University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL)

 - Class of 1931

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-ki 'k ff 1- + 'Pf uk 4: 7 f J + + 7k J ,, +1 ir 1- if + wt' J 4, 4- -wk + -x ,,,,., Dx i' if pxir5+ 3931! Sifw HLQZQJLQ Qi? ivfmcefz TLEIQPN6 if TW GY? LQ IK :L QA WJGELFLJLMACSY WNFR SEL YN VES d Chf H RR S EWAR JOE KIR ON '? W, f , W . 't ,,",' ,rl ff' - ' ri: 4 1 1 1 P' F' . N ' ' , wx- 8 nu ., 'q,, Q f 'M J- , jp-',,,',"', ip? .wp-gi A X , -Q W 1 '- My f- - MT .- 4-t . " -Affqpyr' an . l,. I - W ti r , ,.'. NL 1 it -A rj Y br ' , . ' .ff F1 1, .Zl5.1tIFr,, - 'WM' www . . ' H A .nv ' 1 J , ji? W ' : -m 9 ,H , KE! For the Sun, who scatter? into flight The .Stars-before him fiom the Field of Night, Dftves Night along with them from Hcav'n, and strthu I A Thl Stiltanis Turret with a Shah' of Light. a" ,J ' js' ,df-, I, K' 1 .,. . I, t V , V ' ' ' . 1 ., nf . , , . . .X--' I ' '-i - me U D UTY FQREWGDHD- l L, , I Q x Y ' Here is a book of memories, anal, as a n l b Z' 5 w , 1 ff i , you will look back upon them SL , G 'Q' through the softening haze of time, they will be sweet and bitter, for time is the great comedian, and nothing is changeless but the changeless law of change. DCSDUQATHQTF2? I W 'TW A ' N ' x v 8 n ev writes and, having 3 gi 1 I E1 ina! N writ moves on inscribin art' ' l ' names of a new generation on the tablets of time. To these men ' of the future and to their suc- cess in building a greater University of Florida, we happily dedicate this, the twenty- secondivolume of the Seminole 1 K f tbl sa : Q s fs f w A . . p i k Y uThe movingfi 9 H I . .f h V x , V ,0. ...A , .vu ,N ,gt ,.. .. V U. X , V ll as I sg 'X ,rs sm, lluvsjfo ms mL Twenty ve years ago there was nothing but Thomas Hall today we have the score or more o beauti ul ivy clad buildings A mere hand ul of scattered students in 1905 and a quarter o a cen tury later a campus teeming with li e filled to the over owing with the ower o the young manhood o the state The campus changes year by year month by month even day by day The change is ever in a positive and not in negative direction There have been problems to meet, and they have been met wisely and decisively, and the University has grown, ourished and prospered - As we stop to review the early days, we wonder at the miraculous growth o the institution. The days of the war were lean and hard, but the decade of the twenties saw the great development. These ten years ' HW y M Wg?-"if'TD3TTfQE99GrCT 3 i f l p 'f 'f I fif s U fl ' ' fl 'fl if, t f F. . .. I . f saw the passing of one great man as president and the coming of another, it saw the coming of many new buildings, new minds to the faculty, and the enrollment increased by leaps and bounds. The alumni, but a few hundred a decade ago, now are many thousand strong and carry the banner of the institution in nearly every field of endeavor. . ,T he old gives way to the new, the new becomes old and gives way to the new again. We hasten to keep pace with the ever-quiclcening movement of our time. The University is young and yet old. But it is and will ever be the very life blood of our state. It is a far cry from the sleepy days just following the turn of the century to the atmosphere of today, with its rush and bustle of modern life. It will be a more distant cry twenty-five years hence, but let us hope and believe that the same fine type of man will trod our campus then as now and forever. 1 1 ,L.J, 8' 1 n Y . , Q 2 . , i f . E Ql l gfvxsfg I 1 ' T ff. NY rp- I f XX I I jf. 9. hs V W . . 4.1.-. 1,4 ft- F.-.-33-m ,ANRKL ,fu ' fx N K I. -V',1'--V414 Y ' 1 . if :,vfg4:--'.Qf,4. ffl lx. i 5. r 1S":1A -ix' N in 1 .r 'mm 'P ' tv? 5, MM A sn gz- ., , ' J. 14. f-'1 .. I 1: ,- if NTL' f' 4 ml.-L if" 4' , 'VM ' 4' 25 ' - ,,-fu J 1, r' , 'E2":""' if - My- -f , . ,L . .ffp V. H 'M , Q .wt .g,. , , my 4' A V , W , V:+'v1-'f . T51 -W W 1 if ' 1 'iii' 47'-1 'U M . H gut' If-A ff. 'J V ":1" ' 1. nf' -, rx v zbtlivkd-K 'ON Q ' 'rfb ,I v. .f 1 ,-n s--,- , '-K - , ' 1-.N " "JN QL! fg.,' 13.3 , "Q L- MP.. . .. ,N .va-.LL , Skt 'g-:Ili .. . , M .f I ' Q I an-.vm .H - 15, M . , vr9i:'1'.- ' ,,' 1-' mf 2.-f1?'T11 ' . X A115 '- M. W .f 0, vs. Q . .- - L 1l+ I, . ,',, ,fu 1 - 1- -.- f-., , ,A , A-'-"I .1 r u- n ' v ."' g. . ,- ,., I A 4 Kiwi' ff' I , , I , .A A tx Q 5 Lf , 'A A-c 5 ... 2 .1 . ' ' -jf W, ' -5 fi .' " fx' , A ' , ' . ' 'I' Nl., I . iq I 4 v,.4 ' ' - ?" .Rl ' . .' .. , .n 'Q' al' .4 J 1 ' ' ' .,,u:E1A." 15 ,.--'K fs 1 ' ' -sg s ,1 'f. 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X 1 :x,..., .. ., Q f f I ,,::,.j.- 5'ff.l1 ., Q Aging., x' 'JJ Y? ""h.'. 5- -QL' lh , -z ...ui Q lv" :YA o mx .4 I 'JPL' f 1.2 5. 4 ' VH, , A I 1 ,JL Hp " rv.. 'At' ' 49 -wr O ll 4 'K' "0 Z . 1 , w ,"H' 'uf' ur" dv! ..-of S fi ,+. 4 R fi. .v -NN 4 ' . '?'i14n- 1' , ,, ' 1' I 'Ml . 1 z :N 744 M... ,4 lx., ,VA A yt A 'N 6 , K x n 11 'Q R. ni 'ffwvz-" ..: 7 '-.,'r:. , ' .Eg-,I .4 I .X by I .VSQL5 - by-it ,A I ' ' ' Vg' -- 1 V V' 3 . .., ,. -I -e , v I 1 .,. , . ' 4 1:-,gif , 1 W .N ,fx .' 1 y lx, ..1,.yQ'f' ,.-,Jin ...-" 'l -'ff-4, -1, - gvfl ,WW A f f 'L ff-1157.13 7"'?3IM'54" ' - .vw ' lf -ff -.f 1, mf" ,,j...- ,M M.rZr'T' ' , , ' wmv ' f MER? L-' ' ,.j,Al1f,..4"" 1 . ,Q-A fy.. WJZ5 " v. , ., , ' wkfgim 'H W s f .--- N In-RN x X m A N J YSELF when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint, and heard great argument About it and about: but evermore Came out by the same door where in I went. r 4 H , ' 1 n 'y , w ,M H , . R 'X , 1 1 - 2fa:e'P!f.afz"'21'f-1'.i2f.E N r . EKU NETL1'U2HSTRQEXTB0D v. Y e . . it, y- g,. . . 1 ' 1. . .vvwfew 'es wir' mssmf .,.,..,aa -:..q-pw.-W .. ws. fan.-xi, ..-Q.q.1.., - sf.:,ewM- fe-..e,.w Ames-,M we 11- ,1- FN'W'.,'w.' 1..a.,:..L'M2..T'?F'13T..2,m.M..1Mt.,.Lu.1cu,.E'1L?uMs-i..s.4m..,,.la1. ,.J.I,.u4,..Ms....T1.l'T3.r.,....3.1.,rX-N i.,....S,."1.'L'?I'.,.1.,..-.., I, .. io. :.:,:.i..fmaumsu:uu-.en . . . . L 1, ,. ,..s,. A r W. .. Jes, fs3zQ'faEii?af:f1fqiis11'7s 2351 I' 1 ..', ,f4,,1 1l+j'1",i.,...t.. 2 :.rnwmnmmmm' rwnmmv' ' 4. 5 fl' Y I w A i 1 "3 ai 3. .E ga i fi . 'ii '31 is .1 ii .fl ii r 21,1 5 . V ifgwm .mmf-.W-,a- . .wi - 1 . 4 'miwlf 1 1 155141-'.1f',.!' 1 I it J , 1? LQ 1 E li if L-' I 5 ,, 1 as .. iw X.. Si' l . ily ki ni ,TQ ,E 1.15 , X -:H ,., .,z'Q.s3ZJCc.'.,:-.U Na.-QQ sw. 5,9 ' 21: 1.m,lm-:.m1:::,:v :.wauw:.:.:4umx.mmmnm ,avg balm! L. t, W 6 ,,,-. 1 .L :f 1 iz' ,s ,Q E ri .X ., g ., ii it .gp ex si if .K W it if ,N .E " 1, ., ii il 5' an is E Q., X . g i v all i l-C Z, 2,1 i 1.27 I il if if fi if fi i .i ir x I. . :I ,. 2... .J r P 1' if gi 4' via ni in ill I' I V t ' If ' Q is 2- . 5 ig ' -, 5 t' ', 3 2 .1 DR. JOHN J. TIGERT, Vanderbilt '04, Pres'ide'n.t of the University fA.B., M.A., LL.D., L.H.D., D.C.L.J For lnany years Dr. Tigert has been one of the most outstanding figures in the world of education. He was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford from 1904 to 1907. He was at Central fMissouriJ College from 1907 to 1909, and at Kentucky Wesleyan from 1909 to 1911. He moved to the University of Kentucky in 1911 and remained there a full decade. He was appointed United States Commissioner of Education in 1921, and served with honor and distinction to himself and with faithful service to his position until his appointment as President of the University of Florida in 1928. The people of Florida point with pride to the PI'0g'1'9SS Of the UniV91'Sity of Florida under the leadership of Dr. Tigert and can well look with confidence to its future. Page Nineteen l 1 No u. -20 . 'Haig 222253 'Q-sis ricula College of Agriculture y w1LMoN NEWELL, Iowa state '97 fB.S., M.S., D.Sc.J One of the most important factors in the agri- cultural resources of the state is the college of Agriculture. This college, in addition to teaching the fundamentals of Florida agriculture, carries on research Work and disseminates practical in- formation to farmers and fruit growers. It is one of the oldest colleges of the University, being the successor to the Agricultural college founded at Lake City. Page Twenty College of Arts and Sciences DEAN W. H. WILSON, Alhion '13 fA.B., A.M., Ph.D.J The College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest college of the University. Since its founding the , College of Commerce and Journalism has arisen from it. It is second in the number of its students, and its affiliation with the other colleges and schools of the University offers the student a gen- eral education, with opportunity for specialization in many lines. The college offers a special cur- in Chemistry, together with pre-profes- sional courses in preparation for law and medicine. c ual. f .ff 2142 ?1.3'l3o The College of Engineering DEAN P. L. REED, Lehigh University '98 fC.E., M.s.y Not many institutions in America have done more to promote research in Engineering Science in their states than has the University of Florida. The Engineering Experiment Station has meant much to the industries of Florida and in the future will undoubtedly mean a great deal more. At the present time the Engineering College is turning out year by year a steadily increasing group of strong and well-trained graduates, ready and anxi- ous to lend their skill in developing and utilizing the vast resources of the most potential state in x 1 the Union. Law College DEAN H. R. TRUSLER, University of Michigan '06 fLL.B., A.M.D The college of law was established in 1909. Since that time important changes have taken place in the field of legal education. With these changes the Law College has kept pace. The requirement for admission is now two full years of college credit. The primary aim of the college is to educate students through serious professional work for the practice of Law. To that end it seeks to develop legal scholarship, professional character, and to inspire an appreciation of the duties and respon- sibilities of a lawyer as a member of society. Page Twenty one lkll sa. Teacher's College DEAN J. W. NORMAN, Mercer University '06 fA.B., M.A., PhgD.y The College of Education has at its special func- tion the training of individuals who expect to go into some kind of professional education Work. The Teacher's College is one of the oldest colleges of the University and has been in existence since the University was founded at Gainesville in 1905. The Teacher's College is especially large during the summer session, enrolling many students who are actively engaged in the teaching profession throughout the state. The College is ably directed by the scholarly Dean Norman. The College of Commerce and Journalism DEAN W. J. MATHERLY, William Jewell' College '15 fA.B., A.M.J The College of Commerce and Journalism is the largest in the University from the standpoint of students enrolled. It is the aim of this college to give its students a liberal education with a bias toward business. This it does by requiring them to major in such subjects as Economics, Account- ing, and Business Law, by offering a variety of subjects from which students may select accord- ing to their individual needs, and by permitting a rather liberal choice of elective courses. Page Twenty-two -any .-.s"'l" - - ZQJEWKJE 1.25 The College of Pharmacy DEAN T. R. LEIGH, Iuka College '01 fB.S., A.B., Ph.D.J With the completion of the new Chemistry- Pharmacy Building, the College of Pharmacy entered upon a career of greater usefulness. The College is one of the best of its kind in the South, and While its course is pointed toward the practice of Pharmacy, many of its alumni are found on the staffs of pharmaceutical laboratories. The College of Pharmacy is one of the younger colleges of the University, but is gaining national recognition through the untiring efforts of its distinguished dean. School of Architecture and Allied Arts DIRECTOR RUDOLPH WEAVER Drexel Institute fB.S., A.I.A.J The School of Architecture was established in 1925g the School has made rapid growth and has turned out into the field of architecture some very promising graduates. The School offers special courses for mature students who desire to special- ize in fields of endeavor in which drawing and design are foundation courses. Certain leading architectural organizations in the state have con- tributed at a liberal loan fund as well as an excel- lent library. Page Twenty three lfnlbu AJ l General Extension Division DEAN B. C. RILEY, University of Iowa '11 A fB.A., B.S.A.J The General Extension Division functions as an extramural college. It has rendered valuable service to the people of Florida in the years of its existence g its aims, as set forth by Dean Riley, are as follows: "To make accessible and attractive branches of knowledge useful to the people of Flor- ida and to carry it to them in ways that will be most helpful to them and in the shortest timeg to stim- ulate thought and encourage movement among the people of the state for their benefit." Page Twenty-four 'iiitsx cfflnb Graduate School DEAN J. N. ANDERSON, University of Virginia QB. Lit., M.A., Ph.D.J The Graduate School represents the organized eiorts and resources of the University for the purpose of giving opportunities for the most ad- vanced study and for the promotion of research. It is the purpose of the Graduate School to train all in the methods and the use of the materials of their subjects so that they may become not only experts and authorities, but also independent workers in their chosen fields. 0250 .-I-EJ Q4..ff 22.-':a'VQ:.zf plan DEAN OF STUDENTS DEAN B. A. TOLBERT, Wofford '01 QA.B.E.J Students come and go through the doorway of the office of the Dean of Students from early morn- ing until late at night. To some, advice and direc- tion are tendered without having been asked for, but for the most part the visitors come and go of their own volition to visit, to get advice, or for some concession or other. At present there are two men who devote from six to eight hours a day six days a week, to these visitors. They are Dean Tolbert and Assistant Dean Beatty. Whatever personal problems the undergraduated man has they try to help him solve so that out of his college experience he may come as nearly as possible to getting a real education. X. Qhfli HARLEY CHANDLER, Coe College '20 QA.B., M.s.J K. H. GRAHAM Business Manager The office of Business is responsible for the administration, upkeep, and financing of the insti- tution. Care of dormitories, dining hall, upkeep of buildings, payment of salaries, and dispensing of all supplies come under the duties of this oflice. By good management Mr. Graham has put the school on a business-like basis, and has increased the efiiciency and economy of its operation. Harley Chandler was formerly Professor of Mathematics in the University, but for the last few years has held the office of registrar. He has faithfully fulfilled his many duties, which include all the work of registration, enrollment, class attendance, and others. He is active in all phases of college endeavor, and a leader in establishing the good will of the University. Page Twenty five gll DR. J' M' FARR DR J N ANDERSON Born in Marion, S. C. 21 1864 A,13,, Davidson, 1894, B Litt M A University of Virginia A.M., Davidson, 1895. Ph D Johns Hopkins Ph,D,, Juhng Hopking, 1901, Professor of Ancient Languages University Head of the English Department and Vice- of Okllllwma- 1394 1395 President University of Florida since 1901 Head of the Department Ancient Languages Sigma Alpha Epsilon. University of Florida slncl, 1905 DR. C. L. CROW Born in Norfolk, Va., November 16, 1866 M.A.. Washington and Lee, 1888. Ph.D.. University of Gottingham. 1892. Professor of Modern Languages at Washing ton and Lee, 1899-1905. Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Florida since 1905. Also secretary of the General Faculty. Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon. Page Twenty-six The Twenty-ji th Anniversary of the University and Inter-A nierican Affairs HE University of Florida is twenty-five years old this year. Florida's faithful four, Dr. James N. Anderson, Dr. C. L. Crow, Dr. James M. Farr, and Major W. L. Floyd, have been connected with the University and have witnessed its growth throughout all these years. The University is proud of these four members of the old guardg it glories in their achievements, and the University of Florida of today, in a large measure, stands as a monument to their labor. The twenty-fifth anniversery of the founding of the University of Florida in Gainesville was fittingly cele- brated in February of this year together with the found- ing of the Institute of Inter-American aEairs. The University has, for several years, been cooperating with various organizations which are attempting to bring the countries of the Western Hemisphere closer together, and with the founding of this Institute she has definitely proclaimed her kinship to the colleges and universities in the countries to the South of us. The student body has, on many occasions, shown its enthusiasm and interest in the Institute, and by the generous gesture of presenting the Institute with flags representing the twenty-one South American Republics, contributed materially to the cause. The Institute of Inter-American affairs is a fine step in the right direc- tion, and its founding at the University of Florida was a most fitting manner in which to celebrate the quarter century mark in the age of the University. Page Twenty-seven ON rising Moon that looks for us again- H ow of? hereajhr will she wax and wane: How of? hereafter rising look for us Through this same Garden- and for one in vain! -,6'j'.b,- fi W 31 QW. QM lim SIEBERT C. PEARSON ILS. Alachua, Florida President Senior Academic Class: Delta Siszma Phi, Phi Slllmll. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Trcaa. 4: lnterfrater- nity Conference. L. M. SOMPAYRAC B.S. Jacksonville, Florida Vicc-President Senior Academic Class: Phi Delta Theta, Oxnicron Delta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi, Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Sigma, Sigma Delta Psi, Leigh Chemical. WAIAKER D. WILLIS, JR. ILS. in Arch. Pensacola Flori , , da Svc Y-Treas. Senior Academic Class 2 Pi KUDDH Alpha. Track 1, 4: Gnrizoylv Club. Scahlmrd Blade, 2nd Lt. Co. D, ROTC. LUCIEN B. YARBROUGH LL.u. Nashville, Tennessee Karma Alpha, Phi Delta Phi. Scub- lfurd Blade, m Le. ROTC. Univer- sity Ol' Tennessee. 1, 2. THOMAS JOSEPH YORK B.S.B.A. ' Tampa, Florida Beta Theta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Phl Epsilon, Vice-Pres. 4: lleta Gamma Sitrma. Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. 3. 43 Debating: Council, Pres. 4: Seminole Staff, Commerce Club. -.:-'- 95':., Xv 'X x 0 M L31 cl. 50-.x CHARLES R. MATHIS LL.B. Panama City, Florida President Senior Law Class. Sigma Nu. JAMES DEWITT BRUTON, JR. LL.ll. Plant City, Florida Vice-President Senior Law Class: Alpha Delta. Pan-Hellenic Council, Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, 1: Debating: Team, John Marshall, Peabody Club, International Relations Clnh. C. C. ARNow LL.u. Hawthorne, Florida SL-c'y-'l'reas. Senior Law Class. F. D. YARNALL li.S.M.E. Winter Park, Florida American Society Mechanical En- gineers. lienton Engineering Society. ROGERS W. YOUNG Tallahassee, Florida Theta Chi, Phi Kappa l'hi, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi Kappa. Pi Gamma Mu. Page Thirty-one Z JEAN P. AI-IRANO B.S.B.A. ' Tampa, Florida Alpha Delta, Commerce Club, Leigh Chemical, Alpha Kappa Psi. F. N. ANDERSON B.s.B.A. I Gainesville, Florida Alpha Delta. THOMAS E. ANDERSON B.S.B.A. Birmingham, Alabama Pi Kappa Phi, Football 1, 2. 3, 4. Basketball, 1: Baseball, 1, 2, 4: Athletic Council, F' Club, Serpent Ribbon Society. L. JAMES ARNOLD li.S.E. Lake City, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bacchus, genror Ring Committee, Peabody u Q. C. G. BABGOOK B.S.B.A. . Key West, Florida Phi Kappa Tau. ROBERT C. BANNERMAN, JR. B.S.C.E. Tallahassee, Florida Sigma Tau, 1Treas. 4j, A.S.C.E., Benton Engineering Society. Page Thirty-two THOMAS ALEXANDER L'L.lS. Tampa, Florida Alpha Delta, Pres. Junior Law Crlasls 141, Farr Literary, John Mur- s ai . HANS OLAF ANDERSON U B.S.A. - Pierson, Florida JAMES REMBERT ANTHONY ll.S. Jacksonville, Florida Kappa Sigma: Swimming, 2, 3, 4: Fencing, 2, 3, 4: Y.M.C.A.: Blue Key: Honor Court, clerk, 3, 4: Scub- bard Blade: Captain Co. B: Com- merce Club: Committee on Student Organizations: Alpha Kappa Psi: Chairman Junior Prom Committee: FFF Club fPres.J : V.C., 2. R. R. AXTELL LL.B. Jacksonville, Florida Pi Kappa Phi. ALLEN BAER t R.s.D.A. 1 Gamesville, Florida HOWARD BARKER D.s.E. Ft. Meade, Florida S JAMES A. BARRINEAU B.S.A. ' Pensacola, Florida Alpha Gamma Rho, Scabbard Blade, Basketball, 2: Track, 1: Agriculture Club, Captain Battery D. CLAYTON C. BASS A.B.E., LL.B. Beta Kappa, Honor Court. Semi- nole Staif, John Marshall, Peabody Club. FFF Club, W. W. BECKMAN B.S. St. Petersburg, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Seminole Staff, Alligator Staff, Farr Literary, Leigh Chemical. ROBERT B. BENNETT B.S.Ch.E. Tampa, Florida Glee Club. Sigma Tau, Alligator Staff, Benton Engineering Society. Leigh Chemical, Gamma Sigma Ep- silon, American Chemical Society. TOM BARRYHILL LL.B. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LEWIS F. BLALOCK B.S.I3.A. . Ocala, Florida Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Associate Editor Seminole. 2, 3: Commerce Club, Theta Ribbon. 1 FRED BARSHELL B.s.E. Avon Park, Florida I. E. BEASLEY .B.S.E. . Umatilla, Florida Peabody Club, International Rela- tions Club, V. C. F Club, Track Manager, 2. DIXIE BEGGS A.B. Pensacola, Florlda Pi Kappa Alpha, President Student Body, 5: Sec'y-Treas., 4: Executive Council, 3: Y.M.C.A., Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres., 4: Phi Kappa Phi, Black and White Masque, Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Scabbard Blade, Seminole Staff, 1, 2: Alligator Staff, 1 1 Debating Team, Farr Liter- ary, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu. lst Lt. Co. A. FELIX BENTON B.S. Tampa, Florida Delta Sigma Phi, Senior Invitation Committee, Gargoyle Club. L. R. BETHEA A.B.E. Gainesville, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Football, Capt. 4 : Peabody Club. JOHN A. CALHOUN BOGART B.S.C.E. . Gainesville, Florida American Society Civil Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. Page Thirty-three 'i-"a.'.B :Q 4 4.4m 2'..4e'f-2 .4 ROBERT CLYDE BOLEY A.B.E. Tampa, Florida Omega Upsilon Theta, Basketball Manager, 3: Intramural Board, Y. M. C. A., Pi Delta Epsilon. Alpha Phi Epsilon, Seminole Staff, 2, 3: Alligator Staff, 1, 2, 3 : Peabody Club, V. C., F Club, Serpent Ribbon, Ep- silon Phi Sigma, Kappa Phi Kappa, Kappa Gamma Delta. CROWTHER MANN BOYD B.S.B.A. Jacksonville, Florida Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi. Commerce Club, Dramatic Society. CLYDE R. BROWN liL.B. Gracevllle, Florida Theta Kappa Nu, Interfraternity Clorrference, Baseball, 1. John Mar- B H. . W. J. BULLARD B.S.B.A. . Gainesville, Florlda Pi Kappa Phi. BYRON N. BUTLER A.B.. LL.B. Chipley, Florida Kappa Alpha. Vice-President Sopho- more Class, 2: Baseball, 1: Tennis Manager, 3: Interfraternity Confer- ence, Blue Key, Scabbnrd Blade, Editor F Book, Second Lieutenant ROTC, Theta Ribbon, Ye Pirates. GLENN BURGESS CALMES B.S.B.A. Alexandria, Minnesota Delta Sigma Pi, Wrestling, 4 g Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, 1: Commerce Club, Gymnastic Team, 1. 2. Page TlLi'I'tflj-f0'tl?' WILLIAM BOURS BOND LL.B. i Jacksonville, Florida Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Black and White Masque, Blue Key, Pi Delta Epsilon, F Club, Ye Pirates, L'Apauhe, Bacchus, Theta Ribbon, lntramurul Board, Mgr. Varsity Football. VVILLIAM BRANTLEY BRANNON LL.B. Lake City, Florida Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Inter- fraternity Conference, Delta Sigma Pi, Sec'y-Treas. Junior Law Class, Theta Ribbon, L'Apache. TOM W. BROWN, JR. A.B.E. G Lakeland, Florida Kappa Alpha. PAUL M. BURNS Ph.G. . Graceville, Florida Leiizh Chemical, Mortar and Pestle. ROBERT E. BYRNES l3.S.l3.A. I Jacksonville, Florida Alpha Delta. W. L. CAMPBELL A.B.E. Kissimmee, Florida Kappa Sigma. cMTnE2.2Z5?'?Z JOE M. CARTER B.S. Lakeland, Florida Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Chi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Glee Club, Bus. Mgr., 3, 4: Senior Ring Com- mittee, Mortar and Pestle, Leigh Chemical, Lyceum Council, Chair- man 4. AL CONVERS CHURCH B.S.C.E. Tampa, Florida American Society Civil Engineers, Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering Society, 2nd Lt. Co. D. EDWIN M. CLARK A.B.E. Gainesville, Florida JOEL CLIFFORD UFFORD ' B.S.E.E. Winter Park, Florida Theta Kappa Nu, American Insti- tute Electrical Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. C. L. CoNwAY Ph.G. Palatka, Florida THOMAS BURCH CORNELIUS B.S. Gainesville, Florida University Orchestra, 4. GE.s wi' X CHARLES CHAPLIN B.S.B.A. Miami, Florida Sixrmn Nu, Intramural Board, Blue Key, F Club, Mgr. Varsity Football. D. DUNCAN CHURCH , B.S.J. Tampa, Florida Sigma Delta Chi, Treas., 3, 4. W. N. CLEMONS A.B.E. Tallahassee, Florida Alpha Tau Omega. LEO COLLINS B.S.B.A. Lake City, Florida Them Chi. CHARLES S. COOMES B.S,E.E. ' St. Augustine, Florlda Theta Kappa Nu, American Initi- tutc Electrical Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. WIIJLIAM E. DEAN, JR. B.S.C.E. , Monticello, Florida Rand, 1, 2, 35 Orchestra, 2, 3: American Society Civil Engineers: Ik-nton Engineering Society: Flor- illiuns Orchestra, 2, 3. Page Thirty-five 4.42. -afar? G. R. CROFTON LL.B. 1 Titusville, F1or1da Theta Chi. RUSSELL E. CURTIS B.S.C.E. ' Lake Worth, Florida Siszma Lambda Tau, American Society Civil Engineers, Benton En- gineering Society. THOMAS B. DALE B.S.C.E. ' St. Augustine, Florida Sigma Tau, American Society Civil Engineers, Benton Engineering Slici- ety. JAMES DAVID Jacksonville, Florida Sigma Tau, Gamma Sifzma Epsilon, Glee Club, Benton Engineering: Soci- ety. Leifzh Chemical, 2nd Lt. ROTC, Society Chemical Engineers. RALPH C. DAVIS B.S.J. Lakeland, Flor1da Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Delta Chi, Sec'y, 4: Drumatics, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 1: Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon fPres., 41, Scabbard Blade, Alligator Staff, Sports Ed. 29: F Club. lst Lt. Adju- tant Artillery Battalion, Theta Rib- bon, Ye Pirates, Bacchus, L'Apache, Senior Ring Committee. DAN DELANEY Iz.s.B.A. Ormond Beach, Florida Phi Kappa Tau. Page Thirty-six F. A. CURRY LL.B. I West Palm Beach, Florlda Sigma Chi, Interfraternity Con- ference, Band, 1, 2, 8, 4: Orchestra, 1. 2, 3: Serpent Ribbon, Bacchus, Masqueraders, Leader Banzai Cui-ry's Floridians. GLENN R. DALE A.B. Franklin, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Theta, Speculative Soci- ety. RALPH EDGAR DAUGHERTY A.B. Lakeland, FlorIda Pi Kappa Alpha, Band, 1, 2, 3: Alligator StaH', 1: Asst. Bus. Mgr., 2: Blue Gator Staff, Bacchus. KING DAVID COLSON A.B. J acksonville, Florlda Kappa Sigma, Basketball, 1, 2, 3: F Club, Pres. Soph. Class, 2: Base- ball Mgr., 1: Captain. Staff, ROTC: Rifle Team: Capt. 4th Corps Rifle Team, ROTC. D. C. DE FORD A.B.E. Gainesville, Florida NORMAN HENRY DERR A.B.E. Jacksonville, Florida Phi Kappa Tau, Baseball, 1. 2, 3, 4 g F Club, Scabbard Blade, lst Lt. But- tery B. cv2g.'ffF2?Zl-?'Z'Z BASIL L. DE WITT B.S.B.A. i Tampa, Florlda Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, FFF Club, 1: Wrestling, 1, 2, 3: Y. M. C. A., Commerce Club, Serpent Ribbon. WALLACE OLIVER DONNELLY A.B. Gainesville, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Tennis, 1: Fencing, 3, 4: Phi Kappa Phi, Farr Literary Society. A. B. DUGAN L'L.B. Gainesville, Florida MERRILL F. ELLINOR B.S.B.A. . Havana, Florida Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Band, 1, 2: Interfraternity Conference, Seminole StaH, Alligator Staff, Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Club, Theta Ribbon. LEON L. ELY Ph.G. Gainesville, Florida Sixzma Phi Epsilon, Basketball, 1, 2: IMortar and Pestle, Leigh Chem- ica . JOEL EVERS LL.B. . Mulberry, Florida Theta Kappa Nu, Baseball, 1. 2, 3. 4: Tennis, 1: John Marshall, Farr Literary Society, Leigzh Chemical, VC, F Club, Junior Prom Finance Committee. CLARKE DoL1vE B.S.A. Orlando, Florida Farr Literary, John Marshall, Axzriculture Club. JOHN WILLIAM DONAHOO LL.B. - J acksonvxlle, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta l'hi. Omicron Delta Kappa, Football, 1: Baseball, 1: Y. M. C. A., Theta Ribbon, L'Apache. EDWIN E. EDRIS A.B.E. l VV1nter Park, Florlda Sczibbaril Blade, lst. Lt. Co. B, ROTC: Rifle Team, 2, 3. 4. J. N. ELLIOTT LL.B. DeFuniak, Florida l'hi Delta Theta. - EDWARD EVERETT A.B. Orlando, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debating Team, Farr Literary Society, International Relations Club. WILLIAM WESTLEY EYSTER B.S. J acksonville, Florlda Beta Theta Pi, Phi Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, FFF Club, Pres. 1: Farr Literary, Y. M. C. A. Page Thirty-seven lS gm LELAND BLANE FEATHERSTONE LL.B. Miami, Florida Theta Kappa.Nu, Intramural Sports, Farr Literary Society, John Marshall, Junior Prom Committee. JUSTIN R. FISHER n.s. Jacksonville, Florida Phi Beta Delta. MERRIT'F MILTON Foxworvm A.B. ' Live Oak, Florida Phi Kappa Tau, Intcrfraternity Conference, Scabbard Blade, Farr Literary Society, VC, Capt. Co. C., Serpent Ribbon, Junior Prom Com- mittee. H. DWIGHT FREEMAN B.S.A. l Tampa, Florida Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Club. J. E. GAY B.S.B.A. i J acksonville, Florida Kappa Alpha, Track Mgr., 4: F Club, Serpent Ribbon, Cheerleader, 3, 4: Pi Kappa Delta fMaryville Col- legej. Jo D. GILL LL.B. ' Sarasota, Florida Sigma. Nu, Scc'y Treas. .Student Body, 4, 5: Blue Key, Phi Deltn Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Q Ye Pirates, L'Apache. Page Thirty-eight Qggiteg 'Einl5 Gus FEUER I:L.B. I Mlaml, Florida Tau Epsilon Phi, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Board, John Marshall. RAYMOND E. FORD A.B., LL.B. i Ft. Pierce, Florida. Delta Sigma Phi, Executive Council, 4: Scabbard Blade, John Marshall, VC, lst Lt. Co. B. S. N. FREDRICKSEN B.s.B.A. Jensen, Florida C. GERARD FRISON A.B.E. Titusville, Florida F. E. GEHAN A.B.E. u Tallahassee, Florida Phi Kappa Tau. THOMAS D. GILDERSLEEVE B.S.C.E. Live Oak, Florida American Society Civil Engineers, Scabbnrd Blade. l BENJAMIN J. GRANT, JR. B.S.J. Jacksonville, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Orchestra, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Scabbard Blade, V.-Pres., 4 : Seminole Staff, Associate Editor: Alligator Staff, 1: Sigma Delta Chi, Pres., 43 Gamma Omepza, Pres., 4: Major, Commanding Artil- lery, Dramatics. Military Ball Com- mittee, Senior Invitation Committee, Fourth Estate Club fSec'y-Treas., 41. WILSON PAYNE GREEN B.S.M.E. Reddick, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Benton Engineering, American Society Me- chanical Engineers. ALBERT M. HAFT B.S.B.A. New Kensington, Pennsylvania Executive Council, Commerce Club. L. D. HALL B.s.I3.A. St. Petersburg, Florida JAMES A. HAMMACK, JR. B.S.C.E. Leesburg, Florida American Society Civil Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. XVILLIAM WALTER HARVEY I Chipley, Florida . Sigma Lambda Tau. Kanvfl Ph' Kappa, Senior Rim! Committee. Cap and Gown Committee, Y. M. .C. A.. Pan-Hellenic Council, Farr Literary Society, Peabody Club. Y?-dx Jinx. LOUIS O. GRAVELY, JR. LL.B. LaBelle, Florida Track Mgr., 3: Swimming Mgr., 4 Rifle Team, 3: Intramural Board Seabbard Blade, Seminole Staff, 3 4 : John Marshall. F Club, lst Lt. Co. A., Mgr. Frosh Football, 5. CARL JACKSON GUARD R.S.c.E. Orlando, Florida Americinn Society Civil Engineers, lic-nton Engineering Society, 1st Lt. llattery A. DAVID COLLINS HALL R.S. Bradenton, Florida Boximr. 1, 2, 3: Capt., 4. JOSIAH CALVIN HALL, JR. A.B.E. Bradenton, Florida l'i Kappa Alpha, Football, 3, 43 Track, 2, 3: Boxing, 1: Omicron Delta Kappa, Athletic Council, Pea- body Club, VC, F Club, Sigma Delta l'Si ANSEL W. HARRIS B.S.E.E. Orlando, Florida Tau Epsilon Pi, American Insti- tute Electrical Engineers, Benton Enxrineeringz Society. DURWARD E. HAWKINS LL.B. Tampa, Florida Blue Key, Phi Alpha Delta. Pi Delta Epsilon, Alligator Stuff, Sem- inole Staff, Lyceum Council, Dram- atic Society. Page Thirty-mne THOMAS G. Hussey B.S. West Palm Beach, Florida Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 1: Leigh Chemical Society. KENNETH E. HAZELDINEA B.S. in Arch. ' Terre Haute, Indiana Gargoyle Club, Cross Country Team, Seminole Art Staff, Benton Engineer- ing Society. E. L. HENDRICKS B.S.C.E. Island Grove, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau. Pres., 4 : American Society Civil Engineers, Honor Court, 43 Benton Engineering: Society. EDWARD J. HILL B.S.M.E. ' Tallahassee, Florida Sigma Chi, American Society Me- chanical Engineers, Benton Engi- neering: Society. JoHN C. HINSON A.B. in li.A. Quincy, Florida Siszma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Knppa Psi, Serpent Ribbon. L'Apache, Ye Pirates. J. CRAIG HUFFER l l3.S.E.E. Winter Park, Florida Omega Upsilon Theta, Intramural Board, Band, 1, 2, 3: Orchestra, American Institute Electrical Enxzi- neers, Benton Enxzineeriny: Society. Page Forty WILLIAM HAWKINS ' Arch. I Gainesville, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Gargoyle Club, See'y 2: Speculative Society, Semi- nole Art Staff, Blue Gator. JOSEPH RUSSELL HENDERSON B.S.A. I Lee, Florida Alpha Gamma Rho, Interfraternity Conference, Executive Council, 33 Alpha Zeta, Phi Sigma, Agriculture Club. Junior Prom Committee. I. J. HICKENLOOPER B.s.E.E. Palatka, Florida Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT S. HILL B.S.l3.A. . Cocoa, Florida Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Club, Serpent Ribbon, llacelius. ROLAND 0. HOPPER B.s.A. l Cleveland, Florida Agriculture Club. ROBERT CAREY JACOBUS B.S.B.A. St. Petersburg, Florida Alpha Delta. Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, Band, 1, 2, 3: Benton Engi- neerimz Society, Commerce Club, Alpha Kappa Psi. ZZ RUSSELL H. JAMES B.s.n.A. . St. Petersburg, Florida Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Com- merce Club. T. L. JEANNOPOULOS B.s. New York City, New York Leigh Chemical. CLAUDE H. JERNIGAN I B.S.E.E. Marlanna, Florida American Institute Electrical En- gineers, Benton Engineering Society. LEON B. JONES B.S.A. Century, Florida Alpha Gamma Rho, Farr Literary Society, Agriculture Club. T. C. JONES I3.S. Old Town, Florida Delta Chi, Alpha Epsilon Dclta, Farr Literary. ROBERT CHAPIN KENNEDY B.S.Ch.E. t Winter Park, Florlda Sigma Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Benton Engineering Society. LEUIP Chemical, Society of Chemical Engi- IIEETS. J. R. JAMESON B.S.A. . Wabasso, Florida Delta Sigma Phi, Thyrsus, Farr Literary, Agriculture Club. HARVEY J. JERNIGAN B.s.B.A. ' Lake Wales, Florida Commerce Club, Delta Sigma Pi. CARL E. JOHNSON B.S.C.E. l Sarasota, Florlda American Society Civil Engineers, llontun Engineering Society. WILLIAM ELLIS JONES 1s.s.B.A. l DeFuniak Springs, Florida 'Fhvm Chi. THOMAS JOHN JONES B.S.A. l Palm Beach, Florlda l'hi Sigma, Lambda Gamma Delta, l-'OOtliull, 1: Agriculture Club. JOHN M. KIBLER B.S. Lakeland, Florida Alpha Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Farr Literary. Leigh Chemical. Page Forty-one CARL D. KING B.S.B.A. D Bradenton, Florida Delta Sigma Pi, Intramural Glee Club, Executive Council, merce Club. G. R. KINZIE B.s.B.A. Fort Myers, Florida Theta Chi. ARTHUR E. KRAMER B.S. Tarpon Springs, Florid Glee Club, Band, 1, 2: Leitch C ical. F. D. LANSDELL li.S. in Architeclturc Miami, Florida Omega Upsilon Theta. Pan lenic Council. Band, Mgr.. 3. Gargoyle Club, Benton Enfrinee Society. RICHARD ABBOTT LAWREN LLB. I Melbourne, Florida Alpha Delta, Omicron Delta K Black and White Masque, Phi Phi, Scabbard Blade, Orch President Athletic Council. Marshall, Track, 2, 3, 4 1 F Club. GARDNER LAMOTTE LEW A.I3.E. St. Petersburg, Florid Beta Kappa, Peabody Club. I national Relations Club. Page Forty-two estra , ' libui ISAAC GODFREY KING A.B.E. Sneads, Florida Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa DI-ltu Pi, Y. M. C. A., Peabody Club, International Relations Club. CARL KAZARIAN B.s. Orlando, Florida Phi Kappa Phi. HERBERT A. LANGSTON A.B.E. Cross City, Florida Kappa Phi Kappa, Peabody Club, Y. M. C. A. GRANVILLE W. LARRIMORE B.S. Tampa, Florida Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres., 2: Phi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Blue Key, Editor-in-Chief of Florida Alligator, Trens. Florida Intercollegiate Press Assn. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY LEWIS I D B.s.1vI.E. Miami Beach, Florida Theta Kappa Nu, Kappa Gamma Delta, American Society Mechanical Engineers, Benton Engineering Soci- ety, lst Lt. Co. A., ROTC. SHERMAN KENT LITTIG B.S.E. Tallahassee, Florida Phi Eta Sigzma. Phi Kappa Phi, Y. M. C. A., Glee Club. Peabody Club, Leiizh Chemical. F DELBEIVI' E. LIVINGSTON B.S.J. ' Tampa, Florida Chi Tau QU. of N. CJ, Pi Delta Epsilon, Glee Club, Seminole Stafi, Alligator Staff, Associate Editor: Sigma Delta Chi QV.-Pres., 45 :Fourth Estate Hires. 41. WILLIAM TRAVIS LOFTEN B.S.A. Summerfield, Florida Kappa Phi Kappa, Y. M. C. A., Honor Court, Glee Club, Florida Col- lepze Farmer Journal, Mfr. Editor: Agriculture Club. IVAN H. LOUCKS B.S.E.E. Gainesville, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Amer- ican Institute Electrical Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. JAMES HARMON LYBASS B.S.A. Tampa, Florida Delta Tau Delta, Phi Sipzmn. Thyrsus, Debating Council, Scabbard Blade, Agriculture Club, Pres., 4. J. RUSSELL MCCAUGHAN A.Il. Pensacola, Florida Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Swimminxz. 2, 3: Glce Club, 2, 3: linnd, Farr Literary Society. WALTER HIE'1"1' MCELDOWNEY A.ll. Tampa, Florida Beta Thctu Pi. Phi Kappa Phi. Rifle Team, Scabbnrd Blade, Capt. Battery li, ROTC, lntcrnrltiminl Relations Club. Sec'y. 3. 4- 96: Q . - 'Q-his JACK LOW LL.B. Jacksonville, Florida Phi Beta Delta, Interfraternity Conference, Glee Club, 1: Band, 1, 2: Orchestra. Alligator Statf. CHARLES CABELL LORRAINE LL.B. Jacksonville, Florida Kappa Sigma, Band, 1, 2, 3: De- bating Team, 3: John Marshall, Lvigzh Chemical, Serpent Ribbon. K. F. LUTTRELL B.S.B.A. Brooksville, Florida H. L. MCCASKILL ILS. in Arch. Lakeland, Florida Gargoyle, Pres., 4: Benton Engi- neering Society, Senior Ring Com- mittee. ALDEN F. MCDONALD B.S.E.E. Archer, Florida Delta Sigma Phi, American Insti- tute Electrical Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. ALFRED A. MCKETIIAN B.S.B.A. Brooksville, Florida Sixzma Nu, Theta Ribbon, Com- merce Club. Page l"orty-three 2Z KENNETH S. MCMULLEN B.s.A. Madison, Florida Alpha Gamma Rho, Lambda Gam- ma Delta, Agriculture Club. LOUIS MAGID B.S. . Tampa, Florida Rho Chi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Boxing, 2: Phi Kappa Phi. Mortar and Pcstle, Leigh Chemical. JULIAN E. MARKHAM B.S.E. Lake City, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A. P. MATHERS B.S.B.A. Matherville, Alabama Theta Kappa Nu. Alpha Kappa Psi, Leigh Chemical, Commerce Club. GEORGE L. MAY B.S.B.A. I Quincy, Florida Kappa Alpha, Serpent Ribbon, Bacchus. ERNEST MENENDEZ B.S.E.E. Tampa, Florida American Institute Electrical Engineers, Benton Engineering Soci- ety. Page Forty-four mx :Mui J. CLYDE MADDOX LL.B. l Felda, Florida Theta Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha Delta, Honor Court. CHARLES MAGRUDER B.S. in Arch. Tampa, Florida Gargoyle Club, Glee Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Speculative Society, Alliud Arts Society. THOMAS LEONARD MASON a.s.B,A. . Sarasota, Florida Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, lst Lt. ROTC. E. D. MATTHEWS B.s.A. . Homestead, Florlda Alpha Gamma Rho, LOUIS H. MEETH, JR. LL.B. . New Port Richey, Florida Sigma Lambda Tau, Football, 1, 2. 3, 4 : F Club. W. H. MESSER LL.B. Gainesville, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Theta Ribbon. 05305 1 n 24 J. B. MILLER B.S.B.A. DeFuniak Springs, Florida W. F. MITCHELL B.s.A. Lakeland, Florida Alpha Zeta, Leigh Chemical, Agri- culture Club, Y. M. C. A. STEPHEN MILES MONTGOMERY LL.B. Camden, South Carolina Vice-President Student Body, Busi- ness Manager Alligator, 4 5 Black and White Masque, Blue Key. JACOB A. MUM MA A.B. Jacksonville, Florida Farr Literary. Y. M. C. A. HAROLD L. MUTISPAUGH B.s.B.A. Plant City, Florida Pi Kappa Phi. SIDNEY NEUWIRTH B.s. Sulphur Springs, Florida Tau Epsilon Phi. J. B. HAMNER MILLER LL.B. Tampa, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi. G. L. MONTEIRO A.B. St. Petersburg, Florida Sigma Lambda Tau, Tennis, 1: Farr Literary, Newman Club. ROBERT CAREY MOON A.B.E. Rockledge, Florida Kappa Phi Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, International Relations Club. F. H. MUNGER LL.B. . West Palm Beach, Florida Phi Kappa Tau, Track, 3, 4. 5: Soccer, Glee Club, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon. Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Scabbard Blade, Athletic Council. Debating Team, John Marshall, F Club. PHILLIP A. NEUYVIRTH LL.B. Tampa, Florida Tau Epsilon Phi, Glee Club. Band, Orchestra, Farr Literary, Peabody Club, Leixxh Chemical. J. E. NOBLES B.S.B.A. . Orlando, Florida Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. Commerce Club. Page Forty-five 4.46 3 JAMES NOLAN B.S.B.A. Jacksonville, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha, Football, 1, 2, 3. 4: Theta Ribbon, Ye Pirates, Bac- chus, L'Apache. MERLE V. Noam-I A.B.E. Brooksville, Florida Alpha Gamma Rho, Basketball, 1, 2. 3. 4: Football. 1. 2, 3, 45 Track, 1: F Club, VC. P. D. O'CoNNELL LL,B. West Palm Beach, Florida Alpha Tau Omega., Boxing Team, Capt.: Blue Key, L'Apache, Theta Ribbon, John Marshall. CHARLES E. PALMOUR B.S.E. I Anthony, Florida Kappa Phi Kappa, Peabody Club, Leigh Chemical. EDWARD FRANKLIN PHIPPS B.s.B.A. St. Petersburg, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Siirma, Commerce Club. WILLIAM ZACHRY PLATT LL.B. Arcadia, Florida Sigma Nu, Theta Ribbon. Page Forty-six 'I J. H. NORFLEET B.s.A. Gainesville, Florida GEORGE Tiaaso NUNEZ , B.S. Panama C1ty, Florida Alpha Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Com- merce Club, Gaucho, lst Lt., Co. D., ROTC. H. D. PADGETT LL.B. Ruffin, South Carolina J. T. PEACOCK A.B.E. . Marianna, Florida Kappa Phi Kappa, Peabody Club, Sec'y: Debating Team. Honor Court, Y. M. C. A. HUGH A. PILLSBURY B.S. in Arch. I J acksonvllle, Florida Theta Kappa Nu. Gargoyle Cl'-lb. Seminole Staff, Benton Engineering Society, Cap and Gown Committee. TOM QUINLAN B.s.u.A. ' Gainesville, Florida Deltu Tau Delta. 5?'fengQ :Rfb l ROBERT C. RENCI-IER A.B.E. n Apopka, Florida Sigma Lambda Tau. T. W. RICHARDS B.S.B.A. Gainesville, Florida Sigma Nu. WILLIAM J. RIVERS, JR. B.S.B.A. Lakeland, Florida Alpha Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pan Hellenic Council, Farr Literary, Commerce Club, Leigh Chemical. BOB MARVIS ROBERTS Ph.G. Trenton, Florida Track, 1 : Wrestling, 3 : Mortar and Pestle, Leigh Chemical. M. ROSENBERG LL.B. St. Petersburg, Florida Phi Beta Delta. C. E. SAULS A.B.E. Tallahassee, Florida s Gifs. Rv OWEN RICE II B.S.Ch.E. l Orlando, Florida Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Delta Kappa, Orchestra, Sigma Tau, Seab- bard Blade, 1st Lt. Co. A, ROTC: Benton Engineering Society, Leigh Chemical, F Club, Society Chemical lflngineers, Pres. JosEPH VINCENT RICHARDS B.S.B.A. Carrollton, Ohio Sigma Nu, Serpent Ribbon, L'- Apache, Bacchus. W. H. ROBERTS, B.S.A. Homestead, Florida Sigma Lambda Tau, Swimming, 2: Agriculture Club. W. S. W. ROE B.S.M.E. Gainesville, Florida Sigma Chi, American Society, Mechanical Engineers, Cap and Gown Committee. R. R. ROTHFUSS A.B.E. Bradenton, Florida Delta Sigma Phi. WALTER E. SANSBURY Iz.s. West Palm Beach, Florida Glee Club, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Debating Team, Farr Literary, Leigh Chemical, Florida Players. Page Forty-seven 4.46 21433 MORRIS S. SALOMON LL.B. I Orlando, Florida Tau Epsilon Phi, Interfraternity Conference, John Marshall, Treas,: Leigh Chemical. Ivls JOSEF SCADRON LL.B. Tampa, Florida Tau Epsilon Phi, Glee Club. JULE E. SCHMIDT B.S.C.E. I St. Petersburg, Florida Kappa Gamma Delta, American Society Civil Engineers, Benton Engineering Society. M. H. SHAHINIAN B.S.E.E. Gainesville, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Amer- ican Institute Electrical Engineers, Benton Engineering Society, Sec'y- Treas.: International Relations Club. C. O. SIMS B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida GEORGE THOMAS SMITH, JR. . B.S.L.D. Winter Garden, Florida Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Thyrsus, Glee Club, Band. Page Forty-eight A. D. SAWYER B.S. in Arch. Jacksonville, Florida Phi Delta Theta, Swimming, Capt. 2, 3. 4 : F Club, Gargoyle Club, Theta Ribbon. JOHN ROGERS SCHIRARD LL'.B. ' Sanford, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha, Psi, Phi Delta Phi, Band, Vice-President. Junior Law Class, Theta Ribbon. Orchestra. R. E. ScHoI.zE LL.B. Miami, Florida Pi Kappa Phi. JOHN JASPER SHIRLEY B.s.A. D Bradenton, Florida Sigma Chi, Football, 1: Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4: F Club, Athletic Council, Sec'y 4. SAM SLAVIN A.B.E. Newark, New Jersey Boxing, 1, 3, 4: Glee Club, Farr Literary, Peabody Club, F Club. GERALD SMITH A.B.E. u Wilmington, Ohio Phi Kappa Tau, Track, 3, 4 : Fenc- ing, 3, Mgr., 4: Wrestling, 4: Intra- mural Board, 4: Y. M. C. A., Band, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Kappa Gamma Delta, Sigma Delta Psi, Pres. 4: Kappa Phi Kappa, Kappa Kappa Psi, Seminole Staff, Associate Editor, 3: Alligator Staff, Peabody Club, Pres., 4: International Relations Club, Dramatic Society, Florida Play- ers, Sec'y-Treas., 4 3 Theta Ribbon. l ELTON SMITH B.S. . Jacksonville, Fl01'lCl3 Farr Literary. Kappa Gamma Delta. ALVIN H. SPURLOCK l3.S.A.E. I Milton, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Psi, Pres., 4: Kappa Phi Kappa, Pres.. 4 : Alpha Zeta, Peabody Club, lst Lt. Co. D. ROTC. HENRY A. STEPHENS B.s.B.A. , Sarasota, Florida Hand, 1. 2, 3, 4: Commerce Club, 2nd Lt. ROTC Band. SELDEN L. STEWART II B.S.M.E. La Belle, Florida American Society Mechanical Eu- rzincers, Sigma Tau, Kappa Gamma Delta, Benton Engineering Society. RALPH ROBERTSON STONE B.S.C.E. Miami, Florida Track, 4: Cross Country, 3, 41: Hand, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, Amer- ican Society Civil Engineers. Benton Engineering Society. DAN R. SCHWARTZ B.S.B.A.. LL.B. ' South Jacksonville, Florida Phi Beta Delta, lntcrfraternity Conference, John Marshall, Com- merce Club, Leigh Chemicnl. X GFAQ H. SMITH 1'h.G. Jacksonville, Florida F. E. STARNES LL.lS. Fort Myers, Florida Theta Kappa Nu, John Marshall. Farr Literary. THOMAS N. STEWART A.B. Vero Beach, Florida Delta Sigma Phi, Executive Coun- cil, 4: Farr Literary, Leigh Chem- icnl, International Relations Club. Junior Prom Finance Committee, 3. JOSEPH C. STOCK usa. Interlachen, Florida HARRY GREEN B.S., LL.B. . St. Petersburg, Florlda Alpha Phi Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Debating: Team, 2, 3, 4: Commerce Club, John Marshall, Blue Gator, Musqucrudc-rs, Florida Players, Pres., 4 : Farr Literary. T. W. SXVEAT l A.B.E. Live Oak, Florida Peabody Club, Pres. -1. Page Forty-nine 2 J. L. SANDERS, JR. B.S.E.E. Tampa, Florida Alpha Delta, Football, 2, 3, 43 Honor Court, 4: American Institute Electrical En ineers Benton Engi il i ' neering Society, Senior Ring Com- mittee. HAROLD IRWIN TOMPKINS B.s. Tampa, Florida Leigh Chemical. JOSEPH A. VACCARO Tampa, Florida Sigma I'hi Epsilon, Track, 2: Cross Country. 2 :Alligator Staff, L'Apachv, Cheerleader, 4, 5. LAURENOE KAYE WAIIRATH Keystone Helghts, Florida Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa I'hi. Interfraternity Conference, Pres., 4 : Band, 1, 2, 3: Blue Key, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Executive Council, 2 : Honor Court, Chancellor, 3, 4: Speculative Society, Theta Ribbon, L'Apache, Bacchus. THOMAS M. WATROUS A.B., Tampa, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Black and White Masque, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Scabbard Blade, Capt. Co. B, ROTC : Theta Ribbon, Ye Pirates, Bacchus, liaronets. THOMAS ROBA WEBB t I3.s.E.E. Winter Garden, Florida Glee Club, American Institute Electrical Engineers, Benton Engi- neering Society, Leigh Chemical. Page Fifty B?-:S 13.5-x ROBERT Y. H. THOMAS, JR. B.s. Jacksonville, Florida Sigma Chi, Scabbard Blade. Cap- tain liattery C, ROTC 1 Theta Ribbon, Bacchus. J. L. TURNER B.S:, Ph.E. Andalusia, Alabama Kappa Sigma, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Scabbarul Blade, Capt. ROTC : F Club. HAROLD B. WAI-IL Orlando, Florida l'hi Kappa Tau, Theta Ribbon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon. Pres., 4: l'i Gamma Mu, Pres., 4: Tau Kappa Alpha. Pi Delta Epsilon, President Debate Council, Interfraternity Con- ference, Alligator Staff, Military Ed. : VC, Y. M. C. A. Council, Seminole Staff, Varsity Debate Team, Law Club, Vice-Pres. l. R. C. J. DOUGLAS WATERS B.S.A. Muscogee, Florida Agriculture Club, Lambrln Gamma Delta. YVILLIAM B. WATSON LL.B. Jacksonville, Florida Sigma Chi, lnterfraternity Confer- ence, Serpent Ribbon, Ye Pirates, Bacchus, L'Apache, Maaqueraders. lll.-XX E. WETTSTEIN a.s.B.A. D Orlando, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, liaml, 1. 2: Commerce Club. 4 JOSEPH S. WILENSKY A.B. J acksonville, Florida Phi Beta Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Alphi Phi Epsilon, Glee Club, Debat- ing Team, Debating: Council, 4 : Farr gitejrary, International Relations u . NORMAN E. WILLIAMS ILS. Seville, Florida - Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Band, 1, 2, 3. A. E. WILSON LL.B. Tampa, Florida Kappa Gamma Delta, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Phi Alpha Delta, Alpha Phi Epsilon, John Marshall. J. L. WOLCOTI' B.s.E.E. Orlando, Florida American Institute Electrical En- xrineers, Benton Engineering' Society. ROBERT MCTYRE WOODBIIRRY A.a. Orlando, Florida Phi Delta Theta. J. D. WOOTEN , BSE. l DeFunIak Springs, Florida Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Phi Kappa. Sec'y, 4: Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Peabody Club. f 23.22 L 31.5 ASHBEL COTTEN WILLIAMS B.S. Jacksonville, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Glee Club. Band, Farr Literary, Leigh Chemical. Ser- pent Ribbon. R. S. WILLIAMS B.S.J. Tampa, Florida Siszma Nu. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi. Alligator Staff, 3, 4 : Blue Gator, Art Staff, 1, 2 : MII. Ed. 3: Summer School News, News Ed. 2: Fourth Estate, Vice-Pres., 3, 4: Serpent Ribbon. 1. R. C. H. G. WILSON B.S. Tampa, Florida Kappa Gamma Delta, lland, Or- che:-Itra. G. R. WOLFF ILS. Orlando, Florida Siszma Nu. J. P. WOODS A.l!.E. Perry, Florida Basketball, 32 Swinimimr. 12 Y. M. C. A., John Marshall, Farr Liter- ary, F Club. H. H. YANCEY LL.B. Tampa, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lnterfra- ternity Conference. Blue Key, Phi Delta Phi, Serpent Ribbon, Ye Pirates, Bacchus, L'AlIache. Page Fifty-one And when like her, Oh Salzi, youfshall pass Among the Guests star-scattered on the grass, And in your joyous errand reach llze spot Where I made One-turn down on empty Glass! L. E. ARNOW Gainesville, Florida sigma Chi MARK D. BUTLER Miami, Florida Master of Science GERALD LUDWIG Sarasota, Florida Master of Science in Business Ad. J. B. ROSSER Jacksonville. Florida Master of Science W. C. TUCKER Miami, Florida Master of Science HENRY A. BESS Midland City, Alabama Master of Science J. A. HAWKINS Bay Harbor, Florida M. L. MOORE Crestview, Florida Master of Science B. F. SARGENT Gainesville, Florida EDWARD S. QUADE Jacksonville, Florida Master of Science Beta Thctu Pi Page Fifty-three OME, ,Hll the Cup, and in the fFra of Spring Your W inter-garment of Repentence fling: Th? Bird of Time has but a little way To flutter- and the Bird is on thc Wing. Jumme D. L. MARKI-1'l"l' Pros. Jr. Luw Class llnw Arcmlixx, Floricln 'l'. A. WH'l'l'lSllJl'1 Pros. Jr. Acxulvniic Chise- Erlucutimn Miumi, Fluriflu 'l'0M. G. HALL Pri-s. Frn:-ah Lxuv Lnw Fx-rnnnllinu, Flu. A. E. BARKICR Vice-l'rm-rx. Jr. Lnw Claws Luw Jacksonville, Fluriiln D. W. SANDERSUN Vice-l'r1-H. Jr. Anraulvniil' Uluss Eilucutinn W1-sl. Palm llonch, l"luri1l:x M. C. MUSSICR. .I ll. Vicu-Prus. Frush Luw Law St. l'4'Lcrsburg:. l"lm'i1ln A. M. BLACK S0c'y-'l'r1-us. Jr. Inlw Luw Port Huron, Michipzun IHGN LIDIDON liducntiun Murinnnn, lflurirln A. A. LAGANO S1-u'y-'l'r1-ns. Frnsh Law Luw Guincsvillu, i"lnri4l:l S. H. Sl'IAS'l'lfll7 lhlsinvss Admin. Jucksonvillv, l"lnrirlu .70Sl'1l'll MORGAN Emlucntirm .lin-mor, lflorimlu HRUWNIG l"ARRl0ll Arts and Scioncv 'l'nnx5m. i'iiIll'ilill A. l". CARR Art:-1 :xml Scicnvv Umutilln, Flurimlu l'. A. ZIMMICRMAN Arts und Science Miumi, Iflnridn W. C. ZIMMIGRMAN A1IFi4'llilllTl' Miumi, lflorilln E. R. ZIIGRMAN Luw Jvrrwy City, N. J. C H EST lil R Y A 'l' l'I S Ialllllfllijllll l'lunt City, l"loridn R. I". WULl" Arts and S:-ivncv fi!lll10SViii0, lflnriclu .-.XR . X Xxx X . .XV N. . X N X Fi l Q E x l X i f . l c i 2" 1 l 11 4 5.1 1 , i '1 X l L ff K. 1 ' --, 'I P600 Fiiftqfsevcn A f v f. I v .M V I-'RANK ADAMS l ldducation 1 lllountfstown, Florida D. li. ADELSON Arts and Sciencc ' Tampa, Florida 1 E. G. AKIN.JR. Law Winter Park, Florida ll. I". ALLEN Arn and Science Milton, Florida W. J. ALONSO ' Pharmacy Gainesville, Florida 5 O. W. ANDERSON i Agriculture l Dade City, Florida i lt. ll. ARCHIBALD , Law Q Jacksonville, Florida F 1 W. E. ARNOW Law i Gainesville, Florida ' J. G. AUGAT Arts and Science Attleboro, Massachusetts l V lt. M. AVENT ' liuxinoss Administration Jacksonville, Florida l 3 W. W. AYRES 1 Education Miami, Florida l R. n. BAKER. Jn. Engineering: ' Hawthorne, Florida V. ll. BALDWIN lllducation ' St. l'ctersburg, Florida C. F. BAUER Agriculture Gainc.-svillc, Florida C. E. BENNETT Arts and Sciencc Tampa, Florida l l.l'Zl'I W. BERNER Emzineerimz Sanford, Florida W. ll. BIGGERS Arts and Science Miami, Florida 0. M. BISANT Law Jacksonville, Florida lt. C. BLACK liusinvrm Arlministruliun Plnnt City, Florida R. II. IILANCHARU Ihlsim-sa Alllllilli4l,Tllt,i4lll Winter HllVl'Il, I"Im'i1l:1 C. li. HLOHM Agricufturi- Miumi, Flurixhl J. II. IIOGLIG Iiusinvs:-1 Aflministrntinn Svhrinyz, Fluriilu M. A. ll0UlJl4I'l' Axzriculturo Lnku Worth, Florida R. S. IIOSTWICK Nnyrixivorimz .luciumnvilh-, Fluriclu 'l'. W. ICOSTWICK Emzim-1-rim: .Incksuuvillm-, lflurimln W. H. ISOYCE Idmzinct-rim: Si-bring, Florillu I". I'. BRAND Arts unml Sci:-m-v Clvrniont, l"lori4lzx II. J. I!IiINKl.l'IY Agriculture Jacksonville, Florimln DA V I D HROWDER Luw Lee-shurg, Flnricln T. E. HROUN Edimutiuii Oculn, lfloriiln JOHN A. IHIYSON llhlucntiun .lncksmivillc-, Florizln J. A. IiUCKI.ifIY I'I1lucut,iun St, l'ctcrsburg, l"l0ri4ln TOM IIUCKLPZY Comnivrvc- und .lournnl Minmi, Flnriclu THOMAS liU'l"l' Arts und Suiuncn- Urlumlo, lfluriiin J. l!lIZZI'1'l"I' l'hairmucy Amilnuliivuln, Florirln J. 'I'. CAMl'l!I'II.I. Nillllflltiilll Zi phyrhilla, Florida: i 5 Q 5 . Q i 5 I I 1 6 1 I i A x i i I l F v v i f 6 3 3 1 x F 4 .. - ff' N N f 1 7, . i - I, ' f f X' Cf' A ,l' ,tl r ar"" .. Q, K . . V- 1 X I. f' . 'x 5 If !. lf 1 fl. , . ., ,Q 1 , '1 . 1 . 9 'K . . ,ggi . ttyl i -'T .,.,f ' """'-.,... .,,,....,.,f-'Y' f K P000 Fifty-:oz i ne 1 x i v s J if Rai 1' - , ' G, ., ly. ., " !x'v,f'?"-A. 1 . ....,J , gf V A 1' ' if :X '-,H VJ 5 A 1 1 W . 5 ' Y . J' . .5 fly A 1 f 1 'fx' I 1 . 'H . ,K -3 1 .ffl 'Ml 1 4 551' 1 M . isfp: ,-J, If , 'XL ,fp M... M ' .. 5,'V,Qz.jj xx .K iff: H W1 .:..iLf. 3-" X' M. .-, ,-m'1".. 5 1' ww' Tm" Pllgfifslltv ' f I. 1 1 4 -I 1 fi 4 5 J. I. CAMl'lSl'2Ll, l'In1.zim-vring lhxlbnu, Cmml Zum- RAY CAR'I'l'lR Lmv South Juvksunvillv, Florida IJ. H. CONKLING Journulism l'nlm lic-In-ll, lflnrinlu RUSSICLL CARSON Arts mul Svivxxvi- 'I'nmpu, Florilln R. I". CIIAMIILISS Engim-4-rim.: 'I'nmpn, lflnridn WILLIAM CHARLES l':llllI'Ill.i0!l Jacksonville, Fluridu J. M. UlARAVlfILL'A Gaim-Hvillv, Fluriclu Arts mul Sciclwv H. J. COIIIGN lhmilu-as A1lnxiniNl.rut.iun .lnrksunvllli-, Florifla R. IS. UOLIG Arts und Sl'il!lll'C' Orlnmlu, Flnrirlu U. H. COLL!!-IR Ihmim-as Arlmini:4tru1.iun 'l'umpu, Flnriclu 'l'. lfl. COLLINS Allriculturm- Hnrtmv, l"lnri4hl A. W. COPPILANIJ Emlim-vriln: Tumpn, l'wl0!'illIl GFIORGIC COUL'l'ER J. U. COX Agrricullllrv Lulu- Alfrc-d, Floridn IJ. G. CRAFT Inlw Livv Oak, Flu. IG. W. CRICWS lhxwim-:lea Administration Zulfu Springs, Florida l'I. S. CURRY Education Guinu-xvillc, Florida IJ. C. CURTIS Lnw Luke Wales, Florida R. A. CURTIS Law Tampa, Florida R. J. CU'I'l.l'lIl lddiuvaiinn Dm-I.aad, Florida W. R. DANIICI, I'llIlI1'IltIUD Sarasota. l"lurida D. A. DAVIS Iiusim-ss Adniinistraliun Miami, Florida D. M. DAVIS Asrriuulturc I"rusI.luruc-f, I"Iurida M. M. DAVIS lhirlinm-Hs Administration Uvala, Florida 0. I'. DAVIS IIIISIIIUSH Adniinistratian Wintcr Ilavvn. Florida A. G. DAVIS Law .Iaclc:wnvilIv, Florida N. D. DAVIS Law .lavksonvillf-, Iflorida JOE DAVIS Law Miami, Florida W. A. DAVIS lhmim-ns Administration lfrmitprormf, Florida 0. li. DAYTON, .IIL Law Dndv City, Florida C. T. DEES Law Mayo, Florida W. T. DIAL Law Gainesville, Florida Ii. H. DELOACI-I Journalism Lakeland, Florida C. L. DICKENSON Education Alachua, Florida W. W. DISHONG Law Arcadia, Florirln. IIARTON DOUGLAS Law Gainesville, Florida M I I .L--f. 1-. ,VI . ,i JJ ca . Mg. Fil - x .Aj A N 'a K. .3 lx! X s ,X 5 Ilyx X X. .xx . I I . , , . I PA x : 1 fu 1"-. I. 'V 41 w I ITA 1 I ff ,Af , 5. , A ,M .-, . .41 I Q 22 ggi wi? Ita: mx' A - I ' vi ' ' 'I?.'fw,"gir'-I F in mpg. tfilia. . 1 ,ymlg .iliii-WS' , . ' 1' 'I' f. , rig. A ' -.. '-:5L'1'fg'3.'a. ' f ii -i +A ' ' "1 V .. GIAVQQ' " 9 xigffliii- ft.,-'i vi- iyyq fx 'x.., .X fl , ,y .x Z .yy 4 ' I . F . . in il 1 X. x N ' fi. r 'X X- . A., , r V ,IQ E ' ',Y,v. :L A I jglyei ik I 'I 'W xi H n wgfh. I- , giiiiiiibli, Pm ...Q Q 3, 'gif' 45? ei I' PQ Mr"-gif? ' I iw 'A' 5 .liliizilzil . ,I .pzzlffa ff' I :fi , ' fi Y Li" r' -I -, W A6553 Q., .wg V5.5 UN . i L43 E I-:N . 'A 'jx i I -. . x " . v, 'X g... I -. 1 -. Rx w I 1 I ' I , xx! I ' ' I I' 'x , . -- ,Pagg bgiiffy-one I , . , LN, 1 5 1 M I -. f I A .. . X - IX I 2 Q, x I 4 I ! 'K r wh? M I 1 uh , ' lr' ,I ' W ,A V . ff N . . .-. x N 'I 'K 1 W- :Q -1. uv ,. X,.4' 'J' xr x. . '."' t I I I 1, x .5 . ' 1 1 I I I 1 . I 3 H .1 rf. I 2 U A ,X g I f N I. K I 1 5 1 I I J f I v ,lf ,Y. , ,411 I I If ' Page Siny-mo R f 1,-4 , K fi C, .I. IJILIGISLUW 1- III!!-IIIIUNH A1Iminisi,rul,i0n Ivlunticvllu, Flurialu 1. I ki lc. lc. DRICSISACII if Arts and Science- K5 I"nrL I41llIlIt'I'1IIlIl', Iflurizln Iv if I'I. II. DUNCAN SQ A rchiu-ctu ru II Sumnu-riivlml, Flurizlsl fi Ti I N Il' VV. I". IJIINKIIIC ,I I'l1IllcuI,irm gi 'I':llInImasm-1-, Ifloricln I gf ATWOUIJ IIUNWUIJY Imw Arcruliu, Iflurixln ,Lx QI lc. DUNWODY 1- 41 Lnw YI Arcmlin, I"Iuri1Iu Q1 IS H iM fl H. lv. nvidia ' Luw E Stuart., lflurirlu Y' GPIORGIG IJYKICS .. lhmivf-sa A4Iminist,rnt.iun ,i Miumi, Iflurirlu II. II. ICA RIIIC Iius. Ad., mul Luw Ocnln, I"lori4I:1 1' M. W. I'IAS'I'LANIJ I Iillsirwss Adnminieatrutinn Tnmpu, Fluriclu 'I'. S. IGIJIJIIIGMAN Ihlsilmm-as .AIIITIIIIIQ-II,!'llI,I0ll Yuzuu City, Missiru-uimli " WILLIAM ICIJWARDS 1' IIIIHIHCHH Adminiatrntiun I Uuulu, Florirlu , , I I I M. n. mnwmms Arts nnrl Sm-ivrmv 1 KIIIIILI,IlhUOCIll'I', I' luridu I.. M. I'2MANUI'II. I'Il1y:ir14'1-rim: , .I1u:ksunvill4-, I'II0I'IlIIl N IC. A. IGMMIGIJIAINZ Q liusim-ns Adminintrntinn I Iirudcntun, I"lori1Iu ' I". W. I"Al!.NSWOIl'I'II I'Ingim-1-ring Gaim-Hvilh-, lflurimlu A. J. I"I'IRI1INlJIN0 AruI1il.c-cturv Minmi, I"lori4Iu W. J. I"I'IIiGUSON IIIIHIIIUHH Awlministrntion Urlumlo. I"luri1lu w .l. W. Fll'1l.ll lillsiiwa:-x Aclminislrnliun Minmi llcnch, Fluridu ED FlSl'll'ZR Arts und Svicm-u - 4 St. l,t'l.Cl'Hlilll'l-f, Flnruln .l. S. l"ISlll'Zli llllHllll'SH Arlminislrntion 'l'umpn, Flnrhlu 'l'. C. Fl.l+1'l'CIll'IIt Plmrmucy Williston, Floriilu W. li. FOKIGS lmw Luka City, Florialu D. W. FORSYTII Journalism l'vnrun'uln, l"lm'i1lu UlllCS'l'l'll!, FORT l'r0-mm-ilicnl Uculn, Flurillu FRANK FRAZIICIL Arts mul Scioncu Wvxt l'nlm lin-nch, Flnridu J. S. FRAZIGR Arts und Sc-is-ru-0 l'vmuu'uln, Floricln G. IJ, FltlCl'IMAN l'Imzim-4-rim: Sl.. Am,':ll:4I..m-, Flnridn ll. li. FIQYIGR llur-xinuss Aclministrulion Tumnu, Fluriclu ll. ll. FUQUA Arts und Si'iunm'4' l'ulmL't,l,o, Fluriilu Il. li. GAYLORD l'llll!lIll'0l'llU.! 'l'um1m, Fluriuln Ali'l'llUR GIIIUUNS Luw 'I'nm1m, Flurixln R. ll. GILL Agzrivuliuru Zi-pllyrliillri. Fluriclu lll'1llMAN GUl.Dlll'1RG lllmim-sm Amlmini:-atrutiun 'l'liunmsvillv, Georgia J. ll. Glil'll'lNlil'lliG Ayzriculturv Gnim-svillv. lflurirln Il. M. GULICK l'Ingzinn-1-ring: Tumpn, Flurirla N x S - 1 X l , X .Ax .xx .,f' 'x Page Sfityjlz ree , "xi V if 4 f ' A I, I Pfffle Sixty-four I Z YV. i'i. IIAAS l'Im1im'urim,: 'l'mnpn, lfluridn ICRUCIG HAMILTON iilIHilll'H!-I Administrntinn Tnmlm, l"Iuri1ln J. 'l'. HALL i':llLl'ilH'l'l"illlZ lluliywuml, l"i0l'irIn W, IC. HALSIGY liu:4im-Hs A4lmini:4t.rut.inn W4-st Palm lim-nvii, Flnrilin H. A. HAMM lilmiln-Hs AliflliI1iHi,TIli.i4iYl filliIll'NViii0, Floriiln .l. IG. lIARDl'Il'I Imw Madison, Fluriflu W. K. IIAIKIHCLI. limlllcxulioll Milrillllllll, ifluririn .l. ll. llARl!.lNG'I'UN linw Sl.. l'1-l,L-rslnlryq, i"luriri:i S. 'l'. HART Arts mul Sail-nov Jacksonville, i"luri4ln W. I". HARRISON l'ililH'lli.i0H Vzinnnln City, Florirln G. W. IIAUG l'1n1zim-vrimr 'l'1l.mpn, Ifloriflu G. M. IIl'lI'l'MAN l!l1r4il1ve-ni Administration l+'urL Myi-rs, Florida J. W. HIGNIJERSUN Ari.-4 und Scivnce 'l'nIluh:xs:4vc, Ifluridn W. W. IIIGNLPIY Agriculturv D1-l"nni1l.k Springs, Florida W. A. IIIGRIN Luw Miumi, Florirln UIIA RLICS IIICMMINGIIAUS Agrriz-uIt.uru Minis, iflurimiu C. ll. NESS Inlw .lacks-umvillu, Fiuriiln ROISIGIUI' lli'ISi'I'1R iillHilll'H'rl Afinministrntiun Minmi, l"lori4lu EARL Ill RSC H Education Jacksonville, lflnrimla Z. D. HOLLAND Pharmacy liunnvll, Flurixla ABE H0 ROV l'l'Z Emzinoc-rimz Jacksonville, 'Iflurimla A. H. HUGHEY lllmirwns Arlmiaislmatiwm Columbia, South Carolina W. ll. lIUN'l'l'llL Law Tavnros. Florixla L. S. H l A'I"l' ullHil1l'HH Atlruiuistratimi West Palm Ih-avli, l"I1u'illa SELWYN C. lVl'lS Lnw Imkf- City, l"luri1la A. Il. JACKSON Aszriuulum- Clvarwutvr. lflnricln. W. IL JACKSON Journalism Wvsl. l'aIm lh-ach, l"lur J. C. JENKINS Law Jacksonvilla-, I"lm'imla W. L. JICNNINGS llusinosx Ailministraliuu Jcnnimzs, lflurirla .l. W. JIGRNIGAN Engzim-orimz Sl.. AllKllNi.llll', l4'lUl"l4Ill ll. R. JOHANSICN Law Clelirwatvr. Florida H. R. JOIIANSICN Journalism Cla-nrwatvr, lflorimla ll. A. JOHNSON Law Lake Wah-H, lflurlila L. M. JOHNSON Axzriculturc Miami, Florida 0. P. JOHNSON Law St. Cluull, lflnriala R. S. JOHNSON Pharmacy GIllIl1'HVllll', Florida isla il . N . N. X . W. S :au f ' J l Page Sixtyvfivv f fl! . 1 I I 1 v 4 x I .E I f ll . 1 1' - ,f I -4 Pagg, 'Silly-lil X ' .Xl .3 1 I ,- gf ,, M Y. f f"'b.. te , 1 Nkiw' W. I.. JOHNSON Business Administration K1-y We-sl, Florida A. H. JONES. JR. Arts and Science l'on:-sacula, Florida GRAHAM JONES Business Administration Quincy, Florida IIOMICR JONES ldducation DL-I"uniak Springs, Florida ll. L. JORDAN Law 'I'ampa, Florirla DICK JUDY Arts and Scivnco 'l'ampa, Flur.dn l'J. M. KICIQIJIR ldmzim-vrinpr Miami, Florida DAN KELLY Law l"1.-rnandina, Iflurida E. E. KESTER Enirincerim-Z Jack:-mnvillu, I"lorid:l U. ld. K IIILINGICR D. ll. KING lflducation Eu:-stis, Flurizla W. G. KING liilsim-e-xra Administration Orlando, l' lorida C. 0. KIRKLAND liusimrss Administration Laurel Hill, I"lorida JOE KIRTON Law Claim-svillv. lfluridzl J, li. KNO'l"l' lilisilu-as Administratfmi 'l'allaha,xse:, I'lllll'l4l1l 'l'. I". LANDRUM llaw lnvz-rm-ss, Florida W. W. LAWLICSS Axrriculturv Lake Alfred, Florida M. K. LOUCKS Arts and S1-iuncu Tampa, Florida V. Ii. LICIC IIIISIIIUSS Administration l'Ivnrwutor, Florirln A. J. LICA'I'A Lzuv 'l':lm1m, Fluricln WILLIAM LIl'SI'l'Z lille-zim-ss Administration l.c1-shurg, Fluriclu II. G. LIVINGSTON Luw KJFIIIIHIO, I"I0ri1Iu IIULSICY LOKEY Iilmim-ss Administruliun Tnmpu, Flnrialu AQUILINO LOl'I'IZ Lnw K1-y West. Iflnrimln M. M. LORD I'l1IuL-zitiun Szmforrl, l"Iuri1In JAMES LOWE I'IcIucnl.ion .l1u'ksunviIIc. l"luri4I:l M. Id. LUCAS Luw 'I'x1mpu, I4'InrirIu .IOIIN M. LYIGLL Ar:-hituilturu Iuinmi, Iflnridn VADEN MuCAUL l'ru-Lnw Gninurwillv, Florida RROWA RD McCI.I'1LLAN Edumltlun Ifrink, l"Iuri1I1l JOHN M4-COLSKY Agriculturu Lulu- Cil.y, lfloriilu L. R. McCOIlMICK IC4Iu4:ntim1 Guincsvillv, I"fori4I11 IL C. MUCORMICK Emlucutinn Guinvsvillv, I"luri4lu J. M. MQIGWIGN Lzuv Wzulchuln, Florixlu W. IJ. M1-GINNIS IIIIHIIICSH Aclministrnlion Lulu', lfluridll C. A. MclN'I'OSlI Phurnmr-y Gzlillcsvillv, I"lm'i4Iu Ii 1 I 1 i I x pi i i v v 1 W., I 1 XX 1 ,NR I 4. I I I , I 'I ,, , . .,,.....--...-.,......-. ,,,, ., ,,,, - ,,,,,, ,.,,, ,,.. .- ,... , .. . . x x 'Pago Sixtyisc ren . X. vs. fu .510 wr. 1, f , , f 1 1' l l l f f K! ,fi 1 3. I n . ' l, ' in ,W .1 ' I . l i l l l . '- . N X i X ' ' ' N: N K 3 A l V ' 1 . M , Vi 49... 'l 10 l' , l J' f. 4 . . , 4 l l 1 41 ' . 1 f' - L A-...M F' -A 'R 953' 2 '--if-LZ. ,- liflgfi ,Af i -Qfff " M: ,A ' -. z ,5- . .N K1 p 1, 1wr.:"-liixjqiialaw' K.. . f .1 ,- d,q,..W n 1. ' ll If .f J w1:.w1mfa.Lwf' '61, -Iqffyfvqf el 521: if ll 'i"12'L1-' Ylllf.-l-ll? 'wi' fl f:i:':n.'i. wfrwl A' . 1 if x, ,.-My 'lvlf'-zfffs ,f Xi? H, A 14 Iw- Q pkg J-f'f"'f'?"im'E'fy -H1513 mi 1 :vw g .lf lg 54: 3 lgzfl' 4 l 1 5 f .. -f'3-Mlfl -Q59 -if 51 ffl- 2 '1.7i'l" "if.-:5'i'if.'1?f1l S-l2LlY'-'il 157155-,.,'," 1 s.. ..,'-,g.fff,,i,,51.v'Qi Y .. Y L A 5 j.z.lQl:,Q'f.1, Q, , ik-Iff.' l Qf'312-f.r',lf-1'li'.fQF 01" l . U - -' u y, Lsefcgky MTH Hf"T' ' -. if: A- ,N--1.g,'.flff1"'w1E . '+, Mn,-V., . W Ju V' V' ,"'l"!cA:All ' ff- A ,Qff w.,j.g,f 1....ff - f wh, lla' PH -ff E '- vs ""-A--Wm..-f-W" ' 4 I ' 1 gf q, ,... ...K 1 l H 1 ".."""i ' Xi , A , J, . ,, ' fl ' f' 3 4 l gk! Llllqg ii... Y 'f'iC'Lz,v. 2-x1.' . ,rw .'3.3f.gll.n Paglfsfdii-lift! V 1 x N f ., 1 .al Y. ,I k.-' 1 A DONALD MvI.l'1AN Anzriculluru li:u'l.nw. l"loridu W. I.. MuI.l4l0D Arts und Sci:-nee Aucillu, Florida Il. A. Mcl'Hl'IRSON l'2duunLi0n Hurduwuy, Ifluridn W. A. M4'RAI'I. JR. Law .lnclirmlwilli-, l"l0ridn RICHARD MACK Iiusim-ss Administrzltinn Miami lil-nch, Florida C. ll. MAHAFFEY lin:-lincss Administration .Incksunvillu, Florida 0. M. MAINIGS Axzriculturv Gaim-svillv, l"l0ridn A. C. MANUGY l'IduvuLiun Sl. .AllLZllSl.lll0, Flnrirlu FRED MARCHMAN .lurlrmilism l'untn Gnrdu, Florida ll. G. MARSH. JR. I'1dm-:ltimn .laurkrumvills-, l"lurid1l .l. C. MARTIN l'lmrmnc'y Moss lllull, Fluridn FRANK MASSARI Law 'l'un1pu, l"lnridn li. li, MA'l"l'HEWS liusina-as Administrutiun, l"Ioridn W. K. MAYIGS lhmim-sro Azlmlmstrutmn l'vns:u'0ln, I"lorirlu VV. T. MAYO Lnw .luckemnvillm Florida G. li. MICHLMAN Law .Im-lcsunvillo, Fluridu W. 0. MEHRTICNS Law Jmvksonville, Florida CHARLES MILLER Luw Jncksonvillv, Florida W. K. MILLER Architecture Orlumlo, Florixlu JIM MILLICAN Luw l'nlntlm, lflorimlu J. ll. MINARDI Lnw 'l'nn1pn, Floriilu A. G. MIZE lllmincss Administration Wcst l'nlm Hcuch. Florisln R. S. MIZRAHI Architecture Jacksonville, l"'loricln C. I. MOSIER Arts und Science Miami, Florimlu 'I'. E. MOODY, JR. lillsinm-ss Administration l'lnnL City, Florimln J. S. NICICI, Arts mul Scicncc Iligzh Springs, Florimln 'I'OM N l'1l"l4' l'ln1.:inccring Jucksonvillc, Florimlu I". J. NELSON Emzinccring Umutillu, lflorirln C. D. NICWHERN Agricultura- Worthington, Florimlu FRED NICWKIRK Plngincorintr 'l'umpn. Flurirlu I". H. NICWMAN Luw .lxu'k:-lonvillu, Florizlu H. M. NORTON Journalism Minmi, Florirlu DON OLIVER Lnw Kissimmee, Florllln ED PARNELL Education Jensen, Florida SAM PASCO, JR. Law Pcnsmcoln, Florirlu R. W. PATTON Lnw Tampa, Florida P 4 , ll' 1 Page Sixty-'nine 5 Z 1 E 3 1' rf x v I . H 3 1 f 5 ,, 33 i i 4 it 'li i .-, , , , , 1 i ,f f j I -. K ' i Page Seventy R. W. l'lCDl'1RSUN Iiusimrss Adnministrutiun linrtow, Flnrifln I.. H. l'i'lNCl'l Iilisilu-ss Adn1ini:4lrn1.iun Urlnmlu, Flnrirln JOM l'i'INIJlN0 Art:-4 :md Srivncv 'l'umpu, I"lol'imin l7AI.Vl'lIi'l' l'i'il'l'i'fN Law lluim-ewilln-, i"ill!'i1i3l W. ll. l'l'TRRlNl4I imw Gninusvillu, Flurizlzi W. G. l'I'lRR.Y i'1mrinm-erimz Minmi, Florirlu C. IC. l'Hll'lL liducntion l SL. Putorshurgr, lflurlrln C. li. PINNEY Arts und Scivnco Fort Myers, Fiuririzl J. Y. I'OR'l'i'lll Law Kvy Wm-sl., Flurilln M. C. l'Rl'IVA'l"l' Imw .ilu-kscmvilh-, Flrmrimiu H. I". I'RlI'lS'1'I'Ili Elillcntiull Luke liutlcr. Fluririzn J. W. l'RUN'l'Y Lnw Miami, ifloririu l-'. II. i'UGl'I Arts und Science- iiilllflxi Hill, Florimiu L. H. RAlilNOWi'l'Z Arts null Scivncv Gninvuvillc, Floridxi J. A. RAMSIGY Ellucutiun liristol, I-'luridn li. J. RAMSICY Axrriuulturo Merritt, lfluridu HUD RICYNOLIJS lin:-xim-as Aclministrntimm V1-ro lim-meh, lfluriclu A. D. RIPPEY Arts und Sciuncv Guinosviliv, l"I01'icl:1 R. S. RISIIGN Iliiaincss Aclniiniratrzxtiun .lm-krinnvilli-, l"I1vri4lu W. D. ROIiI'lR'l'SON Lnw Milton, I"lm'idn I". Y. RUHSUN Arts :xml Scivnvm- 'l'nn1pzi, l"lm'i1Izu ICRNICST ROHUCK lilinixim-as Ailminislrntinn .lucksunvilln-, l"ln1'i4ln D. 'l'. ROCKWICLL l'illL!'iIl0l'l'illl1 Miami, I"luri4l:l L. II. ROGERS Ein-Zim-orim.: lh-I"unink Sprimxs, l4'lori1lu ' .l. 'l'. ROGERS Iiuw Gainesville, Flnriclai A. T. ROSSI'l'l'IR LIIXV lfluu Gullic, Ifloridu H. ROSSICR Arte and Suiuncm- Jnck:-iunvillv, I"luri1In D. S. RUF!" llllsim-ri:-L Amlministrntion ML-rritt, Floriilu R. li. RYDICR Idmxim-1-rim: Minmi, Fluriflu H. ll. SAMMONS Business Aiiministrutiun Tunipn. lfluridax HORNY SANGHICZ lilIHiIlCSS A4lminisLr:ii,iun Live Unk, Flurirlu I". C. SAVAGE l':llLZ'illl'l'l'iIllL' Idusiis, I"lnriml:i l'I. E, SGIIIRMIR I'ri--Law Miami, I"Iuri1l:u ll. M. SCHOIGN ISO RN lilmrim-1-rim: '1'x1mpn. l4'lm'i4l:L IIUMIGR H. SICAY liuriimus AlilllilliSl.l'lll,illll Miami, Floriilzl l'. 'l'. SI'1I.I,lCR liusim-as Ailministrutinm Gxlinusvillv. Flurixlu Page Seventy-one .f "Dm . ix? I.- .f . . 1 5 I .5 ! . if ' J! I- if ' 545 ' ffl .. Jfsx , f' f '-x , " 1' I 1 1 if i Q , A . 1' i. ' aj.. l I .L I S I . Sl J IM- if H I , ':, ' " If ' if! ,ffl V., 1. f' .K Q , X f If, J, f' , , A ' x ! ' g X, R H .V . . , , .,, , 1 2' w Y., K' f .lf A in-.X -ex xk I , Qu.. X ' .' x .ff '1 I ' ' f ," lf Sl lla I 41 ' ik If lit gl ik .J . P Q . , Q - 5 ' fl if -..,., x . if . ' 'fm ,, V 1 I 2 x ' lx . , W. Page 'Seventy-twoi . 3 I'. L. SI-IAI"I'lR Business Administrntiun Jnclciionville. Florida JOE SHAPIRO Lnw Miami lleneh, Fluriclu W. G. SIMMONS Arts unrl Science Miumi, 1"l0ridn C. I". SINCLAIR Lnw Winter I-Inven, Florida H. M. SINCLAIR Lnw Winter Haven, Floriclu G. L. SINGLIGTARY Iinw Kissimmee, Florida .W K. G. SKAGGS Arts und Science Snrm-mm, Ifluricln F. W. SLAUGIl'l'I'1It IIIIHIIIUHS Amlministrntiun l'ulmutt0. Fluridu D. C. SMITH Business Administrutmn Center Hill, Florida J. M. SMITI-I Luw Iieildick, Flurimlu K. H. SMITH Phurmucy Lnkelnml, Floriiln M. IC. SMITH Arts nncl Science Tumpu, lflorizlu T. E. SMITH Arts und Science Pnnumu City, Florida W. J. SMITH, Jli., Iiusiness Administration Winter Huven, I+'loridu W. S. SOAR Arts und Science Miumi, Florirln Ii. li. SOIIOL Lnw Guinesville, Ifluridn R. II. STANLEY Enizineeringz Orlando, lf'Iuri4in W. L. STEPHENS Architecture Jucksonville, I"lr1ri4In R. W. S'l'lfIWAR'l' Aprriculturv Lvcsliurpz, Floridax HARRY W. S'l'l'IWAR'l' Law Jnvksonvillv, lflurillu I. W. S'l'RlCKl.ICR liusillvss Ariministrzxliun Minmi, Flurimlzl WILTUN S'I'URGl'lS, JR. Artx :xml Scif-neo l"t. Lamrlvx'1lulv, l"luri4h1 G. W. S'l'URM Luw Snrusntzl, Floriiln A. IC. SUMMERS Law liixzh Springs, l"'Im'iml:x II. C. SCHWARTZ Arts nm! Suivncc .lncksunvilh-, Florialzl W. R. SWIGARINGIGN Arts and Science- linrtow, Florirlu IC. 0. SUI-IWl'Il'I'Zl'IR Apzriculturv I'Iunu-stvml. I"Iuri1l:l P. M. 'I'I'IDIJl'IR Emzinn-4-ring Cxuml Point, Fluriiln J. W. THOMAS Pharmacy llipzh Sprimgs, I"lnri4I:u A. R. 'FHOMPSON I'.:1w ht. l'l".l'l'!-KIPIITLZ, lflvwlclau R. A. THOMPSON 1'lllg!illl'0l'iIl5! Miumi, Fluridzl R. N. TIMIKICRMAN Emzincn-rim: h Mm-llmnxrrw, Florida: W. E. TUGWELI. Arts und Svionm- I'L-nsnculu, Flnrieln D. H. TURNER Arts und Science Oculu, Florida R. I". UNDERWOOIJ Bmxincsa Adminiwtrution Winlvr Huvvn, lflflfifill C. H. WALKER lillHillUHS Adminislrnliml V1-muuculu, lflm-icln I Q Z w Aki! 4 Xxx a iff' Y :"' "f, . E V fi?-1 'i . 1 .fi .f"vQYl.H'z!,L,G21?w, .xi ,n V, ,,f,:yML:V4 .-ff 3? ixycgq fifiiiii fa. x""w'i'3 i 57 521.1 .pj,,,," '- , -JITXFW W f N X ,- F i ' j - -. C . 'A ,VKX KX. ,f , '-2-5 x 1 riff. X" Q I wx X .J iff' 1 ix' 'f I i ' xx H ' U 51.4 .XX lu 3 sf , - N A gg ..:-W-.!,,..'.w ,I Q l .1 1 , R , , i!'f,?"f f ,fi m'1,'N.,.:'3J .xx ,J-,:,, . K - N H, .XL , I 5, , y mf J 5, .3 .1 ...Q 3 n 4 ,Qu .j ' -. -:am 3:2 vm!! N iiiiig ii." 'i5i"'ilsx"N?w,,1 'f' Q 'mi J f7...,f7. w fi 9 '.".,N,f M, ., .I 5 ,Mx ,,-' ' 'X i I f A X' 1 .1-. . 1. - 5' .I - , H , . ,FJ Ay jd. . X i .f kd MA,- si, 1 I ' 5, V, '73 . f V . , 'ii . A ..,5, ' ix i 'X : ' X. I i 'X 'N I A A A 1 2 1 A-. , , 5 1, X. X K . Y I P690 Sovfhtydhrce i Q f .F I, I 1- 1 if I ,f If! ff f A ! , . fr ' I I' g - 1 I, I 1' I 1' ,U , I ,ff I '-. I J I 'nga Soventyllour h II. C. WAICNOCK Ihlsim-ss A1In1ini:4.r:iI,inu .I1lL'IC5OIIVIIIL', Flnrialu W. 'I'. WEEKS Pliluczxtion Gnim-svillu, Florillzl J. J. WI'1INS'I'I'IIN Arts :xml S:'i1-uve SI.. Aupzustinu, I"IurisI:x Ii. I". WI'II.LI'IS IIIISIIIKH-I Arlminislrzitlon Arvnfliu, Florirlu S. W. WICLLS Axzriclllturu Winlur Huvm-n. I"Iuri1Iu .IOI'IN T. WIGGINTON Lnw Miumi, Ifluriclu C. Ii. WILI'lY I.+l.x Alliznm-0. Ohio S. S. WIGISS I.:nw SL. I'c-tvrshurgz, IJIUFIIIII J. W. WICST Phlucntiun Iiushnvll, Iflnricln W. K. WIII'l'FII'1I.Il Idelucutiun 'I':III:nh:Is:-mv, lflorimln 'I', II. WILLIAMS Luw Lnkc City, Iflorimlu DON K. WILLIAMS 1511:-iinuss AfIlTlIllIStFllLIllIl Tumpn, I"Iori1Iu G. L. WILLIAMS I'IlILl'IIll'1'Y'IIIl! .lupilz-r, I"I0rimIu C. W. WILKINSON I'I4Iucx1tiun!s, Florida W. C. WINI"ILI'lI'1 Idnprim-vrinlr 1.1-unlmrxr, Flurifln Ii. M. WING I'ImIucxil.iun Iinynrxl. Florimln W. II. WOODWARIJ Arts und Sciencv Mslriunlm, Florimln J. K. WOOLSLAIR Lnw Fort Myvrs, I"I0ri1Iu And we, rhat now make merry in lhe Room They left, anal Summer dresses in new bloom Ourselves must we beneath the Couch of Earlh Descend- ourselves to make a Couch -hr whom ? I Il M- 4, 4+-f ,, sr' Y . 4 4 - " sVV4f42V.,4 44 V 4 444 ' 35.5-JW-V. VV V4.3 ' "'-'Sf' D- 3 V 4 ' . . 44 "V'i",9? 4 " ' :ffl 4 l'w4?!7Wf'+f'f'f'4. 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VVOODWARD, l'l. The Sophomore lass To the Sophomore class falls a large portion of the responsibility for the enforce- ment of freshman regulations. Through the medium of the Vigilance Committee, appointed by the president of the second year class, justice is metecl out to the rats who fail to abide by the time honored rules and customs which are imposed on them. The V. C. is the vehicle through which the Sophomores control the freshmen. Making the responsibilities of a Sophomore especially precarious, however, is the annual sack rush between the first two classes, and all of the prcliminaries leading: thereto. This day, which is set aside as one of retribution, gives to the freshmen a defense they would otherwise be without. The present Sophomore class is one of the largest in the history ofthe University. 4 NX ...' 'X "jf ., Q ,.'. ,f lf? V1 Zhi' ',MI 3 '!.' KMA tp 5.1-' X X 5-jf-' ,X yy! F2115 XX . X X , i' X1 X. 253 ff i , NX Nt , f ' . yr . fi 1. J ' x J' 4 'T If xr, S 2,16 xfjxxeif xlvxlx' ax tx!,'J1,.g:NrAl u XF --,, if , , lf? 1 T Y-Q--""NX':sfl 5, if 1 fi , 5 xiii, it I 'K 1 If y.,. . . . V. if li., zlfwr l' ,. 3' X l v Page Seventy-nine Page Eighty AKICRMAN. .I. ANIJICRSUN, II. I.. ANIJRIGWS. li. ANIJIlI'IWS. II, Ii ANIIIKICWS, I". ARNOLD, .I. ll. ASIIMICAIJIG, A. IKAIHGIIS. II. .l. IIAI.I., .I. IS. IIAKICII. II. K. BAKER, J. N. IIOUDI, I'. IiAX'I'I'1Ii, .I. I". IIARIIICIC. I". W. I!AILI"II'II.I1, Ii. W BIGVILLIC, .I. W. IIIDDLIC, II. M. IIIGGICRS, W. IC. I!II.I'INSKI. I.I'I0 BLACK. II. 'I'. IIIIAIR, C. C, IIILCl'II'IIl. II. M. RASS. C. I3ILI'IWS'I'I'IIi, S. L IIIQICK. A. BRINSON, Ii. IIIIOWN. C. W. IIROWN, G. BROWN, I'. M. IIICUWN, II. Il. IIUCIIOLZ, A. W. CAIIAISIQIGSIC, M. A. CAIIIJWI'II.I., W. A CAIJIIAN, I.. A. I CAMP. li. CARAIIIGLLO, .l. IC. CARROLL, J. R. CASLICLIICRO, M. CIIICRRY. II. S. CLARK. V. W CLARK. C. II. COARSICY, .I. W. COCIIRANIC, R. S. COGSWIGLII. R. COI I, C. Ix. COLEMAN, II. I". COLICMAN, C. Ii. COLI-IMAN, M. CORRANT. M. CONICGLIO, I". CONRAD, I'. CONROY, I". I'. CONROY, R. IC. CONS'I'AN'I'INI'I. COX, S. I'. CRISWICLL, II. N. CROCKI'I'I"I', W. CROSIIY, W. M. CULLICN, S. L. K. L. II. I'. CULI'I'II'I'I'IR, J. II "AUM1f:1c, lc. A. lmvxs, c, s. In-:AN, n. A. DIC L0 RICNZO, J. mfzm-u. H. A. Ulislzlmw, w. c. DIC WI'I"I', C. J. DIIiIlLI'I, C. W. DICK. R. C. DOZIICR, A. G. I 7 "Q If ,I I I , J I x Page Eighty-'ww . 'gg .1 ,. 3 f a ,,. Page Eighty-two EDWARDS, C. A. ICDWARDS, H. L. EDWARDS, J. li. IGMHRY. H. EVANS, A. P. EVANS, J. D. FIGNN, W. R. I I"l'1RRl'1LL, G. G. l"Il"Il'lLD, H. IVOLSON. D. I"OS'l'l'1R. II. S. FOURAKIGR. W. S. l"AUI.KNIGR, T. IC. GERALD, I". I.. GILI.l'I'l"l'I'1, G. F. GOI.DS'l'I'IIN, M. W. GOLD, M. GONZALEZ. C. I". GOODWIN, W. D. GARDNIGR, R. GORDON, II. GRAFF, R. A. GRAHAM, J. D. GRAHAM, I-I. T. GRANGICR, I". I". GUIC, '1'. I., GINSIHCRG. Ii. GU'l'HRIDGlC, D. IIAICSICKICII, H. L. HACKNICY, W. M I'Il'IlMl!URGl'IR. E. R. HALPERN, II. R. HARRISON, F. HARRIS, H. G. HARPER, II. II. HILIIERD, II. L. IIIRTLE, A. G. IIOFFMEYER. R. E. HAS'l'E'I'LER, G. W. HUNTER, J. II. HUNTER, R. JEIKII, W. I", JENKINS, .I. J EANNOPUU LOS. J. -IEWl'I'I"I', E. W. JOHNSON, I". Il. JONES, 14.13. JONES, J. A. JONES, H. E. JORDAN, H. lc. KATCH, J. lc. Klcawlmll-zs, C. w. KELLY, J. 11. KINZIE, N. lf. KNIGHT, W. II. KUSS, S. C. KRAMER, G. W. LAND, H. W. LANIJON, H. 'l'. LANIER. w. s. LAM1mn'r, lc. .1. LAU'1'z, rc. H. LOUGH RIDGE. G. ll' LAU, E. W. LAVIN, J. s. LEACH, G. ID. IIEACHY, E. I". LEAIRD, G. LEHMAN, Ii. K ' 1 Nh .sl 1"-. e' :gy I .1 I X. Page Eighty-three I I 1 Y I f ' 1 I :ff .W af 'W ,f Page Eighty-four' MOORE. C. S. MOOICIIICAD, M. .l. MOUIJY, I". II. MON'I'ANYI'I, G. MOICSSICIC. W. MIZI'1l.l...I. MII.'I'0N. .I. II. MII.I.I4IIl, W. W. MII.I.I'IIl, I". I.. MII.I.I-Ill. Il, IC. MI'1AIJY,G. II. MASIIIIIIRN, M. M. MARSIIALI., S. H. MANSI"II'lI.Il, E. Ii MAI.I.0RY. IC. M MuQUl'I"I'Y, I.. I.. McI.I'IAN. I'. Mm-KRII.l.I'II!, A. IC. Mr-KI'INZII'I. D. M. Mm'IlIII"'I", S. I. IVI1wIJOWI'II.I.. I.. G. MclJUNAI.ID, II, II. IVICIJPIIIIVIIII, J. 'I'. M1'CUIiIiIN,I'I I, MnCI.U RIG, 'l'. W McCI.I'Il.I.ANIJ, J. A. Mm-ADAMS. W. IC. I.YON. S. C. LUCAS, G. I.IVI'II.Y, I. CI, I.I'2RNI'IR. S. I.I'IRNI'lIi, I. I.I'IVI'INS'I'ICIN. A. Ii. I.lI'IIiI'2RMAN, W. I.I'l'III'IIlI.ANIJ, 1 'e A 3 xi? MORGAN, G. E. MORRIS. D. C. MOSCOVITZ, I. MUSSICLMAN. Ii. IL MUSSU, A. NI'II'II"US, J. I.. NICWCOMIIIC, II. 0'NI'IAI., W. C. PASCO, W. Il. I'l'IAIiSON, .I. 'I'. I'I'IUKIlAM, S. I'I'I'I'I'lliS, .I. IJ. ,I'II,.LSIIU1iY, IJ. A. I'INlIOI.S'I'I'lli, IC. .I I' I'l'C l'I IPO RU, 'I'. .I , I'I'I"l'MAN. R. G. l'I.A'l"1', W. .I. I'I.0I'IGI'IR. I'. II. l'00SI'IIl, W. I'0Il'l'IfIR, I". I.. l'0w1'1us. A. K. l'mnG1f:N, U. I.. rmc1c,.1. 1-1. I'UliVIS, R. I.. 1cAYMoNn, .I. M. IQIIIIGVIGS, L. M. RI'IGIS'l'I'IR, II. II., .I Il. RIAINTZ, W. C. IIICIIARD, M. ROIIIIINS. W. li. Ilolslfzlws, J. A. lcomzms, Q. 1. 1co1a1NsoN, A. ROBINSON, .I. li0GAN'l', I-I. ln bxtf-SF.:-.33----f L H-.-W ........-,, . .,.,,,....,.- ..-..-. .... . ...,. ......, , .... ....., . ""'f3-:"V1+1v,9f.'.wr W-Wfw 11 . A ' 'f1'few.'i1 I ' 5gg:qr,j'yA,F ,N w- ,-' 35. . I I, .Hi A ....,, A.x3AAM., 17.2" .QQ -uni" .41 "lg, .4 . - A... f 1 I f' VI S IYJIAQIKI I' Y .af V X252 Y.. '1 K I ISI, I .wgzfi i'.iPgQW1,, N-' . W " V , .A X. . ,J ff I I . A .. 4 I I X AAN.. I I I t . If , 'E X 'I fl: K. I ... W A 'X P.. I .. -Jwj-,.,,A,: If .,.,y . M, .4 .. 44.3 I R' 'F ' ' -121 I , .M,5,,Q?X. X j. . F42 w. W "TJ 5-'rj' 'ef QIA E ..I. , f V' : :Is MILL :If Q. rIQng2:, EEN-' ' -,.4I:I.!'1- .vmivvl 3 'NA ,- -wr .4 Wigi ff 'ww,j , 45,1 I-www: . 2245.2 'Ay 1 gilrfg1EH .f, A N ' .lwgf Ii I -FSI ffz-. V - MSS If 'W 'bw 0 v 'VW .QI , qqfs NJA' 1 . -. I Jie' 'diva flk -. I WI 'VIII ' ,. 'f ---1 1 Af ,. I K, 3' I f . 5. V ' "jj .fv X ' 1 fr. , f ,M 2 , .- ,f 1 " " A ' N' nf.:- .fytz I, . Aw r I 1 A ! ' v 1: '1' - ' 'fv' I '1 . y1.,' f I f, ' . I - I A N , 5. IPP- " I f . . I ' " I '. V I fj'::...: ' 'I g.: JQJL, 4. .. , Q .fff 3 V S ru Jwj I .. . I . , 1 faf""" I . j 1 N:.fIl'.'- . 1 I ' Tw'-' , - W.: L 'A ' r. M-I V 1 I ...I L.. " I Hff I 45. 5 ' I - ,i I - ,W 1 f , A. ,N I -.I f ' 3jffx.g'w - X 2 . 2 I A .4 If... , . . ', f. 1 . I Xx ,. Q. ,H y " I, , uf' ',:gf. ' ' I . 15' I ".. ' LW- A ,, ' 1 1' 3 1.:ML..,vf7 f' .9 I " 1 . ,f . g1:,:2i.. ,T K .ya JA! EI W X. 'x ,' 13 gin IA . wi JIM: I , . yy, ,,,.I..g H3 .NMMQ is I..!f:.liga. ' W f n"'f'ZEIf- '7Q.,,i . Mg, I.,-' '. , 141. Ilgii - ..-MM F .. ,j"'5f-.QW-' ye "WI it ij, 3 .fm P- gy,-'fr 'ihg I 5 IQ I I elf- 1 1 V- asf. ,-192. I E If QQ' if .km 'Iwi it-J:1N.L,3! If A ,ru jimi-:znff 'N .1-. v f ' . - I - -In-M 5, If ., w..-.ff K' rf' , ., . Max . . f A 1 aff M... ' ? yy I""-LW .5 I 1 ,-.., . , . , . .w..N., . ye' , 'I M , .. MX K! ' fx I I -X X. E! xxx Q ' IN .. xx I V ' Page EIBILIQQJ-five ' I xx f , ,X- S H51 19 1!5,afJ7.:": 'fi- L if 'V ' 'ff-'5iZI15I'ql5I39 7- . gfyw AI, ' xii' y I . Jw,-1 I . 4 I I , we W . I .5 555 I ,HI ws J: ,I . In .,,, 9-' 1, v. IJ. IIOGICRU, A. L. IIOGIGRS. R. L. RUSIC. I". C. lC0'I'II. Ii. RO'I'II, II. D IIUKIGII. W. S. SAIUIGIC. IK. SCIIIRARIJ, C. Il. Sl,7IENVAIl'I'Z. II. SI!AUKI.I'II"0Ii SIIAD, 'I'. II. SIIANDS, J. S. SIIANKS, C. I". N. IJ, I VI SI'II'IIiRII.L, W. SIMMONS, W. SLO'l"I'. M. M. SMI'I'I'I, J. Il. SMI'I'II, C. SMITH, W. Ii. Sl'I'INl7I'II!., I SPIUULA, 'I'. U. SI'l'I'LIfIIl. C. S. STANWIX-IIAY S'I'I'IWAIl'I', II. S'I'0RI'IY, N. S'l'0UN, M. J. STROMAN, W. IC. 'I'AYLOll, if. II. 'l'I'1MI'I.I'I'I'ON. THOMAS. D. TULANIJ, J. M. TOOLIG, M. II. 'I'0UCHS'I'0N, C. TRICE, W. TROXLER, L. I. I II W. I". In The Revelations of Dievout and Learned Who rose before us, and as Prophets burned, Are all but stories, which, awolaefrom Sleep They told their comrades, and to Sleep returned. ND, as the Cock crew, those who stood before The Tavern shouted -"Open then the Door! You know how little while we have to stay, And, once departed, may return no more. " -.,,3L1..-. 1 4 me mv mem cf"lQS96Q29P'5' .l. Iillxrlns, S Als-xauulvr. vc'y-'I'rm-us. : ll. Iluml, l'r4-H. : W. Ms-Anly, Vice-Pros. J.: Antwerp, K.: liurlu-r, J.: lhryvv. II.: Fnllrlluy, S. l"1-llor, ll.: Fox. M. M.: l"rohm'k, F.: Gm-Lu-r, K.: Gruhnm. .l. A. Grvuthcn, C.: Grovr, J.: Ilimrins, .l. 1 llnwvll, li.: Hutlixz, ll. Johnson, L.: Krnmvr, C.: Mackie, II.: Millvr. C.: Miller, M. Nucl. J.: I' Smith. G.: inkosun, J.: l'vrry, W.: Rnylmurn, I". : Simprum, M. Smuyur, Il. 1 Spicrs, W. 3 '1'urm-r, L. I". 5 Vnuarh, W. Vuucnru, C.: Witt, I". K. : Wulkvr, IJ. n I x x I u X X. v J 4 1 Nm' f t . r . .7 " ' x 4,"'. s Page Ninety-one .ji 1 Page Ninety-two AI AI uhnlt, W. II,:A1Iriun, II. J.: AIIlI'IlLllIl, IC. J.: Alfunso, C.: Alford, .I. R.:Al1.:m-4-, S. Ivym-, M. C.: Amlvrsml, C. IC.: Amlrm-ws, G.: Arn1raLrnn1.:, .I. IJ. : A hmnrc, 'l'. IL 1 Au'-.lmy I Huber, W. IC.: l9Ilk1'I'. A.: If7lIi"F. -I. A.: Iinlu-r, I.. J.: Iinkvr, C. O.: Iinll, Ii. I.. Iiultrl-t,l1, W.: Iiunks, Ii. G.: liurvo, N.: liurnhill, I.. Ii.: lmrtlvtt. IC. S.: Iinssm-Lt, A, If1lll'S. H. W.: lluuy. G.: ll:-xwh, Il. H.: lien:-an-I1-y, C. C.: Hvckvlmzm. II. M.: Iiccrs, I Iizqnu, C. A.: lic-mlm r. If.: Holi, W. IS.: Ih-rg. II. C.: Ii:-rm r, W.: lk-rnhurri, IJ. lic-vis, IS.: Iiimzurs. II. U.: Iiissvlt., A. M.: Iiluckhurn, Ii. IG.: Illnnkvr, Il. I".: lilnwers 1 W I-lurimr. J. W.: Ihr:-xtxvick. J. L.: Bowen. M. A.: liriuilvy. l'1. L.: Iirudh-y, l',: Iirurvn. II. lin-cm-, J. ll.: Ilruwn, IG.: liruwn. W. Ii.: lil-own. J. M.: lirmulus, ll.: Iiryaun, .l. A. Zrumlry, G. W.: lluclmn, .l. W.: lhnvk, S. S.: liunvh. I". S.: liurm-tt, li. G.: Hutt-4, ll. Ilrutllivlll. J.: lirmly, R. C.: Culmlwm-ll. ll. : Cxmm. R. J.: Cmnlmlcli, R. S.: Ugmfh-ld, li, G Unnnvn, 0. N. : Cnsu-r, Z. ll. : Cnrrull. W. II.: Curvy. M. W.: Cnssull, A.: Uhumlwrlnin. .l. Chmmum, J. ll.: Chnr'rs. W. L.: Chvslcr. W. V-: Urnsrmli, M. L.: Clnirv, W. II.: Clnrkv, T. .l. Clurlu-, ll. J.: Clvuvvlnlul, A. lfl. : Ulmncllts, J. IJ.: Clvmuns, U. 3 Clymurc, V.: Cody, I.. S x x V. V. , "a, ' Fx ' x ,' I . .- X . 3, .X xx X , ' N 1 ,X N .1 1 X. a Xxx .xx .X 1 1 Q . f vf : I A T4 V1 a' lw J 'fw- I "' . A Y-, fr. - Q. f LN ,JL -V. xxx... 1, , , .K . 2 tfyfaf. "wr f .Nj A -wx f ""-N xk ll V 'S-. If 1 N H3 -, ?f1 x Hi Page Ninety-three I . Al J X! . IH,- 1 1 n 1 rl 1 X, .. f I , f f Y 5 f 1 1, 5 I Y f' . 1'- ,f .fd f 3 f i I t . I .X ,! ff W X' -7, ...N ... h -' , ,- 4 2 ' .ff A 4. f ,' X'- f .1 J..- ' 1 Y . .xl .! y . ." x'X :VE x, ,' -. , 'Q ' '1 43-I I ..- ., .1 V?" A' ,4 f ,f 1 f . . I . . x Page Ninety-four CULZIIIITII, M. Il.:C7uh1-n, I. 'l'.I UOIU. W. H. : C0lvi'l1-, Ii. J.: Convoy, I". A.: Crunk, J. Cnrupvr, C. M.: Crmgrnvu, A. IC.: Cow-y, J. W.: Uux, C. W.: Crnh1.rvc, Il.: Url-wv:-A. H. ll Urn-ws. I.. 'I'.:Crit.1,s-mhn, ll. V.: Crow, I., W. : Curnnuinpza, 0. I". : Curry, L. 'I'.: Imh llnniz-I, W. J.: Davis, J. li.: Dnvis, S: Dnvi:-l, W.: Davis, W. IC.: Dnyson, li. Ucklv. V.: Dell, S. 'l'.: llivks, W. Il. : Dick, H. 0.3 llillimzhum, 'l'.: Dixon, IJ. nm-ll. li. li.: Ilunnvlly, C. G.: Iluliui:-A, IC.: lluiYy, 0. H.: Dmzul, ll. L.: lluka-H, II. Du Dunn, II. C.: Dull. lf. I"-I UUl'l'lIllCl'. U. L.: Durrnncv, Il. L.: Dyv, I'.: lfluntwuml, I' jqdmumls' nl M.: lnjggllli, C. W.: l'IlIimzl.on, W. S.: Plllinur, R.: l'lm:luml, R.: Fnin. IC. J. l"nnt, .l. J.: l", I". A.: lfvv, V-I l"cr1pz11sw::1, J.. M.: l"l1'mimr. Sf! Flvmillkf. J- M- Flipsv, I". C. : Filton, 'l'. E. : Finnfry. U. L. g Jnurixur, S.: Fwy. C. ll.: Founmin, J. Il. Friurlmnn, R. H.: Fuqua, D.: Gmllurzl. H- I'-I C-lllllllrllvr. R. M.: Gufrris, ll. ll.: G4-ntry. H. Giffurd, C. PI. : Gillis, D. li.: Goldstein. SwGfTUllil!l-Y. J. W.: Gnrdy, K. If.: Guusluy, ll. Gower, 0. S.: Crm-n. li. C.: Grvvn, R. h.: QIPIITUII. li. ll.: GriiT4'n, li. C.: Griffon, N. GFUDZUFY. H-C Grvgzory, L.: Grillllfl- 9- U-C Uffllf. U. D.: Grosfu-nlmvlu-r, S. A.: lflnxuw, G Y, w K s X. , xx., f" 7 . W: 3 1 3 ,K J, . XX X X. X Y E N f f 1 1 fn -, ,f JN uf ' 'if--w 1 bw,"-1 ' M. ,, em .W- . ,I X 0.-NN 1'-x N, ., X. ! A , ' Q ,X- i af. v , 5, V'- K -Q.: X4 -. 'M x, ' .xg ' R s' J f P4196 N im fy - jim Page Ninaly-855 IInI1-, II. S.: II:lII, W. II.: Ilnmmn r, J. Ii.: IIIIIHIIIII, Ii. 1 IIur1Im-, J.: Ifurnn, J. M. Ilurpn-r, ll. 3 Harris, 'I'. A.: Ilurrismu. Ii.: Ilnrrisun, M.: llilrl. A. IC.: IIIll'I.!N'II., R. .l. Ilarvvy, I..: II1lI,l'I1, IJ.: Ilntlir-III, I". I'.: Ilvuih, I". II.: IIm-hh, W.: II: IIiwvII, I'. I.. I'I. Ile-Ivvnstx-n, A. II.: Ilumlrix, J. W.: IIl'l"7I1'HlIlI, Il. .I.: IIz'rn4lvn,l1. II.: Ilivks, I. .I. : Ilivrmlymous H:1,,,m,,I 1.1. 11,1 Ilinson. N.: Ilnlpsun, K. 1 II43Idm-r, W. R. : Hollins, M. I..: Hull:-y, ll. IIUl?I,L'll, G. M.: IIuuI1-, C.: IIm'n. A. W.: IImv:1r4I, J. S.: IIuIrImr1I, S. U.: Ilumlgima, II, Ifunuvr, W. lf.: IluLvhinrwr1.It. II.: Ivy, G. 1 .Incksou, I.. W. 1 -Iflmfs, J. li.: .lnmIun, A. I.. nhmzun, A. G.: Johnston, S. : Jun:-s, V. l'-: Jmws, G. R.: Junvs, C. IC.: .Imac-s, M. lustivo. J. IJ.: Knull. ll.: Knight., l'. IC.: Kirslvill. l'. H.: Kir.-wh, ll. li.: Kinzio, li, King, li. S.: Kc-mp, W. IJ. : Kirklnml. S. II., .lr. : Kilhy, .l, D4 K4-Hy' 'ly 1-' 5 K...-kv J, 1 .aunplwrc-, J.: Immzstun, C. ll.: Lumix-rlmuck. A. 3 Lxlrkin, IC. ll. 3 Luvin, U.: L1-4-, M. ll Lvnfn-s1.y, G. F.: Ligxon, IC.: Lnlltuif. W. 0.1 l-1-vy. U.: In-wis, C.: Livingston, U. Love, J.: Luvc, W. K.: l.yLlo. IC. .l. : 'Mm-un, I.. S.: Make-msun, R, II,g Mnliz, S, Mnrn-nn, M. li.: Mnrlfn, J. W.: Murtm, S. M.: Martin. J. A.: Manson, A. l'.: Mnssfy, I.. X- .1 'J v Page Ninety-aww r l , f . f A , , . , I. ' f .I 1 f' i ' X u . ,- . k ' ' .xr 'X NX' I f If If ln ,- ,f. ' ' I in : , 5 'XX 1 f K. ' f I- '15 N . f -. Q XG Nm. , "V .. 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'l'.: Owens. D.: l'rm-hnskn, R. IC.: l'0wr'll. J- W-I l'UPl-fill. ll. Y.: l'1'yI'ml1l. I , . . ,. I n - , l'm-In-rs, I.. Ix.: l'lol'c-0, A.: I wlu-ns, W. I.: I l'1'I. V-I I 1lIl'lL'Ic, II. II.: lnrr:1mnr0, .l, I'1usIu S L IIIIICII W D IIIIIIINUII I4 I4 l'1uI 1, W 0 R, ' ", C. I.: : ' ", . .C 2 f 'Y' . - I-I l'I1'Ii. U.. V.: Quan -, , .: :1Io1'. A. liIuI0, 'I'. J.: Iii-if, C. A.: Rs'llIIu'l', W.: IlL'yNUI'If4- II. II.: Iilvvs, II. W.: IIivIml'4Is, 'l'. II.I4'IlIlIllIl'j1, W. ID.: Iiivkcr, IG. M.: Rink, Ii. S.: ICUIHIDIHH. Ii.: Ruhlrins, M.: IllIIH'l'IS0ll, G. 'I'. lm-rs. S. G.: Iim1l1I.l'm-0, J. A.: IQ11unIrvs-, .I. II.: Russcll, I". IVI.: Swimlc-Il. I'. 'I'.: Sunil:-y, J. Swm-vm-y, .l. I.. : Hwm'is4'I. IC. M.: Sunmly- IG- A.: Struss, I.. S. :.Sl,m'nIl, W.: Sluvklisll. II. II ricklnnrl, II. W.: Slululxs, G. W.: Sivvvlxs. II- I'- I Stnkvs. fl. II. : Sim-wnrt. V. IC.: SIUXVIIFI, J. xx- X I v. X YY X4 .X N '. I ,X V- X.: H X X, I I .X I .X ef xx J l .KN J. . . jf .xi 1 'x . 'xx -1 . 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WILHHIIIIIII, J.: Wulsun, C. 3 Wm-hh, W.: WI'lHi'f'. A.: Wunmlu-r:.:, A.: Worlz, M. 7 Whvl-lor, J.: Whituvln-r, W.: Whitv. VV.: Wll1.l,4', .l. li.: Wild, l-', M,g Williglmg, Ib, li, Willard, 'l'.: William:-1, J.: Williams, Wllhs, l".Z Wilson, Nl.: Wilson. li. A. Wintvrs, A.: Wirthvimcr, J.: Wuolwmv, V.: Wurlvy. Ii.: Wright, 'l'.g Ynum,:, J, ccmn, li.: Dxnyton. G.: llnlmri. ll.: lf'1'S. ll-I UUNYH. J.: IVlm'Kinnun, W. Hwy. G.: I'rut,hvr. W. : li11xrvl'S. M. : bm-,ml-, J.: N--nt, W. : Sl--elm-. S. i D , I t c If . . , - . x '- XR , X . M X , .-.., A V f X X 5 2 1 1 Y Z 5 . M r. i 1. 2 I 3 N.. D NN I . 2 r I Y 1 I ' . I ? Q s .A .f . S ' ' m 4 " I N... 1 f " -" A ' ', 4 5 1 X, -. P V 1, 3 x f 5 1 L 5 a C I Z 5 T v : 1 1 A ,,. I . k 2, ' - ? Q S S E E K Q .. 4 1 1 K x i x K if X X W. Q Q F i K. I . C Y. 5 i R A Pubs One Hundrvd One . , X Strangeffis it not? That of the myriads who Before us passed the Door of Darkness through Not one returns to tell us of the Road, Which to discover we must travel too. A f ' Af A' W WZ' wwf. ' 4, aff? .1 .J ,L huh. x. S 6359. Q.. f - A , - ,' f ' g 1' Q ' V Q ji ,.- i g I , s A ff A A fg . ' 4:1 Q. - D27 . .sm. f 7 " f 1,-fs - ., . . '11 -A V W L 'fx W i ,I Y . Q , 3,-V. ' . I x, ' ' , , " -I 1 ' . ' , , wr ': -.L I ' X M 40,- sw :nat y A - ' K , 4952 '24 A ' V- ZTPY' ', . 4 ,. 'z -Q ' . --4,.-- , 1' " , ., ,g . Jer ,EL ' 15 EW-9 vo Mu T92 W3 - 1 if... ' , if W I' , ' dh .. A I,-Q1 -zzfflg' ,1 N ' A . .. .. . ' V -' 5 - 'r "' , V 3 ai V ' . Q . L 'M' A 1 w , Y ' f ' 5 I v,N 5 rx, 1,, , 4 A f sm fyh v V M X Y!v,I 1' QV' , . , ,I ' , N wif." , +5 - - 5 1 ' X, U 'kv 5' :wi "EN ' 'Q' 'A 'qeirzl , A X ,-.V "lx, . if J 'EM ..i'7' H' If .N wp. M - f .... , ,Aww Y .V 44' ' N. rv.: - flkifi' ' A A 5, ' " : ,Q-'f-gg., , ' auf Wig. if ' f, 'q.ff"',f ,I Q LA' , , "L ,N I I b xx' ' Z! ML., Inn. L VW ,V - 9,33 SY f N , .,. ,ily f V ui.. .W -- ew N , L, an f 59. .41 . A , wi WF 1 I ' - ' . ' 1' ' '- . ' JP ' " , A f, " 'NN -Q 'HM' f T u 'A 5 L' 'f t W V ,7 'M'E"3 . ' FE? , at 4 if 'AAV "Mr " , , A ' ' 42" M ' -W . W 1 We-. fvfsl-".-fm M Q, n .A :HH Q: fWfm'x6f,.-F' , fs , A. . , "132m. M. +. .H+ Kid 1 hw-4-Lm'L'H':wL4.-,Q :Qw1I1-Y fr.. it Y Yww K -ul. , w nf" 'Q-m:,,:.m'w-,Makati CAPTAIN LEROY "RED" BETHEA ootball Page One Hundred Five Y r,1..,eft t ' w:fti'm?Ff?9?i3f mmm We ,, , , ,,,,,, U., L-fgZZAiCZf!'C .Dffacfoff H 694451421 C' f1f.f.',x .."i1v.z,.f' Lf'.,mL-A C'!'2d:i ,YI ..,f5ffclfm1fz , L' L - Athletic Department Personnel .1 -L Dafa z4W,zf1v.L Jfyzvlfwif L pc Walffffyef- t ffl-vel! Wtfglf Dfaagf Coweff Joi!! U .COIIHKIZ .JVSUZ ifza Page One Humlrccl Six SSSSSS l CHARLES CIAIAPIJN, Illnwnugvr Ami-:rar E. Bmzlcl-m, Alanagm--Elvf-t I I Resume V Summing up, Florida's Gators enjoyed a great season this year with three defeats, one tie, and seventh place in the conference standing. True, We had our off days, but when we were "on", Florida really lived up to the name "Fighting Gators." Southern Conference football was probably played better than any football this year, so when We think of that strong Florida team, it is with pride, because two of those de- feats were delivered by the best teams in the whole South. The season brought forth one rea! star-Jimmie Steele--All-Southern guard. vixnsirv SQUAD Pngc' Om' Humlrvd Svvvn .. f '- sv ,,1, ,:, E-fflsilv .. ' 1" fi. is H ,g 4 ' I V V 2 9 ll, nf-pr-1 we -72, V.mxe'r.lX,'k yi' ,V Q-rr ,ts , aiaf-1l2Q-at H-'igl7eg'e,f,,3?l'l'51 il".uiTfgQi'Q7. 'EFS ' ' , w I, ' l I '4U'f,lg, ' lil un N A B N I. V1 WW. Y , A tvs?--mmf egnwxfl, f . 1- I '1 wt 1, , .f Q f ' " , P .at-L' ,tl ' L., 4 . - ' A ' , I u l - . 47i"..15fi5?i7ga , , ,, 4 ' - "bfi '54 Jyrlgujj? ,Q W , K ,X . , 1 Y li Qlvf'Qll'7q,l-,a lia l 4. i,fg:.L'ig,3,gk,. :nga Q .- 1 ' A W . ' D -V " 0 I : .,.,,, ll. ,w . Mfr V, , V A. 'g.3::..i:., ,js ....... .ua . 4 ' W l -' vi - N i STEELE, Guard CLARK, Cantw- fAlternate Captainl FLORIDA VS. SOUTHERN 45-6 Florida opened a new- page in the annals of her football history this year by meeting: Southern in the usual season's opener. Coach Krimhaui:h's scrappy warriors were no match for thc hard charging Gators, although they accomplished a feat that was perhaps one of the significant happenings of the encounter-Y-the crossing: of l"lorida's goal line by a Southern back. After a long: punt to Florida which was fumbled, Southern began peckingz at the line until the ball was fifteen yards from the goal, Melton thereupon passed to Tolle for a touchdown. This took place in the second quarter and tied the score at 6 to 6, for the Gator shock troops had pushed over a single touchdown in the first quarter. h It wasn't long before Coach liachman sent in an entirely new eleven, topped oil' with what was generally accepted as the first string men. At this time Red Iiethea and his cohort-1 literally BETHEA, Halfbaclc fCaptainJ smashed Southern. llethea reeled off two runs which netted two touchdowns, and amounted to the lengths of 46 and 48 yards respectively. Ed Sauls not oil' a spectacular 40-yard run in the third quarter. Only in the second quarter did the Florida offense show up to its old form, such as has been seen during the past two years. However many backfield combinations were formed and practi- cally all of this material did their share of ball carrying. Nice runs were made, the line plunging was fair, and in all, things looked very cheerful for the remaining encounters ol' Florida's Fixzhtim: Gators. At this particular time we would like to xzive Leroy "Red" Iiethea very honorable mention for his noteworthy playing: in the Southern game. He made three touchdowns in three runs with the ball and by doinxz this he grained not only noteworthy mention of himself but also for the University of Florida by havinxz his name written in Ripley's "Believe It or Not" column. l l Page One Hundred Eight -f es . ' - .. f A . N M, -Q .. - N , . -"Alu . Q H -f V I. Ay- L I f f-w 1: i. 'A .' wiv Ze. ., K W '!.m.J.y,. gn ,A L ' v 1' ' .. 1.- .. -"?f5.'f'av uit. A . wwe, . ., ff. .qi-.j.4.tAf..5.'4 ' ...ram ' QM 1 4. , A . ANA. , . . . . . .., .. ,,,x , . ,. 1 . W - t' . . l . ti fviif.-I. " ' 'M' f... ' 'Ugg' A . , .V f1.,EM'5'Hff'..1q2g..,.1,:Fju"'6"""' --.... t Q .Q .:. ii g . 1 ll 1 :N - . . fi f '.'.fi:QLi.,.,.,,gmiffi.,'7ji',"Q'ff1ifl' - ' 1 ' . 4 . - grnfmx., ..,, fl?-,. , . , ' M ., 1 N 4 W,Wg,fl. 15j.T3J,,,5,,. , V f . ., . ,.x'tQA:f.w3gi,1 . 'Z ' N, ,.h'L:'.M.3gg-M. .E A Q .,'.ecVg,f7,5,fS', 3 -,l. ' "W , ern g if . .' if3li'lTYf4'Q'+:. - . .,vf'i' 914 lp' ... - , .4.,4,.'ef1qg2a-aww:-. V L ., 'ei'-'sl,ti1,, . ,.'c,w-:?'i"",-L. .. . ,, ... .. 1 .. ., . .. ., .. , ,. ..... wa 'gb . 'gfsliiy-.I5,4.l.' " 'if'Af'.1 IQ,:'."' 'v,'fj"5E'lSf?biiqf"f', 9fl:.f.g.,..A,..f H . 11-rw' ,1 i,'.,,. X ,, p 51.1 Lv ., Q .g7.,,,',',jff'.' '.ZW.f-239.41-31,-lflws ,, za iejwiil " , -,ify it ' i w-fi g. '- WH' 15 V- ' ' M, - Q--J .1 '-"'1','f'hgHgQy-Vw, , ,, t. ,..' 'iw.i,g:Q1':f1-,"wjQ"?i'i:.i..J'F1, 13qf4.f',f. f , , " .jimi -' "QV 1 ffl' -f"'ff' 'P lt.. ...i . ,n.f.'., - .. .. f - .aw 1 l W -1, .1 . . - - Y 1... ,W ,-p5.zz,,.Q., - - . ,. .0323 t., ,fs . . ... 1 .M v f L. 3.1 GJ. '1v'.f4f.,1 .-, V. W- ,v,'wt:, rv - ji: .4 3,.,,-,Aid f f W., uw my 'wi-. K ,Av 'W 4, ,. ,V .f ,...Q1,g4s,-..f.. ft!-vga.. ,..,f'1f. - 4, I -L. 1 .V .u..4uM5::,g,,.j' 3,.!:.,.L,M.5N5i, J.'.w A Y It . ,mtv w . S. W L , , , M V , K ,I M N1 ?,..,l,, H ,fm T! M M, Y . - , M ,. xt. i . A , - K .-. , . . 'J ' 'wh' , wmffffff fi' l A, " aw -.W , h Q . f ' 4, .. .. . .:..' ,. . W, . f' rg 'M' ff,-. V. , . , l in .-: ' :Psa ..q:.-' l " l, ,a........u-.- ...tulaauouln Pnocroa, Tackle ROGERO, Halfbaclc WATERS, Tackle FLORIDA VS. NORTH CAROLINA STATE 27-0 Journeying to Tampa a week later. Florida crushed North Carolina 27-0. At the beginning of the first half, the Gator pack marched out upon the field and were suddenly unbalanced by a number of fumbles and hard breaks. The first half ended in a scoreless tie. At the beginning of the second half Florida marched upon the field, a new, determined bunch of Gator grapplers. Things were different then, the timing was better. interference was top notch, blocking was consistent, and at the sound of the final whistle. Florida emerged victorious. Touch- down honors were divided between captain Red Bethea, Ed Sauls, and Joe Hull. Passing and long runs formed the favorite scor- ing tactics. A thirty-seven-yard run on the part of Ed Sauls. halfback, proved to be the most brilliant run of the season thus far. This and a sixty-two-yard run just previous to this one, will feng make Sauls a remembered figure in Florida football anna s. Joe Hall, at the receiving end of a long pass from Bethca, contributed an extremely excellent share of real team-work to the Florida victory. Jenkins, Cherry and McClellan were the stellar lights of the second team's play. Line play during both halves was excellent and consistent. Parnell at end and Waters ut tackle showed themselves always on the job in mowing down the defense. In fact, the whole game was featured by teams working as such and outstanding cooperation. Proctor kicking for extra points, "did himself proud," successfully completing three out of four trys for the goal posts. Punting in the game was well up to standard. Homer Seay was the mainstay in this line of attack. First string men were used in the first half and made the contest a stirring spectacle of gridiron skill. FLORIDA VS. AUBURN 7-0 A week later Florida nosed out Auburn before a Jacksonville audience 7-0. This was u game that kept the fans in a frenzy. Page 'One Hundred Nine ,QI 1 N',,,,a.o-'t' 'l..:Qw33"' ' . 'ld' " ., laps. ffm-' A , ....,..,as.aaf-ffa HALL, End DORSETT, Quartei-I1af:Ic PHIEL, Tackle Iloth teams fumbled bad'y for the first half and no great advance was made. Blocked punts in the second quarter added color to the scene. but the izame did not beszin to look like real football until later. Early in the third quarter Hatfield of the Tigers faked n punt from behind his goal line and made a spectacular dash of 56 yards to the Florida 4-yard line. I-Iis interference on this play worked like a clock. In the same quarter Florida fumbled Hat- field's punt and Grant recovered. Auburn on a sustained drive forced the Florida Gators to one yard from their goal. Dorsett punted 49 yards out of danger. With an active machine of Sauls, Silsby and Bethea, the Flor- ida troops were able to advance the ball down to one yard from the Roal. Sauls then carried it over and Proctor made good the kick. The Florida passing attempts proved a failure, but the line certainly made a record for itself. Steele. Parnell, and Waters should be uiven very favorable comment at this point. Hoth teams worked hard and it was not until the last four minutes of play that the Auburn machine broke and the Florida llKlll'L'fl8tDIOIl was able to score. FLORIDA VS. CHICAGO 19-0 A red head bobbinxz here-dashing there. Iirawn eouraxze smashing the opposition set. up by both human and natural mlcments. A frame of flames. Florida 19-Chicano 0. Did those Gators snap at their rivals 'I History was made in this szame. Smashing through for a crushing victory, Florida's Gators upset the dope buckets of many sport writers. Fighting: a stromz wind and a cold that they were not used to in our sunshine state, our men proved that it takes more than weather to defeat a Gator team. Leroy "Red" Bethea proved to be the man of the game. He grained 220 yards from scrimmage and clinched the score with a spectacular 70-yard dash in the last quarter. Tactics were chanircd in this frame and the first team displayed their merits first. Although hampered by the cold weather in Page Ont Hundred Ten 'W '- '- , .V ' v in i ' M. w 4 - r J MG' - -f --.n5mitf.,wa,, 4' ' H ' ' " 1 L ' " 1'fi2iiYf,.lJf':i1iiiWli7. V 'v ,' 1.1 Koji" ' "' ' Y .', is " ' 1' it, . , , A f' M' "' ' ' ' '- ' r' .,N' if'7'X'eQfli' 1 1fm-,izgw.",,f:g, .,NV -"' fx? ' gpm' -. . M. ,,,, 1 -, ' Q , .:V. ,W--if' Ti" N I, U xr ' v. .. A... Q.. 'vSmc,.lMf!?fl'!i't1-L-ilifbaa...-'-i H' MN. - Q " .AL-iw"' '-'U ' " ' X N OLAN, End YANCEY, the first quarter, they gradually warmed up and in the end emerged victorious. not only with a nice score but also with an excellent name. The Maroons threatened Florida's goal twice. but were unable to stand the strong opposition. We cer- tainly displayed our goods to that far away windy city. Dorsett, Sauls and Silfsby managed to live up to their reputa- tion. They gave an exhibition of real Florida football, and made repeated gains through the Maroon line and around ends. This was a real trip and a real game. long to be remembered in the hearts and minds of our players and student body. FLORIDA VS. FURMAN 13-14 We can hardly believe it! And after the splendid game of the previous week--,after all the shouts and fun raising-just to think our boys returned victorious, and upon our own home soil, were upset in one of the most peculiar games of the season. Furman returned to its home ground victorious. Florida 13- Furman 14. H alfbrwlc CLEMONS, Center It was a game in which aerial football was of' first and lasting importance. A passing attack that was an outcropping of an ordinary punt started Furman on a thundering parade from midfield which wound up with the touchdown in the last quarter that enabled Alfred tu make a kick that gave his team its one- point victory. Furman's passing attack certainly did the trick, but we felt confident that things would have been ditferent if the previous week's trip had not been made. The touchdown that should have won the game for Florida, also coming in the last quarter, was a high and wide toss from Bethea. converted into a score as Dorsett made an almost un- believable catch and stepped the remaining nine yards to the goal. That put Florida ahead, 13 to 7. Then Troweck stepped back, after Furman received the ball, and heaved a beautiful pass to the waiting arms of Mellichamp. After the kick things were absolutely cinehed for Furman. It was a heart-breaking game. Surely the gods of battle were against us. But just look at the outcome of our very next en- counter. r ig, Page One Hzmdred Eleven Fonsvra, Gum-cl MCEWEN, Qum-terbaclc JAMES, Guard FLORIDA VS. GEORGIA 0-0 A week later, after the heart breaking outcome of the Furman game, Florida traveled to Savannah, Georgia, and really played football. The Gators had been doped to lose by several touch- downs, but after exchanging bites for over two hours, the game ended in a scoreless tie. All of l"lorida's backfleld played good football. Silsby made two brilliant runs to advance the ball from the Gawr's twenty- yard line to Georgiu's 14-yard marker, only to have the Red and Black forward wall hold and the ball go over on downs. Sauls' punting with one or two exceptions was excellent.. He also accounted for n good strip of yardage. Jenkins played outstand- ing football for a sophomore. Dorsctt's passing was the best of any game this'season. Sauls and Silsby did nicely on the receiving end. Floridnfs line is deserving of much praise for the manner in which they held at crucial points. Waters, Clemons and Steele played a great game. The trio thwarted both of Georgia's scoring drives. lt is an undeniable fact that the Bulldog machine outplayed the Gators. They made more yardage and threatened the goal on several occasions, only to be repulsed by almost superhuman efforts. Chandler and Roberts for Georgia. played a nice game, but were not able to break through at the crucial moments. There is no doubt but that the Gators performed almost s miracle during the past week in transforming from a team de- feated by the third rate Furmanites to one that held the Geor- gians to a scoreless tie. FLORIDA VS. ALABAMA 0-20 Before a record breaking Homecoming crowd of over 20,000 football fans, the Surging Tide of Alabama rose once again to submerge the hopes of another Southern Conference Contender, when they crushed the Fighting Gator eleven 20 to 0 on the new Florida ileld in a game that marked the dedication of Florida's new stadium. The Fighting Gators held their own in the first quarter and Lal AJ... I og: One Hlmclrccl Twelve -fr f'-'- -ww-1.-Q CHERRY, End MCRAE, played brilliantly in the third stanza, although they never were any closer to the Crimson xroal line than their own forty-yard marker. The Alabama wave rolled over for a touchdown in the second quarter and two more in the final quarter. Their offense clicked with precision and the backfleld performers were well shielded on their touchdown treks. Campbell, Suther and Tucker ripped the Gator line in their touchdown marches and the deceptive plays worked by this trio of ball-toters were very effectively carried out. Florida's running plays were ineffective and completely halted by the giant 'Bama tackles. Jenkins, Gator fullback. was good at backing up the line and stopped several Crimson rallies with his hard tackling. Florida tackling in gzencral was very weak. Waters and Steele continued their sensational playing: on Flor- ida's wall. Clements also played good football. Florida was superior in kicking and passimz. but her passing: lzame was never effective near scoring: territory. It was a beautiful setting for such a spectacular event. The G1 enum. ...A f- , lU.7'd SILSBY, Fulllmnlc name was witnessed by the governors of Florida and Alabama, and the presidents of the two universities represented. Durimz the half the dedication ceremonies were carried out. It was a beautiful frame lonpz to be remembered in the minds of the studcnt body and citizens of the state. Even thougzh we lost we were not discouraged. It was a beautiful occasion--a won- derful yzame lost to a nearly perfect team. FLORIDA VS. CLEMSON 27-0 Displaying: a brilliant passing: attack the Fipzhtimz Gators came hack a week later, defeating: the Clemson Tigers 27 to 0. Two of Florida's four scores came from loniz passes from Dorsett to Hall. Another. the first of the name, was pushed over by Romero after two beautiful spirals had brought the ball to Clemson's six-yard line. A lomz run by Sauls around right end, and a short line plunge accounted for the fourth touchdown. Proctor made two extra points: Dorsett one. lt was beautiful throughout and every man on the team certainly did his team- mates justice. Page One Hundred Thirteen, c. ,- '- u,., M' - -'i .-'v . ai, ,, ' .- . . , 41 I lk L . A ,Ji , H .ua , 1 . A - ,kms i .ar-ML' .4.""'. ' . . , . wi 11rf.ff,'.a.,.w21xxi-wa. f if . l ,ss if .wr -..- . - it frfivilfiw . . ' W' J-1r'wf,:s:1 A ' 1 . , , "3 A 47 X . . 1v,.,L...,.mW . .,,.4,m-,W ,:,,,..,..-:KTA-1:.!,... jwgjlv. YV W ?J U ..,.4-...n Q ,e g.,H,:5 'Q X , ' l M .14 ' g c .. .. . , " . . ', 7 1, .ef ' 'I ' f " :5fn"f,if1e"'i-1:fi.'?i' , .w , . 1 . K , ' . ' ' "' , LLSTA ' "i l fi- F . . A ,, - W- , .. B . J , q,,...f,y . hw-1.u:..: 1,. " , ,.,,, M- ',,. f-" ' I 4 .. 4.5412 . ,. , "'-.--- -- -. 4 - . . J F lll I' MCCLELLAN Fullbaclc SAULS,Halfbac1c aNK1Ns, u :act , Bachman played n new backfield combination which gave the Gator amzreuation the fiizhtimz drive that had been lacking since the Chicago game. Florida kept the ball deep in Clemson's territory practically all of the game and only in the third quarter were they threatened. ln the third quarter Clemson uncorked a vicious offensive that drove the ball deep into Gator ground, and bringing them within striking distance of the goal lines. The Gators held them, each time, and they were unable to score although twice they were perilously near it. FLORIDA VS. GEORGIA TECH 55-7 After six years of darkness light finally burst forth upon Grant Field, displaying: the Gator Pack in all their glory. It was the Rame of the season. The powerful Alligator machine crushed Georiria Tech under its worst defeat in years. 55 to 7. It seemed at first as though the jinx was to play its usual trick on the Alligators, for the Jackets scored midway in the ....--, - - S... opening period nnd kicked the extra point, but after Florida had demonstrated its power by marching: 95 yards for a touchdown after the next kickoff the Alligator offense began to click and the Tech rush line and secondary was pounded to pieces as the Floridians raced goalward. The varsity scored three times in the second period, twice in the third and once in the fourth, while a complete second team rushed over two additional touchdowns in the last quarter. Tech made two desperate rallies in the closimz minutes but each fell short. Florida presented nn offense that Tech could not fathom. The Alligators scored almost at will during the first half, and halted every Tech thrust as it neared touchdown territory. Tech's first and only score came as the result of a march from midfield about midway of the opening quarter. On the next kick-off, Roxzero advanced it to the 28-yard line where a fifteen- yard penalty advanced it to Florida's 43-yard marker. Two runs by Sauls and a 20-yard pass from Dorsett to Bethea placed Flor- ida in scorinxz position on 'l'ech's 25-yard line. Two off tackle slants by Sauls and Bcthea and Q.. flat pass from Dorsett to 5. ' 4' 5. Page One Humlred Fourteew .. - ' ' 1'1" L . it , . ,, f is W. lv-'fn 3 1.53 4. 9 . -www High i V A 'i 4 ' Lian ti MWWM-Wiyhmgwh gig .. ., .. ,JM M 1 W ,,., RAMSEY, Center liethea. carried Florida to the five-yard line. Ilethea shot around left end, raced to the side lines and fought his way throuyzh a cluster of Tech players over the goal. Proctor missed goal. liethca credited with three of the markers, while two were made by Sauls and one by Hall. Dc.-r.1ett did exceptionally well on the kicking end and scored seven points after touchdown. Sauls and Bethea offered Atlanta spectators some ol' the prettiest broken field runnimr seen on Grant Field this past season. The whole team performed nobly. Six times during the 18 years of their rivalry Florida has been denied victory but the jinx that had hovered over play on Grant Field was pushed aside that day as the Floridians passed and ran their way to their first victory over the Golden Tornado. FLORIDA VS. TENNESSEE 6-13 Florida ended her football season this year with Tennessee. A misdirected pass, falling: into the arms of ungunrded Buddy Nonrmrzr, End PARNELL, End Hackman, volunteer halfback, was the break that gave the Gators their second defeat at the hands of Tennessee in three years. The contest ended Tennessee 13, Florida 6. It was a beautiful frame throughout. Instead of the Hack and Mack touchdown twins of 1928, it was the Dodd-to-Hack passing combination, plus an instinct of the latter of being: in the right place at the right time, that spelled defeat for the Gators. After a scoreless first quarter, in which the Gators twice threatened to break the touchdown ice, the Tennesseeans. by means of a deceptive formation, advanced the oval to Florida's eleven-yard line. With the ball on the Vol's 40-yard line. Mayer, roving pivot man of the winners. snapped the ball to Dodd. The center dropped back into the backfield, snatched the ball from his quarterback and behind perfect interference, plowed his way to within eleven yards of the goal line. Allen. who had zone in to relieve Faust, ripped off seven yards at tackle. On the next play. Dodd sent a short pass to Hackman over thc gzoal line for a touchdown and six points. Kohlhare's drop-kick was wide. e L Page One Hvmdred Fifteen .,. vf'5i.ee3! af, f v f . U' ' A - "' i ,Li il" i may X f l . W x -A , r 'P " " Jr fi N A. vz-k D QPVVVL J, . 1 ,-:,fgQ- L1-wg-rr. ' -. .Q ' Ziff-' 551' -1' i u- , 1 s V, 1 1" .. -my 1--Q. ,emacs ll . --W -fs...- ': , .. . 1 f5'if-812i Aff' Ewfw. ,Q . - ' 'pg--"U, l .,,.'. - . Jim. : ' G - , , .. -13 ,. no 'Vi ,is ' L . ,:. '?f "',"'fv-H" 7f'f57i.-44: ' ' ' png. 1 r ' , 6-'iff .v '- ,-,.- . , .' 4 'Q' '9W'3n',fTi 5-fic..-' S" . ' w - . -' -1 ' 7 -f .1 -J ' M QI. -is 'V Ahemv- 434 - . .. . - 4 . .few 4 - . e .. I ' . QA- saw. . M: E+- 7- V Fc f 4 'gf' -, fc' 1 'Y' 'HL'-. .- . .5 ., -.1'.v-i. - A--g 4--f-'Milt' vs Y." 1, ggi! 'w---.-.'.'f . - , -.1 - f ' ,,."'.'. 'J' 'swf ' X , . ' 'Q-.t' , - .w-rv:-w, . " f, - - 'Ja' 4 f' V. f -1-fu, ,i .i., R1-jg'-, -. . .3y:n,.f -.4-f,' . .,,,,., ,mu ,W A -Q ,, ,.,.W,,, 5, 4-,M - ui I fi 4 ' ' ' "li: . N.-.Lil '-'-ft-CQ: 'Q .SQ L' f ' ' . .11. 1 yvtihi ' '61 X- .. .:.'f..'-1.42 '2Lz25.li5i'l'Y'?"""" NORTH WIl,LIAMSON, Guard SEAY, Halfback With the ball at midlleld, Silsby intercepted Dodd's aerial and advanced to the Vol's 35-yard line before being brought down by Aitken. After two-line plays had failed to gain,.Roflero passed to Parnell, who was tackled from behind on the three-yard line. Tennessee was penalized half the distance to the goal, offsides. The Gators were held here twice on line plunges. Then Joe Jenkins was sent into the game and Rogero then passed to Hull, but the pass was grounded. The Floridian's received another break a few minutes later, when Jenkins recovered Hackman's fumble. The Gator's did not fail to take advantage of this mis- play. Al Rogero dropped back and passed into the end zone into the waiting arms of Ed Parnell. The bull remained in the vicinity of midfield during the lir't part of the fourth quarter. An attempted pass from Dorsett to Hall was intercepted by Hackman, who apparently crossed the goal for a touchdown, but an eagle-eyed official decided that Hackman had steppedout of bounds on Floridn's 45-yard llne. to which point the ball was returned. Four minutes before the end of the game, the remaining half of the Hack and Mack com- bination of recent years, stepped in and took possession of a long pass on his own 35-yard line and galloped across the goal for his second touchdown and the game. The general all-round play of Parnell, Dursett's return of kicks, the passing of Rogers and the defensive plays of James were the outstanding features of the day for the Gators. LETTER MEN Letter men-Leroy Bethea, Jimmie Steele, Jimmie Nolan, Carlos Proctor, Frank Clark, Ben Clemons, Monk Dorsett, Homer Seuy, Broward McClellan, Milton McEwen, Ed Sauls, Line Silsby, Bill McRae, Wilbur James, Hervey Yancey, Ed. Parnell, Al Dedge, Spurgeon Cherry, Al Rogero, Joe Hall, Joe Jenkins, Clarence Phiel, Don Forsyth, J. D. Williamson, Dale Waters, Tom Anderson. Page One Hundred Sixteen -- -X Coixei-1 Cowi-11.1, Louis Gimvicnr, 1l'IlI'lI.!I!l1'I' Freshman Football The Freshmen this year won three out of five starts. They were hampered a bit by the fact that some of the most promising material were injured in the first few weeks of practice., the performance displayed by the members was very outstanding. Du ring' the season some very valuable material has come to light which will fit in quite well next year on the varsity squad. This year the squad is one of the best ever to attend the university in the way oi' prospective material. The precedent established this year should be carried on from now on by annually getting the outstand- ing' high school graduates of each year. Numeral men are: W. H. Spires, Captain Wm. Ferrazzi Shaw Buck, Alter'te Capt. Sam Davis Clifford Mann Marian Lee E. D. Goodyear Drayton Bernard Marvin Enfa Walter Davis Darrell Hood Emerson Fahrney Henry Rieharde Ropger Mclnnis Charles Rogers Clyde McClellan James Moore James Hughes Ben Hull F. M. Hancock Tom Lane R. H. Treadgold John Bunting G. Reid Clay Simpson John Fountain Louis Grarely, Manager FRESHMAN SQUAD Page One Hundred Seventeen l.b"f I ARTHUR 'DAVIS JOHNNY WATTS 15015 DEDEQSEN ED GAY JOE VACCARO g One Hundred E ght qv 'BQLLU 'PLATT A-'ni Varsity Football chedule October October October October October November November November November December 51 --1931 -- 3-North Carolina State at Raleigh, North Carolina 10-North Carolina at Gainesville, Florida 17-Syracuse at Syracuse, New York 24-Auburn at Jacksonville, Florida 31-CHomecomingJ Georgia at Gainesville, Florida -Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama 4 -South Carolina at Tampa, Florida -Georgia Tech at Atlanta, Georgia -California at Los Angeles, California Kentucky at Jacksonville, Florida Page One Hundred Nineteen The Ball no question makes of Ayes and Noes, But Here or There as slrikes the Player goesg And He that tossed you down into the Field, He knows about it all4He knows - HE knows! W A CAPTAIN LE UMUDDYH WATERS Basketball Page One HIl71,!lI't'!l Twenfy-one ' JIRA' Cgahlh llpidffy ' 'llfffn-.v 1,554 CylfHf0IIJ .amz Ama., 1 ggldkyf kgskllflf Page One Hundred Twenty-two COACH COWELL Resume o The University of Florida cage team opened the season auspiciously by defeating the Atwater Kent Independents at Jacksonville on January 3. A return game, which the "Gators" also Won, was played in Gainesville the same week. 4 On January 9 and 10, the University of Georgia was our opponent. As has been the case in previous games, the "Bulldogs" again proved to be our jinx, and won both games by close scores. Three nights later Florida won her first Conference victory, over Georgia Tech. On the 17th of the month Florida engaged Vanderbilt, but lost. The "Gators" then went on the road for two games, one with Vander- bilt, and one with Georgia Tech. Both of these were lost by close margins. Examinations now intervened, after which Florida hit the road again for five engagements. The team still could not hit its stride, and lost two more games to Georgia, the last by only one point! The following night Euglman showed up with a surprisingly strong team, and defeated our boys a y. This last defeat, however, seemed to pull the team out of its slump. The "Gators" next engaged South Carolina at Columbia, S. C., and won two games there. The South Carolina team then came to Gainesville for two more games. The "Gators" Won both of these, also, by very decisive scores, exhibiting a brand of play which could not be denied. ,.... -1 Q. , 1 Ju A l MANAGER Bo MCCLELLAN Varsity Basketball The Florida team entrained for Atlanta, on February 25, in order to participate in the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament, which was held on February 27 and 28 and March 1 and 2. Unheralded and unseeded in the tournament, an absolute "dark horse," in fact, Florida first defeated Georgia Tech., the only team in the Conference to win over Georgia during the regular season, by a 53--48 score. The following night the "Gators" furnished what was probably the biggest upset of the entire tournament by eliminating Tennessee, 33-29. Tennessee had scored an unexpected win over Alabama, seeded Number 1 in the tournament, the previous day, and was strongly favored to come out on top of the other teams. In the semi- finals the team of sharpshooters from the University of Kentucky proved too much for our boys, the game ended with the "Gators" on the short end of the 56-35 score. Prospects for next year are very bright, with only two lettermen grad- uating, and with promising material for next season from this year's excep- tional freshman team. Ten members of the team received the coveted "F." They are Captain Dale "Muddy" Waters, George Gunn, Ben Clemons, Luke Dorsett, Ira Baker, Allen Emmelhainz, Bill Bradley, Bob Pittman, Spurgeon Cherry, and Broward McClellan, student manager. Page One 0108-L 270!'ll Il W fra Hzlfff' ofaf fnuallaixg 'Hn K 7f7il"m A-lp Hundred Twenty-thre 6 .f "f"L"h5:?9!Yf .A M. ,Q . - 'mi' . . . . Q, A W . W , VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD F lorida's 1931 Varsity Basketball Record Florida 38 Florida A34 Florida 29 Florida 26 Florida 39 Florida 25 Florida 35 Florida 23 Page One Hundred Twenty-fam' Atwater Kent 26. Florida Atwater Kent 16. Florida Georgia 32. Florida Georgia 49. Florida Georgia Tech. 31 Florida Vanderbilt 42. Florida Vanderbilt 43. Florida Georgia Tech. 32. Florida SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Florida 53g Georgia Tech. 48 Florida 333 Tennessee 29 Florida 353 Kentucky 56 Georgia 38. Georgia 33. Furman 51. S. Carolina S. Carolina S. Carolina S. Carolina Rollins 21 . 4 .,, A, ,- Il .sl . , . , I A I. l . Q ' R ' ' . , , A, , , , H Q r ,R 1 ' - , Y - ,. :- , 1 f. ,. st - Q4 , ' ' 'H' . ' ' ,.l"li1 "' . x .wg ,U I ' . . A . ' ZpAf'ff'w2N"PP?f -.1 Yi1 ' . -'M im'i5""'i'l"'f' 7- -N. Lff' Qi..-.,,j'f ,. , ia, "' .. . f 1' .Q'fl'fafri'i-fy 't'3X'X'X n law? tie? 'n'dii,-f',.:,fx,mp '-w wf, .o1fff,3,y"-l!51,m, ,ax mmm, N , ' J , , .Q fm-A-fd,-Jfnfs+:f3':,,giftfqg J' , ' it '21, .-if, ' ' f 1.mfffrfvi:fg1.sfT,2E5t.,Zg1-5,1- , , 332 35 , 'l1' fA2 .' ' Uni, . T . I A M- -1., 4 ' " ' '. . -:': s.,..2:.11.Ff-Y .-2-44.55 ' " F'2 "' ' 31 ' ,- i ' Pg., 1,-,-IQ.. .4 ' "mt ' X 1 , '-W-w'3'1'f"1'1, , . " 17':-if-K:?'4f'r1',?f91ggg5l'344s5Lv:a , 4 ,x..w- wi5?L" ' N" - .JI Qi' , ,'Ji4".11x'f' V , , ---u.....'Rf'f5 , 'iii' 'F 1'?'i f5i.Eif1'i3J"M :fra ' ""' W "' -- .y er '51'fv'f:"-, -' ,ii 'W ' lmiltirfli ,"l',vif'f'f'1 f '- ' . -' .1 - I -ff I-rffii' A 1- ' f-1-fi: '51 i"7f15j.3"7' - 5::fwff4f'1:'.s 5. A L2--4-ff'-1-s..".wgfrw- an-'Y-" ' f...:. - J lt - ' . , ,,,,,K, N M ,, ,. , xx ,V ,H N kxwvli, H Iwi. iv ,,,,,:6W .J M if ' , ' - . ' -- jx I-Li 1 -, 5 '-1 'f',ja.E . V L. if A 1' R 24. M -V -Q, . I UT I X 'lvl ' ' r i kill- . '- . 1'flwwari . . -,,,,L,,-A. ' , 7'-6, fd FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Freshman Basketball This year's Freshman Team was very successful, winning seven out of the nine games scheduled. Many of the games were close and hard-fought, but in nearly every case the "rats" finished on the long end of the score. Jimmy Hughes, Chuck Rogers, and Jimmy Love were outstanding on the offense, while the burden of the defense was upheld by Bill Yeager and Ralph Prochaska. Captain Jimmy Hughes was high point man with - points, Chuck was second with -, and Jimmy Love finished third with - points. The following men were awarded numerals: Jimmy Hughes, Chuck Rogers, Charley Gifford, Jimmy Love, Ralph Prochaska, Harold Butts, P. D. Goodyear, Dan McCarthy, Bill Yeager, and Jim Shands, student manager. Freshmen . . . . 45 Atwater Kent . . . . 50 Freshmen . . . . 20 Robert E. Lee ........... . . 18 Freshmen . . . . 28 Atwater Kent ............ . . 37 Freshmen . . . . 48 Georgia Military Academy . . . . . 30 Freshmen . . . . 41 Rollins Freshmen ......... . . 30 Freshmen .. .. 39 Sebring Independents .... .. 24 Freshmen . . . . 35 Ft. Pierce Independents ...... . . 32 Freshmen . . .. 29 Ft. Lauderdale Freelancers .. 27 Freshmen . . . . 35 Rollins Freshmen ........... . . 20 Page Ona Hzmdfrcd Twenty-five 1,0 5 i ! CAPTAIN BEN CLEMONS Baseball i Page One Hundred Twenty-seven l 'Wt Y x 1 '1 a ' ' f Q "' , ,b h x I , L, .mmm-,L nz, Q'-,gh VA.,.rrif, I.:-ua' w '... .K . ., , J A . - A ' - -H ' ' ' ' . " - A I ..,, 6.. 1- , . 4 ,, m5a..fa'31i1?ii.fn.r,1f:9fwii'-M47- ff:-'.xw5:'i " "Wig, . ,.-. - 4 i . - 1 1 ' ' ' '- - - -'--. ' i ' 5 , ' ' ' . A Qi - - l l CLEMONS ROBERTS VANLANDINGHAM PITTMAN GULUZIAN Varsity Baseball , Z4 P The University of Florida baseball team is this year a member of the newly-formed Dixie League, composed of teams from southern colleges. The other members are Georgia, Georgia Tech., Oglethorpe, Auburn, and Mercer. Since these schools always develop excellent baseball teams, the rivalry should be very keen indeed. Twenty games are scheduled for each team: ten at home and ten away from home. Coach Cowell is faced with a small number of candidates at all points of the game, but as a whole he has whipped together a neat working team. The hurling corps is fair, the outfield should be good with two veterans entrenched in center and left, while the infield is made up of a quartet which seems to have the punch needed to win games. The regular infield is pretty well settled, Mizelle, I . pr qt Guluzian, Roberts and Pitman are the best quartet with Sherrill being the only reserve approaching the ability of the above mentioned four. If one of these should be injured and the team were in a pinch, Captain Clemons, Silsby or Baker could be moved in. Danny Clark appears to outclass Van Landing- ham for the backstop job. This pair will receive the efforts of Captain Clemons, Al Rogero, Toffaletti, Link Silsby, or Lipsitz. The outfield is one of the strongest in years. Norman Derr is back in the center pasture for his third year of shagging. Big Ed Sauls has been moved from right to left field to leave that position hotly contested by "Long Paul" Brown, Baker, Bradley and Charley Clark. It is very true that the Gator baseball machine I . 1 P s if . l MIZELLE Page One' Hzmrlrcd Twenty-eight .r -up f 1L0R'01if'fj7"' t - 1 'f'nii'i'0! T , f .vii . ,. 5,3 me p ,, . at . f fi "wi 'Q kv: -a W- 303' f -- anne B 4-i 1 , LJ sb' , A I v . CLARK . -----.-Q-v. 6 Q at . WW -.,,i,. iw in LU? -P V N-1.3 o in r ' U4 ..... 9' 'il ""' 3'-n hw . SAULS DERR. TOFFALETTI SILSBY ROGERO may be termed a "Sophomore Club," but it has the ability which is necessary to win games. This team is already exhibiting mid-season form in pre-season practice, and is expected to be a favorite contender for the pennant in the Dixie League. At any rate, a team of veterans will return next year which will be able to burn bridges behind them and have no regrets. Georgia 1931 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE Team Date Place April 3 ...... . Gainesville, Fla Georgia .... April 4 ....... Gainesville, Fla Georgia Tech. . . . April 13 ....... Gainesville, Fla. Georgia Tech. . . . April 14 ....... Gainesville, Fla Georgia .... April 20 ....... Athens, Ga. Team Date Place Georgia ........ April 21 ....... Athens, Ga. Georgia Tech. . . . April 22 ....... Atlanta, Ga. Georgia Tech. . . . April 23 ....... Atlanta, Ga. Oglethorpe ..... April 24 ....... Atlanta, Ga. Oglethorpe ..... April 25 ....... Atlanta, Ga. Auburn . ........ May 1 ....... Gainesville, Fla Auburn . ........ May 2 ....... Gainesville, Fla Oglethorpe ..... May 4 ....... Gainesville, Fla Oglethorpe ..... May 5 ....... Gainesville, Fla Auburn . ........ May 8 ....... Auburn, Ala. Auburn .. . . . . . May 9 ....... Auburn, Ala. Mercer .... . . . May 11 ....... Macon, Ga. Mercer .... . . . May 12 ....... Macon, Ga. Mercer .... . . . May 15 ....... Gainesville, Fla Mercer .... . . . May 16 ....... Gainesville, Fla SHERRILL BROWN Page One Himdred Twenty mne P' BENNETT DELOACI-I, Mmmgcr COACH COWELL . - . - A VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD Page One Humlrcfl TIL'f'Vf1l Freshman Baseball Under the tutelage of Coach Dale Van Sickle, our All American end, more than a score of freshmen are endeavoring to win coveted positions on the rat nine. Since the first call when some 83 men turned out, the squad has been cut down to a workable size and Yan- nigan games are occupying the greater part of the time. So far the squad has been divided into two squads, the Orange and the Blue, and men are interchanged, the Orange nine being considered a little the best. A large corps of hurlers have been retained in Pannill, Pennock, Mizelle, Ferrazzi, Langston, Bostwick, Love, Mclnnis, and Renolds. Griggs and Spires are hotly contesting the receiver's job. Treadgold seems to be a cer- tainty at the initial sack. Shaw Buck is holding down the "hot-spoti' but he is being under- studied by Butts. Little Edie Moore is finding himself at short, but is opposed by Cy An- derson. Hicks and Sweeney have waged a merry contest at the keystone corner. Six outfield- ers have been making a good showing in the practice tilts: Sorenson, Murphy, Hughes, Nelson, Rowe, and Richbourg. According to Coach Van Sickle, none of the positions are definitely decided, but these men have displayed the most genuine effort and baseball talent. FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD Page Onc Hmzdred Thzrty one CAPTAIN 0. P. JOHNSON Track Page One Hundred Thirty-three asa'-Mn. ,, , . Track The Gator track team is some- what weakened this year by the loss, through graduation, of most of last year's stars, but Coach Hig- gins is indeed optimistic. Mainstays who have been lost are Forrest Munger and Compton French, star pole-vault artists. Gussy Click, Red McEwen, and Warrick Finneran, all runners. Twelve lettermen have returned in addition to eight men who had some experience last year. Several likely prospects have moved up from the freshman squad, so all in PERRINE SOMPAYRAC Page One Hundred Thirty-fozvr RICE JOHNSON PARNELL SMALL all, the Florida track team can look forward to a successful season. The schedule for this year has not been completed, but six meets have been arranged thus far. The first occasion that the Gators will have to show their prowess will be at the state high school meet held at Gainesville, April 17 and 18, at which time L. S. U. will be the com- petition. Two meets Will be held in Jack- sonville in which the Gators will compete, but as yet dates are indefi- nite, these are the A. A. U. meet and the Southeastern A. A. U. meet. ,,..' -.apr , ' -4?l.":""'-133 ...Liv -. -lw.w.,. AYRES BETHEA BOYETTE A meet has been scheduled with Vanderbilt on May 2 and arrange- ments are being made for another meet to be held on May 1, on the same trip. Next will be the South- ern Conference meet which will be held May 15-16 in Birmingham. The final encounter of the year will be held in Chicago by the Na- tional Collegiate Athletic Associa- tion on June 5-6. Three or four of Florida's best men will be picked for this encounter. Making up the team this year will be: Captain O. P. Johnson, Owen Rice, Captain of cross-country, Joe Hall, Red Bethea, Frank Clark, STONE Willard Ayres, Ed. Sauls, Ancil Boyette, John Hall, Tommy Smith, Ralph Stone, Russel Crofton, Walter Schwab, Kenneth Hazeldine, Bill Willis, George Perrine, Chick Sompayrac, Don Forsyth, and A. P. Small. Talent uncovered in last year's rat team lies in Joe Jenkins, George Gunn, Ray Herrick, Dennis Miller, John Paul Jones, Burnett Roth, Ralph Page, Gerald Smith, Schuler Cox, R. D. Walker, Jim Shands, Bill Knight, Eddie Heimberger, A. H. Spencer, Paul Ploeger, and Walter Martin. NEWCOMB SMITH Page One Hundred Thu ty five ED GAY, Mmmgcr COACH HIGGINS Varsity Squad Przyr' One Humlrefl Thirty-six CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Hero is the University of Floridn cross country Lcnm which cnpturvd third ixlncu in thv rccm-nt Southi-rn Cmmfi-rum-o nn-vi, nt Chapel Hill, N. C. The Gntor hnrrivrn. prior to thut timv, lost n close nu-vt tu Guurgin. lnxt ch-cisivoly out-Ivmzcal Ulm-xnsun, 'l'hv tn-:un is under thx- ublv coaching of Nnsh Higgins, who nmnnprvs to iind tinu- to tutor tho lung: alistnncu nwn in mlmlitixm tu his foutbnll scnnling: nnd coaching: of thu I! squad. In the phntu, left to riizht faittinirl, Tommy Smith. Cunt. Owvn Rico. Km-nm-th Hnza-lclim-, John Thunms nnml Rnlph Stunt-. Staind- inyr, Mimnirvr Gcruld Smith, Shulcr Cox, Willuril Ayres and Rnlnh Pniizc. Q FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM Pugz' Om' HunrIrz'rI Th irly-sv van JOHN MINARDI Captain Boxing Team T-wo Years Sozzfhern Confercwzcc Champion Boxing Page One Hundred Thirty-nine HULSEY LOKICY, Jvlrmngvr COACH O'CONNELI Varsity Boxing Team Pagr' Onzr Ilumlrlfrl Forty ,ze V 1- Ax, ilu.. J. ,475 K- hv""" '- Hz, -..-i Boxmg Floridas newest major sport under the tutelage of Coach Phil O Connell started the season with a team of expeit iingmen. At the Southern Confeience meet Captain John Minardi was a gained crown champion of the bantamweight division At the present time Florida has not completed her scheduled meets. The season opened at Charlotts ville, Va., where we were defeated by Virginia, five to two. Sam Slavin and John Minardi won their divi sions. At Miami the Gators defeated the University of Miami tive to two. Next week Florida's aspiring pugilists took on the Citadel aggregation and gave them a thorough lacing to the tune of six to one. Cap tain Carlisle of Citadel was the only man to win his fight gh i . OO .gi V ,U ' .- , we 1 - , fi M. Q' . . 4' . . '.' . ' . , ,' .ii ,Q , . ' , ' f . --g N ' ' . . . . J ' H - "-tb.. a " ' , ,--,1:,., , " .. I all " i ii' 'YS 'A ' , , . ' ' lift ,J lllgflii -ua 'l ' F 441 ' 4 ' 1 'qi . . . - X --f ..1,.'f1N?l-f--'f3'5'?35' . , , '. - V -- y ' ry, 0 V U , r 1 1 - - , A - , 3:22 , . , - - I 3 , A -c-I 4 ,:.-bmi'-, .1 , - -' .. 1-f,,1'3'..f , . , . , ' ,L ,. 4 l -5 11 ' lfv.'1vq-'Cp ww RN- I, 'ax 1 l 1 , ' , . f. 1 H ..-7 5,y,,,. Milan. X " , ' ' t' "' 'f ., ,,f..f- ' .,,4: ,f'f'. Iii? 'L' .f bi V ,X V A in K .V P V . f m,,4.a'I Qffgf ':,,....1--r. .wr ', 1 , .--ks A 1 - , ., O i A I J . . . . This is the first year that boxing has been recognized as a major sport on Florida's campus, and there is little doubt but that in the years to come it will rise to the height that it holds on the campus of many of the other Southern Conference schools. It is a significant fact that five of the 1931 team were sophomores and will be back next year. Among those deserving recognition for their hard work are: Captain John Minardi, Southern Con- ference Champion of the bantam-weight division, and able leader of the 1931 mitmen. Ray Carter and Stanley Peckham in the lightweight division. Bill Zoller in the featherweight division. Hugh Whitaker in the Welterweight division. Sam Slavin in the middleweight division. Gus Huston and "Red" Cobb in the lightweight division, and finally in the heavyweight division we find Carlos Proctor and Irving Askenazy. The 1931 boxing team was managed by Hulsey Lo key, with Shaw Foster as assistant. Wrestling-1931 When the call came for the boys interested in wre stling to report to the gym., there was some twenty- five who reported. This number was a surprise, for wrestling is not a recognized sport on the campus and until this year there has been little interest manifest ed in wrestling as a competitive sport. Coach John Piombo took this material and welded a well-balanced group of matmen that could have gone far in inter- collegiate competition. Unfortunately very little intercollegiate competition was afforded the members of the 1931 wrestling team. The trip to Miami was the only trip made by the 1931 team. Wrestling in the University of Miami is a major sport of several years standing and the Miami team was made up entirely of men seasoned by last year's competition. It is due principally to this fact that the University of Florida was defeated by a score of 26 to 6. S. T. Osgood and Bob Cockerell won their weights by outstanding exhibitions of skill. Bobby Turrill and Tuffy Weilbacher put up the best fight of the evening. Weilbacher was runner-up in the national Olympic tryouts and it is to Turrill's credit that he stayed thc full time limit and lost by a decision. Others who deserve credit for their work on the squad are: J. W. Deam, G. C. Lancaster, W. Baltuth, Newt Perry, Bill Merritt and Alan Stuckey. MINARDI PROCTOR ZOLLER PECKHAM Page One Hzmdred Forty-one 5. T x 4 ---,K - vvg rf -,,,1vx-.'- "if K . . , A .kia . ' 4, fy Q . . , Y I I ,J f 1 Y , . qw V 1,1 , ,1 J ' T3 "Wi - .fe'W5ff12f"..4.L Eakimw. 'sm .. ""f'f1l""",. .. .. 'vw - v. fi f.-v. -.v-4--r1,.'-rwf-ng and g7f""7:?8 53"'1i':1:'-' 552 "d"i'70'- 35' '-"':':i '."""'.3if'f"l' ' T5-'--'3"':-.-'Wil-7: "'I3.Q-'-.'x'.' "'21'I3' '-'N-' 11" MI" 'IM' "' " - ' ' ' - 1 -' ---'-'P "V-' -- '-"'.---,-'-'-11,91----"--k'.'1'."'q-:-:3-.'., -,I -.. .'.9':.g.'..-,.:- :Z-.'..-'-QA, "3-"-'. fn ',- l.' '-'.' I.-'. 9, --., . -'Q .n, - , 'L . . , , i:fI- 1' 3.:.-QYQQ-31132.-.'3i..:!g.'.gI:'rInf'-2-2:--1175 3..-:Jn r, 3.-:..','51 dy - - !5,'.,. -1-1 . ,- '::-. '.':,- - .. -- .-I - .'y.v.-.' -rv , 2s-'.'.?--r'---.-'.--''::1x:Fr - - -ra--: -"'r-' - --" . :.v.-f." -' ' - ' 0 ' J. ' fl-"' ' 5'4u.,,q-nn 4 0'.- -Q-,'.'lap-'N"'n."'-, .':. ,W J'-. '.:':u - .,...' a..3x:':'1'.'.:-ff... .,.g .,n..,. 1: .0 . - I . ' ,. 'n ' -1-3'L1gZs.fa.:,,-:.' """'fGx'cx::'gfpS'Z-1.:'-Z,jg43Z3Z-L'f.r- -.2'E3,11:-1,--C g- 1 1.2 3' 2:5 gg 3 g-,zgg -.-Q --:gpg-y. ., -A:--.-g.. '-.,gg.,.r,. .-3:51-..,.,,,...-5 1.-,-1. ,-.-r.:1 : :--1 .u ,'- -ug .-4, w.-..-f.:, 'inf 2-Ik" "'?ffh:Ig :vi:5'ni'n.rh:i' Q -7:-'J' ',-J,':o- -Q1 '5 : -'fig-. A 2-11' -.:1:a.,lQ2 , ,-.lf-2' ' "G'f,'7:.n21.,,f.'2,A.g:- ,,:g'f ,Z "E 1. QQ 1.5: .1'.f.J:Q-:,x'. 'fly ,..':.2:. .,.2 In 35. If. I P ' '-'3.Q'1'9.T-N14-Y'-" "fl . on "ff .' 1:3 o -" 'I'-. ff- - ' "'.'.' -'-'-" ' 51 .ss IQ.. cs..'A:,.'.::s:..An...'.s..?f::. .:.::s.i1..1- :,:.:, I-I ,.:a.1:f::J.1.E iz.: '.. ' - 0. . - . fl-'G-z'1-'.1'1I:',-. - .--Y--I-sa'-1-Q 1' -'3"f.-Z- ..-0 .1'- ,.- ar, ' Vi' l' t ' n O' -l.Q-Q -nl! ' 'n I ' ' cuilnl1i" 'U 'l- 'I l il! I v' 0' s - I n u . Q I Q rl I - b,.,.,., ., u . .vi-0-.,-. u-. -. -. ,,, --.,.g, ,Qs:.g,.Q.:f"-1 Jn" f" ,,o .'.'2..'.2'f','!-'Q' gn .- -'.'.'. 25- 2.3 --- .'.'1 "-' " '. -' "' ' ...' -, Q 5.211:1:9.,'..'f:,:s.:-:QQU: :,g,1'.:.'..,g.3.,,,', ,Egg 3.29, , g!',,-'ru-,., ---... ..,..5.s. . -.Q.--..-..,.--3-35.3-,.'...:,:g . "'l'I,v -v-..,. Ao -..,., . .3 .-'fb .a,.1.'z.'f.' .',',...g,3.,g :'..,.., ,'.'g.-J, .,-,::.,'.v.., 'S . 1 J ' ' .f. - . -. . - . . . -:?j:f:fr':'3':.ff:f -51-35 -JF.-1-33-.1 Jwfih- -.1-5 E'gg-:4'- viz - -,r.1-:-1. -Y:-gf 525: "X - 5'5!f:'n1"r- ' -1 . '-' - "--- n 1 -.. '-.- ' . ' "" :--.'. vu- ".'-1.'-. '?E!-':f5z'.3:g-r1-'-12233 '+'51zpJ"H!-'-I-az! -an-.-.:-1--n'-' v- wa-- --' ' fgirgf 'af' v' I' I l . . , . I f A' X 4 M , .M . ' 1- . ' Q CGQHHDQKQ TLP if-1r4iU"H 1 ' 1ft,xrf'."'i1f'1 , ,, ,,,,A,9'g' 1.5 ,f. . -Lf, vs. M- 3 'V v , . i 1,1 N ' ' 1 .A ,. 1' . f Y .11 'I W . 5 A ' ' ,,,.f 11, , ' YL' -5 r. 1' ' 1, ' ,f . ' -4- Q. -4 ' , vs. Af V,-eq. . A --' . 'Q. my .G ,. , ., ww - '- ' ' ff' Y 3 - '. -' . M,-.-Vx ' 'M .' ' . 5. ' ' lv 1 -N il! 515- rw ,. ,ua H 4 my , p .1-Lp ,. 4, ' ' aw, 51: ' ' . . K 4' ' .M , '4 ,ex if ,- 1 4 ,T . , .Mx . 'V ' 4 gitugg . r , f " ,", 1 M1124 x4 ' 4 VE, ,Z ' 1344 ,x 5, QW.: I "4 . AQ-Wfm..?A-mafzfim VARSITY TENNIS TEAM K The University of Florida tennis team had a slow start this year, but prospects for a good season are very promising. On March 14, the Gator netmen met and defeated Rollins 6 to 0 in singles and doubles matches. A return match with Rollins is planned for April 14, when Florida goes to Orlando to participate in the Florida State Intercollegiate Tourna- ment. During the latter part of April, Florida will meet Georgia and Georgia Tech. This year's team is Captain Nick Polites, Willard McGinnis, Jack Butler, John Parkhill, and Bill Smith. I FRESHMAN TENNIS SQUAD Page One Ilundrvd Forfy-five 'i 'QQ Q Golf Florida's 1931 golf team has only two Southern Conference matches scheduled. On March 28 Florida met and defeated Georgia Tech. The score was Florida 1214, Georgia Tech 5'Az. On April 4 the Georgia team comes to Gainesvilleg unfortunately the Seminole will have gone to press before that time. . - The 1931 team is made up of Bob Archibald, captaing Tom Eddlemang Pete Baileyg and Ed Gay. Alter- nates are Elliot Dunwoodie and Watts Strohman., FENCING TEAM Page One I-lzmclrvcl Forty-six Swimming At the present time, we are unable to give much in formation regarding' Coach Genovar's tankmen be- cause the weather has not permitted regular practice. A strong' group of veterans has returned to assure a better team than the one which placed second in the conference meet in Atlanta last spring. Veteran splash- ers returning are Captain Ray Carter, Aubrey Sawyer, Bruce Hamilton, Allen Spencer, Jim Anthony, Ed Romph, Bob Edsall, Russell McCaughan and Dick Judy. Members of the previous rat team who are mak- ing' strong bids are O'Neal, Voorhis, Graces, Walker, Welch, and Morgan. Nepgotiations are underway for meets with the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, but nothing definite has been arranged. nf- Pugc 011cH1rmIrcd If'oriy-seven Page One Hmulrvcl I+'m'fy-c'ighf INTRAMURAL MANAGERS :mg my- .,...1-aIwfR1:I4"5n:.-we+"It'Q-iam . .,. '-va vrj'j"'1f1'f- .1--W " 4.54 .1-fx A t -N ,,AV -.,:Q:a5,z1p.g1g3gJzi,1'ggifgg , . ,.., l H QW, lxlh jx M pm., 'ie----i if Intramural Athletics r COACH JOE HOLSINGER . . . . Director JOSEPH I. DAVIS ..... . Senior Manager WILLIAM ELLIOTT DUNWODY, JR. . . . . Secretary WILLIAM LAMBERT CAMPBELL . . Military Manager HARVEY F. PIERCE . . . . Dormitory Manager GARDNER T. GILLETTE . . . ..... Director of Publicity WILLARD W. AYERS ...... Handball CLARENCE E. PHIEL ..... Track ROBERT C. BOLEY ........ Golf FRANK E. PHILPOTT, JR.. . Playground Ball WILLIAM W. DISHONG.. . . Cross-country LEWIS H. ROGERS ....... Water Sports EUGENE BRYAN DUNCAN. Baseball HOWARD R. RYBOLT ...... Utility ATWOOD DUNWODY ...... Tennis HOMER H. SEAY . ........ Wrestling EDWARD R. HEIMBURGER..Boxing GERALD SMITH ......... Touch-football ALVIN H. HUGHEY ...... Basketball THURMAN A. WHITESIDE.. Swimming LEON B. JONES ......... Horseshoes WILIJIAM C. ZIMMERMAN. Volleyball The University of Florida boasts one of the most comprehensive intramural athletic programs of any institution in the South, the program with a response on the part of the students believed to be unparalleled anywhere in the country. That every student may have the privilege or the recreation and physical development afforded by organized competition, four different leagues have been formed-the frater- nity, dormitory, military, and independent leagues. Elaborate awards are made the cham- pionship teams in the various sports and the league champions for each year. The high point man in each league and the sports managers receive sweaters, each bearing an Old English NF." To determine the champions and high point men a complete point system has been adopted. Fifteen different sports were scheduled for the 1930-1931 school year, more than ever attempted before, all but four of them being out-of-door sports. Those on the program were golf, swimming, horseshoes, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, boxing, touch-foot- ball, handball, tennis, water-basketball, wrestling, playground ball, diamond ball, and track. In recent years boxing has proven to be the most popular. Touch-football, a modification of the real game, and handball were introduc ed this past year at the request of the students. Intramural athletics had their inception at Florida in 1923. The actual administration of the program has always lain in the hands of the Intra- mural board, composed of the student managers of the different sports. This board, together with an advisory board and Coach Joe Holsinger, director, comprise the Athletic Intramural Department, which was recently com- pletely reorganized. In 1929-1930 the number of competitors in the various sports was 3,200, or, subtracting duplications, a total of about 1700 different students. The participation this year was even greater, yet the budget for the department was but 385000. It is doubted if any institution in the country ofers as comprehensive an intramural athletic program in which so large a percent- age of the student body participates at as low an expense as is offered at the University of Florida. COACH HOLSINGER Page One Hundred Forty-nine 291-S'?b.0Z'2ff4 1."u..'i"1ax. . D5 A 'A ,A A, AA-E-QA, ,f,, -f ,A AA in A, .A A 7, ,,,-4,-A A,AAA,A f f f ' ' ' A-':::W" ' ' -:rf-'-. J "' vs , 4. A J 'u A 333551321 . v f ,-N X. v A"-5 ' 'X ' X A 'Z3'1L U! - ,n. 'us ,NN A A lg - . :',13-rj:-.g1g,v -A-:rf-:5i,,.:,,.. NNI fi ' Xf"Qf A ' 'r:21 ..-13E?r. A X y o Q A' ,511 'ff". ' 2 gs Tx If N A . A gf . . ! n . ' 2 , M n' U 0 - I X A AA ' it A A A 1 A .... . 3. A A : A . A ,A .4ZEg.'z?::.A A IA wig: A QQC A A' 54 S5 -gag? QA. ft A. ' A A. A .CT Efzgaz'-25' f2'R3f2'?.1, 1' . A Q. .A.,A A Q ' .ah I-f'N1..5xx-Nfxf 'Cn, AA A .- A . -A ,J ' Life- AA Aff:-:1'x"Hgx'Ng' A 'OA A A ' A AA QQ ' A A ,,,oI0u.0 A' J ru lw 'Q' 4 u"' A "s i "fi . fy?-f-,Vs A --Q ,f -. fx no f A A, A A x 1-' A, rfprr 'f '- WA A AA 'OJ A A l:T'. 'l: .R u.. A 51,530 A .1 A A A QEAQQXY- nk .j -.:1,.: l A '- A I ..:..LgQfff, s ' A AA AA : A -gf. . A , - .0 a A A '. M C., .f A - ' A X ,sez V H555 A f A -Nan"X I I 1 ' I . "s...v'S'z.:.jel 'Q 1? 00.9, L ' ' g E f ' A I ' ' 'fl-va 1 - A --ff I I z 2: ""'Z' s f : A A 1 : . A Q - A A g o ' A 1 A A ' A AA",'A'f 5 g A: 3 A ' ' A A A A AA N n,,,Al' f A : I 'I . . A 'A A la' ' fa Q A ' . . .-v' ' ai fl' ' - 4 U A" 0' 3 C 1 A V 3 0' f ' 3 is Q A 'L 0 SL - A ,H l . Af' 3 'x 1551" I 4 .v "- "'-' ' I J., 5. .9 a Y 5 " U 'xq'. A , S . A A . A T ig f a A A ' n Q 'J : A A . t A. f 5 A , 0 ' I A , A A A, A A A - A to A r. A A A xi W ,A 1 K L '71 A A H Lia- , -Af--- .A AA AA A--A :AAA A AWAA A- ALAAAA 4 '- -ik:?55,Affa'g f'+A WPf'Af-via A . A ,,4A Aw- '..A.14X,Q3,i,j'f-f'Q-1' ' ' , A A AA-Aw AAAAlx11 ,AAA A 1 A ,A A, ' K Fpiiu 7 4 sf! :fl ' A A , +A-5i?f,'E3'I1A?i?15 7 1 gi A M '-fhff .1153 .A LQ -- ' A- L' 1' ,, 14514 .A-Ay FAA: " A.efA1f3iA'73a55" wi '3.Z'Qrii.1f:f' 'F A' ' ' 5 'ww A A A V 7 'Q'1.H'."Q M-1 HA L sv eff.,--si.-1 fa '-" 'JHUAAT' ,x1'52v!'i'Ef"u-.H"tA-4--9+ ANA 4 , Q A A AAA A AA? l,-A QAgWAgAfAAAA A455-A.,-,Q 'rw-A,AfZ,'g,q7f3:1LA-ifAAQQAAAANYQAJAA x-yrfiA':Ai?,.Q.AAF LAW. .fi WA H' 'JJ' ESE! iBabs ,Shcmron X aw n Il E E ll' .fizhfw -'- Katherine Sherman I ALWU J Sm , war ,, S .rf J 5 JKTI-311, M iziiidircifa 13.6, .b, i , .bw 'V 1 f . -A . '!53:11.: ,. ..n..g.w: . vm- V 1 ml 1 I " gl T... l A "- I ' i 2 2 2 ' f x Q p N 5 'L 4, .vr..Yg ' ' I Q' ' jean 'Mme 'll Il , m, 6 f. 2 W , ., ,i iBetty iB'fownlow 533 ' I L is ' x fl S Q 8 "fX:iIij 'FN' ' Q in-L-ha E 2 I1 1 53 L A ' F .333 Edna e7YCartin E 1 f " 5 10115 .ij EM a mz : fa me , ,Q L. I V I JJ K L 'F ,A ,AP - .rJfuw.gi5lQziGsJ:s:5l,G1'EQT Kaye Gardner H 4:91-'Ls-2--A :rx '-' -1:- if:-,.r ,- A-1-"ff fr. ff' :fi-. 4--,ff . fl.--:.fvvr:-x.-.V ,Az-arl'--'Pvt - L-if'-,-1-51.71-L .-1-iff:-. .V -fed: 1' f' A 1--' -, M-, ,...,f,.,.-.,-..-- -- 1- - "'--- ,f -.-. 4. ,.- . v .-. ,-. . . - Q5-Annette White fffgf f 'Ti - igetty KMHSOH' I EW E R 534636 H 'QE fy 9:25 " i ,,.2'g51 SiEQi1:45 Wm f - . rvuv:w:x:wesv-wr4vNw1of,m1xAsz-no-mvrJvyc-v1z4vwcu1J'awf'x-w-mxxvruvms-lxmmusvivwuennwyfmmmmvwumm-vw .G,bQE? 1?Z' . .., ,.. . .. . . , Av. 995' W4 "WI .1 ii 25 Pl 35 E gi i 2 5 2 In I. wstlas Mnlulnwx l no 1- I f1?f3wfz6g5fi5'?ff:1n,'z:2i-3'zg1z:z1 1 -wg we -' aj f, I.., ,'5N IEE? im: F3411 EIC Lfz"fl.f5:f-f-LZ A534 kd , Jwinfgi ---,, ish.-Q-.L Qltlliliaqwzfiiiiilffzisili ' ' i IIUi'lZKH x ' ' . b f 4 , , r 3 - If . ...fn ' rl' I .'.b.. X D .I I '-. X A Xu w ffgefwulwe - xy --'n:..':' ' - 2i43i'W1,53?" 2.14 . A 1 1 H d M The Annual Agonizer VOL. I ' NUMBER 1 KAPPA ALPHA TO REJUVENATE - Although nothing definite could be obtained by representatives of The Agonizer, rumor on the avenue had it that members of the Kappa Alpha Order plan the staging of a com- plete rejuvenation program. Strange noises fstrange in that it was not the tinkle of glass on glassj emanated from the aged barn as Will Swearingen, press agent, flayed in mighty words of wisdom the apparently futile rushing practice of harking back to the glorious days of Clay Lewis and social prestige. Local shine boys will aid in the campaign, accord- ing to a statement by Bill Bond. BIG-BREEZE PASSES ON Wearers of the crooked snake mourn the passing of Big-Breeze Mathis, for so long the feudal baron of Florida Breweries, Inc., which is otherwise known as the Sigma Nu manor. The cortege will not be in keeping with the usual Sigma Nu splendor now that the ornate Packard no longer does heavy duty for the manor Mandarins. An Agonizer report- er was able to learn during an interview that on the very morn of the demise of the Rt. Reverend Mathis it was felt necessary that plans be laid to extend to incoming freshmen of next fall the notorious Sigma Nu course in hotel management in an effort to secure by arduous training a suitable successor to the deceased. Pork chops for rushing will receive a great deal of attention throughout the course of study. BLACKFOOT BOOHS BLOWS The handful of people present at a joint meeting of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and the Independent Party caucus were privileged to hear what has been described as the master address of his career when Mr. Red McEwen was loud in his denunciation of the perennial panning of the All-Tuckered-Out boys. "Us boys ain't so awful!" McEwen exploded, "and I can't see what these here boys wanta keep on givin' us the woiks for. Last year they said we couldn't get any pledges, and now when we extend a blanket bid to Plant High School of Tampa, they still pans us," he con- tinued between chaws. "We still keeps the athletic department under our thumbs -- Well, maybe not our thumbs, but after all, thar' ain't no justice!" ROWDIES RAISE ROOF "If nocturnal rowdyism is any indication, the Phi Delta Theta barn has lost even the final ray of hope of the long-anticipated visit of Brother J ohn." Such is the opinion of Chief of Police Vestal, who further expressed himself as being highly pleased that his Piker brethren do not indulge in such collegiate overllowings of fraternal spirit. The followers of the Howze tradition, he said, have pinned their hopes on a new set of lawn chairs, and then have done nothing more about it. SONS OF MINERVA SCRUB CHAMELEON LEO Came the dawn! and with it the frenzied activities of the local S.A.E. chapter as every effort was expended in removing the proverbial J oseph's coat of many colors from the haughty haunches of his Majesty Leo. His Leonine Majesty has assumed a distinctly chameleonic tendency of late, he having appeared red on one day and blue the next. But the crowning insult of all was the all-night vigil as a result of a false alarm, alleged to have emanated from the Kappa Alpha house. With each periodic scrubbing the descendants of Cicero, Don Quixote, and Il Duce are quick to evince their neighborly interest as they line the sidewalk and the luxuriant velvet of the spacious lawn to offer advice and assistance. RINGLING ROUNDERS ROPE ROOKIES Amid the clicking of polo mallets, Sigma Chi's hard-riding horde is attaining new heights in this year's "A Pledge A Week" campaign, according to the fraternity's HD new travelling secretary, who stated further that it recently came to light that a scheming treasurer of a few years ago had craftily done away with alllof the black balls of the Sigma Chi ballot-box. The Agonizer takes the liberty of adding that the Sigma Chi sweetheart is fast becoming a college widow. Page One Hundred Sixty-sin: - 5, "ND iff?"-0 invga'i'?"-FiffflfxuEXSTW vm N - , V' lt? ry" xy "sz: W f"iY:H.3'u1':,'A :ffl -.,,Q-'.?.g:j'.x-EA 'v."f..:-LQ. ni-A. M1-7,'f:v,,C' 6,Z4:':n,,,x1F??.5 fy, gg., 554-+143 .Af-4501 ,...M'f Maia' ' .rmiNs.mzgpL .f:,,'-win1,p :gxgg3f u2,s Y 'FfvlF.7ZigT.f?f1gQ'5N X , ,..1 vf. , u ,",ff HOME- QUR GK PQAEST COUVMQ in 1 Z E ,gui- H. IJ - wr: ,, , MN 13" XS-xg? ,,:,,.f'5' V Payv Om' I1:u1rIrvrI Sing-seven -4 Page Ona zfzyffsrkffsi ..., I DELT GYPSY BLOOD STILL CALLING As the Agonizer goes to press, Dame Rumor breezes by with hints that Delta Tau Delta is again to take up the eastward trek-out to the wide open faces where teeth are teeth and rent is lower. It is also current gossip that Miss Burwell Jordan is pausing between trips to the dances in Starke long enough to pray, "And dear God, please send us another Crab- ree." SIGMA PHI EPSILON GOES INTERNATIONAL A startling announcement of recent months has concerned the rapid rise of Sigma Phi Epsilon to undisputed leadership in the local branch of the Pan-American Union. Messrs. Vaccaro, Vaccaro, Gato, Carbonell et al., have definitely relegated the Tampa Cuban Club to second place. I MYSTERY MANSION INVESTIGATED In answer to complaints from close neighbors, the so-called Mystery Mansion, former residence of the late Theta Chi's, was subjected to a thorough investigation by representa- tives of this paper. It will be remembered that Theta Chi suffered a sudden end due, it is said, to the shock of the break with the A.T.O.'s. Since that time, the old building which used to house this aggregation has been reported as being haunted. Agonizer re- porters, however, found nothing within the decadent walls save shattered glories of a fancied past and the remains of a meager beginning. BETAS BANDY BALLY-H00 What has been described as the most sensational program of freak show exploitation in several years has occurred recently in the case of the newly-installed Beta Theta Pi chapter. Hoping to build up even the most meager of social reputations, this menagerie of trained book-worms fborn on the bottom of the sea and imported to this country at phe- nomenal expense! and rare busy-body artists has gone in for week-end performances under the direction of Ringmaster J ohn Prunty. PIKES PINE FOR PEAKS Words of praise were all that Attorney Billy Dial had for Alpha Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha in his annual address at the Mothers' Day smoker last night. "Although we are bankrupt," he said, "our hope of social supremacy on the Florida campus seems nearer tonight than ever before. Our close adherence to the coolly-calculated plan of a social function a day gives us renewed faith in that old adage dear to the heart of every Pi K.A., 'Every man who is not a Pike wishes he was one.' " KAPPA SIGMA LOOKING OUT One of the bits of advice to be given to freshmen each year from now on will be "if you must be a Kappa Sigma, join their best chapter on the campus." This heterogeneous lodge has adopted that imperialistic idea which has spread the star and crescent to every poten- tial college town in three of the four corners of the earth. "And we have started 'propaganda in the fourth corner," proudly asserted Jim Anthony in an interview here yesterday. L, WAHL GOES NATIVE In an effort to perpetuate their slogan, "Join everything that gives a key," Phi Kappa Tau has unveiled the famous monument, "Wahl and Sunrise." This benevolent person is seen in a characteristic pose, ap flickering lamp clutched in his right hand to symbolize the steering of the group in the way of light, in the left hand he holds a large number of Greek letters which he offers with outstretched arm to the younger members of dear old Phi Tau. Seated upon a stool at the feet of Harmless Harold is a likeness of Jerry Smith, undis- puted successor to the throne of the House of Wahl. It is said that all of the members of the chapter, save Brothers Wahl and Smith, were asleep at the time of the dedication and were unable to be present. CLASSIFIED I WANTED-Any man who has spent three years on the campus. Small investment re- quired. Preference will be given those who have broken .pledges of other fraternities. Apply O.U.T. House. Hundred Sixty-eight 6 GNTJ-'ER' .. Q-Sw ff Q Q Q , WMf.,fay L .ww-.A.m f '.., masf-9 'DOY sc.ou'rs or AMERICA' LUNCH AT THEc.0l'1r1o CPIRATESJ 'U.0UG'H O N RA T5 CPUQATESP TRE E PLANTING- CEREMONY 15 Q3 x-STE 5 'IA JA 989- AGIQIN Q-AME? I PIRATES! N' 46-4 'Q ,. QX Q, 'X Page One Hmzdred Sixty- Z ' Y University of Florida Attention to Urders. Gainesville, Florida May 1, 1931 SPECIAL ORDER NUMBER TWELVE: WHEREAS, it is the concensus Of opinion that military training at the University of Florida is coming into renewed popularity, by reason of recent Alligator editorialsg and WHEREAS, more active interest in the unit has been evidenced, particularly on the part of freshmen and sophomores, NOW, THEREFORE, by the authority vested in me as PMS8zT, I do hereby recommend for citation from the Fourth Corps Area headquarters, the following: CADET COLONEL WILLIAM A. MCRAE, JR., for his nymph-like figure, his graceful pos- ture, his melodiou tenor voice, and the undaunted perseverance that has prompted him to maintain the goods old Hughes-Gump tradition. CADET MAJOR RICHARD A. MACK, because he has so nobly reconnoitered the future for Mighty Top-Sergeant Bruce Hamilton, his baby-faced prodigy, in the Sigma Nu iight for military parity with the A.T.O.'s. CADET MAJOR BENJAMIN JOSEPH GRANT, JR., pinch hitter for Colonel McRae, because he is a startling example of the frailty of human nature which prompts him to believe that being major of artillery is justifiable grounds for a haughty chin and the wearing of corsets. CADET CAPTAIN G. RUSSELL CROFTON, the man with the Adam's apple, because he took four years of military to get his girl's picture in the Seminole. CADET CAPTAIN KING DAVID COLSON, because he is publishing a new manual of Plans and Training to be appropriately bound in handsome brown Morocco. CADET CAPTAIN J ONOTHAN W. PRUNTY, because in the guise Of the press he has achieved a more intimate relationship with the military Ofiice than any other cadet Officer and be- cause he has so gracefully passed off his duties to Sergeants Dunkle and Fisher. CADET LIEUTENANT SQUINT OLIVER, the Rudy Valee of the regiment, dear to the hearts of every freshman and sophomore in the infantry battal-yone, because he has achieved the all-time record for unpopularity in any military Organization. CADET LIEUTENANT LAMBERT W. CAMPBELL, because he has made of his position the softest job in the army, and because of his untiring eEOrts to make of military intramurals a thing of the past. CADET LIEUTENANT RALPH CLARENCE DAVIS, because even this late in the year he still has dreams of a captaincy, and because he SO successfully imitates a train caller in the Jacksonville Union Terminal. ' CADET CAPTAIN THURMAN A. WHITESIDE, because he carries the responsibility of Scab- bard and Blade, Company A, the Junior Class, and Delta Tau Delta on what he has been known to describe as the most handsome pair of shoulders in the battalion. CADET CAPTAIN JAMES R. ANTHONY, because he has carried the honor system to such a point as to turn his back when his company executes squads right. CADET CAPTAIN M. MILTON FOXWORTH, because his having a sponsor down for Military week-end enabled the Pikes to have one more fair lady at their house party. CADET CAPTAIN NORTON D. DAVIS, because Once in a while he stoops from his democ- racy and borrows Arnold Welsh's boots and because some day he will learn to receive the colors without slashing sOmeone's ear with his Sabre. CADET CAPTAIN JESSE L. TURNER, because he is good to his mother. CADET CAPTAIN WALTER H. MCELDOWNEY, whose commands sound like a record by Ted Lewis, because there is something about a Beta'S being an artillery ofiicer. "Let us drink another glass . . ." CADET CAPTAIN ROBERT YATES H. THOMAS, because Kappa Alpha and the L'Apache Club Owe him a debt of gratitude for a most accommodating bus line to Tallahassee during Military week-end. ' CADET CAPTAIN JAMES A. BARRINEAU, who turned his plowshare into a sabre, because sometime this year the Alpha Gamma Rhos really should be heard Of. CADET CAPTAIN UD OLIVER PRESTON JOHNSON, because . . . well, er, the other captains are cited. By order of GRANVILLE W. LARIMORE, PMSKLT. fPOor, Misguided, Sensational, and Trite.J By DURWARD E. HAWKINS, Captain infantry, CDOLJ Adjutant. CITIES, FRONT AND CENTER! Page One Hundred Seventy "Q: Q 22,-:33'?gnaf'f a'2.'.u M O . V . Q0 X fx V 'A,.. x g , ' Our.. 'U gg . E4 I DONQU muon E A fi-if ' L CEE! GlDDA P ,l Page One Hu'nd'red Seventy- 25 Z .MSM -f' Ye Qvzr.. Q 4...-at -Jif 'Sax ss.- -.4 Dixie CB. P. O. EJ Beggs-A raucous horselaugh behind a Rooseveltian smile. A characteristic example of what must inevitably follow when the great American franchise is subsidized to party machination. E N I M,-il. J 'fb -J 5. Jo Dfumbj Gill-whose rise to fame is strangely reminiscent of Dr. Leake's ac- count of the creation of West Virginia. The surprising result of political crossbreed- 1ng. P , yn, iii...................... Q em "PN- ? P Harold KW. C. T. UJ Wahl-Like the gentle pansy, shedding its sweetness on the 4 I l desert air of an anteroom. A living sociological experiment-legal heredity versus agricultural environment. EW fm "Monty" UU Montgomery-Like the river Platte, six inches deep and six miles wide at the mouth. P . 'H f 5: T Robert fBig-Breezej Mathis-Scholastically a flopg politically the head of his no .p... M 1-. class. His extra-curricula activities will stand him in good stead in later life. "Paper, Mister ?" mf. 'li K. 3 John CDelta Tauj Prunty-Busy being a Betag master of his lodge. Q4 5 'L 'L A l -, 'n 9 . A" Granville QR. O. T. CJ Larimore-Dishonorably discharged from the awkward squad, Infantry Battalion, he now seeks to wreak his vengeance through the power of the press. He flows on forever, like a mighty tide of ditchwater, and will die Howing, his plagiaristic pen in hand. I NYY ' -4 V lx , Page One Hundred Seventy-two , ZQJHYVLJF? 3..- Red fSlowJ Bethea-Amidst the clamor of well merited acclaim for this leader SIE! of Florida's Fighting Gators, we hesitate ln our applause long enough to remind Mr. "Ti A Bethea that he merely represents the triumph of matter over mind. i . M I ' la Ti-l-li-. 4"' P' A Bill fSoap-boxj Carleton-Clad in sackcloth he crouches over the ashes of an over- ' thrown political regime. The bedraggled tail-feathers of the plumed. bird of elo- 4a quence clutched in his right hand are mute reminders of faculty intrusion in campus politics. S--f L.. up 4 Banzai fUnwelcomeJ. Currie-It lives, it breathes, it bloweth mighty i X X blasts upon a horn. Name it and take it away. fPaid Adv.J Z 'I l . Ii! 2 Q ff J ll r f it sf,,,, ' 5 fjxx rf! '52 A ' Bill fSunshineJ Herin-Pollyanna in pants. J-I 9 Ben CUselessJ Grant-One reason why the one party system is for the best inter ests of all concerned. A good argument in an anti-military campaign . ual -QC? t. ff Wlllglll ' "' Bill CY. M. C. AJ Mc-Rae-Chaplin by temperamencg Colonel by reason of his dis- cipleship to a great English poet. He aro uses horrified shades. of his predecessors, Hughes and Gump. Behold! A Messiah hath come. How firm a foundation! il' ' Xu-s-Q wif" 27' ,5- Selwyn fReformerJ Ives-A Moses leading the Israelites into the inter-fraternity promised land. His strength is as the strength of ten because his heart is pure. 1 if - .. 3 Paga One Hundred Seventy-three 41-. 2ia'ZW.f..ef"E?9 TMS gm., Q John fButterflyJ Wigginton-When the Big Dog's away the Little Dog will play. ' Johnny abandoned the realm of campus politics only to be defeated .by the Alachua 44 contingent in the race for King of the Tung Blossom Festival. The picture was taken ' while he was practicing for his duties of state as King Tung. A- EQ yr Xl 1 'J' In .S uw Jerry fJoinerJ Smith-Alexander, when confronted with a shortage of worlds to 1' conquer, never thought of organizing a new one. The ingenuity of Mr. Smith in per- petrating Kappa Kappa Psi, when there was no other for which he was eligible, proves him to be the greater of the two. .AQ ffl? i 'lm Phil CRabbiD O'Connell-Phi Beta Delta's ambassador to Alpha Tau Omega. Un- fgy official Dean of Women, self-appointed. And Sampson did slay ten thousand Philis- f tines with the jaw bone of an ass. '1 ah' e . R449 Ben fLov1ng-cupj Fuqua--The Lord put his ears far enough apart to have put a 1 J I brain between them, and the ears are there. Would rather be tight than President. 0- , SMW -...... I Q U Red fEvo1utionJ McEwen-Good bruising material for the varsity. Possesses that Q certain sign of a small mind-a swelled head. His only consolation is that beauty is 1 s A 4 only skin deep. And he thinks we are klddlng. 1 lldgyffl T l Vfl O Bill CBusy-bodyl Dishong-A sure way to kill a scheme is to put it in his hands. ! Q s' y If it will work, he will have nothing to do with it. 5 9 -, jf m ,,g.! .mf' i Editor's Note-At his own request, L. O. Gravely's name is mentioned. We are sorry. Page One Hundred Seventy-four 6 'A I Q n' 224,25 kmwmwwgmesssi I ., W - A GATOD. S Pusuc snemxmc. os N CLASS SPIRIT seek OF' e4Ck.?bUQ Q- 54- C4 - QU5 HP,Z':7UQF mouf: l XVHAT A SNELT. LEFT I FINAL EXAM IN ENGINEERING THF- I-If-Ll.-GATE OF 6 P ,ge One Hundred Seventy-fi Lfwfg . . , "'7'7T47N fm F! , df"-"f7,f' -.ffflf 'Trib , .A If-' ',-f-'ff f ' E- N. ':"3'?1' ,. "ik x V iriwfiji'A.+ff1f.'?if34:L1'1j"1'f?x'1 .fhi,:Q51'1f,.,fQ-"f...ff2i.L.UV 1.f..,. A.A,.-"- ul ,...5--..h-I-N '-:. amd... L ---' Pu. vu -- Nw sgggssar Ti-,E Y" JACK S OFF r STEPPIN man n R5 0 tile THE CHN. RIGHT! ORANGE Ano BLU E Bl.lLL"'ETlN I-err: SOPH"RHT 'f:'Ai,'i N IG HT LIF E ON TH E ST.-JAMES INFIR MARY cnnvus ?f Page Ona H imdrcd Seventy-sid! ax v. A I4-r"f '-.41L1:p,w -..J omg f -W -' ,-f-j, 'V 1,41--. V ,WI FTJ .TNQ ww ,- ,- ,.,... .1 ,-1 A ,.-fp , D, '77 '4,,ff",--'1'.f- '- 31.3'fmTxffw fmvi-R-X-N -. , , QA, ., ,.,.f. 4. ., .f .g,9.. ,f,f,-df., . . N.. 1. A, 1.-..,, N., . N- 1 , -. - ,x f1-,ffxm E33 1'3""i:,'2y7 191'-f -7 Q gY':5".1 3 XR "R RQ'-TxiL:A"x" H,"'l'f'""'.m"'w.Q' xiii f'i2m',.h'Q"4'l'S 's3"9'1"3T"u xiii"-T ,N ' ---'.f1.,'-'mf w,,.,-31.2. a',,f-1s',zj,,,53y,g ,g.p'f1..u.f ...vga .xv ...wx w......,..1,f ,V -,,f:,,f,1,,gE,g ,Qs 1i:.q'z:. Wx.- M-NM! s- f..-,.. :...?'k,.,Jv-.M--N-.f -W SNOW' u QQOYA RMBA5 VE9' omsnwm. or-xToD. TEAM 118999 ,M FLORIDA Fac-:HTING GATORS - 1951 Dl2.S. PARKES CADMAN war, Q CO' U OF T" BQy I 9 AN OWEN S tfmrling : 115 CRAVER 125 CONE, W. B. 135 LIVINSTON, A. Cm 145 LNE 155 NELSON, T. A. 165 IvEs, N. P. 175 L1cBA1zoN, R. L. 185 Llxcocxc, 1-I. A. SCIIIUII .' C95 1105 KINNOSOM, O. M. 1115 MORGAN, L. W. 1125 FINLI-JY, J. J. 1135 CLUTE, E. H. 1145 WAUGH, D. H. 1155 FERRNSIDE, H. M. 1165 SAUSSY, F. GATOD. VIASCOT FOR 25 YEARS ,Ziggy Nuff!! Imgv Om' H1l11ll'l'L'fI S0f17l'l1f!l-.' 2 Eiga? , fa ,gf f2f4.w3' 9f'.45'i" ,51'a'xv 1 OLD ' "2'tn.'-SSD 0v9XQ'?' 5 6 TOxvN P 9- THf. BIG OA-le PARADE' yh 96 99 DEAR X 4,.,hq 'V eczffesq ui' OP 1-nr: cm-was-:u.s An.: comme-,I Page One I-Iufndrcrl Sf"1mniy-eight -f mm-Mex A , meager ...fs T alli- Tales The shadows were lengthening between the trees of that ancient Tallahassee cemetery Cshadows can do that better now that those Sigma Kappas are learning to confine their lights of joy within that new housej and the venerable, soft-spoken, old house mothers were gather- ing for their nightly smoke, toddy, and good old bull session. And there, as the Lukies and Camels went their rounds, were told strange tales. It is all true, of course-one of the old tomb- stones told us, and tombstones know a lot around Tallahassee. Between smoke rings, many a young Florida lassie came in for her share of comment. "Sisters, let us gather around the altar-th at one over there with the fat angel on it will do for tonight-and offer to each other our reports of scandal, gossip, bull and bushwahg and may we ever walk in the paths of Beckham," called the High-Archon. ' With one accord, the Florida State College for Women chapter of H. M. CHouse Mothersj took a final last drag from the half-inch cigarette butts C retrieved from the several sorority date- roomsl , and disposed themselves in mystic positions around the noble gravestone. Came in typically over-expansive tones the report from the Pi Phi house: "This Meadows person, our latest transfer, isn't increasing the chapter popularity-even in the chapter. Unconscious? Oh, my dear! "And, while we did need another car to add to the Graham-Paige, the girls went a bit too far in acquiring that Hick's LaSalle. We have n't been able to find out yet Whether the LaSalle also runs on vinegar and water. . "Does being in love make one sophisticated? I am wondering about Jean Rowe, but she is so busy wondering about the little Gainesville freshman who asked here if she were a "college widow," that I can't seem to get anything out of her. "And now most gossipy High Archon, if it please the chapter, we close the report from our house with a sigh of reminiscence and paeans of praise for Ellen Knight-our prodigy!" Out of the stillness of the night came the deadly crackle of a forty-four-no, it wasn't. Only the Chi Omega matron speaking, willy-nilly, of affairs over that way. U "We are so delighted! That new church house will surely add to the holier-than-thou atti- tude Which so many of my girls cultivate! "We started out with the makings of a good chapter this year-but Christmas time was too big an attraction for our Jacksonville pledges. u "And here's a point I'd like some advice ab out. We got along fine over our way with Betty Taylor, until some dizzy young hoodlum called "Nasty" Sawyer came up here, and now we have in Betty a perfect imitation. . "We can't wait for summer-time to try out an experiment. The rest of the campus may be burning up, but with Nancy Grey our house ought to be very cool-if not clammy! "If Virginia Spencer could only take up wh ere the famous Sadie left oif ! "And something ought to be done about Ethel Partridge's inferiority complex. That lordly mein won't get her far, I'm afraid." But news of the A. D. Pi goings on could be held back no longer- "We are just having a great, jolly time over at our house-why bother with silly rules? "We are just a little disappointed in Dora Hunter--she sounds like a comic strip, and, Oh my dears, that brother! "And, for my part, I can't see yet how my little lambs could elect that adventuress, Eleanor Mizell, as president. What are we coming to? Shall the old traditions die? "Oh, I nearly forgot! I promised Laura Jane Nielson that I would talk about her when- ever I got a chance. So there!" fCo'nti'maed to page 31271 Page One Hmzdred Seventy nme J-gr, J"" I bak JTTQQ M P 'ff f. ' 1 r A.. An 4 N fl 'I s.4.n.u 'I ' xx N LQLQQ 'Jn.'. 'PV' '-C-Q x " pq" +fssv1..2-:MZ :earn I K : .N qhs 't:4, '!n,'.' cs.. r ' .gg 5 'w "'0"' A AQ, I 'h7"Q:7x:f'i7. . , A ,Xu .Jus ' :. Ag? Ye" J' -Q-v,-as 1: !X' if e rv 5. X.. H . - , 1 X. , , I l 5559" ' .tslu uf, 1 .' 4' a 1 an 0010 , Ku, ,I uno 5 - 21.-f:-.--we, Q 4::.tJs'o . :""" fu. 353' f U 1 p 0' nf 5 5 .2163 , Q ' ' X V I Q li: h ' do r f -, ' ' C BV1 ' . . 15.31, , ,fir .- , D , ., y I rg -. ,. , I ff' lf' H I l , , If '15, .rf . Q wiv, K . 2 ' ff . , V . rl . A A :,,,, .. ,A - 1 '-'-' 2, I , .1 .-".--.FF - V ' 2g2', ' ' lr ,i ,ZLZT -4. 45 1'-i -gf , ' -'lli4,,'."1! YY V ,,,,,,,.,, a g-,,,Cl.Y YfY1"'f',1YTn-'-it' W15, 'W w , ., v,.5Yf M - -M -M . ,Juunnsi . , ,, Y Y, it W, , , , -- -'11:1'.g1v:- Y --Y Af -Q-W-,Y I -we ,, ,,v---Y -,-,Y qv-, 'nr v. -Y W, , , ,Y ,-4 -41, "3 if. YJ' 'Q gf-nl f', Y ' T' AW' ' -1' .. .MTM A+? 1-gg -,Af -1 .. :V '-,W A- ' ,p,' , ,, ,1-gg W L- viii' v, 1'-tru 1 . v -4 vwix A Y, , ,, Yvvv, 11114, ff'-Y, ,,,,-,--, -YY Y.. A- - - -4- A- -V Y ! Y, , , Q. , v -viz' W f-,1 4 --,,':,- ' -uqguxzif :,',-:cp A' . r' -, vm, 7 - ,-Y' fri: :dp "" f-Q-qu - '-.f,' f':Q1-91.'f1.-11, ,-4: ' -4-11 If-' 1 ' ',1'b'f, 'i " :.'1f1s',, 'wht 4 .q,f,w:-'Av-1-,-,,,fmq? , ' V new : 'und' g,"""'.b-1" " '1tp',x' . M1-' ff . : f -1 'f 'fre-f'c!f' f av Z 4024 - ., ,- H, v , - - ,N ..... -'. - . sul.. - -Q Q n'.,'. .4 . , .5-fr J ... . , A.'o." 1 of - A -zu.-Jr.: -. -'1". Cuz- Q- .- . -ww '- -- .112 .. :.'::-- 5 v 1 Q U I u I 5 n O ,..g -3, ,-.-..l, .- ., I - , .. - 'vs' ,H , ,4,-,' .. ..'g.'-:.,.-.'- 3' ., :,,.,. ,o. .3,.. . . I . , 3..u..- . , I s """.",.!'-.-,s ' -. ' 'J " 1 ." 0' 2 :u'1:" ' Q' - U. an 1-, - ' . I ' a Z 1.-' 'hz ' It -'-4 '..' -"7.':.In' " ."? u' ' "'s' 10, '.'7., ,-.n ,'.. f' u' ,"','- 2 " '. 1 'I' 'J' sou Q .' Q' I . , ,-f, .,, ..' . , ga .f- ' 1 -n'.-. -1? - l -. - , ,3:zp'.u:':h'.":- .9' ni...-L. , ,u vii.: ' i -a Q - : . l I-S . . 1 A I I , ,V . I .- l .- . , . I, o 1 x 7"..'n -. .- '-1 rl. A ..' H- '-' Q' -- ..- I..-,.. " y l ' , . . - , ' 1.7 :v" '. vv - I - gg- 1' 13-'11,-. z.- 'fj'.':: u ' 3 1" -.'- '--, :Q '- . .- , ' . - -t '-, . .fr v. ' . ,, , f mir E' 1 -,:: - . : . l , K -A' , . -,L-J. ,Q .,' , ', I r - .. . -, .I I .V . tux I . . 1 - -,- f K ,'...,. u.-o 0 nh . ., -. - . .1 . - -I . N. L . fl.-. , .-.9 . .I gf. -.-5 .,. .wie ' U: . , '-n , 1, 1 ' ',,.,' ' v 3 ,f - . . ,, ru ' v' - f 'e --- . -..-. . - , ' f-- ..-.- M Q' .f', 1'2'L'f', n :fur 25- 3: . .' H.-2. r 1'- LH., , I. i, . N, ., . , ,'.-', --55 "R-5335 IL-.'.1 9' 2.'.3:L4".- ' K ' ' .. . v. "- . -. '.'g ...qt ' ' ' 'u . A :Kg 4 nxgzxi 3 ' V. .S ' J. ...I - -OS . Q . if' xx: 5 , ps 'Q ll lf-n may-Q Q.: , , . ..- J, V Y-tv - - --P ' L" :z--" Yi-3 . 1-ww '- - Y '. , 0 'J, - 'On' 'oogJ: ' I uy , fn 'ms l . - 'D 0 ' . v 4 I . 1 1 Q . ,. 'sr ' A A N .P ' - A ' Hx ' . s .572 xy , X S' ' .Ji O ' W L A. , . .1 ' - r 'U' '-- -' 3, 2,2 . ' 2 0. ' ' ia. U ' ". em' Y f -'ix 'o'-uf ' L ni, , 5 . Q . 4, '1'.,x!' ' u Oy ' l I .K 1 f ' '95 f I r D I X lil I. 3 U I I I VN ,N 57 fxvf' QHQ56kUHLfLTEK,Ev,'2 6 t el fa 22,453 M' x D1x1E BEGGS, President Student Body The Student Body The political organization of the Student Body of the University of Florida ranks among the most pow- erful and most efficient in the country. This fact was brought out at the convention of the National Association of Student Body Oflicers held in Atlanta, December 28 to 31, 1930, at which President Dixie Beggs and Vice-President Steve Montgomery were delegates of the University of Florida. Student Gov- ernment has given the students practical experience in the handling of civic problems and a keen insight into politics as no other activity can. It has demonstrated the democratic spirit of the University. It trains the Student in the practical side of citizenship. Political parties are organized, candidates are nomi- nated in caucus for the forty-six oilices, a campaign is conducted and the officers for the next year are eglecgeduin the Spring Election held in April. Elections for class officers are held in the same manner in t e a . l , ,, Jo GILL, Secretary-T1'cas1m'er 6' Page One Hundred Eighty three ff--. ,J 7,1 ,, ,. , f""'4 ' ' Ni" 1 1 fx., ,. 'e 'W r""-- 4. . ' V A,f,-:fax-M, , V fu- I -. ,---v.,.xN ,Nm q X X:Qf .- ,XX N- Q ,f- A Y , -, N- - -NX U: X, X Vg N, XXX -L Mg, .p. X-,--1. ,- CI-IARLES BENNETT Tolvl STI-JWAR1' Bon ARCHIBALD Page 0110 Hlmclrvll Eighfyl-four Executive Coun BILL HENLEY CI-1 LEWIS ROGERS CA. O. P. JOHNSON Bo' f"""-- rm ,I-VN f., .-'crm 5, ,rv-rv.,v ,ff-. 1-v. FN ,W-flfl X, ,-- N-4,4 V, - -, r , , aff. 1 Q, ,-- xfsxu A' 'M "xy wk' XD lar " If-LJ' il, ,,4Jf.fA, Qgif-N' Vfegfv '-.5-yn . . W, V Honor Court CHESTER YATES, Clerk HENRY SINCLAIR J. L. SANDERS CLYDE MADDOX LARRY WALRATII, Clumwellov- BOB UNDERWDDD IURANIQ FRAZIER ICENNHTI-I SMU-H JIM ANTHONY TROY PEACOCK J. C.LoET1N E. L. HENDRIX lmgc Om- Illmflrvrl Eighty-five fw amfjfwqgiq M, "'W .- 'L f -.f,-'7T?'f"'fE5-'.-'rw X .Q '- , fm"s W' ,. U, ,,"""f? f'7",4'T'1'v any v","'k,!' 4+ ' 'ay Q? 'mgn P3 4- , 4. X hr- FN! -C-...JP .,f .1 J... 1, ,,,., X. ,Af -.-4 A, X Q.. S, 4,-N. vflm., w. QA., Q,-3, I . . f ., m . .. ,l . H . , . L. -L. - Qffyf.-,434---f'21 ' .ffffz-'AY .Lg 'Lb --m.v-- Q'v' Lj,6f..I.'hQ ,,,f5,.yw,.g ,.-1,1 ,g.n'-gd..-4..f"....LL. S .z5,.2Lx"w.:...mLg.:..' M f'Cm-Laz... 'A :rg--z:. Lian.. 5. JQ..g HARRY STEWART S1-:LWYN IVES JOE Km'roN Bzcsmess Manager Ed1.f0l'-'l?Z-ClL'fl?f' JVIcmr1.ging Editor . J 'MW' X , X 73 1-vnu-4-L..,5,-1 .1 l. H - , L -Q. Q ji.-11 V ,vw 4-.J-A JL, A ,li A - hm F if Y ry.-rf! . ff" 4 - 3 4- It 'ig .1 f , ' ff 4? L 2 if F 4 S ff . 3 Lf' Q .rr 4: Q " " M . . ' - .5 3, I 9 Y , if V 1 'SF W ' 'N ,V if A JV' s ' ' ." 'Q f .' i if A ,Q ,uf ' n L f' ' , 4 .. ., 3 43 .3 'H Q 37' ,W .1-ff' 5 .5 5- A U L. .9 N 'g M if wk J. .ui If MFI K .L f - . pw' A .fb .v 3 A A1 .W f f Q7 f, , . ' , . 5 Z' 6' ,J Q' ' ' ,if ' "x, r I ' I '1, '3 4' , .:, 1 , ,nb ' V ,V "' V ,YR ' 'Lx 3? N7 A? gf ' N' ' .57 . . ,Q zu . F ' , A . . .. WM. HAWKINS K. G. SKAGGS CHARLES ANDREWS RUSSELL DANIELS AL. MANUCY BEN FUQUA Dunwmzn HAWKINS Jon Yonx Page One Hundred Eighty-six A-Wi. . - fr -:f 0 'SJW .1f 1--'2-12 'T' E:-'nm - .S A 1 ARTHUR JONES WILTON STURGIS G. SMITH TOM ANDERSON BEPP0 JOHANSEN SHAW FOSTER BATES COLE BOR SANCHEZ Q . MW'iM:'1NLs':4r ghyimk w N new A X wf, EVM., ,s Y, f 'V N , 'f.'f -Wag M K' Wy- pf' V W 'v?,a'kl?j,2 V ' 2 ' f51?ff9"'! - + .1 Lf' . R rwifdf ix 153- WN ,HV W, -A--CgV,..,, M-ml:-vv'y,--x.,,i 2.1. W V1 if f' A ,. V4 " l 'ffl I .gg .' To , f ,F 2, A L a gl 14 .Ay .lg 735 5J',,f"--X TW 1 fmx in A , , A ,ff . 1 'L ' 3 fi: ' " ,Q-if ,vV'g-NX ' , ' f A ' V "X 5 A 5:7 Lf' 5- 1 ,H A! ,fy f' .vPJ?2:if" -Siu" 5 Lf' Wi' J V N Y' V-""' ' ' ' ,. if ,R f P! .f .17 ' V. r' if AJ af J ,,., 5. V , HQ U T. , .V . L I4 fi, E , -ff A 'S' " A T? gl' 'f 3" 3' 9: EE' J -A J 1 V S E5? .WD SWL QEUVHL A Mi' 'Ep , 1 LNcF:N',: A DELRERT HAROLD BEN MERIIILI, COURTNEY WAI.TER LIVINGSTON WAHI. GRANT ELLINOR FOY WARREN WALLACE JOHN WM. C. GEORGE HAROLD SAMPLE LYLE LA NTAEE NIORGAN BUTE A Page One Hundred Eighty-seven 7. 'IA I. .Og x U. 'O' 3fr.f31'?-f.5f'E02.1'.i21 '11-'Qs The Florzda Allzgator Editor-in-Chief . Q GRANVILLE W. LARRIMORE Managing Editor . . .... BILL DUNKLE Business Manager . . . . . NORTON DAVIS Editor-in-Chief Alli-Cat . . DURWARD E. HAWKINS Assistant Managing Editor ....... CHARLES E. BENNETT N ews Department News Editors ...... BILL JOUBERT, LAURENCE IMMANUEL Assistant News Editor .......... LEO WOTISKY Sports Department Editor .............. CHARLES MOSIER Assistant Editor ............ BILL DUNCAN JEAN MONTAYNE, HARVEY HAESEKER, C. C. SULLIVAN ' Exchange Department Editor . . . ......... BENNETT DELOAOH Assistant Editor . ....... . CHARLES PINNEY Society Department Editor .... ......... G ARDNER GILLETTE Assistant Editors . ..... HANS J OHANSEN, A. L. ROGERS Feature Department Editor . . . ......... IRVING ASHKENAZY Assistant Editors . .... EARL HALSEY, WALTER WARREN Copy Department Editors .... ...... H ARRY FIFIELD, BOB PATTON Assistant Editors . . GILBERT LEACH, DAVID HARRIS Radio Department Radio Editor . ....... LAURENCE IMMANUEL Alumni Editor ............ MERRILL ELLINOR News Stay? CHAIRAMONTE, HOULE, J AOKSON, LANTAFF, BEACH, REGISTER, WILLIAMS Proof Stay? ' PATTON, HALE, HATCH, MAOKLE, LENFESTY, WILLIAMSON, SIMS, V BARNETT, DAUMER ' Copy Stay? HOWARD M. NORTON, FRED W. GILL, GILBERT D. LEACH, D. WILLIAMS, ISADORE MOSCOVITZ, GORDON A. SKEAN Society Staff MASON, WILLIAMS, MEGINNIS, AYSLEY Art Department Director . . ....... . JAMES R. KNOTT Art Editor ............. HERBIE SWARTZ Business Department Assistant Business Managers, HOWARD RYBOLT, JOHN LAVIN, H. D. BROWN Circulation Managers . ' ..... J. D. MONTGOMERY, IRA FOSTER Advertising Manager .......... RICHARD BANKS Page One Hundred Eighty-eight Q ,..-,, f"N',- W 'E' ' N, --.,, , . , ..,, .1 ,ww 45 "'l'Nf7'H f , ' I- ' ' - L' 'M " 'N ., ,w,,-- ,, Q .1,:T'f?'f.i 'ff w"41.27Xf,-'j,,Qf- ,ff - , 417. N,-Ns-.A - f CEf7,g,,f- ,qv 4.-,ig 'Q'4u: A'85,.:,--lid, If ,f'3',5.' - N. 8.33-. ,5,,xxx1,3x X 26-f'..'f".4 L:g1--1.J'L4L,-1,-:..'L4 ,grngit .,,f',.,,1..,.:.:v1-.... , ,. A....,, ::.s.g..'L.... -----.-,,. . AN -.. . Alligator Staff .f"""-5 rw ff' fx- ,..--1 , W, ,f ,..""x . NN-V41 'V x "WH 'N ff: J, " b .- . - 'X 'A N-21" XQHW S" 1'11f1-'iff' - N' Pugr' OHL' Hznzclrcd Eighty-nme N-Qk,,:,:,4ij,,qQ5fyS:g,,Q--f' ny' - L xv. ff . 6' ,f Mm Min N , V R Q, -- -. R Qf.. fn ff- -EKWF ' . 5-:fx :ex -R.L.f?f:f'221RQ 1:-' . 134- MQWE: RQ, cf -.Lv15CiC!f1f'?Q 4',.f,.'7?'f::4fi16LQ11Z'Q.4b.Q,.Rm' A.f?Rhb..- m'2.2M1."' 1.-fum. :fblb Lyceum Council BRUCE I'IAMII.TON Jon: CARTER DURWARD HAWKINS GCI?" Book BYRON BUTLI-:R, Editor BILL DISHONG, llusincss Manager . 'Z- Page One Hvmdrvd Nmety ao, .asf X' u. .20 4.46 32,-".-33" 51520 -Z 41.21 SUSE-22, 'i-'Cs R. A. LAWRENCE President RAY CARTER Vice-President T. E. ANDERSON HORACE MARSH J. C. HALL Athletic Council Page One Hzmdred Ninety-one 4 me Zaryffsio .-R. 's F. C. SAVAGE JOE WILENSKY JOE YORK E. NI. MALLORY WILLARD AYRES Debating Council A President ........... JOE YORK Vice-President . . E. M. MALLORY 'Secretary-Treasurer . . . JACK BARNUM JOE VVILENSKY F. C. SAVAGE PAUL SIMMONS WILLARD AYRES . Debating Team The University of Florida for some years has had the most extensive debating schedule of any school in the South. Under the able direction of H. P. Constans and A. A. Hopkins of the Department of Speech the team have met with even more than usual success this year. A squad of some thirty-five men has participated in more than two score contests, the great majority of which have been victories for Florida. During the month of March a team composed of Dixie Beggs and Harold B. Wahl in- vaded the East meeting Catholic University at Washington, Temple University, Penn State, Lehigh, New York University, Boston University, Holy Cross, University of Ver- mont, Middlebury College eand Colby College at Waterville, Maine, losing only one of ten debates. At the same time Bill McRae and John Prunty made a tour of the Mid-West, meet- ing Tennessee, Kentucky, Berea College, Loyola University of Chicago, Marquette at Mil- waukee, Butler University, Washington University, St. Louis University, and University of Alabama, winning six of their nine contests. In April, a team composed of "Bo" Arnow and Willard Ayres went on a trip through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, meeting the leading schools in those states. During the same month, John Lavin, Shaw Foster and Harry Green toured South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, ending their trip by participating in the Southern debate tourna- ment at Atlanta. The other members of the squad have represented Florida in home de- bates, meeting such schools as Kansas State College, Purdue University, and New York University, at Gainesville. The freshmen squad has also taken two trips, one group going through the state of Flor- ida, and the other going to Atlanta. Page One Hundred Ninety-two v ,,.,... , - i, -, H .N ,. ,, , . ,ff ,, H , A, V N I .K f"'5-"W ' W 'fx fy ' Y .fjjkf if '.' 1. - , . ky. N. ,NX , X N ': ,-- , 1' ,,' 1. F ' -1 . .1 ff ' ff. 1 -1 X MN '- -' XS L. , , K xl M., ,1,,,, . f ,I , fy X, .J .X X . X -Q. ,, fx K 2 .--.-M ... ' . ,.,h' , .:.s,,f-'.,- ., , ,fu Q 1 '-,,-ff ,JW J., N . . ' ' ,A -J K 'f MCRAE BEGGS WAHI, Avmes PRUNTY W11,r:NsKY SA NSBURY Ro1s1slNs PIERSON Foswlcn GREEN B1-:N N1-:TT Debating Team, . A Mr' A' ,uf ig. -: ,ff N . 'Nwfqg-Ni?-4 V-,1:5,.Q5:L,LPv" Page One H undrcd Nmcty-three J 1-...I FIRST TENORS BARITONES 4.0-at 2Qa'21'Wf..sf'?Z9 214.453 Eikig "i'ii'-11,532-f S- .-as 5 University of Florida Glee Club JOHN W. DEBRUYN, Di7'66If07' CLAUDE L. MURPHREE, P7:CL'ft'iSt President . . Vice-President . Business Manager . . . Assistant Business Manager Publicity Manager . . Assistant Publicity Manager Librarian ..... ' Clark Gourley Paul Bridges John Watts Don Craft Hugh Embry Thomas Shave Paul Tedder Wesley Stearns Nolan Canova ' Thomas Hall Neil Tyler J ames. McKinney John Hendrix SECOND TENORS Byron Andrews Ben Darlington Arthur Kromer Karl King Lewis Rogers Wallace Sample Thomas Nei? John Moore Joe Carter Robert Griffin Bill Perez Raymond Steele - Harry McDonald Larry Hjermstad William Makowsky Page One Hundred Ninety-four 6 JOE F. WAHLBERG THOMAS G. HALL JOE M. CARTER LEWIS H. ROGERS HOWARD NORTON HUGH C. EMRRY . . THOMAS G. HUSSEY Leslie Wilder Marx Feinburg Bill Meyers Bob Wilkinson Charles Davis Arthur Evans Robert J acobus Frank Lewis Jack Young Joe Wahlberg Byron King Lloyd Jones Cecil Dees Paul Knight A Walter Coldwell Redmond Kelley BASSES Thomas Hussey Harry Brinkley Raymond Ramsey Howard Norton Nathan Saltz Bill Duncan Bill Johnson Fred Wilkes Steve Johnston f--. r"l"'f.,. , Af N , , , . w K...-. -X "v f""'qj7f"""'-' " - H" ' 3 --,. . --- . ,. ,---'- - ff' r"'v f. , Y " ' "... ' M ., - " rw .. '-NN V . F, ,H ,,.'Lf"ZQ:2N4 Af - ?,fZj,'1Qf'x Ig-" -f' f.'..'3f7 jf:-'fj,,'fh",,-7 4 J , 'f'. "N, xnxx- '. 'Q J' X ' .4 T ' . . ., .fjzugf 'Qu ,f.f'?Q,,,.f", .f,1 ,ff -' .--A" J f',.'f L,-' 2 X. ' xv . ' W " -, , , X , , -, -- N--..f -ff-53' -Q .-1,-'Qi LL. .' ' jg Ig L.,,,,l4L..I.:4i-.,ML - fy-.Mx 3 .. "N N ' , .. 'V , - A U- , .... ..,... . Y.. M - .A-Nw, ,, .W ,. lee lub M wQ Q9wfm X Q-, 'Q' . vw HA, Page One Hundred Nmety-five -1101 .1-Ax. lhfi .Z Page One Hundred Ninety-six fare' 25521520 is S 'ca 5 BEN CLEMONS MUDDY WATERS JIMMIE NOLAN O. P. JOHNSON RED MCEWEN . The F Club 1927--CHARTERED-1928 . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Chairman Dance Committee MEMBERS Don de Ford A1 Lagano Donald DeHoff George Perrine Jimmie Steele Nut Shirley Merle North Bill Bond Wilbur James Jimmie Nolan Muddy Waters J ohnie Bryson Ed Sauls K. D. Colson Dick Lawrence Dash Hicks Phil O'Conne1l Bill McRae Red McEwen Ben Clemons Red Bethea Norman Derr Louis Graveley Ira Baker Red Evers O. P. Johnson John Minardi Ed Parnall Weber Haines Bob Boley Monk Dorsett Ira Foster Link Silsby Earl Hirsch Al Dedge Frank Clark Carlos Proctor Scabby Phiel Homer Seay Owen Mikell Ray Carter Jessie Turner Ed Gay Charlie Chaplin Don Forsythe Joe Hall Vernon Clark Jim Ramsey J. D. Williamson Bo McClellan Al Rogero Forrest Munger Tubby Meeth Page One Hundred Ninety-seven ...rf Cf'w 'W' 'w 470 ,..... -' ,X av--1fi'if -' "' M A-,fy fd, ,-"",fv1. -J V- if-'M-ff! . fix '73 fin fb GTP? .. lf- ,A-3j,,.-fj ':jI'y,g74f'fr-525 ,4 2 ' ? A if-3 T-QIFJZL Q,bX'l.:2NQ, -Sbf.-'mf''-75-4 .amg-...,,A,.,.-:.44ff4:.m.k,.,-,.-f,Qufu.L::..N,J:.q-12. a::Ex,.3v-'-2-T21-2. 2-av-M M Page One Hundred Ninety-eight c-1 fm mb ff9z94L?'i A W, ' "N "-" ---4-M A-"1--4...-.. 5.1-"...w-.. ill .lolm Marshall Law Club Page OW Hundred Ninety-nine ,,,..f'L-N FW112 wa ,---fx, . ,.f x' !'Nff':f:-:"" 'Ni-.., ,,Q'Q'-W "x 113 Q, A A -1 -NN, ,f ,J '- f"',Z ,, rx 1' ' " ' -4 "Q " ' 'N' K ,ra . A 0, , ., ,f1',ff".T-" ' V wif 9-12 ff' ,L ff" 1:-51-"-' fffly 'Lf"'f!'5k'1 3 A . A 'WXTNN' NN t"'l'T"" " ' "' 54:10 ' 15:2."'w.m 4' " f JT- .'fpff'?,-4 ,QTL ,g,,r -ww ,,f,T -, gf, fi' .ff 5 "'--' f A ,F 4 '-Zfi ' w.'w-'1"7fX:Tf'iN3'bKxT. 'gil' x,,N QNX 'lf-' ,..-1'1I-4'-fu ,.f",,,.,fL:.:i., -LH ',f'Lf,,---'Ln ,,g, -4 " ,,..-' ,N , ' iz Ax, M, .,,. . ' 4..,..:-':. ..- - .:.1..:'z:. sis... SJ E.. --2-muy. nw-'Z--.'w-. A-: I Benton En ineerin F filflflifw-f?2 'ffi fl' QW ' 3 -...-.LQQQ ,4iff.y.NSAV j,,, Page T100 Hvmclrcd m'5Qi,Q,,fkf,gf' ft-I. ni QFD WW , ff? 5,-' 1 "" 'T' - W--V.. we e n QL.--f' ,,Q"Cfd.1.'fgggLq4 ,f,-7.9, ,gif K-gg--1 ,,ff',g,u-15,31 .f'f,fQAfy,f.f ff Q, 1 3 41.1. .M--.Ns .wbgxg 'xml-f, Q - f g-mfg, fwffrwxf ,W Af' fu ' -f'--'ff'1-1'-"ku1,f'f....' ..V. i .fs--,41 a..,,f in ,J , , -g.,,g,hr'g, - Q "L 3 1, ,TN-4,A4-i-- --..w.fW.,f1-5 . . M, ,. .. .... N ,, N .. I X 4, n Benton Engineering L ry., Q Am j'hA,,'gf 'N , A 'l' ny :pf X Page Two Hzmdred One Ct! Civ, km , 115 .... - vf"if-" " W' . ,AN , .Wm 1 -N fx .V - 'v M A --N, -, , r?.s'1'f""L , ' , , "ff .f I ' '-' ? Z H 'N X 'Ji'-'H 'A 'N N, K-f?':.'I'-N inxk fs ' . ff- . Q' f-' ' A -1 " 'Al "X W xA- "N-'N--:D 29- s.N4'-415. vw.: " ' - L-1 --- mf' . ff .Aw f- ff' --1 W, ,r -f'xf1.?4, ..,"--.,N..Z,g xg, gizgfmxw 5:-'::.jg,,j5 3,,H:..3-X, -M49 Leigh Chemiqal Page Two Hundred Two 3 'w5'?Xgw!lQj .-v. -'-. .f""'N "' A ,N A ,M p,f":x,m A , .-f..,.5- , "r. ,,... ,E ,W .55 5 ,fm l"'x'j'7... ' -""f::N,fN.. ,.. , . l. it . q .v ,3 -.. ,Nw X M f f ' 'ff - -' ' " ,- f..- M- ,N ,f 2.3. , ,' f ,. , -. . . , -, .. . . , K.,-' .--"-l'w-:i..-fi.-:L..-..- .ffl-,ff ,::... .1 ,,-,.x,,-f,--., Ml..-fi, . - -,-j-SN,-, ,g gg- ,I ",Ng" W X H. WIQQX A Fa rr Literar ' rfvff' 'XC' f "'f' .A . ,-"f3"' Y ' Page Two H undrcd Three ,.lqJfj,',.f , Y .N ,CJ ,, , ,,-,AqMfw,,-M ,H N' Mm, 'X , 'f " f"'-f'H- .-X ., ., pr A-,, -, 1. N. -.., fm.. -'--Nr' x. 5, -an ww. ,.,.,lF'-M-- ' :xi . Hl"K-.,L'l,.'f-fa..'.T: Page Two Humlrerl Four Agricultural Club aff 1.aa1 sf.n. Peabody Club an ff71'fV"-"N21f'A""73f- V ff? -c7'79,.-ff,1"7?fff? Q Page Two Hundred Five :FEUEED ,'mfp'f....:Q,,.4,1 M, ohm . ff ,a .J - n'1"7"""W3' "':Ux.. QJQJ' . . f'9'ff'7N f' hid ' '.fwf2P1f'f :""17 AVf7f":'f ff' H3-'M " -'ff?- 'Fri , Cf v E!-521-Laflvtxfffiiffatf 6, .,.4-,.'A"Fi"' .:aJ!LQw'f.:"".-115,-J -4913-ji-x":.iw:h....,.m .:1',x.LfI?:.'.li:bx1:,'3w'7::T'i..:m"A' ... L'f'l23m.: Q 5?- Commerce Club Gikwxg, . Qfw Page Two H umlrcd Six V N X M if Vw MW Jwfvmmwm 'NKJ .-54... Q, 92 n'v.5f'f Y aw .. N, .i 0 .. .N f - .-J LH " JW' Xsgtjgmwv QQf-a:c. 'alicia ,JA3f'Ef,1:fsfi4v ..fmwc1fx3w-L .,! ,f"2cf':f!TKL'a-M, - ::'l'2h.v.m..xQ' cfzeafikf-3 American Society of Mechanical Engineers in Page Two Hundred Seven ,--, ff'T'1", 'N Wrvs 1 -ww, 1 ,Ap fn...-H' , 'h,,, mfr q'2",f' 'K ?- , 'N..,j'v-9 mv., , .., . ff .. 1.5 , Jr" . . 'ww .L ,-H .Ta , Wu Gil :YS - C-:QE A'lj,w', , ' .f'j,:: DQ W I '7 ,W-, 13, ,ffl-4' Y f ,ff , .-ar' ,V 'Srl " .L 'fy .Jw L1 ' A '-ff, . A XL" r Ja., M "wb f-."- , '-- -N 0 ' -'J:-fiff.f-LUQAE .1".r'-Z1'i",.,6.fL.A r.'--'LainMLLJ...e..-f"ALFf.v.fS:mfI."-XQDIQ1-ff. Alum. h:'1':lZm. 33.1--.. ' American Society of Civil Engineers V 1 Page Two Hunclrecl Eight I -1, ,eg Q, A My J . ,gf ...V -q ,K l- V Siva !fZ9,7'fEDL:,4AE2? 71 Qiiits Ap. I, ..l-,f',.1 ,-,L lt 64-,fi 41.3. Q ,,- ,, , ,f ,. W .,,f .nw V, ., , nl ,- , , 4 'Y-5-'f'W-rC.z.mL..f..-Q A ,,.1L1,... .:.u- a,,,,",,.n'y.,,1.5 w',,...Fm me w A.. 'X X ,rt , -RX' AX X 'vt ' '1 W- . ,A N M .1 wx 3'--'. '- ' aw-.N"N....J . -4 -Z. ., N - , N ,. N. - Mxkwh, V N M. M., ,J--smj ni .3,.'lS:.. American Institute of Electrical Engineers Page Two Hundred Niozc X T w ifrwsare mm BT ' M ' . ' 1 . CA 11, f , LS' ' ' - w f as aaazyffaat' as Fraternities IN THE ORDER OF THEIR ESTABLISHMENT AT FLORIDA Alpha Tau Omega . Kappa- Alpha . . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta Chi ..... Sigma Nu . . . . Kappa Sigma. . . Pi Kappa Phi . . Sigma Chi ..... Theta Kappa Nu . . Alpha Gamma Rho . Phi Beta Delta . . . Tau Epsilon Phi . . Delta Tau Delta . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Phi Delta Theta . . Delta Chi . . . . Phi Kappa Tau . . . Sigma Iota .... Delta Sigma Phi . . Beta Kappa .... Beta Theta Pi . . . Alpha Omega Chapter Beta Zeta Chapter . . Alpha Eta Chapter . Florida Upsilon . . . Tau Chapter .... Epsilon Zeta Chapter Delta Delta Chapter . Alpha Epsilon Chapter Gamma Theta Chapter Florida Beta Chapter Alpha Gamma Chapter Delta Chapter . . . . Tau Alpha Chapter . Delta Zeta Chapter . Florida Alpha Chapter Florida Alpha Chapter Florida Chapter. . . Alpha Eta Chapter . Florida Chapter . Beta Zeta . . . Florida Chapter . Gamma Xi .. . LOCAL FRATERNITIES Alpha Delta . . . Sigma Lamda Tau . Omega Upsilon Theta 1904 1904 1904 1915 1916 1920 1922 1924 1924 1924 1925 1925 1925 1925 1925 1925 1926 1926 1930 1930 1930 1924 1924 . 1928 Page Two Hundred Thirteen fm' 22351330 sz, Inter-Fraternity Conference P1'esicle'nt . . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Pi Kappa Phi .... Sigma Chi ...... Phi Delta Theta .... Delta Tau Delta .... Sigma Phi Epsilon . Delta Chi ......... Alpha Gamma Rho . Phi Kappa Tau .... Theta Kappa Nu . . . Alpha Tau Omega . . Kappa Alpha U ...... Pi Kappa Alpha ............ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta Chi ................. Sigma Nu ..... Kappa Sigma . . . Beta Kappa . . . . Beta Theta Pi . . . Delta Sigma Phi . . . Tau Epsilon Phi . . . Phi Beta Delta . . . Page Two Hundred Fourteen . ..- ......-. . ..- .---...- - ..... . .-..- . LARRY WALRATH . HARRY STEWART .........BENFUQUA LARRY WALRATH, TOM EDDLEMAN. HARRY STEWART, DEE SANDERSON. BEN FUQUA, J IM MIE LANDON. WHITIE WHITESIDE, BURWELL JORDAN. MERRILL ELINOR, MARSHALL MUssER. LANE MARKET, R. H. JAMES. RICHARD BROOKS, JACK GREENMAN. HAROLD WAHL, MILTON FOXWORTH. W. R. DANIELS, K. G. SKAGGS. ARTHUR GIBBONS, FRANK RODSON. BOB ARCHIBALD, BILL BOND. JOHN LAVIN, BROWARD MCCLELLAN. JOHN DONAHUE, CHARLES CLEVELAND. J. K. WOOLSLAIR, ALLEN DRISCOLL. BRUCE HAMILTON, GEORGE WULF. BOB FOLKS, BILL SHERRILL. BILLY HARRISON, I. G. KING. JOE YORK, PAUL ZIMMERMAN. S. C. PEARSON, FRANK FRAZIER, JR. I MORRIS SALAMON, HYMAN SOBOL. DAN SCHWARTZ, JACK Low. ,f---. A,..M .,.. Q' "'y C " 'ix 5:1 x . M F1-41? N' 'ff' ww W. f '- P. , rx .,-f-'M f'f,ff'4-T' ff? if My .P 1 N wx -- ,--v fbfff' "'Z"Tp'3 .M"!i'-g,f" J .nf ,Q 4' ' 41-'Mun j ,VA ,'1l,,M"! -Rf. , I " , .- , 'Ty 'J ff"-,-:I'N.,ff' """W-., rt! fix, M , H 65,4 1 rw.-.f,.-4,14 Q.,-f we ,A ,f .v ' -J,-W ,f ., ,,,.v Wal v , ,,f.n-I, ! Q - J e N-. xx w..f M..,,.m. -M, , w, .rr h- , M .px N W- kyf, ,S . ,-f ...Q fy f ,W ,fl .., ,f,,- , 1 ., M. 0 M,-. 'xx . -N . U lk . fi Nw, ., , ,W --,,.....1Q,,fjm.,'g,L ,,f,..'2f ',,fJtf1-'14 'WJL .1 Af' -lg.-I im ' A ' -.-.Hz Y,x4EX, X! .xp th .4 ,4'Tw.,.N-,1"'.i'3 XV , . V- 1-x.,,4.X..1,, X ,N-NX' ' f' 'H' ' '- ---A V - 1 - ' -, v .:. . ..Ls-. mv g.,..3"L:., T...,J':,..,, SWA lm' - " L15 x v,N..VA.--,Q-j..,1LQ Q, Intra-Fraternit Conference 3gg2f'r1T'I"1 'Wiz 1Q'igf47L, ' Page Two Hundred Fzftcen .gm 5 QMWZZQTZ . . ................. ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Founded at V. M. I. in 1865 Established University of Florida, 1904 Fl02U6T-WHITE TEA ROSE C0l07'S-SKY BLUE AND OLD GOLD FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean W. H. Wilson Dr. A. P. Black Coach A. P. Pierson E. B. Salt Dean Harry R. Trusler L. W. Gaddum FRATRES IN URBE H. F. Blackwell John P. Jones Z. H. Douglas James Chestnut M. G. Stringfellow J. A. Phifer Henry O'Neill Richard Bowers W. C. Thomas H. L. Gray B. E. Thrasher FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Gerald E. Ludwig Ralph C. Davis Ben J. Grant, Jr. Ashbel. C. Williams J. Milton McEwen Arthur S. Gibbons Frank Y. Robson Carlos R. Proctor William G. King A. Weyman Houston T. Paine Kelly W. Russell Perry F. Gray Singleton Holmes S. Kirkland Thomas J. Hicks, Jr. William K. Love Walter T. Davis Page Two Hundred Sixteen Post Graduate Students Robert S. Edsall Class of 1.931 J Thos. M. Watrous Walter N. Clemons LeRoy Bethea Auldon B. Dugan Class of 1932 J. Robert Arnold James E. Hardee, Jr. William A. McRae, Jr. Robert W. Pederson J. Bennett DeLoach Ernest P. Robuck Class of 1933 Class of 1931, Baya M. Harrison Richard W. Neville Harry B. Thompson H. Robert Harper John M. Hammer Pledges Hubert L. Johnson Emmett M. Tally, Jr. William W. Beckman Wallace O. Donnelly D. Dashwood Hicks Phillip D. O'Connell Ray A. Carter Hulsey S. Lokey Gilmer M. Heitman, Jr. Clarence E. Pheil Donald H. Conkling, Jr. W. Eugene Whitlock Paris N. Walters Charles Morgan Lawrence S. Struss Herbert H. Fossey Samuel F. Davis Robert J. Treadgold Joseph J. Fant 47 Page Two Hundred SUU07l,f0C7l Dr. C. A. Robertson F. W. Bucholz E. F. Cannon L. W. Graham John A. H. Murphree William B. Bond Thomas W. Brown, J Robert B. Archibald Albert E. Barker, Jr. J. Brown Farrior, Jr. Horace G. Marsh, Jr. James B. Ball Spencer Cullen Hugh Embry Harold Knight Thomas J. Shave Ben A. Meginniss Page Two I-Iumlred Eighteen Al LLL L A fi BETA ZETA CHAPTER Kappa Alpha Order Founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee University Installed at Florida October 4, 1904 FZOZUGTS-MAGNOLIA AND RED ROSE COIOTS-CRIMSON AND OLD GOLD FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. S. Perry Capt. E. T. Barco FRATRES IN URBE Gardner W. Welch C. R. Dawson R. R. Richardson C. A. Pound W. R. Thomas, Jr. W. A. Shands E. A. Taylor H. W. Bishop C. S. Thomas Cecil Gracy FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 William Fisher, Jr. r. Byron N. Butler Lucien B. Yarborough J. Edwin Gay George L. May - Class of 1932 Kenneth Miller Samuel Pasco William B. Swearingen William K. Whitfield Class Wallace Anderson Victor H. Paul John Knight Jackson Mizell John Ward Henderson W. Elliot Dunwody Atwood Dunwody Alexander Akerman, Jr. of 1933 William Pasco, Jr. Norman Welch James S. Shands, Jr. Lanas Troxler Class of 1.934 Newcomb Barco William Hunter Edgar Charles Jones B. F. Williamson H. R. Stringfellow S. A. Horn D. C. Bishop Hays Lewis, Jr. Thomas L. Alexander George W. Thames John Parkhill Robert S. Cockrell, Jr. Miller S. Burgin Valery Butler Lester Clewis William H. Knight Ben S. Liddon John C. Ausley 5 ,W N f.J 'M -ff'f"'.v""V:'W'. 'wh-. 5, X, ,-X Q if f- f N-Hx, R X, A 0 ff. Q . A ,Mfg .K 41K-'.:.14'jf'.:t,-wa, V-',1f1f.v ,g.-,IL , 5-:2'J2AN135'w,q. '::2Tn4'q3?N4Tagff,jg7'1gKQw " "wa 'V-1 -ffl5': A .1J"L4-C,-',...,,,4.:f ,:..... u...,',.Q.,."'.-,.- "1 r. LlQ,..l'NN..,13.Xf".r. 'x'.A...LN'M-l.,f1.34-'E-J.,'-'.1:--..1fr..ilT"- fF'Xf"'-g'T"'5lr, amy ,, -M 0 ,4"'k5'H .1 1-my an X X .A , ,fi 'Ji Lflf: .ff ' -.xhf I , U Page Two Hzmdrcd Nineteen, Ps-. Q X 44mg L 'il 53-L ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Q Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Founded at the University of Virginia March 1, 1868 Installed at Florida 1904 FlOw61'-LILY OF THE VALLEY C0l07'S-GARNET AND OLD GOLD FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. C. L. Crow Dean B. A. Tolbert James D. McDowall FRATRES IN URBE Richard Boring Dr. U. S. Gordon William Bolton Henry Ford Eskin Jones William McKinstry Allan Haile Ed Bower Sidney Robinson Bernard Bishop Dr. W. T. Elmore Adolph Vidal Robert Bowers Faleon B. Johnson Wilbur James Dixie Beggs Ralph Daugherty James Nolan William H. Dial ' J. Grahan Jones James McClamrock FRATRESQIN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Herbert Messer Frank Phipps John R. Schirard Class of 1932 Robert M. Avent Broward McClellan Don Williams Max Wettstein Walker Willis A. B. Jackson Vaden McCaul Robert L. Dafiin John Patterson Conrad Mahaffy Joe Hall Hugh Hendrix Class of 1933 Charles Andrews Frank L. Miller C. B. Schirard Joe Akerman J. Turner McDermid John Lavin Bruce Brantley Charles Coit Phillip Constantin J. S. Lindsley Laban G. Lively Frank Fee Harry C. Duncan Lowe Willis James N. Cook Merle Bowlin Arno Langford Page Two Hundred Twenty 8 Jack D. Peters R. G. Pitman Charles L. Raulerson A1 Rogero Class of 193.4 Charles A. Beggs Tommy Feaster Fred Bender Terry Patterson George R. Smith Claude Herndon 6 John Baxter Rollin Rogers A. G. Dozier George Rollins C. E. Winston Charles Lavin Jim. C. Higgins James M. Fleming Richard Davis Claude Sims J. Earle Lupfer 1 K 2'Iw 'N-KQ- Cxr:-gh A , A :ii w.. Q-gui, 331 f I C3 L3f,.., N N., I V I Y 'XQJ--H .x xg:-f"' Page l wo llrfzzrlrvrl lwvnly-one .4 .1 '33, X,-qeyz, FRATRES IN FACULTATE ' 4 2535132021453 sn., FLORIDA UPSILON CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity 4 Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 . Installed at Florida in 1915 Fi0106T-VIOLET COZOTS-ROYAL PIIRPLE AND OLD GOLD FRATRES IN URBE E. B. Hampton Dr. Wilbur Lassiter Robert Davis F. J. Hampton Rev. William Stoney Richard Stanley Pat Patillo . George Stanley Coach Joe Holsinger Tom Berryhill Frank Clark John Donahoo Malcolm Davis Keener Harrell Richard Judy William Mayes . Ed. C. Romph, Jr. Roy Cook Logan Bagby Clarence Camp, II Marcus Conant S. T. Dell Paul Dye LeRoy Sheftall Dan Walker Frierson Gilliard Page Two Hundred Twenty-two Dr. J. M. Farr Prof. C. W. Crandall Class of 1931 Joe Livesay John Hinson J. B. Hamner Miller Reynolds Kirby-Smith Class of 1932 Walter Woodward Charles Cleveland Joe Craig Kirk Wiley George Dykes Alwin E. Dedge Harry Mixon Class of 1933 Chester Fort Hill Gordon Walter Hackney Thomas Shad Class of 1934 James Noel James Parramore Bernard Newcome Ned Hinson Sid Fleming George Smith 6, Prof. C. H. Willoughby H. H. Yancey, Jr. Jimmie Arnold Julian Markham Raymond Risien Robert C. McCoy William Mehrtens John T. Wigginton Francis Brenan Stanley Frazer John Milton John Moore George Laird Ed Abbot Willie Daniels Bob Holley Walker Fields Herbert Harper ,' V'WT"?1 4"-J., . V X""' J' ' f'm-""--- , ' 4'vfs,"'?'mi- "'. "'-,NYM T'-f'3 nb, Wig ., 'W v-'XD y f'i'5'V' ff. 'ff' 'Tr'-" ' 'P-'fi' u- " ' VV",---4 'CWM C' -' "4' N'-.,"y ,-'- . AIP, aim- ,9""' , W' .-J. 'Q",:i1 -uf. .FH f -0 1 x'KN':'5.I 'XY' ' A f-J ,M-., -Jn' MN " V-V-,H "--'WJ"'x W f7j"'--Nm . Q , , . . ., Jw .JI .1 ,531 -fW,.:.f!gf,g 1 -.-4. R N, JH- M-..ey, gg.. - -M 5, -f .3 ,sf 1, X , A1-M .dew ,J:f11 ,-awww iWJLmQw'.-5..-- fmm. if a',.m-....P"Ni?3 wf.ff.?Q.i-l+5:-,f17.7i9v1?w1 lf L 9 N10 Mi! 0 ., y' 'V ., A N WJ' Page Two Hzmdrvd Twenty-three --. y ai' Ne.-. Q -2. 4 sf? iefiifo mm c'ma3'i"f xx 'ca 5 F TAU CHAPTER Theta Chi Fraternity MEMBERS IN TOWN Robert Sinclair Leon Traxler J. L. Wann C. E. Perry MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KFACULTYJ G. Ballard Simmons Fred H. Heath P. D. Camp Russell Crofton Henry Sinclair Carson Sinclair Thomas H. Buckley R. Alan Driscoll V Norman Kinzie George Wentworth Ray Camp E. S. Bartlett, Jr. Frank Moody Ernest Kinzie Frank Nelson Rae Steele Allan Baker Page Two Hwndred Twenty-four J. B. Culpepper MEMBERS IN TAU CHAPTER Class of 1931 Leo V. Collins George Kinzie Rogers Young Class of 1932 W. J. Smith Class of 1933 Charles F. Gonzalez Harry McDonald Class of 1934 Douglas Dixon Glenn Loughridge Frank Heath Lyman Beggs Stuart Southard Pledges Drayton Bernard Dave McNeil Cliff Mann Robert Black Jaw ,J Jerry W. Sturm Russell Morgan Scott J. P. Stokes John K. Woolslair F. Lynn Gerald Howard S. Locke Carl Magaha Clyde Miller Ed Moody Clifford Livingston Arden Mays Be Spartman Julian Alford Jimmie Murphy FM 70 -S1472 f:,4.:'fi?'2 xv Z5 Q fm nf X Pam' Two Hlrnrlrvrz' Twcnfy-five NX.. QQ-i1:1!'f:':.:,,f' ' .,.,Lav f' 21625153 2.14.55 fE33Qgc'iE?'-fzsiix'-+.iS sr. - Erwin Seay James Anderson R. W.'Blacklock Julian Buddington Charles Chaplin Deane DeFord Carlos Edwards Edward Frazier Joe Gill Edward Fisher Bruce Hamilton Francis Andrews' Robert Bond Pat Conroy Vincent Crosswye Benjamin Franklin Jack Baldwin Lon Worth Crow Clinton Dunn Converse Brady Oscar Elder Lindsey Fitch P. D. Goodyear Page Tuo Hundred Twenty-sim EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER Sigma Nu Fraternity FRATRES IN URBE O'Neal Cox J. B. Adkins Frank Strozier FRATRES IN FACULTY Howard O. Dykeman Walter J. Matherly Class of 1.931 Sidney Horne " Fred J ahn Robert Mathis Alfred McKethan George Perrine William Z. Platt Class of 1932 Bill Herrin Clarion Logan Richard Mack Class of 1.933 Charles Graves Paul Griley Melbourne Martin Gene Montanye Wynston O'Nea1 Class of 1934 John Kelly Pat Macloskie Lloyd Massey Pledges J. W. Hendrix Gates Ivy Linton Macon Ike Merrill Clyde McClelland Cecil G. Phipps Joseph Richards Melvin Shannon James Steele William Sult Richard Williams George Wolff George Singletary Buster Simmons J. J. Parrish Ned Patton Paul Ploeger Allen Robinson William Vanderipe Joe Mathis Tom Richards Victor Yeats Elton Rountree Link Silsby Monroe Thomas Jack Walsingham ,--...!I"'7 - -.vw ,. ,. ,f-, f1.1-:-fji.-- --X ,M X -. 'aw --'T '19 f' 0 . ' Nw "'Tr,'fT'5"'-.. , f,--" V!-' A Q., mfr ,- .1--' 4 , W xi-tfw-TN. "XC: '- -L -- .:h -f Z' WL, xv, ,,u...-L., ..4.eQ.2'l' J .nftmaff ,,z',,-ami--3',..-.1.L',,,,A AMQ...:n:,:A3L12:-:,,-.l4:'5fm:f. ug: Ml-.,,,L.lD3 1k.14f::x,:-Ikfiignllq MT: M - "L f'f'X,-'pm e- , . W fm. Axe, Q, W N'--kj Page Two Hzmclrcd T'wzmty-seven Q' .oil X' Q. ,ua -'"-fav 2.16.31 Eaxhgusuwfiisxx- .as 'S B. W. Ames Dr. J. M. Leake In A . DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Kappa Sigma Fraternity Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 Installed at Florida in 1922 Flower-LILY OF THE VALLEY C0l0'I'S-SCARLET, WHITE AND EMERALD Dr. Jos. Roemer Dr. A. L. Sheally Dr. Wilmon Newell Dr. T. M. Simpson C. J. Harris A. L. Anderson W. B. Brannon N. W. B-rown S. C. Ives M. E. Lucas W. L. Campbell H. J. Babers R. S. Cochran C. J. DeWitt C. B. Foy Nolan Canova Cal Langston A. H. Helvensto William Slaton James Murphy Page Two Hundred Twenty-eight 11 FRATRES IN URBE G. M. Turner Gene Caton FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. L. B. Tribolet T. J. Higgins C. B. Pollard A. D. Hutson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 J. F. Bull C. C. Lorraine i J. E. Nobles W. G. Carleton Class of 1932 K. D. Colson J. L. Turner J. S. McColskey Class of 1933 E. H. Lautz W. C. Sherrill Class of 1934 Allen Hieronymus Shaw Buck Phil Siefert Bill Claire David Nesbit J. C. Whiddon J. R. Anthony L. B. DeWitt W. R. Folkes D. L. Baker John Watts Connor Shaw Casper Van L W. H. Spiers John Savage Sam Marshall Orvis Griggs Sy Osgood Paul Knight andingham 1,x Q 9,4-5, ., ,553 1- X M- M Page Two HlIlIlIl'l'fI Tw1:'nfjf-oliow O- MEMBERS IN CITY 2a.fsyf.f.f-25? tsaesas A - ALPHA EPs1LoN CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Founded at the College of Charleston, 1904 Installed at Florida, 1924 Flower-RED Roslz C0l0'I'S-GOLD AND WHITE MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Walter H. Biesler Joseph Wilson Rev. A. R. Batchelor W. H. Fisher C. J. Thomas R. F. Chambliss T. E. Anderson R. E. Scholze H. L. Mutispaugh D. B. Frye . E. B. Poppell gl. W. Eastland, Jr. . R. Robinson J. E. Jenkins W. W. Pooser W. C. Disbrow J. R. Kelly Dave Thomas D. P. Mason E. A. Sundy N. C. Brown Page Two Hundv cd Thirty C. A. Marks MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Class of 1931 R. R. Axtell L. W. Tomlinson D. A. Kelly Class of 1932 T. S. Eddleman F. V. Bell C. G. Allan A. F. Carr A. C. Mann Class of 1933 H. S. Cherry A. L. Weaver W. B. Bell Jim Dennison Class of 1934 S. O. Hubbard S. P. Smith C. L. Clark L. K. Walrath W. J. Bullard T. G. Hall L. P. Bailey C. R. Lee G. S. Coulter R. C. McCormick W. B. Robins J. A. Maentz T. L. Gue F. D. Folsom H. L. Anderson J. W. Moore K. A. Van Antwe B. H. Grifiin, Jr. Qpyff TD r"!"f "N 'Sxcs - fvfw' 05.15 Q ew-ECW f'-N 0 . Ng, ' 1 Pj 553131- 2+ ,gn-5 v' .125 fvf1,y.,v' TL... '-,ax lv 1.-L..... "- lififx QFJ M L 5 A-x,s 4, L V ,-,., ' N, ,xl T. ' -.-' W," xx":5ff'2lffgHbit.-4-fi' Page Two Hrmdrcd Tlz,irIy-one aaa zafsy-Hagar as GAMMA THETA CHAPTER Sigma Chi Fraternity . Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Installed at University of Florida, 1925 FZOZUGT-WHITE ROSE A Color-BLUE AND GOLD FRATRES IN URBE E. A. Haynie H. R. Ringling Rev. Don Cook Greer Kirkpatrick FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean P. L. Reed R. C. Spencer W. T. Gay Dean T. R. Leigh O. C. R. Stageberg Dr. L. W. Bucholz FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Student L. E. Arnow Class of 1931 O. P. Johnson Harry W. Stewart J ames, M. Smith F. A. Currie Wilton Sturges, Jr. Jerry W. Carter David W. Sanderso Watt Kirkpatrick William McAdam Charles Maxwell J. D. Wortheimer Alfred H. Wagg John McKendrick G. H. Stokes, Jr. Hugh McMillan A. J. Johnson W. B. Cole Page Two Hundvcd Thirty-two n, Jr. W. B. Watson A. G. Lamborn B. L. Lamborn Class of 1932 Arthur H. Jones, Jr. Robert Wulf Edward Parnell Class of 1933 D. M. McKenzie Carlton Rentz Capp Frank Shanks Class of 1934 Eddie Ligon Karl Gordy John Fountain Thomas Blowers Granville Batey Ancil Boyette Newton Perry W. J. Ferrezzi 6 W. S. Roe E. J. Hill R. Y. H. Thomas Frenchy Yarborough Robert Cole Wallace T. McLeod Wilson Cummings Park Urquhart Jack Schwartz Pete Brinson Harry B. Dale Frank Jones Alex Smith Charles C. Sullivan Vic Walker Dayton Greer Howard Biggers f"'W f ""'-Q. Mm c""'-'s rf-z J . . ww r'vfI'T' " "Q-ii1'wv'3 M, A , 9 fm Q' ,W fs,-ff. GJA-nga 17 fi-,-Z .X WG ,A2X..q'1w ,---V, .. g2,5f49'I.g-Q .,fm.,,,4, 535. f'1g?3,!, fury.. J: Q. I: A ITN.. 5: Ziff, ggluil., .52,.,w,,Qf, 131.8 . ,Thx A ,f-.f'-C ...m.1...- A ,mm ,1r-gm! ,nr .4J1,.:.3eC-,M 1r,3x 3:VM5.:h'3w f::fT.z:N.Xx:ib ,...iqbg-X:-w:,1j:l.5'wZ,,gAsfirgmrfig. - X A Pg fT'Q. Page Two Hundred Thiriy-tlw'cc MYTQJF -w 4 A.- FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER Theta Kappa N u F raternity' Founded at Springfield, Missouri, June 9, 1924 . Installed at Florida, 1924 Flower-WHITE Rose Colors-SILVER, BLACK AND CRIMSON FRATRES IN FACULTATE O. H. Hauptmann FRATRES, IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Clyde R. Brown Charles S. Coomes Joel Evers Leland B. Featherstone W. Russell Daniel Herbert W. Fanus Albert L. Ashmeade Glenn L. Brown J. Emil Causey Theron E. Faulkner Charles W. Braun Glann C. Donnelly James A. Graham Page Two Hundred Thirty-four Francis S. K. Lewis Alex. P. Mathers Ernest B. Maxwell Hugh A. Pillsbury Class of 1932 Emerson Keeler Kenneth G. Skaggs Class of 1933 Patrick H. Hand, Jr. Ralph E. Hoffmeyer James L. Shackleford Class of 1934 John Justice Ronald Horne Fred Keck 6 Francis Ewing Starnes Joel C. Ufford Elbert W. Winderweedle Robert C. Unkrich Harry C. Warnock Cecil S. Spitler Frank E. Watts Copeland D. N ewbern W. B. Beeson James W. Martin John R. White James E. Williams , e,1w.Z--:,:,.fw,'-Why, . 0 , .+ .ff-M M. ., ..., m "W ,, rv, - ,',-,j'.. ., ', N K N- - , m, rg A x. ,-, .. . . 'v A .. .Wh , , , W ., .V xx- ...,- ,. .-A, -f. A ' ' 7- . ' Tnxff WENT -'FH ,. w. f-NX.. ,. ,,.,. .- .w NH- f L 1 R, 1- f f' ,. ' . "-.N ',y.,: N- - ' -., '- "5-3. '--Q' g -fig .g .fl , ,.- N 1' -H-M' Af f'-M 2- wif 1. 2 1:--QA.-:ffff5:g:,:-gs.f.:1:,.:3s'w ffm W-5"ib9'f35'! Page Two Hvmdrcd Thirty-five 'wma f aff-f S-ff.. s ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Founded at Ohio State University, 1905 Installed at Florida in 1925 Flower-PINK ROSE Colors-GREEN AND GOLD FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. O. C. Bryan Prof. C. E. Abbott J. P. Camp Dr. H. G. Hamilton Harold Mowry Prof. J. F. Cooper Prof. Frazier Rogers Prof. F. W. Brumley y FRATRES IN URBE R. F. Sikes C. E. Baggott W. R. Lyle R. K. Voorhees K. S. McMullen J. R. Henderson J. C. Cox, Jr. W. W. Lawless J. W. Friesner, J G. W. Kramer A. M. Bissett R. O. Crabtree Page Two Hundzed Thirty-six I'. H. L. Fagan A. S. Laird FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 D. Matthews A. Barrineau B. Jones !F'?"?5 HW! Class of 1.932 J. Brinkley L Brooks Collins Class of 1933 J. A. Jones M. H. Toole P. N. Simmons Class of 1934 Leon Ferguson D. D. McCloud George Fitzpatrick 'El C. B. lWilliams M. V. North D. S. McLean J. R. Greenman G. H. Lucas Paul Van Eepoel John Wasmund C. E. Jones F K. Y. f ' ,,. ' N r""'M .. ., . . - fx. f : "' I g 'ff' " 55-' " H- .mf.f'Nv V77 .NV X .f" P 5,7-f7'1x'2"j 72" K A ' N.. F. ff A-.FXJ K' Q if .Jw-'K..-.,,'f', ,,y,4,ff' J.-1, ff,1f,,.f',.-, fv,-f. fn" ' ,,.-- J, ,,,,.'L. lr A --W --.A f -,XV .ll 4. k 0 M K 4 fi, ,4,,xf,Q"j,f4-f'.' -Jzgxaf Lg,-'34 ' f ,,..f ' 1 ' '49 '-., R v 2 '- X y , 4, ,.. .. - J... .-..f ,.', bg ,,,-W. ,1,. -,.,gg-,.f ,.,v,.. - . - 'Liu hxxxwh .l . -I .SRX-'H h K .1 xx , Nw., f':,f-M' ...ff xx lmf: Q, -. X .. "wg, ,A. i "Q ff,-jig V", Page Two Ilmzdred Thirty-seven 'I' f' '22.f3W1..e"iI?" .fs N V I 'X DELTA CHAPTER Phi Beta Delta Fraternity ' Founded at Columbia University April 4, 1912 Installed at Florida, 1925 Fl01U6T-HYACINTH C0l07'.S'-BLUE AND GOLD Justin R. Fisher Earl Hirsh E. J. Cohen G. B. Mehlman Sam Green D. C. Morris R. H. Halpern M. M. Slott R. H. Friedman Nat Saltz L. Baker FRATRE IN FACULTATE Joseph Weil FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Jack Low Class of 1932 H. C. Schwartz A. Horovitz I. Ashkenazy Wm. Lipsitz Class of 1.933 M. M. Rosenberg F. C. Rose I. Moscovitz M. Coleman Class of 1934 I. T. Cohen Milton Marco Milton Robbins Dan R. Schwartz J. J. Weinstein Jos. Wilensky S. S. Weiss P. Howser L. Wotitzky Ben Safer H. M. Beckelman Jos. Pinkoson Morton Fox Page Two Hundred Thirty-eight w 2 L Q .f 254-'fax .affit ASQ. m,jL455:3 6 Page Two Hmzdrcd Thirty-nine 4..x:e' 214.531 WS an , TAU ALPHA CHAPTER Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity Founded at Columbia University in 1910 Installed at Florida in 1925 Flower-LILY OF THE VALLEY Colors-LAVENDER AND WHITE Gustav Feuer David E. Adelson Herman Goldberg Max E. Greenberg Byron Ginsberg FRATRE IN URBE William Edelstein FRATRES iN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Phillip Neuwirth Ivis J. Scadron Class of 1932 Joe Davis Ralph S. Mizrahi Joseph G. Shopiro Class of 1933 Sidney C. Kass Class of 1934 Morris Saloman Leon H. Robbins Sidney Neuwirth Hyman B. Sobol Burnett Roth Paul Kirstein Oscar Verkauf Pledges Maurice W. Goldstein Harold M. Blicher William Lieberman Ralph Kirsch Harry Feller Herbert N . Schwartz Page Two Hundred Forty 'AAKWN' .HW ,, .f"'P MFT ,rf . . Q' . .9 'Q ,--:exe ' My-f Sw- SN rw Q- ff- 'myf- V 'ff -Sv 7491! mf 4: f f MF- , A wifi. . 14 N, :Gif 'I'X3g"f w Xi, frffwiw bw CQ,..L?1wZ AfrLf'-'YQ 67' Ami" .:':--514-..f A414.4".'?J:.Q--.4Q.,Lg..N..,.-f'gi4.f:w1L:,.2N.,t L:'U:lf.mT.'i,:f.57'.iff-55 Ps., ,--, ..-- M' L 6',.4iZ,'w',f"N 3,1 f, ,X f, , 'fd A' .5 C, Nf,,j', T Aff. 1 QXW, I: NN" xwyf ff- g ,Q ' ,Q f' Przgv Two Hundred Fcwfy-one L ,W , ,, C A- -L DELTA ZETA CHAPTER Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Founded Bethany College, 1859 Installed at Florida, 1925 Flower-PANsY Colors--PURPLE, WHITE AND GOLD FRATRES IN URBE Jack Mathews H. T. Mann FRATRES IN FACULTATE Warren C. Cowell Prof. W. B. Goebel Dr. E. D. Hinkley Dr. H. O. Enwall John V. McQuitty Dr. G. F. Weber Graduate Students Willard Merwin Fifield Arnold DeMeritt Welch FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Norton Davis Burwell Jordan Lewis Haines Frank Brownett Stephen Clink John Fisher Kent Baker Emmet Conroy Harry Fifield Howard Bates Henry Crittenden Vaughn Dekle Herbert Holmes Ben Hull Andrew Lauderback Sydney Lenfestey Page Two Hundred Forty-two Webber Haines Millard Kimball Class of 1.932 Charles Hewitt Logan Jennings Class of 1933 George Gunn Jerry Litherland Class of 1934 Cecil Lewis Harry de Montmollan Jacob Ostner Earnest Ricker Charles Rogers Ed. Richardson Bill Scott James Lybass Tom Quinlan Norman Williams James Lowe Paul Shafer Thurman Whiteside Herbert Kent John Toland Louis McQuitty Stubby Steele Frank Walter James Wheeler Billy Whitaker Carl Shafer Norman Smith Edward Richardson 1 2 Mi zz , .1-5: Q .zgf tf:. W- "f'3.T3',g,. -JxN.f1f.- 7' , -25: 2- 5' f- ., no . Q ,. ...mibg ,...1,:fm' -az.wffXfig,E.':fbSJ:f:1??SlZwW px Q Page Two Hundred Forty-three 4 "ii''11, 'sw FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Founded at the University of Richmond Installed at Florida, 1925 Fl0'lUe'l'S-AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE AND VIOLET C0l07'S-ROYAL PURPLE AND RED FRATRES IN URBE Dr. T. V. McCaul LaMar Sarra E. A. Clayton Grenell Hughes FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. C. Hurst J. H. Wise J. S. Day A. C. Morris Dale Vansickle Dr. Rudolph Weaver Marvin Brooker FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Joe Carter Winston Arnow Jean Campbell Paul Selle Thomas Braswell James Burnett Harry Graham Hugh Whitaker William Ames J. B. Chapman James Love J. D. Clements Marvin Entz Thomas Lane Page Two Hundred Forty-four Merrill Ellinor Class of 1932 Marion Austin Donald Curtis Joe Vaccaro Drennen Brown Class of 1933 Walter Caldwell Gilbert Leach William Bigger Class of 193.4 Harold Butts Thomas Gato Dan McCarty Bion Hannah Eugene Vaccaro Guy Whitlock Durant Ashmore Leon Ely Marshall Musser Woodson Winfree David Browder Philip Glancy Herbert Spencer Judson Barker James Hughes Wallace Sample Charles Bauermieste Ethan Robbins William Kemp I' ..r--' f - . , ,- .1 . 2 ""',- 7' I .. ,,- ,Y , V. .A Q -. f A! ,.,, ,xd,f:,, .1 5 ,M,,M'v..,"N. W ,, 4 , .R 3 Q 5, A Av , ,w'1,- A4 -- ','w'-A , , f,,u-,.,' ,Q G' HV'-, - 5 '- . '. JA' ' H"-.4 1'-" ' ."' '. fm '..-"' f 1' .nf vff X ""' ,'x 1X,xu x. ,.. ,vt -. aw-Ziff ' 'f,.f"f ,, f..,,:-K fzpf ,---' A, ,f .,.',.,-f fy if M f 1' pp' M, ,XXV X.. 1, X, X -S - ,X 'V , , N --.Q xn- 4"' " 'Q--" M Q'-"' -'Q '-,I ..-. . ..:.f", .- '.- ,....:.. MH ,.., . . 1f,f"-...- J .. N--.,,.,,-Yi A ., ,.:-sK,,' , f7""X-x M . .... - , "' -, fy Y? 475 ff'f5.7gQ""af1--:V 'N-Q14 Page Two Hzmclrcd Forly-five ,v .- . a ,N-y, V,',. 4.352"Z."Z1.3'1Zl9 2.14531 f33m.fgc'iii"s.3?.'-QS sa. FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Founded at Miami University, 1848 FRATRES IN URBE B. F. Jordan James R. Boyd R. W. Nimmons FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. C. Brown Dr. John J. Tigert Major B. C. Riley Madison D. Cody Judge R. S. Cockrell H. I. June Frank S. Wright FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE T. A. Howze, Jr. James Watkins Crowther Boyd D. C. McGovern L. P. Dorsett B. H. Fuqua W. W. Trice James Elliot Paul Brown E. W. Howatt Lee McCubbin Culver Smith Claude Daley Tom McClure James Clark M. M. Harrison Fred Rayburn Clay Simpson Bill Davis Page Two Hundred Forty-six Class of 1931 R. M. Woodberry Dudley Clark A. D. Sawyer Class of 1932 John Bryson W. F. Dunkle J. R. Knott M. D. Edwards Class of 1933 Gardner Gillette H. E. Jones Q. I. Roberts Neal Tyler Class of 1934 John Alderman Don Fuqua M. L. Hollins L. F. Richards Roger Goodwin Glenn Dale, L. M. Sompayrac Dale Waters Tom Irwin Calvert Pepper W. W. Charles L. R. McCormick H. E. Woodward A. K. Powers Don Guthridge James Landon Nelson Sawyer A. S. Zollar Charles Gifford Jack Bostwick O. S. Gower Van Dorn Post Calvin Rogers E. W. Warren 'f fraiwfiw , ""Y:s""Sn ,Zu . f ,"""g,, Y www 'S 1, , 'vyv ' IQ. 1:-P2 fr A Y AAI'-1'K-2,a,,. frm may U3-bgfjii' ..f.E..:' 'ny fffffg-:gjff-' ,riff 35-' 4 'sv , ' .- FA 'ffzzw M1 .QQ wifi? ' -' LvT'Qy.f"'E?2. YLTTS' fmqx ' " " -4' '- ' -4 ..-and .r-1 A1 M .AEAHJJL .AZ-L .1L:.xL:JL:4L." Jlx.m,." :.. 1:.x:!I.'.x.gNN...J Xia-,f'-':.NlA...g.T.f'Sx'f,AF'rJT-'l::lii:f.5-,..J Tu:4:.".k.if5D H -1 J ,K flu' ,f f-f A ' 'A -NN-VXQ 5 r Xxx-fzfl - x.4LL-f"'f Page Two Hundred Fo-rty-seven vg .:'x'1:1, ' Yw4."f"11ffv" Y, ana .sis FLORIDA CHAPTER Delta Chi Fraternity Founded at Cornell University October 13, 1890 Installed at Florida February, 1926 Flower-WHITE CARNATION Colors-BUFF AND RED FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Students M. L. Moore T. Capers Jones R. H. Blanchard Russell B. Carson Excell R. Johnston John A. Roberts Walker Barfield J. Donald Graham D. Carl Smith Stanley B. Jones James J. Ganyard Wm. E. McAnly Hazen K. Ferris Wm. P. Webb Page Two Hundred Forty-eight Woodson C. Tucker Class of 1931 R. H. James Class of 1932 B. F. Welles Clyde A. Brady Barton T. Douglas D. Lane Markett J. T. Rose Class of 1933 Charles T. Cobbe Clayton T. Roberts Curtis W. Brown Merle C. Patrick Class of 1934 George W. Beers John H. Smiley Walter Wynn Rueben B. Orr L. G. Gramling William W. Dishong Fred P. Brand J. C. Martin Harold F. Seasted John Hebb Ben W. Dibble Birchard T. Royal Wm. P. Henderson J. B. Smith M. E. Jones Howard W. Smoyer Charles Durrance eww , --A9 .-:z :'- Mu. 'U ew. , , fefw3.?2i,':5 .1.f 1Q.m. mshxw 6 Page Two H'll7I,ll'I'0d Forty-nine 'PEA T' r 4. 254531330 in N ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Founded at Miami University, 1905--42 Chapters Installed University of Florida March, 1926 FZOZUGT'-RED CARNATION COZOTS-HARVARD RED AND FACULTY H. W. Chandler J. D. Glunt R. W. Huston J. G. Eldridge A. T. Craig S. H. Huffman Seniors Lewis Blalock A Forest Munger F. E. Gehan Daniel Delaney Harold B. Wahl Milton Foxworth Norman Derr Beppo R. Johansen Russell McCaughan Guthrie Babcock Arlie 'Rhodes F. L. Peterson Juniors Gerald Smith O. L. Dayton F. W. Farnsworth James Hunter William J ibb Charles Touchton Eschol Mallory James Katsch Albert Bassett Roy Clark William Lantaff Tommy Tatham Clark Gourley Ben Cogburn Page Two Hundred Fifty Hans Johansen Fred Marchman J . Y. Porter Kenneth Smith Sophoinores Edgar Lambert David Harris Heskin Whitaker Bruce Lehman Freshmen Frank Russell Tod Terwilliger Cliiford Beasley Witt Baltuth Henry Taylor Allen Hirtle Scroble Ellington John Wahl, Jr. T. H. Williams Boyd Axtell Louis MacDowell Louis Reeves Roy Purvis Lewis Radley William Fenn Tommy Satchwell Leo Gregory Earl Brown Frank Holland Franklin Bunch Robert Turrill OLD GOLD ,Q 3, qi--Q I -. ,fx-h .....f , ..-A 'tw af' X ' 54 414. Q, ,,f,.w- X I K um N, ,ww FT- -'A c"'w ,.A""7f if -'f','v, w , .x , , 0,55 ,Q 2,1-' if' L,u, ,nj ,Q-if?" ff w 4,-.mug .1 ' I N ' ' X ,V gf r----.N . Q M ,QM ,4,., Jw !ff.fW,.fj ,. JHNL., 653, f.4,,,...f ,ml , 4.,J'hfjj,, V, f X -,,f- ,..r ,. .- .4.xM,,.- A,-M,-H., if -0,1-A-,I-:M . .--A, I Qu, ...f ,.-.,.. NM. , - A , 1 Page Two Hundred Fifty-one fm-. 22533 as gn. 'X M. S. Carranza N. A. Morales J. A. Pendino P. Bondi S. Fiorito V. W. Giudice F. M. Lucarelli Page Two H undv ed Fifty-two MEMBERS OF THE Sigma Iota Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE F. M. DeGaetani P. C. Scaglione Class of 1931 A. J. Licata Class of 1932 A. Lopez, Jr. F. Massari Class of 1933 M. Casteleiro G. H. Mendez Class of 1.934 A. Chiaramonte R. Perez J. B. Caruso M. L. Ciasulli 6 S. T. Berardo J. B. Minardi B. Leto A. P. Leto J. Corrales M. A. Calabrese f-H - G3 ENM- 'D -mm , .JJ , ,.. .aff .-.'. 'Q --., .K N-4.41 55.2. 1- ,.. x, .v ,-, 3fff.di.'f3 Z6g..?f.Q'-:fi W ,,'5t:J Avi L:-1-'. twin.. Q Oiffg--'S5?'W A Pago Two Hzmdrcd Fifty-ihrce 4?5 Al .1-Lx. L A BETA ZETA CHAPTER Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Founded at the College of the City of New York, 1899 Installed at Florida, 1930 Fl0t0eT-WHITE CARNATION C0l07'8--NILE GREEN AND WHITE FRATRE IN URBE X. L. Lindsey FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. V. T. Jackson Dr. C. Francis Byers ' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Richard R. Rothfuss S. Clinton Pearson Alden F. MacDonald Harry Frazier Dyer Allen W. Spencer John W. Coarsey Harold F. Coleman John E. Nichols Morris Carlisle Alleyne Herron W. Carroll Dan McDonald Sherwood Harvard Theodore H. Willard Page Two Hundred Fifty-four Class of 1931 James R. Jamison Thomas N. Stewart Class of 1.932 Andrew E. Wind Frank Frazier, Jr. Class of 1933 Charles P. Coleman Frank Adams Handsford Dickens Class of 1934 Darwin S. Hatch Walter H. Mackie Walton W. Stovall Reed H. Hutchison Pledges Jim Ramsey Bill Bradley T. L. Mason Felix Benton Raymond E. Ford A. H. Hughey L. M. Johnson Allen R. Crow Jack Robertson C. V. Patrick Vincent Peel Gordon A. Skean Ballard R. Donnell Earl G. Harris Raymond A. Brodbeck x" 1 531 n F1 gffhg . f, wp-AN ,., JW 'fl' H-"".' W . ""--1,55 :J 'W'--. rx fr""'--N, A ,, 1 gp . ff? ,, rv, ' -.4 ,Lf 4- '- ', " : N-r q-nA, --.4 Q" . ,,--- .- rw 'TWAT3' ' P ' 'ki L' --g,:.,, Q .'. 15 'X-.MJL Y. N g .., .-'- , ,. 43310 .wwf ,x.zF3f.f 1 Qing- - 4 Mfr:-?fQXXQxxmir,xifs-- ,-mr.-X ggfgafgxfuigi-Jgvv -1,.f..v-e.f.,, -sd A V .1J'22i- ,.i::A.-.a-f.A...+. -. f Ag...-cf. may... -,.m:.q-M-..:. , sway, -f:.,'i.:m,3-x..Jn- f N1'Q1T1f'QLgffa1,f'!! Page Two Humlrcd Fifty-five ,xhfflnrliw 'V gf N.. J A ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Beta Kappa Fraternity Founded at Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1901 Thirty-five Active Chapters Installed at Florida December 6, 1930 Fl0'w67'-RED TEMPLAR ROSE COZOTS-PURPLE AND W. T. Hicks Burnis Theo. Coleman Frank Henry Pugh Jack A. Buckley Thomas E. Smith FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. B. Miller I. G. King Class of 1.931 Clayton C. Bass Gardner L. Lewis Class of 1932 W. F. Harrison O. W. Anderson C. W. Waring G. A. Hawkins M. J. McLaughlin Orville L. Crozier Ronald W. Childers F. W. Slaughter Gow C. R. Hess Andrew Rippey Class of 1933 Bernard A. Dean Clyde Bass Ira F. Lindsey E. M. Rooks L. W. Noel William Walter McDonell Norman W. Storey John H. Breze L. S. Frye S. B. Waring Page Tuo Hundred Fifty-six John Frederick Wilkes Class of 1934 M. S. McCollum E. B. Larkin K. M. Allison H. S. Kilmon 6 R. D. Hooten R. J. Herman P. O. Alexander P. E. McMillan YQ? -:JZW ff k 0 -'LM sa- , 'W -. ' , 654-414, Aida'J-'El ,m.w,A. 73 w l 4. 1 . I Pugv Turn Ilunrlrvd Fifty-seven -L, Wm. wr' 4 ,QA L L Z Q32-.Si as GAMMA XI CHAPTER Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, August 8, 1839 Installed at Florida in 1930 Flower-RED ROSE C0l0'l'S-DELICATE SHADES OF PINK AND BLUE FRATRES IN FACULTATE Kline H. Graham J. Speed Rogers Dr. Nathan W. Sanborn Judge O. T. Stone Edgar F. Grossman William T. Arnett H. P. Constans Dr. F. W. Kokomoor W. B. Hathaway Edward S. Quade Mark D. Butler Ralph D. Dickey FRATRES IN URBE Bascom F. Mizell Keener Mizell Sam Cornwall FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 Westley W. Eyster Joe York Irby J. Hickenlooper Vernice L. Hearn Walter H. McEldowney Class of 1932 Arthur R. Thompson Oscar M. Bisant James H. Millican James E. Keezel I John W. Prunty Alex Johnson Herbert Newman Paul A. Zimmerman Earl Halsey John M. Lyell Willis L. Stephens Homer H. Seay, Jr. Willard McGinnes Darry A. Davis Jim Hanson Class of 1.933 William G. Simmons Frank L. Porter Reggie L. Williams William M. Crosby John M. Raymond George E. Morgan Stanley McDuH Thomas B. Walker Ernest Edwards C. Leonard Pridgen, Jr. Ralph Walker Watts Stroman Class of 1934 James A. Baker Alex Gilmour Emerson Fahrney Steve Quade Bill Boring Steve Moore Frank McMullan Albert Pierce Gordon Rogers Palmer Eastwood Frank Peyraud Ralph Prochaska Holiday Hudgins Charles Mizell Page Two Hundred Fifty-eight 6 ,,.-, ,. U15 "'-'rw .-. , ,U -, - 1,--, C sz, ' WXLY .,- f 5' WX? ,- . , sf -. ,fx no , 01 1 51 .gp 2,5 -' 5 A ,i,g'5x,w,f f .'... , , - y.x,5 P 'I A,-HX-., -N --A-xy,-1 5? 67324 'll3"f-Q-"J4'.-'V-Vrf !2?f'fIf1' L E. - .5 . ff:-w-Q1 V 17'-,if AL x' L L 4' 'TTN-'W , ff-A ff -'-Eff-JIM-J-'u4 .ffgmy .ff-,4+,,,f,.ffM,..4-1.-.x. '.,.,Wgg.4-gi, M, av., . '-Q-3--LNLQ'-MX"-'A ' ' "2 M--YM wN..':f.--'w..-,,?..1---. -.Y-."X-1.1! A V ,f""'4 hiv -M ,B 4 J ' f ,gf -' 5, ki-4b.,.,Q' . -far: Page Two Hundred Fifty-nine f ar 22.-'2?W.f..s'2Z0 "ii'uSE'-.S sz. l Alpha Delta Fraternity Founded 1923 Petitioning Chi Phi Flower-JACQ Ross Colors-GREEN AND WHITE FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. H. Janes B. O. Smith Jean Ahrano Thomas Alexander Frank Anderson George Nunez 0. P. Davis W. A. Davis . Lawrence Emanuel W. A. Copeland Beverly Connor Robert Dick Forrest Granger Park Swindell Charles Cox Page Two Hundred Sixty FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1931 James Bruton Thomas Butt Robert Byrnes William Rivers Class of 1982 Screven Hart Eugene Kester Howard Livingston William Simmons Class of 1938 Edward Heimburger Earl Lau William Rieker Class of 1934 David Denham Woodiin Ezzard IL. W. J acobus A R. C. J acobus John Kibler Richard Lawrence J . L. Sanders Arthur Small Robert Underwood Howard Johnson Albert Rogers Harry Rogers Gene Meneray Henry Mossbarger A-!r,. V 'iiV4'-wIcT" 35422530 .'J???Z1 ,mini S34 Page Two Hzmdrvd Sixfy-one A no, .oil X' , we 4 2.521 Efeigvmfqisfignw 'S Sigma Lambda Tau Fraternity fLocalJ Petitioning Lambda Chi Alpha Flower-RED HIBISCUS Colors-CRIMSON AND EMERALD Louis Henry Meeth, Jr. William Harold Roberts Robert Crawford Rencher George Louis Monteiro Glen Allen Dixon Ernest Edward Schirmer Ralph K. Hood D. Byron King A " Henry William Land James Leonard Sweeney Thomas Cullen Wright Robert Charles McClanahan Albert Wayne Horn Charles William Eggart, Jr. Paul Vane Morton Walter Hayden Abbott William Douglas Parker Frederick Max Wild FRATRE IN FACULTATE Dr. F. H. Heath FRATRE IN UNIVERSITATE Graduate Student Jerome A. Connor Class Class Class Class of1931 Walter Harvey Stephen Eldon Walsh John Norton Davis William Faris Anderson 0f1932 Benjamin Nicholson Darlington Robert Wilson Stewart F. J. Berry 0f1933 Allen T. Stanwix-Hay ofzosl George Turner Robertson Richard G. Canfield Allan Bedell Goodwill Stephen Colquitt Pardee, Jr. Darrell Leslie Hood Bruce Johnston Colville George Milner Hooten, Jr. Jack Emerson Mitchell William Denva Richbourg Page Two Hundred Sixty-two ' 2 f'g3 -r W... rr"-ffg RQ", :f"f:H-f' N wp---N, ,. N , Z"wnE": V-f1'f.ff'Lf.,' 'W ff? E- ,f.At,3 'Y ,.,, Ent. .f Q M gmfjw qfm-.., P, ,fx H, :nw ff 'W' ' 'L 111,-if 'J S0 ff, -- ff' 'A--'JW - ll wwf-a '- aw. 'flux , Q N-- F '- ,-'fx X ,. fig!-.3u. L, ,,,,.:f,..,fefxf.f ufffffz,-fu, V. 3 -.jfzwlffgbl x.z....Lf,LNk I--Ny S .Qxfx jqxw j,,5irxEz,,F'?4wg-.K,,,1',,. " -'I---"-' Af -.ff -L-- .2-I fl- - -14'-M-'A-"--4-A 1 ' .-2. -.J-. Tg,q,-Ns.,.f ..:'4'11-. Xu- XXNg.,"5'3'-.,?-f-. g."'Sl" ef-I 31..fLE-l.:."5 rT"Nff+mL V, -. .- , .L Aff" ' f x mx ill I' A " K- X Page Two Hundred Sixty-three SQTZBQT137 Dance Societies Quite a portion of the social activity on the University of Florida campus is sponsored by dance societies. Ye Pirate Crewe and the L'Apache club each give an annual costume ball featuring the theme which their names represent. These organizations select their membership from the men on the campus who have shown especial social inclinationg and have as a further aim the promotion of a fraternal feeling among the men who compose their rosters. The Theta and Serpent Ribbon Societies and the Bacchus Club, a freshman social organization, also draw their mem- bership from those students who are socially inclined. Each of these societies give two formal dances during the year. Oflicials of the University of Florida believe that in order to have a well rounded extra-curricula life on the campus, the social phase, sponsored in a wholesome way, has a very im- portant place. It is to fill this place that the dance societies made their debut. The functions given by these organizations come during the four social periods on the University calendar and are looked forward to and attended by many fair visitors. Page Two Hundred Sixty seven 4 at 3245? Z e'ii?fb,.N5'3-22.5 as ARTHUR GIBBONS JIMMY NOISAN . J OHN WIGGINTON SELWYN IVRS . BRUCE HAMILTON Gibbons, Arthur Hinson, John Dial, Billy Wigginton, John Butler, Byron Archibald, Bob Nolan, Jimmy Davis: Ralph Watkins, Jimmy Mack, Richard Robson, Frank Mahaffey, Conrad Watrous, Tom Yancey, Hervey Gill, Jo D. ' Page Two Hundred Sixty-eight Ye Pirates Ye Krewe Ludwig, Jerry Steele, Jimmy Barker, Allie Ives, Selwyn Heitman, Buster Carleton, Bill Bond, Bill Frazier, Ed Watson, Billy Hamilton, Billy Henderson, J. W. Whiteside, Thurman Baxter, John Marsh, Horace Phiel, Scabby Carter, Ray '. Captam . First Mate . Second Mate . Third Mate . Cabm Boy 1 Harrell, Keener Sinclair, Henry McEwen, Milton McColskey, John Trice, Bill Peters, Jack Miller, Pat Embry, Hugh Swearingen, Will Judy, Dick Bond, Bob Dorsett, Monk Reisin, Ramon Robertson, Allen Andrews, Francis rw If . .. . X! C' . 1 f 'ffl .f .fb , f .f ---1 f .f J fzrxfi f M 'N fat' '--.uglx X-,fl L'ffLL-" ' Page Two Hzmdrvcl Sznuty-nine .x 'I -Nw , Serpent Roll OFFICERS President . . . ...... . RICHARD MACK Vice-President . .... . JOHN WAHL Secretary ..... . . PAUL SELLE Treasurer ...... . RUSSEL CROFTON Chairman Dance Committee . . MAURICE LUCAS Chairman Initiation Committee ..... . . . ED. GAY LIST OF SERPENTS THETA CHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA TAU OMEGA KAPPA ALPHA Leo Collins Russel Crofton John Woolslair Harry McDonald Lynn Gerald Cliff Mann Clyde Miller Stuart Southard Hank Sinclair PHI DELTA THETA Munger Edwards Ben Fuqua Jimmie Landon Jack Bostwick Van Dorn Post PI KAPPA PHI Broward Poppell Laurie Tomlinson Rayford McCormick Bob Sholze Louis Anderson Spurgeon Cherry Tom Anderson Dave Frye Mark Eastland D. Mason Ben Griffin Clark Brown K. A. Van Antwerp Selwyn Ives Charles Lorraine Francis Bull Arthur Anderson Maurice Lucas Bobbie Hill Ed. Lautz James Larche Bill Carleton Nolan Canova Paul Knight Alvin Cleveland David N isbit Allen Hieronymus l SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Hervey Yancey John Hinson Willie Mehrtens Dick Judy Walter Woodward John Milton Walter Hackney George Leaird S. T. Dell Dan Walker LeRoy Sheftall SIGMA PHI EPSILON Woodson Winfree Paul Selle Billy Ames Tom Gato Robert Ellinor Harold Butts Clarence Phiel Ash Williams Jerry Ludwig Gilmer Heitman Ernest Robuck Charles Morgan Baya Harrison T. J. Hicks Payne Kelly PHI KAPPA TAU Milton Foxworth John Wahl O. L. Dayton B. R. Johansen Janes Katsch Charlie Touchton Ed. Lambert Bill J ibb Roy Pervis Al Bassett Tommy Satchwell DELTA CHI Barton Douglas Bert Royal J . C. Martin Doc Brady Curtis Brown George Beers Willie Webb Bob Smiley SIGMA CHI Harry Stewart Banzai Currie Billie Watson Jerry Carter G. H. Stokes Wilton Sturges Tom Blowers Eddie Ligon Alfred Wagg Page Two Hundred Seventy Hayes Lewis Ed. Gay Bill Fisher Brown Farrior John Parkhill John Ward Henderson Jack Mizell Wallace Anderson Speck Knight Newcome Barco Franklin Alexander Alex Turnbull PI KAPPA ALPHA Jimmie Nolan Billy Dial Wilbur James Vaden McCaul John Baxter Claude Sims Al. Rogero Terry Patterson George Rollins Merle Bowlin SIGMA NU Richard Mack Bruce Hamilton Buddy Buddington Dick Williams George Perrine Bobby Bond Francis Andrews Gene Montanye Ned Patton Pat Macloskie Ed. Fisher DELTA TAU DELTA Cecil Lewis Andrew Lauderbach r"k" 6, A .4-Q-4 .. 'nf ,l ,I ,,- ,,.. I .mx M ,-. . . I, - .X-. N, I -xx , , m . . 7'-, f' "- I -' -1.5 mx -fi f' fi'A "H fur. ff-ff ,,,. ', - I - ' I ffl x"""::'f'fI QQH-..f J . -LX "NT g f3.f"I""II'--H'TxsQ, f-. 1 1 Im.. ffK,.f ' ,fl ... 1 4 ' .A-fn, :Q ,,,', .,,f ,f' ., , V N. -.5.,.e. ul 'N , I 1-.J r. .'.:,- 'NX wg. 2.451.-nf-.M-..,f..,g.LL-fL1L2,.f1Lp.- ,ff ,.-L',f'-.M.., -. 11bN..,,L4-.-. ' , .1-N...,L. If ' ' DANCE COMMITTEE AND OFFICERS OF SERPENT RIBBON SOCIETY FOR 1930-1931 .0-.,. .,. ,w ,A K . ,, 1' . ' ' ., " -XE H' N X Page Two Hzznrlrvd Svvcnfy-one ua X. 5 ', . f aa' 2242? 51.520 2 S- 'im 'S Theta Ribbon Society President . . . PHILLIP O'CONNELL Vice-President . . CALVERT PEPPER Secretary , , . HUGH HENDRIX Treasurer ...... . . BYRON BUTLER Chairman Dance Committee . . ALFORD MCKETHAN ALPHA TAU OMEGA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI Phillip O'Connel1 Tom Watrous Ray Carter Red Bethea Milton McEwen Robert Pederson Ralph Davis Arthur Gibbons Bill King Hubert Johnson John Hammer Sam Davis Holmes Kirkland Dick Neville Bob Treadgold KAPPA ALPHA Byron Butler Walter Troxler Bill Bond Bob Cockrell Albert Barker Bob Archibald Will Swearingen Bill Knight , George Thames Victor Paul John Ausley Bill Hunter ' PI KAPPA ALPHA Herbert Messer John Schirard Conrad Mahaffey Hugh Hendrix Jack Peters Charles Raulerson Pat Miller Frank Fee James Flemming Charles Lavin Joe Robinson 'John Wigginton John Donahoo Ed Romph Charles Cleveland Friarson Gailliard THETA CHI Broward Culpepper Bob Sanchez Allan Driscoll Cliff Livingston E. S. Bartlett SIGMA NU John Richards Alford McKethan Fred J ahn Ed. Frazier Bill Platt Allen Robinson J . J . Parish Bill Vanderipe Charles Graves Joe Hughes Longworth Crow, Jr. Francis Conroy Lloyd Massey Connie Brady KAPPA SIGMA G. R. Helveston Bob Folkes John McColsky D. L. Campbell Conner Shaw Phil Siebert Jimmie Steel Dick Mouser PI KAPPA PHI Dan Kelley Larry Walrath Fred Bell Spurgen Cherry Tom Eddleman Harry Stewart Watt Kirkpatrick Albert Lambourn SIGMA PHI EPSILON M. Ellinor Herbert Spencer Bo Arnow Dan McCarty Wallace Sample Walter Coldwell PHI DELTA THETA Aubrey Sawyer Tom Howze John Bryson Bob Woodberry Donald McGovern Calvert Pepper James Rayburn Tom Irwin Harold Jones Bill Zollar Nelson Sawyer Fred Rayburn DELTA TAU DELTA Thurman Whiteside Burwell Jordan John Toland Earl Day Hubert Holmes PHI KAPPA TAU James Hunter Louis Blalock Harold Wahl Jerry Smith Louis McDowell Roy Clark Billy Fenn Scroble Ellington Page Two Hundred Seventy-two 3... Cfiw rf' p as 'STKFTTA 'I'--f'1trN.-f vw - Mi f"! Qkm xi X XX xx X , I3 - .. f. J f- - .. C? an "' I 7 -. TX.: A 1--C .- . JIGQ.-' 'MIN Qian- 4- ,, :gif X b ?p1f""f." NI XX ig It .hzzxm A "' xu-X -L.1,.7A Nur N.,i:,h , ,".,sfw ,, J-,,- if viral:-I "",': i :rm LQT'f3Sf'-fm-' L 4d4fLGa .:'J5M ,.mf2:.:5'..n-g K-.M .4,.Ib..:.":. 1I:4Q1x.BIm7:-u':. ,?'1'-,- 14,.'.Tlull'-Qllfb1.,'7.K:'7f:1..: DANCE COMMITTEE AND OFFICERS OF THE TI-IETA RIBBON SOCIETY FOR 1930-1931 MX. 1121.9 ' x Page Two Ilmldrad Seventy-three 4.2 ex. Bacchus Club President . . . HOLMES KIRKLAND, A. T. Vice-President . . . . CAL LANGSTON, K. Secretary . . . E. S. BARTLETT, T. Treasurer ...... . DAN MCCARDY, S. P. Chairman Dance Committee . . TOM MCCLURE, P. D. . ALPHA TAU OMEGA PHI DELTA THETA PHI KAPPA TAU Bob Treadgold Clay Simpson Ben Coburn Paine Kelly Fred Rayburn John Terwilliger Dick Neville Maurice Hollins PI KAPPA PHI THETA CHI KAPPA ALPHA Dee Mason Cliff Livingston John Ausley Ben Grifiin Lyman Beggs Bill Hunter Tom Shave Bonny Brown Delbert Van Antwerp PI KAPPA ALPHA Frank Alexander Terry Patterson DELTA TAU DELTA Chuck Lavin SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Hel-by Holmes Frank Fee Joe Robinson S. T. Dell Sid Fleming Ned Hinson Cecil Lewis Q SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON Paul Dye L0n Crow T T t Lindsey Fitch HZl?0ldaBci.1ttS . KAPPA SIGMA SIGMA CHI Robert Ellinor Page Two Hundred Seven ty-four Paul Knight W. H. Spiers Cal Langston Phil Siefert Jack Wertheimer John McKendrick awe' ,N-, gm.: ,.-WL, :-.jg . , fx-is-'W-5- W. ,,, W 25 403 -' , ' -1.. - N- 'Wk , fabx ,. ,M ,xp fy- f"'.4."Nmf' ,f'A" C?'T'-K-wg'-Q5 If , 'f A Q PN- A wff f-A M.. M, ,, 47,414+5-V:-,V 7,f,,fg,,'f:" W.-fi: qfffi -- A A: , b i ci. Q 1- 15,5 j f:f:iQ,p-. ff 1 Ju- --1 -V .----,1L,f,,,,.. , J, --X-,. ..,A W -- - -,..,M Q., -- x Page' Tufo Hundrwl Sc'1'4'1zI11-film .::- -'S' Na. eau. , 4..sf2f4,f1f?W1.,ea0 1.21 wig 'cm 5 un Acc-uf: '- JI M6 1 4 1 . I "lf M ff L, 'IQ 4 iff Y ,. i 'r" 'L' "' ' I KQMMZK Q l EQ, ,af , f,Z?f 2, ' xCtMr-Q, 4,w4z5x44.,1q dwbjf ,41.'3i0'2fs.1L, Alai, ,,fQ,QZgf,??.f,. f Vai U ,zE' f, Q,,x 'f4 .'Z:',1,1.M4 f,ozf5d'i'7" V e-TVCIM-1 Y' flljina gf! Lfr,-iff. ,X QQAM Hfff,"'- 4 I 12,12-ffz7,,,ffU Af7 ffl? M214 ?Jf4.fZ2M , 1fQ',,,.,f3 13" hfigf rJvxS,03jQ,y Wqtgwl rl ,I.'55iM,..lzff7 43C, y,, , .,, QQl?lM,,J JZZ fl?-win. E. ral..-f2'lf"i2f , ,yf5 i1,4 fZQL,,f?,1,f64.' ,W f ,4,W,' L ffwmfi ?Q,t ,, .,,.,,2ffzMfH,. .Q N Q Vu -Cjcf-lf, ,iiig GEM, NN- VQQAQM-fV1"L""' HYZZMML' 45225214 4fL,.J'fv,f' Giga-mU,,!Q,x 7 , ,1 , , ,' ff, M Page Two Hundred Seventy-six Indeed the Idols I have loved so long Have done my credit in this World much wrong. Have drowned my Glory in a shallow Cup, And sold my Reputation for a Song. wmv Lwwmy . " ' -mis' '-aw' " fr "' W' vr"'J1f1'f"' if f 'W V ., 5' K' - I P .yy b t F l 1 1, 'I .0 X V K J , . . , W I ru , v 3 - 11.7"-1. ' ,url 1 Lon . U l V ' 4 ,. . ' W '. S -.1114 ....-. .. ..... .,., . ,T iw , 0' .om 4 n ' Q f " ' !'JW!d2.e,fe-g-2 - ee' X E " " ,fl ."'f"f','1'f'I f'- Q - '- " . H fopzfizyfi' :1-.3 si " 1 I Q 4' ,.g-In-' w- -'g,-ng-311 x 4 , ' . F f 9 '11-". 'f T- ' ' A tm' ' N ' 5 I 5 iff: 1 , ,f L, nb... X.. T. 'i 07,111 ,, QL -5 K A . M mf if-1 -:- fx J '- 2 I ' Z ef". ', . ...Hg , ' . 1 ' ,JV mm ! N ' 1 'fa :Eff " ' ld. "G, is r I 2 ' ' 5 ,f ' . U :fr 3 "1-Q .' -. ' , i I c etc -J., . . H 1 ,J-. I tw.: ll 'all' D g. Y i 2, X in V 'viii :gf-, fy sTL:,':. --cn.: .-D :yea . : ' I , 1. u: h fa 4 . U ivE1f.',.- J-L--iz...-:.v:6 E 1 . . 5 - A ,filig ,4.:iiiJ,- -1 . ' E, X 5 4, o'.,...,. ,., 1 .54 ,Q ff 5' - 1 ,.' L 1,1 'i .M a ,- - ,' I- ,gn i ,sf ll 5' ,gy E-1 Q 5 Z.: ' ' 1 : i 'K' c ,' r- . f ' 2 1 f ' , 2 ' nm - 2 .- w J . ' 1 1' 0, N J-' 5 , ' I ,. " ,VF In A . If 1 ,," 'a' 1 ' , I X .qfgslixl 21" 5' I I l , QQ 'VZXXX 'M X-:?I2Wfi5S3fSH'E313:..gQ 16:5fff?L5?.fmi'-'4'.'3fQ.fQIF5233I:5- 1' 0' + ,N N S' Q w":v'U9 'lnxqi :vw 4:1 ' is l'i'n"'1""l"1"i5l'?nqe f' ' 1' R Cb M" 5-4"-Wl':'x5"TM"-'-"'121:kc1.r'I'-':'i"'.f-"-"1-W'- fy I , A -ff"' ' ' ' 'uU'f'5' 'u',-:fl H3141 nd" ' ' , nl, s W " " X ","ffMplnl 'qI,l::,2l'hO,1ll glll'n,nf Saga, . I ' l. 3 ' " 6 B 1. ' ..-' "fm " su' '- "-""4' " . " '2'2 '3"'rf Mn. V Vf' W :k5'.if2f:"3'5" , J H ,. " ' ' . A - 'av X 7' WN W -A 1. f ' 4 , 'nv ' 'F' -9 - ' 4 . ,IVN .' W . x. , f - ,v,, .R . " in ' ' - ' . N ,Q , . ' ' 1.4 A , . ,. Q 4435, - ' W ' ,. fb, 5' V 'jf . u , Q X ' .' ' '-5A M- N . . . '- H' vi A- - Q ' J- Q .A'1, ., W , ei 1 , f3'9?fr7i' 1 - ,HA - fwj.-,fl I 5423! gr.: ,Ng ' , xjfgyji, , 'Z ,kim Tbirgii , x Hwy, '. 'WW . , vf V , 5 H 'yag,2h 4" -9 9 'V , 'W ' -V H .. , V 'W "Vin ' ,jf ' - .. up w xw, - f --f. A ' 1-IT " I 1'4" ' 'H f .-Q!" ' ?f"V'1 f H ,. ' ' MTH 'i QT" 15" ,A ,A 1. 'A 3. V ' A '. " HWY 0 P - ' ' ,- W7 M , fi .z - -ff'52f'1 . Qi.: ' 'Q L. +f A ' ' . ' . , - f' -,Ji I 1 TM, J FW, 32, . N, .. ' , Q' ,wwfrx -'ff' - A: ' . , W' H5-rw ' ,- f ' ,, . -.. 1- fi if-Q-f..'v-"',. 1:?3fa:- . , 1. .W3"' .V . M . "' Y N-' ' ,. v. - 4" '-W-"" , 'f 'f' 5QLwn-..a,2V5x3.k.k.,,53 YW 3 at A 5 , , , .,,. ,4 , , -K A it J ,W , -M . A ' ' ,R " A 4 x '. ,A ,A ' " '4 'in 'E' mn. M.. .Ji '- We " 5 mi. -I A' . gaQ-'27 .v 1 P Qfvilwilfiilzfff ! Ii 2 if J' A-J' Q' .oil N' Q. ,un . 4 we' 532021451 Eegigomeiib XX 'os 'S BILL CARLTON . PHIL O'CONNELL SELWYN C. IvEs ARTHUR GIBBONS Anthony, James Archibald, Bob Arnow, Bo Barker, Allie Bond, Bill Butler, Byron Carabello, Martin Carlton, Bill Carter, Ray Chaplin, Charles Clemons, Ben ' Connor, Jerome Crofton, Russell Dauer, Manning Davis, Joe Davis, Norton Kenneth Skaggs Wilton Sturges Frank Frazier Page Two Hundo ed Eighty-two 5 21. 2 mil llllx I A Blue Key Major B. C. Riley, Founder Offic ers . . . . . - . . . . Members Dishong, Bill Dorsett, Monk Duckwall, Bill Dunkle, Bill Edsall, Bob Edwards, Carlos Fifield, Bill Fuqua, Ben Gill, Jo D. Hamilton, Bruce Hawkins, Durward Herin, Bill Ives, Selwyn C. Keezell, James Kirton, Joe Larrimore, Granville Pledges J. Clyde Maddox William Mehrtens . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Mack, Richard Mathis, Bob Minardi, John Montgomery, Steve Price, Edwin Steele, Jimmie Stewart, Harry Troxler, Dick Welch, Arnold Yancey, Hervey Gibbons, Arthur O'Connell, Phil Patten, George Walrath, Larry Whiteside, Thurma Zimmerman, Paul Horace Marsh J. D. Montgomery Raymond Ford Il -..E rw- Q ...N f . , ,... .. N, -, .,. w-. rw ..-f'-H ,W w..fff-fiwfqfi -,Vfwsx C p,f:1'?fU ff- ,Q M M f,,f' 1,-'wfffn ,ff ,Sf-" f . A V' 1, W 'K .f--, f-N- w..f',df'.,.-Q ,,,,gw,,fff'3..ff' -L fgf- Av4,,.f-1, 14. V 11315, I., - - 1 . -jx -5 z,-, ,W--.N 'A' H"-" AU--,f".....fn:',Z, lg-f".f " "Q,.f" ' ' ., 'xkq 'N-N- 'rl M ' ,, ' f"'x'N- " " M Syl wpx, 1 ,-1..,,. .0 My--,hw I j'-NW -R W S ,N , ,xx "' Rh- ' " N...-T'f .IT ' ' ' W- f- W' ITT' "'- fi" -A ' ,.. , M--y. 12,11 V vi Hg Dfffzt- ,-fl ,.,- Pnrgt, Two I-INN Z ' . f f I lcd Ezghty-three mg ,-- ,Ll 'w-H" Members 4 aff? 41.5159 214.631 EELESUSQFME ss., Q Omicron Delta Kappa Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1914 Established at Florida, 1929 Oyficers MILTON MCEWEN . .... . . President JOHN WIGGINTON . . . Vice-President JOHN PRUNTY ........... Secretary-Treasurer Honorary Members . Hon. Scott M. Loftin General A. P. Summerall Faculty M embers Coach Nash Higgins Dean ,W. J. Matherly Prof. C. J. TeSelle Dean B. A. Tolbert Dr. W. H. Wilson Dr. J. J. Tigert Dixie Beggs John Donahoo Dick Lawrence J. B. H. Miller Forrest Munger Dale Waters Tom Watrous Dick Williams Willard Ayres Page Two Hundred Eighty-four LeRoy Bethea Charles Bennett Ralph Davis George Dykes Ben Grant J oe Hall Wilbur James O. P. Johnson Dick Judy Don McGovern Bill McRae Owen Rice Frank Robson Henry Sinclair Laurens Sompayrac Gerald Smith Kenneth Smith Harold Wahl Joe York .- ---. .".f . f"'N 5 Y N If -. 4, f"y 'A 557 . f, xxx'-5 .--.N - -n f V 34' 0 7 .K . 'N "'S'Nfv 'ff 'i'JQ"-4-1--2' WT '95, :Q-ffxff -- .fff 2 . 1 Vx- '--Q--N'-J. S ' . X f . '--X - V N ff' SSW f 'A 7 . Ap," ' U -f Lv ! x"- 'gf' '1 ' f . '-.fx-.M 'X x X." 1, K Y, S 'N-.' I I - N., L' N 1, ,1 . 1' I - 1- tw '...2'!f..- -"A ,-'A' 2.5. a.,,Zfi.':..A,g...1,4J. '.,....,.-,-,HJ-' ..4:.-fl' QQ. QMNL rf. V,-'TNNK M- N 'anul E :Ly .M mx L., U-, " Q, V' Page Two Ilzfzzrlrvd Eighty-five Resident Members' 22.45 i will -5 fum 5, a'fI:aiiiiff' s mjliwlxxx 9 Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA CHAPTER Established April 13, 1912 A Officers J. W. NORMAN . RUDOLPH WEAVER . J. V. MCQUITTY . . CORA MILTIMORE . J. M. LEAKE . . Abbott, C. E. Ames, B. W. Arnett, W. T. Bass, Joe Beisler, W. H. Berger, E. W. Black, A. P. Bratley, H. E. Bristol, L. M. Brumley, Frank Buckley, R. K. Buchholz, F. W. Chandler, H. W. ' Clayton, E. A. Clayton, H. G. Carleton, W. G. Cockrell, R. S. Cody, M. D. Colson, B. R. Cooper, J. F. Crow, C. L. Crozier, Rachel F. Dauer, Martha Fitts Beggs, Elmore Dixie Donnelly, Wallace Oliver Everett Edward , 85 Green, Wilson Payne Loucks, Ivan Hendrick Hendricks, Ernest Leroy McCaughan, James R. Kazarian, Carl McEldowny, Walter H. I aqe Two Hundred Eighty-six Dauer, M. J. DeGaetani, F. M Dickey, R. D. Enwall, H. O. Eshelman, S. K. Farr, J. M. Floyd, W. L. Fulk, J. R. Hathaway, W. B. Hawkins, Wm. Heath, F. H. Herin, W. A. Hinckley, E. D. Huffman, Sam Leake, J. M. Leigh, T. R. Mclnnis, Sam McQuitty, J. V. Matherly, W. J. Mounts, C. E. Murphree, Claude Morris, A. C. Newell, Wilmon Norman, J. W. Otte, B. J. H. Perry, W. S. Price, J. E. Price, Melvin Putnam, H. L. Reed, P. L. Reiber, F. A. Riley, B. C. Robertson, C. A. Robinson, W. E. Roemer, J. Rogers, Frazier Rosser, J. B. Quade, E. S. Ruprecht, R. W. Scaglione, P. C. Miltimore, Cora Scott, J. M. Mowry, Harold Shealy, A. L. UNDERGRADUATES Summer School, 1.930 Hill, Nancy M. Long, Mary G. Jacobi, Gertrude F. Norton, Bessie Regular Term, 1930-31 Magid, Louis Kibler, J. M. Magruder, Chas. L King, Isaac Godfrey Litti Sherman Kent sn., . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian Simmons, Evelyn M. Simmons, G. B. Simpson, T. M. Skermer, G. H. Slagle, Alma Smith, E. F. Tigert, J. J. Timmons, D. E. Trusler, H. R. Turlington, J. E. Ward, F. C. Watson, J. R. Weaver, Rudolph Webber, G. F. Welch, Arnold Werner, H. West, Erdmon Willoughby, C. H. Wilmot, R. J. Wise, J. H. Young, Martin Parrott, Ernest M. Peek, Mary E. Wahl, Harold Barkely awson Walrath, Lawrence K. Phipps, Edward F. Wells, Sidney Wilson Shahinian, Manoug H. Wilson, William Harold Sompayrac, Lauren McC.Wooten, James D., Jr. Spurlock, Alvin Harold Young, Rogers White gifs ,vw Lf-w P5 ,vw Czfw Ch Q'1f:lj:V-' I ji! TNF? ""'--. f" fnxx . gg- 3 , , X., fy Q .fin H' xx- ,-',,.,.--.,fw Q- ,K .. - 44ff,..fg ,,,.f4: 1 ' Y - - f H- ., fa f V, . , 'f I A -L--'-'-M--f'ffL,ff,L.m,,4 ,gf -,lr A. . ..:N..:gLl 1.g:54.i.',Q-1.-Qff1- fvi KN -ax Cf X . X-Q,QfQ,,..2' Page Two Hundred Eighty-seven K .V ' H' rgjiv .,..... . M..-.X . U, .W 3.5, W ' If iff'--pf? ' ' ' f'-X 4-'X - , ' K, . N. . 4 " .... x -I f""' ,, Y- 1" rf ,, A -f f-5.72 Q, Q . , -' - If A -.3-gg xx- f-.:. H, ..'jL'.T, yn---I. -- -. xgm .ngfrx.,:.NLqx,kh1:f,,,K' xgb .5 .V -Af Knox.-'lm ' H,--"K, My ,Mxj-gg, , ,MN--V..-,,,: ..4-g 'g:, J.'.m., Tw. '--.- ., ,m..'--...P wf' -'e... - '. ROLL OF COCKRELL INN. OF PHI DELTA PIII JOHN DONAHOO, Mzluislvr JAMES ELLIOT MILTON MUEWIN 'l'I'IOMAS WATROUS VVILLIAM HERIN DIXIE IIEGGS WILLIAM FISHER W. O. MEIIRTENS .IOIIN WIGGINTON SELWYN IVES ARCHIISALD BLACK AR'I'IIUR GIIIISONS I-IERIZERT MESSER IIERVEY YANCEY DONALD MCGOVERN WILLIAM BOND .IO GILL .I. Ii. IIANNER MILLER LUCIEN YARIIOROUGII WILLIAM MCRAE IJRANTLEY ISRANNON WEISISER HAINES l"ORES'I' MUNGER A. ACKERMAN. JR. SAMUEL I'ASCO WILLIAM CARLETON If. .IOIIANSEN .IOIIN SCHIRARD THOMAS IIERRYIIILL .IOIIN I'RUN'l'Y SAMUEL CORNWALL O. I'. .IOIINSON CARSON SINCLAIR ROISERT COCKRELL, JR. JOHN WOOLSLAIR R. A. LAWRENCE HENRY SINCLAIR THOMAS DUNCAN Brothers on the Faculty of Lnw Collegrc DEAN HARRY R. TRUSLER l'ROIi. R. COCKRELL l'RO1". CLARENCE J. 'l'c-SELLE .I'ROI". CLII"I"ORD W. CRANDALL l'ROI'. DEAN SLAGLE l'ROl". JANIES W. DAY WXNXC- KX . , , ., gy CI '2 , , .117 .,""N I . ,-'T .. Page Two Hundfrccl E1,ghlyf-czght NJ A' f1'T5A-- , M-lcqzgf ,... ff '-, 1" if f r'-f, ff .1 r If - 2 , .mf Q if-",ff..--35 .. ,,f.:e1 . 'yy 14.1, ,d-W..-' f' , JU, , ', -Lf rg.-..z,,,-. ,,..,. . , w I W... . X Nu Xw"""S.- . 1 -'A , xg X4 Colors-Purple und Gulml Class of 1931 CHARLES R. HALL DURWARD C. I-IAWKINS SHADE W. WALKER ALFRED E. WILSON JOHN C. MADDOX Mx ..,. ,-'N .H :N - -. . N N x -f--' f .1 Phi Alpha Delta Member in Faculty GEORGE W. THOMPSON Class of 1932 JOE SCOTT KIRTON JOHN E. LARSON J. L. LAZONIZY HOWARD G. LIVINGSTON ARTHUR R. THOMPSON ROBERT P. WEED qvxxl,-NX ff-.Mal fn, Km ,my Flower-Red Cnrnntion Class of 1933 REID A. CURTIS J. C. JENKINS W. THOMAS MAYO FRANK MASSARI JOHN T. ROGERS ,- 1 ., 1 - 5 45,9 S. gff 11. XL" XXQQQIQ-f"'4ig.jxlX -.fL.1-if' Page Two Hm1d1 cd Ezghfy mne Q V' I '.'-4,-.T w...'..f ,. .... - Scabbard and Blade National Honorary Military Fraternity Founded at University of Wisconsin, 1904 Company H, Second Regiment Established at Florida, 1920 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE THURMAN A. WHITESIDE BEN J. GRANT, JR. . . JAMES R. ANTHONY, JR. . G. RUSSELL CROFTON . W. A. McRae John Prunty Harry W. Stewart, Jr. O. P. Johnson J. M. Smith R. Y. H. Thomas E. N. Edris Norman Derr Milton Foxworth Norton Davis Richard Mack Page Two Hundred Ninety . . . . . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . . . First Sergeant David Lee Thomas Gildersleeve Sam Pasco Walker Willis W. E. Arnow Ralph Davis Jesse Turner ' James Barrineau Owen Rice Gene Gramling Walter McEldowney C' 4 . 'V' 'W 'F ,., f -F"--af' x:'m'KP5 f"fx. 'N . ,N fr- f" .-ff'd"3N 37" '.f.": ' "W 'lrmxf'-f"-QCQ 'T'N. 0 ,-,. 'N TN. N, nr' . ',.-' ,.-, - , 'M , ". . , - -' , "Q mf'-. Y -L. 2 M - '1.--...f..-.Hf...:,.fW,.'...1.-uf ,w1,.. ..,,f',...' .. .Lf ,-..,.. I My ,1..,1:g. .5-Ln: -4.-uf, ',qM-,,K,.13.fX'V MC Sigma Tau OFFICERS President, E. L. I-IENDRICKS Secretary, R. B. BENNETT Historinn, I. H. LOUCKS Vice-President, O, RICE Treasurer, R. C. BANNERMAN Corr.-Sec'y. R. E. WALKER LIST OF MEMBERS FOR 1930-31 BENNETT, R. II. DAVID, J. IK. LOUCKS, I. H. IIANNERMAN. R. C. KENNEDY, R, C. HENDRICKS, E. L. BOOTH, C. V. RICE, O. GREEN, W. P. CHURCH, A. C. SHANINIAN. M. H. STEWART, S. L. DALE, T. B. WALKER, R. S. GAYLORD, H. R. fn--N-X, V' fm my 'Q---ff'TX-'Sf Aff' E A 1 ' 3. ' Page Two Hundred Ninety-two 'J FREEMAN, G. D, NELSON, F. J. WILLIAMS, G. L. EMMANUA1., I.. M ,- .,-Q I , ...X eff.. .2-,fm FE 'KW' 6736, ' V ' I'-hXx"S v- -S, , ,w , ,,. .. 1 . C , f., ,N --- W , Q17 Q ,W gfvfftv 1 ', . if .U A M N. V. xu ,, -' ,-, M7-...MV V., ,, , fd. ff' 0-Qr',f'fI-y'mM,-f'4,K' , Q, Q L.f.ffN-1, ,fl Q v,f, ,.,'g,--f g ' n X N..".n"'-w., . Jygx Km.: . .ix K- . V' Ig. 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'L.:.N'.2lz-.,, X' x"-TIM., X .:f3 r Sigma Delta hi GRANT LIVINGSTON DAVIS DCLOACII CONKLIN WILLIAMS I"OI!SY'l'I-I JOIIANSEN ' 'T Q , W D I 4, A 53 Page Two Hmzdrcd Ni1wf1!'f0u'r i .-.4 rf,-L f- f- fi, 4-, ft'x,ff"'.f ' ' 'NN ,. Z- -"5 .1 , , , Q f-- .f-N-X, ,. A mv '-,,f.Ty"j 'f"f7',n-faq W, ' fy ff-""',.'.J'J..w '-5' 4 X :'- '--. xl-XA-. Q' -X .' , , - " Z-dy ,f'.f' ,wg-.y.-,ffl-'x .wwf ,If-"fy, -,uf ff .-' "'-"' K. ..x,, -NN .' x -'- ' ,' I , . g fx 1" 1-A ,-2 .J if I-,NJ ,,- N.. 4 .A,. f Lu F,--Vg my ,A - , . x -.X xx. xx 1. I- x --,NN '-.AX ' Q-vm -N , .X -5 -. A ,f --ff" --I -.., ...'J..2. -M' ,KL,,l',.41.1L.J ,ff Lau. ,,-..-1.4 -Z,-' ,... ,, ,.,. Xxi.. ... 7.-.-'s,.f Sw-, '.: JA., 'xwj '- .f ,, 'JN--..,, ' .fx-Q' , Alpha Zeta ICDSALL I"II"H'll,D GRICICMAN HIGNIDICRSON FIIPIICMAN RAMgpIY LAND IGOUDICT GREEN SPURLUCK Wlcl,Ls MA'1"1'III':WS cox mass W-in 7,13 .J V. K'-g,i,i:f,fx.g:jf' Page Two Hundred Amety-five . . Q, 1 Y ,. . ' mg ww.-K' lwvcf -J 'Z I, . 4f."g et1""."s pw? I '.. V,-1 gf ,"'-H-I rf AW., "5 ' M... -- A . ...f , A 'A X W ' 'M f E-N M ., .W ' ' ff 'W "V " f "AL A ' . X. '!..'.'N' ' '- ,. 47' U- Eff' PM ,H-., x ,I A .1 , -, .1 f ,, 1 - A.. '. -. - .,, . . .nk -Y -- , N. . .. 3 f-. ,jg 'fi-",f. - . . Q ..'. .. -.h . tg, X -3. .yi -,X xx- -,XX .X 5. ,, 'i5NQ.-..xbGL,1-Q'i x ,, 1 N., -. - ' I -. '--' ,. .-LW. K '-f N :Ml f- ,ig-W... , NN, . .- -. .. ,A f...,,,,,,,,,X..,,,1 . Q., CHI'lSTER YATES A. H. SPURLOCK LOUIS McQUI'1"1'Y J. D. WOOTEN Page Two Hundred Ninety-six Kappa Phi Kappa WALTICR HARVEY J. T. PEACOCK Il. K. ANDREWS II. A. LANGSTON A. w. uUcHoLz HOMEIVJONES xc. c. MooN .many SMITH xiii" 14-1 :YKEB QKQ3 fi" V- "WU ""Q1?f2-'.i.":A-542' wgym Ny, CHARLES PALMOUR H. A. DELI' ,.-..s M.. -,,.. ""'T' . -, . ,f-"" . -R ,.. ,ww Yfffy, -, H., ,- . -Y , , A, w ,,-A , ,f f . .1 .I ,, . rw 1 , -4 T, 7 , .-,J - ,-, . , .. Q., - .Q fx . , ,Vw ,.,,- If ,f .f . .M .y-'.' . ,- .qu .p'X,f ,-.1-U ff ,ff mm' Cf' -',..f-' .V-' 431.-.1 !- J' '.f'- ' I - RN, "' ' - .:J:.f..f.f.p...,,f,....-11..z,--2.1i.,,,,f',..,f2:' .14-W..-.z.' ,aim-if-Mk .. .- -N-..-.... Kappa Delta Pi A. H. SPURLOCK, I'rcsi1IvnL Ii- U- MOUN. Vicu-I'rv:4i4Ivnt HOMICR JONES. S1'l'l'l'IllTY J. R. IVULK, Tl"L'1lSll!'l'l" ALIFRICD CRAGO, Counsellor ,L '12 CAMPIQICLL W. E. ROBINSON Fucully Members Rl J. CIITLIQR M. M. ROSIGNIIURG J. II. CIILI'I'1I'I'I'IR G. II. SKICIIMICII. .I. Il. IFULK J. R. ROICMICII. I. G. KING J. IJ. W09 IwI2N A. CRAGO .I. W. NORMAN SAK. I.I'l"l'IG C. R. YA FIM? IC. W. GARRIS II. A. 'I'0I.IiI'IIi'I' A. C. MANUCY J. A. CIi00IxSI'IANK G, li. SIMMONS W. A. I.I'I"I'Ll'1 C. M. WILLIAMS J. H. WISE li. O. SMITH .. pxfw.. - Q."""5 1 f""3 52 ?"IQ,b ,I if Page Two Hundzfrl Nmdu seven ftlyf Animas? MQW ww . . , .. Q., ,, W0 Q M.:-fa Qf-- 'U .yHr""vg: 52213 rtaffvggafp M", la.:-1-5 1 ,',fL' Qfjg',1,vvf5,!,-fivilyz tu.. 'XM 'L-3-2, Q,Z: Q f'?ffa?f:.'.25'f9 4.4439 ff "'...,mf'ia1',f::1fLf:.',g.s:?.:falJw::MEM'A 'fsQi.1w N L:a1.1.'m..f Q-fe.m.. g'e?m.-3XE' Tau Kappa Alpha DIXIE ISEGGS E. M. EVI'IIU'1'I'T HILL McRAE CHARLES MOSIER H. B. WAHL JOHN PRUNTY JOE WILIGNSKY WINSTON ARNOW 45 W Page Two Hzmrlrecl Ninety-eight 3 'Fx Q' ,v-3, "W cf- , "'A1'f't7iif N- G5 gf :wil , Fo :fi 5'-1-, 95- . Gtr, Q A, ,, 4 RT' 4.9542 ..nCff:,ff f'i' kfwnfim.. ii?2'i:?n.. Q A. R. DUGAN MRS. A. li. DUGAN J. II. CULPEPPER J. A. CONNOR W. A. HERRIN Ii. R. JOHANSEN J. V. PORTER, IV. H. Ii. WAI-IL Pi Gamma Mu J. E. PRICE Faculty and Administration DIXIE IIEGGS J. R. FULK P. C. SCAGLIONE H. L. PUTNAM L. M. BRISTOL F. M. Dc-GAETONI M. J. DAUER K. H. GRAHAM A. M. CORR R. C. MOON W. A. LITTLE L. R. BRISTOL R. li. COLE MRS. EVELYN SIMMONS H. A. CHANDLER W. H. WOODWARD J. Ii. SIMMONS J. M. LEAKE J. V. McQUITTY J. W. NORMAN Fnculty W. L. FLOYD HAROLD MOWRY C. E. ABBOTT E. L. LORD Thyrsus Graduates Activities R- S- EDS-ALL R. P. LORD H. J. RRINKLEY W. M. FIFII-ILD G. T. SMITH J. C. COX. JR. W. R. LYLE J. R, JAMISON H- G. BISHOP I". J. REYNOLDS J. II. LYBASS 'NZD 6 Page Two Hundred Ninety-nine ,,...., .,, "'-- :W M-N ,ww ,f""',4" """gf-Q, ,,.,,5 1 0 in-.WA if K 13 ,'I',1ild,1:-...' - .H-.V IZA A' T fc, F , Q. a3f.4,1 'D fi -"fi f .',,. w jg' - 4 ' -.,,f:,'gn g ga ...I 4 .aw -'lf -nf' ,f,,,,,1 '.1:"Y.m!f2i'1","" f -.' .4 i , X2-I--Qs '-4' XC N' T2 ' 'Tir' XR Cf K " Qi" 154-5'ff-f Aerzl'-Wir+:,ff,ifa:iff5-f-'wlf..z.m-s.1ff.m. A-LL..,..' .gJf.fLf..M. :.::1,,, .EE wif. 1-.'1'2h'21-... Jiwixwf Alpha Phi Epsilon YORK YA'1'IcS ZIMMERMAN WAHI. lf'os'1'l'1R HALSIGY MUNGIQI: m4:NNE'1"1' HLALOCK ARNOW McCAUGHAN LIVIQLY ih I ' '- wwf-5 4. Page Three Hzmclrecl 'V HA-0 j GRANT SMITH ELLINO R SKAGCS ff 55 SMITH PRUNTY W I L EN SK Y I-I I ATT PORTER AYRES MCR-AE l'1VI'IRETT . f ,- R:,41 ' wi, Cp 1331? f'IZ.L7'HL't'F'k"if''K-XA... . Qi' . - - - - I- 6 -.--ACH. N., Lg- . . 1. '2-,I-'m.'.:" M- -f-JC 442-'il ,.fIMif'.i5'FLd ,AMQQJHKI-JEQIQAM-'J.fflhfcih1I2k.J..ff'--...ilfz..-:h?J-':T"i?mI,T."3--5.135f..J'1'f:.2?I,IL.'w-1,1f.2?.I..-II:-Nrlf-'Tl MEMBERSHIP OF BETA ALPHA CHAPTER OF GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Student Memhernhip J. G. AUGAT J. M. CARTER L. G. GHAMLING H. w. .IDNI-Is M. L. M0oRE. w. E. SANSIIURY w. G. TIIGKER, L. E. ARNOW D. C. coox H. M. KILLICK R. C. KENNEDY I-NSIIII-nt II. SMITH sm-emu-y R. 11. BENNETT J. DAVID J. T. HALL J. M. KIISLER .I. A. MoRRow G. Ic. sI'ARKs A. D. WELCH c. A. BRADY L. M. EMANUEL G. A. HAWKINS, L. MAGID w. E. RoIIINsoN s. M. THRONSON s. w. WELLS R. A. CARRIGAN G. D. FREEMAN Trvf-Hurvr J. E. MITCHELL L. H. ROGERS J. R. TOWER Faculty Membership and Other Honorary Members DR. T. R. LEIGH DR. w. H. BI-IISLER DR. v. T. JACKSON DR. P. A. If'0oTI-I MR. H. w. WERNER PROF. A. P. IILACK DR. If. H. HEATH DR. C. II. POLLARD MR. Ia. J. 0'l'1'F1 DR. c. F. AHMANN, Experiment smuun DR- 0- -1- SIEPLEIN. University of Miami MR. C. If. sI'EH, JllCliS0llVlll0 DR. R. w. IJARNETTE. Experiment salmon DR. J. I4 1. CONN. stef.-Ion University DR. L. w. GADDUM, I-:WI-rimcnl smion DR. L. J. LEWIS, Tallahassee MR. Ii. In WILLIAMSON, Gninesvillv Page Three Hundred One , A .. ,fff'Ef'! , A:-9 " .2 531.11 mx, Qf:f.5,,. I :t k I f.1.f4,'ff....f1:2"2...Q2M'....f,,.f.f.. -If ws... mgw Delta Sigma Pi Chapter LYLE HIATT. Frei. LARRY Ii. HJERMSTEAD WILLIAM L. JOHNSON, ROIIERT I-I. JAMES Vicv-Prcsirlcnt HARVEY J. JERNIGAN 0. Il. COLLIER, Sucrvtury CARL D. KING IRA W. STRICKLER, 'I'. S. MASON 'I'rc-usurcr MIKE .I. MLELAUGHLIN W. EARL HALSEY JAMES WATKINS Page Three Hzmclred Two ' ' 4535 T. JOE YORK MAX E. WE'I"I'S'l'EIN MERL F. ELLINOR GEO. T. NUNEZ . MARK W. EASTL-AND GLENN Il. CALMES HAROLD D. SAMMONS .I. N. DAVIS RUBEN QUALLEY HARRY GARDNER ARTHUR MIZE PAUL IIROWN BOB HESTER CLIFF EDWARDS ARTHUR DAVIS JAMES LANDON JIMMIE KNOTT BEN CRISWELL IGILL ROBBINS F13 QFZFTVW .. ff .1-W ww Q nf S: N 59 -my 6Mff"7Q4saGQ'f fin!-TNN r- , K, X hi 4 , -- , 'rw L fu f--0: 2 uf 1, , , . ' '- K M--"' --fd5'N1 .digg -LF Ins,,-f"',.u1E.. ,413 ,41!S.z' ,ALL-L: -'.'v'..-':'.A. '.L...i-:,Js.."' 1.1- 1 5 . W I V N International Relations Club K ING EV ERI'1'l'T SMITH I-lIAT'l' TOUCHTON STEWART COLLIICR JONES ISRUTON ANDREWS SHIHINIAN . . J. .- , ,.m"f' W . fig", 2 "Tp, --n Q RCM ,429 Page Thwc Hundicd Three 141 f A Jiwif ' ,,...fM'1...., Ml, .j '. . "N ,ff-N .. ...f"- 1 -' ' V 'X y ' 4 1 X 7 "---,...,f 'M " Kappa Gamma Delta A. I-1. wn.soN 1-'. s. K. mcwls n. 1-:. scHor.z 11. w. FANUS J. 141. scnmmw lc. smvrn 141. c. :comm-1 cz. SMITH J. H. I-IARIJEIC 1.. cz. I'lCl'I'ER .1.x':. w1r.L1AMs csc. 1-'mmELL cz. M. I'll'Il'l'MAN D. c. CURTIS G. M. uyxms w. ls. HUNTER H. G. w1I.soN MAm'1N n. C. uomzy M. s. nuncm .jjfjif - 5-... ij, fx, 1 'jf fix qw f"'-, .iw H41 Page Three Hundred Four N 'K --.g .P ,M Qi' 'Af'-f' . Y.. S. L. STEWART M. S. HEERS C. W. BROWN W. W. ROE D. H. CONKLIN A. C. HIHRONYMUS f:'.ill"if., ...vw - I rdf' WM? 5"'?'X'-I if I. -fe: f?..fF93!i?ww. Q my "R ,A-. .. Q. I , 09 ,M-jf' ,Mg 53 ,493 . if x' Q.KC?f1'.:rT---,..Y',u M.. ,M QC QPMZ2 " 4:43 uw-'f f ik- .I V'-:-:VX IN' A-N-.-A ', ..r..' 'fu .ALS 1 4.2.1 .1-P52422 ,..,L..-:z.:f-...L i..Lx.....-...,'91g."",:QL.fl:.l.Ll.Z.S,B .L-,ig nr. .. .jxgf-My..'g,'Q'Luj3..I,:f3Lc-,1-,,wE.,,, ' Sigma Delta Psi GEORGE F. WEBER. PROF. P. L. REED GERALD SMITH, Pros. COACH W. C. COWELL O. P. JOHNSON. Trcns. Lp SOMPAYRAC PROF. F. ROGERS FORRICST MUNGER, V.-P. RICHARD LAWRENCE COACH NASH HIGGINS 1'AULl'LOI'IGER, Sec'y RED MCICWEN Q Gr? NNW Miyyf --'W .W STONEIIRUISE ANDERSON .I 0 E HALL Page Three Hundred Five . fm. ,hw f'1,fTff M2 fi? ev . fn mu. 4- -'Nm MQ I .iff wf.'.Tm..f'5 L-fum.. 52+ 365 DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER OF Alpha Eps M. L. MOORE, I'rvs. ANDREW RII'l'I'IY Ii. H. FUQUA, V.-Pros. TIARRY SILSBY PAUL A. ZIMMICRMAN. R. W. UARFIICLD Svcrc-tary J. H. THOMAS SIEIIFIRT C. PICARSON, N. E. WILLIAMS 'I'r4-asurcr J. W. IIRANTLICY RUSSEL CARSON T. C. BUTT RALPH ALLEN J. li. TOWER Page Three Hundred Six 'V ilon Delta GRANVILLE-W. LARIMORIG J. M. SOMPAYRAC W. L. JICNNINGS J. M. KIBLICR FRANK ROISSONI I". BROWN FARRIOR IV. W. EYSTICR T. C. JONES QS I.. IC. ARNOW W. G. SIMMONS IG. D. SIMMONS CHESTER FORT FRANK PUGH MATTHEW ARNOW JOHN BOND M. E. SMITH 4 25.42'Zr..4i3?9 2.14.55 "ii-'-e..w5'3'e+.S M H. C. Berg E. Cook L. W. Crow H. B. Dale O. E. Duffy C. L. Durrance V. W. Guidice B. M. Harrison K. V. Hobson Phi Eta Sigma FRESHMAN SCHOLARSHIP FRATERNITY S. R. Johnston J. W. Kea T. P. Kelly P. H. Kirstein L. A. Lewis J. S. McCand1ess Hugh MacMillan M. T. O'Shaughnessy B. T. Patterson Ben Robbins P. N. Walters A. Weinberg J. R. White J. W. Young R. J. Walker Harry Fifield Dexter Pillsbu TY Page Thv ee Hundo cd Seven A 1 - .- v P , . " V h 'E-'?'f Q, '.,,.i'. , " Q, , . f ,, 5 f-,Q I . , S, , 5 '- 1 r 1- X ' ' F ff X 1 i r N :- ll ' ,- f. AP, o Q , A-. :S . ,L eq ",, q W ,W ggi, 2. . . 1 ,QA . . 232' ' , f'.,L' 'WC , 57" '12 A +21 N - ' , A 'U 'L- ES , ' I 5' ' ,, , . l ' 'W '.,. .hifi H ' -14. -I gn. 11.1.-2.5A5:..'gm' ' , 1 S A Y E3 " "qi, ' N ' ,I ' rx . L 'P ' X '1 N., L-750--,yi ,., v, .l 6 .yu , a 1 L 1 : '54 Tv -.u 5 1 I.. L 1 v Y an I , , FS?" ' - - - -"Gr,-' 'wig ' .x 'fm' W. . ' 91' . , ' Q ,fa .I A . 1,1 1 .V , 9? .- A k ' . 1 . 1 EVQTL , A ' f Wt , , A ' ' gwf., '- V I , i Q . fig-V V- if 112 j 13,131 . ,I Q ' ' ., N , 51- , A gg W . '13 , ,gi "- "Au ' . , A 444, rf-1,1 , I:-,132-Ili.: -K' A V 4 h . M INR, fa, , 11 ' . 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' -Wagfod-fjrff t 4 6 1 'W ZZ' .kjiifc Page Three Hundred Seventee -. -si' X'-. -me.. 4. 225251526 .1331 .mb W U gaudy gf-azofg, 0-Pcjolufazo 4 mu.. OAL f?65af ' F c . ,v 4. fffffzaufy I I , agfffgg I W W vw 1 1. . , 1 . 4 41 ' -. 1 ,, 14" .C 4 -rv ,. -n ff A . P' 'iH:Yuf.5l' ' H ' -' fwaurfnz,-frvw--.4 ,uv KH .. N . I 5 M ,,,-m'f12laf+A',1tTfgfqiiifisyi 5if aff?ZAffff f - ' I , 3 Q , 1 !,j,:yq .ff-imif.'p,5sff'7f'f,fW' "' ""' A ' 1 l ,1 Li WiN,35g'f'+l ,:-f5,fl-'15,f, '. . I'.'5i14 A .-5.u'sf.ke1'F.5.mun2:.a2.- I I I Q ,.1,R:..Q5f,, , ,,L,.nr,4i.' QA-1? ,L:s:m,L--W ' fv .lifiim.w.,,,f,fwg2e.f551-g+a, " "' "' ' ' J 4? -2' Page Three Hundred Eighteen K8 H-al 1 ' 1 Q xbnl u -.u, 4 A , . 5 ' i f ' 3- ' H 1 A ,. if FE Zin Qppreriatiun The production of a college year book re- quires more work and patience than the uninitiated person might think. Moreover, if the year book truly presents the events and the life of the college, the diligent and pains- taking service of many must be obtained. Of course, it is the aim of every Sta jf to create a book of color, of variation in composition, all of which must be harmonized and toned into an attractive theme. We trust that you will like and approve our presentation of this theme as much as the Staff has enjoyed the task of its composition. The Staj of the 1931 Seminole feels that it has been given excellent cooperation and assistance by the members of every depart- ment composing the organization of the gen- eral stajf. To them must go a great part of the credit for whatever success and acclaim with which this book may be received. We take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to Bill Hawkins, Al Manucy, and Frank Craig, of the College of Architecture, for their very careful and artistic supervision of all the art work ap- pearing in the Seminole. Its excellence stands as a tribute to these young artists and to the youngest college on the campus. The Staff wishes also to express its grati- tude to Mr. John Mack Brown for his kind- ness in serving as a judge for the Beauty Section. To the firms who have advertised in the Seminole we wish to send our deepest ap- preciation. Their support was a great aid in making this volume possible, and we recom- mend them to all students of the University as deserving of their patronage. To the newly elected staff we extend our congratulations and wish for them every success in the publication of the 1932 Seminole. ms ws V as s...2 Ea. 'W li k- 2 . " 1 Yet Ah, that Spring should vanish with the Rose! That Youth 's sweet-scented manuscript should close! The Nightingale that in the branches sang, Ah whence, and whither flown again, who knows! 5629 I :ffl M -IN, r, 1. ,Ne uw , r A A A ,I .. , :-,nfff sz. .A . 'ny ', -' W? Wu 1 77 ' 'JBA Q , n , W3-, 4Kf'1'f+e1'A-Iwi.. ,.. 441 A -, - ,M g --..- -..I-mal Anas... ffmve IM wsu in v N, ' .. , ,. .1- - 'Jn "fn:- . . , I , - I . 4 Y ' I ,,-at 4 -www '- , ' n 1 , ff? 11 Y . 1 " o q , .' F , . - -7. - ' v v- ' .ww , , 5 . f , Sig RA 5535-A 1 Q451i4fH?., A. ' A : - 1 I , W -:,x,.r. -fm, Q . 1' - x' gf 4 - ' , A '- ,.-,Q ' , f' ' -'-4,,5x, way, ggi: I., ,wht . vi I. gg I Wg - Y.: 331.-w--gy: 4.4 gn, 4z,.,,w-g -A I wfmffukr, -.- ',p'.44y5,,l 'I K Ezf ty,5,? V-gif.-A , - xfjxfi,-Q,'4a ,i..Mi, A. r It V 1- 'L'-1:35, A Q., J Q, 1,-3-I-,L I 51. ua QH,ww..Ww..: -. f V ist, 1. ..1m-5r?fE'Savi8Zfm'42: ah-3, 4A.!.Q..2iv.,.5:M,...f.g4f',:.sf ,x 'fw:',isf'ff -, .-3' Ne. -ze.. . 4. 2if??f,,a'230 'zmfs EXPERIENCE You who are graduating have acquired the Fundamental lcnowledge necessary For success in some particular field of endeavor. The experience you will gain through con- structive thought and positive action in the worlc you are now about to attempt, will further prepare you for the opportunities that will present themselves to you through- out your entire life. Do not let a day pass without letting experience add something to your store of knowledge. The experienced minds of our organization will be glad to assist you with any problem you may encounter in regard to our services. oh POWER 6 num CRPAYU ,Q-I Page Three Hundred Twenty-th'ree 4..w:' 22.-e"?Z1,:sf'E?" -2.14553 Baia US?-e.5GSi's3 .ab HOTEL I-IILLSBORO THE CITY'S LARGEST HOTEL 4 TAMPA, FLORIDA 32.50 to 36.00 Central-Modern-Spacious-Large Rooms-Lobby and Mezzanine I Radios DINING ROOM "Top 0' the Town" I NEW CAFETERIA Delicious Food Soda Fountain You will meet friends and a welcome at THE HILLSBORO CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA The Tropical Wonderland Offers congratulations and extends the compliments of the City to the Staff of the Seminole and to fe- licitate the graduates of the University. Board of Commissioners-City of Ft. Lauderdale THOMAS E. HOSKINS, Mayor-Commissioner. HERSCHEL KELSO, Vice-Mayor. .l. C. ALLEY, M. A. HORT, .l. WL NEDAM, Commissioners. GLENN E. TURNER, City Manager. ' Page Three Hundred Twenty-four v OOMER e gi IDEAL 42, -2 FEHTILIZERS E KIUBAL 'O Bight Materials I Bight Proportions Perfect Blend , Field results prove the superiority of IDEAL BRANDS WILSON 81 TOOMERPE FERTILIZERP COMPANY - J ack sonv ille, Florida-Established 1893 THE COLLEGE INN "A Town Within. a House" Felt Goods, Drugs, Cigars, Frigidaire Fountain, Candies, Ice Cream, Stationery, Notions LUNCH COUNTER-SANDWICHES, COFFEE For all the Students thru all the year-Associated with Pressing Club and Barber Shop. "A Town. Within a House" is THE COLLEGE INN I-I. T. MANN, Manager 1- "" 'W 'KAW' 'T "W "Q WHL- I ' 'W 'Linn "1 W.. ' ' " " I"' ""' "ig g P ge Three Hundred Twenty-ji 4 2' ASWSKS - 1 ' L A. J. Reach Wright 81 Ditson SPORTING EQUIPMENT I KNIGHT Sz WALL CO. Since 1884 Tampa's Oldest Store XCELLENT engraving of distinction is the E achievement of every working day in our plant.. Copperplate engraving for your social requirements is handicraft and its quality is de- pendent upon the attainments of the personnel rather than upon machinery. In this our plant organization, being second to none, is equal to any. As for the mechanical age-we cut steel dies for stamping or forming either wood or metal. The CAMEO LA BE LS Embossed in two colors, die cut to TAMPA, FLORIDA Our imprint is your guar- any shape, from? antee of excellence paper or metal. FLORIDA UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVE JOE YORK Telephone 311-W For the Best-Patronize Sllerrill Service Stations Distributors of Independent SHER-OILS WOCO-PEP Motor Fuel and TIOLENE Motor Oil Sherrill Oil Company Home Office PENSACOLA, FLORIDA THE THOMAS CO. Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle Hardware Implements Building Materials GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA PHoNE 22 Page Three Hundred Twenty-six , 2' . s AFTER COLLEGE - 'WHAT ? Some of you FELLOWS are going to own Citrus Groves and Vegetable Farms WEST COAST BRANDS will make the profits greater. Write for price list WEST COAST FERTILIZER COMPANY 303 KRAUSE BLDG. TAMPA, FLORIDA TALLI-TALES fCo'ntinucd from page 1791 At this point Purity raised its snooty head with echoes from the Z. T. A. House: "Florence Hall is pausing between trips to Jacksonville to instruct the Freshmen in the gracious art of hospitality-that is, all except Marie Williams. "The 'Real Motives of Men' is the subject of Emogene Currie's nightly lectures. "We are very proud of the back windows of the Sigma Kappa house-they make dates under our tree so desirable. fContimwd to page 3295 University men and leaders in business and the professions find in Burdine's Bond Street Shop, Miami, that perfection of I tailoring and excellent quality of fabrics that distinguishes the specialty shop. Suits, sports coats and trousers are custom- made in the finest resort and travel manner. I Burdine' MIAMI BEACH MIAMI 12 Storesl PALM BEACH -+- A - ,-..? W ...Y -fe-f -- ---- - - in Y-A v .--. . 77 - -7.- Page Three Hundred Twenty-seven 4 mamma,.tQTa.xN . 'Q - PORTRAITURE Official Photographer for This Publication for Sixteen Years a rabl e Qjlfiu d1'ogs4? GAIN ESVI LLE FLORIDA i QUALITY- THE BEA UTY- SAN CARLOS HOTEL LUX UR Y- H , One of Florida,s Finest PARAMOUNT FEATURES in Beautiful Pensacol - AT -- E Jones Bros. Furniture Company -.IN- I Our New Home 49 WEST DUVAL STREET L, g, HAGLER JACKSONVILLE Manager P e Three Hundred T ty- 'ght Ba View Hotel Compliments of Y WOLF BROTHERS W. B. SCHULER, Manager Good Cl th European Plan-Centrally Located 0 , . . es Fire-Proof Construction--Every Room With Bath TAMPA, FLORIDA Modern Conveniences TAMPA, FLORIDA TALLI-TALES I fContimced from page 3275 "Our pledges wonder why Martha Parrish doesn't come to pledge meetings. "We'd really have some pretty good times if it weren't for Dr. Pi." y No sooner had the echoes of Dame Zeta died out, when there gushed forth the sweet, simple, and girlish tones of the dear old gal from Tri-Deltaward. l "Yes, sisters, we still exist-believe it or not. And some of these days, we are going to perk up and get all noticeable again.-Oh, for a real Ballou and the days of Ocala splendor!! fContimted to page 3315 SMITH 8: HOOPER'S DEPARTMENT sToRE Outfitters to Young Men--Merchandise That Satisfies GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Complilnents of When in Jacksonville Eat at- THE GATORS' CAFE THE AVON "HOME OF GOOD FOOD" You Will Like Our Meals Sandwich Shop and Grill The Home of Home Cooking Opposite Campus A. GREENBERG, Proprietor 119 Laura Street. Jacksonville, Florida Fm-. ,..Q:-. .... HA ,M ,Q my .- -W - ---- v---W - ---- 6 Page -Three Hundred Twenty-'nine 4 i+2:.iS"irs.w34 . N PENSACQLA, FLORIDA "The Wonderful City of Advantagesn BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS-CITY OF PENSACOLA, FLORIDA J. H. BAYLISS, Mayor, Commissioner Finance and Revenue. E. E. HARPER, Commissioner of Police and Fire. ADRIAN E. LANGFORD, Commissioner of Streets and Public Works. "WCOA"-Pensacolafs Voice of the Air, calls to you on 1340 Kilocycles. Listen in and get acquainted. ,-ff---A-ss. WILSON COMPANY laifgf l , f tmx A if -N, " FY fx: ' 'sip I A' 1' , . - ii"1f1ft:s1a.'f'.t+ff- ff., -5511 .... . nrnr if 40 YEARS L' , sow wr" L,-g, Gainesville? Leading Store Where Smart Collegians Go for Clothes Kayser's Gloves Phoenix Hose gf: f Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods ' BAIRD HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE-RETAIL Kodaks and Films Golf Supplies Athletic Equipment ON THE SQUARE PHONES 6 AND 7 I EAST SIDE Page Three Hundred Thirty L WON'T YOU HAV-A-TAMPA One Hundred Million Smoked Annually ELI WITT CIGAR CO. TAMPA JACKSONVILLE MIAMI DAYTONA BEACH ST. PETERSBURG ORLANDO WEST PALM BEACH MEANS THE FLORIST 3 l Sponsors' Bouquets a Specialty-Corsages l 323 WEST UNIVERSITY AVENUE GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA TALLI-TALES fContinued from page 3291 "Calla Marshall used to keep us up, but now-Oh, now! "At least Shirard keeps the Pikes interested in us, and little Grace Williams may boom our stock-if she keeps single long enough. "And once in a while, We borrow Billy Young from the Pi Phis. "Yes, we're coming along, thank you." The Alpha Gamma Deltas got a look in at this point. fContinued to page 3331 This Space Donated Thru the Courtesy of: I SMITH JEWELRY CO. KING'S U-DRIVE-IT CO. PERRY SANDWICH SHOP All of Gainesville, Florida MRS. RAlVISEY'S BOARDINC HOUSE I ' "Good Eats and Plenty of 'Emu REASONABLE RATES I ! Page Three Hundred Thirty-one Compliments of FLORIDA AND LYRIC THEATRES THE COLLEGE PARK INN The Only and Original Home of Real Home-Cooked Meals--Frigidaire Fountain--College Supplies Two good places to eat-Home and Here 1840 West University Avenue Gainesville, Florida , O. K. MARKET 240 WEST UNION STREET . TELEPHONE 420 Fancy Groceries and Meats Special Prices to Fraternit OTTO F. STOCK ' TAILORING-DRY CLEANING--DYEING PHONE 354 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA BOB'S SHOE FACTORY Real Shoe Repairing 131 West University Avenue Phone 966 Gainesville, Fla. SMART SHOES FOR MEN - AND - U. OF F. REGULATION ARMY SHOES VOGUE BOUT SHOP WD.. -V. -A ---W V V f1-----A-g- W- skim-.. Y , , YY -A ---- :-+r...--. ....... -...-.T,n.-.YA---f+- ---E-,--.., ,,. -..,.., P Je Three Hundred Thirty-two 4 -2:a.feP-Efaa' , MA GAINESVILLE FURNITURE CO. The Haberdasher, Inc. Victor Radio and Electrola Radio Repairin TAMPA, FLORIDA Complete Home Furnishers The HOUSE OF KUPPENHEIMER Good Clothes Phone 86 Gainesville, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF LYONS FERTILIZER COMPANY ORANGE BELT BRANDS And Dealers in All Kinds of Fertilizer Materials C. W. LYONS, President I. S. CRAFT, Vice-President W. L. WARING, JR., General Mgr. CiU'llS Eiwhunge Building Factory: 35th Street and 4th Avenue TAMPA, FLORIDA TALLI-TALES ' fContinued from page 3311 "N ow, I have some real news! Our girls have at last got an absolute strong-hold in Sham- rock. Dana Summitt tells us that we are getting all the good girls from there th1s year. "With what we get from there and what we already have fby that, I mean, of course, coy Dot Heffnerl we ought to be in a big way next year. And Helen Moyer can always keep up the old back-slapping! But then, I suppose I can't always keep the girls up to the old front porch tradition for Sunday afternoons." fContinued to page 3351 COMPLIMENTS Knlght, Thompson and Turner ATTORNEYS Peter O. Knight C. Fred Thompson A. G. Turner and P. O. Knight, Jr. TAMPA, FLORIDA Page Three Hundred Thirty-three 4 - COLLEGE ROMANCES oft' lead to DIAMONDS Remember, when you buy that Diamond that Duval J ewelry Company's Diamonds will stand any comparison you can make for Quality and Price . . . That you can buy them on your own Conve- nient Terms. DUVAL JEWELRY COMPANY Jacksonville Miami . . . Tampa . . . St. Petersburg . . Orlando. . Lakeland. . .West Palm Beach. . .Atlanta, Georgia PRINTERS OF THE SEMINOLE F012 14 YEARS An infinite capacity for taking pains A well-equipped, modern plant A corps of experienced operatives A central location These things should command your attention and inquiries regarding the better class of printing, especially illustrated work. PEPPER PRINTING COMPANY Page Three Hundred Thirty-four , l":'S?.Soii"1:. "a5iWe23- , I BLUE BUS LINES I I TAMPA, JACKSONVILLE, TALLAHASSEE, ATLANTA and PENSACOLA I STATE-WIDE SERVICE I I CALL YOUR NEAREST BUS STATION I I I SPECIAL RATES ON CHARTERS l TALLI-TALES fCont'i'n.ued from page 3331 A song of the masses, the thunder of the multitude, the roar of mob! Ah, yes! The Kappa Deltas I "Well, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking Cwe have only a bare handful of girls to talk to over our Wayl I will say that we are holding our own in Alabama and Florida. "We are now trying to bring poor Virginia Miller out some. You all know how shy and re- tiring she is g sometimes I wonder if college has done a thing for her! CContinued to page 3873 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA "The Old Reliable" Capital ---- S100,000 Oldest Bank in Central Florida Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent Interest Paid on Time Deposits 6, Page Three Hundred Thirty-five 4 iQ.!5"'sa,ewa:s ee E 5 2' Q 5 cb 5' 2 ffl:-r 5" rn OO H " Q- 'ggggghm' 5 A E, 51 mn-3 Q 2'i-9-Q'39'-I '51 L NFI1 Emi 5 Q 8.05 0Ug'.:5::'.E'Qm P 3-E. Q 'em wp, On,pO,.'-z-O05 52:5 -- m Z4 59552905 pf-'Q Q sr ww O2-4 5 eLOmE4 abs Z :Q Si' frfj 2QC9y"h28p'5m5s12 :Z-3 QL 9. Dux EQ? 0,175,435 D"v-fx M55 E"":'. 0 5 EO :Dag 5'w"'D2'DOfefH ffl S E 2 ak QR' '-' Ud5,rv5"3 RHEM' :EQ 2 " vig O59 'v1ZOGm9,f-,Lg a:F1g,4 1,5 bn-' f1'svg..'3.LOcrQ.-.Eh 5' .., Q ,-5 gg O"g3 56mm KWEE 3 3,4 :Cyn Do- 'PE Q Gm "' S'SD',ZE22'5'o 1 I" ra DUI U f-r"""'cpOmO U sz H1 ra Q,'-""'.4-f'-HJ-W' ,-, 0 CID - OQOWWAO : "' U3 D H D sn. :L 'wmv-555' Q :' 'Q-SH - 5' '11 99 5 5 l....- .-.... Page Three Hundred Thirty si 6 5fQ axis'-ass. , l 3 1 I I Florida State College for Women TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Offers four-year courses leading to the Bachelor's Degree in the following: The College of Arts and Sciences The School of Education The School of Home Economics The School of Music T wo-year courses in the Normal School, leading to the degree Licentiate of Instruction. An eight-weeks term in the Summer School, for teachers in service and college students who wish to earn credit toward the above degrees. Graduation from accredited four-year high schools, or the equivalent, required for admission to the Freshman Class. For catalog and information, address THE REGISTRAR I Florida State College for W omen TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA TALLI-TALES fC07'LtI'l1Zt6d from page 3351 "Tommie Holsberry is conducting a class for our freshmen in goo, gush, and gab-the necessary prerequisites for any prom-trotter fwitness Dot Robinsonj. And of course, she 1S I using Eleanor McClearen's famous fixed smile as an outstanding object lesson. "But then I suppose that none of the poor dears will ever reach Dot Newman's stride as a would-be high-hatter. "We are all wondering how soon Marge Cawthon's circuit-riding activities will take her away once again from our humble hovel. The temptation must be terrible to face, poor dearg she's been offered another mule. This one's been converted. fConti'nued to page 8391 FLORIDA ICE DELIVERY CO. C ourtesy-Service-Quality JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 3 6 Page Three Hundred Thirty-save? 1. 55 4 The University's Own B L A C K C A T University Avenue and 9th Street GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Complete Line of SPORTING GOODS The Best Makes Send Your Orders to D B E W ' S for Prompt and Efficient Service 22 to 30 West Bay Street 45 to 49 West Bay Street 46 West Forsyth Street Printing-Lithographing-Engraving The Most Complete Plant in the State Commercial and Fancy Stationery KODAKS Supplies BOOKS PARTY Goods GIFTS Three Hzmrlrcd Thirty-c P6 , , 4.x 2143? 2 c'3t'et5'if-it? 'im 'A , 1 .X V 1'r iff? W KUX Q. , 3:21.-'iff A , "TffL..,.,,,.,-,lf - PALDING PORTING UPPLIES ' ,ZQQZGEORGE WASHINGTON Radio. T b. Sh Six Blinded Celllng Fnnl Summer Doon, Circulating ko Water In every room DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOPPE MUSIC and DANCING l I , pl lun, I I ww' ' llI"'l klrw. I , IU' ul m- H-, , A". ' ,' I :Cb J, 'lain .3 . I , N. filiizm, 0 U M.. ll-lr 'mm , Lu 1 Tan W 75,0 H CTE L Sold Exclusively in ,A Jacksonville at cem,'f:':ff,1,T1':Q5',l'3f,f'Ig,,,, ,-"lwm, 3 Comfort md Convenience Amvilll- , ,LQ ' 'X DINING Room A wg y ' COFFEE SHOPPE ' lg: I I FINEST sr?ggl:'soAnnaN mm me - TALLI-TALES fCont'inued from page 33 73 "However, our eiforts are not all in vain. E velyn Farrier still patronizes extremely well "But what of the Sigma Kappas ?" asked the High Archon. "Hush! You already know that we have Otis Wilson iv' "Scram, girls!! Here comes that old nighty-watchman!" And as Deanie Beckham strode manfully into the quiet of the cemetery, nothing was to be heard but the whispering of the magnolias! PALACE THEATER The Best Show in Town ms 2 JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Page Three Hundred Thu fy nme AUTUGRAPIHIS pil- THE ENGRAVINGS IN THE SEMINOLE WERE PRODUCED BY THE RESPESS ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC. ADVERTISING ART- ZINC ETCHINGS-HALFTONES-PROCESS COLOR PLATES 36 SOUTH MAIN STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 6 THE 1931 SEMINOLE WAS ALSO PRINTED BY THE RECQRD COMPANY SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA X4 I . . 4 l. ' .- 3 'ir J C+ f ++ of -9,-af + if K7 fJ++ X J.,,+f +1 a+ f J ,, 4+ -ir J Ak u W i' 'A'

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