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Il 7 1- "-- A-s k un-L i '4i1'K4i4k4t4'K4K1 tftxfvxixf x YN-71.7172-YXYX-7'X-YFV' r no -lm, 2 f wg 'I' g Y, , Y 2 ,L igcjbf L I 5 1. 2: :ww f ,w :win 1:'w1S?' . Q 2 -A " ,, X N' ' 2 Y M. " 'X T Q '- " -ink 'r , X -' is 1 "-" 3 f 5 ' WfYizfL5f1ff- L f . . . ., . . 1 , RQ.-:gas -arg' Swqfxffisf,'QQSAXQS-re?,g,-1, , f. '--51 Q . f 1. ff--q,,i b. 1 .y ., '- ?,'1,f:--Qfgaafi' .,,zL,Zi5'g2wI?:x fix X if :Qv'm.? :N y. 1 -S. W .,-Q: if I .' '41 r 1 Y 1 V 1 Y ' 1 W . 2 Q Q .fl 55- -74 si.. K ik 5.3 X ' L J A L J L I A L J 5 Fifi? Q 5 'J' - ' ,E if f ,gf Q"'f,5lwj5'ffQ I P . NI, vi .14 1:72 we- , Q , . -,1.',1':,:- ' : -' 'l5?f7.l1'i1hl'TM5:2I,L27.1 6 X A 'ff "'V '5 '5 "5 4. .7 , l I .1 9- 'wwmn MMM' IHHU Hniuvrzitg nf Zlflnriha 111111111112 36361 L' 'J Ji.. CHARLES SAXON AUSLEY Editor-in-Chief mm- J OE C. GOLDSBY - Business Manager -xg- SELWYN C. IvEs Managing Editor ? fi q0'V'CQLUOTd C50 present interestingly and accurately a prose-pie torial history of the life and activities of the University during 1929-30 has been the endeavor of the staff of this, the twentyffirst vol- ume of the SEMINOLE. E' V lv' IPX W:Qzf.faw..:11a-nz zcaf.-fa..:Qm::T 15 .1 1,1 1,1 Fri! Fi! BIHHIUJZVK ,,,, .,.. ' A Zin Memoriam T :l:car' .sr.5.'X,' l , - DR. JOHN R. BENTON ii' Stmnnun JUNE 6, 1876 JANUARY 8, 1930 The world of science recognized and admired his deep and comprehensive learning, the entire University felt and profited by the force of his ideas. The College of Enginering, over which he presided as Dean for so many years, stands a monument to his ability as an administrator, to the inspiring power of his steadfast character. His students knew this, and took pride in itg but for his kindly, understanding nature, they loved him. Believing that the University has lost one whose influence will always be felt, we dedicate this, the twenty-first volume of the SEMINOLE. 1.1 ii BIIIIHJU Zin jlillemurlam L. D. REAGIN, JR. Let us pause to pay tribute to one who is missing among us. Leslie Dyer Reagin, Jr., of Sarasota, who met his death in an automobile accident near Jacksonville on Thanksgiving evening, was one of the state's most promising young men. In spite of his youth he had become quite well known in news- paper circles, having been for some time Vice-President of the Times Pub- lishing Company of his native city. Although only a freshman in the University, he had made numerous friends by his pleasing personality and cheery disposition. - Put out the mourners from your heart, And bid your still soul rise. It is not death, but only sleep That fastens down your eyes. Return, oh Galilean days, fudean hands, return! Make bloom the lily in the ash Of this neglected urn. HILDEGARDE FLANNER. - 'Wrmw r.-fue-:mil ligrams fvl if vurvvxftrxyxfvx lv! H 531 Ahminiztruiinn W-' The University of Florida Keeping pace with the steady progress of the state, the University IL 1-IA Qgleg lgeissrf W of Florida has grown with it until today, twenty-five years after its founding, it stands prepared to take its place among the great institu- tions of higher learning. Its past is marked by achievement and progress, its present is distinguished by cooperation and democracy, its future promises a destiny to be envied. The "Buckman Act," adopted by the Legislature in 1905, combined such institutions as the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College at Lake City, the Florida Female Institute, two Seminaries, and the South Florida Military College into two institutions, The Florida State College for Women, located, as every University man knows, at the state capital, Tallahassee, and the University of Florida, situated in the sleepy little town of Gainesville. The University began on a very limited scale, the class rooms, professoris quarters, infirmary, and student's quarters all being housed by Buckman Hall. Growth was rapid, however, until now the campus comprises nine hundred and fifty-three acres and numerous buildings. When the University first opened its doors in 1905, it consisted of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Agriculture Experi- ment Station, and the Normal School. The College of Law was established in 1909 and soon afterwards the College of Engineering and the Teacher's College were organized. During the year 1909, the University underwent a reorganization during which Dr. A. A. Murphree was elected president. Standard entrance requirements were approved in 1913g two years later all Agriculture work was con- solidated in the College of Agriculture, and the Experiment Station placed under the direction of the Dean of the College. The World War interrupted the usual academic trend of the Univer- sity, when it entered the service of the Government, regular work was resumed, however, as soon as the war ended. The College of Com- merce and Journalism was established in the Spring of 19275 a School of Architecture was organized under the direction of the College of Engineering in 1925 and at the same time the School of Pharmacy provided for in 1923 was made a separate College. A Graduate Col- lege, with the aim of ultimately conferring Ph.D. degrees, was author- ized during the past year by the Board of Control. Linked and interwoven in an enduring way with the growth and progress of the University is the name of Dr. Albert A. Murphree. During his long, faithful and ellicient administration, the institution established itself among the leaders in the field of higher education, his work will remain as the foundation of an institution whose prog- ress has been phenominal and which is looked,upon with pride by every Florida man. t--- I1 lvl hid Ei! ' ,Ns Hmmm licmravassll lisiriaszzsll vtftftzvuvvvrvvvxfirvvx lv' F-' L! EJ V PRICSIDI'lN'l' .IUHN JAMES 'l'IClCR'l' .-p 1.-p nunnmd af" lQ Ql lil College of Arts and Sciences DEAN ANDERSON The purpose and aim of the college of Arts and Sciences is to train the mind and strengthen the intellectg to build up ideals and establish the characterg to enlarge the visiong to ennoble the thoughtsg to increase the appreciation of the beautiful and the trueg to add charm to life and piquancy to companionshipg to make man a decent fellow, a useful citizen, and an influential member of society in whatever community he live. To accomplish this purpose the college has gathered together a faculty of men ranking with the foremost educators of the day. Through their untiring efforts the college has prospered. Q Va -1. ..- S l .1 College of Agriculture DEAN NICWELL One of the most important factors in the agricultural resources of the state is the col- lege of Agriculture. This college, in addition to teaching the fundamentals of Florida agriculture, carries on research work and disseminates practical information to farmers and fruit growers. It is one of the oldest colleges of the University, being the successor to the Agricultural college founded at Lake City. v ,mi 1- -:an i. 1 Q 8 110 - .1 Engineering ' E nv Ctgllege ACTING DEAN REISD During the course of its existence the Engineering College has been of great prac- tical value to the State of Florida. At the present time a steadily increasing group of graduates, strong and well trained, stand ready to give their services to unfolding and utilizing the vast resources and possibilities of the most potential state in the Union. The students receive both theoretical and practical instruction in the field of their choice. The Engineering Experiment Station has meant a great deal to industries of Florida and the future will have occasion to call upon the aid of this department more and more. r ,Wi 7 , 1. 3, be e.: Law Cgllllege DEAN 'rnnstrgn Widely known for the thoroughness of its teachings and for its high standards, the College of Law holds a prominent place in the Association of American Law Schools, of which it is a member. A strong, experienced faculty of seven full-time men, each holding academic and law degrees, teach the courses of the College, which include the latest methods of practice court instruction combined with trial practice. Since its or- ganization, in 1909, the College has graduated 517 students, most of whom have re- mained 'in Florida. The College of Law, by virtue of its splendid courses and practical instruction, is registered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York and listed among the approved law schools of the American Bar Association. 1 4. 2 C, L-. Teaelierls Pv- H College DEAN NORMAN Service by advancing the profession of teaching throughout the State is the great purpose of the Teacher's College. It aims to develop in its students a keen insight into human affairs, human relationships, and human problems, and thus thoroughly equips them to carry on the noble movement of education. The Teacher,s College has been in existence since the University was founded at Gainesville and h b d' ' as een irected by very able heads. The George Peabody Hall, en- dowed by the Peabody fund, houses the College at the present time. ,,,:g-.W Q vrqgs -' ' , ml l ..- HF?" College of Commerce , and ry! ,, bllournalrsm DICA N M A'l'H ICR LY In the spring of the year.1927, the Board of Control created the youngest college ol' the University. The College of Commerce and Journalism was established from what had previously been a department of the college of Arts and Sciences. The curriculum and purposes of the College of Commerce and Journalism have been heartily endorsed by the leading business men and newspapers of the state. With its able faculty it is rapidly taking its place among the leading institutions of its kind in the south. 5 - . V ', s X ' A -Q: .,,?."' K 'M . iii ,vh ,, my v ,NSN - ...I The College I 015 Phmsmagy IJICAN mica Although one ol' the younger colleges ol' the University, the College ol' Pharmacy almost immediately gained national distinction, becoming a full member ol' the Amer- ican Association of Colleges ol' Pharmacy in the minimum required probation time, a feat heretofore unattained by any college in the country. Its able administration and research accomplishments are recognized by leading educators. Recently the Educa- tional Survey Commission of the State of Florida reported, wllhe College of Pharmacy bears every evidence of being effectively administered. lf the present rate ol' progress: can be maintained this college will be one of real distinction in the scientific worldf, Q - -lm., School of Architecture :Q or :Q and Allied Arts DIRECTOR WEAVER In order to train men to meet the rapidly growing demand in the South for architects, designers, draftsmen, superintendents of c0I1StruCti0n and Other workers in building lines the School of Architecture was established in 1925. The School has had a rapid growth and this year courses in Allied Arts have been added and in addition to Archi- tecture a student may now receive instruction in Advertising Design, Illustration and Mural Painting. The School offers special courses for mature students who desire to specialize in fields of endeavor in which drawing and design are foundation courses. The School has the endorsement and active support of the leading architectural organi- zations in the State who have contributed a liberal loan fund as well as an excellent library. , PNK DEAN RILEY iiIKE EIT 2 .,mq,, General - Extension a-T , .1- "' Division Functioning as an extra-mural college, the General Extension division extends the campus of the University of Florida to the wide borders of the state-teaching, organ- izing, and performing extra-mural service for the people of the commonwealth. The aims of the General Extension Division are crystallized by the Legislative act which created it: uTo make accessible and attractive, branches of knowledge that are useful to the people of Florida and carry it to them in ways that will help them most and in the shortest timeg to stimulate thought and encourage movements among the people ol the state for their benefitf' ' ' EEFNULQ: Ez! Q : r Q ' Illlllliiii 1 .1-. ii A FYI L! m 15512,-:Ax-!-4:Q2 lg911:.'f,g,.Q'JQjI Ed 1 Q uma Q ' mms ,gi E: F 41-K'YAK'Y 4141414141vxr4nrvxrxfvx1x YY' Ea! P.-S .-.. l NULE 1d m iggzp-:A wsfzsg lgaia-25A 1-,QQ 50-ss 4Y.fi4Y4Y4!l7xYxZx Wnnnl Er! Led l ' EENSULQ '- .J Am gala-.rf x"':f1Q2 lg9IQs.'ff-A-A S3631 ,VII g4t414t4v14141:rvxnfxrvx YXYXYX- fl E23 hd ,W-,J Mkgqg,,. ' ' .-JL' rv! V hd Ei! ..':'. ll LQ , I Q mil v gg IK91'2',Af?'.PIQ2 lK4EI9L!"f' , 3 i H BIBLE 1J 'i' ' 'V' ix 'V' Ez! E53 m .-.L 'NW i l ygapze-:A x'-aria-Q 13-4p11.!'ff,g,A 1-sql m My lv! lvl Ez! Ez! 'gang-:A w.s:1Q2 lg9rs.e.-VA Q-sql lY1'X!Y I W Q-. :Y Q lllllliiiii V Q 4t4x4'rl7xfxrxfx7xYxfxfx Q 'V' Ed A' , Ei! IQ-31f!',7A xvf-,Is-3 13911.-1.-'f A 1-sql W xfxfxfxfx 73-7'i7x :V Ga Y ki L mliii 45 I Ld 4 1 W -, 4 Ei! ri YI m gg-p12e'.'rf A x'-93192 139237 A K-Jag ,fK1Y4'Y4'K4YACSl7X-,X-72-72-7X 7'X-,'X-72-,X ala rlsl lIC4EffAiT.lKvDIl IIC4El..TsQa1iK9Il ll vvurvxyxfvvxzgf L3 K1 Smtinrf- ' num: S Fi gl. "l..A...1" -xv-If-2 Iw....a...1' . -'IQ " y I I ll .losI-:IIII l'lllWlN PIIICI-1, A.B.If., St. PClCI'SlJlll'gL, Fla. l'rI-s. nf SI-Ilinr Class, Kappa DI-lln Pi, I'n-II. Il. lllauk nnwl Whilv MnnIlIII'. Illna- KI-y, All'l'l'lllll ALLEN SIIvII'soN, A.B.J.D., ,lncks0nville, Fla. Knppn Alpha. Phi DI-Ita l'lli, llhiy ,Ka-y, l'irulI'Is, Svrpu-Iltu. lnlvrfrn- II-rnily CuIlfI:r4:I1cc, l'rIw, SI-nior LIIw Clnss. Black and White Mamqlm. WII.I,AIIn MIf:IIwIN FIIfIIcI.n, B.S.A., Bradenton, Fla. Dnllu Tun D4-lln. V.-Pram. of Svniur Clans, Alphn Zulu, Prl-I4. II-, 'I'lIyrsIIa, V.-l'rI-s. fl-. Agricnllnru Club, ln! Linut. Co. "A," ll. 0. 'l'. C., Intcr- linnnl HI-lulirmfa Clnlx, Nlnllnlme County Club, Pros. 3. DI-lrnlillg Cunn- cil 2, llllvrfrnlvrllily Confuruxluu 3, Lilxvrnl CInII:ns fl, Scnhlmnrcl nnll lilnrlc, lllnv Key, l'lIi Sigzlna. WILLIAM G. AKIIIIIGII, LL.B., Cocoa, Fla. Phi Alphn Epsilon, V.-l'r1-II, Sunior Lnw Clnml, V.-Pres. Pan- HI-llvllic Council. l5nwIN M. GIIoLI'I', B.S.E.E., Jacksonville, Fla. Alphn l7Ivltn. SI-c'y nnll 'l'r4-as. Senior Clnss. 2nIl l.icnl. llahury "Il," ll. 0. 'l'. C., Anal. Trnck Mgr. 3, Aclvvrtisinf Mgr. llluc Gnlo , . , n III- Q- . nil 3, uc' 4, Socin Cn Ilnittcu fl-. " Hlillllklhfdll-, FuI.I.r:II, LL.B., New Smyrna, Fla. SI-c'y and Trvnn. Senior Law Clans, Farr Liter- ary. .luhn Marshall Dubnling Sncicly, Vn- lnain Cuunly Club, SIec'y 1, Newman Club, V.-Pres. 3, "F" Club, l"ruI1lIInun football Ingr. 4, Varsity lxunchnll Ingr. . ' I. lllllll 9 333 L -I -- .... v ", Q., .... x. -1-Jn X w f., 'w,,..a .?'i3,Gw FQJE' 4 , ., .N was-. 1 , Qt: 5 hs' ' - 'ai i f ', V. .f ' P 3 - 2 . - 2" F li ' ,-31:49 ff 4 A S- Q 5,5 .sq .- f . ' .- 5. 1 -. an ,gym " fb. 1 4 '21 ' ' i 'Xe-fi? SEQ V: iz -2 .2 f .- :Q A 4-N Q A AY: - ,AM J Q It: ,,. Vlvv i. be i X 5 QABVAQ x t 1 Af , 4, ,,,..,.,.w . N. . . -, , . V ., ., , . . ,,., ,,,,,,,,,, A,,w,,,,A,,,,,. WMM WM-:I Lf gifs ,. pp A C y v V 1 . v if -'T .:"i3V F E-E . Y Y aww.: 242. r 1 5' ' A W r bgff --A 1 I 1 Q Av V -ri' I , . 4. f ri: 3 .av K f '1?ff'.??1"'.13 f -J-C1 ... 5 . i i gi E W' J WW M I l Q 7 ' 1 . :U A I " 'fi , 52 2'-ff.-gf pgmg.. b. .1 1. r J fi L.-v' l Fi Goiu10N S. ADAMS, B.S.J., Gainesville, Fla. Dvllu Tau. Gln-4: Club l, 2. Signm Dvlin Chi. J. ERN!-:sr Amos, B.S., Tallahassee, Fla. Tlurln Chi. lulurfm- In-rnily Conf:-rc-ner' Il-. Mmm El.Lm'r Anmsrs, B.S., Jacksonville, Flu. Sigglna Phi Epsilon. V.-Pm-xi. .luniur Claws. ls: Livul. Co. "D," R. 0. T. C.. Duval County Cluh, lfrvsllnuill lmxing la-ann. FRANK S. ANm:usoN, B.S., Richmond, Va. I'h.C. from Mnclicul Calif-gc' of Virginia. Al.l"IlliD 'l'. ff Aumi, LL.B., Live Oak, Fla. Phi Gannnln D4-llu, Honor Court. liluc Kay. HENRY D. ANTHONY, B,S.B.A., Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Dvlln Them, lixvculivc Council 4, 2nal Livlll. Cn. "D," R. 0. T. C., Timm Ribbon Society, Com- lucrcu Club, Della Sigma Pi, Honor Roll 3. .L:. YI .y. J, llllll 0 rm' l'1 if -d 'f A A Ll-:sLIlc EARL ARNOW, PILG., B.S., Gainesville, Fla. wwf- X61Q2ll """"""1Q...-v-..1f fan Sigma Chi. lluml. 2n1l Lin-nl. llanwl. Rho Chi, Gamma Sigma lflpsilml, Dc-lla lipailnn, Pai, l'Ix1-clllivv Cmmuil Il. .lone BASS, - B.S.B.!1., Tampa, Fla. Du-huling lvam 3, 4. Pi Gununa Mu. Phi Kappa Phi. Masonic Cluh, Uumlm-rcu Cluh. FORREST G. AsHM1aAn, B.S.B.A., S. Jacksonville, Flu. Theta Kappa Nu. Dvhat- ing Council, ht Licul. Co. "D." R. 0. T. C.. Suuhlmrd and Blade, Alpha Kappa Pai, Com- nmrno Cluh, V.-Pres. 2, Pros. 3. LLOYD Ross BAsslf:'r1', B.S.E.E., St. Pclersblllg, Flu. Siglna Tau, Benton Engilurring Society, Ann-rican Institute of El1'Ull'lUlll Engineers. V.-Ch'n nl' lucal sludcnt A. S. E. WILLIAM NIL:-is BAS1-xAw, AJZ., Gainesville, Flu. Cuplain liallvry UA." ll. 0. T. C., Farr Liter- ary Sunil-ly, Sn-c'y 3. Slunlx-nl Minislvrial Club, Sc1:'y l. Pu-H. 2. Soccer I. 2. Y. M. C. A. Cahinul 4, l7u'pulali0n Twain 1. 2, 3, 4, 0. li. C., 4. R. G. Br-:Asl.m', B.S.E.E., Umatilla, Fla. Ann-rican lnslilulu of lilvulriual lfngim-urs, lln-num l'lngiun-vring A i.. .-- -- A , , X A Xu Q Sunil-xy. fm, ' A . Kgififlqilflf .hx 'sv -' 415. ., ,i zu? 'iii w -'il Q f , Q 3 ,-fflff Q' L S9 ff' wil 'Asg:5'f 1 Hi .QTL 'f' ' , 1,:f.."'Z'f' Wg. ", ' ws',XW '3 A , , N ,5 ,W ,,A.,. Y Q,?,f,:, .,.l.. e:5 .3 iw .l..,, ,.i.,,..,L,-..., .... -. lun: kxxlxggt. A549 Jlllllllil YI p E llomn u L BISHOI , B Camasvx Agricultural Tllyrsua. ll0NS'I'I'1lCI,, Luke -l-. .ll liAYMoNn KAN Box Sn-c'y lnlra A S1-ul Llasml-1 E. HOGAN, Jn Pensacola lun-r-lnurul -1, 2nsl l.iclnt ll. 0. 'l. C... lroxing lvaun Or l.:unlnln ll:-I Knpgm 1'l Clulm. , 11. l l I I I l'lli Allyllil Lilnrnry Sn llvlml Asst. Lit BLD!-IDIQI., I Mlklllll, Fl. ,lacksox 3, 4. Pu 2, 3, lst monlnl l'ul1 Pi D Roslin' Bow fl in Qt -5 -IQ IQIQJ A 1:33 :ni 11 r l l l I w i Y NVILLIAM W. BOYD, B.S.E.lL'., Clermont, Flu. Knplm Gnnlnm W4-llu. llc-nlon liligillw-1-rillg Suciuly. Aim-riuam Instituto nf lilmziriarul linginn-urs. SHla1.I.Y I... Bno'rul':ns, l1.S.A., Rcdclick, Fla. Phi Siglnn. Agricul- lurrr Cluh. l'rn-n. Bnplinl Sumluy School, Tn-us. of ll. S. U. Cnuncil 4. Studi-nl Anal. in I-lnlmnnlugy -L .losr-:H lillllll-INI-I Bows, ILS., Gainesville, Flu. Delux Chi, Cmlilluxmmr Club, D1-hu Sigma l'i, Kappa: Gnlumu Dclln. C. H. BU:-zu., B.S.C.E., St. Augustine, Flu. Sigma Tun, Anrcricnu Socicly of Chulnicnl Eligilu-urs. Bunlon Engineering Such-ly. ROY R. I KOOKS, LL.B., 'an1pa, Flu. 'umm Sigma, ml Lisrut. O. R. C., . uulrlmrd null lllzulu, . 4-rpvnl llihhuu :ch-ly. W. J. Bul.LA1m, 11.s.l1.A., Gainesville, Flu. l'i Knpgm Phi. 'l'hn-lu llihlmn Snciuly. I1 q Q 1 L- LQQQ7QLQ7s.g Q L4 PAY: 44994454441 II ' f ! Q 4 2 K yn, ysiwew S 4' ,f if lr :-- ,- .-., - j"',,.If J J l ' 9 , fa i 9 K 1 5 Q- 5 iffi:'liQi',,'i-.25 1 9 R I 1" U ' A 4 4 ' J 5 A Q ' f MAIIK D. '- Bn'r1.1f:n,I3.b., " A Miami, Fla. Di-lln 'l'nu. 2nrl ll. O. 'l'. C., Wn-slling 'l'1-nm 2. Il. JonN E. CAl.ow1f:LL, li.S.M.L., Orange City, 1' la, Uni:-gn llpnilnn 'l'lluln. ln! Lin-ul.. lf-allot Hrzl platoon "C" company, li. 0. T. C.. Sllllllll 'l'nn. li:-nlon Hxlginucr- ing Society. Ann-riunn Socim-ty of Nl:-rlinnicnl Ellgimrvrs. W. BOARMAN BYRU, B.S., Hollywoocl, Fla. Sigma Uvlln Chi. V.-l'rm-rn. 4, Y. M. C. A. Cnlrinvl -l. Hrzxnv Nunmav CAMP, LL.B., Ocala, Fla. Siglnn Alplxn Epsilon, l'lli Dc-llu Phi. Them llilrlron Society, Barnm-ls, Pirates, 'l'rzu:k lvnm 2, 3, Capl. 3. Coll team 2, Il, 4. Sigma Dulln Psi. 'l'uoMAs Li-:oNAnn CAIN, Jn., l3.S.A., St. Simons lslancls, Georgia. Alpha Zvlu. l'lli Sigma, ln-igh Ulu-lnivnl Souin-ly. Agricnllnru Clulr. l'r1-ei. 4. l'. l'. l'. Llulr. 4 Bx'noN F CAMPIH-LLL, A.B., Hilliard, Fla. D1-lin Tau. In Liuul. Lo. ll. ll. U. 1. C., llluu Gnlor Slnll' .s, 4 1172-72- -mnu ' ' U EX, V lg . . , 533' N ' ,"'f'L.-Afi.,hi5 pig V I FYI lt. Ez! L A x s I l'1 r ' 1 V ' r A J A 11- , ,4,,A 1b , :i YI .y. lVlANllIil. S. CAII- IIANZA, PILC., B.S., Tannpa, Flag Sigma lnlu, Ex Council Ii., Mnrlnr P4-silo. LAWIKI-INCIC D. CHILDS, LLB. St. PtTl.Cl'SlJlll'g, Flu. Phi Alpha: Dvllu. .losl-:PH NIARTIN CAIVFIER, Ph..G., 'l'aIIIpu, Flu. Signm l'hi l'llnsilnII. Fri-slnnnn Iln-lrnting I4-um. Ch-0 Clnh 1. 2. 3. liIn4iII1-as Mgr. 3, llho Chi, Cumnm Signm Epxilfnl, Morlur nnnl l'1'rIli4:, JAMES EAIIL CHIIISTO, A.B.E., Gainesville, Flu. JOHN FRANK CHASE, Ju., B.S.B.A., St. Petersburg, Fla. Dnhn Tun, lnlcr-Mnrail Council 2. 3, ln! Livnt. "C" Cmnpnny, ll. 0. 'l'. C., Alpha Kuppn Pai, Cnlllllwrcu Clnh. St. Pvlu Clnh, .luninr PIIII-Hvllvllic Council 3, -L WILLIAM RlCHAllll CLARK, Ju., I B.S.Ch.E., Orlunclo, Fla. lflvu-clnivc Council, lul Liunt. Cn. "A," R. 0. T. C., Gannmm Sigma Epsilon, ll:-ntnn lillgixlunrilng Such-ty. L4-igh Chem- ical Sncirrly, Truck I 1, 2, 3, 4. H- in .Y. 5 IKE'-"" Romzwr S. COCKIIELL, Jn., A.B., Gainesville, Flu. Knppn Alpha. Cnpinin Bnnury "A," ll. 0. T. C.. Scull- hnrcl nml Blanlv. Tlwlu Rilrlmn Snciuly. B. T. CoI.r:MAN LL.b'., Panama City, Flu. Pi Alpha Sigma. lnlvr-Mural Council 2. 3. XVrvnIling 1. 2. Rlilli A. Comm, AJ2., Tampa, Fla. Foullnlll. 4. Cucn. F. Co1.l.1Ns, B.S.B.A., Lake City, Fla. 'I'lu:!u Chi. Alplm Knppn Psi, Surpunt Ribbon Sociz-ly. Duncn Connnittvc 4. Muvulm-rnilvrn l. 2, Colnlnf-rev Club. NIANLI-SY A. Cow, l3.S., Tanmpa, Fla. llnml 2. 3. 4. Inter- Muml Council 3. Ulm- Clnlx 3. 4. Dulln Epnilon. V.-Prvn. -l-. 'l'rnin1'r Allllm-lic Dvpnrl- nlvnl, Monitor 4. Dorxnilnry lnlur- Mnrnl Mgr. 4. X. WAllIlliN W. CONNOR, LLB., Pensacola, Flu. Phi Kappa Tnn, Captain Co. UF." R. 0. T. C.. S1-rplcnt Rilllsun Sncivly, Mgr. l"n-slnnnn Bam-- lmll 'll-alll. lnlvr- fmlurnity Confvr- cncu 4, 5, ,lnlm Murulnlll Lnw Clnlm, Prvs, I L..A...4Q2 lL 1:1 - 332 lim' DONALD Cox, B.S.E.lf., Clermont, Fla. 'l'lu'l:u Kuplul Nu, Ch-1: illuln l. 2. 3. llvnlun lillgilu-vrillg Sncir-ty. Allwrivnn lmdiluln- nf lilm-clrivsul lixxgillvvrs. Y. M. C. A.. Munilnr Il, fl-. llMmI.n CILBEIRT DAVIS, LLJ3., Sl. Pclvrslmurg, Flu. Sl. P4-I1-rnlmrg Club l-lowmm Fm-:'rc1-n-in Clnuw, ILS., ljtllrlllllilli Sp1'ing!,s, Fla. 'l'lwln Clli, Cnplnin Cn. "FUR 0 '1' D Srnlnlmral mul lllaulv, D1-llu lips-xilull, l'i Gnmmn Mu, Gallnmn Sigma Hpniloll, Y. M. C. A. Sn-c'y nnnl 'l'rx-ns. 3, 4, 1,1-igh Clu-micul Sncicty. Ssrc'y null Trvus. 3, Pn-N. -L Tlnrlu Rllmlmn Sonia-ly, Fnrr Liu-rnry Society, Swimming: 2. l.YMAN R. Dfxvls. A.B.E., Lake llclcn, Flu. Orclweolrxl 2. ul.-.1 club 2. lincmn l'lAYDl-IN Cunnv, LI,.li., Nokomis, Fla. A lm D4-llu. V.-Prvs. Slllzlw-nt lnnly, lixvcu- tivo Cmmvil, Allllm-lic Cmmcil. Viuilnncc Com- lnillun 2, lllnck mul While: Musk, Cnplnin llc. "A," ll. 0. T. C., Snnlxlmrsl mul lllmlv, Umivrnn llc-llu Knppn, Flurimln lh-vm-14-rn. Pun ll'-lln-nic Council 2, 5 l'n-A. 5, "F" Club, Box- ing 'llc-mn 2, 3, 4, Cup min Imxinpg lvmn -L Snulln-rn Cnnfcrz-ncc f lim-ruullc-ginlu XVn-llner- J wviglxl Clmnvpion 4, Stun' W4-lln-rwm-iglll Cllulnpinn 3. Fourtll Corps un-an clnunpion 3, l"n-vlnmln Inollmll lvnm. P. DoNA1.n DI'Il'l0l4'l-', LL.B., Jucksolmvillc, Flu. Vigiluncn- Cmnlnillrn, .llulgc 'l-. .lnlm Murnlmll Luw Olnlr. "lf" Clull. Sa-c'y 14, -I, l"ouIlmll 2. W1 C1-:nam-1 l,l-1l'l'NI'2Il Du-: N H AM, f1.l2., mul LLJJ., Bartmv, Fla. Alpha D:-lla, Vigilamu: Iimnlnillr-1-. .lllllgv fl. Omiurun D:-lla Kappa. Captain Cn. "IL" ll. 0, 'l'. C.. l'l1i Alpina D4-lla. Crow Cmlnlry Track 'l'4-am 2. l"arr Lilvrary Such-ly, ,lnlui Marullall Dvlxaling Sonia-ly. lntn-rnalimlal lln-lalinnu Club. Gallwry 'l'n-am 2. Il. fl. Cllairmau uf l'llm:lion Unulnlitlv:-. llulnnliln-4' nu Slmlvul Orpgallizzxlinlis. Manauvr uf Varsity lluxing T1-anr. SAMIIICL Hosml-za Dowm-:l.L, ll.S.M.E.. Wimuuma, Flu. lui Lu-nt. li. 0. 1. C. "D" Company. lfngin--4-ring Sunil-ly, A. 5. M. lf. lS1'c. 'Ll E. 'l'. IJIQN- MANK, A.lI.E., Gainesville, Fla. IH-alnuly lllull. Su I-1I.'I'U N Dl1nL:-Ln, LL.B., Miami, Fla. Tau Epsilon l'lii. l"4mlllall il. C. W. l7m's0N, 11.s. f1.. N1CRi1fE, Cu. Dulla 'l'au Dvlla, 'l'ln-la liilrlmn Smziuly, Iulvr- frm-wrnily Culifa-ra-i1ca: 3, 4, Social Cmnmilln-4: 'l'll:-lu 2. 3. I-. Tlinzla lllilialimi Cumlnillr-1' 3. LAwm':Ncr: EUGENE EIN-1Nl"IELD, A.B.E., Grand Ridge, Flu. Kappa l'lii Kappa, Pculuuly Clulx, Ella-ionic Club. 'H M'.r..z.w " . 'W 7. 'illlii ' A" ...v..u,-.-f P., V . Ag. 3 lpn! -' 1 - 1 i" Hi W ,. W, ' w ., -L, 4 . ., 13 P' '.. ki ., Q l. l N Q41 1' 4 'JZ 51312: ' ROlil'Ill'l' S. Ensfur., l3.S.A., Brzlrleulnn, Flu. 'Klphu 'l'uu Onwgu. llluv K1-y, Cupluiu Oo. HA." .-Klphu Zola. 'l'hyrsus. Suublmrll null lilaulu. Agriuulum- Club. l'rs-el. 2. lulrn- Murul high point ui in 'I Rom-nm' C. EVANS, l?.S.l1.fl., Perry, Flu. Siuluu Lulululu 'l'uu. lielihur "lf" Bunk, Du-lla Siglun l'i. Cmliuu-run' Club. l'r1-ea. 3. Alligulur Nlull l. 2- l'll':NliY ll. V Iflmvmms, li.S.Cl1.E., Cleveland, Flu. Clu-uuicul liznpzillvvrilug Sunil-ly. ll'-utuu lin- uillv1'l'illu Sucivly. Ln-igll Kiln-lui1'ul Suuivly, Mispalll Club. H. C. FAHNS- wmrru, LL.I'1'., Tuulpu. l"lu. l'hi Knppn Tau. l'i Ilvllu lipnilou. Dvluo- umlic Club 2. 3. -l. Hx:-culivu Council 3. AMI, liusim-as Mgr. Si-miuulv 3. llm-im-ss Mgr. -l. Gr-:unui-: E. ICLMS, B.S.B.fl., Jacksonville, Flu. hu Lin-ul. Cu. "D" ll. 0. T. C.. Scubbanl null lihulu. Alplul Kuppu Pei, l-'oollmll 1, 2, :L W. I. F1':nN,u.n, f1.B.E., Tarpon Springs, Fla. Delta Chi. uv ,E - ki 1 .31 gtk. 1 ,-'. ,QE 1331 5 . ff .J 'Iv MN gl.-.V I. 1 'Q All 4 ii' .Sig 1 255 .. . .r X QsQ4P44444.04?4.044 iii Q v V 1 -v N--92 5 K91' . QQ 1 Y W. W. FlNinn:N, Jn., B.S.M.E., . -Q Jacksonville, 1'la. Anivrican Society nf Ma-chnnical Engineers, ll:-nmn Engineering Sociuly, Cross Country truck tram 'L 5, Track, 1, 4, 5. ELIOT C. FLETCHER, B.S., Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nn, Sigma Tan Gargoyle Club. Piratvs. L'Apacln-, Bacnlnnl, Thnla Ribbon Sncif-ly. liUcr:Nr: V. lflsulfxlz. B.S.B.11., Cross City, Fla. Signm Phi Epsilon. Dr-llu Siglua Pi. 2nd Lie-nt. Co. "A" li. 0. 'l'. C.. Frcslunan llnskrrllnlll. Varsity liasknthnll. Frcnlnnnn llnmrllnll. Varsity liaarfllall 2, 3, 4. J ossvu S. FORD, B.S.M.E., Dania, Fla. Amnrican Society of M1'ClllllllCiIl Engincvrs, Bruton Ellginucringz Society. 1 ,HICIIBHIIT W. Flsl-n.i:n, LL.B, Fernandina, Flu. Phi Bam Di-lla, Maaqlluraslz-rs 3, Busi- nvxs Mgr. 4, Florida llc-volvrri. Alligator Stull, Advertising Mgr. 4. Glconciz A. F0s'ri:n, A.B., DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Alpha Phi Epsilon, Tuu Kappa Alpha, Pi Gunnnn Mu, Debating tcum 2. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4, Dvpuhliiun Conimillcc 3, Prius. 4. 1. i. . N Sig... SH J. ,.. .... f l 4 .fi l I P a ., . ball. sn' ,if l 'H- is . . fr . ,s 1' 'I . 'X f lf' . lf J 111 . . C V1 .. - MJ' V . ix. ll U1 v v , AN.,.Q2 lQ..,.f-5, .gg TNA J. Foshan. Teachers' A.B., Mzulison, Fla. J. C. GRTZI-:N, .lIl., Law LL.B., Webster, Fla .loRN CoMv1'oN Flll'lNCI'I, Law LL.B., Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nu, Phi Dcltn Phi, Sigmn Dclln Psi, liucchun Cluh, I.'Apuchn. "F" Cluh, Huskullmll 2, Truck 3, 4. Joi: D, GILL Commerce B.S.B.A. Sarasota, Fla Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Knppn Psi, I.'Apnclic Pirates Cm:s'r1aR H. FERGU- soN, Law LL.B., Fla. Thcln, Council 3, Della Kappa, Cn. ..A.. Scalxlmrd HARRY S. GREEN Teachers' A.B. Gainesville, Fla Sigmn Phi Epsilon Siglnn Delia Psi Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Truck 1, 4 "F" Club a 9 1 7 H L ,i AQIQZ IQI- , -. L. A. Gum-LN, flrLf1mlSf:iv11c'u, A,B. Gainesville, Flu. P C1-IARLHS E. l'lAuTLl-:Y, Tunclzers' A.B.E., St. Cloud, Flu. " Sigzlnu Clif. Pi Ciumna Mu, Kuppu D1-lm Pi, Kuppu I'lxi Knppu. lull-rnntimml R4-lulinns Clull. l'rn-s. fl. Pru- hmly Club. Sa-uior lhugg Cmunriltur-. L. G. HALL, Arts and Scivllce, All., Miami, Fla. l'4-ulmxly Clull, 'l'i-nnis 'l'1-ann. GARY F. I'I,xYNus, Conzmerce B.S.B.A., Clearwater, Flu. Phi Kuppn Tun, Dc-lux Sigma Pi, Cnlninvrcn: Club. GIKADY HARRISON, Temvlzers' A.B.E. Anthony, Flu. Pvulrmly Club, Kappa l'hi. Kuppu U'n-u. 43. Gnoiciz R l-Ii:Lvif:NsToN Lam LLJ3. Jacksonville, Fla. Kuppu Signzu, 'l'lu:t.u llilrlmu Suciuly, Dance Cmumiltru 4, 5. 6. l.'Apuuhc, Cuptuiu 6. Bumucls, Bam-hull 1. 3, 4, Illlcrfrutu-rliily Confer- cncf- 3, 4, Duvnl Cnuuly Club. I1 .I , ' ' Q Q Q Q7Q Q Q Q Q Q Q4 Pl 4 4 4 4 4 434 4 4 4 Ev . - . M. A 4 Cl.Alil'INCl'2 R. l'll'1NliY, Arls mul Scivncrf B. S., Ft. Lauderdale, Flu. 2nuI Livuln-naml Cmn- pnny "ll" li. O. T. C. H. L. Hlcxs, Pliarrnlzrry l'h.G., Orlando, Fla. Signni Lnnlbrln Tau, Ilunur Cnurl. Mnrlnr nnrl l'u-sllc. Vim-- I'rvniclu-ill Il. l'un- H4-lle-nic Council 3. Leigh Clwnlicul Society. WlLl.IANI A. H1-:luN, Arts and Science, Alf., Miami, lvlu. Signm Nu, Clnlnm-lor of Hnnur Court, D4-buling la-mn 3. lilgg: Kry. Plii Knppn Pill. Ili Czunlnm Mu. l"urr Lin-mry Sunil-ty, Pn-siclvm fl, luh-rnntionnl livlnliomx Club. Sona'-r 'l'n-:nn l, Alplln Phi liyn-ilnn, 'l'un Kuppu Alpha. Drznnulic Club 3. -I., Y. M. C. A. Cubin:-I 2, Il. l". l". l". Club. ARTHUR M. Hn.1., Jn., flgriculturc B.S.. Vero Bench, Fla. Agricullnn- Club, F. F. F. Club. lnmlinn Rivvr County Club, l"n-slnnun Truck, Varsity Truck. 2. 3. 4. l"rvslnnun Fuolbnll. A1.ln-:wr S. 1-Il1:ln.oNc, JR., Law LL.l?., Leesburg, Fla. I'bi Knppu lllli. Blnnilwss Mnnngn-r ul "F" llnulc, S1-crm-l.iry uncl 'l'r1-ns- uri-r nl' Soplnnnurn- Cllnm, l.yu1llln Connuil, llnnll. Assixtnlll Mun- ngm-r 4. 2n4l Li.-nu-lnnll ll. 0, 'l'. C.. Snnbburml :mil lllnllv, 'l'lwlu Ribbon Sonia-ly. Dune.: Cmnlnillcn- 2. -I. 5. 1.1-1-slmrg Club. Pros. -1, ,lnniur l'ru:n- Cnnnnillvn-, Mililury liull Cnlnmilluc, lllnc Calor Stull, l.'Apau:ln-. R. S. llILL. Colnrlwrcv l1.l3.!l., Cocoa, Flu. Kappa: Siglnn. Alpha Kamp.: l's-i. Dvllzl Signul. 5:-rp.-nl lliblmn Sncivly, liurclnna Club. ggggvgqqsnsmrgnpppppiinnl L-f E.-A l"l .l. JOSEPH Houovwz, Arts and Science, ILS., Atlantic City, N. J. Zeta livin 'luu, l'Ix:-cutiw: Cuuncil 1, Drnmntis: Society 4. New Yurk University. CHl'iS'l'l'Illl"llil.D llowl-:LL JONES, Engineering, B.S.M.E., Wuuchulu, Flu. Alplm D:-lm. liuntou Ellgitlmrrilig Snciuty, l'n-no. 4. 5, A. S. M. E., Ilurnlt-1: County Club. Muna S. llousrzu, ' Teachers, L.I., Jatcksonville, Fla. Phi Dc-ltu 'l'hcl:1. Scc'y and 'l'r4'us. of Suphu- lnnru Clmm, Vigilnxlcu' Cnlnnlilll-a', y. Surpt-nt Ribbon ' vty, Fmrlrllnllll l. 2, Il, -L l"l0riilu l"r4'slmltul l"ri4-mlrllip Club. Y. M. C. .-K. WAYNP1 O. .lrzwt-'l':nsoN, Engin- eering, B.S.E.E., ' Pensacola, Fla. 11" Guns WYINCHI-ZSTER Howiz, Architec- tnrv, ILS., Burlington, Vt. Ullrgoylu Club. Alum: Llal-: JOHNSON, Law, LL.B., Jay, Flu. uhn Mxlrnllull Dubai!- ing Sncicty, Fun' Litcrury Society, Pros. Baptist Sun- tluy School Claws 4, Y. M. C. A. J ' 1 k.7Q7L7Q76.7L7Q7Q.7L7g7Q4 P4Y4?4T4?4Y4T4Y4Q4Q4Q4 1 YQ, A - AQ IQA- - A :QE 1 X. 1-xv M. ,Imm- LIIIU, LL.l1'., Quincy, Flu. l'l1i Alplul lipuilnn, Alplm Knplun Pai. Colnnlurcu Club 1. 2. John Mnrsllnll Dvlml- in: Sucia-ly 3, -1. M. B. JorumN, flgrirrullure, I3.S.A., Cunnlen, Alu. l'r4-mall-nl ll. Y. P. U. 2. Buplisl. Studi-nl Union 2, Agricnlluru Club. 'l'noMAs l,Rl42S'l'0N JOHNSON, Business !lllIIl'iIliJlI'!lIl07l, B.S., St. Petersburg, Flu. Dm-lln Signnl l'i. linnunmrrcu Clnll. Sl. l'uh-rxlulrg Club. HARRY M. KAI-LAN Law, LL.B., Mizuni, Fla. Tull Epsilon Phi, .lnlln Mnrslmll Dchuling Suciuly. li. U. JON!-ZS, Teachers, A.B.E., High Springs, Flu. 1'l,uuu' KAZAHIAN, Plzarmacy, Grad- uate in Pharmacy, Orlando, Flu. Mnrlur :xml Pnsllc. Lnigll Chuxuicul Suuiuly, Gynlnnsiuln LL-:ulur 2. QQQGPJAAAALAQAAAA i V v ' 7 1 V 1 r V i ' v V rw HM' ,.AX V ' . 'C . ARTIS LAN:-2 KlaN'r, " ' Comnlvrcv, BJ1., Gainesville, Fla. 1. 1 limnrlwrru- 4. lnlvrnal- linnul llvlulinus 4, Spanish 2. DAVID E. LAWIRII-1, Engineer- ing, b'.S.E.E., DJ.lylIJl1il Beach, Fla. lh'pr4-su-mnlivu lo llvlmling Council 3. 4. Y. M. C. A. Cnhimrt 4. Cn-Clmirmnn Du pulntiun XVork 4, Signm Tun, A, I. E. l-I.. ll. E. S. CHAIN.:-Qs BRYAN Kmc, Engineer- ing, H.S.C.E., Sneucls, Fla. Vi Alpha Sigllm. Phi Kuppu I'hi. Sigma Tun, A. S. C. H.. B. E. S. llrzxm' Hns Lrzwls, Jn., Law, LL.B., Muriunnzn, Flu. Knppn Alpha, Vigiluurv Cunllnillvc, S1-rpvnln, l'n-sith-m 4, 'I'rv:nsllrcr 3. F. Dum.:-:Y LANsnm.1,, Archilve- lurv, ILS.. Miami, Flu. Olnvgn llprilun Tlmum. linml. Oruln-sim, lnlvr- Murul Counvil, Gurgnylv Cluh. liunel - Mumlgn-r -I. l'n-sinh-nl Unuvgu llpsilnn 'l'h1-lu 4. HI-:nm:n'r Am-:xANm-:n Lovlz, Jn., Lnzv, LL.B., Quincy, Fla. Onn-gal llpnilnn 'I'ln'm, Lumhulu Alphu. Slunln-nl Council Sllmm:-r S1-luml '20, X1 -1 L 'ff 'T' 'WY fi Q, lxlmi :afMH.',Q-l'f?.'?, vlan 5 Q Ll , . ,, lsfLi.3!MW' ' ' ' ' ' ':',f" lv ll L-pl' lu .l':. II .Y. l , v D iff , . , ' rg' k ,..l-Ag l' QL. -:Qi L - 4 WILLIAM LAWSON Lovlc, Engineer- ing, B.S.Ch.E., Mullierry, Flu. Wu.L1AM L. M CG I-11-1, E ngincer- ing, II.S.M.E., Century. Flu. As-i-uunl Gln-vr Ln-nulr-r Il. H1-:ul Chvs-r Lu-mlvr 4. lic! Liuul. liulluliuu UC." Scub- luurnl uunl lilurlv. A. M.l-1. 3, 4. li. E. 5.1. 2. 3, 4. lblw. ill. l'u-nnnculu Clulr. llilll' 'l'r'xuu 'l. 2. 3. Cuplaiu 3. WM. ll. l'4YLl-I, A Agriculture. li.S.fl., Bartow, Flu. Alphu Gululuu Rho. Alpha Z1-lu. Agricul- lurul Clulu. llmmr Cuurl 1. Junior l'rmu Fillnlwc- Cmuluillm- Il. Sa-nim' liiug Cum- luillmw l. .l. W. NICKAY, Engineering, Ix'.S.E.E., 'l':1mpa1, Flu. Alplm D1-llu. linunr Court 4. Siguul Tull. A. l. E. li. fl. rl. l'rn-sinh-Ill -l. ll. lfl. S.. Sovcvl' l. PAIIKICIK W. MAC- CAIlTHif, Engineer- ing, 12.s.M.E., lsle of Pines, Cuba. lllli Knp1mPhi. Siguui Tull. A. M. lf. 2, 3. 4, Bculuu Engin- e-uriug Sncizely 1. 2. 3. -1-, Y. M. C. A. Cuhiuu-l fl. NUHMAN W. MCLEOD, Jn., Crrlrllulla Work, Aucilla, Flu. .,.Mw.x,Kg,-.2-.gL-imma, X , . Q, X 1. ' wr "r" ix gk F?-f ' Q is S iz V.: is ,fi ll ii e ff in A 3 5 En 1 if n x QA' I fi V ul: - ci' fe w wi wx' x 'X af HQ rl: ' 5 :V lx 394 wi i . rl ii n 3' H s . . i , Q 3. r 11 lk Ig L HW V'-f c f ,. . . . ,- . VL-:.H--'X' :,,1gi,k,m A J?-5 in . A -1-.Y-rw ,R- N ,aw i n ragga J I ini J Y' L. Y 2 '1 'il l i A " V 1 , ,,. - , 15, , wx .Lu qs f '1 PM ll P4 Q 5 H lmns Munn, lllIlII'lIlIl!"Y, Crm!- , - V 1 vv I1 r I ax .IQ r 1. ,AQ I1 L - A JL . :mm in Plrflrnzzzcy, Tampa, Fla. llbn Chi. Mortar :nhl P1-ell:-, L4-igb Clu-micnl Soni:-ly, Gaumnn Slgxlva Iipsilml. Boxing Il, Smal:-nl Aemislmxl in Cllmnls- try 2, 3. 'l'HOM,xs Il. Mmzkrzu, Engin- cwriug, lf.S.E.E., llonifuy, Flu. x I 1' F '4 1 n. I-1.5.2. :L 1, - ' .lonw Nlmmsmmzs. Im'usim'ss xlrlnlinix- lrution, l?.S.ln'.,4.. Pensacola, Fla. lixccluivr- Connell 3. Vigilance Cmnnlillm- 2nnl l.lvul:-nnnl Cmn- pnny "C," Cmnlnvrm- fllnb. "lf" Club. Dux- ing 2, 3, -l. ,luniur l'rmn Uunnlniun-1-. Sa-nlnr lnvilulinn Cmnlnilh-4-, l':-n-n vulu Club 1. 3. W. 0. Nllxl-zu., Business flrlminis- tration., B.S., Fort Bleurlv, Flu. Hnnnr Cnnrt 4, Dnllu Siglnn Pi, Cnmnnrrcc Club 2. 3, 4, Box- ing 3. Tmck 2. Tru-nsnr:-r nl' Finrizln I-'n-slnnnn Frlcnrl- ship Club. 1 Km-: bl.-UKTIN, 7'r211clrvrs. fl,B.E., Gainesville, Flu. l ' ll. B. NIu.u:n, Teaclzers, ' llushnell, Flu. Q7'Q7'L7L7Q7L7Q7Q7'Q7'g7Q4 PAY: 4 AYL 4 LY.: 4 4 1 -'Simon if ' I 3 O' r1 r n ,AQ1 lKgj,. A QJQEI W.Mn.i.1-:n, C0lIllIH'I'Ct',, Orlando, Flu. lh-lln Siglnu l'i. llulninwvrcn- Chlh, I". I". l". Clllh, Orlannlu Cluh. Cmms D. lll4mm:AN, Com- Illl'l't'1' 111141 Iourlull- isln., Sl. llulerslmrg, Flu. Hunk:-llulll 4, lluivvr- sily uf Minln-som l. llnivn-rsily nf Wiv- vnnsin 2. UURIDUN S. M0llI.l-EY, .ln.. Engin- l'l'fl:I1g, l1'.S.C.lf.. .lzu:ks0nville. Flu. 'l'h4-lu Chi. 'l'hn-In lliluhon Sunil-ly. l.'Ap.u-In-, liumlnill Sqmul l. 2. lhinkn-llmll bquzul l. 2. ln-uma 1, 2, 3. firms. F. Mmuus, 7'r'0rrl1e1's. B.S.E., Baker, Flu. Kappa Wm-lin Pi f'l'n-nl fl, -l, Whllulom-il Cllllr, l'ra-willvnl Il, Pvuhmly, l'r4--airlvn! 4, M1-mln-r of Y. M. C. A. Council, Sm-niur lling Cummillm-, Kappa l'hi Kappa 3, fl QS:-ut. 41, l'i Ginmnu Mu 3, 4. lm4lru4'lor of Phynicul liillirzziliuil ll. -1. M A i IRI cl-1 L1-1 il: Moolu-1, Arts and Scir'l1.1t0, ILS., Laurel Hill, Fla. ll:-llu Chi. Honor lluurl -L Phi Kappa Phi. Gunnmx Signm lipsiluu. l'lli Siglnu, llc-llu Epsilon, I.:-igh Clu-micul Socii-ly, Svlfy mul 'l'rr-ua, -1, Smzm-r l. Siuulmmi Minh s...-i.-ly. Foul-:s'r I'lAnnoi.n Nl.llNCl-Ill, Arls aml Szrivncc, All., Wcsl Palm lieacli, Fla. Alhh-lin Cmnufil -I-, Du- lmling T1-:un fl. -l. Clw- Uhlh. lsl Lin-ill. Cn, "lf," Khnii-run ll:-llu Kuppu, l'hi Du-lui l'lsi. Siglxm D:-lin Psi, Alpha l'hi lipsilon. Smululuuril und in -. rv . Ar Club "'4. a llvaurlx C , Ill I. 1' H 1 , I l'u Palm hlh , 1x I W 'llrawk 'll-nm 3, L - V-V-V -f - .Y A, 5 Q Q 575. L Q. 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MAIKCIIS N. OWEN, lz'l1.wim'ss flrlminis- lflllitlll. lf.S.B.f1., 'l'nn1pu. Fla. Dvlln 'l'nu Dvlln. "F" Clulu. Alligator 2, Svlninnln- I. Ulm- Gnlur .l, 2. Il, Suulnlmrcl nllll lllncln-. Mnnnpa-r Var- sity lin-lu-llmll Il. Clmirllmll Junior Proln lI4nnxni!la-v Il. y Y 'l"l ' unm- 5 .:'. ll .y. Canal. L. OW!-1NliY, l,uu'. LLJI., Lakelunci. Fla. Alpha Tau Onu-ga. llluc K4-y. Black anxl Whit:- Mawqm-. 54-ahlrarcl anzl Iilarlv. I i:'l1l4-nanl llulun--I Infantry. "F" Club. Yarwily Uaiwluall, limilufw Niunagn-r 4, Frwlmlali liasf-lmll. Assistant Managvr 2, Inlra'Nlural Council I. 2. 25. l. "F" Hunk. liu-in:-M Xl,ul.lgn-r lf. XVILLI.-KM PHIl.l.Il'S. Law,, Tkllllpil, Fla. PAIII. Ii. l'l':'rl-ins, 7'tfllClll'I'S. ll.S.If., ' , Cllipley, Flu. 1 ,L Ngglna Iauulnla lan. , .I mu-:s Cl.Il"l-'HRD Pu,v1'1', Plmr- nmcy, Phg., 'l'aHul1assee, Fla. ' Si-guna Lambda Tau, Mortar and Pc-sllc. . Imigh Chl-mical Society. Q w ' .. Iflmwx LUN Pl':'l'l4:nsoN, flrtx and Sviffrice, fi.B., Miami, Flu. Phu hal Iv.: lau. Hmvmm lam: I'l1'l'x.-ul, I1'11siru:ss .filllIlilli.Yfl'fIlilIll, I3.S.Ii.A., Miami, Fla. l'i lianllnzl Xiu. livla Siglna. Umlullnfrun' Club, - lun-rualimual R4-lations llluh, Phi Kappa Phi. , -.,,gz.., I at .3 Q I A yu- X V-.iff-e.yf::,g -, A . is 1 . 1..:. -'fly . , V , , I1 111 YI .y. J limvmnm S. Qmmz, ii A A 'lzgl l l 1 .J y flrlx 111111 Sriemrc, ms., .lzu'ksnnvillv, Flu. Il.-Im 'I'uu. l'hi Ku'-pn l'hi. .lusrzrn lhvnss RICE, Business A l1II1fiII'i5U'llli0ll, l3.S.B.!1., Gainesville, Flu. limnnwrcv Cluh. Y NI C x L. W. RAUI.r:ns0N, Teachers, A.B.E., Crescent City, Flu. .lonN Lfxwuzn Ric:-mums, Law, LL.B., Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nu. Omicrnn Dvltn Knppn. Thctn llihhnn Society, Bnsvlmll, Mnnngcr 3, lnnvrfrnlvrnily Confer- vmxv, Sa-crulnry 3, S--nlinulv. Avuucinh' Hzlitor 2. Amzx D. lhzrzvus, Tvacllcrs, B.S.E., Montgomery, Ala. Signm Chi, "F" Chlh, Famtlmilll l, 2, 3, 4, llnxing 1. J ons Au-'nizn Rouulns, Taruvlzclxr, A.B.E., Sydney, Flu. Knppn Phi Knppn, l-'arr Liu-mry Society, Cvumncrcc Club 2, I'c:nlvuuly Club 3, 4, llnpliell Club. 35" 'I - . ix . . II Y al' r..-1 Y' Y ls, .4 Wli,l.IAhI Iivl-:lun:T'r ROBINSON, Tmclzcrs, A.B.E., Palmetto, Fla. Phi Knppn Phi, Knppn Phi Knppn, Kuy-pn Dchn Pi, Pvnhucly Chlh. Mol-1 B. SAn:n, Law, LL.B., Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Hula Dclirl. 4 Orchcslru, Tennis, Mnnngcr 4. JOHN Ross, Agri- culture, B.S.A., St. Petersburg, Flu, Agricnhnrr Clnh. Livvslock .lmlging 'l'umn 3, -1. RICHARD Lmunalx SAMPL1-1, Business Adm inistration, B.S.B.A., Ft. Pierce, Fla. Siglnu Phi Epsilon, - Dclm Sigma Pi, Cunnncrcc Clnh, Inlcr- frnn-rnily Conference, Truck 2, Baseball l. f Ama RO'l'HS'l'liIN, Law, LL.B., Jacksonville, Flu. Phi H4-lu Dm-lln, llnskulhnll l, . .liUliliIi'l' E. Scnonzm, Law, LLJI., Miami, Flu. Pi Kaplan Phi. .. ,,:,g'fg.5-5 ,i--nj'g,ig3,,3g 'egg-2,q:gpfw31g:, xg., ,qfffn A -N - V,--'-M. 1 '.."'.'E',+'-. 'l!f.,1,.e,.-, Mig," :, -' M. Iv v, J, rl 1-rv.. 3- .Ig-H54 5 - .. .Amy ,. ,J-..5.-,v:g ,:.'.f,.i , 4, K..,,,l,w.1 V YI al' I' . 4 4 IL:....Ai-..fE IK91- . .lvl H. Fl':l.It SuAlu'l-1, ElI.gflN'l'l'- ing, I3.S.C.E., Jacksonville, Flu. A. S. C H.. lie-ulou liugim ring Society, 2unl I.i1-un-nmu Com- puuy "IX" R. 0. T. C., Rillu Tvznu 3, -l. Wu.1.1Au Gleomzlc Sm-:lm-:Y, Teuch- crs, l3.S.E., Jacksonville, Flu. Gln-v Club l. 2. Ji, I. ,luux J. Suuu.n-:Y, Agriculture, B.S.A., llrudculou, Fla. Sigluu Chi. llmwvlmll l. 2. 3. l. Fonllmll l. "l""' Club. Alblvtic Cuuuril Il. Gm' F. SMITH, Tvflclwrx, .'l.B.E., Almamu, Flu. Ku'-pu l'bi Kuppu. Pm-nbmly Club. l'n-xiulvul ll. Iulvr- lutiunul Rululioun Club, ln! Lim-ut, Cmulmuy "B," CI.AY'roN MURRAY Swmu:L1., Agri- culture, ls'.S.A., Pululka, Flu. Alplm Giumuu Rho, Agriculture Club, l.i1-utcnant Bulnrry "A," R. O. 'II C. IIAYMONIJ Lrznov SMITH, Engineer- ing, B.S.E.E., S. Jacksonville, Fla. l'hi Kappa Phi, Sigluu Tun, Y A. l. E. E., Bculuu liugim-1-rizlg Suclcly. V A. , RJ.. .. . 1 L-3'mEs. Q I v,f...':,:a.11e'..1' J-,k I -,. E'-:j'.:gf-V4 f , .5,1...Qfp.g51ff4, . .lf-,: ., . I . .- 4."" QQ ' ,.'i.,.T'5.z'i..- ,E I '2'2.-','lj1-91. ' ' H' ii:"'l" 1 I1 Q I1 es L75A17LALQ.Qs.7Q4P4444'94L4Q4444 JOHN BUCHAN ' S'l'A'lll.l'Il!, Biwim-s.r AlllIIillllSH'llli0lI, B.S.B.A., l Coral Cables, Flat. L....n.....f- ' unw-l L5- l Kuppn Siginn, H.lmL l liyy, Alplln Knppn Psi, l Gln-4: Clulr. Iutvr- Murnl Council, F001- ' hull, lNlnuagn-r ll. l 1 ,, 1 1 NVILIIUII LH.uu.1-:s , STONE, Lum, LLB., Sl. Peterslrurg, , Flu. ' l'lii .-Xlphn 174-lla. l Al.Hl'1ll'l' COllIl'l'Nl'lY S'l'EWAli'l', Jn., V flflill-ifl3CllLl'U, B.S., Ft. LilllLlCI'tlHlC, Fla. Dclln 'l'uu. Signln 'l'nu, l'i Dullu Epsilon, Gargoyle: Clull. B4-nlou liligillnrvr- ing Sncif-ly. Sn-luinnlv Arl Stull' 3. -L llnunulirx Club. A. lvl-1liSTIilC 'l'l-:NNI-LY, Teuch- ers, B.S.A.E., Tun Mile, W. Vu. Pvulmmly Clulr, Y. M. C. A., linpllsl Claws. A. G. S'roNl-1, Engineering, B.S.M.E., Tannpu, Flu. Sigvnu Tuu. A. S. M. li., llc-nlon lflngiuvring Snail-ly, Truck 2, llunnl, Urclu-slni. li. C. THUIINAI., Law, LL.B., Orlunclo, Fla. Sigur.: Lnlululu Tun,, Alpliu Plli Epsilon, Tau Kappn Alplln, l'i Dvllu Epsilon, Inter- nnliunnl liululinns Club, l"nrr Lilcrnry Souix-ly, ,lulln Murnllull Lnw Club, Alligulur 1, 2, 3, 4, Y. M. C. A. Exccmivc Council, l D4-lmlr: 'l'.'4un, ' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I"l ggggfgqqgvgswwl I1 ll Q- ... f "4 1-nf' " J" J-1. l -5 Sf3Y',7 I ui " "1?,J??5Q!Qf 'rm fini? YI L-pl' " ls--J 4 1 ROYAL UN1'lu-:lN- I-:n, LLJ3., Pensacola, Fla. Kuppu Alpll:l,.B.luav L11 la! Lin-ut. R. 0. I'. C.. Svulrlmnl uncl liluclv, l.'Apuclu:, llnnvllzlll 1, 2, fl, 4. R. K. VOOHHI-IICS, Agriculture, B.S.!l., Cuntonment, Fla. Alplm Gummn Rho. Phi Sigma, Alpha Zcln. Agricullune Club 1, 2, fl, 1. Prlrnidnlll 4, Flurialu Frunlunun Friumlsllip Club, Puusncnlu Club. M1'lCON M. VAIQN, Agriculmrc, l3.S.A., St. Augustine, Flu. Alplm 'l'uu 0mm-gn, Alphn Zvlll, 'I'hynunl. Apgriculum: Club. CIIARLII-J FIKANTL WALKIEII, Agri- culture, B.S.A., Miami, Flu. Sigma Lnmbdn Tuu. Cr:Li:s1'1No CAMu.r: VHUA, Law, LL.lI., Tulnpa, Flu. Sigma Chi, Pimlcs. SAM D. WAI.I.ACP2, LL.1I., Gainesville, Flu. Pi Kuppn Alplm, Ovuicrnn D1-ltn Knppn, Scnhlmrfl und Blullm-, Hluck uml Vlhih: llrlusquc, I. O, H. R. Cluh, l"rvnlunun foul- lmll, Svmiuulc Stull. Ex:-culivc Olliccr Cu. "1" " R O 'I' C I v....-. 'l'a,xcY R. XVALSH, E71-gl'IIv1'l?fiIIg, B.S.E.E., Pensacola, Fla. Alpha D1-lla. A, i. E. li.. lh-nlnn Engin- vvring Sooivly. l'4'nna- cola Club. l"r1-slunan liaaki-lliall. Amex L. WliliB, Engineering, l3.S.E.E., Jacksonville, Fla. Signra Tau. Bunlon Engiiu-1-ring Society. Vicv-l'ru-aiclcu! 4, A. l. li. E., Scorc- lary 4, Florida Fresh- man l"ri4-uilship Club. .louN G. Wann, J li., Teachrrs. ,4.B.E.. Gainesville. Fla. Sigma Chi. The-la Ribbon Souix-ly. Farr Liu-rary Society, I'1-aboily Cluh. AaNoLo D. WI-:i.cH, Pharmacy, B.S., Gainesville, Fla. Dvlla 'l'au Dvlla. Blur: K1-y, Phi Kappa Phi, Captain Bath-ry "D," R. O. T. C., Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Scali- bar4l uucl Blallc, Rho Chi, Mortar and Pi-:ella Socim-ly. Scan'- lary 3, Pr:-sirlcnl 4. Lvigh Cllvinioal Socivly. Soccvr 'l'1-aiu l, Sm-nior Clans lnvilalion Coln- luiltvc, llalnsaw Moilai. l-Iowaan F. WMS, COIN-ll1UI'l'l', l?.S.B.A., Miami, Fla. Ds-lla Sigma l'i. Nm-wlnan Club. Colman-fav Club. liaaoi. S. Wu.Lias, Law, LL.B., ,lense-n. Fla. I'hi Alpha Iipsilou. Conunf-rev Club 1. 2. John Marshall Dvbal- iug Sooin-ly 3, -i. Pin ll: lh uu louncil ggssfqggqss4Pl4!40AAY:A41 IKQE...A..Q lK9+ff- 1 1 Grzoncl-1 T. Wn.suN, Engin- eering, l1'.S.C.E., Sanford, Flu. ,lnuus Pow: NICLANAHAN, Arch itecture, B.S., Arch., Elberlon, Ga. Siglnu Chi. Siunm Tull, Gargoyle Clnh, Benton Ellgilwvrillg Society, Cup nnd Gown Connnillcc. Louis W. Zi-IIGLI-IH, Agri- culture, B.S.A., Fern Park, Flu. Phi Siglnn. Alpha Zulu. .loss-:rn H. N1-:vn.r.r:, Jn., Arts mul Science, B.S., Lakeland, Flu. Alphn 'l'nn Omni-gn. Cnptnin Bull:-ry ll. 0. T. C.. Gnlnnm Sigma Epsilon, '1'ln'ln Rihhon Sncim-ly, Scnhhnrci nnai Blade. ..B'.. Slnwm' 'l'nonN1'0N Zmw, Phar- macy, I'l1.C., Camden, S. C. Mnrlur nnd P4-sth: Society. SAM O. SLOUGH, Agriculture, B.s.A., Dude City, Flu. Sigma Nu. Serpent Rihhnn Such-ly, L'Apau:Iw. Ynrsily linsvhnll 2. 3. "F" Clnh, l'n-aiqh-nl 4. ...A-..A.J lK9+ff'- J N 1 V. C.. f.AMl'I!l-1I.I., EIlgflli'1'l'iII,'J, li.S.C.lC.. 'l'umpu. Flu. A H 1 I 'l'uAn ll. CAlll.'I'0N, Lum LL.Ii., Fl. l'icrcc, Flu. Phi Mplm Epsilon, llnuur lluurl 5. V-lllupi-ff. John Mxfrinull D4-Imling Suri:-xy 3. Paul llvl- 14-niv Smtivly 3, 0mm-lc-l lfmlllxalll Sqllznl 2. 3. Wmuu-:N W. CUNNUI1, Lum, LI,.lf., Pmusucnlu. Flax. l'hi,Kuplm Tun. min Cmnlmny "If," ls. Mnnng:-r vellulmu lmnwlmll. uh-rnily Cunfvr- vvwn- I, li. .Iulm Murslmll lin-lmtv Club, l'n'ni1I1'nl 5. A. I.. Ouvl-zu, lLvIIg!fIIl'l'fiIlg, I1'.S.C.E., .lzuwksnnvilln-, Flu. 2ml l,i4-uh-uuul Umu- puny "IJ'." ll. 0. 'l'. C.. Arm-rivnn Sunil-ly Civil lirlpim-vis 2. Ci. -L H1-nlon l'I1xgim-vrinlg Such-ly 1.2. 3, -l. RAIN:-:Y CAw'ruoN, 7'1'm'll1'l'.w, fl.Iz'.lf.E.. YI'2lllilllilSSK't', Flu. 'Hu-In Chi. Svrrn-lnry mul 'l'rn-:mm-r Slmlvnl lhuly Ii. l'n-aid:-ul Suplnonmn- Cluns. Blu' fill. lihwk mul Whilu' Mmulun-. llmlvl Culnnf-I Klnnrlmnnling ll. 0. 'l', C. lie-ginn-nl. Viral:-. Ffmllmll I. 2, Ii, 4. Cupluin -I. H. F. GARIIISUN, EllgfIlf'l'7'iIlg, Im'.S.C.E., Sl. Allgllslillu, Flu. lim-num liugim-vl'lllg swmy, A. S. ml. rl. Y Y v, ,v v, :....A...AQ lQL.-f.4h..A Kllzwxmn V. BUC Law, LL.B., Mi mi, Fla. hi mu Na. PAUL HAROLID MARKS, Law, LL. .. Miami, 'la. l'hi llvla D1-lla Ahsl. Varsity lfzmllmll Mgr., l-'rr-xlllnan lfnnlhal Mgr., lllnu- llalur, Sm- linnlc Stall. Associate liill ur 3, Calor Duo. All 'nlnr Stall, lnlra-Mural lgr. .I A was T. Sc,u:LioN ', Phrzrniacy, l'l1.G., Tampa, Flu. Sigma lnla, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Mnrlar anal l'--alla-, Leigh Clwmical Sucinly. EDWIN L. lVllLLl-IR, Law, LL.B., Orlando, Fla. lln-hating Cnnncil, Sn-c'y Sl, S4-1:'y anal 'l'r1-as. 4. l'r1-el. 5, Du-hating Tx-axn, Tau Kappa Alpha, l'n-n. 4. 5, l'i Dm-lla Epxilan. V.-l'n-s. 5. Alpha l'hi Ep- silnn, Sa-c'y 3. 4, Inlvrna- liunal llvlalinns Cluh, John Marshall D1-hating Sncioty. Cumlncrcn- Clnh, l"lori4la l"n-slnnan Frivml- ship Club. Alligator Stall' 1Y. M. C. A. lftlilor 2, DL-hah-Q linliwr 3. 4l, l"n-shlnan Dvlralu Cham- pionship 'l'n'aln. Uppvr- clans Int:-r-nuciz-ly Da-- lvalvs, 2. Y, M. C. A. fMunilur -1, FU, l-'r4-sh- :nan-S'mplmmorr Orntur- ical Conlcsln. Davin Wn,vnr:n l,0'l"I'I-Ill, Architec- ture, ILS. flrrrh., St. Augustine, Fla. Gargnyli- llluh 2, Ii, 4. Sa-Hy anfl Trvas. il. Urcln-sua 2, 3, fi. Gusmv Nl-:al CLICK, Arts and Sciwmus, ILS., Pensacola, Fla. Siglna l'hi l-Ipnilrxn, Sigma Dvlla Psi, Alpha Phi lipnilun, Ulun- K1-y, "F" Cluh, Le-igh Clu-lniual Suciuly, P1-nsacula Clulu, Track l. 2. 3, l. Crass Country Tvam, Capluinll, l"n-uhlnan llaski-lhall, 'l'lu-Ia llihhnn Souix-ty QDann:a- Uulniliitlw-, lnilialiun Cnnnnitlm-D, Sa-niur Ring Cfnnlnilln-4-, lnlvrfrah-rnily Cunfvr- vnca-, Svminuh- Stall. I I' ,A . ,p.......g .' . H V Y' YQ' YQ' ,L..4L... 'YM4L IrL.4Qn..Ql if , fr N. DoN,u.n Ross, Agriculture, 13.S.A., St. PClC'l'SlllIl'LE, Fla. Agriculture Club. Wrvslliiig l. 2. I,iv4:- suock ,lurlging 'l'4-:un 2. 3. XVARIH-IN Louis Vlllilllllili, Law, LLB., Live Oak, Fla. l'bi Kappa 'I'nu. W1i.u,xM 'I'AYLon PII-IIICIC, Engineer- ing, l3.S.C.E., Baltimore, Md. Pbi Gunlum Dvlm Uolmse Hopkiuw Univcrsilyl. CARI. K1NZAlllAN, Plzrzrnzuc ', I'h.G. J , Orlando, Flu. Cnuimn Sigma Epsilon, Leigh Clic-micul Society. Mortar :mal Pc-mls: Sncim-ly. Emo Fmcro, Engineering, B.S.E.E., Tampa, Fla. Kappa Plli, Sigma Tau, Benton lflllgiilnroriiigg Socinely. A. I. E. E. DAVID '1'RArToN, En.gin.eering, B.S.E.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. lil-mon linginncring Soniuly, A. I. E. li., St. l'ctcre4l1llrg Club, Svminola: Arl Stull 3. Y- vi -X f wa f .f mm I'l - .'+'1:'..w.-.1:.:v'- H KW' , '- ,. 2 . - ' '-L" , 'tfwg Si'g3"' 12A.'ua-fi? ",.'l122-' ' ,G , I I V FF .4 as 4 :mul I s S uv, LL.1s., A allulmssee, Fla. Kuppn Aiphn. Mnmiging: liclilor Aliigutur. Emlitur-in-Chiu-l' 51-mi- nule-. lnlm-Mnrul Cuumzil, Bu- 'v . Prn-sill:-nl 5, ii uuk um uh' Mxmllu-. Phi D1-ilu Phi, Pi IM-ilu Epsilon. Pre-sinln-nl -L Pirul:-ro. L'Apucl1n'. 'I'ha-lu Rihhon Suvif-ly. Mulmgvr l"n-nhnmn lhmku-lluaxll 2. Oiums i,l'ISI.Il'I SANDS, Cum- IHl'l'Cl', li.S.B.!i., Orlando, Flu. Dm-hauling Cuuncil. Omilvslru. Munugn-r i"n-ssilnmn D-'hnling l'n':un -1. Give' Clllh i. 2, llusim-us Mqllugc-r 2. Ulm-ga Dvlm. Dvltu Sigma Pi. Kappa Gnnrlnu Da-lm. Cum- lna-rcv Club I. 2, Ii, 4, 'l'rn-usllrvr 3, 4. lnlrr- -muivty livimlvs. 'l'HmmS L. ALiaxANmcn, Arls mul Scrizflmes, AJ3., Taunpu, Flu. Knppu Alplul. Pl-ilun' Dum.:-:Y CLARK, Cum- mcruv, lI.S.B.A., Pensacola, Fla. Phi Du-lm Tin-lu. Luaoxmm Luna MCLUCAS, Teach- ers, Sanford, Flu. Siglnn Phi Epsilon. Sn-rpcnl Rihlmn Society. Pneulmciy Ciuh. "F" Cluh, Fnulhnll 1. 2. 3, -i, llmlkvllmii 2. 14. 4, Swimming 2. 3. -L iimwhuli 3. 4. W. M. DAVIS, Ju., Commerce, A.B., Rollins Collegcg D.S.B.A., Univ. of Fla. Orlando, Fla. Sigma Chi. -gg Pi D1-llalipsilmx. V.-Pros. I 1. sign... D4-lla chi. Pr.-H. S. l"urr I.il1-rary Semin-ly I. 2. Prrs.. Fla. inlvr- H uullvuialv I'r1-as Amfn I-, 5. S1-c'y. Lilmvral Party. F1-:mx AN'ruoM' Hlflllll-IH, Agri- 1'nlIur0. li.S.fI., 'i Jucvkscnllviilc, Flu. W. LM TON DlNNl1xr:, .,0IlI'Il!lII'SIIl. If.S..1., Tampa, Flu. Mgr. Iirlilur. Alligulnr -L i'Izlitur-in-Clli1'I'5. Invita- iinau Cmnnliltw- .luniur i'rnln. lllun' Kvv. liiauk mul Whilv Masqll1''lll. 1 Fo "If" ll U 'l' 1' ri f v'- .Y 1 f Y. lv W II l.L..nx:-.via ls-DA - fa Pill kappa l'hI. Svrg. flallvry "IL" Agri. Klluiv. V.-l'n-el. Il, L1-igh Chvluical Sunil-ly. Joie C. f:0I.llSllY, Er1g1'11cr'r'ir1g, li'.S.C.h., Darla City. Fla. ' Sigma Chi. l'Ix1-zzulivv - Cnum-il. S4-My annl 'I'rm-au.. ,lnninr Claws, Vigilanrz- Cwnmitlu-1-. BluLIQ1. Cupluill Cu. "ii," li. O. 'I'. C.. 1. Svahlvarml am! lilanlv. llvnlnn l-Ingimw-r- ing Suri:-ly, l"r4-ninnan Iiasks-lluall. lima. Mgr. lin' Hvlllilmlv 5. 'l'1ma1As I-I. JAMIQS, l1n.vim'ss flrlmin- rstrntion, ILS., SI. Pclurslmurg, Fla. D4-lla Chi. llumlulvluwuu fiillil 2. fi. I. Sl. l'1'lr' Cluir 2, J. -I-. 'l'n-an. IS, Cllairm-an I-'iuam:1- Ilmlllllillm- Junior l'mnl. lah-rfral-'rnily ' f7nnfvr1-m:4- I-. VI-ZRNICI-I Law HIQAHN. 7il'IlI'lll'l'S, fl.lz'.lf.. Miami. Flu. llvlla Tull. lC1iilor-in- Chin-f "li" Iinukfi. Dvlual- ing lf-am. le-ul Livul. Un, ll ll U 1 1 P1 if .. V. ,. . . llc-lla lupslluu. hm: y, Alpha Phi lipnilnn, Kappa l'hi Kappa. l"arr Lil:-rary Sm-in-ly l.2. l'1'aIrmly Clulr 3. -I. i"l'4-nlllmxll limnllmll Squad. Ri1l4-Sqllad.l,ih-r- ary lislilor Alligalnr 2. Lil:-rary Iidilm' Sn-lninnlv J. i"1-alurv lidilor Svmilmlz- 3. Conlrilnlling liililor - Iilln- Calor Ii. RI-IUIHCN BICNNI-1'l"I' Ulm. Tz'1lclu'r.w, fl.b'.E.. i'iilI'lSCiiC, Alu l"l T--"'-t lillll ' A . ' 'I lx.-an chi. l':x.-.f.aiv.- Y A ,Q ff' 'fm' , FV .5-L 1312 Guam-il vi. Kappa l'l1i i ,,,.. . . " 'V' "A -, ' " ' 'Xi Kappa. l':-ahmly Cllllr, i rv! lvl E25 :YQ P7 El. A iw.: 4 LK S'T'fj..'Qf??:rl?4 ,ii'f'.,..5xg F' W I W. N-4 ,,-- ' Engineering Society. Law, LL.B., 1 ...Tir V, 1. .J-'V , L ...A-..r Q' f onci: MARVIN J EEN, mv, LL.B., Tampa, Fla. Sigma Nu, Band l, 2, 3, 4, 5, l'hi Dclln Phi, Thcln Ribbon Society, President 6, Pirulus, Cuplnin 7, lntcrfrntur- nity Conference 6, Annislnn! Mnnnging Editor Scminnlc 2. LLOYD L. BALDWIN, Arts and Sciences, B.S., Miami, Fla. Della Tau, Cnplnin Co. "B," R. 0. T. C.. Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Vurnity Fontbull 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS Artur: Rnomas, Teach- ers, A.B.E., Wooclville, Flu. Phi Kuppn Tnu. Pen- lmdy Club, International lla-lntiunn Cluh. F. E. LIGGETT, Engineering, B.S.E.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. ' - A. S. M. E.. Benton 'l'HoMAs J. RIVERS, Green Cove Springs, Fla. 'l'lwm Knppn Nu, Phi Alplm Dultzl. W. T. Mrwo, Arts and Sciences, A.B., S. Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Kappa Phi. '.x,f".'. 341' , ' 'f :',,i -' -1.-, ff-S12 " , . ' yy , iw ,'.:.1n,-g. , V '. , , V 1, . ., i1" Z'.'ffn Iipzf - . 5' .- iw A WH, I"I 1 1 , f,11i:viL.:- I ,, QWTWQWRW - px- MQ" if .3 'v,rf,.lx- .fexkfsi T 'ifwl ' 'L ... .-. -'I C il L. YI El' r1fv' Y1 fY 'vw I - J - 4 'f if ' - ' - DM.:-: VAN SICKLI-2, , 4 ,'iff.figggQ ' T A.l3.E., . 1 W. ...M TQTQ 1 . 1. y I IIA' Council. Vino- ' if-iii 3 pn,,m,.,,, ,L ' llluck null , ' ,S 1 Svrpcul Unnchuu Fun!- Foollmll , 4, Nllvrluxln Cup- 4, llum-bull 1, 3, 4, NELSON 'l'AKAuAsul, Engineering, B.S., Ch.E., Gainesville, Fla. Sipmn Tnu, Gunmuu Sigzmn Epsilon. 'l'ln-ln Chi Dx-lln. Clu-miuul 1 Engine-uring Suciuly, ' Pruniclulit 4. llrnlon lillginm-ring Sonic-ly. ' 'l'. FRANKLIN l XVICST, Law, LL.B., Gainesville, Flu. Alplm Tau Ounrgal. l'imt1:x. K. L. BLACK, Conmiercc, B.S.B.fl., S Minncolu, Flu. i Pi Knppu Phi. Alplul Kuppu Psi, Cmulucrcur Club, Bum-lrull l, 2, 3, 4, Cupluin 4. J. 0. Boo'rl-:, Jn., Commerce, li.S.B.A., .lucksonvillc, Flu. Pi Kuppu Plli, Scrpuul llilmlmu Snnivly, Umuvm-rcv Club. NORMAN C. lflzuxvl-lv, Engin- eering, l1.S.C.E., Miami, Flu. l'lxn-culivv Council, ls! Limit. Hum-ry "C," Sigma Tuu, Sculmlrunl ' und liludv, A. C, li., ' llillc: 'l'c-lun 1, 2. Muluuu-r 3. .-J MW YI !I7X-YXYX-,XIX fx al' is Ax-ve WE IKQL.-f-.iA..4JI ' .4 .L-:J-bg., Sli.. .js 'J' 'Ge .Z 2 5. 4 .. -4, - ..- wx,-. .. i,, XVILLIAM G. CAlu,i-:'roN, Law, 11 ,, Univ. of lnrl., 3., f '. . Univ 0 Ha rpn l l ', l'iru c' Y ll llihlmn Society, nun. Lilivrul pa, Tun Kappa Klplm. lsville, Ind. u Sigmm. H11-i Kay, Kill ' ii, Phi l'ln l x I J. C. Wumpow, Commerce arul Journalism, B.S.A., Cllutulloocllec, Fla. Kulipxl Sigma. L. E. Mcilmiow- Nl-JY, Arts and Scivnccs, B.S., Tampa, Fla. Di-lla lilmilml. Cmmml Sigma Epniluu. l"urr Lili-rury Sucivty I, lmigll Cl11'ul'l0ul Socivly l. 2. 3. -l. F1-llciilg 'l'1-um l, 2, 3, 4. Enwm L. WlLI.IANIS, Teachers, ,f1.l3.E., Ft. Meade, Flu. Kappa Phi Kuppu. Ilifiuwmm G. BLANCK, Com- merce, B.S.B.!l., Miami, Flu. . 'l'nu lilmilou l hi. Cum- nwrcn- Club. Vurwily 'l'vnniM lllunugi-r. Emzfui B. .l QHN- wlcx, Arls and Sciencvs, li.S., Gainesville. Fla. I.:-igh Clivliliml Sm-in-ly. l"rm-slnn-an Boxing. rv! FYI E. -J yv-D .'Y1 fT. Q-vu lfliuun' Gnlclcw, Con1marr'c'. l1' ., Sl. Pelershllrg, Flu. IJ1-lmtinpx Tvam 3. li, Pi Gulnnlu Mu, Alpha Phi Epsilon. Dramatic Semin-ly. ,lohn Marshall Dvlralim: Sncivly, Cum- lm-rv:v Chlh. Ulm' Galnr Slilif. Sulunwr School Rvws Slulf. GI-:RALD mercve, Sarasota, Alpha 'l'au ht I 1 Alpha Psi Piruln-M, Ulaulv. Scrpn-ni Society. Track Manage-r 2. ,IOHNNIIC LUNAS SA NUI-IR, Engineer- ing, B.S.M.l'.., Minneola, Fla. Unwga Upnilon 'l'hn-la. liaml 2. 3. -1-, 2uml Livut. H. O. T. C.. I.auuh1la Alpha. Law, J D Uvalda, 0 l . 'maP1. .xl-Lu vu, . umzil Ii. llnnnr Cn W1-, D1-hauling 'I'vam. 4- Ks- Phi Kappa Phi. fliilalstk and Whito Maeuluv, Phi D1-ha Phi. ,loHN M. iViCNA'l"l', . . ., ' ' 'z . Si, ' F Y xi - Un url Blu.. Sm. JAY l?mu,MAN, En,gincering, lf.S.Ch.E., jacksonville, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi. H1-num liligiliun-rilur. Leigh Cla-lnical. CIN-mica! lillgim-vring Such-ly. CHAMLHS WILLIAM Vocm-zu, -TCUCIIBFS, B.S., Fl. Laudeulaie, Fla. Pcahmly Chlh 3, 4. I'rvsidn-nl 'I-. Kappa Phi Kappa. Dc-lla Nu. Km-nluuky Chlh. Font- hall l. 2, Bankvlhall 1. walling 1 2 'fra 2 Nurs Da A fl u-1 .u....f1f-Q BILL DUCKWALL, Arts and Sciences, 11.B., Bradenton, Fla. Phi Knppn Sigma. Clark uf Honor Court 3, Pr:-sidcnt St df-nt Body -L' rs K ' , Bluck and White usquc, Calle! Ll. Culnnvl Arlillcry R. 0. T. C. Bnttulinn, Scub- hursl uml Blzulc, Pirulcs, L'Apnchv. Golf Team 2, 3, 4, Cupluin 2, 3. Florida lntmvrcnllr-gintc Gulf Champion 3, Chair- lnnu Lihcrnl Purly 2. 3. Prvnimluut Southern Ferl- 4-rntion of College Stull:-nts. JACK WILLETT PUMPIELLY, Special, Jacksonville, Flu. WOOIISON C. Tucxxan, Graduate, M.S., Miami, Flu. D4-llu Chi. Gununa Signnn lipnilnn 3. 4. 5. Prvsiclvllt 5, L1-igh Cllvlnicnl 2. 3, 4, 5. SILAS M. '1'm:oNsoN, Chemistry and Pharmacy, M .S., Houston, Minn. Knppn Sigma Phi, A. B. St. Olnf, Gnmnm Sigma Epsilon, Leigh Chem- icnl Society, Counsellor Tnnching Fellow in Chemistry. .lonN Bfuucucv Rossun, Graduate, M.S., Jacksonville, Fla. Iiund 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, Phi Knppu Phi, 3rd Plucu Gymnasium 'l'nurunmcnl 2, 2nml Plum- Gymnusium Tourna- luvn! 3. G Honor: ALMA I-IAwK1Ns, Graduate, Buy Harbor, Fla. Phi Alphu Epsilon. :....n.....' .N-v-IQ IQIM. QQ! '-' Noun: Bovn -:I-1 g ARMSTRONG, Graduate, M.A., Melbourne, Flu. ,. Kuppn Dc-lla ll, l'r1mi1lcl1l4, Sigma Tnu Dnlln, Pcubmly Club, Secretary und Truma- urnr 2, Crurlunu: Club. HARRY C. WINTICII, Chemistry, M .S., Water Valley, Miss. A. B. Univf-rsily of Alulnunn, Gamma Sigma llpnilnn, L1-igh Chemical Snciuly, Grnduutc Assistant in Chemistry. NIARSHALL T. DEONII-IR, Graduate, Gainesville, Flu. v J Iixvg Q mfg Q Q75 Q Q Q4 no n .0 .4 Q ptpinipinil 'V' ,Y, . ' . . ' wsmlmw 4- - Y-- ?. . T ,- -I -- juninrz i1lllHJH9Z',,t v ..1..- 3:6554 x'-9-JQZ IQIQ:-:f A-A 1-:QQ I, .IOP SCHIRARD TOM A A QXANOER BRANTI IY BRANNON Law Law Law Sanford, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Lake City, Fla. VVINSTON ARNOW' GEORGE L. PATTEN Commerce and J0lLl'lIlllI:.SllL Teachers Cainqsville, Fla. Miami, Fla. I MYHON PREV ' T DONALD IVICGOVEI I JOE KIRTON f Lam Law , Law if Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville, fla. ' Jacksonville, Flap OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS: OFFICERS JUNIOR LAW: OFFICERS FRESHMAN LAW: W1Ns1'0N ARNOW, President Tumms Ai,14:xANm4:n, Prasiflenz DON MCGOVERN, President OLIN Fl-1lmUsoN, Vice-l'resiflen.z ,lmw Scunmnn, Viva-l'residcnz Mvmm PIIICVATT, Vice-l're.siden.t Cl-:mmm L. PATTI-iN, Sec.-Trans. IiHAV'l'I.lCY BMANNUN,Swr.-Trans. ,Ima KIRTON, Sgg,.Trcg,g, lv! lvl E.-J hd , 1 lllllf A 5 lmlf L Q...A.....Lff - :?1Q lQ l FELIX BENTON HOWARD BARKER PAUL M. BURNS A rchitccl are Teachers ' Pharmacy Tampa, Fla. Fort Meade, Fla. Craceville, Fla. BY ON N. BUTLER JAMIS' AD. BRUTON Law , Law Chipley, Fla. 4 Plant Cily, Fla. I LEROY BETHEA WILLIAM S. BLAIR CLAYTON CLAUDE B Teachers Business Administration Law jacksonville, Fla. Clearwater, Fla. Live Oak, Fla. ASS 543 gang-1':'f-A N'?'.PIQ lK4Df-9'.?'-JA. isiqq , Q9 TOM O. Elil-RYHILI, LAWRENCE H. BERLACK ROBISRT CLYDE BOLIQY , Law liusirress Adn1.inistration. Teachers Ft. l,uuderclale, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Tampa, Fla. DONALD M. BALDWIN JAMES A. BARHINEAU liusilzess flflminislralion flgricullure Jacksonville. Fla. Gonzalez. Flu. LEE W. BURNER HUISERT C. BANNERIVIAN KING DAVID COLSUN Erzgineerirzg EII.giIl.88l'il1g .4 rLs and Science Sanford, Fla. Tallahassee, Flu. .lar-ksonville. Fla. 55.553555 i L1 X,--,XM I-,,...., Q H 95 IVREIJERICKH.BARSHELL BANZ Q CURRIE HENRY NNOR Teachers v Law I ,aw Avon Park, Fla. West 'Palm Bench, Fla. Inverness, Flu. RUSSELL E. CURTIS WILLIAM L. CAMPBELL Engineering Teachers Luke Worth, Fla. Kissimmee, Flu. GLEN B. CALMES HENRY F. CURRY GEORGE R. CROIVTEN linsiness A1lm,iniszmn'on Engineering Arts and Science Gainesville, Flu. Bradenton, Ein. Titusville, Ela. Il lvl El! hd W ppm-.715 wssliv-E lgar.-"'Jf.h iesqq H 3 1 DANIEL D. CHURCH CHARLES S. COONIES AULK' B. DUGAN lizzsilmss ,flrlznillislrrlllfon EllgI:lI'8CI'l:llg Law Tampa, Fla. Sl. Augustine, Fla. Sl. Petersburg, lfla. RALPH C. DAVIS NORMAN H. DERR Journalism Arls and Science Lakeland, Flu. V Jacksonville, Fla. ' CARL T. DURRANCE JOHN f. DONAHOO GLEN R. DALE Teachers X Law flrls llllll Scielrce Okevchobce, Flu. Jacksonville, Fla. Franklin, Penn. F YI V Y BASIL L. DEWITT MERRILL F. ELLINOR DANIEL DELANEY Business Aa'ministration Business Arlministration Business Administration ' Jacksonville, Fla. Havana, Fla. Ormond Beach, Fla. BENJ. R. EDIVIUNDSON MUNGER D. EDWARDS Teachers Arts and Science Pensacola, Fla. Chattahoochee, Fla. V RAY S. DAGLEY JOEL 'VERS WILLI H. DIAL Arts and Science aw Law Gainesville, Fla. lVlu berry, Flu. Gainesville, Fla. AKYIY V Y nz Ig9:g,'l'+'f-L N'2Pl'Q lQ'L9..,!'!AA H ' Wim.-- Q! l f' JOHN S. BARKER WILLIAJV FISHER, JR. EDWIN N. EDRIS Teachers Law Teaclwrs Gainesville, Fla. Pensacola, l"la. Winter Park, Fla. JOHN LAVISHEH Wll.l.lAlVl . FRECKEH Business flrlminislralion 1 Law Tampa, Fla. Tampa, Fla. - RAYM D E. FORD NEWTON EREDRICKSON CARL J. GUARD Law liusiness Aflminislratiorz Engineering Ft. Pierce, Fla. Jenson, Fla. Orlando, Fla. I :L .-4. IVI Q Q sfg an Q Q Q Q. L4 P454 4 4 4 4 454 4 4 A 3 ' C m g9:z':'f-A.. x-sis-3 lg431f.s'.ff-A-A TSYQE H Q LOUIS 0. RAVEIJQY, JR. JAMES li. GAY .IGHN H. GARDNER X Law HllSiIlt'S.Y !JlllIIl.lIiSfI'Illl-OII liusiness Arlnlirzislralion l liumi, Flu. 1, Juvksolmvillv, Flu. Jucksmmville, Flu. TIJOMA A. HUWZIC BICNJANIIN J. GRANT X Law ,IOIIVIIIIIJSIIL Palmetto, Flu. Juuksmlville, Flu. MISIRRIT M. l"0XWOK'l'H GARRULD G. FRISUN JOHNNY C. HINSUN .ffrts llllll Science Telzclzvrs lizzsillcss !JllIIIl'lliSlI'lllf0Il Live Oak, Fla, 'l'ilusviIle, Fla, Quincy, Fla. KQQQLQ is Q4P 4 rg Que-:A x,-sq-g ig-91f:.'fq tw W 1 -ff JOHN IGGINTON J. IV SMITH W. H. ROBERTS Law R Law A rls ami Science Miami, Flu. Heflclick, Fla. Homestead, Fla. HARRY WIQSTBROOK W. H. WICELDUWNIQIY Teachers .flrls and Science' Gainesville. Fla. Tampa. Fla. , ,' vf Cl.Al'lKFf'DOl.IVE .-X. li. TH MPSON. JH. HAHO ,D WAHI, aw , Lau: .A Law 1 r anclo, Flu. St. Pelerslulrg, Flu. Cocoa, Fla. Yxigfxfx i- : 'br- W lK9...l-.H-P71 . N?+1Q lE WILLIAM J. HELLSETH LAHS B. HJEHMSTAD W. W. HARVEY Engineering HIIISIJIIHSS Azlministralion, Teach-ers V4-ro Beach, Fla. Green Cove Springs, Flu. 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Kissimmee, Flu. H. W. Sf VWART J. D. HAI 'INGTON DIXIE B1-:CGS aw X .aw V! Law Jacksonville, Fla. St. Pelerslxurg, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. T i-. -l Q g91?s'fA x."!.f:Q2 lg91e.,!-:A,. lang QC O. M. B ANT W. D. ROBERTSON O. P. .LUHNSON Q aw Arts and Sczkfnce 1jLaw, Jacksonville, Fla. Milton, Fla. Sl. Cloud, Flu. D. T.. MAIRKETT M. E. LUCAS, JH. I Qu ALmu Ar dia, Fla. 'nzr'fhpa, Flu. 'MARTIN C ABELLO C. ILKHESS B. R. JO ANSEN X aw XXXLGIIJ x ,aw Tampa, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Cl8ill'WillCI', Flu. xfxfxfxfx m m - .mmm rrij ' :Q g9'z?f,A,A xS'::qe2 lQrs"..:"ff A H5529 1, f X .l. MIl.'l'O EN CHARLEQ' B. ANCEY ARTHUR Gl'B!BONS gjjazu rv l Vlfauchula, Fla. Umatilla, Fla. i Tampa, Fla. J. H. M ,LICAN G. W. ST6RM aw ' Mu Palalka, Fla. ' Sarasota, Fla. A " . f' J. L. I AZOKBY ALBERT ."BARKERX J. N. JLIOTT ' Law! Vgzw S Law Fl. Lauclgflale, Fla. Jacksonvillv, Fla. Del7uniak, Fla. YI y v H QL-7 A N?P1Q2 lK9I2.-"MAA iesegl sg JAMES F. HOOPER KENNETH E. HAZELDINE EDWARD J. HILL Arts and Science Special Student Engineering Chicago, III. Terre Haute, Incl. Talluliasseeg Fla. ERNEST L. HENDRICKS LOUIS B. HAINES Engineering Arts and Science Island Grove, Fla. Altamonte Springs, Fla. ll' . JAMES A. HAMIVIACK EDWARD R. HAFNER WEBER B. INES Engineering Journalism u Leesburg, Fla. Brooksville, Fla. Altamonte Springs, Fla. Q7 411141 45 In H 'H,'iii n- 1 , ' v H gig-'IA QIQ TQIQAA R'-,QQ ii Mfri 1 ROBERT RCHIBALD RAY N RTER MANNING DAUER X Law flrls am Science Teachers Jacksonville, Fla. Miami, Fla. Tampa, Fla. T. E. ANDERSON ROBERT DEARMAS liusiness Allminislralion Pre-Medical Jacksonville, Fla. I, Tampa, Fla. H. C. BALDWIN O. P. HNSON T. G. HALL Law K Law Business Administration Port Tampa City, Flu. , Sl. Cloud, Fla. Fernandina. Flu. 4'!4'K4Sl7xYxfx7x!x7X7X7x q g H .1 rv! ltd E3 3 1' BIBLE 5 rg 3911,-IAJ N,"-'f1Q2 lp-32.5.-"1-A-A Q-QQ H BEN CLEMONS JIWIMIE NOLAN SELWYQKC. IVES Y Teachers liusiness Al,lII.iIliSU'lliIi0lI ifhaw f, T Tallaliassee, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Luke City. Fla. JULIAN MARKHAM WILBU JAMES Teachers Business A1 rzillislralion Lake City, Fla. Orlando, Fla. i I". S. K. LEWIS CLYDE HARRISON CUS,l"iilflQH Electrical Enginering Arls and Science inmw Miami Beach, Fla. Bushnell, Fla. Miami, Fla. - 1 r ' 4 " I5Qi---- 'w ife----I-effifel W I X T. J. JONES HEHVICY ANCEY ff. TOM W TR OUS Agriculture ,!,aw X aw Palm Beach, Flu. Tampa, Flu. Tampa, Fla. J. M. KIBLER L. K. WALRATH flrts and Science Arts and Science Lakeland, Fla. eystonc Heights, Fla. W. POPE, JR. J. B. N LLER l,. D. CHILSON Journalisni .aw Arts and Science l"l. Luuclerdale, Flu. Tampa, Fla. Bradenton, Fla. 4'!4'KjY4!,1! X-YXYX-7X Ip5..l-.1g7f-N?'IQ lK9 ,i-.,,,.,....,...-. .. - ........ . --------,..-?W .. .WW-V V . --v---Y--A--' I nf R. P. CARSON, R. H. JAMES JOHN NLWKUNTY Business AdlIH:lI.iSll'Uli0ll lz'usines.s AlllILiIIl:SU'lIll:0II flrts mul Science Jacksonville, Fla. Sf. Petersburg, Flu. Miami, Flu. R. P. HI HELL G. L. MONTEIRO 1 X ,aw 11 rls and Science "fGuinesville, Elan. SL Petersburg, Fla. L. B. YAI ROUGH, JOSEPH AVIS CHARLES .HAPLIN aw aw liusiness AlllILiIl,iSff0lil7Il Tampa, Flu. Miami, Elan. Miami, Fla. rv: V EJ hd v- Y r 1 v ol ' -v rw K,D,Qq",f..gvgp4Q24 I1 C. B. AC CEVELAND J. I. HICKENLOOPER .L L. ROSE Y Law Electrical Enginering Journalism. Miami, Fla. Palatka, Fla. Sioux City, Iowa Ii. C. STENSTROM, JR. .L H. JAMISON Law A gf1TCIl.1fll-TC Wuuchula, Flu. X Walmzlsso, Fla. L. J. SHUMAN D. R. HWARTZ JAMES DAVID Electrical Engineering Law Chemical Engineering Lakeland, Fla. Jaurksonville, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. YXYXYXYXZL Iv! Y hd J i : . ' 1 .1 L J A mr ggi-'YA-x?rIQ2 lg43Is.e'f 3 1 IIIILE sf 1 J. H. iUDSON C. C. THIS JOE SHAIPIRO N Law ' ,aw Jain Jay, Fla. Hallings, Fla. Miami, Flu. lf. E. PHIPPS DON oL.Ix"E11 Business Allnzinislralion Xfglllli Sl. Pelersburg, Fla. If Kissimmee, Fla. jf' A C. L. EDWARDS H. W. gl'EWAR'l' A. I". MACDONALD Ifleclrical Engineering V Law Electrical Engineering Tampa, Flu. Jam-ksonville, Fla. Archer, Fla. I1 in , -3.1 . L- QQQJQQQQ 5424444444444 E IQ I . .,,,.,,,M,, , ., l". E. GEHAN X. L. LINDSEY FRANK ANDERSON Teachers Teachers Business fTllIllillI:SlI'dKl:0'II, Tallahassee, Fla. High Springs, Flu. Gainesville, Fla. .l. H. COLLINS E. W. GREENE Teachers Teachers Miami, Fla. Stuart, Flu. li. E. S ARNES W. .l l ICRAE W. D. WILLIS, JR. ,aw Arts al Science A rchilecture Ft. Myers, Fla. West Palm Beach, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. .J 4 FYI lvl hd td W 3516.174 xv,e1Q2 lg91""".,.fA,. sg Q f- . JAMES R. ANTHONY JAMES J. ARNOLD LEO H. ARMSTRONG Bll,SilI6'SS AlilIlfl:III:Sl7'llll:0lI Teachers Engineering Jacksonville, Fla. t Lake City, Fla. Manatee, Fla. RECINAL R AX'l'Fll.I. 'l'HOMAS C. BU'l'TS I .Ill .flrls and Science ,lacksl lville, Fla. Orlamflo, Fla. A ROBERT A. ANDREAS IRA W. BRANDES ROBERT E. BYRNES Arts and Science Teachers Commerce and Journalism New Philadelphia, Ohio Callahan, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. 1 'I F' als els 4 Q lK9 '1 C. li. KINZIE W. W. DI ONC Businesf Alllll-ill-I:Sl7'l1li0Il Xl IU 1, Fl. Myers, Fla. Arcadia, Fla. If C. T. l 'ES EDWARD EVERETT XY- aw Arts and Science Mayo, Fla. Orlando, Fla. 'YI FYI hd kd My mind to me a kingdom is, Such present joys therein I find, That it excels all other bliss That earth ajfords or grows by kind: Though much I want which most would have That still my mind forbids to crave. SIR EDWARD DYER. ""' 'slmrmnm Jzaraasll limraaxmwzl Ll vvfvv vvxfxfxfvx If Fi! Ei 9uphunu1rv5 SIIMIUWVI yuan- 1 Y 1 ms J L an .rl guy, K I A 'K JAS. C. MARTIN HAIKVICY F. PIERCIC ICD PAHNELL V irc'-Presill en! l'rr'sia'f'r1I Sf'l'I'l'lHl"V'Tl'l'flSllTPI' The Sophomore Class ' To the Sophomore class falls a large portion ol' the respon- sibility for the enforcement of freshman regulations. Through the medium of the Vigilance Committee, appointed hy the president of the second year class, justice is meted out to the rats who fail to abide by the time honored rules and customs which are imposed on them. The V. C. is the vehicle through which the Sophomores control the freshmen. Making the responsibilities of a Sophomore especially pre- carious, however, is the annual sack rush between the first two classes, and all of the preliminaries leading thereto. This day. which is set aside as one of retribution, gives to the freshmen a defense they would otherwise he without. The present Sophomore class is one of the largest in the history of the University. XYLZLYXYXY i T' Ld vw lv V Y ,,A,, uv W lwvifx xi,D-QQW VQ-5g9',:"fAXi',QQl rm " A 'fa A s .MW -S1 f ll Q A, A '- . g. 1- f- ' u x 52' 4 ,t V. . " ,wr I DJ l F' s.7Q.7Q7q7Q7s. 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'iikxl , 0 A ni f 2 ' 3'I. , ,A x , 'tj I X 5 , ' I 46 1' m . K ' ,av 'V 1, v A NA A fa rf, ' ff Q S v . -9 ' sr ' Xj K 5' 1" li l . l A l Q V 1 . 1 M f , -nv x ' 8 v.., 1. T. x " 4 l in .. ' -vs t o '.? f " 1 V1 v' ' 3' i1 5--QQQH IQ'-'A iff? , ...1 l :K uv ' um: 2' fi A' mv g 23 f 1 .' If 'N Y 0- Mr , I . . .1 W I J-8 13 3 .. J A 1, 'V EA, L , YJ . , -Q .X Y a - . 1-b i 4 i 4t4t4vk4t4k4xz14kzu7xfxfxfxfxfvvxfxn ,W , , Yn,,w, .. , , v - bv q' V 1 r ' ' y 1 I r .1 ,ff M N ' '-H' r ' ' K355' X U N g 1 1 7 V ' 1 V 3. v . 4' ' I -, I A Q A- V rd, , W,Q.4,f ,wif -,, Fl Ntlvidlilif 'K1'K1'!I7w-73-7x7x'7X-YL.7x.7x.7x.7x. I.. V- I V I-- -I W QWZYY Y Y YM-i1? 1 Y W v - -v Y 1 ' v- W 1 W VA1 :gg '39,-9.:."ffAw.5gQom IK9,95",fAx, ..Q-Al ,fi ' W -9 B Q ' ' I st X V , I ,cv - . "3"A.. . fx A x' - 5 5-. ll,-W W , W, Y , Ax, , , ,WW ,,, 1-u F1 E21 Ea! -ff-QL' Q.-ff-Q J 1 up X A 2 Pb, RSE "Q umm f af llllld 3 .. A 7 lg. ' fi , Q Y I . S A , so , 'U r. 'ra v l -gg i!X1Y.4x1i1K1Y.1klYl7x7xYxfxYx2'A'Yx7xYxYx . Im ' A ,... V i - K' J ms A dit A Am , , 7 .1 1 1 V ' A SX V' 9 .N E v N -' Q V 1 r Pr 1 ' 1 r r G V 0 ' I X 'r 5' i ijK.ZY4'KQ4i fxzxfkzurxfvxfxfxfvrvxfjj 'ii' ' fiqv 'is' W ggi, Acgzil rgb, qk .,.-1. W . 1 V 1 y - -wr Q 'Y' E I g4x1x,4!4x4tlY4'XA!l7X7x7x2'x?X7'i7xyxl an Ea NSENIRHVZE - , fm , - ilfrezahmvn swung: :HW P .. - V -1 - ,. ,ga g9ol,."ffAN-?.5gQZl KQQ:l.7'ANi' ...JI 'Q GEORGE GUNN GUY TOPH WILLIAM RENTZ V ice-President President Svcretrzry-Treasurer The Freshman Class Many duties and responsibilities are attached to the rela- tionship of a freshman. By custom he is required to observe numerous regulations, the most important of which is the wear- ing of the orange 'cliatn cap. Violation ol' freshman regula- tions is an offense for which the neophyte is answerable to the Sophomore Vigilance Committee. The big day for the rats comes during the second semester when the first year men are allowed the privilege ol' meeting their older brothers, the Sophomores, in the annual sack rush. This is one of the most interesting events on the University calendar, and the preliminaries during the week previous provide the Juniors and Seniors with much amusement. The freshman class this year, under the leadership of Guy Toph, president, has been well organiked, and on its roll are men who have shown great interest in the all airs of the Univer- sity. i 1-5 'H 7 7 7 Q 'K QQPA .4 A 4 4 ,Q 45454, na 51,4 V1 ' 'if 15' ' V V 'if N-wiv 'IV1 A Iwi ,,..ffAxS-,, icq I 695 .741 A Q A - A NW - me 4 iw ww " 'J , , L1 J a f if-If +1 ' Q "T N A 5,162 N . Jr 1 7 4 . ,., . . 1 4 I , V . i 9. D ng h ai., IA , ,-1 " qv . - W' ' ' li f ' ,fs v V, .w - K, fr 2 W f if .. , ... IVI t4x4krxzXzKz1vxfxfxfxfwbzx7vxf R1 E1 liz! iw: :Lg Kap1ql,e.',f:15bjQ2l .1 ' V i , K 7 ax .- umm N4 5 mme .A ' U Q 8 AL .11 ' 1 ' "' ff? J . 155 : 7' Wa Q' 1 V, I 'f A Y N2 rf kT A K Hex. Q -2 2 .if ' , ' 7 ll i - axi- i 4f1'K4i4Y4f'K4'k 4t4 Kl!17xfxfxfx'7l:r:..fx.7xfxfx1fv! .I -- t K ' n - -. ,ug NIILE A5 A f' 'g ' lm" M J, . 2 is '24 Q Y H fy r S 45 EI., ' v ' if 7 A' J ih"1, E ' . n V m X 'F K L ' 14,3 f 8 ig f a ff? '- Q 1 f .K K' .pgs . 4 "'. ' " 8 3 5 32-T5 '-Q . A 3 A ' ,Q ' - 'K E if w g 6 f, lj "R ,Ax ' Z: I .QT .V 1, 'Q - . V V. R . I lx X 1 VL ' ' 'im i .M ' i VF' W E1 Ea! f , - 1 ' I I ' :W A ' fQ'r'jj"Q41 r' i3'w 1 I59" HT'-v 921 549, fax, ts-gI l Y ' x l i. Anfx . F uma 45 I .x M f funn , N b v -'V S . ' Ev I yi K . 3' h ' f fi 1' , , ,M YL f r . , H .,.- .A,:i, 1 g ' ' H Q ,ff X 'T' YA - Q4 .',., gg wiii 'A .- 5' ,wp 'fr ' -T 1 Q I , , , K def 9 ki , . .. 41" - 35 F51 L V3 I '. - L 1 - ,J . 1 L W A 4. I ,v "" " 1 llllll 4 1 !w' , ,k 4 IQ 'W v Xi ij .g +m4,,: xAi A M , ,W ' I 'I Q , W , V V xv I 'Aj ' , we f 'Y K V . ,. , A! Q 2 I ag V - W Q39 I Q 3 ,f X! ' '1 f. A' if T . 4 1141, F1 ,t,14xfx414x4x 4vxfqrxfxfxfivxafxfxfxfx gfg Ei . ,.1.1 F11 f rw' '-Q':'lf1 'OS9' Q Q2 rg' ?fp K , lv . 4 I 4 mme M 1 V is WL F' L V V X ,- V ' X ' Q " ' Q xxx! . . -4 - - xi- ' , 4 "' V 4 I , , t IJ 14141414141441414xl7-4fxfxfxfx1mr1fxfxfx ' 'cy-'Jia' ' ' '6 Nw..13' 'IV1 Eg IQ: :vw 4QZl p JA AQ rm ' ' , G Y' I ,G-4 .A I U Y I f ' ,Q g'.v' M M G f M, , ,Y M, an 0 ,J . L ,, -' ' . M X x .Q I x ' , , . Yr, .. V L ' , qi! 4 ' w f s X 1 Q, 1 f wk A? S I ! I D N w, 2 1 at 'k"T'f1 H A , i, ggi . I kglrxfxfxzxfxzzxfxf Eze! , Ea! V1 .x 0. ' L ., W vt -'A' V1 ,,' .frfAss,,II-4Iq IK9,.,-,.vlANsQ.-4 QI r ' u 7 mme L A - . Q if 2 an I r- ag- Y S' I m 5 ff . .Ku f f X i "' Q 5 xx I P? Q' A 0 w F1 ,v 1 v v V57 7 v 741PQWQQLQQQASQWAYAYQSLYA v f wc-- ' V-vids-.':'f W IQ, Mr, Q1 9 A Q 1, Klilili -f " W x2'XZ5.7kZX7X-Yi' x ,asf 'c 4 1,1vfs?,,-mw.w:,w2 Q 1 Q Y . -1 ,t V. s,t.Wls1w:a N X ' 'I-ugly ' ' :W t if ,z A g1 EQ , . 2 . ' .- v4 Q at vf g ,1A fA f' k , 1. if h iff m WN V W Qt n A A L J x :ALA J Alma Mater 'HIN if QE' ?"f 1 ,Mid l01U,fi7lg Pine and palm "'2N f ftzz1'QigZxL2,G"S'f,iz'5iiff,1 ,-, " gZ?l7,fla"llfIZ'Qff"lZh,W E-5' mfs, Slnumu as We kneel before her shrine: Around her vine-clad halls She doth. our hearts enflwine. Go forth, ye Florida men, March on to vietoryg The Orange and Blue shall ever We cannot conquered he! Oh guard that sacred flame, Uphold the glorious nameg Our love shall never fail- flll hail, Florida, hail! ln Alma Matefs name We take each comrarle's handg Throughout this Eden land. We boast her matchless flame A Old school we love so well, May God keep watch o'er allg And may His Spirit dwell Within each Gothic wall. Oh sing, ye Florida rnen, The joyous sound prolong: The Orange and Blue shall ever Be this our battle song. Our voices now we raise In Alma Mater's praiseg She ever shall prevail- All hail, Florida, hail! win- Willa- lxlll.'l'ON L. YHATS, '25 mamurlla 'V' L.7Q7Q7g7 7 7 yqy 49 YL? QL? 'QLQLYQQA Iv' .a , ' ,fs Athlvtirz Pl"l'0'f"l' .O-0.0 fl ' wmnrlla CID?-S0i1.'iC9l k 'Til , Ili' , 1 .. I fi z-fi 3834 ' .,..,.., Q. 4,.,. ,VI-:--lv Q A ' if ' , ' .4 ' rm L A J ' 4 rm Edgar Jones New Athletic Direclor w N., .'.QQ 'Kbj,'. .41 m L J A ml The appointment of Edgar Charles Jones, l,l,.l3., '26, of Jack- " sonville, as Director of Athletics of "' the University was recently an- nounced by the Board of Control. Edgar played in the backfield of the famous Freshman team of 1922, and in '23, ,24 and '25 his outstand- ing performance as a varsity back won for him a bright place in the Gator hall of fame. In i925 Edgar captained the lflorida eleven and that year was selected All-Southern quarterback. He is a former president of the Southern Confederation of Stu- dents, and during hiscollege career lived a useful and distinctive life. Since graduation he has been prominently associated with the Atlantic National Bank of Jackson- ville. C""q,, The student body of the University welcomes Edgar Jones back to thc campus of his Alma Mater and wishes him every success. Athletic Department A CHAS. W. BAC!-IMAN, Director of Athletics and Head Coach Varsity Football JIMMIE BOYD .......................... Assistant Director of Athletics W. C. t'BnA1n"' COWELL, Coach l"reshman lfootball, Varsity Basketball and Baseball Muon jAs. A. VANl"Ll'Il'IT ................. Varsity Football Line Coach NASH HIGGINS ..........,....... Varsity lrine Coach, Head Track Coach ,Iota Hol.slNt:lf:lt .... . . .Varsity Backlield Coach, Inlra-lVlural Director C. I". WlCI5l'Ilt . . ............. l"reshinan Line Coach, Football A. P. PIERSON . . . . . .l7reslnnan Line Coach, Football JOHN PIOMBO . . . . . .Boxing Coach, Varsity Trainer l"imNK Wiurziii' . . . ........ Director of Publicity l"ltANK Gi'INOVAIt .. .... Swimming Coach Ani:i.,uni': YoN . . ........ Secretary 7' i V' g7L7L7L7Q.7Q7L7'L7L7Q7'A1P4 A L A 4 L7 .QT QQ4 Y f' IEE!-Dl'!!'!A x'1s:Q2 lg-exe..-e'fA,. 1-gg' rw 1--Q JIMMIE BDYD CISSISYAN1' ATHLETK DIRECTOR w. ancnmnm Ht-Ao coma , h JOE HOLSINGER , NASH mums DALE VAN SICKLE V, BRADY cowel-L FRANK WRIGHT J' 'X VMAJOU. .n.A.vAN ru.-Er 1 , JOHN DIOMBO Wi L 531. L L i?L LYQ1 Pl J in l lv l l Ez! E3 ATHLli'l'IC DEPAli'I'MlCN'l' PEHSUNNEI. H 'TN C 1 A - .The Omellets The Florida "Bw squad, Coach Nash Higgins'0melets,is often unheralded and unsung, yet deserving of the highest praise. The ineligibles, the scrubs and the novices form the personnel of the Omelet squad, and to them is delegated the duty of executing the plays of the Gator opponents, while scrimmaging with their more experienced brothers. The scrimmages come often, and during every session several sets of varsity players are sent into the lineup, while on the other hand the lineup of the Omelets remains rela- tively unchanged. As is often expressed on the campus it takes plenty of nerve, plenty of loyalty and a great love for the game to be a member of Coach Higgins' "BW squad. To the Omelets must go quite a bit of the credit for the success of the Orange and Blue elevens. Altho they very seldom crash through into the headlines, Florida students admire their real lighting hearts and appreciate the service they perform. rv! , Irv! E. E. Q 5 I v. Y Y 'v rQ4..4x.N.1-5.1 11-1eaf.f.rA..A1l JOHN S'l'AlJI,l'1R CllARl,ll2 fIl'lAI'l.lN fllllVlIlgl'l' 1lflIIllIIgll'l' lflvrl l"luricla's Varsity l'lI,NlllJ1lll season for l929 was not only very Slll'l7t'SSl'lll lm! was nuwl. in tllul for lllc Hrs! time since 1922. the Uulor Suuriuns jnurlu-yn-ml to Sulrlim-r's lfivlml :ll ' Cannllridgz-, Mussalcllusclls. to pluy l'lzu'vaml in ilu- first interscl-II1mul gnnu- ul' lllo sm-usml. Floriclu in the svuoml inlersculionul ganna amd ilu' lusl un lllc svlwclulm- svorvcl an 20 lu 6 victory over the University of Oregon in Miami. Coming buck, uflur the Tech llisusler. lo clcfeat lhc Cm-nrgiu llnllmlugs lm' lllc svmllml slluvessivu limo. l"lo1'irlu's Allllc-les looked especially imprcssivv in swumping ilu- .-Xlllvus ll'illll lly an score of 'IB lo 6. I1 E 7 re. lllllll Y i kQ sQQQ,.,,y4r4 V 4401 Ea 1 'v ir V rnb 1 H ICKS We Mrs 'Mrs Q. f r . .Mn -i ' Mi RAE MOUSER Closing a year-to-year eontraet with Washington and Lee. Florida has arranged games for the 1930 season with Southern College in Gainesville on September 27g North Carolina State llniversity in Tampa on Oetoher fig Aulntrn in Jacksonville on Oetolwr ll: llniversily of Chicago in Cliieago, Oetoher 18g l"urman in Gainesville, Oetoher 25: Georgia at Athens, November lg Alabama in Gainesville, November 8 flledieation ol' New Stadinmjg Clemson College, Calhoun. S. G., Noveinher 15: Georgia Teeh in Atlanta, Noveinher 28 f'l'hanksgivingJg and Tennessee in Jacksonville, Deeemher 6. Noveinher 22 is open and will prohalmly he filled later. Southern College journeyed to Gainesville for the opening game with the Florida .-Xlligators and showed an excellent spirit on the gridiron against superior weight and speed. hnt were defeated 54 to 0. This game with the Moecasins is the annual enrtain-raiser on the Orange and lilue schedule and marked tlte heginning: during 1929 of high-seoringx, season for the Gators. We look forward to another game with these fighting: Southern College Athletes next year. The following week l"lorida's Fighting Gators journeyed to Tampa to meet their first lIonl'erenee opposition. The Cadets ol' Virginia Military lnstitnte proved to he a tongh assignment. lntt hy snperior playing and strategy, the Sanrians were on the hig end of a I2 to 7 seore when the final whistle hlew. The Cadets specialized in long passes. hnt during the first half this aerial attack was repeatedly stopped. The Gators nsed a nniqne hnddle system whieh seemed strange to grid fans in Florida. hut it was the heginning of a system whit-h proved its worth during the l't'Sl of the season. After the first half the V. M. l. haeks darkened the sky with deadly passes. many of which were eotnpleted for long grains and whieh aeeounted for their lone tally. Tlioronghly alarmed Q.. -- F' g7Q7L7Q7Q7'Q7Q.7L7Q7Q7L4 PLYAYLCQYLTAVAQLYLYAQA 1 Y N L 1 V '1 rqgbrh JN PHIEL ri: ' " .1 lQDy -Yfisxs-N' Qin i YJ .- NOLAN SAULS t ol' sult- hy tlte sttdden change in tlte gatne's trend, Coach liaclttnan sent a steady strean stitutes racing out to break up those Virginia passes. The cotnhination ol' Sauls. Nh'- Ewen, Seay, and Goodhread proved successful, and alter halting down tltree consecu- tive Cadet passes. tlte last, threat was repulsed. Gators wlto fared especially well in tltis fray wet'e Captaitt Cawthon, Sauls, Seay, Steele. Goodhread. and Nolan. Gill. Williams. McCray. and Langhorn played well for tlte Cadets. Tlte Saurians journeyed to Montgomery the following week and emerged victorious from a determined light with tlte Auhurn Tigers in tlte Gators' first nigltt gatne hy a I9 to 0 score. "Cannonhall" Clyde Crahtree counted the initial marker early in the lirst quarter when lte cut through right tackle and ran tltirty-one yards through tlte entire Plainstnen defense for a touchdown. ln tlte second qttarter llethea passed over the :Xulmrn goal line for tlte second score. Another pass, front Mcliwt-tt to Nolan. netted the final marker in the third quarter. The Tigers threatened only once in the liourth quarter, when the Gator line was lull ol' suhstitules. Night loothall was quite an innovation for l"lorida's lfighting Gators. httt they played their usual deadly game and had very little trouhle in hrttshing tlte .Plainsmen aside. GEORGIA 'l'ICCl'I 'rn Cottfetw-ttct' title this year. lfate decreed tltat 'Florida should not have tlte Southt, Tlte Gators cruntpled in Atlanta and gave way heforc an inspired Golden Tornado front Georgia Tech, 19-6. The Yellow Jackets had heen all hut wrecked tlte week hefore hy North Carolina. httt tlte contingent which met tlte Gators on Octoher I9. was capahle of hutnhling tlte Saurians hefore thousands of Floridiuns who had journeyed to Atlanta. Tltotnason, Dunlap. and Mizelle were tlte highlights for tlte Jackets, while Steele. Van ' 1"' C'ltol's, Sickle, Cawthon at nd liethett played em-ellently fot tht 1. E I l llllll 1 -Y- DLE A 'Qt -r-'fl xv .v.1 r 1 r MSEWEN 4 N , A Q-1zl 'film - Si- ,al . A . .1 gl' . ,- QLLO3: . ,. SEAY ' The nervous and uncertain Gators made frequent and costly ftunhles which resulted in all title hopes heing flashed to the ground. Accurate passing hy Dunlap and Mizelle netted the touchdowns for 'l'eeh. A thirty-yard pass in the first quarter. Dunlap to Nlizelle. enahled the fleet hack to step the remaining seven yards for the first marker. Another twenty-live-yard hullet in the second quarter, Dunlap to Maree. pttt Tech ahead, I3-0. 'l'eelt's last touchdown came in tlte third quarter when the poisonous ,lackets stung with a pass frotn Mizelle to 'l'homason. who hy superhuman effort leaped high in the air to Catch it and tlten raeecl to the goal line. The lone Gator marker came in the same quarter when licthea tossed rt lateral pass to Cawthon who skirted left end to score. GEORGIA 'l'he Figltting Gators staged a glorious comehaek in Jacksonville the next week. and man-handled the Georgia Bulldogs with an 18-6 victory, Although doped to lose hy two touchdowns, the inspired Gators stopped the eonquerors of Yale at every turn of the gatne. The Gcorgians threatened only once. late in the last quarter when only a few minutes of play remained, when they scored their lone tally. The Orange and Blue gridders were led in their attack hy Captain Gawthon, licthea. and Grahtree. who showed their hest form of the season. Exceptional punting, passing, tackling, and pass defense were features of the game. while the entire Gator machine elieketl almost perfectly. Steele. Nolan. Green. Van Sickle. and the whole team had a great dav. 'l'he redotthtahle lid Sauls hrought tlte spectators to tlteir feet when he got loose and eantered sixty-five yards to the Georgia five-yard line hefore heing hrought down hy Avg Q VQ K IK! x7X7 74 E l 5 y 1 7 iw lcv ff- -fsl tei A ssl JAMES nl 5 GREENE SILSBY Moran of the Bulldogs. First blood was drawn in the second quarter when a pass from Crabtree to Belhea put the Gators within scoring range. After a few line smashes, Hethea luggcd the pigskin around end for the first tally. Crabtree passed over the Georgia goal line to Van Sickle who made a beautiful catch to score the second touch- down. The third came as one of the most thrilling plays of a game when the flashy Crabtree snatched a Georgia pass and eluded the entire Bulldog defense to dash thirty yards for a marker. Dickens, Rothstein, who scored the Bulldog tally, and Maflett were the outstanding Georgia players. HARVARD ln the longest trip of the season Florida's "Land of Sunshine" football aggregation embarked on an invasion of the North for the first time since the epoch with the Army in l923, to meet Harvard University. Suffering from a species of stage fright before such large crowds Soldiers Field stadium in Cambridge, Florida's Gators were unable to superior reserve strength of Harvard's Crimson horde. Royce Goodhread, Florida's star halfback, was unable to get into the of a leg injury, and his place was filled by Ed Sauls, who had never making battle that frequent withstand the game because played in this position before, even in practice. With this great handicap at the start of the game, the best efforts of the Gators amounted to but one outstanding threat. Not having fully loosened up after this excessively long trip, very costly fumbles by Florida ball carriers enabled Harvard to convert impending disaster in tory, and to pull themselves up to the better end of a 14- to 0 score. to another vic- lntercepting a pass on the Gators' 25-yard line, Ben Tickner, l'larvard's great center, placed the Crimson in position to score her first touchdown of the game. After receiv- 'TYl'il'KlY.IY.l 7x.7xlXfX-i'x7X7X l i '53 U5 YF Ir 4 YH! CLARK wig .,.,fAx.., ., ,,.xAx, Llquyl li," vn ...s 'ctsmons nn.. . - DQOC TOD ' l ing a l5-yard penalty lor holding, Woods tossed a thirty-yard heave to Harding over the goal line lor the eounter. Ripping oll' four consecutive first downs in the fourth period. the Gators with Can'- thorn and Sauls doing most of the advancing. placed the hall on l'larvard's 18-yard line. Cawthorn lost the hall and Woods recovered lor the Crimson. He punled to Crabtree who also fumhled and Woods again recovered for Harvard. . The game ended with Harvard in possession of the hall. CLEMSUN l"lorida's "Fighting Gators" were again victorious over the Clemson 'l'igers hy a seore ol' 13 lo 7 in the feature event of the Florida alumni annual llomeeoming eelelmralion. Novemher 15. Alter a scoreless struggle ending in midfield at the end of the first quarter, Florida scored early in the seeond period on a pass from liethea to Yan Siekle, from Clemson's nine-yard line. Pheil failed to kiek goal. Clemson opened up with a tremendous aerial ollensive after Justus. Clemson left hallhaek, broke through the Gator line for a hrilliant 32-yard open field run. and Me- Carley and Nlealillan split the Florida forward wall wide open with a series ol line plunges. ' With their haeks to the goal. the Gators strengthened their line and held the lighting 'l'igers for downs, taking the hall on their own I5-yard line. Rt-eovering l7lorida's punt. Clemson started another mareh to the Gator goal, only to he stopped ten yards short ot' a touehdown as the half ended. In the third period Clemson seored. after two long passes from Nh-Nlillan to jones advanced the hall from the Clemson 20-yard line to the Calor 30-yard line. ,lustus elleked oll nine yards through the Calor right taekle and then atlvaneed to l7lorida's 'KAX1'K -vw. mb lm ,- V , ceixawaee v- A uv V H ., ..-vm, W Iraqi: Mcwl lwpn sgQD'I li N X it 5. 'HJ fi: ,fx 'mf' ' PARNELSL tllree-yard stripe hy a series of line plunges. Here Florida took the hall on downs and punted out of danger. McMillan opened up another air attack that plaeed the hall on Florida's six-yard line. A short pass, McMillan to Jones, was good for Clemson's touch- down, and Mefiarley added the extra point by kicking goal. Using a successful onside kickoll' and hy line plunges, Clemson advanced the hall to Florida's ten-yard line where Haines. Cator center. intercepted MeMiIlan's pass as the quarter ended. Florida opened the final period with long passes from Bethea to Nolan. and Crabtree to Van Sickle, whieh, after a 28-yard run hy Bethea. placed the hall on Clemsoifs two- yard line. Cawthorn plunged through the line for the needed yardage to a touchdown. A pass from Crabtree to Van Sickle added the extra point. ln desperation, Clemson opened up anolhcr hrilliant overhead oH'ense, hut Green. Florida end, intercepted a Tiger pass, and Florida marched to Ch-mson's six-yard line. only to lose the hall on downs. The hnal moments of the game were played in midlieltl with Clemson holding the hall as the game ended. S0li'l'H CAROLINA One of the five new teams appearing on the schedule ol "'l'he Orange Blossom" team this year was the South Carolina Gameeoeks, who throughout the season, according to reports, laid their plans to upset amliitions ol' the glamorous Gators. With a cold drizzly rain sweeping the field at Columhia. i7lorida's Gators encount- ered unexpected resistance, but overcame the surprise of the Gamecocks' slulihorn attack in ample time to emerge victors with a score of 20 to 7. Captain Rainey Cawthorn led the attack ol' the lfloridians throughout the game. and was responsilile for two of the three lflorida touchdowns. Red lielhea in the third i i V p75 70. Q A Q L 6 LGPL A 4 49 4 LQQQA f1"g.,ff A .'1' V1g xs.g"lr1 fs. le- A at -' ff- ,fs uint " t '- mv' I ' 'Q . V , STEELE ' , l M' ' ' 2' quarter Hashed a bit ol' stellar football form and took the ball ovcr for the second score. Blocking Saul's punt, and recovering the hall on Florida's I5-yard line in the second quarter. the Gamecocks made possible their single touchdown of the game. During the first half, the second string was scarcely able to hold their own. and it required the great superiority of the varsity to snag the scores. Sauls and Cawthoru alternated to carry the ball to within scoring distance of the goal to gain the first touchdown of the game. Crabtree made a quick pass to Van Sickle alter a fake kick and succeeded in gaining the extra point. Steele in the third period recovered a fumble on South Caroliua's 26-yard line, and alter a series of line bucks, Crabtree passed to Bethea who carried the ball to the six- yard line. Bethea, on the next play, Hashed around end for the next score, and Crab- tree duplicated to Yan Sickle for the extra point. Yau Sickle caught an intended pass by Eden, and Cawthorn took a 15-yard gain from the 42-yard linc. Sauls was given the hall and he raced around end for 20 yards to place the ball on the seven-yard line. Cawthoru plttnged through tlte line for the third touchdown. 'l'ry for goal was wide. WASH l NCTON A ND LEIC The Gators scored their sixth consecutive victory over thc Washington and Lee Cen- crals by a score of 25 to 7 in a slow game that marked thc termination of relations between the two institutions. 'l'hroughout tlte first three periods the Generals were held in their own territory, but succeeded in pushing over Florida's second string for a touchdown in the last few minutes ot play. i i s.7q7g Q. Q L A Q L Q1 P4 4 4 .QQ 4? QQ4 rmk 4 Y' . VAN SICKLE L 'JAR' 'ilgzlt JK.L 'rxkxxv :rw A x 'X I 'au H , , ...fa A ,.. .,. """""' ' ' V' ie.2" '1-,. ll" . f -. " '.. WATER5' -- ' . Ihr- iv ., , xixwn tv tus' f 'sa u A . . -. ' ft " we t f A- i t- s-.g..' I ion- ,,,.t-tl, F Jian as ',,:....v,L,m'EidF, vggwefd .. , 1 Y A , M MK, P .. rA..x.,y,,Wy,::-if A., .,l, ,..-. Q,-,A 4' , Q , fini? glee' - F135 '3't'21't::'-'-5443! L lk. . ' A X- L' " '.shY'b.''- .' ' Monk Dorsctt, sophomore halfback, loomed up as the star of thc game by virtue of having made two of the Gators' four touchdowns. Dorsett and Goodbread thrilled the 'Thanksgiving Day crowd of 12,000 Jaxons time after time by superb line plunging and broken field running. Silsby, second team halfback, registered the first counter shortly after the start of the game and after the second string line had advanced the ball to within one inch of the W. and L. goal, Silsby kicked the extra point. Steele in the second period blocked Bailey's punt on W. and L.'s 10-yard line, and on the next play Dorsett, substitute halfback, broke through the line for the Gators' second touchdown. Dorsett failed to kick goal, making the score at the end of the half 13 to 0. Early in the third period Mattox, W. and L. halfback, fumbled Dorsett's punt and Reeves recovered for the Gators on the Generals' 35-yard line. The Generals recovered again, and the two teams, unable to make any appreciable gains, resorted to a punting exhibition, with Florida gaining on the exchange. Recovering a W. and L. punt, Florida closed the remaining distance to the one-fool line where Goodbread, with the aid of fine interference, went over the goal. Dorsett failed to kick goal. After a .long pass, Dorsett to Parnell, and two long runs by Goodbread, had placed the ball on the Generals' two-yard line, Dorsett again crossed the line for a touchdown. In the last minutes of play, Florida had threatened to score again by marching to the W. and L. 10-yard line, but the Generals obtained possession of the ball and Martin, by means of a long pass to Mellon, W. and L. substitute, and another long toss to Williams, enabled the Generals to make their first score, after Williams found a hole in the Florida interference and raced for a touchdown. Hawkins kicked goal. i i F5 - DJ -n i YJ in IW REEVES ., "H V Q Q- I -v ,,.ffAxs-.,, Aqcgzl lmqx, ,4Ql t 1 z.. V ff' DURSETT CAWTHON OREGON Many a tale ol' impending woe was heard on the Calor campus just before the battle with the Webfcet of the University of Oregon, December 7, in Miami. Before a crowd of 20,000 Miamians in Madison Square Carden stadium, Clyde Crab- tree led the Gator attack that defeated every scheme of the team from the opposite corner of the nation and brought the Floridians off the newly dedicated field victors by a score of 20 to 6. Early in the second period Crabtree brought the stands to their feet by receiving a punt on his own 20-yard line from Londahl, running backward to throw off tacklers, then racing 80 yards for the first touchdown. Crabtree passed to Ed Parnell for the extra point. lid Sauls crashed through the center of the line a few plays later and dashed 38-yards for the second score. Clarence Phiel kicked the extra point. Red McEwen skirted right, end for ten yards and a third touchdown, after the ball had been steadily advanced by Baldwin into Oregon territory. .lust before the end of the game Oregon, who had threatened to score during the entire last period, made its threat good after Kitzmiller's 37-yard run had placed the hall in Florida territory. A lateral pass and a few lille plays carried the ball to the two- yard line where Florida held. Sauls kicked out of danger, but after one incomplete pass Sherer threw a 40-yard forward to Browne who stepped over the line for the touchdown. The kick for extra point was wide. Making ll first downs to Oregon's four, Florida gained 294 yards from scrimmage against 108 for the Wt-bfeet. Florida tried one pass and Oregon completed two out of nine. av gg g W YW ' ' l,ge:, i 69:51 wsxqgy J A I M ANAC Eli TOM MY IRWIN L J L 4' J rn! v Vq91d9.e'.fj'sb'qg'I ' COACII COWICLI. Freshman Football Many luminaries appeared in the Freshman Football line- up during the 1929 season that will add greatly to the already high prestige of the Florida Varsity gridiron stars. Although only two out of five games on the schedule were in the F rosh victory column, much favorable comment went the rounds of sportdom as a result of their victory over the Varsity Reserves, and the defeat administered Clemson Gol- lege Freshman in the memorable game held in Jacksonville, November 23. Opening the campaign in Gainesville with Alabama Poli- technic Institute, ol' Auburn, Alabama, on October 12, the Gator yearlings displayed in an admirable way the fighting spirit that always marks a Florida team, although they came off the field at the end of a losing score. Springing the surprise of the season with a win over the Florida Varsity Reserves, the Cowell-coached squad threw a scare into the ranks of the second and first string teams that probably had never been there before. The University of Georgia Freshman came next on the schedule, taking the measure of the Orange and Blue eleven in a spirited game held in Lakeland, defeating the Gainesville squad by a close score. D U U' E21 Ed l.3.'-4-am:-.w ich-2'-f.znsg,1l ' T J ff?" ' Rat Squad Line and hackfield representatives graduating to the ranks of the Varsity next year include such outstanding backfield men as Bill Sherrill, Joseph Jenkins, Giddyap 6'Doc" Melton and Al Rogerog linesmen such as Captain John Knight, George Gunn, Jim Causey, Irving Ashkanazy, and Spurgeon Cherry. Other numeral men are: Bob Anderson, Walter Wynn, Lee Bilinski, Guy Toph, John Norfleet, Oswald Cornelius, Charlie Cohbe, Louis McQuitty, John Woodall, Tommy Oliver, LeRoy Richards, Merton Hartman, George Beck, Jim Larch, and Bill Parker. Tommy Irwin, Jacksonville, was man lger. .I L.. UV! rv! bd td WlE lQ lN 6 'X ' ll- q af ng Sv 5 W .- 1 IEIIIEIEIILIEAIIIEIRS i z9 503 .:.-... - 5:-. Ez! E23 G1 'NIS EHIRBIQ FR I 'G-'Sl' A 'Q '--U wlllffnna tg IQ-D1'.?!A. x":f1Q2 lg9Is:.."f.A,x'Es gl HOB BOLISY, ISIMIJY LOYVl l l lllllllllgfl' C011 l Varsity Basketball Recordl Jaxnmry: 10-Floricla 34 Georgia l6-Florida l.7 Stetson . 17--Florida 50 Rollins . . . l8--Florida 4114 Southern .. . . 21-Florida. . . . . .38 Cohen Bros. . 27-Florida 26 Cincinnati 31-Florida 40 Stetson . . . Fvlzruary: 6-Florida 4-4 Rollins . 12-Florida 28 Clemson .. 13-Florida 20 Clemson .... 14-Florida 15-Florida 19-Florida 21-Florida Floriclu 30 42 49 541 176 South Carolina South Carolina Cohen Bros. . Southern .. Opponents ... FYI , ' 'Tum W m'f..A...'. i'4'1fQ2 lt+1.a.'1'-:-ff.aZ:"'i1l Varsity Basketball Resume Though the record made by the basketball team during the 1929-1930 season cannot be termed an entirely successful. one, it was by no means a failure. With a comparatively small team chosen from a scanty squad of players, Florida made a creditable showing and reflected honor on the Orange and Blue even in her defeats. Nor were these defeats many, for out of the fourteen games played during the season Florida won ten. The ucurtain-raisern with the University ol' Georgia was a heart-breaking game which went to an overtime period before Hnally being lost to Georgia by a score of 35 to The score was neck and neck throughout the game and until the hnal whistle, it was anybody's game. This first discouraging defeat was followed by four vic- tories. The first win was administered to Stetson to the tune of 17-14. Next came Rollins, who was conquered by a score of 50-24. On the following night the Gators trounced South- s,ggvg,QQ,,,,g4v44 444454444 Era I-'A Tta...n..1-:'fv4-ersz :i ern 44-31. These victories showed that Florida was easily the best college team in the State. On January 21, the Gators took on the smoothly working Cohen Brothers' team and whipped it 38-26. Back on the home court, the Southerners met a real profes- sional team which knew its stulf, the Cincinnati Y. M. C. A. team, and although the Gators made a brave stand, they emerged at the small end of a 33 to 26 score. Florida again met two state rivals and succeeded in bowl- ing over Stetson 40 to 26 on January 21, and Rollins 44 to 27 on February 6. The Hnal two defeats came when Florida journeyed to Caro- lina and was defeated by Clemson in two games, 28 to 33 and 20 to 47. These made a total of three conference defeats and one other defeat. On this same trip, the Gators and the South Carolina Gamecocks met. The Gators experienced very little trouble in brushing them aside in two games, 30 to 23 and 4-2 to 17. ' FYI FYI E23 td 4,...,f. ny, ,,,..,4.- .,,-,,:,. , Z, sg., 1 -f-QQ, sl 5 ey? 5 ,l X r., N .-,Q-4-M.. :Aly 3.93. izgggffa--?,?gis., W 2 t?..f:,5-.?,. ,,1,--M. v. 'r', - gmt- fi- '-,--ma h wa. mx- f .,. -0.4.-Wx-1 .4-,'ff25.,g, wa LSE.-,F..2f,.2'-fr. .-51. .'.-,-2.-,vw-1-x..x-.-wilt ai r-.,-tfwfmfve'--'wg -ti1,,.aikis-We i, v- . QS-,M H f 5 1 .asia X. l. ,. Q, fz.X3i,a,,-3. px ,,Sf.wriW,,5g. 9w,sg..i3.,g,55? t,,.W?r,g-3 2 5.4, N Q ii...-, gQ.,,3m Ep 5, :. N.. ,iii-li 3+.xiA5ai,, w.:5iN:w?3'3g1m:E:g'S . 2 : 1- -.: 3 -. -2 pi xx: 1 12+ - A at 4 Q f f-2 Q K -1-I 2- if 1-2.-rf , -...g.x,-,M 1 ,gg ex N ...ya K-.ywif-s A Q f 5- -.Q -.W ,- ---Us .1 Q ms.-S'-Y. gxiwi. fas':1,,.'- une N' " ' Sf' ' "" ' ' WW2r""'e 'W M X' ' X' X 'Y ' -it Q - sn -M ,'s-3',.1f.'-.--fw ,te X fl- -- - A 1 ,M . wi -at EQ S, x swam-.3 was ,7 S ' Q it .Xia xx.. .Ami -sx..xW,. S xi-Y-'KSN wi X--,-Q.e.s--aezsmsm,-. -X. 2 L R .N..a....,.,,., ,, .Sw-xr :wwf , 'QE1i'f'ffsf: ' if X S QS-if ,wiffk K X 2 w Z 1 Q we f,w.,.,,,5, ws: g,g.:5ag-QE, 2 Q x gd- in . 1 R X . . Y 26 sw-?"--:'MQ. was x it wr-xN ",-' " 'iieiiir wif 'if f ....g5f-:aa . .' :gmt :AAI J.. 3'..:Vi l .md - 2.3-..1-: 1- -. . . -f. ..,--ax .-M ,-,..-W., .-1.216 x " ' - - A X af 1:1 Mar ,. Q 9 X 2 S 1 lyk? Riilgwf,ww.-1'I3-5.-152'fiawwr---'.-FX-1-',p35?lle.21-'swiss - 1 4 Ei .ia-'1gg, f K , .ff-2,1 S '- , 3 ig- .2 . -525. 5 W., as 2 M- :- 2 z sw 'f -1 ta 1 'v M. ,wk 2.1Wv.f:i- .iw 'vi UQ: 1.-,W .., f iff'-"y." '-5 fi 2 y YQ-q yQv A n Q- v 1 a s " 492 . mx l ' . 1" After their return, the Gators again trounced the Cohen Brothers' team of Jacksonville, 49 to 26. In their closing game, the Gators displayed a fine exhibi- tion of basketball and captured another game from the South- ern Moccasins who had invaded the Saurian lair, by the score of 54- to 30. A blazing red sky Hooded by the fair success of this season takes on fire when one thinks of the line prospects for next year. Practically the whole team was composed of sopho- mores and juniors, and everyone is expected back in harness for the 1930-1931 season. A good 'crati' team this year is expected to add much strength to the Gator lineup for next year, and all in all, the future is indeed bright. Men making letters this year are: Clemons, Baker, Emmel- hainz, Dale, Walters, North. Ben Clemons and Ira Baker tied for high point honors by garnering 136 points each. Emmelhainz was third with 101 points. .N I VE: f 3 ti X ,, , gifs If f i- ' SWF? 13.6.1 A 91 'T-T llllll i -I I.. rg rv: , 5,-' -.5 .2 ...,, ls , :- NUI! , ...-M'-'1v+g W lw lw.+.1H . if-sal -i Varsity Basketball Squad After a successful basketball season this year, sports critics are now looking toward 1931 as being very promising for the Gators. Captain Dale uMuddy" WEllCfS will lead a team ol' veterans, and the squad will face one of the most extensive and ambitious schedules ever attempted. ...L- If rv: Ea! td A v' .Y 1 f Y. :V 1 lrv,....a....:Q le--4 -Gal ...I I Freshman Basketlba ll Squad Will: lwelve vielories oul of lhirleen Slill'lS, Coach ,loe Holsinger's Freslunan Haskel- eers, len strong, during the 1930 season rode roughshod over the SlI'0llQ.ICSl Cllllllllllillllll lo lolal 578 points against 266 for lheir opponents. Handicapped hy the loss of Doe Mellon, guard, aller the third game, and Bill Bradley. six-fool scoring ace, who was losl afler the sixlli game due lo illness, lhe squad came lhrougrh lhe season wilh a lrrillianl record which drew altenlion llirouglioul the Soulh. Freshman................ lfreslunan . . . Freshman . . . Freshman . . . Freshman. . . Freshman. . . Freslnnan. . . Freshman. . . Freshman. . . Freshman. . . Freshman . . . Freshman. . . 1'reslimau...,............ Orlando lndepeudenls Cohen lirolhers .,,... Cohen Brolllers ...... Daytona lieaeh lmlepe Waycross lied Flashes Southern Freshman .. Slelson l"reshman .. llollins lsreshman .... Sebring lndepemlenls Southern lsreslnnan .. Sl. Pele Coliseum Rollins l"reslnnan Southern l"reslmian .. ndenls. Captain Spurgeon Cherry was high point man for lhe season wilh l50 p0llllS, wilh liill Sherrill second having 110, und Mills third wilh a lolal of ill points. Those making numerals are: llradley, Sherrill, Pillmann, Mills, Cherry. Gunn, Woodall, McAdam ami lluller. l"l 1 l ll. 11- L.. II Qs.7sQg7s.s g4b::p4444S4 4 41 J, .. E. L. a m + - - - --- - - , ,.,., .,.. ... gggwg tv Liga' K ,fy ' - A 'I -.:- . . -. " -.A ,' we ww- ' H '-' V r .4 'A r P54 .. d A" i'?f1i"i fx 73 'r -. hifi ' -, fr 37? ' H .qv ff-.' -,.' 7 -WY.. . '--fn. M 'fv- mf b iw H4-A-L rx 7, s.. "f.1-fx. .,..-:... ' . I IllCRI3liR'l' l"l1I,l.lCli. .llnnngr-r BRADY CUWl'II,I.. Com-I1 rv! FYI hd hd N.-XliSI'l'Y lS'XSICIMI,I. Sljlf-XIJ in- J .-.-i I' s . f N .'f-'el-swss . ' I . V .' v Y ,K . 1. . l A t H ' teg...4u..iQ2 teL..n..Ql I 5,4 A P X it ' ,""'v3rQ Y Y I txnttlnl' l . Wy' 4, -.., l - ' tgp! - lm: NF. a I ' Q31 ' ' 1 ww-1 3 , , - Q 'tflaifgid - ' gf Vf:"' in! .-qi 1 - ff s t --r t , ' Af I 4.-I. N' -. an 1 Y. H 4 :ww-'ii wail' N , ,- . , , , , t .. r i . - ,L Under the tutelage of Coaeh Brady Cowell, former freslnnan hasehall eoaeh. varsity hasehall at Florida stepped into the realm ol a major athletic maehine with a still sehednle and many intense eompetitions. Facing such formidable opponents as the Tampa Smokers, the Jacksonville Tars, Notre Dame, Georgia 'l'eoh, Clemson. Mercer, Auburn, and the 'l'allahassee Capitals. the Gator hall cluh won a very respected plaee for itself in the Southern eonferenee. Seldom has a eollege team lmeen fortunate enough to have two left-handers such as Gene Fisher and Lefty Cnise, andlat the same time have sueh top-notehers as orthodox lien Clemons. Louis 'l'olaletti and William Llpsltz. As far as the ealehers are con- eerned, John "Nut" Shirley, lloh Heneher and Danny Clark can hold np any of them. Captain Kermith lllaek, stellar lirst baseman. and lied livers, on first, expected great things of the 1930 players and they led an example ol just how it should he done. Although Brady Cowell, who is rounding out his sixth year at Florida llniversity, real- izes that haselrall players sometimes get "under fire." he took ample precaution to assure a top-noteh season lrom a top-noleh outfit. Dividing time on third ltase are Sam Slough and Pete Smith, who kept the dust fly- ing over in that area as the light lor the ln-rth eonttnued. Pete, illtlllglil a yearling last I .L:. I1 - .. 1 ala Y ,4 ,, ' f ?'i7'i t , , ' f i ' fy "'.f'f?123 i':',2f: f2f tt, - "W s - ,fggg I - t-at ft 'V tg.,1-5eg,gEmsgt5,u5,'.'gf:2r.2e,y, A . -J, t .,,,5:M, , ,yi 1" '-313' ' " . ,. t- V' ,gf .3 .1-ia " 'f g Q, ,- ' . . 5 vc-'f5:gj45'1,.5,:,: ' S Zf'ig,if:.i' ' - 3,1 ,ba '-.J 1 v -' I"l Y ' 'V 'I ' l Y Y ' W l"l , D-" 4 A b 0 'Q , B A 5 A 4 t fmw' ' W . - ' i f ilietitt " 3 S: 'LN 1 'l f . ' l g ...I L. season, occasioned much favorable comment for his work at this position, although Slough, an experienced player, would be most hard to beat. Al Lagano at short stop turned in some brilliant performances, and the heavy batting of Johnny Fiske, left outfielder, brought many sideline fans to witness this feature of baseball. Norman Derr in center and Ed Sauls in right field, completed the trio for outfield duty for the year. Hitters were not scarce as was the case last year, for Fiske and Sauls are as hard hitters as ever bingled a ball, at least around the playground of the University of Flor- ida. Derr, a weak hitter last year, made surprising development throughout the year to become one of the most consistent Gator ball swatters. Fiske, Derr and Sauls comprise a fine defensive trio that hit about as well as any conference pasture-troupe. Fiske has been a big sensation with his terrific hitting, and Sauls is widely known for his slugging ability. Each of the three have powerful throw- ing arms. The substitute outfield roles were filled by .loe Bondi and Homer Seay, neither hav- ing previous varsity experience, but were called on consistently to help round out one of the most successful diamond squads of Florida's history, Herbert Fuller, of New Smyrna, who managed the freshman football team in 1928, was most efficient as varsity baseball manager throughout the 1930 spring season. I1 ll v v Ea! H ylggt- A xszog IKEIQJAA 1:32 ' I1' - l"reshman diamond activities during the year were intensified in an expanded schedule that proved of much training value lor the Frosh, and served lo develop excellent varsity material for the i931 season. Thus far the Gator yoarling nine has won three gilllllki and lost three, defeating the Palatka High diamond squad, 8 to 03 l.eon lligh, 141 to 3, and Marianna High, ll to l. while PCll'4'lC0i'l of the b0llllICllSiClll lea 'ue took the count ol the lfiosh 9 to 3, md , .t,., -.g,,, -"r .1 the Naval Air Station in a two-game series won by scores ol 7 to 5, and 2 to l. Several other games filled out the schedule. Vanlandingham held down the catching job throughout lhe season. with Johnson, Morgan and Robertson lwirling on the mound. Cherry at first, Sherrill at second, and Captain H. G. Pittmann and I. Roberts, dividing time on third, did some neat linc- drag.5gz,ing to help round out a smooth working machine. "Buddy" Goluzian held down the shortstop position. Rogero, leftficld, Renlz, conterlield, and Brown, rightfit-ld, will he weleome material for varsity nine activities next year. Warren Conner, Pensacola, is Freslnnan hasehall manager. Results of the Frosh Schedule: April Palatka High . ftherel April Leon High . .. ttllerel April Marianna lligh tthervl April Pensacola .... ltherel April --Naval Station flllerel April Naval Station ftherel - 41 Yxfxfxfx r 'gjv' " 1 V 1 i v' ' 5' levy +f':Q'W lsvf'-'ffre -- . W ,IIMMIE SMITH, NASH HIGGINS, Manager Coach Schedule April 9. Florida, 78g Georgia, 48. April 12. Florida in Tech Relays won 4 firsls. Shot put, Joe Hall. Pole vault, Forrest Munger. Half-mile relay, -Miller, Jones, Knight, Herrick Mile relay, Roth, Herrick, Jones, Knight. April 17. Florida, 84, Alabama, 31. April 26. Florida vs. University of Havana at Havana Cuba. May 16-17. Florida at Southern Conference Meet in Atlanta. i or 5 ua. 'Kll'KlY.1 F3 'T Ea! Ea! ,, I. ...4...1e-'fs-1'1Qz 1sgv1ff.a:i.4 Track Resume "Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land and there shall arise after them seven years of famine." Truly did Joseph prophesy the outcome of Floridais 1930 track season back in the days when men built' pyramids instead of Cinder tracks. In years past the famine has been noticeable by many defeats, but this year the Gator cinder artists have caused great devastation in the ranks of their opponents. This yearis track team is easily described as the best in thexhistory of our school. When the 1930 track season opened, Florida students were aware that the squad of aspirants contained some exceptionally fine athletes, but not even the most optimistic thought that the Southern Conference would be rocked by the Orange and Blue. The season unotlicially opened with a meet be- tween two divisions of the team, the Orange and the Blue, eaptained by Forrest Munger and Red McEwen, respectively. The Blue team won with 74- points to 70. The first intercollegiate meet was with the University of Georgia in Athens on April 9. Sweeping the field in the dashes by taking all first and second places and one third, the Florida track stars defeated the Bulldogs 78 to ll-8. It was the first defeat for Coach Stegeman's Red and Black contingent, and only first places by Captain Robert Young, in the mile-and-half-mile races, and Johnny Maddox in both the high and the low hurdles kept the Bulldogs from a humiliating defeat. Anderson won the javelin throw and lvl lvl E.-.1 hd .W F "f53W'a I, LMA N'-szeg lgezfs.-'45 xszgg i Bernhardt won the two-mile race, giving Georgia six lirsts to l7lorida's seven. Small came lirst in the century, Boyette in the 220-yard dash, Mc- liwen in the quarter, Nlunger in the pole vault, Sauls in the discus throw, Bethea in the broad jump, and Sauls in the shot put. Two records fell in this meet when Sauls pushed the shot 114 feet 7521 inches, and Maddox linished the 220-yard low hurdles in 25 2f5 seconds. Many seconds and thirds were garnered by Nlunger, Small, Boyette, John Hall, Click, Ayres, llicv, Newcome, Johnson, lfinneren, French, and Joe Hall. 'l'wo days later the Gators entered the Tech relays at Atlanta and won four first places to annex runner-up honors. North Carolina won Hve lirsts and was victory in the meet. Both freshmen and varsity men competed in thc moot as points won by hotli teams are compiled to determine the winner, 'lllw varsity half-mile and mile relay teams placed second in both 11 C bl V' YI .Y. hun!! lgezfszf xisrzeg lwzsrf A Sag! ii A events. Hall won first in the shot put, and Munger won the pole vault. The freshmen won first in the mile and half mile relays and placed third in the two-mile relay. The next meet was a dual engagement with Alabama held on April 17, in Gainesville. The Gators had little trouble in turning back the Crimson Tide by the overwhelming score of 84- to 31. Coach Higgins took his stars to Havana, Cuba, during the spring holi- days to compete with the University of Havana. This meet was a rather unique affair since it had a number of unusual events such as the hammer throw, hop-skip-jump, and others which the Gators had not entered before. On May 16 and 17, the Gators journey to Atlanta to participate in the Southern Conference track meet. Unlike the Tech Relays, all points won are aggregated to determine the winner. Members of Coach Nash Higgins' squad who contributed to the success of the season were: Captain Forrest Munger, Ed Sauls, A. P. Small, Ancil Boyctte, Red McEwen, Gus Click, Owen Rice, Willard Ayres, Warrick Finneran, O. P. Johnson, Ed Newcome, Compton French, Joe Hall, Red Bethea, Tom Smith, Bob Arnow, Ralph Davis, and ,lohn Hall. 'J' FF t-.-.4 J I" if M jg9:g,,A wszoz tppzegxf stag' li Cross Country Team This fall when Coach Nash Higgins issued the call for cross country eamliclates about thirty distance men reported for practice.. After putting in several weeks of hard work on the track the Orange and Blue cross country team entered a three-and-a-half-mile road race at Del.and. Florida won the first eight places in this meet, overwhelmingly defeating Southern and Stetson who were also represented in the meet. The next meet that the Gator team entered was a dual run with the Univer- sity of Georgia at Jacksonville, just preceding the Georgia-Florida football game. The Gator cross country team, meeting their first ,Southern Confer- ence foe, downed the strong Georgia team by a 31-22 sco1'e. They upset all the dope by this unexpected victory over a strong Red and Black team led by Captain Young who is famous throughout Conference circles for his distance running. The Gators climaxed the season by taking a third place in the annual Southern Conference cross country meet at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in November. Members of Florida's cross country team were Gus Click, Wzlrrick Fin- neran, Tom Smith, Willard Ayres, Owen Rice, Ralph Stone, Chick Shiver and Ken Hazeltine. ui L1 LQAQQLQLLQ 4944 ,44L4434g t-L-A E' 11 C ,. ,s..e,, e--s.s ,......,...,1 Freshman Track The Freshman track squad of this year was very successful, showing its greatest strength in the distance events and the relays. The first victory to he ehalked up was in the triangular tilt with the two high schools of Jacksonville: The Freshmen scored a total of 86 2X3 to the 36 of Rohert E. Lee and the 25 of Andrew Jackson. The Freshmen garnered eight first places with two seconds. The firsts were won in the following: Mile-Page 113, Masters 123. 880-Masters 113, Cox 123. . 440-Jones 113, Roth 133. Mile Relay- 1 Roth-Knight-.lones-Herrick3 . Broad Jump-Ploeger 113, Sadler 123. Javlin-Wienges 113, Jenkins 123, Woodall 133. High .lump-Sadler 113, Williams 123. Pole Vault-Ploeger 113, Heinherger-Spencer 133. The seconds were in the Medley Relay and the 880 Relay. The next Frosh victory came when Coach Higgins took three relay teams to Atlanta on April 12, 1930, for the Tech Relays. The team returned with two first places and a second. The two events won were: Half Mile Relay--1Miller-Jones-Knight-Herriek3. Mile Relay--1Roth-Knight-.lones-Herrick3. The second was in the two-mile relay. The last trip made hy the rat cindermen was. to Jacksonville where they entered the first annual A. A. U. meet, held under the auspices of the Jacksonville Playground and Recreation Department, headed hy Mr. ,loseph.E. liyrnes. This meet came on May 10, and the rat team made a very creditable showing. -1 .Lz II ala SIN 3""'l"i i pigiil a - mnmvxnla' ' ? L ,, Q .3 Fi Varsity Boxing Squad Coach John Piombo, former boxing trainer for Jim Jeffries and Jess Willard, one-time world boxing champs, developed at the University of Florida a team of' boxing representatives this year that brought the University its first Southern Intercollegiate champ- ionship in any sport, when his varsity men defeated intense competi- tion from Virginia Military Institute, Tulane University, and the University ol' North Carolina, i11 the Southern Boxing tournament at Charlottsville, Virginia, February 28-March 1. Captain Phil O'Connell defeated his often-met adversary from North Carolina, Ted Goodrich, for the lightweight championship to help win the conference championship plaque, now hanging in the forefront of' the Gator athletic hall-of-fame. Captain-elect John Minarcli, bantamweight, wo11 in the finals over Martin, of Duke University, to equal the number of points made by O'Connell, while Sam Slavin, middleweight, gathered three points by going to the finals in the middleweight division. als as ,ass-,f,,,,Qs:a lts1--af Boxing Team With S. ll. C, Trophy. Florida carried through a schedule this year that is credited by leading sports authorities as being the most stringent ever known in the history of professional or amateur boxing. Twice within a three-week period Fl0rida's milmen fought :for five consecutive days against teams from other universities throughout the conference. A fitting tribute to the hard and faithful work ol' Piombo came in the form oil' action taken by the Student Athletic Council making boxing at the University of Florida a major sport. Other members of the varsity squad who did excellent work throughout the season and who contributed much to the success ol' the team are Carlos Proctor, heavyweightg Irvin Ashkenazy, heavy- weight, John Marasales, lightheavyweightg Diek Ramsey, middle- weightg Clarence McLannahan, welterweightg Ray Carter, welter- weightg George Dykes, featherweightg Owen Nlikell, featherweightg Bill Sult, lightheavyweightg Wilbur Royce, bantamweightg and Broward Lovell, Welterweight. Leitner Denham, of Bartow, was manager. L-I.-.1 H ! ' 1 i . l I f. .,..-.M . lmirawuzell lrcdrfinamml - - -rg- msnblmw Q1 PH IL O'CONNELL Liglnweigllt Champion, S. I. C. -1 JOHN MINARDI Banlamweight Champion, S. I. C. 1,1 I3 F31 Fi! Blllllllugar .Q 7 lp:1e:',f,A,,w'-,xc-q lgezf.s'4g,,, was JI , 52 Mx M ,tw , v Freshman Boxing Freshman boxing at the University took on more formidable shape during the 1929-30 term than during any previous year, with Bill Joubert, bantamweightg Bill Zoller, Featherweight, and Harold Weinberger, lightheavyweight, taking the brunt of the offense to lead the yearlings out to a very successful close. Other members of the squad making the trips to St. Augustine forthe State A. A. U. Boxing tournament, March 7-8, and the mixed team dual meet with the University of Miami at Miami, February 11, are: Stanley Peckham and Donald Roy Porter, lightweightsg Gus Houston, middleweightg Don Williams, Welterweight, Sam Pasco, middleweight, and Eddie Heinberger, featherweight. I1 Irv! E.-tl hd v K-5 - 1: 'H Slnnmnm illiinnr Sparta . . -v ' V Y Q- - v W 'C?D,p -r-'I gi QQD' ' . ,A J xii- AMD' W png 5 A J K J L A A mi , I W 1 ' 7 vig A l l 'Varsity Swimming Parading through the season in brilliant style the Calor swimmers made a record that reflects great credit. Overcoming the handicap of late notiee of the date of the South- ern Conference swimming meet at Atlanta March l. a Your-man team entered in live events out of nine and piled up 31 points out of a possible fl-0, The Gator swimmers came into prominence al this meet, when out of six teams, four with men entered in every event, they forced the 'l'ceh ualators to their utmost to win with 43 points, Florida coming second. 'l'he relay team composed ol Captain Ray Carter, Aubrey Sawyer, lid liomph, and lluell won the Southern conference ehampion- ship. Carter won first place in diving, Sawyer first in the l00 and 220-yard dashesg Buell third in both the 50 and l00-yard clashes, and liomph third iu the diving. In the dual meet with Tech here, which formerly dedicated the new 5540.000 pool. the Gutor team showed unusual ability in the water and defeated the Yellow .laekets hy a comfortable margin. 'l'he team was eoaehed hy Frank Genovar and managed hy Louis Gravely. Captain Ray Carter, Sawyer, lluell, Romph. MeCauglin, Edsall. Spencer, Judy, Hatnilton and Anthony eomposed the squad. Members of the Freshman team were Jones, O'Neil, Bradley, Morgan, Graves, Cole- man, Don Williams, Weinberger, Welch, and li. Voorhis. With a real pool and promis- ing material, Florida's future in swimming is destined lo he bright. Since the opening of the pool great interest has been shown in this sport. l KZYX xfxfx xfxf YJ EF fi ml' A J K A AIN! mit", -ff ev -'1QP'l I'f91'- if ev 'QW Varsity Tennis The Varsity Tennis Team, composed of Captain Gus Ferrer, Nick Polites, Lawrence Salley, and Willard Mcginnes, has been undefeated in intercollegiate competition up to the present writing. Several members of the team entered the annual Ormond Beach tournament, and Paul Greer, who was on the team at that time, was defeated in the finals by Kenneth Stewart of .lacksonville for the state championship, The team also participated in the Annual Florida East Coast Championship tourney with many of the ranking United States players. Mcginnes, Salley, and Polites were eliminated in the second round, but Feuer lasted until the quarter-finals. ln the doubles Gus Feuer was paired with ,lohnny Doeg, but they were beaten in the finals by Hall and Pare. These three men are ranking U. S. players. In the next match, Georgia Tech was beaten in six matches out of six on the home courts. Last year in a similar meet the Gators broke even with the Yellow .lackets with three matches each. At this writing, the Gators are preparing to journey lo New Orleans to enter the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament. The team is managed by Moe Safer, and is coached by Parson .l0llll5Oll. i , 1 F3 EF Z., M 2. .xxp in QQXV r -v "" 4 "4h N',' r . ' ' " 'r'w i " .,'.. -NL' 1', xf','f A le,-1 ffce-'-'.a1 Rfa'-'- ' Freshman Tennis Very little intercollegiate competition was afforded the members of the 1930 Freshman tennis team. Several matches, however, were arranged this year with leading high school teams of the state and with municipal aggregations. Under the coaching of 'aParson" Johnson, the Freshman tennis squad developed several players who are expected to add great strength to the varsity of 11ext year. Members of the 1930 team were ,lack Butler, Heskin Wliit- tacker, Bob Voorhis, Bill Crosby and Charles Maxwell. F5 'BA e on Y W Ea! Ea! r Q ' 7 '67 if 1 V 1 i 'P if fa. le, aff- -al le, -fra -fa ,ef l fi. A i,r3.'ff, 1 V fl Q., 4,,, .4 ,t ,l i 'O A Golf Team Altho the Orange and Blue golfers experienced several defeats during the year, all of the matches in which they participated were marked by excellent golf on their part. The schedule was opened by a 15 to 3 victory over the Florida Country Club of Jacksonville. Timuquana Country Club of Jack- sonville also fell victors to the Gators by the score of 10 to 8. On a road trip into Georgia the Florida team was defeated by Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia. In the first home match of the season the Gator linksmen lost to Alabama by the close score of 10 to 8. Members of the 1930 golf team were Captain Arthur Gibbons, Robert Archibald, Bill Duckwall, Bob Wooteli and ,lack Toomer. The team was again coached by Joe Holsinger. VF V E21 hd w1.lvI,'XA ANi0Kg-E Gallery Rifle Team Left to right, standing: Sergeant Bell, Coachg Edwin N. Edris, William C. Bowersox, Kenneth C. Hazledine, Charles H. Bolton, William G. Perry, William C. Dishrow, Hiram F. Sharp. Kneeling: Donald C. Bradshaw, George E. lVlorgan, James C. Cox, Harold W. Bevis, Charles N. Holder, Lucian P. Barnett. The five high-point men who fired in the Hurst trophy match are Hazledine, Disbrow, Bowersox, Edris and Bolton. The team fired in the corps area match, placing sixth. 'iY4'i.4'K!Y.!K!'K!Yl7'XfxfX- 73.71-,YYYX-7'x?' I KQFPE,-'fAN"i'IQ4E I i INTRA-MURAL BOARD Q' 1 'l1Y x,7i7x7Xf YA Ei! Ea! gil A v r 2, . .. i t lx Ti? 1 I i I I' Q xi ,K x . , .,. , ..,, .. .. . ., . , , , Y . , .,A .,x. , .mas .... , 1 .g t as ta: .:-2. ,..,. , ., as L 4532315 I . Y ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' i ' ' 1 M H will' x!AL fi B d i fggf, 5 " ' lIlIll.ltlI'a' Ura 0 alll' . yi: f COACH JOE HOLSINGER, Director ' Q g f , WILLIAM A. MCCIIAE, Stuzlent Manager RANDOLPH W. BOYD. S1'f'I'l'fIll"l' -1-l- i J - GARDNER T. GILLETTE, Director of Pulilieity -" 1, - Q A CHARLES F. CHAPLIN . Volleyball ELLIOT W. DUNWODY . llorseshocs RUSSELL G. CIIOFTON . . . . . Golf FRANCIS "MONKEY" BRENNAN . . . Boxing GILMER M. HEITMAN . . . . . . Wrestling WILLIAM L. CAMPBELI. . . Military Manager JOSEPH I. DAVIS . . . . Basketball LOUIS O. GRAVELY . . Playground Ball CLARENCE E. PHEIL . . . Fencing ALBERT E. BARKER . . . Track FELTON W. SCOTT . . . . . . . . . Tennis GUS FEUER . . . Swimming and Water Basketball I M l A lhtl ' lllitlfaf lllllfa it CUICS The 1929-1930 program of Intramural Athletics, the third under faculty super- vision, has probably been the most successful and inclusive since the introduc- tion of Intramurals to the University of Florida. It is the purpose of the Intramural program to make it possible for the great majority of students of the University who do not compete in varsity athletics to receive the recreation and benefits afforded by competitive sports. The program is conducted by the director of the Intramural Athletics depart- ment and the Intramural Board, which consists of fifteen student-managers. To provide every student with an opportunity to compete in the sports on the program in which he is interested, the activities are divided into three leagues, the Fraternity League, the Dormitory League and the Military League. A number of new sports were added to the program this year. The completion of the new swimming pool made possible the holding of swimming meets and water basketball tournaments on the campus. Boxing and wrestling tourna- ments, which were discontinued last year to prevent the spreading of the flu, were held this year. On the other hand, baseball, one of the most popular sports on the program, had to be cancelled due to lack of suitable space. Provisions will probably be made for the rescheduling of this sport next season, however. Every indication points to a most successful program in 1930-1931. The adop- tion by the Intramural Board of a new Constitution and By-Laws, modelled after those of the leading universities of the country, to take eflect in the fall, should do much toward putting Florida among the leaders in minor athletics. That Intramural Athletics are rapidly becoming of major importance on the campus is evidenced by the appointment in March of Coach Holsinger as Director of this department. Coach Holsinger had been serving in this capacity un- officially since the beginning of the year. 1 - I3 7412.4 xfxfxnxirxfxf IH - . V i IIQEP'.7iQi?.'lK'DIl lIC4QEI'.iQi!EDIlW Www ifratnrnitiez 1 5 ilk' 1 - 5, I , - ,Ms BIIMJUUZVI v if . - if ' ,' A ', 1 ,-i , . , is "1.,x La ,'.4 A v K ,oy-if AXx.1'IQ5Zl lK4DI-'gf-r'1'- Sa'-4 I1 IN This Onnlsa Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Alpha . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta Chi . . . Sigma Nu . . Kappa Sigma . . Pi Kappa Phi . Sigma Chi . . . Theta Kappa Nu . Alpha Gamma Rho Beta Delta . Tau Epsilon Phi . Delta Tau Delta . Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Theta . Delta Chi . . Phi Kappa Tau . Delta Sigma Phi . Fraternities 01" 'l'H15m Es'rABL1s1iMENT AT Alpha Omega Chapter Beta Zeta Chapter . Alpha Eta Chapter . Florida Upsilon . . Tau Chapter . . . Epsilon Zeta Chapter Delta Delta Chapter . FLORIDA Alpha Epsilon Chapter . Gamma Theta Chapter Florida Beta Chapter Alpha Gamma Chapter Delta Chapter . . Tau Alpha Chapter . Delta Zeta Chapter . l"loricla Alpha Chapter Floricla Alpha Chapter Florida Chapter . . Alpha Eta Chapter . Beta Zeta . . LOCAL FRATERNITIES Delta Tau .... Alpha Delta . . Sigma Lambda Tau . Pi Alpha Sigma . Omega Upsilon Theta . 4 . . . . . . 1,90-'lr 19011, 1.90flf 1,915 1916 1920 1922 1 924- 1. 924. 192111 1925 1925 1925 1925 1925 1.925 1926 1926 1 930 1923 192114 19244 1.927 1928 I1 I1 y Y ! , WI + ,Q xx . r L I 1 4' - 4'K4'!4Y4!4i4'5.1'! '!l7Z- Yxfxfx 'qi , M, --, has ns ,. 2' hiv: f '. . A A 'Q Q - 35 ,,,: .,RA f'11Q " ' 9 v f- lav...4s....s.-ff-Ns-?1f+2 Ir' :I in Q ' unm- 5 .-A II 4. ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY Founded at V. M. I. in 1865 Established University of Florida 1904 FIOWCF-WHITPI THA ROSE Colors-SKY Bun: AND Om Gow E. H. Barnes Dr. W. H. Wilson l-I. F. Blackwell James Chestnut Henry O'Nei1 H. L. Gray Carl Owenby Franklin West Tom Watrous Arthur Gibbons LeRoy Bethea Wallace Donnelly Ashhel Williams Frank Adams Bennett DeLoach Robert Pedersen Clarence Pheil Clinton Richhourg Hubert Johnson Weyman Houston G. T. Melton Brooks Harrell FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean Harry R. Trusler Coach A. P. Pierson FRATRES IN URBE Jolm P. Jones M. G. Stringfellow Richard Bowers Z. H. Douglas ,CLASS or 1930 Myron Varn Gerald Ludwig Phillip O'Connell CLASS or 1931 Milton McEwen Ben Clemons Ben Grant Ray Carter T. H. Johnson Cr.Ass or 1932 Frank Robson Gilmer Heitman Hulsey Lokey William King CLASS or 1933 Barney McDonald Milton Bacon Charles Carter A. P. Black L. W. Gaddum J. A. Phifer W. C. Thomas B. E. 'l'hrasher Robert Edsall Joe Neville .James Hardee Ralph Davis William McRae Dashwood Hicks Curtis Scott Ernest Robuck Carlos Proctor Don Conkling William Dodd Merlin Barnes Marvin Butler els is Iggy,-VA mpzq lwfy, 1 Q il II s l 1 9 9999 G05 Q6 N f , 999 7999 5999 QQQBQIL Qxsfgggxggglbpgppgppppp hd 8:3 bl ......i . N-sau --ir+D....-:sf-f .QE Dr. C. A. Robertson F. W. Buchholz E. F. Cannon L. W. Graham S. E. Cobb Dr. L. D. Lowe C. Muse Guyton Arthur A. Simpson Tom Alexander Thomas W. Brown Geo. Lamar May .lames H. Clark Geo. W. Thames, III George Marshall William K. Whitlield Clarence E. Brown Atwood Dunwody W. Elliot Dunwody Hugh Cooper Embry William H. Knight .lames S. Shands John R. Parkhill BETA ZET A CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Founded in 1886 at Washington and Lee University Installed at Florida, October 4, 1904 Flowers---MAQNOLIA AND Run Rossa Colors--Cn1MsoN AND OLD FRATRES IN FACULTATE Capt. li. T. Barco W. S. Perry FRATRISS IN URBE C. A. Pound W. R. Thomas, Jr. W. E. Cannon W. A. Shands E. A. Taylor Walter E. Blackburn C. S. Thomas Cecil Graeey B. F. Williamson H. R. Stringfellow S. A. Harn FRATRES IN U NIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 Chas. S. Ausley Royal Untriener W. C. Troxler CLASS or 1931 Byron N. Butler William Fisher, Jr. Robt. B. Archibald Robert S. Davis Lucien Yarbrough William B. Bond CLASS or 1932 .I. Brown Farrior John W. Henderson Benjamin Liddon .lames B. Rountree Robert C. Wooten CLASS or 1933 Spenser Cullen Frank Henderson Norman Welch Wallace Anderson R. S. Cockrell, Jr. H. H. Lewis Ben R. lidmundson .l. Edwin Cay Albert E. Barker, Jr. Sam Pasco .lames P. Parker Horace G. Marsh, Jr. W. K. Miller Gene McCucken GOLD William B. Swearingen Charles Drake William Pasco .lack Mizell 'Y' 5 Q gvq Q 4 I 4 hd Eid 3 Q llllll mm: ,J W' m m J g9 9' 913 999 aw 9 9 9 Q 99 f .I Al1Yl'YlY.1Y4'K1Y4!l71-Yxfxfxfkfh-Yxlx I YY' ti. i i 1 "a 'A' I Jpjvw 51255 1 - I i Kgvl'-"ff 15101 L-t!9!,'7' all ' - ' :g - 1. 'V s l' fff. .1 1 'ff fm-1: 1:1 P- ffli. mill, Q r 1 q - -U V i C-Dv v r if , , ' A A ' r 1 .1 1' K J Y 'fe , ."-'gag f t'a's'ki -- '13 a-W :?fg",',E,g '.f'W'fa.f:-5555 ESE? , ,, if ,vs-1 - wi. ,, AWE fix.. X I A ALPHA ETA CHAPTER PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY Founded at University of Virginia, March 1st, 1868 Dr. C. L. Crow John Dial Richard M. Boring Henry Ford Allan llaile Bernard O. Bishop John Schirard Dixie Beggs William Dial James Nolan Max Wettstein Don Williams A. B. Jackson Oscar Keep Vaden McCaul Graham Jones Charles Andrews Joe Akerman William Akerman Bob Bowers Charles Coit Phillip Constantine W. B. Deloporte Charles Floyd George Karel Installed at Florida, 1904- Flower--LILY or 'rms VALLEY Colors-GAHNHT AND OL FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean B. A. Tolbert FRATRES IN URBE Rev. U. S. Gordon Eskin Jones Ed Bower Dr. W. 'l'. Elmore Faleon B. Jolmson James D. McDowell James McClamrock William McKinstry William Bolton Sidney J. Robinson Adolph Vidal FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 Frank Phipps Hubert Mcsser Stewart Ester CLASS or 1931 Wilbur James Walker Willis CLASS or 1932 K. C. Moore Conrad Mahafley Linwood Daliin Howard Edwards John Patterson CLASS or 1933 .l. S. Lindsley Lahan Lively Frank Miller Turner McDermid Jack Peters R. C. Pitman Charles liaulerson Al Rogero Bernard Schirard John Lavin Ralph Daugherty Sum Wallace J. S. McGraw Broward McClellan Bob Carruthers L. P. Hagan Hugh Hendrix Rudolph Walker .lack Toomer Vifillard Smith .l. N. Yviggington John Baxter Rollins Rogers Stanley Bumhy .lohn Woodall C. E. Spencer Claude Herndon A. G. Dozier nGo LD , i VF W ml ,R i x-.-. QI , A 'Q A '1 '- if za 191254. NYPIQE IK-'DISLQ-'78 1-J ri 4 wf 2 Z Q 'N N7 , rx 4 5 Y , 1. f ml, , J . M I ' ,N Q," .5 Af! If W - , .-5 4 ,A . , ':- ' " ' x 4 . ,, AA Yxfxrxfxfxfx L1 ' 11hM"m'm111n 1ii E13 P' Cz lg L.,-1-.ff-A-A x'!',.IQ-q tgwbl.,-!'f-A.. xiiegl ii 4 UPSILON CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON F RATERNITY Founded at University of Alabama in 1856 Flower--Viom-:'r E. B. Hampton F. ,l. Hampton Coach .loe Holtsing .l. L. Reese J. B. Harnner Miller H. H. Yancey, Jr. John W. Donahoo T. O. llerryhill Karlyle O'Berry Francis lirenan Alwin E. Dedge Riellard .l udy Lawrence Salley Logan Bagby Clarence Camp, II Louis Castor Charlie Cleveland Marcus Conant Pete Bailey Installed at Florida in 1915 CUZUFSA-li0YAl. PUIKPLIE AND Oro Corn FRA'l'liES IN URBE Dr. Wilbur Lassiter Hev. Wm. Stoney Richard Stanley Rolmt. Davis FRATRES IN FACULTATE er Dr. J. M. Farr Prof. C. W. Crandall Prof. C. H. Willou FRATRES IN UNIVERSl.'l'A'I'E CLASS or 1930 Henry Camp CLASS or 1931 .lack Miller .lohn l-linson Julian Markham .l. ',l'. Wigginton Donald Hunnn CLASS 011' 1932 Malcolm Davis George Dykes Keener Harrel Walter Woodward Reynolds Kirby-Smith CLASS or 1933 Chester Fort Hill Gordon Walter Hackney Dwight Holtslaw Charles Kittel .limxny Walker Ed. Abbot George Stanley Frank Clark William Mehrtens E. C. lioxnfh, Jr. ,loe Livesay lid Newconte William Mayes Leroy Stoker Willard Pope Joe Craig .lohn Milton .lohn Moore Raymond Risien T homas Shad Richard Taylor George Laird ghhy id El! lK911.,'!"!A x"!",:1q-q lgipiel-,..'fA,A Q'-QQ' I 1 br. A 1 X . iz 999 m fr .+mf1m.. 1'Tn'TnMf HI I. ..A.1W.Q1Q lw I 'l'A U C HA PTE H THETA CHI FRATERNITY Founded al Norwich University, 1856 lnstallecl at Floriilu in 1916 FIOIUBI'-CARNATION Colors-1-Mll.rrAnY linen AND Wnrrit FHA'I'lilES IN URBE Ray W. Ogilvie l... H. Fogg C. li. Perry l.. W. 'l'raxler FRATRES IN FACllL'l'A'l'E Dr. Fred H. Hfillfll .l. B. Culpepper Gordon S. Mobley W. F. Brown, .lr. C. R. Crofton ll. M. Scott John P. Stokes W. P. Rice John Woolslair Felton W. Scott George Kinzie Norman F. Kinzie Shuler P. Cox S. Guy Malcomh Hardie M. Dunn W. C. Lamb Dr. ll. W. Ruprechl C. liullarrl Simmons FRA'l'llES IN llNlVEliSl'I'A'l'l'I CLASS or 1930 .l. lf. A H105 CLASS or 1931 lilCl1lll'll W. Vifarren Rohy Mcfllellun Rogers W. Young Henry M. Sinclair Cnr:-ion F. Sinclair CLASS or 1932 .lack Parker Sam Wampler Bohhy Sanchez Cmss ol-' 1933 Alun Driscoll Chas. F. Gonzalez, Jr. Frank M. l.eCule, Jr. George P. Wentworth Harry McDonald liuinuy Cawihon llowarcl F. Currie Leo V. Collins .lorry Sturm E. C. Boozer 'l'. li. Duncan ,lohn Bond Mull Smith 'l'om Ihwklvy Curl Magaha Howard Locke Lynn Gerald Jennings Smith 11 L i FYI E3 - V A ,I -If : s , A 4 Q an W- P u Q ' up 1. j A ,f K 5 IA , , r 1' a 1 4 D " Q I 1J . A L rv! rv! E25 Er! C' - J lg91"Jf-A. QEPIQZ IQIQQQ' JI l EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER SIGMA NU FRATERNITY Founded at V. M. I., January 1, 1869 Installed at Florida, 1920 COIOTS-BLACK, Wnnw: AN FRATRES IN URBE FIOZUCI'--WIHITI-1 Rosa ' Erwin Seay .lames Anderson R. W. Blacklock Walter J. Matherly Werner Amrein Kenneth V. Buck Norman Davis Eliot C. Fletcher Julian Buddington Charles Chaplin Horace Connable Deane DeFord Edward Frazier Sidney Horne F1'ank Baque Clarion Logan Frances Andrews Robert Bond Paul Griley Charles Graves .ine Hughes O'Neal Cox F. Strozer .l. B. Adkins FRATRES IN FACULTY Howard Dykman Hampton M. ,larrell CLASS or 1930 Compton French ,loe D. Gill Marvin Green Bill Herrin CLASS or 1931 Fred .lahn Robert Mathis Alfred McKeithan George Perrine Joseph Richards CLASS or 1932 Thomas Napier Bruce Hamilton CLASS or 1933 Gene Montayne Winston O'Neal Ned Patton Paul Ploeger PLEDGES .lames Keith Xvillialn Lanier Guy Toph Cecil G. Phipps Ralph Lindop William Z. Platt Melvin Shannon Sain Slough George Singletary Arthur Steed .lames Steele Richard Williams George Wolfe Richard Mack Allen Robinson Edward Spence William Vanderipe Benjamin Franklin Melbourne Martin n GOLD ls.-el td , , 59 - T ' . i 1 . , lggpzg-:A 1-r1cq lg911.!'JA,A weicql M H , L X 7 4,1 :mm -v -J x I , , V C, , N , . , 4 X Y t v - 1 H, A - . ' -L . ' 4 . X1- 1 A f,-3 , '- . A ,, an 'T - . U' L , b ks' -'i 'E V! A' 'fx' 9 9 9 J lv' AA4v14qnnfvvx YXYX-YAY! YI E53 hd YI I lpn.,-:A Xa-'..1Q2 Igo11:'f gl .fi I1 els DELTA DELTA CHA PTIZR KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 Installed at Florida in 1922 FIOIUCI'-LILY 012' 'rl-li: VALLI-:Y Colors--ScAln.le1', Warn: AND FRATRES IN FACUl.'l'ATE B. W. Ames Dr. Jos. Roemer Dr. L. B. Tribolet Dr. .l. M. Leake Dr. A. L. Shealy Dr. N. M. Walker Dr. Wilmon Newell Dr. T. Nl. Simpson T. .l. Iliggins C. J. Harris Manuel Turner A. L. Anderson W. B. Brannon N. W. Brown J. F. Bull C. R. Green .l. R. Anthony W. L. Campbell K. D. Colson .l. A. Fiske W. R. Fokes H. .l. Babers R. S. Cochran C. J. DeWitt W. A. Rhea, Jr. A. M. Laird FRATRES IN URBE Gene Calon A. D. Hulson Jos. E. Waugh FRATRES IN UNIVEHSITATE CLASS or 1930 G. R. llelvenslon Maurice Lucas R. S. Hill .l. E. Nobles ll. li. Brooks .l. B. Stadler C. Lorraine .l. C. Whiflclon S. C. Ives CLASS or 1931 I.. B. DeWin .l. S. lVlcColskey M. C. Prevutt CLASS or 1.932 l. L. Baker .l. I.. Lyon CLASS or-' li. H. Luulz F. li. LaVigne .l. G. Larche C onner Shaw 1 933 Frank McCain .l. L. Turner C. V. Page, Jr. Irving Hezeau W. C. Sherrill Gm:1eN Casper Van Landingham .lolm Watts Calvin Wienges 4'Ki.l'!l7X7XYX- 72. if-1 ll W lQ:...n....1:--1f.ww-P1Q2 1wz-fi-'fg4.X.r.2-m1 m -s- ' -'W if ' E.-:. 'Y' z1rxf!414341vxrv4fvx 'YI Er! Ez! C 3 W 'SW 2 f . A rf ., . . JESS'-S' fi'l. :f Q1ii-'E 1" x Q ' 'Sf is-K-TA? A A - 1. -. A 1 1w,1..sf . 31:.e1a..1'f 1' S' .A 1 LN. f .- f 1 S ,- '- .. 9 1 Q -.1 PMg1N,vBisQ1fewkS1+v1 A SA.:-. - ' N- iff M X M- 9.2.2-Q ww -- LS- MN bw wise A wa. e .fax-'Sf ef - lr ?-1121-Ss '1S1'w12.1Y::f-..f.imzri.-as"-. as 51ws.e.:.,w1e1gS f. --. .1. LS.. S .xSQEwS1m1 S'hSQasSSww3 .s .2 .ww A .A za: .1':g?1S1g1A SA as A Q-'21wig'.,sf1n.gQS.sSsyf.NewSMS ea. A :,- - g.1q-ww? ' A . A ' 1 A A- f"'- e- A A " .E A A. X5 . H Qi! SN. . V- A 1, Tw " - gy. , ,, .,., 111. 1,1 ef. A14 .1.m-ov, f 1.1. -ww. .ww 1 .. .. ...1z.S,s.'1s.mAg A -.21 2 .M A1-:XS X: f . r w W1-.-A HMS v. fissxiwm. mx.-.S .1 ...Q .- 1. ..-6-.wiv A A X , wx 19331. 3.554 .gm Yagilggwg , ,I wk RSE.. S12 '41' ' 12, X X .2 A' ' ' , !:'.1i:." 9 ' ' 1 'W - A . . ,. ' W ,Q X 95,1-1.., -1 1 N S ' " ' If E - C Ef 'i:'-sf ? ' f . A. X' 1 'JQES ' .' T1 9 if l -UQ: " '5i0,1SeAC'P1'li1i4M.if1,'i?x' ' N A 'V 4 Qifa' w'v,,'N' :E N5 3 Q NST' R y v - Y 1 V 1 r 5 J 5 " A ' AS 526 4 J A A2 sjeigfig fir .3 S223 ,S . ani '11-S 1 egos' 3 311.3 if-gi.iG , S. I . Q- . 1 . M.: A ,,.,,. 11'v1 ::a1. -A-f 11: A Mya' l,f1E5,. . A 7lJ51f5v :MSS - sl 1 1 ' - . mv 4 -1 a.1..1S11w1ff.,- M15 2- ww 5 we-A , 14.1.11-. ,.1,. . a-1,f.1.31-xwv: we are at ry Q 1 . 1 A f ' 'A ' A ' 35' 1, f . . ,, , .. , M .X:,43L,:1f".,1g':5-g'p A r A Q. 4,5 2' 5 ?.'fHf:qg...14i.S A ' N ,a,?ff Y 2 . . 1 14 ., . , 1 QA.. 0 Sas?-'051fi:1', 3 3? we iw 2 A , 2 j: i1:,...., as -521151: MA AQ L A I' 1 3' F I 'Il 5 ,f..f7gry 3,1 1:-1 :25 23,515-i - V ' , ' ,.','j.a:s:..f.:.'.- . I I I 5 I An Q Ti V lvl Ez! Y, VIS- ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY Founded at College of Charleston, 19041 Installed at Florida, 1924 lflau,-cr-Rizn Rosa Colors---Gow ANU FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. Waller H. Beisler Joseph P. Wilson W. H. Fisher J. W. 'Chamhliss M. Wall W -agus: . R. Axtell . E. Scholze A. Kelly . G. Hall . S. Adams . l. Highleyman V. Bell DSC? F1 ..3m gr? ::fv:, F5111 Fgn 5:1 .7 FD 5 Thomas Eddleman FRATRES IN URBE Rev. A. R. Batchelor W. .l. Bullard FRATRES IN UNIVERSI'l'A'I'E CLASS or 1930 .l. 0. lioole CLASS or 1931 C. .l. Thomas C. L, Clark T. E. Anderson R. F. Chamhliss C. A. Marks CLASS or 1932 E. L. Permenter . B. Frye . R. Lee ' D C CLASS or-' 1933 Joe Jenkins Louis Anderson Al Mann O. B. Singletary David Thomas K . L. Black A. S. Herlong L. K. Walrath L. W. Tomlinson E. W. Kehoe C. S. Coulter J. E. Morris E B. Poppell lll. C. Swoope Chandler Sharon Ruiford McCormick Charles Porter Wm. W. Pooser, Jr. W H rr:-: -1 . , 315' 'iz VNS 3 . QJESS: S' 3,312 F. Ss' s':l:i:1' 11",-5 M C llllll I.. Im IKODIL'-VA x's::Q2 lg9Is.:'f,g,A xewqql me ' ' ff 9 9 ' i is L 'V' !l7lZL7'x7X7X- l Y 'sf , V Xfqb. . .V A 19 V 0 4 P. X 9 Q . Q 0 , 3 . 1 .W . -! gf. las! A ' I - Eid frm t . 1J ...... eg-eI."".,.f,A-A ieeqqt ,EZQAQIQ t V . . ,, ., GAMMA THETA CHAPTER SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, June 28, 1855 lnstalled at Florida, October 4, 1924 FIOWGT-WHITPI Rost: Colors-Bun-: ,wo Ono Gow FRATRES IN CITY Robert L. Black. Jr. lf.. A. Haynie Prof. W. T. Cay Dean T. R. Leigh L. Earle Arnow Joe C. Goldsby J. P. McLanubun Robert A. Andreas Francis A. Currie O. Preston Johnson Albert G. Lamborn Jerry W. Carter David W. Sanderson Shannon Hobgood Wilton Sturges, Jr. William McAdnm Charles Maxwell Glenn Morgan Charneel Buchanon W. L. Hill C. C. Kirkpatrick Henry Ringling S. D. Roberts li. F. Williamson. Jr. FRATRES IN F ACU LTATE Dr. L. W. Bueholz Dean P. L. Reed Prof. O. C. R. Stageherg FRATRES IN U NIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 A, D. Reeves Chas. E. Hartley Norman McLeod ,Iohn G. Ward, Jr. CLASS or 1931 Bert L. Lamborn C. R. MC1.llDHll8l1 Wilson S. Roe Robert Thomas Jas. M. Smith, Jr. Ct.Ass or 1932 Watt Kirkpatrick , .lr. Arthur H. Jones, jr. Robert Webb Nvallace T. McLeod Edward Parnell C1.Ass or 1933 D. M. McKenzie Carlton Rentz Robert L. Sloan Puztmcl-:s Kenneth O. Morgan Allen Blount Pete Brinson Bill Davis John J. Shirley C. C. Vega, Jr. Hurry W. Stewart, Jr. Chas. B. Yancey Wm. B. Watson, Jr. Edward Hill .lohn li. Houeh .l. Clifford Walker Robert F. Wulf Robert Cole Marvin Knight Paul A. Best George Knight Donald R. Porter Ret 1 ts..-.t 3,1--,4Q-,w lwlqg AA N y ,-Gm, y lx g .,, I In , 4 -, 1 N , H Y X V E., A Em P X: 2 had . led f"N ,J " : ,x', .,i,': . . .VN,- 4 , ,:.1 it "N' .u.LLL.g.l..: ,x., .,,.,. !',: - Isl "Ex. .J V1 FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER THETA KAPPA NU FRATERNITY Founded at Springfield, Mo., .lune 9, 1924 Installed at Florida, 1924 Fl0lU0l'--AVHITI-I Rosl-: Colors-Sn.vr:n, 'BLACK ANI: CRIMSON FRATRES IN FACULTATE 0. l-I. Hauptmann FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 Ray D. Cox Thomas .l. Rivers Forest G. Ashmeade Mahrey A. Carlton Wesley A. Sweat Earl P. Wingert CLASS or 1931 Charles L. Edwards John T. Flournoy Ernest B. Maxwell Norman B. Rogers Charles S. Taylor Robert N. White O. D. Honeywell Charles S. Coomes Leland B. Featherstone A. P. Mathers Fred C. Reavcs E. C. Stenstrom, Jr. Robert C. Unkrich J. V. Leer Joel Evers Clyde R. Brown Herbert W. Fanus F. S. K. Lewis Hugh A. Pillsbury E. A. Starnes Joel C. Ufford Elbert Winderweedle CLASS or 1932 Harry A. Clark Emerson Keeler K. G. Skaggs Harry C. Warnock Philip E. Dunn Ned l-l. Morgan Robert T. Thoburn Russell Daniel CLASS or 1933 Allan Gillette ,Bennie Packard James Shackleford Cecil Spitler H. Rogers Charles l-I. Scheurer .lack Reynolds W. O. Hoflmeyer Glen Brown Donald Dunham Albert Adkins J. Emil Causey Elbert Featherstone Harry H. Hansbrough Raymond Perkins KQQ Q7QQQgQg 41444444.9444 Ig-png-EA w4P:Q+g lg'+p1:,-1-rf-A-A Y-,sq H X ' mum Q I fi EA 1 ..- IQ1'1'?Ax':PIQ2 fQI.4.!."'ff -A-Axtifzqql li L n ALPHA GA M NIA CH AP'.l'l1Ili ALPHA GAMMA RHO FRATERNITY Founded at Ohio State University. 1905 Installed ut Florida in 'I925 Flower-PINK Host: COIOFS--GRICICN AND FRATRICS IN FAClII,'l'A'l'E Dr. O. C. Bryan Harold Mowry Prof. John Cray Dr. H. C. Hamilton .l. P. Camp L. A. Richardson Prof. Frazier Rogers Prof. C. li. Ahhott Prof. F. W. Brumley J l rof. .l. F. Cooper FRA'l'Rl'iS IN URBII 4. ll. F. Sikcs H. L. Falgun M. li. Bedsole G. L. Stearns FRATRES IN llNlVERSl'l'A'l'E CLASS or 1930 R. K. Voorhees W. H. Lyle C. Nl. Sipprcll CLASS oi-' 193i K. S. McMullen .l. A. liurrinean .l. li. Henderson Stuart Lockhart li. D. lVl2llllH!W!-R C. B. Williams M. V. North CLASS or I932 J. C. Cox, Jr. H. .l. Brinkley D. S. McLean W. W. Lawless li. L. Brooks I.. Ii. Jones R. B. Albritton 'l'. E. Collins W. C. Howvrsm. F. F Lowe Cmss or 1933 .l. W. Friesncr, Jr. G. H. Lucas Paul Van liepcol C. F. Taylor M. H. Toole W. .l. Platt C. W. Krilmel' W. G. Trask .l. l.. Tandy P. N. Simmons Gow .Ez YI els W Q Q rg jp-pifs'ff-A xv'-,Isl ip-511.71-A-A xtssgl ' J. .rl L 5 Q Q 175. Q Q 5. Q Q L4 P4 4 4 A A .AQ4 4 4 Y E13 4 td J mme 'll I1- 1 1 DELTA CHAPTER PHI BETA DELTA FRATERNITY Founded at Columbia University, April 4, 1912 Installed at Florida, 1925 Flower-HYACINTH COIOTS-BLUE A A. Rothstein E. M. Felson J. B. Fisher E. Hirsh E. J. Cohen L. K. Beldner D. C. Morris R. H. Halpern M. M. Slott FRATRES IN FACULTATE Professor Joseph Weil FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 P. I-I. Marks M. B. Safer CLASS or D. R. Schwartz J. Wilensky 1931 CLASS or 1932 C. B. Mehlman A. Horovitz H. C. Schwartz I. Ashkenazy CLASS or M. Coleman L. Wotitzky F. C. Rose I. Moscovitz 1933 H. W. Fishlcr J. Low J. Weinstein W. Lippton A. G. Burger M. M. Rosenberg P. Howser B. Safer ND GOLD Q ':"l' 1. llllili I- If lvl E.-A E23 Z0 m II 9, 1- N015 l HQ :fs-:A N'SPIQ' l' Q f ,Q ,gill 5 V 'W x W .J sLLL?Liiiiti4Pl4lllll..'lif E3 ' If.-A 52,53 sf., A V W 'mi 1- 4 Q 1:-M M1.gQ.f.'fi'fi'r.,1,f2,ifg15,f-1, A .M 1 1 .. Q A . .. , , , , M ,. A, , , 1 :Q fi 71 'N Q 1 8 ,y i ,, W V1 V . 1 r . v Y I1 f P 4 P 4 ,wew.wesvMewi faeaewafifw-2. r- -as J 5 - Q AAS ma H 4 I S .- . . 'A ' L f'f'7f J 'Q1 C' ' A ff' Fl i ' i 'Ik S119 . I i -in i hx .L , -.- I, ...Q-, U . .ag-,-ag, 1 1 1 1 i , A A, q,Mfw,1s,. Sw-1.1. 5, 'rrlgza ' H l Q ii qi fg,aeegg?w z1 -x Q' I me ,lr Vx I . . .. ., VI I I ' ' 'l' HP' ' l'f' X ,alll Vi Il I, lu k 9 X X X 5 , X h ..... Alflfnl - , Q. . pl ii.. Q .-. , J N A ll l " ' 1 V. ii 1-- A illlll ,. , ,, 2 I i . 1 f Z .V villl 5 i f f yf ," " Lf M rf'-1' .l. yfhfiff l ' 'fU " fri ' "" H I .1 ,fa .vi Y.' TA U ALPHA CHAPTER TAU EPSILON PHI FRATERNITY Founded at Columbia University in 1910 Installed at Florida in 1925 FIOIUUI'-1.ll.Y or Tm: VALLEY C010l'Sf-l,.M'I-INNER AN Hyman B. Solml Gustav Feuer .l. M. Feinberg Clarence Feuer H. M. Blicher Wm. Lieberman FRATRES IN URBE Wm. Edelstein FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 Harry M. Kaplan Solomon J. Perlman Bernard C. Blanck Sheldon Duhler CLASS Ol-' 1931 Ralph S. Mizrahi Morris Salnman Leonard W. Cooperman .losm-ph C. Shapiro Phillip Neuwirth CLASS or 1932 Dave li. Adelson Joe Davis Jules Lerner Leon H. Ralrinuwitz Cmss or 1933 Sidney C. Kass Burnett Ruth Byron Ginsberg PLI-:nous Ted Carnnw .loc Moss Maurie Goldstein n Wnma 1 Q kQQg7s.qQgggg4b444444.o4444 el.-1 M + m ' unm- L A lggzf,-r,f,A?:1Q2 lg91f3."-9',g, .-1.-I - 'V' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q4 P4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 V ,Bai ' EA 2 -n I 5 S Z . Ji I' 'i ' lifter , '-1 ,Q 11-- , . in . fl '--,fi--37'fQ-2,-i:-'- "rl Q -,fi:,??,sfii:' iQ gil: --'s'-1 Mi- "f2,,f1ii4 ,. ,llqii i lx mx- l .li ' - X .e:-1ez- , ' C-9 E112 li , ,1 '--.1 Sign:- .,. ,- .sz 4 ,313-,:,,., -nj 10 ,- --1 K, . -'rv ,, itll N 11, 1--2 , ,, '2?a:+,,,f -' ' 1,92 1 W, ,M 1, ,, ,QM X, vmr' . ga. , :2' ,- ,--r-yrs -1 i, w ri. sf, - fa-,-.:-g:,g 1 5.,,e ,. .' .1 W, if 5 e..ief::-:1'E:. 'Q' ' ,, , ii rf, , f-'V af, 2 -1 . , 1 , ,. 5 -51? . gi lag, z il fl e 5 4" .: . ' ' ,-,il-1 1 K F, .. .... .. , ,,,.. . , ,,,, ,, ,,,,, , ,,..,..1 . . .,,,,,,, ,Www , ml. Q fb ..-11,1 P wi .ffm .,' ' ' :ww-' W .QQ gg: QQ ," 3 ".,: '.:," ' , ,. a . ,EMM Q, YH ? ., ,.? ?s.,,.,..gxi.g, .S ,g.,.,, ,,,,, ,4.,, ,,,, .,.,, 3. ,.,:b :,,:, g WW .1 mee' 1 K 1 ga ag 3?-'lik ,x 5 4- is Q S xi fi 2 is ' we- W xi 3 in 31 Q-W? Q wi 152.31-512 NY Sissy? S, r. mr ,G VK J Hi- " i' 3?,3" "17,-f,,,fi -5' -' '- - - i i - W -.-f--21 -.2 i "W , W, A -H H r ,-, ' - -1- 2- -: .. ws: .+A :ge V2 - .-" .5 5f-w-s- fn Sig- W s .Q ,X N 3:35 f ,sf gfggf., -J -, , yr 4. N2?XSfe.r...e?K.X,x, , ,,ywfQ ., Q ,,g, S , 1 1,1 J ., 1 TE . .4 -3 Q , ' QQw' I, , , ig ' 'ii ' '1 -, .J-:QI 33. 1- . , N3 A-1-Q,..,.,-.4-.., , " - I I ,M , .,.,, '.'1'.-f?1- M-. 1 N? A SQ ri 'Wx www. Skwsa wx V1 " ' 1' AQ' 'C4-Dpf! QQ : -111.-,J .,., : 1 :a.,:.-:g.- 3...-,. -,M ,gi Q2-, 17 ' '12 " - 1 3 i?1E,'ff233g.:,.':- 1: ..,: fields! 'O -. -C Ii I. gl l :I .le,...ns......L l......A.....4l . .,.. .... .,,. .. , . . is - v ----- ' - -- , 'W 2' 'sa - H , i fwggll G.. wi ---- ' -- -if F519 "" 4 W'-H - -- ,. ..-:-.:rs:,.:f-s - - -:as-' -si:-, ,: 1.251-is. -.,.:gms-I..-,f:,1-....:-fm 5... --1 X . -. X X, .R Q. as N .Q is Sl 19255 . P ' X + .325 51,1 3. ,. ,gg 55,2 S5 2 3, A QQ, ga. .. 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Enlow Clyde Crahtree Royce Goodhread Norton Davis Burwell Jordan Lewis Haines Joe Arango Frank Brownetle John Fisher Robert Baer Kent Baker James Bulsch Emmit Conroy DELTA ZETA CHAPTER i I s DELTA TAU DELTA. FRATERNITY Founded Bethany College, 1860 Installed at Florida, 1925 COJOFS--PIllKl'I.l'I, WH ITP: AND FRATRES IN URBE Rev. M. IC. Johnson H. T. Mann FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. H. O. Enwall Prof. R. C. Goodwin John V. McQuilty Dr. E. D. Hinckley Dr. G. F. Weher FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CLASS or 1930 C. W. Dopson M. N. Owen CLASS or 1931 Weber Haines Millard Kimball James Lybass CLASS or 1932 George Grant Logan Jennings Lowell Lolspeich Thurman Whiteside CLASS or 1933 John Culler Harry Fifielcl George Gunn Edward Jewelt Willard Fifield Arnold Welch Tom Quinlan Jack Thompson Waller Lotspeich Marion McCune George Rice James Johnston Toni Johnston Lewis McQuilty William Mills Com sxiitl LQQQQQQQ li li" .- K 1 1. 5,-,sic -1S,m. 1 , ri.: N :-jg ,, ww, Am... I .vg- , ,, .W my - . ' - wx ,. ., 1 ww, -,'- ,- Q-,,Qg.,,. . N SM, , .2 he give, wafixt , r - - :W . . Y is . K Wa S--'HQ' 1, ,gli S- -N51 , K -1 ,1-SWS ' i' --,,,AS- Y wig, -2 :X F72-Xilrx Xvj ,M W A 5 EQSWN' 'f::'i:W 'I Mifki-' 'r . iw .X 3- . :Wk 1- ..,,ESrf.-S11 Sis? -1 2 55.22015 mme " .ir ig91L,4'?f 13162 191.1353-A 123621 in ': ' fi 57Q?Q?Q7Q7QQQ.QsQ1P40 444,444.4 I L-.A H3 C 'ki fc: ' X. r H-f I ., My .- W ,f ,. ' i?5"Q' 'hive -v-vo mfA.4Pm,v:,6 2 ,..,,4,,5, 414.41 I . A , A " , " . ll i 1 FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER SIGMA PHI EPSILON Founded at the University of Richmond Installed at Florida, l925 Flowers: Colors: Vlou-11' ANn AMnmcAx lil-I.-tll'i'Y Host: Roni. Punt-Li: AN Dr. 'l'. V. lVlcCaul H. C. Hurst A. C. Morris Mark Adams Cussie Click Eugene Fisher Winston Arnow David Browder Marian Austin Drennen Brown Thomas Braswell William Bigger .lames Burnett Walter Coldwell FRATRES IN URBE Grenell Hughes Irvin Clayton FRATRES IN FACULTATE .l. l'l. Wise .I. S. Day Dr. Rudolph Weaver FRATRES IN UNlVERSI'l'A'l'E CLASS or 1930 Monson Johnson .Iames Perry Richard Sample CLASS or 1931 .loe Carter Donald Curtis Merrill Ellinor CLASS or 1932 Jerald Buchannan Eugene Campbell Fred Carhonell CLASS or 1933 Arthur Ficquetle Hurry Graham Philip Clamcy 'l'. M. Carmichael Leonard lVIoI.ucas George Smith Garvin Lafitle Edward Petris Marshall Musser Paul Selle Vlfoodson Winfree Fred Lawrence Gilbert Leach Hugh Whitaker n Run il llruce Lauenhorpg l 1- 'TI7XYxZ2- lv! ,1 ESS E13 H lgaig-51.5. R"-.zfxqq lg-6111.1-:f -5,0 S-Jcqlr 999 9 + 49 fi Q 1 A ' Bran' n a N1 II W, I U 1 I I1 lvl hd Ei! L- L J 6 1, 1'9'.,f' N'1"J.PIQ2' lQiiQ!'! 4' l"Iou'er- -Wvl11'I'1-I C. ll. F. Jordan .lames ll. Boyd li. W. Nimmous Frank Wright C. C. Brown Madison D. Cody H. F. Curry D. C. McGov0rn .lames Watkins A. D. Sawyer H. M. Woodherry Tommy Irwin .lames Rilyllllfll Luke Dorsett F. E. Leahy N. F. Tyler M. P. Yowell joe MCKibhen E. L. McCubhin Patil Brown Lamar Warren FLORIDA A LPI-IA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University in 1848 Installed at Florida in 1925 utwfvrlov Colors- -JXZVIKE ANI: A FliA'l'RES 1N URBE 'l'. A. Howze. Jr. W. F. liolniusnn Chester Ferguson .lames Knott Charles Wilson P. D. Clark Wade Harrison C, Xl. Smith llyron 'l'alhert FRATRFS IN F,-XCUI..'l'A'1'E ltv l l ll. K.. lil -, ,ludge li. S. Coukrcll Dr ..... llg.K0l'l H. N. .lunc FR ATR ES IN l IN lV l5RS1'l'.-1'l'E CLASS or 1930 Mike Housel' CLASS or 1931 Calvert Pepper C. Bl. Boyd Nl. D. Edwards Glenn Dale CLASS or 1932 W. F. Dunkle, ,I r. Hensley Fuqua Sam Murphy Cl.Ass or 1933 Bill Zoller llunald Cuthridgc E. W. llowatl Gardner Gillette Nelson Sawyer Culver Smith Xl. H. Sparks H1-nry Anthony Laurence Sompayrac .lamus N. lilliol Dale Waters Lucius hlL'COl'I11lCli William Charles Frank .'1I'l'lllll2llll Q. l. lloherls liiton Woodard H. lf. jones Tom NlcClure .lark Dim-kson .l immy Landon RCENT 1 . K jg 1' II 'gpg-:A Ci-s1Q3 lQ1f::'f xiecqi , y V Q Q , -wr . 5 . f I , 9 9969 ff' :EW 1 ll nrxnfxzxfx YY' hd E53 C' lL2.-"-f..f.fnxriQ:2 lra-'-f''-vi1l FLORIDA CHAPTER DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Founded at Cornell University, October 13, 1890 William W. Dishong T. H. James W. L. Thomas D. Lane Markett Excell R. Johnston L. Gene Cramling Paul Tully Harry P. Orcutt Sam J. Swaya Fred P. Brand Clyde Brady H. C. Van Horn William Johnson li. W. Dibble J. D. Graham ll. W. Barfield Installed at Florida, 1926 Flower--Wnm-1 C.xnNAr1oN Colors-Run Mn Burr FRATRES lN U Nl,Vl'lRSl.'l'A'l'E Posr GRADUATE S'rUm:NT Woodson C. Tucker, Jr. CLASS or 1930 J. T. Rose Barton T. Douglas .l. Eugene Boyts Maurice Lce Moore CLASS or 1931 N. Broward Lovell B. F. Welles, Jr. C. T. Roberts T. C. Jones Russell Carson Leighton H. Pearce Cmss or 1932 F . C. King William McCarty Frank Conlun F. V. Johnson Herbert Webb CLASS or 1933 H. J. T. Davies Fred Sorrels A. li. Royal .l. A. Roberts Dean C. Houck W. Irwin Fernald Reuben Orr C. T. Durranm, R. H. James R. G. Thomas H. F. Seasted J. R. Tower, Jr. .l. C. Martin R. H. Blanchard IS. L. l-lildebrand H. D. Sammons D. Carl Smith Robert Whitcner H. L. Haesaker C, T. Cobbe s.gg4r4p.44444Sp.oAA n V hd E.-.S J. 4' . ff 591574. xtfzcq lgexg,-"-rfA,A xeiqql f , f . ...M F K 4,-: I N Q Q J , f . p 1 . , . gf 'vs V ' , I ' 'R I ' 25 ' E -Q 'Y r ' 'fi , ,ga I if ' . IA, 2 up .8 X gg , :1 - + , ,A ' -54 55" L. Y' gA41vxzxzzfvx7x7xzx YY' hd Ez! , :- il rn, l, al P t If A V .J t Ulm' Q LT .M V -5-f .--QL. N V 'l' Qu l -llll. mum- fl l ALPHA ETA OF PHI KAPPA TAU Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1906 Forty-two Active Chapters lnstallcd at Florida, March 10, 1926 Fl0ll'l'l'--Rl-ill LIAuNA'rtoN CUIIJVS-HARYARII lil-in Ann G0l.n MEM BEHS IN FACULTY vw -. . H. W. Chandler .l. G. Eldridge A. l. Lralg .l. D. Chmt .l. L. Putt-rson ll. W. Huston NIEMIXIZRS IN UNlVEliSl'l'Y Srzmoas llarold C. Farnsworth Frank L. Peterson Henry H. Connor O. L. Dayton. .ll'. Harold Williams Hugh Young lioppo R. Johansen ,l. Russell Mt-Caugltan David E. Williams Hans ll. .lohansen Kennth H. Smith Brave C. L1-lnmm William F. .lihh Hllflkll' J. Lamhcrt lloy L. Purvis ,lamcs E. Katsch Warren L. 'Vedder Warren W. Connor .lumoits Harold li. Wahl Fre-dt-rick lil. Cohan Norman H. Derr Victor L. Daily Daniel Delaney Milton Xl. Foxworth SOPIIO MOR!-IS Frank Scofiold .lames C. llaldwin llurhert G. Brasfit-ld FRESH MEN .lames H. Hunter Price L. Ford Arthur Westergaard CllilI'lL'S F. 'l'ouchton. .lr. Louis C. XIacDowell, .l r. F. Arliv Rllodcs Garrett F. Haynes .lohn H. Wahl. .lr. Louis F. Blalock Gerald Smith .lay F. Nlcrchant Forrest H. Manger Charles S. Carlisle Franc-is W. Farnsworth Hilliard C. Holland .lamcs A. Ch-ndenin Lewis H. Hadley Mhz-rt K. Pridgcn Harry .l. Mclnnes E. Wlillll'lL'15 Mallory ' Q Q gig 75.72- td .y. J +1315 N?+1Q IQ l m i I 3105 fs? 1, ' 3 w -I N Y Six ' .A 5 -S W1 .A Q ,A C 2 1 4 x 'Il , fi l X X x 4 ld , a Z' , 'Z .Q Xa ,, X A' r ' pi' . ' I' f 41 L. gqgsfgggigggwb 44444450441 L3 Er! nn in L11 BETA ZETA CHAPTER DELTA SIGMA PHI FRATERNITY Founded ut the College of Installed at Flon cr WH11i CAIKN AT1oN the City of New York, 1899 Florida, 1930 Colors--Nn.E GRPPN AND WHITE CLASS or 1930 'l'ln1d H. Carlton William G. Akridge ' E. S. Willes D. M. Johnson CLASS or 1931 F. E. Love A. F. McDonald R. R. Rolhfuss J. R. Jamison X. L. Lindsey T. N. Stewart S. C. Pearson L. Shumun CLASS or 1932 F. L. Rowan A. E. Wind H. F. Dyer, Jr. R. D'Olive F. J. Frazier, Jr. W. F. Dawkins A. W. Spencer E. B. Korst CLASS or 1933 J. Coarsey v ' R. H. Dickens H.'F. Coleman E. Q. Perry Chas. Coleman J. J. Robertson PLEDCES E. M. Nickson M. lfl. Mills J. N. Baker Chas. Moore P. E. Crecr, Jr W. F. Irwin s.Q!s..s T i 1 ' ' Winam- U 1 Q 1 7 E' , 'W ' 'x 'T-'Z ' v N 4 T I X ' Y. .-:L ' A .iz II qnnfvxzxrxfirxzz YI L-is ' W Ez! XM 1 ,Nt .4,, s A 4 mme' K W Wt W A A 2 . A S X N 1 f Five' its if 9 :fw.:.' RMDsejzwsveg-I-,Awww2 'si s is Ns I A fl ' A - 2 .IA::l.'.-'1fiN:9j" ' Y x - , : -3, c,--,Tyr ,1.gff, -9QgIvI,w3A:- . .. , .,,: . X,,4 A ,,.. --,, A I. .,-x. . . ,,,, ' N. ' 1' 'Y ' '1 'V 1 f1f Q L 5 A J 5 A . R-bi A J Q lnterfraternity Conference ll . J President . . SELWYN IvEs Secretary-Treasurer' . BOB SGIIOLZE ALPHA TAII OMEGA . KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON THETA CHI SIGMA NU KAPPA SIGMA . PI KAPPA PHI . SIGMA CHI . . . DELTA TAU DELTA . SIGMA PHI EPSILON . PIII DELTA THETA DELTA CHI . . ALPHA GAMMA R110 . PHI KAPPA TAU . THETA KAPPA NU . Arthur Gibbons, Red Mclfwen Hayes Lewis, Robert Archibald . Dixie Beggs, Wilbur James Hervey Yancey, John Donahoo . Bill Brown, J. E. Amos, Jr. George Wolfe, Bruce Hamilton . Selwyn Ives, ,lim Anthony . Bob Scholze, Larry Walratll . . Melo Vegue, Sanderson ,lake Dobson, Lotts Lottspeich . Gus Click, Dick Sample . Jim Watkins, Tommy Erwin . Bill Dishong, T. H. James George Kiamer, Richard Brooks Harold Wahl, Warren Connor Clyde Brown, Corr Stenstrom -' .l:. td Ez! - 5 4 X xy E me Q99 - 1 ., k 1 tg , . E 1- -: ' .Hz YI Afvxaaznnrxnrvxn 'V' LJ ff! ' IL :s.:fA 1-s-Jeg tgei.,--:f wg 31 DELTA TAU FRATERNITY Founded, 1923 Flower-Run CARNATION Colors-Rm ANn Gnu FRATRES IN FACULTATE William T. Arnett William B. Hathaway Ralph D. Dickey Edward S. Quade Irby J. Hickenlooper John W. Prunty Oscar M. Bisant Arthur R. Thompson John M. Lyell W. Earl Halsey Homer H. Seay, Jr. William C. Simmons Frank L. Porter William M. Crosby George E. Morgan FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Mark D. Butler CLASS or 1930 J. Frank Chase A. Courtney Stewart, .lr. CLASS or 1931 Walter H. McEldowney James H. Millican T. Joe York Cmss ol-' 1932 Paul A. Zimmerman Charles H. Bolton Willzll'cl D. McGinnes CLASS or 1933 William E. Dcnnard Thomas B. Walker John M. Raymond Stanley I. MacDufl' H. Wilbur Overstreet Lloyd L. Baldwin Donald M. Baldwin .lames E. Kcezel Vernioe L. llern Willis L. Stephens Darrey A. Davis Earnest Edwards C. Leonard Pidgen, .l r. Ralph L. Walker Everett F. Opperman li i 'YI Yxfx 'YI Ex! Ex! lpn,-e'f A xtfxsg lgez.-'JA xewsgl ,bet A 0 Hg L If -' , T3 5 Q a A if A 50 .ii F ! "' , F1 ! A, .. A 45 I at ,z ,, Ax pl' ' ' -4 ' 0 X fi Q 9 1 ' s J Q9 lIi'I!'! m FM'111'f41'ii'ulV'I Ii ' ,, . . .. . , - ..,. .M -A . .,.....,,.. .. . .. K . . - W-. .t -mv.-.....-..-:r1:--.. ... 9- :.: :Hs . . -.smsresxfs-'-ff:.::-if-:..:,:ff-22.1 .... rt:.a:'s:x.ff:-1N:e:'+55:-F4321V- 2 'A rw VM: fbi 5 Y . .. tv' , ....,.,?,.?' . , . X. .-X... ':,:.,,x,-.9.,.- s:...i:.f qZ2' . ff- sf, - ..,-,. ..e....... .... ..x, ... X , MW 'av , t 9 1 ff W 2 vm if ., Q., ,. .. .ff . W gy v s lf, 'X .tx 'X N if N? ' Q BS 1, . . . .. . ., ---- 'N ' Q, sk X 5 ' N " v - - ' 'xx . . w . . X 2531 . - . SS it Q 1 M a s SV' - 5. 352542. Q 'Z gf.. 4 sz",-,.,,Q,,.,w M, 0 so gg f.q.',g.g ft f 4 .as 5 "V'i63'v,:,,.1f', :.' V an . . Q.. .2 N will M. x . Us x wall? 3 S 5' skate? Mgt? KW X il KN ' ' ' xml? 1 saga gt rm V ., . ....x..,. ,,.. tb, X, . .. -, , Edin .gmt , Q Meg. 2.-.Nf,5-rx. H.:-.4-4 ,, . -,-- . MW -. fa- -:- ::,,-:Q-rf: -55.5.5 -Q-: -tt 2 X3 X - A N 1 Rye, X X132 1 XV.. W K. A N A Y it-'X-'.'1,:..if2i wZ'?.5i:i -rw, . i'Pf...,f,-'n-- ::-22-.- 1- :af-1-. -Ig'-:.':F-"hz,L:-.5.5.'S.ZI..:g'ET'--' ':':,.., 'X .,,s1'-,. -N2 'ggi A-sry ' ly. X r if 5 ,f-sb . " X. --'.:: ' ' 1 t yre' ,X Q . 'v grgam: , .. t fam f :aa-we 2 55 51.1 ,Lf-ffm ,R 2. rw.:- ,geeem saw A.,--1 3,155 Q22 W ee . Qsgvfz - t Q Q A 9.2 ft -.. M . aww .M .... Mvwm. ... ao. im. L Io' ' ' 'ez Nero .L l.,g.A...JI ri IVQL' Q f" i ..-.-q -.s: Il vnail. V H K 1-fl. . an ff- iii- .-.. X.. Sz- A Y -1 :.. md I if ,ttrtu,,, x, :,,:-735 '-umm at. SV fit! . ' 5 3 I wi in nm ' rs -f -N -r , ,K l - tl' ll' V ' t ' Tl .+L :gl I 'llll 'r tl ll W . .ALPHA DELTA Founded. l923, petition Phi Kappa Psi Flmvvr-.lfxco Ros:-3 Jas. D. Bruton. .l Edgar 6'Red" Curry G. Leitner Denham Jas. D. Bruton, .lr. Frank Anderson R. E. Byrnes .l. Pierre Ahrano Arthur 'iArohie" Davis Preston Davis Albert Ash Robert Dick Forrest F. Granger Howard Livingston Buck Copeland Lawrence hmmanuel 'ACIIIQICN A N n xVl'll'l'l-1 Colors Vice-President r., President ll. E. Byrnes, Wm. Simmons. Secretary MEMBERS Slzmons Edward Grout Howell .lanes .lumon LAW Wm. H. Frecker Thomas Alexander J UN tons .lohn Martin Kihler R. Carey .lacohus Wm. J. Rivers Sol-Homomss Howard "Red" Johnson Eugene Kesler Wm. Simmons FIIESHIVIICN Eddie lleimherger Beverly Conner Prnnclcs Sherwood "ShoSh0" Suhomherg Howard Ryholt ,lack McKay Tracey R. Walsh Richard A. Lawrence Ceo. 'l'ierso Nunez 'lllI0lllilS Butt Eddie Hafner Arthur "Shaker" Small Roherl' Fryer Underwood Sureven Hart Malcolm Melntosh Wm. Hieker Clarence "Pete" Smith Ed McCarthy Robert Bolcy I1 -ZI- 'W' xx 3 N N c XX it , as XDR fx t . D .' 'fai l gs., , K , .,,. -.,, . .. . ff.. N mga A s -5 .. ., . 1 1-lslflwfvwwuf -Q Wxmg. -.,. -Q Q.:-asrssa ts -1 Nggtif.. Q f x . YE., Qrisg3Ra ESQ x Y W. Q 1 'ry if drag A - gifs 5 ft'f'Q5iI.f3 f my 9Xir -.XX R 5 , ggi :1 X Q-.. , .QNL X ...A-X. .-:genie X Q llllll v I.. g7'5?g?Q,7L?g7L7g7'L7Q7Q4 PATA 4 ll l lil .0 451 lv! 'V' 4 m lppzg-r-'IA x'2'f1Q2 lge1f:'J,g,A Q'-,Scif ME - iimnn is" i I ,. L 'Y' 434414 hYx 'Y' hd ff! IL 1-53:1-A Hs1Q2L' lg-9I.,"!'ff JI i SIGMA LAMBDA TAU fLocalJ Founded, 1924 Petitioning Delta Kappa Epsilon Flower-Rrzn Hnuscus CUZOFS--CRIMSON AND EMi:nAlu li. Campbell 'I'lmrnull Henry l.. Hicks Robert C. Evans Robert C. liencher Russell E. Curtis F. .l. Berry Peter C. Kznninis Henry William Lund Kuryl H. Mashburn E. .lohn Klepach FRATRES IN FACUL'l'A'l'E Dr. F. H. llvutli MliMlil'1llS F. Edward Cooke W. H. Roberts CLASS ol-' 1930 Cluirles F. Walker D. E. Moomuw CLASS ov 1931 .l. C. Pratt .'xIllll'CW 1-I. Sage George L. Monteiro, ,I r. Paul E. Peters CLASS or l932 Glen A. Dixon Ernest E. Schirmvr Rohert W. Stewart CLASS or 1933 ,Xllen Stunwix Huy Ken. li. Burnhzun TlI0lllLlS E. Oliver l,ouis H. Mecth l.uurenee S. Murtin J. N. Davis Stephen E. Walsh W. W. Harvey Benjamin N. Durlingt Ralph K. Hood Cordon E. Young: Ralph Mcl.eun Oll rv! rv! hd hd , t ll IILE ., .. ,f:,.,?q ., . .V Axim P? rg mah,-l5'f-A..x2e1Q2L lp-p1eg.'x-A-Am-wg' gg . - ' X5 X 'A l ..- it 1' mme ' in xzzrx Y' rv! V Ex! Er! Q i ,....,,, X-,mtg ---,......-.9 I'-' , I PI ALPHA, SIGMA FRATERNITY fI.0calJ , Fonnclctl, 1927 Petitioning lleta Kappa lflmccr--Col.m:N Ron Colors- Iirrr-1 no Sn.v1-:n FIIATRES IN FACI l I.'l'A'l'IfI ,l. W. Norlnan W. 'l'. llivks FR.-Yl'l'Xl5IS IN URIIIC C. A. Hawkins FKA'I'liIiS IN llNlVllRSl'l'.'X'l'IC Cmss or 1930 C. ll. King Clytlt- llarrison ll. IS. Nlillvr linrnis 'l'. Coleman 'l'. W. Nlillcr CLASS ol-' 1931 Clayton C. Bass Dilworlh Q. If:llSICl'lIllQ.K Nliclnu-I NICLIIIIHIIIIII ,lay A. Sllulfrr I. C. King I'l. D. Paclgett l'l. lf. villlgllilll CLASS or 1932 . 'IlIlUlllilS E. Slllilll Ronald W. Childers Stanton Giclcons Fretl W. SlilllglIlIl'l' Oliver Anrlerson .lolln Ponrl W. F. Harrison Lawrence Frye Charles W. Waring Orville Crozier Cmss or 1933 Norman W. Storey Illlllll Wilkenson George Fern-ll Frvtl Wilkes Ira Lindsay .l. H. Price Bernard Dean W. B. Calioon R. D. I'I00ten Mnrrah Hooks Nelson Well:-r i "I C llllll L- rvu If Ez! Er' 1 ' I 11 PJ.. 1 ' 1 ii jggzf..-ra.. K1'-.IQ-2 1g4p1.."'7,,g,. was 1 .:".. ll his 1 1 Q 1 1 OMEGA U PSILON THETA Flllivtff-xVllI'l'I'I liusn fLoc11U Foumlcml ut Florida, 1927 Colors-1-M1nN1u11'1' 131.1115 AND P1:A111. Glmv FRATRES IN FACUL'l'A'I'E Prof. L. S. Stevens FRATRES IN llNlVliRSl'l'A'l'Ii CLASS 01' 1930 I". D. Lunsderll ,L L. SLIIIQLUI W. E. Wumlwunl J. E. Caldwell l'lel'l1tfl'l A. Lnvu Cmss 111-' 1931 D. li. Lee W. E. Mims W. S. Blair .L K. Skipper F. P. Lilllgbtllll .L L. Lee Cmss 01' 1932 ll. I... Nlizm- M. J. EllVVlll'llS C. G. Spell P. E. Spell V. C. Nl0llISillSOS james Cordell CLASS 111-' 1933 1 F. I". Barnes W. H. MCD1DllilllI W. R. Kihl1l1- W. D. Perez R. I". Mlm H. F. Pl'i0!4It'!' Q V 1 .3..,+..A1 V 'QL-"gf-A.. N'-.srzqq IA ii PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL l,I'6Sill'Clll ........... J. E. KIQEZEL ................ ..... D . T. Vice-Presiflenl . ...... W. C. AKIQRIDUIQ . . . ............ P. A. E. Secrelary ..,........ E. M. GROUT .... ................ A . D. Treasurer . .......... A. H. SAGE . . . ..... Sigma Lambdzl Tau W. J. Rlvlcns ........ ..... A . D. H. I.. HICKS . . .... S. L. T. J. F. Clmsla ...... ..... I J. T. E. S. WILLES ....... .... P . A. E. IV. W. SLAUcH'1'En .... .... I 3. A. S. C. B. KING ......... .... I 3. A. S. D. B. LEE ....... .... O . U. 'l'. M. J. Enwmzns . . . .... 0. U. T. .'::. H Q Q a g w'5'5Hl1mun -1 mnn1n9B"' cerzanaecel n IJ K1 Eli-Innnrarg llkaternitivz , .1 lmfgzg--.'anm.N'.v'm lze:q.g-52f,,,,A 1-JQ4 1 ' .f 1 A ' 'UQ I THE , ' 5 BLACK SCWHITE Williammiond 'PeeWee"Keezel Rainegfaavihon John MfTfi'rt ldgal:M"Currg Carl L010enbg W Yflzqlon Dinning Cyril Pogue ' ' . ill Puckwall PaleVansicltPe Fi iz- 212 els IE' i Q, - an-n H MC! 1 1 5 ' .A ' 2.2 -8' K . 5: 3 ,, g, 1 ' .Y ' .w , ' ',. V if gy mah 4 rg rv: E3 Ea! IV L' Bill Bonml 'l'l1arl H. Carlton 8 i v i W 1 V Y r Y ' ' v K' -.0 ,Q ., ',,, .. It :.s,",f-A-x.,.Q-3 9.9.-JAIQQQQEI H B . N BLUE KEY B B'lA.l0R B. C. lilI.I-XY. Ifoumlcr 4 " "1 .vs " UIIHIHS CHARLES Ausmsx' . . . . . l'1-csiflefiz ALFRED AIRTII . V ice-I'resi1lc11L B. C. TnonN.xl. . J. E. Pmczis W. C. Carleton Bay Carter Bainey Cawlliorn J. B. Culpepper Manning Dauer Norton Davis Layton Dinning Bill Disliong Bill Duckwall ,loe C. Golclsliy W. A. Herin Mike Houscr S. C. lives Pee Wee Keezol Dan Kelly Angus l..aird"' Granville Lzu'rin1ore Boll Mathis Steve lllontgomery .lack Simpson .lohn B. Stadler .linunie Steel Dick Troxler Arnold Welch Frank Wrigllt' PLICIMJIAZS fro me Ben Clemons W. li. :Xrnow . Svcrelary . Trzrasurer BIIGMIII-IRS .linnnie Boyd" llurvey Yancey Art Cilmlions Hill 0'Conncll lloyal Ullll'8lll1'l' "'Aln1nni on Campus lNl'I'lATl-Ill Amin. 16, .lim Anthony .loc Davis Charles Chaplin Lloyd Patten li. K. Wulrulli Marlin Caraliallo Boll Edsall .lo D. Gill Harry Stewart Bill Fifield Durwooml Hawkins Byron Butler Monk Dorsell Carey Thonlas Gus Click Russell Crofton IN rrA'rr-:nj K. L. Black Allie Barker I930 2 1 l QI L- FYI II , as H 'E i i l ' i V, . . V 1 F A W lw IE,LZfAi?v'4JI l 1 ? ' v I - ' . 4 . I . Iv- F , N P y , I , I .ga 1 i 1 ! I I Q 0 'f:f-.--X N a 1' XJ' I p 4 r L., .. . V ' ' 1 5 , T 4' Q f 5 X If' 1 at .3 Q K S , 1 f A -. . f' .. , . , 3 ,.1,.?.,2..i,.:.,.Z r 1 V v - W V Q - V Y ' 1 1-ff' a .QS . ' .- ii 5 - 1 A A . ' , . 't Q A , x. ., Y y ' PHI KAPPA PHI National Honor Society UNWERSUY 01: FLORIDA CI.IAlJ1ER N I F I 5 5 5 ' r lnstabllshecl April 13, 1912 5X 4 4 X ' S-iii X iiiglph u J N Or-'rrcrzns .-. g . 1. -- C IN J. W. NORMAN . . . . . . Presulent " RUDOLPH WEAVER . . Vice-President lb . B. W. AMES . . . . .Secretary . Com MILTIMORE . . 'I reasurer J. M. LEAKE . . . . . . . . Historian Rr:smr:Nr Mrzmmzns C. E. Abbott W. L. Floyd Frazier Rogers B. W. Ames J. R. Fulk Joseph Roemer :.-J. YI sl' W. T. Arnett F. D. Ayers A. P. Black E. T. Boardman W. H. Beisler L. M. Bristol E. W. Berger Frank Brumley H. E. Bratley R. K. Buckley F. W. Buchholz C. L. Crow E. A. Clayton M. D. Cody R. S. Cockrell H. G. Clayton A. T. Craig B. R. Colson J. F. Cooper H. W. Chandler F. M. DeGaetani R. D. Dickey H. O. Enwall J. M. Farr B. B. Fowler H. R. Saunders Bessie L. Carter Joe Bass R. W. Boyd W. G. Carleton M. J. Dauer lilis Fueyo C. EQ Hartley W. A. Herin Phi Kappa S. K. Eshelman J. C. Goodwin F. H. Heath E. D. Hinckley W. B. Hathaway E. A. Haynie Wm. Hawkins, Jr. Margaret Johnson J. M. Leake A. M. Laird T. R. Leigh C. E. Mounts Cora Miltimore J. V. McQuitty Claude Murphrce Harold Mowry J. W. Norman Wilmon Newell W. J. Matherly A. C. Morris C. A. Robertson B. C. Riley J. Speed Rogers J. B. Rosser UNDERGRADUATES SUMMER SCHOOL-1929 W. P. Davidson A. H. Wentworth REGULAR 'l'r:nM-1929-30 C. B. King C. W. Luther W. T. Mayo P. M. McCarthy J. M. McNan Jack Miller L. Moore H. L. Putnam R. W. Ruprecht W. S. Perry P. L. Reed Melvin Price Alma Single T. M. Simpson A. L. Sheuly G. B. Simmons Evelyn M. Simmons A. P. Spencer J. M. Scott P. C. Scaglione J. J. Tigert H. R. Trusler J. E. Turlington J. H. Wise Rudolph Weaver C. H. Willoughby J. R. Watson Erdmon West R. J. Wilmot G. F. Webber F. C. Ward J. E. Waugh H. S. Austin C. C. Norman J. E. Waugh J. E. Price E. S. Quade F. A. Reiber W. M. Robinson R. L. Smith A. C. Stewart Arnold Welch Phi Freshman Award-Charles Mosier L- II .v. 1 'ply 4 We f FYI FYI ,Pai hd C, NMMA SIGMA L1 SILON HONORARY CHEMICAL FR Xl! RNVI Y jg9L!,":f-A x"4PIQ2 lpJL,"'r'f-A-A I Y 4'Y4'f-KYAKY 4x4i4t4141lY4fxfxrxfx rxrxyxyx IYI hd E.-3 PHI ALP!-IA DIQLTA HONORAHY LEGAL l"HA'l'l'IRNl'l'Y I1 il 'Q cl X 5 W lg91'.15'.fA x':r1Qo2 lK431g,":A.A XS'-,QQ i L: WY? 'V' had E55 PHI DELIA PHI HONORARY LEGAL IRNII RNI IX lgQp1f.s,'J-A x'1':1Q2 lg9L,-'27-A., 122531 1 1 f I N i W 1 i A I 1 4Ya4tAAA41c4nrxnfxfxnfxfxnfx7xf W1 I 1 11111 1 1111111 1 11 111 55 ,Pl lJl'lI,'l',-X ICPSIIAJN IIONOIMRY ,lUllliNAl.IS'1'llI I"R'X'I'I'IliNl'l'Y NM f fmt Mknlgghfb ADAVIU lOTfF'.L.,f x , M x L' A QOH , LIL!!! YQENYON WM A - FLA sf ,hL.OVNL , .RU NL. NAR-Lf! Ol Q 3111111.11 , - Y ,i ii 11111111-1111 m X -Q- M llllll 13914-rAx's1Q2 lpp1fs.'f,A-A JI Q x YXZZ-YXYX SIGMA TAL? HONORARY ENGINEERING FR.-K'l'liRNI'l'Y ' I Wlw...A...1'ff'fs'2'1Q2 1wi-.'v.'m.1-:El --- i1 l RHO CHI HONORARY PHAIiMACICU'l'lCAI, FRA'l'ERNl'I'Y .N 1,,W.,,.,,,,,.r,,,y.:g:.,.!. I HU! , . Nl l. fl 1 'S 4 .Tl ,Q nf 4 1 oqov 4' --'rm' ' 9 in ,. N, , mist i hd KAPPX lJliI.'I'fX PI HONOHMKY''l'I'IMIlIlCH'S l"I!A'l'liliNI'I'Y I F I Y 1 4 I i r Q Q I ' a .5 1 i l W . V 5 l 4'Y4'L4Y4i431'Zl7xYx.Yx 'FAU KA-NFPA AI,Pl'lA I'lONON.-NNY FURICNSICI FlM'l'l'fliNl'I'Y fl VCV Lv.fAv.w lw I Q A fb E lvl lvl ILA ALPHA PHI EPSILON HONORARY LITERARY FRA'l'ERNl'l'Y m 'gblbgfa xwnp1Q2 lKgjgC",fa A 1 -' 1. NUI! Q Y . llllll , H 'K Qs A- A ' w -1 E L 4 A I Q V ,F X 4M'4 ' f v 5 6 Q Q W , 'Tl72-,X-72-7X7X7'x.7X.7L.b A 'ii hd ALPHA KAPPA PSI PROFESSIONAL COMMERLIL FRA'l'ERNI'l'Y m IK9 lQ l ii 1- Cawuj '-1' Ez! E.-3 KAPPN I HI lx XPPA PROFESSION U ll' KCHI R'S FR.-X'l'EliNIlX 5 5" C' ,QQ-, ,,,Q.-,,1Q lQ,,.-M ,. YXYXYXYXYXYXYX Ha Q Hd Qi I FI ,rn X UOFF' ' . ' , Q Q Q Q7Q Q Q Q Q Q Q4 P4 n 4 YXIXYX 4 'Y' 5 i , 1 ,N 3 Q 1 'uma m 'png-1f,Ax.,"f1Q3 lpp1-31-A-A QJQEI N ' ff Kp 1. xy! , ' 4355 .Q A ,, K 7 I Ei! A 2 v 3 YXYXYX FYI E23 1 x W lQ1E.,"'5A X'-x:q+2 lg91f.e.-'45 Q'-JQg1zm Ca "" gig :mum ' L.. fKfY4't1'14'Cl7z.fx.f:..Y37x7x7xYx lvl FYI Ez! E53 nnunnud ,QL--,,,,, N-.QIQ IQL-.Q A N,-IQ' . SCABBARD AND BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity Founded all Ilia University of Wisconsin. i904 Company H, Second Regiment Established at Florida, 1920 FRA'l'RifIS IN UNlVl1IRSl',l'ATE lVlARTIN CA1muA1.Lo, JR. MILTON MCEWEN . . CHARLES Mlvrms . BILL D151-1oNc . . . Captain First Lieutenant . Second Lieulenanl First Sergeant lCdgar Curry Royal Unlreiner Bill Fisher W. .l. Helsetli John Wigginton Howard Curry Oscar Bisant Bill Duckwall George Elms I Walter Mnrpllree W. J. McGee Bill Fifielcl Dixie Beggs Gone Fisher Raymond Ford L. L. Baldwin Dan Kelly Robert Cockrell lloliert S. Edsall Joe Neville Arnold Welch Don McGovern .lcrry Ludwig L. li. Yarbrough P. D. O'Connell N. C. Harvey Marvns Owen "I 1. L- . . rv! Irv! hd 'Q 'm ' SEFNUIQ IQ lQ I ' 'H '55, i 6 M PF hd hd Pl G.fXNI.NIA MU IIONOIMIRY SllIliN'I'lFIC FRfVI'l3lIlNl'l'Y : 1.....1w ' ' Iwi-4za.N"".Q lge:1:QA, R-.sql lm 115 lv' U Ha HOXOI XRY IIORIICLIIII Xl ll XIIINIH 'P llllll X-Q Q l.,.'2'-:ini-.vmlm II Q i . 4 Igglalgyfa was: 1 rQv - 1. 4? KY-KYAKY 4'K4Y4'!4'r4'Cl7xYxYx.fx.7x73.yx1r:,,yx 'ii M "' -,Mawr UNIIIIRUN lJl'II,'l'A KAPPA HONUIRUCY l.ICADl I X C KSHIP FRfX'I'IfIiNI'l'Y l Q N I- VA 2 Yi K I I . A4'Y-KYAKYAKYXY Y f Yx.Z2.Yx.f'X.7'A.?'X-YXAYX. L-.,-A els DIiI.'l'X ICPSILON IIUNORXHY PHE Nllill l"li.X'l'ICIiNI'I'Y 3 ,- llllll Aw IE..A..14'5'-N?'1Q lE INn . ..... ' gigivlllq mme ' - 1 L.-. 'V' 'Y' E53 E23 PHI SIGVIA HONORARY B101 OGICAI FRA PERNITY FH J ISL-.zQ.N'?'4Q lpp1q.ffAA A mu H 11. I I I 1' ' L, Eff! ALPHA ZETA HONORARY AGRICULTURAL FR.-X'l'ERNI'1'Y m NUI! Igazz.,-.YA N"!PIQP2 lK4EI2.,'!"!A. xzwql ' 3 f . . 3 9 ' ,...n , l 1.14 ,l-.- E 1.5: ll I 'V' v Ef.i I E23 " lse1.'2'f..A..... HQIQE Q l l . AA xx M - chi X-.1 if-KYAIY 4Y4i4i434'ClYxYx-fx fx pf,-1 rl! i .i- YI '- numunia If W IICHIFSQQLIQEII F3 'J E53 Fi! Mrganizatinnz M., a n .. . a - T T W g 1 1 ,41. ... .. ..,. ..4,. .. .. . . .1 .Q, l u .. nl'-+',.fffx...o'l I'-o-'..,fx,g"r1w . rm lp' A 'Q t 1 D' A 'Q vii' ': J .R ,-, - In it ins YP THE STUDENT BODY BILL Duciuiuxu. . . . Presiflent EDGAR H. CURRY . . . Vice-l'residen1 DIXIE BI-EGGS . . . . Sccrelary-Treasurer Student Government has completely justified its existence since its establishment on the campus of the University of Florida. It has given the students practical experience in the handling of civic problems and a keen insight into politics. As no other activity can, it demonstrates the democratic spirit.of the University. The size of the school has caused the organization of two political parties, with occasional small ones springing up. These parties give a color and excitement to the annual general election comparable only to national campaigns. ln the next few pages are presented some of the oliicers of the Student Body. i The Honor Court, a cherished institution on the Florida campus, has succeeded admirably, and earns the respect given it by both faculty and students. i4i4'K51'K,1klX xixfxfxyxyxyxyxyx 1 EF f1 Y Wir -.v V 1 ,. ,, ,, M 'Q illlrm m m' YIUIHWQSIIQIIN Q I mf. ummm .n. LWQQFQ 1 nies THE EXICClI'l'lX'li COUNIIII. Y Vi P ,,fAx,.,-v-.xqgl Kqggepg,-,f 5.9. N N 1 A ' ll rm fb - 1 5 :MQW wld ? i 1 4 -' HV. 7X ' X-7X7 'V' U as THE HONOR COL IH 'VW' YQ" 'ii' W ' '41-' is' 1 , .QZIL IRQ.. g4 i JOE GOLDSBY - BUSINESS MANAGER CHARLES AUSLEY EDI'I"OR'IN'CHIEF' V THE ' SELWYN IVES-MANAGING. EDITOR SEMINOLE ILL. .SKMM-ASfT Nmnxouuo mum JJ-I. MILLICAN -FEATURE EDITOR fr 4lIH, 1-It I M.N.OWEN' MILITARY EDITOR my 1950 counfuuv mwm'-m :mm vm- 'Ton I-. I ,Q OI Y X5 , RMLBOVD ' SPORTS IOIYOI. JO! YORK-SPORTS EDITOR EDITOII lblfol. f X,A,Xfv I' .Q ' 1- ' k A ,. ,, A ' W 35: 5 6lssls'rANT BUSINESS MANAGERS , ? , I . ,Q 3 4 -Q 4 LO. GRAVELY - AM. J ONES HAROLD HWAHL I JOE' DAVIS Busmess STAFF Q5 ' HANS .nommsen Q. L. ounvus aoasv smcuez sumo smrrn Oneamzmous 4 I Q 19 A V J 11 .I X A i I JOE KIRTON J.!.DE LOMM BM. FUQUA 0.N.CLICK VOLILDAYNIL MJ-. ELINOR Gm' Snr-r J.M LYELI. J R COIDELL xhtml-TN NAul.olN! Mmgn Noplgn noun unsuuvnxn w,p,pm.sgv FV! 1lY1i1K4x1x4x4gsl7wfxfxfxf, yX,,f-,y 'H 5,23 ThcFloPidaAlliQ21kof rwq' '-T M L' ' ' V "-"IQ W X?'g' 'VFV4A'41 mlm' -fry ff- -ez f r 610 , f 1 AV , i W i Frei hd Ml l 5 'cg-cg.-:f s..'?'Qp' 'Q -C351 mel- .p A 'K -'.f t "f 5 lb " A 4' 'l ucy A 'Ql ow THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR J Official Student lulxlieation of the University of Florida 'EDITORIAL STAI-'F Editor-in-Chief .............. Managing Editor ............ Assistant Managing Editor News Editors ............... Sports Editor .. . Feature Editor ..... Society Editor ........ Contributing Editor . . . Dramatic Editor ..... Editorial Writers .... Assistant News Editors ....... Assistant Feature Editors Assistant Sports Editors Exchange Editors ........... Assistant Society Editor ...... Debates Editor . ............ . Librarian ....... ..... W. Layton Dinning. Granville W. Larimore. Bill Dunkle. Charles Bennett, Charles Mosier, Frank Massari Manning Dauer Lawrence Emanuel Bennett DeLoach Jack Miller Durward E. Hawkins Delbert Livingston and Richard Williams. J John Fisher and 0. l reston Davis Charles Pinney and Irving Ashe- kenazy. Bob Boley and John Minardi Ralph Davis and Joe Davis M. F. Ellinor Kenneth Smith W. H. ,loubert and cow AND Pnool-' STAFF .l A I I I E. E. McCa1'tl1y, Chiefg H. K. Baker, . A. Clendinen, H. . fi ielc , li. K. Hunter, Leo Wottittzky, J. S. Lavin, W. H. Mills, E. S. Mokray and Forrest Granger RE PORTORI AL STA F F J. E. Buchannan, ,I. B. Cox, W. E. Halsey, D. W. Harris, M. E. Mc- Intosh, R. L. Rogers, H. W. Young, R. W. Wilkenson, W. M. Duncan, J. C. Danielson, L. G. Warren, Hans Johansen, Gene Montayne, Burnett Roth and Gardiner Gillette BUSINESS STA Fl" Business Manager ....................... . . .S. M. Montgomery Assistant Business Managers ..... Carey Thomas and Howard Rybolt ikKQ4ilKlY.1 , xfxi E3 Ld f r1"g y' ff, ,"f1l llll Q Q fa ,Ruhr ' nf .wQ. r u , fat! Ayxvffig .3 A 7 Q -n .' . Q- MQ D li BAT! NC 'YEA M Tile University of Florida, with a scltvdule of between forty and fifty inter- collegiate debates each year, has the most elaborate debating program in the South. Debating is recognized as one of thc most important of extra-curricula activities at Florida, and the successful records made by the various teams has certainly justified the emphasis which has been placed upon it. Under the direction of Professor H. P. Constans. Head of the Department of Speech, and Coach of Dcliate, a squad of some twenty ntcn has participated in the various rontests. i I, txxfifxztf fxfxfxfxfirxfxf it rw ' jvQ,.':f wlivl Iqlqcur Xiu' 'I'rY IS A Q D an -la ,en . DEBATINC COUNCIL lf. L. MILLICR, Prresirlvnl ...... . . Law KENNITH SMITH, Vim'-l'resir1f'l1t . . . . . PllllI'll1ll0y JOHN PRUNTY. Svcretary and TI'l'!l.V1lH'f ...., f Xrls und Science 0. L. SANDS, 1"l'l?.Yl1lIllllI 1l1!lIllIgL'I' .... Cmnmercc und ,Imlrnulism O. W. ANDERSON. Agl'iCI.llllIl'C DAVID lAllRllff. I':llgillC0l'illg C. L. ANDREWS. 'l'cucl1e1's a- Wi, , I, x1t414t41f+.zx X-7X-7XfX,Zi7'x7X.Y I1 I- .v- PM if , 1 , 3 I Um Q rw' 'ay-' iv 1 f 'iv QAVT , QQI ILQD' 1g f 100 if ,w Q I 2' 5 Y. F A 1 Q 4 ll Y N., , I N Q 'Y' 1i1'K4K4!21i1K4K4i4fl7X-YI-fxfx7x!xYxYxYx W had 'n 5 , s A Q 4 GLEE CLUB ROSTER :"Qj'f9.!'ffAr-'?iQQ1 I?Q51i'!r'f l JACK lVlILLER . . . . President WALTER lVlURPHRl-IE . . Vine-President ROBERT BENNETT . . . . Secretary MANLEX' COLE . . . Publicily Manager LARRY HJERMSTAO . ...1 4udizor Business Managers First Semester . Second Semester . NORMAN KNOWLES . . JOE CARTER sung FIRST TENORS BARITONES E. Laney J. Miller H. Embry G. Kennedy T. Hall .l. Walberg R. Perkins E. Newcome M. Barnes R. Lord N. Tyler R. Bennett H. Dickens R. Dresbach J. Warts J. Knight P. Tedder W. Zimmerman R. Wilkinson SECOND TENORS C- DMS R. Jacolms 2 filitrter d . a ru er M, C012 SECOND BASSES .l. Horowitz L. Hjermstacl tggfllgun E' Moomaw L. Clayton R' Walker H. Brinkley B. Darlington T. Hussey 3 lieff W. Johnson L 'R efez G. Smith C' Kflgers H. Norton ' lug - G. Sturm S' Llmg W. Murpllree H. McDonald K Morgan M. Stephens ' A N. Knowles ii W i YJ vrv U rw"vr-F' 'Irs l "KX" 'QM 69' -f'1 .Q 1 BENTON i V ' 1 i If 4t4t4v4i1t4+-4x4xlgxfxfjff3fx57 K1 E21 , ' Ei! i fwv-'--vg" 1+9-'iq-rw My QM ? .ff W 6 ,klK4?Y-fYK'!4'K,lY4i4i4iE-7X-7X7X7X-fi'X7XfXf'X- 5 E21 L! " Hlllll ' 4- 1' 1-'- I, PEABODV CLUEJN 999999 69 6969 Q9 16' f K!X4KQ1i4K!YlY 7XfXZS7'X7x7 VJ rw aaa as fi' 4 IN! +1v9'..'F'ffAx'L'QiQZl KQ51f!F.!"fAS',"QbIQp'l h John Marslw. I Law Club v f 5 i l i n T 4 A i V xzvtvxfxfxfx fxfxfvxr KVI EQ! Ei! 'I k4Y.1Y4'k4i,4K1 I ' ,, . .v A V Q , v 1 Qu I ' - V W "1X'-Sxfdl lwf'-5"'D"i"'-5'2l ms vfcxifxzifxztzxfxfxfxfxlvx, 'H MORTAR AND PES'l' SOCIETY v rw ' jaw!! X391 '41il,'.7fX1i5f 'lm miss A agus A vi l l X af umj . . ,f ,v ' Q LEIGH CHEMICAL' N . "'f I , 1 3, W in 3 , lin f y ' 2' . I . all f.j I ' V 1 F, ilY4KKYlYl'K1'K4K!Yl73-72-YXYXYXYXYXYXYX 'V' N013 llllll 1 CLUB 9 99 59 439 639 1, Q m e E51 , Ed 99 k l Z , l Aqjviculwml cm "Nix QQ' 5 fix' ' 'A' , 3, ,D 'li 3' lo , ' 'Q :' I - I ' I P 8 1 ,Q 1 9 6 Q Q f kv x ,VJ VIIAVL- A is h . 'r , " 'g- 1 , i ' - tzvxgxfkfkzxzxxxzxfvxzxfxfvxfxf IQ- - x fqr W' 1 vhvgf' if wufw' fa. iw, -fffrv -W I -'fi' ,-an 'F Qu: . f -gn , can ,. C I I uma ' mme FARR LITERARY REQ? X :A : . , ' if nf X ' Q ' 4 . .2 J, Nt Q 2 ' i"' f .... . . ' I, zificxfififkfkfqrxfvxfxfxzxfvxfx rw' ' 'cy"Jf'?i ' I' ypvvjxiu' ' rw ,ww xx- A Mir!-1 III M 112 I fa Q L, 1 x , 1 X11 1 , fa i l,. - ' I , 1 -in IF tfxzvxzuzxfxfxfvxgfyfxfvx R1 E! Ed rqj Q-i r'f'i5'1f1 'pj,, 1f,X?'.Qz1'Vf9' 'JF' YMC. 'I g7L7L7L7L7'Q L L A L Liil L l 4 .1QlylTQT5il',4 th Ed ITN 5 Tl-IE. Q- -v VVV 1 r -' ilflii , IrQD,09'.:7fAN-."lgQZ 'fi BOOK, LYCEUM COUNCH, 1 xfxfxfxfxrxfxftrx lvl KXXl'l.4'K4f'K4f'Kl'K1.'SZk?' VF Ei! hd llllll '- " ' " 'ac-Y if 1 V1 lw,oy:'xAx'5gQQ ,,,f:N, AQ' '5- ' i ,l i - I in FI ftftftftgfrfkfvtzrvxfvxfxfxggfvxfvx V I- -I mmm 'rv Q V 1 7 13' r 1 -'ff' w ise 'ff ... . l... YP bd - W hd L 99999999 I 9 9999' 3 99999 2 9 9 9 99999 9 93 9 99 9 F -. 9999 xzuzxfvxfxfxzxrvxf 'VH 9 Ed if nn L IN THE 'Tw CLUB S.SL0uoH . . Presiflenl ,. A .- r 1 ,S Ho.-.1-Q:-tw irl.-.,..m-.1.. l. R. Gooormmrm . D. DEHOFF . A. LAGANO . - MEMBERS Slough Lugano Dehofl French Perrinc Steele Shirley Reeves North Click Vun Sickle MCLllC2lS Green Fisher Bond llnlreiner James Nolan Flack Cralnree Coodhreacl Thompson XVEIIVTS Honser Smith Fnrgeson Sampreler Bryson Souls Colson Helvcrlon Curry S. B. Allllt'l'SUIl D. l.nn1'unue . I 1r'e-President M. Owens Hicks 0'Connell Miller McRae McEwen Belhen Owenshy Clemmons Derr Grnvely Baker Ceo. Stanley Cawthon Evers Sorra O. P. .lohnson Woods Baldwin Marnan-cli Purnell l-luines Borley Dorsett Vickcry Foster Selshy Hirsh Dodge Clark Proctor Phicl Seay Secretary Treasurer KiYl!K! U S 5' DMSEHIRHIT' 2 5' 'J Fi! Fi! Zgeautg Qertinn num11Hf""' TV, J A "A, d I 'J' ii as UIIIDIK lUlSll IIXIX X H Q W' QL!-rf.s-1--gsez lzvrf-'2'f QJQEI 'z -I ' ' g7Q7'L?Q7Q7Q7Q7g0'g7Q7Q4 P4Y4Q4YgQ4'Q4h4Q4h4Q3Q4 E3 Bl! LUHICNIC IJAVIS. WIN I lull IIA-XX ILN ' siiuanq W lgiplfzfzgg-A x'2.P1Q2 lg911.!'.f-A-A iziqq W ,H if ' 'V' ftltliltl E L-fd als lllf'l'll BROWY UNI XNDO 'B F "x .2 xi ' Elk.. 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WHITE!-IEAD CAPTZ MORRIS P CAP11 ALEXANDER 'CAPT BARCO CAPT. BECKER CAPT. DONNOVIN 1KQfKQK4KQ1yYKK!.t4ggg7xf4yxyx,yxyx,x,x,,+,x 1116 ,wi-5 Ww w Q-wi A k J A anmev cawfuon mae. aamcv cawfuon ROTC v- , . A A V, fi mnnrm X ' MAIY cAaaoAu.o ' - Iillll Pi- Nov? mum- cn.. Q W'I'Kvy '4 .vnu noun ANN ANDEDSDN ULU. DSHONG- Low Bcvluii JOE-N UJIGGINTUW RINDOLOU 0090 i 5 4 i 13 Iv, E21 Ea! rm L ' J 4 m 4 4 YN MILTON M'CUlGN MARJORIE LLOYD lQ1-r:'ff:1'sfQ9'1 RQ5rr.e,'fAx1-IQ-J" i 1 '. L' f cvuvu . ' -f',' 'I 'A , .1 ,, 1 ,51 ua: NHL O'CONNEL ' Infantry Staltlf The Florida military unit was awarded again this year the same high rating it has won for several years past. lt is classed in the distinguished college group. d,-, -n 'I p.7L7Q7g,7Q7, g g Q L L1 P4 4 A 4 AYAYAYAQLYLY4 I V I I .V -I A -bf?-,'5'Nif0' '+??.7'N3'+ A , Y '1 mln A QI IQ A . G. 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JOSSN-UNC l-IAMMGQ l 'KLoj1f?:5fAQEQfQg1 I'Q,,D1f!'.E"4'ANi'jl,35.l , nascar s coumsu. i Xiarorc g '-,g,Q,l4flMf4,sw ' CAROL LYDNS i Artillery Stalflf The Artillery Battalion has become, in the space of one year, a very important branch of military training on tlie University of Florida campus. i l Eg XIX-K' 4tl'KfY El a T v- -Q--ef 1 r 'Q-lr' -iq-Df' 1 -fm 1149, ,R+ --me fa- abbi QM' M R T A QGOVIIN D.C.M CAD BATTERY R 0 T C In usunuanv w.J.Hu.snH wc LIEUTINANT .a.n. Numa.: UWM PWWW MARCUS OWEN CD ORDU1' nv um. :mo neun . BATTERY ROTC mule ' i 'J KlY4Y.l'K!K!'K!Y73-72-fxixfleik-72-Yxf Eg Ez! nik Jldilb A MAQJOGIC CLERK :mum E'I'Qp1-9'.:'lf"Axfnfc9"q91+e'.fAx?b:q4'-fj:l L I w.u, nawcc N. C. HARVEY an uw-v. WV UWT- BATEERY R.0.T.C. qenous o. wcncu ' JMC GRAHAM L YAGQROUGH LW. QAULCRSON HWY- an uzur BATTERY R.0.T.C. DJ Q Q 3 J ,, :ri 0' 'KIKXY 7Xg'XfXf' i nn J 4 rm CHAR!-cv 69065 MIRINSNV I Q ,. . ,X,X,.,.Q,Q. . ,x.,X . .. I JJ.. BARBER tus wx s r, 1 Q My 43 , 698 Q ARROW 1 v Y Q 1 W A . R. O. T. C. Band Otitieers The University of Florida hand shows off to special advantage on Wecillesday afternoon of each week when the regiment puts on its Weekly dress parade. The musicians have been of great help in making military training more interesting and add a great deal to the show the regiment makes. i i YlY4KZY4'Kl'K4ilYIYl7'xiX7X7X7X-7X7x.YxY K 'mana i E innn nnnrn 1515 l 'ggi--,fA, :Qq lg5iQ3QEif THE BAND One of the greatest assets of tlle Military Department is the Univer- sity Band. An organization ol' seventy-live, it is a lvaml of which any vullegc- in the United States would be justly proud. It is clireclvcl liy ljrolessor li. llcfwilte Brown 4Y4Y2Y4fY4Y.x14S1't4!l7xYx.YxYx7x7X-Yxfx hid V El! y Q illllll "rt?'Q-EV IWSQ: 'f CW: " 'Z 2' 115,355 S"i',F P F' TRW' i1Y:S, ?'i 1 ' ' XT 'T 5555.55 Qeffw' YfQ5SQ5W5X'W57y'3fE5Y'r Wifi? F3225 ' , . , - is ff. . 1- 1 X ?- J as w -ff rrvwgu-w,3z,xf-i. -r w'fvsMs,gs.Seg w,a'vswwsM,g.t,ss3 K. sggw,,ss,M.M,1 -.. , ws X wmhrma wb-exact w e t - Q sw .- - A 1 -4 Q X ., X, is-'N -,A 4: wffsfssg' wit 1 f Q 2,23 H if 'ww ' W Q f:11.Q.t2.i- was is A S ' ' 1 ' ' 2 f it fc . , S . . . "" I L 'X 2 1 , . y. L J L J we -L it s W 'r . 4 Mall, , ' 1- , fjzgg:-gt are i K I 5 5 5 5 f I A Q it ' R U .Q , ' -I ' .0 A - I L I Ea. Military Training, which has established a definite place in the American College of today, has become one of the most prominent of University of Florida activities. The R. 0. T. C. unit, which has formerly been composed of several infantry companies, now consists of an Infantry battalion and a Field Artillery battalion. The students enrolled in Advanced Corps work in a system whereby they are themselves responsible for the practical work of the unit. Florida has always been fortunate in having student officers of superb ability. Forming the Regimental Staff for this year are: Col. Rainey Cawthorn, Lt. Col. Martin Carabello, Captain John Wiggington, Cap- tain William Dishong, Captain Jack Dahl, lst Lieut. Randolph Boyd. Forming the Infantry battalion staff for this year are: Lt. Col. Milton McEwen, Captain Phillip O'Connell. Forming the Artillery battalion stall' for this year are: Lt. Col. William Duckwall, Captain Robert Cockrell. - Military life lends a colorful phase to the social life of the Univer- sity by its annual Military Ball. Preceding the ball is a Sponsors Parade staged by the cadets, at which time the Sponsors together with the cadet ollicers review the parade. L.- , A B.-A mn 'l Snrintiwa IICEIFJBLZKQ, I, W: . - aw otfgigg I 5 5 ' 4' X J Dance Societies Quite a portion of the social activity on the University of Florida campus is sponsored by dance societies. Ye Pirate Crewe and the L'Apache club each give an annual costume ball featuring the theme which their names represent. These organizations select their membership from the men on the campus who have shown especial social inclination, and have as a further aim the promotion of a fraternal feeling among the men who compose their rosters. The Theta and Serpent Ribbon Societies and the Bacchus Club, a freshman social organization, also draw their member- ship from those students who are socially inclined. Each of these societies give two formal dances during the year. Oliicials of the University of Florida believe that in order to have a well rounded extra-curricula life on the campus, the social phase, sponsored in a wholesome way, has a very im- portant place. It is to fill this place that the dance societies made their debut. The functions given by these organizations come during the four social periods on the University calendar and are looked forward to and attended by many fair visitors. gggsfs qggxsif 'V' a Iii! ILA A Q A 'i Dance Committee and Ofllcers of Serpent Ribbon Society for 1929-1930. ,KYKYKYKY 4K4Y4'K4Y4!l7xYxYxYx74 YXYXYAYQ. hd 1 EA SERPEN T RIBBON SOCIETY yfige',A wlvxeg lgozszf li HAYES LEWIS . . . President BILLY WATSON . . Vice-President SELWYN Ivlss . . . . Secretary J 1 BUDDY Buuomorou . . . . . Treasurer ALPHA TAU OMEGA Jerry Ludwig Ernest Roebuck Ash Williams Clarence Phiel KAPPA ALPHA Jack Simpson Ed Gay J. W. Henderson Ben Liddon Bob Wooten Brown Farrior Jack Mizell Bill Knight Bob Davis Bennie Edmondson Billie Fisher Gene McGucken Hayes Lewis PI KAPPA ALPHA Billy Dial Vayden McCall Jimmy Nolan Al Rogero Billy Eckerman John Baxter Robert Bower SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Johnny Hinson Ed Romph Dick Judy Walter Hackney Al Dedge THETA CHI Elwin Boozer Leo Collins Morton Rainey Jack Robinson Cecil Collins SIGMA NU Compton French Elliot Fletcher Bruce Hamilton Francis Andrews Boby Bond Sam Slough George Perrine Buddy Buddington Dick Williams Donald Williams Dick Mack Mel Shannon KAPPA SIGMA F. B. Bull M. E. Lucas, Jr. Arthur Anderson Roy Brooks Bill Cobb R. S. Hill Charles C. Lorraine Bill Carleton Selwyn Ives .Johnny Fisk Bill Rhea Jim Larche Dick LaVigne Johnny Watts PI KAPPA PHI Hall Frye Broward Poppell Laurie Tomlinson Rayford McCormick Fred Pierce Carey Thomas Owen Boote Bob Scholze Jimmie Chamhliss SIGMA CHI Charles B. Yancey C. R. McLanuhan Jerry Carter W. B. Watson Banzai Currie Harry W. Stewart DELTA TAU DELTA Clyde Crabtree George Rice Thompson SIGMA PHI EPSILON .lack Hall Charlton Jamison Ted Johnson Billy Judge Leonard McLucas Paul Selle PHI DELTA THETA Mike Houser Jimmie Landon Tommy Howze Wade Harrison Ben Fuqua .lack McClure Neal Tyler Munger Edwards DELTA CHI Dean Houk Barton T. Douglas Leighton H. Pearce J. C. Martin F. Gordon King Howard Jordan Heber Bell Clyde A. Brady Lou W. Pilstle PHI KAPPA TAU Warren Connor Milton Foxworth John Wahl in l II IYI sis ss 4- QP . - N'rf'.:1Q2 lg+J1e.s,-2 ihysggl DZIIICG Commillve uml Olliccls of the Tlwla Ribbon Socially for 1929-1930 Kt1tKt4tl l,X7X 7X FYI .. 9 Y had as 1 V4 1 X X B . B I V aitt I A ' A A tii ii . .j-' v v - v nfl? 4 J A , X ' , , , THETA RIBBON SOCIETY JOHN WIGGINTON, S.A.E. . . . . President ""' PHILLIP O'CoNNaLL, A. T. O. . . Ifice-President 3 -' CIILVERT PEPPER, P. D. T. . . . . Secretary '-l ROBERT Armmass, Sigma Chi ..... Treasurer H BYRON BUTLER, K. A. . . ALPHA TAU OMEGA Phillip O'Connell Tom Watrous Ray Carter Red Bethea Bill Ropeson Milton McEwen Robert Pederson Ralph Davis Joe Neville Arthur Gibbons Bill King I Milton Bacon Hubert Johnson KAPPA ALPHA Byron Butler Royal Untreiner Walter Troxler Bill Bond Charles Ausley Robert Cockrell Albert Barker Robert Archibald Benny Edmundson Horace Marsh Will Swearingen George Marshall Bill Knight Norman Welch Spencer Cullen George Thames PI KAPPA ALPHA Herbert Messer John Scbirard James Nolan Stewart Estes L. P. Hagen Hugh Hendrix Conrad Mahaffey Al Rogero Jack Peters Pat Miller John Rawlerson stem ALPHA EPSILON John Wigginton Henry Camp John Donahoo Edward Romph Francis Brenan Charles Kittel Charles Cleveland Jack Miller Louis Caster Tl-IETA CHI Go1'don Mobley Bill Brown Broward Culpepper Dan Hughes Howard Curry Jack Parker Bob Sanchez Allan Driscoll Hardie Dunn SIGMA NU John Richards Alford McKetl1an Frank Baque Elliot Fletcher Fred J ahn Edward Frazier William Fish Harry Dozier Lee Drake Chilson Marvin Green Bill Platt Chairman Dance Committee Allen Robinson J. J. Parish Bill Vanderipe Charles Graves Joe Hughs KAPPA SIGMA G. R. Helvenston Robert Folkes Jolm McCloskey N. W. Brown D. L. Campbell W. B. Brannon Myron Prevatt Basil DeWitt Cal Wienges PI KA PPA PHI Dan Kelly Bill Bullard Sid Herlong Larry Walrath John Davitt Bob Highleyinan Red Barber Fred Bell Tom Ozmer Spurgen Cherry Chandler Sheron Otis Parker William Nevlin SIGMA CHI Harry Stewart C. C. Vega Robert Andress Watt Kirkpatrick Albert Lambourn G. W. Kirkpatrick Wilmer Wallace Robert Sloan Paul Best SIGMA PHI EPSILON G. N. Click Marshall Musser W. M. Davis Doc Barker Al. Ellinor Herbert Spencer Bo Arnow Walter Coldwell PHI DELTA 'l'l'IE'l'A A ubery Sawyer Tom I-lowze Henery Anthony Jolm Bryson Robert Woodberry Donald McGoven Calvert Pepper James Rayburn Tom Irwin Harold Jones Neuton Yowell Bill Zollar Nelson Sawyer DELTA TAU DELTA Royce Goodbread Howard Copening L. W. Lotspeich Thurman Whiteside Berwell Jordan PHI KAPPA TAU James Baldwin James Hunter Louis Blalock Harold Wahl i .1- FYI lvl Exit Ez! WI .P A .4 5 4 in ami lKQa1.."-fazfmim 4-1' Q Q Y Y Q -,. r x2f I 'vxyxyxyx L Diimnnwg' 'V' YS-YXYX YV' Ei! Ea! ru r 'div' if 1 ' ' Y vnu 1 .X' E J J I ll YE PIRATES I ... l"onntlt'tl at llte l'niversity ol' Floritla. l92l J - orlfltzlctts -I '- l -it NlARVIN GREEN . . ,IOHNNIE HINSON . ARTHUR GIBBONS . BILLY IDYAL . . IRED RAWLS . RAINIZY CAWTHON . Yli Henry Camp ,Iolm Wigginton Bill Dnckwall Byron Butler Boll Archilmalfl Clyde Crabtree Wilbur .lames .linnny Nolan Ralph Davis .lim Watkins Richard Mack Frank Robson Robert Wooten Conrad Maltaifey Tom Watrous Hervey Yancey Elliot Fletcher ,loc Gill .lerry Ludwig Bill Brown .linnny Steele K ll EW li . Caplnin . . FirsL Male . Second Male . . Tllirfl Male . fllnsler of Revels . . Cabin Boy Allie Barker Selwyn lvcs Buster lleitntan Carlyle O'Bt-rry Bill Carleton .lack Tll0lllllSftll Bill Bond .lack Simpson Franklin West Charles Ansley Tommy Howze Fd Frazier Billy Watson Milo Vega Chester Ferguson .l. C. Mcflraw Bruce Hamilton Francis Brennan .lolln Ward llentlcrson White-y Whiteside I1 FYI E33 hd IQ-514-11,4 xv'-gzqq lg-9111.1-.'f,g,. xt'-:QI W E. " -' mme 4 S I' 1 I 3 5 , 16 Nb ' A -Ji 13' t1t434x41lrxnfxfxfxfx7i7x1x I l id A ' 11 1111111 , . lpn:-"px AC Q'!IQ2 lKDkiQ.,!':w' N2-1 JI Q J A BACCHUSIHlH3ROSTER OFFICERS AL Rocano . . . . . . Prcsulenz ' MILTON BACON Vice-Preszdent ' DAVE THOMAS . . . Secretary CHARLIE KI'r'ri:I. ........ Treasurer BILL SHERRIL . . Chairman of the Dance Cornnullee MEMBERS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Charlie Kittel Walter Hackney Richard Taylor Hill Gordon PI KAPPA ALPHA Al Rogero William Akernian John Baxter Charles Raulerson PI KAPPA PHI Dave Thomas Chandler Sharon Redmond Eelly LouisAAn,d .rson KAPPA SIGMA Bill Sherril Casper Vanlandingham Conna Shaw Richard Levigne KMGMANU Robert Bond .ludge Cornelius Gene Montague Bobby Barnes ALPHA TAU OMEGA Milton Bacon Barney McDonald Rosie Johnson Gus Houston KAPPA ALPHA Spencer Cullen Frank Henderson Hugh Emhry 'l'l'lE'l'A CHI Hardee Dunn R. A. Driscoll Harry McDonald PHI DELTA THETA Nelson Sawyer Jimmy Landon Willard Howatt SIGMA CHI Bob. Buchannen .lames McClin!on PHI KAPPA TA U Bruce Lehman Ed. Lambert DELTA TAU DELTA John Cuyler George Grant SIGMA PHI EPSILON Harry Graham Al Lomburg B Q A L7Q A Q A 17354 Pl'9.0?4?4T4T4Y.4bY4Q4'?4Q1 ,g 3 iw lwzfAsml + Q -9 , W mme A Q ' V MN ' QA., ,:,, y ' W 2-,rw my Car? W 09454 wamwdz, V 1,-arofrv !t,4f'-4. ' ' 'l1.4,ff-'41 dug 2 be 17,25 1 ,11?,i'Z,i?AL ffrfy if 'VAC 10' Q ,,,, , .,,.4.,a,7 r 4' ,Q-4 ,4.4l.,,1J yy' rhif ,VJ ,., 4, fn- bgLU,-MZE3MJ.Q,Q xLY,.j, J wg. ...A, .' t ,Q in ,fi few 12555 + pffflf WM fAf""J"rl1LQ 3fTZf7 17s2'i'lffii1:2,M,, "" , xQ.f.,14,4'2Q ,tA. 'alll MREX X' W L1M+-'IE-!,'fl' 5342, iii? Zihlfib 241' fZ1J Lgcyaywdipf P r , A R XML m,nw.x ,QL V A-.1 Q mm EFDQF- 50+ AL, , ff 05532.-4+ " A JAWKWJ- Mm: www A l!1Y4S1'!4'!l7xYxYx.7xfx7g747y FYI Ea! m"'lg9:'1"kf ,,-Q,-gli A 1, r Q5 59 1tt,iQ , Q I I i ' A E Youtlfs the season rnade for foys, ll ma Love is then our duty, 0 She alone who that employs, W ell deserves her beauty. Lefs be gay, While we may, Beauty's a flower despised in decay. Let us drink and sport today, Ours is not tomorrow, Love with youth flies swift away, Age is nought but sorrow. Dance and sing, TiIIL6,S on the wing, Life never knows the return of Spring. JOHN GAY if V had hd g X Xx X Ekaturvz - iiuentz vu x V 1 i lg ' H :ag .,,fAx,,-1-.QL1 fQb:-.,-rfzxf-. A I I-1 , ,V . 5--i Q. ,, 4.....,. ,Wg A '.: .. ff W .. J' A , 3-5' ' 'Fi :rs ' Ig-1 sau. -7. E251 I - - ,A , , wx 1211: 3 N., ,. X T ...KE v . h ' g w P in I fum , f- 1 - i ixkg Q."-F QQ H g i ...H -ur A Q-1 'l 4 .4 I 4 QL ' ' -5 is X I v i ' 1 gig. 75 Q Q A Q L1 rp x.7g 'x7xf Q4 'I EA mst' A "4.g, " A 'dm DQ-f-J xE"'Q5'l fw""-'ff' R-W 1. l- in !, 'lr .,, 4 65,7 L 1""'7'5'rTE-- . '1 'f 'Q "-' 5 9 9 L , ' Z f ' 4 . 4 ' 5 3E:ii,u,,L,: 4' l'l1 xx 'X' sac . ' 4142-Nu.,-O -'I - 1- o Q 6 S K -,Q Q ffl , l . ,, .. A-., vid' U... JN. , 4 2 3, 4 wa., , ifqrfi- i Ai -M L 'fi a sf - A 1 -mgiifif' ,,,-T h f vY4xA4t4x1 x.Kf-txtrxfxfxfx IH Ea! ' had 'Y""' A "4.g."' A "am 'E .A.,.. .V.hV.W . :.. .,.,iq Il iff' QV ! , '71 ?',i.XK F. JALK MILLER ""' RHODE-5 -SCHOLAR U WIZWKP gl A r A ln, 6 iY4'ilYlK 7x7x!X7X7Y7X7XiX H Ez!! Ei! 5 ', A J " oyfx?-Qu m I'qgfv.:.-:f Xvnqwq gcer. A 4: gl my v X, ' . FJ rw E3 EA 4' F! .a ru 7 vi V, sv A ,W 3. IQ,-- ff'--Mqf nwmfm, P gi A i . 1 I ,E OX Y ' um 5E?l'lf5 v Ss X izfwx " ' E . , X 3 . J W3 R 'J 'T Ea! si my JW 'Mi' V emfigi, 1:L'AX XY ' gs X' nj sv- MW If JA- ,, n M l Ax 4 3 ' ,im xx vm I5 h ff m 9 ,Q ix X , f .1 Q 2 Q puiqgzwk s, - . . X' N M -El' ' 0' ba :-"X" . ,X x IHJB9' '. h K ' 1' K ff " s qi, Lf? Xxxs A ' . ,M , , . "V Y J 0- h . ' - ,XX xgmss - A M H . dd 'tg I gif: 4- ' ' "4 . ww' N 1 , . ww' I, , 'filly L I, , il ,Af 3 'ka X " 7 ' ' X . 13 I S A' Q "df" ' V QV 4 --Q4 ,gy '-NLS,-x lm V 3, 'A' I NA! SVA 1, 4 X '- " x N' -9 tx KN? ini - I ' , 5 41 1 X 'mv 9 W V' 5' fx.: N W ,na " v "' , V' C , ... qw Q fn , W Sql, QM' I ,W y x " . q W - . 45 Q5 Q , ' l' gk 7 x fy ,vX A Z f 1 , 74 3 xx' Q K' ix mlb' 1:51 T' n il Xu? ' S.,-5 A V, M ' 'l, ' 1 ' , 'Q 55 ,Q El li 7' ' yy r ,pf ,, 0 Yr iff 4 Q, EW ni, Ay E' X Q M wa In . ' - A ,,,A, A' , ? - 'ie 'K' tw ! W ff ... MM m,, ,, a ,M , ,, ' l .. Vvfcxifvvxzurxfvxfxrxygyvxyxyx V' Y E3 f11'r 'V' -5' 1' 13' 1If1 JAX, 69. JF, .Lg Q 5 x I ' "fin- 1 , ' ' h V Y 1 ' ,ww P Q.. . ,f ' . rf. i. CJ., I . , nfl. ' , . , ,, :,2'Wf9' f 4 5. , ". fff.x. L 1 V K ,L gb f N I. 1 ..,X21QjjQ .1 A 41: i 1 - . . ' '4, ,i Ea! ha! i ypy 1 a 4 V1 ' W?" f 31" if lgo,, vf,AX5v QL 469 Y!AXv i EDGAl2X'l21E.D" QUQJZY DALE UANSICICLE Mogl popular Deal Looking It is with distinct pleasure that we announce in this volume of the Seminole the names of those two students who were chosen this year as the most popular and the most handsome men in the University. These two men were selected by their fellow-students in a campus-wide ballot conducted by the Seminole in cooperation with the Alligator. The election was held under the direction of the Honor Court with all of the form and care exercised in a general student body election. We sincerely trust that this the first annual contest will he continued from year to year and will hecome one of the estah- lished Florida traditions. Yx7S7xf:7 .1 -nn Mi Y5 as V so s EW Ea! lit Wg hsfslhs 539 cv.,-sf 'L Izggegg-'frib J C A n Qavern ' va 4: 4 V7 'I , A L Q, l- NIILE He swaggered the planks in his skyblzie boots, And bellowed his wants as a -man will do When the grabs of passion have gnawed his roots A nd the blade of Love has run him through. He straightened his jacket and jingled his spurs, And vowed by the blood of the Prophefs Pain That his dear lovegs heart cloaked thistle bars And her faith was as true as a weather vane. He banged with his fist and clanked with his sword, And wiped at his beard with a square of lace, And thundered the wine was his own blood poured In pay for one glimpse of a maidenns face. He buried his love. He was thrice-told through. He had played the game and lost forthright. But the barmaid smiled--and the eve was new- And where is the heart that can break all night? BERT COOKSLEY. wg 7x,7X7X-YXY W U Ez!! E51 . 1: V 4 r l li ms ' J 5 Arm rg, I'C9,o7.:.':fAx.,, QQ? Q-51i+.,'!"'f:f.Q'IQlj'I A mln Wpprcczicution lu order to produce an annual the work ol' many people is necessary. It takes a sacrifice ol' time, a eo-operative spirit, a display ol' great patience, and an unusual willingness to work on the part ol' all ol' the departments ol' the organization. The stall' ol' the 1.930 annual feels that it has been given excellent cooperation and assistance by the members ol' every department composing the organization of the Seminole. To them must go a great part of the credit for whatever success and acclaim with which the book might meet. We lake this opportunity lo express OU1' deep appreciation to Professor W. K. Long, ol' the Department ol' Architecture, lor his very capable and artistic supervision ol' all of the art work which appears in the Seminole. We wish also to make special mention of the assistance Professor Long was given by students in the Architectural school. Much of the art work was done by these students, and its excellence stands as a great tribute to the youngest school on the University campus. The staff wishes also to express to Mr. lVlcCleland Barclay its gratitude for his kindness in acting as judge forthe Beauty Section. To the firms who have advertised in the Seminole we wish to send our deepest appreciation. Their advcrtisements were a great aid in making this volume possible and we recom- mend them to all students ol' the University as deserving ol' their patronage. To the newly elected stall we extend our congratulations and hope for them every success in the publication of the 1931 Seminole. THE 1930 STAFF. I Zifil X?'X.YX-732-YR? iii Ii Q-4. Wntvmun liarzaasll liavasismll if lvl 4u11t1v14v vtvvvxfxfxrxrxfx lv' Ahuvriizrrz EEIMIUJZV 5 L . ., Mi., gc-V 1. X X -- -' .13 Q 3 4 W S X .Q , .ggfggf-S' . M,rfHr.,:sfww'f Q 1 , -1, an-W as Je- W A' f ' za , B-'SX A X A gr' - ' , fl-7 'fV'f55EW1fa'.,,: 3' igffff .. . ., ..... it., P an gyfaqf Lizj g if . Q 1 ,,fgu:,f: S,'i gp, ,, , ,....,.. . ..,,,,, L . r- i , , .,.h,t, Q - I ,E- You who are graduating have acquired the fundamental knowledge for serving in some particular capacity or in some chosen vocation. 11 Many of you are going to be- come businessmen of Florida with ever-increasing problems and responsibilities as your specific knowl- edge increases. In our own organization are many trained minds guided by broad and varied ex- perience. These men and women and the equipment they direct are ready to serve you at all times and will assist you in solving every problem you may have pertaining to the utilization of our services. . . A POWER Q, WW 4' x if E5 9 l Q! fl "0 5 mlm fm ei 'es Commrl ' L Gigi iggw J HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON ROBERT KLOEPPEL, Owner, Manager l The Wonder Hotel of the South 300 Rooms-300 Baths Radio in Every Room The University Staff and Students' Jacksonville Home B Breakfast, 50c-81.00 Luncheon, 750 Dinner, 5151.50 FLORIDA MEN LIKE THIS BIG, FRIENDLY STORE Cohen Brothers and the Men of Florida are warm friends. Have been for many years! They regard this great mercantile institution as some- . thing definitely more than a store. lt is a friendly place where their needs and desires become a matter of importance to us, deserving and receiving our closest possible attention. Whenever you are in Jacksonville, COME IN! W tiwsststiwr Ex! t ,J .... ,L 'Zjz',.:Q?fE'f'j,....,e . Si if'-.3f.1,:?'-ztzsyz...V ' -i-'i"-s:-1:,5.::,-i,., .,.,, x, Ii . Q ii: s-seems:'lv.4 'g' , ,..., , 1 . gy ' az':s:-fK:f1i..agzf:Ji-gif:1??Qsxa,,,-ess-11:weffgrtersr-3-,. - . . are taser ' , a g. :a'.s':f':' I-"-'.as.:a-mr'.:ss2f:2..r.:a z-:f:1-Arn..M-:'555:rs-femY-ear-.,:-st"I:-2sI':?- ::1.f-:-s'xiasi-:f:ziiifsfssf-.'. Ss- 'fs' .f5:s2f:-ai as-f or O it-. . M ' sf.-tw:-I.. may-:::s::5g: sf-s.-as':,s?a:5i-:gs-s-g.::,P-sg..f.s-',-.ngas-:fgis ----- .21-fs:-4:ws-.::-:-'s:2'--Ia ,-,- Sgsfiisiiai, - S are Q ' - 1 s'-z2'2.2zZ,,:.-fins: .-':.?:' 2-ss. -'1':.'1bi-.::s1.F:i-'if-' ws- "MV-.2-Qrsfa. 'g'2:sg-as-:gfegzfagvfbjesss-Q?,-' ---- Mtv- 2: grass X-, s 5, .XSLSSFQX X , sf -K .. D' 5-vi Q L Q-Y' A -4 rg I 8 I v 1 N A J J S A J I TER-SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. LOUISVILLE, KY. Life insurance is a safe foundation for building your success. The Inter-Southern Life Insurance Company is thc only Old Lino I..c-'al Rc- F scrve Company using Gainesville as State Headquarters. IVI. IVI. Parrish, Florida Manager, has been an active supporter of the Uni- versity of Florida since 1912. YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE APPRECIATED EDGAR C. JONES Edgar Chas. Jones, one of Fl0ricla's immortals, will return in the fall of 1930 as Director of' Athletics. Jones was captain of the Varsity in 1925, and was selected All-Southern Quarterback the same year. The University proudly wel- comes him back as a favorite son of old Florida, and looks forward to new and greater success under his administration as athletic director. Since graduation Edgar has been prominently associated with the Atlantic National Bank of Jack- sonville. He holds the degree LLB., and is a past president of the Student Body. Edgar is well acquainted with the athletic affairs of the University. He is a native of Jacksonville, and since leaving the student body has kept in close Contact with the athletic situation. He is a typical Florida man, and his Alma Mater is Ior- tunate to have such a man lo call back to guide her destiny in athletics. MR .RAMSEY' BOARDI G HOUSE uGood Eats and Plenty of ,E111w 1zEAsoNABLE RATES J i YYY FYI hd Ea! 'R ri S QNX Q is RX 3 3 fiwilfa :': Qrri-: :S'f:?35S"t:Q' X Xl sits 31 3' 1: - N Q, X. at x K ig Q, 5, 'F gf? S jfs. Q 35325 ,S X' sit it 33 W is , g M. . N N., I, 1. " : L,:-. x " x- 1 -"" a bl 1 'Qs 5 was-W-.-' SS F' ' it 's1QWS's?3xx gms Exiles ow Q . X suwxs 3 5. Qi ,,. TV 13515 T TL 3 ,.,. Q o THE FIRST NAT1oNAL BANK . 3 2 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA - NIIIB HThe Old Reliable" 5-IW Incorporatecl 1888 Capital ....... 3'5100,000 Surplus and Profits .... 352751100 OLDEST BANK IN CENTRAL FLORIDA SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT Interest Paid on Time Deposits, Compounded Quarterly BLUE BUS LINES TAMPA, JACKSONVILLE, TALLAHASSEE, ATLANTA and PENSACOLA State-lvide Service Call -Your Nearest Bus Station SPECIAL RATES ON CHARTERS i H rv! lvl Ex! Ei! BGJID H1661 DOP University lnen and leaders in business and the professions find in Burdinc's Bond Street Shop, Miami, that perfection of tailoring and excellent quality of fabrics that distinguishes the specialty shop. Suits, sports eouts and trousers 'ure custom mantle in the finest resort and travel manner. MIAMI BEACH MIAMI 12 Stores! PALM BEACH THE B RO ETER All the News! All the Pictures! For All the Family! Published in the Morning and Weltzonme as Your Coffee and Toast Floridzfs Most Important Newspaper THE MIAMI HERALD rv! lv! ltd EA mv' 'YY W1 4 Ie'D....ln...-ff-XvfQE Eight Floors ol' Everything MIAMI, 1: FLORIDA .a r- . ..... . WHEN IN TALLAHASSEE, EAT AT THE H N M. 81 N. LAFE lA'l AND MIKE WILL SFRVE YOU RIGHT UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA AND I S. C. W. EA'l'INIf PLACE I APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONACE GOLFING AND EATING, PROPS. HITCHCOCKS, Tallahassee, Fla. THE WIAUKEENAH HOTEL SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Ivlllttlt! W. Oxford. Mnnngcr Oppmuite the Capitol TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A GOOD PLACE T.O LEAVE YOUR THIRST AND HUNGER BEHIND TRY OUR SPECIAL STUDENT LUNCHES DRUMIS WAFFLE SHOP 1802 W. University Avo. GAIN:-:sv1l,1,E, FLORIDA 21128:-I OPEN ALL NK HT CAFE, RESTAURANT AND LUNCH IIIIVATE Rooms mu LADIES AND GENTLEMEN UPSTAIRS me SEVENTH AVENUE Ynon CITY FLORIDA KW ' D' z 'IHS 'fl BY INCI Iv.-,K .Hz S, Im mAfIul1IIEIIIalI1l SI1IIIIs, HzIIIaI:1NSI1cRf:c It HENRY GIDDENS CLOTHING COMPANY Pllonc- 2267 Trihumr Building, 'IIA MPA, FIA. USE STANDARD FERTILIZER ...J CAINESVIILE, FLORIDA 4 'Y' , ' Y L-as td ,N 3 N Q ggxssx 0:-M S?-iam T il? S K Ss X F GN Swiss sw F553 ti my Q xi xg gig V-sf 'f SSN WN s ' 'Wits if . his . X .M -:Qt wel 'ws' f Msg ss... ., - . Q. 1 xg Q X. sm-30. 5- 1. .N , Y S:W'-brass s W' 1 testi S s Q .mel-t-isle sm as .W .. N. tim- sms fat. X 4, ,?gtj,gs:s,3's3. gf X . fx .. x tm.. 1 .- ' 'L . 5 -W?-V: .--1.-II 'W L-154 't - FSf'?'?1f-K-' i1"'..a--9G.1"' ivfm M -". -1--'I-.-G-:eta 's s -.:':. f'.., xx: -gsm -, ..s.. .:. , '- as,-, :g-w-.:,,,. 4 -..., :,. .-N... . - N., s. .., ..:..,..,...: W, ,- ...,,,, 'fcfi "-. r, f 19- "g.'1gQ :'l. 1i'n, is i":e','.:tff,g."1':'3' l'vVN45'f-'iS".' 21:9 l'Ei'i1-'5 Q 51? Ti3."".- If Wifi L' XWM-' w -' "-'Mi' ' : S "-ff ' " ' 123:91 1'lIW.'- 4 ' Q " ? : "' " ' 'l:1s.i"'IEi""-z-11 -lx'i5f.- tg. :, Effie? " 'l' - ' sf + 2 -2: "w- QE IK -'U' 13395 11 , 1,x. . " '- , . - L . v 1 ag K' ,, ' 1 as . fi'-Wt-if f' g my 'fis-wi.5trQ",a1.1'wif E,-,Q 4g.,.-pf v.,-siw,L2 i 2, gm-ww'4g,aM-..:'- , i3f.c,aggqs .gyms x.. .Qs,..,.- t, -r " s sS'+?swe:s.3QNgXNfgs--. i , Q 2 ::p+f"49fst'Ef""2'- - rriff1-2-:'2Q5vi654135wQMZ?t'ff 11231 3- , 'An :.ii:5'f:gw.'2'i:51- s vw '29 -'-- . . . ..,-. 'sf ft V M ' i ..-s:-2. g" "' 3.5, 2- "-' ' -- . 2 " ' . J qw , . f 5 N A . 1 I 1 Y ' ' V 1 V 1 Y V ' ' W I' 1 j?bj '5,',g's 23 Q Q 5 xg, Q A E 5 f J . C Q' ,gg ,553 1g1!3f::iis2 ' if 5 9 .1:ix1i'Z,'i X . W ' .ma m v 543- : if f, 4 J A Eg, . Q F CO I I : H T if ' ...-. f Q Some ol you EELLQTWS Arc Going to Own Citrus Groves and Vegetable Farms r 'D 1 . 3 "' WEST COAST BRANDS will make the profils grvulvr Write for price list WEST COAST FERTILIZER CO PA Y 303 Krause Building TAMPA, FLORIDA DELTA SIGMA PHI The University of Florida welcomes Delta Sigma Phi to the campus. Delta Sigma Phi granted a charter to Phi Alpha Epsilon, a local on the Florida campus, and was duly installed late in April. Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the Col- lege of the City of New York in 1899. At the present time it has more than forty chapters throughout the country. The chapter at the University of Florida is the Beta Zeta chapter and is the second to he placed in Florida, the other being at Stetson. PRI TI G We specialize in producing quality 1 x I vers. N Pais!! x 1 printed matter. Our facilities are complete, our workmen highly skilled, and our service the very best. SCHOOL ANNUALS We print many school annuals, THE AMA helping students prepare them and delivering them on time. Witll you, as with many others, the Florida Grower Press can serve you best. The Soutlfs Most Bgalltiful 'Illleatrg FlO1'idH G1'0WC1' PQlfCSS TA M PA -'mum ' I... i '-:' ltrvi :Yi Ea. 5 . i l"' qi- V Y di .' v i , , A College Park Inn I i cbalh org A 18410 W. University Avo. -3- E Regular Meals -ftC,y,1d,,,fdd'1x Fountain Drinks l A N S L E Y Cigars, Cigarettes Bimzinglzam . Q p TUTWI LE-R V College Supplies i Birmingham This -ul ffiven in 1 x rrcciwtion ol' ' business l'C:IClg'0fl l-ljfillll simlc-nts. Montgomery l JEFFERSON DAVIS Jackromfille " I MCARUNG THE THOMAS Co. f .Narhville xx' . ANDREWJACKSON Sporting Goods f'E2uz5aLom1f,1lz. Fishing Tackle BROADVIEW s r Danfvillelld W0 L Hardware Implements Dispensers of Hue Building Materials Southern 7-lospality one RATED av onuagnnoms nyc Carling L.DinkIer, President ' GA INESVILLE, FLORIDA Phone 22 ..-1: .EL S L L L i i L 5 i 5 ii Pl l l l l l l l l l EES Ea! 5 -WWF 1 E X ' ' f'.b F ': QQ4 . ,, .vi . , ,. ,, , Y, , V ,K .,X. ,,K.,, ,,,,, as ' 99 You See It FIRST ln The Tlmesl News ol' the world by greatest news systems. Sports by national and local 'X ..... experts. 'l'houghtl'nl editorial policy. Features, comics, fiction. I" Champion of State schools and colleges. --I g "FIoricIa's Great Home Dailyv THE FIRST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP The University of Florida Boxing team won the Hrst conference championship ever won by a Florida team. Captain Phil O,Connell is lightweight champion of the conference, and John Nlinardi, the captain-elect, holds the title in the bantam class. The boxing team deserves the highest praise, and they have received it in a large measure since boxing has become a major sport. Boxing is on the increase in all colleges and bids fair to become the greatest of attractions at the University of Florida during the next few years. Gai11CSVi11Q FRATERNITY, COLLEGE ' AND Fll1'111llll1'6 C0111 Jan A . A 1 Y CLASS JEWELRY , , C0l1llll0Ilt'6lllBlll Announcements VICIOI' R3IllO and Electrola and Invitations Radio Repairing Jeweler to the Senior Class of the Lniversity of Florida Complete Home Fm.niShe1.S L. G. Balfour Company lllanilfaeturing .lewelers and Phone 86 Stationers CA INESVILLE, FLORIDA ATTLEBORO, MASS. 1-I FYI Ee! if 3 5'f'fL97ff"'?'iQ75ff1fi?5'i-,'? ?':7iIIi7'5f 1' J " 7f9i?ff'1715f37f'lf7G W: V? I I 0 '5'3'f- 'i' 5 3-11 '5f.'::k522.5-.3,.:ZQE1 - 'W- P?-:535,,..'i25 2.3325-V I f 2 J w 4 f- V if ' f '-2 if 2. , N I H V .iff , '!" f . f,w-fu 2' 4 v-agf:-2' 7' ' 4g,w,",' ffs- H ' - 'se' -2? -a s' 4 f.. vain, 25 ' ' ' -if wv, I ,Wifi ':fii1'.". ,-wwer" fQ'v,,Wfa'1?f?'3ff1, W'. YWGQI ist" 2193:-2? a l., fr ,dw ,QQSQQQ-Jfarrgkrg.. , . W: vf1 'effs:'- fv' " -- T ' f 3 f 'K i'v"f-wh 1 f'28iKir.L?,w",:'G2. New - 'i -: ' - ' Ww,Mw3i'5 N 5'-,',1E,,12.?.'i" ffsimif Wffff tw?-.'f'1i?'fE, I ,, . 5 1 , "' ':iI-' 5107, V 1-P, is 3 12.12 f, ,,5-,f.,'- ,Q 1' yvffffy ag? 1251 ,.'?:.! 'C V . C 1' fy, 5' i 'f f 1: -' .,, E 1:-1.-U ' ,,-, ' 4 5' '- -' "' "" ,?L5,.E'uf' p m ii,ga,'-'-Sail' 'fi Q-1-EWV1: "" 4 l,f.fZk,g f,EX,'5:fiIX.IPi' 3,1lLwf1'1: 4' 'gf' 5 , 1 M 1 .A ,. ' ,J,2,zf',"35w-'.,lf1j:.L,4.,,, Z 1,1 ,5g:1,5g,q,5g, : ' Q 'A , 4' 1, I.. ' b A 4 5i .,.,,,?,3 2, 1 ggsiam gzu ff,.3,g,55j. . I ..-.- A I ,,,, N E., mmf .,,. ,... . ....,,.,,.,.. .. t .... . ,, , . W if . , . I-saw ,. ,Q ,sziwiww - 4 4Qg1 g, . .,a , g:rgmi34gQjg3Q,,,: ,z :JI ' -1 I3 f f 1 f 7 ' V Y Y ' 7 W . . ' 'iw' '36f.'E1'-'z::3tFQsa53- P -A IQ Q.. ,f so H A 1 aw 1 is 5 A J E B . 4 fWQi33111z"?"?'Eafs'rQf21aFg?5 ,, J - 4 we ' w"11f11.,: ' .ff "-' 9. ,gt ff ,, 5 . ,,,f:: : 3,1152 'J-,s,s,e.,,a,ri .fir za?- 2 5 F323 Q fu 1 .1 wmv 11 v92f.wfsm'fm.i Q f V 3 -4, Mil' ig 35.55 " .QS gr-55? S Q 5 2 : Qi n W 4 53,29 11:1 gi 5 ii 5 11, , ,,,,,,,,.,,wW.,, . Q, ,.1, ,,r,,,z., w wi 5: ff -gm ,is-45 r,? rf x X ' X X i. :Iii-I 1 l G 2 4- ll COMPLIMEN TS OF FLORIDA A D LYHIC THEATER TH COLLEGE INN MA Town Within a House" Felt Goods, Drugs, Cigars,Soda Fountain, Candies, Ice Cream, Stationery, Notions For All the Students Thru All the Year ASSOCIATED WITH Pressing Club Barber Shop Lunch Counter "fl 'l'm,rn Within a Housuv HE COLLEGE INN HAL MANN, Manager L- ? rv: E23 Florida is the only state university which is not co-educational. The Florida State Woman's College is located at Tallahassee, one hundred and sixty miles to the west of Gainesville. This system seems to be working very satisfactorily at present, however with the rapid strides which the University is making and its tremendous growth it will be no cause of wonder if some of these days, in the not so very distant future, the fairer sex should after a long struggle gain admit- tance into the sacred portals of our campus. Though there will no doubt be sighs of regret, this day will doubtless be a welcome one. lmo st . Almost over means nothing unless . . . the last push scores. Almost in the shadow of the goal posts means nothing .unless . . . you get in the shadow and into the Biltmore' Hotel! Then it means . . . a gay stop-over in one of the country's finest hotels. Serv- IFood, re, Rates . . . As yards to go . . . from Grant to Biltmore Hotel. Your ball. Will you make it on November 27th, when Florida plays Tech? BILTMORE RATES Single Double 84 ss 86 30Roomsal83.50 .6 88 ,lo Atlanta Biltmore "The South? Supreme Hotel" Did you know that Dr. Cox, now president of Emory University, was until 1920 Dean of the Teacheris College. That was in the days when the faculty numbered a mere handful and the student body was hardly as large as the arts and sciences college is today. Dean J. W. Norman supplanted Dr. Cox and has ably carried forward the work in this college. The Teacheris College is today the greatest agency in the state which is working to raise the general educational standards of the state. I1 V A , -',,. E QOOMER FQIPA l 5 IDEAL Q FERTILIZER5 ... IDEAL i Right Materials Right Proportions Perfect Blend Field results prove the superiority ol' IDEAL BRANDS WILSON 81 TOOMER FERTILIZER CO. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Established 1893 PEN SACUL FLORIDA G4Tl16 W0l1dCl'fUl City of Advantagesi' Offers congratulations anal extends the compliments of the City to the officers of the Seminole anrl t l' 1' ' o e icltate the graduates is an act that gives much pleasure. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS-CITY OF PENSACOLA, FLORIDA J. H. BAYLISS, Mayor, Commissioner Finance and Revenue. E. E. HARPER, Commissioner of Police and Fire. ADRIAN E. LANGFORD Commissioner of Streets d Public Works. HWC0A"-Pc-nsat-ola's Voice of the Air. calls to you on 1340 Kilocyelos. Listen in anal get acquainted. L- ll EA els Q J Q N1-,sg lgas-.V as-:aj Florida State College for Women TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Offers four-year courses leading to the Baehelor's Degree in the following, The College of Arts and Sciences The School of Education The School of Home Economies The School of Music Two-year courses in the Normal Sehool, leading to the degree Lieentiate of lnstruction. An eight-weeks term in the Summer School, for teachers in service and col- lege students who wish to earn credit toward the above degrees. Graduation from accredited four-year high schools, or the equivalent, re- quired for admission to the Freshman Class. For catalog and information, address THE REGISTRAR Florida State College for Women TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA BEFORE YOU THE RUSH AWAY San Carlos Hotel Think of the things you are apt to want tomorrow today! - - At the head of the list- STRAWS ! , , . A I tl One of Flor1da's Finest in C635 S0323-is ! Beautiful Pensacola Complete lille of Furnishing q . SMITH 81 HOOPER L. G. HAGLER Mvrvhanrlisv That Satisfivs ivfamlgm- I1 I1 V Y E.-31 i 'W 1 'QL-'rf A x's::Q2 lg-arse.-'4g,. TBSQEI COMPLIMENTS OF WOLF BROTHERS GOOD CLOTHES , , . an 1 I' 1' , X , XM A, A L tl! A X' '1 1' X '1 L'', The Hzmlverdzxslven Inc. TAMPA. FLA. TA NIPA ri H fKUPPENHl'IMl'.R f d CI in COMPLIMENTS OF LYONS FERTILIZER COMPANY C'?1t,'r.L'.3FS' ORANGE BELT BRANDS ,l3i1l?r'fgfe'fI't And umm in All Kinds of Fucmy: lliI,I6L.lli1l.llivllgf FERTILIZER MATERIALS ssllhsfffflnfend Citrus EXCllilllg0 Building TAMPA, FLORIDA t Q , 'yor cz I A156 .ml g. . . If 'x ,x -fffeffme ff: Jflglgk ofweur and satisfaction, ,Sig .K select, l1cre.a A FA' '- Traub Genu- YK ,ii 1 ' .5 ine Orange ' 3 Blossom En- -: gagemenc Q.. Ring. C. H. Coles 81 Sons Jewelers, Silversmiths, Opticians GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA X,-X,,..,.N i-.-' l F I 1 xx '..' I A . ..,2ff'ff:" ' .31 ft. fU"4,,n ,..f-.. . Q fwtmk K I inf: Vnu Qwfv-H lu: J! .nun Jw! , Wg' 1. T -C"'i"' LQ'-.-.' l rv- ' A uigm .-' t-. i...,,.,.,.,... LL. ,.. .Q -N- fx- , 'vguv .-.,g.,,,:x . 1. Nhfifillr - Where Smart Collegians G0 for Clothes lvl FYI Ex! td " IQ..A..1?f.??1Q lQ I " ?---::-::-:::::::::::::--:: .... 2 3:2 ...... .. ................ .1 tl ll ll ll in 0 in . it ll ll :t 75 years young . . . ti In ll li HE vear I o marks thc 75th Anniversztr ofthe ibundin . 93 1 U Y B ll by Columbus Drew of a small job printing plamt which H through the superior quality ofits workmanship and the depend- in ability ofiits service has grown to he the most complete establish- 0 :I ment ofits kind in Florida and one of the largest in the South. It Q :I Those of you whom we have had the pleasure of serving while :I in college, have contributed in no small measure to this success, z It and we take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage and 0 " to cx rcss the ho c that we will continue to have the rivile e 0 0 Q P. P . P E tv :I of serving you Whenever you need anything produced by Drew'sl 2 It 0 It I It 0 H TheH.8tW.B. DREW COMPANY 3 I" R A M I N U 0 I I l . I1 H., E ,. S K , N Florlda's Leading Stationers ll Q u :i ' ' ' L 1' M A ' JACKSONVILLE 2 l U tt I 44 .... ......---.. ..... --............--- .... .,...,.....------J The g'SeminoleU as most of you know, is derived from the name of a very warlike Indian tribe of Florida. The Seminoles were composed largely of run- aways and outlaws from other southern Indian tribes. The largest band of run- aways were the Creeks who led by Chief Secollee helped form the Seminole band in 1750. The Seminoles played an important part in the war of 1812 and Alachua county was the scene of a lierce battle between Colonel Newman, commanding United States forces, and the chiefs, King Payne and Billy Bowlegs. The defeat of the Indians relieved the danger of a threatened attack against Georgia and kept Florida out of the clutches of the English. B IRD H RDWARE CO. WHOLESALE-RETAIL Kodaks and Films Golf Supplies Athletic Equipment p UN THE SQUARE 11HoNE 7 msr sine I'1 I Ii 5 as le....a.....1'-ff .N?'1Q lQ I ' Y 7'-70 Closely assouialcfl with Floritlzfs progress for 27 years. W HEMWBMMMMMEWMK ui' Miami Capital :tml Surplus 32,-'I-00,000 QUALITY JONES BROS. CO. The Home Flll'11lSl1C'l'S l.aura anal Duval JACKSONVILLE XC'lCl.l,liN'l' engraving' of distinction E is the achievelnent of every working clay in our plant. Copperplate engraving for your social requirements is handicraft and its quality is dependent up- on the attainments of the personnel rather than upon machinery. In this our plant organization, being second to none, is equal to a ny. As for the mechanical age-we cut steel dies for stamping or forming either wood or metal. 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A 'AMPA JACKSONVILLE MIAMI DAYTONA BEACH ST. PETERSBURG ORLANDO WEST PALM BEACH ":1' u P C b I' THE STADIUM The construction of the new football stadium on the Florida campus is actually nder way. The stadium will he erected in the natural bowl just south of the resent football field and just west of the new swimming pool. The contract alls for 21,800 seats by the 8th of October, 1930, at which time the edifice will e dedicated in the Homecoming Day game with Alabama. This hlls a long- elt need at the University. lt certainly marks the dawn of a new day when Florida can take her place with the other great state universities that own S tadiums and can meet them on a home and home basis. COMPLIMENTS Knight, Thompson and Turner ATTORNEYS Peter 0. Knight, C. Fred Thompson, A. G. Turner and P. 0. 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If if COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS FINE EOOIQLEIS OFFICE FURNITURE BANK AND COURTHOUSE C EQUIPMENT lv! lvl Er! EA , a-M A N-gas' A c,--as W l ' W X4 CNP gg u m no ii Tylllnfsnci I ,. gi ll I mf- Jlahn 61 Ollllier p Again!! WE are America's largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. i ?botogrnplwers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washixlgton Boulevard - Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 W e do not b-lot any ? art ore g nwng EYE EZ lm 'mluxumnzc L . , A ,, . ,t,, i,,,1 U ,4,lAA ,H ,x . . fr V M1 r .,,.A. ,... x' W I l.caf.zciQ.l kQrtu:.1Q,l 1-1 n 1,3 ll! IL! Zlfiniz numrxrrflf'

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