fightg Driggers lost, first roundg Long, first fightg Don Davis, first fightg O'Con- nell, semi-finalsg Gardner, semi-finals. The team unanimously elected former Champion Long to captain next yearis squad and Gardner was elected alternate captain. '217' . ' , 'AM Hiauniam H. CMH C njervmf , A f LUNG - , ,-1,1-ru 0 Cu nam-elect JAN' buutlwus . ,M I ,,-pm-1' F iafluerwelg. Southeastern Confu I ' . 1938 K ll7'ell.er1uei.l-llll' Clmmpmn' Clixiiiilllon' ww N4 X1 1 N ,fmt ' It K JACK RANSOM MAYNARD RAMSEY ' Capt. Roy WILLIAMSON Grzonca JACKSON Hmuw bxvnm Coach IIAIUIY S MITII T H E G 0 L F T E A M GATOII GOLFERS had won their first two matches midway 'through the season and had made a creditable showing in the state open tournament at St. Petersburg. Wllell this section went to press matches with Georgia, on April 15 and with Georgia Tech April 16 were on the schedule. Florida defeated Davidson by a Nassau score of 10 to 3 and handed Miami University a 12 to 6 defeat on March 29 and April 1. '218' . . BASEBALL N AY Captain Bon Ivmf ' Manager Third Base COIIFIIV Lnwnf: IIAHDAGIC ,FT .1 10 A l 41- 41 Alu-rnulo Capt. Kl-:N Cl.IF'l'0N JQICIKHY Sl'l'INCI'1IK Iiulllllcss I,lf:lf1'Y BRYAN Gus ADAMS l'iLr'll1'r I'itr'llur IJUCJIIBF Pimlwr ,ll l BASEBALL Gillill' Ilalsl-llllll J'0I'llllll'S look ll llIl'Il for llllw lnwllul' lllis SUZIHUII. At lllu 1'0lll'Pl1'li0ll of llll-il' first lrip oll which tlluy plalyml fJf.'Ql4'lIl0l'lN', Alwlllllllll Hzllllwill, Uuorgiu Tl-ull llllll Allllllrll, lllu Jl1lnl'JDillIl'l'H hull won uiglll, lost lIlI'Ul' llllll liml one A l'0IlllPillllli0ll of llffl-IILIIIIJUIJ Jlilll'l'S llllll prove-ll lo lm ll ViI'llllll IlllII'llUI'l'I',5 row, fllr- llislllell Hllllp0l'l for il film IlJl1'JliIIjl,' slzllf, The Uulors fix-llll-ll we-ll zlllll llill lIll'il' HIIXIIW' ol' llil- ling lllfllllgll ills- sl-usoll. H. "LI, IHC CLOSIC iAl"I'I---IZAl"l'. BOB IVICY iIl,l, IIOWl'Il.I, IN 'I'lIl'It1UM2lIl'2f-3 IHJX 'l'll4e Sifllllfl---IJ!ll'Jl' Row: 4IoAl:ll Ll-:wllc IIAllllA1:lf:, llAllol.n llUl:lN, lCl.Mo IiolllNsoN, .JIM Ml1l.l:Al-lv, J"0NIA I'l-1NNlNl:'l'oN, Sl-l':N1:l-:ll Ilulllllcss, !1Jl1'l'llIlI4' Capt. Km Wll,l,ls, Cupl. lion lvl4:Y, Gus ADAMS, J. ll. Illlxlis, 1:I.lIf'I'0N Klcllllv, l.l-:lf'l'v BRYAN. From How: DUN MAY, Jl-:lflv NIINOII, Clllwlc A Rosle, JIM NVIIITIC, Glf:Nlla llAll'l'MAN, LA MAll JONl-gs, En IVIANNINU, ISll,l, llowl4:l.l., lim. ICNNIH. '220' ii L..- fv- 'vn- Fowm PENNlN4:'l'oN IlAnol.n 1iUlSlN J. D. lfllclcs El,Mo ROBINSON Cllffhlfl' Shortszop Catcher First Base - '221' x BASEBALL lVl4ll1'Cl1 26-State Prison Florida at Raiford March 29-Oglethorpe Florida at Gainesville Nlarvll 30--Oglethorpe Florida at Gainesville April 80-Arllfllllillll Baldwin Florida at Tifton April 9-Abraham Baldwin Florida at Tifton April 11-Oglethorpe Florida at Atlanta April 12-Oglethorpe Florida at Atlanta April 12--Oglethorpe Florida at Atlanta April 13--Georgia Tech Florida at Atlanta April 14---Georgia Tocll Florida at Atlanta April 15-Aullurn Florida at Auburn En MANNING Blu, Howmu. GENIE HAll'FMAN Second Base Left F ield Center Field 4 F 15 A -A JEFF Ml NOR Svronrl Base JIM MULCAHY mgm mm 4. h The l"lori4lzt l"l'0Slllllllll hox- ing t4-:un sung.-tl two steric-s ol' lllllll7llt'S with South Georgia 'l'4-aluln-ra' Collugu ht-ru auul ut Slilll'hll0I'0llf!,ll. 'l'h1- frosh won lutra-, 5 to 2 ill l"chru:try uml 1lvl't-uti-tl the fl'uuuln-rs again l"4-ln'unry 26, hy u scorn of 4 to 3 ul Stat:-mlnorouglt. Thr' sqnufl, loft to rigltlv- Courlzv fIAlu.os l't:o1:'ron, lmutv SICMMICNS, llfucvi-xv Lowa, sun,- ior rniflfllvwvigltlg Illuta LAHS!- 'l'I'IlK, liHIllflUl'if.fllLC lVlAltvlN Smo- tilt, junior llli1lllll'll'l'iHllLQ Capt. l'A'r l"mur, wvlu-rzrvigltl: Asluxv Moonv, JACK Mum-uv :tml lill.l.Y CoNot1:li, fvolluurtmeipzlits, SAM Loom-xv, manugnr. 'l'ln-su four trurk nuen, with at-vural more worlufd ottl through thc: long varsity season, only computing once-, anul than ill u l'1lllll'l' inlprontpltt tum-l with Kiversiclu Military Acutl- 1-my. The squad illl'llIlll'S, left to right, JOHN XVILIIANKS, JOHN Smrrn, Kuvlu-:Ntml.t, uml Am.:- SUN lirvnnucv. D CLASS OF W1 GATOR STARS OF TCMORROW' 'l'ho Fl'0SllIllllIl Cllg1'l'H howlcfl ovor uvory tvum lhuy vllrottltl- 4-rutl, ull of their gunna-s netting lll1'Ill tlucisivu svorus. Bun WiKI4'l'1lN, .l,,A'l' RmaN, IVNANK YINSHANIS und DEAN lVlu.l.lclc wt-ru constant scoring tlnrc-:its uml liu.l. NVUIJYI' tlirl u line joh ut 1-outer. Thu liuhy Uutors will lm at vuluuhlu usm-t to varsity lmslwt hull ruuks ue-xt yn-ur. Luft to rigltt----Dlf:AN Mll.l.l-Ill, Hun WAl,'I'1DN, l"nANtc YIN-. stunts, l'A'r Rl-11-:N, ll:-:Wrrr IMwtuNs, VINNII-I Ztmnzutms, SAUI. Steunv, Muuugawg NM' -,,,z, M os'row, Smolctcv llfuu-1-nn, Coach. liuclr row-h-llAttol.n Ml-1Nlll-Il.- sow, lCnwlN UNIIICIKWOOD, En llmtm, Ill-:N llu.l. l.AnsoN, En Mlltlltlfl, lJAvl-1 tlfuui, DUN lim.- l.I'IN'I'INl'I, Sn: l'AIlNlfIl.l., linowrv, Pun. SCIIAILI., JACK RHIN- SClllVllll'I', NM' lVIos'row. Front row---li. Ihous, Bun Wmxron, 'lin WASZAK, SNAKE Smrru, S'l'I'1Vl'1 lVlANlll-Il., lima. tlmu-:Y, lilI.I. NVOI.lYl', Nlmt-1 liuclm, Lotus Gtucuonv, .lonN l,Al.MI'IlK. RALPH INGLIS Capt. BILLY RICHARDSON H dlcs M anagcr ur My STEVENSON CLEARS THE BAR TRACK TRACK COACH PERCY BEARD came here from the Alabama Polytechnic Institute last year to coach Florida's track team. A former hurdles star at Auburn and holder of several world records for high hurdles and the Olympic high hurdles record., Coach Beard has been valuable to the Gator track squad. This year the team began to improve., holding Georgia and Georgia Tech to close scores and walloping Presbyterian College. Capt. Billy Richardson was missed greatly after he injured his knee and was forced to stay out of competi- tion for the season. Bill' Thompson, promising 220- and 440-yard dash man, also ran into had luck, but more will be heard from both lads next year. EIINIIG VUATSON ToM Nmwsu. Mile BEN MCCAHHY FRANCIS IQEARNEY 100 and 220 WAl.lClEll WI1I'l'lC En Wll.l.lAMSON 2-Mile Uk , Crmnmcv Kmucmn Shot and Discus J. Ilov UUGGAN Discus Nnl.soN lhvls Discus I . I I TRACK 1 TOM WAI,lC ICI! Slwl 1,111 l J ICK .l.ll'IT'l'lS Javelin AI, RAYHUN REU S'I'EvENsoN Pole Vault DICK TKAYMOND IKE STEVENS Hurdles WA'l'SilN RAMSAY Javelin FRANK Kocsls Javelin THE SEASON RECORD T ' i ' '. ,,. 1 ' . . , . his Slluufl-Buck Row-E. B. XVAY, NELSON llAVlS, Bunny Aprll 9 Georg? H 69 57 Plondd 'lt AUICHS WTGN, CIiIARI.Es ICREJCIEII, BILL THOMPSON, IKE STEVENS, Aprll 16 -- GCOIQIH l.ecl1 70 - 56 Florida ut Gainesville so I . Middl N MMSAY' DICK BLTTIS' Other Meets-Presbyterlan, Auburn, Southeastern Conference J If Row-RALPH INGLIS, JACK LICHTE, MIICIC BALDWIN, W OY DUGGAN, TOM WALKER, ERNIE WATSON, WALKER F "HTH, DICK RAYMOND, En WILLIAMSON, PERCY BEARD. Raymond, third from the hh rg? R"w'A" RAYUUN, FRANCIS KEARNHY, TOM NEWELL' Wuy and Newell in the half mile The start of the hull' mile wms the hlgh hurdles' BFIIL BILLY RICHARIISON, RED SrEvENsoN, FRANK Kocsls, Kearney Sprints lo haul I1-mn 'N MCGAHEY- Ruybun shows two ways of clearing the bar ' - - ' IIIIIIC MICulII,y In the 100 ll "iUtl-nJ""" . ' - 'f f gjupmin Skipper docs u' hunk -pack km 4 in thc Miami mccl 1inaseAsoNs Recosn Florida 67 -F' 7 A"b""' ll '1 43 25 Georgia 'fecl' tl oru a - " ' Florida 46 -W' 29 Georgia . Tennessee Florida 52 " 26 Florida 63 " 11 Miami' Q :S ACOSTA' . "rs HOODQJONL ' ry, GFNOVMI, LlDDl'.I.L, IQFEJIUJPHY ALLEN, QUIXLI- , I R ufur.-Mil-,S-we -1 r ' - Z' I ii" 'Jim 1 ' lv ,cn ..," R, M' , Clllllllill-014205WALTER Llnmam, DAN MCMUIll'l'lY Southeastern Conference Free style 4-40-yurd dash Champion SWIMMING For the second straight the Gator swimmers outshone their nearest rivals by a tremendous margin in the second annual Southeastern Conference Swim- ming Meet. Florida led Georgia Tech hy a score of 73 to 37. The Florida swimmers splash- ed to five first places and finished to place in virtually every other event. Bennet Allen won the breast stroke event again and was a member of the winning medley relay team. Walter Liddell won the 440- yard free style and Ed Rood won the 220 after Liddell had heen disqualified. Z .gov Sm tl ED Roco Sr. ELMO CChicJ Acos'rA TOM KN-OTTS JACK JONES CHARLES PUTMAN BonQUm1-v 226 leustcrn Conference 50- and 100-yard dash 50- und 100-yard dash Diving and Back Stroke Back St k ' ' yard dash Champion ro 1, Breast Stroke SWIMMING Both Gator relay teams won. The 400-yard team included Tom Knotts, Dan McMurphy, Howard Skipper and Chic Acosta. The medley team saw Charles 'Putman in the first leg, swim- ming the back stroke, Allen on the breast stroke leg, and Acosta as anchor man swimming free dash and Capt. Skipper was second in tough diving competition. Last year the Florida team, for three ears ,, y claimant to the unofficial Southeastern title, swam away with top honors in the first meet when Mississippi State dedicated its new pool at State College, Miss. 9tYle- The Florida team has not been defeated in a Acosta tied for second place in tl1e 50-yard dual meet or tougher competition for four years. GENOVMK . PPE!! C ur-l1FRANK ' .NNETT ALLEN Cullum' HOYVARD Sm 0 But ustcrnConfcrel1Ce Dlvfil' Twice bout IC - Breast Stroke Champion "T 1 i' 1 ,X , x . Q, I . L' , V, 1 it The Dulce and his two 1 -0. captain, Liddell, and olfilflfiies, next ycar's :Zine extra instruction pchggcf Bild Root, get mt! 01' two ab l . , aug t them 311 and after the scasilg publicity before, during SWIMMING The schedule was brief this year, taking thc squad on only one trip and finally giving the students only one meet here. Florida took the road at the beginning of the season and decisively defeated Auburn, 67 to 7, Georgia Tech, 45 to 255 Georgia, 46 to 295 and Tennessee, 52 to 26, at Auburn, Atlanta, Athens and Knoxville. - Then the Gators returned here for several days' practice before their only home meet against Miami. After a siege of misgivings dur- ing which Coach Frank Genovar all but took flown his hair over the prospect of his swimmers going down in defeat, the team barely eked out a scant 63 to 11 pomelling of Miami. Tampa cancelled a meet scheduled to have been held here. Highly favored, the team then marched 011 to Knoxville for the second time to win again. Most of the team will be back next season. Skipper will be missed and Bennett Allen will be lost by graduation. Wlrsily Swimming M Imager Ancmcn SMITH "i'fL'bZ.':,mm,5., me-' gm wrgww - .5 - W ' ' Q, 'f 'N ' .af-f:'n11.'. A'--ff ?5?,.45f:?,2fl5A rE:g31'?gf!1-l3'vs'P2-filsul ' """""'-'v-.1-n.'m-Mp.-,,p.., rv-sf urn- gvps-51s-4 5:1-,M nfyrfrllr' X .farm-qfp-rrufwvfn-,1rK,.a, ' fflaif ,yr 3,4112 Mn- , , g .-.aojgngw-'J -" ' " 35 Bri.: ' .rf'- ' " . -s 'Jw ."-In-.Da-41. .:Y,':'.,.....:L:i..zI:ff'R.h.'t.ff:n:. Fu -671 P10 ill-kffl'-Yl1"fNllHJ'.19iaP-U' 'axlwlwhll fl1'il'r"' 345594 I FLCRIDA "DUTCH" S'rANl.i:Y, Director Tina INTRAMUIMI. program this year, under the direction of D. K. "Dutch" Stanley, reached the greatest heights in its fifteen-year career. More sports were offered, there were more competitors, and the interest was greater. The program is recognized as being one of the best in the colleges and universities throughout the South. Repre- sentatives ol' many other institutions of higher learning have visited our campus to study the program developed by efficient directors and especially by the enthusiastic interest and cooperation of the entire student body. Intramurals were started on the Florida campus in l923. At that time the program offered a schedule ol' four sports, this year, fifteen sports were presented in the three different leagues-fraternity, dormitory and independent. Perhaps the greatest reason for the intramural dc- partment's large strides, in addition to the driving force behind the program, is l"lorida's natural setting in lo- cation and clilnatc which is so conducive to outdoor sports during the entire school year. Few other schools Wnrri-:Y MCMUl.l.l'1N, Secretary anywhere can offer as much in the way of' competitive sports and recreational athletics as can the University of Florida. The road to success, these past fifteen years, has not been smooth. Since those early days in the 20's, the intra- mural program has seen itself altered and improved many times. Now the departn1ent's well regulated schedule of events, eflieient directors and managers, timely and at- tractive bulletins and attractive handbook, all denote a smooth-running and well-built organization. The constant addition of needed facilities and equipment has made it possible that cvcry man benefit in pleasure and health as a participant, instead of' a mere spectator, in his favorite sport. The advantages offered by intramural competition in relation to varsity athletics were never more forcefully brought to the attention of all tllan by the recent success ol' intramural athletes on the various varsity teams. Among the many new developments in this year's pro- gram was the inauguration of cross-country track as a new sport. This event was installed on a trial basis. Iiunov Dan-:sow Senior Manager Leading High Point Men Gaamuvi, D., Cuusa '230' Tom I"l.lc1vi I NG Senior M imager + -i, SIDNI-IY Ml-:Nm:l.soN l+'nANK Wmm Dorm. League Manager 'lt was run oil' on a eumpus-wide scope and no league points were given, hut the winner was awarded a hand- some plaque and seeond and third plaee men reeeived medals. Boxing and wrestling were two other sports to he eondueted on un all-eampus hasis instead ol' heing re- slrieled to eompetition within the three leagues. The trend during reeent years llas heen to enlarge the seope ol' the various sports so that a elnunpionsllip in an event would mean eampus-wide superiority rather than just leadership in one league. The dormitory league witnessed the rising of a new star in this yeur's competitions. Seetion C ol' lluelunan Hall has amassed more points, at the time ol' this writing, than has any other dormitory league team in any similar lf:-ate:-nity League Manager ll,uioi.n lll4ZNDl-ZltI.Y lnde rendem League Muna er I period ol' time. They have advaneed themselves to u position ol' dominanee in their league. A new devolop- ment in the independent league was the entranee of an lealn sponsored hy "'Tootie" l'erry's llairy. 'l'lle tealn is tuuler the management ol' Waller "Tiger" Nlaylverry, l"lorida's l937-38 foothall eaptain. "'l'ootie" llimself, was quite a foothall player during his undergrxuluate days at the University. "Sports for all and all for sports", the aim ol' the intra- mural program. will he aeeomplished in the future. as it has heen in the past, lny the department's poliey ol' ex- perimenting with new aetivities in order to seeure a halanee In-tween the earry-over type ol' sport and that type whieh satisfies eurrent interests. INTRAIVIURAL BOARD 2. WITHERS LEVENTHAL CANDELET POWERS CLIETT COLLINS BRADLEY ANDERS KING SULLIVAN CULPEPPER GREENBLATT JOHNSON RUBIN FISHER JACOBY 3 C" M f' 1 All fum aus Boxing Finals KPKT-winner? l'nvr:, JUN:-gs, xVlllGil'l', IDUQGAN, llluum-ins, AIMIAM, 'fl HIASSPN 1 I W Final gums: between TEP and SAE SWANN, GORDON, Mmmul, Wom.v, A'1'soN CIAYSUN, li. Wlclclcs, AIllIllNIiTHY, MoN'rf:0M1cuY, PINHLI., HALE llvllu Sigh in 1ll'li0l1 '232' I le-rnily lA'LlglllE In-Lu The ulnnnpions of lonvh football in notion liIl0WN,D. Nlll.l.lCll,xVATSON,SMATIII-ZIIS, AIIANIS, S'l'l'1VI'INSON, lil-1.ucNm' Finals in Tu-nnis Doubles, winner ATUQ rnnnur-up--PUD Dllllfif-il-IN, RUIIIN, XXn.l,ls, HllMIliI'l'l"l' Tnomfxs, FKA, Qlusl yvnr's winne-r in golf! ,I KSN n if 4 .J It .155 V Ky" 15., " l4,f.x.Yk. x Ni Q' - l A , . Q , V ,Wu . ' X. Q, af' x X Y , V I W . SIGMA ALPHA l'Ivsn.0N -Q , ,1 ' 4 This ye-:clk volllvlldq-I wamning "7'i3' ... I 1, ff uf ,ta 'L up 4.1, ' J L, 'Vg -H- ,... X- , , . D DI-JAN, GRAHAM, Hoon, J. Roma, DAVID, l"lNI.l-:Y Buckmun C lwI'm-4: the :num sr' , JONES, f:0MICZ, Crm:-zssnl-1, Mll.l1l'Ill, CIIUSSUN, FRANKLIN, A popular all-campus sport gets under way--Thomas F, winm-r CIKANVFOIID, MlIf:f!NNlCl.I,, l'ol.l.Ann, BAnm-:'r'r, DAWKINS Tho champions pose uftur the nwul Form dcnmnslruleed hy u vursity num '2341' Donm Ll-:Acura Lwunfzus Fmm . W- as . ,.,A - - ,.q A- .-fu., 1 ML N F,Tf.m-ug. wvlllll Bunlul Bull Guts Undvr Wuy Thu lmys gludly stop for u pose with tha unmru ' fvlgf-Q1f0 rf f : 7 - . . f -'fe-:f+f'fk2s:S''2""'I -555-if ' 'L ' . 4 4" !:li..f-'i If"--..:.'-' 'f-:QT-Z.-5 z 7 5 ff 55' ' ' ' I " 'lf?'.3-sgiffu-A' "'f"':'i A-ffm? '- : :1L-' - '- ' nm .1 'Q-1+ A--ft, - -"E: . ..-- +-" A' -. 1 4. , N V -. hx, D -, ,,, , 'q4?,,,.F . ,, ,L-. A. J. qgwvkil t Finals in Tvnnis Singh-sg SUHIIICII, N Dorm G winnn-rg Wll.l.lAMs, N Dorm :umm up R n l'IuMl'N l'nMlAM ol' lim' "lf", winm-rs in sllulllalmnrm umm 1 . v-uf. N ' XL, 14' 34 ibn' 'WN i us. T iii, in-un. . I , . S .. , gi g.. E 1 M it s Q' Av , MM' ' b,x,-in ' 2 Q A. fl' .. L A tv s., . . ,-' -vw -. ,Ti Mer . p VJ -W A W , N 5 5 .aff X I I-Alu... UFKMAN Ak, A - B C v -be-. , MCMUl.I.EN, lvlv IIAIKIISS FOSITR BOUIKIOIQ Busknt Ballcrb 'llun sum of muon the Old 1 ym All-campus wmmrq SUIIIVAN Manager MANSON WxllRrN This drawn u :our fiom thc. glllurlu Bmmv, WAIION MCGUIIN HIIJIKICIC GRAY PARKFR Two ol' the In-sl mulvh lllm-il' skill: and wits '236' 1 The Idcul Laundry Tcum puts W'innm-rs--Imh-ul Lumulry, BouAl:1', Cnumu, Ilmcs, JOHNSON il up und ovcr in its final gumc IWIKLER, STANKO, STEIN, WALK:-:R Every ounce ol' strunglln goes into this finul gunu: of Hundlmll COHIGN und CORNlfl'Zl.ll, winm-rsg Pl'Il'l'l-Ill uml R0sr:Nm.1m Doulvlvs rumwrs-up MCMUI,l,l'IN und Foswgn winm-rs of Slmllh-lmourd Doulnlvs for Jim Lnrchc A Mas. 1 A Wllilvy mul lfrn-el pairing urn f , 1 v 1 up 'N ...N K X ,, -2-N " ix ,A A ' Q .-rd V ff ' 3 . -Lu:,x1 w:Rs-JIM LAm:ul': ' Q"" L. ,,1,.LQ,y,1- Q ff-EW fp LPBOOK -M ' vw' .T - W we '- .fw.2?.5'52 MM f .4-.V UIQ fu 'wiv .Ai H w fb .Rf It ..' --H' ""' """" """"""""', 'SW I,wmarl.-sr-a-.p.-.p......a...4..4..-.z-.-v.-.z-'-.:f-:.-n-vw-vawr.,-.y .rv-qv.-s-u.-wsu-,aff "'kusv-.-vw.-.- ti-FTF Q"4'."'VW:al 1- w E-5-fy-. As2Qf5?ggfggzf1 :ff,3f"f'W r ,azffsgytk 'vw 'Nw-x.. -1-. uvv .1-,-rf, ,. -'- ',.,,y m TIVITIE , Nm .-, ,- A ' rw wvLl'7,.-:,, -,.,.n...n....a..w,4..-..w.hwx..- sv 4 I 1 v 4 4 S ... - 4- if Wfrm'-f'7" "4 A 7.44 'XB' 1 "L""""LVN' 5V"Vl-ff rv-y an.. gy-fe new-un,g rrpfyfrr' 'L Pin f E x, 4 1 1 .1 w gg. ,Pt fy 3: x 0 iw 4-L ur-nf -rv-.4411 a.f5s:-nj-arf-u.p 4.-u 'JD vu.: .x-I, fi' ' ' ' f5yn-wgfQ'i5p'?5?:E.Ini:'f.f1'f2tE5-x,A.fQ ' 'va V5 wmv rv-.ra--vl.'-0uufU',5-04.1441 'fbfvv-nun flrinrnr-1, T MCCLASSON lllll IIlcLl.IwIaLL l,IHRIs'I'I-:NsON K BOARDMAN RIC!-IAIIDSUN EDITORIAL STAFF .Editor-in-Chief EDWARD F. BOARIJMAN ................... .Managing Editor .Associate Editor .Associate Editor Editor .Co-Feature Editor Co-Feature Editor STIJVI: RICHARDSON . . , . . . STANLEY LRVITCH .,.. . . . PAT WATSON ....,..... . . . MALCOLM MCGLAssON .. .,.. Associate BILL JIDD .........,,,.... ... .,... PAUL I'IELLIWICI.L ,,.................. . BILL FULLIQR .....,.. Fraterniiy and Organizations Editor .Snapshot Editor .Make-Up Editor . . . ,Sports Editor BOD MCCANN ........,...,........... MAIICOLM MCGLASSON .. . . PAT WATSON .....,.... PAUL H:ELLIWHl.L ......... Beauty Section MAKE-UI' STAFF SID JOHN:-ION, CIIARLIcs BI:'rTs, JOHN DOWN, CLYDE Gl'l!IlS'l'l'lNSON, JOIQ ALONsO, Mll,'l'0N LIPsITz, NICWTON J. IIIELJIHGIIGIGR, DON Six, FORD THOMI-SON, JOIIN KRONIQN- FIELD, TOM WA'l'S1lN, RICHARD BINNICKER, BILL SIMMONS, PARK SIMMONS, IIARIKY BROWN, EMMET SMITH, CECIL GRIDI-'IN, JOHN l"I.I1:MINC, Joi: SCALES. SIIIITII l,ANI:As'I'IcII w'IGll'l'MAN DUNCAN SI.A'I'I:II SNIITII . liAI.I'II WIAIITIN 0I,II4: I.ANcAs'I'I-:II JACK WAI.'rIcIIs ,. AIITIIUII li00TI-: l"III-:II BALI, NWALTON BYAIKS BUSINESS S'I'Al"I" . . , . . . . . . . . . !fSSiSlIIlll l3llSilH'.WS Mgr. . . . , . , , . ,Associnm BllSilll'SS Mgr . . ......,.. Arlrvrtisillg Mgr. . . . CiI'r'IIIaIioII, Mgr. JOHN IDIINILAN IIIQNIIY l.uNsIfoIIn lion S'I'lIlI'l.ING Jon MIzIIAIII XVATSON LI:vI'rcH 3 STAN" AT WORK ' 2 4 1 ' ' '--H ' Y., .,., ,. .,,,,.. .. . , .. , BOB MCfjANN Sm JOHNSON WILLIAM BYARS H. C. LUNSFOIID JOE ALONSO CLYDE CHm5"'WN50N OLLIE LANeAs1'l-:li J. S. SM1'1'H CHARLES BETTS JOHN R- DOW" F. N. BALI. JOHN B. DUNCAN S'rANLi:Y LEVI'I'Cl'l E. B. Lovmcss WILLIAM EWING BECAIJSIQ of 'the vast amount of work that must be expended in order to publish a book as large as the SEMINOLE, it is necessary that many be assigned to various and sundry tasks. The eflieiency with which this work is done is the most important factor in determining whether or not a well balanced and presentable book is edited. The editor sincerely feels that the staff of the 1938 SEMINOLE was exceptionally capable, and that they are in reality the ones responsible for presenting the student body with a com- mendable annual. The men who have had their pictures placed in the preceding three pages were in most instances the persons who did the bulk of the work. However, there are some who did excellent work that haven't for various reasons had their pictures taken. They arc: Bill Fuller, Milton Lipsitz, Don Six, Bill Simmons, Park Simmons, Harry Brown, Newton Heu- berger, Ford Thompson, Richard Binnicker, Tom Watson and still others. The editor is truly grateful to these men for their boundless efforts and appreciates the assistance they have so kindly and willingly rendered. THE EDITOR. ' 2 4 2 ' THE FLORIDA REVIEW W. J. MCGUIM: Editor Orr CIKAWFOIKD llAMlL'l'0N THE Fl.0tuo.x Rlcvu-:w is a quarterly magazine published hy students. lts editor and husiness manager are eleeted hy the Student Body, and eaeh university student reeeives a year's suhseription through payment of the student aetivity fee. During the past year the Rl-:vllcw stressed fiction of a regional nature, and puhlished stories attracting attention of erities throughout the South. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, John Crowe Ransom and Erie Lundgren aeted as judges to seleet the prize- winning story, poem and illustration, respeetively. The maga- zine reeeived a high pluee ill National Seholastie Press ratings. Restrieting diseussion to eollege prohlems and arhievemenls, the Rnvu-:w during the past year published artieles dealing with the eollege theater, sueeessful alumni, organizations for youth, student press eensorship, eollege employment, student slang, negro edueation, and other suhjeets. Unusual features, eon- tests, and art work were interesting to Rlcvlmv readers. The Fl.0IttltA lllivllflw is eonsidered one of the most sueeesssful eol- lege magazines, managing to strike a mean hetween literary exeellenee and popular tastes. Wi-:1ss1Nem XVOOIJIIEIKIIY IIYRNIQ XVIGIN 1 Mun Cox A1'KlNs l'l0RTON MCG: AssoN Grzo. Bvnm s Business Manager '243' FLORIDA ALLIGATOR A nM A ND ISQN Nl'IT'I'lC Emu. Powrms ' 'N P 1 I l Y I r A . 1 ! X V 5 Roon FLIQMIN1: '244' l'Illl'l'UI 'l'0M IACONAIKII AuM,xNn HUNNI-:1"rl-1 IloN lln0wN ...,. XVAIXFICIK DnALu:u0N HICNIIY IIAIIUIQNAS . JOHN IS. 'l'llnNv:n . IMvln lJl':Nm.ow . FRANK KLIQIN .. Sm Ro:-as .. . lim, Mcliunua ,, lion Conv ,,., , l"nANK lI0wl.lf:s . ,lm-1 Smlmzs ,,..., SANDY SWICIIIDLIN l'A'r ICMMANIIICI. ,, l'm:l. l'owl':l:s , . 'I'oM I"l.r:rvllN4: .. FIKICIICAN'I'l!l'1I.l. . lin R000 , , . , . Hon NICCIKAIKY ,. .. Nllclu.l-1 XVAIDSWOIITII I 'l'lmMAs A. L1-:oNMm HAI. S'l'Al"l" ., lfllillll'-ill-ClliI'f ,. Managing Iflljllll' . flssnrizlll' Hlliflll' . .flssm'i11Iv lirlilur , ,, Hllfl. llourrl , lfflil. HOIIIYI Ifalil. lfourrl , , Spurls lfflilor Hffxsl. Spurls Hllilfll' , , . , l"1'11Ilu'1' l'f4lflol' Assl. Fvulurl' ldllfllll' , , , , Copy lfrlilnr ffvlilug News lhlilvr . ,. Nvws SIIIU , Nvws Slufj BUSINESS S'l'AI"I" Jon-1 NIIZIKAIII .,..,.. lion MCCANN . , ,. ,-.. .- .--. .,-..--,,,A lh4sfm'ss 1,HllIHlfQ1'l' f:il'l'lI1llIi1lll ,'Vlunugvr Arlrvrlixing MllllIlH1'l' . , . . . .ffssisllllll lfusinvss MlllIllHl'I' . , . .... Asxislrull Cil'l'lll4lIi0l1f IWIIIIIIILZWI' Assismnl fl 1ll'1'l'liSilIg nlllllllgfl' . . . . . . .l:llSilH'SS SMH , . , Cir1'u1ulirm Slnfl P I NN AIJSWOIITI-I Mmm-u MulIANN 5 + 4 1 J, FI II lla 'II -II ..I II. I... III. fu ..., Nxl X X .. X 5. -. I. I UIISI IIIIIIIIII . .II'I:o.-I'II.. HULOI, III...II . -. IV A-I I"..I II III I . ...I--II. .II ..I. III.kII I II.: I... .. I, .. .I..I.II1.-, . II III- II.-I I...-.I.I.-I' fx ly ' Y II, I I II....I...I ..I I 1 II I. II.I..I II. "XIII I 5' I . I II I. ....I.II. ..I I .II ..I III.- I...I 'X' I ...I II......., I- I I I. II ', - , III. I.. I.. . : ' I . .I .II ...II III .I II . I 5 "" JIIIIII B. TURNER ,, b..IItorII.1LIourd I. I.. ...II I. ...I.-.4.II.- I.. .I... II III... IIIII I...III'.I I. 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I WI V i'1'L'l""'l'- If' """Q:":" 'xx I ...III-al utnff Inombere endeavor to make copy intelligible . Q I. II. II III .III I..-III 1' III.. 'Q ' I'IIII.. II .....I II. 'II..-.II..I-I-4-. I-III- .I ' . .. .. .I I -. I.. I I I I .. ,. . ,, .. . ,. . .... ........ I...II.I..- I..III..: MII...-.I,' ,Il,I.QI.,':,, 'I .-I..IIrInIui"w II.. I....,II..... ...III 'I'II.. ....I... IIIIII I..III... III II.IIII.-a- I'II...-hu I...I. ...III ..II..I..IIIIg II ..,.I I... III... ..-.....I-III. III.III.-.. III II.I:..-.-, -II.'II..II...-..I III.. -...-I-II .III.- 'I.IIII.I., I.IIIlI-raIIIII- ..I III.- I...II'..-.II .IrgIIII- H H1 HN, W WM, ,,.,m, ,,, ,,,,. ,.,,.. , I.. I.-.IIIIII I.r 'r.II,... I-........I I-... IzI.II.III III wI..I.IIIIIgI.III, II 1' :II I..III..-. III- I II.. I-...I I-.,..,. 1... .II -.III .....II. III.- .....I IIIIII- ..I.. II , us...-II IIIII:I I..I .I... I.. ........I my . I. I... I.-.II II..-. I...-I. I..-I.. II. III... A T I .I I-.II-.....I III.. w I.. .-.I...-III..-I. .III...-.- ..I .I... I-I-IIIIIII rII.III--III..I -III... u 0 I-I-H IW UW l'.V1A.I I H I K I ...III III .'IIIII.I.-II..- III.- I.'...II... IAII.-II ...III.- I...-II .I.I.II.I.I III ...Ia T H A " WU' I""f""' HN' 'I j" " b' ...lm 1, NWI., W, ,,,,.,.,,., I.,,,, ,II.... I.. ..III..III--I III... IIIIIIIIINIIII1 a pr. I.IIIiII x...III.-HI...-I.l II..Il xx..RI.rII. IIIII I LZI I'Il IIIN A AIM! "VI I NV" I'II.. .I II. I.I.I.I, Spring WEIIIII E IIIII. Ig -I....I., ...II .III.--...III -.II.I-II ...II ,I .II I IIIIIIIIIIIII MI... .II ...-I .II Q In--..III. ...III - ....-I. III.- I I..- II.-I .- I... III.- I- I.II-IIII.. I IIIIIII IIIII II..-I II.-II. r.-II.lIII.'nI. I-'I IIII'Ir I..III..... II. II- lu I III...-Ig... :I ...II I'II.. . -IINIII... I- ..II.I.I., sg Till. P1 lln 'I'III-II. I'III 21,L.u ILI IIIQI M 'l'IIf-llllu 'l'rInIII. ful' II. .I vnu um.-lI.ry II. t'nIIIa'n III.'- WIII GATOR IIIINIS OIII 'PHE AIR was the name given the program when Florida Alligator .II.II.III III I:III.I.,.3.. wII.I.I .II II........ III- ...II .....I III.. aI!IIIIII-II III II... Ix l'.llI-hrr will IIIIIIII' und II. Ihr IDAY. APRIL l, l938. lid. .d Record Vote Cas As Over 2,500 Go To Polls Simoruon Onlv UU? T Taka Ons Of Major Offices III II...I..-.. M.n......-,I ...II.II.II.II.Ig Iw.. ...N-.Ia .II I..-.. ....I.I.gI.II-II II.-.II--I..III..-. I..III.... I..III..., uIIIIgv1mIrnI I... III... III.. I-II.I.III.IIIII. ...III .II III.. I III. I...- III.--I-I.I.I.-, I..III.....-.I .- Lula III-Iuung In I"I.IrI.lII Ml... I'lIly"!I Hlrvvv UTFIIIIIII-Il b!'lIIII- .III.- II.- II.-I-I .I...-...I or III- II I.'I.I IIIIII I-T..rI I'rIIArIrI, VIII' ...II .I.I....I I'...I.I. wh... .....I .....I-I1 I.. II.. II .lowly runl.-I .III.I.I..I.I. IIII...-.. ...II If. I-.- I I.-I III.- ..II..I.III.g I-I II.. .IIII I..- ...III.- I..-.III.I.I, .I.. JIJI .II .Ia I .III.- III.- .II-III II. III.. M MII..-1 HENRY GAILUELNAS Hlltorial Board IIIIIIIIgIng eIIII.IIluIII 'nf Nawm ovnr Iha Inu' .I I-ampaliu Al Opp by 1... Um vhllr III Rrvlrw. Is Sh URW! dll began its weekly news broadcast of University campus events. I'II.. I ..I, .-I..III... I III. I..III..- II.-..IIII.-I.. I.-III... may ara INN I"'0ll'lfW1 'IlN"" Ill'-'WW' Kappa AIIIIIII, I...-III. I..III.. Io. I...IIIIg rf.-I-I... Ilqmu- mum .I.rraIIpvIIfnIJ In N01 Lvl- u.e I-I4 5.11. r:..:.I I:..I. LW... In. aw. ...Im Apr: .II NIM! 20 P10161 Ulww umm-Is ...III Mmm Iv.eIIoI.unIIu Ind Inn 1-cpm-Aly ol voiorl is Mv- y..IL a'.muu!IuI Info :pwo an ld! JAMES DRIGGIERS V HIQNIIY I,UNSl?0IKlj- Ellimf IzllSilIOSS MllllIlH4'l' CQLLEGE STAFF STAFF MOOIIIC STEPHI-INS POUCI-IER STONE GlmNNlcI.L CARRINGTON Mowuv MAliSFIAl,l llovmss FRENCH Al,l,,xN '246' tllllonlmlilm-.luv 1 0 AIIAN ldllor Busuuss Managcr THE "Fw BOOK is the official handbook of the student body of the University of Florida. It contains information relating to the many phases of campus life, including the Constitu- tion of the Student Body, and charters of the organizations. It is intended primarily for the beginning students, but is an invaluable aid to upper classmen, especially those interested in campus activities. N lu-Nm IH SMITH Ross Nlmuw Associate Editors MALCOLM MCGLAS:-:oN lllu. Jmn '247' BCARD OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Faso S. Glrnlcar, Sec. Piotr. J. W. DAY JACK LONG MANNYT GARCIA Pnor. H. B. Dotusmna lhantzv Lunslfonu J. EMM: I". W. liolcomoon, Chairman THE BOARD or STUnr:N'r PUnLlcA'r1oNs controls in a supervisory capacity the five student publications at thc University ol' Florida. The Board has in the performance of its functions rendered to thc student body as a whole a distinct and valuable service. The Board consists of a chairman and three faculty members appointed by the President of the University, and three student members elected by the student body. Specific duties of the Board are the awarding of contracts for engraving and printing of publications, granting requisitions., approving budgets, and awarding keys to stuff members for services rendered on publications. '248' '- -- - .. .....-. -.Q ,--y - - fp? 5'-5 -'55rt3w.p,6fEE,fDus'15fff n. g,- ...1- N m""3"""1'-Tw www rv-11 .n-.vpa-ucv-4'v4-pxPl"k:wI1-11" ,I-Q' A? Q34 Alu 'YEL ur- p-nh-fp- Mu up 4. sdvnuvs-are-nl.-vm-nuv'.b0uPv1 AN'-lvllnl '-rf+5fiff5 'T3'i?"T??5:"'1'5Q 1-ig ' ' v - . u - ,,g. EASTERN TRIP WESTERN TRIP GIIOIIGE SIvIA1'HI:IIs BIQN KIII:N'rzIvIAN PHILIP SIILIIIQII RAYMOND KIINNIIIIY 0 FFICERS GEOIIGIC YouNI: TTAIKIKY Bowmcs J. L. AVAN'l' Bon HIQWITII' Pres. Debate Club Varsity Manager G. C. Manager Sec. Debate Club GIIIIvII:s SIMON WICKIQII SNIQTMAN GIIIIGOIIY DEAN Roon LAMAII '250' I EMMANUIII, l"UcIIs R00II l.'I:'I'IcIIs ANIIIeIIs0N AllONOVl'lI WAKIcIfmI.II SWANN DI1NI.AI' R01'I'Is'I'IcIN TI:NcII fl'IICKI:II General College Debate Trips ALABAMA-MISSlSSll7l'I 'l'Rll' FLORIDA TRIP GEORGIA-SOUTH CAROLINA TRll Muroh --Spring Hill Collugv. Muruli 10--St. l,0ltFl'SlblII'1,l Junior Collogv. Murch lfl-CI-Orgiu SOlllllWt5Slt'l'll foliage Murcll -Millsaps Collcgt-. D1llI'l'll ll-John li. Stetson Colle-gc. Mum-lI l5-MI-rt-ur Colle-ge-. Mnroln -Eusl Central Junior Collugt-. MIII1-lI I7-l"III'IIIIIn Univvrsity. Murtwll '-Ulllvcrslly of Alabama' ivllll'1'll lil-EI'skiIIv Coll:-gt-. Mllr1'lI 25-llirIIIiIIglIuIII-S0IItlII-rn College Ml!l'1'll I9-Elllury Jllllifll' C0llI'I:1 NIXON llU'I"I' Wll,l.lAM W. AIINOI.n RICIIAIIII llHHA'I'I'lAM ROIIIcII'I' COI.I.INs JOIIN CIIAIIO ROIIIIIIT DIQAN RoIII:II1' EI.v DONN CIIIIGOIIY l'II0Iv. A. A. H0vIcINs Dirvclor of Ijldlllllllg MEMBERS OF VARSITY DEBATE CLUB WII.I.IAM GIIIMIIS lIAIIIIINc'I'ON I'lAltl.0W ROllICll'l' l'lEXVl'l"l' RAYMONII KICNNIEIIY BI-:N KIII:N1'zMAN TIIACY LAMAII MAIISI-IAI. lVlCl,0NAl.ll JOIIN MOOIII: CIIAY RAMSAUII DWIGHT Ruckus En R00II KIIIIINAN SCIIOONMAKIIII S'I'uAII1' SIMON CI-:OIIGI-1 SIMONSON LAwIII-:NcI: SMl'I'l'l S'I'ANI.I:Y SMI1'zIas MEMBERS OF GENERAL COLLEGE DEBATE CLUB l,A'l' EM MANUIQI. llliIlNAllll FUCI-Is Joi: R000 JACK l,l'I'l'lillS RICHAIIII ANIIEIISON SYnNI:Y AIIoN0vI'rz TOM WAKIcI'II:I,II CAIII. SN Allll DAvIII:-:ON DUNI.AI' SIMON RO'I'HS'I'l'1lN llI:NMON'I' TIINCII JAMES TIJCKHII li0wI,INI: MII.AM JAMI-:s REIIII MAIIvIN SINGI-:II ROII NVILKINS 251 WII.I.IAM ZACIIIIY R0IIIf:II'I' l,li'I'lllli WOIITII DI:x'I'I-:II WII.I.IAM EWING JOHN l'lANNA EIINIcs'I' CA'l"l'S SIIIJIIMAN KAI'I.AN AI.IfIIIcII TAvI.0II l"IIANKI,IN LISK EMMANUIH, llIIIasI.I-:II l'lllANK llllAlll.liY JOHN l"I.I:MIN0 RAI.I'II MAIl'l'lN AIII.In T0wNsI-:NII l'lVlClllC'l"l' llovn S'I'I-:I'I-IIcN SI'Ullll LOUIS SNIc'I'M AN llAII0I.II TANNI-:N lnus NVICKI-Ill CIQOIIGI: YOIFNG RICHAIIII TENCII l'HII.IIf SI:I.III-:II CI-:0IIcI: SMA'I'III:IIs l'II0If. H. R. CONSTANS Spf-vclr Dept. Hvull ETA LPH PS Bowen aucnc Ann-sun AVANT aemurs BEALL BOONE BROWN COLLINS CONLON CROWN DEAS CCHOLG EZZARD GOODWIN GROSS POWERS SIGAL tv.NCLAlR WINN 0I4'FlCl'IRS Hfumv W. Bmvlclr . ,4,. A . A.,..4.4.,,,., , Prvsiflvnl DR. ll. Nl. Bl':N:ll'l'S.. . I'vrmam'nl Vim' l'rvsi1lf'nl I I A RRY Ii. B LACK. .,.... Sw-rvlary-'I'rvusurvr BETA ALPHA PSI, honorary und profossionznl au-vmnlling frulornily, wus insI.a1lh-cl March 26, N33 on the University ol' Florirlu campus. 'I'lw f'rulvrnily 1-onsisls of lwvnly nulionaul ulmplurs in all lhu Ifillllillg schools ol' husinf-ss und uvcounl- ing throughout the country. I,URI'USI'I 'I'lw purpoao ol' this frulornily shall ha- lo vm-onrugv and lo:-slvr lhv nlou of sc-rvivv us lhv lmsis of the ll4?1'0lllIlillgI, profusumiong lo prolnolv Iho slully of Lu'- 1'0lIllll2lll'y und its Iligllvbll U'.lli1'i.lI sunnlurclsg lo auf! zu-x u nu-rlinm he-lwc-on pro- f'om-uionul mon, instructors., slu1h-nts uncl olhvrs who are illlorve-xlml in tho dcwvvl- opmenl of lho slncly or profession of uccolnllumzyg lo ch-vvclop high moral. schol- au-llic and professionzul utluinmenls in its nmnlhersg und to vncourugc- cordial inlorc-our:-uv :among ils mmnhors und tho prol'c-e-msirnl ggvnorully. . 2 5 2 . THE FLORID 'l'lll-2 l"I.0ltlli.X l'l.M'l-llts, on Ovtoln-r ll, opt-nvtl what has prova-tl to lu- ont: of' its niost Hlll?tTt'SSl'lll yuars with a hill of llirt-4: onc- avt plays ft-atnring l"re'slnnan laln-nt. "l.iglitnin"', givvn on lNOVt'IlllN'l' 3, If ansl 3 with Urval An- tlz-rson giving an otttstanlling pvrl'ornianc'4- in ilu- lt-ailing rolv, was tht- first full ln-ngtli play of tht- ye-ar. Un Nova-inlwr 16, thu l'layt-rs inaugnratwl a svrivs ol' vxpvri- nn-ntal plays alt-signt-tl to 4lis1'ove-r nt-w l1llt'l1l antl tt-vliniqnt-s in slagm- protlua-tion. ln this initial 1-xpa-i'iin1-nt tlirw- typt-s of' plays, nann-ly, a tragvcly, a pantoniinn-, antl a sovial voinvtly wt-rv prvsvntctl. ln 1-ontinnation of' this projt-vt, on .lannary 6 "fIra4'lu-r Coal" writtvn lvy flliarlvs S. Minis, a univvrsity stiulvnt, was givvn in the- Univt-rsity Auflitoriani. This play tlt-pivting st-vc-ral lcvols of' iiflI'tl4'lil'I',, lift- in our honn- slatv, was an ontstantling sm-1-4-ss. 'l'his is tlu- first tinn- in tht- history of' the lfloritla l'lay1-rs that a full lt'IIl1lll flI'tlllltl, writtt-n 1-ntirt-ly hy a Univt-rsiiy stn- tlvnl. has li:-on pre-st-nt:-tl. Aftvr this st-rim-s of' oxpwiiiwiitzll plays, llll'tft' onn--at-t plays wt-rv prollnvt-tl at tht- l'. li. Yongv Antlitoriuni. 'l'liis was quitt- an 4-ntvrtaining program, as two of' tln- plays Dl't'S1'Illt'1l wt-rv 1-oinvtlia-s. Thi- nt-xt pronlnvtion was John Galsworthv's "Strif'n-", whivh th-pit-14-ql tha ag.--old strogglu In-tween capital and labor. Rus- st-ll Sullivan anal Orval Anile-rson protrayn-el alvly tht- two von- flivling horous. On Mare-li 3l uliary the Dt-ati", a satirical anti-war propa- grantla play was give-n at thu- l'. K. Yonge- Aaalitoriuin. On April 20, "Sniilin' 'l'lirongli". thu lhiral and final full lt-ngth play of thu yt-ar opt-ni-el a thrvc-clay run in thu l'. K. A PLAYERS Yongv Antlitorinni. This, tht- fvalnrn- play of' llu- ye-ar, was prolvalvly tln- niost finishi-al aniatl-nr protlnvtion 1-ve-r pre-st-lite-cl in Gaim-svillv. Anil so tht- lfloritla Playa-rs wi-rv proutl to se-nfl this play on the roatl. ll opt-in-ml in Daytona lh-a41li's lVlnnit'ipal Aiulitoriuni April 26. l"roni tlu-rv tht- voinpany pi'ot'm-mln-tl to lVla1lison's l.ittl1- 'l'ln-alrv l'layhonsv to give- its st-vontl lN'I'l'0l'Illtlllt'4'. 'l'lw thirtl anal final pt-rf'orniant-1' was givn-n at tht- l"lori4la Sltllt' ffollvga- for Worm-n in 'l'allaliasse-4-. With this final pt-rf'orlnanuv tht- vurtain rang tlown on anotlwr svason fillt-tl with tlraniativ SlIf'l't'Sti1'S. 'l'lios1- wllo ln-lpe-tl make- this snrh at sut'4-vssfnl sa-ason art- listvtl ln-low. Ml'IMIH'IRS lll'l'Sflll'lll , . , , . . . , Svrrvlury, l sa-int-stt-r ,. . ' 2 S1'lll1'Sll'I' . . . Furully Advisor , ..,. .. l'ltolf. ll. li. fIoNs'rANs . Russicl.i.St1i.l,ivAN . w'l'1ltS'l'l'IR lliznrr NIM: Wn.l.lAMs l'rorlm'lion llirw-lion ...,.,,,....,. , Paoif. L. I.. llama lioli Anal:-rson, flrval Antlt-rson, llaviul Avant, fllltll'lt'N Brani- nn-r, Douglas ll. lirown, lfrvtl Cantrvll, llt-nry flartlunas, Ilia-k flllvtlllltllll, Charlvs Colo, Richard Earle-, Sant Eggt-i's, Mite-hull EIllllltIllll1'l, Rivhartl Ezzarrl, XYIQNNIYUW Dickey, Morrison Donal. la-onartl lfisln-r, l". T. l"ostt-r, Home-r l"razi1-r, Jorry flaskins, L1-onaral Crt-1-nlilatt, Don Crt-gory, Jann-s flute-s, llan Hall, llar- oltl Hawkins, AVt'll5l1'Y llt-itlt, Olavi llt-ntlrivkson, Roy lla-rsh, ffhannvy llyatt, David Kantor, Nlarinns Latour, Rivhartl la-ar. Allwrt ln-hrnnin, Stanle-y la-vitvli. M4-lvin Lolwl, .lark Long, flu-orgv Nlarsh, fif'0l'j!,t' M1'flZlIljllllllI, Mort Mt'llllWlI, Jann-s Mt-- l"arlan1l, lVlal4'olni Mvfllasson, ,lovl lVl4'n4ln-lson. Y Prior. l'lAl.l-: W. IJ. lll'ZlD't' I nor. fl0NS'l'ANH '253 UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB GLEE CLUB ROSTER FIRST TENORS Carroll, Charles Colllns, David Floyd, Roger Lltherland, Allyn McRae, William Montgomery, Wayne Phlllins, Lloyd Reese, Billy Sariconoulos. Sam C Sneirs. Donald Sunarman, Myer Waldron. Lehhaeus West. Erdman. Jr. DND TENORS Anderson. Oscar Bigelow. Gordon Brown, Earl. Jr. Dickinson, James Eekol. Edward 1. To providc a varied program of cultural and entertaining music for llic campus at largeg Garland. James Guernsey, Joseph Lewls. H. Mack MacLean. Rlchard McFarland. James Peacock, Harvey Richey. John Ricker. Harold Robinson. Jack Wallace. Waldo Wincoy, Charles OB.lEt1'l.' BARITONES Conkllng, Viruil Cummlnes, Euaone Equers, Samuel Emmanuel, Mlehol Fussell. Warner Gaylord, Richard Gllllnm, Rexford Hyatt, Chauncey Howell, Bernard IVES 2. To provide musical opportunity and training for cvcry member ol' the stu- dent body, to promote and stimulate vocal musicg I0. Mclntosh. Charles ll. Marks. Charles l2. Ramsaur. Gray l3. Tylander. Roherl I4. Van Vleck. W. Dennison l5. Watson. J. Tom. Jr. IG. Wllklns, Roo BASSES I . Anderson, Robert 3. 'l'o present sucli concerts l,lll'OlllIll0lll lllc State as will liesl advertise lllc University of Florida and scrvc the people ol' tllo State. Cowarl, Frank Crauo. John Curry, Richard Gist, James Grissett. Percival Gunter, Herman Halsey, Norman Lee, James Monlls. William Van Brunl. Tom Byrrl UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB IVMNK SIVAYN Pnolf. J. W. IIICBIIUYN llAuol.n RIKI-III llusinvss Manager I,il'l'l'f0l' l'rvsi110nl EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE i E JAM:-:S IQAIILAND WM,no WALLACE IIICRMAN GUN'rlcn TOM lhfnu VAN BIKUNT JAM:-:s MCl"Am,ANv MACK Llewls '11 "hh-U'-" 'LPM 'Ov'-' v"'1' ' hnzilt.-'lm I-'...I B ' 1? iq' 1.19355 J - A 'H-.v' FLORIDA UNION OBJECTIVES 1-To serve as the official center of stu- dent life, to unify student activities, and to sponsor a broad program of recreation and entertainment for the student body. 2--To serve as a 'tie binding faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the University. 3fmTo aid in establishing a cultural pat- tern which will distinguish Florida men. FLORIDA UNION STA WAl'rs,W.l'1. lIum:lNs,G.'l'. MICIIIIITT, L. M. XVICISSINGICII l BARTIl'T'l B IXANFOR D TTAluucr.l.. W. TT. l"lNI.lcY,C. Moons, T. C. McF,uu,ANn I T' I ms 1 M Ylllllltll V 257 THE UNIVERSITY OF FLCRIDA BAND Dlclc Ezzmm R. DEWITT BROWN Manage" Director PHIL KAPLAN OWEN PILLANS Drum Major Asst. Drum Major JACK Erfmzs CEO. Roon Asst. Manager Publicity Manager UNIVERSITY OF Pnor. J. E. JOHNSON LAwlu-:Ncl-: SMITH Bon GOODMAN General Secretary President Vive President The general purpose of the YMCA is the lmihling of ehar- aeter through emlueational anal reereational programs. .lts pro- gram is not limited to any group, ruee, tlenomination, or faith. instead, it is designed to reueh all types of students in all phases of eollege life. To meet this aim the program is very diverse. At the first of the year, the "Y" puts on a week-end eamp for freshmen. lhis is designed to give entering students a few tlays of recre- ation with some of their elussmates anal, more important, to give them an opportunity to meet Deans, professors, and stu- mlent hotly leaders so that they might get to know these men personally and get from them first-hand information ahout the prohlems that fuee them as they enter the University. FLORIDA Y. M. C. A. Blu. Fl.:-:Mists lJAvs liARl.ANIl Secretary Treasurer 'I'hroughout the year the YMCA s omore, anel .lunior eluhs whieh have and uchlresses on religious, politieal '. ,. ,. . lems. lhe Y puts on a series of sions on religion, a state-wimle student Da. F. W. Kokomoon Clmirnwn Board o f llireelors ponsors l"re-shman, Soph- programs of cliseussions and eurrent soeial proh- weekly fraternity eliseus- eonferenee, and a eourse in marriage. Also. the "Y" was responsihle for the atlenulanee of about one humlretl anml twenty-five stmlents at stmlent eon- I'erem'es in l"lori1la North Carolina . llomeroming plans, helpetl to put on ancl Uhiog it aitlecl in an all-eampus Christmas party, and tools part ill many other aetivities. The YMCA oreupies the entire s Florida Union. nuuvwu- 4...-L.-nts-Q Hail: GIBSON l'lINl.I-ZY, Freshman Presialenl RANDY 'MATHI-INY, SOIlll0llI0l'IF l,l'0SilIl'IIl .lmm xVAI.l.ACl'1, Junior Presiflent eeonal floor of heautiful FRICSHM AN CAM 1' S0l'l'l0Nl0Illi CAMP ' '259' n 3 u ,. V " ' .Vg , Q. . gl 4 V C t 3 s Q!! Q-J TE ARD METHODIST STUDE ORGANIZATIO R 1. : A. R. BUHRMAN HUDSON BURR Student Pastor Vlco President DAVE GARLAND DRIGGERS Prosldnnt KENNEDY JOHNSON CURTIS FUTURE 0. 'L FERGUSON SISTRUNK HUNTER STRAIGHT. W. C. BYRON SMITH M. F. PACETTI FARABEE EGGART WALKER FULLER Soerahlry ADSL Sfllllvlli PHBIUI' HOPE DICK ELLIS STRAIGHT. J. TI'0ll9lU'0l' FELTON POUCHER FARMERS OF AMERICA Mmm! Ihlr f K f9NgE"m1j Af' K' r N I -.a H54 f 1 T WF' PRIVETT PIPPEN POUCHER DRIGGERS STONE GRENNELL MARAE COX BROWNING YEARTY GALE STEPHENS STEPHENS ROBERTS JOHNSTON YORK FERNANDEZ CLARK CAMPBELL PADGETT CLARK KROL HARRISON SIMMONS BISHOP BREWER ULMER BAILEY MABRY '260' SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Vl0LlNS Jnck Long Davld Knntor Wm. Loventhnl Vlncent Corso R. Arhlo C. Vldal D. S. Schlunz L. M. Swent V. Brown VIOLAS VIOLINCELLO Robert Wllllnms Donald Stohbs E. Fruohtmnn Mrs. F. A. Russell Frank Dusynakl M. Smlth J. Hnmnson Frnnk Noble C. Arhle G. Tomkles T. J. Bell H. M. Sulllvnn Jas. R. Long L. J. Dnlgle G.Arl1lc W. K. Fleldlng STRING BASS P. Vldal LeM. Folsom Burroll Hamon T. J. Untwny CLARINETS BASSDON FRENCH HDRNS Wm. Grlltlth R. F. Ezznrd Kolth Keller Jenn Barrow PERCUSSION W. Rengln John Preer B. M. Bunch Jack Watson Wm. Brooks F. Conlon W. Butler Wm. Bunnlng Edgar Dunn FLUTES John Slmeson Morrison Doud TRUMPET TROMBONE HARP R. J. Balley OBDE Donovan Moore Jnck Enos Mlltnn Hodgson Ted Hazell Kenneth Smith S. J. Hnrbold H. Bowman D. W. Benson D. A. Avant W. Johnson 'l'lll-I UNIVERSITY Olf' l?l.0ltlDA Symphony Orchestra origi- natcrl in 1921 as a seven-piece enscmhlc. Since that time, the organization has grown into its present membership of fifty. Ill 1937, the orchestra was formally organized and ohtainell its charter as an ollicial campus organization. The orchestra gives two complete concerts on the campus each year ..,,, one a "Pop" Concert ancl the other a Formal Concert. The group also furnishes music for many campus allairs. Several trips are lakcu cach year to cities throughout the state. A high point in orchestral attainment was reached at the lformal Concert in lVlay when thc ensemble performed the Liszt Piano Concerto with Clancle lQ. Murphree, University Organisl, as soloist. The technical excellence of the pro- gram was tlne lo the untiring efforts of the conductor of the orchestra, R. lJoWitt Brown. Past ollicers of the University of Florida Symphony Or- eheslra inchule ,lack, Presillentg Richard Ezzartl, Vice Presiclcntg Willialll Leventhal, Business Managerg J Nlfolfrisolr Doucl, lulolicity Managerg ,lohn Preer, Treas- nrerg and Harry Lasris, Auditor. ll. lllixvl'l"l' BROWN ' 2 6 1 ' AT R P 'fav ,un -an -, S. 3 ,Q-.. --v STEWART. W. MRUZ, E. K. SINDEN, R. H. PACE. JACK BARCO. J. N. EMMANUEL, PAT FLEMlNG,W.T. GARV,J. H. GREEN. A. F. HAMlLTON.J.W. HOFFMAN. W. E. INGLEY, H.A. KENNEDY, R. L. MATHENY. R.J. DERMON.W.M. MORRISON, W. S. MCLAUGHLIN, J. J. HAMILTON. L. M. PETERSON, C. A. "lJu'n:nv" Swolim 1-Ls E X E JJILI. NUIKIKIH v .. C U T I V E B O A R f:lll'1S'I'l'lll IIol.l.owAY JAKI-1 '262' BYRNES. G. COLEMAN. J. D. HANNA. J. T. HATTON. J. P. MERRITT. L. MOORE. MAURICE PACHIS. PAUL D Bu1f:Nzl.l JACK JoNlss 7912 THE FOURTH ESTATE CLUB TURNER COWLES HAMILTON BROWN MAY CODY BONNETTE SCALES SWEGER MAHONEY ALTMAN FOSTER VAUSE GREENFIELD WOODS BYRNES KAHN N EWELL ENTOMOLCGICAL SOCIETY L 1 Q x KN? w M K U A a 'L .' W1 A Y Uhr. CARRINGTON YOUNG KIME DEAN RUSSELL KLUEPPELBURG STEPHENS CHUBB MILLS SIMS EVERS STEPHENS KLOOS NOLAN HUFF MAXWELL AREY. P. RICH TOFFALETI GALBRAITII AREY MCRAI PLANK '263' CO ERCE L FLEMING BOWER HENRY BLACK RAMSAUR COLLINS EZZARD POWERS LEVITCH GIBSON CALDWELL SEARLE NAHOOM HYATT LONG ROU GRAHAM ROBINSON DUNCAN WHITTLE COSPER BROWN SIBAL QUIXLEY THE COMMERCE CLUB is composed of members of the College of Business Admin- istration. Prior to last year the Commerce Club had the largest enrollment of any literary society on the campus., but with the advent of the General College the enrollment was cut considerably. It was founded in 1924. Its purposes are to create good will among the stu- dents, to establish a better relationship between the students and the professors., and to obtain a closer insight into the economic and business relations of the commercial world. Those who led the club for 1938-39 were: ToM F LEMING .......,................... ...... P resident HARRY BowER , . . . . .Vice President CHARLES HENRY , . . . . . ....... ......, S ecretary GENE BLACK . . . ..,,....,..,.,............,.... Treasurer GRAY RAMSAUR . . , . ,Chairman of the Attendance Committee '264' CLARK KINZER TUCKER BOYLES STEPHENS EDWARDS LUNSFORD MILTON MARSHALL JONES BADGER CAMPBELL CAYCE WILLIAMS BAILEY BROOKE ULLIFF MARUN DYNER HOPE BLOUNT KLOOS PLANK ROBERTS WILSON DRIGHEHS EVERS YOUNG BREWER DRAA GARRETT TAYLOR GRAY YEARTY MABRY POUCHER GREEN TUCKER. G. GALE TUCKER,K MELTON COLEMAN IOHNSTON STONE PIPPEN MOORE ALLAN BELL ROGERS GREEN FRENCH ROBERTS NOLAN FREDRICK TOWNSEND MALTHER BISHOP MAXWELL ORENNELL COWART ULMER LORAN IHRKLAND E.W A. E WHITEHURST PHILLIPS HUNNICUTT STEPHENS.E.N. JONES BEDSOLE JONES TOFFALETI CHUBB AGRICULTURAL CLUB an 9 .4 265 I:AIlIllNG'I'0N IIALMICIK EVANS GARY MANN I Il'1l.VlNG'l'0N S'r0N1-1 I IAILICY Wll.SON I,lI'Il'l-Ill BENTCN ENGINEERING COUNCIL I 1 L , - ' Q A Q," 3 , s. F. wAnnEN JACK KING H. s. anzconv MACK Tvnzn T. c. noss N. w. Mom.Ev F. R. WARD 1. F. Arumson D. n. EVMAN A. 1. onmsron F. z. :sv w. M. LEMAN A. c. am-:EN w. L. aAsss'r'r 5, L, Egpmgy ' 2 6 6 ' T E COLONELS CLUB PINKERTON HYMAN KRENTZMAN ATKINS HARRIS RAMSEY H U MK EY JACK PINKEIITON PAT HYMAN . . JIM Moonr .,.. AIICHIE MEATYAIED . . SELIJEN WALDO MEATYARD WALDO CARTER MILLER MeCRARY KLINE TURNBULL GARCIA OFFICERS SMATHERS BOLLES SOLOMON JOPLING COOPER HAMPTON MOREDOCK . . I .Chief Jltslilft! 'Associate Justice Clerk Allornay General .I,..,.l..BaIi1iyf IN THE YEAR of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-one, a group of students of the College of Law of the University of Florida, realizing that students of law have common ideals and interests foreign to those of other students, and to this extent are segregated from the remainder of tlIe student body, and being cog- nizant of the need of more fellowship and social contact among the lll6ll1lJ6I'S there, met together and concluded that the hest remedy for this situation was the forming of a social organization. Acting on this, they founded this, the CoUII'I' or THE COLONELS. JAMES AIIKIN:-I Glconcs SM Arnlcns TIFFANY TURNIIULI. PAUL SHIcLI.I':Y Bon MCCIIAIIY WAI.1'IaII HUMKEY BI-:N KIIsN'rzMAN MANUPII. GARCIA S'rIIAcIfIAN DUNCAN OSCAR Klan-:P MEMBERS CLICVE HI-:nIucK GIIURGI: SALTSMAN Sm:I.ToN BAx1'I:II JACK KI.lNI-I DI-:LL Gmns SAMMIIa CAII'I'I:II GEORGE YOUNI: MAYNAIKII RAMSHY UIEOIKGIG Gll.l.El.AND WALLACE JOPLING JOHN lVlCCAR'l'Y '267' Bon SI:IIwINn liooKII: Coomcn 0'I'IS l"AmIINI:1'oN flltAWl?'0lID SOLOMON WA III: HA M Pro N JACK HAIuIIs flI.lFF0lllJ SUMMIcIIs l'IAl. MCJIIEIIOCK WVAIIICINKP MILLIQII WVILLIAM FIRE!-IMAN N574 tv Qt! W3 .1 S IG M A 'Ulu' SIGMA TAU OFFICERS SAM l". XVAIIIIICN ..,...., ...,.. I 'resident l'lAlIISICII'l' S. CIIICCOIIY ,..... V ice President IJAvm R. EYMAN ..., Recording Secretary MAKIK TYNICIK, Ja., Corresponding Secretary Kl1:NNlc1'n W. KI.oTz .4......... Treasurer GIGOIIGIC ASHMOIIIC ....,.,.,,.,.. Historian Paoifiisson T. M. Lowe. .Chapter Advisor v SIGMA TAU, national honorary engi- neering fraternity, was founded at the University of Nebraska, February 14, I904. There are now twenty-two chapters, having a national distribution. Upsilon Chapter was installed at the University of Florida in 1923, being the nineteenth chapter. In determining the basis of eli- gibility to membership in the fraternity those qualities which give best promise of a successful career were selected. Se- lection is based upon scholarship, prac- tieability, and sociability. .lunior and senior students in the College of Engi- neering who are in the upper third of their combined classes are eligible for membership. Men who are distinguished in thc en- gineering profession may be admitted as honorary members. Sigma Tau strives always to be of serv- ice to the college. Among the service projects during the year were the spon- soring of the Engincer's Day Cup and the annual Enginecr's Ball. The Chapter maintains a loan fund which is used to assist worthy seniors who are in need of financial aid. The national organization maintains a graduate scholarship. s n rss fs HQ Y A. :V I WARREN KLOTZ BISSON GRAY ISRAEL MMDONALD D. SMITH '26 8 .Hg Wt Yin 1 5..q:i'y A 'ig' I A , , xi. . in I g ffq g.'1Z"5".' Q. . Syn 5' .L Msg , .I K.. 4.1.54 as as wat es, '- gat , Ma. va tg 3. . .fifi fi: ii - U i' fa gtmviggsgx ,. ' .1i"1'4?yfj Zip-A Lg- WF 1? :Q sf. Wffiif is 'i':'?':9 r1?211.1f" 'i' egg, s ..- 2 A J GREGORY EYMAN TYNER ASHMORE ATKINSON BENJAMIN BRUNDAGE BURKHOLDER EBY GREEN HAWKINS HOBBS JOHNSTON JOSEPH KING REMP SCHNEIDER SMITH WALLACE WALTERS WARD WRIGHT ARMSTRONG AMERICAN INSTITUTE of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Anuusou num: Ausxsunsn HARNETT ssvns BLANTON cnsvsuuc cusnma evmn suv Hsvwmuu MARTIN noaznrs srspusns OFFICERS J. F. ATKINSON. . . ....,..4... .......... C hairman R. G. CROSBY ..... ,...... V ice-Chairman J. N. IQING ....,.,.. ,.., S ecretary-Treasurer PROF. E. F. SMITH ...............,............................... Counselor THE UNIVERSITY or FLORIDA BRANCH of the A. I. E. E. is a part of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. The Institute was founded in 1884- for the purpose of advancing the theory and practice of electrical engineering and the allied arts and sciences. The local branch was established in 1924. Since then it has grown rapidly and now has a membership of thirty-five. The Florida Branch has as its objective the development of the electrical engineering student and the establishment of contact between the student and the practicing engineer. In the attainment of tlIis goal, programs have been adopted embodying the presentation of student papers and talks by outside speakers and members of the Engineering Faculty. Occasionally the bi-monthly programs include technical motion pictures. '269' AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL E GINEERS RENSHAW KING GREEN TAYLOR SMITH ROSS ADKINS TOUBY GATE BEGGS WALTER ASHMORE KARRAN ORMSTON DOPP GOMEZ OVERMAN BARROW HOBBS AMERICAN INSTIT TE OF CHEMICAL E GI EERS MORLEY SMITH FELTOP! WARD KALBACH WHITESIDE TYNER CROSBY LOYLESS WALTERS JOSEPH CULVER EMERSON VAUGHN GARLAND ARMSTRONG GAIL GRESIMER HUSTON DAVID BIGGER WRIGHT McDONALD MOORE ALBRECHT JENSEN TRAINA '270' .0. T.C. PISTOL TEA Captain KINI: Front raw, left Io fifllll-l,l0I'l', RAMIQY, SMITI-I, RICI-I, llAl"I'. lluw, Cam-II: SII-:AIINs, lQ.Kl'I.AN, S'roIIns, KING, Cupmin. Sm-mul FOMJ-COOPICII, PAIIIION, XVILSON, WI'I'IIIcIIs, NIIIWSCIMI-1. RIQIIM, WTICIKNICKI-1, liIIvAN'r, llIiKI,lf2, LIcII:I.I:II, Third raw-EAIII.v, Scorr, MANl.I4IY, Novus, l'AI'v, LUNII, llIf:NIn', il'lCllAUl,ICY, lZ,n'I:I-:. I .I ,yi Captain llIII-'If, Caavlz 'l'IIIc l,iNIvIcIIsI'I'Y ov l'lI.0lllIM l'lS'I'0l. 'l'I':AIvI l'lll1'Il Iliirml in Ilu- llllllfllllll Cliivl' al' l"iI-III Arlillq-ry lVlIIlI'lI for I'ollI-giIIII- ll. 0. 'l'. ll. pistol l1'llIllH. llronzo llll'lllIlS for llIiI'Il plum- wvrv IIwurIlI-Il Io JIIIIII-s N. King, William lilllll Sllvllvy, .lI'., RI-gilullel ll. llnilvy, l'll'l'1l ll. llI'lIIII IIIIII llugvr M. WI-I'IIiI'kI'. Tln- vursliy ll'lllll won lf lllllll'llt'S out of 22 in inIliviIlIIIIl pistol Illlll1'lll'S with 0llll'l' loxul- ing IIIIivI-rsitia-s uml I-ulli-gi-s, inI'lIIIliIIg Virginia Mililxlry ln- stilulv, llIIrvIII'Il, liorm-ll, l,l'lIl1't'- lon illlll tln- Ullivvrsilim-s ol' Mis- souri, Wisvonsin IIIIII illinois. Tln- l.I'4'SllIlllllI lvxnn WOII ilu-ir only llHlll'll of ilu' ya-III' lry Ilo- l'4-uling Ilu' llnivc-rsily ol' lllllll llI'1'SllIll1'II. '271' ll'lllllllH4'l' S'l'liAllNS AMERICAN SOCIETY of MECHANICAL ENGINEERS msssrr Kto-rz alssou nsmr onmsrou souusv mzmsmm ctusss aonnon can ISRAEL mcxsou Jsmcms Jonas :coca Psansou nos wAu.Acz wi-urcoma vAMAucHu OFFICERS W. L. BASSETT .... ..,, ,,,,,,,, ....., C h a irman K. W. KLOTZ ..... . . .Vice Chairman E. E. BISSON .... . . . ..... Secretary G. E. REMP ........,, ........,.... T reasurer PROF. N. C. EBAUGH .... .... H onorary Chairman THE GROWTH of engineering education in this country has created a desire on the part of the various engineering societies to stimulate professional interest in the several fields of engineering and their recognized societies. To further this aim, the Student Branch of the A. S. M. E. at the University of Florida was established as a training ground for future members of the parent society. The organization, hy sponsoring bi-monthly technical programs serves to further both personal friendships and engineering knowledge. These programs include presentation of student papers, outstanding speakers, and illustrated lectures. The Florida Branch annually sends a large portion of its membership to the Regional Convention. The student representative presents his paper there in competition with papers from numerous other southeastern schools. This con- vention with side trips, is of great technical value since it presents the practical side of engineering to he correlated with the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. '272' . W . - 1- wwf-F Franz Row, senmrl, lefi Lo Tiglll-Sl1liLl.ICY, J. A.g 1IAsoN, C. W.g Bfxss, A. J., Hlapmg, A. W., Wlunagm-rig Cfuvr. 41. T. Davis, Hloarlnlg KING, li. L.g Knvnc, C. ll.g MCKNIGI-l'l', .l. 'l'.g Wnmur, D. M. Sm-mul Row, standing, lofi m Vigil!-Cl.AllK,ixV. T.g S'l'AN'l'0N, C. H.g l!All.m', R. C.g ,loNl-zs, G. I...g llanncn, W. 0.3 CHIGSSICII, R. M.g SINCLAIH, N. A.g M,xclJoNm.l,, H. C.g SHAIH-, NI. ll.g SMITH, J. P.: BOZICNIAN, W. I-Lg SMITH, llnim: GlSl'l,,l0Ii1 Mmm, R. W.g l KIME, R. lI.g Swans, D. T. Third lx'ow,slruulil1g, lf-ji to 1-iglzl--Gum-:N, A. lf.: Howl-2. J. E.g Mi-zo, R. Nl.: lilMnAl.l,, D. l'I.g Culmv, R. 11.3 ZEIGLICII, T. W.g Bovn, C. T.g Col.l+:MAN, l.. Wlg lVlAssm', G. ll.g CLINNINGIIAM, W. il. ln lllv paw! tlxrm- yvarw llu- llillv Tvam hu-a we-I a most onlslaml- mg rurorfl. lilNl1'I thi- 4-xpvrl iliilklllllg, IIIIIIXIIIVP, .xml palunu, Coach Davis, Captain of Infantry on R. U. 'l'. C. ilolail, has In-rn alxlo lo bring lllo following 1'llllIllpl0I1SlIlpS lo lln' University. 1936 fltll Corps Arm-a Clnnnpionsliip William Rlllllllllllll llvarsl Clmlnpionslmip flsl-4th Corps Aruul Soulln-rn Postal Championship l937 4th Corps Area Championship William Hanrlolpll Hvarst llll1IlIll7l0llSlllll 1 lst-4th Corps Arcul William Ranrlolpll Ili-nrwl Tllirfl l'laro Award fWon by 4-th TK'llIlll National lmliviflual Cllampionsllip lWon lmy Allwrl W. Spillurl Rumwr-up for National Championship Natonal Postal Championship 1938 4-th Corps Area Championship Season lllN'0llIpll"lt'fl at lhis limo ll273: ull' ,fav L CEU COU C Dm L Gmas Davin KANTOR C1-n:s1'l':a Hou owlw ENTERTAINMENT of a cultural and educational value is arrangedyfor the students of the Uni- versity each year by the Lyceum Council. This year the Council was most successful in fulfilling its duties. During November a concert by Margaret Speaks, talented NBC soprano, was sponsored. During December the Lyceum Council presented the renowned Don Cossack Chorus, the outstanding male choral group in America. In February, students were treated to an exceptional performance by Ruth Page and her Chicago Grand Opera Ballet. ' Climaxing the Lyceum Council's season, the Honorable Burton K. Wheeler, United States Senator from Montana and Chairman of the powerful Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, delivered u timely lecture on "The Big Navy Bill." Through the efforts of the members of the Lyceum Council, additional funds for the future were made available through an increase in the student activity fees, passed in the Spring elections. X The President and the two student members of the Lyceum Council are selected in the campus-wide Spring elections. Two faculty members are appointed by the President of the University. The members for the past year were: Dell Gibbs, president, David Kantor and Chester Holloway, student members, J. E. Johnson and H. P. Constans, faculty members. H P CONSTANS J.E JOHNSON Faculty Member Faculty Member '274' lx 1-HTJH :L dsx, NCQ! -. , , "W" v-2 nrvu whim-c rf.--sf dn.. avr "K" 315'-2'? 'x -n -Q - V- - T I lv x . .ag my M Iv' IQINM run-'uv-.'s 19' ' 4 h .pour-an hfvv-will 'SI af- UNITED STATES ARMY OFFICERS EVER SINCE its inception on the campus ol' the UnhmrdqfoflUoHda,thelUodda Mihuwylhs partment has achieved a record that is the envy of aH other fhdleges and llnivershies. lfor Hue past eight years the United States War Depart- tnentinspeedons has awarded the NHlharyl3e- partment an l'Excellent" rating, the highest that can he given. frhe suecess1n'the course nitnih- tary training has been gained as the result of the Hue cooperadon mdnch the student body lnm given to the zuldtorides. As the result of this eooneraUon,the Cadet Corps has been adopted as one ol' the ollieial organizations of the student hody Hanging on the walls ol' the 'Florida Union Buihhng can he seen Hwztrophiesauvarded hy William Randolph Hearst. These trophies were sought hy the leading R. 0. T. C. units through- out. the nation in the rille team competition, and through the edorm of our ucracku tnarkmnen, the University succeeded in gaining possession of diese avvards. Colonel WILLIAM S. BROWNING Professor of Military Science and Tactics 1- - 5' Mba, '276' BRIGAIWI1Z0I.0NI11I. Colonel .RICIIAIIIF 'Nl-:UMAN Sponsor, Nllss IDono'rln' liU'l'1'nmN BR IGADIC IN'l'l1ll,l.IGl'1NlIl'I OFFIACER l Captain lu-:N NVILLIS , - - . .JM " K T' ' wwf ' " -, R - ' ' Ng: . 0 . 1 - .49 ll dpi' -. 1,..4+-- M: "- .fl K. -" ff ,ff ' " K 'HJ ix Yu... gf' W Sponsor, Miss Mun' li. H0l.S'l' BRIGADE SUPPLY 0l"l"IlIl1IR has lfaplain IH nur li ,ufm N Sponsor, Mlss llolurrnn' Ivlmms 'W AA' CADET BRIGADE BRIGADE AD.lUfI'AN'l' Major Grzomn-: I"oc:u-: Sponsor, Miss FAIUIIS NELSON BRICADIC P. 'l'. 0lf'lf'lCER Major l"n4-mu I.,xNlc Sponsor, Miss NllI.Dlll'IIl IAN!-I M I l,I'l'ARY BA Ll, COMM l',l'fl'l+ll1I na.:-wx-l. l u v u-1 -- Lt.-Colonel Bmw W. IIUMPI-Illll-ZS First Field Artillery Regiment ADJUTANT ' - Sponsor, Miss E1vm.Y Blzclufzrr Major SAM lr, WAMEN 'l"lRS7I.' BA'llil1A'l:ilON COMMANDER -xls F' me E ef' Ng - .- Mojor Gxconcm R. G00nwIN 'Fl' RST BA'IfTA'LION ADJUTAN1' Sponsor, Miss T. E. WARIIEN SECOND BATTALION COMMANDER Major S'rANl.EY GAYl.llllll Sponsor, Miss Lomcnm IIOLAILIIID Sponsor, Miss RUTH Ponfmn SECOND BA.Tfl.'Al.ION ADJ UTANT Captain Ilfumv N. Towsrm Sponsor, Miss JULIA WINN Cupurin Sfxmum, L. MCCALL ul no if , h 4 1 , , ' 41 . ,' Sponsor, Miss JANE Rmcm sn- ' " fl 'E Aww 1, .31 2-.1-.w,h,A f, FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENT immi- fd" Culrmin JULIAN R. lil-:NJAMIN Captain JOHN M. lh-zmslmvrz Sponsor, Mlss SUSANNA Tnusnl-:n Sponsor, Mggg AMELM AVAN1- BAT'l.'l1IRY "C" BATTERY WD" ol Captain MAC M. Mnuz Captain KICNNli'l'II W. KI.o'rz Sponsor, Miss RUTH Nill!DMANN Sponsor, Miss llfuuul-:'r Jlilflfllll-IS B A'lffl.'ERY 'clflv BA'l'TERY HF" Captain Mll.'l'0N T. GALLAGHER Capmin DAvm R. EYMAN Sponsor, Miss HAZ!-:L T1s0N Sponsor, Miss BIA!!!-Il, lhm-:ns BATTERY "G" 19 iff- C Iraq.. X gg 4. QQ, -, . xc S i Captain JAMES Enmumnnm' Sponsor, Miss MAncAlmT WAI.DEN Second Field Artillery Regiment AD.lU'I'AN'1' F I . , Sponsor, Miss NMA Column n 1 FIRST BA'I'7l'Al,lON COMMANDER 8' . I ' - E 41' Major JOHN D. CH0A'rl4: Sponsor, Miss Bl'I'I"I'Y IIAIKIIISUN l"lRS'l' BA'l"l'Al.lON AD.lU'l'AN'I' N 1 g..,, Captain Anvrs G. GnElcN ' Sponsor, Miss NAOMI S'l'Al'l.I41'l0N l,l.'l.ol Il REGIM.EN'l'AT. COM MANDER AIKTIIIIII A. Iinzn Sponsor, Miss SWANN Dsvl SE! BOND BA'l'7I'AI,ION COM.MA.NDI:IR Al.l.M:lc Sponsor, Miss ANN RAI,l'1llH-I I'2,xs'ruAM SECOND BA'I"I,'A l,lON AD.l UTA NT ' Sponsor, Miss CAlml.lNr: Cox ' 2 8 0 ' ... ARTILLERY REGIMENT h . 1 . :qw 6: , 'fb - 1'-if 4 5 Sponsor Miss KA'lluNx Knxms Sponsor Miss Rmucu x Xsuum Sponsor Miss Mun' .Iwi lllllll".l7"1"' JUNIOR BATTERIES COMMANDING OFFICER COMMANDING OFFICER FIRST JUNIOR BATTALION SECOND JUNIOR BATTALION Major Ronmm L. WILSON Major THOMAS C. Ross Sponsor, MISS FRANCIS NORMAN Sponsor, Miss Cnvmt: CART:-zu BAND COMMANDER Captain DONALD Smns Sponsor, Miss MABEL KAsEn SECOND COMMANDER, FIRST BATTALION SECOND COMMANDER, SECOND BATTALION . W ' f Captain BYRON M. WINN Captain WIIASON FREEMAN Sponsor, Miss Mmmm PARDEE , Sponsor, Mlss Pnmcm Srcx'roN '282' 5 ,HX z. 'Q -A REGIMVENTAL COM MANDER RI11GlMEN'l'Al, ADJUTANT Lt.-Colonel S'I'lil'lll'I.N O'CONNlcl.L Major PAT XVATSON Sponsor, Miss Loulslc l"0scA'na Sponsor, Miss JIM mul: PAIKIIAMURI- . REG'I.MEN7l'AIQ P. 8c T. OFHICER M n P U wwf Major lim. PAGII Sponsor, Mus. El,mANon PAG1-1 FIRST BATTALION COMMANDER Major CLAYIIORN II. lllunclaus Sponsor, Miss CARMI-IN Cnoolcs FIRST BATTALION ADJUTANT "VX Capmin JAMES MCKNIGI'IT Sponsor, Mlss MINNIE W. SMITH THE '283' SUP I? I .Y 0 l1'FflCl1lR Major BILL IIAIKRELI. Sponsor, Mlss JANE GALI-1 SECUN D QBA'l"I'Al.l0N COM MAN DER Major Ann-lun CHAPMAN Sponsor, Ml:-as IAENA 'l'uAml4::- SECOND BA'I".l'AI.'l0N ADJU'1'ANT ul' 41? Captain ANDREW BAss Sponsor, Miss ELIZABETH WEAVER Wim . 'M 'pw' . - W. 4 Ay-4 . tum. CUM PANY "B" CUMPA NY HA" Captain C. 0. ALLAN Sponsor, Miss I.l':0N'l'lNr: NICGIH-ZGOIK COMPANY HC" Laplain CIIAIKLIGS 0. Rmzxc Sponsor, Mus. C. O. RMI-L CUM PANY MD" llapzain IDoNAl.n ID. IiI.ACKlll!lIN Sponsor Ml:-as ANNl'1RIClNlI0l.Il COM PAN Y HF" Captain I'IUr:laNl': IIAHTMAN Sponsor, Miss Juhny WHIIDDICN COMPANY HE" ff llaplain MAYNIKIIID RAMSI-:Y Sponsor, Miss SAM:-l Momuc , es! 'la-:LJ-f llaplain Jos:-:vu ll. Sm:l.l,lcY Sponsor, Miss MANY 'l'owN:-slcNn ' 2 8 4 ' 'YK r- - - . .- . ...-..- . . - --- - RQRWFQ M., . .f.yg,.ff.:55fg-9, :ra -- was ' ffzgfbtzwm wp52!5:':.-:aa 'nts'- L-aww-Mrv'vb-1 rv-sf 4.0- ovro-u4N'nSluk ""'?.T"rlPbf -A" V -is 1n.4v-o.r-a--v1.'4uunl'.p1N-P-uf hiv'-avi ilfil-A-I. 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'VQOLW4' 'f diff! . wff?T'Zff ' - mf at U ' -Zgidwj ' ?'4'7f7,.zm ?. 'mn aw.Qg7l64fAlS AMQA 5.4 JW CW' MMM aH.b4f...4. 911 M4 2 5: fm M M, 5 'W 'gafmm :6',,,,,4,, 3 EZ W vfw ,0m..,,,, --QWFQZMMZ LJ nfl-1? L3 " ' BJ. CPM QWM.. -Puilazzywlm 0Qa,Q2-5,i'jgf'f1,,, 2' f9f--7 c2.f,f.Q.. 1 ' M5 wk , . .. 8 . Lp -. "fu 'A AX x, 4 5 n 2 - fi 1 'u .1-f ji' , 4- V ' Y QQ I mf , Qi?-l". VS V' f ' 751 QM' - W 1, 1 Sw " " " ,2v'f Y' fx ,. N , -A 'N f - A Li 4x 'M L- ff'xY" , uw :mm fsgw.-21112-vh, ' ,WK , ,A wings E, lx ' of 133-2'-Lmlfg s 1. -A 3 gxgwk ' A ,!gjMgis.'e 'Q fs , ,X H ir V. - Aw ,gg w J - 'J - V f , A sg, . ., , U ,. I ' 11' 15? vigrgf Y ' . :W If P? A f 4,1 fr as . f ' 'iw .5 . .Flag J z x w 5 J Ajqlr V X 1 . V i' f A I -1.x-w was - - .. Qu ' I Q x, 4-sw' Xl gil' , ,nl?ll"'L .31 W I W: , Q-:W X flag W9 N . Y. .3 P I "Il m fl - 'IK N . Y L' gif!-.I 'D ' Io" 2.-svn uk' R Lf 4 V' d 3' -I, ' ' ' --AW' 1' , ' x -ll ,gil I, O' nm .:5, ,N'.. ' 'fin ' s....,5x 'xxx J xNxQAk new 'X Q fi te- --"5: ' ' s ' ' x xx li ,Q- McKAY,B. THOMPSON HOLLAND SWEET UTSCHGI MALCOLM DELAPLANE INGRAHAM BAUGH PETRIE BROOKS SUSONG COLE SIX NUNN FLEMING OSTNER SILVA SWEGER CALHOUN MAHONEY FORD WATSON MILLS GRIFHN HENRY LABRY JOHNSON WALKER TYLANDER COLEMAN TAYLOR MGRAE MERRILL TRIPLETT JONES MULEAN SKIPPER FLY WILKINSON '290' BARY HENRY ROTTER HESSEY MILAM BOE MCKAY ..... RUEUS THOMPSON. . DICK I-IOLLANII ,.... GEORGE SWEET. , . . BYRNE LI'I'SCI'ICI .... Alpha Tau. Omega NVILSON BAUGH T. S. INCRAHAM C. L. DEl.AI'LANl'I BOII MCKAY Beta Theta Pi CHARLES SUSONG GLEN BROOKS TOM BARRY IIOII PIIZTRIIC Chi Phi DON SIX BILLY NUNN JOHN FLEMING GEORGE COLE Delta Tau. Delta ANIIREW ITENRY DEAN!-I SILVA CHARLES OSTNER 'l'. J. DRAKE Kappa Alpha J ACK SWECER ESTON CROWDER JOHN HIcH1'OwI-:R Kappa Sigma HAINICS MAHONPZY PA1' FORII MIKE CALHOUN GEORGE SWEET Phi Delta Theta GUY MAIIVINQ JR. DICK MILLS BENMONT TENCH TOM WATSON Delta Sigma Phi H. L. MCDONELL BILL AIIERNETHY OFFICERS MEMBERS ' 2 9 1 ' President . . . Vice President Secretary Treasurer , . . Social Chairman Phi Kappa Tau CHESTER R0'l'TI'2ll JOE HENRY CICCII. GRIFFIN DICK ITOLLAND Pi Kappa Alpha BILL TICRHUNIC THAII JOHNSON BILL XVALKEIK DAN LARRY Pi Kappa Phi WZEAVER GAINES FRANK HESSEY BOE TYLANIIER Sigma Alpha Epsilon DEAN MILLER BYRNE LI'I'scHCI ALI? COLEMAN BILLY TAYLOR Sigma Chi CALVIN JONES JOE TIIll'l.ET'l' JOHN E. MERRILL JOHN MCITAE Sigma Nu BOWLING Mll.AM DICK MCLEAN T. J. WILLIAMS Sigma Phi Epsilon RURUS THOMPSON JAMES L. WILLIS C. M. SLAUGHTIER LEE ADAMS JULIAN RICHARDS Theta Chi JOHN MAI.C0l.M DAVID SKIPPISR EDWIN FLY En XVILKINSON . . , - .4 .. .Q I ' - l -1 WM John B. Duncan E. Dudley sayin Vice-Pu-esidcnf S,,,.d-My John Alden Br0lun,Jr Hrsidcnf Wm. Grimes 9- C- Hollow., n aualicrs A 1 Vx I ' . Q .M Y l , l W llvl 1132: fx . , 'lv' ' 9 . Rolu.-'frl-A1l6ns pu- "wi 'Q v 'F . if 1 V l J A i . 'N J l cJ...l A kgs. 3 1 A gli Q , , 1 , x X . 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Oillvnd E- Pounrs R- E NUYCS J08cyhc.BdSola. 4 NMA L X fl no m on 9 LT-1 L Yllllil fliw Y ., .v ,gg 1 r w ll Koch I Earl S'l'ePhcns Vyil B-conklw EL. Floniguh' V gf Lf: L' LIE 1. 11 . . V , 145, A i W , il - 'Tw , 4. W -S W wif- mff2awwHf"' L .. .. . ..- ,...n-. ms... A ',5:'-E-eff., ,.y:s:4f:,,,,.m -- wi. if . 51- K ', .,a,:,.n-5-'22r. , """""""""""""""""1""' E N wow-w'0v4-nf-WH-v' wx A v4'JfX'v'MHllfWw'vl. . ...u-...--.-u,wi-warn-mwaar-f-u-n-as-was-ff-mv-v'3A 1 f ' f if " al M . " , A Q N 4 I V . f. 1 Q N J' Nr QU, ' X ns q,y :Tw TQT. ,QU Wm " ' 151 uv ' 5E4L - 'KM K , ,w 4' iw' Y .A , -afl- , yr ' 'L ,ig ' j.. ' -4 ,, vi-ff ,-IH, gin ., xx! ICQ ,',r: uf, ' J- fPfpY .aw '74 'J ' xi Q 5 , x, ' 1 'iyF2 ,,4 , ' ' ' ,vfr -sv '- Cn 14, 2- 'Jil , 6v .,bV 1' Ar 1 F4 X a LEC ' , . ',vQ , .,w , 'fg- zhw 14 , If , V -fiqf ' V 1, ' fi ' . ,Ar A. ' 42, .5 1 ,fx ' I aah , 'U 9? hvuy , N.g, - ,- fl5'5 QQ, ' 5 V55 , Q M' X , YQW1 nf-J. -- ' ' '7 3 Wu R x B4 , 'fy 1 'wi W , fs-2 , ,W ni, 'wlf .' EQ ,w.f fn 4. 1 MVA, 202' I 1: .xr . 41? .- ,X ,, fin X QW' a 7fw. "ff 1 ,fl fgfkf 'fi , .5 1, f .M '53, .,g. 3 ,zs 3 J, ' FRATERNITIES W 'Qfhv 'mfr 5119 4-H7 3- h YK 'f - -, . .-. ,....... ...,.. .- EA , ,n-11-f, 'f-,-f- 'FA Ii,fifAmFfiiL7?3i'??gfi'S-'b3ffk4 nga I-F"v--J-N'rl.x vnvg 34 rv-, gas., .,.,, .,,,,4-,,1,,,k ,.,.4yJ-.,,,,,,.T if gawk . .- Sf' f'XT'."""',",'.,'55""" L- 'H 1 Qf:L5.1.2.'f'l'i?2t5.-z-1 3.55 Q -1.Jw4..-'A,1:a-.df . r.:'m-r 5.1 'A 'ann-A N. 31.9.1 7..........,... s n 2 fi ik Q L 5 L 4 5 r ' , 'Q- - 52 2 'C , . , :' .- I 1, 1? ' .E ' 1 '3 , 1 I I ' 4 W. I 1 W .ar S i E 4 1 1 ? ...nv JL if x""" ma., W Ak TF' 3-I ,1 WATSON CHOATE IOPLING MGCALL RICH ROSS RENSHAW HUMPHRIES WILLIAMSON PM Ii. WA'I'SON ., Ronmw Col,l,lNs. . . JOHN D. Cnomrm GIIOVIEII ROBINSON . KIiNNI'1'I'II IWILLIS . Memlxers who are not pictured are: null: Connor, Bob lh-un, Ceorgt Stanley Gaylord, Al Green, Ro:-as Associate Nlemlrers are: George A. A. L. Lervh, Major Infantry, II. C. R. Carpenter, Captain F. A., C D R. I . Huff, Captain F. A., Adjuta ROBINSON FREEMAN TOWSON PAGH GALLAGHER OFFICERS DRIGGERS MGCRARY EZZARD REDGRAVE WIGHTMAN COOPER DOWD GOODWIN NEUMANN LANE SMITH MORRISON RAYMOND O'CONNELL .. . . . . . . Captain F irsl Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . , First, Sergeant . .Sergeant-at-A rms liolnsrt Collins, Kenneth Willis, Donald Blarklmrn, Ken- e Means, Roscoe Skipper, Maynard Ramsey, George lloglo, Mowry, Earl Powers. Baker, Major Infantry, John K. Keatings, Major F. A., R. Roberts, Major Infantry, J. D. Balmer, Captain I". A.g . T. Davis, Captain Infantry, Frank T. Dodd, Captain I". A.g ntg W. D. Pass-llall, Captain I". A. '298' SEARLE JOHNSTON RODGERS SMITH MORLEY HENRY DEAN WILSON KANTOR WARREN LEWIS BRYANT LAUDERBACK SPURR BENJAMIN MOORE DUOLEY BUCHNER BOONE BURRESS YOUNG.Q CROWN BOWER HOFFMAN YOUNG,1 GOODWIN COLLINS EZZARD LASRIS BROWN CHOATE SWORDS JOHNSTON TYNER I 1 11 fx -ll 1 I 1 'I N .J QI .Ib 0I"I+'IIII'1IiS J. lloom-zu Wlslc, . , ...,......... ..A,. . . .l'r1-siflf-nl II. I'. Ilouwmws .. .. .. Vim' l'l'vsi1lvlIl NIM: G. IIIIIGSIIY . . ....., . , . ...,. Svvrvlury K. Il. SKAGGS 4... . . Journal ClIl'l'l'SlI0lIlIl'lIl ILIILUNH ..., .,,. Twwww W. II. XVILSUN .... V. 'I'. Jmzlisom . . . . Illismriun . . . ...,...,...,.,.............,....,............,........,... ..... II lurslml A1' 'I'IlIfI UNIVI'1lISI'I'Y OF I'II.0lIlIlA, Phi Kappa I'Ili is Iln- Ixigln-st Imnawary suholusliv sm-ivly which opvns its doors ln umIc-rgrumluulu uml gl'1uIllulo suule-nts in uny Ilupurtnu-nl of SIIIIIY-lll'lS, Iris- lory, lit:-rulurv, pllilology, rm-Iigion, S1'II'llI'0, soviology, and Iuw. The mvivly IIUIIINIIWI in I898 ul llu- UI1IVI'l'SIly of Nluim-, IIIIIIIIHYPS llw Univvrsily ul' I"Iori1Iu 4'Iulplvr, which wus installa-II in l9l2, sm-vvnlll in its Iisl of I'0rly-cigllt uvlivu 1'IllIllI1'l'H. 'I'Ilv primary olrjn-vt ul' I'Ili Kuppzl I'I1i is to umpluusime :-aullolursllip and I'Illll'1II'l1'l' amd In slim- ulutv mvnlul urlxiuvn-lm-nl. In owlvr to promolu thusc purposvs, the mlm-vlion of lllI'IIlIN'I'S is I1-sl1'i1'I1-II lu slu1I4-ms who have mIistil1guisIu-II lln-nm-Ivos Ivy SI'Il0I1ll'hIlIll, 1'Ilau'u4'l1-r, und swvim: I0 IIN-il' I'0III'gI7. During thu :u'zuIe-lniv yt'Ill' I93T-I938, I'orly-tlnw-v llllII1'l'11l'ZIlIlIllI1' IIl1'IllIN'l'S were 4-I4-vlvcl. '299' I T I ANDERSON CONKLING LOCKE GILLIAN DEXTER EGGERS MONAHAN SWOPE WITHERS DOHEN SIMON HENDEL H. BROWN ADLER GREENFIELD INGLEY GREENBLATT ADELSON HAMILTON FIEZL DEWELL E. BROWN CODY MGCULLER NEARPASS DALE UPCHURCH PRICE LISK SILER ROBERTS REPKIN EWINO MGGLASSON OFFICERS NxxoN BUTT, Jn., DICK ANDERSON. . Vmcu. CONKLING ..........Prcsident . . . . . .Vice President Secretary-Treasurer PHI ETA SIGMA, national scholastic fraternity for freshmen, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923. The Florida Chapter, sixteenth installed, came into existence on January 11, 1930, through the efforts of R. C. Beaty, lhen dean of freshmen. Primary purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is the encouragement of scholarship among first year students. Secondarily, Phi Eta Sigma is a service organization, and during the past year the fraternity increased the Tolbert Memorial Loan Fund by nearly S5250 and also conducted a speech project with the purpose of informing Florida high school students about the purposes of the General College. Requirement for admission into Phi Eta Sigma is an average of 2.5 during the freshman year. Members of Phi Eta Sigma fraternity are: Bernie Adelson, ,Jacob Adler, Eugene Brown, Harry Brown, Bob Cody, Alvin Cohen, Sidney Cooper, Ralph Dale, Worth Dexter, John Dewell, Samuel Eggers, Bill Ewing, Charles Fiezl, Rexford Gillian, Edwin Greenblatt, Arnold Greenfield, Jack Hamilton, Sondel Hendel, Herbert Ingley, Percy Lisk, Louis McCuller, Malcolm McGlasson, Jack Monahan, Don Nearpass, Morris Price, Arthur Repkin, Oswald Roberts, Will- mar Roberts, Harry Siler, Stuart Simon, R. L. Swoope, Walter Tucker, John Upchurch, and Bob Withers. '300' I u y 1 aaziiemeg. i 5 5 5 J Z x 5 Y 2 A i A 5 i 1 l .K -E X. I is If A H.W.BOWER JOHN B.McFERRIN DOLBEARE S.o:R.DlETTRICH LLOYDQANDERSON H.E.BLACK Ita igmu ' I ommcrcc frutcrniiq C.E.WHlTTLE Zfgiglllb , Hs M . WI is l A.1Z BRANDONJR 55 ' If I If LM. GRAHAM J.M.SINCLAlR C.A.PETERSON L.C.CONLON , . A nnnvm coNwAY 1 A 0-.N -.izzx . XI bfi Nu ,L - , N .x , Q xifiyo ' QQ WI ,I NX T' MX if YY 9. ., , " A.D.I"IlCHAEI.JR ' w.T. Moms l'I.E.COVINGTON 7' X 4 Sl-3 4 is-Q29 U I-I J.M.HlGBEE RICHARD R. DEAS EQSEELMAN f . ' I . , I v I f JOHN L.AVANT C.K.HYATT EDWARD CLEGHORN CJZVILSON E.R. KIRKLAND JMMOUNTAIN WF E. Irl. G ROSS HERLE WADSWOIITH E.W.WELCH BRADLEY DEVIS WI1.I'I.PETTY.m J.A. DAVIS Jn KAPPA PHI KAPPA ROBBINS HAFILESS MILLER BENTLEY - BERNARD DULANEY HINTON LAIRD MICHAEL NUTTER SUMNER SWENDIMAN WILLIAMS OFFICERS J. ALBERT ROBBINS ..., ..,.....,., ,..41,,.. I 1 rf-sidvnr PATTERSON B. LAND, , , ..., Vice President BYRON B. HARLESS. . , ,......4... Treasurer RUSSELL E. MILLER' ..., . . .Recording Secretary DR. J. HOOPER WISE ....,,..,..,......,...............,..... Faculty Advisor KAPPA PHI KAPPA, which is the University of Florida's only professional educa- tional fraternity, strives to serve as an agency for the training of leadership in the field of education. In order to realize its purpose, the fraternity empha- sizes social intercourse, scholastic attainment, and professional ideals among its members through a definite program of lecture and discussion meetings, aiding and advising men interested in the field, and providing contacts with educators throughout the state. The national organization of Kappa Phi Kappa embraces forty-seven chap- ters in nineteen states. The Alpha Lambda chapter was installed at the Uni- versity of Florida in 1929, and numbers among its faculty members, Dean .lames W. Norman, Dean Winston W. Little, Dr. Arthur R. Mead, Dr. G. Ballard Sim- mons, Dr. J. Hooper Wise, Professor Charles A. Robertson, Mr. D. R. Matthews, Associate Professor A. Webster Tenney, Mr. Alvin H. Spurlock and Mr. C. F. Cumbee. '302' ALPHA PHI OMEGA HOWISON MIZRAHI CODY MENDELSON BENJAMIN CONKLING DUTCHER EVANS FARABEE GRAHAM HELSETH LOYLESS MGCANN McKAY PARKS PENNEY RHODES SWEGER SWENDIMAN SWINDLE WEBER WHITEHEAD WITHERS COLLINS ATKINS BALDWIN BEVIS BEWAN CAMPBELL COLEMAN DOWD ERNST HOWELL MASTERS NOE PALMER RAMOS RESLER SEGO WARNER WEINTRAUB HI ALPHA DELT HUNTER BARTON ALLEN KRENTZMAN PAGETTI WEST HELLIWELL ARDUENGO MEATYARD McCAUGHAN MUDEVITT 0'8RYAN MERCHANT OFFICERS JAMES HUNTER ,,,. ......,.,...,., ,...... J u slice BEN ICRENTZMAN ,... . . . Vice-,lusricu GEORGE ALLEN .... ,..,,... C lark MADISON PACETTI . . . ..., Treasurer STANLEYWESTM... ,,,,. .. .....,...Marshal PHI ALPHA DELTA, national honorary and professional legal fraternity, was founded in 1897 at the University of Illinois. Since that time it has followed a policy of conservative expansion and has placed chapters in 52 of the leading law schools of the United States, and in many of the larger cities alumni chap- ters have been installed. The purpose of the fraternity is to foster scholarship and fellowship, and to encourage its members to live up to the ideals and standards of the legal profession. The University of Florida Chapter, named for the late Senator Duncan U. Fletcher, was established in 1924 and since its installation has attained a domin- ating position in this state and on the University campus. A 1.5 scholastic average is required for eligibility to membership. Extremely active at the Uni- versity, it annually sponsors lectures by outstanding members of the bar, and also sponors an annual trip to Tallahassee for purposes of visiting the Supreme Court and other legal offices. Among the prominent Phi Alpha Deltas in the State of Florida are: United States Senator Claude Pepper, Congressmen Joe Hendricks and J. Hardin Peter- son, Governor Fred P. Cone, Ex-Governors Dave Sholtz, Doyle Carlton, and John Martin, John J. Tigert, President of the University of Florida, Bert Fish, United States Minister to Egypt, Attorney-General Cary D. Landis, Chief Jus- tice William H. Ellis of the Florida Supreme Court, Frank J. Wirleman, Assist- ant Attorney General of the United States, Federal Judge A. V. Long, Federal Judge Spessard Holland, J. Ed Larson, U. S. Collector of Internal Revenue, and Peter 0. Knight, prominent Tampa attorney. '304' KLINE HEDRICK SPENCE WALDO I ELTA I GILBERT BOLLES TOLAND SMATHERS RODGERS PINKERTON COPPLE HUMKEY ADKINS SMITH DUNCAN MOODY OFFICERS JACK KLINE . . . ,,............. .........Q... , Ivlagi.-slvr CLEVE HEDRICIC. . . .... Magister First Somrvswr GEORGE BoLLEs . . ................ Clerk FRED GILBERT .... . . .Exclmquar HENRY TOLAND . . . . . .Hislorian PHI DELTA PHI, oldest national legal fraternity, was founded in 1869, at the University of Michigan. Since that time 65 charters have been granted to well organized groups located in first class schools. The membership roll of these 65 chapters now totals over 27,000. Phi Delta Phi chapters are known as Innsg the University of Florida Inn being named after Judge R. S. Cockrell, a past member of the Florida Supreme Court, and at present a member of the faculty of the University of Florida Law College. Cockrell lnn was founded at the Uni- versity of Florida in the year 1919. Phi Delta Phi was founded because of the need in the legal profession for the advancement of high scholarship and culture, the opposition to corrupt practices and the rigid adherence to a code of professional ethics. The fraternity fiower is the ,lacqueminot rose: the fraternity colors are claret red, and half- pearl blue. Phi Delta Phi is the only fraternity which completely dominates and unquestionably leads in its field. Among the distinguished members of Phi Delta Phi are: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United Statesg Charles Evans Hughes, Harlan Fiske Stone, Benjamin J. Cardozo, Pierce Butler, George Sutherland, and Willis Van De Vanter, members of the United States Supreme Courtg Louie W. Strum, Federal District Judge of the Southern District of Floridag Scott M. Loftin, Past President of the American Bar Associationg Senator Charles 0. Andrews. '305' ALPHA EPSILON DELTA RICHARDSON CRABLE ATKINSON STRAIGHT, J. ADELSON BARRINGTON S3fVi"' S3f?,I'...Hf. WM. SGEFGAN .5'iLT3523N 5,??HERS biifsusfi OFFICERS JAMES J. RICHARDSON .... ,,.A.,4, ,.,, ....... P r e sident PAT B. WA'I'SON ....,., . . .Vice President Tmzonons J. GRABLE ,.,, ...... S ecretary Homer: D. ATKINSON. . . ....... Treasurer JACOB STRAIGHT .AJ.. ,.A.,.,... I Iismrikm DEAN W. H. WILSON, , . .... Faculny Advisor THROUGH its chapter at the University of Florida the Alpha ,Epsilon Delta Pre- merlical Fraternity has served as a very constructive force in crystallizing move- ments for the good of the premedical students, and has helped bridge the gap between the spirit of the premedical training and that of the school of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delta is more than an honorary organization. Its active pro- gram consists of sponsoring trips to medical schools, hospitals and other insti- tutions of interest to the premedical students, open illustrated lectures, medical films, an annual all-premedical banquet and several projects, many of which are of campus-wide interest. The selective membership is chosen on the basis of scholarship, medical. inter- est and personality. '306' STEPHENS MILLS HUFF WILLIAMS STEAD KIME CARRINGTON MOORE GALLAGHER WILSON MOKNIGHT WILLIAMS OFFICERS WILLIAM 0. BABB ..,.... ...4.,....,. ....... P r esident ICATHLEEN V. WIJEELER. . , ...... Vice President HENRY G. GOCIO, JR.. , . . . .Secretary-Treasurer' THYRSUS, honorary horticulture fraternity, was founded on the University of Florida campus in 1927, through the efforts of Professor E. L. Lord. The charter members are Richard Simpson, Hubert Graves, L. R. Graves, Harry C. Bucha, J. W. Johnson, and L. E. Jeffries, all of whom have majored in horticulture. The fraternity was founded in order to bring in closer contact those 111611 of the College of Agriculture who display outstanding ability and interest in the field of horticulture. It strives to promote fellowship a11d to heighten interest in the problems of modern horticulture. During the year the fraternity spon- sors lectures hy outstanding horticulturists of the state and county. Short trips are taken over the state by the members, visiting places of interest connected with the various phases of horticulture. Through the meetings, lectures, and tours, thc members gain considerable additional information and valuable con- tacts in the field of horticulture. The faculty members are: Major W. L. Floyd, Professor C. E. Abbott, and Professor H. H. Hume. The members of Thyrsus are: WILLIAM 0. BAIHI KATHLEEN V. WI-IEELR JULIET H. CARRINGTON J. T. MCKNIIJIIT CHARLES D. IQIMIC, JII. S. P. STARIIIIIII 0scAII K. Moons MII.TON T. GALLAGHER BURTON W. HUNIIFIIITMAIIK XVILLIAM L. WIl.l.IAMS HENIIY G. Gocio, Jn. E. Wll,'FON STEPHENS LEs'rI-:II MII.l.S JOHN S. EIIWAIIOSJR- '307' E. W. KIIEH ICR J. H. LASSITEII W. R. NI-:GUS Oms Evans MAIICUS 0. WILLIAMS HOSVEI.I. KI.UEPI'nI.nEIIG DON WILSON MARSHALL RICH DRIGGERS STONE STEPHENS MOORE JONES TUCKER GALLAGHER EVERS TOFFALETI MABRY MEANS ALLEN PIPPEN MILLS SIMS MBRAE MDKNIGHT KIME MDLENDON MARTIN - OFFICERS SIDNEY P. MARSHALL. , , 4,... , ...... .... C hancellor FRANK H. RICH ,.,... ...... C ensor J. CLYDE DRIGGERS. . , ..... Scribe WILLIAM H. STONE .... .... T 'rvasurvr E. WILTON STEPHENS 4,,,I,, ,4,,,,4 , , , . . ..,...,. Chrmuclcr ALPHA ZETA was established on the Florida campus in May, 1922. It selects its membership from the outstanding members of the upper classes of the Agricul- tural College. Character, ability, and a scholastic average in the upper two- fifths of the class is required. ' It is the purpose of Alpha Zeta to develop leadership, fellowship, and interest in the field of agriculture. A The organization sponsors agricultural radio talks, aids delinquent freshmen, and assists other organizations in carrying out worthwhile projects during the year. i'308' I 4 I 1 I ,gum M bf fwhingrufiMm11n' 0 qjclicnr W 6 "IWW !Ti!5H?l Am El A ar IU 5 6 Mi, Eiernri Q qui elegram NEIJIJUFIZI vv lh BC RSI? 322 Qlniljhv 7Bailv Ulm' ggi 116 Ellyn New Burk Eixmes VI IQ N EWS TIIHU Utne PM A I1 ' Sggmieal Frategiyll T4 QICAI5 5111, I - U 5 DIA! beam PHA PPA PSI POTTER AIRTH FIELD CROWN NAHOOM MDGAHEY GIBBS JONES EZZARD KERNS MORAN ARNOLD MDKINNEY WEBB PIPES HUGHES OFFICERS WM. C. POTTER, , . ,......,..., . , .... President Wm. E. CROWN ..., ,.,. v 'aw President J. W. HUGHES ..,, ,.,... S ccretary C. D. PIPES, , ,I ,,,,4,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, T r vasurcr FACULTY MEMBERS DR. R. B. EUTSLER .... .,.......,,..,.....,......,. .... I D 1-puny Councilor DEAN WALTER J. NIATHERLY HUBER HURST JOHN G. ELDRIDCE FRANK W. TUTTLR I.. M. BRISTOL C. M. ANDERSON A. S. CAMPBELL ALPHA IQAPPA PSI, international professional fraternity, is the oldest and largest fraterntiy in commerce. It was founded at New York University in 1904, and now has fifty-eight collegiate and sixteen alumni chapters with a total member- ship of over twelve thousand. Alpha Phi Chapter was installed in 1926. The objects and ideals of Alpha Kappa Psi are to further the individual wel- fare of its membersg to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, ac- counts and financeg to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals thereing and to promote courses leading to degrees i11 Business Adminis- tration in institutions of college rank. Members whose pictures do not appear areg Wm. Albright, Frank Beddow, Jack Hobbins, Robert McGahey, Howe Moredock, Brailsford Nightingale, George Roark and Marcus Shelfer. '310' . -. f . s 3, E XE' Y L TRAFFORD BESTOH NORDMAN BETA GAMMA 5lQAAA I-IONOIZAIZY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION vice-Plzesuosrrr secn.e'rAv.Y-'rzEAs. E sne.caANT-A1'-Agms uvolzrse. BILLY'CIlOWN HAI2.ILY'B0wER. AN6ON'DI?.Elsr.N BILL ' ARNOLD if . I A GEOJBUCKNER. BOB'COLLlN5 JACIOCOPPLE SlD'EOSS LYN'CONLON W I- ' 'A ire-fgv .' I 'L I A . i I ' A II E,ICI-iARD'BR.OWN GENE'BLACK I-IAILRY'LASIlIS ALLAN'SEARLE 5lLL'ALBIlIGI-IT 2 I DICK'EZ.ZAPSD MYERJSIGAL JOI-IN'LEWIS EIlWIN'KANTOR. JOI-IN'CI4OATE ml-1 -.-u-W. -v. uv,-,V 1. .1 f -uu.-1.v-.u-u- H 5 AL DAQKLP L PQLJIDLNT HON ORAR:?!fJ15RCHl,TECT Ll x F5ATERNITY Q RT WILLIAM BABER MAUDE GARY I-JARO , , .,, k ,, , " A '33 LlNS'ON T LEVIFON CK DODD 1.51 LA RQEFPF? CMJ' 'f ' '. L ,f A fm fn " ,M -r W 'F Tad :KINJY7 S J:-:r M 'wNr'w.mrf'rf.14'b4 :fig ui.. 4, vkmnf.. l'N'PLK wv-wmrrf.f..v alw-avreu.-w'vn,n,a-r-9,7s,f1.vw 155 I .1 F Nr' dq1'E i F.WYWW, . V 7.,!'K"a""X ' 'N J-43....x.y.,,...r-L.n...,.sI.1,4n--v -uinl. r .4u.'..-u rulnqfo- Mi wmv rv-uma'-vlQ-4xlalrU'.:'04-lr-ui '.'t'vm-wh Hn' 51.9. 1 5-4- THE INTER s l - 'lltlld lN'I'l'IRFRATERNl'l'Y C0Nl4'EllENCl4l. with two representatives from each of the twenty-two social fraternities on the campus, has this year more successfully than ever fulfilled the purposes for which the organization was originally foumlefl. With thc beginning of the school year the Conference placed speakers on the Freshmen Orientation program for the purpose of acquainting the first-year men with the purposes and ideals for which the social fraternities on the campus stand, and assisted the freshmen during rush week with information which might help them in the selection of their social fraternity. '314' FRATERNITY COUNCIL ln the social life of the campus tlIe combined efforts of the social fraternities operating through tlIe Inter- fraternity Conference sponsored Fall Frolics on De- cember 4, at which time three dances and a concert were given with the nationally known Mal Hallet and lIis orchestra furnishing the music. This affair was reputed to have been the most successful Frolics ever given. Another dance week-end in February was co- sponsored by the Conference and the Military Depart- ment at which time the lnterfralernity Conference undertook two successful dances llllll a concert., with the Military department sponsoring the Military Ball. At this time the lnterfraternity Conference was suc- cessful in obtaining Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Or- chestra for the week-end affair, which fIuIctioII lIas been put down in the social history of the University as the 111031 successful ever. sponsored on the campus. The Interfraternity Conference likewise directed its efforts toward cooperating with the Athletic Depart- ment in securing accommodations for competing teams entered in the various state higlI-school tourna- ments which have taken place at the University dur- ing the year, and have supported many worthwhile undertakings during the year which have gone for the better interests of tlIe University. The Conference has zealosuly attempted reforma- tions this year in the system of fraterntiy rushing, has constantly striveII for a better understanding among the fraternity chapters, and has worked coop- eratively in behalf of the University and the fraternity group in order to weld a more progressive fraternity spirit on the University of Florida campus. An out- growth of this effort has been a recognition of the Interfraternity Conference as a group with purposes other than the sponsorship of dances tllld problems concerning only the fraternities, and instead the Con- ference has definitely carved for itself a place in the University of Florida picture as a necessary organ for the continued progressive fraternity attitude which is necessary to the Florida spirit! Officers of the Interfraternity Conference this year were: Clifford C. Beasley, Presidentg John Dowd, Vice Presidentg Frank Ryll, Secretary-Treasurer. REPRESENTATIVES fiUIl.If0llll Suns . . CIIAIu.Ics Kuvuf: . . . Culssrlcn TInf:AnwAv RED STEVENS ........ . . Ancnuc MI:A'l'vAIm Bon ScuwINIm ..,. JOHN CHIQNI-:Y .. . CRAY RAMSAUII . . JOHN GAI.unAI1-I-I . KlCNNlG1'H Rica . . . .IOHN Down .,.,. HAIIoI.II Honns . . . lJHIl.I.ll' l'lAIlHIHll.D En MITCIIELI. .... . TI-Ionmc Fusslzm. . . WILSON FIImaMAN Gronmc MEANS . . . Bon LIcoNAIcn .... BILL WAINWIIIGIIT Evicln-:'r'r XVILCOX . . Roy BENJAMIN .. Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho . Alpha Tau Omega . .Alpha Tau. Omega . . . .Beta Theta Phi . . . .Beta Theta Phi .......Chi Phi .. . . .Chi Phi . . . . . .Delta Chi ........Delta Chi . . Delta Sigma Phi . . .Delta Sigma Phi . . Delta Tau Delta . . .Delta Tau Delta . . . . .Kappa Alpha . . . . .Kappa Alpha . . . . .Kappa Sigma . . . . . .Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha . . . .Phi Beta Delta '3 15 X Lotus SNI:'I'MAN .. DELI. Gums ..... JACK DsMoss .... CLIFFORD BI':AsI,I:v . . . w LlcoNAnn CALIIWI-:I,I. SI.A'rIcIx SMITII ..,. Iuus WICKPIIK . . . . . 5. L. YoN ........,. Phi Beta Delta . . . . .Phi Delta Theta . . . .Phi Delta Theta . . . .Phi Kappa Tau . . . . .Phi Kappa Tau . . . . .Pi Kappa Alpha . . . .Pi Kappa Alpha ........Pi Kappa Phi MAIIVIN CoNwAY . . . ............ Pi Kappa Phi MAYNAIIII RAMSI-:Y WAIQEING MILLER . . . . . . AI.I.I-:N Poucusk .... RAOUL Domms .... HENIIY ToI.ANn . . . AI.InaIIT Coovlcu .. JACK SAUNDI-:ns . . . BUSTEIK MCFAIILAND PHILLII1 Smtm-:II . . . AIITI-IUII KAHN . . . Ross Mownv . . . JACK LONG ... Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..........SigmaChi . . . . .Sigma Chi .. . .Sigma Nu . . . ..,..,. Sigma Nu . . . . . . .Sigma Phi Epsilon . . .Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . .Tau Epsilon Phi . . . .Tau Epsilon Phi ......Theta Chi . . . .Theta Chi ,ut Q' :Ts - LPHA Gamma Rho was organized iII 1908 by the union of two prior so- cieties., Alpha Gamma Rho, founded in 1904 at Ohio State University, and Delta Rho Sigma, founded in 1906 at the Uni- versity of Illinois. The Illinois chapter was called the Alpha and the Ohio the Beta chapter. Prior to 1917 several chapters were conducted oI1 tlIe basis of a professional agricultural fraternity, electing 1111311111011 of social fraternities and permitting their own Inembers to join such organizations. The other chapters, while limiting their membership to agricultural students, did not permit membership in other social fraternities. In 1917, legislation was passed barring dual membership. Since that time, except that membership is limited to agricultural students, the fraternity has been classed with other social fra- ternities. Six students made the first step toward the present chapter of Alpha GaInnIa Rho in 1924, when they organized a iocal designated as Alpha Gamma. The same year the local petitioned Alpha Gamma Rho for membership and was approved. Installation of the new chapter was held in 1925, with a charter membership of twenty-six. Numerous awards have been made to Alpha Gamma chapter in recognition of its high scholastic standards. The chapter is now in permanent possession of the Interfraternity Conference Cup for schol- arship. In 1936 the fraternity took first place in the Homecoming decorations comp ','- tition. Outstanding students who are llll'llllH'f'-R of Alpha Gamma Rho include Tom Leonard, Ray Tucker, Clyde llriggcrs and Henry l.IInsfor4l. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Founded at Ohio Stale University in 1905 Alpha Gamma Chapter Installed in 1925 FLOWER-Pink R030 C0LOl1S1G7'80lL and Gold V FRATRES IN FACUL'I'ATE PIIOE. C. E. AIIDOTI' PIIOII. J. F.COOPEl1 Da. GOIIDON IQIRK Da. FRANK BIIUMLEY DIL H. G. IIAMILTON HAIIOLD MowIIY J. P. CAMP Da. F. S. JAMISON R. K. VOOIIHEPIS RUSSELL HENDERSON PIIOE. FIIAzIEa RocEIIs V G. B. FEHMEIILING F. J. BAIITLETT PHILIP S. AIIEY OTIS BELL CLYDE DIIIccEns OIIIIIS R. EVEIIS CHAIILEs D. IQIMIC, JII. DWIGHT E. LUcAs IQENNETH P. BIIAODON LOIIIIY W. MITCHICIII. 0'I"I'Is L. PIPPEN PAUL H. FISK RODEIII' C. KIMIC HAIIIIY D. BAIINE:-z Wll.I.lAM Ii. CONDOS PHILIP P. HUIIs'I' ,, I.-. ,. ... V.,.Hs.s '316' FRATRES IN URBE K. B. SwINsEoIID J. H. GEIIADEAU V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 HENIIY C. LUNSEOIID SIDNEY P. MAllSHAl.l. XVILIJS R. NICGU5 WAL'I'En H. NOLAN AIIIHUII A. RICH, JII. FIIANIQ H. RICH Class of1939 JEIIE L. STAMISAUGI-I JAMEs P. TOEEALETI GILDEIYI' A. TUCKEII Class of 1940 WAIIIIACIE H. KlltKl.ANlJ Class of 1.941 JAMES S. LAUIIENCE EIINEs'I' W. ROSlENTRlE'fEIl DONALD H. COIINEAI. THOMAS A. LEONAIID DONALD F. RYIIOIJI' GUILFOIID T. SIMS WILLIAM H. STONE RAYMOND F. TUCKEII EDWIN B. TUIILINGTON I-IENIIY E. TUIILINGTON CHAnLEs J. TULLY, Jn. DON H. Wll.SON ALExANDEII KOLEDA WAl.'l'lilK E. MELTON ALAN IHUNSEY SMITH IIEIHIEIIT A. SMITH PAUL M. SCHAILL BELL DRIGGERS EVERS KIME. C. D. LUCAS LUNSFORD MARSHALL NOLAN RICH. A. A. RICH, F. H. RVBOLT SIMS STONE TUCKER TURLINGTON. TURLINGTON. BRAGDON MITCHELL PIPPEN STAMBAUGH TOFFALETI TUCKER TULLV WILSON FISK KIME. R. C. KIRKLAND BARNES CONDOS HUIIST LAURENCE ROSENTRETER CORNEAL SCHAILL SMITH, A. M. SMITH, H. A. E. B. H. E. 17 LPHA Tau Ollldgu was the first Greek-letter fraternity to be organized after the Civil War, and was one of the first fraternities to become established in the northern part of the country. It was founded at Richmond, Virginia, in 1865, and the first chapter was installed at Vir- ginia Military lnstitute. Its ninety-four chapters have established a nation-wide A. T. O. Employment Service for co- operation between seniors and A. T. O. employers. Alpha Omega chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was installed at Tallahassee in 1884 by the Auburn Ollicials of thc fra- ternity. The first charter was withdrawn in 1890, but the fraternity was later re- vived in Gainesville, during the Uni- versity's Afirst year here, in 1904. The first home of Alpha Omega was the present Kappa Alpha house, but in 1914 the chapter moved into its present house on Masonic street. The chapter has three prominent atlI- letes in the persons of Bob Ivey, Paul Brock and Jess Ferrill, while they are represented in politics and student activ- ities by Clive Hedrick, Paul Shelley and Steve O'Connell, who is also captain of the boxing team. Outstanding alumni of Alpha Omega are: Scott M. Loftin, president of the American Bar Associationg John B. Sut- ton, Tampa Attorneyg and J. Augustus Phifer, president of the Phifcr State Bank. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded in 1865 Florida Alpha Omega Installed in 1904 COLORS-Blue and Gold FLOWER-Tea Rose JJEAN I-I. R. TRUSLER DEAN W. H. WILSON JJR. L. W. GADDUM JAMES ClflES'l'NUT J. A. PHIFER RI-:v. R. J. BROYLES Z. Il. DOUGLAS PAUL BROCK JOHN CHOATE NELSON DAVIS PAUL DELANEY BILL DUNCAN ART AIIPLEYARD LUCIUS BATTLE HENRY BAYNARD JOHN BURNETT JAMES CLARKSON ALAN BRACKETT DAN BRAWNER NIXON BUTT J ICNNINGS COTTRELL Cl-IICSTER ALLEN WILSON BAUGH SIIELTON BRIDGES RICHARD BROCK WALTON BYARS V FRATRES JN FACUL'l'ATE lJI'2AN B. li. VAN LEER CAI-'I'. I". T. DODD ljll. A. P. BLACK DR. C. G. TILL1vIAN MA.IOIl C. A. Bl'1NNlC'1"l' ljll. E. B. SALT V FRATRES IN URBE lfAll'I'ON THRASHER M. G. S'l'l1lNGFELl.0W l'lENllY L. GRAY J. E. TUllBliVll.l.E LI-:E ROY BETHICA llll. ll. C. THOMAS V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 JOHN EDWVARDS RALPH INGLIS Bon IvI-:Y ERNEST Kllli H lil! FRANK LANE DAN MCKINNON STEVE 0,CONNELl. JOE STEPHENS fl1'llCS'I'Ell WliIT1'l.IC BILL WILLIAMS Class of1939 THEO COOLEY JOHN CRABTIKEE HEYWAIKID ELLIS ROIIERT GOHEEN J ETTON KING DICK LEAVENGOOD Class of MAIKTIN ELLISON JOE GUERNSEY DELISLE HAGADORN DAVID HEDIKICIC IQAIILYLE HOUSEHOLDER CLAYTON LOGAN MARSHAI.lI MCDONAI.1l JOHN MCKAY I.. D. MUl.L1NS ELMO ROIIINSON JIANVIIENCE SMITH 1940 FRASER JETTON RICHARD KING :ROBERT KING J EFF LEWIS RALPH MCRAIE Class of 1941 JJON COMSTOCK CHANNING DI-:LAPLANE HAIIIIY' HEDIKICIC GEORGE HOCH PHIL IGOU THOMAS INGRAM CLAUDE LOGAN SAM LOONEY BOD MCKAY JOHN l1flENNINGFIl'l CARLOS PROCTOIK PICRCY BEARD RAND DIXON S. W. GHTZEN GIIIIII-:S CHESTNUT JOHN IIAI.L JONES ROY WIl.I.1AMSON BOE WILSON BYRON WINN PAUL RAMEY COAKLICY TAYLOR SIDNEY TALLY CHESTER TREADWAY EARL WALLACE CLEM WATSON BOE WOIIKMAN A. B. MICHAEI. JAMES MUl.CAHY FLETCHER RUSH FRANK SMITH GENE MEIITON ASHBY MOODY DONALD MORRISON IIENRY WIGHT '318' BROCK, P. CHOATE DAVIS DELANEY DUNCAN EDWARDS INGLIS LANE McKINNON 0'CONNELL WHITTLE WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILSON WINN RAMEV TAYLOR APPLEVARD BATTLE BAYNARD BURNETT CLARKSON COOLEY CRABTREE ELUS GOHEEN KING.L LEAVENGOOD LOGAN, H. C. MeDONALD McKAY MULLINS ROBINSON SMITH, L. TALLY TREADWAV WORKMAN BRACKETT BUTT COTTRELL GUERNSEV HAGADORN HENRICK HOUSEHOLDER KING. R. KING. ROBT. LEWIS MQRAE MICHAEL MULCAHV RUSH SMITH. F. ALLAN BAUGH BUDGES BROCK. R. BYARS COMSTOCK DELAPLANE HAGAN HEDRICK HOCH IGOU INGRAM LOGAN. C. LOONEY McKAY MENNINGER MILTON MOODY MORRISON WRIGHT 'ISI9' .au FRATRES IN FACULTATE ETA Theta Pi, the first fraternity originating west of the Alleghenies, and the first of the Miami Triad, was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1839. It is the first of the national secret fraternities and its chapters now number 89. At present there is a definite attitude on the part of members of the fraternity against further expansion. Beta Theta Pi, however, is in remarkable financial shape, being one of the wealthiest of college fraternities today. Of the eighty-nine chapters all except five own their own houses which are assessed at a value of 53,500,000. Instrumental in the installation of Del- ta Tau local as Gamma Xi chapter of Beta Theta Pi in 1930 were Klein ll. Graham, Paul M. Pope, Sr., Judge O. H. Stone and A. H. Sweet. Since the day Of its founding, Gamma Xi has grown from a chapter of twenty-five to over fifty men. The chapter house on Masonic Street was built by the local and maintained by it until the time of its installation. Outstanding Florida alumni of Gamma Xi are: John Prunty, Miami, J. K. Mi- zcll, Gainesvilleg Reginald Williams, Tampag John Keezel, Gainesville, and Alvin Hamilton of Jacksonville. Representatives of the Betas engaged in extra-curricula activities on the cam- pus are: Harold Riker, Archie Meatyard, Howard Skipper and Alfred Parker. Parker, Meatyard and Riker are members of Florida Blue Key. BETA THETA PI Founded at Miami University in 1839 Gamma Xi Chapter Installed in 1930 W FLOWER--Red Rose COLORS-Delicate Shades Of Pink and Blue 7 DR. E. S. QUADIIJ PIIOE. H. P. CONSTANS KLEIN H. GRAHAM DR. J. S. ROGERS l". A. MI-:ATYARD fl. F. li'lIZI'1Ll. l'IAR0l.ll C. RIKER F. A. MEATYARID SAM P. GOETHE A. C. VAN DUSEN GEORGE BAUGHMAN J. MAllSHAl.l. SINCLAIII I". L. TUNIS Russ J. CHRISTY RICHARD W. EARLE URDAN T. KOCH FRED E. BUCKLES JAMES E. GARLAND IVAN K. DEBLIEI1 C. MORRISON RIDIDLE JAMES F. CANDELE1' PAUL ANIIIRE REX L. ALEXANDER THOMAS LEE BARY RORERT A. BENNETT GLI-:N U. BROOKS, JR. DR. W. B. HATHAWAY DII. K. W. KOKOMOOIK W. T. ARNET1' V FRATRES IN URBE DR. CLAUD L. PRIODEN H. C. EVANS 'Y M. W. SANDORN RALPH D. DICKICY KENNETH DAMERON CAPT. G. R. CARPENTER CLAUDE L. l,lllllGl'1N,Jll. ,lAIvIEs E. KEICZEI. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of .1933 ROBERT J. ScHwIND J. T. LEGGETT C. L. CRAFT, JR. CHARLES W. PUTNAM J. WINIPSOII ROWLEY HOWARD E. SKIIII-ER ALI-'RED J. ORM:-ITON Class of 1939 Y. D. CARRONELL DONALD 0. ERNST JOHN C. WARREN WAl.'l'l5ll W. LIDDI-:LL Class of 1940 RORI-:RT E. SIVITEIK JAM ES H. GATE:-I DONALD C. WIllliH'l' WM. ALLEN ADUDIJLIC WlI.ILlAM THOMPSON EDWARD CLEGHORN Class of 194.1 MAIIVIN F. CHIKISMAN WILLIAM CONGICR DONALD DUTCHER THOMAS J. GREENE JOHN J. REMILLI-:'I', JR. CHARLES J. SUSONC IIAIIIKY P. JOHNSON JACK L. AVANT ALFRED B. PARKER JOHN M. REDGRAVE WILLIAM F. WIllGH'l' WM. H. CLARKE FRANK C. Kocsis J. RUFUS S'rEwART WVAIINICR E. FUSSELI. MIKYNAIIIJ MCGURN ALIlEll'I' W. SWEET, JR. A. C. WIKIKSH1' JOHN BRADLEY WILLIAM MUNN FRANK G. YINsI'IANIs, JII. GEORGE MUNN ' JOHN W. PRICE RODERT C. PI-:TRIE VINCENT ZDANZUKAS '320' MEATYARD PARKER CHRISTY AVANT SIVITER STEWART WRIGHT. W. SINCLAIR RIKER VAN DUSEN ROWLEY SKIPPER ORMSON REDGRAVE LEGGETT CROFT PUTNAM KOCH CARBONELL ERNEST WARREN LIDDELL BUCKLES GARLAND RIDDLE CANDELET GATES WRIGHT, D. CLEGHORN WRIGHT, A. ANDRE ALWAN BARV BENNETT BROOKS CONGER DUTCHER GREEN REMILLET SUSONG YINSHANIS MUNN PRICE PETRIC ZDANZUKAS E. i 'J 321 l'lE Chi Phi Fraternity was founded at Princeton University on December 24, 1824. To it was joined in 1867 still an- other Chi Phi Fraternity founded at Ho- bart College in 1860. ln 1874 still a third ClIi Phi Fraternity was united in the original fraternity, this latter order being founded at North Carolina University in 1853. ClIi Phi was brought to tlIis campus in 1935, wlIen a charter was granted to the local Alpha Delta founded in 1923. Al- though the nIOst recently installed na- tional fraternity at the University, its record is particularly imposing so far as scholastic attainments and campus activi- ties are concerned, and it is rapidly tak- ing the position Of a leader in fraternity life at tlIc University. Among tlIe prominent Chi Phis On the campus are: Edward F. Boardman, Edi- tor of the Seminole, Tom Fleming, Jr., President of the Senior Class, TOnI Walker, Varsity Football, Tom Knotts, holder of Southeastern Conference swim- ming records, Paul E. Helliwell, Feature Editor of the Seminole, John L. Cheney, and Richard Ezzard, Manager of the Uni- versity lland and Secretary of Florida Blue Key. Fleming and Boardman are also Blue Key l1lCIlllJCl'S. Outstanding alumni of Chi Phi in Florida are: Rev. John D. Wing, Episco- pal liishop of South Florida, George E. Holt, Legislator, Miamig Dr. A. M. Muckcnfuss, Melrose, noted chemist, John D. Pasco, .laeksonvilleg L. H. Hill, Tampa, and E. H. Heimburger and James D. Bruton, Municipal Judges Of Ft. Lau- derdale and Plant City respectively. Founded at Princeton University in 1824 Theta Delta Chapter Installed in 1935 COLORS-Scarlet and Blue F RATRES IN FAC ULTATE DEAN JAMES N. ANIJERSDN CLAUDE L. MUIKPIJIKICIC CHARLES R. HUGHPIS C. Il0WEl.I. .lANEs FR ATRES IN URBE P. .II-:AN AHIIANO FRA NK N. ANDEIIsON V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 EDWARD F. BOARDMAN GEORGE W. BUIKCH JOHN LOCKE CHENEY JAMES G. EHERHARDT SHADE L. COSPER BILL CLIETT PAUL L. E. HELLIWELI. SID JOHNSON RODERT S. CODY ROIII-:RT J. MCCANN WAI.LACE BOZEMAN GEORGE COLE BOD COONEY REUIIEN CRANE WALTER WH EELEII JOHN FLEMING ,..... , 4 I RICHARD F. EZZAIKD THOMAS F. FLEMING J. H. BRUNDACIC JOHN WAIIIII-:N lWl0ltlllS ADAMS Class of 1939 TOM 1QNO'l'TS GEORGE MOIKGAN llllAlLSF0llD NIGHTINGALE Class O f 1940 BEN ASH BEN ASKEW THOMAS NUNN Class of 1941 CHAIfI'EI.I. GAMMAGE JIM IQUYKENDALL TED Ll'I"I'LliWOOD CLAIRE SEESTEDI' BILLY NUNN DAIJIG PEAIIsON l'lllAN IQ ADIcINs DAN STONEGIPHER .lose QUINTANVA LA RUE OSDOIIN GRAY C. RAMSAUII TOM XVALKER .I ACK PACE JACK PE'l'lillS NED SCOTT TOM I'IEATH l'lVlNG SCIIUMAN DON SIX BOD W1kLl.I'Il1 '322' BOARDMAN BURCH CHENEY EBERHARDT COSPER EZZARD FLEMING. T.F BRUNDAGE WARREN ADKINS STONECIPHER PEARSON CLIETT HELLIWELL JOHNSON KNOTTS BITTING MORGAN RAMSAUR WALKER CODY MCCANN ASH ASKEW NUNN,T.L PACE PETERS BOZEMAN COLE COONEY CRANE FLEMING.J.W KUYKENDALL UTTLEWOOD MOORE NUNM W.K PEARSON SCOTT MX SMITH, L WALLER '323 ELTA Chi was founded at Cornell University in the spring of 1890 and was recognized hy the university the same year. As it was founded originally as a legal fraternity, most of its older alumni are lawyers, while the younger members of the fraternity are from colleges other than the law school. For this reason Delta Chi alumni chapters show much enthusi- asm for the fraternity because of their common professional interest in each other. During the year 1922, Chi Delta local fraternity llllldii its appearance on the campus. Under the guidance of John Herrick, the local planned to petition Delta Chi as soon as estahlishInent on the campus was permanent. The first chapter house was located at 1237 West University Avenue, hut in 1924 the fra- ternity moved to a new house on Ninth Street. Shortly after its installation as tlIe Florida chapter of Delta Chi, in 1926, thc location of the fraternity was moved to its present house on West University Avenue. JolIn Cunn was the first presi- dent of the forty-odd men comprising the active chapter. Delta Chi has always heen a campus leader in scholarship, ranking first among the fraternities during the 1934-35 term, and second during 1935 and 1936. Intra- murals have also heen a strong point in the Delta Chi curricula, as evidenced hy five consecutive intramural cups. Among Delta Chi's outstanding Florida Alumni is Byron T. Sauls, City Judge of St. Petersburg. Prominent active memhers of Delta Chi include: Stephen Spurr, Lester Mills, John Lewis, and Lyndon Conlon. A li Y L T ' - 9 Founded at Cornell University in 1890 Florida Chapter Installed in 1926 I FI.owER-White Carnation CoI.oRs-Ray' and Red l1Alt'l'0N T. DOUGLAS LESTER J. Mll.l.S J. MAC GALIIRAI'rH, JR. DAVID BEN HARRELI. LYNIDON C. CONLON LoImIE RJIEIKSIAION WILL JOHN M. Tunns RoIIER'r E. WIl.l.lAMS WVALTEIK B. OLLIFIP XVAIKEII H. TRIzNcIIARn lCEN NI'I'I'l'l L. RICE HOWAIIIJ T. MCKINNEY EUGENE W. KAHLE, JR. FRANK C. CONLON JACK H. WILLIAMS CECIL 0. HAs'r1Ncs V FRATRES IN URBE GICOIKGIC W. Ml'l'CHI4Il.I. l1l.YDIC l'. ENGLISH V FRATRES IN UNIVERSilTA'l'E IAMS Class of 1938 WlI.l.lAM S. JCOCH WIl.I.lAM PLA1'1', JR. JOHN D. LEWIS S'I'lCI'I-IICN H. SI-UIIR Class of 1939 CAIIROL A. l,l.A'l"l Class of 1940 RICIIARD H. JCAZAROS JACK E. TURNER LORAN V. CARLTON Class of 1941 JAMES E. LowE, JR. LYMAN W. MARTYN, JR. JAMES D. NICCAULEY, JR. DAvIn L. RICRIIIER PAUL D. MAIIICS l1lCACIiNlif1llAMI.lNG JOHN J. MARTIN XVALLACIC O. CAMPIIICIIL BIIUCH L. BARFIELII Flllill A. CLARK JAMES li. FussIcLI. JOHN M. S'I'EARNs RfJIllCll'F A. EIIICKSON OLAP 1. CARLSON LEIKOY CLARK BRYAN ELISEIG1' M. Gmccs CHARLES GIKADY STORY lqENDAl.l. R. JONES '324' GALBRAITH LEWIS CONLON. L. RICE ERICKSON OLLIFF SPURR CAMPBELL HARRELL KOCH MARTIN MILLS CLARK FUSSELL TUBBS CARLSON CARLTON KAZAROS STEARNS TURNER WILLIAMS. BERRIER BRYAN CONLON. F. GRIGGS HASTINGS HAZELL JONES KAHLE MCCAULEY MOKINNEY MARKS MARTYN STORY WILLIAMS. C. R. E. C J. H. '325' ELTA Sigma Phi was founded at the College of the City of New York in 1899. MeIIIbership is confined to men of the Caucasian race, whose 'gideals and beliefs are those of modern Christian civilization." Prior to 1906, the chapters were given names derived from the place where they were located, such as "Keystone," "Tech- nology," "Stonewall," "Insular," etc. Since that time the simpler Creek letter nomen- clature has been used with one exception, namely Hilgard chapter, which out of re- spect to its most prominent patron was permitted to retain its local name. The Greek letter Xi has not been used in chapter names. The fraternity observes a conservative expansion policy and has enjoyed a continued healthy and substan- tial development. Beta Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the University of Florida in 1930, making its home the colonial house owned by the local chapter and located at 1039 West University Avenue. During the short space of eight years that the Delta Sigs have been located here, they have produced Inore than their share of the outstanding leaders of the CRIIIPUS. Listed among prominent Delta Sig alumni are: D. S. C. Pearson, physician, Derney Johnson, Hernando County Dis- trict Attorneyg Thad Carleton, Ft. Pierce attorney, Frank Frazier of West Palm Beachg X. L. Linsey, Alachua, Sherwood Jones, .lacksonvilleg Mac Grigsby, Gaines- villeg and Harry Dyer of Stuart. Prominent in student activities are: Keith Grigsby, Dutchy Stormes, John Dowd, and Harold Hobbs. DELTA SIGMA PHI Founded at the College of the City of New York, December 10, 1889 Beta Zeta Established, 1930 F LOWEII-While Carnation COLORS--Nile Green and Whitt V FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. F. BYERS MAC G. GRIGSIIY V. T. JACKSON w7AL'l'EIl BYERs V X. L. LINDSEY JOSEPH K. Grucsuv JOHN R. Down GORDON R. SToRMEs JULIAN WILLIAMS THEODORE W. WEEKS GREGORY Honns C. H. BAGULEY WAYMAN CAsON RODNEY GUNTHER R. M. WEEKS SIDNEY NEws0ME BRYANT BRAGG WILLIAM ADI-:RNETHY BURNELL LINDSEY FRATRES IN URB ICIRUY LINDsEY V FRATRES IN UNIVERS Class of 1938 HAROLD C. Hocus GEORGE S. CARLSON E ITATE CHARLES N. CLYMORI-I WILLIAM LAIRD Class of 1939 FRED HAl.E LOTUS H. MCGEE FRED FLANDERS C. C. IQEISLING Class of 1940 FOR!-JST P. STRINGER MORIIIS HALE Class of 1941 RUI-'Us THOMAS WIl.I.lAM BUCK '326 NXXA C. B. SIIEI-HERD S. O. CARSON WALl.ACE MONTGOMEIIY VINCENT PEEL BUDDY BURCI-: J. STEAD L. W. BROWN A. E. BUCHANAN JACK COMPTON LEMLIC PENNEI. ROIIERT DEAN JULIUS IIAIIMS EARL liI'l'l'I HARRY L. MCDONALD DAN MATHIS GRIGSBY DOWD HALE WEEKS, R. M WEEKS, T. W STDRMES WILLIAMS HOBBS, C. H. CARLSON MONTGOMERY LAIRD PEEL HOHBS, G. BAGULEY CAYSON GUNTHER McGEE KEISLING COMPTON PENN ELL NEWSOME BRAGG STRINGER HALE DEAN HARMS KITE ABERNETHY LINDSEY THOMAS MQDONALD MATHIS sd "ISV" m. 117-'T '327 5 Y u,pj..u 1 YQ-5 ATA N 1858, Delta Tau Delta fraternity was established on the campus of Bethany College in Virginia. It was united with the Rainbow Society, a distinctly South- ern fraternity, in 1886. In respect to the older order, founded in 1848 at the Uni- versity of Mississippi, the name of the official journal was changed from "The Crescent" to "The Rainbow." The nucleus of the local chapter was formed in 1921 when a group of World War veterans sent to the University for rehabilitation organized into two groups, one of the groups taking the name of Omicron Gamma Sigma. In 1925 this group was granted a charter as Delta Zeta chapter of Delta Tau Delta. Since then Delta Zeta has continued in furthering the high ideals and sound principles laid down by the national order. Both in scholarship and in fru- ternal spirit, Delta Tau Delta has been at the top among other fraternities. Nearly 200 men are either active or alumni members of Delta Zeta chapter. Included among prominent alumni in the state are N. Ray Carroll, national president of the fraternityg Colin Eng- lish, State Superintendent of Education, Brady Cowell, coach of Stetson Univer- sity:, Bishop Julian of Jacksonville and Clyde Crabtree, basket ball coach at Miami High School. Listed among the active members of Delta Tau Delta on the Florida campus are ,lohn li. Turner, George liyrnes, Ed Mitchell, Dean Silva and Paul Huff. DELTA TAU DELTA Founded at Bethany College in 1859 Bela Zeta Chapter Installed in 1925 FLOWER-Pansy COLORS--Purple, Wlllllf and Gold V F RAT RES IN fl'lACUlfl'ATE R. B. Eursmau E. D. HlNcKl.l':Y .lox-IN McQU1'l"rY I-I. 0. ENWALI, Grcoucrz XVEBEII V FRATRES IN URBE Rav. FnANcls B. NVAKEFIELID v FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 Grzonclc C. Bor.Lr:s Pun. II. FAIRCHILD Ronclaa H. BARTON Glaoncls G. BYnNEs, Ju. Romain' T. CAaLlsLla l'lItANKl.IN R. CUSHMAN TismmNcla I. DRAKE ANDREW A. Hicmw PAUL B. Hurr Emvum K. Hum-nas Class of 1939 Woonnow W. Dlclu-:Y ICENNETH J. I'IOIiTON JAMES E. Mfxxwizm, Class of 1940 Romain' A. CUSI-IMAN .Ifuvuas B. Sl-Io1"roN Class of 1941 RICHARD B. Howl-zs, Jn. P. P. KozLosKY EMMET M. Lewis JOHN B. TURNER Enwfuru F. Mrrcmsm. WILLIAM E. Mrrcunu. RICHARD I. Moolm li. L. Sunni: CHAln.i:s F. Os1'Nlf:n T. D. Sn.vA '328' 1 fe BOLLES FAIRCHILD HUFF TURNER BARTON BYRNES CARLISLE DICKEY HORTON MlTCHELL.E.R MlTCHELL,W.E. MOORE CUSHMAN.F. K CUSHMAN. R. A SUBER DRAKE HENRY HOWES OSTNER SILVA '329' FRATRES QIIN URBE .!'. X' MAE" ,,.f .Rf-9 APPA Alpha was founded at Wasil- ington College, now Washington and Lee UIIiversity, Lexington, Virginia, in 1865. lt was first intended, perhaps, to be a local organization and was named Phi Kappa ClIi, but, because of possible con- fusion with Phi Kappa Psi, this designa- tion was quickly abandoned for Kappa Alpha. During the second session of its existence, S. Z. AInIIIen ltliljtlllle a lllelll- her. The motto, ritual, and plan of organ- ization were due chiefly to his labors so that he is considered tlIe founder of the present Kappa Alpha Order. The fra- ternity was established with tlIe idea of creating an organization to foster and maintain tlIe IIIanners, customs, and ideals of character and achievement, other than "sectional", of the Southern people. The fraternity has confined itself to tlIe South with the exception of planting three chapters in California. Kappa Alpha was founded at Florida when a charter was granted to Beta Zeta chapter at Lake City in 1904. The frater- nity was later moved to Gainesville with the starting of the University in this city. Since then Kappa Alpha lIas prospered to the extent of having among its members two Rhodes Scholars, a president of the Student Body, five captains of tlIe foot- ball team, and a president of tlIc Uni- versity, Albert A. Murphrec, perhaps tlIe South's most outstanding educational leader. Listed among outstanding K.A.'s iII Florida are: John Alsop, former mayor of Jacksonville, W. M. Christie, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, J. Rex Farrior, State's Attorney, Tampa Circuit, Edwin Cranberry, noted poet, E. Clay Lewis, former speaker of tilt! Florida House of Representatives, Ray- IIICI' Maguire, former president of the State Alumni Association, Claude Pep- per, U. S. Senator from Florida, Ludd Spivey, president of Southern College, and Fred Valz, chairman of the Jackson- ville City Commission. Outstanding active members include: Ben Bridges, John Dewell, Thorpe Fus- sell, Herman Cunter, Pat Hyman, Wallacte Jopling, A. J. Lewis, Don May, Howe Moredoek, and Curtis Roreheck. KAPPA ALPHA Founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee University Beta Zeta Chapter Installed in 1904 FLOWER-Magnolia and Rose C.0I.ORS-CJVIJITISOII and Old Gold V FRATRES 'IN FACULTATE C. A. ROIIIQRTSON A. A. MURIIHRI-:Ia W. S. PERRY Llfzwls HAIKIIAGIC V F. BUCHOLZ E. F. CANNON W. S. GRAHAM B. D. HIIsRs H. R. S'l'ltlNGFEl.I.0W E. C. MCVOY JOHN MURPHRIQE J AMI-:s AMIII-:Rc WILSON FREEMAN D. THORPE Fussi-:LL l,A'l"I'0N IIYMAN ROIIIJR1' l'lIl'1ll!-3 ERNIcs'r ATKIN BEN BRIIIGI-is BILL DAVIS J. L. EIIWARIIS SIII-IIIDON IlRINsoN JOHN DIcwIeLL VIc'I'OR IQMIIRY THOMAS HAIIRIs ESTON CROWIIICIK J. W. DUNN FAIN EMIIIIY FRATRES IN UNIVE C. THOMAS S. A. HORN G. W. WEI.CH C. R. DAWSON R. R. RIcIIARIIsoN C. A. POUNII V Class of .1933 WALLACI-2 JOPLING ARTHUR Lewis SAMUEL MCf1Al.I. Howe lVI0ltl'1ll0CK Class of 1939 TOM FARMI-:R IJERMAN CUNTIEII THOMAS JONIIs Class of 1940 FnANcIs MCCALL FRANK MOIIIQAN CURTIS RORIQIIIICR 1i0l!lCll'l' WI1'HL:Rs Class 0411941 WILLIAM JOHNs'roN .lAMes LAWHORN JAMIas Lmc FOUN1' MAY RSITATE CIccIL GRACICY D. E. l3IsHoI' W. R. THOMAS, JR. W. A. SHANIIS E. A. TAYLOR H. BISHOP IS. F. WILLIAMsON LIAMILTON OVEN JAM as ICING JULIAN SMITH AR'I'H UR Wann CIf:oIIGIc WPIl'l'ESllJl'I JOHN ISICICFE DON MAY FRANK PEIIPIQR HARRY SMITH WILLIAM YA'I'I:s JOSIQPH BUNKLIQY G. B. LovI:.IOY Jll-ZNIKY ROl!lCll'TS JAROII SHAcIcIII.IfoIm JACK Swlarzlca JOI-IN WILIsANIcs '330' FREEMAN LEWIS WEBB JOPLING SMITH. J. Y. MAY. D. F. FUSSELL HYMAN MCCALL. S. F WHITESIDE KING MOREDOCK EDWARDS ATKIN BRIDGES FARMER GUNTER JONES. T. KEEFE SMITH. H. PEPPER DEWELL BRINSDN HARRIS HIGHTOWER MUCALL. F. L MORGAN ROREBECK WITHERS YATES EMBRY. V. BUNKLEY CROWDER DAVIS DUNN EMBRY, I' JOHNSTON LAWHDRN LEE LOVEJOY MAY, F. ROBERTS SHACKELFORD SWEGER WILBANKS Y, ., ..,....... 7 APPA SigIIIa was founded by "five friends und brothers" at tlIe University of VirgiIIia in 1869 and began its program of expansion in 1873 when a chapter was established at Trinity College, North Carolina. Tile fraternity spread rapidly throughout the South until 1880 when Kappa Sigma became the first Southern fraternity to establish a chapter in the North. During tlIe first fourteen years of its life, tlIe fraternity faced tlIe anti-frater- nity rules and faculty opposition of the period, and had mueh to do with the breaking down of opposition to fratern- ities all through the South. Kappa Sigma chapters now total 107 with 36,000 living members. Delta Delta chapter at the University of Florida began its career as Delta Rho, a local organization that was chartered by Kappa Sigma in 1922. Since that time, Delta Delta has produced three presi- dents of the student body and a goodly number of outstanding Florida men. Outstanding Delta Delta alumni are: Judge Brantley Brannon, Lake City, Judge J. W. Holland, Miami, John 0. Nolte, Jaeksonvilleg Royall P. Terry., Miami, and Judge Selwyn C. Ives, Se- bring. On the campus they are represented in activities by George Means, Al Trafford and Otis Farrington and in athletics by Eddie Joe Long, Captain ofthe 1937 base- ball team, and Ed Manning in Varsity Football. K A P P A S I G IVI A Founded at the University of Virginia in 1860 Delta Della Chapter Installed in 1922 FLowER-Lily of the Valley CoLoRs-ScarleI, DR. B. W. AMIcs DR. J. M. LIQAKI4: DII. XVILMON NEWDLI. BERT IIUTSON JAMIcs G. LARCIII: RICHARD J. BI+:s'I'olI BIQIINAIID CoKI-:II J A Mas li. HoDCI-:s O'I'Is I'lARl1lNG'l'0N MARsIIAI.L BIIAINARD Wll.I.IS M. COCHIIANI: CeoIICIa CRIMES JACK MCA. I-IoDDINs MAUIIICIQ A. Aus1'IN 1'IliltIiERT W. CLARK S'rIcvIc P. LIQI: JAIIIIIS R. BLACK TI-IoMAs COCIIIIANI: llflllilrl CALHOUN JACK D. CLAIIKD EDWIN C. CLARKE GIaoIIcIa H. Swear C lAMPllE1.I. TAPPIIN '332 V FRATRES IN FACULTATE DII. A. L. SHI-JAI.l.Y DR. T. M. SIIvII'soN DR. C. E. IJOLLAND V FRATRES IN URBE C. J. IIARRIS V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 EDDIE Jon LoNI: Geonur: MI:ANs Joe MoIIAN JAMIcs PARRANIORIQ Class of 1939 R.0Illil1T B. LI':oNARD JoI-IN MAIIsIIAI.I. PAUL PAII'rIIIDCI': JoI-IN l.,0l1'I' Class of 1940 IIAROLD PATTISHALI. JAIvIIas K. SDIIIII:-I JAIvIIf:s W. McCAnIa Class of 1941 l.'A'I'. FORD MAc I". I'IoAeI.AND JACK M. IQRONI-I JoIIN H. LAIRD HAYNIES R. MAnoNr:Y GIIOIICI-: S. XVALZ CHARLES WILLIS W hile and Emerald T. J. PIICGINS G. M. TURNER WILI.IAM J. CARLI-:'I'oN EARL I'IAltllEE RALI-II S'I'oU'I'AMIIII-: RAYMOND SAGE iIEAYMf,NI,SC0vII4III'1 AL TIIARIIOIID GII.IIIaII'I' TURNICII ltoDI':R'r TEIIIIY HAIIIvIoN Howe ED. CURIIINc'I'0N 14111. MANNINC XVILLIAM THoIvII'soN Nl'1II. WIQLLIVIAN RICHARD F. LOGAN lfltlill M. l'ADDoCK 1toImII'I' Y. PATTERSON FRANK PYLE NIQAI. SINCLAIII IIAIHKY SIsII:LI:R TIIoIvIAs VAUCI-IAN MIEAIJIC S'I'0CKIlI'2LL MEANS TRAFFORD FARRINGTON BESTOR SCOVILLE PARRAMORE LONG COKER BRAINARD MYERS HODGES SAGE LEONARD HOBBINS COCHRANE. W. MANNING HOWE GRIMES MOSLEY PORT MARSHALL PARTRIDGE STOCKDELL MORAN AUSTIN THOMPSON MGCABE SEELMAN MADILL LEE PATTISHALL HOAGLAND VAUGHAN SPIERS SINCLAIR LOGAN SWEET WILUS BLACK COFFEE MAHONEY WALZ CALHOUN SEIGLER TAPPEN FORD PYLE PATTERSON GOCHRANE.1 PADDOCK KRONE WELLMAN. M. 1 17 .1 '333' I 5725511 lfflvgg, .Ji QS ,- AMBDA Chi Alpha was founded at lloston University, growing out of the Cosmopolitan Law Club, which had been organized in 1905. What is regarded as the first Ineeting of the fraternity was held in 1909 and this has been accepted by the fraternity as the date of its founding. The meeting, called to consider reorgan- izing the club into a Creek-letter society, was attended by members of the club and non-member law students. When the club rejected the Greek-letter proposi- tion, three conferees who had been mem- bers of the same high school fraternity immediately started to lay the founda- tions of the new fraternity. The local, Sigma Lambda Tau, was con- ceived and founded in 1924 as a consum- mation of the long association and deep friendship of six students of the Univer- sity of Florida. These founders were R. H. Johnson, F. li. Reeder, 0. W. Hewitt, N. Hedson, Z. M. Pirenian, and H. L. Kelly. Eight years later, Sigma Lambda Tau pe- titioned Lambda Chi Alpha nutional or- ganization, was accepted, and in 1933 was installed as Epsilon Mu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. lts present home on West University Avenue has been maintained by the chapter since 1926. Prominent alumni include: Buddy Eb- sen, Orlandog Oliver Hewitt, St. Peters- burg, Jerome Conner, Pensacola, Earnest Roberts, Miamig Thomas C. Wright, Jacksonville, and Max Kilbourn, Talla- hassee. Lambda Chis active on the university campus are: Bill Wainwright, David Kerns, Michael Arfaras, Clinton Kaminis, George Perry and Robert Gresimer. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at the University of Boston in 1909 Epsilon Mu Zeta Installed 1933 COLORS-Purple, Green and Gold lf'LOWER--Purple Iris FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. A. HOPKINS Z. M. PIRRNIAN 7, FRATRES IN URBE LLOYD E. FINLIIYSON V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 BILL WAINWRIGHT DAVID KI:RNs MICHAFII. ARFARAS KI:NNm'I-I HARRISON WARIIEN CALLII-IAN EVIQRRTI' WILCOX THOMAS CECIL IOIIN GRIFFIN JOI-IN HOWELL JOHN CLowRR DALE Wasr LEON SI-IEPI-ARD Class of 1939 ROIIEIIT GRIISIMIQII Class of 1940 RALPH BRAIIFORID Class of 1941 ICENNETH Evsnrs' JULIAN ADAMS M ORGAN WVATIEIIS LAWRENCE PEACOCK Grzomsis PI-:RRY CLINTON KAMINIs FRANK THOMPSON RICHARD MCGAUGHILY KI-:LsI:Y PRIVETT DONALD 1'lAYlll'1N l4ES'I'EIl SI'0NHOl.'l'Z ROIIIQR1' GLEN I-IURERT Tumas FRANK MCMULLHN '334' WAINWRIGHT HARRISON WILCOX KERNS ARFARAS HAYDEN SPONHOLTZ BRADFORD CEML WEST SHEPPARD PERRY KAMINB THOMPSON GRESIMER McGAUGHEV PRIVETT CALLIHAN GRIFFEN HOWELL CLOWER EVERTS WATERS ADAMS PEACOCK GLEN TURES SANDERS VAN DE MOTTE MQMULLEN R '335' A .1245 nb' ' T' . fl 'jfftfBQf I ' 'mr ., Ill Beta Delta fraternity was founded at Columbia University in 1912 hy Joseph Michloln, Henry C. Fenton, Bernard Sha- piro, David H. Cohen, William Haas, .lulius Rudd, Samuel Null and Darcy M. Heinemann. Its purpose is to inculcate among its memhership a finer spirit of loyalty, activity and scholarship toward their Alma Mater, to develop the highest ideals of conduct and to promote a close fraternal bond through means of care- ftllly selected associates. The Organization has had a rapid hut healthy growth not only in the numher of its chapters but within the chapters themselves. It has thrived from its inception. The policy of expansion is conservative and new chap- ters are admitted as they can he alvsorhed and only upon the fulfillment of definite entrance requirements including faculty endorsement. Delta Chapter of Phi lleta Delta fra- ternity was founded at the University of Florida in l925, although the group had previously heen on the caInptIs several years as a local. Among the charter mem- hers were the renowned "Goldy" Cold- stein, one of the host hackfield men in FIorida's football history and Dr. Joseph XVeil present Acting Dean of the College of ,Engineering of the University. Dr. W'eil is now the fraternity's faculty ad- visor. ln the course of its existence, Phi Beta Delta has heen outstanding in athletics, scholarship, and extracurricular activities, for it has not only been consistently near the top in intramurals hut also has had the highest chapter average of any fra- ternity On the campus for the past three years. Among the outstanding alumni of Del- ta chapter are Earl Hirsh, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, and Dr. Joseph Weil, Acting Dean of the College of Engineer- ing. Prominent active members include Roy A. Benjamin, Jr., Anson I. Dreisen, Louis Snetman, and Melvin Lobel. PHI BETA DELTA Founded at Columbia University in 19,12 Delta C lzapler Installed in 1925 FLOWER-Hyacinth C0L0RS1lgllLC and Gold MAUIKICIG CIIOMIQII AIINOLD RUBIN ANSON I. DREISEN LIQONAIID l7IA:I'I'I4:II WILLIAM LI:vI:N1'I-IAL CI-Itasrslt CAssIzI. ALFRED PANKEN LOUIS SNETMAN STUAIKT SIMON SIMON HIll5CHltEIRG SANFORD SWEIIDLIN AIINOLD GIucmNIfIELD SIDNIQY AIIoNovI1'z HAROI,ll liLooM RAYMOND COWEN NI-:w'roN FIIISHMAN S1'ANLI-:Y DAVIS V FRATRES IN FACULTATE Da. Jostxvn WICIII v FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 HAlt0l.D TANNIQN LEO ROSIQNIILUM FIIANIQ W01'I'l'ZICY HAIIIIY LAsnIs EMANUI-:L LIcvIaNsON Class of 1939 MIIITON GAYNOII LEONARD M. FIsHIcII Lmsrtzn ROSI-: LEON SINGER RICHARD LEAR Class of 1940 MAUIIICIE WlClN1'ltAUli HEIIIIEIIT J. KAY NORMAN Moscovrrz ROIIEIIT RIcH'rIaII LAWRENCE W'0l.PIiIl'l' Class of 1941 BIcnNAnD Fucus ALVIN GAIKDNEIK Giconoe GINsIusIIc SHIQIIMAN KAPLAN f HAlt0l.ll RUIIIN ROY A. BENJAMIN, Jn. ERWIN KANTOIK MI-:LvIN LOIIEI. MORTON l'lltll'IllllEllG MIL'roN ADAMs RAYMOND EHIu.IcrI AIIVIN LANDY .lAc0II HIQNIIY AlDl.l'ilt SONDIcL HENIJEI. MII.'roN MANNHICIMICII RAYMOND NATHAN EuNIas'r KA'I'z l'll'2ltMAN PIIUSOFF SIMON ROTIISTEIN MARVIN SINGER SIDNI-:Y WAGNER I '336' CROMER RUBIN, A. DREISEN PEPPER TANNEN ROSENBLUM WOTITZKY LASRIS LEVENSON RUBIN, H. BENJAMIN KANTOR, E. LOBEL LEVENTHAL CASSEL PANKEN SNETMAN GAYNOR FISHER ROSE SINGER. L. LEAR FRIEDBEHG ABRAMS EHHLICH LANDY SIMON HIRSHBERG SWERDLIN GREENFIELD WEINTRAUB KAY MOSCOVITZ RITCHER WOLPERT ADLER HENDEL MANNHEIMER NATHAN ARONOVITZ BLOOM COWEN DAVIS FUCHS GARDNER GINSBERG KAPLAN KATZ PRUSOFF ROTHSTEIN SINGER, M. WAGNER ,-awww: t. '337' I f C9 N the night after ClIristnIas in 1848, six students gathered in Old North Hall at MiaIni University, Oxford, Ohio, to found Phi Delta Theta. It was the second IIIeIIIber of tlIe now famous Miami Triad. Designed from the first to expand to national proportions, Phi Delta Theta chapters have found their way into other universities, 106 chapters having initiated 46,000 men since the founding of the fraternity. Florida Alpha chapter received its charter in 1925, its first president being Olin E. YVatts, former president of the University alumni association and now a prominent Jacksonville attorney. Other famous alumni are Sam Byrd, of Sanford, acclaimed as one of the foremost actor- produeers in America for his work on 'Tobacco Road," and Dr. Chick Sompay- rac, former track star, who has won state- wide recognition in the field of Derma- tology. This year the PlIi Dells are represented on the basketball team by Captain Char- lie Krejeier, and by Krejcier and Burrell Hassett in football. Tiffany Turnbull piloted the chapter through the first se- mester aml Charles Henry took over the executive post for the second term. Dell Gibbs was Lyceum Council Presi- dent and Spencer Burress, 1937 summer school president and varsity baseball pitcher for two years, will graduate with a 2.9 scholastic average in Arts and Sci- ences. L. K. Edwards, Jr., has served as chairman for the Democratic League. s . PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University, Oxford, O., in 1848 Florida Alpha C haptcr Installed in 1925 FLOWER-While Carnation COLORS-Argent and Azure I 7 FRAT RES IN FACUl..TATE MA.lOll DICIVI' C. RILEY llll. JOHN J. TIG!-IRT JUDGE R. S. COCKIKELI. NVILLIAM M. PEIIPEII W. C. AIRTH TURNl!llEl.L IJERNARIJ JOHN W. BOONE KENT BOYLE SPENCIEIK BUIIRESS L. K. EDWARDS DELL S. B. GIIIIIS THEODORE CRADLE JOHN HAIR T. W. APPLEYARD MAIICIUS BURKE N. P. CALHOUN JOHN CRACO JACK DFI'MOSS MAUIKICZIE BEIIWELI. HAIRRY BROWN GORDON BYRNICS BUDDY CREws ALLEN GASKIN 1lUlIllli'I'T HASSlC'l"l' HAMlI.'l'0N ADAMS EDDIE BEDWELL RICHARD BINNICKEIK RALPH BURKS IIARRY CANNON BILL CLARK JIM CLARKE CHARLES COLE V FRATRES IN 'URBQE C. C. BROWN Lucius MCCOIIMIKZIC V FRATRES IN UNlfVERS1'1'A'1TE Class O f 1938 EUGENE 1lAll'l'MAN CHARLES J. HENRY JOIIN HIGIIIEIS T. W. HOLT CLIFTON lqEllISY CIIAIILICS JQREJCIICR WILLIAM MCCORMICK ll0WAllll S. PAllGl'I'l'T EDWARD PARKS Class Of1939 JACK DODD EDWARD FAWCETT ALIIERT GRAI-:ssLE FRI-:D l'IIRONs J ACK LONG Class of 1940 GICORCIC JACKSON DARIIY JONES l,l'I'l'l4IR MANsON DAN MCCORMICK MALCOLM MCCRORY Class of 1941 BAIITON YOWELL Wll.I.IAM C. CUNNINGHAM BICICCI-Ilill CURTIS JOI-IN EMICRSON, JR. KIRK l'll4INNES!'lI-BY JOHN HOWARD JACK KIIIKPATIIICK IIAIWI-EY LONG GUY MAIIVIN, JR. .IVIADII-ION D. CODY IFRANK S. WRICI-IT B. J. JORDAN .lAMEs l.,Hll.l.ll' RICHARD RAYMOND DWIGHT ROGERS ARCI-II-:R SMITH TIIIIIANY TURNRULL GILES WAl.ICEIl PATIIICK li. WATSON RICHARD WOODIIERRY RICHARD WORsI-IAM CHARLI-:s MANN JACK lVlCCUl.I.0UGH SAM PHILLIPS NIGIL SMITH BOYD WYNN RAY lVlCl,lANIl'Il.I. WILLIAM MCLANE JAMI-as MIXSON DONALD RUKETT 0LIvIaR SIMAIKD EM M li'l"l' SM I'rH WILLIAM E. MCflUlltli RICI-lAllD'lVllLl.S ARTI-IUR OWEN WARIIICN li. PARKS, JR. DENMONT TENCH FORD THOMPSON BUD WAI.'l'0N TOM W ATSON, JR. '338' . , Q HENRY GIBBS SMITH BOONE BERNARD AIRTH BOYLE BURRESS EDWARDS GRABLE HAIR HARTMAN HIGBEE KERBY KREJCIER MOCORMICK RAYMOND ROGERS SMITH, A. TURNBULL WALKER WATSON WOODBERRY WORSHAM APPLEYARD BURKE CALHOUN CRAGO DoMOSS DODD FAWSETT HIRONS LONG McCULLOUGH PHILLIPS WYNNE BEDWELL BEERS BROWN BYRNES HASSETT JACKSON JONES, D. MANSON MGCORMICK MCCRORY MCDANIELL MULANE MIXSON RICKETT SIMARD. O. SMITH, E. ADAMS BEDWELL BINNICKER BURKS CANNON CLARK. B. CLARKE. J. COLE CREWS CUNNINGHAM CURTIS EMERSON HENNESSEY HOWARD KIRKPATRICK LONG MARVIN MeGUIRE MILLS OWENS PARKS TENCH THOMPSON WALTON WATSON -Q. '339 a rllllllllttl' of yeaI's, tlIe society entertained - 5 .sz-wg gd:-' - ff' g. this -452.1 -,Ko L9 ., . nl ' Kyla' "Liv-S' l'll Kappa Tau was founded at Miullli University ill 1906. TlIe national orgaIIi- zalion grew Ulll of tlIe friendly relations with an organization of similar ideals at OlIio University--the Ohio University Union. TlIe Booster Club, at Ohio State University, soon after lbtitiilllitb tlIe third chapter. Three chapters, at Centre Col- lege, Mount Union College, and the Uni- versity of Illinois, were in turn adIIIitted to the noII Creek-letter organization. For tlIe hope that it was possible to maintain a national college organization with strong fraternal bonds without Greek letters, llllt the decision of tlIe mother chapter to adopt tlIenI in 1916 was ap- proved hy the then five other chapters. The origin of Sigma Kappa Phi, local, is soInewlIat obscIIre as its conception caIInot be credited to any one individual. Shortly after its founding, however, tlIis local started its work to perfect an or- ganization that would be recognizable to some natioIIal fraternity. Choosing H. W. Chandler as sponsor and facIIlty advisor proved l'0I'illIltlltE to tlIe young fraternity as it was discovered that lIe was inter- ested in seeing a chapter of Phi Kappa Tllll established at Florida. After satisfy- ing himself tlIat Sigma Kappa PlIi meas- ured IIp to tlIe standards of PlIi Kappa Tau, Chandler submitted a petition to tlIe fifteenth convention of the fraternity to accept tlIc local as one of tlIe national's chapters. On December the eighteenth, Sigma Kappa PlIi JJUCUIIIC Alpha Eta of Phi Kappa TaII. l"rom Alpha Eta have conIe some of lflorida's most progressive and distin- guished young men. Among these are ll. li. WalIl, president of the Junior American liar Association and mentioned in Whois Who, O. L. Drayton, Judge of Pasco County, and Arlie Rhodes, Super- visor of Public lnstruction of Leon County. Phi Tau is well represented oII tlIe campus by S. L. Yon, president of tlIe Athletic council, Steve Richardson, managing editor of the 1938 Seminoleg Malcolm Mcfllasson, associate editor of the Seminole, Franklin Swann, business manager of the Clee Clubg Clifford Beasley, president of tlIe lnterfraternity Conference, and "Red" Evans and Jack Maynard, varsity footballers. PHI KAPPA TAU Founded at Miami University in. .1905 Alpha Eta Chapter Eslablislwfl in 1926 .l"I.owER---fRcrl Carnalion COLOIIS-lIfLl'17lll'll Red and Old Gold V FRATRES IN FACU1 .TATE H. W. CIIANIILI-:II li. L. .l.lUlWlS 11.W.i10l'I'Il.ANll I M. li. COGHUIKN DIL J. G. EI.oIIIncIf: Llcwls BLALOCK Du. J. D. CLUNI' 7 FRATRES IN URBE Russ l'1I.I. 1V1CCAl Itil IAN v FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of .1938 CLIIfIfoIIn C. BIcAsLIcv WILLIAM liOYN'l'0N CAIILTON llU'l'CHICIt BILL JIIIII EUGENE GOUIILICY R. B. CHAPMAN li. S. CHAPMAN EIIWAIID DoNNAI.Lv WILLIAM FnA'rIcs CHARLES lVICIN'I'OS1-I IKOIIERT Mll.l.l'1ll L. J 0NIf:s JAMIcs EVANS Bomsv EVANS l"ItED J 0NIcs MAl.COI.M McGLAssoN JACK MAYNAIIID CI-:cIL GIIIPPIN Wll.l.lAM OVIQIIMAN CHES'l'lClI Ro'I'1'IcII JOI-IN G. SMITH liov CIucAsoN 1'lO1lIGll'l' MCIAIGNIION P. M. HUl1l1l.l41S'l'ON Wll.l,IAM MOIKIKISCJN IlowNIaII RIf:NsH AW Class of 1939 S'rUIIcI-:oN lio'I'H Ii UALLOWAY GAIIIIICK WVILLIAM MILLIQII RALPH MINOII t1IIAIII.Ias OVICRMAN Class of 1940 RAYMOND RAMAGII: Al.llI'1It'I' RAYIEUN S'I'l'1VI'I RICI-I AIKIJSON 1"uANcIs ROUMIl.l.A'I' Bun SI':A'roN Class of 1941 RoIIIf:u'I' A l'l'I.liGl'1'l' Joi-IN Bulncs Jou HIQNIIY DICK l'l0l.l.AND SAM IAIUMPHIIII-gs JAMES JXICHAIKIJSON THOMAS C. Ross PA'I'IncIc SPAN J Aclc S'I'IcwAII'I' liIcII'I' HUMPHIIII-:s FRANKLIN SWANN JOHN WING, Ja. RUssnLL WltltiH'l' LLOYD ANuI':IIsoN Piers M1EllOS JAMES WAl.'l'flN FRANK SM oAIc IIOMAN S'I'lllCKl.ANlb HIQNIIY TAIIIII-:'I"I' J oI-: WA1'SON S'rIcIILlNo MCfll.l-II.I.AN CLYDE lVlUI.I.IS THOMAS Sco1"I' DON BALI.r:N'rINI2 Rov MAlI'I'lN HAIKIIISON MCilltlCAllY '340' WING WRIGHT FRATES MCGLASSON YON. S. L. BEASLEY MORRISON nENsHAw Ross use ' HUDDLESTON HUMPHRIES. B. GOURLEY BUTCH ER RICHARDSON. OVERMAN DONNELLY MJLENDON CHAPMAN, R. McINTOSH CHAPMAN, R. SWAN MILLER TARBETT ANDERSON YON, P. L. 0'KELLEY RICHARDSON. EVANS SMOAK RAYBUN WATSON MCCLELLAN JONES. F. RAMAGE ROUMILLAT JONES, S. L. MILLER, W. MINOR STRICKLAND APPLEGET BALLENTINE BURKE GRIFFEN HENRY HOLLAND J HUMPHRIES. S. OVERMAN. B. ROTTER 341 I I Delta Sigma was foIInded at the University of Miami, Miami., Florida, in 1929. The original purpose of the fra- ternity was to put a chapter in every college in Florida, thereby forming an all-Florida organization. One of the Inain ideals behind the founding of Pi Delta Sigma was to give an opportunity for fru- ternity and social life to boys who, under any other circumstances, could not afford to join a fraternity. Since the fraternity's founding, both of these purposes have disappeared from view and at present the local is negotiating with several of the leading national fraternities with the idea of becoming a chapter of a national organization. Pi Delta Sigma at the University of Florida is one of the two chapters of the local, and was established here in 1934. A strong brotherly relationship exists between the two chapters and it is quite likely that they will both join the same national organization. The three men be- hind Pi Delta SiglllLl,S organization at Florida were Walter Grillin, Bill 0'Bryan and Neil Webb. During Pi Delta Sigma's first semester on the campus it led all other fraternities in scholarship and, with other honors, toolc the Inter-fraternity Debate Cup in 1935. Among prominent alumni of Pi Delta Sigma are: C. H. Collier., noted chemist, of Collier, Floridag J. B. Johnson, Mu- nicipal Judge of St. Cloudg and Bill O'liryan, lawyer, Miami. PI DELTA SIGMA Founded at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida, 1929 Installed at the University of Florida in .1934 FLOWER'-.Rl?fl Carnation COLORS-Maroon and White V FRATRES IN FACULTATE Du. H. L. K N0wI.I:s 7 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 E. L. BONNI-:Y D. L. EMIQIISON J. R. 1'oII'I'ILLO V. P. Coaso Ii. F. HAMON LLOYD Hlclcs, J WADI-: Brcnnv GUY CAHILI. GLN. QUINA C. B.1ioIa C. A. S'I'oKIas Class of .1939 II. R. QUINA R. H. WHI'I'I-:III:.m Class 0 1 940 ROLAND BAILEY LIeoN LAWIII-:Nels Class of 1941 C. H. CARIIOLI. WM. GRIFFIN Ciao. SMOAIQ J. H. Woons F. H. YouNI:, Jn. Joe PATRICK H. A. XVINGATE D. RULIEN L. B. WlI.I.lAMS JOHN XVOMIILE WOOD WHITEHEAD RULIEN CORSO BONNEY EMERSON ROE SMOAK HAMON QUINA PATRICK. WINGATE Hlcncs aAu.Ev aennv CAHILL GRIFFIN WOMBLE 'uf - ini!" 'Y' ...uv '343' FRATRES IN URBE ' K GIFTS? NW' fiftiflx I 3 I. RIENDSHIPS formed at the Univer- sity of Virginia before the Civil War, associations on the battlefields, and a happy reunion at the University after the War, led to the founding of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. In less than ten years Pi Kappa Alpha spread through the South and Southwest and in 1919 it was voted that the fraternity be made a na- tional organization. Since then expansion lIas been conservative but steady. Alpha Eta chapter was chartered klllll installed in 1904 at the University of Florida at Lake City. Upon the removal of the University to Gainesville, Pi Kap- pa Alpha also moved, becoming installed there in 1905. Alpha Eta has initiated IIIOFC than four lIIIIIdred men and its chapter membership for the last three sessions has averaged sixty. The chapter house, located at Uni- versity Avenue and Ninth Street, is valued at 345,000 with IIIIPFOVCIIIUIIIS of 354-,000. Outstanding Alpha' Eta alumni are: Judge R. W. Petteway, runner-up in the last gubernatorial campaigng Robert M. Hiculfi, donor of the Riculfi Athletic Cupg Dillon Graham, Associated Press Sports Editorg Judge Burton Barrs, of the Criminal Court of Recordg and Dr. W. M. Rowlett, prominent in medical circles. PiKAs numbered among the can1pus's most prominent men are: Harry Bower, Leonard Caldwell, Billy Tomasello, Wat- son Ramsey and Clark Golf. PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at the University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Alpha Eta Established November 17, .1904 FLOWER--Lily of the Valley COLORS-Garnet and Cold V FRAT RES IN ,FACULTATE DIL R. B. MCFERRIN IJIK. C. L. CROW V BERNARD BISHOP DR. W. T. ELMORE ALLEN HAIl.lC FALCON B. JOHNSON THOMAS V. IVICCAUL, JR. WII.I,IAM T. IJODIFOIID JAMES C. AIJKINS, JR. A. STRACHAN DUNCAN w'll.I.lAM D. LONG EDWARD H. SQUIRIE CH ARLES BEGGS RICHARD R. DI-:As JOHN H. RANSOM IJARIIY N. TOWSON JOHN WEsT CHAIILIES A. BI-:TTs WILLIAM W. Gmns CIIAIILEs H. Ll'l"l'l.lZJOHN DON DYRI-:NIf'ORTI-I RUSSELL L. FRINK AUIIREY D. MAIKTIN J. R. O. SMITH J. GEOIRII: NVIIITE FRED BALL LOUIS BARIIER WII.l.lAM GATIIIN RICHARD GRIFFIN JOHN HIN1'EI!Mlb'l'Iilt TI-IAD JoIINsoN ROIIERT BOWERS C. H. ERNE:-I'I' HUGH HENDRIX FRANK JOHNSON JAMES MCCLAMROCK V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 SHELTON BAXTER OSCAR J. IQICICP ROIIERT L. MCCRARY JAMES S. MOOIJY JAMES E. NVAl.l.ACI'I LEONARD CALDWELL, JR. WILLIAM M. GOZA, JR. BOYD II. HARRIs G. TOLIIERT ROU Class of 1939 J. SLATEII SMITH L. WILLIAM GRAHAM WATSON RAMSEY WILLIAM HOWELL Class of 1940 BURNETT BAR1'I.ET'I' JOSEPH C. MO0lll'1, JR. w'lI.I.IANI C. THOMAS RALPH WlLl.lAMS Class of 1941 FRANK KNOX DAN LAIIRY DOUGLAS LITTLEEII-:LD THOMAS MCMll.I.AN E. D. PATTERSON, JR. Wll.l.IAMIQ.IIOI.1'lN, JR. DR. MAXICX' DELL IJII. U. S. GORDON ERSKINE JONES WILLIAM lJ1ICKINS'l'ltY ADOLPII VIIJAI. JACK KLINE FRANK P. IWICCNAW W. A. SPENCE C. L. SUMMERS G. F. Gll.LliLAND IIARRY W. BOWICR PAUL M. HJENIIIIIIISON Roscola N. SIQIPI-ER, JIL GEORGE OWEN JOHN W. CLARK JACK li. ROBINSON Wll.l.IAM P. TOMASISLLO CHARLES BOYD J. RORR LIASICNCAMP CLARK GORE .1AMEs BRYANT WILLIAM FLEMINI: RAY CHAPMAN I-IORACE REECI-1 R. C. TWEICD w7II.l.lAM TERHUNE NVILLIAM NVALKIER WILLIAM ZACHIIY '344' ADMNS DUNCAN LONG BEGGS DEAS TOWSDN WEST MCCRARY MOODY WALLACE CALDWELL HARMS ROU KLINE MCCRAW SPENCE BOWER HENDERSON SKIPPER OWEN BETTS GIBBS LITTLEJOHN GABLE GRAHAM RAMSEY CLARK ROBINSON TOMASELLO DYRENFORTH FRINK MARUN SMITH. 1. B. 0 WHITE BARTLETT MOORE THOMAS McLEAN WILLIAMS BOYD HASENCAMP BRYANT FLEMING BALL BARBER GATLIN GRIFHN HINTERMISTER CLAYTON JOHNSON KNOX LABRY LITTLEFIELD PATTERSON CHAPMAN REECE TWEED TERHUNE WALKER ZACHRY 'fi-145' Ml Lv .9 'Q I PI fmqgki Q- km, 5 4' 'I T the College of Charleston, in South Carolina, Pi Kappa Phi was founded in 1904 by Andrew Kroeg, Jr., Simon Fogarty, Jr., and L. H. Mixson. It was the concrete and permanent result of a friendship that had flourished since the elementary school days in the environs of one of the South's oldest towns. From its inception, the growth of the organiza- tion has been steady and consistent. While it has expanded most rapidly in the South, chapters are found in all sec- tions of the United States. The purpose of the fraternity is to "pro- mote fellowship and mutual trust among its members, to uphold the traditions and ideals of the colleges where its chapters are located, to encourage excellence in scholarship, and to inculcate in its mem- bers the highest ideals of Christian man- hood and good citizenship." Since 1924, when Phi Beta Psi local became Alpha Epsilon of Pi Kappa Phi, the chapter has occupied its present co- lonial home on University Avenue, save for the three years when the chapter was located in 'thc present Pi Delta Sigma House across from the campus. Pi Kappa Phi has produced many of the outstand- ing athletes and student leaders of this campus since its founding here. Prominent alumni of Alpha Epsilon include: George Coulter, Jacksonville attorneyg Judge A. S. Herlong, Jr. of Leesburgg Dan Kelly, State Representa- tive from Nassau County, and Mode Stone of Tallahassee. This year Alpha Epsilon boasts Ken Willis, alternate captain of Florida's foot- ball and baseball teams, Fred Gilbert, president of the Senior Law classy Bill Wightman, business manager of the 1938 Seminoleg and Jimmie Oxford, captain- elect of Florida's 1938 football team. PI KAPPA P Founded at the College of Charleston in 1904 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1924 FLOWER-Red Rose CoLoRs-Gold and W hue V ' ' FRATRES IN FACULTATE WAI.'I'ER H. BI-:IsI.ER A. CARR V FRATRES IN URBE RAYRORII MCCORMICK EARLE M0lll.EY W. E. THOMPSON MAUI'IN WAl.l. CHARLES MAliIiS V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 11.1. BIavII.I,E O. K. BRALEY DON BROWN LEM DOWNS GEORGE BAIIALAS JACK BI.AI.ocK ARTI-IUR Boo'I'E MAIIVIN CONWAY JAMES Coom-:R Novel-: FANNING CHARLES ANIIERS l'l0WAItD DAvI.IN FREI1 DICVAN1' BEN BIUNKMAN WICAVICII GAINES FRANK HESSEY I'oI-E LEONARII I -346 JAMES EIIWARIIS l"REn S. GILIIERT MAIKVIN HENDERSON XVILLIANI ROMAN Class of 1939 llARRY FRY KIcNIxAI,I. LI.EwEI.I.YN CI-IAIILES MARICS JAMES Oxronn FONIA PICNNINGTON WAI.'I'ER RIVERS GEORGE Woon Class of 1940 DAN FocAR'rY AIITPIUII KEI.I.oce Class of 1941 BII.I. l.,AI'Y CHARLES PARKER FRANK SCHUIII-ZR Bon QUIxI.EY STISPHEN SMITH BILI. WIGIJTMAN KEN WIl.I.lS ROBERT SWOPE ToMMY SIMPSON EIISQN WICNDT IIIUS WICICEII Mll.AS WYNN JIDWAIID YIJE JAMES SMITH ROIIERT STRIPLINI JAMES WHITE TEII TAYLOR ROY THOMPSON IBORIIY TYLANDER JACK WAI.'I'ERS HI SMITH. S EDWARDS STRIPLING BOOTE SMITH, L FANNING BEVILLE GILBERT HENDERSON WIGHTMAN CONWAY COOPER FRY MARKS OXFORD PENNINGTON RIVERS ROOD SWOOPE SIMPSON WENDT WICKER WYNNE YDE ANDERS DAVLIN DUVANT FOGARTY KELLOGG WHITE BRALEY DOWNS QUIXLEY BMNKMAN GAINES HESSEY LEONARD PAPY PARKER SCHURER THOMPSON TYLANDER WALTER ROMAN W, ,,. . ,....., w- BON lll.AN'1'0N lllCNItY PICIHIY ,D ig fic A url lil 'Z f pf "LN-. 'X 1 I-' lx lil' 5' im ,EI '-25' N March 9, 1856, eight nlen IIIet on the eanipus of the University of Alulbulllil and formed what is now known as Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Since then that fraternity has grown iIIto one of the largest fraternal organizations in exist- enee. The loeation of the national Olliees is in the Levere Memorial Temple in Evanston, illinois. The temple, huilt in honor ol' Inen serving in the war, is the only one of its kind erected hy il fra- ternity. The heginning ol' Florida Upsilon Inay he traeecl haelc lo 1884, when Milton Bryan ol' Georgia Epsilon installed the rhapter at the original site ol' the Uni- versity, at Tallahassee. ln 1915 the ehap- teI' was reinstalled in Gainesville. 1"lorida Upsilonis lirst lllCCllI1f!,S were held in Mrs, Rzunseyis hoarding house until the present ehapter house, loeatedl at Ninth Street and University Avenue, was huilt in 1924. Sinee then a wing has heen added. Always strong iII vlIIll'1llllllI'LllS tlIe S. A.- li.'s have won the Balfour lntralnural eIIp the lust two years in sneeession. During the first semester ol' this year they took live Iirsts in intramural events. Distinctive Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumni are: Henson Markham, .laeksonvilleg Judge Fnteh of Oealag Ed Rounteh, lvlvlilllllg Qlaek Miller, St. l'eterslIIIrII,g Spee Stanley, .Iaeksonvilleg G. D. Knowles, .laeksonvilleg and Al Coogler, Brooksville. Pronxinent S.A.E.'s on the eanlpus in- clude: George Snuathers, George Young, Wareing Miller, Selden Waldo, Harry Kieliter, Billy Rieharflson, .Maynard Ramsey, lien MI-Galley and Dule Miller. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at the University of Alabama, March 9, 1856 Florida Upsilon Established 1915 ' I l0lll'll FLOWER-Viale: COLORS---Royal larp e am I Jo 1 v . ,FRATRES 1N FACUlll'A'1'E COACH JOHH CODY COACH DU'I'eH STANLEY lllltllf. C. H. WILLOUGHIIY DR. CLIFFORD CRANDALI. V FRATRES IN URBE R. E. AHll0T'I' NVILLIAM VANN llltlli S'I'ANIll'IY ljll. WlI4I,IAM LASSITICR TOMMY I1AlLIC AL CANOVA R0lil'lll'l' DAVIS VI UEOIKGE SMA'I'Hl'IllS SELDICN WAI.IJO NVAREING Mll.I.l11lt AUGUs'rUs ADAMs lVlUllRAY CARMIGHAEL WILLIAM COOK W ADIC .FIAMPTON RODI-:R'I' MCCAHEY liAltHlNG'I'0N BANKS IIORACIC DREW VIGTOR HUSZAIDI-I l'lItlCll CAN'l'lllCLI, 1lI'INltY CIIALKI-:R l'.lAL COPICLANII JOHN DAWSON LANGDON BARKER SYDNEY BENIPORD BILL CAIIICY PAUL DIXON BILLY FREEMAN llARllY FIKOMME l"RA'l.'.RES IN UNl.VERSl'l'A'.l'E Class of .1938 NVAl.'l'l'1R li. HUMKEY EARNEs1' CODY GUYTIQ MCf1ORll J. ROY D UGGAN WILLIAM ARNOLD CALDWELL IIAYNES 1VlAYNAllllRAMSIEY JAMES SWANN GIKOVER RORINSON 1lAItIlY KIcLI'rER DONALD BLAGKDURN ROIIEIKT lVllL'l'0N CIAIIICNCE BROWN WILLIAM RIC!-IARDSON Class of 1939 FRANCIS KICARNHY BOLIIING l,10Wl'2I.l, 11OWAItDlV1ARVlN DALE Mll.l.l'llt BEN MCGAHEY 1K E S'l'EVl'INS Class of 1940 DAvIssoN DUNLAI' LYNN LlGH'I'Il0WN lli0ItACli IRWIN .lUl.lAN LIFSIGY W A l.'l'ElK LEI4: GI-:RALD KIIIISY BYIINH Ll1'seH E IlAltl.AN LOGAN HENRY MAll'I'IN ALEX MCllAl.l. '348' 1.lAMll.'l'0N MA'I'HlS RONALD 1VlII.'l'0N XVILLIAM l.1l'1ACOCK Class of 1941 IIEYWARD MEssI-:R DEAN MILLER JACK MIIIIIIKIAN ED PRICE BURR RANDALI. I MIKIIIIUS SHELRER CURRY S1'EI'HENsoN RICHARD WA1'SON GRAHAM WPIISIIIIEII Al,l5IClt'l' Wll.I.lAMS FRED WlNS'l'0N GEORGE YOUNG BILLY WILD JIMMY 1ll.INN HOWARD S'l'l'1AllNS RICHARD SINDICN JAeIi IJPCHUIICII ED QUINHY BILL REED BILL TAYLOR KENNICIISON WlI.SON ROIIICIIT YOUNG l710WARD NEWKIRK SMATHERS WALDO MILLER CARMICHAEL COOK HAMPTON McGAHEY,R. HUMKEY MnCORD ARNOLD RAMSEY ROBINSON BLACKBURN DUGGAN HAYNES KICLITER MILTON RICHARDSON SHELFER STEPHENSON WATSON WEISIGER WILLIAMS YOUNG DREW HUSZAGH KEARNEY MARVIN MCGAHEY, B. POWELL MILLER STEVENS WILD BLANTON CANTRELL CHALKER DAWSON DUNLAP IRWIN LIFSEY MATHB MILTON PEACOCK PERRY STEARNS MNDEN UPCHURCH QUINBY ANDERSON,W ANDERSON.W BARKER BENFORD CAREY DIXON FREEMAN FROMME KIRBY LITSCHGI LOGAN HENRY MCCALL MESSER MILLER MILLIGAN PRICE RANDALL REED TAYLOR WILSON YOUNG NEWKIRK MURPHY N-'Q -My me I HE founding of Sigma Chi came as a result of a dispute in the Delta Kappa Epsilon Chapter at Miami University. Six Dekes, together with another student, founded the new fraternity which, with Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Theta, forms the renownediMiami Triad. During the Civil War there occurred an incident in the history of Sigma Chi which has no parallel in the records of any other fraternity. The "Constantine Chapter," organized by Sigs in the Con- federate army under General Johnston, was established to perpetuate the fratern- ity in the South no mutter what the out- come of the war might be. In 1922 a new local made its appearance on tlIe Florida campus. It was Sigma Phi, sponsored by five Sigma Chi alumni liv- ing in Gainesville and working toward the establishment of a Sigma Chi chapter at the University of Florida. In 1924 the national fraternity granted Sigma Phi a charter as Gamma Theta of Sigma Chi. In,1930 the colonial chapter house On west University Avenue was the scene of a Ball, given jointly by Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi to welcome to the campus the third member of the Miami Triad, Beta Theta Pi. Since then an an- nual Miami Triad dance has been inau- gurated. Since the building of the chapter house in 1928, Gamma Theta has been a consistent winner of the Homecoming Decorations Cup. Gamma Theta men making their mark on the campus are: Allen Poucher, Craw- ford Solomon, Buck Sadler, Jack Bradley and Mitch Emmanuel. Outstanding alum- ni include: Carl Brorein, Tampa, presi- dent of the Peninsular Telephone Com- pany, Logan Hill, Pensacola, of the U. S. Circuit Court, C. C. Curry, Miami, Mu- nicipal Judgeg and C. C. Vega, Jr. Tampa. SIG I Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1355 Gamma Theta Chapter Established 1924 FLOWER-While Rose COLORS-Blue and Old Gold V FRATRES IN FACULTATE P. L. REED T. R. LI-:IGH W. B. WATSON, Ja. E. A. HAYNE G. G. JQIRKPATRICK CRAWFORD SOLOMON FRANK BEDDOW JACK BRADLEY. DOUGLAS BROWN VINCENT BUIIKI-IAIIDT JOHN BLAIN JACK JONES A. C. FRANKS BUCK SADLER BENNETT CLUIIDS RAOUL S. DOIIYNS COE BEST STANLEY BURNSIDE DAVE CARR Bon CHANTER JOHN CI-IEW BILL DURHAM 5---Y.-.4- J. W. RI-:I'I'z 7 FRATRES IN URBE J. W. KIIIICPATRICK N. L. STEDMAN G. E. BATEY, J n. V FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 KEITH IQELLY WALLACE LATI-IAM Class of 1939 LATRELLE DODYNS MICHEL EMMANUEL IJAROLD JONES JIM KIRTLEY CHARLES LASSITER Class of 1940 C. C. ANDERSON DOUGLAS MCLEOD J. J. TUCKER HAROLD CLAUS Class of 1941 WALTER JERNIGAN CALVIN JONES MARION MCLEOD JOHN MCRAE JOHN EDWARD MElllllI.I. W. D. PASCHALL 0. C. R. STAGEIIERG E. BOAKE J. D. HAYGOOD H. RINGLING LEE HOOPEIK XVALTER ToUcHToN MCCLEUR MIMMS ALLEN POUCHER JOHN WATKINS JOHN WALLACE PAUL COMER D. J. SULLIVAN V. L. MILllRA1'H BRYAN PHILLIPS C. A. THOMAS TED MILESKI CALVIN SI-IEPAIQD JIM SIEBRECHT JOE TRIPLETT LYLE Wll.LlAMS WARNER WILSON '350 1 SOLOMON BROWN TUCKER.1. KIRTLEY MILLER FIELD HOOPER DOBYNS. S. T. EMMANUEL WALLACE BURKHARDT. V. BRADLEY LASSITER MIMMS POUCHER DOBYNS, R. JONES. R. WATKINS BURKHARDT. R- FRANKS MULEOD MILBRATH PEEK SADLER THOMAS CLAUS PHILLIPS SULLIVAN ANDERSON BLAIN BURNSIOE CARR CHANTER CHEW CLUBBS COMER JONES, C. JONES, J. IENKINS, J. KRAMER MGLEOD. M. MBCRAE MERRILL MILESKI MOORE NICHOLS OUINN SIEBRECHT SHERMAN TRIPLETT WILLIAMS WILSON KELLY BEDDOW 351 9 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ' .. .A+ 'u . ,fling !,.',g3N' cl A an Y 'gs'- I ig 4 , - 1 ef -. ' HE founding of Sigma Nu at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 has led to the fraternity being called the "West Point of the Confederacy." Its traditions and background are those of tlIe period of the War Between the States. Isolated in this Southern military school, the stu- dents were necessarily closely associated, and, as a result, formed a permanent or- ganization to preserve their comradeship. lt was with this end in view that Sigma Nu was founded. It was through tlIe efforts of George Millam, Joseph Dalton and R. W. Bla- lock that Sigma Nu local was established at Florida in 1919. In 1920 it was granted a charter as Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Nu. Since then Sigma Nu has be- come the only Florida fraternity to have three chapters in the state. The present chapter house, built in 1925 at a cost of nearly 370,000, is the annual scene of the reading of Dicken's "Christmas Carol" during the yulctide season. Another widely known Sigma Nu tradition is the annual football game with Phi Delta Theta, for which a ninety-nine year contract has been signed. Students have elected three Sigma Nus as Florida student body presidents in re- cent years. Present outstanding active members are: Henry Toland, Bob Bar- ton, Tom Byrd Van Brant, Earl Powers and Bob Collins. AIIIOIIII, prominent Epsilon Zeta grad- uates are John H. Logan, Bradenton, voted l"lorida's outstanding Junior Cham- ber of Commerce membcrg Owen l'itt- man, prominent Miami attorneyg Norman Vissering, Tampa, first Florida citrus pro- ducer to ship fruit abroad, Truman Green, elected King of Tampa's Caspa- rilla Krewe and James French, Jr., Jack- sonville broker. 95329 296 2. 5 'N Founded aL V. M. I., Lexington, Virginia, in 1869 Epsilon Zola Chapter Installed in 1920 FI.0WER-lVhilc Rose COL0llS-Rllllfk, While and Cold v R. W. BLACKLOCK WAl.TlEIt J. MA'I'l-IICltI.X' JAMES ANDERSON FIIAN K .llAR'I' Bon BARTON GEOIHPE SAL1'sMAN IIENIIY TOLAND LARRY SICMMICNS THARIN COOPER NORMAN BROWN THOMAS APM.:-:wlII'I'If: DILI, CLARK!-I WOODROW WlI.KlNS GEORGE ISRAEL EARI. BROWN BOD MCCLEAN JACK RANDOLPH DICK BE1"rIs Bon ELY ' JOHN SULLIVAN DAN MACMURl'HY LEONARD BAKER CLIFTON Bowns FRANK BRYANT CIIARLES 1SRowARD GORDON BROWARD TOM WAKEFIELD THICIION WILLIAM:-I FRATRES IN UNIVE CECIL G. PHIPPS V FRATRES IN URBE J. B. ADRINs SHlCl.'l'0N ADKINs 0'NlilI.l. Cox V Class of 1938 GEORGE BOND SAM CAIITEIK E JULIAN NEWSOM JACK HARRIS CLAUDE MERCER TOMMY 1'l0S'l'l'IIl ROIIICIFI' COLLINS Class of 1939 SYDNEY IJIIOWAIKD DICK RODGERS T. 1-I. CRAWFORD TOM VAN BRUNI' BILL MOItltlS Class of 1940 BILL vVHl'l'E AISNI-IR VANN CLARK DRPURY JOE DIBONA FRANK COWLICS xVAL'I'Ell III-INDEIKSON Class of 1941 DAVID GICRMAIN NA'I'I-IAN LINDsEY MAC LEWIS DICK MACCLEAN BOWLING MIl.AM BILLY WI:LLs JOHN PIERCE J 1 RSITATE li. J. vlf'lI.M0'I' JOHN PAUL JONES FRANK STIIOZIER DR. llAItltY MICltCHAN'I' JACKSON VAUCI-IN MOSEl.Y ITENIKY KENNEI1-I CONNOR BURT BASSlET'I' lion FISHER CARI! GIBSON EARL I'owI-:Rs LICROY COTTER IJ. C. COLEMAN BILLY BLACKBUIKN KENNETH wvHI'l'EI JACK SWIFT JAMES GRECORII-: TOM WOODRRRRY JOHN ARMSTRONG JIMMY 0,NEII.L Lucius MPIlllll'I"If LEE PALLARDY BERNARD PARRIsI'I J AM ES POWELL JACK REINSCHMIIYI' Joi-IN SAI-If JAKE SLATON JJICK SUDDATH '352 L1 Ll :Jam BARTON TOLAND COOPER BROWN. H. CARTER NEWSOME HARRIS MERCER FOSTER COLLINS VAUGHN HENRY GIBSON CLARKE WILKINS ISRAEL BROWN. E. RODGERS CRAWFORD VAN BRUNT MORRIS CUTTER COLEMAN BLACKBURN MnuLEAN, U. RANDOLPH BETTIS ELY SULLIVAN PIERCE VANN DUPURY COWLES HENDERSON WHITE GREGORIE UNDERWOOD WOOOBERRY ARMSTRONG 0'NEIL MERRITT BAKER BOWES BRYANT BROWARD, C BROWARD. G WAKEFIELD WILLIAMS GERMAIN LINDSAY LEWIS MULEAN. D. MILAM WELLS PALLARDY PARRISH POWELL SAPP SLATON SUDDATH ..r1.:-in 9 1' --I v ..'. "I l ACID "I Il -"' J 'Inf' ICMA Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College KNOW the University ot' RichInondJ in November, 1901, the basis of the organization being the Satur- day Night Club. During the first two years of its ex- istence the parent chapter lllel with a great deal of opposition, even to attacks On its meeting rooms. At the time of its inception, few if any of the ministerial students were made fraternity men at Richmond. Sigma Phi Epsilon admitted several to membership, which departure, coupled with the fact that the badge was heartshaped, caused them to be called the "Sacred Hearts." In 1916, the "Sigma Phi Epsilon Plan of Finance" was de- vised, placing the financial alfairs of the chapters entirely in the hands of the alumni. Since then, this plan has been adopted by many of the other fratern- ities. Florida Alpina of Sigma Phi Epsilon was installed on the campus in 1925, the local chapter petitioning being Sigma Phi. ,When installed the chapter num- bered twenty-eight men and has since grown to nearly sixty. The fraternity has always been well represented in campus activities and Varsity sports. Since its installation, the chapter has had seven captains of major sports, including l7lorida's All-American Dale Vansickle. Prominent alumni of Florida Alpha are: Hon. Daniel McCarty, Ft. Pierce, W. Clinton Green, Miami, Thomas S. Ferguson, Miamig James E. Hughes, Tampa, Lamar Sarra, Tampa, and Eu- gene V. Fisher, Cross City. Outstanding Sig Ep's on the campus include: John McCarty, Walter May- berry, Dick Cheatham, Cordon Gardner, Walter Draughon, and Buster McFarland. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Founded at the University of Richmond, in 1901 Florida Alpha Chapter Installed in 1925 FLOWER-A merican Beauty Rose and Violet COLORS-R0yal Purple and Red . V F RATRES IN FACULTATE JAMES S. DAY HUIZER C. HURST W. E. ARNow E. A. CLAYTON B. C. FRYER, JR. JOHN MCCARTY RICHARD CHEATHAM WALTER DRAUOHON JOHN MOORE JAGK SAUNDERS J EFF DAVIS BILL ENNEIS THOMAS HAMMETT CARY IIARDEE GORDON GARIINER Tex HANNA BILI. S'l'EWAIl'l' ULMA DUNISAR LEE AIIAMS ALRERT Hlil.SFI1'H JULIAN RICHARDS CARL SNARR CHARLES MlKEI.l. DAN STEVENS BILLY MATTHEWS J. IIOOPEIK WISE FRATRES IN URBE ORION A. MANN ALEXANDER MAULTSISY PAUL SELLE V .FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1938 WAI.'l'lIll MAYIIPIIIIKY BEN HILL WALTER FISHER MlL1'ON GALLAGHER RORERT CASEY Class of 1939 PAUL IIART Ennns IQLUEPPELBEIIG FRANK HAY JAMES MOFARLANII BILL l.,l'l"l'MAN Class of 1940 FRANCIS MOOIIE BILL FULLER ALLISON WARREN J ACK REAVES Class of 1941 LEROY SWEAT BUIIIIY WAGGONISII W. T. WEEKS JIMMY WILLIS CARMEL SI.AUGHTl'Ill RORERT LOvE ALTON C. MORRIS RUDOLPH WEAVER REV. T. V. MCCAUL G. C. SMITH GEORGE WALSH FRANK MOIKIIISON HOWELL KLUEPPELRERG JAMES PORTER JOHNNY BOYETT JOE HAIIDWICK EUGENE SULLIVAN BILL WHITMAN GEORGE YOUNG I-IUGO KUMMER IIILI. DUNN Roco MARSICANO RICHARD SAWYER RUEUS THOMPSON ROBERT STILING JOHNNY PALMER RORERT McKEE JIMMY LOOMIS '354' MCCARTY CHEATHAM MAYBERRY GARDNER DRAUGHON SAUNDERS GALLAGHER HSHER MOORE HILL CASEY HARDWICK MORRBON KLUEPPELBERG.H ENNUS HARDEE DAVB YOUNG HART KUMMER KLUEPPELBE MQFARLAND HAY NTTMAN SULLIVAN STEWART WHITMAN HAMMETT FULLER DUNBAR MOORE WARREN REAVES MARISCANO DUNN ADAMS SAWYER HELSETH STEVANS MGHARDS SNARR MIKELL WAGGONER SWEAT WILUS SLAUGHTER LOVE STILING THOMPSON PALMER LOOMIS HTTS KLOTZ McKEE RG.L '355' S 3 1 , 1: Iii v AU Epsilon Phi was founded in Oc- tober of 1910 at Columbia when eight men in the pre-dental school banded to- gethcr for social and scholastic betterment. TlIis spirit soon spread to other schools in tlIe East and a national was born. The fraternity was slow in expanding but has had a remarkable growth in the past 15 years. It is now the largest Jewish social fraternity in the South, with 16 chapters in tlIe nine Southern states. Ben Finman, Joe Schwartz, Joe Davis, Marcus and Bill Edelstein and Morris llennett were tlIe men behind the char- tering of tlIe Tau Alpha chapter on Feb- ruary 22, 1925. With tlIe Tau Xi chapter at MiaIIIi, Tau Epsilon Phi is one of the few fraternities with two or more chap- ters in the state. The local chapter has contributed many outstanding members of the student body iII recent years illIl0Ilg whom are Irving Klcpper, present executive secretary of tlIe national group, Philip Selbcr, Sid Ross, Joe Mizrahi, Joe Witttfnsttein, Sid Mcndelson, and Stanley Leviteh. Many of tlIc alumni of tlIe chapter have become outstanding in the state through their efforts in various fields. Ben lfinman, city engineer of Tampag William Edelstein, fraternity praetor for North Florida, Major Max Mackler, member of the Port Authority of Tampa, Hyman Sobol, Gainesville, executive sec- retary of tlIe Florida Young Democratic Clubsg Nathan Roberts, Jacksonville, former head of Florida Townsend clubsg Ralph Mizrahi, outstanding architect of Jacksonville. TAU EPSILON PHI Founded at Columbia University in 1910 Tau Alpha Chapter Installed in 1925 FLOWI-:R-llily of the Valley COLORS-IA1.'l7l'Vlll0T and White V FRATRES IN URBE NVILLIAM EIlELS'l'lClN LIaoN RoIsIIINs JTYMAN Sonor. MAIICUS EIIIaI.s1'Ic1N Amex ROIIIIINS V FRATRES IN UN IVERSITATE Class of 1938 PHILIP SIaI.IIIcII SIIJNIQY Ross All'fkIUll M. KAHN Wll.I.lAM HOMA ALIIEII1' LIQHIIMAN JOSEPH MIZIIAPII LIcoNAIIII GIIIQI-:NIII.A'I"I' S'I'ANI,IaY B. Lr:vI'I'cH Grzoacn WOI,T.Y EDWIN GllEICNlll.AT'l' BIcnNIIz H. AIIIzI.soN ELLIS BAItNI:It'Ir EARL BARIIACIQ MI'rcHILI.L BAUMs'I'i:IN WAI.1'IaIt Coormi IIKVING GHElll.E'l'lilt HowAIIII GII.ImIm HEIIIIEIIT GoLIx1vIAN MAIt'I'IN GIIIcIcNIIHItc SA1vIuIaI. HYMAN IKE GoIuIoN PAUL GAItIsLEIt JosIcPH FIELD Moses SCI-IUIfLEIt J osI:I'H Wl'F'l'ENS'fl'1lN Class of 1939 l"IIIaoIaItIcK LICVIN SIDNEY MENDFJLSON NVILLIAM JACOISY JOHN KItoNENIfI:Ln Class of 1940 LIQONAIID XVOLF W0l,F0llD BERMAN Mll.1'ON LIPSITZ Jem. MI:NnELsoN Class of 1941 S'I'ANI.I:v JAMISON JACK Jr:N'I'zIsI: RICHARI1 KItAUsI-1 MAIITIN LEVINI: NIssIsI. MAzo HAlt0I.lJ MI-:NIIIsI.soN NATHAN Mosrow 'H ..., fa, '356' .........a..g. 1 A Y -....:f,,......1, .1 AARON GOLIIIQNIILANIQ BUIt1'oN S. KAI-IN GIf:IIsoN BLATT MICYIER SIGAI. BI-:NJAMIN GoI.IIIcN GOODWIN BRIQININ NATHAN IQAIKNIIEAD WILFIII-:II WoI.rsoN SIIQNI-:Y Coorlza WAI.'rIaIt KAN'I'IeIt AAIioN DAVIS LIQONAIIII RoIIIIINs S'I'ANI.EY SIacAL WILLIAM SEGAI. SAUL SELIIY SAUI. SPIWAK JACK SOMIIEIIG RAY WOLF SAUI. LIzvINIa I r HJ' MIZRAHI LEVITCH GREENBLATT. ADELSON SELBER KAH N. A. ROSS KAHN. B. S. WITTENSTEIN SIGAL GOLDENBLANK GARBLER SCHUPLER HOMA MENDELSON, S. KRONENFELD BREININ LEHRMAN LEVIN WOLFSON KARNIBAD JACOBY WOLLY GREENBLATT, BARNERT WOLF, L. BERMAN LIPSITZ GHELERTER SEGAL. S. BARRACK BAUMSTEIN COOPER GILBERG GOLDMAN GREENBERG HYMAN .IAMISON KRAUSE I EVINE. M. MENDELSON, H. MOSTOW ROBBINS SEGAL. W. SELBY SPIWAK SOMBERG WOLF. R. LEVINE, P. 240 3 -.41 n 57: FRAT RES IN FACULTATE . 4. N, . - .4 . 3. ' - IP'-f, -.- M- wa.- J- V 'fkjs .1 we Q . . ,- . HETA Chi was officially launched in 1856 at Norwich University in Vermont. It sprung front an Organization known as the "Regulators" which had been founded for the purpose of curbing cer- tain irregularities that had developed among the students. With the advent of Theta Chi into Norwich the "Regulators" ceased existence and all of that organiza- tion's paraphernalia and equipment came into the possession of Theta Chi's Alpha chapter where much of it is still in use. Having been founded in a military school by ardent believers in the Episco- pal faith, Theta Chi's ritual is naturally rich in traditions of a military and Epis- copal nature. Theta Chi's constitution provided for nationalization from the first and despite the fact that local fra- ternities from many sections of the coun- try approached it, the fraternity refused to recognize petitioning bodies for many years. , The' history of Theta Chi on this cam- pus may he traced hack to l9l5, when a musical fraternity organized in 1914 be- came Lambda Upsilon, local. petitioning Theta Chi the next year, it received a charter and was installed as Tau of Theta Chi in 1916. The chapter has maintained a record of steady achievement up to the present time and has occupied its present site since origination. Active members well known on the campus for their activities are: Jack Long, Donn Gregory and Ross Mowry while outstanding alumni in the state in- clude W. J. Porter, Judge of Criminal Court., Jaclcsonvilleg T. C. Croftin, presi- dent Of the University Alumni Associa- tiong G. L. Burton, former gubernatorial candidateg and Tootie Perry, All-Ameri- can Waterboy. HE Founded at Norwich University in 1856 Tau Chapter Established in 1916 F LOWER-Red Carnation COLORS--Military Red and W him V' C I Da. G. B. SIMMONS WESl.lCY FLY JACK MOORE LEON T. TnAxLER T. E. DUNCAN JACK LONG CURRY MEIICFIANT JSIENRY CAR:-:Y DONN GREGORY DALMAINE HA'r'rAwAY NORTON Wll.SON BROOKS TAYLOR Fmm PETTYJOHN JOHN MAI.C0l.M DAvln SKIPPER lin Wll.lC ERsoN HOMER HOWARD Da. I". H. IIEATH ljll. A. S. CAMPBELL V FRATRES IN URBE Gus MCGRIFIP RAY OGILVIE Wll00'l'lE,, PERRY V FRATRES IN UNIVERSI'lfA'l'l'I Class of 1938 CHARLES RACE SEERER DENMARK W. P. COVINGTON Class of 1939 1 CHAIKLICS CANNON lil-IAIILICS IJENTON Class of 1940 W. E. MIN:-:R KEITH RENNRQ Class of 1941 S. G. DENMARK IinwlN FLY 'HARRY WOOD BROWARD CULPEl'Pl'IIi LANCE LAZONIIY O. L. MORRls Ll-:E F OCC Ross MowRY JOHN IlERNHAlum TED MCGIlA'I'H CLARK PRICE liAlF0llD BRANCH JOHN LEvERE'r'rs ALLAN ELLIS l"IlANK STOUTAMIRE ll. W. CONE J. L. CoNl': C. D. Wll.I.lAMS '358' LONG MERCHANT RACE DENMARK COVINGTON MOWRY BERNHARD CARY GREGORY HATTAWAV CANNON BENTON MGGRATH BRANCH WILSON PETTYJOHN MINER RENNIE LEVERETT ELLIS STOUTAMIRE MALCOLM SKIPPER WILKERSON FLY GONE. C. W. CONE. J. L. WILLIAMS mm VIN ,409 N in 359' JUNIOR INTERFRATER ITY CDNFERENCE JONES THOMPSON WAKEFIELD KRAUSE KAHLE NATHAN WEAVI-:R 'ACAINES EDWIN FLY . . . REUBEN CRANE WI'1AVI'II! GAINICS. . , EDWIN FLY ,...... RIQLJIIHN CRANE ,.,. Bon MKIKAY ..... DICK KRAUSI: .,.... C. M. JONRS ...,.. Rulfus THOMPSON. 1IAMIl.'rON ADAMS, GAINES FLY ANDRE cAI.HouN HENRY. J. Evsnrs OFFICERS v MEMBERS Pi Kappa Phi ..........Theta Chi ,,..,,ChiPhi . . , . .Alpha Tau Omega Tau Epsilon Phi .. . , . , Sigma Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon . , . . . . . . .Phi Delta Theta TOM WAKEIPIIILD .,.. ,... .,... S i gma N a PAUL ANDRR ..,,.. . . , . . , .Beta Theta Pi MIKI: CALHOUN ANDREW IIICNIIY PIAIILAN LOGAN, Glam: ICA!-ILE., H. A. SMITH. .. RAY NA'l'H.AN .,.. . Jon IIENRY ..,. KEN EVl'1l!'I'S ,... ESTON CROWDER ,,... LI-:WIS BARBER I,.,.., llOl.MI:s MnI.1'oN ...,..,... Delia Sigma Phi 360 CRANE ADAMS HENRY. A. LOGAN BARBER MELTON , . ,Prvsillvlil . , Secretary I 1 . . . lrvasurur . . . , .Kappa Sigma . , . Delta Tau Della Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , . . . . , . , Della Chi . Alpha Gamma Rho . . , . Phi Hola Della ,. . Phi Kappa Tau Lambda Chi Alpha . . , . . Kappa Alpha .. Pi Kappa Alpha what "kv 1. W, -G ,I 'sy I - Q ,mn . 45 " 1 X . F .xl .x t .Thx rg' 2 ev- 'n I 'I' ui, 1 1 r 'Tri' ' 3 5 "1 .qgg 41 , X P W' Q , , .K ,. N .1 ' ' 1, v k W 'WL' Y 4' Mfr ?2,d"r-nj .mk.,,I., L, df iffiz A , xii W. 1 , , - 'iii Y w ' ' ,, K .M XA i.: . ,,f.1 1 wM""""'u., Y 4 FJ' N 9 . 2,5 aff' wg, .r gf- AL 5 Y'2 1' .,.,,'4, H, V 2' r wi' "lg" ' ,wif , , si My www 11, Y- 'aw Q' 'lm' ' Wtlnr-,yh A 1 1 f mwv4W ers, .i , , . 'Q w 99 Q 4 ,W-02 L M.. 7 Yip.-M ., IN 0 .,W.,. f5'-Ag 21 5 . ii i , f X 15 -xv. J' - , 'pw if sw. I ZW f any .nw ,Q ww we v if Q-L K , ,1 .f ' , ,.:z,-vw ,W .A ,N W. x- 3 . M. , '07' r I--N 9,1 THR -Q -W., '. QfWMQuw 'fl-31-41335 in as X ' Minn I R I I 1 . E W ff l 4 ff In X ? " F X gk ffm I K

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