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Text from Pages 1 - 366 of the 1937 volume:

■Ill presenting this, the t %« n(y «-i litli volume of llu SkMINOLE, we have sought with camera, brush ami pen to catch memorable scenes ami typical hito from Florida's wifl n»o iug campus parade; to incorporate within these pages the characteristic spirit of the young men who go forth from her Gothic portals to fulfill their destiniee. By making each main division representative of one of our seven colleges, we have sought to portray how the University prepares us to fit into the economic, political ami social world. The thirteen subdivision pages serve to present the many other fields into which our graduates may fit themselves. If in the future this modest presentation may recall tender memories of college life at Florida, our efforts will not have been in vain.€ O N T E N T S UNIVERSITY » Administration 17 rm:it in vision 21 (UlIXJCCK OK 1 .AM 25 Senior Academic 33 Junior Academic 59 GENERAL COMEOE 70 Sophomore Academic 77 Freshman Academic 95 FEATURES in; ATIILETKS 176 1NTH AMI HAI-S 211 ACTIVITIES 2 20 Sri DENT (JoAERYMRNT 221 1 1 RI.ICATIONN 227 Organization 237 Miutary 261 Dance Societies 271 FRATERNITIES 278 Honorary and Prokesmonal 279 Sociai. 297TO MISS GEORGIE SEAGLE. FOR HER CONSTANT AND LOYAL INTEREST IN THE UNIVERSITY AND ITS STUDENTS AND IN RECOGNITION OF HER CONTRIBUTION MAKING POSSIBLE THE ACQUISITION AND COMPLETION OF THE BEAUTIFUL NEW JOHN F. SEAGLE BUILDING OF THE UNIVERSITY. THIS TWENTY-EIGHTH VOLUME OF THE SEMINOLE IS SINCERELY DEDICATED.MISS GEORGIE SEAGLEUNIVERSITY T I III-. I niver»ilyV College of Agriculture graduate men who find Florida's rapidly developing agriculture a fertile field for tlieir effort.- . Owners or supervisors of extensive crop - growing enterprises. these graduates make prominent places for themselves in the life of the state, at the same time enriching the state itself by their well-directed efforts.ADMINISTRATION Many graduates find their vorulion in the field of farm marketing. Fanner co 0| erativc mar ket , a development of remit year in this .-tale, furnish a wide variety of agricultural produce the year 'round, and trucker from the North offer a ready market. Men are needed to direct and organize thin activity, especially the selling. That’s the graduate’s place.Sfalo ltoar«l of lidiicalion Kr»;D I . Conk, Governor It. A. n . Secretary of Slat W . V. Knott. Stair Treasurer (Ary I). I. ih . Attorney General TallullOMM'C T.iII.iIi.ivmm- TallallAAM'i' Tallaliatacc Colin Kncunii. Slate Superinterulenl of Public Instruction Tollahaoee Hoard of ronlrol Cmiki.k II. IUidwik. CAnirman Jacksonville O. J. Srmmes ................................... PniucoU II. C. lit Tivarr R. I . T»:rky Miami Thomas W. IInya.vt latkrland J. T. Diamond. Secretary TalUhnwea iri "mi i XI "(TW Y 7 7 Til imi XHHOIX f Nil Of ' II (I JL i I 51 II I S :i II 1 1 1 I S H I A I N nIJ NIVEIISIT Ittvm ToWNW R. I .14.11 IIS. flukmf, AM. (l.fbmnon t'nivrrsity). I’ll. . fl nirmily of ('hirogof T la » Ip r 21 d n a I « S v la o o I Dr» J. N. .hui'ON might I" ' llnl a rliartrr mnnlwr of I In liakffiit) laeull). Il«- j« i fir«| the farull a llrail of the IImrnl of ik 11 in lamuaiin wlim IIm- I «!• foumhil. mining lM r from Hornla Nllr Oillrgr at T«lld hjorr. I)r. mlrr on Immir Dran of llir tlollrgr of Alt anil Srirn«- in |9|0, ami nhrn iIm- t.railuatr Nrliool ««• nrjinl in HJO. hr mi mailr it fir l Dran. inrr it inreptioii, tlir (irarluatr S-lmol lia rnjajnl a •IikIi groMlh. Tmlij it offer a Ma lrr » Drim- m a ii|r ariet) of rourw . Dr. Amlrr Min’ hkiiI fraternity i t In I’hi. Y r O U A C I L rolli i of Art an«l Sciences Aeling Virr I’r.M.hnt of the l'ni mil ami Dran of thr Collrgr of Art ami Srirlle. air thr |io ilion lirUI lo Da. To»NI.» K. I.licit. Tlir l.rigli t lirmiral orir| , (.earing IIi name, r r. in illiterate thr high rrgar.l for Dr. I.righ. who ha prrtion l - hrrn llrail of thr Dr| artiiirnl of t'.hrnmtr) ami Dran of thr (iallffr of lliamiar). Ilr i |u l national prr»i-•Irnl of (iainnvi Sigma Kp.ilon. honorary rhriniral fraternity ; ami |ia l prr»i jrnl of thr Anirriran V orialion of (iollrgr of l harniary ; mmihrr of thr Sorirly of tlhrmiral lixlu-trir . lamlon; mmihrr Drut r|ir Clirmi rhr (ir ell haft. Berlin; iikkiImr Anirriran ln titu|r of tihrmi ! : mrmhrr Anirriran !henn»try Sorirt); iiM-niln-r Anirriran I'harmarrutiral A» oria-lion; ami inmilirr of Sigma t In Mxial fraternity. than J. N. A Omt « Ph.I). (John llopkin ) M.A. (Iniicntly of I ’irginia) Tlir ('oll«»£r of ll limilioia l R. J. W. NotutK trap appoint. 1 Dran of tlir College of duration in 19 0. Itrforr mining lo Kloriila in 1916 to rr r a I'rofi-—or of Kiloration hr had Imp on thr farultie of lloManl • ollrgr, Kiehmoml College. ami thr i'ni rr it) of Minnrmta. I'ndrr thr leadership of Dran Norman thr Collrgr of Kdueation emerged from Trarhrr’ tlollrgr in I9JI. tliu ronlrilniting another link to thr rhain of thr groMth of thr Unh er ity. Dran Norman i a iiirmlier of I'hi K | pa I'hi, Kappa Delta l’i. I’hi Delia Kappa, anil Ka| |ia I'hi Kappa. - 20 • rnr J. . tiRM 1‘ ((olltmlna)UNIVERSITY C O U N C I L Collo » o f II ii rIiiorr A il ministrati o n A ii «l » r n oral i' o 1 hk o A pwnrtf uliu i steadily gaining recognition in educational rifdn fur his untiring Mark in developing the Ceneral College, of which Iw is Acting Dean, AA mil J. MtllllUV, i our of iIk University aort capable men. Ilesidc hi position uf Acting Dean of the ( rn r«l College. Dean Alntherly also head the (!ullr|r of Husine Adininiilraiion. lie ranie here in 1926 lu »cr v r a» Director of (lie Colla ge uf Conimrrre anal Journalism. Dean Mathrrly i President of ike American A -•oeialion of Collegiate School a»f llmiaru, inemlaer of Alpha kappa P i. Tan Kappa Alpha. I’lii kappa I’lii, Blur key, Kela (.atsuita Sigma, anal Sigma Nil. Doan Bi.akk Van Lkek ItS. in F..E. (Purdue University) MS. in M.E. (University of California) M.E. (Purdue University) T Ii e Colley e o f la a w Anollier man on the family m|io migkl be termed a charter member i Dm Hint H. TatnsUOL % hen the College of law «a founded in 1901. ke joined |lie first family a, Professor of law. In 1915. ke laerantr Dean of ike College. Hit le l, l.iiead'iiii of Sr A oof Ijin, Ii-i fouml wide usage. Through (he effort of the Dean ike law College ha developed into one of ike leading school in ike Association of American law School . Il i registered by the Hoard of Kegenl of New York Stale anil i» listed among the approved law rhool of the American liar Association. Dean Truslcr i a member of Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Ipiilon, Phi kap| a Phi, and Alplia Tan Omega. Doan tALTKR J. MaTIIKKI.Y -•f. f. (U illiani Joivoll (.tdlojir) M.A. (II as iin tltm University) o 11 o g e of K n ii i n poring III vki K. Yin h» Iseel Dean of the Collegr of kngin-erring »incr 19J2. lie ha directed the revision of the (allege curricula, rai ed ike liml. nl« for all engineering degree , and lia aided mrral hundred alumni in securing position , lie ha served a Director of the Florida Mapping Projeet. Technical Consultant. I'kllA and Stale Planning Hoard. Secretary-Treasurer I lorisla Section American Society of Mechanical Knginerr . and mrniltrr of llie Male Hoard of Knginccring kxamincr . Hie Photographic laboratory serves lo illustrate the interest and ardent efforts of Dean Van l.eer in In-half of the University. -21- Doan II. K. T'm si :r M.A.. 1.1..It. {Michigan)UNIVERSITY COUNCIL II e a n of S t ii (1 o ii I s It tahri an active. untiring worker to fill capably the position of (lean of Students Dl W B. A. Tot.Bt.irT »• that type of ■nan. He lia been the (Jnivrraitjr Dean of Student ince 1923. coming krfr in 1926 a A«l i or to Fredtmen and Pro-fr M»r of Education. Dean Tolbert i» a nnnlicr of Kappa Delta Pi, Oinieron Della Kappa. Blur Key. Scabbard and llladr. and Pi Kappa Alpha. Demn B. C. Kiij:y A.It. (hma). It3.A. (Missouri) S ♦ Ii o o I of A r «• Ii i I e einr e A n 1 Alii o 1 Arts lit Dot.t'M YtUIJ became the lift Director of the School •f Architecture when it m founded in IKS. Since that lime Mr. Vkrairr ha received wide recognition for hi effort in ilcwlopini the lint coordinated project method of leaching Architecture. l!i« Department now offer Commercial Net and lainil eape Design in conjunction with Architecture. lie i pa.t President of the Florida Chapter of the American Intitule of Architect , pail Pre idcnt Iniver.ity of Florida chapter llii Kappa Phi. a Member of l hi Mu Alpha (Sinfomat. Sigma Tau. and Sigma Phi Kp ilon ocial fraternity. tain H. A. Tm hurt H.A.K. (V. of F.) fvonoral Extension Division Hie t.cneral Extension Division of Florida ha grown rapidly liner it inception and lia become inrreatiugly important. Dm If. C. Km otabli hed the University t.eneral Extern •ion Div moil in 19|9, after hating I wen instrumental in or-gantemg extension division at the I nivcr itie of Indiana and Arkansas Aim to Dean Kiley goe the honor of having founded Iflue Key National Honor Fraternity. He i» pa l Vice President of the Naliunal l’imer»il Extension Association. ami past President of the Extension Association of Southern tiollegrs and Universities and i a memlwr of Phi Kappa Pin. Alpha eta. Phi Drlta Tluta. and Kotary. • 23 - ID IHII.PII F.WKK Director13 USIN ESS AdininirtrjUion is one of the most popular branches of learning at (lie I Diversity of Florida. Business in tlie state and in the nation is always waiting to welcome industrious and capable young men with ideas. So the College of Business Vdministration trains such young men, and they go forth to enrich the business and industrial life of the nation.THE COLLEGE OF LAW Thorough ami ini« lli « m coverage of sales areas in the Southeast will In iliredeil in tin future by the graduates of our Southern t'liiversitics. The education these men get in general fields, along with their training in the specialized fields of business ami advertising, lit them admirably for |M»si-tions as sales managers for large firms in the .South- east.IU.tpiS.UJ . JI| tU.ffHt.UJ Ti: imi| :r»io f) II IIIVM l| IW.-MIJ, N'YKA|| AV,| ssvri: uvi vvivnsnii J. JtTttKfJJ’AjBIJJMg iu.ifnt.fjj ,»ji i IU.lfHt.UJ s s v i :i h v ri IMl 111 ) 7 J«mi!) o:«h-| 'IM HIJI Til Y ii o i v n r j.unw j f •; tU.»fHU JJ Ml | IU.ffHS.fJJ ii iii: s vrmvii') nvvH-j voriiKY|| vi.ny S S V I 3 A V I 11 O I V H Ss o A E X I IK L W Phillip Beall. Jr. LLA. Iam Pensacola Honor Court 'II: YouitK Jlm » Demo. ■ Mill- Club I’rMldutU ’ll; K. O. T. C.; ltd Alpha IMU. John David Butler LU. ■f Miami Student Body Secretary-Treasurer. VTc PmMMt, I’rHldtal; KouiIimiiI. orn Division National Sludml P d«f. •lion of America, ITr.M.m: Kr K flub 1‘rttkknt; Florida lllue Key Srvrelary. Vico President; Hoihbinl nn l TrfMurn; l,) «um foun. t-ll: Intramural Hoard Secretary; f«p. tain It. O. T. C.; Tennis Tram Cap tain: flasket Hall: Habrra; Cavaliers. I’M Alpha I vita; llall of Fame 14. Osium Corneui UJ. Iam Tampa 2K llacchue; Colonel Club: L'Apache. iNbal W. Dale uj. feir St. Augu.linr Freahman Li» Claaa Herretary-Trefla-urer '14; Cavallera. (lire Club; Inter national Relations Club; John Marshall Society; U» llcaroa; | h| Alpha Delta. Henry C Do ier. Jk. uj. four Ocala 2X fliptaln It O. T. C.l Florida lllue Key; Colonels Club; l hl l»rlla Phl; II rates. Harry F. Dyer uj. I AH Niuil AS Ernest Kekb.nbapm uj. Iam Caiartvillr ♦BA Hosing 11. 'IS. ‘13. 6NJ George Greenberg uj. Imh WeM I’alm Head. «♦ Alligator 'SI. News Kdllor 'SI: Seminole 'll. l-ll.r ir. K.lltor '34; Astronomy Club; Commerce Club; International Relations Club; John Marshall Society: Junior Interfraternity Con- fereevoe 'S4. Harcocrt Bi i.i.. Jr. 1st UJ. I AH Atlantic lleach l.leutenant It. O. T. C. Kccknk Andrew Corfak UJ. IA 1C Si. Pelceaburn John Marshall Society. 6 0 ( . Henry Cohciivi n IXJ. I MIT lloopeslon. III. ltd I vita I'hi William B. Dickenson. Jr. U.I. Iam Tampa Cavaliers; Colonels Club; Karr Literary Society; John Marshall Society. Howard Lawrence DuBoih UJ. I AH' Miami Kcarl. Altlcator ‘32; Florida I'lsyers; tllee Club; John Marshall Society; Order of Palms ChanreJor 'll; l hl Alpha I vita. Sabres; V. M C. A Vice I'res-blent 'IS; Captain It. O. T. C.; Pres I dent Chi I'M. J. Hvri. Haver John Ll_ . IA»C Tampa Marshall Society; lid Alpha I Vita. John Marshall Green LU. fair I'or I Orange KA Alllrati.r 'JX. 'JS. -14; Cavaliers. Col-onels Club; Ivhate Club; Inlerfra-lernlty Conference; John Marshall Society President: 1 1.1 Ivlin 1 1.1. TN J amks Clifton Gwynn UJ, B.VB.A. Iah Tallahassee KA Junior lot . Class Vice I'rvsldent ‘34; Alligator '31, 32, 33; Seminole '33. •31. 'll; Associate Editor "K Kook '32; It « . T. C.; Colonels Club; John Marshall Society; I’M Ivlla I'hl. - 27 -s 1 O IK L A W William Alvin Hamilton, Jk. U-B. Iau J rtji«ntillr BOII Senior Law Class president 'XT: Alll-r-»t»r ’X . 'll: Seminole 'XI. X4; Flor-Ida Review ’SI. 'll: Colonel Club; I’lor I'laywna; John Murs’.sll Soci- ety; nil Alpha l»IU; I’M Kta .11 -nii.. UMt» I'rlam; Phi Kappa nil. I .LON AND llARoLD JOhEPII tut. Uu New York. N. Y. John Marshall Society. WlLIJK l . U.NES UJL I AH Qainey SI Knahnun l.iw Han I’raaldmi ’XI; KlorM Blue K»x; liavalirra; Club: l Apache; Phi Alpha Holla. Neii. (I. McMiillk.n li.l. I AH Taaipj KA I’li l«n I a Club; IMkatc club; John Maralinll Society; l.’A| f-he; I'hl IMIa I’hl. John I oi clam NoiUkJx. UJL I AH Calm -Mil-Junior law Clans Hwraury-tmia-urer ’XX; Lieutenant l( O. T. ’.. Hand; Cavaliers; Him (Tub; John Harsh.ill Society; Ka|-|«a Kap|u I’sl. Jacob(Iiunn Parker ii. . I AH Twll.llia.or ATM 1 1 l iH ai»l II. O. T. C ; (V.iimur. Club; l|no (Tub; Itilrrnitllotial I tela-llnraw 4’lub; John Xlaraliall linrlrtjf: Sabres; I’hl Alpha Owl la; V. | C. A.; iVrr lander ’ll. ’Xi; llllte- Team 'XX. "XX; Ynun Iw-omh rnlk (Tub. (liiroiD Koystok Raymir. Jk. IU. uh l-Migliiiijn K r. Utlve Council 'll; Colour la iTult; I’hl Alpha In-IM. G Charles J. Sciiuii U-B. I AH Si. Petersburg Hmlwf I raw Clans Sr.-rvlnr) -Trwas. MOT '111 John Marshall Society; I'M Alpha Ivlin; Tail Kappt Alpha. William Kini.ay Hunter. Jr. Tnai-k U.I. I AH Tampa KA ’XI; Hacchua; 1 Apache; Farr l.ltcrory Society. I. di:i.i. (!ohan Lawiiorn UJ. I AH l.iinroillr F Club. John U. Ij.oyii UJ. I AW ► t. laml.r.lalr ♦ KT Florid niue Key Vic President 'll. President ’X ; Central Chairman Committee; Sophomore cuss Vic President ’XI; Wbo'a Who; Chairman Scholarship IDnellt Cam •s«; Varsity IVUate Team ’X4. 'XX. 17: Florida Iilur Key; Cavall«ra; Defeat® Club; John Marshall Society VI. President: Phi Alpha I vita. Phi SI Mia. IUII of Fain . s o James Willi Moore u. . Iau Nr berry William Montbitii O'Kryan IU. I AH' Miami IIAS Kvrvutlv.. Council X ; Florida lllu Kry; Colonels (Tub; Ivhat Club; John Marshall Society; I’hl Alpha I toll . Ji i.e Hkown Fatter'on IU Iau M Uuii SN Alpha Phi Kpsllun; Florida Blue Key; t’avallern; Colonels Club; Debate Club; Florida Players: John Marshall Society; tinier of Palms; Phi Delta I'hl; Ptratea; Titu Kapjn Alpha; Order of the Cave I; Interfraternity Conference; llnll of Fame '](, John Wallace Sam pi j: iu I AH Ft Pierre S4E Roard Student Publications ’X5; Seminole K llt»r XX; Alpha Kappa Pal; Colonels Club; White Friars; Inter-fraternity Conference ‘XX. XC; Hall of Fame ’Xt. William Calvin Sherrill iu I AH cl Palm Heach KZ Student li.nty President ’IS; Honor Court ’XX; Junior Class Vic Prrsl-.tent XJ; Pbothall ’J«; Rasket IUII ’X ; ILisehall ’X . ’XI; Captain It. O. T. C.: Florida Mine Key; lUrchus; Carallera: Colonels Club; John Marshall Society; I’hl Alpha Delta; I’hl Kta Sl ma: M-nites; While Friars: Sabres; F (Tub; I’hl K.iptst Phi; llnll of Fame ’XX; I’hl Kappa Phi. 2 8s A E X 1 » II L W Cuiknck Lloyd Smith. Jr. LU. Lf ValdoMa, ( a. r. K Colonel Club; Phi IVIU I'M. Emmktt Murchison Tally. Jr. IXJU Lam T«vam A Til Vanity Haaetmll Mnnaxer «: Cap. tain K. O. T. C.: dorl.U Blue Kay: Colonel Club: John Marshall 8ocl-•ly; l hl Alpha Delta: A|. ph l hl Omasa; K Club. John Hardwick Stemkier UJ. Lam Miami -AH «'. ■ !iiIn H. O. T. C.; Etorlda Blue Key ; lU.t-hua; Colonel Club; Phi I vita l t»l: Pirate : Kabrea. Lawrence Frank McGee 1LI. Ijuh-lair Worth Senior law Claaa Vice Preablent 'ST: Seminole ‘II. 32. l»rlil» Itailaw 31. ‘32; Hire Club; I'hl Alpha Ivlla. .1 I I I O It L A W James Calhoun Adkins. Jr. I jam Giinnt ilia IIKA Howard Francis Hot roman Urn Miami X4 Kverutlve Council 32; Baseball 33: Seminole 31. M. 32; White Krlam. T—? Ira Ji d»on Carter. Jr. faw Newberry Dei.piiin Armando Ardi knco Late Tampa Freshman law Claa Secretary-Treaaurar 'll; Cavalier ; !•» l i ur»a. Grorce Cii aria Bollks fas Miami AT A .v»|..r,. U Club; White Krtara; Inter-fraternity Conference. Alexander Strac.iian I i ncan Urn Jackson ilia IIKA Colonel Club. • 29 -.1 A U I O It L W Mam m. MiciiarlGarcia Iam Business Manager MMrntor 'li; KtM' m(I»» Ojuim'II 'U; Chairman Umik OMnailllrt; Chairman Senior Can •ml (•••wn Committee 'll. M«mUr King CMMIII4 'li; President Young M™« l rii|.» rallr Club. Seminole 'll, 'll. 'li. '!«; Kteetlona Committee F.»--Mliv- Council; Alligator '31. 'll, 'IS; John M »r t.all S.«tety. « S Frcmric (1. IIrmick. Jm. I AM Ja k onvil|e AT1I Board SI.MI.W Publication '!«; AMI-«f«r. 8 mli»o|.; Captain II. O. T. « .; Florida Blur Kry; Colonels Club: l.'Apaehe. (Kan J. Kkkp Iam lollioillr. K . IIK A Koiiirt Iaf. McCrary. Jh. I AH Miami DKi Colonel Club; John llaraliall Swirly; Pirates. Vl.NCK.VT FKKL Imp MrlUurn. Ktmillvr 1'Min.ll ‘11. 11. Human Sai.t man I AM Jacksonville Kfnnkth Tayijir Smith Imp Bartow ATI! Seminole Make l'| 'li. Snapshot See-lion Allis,.t..r 'll. li. '»«; H. «► T. C.; Intern.iilonal IKUllon Club; John Marshall Society; I .del, Che in-leal Society; Farr l.llerary Sorlelyr; Phi isella I"t»l; l-hl K«|.p» l l»l; V M C. A. IU.nri S. Toiand a.a. I AH' Tamp XX (loll 11. 'li. Captain 'll; Lieutenant Colonel II. O. T. C.S Sabrea. Kwm S. Jr. I Ate Jitkioniillr IIK4 Junior law I'Uu President 'll; Phi Kappa Phi. J. C. Ill NTT.R I Alt Tavares ATtl l'hl Alpha I elta. Imk: Bi njamin Khi nt .man. Jr. Iam Milton Freahman Im » CUaa President 1«; Florida Blue Key; debate Club; l’hl Alpha Delta; Chairman Demo, ratle lyfMKUe 17. Kiim Arciiif Mfatyard Iam V pliiiitliin. I). C. It 11 Freahman lain Claaa Vlre President '! ; Swimming 'll. 'll. 'li. Captain 1«; Florida Blue Key; Colonels Club; delta Stem PI; F cin».; Intramural Board Senior Manager. William Rockrn Jr. Iaic Tampa Junior law Claaa President, '17; John Marshall Society; Phl I e1ta PM. Philip Nathan Sfijilk I AM' Jarkaonville TB4 Alligator 'll. 'll; Seminole 'll. '14. 'li; In-hate Club; Florida Players; John Marahall Society; Phi Kapi l M; Inierfraternlly Conference. II Rtii.ti S. Tanni n Iam Miami Br-aeh 4BA Harry K»bi:rt Wakskfr Iam Jarkionv ille 3 0L A W F IK E S II M A Gkorci: Edward Allen MJM. Imp Ft. M)ff» Football »; R. O. T. C.; D«IU Sl ma 1 1. Robert McKinney Barton M. I Mir Si. I’rle»»l»urj: SX Alligator 'll, ’ll. ’ 4; Seminole J4: rapi ic O. T. C.: Florida Blue Key; Colonel Club; I'reMdcnt of Debate Club; Hehato T«im; S hrp«; While friar . M M'RICK J. CroMKR I mm- M iami ♦HA Commerce Club; John Manaltall Society: Intramural Board 'll. Ts _5 Anson I. Drkbsm I MIC Miami ♦BA K. O. T. C.; Beta Cantina Slam : Commerce Club: John Marshall Sorl ely; Inlramurnl Board: I nlrrfralee ally Conference, Don Valenti Giunta I mm- Tamp Debate Clul : Intvrnutlonal Relation Club; V. M. C. A. William Wade Hampton C i mvUlr SAB It. O. T. C. Edmind CmiUTON Johnston M. air Cainrt illr Kreahntan Hum Secretary '14: Hojiho-more Claaa Treasurer ’XI; It. O. T. C.: Cavalier . Artiii r Myron Kahn Iain Miami llearh TEf Miciiakl Y Arpaeas Uh Tarpon Sprinp ANA lie bote Club. Y. M. C. A. 9 Georck K. Baixiiman . . . a. Lme Tamp ROII Bela tlamma Siena , Commerce Clul : Y Al. C. A. IIknry Mki.ton Dominick ■JUKA. I At M Wrlulrr Boxing 9 Edward IIi.nt . Fletcher LHA.1, Im u (irmulmra Alpfwi Knppa l“»l: Colonel Club Sam James IIall Zmr I’xi-JXlIl 9 Earle li. Johnson 1AM. I MM Del jilil ♦KT .9 IIarka Fob Johnson fair Souili Bora Crandr non Jack Kline I mu (Manila I1KA 31F IK E S II 1 A X L A W Frank I’ kk»k Mr. juw £m (•linr'tillr IIK A AlllRator '31; lat Ll.utrnant It. ». T. C. J a men S. Moony Ijtu Qljr IIKA Jack C. Pinkrrton Un I IliM r) .|(l'7l|r|| ill ATI! IU «lnK ’35; Alllirator '31. '31. '33: Itawhiu; l,’A|« lio; Ktlirvi; F Club. W illiam Hu mu old Homan ■AIA. Uh Miami II «♦ IlfU 4 In lit inn Ml Kiim. Inin XIrhm I 1. A it Mini Hi bin Uw Miami ♦KA Comm.r.© dob; John Murahall 8ocl «y; Intcnmuml Ibwril 'IS. William Paul Shelley, Jk. R.VB.l. Ism rr ATI! Krohnwn ItiH-lull ‘31; Itirrhiu: It O. T. O.; Colon.In; l. A| a h«: Sabr.-a; l‘ .»l-t nt of Alf'li.i Tnu OtnrKB. Tiffany Tumi i.i. I.M.L Uir Mnmlicrllo ♦AO IUmIuiII ’ll: It. O T. c.: Itarchua; I’.iiniwn-r Out ; I •.In RlRtnn 1 1; Jotm Mnr lmll S— Inly; Iblro; VVhllf Frlarn Skloon F. Waldo «, . fm I (iiino ill. ZAR llon »r Court i'h.ivr llor 'll; K«m-ii-tlr ConOr 11 "3 ; I’l'-M-I lllu. K.y; John Marshall Hw lrty; Colon.l dub; IVhat. Club; Phi Ivin I’M; Tun K Alnlwi. Whit. Krlar.; « ut. atntullnR Fr.‘liman 'll; 1'iinhmrr ‘1 ; llnll of Klim -. Gkorce Weston Mitchell Arm Ttanpa AX Fr.ahmnn Lia Clan 8or«l r -Tr.anur.r ’17: Florida l'U «r», lilr Club; John Miirahnll Sixkly; Hlflo T um; Srri»n»; VounR M.n'a Ivmo-rrallc Club. 5 «0 Dwn.ur K. Ocier -or Soulli Jjrkomiill. OKN Alllcator '33; It. O. T. C.; Farr•rary Hwlriy: Whin Friar . M MM MIN F. Pac.ktti air Si. ugu tinr .MllR.It .r ’ll; 4'(immirr Club; Car. nll -n; International It.lj. Ilona Club; l’n |vllor Club. I-K » KoMtMLI M air Ibilniu It.arli ♦KA Francin Kiernan Sciioon maker Law Su l’»lrr»liuf IVtxato r'lub; International K.ialh.n Club; John Mnnhiall Korlrly; Y. M C. A. George Armistead Smatiikr law Miami ZAR Fuvlda lllii. Key; FlnrbU I’lay.ra; ivtui. Club; drat.a; F Club; Mali ©f Kan ’ «. William Jackmin Vai gun M. Imh M.llmurn. ZX 32SENIOR ACADEMIC Gkaouatks «f the College of Business Vdminislra (ion may enter the field of auditing and urcount ancy. Every successful hutincM from Wanking to Store-keeping must make need of such wniiTH. Hence there always are job in this Wranrli of business, and excellent opportunities for steady ad-vanceiucnt to responsible positions.Senior A ailomir Officers Jkki I). xi hu.ik M, v aki I'm» Cxi.mks Pretutmt I iff Prviidtmt SvcrvtaryTrvasurrrs i; i o it A C A l» E 1 I C II. Adams, Jr. •ua. Arlt mnd Scirnrrt Miami ZAE I la ■(■hall ‘Xi. ’ «. Siiklton James Adkins kAM. 4dmiuitfr ti n Giianvillr zx Dwiciit Moody Allen MX Hducmtian Ciinnrill( Kappa l‘hl Kappa: lUptUt Student Union. Frank Alvarez iuiinru AdminiUratian Tampa Ihulnt 'll; CotniiKnc Club; Proprllur Club; Newman Club. George Lester Anderson ml Kdiirativn Lrylal Rhw AZ4 Srrretary-Trea.urer KliMlml Athletic Council •»«. ‘37: HoxtnK Si, 'SC. Oar-tiiIn ‘37; Cro Country Tl: Captain It. O. T. C.: Vice I'rddent Hire Club; Peabody; Sabre ; F Club; Kappa P l Kappa. Bennett Robert Am .r i m HAM. Muimcu Adminitlration Miami ♦BA T---? Wallace J. A rev Ml. Agrirullitrr MonlvrriJr Kappa Kappa l »l; Newell Kntomo-Instcal Society, At i khi O. Atkinson BAA. A. flminrn Adminitlralian Umatilla Seminole 'll. ‘SC. ‘37; Alllcator T«. ‘37; lUrrhui; Commerce Club: Cavalier . Pre blent; r ella SlKma PL I’m-peller Club; It O T. C. ( DR M. Adams B.VCII.K. hi gin ruling Prmarali Tennl ‘33. 11. 31. ‘37; t'aptnln It. O. T. C.; A. I. Oh. K.; Ben I on Engineer-Ins; Sabre . Louis ( . Alexander MIX Knginming IrailKwvillr Cr»- Country ‘33; It O T. t .; Itlite ami Ptatol Train. 33. '31; A. I. K K.: Florida Knslnoertns Society. George Kiih and Alia n B.SJB.A. ■« and Hiiiwim idminiitralini Fort Mym Football ‘33; It O T. .; I Min Slum-. II. Kinar RiENIIOIJ) Anderson I.VtJ. Em f inerting ’R e l Palm Itcaeh ATA tat Lieutenant It O T. C.i A. S. C. K : llenton Engineering; lUis-lm . Leslie Benjamin Anderson. Jr. B.s.a. Agriculture Uinter Hawn API Lieutenant It O. T, C.; Alptu Zefn; Itand; Thry : Newell Entomology Society. Philip S. Arey EM. Agrifullurr Molll% rrrlr Al'P It. O. T. C.; .Alpha Brio: Agriculture Club; Neurit Katotmdogy S ». lely. Clem Glenn Armstrong uju. Ilutinr ;t (Jniiaiii eiioN Plant OJty OX Propel lor Club; White Friar . Cecil Andrew A a ant BAJGA. Ilutinn Admuiiitratirm Miami BOII Minapr Varsity Swimming '37; Commerce Club; l e|(a Sigma PI; Ptortda Player ; Alpha Phi Omega. - 35 S E I O IK ACADEMIC Marvin him irk Ayres imj. Ilutine Adminiuration Kr«ulinillr Propel lor C'luk. William Patrick Bakrr M.HM. Education Hawthorn Football ‘It. 'IS; lloaket lull ‘IS, Melvin Barnrrt MJ. Aft ami Science Jacksonville TK4 Alligator Staff 33. '37; Fourth K»l»l club. Jean Turner Barrow LUX Engineering ICil) A. «- C. K.; Ih-nton KMlM»rlM(; IUn.| ‘XI. ‘Si. ‘SC. 37. lnwr U imlieatra. J. Lacey Barton LM. IgrH ullurr Urn Sainl Mary Alf.lia ‘ .eta. Artlrullurr Club. Hubert Sharp Bary MJA. Ilutine Adminitlralian Si. Pdmbiiri ROII Swriintnln ‘33. ‘34. ‘37; Captain R. O. T. C,; Sabre ; Whllr Frlara; F Club. Horn in Louis Baxter. Jr. •J . Arlt ami Science 4 local liil lr X4 V 31 I A.; Alpha I'M Omec ; Vice Proaldent V. 31. C. A. 34. ‘37. Franklin Davis Bennett IMUI. limine»» Adminittraliun Suford 4KT KIIIM. The Seminole ‘37; Manuring Editor. Seminole ‘34; Varalty Foot-tull Manager ‘34; tlorhU nine Key: Sabrea. Y Club; Alligator St..ft ‘31. ‘34; Florida Hollow SUIT ‘34. '3S; IM l.leulenant 15 «t. T. C.; Secretary-Tmaanrer. Interfralernlty ronffiene ‘35. ‘34; tUrcbiia; l r i ollor Club; Who’a Who In American Colleges ‘37; llall of Fume ‘37; Invitation Commit lee ‘37. II. Monrok Baisden ■jAJL Engineering Live Oak vAg It. O. T. C.: llmlea; Sabrea. T ---- Angus S. Bari.ow MJX Hu ine t Adminiitration Wildwood International Itelatlnna Club. Joel Grin Barmiart R.A.J. An and Science Daytona llraeh ATU Executive Council ‘33. 34; Board of Student Publlcatlona '37: Alligator •3«. ‘33. ‘34; Seminole ‘34. 37: Car-tain It. O T. C.; Fourth Katate; Sabrea. Arkrt Dean Barry ■A. An and Science 4 Irarwater Honor Court ‘34. ‘37; Wrestling ‘34; It. O. T. C.; Sabrea; Student Keaaton; V 31. C. A. Robert McKknnky Barton LA. late and An and Science St. IVter»l.urf ZX Alligator ‘34. ‘33. ‘34; Seminole 34; It. O. T C.; Florida IMue Key: Col-onela Club; Debate Club; Sabrea; White Frlara; Debating Team. Wii.Mm Wilson B assett. Jr. lm. Agriculture Montirello ZX Florida Collette Farmer. Aaao. Editor ‘34. Editor 37; Tn.l Lieutenant R. O. T. C.; Agriculture Club; Olee Club; Toreudor Club; Thryaua; V. 31. C. A.: Newell Kntomologicnl Society; Stu. deni Sea ton. 0. A. Beasley lux Engineering Umatilla A I K K ; lleiiton Engineering; 81 . fna Tuu. Frank Ira Bennett B.VA. Agriculture Ocala ZX !•« Lieutenant It O. T. C; Alptia »ta; Agriculture Club; Tbryaua. 3 0s i; i o George K. Bentley MX Hduralittu MU mi Kapp I»elta PI; Ka| |u Phi Kappa. I hl Ku SI if mn. Ilalaley I. noli Awnrtl ‘1C; I’hl Kappa Phi. Charles Cecil Bernard l-L Ant and Science Tampa F'otith Katale; V. M. C. A.; HrJI«Uy Club; Poetry Club; International He-Utlona Club. Andre Scara Bialolenki ■XL Education C«innvillr Coach Varolty; Radio Oulhl; Florida llivbw. —? i ihi Kmkeson Bimiop IM. Agriculture AucQla Alpha .«•!». Agriculture Club. Cleveland J. Bourgeois IATHY. Art and Scimert (Uineavillr 111 Lieutenant It. O. T. C.; Mortar At Fettle: Itho ChL James Arthur Boyd. Jr. BJtJLA. Hutinrtt Administration IxvUturn non Rarchua; White Prlara. 5 ----- George Ford AJI. Ant and Scimcn Caiiwavillc Qlee Club. Clifford (Jordon Brown. Jr. AM. An and Seimcrt Tampa KA L'Apaehe. K M I C William Thomas Bkrcert a-va.A. Iluunrtt Administration l.ougluiian Alpha Kappa Pel. Lewis Berner u. .Dh and Scimrrt Miami Alplia Kpa I l»n IVIla: LelKti Chemical Hot let . Phi Klicma. TN _ Com: Fokiies Bicknell bulj. Artt and Scimcr» Verrrilrr, Mi «. X«- Honor Court ’3«: Krealinaan AdilMry Council ‘Jl; Alligator ’ll. Kdw urn Uwih Bonney BANX Emginraring Mianii IIAZ lat Lieutenant It. O. T. C : A. tt. M. K.: Benton Kiiclnecrlnc. W.C. Box Hutinrtt Administration Cracrville 2X Charles IIknry Brammak BAX IIX In gin erring Si. Clou ! Ilmton Engineering; Ihml; Player . KtorMa Thomas Joseph Brooks. Jr. MX Education Tall-»l.»»»ee Kami 11. ‘II. 31: Kappa Kappa l »l; t'nlver»lly Ocehealra; V. M. C. A.; Secretary UrlMItl Student Or-Knnliation; ItDIe Team ‘31. ‘31; Secre-tary, Cooperative I.Ivina Organise-Hon; Inter-Chureh Council. Earl J. Brown. Jr. a.vax. Hutinrtt Administration Tampa ZX Ole Club. 37 -S K . I I C O II A C A l» E 31 Kletciikk I.ockk Bkown b.vxjt. Unfinraring Jarkx.millr AX Captain I! O T. t ; A S K.: I !••»»• (on Knjcln«'«,rlriK; Hittmi. Thu: lm«r-rr .i-niU) Conference; I'M KU Slum ; I'hi K.t| (ui I'hi. Joskpii Thomas Him nmin A.B. .■Irl anti Science Nr«oli I Intel; l'nli« rally Hr l» lm. Joiin.w I)i dlky Hi it iioi i.ii BJMI.A. Ilutine hlminiilralion Si. I'.Irr.lMirt ♦AO Kor.ll.all ‘31, '3 : lUnket lull 'll. 'll: Tra. k ' «; Jn.l Meute ,«nt 1C. O. T. rru|i«llM Club. Kal.rea; K Club. Jack H. Biimi liniNrii ,(i nnni'ar«linn I Id) Inna Mr aili Mr.Trinr v.Tr»M«ur« f Student 11...I y '37; Junior a»K« I' '31; .i|.(uln It. O. T Florida Itlue Key. Amort Ijiwis Hi ki.i.. Ju. ■AJ.I. Wunnrii Atluiinitlralittn Coconut f»rwtr Florida lllur Key; II....I I''r • c. '37; Clioer|..i.liii K iund '31: Intramural Senior M.MK'T '3 : llilni-mural VYroatllni; MannRer 1C; l.y- • x m t ..iiii.'ll '37. Sabre ; t'aplaln II. O. T. f.: t'liulrrnan 'tutor Pep Club; • ’asallera; Commerce Club; l e|| HIriiiu II. Koiomi Kmv iiii Cuimtu. ».u. Alts ami Science Orlando IIAS Alpha K|.allon Ih-tla; Hand: ‘itator IVp Club: Kappa K.ifiM I AM: I’lllver-»lly Orvheatra; Y. XI. f. A.. KKK flu!.. W iixaci: (I. Campumj. M. If ami Sr irnrc Arcadia AX til VV R C.ARlAON BlVCJC. Engineering Ha) luna It.-atli AX A IUixIur '33. '31; l!uMlt|«-i a Staff Alll-•rator '31: A. S. C. k.: Itenton Knal-nrvrim?: SUma Tan; I'M Kta sionc I’M Ka|.|M I'lil .Norman K. Bkomm: B.vjt.X. Hut in an Arlmini tralion Orlando IIK A • at Lieutenant It. O. T. C.: Propellor Club: Intcrfmtcrnlty Conference. J. C. Hl kc.oy.nk I.VCJ. Engineering IVn-amla Ai.rkrt Howard Buschman BA. An anti Scirntea l)d)t»na Krarh lloxlnie '34; Alpha Kpnllon l elta; llac. chua. Hf.rtram James Hi tz H.VMIV. Art ami Science Tampa Morlar IVatle: Kho Chl. Isiiam Hmc : Bykom. Jr. . Education Si. IVirmliura Y. M. C, A.; lnt -rnatloruil Relation Club. Tri» K lhktt BA. An ami Science Jacksonville Kevrelarv-Treanurer Senior Ctaaa '37; Mamma SIriu.i Kpnllon; I'M Kta SIR-ma: Seminole sialT ’37; Lelith Chemical Socloly; phi Kappa Phi. Raymond Thomas Car bu.i.o AM. An an A Science Tiiiiim Colonel It O. T. C.: Cavalier a; Sabre ; llall of Fame. T 0 Stic Gkorck Carlson BA. . Agriculture l-ake Hamilton AS 38S K I O IK A C A II E M I 4 Murray DlBois Carmicsiaki. •A Arls mil Srimer l r»l Palm Hcacli SAB Kapfo Kappo l »l. I’alteralty Orcheo-lr.»; IUn.1 ' 2. 11. IImjkmh Aubrey Carrm.i. uu. Afrieiillutr Miami Lieutenant It O. T. C.; Alpha »l»: Aicru ullurr Club: Toreador Club; Tfirynn. Sam K. Cabtrr h.a. Arts and Srimrn WraI Palm liN«h sx Plratea; Hahn ». K. O. T. C. John 11. Gausky IJU. Afriettllurr Uauehula SX It. O. T. C.I Alpha Rabeea; Thryaua. Sm.wyn Chalkkr. Jk. ■Jk Art and Srimrr l-akr City Wll.I.IAM S. ClIAMBKR . Jk. LU. Arti and Science Jacksonville ♦AO AIIIKator. Am k-IM » JII««r anil A» l»t-ant ManaRln ttlltor SS. Si. FalHor-In-Chlef ST: Seminole Military Fall-tor 'SC; lt of Htudent Publication •SC; Track Manager 'SC; Ktortiln Mine K r: Cavalier : K Club: llall of Ki.oyd T. Christian I. Aural inn Si. I’ttmlairs ♦AO Athletic Council ST; K.mttull -SS. 'SI. •SJ. ’SC; lUaket Hall ’U. SI. Sl. "SC; Captain It. O. T. C.: Morl.U lllue K jr: SaUrra; P flub; Hall of Paine. rrx William W, Clark RJLTHY. Art and Science Harlow Kar. utlvr Council 'ST: Mortar A Pen. Hr; Itho Chi. Thomas I). Carr B.V Arts and Srimm I'nkatilla Aatronomy C|»il»; Phi Kta Hlitma; Kla. Ani.lrmy ..f Science: PM K»| |u I’M 9 Jl MKT IIahkell Carhincton IAA Afrieullurr t'.lrrmunt Agriculture Club; Phi HI gout; Thry-• ua; Newell Society. William Twininc Camlk AMU. Ih, mni AJntUiiilratioti Jack-om illr ♦AO lUaket lull ’SI; Alligator ’31: Sent-I note 'SI. ’ST; l7 A|m-he. Charles W. Chalk mi LU. Art and Science Jark-omillr Alligator SS. 'll. 'SC; Poiirth Katale; Hlgma I Vita Chi. 6 0 W II.1.1 AM JKX.MM.S (’ll U.ktK tax. HAumlitm Jacksonville law Miann; IVuboRjr. 9 William W. Chask. Jr. A.g. Art and Seirnrr lakrlin.l IIK A Athletic Council S4; KiHlull Preah-Bun Captain -SS; Varalljr K.aitKtll 'SS. •31. Captain '31; IUak-1 lull 'S2. ’S3; Mwlmmlni '32. 33. 31. "3S. ‘ST: It. o. T. C.; IhNftin: I lra tea; Ha Mrs; II .11 ..f Panic 3 . Arthur Stlwart Clark. Jr. • Ifh unJ Viisirn and I At Gainovtllc 9 IIJ.IAM DlW-iiN Cl l i M.i'K k». Arh and Srirnre• Si. I Vtrr-I.Uff 3 »K 1 I I S K X I O II A C A » ClIARUS N. Cl.Y MORI’, M. . Agriculturr GaineavUlc AXO Toreador Club. K» nmktii It. Connor LUU. ZJuiMm Adminiittation IVn irali 2X Cavalier . — Wiij.iam PoWEIJ. CooChlt MJU. Ilntinrt Adminiuratirm TlllllM«rr AT1I Cropollor Club. John Edward Cot mikr. Jr. IMA. Iltitinrti Administration IIK A It. o. T. C,; lUrelma; l Ajiaehe. Ai.kkko Rankin Cox, Jm. Agriculture Camrivillr Kl..rM» Collar Partner '37; It. O. T. C.; Agriculture Club; liitrnmurul Hoar •!«. •»:. ClIARUO IIEATI.EY ClIRRV LVM. fliHMoi . I Jm irtUl alion TaiUfM ♦AO Hand SI. '31; (lh« Club •«. Roy Day ii Daniki. me . Art and Sri mm Fl. Mjrrn iVtvnllera; lllw Club; 1 -lKh Chemical Society; Methollai Student Orgunlia-tloti. Jkhvr$o. Davis IA.4. Agriculture Ylt. I’Ua-ant KA Creel.tent Senior CIjm 'JT; Seminole '3. ., 1C, AhmUi.-wk |tiia|tie « M.iinurer •JI; Collette Farmer. AmrocI-Ate IIM»|rir«« Mu nine or 3C. K Hook Circulation Mnnxmr '37; fapMln It. O. T. C.; Aurl. iilliin. Club Vico Pf o-blent 'IV. Creal.lent 'li; To realtor Club Vice ITeal.lent '3fi. '17; Chair man Cover nor You UK Mrii'n IVmovritllc Club; Vlee-Chalrtnnn IVnuM'ntilc I m ii» '1C; Circulation Manairer Allocator '37. Sidney Xavier Cohkn B.vii.n. Education Jarkxiltvillr ♦BA 1 Eti» ball '33. 3S; K Club. William Ferguson Cooper •JIAA. Wwiiimi Administration Cainoville KZ White Friar . 5 George William Cottkkij. O.VPMV. A tit an ii St truer Daytona Beach 11AZ Captain It. O. T C.; ItanO; Mortar IVatle. Wallace Power Covington RAJJ. Engineering lllr OX Alligator 'll; R. O. T. C.; Racchua; Satire ; White Krlara. Shuler Phillips Cox MJ.L llutinn Administration Jark-onilllr OX Track '30. Croaa Country '10. 11: Commerce Club. Ai.mon Edward Daniels B.V Artt and Sri mm Si. Cloud Hoard Student Publication '17; Alligator •»: Florida Review 31. "U. '1C. •37; A. I. Ch. i{; Chi Kta Sigma: llall Ilf tame; l t»l Kat { » l h». Ernest P. Davis. Jr. B.SJK.R. Iluuneu Adminitiralion Krrnandina KA Harold Hugh Davitt Hminett Administration Gtlanvillr SAE Captain Adjutant R. O. T. C.; I vita Sigma Cl: Sabre . - 10 eS E X 1 O It A A II E M I c William A. DkHlois AM. Arts and Sciencet Kl. I.autli'lilalr X4- Florida K vl«w Circulation 35. '14. Robert Be.noliel Delavan MJX Ainuiru A dm im titration llailr Cta Commerce Club. Gaston I oui» Dicxkn UUH4. Engineering Wewahilrltka .Mile lor 34, ’37; K Hook ‘It, ‘37; :nd UtuUMDl II. O. T. c.: A. I. Ch. K,; Kenton Knidneerlmr. Vice Frealdent 37. Executive Council 3C: Cavallera Hoard of (iamavni; Florida foil-nearing Society; Young Democrata Club; Chairman Cap and Gown Committee ‘37. T w_ Robert B. Dunoi IX An% and Seieneet 1‘alalka II K 3 T Rorkht Stanley Dyal BAA. Agriculture Cocoa II. O. T. C.; Agriculture Club; Cava llora. John Dixon Evans Ant and Science Jatk-ont illc Norval Morris Faiilh BAXH.I. Arlt and Science Clearwater nKB Hand. Kim in Cm:11. Einton MB . Hutinett Administration Jaikuxii illc iia: l« O. T. C.: Commrrt Club: Olee Club; ‘Oator Hep Club; I. It. C.; V. M. C. A.; KFF Club; 171(17 Xololal; Pmliman Football. Karl G. Deck ■XL Education UcirMlalr A24 Hand; IV body. Ji lian K. Denham lmx Hutinett Admin ittrat ion Harlow Fred In mi son Dorman IA Arts and Sciencet Jarkwinlllr It O. T. C.; Alpha Kpallon l»eHa. Nolen I. Dikrl ». . -4rl and Sciences Kl. M ee. It. O. T. C.: I elgh Chemical Society. Kenneth Wyatt Kfflrt IAHJL Education Jacksonville Alii Idle Coundl Vice I’realdent 33, ‘34; Sophomore CUu Vice I’realdent ‘S3; Football it. 33. 3«; lkt«ket IUII •31. ‘31. ‘34; IU« Nill ‘31. ‘35. 34; llall of Fame ClIARIAS OODFIN K NHII MX. Education Winter Carden X4 Seminole Suit ‘34. ‘37. IIakky Morin Fmcin a.vciM. Engineering Kurfb Captain H O. T. C.S A. I. Ck. K.; Hellion Engineering; Hand; Uni verity orchestra; Reaervo OtBcera A«-noclalloa. ClIARLKS LoVATT FERCl SON msMJt. Hutinett Administration Tarpon Spring- AX A 4 1S i; I O It A C A I) E M I € Jkss F j hkii.i., Jk. ».VM. Ilntine »• ldmuii lrallt n Tinpi ATI! Ko.UmII 'll; K»xin 'll. 'll. '11; Cap. lain It. O. T. « : Propel lor Club; Pint lea; Kabren; P Club. J. WkxIJSY Fl.r uiiiini .l( muin falwn ZrlUo mJ OX Uyi uwi’MiKiril; Jun|,»e ‘la«» VI 1 pf-.I.Uat 1 ; KlorM l!iu. Key; lletu tSarnnaa SlKina; Propeller C|ub; Kahrea; WIilU Krlin; Y. M. C. A.; Yainnic Men'a iM inviiulb' Club He. re Cary; liit.-rfralernlty CwfoltlK ; 1 1 1 l M. SXw Fred I). Foster Hdumlinn Miami Intramural lt-»ir l Koto hi TiumvroN Freeman h.vjla. (uiiiiru . i «ui(i MHan T am|Ki KA Horkhi Kixrm: F« gati B-V An anti Science lilrwwilrr tlmiima Slxnu Kp il«m. M u in. l.oi i i. Gary ■AM. Architecture Ooll At A Un» lr: Newell biinmiiliml 'al SaH-rly. 5T Mo mi ok Carr Gib o I.VJbC. N«ii ln IJauflitl alinn Tkllihiarr rx Cavalier . !ll HI» S. (IlJCNN ■At, Igricullure I |ome.f rad It. O T. « : Alpha 3bu; Asrhullwre Hub. I. Walter Fisher UJA Ilntine AdminUtratton Alarliua !♦ Alligator 11, 'll. 'll; l«t Lieutenant It. O. T. C.; Propeller Club; White Krlan. William Henry Forrytii •auue. Engineering Florida City ATA llaaket Kali 'll, 11. ‘1«; A. I. K K.: Kenton Kkilnmlnc Klinu I l (A I".I; Klinu Tau; K Club. Stanley I Frederick ima. limine Adminiumtion Naples IX Captain It. O. T. c.: Pirate . Fred Montgomery Fresiiw atei IAA.C, limine Admininrmliom Si. Petersburg IX I whale Club: dice Club. Robert J.Garlick IMA, liminei Adminiticmiltm Coral Cabin. AZ4 Propel lor Club. Arthur Willard Gay a.v At It and Science t. I AMmnomy Club. William Asa Glas . Jh. IAAA I.Hgineering Miami KZ Seminole ’ll. '!«. 'IT; I at Lieutenant It O. T. c.: A. I. K. K.: Kenton Kn-Klneerlng: White Prlar . F. Frederick Glomb b_v An and Science» Miami I at Lieutenant It O. T. C. • 4 2 -S E X O IK A C A II E 1 I i I Alfred IIe.nry Cohort. Jr. ■jjx Wmw«i Adminiuraiinti Jjrkx.m ill. Lieutenant R. «. T. C. James Brown Good-on. Jr. B.V AtI aMti Sfimm Cainntillr II. O. T. C. Henry Karri Graiiam ■»%. Aili anti Sri mm (tiinnvillr II. O. T. C.; Alpha Kpalloft IVlta. Wilson S. Graii am H.VO.A. Ilminri AJmuiiilntiitm lira.Jrnl.m George Chester Grrenr IARIV. Am Scimct Otala rx Mortar IValt . Valiu Dennis Griffin. Jr. i-vniv. Am and Srirntn lira.loilon m: Aiiirrli-nn I'harraa.-e-titl.vil Au«l». Ikon; Hand; Kappu Kappa 1 1; Mortar A I'eall . James Clifton Gwy nn H.R.; IAIA. I ah anti Itiiiibpu AifniiniUrn itin TjIIiIijxo KA Junior Ij»w r U« Vine | r l.l »t SC; Alllrator 11. "It. 'll: Seminole "ll. 11. JS; A -'-lat.- K tltor F IS--.k JJ: It. O. T. c.: C 1..nel Club: John Mar. • hall Society; 1 1.1 I Vita 1 1.1. Walter H. II arrm.i. Jr. IMJ. Knrinmiag Lakeland A. H M. I . Tr»t»»wr r; Itenton KhkI rvflnc; Florida Kmtlneerlmr Sortety: Indoatrlal E.'.ialrveertnic Society Vie l r »ldent; Monitor Harold E. Gooding a.'. . . Ilminrii Aihninnlralioti u i -I Plain B • ■ i OKS H. O. T. C. George Griffith Graii am RARJL {i.imru AJnuniiUalitm llradrnlun Thom an Aloy-ii - Cm aii am 1AM. Ilminni IdruiniilnititMi St. Aututliv l t l.lrutrnaiit M.O.T.C.: IVlta SlRinn 1 1. Jack Marvin Green LAA.A. Iluiinm AdfainiitialittH Tallal. ••-IIK A Ka.-chu ; l.’.Apa-hr. II ariort Scott Gregory 1.AJX y.ntinminti Tdllkiorr tTrrlt of Honor «Vxirt 'JJ; A. I. K. K.; Florida Itlue Key; Hanlon KiiRlnerr-In k; I'hi Kla Slum , Sliima Tim. » — Kmory lit tton Guy KAJX Engineering Hamilton A. I. K. K.. I ten ton Engineering. Tom IIami ton IIarlky RAJKA. Hminm AAmmiuralU « Mlanl rx Alligator 'SI. 'll; Seminole 'SI. ’ll; lU.-chu ; l.'Apaette. Ciiari» in fee Karri- BJ’.A. Arrhiltrlurr Gainra-illr ♦AO Alligator SS. S«. SJ: Fine Art So-clety; I’ruprller Club. 4 3S E I O IK A C A » E 31 I John I). Harris RMA. Iluxinen .Idmini t rat inn and Imw Si. IVirr l wrf rx .'aUiIn It. O. T. C.; K«M“ K»m » Pal; i;A|«(kr. I.YMAN G. IIa-kuj, Jk. . A-4. Huxinexx Admini%Uatir»n Gtiapivillr KwliutnliiK 'll. ‘l«; Captain II. O. T. ; Kl«rt'l« Playara. II. If. Henkri.y AA An and Science f»rala Tamil 11. ‘li. 1«; l bnla Club; Karr l.u-mry Sin Wy; Oa tor Pop Club. HERBERT AROVTO HENLEY IXt, Amrunitu re llrluniik Sprlnp Honor OmiM 17; R. . T. Cj Alplui Zrla; Ai»l ullur» Club; Tor«-.ii|«r Club. William Asri my Hu.k 1AM. Hn ftn rrr in n T mn| j A. I. K K.; Hanlon KnKlimrlm; lai l.lrulrnnnl R. O. T. C. JOSEPH (UlNRAD I lot | BAA. Agriculture rUiiMiuili, In. Inna ALBERT A. lllH.T AM. Irt and Science Ja lk«oii« Illr Thom as Vrlls Hoi.t I.UA. Ituuncu Admini tralix n JirLxim illr ♦AO Henry Oscar Harrison Ml. Education Darlington IVabotly: Y. M. C. A.: Intar-Churrh Coafarmr ; Kaptlat htu-Jcut Union; Intramurala. Paui. I.ionkl Koharii Helliwru. am. Arl i and Science and I mm Tampa XO l.l«ut«Mni It. O. T. C.: lx a Pfoaroa; Onltr of Palma. » — Robert T. IIemiricks BA Arl and Science Jark onvi||r Alpha Kpallon iMltu; • Hand; t’alvar ally Ori-hmtra. I’oK SlY AEKOKIi IIeRIIEN BABA. Uuxinctt AdminiuralifMi St. IVirr l»ur( ATO I rRa Sljemn Pi; International Rala-Ilona Club. 6 s James C Hohr BA Education Tallaha »rr Knot ball • «. Perry A. Holmes baba. limine Adminiuration i»'lif ■!a Pijunant Allan Hoi.t B.SAA. Itmineu Adminittratinn Jarktontillr rx I .ee Hooper BAAB. Architecture Jarktonvillr rx Onnroyla. 141 s i: i o it A C A » E M C Julian Kurwell Howard O.VO-A. Huiine t Adminiitration Orliml« IIKA Florida Player ; William Cailislc Hughes ijj. hi iif at I tut Orlando Football •««. 'S3. ‘33; lu.ket IUII '3t. 'S3; IU ix Ini 11 'SI: Ut Lieutenant It O. T. C.. lUcehua; Sabre . James Kiciiard Hunter ■ -CJ. Art and Science Tallaha» -r X4B Football 'll: llaaebnll 3t; Btechua. Nkwton C. J ackson ».v Art and Science Largo UKA Raaeball •«. U Tl; lxlgh Chemical Social y. Paul Nathan Jewett A.S. Art and Science Miami Florida Player ; I’nlmrlly Orrhe -ira; V. M C. A.; Methodlat Student Organisation Aaaoclato Director. Charms Mii.ton Jones. Jr. o.a. a mi n.vcii.i. Artt and Science and Engineering Caineeville R O. T. C.: A. I. Ch. K : Benton Engineering; IUn«l: Oamma Sigma Kp-allon: Kappa Kappa pal: txlgh Chemical Society; l hl Kta Sigma: Sigma Tau: Y. M C. A.: Phi Kap|« Phi. Cordon Cleveland Johnson ■3.A. Agriculture Baker Agriculture Club. Edmund Covington Johnston X . Art and Science Gainovillr Secretary Freahmen Claaa ‘31: Treaa. am Sopbomor 'Du 33; It. 0. T. C.; Cavalier . Clifford M. Howell IMA. Hu inrn Adminutration Miami AXA Intramural Board 'St: Captain It. O. T. C.; Coinmert'e Club, ItURTON WaGAK lit NIORIMARK IJU. Agriculture Federal Point Thryaua. « s John Patton Hyman, Jr. AJI. Art and Science and l.a» Bartow KA Kueullve Count-11 '38; Varally I e-late Manager ‘3 ; Kreehnun la Claaa Prenldmt 'ST; Alligator '31: It. O. T. C.: Oo lone la nub; letute Club; Pirate . Hubert ■ Jenkins IAJ-t. Unimex Adminitlration J»y AT A llarchua; Commert-e Club. Artiii r Denton Jones B.x. Art and Scimen St. IVter.liorg John Paul Jones. Jr. a.A.i. Art and Science Gainesville rx Florlila Blue Key; Editor Florida Review ‘33, ‘37: Board of Student Pul . lli-atl m '36. ‘37; President Sigma ixlta Chi '33. '37: Vice I'realdent Or. tier of Palm '31. '33: D ll-tor Be ml ado '33. 33; Feature IVIIt«r Alligator '33. '37; Phi Kta Sigma: President Ib-MoUy Cluh 'IX. '33; A , •exlate Kdltor K Boo ‘36. '33: « ne of Ten Outstanding Freahmen '33. '33. Florida Iterlew Staff '33. '31. '33. '38. '37; Hall of Fume; l hl Kappa Plil. J ames M. Johnson B.A.J. Art ■ and Science Jacksonville non Alligator 'St: Seminole '31; Captain R. O T. c.: Han-hu . E'ourth Kalate; Sigma Bella Chi. Siierard S. Johnston Ilminni Adminitlratinn Walton It O. T. C.J lUnd: Com-metre Club; Bella Sigma PI; Propel-lor Club. 45 s i: i o it A C A II E M 1 C Wiij.iam Kim Kii Johnston I.VCX Kttfineeriitf Gainesville l.lmlennhi It. O. T. C.J A. S. C. K.: lUnton Knilnwrlnii; XUnu Tau. Mii.ton M. M. Art and Srimrr Miami AlIlKitlor 'SI. 'Si. '3«: Kemlrv.le 'SI: ■ bniiiM XIriivi Kpallnn; I til K«M" I til. ItllRHII I). Ki l l.) II B.S.MX. fji|iamiii| Dunedin A. », M. K. Jack Kim. n.M'-r. fcnrinrrrinit I .rami lti lge K millv» Oottiii-ll 'ST; IM l.leulenanl It, O. T. C : A. H. O. K.l lUntnn Kii-DUimtIri; haliw. Dai.ton Waynk Knkksiiaw rjua. Agriculture Itradrnlun Alpha ' a la; Agriculture Club. Wiij.iam II. Kromk H.S.A. Agriculture I liinii- •liail Alptsa V ln; Newell KntomnluKy Hoc I fly; Itil Kappa l l»l. Ji man IIaknus Lank ■ASA. flininni Tampa A Til Koottsall 3S. '34. 'Si. i MIb 'S«; Motor It. O. T. « .: n.irl.l IIIiip Key: 1'lratea; Ktl rf»; K Club; Hall of Knmc. «NJ W mjack u ni nr I.atiiam suiia An• ml Srifiiffi Si. IVlrr liur| r Ariiii k Wii.mam Jordan. Jk. AJI. Artt and Science (llmmilff IIK A Itaml; IUohu»: Olf Club: INratea: KmiuIIvc Council '33. JkROMK GSOKCK K M. Arlt and Science Si. Augustine ♦HA A11-1 in Kpalton lK-lla. Marsdkn G. Kkixy ■AAA. limine Adminitlratirtn Tampa ATI! I'ropellor Club; It. O. T. C. IRVINC kl.M’PMC I.AJ. Arlt and JiflWn Jarlooni illc TB4 Kreahimen ILiskrt lull llnnurr '3«: K llooll Associate Ultor ■ J ; Alligator •3i. '3«: Seminole ' i; Captain It. O. T. O.: Fourth Kami Vice PrfuklfM 'ST: Touni Itemocnita Club: Interfra-temlty Conference; AuncUte Wllnr Seminole '37. Lamar I- Knight RJLCMJL Arlt and Science Gainesville ♦KT Vkrnon Dm.mont Lamp a.s.At. Architecture Miami Intramural Dorm le»RMf Manager 3C: Intramural It-uni. Fine Arta Society. T s IIkrman Bkrnard Lasris LULL Uutinet AdminitlralUtn Jacksonville ♦HA Captain It. O. T. C. J. S. Lai dkhracK h.s.ak. Architecture Jacksonville Sine Arta Society; (iargnyl . If.i: i i s i; I o IK A A II John I . I.knk :rd MXl t.nginrrring llfljii'l A. I. K E.; Denton Elnctneerln . Alva Hamblin Lcttox BJL Arlt and Sficnm V ]ri » Alpha Kp«ll«n Delta;; flamma .11 Kin.I Kpxilnn: tile Club: Kappa Kt| |u Pm: ftapllM Student Counrll; Itapllai Volins people t'nlon l rea|. dent. Albert McKissack I.lwi UUL Arrhilfrlnre Panama City rx 11. O T. C.: Aatronnmy Club. kK.VNKTII J. I). 1.1'TIK IAU Engineering Cantonment A. S. H K.; Sterna Tau: Engineering Society. John R. Logan A. I. K. MJUL Engineering Ora la K.; Hr-nion Knain««r|nK: Band. John IIkm »:rmjn Iaenc MJ. Ant and Srimm Jaekaonvillr OX Alllcalor M. ’J«: E'lorhL IMayera; Sterna Delta CHI: Pnlverally Orvbr -tm; WltfP Staff. T. Marabij. Lo K M.A. AfticuUure Tallaliaaxe Executive Counrll '17; Track 'JJ. '14: tat Lieutenant It O. T. V Club. John C. Lttu duration Ka.t l.jkr X4 let Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Thomas Aliikh Iao.mrd vaj. Arlt and Sri mm Milton Arp AlllRiitor RnnaKltiK EMItnr 'JJ, Aaata-tant ManiiKtne K«lit..r A»i i.hii ur«- EM liar 'JV; Hand; EVurtb E;«. t.ite Her relary -J«; Sigma I Vila Oil: V. M « . A.: Santa lto« Club l'real-•lent -3C. RoKEMT II. U: HlN I.MK. Arrhitrriure St. Petrr.liurg OKX ILi . toll 'Jl; E’torbta Itevle Dual. neee .ManaKer 'It; t'aplalu It. O. T. « ; Interfratcrnlty Conference. IjtONAKIE A. llWIR •.va.t. Hu tint Adminutiaiinn Weal Palm KS Captain It. O. T. .; Commerce nub; I’hl EUa SlKina; Sabre ; Phi K p| IIonaije William Ixoyd ■-VCIIJL An% and Soenee Tal|j| a» e Alpha Erpalb.n Delta; (lamina Sir m i KWML Kihue: Joe: I aim. ■AHJ1. f.duraiinn l-»kr City KX Football 'JJ; 'JV William l m Ia» c iaba Hutinrt Adminitiraiian CaineavQlr IIK A It O. T. I’.; I Tope 11. r Club; Sabre . Jl LIPS I .BON I .ON IT . ■.vriiv. An and Sri mm Tarpon Spring lelrh Ole mien I Holrlr; Mortar I’eatle; Itbo till. II Al. ill Ml MdlAUIKI N BAXM4L knginrrtinf IjLIiikI - 47 -S E 1 I o IK A V A i i: i i Howard I . MacCartiiy ■3.1-1. Engineering Tampa A. I. K. K.; Ilenton KnKlneerln . Wiiiiam Kow. McCormick, Jr. ■33.A. ffuuiirii f ( in in iitruirm Fulton. N. V. ♦AO Korlrt Joiin'on McCaiiey MJA, WmiitMt AdminUumtion Miami SAB Al|tha Kapia l »l; Fraipellor Club; I'ltatM, Ben L McUuciiun ux Agriculture Fairfield Xtu'l»»l B-»1y Vic Proaldrnt 'll: Junior Clan Seerelary-Trraiaurer "1 ; Florida College Farmer Bualnea, Manner ‘J«; Srmlnolr AxlUanl line. In -,. MaiuK r "11: Lieutenant It. O. T. C.: Alpha »la Treitaurer ‘36. Agrl-rolture null I'rnhUnl "31; Cavalier ; T«r t%«lnr Out ; Florida Colon. llt RitMtr Perry McNkal ■.aj. Art and Science Ocala S4R V Book. K.llu.r-ln-4'hlef '3 . Alligator •31. 3S. '34. -3T; Seminole ’ll. '34. 'll; Florida Itevlew -Si. -36. 31; Florida lllna Key; Knurl h F.atatr. Ftorldu I la yam; Sigma lu-lia Chi; Y. M. C. A. Karl S. Mai»kn g-VILA. Ilutine AdmininmtUm H n| I’alin Hrarll AX A Captain II. « . T. C. William Iaik Maks. Jr. Wwtwru ldmini tratinn Munlirrlln SN Captain It. O. T. C.; Cavalier ; White Frtar . Jack li. Markcrak ■.a. Irli and Srinirn Jarkuinvillr Florida R vl » ‘34. '37; Cava Her a. International llelatlon Club; Phi Kappa ITil. John Moore McCarty AJ. Art and Stirnce Ft Pierre Ktorutlve Council 3Ji Football '33. '34; I tii »•'!«» 11 Maiumr; Captain K. O. T. C; Florida Blue Kay; Baechua; Foliate Club; l.'Apacha; Habra : Whit Friar ; Y. X. C. A.; Interfralernllv Conference; Intrnmural Hoard; F Club; Hall of Fame. Kdivard P. MacDonocch MJIX Engineering Jarktonvillr A. S M. K.; Benton engineering. Banal; Sigma Tau. Kusseix Hl’ch McIntosh ■jax. Education lakr Worth V. M. C. A.; Peabody. WALTON Hartow McMullen IAA Education Clearwater Artiii h Mrriji McNrely KM. Agriculture Rcddirk Florida College Farmer Bualnea Manager 3T: Alllirator Bualne,, Staff '37: Agriculture Club; Cavallera: Sabre . V. M. C. A.; Toreador Club; Student Sen.Ion Captain It » T. C,; llualne Manager Seminole "37. Mitchell S. Macid AJ. Art end Science Miami Football '33. Ai.ered Horert Major B.VMJ. Engineering St. Petersburg ATO Alligator '3 . Make-up Kdltor '33; A 8. M. E.; Benton Engineering; Pro-peltor Club. Wilton E. Marks A3. An and Srirarn Orlando - 18 -S E X 1 O It A ( A II E M I C JOB!. M. M Ml TIN IX An and Science ( iinr »tllr Rosca K. Matiiewx Jk. AM. A l and Science Rrdilifk Zoluk McCollor Maynard a .a. Education Orlando ♦KT Senior CUm Vic Pr l4 ni 'JJ; Knot Ik II •». 'll. AU rn i» Ci»l. 'll; HaaoUill 'll; While Prlara; K Club. John IIomer Mkrcrr RJLBJC Huimcu Adminiunuitm Miami ZS Captain H. O. T, C.I lUcchua; I Apache; Hire Club; Kabrea. S. Eiiiiol MitntmT AM. An and Sciences Miami Track 'Jl. 'll. '» . 'IT: K Club. CTV Skymoih M. Miller An and Sriflirci Miami TB R. O. T. C.: Leigh Chemlalry Society. Svn Mitchkij. ixhit. An and Science Gtianvillr Mortar A Peatle. Wiixjam How ard Moore »x«. Agriculture Surkr UciM«n m R. O. T. C,; Alpha Bela: Agriculture Club: Thryaua. Ciiarles I)a i:y Mason ■ana Engineering t.|eao«atrr A. X. M. K. X cr «rr; lief too Kngl- ...ring. Hand: Propel lor Club; Xliim Tau. 9 imidrow Wilson Matthew ■XI. Agriculture I'oncr «lr Honor r.mrl; Alpha Belli; Agriculture Club; Toreador Club Problem. 9 I.yaian McCum.oiuii Meare- ■X Art and Science Tampa dice Club. Thomas Curry Merchant AA Oh and Science Madiaan OX Ki "til.Elliott Mii i ir I.U. Education ItaL-on I'ark Kuppu I «-lta IT; IV-abody; K | |a ITil Kappa; l bi Kappa ITil Lawrence W. Mims a.-.rM.r. Engineering Ft. I'icrrc IIK A A. I. Oh. K.: Hen Ion Engineering: Cnrnmn Sigma Kpallon; Sigma Taw John l . Moore ■X An and Science Scanlon Hkrhiki John Morrison n.vcitJ. Engineering Miami HAS A. X. C. K.: IUhImi Engineering; He-Molar Club. 19S E X I O IK A € A l E M I € Edwin I). Myers MXi. Knfinrcrsnt K2 A. H. C. K.; lUnl.m Kiuclni-cf ln T Alpha I'M Omeca. Wiij.iam Alfred Neal MXIIA Entint+rint Arcadia leutenant II O. T. .; A. I. Ch. K ; Benton Kiueltu-.rlnic. Francis Craig Newsome a.v . Agjieulturr lllountilown AS Edward Francis «.AJ. hdttfalton Feraandina Ka| |u l ella 1 1. I«nw IMtiinm; Kj| |a I'M Kiipixt; I'M Knppo I'M. Gardiner K. Nottingham. Jr. •.'.•a, Wminru Administration Fl. Pierre 2AK Opinln II. O. T. ; HuWiii»; l,ro| l-lor Club: Sulir»». )laiu«r Bovins Team 'JT. WlLIJAM Al.MMtr (Ktmk IMIO. fnjr in erring Jark«onv illr AT A PooIIkiII -3J: I.leu ten., lit It. O. T. .: A I. i'l», K.: Hanlon Knslneerlns: I'li-rl-la KmctneerlBs Society. George Wii.i.i am Oxford a.iAt. Ilusinrs Administration Jai k-om i||r Kloflil I'lay era; IC.-i.tU Cull.l Club; f-VJ George Saxon Palmer a.'. Art iinif Srimrrj Tallilia.xr KA II, O T. « .: Alpha Kp-llnn Ivlt : Haevbua: l.'Aptu-he: Sabre . Wade Cooper Myers ».v Art and Science Tampa 2+K How ard Collins Nelson MXX. t.nginerrint Orlando has Lieutenant It. O. T. C.; A. R. C. K,i Benton KndnrrrlnK. Mack Percy Niven Iliiiaru Administration Dunedin IIK-f Ermhiwn IU ebalt Maiuor Tl: Commerce Club: Delta Slsmx PI; Propel lur Club: It. O T. C.; 8«brea. William U. Norwood MJU. Mistiness Administration Tall«lia »rr ♦AO Kiecutlve Council 'J«: NVreatllns 'll; lat Lieutenant II O. T. C.: Beta (lam-me Stsina: Cavalier : International Delation Club: Phi Kin Slcma; S t.r »: Cbm mere Club; Phi Kapptt Pill. John B. Nottingham MJA. Wminru Administration FL Pierre SAB Propellor Club. Hamilton S. Oven IJ..C.IL .n n in eft in Tallaha-»ee KA lat Lieutenant R. O, T. C.I A. 8. C. K.: Kenton Knslneerlns; Kueehua; PI-rate ; Satire M adison F. Pacetti fiairiest Administration and Lair Sl Auga-tine Alllcator 'll: Commerce Club; Cavalier ; International Itetatlnne Club: Propellor Club. George David Parrish n.Aj. Art« and Science Miami Allocator 'JJ. 'll. 'J ; Fourth K»-late: I'M Kta Signm: Stir nut Delta Ch|; Y. M C. A.: Boar.! Student Pub-ll atlon . Secretary: Phi Kappa I’M. • 50S E X 1 O IK A C A l» E 31 I C M. M. Parki'II. Jr. Hutinrtt Ad mini ! rat ion ( linr» llle ♦AO Ituakel Ball Track Mimgrr 'It: Florida R rl « 'XS, 'X ; H mlnol» '1 ; Florid Blue Key; Bela Gamma 81 -na: Commfrcf Club; Ml Slciiu HI: Propel lor Club; Phi KU 8i n a; In-terrralernlty Con fere ace; Pnabawn Aiivim ry Council; Phi Kappa l hl. W MH.iii I.eKoy Pkarnon Art and Sfienrr Miami X4 Gordon Carl Pickering I.S Art and Seienre Delray Beach Phi Kapfu Phi. fO--- Charles Axel Pokkel MXL Engineering Gaiaraville A. I. K. K: Benton Elmclneerln . 81 -im Tau; Plil Kappa Phi. James Hatcher Porter IAi.1. Bulineai Adminitlralian Plant City Z4R M. Julian Proctor BJIJI.A. Buaineai Adminiuration TalUliaaaee ATfl llaaeball T4. M: Propeller Club; 1 1-ratea; K Club. Mini m. Dia . Ramirez. u. Art and Seienre Tampa O.Z. Revkli. AgruuUurr Itri-lol Agriculture (Tub. Benjamin W vrinc Partridge, Jr. Buaineai Adminitlraiion Tilliluurr K2 I'ninnwri Club; Propeller Club; While Prior . M arci Leonard Pepper Bonnet JifniniifriiniM Daytona Kraeh ♦ HA Kinulltr Council M; Miun.i- Com-mil in- 'X4; . lllca(»r 'll; Hemlnelo •Jl; I lota Gamma 8!icma: Coiiiiiwk (Tub; I'M Kta Sl nu; Gumma Tau Chi. Charles Fred Pierson •AIA. Bimneti Adimninration Tallaliaiaer r.vE Alpha K p|M l‘»l: Propeller Club. Paul Marvin Pope. Jr. a.vcjr. Engineering Miami Hrarh •on A. 8 C. K.: Florida llliie Key; Itonton Engineering. Sobrea; Sigma Tau. William CL Potter ■AAA. ftutinrn Adminitlralirtn jnnnloM 11. V Y. Alpha Kappu Pal; International lie-Uilona (Tub; Propellor Club. Jose I.its CJi intana AJh Art• and Science Tampa X4 lew Plnraa .5 Robert Morrison H am don a.vrov. Art• and Science. H'iltiiar-hydhe-Sen ANA l(an..r Court 'll; ITii Kapiu PM James Lloyd Kiioden ».s«. A crieullmre Itlounl-loM n AS4 Football T«: Alligator 'XL 'XI. 'XX; Florida Review 'X«. 34; Florida Col-lege Farmer Editor 'X4. 'XC; 8emlnole T«. 'XT; II O. T. C.: ABrlcullure Club; Toreador (Tub. 51E X I S O It A C A l» E 1 I C It If.II KI (J. ItlCIMXI)' B-vruv. An mud Seim Fl. Myers ex IV. He. John Albert Koibins Jr. u. An and Stienee St. IVur.|.iirK lllee Club. Aijvko Wiijjam Hoi: IAXJ. Iin t inert in g Arcadia ATO Captain It. O. T. C. Sidney M ai rice Row mju. Ilu inr AdmiiniUralUm Miami TED Alligator A •lalimt ! |Hirl« Ealltoc "IS "36; SrinliHilr Sport Mud 'll. Ibt.i (UmiM HIiim; Vimmrn» Club: In-lernntlorial llrUHom Club; I'roj-lh.r Club; I'M KtJi Sigma: ji-aOli MiixOno I'nlon; Young R»»'» HfmornllcClub. Sami 1.1. Tiimmmink Sarykr. Jr. ■jaje. I.dttmlion liradmton Ka|ia l M K p|«a. Datiii Henry Scott S.V An and St inter Arradia SX Court 'ST. Alptva Kpallnei IM-la: Florida lllue K»»; Hand; Haoehus; Itehaie Club; llorliU l'l» r . Ham-ma xutnw Kpallon; K«|iu Kappa l »l; I l»l Kla Sigma; I'nlvfMllv Or« h ««ra; I’M Kappa I'M. Francis Kiernan Sciioonmakir A.». An and Stienre St. I Vlrr-Lurie liel-at 1 111b: International llelntlon nub; John Marshall IWlrlr; V. M. C . A. Romero Mitciikl Ska ley ».v An and Stienre Tlllllllurr IIKD Alpha Kpallon lwlnt; IUiimI; Ki|i i Kappa Pal; tnlv»r lty Onlir«ini; Cooperative Living Organisation | ur-v baaing Agent; llaptut Student t'nlon Cauarll, Woodrow Wilson Riser au. Id malum Sanford Milton Rohiuns R.MA Hutinr AdmmiUralutn St. IVirrdiuif ♦HA Lieutenant It. O. T. C.; Commerce Club; la-lgh Chemical Society; John Mara hall Society. Charles Albert Root B.VA. Anritulluie I'lant City IIK A Athletic Council president '37: Knob hall 'IS. 31. '33. '36; Track -J«: It. O. T. O.; Florida lllue Key: I'lratca; Thryaua; r. m. C. A. Ira ini. Isidore Ri sort ■a An and Stienre Ctinnvillr ?N Fred William Sanolsky A . An and Stiente Arcadia AX Alligator "3J. '3 : E'arr Lllrrary Society; Mortar A lv»ile. JfiiiN Marci Scott. Jr. LUX Engineering CainmQle KX Track '33; It O. T. C.; A. I. K. K.: PlnrMa lllue Key; Kenton Engineering: Hand: Kabrca. While Friars; Y. M. C. A.: Interfraternity Onfrri’M . lit irkry Carl Sciilciit B.S.R.A. Hu fine Admini ifatit»n Sarasota ATI! Executive Council 33: Se-crelary- Trnasurer Student Body '16; Prr.l.t.nt Student I tody '37; Knot hall '3«. 33: Track «. '33. '36; Colonel It. O. T. « : Florida lllue Key: Commerce Club: Cava Hera: Sabrea: F Club; llali of Fame 'll. 0. Alex Sears ijjj. limine» Adm ni lralion St- I'tirr-lnir SABS Iv I O IK a c a » i: i i c Cuab Sei.i.kk M.U. Hnfinerring KICVf- Teem SS. 'SI. »V Artiii r M. SiiANDi.orr M .1 Knttinrrrint lijini TK4 Football ‘IS; A. H, C. K.l Benton Kn-llamlni. Wiluam Paul Shelley. Jr. . . . . Ilusinrtt Administration and Imm Tallaha • «• ATtl I Li aw tail ‘3 : liacehua: Oolontla Club; L'Aparhf; Nahrra; Major K. O. T. C. Ian I . Sim IACH.K. £ngi«l erring WrM Palm Braeh TvniilH ‘SS. ‘SI. ‘S5. ‘S«; A. I. Ch. K.: Benton Kmlnwrln . Aijjn Orrin Skacc »Jr. MJ. Arts anti Sfitfurt (ilinwillr OKN Alligator ‘SI. -SI. • . ‘SS; Karr Literary Society-; Fourth K«lat ; Sigma I arltn CHI; IUiBo Oull.l. Sami rl Benjamin Skinner. Jr. R-H.BA. Iluttnrut Administration South Jacksonville OKN I at IJaulenanl It. O. T. C. John Bruce Smith. Jr. RAU. Arthileclttr Si. Petersburg Klar Aria Society; Gargoyle. Lynwood Bi-rdktte Smith a.vcii.R. Kn finrrtuif Tampa A. I. CR. K.; Qamna Sigma Kpallon: Sigma Tau. John Stanley Sellers a.vt. W«r«lioa Miami I "I Lieutenant M. O. T. C. Tiium a U. Siiani» Hittinrtt Administration Gainravillr KA Whit KrUra; It. O. T. C. Murray Doucla Sicman RA 4rl» and Srirare Si. Augtiaiine It. O. T. f; Alpha Kpallon Ivlta: Camilla Slsm.t Kpallon; Kabre-a; I'hl Kappa I’hl. Walter Cannktii Simms R.M.I. Kntinrerinf Miami A. I. K K.; Benton Knglaorrlng. Iw»lgh Chemical Society: I’hl Kla Sigma; Sigma Tau: fill Kappa l hl. Henry Cordes Skinm m Am and Sfimrrt JaekaoilV illr ox F. Nelson Smith R.VI.I. Ituunrn I dminis! rat ion Avon Park XX I to ml. J. Pierce Smith . Attain ear Administration M irano|» Commerce Club; H -lta Sigma 1 1; In. Itrlut|i a dub; IV.-I-I|..r Club. Wilijam Godfrey Smith B-.VB.V. Ilutinnt Administration Tallalia»»rr h l.jrrruni Council I'; Florida Blue K y; I’lrate Captain. - S3S E X I O It A i: A II e m i r NX hi jam ki m.tii Smith ».s. .Of and Science Auliurndjlr I'.inil; I'nlyrruliy (iri'lmiliB. ' 5 John Uok Southwell Education lll«iunt t iv«n 1'mlHnly; Kn|-|» I'M KuH i; Fun'ilry Club. Howard Hamilton Stjt ire ».s.a. AgrkuUure KuMii IIK A Amlruliurr Club; Ifaurliuu: Tltryaua; I .b' Jl.'iui III II. O. T. C. James Khkert Stubs B.S.4K. Arrhilrrturr Miami Kin Art Knrlfi)': tSOr Hub; »rdir f Palma; rn|y«nliy or -b.«tm. iT Arden HENRY SlWEIT U.VIM. Hu ine » Adminitl aiicm ililHSVillr Fred nic W ii o Si rrus IAXIIX Unfinrrtimf l!a«llr A. I. Ch. K.: It.-ni.ui KuKliwvrliiK. 0? Saw mhui Francis Taranto I.MW. II mine lif«iiiiii rnlion IViivicola 1 1 l.l.-ntmanl II. A . T. Ivlin Slit-m» It. Ultlll KI I llMM A TKNCII AJI. All iinJ Sfimrn (!lr l«alrr K'h.kk Newton Snow U.V An and Science» Florida (lily X Track 'St. 35; Cr»ji«« Country ’ll; Ut •i»n. Sabrra; Slum I vita PM; K Club; I’M Kapta I'M. « S Dale Springer iaja. ttutitten Adminitlralion Hull uuixl AX Oonmrcu Club; ivlta slant l'|; Knijia Kufiu Pal; Intrrfratarnlty fcrrnra I'rraldrnt ’S7; Young Ivmoerata Club. SNJ Arthur Harold Steven ■ANiL Education Or Undo Intramural ImOp.-n.Unt High Point Man 'St. HjimoIkiII Peabody Club; Y. M. C. A. K. Cordon Stormu ijjo. Hu ine Admini lralion Jorluontillc Kcarh Atlilrllr Council SC. V|c» I’real'biil 'll: Wiratllng 'St; Intramural Senior M»na «r 'K; Intramural Hoard SJ; Tir.Tl.MiOr •«: Captain It. O. T. C.; 'tutor P»p Club; Propelior Club. Charles Kenneth Strickland R.VR.A. limine IdminitUation Talliluwr ME IVIta Sierra PI. ROSS V. SwaRTSBL UXI. Agriculture Ultr ft air XX Alpha »ta; Tliryaua. Arthur C. Tkoford MJiir. An and Science Orlando Mortar Pratla. Roy Howards Tew AJX Education Ft. Mjrrr - 54 -$ E X I O IK A C A l» E 1 I 4 Lee A. Thomas UJHT. Art and Science llifli Spring Mori at ft Poatl . Ulay J. Thompson ma Education Ctitirnillr (TSJ W h Herbert Toske IXMX Engineering Jfrtkvonv illr rnr A. S. M. K.; HriHon Knutnrrrlny. Jambs Harold Trammell MXt. It lit inn Adminitlraiion Jark otn illr ♦AO Captain It. O. T. C.i S br «; Intrrfra-tcrnlty Conffwar . Torrence John Trout lluiinet AdminiUraiion (Alumbus Ohio X« Robert Kylb Ti rnrr I.MX Architecture Vnl Palm Brarh IIalvbr Clayton Van Dame Comma BA An and Science Orlando Hiirma Knullon: Kuppa IVHa Pi: Phi Kappa PM. Walter Van Munster MXIIV. Art and Science Yr»t Palm Beach iXA Homer Vircil Thompson iau. Engineering llainr City AXA A. I. i: K.; lUrnton Knclnmlm; Al-pha I’M Oinrea; lota Tau Kappa. It. O. T. C. Frederick F.i.mer Todi AMJ. Art and Science Punta t.onla X Poiirth E Utr; XIcim Imlta Chi; ln trrfratrrnlty Conferrnre. Cmco Iarot Townsend IAA. Agriculture Bril Daniel Heyward Tre ea nt BA An and Science Jackionvillr It. O. T. C. (»n ioki E. Turner BA Art ami Science t olar kry» KZ It. O. T. C.I Itlltc Tram; Young Urnua-crota Club. Damei. Hoih rt Usdin BA Art and Science St. Auguatinr ♦BA Albert Clarence Van Durkn •A. Art and Science Tampa BOB Olcr Club; Phi Kappa Phi. John I. Varner. Jr. AA Art and Science Miami Intramural Hoard ‘17. - 55 -S i; I O It A C A l» E M I Caul Howard Vrrdtck •AAA. ltimnr % .hint iniifxUM Tampa ♦KT Srmlnol '35; Alllsator ’ll. 15; LlM« Ionant K. O. T. lUcchua; Klwlita l tay»ra; White Man. Skijhin F. Waldo I AM (nbmvillr ZAK Honor Court Cbaarollnr "IT; K»« «-ilv. Council ’a . Florida «l»» Key; CalonrU Club; Club; John Marahall NiNlaiy; I’hl la lii I'M. Tan Kn|i|«i Alpha; WhM Frlam; « ut-• tuc Kmhiiun ' •; Interfrater-nlty Cttalrfriiiff -a;; Hall f Ham . J oi» Fiiipp Walker. Jr. Arrhitrrturr (.oral (ialiln Kuxillvf (Vuarll ’a"; liar Aria R . • My: V. M. C. A. I- Krmktt Waijao: tAM. liMltrti hintimtlfulirm 1'allalu»rr Alpha Kap| a IW; Afflmtm Club; International IteUtl.ui Club; Intra-mural lUinnl ‘SI. Richard Karl umo I.UIJ. hnginrrrutg JarkMinvillr itoxinK ‘aa. Tn»rb -as. ai. ’at. a. s. m »: y K»l RETT II. XX AYCHOKF K.VMJ. I.nginrrnng I’a—a-I.rillr Itrarli A. H. M. K.: lien ton Knutnnrlnc Hr-Molay 4‘Iub. I). Neil NX I BM UAL Irrhilrrlnrr Miami II AS Honor Cnuii ‘IT; Cirti.ylr Prc M.-nl •at. Ciiamlk Ia t»:r W k»t aj . • Irlt am .View«•«•» 4 h inlu ♦KT AlIlKAlor ‘aa. ‘31. 'll: Social Kdllor 1 ; Itaerhua. ‘tinlor IVp Club Man »K e 'll; Inurimllotuil Itrlallona Ctok iNaMy, G illum Caul Wainwriciit IAJU. uunrti . i niaiilruiiM Lawtcy AXA Hclta Si a ina l |; 1st Lieutenant II. O. T. C. IIaroui K. NX ai.ker I.VTHY. ArU anti Sr ini ret ( ulf Hammock Mortar tc IVMle. James Howard Wallace AM. Arit and Sriram Caianvillr IIKA I .IN WOOD A. WaLTEES BAjCMJL Engineering Miami A. I. Cb. K: Il»nton Knclneerlng; tlamniA Siam Kp llon; blima Tnu. Walter Townsend Warren BARA. ttutlneti AdmlnUiratiom Jackionx illr ♦AO Track ‘13. ‘3«. ‘3 , ‘1C; Football ‘32. ‘14. ‘1!. '!«; Pirate ; H Club. IIknry Allen NX eat herb y AM. Art and Sfienret Palm Itrarli TmnU Train 'll. '35. 34. Captain ‘31; Man.iK.-r Freshman Tennis Tram 31. ‘It. ‘17; 1 1 Lieutenant It. O. T. C.J Florida PUyera; FFF Club Secretary '34; l notry Kortriy, Morton Wkissman A.B. .Irl« and Scienter Brooklyn. N. Y. TE lb-ha to Club; Florida Players; I’M Kta Slitmn; Phi Kap| a Pltl. Fred West BA. Art% and Srinm « i. •• mi « h| zx Pirate • 5C •S E Nf I O IK A C A II E M I C John Peesiiixc 'R ehbeic Uur«JioN (jrrabrlli' AXA Pawl Madison Whatley AJ. Art and Science Jarkton ill ATI! Football •»«. 'll, Baaeball; Captain It. O. T. C.; L'A|aA« hr. IIAKOI4I Albert Whitcomb IAAA. Ilutinen Admininration Sara tola KS Captain K. O. T. C.I Alpha Kappa I »l, Robert IIar ky Whiteley ■jUC. Education Giinovillr George Hi cii Williams Jr. ULBJk. llutinr Adminutration Gaiamillr l.l«ul iMnt It. O. T. C.; Kata Gamnwi Sigma; I'hl Kappa l‘hl. William Drauciim Wilson. Jr. IMHX. Emgbuwing Fl M rr» Captain It. O. T. C.: A. I. Ch. K.; Urn-ton lUitlairrlnc; Cavalier : (lamina Sigma Kpxlloa; Sigma Tan. Kria: Lawrence Wirt. Jr. BA- . Agriculture lUl.-on Park ATO Alligator 'll: lot Urutrnanl It, O. T. C.; Florida Player : Ortrr of Calm . Joseph I'arkiiill Woodward B.UX Engineering O iexlo A. I. K. E.; Urn ton Knilnnrlng; Sigma Tata. Geo. Franklin estbrook. Jr. Agriculture lllmuoiil Mratanant It. O. T. .; Alpha eta; Hamm Slgnta Kp ll»n; American Society: flu Kapsu I'M T Ratiiijon Yertrkss Wheeler KA.A. Agriculture Penney Farm Agriculture Club: ITtl Sigma: Thry-au ; Newell Society. 5 Robert Lee White lATIIV. Art and Science liainmillr IIKE Track 'll. ’ll. 'll; American I'hirm.i-• eotlral A» Mortar I'ea-tie; PCIufc. GEORGE WlUJAMS JR- BJ . Art and Science» M ia tni Alpha K| llua Itrltn: A»lron«»iny Club: Cavalier ; Leigh Chemical Society: I'hl Kappa I'hl. Sidney II. Wiijjams ■AtX Engineering Miami Kuvutlv Council 'li: Honor Court "IT; Alligator 21. 'SS; Plorhln It lew ■| ; A. I. K. K ; Itenton Engineering. I’hl lleta Sigma; Slgina Tau: Ptil Kappa I'hl. CVRI •. JoMPII IN II M . B.V An and Science Tampa Frank A. Witiierili. In inr « Admininration Miami Itearli Cavallera: | ro|wllor C1ul . II ariiv IIolton riciiton B.AJ.A. Ilutine Admininration Prn a »la Seminole 'll: Plurhla ItevUw XI; White Friar . 57s i: i o it a r a i k i i t: Frkdkrick Dai.ton Yancey, Jk. -■ . . Af rieutlur l.’nMilla Aitrl ultur« Ywr Hook K-lltor ’3C; Al-I K» " t»; Agriculture Club. 5 D. Hickey Z bwm» Eduemtion Tampa Alligator ‘33, ’31; IV urlh Koiilf; l-o I'iuci; Int.-rmit li.eial l!»Ull.m» Club; Y. SI. c£ A. W ii i.i m V. liuu. Jr. M. .Iff and Scimm Dunedin IIK s»«.,lii.,lo ’SI; Alligator '31: l»«bat I'lub; I Ub Clu'mlcul Sn ’kiy; Vur-ally Intuit Ti«m "3S. '37; Inter- fraternity (ViiifimMt. KOMARD |,u:r I.IPSCOMB (irmduml IVn»urula MethodlM S( i..tint Orxiinlxutlon. Itoi-EK C. Mll.VROF M.A. Etlirtnlion St. uRU«tinr • lice t’luli; l'nlver»lt ' Orvhealm. I). Peyton Von R.VM.A. Hiuimen Adminittmlion KT Commerce Club; l rltn Sigma 1 1. I re»-l«l «t ’37; I’mi-ellor Club; F Club. Gohden Edward Baker Ml. Education t-akr llrnoj American l-cglon: Veteran of Foreign War . Burton Lanky Or admit e lirrrmillr lIK-f Ernest Jambs Lytij{, Jk. Graduate Ka t 1-ake Swimming '3!, ‘33. Ol'tatn ’31: Florida Woe Key; Cavalier : Kj|-|‘« Della 1 1: F Club; Ku|.»a l hl Kappa. Thomas Pai i. I.V Engineering Bradenton • 58 •JUNIOR ACADEMIC Morh cordial relation with our South Xmericain iicigldmrs. due to tile reeenl | eace conference and the President good-neighbor policy, are sure to lead to increased commercial relation between the two continent . Many graduate;, from the I ni« versity are sure to enter this promising South American field, augmenting the number already engaged there.I Il MOIt CLASS OFFICFIIS (fllIM.I l(oniNM) Jack Vmvu Tom Flkmim. I'muirni t'ice-Prrtitiml Scrr nary-Trtvttu rrr.11X1 » II A C A n K M I c; J. M«iK»h Amn« X Selling ftiMUM :. Aibtm MO Live Oak IUbmij K. Am»NMJi Starke Chabu.n O. Au n ___________________________ Gainewille Hi "I II Y. Allan lakeland llimtrr S. Asnimiv Gaine.ville Tiioma II. Arfuwimi, Ja. !N Jaekvonville 1'tiUtt F. Abmvtbonc Miami Thai AM T. AiiMit.ii SAB ll«n« L. A ki.w, Ja. HORACE I). ATKINSON John F. Atkinvon John L Avant HOII Tiluah O. Htn B. I). Bailkv Y. II. Huawiv AX A Oroveland l.aki land Orlando Lake (lit) Miami llmatilla Cairvevvill Poet Tatn|»a Cit) Kowtiw H. II tain n Ft. M)er« Homy llurin» Miami Anbbrw J. Bam ... Wald II. Birr SN Monlieello bi.mai H. Brail. 4KT llradrnton IU.irroa» C. Bravlcv 4KT Sanford ItijMJrr B. Hi om Jaekvonville ChaRIXA a. Ik«t IIKA IVnMrola OoaaoN Hi it ma UK A ... I rgo Otlv Hill (iaine.ville (.1 onci W. Bolah. Ja. Ilmaanda JixiKN P. BcNJANIN. Jb. Jaek.onv ille Boy A. BrnJAMIW, Jb. 411A Jaekvonville Boat at L. Bin M (iainenillr John C. Hi bhabd OX................................ Orlando Bobibt T. Hi wrap a KA............................... Orlando Him tan J. Ri.vioa KS It. Jlbby Hraii.ii. IIK4 IIi.nby II. Briiv F»monh K. Hivvon Clewivton Ft. Lauderdale Areadia Melbourne 61.1 U I O IK E 31 I l)ttlD % . Hl K IllkkV K. ltU(K IM.nmi. I). Ruckiiin XAK Oiabuu K. Bmmosi liiiMisi Ki »n TK4 KMUM. II. lil» ILTtl John W. Hikim ♦AO lit mo ax I. Bowia Hon w. Bowm IIKA Ki »«r V Itova ♦AM JlHIM 'I. BOVKTT William J. Boynton ♦KT Him H. Kiukuin Ih.NNt B. ltMM.uo AIT O. K. Iliui.Y, Jb. Oont C, Hbancii. Jb. ZAK Ahiiii b T. Hbanoon JnratMl I . lllMWIU 1‘llL 11. ItMKK O.ABKNCS II. Hum s 21A K IklN ALO L Bbown John A. Hbomn. Jb. Mabion L Itnmx SAB Niybman S. IIiohm XX IIkiioii (•, IUomn John II. Ihu ndacb X4 Anthony F. Ilnixo Kinnitii A. Bhvani Gkoki II. Him mb Ommkz W. Hi mm X Ldonim II. Ill BN IIKA t'.ABl.TON II. HiTCIIIB ♦KT ItUCINA I.. Ill ITT A mba | . Caccibtobi I.ion ami Cauiwkll. Jb. IIKA W|U.I M J. 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I i man Yiuiim I.. IHncin A TO lit CM F. Rival JlNM II. Iluot Jtuu |. F.ihhin J ll» ( , IjllllllMI X4 Frank K Iav KoV li iiiMA 11 ABN a I . Ko«ui» John S. Fbhahun. Jr. ATI! I- K. Knwiu'. Jr. ♦AO KoOXIV I.. Kl.klXO Thro II. Ij.ii 5" l o» I. Kmirson has: Ctm I . Knciimi ax Orris K. Korn AIT I hii II. Kymin Kir n Hi) F. Y.u urn X+ I ||||. II. Fairchil ATA Joseph A. Falnonk Kim. am I. Km mi mm, Charon II. Filton l nil.HT I- Fukiyon Koaurr W. Fircvnon ♦AO Thomas CL Firth: • 6 4 • Si. AtiRuiiinr Miami Tam|M Si. IVteethurg Kf) W»i Moore lliwn Ml. Dora Fl. M er» I.akr Rullrr W aurhula Jirkianvillr Suiimirrfirlil Tiuro Miami Sanford Da tona llrwh I’lant City Charleston. W. Va. Sanford ItoHoll, Mj-s lakeland Irvine New York. N. Y. Alaehua Miami Winter Fark lakeland Tallaliaxee Winter Garden Fl. Lauderdale Tampa Oeala Tavernier 1-aKe Worth W aurhula Kisiinmiee.1 U X I O K A C A II K 31 I C J. S. I'm TK+ William J. Fiku XX Ji u an M. Kimumm Uoiumi NN. Ki'in IN Tiiouu F. Kij mixc X+ Fdnick T. 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Mill S»K Piftrr Jark onville W ildwood Tampa CLTM II. IIomma A2 Kaymonm S. IIomm 1 Will.I»M IIoMA TK ItlAMLL I). IIihOI.M Ciiiwn ill -Milton Miami S . Augmline 66J I 1 O It I C A » E M I i I.».on I . Howard Marion O. Hick X+ Paul M. Himhiitok ♦kt I’m i H. III rr ATA Jarkxinvillr Jmk'ont illr Saitforal Vkr.t Palm It. jrh Kornr O. IlnciiOMM Cainoiillr 4 111 ah NCR Y k. IIyatt Tam|vi Jack Hyman TM Tampa KaITM II. InCLIn AT11 J»rk on illr (»KORCC A. Inrakl -X Tampa RoaiaT H. Iykt ATM Tavarr Ka.NI.NT J. JaCORN Ja k»nn illr McMillan II. Joii.nnon (jiinroillt Howard H. Johnnton Ki»iinnirr John A. Johnston .............................. Ualion (ill ARIES T. JONI S Mu -mi Wallace M. Jopunc KA ......................... I-akr fitly Rchiirt S. Jordan lli Charm a W. Jmini IEi rion S. Kahn TE Harri«on L. Kaikach Clinton N. Kaminin AXA Dayip Kantor Erwin I . Kantor -fHA Philip Kaplan Hknrv A. Kill Kimir R. Kelley 4KT Harold T. Killly Kiitii V. Killy Thom an C. Kennincton ____ A. Clipton Ihaav ♦ AO Harry J. Kioitir r.u: Korert K. K uxors Villi am I- Kimrau, Jr. Lijoy R. Kimrlc CKARLEN I). Kimc, Jr. AIT' Edward I- Kinc .......... Miami Jarkianiillc Miami Brarli Manatee Tarpon Springs JarkcoiiA illr Jark com illr Miami Piiilr; Jarkbonvillr (iaryvillr |[ |»Mr II, Va. Panama City Cainr«vi||r Kt. Pirffc I-akr Cil Bradrolon Tiluoillf Orlando M iiviCor • 6 7 •,i u i o it a r a » k i i c Jania G. Kjnc KA Jam is N. Kixc William P. % I4.kl.lll I. ll. klRRY, Jr. Orlando Jacksonville W imltor llridmlon Ki.nnktii W, Kiori llimijj. N. KuunuiK 1+K KcAYARD It. K .SIGHT Thmioori. F. Koch ftuiHM S. Koch AX La skat V. Kuhii ATU ClIAlUA M. kklJCIIR XXilliam M. I.aihi AX+ Frank I- Utit ATtJ ll»a v L Lamia fiia Jiaetox II. LasMIIR Jaaiia T. BOII Wnimv K. I I. asp Lai am ml Lbyixmin 48A Morios U.»t Artiii 1 J. Uwia KA Lai mi it M. Lkw» John l . Ij.aaia AX Jack K. Iaciitk II II ARM I.. 1.1 SWAM’ Jacksonville Fi. Piece Jacksonville Cliirago, III. Arradia Tampa WxliHotlh, O. Gainesville Tampa Jaek»oavillr Gainesville Miami Gainesville Daylona Iteaeli Orlando Marianna Bay Spring U »| Palm Bearli Sarasota Genes a Minis l.okil, HlCII ARP M. l.oAl I.A4.I, LlLIOTT II. UVIJN Dvaiciit K. Licia AI P 111 SRV - 1.1'SAfORP Sam I. McCall KA I- McCall Hour It. McCaY Allan J. MacGiu. ATP William J. McCim. Jr. J amis F. McKay Don l„ Mi Kissos ATO Grantuood, N. J. Jark»onville Arcadia Bradenton Maine till) Quinr Lake Miami S«. ugu.tinr Sl. Augustine Plant City % inter Ganlifl « fiX •.1 U X I O IK A C A II E M I C J. T. MiKMuir Kom.kt G. McLunm ♦KT VXilliam .. Mr Iaon XX C. Mc.Rak Tiiom a It. Mack Paw. A. Malonc III cm It. Manaom, Jr. lift John J. Martin .XX Ts Jivi.c M. Mamuc I» id II. Ml.AN Gkurcl C. Mlan kx V IMJAM G. Muo Kmiu K. Mi.nm: OKX CCAITDR J. MkHCIK IX Kmm win. W. Mikii Aumn II. Miiacr IX WARSINC T. Mium 214-K I. IAIIR J. Mill. AX Koatar II. Milton SAK JlMMIt V. MlNAKfl Pail l . Mitciima Wiiaiam K. Moiujjr Itaic K. Mimiiiv Clatton N. Moori, Jr. ftNJ John Moori. X4K Oscar K. Moori: IticiiARd I. Moori; ATA Howard I. Moormtiad aiaaoc M. Momcomiav A2+ II. H Mouaock. Jr. K. ijaon W. Mori.i v, Jr. Frank It. Mora icon X4B William J. Morrimin -l-KT Row E. Mowrv OX Mac M. Mritx Mariaon L. Muaulu X-t Gainr.tillr JaiKwmillr Greenville Palalka Plain Gil)1 Pmaarola JackMimillr Mo.. IllufT Nraptrl, Tron. I.akr Gil) CtiHIVillc Miami Jack.on.illr Miami Avon Pack JirkwiniilU Palm llcach Crow City Miami Tani|ia lakeland M. Aufu.tim-Sommrf firld JarkMinvillr Itora Kalon Marianna Miami Si. IVlrr.lniTR Miami Jark.onv illr Ml. lK n Hawthorn Sanford Gainr.villr I « I ,»ri«l lakeland - C 0 •.1 V N I O It A C A II E M 1 € Chuus S. Miimow F. Jnr »ni Naiioom ilua K. Nutts AIT IX J«u Nixsoki Tallalia»»re Tallahauec Fl. Pierre IjdIjbi 4 ALTER II. Nol«N Al'P liiMM C Norlin ait nuo Norris StirMiN X O'Con MU. A TO A. J. Ormmon I'lnt IX (Kihn JtMIA IX Of MALL Jamin U. Pack am, Jr. TN Daniil (X Parcllt WllLIAM S. PaCII Tm ton II. Park Altri» II. Parkm H4»ll Jacksonville ... Winter llavrn Milton Wei Palin Beach Si. Prlrrd»ur|| Bronvon Palmetto Lake Worth Paliokrr Ft. Myer. Jacksonville Miami Jivimv F. Parramorl K£ (ilMU IX Pl.RRV AX A Karl P. I’m in Horirt S. Prior Tallahassee Jacksonville Umatilla Ft. laiiMlrrdalr Cmarljcn W. Putnam HOI1 _________________ St. Peterabwg IIirrmt K. QlllNA HAS . . Kissimmee Moaiar A. Qi ixu y ....................... .. Ml. Dora Uilliam P. KaMLV ATtl ........................... Tampa May.NARO RaMBKV, Jr. JJAB Tampa John II. Hansom IIKA ......................... Clnnolrr Hit hard IX Ho mono KM) Si. Prtersbwr Hiimv M. Kr.AN ................................ Lamvnt John M. Hiicihi, Jr. BOII ...................... Miami 4 .i oHi.i l'„ Ki vir MM ChaRLKA c. Kkntro 2X............................. Tampa I). RmilAW KKT Miami Beach l S. Kimi SAB Kuril K. IIhvan Arthur A. Rich, Jr. AIT Frank II. Kk;ii ATI' Miami .. Wauehula R« k Winter Haven . 70 •.1 I I O It AC A II E M 1 C J AMB3 J. Rkhardaon ♦ KT Jacksonville William W. Ricmabdaon 2AF. Ocala Crxmcr J. Roakk. Jb. Pm acola Clyk J. Roauri Ki»immce James W. Roust OKX Zolfo S|»nns- Caovi.a C. Rmivmin, J IVnsarola Iyv R. Kownnon AIT Lakeland William C Rolttun 2AK Miami TN Dmicmt L. Rocks au Kiwx A. Rou % III Thoma» C Ro»» (io«MK T. Hoi' UK A Pm l„ Roi-tzokc AX J. WlNKUM RiiWI.IV BOM Hanoi M. Ruin 4-ha ........ Alsmtt II. RiiMrit .. ...... Waltw R. Olodck Donald F. Rtdoi.t ATP Raymond C. Sms KS ......... Jack L. Sumh«' X4K Mw SiHirui TK ... . RaVMOND R. Scoyillk KZ --- Allan I). Siuj ............ L Rram Suo .... .... Ft. Petersburg Sanford Ocala Frrnandina New Smyrna Miami UracIi High Sjseiiiz Orlando Orlando Jacksonville Delray Beach Wat Palm Urach Datlonj Uracil St. Petersburg Williston MjaKUS B. Sum ia XAK Quincy I.KON L. SlIirTABD W | .|A.. Alonzo IL Shi am an Pensacola J%m9 I »m» a. J«. 1 •" I MVER 0. S C4L TK4 thlando CllLLO«» T. Sima AIT.......................... ... Tat area loan M Mn.ivi MOII CrUIUt. Cuba Thom a II. Snirr Em i Howard E. Skipki BOB ......................... Scbrii» Rancor N. SRima, Jb. IIKA ...................... lakeland C. Uybon Smith ................................. Umatilla David B. Smith -71-.1 IJ nr I O It A C A I» E M Jamis A. Smith ♦AO Jiuii V. Smith KA lj«HI MI Sotomsi I. I’atrkk Stan ♦KT Aiiui V. Srilij lloai mt N. Sri ttiKK Stiriit II. Srt n AX John E. Sira A2 Stanu.y W. Sms Hai.y W. Stktiikn 'Aiuiaai C SurmsMi SAK John I. Sima art ♦KT 6NJ I Ion ai» U. Sums ttimiM II. Stom Has Stonm inita X4 IlKUlll. ft. Stritiiins Jamk T. Swank SAK HiMIKT C StAIMHMAS IllVIl S At ONUS Hi nmiam T. Taylor K2 I avi I.. Taylor IIinurt Tayior Honirt II. Tijery K2 ltir.ii ard II. Tiiim (!harias ft. Thomas Uhiiam F. Thomasso X4 Frank C. Thompson AXA ftlllHM II. TllOMMIN Frank J. Timmons I.ihoy . c Tonka HAS Harry Tim ny Harry N. Taitanon IIKA r s- A. II. Tratton KS John I.. Traina J ai k H Trost John M. Them AX • 72 • I C llumolriil TalUlia»»ee J j'k-nuv illr Jacksonville San MiIto Milton Winter I’ark Ft Pkret Jarksons illr ft lurliub Tainpj Mrlliourne Miami (•olirulrr Orlando Winter Haven Tampa Tampa CaiiirsA illr Cull llammoek Ft. Fierce lakeland Miami I jia ley Miami St. Petersburg Frostproof Montkello Si. Petersburg JarkxuiA illr M iami Cainesville Corea Tampa Hunifa) Orlando• € ' - pjojuty om»i ll!M, V«f r| »r !J"K ■“» ¥ «► ••n |iiinjo;i I1! W.'1 v|o. r ii.ia| !“«!K IT | «l »r IM( | IO r|| Jionjy ruuttj(| r| iij |nl !“"m -»||l MMihJ A 'M ’Mod | Hini| i.i|. ,| •»£ J|JI Cuj.i U»)U | J]| fmi|o | uni i- ™-! J||» J||H‘JIII» ) |PuunH •zv «vmii || N«mf OXV «Ntmi.| '|| xurMn.i HVS TC wnv Oil99lA ’ll WITH) If ‘Aivnuill,ft ,| IIJIMlf nxv Tmiiij ■g mviiij zrii •vninuiii || a«iui|| •mi ft iinni11| r 9 Aim ft 'v m i w i | unionII ft '|| MAI1MV Niiniii 'ft -miisiit| lAllsn ft «SII| -f V£ vxv isiJk “ nv(i VM 'Till A » iWJ ♦ZV 'of N »«.ft -.ft mouimiij. vm "of •»« .% 9 rniHioy r v d.iv n»wi ii « f or MixiA || i»,| V IHUH ft U KVmi ft Minv ft j m ' ♦X v«0Aft -| MHOf OTIV ft }| AN 1| »mv ft ' ft MOMOOft nmvji -}| Kiiiimv w l Cl M or mKivft II vrn | IIOH -if •KiKIVft M»»| VMII -iou nvft -|| KAinift vxv 'll «»»»o|| KVII'MA V 'f ™V | i uv:nv s; :ivivft •of •■AM IX 3 K rxr nanx H »«of dJV M013MI11IX "A A»Vt|| ,1.1V MoiJMrraix II «J».iX 'A iomi|| 3 I 1C I 41 V 3 V II O I V 3 I .1 I X I O IK A r A » K M I c L. M. WiUUAM» .IX M«Kl! O. WlUIAth |{| Htn G. WlUJAUA ('.rat City Kuilii Gaior»viIlr William I., V.iujavin ATI) Martin K. Uiumm'um A Til Klnnctii W, Uhain IIK4- Hivrrvlrw Tampa Pun la Gorda IUiaii B. Wiuon lln«i«r L ft ILnon ATU Stan Uimiuki.y Palatka Giinroillr Pi. l.aod«rdalr Itlftox M. ftiMM ATU CaiiKtvillc Wirrt.NMiJN' TB4 ............................... Orlando Gut I). Woo IIK4 Jark»«nvlll - Jonathan II. Woo HAS.' IllClOW 0. ft'OOMUY ♦AO Kiciiamii A. Worsham ♦AO Jark» nvillt Orlando Jatk«»m illr Prank Wotituv BA Punla Gorda Don M. Waicur l.ynn Haven J. Davi Wrkht !K ....... Allurat J. Dam'imiii Waicur. J . SAK Juk I. Waicur Wiuiam F. Wright Boll .... Ja(k on illr Miami Nn» Smyrna Van J. York ATP Guorck 0. Yih xe SAB J. Pat Younc T. Kov Younc. Jn. Pahokrr Daytona Rnrli Gai r»villr Tainpa - 74 -GENERAL COLLEGE T 1 UK General College so train it student that u|h ii completion of two years' studies they may leave school to accept supervisory position , a that of the construction superintendent in the picture, or continue their studies in the Upper Division's professional schools. It provides a sound basis of general knowledge.SOPHOMORE ACADEMIC W llEN the I nitecl Stair- riny lirgan thi- Spring to a lmit turn into tin flying corp- with a minimum of two year of college, a new outlook -pread before (General College Student . It opened up a hitherto denied profession to men of hut two year-eollege education, and -eem- to offer one of the greatest opportunities for them. Hying i- wining to the front in Florida.S » I II O M © IK E A C A II E 1 I C Milton Arkema SBA Vmnon C. Adamek John N. Adams Liiis A. Aizcomk Caiaotillr PintlU. Park Caincwillr Havana. Cuba Arnold B. Auim Rkklott L. Almjrtson John K. Aimicht Kdwin Aijmkht IIKA bc.u R. Allicood...... Lloyd O. Anmxson X Tom f. Ammo ♦AO ;»oau. T. Armstrong Krneat G. Atkin KA Koain M. Atkins Geomk E. HadaUU IIK4 F. Wans Baccztt (TV Claim II. Baccley. J«. A- - Jas» G Bailey ...... Boat at C. .......... Mar join. F. Baldwin ...... TV Vernon L. Balia A2+ Thomas E» Bawoot. Jr. Wiiimvi T. IIaikm James Q. Barnes Art mi s G Barrett.......... Gamincton E. Barra JAB Kucor II. Barton ATA Sherman N. Bates Miami Wol I’jIiii Itrarh ( ainriollr Weir-lale Alachua Bade Gil) Tilliliaucr Miami Caiaovillr Miami IJnrviilrr OIaccyKoIh-c llrlaiul Sha I (irovc Alachua Moore Haven Grarevlllc Gainesville Ft. I-iuiI» riljlr Miami Jacksonville lake Worth We l Palm Beach I.ecus I). Battle ATO Hi sry T. Baynard ATII Ktf K. l:i mi III du v W, Benson Bcadcntoii Si. IVler.hufE Pensacola Ha lrr Beach Grows K. Benson Charles B. Benton OX Charles A. Betts IIKA Ijhiv R. Beyia ........ Hauler Beach Gaiaoville Sanfonl Marianna - 79 -S O I II O 1 O IK K A A I) E M I ( JtMt’i U. Ill WAN Nm S BRimc M ttmmi . Fk-UKitliN 2N John S. IIi.ain. Jh. Bull it I- lluis Koroni K. Bunn. Ji. KA Brkv B. Buhm Anm i llooi , Ja. I1K+ Clknn K. Borinc llKA Ptll I . Borinc PlRMlINC a. Bill RCt.OIN John V. Brickrn AT A Miami Ocala Tampa Miami Miami Quint; I’oin ji.irvo J (ku ii ill Quinrv I J)I»IM Brarh (itinnvillt Kl Pirffr Kill'll I). 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ClII'ftB IllMlU, tHi Wayman A. iit M«mii N. Coo John I.. CntxciUM Kobibi B. Ciuohn 4KT Knwtr $«. Chatman ♦kt Kaymom Chiaau Koy Cmhi'Tothmi lit » J. (Iiiiihy BOII III Mil S. Ctll'BB (TN F. Jack (xua .. John V. Ci.abk IIKA Kinnith A. (ItlK Seor» I). Clanki, Jb. xn 6 n J WlM-tAM K. C.LABKK J. I. CIABKVON A TO Jamib C. Cumkb» K iuian C. Cuktt X4 SNJ WllAiAM S. I’.LONTN IIKA Wilu» M. Cochkank K-Iamm II. Co»y XAK Kichabb W, Goby Dawd P. Cottin, Jb. Day id C Colkman 2N Hobibt C Comstock M+ Homib C, («MKUNC ......... Si. Aufu ii i Ja k onvillr Cainovillr y«inry (Juinry k»j V«i Ja k»on ill« IVruarola FL Mjfo Fruilland Pari Miami llrarli llllMinOloMII llol»|ia Jacksonville Orlando Kaiford IVnurola IlL Dora Tampa % inlrr Park Alarhua I hattahoorhrr (irrrmlwro Monlirrllo Zrpli rlulU Fl. lyrr» aurhola l(«iilini l.rrm lakeland Wr.l Palm llearl. Gaiaravillc llunnrll JolimloMit Miami Miami Titusville 81-S O |» || o 1 O It E A C A II E M I C lllCIIAt W. Conn IIKA M«»ik II. CONWAY IIKk Klwtu I . COOK J. T. Cooiav. Ja. ATO Vinyj.nt P. (!o»»o IU! i.Km i Miit XV Hi »m.y II. Coxaw.n John P. Coy. Ja. John M. (itimt ATO John A. (! uo fid CHHU» L Ijiic 2AE Tiinno II. I uhfou, Ja. IX Cam. C. Caution Iah in M. ClIlllLIA Hi"iu W. Cumminc Jamks IL CUBINCTON K2 r Tiiumiy T. Cyzycki Kavmon A. Davi Vi m» A. I mi» XX ntmi N. 11 ay n« Chabian L Doiiaon Jack H. Daaia Jaaii.n K. I)»m .............. Thomaa J. I)axi» I4K XX ILL!AM N. I AYIA C. Dawkina II. L Dmn IIK4 Jaaii.a A. Dunk IIiiimu S. IIiicoid ♦KT Iawud II. DiMona MO II MIKA DlAMONU Jaaiin R. Dickinaon ....... Orlando (!f«n Cove Spring Jarkxonx illr 'R ildwood Miami Tampa S. Cloud Miami Weal Palm Brarh Oainnv illr Miami Jack »onx illr Plant City Miami St. Auguitinr Cainrtvillr Bunnrll Jark onx illr Jark »nx illr Jar k on% illr Mrllxitirnr Jarkiom illr Jark onvillr N. Ilackmtark. N. J. ML Plraiant Miami Saramta Cainrxvillr Coral Cablr (.ouitvillr, K). Miami Lakrland miar M. Dixon Sami'KI. I.. Doavfts Ja. IX Ijmii W. Donnaixy 4KT llmv M. Doip Taltaliatxr Jarktom illr Mrllmurnr Palmrtto - 82S O l» II O 1 O IK E A C A II E M I 4 Atatar J. Doiiu. Jb. AX Arcadia I longer. K. Datw. Ja. 2AK Jarktontillr J N Dm J« Hmmi fowua I. Kiwi UK A Niraxila J. L. Eowabvi KA J. Scott Knvt.tu Raymond Eiibi.icii ♦BA Cuusu II. Euii A TO l-ak.- City Bartow Crrtrrni City WrM Balm Brack Kkii«b» B. Ixu« Miami Maim C. Em maxi U. AN Tarpon S|irini; kiuita II. Ennuy, Ja. !♦»: Alaelnaa Fltwu E. Eirt Tallaka..rr l 0!iu» O. IjwsT BOH Miami Kmut M. Eavix Tilla(ia»rr t B. Eyax» Orlamlo Robert D. Faus Chiefland J. Novea Famninc HK+ U «i4«» Ftauir Olimr K. Komi Thom» « G. Ktaaia KA T VlMCKWT R. FaULU Iawoii II. Fawkktt ♦Ait C. H. Fiiimnc, Ja. THioooat A. Kocm Lcoxabd M. Ftyiita ♦BA Eat» A. Flax nan, Ja. A Tiiomax B. Futciila. Ja. Tiuim 8. Fucrctira Dai B. Focarty IIK Giiatar C Kiwi.' A+K Cm aw a.a E. Foytir Jok G. Kb aw x ClIARULY B. Franklin ox tTiLiiAM S. Fra tea ♦KT IIomir C. Kboiii, Ja. IIOII • j. »tv». 1.. K Ml.ltatCK Jarktont illr Ft. My era Jailu in illr Ft. Ijuilfrililr Clearwater % a hin|lon, I). C. Ocoee Palm Brack Miami Itrarh Moore Haten Greendioro ... Bartow Jaektontillr Miami Ft. Myrra Jarkxint illr Ft. Myer. Miami Coral Cable Punta Cerda 83S O I II O M O IK E A r A I) K 1 I i M"«io A. Friedrerc ♦BA K».n» Frohock Habry E» Fry II) ♦ Ozro K. Fnt rON—5 % uuu F. Fi tut J«mi It. Fi «iu. AX U kmi E. F|!moi BOII I. am mince l . ( «ui II. FaiMJiia; G u Jamba C. Gtu Hum Gtuii? BENJAMIN C. GlMICX ♦KT (TVJ William W. Gims IIKA IjKot II. lint KA 111 "iu C. Glazier IIAS ltr«iii II. GoilM AN _ ItoMII M. IrOHIEM A TO Kiukma V. »i. Man lei. Gumii II AKIM M. (ioRDEIN Jm W. I.ixho ♦AO Joe F. Guiu 4AO ........... .. Bert W. Graham IIirrert II. Graham John K. Graham Lkwi V. Graham IIKA I.. Granajr Howard II. Gray Cl'RTIN J. GRaRN Bov I). Greek iniok G. Greek M (HIMOH W. (.MlI N I AON AMI. Crsenrlatt TR Kik-am L Greene. Je Howard V. (iniR Uokk N. Gregory ox Jarkiontille GainriAillr Miami Kinirr llavrn Glranulrr 11 id. Spring T am| a T am| 4 Jadiomillr Tampa llainr CHjr St. IVifnlmr Gaiiw«vill« ... Tampa Tampa Miami Si. P ior»| ur Si. Prtrr»burg Miami Wol Palm Brarh Ja k onvillr Tampa Hrailrnton Naranja Jarkwiitillr (iiinmrillf Kiuimmrr Miami Baldwin Belle Glad Grr«-n«lx ro Green.horn Miami Sr brine llowry Tampa - 84 -S O V II O 1 O IK K A C A » K M I € r ( toKi: It. ( iih» k: WlIXIAM (1 GlIMI-A % IUUH II. ;•! MRU SAK Human til mu. Jr. KA ItoOMRY K. (.IN till II SZ + Mtic« li. Ilittim AXA N. K «mw IIiixuk, Jl Fu» J. Hals A2« (iinoN II. IIiumu Tiionio F. IIammktt 2 E ItlCMARU F. IIAMUCK J. Kobnkv Hanky Cotitui» (L Hue (ilOKI J. lllMOU Thomas A. Hardy I'llUHKk S. lllUUMi ATP Kin Mill F. H AIHII'ON Korn U. IIiim ItlAMU W. UlMiRV OX ClIUMItN I.. lllNKM. Jinirrii F. Hinnincton i ah. :. Hi wi ItOY llusH ItOBIXT S. III.vim John A. Hky Anmhi I . IIkymann Jamks G. Hickman Itoun M. Ill MU KA Writ Palm Krarh Palmetto llunnellon Tallahaurr Taiupa Miami Miami Tani|ia Jilt..HIM Mr Orlando llkiolwki Nra Smyrna Miami Itrarli lakr orlh Jarktonville Jarkmmillf Genrv a Avon Park Tampa Miami Tampa Palm Valle) Sanford Cihwfli Foley Orlando Orlando (iainns tile Gcowk W. IIiracm 4BA ......................... Jacksonville John M. IIorrinn K2 Orlando C—1IKT J- H'-taN _)£♦ NUnWI J ami.n B. Kokin, Jr........ . . I kr llily GlOttCt I- lloiAtx...... JaekMinvillr JaMLA N. llotAJNCAMORTH..... . ..... - Noealrr ClIINTU I- lloULOWAV ........................ lilrmionl ChaMAN P. ItooKU r.l Palm Ikarh - 85 -S O I II O M O It E A C A n E M I € Kk.nnitm J. IIukion AT A VllUT M. IIOOTOM IIarmo V. Hum Ki JoilMSr L. lluWLLL lltNI S. lloniMl.ft Juiix W. Ilutm Victor C. IIimacii 2AE S. O'Nul III T III ft'Oft ( I'. IIvim Gillum K. Ih AlHMtl J. J«CKM)N William E. Jacory TH Jo'im It. Jknka bull II. JoilNXON John S. Johnron X4 liot» S. Joiia'O Ijhm I- JoiHll iuim joM.-». j . :x Thom Aft II. Jom Jr. KA S. Jonk» Ukr firth Winter Park f rit Palin I tear It Panama City Jark»«n illr C i»r»villr Palm Hearli Jark« n illr Miami l_lkrl jml Jupiter Miami Jamaiea, I. I.. N. V. Sinford Plant City lat|» Miami Spring Miami Waurliula Tampa Ark L. hmixin IE (itoKi; V. Karra Pah. II. Karmam FHANctft kiARfti.t sab Johk K. kun KA CttARia.ft 1 kllftLING AH KaYMom l» ktftfti.pv I III. toft I.. klftC Jinoft ktftc. Jr. ATM El K. ktRKLAftP, Jr. JlMl.ft II. klRTIJ.Y -X la 1.ami J. KiTOiK.ft Thom Aft A. ki-ooo Aairv (1 kftICIIT Tom kftoTTx X Irsak T. koett III HOII Orlando Safety llarkor l.akr City Tampa Tampa Ja«k on ille St. Cloud Jark»onftillr Taiii|u T ampa Miami Ft. Myrr. l.akelaml High sprinp Yankrrloun Daytona Heaeii - 8f. -S O I II O M O II E A C A » E 31 I C William A. Kucm II Homill S. Kurr AXA 'A tuii J. Krol John Kiomkkmu TEO Chicago III, llolltolrad I'. O. koruna Favorita Miami S. Komjtt Lackey .................... Sc. ( loud Doim T. Ltin ....................................... City Tracy H. Lamar. Jr. Jacksonville CmtBJ.n S. Lamr Sanford Alvin D. LaNSV ♦IIA Penaaeola Maituck Linciuk .. Stoart ('.HARIJN B. La»ITLR 2X I. ill.' Kium A. Lairent IIKA............... .. Bartow KlCHARO I. I.I.AR ♦BA Alri.rt Lemrman TI4 William M. Leman Knotxt B. Ijonard. Jr. K Miami Itrarli Miami Brarll Jt(l »m illr Fori laudrnlilr UlllUN J. Iamman .... William Lkvlntmal ♦BA Frio Uviji TEA Komar S. Levin TEA (T w Stanley B. Iavik.ii tea I'ako J. Iari ............... Charles II. Littlejohn IIKA Hay monk C I axel Henry C. Lucan ATI Jai «on A. 2AK Fomin A. Lonc OKK Jami.a B. Iainc Kenint Iamu.nt. Jr. William Wallace Iamylacc Horirt K. Lowry XA Wiiiiam C Lyles ........... Myron Wayne McCall IIioiw McCauley Kmrittt K. Mc 1lellan l.oi in K. McClellan (irrm (air Sf iiiE» Miami Bradi Jack»onv illc Miami Miami Bagdad Clrarvralrr Si. IVlerdiurg Lakeland Tim| j Akron. Ohio (•rcl na Mohawk I'dnaroU Fort laiudrrdale OraU l(rrw ion. Ala. Jacksonville Munlicdlo Munlicdlo S 7 -S O V II O 1 O It K A C A II E 1 I John II. McClixolcii iitt Jacksonville Auck F. McDonald K2 Qiamlcr Kata 1). McDonala Waite hula M ARAM ALL Mcl)«A AL» ATft West Palm llrarh CiuiLn 1). McDonou. AX Hull Springs JaME» 1). McFari.anr IfK 1 a Iona llrarh Run C. McGamly 2AS Miami Kh.harr K. M((itum.v Clramalrr Ixm a II. Mi.(;u Ai Lie V. drill Tin McCratii OX Tallahaorr Charm a. McIxtosh 4KT Hade City Cu O. McKay M. , j John II. McKinniy llolo|taw l)oicu 1 . McLaiun Mulberry Mayka M. McIjw £X Aurilla louv l . Melt a IIKA Lakeland TN _ Paw. II. Marry Plant City Kaiu.v U . Macky. Jr. Homestead tt AM. ACt. . M aII Miami 1 leach Norman Mam act St Cloud Charms II. Mann ♦am Jacksonville A. C. Makhthu North Miami John K. Marniiall. Jr. K2 Caine»ville Artm r 1. Martin Weal Palm Beach Wii.i.iAU ('. Miron IIKA Saravola WlMJAM F. Mathkwr Ocoee Win i am S. M ai nt Ft. Lauderdale IKin F. May K. Quincy Kan ar» 9. M AY, Jr. 2«K Trenton J AMi.N K May Jacksonville Jiuct J. May Jacksonville Uiiajam T. Mayo ATO Suninierfield i N Sirnt.y . Minmjlnon TK4 Tallahassee rman» M. Mlnocai. Havana. Cuba Ilov K. Mkiiau. Lake Worth Paul Mimir Oi Mi 88S O I II O 1 O It E A C A II E M I 4 Altiu Miua ♦ AO Fu W. Mills II. I alk Mill 2A E Uon W. Mill Korlrt C. Mii » ♦KT Koriri S. Mill Vlrkom L. Milllr ATQ William 1). Mill Jwluomillr TllUhiu r M iami hr Si. I'rtcrtburg Orlando lntrrl lirn Jarkiensillr II. Crak Mills Jons M. Mimm 1 (iinta M. Mims b« » F. ATA T Jam . T. Miiciilll I.orry W. Mitciiill ..... ItoRIRT W. MltCIIMJ. MX William I- Miicmill ATA Jot. M. Mu aiii TK Victor G. Momma Jams K. Mooov, Jr. ATI) Francis K. Moor . 24K (Tx .? Fhamir Mooty Cioki r. Morcan X William T. Morris 2X Komst N. Mo ia TX Iami Mo«coyitz BA 11 nr H. Mom L. D. MlLUM ATO Clym M. Miuls ................. (iioiu: S. Mirrhv. J . Ko«i. r G. N'm-son Hull ClIARLL-s T. N'iwill. Hrailm-oro T. Nichtincal X4 Plant 4!il Oral Willistoii Miami Mulltrrr) Ft. Mrwk- n Miami JirltMimillr Winter Haven Orlando llawlliorn Winter IliirR Miami Tampa 4 !lr rs lrr Ja«k»onv ■ 11 r W inlrr Park It Min Tampa llolupaw Miami Wr»| Palm Brack Brunswick, Ga. Ilwi S. Nim William A. Norris Tom F. Oaywav Jo 4 Brii.n IIA2 (domain Tampa l.akr W urlh Jacksonville 89A C A II K M I C Kdward H. O'Km-lly ♦KT JarkxiKA illr Caul. B. »it Tampa Alya ft. 0"SnxN l.amont Atraiii II. I'ankkn 4-BA Jacksonville Pali. W. 1’artrim.i:. Jr. KZ Jacksonville Jmtrii I . Patrick, Jr. Pensacola Lrland C Ptlamx K2 DeSoto City Charlxx K. Plarnon Sanford Ki ci..m C. P»».k, Jr. 2JAK Ocala Phil C Pinhhon KA Clearwater WllllAM L. IVnni.u. Miami lOXH H. 1‘l NSINtTON II K4» Leesburg Prank U'. I im KA Tallaha»rr . IIarmnc I’niT'iw Scbring KaMJC II. PRMDOM Branford H 1C HARD A. PlTIJCAON Miami William II. Pkttt. Jr. Jarksonv illr Sam II. Piinur ♦AO Pori South. Ark. Carroll 1). 1‘im Miami »m 1.. Pims Vernon Donald K. Plank Zrphyrhilh John II. Polatty IIK4 Lrribuii Jamln J. Pollard Miami Joavi in H. Portillo IIAX Miami — Allan 1.. Potciiia 2X ... Wauchula Jamin II. Pounds Winter Carden John II. IWiu, ZAK Palm Beacli John K. I’huj Ocala It. Clark Prim. OX l.ivr Oak ARRI1N Jl AIIX Glovrrsvillr, N. Y. Kray C. Kam uh X Jacksonville WaTmmt Hammy, Jr. IIKA Jacksonville 6NJ Miami Ct.ORM: Y. Kidoinc AX Shamrock pRID C. Ill IIM . .. Wet Palm Beach J.AMLn S. Kl VMMRA Crescent City - 10S O 1» II O 31 O It E A V A I» E 31 I i I litii K. It ilot'll Shnuv It. Kiciuo Tvm II. Kim ATI) KitNK tt. Kmiis Ja. IIK+ Jarksonvillr Miami Brarlt Si. IVlrrsliur J»rkN n»illf III nb v K. Kmimwk ATI) JACK K. KoAINsoN IIKA %IUJ«N A. Korinson Kiciiik (!. R«nm» !N TN Ciuni.i Homs bwiu It. Koo t .1 oNi.i II. Hoot! 11K 1-I)«stit. F. Hooks F. CaJITORD |{| VI I T I.IMI1 J. Itcisl; ♦ HA ViiuitM S. Kttvtu, |k. IIK4-Jack C. Kitt»a Divio S. Saity l.i ■ vtao U. SaINRI RY Fail L Stwm Kwn It. Sattiirmhii U IU.IAM C Sell All Itol tSK S ||INMJR Joi: I . Schick K. Dim v Scrocin SNtJ Jirumi S iiRov irz TK John S. Shut. Jr. Tiuommk K. Simons I.iorci: 1- Simonson 'R nl I’alni lira ll Orlarulo Jarkxtnt illr Tam|ia Miami llraiirnton Nr»» Smyrna Intrrnrss Jacksonville Coral (iililo Ja lkM nt illr Sanford Jacksonville I’oil Tampa City k«) t r»| S liriit| Tampa Miami Harlow Kratirnton Miami Itracli Gainesville Miami S». Frtmlwrf John A. Simpmin iX Montirrllo Korikt I. Simpson. Jr. Ma li»oi« Thomas K. Simpson IIK+ . . Jarkxmtillr tiiOKi; FI Sims. Jr. . Miami Don SlNCl.B ♦BA.................................... Gainesville 1.01 li: W. Sisiai NK ............................. W illislon Aijiiu Smith III ........................................ Miami Aanua II. Smith ... . Miami -HI-SOPH O M O II E A r A O E M I i L Nkil Smith fiO Ciimttviiu II. Smith lltMnoN Ci Smith, Ji. 11 %niii t S. Smith IIamt Smith KA IIoke Smith J. L Smith J. Sura Smith IIKA l. »n M-i. S. Smith ATI! Kohlrt K. Smith Katmonii J. Smith HAS Lorn K. Snuman +Iia 6 _ S«miil II. Solomon Tiiomi W. Solomon Domu T. S« t j» Jamin C. SnMia ClUIU II. SlNMINia Cum« II. Stanton in mm 0. Stanton SAE JaMis K» Stmins Tampa Arcadia Middlrlmrg Arradia Tampa Jllkramillr Hr j Ii-nl. n (»rrcn (aw Springs ••hinilim. I . 1. Tampa Miami Miami Quincy Quincy' Miami Brack Millon Quincy Foil l-aii.k-rdalr Jark onvillr Weal Palm Hrarli Kurauj F. SnruiM John SnruEN KA Kinhmt U. SnmnnAc Ikl II. SltTIN . Ja. SAB Jimi K. Smu» IIarolu II. Stktknnan John It. Stkwart Hull Jacor F. Straight Ml TIH L SdUIN IN. Jm. Nathan A. St mnir A. i »nm Sallivan OX l-UI NL II. StU.IIAN Z+K Alarkua Jack. Mini illc Ponrr ilr I .con Miami Jackaonvillr Pinrlla Park Millon Miami Prn«acola Fairfield Tallaliaocr Miami Franklin W. S»ann lakeland Kurirt I- Svainm'I IIK4- Nm Smyrna Sihni.t k. Tally ATM Tatarr John II I .s-m Miami 92S O l» II O M « II E A C A » E 31 I € CLINTON F. TaYI.OR Jamia F. T»ru AX Tmoimu R. Taylor Jahu G. Thanh, Jr. I rl.aml I'tin 1.1 (.nnlj»liurg Milton Frmlnd I). ThomA» IIKA Jamln I- Thomo ♦ah JOHN O. TlUltMtY, Jr. Jamln I . Tortaixti William I . Tomanuxo IIKA I.TMON U. Tor nmni Tuonan J. Ton.RRL.NR. Jr. Korlrt F. Traltorp Cimmir K. Treadway. Jr. Ain llutti K, TRt'ktn Gimirt A. Tl«KIR Ciiarlln J. Tilly. Jr. Frlr L. Tima soil Svuwm B. Tinin HOII A. R. Tirrlcano Oonalo I). Glmir T William K. Ulmir ............. Willia J. Van Arndall Tom B. Van Brunt 2X........... John S. Vanmriioik « n 3 I'.lllok) • Jarktonv ill -Miami I'ort TjnipA RartoM JarltMiitA ill Fake Itullrr I IMUJ Tavarc Gaine villc Ri.nndl llrailenton Coral Gallic Miami Miami lai|i . ... o W inter llatcn Tallaha M-e Ocala Jomph I). Virkkn .. .. . ... Perry Gioatt J. Vim.............................. Havana. Culm Jovr. J. Vila Havana. Cul.a G. Vuilllmin ----------------- Weal Palm Reach MlRLK M. % APMAORTII Willi am K. Air . Jr. Gharij.n II. Wakkman. Jr. Frm» L. Walk ml Jr. K2 Tampa IIjMtlwirn Miami W c l Palm Read. Tom Buntinc Walkir X4 Fra nci a H Walla ex A TO John II. U aU-aCS IN Rormit E. Wallacr W inter Haven H »t Palm Read. Tampa Glrarviater 93S O I II O M O HE AC A It E 31 I C % AIM W . W AU.AU John C Wautji BOII John II. Watkins SX Cu.m II. Vi atmi i , TO J»CK M. U ATM Umn II. WrjtKiJ.v Jamc M. V wiu Hum E. W . M IIK4 Ki)UI M. ViIAlUt Chimm A. for IX TllOIIW L Vh HIT) III.AD Vivian K. Whituiibat, Ja. J M -N It. V lllll.AA Viunn I'. Viiiihaw ItK Idas y. V k kh IIK Aiimt A. Viuin tiuim II. Uil» SAK Km II. U 'ilkin VtooMMin W. Viuiua 2X Jack Vk ilkinson JlH It. WlLKINSOX IIK4 lt«M.»B I. WlLKINSON (lllAlUA ( , VXllllAM" Khvaabd C. Wiiaiinmix Ddxau II. X ii m» lx n K. Tixcn»Tn John I). Wise ♦KT T It. A. INCAT . HAS Kavmonb M. ViTHMnrooN AXA llolM X (1 U lKID Thomas II. Voommy IX Billy Woomritt ka ItllllABD O. UBH.IIT KtMIU A. U BIGHT ♦KT Vk ttllAM K. U BIGHT Mill an T. Wtirk iik Yoniiikazi- V. Yamaicki Panama City llunrllon Mir anopy Tampa Jark»onvil|r tjuinry Lee»t»urg Ja«kw n illr Cull Point St. I’rtcnbwi I’jIiix Ito WilliHon Cainrai ill« Miami itrarli Miami Coronut Grove Ja k oll illr Unliuri IVruarola Otiefland I'alatka Jupiter Mullirrry Allanlir Itrarli Bartow TallahaMee Winter Park all Sprint (jrrabrllr Ormond ......Tampa ......Tampa Monltonirry, Ala. Ia l Orange. N J Nralimy ....... Ku»ti« Miami Itrarli P. L. YON ♦KT TallaKa« rr liMMIM. T. Yol'NC Vrro Itrarli William It. Yoi nc X Ukrland Funk W. .ixm, Ja. Okrrrliol.rr KaB . E. ZlNK . . Jarkx n illr » 4FRESHMAN ACADEMIC The modern hotel systems of today demand that their managers and assistant managers he more than merely men eapahlc of handling routine mat ters. They mutt he aide to meet emergencies whieh may arise. he aide to associate with and make eomfortalde the young and the old. the ignorant and the intelligent. Competition i too keen for the owners to trail these matters to any other than the edueated. Herein lies untold opportunities for men with two years of eollege education. Officers Donald Rickktt President Frank (»ri:k Vicr President IIiii. SrcrelaryTreasurerF II E S II M A A C A II E M I i St. Ixmo ftiumi Armn. Jl Joe FUNCn Amm KlNNITH Amijik TW Bi.RNir. II. Adllnon TKa Jack un illr Quincy. Georgia ......Tampa Tampa LtwitNu Kmii Anns William Kimn Amin Mirrim. Vijin Amur AT1» K« . k Korn AuiJt AT A Giiimvillr Gainroillc Tampa Aufuila. (irniii Tuna Howard Allan Pinetla Jmt Ramon Alyariz. Katana. Culsa ChaRIXS 1 .LONADD A.NDLRs OK Bl unl t s n t)«n» GRAH AM A.NDCRvoN KA Tampa M. Lataykttk Andlraon (Hut AM'II'ox Richard J»mi« And«rm n John l 4LK Armmronc SX IVniuton Rin» Ainummc ♦ao Jack Norman Arnold Raymond Arnoi.d James Pitton Arthlr PaL'L Binjamin Anm XI John Mcrrma Atiii y Walter II arvt.v Atkinmin Samuel John Am Muita II inter Austin K2 David Alonzo Ayant Tuna Fdwin Baku Kmory E. IIacwiu XIX B. F. Bailet XX Roland Jackson It 11.1.y Charles Howard Baily Thom an William Bainl .......... (TN KoaiRT John Baku ........ J»m« Madison Barco KA Joe Nk Barco I h II. IIarnut TKI (Mm IjlflniMil Si. PrtmlHMi Jacksonville Si. AuguHinr Grot eland Wertvllle Bradenton Fort Uudrniilr Si. u«u»lmr I'litaiilla Maitland Miami Ml. Pleasant Hasting Alachua Pompano Orlando Lakeland Jarkx n« illr St. Auiu'linr Ocala Gainesville Jaek»onv illr 97F IK i: S II 1 A X A C A II fllftM.TT IIKA ......... l O.HALD UofllMT DvREMORIII IIKA JerOMK S. Bans TK4-'1 akcll S. Hastings Ht.INA»» M. Ill AMI Willard A. Bi aiciiamp XO K .alat n 'im Bin Hot Siimin® But. Ja. OX SNJ Sidney BtMK JllUMt I. 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Alarliua New Port Rifltcy Pensacola Or»ino Madison Seville Bainliridge, Georgia .........Cortet St. Aupnlinc .............. Coeoa ..... Raiford Newberry .. Gainesville St. Au(U‘lineF It E S II 31 A X A C A II E 31 I € Raimi William IWbkhabot XX Ur.t Palm Beach Thom a M mm»n Bms Jb. I.«kr Worth Au»» Lu Bmu KX ... . Sebcing Jack Bmmot Bonn he PwrliU Nixon Butt, Jb. ATO Orlando Riciiabd Caplin Bam: Fori Mur. (rfMtON M acDonalo IhtM.A AO Si. Pe«er»l urg Jam» Flkwillin Camp Bunnrll Jami.i loin m, Canmut BOII Faro Hilton Cantbku. XAE Kium: Thom an Gm 4AO IIammo McOonalo Cablihx Si. Prlmlari CiiiMoillr Sl Auiu.linr Jarktont llle Our I s ci a to (Luti .ion l.oo» Vim Cablton AX I.A I' lllMMO (.ABBIBAS Winston Owkn Cabthi Winter Park Waurhula llumarao, Purrto Biro Bagdad III nbv lion ABU I in aik a. Jb. XAE Jamu Ijmv tin ai aib, Jb. IX Wiiuam iioau 4!hambcblain ILLIAM 1,1 IHIK till AAtMBi. Jb. 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Ctuu John % uii Cirri DoMIAON 1-MAftUft ClItllA (rN 5 (iiiwi Davao Ci«m SAB Franklin Koran Cimiman ATA Kchhxt Arnold Clmiman ATA Kuril EL Dau Marvin W alii huavsiru Vim.hh A. Daniil Jamin IUmmn IKmiir aron II. Daain TEtt Donald I rum an Daain ...... . I.HMM SlMlWD IE AVI JonkpiI hmi Daain Thom an Fi in r Daain III ATA IIoaa aid John Daalin IIK+ John McCormick Dawnon SAB Charon U . D an ASH Kcmiirt EL Di an. Jr. ft' Thom an II. IH an S I K Iaan Knowlton D Ki hi BOH IH aai: Allan IEon Frldumc CL DlVa.nt IIK4 Charon EL dlVaL'LT John IIoli.intir IEiaaiaa. KA Jonlpii T. DiHona SN Cloock Diu.ard lEa twna llr ch Tampa Miami Winter Haven Trcnlon Miami Cro»» City Hailing Tampa Miami Miami kiMiinmec- Si, Cloud Miami Miami Jacksonville Miami Irnburc Uarrl llill Orlando Miami Coral Cal lr« Vrro liraeli Jacksonville Vrt llrarli JarkMHiA illr BhmH Miami l-»ke WoriK llainre Oily Tampa Lakeland - 100 -F It E S II 1 A A C A II E M I € C. W. DlVOS, Jl JarkMinville Komar Maxwell DouKtse Jaek»onvillc Radix Si a v Dmtm XX Jaek.onMllc Moctu RomKt Dol«.ia» Oak Cimx Finuv Dowunc .................................. l‘»li»rtio Jami. Ray Dmui jBrktanvill Danim. Samuel Dubbin TK4 Miami Li ma Fbamcis Dunbab X4K .. Tampa Davi«on F. Dvnut !AR Jami.a Roawr Dins OX Wll.I.IAM StILINC Diss X48 Kuril Vtllii Di amMi XX FbaNK S. DUBYNBKI IIabvib S. Duval Hobibt A. Dm Jons Pbiiih Eccabt (TV Samuel Asim w Eccw, Ja. Fiask Doiti. Eibck FUSKUN (XUWOtTH EUMIOCi: Alum Riciiab tun ox Jacksonville Da 1ona Resell Da Iona llearli Fort Meade Nev. York. N. Y. Miami SiiraMiU .. .. Pranrab St. IVlrrtliurg Si. PrlerslrNr (Fiona Fort Myrr« Roun Ln Fly is Vic ton McKimii Embbv KA ........ I'ltlKK C. Kmmasiu Pe«i»arola Paw. Mabtin Encla.nb. Jb. ........ Dade City 1.1 ana Jem Ee-stein TK4 Fort LatMlrrtlalr Komar A. Ebkkmi.s AX ............................ Arcadia Jiiuiit Human Ebstlinc ♦BA .... Miami Cmable Roawiu Ebwin ....................... 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Jr. J KlcKNIR CRAfTON J«m IIenrv Gray Alonto Frank Creek N. Kim in Greenblatt TKO Thomas L Grain Arnolr Miryin Gmiiniu 4 ba Karl Frimxick Coxswell J AMIN III J AC CrUORIE. Jr. XX - 102 • M I C Miami Orlando Jarksonvillr Pensacola Itulow TiiiMvQle Tallahassee Miami Beach Orlando I I JI11 1 ji] Miami Homestead Miami Jacksonville Gainesville Miami Ixkrland Jarksonv illr Fort Myrr» ItiriiunRluiii, Ala. Miami Foil Myers Tantjia Trenton Miami Itearli Gainesville Havana. Cuba Orlando Winter Carden Tallahassee lladison Miami Gainesville Miami Hearh Miami Miami HearhF It E S II M A .X A C A II E 1 I C Noel GllHI« ClUTIIII II KA TiuiiN Bit an Gkiuith Kt MUI Mum'S Grim aldi Bryan Iryinc Gremktt Winter Garden Si. IViffibur Miami Bead, Tallahassee Kuharii Gin it 2M (xirrou Karl Giimaimn Hill'll IIaCADORN ATI) Carl Baku lltu. Thomas Bancrott IIailam Jack C. Hamilton John Wars Hamilton 1.. M. Hamilton Gualrc Malonr Hamrick. Jr. Mack Hilliard Hancock Dayi C. Hanks John T. Hanna Miami Beach Sanford Tani| a Oakland Davenport Ja.prr Jacksons illc Gainesville Srl»in| We»t I’alrn lleacli IVno »|j Dunedin Frank W inmi ld Hannon Archik Hinton Harm Jluia Arthlr II arma. Jr. .. William Barry llama Nat IIarri' Thom an (itmu II arris KA Amos Norma Harrison K2 Frank Sikthw IIartaairld James Hour IIanencamp IIKA BlRRELL r.I RRV IIassETT. Jfl. Fi« Phiup William Hatton ....... Donald F. HaYRRn Wood v illc Fernand ina Wabaiao Jacksonville laCroxc Tallahaocc l.imooa Tallaha ee (ilttntalrr Coni CaUi • k r l Palm Beach Gleaftaalcr Kenneth T. ILaTNKS XO .................... tinier Haven Altrld Tom IIlarin AT!) ........................... Tampa Willam Byron IIkath Molino Jamin IIli.KIN Jacksonville Sondm. Hindu. OHA Miami Beach Amian Jackson IIlnulraon Pensacola Waltir Benjamin IIinmrson, Jr. !N Tampa Hardin Samiel Hendricks OX Furl M cr» - 103 -F It K S II M A A € A II E Pad . Kuiw k IIi.ndrick. Jr. Kicmard Jay Hi nij v Claim Julian IIirnron Al William Km IIirrinc Nlytton J. IIm RAMcia Iaa»»c. McDvmt IIkks I1A2 A a l . IIich % II I. ANI UlNLN Smew Frank IIir'hrmm. ♦ha Walks I). IIoac ♦ah Siiixm J. lionet: Mario C II Him vi an WIUJAM F. lllMYMAN ... ARKUS l . I I'M IJ V SAP. J. I). IIiao Mitciull L llort rv Karlvuc F. IIm i ium ms ATO Kowin A. Howard M n ilr l . How ard mill Kiuin W. Ilowt Jo"I Ml H lloWI CRAIIAM I.. lloWKM. J. J. ilowcu. AX A CLAHKNC III CCI.NN 2X SNJ Harold I. I|(«H» Harry Hoyt Huu. Korirt I). Ill mmirly IIirrirt A. Incut IImao; C. Irwin ZAE On mu U. Jack non, Jr. ♦AO Art Mia Ja m, Jami.n C Jaminon I- Korirt Ji.nmn lU.NiAMlN Fraziir Jktton ATO J. F. Johnnon JlYIMIC E. Joluv AFP M I C IjKrlillJ Miami Jaek «nv illr Miami Onlrr Hill Bradenton Crawford illr Gainroillr Jack-on illr Jar kuxiv illr Soprlioj(py Miami ....... Prnurola J ark tom illr Jay New Pori Kirhry Sanford Jark unv illr Miami Willitton Delray Brorh Plant (lily South Miami Mrlhourne .............. Miami ..... Bradenton Itainhcidgr, Grorfia Orlando Jorktonvillr S«. Autuilinr .. GsIbmvUIr ..... Miami Miami Itrarh Tamp Konifay Auhurndalr 101F IK E S II A X A C A II K M I ( 31 Frederick G. Jonka ♦KT (•IOMJ. I . Jn tv Jack K. Jo » K. JONES Sami t.i. I.. JoMts. Jr. W. Wooorow Joma II. %IUII JottkN WAITER Kimi TK4 III HURT J. klY ♦HA J«MI I', kt AM Ciinox M. kuuv H. AYARR W. kl SNU V Knuix I- K nm»y Winiam K Kiami Kori.kt I, Ki.AM.ur I « Mia II. kl-MJ-R ♦BA Rcmkrt C. kiaii AIT bnix II. Rinc It l HARR W. kl.NC ATtt Ruri.rt R. Kiw ATtt Tom S. kmr !♦»: Kiaaa J. km . Jr. MARTIN I.. koKOMOOR kb WARD J. kovISWKA Ol.UK I.AMCHEATIX. JR. M ARIKH II. I.ATOIR I. HIA S. I.AVAHENCE Kill' I). I.AATOX 6N— Hi hai an A. I.i i. Jr. J am in II. Lex SriNiiA I . I.u. Jr. KZ ..... U ALTER It. I Dau: M. SAB John C. OX Jut I). Ijuia ATtt Ji'LlAN II. I.imv ZAB Jarktoiiv illr TiIuaa illr Miami Saraiola I-»kr CH, l.akr land Ukr Vale. Lire Oak Miami Hrarh St. Hood Quinry Mrll ournr Malone Orala I’aUlka N«a» beery Or lamlo Idand. N Y. Apopka ... Apopka Fort I’ircrr Tampa Gaine»iillr Fwk, N J Daytona llrarh Miami Itmrli Monlirello Hurhank Muiiwn lake Itiitler Miami Orala Madison Tallaha ee Tallalia»rr Miami llrarh 105F IK K S II M A A A C A u f: M 1 C Lynn K. n SAB Hovo A. Limmiji AZ4 Jiiomc A'. Lincoln IIKA Mii.ion 1. Lipmtz TE4 Ja k on ille Melbourne Tarpon Sfiinp Miami llcach Phkv K. Link. Ji. IIikmkt 1). Linu Kh:iiari F. Loum III n K. IxiinaN Fort McCoy Tampa St. IVtrr»lHir Jarktonxille Victim J. Lord A. 1.01 MJMILK Dux C. l mtxc Hiciiard A. Lleuxn HAS Ciinovillr Vinter Hawn Jaek«onx ille Iteaeh Miami I'ai l C. Litiiii AS4 Donu K. Lyman Ira M M. IlfR, Jr. Jamg W. Mc(lur. ... Vero Beach lake Worth Plant City Jacksonville Charon l . McCall France L. McCall KA Kinujtt J. McCann X4 I.i.iwu S. 4KT Umatilla Quincy Ft. I.auderdjlc Pompano Jamu R. McCocmky Cum L. Mi.Cjwmilk. John M. McCown. Jr. % ii11am M. Mc.Crorv 4A0 Lake City Fori U liile Ml. Dora Jacksonville I.OUI 1 . McCi'ujji Samim. K. McDanimj. 4AO John K. McDowru. M aacolh McClahON 4KT Sanford Gainesville Ft. Myers tail Orange. N. J. Thom an F. McClvnn Archil 1. McKay Mkltin K. McKinney Villi ah A. McLank 4A« Tam| a Ocala llolopaw Gainesville JOMTH J. McLaLLIIUN Korixt B. MacUa.n 2X WllJJAM II. IIKA JaMB 1). MeLioo ZX Pen»ae«la Tampa Harlots Aueilla • lOfi -F It F S II 1 A IV A r A l» K .VI I C XX IIHAM II. M U«« Jasper Au.umm McPhu»ON Stuart Rum J. McKak A TO JiriN ntillr Ihma ( . MacMimtiiy Tampa Luuxa A. Madha ............................... Hade City K«m t M. Muui . Jl OX Ft. Mycr» TllOMA F. MtNN ♦AO Jacksonville l’«« C. M ANSON 4AO Jacksons ill.- Uwih J. Muihoi Pail A. M iciu » KX 4.1 ohci. N. Maikov Myiom M. Maikoviiii TK-fr Kocco N. Mumumo K Aiuit I). Munix IIKA Jiui.s G. Mamin 2. B |{ iNwiirii V. Math ny Tampa Sclirin fnl Palm Heacli Miami Tampa ('.Icimalrr t.lrarvs alrr Sarasota Hamilton I). Matiii 2AK lake City Jack W. Mays and ♦KT Orlando II. I.L»: Mkmnv 11Ij-cslmru IIinbv MtU ................... Plan! City 6NJ Jotx Mimmlvoy TK+ ... Live Oik Gkoki. It. Mixmill. Ja. Oainrsvillr Pail L Mi.kkill Homestead U'ClDt M. Minin IVi»»a« !a Anas n H. Mich all. Ja. 214E William M. Mimucvom Alvin 1L Mikkll ......... Vibcil L. Miibbaitii IX AiUshi St. Aujusiinc Morrislon Fort Of den (•■ah am C Mitiaa IX William P. Ja. Waltlb FL Mulct Konalu A. Milton SAB Miami Port Tampa Oily Fl. I udrnlalr Marianna Ciiaiuv S. Mima WIlham FL Minim OX F'bancin J. Minom Ki nnlu. C Mm mu % illislon Apopka Howling lirccn Ocala - 107 -F It E S II 1 A X a ( a n e J mia (;. Mkwx ♦iit Jack F. Monahan James T. Moots IIKA Joseph (1 Moore IIK A Music V. Moot Sam W. Moon ♦AO Frank F. Mokik KA Jamia %oomow Mokik Vuu F. Most AST Jack K. Morrison .............. Wimjam S. Morrison Komxt B. Morton Norman L Moscoattz ♦ IIA Henry C. Mom John J. Mott K£ K aa ark K. Matz James I . Mi u ana A TO ItoMRT K. Mt-tniv Krcar II. M Mt« KI William B. Mai» 24K S J Sauney S. Newsome AZf Kiwn S. Nimoix Ki nick F. Nixon Thomas K. Ni nn. Jr. X4 r Morton J. O’IUiin Frank M. Omm IIK4............ James U O'Hara 'R alter B. Oust AX Francis I.. Osrorn XO_____ Norman J. Osrorn i ____ Kli.ison I . Owin III IIK4 KicmaRO I . Hauir KO|| James MdJ. OtMia ♦AO Johnson II. Pack X Paul Pachis Charlotte J. Palmer - 10S M I C TlBI|M Fl. Uudrrdilr Plant City Clearwater Tampa HraiiU I ml. Quincy Gainesville Jaeksonv ille Sanford IVnofoli Fl. I audrrdalr Jacksonville Palaika Weal Palm Beach DrLaivd Orlando High Sprint DrFuniak Spring Tampa Blount lown Crescent City Gainesville Jacksonville Merrick. N. Y. Jacksonville Marclrnny Waurhula Winler llaven New Smyrna Jacksonville Cleveland, Ohio Fernandina ___ Miami Miami GainesvilleF 11 K f $ II M A lium K. Palme Oyib S. Parent IIKA Robert K. Parks John K. I'uiimi Sc IVlmbwi Br Rilmion J jrWotnv illr Miami James L. Pamh'areuo m2 IIaroeb B. Pattishall. Jr. K2 Uiujam E. Peacock 2ab James K. PU 2X Ilia Irali Jifkuim illr Caniplxlllon Dade (lit) u au.ace II. Peel I.iai ir W. I’» nmj.ton, Jl Henry C- Puun 2AE Ji ija A. Piw ATP (Aiplry Da) tuna Itradi Miami Spiintfirlil, O. Jack L. Pitu XO John O. PlliO i.uuno A. PnusoR Fms P. Pkttwomie ox Miami Vinter llairn Orlaixls Tallaha«ee Bryan Piiiixirs 2X Harry B. Pillar Flank M. Poomi J. I.IMII Pot'CHER Orala (iiimnillr ErkIi i ( U aU. II. PoLRNKLL . I» y W. Prescott Morris A. Price Birnick I.. Prim tor TN (•linrnillr Jena in g S . AuRiMlinr Giinmlllr VlUIIN K. Pl'MIM. 2+K Romosd C. Kamace ♦ KT Knkira M. Hi mo Omm.a Kamos Da Iona Itearh Jarkxint iltr GantlUf). Cuba Cjmagurv, Cuba Jack F. RaYMUN 2N Klcene F. Katlitt Thomas W. Kay Al G. Kavbun ♦KT Piu— rillc Ja»prr v. Elio Orlamlo Jack $. Ill aw. 2+E James K. Bibo Oscar Fbmino Hiimi Kyan lire a Marliua Ur„..lalr Palmrilo Jackson illr 109F It K S II 1 A X A C A II E 31 I C I(K.HJUB M. Ill MIHCTON Almom K. Ki.mmo. Jr. OX Artiur A. Rktkim UlJIHON Y. Kl»M«d Orlando Jarktonv illr Kt. l-audrrdalr I’rnwola WllllOI II. Kiioot. Klnm.-iii L Kick ax UlLUAM J. IlKlltMn Mni Rkhumn tKT 5 J Koaaat Mirima 4HA KrM. T l . Kk.KI.TT ChaOXI M. KltUUJ. Ill til Jimni S. Iliuu l)oui.n U . Km a Jotter S. Kiik lavis Komi%» TK4 lltl.llY It. ItlNUTA AT A Kiwur A. Kouii V'ONU A. Mount Anmww M. Ki»i on K- MtRMMIX (1 ltlMIN ON I LB IB N. Kmikm) Qi'rntin C. Koc hi SlOTIKX J. Mix III ItoaiMT II. Korea r Kioto I- Hour Katana V. K«m.»r SX CtRTI G. Korluxk KA II. Ko» 'Irtl I’alm Hrarh Tol l alm Hrarh Orlando llrrrfirld Miami Jark«onvil|r St. (lloud 1'intnu (lily Green Cave Spring Ja loom illr Gainerville floral Cabin Davlotva llrarh Krll Abbeville. Ala. I'unU Conia Willi»ion Vernon Vrrnon KUaimanrr Orlando Cahnvlllr Tampa 'V illolon Gordon J. S. Kotihxmix Ja«k onvillr KraNCM I- RotMHAAT 4KT Sanford Thom o M KoWAM Grren.boro U'iixi V. Ron in Pori $«. jOP I'a ink I. Rotll llrmvn Spring Don V. Hi 111 HAS Jarluonvllle Kixtcjioi G. Kt n. Ja. ATO Orlando Samux S. Slpun, Ja. X Ml. Dora 110F II E S II M A X A FADE M I C Um» C. Salter Aitiii a I . l.t rou Smnv K. SoKoriu un Kavmono H. Schat, Jr. Ko. J. Schocnicx ZFE Fay II. Seaton ♦KT I'mMIKK C. SuLMtNK KI Chuio F. Sahmi Jvmtn B. Shotton AT A ........ Guil MD II. SlIlltKI II lltma Sim van ♦AO Ilium Simmons Su art I.. Simon ♦ha ItHHlRti II. Sinmn -A K ICoaijkt L Siiiiii HOII l)oi I). Smith TN Km mitt C. Smith ♦AO Funk A. Smith ATQ Jamen M. Smith John P. Smith Jo'ii’H K. O. Smith nKA Norman B. Smith IIKA Ovcui Smith lloun S. Smith Sim B. Smith IIKA Wayne II. Smith Kourt M. Smithuo Stanley J. Smiths AXA r» _? I)ati» F. Smoak ♦KT John 1). Shmh Johnnie K. Stencir IIami. S. SrtcjR ... James K. Smijn KI Fomin I.. Stanton ttuiiiM B. SvanwivIIav IIomaro F. Stearns. Jr. sab Milton Qiiplo Biloxi, Mi . Cortc Tamp Orlando We t Palm Beach Snead W inter llawn Jacksonville S«. Prtrr»buf|t Coine vil|e Miami Bench Dunedin Si. Petersburg lla% ana Si. Augustine Orlando Miami l. ke Alfred Wadley, li . Tampa Palmetto Winter Haven Madison Gainesville Winter Haven Tarpon Spring Punta l.orda St. Augustine Millon Stuart Orlamlo Qiipley Jacksons die TampaF It i: S II 1 A A C A l» K M I John M. Srum AX Miami GutWW A. Stkckrl ... Miami William A. Sti.wart AZO Y«f« Broch IIaw (- Stokra Bakrr »x Jack Y. Skimiiuh AT A Orlando Vi km B. Stoov U inlrr llavrn Thom an K. Stotall. AZO Palm Beach Prank II. Stoltamiri Tallahj rr William M. STRAK.HV Miami Frld A. Stranc . Havana Arrau am II. Strickland.............................Miami S. W. SniCKL«N», Jr. Tma Cri« Waookm C. Strickland Hawthorn William A. Strickland ... Tam|ia Forum P. Sirincir M+ Alachua IcMia L. Slri.r. Jr. ATA . ... (Juinry TN F. Charles Sa iirir .. PoiMtola John I). Sillitan ZX Melbourne ll«-a h Saniord M. ♦IIA Tampa Jack K. Swiet ZX .... S«. Petaraharf V. R. Slxnca ... . .... (iainravillr William S. Taahot ,.... ...... Allha llr.NRV W. ♦KT ................................ Pompano J.-mn It i vaa XAB hapi IliiHtK II. 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WlTHOK AX WeH Palm Bearli W inirr Garden Tampa Oeala llukiai W. » muk KA Jami. C. VI ITT AX IIaboa Woir ♦BA Sai l WotraON ♦HA Tampa Arradia Miami Reach JarkxuiMlIr Haiti W. Uo«bow ky ♦HA (•tlNU J. WOLLV TK l.tY«ar r» Woltiii ♦HA K«»v C. Woo Miami Orlando Jackaonville Home.trail CoriMCIOM VI. WooDLM b» A8I» T. % OMON AUMISO C. WaitllT Rot It. Waiciir Jacksonville Key Tr»i Lakeland Sanford Vatina W. Yah KA lion A. Yam Vi at ax J. Zl l Jacksonville Wauchula Weal Paint Rearh 111In lUifmimam + ROBERT GREGORY NELSON + ADMIRED AND ESTEEMED BY ALL U IIO KNEW IIIM; A LOYAL WORKER AND N EXCELLENT STUDENT; MIS MEMORY Will. REMAIN FOREVER IN TIIE HEARTS OF HIS FELLOW STUDENTSFEATURES Florida’s College of u»- is justly noted throughout file United State fur it high standards. lienee, while the profession of law may he crowded, there i always a place for the graduate front Florida. The rigorous training of the College is directed toward producing these lawyer of fundamental integrity and thorough knowledge.Beauty is only -kin deep—always looking for the new, tin unusual. an«l the spice of life, we have endeavored to include in (hi- year's section those Florida personalities which embody the characteristic most important to Florida men. namely..........personality, popularity, heauty. wholesomeness and all-around perfection to which Florida men can justly point with pride. In keeping with our theme we have endeavored to include in our featured section those femina lerfecta who most ably have personified to the Florida campus qualities worthy of making the Florida life a more wholesome and enjoyable existence.9)lttt JUMfti}ol»n4to n« jcAAicu jcnlli in.'COLLEGfr c0 KATHRYN PATTERSON TV $u t ESTHER LANEHARO KATHRYN KASS THELMA NORLINALU ENGRAVINGS FOR TMC 1037 SEMINOLE INCLUDING THE FOUR COLOR PROCESS DIVISION PLATES WERE MADE OY TMe ENGRAVING DEPARTMENT OF THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES TAMPA - 120 FLORIDABryant Paper Company Incorporated MILLS AT KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN ¥ Manufacturers of Fine Coated and Plain BOOK PAPERS Especially zAdap ta b Ie for COLLEGE ANNUALS AND HIGH GRADE CATALOGUES ¥ tfftockyd and Distributed by FLORIDA DIVISION VIRGINIA PAPER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA ¥ THIJ USUt or THE SEMINOLE IS PRINTED ON BRYANT PAPER - 127 •SPEAKING OF PICTURES Anyone who has ever been around a cam|»u arknow|i‘ lKc having ;in SAH rhaplrr, knows lliiil l.eo, liar Lion, is often painted. It's not always left to the amateurs, who daub it quite lay chance, but often many battle-scarred four, five and six year men of rival Indues become implicated in these frequent occurrences. The pictures on these panes contain quite enough evidence for you to solve. In no time at all. the pressing problem: who painted the SAE lion ? IThe SAK lion bail been kept nice and white since Fall Frolics and there was much speculation on the campus as to how much longer it could stay unpointed. 2 One night at exactly I:IX A. M. the licuutiful lion was painted by an unknown marauder who vanished into the darkness ticforc his evil work hail been discovered. 3 Two SAKS returning to the House after keeping up the chapter's social prestige with a pleasing repartee at Itlondy's were strw-pefied at the sight of the horrid deed. 4 Hushing upstairs to the stulTy sleeping quarters, they aroused the more sober-minded wits of the chapter and told them of the painting. 5 The entire chapter. 100 strong, turned out to view the contemptible act. The Frosh whined as they were forced to clean anil repaint the mangy l-co. 12 •I I nks PT -• atroff- M fra-uvernly 1 Ouir got • UchaM ig tho wort immy jux • of tit- inttr Jook«r» may come and Jcokcr« may go. tut the spirit flow -on forever. Proof of thU w j the cUnnuh netr-fight a few nights •go at Bloody's when (roup of Pikes and a starccitnx bunch of ISAE's started to quibble over a I Latin senortU and a case of beer SAK In their usual domineering 'way overrode the weaker Pike brethren, but the com field kin | I were heard to swear ye .xeance I ‘ oo the Lion-hearts The timid PKf’a have complained to the Dean's office about the Peeping Toms In the SAK house • It seems the SAE s have some ('oufcts about the gender of their j neighbors so have cast their best i eye under drawn shades these j moonlight nights. "Always In A Fog" Psrruh j sent the bewildered POT freshmen ! on a road .trip a few ntghta ago I instructing the freshmen to fol-j low the tradition of all good t » POT'S who have gone before . . . to paint the lion In front of the hotel on the corner of the stop light - Once a Jooker. always a JooUei. Or so It seems with a back glance at house parties of the past week Althou ' • » ve-d- Henry Henry To msnder of of Sigma day night. Other offi tenant-corwr ter; recorder lain. Tom II forter. Fran Oeorge Bom Three men their )oba a arc SUn Earl Brown, or. and Ken came u; vi so uc ta' the fight -BlIUc” I uitli Kmli her lo Ihc M4. Nelson Da the fine ms • One Man C tic royal at the result Heyward 7. John Love ce-digmltc J put in the Downe; line e V? t'rvday f urday nv ' for BiotVf jet then, di cwned of the Springs We a t rib b bet lb Dear K- 6Knlistrd in Whraties (I-Maii Hoy Patrol, Ihc chapter | act about lo find Ihc significant clues Unit would lead to tlu criiniunl. Puhlicity-iniiulcil brothers found important information in Jook-Jots. HV1 IMausxsiMf ao FCB 21 IJ)7 dfIS ATO HOUSE CAintSVIUt fuo SO«AY STCC HATH srokjo At SM CAMAIk TMAk A« AIO IKOUkAHT COCOStf ontr. 7 One of Ihc telegraph boys carrying an SAK button in his pocket fell that » telegram addrevsed to ATO Jcnn Ferrill might he Ihc cause of the crime. . . THIS IS A PHOTOCRIME The photograph on these pages illustrate a new and ingenious use of pictures. They are supposed to tell a mystery story, hut our mystery, the painting of the SAK lion, is never a mystery, least of all to Hie far-off dormitory hoys who gel a log kick toil of anything shows an expression of contempt for the Sons of Minerva (how funny Minerva is pronounced upon this campus). Long and logical study will iml he required lo solve this Phnincrimc for the answer is put in Hie most obvious position it is in the last picture. The Phntoerimc. as the picture mystery is railed, originated in Krtgland in Hie mind of an insurance clerk named Denis llorlon. Odliams Press took Hie idea from Mr. llorlon; "Weekly Illustrated” took it from Odliams: llie Des Moines “Register and Tribune” took it from “Weekly Illustrated"; the real I.IKK took it from Des Moines; and we swi| cd it from I.IKK. It is needles to say that Hie crime was solved, no, not in Kngland liy Mr. llorlon who is still an insurance clerk, hut here by several staff members who happened lo belong to some of the rival fraternities suspcrlttl. It is also needless to say that the actors who are photo-graphed receive only the fame they may derive from publication herein. 8 Four Phi Della Theta freshmen returning at an early hour from a hectic road trip were seen gossiping and pointing toward the lion as they passed the "hotel on the corner.” - 129 SPEAKING OF PICTURES (contimi) Ctunplimcnls » Amerirmi National 33auk OF HKNS COl, . FI .OK IDA FIMiAlt It. MM.ONF. IV....|rn| JOHN lt. MM.oNK. irr IVroiHrnt till AKI.FS l I. M Ml. Mr,. IVr.iilmi JAMhS VI. ANDREWS. i j.ln.r JOS FI 11 F. 01 INA. A»l. Ca.hirr BURDINE’S Hxlrtuls llcarlient ( •tn ramlntt»n CUSS OF 37 9S i in p I c S A K sleuth saw significance in Ihcir house boy’s discovery of a paint can in the Pi Kappa Phi garbage. 10 lion that empty by Ih A A Itlamc was laid I I upon I’i Kappa II P h i Tommy Simpson, lie received a violent paddling as he bowed before l-co, the I.ion. IMVF.KSi n OF FI.OKIUA A A Ihit again the dormitories won. Everyone thought I il a swell joke oil Ihe Sons of Minerva when llawkshaw explained with illustrating gestures to the “Dormitory Dans" how he had personally painted the lion after Impping a few In-ers at Mac's. And once again, the dumb willed SAK's failed to correctly discover the person who had committed the crime of crimes, defacing l.eo. 130 -Vol. 1. No. 1 «»C. tt. ». Mf. O•». May 28. 1937 mu iitiiitimii ul •miits iituvn r« amiiitm oniMir cniiaiKn. l»H, n tiMc isc. Speaking of Pictures................... 128 A Day with an Average Student........ 133 Politics .............................. 137 Men of the Year........................ 140 Wednesday Night Jamboree............... 146 Johnny Comes to Florida................ 146 Governor-Elect Watches................. 146 Skit Night............................. 147 Informal Poses......................... 148 Greek Lives............................ 149 Life Goes to a Party................... 156 Colonel Browning’s Army............... 161 Camera Oversees........................ 164 Letters to the Editors................. 168 LIFE’S Pictures....................... 171 The Story of Life...................... 171 Pictures to the Editors................ 172 mi mom »• it a Mi«’V"caArM or ihvih fin 1 IMilT |V AUK AIMIIOV STUDIO OF • rY r O i FINK IMIOTOGKAIMIS 1937 Svminolr Photographer 1868 Wc l University Avenue GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Drll L. r.iUM. Irvine Kkpfor. llradey. MM«Miriiia: AUn nUttm. AHNUIUI l -arnry 11 r ft hart. Hdly Mci.nirr. IIi'l Junky, Sunlry Utitck. John Horn . TW SUII.N'OIK » ♦» to n(-iM4 it jrattiixir to thr IXilora « •! 1‘uMi.brf • of LIFE lot their kin ! c«o|«utMn ohxh lui m4 yowUr Ihi portrayal »l L1FF. at th« I'o.rrtwty «4 FlHrb. Tm« Urt Mthe reason why Thai MOLLOY-MADK COYKKS have been used on so many of I he nation's leading annuals over a long period of time is testimony to fact that they really do represent more value . . . The SKMINOLK. like many other leading annuals, started using Molloy-Made “way hack when" and the Mollov trademark on the cover of this 1937 issue is the best evidence of an eminently satisfactory standard of quality and service throughout the years The DAVID J. MOLLOY The S. K. Smith Company Plant 2857 NORTHWESTERN AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - 132 -LIFE Vol. I. No. 1 May 28. 1937 LIFE BEGINS AT 7:50 The rauCOUS rinfl «»f » dollar alarm clock muses Florida’s Average Student .II 7:iO a. in., and a mad scramble rimir as hr attempts lo mirli his 8:10 class on schedule. Typical serious-minded student that hr is. the Florida mini spends from l.'i to IX hours in class und from 28 to If.X hours in bed weekly. depending upon whether hr gets along hy slinging hush at the Inn, taking Up dirty shirts, or whether he lioards and rooms at elite Hotels Pike or Slrrp-und-Knt. lie is exposed to culture for from (l to 21 hours a day. and often feels that he call appreciate it more thoroughly Hat on his hack with a pillow ’neatli his head, (ireat is the temptation and often dors it happen that Average Student slams olT the alarm only lo turn over and sleep through another class. However, Dr. Johnson never rose until noon. Turn the page to see liow Average Student spends his waking hours. - 133 -DAY WITH AN AVERAGE STUDENT (continued t Shaving IS mi esoteric ritual when performed by Average Student. According lo beard and social pusilioii, lie lias In lather up once a ilay nr once n week. And though he swears lie hates it, each operation takes on an air of mystery and importance. Florida’s campus is praised as one of the nation's must healthful. Average Student und his classmates liud it more interesting Ilian the odd-looking gentleman waving his arms in the front of the classroom. 8:05 each weekday morning will iimi Average student cramming down calculus, coffee and dough-nuts in llialt's Hygienic llasliery or Ahrano's Itoneli Kesorf. just Ik-fore an expected pop-«piix. Most Florida men lie come cnfTco addicts In-fore they arc sophomores. Callous are consumed dully. Average Student is seldom punctual. Only the most terrible of threats will make him run to rcarlt class oil lime. Most X o’clock classes do not actually In-gm until 8:30. if anybody is there by that lime. 134OAY WITH AN AVERAGE STUDENT ror»i ««ird Except during final exams the u- brary is just a plan It read the home town papers. Mere ulv students rub cllmws with culture, lake exercises in petty lareen.v. The bald head is that of a faeully member, not a student. University Station's postmistress ran call all students by name after the first month of school. No spot on the campus is more popular shortl after the llrsl of the month than the | oslnlliee. It is the oldest huildinK on the campus, the most draughty, enjoys the greatest amount of Ira tile. Like Sloppy Joe's liar, its d« ors are never locked. Lessons in marksmanship. mass murder, map reading. as well as corns, blisters, bunions, bruised shoulders, are ottered A great Average Student lakes down the by Ihe Depurlmenl of Military Science. A healthy thirst was barriers and bis undershirt to relax, what these boys Rot, fresh from drill. 13a •DAY WITH AN AVERAGE STUDENT ( Conlinurtl The Other 97' PIM rainy anti most olbrr evening in intellectual discussion. belter culletl bull-sessions. Popular subjects are "God or Not”. "Sex Problem of I he Isolated Male ', "Florida a a Leader in College Athletics", "My Hottest hale”. I'ndeniably Irue is I he statement of an etluralor lhal the greater portion of enllegr learning comes this way. Had it inquired into tins phase of cam pustry, tlie Florida Itroinn Questionnaire might have proved conclusively that 3f,» of the Slmlenl Hotly 1)0 study at least an hour weekly. Grinds like this bring up the average. Belatedly conscientious. Average Student settles down to intensive study at midnight. This sehtdar prob-abl tuned in the Moon Itiver program. Most student own radios, operate them tluy anil night, at full blast. Dorm men pay high electric accessory foes, feel justified to retaliate for disrupted service with rioting bonlirex. 1.10 -LIFE ON THE UNIVERSITY NEWSFRONT POLITICS The three unopposed nominees of the Demo- gogucs for Hit three lop positions post in propt-r political slylr: Chancellor Collins, Secretary-Treasurer McCarty, ami President Smothers. No campaign funds were necessary for Ihrir election. Masters for three elections, till Democratic League gods suddenly found themselves slaves in Spring polities. The Fall campaign proved the ineflicney of the Sawdust Trail as combined YMCA-BYPU forces went under. The Demos seemed too strong for organized opposition. Victory sure, the Ih'inulcaguc ncuniimtors threw aside ipialifled men to sale thirsty erics of fraternities eager for build-up. only to have a louder cry arise from the Campus-at-large. Seven heretics dared to enter the race against hand-pirked cronies of the nominating caucus. In the Ccncral College. a complete slate of nobod irs appeared from nowhere. And. once again. Dormitory Dan and Backwoods It.ister came from their cobwebs to pul "X" by the name of the independent man. Swept into olliec on this tide of righteous protest were four of the campus-wide independents, the entire (iC slate, and several oilier college nominees. However, elected unopposed were a vast majority of Ihr nominees of the Dcmo-gogues, good and had. veterans amt virgins. The SPE'S thought McCarty a lugger asset than McNeal. so left Herbie silling on I lie front porch chaperoned b hopeful assistant Drailghon. Papa Sample said "naughty-naughty" anti Herb withdrew as on independent. - 137POLITICS i continued At the Demacratic League rally. Wednesday ni«ci«i i»cforc Hip elections, » innl111«i«lt- stood spellbound, smoked lwo-foc-a-niekcl cigars Ihcy rtfriveil at Ihc door. listened lo "Florida's Felon" Smatbers c lol llw virtues of his parly. Nominee Garcia ill his characteristic |»oew lells Ihc Hi Story In the gullible few. For year a colorful figure in earn pus politic . “I.ittlc Manny mluol I In boat on polling day in spile of numerous campaign circulars in liis In-half. Smiling dubiously. Ihllehy SI or mes watched liis campaign publieily manager grin defiantly at the op|H»sitinn. obviously in Ilie proverbial "ling-house”. 138 •POLITICS ( continued Average student drops his marked hiillnl into the sealed box. Much Cameraderie anil bark-slapping grreled Ilu qualified voters ax I bey entered I hr |M»lling place . (aini|iai)in rani ami last minute pep talks were handed out in an attempt to get elusive vole . Voter leaving the polls were totally ignored where n few inomeiils before they were everybody's buddy. Opposed candidates and their friends pass many exciting moments as vole-counter register another tally for someone’s favorite. The tired checkers take a moment off for a snack as the tallying goes on far. far into the night. Returns come in quickly. I.ittle competition makes the task light despite a heavy turnout of the Student Ikidy. Chancellor Waldo ami I'rexy Schueht chalk them up for the hisses and hlixxas of the gallery of politically conscious nighthawks. 139 -MEN OF THE YEAR: President-elect George Smathers I IIK live notables pictured in circles n this page are tin residue of last year’s Hull of Fame, still in circulation the current annum. Those photographed lie-low, in conference, reprrsenl Ihis year’s crop of successes. The twelve oulxtundiiiK seniors are chosen by l ean . Administration Icailers, linally weeded out by the Dean of Students and his committer. Holding some campus office is tantamounl to Hull of Fame choice. Near-President J. B. PattersonMEN OF THE YEAR ( continued ) Selden Waldo Q W KHVIMi as Chancellor of the Honor Court in itself qualities ;i student for election to llir Hall of Fiimr. but to Srldrn that position l .« served only as a climax to an active career ul tlic University. Besides Ih-iuk chancellor this year, he served as a member of the court last year and as chancellor during the 193a Summer session. lie has maintained a 2.2 honor point scholastic average, is vice-president of Blue Key. president of Sigma Alpha Fpsilon. his social fraternity, is an outstanding member of the debating team, and is listed in Who's Who . monjj Students in American Vniversities and Colleges 193ft-37. lie also belongs to Tan Kappa Alpha. White Friars. Colonels. Phi Delta Phi. and John Marshall Debating Society. John McCarty As president of the Southeastern Division of the National Student Federation of America, secretary-treasurer of the Student Body, secretary of University of Florida Blue Key. president of the l of F. Chapter of Sigma Phi Hpislon. his social fraternity, and Captain of the Sabres. John has attained an outstanding record of leadership and ability. Hardly subordinate, however, is bis membership on varsity football ami basket ball squads, his rank as major in the It. . T. C. unit and bis buscball team managership. In addition. John was named as one of the Ten Outstanding Freshmen of his class. Activities piled upon activities, lie is also a member of Bacchus, is active in White Friars. l.’Apachc. has served bis alma mater further by working on the Intramural Board, and has traveled far and wide with the debating team. Franklin Bennett V FBSATII.F editor of the 1937 S» xtiNoi.t:. Franklin has heen prominent in many departments of campus activity. Judged one of this year's trn outstanding seniors, he is given a place in Who's Who in American Colleges and Cniwrtitles. As a publications man, lie served a three-year apprenticeship on the Scminoi.k. was a member of both the Allioatimi and Fixmios Hi:vir.w staffs. In politic , he sat on the Democratic league nominating committees in 1933 and 1937, in |K»rt hr earned liis MF" as varsity football manager in 193ft. in It. O. T. C. he pnraded as first Lieutenant. Phi Kappa Tau is Franklin's social fraternity and as its representative he has been secretary-treasurer of the Intcrfraternlly Conference. lie is a member of Florida Blue Key. Sabres. Bacchus, and the Propcllor Club. - HI -MEN OF THE YEAR ( continued t Julian Lane Jl'I.IAN LANK. Ilic athlete, will remain long in Ihr memory of Florida men for his versatility .uni prowess Hi llu Kiiiinl post of Ihr Fighting linlon' fiMilbll team. Anil in recognition of hi .-iliilily on (lie grltliron. Ills teammates chose him captain Iasi year. Julian l.ane, Ihr Im . will hr rrniruihrrril for his pleasing mill frirnilly personality anil ever-present smile. Among his other nccomplish-mriils on the campus are the rank of major in Ihr artillery division of It. ). T. .. membership in l''loriila Blue Key. Pirates, Ihr P (Hub. anil Sabres. Alpha Tan Omega fraternity claims him as one of ils outstanding members. Kenneth Eppert Kk.VS feals as l-’lorida's oulslanding alhlele of the past four years will likely go uncipialled for some time. He is the only consistent three-letter man since Itcn Clemmons. As a freshman lie earned numerals in football, basket ball and baseball. and continued Ihr same sports on the varsity squads to garner numerous big "FY . lie was vice president of his sophomore class, in bis junior year again found favor with the Voters to In elected to Ihc vice presidency of the Allilclie Council. The year following he was a candidate for president of the Student Body. Ken is one of the most popular men on the campus, has friends by the score, lie belongs to Florida Blue Key. and the "F" Club. William Chambers To. C Fi mil» Ai.i.MiATOH owes I he All-American rating accorded it this year lo the untiring and well-directed efforts of ils edilor-in-ehief—Bill Chambers. Bill lias piloted the paper impartially and fearlessly, wrought numerous beneficial changes. Hr was honored by being elected to the vice presidency of the Florida Intercollegiate Press Association, and presided over Ihc recent convention at Itnliins College in the absence of Ilic president. Bill's extra-curricular activities have been many and varied. He has served a term as a member of the Board of Student Publications, was military editor of Ihr SrMINOl H. won a varsity “F” as manager of the l! 36 track team, and is a member of Florida Blue Key. Ihc 'F” Club. an l Cavalier .MEN OF THE YEAR —, John Lloyd Joil.N'S remarkable leadership in activities ami his service lo Ihe University have placed him high in the regard of his fellow students. earned for him ail undispuled place in Ihe Hall of Fame. His crowning accomplishment was the direction of the I'nivcrsity’s most successful homecoming program last Pall. Ilis forensic ability secured him a place Oil the Varsity Debate Team. Ihe vice presidency of the John Marshall Society. Florida liluc Key elected him president in 1937. after he had served a term as vice-president. Ollirr ortlces he has held include vice presidency of his sophomore class and vice chairmanship of Ihe Students parly. John is a member of Phi Kappa Tau social fraternity. Phi Kin Sigma. Phi Alpha Delta and (divalier . Almon Daniels A I.MON DANIKI.S just plain "Danny to the boy —has Ihe best scholastic record in this year’s graduating class, lie was elected to Phi Kappa Phi with a U.XXfi honor-point average. Far from being a bookworm, he has found time lo participate in several extra-curricular activities. Danny has served four years on Ihe Fiaxuns Kkvikw stalT. acted part of this year as business manager. His other publications work includes a year as member of the Hoard of Student Publications and a year on the staff of TllK AlUOATor. He was elected lo Phi Kta Sigma during his freshman year and is a member of Ihe Florida student branch of A.I.Ch.K. John Paul Jones. Jr. RlK-KM.NKNT iii both scholarship and activities. John Paul has carved a secure niche for himself in Ihe I’nivrmity’a Hall of Fame. Crowning achievement of four fruitful years came this spring when In- was elected to Phi Kappa Phi with an honor-point average of 2.7H. was recipient of Journalism’s Dillon Achievement Cup und Sigma Delhi Chi's scholarship award. Ill publications work he has hern editor of Tint Fuiriim Rkyikw, has served on Aukutoh. Si mixoi.k. and "F Hook slalfs, the Hoard of Student Publications. Sigma Della Chi elected him secretary, then president. Twice he won the Hoard of Control Awards, nnre in declamation, once in oratory. John Paul is a member of Florida liluc Key. Phi Kta Sigma, DcMolay Club. Order of Palms. Sigma Nu is his social fraternity. MEN OF THE YEAR ( continued t Floyd Christian IN athletics mimI oilier phases of extra-curricular arlivily, Floyd lias shown himself lo In- un out standing member of the graduating class. Me earned numerals in basket hall and football as a freshman, went on to earn varsity Idlers in IkiIIi sports for three years, captained the basket hall team this year, lie further proved his leadership by his election to membership on the Athletic Council. lie was selected one of the ten outstanding seniors this year, is a member of Phi Delta Theta social fraternity. Sabres, Florida blue Key. the "F Club, and is a major in It. (). T. C. Raymond Caraballo RaYMOND’S selection as cadet colonel of the Florida unit. It. (). T. C. came as no surprise to the many who had already noted his prowess in advanced military. With beautiful Miss l)ee Car-roll of Tampa it was his honor to lead the colorful Military Kail. Candidate for a liarhelor of Arts decree this June. Itaymond will carry with him, in addition to his degree. membership in Cavaliers dunce society, and Sabres, honorary military group. David Scott D AVID'S qualities of leadership, scholarship, and versatility secure for him an undisputed place in the Mali of Fame, lie was recently elected to Phi Kappa Phi with a 2.7 honor-point scholastic averaKc. lie has served his social fraternity. Sigma Chi. as president, mid bus been a member of Honor Court. David’s ability was recognized by Blue Key last year, when he was elected to membership in that organization. Further, he is a member of Alpha Kpsilnn Della, the 1’nlvcrsily Band. Florida Players. Debating Club. Gumma Sigma Kpsilnn. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Ktu Sigma, and the University Orchestra. - 144 -Whenever Napoleon was told of another general’ brilliant victory he always asked, “And what did he do on the next day? Reputations aren’t established, nor names made, by one achievement alone. The person who tries to succeed on past performances is soon overtaken . . . and forgotten. The victory of yesterday is history today. In school life and in business, let each of your accomplishments be merely stepping stones to new endeavors. _ - 115 •LIFE ON THE UNIVERSITY NEWS FRONT WEDNESDAY NIGHT JAMBOREE Jamboree Swingheart Frances Fuller sings. (Hartnells! Hill Albright swings. WRUF’S Wednesday it• kIiI Jamboree win hilar-inus. a hodge-podge of M lf salire. iwinK, anil ’’drammer." (icorxr Walsh. Orval Anderson, Mich-aril Daniels Hiss crowded in rrarks. pursued I In elusive Itlue Bullard. Dell liililn ami his Fish Fry Five jammed unrecognisable arrangements nf ohl rlassies. Only approach lo seriousness on the whole rlamhake. "Bum Walton’s roinanlie tenor sets hearts Puttering in Florida’ hinterlands. JOHNNY COMES TO FLORIDA Ben Krentzman. politico anil cigar dispenser, does a turned-worm act in this secnc. lie is shown here bumming a weed from Johnny. Phillip Morris’ stooge (paid advertisement. GOVERNOR-ELECT WATCHES His Honor Fred P. Cone governor nf the Stale of Florida, takes lime out from his executive duties at Tallahassee to view the Fighting C.ators at Spring practice, lie is shown here sealed on the bench, a true Dcmoerul. Iieside Coach Josh Only (white jersey). - Nf. •LIFE ON THE UNIVERSITY NEWS FRONT:-skitnight The Student Body and art lovers among tin- towns people lay aside books, magazines. Libertys. for an evening to attend the tenth annual edition of Skit Night. An attentive audience saw (upper left) "Brofessor J. I). (Hunt” and confreres "KnwaU” ami “Doolittle win first place wtih their skit “Humanities”. "I)r. Jekyll and Mr. Ilyde" (below) and “Boy Wanted” (upper right) received second and third places. ‘‘Humanities” burlesqued the (ieneral College course, mimicked three of its leading culture disprnsrrs. “Boy Want cd“ portrayed the ridiculous situation of Old Florida gone co-ed. Jekyll M. ! .. and his pals went through a combination of Itilx-Marx Brothers antics, exhibited remarkable virtuosity in clowning, lampooned llorrorcliamber Frankenstein, together with his contemporary. Hiller. 147 ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANIC or JACK. SKj3JlN' V I L L E •mil AffiUnit'd Itanks S|»r-ingliclil Atlantic li;ank Jack non vi lie Find Atlantic National Hunk of I).i loii.i llcacli The lir-t National Hank Guinmvillr The I'ulalka Xtlantir National Hank 'Pile Sanfonl Xtlantir National Hank rut Palm Hrarli Xtlantir National Hank Stnimi I’mieciion . . . anil Friendly Co-o nraiiim in nil Financial Mailers huiliri ..(- » llepatU Iniu arMrr C.n portion Con uralulal inns TO I IIF. CLASS OF 1937 (In Your Scholastic Achievement During llir l i»l X car. Mjj All Your FITorl in tlic Future Be A Sureemfiil! Diamond Merchants Duval Jewelry Co. Ill Main Si. JACKSONVII,I.K Cum plim m is Sli»rlin£ K. Smith JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Compliments of S»n I’sirlo.s HoiH PENSACOLA FLORIDA INFORMAL POSES Doctor Heath scans lecture nolo. prepares to remark at length on properties of mustard gas. Students, not fearing failure, catch up on sleep in Ills clu»ev Encroachers on the University of Florida's monastic scene, these eleven co-eds, living, breathing, flesh anil Mood, represent the lirsl of wh»l is anlici-paled as an invasion. They eompose Kappa Epsilon Sorority. Feet raised deskward. the man pictured above IS not Manny (iarcia. So-called publications tycoon sub rian. Parrish got little glory, much sveallh. during his two years M DSP nfllcc hoy. • 148 »C0 r . , Kappa Alpha—Attempted Jill year l« climb buck on the social bandwagon in spile of n dilapidated house, front room gambling den, and unsociable clientele. During house parties I'at Hyman was properly dressed in rompers and sent lo the kid party with instructions, "Itring somebody down to the KA house." Masterful Hyman was given a lollipop and told lo "Itun along ami play." If the chapter would disband for ten or twelve years, forget that they were once Southern gentlemen, and reorganise in the I'niversity of the South Sea Isles under a different name, their sociul prestige might increase. "As old as the pillars of Home", shout the KA brethren to pros peclive pledges. "And verily, verily, we stand by and walrli you crumble." answer even the freshmen. Phi Delta Theta—The Phi Riddlcly Thetas opened their "bulton-a-day" club a week early this year and before rush week was well under way, uuoltieial reports gave alumni promise of enough new men to pay interest on Unreal estate mortgage so long dedicated lo a new house. Charlie Henry, like Iturrcss and Gibbs, sal around the house during every big weekend while the brother IMiis ran rampant over llu- campus with their dates, powerhouse Parrish and Tightwad Turn-hull tried valiantly to control the chapter with an iron hand, while horn-lootin' Dell Gihhs wanted to socialise and attract some good fraternity men to the SPK-ownrd manse on Washington Street by taking on a jook atmosphere. He formed his Pish Pry Pis-e hut later gave way to a money-making device known as a jook organ. Chi Phi— Husy all the year picking up the discards of oilier fraternities, the exil boys maneuvered a campus grandfulher into ail editorship in the form of one Kddir Hoardman and assigned Toni Pinning (llial isn't Ills name in PI. Lauderdale) lo help the p«n r fellow around, livable boys, all of them, arlive in Junior B-SIrn Club and Ping Pong. KNIGHT. THOMPSON and TURN Ell 4liornv s-at‘Lmc TAMPA. FLORIDA Peter O. Kmgiit (1. Fred Thompson . G. Tt KNKK I . O. Knight. Jr. John Bell Telephone 5-1(10? GAYLORD BROTHERS Manufacturer of RUBBKK STAMPS PRINTING 1 1-21 S. Hogan Street JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Compliment « •Ino. A. Jr. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Compliment « l.anov liras. Storapt' JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA - 149 -Good taste and good judgement . . . That's a combination none too easy to find and the reason for more and more men turning to rm $16.50 and $19.50 New DeLuxe ★ $22.50 ★ Super- Value THE SCHWOB COM FAN Y 37 West Forsyth St. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. CoinpUmt-nli of Van II. I ri« sl €'o. 5c to $1.00 “I lor ala OunnC Semiimlo Furniture Im . h'lirniinrr for Iny llinnr 8024108 Florida Avmue TAMPA FLORIDA Complimitil r. W. Jle.M IIrpliy Corn pi man is of Elberta Crate Box Co. cainksui.i.k. Florida ( continual t SAE— Many in number . . . few in brains. Having bad no hopes (only mortgages! since Ihc Chapter's inception in 1915. this fraternal disorganization finally gave up trying to pIcdKe a good man, and turned to socializing the material on hand. The SAK violets added ipiite a number of lilies to Ihc bouquet this year . . . enough to block-vole bronze-skinned (ieorge Smulhcrs into the Student Body presidency . . . and likewise enough to furnish Casanova Blackburn with enough freshman sisters to socialize with. I.. S. Bent furnished the Sons of Minerva an idol when he brought bark the Southeastern Featherweight Boxing Crown. Leo the lion hud a quiet year as someone preferred to burn PI T in the lawn to painting him. Action Photo of hr tin Tan Della Chapter Sigma Nu— It was a meeting of the board of directors of the SiKmanuer Itoadhouse on the Trenton Road ... a litlcrinK. tumultuous meeting. President Patterson sloppily arose but was unnoticed. "Men - — ■ - . No answer. There being no response he tried again. '•Men--------------", No answer. “You S-------------------- r All attention on Patterson. “WVvc gotta put this damn roadhouse on a paying basis. The mortgagr is pusl due, our creditors down town won't sell us anything else, and Blondy has stopped deliveries. The bar is well attended by Srntmcns. Lines. Mercer. Cooper and uh-er—myself. I have pawned cv- • 150 •'.OrtrA .!Jt'reJ' continued • er thing lull my LaSalle. bul I ran'l coniimu- to pay for everything I be brothers drink. What we need is a good promoter!” (. ) popped Toland. “And I’m Ihe man for the job! Consider my master-piece . . . my feneigling funds for a defunct Military Ball. Promoter par excellence. that's me. We have enough grass skirts lefl from Ihe South Sea party, and we can import Ihe jook queens from Gainesville suburbs. All we have lo do is fumigate and get rid of Connor Presto! Indies and gentlemen this is how Ihe Sigma Xus staggered through another unsuccessful year, float ing a heavy mortgage through nine long months. Pi Kappa Alpha—Having gotten rid of ••Barfly” Boykin Ihe Pi K Akes. the only organised group of akes on Ihe campus, turned to the same work in conjunction w i t h Billy Chase. Increased their enrollment this year by the o| ening of a new market for athletes called “The PiKA Bargaining Block.” The social lads resented this move bul as they had done nothing all year bul sit on Ihe porch, they were told to go ahead and resent. The Kid Party was bigger and belter than ever, even if Brother Dean Tolbert laid down the law on cleanliness. Boot made fame by getting no appointment in the It. O. T. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon— Pounded as a result of a political abortion in 1901. the local chapter members sal home and sucked their thumbs in Spring elections when they were refused two major political ofllces. Being a MeCarly lodge, quiet-voiced MeXeal was squelched into oblivion while Ihe cohorts of the brown-brick manse looked around for another political pledge. Threatened TKI and Pltl) b adding lid May lo their rolls, but men must be hud if McCarty is to be elected president next year. Still trying lo inveigle Brother llurst into llnancing a new house. Theta Kappa Nil— The Kumuoi Hryiew Lodge failed in their attempt to attract attention by non-pledging activities so they went ill for the nudist colony idea as the attached photo will attest. Xot even Ihe old maid school teachers of summer school were interested in this strange r» ‘ sect; so slowly, slowly the la?v- ison-lcd group dropped from live to four in membership and .ill but became extinct in fraternity circles of Ihe Culver sity. Skaggs, more interested in Sigma Della Chi Ilian Theta Kappa Xu. lost interest in his wet-nurse artisans and with his feeble extinction Ihe lodge is referred lo as ”wliat used lo be.” M. O. HUCK PAINT CO. JACKSONVILLE MIAMI ABSTRACTS TITLK INSl K WCK When Inserting in Heal Properly, ln»i-t On a Title Insurance I’olics luiiril | s the Lawyers T itle Insurance Corporation of Hiehnioiid. irginia {i lfrlcH o by p!;aiiai ty title company •107 Twigg Street TAMPA : FLORIDA • 151 -'.Ostf r ( continued) Congratulations AND "HAPPY LANDINGS" TO THE CLASS 1937 University of Florida Sigma Chi—Whereas Ihr national fraternity of Sigma Chi wax formed by a group of young men who hail been expelled from Dellu Kappa Kpxilon, tile local chapter ix composed of u nondescript group who might have well l»ecn expelled by other chapters had any other chapters taken them ill the lirsl place. When lirst the boys at the Mingling house heard the song "Mr. fitioxt (iocs to Town ’ they hoped that it might Ik the ghost of Moses who on Ills way to town could be inveigled to slop by their house and lead the brothers out of their wilderness. Solomon was finally willed to the I'MIl’s after the TUI ’ refused him. a hr ittutnu ilrntlh Florida's Musi Impwlanl Viirj M irr KHANK It. Sill ITS I'lihlUlier Tail Epsilon Phi—So confident in llieir rushing a bilily that Ilu- went out and Imught a hotel. Lores Court, for the sixty members they hope to have next year. The new house dreams and plans disappeared us visuulixution seemed impossible although it helped to land a banner frosli group. Two piles of sand on the empty lot early in November only added to the misery of the hopefuls. "Dictator ' Klepper moved in to show the boys what a Hitler could be like. Sclber’x acceptance to Mine Key suddenly sent the entire chapter scurrying for necessary qualifications and boosted hopes sky high. Their fore most fame lies in the fact that the Dean publicly commended them for their orderly dance house parties. Alpha Gamma Rho— Campus recognition came to the farm lads with the election of an .itliuutor editor. However. the campus social societies still shun the boy who have tried so bard to climb the ladder of success. Delta Chi—The valiant efforts of Clyde Hnglisli let them retain their house ulthough it caused him to bust out of school. With the flight of Mrasted went ttieir claims to fame although Charlie Springer made the big wigs sit up and take notice by the way he pulled the wool over tlirir eyes in the Inter-fraternity Conference. The boys can do one tiling and that is study, as their 1.8 average for the first semester shows. - IS2 • y ec r £ «■ J continued Beta Theta Pi—Unable to in tcrest uu'ii with cant in tin-IoiIkc lllit year. Ik'la’s lin.illy pul lltc button on a Hash from Micanopy wilh ;i I‘. . 7 edition of a nag uml sully. The Jack avs seemed right at home anti Kilter reports a nice flower hetl this season. The Imivx lin.illy got Alvin Hamilton elected to an office uml enough «|ualitieations to make Blue Key. They won fame when Howard Skipper crashed through as an Independent in the Spring elections anti then was elected to lead the swimmers. Wilh “Papa” Pope leaving school uml baby-faced Hamilton going out into the world as a lawyer, the hoys are doubtful as to who will be the one to lead them out of the w i liter ness next year. Alpha Tau Omega— u u u n lily! To hell with tpinlily! Sueli was the yell at the Scliucht house all year. They grew and grew, ami now they don't know each other .... which is the price of Athletes Too Often. They moved their house back in the expectations of building a new one. hut couldn’t liml anyone sucker enough lo buy the old one. President of the student body, captain of the ftaotball team, and still they couldn't pledge the bo s they wanted. Pi Kappa Phi— Doomed lo nothingness when they elected Kill Hull President of the bulge, the Pi Kups attempted to get into polities by forming a new party. Unsuccessful in this they tried to pledge men who hail already made a name for themselves without the aitl of party or fraternity. Again they failed so they sent emissary Dowdu into the field of contacting those who might be in » position to pay oil the mortgage on the old homestead and Jook Jots found him out before he was successful in this line. Having failed all-around the Pi Kap pledged one l on Brown (The (iliosl Walks) only because his girl wanted him lo Ik- a fraternity man (and my. how she was fooled). When Un went to press the PI Kappa Phis were still trying to liml an excuse for existence on the Florida campus, only to be reported as the bulge with the most non-fraternity member of any group on the campus. Theta Chi— Doomed to oblivion because the alumni were ashamed of them, the long-forgotten local chapter attempted to come to life ugain this year with the placing of Wesley Fly in Blue Key and Presidency of the Chapter. Windy Sullivan was successful in garnering the Treasury of the Democratic league, so with ample finances to look forward to next year, the Chapter ho|H s to buy a sack of fertilizer for the front lawn. With no new pledges, no new members, no nothing, the Chapter hope to continue a meager existence. 1II T w ILL THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU? % lirn illr Karnrtl National Bank %ra nrpniinl 0 sear ago. llierc were no ii-U|ilMinr», no elrririe light . no typewriter no adding machine , n» automobile , no airplane , no fountain no music , no paved road . The development that are made in the hoiao of tomorrow depend ii|Min you and young men like you. Whether you (ill an oh eurr or important pjil in future industry, you will nerd hanking faeilitic . Ju t a the Barnett ha walrhed ami encouraged tile progre of olliec in Florida, it will l«c inlr«e trd in you. Through it alfcliation-, it i equipped to eevr you in any part of the Nate. The Barnett National Bank of Jacksonville The tl|.|r | National Bank in Morula K.tal.lidie.1 IZ77 AFFILIATES: The Bantcll National of Avon Park The Harnett National Hank of Cocoa Tlir Harnett National Hank of l)c|.and Tin- Harnett National Hank of Fort lamlerd.ili-I lie S|. Augustine National Hank of St. Augm-tinc Complimonlt From the Manufacturer of THE CRlSADFK SCHOOL SI RELIES KNIGHT BROTHERS PAPER COMPANY JACKSON VII.US •: FI.OKIDA - 153 -There's .No Substitute Par KIDDKI.I, ATMI.KTIC SIIOKS Ash I hr Athlete St lr hitlnbulnlt JoliiiMtn Sfa iliirM- Motors (irnulry Radio W I l-«»M Sportillg iood» haird ii itmv. iu:ro. DAINKSVIIXE, H.OKIDA Compliments of the FLORIDA and LYRIC THEATRES SPARKS THKATKKS THE FIRST VVITOAAL IIA. K Thr (H4 KrIUtde" (iAlNKSVIlJ.K. H.OKIDA l w»f| «rJlnl ins T II E COLLEGE I nilFEII STATE RA. K (.AINKSVIIAK. FLORIDA Mrmlwr Itnmr S Mrn» Mniiliir Knlcral I .|h .ii ln ur«ncr 4!or|mrali»n i'fj' ( continued Phi Kappa Tau—The tong Dial exist in the lire trap on I'nion Street adopted Ihe three UN (lien net l-Bca ley-Brown-) ingl for a mollo this year. They liil a new high when "Senator" l.loyil and Kdilor Bennett made "Who's Who" and Hall of Fame, but skidded i»K-un when “Silly-puss Kelle turned to nipping the bottle. Yon proved to be their shining light, both on the gridiron and in the better known jonk joints around the slate. Orlando fell their way unanimously, but they found, to their regret, that they hail only pledged another huneli of broke athletes. I.illle men became big men under Ihe watchful guidance of l.loyil anti Bcnncll, but they couldn't elaim a sponsor Military Ball weekend. Phi Beta Delta— I’nflilr rushing ladies gave Ihe I'hcbcs every good man before tlieir gentlemen rivals could approach the prospects. A protest to the higher ups only brought about a near riot that continued the remainder of the year. Their big mistake of the year was sending a blanket hid for their Spring dance, they being too poor to hold a house party, to tlieir rivals with a resulting inllux of twenty-six TIvP's, and near ruination for the unsocial I'hcbcs. To uild insult to injury, their rivals took them in handball Ihe next day mid the house lias been broke ever since. Kappa Sigma— It downed on the group late in Ihe year that with Ihe graduating of Bill Sherill they would no longer have any big shots so the booming of Thipso" Seoville was la-gun. Tailing here they turned to loudmouthed (ieorge Means who saw Ihe futility of such a gesture. So "doom' is the byword of Kappa Sig. and from mediocrity, slowly, slowly, they slip to oblivion. At the regular meeting of Division It. section 3. of the Kappa Swigniore chapter. Bill (•lass. Kappa Sig socialite and strong-arm man, moved that Brother Kugene MeKcown be exempt from paying dues next year, providing that lie would furnish to each old man in the chapter one bonded pint during each big weekend. Otis Farrington refused to vote until Boss Sherrill had been contacted and ollicial approval given. After long and serious debate, Ben Cartridge announced that Dean Tolbert censored only Ihe beer dispensed at Ihe "Singapore laisv-Down” and that a true Kappa Slinkma should welcome an innovation, (ieorge Means called for a record vole. The motion passed unanimously, “Chipso Scovilie's lone dissent (icing ignored. Tpon hearing of Ihe chapter's derision. Brother MeKcown immediately filed simultaneously a call for a recount on liis resignation. • la I -•Orrt r ! rcJ continued ) Delta Sigma Phi—The Dollur-Sixty-Fivr boys have but two men who could even Ik classed as iM-inn outstanding. John Dowd wav secretary of the Inter-Fraternity Conference only because it happened lo be DSP's turn. Keith Crigsby. mentioned in other purls of this magazine, is preeminent because, after being an active and cfllcirnl party chairman for one semester, his own fellow Demo-leaguers would not vole for him such unpopularity must be deserved. The great highlight of the year for the Della Sigs was the arrival of corny Jan Carber I Brother Jan to the boys) during the Military Itall. (iarber looked around with the boys, and was llnally persuaded lo allow Itig Six Jones to croon. In u burst of glory at the end of the year, the forlorn Delta Sigs pledged lien Mcljiuchlin, Itlue Key reject, Imping to gain the esteem and support of the "great unwashed." tty some quirk of fate the big battling bruiser, (leorgc Anderson pulled the wool over Coach Proctor and the Student Body and became a lug shot slugger and the secretary of the Athletic Council. As Council secretary, his value was nil, but as a future Tunncy. he merely played “hands" with the boys of the squared circle. The Beta Zela Chapter was installed at Florida in 1930. It is obviously not dry behind the curs as yet, but vion, maybe not tomorrow, will learn the score. Pi Della Sigma—Florida contribution to great social fraternities, PI Delta Sigma, was organized in the old and trudition-bound halls of Miami University in 19211 and was installed at the University of Florida in 1934. The only claim to recognition was the reference made by SAK (•corgc Young when he gave them credit for being the bastard child of the Independent Party. Through the process of political rape, they were ranked alongside of the Sigma Nu.s, the Pi K A’ , and the Pi Kappa Phi’s. Spurred on by the heartening success of mistaken political identity. Hill O'Bryan, their only recognized member on the campus, attempted lo achieve social prestige. But even his efforts, together with the moving of the chapter from the bark streets to University Avenue and the pledging of Tony llarlow, fuiled to guin any more for them than a member in Caivalicrs. For being uninvited guests, brother like (Juina and Abbott enjoy themselves more thoroughly than any other guests at the oilier fraternities' functions. When Henry "Bud" Wood, who believes a fraternity man should be a conceited avs. ran independently for the Flxeculive Gnun-Cll. amiable Andy Stoke quit school lo work the Hoad Dept. Lambda Chi Alpha— When the Ai.i.iustoh recently ran a story alMMit the search for Itobert Taylor's double, the Lambda Chis achieved much and totally undeserved publicity when some would-be frosh Journalist happened to mention Clinton Kaminis for the job because he had black wavy hair tlike all Tarpon Springs residents). The local chapter, typical of the mushroom idea instituted by the national organization, continued lo slip into the niche of oblivion which has always characterized the house without u door. Since the “Sigma laimbdu Tau-Na-lure in the Haw" episode of the dim, dim days, the lambda Chis have limited their social activities to a point that even surpasses their usual mcdioericity. In spile of artificial respiration in the form of a donation from the national chapter, efforts to resuscitate the local chapter during the past two yrars has definitely failed and the back seat of the non-recognixed fraternities has been undoubtedly awarded to the I .ail did a Chi Alphas. II O V II O W I) Y Won't You HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR Eli Witt Company Tlic OHit t Equipment «.. Ine. Out fill it “From 'in lo SmfrtT Office Furniture Office Supplies Corner I’olk St. and Florida Ase. TAMPA FLOKIDA Dozier Cay base made a study of Southern climatic conditions for lliirty- i years lirurc the slogan “Writ for the South." IIO JICII A HAY PAIXT 0. JACKSONVILLE FLOKIDA lOO'c Owned and Operated in JACKSONYII.LK Six Beautiful Stores • 133 -Student President Geo. Smathers hint. r«l a mat fur a lady wasn’t nmlnl when hr intermixsioned at Military Itall. The lapel Howit was worn for rri'oiini. lion purposes. To break the huh-drub existence of everyday study, |iro|ierly socialize the various holidays in the I'nivrr-»lly of l-'lorida calendar, students make k mkI uw of a warm rlimate. pretty Kiris, fraternity and rniversity facilities. for mixing pleasure with education. Fall Frolics. Military Hall. General College Coronation. House parties, intermingled football weekends make the social season u gay one. Ken Eppert and Celia Gary were seen at all (he Jook parties during house parlies. Hppert was accused of trying to ’'truck”, lie explained that his feet arc that way all the time. A Sit down Strike would have Iicx-Ii impossible there wasn't room. Casanova Itlackhurn pushed the girl away from him as Ihc lamp Hashed, to rale more spotlight. Ilcrt Humphries had that hungrs look in his eye John Cherry just stood there. All this military hall to the tune of Jan Garber. - i.m; - continued ) y Dale Miller made Katherine Patterson Iun (.hieen during the Col lege coronation ceremonies. Beautiful M a I ib Virginia Dowling. Hein- Clif ford. Creel Andcr on and others in attendance looked on. Cliff Beasley and Lupe Alexander laughed when the cameraman caught them hiding from Lieutenant lien net I during Mililar Ball The reason for that scared look on Pal lemon's face is her partner. Hoot. Chi Phi premises were so wet that some had to wade. Kxxard showed good taste in selecting a wading partner. Io7 { continued The other three listened fk-orge Menus did Hie talking. "Srhnoule" Means was seen often during the parlies. The Sigma Chis 11 d this a “Mumper Party . Sigma Nil put on n heated party in the form of :i South Sen barkdo-nature plan this eouple was unideiitined Bebe Clifford and Moss Mabry arc the good looking eouple in this kid party picture. - IS Caraballo rcconnoitcrs Willi the Honorary Colonel. Ill I Hood |(aini recognition l» standing by Quern Patterson during General College function Jan Garber told the girls risque stories. Arthur Jordan gains support in a great big way. The couple in the shadows was called "Sourpuss". Paul Shelley and Julian Lane drew straws for the Venus from Mingling Art School. Marlon Green. Billie Bealeysaiti it wa just a -kid- trick to drink out of a Jug during house parties. - 159 -Why Trained Agriculturists Prefer IDEAL Brands Men trained in the -rience of agriculture ijiiiekly recognize and approve the neienlific accuracy of blend ami halanee they find in IDEAL Fertilizer —and the rc.»iill IDKAL Fertilizer bring. IDK L I'rarnb are o named because for 11 yearn we have nought |o produce fertilizer that are ideal for each fertilizing need. And we have npared no pain , expense or research to muintain the ntandardn that have made ||)K I. Brand preferred h ucee ful grower throughout Florida. WILSON b TOOMER FERTILIZER Jo Liontitle, Florida To Complete Your l.ife hioorunce Itodget (!el a "So trounce l.ifr Cash Draft Policy To Provide llie Kiucrgciiev Money n»rk l.owis r». IN JACK SONV1LLK It's si It cays Hotel tool Institutional Sn t ilies Furchgott’s JACKSON II.I.K and MIAMI The Store Accommtttlaling FI.OKII) FOR BEST VALUES - 160 -COLONEL BROWNING'S ARMY The embryo artillery officers learn fire control under the watch, ful eyes iif the regular Army majors. This is important for ammunition costs money, men can Ik- had for the asking. Five artillery stronghearts at summer camp. Six weeks of going to hed at nine ami getting up at four. Could hr better described, only censorship prohibits. The President presents the rifle trophy lo the cuptain of tlic rifle leant. A Crack frosh squad demonstrates the proper method of loading a French 75. When the loader misses the hole with a live shell, a hurry call is will out for eight reserves. If yOU ever join the army, join it as a horse, the life is easier, the food better, and the loving rare superb. ROTC. the curse of the frosh and soph who are compelled lo enroll, and the life-saver of the upperclassman who is Imiking for |ual-illealions. a free bid lo the Military Ball, and a small pittance from Uncle Sam for doing nothing, annually enlists more than two-thirds of the sludrnt body. Astute seniors, with an uir of importance and superiority, lord it over downtrodden basics as they attempt lo instruct them in the fundamentals of military science and tactics. A summer camp is included for those who wish to join the government payroll in the junior and seniur years and become a "second looev." 101After COLONEL BROWNING’S ARMY ( continued ) What? Some of von fellow- yre going to ow ii Citrus (Proven . . . anil cgeiuhlc Farm ... cst I lousl Kr.iiol- will make the profit greater . . . rite for Prior l.i»t The Army rolls on rubber tirev. The newest mode of transportation but now- they'll have to rhanKc the urlillery souk for these leave no dust. WEST l OAST EElt TILIZEII « 0 1 PA A V 303 Kruiise Ituihling TAMPA. FLORIDA A SCOUt peacefully awailinK orders while his horse as peacefully grazes. Must In ready for a trip. pack. roll, ct al. Com dimentis of Mai ll:iii“lif on. lr. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA "Has anybody here seen Kelly, k-c-douhle by"? Are we reading triple also. The three Kelly's in all their glory. Compliment of II. J. Holism HOLLYWOOD FI.OKIDA STKVM IIKAT HHKPIMX »K TAEAVETTE HOTEL I .a Payette St. at Bridge TAMPA. H.OltIDA MOlUJtATt: K TK t.ARACK IN BASKMKNT Sluilml liurttt I turns i It rlcome • 162 ThC President hands out medals to the deserving rifle team members. What shots? We're not asking you, we’re telling you.COLONEL BROWNINGS ARMY ( continued The pride and joy Irry 'C. Major Wade. Ihr srolor executive. Though a stranger at the outset, lie turned nut to In- a regular fellow and a friend of all. Four Weary boys return to r»in| after four hours of llring in the wide open spares. Those smiles are for the chow smell that is coming from the mess ball. Everything Tor the Home ami Kadi Member of the Family JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA The two majors survey the situation on the I'olo Field. Seems prclly serious from the looks on their faces. THE CAPITAL CITY BANK THE LEWIS STATE BANK TAI.LAHASSKK Two of Florida' Oldest Hank Mi‘nihfr of ihf f'rtirrol Itrpotil Inuiranrr Cor par a turn Getaway day at camp the happiest of the entire six weeks. The Motor Transport are huuling away the camp muipmcnl and boys are back in civvies. 10:1 -THE CAMERA OVERSEES:-™ Tallahassee, the site of the Florida State College for Women ami the inceca for most Flor ida men, offer an interesting ronlru t to Lick's portrayal «• the stiff-necked Vuvvar. I-'SCW girl may have I heir serious moments, yet u |uick perusal of these page would discourage even the most anient proponent of eo duealion. Not being camera-shy like their Yaxsar rontrmporarics. Tallahassee femmes will pose at a moment's noliee in almost any screwball position. Noliee on these paites how each girl strives to plare her lovely face directly in the camera, all for the purpose of inveigling a (iuinexvillc hid for next year's social functions from some unsuspecting Tally Trotter. ••a • ♦ Any male IS popular ill Tally, especially the daily mailman (above) who cnjo s his job of bringing lovesick epistles to the anxious maidens. Always desirous of publicity, good or had. the few Chi Omegas left in xrhool display two striking examples of "(r miliar Itrrfrclar”. (upper and lower right). I.ike all (Iainesville (i-Mcn. Jimmy Minardi (belowI and Charlie Hells (left center) bask in the reflected glory of their dates. • Hi I •THE CAMERA OVERSEES—TALLY (continued) MOSt FSCW girls walk to town, but the l i Phis (all 57 varieties), discouraged with their pour lurk in hooking (lie elusive males, content themselves with "hooking rides' into Tally’s metropolitan district. The Helta • Skelta-Oelta Kiris of the Triple-Triangle barn created quite u furore in Tally one weekend when one of their lesser lights attempted to attract masculine attention by dropping out the back window on u flimsy blanket rope. The Pi Phi Chapter instigated this special picture to prove to posterity Ilia! there have been 7 men in their house at one time. This was taken during the week-end of their gala formal, at which every girl that could had a dale. “ni lirn,nia • Stokes i JACKSOW 11 J.K (•omptimmia woi.i i; iiikotii i;ks TAMPA FIjORIOA Mipsittil Ol'iict IC€|ui|ma«kiii r ». J. t.lbla, Clll. Illll Clam 1914 student supp lies (.UNKSYII I K, KI.OftIDA 105THE CAMERA OVERSEES—TALLY ( continued ) Cordial relation v% ill a pool hunk are of tlir utmost value to a onnj; man seeking to get ahead in the Ini-im- world. This hank invite yon to heroine one of it many m loinrr who like it modern facilities and friendly atmo |dirre. FLORIDA national, Sank FORSYTH AND LAURA STREETS Custom dictates that each year llu- Skiiixou: thou Id carry one group picture of the Kappa Alpha Thetas no that University boys will remember that there is a chapter of Theta at Tally. When mermaid Kathy Hawk received 12 hours of "condition". KAT lost its best publicity source. Once in a blue moon do you find Tally girl such as these that won’t apply much needed make-up Ih--forr facing the camera. Kappa Delta’s beauty. Hebe Clifford, like hi any Tally "llllics ’. pouts in the dull company of the crude Rood. - 166 LIFE’S PICTURES Photographer for Lira popular Alan Anderson. of lU'iiil photographer for III S»Misni for the pax I three year and an alumnus of I lie I’liivcrslty. Alan and hi camera were indispensable in snapping picture at Hie right moments. lie Marled photography a a hobby, turned to it ax a Uuxinexx when lie found out lie wasn't learning anylliiiiK »l the I’nivcrslly. This year took the pictures for three of the state's institutions of liiKher learning. A good photographer. a smart business man. a line fellow. THE STORY OF LIFE The idea of this section originated with the editor toon after tlie rehabilitation of I.iii: by the editors of TlMK. At llrsl, thought impossible because of excessive engraving costs. Hie section turned out to be a realization when careful figuring brought it within the budget. Having only copies of a inaKuxInc four months old with which to work, the editors were somewhat handicapped as to following a definite style in many instances; with certain ideas and a set style determined, new issues of Lira caused a complete reversal and u new idea. The photocrime w» copied closely from the original and a crime was chosen which yearly captures the interest of a vast majority of our student body. The pictures were made |M v ihlc through the line co-operation of the mem tiers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Average Student section was ropied from the many that Lira lias run, with most emphasis being placed on that of West Point in one of Hie early issues. Most of the pictures ill this section were imposed and the characters were entirely surprised. Instead of a snapshot section. Ilic snapshots were taken and divided into stories and placed in a department as near like those of Lira as possible. Thus we have a military snapshot section, a social affair snapshot section, and two informal snapshot sections. Fraternity writeups were Riven color in as many cases as possible with appropriate snapshots. !»»• RESPESS ENGRAVING COMPANY. 9«r. ADV|»TI(INO ASTiITt PHOTO • IHOHAVtRI • SOUTH MAIM Sint IT. aACX.SOMVii.SS. lOiiOA TAMPA HIM a COM PA AY Wholesale Manujacliirrrs ami IHtlrilmlors « ALI EN'S POINSKTTIA DRUG l»KOIH GTS Iits Highest Grade Money Mack Guarantee M e nmninn ml 1(1 H-AiJyK . a linimrnl All athlete. should use it (lomplinuitlt « .MASO.X l.l iui:it COMPANY JACKSONVILLE ... ... FI.OHIDA The Staff f the Srsnxoi.K thank you for the privilege of Ix-iiiR able to present on the raiiipus of the I'nivcrsily of Florida. 171PICTURES TO TIIE EDITORS DR. LEAKE’S CAR Sirs: Fur yean, llu ancient Font. Model T, lo Ik rxaet. of l»r. l 'Bkc, has been llu- bull of many jokes mill llu- ridicule of I hr campus nit-wits (Frank Wrigld and his stooges included). Do nol I hr same honorable nil-wits realize that we Imvr lirrr mi oddity, » rare antique, Ilial should In- all hill worshipped. Kxerpt for Ihr style of llir hixly. our rouhl scarcely Irll it from a new car. for iIn loving master keeps it frrshly painted al all liuirv. Itow. fools, not laugh, urxl time you pass it. W AI.I.ACK OSCULATION Sirs: This picture was snapped at one of our foothall games last year. Tltr rouplr in ipirstion evidently havr Ihr right iilra for Ihry arc having rnjoy. nirnl despite the bra nil of foothull played by the Fighting Gators Iasi Fall. Perhaps publication of this photo will spread Hie idea around and it will have Ihr same elTert on our football tram as a sildown strike. Then again, it miKht take tlir place of drinking and the students will gel drunk on love instead of liquor. This should errluinly meet with Ihr approval of Dr. Tiger!. IIA It NICY HAKNIIAHT. Ideal Laundry (IM. Adv.l. TRICK ALARM Sirs: A sure way of waking up in the morning either that or get deaf from the noise. Tlir idea expounded ill the picture is as follows: The alarm goes olF. wliirh means nothing at all lo Ihr sleepy student, but ah. here is the calch. Ihe turning of the alarm wind-up handle turns on the radio and Ihe booming noise of W It If F's scratching needles on their transcriptions are enough to cause anyone to get out of bed. IIKHH VJcNKAI SPK House iASEWNOT park here - 172PICTURES TO THE EDITORS conlintiril ) WE D NEVER BELIEVE IT Sir : Cun you imagine our cm-barravsmenl when llii |iif-lurr runic forth. Our slur quarterback eavorling about dressed as a baby. What shall Hie opponents think of him next year. And look who hi papa i none other than little Manny. Those summer school stories must Ik true. yes. there’s been time enough. What will the Governor say now uIhmiI our carryings-on. SHOCKED HAVE A HEART Dear Editor: I used to have ambitions of being a candid cameraman, hut when I caught the attached SI’K organisation, my camera broke, and I lost interest in the picture world. Always ready to show their strength the SI'E’s posed for this picture .... however, offhand, we would say the strength was under the arm and would prescribe the well-known pink soap muchly advertised for odors of an SPE nature. You can always tell when there is an SPK around much in the same manner that one recognize- the presence of the little kitty with the streak down hi back. Strongly for a belter SPK disinfectant. I am JOHN CHERRY. WHITE FRIAR Ungentlcmcn: Recently I was told that all good While Friars wore WHITE so that they might Ik- recognised. I snapped the included photograph of a recently initiated member and asked him at the same lime for an explanation, lie told me that inasmuch as lie had to wear White hr thought his winter underwear a suit able costume, and also that lie was caught with hi pantsdown when he pledged While Friar. v» he decided all that was necessary to be-rome a good member was to remove the outer garments to further display the shining traditions of the organ, ization. Proving that he was a good member he was recently Heeled Prcxy of the group. Yours truly. DON BLACKBURN £ Compliments « Southern Dairies JACKSONN II I F.. FLORIDA w C.omplimmla » I. K V V S Adams at Hogan JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Floritla % Finn ! Ap tarrl .Score or Urn anil II omm" The . V I try ant T. S. TranlUo. LAW OFFICES IIKVAIS’T ami THANTIIAM Florida National Rank Building LAKELAND. FLORIDA MAX WITTKX —Fatliiun for hn—- .12 Wert Forsyth JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA • 173 •PICTURES TO THE EDITORS (counnued) OCALA-S JOOK QUEEN Sir : Jiniiii} Dyson. Ilirrt- year in llic fniversily. trying In gel MHnrwhrrr, finally anpiired an Drain Junk Queen, wlin in u nice sort of way Inlil In in llial hr wax nothing more than a "pole-vaulting H h." I’rouf uf niy assertion is given in Ihr attached photograph. Vrry truly yours, IIAIUIY IM VKK. Thomas Hall PEACE OAY Itear SliHijjr Itrnnrll: Knowing lh«l you nrr vilally interested in ICOTC work, although you arc only a Lieutenant, I went In extra rlTnrl In lakr a limr exposure of Ihr inauminlli Fence Hay dcmnnslralion. as lypi lied liy Ihr allarlinl picture. Wr think Ihr leader of Ihr group is Krilli tirigxhy. Wr hope llial you will Justly rrrnKitivr rapacity for swaying Ihr wnr'ininded masses. Yours iiiilrprmlrully, HIM. V| IIITMAX. CO-EOUCATION Hear la I: Heing only a freshman in Itlt Ini-vcrsily. il hasn’t taken nir long l« become aripiuinlrd with Ihr nerd of co-educn linn in our fine Stale institution. The ar. rompanyiug plmln Rives you an idea id how the Tallahuvxec • iin|H rfrrla" fit] ahnut Ihr situation. Stone and liars have no comparison with rules and rrRula lions laid down liy Deans and (lliA’v laivr and kivses. Illl.l. I Will in ihr Hcvirtv) McLI lliL PCL’s—Pretty Nearly Campus Leaders Dear Advice to Ihr Broken I Irarlrd: Included is a pholoRruph of Iwrnly-nur reprobates who throiiRli a miscarriage uf ipial-ilirntionx In a smile and bias-rd numinaliiiR rnmmillre were granted admillanre In Ihr In ralierd Florida Itlue Key . . . “the Rrealest honor that any Florida man ran attain, My confession to you is that m xtnoRcx lei me down. All Hlur Key admits flint I have “paper ' ipialillcatiniix. What's wrmiR with in personality? .look Jots says my personality is O. K. Why should Willie Lines ami his xluoRrx be a|. lowed In turn thumbs down on Florida's "excepted per-sonality." Lripingly yours. MANNY C.AItCIA .u'2h. __• t! COMPANY VJox tfu. Tlllltll Coni£Cutivc Xjtax the contract has been awarded by the Bcurd of Student Publications of tlx University of Florida for printing and binding C7fix. Stmifu Ct to — THE H. a W. D. TltrSK IOUR'COLOR PROCtlS PIATM tURNISIIM) MV RCSTESt ENGRAVING CO.. IACKSONVILLIATHLETICS I I IK University College of Fdueation. in addition to turning out excellent academic instructors, has given more and more attention dur- ing the past few years to pro- ducing good coaches. Increased emphasis on athletics throughout the country has led to a demand for men with coaching knowledge and experience such as Florida turns out vearlv.A T II L K T 1 II I It E C T O It JOSH CODY Dirrrtor of .4thirties 11 ••ail C.narh S T IT II E X T A T II L E T I i » i: X C I L K»m»t Ciiimun SmiiinvtN l'rr nlmt fit 1‘rrurirnl Smrtnry-Trrmuirrr - 177 -Jim JVjwiu Hop Hary Kinmih F.lpi.ri CttUiU III chi ...... Pmidtnt Vic 1‘rniJtni S-trrta iT raiufrr Dan r Clwiimwn MFMHKKS Cohimin lit VS Y illl IKS J(M. II ARDAA ICK L •. ll(«MU,Jl. Go Adam II. I- Auurtmi II. Y. Aux (.IOW (jul Anxr W. II. HdAwix Kim Barv hl'kliv lllSMH Pait. Brock Alto IUow JoH NY III MH CM Hilly Chlm lllRART (III AMIN HiuCmamrtr Floyd Christian Jack Clark Siiimv Con K.LColli IUw lh.» Hoy Kcnot. Kinmih Kitiri Ji" Firriix I .T.Fiv lix J. I). Hick Cahliml Hi 4.111 Bop Iyrv Nmios Jackso III RV Kill Curro Kirby Harry Rmii.itir Tom Knott Frank Koc i Charily Raucii Jl li an Lank F« M.YI I.Al AL.NT T, W. I.IMM1X Boon: jor. I.4i i. J ACK Uy( Fr I. T IoRTSX M ar aril l.o » Fr i. t I.vtli John McCarty J. II. Mx.Ci.ami. Kb Marxikc W ai.ti-r Maymrry ahiii May arr ta MIL Ml ATY AW Hill. Mica. Krroi Mistral at U ARRINC MlLLRR ViilU Mo i Mini I). W, Niyaii 1 (HIIMMA AM 0 Co nkix (.mmcOri Jimmy Oxropp Fo ia IYn i cto Jack Pinklrto Hr Porch Jiiias Proctor K. A. ymuY ft AI I» ItlMOl I. S. Hist IliU-V Kumarw os Charily Kimit Haroip Komi Hari Sarroroimi Hi mri Shi cm Him ASP N HIS WAR I. ARRY SAIMIS Hom ANKi KirriR Ciopu Smathir K. N. Ssoaa IHu.Sn.YKM Thai U aikir III KL M ADI S II. F. U ARRIS Frank Wiun I I III IMP HIPPOS I(OPART % IIITL klNMTII %IUH Hill U IIAI A Al l». Ply to Yo S. I. Yo . Jr. Fttirt 179 Flrrill ’roirfrtir III 4.HT- IKtnrr (.haitntnn S rrrtvry-T miuro Hary I it I’rrutlrnlv ii i: e it I E A l» E It S Stow m» ' Buzxbll 11 rad l.tatlrr Chunky Mk m.k - 1X0 - . oKRI-FOOTBALLAll eye were turned on the Fighting Gilor a Jo h lotly. former Vanderbilt Mar ami later roach at hi alma mater ami at Clemaon. took over the football rein from Florida alumni coaching »lalT. The preceding year graduation bad coat him Midi Mure a Hilly Cbaae. Jack Beckwith. Alton Brown. and Hubert Sclmebt. and the new Gator mentor via fared by a M|uad of young and inexperienced ophomorc ami juniors with only a few leltermen returning. Cody began by replacing the Notre Dame lyilem, which ba«l Im'ii uwd at Florida Mitce the halcyon day of Charlie Hacbman. with hi own winghack »y tem. Huilding hi line around tile veteran captain, Julian lame, and placing behind it bin oophomore “pony backfield," Cody ran hi Galore through many long lioure of practice before sending them out for the lire! game. No one expected a conference chant pion-bip team in one year, but all faun were waiting with in tercel for the curtain to In rained on the new edition of the Fighting Galore. ould the (Galore be able to regain the position of Mrenglh in f«M lball from which they bail fallen mi ipiiekly ami completely? Time would tell. CITADKI. GAME The Galore firet tent came in the opening game again ! the Citadel. Starling out with a ruth, the boy from old Florida chalked up a touchdown early in the lire! quarter. Hrock panned to Hantney for twenty even yard to place the hall on Citadel' nine-yard line. A double lateral. Brock to Hendrick to Greanon, carried the ball to the one-foot line, from which point Hendrick nlcpped over the goal for the firet ncore. The extra point wa good, giving the Gator a •even-point lead. The game became a punting duel until the middle of ill ' necoml quarter when Citadel liegan a drive from Florida forty-one-yard line that rreultcd in the tying eore. Citadel, lighting dcnpcratcly, SCO red again before the clone of the half on two panne which netted forty-three yard  (in Mavmmv I'.Htw.'i Riwt Kmiv Cnumix John Mfllwn anil j touchdown. Tin kick wan again good. ami Florida (railed by •even point . Hie second half became a punting duel until Ivey circled right end for thirty-five yartU to place the hall on hi own forty-five. Willi fumbled for an eight-yard Ion , hut Ivey hurled a long pan to Christian for a sixty-threc-v ard gain and a touchdown. Hendrick kick tied the corc. 14-14. After the kickolT. a Citadel punt wa» grounded on the Florida thirty-nine-yard line. Then Kenneth illi swept around hi left end and outran four Citadel player to win the game for Florida. 21-14. A crowd of over i thousand wa electrified hy % illi ' long run which came near the end of the game. Coach Cody used nearly three team before discovering that hi varsity eleven wa the only one with an edge over the visitor . SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina Camcrock barely noard out Florida Cator 7-0 on a wet and muddy field at Columbia. Time and again Florida knocked at Carolina' door, hut each time the Gamecock repulsed them. Four lime in the fir»t half Florida came within a stone throw of the Carolina goal, hut four lime the Camcrock line proved to he a stone wall, and threw them right hack again. South Carolina made the only touchdown of the game late in the third quarter on a beautiful sixty-eight-yard run hy their llashy hack. llcn»on. The extra point wa good, and Carolina led, 7-0. Fighting to the end. the Gator made a final scoring effort in the la t quarter after Carolina was penalised to it own 14-yard line, hut a series of incomplete passes cost Florida the hall. STETSON Florida's fighting Gator roared to an easy hut spotty victory over Stetson's mad Haller , rolling up a total of nine. F O O T IK A L LF L O IK I » A S Iwii fir t down lo Stctnon’ four. Only once wit Stetson able to penetrate within the Gator twenty-nvo-yard line. Florida' flashy fullback, M«m ii Mullins maile three touchdown to lead the Gator hackfiehl. Ili neventy-niue-yard run wa the highlight of the game. The fimt ncore for Florida came in the fimt period on a pa from Mayberry to Watnon Kanwcy. Florida tallied again in the firnt half when Mulliii ami Manning alternated their plunge anil panne to place the hall on the two-yard line where Mullinn plunged the remaining distance. In the opening minute of the necond half, Rainncy blocked a StcUon punt and recovered for a touchdown. Thin wan the oecond touchdown for the hig Gator end. Mullin lacked on the extra point to give Florida a 19-0 lead. Mullin added orven more point to the Gator total in the third period an he plunged through the line five yard for a ncore, and place-kicked the extra point. Mullinn made hi final ncoring eflforl late in the third quarter an he broke loo-c for a npectacular uxty-oeven-yard run. Hug llendrickn replaced him. and mi« cd the extra point. The fourth quarter went ncorclens hut the Gator had alrrady done the damage. Their nleam-roller tactic had piled up thirty-two pointn again ! StcUon, mainly due to two young gentlemen by the name of Mullin and Kamney. The entire quad played good football, hut at time their play wa •potty. KENTUCKY Florida' next game wan with the highly touted and heavily favored Wildcat of Kentucky. In pite of the nu-periorilv of the Kentucky eleven, Florida rone to great defen-nive height to hold them to a one touchdown victory, 7-0. Kentucky' only ncore wa a forty-yard return of a punt by Davis ntar Wildcat hack. Florida made neveral hack-to-f u I.KIM.I 0 1 the-wall Mauds once recovering a Kentucky fumble Oil tlicir own one-yard line. In llir fourth quarter, tin Gator carried the lull down to Kentucky’ one-yard line, hut lo t it on a fumble. Florida' rugged defence wa the great obstacle in the path of the Wildcat , while Mayberry'• pacing and Hrock’ line punting cau cd Kentucky many a worried moment. MARYLAND I Homecoming I Florida’ lighting football team nude a wonderful Home coming celebration perfect a they fought their way to an exciting up et over the L’niver ity of Maryland' Terrapin . Although Maryland oulgained the Gator through the air and the line, Florida took advantage of the break to turn hark evcral threat and hold to their one-point lead. Maryland eorcd fir t after an eighty-yard drive. Hill Guckey on. tar Terrapin hack, took the hall over from the Florida four-yard line. The extra point attempt wa no good. The game continued corele until the fourth quarter, with Maryland having the upper hand almo t all the way. Mayberry tied the core early in the fourth quarter a the re ult of a beautiful, twi ting twenty-one-yard run through practically the entire Terrapin team. Hug Hendrick then tacked on the extra point that wa to prove o valuable to Florida. The remainder of the game aw a desperate Maryland team try without nuccea for another tally. Thi wa perlup the nio t exciting and pcctacular game ever played on Florida Field. A Homecoming crowd of fifteen thou and alumni and fan packed the tadium under the fir t clear Homecoming kv in several year . FI.ORIDA-GKORGIA Florida went down in defeat to the I niver»ity of Georgia’ Hulldog for the twelfth time in a cric of fifteen game F O 41 T It A L I.F L O IK I II A S lirforc one of the largest crowd of the ea on, estimated at 17.000. Tlic Galore showing wa a surprising one iiiMtfar a llir I'M Hi.ini I in - | lav usually displayed hy llie Saurian disintegrated and Irft the Florida hack helpless lo gain. and llir Bulldog free lo roam al will. Georgia rjn up tallies in every quarter of the game. Florida rored in llie second ipiarler on a pau from Mayberry lo Kuntscy after a break that gave llie Galore llie hall on llie Georgia fifteen-yard line. Florida two point wa made when Gulden. Galnr quarterback, fumhled after carrying llie hall user the goal line. The hall wa recovered hy Georgia. Florida showed superiority only in llie air, completing eight | at r out of eighteen attempt for a total gain of 168 yard . The final More wa 26-8. FI .OR 11) A-SE W A N K K After expending much fruitless effort in drive that did not materialise in More . Florida finally Mutinied up enough punch to lake an 18-7 decision from Sewanee for it first Southeastern Gonferencc victory of the season. A Sewanee hack supplied the greatest thrill of the game when lie snatched Hob Ivey' goal line funihle to run the length of the field for the fir»l touchdown of the game. Florida retaliated almost immediately hy scoring two piirk touchdown in the lir t part of the second quarter. Both of these tallies were made hy the lla-liy Gator hack. Waller Mayberry. Florida's final touchdown came in the fourth quarter when Itug Hendricks crashed through the line. The final play of the game found Kd Manning carrying a lateral pa to the otic-fool line. FLOHIDA-GKORGIA TECH Georgia Tech’ Yellow Jacket rose to great height after-.offering e%cral earlier ilrfeali of the m'jhiii to trample over the Galore 38-14. Florida grabbed an early lead when Charle "Tap" Boot, xtrllar tackle, leaped up to block a Tecli kick vjiicli Floyd Chrulian caught on the run ami carried (pe a touchdown. Then Georgia Tech look control of thing to run up nix touch-down in the next three quarter . Ill the final quarter, with lr« than a minute to play. Kd Manning heaved a long pa to Paul Brock that wan fowl for forty-four yard and a touchdown. Moon Mullin kicked the extra point a the (ame ended. Mayberry, Mullins koc i and Kam ey played fine hall for Florida. AUBU KN-FI.OKIDA The I’laiiiMiicn from Auhurn not off to an early lart to •core a 13-0 win over Florida Gator . Florida niiwed an early chance to corc, and Auhurn made their lir t break good. The Plain men tallied once in the opening period, and again in the accond quarter before the Galore could tart their attack. Rivaling the football game wa the fiotic exhibition. Frequent M-rap broke out between the member of the two teams hut the official managed lo top the combatant hr-fore damage wa ilone. Auhurn' great dcfen ive work held the Gator in check, while their offeiw, led hy Billy llilchcock. brother of Auburn All-American Jimmy, piled up the nece ary point to win. Throughout the defeat of Florida Gator . Captain l-ane wa out taiiding in the line, while Mayberry and Brock •hone offen ivcly.V L O IK I It A • S MISSISSIPPI STATE III thr final Kami' of tin- ea»on, Mi i ippi SuirV Maroon no cd out Florida 7-0 on a long forward |»jm in the fir t quarter. Seven thousand »pectator , many in Gaine v ille for the MAII-Univer»itie» l)a)‘‘ celrliration, walrlinl the tight trng »tle played in near perfect football weather. Walter Mayberry wa the only Gator hack who teemed able to knife bin way through the air-tight defense of the MiM«in ippi line. long distance punting by Paul Brock helped the Gator hold thr superior Maroon out of danger on territory moat of the game. And w ended the 1V37 football M'aioii, Jonh Cody' first year at Florida. With a record of four win and ix lo» c , the »ea on wa not an iinu ual ucccm, but thr Gator howed pronii e. Willi next year |uad supplemented by the fre h men. and with the experience gained by the pre ent member of the team, Cod) hould lie able to turn out a Fighting Gator team that will «tand up with the he t team in the South. Graduation this year will coat the Gator uch tar a Cap tain Julian Lane and Cliarle Hoot, guard ; S. I- Yon, tackle; Floyd Chri»tian, end; Duke Warren, Harold Howe, Kenneth Kppert. hack ; and Alternate Captain Zollie Maynard, center. Florida 21; Citadel 14 Florida 0; South Carolina 7 Florida 32; Stet on 0 Florida 0; Kentucky 7 Florida 7; Maryland 6 Florida 8; Georgia 26 Florida IK; Scwanncc ... 7 Florida 14; Georgia Tech 38 Florida 0; Auburn 13 Florida 0; Mi i -«ippi State 7 Pam. Baoac Mi.i.n 1i iim.IHm Diunkv l o r II MkTNIU Fooi D m Wiumr O T It A • 189 I rW'.lMlM IffllT JAIIMJ L LZnu.ll Mo »» ttlrrmilr Captain Fm kun Ib'ixm VaiMjirrI» L A Y K IK S :t » Cimilii: K«wi Floyd Ciuimiiy IIirold Romm. Jw n Cody llrmJ CnwrA Kiymih bnnTlir I nivenrily of Florida fre hinan football team won an.I lo l one game tln» year. In the fir t gallic of the ea on, tin- Gator yearling dropped ilir Georgia frr-hmrn l»y a wore of 13 7. but in the c«-ond game. the SteUon frr h man team Imih Ini over llir Habv Gator 144. In I lime two game , many player on tin »«piad »Ii«v»hI promi e of developing into future grid great for Florida. Tl»e f re-liman tram received mo.| of tlirir training from rrimmage« with tin var-ily eleven, au«l at lime 1x1 more than linbl their own with the Orange ami Blue Old ter . Thi practice with the var ity eleven every day probably alToriled the Baby Gator miirli more o|i|»ortunily to learn the fundamental of football than they would have picked up through playing more game with other fre bmali -ipiad . The following men were awarded numeral at the eoiielu iou of the ra on: John Berry, Tommy Cook, J. II. Drwell, W. C. White, Lynn Light how n. Sam Dr Bartolomei . Ralph Pea non, II. A. I.immer, Clark Goff, B. C. Ila» ctl, Ken. iielli Adelberg. I’. R. Sly, M. L lip itx. J. A. Baker, Donald Riekett, Saul Wolfram. R. I„ Robert-, John M. Kinzcr, J. B. Mulrahy, Frank Smoak, John Starr. Dan Brawner, Jame T. Moore. Jack Maynard, J. D. Sullivan, J. II. Kvans Ira I.. Cron . Robert Travi and Buddy la'wi . Manager.BASKET BALLIt A S k K T II A L L Thr I mur-ili af Hamlj lia»h«l liall Irani liail a iiio»I uti-ui»r• -Ini •ra.un, iroring '"'I' iflofir alttrini: llir rntirr ra on, anil lini hinj( al llir Im II»iii wf llir rare ill I hr Soiiihia-iirn I anlffmrr. In »|»ilr of ihr wilia L .uffrfnl lkluil|lniHl ihr ihr •fawn hail il In|li »|WU. Mw«l iiiililamlin of lltrM-mi- ihr 36-IH «Klury uwf l iwrfia. Tlir uihrr tiilwrin nrrrr -ri.rr.l al llir r«|HllH- i»f nrdkrf ••liool . (ilmKalt, l'ni«rr il of Tani| . Mi-rrrr, anil StrlMin. Thr l.alor ilarlnl lltr r«Min ufl mill a Imh . unrinj a ilrriiiir 2-16 lriun |ih mrl I . IriMion (lollrgr. Till roifing lidoiy hail many »f ihr •lll•lrnl r |ir«tinf a rhani| iiin»hi|i Irani, lull llir follnmii niflit llir I.Jlur •Irnppril a rloir 31-30 otrrtiilir till In Irittxin. ami J«MI (loin 11 mil Coach l‘l VTON YoX Manager Kl.oyp l‘.H«IMI,»N Co plain •cu■rrmril unable lo jrl inlo ■ ««»« «! lri«le foe llic re-maimlrr of llir »ra«on. Om of ihr mrp (lar . Kaniwlh »«iuianl »n ankle injur) early in ihr iwn, anil hi lo»« roil llir Calor hravil). Throughout llir xawm. ihr work of Floyd Qifiillan, tar Gator guard and captain, wa oul.lamling. Only a f« u of llir irlrfuu rrnuinrd afire graduation la-l year, ami lhi» lark of experience ua probably one of llir rcaion why llir Galor could never |uitr grl into llirir groo.r. k ill llir experience fainnl by ilia year’ playing, llir Galor. houbl br able lo turn out a to| -brarkrl Irani nrvl year. I.riirr» rre manlnl lo ll r following men: Floyd Chri.tian. Johnny liurroiigh., John MrCarty. Krnnrih Kpprri. Charlie Krejrier, lluhrrt Cha.nn. Jimmy Oxford. Ionia IVnnirtglon. Clifford hiiiilon, ami Peyton Yon. manager. TIIK SKASOYS KKCOHI) Florida 52 Cle»u»on College 36 Flo ml 30 (Irni.un College 31 Florida 25 1i..i».ippi Stair 2T Florida 16 li i» ippi Slate . 33 Florida 25 Georgia Terh 35 Florida 30 Georgia 31 Florida 36 Grorgia IX Floriila 32 Strt on 31 Florida 29 llniv. of Tampa II Flornla 35 Ca. Stale Tear her. 39 Florida 19 llniv. of (Georgia 36 Florida 2? llniv. of (Georgia ... 2 Flornla IX Mercer 32 Florida Auburn Florida 40 Aulnirn 51 Florida 3? Georgia Tech. O Florida 10 Stel on 33 Florida 14 Univ. of Tampa ... 29 I lie frcdiman baikrl lull team had a very Miccc »ful m-imii, chalking up three will again ! our defeat. Tlir frcdiman cage edition of ihr Fighting Gator began the m'jmiii »n January 13 l»y scoring a clour 26-25 victory oxer the Gulf Oiler , a powerful tram from Gainewvillc. The next came marked the fir»l defeat for the fre-lintan team a they dropped a 40d3 came to Oolirn Hrolhcm of Jacksonville. A final drive hroucht the liahy Gator two win , over Crow Gity 31-27, and a victory over Gainesvillr llich School, 23-20. I rider the rarrful guidance of loach Percy Beard, the fre hman basket hall team allowed much improvement a the araaon proemwed. Many inemlier of the frcdiman «piad allowed hy their fir t year work that they will he aide to jrivc a good account of themaelve on next year' varsity cage learn. At the elo «- of the »co on, frediman numeral were awarded to S. I. Ilirsch-l erc. Harold L Hughes, Koliert C Kinard, Richard A. I.uellen. Paul Moon, Kdward K. Pittman. J. K. Turner, Robert L. Van . «•» Rooier and Jack Maynard. 198 -BASEBALLII A S E It A I. Kmii. Jo I«h Cmpi in W illi in.ui vrl«»n returning «I i- ea on, tin I niirruily of Florida Irani «eem In liavr a good chance of going far. Thin rarly in llir hmihi il i» difficult to mv ju»t how far the Gator vtill In- alilr lo | o, lint il in certain dial Florida made a quick comeback at llic ex pnw of llir Stair Kami a they pounded out an 11-2 victory. Thr Gator team fielding bovrcd niui'li iin|irovrmriil. robbing Kaiford boy of many bit . Going back into die collegiate realm for competition, Florida won a lug fe t over Geor giu Teeli by a ncorr of 11 10. Tbe game wa fcalurrd by heavy billing of Inilli of die team . tbeir early m-awn performance ba been very di appoinling. Tbe opening game gave all Florida fan mucli hope for a ucee aful ea on a die Gator blanked Oglrlborpe 3 0 brliind llir two bit pitching of Go Adam . Tbe Gator were very inipmaive in thi victory, playing »tcllar ball lieliind excellent pitching. On tbe following day, however. Gator hope look a tumble a they played a very loppy fourteen error game again ! tbe ame Oglethorpe team, lo ing 9 7. Tbe ecoud game of tbe double header wa al o Io t 6 1. - I OS - lawn lltoMi (WA John McCaitv W»M|«■VII• - :-----------:— KlN'IIW I.UUM The next team faced by llic Florida nine Man Auburn, but the ( alor» could not provide flic necewaary punch and lo t two game to them, 9-7 and 9-4. Graduation of all experienced catcher ha undoubtedly cowl the Gator heavily, but it i hoped that the newcomer to thi position, Pennington ami llirk . will In- able to take over the dutir a well a did their pmlccewor . Florida thi year ha a wealth of veteran pitcher upon whom it can rail, (in Adam , Spencer Hurrrw , Clifton Kerbv. Newton Jack-won. and Claude Kenwhaw have all had experi- htv Km., cnee on a vanity nine, and it i upon them that the Gator mu t count largely for their urcew». Many game remain to In played. and it i» Imped that the (hitor will noon hit their wtridr and turn out a winning hall club. Member of thi year h.iM-h.dl team are: K. I). Manning, Kenneth Kppert, Julian Proctor, Hob Ivey, Ken W illis Jack C.lark. Eddie Joe lamg, Fonia Pennington. Elmo Robin on, Harold Rubin. J. I). Hick . A. II. Adams Spencer BurreM, C.liftou Kerbv, Paul l)e 1 iiicv, Al Green. Harold Rowe. Karl Power . John McCarty, Claude Rrimhaw and Newton Jack-won. Kow»: Unit IVnuscton %u (j.llKkimt Mamkikc r.-M 1..1 (illlN Jackm» ----- K--BESS----. V. ■, V A II S I T Y T E X MS T E A 31 The nrliiM'ii of lli«? University of Florida wrnl through the ‘«on mule, fe.tted thiH year to hang up the liest reconl ever made by a Gator tennis Irani. In accomplishing this record of nine straight victories, the (.atom marched over Stetson twice by a score of 9-0 each lime; Hollins by 941 and .-0; olTord 6-1; Elon 7-2: Clcmson 6-3 and 6 1; and Georgia Tech 7-2. The win over Georgia Tech wan the first match lost by the Engineers in the past thirty-five engagements. Because they won all their matehrs with repreaenlative . 01100111, this year’s Gator netmen became the first tennis team in the history of the University of Florida to lie awarded major sports letters. Those awarded letters at the close of the season were: Kent Boyle, Ben Bridges, G. W. Burch, II. B. llcnderley, Sam O’Bryan. James J. Pollard. Allen Weatlierby, captain, and Ian Sim. manager. • 201 V A II S I T Y i. O L F T K A M The tni versify of Florida golf Irani Meow headed for a very successful m-jmiii al lli« limr of this w riling. Tl»e »ator nolfrn arr undefeated mi far. boasting victories over Hull in-. two win over Stetson, and (irorpa Tech. Kami Dixon in supervisor of thin year team, ami Maynanl Ramsey wnr ii captain, pl.iy inj: in llie nuniher one position. Ollier ranking player are Koy W illiaiiiMin. mmilM'r lv»o; Krnr.i Moore. llirre; (Jiaddie Andrews four; Curry StcpIirnMMl. fixe: ami Jack Ranson, sixth. In the opening encounter of the year, the Calor turned hack Hollins by a 15 3 count. The next two matches were played with Stetson, the Cators emerging victorious hy scores of 13-5 and 14-1. 'Hie Florida liuksters turned hack (Georgia Tech next by a 11-7 wore. If the Oators are successful in the remainder of their matches, they will have turned in one of the he ! records ever set up hy a Florida golf team. In addition to the scheduled collegiate matches, many members of the golf team have participated in several statewide golf meets, and in every one of 11 less they have made an excellent showing. • 2 0 2 i d v a i MDl M U MUN (upturn • tint n( ♦ minulfs IT wromU Ku»»«,ll ,rt new mark of 2 miiMrs J.2 kvm 1 for » " 1500 ,,l,,rr (vcaL C««rh IVrfj IharT Im op»nri| the • • • • oBieialljr • pinil Georgia. wbai the dropped ■ 7T-19 r"M r l|rn{ Georgia' Olyinpie itan, “Spee Town mil I arluru, | K»rJ to mu li lor the Gal or , l ul in all r pnl the ltulldog» fr pu li d I ) ihr Floridians Florida found n elf attain —Hr to marrh through • Georgia tram whrn it loM a rlo e 68-S8 meet to Georgia Trrh At tkr lime tlii writing (tor to pre«s mrrt remain to Ik lirld with Auhurn and l’re byter an College, and it i» hoped that thr Gator will rr unir their winning way to hrrak r rn lor the year. Thr»e two Iran ran hardly Ik plarrd in the amr ela with Georgia and Georgia Trrh. o a win lor thr Gator would not he surprising. Under the careful training ami expert tutelage of Coaeti Parry Heard, thr Florida traek tram ha »liown much improvement a thr tenon progrr» ed. Thi year' team i» rompri ed mostly of metperirneed ami young traek men. o it i hoped that by next year a winning traek Irani will be turned out by Goarh Heard. At thr pee.tut lime, the train i made up with liar fallowing traek ter»: V II. Italdwin. Nel on Davis (hear Davis J. Ho Duggan. U. S. Hrteher. II. ||. Graham. Kobert Hutchinson, Frank hor i . Jack l.irhtr. T. M. la ve. Walter Mayberry. Krrol Me.Irreal. Fred Miller, lirn MrGahey. Thomas Newell. M. Patterson. Tony 1’iomlw, l-harle. Hoot. K. E. Haymond. Hilly Kirhard-•on. Hoger N. Snow. II. II. Stevrn-«n. Window Sullivan. Tom talker W T Uarren. FI. G. illi.m.on. Ku ell right, and M. M. Parrish. manager. T It A C K The Irark team of the University of Florida started the teasnn off with a hang at the Florida A. A. U. meet in Jaeksnnville. Although the inert was held Iseforr the Iwginning of the Irark season, many of the Gator regulars piitieipjttd and gave an exrellrnt aerounl of them selves Hoy from thr University of Florida liinished first in every event exrept one. with Hilly Kirhardson. Gator trark star, holding the spotlight in breaking two rrrord ami ri|iialling anothrr. l(i«hardson‘» time of ISJ seronsl for ll e 110 meter high hurdle »e-t up a new mark. a dhl hi time of 21.1 erond for the 200 meter low hurdle . High Iwoad jump of 22 feel, a in hr. equalled the mark »et liy Joe llall, ex-Gator lla li. in 1931. In thr ISO meter run. Ferol Mr.tre at rl a new mark of I ininulrs IT-2 seromls while hi running male, hi tt illianison. broke the rrrord for the JM4 meter run with Nihih I'uhruiv tUNt. ManagerWlK.ll! Ml'TWH V. IUI Kk:hu»m)K Vt II I IOIMIN Ijchit.V A II S I T Y S W 'I'li - I nivrrwity of Florida Suimminj: Irani wpladird ill way llirough one of tin mo»t hic-ri'iufiil im jmiiii cvrr waged l»y a Gator Irani, going through llir wrawon undefeated, ami riming ill »ra on liy winning llir rhampioiiwhip of llir Souilira«lrni (ionfrrmrc. llir (ialon lu»e gum- undefeated for llir | a l lun rans ami liavr lirrn llir iindiwputed claimant lo Southern iw iitiming wuprrmaey wilin' 1934. Thi yrar wo llir lir-t a nirrl lia lieen lirl l liy llir Son I hrawtcrn Conference io ilrlrrminr llir champion awintining Iran, l lir (iilon wwept through all oppowitiou in llii nirrl lo take wrvrii lirwl place ami wix wrroml plan . l lir Gator . in winning llirir rlrvrn wtraight virlorirw tin yrar. gol eighty.wcvrn mil of nine-ly-ninr |io«wil»lr lirwl place in ilnal mrrt coin-priilion. Srorm of llir nirrl were: I 1 . 1 I X ii T E A 31 Florida 34 Emory 30 Florida SS Clemwon 28 Florida 67 P. L 17 Florida 63 U. of Virginia 15 Florida 5-1 Duke 30 Florida 61 N. C. Slale . 34 Florida 62 Georgia • - .. 13 Florida 63 Trnnrw rr 9 Florida 11 Clemwon 30 Florida 56 Ga. Tech 19 Florida 63 Auhiirn 10 Frank Cmovar wa coach of llir vicloriou lialor i miner . Mnnhrr ami Irllrrnirn of llir tram were: Hohhy Collin , captain: W aller Liddell. Hilly Cliawr. Toni knoll . Lyman Haw hell, Howard Skipper, Hoh Hary, Boh Quixlry. K. L AIImtIwoii. B. Y. Allen and Ocil Avanl. manager. - 206 -BOX I N G ECMOM O'roMMKU Kliti V A IK S I T Y II O I . Oliniavini; a ucre fiil ea»on, the I 11 i • r-iI of Florida boxing Irani Iwo nu n lo pound llirir May into tin- chanipiondiip of llir South-eaotrrn Conference. I.. S. Kent .. in the ll.» pound claim, ami Jack lamg. fighting al li) pound . won llir hanlauiwright anil welter-wright title respectively. The Gator mi Ilmen opened the tranon with a 1 win over Mi i« ippi Stale. I„ S. Ken lx. Jack lamg. Henry Keel, Sieve O’tionnell ami Jack Schimllrr won their fight to give the Gator a victory. The arcond eneounler wan dropped to Tulaur at rw Or lean . 4 -3, £- I- S. Keulz. Roy KMX l lWM NOTTINGHAM, ManagerSCMMKN N III M l I Mi KtlioU. anal Slr r OVamnrll •ninil v» iiiit for f loriila. v liilr Jack l.on 'n m'N|i rmlral in a draw. Tlir (»alor lo t llirir next malrli. willi la tii iana Stair I nivrrdity, 3, in Kalon Roup . L S. Krntx anal Slr e OV.onnrll kept llirir •radon rrcord nnblrniidiral, wbilr llniry Krrl wa llir only otlirr Florialian to corc. Reluming from llir ali a»trou lammana trip, llir Cator Korral Iwo dccUive virlorie o er llir Univcrvily of Tmnr er and llir Univrraily of Georgia lo rnd llir ra on. Tcnnr ee wa Inrnrd bark (• £-! £ a» a rr nll of virlorim la Kanl . Roy Krliad . Ga-orp- Amlrroon. lamg. 0 1 lonnrll anal a draw by Krrl. Georgia wrnt alown (k2, willi Krntx. Analrroon. lamp Karl, O’('.onnrll ami Scbindlrr roring win . Carlo 1‘rorlor wii roarli of llir Gator ami (irorjr Amlrnmn wa captain. Vanity Irllrr wrrr awaralcal lo l_ S. Krntx. Ra y Krliad . I„irr Sr in mens (la-orgr Amlrr»on. Jack lamp Henry Krrl. Sleir O'Connell. F.rn-r l lairrnx. Kolanal Sa'himller. Gordon Garalncr, Kill Mrgg . anal Garalinrr olliii|cbani. manager.i ii i: s ii i a II O X I X ii Hu f mill man boxers fon lit mily chip match this year, with die Jewish Alliance (Hub. of Savannah, Georgia. The Baby Gator dropped this match by a Miirr of l-.t, lint several members of I lie team .«liovvral great promise in spite of llie team' defeat. (larlos I'rnetor was aiwUlral by Jew Kerri 11, last year' varsity raptain. in enachiiig tin1 freshman team. Tlieiie two cx Florida mitlm«-iit proved very eapahle in instructing the freshman, ami great progress wu made. Many of the freshman hovers are expected to give the members of the varsity team a real fight for their positions next year. At the conclusion of the season, freshman numerals were oted to the fol lowing members of the team: Maurice Austin. Max (lamot. I). K. Davis, Ahlo Garcia. G. S. MrGlellan. Jack Mann. J. A. Smith, and Jos Watson. 210 INTRAMURALS Educating our educator is one of the task accomplished l»y tin College of Education. High school of (lie Mute have provided positions for many of Florida's education graduates, men whose present task is to carry to the pupils of those schools as much as possible of the culture and knowledge so diligently gleaned in four years at the University.F L I) It I I) A 1 X Fourteen )Hf» i|i . •mhiiiuai nm with foresight. IiuihM a program of mtranmpu sport «ti ilift at the l of llorjda. Tlif) railed the program intramural . «»nl four spurt made up the schedule, and at that linir the ntpwac to. a well a thr facilities to care fur thr.r activities, left much to Iw desired. Toila) nu unr Mill deny that on our campus intra-mural. •• llir worthy substitute that tile large majority of the •liidrnl body enjoy in place of varsity sport |urliri-|ialion. It value at a medium for miking ronlarti at wrll a» an outlet for rrrrration and a builder of hrallli hat lit-t-it eonrliisivrly shown man) time-. T It A M IJ IIALS llrt«rrn 70 and 7S per rent of llie tiudrnl hoal) par-tieipatrrl in tome pliate of the 101437 intramural program. Kigliteen ttidrl) varied activities Mere offered in the three leaguet: fraternity. dormitory and independent. Dennit K. Stanley, in hit fir»i year at direelor of in-Iramiiral . installed several ne« fealuret and led the department in rnrouraging niile, enlhutia.lir partieipalion. A tytletn of “Ironut |toinlt wat introduced in an effort to altrart out.landing intramural athlete into varsity eoinpetilion. W inner• in earh of the three league met for the fir l yrar to deride thr all-ranipu champtondiip of a number of |iortt. Director Stanley, a i tril It) Fred Fotter, teerelary of the intramural hoard, emphasized a uiiler, mure attractive program for thr independent and dormitory league and plarcd more importanrr on the minor »porl on the program. Stanley hope to offer 193738 intramural participant more and belter equipment for all activities. Honda’, intramural program is acknowledged to he one of the mo.I uuMamling in the country. In addition to the driving force behind the program, ever forring it to progret ami trek improvement, it the fact that intramural thrive at Florida lieeaute of a natural setting in location and climate. Few school anywhere can offer a much in the way of competitive -port ami recreational athletics to an rnlirr student Isody. The road to urer» ha not ! ecn smooth. Since that earl) ilay in the mid-twenties, thr intramural program ha teen iltrlf altered and improved man) limes. Now the department well regulated schedule of event . efh-rien! director ami managers, timely and attractive bulletin . attractive handtsook. all denotr a «mooih-runnmg an«l well Ism It organization. The recent addition of nred-ed facilities and equipment ha made it possible that every man benefit in pleasure and health a a participant, instead of a mere spectator, in hi favorite port. “Sport for all ami all for sports" the aim of the intramural department, wj. realired more successfully this past year than ever before. At thi writing, over two thousand men liave taken part in the program. Sport. offered were horseshoe , swimming, basket ball, hoving.MB ■■ '! v 1 - .■ " ■L.T..V'I "-T-" ’ _ . ' jW 'i MV'.VVV WL gi I nni« .ingle. and double., 'liMlrlioiiil »inglr. and double . lourh football. pin |wn(. volley hall. wrf»llint handball .ingle. and doublfs diamond hall. golf. traek and walrr Itukrl hall. Permanent po«M»«ion of iKf hand»ome John J. Tigert trophy await ike winner of thi year’ fraternity ra r. U l year . title wa won by Sigma Alpha Kp.ilon. At the time thi (on to pre»s »pirited rare, for honor in all thrrr league are going on. The enlhu ia tir attitude of the University athletir department toward intramural i» noted in the remark of Jo h Cody, athletie director, Cody write, that: “Today, evrryone ronnreted with thr University i proud of it intramural department and the faet that an early lead among Southern univer.ilie wa takrn in e.taldi.hing and fo.tering ueh a program. The program i varied and each .ludent ha an opportunity to partiripale in a •port which he like, and wliieli he i phy.iejlly aide to compete in. The entire talT of the physical education department urge. .Indent to take part in at lea.t one intramural .port and i read) at all lime to offer teeh- Rl MIAMI . BOV BOOT . ABTMUR aVMIU. A t «R COX. A. A CHIATMAM B. B. runiac t. r.. ib roatia. r. baalamb. o. livitcn. % o. ■ ■» . . O'COMNtll. BTCVt BUBIN. A. SMITH 0. 0 WCAVCA . ■ VABMCB. . I.. IB. WICKtB. I. 0. CLARK. W. N. MIAtvANO. 1. A. WOLIStOM IACK meal in trueiion in any .port to tho.e who rr|M»rt for urh training. Intramural Director Stanley promi e lltal "our intei-mural program will attempt to e»vr the .Indent lw.1) in ueh a manner a to l»c interesting. instructive and reereational. BUlJCLL LBV. B. t ■ tltOM. A. I. lia. oaicINDEPENDENT S IMMI (. INDEPENDENT FOOTBALL Ovhhik, Km. U iikins hiniiii. Jomj» Ikimctuis Bik ou. » i«m«. Ko'in. McMiuim. IIixhilyIt o IK M DORMITORY BASKET BALI. Hi KmJIINC, Smith, CinnK I T DORMITORY ItOXINC Front Horn am imi:. |o%ini. (LtWliiOX, Dim SttimiI Wok O'Cokmu, Ufr„ Vms. I.umnp, Miix.» DORMITORY VOI.I.KY BALI. Commas. IIiyak, Elk %uv, Camm, Chauuio DORMITORY SVkIMMINO, ItiHw. liwivmi, CriYM, J„ (iitu, R.. I‘mm I ad % it % m, Ilnur A Cp IJ DORMITORY EOOTII I.L Front Horn—U am;mas. Tiiomi-»o , Chows. Joklth .Wonrf Ho 4'—Iaiyc, I'tms Mntairr DORMITORY URESTLIXC Front Hum -lluuusc. Smith. Joiis'os. Cai nm. (.haiiam Srrttnri Bom—C AMMO II, III ami. Day it.I N T It A M U It A L S F It A T E I It TKRMTV ItOXIVC Hum, (I'CoNMU, lit MAW, AKKMt.'l, AlMIt, || Stann» Md-IMMN II X I T Y L HI VTKRNITY ll KI.T It M l. IriMl Hun Mhii. IIiiviimh. Com . Uumijii, k »» |' S rtnul H»ii Iti min, t iiutoN, Movoxit, JuuitN, llmi'ii A IJ FKATKRNITY SUIMMIXC Frtmi Won Miiim, ikmmn. In. IIamctun. McGaiiiy. Sim tun Sfrniul H«m lUtvo, SunHit, Thomson, I.imi. IU lull. |I WM1V • 2 16 • FKATKRNITY YRKSTLINC SiHiniHi , M imin, I'ttkiii, Root. Fountain. T ki FRATKRNITY IKIRSCSIHIKS Ki i , SiKfiir-NMiN, Abimv Cimiuu, Tim. Cokliih, Limii FKATKRNITY VOIJ.KY HAI.I. IliuHt. SimiKIOOX, Miiiii. IIiim . Wav ON (in front)I N T IK A M FRATERNITY I'lKC FONG Hoixv Gomon U It A 1. S FRATERNITY FIMJTIUI.L Htons, Kmhmy, Smatiiun IU M»r. UiEnGINKKKI.NG College train men as builder of vast enterprises. Dams, bridges, nature-defying structures are being planned and completed daily through the genius and diligence of the engineers. Florida's college rank with the hot in the country, turns out a yearly crop of graduates who spread over state and nation, planning, testing, building.S T IJ 1» E X T G O V E II X | EXT III Mil SC-llt'CHT, The Slmlrnl HoJ Smmlx AIM. CJianrrltor The Htmm (lourl “STUDENT COYKKNMKNT at tli« University of Florida i of tin highest type, unexcelled throughout the nation. Frequently, lliat statement has lin-n made in |u t year , ami it i equally a true today. Self-government l»y llie student al llir I diversity of Florida i a old and .1 lionoralde a tlie University itself. The duties and responsibiltics of self-government are divided among llirer branches: tli« Executive Council, exercising the legislative functions: the Honor U-ourt. handling the judieiary |irolileim ; and the President, Vice President, ami Secretary-Treasurer, the executive , administering the affair of student government. There are various subsidiary organizations which operate under charters granted by the Executive Council. This |daeing of important, varying responsibilities in the hands of the students themselves serve to provide a large number of individuals with practical training in the problem of government, and uid in the development of leadership. Many leaders of the state today obtained their early training as well as valuable experience by participating in activities of student government at the I Diversity of Florida. As in all other form of representative government, political parties play an important role in the determination of the personnel of student government. Thi responsibility to party and platform adds to the effectiveness and efficiency with which the officer carry on their work for the Isest interest of the University. A t !nu»titution created liy the students themselves and occasionally revised to meet changing condition , regulates and prescribes the whole scope of student government. The major Student Body officers for the year 1956-37 were Hubert Schucht. President; Hen Mel iuchliii, Nice President: Jack Hush. Secretary-Treasurer; and Selden Waldo, Chancellor of the Honor Court. 221 -TIIE i: KCITIVK Col Nell. IN SESSION » 2 2 Jma H lit'it S ri tmr 'Trea%iit r Simlnu Body IN Mf I.U'CIII is I’irr 1‘rrtifirni Sliufrmi BodyII K IK A J. It I'uitiixis JiiiinLid KASTKRN TRIP Man'll 9 1 niversity of Pennsylvania March 10 Rutgers I niversity March II New York 1 niversity March 12 Rhode Island State March 13 W illiam College March 15- Clarke College March 16 Maine I niversity March 17- Colhy College March IH Rate College T I IV ii Sum Uaukj Hon BttniN MIDWESTKRN TRIP March 15 Ohio Vrileyan March I Western Rmrrvr March 17 Detroit University Man'll 18—V iync University Man-li 19—Northwestern March 20 W heaton College March 22 Notre Dame March 23 Depauw University March 21—Purdue Ml HutllK I’tTTOK III MAX I’rrM'ltnl Itrbmtr dub I unity Manetcr IkiSuuka ItumSum G. C. Mimcc .Vrfrttr) Itrbatc Club I'nn . . A. llorsiNx Director nf Debuting J. IK. I'mtumik Cm ml College Coueh IW. II. I . COX'tiXA Speech Dept, Ilruil • 2 2 4 • eI) K « A T I X . Smathkks SetiRR Yoi w Scorr Snciman Roo III 14. Ml IhlMIK Cheatham SOUTH ATLANTIC Georce C. Youxc Kd Rood Unis Snetman David Scott GRAM) EASTKRN William Bull Marshall MacDonald Stephen Spur Richard Cheatham SOLTIIERN ASSOCIATION Georce C Young Ki R hid Grorcr Smathrrs Louis Snktman HOME DEBATERS John M. Green Phillip Seijkr Bkn Kkent man NbIL McMtLLEN Ai.bkrt M. Williams Kennkth A. Bryant Russell II. McIntosh George Smatiiers Hon Barton I AH IS Ss»I l M U inner of the South .ilUnlie Foremir Omlorieal Conreif HOME DEBATES I nivemily of Wml N irginia Daviilson Col lege Prinrelon I nivroily Temple I Diversity I’ll, Stall College for omen I nivernily of Miami lami'iaii.i Slalr Normal College Stetson I Diversity Western Hcnerve 2 25D E B A T 1 « SMITH I’WOIU KlY llawm iimtumn (iainas Kixnuy Vkku Ixuk SMtruo Si mo .i: i:it r roi i U'i: iii:ii ti: rim»s NORTH CAROI.INA TRIP Ga. Soulliwralrrii College Mercer Inivemily Emory Uniirmily I nivemity of Georgia Kmltilir College Mam Mill (College II.IImImiii College W inlliro|» College H .OK I DA TRIP SirtMMi Univrr»ily Moriilu Southern Collrgr HOME DEBATES Florida Stmllirrn (iollege Aliraliani'Kaltlu ill College Uniirmily of (lie Sou ill MISSISSIPPI TRIP Spring Hill College Mill a| College Kail Jr. College Iinivemily of Alabama llnivrmity of |lie Soulli Birmingham Soulliem College ai|iiali-l.ineolii Jr. College Mm ii tu. Wuo u . u. «M I» HllMIT M. IttWIMS lluo W. Bowin IImx Kill kissini A. Ilo INI KicutaoCiu mitt Tun 111 vim.. Ji. Kn» M. Fn-tiiw mi DERATE Cl.I K—VARSITY MEMBERS Kmiii Hiibio John M absii ill (•m i ni Pat Hints ft ILUO M. JuetlNC III S kUARNIN MnKTOS UtV JllMS 1.1 ol H M temu McDus tin K» "i i i- McIntosh Nul McMi ijj n Joi Mintm J. B. I’rniooN Kilt 1'imir. Hwiciit I.. I (olios Ki Hood K. K. Scmoonm ttu I ah Scon Pmiiir SiiaiJi I.IOKI Sn tflllBN I u i» $m than SitrHi s .Su m John Vinnik StXM s U aioo M w. U iu.itns •111111, Yoi sc IIki AunnoN Kkiiiid Asminos NuOM Hi ii Cotton Hmsin Victim Cautmon U . K. ii tm Jons laiui (Unite I 11is I t Tkiiii Hiwm K t«u i Honv.nn ItllL UssriN GEISER E COLLEGE MEMBERS Irish Kidgk Him I'l l I Ioni a hmu I ►os I.IUIIO IIillCbimrs Tost II taunt JoilS lltSSA J tn»N Hi a is I Urn Hituu T..WSII III. K n Ciilmm lloi uiw tv Mitchix lion OSML III Si'll. Ml' JoKSNOS Kt k»ssi»i Jons KiONiiim Katssiis List Jami«I Mi i" am Mtuoi n M( !uimn Ami I'oiciira Ktmosn Htviti.1. J. It. Kiao l it rema Hi nii Sit’act Simon i.ioaci SiMoitoN IItnrios Smith l.twarscr. Smith Stanley Smitze» Itr. Stiitnn Hill Strw ast Jons Tasnkv b fiiMiiua li i« W icKia 2 20PUBLICATIONS Romance has always attended llie work of (lie ei il engineer, in the ev« of the layman. An l there i» great adventure in surveying new land . making new pathway for civilisation. There al o lot of hard work in it. work that rail forth every hit of the training gained l»y the University of Florida student of civil engineering in hi four years of college.Khamilin l . IkNNCTT KJilor. Thr Srminoir THE 1937 SEMINOLE Komabd F. IIi UPH«!« Managing Editor Thr in pcrparinc ihi edition of thr Skminouc fur to thr Student Body, hn rml n«rnl I® plratr liti- (.roup. There rr •Itlmitr limitation ithin which an annual may »ary in form, hut nr Uavr at-t mptf.l In miltr tlunp - »hf»r pot ih|e ami atl»i«ahlr. Mint ®f llirte rlunirt lutr Itrrn la rd previously by »thr( t-tliftie. hut we li®p that they arr lint to thr »tu-■leut an tlai eanipu ami Mill plonr them. Several of thr tMltunt of thr (took, a flatws athletic , orjaniialion . anil fratrrnilir . rannnt hr rhon ed to any extent: however. Mr havr tried lt» |iw you morr artual picture of Mudent lifr in thr feature eetion, and havr madr an hone»l altrinpt toward more equal repre cnta-lion in thi portion of tlir hook. XX r iinrerrly hopr that thr niannrr in which wr havr prrpurrd and puhlidtrd thi annual i» worthy of the trual hr» owrd in u by thr Studrnl Body. - 228 -j ouiui - 'wypuD|t « junrtj VTONpiv | S K 1 I X O L K S T A F F IImh.iki McNui, Ci.uxmti IU»'i»v l)iu IIihs Imih Klim Ck«iii Ui.tth BAHftMANT ILIMIHC • ICMAHOfON CO IIIAID IUUII 1 110 0 tl U COCA HI A MY DIOWN Ot'HOA M.IAUCHUM tttCUIBt GBICBBV NmOIU MtCAMM W CLA ON OVIICAN 0 A VI MAMOOM HOWCll AMITM ft III - 23 0 - 9 o e 12 3 3 ilis H V « ■» «i i Jit : -3 i l?i : 2 s = ■ 58 5 « r. 5H.j ” r. 2 if 8 . -» 2S U. Hi j« 1W iiSE S'7J lip .Sfe tf - w b 11 ilfi 'eT f Ils- H limn cox c x«foi» runii c«« KOCM MiCOIM DlKUl « ««• » “• ' «. O'SHiCN m. I. o tan 0rr wfiMiM caM ilium S. :h «iih Kdilor THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR FDITOKI |. STAFF Hill Limiuii Tom I.ionmdr litixc Kum« t liman Hi Ni u | AlMtNO Hi.SMIII i % %».»•« 1)111 I.HON ) ' ■ Aui s SiMt» John It. Tukiji I at Watno IIUMV IlMNHin John I'm Joni Hill Mi:(U'ih; Dttin III NAT fUlMCNAN M HAIM ItoiMNl Cn«ai» ' Kdilor-im-CKirf l onagmg Kdilor .tunctalc Kdilor• Affiant lon fing Kdilor» , nM Kdilor .luluim V«o Kdilor S(torI Kdilor d»i ittoMi Spot It Kdilor Feature Kdilor Attitlmni Frmlure Kdilor Copy Kdilor .ittitumi Copy Kdilor Proof Kdilor III SINFSS STAFF Him. 'A iihim in Fuel I'OWIB John Dim Willi Cociirln b Koon Omkiit Hoc a . Jo Miiioii IfitlanI llimnrtt » «r. Ifflanl llutinrtt Mgr. Adicrliting Mgr. Affiant Adi. Mgr. If flanl Adi. Mgr. Hutinrtt Srt|f Tom Lion «id Mitogutg Kdilor Thr IVMO? Florida Alligator rontinunl in the |»ro-gtrfi e fuo|t|(|ii of it. prrdr«rM«r nuitimulli ini-lieotmg and nininf n»» honor during ihr year. Thr VlKKUlrd Collrfiltr IWt of the N. S. I’. A. ratr«| |||P Alligator a “All-Nmrfkaa.' the tint lint wli an honor breti r«rlvnl by I hr |ta|irr. l’re iou»ly. thr |»uhli- alion rmivnl "Fir»l Cllu Honor Halm ." I.literal uo of Iiirtum ami all work, a changed rdi- lorial |M|r nuLr iiji. complete rearrangement of headline «t lr». sarird and lively naakr-np, heller editing and a •tad eompotrd rliirfly of journali.m Modenl eomhined lo raiw ihr Hanilard and rradahility of the Alligator. Honda I inion ■ eomplrtion made il ponilde for Uir Had lo liair a permanent odire during ihr year. eparatr from other organiralion . I hereby welding thr Mad into a more Maldr and elKeirnl group. - 23 2 -The Florida Qfsfi a Mami ii. (i.iuu fliiiwiru Manager •ONNCTTC N«N(Al KHMd ORAUGMON JO All WATMN RROWN OIRUOW CNAIKCI RAANNART M «VIM TUHRCR «KA««« CAROIN HAN All CUB ■ 11 1 01 OAVII tUCKltl CDWAAOI OBNI1 OB 11A COWLtl 0«WO l«D ■ ILLIAM - 233 THE EEOItlllA COLLEGE EAltMEIt % ii mi Ha'-itt. Jr. Uditur Artiur McNmi.V Wmincti Wuluijcer BIUTOKI M. STAFF 1'j.iM Itaiutiit Attar late KAittn BUSINESS STAFF III % RY C. LuNurOA CirruUttrm Manager Staff Atmtanlt; H, K. iii«liof , Uj nr Dim. Doitalilton ( iirii . Mat Itrunk. l-»»irr i'oudirf, Q a)nr Valmtinr, ( liarlr (!l m rr. Julirl .arnn ton. It. T. NfRinaa, M »%rlr llrnrt. Sidnry Mjflull, Jiarlrt Januxin. ORICCfftl RICH LUMSTORO aitHOf VAKHTIN! CARRIRCTON OTA WflttlNCIR ivm MfWMAN NIRRV HA RIM ALL M«l AUCMkIM CURTIS 23 1 •• f KOOK lliasiar VlcN» a Editor ItlU. II NNMI. Iluunnt Muutgrr The "F" Book ha carved for itself a permanent niche among tlir publication of I In University. It i llir handbook of llic student body, ami. a Mich, i« indispensable to even- student of the Universitv of Florida. Time has led ihc F Book lo hecomc known a llic “freshman hiblc”! The informalion contained within iin page will help the freshman lo In- a heller ami more active citizen of the democratic croup which we have an the Student Body of the University of Florida. It is especially designed toward helping the incoming freshman to acclimate himself to his new life and surroundings so that hr may derive the Im-iuTiI of a Beal Florida Man. ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ji Uiu,i «i John I'mi J«. 23 5 •HO A It II OF STUIHAT l» I It Ll( AT IOXS John Pai.l Jom . Jb. Alhon H IKmm' IIabam Barnhart 1 v»i Parrihi, Secretary 'I li« Board of Sln«l« iki I’uhlicalinn e erci o general RuperviRory power over .ill nliitli'iil publications In performing it functions the Board render .1 ilinlinet and valualde nervice to tin- publications to the Student Body, and to tin1 l’niver ity. The Board coiimmI of a eliaimian and three faculty meiuhers appointed hy the I'ronident of the Uimendty, and three «liident members elected by the •Indent hoily. Dr. K. W. Koromoor Pro . II. It. Ihiuuu Pro . J. W. Day Pro . L J. Lnk • 236 •ORGANIZATIONS In this machine age. nothing is more natural than the great interest being shown in mechanical engineering. New fields to conquer await ever}- engineer who chooses this branch of work, hence it attraction to many students. Graduates find work in the country's industrial plants, hotli large and small, and their work of today will lead to the machinery of tomorrow.IT X I V K II S I T Y ii L K E C I. 11 II H«l IIMH « ". ll«MN CaiNm. tnM »» M . Kill C trial . Willi -■urn. ( ••• ••WHO. H Mua. CA 4m • ■■•ft, ULU; Cl. tit KCI8TKR auk. mm MtM. I. AWwl k Mn. PhM U«» » p l" In. r M w i: »«. W W«ln ■ ••» « 1. W M. I'Ol Willi !. Wm4'» • Hl Willi MCOkO IIIOM t MkHI. Ate • ■« N. (atl CUW. iMWra C«IMt. W nM 0 1 . Mi! DaliMM. Jim UM. AW ., iUlMi. IlMI tHmll. I r i « ■. Wi I mi , jam Mi r »l. Jh r«Hi wiiii ■AM. H M lllWilM 0»a ini Wall — Will wn kl. Ml t. ■•MM. C» iM an M. m. { — . M C l Ut. v-tll D « . wiiiii I—mmI. Miami lamll. Wvhi Jwi i AH «« UrW Wtlataa . C» Wa Wnili-M NuMI I IM. •» ■Win. riar •wtian » W IMM. o w. CAMII ■ • •« C M M CM a Imm C Cwvt » ••» »»• M irn» alM. fit C • . M« M urn . AN ••«■ Will.a MMOr. ■ AMt e. Pimm. » •• Umum Cm kaaa »'• »:. •a ► •«. »•• »- I In- ( llivrrwily of Florida filre Chill In-gan II arlivilir tin- yrar willi a iwo-fohl problem: »f taking earr of more Otie hundred .■ml fori) men interested in ilr«oting a porlion of their limr |o iiiiitiral activities, ami ll».«l of prmidiug the r.mi|Hi al large willi an anioiinl of nin iral entertainment wliicli il might log. irall) expert. Tin AUCCC willi wliirli llii problem wa mi l ran be»t In- realised Ity a lirirf n-Minic- of llir varied enterprise in which tinder 4 .lull lia taken pari llii year. Ilrgiuning m fhloher. a Aerie of monthly inu iral program , ralh-il "Surer ." wa pre- ariilnl al Florida I moil, featuring guest arli»l» a wrll a Aluih-nl lalrnl, ainl rrceitiug llir warm approval of rapacity audience . Two outstanding rnlrrlainnirnl of llir- year, wliirli give indi-ration of hemming affair on llir rampii . were llir Christina Carl), in wliirli twenty rampii linlrnl organization look pari, ami llir Mollirr ' Day program, wliirli wa given in co-operation with Florida Union ami varioua MM-ial fratrrnilir on llir rampii . Tlir Glee f'.lnh from llir firorgia State Woman'll College wa anollirr featured prr «-ntation. in a moat successful Sunday afternoon ronrcrl. 25X -UNIVERSITY The signal achievement of this year's (Muh was the formation ami rolling of a Choir. which forms the integral part of the organization ami has as its primary function service on the University campus. Ihe tiler C.luh inaugurated the custom of student-sponsored receptions for prominent artists visiting the campus. Special training classes to heller serve the purposes of the (General (!ollr«e also have hern a part of the Glee (Midi's extended activities schedule. Consistently high standard performances have marked the trips which the C.luh has taken awuy from the campus. The cordiality and enthusiasm of various audiences already point towards an even more successful season next year. During this season the (Midi appeared in Lakeland, I-ake W ales, Bartow, New-herry. Plant City. Fort Mvers. Tampa. Titusville, I-akc Worth. West I’alm Heach, Hollywood. Jacksonville, ('..imp Kooscvell, Tallahassee, and Cuinesvillc. Particular mention should he made of the intensive work done hy the director. Professor John W . DcBruyn. in transforming an unusually large group of untrained and inexperienced men into seasoned veterans. Those officers who did their part in making possible the various activities of the (Midi also deserve commendation. The sympathy ami co-operation of the President of the Student Itody, lluhert Schucht. has lieen of outstanding lieucfit to the organization. Ilvutui Kikia (. L K E C I. IJ II l‘totIV..IH John U. ItilUi in Alima Joa»vx • 23a -T II E IJ.MVKIISITY OF FLO It III A KAMI - - {'■•'r, II. I»iWm llaon% IHrrftnr Climv Mmm% i yinntgrt rim. k«1. N Drum fa nr Minim. Smi v .liiiiUtni Manager Hii.i. Mdli ik I’ublifity Manifrr - 2411 -F L O IK I II A I L A Y E It S C. A. AY Alt T r«Ajif« ICAR OXrORO 0. A. AVAMT oaccaniLo UHftMA GRtIHBlATT • •AM WAR MAMILTOH ICVITCM RICHAROS • •OWN CAROIMAS C MlAT AM 9l%MIA »0»TI MASKtit MAW Aim SUCARMAN MVATT KAMTOR LCVV LONG M» Ml It I. MCNOtltSON L MUDOIIMN ROM DOWS SCOTT WAUIt tffARO VOUMC I’lrxuUf»l Secmary-T rntuirrr Far ally lift nor 1‘itxlurlitm l ire li r OFFICERS II. C. Kikii V. II. Hem I'mitomm II. I . Cokrtak I'kori nmir L. L II uj Thr Florida ITayer " pnr|ioir in -Indy llir theater ami it' art , in l to prod tin- play for live p|.a-urr involved. nv »linlcnt of the Inim-•it may become a iiifinUr of the organization upon the ari|ui ition of a certain nuinlirf of point ha ed upon (hr work hr dor on a production. Hip three onr-art l»ill» and thr three three-act productions wliieh have Keen produced during thr year, have hern 'ma«h hit . The production . “Journey End." a -luring war drama, and "T'a hion." a revival of an old melodrama of IRiO, were »o well received by the audience that it wa» nere»»ary to hold llieru over for additional performance in order to accommodate all lho e wishing to ee them. The ea «n wa» rioted with "llehold Thi Dreamer." Memlver . whine pirture do not ap| ear include; J. 0. Adderley. 0. K. Amlrrutn. II. I). Cardena . F. II. Cantrell, U. Vt. Diekrv, W. Earle. 0. M. Ilmdrirkaon, Roy ller»ch. I . M. Jewett. II I., lairis U. U. I.iddrll. Melvin I.oIm-1, (i. ('_ MrCaughan. J. M. McCown. J. I . MrFar-land. Malcolm MrClaaaon, H. ('» Miller. T. II. Morford. J B. l aller on, E. M. Reams Robert Richter, H. . Roger . I.. N. Smith. R. I . Sullivan. Clarence Stoeckler. 'V. R. Terry, K. If. Walker, A. M. William , and W. F. Wright. Rim IIijdt CoxvTtxt Ham. -241-UIV I V K It S I T Y OF FLOIIIOA V. M. t'. A Hihinwsi Kwm Buiu (.twuxa Smiih Hidmih Bin I’rrutltni t'iee 1’rrmirni Srrrriary Trramrrr Pior. J. H Jwinmn Jimmy Hivim l «. F. 'V . Kokomoimi Gmrtml .WrrMri IlililMl Srrrrt+ry Chairman Hoard «» !Hrector» Inln - ImrHi ionnri I »»»«» » «ni itM«t mu rmm tuning GARLAND H««N(R IONIMR TUBBS TURLINGTON •212» —uj_____x amm-r—I F. F. F i L I II AlltM More W'AiriN ATI I NO»l MiCAMM -AIICOTT ATM • ««» CAtiTOtt CW«TI M«««m MOTMflAM IfWIt Lite MAlMl Mr ■ (■MITT Ml MO■ I O' AMI AM MCI « U» ■ IOOLC »TI WAMT TAICAHICO WNITC President I 'ire President Secretary Treasurer William Fleming William Stewart Horn hi Kkicmin IUmhiij'ii Matiiknv Sponsored l»v llir Student Y. M. (3. A., the Florida Fre-hman Friend-hip C.lub i» lhr only exclusively freshman organization on lIn I'nivmily campu . Since it founding in I 24 by Secretary J. K. Johnson, tin (Hub ho- continued lo expand ami h rlnp in influence. Briefly. llir t'.luh' purpose arc: lo promote a friendly attitude among all AlmlrntA; In direct thought and action lo -Indent problem : lo create closer con-lad of -Indent with faculty; and In place dur emphu-i upon llic character and purpose of Je-u-. It i primarily a -crvice organization. The t'.luh’- major activities llii- year have been: -pon-or-hip of Annual Skit Nile: participation in Homecoming activities; presentation of the Florida Symphony Orchestra: and weekly forum di-cu-ion on topic of student intcre-t. ('.lean fellow-hip ha- been the t'.luh’- theme. The t.luhV eoun-ellor ha- l»eeii I .aw retire S. Sniilli. ’J1. 2(3S O I II O M O IK B " Y ” C L U II LOVf LACK NVMAR COO MAH WALLACI KIHC NOWlWN OARTOR TAROfR fill MITH R'CMAfL COMKLINC COfflH CLI ATI TAVIOR HOOK IR HOLLOWAY RINOHROR AROCAROR RCMM FULLIR MOOIRA fOMRCON CHICORY METHODIST STUDENT OHOAMZATIO OOR COOK I 0 LLOVO JOMRROR OWICNT TIAOUROR « w. r. ruiiCA R ROV OARKIR V« rmlfnl LirtcoRO • URR TfMwnr C 0 RWIIM M. f. HOIK r »!»•• Draw W M. RTRAIChT I. rOUCHIA 0. C CURTIR 6(0R0C WALKCA R R. CU.IC I. 0. (COART 0 C AOAIRAOH C. M. TUTORI . H. “Hilly” Mimhi.m Director IIOABtll OF 1 A. AOFItS Ilnur ful fill num n imi John Imv» Bui McUvciiun Jack Bum PI KPOSK 'To toi a llw ••IIk ijI rrnlrf of »luil«-nt life, lu unify •tudrnt arlititir . anil lo ipeimir a lirojal program of rnroiliun ami rntrrloiiiiiirnl for ilir lml.nt Hotly.” ’To «fvr a» a lit- liimlins family, ••inlmt . alumni anti frit-wl of llir Uniimily.” 'To did in r«talili«liinf a mlliiral |ultrrn whirh will ili»ling«ii li lloritli mm," IIOUIOA UMOI STAFF MUItl OAMTLCTT IIIHIr OKOWNt CHtNIlRI NANKO MVG6IN0 MUNICH HlfMH RCSAS WAIT WCIMINGCRii A T O IK l» K I C L I IK KXKCI TIVK COMMITTEE IVMIU TOBIUt M(NC( CM(«CV OFFICERS TABMV llllt NOU W » BABB V PioMhI Vim rmiMM ■uni ATKINft COX fABABIC OAtC CBAMAM lOMNtOM ■ AT SMITM t AMI f N TBACB HOVIM BIBO - 247 -A » II I 4' II L T IJ It A L € L U It OUCtlll OAVIt HATTMCH 1I M0 1HAA0» «.l«UC«U HiNttttV IBANOia ■ A»MTT 011 AT A ClIMM 1ICH f VC1I Vl« WHf«t«l 1AMT0M «RCfNC 1VAI 0WAA Mid «(AVC 1 1 A 01AV tTNVTMIN HACK BAOCI HAITI! lOWAIOt Alt AM XMCttNAW HOORI 1CNNITT MCMLCV IHHIl ITITHIRt HACCV MUCNCM TURIINITOM Til Vjnmllnirtl Club, founded in |V|0 a ill oft til 1 mint I or caniration of ill (iollrjr of grirullurr, ha-throughout lit rtitlmrr on ill rani|iu» mad a moral of arhirwnirnt ami ■uom llul »how» il lo I worthy of ill |irominrnrr it ha nllainrd. It |nir| o r i |o (i«r tli agricultural •tmlrnt a |ira tiral IfMIB in tondiKtinj a deliberative lioily. thu» affording pearlier in puldir -peaking and . r» inn an aid in drvrloping leadership among thr student . Til |iro(r(m roiidurtnl b) ill arirullural Club inrluil talk on ■oiar phase of agriculture. film by mm oiin ,nl mill ilii Collette of gn ullurr, tbr hvperiMenl Station, an«l professor in thr various Otk f college . a aril a visitor from otlur unitrniliri, Motion pirturr arr shown to drnton lratr rr ml development ill ill lirlil of iigririilliirr, ami wmal programs arr devoted solely to musical rntrrtainnirnt. Tbr year work of tli IaiI i climaxed by thr Agricultural Coll Night which i tlivrn in ill n w gymnasium. Thr rulan was inaugurated five yrar» •(». ami it traditional in thr annals of thr yearlv campus fun lion . Thi night i» enjoyed by thr r«mpu at large. ami i» always an enjoyable »o ial event of th yrar. 2 I XC L I IK c o i .» i: it I’ k powca» Coiuii ««bu»n «pbin««r von riCMINO RO» NCIVtN CROON ATRIUM HOWARD PART R10 G ( BROWN NAHOOM MRRIll The Oomnwrce Club i. coni|iOM d of member of tin College of lliinine Administration. Prior lo llii year the (Commerce Club the largest enrollment of any literary ©ciety on tbe campus Init with the advent of the General College llie enrollment km cut considerably. Tbe Commerce Club lia» for it purpose the establishment of pood will among tin student of lb« College of Hu»iue Administration and tin gaining of some information along tin line of bimineM by having successful buNni'M men addrrM the club from tiim to lime. Tin annual Coiniueree Cluli bani|ui t wa held in .May and wan accorded a great duccob. Those wbo led tbe Club for 1937 38 were: President, Karl P. Powers; ice President. Crawford Solomon: Secretary, Hilly Crown: Treasurer. Clyde Kng-lish; and Cliairnian of the Attendance Committee. Tom Fleming. S rwfcSfl vGi • 2 4!) -W E W M A A c L U It OCOMIU «K NtIM W.tOMNlCK NATION CUBILLAA riTtB NAMOOM HIVI WAV ATKINA 60N600N 6ABKIN ACOtTA • MAHOWtr IOSI VILA OAVI MCVNANN IMNANWIL HOBBS BROWN 6(0 VILA TANBIV BILLON NOW! NORIABIV ( AW IN MAAACTT HI(KIN Kit. J. It. O'Mamomiy Dirrrior • 2 50 Mac M. Mai VniiifAlXEW EL L FAT 0X10 LOOK ML S4MIETV I. II. Ammpox. Jl I1. $. Ain O. K. Kun T. K. Vomc I'rrtiflrnl l ifr I’rrtidriil K. W. Sumiix F. II. I tin i K. V. VI mum i. II. kmut HMVEItSITY OF FLO It IOA PISTOL TEA I ■» l io Hijchi. Standing: J. K. Sti.wn . J. H. lit imox, J. M. Stuin», K. I). 1 iuu, M. J. O'Biii , J. N. ki c. It. I). Iluur, T. T. Ti imill, VI. I . Smixulv, Qapmin. knrrling; J. I'.. NlMMIMI. M. I. »1UI«i.. |„ II. 4. SciMIK, VI. |j«U , It. M. VuXIttl, S. It. MclhlUlU, F. (.. Ill IIW. 251F O II It T II ESTATE FLU It T II K • MOWN kWICPOM OllliAMIII mm PINtlOW tPWARDt “» bomiiivk o'amcft iHHtKun c«wu» CAR0CNA1 ORAUC.HO CHALK!R coav TV!«U OFFICERS Hum R! M N»«l Ikvikc Ki trru Oo IIriiWN TuU Ijonur lio) lllNUMIN I’midmt I'iff VmideM Scerriary-T rtmuim C.4 rfr t ondinic Sff f( y . ter ill nr r«mmit(rrAian Tlir Fourth K»l.itr (Hull, official organization of the Department of Journalism, ii open lo all men interested in the profession of journalism from whatever department of llir University. K MIII I I in 1927, llir ('.lull breame the nucleus for Florida Chapter of Sigma Delta (Hit. established here in 1929. Followed a period of inaetivily for the Fourth K late C.luh, hut the organization wa rrvived la»t Near especially to pro itle a eontaet with journalism for (Jeneral (!ollege students. The eurrenl school year has heen one of aellirvcmriit, iiinnlwn of the (Huh hrlieve. Sev oral dollar worth of lunik have lieen contributed to the journalism library: many sprakcr active in tin lichl of journalism, a well a. other professional men. have appeared at meeting and the (Huh edited one edition of the Ocala Morning Banner. The annual hampiet for installation of new officers was a pronounced MlCCCM. 252 -S I 4. .M A T A 1' rori CRICORV ATKIAION RIOTJ ■ IkMN CARLSON MmDONOVOM NIMt DROWN (VRAM KIN® KIWI- LIITCR W«t4 » MlVH •CARLCV rolNd KHNCIOtR WIIUAMI, WOODWARO HAWK IRS JONMSTON ION( KILLY t»R( R WARO WARRIRI MASON 1 Pail M. Poe . Jr. VI. I). ttlLVIX K. I. I.I'TIR Cuuok J. M. Nrlaon I- A. Vk IW. P. L Kami omcKKs 1‘rrudrnt Fire I'mideni Itrrording .WrUii Corer»iH ndinf Snrrfmri T witum flitMPMN (Jiufrlrr Ad I i nr Sigma Tail, national honorary engineering fraternity, wan founded .it the University of Nebraska. February I I. 1 4»4. There are now twenty-two chapter , having -i national distribution. Upsilon chapter ww iiiAtalled at the University of Florida in 1923. heiai|£ the ninetenlh chapter. In determining the haii of eligibility to membership in the frateniily those qualities which K'v hc | promise of a successful career werr selected. Selection in based upon scholarship. practicability, and sociability. Junior ami senior student in the college of engineering who are in the upper third of their combined classes are eligible for membership. Men who are diRlinguidicd in the engineering profession may he admitted a honorary memhen. Sigma Tail strive always to In- of sersiee to the college. Among the wr ire project during the paM year were the sponsoring of the Engineer's Day Cup and sponsoring of the annual Engineer s Hall. The chapter maintains a loan fund, which is used to assist worthy senior who are in need of finaneiul aid. The national organisation maintains a graduate scholarship. - 253 -It E IN T O K . ii I IN E E II I V son ETV major CROIHII KAMI ACM ROBB rORBVTNt IIUI • TOIHC IIAKROW C AC t QARCARO «rnr MORttV VAVGMAK illMJAMIM RIMOR BRAMMAR BROWR tUU ROOT mtll» JOMfB It 11 MR BCNRIIBIR MM BMITN « WICCIAM WILMH WOODWARD The Ih-ntou Engineering Sorirly i» the eo-ordinating professional organisation of student in lln College of Engineering. it itiemlN-rship including all engineering student . Il i» the purpose of I lie Society | bring lirforr llir •Indent . men who an outstanding in ll»r engineering field. in onlrr lo give these sliidcul. a l»n a l«T understanding of and insight into llir En (finmiiii: profession a« a whole. Karli year llir Society sponsor llie annual Engineers’ Day and Engineer " Fair, liutli of which have become a definite part of the i tudrnti»' activities in the Kn giiieering holkyr. The lienlon Engineering Sorirly i afTdiated with the Florida Engineering Society a» a student branch. I lie Engineering (iouneil is llir governing body of the Heiiton Engineering Society. Its mem-herdiip i« composed of the president of B. K. S. as rhairnian. and the president and two elected niemliem from each of the five student professional societies of the college; namely, the American Society of f.itil Engineer . the nieriean Institute of Chemical Engineer . llie American Instilute of Klectrical Engineer . llie American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and llie Industrial Engineers Society. Ihc council etuleavors to serve tin Engineering College and further its progress through il. concerted effort.. Ii lays plans for activities in which the whole college par-tiripates, such as llie Engineers’ Fair. Engineers’ Day. and Various programs sponsored throughout ihe year. 25 1 -!---—'------ 1111—BMBB----------------------- '• ■■■■ —H iiMkrii ]iu Soeieiv of 3loi liaiiii al liii iiircrs roue •oxhit 0C« MAtOft MAtOft I AIT W A % tioati ■ OCX H CGIfT •UHIU KUAN 60A00H ■(• UIHR MmOONOUAn MMIANI •! ««■ ■ 11II A «10T OAMUO MMMTC ■IMP HOC TVRI » ACLACC WA CN rr OKUCKKS II. Twm. It. Mum Chau I). Ma«ok U M. T H II. lllloniL l »or. N. C btuii C.h itm n I n r(.h n m ji .Wrrwt TVruii rr nnnr« « ( ti iri»«n TIlP Florida Student It 11 of llir American Soeirl) of Mrehaniral Km ginrrrs afford tlir opportunity for engineering •Indent lo belong lo one of the oldest anil best known of llic professional engineering societies. Tlir twrnlyrighl members in llir Studenl liraneh have a their eoniiiMin aim a well a« llir furllirring of llirir ami practical knowledge. llir maintaining of rlo r personal frirml lii|»». Ili-month!) programs consist of motion pictures. illu tratrd lectures. on I • landing speaker , ami llir presentation of student paper for which cash price arr awarded. Karli year llir Mud. nl Branch in well represented l» al lra«l half llir mcim Iwrship al llir Regional Convention. Tlir price Student Itranrli paper i- prr-•ruled al this Hireling in rompriilion with price paper from seventeen oilier southeastern schools. The 1400 mile inspection trip I hi- year inrlmlrd a vif.ii lo Georgia Treli. Muscle Shoal . lram and hydro-electric power plant , foiin-drier, blast furnaces, lrel mill , and oilier outstanding Soulhrni industries in Birmingham and (dialtanooga. 2ii •Imericnn ln»lilul« wf Kloflricnl Engineers WIIUAM Mlklt H|TN « MmCAMTMV rot in. Willi ouncAfc AlKmWH 100 1 IIAUIV a item W00DWAM0 oma;H »OM M»«1S s. B. W IUIIN» II. I . M«i:«»nn I'iiaivmii Jinril Hill I i mt i Srtfrln -l ram rr (,'m n«r or TIm I nivcndly of Florida Itrancli of llir A. I. K. K. it a part of ilir Anirrican limlilute of Electrical Kiifciiirort. Tin ln»tilolr h» founded in I8KI for llir purpooc of advancing the llir ory ami pr.n lin- of electrical engineering anil llir allied art and •rinint. l lir local Itrancli wan rotalilitJted in I‘ 24. Since ilirn il lia grown rapidly and now hat a mrinlH-ndiip of lliirty-lno. llir I-loriila Itrancli lia a it objective llir drvrlopnirnl of llir engineer in.; tu deni and llir r lalili liment of conlacl licit ecu llie •Indent ami llie pradicing engineer. In the attainment of tlii goal, program Itavc lieen adopted rndMidving the prc ciilation of uliidrnt paper and talk l»y onl ide peukcr and member of llie Engineering Faculty. Occaaionally the liMiiontlll) program include trrlmiral motion picture . Member wlmar picture do not appear include: U . R. (aidiiug. A. V ildrr. F. M. ord-inann, and K. II. (aiy. 256A in er i v a n S o «• iet v o f Civil K n g i n i t rs NIHON OAtC ovm AMIN ROM BARROW BRAMMAR BROWN OOrr NOBB KINNINATON (IRC MVIRR ” MMVN TOUBT WARRIN Wll i I- • ) i lluMARW C. Nm.MIN Jack M. Jack Kinc OHICKKS I’trtiJml Vie 1’rrtiJrnl 7Y BM«rer The Student Chapter, Xmerican Society of Ci il Kngineem, wan established on tin- campu in 1926: I’rofeMor I’. I„ Reed being the first chapter advisor. The orgouixalion by sponsoring regular technical program throughout the year, nerve to maintain contact helween it« memlierw and the outntauding engineering practice of the day. In promoting thin eontart the society brings to the rampu an speakers many leading professional men. whose (liieuwioiii furnish entertainment and constructive thought. It in of intense interest to the other departments to know that the Civil Department ha won the cup offered by Sigma Tau for athletic competition in the Annual Kngineem l)a for the past four yearn. The society also taken an active part in the Annual Knginecro Fair. 2 a 7American institute of riinnical Kii iiieors TCICIM CARLAHO NAWHim MOOT MOVkTO incut JOMC« lOtCRM KAIRACM NIK MIN LOVLCM Hint NORLCV OtTNCA OVERALL KNNIIOCA tmf N AMITM SUTTON THOMAS IVMCR VAV MAN WALTER NILSOM I ii I o r ii a I i o n a I It e 1 a 1 i o n s i' I u li • AYAH NITROH CALHOUN LANOV MARLOW tHRLICM M«GVIRI • CAR IIAHTY •IALOLCNRI •NOWM MOW (ItMCR f RCAM WATER CRCINriILO MCCKIR NCNRY MARNCRAVE MODENA MOORE NORWOOD PAIL LIRA ROITCR tCMOONMANCR DCARLC tMITM tUGAMNAN WADSWORTH WALLACE WITT ARALOO • 25S •University of Florida It. O. T. U. IKifle Team ALBtai SFILLta CitKIiC T. DtVIt »OBC»T WAlLACt CmUIi C«M Hiu«« FLORIDA RIFLES FLORIDA'S IW7 Riflr Tram rrpralr l it romrrulivr l! rp Area C|ianipion»hip ). , minnmi tlir William Randolph Draft Tropht for Srnior l:n»l ami thr C.orp rra K. O. T. C Chatn| ion hi|». Tfir hmilh lli ar 4 Tram aim look third plarr. giting ihr lni »r il of Kloriala loo out of tlirrr plarr . Florida aim look loo individual litlr ohm pillrr. raptain. ««n thr Draft National I■ ■!■« idual Championdiip for Senior I nit with a rorr of IVT out of a po ihlr 200. Vk allarr non Ihr Soutliraitrfn Imlitiiliul with hi »rorr of JSO out of a po ildr 100 at ihr uhurn Match. Tlir Irr.liman Irani placed fourth in National Frr hu an mate hr . Yar il) ami H. O. T. 1. Irani worril onr humlrnl ami turnty-ninr virtorir ami tlirrr lo »r for thr rar. FI .OK IDA RIFLES KXKCITIVK COMMITTEE m. miim t ittca waliaCC amt im rmiaMt vm •«« « t.ort . om« 259U X I V E II S IT Y LYCEUM COUNCIL a«r »v Smith Wklky Fly Uwi IIitzixl TIIK I.YCKUM COUNCIL THE LYCEl M COl N'CII. nerve llir tdiident body l»y providing a program of entertainment of a general educational and cultural nature. I'lie (Until 4 11 con i t of llircT' .•Indent- and two faculty member . TIiik year program vu opened in Deceinlier l»y Florida own Janie Mellon. tenor, who greatly plcancd an cnlhii ia tic audience. In February, Kutli l'o c|| rendered un excellent violin recital. A fitting climax came in March when Helen Jep on. oprano, concluded the Lyceum ca on with a delightful ong recital. • 2 6 0 • II. I . i:ux nw Faculty Member J. K. Jonx- »ox Faculty MemberMILITARY Hriim;ks—little bridges. big bridges. bridge of eon Crete, bridge.- of steel—challenge the genius of our nicest engineers in their construction. To the took of forging these sturdy links in our huge lran«port and travel systems are turned the efforts of many young graduates, eollege men who go forth into the world with the idea of making it a better place for posterity.C o . 1 M A N l» I X a O F F I V K It S COMMANDING K. O. T. C. BRIGADE fUtlttnrl 111 I AM S. llwinMNC 'ftl rimr « Ifi lM v Srimrr amt »Ihi COMMANDING KIKI.I) KTIM.KB1 REGIMENT COMMANDING INFAN TRX REGIMENT - 262 - W»jur C.i.ixio.x M. LltUs Ono F. I.sxci.Diversity of floiiida brigade I'AIIET Ol l ldiKS BRK'rADK COMMANDKR C.ulitnrl (!um«uo Honorary C.nttmri, 'll-' l n (Uuou bkicadk adjutant Um or fccuoi Jomtm Spofttor. Mi» Mum.out u BRIGADK | AND T. OKKICKK Captain Tiiori-i Ki hu, SpMiwr, Mi« Munwii Timum bhicadk si ppi.y officer Captain l n Ruwv SfMtnutr, Mi" » «.i»hn brigade pi Bucm officer Captain Imim. Ki rrm Span»»r. Ml" J, » ,m - 263 -FI It ST FI FLU AIKTI LL K IK V It K I 1 E T REGIMENTAL COMMANDER Uei,lrn l Cnlnarl J»" I'UMIU. Spmunf, 'll" Inn McGmmick REGIMENTAL ADJUTANT IIakomi IKvitt S Mtnwr. Mi" M»y " m«i REGIMENTAL P. AND T. OFFICER Cuplain V. IUJ4M " ll.-ON, Jm. Spomof, Mi" Auck Cannon FIRST BATTALION COMMANDER SECOND BATTALION COMMANDER John Hivii, Jl Mi« Si' N Wolf I. W a tor Flovd ClItlVTIAN SfMM rtr, Mi" Ann Titoiiim FIRST BATTALION ADJI TANT in I.YMtN 111'LUL SpMiof, Mi" Glm y« IImmil SECOND BATTALION ADJUTANT (MpittUI umki: Allkn Spontor. Mi" I.OMMNK Komity 264FIRST FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENT BATTEKY AM BATTERA E“ Captain W »um liniNCTOK Spunu t. 'll" Moo I'uium.n Captain II %B«tl ti ttimtOMI Spmtor. 3Jl" l.i iwii PiTniMtN BATTERY ‘ B BATTERS “K 1 111 1 K mu t llmv Sponacr. Mtx» Bkth Kchiu Captain J K III 'll ,V«iM.r, Mi" lit n i»r»» Vi mils BATTERY “C battera - r Captain Lioxu Uhi« SpunMjf. Ml" I’utcv M»rimiii (laplain 'R imi V Kn SjMMM»r. 'll" lti"ii Mir ' BA'ITERY “I)' explain AlJM Km. Ml" CiMMASi; OM FIKLII AIITILLKIIY IIE(iI3IK T ItKf;iMKNTAI. COMMAM)KIt JriifnMNl Cuiamrl ||t lt TVh.AN 'Ii« Vmu Tavum It KG I IL VIA I. ADJUTANT RKG1MKNTAI. P. AM) T. OFFICER •Vmim. Mi» Kona Mhi.»a Cm Min Ijuki ItaoMN. J». Sprmtnr, |iv» hiiiiiiii I’uktia TIIIHI) IIATTAI.ION COMMAMIKK Major John MrCim SfMMnMif. Mim Batty Tikii THIRD IIATTAI.ION ADJUTANT Shmm Ihmus S mmutr. Miw lloao KOI ItTII BATTALION COMMANDER Major J I’Ll AN Lon Spaniaf, Minn Fiikuo La Mom KOI K i ll BATTALION ADJUTANT « • «■ Carmnm NomNCHtM «» . Miv Ji Nr Tiimkatt 2GGSECOIYD FIKM) AIIT I LLKIt Y ItKUMEAT H AT I KIH "H Captain %IUi»M Nut, Ji. Sponiat, Ml« I......mi Bl HMTIl BATTERY 'I ' Captain TlirtKY Tli'itu, Jn. Sfminor, ll" Jl lli Bl K »TI HATTEKY ”1 Captain UriMn Amm.kmo Spnnutr. Mim Kmhi' K«m »un BATTERY "kM Captain WlUUAM HaMPTON Iff Spann . Mitt M%| IIimpio BATTER) ”M Captain k m M una n Spann . Mim Hamas a Kn r BATI'KK) “N“ Captain ClIIMMO linn Ml. J»- Sponsor, Mim linn BATTERY -O' Captain Uimjam Muck, Ja. Sponsor. Ml' JlKl. RlC« 207First Junior II a t t e r y COMMANDING OFFICKK W«y f I'm ». Shiiuv S tunutr. Miw MtKtuT Bum nt SECOND IN COMMAND Indian |«m.« JoMNAOM SpnMtftf, Ml« Hill's 41 %■ I T« S ■ «• o n 1 J u ii i o r II a i I e r v COMMANDING OFFICER SECOND IN COMMAND Vmfm Jons Jl SpnHtnt, ||„ K«ltlU I’ll ss ( '.afit in Komi mi Uhv n Spornof. Ml" V II I Mil lit HI HAND COMMANDER (aptain Ckmu Cm I till. Mi" M«« Baku 26 ■ X F A IV T It Y It E 4- I M E IV T REGIMENTAL COMMANDER l.ietitmiuil Colonel Chari.O J«M. Jr. Spontof. Mi« ItrTTY Dim REGIMENTAL ADJl TAM REGIMKNTAI. I». AM) T. OFFICER Co plain Hism Graham 'll" M mm IUhwn {.IIfill!Ill U . K. JoilNMOK Sponutr. Mm. U. K. Joiimiox Ur HA1TAI.I0N COMMANDER 2m. BATTALION COMMANDER Ifujnr lloMARD M. B A ! •»»..N Spoil Utr. 'll" I -A NORA Simi IJrJrt William Ding - 2G9 - Spoil lot, Mtv» Anx TowmwFirst llallalion Srroml llaffalion II A'lTA MON A DJI TAM BATTALION ADJl TANT Captain Jlit |K I' S?anu r. Mi'v Mtu.uii Miimih: Captain Oi.oi llr.XMKXsoM Sponsor, MlW VlttlMA lltl.tnKC COMPANY “A COMPANY “I)" Captain l U I. " IUII4. Sjxxwor, Mi« Mur MiK» .i» Captain l.i.ostHU Ciumiu. Spun in , Mi'' I’hii. Amiu COMPANY “II" COMPANY K" Captain Iwwmrk Juiinmis Spun Mr . Mt»» KlOMMI Mill Captain Amidl McNuxv SprM u,r. Mlvt Jam Cmi.maN COMPANY “C Caplatn H'"® 1 Spun tt. 'll" I'atm linuwr COMPANY K Captain HkkM Sponsor. Mi" Mm Bahhiit 2 0DANCE SOCIETIES The complicated imizc of M'ientific equipment in 1110 modern laboratory are tlie simple tools of lii-tr;id« to the young chemist. In exploring tin great unknowns of the world in which we live lie the life work of many of those who only yesterday were finding out the more easily mastered aspects of science in the University lalniratories.I I It A T E S OVC CHAM miOfftlCK riMIU UtTItUt CAST C A «'»•' whim rumu «»»» oom« davit WNIC NT COll MAH NIKCI MOOT MANNUN IOMOAM SHirrCM l AM McCMAMV OMOHM TTINOMA MAITOt M CAMIV NAHHIOM WO ATMAN TANNING TOIONON tMCHMIll • OOINTON CORNtllUT KINO TMITN W »T • 272 JACK L. lAUVMKS I.WALTER fftWR OTIS FARRIW.TON J.VCMXV FLY ZOLLIf MAYNABO J W SAMPLE VT CMIACKU .v r. w. R 6. CHtAiWAM VAUACE R CCrtSCK WSBRV KOC YUMt 6.W. PARTRIDGE ELMER. R. KELLEY ROM C MCVRY CARL L VLfiDYKt SELOEN WALDO JC«HUM CAR1Y WIUUM F COOPIR TKMASW. SNAWDS MMKT 4 MRY TIFFANY TRCNM11 CJ. HENRY CIC X4 CKUiS LU MAICt WM A HAMILTONAAOIR«n« OAVI »AIAACR AtWIS mvcrs SHOTIOA SOVO OOABVAS GAALAIAO AO T HI A 0»UI SIMARO TM«IWA OROCG ORIVIR CIAMCR MmACAR tac« MVItll TRAVIS • RVAN OVNRAR HARRIS M«CAAA RANOOIRM SMITH HARRIS ROIT 00 AH HAIACS MKAAA RCAAII AMARUS KICKS CANOIACT IV A AS HOUSCKOAOIR WiOAAII AI RORCRCCK THOMAS W IASCA CAATRCAA rsiAR KIRRV MIIAOA SCCAMAAN THOMRSOA • 274 •IK A C C II U S llo l»mm 'fftii nii Nixon Hitt. Jr. I'icePreudeat Jim U atnon SecrdaryT rmwrcr Alpha Tou Omego Beta Theta Pi Aux Brackett Honor Siaito Jut in Jim (Garland Ktuvu II,.1 vt.HOLRKR Jim Caanut Nixon Hi it. Jr. Hick Ovanlky Chi Phi Mm Sigma I’hi Hi mot J. McCann Kinnith IIaynkn Johnson II. Pace Bryant Hr am W UK' Pail I.i iiiim Mm Ton licit Jim Siiotton kappa Alpha h uii Dun Thom an IIarhin Cl RTIN Kimikm k J»U StoMRRAKIR I axin Graham Anrkrnon Fra ncin McCau. kappa Sigma Mu KICK Ai iin Theta Chi Hill TimunoM JaMLN H. Ill AN Fro Saa.MAXN Norton Wilron Jack IIouim Ki.itii Ki.nnik Ciorci: U . (.11 a i r I'hi Delta Thru Kay Dmiair Phi kappa Tau Olivo Si xi amii Jo ; Watnon JlMMIK MlXNON Francia Hoi aiillat Hat McIIaxhu KoRUY Ka ANN Haymonr Ham aci. Pi kappa Alpha Chaiua T. Hot Pi kappa Phi Hii.i.ii Thom ax Giitord Smramr Norman Smith Rixmu 1„ Prink. Jr. J 1 At V| 11 M Hill Sif nut 1 Ipha kpiilon Chi John Hoilinc Powi.i.i Ku Hilton Cantrjll How ard Fow Stlarnn. Jr. Noaot Fridirkk Traaix Krxan Pmuirx Kin Thomson IU ck Sahur Hum l Dohan» Sigma Vw Sigma Phi Tp‘ilna Hor MacIx an L'lma F. Di nrar Uiixiaai XThiti Al x arrln Jack Kanrou ii Thomas Kirry ( j.ARI NCC Ill CONN Rill Fi ller 275 % rPGCte v. 1 (T VVU« 4 cl T a %aot% —• PoHcL o vw»-(7,-y JL-a f fcS-eXtti (Cc uxza 4. yJtf'OASiAjL' felGrul 7 4.771° U r, Thai j n cw4 Ha w WaJUa,i4 Qpj na "bJxhfa AHsyyyft Q o OaXVk»m vv y rr $ UlrtUfH. laflU W- CJ JL AjLf i mr y r 'GcoAo’ £sQo Ust r ' 1 v m f vw offwi Qack t— 77 a no i y c »m C A V A L I E IK S OUNCAN TROMOCK HMUl kibbv ATKINSON ROBINSON O'KCllt MAllAIR WOOD 10NNS0N WITHCRIll GIBSON 110 0 TANSIV NAIOI ROARK JACKSON AmiVARD COLLINS UNO MIBB WAV© ATKINS THOMSON STCRHCNS OAK BOTH R JOHNSON M RWOOO DICKSNS OICKCNSON M.NMLY BROWN ims COBULAS OANICL MilAUCMLIN ATKINSON rOWIRS OVAL OAWIS HOLLOWAY BRANDON LtWIS MIMS SWINOIMAN mil CARABALLO WHITTLC ALLCN 277 -4 FRATERNITIES 1 HE College of Arts ami Science give it tu lcnl a riiltural training. make spcciali«U «f tome. Many of the graduate enter the field of research and historical investigation. Such archeological and geological finds a that made hy the young man in the illustration contribute much toward piecing together the world history.HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL TllE hurry and dinordcr of lln crowded newsroom provide a »etting for the graduate with a H.A. in Joumuliinn. Gentlemen of the Fourth Folate there ha» always been and always will lie a glam our and aura of adventure hanging around tliene men who report event . help mold opinion. Their profejudon i one of adventure highroad.' today.H .C. DOZIER. SELDEN WALDO HERBERr PM NEAL WILLIE. D LINES JOHN D. BUTLER. ERNEST J. LYTLE. Jr. HUBERT SCHUCHT ALBERT L. tUZ ELL PAUL M.POPE FREDERIC C. HEDRICK W8f. G. SMITH SCOTT EMMET M. TALLY.J CHAS. A ROOT JOHN H.STEMBLER GEORGE A.SMATHERS MARBULT $. GRIGCRY J. MARCUS SCOTT,Jr. FLOYD T. CHRISTIAN JACK K. BUSHw . M. tf RIEN ,TTERSOW BEN KREN W5. C. SHERRILL VICTCR NETTIES MM. PARR.lSH.Jr. JOHN MCCARTY J.WLSIEV FLY WS. S. CHAMBERS JOHN LLOYD URIC i ■ irB I fcm JCHN PAl L JOSE ! • A. MEATYARJ) J fc LANI ROM hr MARIONs A It IK E S M«CARTV C At All A110 IAIIOU SNCltCV CO VIHC foil BOOT NOBMOOO NOTIMGNAN n amn luuiu tone OC MM ABIC Ml VKM T01AM0 Mamciiv barton hi cmah MBfttu. iami riv ■(MNItt MAIGt MIKCIR TURNBULL MABRI1 CMMIMIAM ANOtRMN • AHA V PALMCII HAMPTON 1011PM KIMS OAVITT l(Wlt • 282 •I» II I K A I I A I II I I0H1 rAIHItM IlfiMAH IUWN I0AI1 f«IMl mi t h CAlMIt KAFlAM " •00 1 VAM IUIU CAOVMM MAHKSAAr ■OMAN ■(•TgaOOK C A"" noawooo mid • lUiAai riv Maaiia •Miaam l a. I.toau K. Wimi l « J. Iloorta 1 1 Kknnkth C. SklU J. II. Ill mix Orn J »ii3 I). Clint (jiuux L ( bom III xax I . Con t a NO OFFICERS ‘rr.i. mf I ire I'retitiml Srrrrlary Tre+mrer Cot ret f.Wrrtif llitlotio Umrtkml 1 111 KAPPA 1 111. ihr highrsl honor ar xhuli'lir orirt al ihr Haitmil) "I llarilt. MMnhrr in it narm-Iwrikip farull ninnUr , graduate . and undrrgradwalr tudenl . Tkr Honda rhipltr i the » »alli al fort - i rhaplrr d (hr orirly, whirl loumlnl in IM al ihr llaiimily •( Mainr. I r. C. I., lira wa (He hr l |Nr« l«ill of Ilw Florida ka|»«rr. TIk primary ohjrel of 1 111 kappa l hi i lo rnrouragr outstanding arholarahip among Univmil ludrnl . anil lo liittulalr nirnlal arliirxrmrnl. TVrrforr the rlrrtion of undrrgraduatr mmibrr i» rr 4rirtrd lo lho r •tuil'nl win ha r di»tingui hrd llxniohr in wholanhip. ilurarlrr, ami wnirr lo ihr Uni mil . To Ik rligihlr for rim ion lo llii Kappa llii al ihr I'nWrfaity of Honda, an under gradnatr muM Ik a cam didatr for a l arhrloe'a degree al ihr nr I rommriwrmrni, ami mu l ha r maintained a rhola tir average of al lra»( two honor point for all hi work up lo ihr limr of rim ion. br ide nirrling ihr quota of hi individual rollrgr. Only Irn prr rrnl of ihr graduating »la of a parlirular rollrgr mil Ik rlrrlrd. during ihr I93S-M »r ion. thirl -nine undrrgradualr wrrr rlrrlrd lo n»rnihrr hip. 2X3I II I K T A S I (. M A AO AM I 1C AOAMt A«M»T«OMO UlfctON ruuca mamkv HOOKia •••pm UeCAUK V M 4 00 MAI O Mil AA Ml orr MIIM AMIIM AMlfMAN IV«MK tnm KUCHIN r uen«« iiuinin C AGO KtVNOLO WALLACC CUSMINC LOCK! • OMAN WILLIAMAON DO % AIL V MAMAIItLD tCMAUB MAltMT MAITIM MMOMaOM VAMAUCMI I’rttulrnl I'irr I’rctifjrnl Secretory f'mcully 4tirUee Cut It. Orr Tom llvu Van Biiint l.tniiia S. Smith K. C. Butt Pill ETA SltiMA, I In- i»nl niliaml .rhola.lir fraternity tor frcKnim, mi founded at the of llli-noi. in IfU. The Horiila lu| l r » • installed at I hr I niimil) of Horida on January 11, 19J0, rhirfly through the effort of Oran K. C. Ilealy. The olijrrl of llii hi a Sigma i lo nmwifr wholardnp among ihr •Inlmu olio hair ju l entered rollr|r. An honor point axrrage of laofolalfflr or In-tlrr in frediman aradrmie work U the requirement for mrnihrr.hip. Sinrr 1W0 (hr niimUr of frrahmen attaining lhi» ax r rage ha. inorr Ilian doubled. Ouriiif |hr pa l yrar. ihr Morula Chapter .pon ored ihr projrrt for .ending l.rnrral College ifMkm lo high m-IiooI. throughout thr Stair. Sprrial reeognitlon t «lur lo Loui. Snrinian and Allrn I’ourhrr for ihrir unrk on thi« projrrt. The Chapter al«i rontrihutrd to thr lloriila Union Heading Kootn fund. An alumni ami plrdgr ham|Mrl % a« onr of thr feature. of thr .eeond .rmr.ter arlixiltr.. IUrt Armihl. Cheater Caorll. Carl Opp. Crorgr Simioiim.ii. ami Ijvtrrnrr Smith attended thr f ifth Hirm nial Contention of thr Craml Chapter, held at the of Alabama on Marrh 26 and 2T.m MM •! Wl K A I I A I II I k A I r A ■IUM WILLIAM ItnilV WVI«»IU NAIUU ALLAN CRICIBY A N 01 A AON OKFKIERS I'retidcnl lice President T reaturrt Recording Secretory Co ret pondtng Secretory Editor, Torchlight Id "111 E» Jl LI AN I- IUUMI Gkoki K. Hi nth v John I.. Sot til win. Kov up F. Noun ClIARLKN Hi nil KAIM’A 1 111 K 1 1 V i i profi-» ional rdurational fralrrnil) « hkh to promotr llir au r of nluu- lion bjr I hr M-|rrtion of nun whom il rnrnnrjgr in ihr tud of rdurational prior iplr anil proldrm . In oriif-r to attain thi purpo r ihr fratrrnit) rmpha ir orial inlrrro«f»r. xhnlaitk atlainmmt. and profr—ional idral among it nirmhrr . kappa l hi Kappa now ha fort)- rYrn trlitr rliaptrr . Tin- Alpha lamlxla Cha|itrr wa imlallrd at ihr I »»»• of Morula in 1929. Thi )rar thr fratrrnit) r taldidird a llou r, lo-gan publication of a rliaptrr hullrlin. Inlil an alumni |iam|url during llomrrouiing ami partiripatrd in a Mrir of radio broadraal . Thr fratrrnit) wa ihr fir»i to r taldi h a 1 011 0 among thr trirtl) profruional organiialion on thr rjmpu . Thr Torchlight. a | rriodiral hullrlin. wa ili»trihutrd to alumni and educator throughout thr Stair. Sludrnt in thr Collrgr of Kduralton who hair attained thr rank of .ophomorr arr rligildr for narmlirr •hip. Only tlio.r diowing a high ilrgrrr of intrrrM and promi r in r lurational work arr rlrrlrrl to member •hip. - 2H.'»II K L T A 1 II I A L I II A novo ■ (Ail UNO tniANIll 8WIIIN OU SOU RNCNTINAN IM«OU TAltV O'NRVAN rANKCH OAIC 0»l« UiCIC TON NANTON AilIN TAVII NAVMN K VN U OKK1CKKS WIU.IAM I.IM- AilIN IK tillin', W. M. O'llAVAN Ntu, I Kit tutHer fire Jut tier Treasurer Clerk Pill 1.1 11 DKI.TA. national Irpl fraternity. ua (uuikIxI hi I89S at thr I nitrrtil) of lllinoi . Siwr then il ha |»laml chapter in liflyltto of ilir leading law teliool in ihr ivunin. Alumni chapter liatr been «• tahli liril in ihr larger eitlr . The rlu|i|(t afr namnl after outMamlmg men. Thr l'nivrr il of Kloriila (iliap-Ira ua iifljllnl in 1921, anil i named for Kloriila' diMingunhed Srnalor, ilir Lair Duncan U. Klelrher. Thr pur|M»«r of llii l| lia Delta i to fo lrr rholar liip ami fellowship anil lo encourage il mmilirr lo li»c up |u ihr nlrali ami standard of ihr American Itar Association. On I hr rosier of ihr fraternity arc fouml outstanding mmilirr of ihr hrnrh ami liar. Among ihr prominrni l ln Mplia Delta in ihr Stair of llorhla arc: t'nilrd Slalr Canpruaian J. Hardin l'rtrr on; Kranh J. W iilnnan. »i lant Attorney limrral of I lie I nilr { Slalr ; Knlrral jiiil|r A. V. lane Allomry Cenrral larj 1). Landi ; Justice Ircd Davi an«l William Klli of the Kloriila Supreme Court; llert Ki h. Mini lrr lo KgypC former gotrr-nor . John Martin. Dove Shell and Doyle Carllon, Kd Larson. Lulled Slalr Collector of Internal Kruour ami malty olhrr . 2 X 0mi i i -• •• ■ - •- - ■ . a---------------9M------------------------------------i—n_--------------- —=: ———— I II I Ik E L T A I II I WAIOO •■ATHCBg H(» «••» CWVMM •OIICR MiNULLCN KLIRK « « « MIITM COUCHMAN iillKIK.' Nut. McMillkn Mafitirr Bill Kocijt. .. ClrrL John Mak iiall. ( ixkn Far A rearer Kl'MIH SWUM or or UK! Pill DFI.TA rill. oldest national legal fraternity. wjw founded in II t. at tin- University of Mithigan. Since that lime 61 rluutrn have hern granted to well organised fWi|» located in first rln. kIimIv Tlir 11 trill-| cr hip roll « f these 61 chapters now total ovrr 2T.0G0. Phi Delta Phi chapters arr known a Inn : ll»r University of Florida Inn being named aflrr Judge It. S. Oorkrell. a pa l mrmlser of the Florida Supreme Court, ami at present a member of the family of the IJnbrrsily of Florida I-aw College. I orkrell Inn wa founded at the University of Florida in the year 1919. I’ll. Delta l hi wa founded | eeau e of the nerd in the legal profession for the advanrement of high scholar-• hip and eulturr. the opposition to eorrupl practices and the rigid adherrner to a rode of professional ethie . Tlie Fraternity Dower it the Jari|iieminot ro e; the Fraternity eolor are elaret red, and luilf-|»ejrl Mur, l hi Delta Phi »» the only Fralrrnity which completely dominate and unquestionably lead in it liehl. Among the distinguished members of Phi Delta Phi are: Franklin Delano Boosevell, President of the Unites! Stales; Charles Evans Hughes. Harlan Fiske Stone. Benjamin J. Cardoso. Pierce Butler. Ccorgc Sutherland, ami Walla Van DeVantrr. members of the United Stale Supreme Court: Louie W. Strum. Federal Di lriri Judge of ■hr Southern Distnei of Florida: Seoll M. l.oftin. Pa » President of the American Bar - oriation 287A L I II A E I S I L O X l» E L T A GRAHAM MIMII ■ ICMARDMN OOBMA • UKHMAN ll K • III A V » • OOD ■ AHOH W RIGHT HlCAV UOOIM IIAUT CAlOWlll CBABlf KOTT • U«M novo • ■■MU HIKOKICM rilKKKl •ichah LCXTOM ■ AM I'fnidrnl 9 ttr Vr»Mfr »r Srcrrtmrx Trr+wrrr (illMMM Fmrulty ( unr om :w s IIknrv II. (iaiiiiM Kna Dokmik ; Wiuumi, J Jack Wiiuit Mkhivj. S»m l a. U. II. Wn.vtN Ol Ihr mull honorary fralrrmlir. »n llw rain|Hi . Alpha Kp.ilon IMta i» unr of llw mo»i arlivr. Artivilin •f llw MmmIi Xlplu rhaplrr in.lii.t. a |H n.onni of »nrial ninjiral nwlina |iniurr •!»«• •. talk liy phy»irian ami family nirinlwn, ami •mohm lor prninrd' in Rrnrral. Tlw fratrrnily |iMl»li K«l. for the 6r»l limr lhi yrar, a inriliral m-IiouI ilirrrtory. anil ilw ipon«orril an all prr-mr lical l.anqurl. Srliola lir award arr mail lo all Miphoinorr «h« makr o»rr a 2S .rliolj.iir amafr ilurm thrir fir.lmnn yrar. I ntranrr min llw fratrrnily • linntni |« ilmir •luil. nt nlw afr rnilratarinj; In rnlrr ihr niriliral firld. I'ul rhola lir prnfr. arr of rimmI rliarurlrv, anil |m» ihr a|tprotal of llw fratrrnily nirinlwn. 2K8 v ?r f H B Dolhcarc DP Yo C I Whittle C A A »nt €®mmiEiReiE fraternity H E.Black PS. Herd HH Dev.ft A 0Atkinson L 0. AnWrrlOn r W. Miller R C.Cea(t«cR BC We A. L.Bvtiill T A.Craka S S. Johnston O.WWi J M.Sinela C. K.S t ricKlaaJ W. B Roman C.K.Hyett MW B© »« A.A Parr.»hT II Y U S I S ntGVt MACK AMDCRMN WCAVKR NUrr ItlfNI CAllMV WM(( t ( N MtKNIGMT ROOT MUIKC OAUACNCK leWAKOS IAMIIT VAlCNtlRI IKAITUl rtnidtni I ire i'lri« rNl Srr rrtmrv-7 rmuitrr offh ikks 1 iuh N»m i Tiiomi It. M k l.»M II. It. Jk. THYl(M S. ItumirMV lioftirullurr fralrrnil). »i founded on the of Florida rAiii|iu» in 1927, lirfrly tlimuxli llir effort. ol l‘ii fr wr K. I.. lord. Tlir rlurtrr ninulirr. arr Kirhtnl Sir»|i-on. Ilulwrt tiravr., l„ It. 4ir «r , Harr) (1. Ilmlta, J. W. Johnson, and I- K. Jeffrie., all of Iiiw majored in hortirullurr. Tlir fiairmil) tin fmimU.I in order to liring in rlrirr ronlart tho r turn of ll«« tIolle e of Afhrulturr t»ln» •li-|ilay i.til-Undin aliilily anil inlrrr.l in the field of hortirullurr. It »lri»r to promote frllot.»)up and to krithtrn inlrrr.l in llir poildrm. of modern hortirullurr. Uurin thr year tin- fralrrnil) |K nmr Ireturr. l.t outstanding Imetirultiif i»|. of llir .lair anil thr eoiinlry. Short trip, arr taken otrr llir .tali- lay tl.r inrinlier-. ti.iling plarr. of intrrr.l runivrtnl with tar mu. |ikiv of liar lieu I lure. Tlirounlt thr Hireling.. Ii-rtorr . anil lour , llir member. pin inforntation anil valualilr rnntart in llirir field of httrlirulturr. Thr far lilt) mrnlirr. arr: Mayor W . I.. Moy«l, Profr..or l K AMiott, anil I'rofr.oar II. II. Ilumr. Thr mrnilirr of ThytXi. arr: Frank I. BetMirll. Yktor F. Nettle.. Charle. A. K aol, John II. Ciuirv. l-e.lie It. mlrr»on. Jr.. Ito.. Y.|.»l. Iluil llurnlrrtiivirk. Ilrrl.rrt A. Farrell. hlairil II. Squire. Walter W . Stirling. Milton T. I.all iflirr. I.union tiorio. illi It. NV|us II. Moorr. W illiani L. It illiam . Marion L. Kroon. W at nr S. Yalrntinr. Jack It. W rater. lurlr. I), kimr, Jr, E. 1. Stephen . Wiliner A. Ita rit. I.r.trr Mill.. Thoina It. Mark. Paul It. Huff. William O. Italib. kalMrrn V. Wheeler. Julirt II. Farrington. William ltirliard on. Or-ti. It. tirips J. T. Mr knight. 290____________-_______________________________:__________:_________________________________________:__________:________:_________ ________________________;________________ ______________________ ..=• . A L 1» II A Z E T A RUMOR SARTIR CARRCll NATTMftt •ARTOR CAUHV GAllABMfR IlfRR MfAR« MtlAUCMlIR kHARTMl TUCKtR • IITItMf AROIRMR MfhlfV «Rlf»MA» LOR M'RAC «0 rc RtCM VAKRTIRt VARCCT ALPHA ZKTA c lahli hcd on the Florida campu in May. 1 22. It •clrcl it member--hip from llir out-lauding mrmlH n» of the upper cIjumh of tin- Agricultural (lollffr. (.liawlrr, alii lit), ami a -chola-lic aieragr in llir upper luodifth- of llir cla - i» required. It in the purpose of Alpha Zrta to ilrvrlo|i leadership. fellowship. and inlerc-t in thr fn ld of agriculture. The organisation -poti or- agricultural radio talk , aid delinquent freshmen. •» ! oilier organisation in earriing out worthwhile project during the ear. 201 ii A 31 31 A sn; 3i a E I S I L » X ftlCMA • HMD Will VAN DAM| ■i Toaooa JO Aft ft WOO A IT IOHPN fUfiATC HlNMNb (AIMI •HUM «ArtA» IIIIN CMN«IB MAMUON UTtOft .lUhemin Kcronfrr I iMtr Krrftrr af ihr Klill Srtf-tnl-ml I tint ( hi Urt Mliuu om«.KKS Cm abij H. Sti.ahn . J«- I.amt W. Mima Chuma M. Junk , Jo. Cui.«t M. IlnUNLTT I.tawooo B. Smith I). A. I . Black I UK BKTA ALIM IA Chapter nf Cantina Sigma K|i»ilon, honorary fraternity, vro inwtallcd jI llir I niverwily of Florida in 1921. Tlir fraternity na» foiiiulnl in 1919 at Davidmiii ail lege, llaviilMMi. North Carolina. It purpowe i» to wtiinulate ami encourage tlir windy of r hem i wiry. eligibility for incmhrrdiip in Camilla Sigma Kpwilnn i- limited to nirmlM'r of tlir junior ami miliar dawK ami to graduate wtudeiitw. In ortler to In eligible a wtudrnt in not liavr u »ehola lie average of at lca»t tv»o honor point for two yram of college rhrniifttry, ami miiwl lie flatting in hi lliinl year of rhrmi try. Hr mini fulfill tlir requirement of good frllou whip. |iorlwin.inwhi|i ami good moral character. - 292 -K A l» l» A K A l» V A I S I lulll UMI» CAL0WILL »0»l CACClAtOM CHlMlTH COMKtlRA LITTON ATO»A OROORA AORINAIH CARSO MALCV RARLAN I'mutmt I'ire I’rrudrnl Secretary Tr rentier OtHCKKS Join Tlbr' Dick Km u lto« (!iisuii: (ill SIMn Jom KAPPA KAPPA PSI, national honorary music fraternity for cwllep bandsmen. war found ed al Oklahoma Stale College in 1919. Thin fraternity ha extended its organization to thirty-three chapter in the more prominent college anil univcr itie in the I nitcil Stall . The Alpha Kta chapter of the University of Florida was founded in 1931. The purpose of the fraternity i to encourage inimical ability and co-operation in inimical organization of college and univcr ilie with Rpecial attention to hand activities. It fosters fellowship and leadership, as well a uphold the advancement of higher standard in mimic in college and university hand . Chapter Advisor and Honorary Member: Professor K. DcW ill Brown. Active members: John Tuhh . Dick Kszard. Bob Caldwell, Charles Jones, Philip Kaplan. Mitchell Scaly, Thomas Brook . Hamblin la tton. Vincent a r»o, Walter Griffin, John I’reer. Donald Stobs, Jean Barrow. Billy Griffith. Morri on Dowd. W aldo Kara bee, Ixiui Beti . and Andrew Cacciatore. 293S I i, M A i i; l t a c ii i VfiUrtii I if I'mUtal S rrri ry I rmturrf Family ( ■ i t r Oil II MIS John Paul Jonkn, Jl Rill Jim IImuixt McNul Fur Tow. IW I- J. Bmk SICMA DKI.TA Clll i an honorary profnoional journalistic fraternity, founded ai Dc-l',iiih I ni ersit . Creencaslle. Indiana. in 1909. It wa tin fir t organization in the ficlil uf journalism, ami it i« tin- largest of its kind in the world today. Florida chapter w» installed in 1928. The aim of Sipna Delia Chi i» to instill the highest professional and rtliical standard into journalism. Membership is limited to upper rlaMiirn in llie Department of JournaliMti who have given e idence of ability and who have maintained a good scholastic average. Florida chapter of the fraternity sponsors the Fourth Fatalr ('.lull, official organization of the Department of Journalism, and this year lu» witnessed activity in the Club, including the organization of the Florida Crid-lron Club for newspaper men of the slate. 2 91 •A L l» II A K A l» I A I S I WAllA'.C ARNOLD NORDNANN FlIRtON (i ARO ! •» Ut RGIAT NAMOOM WALMIN VMItCOMO MtLCOO riCLO OAVIO MitAMIV NORWOOD AIRTM WCOR ROARK CROWN OOTTCR OH CKKS Wallace i muiiio Solomon U , 4 . r oi i FACULTY I m% 4 un« J. MNTHOn.v I‘i«k . Jon C. Kiorim-i: l ROK. IIOUNR II. Kl I J hnr. II. 41. Ill « i I’mitfml t ire I’letittml Srrrrlar% MEMBKKS IW. William I wi» Dr. Irink 4 . Ti m» IW. W. T. Hick IW. l_ |. IUimin. • 2or -A II C II I T K i T IJ It A L lllHH'lt Sunn l.%t MOIU K (alT III IUm« Shi 1‘UM l‘mitlrnl I ire 1‘retitlml S+rre tmry'Trrv titr e r Historian Win lloom III MJSII K Smith Uim II O O II A II A • 2 9 Ci •SOCIAL FRATERNITIES FlL’KNCY ill speaking some foreign language at I it i r« « I by student ill tin College of rlx ami Sci-enrex, ix highly ini|Mirlaiil ill the life of toilay'f business man. The international aspects of Imsi-ness ami diplomacy. ever-increasing, demand an equal increase in knowledge of language. in gen eral international linage. Arts ami Science graduates are qualified.i t i: ii i ii a t i: ii . i t v c o i i: 11 i: c i; OFFICERS Si'KiM .K President Cum OKU IIkamjcy tire President Jiiii.n It. Down Seen ’la ry- Trentu rer RKPKKSKNTATIN KS Hi gill Pune Sl’KIUKN. IIkAM-KY. DoW| . BoiJ». Dkow.v Knimvnk, Hull. (Uuhkll. Case, Court h. Dkih»:n. Fiawim.. Fly, Ft SSKU. (•RKKN, I! Mil I.TON l.i'fl Paw lloRtfs klM'EEK. MlMA.R. MtTCIIKIX. NEC! OV.ONNH.I. I’aMRI»II, NiYKN, S l MUM . St MUR. Sktets Snktman. Toon. Trammell. n Di ►; , VkRDYCK. ITIII'.R INTE 1C ¥ 1C A T E 1C X I I Y C O A ¥ E 1C E X « E Alftha Camma Kho Alpha Tan (fmega Helm Theta Hi Chi Phi Mm (hi I fella Sigma Phi Mu Tut helm kappa Alpha kappa Sigma I. IU h. , W.K.Niti' Hunt Smith, Si»a» O'Oo mu Aui Hamilton, A. CL Vo I)imn Tom Fuming, F. F. Tow C:HiRM 0. STRING , I.4MLI ItlliiM.N John Dow , IIa oi i llnnio l.noaci Itol.l.i.x, Fn Mill Dili, IFT. F» «iii. J. 'I linn IliuliU", (toKr. Mlo' IjeniLAa Chi Alpha lliu% iiMMUciii, K.T.Ni iiiiih'tino Phi lleta I fella Phi I fella I helm I’hi kmppm Tan Pi kappa Alpha Pi kmppm Phi Sigma llplut l.piibm Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi kpuhm Ian P pul tin Phi Theta Chi Thru kmppm Am I. IlU IM N, LSmIIIO M. M. PlMOH, J.II.TIIMMIU C'.i.iuonk lit imj.y, Carl i«»h k XlMMIN limiMM . L. IAiMIM Hill Ki ll, M ii:k Niu Miinmm Haivwn, Smmin U.MI High Miii» . DmwtomiSmiimoa J. II. I'mtibox, . T. Coona John McCIarty. J. I.. m i» Iraikc Kum K, I . N.Sun % Mi l Flv. II. CL CLan K. ll. Uiinmin. UI.SlauaANOCRMR ABCV ICORARP MttOILL M(«US ROIAR RICH lURtIRCTO tURlINOTON PBIBBIBB MX RVPOll Him SRACPOB MUIV ever MOBIIM W(AV(B YORK RIME LC CAB BOBIMM MARfORP BRAOPOB VINIOR - 300 - 3L A L I1 II A Ip A 31 31 A It II O Kmiml. J ai Ohio Slalr University in 1905 Install - ! at Florida in I‘ 2." Kmiwm I‘ink Rate Count'- Green ami Gold FHATRKS IN FACUI.TATK I’no '. C. II Abbott Dr. 0. C. Bryan l B. Kl« ik (tail MO A J. I . Cams I mot. J. F.tloona l B. II. C. IKuiitda Dm. I . S. Jamimin Dm. Iriimis Kit . II k mi Mommy II. K. Vimmmms I’not. Fraziin Kucix ii. II. FlMMUUJNC FRATRKS IN DRBK F. J. IIabii ri J. A. J»M' U HTtl Smi lH FRATRFS IN UNIVERSITATK ('.last of 1937 I'niur S. Am Thomas I- laon uw Ww. I- 8on la.MJE B. Anmkson, Jr. Orbs K. Films Dwictn F. I«« »' Aujn J. M Actill-L W iuia H. Nat % uni II. Nolan Fmnlnt C N'orlin ClIABON II. Kimi Clast of 1938 In K. Korison Frank II. Iticn Fomin II. Tt ru.ncton 11 NBA H. Tl Ml IN1.TON Jack II. a»»m Sum art F. IIamtor Class of 1939 Jim LSunmoicH J amis G. Sr nor IambI D GlILZORO T. SlMN Artiii'h A. Kkii Don alu F. IIyroct l I Bmcmw Van J. York K NNLIII I . IImACOON Class of 1940 V, All AO II. KlNKI AND - 301 - JlMAII K JoLMlY Homirt G. Kim John K. Sr nor i:.j. VinvintNlUIV PINKCRTON O'CONNtlt UVHNITT MILLCR f m adwav MU SCMVCMT IVt MIORICK rmiu OAVIS MAJOR (OWAROS TALLY MMATICV INCUS cooplr WIRT (MUIR IAN t AM IT M 0UNCAN ROC KIUT LANI PROCTOR MKINNON HA Ml V CLARKSON wmittlc COOK V WILLIAMS CHAHTNCI Wl Li 1AMA WILLIAMSON ■AVNARO WILSON IUII WINN KINO NATTLC LOCAN MAVO kihi. SMITH KINO AMI1H RUSH COTTRCLL KWi ■RACKCTT IA JITTON NULCAMV MI AN IN •VTT ALOIRS MOUAtMOlOtR MAOAOORN - 302 -A L l» II A T A IT 4ft 1 K 4; A Koumli-il at V. M. I. in 1895 Al| lia IItur i| li'r Innl.illi'tl in 194U FuiHER- -While Tea Ruse C.oMJRN Sky Itliie ami Old Cohl FRATRES l FACI LTATK D»AN II. lU'llMil IHl A. 1’. IIlack Dr. ft- B. Salt Dean Xt. II. iuox MajorC. A. Bennett (itiuiA Prim tor l»H. L. W.CkPDlM CIapt. ft'. T. l»oR PiJKi Bear Dean II. H. Van Llkr IHl 4J. 4L Tillman FRATRES IN I RBK Hank Dixon Jamia Ciiimm t Marion Thrasher Dr. II.C.Thomas J. A. Pmimr Hi srv L.Cray ClMIN ClIIMM T Kn. R. J. Bwvus Lie Kov Hum.a S. W. Cetzkn . II. 1)01 M AS M. G. StRINCPELLOIY J. K. Tl RRE1II I E John Halt. Junes FRATRES IN UMVEKSITATE Class of 1911? Barnet BtrtHtn (•WYNN Parker ftjlLI % IRT Cun: II»i rkk Jack Pinkknton Kenneth Smith James llixni III URT Sc MIX HI Carl Anthony EL M.Tallt. Jr. Jins ft • rriil Hilton Cooptr William Cooper Kims r 1 Major M aram Court a Jiuar I.ane Pit i. Shei.ij.y Ji lian Proctor Aifim Kot Pali. Wh meet II arm! Smith Victor Nnms Class of 19118 Pop Hi rim s Horert In v Frank I-ank Pixcy Hinton CHARLES Arnoi.ii Dan McKinnon Chiat r U units Nelson Datia Sim O'Connhj. I'reu WIIJJAMA John bvru» Pali. Kamkv U ll l l AM % IUI M' Ralph Incur Bill Stephens Bov V 11 j.i a maon Krehir Joi.SrrPHi.Ns KuRRRT ILSON Bill IHncan Class of 1939 Byron Minn I.UCIL'r II mu: lll'.T WARD ftkUA Karl W ailau John Barnett Jetton Kinc Clem ata«»n Jaii IN CLARKSON Clayton I-ocan Kim iitt Coins s Tiuo C.ooi.».» Ply Miijje Iti i.m Rimes John (jiiihi J tut Mooov I'll 1 Dll AM 1 M ARCH ALL Mr.DoN ALU Moon Ml li.ina ClIE ATIR Treama A! Ill.NRY IIaVNARP Klmo Rorinaon Hilly , Iato Oscar I)a»ia SlPNI’.Y T.AIJ.Y Class of 19ill 1. AAA RENEE. SMITH Dan Hrawncr Ditto IIisrkk Jijt 1-e aw a Jen niro Cottrj ll H Aipii Mr Rat. Kraaer Jetton Alan Brackett Rich ar» Kinc ltRSD IIearin Jiwah Millahv Korlrt Kinc Miariii. Aimrs Nixon lit rr ft rank Smith I)e Linlk IIacaimsrn K ARLTLI. Hot A|,||OtMK ft' Kish Vircil Williams 303rorc rinir ban lOHNtON JOHNSON U » •RIGHT SINCLAIR LtGCITT WAIKII PUTNAM TONI NltMN T IW A NT CARSON!1L Dt RLIIU GARLAND CATO MIATVAND AVANT HAMILTON AVANT ROWLCV SKIPPCR TONI CHRISTY TUSSCLL CRNST OWLSAC V RIDOLC RANKIN CRAFT FRAXIIR •WCKLIS SIVITCR ■ AU CLARRC KOCH CANDILI 304 -It K T Fl.OWKH Rrtl Rate l H. H S. Ol A1 K Phot. II. l Const an Ki»is II. I.ramaai K. . M» aia in Paul M. Fort. Jr. IIarol C Kiku Kori.rv S. Riu F. Archie Mtmoo CuciL AVANT Jack l Aum Aiwi It. Pakkix John M. Rikiivi WltAJAM I . 'R RICIIT F. L.Ti mi Ki « J. CllRI'IY Cm K. I'«o" Kick akp A . Kami. IIomlr C I'ra ii «. Jk. II. J. GaktsJl IlD K. Ill uu Jimi.i K.C.»xhut l» an K. DiItuii J A A|i FLCaRI.AN Iamb H Gatm A T II E T A I I I-outiilcil ai Mi.mii University in 1839 Cantina i Chapter I ii -1.«11 it I in 1930 Cni.oK' Drticalr Sliatlrs ttj Rink anil Ithif KHATRKS IN FACl LTATK l D. J.S. HnU» III. R . It. II AIM AAA AA !► . F. . Kokoaiikih U .T. |. U .SaNDORN Kin'll I).Hicki. FRATKES IN I RUE B. K.SIlZKU. I .I.AI I I- 1‘lUM.I N FRATRKS IN I MVKRSIT TK Class nj 1937 Sam P.Goctiik Kiididi R. Dickson Maik A. Amrano A.C. Van Da mid lil MCI. ItAI cum an U. Iai. Jaaii M. Johnson Haddv I . Johnson Jam in A. Boy . i a in IIamiiiun Class of 19118 J. Marshall Sinclair J.T. I .ICO IT Kiididi J.Scmmino J. VI I N««lD Kiiaai I A IliiAA AD K. SkII'I'I « Class of 1939 t: RAN T. Koch John C. U addi n Kudiri E. Brian Calvin K. IIavm.n U'altlr U. Lima Korirt (i. Niuon Class of 1940 Km ii add P. IIdauv 1 Mimrimin K iihii i Kodidi H Siaitid U inn r C t mi DonaldC tt ricmt C l rft act, Jr. W A|. II. r.I.ADKI Frank I’. W aikir. Jd. CHARI Vt. I’lTNAAl Frank C Kocmn J. Ki n % Sti aa ari V. D.Giduiaui W A DM N K. Fl "All DoNAUlO. IaN'I SlLllMM It. T Nix m n Am i« ft mi am Minn W u. TnoMrsoN Jam ' Havant D anii l M. Vau niin 3 0 5■ Anna bickmii of aiois ounoil. buirvara khi MAMoa iooo imui i «« chard burcm CHtRlV (HARO 'ICHIRO MARRIR NUMBAUCR TMOMAUOR MCLUWCll BOARDMAR ITOAICirMl A AOAMA OkBORN BMVROACC BITTIRQ CIICTT KMOTTA 10MRV MO AC AM RIGNriRCAtC RAMkAUR WAIRCR VOURB lOMRkOR MUCK MAC I AIM HUH MfCAMR CAN? COBV BCAVCNAMM MAVMIA RUHR - mu; • II I II l» Fouiulrd ul Princeton University in 1824 Theta Delta ('.lu|ilrr ln»lallcrl in 1935 OiIjORo Srarlrl ami Itlur FRATRESIN FACUETATK Jills N. Anmkson Chuu R. IIuchin Cui or. I- Miwiint Jimi» E. Cilia CHomkli. Jl.NI.S FRATRESIN I RBE I . Jr in Ahhako Frink N. Anmnnon FRATRES IN I’NIVERSITATE l{oUAT II l TIN I flUM IN Bir.K MU Hi 11- DkBixms Kmm l)i Bon C.las of 1937 Aiaui I iino Jon Dl INTIN I J UK MIU VA RIGHT IVlRNON l'» WII(K TriPP Jick Tniht ItociN Snow Wool -in D ub BlU. Ki RC II John Chim:i Dick Kjxiru Ton Fu MINX J.ll It" muck Class of 19.18 John imi Mini son Mi miiii in IIii.l Thom avion Amii.i i Cat iniriu Morris Akim I’ll L IlnXIM'KLL F.HPII ItoiROM IN Din Stunm:imi k F. I.. OlRORN Nlll. ItlTTINC lllU Cl.lITT Fomin Fry Toil Knotts Class of 19.19 lion Uhiv Cirma I!k iii » viori. NiclITINCAU Gaiv K Mi'n ■ Tom % iitiiN Bitt Younc Si Johnson M. O. Ill ck Class of 1910 Jii:k Pier Bis Ism J o K l i ini' . 41 I tor. McCinn Ito Copy W Itt IRD III II CHAMP KkNNKTH 11 ATMS Thomas Ni nnINGIISH ■ ■OWN MARTIN M.PONILL OLUTf SPRINGS■ camprill ROUT ONC T AT 10■ ■ ICC CONkON CkARK tubs TRINCMARO STIANN kiwi SANDUSKY WILLIAM CARLTON TWRNIR SPURN GALBRAITH OOIIKR IRICKSON MITNCRS MILL KOCH ruSTILL KAIAROS WITT 308I» K L T A C II I Founded dl Cornell L'lmendly in 1890 Florida Chapter I led in 1926 Flows —While Carnation COLORS- Huff ami Hitt IU1101 T. I»inw «' FRATRKSIN I RBE "H»»" Imu FRA I RKS IN I NIVKRSITATK H«l« U-XTON I mniii I.IMKI Itwm n u uua Harm n Jack Svaniay Clank I.YNDON ClIAOWICK iiONLON Clyiw; I’iiii ir Knci i»m Jons Mac •%■■■ itit ft iiliam Stmi-mix kotii Album J. Diuim Jxm It. Fl MU Lwtx V. (IaNLTON IClMUJM A. lilMAWIX Kll II XNI K A ANO ('.lax of 1937 Lca Gim Gunlikc A.xmw I . Mcb xn to«ct. Mur mi l. Class of 1938 John l . Ialixi Johk J. Mantin IaitiaJ. Mill Class of 1989 Cm anus l . McDomjj. Clas of 1940 U ALUM B. OlLMT Kick and M. Ruhxcton Kixmiii L Hick Jon M. Sn.AtMA iu William Sum kv bwi m Bail Siam a Charu Mail Stmkckh F. Ijmox Kovtxokc Stkfiu x II. Sri k« John M. Ti l.oimn M. W illiama Jaaii F.Tailok Him and Tnlnciiand Jack K. Ti iaia Maaid M. ft iniux JamoC. Win 3oyAHOIRV) CARLSON DICK OVIR GARLICS JONCt MtOCC NtWVOMt R NODCM rilL CLVMORC MONTGOMCRV RACULfV COMSTOCK OAKS ATI AO OOWO CRIGSRV MOOR WCCKS WILLIAMS LAIRD RUCMANAN KIISLIMC M.CCI MALC GONTNf H WILLS COMAIOCK CAVAON MOORS ILAMOIR WCIHS NIWSOMI LIMMtO • RAOA STOIMOIO LVfMIR DIAN STCWART MALC • 310 -I» E L T A SI ii M A i» II I Founded al Collrge of llir lily of New York in Beta Zetu Chapter limtullrd hi 1930 Ft.omi—White Carnation COLORS II hite. Mile Green anti White (1F. Iln«' FKAIKKSIN FACILTATK V.T. JUKMI.N FRATKKS IN I KBK X. I. I.nmu w Mm ll lti Uutux Mac G. Gnicunr C. It. Snieinao Knav Ijkmv l.«HU lUlCHM C. I.. Anmhnon S '■ 1 1 I ...N S, ». ClHJOX E. C.1 htK FltATKKS IN I NIVKRSITATK Class of 19.17 ILF. I) via K. J.Garuck It. S. JOMt L F. McGix I. C Niioomi J. I.. It now Vi XT Chom tin won Ml. II. Mo.ntcommiv C. II. Him un I- W. lllMHX I . W. Comstock Class of 19.18 V. I.. Bun Jons Srr.AU J. It. Down. J . J. k. Gmciav C II. lloaa% T.MCWiikOa. Ji uin Viunm Hiu.v I.iimii A. II ItlCIIANAN C.C Kmxlinc I.. II. McCu Clast of 1939 F.J.IIalk ItlUMV ClINTIIU John Tnn It. C. COMMIM K W.A.Cavmm tiiuon Horn F. . Flimhis Jr. K. M. Whu» Si as tv Ni hmihi: HoipI.immu Class of 1940 ItaYANT lllUA F. I'.Sni.Mia Paw, I.i this Ciiarux III.IN William Sim iat M. A. Iliu: .1 I IAAOIRMN MLLCA OAtVtM ICAKINt OITAIR CC ATAIN AIRCMIIO MU MOOR' TUANC AAA ION IUUAt» CARIIHC NORTON MITCMCU, ARAC AIA AlklR ATONIARAKCR DAVIt CVAMMAN CVANMAN MITCMCIL AUMA »-OTTOA ROMRTt - 3 ! 2 -II i: L T A T A U II E I. T A Fomnlnl al Hrtlianv in 1859 Brta r.lia|»l r Iii tallr«l in 192a Fi.owf.r Pansy COLORS—Purple, While ami Gold FRATRES IN FACULTATE K. H. Kiaiua E. I). IIincklky Jons McQiwtv II. O. Envy am. Gwwtt W i n FRATRES l URBB Rkv. Franc H. % kiiiiid FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE E. R. Axmjbox (•(mu. Bouxs G. U'. Item Class of 1937 William Ki«mih K»n arh IIkhu Dmiciit K.Z. Jenkins U n 11 m (Ktnrr (mxmix CtuniN GKOK4. ODMflN I'ini Faim nn® Class of 19.18 I'avl B. Iluvr Dick Moo» Kuurrr I.kwi S.K..Smith J. It. Tl NMB Itmui Marion K.C. Riiutt Itoftiar Gmumi Class of 1939 KkNNCTII lloffYOM b Mikhiu Glow. BVRMU Wun Riwxni lj.irr»» iiiiwon Jack Skimmukk Kalmi Alum Kim m n MeMi ui Filler Dav Bo Ci'moma Class of 1940 FmukGi-aiinin Urn Mituiiii. Ia Mi mmincir K. L Si mx Jack Friday J ami Shovton Hum v Kiiaiso 313SMIIM NIMG NIIRS Ollt SMITH riltlLl mumten WIN SMITH cvmu mimi M.CALL OHII NVMAM lORLING flwtll MVUU DAVIS HUMAN ItSGtRCR ailTCM WIUI LOIS AT KIM JOMS IKK MAV ANOIRGOM IAHCO ORINMN MOROAN IOMCICK WILLIAMS iunu ovm • now rnimAv bhangs «RAV(» MtC ALL MORIDOCA • NIOCIS tOWARDS TARMIR RtNOLLTON BTCRHCN WDOORUM OtWCLL (MIRV HARRIS WITHIRS VATCS • 3 H •K II A I l» A A L l» FoiiiiiIciI in 186S at .i«liiii ion ami !.« • I nivrroitv Beta a-la Chapter lnnlallnl in I'M)! FlowKR—Magnolia ami H'd Hon- COLORS- -Crimson ami Old FRATRESIN KACULTATK C. A. KoRLRTMIN A. A. Mi rphrm. Jr. w. S. Piny FRATRES IN URBE Ij.aain II ARIIAI.I F. V. Hi r IMM7 (- S, Thom an (4X1L (iRAOn ILF. Cannon S. A. Horn I). K. iiiNHor (t. . Wacii U . R. Thomas Jr. IK. I . IIiunJl R. 1) AAAMIM . .Sll AN n II. H. SrtiMiiuow It. It. KlCII AklmiN K. A. Taylor E. C. McVor C. A. I'm nu II. . Himiop John Mi rphrij H. F. % iluamnon FRATRES l. UNIVERSITATE (Has of 19117 AMtIU J "II.' klNC Thom an Shan on llnittN John Knicht Comma Smith Euilat Daain Hamilton (Iun Arthi r V im l(« ur Fur mam Niil Mr Ml IUN Jamin CiWYNN I'atton Hyman Kayhltt Miiili. John Makniiau Crii WlUjAH III N II R Ucokl Palmer V Il NHN Frkkman Class of 19.'18 Korijit IIomiir Wjui-ia Jomjnc Kinurt IIiirn It aipor Hi iick Artiiir l.l VAIn Ji i.ian Smith Tiiofen Fl'Mii Sam I'M. Mi Cam. Frank V ium lluKHaGum Howi Miniwmk CtXMM.I V llllHIM Class of 1939 Ijimm Atmh Birman ii niir IVlIL IV.NM.LTON Hi m Hriko Thom an Jonin John Siiai n J. I-. Kow aw John Kim. V IIAIAAt V OOURl IT' Thom an Famuir Hon May II arra Smith Rond Gim (.7am of 1940 Frank IYpinr (•RAIIAH A.NMRNON Victor Kmury Clrtin It OR) HI 1 K Jami.n Marco Thom an IIarrin Hon % illiamn 1111 IMIS KkIN'ON Richard Crato ItoklRT % ITHIJCN John Diva ill Fr am in McCall Frank Morcak U IIJ.IAM YaTIn f 31CLAM coon NVCM PARTRIDGE KOTT TVRRCR WHITCOMB BMCRRILL BCBTOR MCANB MCI BCOVILLC TRAHOHO PARR AMO RC TATLOR BRAINANO COCMRARC ORIMtB LCOMARO MARSHALL WAIKCR THAIIOHO MOWC PCARCC CURRIRCTON MiOONAlD AVBTIN CLARK BWTLTR MARRIMM ICC MOTT PARTRIOCC PATTltMAll ROBINIOM « • THOMPSON WlLLMAH MtlMAN WILLIAMS - 316 K A l» I A SI a M A FouiuIcaI jI iIip University of Virginia in 1869 Della l)rlla ('.liaplrr limlaHeil in l‘ 22 Flower—f,i v of the I alley Colors—Scarlet. While ami Emerald I)r. B. U. Amm D.JM.I4IM Du. % ii.mon Nmm FRATRES l FACl I.TATK l ». A. LSmhi i.v l)a. T. M. Simpson Da. C K. I'oluiu TJ.llKt.NS G. M. Tt bn i.a ’ft until J. Cariaton FRATRES IN URBE IIirt lit tvin C. J. Harris Ktai IIupij: J amis C. l.tKiit K ti pm St« i 1041hi FRATRES IN UKIVERSITATE William F. Iturn. KuatMT 4»M« Birnard Comb Wiiutu A. Glass Kiciiabb J. B»tob Otis Farbincton Giorci. Muss M ARM! ALL Br AIM ABB 'V M CociiiAXt Giorci: Grimi.s Bobijit B. I.min ABU John Marshall Mairki. A. i stin Hi «i r % . Clark irRlU III TUB Nobbis IIaibivon Jack Korriks Sm I . I .M. Class of 1937 Uoku» A. Lewis Cutis A. McKay |j»AA ABU I). M VIMS III NJAMIB W. Partrim-i Clast of 19.18 KaymombSacr KaymonbScuvimr Al Traitori. G. C. McKiovan Class of 1939 John Port Hobart Tibry Kb W ALKKR lloniRT Traitorii Class of 1910 John Mon Paly. Partribci. IIaroi i II. PtRIlHAU Anuriaa M. Robinson John Simpson J ami s K. Sen rs M arca s Scon Giirimt Ti bmr II aro.ii A. V uiiaiMB III I s SI i SlIflM I Jamis F. Pabbamou It A BN II AM TaYI.OB Kwmi J. Lonc II ARAKIN V. Komi: 1.1 LAND C. Pl.ARCI Kii CU BRIN CTO N Auxx Mi Don air K» Manninc X ILHAM Tiiomi vi NkIL VaLMAN Fb oS i m an Kiai.v Van llu low ft iuiams III • Talbot -317 WAINWAICMT AAWOON VKKACV ANGARA TMOMRtOM ecanv ■ iatmac. rcftouson ho.iu cariaon MAOtlN VAX HVHKI CBIAIMIK W|»T fMOMPtON ■aid am iNimio aamixi no rr ■NAorono WIIM« » ON MAtlitAfV MOWILL lUITICtL A 31 It II A (' II I A L l» II A K01111 I I .it Bo-ton Univrraily in 1909 K|» ilou Mu Zn la Iti-l.iIl« l ill 1933 Ki-owm -I'iolet (‘.in.otts—-Purple, Green and Gold .»mn M. rim mis KRATRES IN FACULTATE A. A. HocKIN FRATRES IN DRBE Uoii K Fixuymm KRATRES IN t'MVKRSITATE Him. U unmnicmt Horn hi Kinw.o Mur V kim Micihii . inn» ('.la-m of 19.17 llouiiTiioHrviN U(MK4 I’uai John % i nuc Ol WI.I KlIUMtN KlN.NI.-TII I.IMII (UIT N» lloMIII. (•LINNIN (IaRKMIN kuu. Mam h VutuVin Mi kmii Koniii t»ii..iniN Dau • 'i Clou of 19.18 Inank Tiiompmin Ijok Siiimn Wvun IIm.umin Cmnton K misi» llowru. K«rr (xiiTiMin I toy i it Clou of 19.19 Ku.1‘11 llllinonii K M MOM W Hill «.rtION Min. IIm.i.iiii John IIomim. Cla m of 1940 Mimiin Inink MMII Smm» •319 MIOINBAUM SASRIS 0M RSlBIN ARRLIBAUM UtOIN ORHMN MW lANMIM UHU ROSINBIVN MAAS ROBBINS WOTITSKV L ANRIS StVINSON RVBIN IORDAN BINJAMIN KANTOR StVINIMA CASSIS RANKIN SNITMAN 9 ISM t R ROM SINOIR SCAR IRIIBBCRO ABRAMS SANBV CMRUCM MOSCOVITI IRSUINO BARRIM BR'INflllO MIND'S. NIRSMBIRC MAV NOSCOVlTt RICMTIR SIMON MUNIR WIINTBAUB «Ol» WOIISON MOSMOWSKV MOSRIRT LOBIL - 320 -I II I Flower- Hyacinth Krnlnt F iunmi H lllHMO It. La M M ai air.i: J. Cromlr Aixma Hi rim Frank Wonnuv Him I.ami Emanuel Unnwx Win iwi Uhmiiu. Ciumi « Camh. Ai n I’ankln Lol-»Sn liman Jilun Flo tunc Ijxtoi (Barren Amsoi.i' si n in So ml Hi ndu. Simon IIi iirijk II i: T A K i: I. T A FouimIciI Ml Columbia University in 1912 Delta Chapter ln talleil in Color I! I tic ami Gold FRATRESIN FACULTATK Jonipii Wkil FRATRES IN UMVKRSITATE ( law of 1937 H. rRt R l 1 Daniel U rin AnmiN I. DkiIMS I .LON ARP 1 1 PU R H arold Tannin Sidney X. Com n I JO Komnrli m JlROMl.t;. Kan Mil ION Kobrins Claw of 1938 IIAMiLD Hi bin Hot A. It xjamin Horn mi Jordan Bnrm P.Kinioi Mii.ain I.AiRIi. Claw of 1939 1.1 on arp Fiona I on a Rote I.LON SlNT.I.R H ll HARD Morion Frilirlri. Milton Arram Iutim i Util ICavaiond Kiiri nil Loi i Mwcoiir Claw of 19411 IIirurt Kay Norman Mo coyiti Kimcrt Km mi a Sii art Simon Swob Swibuk Sam M rinir M Al RM M IINIRAI R Haroi-p ttoil Sail m»»»A Daair maomaky I.amrr Net V Mi.riar 321BURROUGHS WATSON THOMAS IACKSON SMITH CASUS MtCOSS MOODBIBUY CORMAN CIAM M'CROR Y SIMARO CHRISTIAN OOONK WORSHAM STAIII ARMSTRONG HANSON CARRS CANNON •OYO HANSON AIRTN MIRONS BROWN MANN HARRIS DODO M ORNICI C RADIK MANN DSVNIS M I ANON curry ioncs HOST (OWAROS RAYMOND ARRlSYARO M«€vUOUOH ORIVCR MiKANK RICKKTT NORWOOD RARRISM MROUtON CIBBS ROOIRS SMITH Burrs caihoun Ml III R RHIllIRS GASKIN HOAG MtOANICll MOORS KRSJCISR BURRIS HAIR WAIRCR 0«M0SS SMITH HASSSTT OiMIR • 322 -I II I II i; L T A T II i: T A Koiiii«lral ul Mi.1 ini Univrmily, Oxford, II.. in IKIK Klnrialn l|ili.i ( Ji.iplcr ln l.illa-al in 1«J25 Fumn- -While Carnation Colors—Argent ami Azure FRATRKS IN FAC ILTATB NumButCRiuv I)h. Johx J.Tkjxt Mimmm IMim J« ik.i It CoaMEU. hlHR ViUMI William M. I‘tm« FRATRKS IN URKK IL 1. IkoNN II. J. JlttBAN U cil V MiQmmick FRATRKS IN I NIVERSITATK k» xi Hoym: John Hi moccm u « uwom % in mm T. Cantu: % lumi Ciiambob John W. Hooxr. ItlMIII W . lllllB SriMoi Hi «i" Jack Damn I.. K. b« io«,Jl lioanni U'. Kmki I 11.1. ClUa JaniM S. IItin ('.last of 19.17 Floyd Chbimiax Ciiano ft . II inh Thom a W. Holt in mm U. Nohaaood Clast of 19.18 Cham ax J. Ill sky Jons lliun Cunox Kimy Cm ANUS ka jima III cn It. Mmvis.Ji. Hill McOmmick Dick Kaymoxd Hum m I’aim ti M. M. I’abximi. Ja. IIabomiTkammmj. Tmtanv Ti ixni ll Ih kl % AUl X Umkiit L Kim , Ja. ar ion Smiiii (•ill It. W AI.KU I’uiKli It. ATMIX Hick tl i»ii«iuv Dirki WoHMIAAl Hiij. A lain ThkOPOKC iaim Tom W. Amivnn l.«mx V14m n Maul Hi bk». IN TNAM l'»l lllll N Jack l » 'Ian Kdayabd Faatmtt JolCiMMAX IY.xdm.tox Abmntbokc 11 arky Hboyax Ihhiihin Hum It ay l) i«it A MAX CaNKIN " ana Hoac It. f. IIavmcit Clast of 19.19 Jan Ckanii i«»«t CllA» lJ Kn llitaiNA Chabiix Mann Jack McCi lloi cii Am am Miimi Clast of 1940 (•aoocK Jackaon Hardy Joni.n Malcolm McCmny Pm 'i n-- Ito Mann Jimmy Mixnon Billy Ma Hay McDaniku. b Park Sam I'liiLLir Ni n Smith Jamix L. Thom a John(aiwi John I-oak IIoYI MV YNNL Sam MaiaMia. Jimmy 0 ai« Komri Smiiii (him Sim abd l i -i m Gaits Ikix aij Hum 11 3 23to HIM M«l MTOOM toatir 01 AAK V VIAOVCK ovtcmir 1111 ROU MI1AAT to KNIGHT CMARMA tTIWAir rmuo MttllUAN ACATON MUM MAtNARO COURT. (V CHARMA WINC MitlAAAO » 0A» U 0011ATO Will 1.1 00 OCIGAARO ■»I«MT A V A i 0 TAROT TT IIOVO JOHAAO MORRIAON 04ANAUT YO RAMAGT WAIKCR • CA'.L OOVATO BTAAHAW RICMAROMM I RATIO CARRICK (VARA (VARA RAYRUR R1C A 0AO WATMN - 324 -I II I K A V l» A T A 1J Founded j| Miami l imrr.ily in 1905 Alplia ha Chapter in I92(» Kloyvkr l{ tl Carnation COLORS- Hartttrd Rad ami Old Gold KRATRES IN KACUI.TATE U.wi Biaiocx IIA .Ciuxnii M. It, Cocsibn I i.J.G.Elniiki: lit J.D.iiiiM KRATRESIN I RBE Hun n V. Hbyan Hukkiin IUach . F. Jim Ki mux McCucium Kuril (i. Cuk iKitiuv III %ton McClank Fbanklin Itl JIN ITT KaUI JolINMIN I.auab Kmuii KRATRES IN UNIVKRSITATE Class of 19.17 Joiik Ijovd -oil 11 Mum» William I(iimain Can Vmdvcx Cm mio W im l . I . Yon S. I- Yon Ixiiji Hi all (xirron iiciAUT Yiuiim Boynton CtllTON III Kllll It. It. Chapman Class of 1938 ClXINI Col MAT Mac III hmj-'tok Hint IIimmibii l.i mm Kixuy Kimiii Mi Ixnmn W iijiaai Miimimin llllHMI HtNMIAM JaHI» It ten abioon Thoman Sk nr Panne Span John Stlva abt R.S, Chapman C. DiMAau E. ItoNNAIJLY W. S. I'nm Class of 1939 Calloway Cabbick Chauo McInhimi H. txwa Miii»b K11 O'Kuxkt John Yi« Hi vv»»a W nkiit I . L Yon ItooiJrT Kuna Joii:a Kuna IIomlb Foatu Fbid Joni.% Siibunc McCiaun Class of 1940 Muxolm 'WJuaaon Jack Maynabb IIaymonb It am aci Aum:bt It ay bi bn Stml ltl II ARInON Fb A NCI a Itol MIIJ.AT Fay Slaton 1 • "k Smoar III NBY TAB»»TT liXANP W Al BIB Jour 11 WatbON - 325 -00NNIV CAlOWIll COTTRIll NtlSON oorvan 10 1 OUIMA TOSKC WMITCMfAO cumi otaim r«tnuo MICKS UidltR tcntoh ■ ion WOOD SMITH KUlltN coirriN (MCAtOft COR SO ■ IACAT C own MORRISON MAMON FOUNTAIN CLACCCTT - 326 -I» I l i: I. T A SI a M A K01111 I I .it ilio University of Miami, Miami. Kloriila. 1929 ln lalle l at tin I nivrroilv of Kloriila in 1934 FLOWS —Red Carnation (!oi.ok Marn m ami ll'hite FRATKKS IN KACUI.TATK lh. II. I. K »wii» FRATKKS IN UN1VERSITATK ft omii Brannon Eb. Box nicy Bob ClMWKIJ. lion »M Nr.%on ('.las of 1937 t .MiBi.i IxirmiLL J ack Fknton 'V uni urrm John Momnimix Biij. O'IUvix 4!ii mi 1' Skim.' ftlUUnTooKK Niil ft im N'lTIIAN UOTV l IVI» KmHC'OX III BRIM. lllMON Class « 19:18 (Ihous Vi ina lliaium V INA Cm inn Itoi. li OV To»ki. Dick ft mmir.w III in ft ooo Rum Yot . VI XCKXT ( MMI ftiaio F01 mix Hi '■on. liuiin Class of 1939 Tony lion on Jo. ITIIiiu Jo 1'onmin IUy Smith Tommy ft iiitiiii «• H. ft iNvm llmut Ci.iMa.TT IXOYU llll'.K' (’las of 1940 lm I.omimi John Tioh.ii Dick I.i mi n J. II. (Inoio Don Iti ion - 327 -KltP CHASI MOWARO COURIIR IONS ■•0«M IOROAN IACKSON MIMA OUNCAN N.ONAW KlINt WAILACC AOKIN CHI IN HARRIS HOU SKIPPIR • AHUM COXA MANNISH CALOWILL OIAS NMIIIHN lJ»wm ONAMAM Cl Oil CONN R0RINS6N HITT CLARK THOMAS TOMASILLO LAURINT MUNI MiRAI HAWN SMITH D VNI NX ORTM HANUITT HASINCAMP MOO HI TIMMS MARTIN SMITH 00 0 THINK SMITH THOMAS SMITH SOUIHC M«CRARV WAIOROP ■ URNS HAURIH CLONTS PARI NT Mill AN ROOT MOOOY CATHRAI ■ILCHIR LITTLCIOHN IASON LINCOLN ALRRIOHT - 3 28 -I I K A I I A A L l» II A Founded j| tlir Univri ity of Virginia, March I, IK(»K Alpha Fla K»tahli hrd November 17. I'NU Flower -Lily of the I'allvy Counts Gar tin atul Cold I)n. (L I., (jum Hi » mu' His nor KkIHO Itl'IINC Dr. W. T. Elmore AIXI.M IIaILL huos II. JOHNSON Thomas V. MtC.AII, Jr. Jimo C. Adkins Jl Noom K. Hromnk A. SnuciiAN Duncan Anm « VI. Jordan. Jn WltUAM l . Low I.INII 'I' Fdaaard II. Sqiirk Charms (luces I.LON ARK II. Hi DNS Kidian K. Ilr.o William II annum John II. Kan»om Harry N. Tom son CiiAtus A. Ilirrs W ILUAM S. IjDNT' WlLUAM W. Cmns Charms II. Mom Marrv Komi nd D. Thomas Komis W. Airrkht Don Dvriini'orim Kiss«i.i. I. Frink Alimov D. Martin Jot K. O. Smith Sim T. Smith KRATRKSIN FACULTATK Dr. Frrd Mamhr FRATRKS IN 11RBK William T. Hopitord Hod hit Bowkrs ('- II. Kanlst lit cii IIisdrix Frank Johnson Jami.s McClamrock Awhui Vidal D» AN li» A. Toirirt William C. Holtin, Jr. Dr. Mavkv Dim. Dr. U. S. (Jordon W him r Jami.s Krskini Joni.s W 11 A ISA! MlKlNSTRV FRATRKS IN i: IVERSITATE Clou of 19.17 MIILTON IIaATIR W 11.1.1 am w . Chasi. Jr. J. Ill RAAI.U. I Iota ard IKcar J. kt»r Korutt I. McCrary Jamis S. Moody Jami.s E. W allack KinRON I.. Hot KIN John E. I am riijr. Jr. iaaton C Jackson Ja«k Ki.ini Frank I . Mc(raw Charms A. Root W. A. Stt.ncr Clou of 19.18 Cordon F. Him hir Im on aid Caldmmj, Jr. W 1111 snt ML «. » a. Jr. Hot 11 II. H arris C.Toirari Itoii II arrt W . ItoAAIR W ll l l AM F. Caiiirai Jack M. ( mi n l Al I. M. Ill NDKRSON Homo V Skitttr. Jr. W . Haxiir W Ai.itRor Clou of 19.19 (•M.NN K. Horinc W hair Conn I.. W 11 A I A At Craham W IlMAV f. M ASON W atson Ham John W . Cl ark Kota ard J. Kason Kl CAM I. AI DINT WlsIAT Mf.R«l Jack I’. Rorinson W II.I.IAM I . Tomasaaio ('law of 1940 III Harimtt K. Harnaaili. Fi imh Ji rat W . Lincoln Josirh C Moor . Jr. J. Scaur Smith W in 1 am C. Thomas Raimi Williams Charms IIovd J. Kim IUsT.Nr.AMr Hint amis McIjlan Stanm.v I'ari.nt Norman Smith Firry Timms • 329 -CNIIIV fAVltl NIVCN BCVIILC 00 WO A ClltC RT BOOT IUIIIMN f AXNIHfc POLATTV BIVINS ROOD WILKINSON AHOIRS DAOAIAS 01 AN rOSARfT NIAOOMS ROMAN SCAKV WNITC MIBB NCNOCRSON UCNM rav pcrninoton wvnnc SWOOP ROVAl SIMPSON CHASTAIN CONWAY OAVUR OWCN SNRAOSR ODOM TORI lAHIT WOOB WINOT WICK I R OtVANT WNITC - 330 •I» I Flower Rrd Rose I. I . WlLMPX !(% »• urn MiOmukk R. A. J.AMI.s A I. ION ItkOAAN W. U. Id u. John Cmm It. J. Idviui. IlnMXT Dimpt Kuril Liuirn A Mint Boone ClOPU III RLCSON I. Nover Fak.hinc Harry Fay Kl Mi ML llm lii.V s Iambs nm» ClIARLKO A Mu les (IlltfeU IllPtUt How ard Chastain Martin Com tt HOWARD DlVI.IN K A 8 I A l» II I FouiiiIimI ;il I lit ('.olh-gr of (!li.irlr lon 1901 Alpha Kpnilon Chapter Installed in 1921 C.oi.oK- Colii anil While FRATRKSIN FACULTATK Walter II. Htisira A. C.arr FRATRKSIN I RBE Mam-in Wall ClIABAA Marks FRATRKS IN 1 NIVKRSITATK Class of 19.17 Sam linns N. M. Faulss Krm.m Miiori. Mack Nit in William Roman Clast of 19.18 Irani is Him Martin IIiniilkson Jack Class of 19.19 FONIA IYn.MNCTOX Mills V, ANN . It tint VXl NHf John I'«m attv Frank Kiakrs Class of 1940 Krimrick IIi.vim lloMIM III.AN Dan Fan; arty Jami.n Martin IIi.nry Mkabow Ki.i.ison Oaai n lllNOtfr ItnVAP. It.M.M auly Frank VI aijiatm ItdAlIRT White WlUIAAl W ICIITM AN Ki nmhi W (Jit Woo® liliHIu; It• M 1 Wiiiiaai Buy AH, Thomas Simeon Inis W k kip JlpspPII W II KINSON Thom as W iiiis I It tl s« hi n Km iiarii Sava air (•ItniRP Sine aiii r Jmirii Tori Jami.n W hit 33111 1 01 NOTTINGHAM INA1HIU AKNOLO SICMANOAON •AIM •■nwm cuhtis MAMVIN tllNdCD mi am a ai ackhvhm amiiiia caaio auii O AW AON MILTON APAMA NOTTINGHAM UNANCM ATIVI NAON oacw DUNLAP PEACOCK AM ANN cauNaitt ATIVC NO HOLLCV rcaav SHOWN ricatoN MOV WILLIAMS NVUAtH WHO tawiN AM ANNA CASMICMACL COON OAVITT KlCLITia MILLia MILTON NAMM V PICK wsight RIAINIT BLANTON urscv BINOCN CANTBCLL LCC TBAVIS CHALK!a LIGHT SOWN uPCMvacM COPCLANO MATHIS WISDOM • 332 -SIGMA ALPHA EPSILOIV Founded al flip University of Alabama. March 9. 1856 Florida K|»mIuii Established in 1915 1'I.OWF.R—I inlet C.OI.ORS Koval Purpl ‘ anti Old Colt! FRATRES IN FAC.l I.TATK Major C. M. Adams Coach Josh I'onv IW. C. II. Willolchry IIAJAM VaNN F. J. Hampton Tommy IKiii FRATRES IN UKBE It. L Hilll|T On. H ini»m Livrnu Coach Ditch Stanily I R. '.tl»rO » A tNMU llouir Davis DlCK J T A MAY AlCanoya FRATRES IN I NIVKRSITATE Cla. of 1937 Ci.orgi Saiathlks IIaroad II. Daaitt Cram am Rom: John II.Stymrirm l.ram am Hail I.i oyo Smith Aicistv II. Adams U ad : U . Hampton Smdo.n W amki II. Monro : IUuma Korirt MiCah y » ALTIR H. Ill MrKI.Y Marion 1- Drown Ijt. Mtamr Aw St ars Mi ray Cumkhah. Cardinlr Nottingh am Fryd Phrson Uiiaiam Cook Clast of 1938 J. H. Nottiscii am ClIVDROlRN A. AnDRKWs Harry Kiuttm Hiciiard Watson II. 1.1 AM W. ARMMO J. IIORIO.N Ml.C AMI II Cram am Wmsincir Don alo Hi. atari r 'V ARHNC MlUIR Alayrt Wimjams Caoswill Branch Kiircrt Mm ton I'lO U INSTON Clarrncr Brown Maynard Rammy Jamls Packard Iamm («•« William Kichardaon Kim ni: Pm.k J. Kov Di ce an Marti aShiuir Dan Wright Cauvuil IIay.nls Cl'RRY Sl .V» NVIN 11.11 A A| ItoiTTCI N John Swann Class of 1939 Qhm v .i s.. Carrington IUrrn Francis Klarnry LS.Kr.Yn Charm Cram. Jackson Ixh.a ItlCH ARD ItoDNIOl H Hon AO. Dki.aa Howard Mara in Billy Stanton III NRA CRl MltM.s Bln MdiAiirv IklSti.atns Victor Hi'Jacii Hoi a I’omiu Dam Miiiir Hilly Wild Class of 1940 John Blanton ArtIIIR IfoMLY ItoNALD Milton Iris Can mu j. IIorao. Irwin % IILIAM IV.ACOT.K II NAY CMAIKIR Jl LI AN LWKY Ill.NRY Pi DRY Hat. Com.and Waltya l.l Howard St arns. Jr. Cmmck ClRTII I.Y.NN I.ICHTROWN Hiciiard Sin din John Dawson Hamilton Mathis Jack I.'pchirxh D avidson Di n l ad J amis Marvin Loris WlsDOM y 3 33•INNITT SOLOMON ONUNHflL known iom MU MOLT MOTT SWARTSIt CAUSCV SMITH WIST TRIAHWATCR LATHAM MiLKOO nilO m.lioo miuo hraoiiv immamuil lassitcr OOOVNt MIMMS BURKMANOT WATKINS TO UCHCR IIA ILL V BUNKHAROT CHALKIR OOHVNS THANKS MUIOO SAOLIH THOMAS THOMSON TUCKfH WATSON VANOIRHILL CHUNK MULCH WALLACI KIHTLKV MILHH ATM OUHRANCC 33 1 •S I G ill A C II I Founded at .Miami University. Oxford. Ohio. 1855 Gamma Tlieta (llia|»trr K»tulili«lied l‘ 24 FLOWER—While Rotr CoLOR»—Hlue and Old Cold I . I- K » T. K. l.»icn FHATKKS IN FAGI I.TATE O.CK.$T(auK I. W. Rkitz . It. I’uciim D. A. -OOK K A. II at Nr. J.ti. klRKPA TRICK FHATKKS IN I KBK i’,. Kirkpatrick N. T. Si»u ax. Jm. K. C. S » c»« K Itmr K. Kimki: FRANK I. It NNLTT INjusajct IIoi.t David Scott H«" Swartml FHATKKS IN I NIVKHSITATK Cl ax oj 19.17 John IIai i v m o Smith .toRL 4.n s l iimimi StMouuA Knu Uim I HI l Kll'lltt All ALL ACT I.ATM AM 9 ii4iam A. Mellon Jiuan Knu Clou of 1938 llicn Miiim ToVI I.UI NAA 1.14. M AV Akb l« 1.1.0 t.'ii adi»s Hi Mm Jack Hr amt. v 'Im Mil Km MAM »L OlARM.s I.AsMTIR John V au.ack Clast of 1939 Dm ci.A« Know I. aTrm.i • Dorans Mi i4 i m Mimii IM I M III CKHARPT John " ATKINS Al l N I’olCHIR Jltl Kirtity IIanimd Joni.s ll. F. H ailcy Hai m Hihkiiardt James Cm Aunt RAOLI. Doha ns A. C. 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IlMmun Citnmi IIoihn llovsiut II. K. II l Hi man T. K. 1)1 N« IN 14-1 I'w Jack Minim FKATIIKS IN I RBK J. I. I.iumv It iv in.ii.ii ('jiuu.i Smkmuui (L 11 1‘am l U. Tiimu «. I . Mourn FR TRKS IN I NIVKRSITATK J. Vimiv Fiv lit MV SKINS 111 UN I'iH Class of 1937 Minin Dinmink It. V- ItmaiNio CC. Anmothonl J. IIknoikmin Iain . Tiioma Ci in Mukiiant 'iiimj Rica W 11.1.IOC COVIKCTO.N Hi»» M miv ('.hin nf 1938 John ItiNMiiNp I'uu. ltim» Anwi.w Slums IIinoi.h Cam Hi nnv C.iav ItlHIINI Mill III I I Class nf 1939 Iti «m IIinnnv IIon.n Cnr.oNt l.mni.s 1'HANKI.IN lllNNI'ON VmiiNOM.Jh. I III ini j Hinton Ti Minium ( I‘Nil t Hot Itau Jamkn Hi nn Aim Kui' AS 11Aim (ilium CU.»» o 19VI IIikihn IIinmmckn John l,»,st rf Fnni.nt M Millli VS iu.iim 'Iinon Km I’arm iomn Hnikikn Tavumi Antiai n Ti nnii Nonton ....... A. Kntai Kin no 3 13MtfllAUON AMOIAt ■ IMIll MiCAAN CA ADI III COOMM COW Lit »AVIt OIA» MOUMMOIOIN MOWdl MUI WOIM 1 I'M Oil I.XTKKIIKATIJIMTV I 0 FFII KATE omcEKs I'miAml ...............................-. Swrrtif) Tieauiier Sr r grant «|-Atm M i: IBKKS Miikmv Mdiliwo (iMWUi AltMJD Kiini III SMI. Ji. Koniai M C» s Muomm McGlamo I'll Mil S MHJP» Kiiiii Hi a Air. Ja. K.J. McCann J l vis IUmuii Smi 1'iMiria ll NK Owns Kiu»« l Am (!huu» Dmn K. V. Iloi viiouia I'hi kappa Tan IU kappa I'ki Tkna Chi Chi I’hi Beta Thai n Tan Epailam I’hi Sigma u Mm Tan Delia Delta Sigma l‘hi Alpha Tau Omega J. I. IIOHIII Jivvii Jmm I IMHIMI UotriBT S. S. I'lMll H%V Daiiim Mu »h Ai «n John Si»%«ss C.HUIU lUun lliu. I l NS IUhi Bunion laminin Chi Alpha Alpha Gamma l hn l‘hi Beta Della Sigma Chi Chi Delia Theta kappa Sigma Delia Chi I’i kappa Alpha Sigma Chi KptUam Sigma ,4lpha T.piilnn 344Appreciation • I n the tdiiing of a yearbook it is necessary that much indii idual effort he coordinated into a specific plan in order to create a crtdiialde volunu-, one that would stand as a monument to the class of nineteen thirty-sewn. This volume of the Seminole would not have been possible without the loyal support given by the students, faculty, anti the various organizations on the campus. We, the staff, owe a debt of gratitude to many persons whose names space does not permit us to mention here, but there are a fete who deserve special ri'cognilion. To K. SlIF.ri’F.RD, J. K. POLAND, anti Howard Van Scinkr of The II. W. B. Drew Com-panV, 14V are grateful for their many helpful suggestions. To C. C. Nichols of The Tampa Daily Times mv are indebttd for his interest in udving the details connecltd with the engraving. To Alan ANDES SON. Frank Anderson, and Mrs. Clark Gourlby. of Alan’s STUDIO. uv are thankful for their special interest in securing the scenes of student life. The excellent art work done on the divisitm and sulxlivision [rages is the work of W. I- llom . May uv take this opportunity of assuring everyone who has been instrumental in the prtuluclion ami tditing of this twenty-eighth tolume of The SeMINOLK that his efforts were appreciattd and our work light-emd by his contributions. —The F.ditor.Ill V i vY v Vi. HLV v . •; . ; s V v '• ;v • i • T,v j 5%M :s■.. v i H• iVns f V$,0V' ,vvfv :{ .0V ‘,y v •,’•. ' i 1 f‘A. i . V, hVS. $iV.; V V K$ v V {,• : OA V ■ '.A. •' 'A. : • 'A . . . , . V;v ....... . vV •• 1 • ' '' ': . ' -•■ "» ' ‘ • . ', ••• ' .'■ . . . ..ii v ' i A ) ■ ; - t • ». - . r; ■ , '«• . . 7 ‘ u ? •' t?U j . } A,; S . v «•? • jt ' ■• ',, . ,v i V V f i ;, ?• jl; • ■ . 1 («. ■ t • . vi» l i . I i( '» ■V Vv ' X • . v i 'v'1 ; . V • k 1 y ; . t. A» V. J V i' 1 • f w . 'V , 1 K jL V 'i H, M W ,» V'VvO .«. '• ‘ k .£ •» 1 1 ', iS. 1 A X A i V •« . . M :Vjr “ .' ■ ''-t ' i; i fL‘V»i V V 4' V. d MV- i, It I ▼ !« 11 iv 4i ? ;Y V •4. ; . • » . v . • I sK.vY .'If nv)i J5jVft » ') •. i ,l ?j JP-A: V:; ■ V,t • v M 4 i 2 Ac I :v iV r'; V i U . A ’ r A • ’ i ‘ • , ' V ) %4 I . ■ .;••(' » » ,m3l. '•■ • .7v-.• vj -i k'f, k 4 » y ♦ -T j v •» ii • k • i • i-Y A.-v • A.M i » , rrv , v « . . t » : V V • . I .1 ii 7 . ) 5 j • r. 1 J f ♦ 'y«j v rJ. „ '!»• ,vv uO ?! . I" y,f V . » , y • i • j • f 1 i i r'- r J?I a tf y 1 ’■ ' j Ti lr f'Jf'r ' • T . | ‘ • ' v« 4• f j • f V f. r t V f J t , .

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