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T. T. Wentworth, Jr.SEMINOLE 1929 Published by the STUDENT BODY of the UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA Gainesville Jlorida vOLUME XXH. IX A1KIN Editor-in C ,ef MABRY A. CARLTON £ fanoKinK Editor H. C. FARNSWORTH 'Dullness S fanarrr Piece ol Eiglvtf CO STOKE THE EVENTS OF Tin; EAR 1928-29 WITH A FLAVOR OF THE ROMANCE OF AN- . i - THE PURPOSE OF THIS THE TWENTIETH VOLUME OF THE SEMINOLE. 2Dedication CO JOHN JAMES TIGERT. WHO l THE SHORT TIME HE II IS BEEN SHAPING THE DESTINY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORID HAS NOT ONLY PROVEN HIMSELF A CAPABLE DMLNISTR -VTOK.IU T iLSO TRI E FRIEND TO EY ERA STUDENT. MANIFESTING KEEN INTEREST IN ATHLETICS, DEVOTING HIS PERSONALITY IND ENERGY TO THE HIGHEST INTERESTS OF OUR ALMA MATER, WE, THE STAFF, DEDICATE rills. THE TWENTIETH OLUME OF THE SEMINOLE.3n Jllemoriam ■MONG those who failed to answer roll rail upon the J ® resumption of classes after Christinas was one of the most outstanding characters of the campus. Charles Llewellen Allyn, son of Rube Allyn of Kuskin. had answered the final roll at the beginning of the holiday season. By his death his father lost a favorite son. his friends a true friend and tin campus a sterling character.3n jflemortnm 77 lILLIAM BYRON CASQUE, I I age twenty. a sophomore at the University of Florida, lost his life at the hands of a negro bootlegger, while he was assisting his father and other officers in making a raid on the night of December 15. 1928. By his death the University was deprived of an excellent student, his parents of an only child, his fraternity of a brother, and his fellow students of an ever-eheerful comrade and friend. His memory w ill remain fresh with those who knew him. as that of one whose heart was full of sunshine and good fellowship.  ( he 6University TOB almost a century, (luring which other parts of the country enjoyed immense prosperity, the State of Florida labored under the great lack of a system of higher education. Within the memory of many now living, however, the people of the State have awakened to the value and |K)ssibilities of this sort of instruction. Through the Legislature, many Acts were passed, creating several small schools, which situated in different parts of the immense territory were quickly found to he inadequate. As a result agitation arose for tin establishment of a real University beneath the palms and pines of the Southern peninsula. Guided by the wisdom of genius the Legislature in the year 1905 adopted what has since become known as the “Buckman Act,” which marks a transition in the history of Florida, in the l egiiming of a modern educational system. This ct merged several of the smaller institutions into the University of Florida and the State College for Women, which have since justly earned a place in the sun of Southern Colleges second to none. Under the able leadership of its second President, Dr. . . Murphrcc, the University advanced in an unprecedented manner to assume a leading place among the Colleges of the Nation. Though young in traditions it has been great in achievement, and the people of this great State are now in a position to send their sons to a University, of whose record they may be justly proud. At the death of Dr. Murphrce the Board of Control in seeking a President to (ill his place saw (it to elect Dr. John J. Tigert. who for some years had headed the Bureau of Faluealioii of the National Government. The choice of the board met with the whole-hearted approval of the State and the Student Body, and the plans and purposes of the new President have justly earned the sup|H rt of all classes of persons interested in the progress of the University. With its destiny guided by such a man the pros| eets of tile University of Florida seem to lie unbounded, and with the cooperation of everyone tin time will come when this school will completely justify tlx claims of its many admirers. bx2J College of iris and Sciences CIIK purpo r and aim of the (' llr|r of Art and Science I to train thr mind and strengthen thr intellect. to build up idraW and establish thr character. to enlarge thr vision, to ennoble thr thought , to increase thr appreciation of thr beautiful and trur. and add • harm to lifr and piquancy to companionship, to make a man a decent fellow, a u«rful citiirn. an influential member of ■oriel? in whatever community he may live and in whatever pursuit he may take his way. To accomplish this purpose thr College has gathered together a faculty of men ranking with the foremost educator of today. Through their untiring efforts the College ha» prospered. .•V t k. M w Col logo of Agriculture CIIK C ll«» of Agriculture. wmbinfd with the Florida Stale Kipfrinrnl Station. render a service lo the State prubabl) unequalled by any other department of the University. It train and equip men to preserve the resource of our great State, and to make its soil more productive. It also sponsors Hoys' flub and Farmers Week, thereby fostering and maintaining an interest in agriculture, with special tre » being placed on the fruits and produce of Florida showing how they may be raised more abundantly and scientifically.bxZl ('ollvgrof Enginwrinpoml irchi tret lire TOR r» I hr gradualr of Florida College of Kncinminc K» f hwn in Hmund throughout the country and even in other countries. Thi i a tribute lo the thorough training provided h |)ran J. K. lienlon and hi efficient faculty. For the first lime the School of Architecture under the direction of l r. lending out a group of graduate in architecture. Rudolph Weaver i The e men too will noon take their place with other Florida graduate a leader in their prafnaiM and an honor lo one of the large ! college of the University. Imiv Collrge DTK to lh untiring effort »f the eminent member of it family. inrr the time of It r l»Sli hnirnl, tbr achievement of the College of law have been remarkable: today it i» registered by the Hoard of Regent of New Vork. i a member of the American Association of la School , i classified a an "A" school by the Amer-lean liar Association. and ■ recognized h the profession a one of the foremost college in America. It curriculum I complete, it course thorough, but it dor not boast of the power to do the impossible, it simply promise to help pave the way upon which the young lawyer may travel to sucres . tSZl kzJ The Teachers' College DKVKMU'MKST of Florida educational « stem ha created a demand for men of proper training and equipment. To meet Ihi demand i Ihe laUi of Ihf Teacher College and it la Wing done aril. With a family composed of war of Ihe leading leather of Ihe country Ihla college graduate men of Ihe high e l type in the profe »ion and place them in position to «afely direct Ihe training of Florida youth, the tate a grealeol a t. With Ihe demand ever increa ing it can he afely predicted that Ihi college hall conlinae lo grow until it rank on a par or above Ihe be«l college of it type in Ihe country.general extension division CHKOUCH the (Jen era I Extension Division. tlu University «»f Floritla and State College for Women reach into every corner of the state to instruct and serve the |H o|dc of Florida, making the state the campus of these institutions. During the past two years 7,185 extension students registered for corrrspondnce study. Students are now found in every county in Florida, and in nearly every center w ith a post office. Helpful instruction is offered to men and women everywhere, regardless of previous opportunity or education. Practical vocational subjects or courses, as well as college subjects, arc offered by correspondence. Among those registered are found clerks, farmers, business men and women, home-makers, civil officials, club women and others, as well as teachers and professional men and women. Extension class centers have been established at numerous points throughout the state. During the past year more than eleven hundred students were registered in classes in Jacksonville, Tampa and St. Petersburg alone. In addition to the instruction given, the General Extension Division is empowered to carry on investigation and research and devise means of stimulating thought and encouraging activities among the people for their benefit. To do this effectively, the Division administers numerous service functions, well known to the people of the state, through the following departments: Extension Teaching, Auditory Instruction, Citizenship Training, General Information and Service, Visual Instruction, and Extension Investigation and Research. Each department is mode up of several bureaus. All teachers and members of the administrative staff of the General Extension Division are also members of the general faculties of the I Diversity of Florida and the State College for Women. Both the number of students registered for extension instruction, and the extent of the service functions | crformcd by the General Extension Division permit the University of Florida and the Stale College for Women to extend their campuses to the borders of the state. This service has been limited only by the funds available for the work. Bkrt Riley. Dean Kenneth Milton Hancock. CaH’o, Maim . . linsiness Administration, i.S.ll. I. I beta kappa Nu. Alpha kappa P»i, Beta Si|tnu, ice«Prr i«lent (4 I, Commerce Club, Secretary «3 . President of Smior Cla»» M». K. K. F. Club. Si. Petersburg Club. Prwidfni (S), Associate Kditor F" Hook (3), Chairman Junior Prom Committee 131, ke Pre ident Junior Clam (3). Democratic Club. Norman WiciitmaN M :I.eoi . Aucilbt. Florida...........................Iris and Science, US. Phi Sigma, Scjldtard ami llladr. leigli Chemical Society. Karr Utcrary Society, Gulf lo Georgia Club. baptist Club. F. F. F. Club 11). Junior Prom Committee l3t. Vice President Senior Claa 14), 1st Lieutenant Company 11," 1C 0. T. C„ Democratic lull. Theodore Worrall Miller, Flkton, Mil...........................................Teachers, HS.E. Pi Alpha Sigma, Vtlibtie Council M . ’F ' Club. Peabody Club, Freshman IkiM-liall lit, Cross Country 1C tin 2. 3), boxing Team 2. 3 , Captain Ml, Senior Pint: Com niittcc Ml, Secretary-Treasurer Senior t.lans It). Southern Intercollegiate bantam Weight Champion 31. James Greenwood Aiiernatiiy, Ft. Lauderdale. Y a., Arts, Science andLau■, IIS., LL.S. Farr Literary Society 2. 31. Dramatic Club. I t l.ieutenant Company "C." R. 0. I'. . Horace Dean Aikin, Si. Petersburg,, LL. t.. Delta Tau. black ami White Masque. Blue Key. Pi Delta Kp«ilon, Phi Vlplia Delta. Seminole Staff 2, 3l. Kditor in liief I». Democratic Party. John Marshall Delating Society. 33ClIESTEK Kohinso.n ALLEN. Auhurndalc. Fla....................................Teachers, II.S.H. Sigma I.unlxl.i Tau. Srablunl ami Blade, F'' Cluh. F. F, F. Club 1 . Y. M. C. . CouiM'il 2. 31. h •• ii Im 11 «2. 3. 41, Captain, |j. K. ). T. C. 41. II. Anderson. Jr.. Tampa. Fla hue. LUi. W11.1jam Toni vs Arnett. Clermont. Fla...........................................H. S. Arch. Della Tau. I'lii Kappa I'lii. Sigma Tau. I »i. S-alduid and Blade. I ni er it Band. I nivrnily Orchestra. Gargoyle Club. I'residenl oil, Seminole ri Staff 4 , Kifle Team (4), Gallon Team. 2nd I ioulrnanl 0. II. C. James M. Atwater. Burlington, North Carolina I'lii Kappa I'lii. hue, LL.B. Hugh Stewart Austin, Orlando, Fla..............................Arts ami Science. AM. Thria Kappa Nil. Y. M. (I. . Council 3, ll. (doe Club (I. 2 . .V,Fred Donald Ayres, Gainesville, Fla....................................Irts ami Science. li.S. Phi Phi. Gamma Sigma Kjwilon, l.eigli Chemical Swirly. l. K. Bachlott. Hawthorne. Fla, Engineering, 1 ..S. I.E. Donald Fkltkii Baker, Coral Gables, Fla..............................Agriculture. H.S.A. Th nus. Winthrop Bancroft. Jacksonville. Fla Psi I psilon. Phi Della Phi. Line. LLM. Hoiiekt Fdward Bateman. Wauchula, Fla.....................................Agriculture. H.S..A. lplu la, Thyrsus g Quh. Hauler County Club. PrrM«lcnt « I». Itapti»i Club. DcMolay.Horst Frederic Km mcirtnek. Saratolu, Fla. . Business Administration. BS.B.A. Phi Iph.i K|i«il»n. Omega (Vila, Brotherhood of Si. . n !rrM , Football (2, 3lf )»( Lieutenant. Battery “A," l(. O. T. C. Henry S. Maynard. Si. IVirrsburg, Fla. ............................................Law, L ..B. Alpha Tau Onirp, Blue Key. Black anil White Magpie, Serpent . Pirate . Seiblard ami Blade. Y. M. C. An F. F. F. Club. Bij ine«« I92H Seminole, (apliin, K. O. T. C. Kou aro I If, nr Heirdsi.ey. Jacksonville. Fla. . Business Administration, B.S.B.A. iVha law I Vila. Scabbard am I Blade. Alpha Kappa P»i. Theta Hibbon Society. Bauer (amunillrr 11. Commerce (.tub. Duul County Club. I'nircnity Band 1. 2. 3. It. if a nee Committee 2». 2nd l.ieutenant. K. O. T. C Donald William Beckwith. Jacksonville, Fla.........................Engineering. B.S.M.E. Benton Engineering Society, rncrican Society of Mechanical Engineer , Clee Club «!). AIalcolm Boy Hkusou; Graceville, Fla.............................................Agriculture. BS.A. Alpha Gamma Hho, lpha eta. Phi Sigma. Phi Kapju Phi. (aplnin Halter) “C It. O. T. C. 38Robert Thomas Benson, Manatee. Florida.................................Teachers, Phi Alpha Kpfilon. I'cjImmI)' (Hull, Foot kill (1), Manatee County Club. l t IJeuten-anl. Coni|»any “E.” R. 0. T. C. Stanley L. Bennett. Jameshurg, New Jersey........................................Law, 1.1..11. I low Mil) Wa ne Bishop, Gainesville, 1.1..11. kapjia Alpha. Pirate. Theta Kildion Society. Scab hard an.I Klade. I’lli Delta l hi. 2nd Lieutenant. R. 0. T. C. Arthur Keith Black, Lake City, Fla..............................................................!mw, 1.1..11. kappa Sicilia. Phi Alpha Della, Blue Key. Theta Itildion .Society, Cotillion luh. John Marshall IMuting Club. Pan-Hellenic (Council, Hu»ine « Manager Florida Mlijtator t.A». Ihi»ine « Manaiter ‘F" Rook. «»i»lanl lhi»mr»» Manager S’ininole l‘ 27, Reel Steak Club (I, 2. A. 4 . Democratic Club (5), 2nd Lieutenant. 0. R. C. Powell Newton Blasineane, Gainc-villc. Fla Renton Engineering Society, . S. C. E. Engineer, H.S.C.E.Archie Altman Boons, Gainesville, Fla................................................ft. S. Arch. Sigma Tan I'm. SaMwril ami lll.nU , Carpole Ilul». I Diversity Kami. Captain. k. o. r. c. Klwin (!i. idk Boozkk. West Palm Beach, Fla..............................................hue. LI,.ft. flirla Chi. S r|irnt Kiltimn Sirirly. . M. C. .. Cabinet. Ham! (I. 2. 3). Jolts Amirs Bot visit. Jit.. Gainesville. Fla.............................................hue. LI..ft. Sigma Clii. Phi Kappa Phi. Karr Literary Society, Duval County Cluli. West Palm Beach • liil». l»e|H»iier Alligator Stall (It. Claksnce Jesse Bowman. Waucltula, Fla...........................................Teachers. A.ILL. Phi Kappa Hii. Kappa I Vita Pi. Kp»ilun Phi Sijetna. Honor Court. Peabody Club, llarilee (jointv Club. AO f j A. I UK Biumoitn. Miami. Fla.................. Phi lpha I Vita. John Mar-hall iVhaling Society. . . Laic. LL.ft.Forrest Groves Bratley, Miami. Fla................................drts and Science. H.S. Siema Phi Epsilon. Gamma Sigma Ep-dlon. Karr Literary Society. I.eigli Chemical Society. Soccer 1, 2). Loris Rood Bristol Gainesville. Fla................................tris ‘""I Science. li.S. Phi Kappa Phi. Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Layton Roberts Bkooker. Tampa. Fla. . . Business Id ministration. B.S.B.A. Executive Council (3». Commerce Club. Secretary 2 . Aire-President 13). Chairman Finance Committer Executive Omncil 13), Advertising Manager Seminole (It. Dramatic Club, hi l.ieiilcnant, R. 0. T. C. Robert Hamilton Brown, Jr.. Barlow, Fla.........................................B. S. Arch. Alpha Tau Omega. Blue Key. The Black and White Ma |tn Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Tau. Pi Delta Epailon, Scablurd ami Blade. Gargoyle Club. lnlra Mural Board ( I, »). President I5». Seminole Staff rt Editor CD. h K-ialr Editor Mi. Student Aid Society. 2nd IJeulenanl, O. H. C.. hi l.ieulenanl. Executive Officer C ompany "E.” r. o. r. c George Archibald Buie, Lake City, Fla............................................Iau LL.B. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Executive Council. Band 1. 2. 3», Serpent Ribbon Society, Commerce Club, Karr Literary Society. 41It ay mono Orlando Burr, Tallahassee, Fla........................................ Mw f{ M,.»iu I.hi Omega lUuc Kr . Black and While Ma«|ue 11926). Secretary and Trea . i.r.-r Sludrnl Body 19261. Bunina Manager 1925 Seminole. Theta l(il.|M,n Society. .M yiiK D. BiTl.hH, Miami, Ha. . Arts am! Science. B.S. Wrestling 12, 3 . .Miami Clul . 2nd Lieulcnanl. R. O. T. C. Company "D." Frank Thompson Cannon, Live Oak, Fla...........................................!mw, LL.B. Cla «ic;il (Juli. I'ri-'ident 2 , Soccer Team, (iapl.iin 13), Cadiier i niver ity Common . IIkrhkkt Nicholas Caskiukk. lakeland, Fla.......................................Lair, J«din |jr«liall IK-kiting S»riri , Secretary'Treasurer (I . Folk County Cluh. Ijke-land Cluli. VS . . Catk, Gainesville. Fla. r.n.c. MHariiy Pleasant Chambers, Plant City, Fla...........................Teachers College, A.II.E. Peabody Club, Viw-Pff»idcnl. Simeon Dudley Chittenden, Tullaha-scc, Fla............................Engineering. B.S.C.E. Theta (.’hi. Pirate , Theta Kililxiii Society. Dt l.ieiitciiant. Kxeculive OlfH-rr Com-.. % |uny A. Erwin Tildes Collier, Wuuchulu, Flu...............................Engineering. II.S.C.E, I (niton engineering Society, A. S. K., ILml.e County Club. Cheer Leader (4 , Junior Prom Committee 13). Frederick James Collin. Miami Shores. Fla..........................Engineering. II.S.C.E. Kenton engineering Society. V. S. C. K.. Inira Miiml Itoxing 2t. Jerome Alton Connor, Pensacola, Fla..................................Iris ami Science. .1.II. Sigma Limhda Tau. Phi kappa Phi. Illne key. Tau kappa Alpha. Alpha Phi Kp ilon. Pi Camma Mu. Chancellor Honor Court t-l), F. F. F. Cluh (It. V M. C. . Council 2 . President Y. M. C. . (31. President Farr Literary Society (3), Anraity Deliat-ing (2. 3. 4). Executive Oftccr Company C." K. (». T. C. 43J. Dkmiiekky Cofklam . Itiriningliam, Ala. . . Business Administration. B.S.B.A. I’M K.ijijm Tau. ITii kap|a Phi. Commerce Club. Kiflc Train (2 . i.TKit JaMKS Cow.MIT, Sara«ota. Fla. . . . Business Administration. B.S.B.A. Mphii Tau Omega. Sc«lilaiil ami Made. Alpha Kappa INi (President .A. l». I Apache ( lull. Theta KihlMui Society (Secretary 2. 3). Sarawita County Cluli (President 2. Senior Invitation Committer, hi lieutenant. Kvcculive Officer (aunpany “F. R. O. T. C. Artiii k Slater Cox. Palmetto. Fla...................................Engineering, B.A.C.k. . S. C. F... I»l lieutenant. IF 0. T. C. Mercer Cox. Wmimiii, Fla.........................................Iris and Science. A.B. I’i Alpha Sigma. Democratic Cluh. Karr I iterary Society. I.yceuin (amm il (3». Honor Court t2). Porter Cl-Ai i»e Ciupps, Jr.. Gainesville. Fla.............................Engineering. C.E. Leigh Chemical Society. Chemical Kngiueering Society (PrnddrnO. It.Norman Cecil Crews Xolfo Springs Ha. . . Business Administration, B.S.Ii.A. Honor Court. Hardee County Club. Commerce Club, IlnpiiM Club, Football (2). Boxing Team 13k l». Campus Light Heavy Champion (3 , 1st Lieutenant Company "A." K. 0. T. C. John Broward Culpepper, Perry. Kla................................Ins ami Science, A.B. Tlieta Chi. Black and White Masque. Blue key. I’i Delta Kpsilon. Scabltard and Blade (Secretary l». I'i Gamma Mu 4 Vice-President I . V M. ('. Cabinet 3 . (Vice-President l». Theta Kildwn Society. Kditor-in-Chief Alligator 4|i. Swimming Manager. Publicity Manager Florida B. 0. T. C. Camp MeOllan. Finance Committee Junior Clase. Honor G urt. Clerk (31. I»t Lieutenant. Kveculive Officer. Company "K." IL 0. T. C Dean M. Darry, Irbana. Missouri..........................................Teachers, A.B.h. PcjImmIy Club. Masonic Club. Karl Davidson, Greensboro. Maryland . . . Business Administration. B.SM.A. W atson Perry Davidson, Baker, Kla.......................................Teachers. A.B.K. Pe.dn.dy Club. Tejcliers College Debating Team.John Marshall Daviks. Gainesville, Kla.......................................Teachers. B.S.E. Epsilon Phi Siisina. IVdlndy Club. William M. Davis, St. Petersburg, Fin..........................................................Law Sigma Phi Epsilon. Tlieia Kihlton Sn'icly. Karr l.itrrary Society II, 2 . John Marshall Debating Society, Intcrfraternily Conference. J. E. I)WITT. Miami llearli. Fla................................Teachers. AJLEd. Ai-bkrt Coixord Dkkn, Like City, Fla..................................Tharmacy, Th.C. Phi kappa Ian, ami IV»l|p Club. Leigh Society 1. 2 . Senior Cap atul (•own Cominitlrc. litvNtis M icion DkGaktani, Tampa. Fla.............. Sigma Iota. Phi kappa Phi. Kap|»a Delta Pi. Peal»ody Club. Teachers. A.ILL. 46Clyde Littleton Driggers, Tampa, Fla..............................Engineering, B.S.C.E. A. S. C. E., l t Lieutenant, Company •'ll." It. O. T. C. Marcus Fdklstein, Gainesville, Fla.............................................. .an, LL.B. Epsilon Phi. Phi Kappa Phi. la»onic Llnh. John Marshall Deliating Society. Sami el Eff, Si. Augustine. Fla.............................................Teachers. BS.E. Phi kappa Phi. Kappa Delta Pi. Peabody Club. I nivertily Orchestra. kElTII Whitman KnEaRL, Daylona llc.irli. Fla. . Business Administration, B.S.B. I. Delta Chi, Mpha Kappa P i, Commerce Club, Drluiint: Council 3), Junior-Senior Prom (aunmittee, Cap and Conn Committee. Bernard Henry English, Like City, Fla................................................. mu. LL.B, Della Tan. Blue Key ( ice-Pre»idrnl I. Pi Della Epsilon President I, Black ami N hile Magpie. Phi Alpha Delta t Vice-President I. Alpha Phi Epsilon. John War»hall Society. Florida Alligator Staff 11. 2. 31. Editor-in-(Tiief Alligator Ml, Cap and Cimn Conunillee. Nomination Contention 31. IIayfoiu) Octavius Fnwall, Gainesville, Fla................................................Laiof LL.B. Kappa l|»li;i. Plii Delta Phi, Theta Kiblxm Society. II.i«kethjll (2). Honor I«»ur «2 . Berme l„ Feiixis, Tampa, Fla......................................Engineering, BJy.E.E. Ilenlon Engineering Society, incrican Institute of Electrical Engineer . Ut Lieutenant, Executive Officer Com|Niny l ," IL 0. T. C. I). M. Fiore, While Plains New York.......................................Teachers, A.B.E. Kp'ilun. Karr Literary Society III, IVjIwhI Club 2. 3, I), St. Petersburg Club. Florida Freshmen Friendship Club. Track Squad i2k Cymnastic Instructor 13, I . At'Ci sTi s Ai-ston Fisiikr, Pensacola, Fla....................................Imiv. LL.B. Phi Mph.i Della. Farr Literary Society, John Marshall lb-bating Society. Track (I I. James Aloysii s Flaherty, Ocala, Fla..............................Iris ami Science. A.B. Pi Kappa Mplia, Delta Epsilon, Newman Club, Swimming Team (I, 2, 3, 4).Ward Thomas Fletcher, Greensboro, Fla...................................Teachers, BS.E. Pi Alpha Sigma. Maounic Club, International Relation Club. IValwh Cllul Pre«i-«lent 4), Intra-Mural lla»kethall « 1». lieutenant Company "l ." It. 0. T. C. Hkriikkt Frazier, Mulberry, Fla......................Business At!ministration, B.S.B.A. l i Kappa Phi. Phi Kappa Phi. lpha Kappa Psi. James Franklin Garner. Jr.. Furl Myers, Fla.................................bur. 1.1..It. TlwU (.hi. Phi Alpha Delia. Karr Literary Society (1, 2t, John Marshall IMiating Society (A. I), Serpent Itihlx.n S cirty. A. K. Cli.Lts, DcFnniuk Springs, Fla.......................................................bin. LI..It. Theta K.ip|u Nil, |pha Phi K|oilon. Tau Kappa lpha. ar ity Di-luting Npi.ul. Nelson S. Glass. W inter Park. Fla.....................Business Administration, B.S.It.A. Alpha Kappa P»i. Pi Delta Epsilon. Commerce Oub 1.1, I. Vice-President It, Seminole Stall I «i»tant Managing Editor 11. p Koiikrt Human Glass, Winter Park, Florida......................................Engineering, C.E. . S. C. E-. Benton Kngineering Society. Seminole Staff, Junior Prom Committee. Imililion Cununitlrr, Omega Fp«ilon. Jok CECIL GoLDSBY, Dade City, Fla..............................................Engineering, C.E. Sigma .lii. Blur key, Sc.ihluid ami Blade. Benton Kngineering Society. Executive Council. Freohman Cla»» B.i«k -tl .ill. Senior Bing Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Military Dance Committee. Secretaiv and Treasurer Junior Ctaaa (3f, Nomination (Convention (3), Captain Company "B.“ It. 0. T. C„ Seminole Hull of Fame 3t. George II. Graham, Jr.. Tampa. Fla...................................Imu. Phi Della Phi. John Loiis Graham. IVbiul, Fla.........................................Laic, ELM. Theta kjp|M No. Phi Vlpha Delta. Phi kappa Phi. John Mardiall Debating Siciely. William Sanders Gramijng, Miami. Fla................................Late, LL.B. Sigma Nu. 'F" Cluh, kappa Gamma Delta Theta. Manager Frohinen Raw-lull I3». Manager ar ity Bawlull 41. SOStanley Granger. Gainesville. Fla....................................................Law, LL.B. Theta Chi. John Mart-hall Debating Society. James Kigiiakd Graves, Quincy, Fla. . . . Business Administration. B.S.B. I. Sigma u. Mplia Kappa l'»i. Phi Kappa Phi. I hi a Sigma. P»i. Tliela Itihhon Society. Louis Alexander Guessaz, Jr., Dade City, Fla.......................Teachers. .B.E. I‘i Alpha Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Deltu Pi. Ma mir (lull, International lb-la-lion Club 3. I». Farr Siciety. Pea I tody Club 2. 3. I . Parfo County Club. Physical Kducation liolrurlor. CymnaMic Train. Finance Committee Junior-Senior Prom, 2nd Lieutenant battery ”11." II. O. T. C. Stephen Foster Hangy, Clearwater, Fla.....................................Teachers. l.B.K. Delta Tau. Scubltard and blade. Frmhman Track Team, Commerce Club. Peabody Club. Rifle Team 13), l t Lieutenant Company "D," II. 0. T. C. William Clrry Harris, key n. Fla Sigma u. Phi Kappa Phi. mu . LL.B.r George Hawkins, Hay Harbor, Fla...................................... Teachers. BJS.E. Pi Alpha Sigma, Caninu Sigma Kprilon. P'mImmK Club. I.cigh Chemical Society. Leon Nesbie Henderson, Baker, Fla.......................................Teachers. A.B.E. Pi lplia Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Della Pi. Pi Gamma Mu. Inicrnalional Rda-lion Club. WaholooM Ilul . Peabody Cluli. Henry Asiiury Hendry, Jr., Tampa. Fla............................................uWt LL.B. Tlicla Chi. Phi Della Phi. Serpent Ribbon Society, Inlrrfrjiernily Council. Wiujam Logan Hill, Gainesville, Fla.................................................Imiv. LL.B. Sigma hi. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delia Phi. Serpent Ribbon Society. Alfred Ernest Hills, Winter Haven. Ha..............................Engineering, C.E. Sigma Tau. Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Tau. merican Society of Civil Engineer , llenton Engineering Society. Senior Ring Commillee. hi Lieutenant Company F,“ R. O. T. CJohn Edwin Holsiierry. Pensacola, Fla.........................................Imu, LL.H. Theta Chi. I’hl l|»ha Delta. I Apache, Serpent KiMmii Society, Pensacola Cluh. John Marshall Debating Society, Karr Literary Society. Inlru-Mural Hoard 13, I), Junior Prom Dance Committee. Robert Lawrence Hughes, Bartow, Fla.....................................Imu. 1.1..It. Alpha Tan Omega, Phi Delta Phi, Kluc Key, Hlack ami V liite Mati|ue, Scablurd and Hlade. Manager Intra-Mural Athletic 13), Junior Cla « President 13). (io-Founder Student Aid Society, Secretary and Treasurer «»f Student IUmH 4$l. I.u u-tenant Colonel and Ikittalinn (Commander. 15. 0. T. C. R. J. Inman. l-ake City, Fla.............................................................Imu , 1.1..It. Sigma lpha Kpsilon. Phi Delta Phi. Charles Edward Jackson, Jil, Clearwater, Fla...................................Ifiriculture. ft.S. I. Pi Kappa Alpha. Thyr u . Howard Bradley Johnson, Wimlcrmcrc, Fla.........................................Agriculture, It.S. I. Alpha Caninia 151m. Phi Sigma. S3Robert Milton Johnson, llardeetnwn, Fla..............................Engineering, C.E. Benton Kngimrfinji Society, Masonic Club. V. I). Jordan, New Smyrna, Fla.............................................htn LEM. I i l| h.» Sigma, I nivrrMty Kami. Orcholra. Michael M. Kendall, Wittier Haven, Ha. . . Imu and llusiness Administration. Candidate jor J.l). and R.SM. I. 1M»» ka|i|»a IMti. Steiner Clive Kierck. Baker, Fla.............................................Agriculture, RS.A. l| lu Camma llho, IMii Sigma, Xgriculture Club. Student Xf-Utnnt. Wiu.ixm Ciu.IIKI t klRBY. Orlamlo. Flu. . . liusiness dministration, t. l| ba Delta, Fair Literary Society, Commerce Club, Lieutenant, II. O. T. C. 54Clarence Joseph Miami, FI...........................................Pharmacy. Ph.G. Kh«» Chi. Mortar ami Pe»tle Sociri) Prr idenU. Honor Court. Edward Clav Lems, Jk., Wrwahitrhk.i. Fla.......................................Imw, LLM. K appa Alpha. Hlue Key, TTirla Kilil»on. President of St mien t llod) i ll. OlEX B. I-EWIS, Gainoville. Fla........................................Pharmacy. A.£. Hho Clii (President . Moris r ami Pestle Society. Chahles David Lisebauch, Tampa. Fla Theta Chi. Ijaiv. t.L.R. Latimkr Ashlav;. Polk Lily. Ha, . • Phi Alpha Delta. John Marshall l rl»alina Soc.ety. rniffre. Executive Late, .A.It. Council. Election Coni Donald Kay Matthews, Hawthorne, Fla.................................iris and Science, A.B. Sigma Phi K| ilon. Theta Kibl»on Society. Blue Key President .r ), Scabbard and Blade. Pi Gamma Mu. l| lia Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha. Glee Club t President 4. .»». I niversity Orchestra. Military Ball Committee. Vigilance Commillre. Senior King Committee, Cheer l-rader 3t, Debating Team «2. 3. 4». Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Chan cel lor Honor Court, Vice-President of Student Body (5), 1st lieutenant ami (executive Officer Company “B," K. 0. T. C. II. L. McArthur, lam pa, Fla........................Teachers, A.B.E. Will Kelly McClain, lxl anon, Tennessee............................................Laic, LL.B. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi lpha Delta. J. J. McCltANIE, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla............................Arts and Science, A.B. Sigma Mplia Kpsilon, I.’Apache Club. Ser| ent Kibbon Society tVice-President I . Glee Club. Dramatic Club. »»i»ianl Manager Freshman Football Team. Tenni» Squad. James Edgar McIntire, Clearwater, Fla...................................Agriculture. B.S.A. lplia eta. Phi Kappa Phi. Agriculture Club (President 3). National Stock Judging Team 12).John Yredenbirch McQuim. Fori Fla. . . . Iris and Science, t.B. Delta Tau Delta. Fort Myers Club. Kamon Alkanso Menendez. Tampa. Fla....................................Engineering, E.E. Ilentun Engineering Society, Xmerican Institute of Electrical Engineer . Track (.1). Swimming Team (.1.4), Freshmen Football. J. Webster Merritt. Gainesville, Fla...................................Iris ami Science, II.S. Kappa Sigma. Phi Kappa I’lii. Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pin Sigma. Mortar and Pe«ile Club (President 2). Inter-College Tenni (.liampion 2 . Jaxiks Messer. Jr., Tallahassee, Fla..............................................bin. 1.1..11. Sigma lpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Mplia Kap|u P i. Serpent KiblM.n Swirly, Deluting Council, Commerce Club. John Donald Miller. West Palm Itcach, Fla.............................Engineering. C.E. Benton Engineering Society, Xmerican .Society of Citil Engineers. Chester Fucknk Mines, Miami. Fla.............................................Engineering, BS.M.E. Pill Phi. Siniit-i Tau, Itentou Knj:iiu'eriii|: Soficly. Sroerican Societ) of Mr- i-Ii.iiim.iI Knjtineers. Miami (llul . Jacoii Model, Cainr-ville. Fla.............................................................Law, EL.IE John Marshall l)r hit I mg Swirly. Jesse Ahnoi.d Moicway. Jacksonville, Fla....................................4rls ami Science. II.S. Lri|(li Chemical Society. Freshman Footlull. Fr »hman Track. Hakoi.I) MoURY. Gainesville, Fla..........................................tgriculture, II.S. I. M| ha (iainnui 11 ho. Phi Sigma. Mph.i Zela. Pi Cjmmji Mu. Ilijnui, Agriculture Cluh. AI.BERT Aiiixamikr Murpiiree, Gainesville, Fla. . . . Arts ami Science. AM. h.ippa Mpha. Sigma Della Chi. I.' parhe. Bacchus Cluh. Tilda KihlM.n Stricty. Band II. 2. .1. II. Orchestra (I, 2, .1, I). Clre Club 12, 3. 4l, Xllig.tior Stuff ill. Rhode S-h lar»hi|» from Florida 1929. 58Thomas Andrew Owens, Pori St. Joe, Fla..........................................Trackers, H.S.P. I’i Phi. Blue Key Society. and White Masque, I Xpaclic. Pirates. Loot- hull O. 2. 3. It. Track Team t2». BaM-hull O. 2. 3. I . Captain •• ». Xlhlelic Council. Bur ness Vernon Padoett. Nnrcoossee, Flu..................................Pharmacy, Ph.G. I’i Alpha Sigma, Itlio Chi. Camma Sigma Kp'ilon. Mortar and Pestle Society. Debating Council. Boyd K esc ok Parker, Fort Myers. Fla.......................................It. S. Arch. Cargoyle Club, Scabbard ami Blade. Ut Lieutenant and Kxceutne Officer Coimumv ••D” k.o. r.c Caries Theodore Parsons, Gainesville. Fla. . Business Mminislralion. t. I’i Kappa Phi. Blur Key SH-irt . Sigma ivita Chi. Phi Kappa Phi. Aimak W. Payne, Jacksonville, Kla....................................ingweerine, IIS.E.E ................. .. Out., 39William Mi li.ix Pepper. Jit., Gainesville, Fla...................................Ijuv, LL.H. I’lii Della Theta. I’lii lpha Della. I i Delia Kp ilon. Blue Key Society, Benton Engineering Society. Farr Literary Society. John Marshall Debating Society. Bi:n Plkloik. Jacksonville. Fla......................................Iris ami Science, A.B. Tau Kprilon Wii. 1‘lii Kappa Phi. Tin Kappa Mplta. Alpha Phi K|wil»n, Karr IJterary Society. Florida Freshman Friendship Club. Junior Prom Conunillee. Senior King Committee. Delmling Team. Maiiion Danmnc Pkrkins, Orlando, Fla. . . Business Administration, BS.B.A. lpha Della. Mplia Kappa P i. Commerce Cluh. Karr Literary Society. Julian Morris Pritchard. Jacksonville. Fla..................................B. S. Arch. Iliria Kappa u. Sigma Tau. Cargoyle Club, llenlon Engineering Society. I)u al County Club, 2nd Lieutenant Company F". It. O. T. C. Marshall Bnkkse PltOVOST, Cocoa, Fla. . • Business Administration. Its.It.A. Kappa Sigma. Aloha Kappa IM. Honor Court 4 . Serpent Ribbon Society. F Club. Commerce Club. Ba«chall 2. Si. fiOAllan Collier Ramsey, Tampa, Fin.....................................................!aiu LL.B. Sigma Nu. Scabbard and Blade. Honor Court (3), Tlieia Riblmn Society, Pirate-, Boxing Team (2). Blue Gator, Circulation Manager, 2nd l.iriitenant. It. 0. T. C Alton At CL'ST US Register. Fort Pierce, Fla.............................Engineering. C. E. Sigma Phi Kptilon, Theta Bihlioii Society. igilance Committee. James David Rbkfroe, Jit.. I kc City. Fla................................Engineering. M.E. Pi Kapna Phi. Benton Kngineering Siciety. Vmeriean Society of Mechanical Kngiincfn. Theta ltilil»nn Society. Frank J. Reynolds, Citrn. Fla.............................................Agriculture, II.S. I. Phi Sigma. Agriculture Club (Vice-President). Engineering. C.E. 61 James Mitchell Rice, Gainesville. Fla. . . Theta Chi. Benton Kngineering Society, A. S. C. K.B. I . Richards, Gainesville, Fla...............................................Law, LL.B. Phi Delta Phi. Manning Cltiiiiertson Rider, Gainesville, Fla.....................................A.B.E. I'hi Gamma Mu, IVjIkxIv (Huh. Foreign Relation Uuk L. B. Rifkin, Miami. Fla.............................................I aw, LL.B. IIenrv Kllsuortii Rincung, Gainesville. Fla. . Business Administration, B.S.B.A. Sigma (Ilii. K.ip| .« Gamma Della. Serpent Kil»l»« n Society. Freshman Foot kill. Wayne Ft gene Ripley, Jacksonville, Fla..............................................Iaw. LL.B. John M.u-liall iVluting Society. “F" (Hull, Mispali (Ilul . Dmal County Cluk Fool Ini 11 Team, Fresh man l i-kctkill Spiatl. ft!Allen Thomas Koiiii. Fort Pierce, Fla......................................Engineering, C.E. Sigmj Tan. Honor Court. mrrican Society Civil Knytineer . Benton (engineering S»-cicly, “1" Gul». Track 13. It. Nathan J. Roberts. Daytona Beach. Fla.............................................!mh J.l). Tau K| »ilon | hi. Phi Kappa Phi. Tan kjp|u lpha, lpha Phi Kpoilon, IK ha Sigma Rho, t.lii Kta Sigma. John Marshall Drluting Society. Yar«ily IKTwting Train 11. 2. .11. William Harold Roberts, Homestead, Fla............................Arts am Science. AM. Si ma l tnlnla Tau. Fair Literary Society. Dramatic Cluli. SHimming Irani (2), John .Marshall IMuting Society. Herrick S. Robinson. Fort Pierce, Fla...................................Agriculture. US.A. Agriculture Gub. Track 3 . Nathan Jewett Rookks. DeFuniak Springs, Fla.............................Engineering, E.E. Sigma Tau. Itrriton Knginrrring Sicirly I icc Pr™i«lcnt i, . I. H K.. Band i I. 2. 3. • .Ernest La Mar Sarra. Pensacola, Ha...............................................................Iau LL.B. Sigma Phi Kpoilun, Mark an«l While MsMiur, Blue Key Society. Fttothall (I, 2, 3, I. Captain. I». IC.i-k tl».ill (1, 2. 3. I. Captain. 4». Ikixeluill (I, 2. 3. 4), I'rcMilent of Frethnun Claw (It. Lieutenant Colonel. I(. (). T. C. James Klhridce Sawyer, Montclair, New Jersey .... Agriculture, B.S.A. Pi lpha Sigma. lph.i Zrta, “K Club, Track (2. 3. It. 2n«l Lieutenant. 1C. O. T. C. Pktkr (Iam 1 RATTA Scaci.IONE, Tampa. Fla. . Business Administration, B.S.B.A. Sigma l«»ta. I'lii Kapiu Phi, Commerce Club. J. L S« OTTKN, Gainesville. Ha......................................Teachers, A.B.Ed. Robert Oliver Sewell, Gainesville, Fla...............................Arts and Science, B.S. Football 2, 3). Ibwlwll (3t.Lexington Odette Sheffield. Dover, Fla. . Business Administration. Teachers. II.SS.A. and B.S.E. IVjImmIv Clul . Commerce Club, Peahodv Debating Team. Yartilv Debating Tram, rianl City Club. Sam Silverman. Miami llrai'li. Fla.....................................Law, LL.B. Phi Beta Della. Phi kappa Phi. Norman Artiiir Skeels. DcLiikI. Fla...............................................It. S. Irch Sigma Phi Kp»ilon. Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Tau. Gamma Sigma Kp'ilon. Nahhanl anti Blade. Gargoyle Club. Seminole Staff (3). Allen Loud Smith, V Smyrna. Fla...........................................Imu, LL.B. Alplia Tail Omega. Phi Della Phi. David Clair Smith. Wal as»o, LL.B. Sigma Phi Kp'ilon. Blue ke Society. Theta Biblx.ii Society. Inlta-Muial Board. Kvrru-live Council. V. M. C. A. tTreomrrr, 3, Prevalent, -I .I w Huron Smith, Hostings Kla.................................................... . S. Arch. Delia Tau. Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau I I’roiilrnl, 4 . Gargoyle Club, Pi Delta Kpailon. Kre hman Track Team, Seminole rl Kdilor (3, I . Illue Gator 31, Georgia Tech «2 . W 11.1.1 a m Marion Swink, .Miami, Fla..............................................I aw, Sigma lpha Kpailon, Senior King Omiraillce. (Committee to KevUc Constitution of Siuilcni Body. Ciiari.ks Franklin TkaINOR, Daylona Beach, Fla.....................Engineering, C.E. Omega I p ilon Theta, Sigma Tau. Scahl ar l ami Blade. American Society of Coil Kn-ginrrr». Kenton Knginrering Society. KaccuiIac Council •!), l»t l.ieutenant Companv K . It a T. Biciixrii Px«.k Tho ;i o.v Mclhourne. Fla...............................Iris amt Science. tt.S. Delta Tau. Phi Sigma. Freshman Ki- kill. Track Team fl, 2. 3, Captain, 4», Athletic Council tSecretary. 41. Leon William Tra Guinoville, Fla. Theta .'hi. Phi kap| a Phi. . . I AII,, 66WOODSON C. TUCKER, Jr., Miami. Hu......................................... rts ami Science, II.S. Pyramid Club. Gamma Sigma K| »il«»n. Chemical Society, Ut Lieutenant G m- pany R. . T. C. Edward Eucene Turner. Sluart, l lu.....................................................................hue. 1.1..11. Sigma Phi K| -il »n. Phi Ihdla Phi. Thrta Ribbon S«-cirt icr Pt idenl ► . Florida Krrohman F riend»hip Club. Clover Manuel Turner. Andalusia. Alabama............................................Imu. 1.1..11. Kappa Sigma. Pirate . K.h.iImII 11, 2». Kicmard Dale e ekka. Manatee, Fla...............................................Teachers. A.H.E. Phi lplui Kp ih»n. Peabody Club, Soccer I. 2». igilanre t ominiitx-. Manatee Count Club (President), 2ml l.ieulenarit Comp.ui) "H," R. 0. T. (,'. 67 Howard Keefer Wallace. Si. IVier burg, Fla..........................his ami Science. It.S. Kap| a Phi. Phi Sigma.Samuel I Wallace, (iainmillc, Fla...........................................Imw, 1.1..11. I i kappa I| Im. Illur Kry Society. N jIiImhI ami IISIark an«l liite laM|ur, I. O. II. K. Club. Freshman Fnotlull, Seminole Stall. E ecuti e Offirrr (aunjunv K“, K. O. T. C. Clarence Newton atson. Miami. Fla.......................................Agriculture, II.S.A. lpha Gamma Rho. 13). Agricultural Joseph K. AliCll. Jil. Gainesville. Fla.........................Engineering, II.S.C.E. Sigma. Sigma Tan. Scabbard ad Made. Captain Company “(7 . R. O. T. C Gordon llu.Mn Miami, Fla...................................................Teachers, H.S.h. Sicctr KrnWni ami Saber I). 2nd Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. Pi Kappa Mplia. Tlirtu Rildton Society. Freshman Ikiskethall 11». OTTO WettstEIN. Orlando, Fla..........................Arts and Science. A.II. Wallace Livingston Wilder, Knights. Fla. . business Id ministration, B.S.H. I. Oiiirga Delta. Commerce Club, 2nd l.irulrnant Company "C. I . O. T. C. Kenneth Hast Williams, Monticello. Fla....................................Teachers. U.S.K. Sigma I’lii Epsilon. I’hi Sigma, Scabbard ami I Made. Vlpli.i Phi Kp il»n. Pi Camma Mu, Peabody Club. Debating Train 1. 2. 3. I . Executive Council • l». Nanilv lb-bat ing Tram (3), Junior Prom Finance Committee, In lieutenant Company "A . It. O. T. C. Nat Lawrence Williams. Miami, Fla.............................................I aw, I.I.Ji. Phi Bela Ih-lta. dec Club (2, 31, »i»tant ltu ine»» Manager "E Book. Secretary Treasurer of Junior Cla », Hand 12, 3), Lyceum Council tPre«ident. 2 . Pettus Kinnebrew Wilson, Jacksonville, Fla............................Engineering, B.S.E.E. Sigma Tan. . I. K. E.. Kenton Engineering Society. MKarl Perry W'inckrt, Gainesville, Fla...............................Engineering, Chern. E. Tlirla Kappa Nu. Kenton Engineering Society. W illiam Joe Sears. Kissimmee, Fla..............................................Law, I.!..11. Mplia T.iii Omega. I’lii Della I’lii. Black and White Manque. Pirates. Serpent Kildwm Society. Band 2. 3). President of Junior (Jao, Y. M. C. . iSecretary). Inter-Era- lrmil Conference. George Garrison Smith. Sanford, Fla..........................................Pharmacy, Ph.G. Sigma I’lii Ep-ilon. Morlar and Pestle Society. Leigh ( iieinical Societv, s»i tani Editor of -E" Book. Donm.h IIENTER Yawn. Grmevillc. Fla.......................................Agriculture, H.S.A. Mpha Gamma Him. 2nd Lieutenant Batten “C". H. O. T. C. Kobert Siieeparii Yeats, rnmpa. Fla.............................................II. S. Arch. Sigma I’lii Epsilon. Glee Cluh 1. 2. 3. II, Gargoyle Club. 7uK. T. Hoakdma.n, Gainesville. Fla..............................Iris ami Science. M.S. kappa Phi. Phi Gamma Mu. Archibald Lewis Clayton, Jil, Jacksonville. Kin. . . . Engineering, II.S.C.E. Benton Engineering Swirly. . S. C. K.. Glee Club (2. 3. II. Librarian (31. Secretary 41. Leon Fitzpatrick Feiinald, Tat | on Springs. I'In. . . . Iris ami Science, M.S. Delta (.hi. Kappa Gamma Della. Pinellu County Gluli, Leigh Chemical Society. George Layton La Fuze, Clermont, Fin................................Iris ami Science. 11. I. Fair Literary Society, llapiM Club, International Relation Club. Lynch Memorial Medal for K»»ay on United States History. 71 Henry Peel. Ml. Kanicr. Maryland Iris ami Science. M.S. . w • f  . W. DISIIOXG (President) I AW Arcadia, I'la. M. ADAMS i iee-Prcsidcnt» A. ami S. Jacksonville. Ha. DAN KELLY (Secretary) Law Fernandina, Fla. T. L ALEXANDER A. ami S. Tampa, Fla. A. T. AI Kill I AW Live Oak, Fla. T. ALEXANDER I AW Tampa. Fla. H. D. ANTHO.M Commerce ami Journalism Jacksonville. Fla. T. E. ANDERSON Commerce ami Journalism Jacksonville. Fla. 75 'UwJfLK. li OW Pharmacy Gaines ille. Flu. C. S. AI SLEY hi iv Tallahassee. Flu. L BALDWIN . . anil S. Miami. Fla. :. :. bass Im IV Live Oak. Fla. R. G. BEASLEY Engineering I mat ilia. Flu. IL W. BOVI) Teachers Jacksonville. Fla. K. K. BI.ACK I MIC Tampa. Fla. K. L BLACK Commerce and Journalism Mirmcola, Fla. 76J. BASS Commerce and Journalism Tampa, Fla. L. R. BASSETT Engineering Si. Petersburg, Fla. A. F. BALER Agriculture Crovclaml, Fla. E. DIXIE BECCS A. and S. Pensacola, Fla. B. G. BLANCK Commerce and Journalism Miami. Fla. R. W. BOYD Commerce ami Journalism Orlando, Fla. OWEN BOOTK Commerce and Journalism Jacksonville, Fla. Y. F. BROW N I MU Miami. Fla. t • W. B. BOM) Law Jacksonville. Fla. R. BROOKS Imu-Tampa. Fla. W. M.BKOGDEN I MU' Miami. Fla. I). J. BRUTON Law Planl City. Fla. W. B. BRA WON Law Lake City. Fla. B. N. BUTLER I MU' Chipley, Fla. W. J. Bt LLARI) Com merer and Journalism Gainesville, Fla. PARKS CARMICHAEL Law Gainesville. Fla. 78T. L CAIN Agriculture Si. Simon- Islarnl. Ga. J. J. CARRAHER Law St. Pelershurg, Fla. M. A. CARLTON Imw Wauchula. Fla. R. CAWTHON Teachers Tallahassee. Fla. K. CALDW ELL Teachers Jacksonville, Fla. II. Y CAMP Law Ocala. Fla. R. E. CARTER Teachers Hialeah. Fla. THOM S F. CH ASE hiu Tampa. Fla. 79K. L CHJPLEY Engineering Bokeclia, Fla. J. F. CHASE Commerce and Journalism Si. Petersburg, Fla. P. I). CLARK Commerce and Journalism Pensacola. Fla. W. R. CLARKE Engineering Orlando. Flu. M. A. COLE A. and $. Tampa. Fla. C. Y CLICK A. and S. Pensacola. Fla. . CONNOR Law Pensacola. Flu. B. T. COLEMAN Imw Lacooehee. Fla. 80R. 1). cox Engineering, Clermont. Fla. ii. ci rio . and S. DeFuniak Spring . Fla. FRKI) Cl RTIS Architecture Tampa. Fla. E. II. ci uin hue akomi . Fla. M. S. CARRANZA Pharmacy Tampa. Fla. J. I. DAMS Commerce and Journalism Miami. Fla. R. K. DAI CHERT! A. and S. lakeland. Fla. L. R. M. DAMS Teachers Key West. Fla. HIL. DEN HAN Ijuv Harlow. Fla. Y. H. DIAL La tv Gainesville. Fla. I). L DONALDSON I r chit rein re Troy, Idaho J. YY. DON AHOO Law Jacksonville. Flo. S. II. J)OY DELL Engineering YY iminima. Ha. K. F. DOPIER Agriculture Lake YYales. Fla. C. . DOPSON Agriculture Gainesville. Fla. YY. L. DINNING Ijtn Tampa. Fla.W. I). Dt'CKWALL hue Bradenton, Fla. S. IH III.KK Lair Miami. Fla. A. F. 1)1 NSCOMBE Agriculture Lynn Haven, Fla. II. EDWARDS Engineering Cleveland, Fla. S. EDS ALL Agriculture Bradenton, Fla. J. Y ELLIOT A. anil S. DeFiiniak Springs, Fla. F. II. EMERSON Architecture Gainesville, Fla. 83 J. E ERS Law Mulberry, Fla. W. W. EYSTEK Teachers Jacksonville. Fla. II. C. FARNSWOKTH Ijiiv Tampa. Fla. J. A. FERGl SOM A. a ml S. Gainesville, Fla. J. F. FEU LIT A A. ami S. Tampa, Fla. L. FEATHEUSTONE Laic Miami. Fla. W. FEU MALI) Teachers Tarpon Springs, Fla. G. FEl EK hue Miami. Fla. W. W. FINEKEM Engineering, Jacksonville. Fla. «lW. M. FIFIEI.I) Agriculture Bradenton. Fla. H. W. FISHLER I MIC Fernandina, F la. E. . FISHER Commerce ami Journalism Cross lily. Kla. It. F'11-SON Commerce ami Journalism Sarasota, F'la. L T. FISH FIR Pharmacy Tampa. F’la. E. C. FI-ETCHFR Architecture Tampa. F'la. J. T. FLOURNOY Teachers DeFuniak Springs. Fla. It. E. FORD I MIC Ft. Pimr, Fla.C. A. FOSTER A. ami S. DcFuniak Springs, Fla. W.H. FRFCKKK I MW Tampa, Fla. J. C. FRENCH Imw Tampa, Fla. R. W. FUCHS I MW Homestead, Fla. H. L. FI LLER Imw New Smyrna. Fla. K. KlEYO Engineering Tampa, Fla. K. M. FELSON Imw Jacksonville. Fla. 86 L 0. GRAVELY Imw IuiBelle, Fla.L E. GEESL1N A. and S. Orlando. Fla. K. W. CRENELLE Imw Palm Harbor. Fla. J.C. GRAVES Agriculture Tampa, Ha. H. S. GREEN Teacher Gainesville, Fla. M. GROl T Engineering Jacksonville, Fla, J. C. GET .EN Law Webster, Fla. M. GOLDSTEIN hue I aGrange, Ga. L. S. HARRISON Law Gainesville, Fla. 87 G. HARRISON Teachers Anthony. Fla. G. R. BROWN Commerce ami Journalism Daytona Beach. Fla. W. W. BOYD Engineering Clermont. Fla. J. K. BOYTS Commerce ami Journalism Gainesville, Fla. F. BENTON Architecture Tampa, Fla. LC. BI.AIR Engineering Orlando. Fla. I.. BONO Teachers Jacksonville. Fla. T. II. CARLTON hue Ft. Pierce. Fla. 88A. B. COX Commerce and Journalism Hollywood, Fla. R. W. CHADWICK A. and S. Punta Gorda, Fla. T. E. Dl NCA Teachers Lake Butler, Fla. C. P. DOUGLAS Agriculture Jacksonville, Fla. B. T. DOUGLAS A. and S. Gainesville, Fla. G. M. GREEN hue St. Petersburg, Fla. J. I). GILL Imiv Sarasota. Fla. J. F. HARRIS Teachers Panama City, Fla. B9 C. E. HARTLEY Teachers Si. Cloud, Fla. Y C. HARVEY Engineering Miami, Fla. I). E. HAWKINS 1.4 ilC Tampa, Fla. . L HEARN Teachers Miami. Fla. C. R. HENRY . ami S. Ft. I audcrdalc, Fla. W. A. HERIN A. ami S. Miami. Fla. S. HERLONC Imu l f»burg, Fla. J. I. HICKENLOOPER Engineering I’alatka, Fla. WA. M. HILL Agriculture cro Uracil. Fla. IL S. HILL Commerce am! Journalism Cocoa. Fla. C. W. HOWE Architecture Burlington, Vt. I). C. HOUR hue St. Petersburg, Fla. M. HOUSER Teachers Jacksonville, Fla. J. I). HOW ARD Commerce ami Journalism Orlando. Fla. T. A. HOWZE hue Palmetto, Fla. J. II. Ill l)SO Late Kc WeM, Fla. 91S. C. IN ES Teachers IMike City. Fla. J. k. Jt DN Commerce and Journalism . l Fain. Beach. Fla. M. B. JORDAN Agriculture Caincsville, Fla. B. K. JOHANSEN A. and S. Clearwater. Fla. . M. JOHNSON Engineering Orlamlo. Fla. E. B. jOHNWICk A. and S. Gainesville, Fla. T. I JOHNSON Commerce ami Journalism Sj. Petersburg, Fla. W. 0. JEFFERSON Engineering Pensacola, Fla. 92C H. JEKMGAN Engineering Montiecllo, Fla. K. C. JACOBS Commerce and Journalism St. Petersburg, Fla. ( H. I KNES Engineering Wauchuln, Fla I). M. JOHNSON I MW Quincy, Fla. J. K. KEEZEL I MW Winter Park, Fla. J. R. KELLY Engineering Archer, Flu. . L. KEEL Architecture Ortega, Fla. 93 H. M. KAPLAN Law Miami, Fla. C. Ik KING Engineering Sneads, Fla. C. K. U DWIC Commerce urn! Journalism Sarasota, Fla. I). A. LOW RY Engineering Holly Hill. Fla. H. A. LOVE I MIC DcFuniak Springs. Fla. R. A. LAWRENCE hue Mcllmunic, Fla. F. I). LANSDELL Architecture Miami, Fla. J. E. LARSON Law lirnokstou. Pa. ‘ 1 NY. L. LONE Engineering MullK rrv. Fla.W. I.l TIIKK hue Daytona Beach, Fla. II. G. LIVINGSTON I MIC Orlando. Fla. W. K. LYLE Agriculture Bartow. Fla. J. LOEWENKOPF Law Jacksonville. Fla. p. w. McCarthy Engineering Isle of Pines. Cuba J. M. McEWEN . atul S. Waucliula. Fla. . L McCI l Engineering Century, Fla. I). C. McCONERN A. ami S. Jacksonville. Fla. 95J. W. MrKAY Engineering Tampa. Fla. A. A. McKETHAX Commerce ami Journalism Brooksvillc, Fla. L. L. Mr-LUCAS Teachers Sanford. Fla. J. M. McXATT Law L valda. Ca. h. c. McWilliams Teachers Tampa. Fla. J. 0. MACKEY Commerce and Journalism Tampa. Fla. J. C. MADDOX Law W aucliula. Fla. C MAGRUDER Architecture Tampa. Fla. %B. T. MAHONEY Law Inverne . Fla. P. H. MARKS ImW Miami. Fla. C. C. MATHIS I MIC Having , Fla. C. R. MATHIS I MU Panama City, Fla. J. MARASALES Commerce ami Journalism Cantonment, Fla. T. R. MEEKER Engineering Bonifav. Fla. L. H. MEETH I MW New Port Richey. Fla. W. II. MESSER Law Sanford. Fla. 97W. E. Ml RPI1REE A. and S. Gainesville, Fla. J. II. MILLIGAN A. and S. Palalka. Fla. F. II. Ml NGER Law Kiviera, Fla. R. W. MILLER Commerce and Journalism Orlando. Fla. G.S. MOBLEY Engineering Jacksonville. Fla. M. L. MOORE A. and S, Laurel Hill. Fla. C. F. MORRIS Teachers Baker. Fla. M. II. MOYER hue Fl. While. Fla. 98H. B. MILLER Teachers Buslinell. Fla. W. 0. MIKELL Commerce ami Journalism Oluslce, Fla. J. II. NEVILLE I. and $. Lakeland, Fla. J. E. NOBLES Commerce ami Journalism Titusville, Fla. G. C. NORMAN Agriculture Starke. Fla. A. L. OLIVER Engineering Gainesville, Fla. P. I). O’CONNELL Law Gainesville. Fla. R. B. ORR Teachers Gainesville, Fla. 99M. OWEN Commerce ami Journalism Tampa. Fla. H. W. OVERSTREET Engineering Jamieson. Fla. S. J. PERLMAN Engineering Jacksonville, Fla. W. W. PARDl E Engineering Si. Petersburg, Fla. F. L PETERSON I. and S, Miami. Fla. H. W. PHIEL Commerce ami Journalism Si. Petersburg, Fla. J. V PORTER Commerce ami Journalism Key West. Fla. J. E. PRICE Teachers Si. Petersburg. Fla. I., w. KAl I.LKSON Teachers Crescent City, Fla. W. KAY Imiv Pensacola, Fla. M. II. RAINEY I MU' Jacksonville, Fla. F. A. REIBER Agriculture Jacksonville. Fla. K. K. KOTHFl SS Teachers Kradenton. Fla. J. T. HOWELL Teachers Perry. Fla. J. A. ROBBINS Teachers Sydney, Fla. W. T. HOWE Teachers Jacksonville. Fla.Y.C. KICHAKDS I. and S. Orlando, Fla. A. ROTHSTELN Law Jacksonville, Fla. W. N. ROGERS Commerce and Journalism Clearwater, Fla. M. ROSENBERG Law St. Petersburg, Fla. A. T. ROSSETTER A. and S. Eau Gallic, Fla. J. V. ROSSETTER Teachers Eau Gallic, Fla. R. L. RO EAR Commerce and Journalism IVnsacolu. Fla. M. SAFER Law Jacksonville, Fla.A. I). SAW YF.K Architecture Jacksonville. Kla. J. R. SCHIKARI) Low Sanford, Fla. J. U SANGKR Engineering Minneola, Fla. 0. L SANDS Commerce ami Journalism Orlando. Fla. R. I.. SAMPLE Commerce ami Journalism Fl. Pierce, Fla. II. I.. SCIIOLZK hue .Miami. Fla. C. W. SCOFIELD Teachers Inverness, Fla. I. J. SCAKKO.N Law Tampa. Fla. 103C. R. SHEPPARD Agriculture Wauchula. Flu. A. A. SIMPSON hue Jacksonville. Fla. S. SLOUGH Agriculture Dade (lily. Fla, J. A. Sill I KK Laic llosford. Fla. M. C. SIPPRELL Agriculture Palatka. Fla. A. C. STEW ART Architecture Ft. Liudcrdale. Fla. W. C. STONE hue St. Petersburg. Fla. J. It. STAMPER Commerce ami Journalism Jacksonville. Fla. 101A. (i. STONE Engineering Tampa, Fla. H. SMITH Pharmacy Jacksonville, Fla. B. H. SMITH Commerce ami Journalism l.nkclaml, Fla. R. I.. SMITH Engineering Jacksonville, Fla. G. F. SMITH Teachers Altoona, Fla. . S. SMEDLEY Teachers Jacksonville, Fla. A. E. SI MMERS I MU' High Springs. Fla. A. W. TENNEY Teachers Ten Mile, V. Ya. 105Y TAKAHASHI Engineering Gainesville. Fin. I.. THOMAS Fa I in Harbor. Fla. I). C. TK l TON Engineering Si. Petersburg. Fla. M. M. VAKN Agriculture S .. Augustine. Fla. K. K. OOKIIEES Agriculture Cantonment, Fla. J. C. I FFORI) Engineering W inter Park. Fla. R. J. l TREI ER hue Pensacola. Fla. C. F. W ALKER Agriculture Miami. Fla. 106II. II. WAHL A. and S. Cocoa, Fla. T. M. WATKOl'S I MU' Tampa, Fla. . B. WATSON Imw Jacksonville. Fla. S. M. WALL Engineering Gainesville, Fla. A. L WEBB Engineering Tallahassee. Flu. T. IL WALSH Engineering Pensacola. Fla. P. WOODS Imiv Perry, Fla. H. F. W ASS Commerce and Journalism Miami. Fla. 107It. L WALDRON Architecture Ft. Meade, Fla. A. I). WELCH Pharmacy Zephyrhills Fla. K. S. W ILLIS I MW Jensen. Flo. Y E. WILLIAMS A. amt S. Seville, Fla. T. R. WEBB Engineering W inter Garden, Fla. A. E. WILSON Law Bradenton, Fla. A. M. WIGGINTON Commerce amt Journalism Miami. Fla. G. It. WOLFE . and . Orlando. Fla. 108C. I . YA.NCY A. ami S. Umatilla. Ha. II. YA.NO Imw Tampa. F la. C. G YAWN Agriculture Cracevillr, Ha l if. yariiroigii Imw a hville, Term. L W. ZIEGLER Agriculture Orlamlo, Elu. | T. FISHHI Pharmacy Tampa. Ha. I). R. SCHWARTZ Imw Jacksonville, Fla. M U M(K)HK .am 5. | aun-l Hi"'- Hi‘- JO  _ Dale Watos, Vice-fres. K. I). Cobo , I'rrs. Norman I i o . Sec.-Treas SOPHOMORE Cl.ASS ROLL Clarence Kdgar Adam . John Franklin Ahrano. Jean Pierre Akin, KlUka (iunttr Alchediak. Mike Karaaa Aletander. Tboma Ur Allan. AMiian Uifar Allen, Thtodorr Anderwon. Frank Newton Anderaon, liana Olaf Anderaon. Thoma Kdward Andrea . Robert Alan Ancle. Allie It yard Anglin. Kdgar Kdward Anthony. Jane Rvmhert Arrhabald. Robert Horn Armstrong, I.ea Henry Arnold. I.aurie Jame Arnow. Robert K. Arnow. Wintton Eugene Arrington. Itrigg Aahmore. Wayne Verriel Anvil, t'olon Sealer Itabeoek. Claude Cuthrie llaer. Allan Oliver Dagg . Ilavid Frederiek Hal ate I. Sberman Tenney Italdnin. Donald Morroon ItaIda in. Ilildrith Clarence llannerman, Robert Charlea Darker. Albert Maard Darker. Ilonard Darker. John Sheraer llarrinean. Jane Archibald Darrna. Joaeph Reneay ltar hell. Frederick Herbert Itartleaon. Warren K. Dartlett. Stuart Cilia Ham . Tobe Ackie Daaaett. Henry Da lea. Mortimer lloler Iteaaley. Ivy K. Decker, Harold Melvin llcll. Walter Dlaladell Denjamin. Morri Dennett. Robert llroadhurat Denton. Fella Iterlaek. Faurencr Harold Itcrner. I.eander W. Dclkca. I.e Roy llevan, JoaepK Devine ton. 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Max l»® S l « .l '•! '! quaj.i pi•■ !! •M» '| •X «4or Mip-'i pi a | '| |o|»ua-| qdMof Mqu«ia’| wwtf p iJ|V •«®» »'| vuan ix | nuias •i My»»»'| |||»M»i!) •iJou»,ia | Muoqiuy |J.H|i || ■u«n»3ru | ■ ) .! «IM“ J.M ■M '« «»,l V "'M -X ••«ip«»'| •'| |i || ■l»»IW M MIV «i® |« '| •n|» »|y ij.Mjiy •»u iJi« | ■| i«;i uujpunox •-»IM|J l P l ?) •■•Ji »« snM PI 1J»IMM “■• . •• !■«»■ M -| qd|opu x 'i »IM »i® s r i“ .w -i •4ijii»d'ii«a w miv ■ »■: •■» VIM I« M«1 M » • !) I UIH ■• 1 •! •«! «IM ll l« (l ! •.» M!M l l'«» •«iM l| • «■ ! •iiuai.4 » |J«s » •'•IIM PJ IIII ll l —f?• U 2tV{ »U JB| I 'i SU|||IX !■•'!) “M«f ••ll'M a:iiKiJ.vo3 — T (m SS I.) !1H()IV()I! I()S ■i|i lt M«r •■» IMIM iua | »i|iV lu l n ®;a u pi ;) -u«uujx W||dvq » M t'»)l ,‘P « »X J |P S I" .! 'd“ X T ••HUM ll® « ■ ||M H «w;i • »M M i aiit|| uq»r •« ?! ji || 'Majiaiax pa.) ‘urij» «x i l»n-| ||i“'n|| u»pj«r •ilia •■hum • M«r uq.f auioqx ’••■•f ■iida.) aui«i|X w r pja ui|| ut“'| • -»u r •»»«ii «M«r -MMor i» ufii ii m "ii • ® r ■••i.i a •• ■•!• pi«u«}| n »a •“•»« M®r -,| ..uioqx •u«»uq« r pjaupa HI°M •■••■M®r UO,. J.| i «|0 •UO MM»r ■ «q»« ■« uqor • auuaqor I'"M ) •■•••■q«r tiia i'" ) '«“ nM®r »u» i ••mi u •■■»iu' r ■»pi«r '"ii •■• i®' r M uuix»| ■®h«n '• “«r ii “ ii •.) « r ii H u •♦••r •■•••■•r pia m || || »»«H ■•■‘“‘•r iMHM “M®r - “»r •« p '.i ‘“M r Miia.) |i q«M ••»t«»J«r Miujaii pi»«ci • M° »r •; uq«f u.»v uj| W«X'K 4'"Ml '■•»! q|iui p|» | ••■•SX •M «»| •fa««| qi «« N .n q |i»|| pjauoill ■•l|»M •i l« ll “H ®| «U ‘• M »I l|lij «M®f 'i )i"ll u»ipqs i »®« •|| M‘i"ll •'| « ui.f “ |l •■HUM •|l »°ll •x ■M°r •p »“°n 4 |i» .l P' M !1I '■•MIJ®°II uopjo?) “»r ii Jon uo|U|-| oupis ®'"ll •qiO P“ I°H ■ ui ddo|| l |U«| W«0 •|| uoll Jiiquy uqor '• l“H ■ •l||IM »l '■•»®ll Mi«r» |.«» ». ii®,4 •II «ia-| pa|ajiMif|| u«| «| ) uqof •«i«»ui|| ■ inqilll | «“»8 '• •111 |Mf pjawpx '11111 um-I MiM || •qjfll p»o»q.a«| •»qJi|| • |i«q | ••naq»u?“i || i | MW I' M.» •'•■•♦ 11 •| uuiir ®»“®»l u.Jo'l uq«f MiU»|| Moi« i i «ia ‘•m i pm h .| ..n,| qd . r '•o-i pu ll p«to|‘| «l«PM •M«»0 pu»|| ! •■•«! pMaa ■ uiuiui || pj.u» -| P|au»M ‘ai lP'll l» ll ♦ ■• .! "P® H pj.upa qi«uu«M •»“IPI H q2n|| »|J q ,»' llns118Wiiitry Whiteside, I.i kk I Jons nr. (.'ahi.os Proctor, Vice-Pres. Pits, Sr,.-Trent. The Transformation ?ROM rough marches oVr tin Kn»»li iriil Herr come the claim of Tliiiiv-Two; Tlirir souls gayly ringing, hail! nail! While to di-ciplim- |Ih hid adieu. I npolislird they came in uur fold. They lacked the collegiate “speed." Tlirir passions for deviltry were cold. nd crude were their manners, indeed. The modem mixing of cocktails. The |MN-kei Husks of silvery hue. The house parlies ami fiery airs. Were thing- which I hey little knew. Now after nine haid months we iind They ha%r taken on finer arts. Left their uncouth ways fur liehind. nd act re.»l college men's parts. We old men -|wak with joy untold, W ith voices happy and loud. “Here you have u chance to lirhold Freshman class of which we're proud.” KlCIIMIIi W AKIII .lat12V1301.11134IV.137CAPTAIN KKNEST HOW U:K THLETIC DEPARTMENT Captain E. M. Yon............................................Athletic Director JAMBS R. Boyil Jk............................................Graduate Manager Frank S. Wright........................................Director of Publicity Charles Bachman........................................Head Football Coach BltADY COWELL . Head Basketball Coach. Freshman Football and Baseball Coach Nash Higgins.....................................Traci; Coach. Assistant Football Coach Joe BedENK............................llaseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach Dig I.. G. Haskell. Head of the Physical education Department. Swimming Coach Joe Holsincer . Assistant Football Coach. Freshman Basketball (.ouch. Golf Coach A. P. PlERSON................................Assistant Freshman Football Coach Dig GEORGE Weber.............................Assistant Freshman Football Coach A. L. BROWN...................................Director of Intra-Mural Sports John Piomro...............................................Boxing Coach, Trainer Rev. Melville E. Johnson...........................................Tennis Coach Major H. II. Blrdett..............................................Fencing CoachHill Hond, Managrr J. B. nEVKR before in the history of the I niversity has Florida produced a more representative, a more colorful or a more triumphant team than the gridiron warrior of 1928. It was a glorious foothall scusun for Florida. Not only the South, hut all of the I nited Stale recognized the "Fighting Cator " of 1928 a one of America's great football machine of the year. All would have welcomed a victory in that final game with Tennessee, hut one cannot win all the time. That single defeat in the season, by a single point, i submerged under the pomp of eight striking and brilliant victories, three of which were gained over team Florida lu never before beaten on the gridiron. These victims were (Georgia, Sewnnee and North Carolina State. llvfield tutor, won wide praise for hi excellent coaching which develop'd some of the greatest luckfield star Florida ha ever known. Dale Aansickel. u (Gainesville product, goe into Florida' athletic history a the first (Gator to make All •American. arisickel played brilliant football as an end on the greatest scoring eleven in the nation. Cannonball Clyde Crabtree and Jimmy Steele, sophomore guard, were prominently placed on All-American aelec lions, while other Florida men were givrn honorable mention. The official Vll-Soutli- Charle . ikieli- V man. Florida’s head f ¥ lootball mentor, pro- duced |K-rhap« the mir- BiiwM M It 1C mu ll.. I,., Hon. and lie deserve unstinted praise. Serving his first ear with Florida. Bachman turned the Im-s| material ever assembled in Galorland into the greatest scoring team in the I nited State . A total of 336 points garnered in nine games gave the Orange and llluc a comfortable lead over all op|x»nents in America. Assisting llachman in developing the great U|ier-|Miwered machine, was the finest staff of coaches obtainable. iinc«|iialrd anv where in the country. They came in for a large share of the glory that was Florida’s. Joe Itedenk produced one of the finest line in America; Nash lliggin . scout, and Omelot. coach, brought in rc|Mirls that were invaluable, und Joe Ibdsinger. back- •tcm gave first team honor lo Vansickcl and t.rablrec. Steele. Stanley. Bruniltaugh. Good bread. Cawtlion. Bethea and other were voted a among the foremast grid star in Dixie in 1928. Captain Finest Coof” Bowyer will go down in history a one of Florida’ great field leaders in footluill. He plaved a man role in a man’s way from beginning to end. oftentimes when the going was rough. Hill Bond, student manager of the greatest Florida eleven, w as one of (he most capable men that ever directed the course of a football eleven. Nothing would he more appropri-ale than for the Seminole to extend to those various anil sundry celebrities and player a great hand for the significant part they played in the dramatic and spectacular 1928 gridiron production, the greatest Florida lias ever known. As has In-en the custom for the |»a t several seasons. Florida opened her sea-win with Southern college. The email sturdy ImiuI of Moccasins threw an awful scare into the Florida camp in its curtain raising encounter October 6. Southern outfought the Gator throughout three periods of play: holding them scoreless until the third period when Bachman's big Orange and Blue Klcvcn uncorked a brief but savage attack which netted 26 points. Duting the■ considerably and il probably prevented the Florida score from Iwing larger than it was. (!arl Brumbaugh, flashy Gator halfback.. »a» easily the outstanding figure of play, scoring three of Florida’s four touchdown , after a driving rally beginning at the first of the second quarter when GimnI-bread carried a pas from Crabtree 16 yjrds for the first score. Stanley kicked the goal for the extra point. Brumiuugli followed in a few minutes with a 19-yard run around his right end for the second score, lie made the third touchdown with a 30-yard run and Stanley scored the extra point. first half Southern's I Slue.i ml bite cohort- scrapped like demons, holding the Gators to two first down . The Moccasin found difficulty in getting started for their goal posts and the end of the game found the Itliie- and White aggregation scoreless, while the Gator had aina—ed 26 |Miinl to win their o|M-ning engagement of the 1928 season. The I niversity of Florida plunged into ii initial Smthern conference game with nbiirn 111 Oc|o|n-r II ton Fleming Field» and emerged from tin- lui|| - with a 27 to 0 victory, the second over the l'lain men in a» many year , the Orange and Blue having defeated the 11ht1rn for the fir-t lime the year before at the Homecoming fe ti iii,-- at Nil burn. drenching rain which Idrw in from the east in the third quarter h:im|»errd play 148 Brumbaugh intercepted an attempted pas. from Tux-worth. an Auburn player, ami raced 36 yards for the final More, (lul then added the extra | im with hi own toe. Producing a haltering attack that whipped the Mercer machine into a shambles in a few short minutes, the Fighting Galore ran up the tremendously high score of 7.1 to 0 to decisively defeat the IScare before one of the largest crowds ever gathered to witness a H o mecom i n g game on Fleming field. Alternate captain Tommy took the lira it out of the vJ V. Hears to begin wJ fw with, scoring the first of hi foui V touchdowns a few minutes after the game o|M-iif-«l when he circled left end for three yards after a pas from How yer to McF.wan bad mu the hall 22 yards down to striking distance, lawyer kicked the extra point. Owen came back after a dozen plays, taking an eight-yard pass from llowyer. made a Iwuutiful 40-yard sprint for the second wore. It would In-haul to .iy who wa the outstanding figure in such a mclrr with Owens making four touchdowns. IliumlMiigh 3. and How yer, Sauls. MeKwan and Stanley one apiece. In their second conference game of the ea on with the North Carolina State Wolf|uck in Jacksonville Octolwr 27. 149TA rlK victory for the (inliir and their wcoml is nine playnl liefore a Jacksonville audience. The 71 point mtuttred in thi game placed the Gator a leading point-maker in the Southern Conference. I-eroy "'Red"' Kethea led the Gator attack. coring three touchdown . Kethea •named a 2. -yard i» a from Bowryer and loped 10 yard for the first touchdown. ju«t threr minute after the gnme had begun. Hi next tally «• a l l-vard trot in the second period, while a few minute later he eamr back to •lip off.tackle and quirm hi way for SS yard for the third marker. Royer Goodbread waa runner-up for scoring - honor , addinir 12 point to the Gator ■core with end run of IS and 2S ynrd . Kd Saul added hi. name to the hall of Florida foothuli fame by running back the opening the Gator uncorked a Krent halfback In Koyce Goodbrvad a their main threat to win from their »ppn-neat 11 to 7. avenging their 12- defeat in Tampa the year before, doth of t ho Gator touch- down resulted from 70-yard run by the ga'lop-inn halfback Gcjudbrend. Kich try for point after the- wore fell wide and the additional two point came from a safety scored in the (Inal period when Cawthon downed Crum of the Wolfpack behind hi own goal. State' wore came in the la t quarter when Mett blocked Itowyer' punt and Jordnn scootted up the ball to da»h 20 yard for a touchdown. Adam of State booted the extra point. The- game, played before a rabid yelling crowd of 13,000 pcrw.m. wa» replete with thrill , practically every powihle trick of football being brought into play. |li playing a versatile and rclcntlc attack, the high-i oworrd Florida Gator eleven ran roughshod over Xewance' fighting purple machine on Novc mlicr 3. scoring in every quarter to roll up their ccond high tal’y of the- y«ar. and to win. 71 to i. It sm the third confer-9 Mdratt of the third period Tt yards for a touchdown. Florida’ potential Gator Krid machine reached the height of its stride on November 10 when it journeyrd to Savannah and ran roughshod over the Georgia llultdogs. scoring in every period to win 26 to 6. It was the first time in the history of fcothall relations between the two schools that the Florida saurian had been returned victorious, the Georgians having won six consecutive tilts. The ltulldog victory marked Florida's sixth consecutive win and the fourth within the conference. The Gators scored within the first four minutes of play and then proceeded to push over a tally in every quarter to amare a wild, excited, exhuberant. yelling crowd of over IS.000 souls that jammed the park to see Florida snatch its first victory from the heretofore dom- ineering Georgian . Georgia’s highly touted line didn’t materialise, the Florida front wall outfighting it through-cut three entire y' periods. The Hull- dogs’ four horsemen. McCrary. Ilcoks. Dudley and Johnson, seemed rather lame in comparison to the speedy phantom four presented by the Alligators. Likewise, McCrary, (w-orgia’s candidate for all Southern honors at full back was pushed out of the limelight bjr the pile-driving Cawthon of Florida. Stanley and Vantickel. Florida's flankmrn. showed their prowess to the fullett extrnt of their ability. Georgia received the kick of and after an exchange of punts llcthea look the ball on the thirty-yard line and trotted around left end unhindered for the first touchdown with the game only four minutes o'd. In the same period Clemons, who played a great game at tackle, picked up a fumble and raced for a touchdown, but the play was mlbd l-ack. Georgia scored her only marker ««rly In the second half when Dudley received a pa » ami went 40 yards for a touchdown.i i .1 r win ami their third game tdnycd before the loyal Jack-tonville rooter in I hi game ployed on November I". The nmo marked the seventh utrnight victory for the Florida Saurian . Itachman' bark hinted a new trail to victory, wafting them throunh the air. wer|»ing the end anil ploughing through the line. Out of the flock of colorful boll carrier who led the attack . crafty Clyde Crabtree. Gator quarterback, nnd the w ill-o-the-wU|i Red lletheo •tied out from omonK the real. The omhidextrrou Crabtree wo ot the height of hi game during the la»t half, dineting hU leom in on inspired and faultiest manner, slipping away for •ever I long run and rainimroecurote forward and lateral Pomhw all over the field to hU teammate . licthea reached the height of After that lone tally. 7 the Itulldog never K threatened the (i»lor ” ▼ •foal, keeping ouUidr the 15-yard line for .. the remainder of the nmc. Spurred on by X tia '1 If ’ the Geonria touchdown e Cannon t nil Clyde Crabtree torted around rlirht end. rever ed hi field and dipped over to the other hle of the line for a core. Thi wa one of the mwl brilliant run of the «lay. Itrumhaugh kicked the coal and Florida took n lead that ui never contra ted, V n»irkrl grabbed a .lo.jnrd pa from Itrumhaugh and outdistanced all opponent for the third marker. Itrumhaugh kicked the point. Juit before the third period ended Cawthen ton through the entire Georgia line for II yard before he wo Anally brought down. Crabtree then tooted a perfect pa to I lawyer who went over for the fourth and Anal marker of one of tin greatrat victories ever won by a Florida rridlron machine. Coming from behind to overtake an early Ciemton lx point lead. F»or-i.»a unilefeateil and untie | title n.piring Gator .cored four touchdown, in the Anal three period of play to win t’ to « in their fifth conference  . ■ hi« 1 2H performance in the Clrmson game. showing the best running form on the field. when he received ■ l u frttw Uowyn and run yard for a touchdown. Vansickrl ulipiird n fast one over on the CWmwn player . Hrumbaugh lofted Vanslckcl n pas and Ihile stepped over the line so quick the Titter didn't have a chance to ee him. Cawthon a Wo scored a marker from a pats from Crabtree late in the fourth period. Steele. Stanley and Vantickcl were the ouUtandinir linemen while Tommy Owen displayed the old time akill in the barkftcld. liy M«rln( 60 point to Wash-inirton and Ivee' 6 in the annual Thanksgiving battle heUI In Jacksonville the Florida Alligators pushed their season's seorintt record to 324. ahead of the 316 point with which the University of New York closed its season on the same date. 14.0 0 fermenting fans witnessed the bat- a JS tie with the yen- K era Washing- U K ton and lee wa B made to appear weak. impotent I and all but help- W . less a the flock V «f Gator lacks tore throuah their line for tony trains Tom- my Owens, alternate captain, who was p’ay-iti his final ramr on Florida soil, exhibited his great broken held running to great advantage in numerous sprints, reeling off 46 yards on one occasion. Owens counted two touchdowns, as did Hrumbaugh and Coodbroad. while Itethea. Crabtree, and Me-Kwan scored one each. Passes, line bucks and end runs were mixed with perfect effect, as the Gators romped up and down the held with power and prveititm. The Gator wrre supreme in their aerial attacks which amazed the Generals considerably throughout the game. Florida's Southern Conference championship hopes were crushed on lierembcr K when the Volunteers of Tennessee playing with all the skill th«r could muster, abetted by a mushy held and raw weather, outpointed the Gators by one small margin to win the greatest game played In Dixie 1S3—■ tKm day in one of the thrilling climax e of ihf «rW- iron K wn the South hin rvrr k now n. Three »turdy on« of Tmnnor prorrd too much for the chilled Gator front I hr Minny »tatc of F’orlda. and although the Gator fought with nil the power they (mill rnli»t their counter thru t fell »initle point »hy nn«l the Volunteer were nhle to clnim n i irtorjr over the nation' irre«tr l hiih Korinif team of tlx- ifamn. The team were evenly matched, Inith with n tla.hing attack, an aggrvw.ivr line and a hout of deceptive play . Florida had it all over the Trmiiw cloven in her great aerial attack. Florida worked the hull down the field on pawn via Van nickel and (Inoi-bread went over for the find Florida marker. In the laid p rlod Tommy Owen , lla.hing all hi |iecd and tactic . took a 2» yarl paaa from llrumbauirh and on the next play hurtled through th line for the anrond core. It wa» a Krvat game and the Gator deserve no little credit for the mnKnifieent Hand they made throughout the entire iramr. Six of the 1V2H ••mail wrote the eluting chapter in their individual col hire career , and it i with »ineerc r»gret that we note the name of Captain Krnwt Itowyer. Alternate Captain Tommy Owen . Ju» demon . I»uteh Stanley. Willie Ih'lloH ami Che»ter Allen p ing from the Florida n»ll call.Coach Cowku. Makacoi IIemmt Fi lliji FRESHMAN FOOTBALL HIGHLY succesaful football campaign was enjoyed l Coach Br.ul Cowell's "Baby Gators" during the season of 1928. Not only their line |da ing hut also J | their clean ami sportsmanlike conduct won them the plaudits of everyone. The Freshmen were decisive victors in three of the five encounters, a tie game and a one-point defeat were the only blemishes on their record. The yearlings opened their campaign at Columhus. Georgia, on October 13 by subduing the uhurn “Hals' 6 0. Two weeks lapsed before the Georgia "Bull Hups” were tackled at Jacksonville. This contest, the only one dropped by the Florida men. was lost by the narrow margin of 20-19. Armistice day found them fully recovered from their recent defeat and the Clcmson Freshmen were easily disposed of at Orlando by a 33 to 7 score. In the only game played on Fleming Field, the "Baby Gators” had no difficulty in defeating the first year men from Mississippi A. M. In this game every reserve wa- given an opportunity to help win the 28 to IB victory. The final game of the season was played on Thanksgiving Day against the South Carolina Freshmen. Couch Cowell’s men were unable to display the driving attack that was so prominent against Clcmson and Mississippi. As a result the Florida boys were held to a 6 to 6 lie. issThe Freshmen ranks will send several promising players lo the varsity squad of 1929. Both tin line and the hackhcld revealed men with unusual ability. Parnell, Dorset!, White ami Proctor were the outstanding bucks while Dodge, Press!man, Forsyth and Phicl played good football on the line. The accurate forward passing of I.uke Dorset! was a prominent factor in the team’s offence while the brilliant running of Jimmie White and Fd Parnell also featured several contests. Those who received their numeral for their work during the season were: I.uke Dorset!, captain; A. E. Dcdgc. alternate captain; George Presstman, Peter Presstman, F.irl Hirsch. Clarence Phicl. James Ramsey. I). V. Forsyth, I). G. McWilliams. Carlos Proctor. I.. . Wcrnokoff. I.. A. Alvarez. G. F. Brenan, I). W. Sanderson. M. K. Howell, J. K. While. E. M. Parnell, II. Silsby, II. J. Tunnell, J. P. Vcrri, L C. Couch, J. G. Toole, and S. I). Vaughn. Herbert Fuller was also awarded his numeral as manager of the team. 156157 Pee Wee Keezeu HeadCiikek I.eaokk, Hick Comtek. Iits Thornton. Maccie McGee. Assistant Cheerleaders.CAPTAIN GEORGE PERRINE► {- Marcus Owi:nn Brady Cowixl, Manager Ctnu'h FLORIDA’S 1929 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Florida 32; Georgia IB. Florida 26; Georgia 45. Florida 19; Georgia Tech .'56. Florida 26; Georgia Tech 33. Florida 23; Clcmson 36. Florida 21; Clcmson 31. Florida 28; Southern 26. Florida 35; Cincinnati Y" 11. Florida 41; Hollins 17. Florida 44; Auburn 34. Florida 32; Auburn 39. Florida 19; Y C. State 11. Florida 20; Y C. State 39. Florida 22; Alabama 21. Florida 34; Alabama 23. Florida 28; Alabama ." 8. Florida 33; Alabama 17. Florida 16; Auburn 29. Florida 26; Auburn 51. Florida 50; Albany Y" 15.tried Sophomores, a gigantic task awaited the coach. ()| cning the season on January 3. in Athens, the “Gators” lost two games to the Georgia “Bulldogs. ' The following day the “Gators' traveled to Atlanta where a two-game series was played with Georgia Tech. Again Dame Fortune failed to smile upon Florida and two more games were lost. Keturning home, the Clemson “Tigers” were the next opponents. In JiASKETHALL OM KONTKI) with new and in-1 experienced material. Coach “Bradv Cowell faced the 1929 basketball season, with the hardest schedule ever attempted by a Florida leant. Sixteen Conference games were scheduled with some of the best teams in the Southern Conference. With only four letter men available and the majority of the remaining members of the sijuad. un- 162I wo fast games, the “Tigers’’ were victorious. To break the losing streak, Florida defeated the fast Southern College team by the close score of 215 to 26. Florida played magnificently against the Cincinnati “V” Wildcats, hut lost by a very small margin in the last few minutes of play. The “Gators” next won from Hollins by a large score. Florida won its first Conference victory w hen the Auburn “Plains-men” invaded Gatorland. The fob lowing night Auburn reversed the performance. The following week Florida met the strong North Carolina Stale team. The “Gators” were no match for the Conference Champions and two games were drop! to the “Wolfpack.” Staging probably the best basketball game ever wit nested in Gainesville, the “Gators” defeated the strong Alabama team by one point, in their next game. The following night. Florida won by a larger margin. 163Yansickel. Dale Waters. and Merle North, guard . All men making letters with the ex ccption of Crabtree. ansickel, Me Lucas and Perrine are Sophomore . No men will Ik lost this year through graduation. Prospects for next year arc indeed good. Dale Yansickel, All-American football player, was chosen as captain for the 1930 basketball season. Hitting the road for live tough engagements. Florida drop! a pair of games to Alabama. The ‘’Gators’ divided a pair with Auburn and ended the season by defeating the Albany "Y" in a fast overtime game. Men making letters this year are as follows: George Perrine, captain and center; k. I). Colson, center; Clyde Crabtree. L L Mcl.ucas, Hen Clemmons. Hilly Salzer, forwards; Dale FRESHMAN BASKETBALL fKESHMAN Basketball in 1929 was extremely successful, the “Baby Gators' registering five victories in eight starts. Averaging over 30 points per game, the frosh left little to be desired for their season and won the Stale Freshmen Championship without dispute. Coach Joe llolsinger accomplished splendid results in coaching the team. Possessed with an excellent squad of material. Coach llolsinger was able to keep two teams on the lloor. Freshmen 27—Cohen Brothers 20 Freshmen 22 Furchgott's Blues 29 Freshmen 20 Stetson I f Freshmen 31—Ijeesburg Independents 23 Freslimen 28 -Furchgott's Blues 28 Freshmen 37 -Southern 30 Freshmen 37 Cohen Brothers 30 Hirsh was high point man with 7-1 to his credit, while Baker totalh-d 01 for second place with Emmalhicns amassing 10 points for third. .Numeral men and their positions follow. Hirsh. Brown. Thurston. Kmmulhiciis, forwards; Baker, center; Dorset!, Johnson and Seay, guards.691 TIVH3SVH MJSHYA S.YUIHO'M jjXtujDjy V D°.7 ‘AivtuQ i«rj n :wjj| : ofTI.OR IDA’S varsity baseball team, while shorn of its outstanding championship material of former years, is recognized as one of the most thoroughly coached diamond machines to l e found in any of the Southern universities. Coach Joe Bedcnk's cohorts faced such teams as the Boston Braves with Lance Richbourg, former Florida player, again at the helm, hut this time with one of the greatest major league teams of the nation. Georgia Tech, another steam rolling aggregation of “Ramble and W reck tendencies. only managed to break even in its Florida series. Royal I ntricncr and “la’fty ’’ Fisher. Florida’s two veteran pitchers, with l)an Kelly. Maury BlaltN-k and Kddie llafner. who are sophomores, received much of the credit for the splendid team record. “Nut” Shirley , who was one of the leading players of 171I lie club, shouldered almost the entire burden of catching throughout the cason. and his mastery of hitting and receiving probably will lead him into professional baseball when he com pletes his college carrier. Bob Bench er. a first string substitute catcher, was Shirley’s dependable ami sole reliance. One of the best infields that Florida has had in recent years, a combination that played brilliant ball to turn the trick in the Georgia Tech series, is composed of ('apt. Tommy Owens, at second; Al l.agano. short-slop: Kenneth Black, third, and “Red" Kvcrs. first. ilbur Strickland and Leonard Me Lucas reinforced this stronghold in their role of utility infielders. Of the outfield, while Dale Van sickel and Maury Blalock alternated in left field, fleet-footed Norman Derr patrolled the center pasture, and Buck NVatson shagged them in at right. 172Accompanying the Colors on nil of ihcir trips Student Manager Carl Ouenln ably administered the busi ness all airs of the team. A list of the varsity men receiving letters is as follows: Copt. Tommy Owens, second baseman; ‘'Nut ' Shirley. catcher; lb»b Bencher, catcher; Itoyal I ntriener. pitcher; Gene “l ?fl ” Fisher, pitcher; Maury Blalock. pitcher; Dan Kelly, pitcher; Eddie llafner, pitcher; Joel “lied" Ever , first: l laisano, sh« rl-slop: Kenneth Black, third: I til it infield-ers. la onard Mcl.ucas and ilhtir Strickland. Dale Vansickel. left field: .Norman Derr, center, and Buck atson, right field. Freshman baseball players are: Frank Canley, I). W. Sanderson. Jr.. Henry Kyan, laiurence Alverez. Eduard Parnell. Wallace T. McI.c«mI. Marcel A. Boredct. Fret I Carhotiell.I). VI. Davin, V. V. Clark, I. J. Baker. Rene J. Mi I inn. II. A. Dunwody, I,. Toll .ill'll i. Pete Smith, I . J. Smith. J. C. Baldwin, Fred J. Walton, Clinton Richbourg (brother of Lance Rich-bourg of the Bouton Braves), Jimmy White, C. S. Carlisle. "Lotty" Lot-speieh, itt Guise, Bruce Brantley, Homer Seay, and Student Manager Mathis. Results accomplished by the team .ire us follows: State Prison Farm (2), Florida llOl, March 16. Jacksonville Tara l it. Florida (31, March 26. Jacksonville Tars (9), Florida (2), March 27. Boston Braves (12», Florida (5), April 2. Georgia lech (31, Florida t il. April 5. Georgia Tech (31. Florida 111. April 6. Tampa Smokers I HD, Florida 12), April 12. Tampa Smokers (31, Florida ill. April 13. Tallahassee Capitals (61, Florida l7». April 22. Tallahassee Capitals (61, Florida (4l, April 23. Auburn. II innings (9l, Florida l7l, April 25. Auburn 171. Florida 12 . April 26. Auburn. 10 innings (71. Florida 161. April 27.FRESHMAN BASEBALL 7711111 over 100 candidate report inn for l be first practice. Cnarh Brady (.••»»• II l"«.l with fill the ta k of picking a learn from thio large number; due to tbi fact Gttcli Gowrll WJ! Icoep 1 hrae lull icons on tbs field throughout I be ceacoa. Thu far lire Uab)' ’Gator have won two name ami lost one. defeating the Kailord nine, li-O. ami Putnam lliieli of I'alalka. 64. while Putnam look one game from the Iroslioutfit, Ollier learn , inelinling West Palm I leach, Ocala, ami a lelurn game with I alalka. are expected lo be played this wjimhi. .... . Prohahlc numeral men are: TofTaletle, Guise and |»l»picli, pitcher ; ( lark, catcher: Srav. hr l !«,«■; Milian, second; Richbourg, shortstop; White, third; Parnell. Ilaker. Carlye and Smderson. outfielder . | on Mallii served very ably a froliniaii manager. Many of the yearling nine will luinidi e -cellenl material for ihe varsity next year. For the |m«i exeral cj on (.«»ach Oiwell Im rnarle a wonderful record with freshman ImmImII learn and this year' aggregation look lo be another winner. Result of I lie Freshman schedule: I’alulka (6l, Florida Hats (51, April I. Palatka 121. Florida Rais (6), April 15. Itaiford HU. Florida Hals I 191. April 20. Gainesville High School tilt. Florida Rais (12), April 21. Ocala 11 ip It School 1 ». Florida Rats ' May 9. 175D l OUCKWALl 4 PE1CT 68YAN CAPTAINS' GOLF Tf AM MAJOR. B «7T COACH Of HNC:NO TtD Miur2 4 RID O KUr - CAPTAWS 00 1 6 TIAMCAPTAIN DICK TKOGDENIvy Beasli'.y, Nash Hicckxs, Manager Coach SCHEDULE February 22 Florida Stale Meet, all state colleges entered. Orlando; University of Florida, first. March 29—University of Texas Relays, Austin. Texas. March 30—Southern MetlnHlist University Relays, Dallas, Texas. April 6 Dual Meet. U. of F.. 85; Clemson. 41. here. April 13 Georgia Tech Relays at Atlanta. Georgia. April 22—Dual Meet. I . of F.. 61; Alabama. Ill, at Alabama. April 23—Dual Meet. I . of F.. 63; Auburn, 19, at Auburn. 179VARSITY TRACK Cl IK Gator track season can be called one of the most success-ful track season in the history of the I nivrrsity. I be Gator track men performed nobly in all of the scheduled meets. o small share of the credit of this season goes to Nash lliggcns. bead track coach and former I niversily of Indiana, track coach. At the first of the season Coach Nivens divided his arsily candi-dates into two divisions, the Orange and the Blue teams, captained respectively by Red Bethea and Boyce Good-bread. These two teams held several meets, which caused much interest on the Campus and gave the candidates a chance to prove their merit. The track season was opened on February 22. when the Varsity, captained by Dick Trogden, entered theami Canada participated in llir meet. Florida finished well up with the leaders. The amity also competed in the S. M. I . relays, held at Dallas. Texas, the next day and showed well there also. In the three dual meets of the year, the Varsity pill'd up 212 points against their opponents l.'Ut, to win all the meets. On April 6. Clenison's squad fell an easy victim of the State meet at Orlando. The Gators won their ojM ner by a runaway over their opponents. Florida also entered a cross country team in the field meet at the Volusia County Fair: here again the Gators won by a large margin. Florida was represented in the I Diversity of Texas relays, held at Austin. March 29. Forty-five Colleges from all parts of the I nited StatesColor , who won l»y the score of 85 lo II. In the Alabama meet April 22. the “Crimson Tide’ lead the Gators k eight point until near the last, when Florida won 21 consecutive point to beat Alabama 61 to 18. The M ore docs not indicate the closeness of the contest. The following day Higgen ' Gators bail I lie honor of beating Auburn on their own campus. This was the lir t time that Auburn had been defeated in eight years on their own campus. The score was 63 to 49. Florida's track men made one of the best showings of the year at the Georgia Tech relays held in Atlanta. April 13, when a relay team composed of Captain Trogdcn, New come, Me-Kwen and Monger established a new Southern Conference mile record of 3:25. This race was acclaimed one 182of ihe greatest mile relays in the South, first place being exchanged eight times during the course of the race. Not satisfied with this, Knight. Munger. Bryson and eweomc, composing the half-mile relay team, broke the record setting a new mark of 1:31.2. Ed Newcome, Florida's sensational hurdler, broke the third Southern Conference record for the 220-vard low hurdles and established a new mark of 25 seconds. Beard of uhurn. however, broke Newcome’ record in the finals. His own I inn being 2-1.8 seconds. Mike Knight took second plaee in tin broad jump at this meet. Our high point man of the year was Mike Knight, who scored 82 individual (mints. The Varsity squad loses only one letter man this year. Indeed the future for track at Florida i- very bright. 183Cl IK following namc l men won the right to wear an K“ this mm oii: K. I . Trogden. captain; I.. I.. Knight, II. V. Mungcr. II. K. Ncwcome, K. K. Arnow, John Bryson, Owen Kicc, K. K. Goodbrcad, J. M. MeKwan, (’.. J. French. K. C. Davis, G. N. Click. L B. Bethea, Ed SauU. J. (’.. Hall. (). I . Johnson.FRESHMAN TRACK fRESIIMAN truck was also very successful this year. lthough. this year's team lacked the individual -tars of last year, there is plenty of good material going up to the Varsity next year. The freshmen showed greatest strength in the middle distance and distance events. They won their first outside contest in the triangular meet with the high schools of Jacksonville, scoring “ ) points to Id of Andrew Jackson, and 21 of Koherl K. VARSITY SWIMMING 7-JI.MO.ST surrounded with tropical beaches. Florida i' an ideal place to develop wonderful swimmers and each year a large part of thi wealth of material B enters the I niver it each year. I pon reaching the campus, however, they find themselves seriously handicapped hy the lack of a place to train. Hereto fore some training has heen done at Glen Spring and a few meets held there. Plan are now under way for a new |m»oI to he erected Irefore the beginning of next year and with thi' made available thi sport will soon rank among the leader at the I niversity. 1 1 ter men of thi' year are: Kay Carter, Aubrc Sawyer. Kus'el McCaughan. A. K. I.indslev, and Jack Hall. 199VARSITY BOXING fi.oRHt in 1929 enjoyed I hr most Mircrwful boxing ea on she ha ever defeating the 1 ni-verity of Virginia and Clem-on in conference match - before entering the annual S. C. tournament, where be h»»t the championship I North (Carolina by two point . t the S. C tournament, Phil O'Connell won the featherweight title of the Southern Conference, while “lied" Curry raptured tin- welterweight crown. Ted Miller, bantamweight. last year' conference champion, h | in the final after a spectacular Imul. a did lUy Carter, a first-year man on the var»ity, in the lightweight division. The I niver ily' heavyweight, John Marsale . lost in the semi-final , after a cl we ami hitter struggle. Norman Crew, and Norman Dixon, the other two member d the team, also enioyed excellent ca» n . To Dr. J »hn Piombo a great measure of the credit niu t go for the wonderful showing Florida ha made thi year. Ted Miller. “Kabbill" Holland. D. C. Williams and living Askena y won the state A. A. U. |M» ing till - in their division at St. ugu line in March. Co-captain for thi year were Ted Miller and “Ked" Curry. I’hil O'Connell wa elected captain for the 1930 season. 190 IIK Var ity Trank Tram (onpow4 •( Cipldn Ftucr. NirhoW polite . Hilllr Fkbtr. and l.« r«n« Salley have Seen undefeated during the part vaon, The ir»t match a« against the Orlando ‘ity Tannin Team: The (iator overwhelmingly defeatedFRESH MK. TKWIS TRCMOII N tennis at the 1 nirrrsity in 1929 prmrd highly lurrntlul and will furni h main promising raiMlidatn for I hr tarsily nc l year. The freshmen have entered two tournament at Orlando. I Ik Ontral Florida (Jiampion hip .uni the Central Florida Puhlir Courts Championship . While and Keith raptured the Junior doubles hi the fn t tournament, the same pair adtaneing to the (MMutlt m the ■d'l iiigb-«. h the last tournament Greer weal to llie semi-final in the men's singles and made a wonderful showing again ! the present ehampion. In the ame tournament. While ami Keith advanced to I lie in the mens double . The "llahy 'Gators were roarjird hy “Parson" Johnson. The «|uad wa composed of Keith. White. Smith. Coulon. MeCinni . Ferguson and Dotigla .INTRA-MI RAL HOARD Ciiicger Browne...........................Director Boh Blown..................................Manager Randolph Bovd Frank Chase Jus Clemons A. E. Barker W. A. McRae J. B. Stadler G. R. Crofton Cis Fkukr J. I. Davis S. II. Himes George Hi ddi.kston Jack Hall Leslie E. BoganINTR -Ml K L SPORTS CAST year, 1927-28, lieing llic fir si year of Inlramurals under Fa till su| ervision, many mailers came up lo enable us ibis year to make Inlramurais more interesting ami belter adapted lo our nenls here al lire I niversily. 'I lie year 1929-30 started olT with I he appearance of (lie Intramural Booklet, tbc first in the history of the I niversily. which outlined tin paramount points of Intramural activities, results of the past year, hut most important was the Constitution and By-Laws clearly stall'd so that all organizations could familiarize themselves with the rules covering eligibility, forfeits, protests and other points which heretofore had just been in a way “hearsay. A change in the manner of awarding trophies has been adopted which we believe will he most effective in display as well as interest the Fraternity league winners are awarded a three-year trophy—the Dormitory plaques are displayed in the New Gym and each year the winner in that particular sport is added to the plaque in the way of a metal pendent—and in the Military Ixrague the winning organization has the privilege of carrying a streamer on their guidon in evidence of being the best athletic military unit for the year. Too much credit can not he given to the individual managers of the Intramural Board, for it is to these managers that the success of each sport i- accredited, as each ami every one of them has been most faithful ami ardent in the fulfillment of tin duties pertaining to his sport. But also let us commend the assistants who have materially aided in every instance. From a survey of what has taken place this year the records show that there is an increase of approximately 5 per cent in the total of students participating, not counting duplications, or in round figures about 67 |ht cent of those eligible for Intramurals arc taking part. In addition to this from records kept from those attending and not participating in the contests, there has been an increase estimated at about 15 |»er cent. This increase shows that Inlramurals are going forward with great strides and as soon as adequate facilities can be arranged to lake care of the big demand. Florida will stand close to the front in this department. During the year 1927-28 there were 985 individual contestants in the different Intramural sports. So far this year as this goes to press there has been 665 individual contestants, and we still have four sports to run ofr in the spring. In addition to this. Boxing and part of Wrestling was discontinued this year at the request of the I niver-sity authorities as a precaution to prevent the spreading of flu. We have learned from reliable sources that FI.OHIIM is far ahead of otner southern universities in Intramural sports. This is something to be proud of and with pro|H r cooperation and interest, we can continue to improve and shortly make Intramurals at Florida one of the most interesting as well as beneficial of our I niversily activities.FR TKRMTIES In tiif. Order oi Their Kstaihjsiimknt vr Alpha Tau Omega . . Alpha Omega Chapter Fi.ohida 1901 Kappa Alpha . . Beta Zda Chapter 1901 I’i Kappa Alpha . . Alpha Fta Chapter . 1901 Sigma Alpha Fp ilon Florida I psilon . 1915 Theta Chi .... Tau Chapter . 1916 Sigma Nu . Lpsilon Zela Chapter 1920 Kappa Sigma . . Delta Delta Chapter 1922 I’i Kappa I’hi . 1924 Sigma Chi Gamma Theta Chapter 1921 Theta Kappa ti . . Florida Beta Chapter 1921 Alpha Gamma llho . Alpha Gamma Chapter 1925 I’hi Beta Delta . Delta Chapter 1925 Tau Fipsilon I’hi . Tau Alpha Chapter . 1925 Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Zeta Chapter . 1925 Sigma I’hi Kp ilon . . Florida Alpha Chapter 1925 I’hi Delta 'Dicta . . Florida Alpha Chapter 1925 Delta Chi . Florida Chapter . 1926 I’hi Kappa Tail . . Alpha Fla Chapter 1926 Sigma lota Florida Chapter . 1928 LOCAL FRATERNITIES Delta Tau 1923 Alpha Delta . 1924 Sigma Limlxla Tau . 1921 Kappa i’hi 1926 I’hi Alpha Epsilon . 1927 I’i Alpha Sigma . 1927 Omega I psilon Theta 1928ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY Flower: K 111111I I at V. M. 1. in 1865 Installed at Florida in 1901 Colors: White Tea Rose .Sky Blue and Old Goto II. F. Blackwell Fratres in Ur be M. G. Stringfellow J. A. Phifer James Chestnut Richard Bowen W. C. Thomas Henry O’Neil X. II. Douglas B. E. Thrasher E. II. Barnes Fratres in Facullntc A. P. Black Dr. W. II. Wilson Dean H. R. Truslcr Harry I_ Thompson R. H. Brown Class of 1929 W. J. Cowart II. W. Pheil R. I.. Hughe C L Owcnhy l . W. Diekman Class of 1930 II. B. Richardson P. 1). O'Connell B. C. Davis T. 1. Denmark W. 1). Stevens . S. Gibbons R. S. Edsall M. l. Vorn M. McEwan G. E. Ludwig Maurey Blalock Class of 1931 W. A. McRae John Ineson R. C. Davis W. C Scott P. P. Miller B. J. Grant . C. William S. II. Rieli x n S. H. Himes It. A. Carter . S. Thornton T. II. Johnson W. Donnelly . L Woodhcrry John Clark J. E. Ilardce Class of 1932 Koliert Pederson Jack James Griffin Davis Carlo Proctor Joe Neville hlen Du an Ernest Roehuek Clarence Pheil (Winter Heittnan Dm Conklin Clinton Richlsourg Hulsey lokey Kennel Del .ouch Frank K«l»«on Julian Elird BETA ZETA CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Founded in 1K86 at W adiington Ix’r I nivcrsity Installed at Florida. Oelolwr 1, IWI Hauers: Colors : Magnolia and Rro Ko »: Chiu.ho n and Oi.i Colo Fratres in Facilitate Dr. C. . KnlxrlMtn W. S. Perry Captain E. M. Von A. 1.. Ilrowne Fratres in Urhe F. W. Buchholz C. A. Pound C. S. 1 homa K. F. Cannon W. It. I Innna . Jr. CUrcil Gracy L W. Graham W. E. Cannon It. F. W illiainiMin S. E. Cobb W. A. Sliands II. It. St ring fellow Dr. L D. Lowo E. A. Taylor S. . Horn C. . Merrill Fratres in Unitersitate Class of 1929 A. V. Murphrec Howard W. Ili-liop E. Clay I wis, Jr. C. Moves Guyton llayfonl Enwall Class of 1930 Charles S. usley II. H. Lewis. Jr. Thomas lcxander llryanl 1). Ilier . Jr. W illiam Fisher. Jr. W illiam II. Ilond Koval 1 nlreiner Donald Bishop W'. C. Troxler II. S. Bulterworth Byron N. Butler l.oui- L Knight A. . Simpson Jaino P. Parker l.ucien Yarborough Ijouia K. Geeslin Class of 1931 Robert S. (iiM'krell II. K. Kdmundson William Drake R. II. InblMd Samuel Pasco, Jr. W. It. Chittenden Lunar May Albert K. Darker, Jr. W. M. MeFarlane Class of 1932 Koliert Davis Ilmwnr Farrior. Jr. W ill Swearingen Robert Wooten Fdwin Cay AIsimhI Dunwody Harold Knight Cenc McGucken Rowland K. Ihuin Frank Maxwell John V. Henderson Iainas Troxler Valerv Butler Horace Marsh. Jr. Ben Lidden W. Klliott Dunwody Jame Round tree Kenneth Miller W ill Swearingen204AI.IMI ETA CHAPTER PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY Founded al I niversit) of ir sini.t. Mart'll I, IHMt Installed ;U Florida. 1901 Flotcer: ljLV t l THE ALLEY Colors: Carnet ami Old Com Dr. C. L Crow Jtdin Dial Richard M. During lolin Powell llrn Haile Bernard 0. Hi liop Rev. A. B. ii»iin Fratres in Facilitate Dean B. A. Tolbert Fratres in Ur be Krvkin Jones Rev. U. S. Cordon Falcon II. Johnson Adolph Vidal Dr. W. T. Klniore Ed Bowen Walter J. Sciulli James Mt'Cla in rock W illiam Powell William Mckinslry William IU.ltin Sitlnn J. I(o|iin«on Fratres in I nitersitate Frank Anderson Cyril Bailey Carl Brumbaugh J. C. MrCraw Dixit- Begg Ralph Daugherty James Nolan McClure l.upfcr Max Welt stein W ilhiir James Bruce Brantley Bob Corulhers Bully Dell Howard Kd Martin Bill Forster Jack Toomer Class of 1929 Herbert Messer John Schirard Cyril Pogue Sam Wallace Otto Wettstein James Flaherty (Charles Jackson Class of 1930 W illiam Dial Julian Howard Wilson Rogers Frank Johnson ToIh- lkis» Class of 1931 Hugh Hayes W alker W illis Henry Ford John Nichols Broward McClellan W illiam Kenton Hugh Igou Btigg Nrrington Class of 1932 L P. Hagan Hugh Hendrix John Higgins Oscar Keep Omrad MohafTey Chester Toomer Richard Makinson Vaden McCaul Kinghatn Moore Don W illiam Cornelius Winston Cuv McMullen 203 • aUI PSII.ON CHAPTER SIGMA LPH EPSILON FRATERNITY Founded at I . «f Vhhama in 1856 In-t.illi-.l at Florida in 1915 Flower: IOLCT Colors: Koval Pi iii'i.i: ind On Cold K. 11. Hampton Fralres in L'rbc Hr. W ilbur l-as-iter Rev. Sloney F. J. Hampton Prof. C W. Crandall Fralres in Facullale Dr. J. M. Karr Prof. C. II. Willoughby E. J. Ilowyer M. (.amp A. Frederick J. J. McCranic Fralres in 1 niter si la le (.lass of 1929 James Moser 1). K. Stanley lluie A. Coogler D. . Mekiniion J. 1- Itcese M. Swink T. Ilrrrvhill J. K. Judy Class of 1930 II. II. Miller. Jr. II. II. Yancy J. 1). IK. II. till Ml J. K. Markham J. T. W iggington Jame rnold W illiam llurton 1). Ilainni Alvin McCranic Class of 1931 Jack Miller C. W. Saber Mortimer Kate Frank Clark lolin IliiiMin W. 0. Meluten F.dward Komfli W . W. Salter Francis Itrcnnan J. . ( raig lvin DavU Dcdgc Kirliard Judy Howard Harri-on Purk Hammer Joe Limy W. J. McRae Karlyle O'llerry Clou of 1932 llillv Keeder G. L Sally Harry Tooke Wayne Warfield C. . Krown Malcolm Davis George Dyke Kcenrr llnrrel Herbert June- Frank R night W illiam Mays J. W. NcImui Claude Ouillian Jrlf Shelter Joe 1 bur«t n J. C. Toole Walter Woodward 207T.U CHAPTER THETA CHI FRATERNITY Founded at Norwich I niversitv, 1856 Installed ,it Florida in 1916 Flower: Colors: Carnation Fratres in Lrbc Mil IT on Ki n AND Y Hill Ray YY. Ogilvic L. II. Fofg C. K. Perry Frolics in Facultote Dr. J. H. Hcnlon Dr. Fred II. Ilratli Dr. 1C YY. Uupreehl Frat res in Unierrsitate Class of 1929 Stanley Granger 1C II. Claim II. A. Hendry J. II. Culpepper C D. I.ineluugh S. D. Chittenden J. K. Hol l erry C. S. Mohley J. M. Rico K. C. Boowr J. F. Garner Class of 1930 C. F. Collin Kuiney Caw l lion 1 . K. Duncan W. F. Brown J. K. Arno II. F. Curry W. N. Ray M. II. Rainey Class of 1931 G. H. Crofton F. M. Warren YY. |». Hire R. B. McClellan R. M. Scoii J. P. Stoke K. YY. Warren Class „f 1932 J. F. ltol iiiM»n Ralph McCall II. K. Malmhor R. W. Young Thomas Buckley F. M. l.inclMugh C. A. Powell Bohhy Sanchez Sam YY'ampler C. W. Forum O. 0. Fisher Kiih.iid YanBnint I Vie Clyatt J. W. Parker C. 1C Kinxie J. YY. Sliiiin F. M. Scott J. K. YYrai on J. . Peacock W. K. June - K' 209210EPSILON . :r CIIXPTER SIGM M FRATERNITY Founded at V. M. I.. January I. 1869 Iii't.illr l .it Florida. 1920 Flatter: Colors: XX MITE Kom: Fratres in Facilitate Black. NX uni: ami Gold It. W. Blacklock C. C. Filipps Dean XV. J. Xlathcrlv II. M. Jarrel it. J. XX ilmot F rat res in Ur be Jimmie Anderson Glaiule llarro Irving Seay O’Neal Cox Fratres in I niversitatr Clan of 1929 J. E. Allen J. K. Graves J. Not ley J. W. Frazier J. 1.. |{iehard« A. ItaniM’v V. S. Grainling XV. C. Harris J. F. Vanderipe Class of 1030 I. 1). Cliilfon G. M. Green G. M. Shannon N. X . Davis II. G. (UiiiikiIh'I S. O. Slough C L. Edwards K. V. Muck XX . Suit E. CL Fletcher V. A. Ilerin G. Wolfe J. C. French C. It. Mathis D. C. DeFord j. 1). Gill W. Z. Platt W. W. Itomfli C. M. Perrinc Class of 1931 J. 1 . Buffington F. S. Jahn A. L Steed C. F. Chaplin 1- T. I.r lie J. II. Steele K. II. Frazier H. C. Price It. X. Sutcliffe S. 1- Horne G. L Singletary 1 Wilson Class of 1932 F. Jtaquc E. F. McCall It. XV. Hint II. G. Dozier J. E. While XX. E. Montgomcrv XX'. S. Fifth F. A. Chilson X. A. McXX cihan I). M. P«t?er»on W. W. Dullose I), G. William' It. A. Mack G. It. Hamilton DKLTA DELTA CH PTER KAPPA SIGMA FRATKRM'n Founded at I’nivendlv of Virginia in Flour r: Lily ok thk Yallky Installed al Florida in l‘ 22 Colors: Scarlkt, Whitt. ni» Gun 15. V. A me Fralres in Facilitate l r. Wilmon Newell Dr. T. M. Simpson W. 1. Carleton Dr. Jo . Koeraci L 15. Triplet Dr. J. M. I.rake Dr. A. L. Shea I y Dr. N. M Walker C. J. Harris Fralres in llrbe Halpli StouUmiire . 1). Hudson J. W. Merrill Gene Galon Fralres in 1 nirersitale Class of 1929 A. K. Black G. M. Turner M. 15. Pinto ! M. I- Bowen 1. E. W augh A. L Anderson Class of 1930 It. S. Mill V. I„ Richard V. 15. Brannon C. C. Ia»rraine J. 15. Sliuller N. W. Brown 1- A. Evans W. G. Tye J. F. Hull S. C. Ivc F. 0. Woll eri C. R. Cni,n J. E. Noble W. A. Cobb G. i(. Ilelvenston J. W. 1VKK J. C WTiiddon J. K. Anthony Class of 1931 K. 1). Col»nn J. I- Turner E. L Bowen L H. DcWHl V. P. Young W. I_ Campbell J. S. McCoDkey It. O. McW holier J. A. Fiske M. C. Prevail Class of 1932 C V. Page .lame-, Lyon W. K. F«ke« •Vj {• 11 B It. W . IlobbnALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY Founded at College of ( liarlrMon, 1904 Installed at Florida. 1924 Plotter; Colors: K»:n K »»: Colo ami White Fratres in Facilitate Dr. Walter II. Beider J"w|ili I . Wilson W. II. Haber Fratres in I the S. C. .McCormick Kev. A. R. Batclielder J. W. Chainhli.. Fratres in Iniiersitalc Class of 1929 T. A. Owen. Hcrlvert Frazier C. T. Parsons S. . l-conard J. 1). Renfroc It. It. Axtell Class of 1930 K. L Black W. J. Bullard L VV. Tomlinson It. K. Schulze C. L Clark J. 0. BoOtO II. II. Frye T. K. Anderson Class of 1931 T. C. Hall A. M. Caraway E. W. Kelioe C. J. Thomas F. R. Thrower S. M. Wall J. D. W dli.ui . S. Merlon I). . Kelly J. K. Godfrey I. K. W.illjth R. F. Chambliss Hay Rriifnii Fred Pearce Marion Wagner Gene Adams Gene Permenier Waller Barber Class of 19X2 Har rv Elsbcrry lialpli Sanford James Morris John Davit Hal Price Rol ert llighleyinan David Frye Henry Swooite T. C Powell Kaiford McCormick James .Shriglcy Broward Pop| ell Harry Barcus216GAMM V THETA CHAPTER SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY Founded .il Miami I ni%cr»ily. Oxford, Ohio. June 28, 1855 Installed at Florida. Ortolwr t, 192 Flover: W mn. Hum: Colors: l i 11: m» Out Gom Fralres in City S. I). Robert It. L Itljck, Jr. Grrcr Kirkpatrick E. A. Ilaynic Fwires in Facullate Prof. P. L. Reed Prof. Paul S. Itucliaoaii l)r. I. W . Ruchnls. Dean Tonne It. I.eijdi Prof. W. T. Gay Fwires in (Jnitersitate Class of 1929 Laurence M. Wiij; Henry K. Julius P. Mclanalun Win. B. Wal on. Jr. L Earle Arnow WiUon S. K« e Jas. M. Smith. Jr. Marry W. Stewart, Jr. O. Preston Johnson Watt Kirkpatrick David W. Sanderson. Jr. Jerry . Carter, Jr. John . Bonvier, Jr. Joe C. Gold bv Class of 1930 Franri A. Currie Cha . B. Yancey Clarence R. McLanahan Class of 1931 Paul Jones. Jr. Don W. Deck Itoht. A. Andrea Class of 1932 Jack Hickman Arthur II. June . Jr. C. C. Vega. Jr. Sherman T. B.ikctel Cha . K. Hartley Jolin J. Shirley W . Earle Caldwell Tho . Chacc. Alliert G. lamltorii Bert I., larndtorii H. R. Worthiaftoa, Jr. John B. Houck J. D. W illiam on J. Clifford Walker Howard C. Reynold Shannon llobgood O. C. Kegittcr Pledges l(ol»ert F. Wulf Rollie E. Johnson Robert Weld. W allace T. Mcljeod laike II. I Wilton Slur Res, Jr.FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER THETA KAPPA M FRATERNITY Founded at Springfield. Missouri, June 9. 1921 Installed at Florida in 1921 Flour r: Colors: Wnrr»: Rots, Bi.ack akp Crimson Fruires in Vnitr silalr Clast of 1929 J. Morris Pritchard II. Stewart u tin John I- Graham Kenneth M. Hancock John Thomas Flmirnov Joel C. C fiord Clvde IL Brown Filter! Winderweedle John Bostick Charles S. Cooraes Charles Edward Owen I). Honeywell Emerson Keeler Ned II. Morgan Kenneth C. Skjpgs Rolwrt Thohnrn Mvu Knox Gilli Class of 1930 Thomas IL Brvan Hugh A. Pillshury J«m I Ever F. K. Slarne Class of 1931 F. S. K. la-wis Alex. I . Mather Charles S. Tra lor Class of 1932 llarrv A. Clark Philip K. Dunn Tom Neff Thomas J. River Wesley . Sweat Karl P. Winger! Ray Donald Cox ladand IL Featherstoiwj K. Oarr Stenstrom. Jr. Mahry Carlton Ernest IL Maxwell Fred C. Reaves Rol»ert C. I nkrich Norman IL Roger Heritor! F.inu Roltcrt . While Harry 1 Warnock 219VLPHA CAMM Cll VI’TKB ALPHA CAiMMA kho fratkrnity ! '• ma« Ohio Stair I nivmily, PAIS Installed at Florida in 1925 Flatter: Pink Hose Fratres in Facilitate Colors: Grkcx am' Coin Dr. O. C. Bryan Prof. C. K. Abbot Dr. II. G. Hamilton I’rof. J. F, Cooprr Prof. Fraiirr Rnrrn Prof. F. W. Itrui Prof. John Gray Francs in Vrbe H. F. Sike L A. Bichurd on B. 1.. Xrntgruf J. P. Camp C. K. B.i jott Fratres in Vniccrsitatc (Hass of 1929 F. S. Blanton II. B. JohiiMin M. II. Ucdsolc Harold Mowry D. II. Yawn C. N. Walton G. 1- Steam II. 1. Border S. C. Kirrer Clast of 1930 C. M. Sipprell C. B. ShrjMiil B. K. oorhw W. B. Lyle C. P. Doughi Class of 1931 Stuart lairklurt K. S. McMullen J. . Barrincau J. B. llrndrriMtn J. K. Hull E. I). Maltin' » (. . II. VS illiam M. V. North Class of 1932 J. C. Cox VV. B. I,awle a B. II. lhriltnn II. J. Brinkley B. L Brook (). L Croiirr VV. L Knj:li h T. K. Odlin VS. C. Bower o 222DKLTA CIIAPTKH PHI BETA 1)ELTV FR VTERNm Founded at Columbia I nivendtv, April 4, 1912 I n t.111I at Florida. 1925 Colors: Hi t ; a Mr (toi l Fralrt.% in Facultate I’rof. Joseph Weil Frotrts in Uniirrsitate M. J. Goldstein Class of 1929 N. L Williams S. Sih emu ii 1.. G. Iloilo Class of 1930 A. Kothstein J. LocwrnkolT II. Fishier M. Safer I). Schwartz P. II. Murks K. M. Felson L l»wenlieiz Class of 1931 1. Schwartz A. II. Paderewski I_ K. Ileldner ('.lass of 1932 K. Cohen J. It. Fisher 1- Goldman A. Ilorovitz G. Meld mail J. Weinstein A. Burger II. Finkrlxtein A. F rolling S. Ileller W . l.i|iM'hit II. Schw.ui . TAU ALPHA CIIAPTKR TAU EPSILON PHI FRATERNITY Founded at Columbia I nivendly in 1910 Installed at Florida in 192a Flower: Lii.Y of Tin: N alli.y Colors: I.WF.Miflt M lllli: Fmnes in I rl V m. Eddlc tein Fnitres in I nirersilalc Marcus Kdelstrin Joe Hass Ijconanl Cooperman Sheldon I)ulilrr Abe Furman Morris Benjamin Krvin Gordon Kalph Mi .rahi David A (Melton Louis Gibbs Jules Ixrncr Class of 929 Nathan Roberts Joe Schwartz Class of 1930 Solomon Perlman Harr Kaplan David H. Jacob Iti-rnard lllanrk Joe Davis Class of mi rnold Kohhins Krvin Furman Max Greenberg Class of 1932 Leon Kahinowitz Paul Slier law Kupper Ben PerlofT (ius Fcuer Philip Neuwiitli Morris Sa Ionian Ivis Scadron Sydney Neuwirth Sinn Slav in ilvman Solnd Herbert Mode Ijoui PerlofT 225DKI.TA ETA CH PTER DELTA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY Founded at Bethany College. 1860 InMalled al Florida. 1925 Flout r: Paxsy Colors: Pi ki i.r, W mir. am Colo Fraires in Vrhe Jack Matthew llcv. M. E. Johnson 11. T. Mann Fratres in Facilitate Warren C. Cowell Prof. II. It. Knlow Hr. II. 0. Kuwait Prof. It. C Goodwin Prof. K. 1). Hinckley Hr. G. F. Welter Fraires in Uni emit ate Class of 1929 K. N. Beardsley, Jr. C. A. Darby J. V. McQuittjr C. Y. Hop»o|| Class of 1930 John Browning Clyde Crabtree W. M. Fifield It. K. Goodbread Frank Harris J. C. Mackey M. N. Owens N. E. W illiam Class of 1931 V. J. Aiken M. 1. Iltmlr II. P. (.'opening James Curtin N. 1). Davi A. W. Garrison H. I- Jordan Millard Kimball J. II. I.ybaw A. W. Nichols W illiam Pooser T. S. Quinlan Paul Shafer it. 1.. Smith K. W. While Class of 1932 Joe Arango Frank llrotindl James Carney George Rice Joe McGrath Itolicrl knight IjOHtII 1 .ol«|H icll Charles Vickery Thurman Whiteside John Fi.titer Lucius McCormick Marion McCunc Rudolph Graham Walter Lotspeich Logan JrnningoFLORIDA LPHA CHAPTER SIGMA PHI EPSILON Founded at I . of Richmond in 1901 Installed at Florida in 1925 Flour is: IOLU SMI VumiCAN UtAI TV ItoSE Colors: RoV vl. 1 1 kit i ami R» t» II. I. Illicit Frat res in t'rhr Dr. T. II. MeCaul Crenel I llu lir- Fratres in Facultate J. M. Wise Fratrrs in I nivrrsitatr Class of 1929 F. G. Brathy R. II. Fraze I). It. Maillots A. A. Register J. J. Carrahrr J. N. Click W. M. Johnson W. K. A mow Joshua Calham Mcrril Flinor Mcrril Barlrcr Benjamin Rennet Thomas Rru'well R. Campbell Morgan Cartwright I). C. Smith F. K. Tunicr . II. Cleare W. W. Judge Class of 1930 J. R. Perry Richard Sample T. M. Carmichael J. K. Hall Class of 1931 F. G. 11 ieilins T. F. IVrn J. M. Carter Class of 1932 Mac Humphrey Theodore Johnson Hanson Barker John Blow Drennon Brown Dr. Rudolph Weaver F. W. McCuul Skoda G. G. Smith K. R. William, l.«-oiiatd Mcl.uca W. F. Petri G. T. Smith Jame Codv R. I. I led Ik-rC It. G. l-ditte Fred Carhouell Dudley Hall Marshal Mu er Charlton Jameson R P. TeSelleFLORIDA I.PHA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami I . in 1848 ln»tallrd at Florida in 1925 Flower: hite Carnation Colors: l RE AMI K«.I NT W. P. Arnold Fiat res in L:rbe W. D. Boyd It. W. Nimmoiis It. F. Jordan Janie It. Boyd Frank right George Smith . M. Pepper. Jr. C. C. Brown Fralres in Facilitate Major It. C. Itiley Eduard It. Meyer Maditon 1). 0 dy Judge It. S. Cockrrll l)r. John J. Tiger! W . A. Cleveland, Jr. Frat res in liniter silale Class of 1929 Fred Curtis II. F. Curry Henry Anthony Mondial McClung Class of 1930 Janie Watkin It. M. Woodbern Mike llotucr J. P. liar lei . Jr. T. . liow e. Jr. 1). C. McGovern A. D. Sawyer C M. Boyd Class of 1931 J. I. How re Elwood Hemming Johnny Bryson Sheldon Brown Calvert Pepper M. D. Edward Glenn Dale laurence Smipayruc Win. Currey Class of 1932 Jack Phillip George MeCallister Inland Drew Janie Itayhurn Sam Murphy James N. Elliot Jack Tunnel Garry 0 Heair Tunner 0. Houston l.uke Dorset! Merril Talliert Tommy Irwin W. F. Dunkel. Jr. Win. Trice. Jr. Jack McClure Hendry Fugua Hewitt W illet It. C. Iliiffman. Jr. FLORIDA CHAPTER DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Founded at Cornell I nivendty, Oil. 13. IK90 Installed at Florida, 1926 Floner: White Carnation W illiam VV. Disltong E. II. Sigma nn T. H. Janie W right M. Brogdon l . Ijmc Market! A. Bayard ngle Henry I). Baudl Excell R. Johnson lfred J. Uvitun Tom II. Seize Robert K. le ander Sain J. Swaya Claience V. Beasley Fred I . Hi a ml Kenneth Bailey Frat res in Univcrsitatc Fast Graduate Student I .eon F. FeituiM Class of 1929 Keiili W. KnEarl Class of 1930 R. V. Cbailnick W. L Thomas Dean C. Houck Barton T. Douglas Class of 1931 L Cene Grainhling B. F. Welle . Jr. A. L Sike C. T. Roberts T. W. Parsons Jr. C. T. Durrance Class of 1932 F. Cordon King William McCarty Ku»ell Stoddard Herbert Sapp Colors: Ren and Blit J. Eugene Boy is W. Invin Fermi hi Hugh C. MeW illiam R. II. James Riehaid G. Thoma Harold F. Seasied T. C. Jonca Paul Tully Ijeighton II. Pierce Edwin Cauthen Irwin Caulhen J. C. MarlinALPHA ETA CHAPTER PHI K PP TAU FRATERNITY Founded at Miami I . in 1905 Installed at Florida in 1926 Flatter: Colors: R»:d Carnation Harvard II» n and Old Gold Fratres in Lrbe Burton N. Work Frat res in Facilitate Harley V. Chandler James 1). (Hunt J. lare Peterson J. G. Eldridee Robert W. Huston Fratres in Unitrrsitate Class of 1929 A. C. Dean J. I). Copeland Louis F. I Mainek Hamid C. Farnsworth Frank I. Peterson Norman Derr Jay Merchant Jerry Boone Thomas Bridge Charles Carlisle Frank Dobbins Fred Ginn Francis Hughey Class of 1930 Geo. W. Scofield, Jr. Warren W. Connor Rep| o K. Johansen Class o) 1931 Henry II. Carter M. Milton Foxwortli J. Russel McCuughan Class of 1932 Kenneth Kennedy Fred Marehman Ernest W indhovel HeH»ert Brasfield Earle Burch Daniel Delanv J. V. Porter lamia Tedder Harold B. Wahl John II. Wahl. Jr. W allucr W luting J k Fergu on Hilliard Holland llatis Joharisnn Merle l.ouks Luther Stevens Hugh TER. rn CONFERENCE Bob Mathis..............................President Manuel Turner.................Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Nu . . . Kappa Sigma . . Pi Kappa Phi . Sigma Ciii . . . Alpha Gamma Uiio Delta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon Piii Delta Theta Delta Ciii Piii Kappa Tau . Alpha Tau Omeca Kappa Alpha . . I i Kappa Alpha . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta Ciii . . Bob Mathis Marvin Green Manuel Turner Brantley Brannon (Bob Scholxc Oivcn Boole . B. Y atson. Jr. C. C. Vega, Jr. C. It. Shepard .I. It. Henderson (W. M. Fifield C. V. Dopson (I). C. Smith Bo A mow T. A. Ilow .e Fred Curtis ( V. L. Thomas W. V. Disliong . W . Connor ‘ Harold B. Wahl I lops Pheil Buddy It owe (Jack Simpson Charles Ausley IE. D. Bcggs . II. Dial (James Messer. Jr. jfllcrvey Yancey (II. A. Hendry. Jr. V. F. BrownDELTA TAU FRATERMTY Founded, 1923 Flatter: Kill C AH NATION Colors: Km and Ch»:i X Frnlres in Facilitate William B. Hathaway Ralph I). Dickey Fratres in Unicersilate Raymond Crown Horace 1). Aikin Foster S. Ilancy Ivan II. Smith Class of 1929 William II. Sims Cordon S. Adano Bernard II. Knglish William T. rnelt James Keener Mizell Richard 1 . Trogdon J. Frank Chase Arthur K. Thompson James K. Keetcl Byron F. Campbell Class of 1930 lt«»n M. Towle Vernier 1.. Hearn Wesley W, F.vster Norman W. Knowles II. W ilbur Overstreet James Milliean l.loyd 1.. Baldwin IH y J. Ilickenloper Courtney Stewart John W. I'runty Karle Mann Donahl M. Baldwin Class of 1931 Joe York M. M. Smith. Jr. Baxter Milam W ilford W. Strom W . Bv ron Ca«4|ue Raul Zimmerman John Harding Thomas Marshall Class of 1932 John Lyle Willis Stevens Charles Bolton Karl Hals) Harry Davis W illis McCinnis Harold KeekALPHA DELTA FRATERNITY (Local) Founded. 1923 Petitioning Phi Kappa INi t rains in I nivrrsilate W. (;. Kirby Clast of 1929 l. I). Perkin C 1). Hanley J. It. Bruton C. II. Jinn It. II. Smith Class of 19V) K. II. (lurry K. C. Jacobus K. A. Ijinrcncc K. M. Grout G. L. Denham K. F. Smith J. P. Alirano 1C. K. Ityrnet T. C. Hull W. J. River Clast of 1931 J. M. Kibler K. R. II.liner A. 0. Barr F. N. Anderson (1. T. untie II. P. Fenton W. M. W right O. K. Stringer 0. P. Italia II. A. Martin Class of 1912 It. F. 1 mlrrwood C. K. Smith Jack Johnson W. P. Simmon-W. Pricer i As r 33' a IN ffi? S’212SIGMA LAMBDA TAU Local Founded. 1921 IVtitioninn (Vila kappa Kpsilon Flou er: Km» IllUlsCtS Colors: Crimson and Emiraii» Fratres in Facultate I)r. F. II. Ilealh Prof. F. I- Prescott Jerome A. Connor Fratres in Unitersitate Class of 1929 R. Campbell Thornall Alfred K. Hills Cheater R. Allen F. Fainard Cook W. Harold RolierU Henry I.. Hicks Class of 1930 Charles F. Walker Allyn R. Cox Richard NN. Kucha 1). K. Moomaw Lawrence S. Marlin Roliert C, K an» Class of 1931 Russell E. Curtis W illiam T. Davis A. R. I.indsley. Jr. Clarence E. Adams J. Clifford Pratt Roheri C. Rencher Andre II. Sane CIcn A. Dixon Class of m2 Erin's! E. Sell inner Robert W. Stewart Peter G. kaniini William K. Morris Renjamin V Darlington Thomas 1. Stamp Joseph J. Kberhart Robert L Redding 24.1 KAPPA PHI FRATERMTY t IxH'al Foundrd. 1926 Flatter: Ki:i Caknation Colors: Scani I T %MI III! r. Fralres in Facultate J. Speed Roger Franc liver II. Jo rpli Brunet K. Thor| e Board man Class oj 1929 W. C. Tucker II. K. Wallace Class of 1930 R. W. Boyd W. L Dinning I aw is Scliulling M L Moore Howard l.ivingoion l.uilirr C. Illair Clast of 1931 J. II. Tower. Jr. Wade II. Wre iinoreland Don W. Smith L Hewitt Sale Class of 1932 Wra, Kohin nn aughn Jolin on Rupli Allen Win. Theobald 245PHI ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY I Loral Founded. 1926 Petitioning Delta Sigma Phi Flottrr: (.‘Aft; Ja iim; Colors: lit rr and Bn »; Frat res in Fmult ate Howjnl W. Gray Fratres in I nitersitatc It. 1). YeYerLa Class of 1929 R. F. Ih’iiMin I). F. Haumgarttur F. K. Love Class of 1930 T. H. Carlton NX. G. Akridgc 1). M. Jnhn«on Bieli.ird Itotlifu Felix Benton It. E. Ford K. S. NX ill. L T. Bcvington Class of mi X. I„ IJmlscy S. . IVar on T. N. Stewart J. It. JarniMtn J. T. Presley I!. F. Evert Class of 1932 F. C Anderson F. L. Itouan Frank Fra ier Harry Dyer K. II. Kor»t W. II. Schwab Kiil» l.indvv W. F. Daw hint. Paul Greer Bex IKOlive A. X . SjK'ncerPI LPH SIGM FR VTERNI'n Flout r: 1 IjIN-jl 1 Founded. 1927 Petitioning Theta Xi Colors: Colokn Hon Hl.t i; AM! Slt.YHt M«tccr Cox Fronts in Forullott Dr. J. W. Norman Frouts in I nit trsilalt Class of 7929 lawn X. Henderson Ted W. Miller Ward T. Fletcher lamb A. Cucaaa . Jr. Jame» K. Sawyer C«»rgr . 11; v»kiti» W . Dough . Jordan .U ion Ila » Class of 1930 II. Hrou.ird Miller Jay . Shuler Ihirni T. Coleman C. Bryan King Arnold 1). Welch Hume » . Padgett Charles C. M.ithi- Jack V. Hurklr Gardner 1. M. Gui Llass of 1931 Frank II. Pugh 1. Godfrey King Harold F.. Vaughan Bennett W. Hit-hard' Oliver W. McCall Benjamin J. Sapp John . Coker Class of 1932 Dilvtorth Q. FaMerling William W. liarri«on Tlioina K. Smith OMEGA UPSILON THETA FRATERNITY Local» Flower: W IIIT K«»» Pounded al Florida in 1027 Color : Midmcmt IIi.i e nii Peaki. Mcrril II. ndrew K, I). Liml-ilrll Fr Hires in Ur he W. L. Ilichcock Class of 02V Churle K. Tray nor Class of 1930 J. I.. Sanfor llvrlwrt A. I.ovc Stanley II. V. Kdu.ird Woodward I). II. I e rinoii Campbell K. I.. Jnnr Class of mi Kdward P. Pfaff. Jr. ( lass of 1932 K. K. Maaaev W. I. Keel llrn S. Ilaivkin II. L. Mize 250PAN-IIELLEMC COINGII c ikin Ed Cook Kd C'urrey Hill rkrrid;r DELTA TU lion Towle sic;m lambda tau . E. Hill VI.PIIA DELTA Kd Cmut Pill M i’ll EPSILON Hii'li.inl YeYcika ORDER OF l» I! Will) E. T. lUmliiijM IL W. iU.x.l. PHI K PPA PHI HONOR SOCIETY Officers I928-IV A. P. Black......................................President J. . Norman...............................Pice-President B. W. Ames.......................................Secretary Cora Mll.TI.MORE..................................Treasurer C. L CROW........................................Historian Resident Members C. K. Idiot t Ik W. Amt W. II. Beider K. W. Berger . I . Black I. . S. Bonsieel ' . Bucbob F. W. Hucholi II. W. Chandler II. G. Clayton II. K. Coition II. S. Cockrell M. I). Cody C. L Crow II. . Knwall S. K. Kdielman W. L Floyd J. M. Farr J. II. Folk K. Ik Hampton II. . Ilall J. C, Goodwin W. I». Hathaway K. . llayilie K. I). Ilincklrv J. M. Irake T. K. I.. ipl. Margaret Johnson Cora Miltimore K. C. .Moore C. K. Mounts W ilmou Newell J. W. Norman W. S. Perry Melvin Price P. I. Reed B. C. lliley Joseph Rueincr Frazier Rogers J. S. Kogiitx B. W. Bupreclil J. M. Scott B. F. Sikes T. M. Simp‘oii . I. Shea I V. P. Spaneer J. J. Tigert I). K. Timmons II. II. Trusler J. K. Turlington Albert idal J. R. W atson (j. K. either Fniiiion We»| Kmlolpli Weaver C. II. W illouglibv Ik J. Wilmot J. II. W»e Elected During the Summer Seaton. 1928 Carie-Benic Boyd K. T. Board Ilian Henry IVe| John B. Cawllion W. S. Hitchcock nnic Belle Stew. George rbic Albert I.. Isaac W. S. Weaver 1 :ndergraduate Elected 1928-29 L B. Bristol IITS Wl) SCIF.NCK Ben IVrlofT J. . Connor Fred I). Ayers Barkley Bosmt J. . Me(,)nilt J. Webster Merritt J. K. McIntyre AGIIICIT.TI BK M. II. Bedside J. K. Sawyer C K. Mines ENGINEERING P. C. Crupps N. A. Skcels A. F. IlilU W. T. Arnett 1. II. .Smith B. II. Brown A. W. Payne M. M. Kendall LAW J. 1.. Graham Marcus KdcUtein . 1). Bmwn J. M. Atwater. Jr. O. S. Thacker N. J. Bolwrls Sam Silverman F. M. DeCsetani TKACIIKBS 1. A. Gurv»e . Samuel Kff 1.. . Henderson C. J. Bowman J. L Scot ten COM MERCK M JOl BWI.ISM J. B. Graves P. C. Scaglionc C. T. Parsons .1. 1). Copeland II. Frazier W . 1_ Wilder (iamma Si ma Kpsilon Honorary Chemical FraternityBLACK WHITE MASQUE Horace IX (likm H.J.ttou cr J. Keener Dh:Hl J.L Ctalpcpper C.ltt.UWrcus ttf.msD uli 3t M.H. 0roum Chatta flwlcy Cow Ouvns Sam It'allacc Phi l|»lia Delta Honorar I .opal FraU rnit 260 Phi Delta Phi Honorary Legal Fraternity 261Si'sina Delta (ihi Professional Journalism Fraternity 262Vlnlia Zeta Honorary grieulture Fraternity 266'Pan kappa Alpha Honorary Forensic Fraternity 268Onirjsa Delta. Loral Lonimerrial Honorary 271 278 SCABBARD NI BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity Founded at llic I niversilv of Yijwon in, 190-1 Company "H.” 2nd Regiment Established at Florida. 1920 F mires in I niversilaie knton McDonald A. A. Boone J. B. Culpepper E. II. Be ki»i.e A. R. Frederick M AUPIN ill Joe Goi.dsry R. J. 1 NTREINER C. L. Owen by W. . Connor Norman McI.eod m. Fisiier Byron Butler Boyd Parker Charles Trainer Chester Ali.en J. E. Waugh Clyde Driggers Morton Rainey Walter Cow RT A. S. Herlonc M. C.Cruze K. II. Currie K. K. Black II. 1. Borders Foster S. HaneyTHYRSUS  I! u i:v Cawtiion. See.-Treas. Clay Llwis, Pres. Hilly Matthews. I ice-Pres. THE STl DENT BODY Clay Lewis........................................President Billy Matthews.....................Pice-President RaINEY Cawtiion.........................Secretary-Treasurer $1I DEM BOI) govern men ( lias long Been a cherished right of Florida students, and the belief in such a system has rcsulte l in what has been termed by many one of the best organi .ed in the country. AH officers are elected for a term of one year at a General Election held in the Spring of each school year. The size of the student body has resulted in the formation of two major parties, and from time to time a number of minor ones, which tend to lend color and excitement to what might otherwise he rather tame affairs. In the next few pages the officers of the Student Body are presented. They have been earnest in office and hard in endeavor for the lasting benefit of a noble tradition. The Ibmor system which exists at the I Diversity, though criticised in general with others throughout the nation, has well earned the support of the students and the commendation ol the faculty. THE SEMINOLE, 1929 M A LAUt lOH III HMOQKIR Department Heads RM.CIASS '34L C jnoHAS f Aim J-fftlCR (OCKAVflY J I KAVI3 HWOVI M JIM I I - ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS - ORGANIZATIONS ART STAFFTHE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR Official Student Publication of the I niter sit) of Florida Broward Culpepper.....................Editor-in-chief Layton Dinninc........................Managing Editor Bob Matiiis.......................Business Manager EDITOR! l. ST I L Ckanmlle . Lakrimohe . A ews Robert C. Boley Assistant Carey Thomas Randolph Boyd Winston A know . Society B. C. Thorn a l Alumni Ralph Davis .... S ports Bill McRae .... Sports REI’OKTKKS NI)COPA READERS John I'm nty W ILBl R OVERSTREET How m Rybolt Robert Bknnet Charles Bennett A. B. Cox John Fisher Robert C. Evans Bennett DeLoacii John Minardi Don Conklin Charles Mosikr Frank Mass aiiiTHE DEBATING COl NCIL IIakoi.d It. Waiii..............I’rcsitUni Fohrkst C. mimkaoi: . . lire.President Kn Mii.i.mi .... Secretary‘Treasurer Jimmy I.yhav ....................Publicity C I . Davidson David kd: It. C I aik,».tt 771 I’l l I j»rrha|» lhr most extensive schedule of tin Snitli thr IKrl»utSquad ha mrl with much »ucceM this year. Two extensive lour . im-ludinj: many of tin I .intent m-IiooI «»f thr country, gave Florida a majority of ictorir . With the innovation f broadcasted debate the interest in forensics ha , increased and hid fair to rank along with major athletic in the near future.tMNERSrn OF FLORIDA GLEE CLl 15 John W. DeBruyn. Director Ct. i l)i: L MtiRPIIREE. Iccompanisl Roster of Officers 1). K. Matthews................................President A. E. Dunscomhe...........................Pice-President A. A. Murpiiree. Ji:...........................Ihtsiness Manager J. It. McCaUCIIN.................................iudilor It. S. Yeats...................................Treasurer J. I . IIakm.EE..............................idvertising Manager C. M. Hatfield................................I.ihrarian First Tenors I). W. lUvLwitli A. II. Cox I). L iKmaldfon Ed. HalTiwr L II. Iljermalad F. I). II. Matthew l M. Tedder Hen Wliillani Second Tenors J. W. Carter M. Cole . . I U»M. C N. W. knowle S. k. I.ittis C. Majtruder II. V MacFarlan l . K. . . Murpiiree. Jr. Tom Neff I- Roger M. Slrtrll First floss II. Hen net I . K. l un comlw |{. Edward C. M. Hatfield C. Kennedy J. 15. MeCauslin Jack Miller It. XX ilkinMMi Ed. Newcoilir II. S. eat Scion J losses C. XX - llrandon A. L Juyton. Jr. . JnluiMin T. 11 uwey k. 1. Morgan NX. E. Murpiiree C. T. Smith C. ttti in C. It. Stoddard Men Inland Pence J. David F. Ilerry Xinold XX. Ilarlier II. Andrea Fred Celia n. PianistBENTON PEABODY CLUBJOHN MARSHALL DEBATING SOCIETYCOMMERCE CLUBAGRICULTURE CLUB M —g-. aiiSp.S , e -VJI ti „ 4 J tsTC Mm I ttf .htllLITERARY SOCIETY 301INTKKNATIONAL MKLATIUN8 CUB, m».|VX9 I)r. I,. II. TriboDt, 1'irully Adtiwr: Hotter! Milhk I’rnidml: l.riihlan uir. Virr-I’rr»idrnt: II. C. Thornal. Seerr-lary: I.. A. (irrmr, Au.i»tant SrrrrUry: Robert Mull. Trtmurrr: Willard I'lfletd. UK« T. FUher. W. T. IlflfKrr. Uui (;ur Mm, Chart Hartley. II. A. Ilawlline. I on X. II. rider-on. II. |{. Johanwn. Thom . J. Jour . I. K. Kin , (.ardnrr I.. l nrU. J. S. Utnay. J. K. M Ca«hill. K. I.. Mlll-r. Alton T. Pramk. M II. Shahinain. me. a Y. M. C. A. Council. 19255-29V. L.ME.ARN A.L.MORGAN Editor in - chief Business Manager Sii IIkrlonc Bili.v Kki.cmjj S. L Hlaxtox THE LYCEl’M COUNCILBROTHERHOOD OF ST. ANDREWS BAPTIST CLASSMIZIWH CLUB Officers H. H. Edwards....................................President W. L Kkki...................................Vice-President Y. C. Jkrsigan........................Secretary-Treasurer 1 . C. Harrow, Jr.. .12 L. K. Blalock. 30 J. I . Datum, 32 II. II. MwanU. 30 L C. Gramlinf. 31 Members . C. Jcrnigan. ‘31 W. L Keel. 30 (Jiu. Magrudcr. 31 O. W. McCall. 31 II. L Mitchell, 30 W. N. Kajr, 29 . V . rp kz) JOHN HELD. Jr. WMTPORT CONNECTICUT ku c J- 2.1 i. -'VVUVf. f-329PERSONNEL OF MILITARY DEPARTMENT Major . C. Tipton, Infantry (l)ol) Captain Cmdi; C Xlixanoer. Field Artillery Captain Ernest T. Marco, Field Artillery Captain Frank F. Hecku. Infantry Captain Giuin XI. Hell, Infantry Captain John F. IIkpnrr. Field Artillery Captain Javii: XI. Morris. Infantry Captain Clanton S. XX hiti hi t . Infantry Captain Etru.ii XI. Yon. Infantry Siam Si.k«.i ant Ciiarii II. Hull. Infantry Stam Smh.i ant I)aii a II. Hi mud. Infantry Stam Smu.iant XXii.uaai I). Rlixlpcteji. Infantry Slkclant JoMrii C. Ih: wok amt. Field Artillery Slrclant Ivor XX. Tiiohajs Field Artillery Smici ant Je i; X. X itatol, Infantry Tr IS v alii ikrp regret. and with .1 feeling of personal b lo every Florida man. that we er Major Xrlliur Chari - Tipton leave u» j| llir elute of this school year. Hr ha been faithful to hi every •Inly, has lakrn un active interest in almost every line of activity on the I niversity aimpu . ami ha Riven liherally of hi lime ami energy toward un infinite nuinlM-r of student enterprises, notable among which are athletie . ami especially football. II - ha proven his Military knowledge ami ability by raising the Xlilitary l)r|tartmenl of the University of Florida from the mediocre cla to a place rcoml to none in the South, lie i« lilteral. ca|table. fair and square in In dealing , and almve all el e, lie i the friend of even Florida man. XX e feel that hi In will lie almost irreparable. 3 r».»oa - V.A J09,r E»tt 0»r cn - S D Cmittcnmn ;»l M « CiKTOA - l.«tu N'mwsC|«»s Jf»r tiev H.4. Wiuiamj — In L tw S e rw4. - Vtba On.%CGT Cact Jcr. o k«»v t nt O” c«v C M C«w N© van V.Lcoo.Jg - U L twt C L - ! t. L cvr. G. f 0avi3 - !»t L.rur wK. VW C Tcc« ■ - l»» L'Ctrr V. ? Vcwton 1 T Liewr C E» Oo.'ALtu • I ’ Lutvr. K - U’-Stris'n U b. c-. o« - Tewyr rUwmm C »T J c Wavom E tc 0 ric fc- »(vr Oov-v - 6« f »V U r T UuNI Cat t At Ftcoetien C«(C CVrurt - C S. Daimu . Nk ton Ray L A 6ar.f.e 3 f- Mancy - 1»Y. L T - !»t LiCvt - I»r Ll««f XV  Swum - F»«wc WUttM ry C « r NSmim Cure 0»pk.c« - J 5 Ci .rrMH J..T ftfsnos ! t LlCvT ! » L evt Vc %-»» l»Y L'«SWT.Wn ue 5wf»i - F W Mysor .' VAwVAM fkOWN - ■»T LlCOT Ur. Lteur, Ut Licvt. 'rfvrvc IvtUV V.»n o» Cai»» Wmr •« Cohno L »c Orricce Wautow Cowait 336 ) U C . »• ••Alb r M I »« W • j» c » a j . WL v . «• J-» U 5-,v. c. • s . wv.... e. »THE BAND ONE of the; greatest assets of the Military Department is the I Diversity Hand. An organization of seventy-five pieces, it i a hand of which any college in the I idled States would be justly proud. It i directed by Professor R. DeWitte Brown.mILITARY Training which ha established a lirfinilr place in (he merlcan College of today ha become one of the mo t prominent of Iniversity of Florida activities. The R. O. T. C. unit which ha formerly been composed of several infantry companies is now increased by the addition of three artillery' batteries. The students enrolled in Advanced Corps especially work in a system whereby they are themselves responsible for the practical work of the unit. Florida has always Irecn fortunate in having student officer of u|»erh ability. F'orining the Executive Staff for this year an : U. Oil. lari Owenby. Major Maupin Wall, Capt. Chester Allen, (.apt. Morton Rainey. Capt. K. K. Black and Capt. Theodore Miller. Military life lend a colorful phase to the social life of tire Iniversity by its annual Military Ball. Preceding the ball i a Sponsor Parade staged by the cadets at which time the Sponsors together with the cadet officers review the parade. One of the most respected and beloved men on the campus i Major . C. Tipton, commandant of the local unit. It has ! ccn through Major Tipton never-cea ing efforts that the R. O. T. C. unit here has become one of the most outstanding in the entire country and it is amid ! deep regret of the I niversity of Florida students that Major Tipton leaves u to take up Iris duty elsewhere.MILITARY TROPHIES J I lt F arc shown I lie trophies which were won by (he Advance Corps men at ■ Camp McClellan, Alabama. The I diversity is proud of these trophies, and J I jusll so. Florida was honored in 19215 by attaining the rank of second in general efficiency. I he individual star was Red McEwcn. who was high point man in track, and in several other kinds of sports. Ted Miller. Red Curry, and I’hil O’Connell won the championship in their weights in boxing. In the past the Florida corps has been one of the outstanding units represented at Anniston. We hope that the future hold- even greater rewards for the Cator aggrega lion. DANCE SOCIETIES CHE University of Florida is represented by six dance fraternities to uphold its high standards of social life. L Apache and the Pirates are rival organizations while the Serpent and Theta Ribbon Societies likewise are rivals; these four fraternities select their incml ership from the outstanding social leaders of the campus. The Gaucho and Bacchus organizations are exclusively for Freshmen ami they draw their members from the first-year class. The purpose of these organizations is to sponsor clean wholesome dances and to broaden the social life of the socially inclined men on the campus. Each year these societies sponsor dances during the four dance | criods: Homecoming, Mid-year, the April Frolics and Commencement. The L'Apaches and the Pirates usually give costumed ami masked halls while the Serpent and Theta Kihlton societies and the two Freshmen organizations adhere to formal balls. One of the outstanding initiations on the campus and the one that is much looked forward to by the alumni, friends of the University and the student body is that of the Serpent and Theta Rihlxm Societies which is held In-tween halves of the annual “Homecoming football game. Phis practice was instituted several years ago and each year has increased in importance.SERPENT RIBBON SOCIETY President. Cyril P |Wi Vice-President. Ilrrman Price: Secretary. Harry Stewart: Treasurer. II«m l-ewi.: Dance Committee: Jack Simplon, ( kairnian; Huddt Kowe. Alpha Theta Omicron: Stanley Halleracrth, Kappa Alpha: Hilly Dial. PI Kappa Alpha: Johnny Hinton. Sigma Alpha Kp«ilon: PH win IfoDbcrry. Thcla Chi; Hill Kompth. Sigma Xn; Selwyn Ive . Kappa Sigma: Jimmy Chambti . Pi Kappa Phi; llank King-ling. Sigma Chi: Clyde Crabtree. Della Tan Delta: Tom Perry. Sigma PI Kp ilon: J. P. Ilarlee. Phi Delta Tbita: llarton Douglas . Delta Chi; Warren Conner. Phi Kappa Tan. ALPHA TAC OMEGA “llank" ltaynard Marshall llowcll t.ilmer Holman Johnny Imeton Jerry Ludwig Vinton McDonald Clarence Phiel Haney Phiel Ernest Koebuck "lluddy Kowr Joe Scar Franklin Weal A »h William KAPPA ALPHA Stanley Itutlerwarth Hill Chittenden llob Da.i. Ilenny Edmondson liman Farrior "llillie" Fi.her I. oaia John Ward llrnderMin II. D. liter Harold Knight Mike Knight llaya Lewi lien dan "Dopey " Mrlarlin tie lie Mrf.ueken Jack Simp on llab Woolen PI KAPPA ALPHA Frank Anderson Jimmy Heal Carl llrumbaugh Hilly Dial Lartigue Dell Hill Footer Hugh llaye Wilbur Jame ay den McCall Jimmy Nolan Cyril I'ogue Cheater Toomer SlfiMA ALPHA EPSILON Ernest llowyer Perry Kryan Archie Ituie Alvin Coogler "Hack" Frederick Iturk llamner Johnny Hinton "Dick" Judy Frank Knight Alvin McCranie J. J. McCranie Willie Mehrton Jim Meter Kudy Inman "Hatch" Stanley Joe Thuraton Harry Tooke llervey Yancey THETA Clll Ktwin Homer "Pete- Clyall Cecil Collin KumtII P rollon Charleo Forum A-berry Hendry Kdwin lloUberry Franklin tiarner David Unebaugh Nathan Johmon Morton Itainey Jack Kobinaon Felton Scott SlfiMA Nl? Charlie Andrew Julian Haddington Hill Dulloae Compton French Hruce Hamilton John T. l.e loy Kiehard Mack Hill Montgomery Herman Price Hill Komplh Sam Slough S. M. Shannon Dick William. Donald William KAPPA SlfiMA Arthur Ander on Kit on lloaen Koy llrook Franci Hall t ill Carlton Hill Cobh John Fiah Itob IDII Ha romb llobb Selnyn Ivea Webster Merrill llreeae Provo«t Hill Khea Virgil Kiehard PI KAPPA Pill Owen llootr Flake Chamblia Jimmie Chambli . Hall Frye Kay ford McCormick Fred Pierce llroward Poppell Hob Seholre Carey Thoma l.aurrie Tomlinton Jack William SlfiMA CHI Jerry Carter Karl Caldwell F. A. Currie l.ogan Hill Clarence Mrl.anahan Henry Kingling Harry Stewart llillie Wataon C. H. Yancey DELTA TAP DELTA John Drowning •'Cracker' firnham Khudy firaham Art Nichol ficorge Kice SlfiMA Pill KPSII.ON Jack Hall Charlton Jamiaen Ted John on Hilly Judge l.eonard Mrl.uca Tom Perry Paul Selle Pill DELTA TIIKTA Wilbur Cleveland William Curry Sheldon Hrown Hunger Edward llintley Fugua J. P. Ilarlee "Mike" llou er Jimmie lion re fieorge McAllister Jack McClure Kalph Xirnmon fiary O'Reair DELTA CHI Itayard Angle Henry Bataelt Clarence Hea ley Kalph I had wick llarton liougla Dean Houck I .ay ton Pierce Andy Sike Ned Sigmund llob Haley PHI KAPPA TAP Warren Conner Milton Fug worth ficorge Scobeld John WahlTHETA KlliliON SOCIETY Marvin Green. S. . . KlCENK Tl RNER, S.I K. . John Wicginton. S. A. K.. . M. S. McCli .nc. I . I). O. . alter Cowart, A. T. . William Bond, K. A. . . ....................President ................Vice-President . . - Secretary ....................Treasurer . Chairman Dance Committee Chairman Initiation Committee ALPHA TAP OMEGA Tom Walrou Allan Smith llracy Ituhardun Albert Thornton Arthur CIMWAB Caitli S«ott Arthur Itrown Kfd llrthr Julian Eflrd Ka Carter Phillip O'Connell Robert I’rdfrxin Ralph Davl Milton MrKorn Jo Neville KAPPA ALPHA It ron Itutler Clay 1-ew i Waddle Morphrrr Row land Dy on Royal I ntrnncr Valery Sutler Cham., Horace March Robert Cock re 11 Walter Troller Albert Karker Richard Mr ha Robt. Archibald Itenny Edmondson James Parker Prank Maswcll PI KAPPA ALPHA Janet Nolan John Schirrard Waller Seulti Otto W'ellatein McClure l.upfcr Herbert Me wr William Kenton Stenart Katea John Iliscin L. P. Hasan Hash llendrit Conrad Mahaffey Dance Committee SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON John Honahoo Henry Camp W illiam llurton William Salrer Edward Romfh Bins McRae Prancia llrenncn Claude Quillian Charles llrw n theta chi William Itroon Dudley Chillendon llrooard Culpepper Howard Carry A sherry Hendry Itill Itaur Charles Powell Jack Parker sigma nc Lee Itake Chilton Joseph Praiier Allan C. Ramsey Edward Praiier W. S. 4.ramlin Elliot Plelcher Richard (irate W. .. Platt. Jr. Pred S. Jahn John Vandertpe John L. Richard Harry Holier William Pish Prank McCall Alford McKethan Prank Itaoue KAPPA SIGMA (i. R. Ilelienston N. W. Ilrown M ... Tye John McColakey It. W. Ames Myron Pres alt Robt. Polkes ( ha . Mitlrn PI KAPPA PHI Syd llerlons Han Kelly I. arry Walrath Itill Itallard Emmet Krhoe Andy Carraway J. I». Rcnfroe Tommie Owen Johnnie Has ill Hob llishleyman Red llarber Fred Hell SIGMA ( III John lloutier C. C. Vesa R. A. Andre Watt Kilpatrick Malcom Clifton SIGMA PHI EPSILON W. M. Dark D. C. Smith G. N. Click Ed IlisKin Hod Hill Hoc Harbor Marshal Moaa r PHI DELTA TIIETA Aobrey Sawyer Thos. How •e II. H. Anthony John ltry on Itob Woodberry lion McGovern Caltert Pepper M. Talbert DELTA TAC DELTA J. E. Curtin E. II. Ileard.lcy Royce (ioodhread C. W. Hopson Paul Shafer Howard Copenins I- W. Ijotspeich Thurman Whitr ide Itol. Kmshl Iter well JordanYE PIR TES Founded nl the I Diversity of Officers l loridn. 1021 Bill Bond Tom Watrous . IIkiivey Y’ancey . . . . . Second Male Marvin Grekn . . . . . Third Mate Yentox McDonald Master of Revels Clyde Craktkee 'i v. Kkkwk . . . Cahin lloy (.li.ulr Audey John Wigginlon Tom 1 lou?c Byron Butler Perry Bryan Billy Wut»on Ilrnn Camp John Hinson Bill Brown Rainey Cauthon Hank Haynard Toni Perry Dud Chittenden Hnn»r Ridiop W ilhur Janie Hill Duck wall (roof llowyer Jimmy Steele Kllioti Flddier Joe ( ill Mortimer Bate Arthur Cilibon Kd Frazier Mike Knight Tom Owriw Buddy Rowe Bill Dial Cyril l opile Mhrrt Thornton Jerry l.udwig Mien Kanoey Roll Archibald Kmot McDonald lied 1 % a v I - B. 1). Ilier Joe Frazier Jack Simplon J«e Scar Manuel Turner Billy Judge 353BACCHl S Cl.l I! Founded at the I'niveraily «»f Florida. Broward Poppeli. Hugh Hendrix Conrad Maiiaffey Ernest Kobeck Kldolpii Graham Officers .................President . . . . Pice-President .................Secretary .......................... Treasurer Chairman Dance Committee Members Eugene Pcrmenler Richard Mack Fred Hell Hilly Fi»h Pal Pal tenon Frank Ha«|iie Dan il Haiti Hruce Hamillon Horace Marsh Hoh Knight llaiford Mc(!iiniii l Hill Raur Hob Woolen C. Jamiefton John Ward Henderson Frank Knight Dirk McKay Keg Toole Merrrl Talbert ItolM-rl Fokeft Janie Ka hurn 1 Jiarles Page William Trice J. A. Fish Scabby I’hiel Mamie Omllian Hob Pedcruon J. W. Kirkpatrick Ring McCrae John Houck Rosier Heilman  W' . nu Xu- t . ‘ i4 y flxrfi tl xZ, ''£■ tc t . Gcvsiud’ A j5T «... X Hl» fc . Xwu- CVv t, ji £ v 6faC A- S Qo A (t s lixoxa ' Co-C tULstV M,c - « H » WWKN (-‘yuzi - £u r £ ?+-+ (ffatMtM S j _ v :a tw • 'llcrfZL tJ T « ."  WE NOMINATE FOR THE HU E OF FAME lilLIA Matthews—Tin one man on the campus who has been able to sit in the caucus meetings of both political parties. With a religious mask his political crookedness is completely disguised and in the farcical antics of a court fool his sincerity is buried. Think' himself iinn|uullcd by any other man on the campus and in some respects this is true. Morton Rainky—Heaven's gift to prohibition and military training. A principal actor in the great American drama. “How Dry I Am.” Banking member in the Theta Chi barn. C RL Owknm Napoleon having lived deprived Gump of his rightful place as History’s greatest general. Tried out for the Girls' Glee Club, but was rejected l ecause even there he eouldn't keep his croaking in tune. True example of what a colonel (tint. Blue ribbon champion of the A. T. 0. stables.WE NOME'S TE FOR THE H SEE OK FAME Dave Lanier A modern Mom loading the non-fraternity horde out of the political wilderness. (lame from llu Iasi great frontier to make Florida safe for ( alls. So crooked lie trusts no one. not even him«elf. Rainey Cawthox—Stayed out of politics—fortunately for both parties. Ilis military ambitions make him regret that he is not a member of the Horseshoe Tribe. Harold B. Wahl- Watch dog of the Inner Sanctum. Joins anything that offers a key. Just another fraternity tragedy. Bill DlcmvalI.—A Mark Hanna in politics, a Gene Sura zen in golf. « John Gilbert in the movies, a versatile fellow, absolutely unequalled, if you believe Mr. Duckuall, or did lie lower himself to speak to you?WE NO.MIN TE FOR THE HALE OF F ME k. k. Black Fortunate!) for him horscHic- don't live all year. Bitow utl) Cl i.t'Kl'i’BK Bo lc the waves of circumstance to the crest of popularity and was conceited enough to think he deserved it. Attribute.- his defeat to the lack of co-education. A Mamma’s Boy that college life failed to tarnish he tarnished it. Kevent pledge to the Triumphant Traitors and the Order of Double Cross. 0 Cl.W I.KWis The less said the better. Baked himself above campus politic- upon his election to office a great virtue when one considers that neither party wanted him. lie was too crooked for one and too dumb for the other. Kemembcrs tin lir-l f iwr terl of every football game maybe. 362 Rl bberinfck TOl R of the cam pi s By the Thirteen Ci.i ii RICH! this way, folks: right lliis way! Climb up on the old rubberneck wagon and make a lour of llie campus with us. Sec the curiosity of the age, ride with ii' down the majestic avenue known a Fraternity Row. See the college men in tlicii native haunts watch them as they lightly trip to their classes and indulge in other merry pranks. Just jolly little school boys, folks, that’s all. not the least dangerous. Right this way! What’s that, mister? Will they hurt you? No, sir!!! Tame and gentle as new-born lambs frolicking ill the home pasture. Dr. Tigerl took all that wild foolishness out of ’em long ago. Thank you, sir!!!! All aboard, all right! Let’s go!! Ml right, folks; look this way. Before we come to the Row proper we will see another of the haunts of the college men, just a little side trip. this, the old Gaines-villc High School, that famous old building which has been the scene of so many rendezvous between some of the college boys and the shy little violets who waste their sweetness on the desert air. laiok. folks! I hat one over there is Tom (Juinlau. Ask him sometime what he thinks of the little ladies. Tom’s the ladies’ man all over. He says to us the other day, “Tallahassee may be all right, but when it comes to wimmin what is wimmin1 go down to tin high school!" Now then, folk'! Just another little side trip! Before we proceed on down the Row. let us notice the structure over on the left side of the street. There we have the Twentieth Century Club. There is no historical reason publicly known why they call it that: the nearest thing you might notice that even hints of the Twentieth Century i' the disregard for prohibition. Joe Waugh and Cyril Pogue can tell you all about that. They declare that it is the softest lawn in town. All right, now! Look over this way, folks! On your right you will notice first the famous Theta Chi House. See it, way back in the woods over there. Yeh! that’s it. No! that’s not a stalled pigeon on the front porch. All will notice the little mustache. It’s onl Mr. Pardon us! Captain Morton Rainey trying to figure out what Captain Bell meant the other day by a “close column of platoons.' All these boys are nize bebies. They have a House Mother to sec to that. Ever since the brewery in the back of their house burned down, and their next door neighbor complained about the glassware they discarded on his front lawn during the house party, they have liecn following the straight and narrow religiously. .V»lAnd now, next we see file Fiddle de Theta House, headquarters for Tigerl's Select School for Boys. Muddy Waters, Florida's basket ha 11 and football ace, applied for inein! er$hip recently and was accepted so unanimously that lie hasn’t had to pay dues since. A few more like him. together with Million-Dollar Monk Dorset! and Mike Houser, and they ought to l»e in position to go national. Now, folks, on the left we have a “scene from old Jerusalem.” Every night the neighbors complain about the ringing chorus which emanates, from the windows, “Ye don’t rate and Ye don’t rank, but e got money in der Bank.” led by the rousing whiskey tenor of Paul Markov itz. Just the Phi Beta Deltas, who strive to be intensely collegiate. ( • Even the Baby Dekcs I The EAT House I across the street, complain, but who the I are they, anyhow? Between that vacant house and the SAE house you see the flop house of the Pi kappa Phis. Ever since Charley Crozier reached the conclusion that he had made Gainesville safe for prohibition and moved on to newer worlds to conquer they have spent their time doing two things throwing horseshoes and denying that little fairies have been seen tripping the light fantastic on their lawn. That vacant house over there is merely a monument to the duplicity of the Delta Cliis. After arousing the hopes of Mr. Haile by assuming the mortgage their predecessors. the Alpha Deltas, allowed to lapse, and assuring the world at large that within a few mouths they would be housed in a new forty-thousand-dollar mansion on the site of their former hangout, they were forced to forget the pipe dream. Primarily because their pledge pins wouldn’t stay put. and secondly because it was cheaper to move than pay rent. e t door to them are the “Pikes.” They have too many pledges and not enough reputation, either good or indifferent, to mention. 966The “aristocrats” of the campus reside in the corner house on llio left. Too la v to work; loo proud to beg; and too conceited to recognize their own faults. They were even refused the right to jump the fence and go into the Liberal purty. S. . b. —Simple -Assinine Evangelical, tAsk the Pi kappa Phis about the Iasi. t Hold on. folks, we are going to turn the corner now. This stuccoed example of striking architecture i- the hangout of the kappa Sigmas; without a chapter of which no campus is complete. They can’t give you the exact number of chapters they really have because none of the good brothers can count past a hundred and they passed that mark long ago. Every year about this time, they have a touch of spring fever and commence o|H ra-tions on their back lot. broadcasting the report that h next fall a new house will occupy it. So far. they haven’t been able to collect the hundred-dollar notes payable to the building fund, which their pledgers have to sign. Now. we will turn to the left again and travel around b the Phi kappa Taus. Their chief occupation seems to be lounging on their front porch and placing men on the honor roll by the pressure process. One of their head men i- |»o-scs-cd of “H. B.” for initials and never permits any one to forget it. They also spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to advance “Shorty” Farnsworth in the political world but their best methods fail. As we proceed on around the block and turn down Masonic Avenue prepare to view a sight for the gods. The Delta Tan House (would be Bela Theta Pi's), occupied by political giants and con ni vers who in some way have overcome opposition and boosted “Stud” Aikin from one lapdog political position to another. ilh his chid running male. Mabry Carlton, who belongs in the Theta kappa u shack (far down the Avenue there), the illustrious “Stud” horse- through on many a deal. Hi- expansion program is one of the Seven Wonders.This fire-trap oil th«- left, ladies ami gentlemen. is the far-famed ATO Barrack?. Boasting a Lieutenant Colonel, Captain?. Sergeant? and Guidon Bearer?, they make a fair hid toward control of the B. 0. T. C. At least Scabbard and Blade and Black ami White Masque arc their subsidiaries We have long been expecting the announcement of the pledging of Major Tipton. Their annual Bowery Ball ha? become one of Florida ? institution? as well as one of it? jokes. W c l I go out toward the wildcrnes here by turning to the left again out in the wilds to M-c the Alpha Delta Tribe. We'll not go too close but turn around and hasten back with ju-t a Heeling glance. These IMii Kappa Psi in the making are somewhat dangerous since their baek-lo-the-nature movement which put them in the cheesebox formerly occupied by the Sigma Cliis. Their one bid to fame was the housing of the Tri Sigma Chapter last fall when the latter Hung a dance. Except for the fact that seven of the thirteen sister? had to sleep in the garage on account of poor sleeping accommodations in the main building, they derived the proper amount of favorable notoriety from this event. As we come on back toward I niversity Avenue and turn to the left again, we catch a glimpse of a purple and white synagogue, haunt of the TEPs. chief competitors of the Phi Betcs. We will omit the side trip down there today. Journeying on down University Avenue we next come to the Della Tau Delta I louse. We have only one complaint to make here, they won’t pay their telephone bill, and while Crabtree was sick we couldn't even get them on the 'phone to find out how he was the ’phone had been disconnected. Incidentally it is rumored that the members pay rent direct to Jack Modell rather than to the fraternity treasurer. The Pyramid Club on the left assumed a new name Kappa Phi. Their pride and joy has been figuring in the journalistic world and rode through on the crest of the wave placing him in position to make many more honchcad? in the day to come. The fact that Professor Brunet moved out on them i? studiously ignored. W ill they ever go national? Well, no! Pardon us. mister, we forgot they were petitioning.Two »tock joke- on (lie campus f« r year.- have been llie SPE hou-c part and the new SPE llou.-e. Neither lia e materialized yet. They have lots of mcml cr»—any man with a chance for a numeral or letter can get a shiny new SPE pin—and then go inactive, i ou see it costs nothing to lie inactive. ) We wonder what they will do when they no longer have lii 11 Matthews ami his sermons with them. So do they. Their closest neighbors are the ‘True Southern Gentlemen." The letters “K.A." are often mistaken for "II.A." but then, who knows the difference anyhow. Clay is president of the student body this year anyone who doubts bis classification should have seen him on the train going to Savannah. These boys have some of the choicest collections on the campus, any curio hunter would spend days examining their mem bership. What’s lliut, little boy? A livery stable? Oh! No! Just the Alpha Grakba— Pardon u- The Alpha Gamma Rho House. All rural conveniences can be had in town right here. And now we call attention to the next f lop House. Have you seen the house that Hank Ringling built? Evidently the circus didn’t pay, for Hank and his cohorts had to pledge a zoo to keep the house going. The fraternity made famous by a song— the fraternity made notorious by its pledges. That new building is the pros|K etive Delta Chi House, the little shack next to it is the Phi Alpha Epsilon. And la-t we see the Prick barn inhabited by the wearer- of the ruby-eyed snake, the descendants of the ATO brethren. They have one good member. Some have put it as high a- two by including Jimmy Steele, but evidently lhe have not taken into con sidcralion that illy Richard- counts a minus there. hat’s that, little bo ? A Christmas wreath in the window? o. That’s an automobile tire. Well the ride’s over, folks, and we return to the starting point.Mother: “My on,do y ’ ' ‘ 1 girl is the sort you couhl bring home and introduce to me and your sisters?” Son: “Sure, mother, but I I hate to trust the old man with her.” Only a small percent of the girls of our country are working girls, the rest are winking men. First oicc: “Help! Stop thief! Cct your hand out of my pocket.” Second Voice: “Aha, caught you that time, viper.” First Voice: “Kemove your hand, vil- I- — am. Third Voice: “Say, will you two Dubs get your hands out of my pocket? I get out at this floor." Old Gent.: “Say, you aren’t the same blind man that stands on this corner everyday. are you?" Blind Man: “No. no. I’m not the blind man. Fin the deaf-and-dumb man. The Mind man is down the -tree! watching a dog-light." Book Salesman: “Mr. Johnson. I understand. that you have children going to that little school house, three miles down the road. Is that so?” Farmer Johnson: “Yeah, what of it?” Book Salesman: “See here, you should buy those children an cncyclo| cdia.” Farmer Johnson: “The heck you say! I .el ’em w alk like I done." Minister: “Boys, what do you intend to do with that dog you have there?” Youngster: “He is to be (irst prize for the fellow that can tell the biggest lie." Minister: “My young men. don’t you know that you shouldn't lie? Why. when I was your age I never once told a lie." Youngster: “Come on fellows, he gets the dog." Old Crank: “Put that fool where it be- I«« ongs. W ise One: “Yeah? If I did. you wouldn't he able to sit down for a month." She: “Let's take a look at the moon, dear." Him: “Darn the luck. I forgot to bring it." 371 05379526Teacher: ’’William, if your father hail twenty-five dollars and your mother asked him for seven dollars, how much would your father have?” William: ’’Let's see? Oh. twenty-five dollars, teacher." Teacher: “It is evident that you do not know your lesson.” William: “No, Mam teacher, you don't know my father.” They were on the Western Front when the command. “Fire at will." was given. A green Dutchman immediately shot the cap-lain down. Teacher: “Morgan, you have said. ‘I have went' too many times. This evening, after school, you slay and write "I have gone' one thousand times.” The next day the teacher read the following. “Dear teacher. I have written ‘1 have gone' one thousand times and now I have went home.” Coach Higgins: “Why. man. you don’t look like you gel enough sleep.” Trackman: “Well, I go to bed every night between nine and ten.” (loach Higgins: “Won't do. loo many in one bed.” Football Candidate: “Coach. I'm a little sliir from howling.” Coach: ”1 don’t care where you’re from, what I want to know i in what position you usually play.” Football Candidate: “Bent over.” A small boy aboard a train became greatly interested in watching an old man thoughtlessly scratching a small tuft of hair __ on an otherwise bald head. After watching him very closedv for some time the little Arc ou a college man?” No. I'm wearing these clothes to pay an election bet." fellow tapped the old gentleman on the shoulder and said. “Say, mister, run him out in the open and I'll swat him with this paper.”Mexican upheavals vary. W illie: “Saw you kissing my sister Inst night.' Shirk: “Come, come, take this quarter Willie; “Here’s your ten cents change, one price for all. that’s me.” Soph.: “What type car have you. rat?” “Runabout.” Soph.: "Now's that?" Hat: “Oh. it runs nhoiit a mile ami stops." Prof.: "Now. gentlemen, I have taken up with you lead-poisoning and strychnine, and tomorrow you can count on m taking arsenic.” Class: “Clap, clap, hoorah.” Jewish father to Son: "Conic, (key. jump to your fader.” I key: “I’m afraid, fader." Jewish Father: “Oh, no, fader catch you. See there fader catch you. It! See there fader catch you all the time. Now jump to fader once more 11 key jumps , and the Jew steps aside and lets him hit the floor.” Jewish Father: "Now, let dot he a lesson to you nelTer to belief a Jew, and especial!) your fader." Can you trump these? A Jew and a Scotchman were plating a game of golf. At the ninth hole the Jew had a stroke of paralysis and the Scotchman made him count it. Some time later the two made a bet as to which could slat beneath water the longer. It was agreed that the loser should pay the other live cents. Accordingly, the two jumped into a lake. The latest reports arc that they arc still searching for the bodies. The hard part is to find a girl attractive enough to please you and yet dumb enough to like you.‘M.n M.ppreciation T. YOLl MES of this kind il lias been c ustomary for the editors, in their final effort to secure additional ropy, to throw a few bouquets in their own direction. The editors of this, the twentieth edition of the Skminolk of the I niversity of Florida, will content themselves by saying that they and the members of the appointed staff have woiked hard and earnestly to make this volume one which every student may well feel proud to designate as the Annual of his I niversity. In all justice mention must he made of a number of individuals and firms who have eonlrihiiled greatly to the building of this year's SEMINOLE. We lake this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to tin Jalm ami Ollier Engraving Company, of Chicago. The engravings throughout this book are the result of the efforts and ability of this company, and its great organization. Its repre-scnlativc in the slate of Florida, Mr. A. V. Iliekow, has spent a great deal of Ids time, and energy, and has made valuable suggestions to the staff for the making of what we hope is a better Annual for the I niversity. The Seminole this year, for the first time in its history, has l»ccn printed and bound by the Record Printing Company of St. Augustine, Florida. Their work, wc believe, will speak for itself, but in all honesty and fairness the staff must give a large amount of the credit for the appearance of this volume to this company. It is interesting to note that the Skminoi.k this year was printed and bound in the State of Florida. All of the art work which ap| ears in the Skminoi.k was created in Gainesville by one of our own instructors, Mr. W. k. Long, of the Department of Architecture, whose paintings, drawings and designs have justly earned for him the title of Art Director of the Skminoi.k. Very few Annuals over the country are able to boast that their schools have available talent to enable them to furnish to the engraver such a well planned theme, executed in the smallest detail. To The Marahlc Studio of Gainesville is due great praise not only for the service rendered but also for the high quality of the work done for the Skminoi.k. We take this opportunity to again thank Mr. John Held. Jr., for his kindness in judging the Seminole Beauty (amlcst this year. The persons and firms who have advertised in this Skminoi.k have proved their support of the I niversity and deserve the patronage and sup|H rt of Florida men. Their avis have aided materially in making this volume of the Skminoi.k possible. And. finally, we offer our congratulations to the newly-elected Editors of the Skminoi.k for 1930. ami sincerely hope that next year's volume will be the best ever. The Staff.UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA STUDENTS First Methodist Church First Baptist Chureh W. . MY KRS. Pastor THOMAS V. MrCMl. Minister (lluiivh of Christ 1). K. M ASON, Minister First Presbyterian (llnireh H. S. GORDON Pastor Holy Trinity Cluirch First Christian Chureh II M M S. STONKY. Rector GEORGE OH AM. Pastor Guaranteed by Experience! STARTING in a modest way in 1855, this establishment his grown steadily and sturdily until it is now the most complete of its kind in Florida and one of the largest in the South. This Kick ground of seventy-four years of experience is your guarantee of high quality and excellent value when dealing with the House of Drew. We wish to thank those of you whom we hive hid the pleasure of serving while in college, and look forward to a continuance of your patronage after graduation. If we have not had the privilege, we hope you will give us the opportunity to prove that ours has been an experience that guarantees satisfaction! ThcH. ’W.B. DREWCOMPANY Florida's Leading Stationers JACKSONVILLE GULF BRANDS OF FERTILIZERS liav r gained I lie confidence of Florida Growers and Farmers In-i-atisc of III eir consistent quality over a period of twenty-five years. Gulf Field Men are always at your service and the Gulf Research Department is fully stalled ami equipped to solve your individual problems. The GULF FERTILIZER COMPANY TAMPA, Pl.ORIDA CROP PROTECTION •iipply everything needed In pnitrcl «nir crop from llie ravages «f insect pe-i. and diseases. Among tin- many Peninsular Products are: 1 1 NIS'I I IH Mil iso r» mnm i m i n n i i seinatk |- MNM I M CAN IS cans l-IMVIMK M N4. MM 'I I I'll V I» »■» MNM I H 1-11 Oil. SO A I I-ININMI H SPRAY IIOSK, BELTING. ETC. ni c. m -i t.rm n- ni si mu a mixti ki:s N| i: K MimK I IM III ST MIXTI HI-N| i. r NIIOTINI III -r MIXTI H»- ni m soi.inn: sii ciiik coMroixo macana arsenate or leaii ni «.M ' l-U.I.U M IKS n I «. l DUSTING MAI IIINES ll Him SPRAYING MAI HINES l» RHISOI. | o« IIKY BOKDEAI X IM»m IIMY 1.1 ME Sill-Ill R Horn ALKALIS 4 I HN TRAITOR IIARROR Peninsular Chemical Company TAMPA. FLORIDABAIRD HARDWARE CO. HOLESALE RETAIL Kodaks and Filins Golf Supplies Athletic Equipment ON THE SQUARE EAST SI I )E Inter-Southern Life THE PHIFER STATE BANK Insurance Go. GVINESN ILLS. FLORIDA LOUISVILLE, KY. LIFE INSURANCE Home Instiltilioti. owned by Home People U ii part of tin foundation We promise you eourleoiis of ;i canwr attention and good service M. M. PARRISH l lnrnla Mnnttfirr —» THE PHIFER STATE GAINESVILLE, FLORID BANK Orpini .rd 1907 379 Capital anil Sur 82.400.000.00 For more than iHcntyoix year proini-nriilly identified v«ilia tin- gnmtli ami development of Southeastern t’lnridu. l rmfcrf Federal Kr rrir S trm The Clias. II. Elliott Co. The Large ! College Engraving Home in tlir World Coinmeiu'ement Im itations Class Day Programs Class Dins and Rings Dance Programs and Invitations Mentis Dance Favors and ovelties I'raternitv Stationery Calling Cards TIIK FIRST NATIONAL B NK OF MI AMI Seventeenth Street and l.ehiftli A venue Philadelphia GOOD PL CK TO LKAVK VOI It TlilKST M III NGKK BEHIND Tin 01 It SPEC I l. STI DENT U NCHI S DRUM’S WAFFLE SHOP Opposite Museum Gainesville Fi.okida TAKE NO CII NCES SEND n i Tin Best K«|iti| | Phone 351 OTTO F. STOCK ,}rvlc,kEankk icil Cli'ancr in llic (lily. Men's (!lntliin» a Specially ()tie-Day Service Gainesville. Fla. PRIMROSE GRILL REAL HOME COOKING Special Attention (riven Rampicl and Parties 322 Y. I niversily vc. COMPLIMENTS OF GAIAESA IEEE ICE CREAM COMPANA C. E. PEKKY, Manager GAINESVILLE, Florida 380 THE COLLEGE INN "A Toirn It ithin a House" Felt Goods, Drugs, Cigars, Soda Fountain. Candies. Ice Cream. Stationery, Notions For All the Students Thru All the Year ASSOCIATED WITH Pressing Club Barber Shop Lunch (Counter I linen 11 ilhin a llou.w" THE COLLEGE INN 1I L MANN. Manager EINE PORTRAITS Official Photographers for this Publication KODAK FINISHING —FRAMING — 381 MAR ABLE’S STUDIO■■■■■■■inHHBnnBBaBHHnBna THE FIRST NATIONAL RANK GAINESV 1LLK, FLORIDA "The Old Reliable' Capital...................$100,000 Surplus ami Profits . . . $200,000 OLDEST BANK IN CENTRAL FLORIDA YOl R CCOCNT, WHETHER LARGE OR SMALL, IS SOLICITED Y f Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Compounded Quarterly Right Materials Right Proportions Perfect Blend Firhl reinillM prove (lit U|H'riorit of IDEAL BR ANDS ILSON TOOMER FERTILIZER COMPANYCOMPLIMENTS OF Jacksonville Bottling Co. J ACKSON I U K Florida State College for Women Tallahassee, Fi.orida Offers four-year courses leading lo I lie llaelielor's Decree in (lie following: The College of rts ami Seienees LIm School of Education The School of Home Economies The School of Music Two-year course in the Normal School, leading lo the degree Licentiate of Instruction. n eight-week term in the Summer School, for teachers in -ervice and college students who wish to earn credit toward the above degree . Graduation from accredited four-year high school , or the equivalent, required for admission to tin Freshman Class. For catalog and information, address THE REGISTRAR Florida State College for Women u Tallahassee, Florida Before oit Rush Away ARAGON Think of tin tilings you are apt to want tomorrow today! 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Suggestions in the University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) collection:

University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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University of Florida - Tower Seminole Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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