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1927 Ghe SOTKM unrvHRsrsfc OP- FLORID Cop) riglii. 1927 Frank Dkan Bocc Editor-in-Chitf K. Beverly Mann. Jk. Ilusinexs I tanagnsefcmoLe 1927 ftWishcd by the Sfoident Bodj ojthe XiraveRSIW of FLORIDA Gainesville VOLUME XVIII3 IS'Florida Honors Dr. Clifford W. CrandallForeword Jo Mirror the happenings of anotlier eventful year of campus life at the University of Florida and To Mark anotlier milestone in her steady march of progress.Contents BOOK 1 Administration BOOK II Classes BOOK III Athletics BOOK IV Activities BOOK V Fraternities BOOK VI Women BOOK VII FeaturesStaff Frank Dean Bolls Editor-in-Chicf Keese lit Nicimr Managing Editor K. Beverly Mann Business Manager Palmer Tyler lion Brown Art Editors I.( Odom Bill Large k. k. Black Assistant Art Horace I). Aiken James Siiaw Literary Editors Sam Byrd Sam allace Military Editors Pat Pattillo Charley Cro .ier Society Editors Chester Ferguson Kkrmit Callahan Organizations Editors Dillon (Traiiam S[torts Editor George Thorpe Issislanl Sports Bon Dillon Feature Editor UlCHARD YLOR. Director J. J. McCranie Jerome Connor Preston Wolfe Bill Bi h.ner Willie Uichards Bill Brow nlee Dime Beccs AI.IIERT Joil NSON Iti ssel B. Carson Paul Marks Cyrus M. Ei on Ed Beasley issociate EditorsSEMINOLE 1927 ADMINISTRATION 'MO MG the pine,- of a l»euutiful fore !. I In I niver ity «»f Florida had ii first humble beginnings near the drows little village ol Gainesville. The small hand of pioneer educator. who under look the task of establishing a state university were larking in material resources bul abumlantly supplied with hopes, enthusiasm and an unconquerable spirit. Twelve scholarly gentlemen formed this first faculty, faced b s ein-iugly insurmountable obstacles. Since that time the faculty has grown to several times the size of the combined faculty and student hod of that first year and the student enrollment now approaches the two thousand mark. Handsome new buildings are under course of construction on tin campus to meet new needs, an imposing fraternity row has ap| eared and Gainesville has developed from a drowsy little village to a hustling young city. Careful plans were made for this future development before laying the cornerstone of a single building and a- a result the building present a harmonious style of Gothic architecture. The University of Florida has proudly taken her place among the leading institutions of higher learning in the South.SEMINOLE 1927 pv«;k 12 V. Mi MriniM; .Mh I.I..I). I'reudenl of the t niter tiltSEMINOLE 1927 COLLEGE Ol ARTS AND SCIENCES College of Arts and Sciences 1 serves main purjioses. For instance it prepares thr student for the »tudv of medicine; the standard law mIiooU are requiring a minimum of two years of college work in pre-legal studies and similarly, the schools of theolog) e |iect their students to have followed course in lilierul arts. Hut it ma he stated in more general terms that the purpose and aim of the College of Art and Science is to impart culture and refinement. to train the mind and strengthen the intellect. to huild up ideals and establish the character, to enlarge the vision, to ennoble the thoughts, to increase the appreciation of the lieautiful and the true, to add charm to life and piquancy to companionship, to make the man a decent fellow, a useful citizen, an influential member of society in whatever community he may lie thrown, in whatever field his life-course may he run. J wi» Y Pii.IL Dran FACULTY Vmmkmin. J. „ Dean, College of .Irts anil Science , Professor of Ancient Languages. Ill:MON. J. It.. Professor of Physics III IsUJt. . H., Professor of Chemistry Itm-Toi. L. M- Professor of Sociology ItlCHAVAN, P. S„ professor of Speech HrCMHOLZ, L W.. Professor of Bible ItnKNO, J. S„ Instructor in Spanish CHANDLER. II. XX .. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Crow. C. I... Professor of Modern Languages Kii kiih.»; J. G.. Instructor in economics K w all. II. O.. Professor of Philosophy Kvans. II. (’., Professor of History and Politi. cal Science KakR, Jamks M. Professor of English F KKI'. L C.. Assistant Professor of English CoonwiN, It. C.. Assistant Professor of Chemistry. HATHAWAY, W. It.. Issislant Professor of Spanish and English III.ATII. F. H.. Professor of Chemistry lllNCKLKY. K. I)., Assistant Professor of Psychology IIolI-INCsWOKTII. W XX.. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science III MULL. T. II.. Assistant Professor of Hiology and Ceology Jackson. V. T.. Assistant Professor of Chemistry ki sN». J. II.. Instructor in Mathematics Ll'-AKR. J. X|.. Head Professor of History and Piditiral Science lAKH. T. It-. Head Professor of Chemistry l.ITTI.E. J. P.. Instructor in Physics M ATIIERLY, W. J„ Professor of Economics Pi.HKY. W. S„ Assistant Professor of Physics P»;TIRsr.N. WALTER, Assistant Professor of Ancient languages Pill PCs. C. (J.. Instructor in Mathematics Kom:rt«ON. C. X.. Assistant Professor of English It m.i ii , J. Sm.IB. Professor of Hiology and Ceology SlHPsoN, T. XI.. Professor of Mat hemal cs Siii km an, II. It . Assistant Professor of Hiology and Ceology Shall. S. X.. Assistant Professor of English SiMONDs, Stanley, Professor of Homan hwSEMINOLE 1927 COLLEGE Ol AGRICULTURE W, I.. KLOTi . M.S. Assistant Dean Coluxe or Acrici ltikk has f«r M L its purjioH' llu (mining of scientific J farmers and encouraging them to lake ti|» (heir hraneh of work in thin Male. In this college (here are courses designed lo treat «»f those plants of tropical origin an l de-velopinent with special sire.- , bring placed on the fruit- and produce of Florida showing how they may Ik- raised more ahiindanth and scientifically. Agronomy, horticulture, soil analysis, poultry and animal husbandry are but a few of the many courses offered here. This college sponsors the Hoys' (Hubs and gives short courses of a few week- duration to meet the needs of these hoys throughout the state. Each year there gather here many boys and young farmers from all parts of the -late to take part in these helpful instructions. In connection with the College of Agriculture is the Florida State Experiment Station and an exceedingly large farm in which there is shown practical demonstration of tin advantages id scientific farming. FACULTY Wilmon Ni.wii.l. M.S„ D.Sc. (Iowa) Di'an Charm:.- K. iihott, B.S.A.E, IhS.A. Walter M. Bmsllk, M.Sc.. I).Sc. (l rincet« nI Al in I . Black. A.B. Caw. F. M. Brennan laxii - M. Bristol, I’h.I). (Harvard) C. Bryan. M.S., I'li.D. (Wisconsin) Maui-on I). Cody. M.A. James W. Day. B.S.X.. ILS.Eil. M.A. Silas K. F.siillman. Jil. M.E.. K.K.. M.S. James l. Karr. V.M., 1’n.I)., (John- ilupkinsl W ii bi h I.. Flann. IkS.. M.S. John Cray. .B, M.S. Mi mo C. Hamilton. B.S.A.K.. B.S. A. Caw. W. A. Rawls » n - T. Jack-on, M.S., Pm.I). (Cliicagoi K.ARLL l I .OKU. IkS.A. Town I- R, l.EU.II. .M.. I'll.l). (CliirjRo) J. Sri.i.ii Rogers V.B.. M.A. Fka jmi Rogers. B.S.A. Nathan W. Sanborn, M.D. rthiir I.. Siilalv. US.. D.Y.M. i tckilli|«»i 1'iioma- M. Simpson, MA„ I'll.l). (Wi-ron-in) i J. Strong F. G. Martin. M.S. J. G. Gee. B.S. (Clcnwon) LSIRT W. Sum. M.A.. I'li.D. lli«»ni Major rt»ii r C. Tiiton CLAIRE II. Wii.loi i.iiiiy. It. «... M. . On. Kvmo.t M. )on |{. Weaver S. W nmaiEAD J. K. Thrlincton. M.S.. I’ii.I). iGmiiicIIiSEMINOLE 192? COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE COLLEGE OF Fnc.INKKRINC i- one d CN of ihe first college of llu I niversity J of Florida. and lias been uiuler Dr. Benton's direction during the entire period of its existence. At present it occupies tin- Engineering building, including the large wing used for shop work; and the new Engineer ing laboratory building, just completed. The latter will be used for the first time in the I927-2R term. The college affords the best technological training in four-year courses in chemical, civil, electrical ami mechanical engineering, leading t corresponding Bachelor's degrees in engineering. School of Akciiitkcti kk The courses offered in the School of Architecture are of four years duration leading to a Bachelor's degree. Hudolph Weaver, B.S.I.A.. is in charge as Director. The courses are designed to prepare graduates for those fields of endeavor in which utility is combined with beauty. It is the aim of the school to train students to meet the demands of such nature ami enter the field of architecture and its numerous allied arts a- designers, draftsmen and such. J. It. IkVTON. 1 11.0. Dean FACULTY J. H. Hi nton. I’ii.I).. Dean and Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering I . 1.. Kkmi. C.K.. Professor of Civil Engineering Meiai.x Price. B.S.E.K.. Professor of Mechanical Engineering . II. Hmm.i.k. M.S.. I).Sc.. Professor of Chemical Engineering W. S. Pi-IIHY, l S.. Assistant Professor of Physics It. K. Gaines, H.S.. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering S. K. K'IILKMAN. M.S.. M.K.. E.K.. Instructor in Droning and Mechanic Iris C. E. Barnes. BS.C.K.. Assistant Professor of Citil Engineering II. A. Hall. B.S C.K.. I.ectnrer on Road Materials W. S. lllCCINS, K.K.. M.K.K., Assistant Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering J. P. I .ITT i.i, BS.K.K.. M S., Instructor in Physics and Electrical Engineering T. M. I.OWE. B.S.C.K.. Instructor in Civil Engineering K. K. POIMILXTIJC. i’ll.I)., Assistant Professor of Physics F. I-. Prescott. B.S.M.K.. M.K.. Instructor in Physics and Electrical Engineering A. J. Strong. B.S.M K.. Professor of Droning anil Mechanic Irt Josrj’ll Will., B.S.K.F... M.S.. Assistant Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering K. S. Walker. Col. t .S.A. Rl L). Instructor in Droning and Descriptive Geometry ]{l WKAViat, B.S.. A.I. „ Professor of Architecture. Director of School of ArchitectureSEMINOLE 1927 TEACHERS COLI.EGK J. W. Norman. Ph.I). Dean XT IS ihc main purpose of theTeacHKKS College to furnish such training U will Ik most useful to its student in the profession of teaching. It strive also to develop in its students a keen insight into human affairs, human relationships and human problems. The college attempts to prepare its graduates for positions of importance in the educational world. It is the policy of the Teuehcrs College that the students shall know much about the subject the) expect to leach, hut it is npialU as important that they should he resourceful in leaching a class or skillful in managing a school or ys-tern of schools. W ith the recent great increase in the Health and population of the State of Florida and the strides forward in developing an educational system to meet the increased demand, teachers and instructors of the pro|H r training are necessary. The Teachers College is undertaking to supply this demand and is | erforming an inval-liable service to the State of Florida in preparing educators to fill those positions. FACULTY I.IHAN G. Haskixl, |.D. Jami-s W. Norman. A.M., PhJ). (ColumbiaI. Dean J mi_s N. ndlrson. M.A- I'll.I). Juhn» Hopkins) John it. Hinton. HA- I’ll.I). (Cdtlinfi-ni Alvin P. Black, A lt. I.ccn s M. Hristol. Ph.I). t Harvard i lanwit . Hcciiholz. A.M. Ciiari i.s I„ Crow. M.A- Ph.I). (Gottingen) James M. Karr. A.M- Ph.I). (Johns Hopkins» It. FIlk. .M . Ph.I). (Nebraska) William H. Hathaway. H.l).. M.A. Jambs M. Uam, UL Ph.I). (John. llo| kin Townks It. I.ijch, A.M- Ph.I). (Chicago! n.niMT . Ijttlt, A.H- A.M. lit nj.amin K. 1.1 KUL A.M- Ph.I). tColumhiat J. Sru» Itocots. A.H- M. V. Josirn Koi.mix. A.M- Ph.I). ( IVjInnI« i Thomas M. Simpson. M.A- Ph.I). (Wkniiuni irijit J. Stronc. H.S.M.K. (Kloriiiai Major Artiii r C. Tiiton J. K. T« RUNCTON, pH.1). (Cornell Cait. K. M. Yon. I .S.A. Jami (i. Cm, l)JS. (ClrnisonI PACK 16SEMINOLE 1927 COLLEGE Ol LAW XT IS I ho purpose of l he College of Law lo impart a thorough, scientific, and practical knowledge of the law. It aims to develop keen, efficient lawyers, conversant with the ideals and traditions of the professions. Its policy is characterized hv the emphasis of practice as well as theory; pleading as well as historical perspective: skill in brief making as well as legal information. The advantages of a thorough ami systematic course of instruction in the common law. with special consideration of the peculiarities and exceptions applicable in Florida, arc many and evident and in addition, organized practice courts are regular features of the third year of the curriculum. The object is to give the student practical instruction in pleading and practice at law and in equity in addition to experience in the preparation ami trial of cases. The College is registered by the Board of Kegents of .New York, is a member of the American Association of Law Schools, and is classed as an “A" school bv the American Bar Association. Dean FACULTY Hamky It. Ticim.ik. A.M., l.l. R. (Michigan). Dean ItOKCRT .S. Cockkii.i.. M.A., I.I..II. (VirginiaI Clifford Waldorf RS. LL.B. (Michigan) Dw Slaci.f, A.M.. IJJhJYale) Beorce W. Thompson. (Michigan) PACE 17SEMINOLE 1927 COLLEGE Ol PHARMACY Bl.TIIOl (ill practically in it.- infancy. the Coi.i.kck of Pharmacy is coiurilcd to rank high among the other colleges of the country. As an associate member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the College receives full recognition for it-courses from all state hoards n qniring attendance in a school of pharmacy as a prerequisite for examination ami registration. Although all schools are required to maintain certain minimum requirements for entrance and for graduation. the College prides itself on the fact that all of its requirements are far in excess of this minimum. The Department of Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology has done considerable work in the development of a garden of medicinal plants. Particular attention is given to those plants which do not grow well in regions farther north, upon which investigations must be made at this I niversilv. The Department has enjoved the cooperation of the I niled Slates Bureau of Plant Industry, the Slate Commissioner of Agriculture, ami the Federated Card n Clubs of America. FACULTY Towm.- R. I.ijcii, A.M- Pn.l). (Chicagoi, Dean of the (.allege Wiluvu John Hi -a. I'ii.C., A.M.. I’ll.I), (lutul Professor of Pharmacy K. ARCHIBALD GlLm.LAN, PlI.C. ILS.. Pn.l). (Yale). Professor of Pharmacy Franklin Javil- Bacon, I'ii.G.. M.S., Pii.I). (Wiicon«inl, Professor of Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology I.YMan I). Fonda. B.S.. Instructor in Pharmacy Krn-t T. Sti hr. B.S.. Instructor in Pharmacognosy T. K. I.rjcii, M.A, Pn.l). DeanSEMINOLE 1927 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND JOURNALISM HK School, of Business Administration .and Journalism was established in 1923. with the ultimata intention of making it a college. The establishment of the school met with a hearty response. So many students have applied for registration that it was necessary, on account of limited facilities, to restrict numbers. Business enterprises and newspapermen have exhibited a keen interest in iho I niversity's plan! and have done much to encourage and advance the cause of university education in these fields. The School of Business Administration and Journalism offers instruction in three distinct fields of professional or semi-professional effort: I. Business Administration II. Journalism. III. Sx-ial Administration Ihree undergraduate degrees are given in the School: Bachelor of S iencr in each of the three branches named above. VS. J. Mumou-v. M.A. Dean FACULTY A ai.tiji J. VIathekly. VI.Director and Professor of Economics Cl-irroNU .A. Cl «l». A.B.. Ph.I)m .4s.sistant Professor of Finance Humarii C. Gray. VlJk C.P.A.. Assistant Professor of Accounting M. O. PuiLLirs. Jk., M.A, Instructor in Economic Resources and Foreign Trade Jam ns V. I)av. IIS. Ed.. M.A Instructor in llusines 0« LA Ml K. rv«tnom;, lt.J.. I.I..IL M.A, Assistant Professor of Journalism L. M. IlmsTOL. Mj , Ph.I).. Professor of Sociology and Social Idministration John G. Kiukiin.k. M.N.. Instructor in EconomicsSEMINOLE 1927 MILITARY DEPARTMENT Major . C. TlPTON. I , Commandant of (add and Professor of Military Science and Tact its Captain K. |. Brenn an. I .''. V. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tat ties Cam AIN K. M. Yon. l!.S. ., A sustant Professor of Military Science and Tactic » Captain C. S. HtTEMKAD, I J5.A, Assistant Professor of Militars Science and Tactics CAPTAIN W. A. RAVALS I S A, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Km r Skbckant K. C. McCallotlr, D.K.M.L. Sowkant l . » Hi nulla. D.E.M.L Slrclant W. I). Klinipctol D.E.M.I.. Serceant C H. Hill D.K.M.I. H. DlWitti Brown. Director of R.O.T.C. Hand and I nitersily Orchestra ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Tin work of tin Athletic I) | artmerit umlrr ll«« direction of Captain K. M. Aon is a mailer of pride and joy to all alumni and Mudenls of ilie I Diversity of Horida. Captain Yon ha worked untiringly in the interest of (iator athletic and the result | eak for themselves. IKnN Capttain K. M. Yon. Ithletic Director Jawl Boaii. Graduate Manager II. I.. Sijmunc. Head Football Coach Hr AOY Cowell. Head HasketbaU and Freshman Football and Freshman llaseball i.t ach Chiller Brow n. Track Coach I.ANCt KlCIIROlRL. llaseball Coach Captain (- S. Whitehead. Asst, llaseball Coach u PoRTtJt. Asst, llaseball Coach Jimma ClX, Asst. Football Coach Major . C. TlPION. Asst. Football Coach Rat Dickvin. Asst. Football Coach . I . PllXMi.A, Freshman llasketball and Isst. Freshman Footlrall lXKN Hrvan. Isst. Freshman Football (.oach . C Harris Asst. Freshman Fi otball Coach Jack Mathew . Asst. Freshman Football Coach li«. GeoRle Wirrek, Asst. Freshman Ftsotltall Coach l R. an C. IIa KLLL. Director of Phssical education John Piouito, I arsity and Freshman Hosing Coach. Trainer l R«ir. II. C. Evans, I arsity and Freshman Tennis Coach Lewis Dt PONT, Soccer Coach Jor. Pomeroy, B resiling Coach GENERAL EXTENSION DIVISION In an effort to serve all tlw people in the State, the Extension Service of the institutions of higher learning in Florida, i made up of a General Extension Division and an gricullnral Extension Division. The General Extension Dixision represent the Colleges of rt and Sciences Education. Engineering and lam of the University, and the College of rt and Science and the Schools of Education, Physical Education, and Music of the State College lor Women. The work ol the General Extension Division i carried on by tour departments: The Extension Teaching Department Miiierxiv Correspondence-Study. Class Study, Cluh Study and Short Course . Flic Public We.lare Dc|»arlnient a «i»t with Conference and Institutes. Surveys ami Community Studies. The Department for Instruction h l.ecturr and Puldic Discussion conducts the High ScIwm | Delating league and State Declamatory Contests. The General Information and Service Department ha« charge | the Public Information. isual Instruction. 2$( tiuol and Community Center Bureau and Extension Publication and Traveling and Package Library Service. B. C Blur. A.B, IIS.A, Director Bl RTiin W, Awl . B.S.A.. Reading Courses Km a M. Iumox, Pii.IL. Reticle Coatses UCK L. Alumin, A.B.. Mathematics Earl C. Buck. M.A.. English Ohtun W. Boaii. M.A., Commercial Courses Mara Kllln Kolia, .B, B.J.. English J ami; I). Gi.i nt, .B, History l I11.RT It. Halley. .M, Pll.l), Fnnlish and German Albert I). Ill t on. B.S.K.K., Mechanical Drafting C Jon n on. II.S.E, Cii it Sen ice Ji i.ia Annkttk Keller. B.S., Industrial Art Daviii E. Mi Dow i i.i . .B.. French and Spanish Pail T. Manchester. A.M, Spanish W. S. MlUtiLEToN. .IL. French Mr . Joseph Boimim. B.S.. Elementary Education G. Bam ako Simmon . M.A, History Bai.pii Stoi tamire, II.S.A.. Journalism Ian 1 1. K. Ti.wk'Rirv. Music J. IliHiriR W i l, N.B.. M.A., iMtin and EnglishH.e-[ joPalm Drive PACK 21 Entrance to University • 25College of Agriculture PACE 26College of Knginccrin PAGE 2:I.antfuatfc Hall PAGE 28Gymnasium CC 8  »SEMINOLE 1927 JOHN McLEAN ALLISON. Jacksonville. U«. U-.B. Vice-President Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Della Phi. Phi Kappa Phi. Pirates (2. 3. -It. Vice-President (4), Baronet Club (3, 4). President (4), Serpent Ribbon Society. Dance Committee (2), Chairman Dance Committee (3). President (4». Masqueraders (1. 2. 3, 4). Secretary 3t. Vice-resident Combined Senior Class (4), Seminole Staff, Societies Editor (3), Chairman Junior Prom Committer f3 . Member Inter-Fraternity Conference (4». Chairman Pan-Hellenic Dance Committee (4), igilanre Committee (2). John Marshall Debating Society. CLYDE DAVIS, "Boots'. Jacksonville. Engineering. B.S.C.E. President Phi Delta Theta. Theta Ribbon Society, Scabbard and Blade. Benton Engineering Society. American Society Civil Engineer . Duval Coun'y Club. ”F“ Club. President Senior Clast (4), Athletic Council (4). Varsity Football (2. 3, 4), Freshman Football. Major Second Battalion 4 . WILLIAM WALTON FLOURNOY. JR. "Sheik". DcFuniak Spring . Trader . A.B. Secretary-Treasurer Theta Kappa Nil, Kappa Delta Pi. Flint Chemical Society (2). Peabody Club. Wahaloosa Club. Secretary-treasurer .Vn.or Cass. Inter-College lh»K.etl all learn 2 , Soccer 2i. Junior Prom Committee (31. Entered from Palmer College (2). PACE 84SEMINOLE 1927 ROBERT C. PARKER. -Bob". Tallahaioce. U«. U B. Theta Chi. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Alpha Delta. Black and White Manque. Blue Ke Society. John Mar»hall Debating Society (2. 3. 4 . Farr Literary Society (1», President l.con Club (3. 4». Preai-dent Junior Clan (3», Treasurer Y. M. C. A. 3», Freshman Football. Varsity Baseball Squad (2. 3). Seminole Staff (3). Intra-Mural Coif Manager 4 . Florida representative on Southern Field Council Y. M. C. A. (3. 4). Chairman Democratic Club (4 , Chairman Senior Ring Committee (4), University dee Club. ROBERT S. KNOWLES, Frost Proof. Teacher . A.B.E. Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Delta Pi. Peabody Club. Socratic Club. Teacher Scholarship from llilla borough County. JAMES EDMONDS MARSHALL. "Jim". Winter Haven. Law. LL.B. Sigma I-ambda Tau. John Marshall Debating Society (5), Glee Club (5). l ni»er ity of Virginia 1. 2. 3. 4). J. Dc la TORRIENTE MICHAEL I. KUSTOFF. Gainesville. Law. J.l). Awarded four medal for bravery during World War. American Legion. PACE 35SEMINOLE 1927 HERMAN LANGFORD. "Langford", Ookeville. Tenn. Teacher-. B.S.A.E. LIONEL RAY MON BROTHERS. Reddick. rt» and Science . .B. pair Literary Society (1. 2, 3, 4), Secretary 3». President 11». Ibp'iM Club (1. 2. 3. l». Secretary (2t. Vice Pre«dcnt 3. 4 . Soccer Football 1. 2. 3. -It. Track «31. Fre-hman Friendship Club (It, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (•!). Ministerial Club (I. 3. 4». CHARLES JAMES McDOWALL, "Mac". Gaine-ville. Engineering. B.S.M E. Student Branch AS.M.E. President 41. Benton Engineering Society. Simpson Mathematics Society, Alachua County Club. — ciate Manager Foot Ini II I2», Clao Foot lull 12». JAMES LELAND LEWIS. "Jim". Fort Myere. Teacher . .B.E. Kaopa Alpha at Defiance College. Fort Myer Club 2. 3. 4), Peabody Club t I . Yar»ily I) (Hub at Defiance College. President Pral»ody Club (4». Rifle Team 3». LELAND L. BECKER. "Yank", Winter llaten. Law. I.LII. Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Theta Rihlion Society, Polk County (dub. ILt«k -ll»all «l». Inter-Fraternity Conference (41.SEMINOLE 1927 I)KAN C. HOI K. Aubumdale. rt» ami Science. SAM HOUSTON HUFFMAN. “Sam". Cleveland. Teacher . A.B.E. Phi Kappa Tau. Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Della Pi. Tau K.ippa Mpha. Mplta Phi Kp ilon. Simplon Mathematical Society 2. 3 . Secretary (2). Leigh Chemical Society (2». Peabody Club (1. 2. 3. O, Secret ary-Treasurer (2». Vice-Provident 3 . Critic (It. Executive Council (1), Teacher College Baseball (2. 3 . Fraternity lla eball 2. 3». Fre hman-Sophotnore Declamation Team I2». Junior Oratorical Team (3 . Varsity Debating Team (4). Student Assistant in Mathematics « D. Cadet Captain C" Company K.O.T.C. (4). First Place Florida Rifle Team. Camp McClellan (3», Pictorial Review Team 4 . HUGH M. SUTTON. JR.. Pompano, bw. LL.B. Sigma Chi. John Marshall Debating Society. VM. RAYMOND CLARY. “Deacon", Auburndale. Engineering. B.S.C.E. Alpha Delta. Sigma Tau. Student Chapter American Society Civil Engineer . President Polk, County Club, lakeland Club. Honor Court (4). Intra-Mural Football tit. R. THEODORE LUNDY. "Teddy". Bradenton. Engineering. B.S.C.E. Phi Kappa Tau. Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Tau. Renton Engineering Society. Vice-President D, American Institute of Electrical Engineer . Secretary (3l, Vice-Pre ident (41. Manatee County Club. PACE 37SEMINOLE 1927 STUART A. PRATT. “ Vail". Parker. Butineaa Administration. B.S.B.A. Farr Literary Society. Commerce Club. Bay County Club. A. W. CLARK. 7?«T. Bor Ridge. law, LL.B. John Marshall Debating Society, Sarasota County Club. College Football (I. 2». Cla « Football (1, 2). LEONARD CARL CARTWRIGHT, "Happy", South Miami. Engineering. B.S.Ch.E. Order of the Pyramid. Phi Kappa Phi. Leigh Chemical Society (3 . Vice-President l . President, Simp«on Mathematical Society ( 4 , President Miami Club. KERMIT THOMAS IIART. "Km. S.“. Tampa. Bu»ine» dmini«tration. B.S.B. . Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Sigma, Commerce Club (I, 2. 3, 4». Mi pali (1. 2. 3. •!». President (41, Tampa Club (I, 2», Wisconsin Club t2. 3t. President (2». Reporter Florida Alligator (1, 2 , Vigilance Committee (2t, Student Assistant in the School of Business Administration (2, 3. 4). WILLIAM LAFAYETTE CRAY. JR„ "HUT, Uurens. S. C. Wofford College A.B. Law, LLIb Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Della. Theta Ribbon Society. Baronet’ Club. Beale Ijv» Club, llanard Low School. PACE 38SEMINOLE 192? WILLIAM EDEI.STF.IN, Gainesville. Engineering. B5.E. Tau Epsilon Phi. HAROLD DUBLIRER. " a . Miami. Law. IJ-B. Phi Kappa Phi. Tau Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Epsilon, John Marshall Debating Society 2. 3. It, Reporter (3), Miami Club, Fencing Team. Alligator Staff (2 , Atrocities Editor (3 , I .aw College Debating Team (3), Vanity Debating Team (3, 4). JOHN KIRACOFE. Cainenville. law. LL.B. Della Tau Delta. Freshman Basketball. Vanity Basketball (2. 3, 4). F. C. JANES. JR.. "Jesse”. Waochula. law. I.LB. Alpha Lambda Tau. ARTHUR C. ERWIN. "HUT, Tampa. Agriculture, ILS.A. Thvrsus (Honorary Horticultural Society), Track (I, 2, 3. 4), Boxing (2, It. Clan Football (2. 31, Clow Track (1. 2). Masonic Lodge. First Lieutenant, Executive Olficcr, Company E” R.O.T.C. PACE 39SEMINOLE 1927 HERCULES MARASALES. "Hcrk", Pensacola. Pharmacy, Ph.C. I .visit Chemical Society. Mortar arul Pestle. Pensacola Cluli. JOHN ROBERT HOLT. "Jack". Gainesville. Badness Administration. B.S.B.A. Delta Sigma l.aral»da. (University of Illinoist. Alpha Kappa P»i. Beta Sigma. Commerce Cluh (3. 4), President (4). SAMUEL EXUM COBB. JR.. “Sam", Gainesville. Art. and Science. B.A. Kappa Alpha, Serpent Rihlton Society. Cosmopolitan Club (3t. Editor Student Directory (3», Advertising Manager "Silver Bov " 3 , Freshman Friendship Council (It. JAMES BRYANT COX, JR-. "Jimmie", Fort Myers. Teachers. B.S.E. Peabody Club (I. 2, 3. 4), Vice-President (4». Reporter (2), Art Editor “Seminole 3». B.i| ti l Club (1, 2t. 2nd Vice-President (3), 3rd Vice-President l». Tallaha ce-Florida Picnic Social Committee 2t, Fort Myers (Huh 3. 4 , President (4), ll-Southcrn Bapti-t Student Conference at Birmingham (4). GORDON A. PETTEWAY. Brook.ville. law. I .LB. Sigma Chi, John Marshall Debating Society, “F” Club. Track (1. 2, It.SEMINOLE 1927 FRANCIS PAUL DEAN. "PauT, Delray. Engineering. Sigma Lambda Tau, Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Renton Engineering Society (1. 2. 3. 4 . American Society of Electrical Engineers 3, 41. Palin Beach County Club 1. 2, 3). Mathematic Club (2). Executive Council (4 . Inter-College Soccer (2», Judge of Vigilance Committee. VERNON CALHOUN STEEN. "l)ocn. Gainesville. Engineering. 8.S.M.E. Sigma l.amlxla Tau. Benton Engineering Society. Secretary.Treasurer (3), President I». uteri can Society of Mechanical Engineers. Treasurer 4», Simpson Mathematical Society. Vice-Presi dent (2». President 3 , Fencing Club. Hu»ine»» Manager (4). Junior Pan llellanic Council. Sec-retary-Treasurer (3.4), Champion Inter-Society Rrltating Team (4). ALTON CHESTER MORRIS, "At". Wr.1 Palm Beach. Teachers. A.B.E. Sigma Phi Eprilon. Peabody Club tl. 2, 3, It, Palm Beach County Club (1. 2. 3. 4 , Socratic Club t4). President Democratic Party 4 . Freshman Friendship Club tit. President Y. M. C. A. (4). Vice-President Y. M. C. A. 3 . Chairman Cap and Gown Committee 141. Chapel Program Committee (It. Glee Club (3, I), State President V M. C. . (3). Regional Gwncil t2. 3». J. W. PRITCHARD, "Jim", Gainesville. Law. LL.IL John Marshall Debating Society. Miami Club. JOSEPH HENSON MARKHAM. "Ilrnutn", ULe City. Law. J.D. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Scabbard and Blade. Phi Delta Phi. Phi Kappa Phi. Blue Key Society, Black and White Manjue. Serpent Ribbon Society. President Student llody 4t. President Junior Class (3l, Member of Honor Court (3l. Manjger Freshman Football Team (3», President Inter-Fraternity Conference (4). Second Lieutenant Officer Rrwrve Corps U. S. Army.SEMINOLE 192? ALBERT ROBERT MORROW. Madboo. Teachers, A.IkE. Kappa Delta Pi, Peabody Club, Sorralic Club. Fellowship in Mathematic . Three Year Scholarship. A. C. PAT1LL0. -Pet' Port Orange, l aw. IX B. Sigma Alpha Epsi'on. Serpent Ribbon Society. Chairman Dance Commitee (4 . John Marshall Debating Society. Crow Country Team (3 . Track juad (4», Seminole Staff • I». Junior Prom Committee (3). Blue Key. ALFRED WILLIAM SMITH, "RaT. Fruitland Park. Business Administration B.S.B Pi Kappa Phi. Theta Ribbon Society. “F" Club. Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4). Captain D, Cross-Country (2), Second Lieutenant, Company “F R.O.T.C W. J. FARRELL, "fli ". West Palm Beach. Engineering B.S.C.E. Student Chapter A.S.C.E. (Treasurer 4 , Newman Club, Palm Beach County Club. CLARENCE V. R MINER. "C.F.", Gainesville. Business Administration ILS.B A. Alpha Sigma Omicron (U. of A.), Scabbard ami B’adr, Alpha Kappa P»i, Commerce Club. Vice-President Commerce Club 4 , L'mxersi.y of A. Boxing Champ (I. 2 . Lightweight Boxing Champ R.OT.C Camp Knox. 1924. 1-eader (Sopli.Fioh.i Cla s Kush ill. of A.J. t2t, First Lieutenant (4), Commission 1926. PACE 42SEMINOLE 1927 RALPH RAYMOND BROWNING. "Railroad”. Engineering, ILS.M.E. Sigma lambda Tau, Renton Engineering Socielj (I, 2. 3. 4 , A.S.M.K. (1, 2. 3. 41, Simeon Mathematical Society (2. 3. 4», I'u.nam County Club (I, 2. 3). WALTER H. HR ADEN. "Han jo”. St. Petenhurg. Law. LL.B. Delta Chi. Serpent Ribbon Society. John Marshall Debating Society, Karr Literary Society. St. Petersburg Club. I’inelia County Clul , Order of Li lie . Glee Club 4». Manager-Director Glee Club Orchestra (4), Manager-Direc.or Collegiate Seienadcr . Junior Pan-Hellenic Council. WILLIAM PHILIPS, "Uiir, Lake City. Ilu«ine ! Administration. RS.BA. Sigma Lambda Tau. Commerce Club. Amt. Bu-inc— Manager “F“ Book 3t. Vlligator Staff (3), Bukincss Manager “I1' Book (4). HAWTHORNE RICHARDS. "Honk”. Caineaville. Law, LL.B. eta I’m (Bowdoin), Football. Baseball (Rowdoin and Brown). ARTHUR JACKLEY, "Jack”, Auburndale. Art and Science, A.B. Phi Kappa Phi. Farr Literary Society.SEMINOLE 1927 II. E. HUDSON. Jay. Teacher . R.S.E. Scabbard and llladr. Peabody Club. Secretary (3». President S•. Gallery Hide Team lit. Captain Company “IP. R.O.T.C. JOSEPH EDWARD WILLIAMS. "J. Er, Lake Helen. Teacher.. .B.E. M.A.E. President of Peal»ody Club. President of Socrutie Club. COLLIER P. FERRELL, “C. Lake Wale . Engineering. A_S.CE. Sigma Lambda Tau. American . Mociation of Engineer , merican Socirty of Civil Engineer . Polk County Club. Vanderbilt University 1923. I). M. RATES. "Bags'", Ft. (.auderdale. Art and Science. R.S. Delta Tau Delta. Phi Sigma. JOSEPH W. GRAFF. “hr B .“. Coral Gable . Engineering. R-S.E.E. Renton Engineering Society. American In.titute of Electrical Engineer . Miami Club, Freabinan Football and Track. Inter-Collegr Foot lull and Track 2», Fencing Team M». Staff Editor Florida Alligator (2, 3), Glee Club (3), Rifle Team (3, ». Sack Ru h Committee (3), Fir.t Lieutenant Executive Olficer “G Company R.O.T.C PAGE 44SEMINOLE 1927 E. F. BRANDT. Gaineaville. Law. LLB. GARLAND M. Ill DD. "llutT. Miami, law, LLB. Sigma Lamlxla Tau. John Marshall Society. Phi Alpha Delia, Tau kappa Vlpha. Alpha Phi Kpailon. Miami Club, Secretary Treasurer 12». President 1». Honor Court (4». Champion Freshman Debating Team. Yaraily Debater (3 . Junior Prom Commillee 3». RICHARD KIRN KN SLADE. 'R. A. . Jacksonville. An. ami Science, BAG Phi Delta Thru. Serpent Ribbon Society. Pan llellenic Council i27». Honor Court «27►. Intra-Mural Asocial ion '21. '2a. Manager '26. Inter-Fraternity Ba-clull 24. 25. '26. '27. Inter-Fratcrnitv Tennis 24. 25, '26. Kl HARRIS, St. Petersburg Law, J.D.. A.B. U..B. Indiana I nivershy. Acacia. Gamma Kta Gamma. Sergeant Co. “I) 2nd U. S. Engineers 2nd Division. WM. II. UOHEN. "Biir, Live Oak. Engineering. ILS.M.E. American Society of Mechanical F.ngineri (41, Neuman Club University Quartet (2). Glee Club (3). 3, 41, Lyceum Council (3i.SEMINOLE 1927 WALTER STANWIX HAY, Jacksonville. Engineering. B.S.E.E. Sigma lambda Tau, Benton Engineering Society, Vice-President 13), Secretary (4), Math Club. Secretary (2), A.I.E.E., Chairman (-I). Newman Club (I). CEORCE H.‘ MEARS. Cypress. Teachers. A.B.E. Kappa Delta Pi, Peabody Club. Socratic Club. ROBERT D. ROSS. “Hobby Norfolk. Ya. Engineering, B.S.E.E. Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau. Benton Engineering Society, Vice-President (4). American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Secretary (4), University Band (3. 4). ROBERT MONROE CARGEI.U Gainesville. Law. I.L.B. John Marshall Debating Society. WILLIAM IIAWKINS, JR., “Bur, Gainesville. Arts and Science. A.B. Phi Kappa Phi, Farr Literary, Classical Club. President (3), Alachua County Club. Baptist Club. PAGE 46SEMINOLE 1927 OTTO ZIEBE. "Pud". Jacksonville. Engineering. ILS.C.E. Scabbard and Blade. Benton Engineering Society. Duval G unty Club. "F" Club. Freshman Track (1), Varsity Track (2. 3, K, Boxing Team (41, Cap and Gown Committee (It, First Lieutenant "A” Company. WYNNE II. MORGAN, "Sot". Miami. Arts and Science. A.B. Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade. Farr Literary Society (1. 2, 3. 41. Leigh Chemical S ciety (21, Miami Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (41. Intra-Mural, Swimming Manager (4). Varsity Swimming Team Manager (41, Freshman Friendship Council (1). Senior Invitation Committer (41. Sophomore Vigilance Committee (2), Captain "II" Company (41. THOMAS LORREN BARR1NEAU, JR.. “Tom", Connies. Viniculture. B.S.A. Alpha Camma Rho, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Scabbard and Blade, kappa Delta Pi. Baptist Club. Pensaco'a Club. C!ec Club. Ag. Club. Sec re'ary-Treasurer (2i. ic. -President (3l. Pre i dent (4 , Honor Court (31. Executive Council (4t. Finance Committee of Executive Council. Chairman. J. L. I DHII.I. EDWARD FRANK SMITH. "Kd Jacksonville. Engineering. B.S.K.K. Phi Kap| a Phi, Sigma Tau. Masquerader . Benton Engineering Society, Orchestra (I, 2. 31. PACE 47SEMINOLE 1927 R. L. WILKERSON, K. L. . Bushnell. Engineering. ILS.C.E. Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, American Society of Civil Engineer . Vice President (3». President Ml. Han (1. 21. HAROLD EDWIN IIAMMAR. “ or. Miami. Graduate. M.S.. BS.A, ILS.A.E. Alpha Gamma Rho, Blue Key. Alpha Zcta. Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Delta Epsilon. President (6», Sigma Delta, Editor-in-chief (5. 6i, 1-cigh Chem. Miami Club. Vice-Prevalent (Si, Sehring Club, American Society of Agronomy. Phi Kappa Phi. Graduate Club. President 61, ice-Prculent (5), • g. Club. Vice-President (31, Graduate Class President 6». Executive Council. Chairman Elections Committee (Si, Committee on Revision Student Government. Cla and College Scrub Football (31. Alligator Staff. Assistant Managing Editor Ml. Alumni Editor 3l. Seminole Staff (3), Assistant Secretary Alumni Association (3, I. 5, 6), Student Assistant (.3. 41. Graduate Instructor in Soil (5. 6l, Graduate Taxidermist, Junior Prom Committee, First Lieutenant R.O.T.C-, Battalion Executive Officer (4). ANGUS M. LAIRD, Panama City. Art and Science, A.B. Kappa Sigma, Blue Key. Tap Kappa Mpha, Mpha Phi Ep'ilon, Sigma Delta. Phi Kappa Phi, Serpents, Farr Literary Society, President (It, Editor-in-Chief Mligator 31. Debating Team. Y. l. C. A. Vice-President (41. WILLIAM II. WILSON, mSlirnm, l-akc City. law. I.LB. Phi Kappa Tau. John Mar hall Debating .Society, Columbia County Club. Ileef-Steak. Democrat, Senior Executive Council (31. K. BEVERLY MANN. MEbai n , St. Cloud. rt and Science. .B. Kappa Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi. Blue Key. Scabbard and Blade. Sigma Delta. Cotillion Club, Theta Riblwn Society. Beef-Steak Club (2, 3. 41, Vigilance Committee «2•. Semino'e Staff t2. 3. 4i. Editor-in-Chief (3l, Business Manager M , Swamp ngel Staff 1 . Silver Bow. — ociate Editor (3», la Fouet (2». la Fouet Fils (4t, President Florida Slate Pres ocialion 1926. Captain. Regimental Adiutani ILO.T.C. (41.SEMINOLE 1927 NATHAN JORDAN JOHNSTON. "A’at", Cainc»»illc. Art ami Science. A.lbS.S. Della Tau Della. Scabbard ami Blade. Military Kdilor Seminole O'. Fir t l.iculenanl "If Coin pany K.O.T.C. (31, Second Lieutenant Infantry Reserve. LINDSAY BOYD TROXLKR. Ocala. Agriculture. KS.A. Kappa Alpha. Alpha eta. (•amnia Sigma Eptllon. Phi Kappa Phi. 1.YS M. CORK. Gainc ille. Teacher , A.B.E. Manager of the Univcrvity Pre a. CALFFREY D. WILDER. JR. "Chum". Tampa. Agriculture. II.S.A. Alpha Gamma RI«o. Scabbard and Blade. lhry«uv 11 ill -ln r ■. Club. g. Club, Vice-President of Thrysu . Captain 1)” Company (4). CHARLES BACGOTT. Plant City. Agriculture. B-S.A. Alpha Gamma Rho. I’hi Sigma. Alpha eta. Scabbard and Blade. g Club. President (4). Captain Company "A" (4). PACE WSEMINOLE 1927 JACKSON E. STEWART. “Jack’'. Mutipmol. Agriculture. B.S.A. Sigmj Phi Eptilon. Scabbard and Blade. “F" Qub. Baseball (1), Football 11. 2. 3. ♦», Captain Regimental Staff. RALPH DAVIS DICKEY. Auburndale. Agriculture. B.S.A. Delta Tau. Phi Kap|»a Phi. Mpha Zeta. Phi Sigma, Agriculture Club. Trail (1. 2. It. Cla»‘ Track (1. 2). THENTON DAVIS, T. L.m. Lakeland. Engineering. S.C.E. Kappa Alplta. CARL C STRODE. "ClayGreen Core Spring . Teacher . B.S.E. Theta Kappa Nu. Flint Chenrcal Society (I. 2t. Putnam County Club. Vice-President « l». Peabody Club. Inter-CIa Basketball (1. 2. 3». Inter-Colirgr Football tit, Inter-CIa ' Soccer 2». Senior Cap and Gown Committee. ROLAND W. BRYAN. "Ruml", Tampa. Law. 1.I..B. Phi Kappa Tau. Phi Alpha Delta. Tampa Club. Alligator lit. John Marshall Delating 3. 1 . Farr Literary Society. PACE SOSEMINOLE 1927 STEPHEN EMERY SIMMONS. "SpMrr". Bradenton. Uw. LL.B. Phi Delia Theta, TKria Rihlvon Society. John Marshall Debating Society. Fmhnian Foot U11. Basketball ami Baseball. Inter-Fraternity Basketball. Inter-Fraternity Baseball, Pan-llcllcnic Council (3. 4». RALPH W. N1M.M0NS. "Mime", St. Petersburg n ami Science. V.B. Phi Della Thrla. Scabbard and Blade, Serpent Ribbon Society, Si. Petrreburg Club. Farr I.ilrrary Society. Colillion Club. Swimming (1. 3. 4), Manager. Intra-Mural Council I3». Semester Manager (4), Chairman Military Ball Conunitrr 141, Major Battalion (lat). BYRON T. SAULS. Tier ". Wauchula. Uw. I.L.B. Della Chi. Serpent Ribbon Society, Dance Committee, John Marshall IM»ating Society. Beef-Steak Club. Order of the Lilies. DONALD CLIFTON LAIRD, "Donut", Lakeland. Law. I.L B. Della Chi. John Marshall Debating Society 11. 2. 3. 41, Bay County Club. The Pilot Club. President (4), Inter-Fraternity Council (3 . Uw College Football Team 2». ROBERT LEO IIODCES. "Hob". Orlando. Uw. A.B, I.L.B. Delta Chi. Alpha Phi Epsilon. Tail kappa Alpha. Phi Alpha Delta. Blue Key. Farr Literary Society. John Marshall Debating Society, Orlando Club, President 1927, Honor Representative Junior Clat . Alligator Staff. Military Editor. Delegate to National Student Conference. Washington. I). C. 1924; Secretary to Conference. Member of Central Executive Committee of Seven. Delegate to World Court Conference. Atlanta. Ca.. 1926. Vanity Debating Team. Florida-Oxford (Eng.I Debate. Hamburger Party. PAGE 51SEMINOLE 192? KKX LEE. Center Hill. Engineering. Theta Kappa Nu. Scabbard and Itlade. Sigma Tail. Baptist Cluh. President • II. Soccer 1. 2. 3. I . Kir« Lieutenant Com. Second Platoon “C" Company. MEHUN F. II AH HOD, 'Sparky". Orlando. Engineering 1LS.E.E. Triangle, Ohio State Chapter, llenton Engineering Society, Blue Gator (41. ALBERT BEKKEY, "Dutch", Tampa. Art and Science. B.S. Della Tan Della, Karr Literary Society. Serpent Ribbon Society. Y.M.C. V. President t2 . Freshman Friendship Cluh. Manquerader . FRANK II. IIUKSEY. JR-. Lakeland. Uw. I.I..B. WILLIAM DANIEL BOYD. Jacksonville. Vgriculture, B.S.A. Phi Delta Theta, Scahlurd and Blade. Duval (bounty Club, griciiltiire Cluh. Fre.hman Baseball, Varsity Baseball 3. 4l, President Duval County Club. College Ba eball Champion 2t. Hay-ground Ball Champion (2», Fir t Lieutenant ILO.T.C. 4i.SEMINOLE 1927 II. J. WATROUS, “I tarry . Tampa. Art anil Scirnce, .11. Alpha Tau Oiwp. Thrta Kiblton Society. Secretary-Treasurer 31, President tit. Pirate Club. Treasurer l4 . Tampa Club. Pirate Dance Committee. I Iniversity of N. C. (24 . WILLIAM A. STANLY. Spit". Fort Uuderdale. lav, I.L.B. Sigma Alpha Fp ilon. Black and White Masque. Pirates. Captain (It, Serpent KibUm Society. Dance Committee (3». Baronrts. Pan-llellrnic (3). “K" Club, Executive Council Student Body (4), Athletic Council (3). Varsity Football t2. 3. It. Varsity Ba-ketball (2». Frr liman Football Numeral (It. Kntertainment Committee Executive Council (Cht. PALMER TYLER. Jacksonville. Art and Science, A.B. Sigma N'u, Phi Kappa Phi, Serpent , Duval County Club. Seminole Art Editor (4), Fir t Lieutenant K.O.T.C. CLIFFORD THOMAS INCUS, “C ". DeUnd. Uw. I.I.B. Alpha Tan Omega. Phi Della Phi. Omtcron, Delta Kappa. N.B. U. of Alaliama. Serpent Bildion Society. Pirate . Baronet . TOM U. GREENE, "Tug", Gainesville. Teacher , B.S.A.K. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sigma Delta P i. “V" Cluh. lachua Count) Club. Ngriculliire Club. Baptist Club. Football (1. 3, 4), Volley Ball Team (2. 3», Inter-Collegr Football (I. 2», Inter-CIa Foot-ball (1. 21, Inter-College Basketball (I, 2t. Intcr-Cla Basketball Cl. 2t. Inter-College Bavball 1. 2l, Inler-CIa Ba el all 11, 2t. Inter-Fratnnity Bax-ball. Basketball and Track (3. 4t.SEMINOLE 1927 T. A. BANCROFT. “TetT. Pori Si. Joe. Teacher . -B.E. Alpha l.aml da Tau. Peabody Club. Howard Crimson 2 . Howard College 12 . CARLTON CRENSHAW, "Crackrr”. Jacksonville. Engineering. BS.C.E. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade. Kirat Sergeant (4 . Pirate Club. Fhe'a Kildton Society. Chairman Dance Committee (4 . Duval County Club. Executin' Council tl . Cadet Colonel 4 . HAROLD N. HASKELL, Gaincrille. griculture, B.S.A. Agriculture Club. Intra-Mural Manager Playground Ball and Assistant Manager Foo'ball 2 . Intra-Mural Semester Manager (3 . Manager Inter-Fraternity Bav-lull (1 . Student Assistant in Physical Education (2, 3, 41. JAMES C. SHARON. Sanford. Law. LUL Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Ribbon Society. Baronet . John Marshall lb-luting Society. Pan-llellenic Council (3. 4), Beef-Steak Club. MAURICE JAMES WILSON. “Ue r. Bartow, law. I.L.B. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pirate . Serpent Ribbon Society, President (21. John Marshall Debating Society, Masquerader (1, 2. 4 , Drum Major (4l, Cheer Leader 4 .SEMINOLE 1927 KMOKY SPEER AKERMAN. Orlando, law. I.I..B. Kappa Alpha. Phi Della Phi. John Marshall Debating Society. ice-Pre ident t5l, Y. M. C. Cabinet l|«. Cross Country Track (l». ar ity Track II. Si. Mercer University two year . Phi Della l.ilerary Society, President Florida Club (21. II. N. ELLIS, Turtr. Jacksonville. Engineering. B.S.C.E. Sigma Tau. Phi Kappa Phi. Student Chapter N.S.C.E.. Duval County Club. ADDISON F. MARSHALL "Skert". Tallaha«scc. Engineering II S.C.K. A’pha Della. Renton Engineering Society, Reporter Epixopal Club. Simpson Math Club. lawi County Club. Treasurer Brotherhood Club, Intra-Mural Track and Rase ball. Class Track (I. 2 . First Lieutenant R.O.T.C. ROLLAND JOSEPH HERRICK. Palm Reach. Engineering. R.S.C.E. Phi Kappa Tau. Sigma Tau. AS.CE, A.A.E., Ben'on Engineering Society, Palm Reach Club. President 2l. Vice-Piesident (4». “V" Club. Vice-President. HENRY WILBURN BLAKELEY. Safety Harbor. rt. and Science. .B. Theta Kappa Nu. Camma Sigma Epsilon, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. PACE S5SEMINOLE 1927 HUBER C. IIURST. Gainesville. Law. LL.B. Sigma Phi E|Hilon. Phi Della Phi, »»i»tant uditor, I niv« ily of Florida. BRADLEY LANIER DANSBY, “Hank". Reddick. Pharmacy. ILS. Fir l Lieutenant (Company “E” R.O.T.C., Student Assistant in Pharmacy. Mortar and Pr llr II, 2. 3. 4), Leigh Chemical Society (1. 2, 3. 4», Pharmacy Ba«el all (I. 2». Pharmacy Ba«kctlmll (I. 2. 3), Pharmacy Football (I. 2). JOHN WILLIAM MUSKOFF. Gainesville. Ia». 1.1 B. OLIVER WILLIAM HEW ITT. “Speedy", St. Petersburg. Teacher . B.S.E. Sigma lambda Tau. “The Imps’ . Inter-Local Dance Society. Farr Literary Society, St. Petersburg Club. Pinellas Club. Wrestling. Inter-CIa Track. InlerOa Football. Freshman Football, Flint Chemical Society. University Band. Baptist Club, Simpson Mathematical Society. Peabody Club. R.O.T.C Band. ALLEN T. CRAIG, “Soup". Dade City. Arts and Science, A.B. Phi Kappa Tau. Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Della Pi, Classical Club. Mathematical Society. Pan-Hellenic Council (4».SEMINOLE 1927 FRANK P. CROM, Gainesville. I .aw, I.UI. Theta Chi. Serpent Rihl on Society, Pirate . John Marshall Debating Society. Inler-Fralemily Conference (3. 4», Alachua County Club. CHESTER CARD GKIDLEY, Umatilla. Uk. U-B. John Marshall Debating Society. Phi Kappa Phi, Corpu Juri Conte !. WILLIAM S. WILSON. JR.. “Sid". Tampa. Law, LL.B. Sigma Chi (U. of Alabama! Phi Alpha Delta. MaMiucfadcrs John Marshall Debating Society. IlilUboro County Club. Secretary. Phi Alpha Delta. Duncan U. Fletcher Chapter 3». leading Man. “Now Listen", Fit ! Lieutenant U. S. Air Corps Member %th Bombardment Squadron. "The Devil’ Own", Winner of llear»t Bombing Trophy, Member of Fii t Night Crov» Country Formation Flight. JOHN V. CALIIOUN BOGART, Tampa. dult Special. Engineering. H. E. McMUl.LEN, “Mack", Clearwater. Art and Science. .B. Phi Kappa Tau. Lyceum Committee, University Orchestra 11, 2, 3 , University Glee Club 13!.SEMINOLE 1927 S. KENNETH I.OVE. "Kenny", Si. Petersburg. n» an.I Science. IIS. Thru Kappa Nu. Phi Kappa Phi. Cainma Sigma Epsilon. Leigh Chemical Society. Ca.lrt Band (I. 2.3. 41. Glee Club (41. C B. ROSS. JR. "Hour". Tullahoma, Trnn. Agriculture. ILS.A. Alpha Ze'a. Kappa Della Pi, Vice-President of Agriculture Cluh (4 . Member of Inter-Mural Debating Team. C. If. BRANDT. Gainesville. Teachers. A.B.E. EDWARD SHIPP, "Ed”, Lake City. Engineering. BS.C.E. Sigma Alpha E|»ilon. Student Chapter American Society of Civil Engineers. CIA l)E tt. ATKINSON. “Judge", Tallahassee, las, I.L.B. Delta Tau, Phi Alpha Delta. Blue Key Society. John Marshall Debating Society 2. 3. I'. Karr Literary Society (1). Lcun County Club. Democrat Club. Member of Honor Court (3». Chance lor of Honor Court 4 . Senior Ring Committee. Blue Key Election Committee. PACE 58SEMINOLE 1927 AUBREY ROWE. "Roue". Social Circle, Ga. Law. LL.B. Sigma Alpha Ep ilon. John Mar»hall Debating Society. Theta Ribbon Society. CHARLES F. FISHER. "Satie". St. Petcrvburf. Law. I.L.II. Sigma Nu, Serpent (1. 2. 3, 4). Vice-President of Serpent I4i. THEODORE S. JOHNSON. “77 T. Windermere. Engineering. RS.M.E. Delta Chi. Phi Kappa Phi. Renton Engineering Society. A.S.M.E. Secretary, Orlando Club. Soccer (1. 2. 3. 4). Manager (3 . Caplain 14b DONALD II. FRASER. Hincavillc, Ga. Uw. LL.B. J. LEWIS HALL, "J. Lewis’, Woodville. Teacher . A.B E. Della Tati, Blue Key, Pi Delta Epsilon. Managing Editor of Alligator (3). Editor in Chief ( Il.SEMINOLE 1927 JAMES A. (MIC. "Jim”, Clearwater. Graduate, M.S. DAVID GLENN McMIU.AN. "Mick”. Okeechobee. Engineering B.S. Scabbard and Blade 3. I). Sigma Tau 4t. Benton Engineering Society. Okeechobee Club. R.O.T.G Rifle Team (4), Platoon Sergeant (3t. Adjutant Second Battalion 4 . ZAREII Nl. FIREMAN, .I .’ , Gainesville. Engineering B S.Ch.E. Art and Science. M S. Sigma Lambda Tau. Phi kappa Phi. Sigma Tau. Gamma Sigma E| ilon. Benton Engineering So ciety. Agriculture Club. Leigh Chemical Society, Secretary-Treasurer (3t. President (It. Simplon Mathematical Society, President (3), American Chemical Society, Graduate Club. Chemical Engineers Club. National Treasurer Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Cosmopolitan Club. Student «i tant in French 3t, Student Assistant in Chemistry (4t, Instructor in Mathematics 4. St. Florida Delegate G.S.E. Convention (4». Senior Cap and Gimn Committee (4t. JOHN HARLSTON PAYNE, Dowling Park. Tethers, .B.E. Phi Kappa Tau. Pealtody Club. Cla -«ical Club. Soccer Fool I rail 11, 2. 3. It, Manager (It, Inter-Fraternity Bav-ball (3t. First Lieutenant “II” Company K.O.T.C. MONROE CAMPBELL. Pensacola. Arts and Science, A.B. Sigma Chi. Canrpu Comment. PAGE GOSEMINOLE 1927 A. M. SINCLETARY. Gaineaville. Teacher . V.B.E. Peabody Club. OSCAR HYRI). Lakeland. Engineering. ILS.H.E. Scabbard and Blade. American Institute of Electrical Engineer , Benton Engineering So-lakeland Club, Polk County Club. Eir t Lieutenant R.O.T.C. WILLIAM M. CLIFTON. Palm Beach. Law. I.LB. Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES Y. BLAKE. Jake , Tarpon Spring . Pharmacy, Ph.C Gamma Sigma Eprilon. Morlar and Peatlc Society. Vice-President. Ixigh Chemical Society. Ma onic Club, Pinella County Club. Tarpon Spring Club. VicePrc ident Delating Council, I-cade r Club (2l, Track tit. College Ba kelball (1, 2), College lki-el jll (It. Mligator Reporter. Student A i»tant in Pharmacy. JOSEPH OTTO. “Joe , Key Weal. law. I.I..B. Sigma Mpha Epvilon. Phi Delta Phi. Ser| ent Kibb.n Society. “Original I niicr«ity Jar ". M.i« queradcr . John Mardi.ill Debating Society.SEMINOLE 1927 WILLIAM DENVER DOSS. -rjf ir", Hinson. Uw. I.L.R. ERWIN AMEKICUS CLAYTON. "C afe". Gainesville. Uw. J.D. Teachers A.B.E., 24. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Della Phi. Alpha Phi Epsilon. Kappa Della Pi. Blur Key, John Marshall Debating Society. President of Y. M. C. A. 24, V ice-President Debating Council 24, Varsity Debating Team 23. AARON .MITCHELL KANNER. Orlando. Law. I.L.B. Tau Epsilon Phi. Karr Literary Society, John Marshall Debating Society, Orlando Club. Biflad Qub, U. of Ga., Arts and Science Baseball (1), Orchestra (1).SEMINOLE 1927 FRANK PELOT. Manatee. Law. LL.B. Sigma LjuiIkIj Tau. W. T. LANE. "Tom". Americus, Ca. Uw. LI..II. Sigma Nu. Second Lieutenant. L:. S. Rearrve Corps. Z. M. PIRENIAN, Gainesville. Engineering. ILS.Ch.E. Arts and Science. .B. Sigma Lambda Tau. Plii Kappa Phi. Sigma Tau. Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Kenton Engineering Socicts. Agriculture Club, Leigh Cbenvcal Socie’y, Secretary-Treasurer 31. President 1 . American Chemical Society. Graduate Club, Chemical Engineer Club, Nutional Treasurer Gamma Sigrni Epsilon, Senior Cap and Gown Committee 4». Tau Ep i!on Phi. N. J. ROBERTS. Daytona Beach. Law. L1..B.SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 61SEMIIN OLK 192? unit ill .m:s ."resident Law lljitow. Fla. J. K. MIZKI.I. Vice-President Hi «i ».« ihumvtwvnua (»ainr»villc. Fla. AT WIU.IWIS Secret ary-Tremurer Law Miami. Fla. K. W. i: LL H W III -INK" Ai» IIM'TK TIo Coral Cnl»lr . Fla. CLIFFORD V. IM F Kmc i Menu nc Pfnuroli, Fla. II. W. BISHOP Law Gainc-villc. Fla. I.K STEPHKXS I Jack«m illr. Fla. . . FISIIKK I v. IVnoucoli. Fla. I' GK M»SEMINOLE 1927 I.. I). CIIII.DS iiT» M» Scn: n Si. I’di'cihurg. Fla. Jl MAN FANT Law Ja ’k» tn illc. Fla. MOKKIS SOLOMON, JIL Pnk-Mmhcai. Orlan«l ». Fl.i. PRESTON O. WOLF Arts ami Science Frostproof, Fla. JAMES I . IRISH ict am Si h: ci: Tampa. Fla. II ROLI It. SMITH III im» Ahmimmration Coroa. Fla. 15 WDAI.L P. SMITH. JR. Ill MM» llUIMVTRAT10N Ma liwn. Fla. PACK 67 KM M HI. Mil I.MW. JIL Law Glinntillr, Fla.SEMINOLE 1927 WILLIAM S. HITCHCOCK Law Kllrnton. Fla. IRVIN MASON SEAY Pharmacy Dailv City, Fla. WALTER J. SCIl TTI Encimxrinc Jacksonville, Fla. GEORGK W. WILDER Arts ami Scic.nce Plant City. Fla. IGNATIUS C. SPOTO Law Tain|ia. Fla. WILLIAM S. PHILLIPS Law Tampa. Fla. M. L. STONE Teachers lUnuntoloMii. Fla. ROIIERT HUGHES Encimminc Miami. Fla. PAGE 68SEMINOLE 1927 RALPH C. RIIDDY Ant am Science Calax. Ya. Y. ALL ACE SHAFER Law Maine Cily. Fla. OLIN CAMPBELL Encinkcmnc Tampa. Fla. RAY R. MARSH Bl'INIlV nVIM-TK TION Prn aco!a. Fla. CLAYTON II. FRALICK Law inlrr Park. Fla. Y. J. HKI.SETH Excineijiinc '« r« Beach. Fla. JENNINGS REHWINKLE Teachers Crawford' illc. Fla. ROBERT E. OLIVER III 'INI» Administration W. Palm Beach. Fla. PACE 69SEMINOLE 1927 T. W. CANTEY Nisi aso Sciino: Kin. CECIL I). lift K ht am Sender. N« u Smvriui. Fla. I'OW'KI.I. MAJORS III -IM» XltMIMMKATION Si. )Vti-i | ufK. Fla. FRED c. x m III Xl MI MMIC A11 Fu»ii . Fla. W. T. M WO .Ahts am Sen: no: S ulli Jacksonville, Fla. XI.DEN C. SMITH III «IM.« XllVIIMMKATION Miami, Fla. S. I . CHITTENDEN Kuimuiim. Tallahassee. Ha. HER WIN SI'OFFORI) Ari am Sen « i Jaduontillr. Fla. PACE 70SEMINOLE 192? C. W. TIIOAIXS SrrciAi. Plant City. Fla. I. U. XNDKRSON lll- AMI SCIENCE Si. IVtciMuirj;. Fla. IIAROM) It. YOl G llT-. Ml SCIENCE Mi l ll iiiii, Conn. IIAKRA It. Mil.I.HI! Teacii»:r Iiii'iitirll. Fla. KOIIKKT C. Sill Ml F. ci ei:ki c Jucknoiivillc. Fla. K. II. HOW IU) .Xutici i.ti ia: Gain«'' illc. Fla. A. o. CONDUITTE Itl MM." UMI IMKVTIO Tampa. Fla. PAGE 71 IIEMKY II. XIKXDOK Ams and Science Burlington. . C.SEMINOLE 1927 R. A. CARRIGAN Vhts no Sell, no: Coral Cable , Fla. THOMAS V HOWZE. JR. Art and Science Palmetto. Fla. CORDON R FI.US .Wricvlture Callahan, Fla. J. I . INDIIXM Kncinfckinc Con alrA Fla. W. S. K N F.R Traci i ex Bristol, Fla. T. O. ROBINSON Business Administration Palalka, Fla. O. L. VAN VAI.KENBURG Lacixcounc West Palm Beach, Fla. PERCY B. REVEI.S Law Florahome. Fla. PACE 72SKMINOLK 1927 M. B. PROXOST iti XpuhhmiioN Cocoa, Fla K. C. RAMBO Pki-.Mumcal Orlando. Fla. JOE SCI in Mir . Law Miami. Ha. K. II. IlKOW . JR. Arciiitixti hi; Barlow, Fla. B. I, FKIUllS Tampa. Fla. E. XX. GKKNKLLE Art mi Scii.nci: CJt arwa«« r. Fla. RICHARD 'I. XYI.OK Law I..ik»l4ii l. Fla. KONA LI) . JULIAN Law Lakt'laml, Fla. PAGE 75SEMINOLE 1927 K. II. FERCI SON SnxuL W’oManton, Mav . K. . LAW HENCE Arts m» Scuwci: McIIioiiiik', Fla. WILLIAM T. A It NETT Kncimjkinc Clermont, Fla. STEW KT C. SIMPSON Auiicii.tiio. Moiiticdlo. Fla. LEIGHTON LaFLZE A nr. and Sco nce Clermont. Fla. J. WINTIIROP RANDOLPH Encinethinc Jacksonville. Fla. L T. DOSS Aiitn and Science Hinson, Fla. A. SLATER COX Kncinkijiinc Palmetto, Fla. PACE 76SEMINOLE 1927 J. I). HEMPHILL Kngimimunc Dunnrllon. Fla. DAN KOI-SOM TEACHERS Wauchula. Fla. JOHN I). MILLER Encimxrinc VV. Palm Reach. Fla. JIM McCl.AMROCII AllTS AMI SCIENCE Gainesville. Fla. C. L DKNIIAM kt ami Science Harlow. Fla. RALPH READ Arts ami Science KcaMoim llrigli: . Fla. CONRAD WEIRSTEINEK Law St. Pctt’iKburg. Fla. PACE 77 W. W. PATRICK. JR. Arts ami Science I'matilla. Fla.SEMINOLE 1927 M Kk MMIWNMI kt' vmi Sot rr Kl. I.auilrrdalc. Fla. II III I! OAKY Nil-!' m Sai. o. Ocala. Fla. 15. C. I KSZC YNSKI . Palm llcurli. Fla. P. II. C.XDMAN KI 1M Si II M I Del ami. Fla. II. T. FIELDS ki imi So I AO Hollywood. Fla. c;. ii. HKi.u: sTo kt i» Soiao: Jacksonville. Fla. NKII. l». III.I F. Ti: vuiili' Olton, Fla. W. T. HICKS III IM " ll I I I' I It ITfON Pensacola. Fla. PAGE 78SEMINOLE 1927 l YN RI1 JOHNSTON K M.l N I I 111 M. Miami. Fla. l I.COl.M C. FOKDIIAM Hi 'iM» dmim»tnati» l! rit n. Kill, 1.. It. COX Arts m» Sen ck iumu, Kla. C L. Ml KI'IIKKK ki d S ii n Cadultn. Ala. BKRTK M I). I.TON Pharmacy l.iltli Itivrr. Kla. A. W. DEAN HT Ml SCI! M l Whitney Fin. W. II. JOHNSON Tani|»j. Fla. i» (;k 7 . I.. CLWTON. JR. i.nim; Jarl'iimillr, Fla.SEMINOLE 1927 W. II. SIMS liTs VI» SCIENCE Frrnandina, Fla. FKKI) Ct HTIS KCiiiTix.Tnu: Tampa, Fla. WAI.TKK J. COW KT III S|M Aomim tw iion SarawU. Fla. JOHN KOKKKT DIU.ON III '| »» | MIM-TIWTI«»N Atlanta, Ca. TOM II SI.ADK kt imi Science. Jack»oitvillr. Fla. Will. COCkHF.I.I. KnUMIHIM. Caineavillc. Fla. I). K. MATHKWS Arts imi Sen nci: Ilawlhorm . Fla. PAUL M. III.AIK Kncineeiunc Clraiwnter. Fin. PACK HOSEMINOLE 1927 L. V. I NCI ASTER l(l »|N " DVIMrtHAIION Si. Prlrr l»urp. Fla. I.KOWKD It. TOY Ackici i.ti hi: Gainesville, Fla. VVNF. It. DALE kt ami Siii mi. Franklin. IVnn. JOK F. BAY V Law Tam|u. Fla. J. F. BARKER kt and Scn.NCr. Gainesville, Fla. HKNKY KRATER III s|M s VoAIIM'IDATIOK Sherman. Fla. . I). ALLEN Itl MM." |iMIM TK T10X Fatal lea. Fla. PAGE 81 CHARLIE CRO .IER Aar ami SCIENCE Glerniont. Fla.SEMINOLE 1927 RAY R. BROOKS Nuts and Science Tampa, Fla. RALPH SI AS Encimjmxc Orlando, Fla. . L HARDY Tcacii km Vernon, Fla. J. T. ROSE Art m Sen nci: I'unta (rtiiil:i. FI . ALLAN CURCANIOUS Arts and Science Jackson ilie. Fla. J. M. GOMEZ Law Tampa. Ha. C L WINCERT Law (iainr»rilk Fla. 0. DRIGGERS AcMICI LTI RE Waaebda, Fla. PACE 82SEMINOLE 1927 RICHARD S. WOODRt FF Law Orlando, Fla. J. J. McCRANIF. Aicts and Scikncg Jacksonville, Ha. TOM MARSH.MX Law Jacksonville, Fla. CARL It. GREEN Law- Si. Pcimliurf, Fla. W. A. McLENDON Kncim:»:hinc Lakeland. Fla. FRED It. BAISDEN Law Gainesville. Fla. E. I'. WINGER! KncIMXIIINC Punxautawney. Penn. REESE III WICL'T ur- am; Ocala. Fla. PAGE 83SEMINOLE 192? M. C. COHEN O. S. THACKER Law Kwimmcr, Fla. W. II. ROBERTS Arts and Scir.Ncr. Honir«tt ad. Fla. J. II. 1.1.ACE , ;kiu i.ti ki: llantvilk Fla. CHARLES, ht wo Scii:nci: Palm Ileacli, Fla. ALEX H. BRODMFRKLE Tmch jh Jacksonville. Fla. EARL C CLEVENGER Teachers Si. Cloud. Fla. J. MALCOLM JOHNSON. JR. Law Montierllo, Fla. PAGE 81SEMINOLE 1927 BYRON CAMPBELL law Hilliard. Kb. IIOW KD F. BEES Kncim.kkimc Si. IVicf-hurji. Fla. W. II. JACKSON AOMIM'TMTION Drl.aml, Kin. GORDON GIBBONS I. AW Tampa. Kb. J. McL JENKINS Kncinuhing Green Cove Spring . Kb. FRANK B. REEDER Km.inmjunc Webka. Kb. ELDON DICKSON Bumm» Administration Gainesville, Kb. GEORGE W. PARKS Law Siuarl. Kla. PACE KiSEMINOLE 1927 ADAM REID UVMNBMo ADMINISTRATION Orlando. Fla. KENNETH C. PRATT Akt and Science Gainesville. Fla. CO J. HANCOCK Hi sinks Administiiation Palatka. Fla. E. J. O'DON A LI) Akts and Science Jacksonville. Fla. FRANK STANIA YER.NAY lllMMA' ADMINISTRATION .Sanford. Fla. K. H. W IIISKNANT ENGINEERING Palmetto, Fla. GEORGE SMITH Arts and Science Sanford, Fla. O. B. TRIPLETT Law Cainewillc, Fla. PAGE 86SEMINOLE 1927 Y. NY. MIDDLEK (JF Law Orlamlu, Fla. WALTER I- THOMAS AcmcuLnniK Palin llarlHir, Fla. II. II. LAIMIAM Hi mni» Admimvtuvtion Fulfnnl, Fla. JOHN A. MIRPHKEE Law Ciinmillc, Fla. THOMAS H. Ill BBARD Law I kdaixl, Fla. FRANK DEAN BOGGS I tw J«ck onvillr, Fla. W. D. JOBE Law Galnrtvillo. Fla. CHARLES LORRAINE AllT AM) Sci»:m.»; Jacksonville. Fla. PAGE 87SEMINOLE 1927 M. I). U.DRON Pharmacy Clliicflau«l. Fla. CYKII. BAYLEY k iiiim ii hi: Clearwater. FI . GORDON S. MOIU.KY Ait and Scn: cr. Jack onville, Fla. MERLE O. BAKND |ll IKI.v Administration St. Pdrnbur Fla. ALLAN II. CLEARE Law Key Wc l, FI . W. II. EVERTS Pm:-Mid. 1-akc Worth, FI . W. I). JORDAN Law New Smyrn . FI . CARL WI DELL Law West Palm Reach. Fla. PACK HXSEMINOLE 1927 HARRY I. YOUNG Law Tarpon Spring . Fit. W. A. Cl.EVKI.ANI), JR. Law Jai'kwnvillr, Fla. CLENN MEADE Vnr and Sciknci: Ja«-k ontill % Fla. VERNON RAWLS m and Sai;no: l.akrlanci. Fla. JOE SCIIW RTZ LAW Miami. Fla. JOE CAWTIION Bl »in» Administwation Tallaliaox'r. Fla. J. M. HEARN Law Miami. Fla. G. W. WELCH Akts and Scir.NO. Gainesville. Fla. FACE 89SEMINOLE 1927 M. I). PERKINS III IM ADMINISTRATION Orlumbi. FI . KENNETH IIAGGART III 'IM » ADMINISTRATION Coral Gable . FI . tt. F. I minis I.AW Tampa, FI . J. E. SMITH Arts and Sciince Cypress, Fla. I. H. WDERSON kt' and Si. Pelersburjs. Fla. B. F. IUDEN01 It IllJ.HlNESS ADMINISTRATION Gainesville, Fla. HARPER DAMDSON Engineering Tallahassee. Fla. J. C. MAUI.TSBY Arts and Science Gainesville. Fla. PACE 90SEMINOLE 192? J. ;r I Y COLSON Law CuinoYtllr, Fla. JACK THOMPSON Aiit ami Science Miami, Fla. JOSEPH I). POMEKOY Jackumvillr, Fla. W. S. CATK. JIC. Pharmacy Si. Augilftliiir. Fla. KLWOOI) PADGETT Arts ami Sciunci: Jacksonville. Fla. BRENT W NTSON Hi im» dmimstmation Pi‘iu aco!«, Fla. ION WALKER, JR. Business Aumim tiiatio.y Tampa. Fla. WILLIAM A. STANSFIELI) Kncimjkinc Tampa. Fla. PACE 91SEMINOLE 1927 II. F. MIZKI.I.K Busixem Administration Gainesville. Fla. WILFRED I-. KEEL Spcoal Jacksonville, Fla. BOB HENSLEY Teach cu Tampa. Fla. J. It. LIVINGSTON Law S». Petersburg. Fla. L. V. IIOWELL Special Gainesville. Fla. PACK ¥2SEMINOLE 1927 Sidney lit'rinnfc. vice-president; Carlo Eduard . president; Hymn Butler, «ocretary trea«urer: Addington, Buidincll. Gramling. Smith. Smith. Guntrr. Thrower. Little. Mmcndez, Buchan, Baynard. Pelot, O'Conncl. Hachteric. Kara '). Goldstein, Mwrnathy, l.- wis While, McLeod. Brown. Connor. Didder. Johnson. Perris. Vsndcripr, Mayers, Turner. Buie. Fiore. Rivers, Murphrre. PAGE WSEMINOLE 1927 Dron. Crisp. Hill. I'Im, Manm. Cralum, Shaw. Johnson. Pearce. Miller, Aiken. Sawyer. Dugger. Hingson. Boozer. KnKarl, Feifumn, Williamson. Martin. Smith. Beard ley, Judy, Hendrick. Brown. Scaglione. Knglc. Walcott. Beckwith. Witt. I)a i-. Schuler. Hall. Schiller. Boone. Crapjw. Ilanly, Kccxcl, Yawn. PACK 95SEMINOLE 1927 Curry. McKinnon. Boole. Bartlett. Wilkcnmn. Bateman. Scholar, Cawtliurn. Smith. Quade, Mark'. Kff. Sale, Crew . UNam. Kicrcc. Sheffield. DeBoer. D' leinherte, I'itehficld. Welch. Schwartz, Ludwig. Duckwnld. Boulware. I.ytle. tirade . Ilarri . Fuller. Bachloti. Darrell. Ziegler. Cucssay. Lindelic. Bagiev. Payne. Neuwirlll. Miller. PACK %SEMINOLE 1927 M J Gol J»by. Millrr. Schiranl. Rowe, Mu grave. Collier. Cunningham. Smith. Me « r. ie . Matlhis Harper, Voo l, Daniel, Cobb. Jacohu . Culpeper. Brinson. Johnson. Waugh. Hamilton. Black, Wilaon, Ripley. Rower, Markham. Pitchfnnl. Butler. Simmon . Fraze. lloBberry, McClellan. Mcrrin, Smith. McRae. Hall, KHeUtein. Ilarri . PACE 97SEMINOLE 1927 llrown, (Ivervlrert. Merrill. Kotkin. Crippen. Dinning. Sweat. Feaihervonr, Cox, kip!an. Wedler, Borden . Barnum, O’Connell, Hancock. Parker. Baker. uMey. Pritchard. le ihur. Bergman. I.ov e, Holler. Owen»l»y. Ward. IHder. Curry. Walden. Crumpton. Ma»«rv. Kverli . Ctr«n. Vmo.v Shepard. Abltoll. Perloff, Durham. Whitlon. PACK 96SEMINOLK 1927 Watson. Mat hi .. Frrnald, Hoarding it. Taylor, I’or up. ugrr. Wilder. Frainor, I nM.-iiu-r. Willr . Ford. Thoma», Mr.Murray. Bn okcr, Camp. Hurrmin. I5i r | h. Cupcluml. Kirh . Meriting Kelley, 1'edrick. Stanley, Truby, Kullrr, Kam-e . «limrad. Cannon. I’urvi . Bird, Sarra. Owen . JoluiMin. Iloone, McCall. I.«rd. Cluirrhill. l’ACE 99SEMINOLE 1927 Bcdfo'r. Miller. William-. Kicliani-. Collins A ruler-on. Felton, Hulinrr. Judge, Kohinion, W'atrou . Pearce. Fox. Knglith, Tutcwiler, Robert , Co»»caux, Clemon . DrYrrku. Colvin. Tuck, Mecth. Cravrr. Hill-. Collin-. Hailey. Smith. French. FergiiMin. Ilia-in game. Smith. Perry. Ha-ha . Tunnehill, Fletcher, Long. IJrmley. PAGE 100SEMINOLE 1927 Iturilmin, Brure, Trogdrn. Boswell, McCraw, Baumprliwr. Mycw, Dumeomb, Fruirr, I ord. Graham. Davie . McLain, Mine- . Curry. Doug'at . Segall. Leigh. Au«ley. Rosseter, Opp•nlirim. Greene, Hall, iig, Klein. Jo! n «»n. Sanford. Kelt, M a homer, Householder, Hotter, Morris, Adam . Thornal, Uriggro, Harrison, IMiiel. Marshtck. HACK 101SEMINOLE 192? i»a ;k 102SEMINOLE 1927 FRESHMAN CUSS Julian Howard, president; II. E. McCardcll. %icr-prr«idrnt; Maupin Wall. Mxrrtary-irrjMirrr; WoaUlair, I’ardur. Qurifr'bncy, Jim. Voorhccs, Kenned). Kent, l.i«ing»ton, Ives Itruviii, I.rwoncn, Head, Atkins llamner, Hearn. I’ACE lOiSEMINOLE 1927 Bryan. Webb. I.y!e. Boyd. Harper, Mace. Slough, Uorabaugh. Smith, Pillan . Yarnall. Spear, I.ewi», Mitchell. Edeall, lloHctcr, Cary, Yarn, l.aBrant. DcWiti, Smith. Turner. McGovern, Sampe. Miller. Kucha, Gha e. Blanch. Daugherty. Seth, dayman. Sayer, llarllry. Goo. Harris. Wahl. Adam . Clavengrr. MeKwen. Howe, Shannon. PACE 105SEMINOLE 1927 © © © © C C 0 © §©©© © © © © © © © © @ © © @ © © © © © © © © © 9 © © © © © © Smith. Kirchner, Hrownlee, Rol crts Hoh!». Mono. Hardtc. C« rl e||, .irrtmay. Groven»trin. Connor. Campbell, Rice, rant. Wilwn, Harter. Smrillcy, Corwin. Moore, Robinson. Kciliti. Kalge, Bullard, ZicR cr. Summer. Roper, Morris Sleet h. Currie. ThompM ». Pink »on. Harrison, Makccy. Smith, Urunk, Perry. Ki hcr, Connells. Hankins MacCarthy, Shelter. Killan. PACK lor,SEMINOLE 192? Q 0 Q 0 ® © 0 0 0 0 ® 90 0® 0 0 Q 0 ® 0 0 0 0 0 0 @6§ 0 @ 0 9 0 0 0® Kanin. McColloujth. Axtrll. Jaudon. Scott, Car»on. Connolly. Jernijjin. Smith. Mrhnliik, VeRur, Griffin. Goodbrcad. Lrititrr. Daugherty, Faulknrw, Gelden. Wilson. Ferier, Culbrrmon, Murphrce, Wood . Miller, Fletcher, Lindcnfeld. Moore, Wan»ker, Ro wr. Green. Knowles, Jordan. Dona hoc. Green, Eliot, Baccan , Quirkin, Houser, Gee-lin. Proctor. Yancey, Brown. Miller. PAGE 107SEMINOLE 192? Q § © $ © Q © © Q © © 0 Q 0 0 © Q 0 © © (I @ @ © © © © © © © © Q Q Q © © © ® © © @® Richard . Ma on. Hatnnrr. Webb. Anderwon, Tidwell, Gordon, Huff. Stone. JohnM n. Smith, Hendenon. JtiddlcMon. Slierrcilz, Slaltrn. McGregor, Srxudlo, Davi . King. I.amltur. W'arlow, Stinwm, Former. Browne, Shirley, Bav . Butter. Jun. Scadron. Currie. Didiorig. Hu Ian. Wheeler. Meek . Ilarriwm. Dtboide, Mackey. Reynold . Yawn. Flournoy. Kennedy, Izacll. PACE 108SEMINOLE 1927 Q © © © 9 9 © |t@ © © © @ 3 © © © © ©© 0 © © © © Bobbin . Hay . Abbott. WaUh. Mcl.ucav Arden. Owen. Ketring. Broadway, Fblier. Taylor. Underhill. Smith. Gibbon . Hamrick. Go , Wick . Chilton. Kobinaon. Green. Bogrrt. Alexander. Cox. Boone, William . Sim . Odom. Miley, Brown. Sailor Fraser, Hoffman. Copeland. Dowdell. Sanger. Jone . Clark. Haney. Green. Walton. Stadler, Grout. PACE 109SEMINOLE 1927 QQQ® Q Q (J 9 Q 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 © © 9 (5 ) © © © 9 9 9 © © V I(im. I'fford. Cryan, Scott, Snell. Kawlri nn. Cooke. Vrwler« n, Henry, Jordan, Veal. Koriita. Singletary. Meeker. Kichard»on, Livingston. Chiplcy, Lcfko i'r. Kdward . Calhmiii. awlbon. Poller, Johan» n?-Ua»», Daggett. (.'amplwll. Ihione. llat«kins Scofield, Summer , Markell. I’lirrobald. Houston. Porter, Winner, Maraftale , Hick . Harvey. D'Alembert . Miller. Prime. Camilher . PACK 110SEMINOLE 1927 0 © 0 ® © § '3 01| © 0 0 0 0 0 0 0© ) 0 O 0 3 d 0 © 0 0 0 0 0 0 § 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 d ..QMiUL' .t r r Dock. llroHn. Stcinc. Illa'r. William I prhaw. (Chapman. I rrkrr. Smith. W ilcn k . Templeton. IJo!ht:», Moorr. a Ike]. Ijllidtp, Cgnitui. h«i , Cljrk. Ozmrr. IU» I. Illanehel. Dalton. 11 ill. l)«Rou M Cranl. Iludion, Cameron. Rrirdmi, Sami . Hart. N»Mr. Wilwm, Hoy d toii, lay lor. Siginan. Petris. Ilav kin . Klani, MeCrc. k«- . Ilrmlie. Jordan. PACE 111SEMINOLE 1927 Q § ® © 9 0 © 9 9 @ 9 § 9 © 0 9 9 9 9 0 © 90909 © e @© 9 Rmi, IjoeMnrr. Jackson, Dial. Johnson, Yeager, Me Aden. Douglas . McClellan, IVrrz. Veal. Love. Waltz. Jefferson. Carithcr . Wigginton, Buell, Saariner. Bynl. Nortliam. Ilanri'on, Trafton. Ko:hfu«». Chadwick, l.rc. Hrrchan. Hale. lltKchkiu, l)a»i«. Crcifferberg. Ucata. Elina. W illet. Dawiion. Fredriken. Hall. W'cbber, Row, Turner. Dopier. Ro ear. Cox. FACE 112SEMINOLE 1927 Aekridgc, oodlwrry. Nu-urallali. Kifield, Guard. Bell. I.otla, Vniltony. Wcleli. CliriMiancy, Beck. Stadlrr. Hendrix. Blanchard, Day Ion. (IrrRory, Hendrick . Crane, lloardmnn. Safer. Crittol. Newman. Ilayman, Cain, Oxley. Strickland. lkin-. Mltton. Sipprell. Mikrll. Bunion. Browder. Kmnrner. Brunton. Phillip-. Padgett. Ditekuall. Head. lied . Darling. Smitli, Clifton. PACE 113SEMINOLE 1927 @ Q ® © 9 9 8 8 8 9 0 9© 8 8 9 9 8 8 8 9 9 99 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 999988 9 9 9 9 8 Jordan, Click, Ixtvrll. Ili'jrn, Peacock. Co|»cland. Bird. Calhoun. Kelly. Carriaon, Duvia, Malhcny. Moniford. Hill. Blair, Byrd. Bond. Voorlieer, W:tl«h. Mabomcr. Hell , Bepn . . Simlo . Powell, Kil on, Smilh. a heim. Ixtckeil. Collin . Graham, er . VleUingrr. Browning. Sigmon. Loeweukopf. Daily, rlson. K ler. Kent. IVrkina. Firming.SEMINOLE 1927 Johnson. Walter . Smith. Koihcr. Alderman Jacob . Grumbling. Pov « ll. l)or cyf Waldron, Montgomery. Buckley, Walker. Frey . Bauer. McDonald. Turner. Ilaymon, Wolff. Bryan, Carmichael. Smith, Finney, Hector, Henry. Sarod ley. Greene. Koberlran. IImicv (jmhrr, Model. Ba rlt. Cooper. Hodgea. Muhorner. William . rmc tead. (.JMctcr. Crabtree, l.ieata. Oflecn. PAGE 115SEMINOLE 1927 © @ © ® © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © ©©©§©© © © © © © Bond. Click. Blair. Ban . Clark. Ford, Biidiuell, William . Pogue. Prrrinr. Young, Bmruon, Ivor«l. Si urge . Koyce, darn . Puller. Calhoun. l atliro| . Kdton, Gregory, Kent . Woodberry. Collin . Kelly. FiUon. McWilliams lailtn. Mont fori, Orr, mow, Carton, Guard. Garrison, Baker. Na rallah. Boltin. Jordan, Kd on. Bannon. Bruton. Strickland. PAGE 116SEMINOLE 1927 I. am ah Sarra, George Mkrrin. Captain Yon. Hoots Davis. Eim;ah T«mm THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL Tin Athletic Council is a governing board of all university inter-collegiate athletic contests. It has charge of the appointing of all managers for university competitive sports. It awards athletic letters and numerals, upon the recommendation of the coaches. The Athletic Council is composed of the Director of Athletics, two faculty members ami three students, elected by the student body. PERSONNEL Umar Sarra, President Clyde Davis Edgar Todd Gregory Petronis George Merrill. Vice-President Capl. E. M. Von Prof. P. K Reed Prof. J. S. Rogers PACE 119SEMINOLE 1927 H. I- SEBRINC "Turn" Seining came lo u e eral year ago from I hr Klivvi ggie . where hr had madr an emiahle record on tlw nr id iron. flct MTving a a i tant roach for two year . Seining wa appointed brad football coach and the 1926 ea on mark hi third year in thi capacity. Sr bring ha» brought Florida to I hr top in Southern h-tlull circle . LANCE KICIIBOUKG Ijnce Kichhourg. a Florida student of several yean ago. again returned to hi alma mater a l»a«eball coach. I.ancr i« at present on tire Boston Brate roster, but he manage to »| end several week in Caincs-ville every year helping to condition the Florida diamond M|Uad. J. C. CEE “Jimmy” Cee. former all-American line -man from Cornell and Clemson, had charge of ilte Gator forward Hull. “Jimmy” was one of our most popular coache and it wa with regret that he wa allowed to return to Clem-son in the role of Director of Athletics. W. C COWELL "Brady” Cowell, court sensation of Kan-►a Aggie , wa Varsity basketball coach la t season. For the past three year Ire ha been in charge of frc hman football and tire result of hi coaching wa two consecutive Southern Champion»hip learn . PACE 120SEMINOLE 1927 A. C BROWNE A. C. Brow nr. one of the greatest all-around athlete e ef graduating from Sewanec, came to Florida la»t year an head track coach. Browne worked hard with the team la t ear and an a result they won every meet on their schedule. A. P. PIERSON Coach Pierson is a former student of the University of Southern California where lie made quite a record as an athlete. He came to Florida well recommended this year and assisted in training the championship rat football team and was given charge of the Freshman basketball squad. Hi freshman team was the best that has represented Florida in several years. R. C. DICKSON “Ray Dickson, former all-Soulliern fullback for the University, came back to his alma mater this year a backfield coach. Dickson was one of the greatest kicker ever developed in the south and through his coaching the Gator punter showed marked improvement. A. C. TIPTON "The Major" ha assisted the footlull coaching staff every year since his appointment here in connection with the R.O.T.C. Major Tipton was an all-American center from United Slate Military Academy and ha given invaluable aid to the line candidates lor the varsity. PACK 121SEMINOLE 1927 HAWKINS TROPHY I he Hawkins trophy was presented to the I niversity of Florida by I liner Hawkins of lampa. Mr. Hawkins is vitally interested in intercollegiate athletics and especially in Florida’s participation in such contests. His trophy is given to the University with the request that all of the Gator players making the mythical All-Southern football team shall have their name- inscribed on the base of the trophy. PACE 122LAMAR SARRA Captain Varsity 1 ootbaJJSEMINOLE 1927 Bottom Row: Clemons Smith. Bennett. Merrin. Walker, Beck, l.e ter. Gold»lein, Petronis Tucker anti Green. Second Row: Todd. Br ant. Dclloff, Ihrig. Sarra (Cl, Chaplin. Stanly. LivingMon. Scott, and Ootferhoudt. Third Row: l„ Stewart, Meeth. Trogdon, Sewell. Saw er. (Jrnrly. Baumgartner. Curry, Bowyer, Bochterle, Owens l-ar en. Fuller. Butler. Newland and Miller. Fourth Row: Sanford. Bullard, Price, Murphree. Shipp. Ramkdph. Walaon, Ripley. Jack Stewart. Welch. Wolfe, Town«end. Carlton. Allen and Phiel. Top Row: Crews Davis Bishop, Harris Allen and McClendon. OFFICERS Lamar Sarra . Captain H. L Sr-BKivc Coach Vernon RaWU Manager Sarra. Center Oosterhoudt. End Stanley, End Dclloff, End Green. Tackle Clemons Tackle Davis Tackle Tucker, Guard PERSONNEL Stewart. Guard Ripley. Guard Allen. Guard Wolfe. Guard llowyer. Hack Walker. Hack Owens Hack Merrin. Hack Beck. Hack l.iving«ton. Hack Chaplin. Hack Iti'hnp. Hack PAGE 121SEMINOLE 1927 RKSl LTS OF 16 SEASON Southern 0 12 6 Chicago 7 Mississippi 12 I . 6 ‘K Kentucky 18 Morula _ . v ... .. o Georgia 13 0 0 49 0 Hamp !cii Si(lncy.. 0 7 Washington I , • 91 136 PACE 125SEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA 16; SOI TIIKKN 0 After a two vtrrb practice |M-riod the Gators o petted the 1926 season on Flmtinit field against tlic Southern College Mwa-in». Southern had a fast welhworking eleven and a field ;: »al hv Chaplin in the second quarter wa» the only result of Florida's efforts during the fir-t half. Early in the third period Clemons blocked a kick Itehind lire goal line and recovered the pig-kin for sis points. Bowyer kicked goal. In tlic closing minutes of play Alenin got away for a nice run around end for the la-t touchdown. N uthern threatened social linn-. hut the Gator forward wall always held in the crucial moments. Oni.xs CiKCLi ax Fad PACE 126SEMINOLE 1927 Clemons Owi; ' Rimxy CHICAGO 12; FLORIDA 6 On October 2 Florida played her only intersect ional came, invading Chicago for a tilt with the Maroons. The big. red team surprised the Gator in lire first period and uncorked a long pa and a fifty yard run for a touchdown. The Florida eleven proved to lire Chicagoans that they were worthy of the title “Florida’s Fightin’ Gators’ when they retaliated by marching the Irngtli of the field, with Tommy Owens crashing through the Maroon line for the Florida score. Chicago canw within scoring distance several time Inn the Gator line always held. Finding the line impregnable. House. Chicago’s ace-in-the-lmle made two attempts at field goals and they were Ivotli successful. The Gators played a fine brand of (ootltall in this game and received much favorable comment from llte Chicago newspapers. Owens Crashes Over ros a Touchdown Again vr ChicagoSEMINOLE 1927 MtJtKIN ih lion Vi.u V MISSISSIPPI 12; FLORIDA 7 The low of thi game broke llir moralr of the Florida team. Having made -uch a Rood »bowing again ! Chicago. Florida npirit ran high and the Gator led until the la-t fen minute , when a penalty and a lucky paw over the goal line reversed the decision. Smith, of Ole Mi -, intercepted a pa— and ran for a touchdown to -tart the -coring in the rtreond period. The visitor mimed their try for gojl. In the third quarter lleck circled end on a crim-crow play for a wore and Owen- kicked coil. Following the penalty of half the di-lance to the goal line in the la-t elo ing minute of play. Patty p»ord to pplewhite over the goal line ami Mi—i—ippi had won a football game. PACK 128SEMINOLE 1927 W.u.k»:k Chapun Sn.w nr MERCER 7: FLORIDA 3 The Mercer jinx. together with a gentleman half-hack named "Phoney’’ Smith, again spelled disaster for the Galore. Smith ran through the Orange learn for short pain all down the ficltl, finally going over for a score ami llicn kicking jojI. "Ilu5»“ Ri-dmp kicked a field goal in llie second |teriod for Florida only score. In the second i|uartrr Florida worked the hall down to the 3 yard line, and were going strong, when the half whistle ended hostilities. The Gator had spent all their energy on thi march and the ia t half wa a listlere affair. Fi.omioa 0»t on an End lit ; Florida v . ChicagoSEMINOLE 1927 Bishop Tucker Davis KENTUCKY 18; FLORIDA 13 A long pass over the goal line in the la»l quarter gave the Kentucky W ildcat a victory over the Gator after the Florida team had led at the half by a 13-12 (core. Thi was one jf the best game of the year and the two tram were very nearly evenly matched. The Wildcat teored first in the firsl period. Init soon after Owen recovered a fumhle and ran to the II yard line before he wa downed. Beck carried the ball around end for a score and Owen kicked goal to place Florida in the lead. In tile second quarter Owen got loose fm a long end run and a touchdown. In the first few play of the final quarter, a Kentucky back heaved a long pa to an end. who caught the hall over the goal line for the winning point . Florida Hit Kentucky's I.ini. pom Short GainSEMINOLE 1927 ItowvcK Gu»:»:x Stanly GEORGIA 32: FLORIDA 9 A great Irani, playing Iwfore a homecoming crowd, again caused the Calory lo bow in defeat. The Red and Black Irani corf weighed I hr Floridian! and were much more experienced, making gains at will and finally running up 32 points. The Gators fought to the la l minute but it was u losing uphill struggle. In the second ipiartrr Delloff broke through the line and blocked a punt, which gave Florida a safety. Utter 0 »sly broke through the line again anil recovered the ball, placing it so near the goal, that Chaplin, alternate-captain, scored on a delayed pass from Owens. "Goof Bowyer kicked goal. Mien did especially good work in till game and assured himself of the coveted letter. PAGE 131SEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA 33: CLFMSON 0 The Gators woke »i| on Homecoming Day and ptr a very creditable performance for the old grads, runninp tlirouph the Clemen team at will to accumulate 33 point . Archie Livingston went around end in the fir t five minute of play for a wore. Tommy Owen kicked poal. Clemons (docked a punt in midfield and ran for a touchdown, after recovering the hall. Howyrr acorvd a point from a drop kick. The next few minute proved to lie an orgy of scoring. Ilowyer making the first wore possible when lie passed over the goal line into Delloff's waiting arm . Walker duplicated Ilowyer' feat in a pas to Ihrig for a touchdown. In the ame quarter Walker pa cd to Delloff. who made a »hort nin before eroding the goal line. Thi wa the first time since the Chicago game that the Gator really found tbem e|ve . The Clein on aggregation wa strong hut Florida could not lie stopped. A Shunt Tiim t Thiiuh.h Fi.oniuv' Ijm;; Fi.omii»a 33. Cummin 0 PACE 132SEMINOLE 1927 Owens and Stanley Bmincinc Down House. Chicago 12, Florida 6 ALABAMA 49; FLO HI DA 0 The trip to Montgomery resulted in the worst defeat that the Varsity ha suffered in many years. The wonder team of the University of Alabama proved to Ik too versatile and to know too much football for the Floridians. Florida plaved her Ik-M throughout the game, but hampered by injured and the absence of men ruled ineligible the Orange and Blue team could never muster its full strength. Walker, Bow-yer and Owens plaved especially good lull in this game and were the only men who managed to solve the Alabama defense. FACE lttSEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA 0: IIAMl DKN-SIDNEY 0 The Virginia institution pmcnlrd a very different team from the one the Gators defeated the year previous an«l by hard playing In-Id the Gators to a scoreless tie. The big gun in the Florida altaek were injured a a result of the Alabama game, and in the »rrond quarter of the llampden-Sidncy game. Tommy Owens Mar half-hack. wrnt out for the re t of the ea on. The Florida team had gone .tale after the liard game with Mabjnia and played a alow game. This coupled with the improved team representing llampdrn-Sidncy, wa» the cause of tl»e tie score. FLORIDA 7; WASHINGTON ND LEE 7 Thank giving Day found Florida’ gridiron warrior with a disastrous season In-hind them facet! with live problem of downing a highly trained and »ucce ful machine representing Washington and las . Tin General had In-gun their season by invading the North and outplaying the Princeton Tiger only to lie held to a tie and during live remainder of the -ea on they had hung up an imprr ive record again.t »ome of the strongest outfit in the South. Smarting under memories of previous reverse at the hands of the Gator , they I rot let! out in Fairfield Stadium. Jacksonville, determined to wipe out the past by handing Florida an overwhelming defeat. With all the dope again ! them, the Gator thrilled the thousand who packed the .tadium for the Turkey Day classic by flashing a brilliant, versatile offensive and a stubborn, fighting defensive to tie the Generals 7-7. Minus the services of Tommv Owen , the sophomore sensation and further handicapped by injuries to other regular , the Orange and Itlue gridders covered them-selves with glory. For three quarter the two teams fought tenaciously without a score. Shortly after the beginning of the last quarter, however, Washington and Lee worked a I»c4uli(ully executed triple pa for a touchdown and kicked goal. Then, with the Imll in Florida’ possession on the thirty-three yard line. Howyrr passed fourten yard to "llahhil" Heck who ide«lep|trd hi way down the field for a score. Itowver lied the score with a |»crfect drop kick and once more the invader from Washington and l,er had l«een repulsed. Ft uair. i Minn no. Floriua Rccovn , Chicago 12, Fumuda 6SEMINOLE 1927 GRIDIRON PROSPECTS FOR 1927 The past season from standpoint of game won and loal wit a failure , the Colon doting ihr campaign willi a record of (wo game won. (wo lied and six l««t out of a schedule entering ten contests. Never, however. ha a Florida (earn di«plaved better spirit, fought harder or prowl themselves cleaner sportsmen. Then. loo. (here were bright spots which prevented the tea won from being a total low . Florida’ invasion of the Middle West an l fine thawing against the %:rong Stagg coached machine, the University of Chicago, opened the eve of the grid fan in the Windy City a to the brand of footltall plated in the land of Sunshine and Flower . nd the final game again ! Washington and Lee did much to redeem the Gators. The General had one of the fine ! team in tear and were doped by sports critic to win handily over Florida whose record wa no: |uilr » imprr»«ive. The Gator overcame their handicap by sheer determination and courage with the r.- ull that Washington and Lee wa tied. 7-7. Thi la-t 'Ituggle found Captain Sana. Davi . Stewart, and Chaplin plating their la«t game for the Orange and Blue, which mean that i tren letter men will be atailahle next year reenforced by the raft of strong material from the chainpiomliip frr !iman aggregation. With this in mind, next year will no doubt find con«ider.vldt more game entered in the win column. In fact. Florida should have one of the best tram in her history with the machine reaching it peak in effectiveness probably in 1929. Uackfield pru prct are very bright with “Rabbit Reck. Tommy Owens. “C« d" Rowver. "Horse" Ri hop, and Ion Walker forming the nucleus id the lull-caming brigade aided hy Rill Middlekauf and Carl Rrumluugh. the ineligible la ! year who have made uch a fine »howing in spring training, and such frr limcn star a Crabtree. Mill Smith. Tuhhy kin-liner. Cooilhrratk Hilly McKinstry. Revel , and Rainey Cawlhon. (anrh Sebring will have material for two or three luckfields combining speed, power and weight. On the linr. Captain-elect Frank Oostrrhoudt will Indd forth at an end and i» an ll Southern possibility. Stanly ami Delloff. the other ar il ends are going to have to work mighty hard to retain their berths against imicUr, Wilson. Shirley and Stinson. Green and Clemons will al o find some stiff competition at tackle with the rat tackle Bono. Reeve . Green and Slattrn while the guards will lie well taken care of by varsity lr:ter men. Tucker. Ripley. Mien and Wolfe aided by Grandolf. Htodie. McDonald and Collins from the freshmen nuad. llou ?r. Ilobbs and Donald Delloff. another spring training find will vie lor honors at center. Florida's Smixc Teaimnc Sqi vd 1927SEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA FRESHMEN WIN SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP SOB the second lime since tin instilulion of llie rule regarding freshman athletics in the Southern Conference, tin I niversitv of Florida's Baby Gators have swept through all opposition finishing up the season with an unblem ished record and the Championship of the South. The Florida freshmen handed defeats to an ini|H sing array of opponents including Oglethorpe’s Fledgling Petrels Mercer’s Bear Cubs. Georgia Tech’s Little Golden Tornado, Auburn's Tiger Cubs and Georgia’s Bull Pups. The Baby Gators attracted the attention of the South in 1922 23 when they first won the Southern title with a wonderful team. The work of the freshmen grid ders was especially pleasing to the students when the varsity was suffering a had season. Coach Brady Cowell and his assistant mentors. Bryan. Pierson. Mathews, Harris and Webber, deserve a great deal of praise for their fine handling of the raft of material which turned out for the team. Through the efforts of (Captain K. M. Yon, the stale’s high school athletes matriculated at the University of Florida instead of going out of the state to college and as a result there was some wonderful material. Prospects for next year’s varsity are very bright with most of this year's varsity back in the fall aided by material from a championship freshman team. Florida’s followers arc looking forward to winning Gator grid machines for the next two or three campaigns. PACE 136SEMINOLE 1927 Coach Kkaov Cowijj. Manacfji Bijit Ki item Freshman schedule opened in Jacksonville against the Kill learn represent-■ j in" Oglethorpe I niversity of Georgia. On a water-soaked fichl the s| ccdy Orange anil Blur fro liman barks were slow oil up. but thc look the game by a 12-0 score. Royer Gootlbrcail accounted for one touchdown and Mills Smith received rredil for the oilier. Kirchner. Crabtree and Yaiisicklc played goo l ball in this first encounter. The trip to Macon resulted in a 2 1-0 win from the Mercer Bear Cubs. The Florida Rats were out to avenge llic defeat handed the Varsity and they ran rough shod over the Georgians and amassing 21 points. The Championship eleven of 1925 defeated the Bruins by the same identical score. Mills Smith. Mike Houser. Royer Goodbread and “Tubby” Kirchner scored for Florida. The far famed “Little Golden Tornado" of Georgia Tech proved to Im only a mild zephyr ami offered little opposition to the Fightin’ Gators of Florida. The fast, hard hitting hackfield combination of the Baby Gator team crashed through the forward wall of the Georgians time after time for gains. Florida won 2.1 7. Revels, Smith and Crabtree scored touchdowns and Bono kicked a field goal. Crabtree and Kirchner played high class ball in this game. Crabtree, especially, being praised by the sport writers attending the game. In the only home game of the schedule, the Florida Frosh were held to their closest score by the young Plainsmen of Alabama Poly technical Institute. The Auburn team hail a real team ami at the half whistle they led by a 1.1-12 score. Stinson had scored as a result of a pass from Crabtree and McKiiisIn had gone around end for the other touchdown. The Tigers had also scored tw ice ami had made one of their trials for goal successful. PACE 137SEMINOLE 1927 In I In second half. Mills Smith intercepted a puss on (lie tliirt van! lino and ran seventy yards for a score, which won the game. Georgia's Freshman eleven furnished the opposition in lakeland on Armistice Day. The Georgia team had an unblemished record, including victories over the best teams in the south. The outcome of the game was in little doubt after the first quarter. The Georgians fought to the finish, however, with so much spirit that the crowd were on their toes at all times. Van-ickle recovered a hall from Georgia in the first few minutes of play, after lie had charged through the line and tackled the man. This placed the ball in good scoring position and Gawlhon soon took it over the first touchdown. Mills Smith. Dale ansicklc and Billy Mekinstry also scored touchdowns during this game and Louis Bono kicked a field goal, running the score up to 28 points. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL PERSONNEL .End Guard Goodbread Bade End Hrodic Guard Mekinstry ...End Guard Revels Back Shirley Collins .... Guard Kirchncr ... Tackle Rack Cawthon . Rack Reeves J.union .... Back Baldwin Back Tackle Back Houser Smith Hobbs RESULTS OF SEASON Florida Freshman .... 12 Oglethorpe . 0 Florida Freshman .... 21 Mercer 0 Florida Freshman ... 23 Georgia Tech .. ... ... ... 7 Florida Freshman ... 18 Auburn ... 13 Florida Freshman . 28 Georgia ... 0 105 20 PACE 138SEMINOLE 1927 CHEERLEADERS Mtu. Wilson Harry McIntosh ClIARLIK I.OYYORN IllLLIC MaTTIIMVs PACE 139SEMINOLE 1927 Al 01 TORIUM Getting Grid-Graph Plat by Play Kitokts Florida Chicago Tiie Big Four in Florida Gridiron Coaching Circles Head Coarli II. L S'bring. Kan a» Aggie : Major . C. Tipton. V - t Point; Kay C. Dickson, Klori la; Jimri G. Gee, line coach. Cornell."RED" SMITH Captain Varsity Basketball iSEMINOLE 1927 OFFICERS Alfred Smith ( W. C Cowell ( Tom Fuller............................................... Manager M RSO.NNI L Smith Forward Kelson Guard Miilman . I cl ku. Walker kirecofc T rogdcn French Guard PACK 112SEMINOLE 1927 Coach W. C Cowell Mamacdi Tom Ft u.»j VARSITY BASKETBALL RKSl ITS OK SEASON 42 Kalpli'' l)rv Cleaners (Jax) 10 Florida 37 Italph's l)rv Cleaners (Here 17 1« Wilmington College (Ohio). 46 Florida 30 Goodyear lire (Akron. O.l 50 23 60 Florida 36 1 niv. of Kentucky (l.e ington I.. II 29 I’niv. of Ohio lAthens. O.l 38 26 Cincinnati “V" (Cincinnati 60 Florida 17 Denison College (Granville, 0.1 30 19 I niv. of Tennessee (Knoxville 22 33 1 niv. of Georgia (Athens) 32 Florida . 31 Auburn (Auburn. Ala.) 51 18 Ft. Henning (Columbus) 51 44 1 niv. of Alabama (Tuscaloosa .. 49 23 Cincinnati “Y“ (Here 41 28 Auburn Here I 10 41 Pari Island Marines I Here . 28 . 47 Masked Marvels (Here) 18 . 17 Mercer 1 niv. (Macon to 28 Oglethorpe I niv. (Atlanta) 41 16 Clemson (Calhoun, S. C.) 33 33 1 niv. of S. C. (Columbia) 39 20 1 niv. of S. C. (Columbia) 37 21 Furman I niv. (Greenville) 56 33 Seminole Canoe Club (Here! 21 Florida 25 Seminole Canoe Club (Jax I 30 PACK 143SEMINOLE 1927 Thocdkn Fklso.x Millmak Ftoai VARSITY BASKETBALL The reason opened in Gainesville with a two game scries with a semi-pro team from Jacksonville with Florida winning both game . During the Christmas holidays the team assembled and left on a two weeks road trip throughout the Southern states and into Ohio. Kentucky ami West Virginia. The trip proved very disastrous, the Gators losing all hut one game, when they m|U« «hI out a 33-32 victory over the University of Georgia in Athens. After another hort and eipially disastrous trip into Alabama the Florida team relumed to Gainesville and lost to the Cincinnati “Y” 11-23. Auburn won by a 10 28 verdict, in a return game played in Gainesville. The jinx left the team for the next two games and they won from the Dari- Island Marines 41 28 and let the Masked Marvels down by a 17-18 score. On the next road trip. Mercer. Oglethorpe. Clemson. Furman and South Carolina received favorable decisions over the Floridians. The last t yo games were played against another semi-pro team in Jacksonville, the Seminole Canoe Club. The Gators winning the first of these games 33-21 and losing the last 30-25. PAGE 14-1SEMINOLE 1927 Smith Kirkcoik Walker ms For the past few years Florida has been handicapped by the- lack of material, especially for the center position. Frequently team would "Get the jump" on the Gators and hold it throughout the period. A shortage of experienced players and a small practice floor arc the main reasons for the poor showing made by the Gators this season. PACE MSSEMINOLE 1927 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Freshman basketball squad | la «nI a very stiff schedule during the past season including the St. Petersburg Triangles. I niversils of Miami Varsity, Oglethorpe I 'Diversity Freshmen, Tampa Imps. Palatka Pals. The Freshmen won most of their games and received much valuable training which will aid them in securing varsity berths next year. Coach A. P. Pierson, former I Diversity of Southern California star, was in charge of the team. PERSONNEL Smith Forward ansickie Perrine Crandolf Williams Guard Woods Car it hers . Vogue PACK 146NED PORTER Captain Varsity BaseballSEMINOLE 1927 OFFICERS NED PORTER Captain Lance Riciidourc ............................................... Coach Sanders Gram bung............................................. Manager PERSONNEL Porter Pitcher Marsh ...............Pitcher Chaplin ..............Pitcher Marshall ........... Pitcher Roney .............. Pitcher Roswell ............ Pitcher Sarra ................Catcher Rusliee ............. Catcher Ooslerhoudt Outfield Merrin Reck Gamble Infield Turner Royd Rurnett Infield Thrower . InfieldSEMINOLE 1927 Coacii I.anck Kiciinoritc M na' Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida . ; . V. Ciauts (At Sarasota II 2 Washington Senators (At Tampa»............... 5 12 L’niv. of Havana (At Havana). 6 3 L’niv. of Havana (At Havana)............ 11 29 I’niv. of Havana (At Havana).............. 6 7 Lniv. of Havana (At Havana). 0 7 Key West Town Team (At Key We t ......... 0 7 Palmer College (At DeFunialt Springs).. 2 4 Palmer College (At DeFuniak Springs).. 3 5 Pensacola Aviators (At Pensacola)........ 3 I Jax S. E. Ix aguc Team (At Gainesville).. 2 1 Auliurn University (At Auburn).......... 2 3 Auburn I diversity (At Auburn). X 3 Mercer (At Gaincsvi'le) .................... 1 6 Mercer (At Gainesville) .... 5 2 Mercer (At Gainesville) ................... 3 3 Mercer (At TaPohasse?) ... 3 5 Stetson College (At Dr I .and) .. 1 5 Mercer (At Thomasvi'le, Ga.) .............. 2 0 Mercer (At Thoma ville, Ca.) ................ I 12 Stetson I diversity (At Gainesville)... ... . 0 PACK 119SEMINOLE 1927 i n Mail-iiau. Saiika Bcknett Chaplin REVIEW OE SEASON GATOHS ojwnrd the M-ason with two scheduled game against major league team M C training in Florida. Both games were Io t hut the player gained invaluable expert-J encc from these conic ! . TIk New York Giant trimmed the Florida nine 11 to 3 in Sarasota. John J. McGraw, manager of the Giant , Mated that Florida had one of the be t college teams that he had ever seen in action and by far the !r M pitching staff that lie had ever seen work on a college team. Captain Ned Porter was signed by Manager McGraw of the Giant a a result of his good work in thin game. The World Champion Washington Senator let the Gator down with a 3 to 2 drfeat when the two team met in Tampa. five game trip into Cuba resulted in four victories. The University of Havana losing the first game 12 to 6. winning the second 11 to 3. and losing the last two 29 to 6 and 7 to 0 respectively. Tn: ::it Smv iie Onk Into Tilt Richt-Fiilo Stwii PACK 150SEMINOLE 192? Throwm Busses Gamrlk Marsh The jr»ilv stopped in Key West on the irip home and defeated tlie Town Team 7 to 0. two game series with I'.timer College in DeFuniak Spring g ave the Varsity two ntorr win . I to .1 and 5 to 3. The l'en acola Aviator were taken into tow hy a 5 to 3 wore. The Jacksonville Florida team of the SoulheaMern League came to Gatorland primed to win. hut the pitching of Honey and Marshall proved too effective for them and they dropped the conte t to Florida. 4 to 2. A two game scries with Auhurn University at tihiim, Mahama. cau ed two more defeat . 2 to 1 and 4 to 3. Ilolh teams were very evenly matched in these game and lucky breaks in both cases gave lire Alabama team the victory. Fi.okioa . Washington PAGE 151SEMINOLE 1927 OOSTERHOUDT PORTER MlJIRIK For I hr first lime in four years Florida shook off I hr Mercer Jinx ami won a baseball aerie from them, winning four out of thr six games played. Florida look thr opening ConteM by a lopsided score of 8 to I. Chaplin was invincible ami the Gator rattled out base hits almost at will. Mercer played jam-up hall in the second game and it was only through hard playing that the Florida team nosed out a 6 to 5 victory. Florida dropped thr final tilt in Gainesville to the Macon bovs. hut in the next game played in Tallahassee the Varsity again took Mercer into camp, winning handily 8 to 3. Perhaps there was added ambition in this game, as the students of the .Slate Women's College were cheering for thr Orange and Blue team. Stetson College at Delaind fell before the Gator onslaught 5 to I. The final brace of games against Mercer were Florida vs. Giant PACE 152SEMINOLE 1927 Beck Honey Turku played at Thomasvillc. Ca.. Florida taking the first encounter 5 to 2 and dropping the last to Mercer 1 to 0. The Stetson University game in Gainesville closed the season ami the Gators had a field day in this game scoring 12 run while the Del.a ml team v a unable to cross the plate. The season's result of 14 wills ill 21 games or .666 per cent indicate , a very succr «ful season. The Florida team was somewhat handicapped hy the changing of schedule , and cancelling of games. Captain Ned Porter. Boswell and John Burnett left school this year, hut the remainder of the team will he on hand next year and with the material from the freshman «|uad will make a very good varsity nine. Florida vs. (it VMS PACE 153SEMINOLE 1927 FRESHMAN BASED A 1.1 PERSONNEL Ligano Infield Infield Trogden Phillips Townsend Brown Pillsburv Outfield .Outfield Outfield Outfield Pitcher Black Owens ....Catcher Johnson Pitcher Picas ..Outfield 1 nt r icncr Pitcher RESULTS OF SEASON Fresh men . 6 Tifton A. M 2 5 Tifton A. M. 6 42 Like Citv llieh 2 Freshmen . 1 Gainesville Town Team.. 3 5 Cedar Keys .. 4 Freshmen 14 Inverness High .... 4 Freshmen 10 Palm Beach High 4 14 Like Citv High 3 Freshmen 6 Cedar Keys 7 Freshmen 20 Chijdcy High 5 Freshmen 0 Chipley Town 'learn 3 Freshmen 5 Havana (Fla.) Team 7 Freshmen 10 Quincy Town Team I Freshmen 2 Bainhridge High 7 Freshmen 7 Tallahassee High 2 PACK 1S4HENRY CAMP Captain Varsity TrackSEMINOLE 1927 VARSITY TRACK OFFICERS Henry Camp ..................................... Captain A. C. Browne ....................................... Coach Reese Hunnicuti Manager PERSONNEL Camp. .....!)«» !», Hurdle Sniilh .................Dash Brumbaugh ..............Dash Davidson ...........Hurdles Trogden .............Quarter Mulinnnali ..........Quarter Erwin...................Half Mile Hur.'ebau ......Half Mile Bishop ... Edwards ...............Mile Aker man .............Mile Meade .................High Jump Liwrence ...... Pole Vault Ziebe .................Shot Pul Midillrkauf Shot Put Tucker .............Javelin Stanley ............Javelin .....Javelin PACE 156SEMINOLE 1927 Coacii Ciucciic Hkowm; Ia acm Kii.m: IIukmcut VARSITY TRACK X. HIS first year at Florida Coach “Chigger” Browne Marled a revival in track by calling for candidates early in the fall and having a complete year of track conditioning, lie organized his freshman and Varsity candidates into two division , the Orange and the Blue team.-, captained respectively by Henry Camp and Otto Ziehe. Several pre-season meets were held between these two teams, which caused much interest on the campus and gave Browne a chance to sec how his proteges would perform under actual meet conditions. PACE 1S7SEMINOLE 1927 The Varsity held their first meet on Murphree Field, April 9, again'I Havana University of Cuba. The Gators won this opener by a 74-50 score. Quite a sensation was caused in this meet when Barrientos, Cuban sprinter, broke the Florida track record by negotiating the 100 yard distance in 9.9 seconds. Captain Henry Camp was high point man of the meet, garnering 23 points by winning first place in 120 yard high hurdles, 220 low hurdles, broad jump and high jump ami second place in the 220 yard dash. Akcrman won the mile race, with Kdwurds a close second. Erwin and llurlebaus were close winners in the iU50 yard event. Trogden. sophomore sensation, and Muhannah ran a very close quarter with the former winning by a scant margin. Xicbe took first place in the discus throw and second in the shot put. Middlekauf received seconds in both discus and shot put. Bishop won the javelin throw and Liwrencc took second place in the pole vault. PACK 158SEMINOLE 1927 Kmgiit Smith llnu.cnAUs Akebman A meet is scheduled with Sewanee University ami will Ik held in Gainesville on April 23. The Gator team defeated Sewanee last year in a dual meet in Tennessee ami are out for another victory, as the team this year is stronger than last year's. Plans are being made to send the Varsity team to the Southern Iner-collegiate meet at the I niversiy of North Carolina. Nash Higgins, former University of Indiana track coach, has been signed as head track coach at the University next year. Higgins lias coached several Olympic stars during his years at Indiana ami with such a coach here, the Gator cinder athletes should make quite a dent in Southern Inter-collegiate records. PACE 159SEMINOLE 1927 Trocdcn Stanly Ikwin Kdn aiuis Mike Kmciit in tiii Bkoau Ji mi PACE 160SEMINOLE 1927 FRESHMAN TRACK The Freshman track team promises to he one of the Ik 1 ever to represent the University. They showed up well in the Orange ami Him meets ami won their first outside contest by defeating Ocala High School. Coach Browne has tentative meets arranged with the Duval High School team and several other college teams within the state. Plans arc also under way to send a team to the Southern Intercollegiate meet. PERSONNEL Goodbread Hill Lutterworth . ... Hurdles Pcrrine Duck wall Taylor Kcv Half Mile Baldwin Click Mile Kir« liner . Shot Put Clark Mile McEwan Crccn P .CE 161SEMINOLE 1927 § © © Q © 3 Cl 1 FCLUB © § 1 © © © © © § § © © © © I CLUB Jack Stewart. Frank Thrower. Gordon Prtlcwajr. George Merrill. " • Slanly l..m Gieenr. Cecil Beck. Tom Marshall. KrIktI Buabec, Ton. Wayne Riplry. W»" '• J “r,jhZrrI “l11 Gamble. “Red ’ Smith. Umar Sarra. ••Red" Rank Tom (ken . Ray Mar.h. l’a'i . Otto Ziebc. Tom Fuller. "Penny" Boyd. PAGE 162MINOR SPORTS -T,SEMINOLE 192? Coach II. C Evans Frank Harm TENNIS IT II a Southern Inter-Collegiate champion ami Florida Inter-Collegiate tingle ami double title-holder performing on the squad, Florida' tennit team this year fought it way to victory in almo i ever) conte !. The personnel of tile team follow : Frank llarri . cap- tain. Tom Slade. George Yenawinc, Sidney Sega 11 ami Wilburn Cleveland. The Orange and Hlue team toi k nine tilt out of an IR match tournament from the Jacksonville City team, annexed all matches front the Orlando representative and took all of the matchr front Tulane University. The |uad won two matches from the Texas outfit ami lost four. Featuring the season was the winning by Tom Slade of the S.I.C. championship, llie victory of Slade and Yenawinc in taking the Florida Inter-Collegiate double ami the winning by Frank Harris of the State lnter-Coll«giate single . Soul Item Conference Champion FACE 161SEMINOLE 1927 Coach H. C. Evans Gutaix Wilson Rooms FRESHMAN TENNIS 1 he Babv Gator racquet stars headed l» Captain Wilson Borers enjoyed a most successful season, their work bringing much favorable comment in tennis circles. Hie doubh s combination of Captain Rogers ami Cus lucr proved to be a consistent winner. The Freshmen went to the semi-finals in the doubles in two tournaments, the Southeastern tournament ami the Ormond Beach tournament. During the course of the Southeastern Rogers and Fuer defeated Grave' and l) ker who bold the state championship in the doubles. Tulane's freshmen were vanquished during tin sea-son along with the Jacksonville City team ami Hillsborough high school. The squad was coached by Professor II. C. Kvan and was composed of ilson Rogers. Cus Fuer. Rill Brownlee and Moc Safer. PACE mSEMINOLE 1927 Coach Dupont Caitain Ted Johnson SOCCER Under I lie able tutelage of Duke DuPont anti Ted Johnson the Orange and Blue soccer rquad this year was rounded into excellent shape early in the sc,i on and cn gaged in a number of contests among themselves as no definite schedule was prepared and no games contracted for. Undaunted by the lack of a schedule and a paid coach the team worked diligently, ever with the hope uppermost that through constant practice ami petitioning they could arrange with the Athletic (a uncil to. in coming years, recognise followers of the English sport to the extent of backing them athletically. Members of the squad follow: J. H. Payne, manager. Mcnendcz, Driggers, Boyd, Bauer, Bratley, Brothers, Wahlberg, Kennedy. Cannon. Lee. Johnson, captain. DuPont, coach. Munger. Davidson, DeVerka.SEMINOLE 1927 Coacii John I’iomko Captain Charuo Tec kmc VARSITY BOXING Florida's varsity boxing team fought its way to third place in the Southern Inter-Collegiate conference this year, placing six men in the important race for honors among the southern colleges. The squad, coached by John Pioinho. commenced training early in the season and enjoyed a most successful schedule. The Orange and Blue boxers walked away with all events in their clash with the I niversitv of Georgia and the meet with ir ginia Polytechnic Institute. They lost to the North Carolina State I niversity ami to Virginia. Men on the team were: Dave Hall. Otto Ziebe, Charlie linker, fuller Warren. Ked Curry. Ilervin. Borgin. Jim Gardener and Miller.SEMINOLE 1927 Coach Piomho Manaclk Ammon McClellan FRESHMAN BOXING Composed of six excellent Freshman boxers the Kat fi lic squad this year cn» joyed fully as much success as did the Varsity team. The squad won their only meet of the year, one with the I niversitv of Miami. According to Coach John IMoiiiImi the team will Im a valuable addition to the Varsity organization next year. On the team were Alex Reeves. Ijefkowitz. Lavenoni. Roberts, I.indenfeld, O’Connor and Adams. PACK 168SEMINOLE 1927 Coach Jok PouijmY Manackm Ammon McClclux VARSITY WRESTLING Though Florida's wrestling team engaged in no liouU outside of the I niversity the squad was heralded by local enthusiasts as being one of the ln t teams of its kind to wear the Orange and Blue in several years. Joe Pomeroy, for a number of years a leader in the art. was both coach and captain of the team and proved his ability by the masterful style in which lie handled his proteges. Members of the team were: J«h Pomeroy, James Lassiter. I .ay ton Brookcr. Bob Cockrell, B. T. Coleman and Paul Calhoun. PACE 169SEMINOLE 1927 Mamcci Hi:n v Camp Captain Gordon Giiwons G 01.1 Florida's crack golf team, not unlike several other minor jK rt teams, had no specific schedule, the only match of the season luring staged with the Timuquana Country Club team in Jacksonville. This match was lost hy the Gators after a hard fought journey around the course. The 1926-27 team was composed of several men from last year’s team, the rosier of the organization including Cordon Gibbons, captain; Henry Camp, manager: Charles Ball, Mallic Reynolds and Bill Duckwall. Four of these men acted us the regular team, the other one serving as alternate. Five men were picked for the team, no designations as to the best foursome lieing made. PACE 170SEMINOLE 1927 Manager Wynne Morgan ■ Caitain Ted Johnson SWIMMING Unfortunately the 1927 Seminole was forced to go to press several weeks prior to the only meet, a quadrangular affair, that the Gator swimmers were scheduled to enter; however, the team has been brought to a high point of efficiency at the present date and will stand an excellent chance in the meet. Ted Johnson, a swimmer of ability, heads the Florida outfit. He is assisted by Ralph Sias. Billy Buhner, Wynne Morgan, Horse Bishop and Ralph Nimmons. The meet to he entered by the Orange and Blue mermen was to have been participated in by Georgia, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech and Florida. PACK 171SEMINOLE 192? Coach Kudolch Wuvix Caitain Vi non Stki:n FENCING The ancient port of fencing was introduced to the I diversity of I'lorida for the first time this year hy Rudolph Weaver, architect and expert fencing master. 'Hie sport claimed its due attention from a score of students carl) in the first semester and in the second period the number of pupils increased. Director Weaver taught his small class all of the thrusts, steps and jabs, finally turning out an aggregation of well trained swordsmen from the class of beginners. The team engaged in no meets this year, such activity being deemed inadvisable by the athletic board, however, it i ox|MH tcd that several meets with other southern college teams will be held next year. PAGE 172INTRA MUJ?AI. SPOKTSSEMINOLE 1927 INTRA MURAI. COUNCIL Captain E. M. Yon Hank Baynard ............................................Director Ralph Nimmons... ......................... First Semester Manager BOB HUGHES ............................ Second Semester Manager SPORTS MANAGERS Cyril Pogue Baseball Bob Dillon........Basketball Wynne Morgan....Swimming Carl Widdcll ........Tennis L. M. Faucet!.. Jack Pcdrick Cross Country Carl Owcnby .......Baseball John Fox ..........Publicity Chester Ferguson. Horseshoes Volley Ball PACK 174SEMINOLE 1927 MANCHESTER TROPHY I he I i Kappa Alpha Fraternity wax the winner of the hundsomc Manchester trophy for 1925 26 representing supremacy in campus athletic?. Interest in intramural sport? was exceedingly high aiul keen competition resulted between the various fraternities. Dr. IE G. Manchester, Director of Physical Education at the University of Florida in 1923, presented the trophy for the purpose of stimulating interest in intramural sports. The Manchester Trophy is a three-year cup and goes to the fraternity each year amassing tin largest total number of points in competitive athletics. PACK 17SSEMINOLE 1927 1NTRA MURAL RESULTS 1925 26 CROSS COUNTRY With three experienced runner in llir Sdd, the Sigma Xu Fraternity managed to walk away from all competitor in the long run. Carlo Fdward raced in first while Duncan Spencer placed second for the Sigma No in the Creek letter cro « country. Magnu Swift completed lire trio and ewed up live race when he crowed lire fini»h line, the la t of the three nece ar to victory. R VSKKTB I.L Raymond Marsh wa lire bright particular »lar for the Theta Chi machine in the cage final again ! Kappa Sigma. It wa« a bitterly fought and exciting content with the combination of Marsh. J. K. lloUbcrry. Joe Cuwthon. Sbring Short ami Kolvrt Darker proving a bit too much for their rival . TRACK The track meet resulted in a lie lielween Pi Kappa lpha and Kappa lpha. Tire event revolved it elf into a spirited duel between Mteh cinder tar» a Delkin Jones. Call Brumbaugh. Edgar Todd. Dillon Graham and Dick Woodruff for Pi k.iptu lpha and Mike Knight. Stockton Broond . Harper Davidson. Jame Randolph and Noye |j ng for kjppa Mplia. feature wa the work of Delkin Jone , who took three fin«t » in live dashes. IIORSKSIIOES The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity turneil to the ancient game of bonnhon during 1925-26 and through sensational playing carried off honor in that sport during the intra-mural game . Hank Itavnard and Boh llughc were the winner in the final again ! the Theta kappa u entry. PLAYGROUND R LL It Section of Tliotna Hall came off the winner in the annual plavgtound hall tournament of the campu when tliev defeated the fraternitv champion . k.ip|ij Sigma. BASEBALL The Phi Della Theta Fraternity won the annual Ium-IuII erie in 1936 when tliev swamped the Sigma Chi’ under a 19 to 2 acore. Root Davi . Frank Wright. Sam Itiid. Pete Norton. Steve Simmon , kirvin Slade. W illmin Cleveland. Marshall MeCIung. Tom Slade ami Bob Smith Coni|M e | the team. SWIMMING The Pi Kappa Alpha' fought their wav to victory and the Manchester Trophv la t year by defeating the Alpha Tau Omega aggregation, which placed second, ami the Phi Delta Theta swimmers, who came in for third place honor . The team Con»i»ted of Dick Geirr. Fdgar Todd. Dick Woodruff, and Delkin Jone . TENNIS The Theta Chi tennis outfit swept through all opposition in the net pastime. winning the campu title in Itotla the single and double . Single champion w.v J e Cawlhon while t Mason ami Joe Cawthon won the double . GOLF Henry Camp. “Goof” Bowser and Perry Bryan, representing tlie Sigma Alpha Kp ilon Fraternity. defeated the Phi Della Theta representative . Charle Ball and IU-n Wade in tl»e inter-mural golf tournament la l year, live final score being five up.SDSHDSSDHIIKSBSEMINOLE 1927 Dean Iiocos .... Ai.len Ramsey .... Ai rel Rosin ..... Chester Ferguson Hardin Branch..... Jack Thompson ..... Alex Stephens...... Dr. F. A. Gilfillan BLUE GATOR ..... Eduor-in-Chief .... Circulation Manager Business Manager .......Associate Editor ..... ..Associate Editor ... issociale Editor ............. Art Editor ..... Faculty Advisor The humorous publication, Blue Gator, is in it' infancy on the I niversity of Florida campus, but it bids fair to become one of the leading college comics of the country. There will ! e four numbers published next year. PAGE 179PACK 180SEMINOLE 1927 the FLORIDA ALLIGATOR Official Mudcnt Publication of the I diversity of Florida j. Urn Haul UiurbM ! James M. SllAW lan„png Uilo, Keanetii C I'kitt “ " " Manage, Kimtohiai. Staff Ao'l Managing K«lil« r ................................... 0 rr'u New, K-lilnl I’"1"'; . V«« Burra it Director ..... “ Sport Editor ........................................ Ghurie S- ' Contributing Editor ............................................. M W“B Coot Editor 1 Dtafa« Copy Editor m llr,,''n Departments Exchange ................. Feature Etlitor ................. Sorirlv and Club. 11 D- A,k'" Society an,I Club. P" J"1"'""1 A Itintiii Girt WhW Alumni B n°m Sport., amiaunt.................. B B lb»n l Sport . a..i.tant J"1'" 1 S|K rl». ................................ J,|lk Th. m|«.ii Reporters Mitchell. Smith. liawkinN Warlow. Grant. Daugherty, Culpepper. Sample, Hoffman. Hichardson. Boone. Blate, Kdson. Hall. Ives. Meeks. Harrison. Beggs, Graham, DeWitt, Green, W ahl. Moss. Bi sin ess Staff ..........Cyril K. Pogue .....................Reese Hunniciitt ................................A. E. Reid ....Ola M. Harris Ass’t Business Manager. Circulation Manager ... Advertising Manager Secretary .....SEMINOLE 192? THE 1927 SEMINOLE Frank Dean Boccs E. Beverly Mann Reese IIunnicltt . ... Editorin-Chirf Business Manager Managing Editor The Amocutt. St ah Billie Burner. Dick Naylor, director. Willie Richard . . M. Johnson. Ku« el«ui. Jerome Connor. Milton Mi che||. J. J. McCranie. Proton Wolfr, Ibtn) Smith. Dixie Brgg . Hill Brownlee, C. M. Kd«on, Paul Mark . PAGE 182SEMINOLK 1927 SEMINOLE STAFF DEPARTMENT HEADS Pal Pullillo. Charley C rosier. swirly editor ; Chester Kergu on. organisations; Palmer Tyler. Bob Brown, art editors; Luther Odom. K. K. Black. a»i»taiit arl editor-; Bob Dillon, feature editor; Dillon Craham. sport editor; Krrmit Callahan, assistant organisation editor; Sam Wallace. Sam Byrd. mililar editors; Doug l.eigli. advertising; Jimmie Shaw. Horace iken. literary editors.SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 1KI lI.MvtjtMTY or Florida Glee ClubSEMINOLE 1927 Miu Martha Murphree Prof. John W. DeBruyn Sponsor Director Miw Eliubeth Cockrell Sponsor Piof. J. S. Bueno Honorary Director R. II. Ferguson H. K. Ilook». Jr. Claude I.. Murphree A. I- Clayton, Jr. President Advertising Manager Vice-President Librarian Business Manager Pianist PERSONNEL UNIVERSITY OE FLORIDA GLEE CLUB First Tenors J. I.. Anderson II. S. Austin R. I). Cox M. L. Fordham N. E. l.ambur M. Similar W. E. Veal I). R. Matthews Second Tenors R. II. Ferguton II. R. Hooks. Jr. J. E. Marshall W. U. I.athrop. Jr. A. C. Morris I). E. Moomawr A. A. Murphree. Jr. J. L Sale J. Strickland C. S. Wax First Basses C. A. Marker A. E. I un c»mh C M. Ifatii« l«l R. Kennedy M. L UNosm S. K. I.ove W. C. Smedlcy R. S. Yeats Second Basses T. I.. Rarrineau, Jr. P. II. Bird C. L Carter A. I.. Clayton T. A. Cook G. R. Filson J. II. Ladd R. C Parker 0. I.. Sands BANJO BRADEN'S COLLEGIATE SERENADERS W. II. Braden. Ban o P. Nedwirth. Violin J. II. Ashenliurst. Drums R. C. Brown. Piano E. II. Calhoun. Saxophone George Grady. Trumpet l . anl.andingham. Saxophone The University of Florida Glee Club i no in its second year a an orgmi ation and has enjoyed tremendous success in all its concerts. It is non an assured fact that lire I niversity of Florida will be reprerented in the future by a Glee Club which will lie the e«|ual of any college Glee Club. Through the efforts of R. II. Ferguson, President of the club. Prof. John W. DcRruvn of Boston was secured as director. Prof. Dellruyn came here with the highest of recommendations as a director of male choruses and his ability has lieeen proyen by the splendid way in which lire Glee Club rendered some of the most difficult number . The program as presented by tile Glee Club is yery yaried in its nature ranging from the harmony and rhythm of negro spiritual “HeavV to the r i|ui itc and eleyjting tones of “Adoramus Te", and then to the lilting ioyousne of campus fasorites. By loyalty to the liest in music and to the highest standards of ensemble singing llie Gator (dee Club ha won popularity and applause of the sort that increases instead of diminishes. In addition to the vocal sclrctionj several instrumental number lend sarirly and vigor to the program. An unusual number of interesting trip feature the itinerary of the G!er Club, mong the most notable are the Florida trips which include Jacksonville. Palatka. Lakeland. Orlando and Tallahassee; the Georgia trip including Valdosta, Macon and Atlanta; and the Alabama trip including Dothan and Montgomery. PACE l SSEMINOLE 192? PACE 186 Umvijimty o» Floiuda OkchkathaSEMINOLE 1927 UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA R. DkWitt Brown Ronald A. Julian Ben Green George Smith Samuel Eff E. B. Sheifer C.baric S. Wax Irving 1. Wei linger Second Violin I . G. Brownell Viola Mr . R. I). Brown Cello I). W. Wiggevt W. I). Jordan ....... Bin K. I). Hcnderly ..................................... Alio Horn George H. Smith .. Horn in F K. I). Cox____________________________________________ Horn in F John Mackey........ . ... . . . ... .. 01 oc and Saxophone John K. ScUnrd ..................—........... Trumpet W. K. Murphrec...... Trumpet Ben Green ................................... Drum and Bell R. A. Carrigan ............................................... XtanboM Albert A. Murphrre . .... . TromlmncPACK 188 J. J. McCRANIE AM) HIS ORCHESTRA J. J. McCranie. Director and I’ianiit; Manninj: Rider, l t Trumpet; Archie Buie. 2nd Trumpet; George Wolfe. Banjo; Cecil Collin . Souuphonr; Don She maker, 1 1 Saxophone. Baritone and Clarinet; llalltert l e». 2nd Saxophone and Clarinet; Batuai Currie, 3rd Saxophone and Clarinet: Dutch Stanley, Drum . SEMINOLE 1927SEMINOLE 192? Ernest McDosiau Chiu Clouch Frank IIkrsey Businru Manager President Director Charles Ti tewilcr Nat Wiluams Chorus Director Musical Director Mel Vil«on Bill Norvell Jack Judy John Arden Aron Blate Phil Weis Walter Murphree THE MASQUER A DEBS Dramatic Cluh of tl»c University of Florida l.oui Root Dick Fra e I-co Collins Bill Truhy Watt Jennings Sid llerlong Fred llertong MEMBERS Boh Oliver John Allison Murray Overstreet Fred Gunter Charley Tu’ewiler Mark Go’d«tein Billy Buhner llamnar Miller Sam Byrd lee Ballard Dal Jordan Georg• Schcr ci1 Collin William Wan krr "BOOM ERA N G " 1927 Pkomctiox Torn: Gainesville Ocala Tampa St. Petersburg lakeland Orlando Valdosta. Ga. Tallahassee PREVIOUS PRODl CHONS “FlORIDA MlNstnil.s" "Our or uir. Ki»tm “SrANtsH Nights “Ihwv Sti »»" “Now I “Pt.A TIC Smoke “BoOMERANG PACE 190SEMINOLE 1927 BLUE KEY FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Florida, 1925 Motto “Serving I Five' Colors Blue and Cold OFFICERS ni in in President Beverly Mann 1'ice-President Chiu Clough . Bert Ames Treasurer Henson Mvrkiivm . Sergeant-at-Arms Warren Cowell Egbert Busbec Marvin Brooker Boh Hodges Lewis Hall Harold Hanunar Angus Lord Murray Overstreet Bobcrt Parker Gardener Piper W allace Schafer Tom Sehring Fuller Warren Dean Bogg . Lamar Sarra Ion Walker Pat Patillo Clyde Atkinson J. Hoo|»er Wise Frwin A. Clayton Bascom Mi wile Ernest Mason Bol» Hughes Alton C. Morris John Wise Edgar Todd PACE 191SEMINOLE 1927 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON (Beta Alpha Chapter) Z. M. Fireman, president; !_ II. Troxler. treasurer; Ralph Sia». . . Shed . II. . Carrigan, II. H. Blakely. J. Y. Blake. J. A. Ogg. S. K. Love. J. W. Merritt. FACE 192SEMINOLE 1927 BETA SIGMA I . mm I Honorary Commercial Fraternity ROLL W. T. Hicks President k. T. Hart I ice-President F. C. W. RD ......... .... ... Secretary J. R. Holt I„ A. 1 Lancaster W. H. Jackson T. F. Newman Prof. II. W. Guay Faculty Advisor PACE 193SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 10 SEMINOLE 1927 THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OF PHI DELTA PHI COCKRELL INN Founded at the I'niversity of Michigan in 1869 Forty-five Active Chapters Mkmhkk Resident K. R. I lampion Members in Faculty J. W. Day C V. Cramlall R. S. Cockrell H. R. Trusler Members in I nivkksity John Allison Charles A. Hall E. A. Clayton Tlico. L. Ford Rohcrt S. Fierce. Jr. Huber C. Hurst Seniors C. V. I.awrcncc J. Henson Markham Joseph Otto Harold L .Sobring Emory Akerman Clifford T. Inplis L. Iceland Recker W in. 0. Anderson George B. Graham Richard M. Naylor Winthrop Bancroft Terry W. Eduards Robert L. Hughes Rudy Inman Juniors John A. Murphree VV. Wallace Shafer Marion H. West 01 in E. Watts Freshmen W. W illiam Judge S. Martin Kelly James Messer. Jr. J. Hooper Wise FACE 195 SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 196SEMINOLE 1927 DUNCAN I. FLETCHER CHAPTER PHI ALPHA DELTA Founded 1897 Installed ul Florida 1921 Flower Colors Red Carnation Seniors Purple and Clyde W. Atkinson Garland M. Rudd Robert C. Parker W. S. Wilson Robert L. Hodges Juniors Roland Bryan Malcolm Jolu on Frank Dowling W. 1). Jobe Lewis T. W ray 0. S. Thacker Freshmen W. S. Hitchcock Bradford John E. Holsbcrry Bernard English Dave l inicr Franklin Garner Augustus A. Fisher I.atimcr Long William Grey PAGE 197SEMINOLE 1927 PI DELTA EPSILON (National Honorary Journalistic) Founded at Syracuse University. 1909 Installed at Florida, 1926 Bernard II. Fuglidi James Shaw Harold Haminar FI wood Padgett l.cwis Hall Roll Powell Majors John Fox Ammon McClellan Dillon Graham K. C. Pratt Girl W idell Horace Aiken I. B. Anderson Percy Revels Reese HunnicutlSEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA ZETA (Honorary Agricultural) T. J. Lar»cn. T. I.. Ilarrincau. president. Sam W Italph I). Dickey. llaroM h. W. A. Ilenipltill. (ilurlr I.inton . Kiflurilwn, It. Ko«. Leonard It. Toy. PACE 199SEMINOLE 1927 @ @ i d @ Q @ ® Q © § @ $ ii ® ® @ @ @ @ ® @ © © PACE 200SEMINOI.E 1927 PHI KAPPA PHI HONOR SOCIETY Officers 1926-27 M. Simpson.. 1 res idcnl I Bi.m k 1 ice-President W. Ames Secretary F. Burger Treasurer C. K. Abbott Ri ii »'m Mt: tRrjts J. M. Farr Joseph Ro-mer 11. W W. 1.. F'ovd Frazier llogrr W. II. Hcisler J. R. Folk J. S. Roger E. W. Berger E. 11. Hampton R. W. Rupreclit A. IV IFaek II. A. Hall J M. Scott (). F. Burger W. 11 Hathaway T. M. Simtwon K. W. BrcSholz K. A. Ilavnir A. I- Sliealy I- l. Bristol F. II. Ilralh A. P. SiH-ncer A. K. Csro F. 1). Hinckley A. W. Sweet II. G. Clayton J. M. Leake II. K. Trtisler E. A. Clayton T. R. l -igh J. F. Turlington II. R. Co’son Cora Miltimore Alltert Vidal R. S. Cockrell A. A. Murphree J. R Vat»on M. 1). Cody Wiltnon Newell Rudolph Weaver C. I.. Crow J. W. Norman C. F. Welter C W. Crandall W. S. Perry C. II. Willoughby J. R. Cunningham Melvin Price J. II. Wbe J. W. Day P. L Reed L. W. Buchholz II. 0. Enwall H. C Riley A. T. Craig Elected Di hinc tio. St mmih St-Wiox 1926 VV. 0. Smith UXDFJtCRAOl' AT l.S ElXCTU) 1926-27 Arts and Science A. R. Jackley S. K. l.ose Krrmit llart Angus Laird E. R. Mann William Hawkins E. P. Tyler T. L. Barrineau Agriculture R. D. Dickey L. R. Troxler I.. G. Cartwright Engineering R. N. FIIU R. I). Rov W. R. Clary T. S. Johnson E. F. Smith F. I . Dean R. T. I.undv II. L Wilker on J. M. Allison D. C. McMillan Late C. C. Cridley 11. C Parker II. Dublircr J. II. Markham R. S. Pierce S. 11. Huffman Teachers A. C. Morris A. M. Singletary R. S. Knowles A. R. Morrow J. II. Wye PACE 201SEMINOLE 1927 PSI • I .oca I llonoraty Musical I | ruf. |{. |). IWumii. dirtfiur. M. W. Ovrr lrn-i. |ti »i«lrni. K. I), llrndcrly. »ccrctai . Fred llart man, lrra«urrr. Crcva» r. Il« rl ntc. I'hillip . Julian. Murplirrr, S liir.ii.I., Crrm, rnrll. Carriprn, Collin , Wiggrrl. Crave . PACE 202SEMINOLE 1927 SIGMA TAU Cp ilon Chapter N. . Sknk treasurer. It. I). Ro««, historian. It. T. I.umly, secretary. It. Herrick, president, an alkenhurg. KJIi . WhUenant, Clary. Ijee. W ilkcr»on. llu Mle tori. MrMillan. Jolin»on. Sciutli. Ilemlrrly, Cockrell. Itrown, Dean. Arnett. Smith. Flood, Pirrnian. P CE 203SEMINOLE 1927 SCABBARD AND BLADE (National Military) Captain K. M. Yon, Captain C. S. Whitehead, Price, Sarra. Crenshaw. Captain W. Kavrls, HagxoU. Jenkins. Ziebe. Nimnton . Hudson. Davi . Bi-Imp. CampMI, Webb. Morgan, McMillan, Davidson. Byrd. Cels ton, Sias, SkeeD. Kichardson, Tyler, I ipliam. Wilder. Stewart. Itaynard, 11 ousted. Cockrell, llelseth. Welch, Ixo, Gamble, Jose. .Mann, Merrill, Hemphill, Kant.SEMINOLE 1927 KAPPA DELTA PI (UPSILON CHAPTER) I)r. J«mt| Ii R. Fulk, trra urcr and counselor, C. E. Mount , president. R. S. Knowles, vice-president, Sam II. Huffman, secretary, W. U. Flournoy, Alton Morris, I,. J. (.arson, Kail Clevenger, Harold llammnr. John Wyse. PACE 205SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 206SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER ALPHA KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY (Professional Commercial » Founded in 1901 .il New York I nivcrsit Forty-four Acti e Collegiate Chapters Eight Active Alumni Chapters liMalh-d at Florida in 1926 Colors Blue and Gold Fratres in Facultate Dean . J. Mathcrlv Dr. I.. M. Rri-tol Fratres in I nivkksitatk J. A. Ogg John Holt Will Hicks Kermit Callahan Joe Lapham James Messer. Jr. Lewis Lancaster Clarence Rainier Powell Majors Alden C. Smith Walter Cowart Jack Judy F. G. Ash meat I I). M. Johnson Marion I). PerkinsSEMINOLE 192? BLACK AND WHITE MASQUE (Senior Honorary l Charles Clough. Umar Sana. lien on Markham. Holier! Parker. V illiam Stanly. Jamr» Randolph. SIGMA DELTA PSI (Honorary Athletic Fraternity Mark Mahannah. I)r. C. K. Weber. Henry Camp. Compton French. Raymond Crown. Cecil Heck, Tom Green. PAGE 208SEMINOLE 1927 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Henson Markham ................................................ President Ion Walker icePresident Bud Mizelle .................. Secrelary-Treasurer THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STl DENT BOIB The University of Florida has a constitutional form of government with officers elected annually from the student body at large. Florida students take a keen interest in their government and the present system has proven very successful. The Honor Court ami the Executive Council constitute two important bodies. The former presided over by a Chancellor tries violations of the honor code while the Executive Council with the president of the student body acting as chairman performs a general executive function. The campus publications, the Seminole, the Alligator and the F Book; together with the Athletic Council, the Debating Council and the Lyceum Council operate under charters from the Executive Council and arc directly accountable to that body. PAGE 209SEMINOLE 1927 THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Mark Mahannali. Paul l)ran, Bill (iambic, Joe Pomeroy, Spio Stanly. Carlton Crenthaw. Tom llarrincau. Chester Fcrjtuson, Sam llulfman, II. C. Thornal. Mian Clcarc. I. II. inler««n. PACK 210SEMINOLE 1927 HONOR COURT Clyde Atkinson, chancellor. Evan Crary. Bolt Hodge . Carland lludd, clerk. Kirven Slade. Kayntoiul Clary. Allen Kamsey, Murray Overtired. David Lanier. PACE 211SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 212SEMINOLE 1927 DEBATING COUNCIL President ..............William Wkavkii................. Peabody Club Pice-President .........J. V. Blakk ...................... Pharmacy Club Secretary-Treasurer ...Ralph 1). MkrRITT Parr Literary Soci-Iy MEMBERS Sam Webb, Agricultural Club Richard Nailer, John Marshall Edward I.. Miller, Commerce Club Liwrencc Gurrett, teuton Engrg. Society The Council this year hat arranged a series of ten debate which i the largest program ever undertaken by the 1 diversity in one season. Oxford, England, was the first opponent, after whom came Tennessee. South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, Duke. Emory, Mercer ami two debates with Louisiana. DEBATING TEAM Men With Three Years of Sr nice: M. Cook Gardner Robert I.. ILkIrp Claude J. Sparkman Men It ith Tno Years of Service: Hilly Matthew CampMI Tltornal Ralph Merrill Harold Duldirrr Sam Huffman Anguk Laird Ammon McClellan Rats: K. I.. Miller Monlr Kngle V J. Robots Ren IVrloff . T. Hick Ray V 'al on C. M. Guyton Jerome (Connor Paul Johnson Odette Slieffle'd C. . Thomp m PACE 213SEMINOLE 1927 JOHN MARSHALL DEBATING SOCIETY Simmons Sutton. Braden. I.ainl. Hughes Boggs kcrman. virr-prr.iil.-nl. Turner. Ripley. Julian. Join-. Churchill. Wil«m. Fralirk, Simmons Parker. Slufer. lUlwrts Come- . Coplill. S|ko:o. Jordan, Hrarn. » rrrtary-lrraMirer, Mar-liall. Jolinton. Millman. lUlwrts Rudd, president. Croin, Smith. at«»n. U.- rlN Atkin-on. KdeUtrin. Cargrll. Sch arlr. Ctr a«e. Pali No. l»iM.n. Uidell. K-iIn-ms banner. Kudjerr, IVIoi, Cridlry. Naylor. Clearr. Duhlirrr. hmf. Bnan. PACK 21 SEMINOLE 1927 LEIGH CHEMICAL SOCIETY Carrijcan. Cartwright. Mark. Itaincy. (Mom. C.rii-n. Ilai|»er. Blur. Etnl , Either. Schwartz. The.»|»o!i|. Smith. Ogg. I.iml-nfehl, Welch. Uw, Ziegler. W iig. Drrn. Brannon. Merrill. Winner!. Cain. Beilur. Panlne. Ilamnur. lltiNlmcrkcl. I.)tie. Hick . IWake. Ij um, Irvine. Cr«|»|»s Brallcy, Mclxod. Smith. I’er ia. Pirenian. PACE 215SEMINOLE 1927 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS R. I„ YVilkerjwm, president. K. I). Hcndcily. vice-prcfident. V. M. Clan'. ecrrtary. W. J. Parrel, treasurer. lluddlctlon, Pcrrcl, Jnhnvon, lleu«tcd. Hendry. McLendon. Cold«hy, trigger . Whitman!, Blair. Clayton. Sweat, Ellis Mohley. Hemphill. Shipp. Herrick. PACE 216SEMINOLE 192? FARR LITERARY SOCIETY Dinninp, Connor. .Slum, Laird. Edward . Ilrollirrs Owen by. Matthews Morgan, Mathis Thompson, Mimcj1, llat-haw, drown. Thornal. Culpepper, Woolfc, Kendrick. Meek . Iw-. Ilratley, Daugher.y, Ahl»o:t. Ij Pure, llegg . Ed on. Dorsey, ilrarn. Itohhins Wilewtky, Smith, Kobinfton. Ilingson. PACE 217SEMINOLE 192? MORTAR AND PESTLE SOCIETY W. S. (.'air. preiirlrnt, J. V. Illakr. ice-j»rr.iilr»t. J. . Pearce. «-cietary. G. Hamilton. rr|»irlrr, (i»l l lr inp. II. S. I).»n-I , Kirlur ! Delloer. l.rroy Ki»lirr. IV!nun Smith. II. . I’.nlp-tt. Morri llrnnell. J. Wcb»lcr Merritt. . J. Ti l cll, Oonlnn lloker. Ilerlraiii I). Walton. W. I). aliion. PACE 218SEMINOLE 1927 PEABODY CLUB Knowles Ilu l»nn, critic. Blue. Williams Whitlon. Ciimaz, Huffman. Mycr. Clcirngcr, Williams Durlium. Strode. Ilcwett. Wraver. Hrodmerkel. Slone. Bruton. Moore. l!ox, Malheny. secretary and treasurer. Warlow. Fletcher. I .owe. Karri von. repoter, S-liillrr. Yawn, K.K. Ziegler. Wy e, Smith. ta-wis. prevident, Payne, (hawthorn, Bancroft, Itchwinkel, McArthur. Jernigam MorrisSEMINOLE 1927 BENTON ENGINEERING SOCIETY Bean. Rom, Dean Benton. Prr t, Garrett, Steen. Stanwivllay. Byrd. Smith. Miner. Graff. Johnson, Bfckwith. llffder, Brown. Smith, ltarli!«!l, Ferrel. McMillan. Hart. StansfieM. K lrl tein, Mobley, Robinson. a!cott. Herrick, Clayton, MacCarthy, llru tr«l. Smedley. Hawkin-. Carmichael, Stone. Ikissvt. Miss Kli ahclh Scott, sponsor. PAGE 220SEMINOLE 1927 BENTON ENGINEERING SOCIETY Go!d»by. Iliiynuim. YanYalkenburg, Yamal. Lundy. Vliitciunt, Browning. I a is Johnson. Hendry, WooUlair, McBonall, Johnson. ll»u 'on, Sweat. Sias, Clary, Payne, liar rod. Ford. Chip'ey, Webb. Wray. Blair. Hemphill. McClellan. Guard. Traflon. McClung. Jefferson. Jenkins Zirlie, Johnson. V indliarn, Kdward . Cox. PACK 221SEMINOLE 1927 AGRICULTURAL CLUB Hammer. Slirpaid, Wilder, Zciglcr, Bart man. Ilnluolc, Miles, KichartNon. Yawn. Cel lon, Cameron. Bateman. Rt . Hill. Hviber. l-iita. Fayan. Sawyer. Erwin, Filield, Hawkins Ikirrincau, l.yle, Slre:li. Hemphill, Kulicrlf, Sipprell. Torricntr, Dugger, Cain. FACE 222SEMINOLE 1927 THYRSUS (Honorary llorticulluM.') Major VS'. I.. Floyd. Prof« » or C. K. Miol, IWnwr K. I- Urd, family mrnibcfs C. Mrrrin. A. C Erwin. C. I). Wilder, Jr.. J. II. GelMon. 1- II. Toy. PAGE 223SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 224SEMINOLE 1927 ARCHITECTURAL CLUB John A. Beid Francis H. Emerson A. A. Boom Fre«l Curli Koberl II. Brown, Jr. illiani T. Arnc'.t J. M. Crumpton B. C. Ix zczyn ‘ki Boyd H. Parker L V. Howell Cyril Bay ley J. M. Pritchard Norman A. Skoels B. L. WaldenSEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA FRESHMEN FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL KyMcr. |irr i k nl, Merle , viee-preMdrnl. Milifll, Irruurer, Itnbbin . Trolulil, (IliriMetiancy. Ilyrd. IIoumt. Miller. Pifield, IVarwl . I try an, Kra ec. Moorr, Webb, I p»liaw, llmlille-ton, Hill, Monlforl. Claiit. Daily., Johanum. Kuium-r. Moon . Weblirr. Smillt. Slone. norlire . Parilur. Smnilry, Smith. Filler. It.. Ilciber. Green. PAGE 226SEMINOLE 1927 MIZPAH CLUB K'-miil Hart. Chancellor Commander. Neil Him . kic|x-r of Kcoird . Mi- Tlie'mu Nice. S|Mn or. iird Kn»in, Sergeant-at- rm . Wayne Ki|iley, nim« n McClellan. M. 0. Ibrnd. Fred Ward.SEMINOLE 1927 BAPTIST CLUB iliuiton. Brown,, Brother . Cox. Stephen . Gardner, Bateman. Bu lier. Howard, Barrincau. Clevenger. Denham. Murphrre, Hewitt. Cleminjjrr, Blue. Thompson. W indham. Ford ham. Juliiwon, La Fuze. Well . Maruleick. CaMon. Harper. Hall. Krlminkel, Wilder, (irrvn, Davie . Bullion . Shepard. Ilawkin . (lain, Johnton. Frazier. BACK 228SEMINOLE 1927 Y. M. C. A. J. E. John«on. K. C. Beaty, Klixalxth Skinner, xcrclirin. Munis president, I.ainl. vice-president. Edwards. secretary. IIukIic . treasurer. Parker. Brother , Owenby. Tliompion, Matthew . Smith. Phillips. Blakely. Eysler. Connor. Culpepper, council. PACE 229SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 230SEMINOLE 1927 COMMERCE CLUB J. R. Holt F. C ARD II. H. Lapham O. S. Smith I). M. Johnson P. C. Scaglionc H. McCall T. Newman H. Frater William Hnllock M. L. Engle S. A. Pratt R. P. Majors k. V. Callaluin W. T. Hicks R. E. Dickson C. Bochtcrle L A. Lancaster R. II. Smith F. G. Ashmead I). R. Schwartz resident ..Secretary- Treasurer M. R. llunnicutSEMINOLE 1927 NEWMAN CLUB R. C I.» »: vnski .. B. T. Mahobnek ... J. W. Rossini _______ E. W. ... Miss Frances Mock _____President Pice-President Secretary .....Treasurer .....Sponsor Farrel Fuller Flaherty Stanuix-lla) Drlloff Molloy Sarra Trainor Watson A. KoMCter W ratten Muliorncr Cex I GE 232SEMINOLE 1927 VIGILANCE COMMITTEE Joe Pomeroy, judge. Carlos Edward , president. K. P. I Van. judg . Arthur Andcr»on. B H. Fraze, Cliarle u ley, Bob Mailii . Edgar Currie. Sam Byrd, Dick YcYerka, Ed Beardsley. M. J. Coldstcin. Jack Judy.SEMINOLE 1927 UNIVERSITY LATIN CLUB Peter Scaglionc Ignatius Spoto M. k. Alchidiak Felix Cannella A morn Leto, Sponsor John Ferlita Tony Persia Americo Ferlito Manned Carranzo Anthony I.icata PAGE 31SEMINOLE 1927 PILOT CLUB 1). C. Laird, president, Francit Harris vicc-prc»i l«nl, Earl Boone, secrcinrytreamrer, MU Alberta Pop pc II, |x n»or, Stewart A. Pratt. SEMINOLE 1927 GULF TO GEORGIA CLUB W. J. Bulloch. S. C. Simpson....... N. W. McLeod........ 1 . M. Carmichael ............... resident ..........Viced1resident Secretary and Treasurer .................Reporter k. R. Williams J. M. Johnson C. II. Jernigan G. S. Scruggs V. J. Hamrick PACK 236SEMINOLE 1927 FRATERNITIES In the Order ok Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha Their Establishment at Florida Alpha Omega Chapter Beta eta Chapter .1901 .1901 Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Eta Chapter .1901 Sigma Alpha Fp-ilon... Florida I p.'ilon 1915 Theta Chi Tau Chapter 1916 Sigma Xu Kp'dloii Zeia Chapter 1920 Kappa Sigma Delta Delta Chapter 1922 Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1924 ....Gamma Theta Chapter 1921 Theta Kappa Xu ...Florida Beta Chapter 1921 Alpha Gamma It ho Alpha Gamma Chapter 1925 Phi Beta Delta Delta Chapter .1925 Tau Knsiion Phi . Tau Alpha Chapter 1925 Delta Tau Delta . Delta eta Chapter 1925 Sigma Phi Ep.silon Florida Alpha Chapter 1925 Phi Della Theta ...Florida Alpha Chapter 1925 Dc'ta Chi Florida Chapter 1926 Ali.dia Fla Chanter 1926 LOCAL FRATERNITIES Delta Tau .1923 Alpha Delta 1921 Sigma Lambda Tau Pyramid ......... ..1021 ..1926PACE 240SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY Founded September II, 1865, at V. M. I. Flower Eighty-seven Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1901 Colors While Tea Rose Sky Blue and Old G. K. R. Harries Fratresin Facultate Dean Harry R. Trusler A. P. Black H. F. Blackwell Coach A. P. Pierson Fratres in I hue Richard Bowers Gibbs Chonut James Chesnut II. Douglas Henry O’Neil J. A. Phifer M. G. Stringfellow Burton Thrasher Murray Overstreet Dr. II. C. Thomas Fratres in I’niversitate Seniors John Allison Harry Watrous Clifford Inglis Charles Clough Frank Hohhs Juniors Gordon Cihhons Robert Brown Charles Tucker Marvin Clifton Eldon Dickson Robert Oliver Charles Davidson Jack Rowe Sophomores Harvey Pheil Walter Cowart Gerald Ludwig Charley Tutewiler Carl Owensby Stephen Casseaux Tom Watrous Rev is Butler W. A. Huhner Philip O’Connell Fred Gunter Henry Haynard Freshman Imw Robert Hughes Hill Middlekauff Cecil Miller Allan Smith -Freshmen John Hobbs Tom Sample Venton McDonald Rracey Richardson Curtis Scott Raymond Carter Myron Yarn Arthur Cihhons Mayson Jaudon Hobhie Davis Perry Miller Tom Warlow Hen Grant Ray Hridwell Pledces William Stephens PACK 241SEMINOLE 1927 PAGE 212SEMINOLE 1927 BETA 7ETA CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Founded in 1866 at Washington and Lee l'ni er ity InMalled at Florida. October -1, 1901 Flowers Colors Magnolia and Red Rose Crimson and Old Cold Dr. A. A. Murphree A. C. Brown F. W. Buchliolz E. F. Cannon L. W. Craham Powers II. A. Merrin. George Randolph. J. II. Davis, T. L. Murphree, J. A. Fant. J. E. Baya, Joe Bishop. Howard Drake, Thurston Intreiner, Royal Murphree, A. A., Jr. Lewis, Clay Bond. W. B. A vary, Scott Bird, J. F. L Fratres in Facultate W. S. Perry Dr. C. A. Robertson Fratres in Uriie R. E. Hardee C. A. Pound J. S. Shands W. A. Shands W. R. Thomas, Jr. Fratres in I mversitate Seniors Cockrell, William Akcrman. E. Welch, C. Juniors Guyton, Moses Randolph, Winthrop Yenawinc, Geo. Fuller. Thomas Broome. Stockton Sophomores Knight. Louis Heirs. B. I). Fisher, William Freshmen Arden, John F. Perry, S. R.. Jr. Butlerworth. Stanley Ccislen, I amis Captain E. M. Yon E. A. I'avlor C. S. Thomas B. F. illiamson G. M. Younglovc Troxler, L B. Cobb, Sam Davidson, W. Ilar| er Troxler, W. G. Borland. James Fnwall. I lay fort Like. Edmond Triplett. Beaman I a win, Hayes Butler, Bryan Ausley, (’has. Cockrell, Robert laird, B. J. Bo d. Randolph Reynolds, Mallv PAGE 243SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 244SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY Founded at Iniversitv «f Virginia, March 1, 1868 lii' led at Florida November 7. 190-1 Flow kr Lalv of the alley John Dial Richard M. Boring John Powell William II. Powell Cyril E. Pogue James A. Scott Jus. M. McClamroch Cyril Bayly Jack M. Pedrick Frank M. Anderson William P. Bushnell J. Maxey Dell Ammon McClellan E. Dixie Beggs Bober I C. Brow n Ralph E. Daugherty William C. Boltin William W. Brownlee William A. Carithers J. T. McKinstry Hugh Igou Fratres in Facultate Dr. C. L ('row FRATRES IN t It RE Berna 0. Bishop Erskin Jones A. B. Austin Ed Bowen Seniors William C. Goode Juniors Carl L Brumbaugh Harold I'. Fields Frank Dean Boggs Joe I). Pomeroy Sophomores Stewart S. Estes Dillon I.. Graham John C. McCraw Herbert II. Messer Jack S. Wyatt Freshmen William II. Dial Frank . Johnson Julian I). Howard L Fletcher Proctor Pleoccs William Fitzsimmons Clarence G. Kirchner Gordon E. Perkins Colors Garnet and Gold Falcom B. Johnson Adolph idal Dr. W. T. Elmore Richard S. Woodruff Edward C. Ramho Walter J. Sciutti Stanley S. Vernay Sam D. W allace Edward F. Phipps Nati E. Reece Edgar K. Steen John R. Schirard llanly W . Pogue W ilson N. Rogers Richard M. Fleming Edward Foy James Flaherty- Frank W . IIannum James A. Lassiter Sidney RobertsonSEMINOLE 192? PACK 2U SEMINOLE 1927 FI.OMDA I PSILON CHAPTER SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY Founded in 11156 at the I niversily f Alabama Installed at I niversily of Florida in 1915 Flower Colors Violet FRATRES IX I RUE Royal Purple and Old (, F. 11. Hampton 11. F. I.. Timmons Dr. W ilhur Li-v-ite F. J. Hampton James Dowling Frank llowatl Fratrksin Faceltate Rev. Stoney l)r. J. M. Farr Prof. C. H. Willoughby FRATRES in 1 NIVEItSITATE Graduates Prof. C. W. Crarul J. I.. Itecsc K. L Stanly G. 11. Stanly Seniors It. S. Pierce Joe Otto A. Rowe J. II. Markham A. G. Pattillo C. Crenshaw W. A. Stanly F. C. Shipp Juniors M. J. Wilson J. J. McCranic II. N. Camp It. J. Inman E. F. Norton M. A. Cooglcr James Messer. Jr. G. A. Iluic It. 11. Hensley W. G. Burch F. L. Megathlin Sophomores W. N. Norvillc E. J. Ho wye r J. K. Judy J. F. Markham 1). k. Stanley A. It. Frederick 1). A. McKinnon M. M. I.imlclic Freshmen Casper Hefty P. F. Roper II. II. Yancey llamner Miller J. II. McAden J. T. Wigginton LcRoy Cook Russel War man Irvine McClelland John Donahoo Joe F. Tannerhill I.awrence Cooper F. J. I»essncrSEMINOLE 1927 PACK 2IKSEMINOLE 1927 TAl CHAPTER THETA CHI FRATERNITY Founded in 1856 at Norwich University Forty-four Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1916 Flower Colors Carnation Resident Members Red and White R. M. Ogilvie Members in Faculty L. G. Fogg Dr. J. R. Benton Members in University Post Graduate E. E. Mason Seniors l)r. F. 11. Heath F. R. Crom 0. S. Clyatt R. C. Parker W. V. Heusled Juniors P. W. Potter J. A. Cawthon F. 1 . Harris R. E. McDonald S. 1). Chittenden J. E. Holsberry G. S. Mobley E. C. Boozer R. B. Marsh R. (). Robinson C. J. Hancock Sophomores W. . Shafer J. E. Amos C. F. Collins W. Newsom W. F. Brown J. B. Culpepper M. H. Rainev J. (demons J. L Hall II. F. Rees L. V. Collins II. A. Hendry J. W. Jennings Pledges W. B. Truliv C. A. Alderman C. G. Corser 1). Hughes C. Anderson J. Cihson N. Johnson R. Cawthon J. 1). Hendrix J. Slatton W. V. Col lanv J. oolslairSEMINOLE 1927 PACE 230SEMINOLE 1927 EPSILON .ETA CIIAITEH OF SIGMA NU FRATERNITY Founded January 1, 11169, al V. M. I. Flowkr Ninety-four Active Chapters Installed 1920 Colors White Hose Black. W hite and Gold Dean W. J. Mathcrlv Fratres in Facultate G. E. Phipps H. W. It lack lock Oncal Cox FRATRES IN 1 RDE Jimmie Anderson Claude Barco W. S. Cramling Fratres in Universitate Seniors N. F. Baskin Palmer Tyler Chas. E. Fisher J. B. Chaplin W. I). Gamble Tc l L. Ford Curry Harris Thomas Lane V. C. Mason Paul Lawrence Juniors John F. Vanderipe, Jr. Cecil Beck A. C. Bamsey Ervin M. Seay Ion S. Walker S. C. Simpson J. 1.. Bichards W. C. Boswell Sophomores Currie It. Will W. M. Martin Compton French Joe M. Mason B. E. Cornwall Boh Mathis J. It. Anderson J. B. Graves Carlos Edwards Tom C. Watson J. M. Chryst John E. Allen F. II. Bamsev P. V. Cunningham L 11. Pharmer Werner C. Amrein W. M. Covode Freshmen E. C. Fletcher J. V. Bichard L D. Chi Ison Sam 0. Slough Lloyd Wilson Ben E. Crr n 0. L. Bowers Geo. B. Wolff George Perrine l eo P. Finney Frank E. WoodSEMINOLE 1927 PACK 252SEMINOLE 1927 DELTA DELTA CHAPTER KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded in 1869 ut University of Virginia One Hundred and Two Active Members Flow ei t Lily of the Valley Installed at Florida in 1922 Colors Scarlet. hile and Green Resident Members C. J. Harris A. I). Hutson Members in Faculty B. W. Ames I)r. J. M. Leake Dr. T. M. Simpson Dr. NVilmon Newell Dr. Joseph Roemer Members in University Seniors Dr. A. L. Shealv L L. Rccker A. M. Laird W. L. Gray, Jr. Juniors E. B. Mann F. R. Baisden Tom Marshall J. M. Quinn R. R. Brooks H. S. Ives V. C. Bawls j. R. Dillon J. W. Merritt H. B. Smith C. R. Green W. A. Mcliendon G. M. Turner G. R. Hclvenston E. E. Page B. M. Over B. M. Hosford M. B. Provost E. II. Smith W. G. Carlton Sophomores C. C Lorraine A. L Anderson G. R. Moore J. J. Walker N. W. Brown W. G. Tye J. E. Waugh B. F. Cooper Tom Lawton Edwin Beasley Freshmen S. E. Boss R. D. Baker R. S. Hill J. E. Nobles J. 0. Butler S. C. Ives Pledges B. P. Winner Tobc Bass L. C. Gregory W. M. Mason E. A. Boone A. M. Johnson John W. Pegg H. G. Clark J. W. Kchler G. W. Thor| c G. L Denham . P. Young PACK 253SEMINOLE 1927 PAGE 2S4SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER OK PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY Flower Red Rose Colors Cold anil White Kali lty and Resident Members I)r. Walter II. Beisler William II. Fisher W. Chandler Still James G. Sharon James W. Chambliss Edward I.. Rriil” es Kermvt W. Callahan Charles E. Crozier J. Owen Boole Roy E. Crippen A. Sidney Her long L. R. Tomlinson Hugh Bruce Reginald A. Axtell I. Bullard Andrew C. Carraway J. Austin Armstead W T. Kennedy Chapter Roll Seniors L Evans Crary Joseph L Roberts Byron L. Eddy Juniors Marshall I). Meadows C. T. Parsons Sophomores Douglas B. Leigh S. A. L'onard Thomas A. Owens Joseph II. Pearce Freshmen David Henry Sam A. Jackson Dan kelly Pledges Charles A. Marks J. . Welch Sam C. McCormick Alfred W. Smith James I). Renfroc William E. Swoojm Frank B. Thrower Rol»ert E. Schloze James W. Wilkcrson E. M. Vanl indingham M. Stone Herbert Frazier T. Gunby Ozmer Jack D. W illiams S. Mauphin W all Tom Anderson Floyd W. W illiamsSEMINOLE 1927 PACK 256SEMINOLE 1927 GAMMA THETA CHAPTER SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami I niversity. Flower COLORS While Rote Established 1923 Blue and Azure Fratres in Facultate Paul S. Buchanan T. R. Leigh I W. Bochhob Fratres in I rue P. L Reed E. A. Haynic Fratres in Uniykrsitate Class of 1927 C. H. H. Branch, Jr. Edward II. Me Adam Monroe Campbell, Jr. Class of 1928 Dana Swearingen ('rum Crier Kirkpatrick Class of 1929 Ralph C. Bhudy James P. Irish Glenn Pies Howard Wiig Lawrence Wiig Lirry Slevens Law W. Logan Hill Robert Leach, Jr. Cordon P. PtUeway (Carrol I). Dewees John W. Muskoff ' H. M. Sutton, Jr. John A. Bouvier, Jr. Pledces W. S. Wilson. Jr. W. B. Waison, Jr. W. Earl Caldwell Jack E. Addington Taylor Dawson W illiam Allen John Simmons James Sale John Shirley Earl Arnow Boherl Darkness Boherl Black. Jr. 1 humus Chaco Robert V. II. Thomas, Jr. Joe Crane Tucker Bowen T. A. CurrieSEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER THETA KAPPA NU FRATERNITY Founded at Springfield, Missouri. June 9, 1924 Forty-five Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1921 Flower Colors White Rose Silver. Black and Crimson Faculty Mem her Prof. J. S. Bueno Class of 1927 W. Walton Flournoy. Jr. 11. ililhurn Blaklev James G. Keck S. Kenneth lx)vc F. Ralph Sias C Clay Strode Class of 1928 Phillip B. Cad man Clayton H. Fralich Robert H. Ferguson Jett M. Jenkins Thomas J. Rivers El wood P. Padgett John S. Pinaire Earl P. Wingert Rex E. Ixc John Graham Civile R. Simmons Charles II. Wingert F. Ellis Wray Class of 1929 Kenneth M. Hancock. Trea». A. Tilman Jones Inland R. Featherstone Forest Ash mead Douglas II. Barrow Stewart Austin Wesley A. Sweat Clyde R. Brown H. K. Hooks Class of 1930 John T. Flournoy Thomas B. Bryan Arnold E. Houston Charles A. Grumbling Joel C. If ford Hugh Pillshurv Ray Donald Cox Eric C. StrcnstromPACE 260SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA GAMMA CI1AITEK ALPHA GAMMA RHO FRATERNITY Founded at I'nivcrsity of Illinois and Ohio Stale I'nivcrsity 1905 Flower Installed 1925 Colors Pink Rose Green and Gold I)r. Ollic C. Bryan Fratres in Facultate Prof. Charles E. Ahhott Prof. J. F. Cooper Prof. Frazier Rogers Prof. John Gray F. V. Brtimlcy Prof. J. G. Gee Alfred F. Cooke Graduates in I'niversitate Chaffie A. Scarborough John P. Gimp Harald F. 1 laminar Charles II. Taylor Addison S. Laird T. L Rarrincau. Jr. Fratres in Univkrsitate Seniors J. II. Gelston C. E. Baggott I.. A. Richardson C. 1). Wilder F. E. Elierlein R. M. Jones W. A. Hemphill Juniors F. E. Bactzmann A. G. Driggers G. L. Stearns 1.. J. Fraser L J. Larsen H. I. Borders Sophomores II. B. Johnson L. S. Townsend J. C. Grave Freshmen Mason L Roherls H. L. Fagan Arnold Berk Thomas W. Cameron C. Murray Sipprell P. A. Leivonen S. Ellis Hawkins E. L. Ia wry R. G. Radncy PACE 261SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 262SEMINOLE 1927 DELTA CHAPTER PHI BETA DELTA FRATERNITY Founded in 1922 at Columbia I niversily Installed at Florida February 15. 1925 Colors Blue and Gold Mumukk ix Faculty Joseph Weil Seniors Aurel Rosin Phil Weiss Juniors Sam Silverman Harry B. Miller Not Williams Martin Kelson Paul Marks Mark Jean Goldstein George Seller lx ui Bono .Nat Cristol Win. Wanskcr Jack Loewcnkopf Sophomores AIm Botli-tein Heimey Fishier Barney Shorstein Jack Slayers Freshmen A. S. Pinko-on Moo Safer Bert Lcfkowitz Jesse M. I loll man PACE 263SEMINOLE 1927 IVSEMIN OLK 1927 TAl ALPHA CHAPTER TAU EPSILON PHI FRATERNITY Founded in 1910 at Columbia I niversilv Twenty-eight Active Chapters Installed at Florida 1925 Memo Kits ix IMykksity Seniors Aaron M. Kanner Morris Bennett William Kdclstcin Joe Schwartz Marcus Edclstcin Chas. S. Wax llarrv M. Kaplan Philip A. Neuwirlh Gustav Fever Benard G. Itlanek Samuel Dock Jo cpli I)avi David Jacobs Juniors Nathan J. RoIktIs Morris Salomon Emanuel Mil I man Sophomores Sheldon Dubler Max kotkin Sidney Segall Freshmen Nathan I’. Dubler Aaron Plate Eeonard Cooperman Jack Brown N. Harry Stcinc I vis J. Scadron PACE 26SPACE 266SEMINOLE 1927 DELTA ZETA CIIAI’TEK DELTA TAU DELTA Founded al Bethany College, 1859 Seventy-four Active Chapters Installed at Florida March 28, 1925 Flower Colors Pansy Members in Faculty Purle, White, Gold W. C. Cowell R. C. Goodwin H. 0. Enwall E. D. Hinckley J. C. Mathews E. G. Piper G. F. YVcber Members in University Seniors Marston I). Bates N. J. Johnston Albert E. Berry J. M. Kiracofe Juniors I. B. Anderson Francis Auger P. Cecil Burnett R. C. I eszczynski J. YV. I t kus C. M. Mahannah B. B. Bead Sophomores C A. Barber E. H. Beardsley C. A. Darby C. YV. Dopson J. V. McQuitty G. E. Meade J. G. Thompson J. M. YVhitncr Freshmen J. I). Boyd J. 0. Browning YV. B. Campbell Howard Copcning Clyde Crabtree YV. M. Decker L L Duckwall Willard Fificld K. E. Good bread B. G. Householder J. K. Mackey J. M. Mackey II. K. Northam M. N. Owens J. M. Y'cguc Harold YY owlsPACE 268SEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA A 1.1 11 A CHAPTER SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRATERNITY Fifty-four Active Chapters lnstalh d al Florida March 215. 1925 Flowers Colors American Beauty Rose ami Violet Fiutres in I hue Red and Purple Dr. T. V. McCaul Fratre in Faclltate Grinelle Hughes Rudolph Weaver J. lloo|Har Wise FrATBKS IN I NIVKKS1TATE Seniors Janies W. Day Alton C. Morris Samuel G. Webb Jack E. Stewart Lunar Sarra Tom U. Green Erwin A. Clayton Hul er C. Hurst Juniors Marvin A. Brooker Powell Majors Billy Matthews W illinm J. Bullock A. Burdette White Norman A. Skeels John C. Maultshy William W . Judge Malcolm J. Hall W illiam M. Davis George G. Smith Kugenc K. Turner 1). Clair Smith Herbert Jackson Girl A. W idell Fred. McCall RoIktI E. Faucette Sophomores G cil J. onkaencl Richard II. Fraze Robert S. Yeats Graham Carter Forrest G. Brat ley Kenneth R. W illiams J reshmen Noel Kntz Harrv Green Dale YanSickcl 'Pom Smith Marshall DeWit I Munson Johnson Clinton Green Lilo Graham Claude McCollough Leonard Mcl.ucas Judson BriNlic Pledces Parks Carmichael Harold Macc Kdward Petris Iwouis RootSEMINOLE 1927 PACK 270SEMINOLE 1927 FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY Founded December 26. 1ft 18. at Miami I diversity iS'inety« ix Active Chapters Flower White Carnation Judge R. S. Cockrell W. I . Arnold W. Daniel Boyd Clv lc Davis Charles A. Ball Fret I Curtis Micajah B. Harrison James H. Brinson Samuel A. Byrd Henry F. Curry Henry I). Anthony P. Dudley Clark John P. Harllee, Jr. Robert Huffman Installed at Florida in 1925 Fratres in Faclltatk Major B. C. Riley Fratres in I rbe James R. Boyd, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1927 T. Wade Harrison Wynne II. Morgan Ralph W. Nimmons Class of 1928 Thomas A. Howze, Jr. Birkett F. Jordan Wilhur F. Robinson Thomas B. Slade, Jr. Class of 1929 Sumter M. Kellcv Marshall L McClung RoImti V. S. Musgrave Class of 1930 Marcus S. Houser William I . Lathrop. Jr. Donald C. McGovern Aubrey I). Sawyer PlllKEIAS C. Mills Smith Colors Azure ami Argent Prof. M. I). Cody John 11. Bozic Stephen E. Simmons R. Kirven Slade Olin E. Watts Marion 11. West Edwin II. Yrieze RoIhtI II. Smith II. Floyd Stewart George R. Trogden Freil II. Sleeth William B. Williams RoIhtI M. W oimIInmtv George W . SmithSEMINOLE 1927 PACE 272SEMINOLE 1927 A FLORIDA CHAPTER DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Pounded in 1H90 at Cornell I diversity Thirty-one Active Chapter! In-tailed at Florida February 15, 1926 Flower Colors bite Carnation Faculty Member Louis K. DuPont Buff and Red Class of 1927 1). Clifton I-aird RoImtI Hodges Byron T. Saul J. B. Living-ton Maynard Johnston Walter II. Braden T. S. Johnson Class of 1928 J. Graeme Ashcnhurst L on Fcrnald J. T. Rose Preston G. Woolf Alexander II. Stephens Burton Hendry Dean Ilouk Harry Young Class of 1929 George Thomas Irwin Fcrnald Jack Conduittc Wright M. Brogdon Powers Taylor Frederick Gardner llarrv Orcutt Ralpii Merritt Morrison Pearce Paul Boardman W alter Thomas L V. Howell Class of 1920 William Dishong I). Line Market! Martin Similar Allen B. Connolly C. Elicit Ralph Chadwick Albert Saarinen Pledges William Blanchard Russell Carson Barton Douglas Donald Fraser l)a id Ross John Ross Marvin ShcrertzPACK 274SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER PHI KAPPA TAU FRATERNITY Founded at Miami t’nivcrsitv 1905 lu talled at Florida March 9, 1926 Flower Colors Red Carnation Harvard Red and Old Gold Fratresin Facultate Prof. Harley W. Chandler Prof. J. G. Kldridgc Fratres in Umversitate Graduate W. E. Flood Roland W. Bryan Allen T. Craig Lawrence L Lewis H. E. McMullen William H. Easton Warren W. Connor Monte L Engle Jennings Helm inkle Orville L Dayton. Jr. Victor Daily Wm. Edwin Veal J. V. Porter A. J. Kenyon Seniors illiam II. ilson. Jr. Ono L House Sam H. Huffman Juniors Clifford A. Lyle Wilbur I). Jobe Sophomores Frank L. Peterson Stuart Hayworth Albert C. Decn, Jr. Harold C. Fra ns worth Freshmen Harold II. Wahl l-oe I layman Terry Gibson lleppo Johansen Win. K. O. Veal Pledges Limar Love Theodore Lundy John A. Payne Holland Herrick Milton C. Gordner Percy II. Hovels T. II. illiam Warren L Tedder Wm. I. Daniel Bernard S. Harvey Hal Chairs Eugene P. Bogert Lewis F. Blalock Ralph C. daymanP GE 276SEMINOLE 1927 DELTA TAU FRATERNITY Flower Red Carnation i l cal) Colors Red and Crecn Clyde V. Atkinson J. l«ouis Hall Byron F. Caniplxdl Charles J. I-oworn J. Loomis Anderson William II. .Sims J. Keener Mi ell Iternard II. English William K. Lirgc Charles II. Lillie . Horton Buchan S. Foster Haney Seniors Carl A. Price Ralph I). Dickey Juniors Horace I). Aikin Aldcn C. Smith Roger E. Phil I i |IS Basconi F. Mi ell Joseph 0. keezel Ivan Smith Sophomores II. ilbur Overstreet James K. Kwzel Richard P. Trogdon Cordon S. Adams C. Edward ippcrt Freshmen J. Robert Key L. C. Prime J. Frank Chase John Rearden Wesley Kyster James Singletary George Gnylon R. Copeland Arthur R. Tliompson Lloyd S. Rrunk Norman W. Knowles Eugene Moore Ijconnrd Webber Scruggs PACK 277I SEMINOLE 1927 ALPHA DELTA FRATERNITY (lx cal) Founded 1923 Petitioning IMii Kappa Psi FrATKKs IN r.MVERSITATC W illiam Raymond Clary Henry Boney Cheater II. Ferguson Stanley II. Ferguson Ronald A. Julian Seniors Juniors Richard I-awrencc Richard M. Naylor Ed Todd O'Donald George Parks Rertran I). Walton Addison F. Marshall K. C. Pratt A. I). Reid A. E. Reid Marion I). Perkins William Anslev Charles J. Bainuni Ralph Crisp Fdgar Curry Glo d Allison Sydney Grovonstein Sophomores Julian C. Edwards Howell Janes William Kirby Freshmen Milton Mitchell John Francis Harris Waller Sturgess Waldo I.ord P. J. 0. Smith Horace Williamson Garland Wood Rern s Smith Rol crt Wattles P GE 279SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 2»)SEMINOLE 1927 SIGMA LAMBDA TAU tLocal Founded 1924 Petitioning Delta kappa Epsilon Flow hr Ked Hibiscus Fratrksin Facultatk Colors Crimson and Emerald l)r. F. F. Heath FkATRKS IN I N1VKRSITATK Prof. F. L Prescott Grnduates arrh M. Pirenian Class of 1927 Frank C. IVIot Oliver W. Hewitt Walter H. Stanwix-Hay Collier 1 . Ferrell ernon C. Steen Havmond II. Browning James Y. Blake Garland M. Budd. Jr. James E. Marshall Paul F. Dean Class of 1928 Frank B. Kmler Bobert C. I.iggit Milton U. Hunnicutt. J Orren 1.. Van alkcnberg W ilbur S. Cate r. Claude J. Sparkman Harry II. I.apliam Billiard II. DeBi er Class of 1929 Jerome A. Connor B. Campliell Tbornal. Paul 1). Bird Jr. Paul C. Johnson Bil liard O. Cum Charles F. Bochlerle Pledges illiarn B. Greer Buford K. WiHiatus Cyrus M. Edson l-ester Smith Darrell B. Jordan W illiam B. Gillon Henry 1.. Hicks Bil liard W. Fuchs William II. Turner John B. Seth Christian L Ebscn Ixon A. Meeks W illiarn T. Phillips Mark Q. Craven Charles F. Walker Alfred E. Hills Jr. Edward G. Oxley Thomas A. Cook l» CE 281SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 282SEMINOLE 1927 THE ORDER OF THE PYRAMID (Local Fraternity) Founded 1926 Flowers Ked Carnation and iolct Colors Scarlet and 111 H. Dale Smith Claude L. Murphree Kenneth Haggart H. K. Wallace Harold W. Myers J. W. McMurray Walter Murphree Class of 1927 l C. Cartwright Class of 1928 Jerome Gratigny K. T. Iloardman Class of 1929 James M. Shaw K. K. Black W illiam II. Everts W. I .avion Dinning Class of 1930 Erwin Jones Eric Wchner Plkdces D. S. Fisher Loren Join's Whiting HallPACK 281SEMINOLE 1927 INTERjFRATERNITY CONFERENCE t MVERSm OF FI.OK I DA Hekson Markiiam................................................. President Frank Crom....... .................... .............. Secrtiary-Trcasurrr Alpha Tnu Omega kappa Alpha Pi kappa Alpha Sigina Alpha Kpsilon Theta Chi Sigma Nu Kappa Sigma Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Phi Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Chi Alpha Gamma Kho Phi Kappa Tau John M. Allison It. I.. Hughes Julian Fant Harper Davidson Cyril Pogue Dick Woodruff J. H. Markham C. Crenshaw Frank Crom K. McDonald J. K. Chaplin Ion Walker I .eland Keeker G. K. Hclvoton Hugh Sutton la gnn Hill James Sharon E. I.. Bridge I. B. Anderson J. J. Thompson Steve E. Simmons It. K. Slade A.W. Judge W. M. Davis I). C. Honk II. I. Young W. A. Hemphill J. H. Getston P. J. Bevels Allen T. Craig PAGE 2H5SEMINOLE 1927 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Lewis Hall, President, Delta Tan hr NON Steen, Secretary and Treasurer. Sigma Laminin Tan Byron Campbell. Delta Tan REESE HfNNICUT, Sigma l.amlnla Tan Ronald Julian, Alpha Delta Chester Ferguson. Alpha Delta PACE 286 PACK 2H9PAGE 290 M iss Katherine Lawson Orlando PXCiE 291 Miss Isabelle Warrington J :kso vii.i.k1V ( Miss Julia Miller Tampa PACK 293 Miss Elizabeth Love LakelandMi.v Betty Jonc Tampa V PACK 295 Miss Mary Ellen Bailey QuincyPACK 296PACE 297SEMINOLE 1927 The University of l'lorida is indebted to ADOLPHE MENJOU for his kind assistance in selecting photographs for the Beauty Section of the 1927 SeminoleSEMINOLE 1927 PACE 299SEMINOLE 1927 THE R. O. T. C. l . O. T. C. unit at the I’niversity of Florida continued the progress of m |)H. p-i t during the year 1926-27 and the campaign was characterized by a keen spirit of friendly competition between campanil, platoons -squads and individuals The cIo.m coo| eration l etween the Mudcnt body, faciilt and »he military department which has won for the l niver»ity of Florida the Distinguished College Class rating for the past two consecutive years has Im cii continued and protpect of the institution retaining that rating are bright. The unit has grown to a regiment of nine companies where formerly it was a battalion of six companies ami under the direction of ( adet Colonel Carlton Crenshaw and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel l nnar Sarra the men have progressed rapidly in the fundamentals of infantry drill. Much credit is due to the I nited States detached officers ami the non commissioned officers who are on duty for the splendid showing of the unit. They have worked untiringly with the unit ami the results are a tribute to their ability ami initiative. The military social functions were well planned bv cadet dance committees ami were more brilliant ami elalmrate than ever l efore. The military hops occupy one of the four dance period of the year and are always looked forward to with pleasant anticipation. FACE 300SEMINOLE 1927 REGIMENTAL OFFICERS Colonel Carlton Crenshaw. Regimental Commander Miss Elizabeth Walsh. Regimental Sponsor IjtMAR SARRA. Regimental Staff Commander Miss Norma White, Regimental Staff Sponsor Captain E. Beverly Mann, Regimental Adjutant Miss Helen Cubberly, Sponsor Captain J. E. Stewart, Regimental Supply Officer Miss Virginia Towson, Sponsor PACE 303SEMINOLE 1927 FIRST BATTALION OFFICERS Major Ralph Nimnions. Hattalion Commander Miss Louse Dorsey, Sponsor W. A. HEMPHILL, llntlalion Adjutant SECOND BATTALION OFFICERS Major Clyde Davis, Hattalion Commander .Miss Virginia Miscrave. Sponsor D. G. McMillan, Hattalion Adjutant THIRD BATTALION OFFICERS Major Howard Bishop, Hattalion Commander Miss Rodney L%YTOX( Hattalion Sponsor First Lieutenant W. D. Gamble, Hattalion Adjutant PACE 301. SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY A Charles Baccot, Captain Miss AthaLIA GelSTON, Sponsor B. F. Campbell, First Lieutenant J. II. GELSTON, First Lieutenant PACE 305SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY 15 Henry Hudson, Captain Miss Helen Overton, Sponsor Harper Davidson, First Lieutenant, Executive Officer Oscar Byrd, First Lieutenant Ralph Sias, First Lieutenant PACE 306SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY C Will Cockreu., Captain Miss Bishop. Sponsor Otto Zikre, First Lieutenant, Executive Officer Ceokge M ERKIN, First Lieutenant Curry Harris, First Lieutenant PACE 307SEMINOLE 192? COMPANY I) C I). Wilder, Captain Miss Frances I.yboss, S tonsor J. G. Keck, First Ueulennni H. II. Lmmiam. First lieutenant A. W. SMITH. Second lieutenant PACK 308 SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY E Henry S. Baynard, Captain Miss Kathryn Turner, Sponsor Arthur Erwin, First Lieutenant, Executive Officer B. L. Dansby, First Lieutenant L A. BiCIIARDSON, First Lieutenant PACK 309 SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY F Carl Price, Captain Miss Helen White, Sponsor Hex Lee, First Lira tenant Julian Kant. First Lieutenant PACE 310 SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY G Sam Huffman, Captain Miss Boots Gilbert, Sponsor A. F. Marshall, First I.ieutenant S. G. Webb, First Lieutenant Joi: Graff. First Lieutenant PACE 311SEMINOLE 1927 COMPANY H Wynne Morgan. Captain Miss Evelyn Corbett, Sponsor Gardiner Welch. First Lieutenant Palmer Tyler. First Lieutenant John Payne. First Ucutcnant PAGE 312SEM1NOLK 1927 COMPANY I W. V. HeUSTED, Captain Miss Sara Yelvincton. Sponsor l OR IAN A. SKEELS, First Lieutenant. Executive Officer J. M. Jenkins, First Lieutenant W. A. StaNSKIELD, First Lieutenant PACE 313SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 314 AfcADCSEMINOLE 1927 THE RIFLE TEAM I niversily of Florida rifle team finished seventh in annual shoot com M C petition with sixteen other Southern college this year. The Orange and Blue marksmen won the Fourth Corps Area Cup representing first place in 1922 and again in 1921. Florida now has two legs on the three-year cup and another win will carry with it permanent powession of the handsome trophy. Georgia Tech and North Carolina State also have two legs on the cup. The team was coached this year by Captain C. S. W hitehead, ably assisted by Sergeant C. II. Bell. The best scorers in competition for the Gators were Harvey, McGee and Green. Other memlen of the team were: Kidmour. Waddell. Copeland, Graff. W indham. Hearn. Se udlo. Cockrell. Fugle. Denham. Dublircr, McMillanSEMINOLE 1927 © Mil.IT ARY TROPHIES ME University of Florida advance course men have been very successful in camp activities during the summer camps at Cump McClellan. Anniston, Alabama. In 1926, "Horse" Bishop won the distinction of being the best individual athlete at camp. Me was instrumental in aiding Florida to win both the camp swim-ming meet and the K.O.T.C. swimming meet. Mis fancy diving was the sensation of both meets. The Florida unit won first place in machine gun howitzer firing; second place in rifle firing; second place in baseball. The Gators annexed numerous loving cups among which was the kiwanis Cup for having amassed the largest number of points in all activities and the General Efficiency Cup for the best all-round efficiency. PACE 3SEMINOLE 1927 SO CIETIES I’AGK 317SERPENT RIBBON SOCIETY An Inter Fraternity Social Organization OFFICERS John IllbON Ch aim.k Fish »:i IIaiihis l »ui:n Ian. Him. President Vice-President ......Secretary Treasurer Jack Rowe. A.T.O. Mike Kniultf. K.A. Dick W.odruff. P.K.A. J. J. McCranic. S.A.E. Dance Committee l a» I'atillo. S. .K.. Chairman Currie Will. S.N. J. K. HoUliern. T.X. Kugrnr Page. K-S. Sam McCormick. P.KI’hi Hurt on Ileiullv. I) X. Mi » irginia Taylor. Tampa. Sponsor Kolterl I.eacli. S.X. T«.m Slade. Phi D.T. Jack Thomson. D.T.I). William Judge. S.P.K.SEMINOLE 1927 MEMBERS Alpha Tau Omeca John M. Allison Harvey Pheil Fred Gunter Venton McDonald Henry Baynard Cliff Ing’i Jerry l.udwig Cecil Miller Charles Tucker Marvin Clifton Jack Howe Muyson Jau don Charles Tutewiler Eldon Dickson Dick Hohh« Tom Marlow Kappa Alpha Harper Davidson Stockton Broome William Fisher B. J. 1 ord Sam CoSb B. D. llier Trusten Drake 1 oui« Ceestin Harris Power Mike Knight Hayes I wis Stanley Butterworth Winthrop Randolph Joe Baya John Arden Sidney Perry C. M. Guyton Pi Kappa Alpha Dean Bogus II. E. Fields Maxic Dell Bill Dial W. 0. Anderson C. S. Brumbaugh J. M. Pedrick Bill Brownlee Cyril Pogue J. C. McCraw R. S. Woodruff Boh Brown Nate Brese Slot a Alpha Ep Pat Palillo Boh Hensley Alvin Coogler Jame Messer Henson Markham Spic Stanly Buck Fredrick Casper Hefty Punch Mrgathlin J J. McCranie Ernest Bowycr Henry Yancey Ed. Norton Dutch Stanley McL Wi'son John MeAdrn Archie Buie Budy Inman Tiii.ta Chi Frank Von Crom Ernest Mason Cecil Collin Morton Hainey Raymond Marsh W. G. Newsom I.eo V. Collins John Station Aibcrry Hendry Edwin Hol sherry Sigma Nit Nathan Johnson Charles Fisher Brent Watson Currie Witt Sain Slough James Chaplin Tom Watson William Gamble Compton French Erwin Seay Paul Ijiurenee Ion Walker George Perrine Stuart Simpson Kaita Sic ha Brrese Provost Eugene Page Webster Merritt Sclwyn Ive Arthur Anderson Angus l.aird Fred Bai den Boy Brooks Pi Kappa Phi Jim Chamhliss R. E. Scholar Sain McCormick II. C. Boulware K. V. Callahan Charles Cro ier Marshall Meadow II. Arm ’ead J. L Robert S. M. Wall SlCMA Cm Hardin Branch I.ogan Hill Banrai Currie Carrol Drwce Boh Harkness Dana Crum Bob Leach Henry Itingling Tucker Bowen Billy Watson Jack Addington Jimmie Gardner Phi Delta Tiieta R. K Slade Wilburn Cleveland Henry Curry Mike Houser Balph Nitnmon Sam Byrd Tom Slade J. P. Ilarllee Boh Smith James Brinson Bill Williams Sigma Phi Epsilox Powell Major R. E. Faucetle Bill Judge Marshall DeWitt A. B. White Dale VanSickle Delta Tau Delta Joe Ix-tzkus Jack Thompson John Mackey Bruce Campbell Clyde Crabtree John Browning Delta Chi B. T. Sauls Dean llnuk David Bom J. B. Livingston J Graeme «henhur t Jack Conduiltc Italph Chadwick George Thomas W alter Braden John Boss Burton Hendry Morrison Pearce Power Tay lor PAGE 3!9SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 320SEMINOLE 1927 THETA RIBBON SOCIETY Hakry Watrous. A.T.O. A. O. Brown, S.P.E. .. Julian E. Kant. K.A...... Cracker Crenshaw, S.A.K. Chairman Ouf. Xusley. K.A. Tom Watrous, A.T.O. Dance OlMMITTEE Mian Ramsey, S.N. Dudley Chittenden. T. . Henry Camp. S.A.K. John Bouvier. S. . ................President ...........Vice-President .Secretary and Treasurer K. C. Lerorr ynski. D.T.D. Rudy llrUmMon. K.S. Eugene Turner. P.D.T. W. M. I)avia, S.P.K. Charles Clough Frank Hobbs Murray Overstreet Hal Black (•onion CihUtn Allan Smith Al»ia Tav Omkca nhur Cihl on Walter Cowan Koliett Oliver Ray Caller Harry W:atrnu» Kappa Alpha George Ycnawine Byron Butler Scott Avery W illiain Fisher Canliner Welch John Murpluee (Hay Lewis Thomas Fuller Walter Troxler Boyal I'ntriener Jas. W. Bamlolph Robert Cockrell Julian K. Fant Chas. Ausley Bevis M. Butler Tom Watrous Cum is Scott David Worth W addie Murphrec Janie Bird W illiam Bond l t Kappa Alpha William Powell Joe I’oineroy Walter Sc'iutti Julian Howard Bill Boltin llerlvert Messer Sydney Bulwrtsoii Sicma Alpha Ki ilon Carlton Crensliaw Aubrey Bowe Jack Judy Paul Koper John Donahoo William Burch Henry Camp William Norvall John Wigginlon Wallace Schafer Ernest McDonald Theta Chi Dudley Chittenden Frank Harris Allan Bam ey Sander Gramling Howard Beene Sicma Nu William Mason Walter Colony Chitson Jolin Yanderipc Nom Baskin Joseph Mason G. B. IlelvcnMon Halbert Ives Kappa Sicma Inland Becker E. Beverly Mann N. W. Brown Bert A me W illiam Gray William Tyc Jim Sharon Evan Crary Pi Kappa Put . W. Smith B. I). Baker Douglas I-eigli Byron Eddie Edward Bridge Sydney Herlong G. T. Owner Torn Owen Dan Kelly Phi Delta Th»:ta Clyde Davis M. L. McClung Thomas llowzc Boh Wood berry W. M. I.athrop Geo. Smith Henry Anthony II. F. Stuart John Bouvier William Allen Sigm Cm Robert Ihoma John Simmon Sicma Phi Epsilon W. M. Davi. Clinton Greene Gene Turner 1). C. Smith Dick Froze • Delta Tau Delta 0. E. Meade B. C Le zcezynski F. W. Fletcher C. A. Barlwr C. W. Dopson E. II. Beardvley II. P. Opening C. W. Jennings Eliot Fletcher William Boswell Buford Hosford George Thorpe Andrew Car row ay William Bullard Donald McGovern uhrey Sawyer Crier Kirkpatrick Claude McCullough B. K. Good bread PACE 321SEMINOLE 1927 PACK 322SEMIIN OLE 1927 YE PIRATES Founded at the Iniversily of Florida. 1921 Ye Queene Miss Katherine Frazier OFFICERS Spu- Stanly Captain John Ai.ijson First Mate John A. Murpiiree .. Secoml lale Harry Watroi s ... Third Mate Sandy McDonald Chili Clough Cabin Hoy Ye Kkkwe Pat Pattillo Mel Wilson Shorty Crum Billie Judge Murray Overstreet Hank Baynard Tiger Tucker Eagle Marsh Al Fields Goof Bowyer Jamer Randolph Bill Middlckauf Doc Welch Horse Bi hop Rill Burch Jack PeJrick Swede Todd lloppa Davidson Bill Mason Those Watrous Cracker Crenshaw Dick Woodruff Allen Ramsey Speedy Walker Bill Powell Poolcv Ing'is Punch Mega'hlin Finley Wi'liamson Hen-rye Camp Tommy Owens Ed Vriezc Hi (Charlie) Ball Bill Cantev Red Rawls Cockic Cihhons Tute Tutewiler Bohhy Pierce George Ycnawine Archie Livingston PACE 323SEMINOLE 1927 PACE 324SEMINOLE 1927 THE BARONETS An Inter-Fraternity Social Organization Founded at the I diversity of Florida 1925 OFFICERS John Allison .... Frank Grom .... Dick Woodruff Charley Ball .. ...........................................Lord Huron ......................................... Chamberlain ..................................Keeper of Exchequer ......................................Master of Ilevels Alpha Tau Omega John Allison Cliff Inglis Chili Clough Cordon Cihhons Frank Hohhs Jack Rowe Kappa Alpha Marion Reynolds Howard Bishop Kappa Sicma Bill Cray Pi Kappa Alpha Dick Woodruff Jack Pedrick MEMBERS Pi Kappa Phi Dopey Bridges Jim Sharon Sicma Alpha Epsilon Spick Stanly Henry Camp “Goof Bowycr Joe Tannchill Sicma Nu Bill Gamble Theta Chi Frank Crom Ernest MacDonald Sicma Phi Epsilon Billy Judge PACE 325CLUE SEMINOLE 192? BACCHUS CLUB Wood berry, Crabiree, Perkin . Daugherty. Dial. Ar len, Walton, l itlirop. Winner, Slaiion, Ozmcr, KichanU, Cce»lin. Wall. Kelly. Fletcher, Caw I borne. Ix»e««ner, Mackey, Duller, Hill, Vancy, McDonald, Warlow, McAdcn, Curry, Slough. PACK 326B a B B ED B s BSEMINOLE 1927 HAM. Or FAME BID MIZKI.L—Bully in I In hands of his maker, I i Hall. His career as sheriff in a South Florida county ami dispenser of hot-dogs on the campus | eeuliarly fit , him for the office of Student Body president. HFASO.N MARKHAM A Beefsteak Cluh man until elected; since then, a weather vane. Markham, the pure and simple, is aptly named by the girls of his home town, “Baby Fare . SAM W A I.LACK —A strong silent man from the Georgia backwoods. “The Creat Commoner" is a man of few words— and those mean nothing. Double crossed himself out of presidency of the student body. JOHN WYSK -A man who, in an effort to In Student Body president, attempted to arouse the wrath of the non-fraternity men against the fraternities. He lost many friends. He received one hundred votes. PACE 329 LAMAR SARRA Bv his own confession, Florida’s premier athlete.SEMINOLE 1927 HAM. OF FAME K. BEVERLY MAW—Retiring member of tin firm of Piper and Mann. A true politician in every sense of the word. Has bluffed the Beefsteak Club for four years, leaves the Seminole without a deficit which i something. J. LEWIS HALL—Author of the world's most ami assininc editorials. Double crossed his friends in business and in politics, and was too dumb to complete the destruction of the evidence of his prime feat. “The Rape of the Ballot Boxes.” GARDNER PIPER—Senior member of the firm of Piper ami Mann which has had a monopoly upon all the assininc qualities on the campus for four years. Refuses to retire. Was too well known to Ik elected to the student-body money to which he aspired and was egotist enough to think that he would be elected. DAVID LANIER—A product of the last great west best, a country famous for its hogs. His assininity madc. SPIC STANLY -The I Diversity will always be indebted to Spic for his noble work in protecting the morals of the student-body and uncovering frauds on the campus. PAGE 330SEMINOLE 1927 HAI L Ol FAME CYRIL POGl’E- -Successor to the mantle of Preston Bishop one time chief of the tribe of Pi Kappa Alpha. Just another victim of the Hebraic western movement. PERCY B. REVELS—The cornerstone of the Democratic (HamburgerI purity campaign. BOB HIGHES—Barely worthy of mention. ALTON MORRIS—A “nice” ho the height of whose ambition is to enter the pearly gates. MONROE CAMPBELL. JR. The ridiculous radical, who i so afraid of being a Babbitt that he has become a stereotyped Bolshevist. 1 CF. 33!SEMINOLE 1927 HAM. OF FAME CHARLES CROZIER lla two pel hales: Angus Laird and the Eighteenth Amendment. Both of these are virtues; hi-faults arc too well known to bear discussion. REESE III . 1CI IT -The pride of Sigma Lunlula Tau. ANGUS LAIRD—Perpetrator of the most recent crime in the name of religion. Deserted his friends in order to become great in the camp of the enemy. He is at least consistent, however; he is hypocritical even when drunk. HANK BAYNARD A fair second lieutenant in a publications job which he is already afraid to tackle. K. C. PRATT Admits he’s a crook, but prefers that to dumbness. Took lessons from Lewis Hall in Business Managership and profited thereby. PACK !12SEMINOLE 1927 CAMPUS GEOGRAPHY LANG I AGE HALL. The Lion’- Den and the Bureau of ml tape. Thr home of tin I diversity Bookstore and “Buttered Kistwich Sandwiches. ' This is tin most popular waiting place on tlu campus. SCIENCE HALL. Gommonly called “The House of Horrors" by the student . mighty castle of brick wherein dwell the bespectacled men of science. Many new formulas are invented here for flunking of the poor innocent students. THE BLEACHERS, I .oca ted on Fleming Field. Popular rendezvous for fussers. ami incidentally used for viewing football ami baseball games as well as the Wednesday afternoon dress parades. The Board of Control, anticipating the present crowded condition of the I diversity, built this new uddilitm to the athletic field. The only | erson happy is Jimmy Boyd. THE BLACK CAT. This corporation, controlled by the Mizell Bros., owns the handsome building on the N. W. corner of the I diversity City's “Five Points". The rapid growth of this enterprise has been entirely due to the motto cherished alike by the students and clerks: “Service Afterawhile.” AUDITORIUM. Home of the government ami the source of many wails from Claude Murphrcc and his organ. Hen the gallant laddies of the Royal Order of Tobacco Chewers spend many delightful hours. THOMAS and BCCKMAN HALL. Which frosh find out aren't brother and cal-dinner off the mantelpiece. The stamping ground of political parties during election time. GYMNASIUM. The source of much argument as well as comment. I lie most overworked building on the campus. Noted for its wonderful inefficiency in regard to size and equipment. The site of all basketball game and the frediman s delight—Physical Education. LAW COLLEGE. The ivy covered building that one notices on the left as he enters the I niversity. Noted for its comfortable seats and the wonderful opportunities for sleeping. Purpose: To turn out future governors, jurist- and politician . Results: Shyster lawyers and poker players. PAGE 3MSEMINOLE 1927 S»»reM-TllETA ItlBBON SOCII.TY INITIATION IllTTWM.N !IaLY» Kmiiiida-Cu:mm» Gamk. Homkcomi.m; Day I'AGK 33-1 Stack Arms! O.nk u» tiu. Manki auk Di king Scakiiaki ni» Hum Initiation On tiu. On itT Mol -v. Svi akiSEMINOLE 1927 Y»: Cume Swri:.vt-TnKTA Initiation, Homixominc Oat A Dimici lt I robu:m in Military Tactic SctiirMin anii Bi.Ain: Initiation PACE 335SEMINOLE i927 "... A prominent opening for a young man with a college education.'' “Who gate you that black r r. Per Wee? Pee Wee Keezel: "Nobody gavr it i„ mr I had to fight for it." lie kissed Helen. Hell ensued. He left Helen. Helen sued. THK 1 1.1 NCE "llo e, i» the Old Man alone now?" Tea, Jimmy. || a a good lime -a a«k." Still the young man lingered. "Hut Hose, do you really think In will •» agree ? "I cannot ay, Jimmy; you know how moody he in at time ." “VS ell do you think I hail lielter wait for a more favorable time? I’d rather wait if lie's going to refuse me now." “Oh. Jimmy! I don’t know how you can think of waiting. It’ juM prolonging the agony." Jimmy sighed. "That true. I’m simply dving to get it over. Should I put it to him bluntly or introduce it by degree ?” “I think you had lirttcr ask him outright. He’ll only get angry' if hr think you are fishing. Don’t lie afraid. Jimmy; lie’s human. after all." "I know that. Rom ; hut I am mi afraid that he will refuse me." "Well you’ll have to a»k him. It’ tin only way." “I suppose it i». You say he’s in a good temper?" "A good a he can lie, Jimmy." Then here goes"—Straightening his tie. "Wish me luck. Rose." "I do, Jimmy, the best of lurk." And with those encouraging word from the little typist, the little office boy went in to a k hi bo » for a raise. EVOLUTION Mother: "Now Willie. I’ll give you a niekle to lake your castor oil like a lilt! man." Willie 20 years later I: “lllup Cr-rink ult—Pretty smooth stuff. Joe."SEMINOLE 1927 "Why the straw in mid-tinier?" “Oh. I had an accident yesterday.” “Accident? llovr’ that?" “Well. I had a cap pulled down over my ears, and Bob asked me to have a drink and I didn't hear him." BEWARE! “I waul you to meet a cousin of mine. She's an awfully sweet girl." “I know where I can buy it for $30 a caw , real stuff.” "Yes, it's absolutely brand new. eight cylinder. seven passenger, and never been used to amount to anything. One hundred dollars." "I)«» have a glass, it’s real home brew." "Now I know a system that simply can't lie lieat.” "It a sound proposition and a sure money maker and 1 can let you in on the ground floor.” _______ Kind Old Lady: "Why, my man. I see you’ve lost your arm.” ilawkshaw may not be much of a scientist. Not So Kind Old Man: "Well, lady— hut he ha thrown light on some mighty in- damned if I haven’t.” teresting subjects. PAGE 337SEMINOLE 1927 "I Iii r you you are the most wonderful girl in the world. Your eye arr like tar» - your hair it ►pun gold. You are tin realization of all my dreams rny in»| es my ambitions. My future i barren without you will you lie mine?” “Do you really like me. Tommy?" Old Grad (meeting hi old prof on the campus after many year !: “Profcaaor. I have made tome money, and I want to do some-thin;: for my old college. I don't remember what studies I excelled in. if any." Professor: “In niv clas e you slept most of the lime." Old Grad: "Good. I'll endow a dormitory." "But I thought that you had quit ‘looking cigarette ." "I ain stopping by stage . I've Mopped buying them." rile sergeant wa taking tin rookie squad. "For the la t time." be shouted. "I a»k you a simple que-tion: ‘What i a fortification'?" I He recruits » o d fa«t to a nun. No one answered. Striding up to the most intelligent looking man. the N. C 0. hawlcd: "Tell in? what i a fortification ."—Quick!" The answer came like a cork out of a bottle: Tw o twenlifications. sir." yk'r It: "Did you bear I’rof. Jones died suddenly tlii« evening?" Nit: "Just my luck. I stayed in all afternoon to study hi« next assignment." The juniors were out on tlie range in accordance with their musketry court . The officer in charge at lire firing point was amazed to find that one man lud failed to bit even the target after five sho1 . "(hhv.1 I ord. man." lie |ie!luwed, “What the devil i» hap-Itelling to your aho's?" “I durum, sir." ill: man replied nervously. Ml I can tell you is that they are leaving this end all right." Customer: "I want a pair of spec-rimmed borniclc I mean sporn-rimmrd hee'.acles confound 1 mean heck-rimmed H ° nacles." Floor Walker: "I know what you mean, •ir. Mr. Johnson, show tlii gentleman a pair of rim-sporned rectacle ." PACK M8SEMINOLE 1927 Sl c'» such .1 go!d d:gger he cvrn purse Imt lip when he kiters you. TToll folk Eboroozior Ssod aco ,h 6 coao forward with the Idea of putting Slue In,sea sick pasoensers’ soup to keep It down "Science, nay Profwor Tlteolphiu I’il l . mounting hi wap l . "never stand •till. Lobsters and whales air Iwing lag-zed with identification «lisk . Jonah’s 'swallowed by a whale sounded weak. Hut 'I wa swab lereil by whale 87 . serie II’ would have convinced hi mother-in-law.” "Nor will science Joj» with whale and lob-•trrs. Every animal in the world must Is tagg.-d. man kirked by a mule won't have to ask for its name and address: he'll simply note its tag -When one little girl says to another: 'I hope all your rabbits die. site lack precision. Kill me little girls rejoicing in scientific advantage will say. 'I hope your rabbit , ««v.d. numbers 1189 1201 inclusive, die.’ “A collection will now lie taken ii in aid of scientist 76819." ANOTHER MERICAN TRAC COY Harold bad always wanted to jo ternity. but live doctor advi ed hi plenty of nourishing food. 'Why doe that man Dumb Dora: the ball?" Hoy Friend: "Because he is bein ; chased. Dumb Dora: “Why are they cha ng him?’ H. K.: “Because be i% carrying tin lull.” a fra to get run with student arrrstrd in town the other «!av wa found to have no Ihpior on liiin. He i« Ix-ing detained for tncdicjl examination. “I always get the tough break of life. Why. when I h.i» hut a child. I wa left an orphan." "Wlial did you do with it?" She i only a taxi driver’ daughter, hut you ought to meter. Our idea of a real Scotchman. i» a man that make hi aerial out of lurlted wire llie bird can't sit there. brand new and inten«ely practical u e for the much maligned “Uke." SEMINOLE 192? “Why is a shoulder strap Mich an important article?” “I bite.” “It keep an attraction from becoming a urnution." “Haie you heard the new butcher wnp' "What xal?” “Butcher arm around me, honey.” A Mudrnt liere wa heard to nay that lie would get nut of «choo| thi« year with ex pcnditurcs not exceeding $750, He did—at the end of Xovemlier. Frosh: “Hey!” Old Man: "What?” Fronh: “I just wanted to tell you that you have an hour longer to sleep.” It seem that during the progress of the intcrfruternilv bridge tournament wan held on thin campus not so long ago. a Pi K. . wa unable to deal •«» a Phi Hell. We have always fell that Henry Ford's collection of anti«|ue« would not Ik complete until lie ha acquired a certain railroad which we are acquainted with. “They call Provost the phantom player.” “W hy do they call him that name?” “Because the coach can’t see him at all." The only reason sl»e drank wa l ecau e she knew a lot of good toasts. “That ain't no rug. that' my roommate's hath towel.”SEMINOLE 1927 W Bo: “Did you-all join one of 'em Vre frat clubs, Block Boy?" 7.o: "Naw i ali. Midnight. Ah wn white lulled." ACT YOUR ACE! Grammar School "Oh nolle me." “May I accompany yon home?” “May I gel through. please?" “May 1 have tlic pleasure?" “May I kiss you?" High School "Sorry." “How aliout tinklin', kiddo?" “Gangway." “Let's dance." “Gimme a kiss?" College "Watch where you’re goin ." “Cotta quart: let’s get out." “Get fell outa the way." "Hey. you. Break." “_________________ (Censored. I 28: “What’s your chief worry?" 29: “Money." "28: “I didn't know you had any." "29: “I haven’t." Ho: “I just had a wonderful chicken dinner." Bo: “No!" Ho: “Yea. an egg sandwich." “Where i«t Bill?" “lie in llie Elorida real estate business." ”W hat’s he doing?" “Awaiting developments." THE SEMINOLE’S M VTRIMONIAI BUREAU Dear Sir: “Do you think it right for lioy and girls to play ki» ing games?” Johnny Monday. Ana.: "Yea, if they can't think of anything better." • • • Blind Beggar: You should have had lietler control of yourself than to blush when the girl took llic money' out of her stocking. • • • Dear Sir: "I have fallen in love with my wife. What ought I do?"—“Worried.” Ana.: “Be ashamed of yourself." • • • Dear Editor: "Is it true that all matches are made in heaven?”—Jack. An .: "No. most of them come front Sweden." • • • Jake: If your wife remove your shoe for you every night when you come home from work, lie sure that you liave on the same ones that you wore in the morning • • • .Marcus: “If a good thing you didn't put your address on your letter or I would have you arre»ted. The idea of asking me to art a correspondent! “Do you drive your own ear?" "No. I have a son at college.’’ Stiti Dut Kr : yt Ocrfi ' V W Pelts'! - fad 5koft fssSEMINOLE 1927 l)' you hre Vtlut’ I »hee?" “Wh d’you shce?" “Yc h— . “Dam if I’aim!" Hill has a hilliioard. Hill li;nl alio a Ih.;ihI bill. The Iward hill bored Hill so that Hill sold the billltoard 10 pay hi Iroard hill. So after Hill Bold hi billboard to pay hi.% l atd hill I hr l oard hill no longer bored Hill. The new UDrivelt Song. “Though you belong lo somcl ody el e, tonight you l»e!ong lo rnr. ’ Give mr llie girl with the ClrrMerfield ki «. They’re inihl. yet lltey «Jti fy. “Il'» ihc little? things in life that tell." Mid the flirt an ‘lie dragged her little brother from under the M fa. Karly to bed. ami early to rise. Make a college boy sleepy hut wife. If you »ee seven passenger in u two mated car you know you are in a college town. Claude, the organist. i» at a loss to know what lo d » with hi fret when using a type-writer. Krater: “Put a gur«t towel in the kith- room." Pledge: " guest towel? What'" a gue»t towel?" Prater: “ clean towel. Sap!" I.ihrarian: “l»n’l this liook rather technical?" Small Boy: “It wan that way when I got it. mam." Methuselah probably lived to a ripe old age juM to spite some girl who had married him for hi money. “Wherc’d you get that black eye?" “lh-r Hur ard gave it to me." Dr. Jackson: “PirM I'll take »orae »ul-phutic acid, and then some chloroform " Sludc: “That’ a good idea." "This government report Mates tlut the life of a paper dollar is only seven or eight months." "Well. I have never had one die on mv hands." »bo » ul4n't tine, • sity, or sli per Jf noS packet full t r ySKM1NOLE 1927 LETTERS RECK1VK0 BY TIIE EDITOR l TIIE COl USE OF BUSINESS Dear Mr. Hop;: : From an indirect l»ul reasonably reliable source. I am advised that my njmr i« to be used in connection with the Seminole Hall of Fame. I advi»e you that Mich an action will be extremely harmful for both yourself and many of those near you. Among other things it might be well to advise you that public knowledge of the place in which you were found on Saturday night. March 5. 1927. would hardly increase your prestige on the campus. This is only one of the many consequence that mi tht result from such an action a you are planning to take. I write this, not in any sense of blackmail, but merely a« a warning to you to use discretion. Dean Dearest: I am enclosing the picture which you asked for when you were hen la»l week. Now Dean, let me tell you sontcJiing. I am afraid that you are going to u e my picture in your lieauty section, and I don’t want you to do it. Listen, Honey, it i«n‘t a very good picure of me anyway, and I would rather that you keep me all to yourself rather than broadcast roe Iw-fote tin eye of all men. However, if you in«i»t, I suppose I shall have to give in. You are so strung that I can never rc«i«t you anyway. Then, too. Mother will l»e so proud of me having my picture in the Seminole. Well. i)eare t. it getting late and I had time only for this slmrt note, hut I'll lie thinking of you, and just waiting till your wonderful Seminole is published. All my love. DOT. Mr. Dean Boggs. Gainesville, Ha. Dear Sir: Enclosed find check for one hundred llOOi dollars ami picture of my daughter, Helen. In view of the financial situation which my expert tells me your book is in. I am sure that you will have no difficulty in deciding to enter the picture in the Iteauty Section of your forthcoming Seminole. Otherwise I shall expect you to return enclosure. it. If. M. tllig Blond Mama): “You like we girls that neck, better than the o:her». don't you?” H. M. (lb- Man): “What others?” “That was sure a hot minder I had a date with la t night.” "How come?” “I asked her if I could take her home, and site a»ked me where my folks were.” Yours respectively. 1. M . WEALTHY. FIGURES In Rut the the girls now days wearing lire long style of the ago in day have an the 60V appearance you know of Iwing when grandma shaped went walking altoul she held her this dress just m . way. I VGE 343SEMINOLE 1927 FIjOP-HOI'SES on Ol It CAM 1 1 SIGMA CHI. The Southern outpost of the campus hut infested with Yankees. They have some hip men. Ringling we arc told is instructing the brothers in the art of clowning. He believes that the chapter affords unusually good clown material. Here arc to Ik found the greatest collection of curiosities on the campus. 1 1 KAPPA ALPHA. Occupying the imposing pile of brick almost hidden by the young forest preserve opposite the IUniversity gates. Big cars tactfully placed around the spacious grounds impress the passcr-by. Yes, if you must know there is a Buick agent in the chapter. Rumored that they are considering leasing the auditorium for chapter meetings. ALPHA TAl OMEGA. Featuring comfortable quarters just off campus. A subsidiary organization of the Masqueraders. Foreseeing the untimely demise of the dramatic body, their financial wizards have sought new fields ami next year are expected to handle funds of the Seminole equally well. Noted for their lily-white tactics in getting boarders. KAPPA ALPHA. Very convenient to Dean Anderson's office in Language Hall. Roomers only, no meals served in the liou-e. Their chain of Iioum- i confined to the South. Policy of further business expansion frowned upon for sentimental reasons. Cool atmosphere maintained by members very pleasing to the pas-erby in early summer months. KAPPA SIGMA. No college is complete without one. We have ours. The base of operations for some of the most successful politicians the campus Ita ever seen. Their men are in everything including scandal sheets. Rates are very reasonable.SEMINOLE 1927 SIGMA M . “Rot Cure Sanitarium". Large building acres from (he athletic field. An almost unlimited number of patients can Im accommodated. Offers tin advantages of a rural atmosphere, absolute quiet, and plenty of the greatest of all exercises, walking. Guaranteed to bring back the bloom to faded cheeks. DELTA TAl DELTA. Most convenient house of them all to Ramseys. Athletes get s|M eial rates. Greatest collection of these wearers of the “F" on the campus. One of their numl er is the author of a recent book entitled, “How I Became An Athlete" or “Six Inches on Your Chest and a Dell Pledge Hutton in Nine Lessons." SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Second only to Kappa Sigma in number of flop-houses after a thrilling national expansion race. Still cherish their dream of “100.-000 by 1930”. Their lily-white and anti-Volstead rushing methods have been very successful thus far in pledging their type of men. Very prominent in all activities. THETA CHI. Close to town. Florida's traditional half-way house, “half-wav to town and half-way paid for”. Recently rebuilt and redecorated. Consistent winners in inter-fraternity athletics through the efforts of Ray Marsh. Their place on the campus socially is assured—twenty-second place. PI KAPPA PHI. Convenient to the Black Cat. Affiliation here seems to carry with it season tickets to all pop-dances. Rates include dancing lessons by some of the most renowned terpsichorean artists on the campus. pack msSEMINOLE 1927 PACK 346SEMINOLE 1927 ADVERTISING SECTION PAGE 347With n well laid surface and proper drainage, Florida I.ime Rock represents the most economical base a community can choose—low first cost, low labor cost, low maintenance cost . When highway builders select Lime Rock they select an unsur- Rock they select (Missed material. In the Crystal of the Future rI1UE MASS follows the leader. Population follows the trail blazer. They arc two types of pioneer who mark the road. And the development of Florida is based on the wise thought of those responsible for the policies and practices of this yet youthful state. Nor will any symbol of progre.'H be more conspicuous than that of good roads—roads based on Florida Lime Rock. Cities and towns thrive and attract trade as they make entrance and exit easy. Many cities and towns will prosper in the future—a now— because competing cities and towns have overlooked the attractive power of smooth, convenient, permanent highways. Lime Rock roads bring money in the town, increase property values and invite the traveler to stay. Lime Rock Is the Life of the Highway A FLORIDA PRODUCT P. O. Box 1081 JACKSONVILLE. PLORIDASEMINOLE 1927 HAVE YOU TRIED? I R EST() R ESTAIJ R A NT 132 W. UNIVERSITY AVENUE OPEN DAY AND NITE PHONE 367 USE STANDARD FERTILIZER GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA BAIRD HARDWARE CO. Wholesale — Retail KODAKS AND FILMS GOLF SUPPLIES ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT ON THE SQUARE EAST SIDE THE BEST FOODS FOR THE BEST PRICES PIGGLY WIGGLY STORES GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA PACK 349SEMINOLE 1927 Fine Portraits Official Photographers for this Publication KODAK FINISHING FRAMING MARABLE'S STUDIO GAINESVILLE FURNITURE COMPANY Victrolas and Records COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Phone 86 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA. SPECIAL STUDENT LUNCHES SPECIAL STUDENT PRICES BEVERLY CAFETERIA “Without a doubt the very best food—Always.” GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA PAGE .150SEMINOLE 1927 ALACHUA CLUB SANDWICHES and our PRIME WESTERN STEAKS with our SUNDAY CHICKEN DINNERS ARE MAKING THE ALACHUA CAFE FAMOUS Gainesville’s Best Place to East Telephone 507 Gainesville, Florida DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS BROOKLNG-TURNIPSEK!) CO. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA THE HOUSE OF KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES AND FLORSHEIM SHOES C jCk£M rul 6flop - £ L f'Mwt J GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA UNIVERSITY ROOK STOKE Basement Lan ua e Hall AGENTS FOR REMINGTON AND CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES i u;e 351SEMINOLE 1927 'WlIaoti Comf cw£ HAINES CAFETERIA COMBINING QUALITY. SERVICE AND PRICE TAKE NO CHANCES — SEND IT TO OTTO F. STOCK Tailor. Dry Cleaner The best equipped cleaner in the city. Men’s Clothing a Specialty. PHONE 864 One Day Service. GAINESVILLE, FLA. B L O () I) W ORTH CO M P A N Y TYPEWRITERS WE FIX ’EM. RENT ’EM. and SELL ’EM GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHO CANNOT ATTEND COLLEGE THE PHIFER STATE That they can take— BANK High School College Commercial Teacher’s Review GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Civil Service A Home Institution, owned by Agricultural Reading Home People and other special courses by Correspondence Study Through We promise you courteous attention and good service The General Extension Division THE PHIFER STATE University of Florida BANK Gainesville SEMINOLE 1927 TIE UP WITH us AND DOUBLE THE LIFE OF YOUR CAR SWARTZ MOTOR SERVICE, INC. Phone 155 WRECKER SERVICE NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES CHELSEA HOUSE and STREET SMITH COPYRIGHTS 6iUen Gillen “T he University City” NEWSDEALERS Wholesale and Retail 228 E. Union Phone 720 THE THOMAS CO. SPORTING GOODS FISHING TACKLE 11A ROW A RE IM PLEM ENTS SEEDS GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA Phone 22 J. W. McCOLLUM COMPANY DRUGGISTS The Rexall Store Toilet Articles. Perfumes UNITED CIGARS Stiles Agency Agents Liggett’s CANDIES Phone Ml PACK 353SEMINOLE 1927 PHONE 122 EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL STUDENTS’ ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA SPECIAL PRICES ON STUDENTS’ LAUNDRY TURNED IN AS FAMILY WASH. NEW WAY LAUNDRY GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA THE WHITE HOUSE MRS. RAMSEY’S HOARDING HOUSE GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA “The University City” OPEN ALL THE YEAR Home Cooking for College Roys Excellent Accommodations for 12.'» Guests Reasonable Rates PACE 3S4SEMINOLE 1927 HORSES WEAR BLINDERS AND SHY AT BICYCLES AND some people go through life with both eyes riveted on the dollar and they never see the quality side of the road nor enjoy the sensation of buying and wearing individually tailored suits made to their personal measurements. You can buy cheap stock suits but like the tire with the nail through its coni, it’s dangerous. In the GLOBE TAILORING CO.’S line of needle moulded suits we can fit every man who walks in both physically and financially and the measure of your chest and check book are never at sword’s point. In describing a suit made to your individual measure, cut by an expert draughtsman, and made by master tailors of the GLOBE TAILORING CO., you can take your choice of the following adjectives—marvelous, remarkable, magnificent, superb, or astonishing, and any one or all of them will apply either to the fit, the workmanship or the value. We guarantee quality, fit and workmanship if you make your selection from our line of 500 imported and domestic patterns, have it made by the GLOBE TAILORING CO. of Cincinnati, Ohio, and buy it from BURNETT THE CLOTHIER. INC. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA “The Old Reliable” Capital ...............................$100,000.00 Surplus and Profits ...................$200,000.00 OLDEST BANK IN CENTRAL FLORIDA YOUR ACCOUNT. WHETHER LARGE OR SMALL. IS SOLICITED 4‘;i Interest Paid on Time Deposits, Compounded Quarterly PACE 355SEMINOLE 1927 PHONES 633-J AND 92 Inter-Soulliern Life Insurance Go. Louisville. Ky. FLORIDA MOTOR LINES AND LIFE INSURANCE is a part of foundation of a successful career. Gainesville Pus Go. SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS M. M. PARRISH Florida Manager GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA A GOOD PLACE TO LEAVE 365 DAYS YOUR THIRST AND HUNGER PER YEAR BEHIND. OF TRY OUR SPECIAL STUDENT SERVICE LUNCHES. MAKES THIS THE BUSIEST STORE IN ALACHUA COUNTY Drums Waffle Shop Phifer Pros. Opposite Museum Department Store GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA 29 years of faithful service and value giving PACK .1%SEMINOLE 192 “Where Thirst is Unknown COMPLETE LINE OF COLLEGE SUPPLIES COLD DRINKS, CANDIES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES AND TOBACCOS We make your boy feel at home here He is always welcome to our stores LOCATED IN THE VERY HEART OF GAINESVILLE Before You Kush Away V Think of the things you’re apt to want tomorrow, today! At the head of the list—straws! At the foot—cool socks! Between—Summery suits, shirts, ties, sox. everything. Including sporting clothes. Smith {Hooper ME RENA NOISE THAT SAT SE ES MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE B B BILLIARD PARLOR GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA PACK 357SEMINOLE 1927 THE COLLEGE INN “A Town Within a House’ POSTOFFICE DRUGS CIGARS SODA FOUNTAIN CANDIES ICE CREAM STATIONERY NOTIONS MEN’S FURNISHINGS For AH the Students Thru All the Year. Associated with PRESSING CLUB BARBER SHOP LUNCH COUNTER “A Town Within a House” THE COLLEGE INN HAL MANN. Mgr. THE GAINESVILLE DAILY SUN SEVEN DAYS IN THE WEEK FULL ASSOCIATED PRESS SERVICE c -Jeu ders •: 'SiL'vrsmiths ♦ Opticians Subscription Price: tyainesc'ille. Florida. $7.00 per year. $3.50 Six months. $1.75 Three months. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application PAGE .V 8SEMINOLE 1927 STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA are cordially invited to attend their church while in Gainesville FIRST METHODIST CHURCH FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH REV. L. D. LOWE, D.D. Pastor THOMAS V. McCAUL, D.D., Minister CHURCH OF CHRIST FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH D. E. MASON, Minister REV. J. R. CUNNINGHAM, D.D., Pastor HOLY TRINITY CHURCH WILLIAM S. STONEY. Rector PACK .V»9SEMINOLE 1927 Gifts that last forGraduation other Occasions Grj nleaf l Ckosbt Company Jewelers and Silversmiths 41 West Bay Street JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA H. L. COVINGTON, JR. SENDS COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD CLOTHING CO. PACE 360 17-19 W. Bay Street JACKSONVILLE, FLA.SEMINOLE 1927 .MOST MILES MOST PEI THE SIGN OF SERVICE FEATURING SUNOCO ANTY NOK GASOLINE DISTILLED MOTOR OIL THE PENINSULAR STATE OIL COMPANYSEMINOLE 1927 j COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER J. BRYSON SEMINOLE HOTEL JACKSONVILLE. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA FLORIDA R hodes-Fu tch-ColI i 11s MILLS THE FLORIST COMPLETE Incorporated HOME FURNISHING 42 West Duval Street JACKSONVILLE 312 MAIN STREET FLORIDA JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA “Say It With Flowers” i ge v»:SEMINOLE 1927 | FLORIDA MEN LIKE THIS BIG, FRIENDLY STORE Cohen Brothers and the Men of Florida are warm friends, have been for many years. They regard this great mercantile institution as something definitely more than a store. It is a friendly place where their needs and desires become a matter of importance to us, deserving and receiving our closest possible attention. Whenever you are in Jacksonville, COME IN! Jacksonville, Florida HOTEL MASON JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA One of Florida’s Leading Hotels 300 ROOMS AND BATHS TOP FLOOR DINING ROOM PACE 363 GEORGE II. MASON. Manager ELLIOT W. BUTTS, Managing DirectorSEMINOl.K 1927 ! CLOTHES Are A Man’s Shop Window! . A Man’s clothes are the shop window of his talents. If his clothes are better than his talents he’ll be found out. But if his talents are better than his clothes they may never even be discovered! Because unless a shop window is attractive people won’t go inside to buy the merchandise. We respectfully invite you to use our abilities to create the proper shop window for yours! Kuppcnheimer • Styleplus - Hickey - Freeman Clothes KENT WARREN CO. 15-17 I auru Street Jacksonville Florida Quality Jones Bros, Co. The Home Furnishers 317 Main Street JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA Adair Realty Trust Company LOANS ON REAL ESTATE 5 1-2% 6% BUSINESS PROPERTY A HOMES Phone 5-6513 201-03-05 ADAIR BUILDING Jacksonville. Florida PACK u.tSEMINOLE 1927 VALETER1A SHOE SERVICE REPAIRING RESHAPING DYEING DRY CLEANING RALPH’S DRY CLEANING PLANT JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA DAIRY PRODUCTS A PINT OR A CARLOAD CREAM MILK BUTTER BUTTERMILK EGGS SEMINOLE MILK CO. Jacksonville. Florida West Palas llearh, Fla. Jll Kiver.ld Avenue tth 8t. A K. K. Ave. I'hone S-iJM Phone Toil LET US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE ON DECORATING THE ROOMS OF YOUR FRATERNITY HOUSE. WELLS, Inc. Interior Decorators JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA TIIE PALMER PALMER CORPN. MORTGAGE LOANS — INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE AND RENTALS OFFICES:—Jacksonville Daytona Beach Orlando lakeland Gainesville Tampa |» CESEMINOLE 1927 They AH Like w vT cixwell jfcouse Coffee and 7Jea Good to the Last Drop ASK YOUR GROCER •JJfl V'lOi Right Materials Right Proportions Perfect Rlend Field results prove the superiority of IDEAL BRANDS WILSON TOOMER FERTILIZER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Established 1893 PACK v SEMINOLE 1927 IfAKKY It. HOYT PmMrnt R. R. KIDD Mirr. Storwr Dfj»l II C. AVKKY VbtiPna, it Gtrn. Mar. CKO P. STRP1IRNS Tmnuirr UNION TERMINAL WAREHOUSE CO. EAST UNION and IONIA STREETS. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA 55 rental compartment} , : f 7,575 q. feet floor space, fireproof sprinklercd, l ost office, telegraph, railroad agent, track capacity 52 earn. GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORAGE AM) FORWARDING POOL CAR DISTRIBUTORS COMPLIMENTS OK FLORIDA SCHOOL-BOOK DEPOSITORY, INC. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA Distributors of State Adopted Text-Books Member A. W. A. and American Chain of Warehouses FLORIDA ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. JOSEPH II. WALSH COMPANY GENERAL ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTORS HOOD AND MANHATTAN AUTOMOBILE TIRES JACKSONVILLE TAMPA MIAMI WHOLESALE ONLY MIAMI TAMPA JACKSONVILLE IMCK V 7SEMINOLE 1927 Compliments of McCANTS HALL COMPANY LINCOLN FORDSON fat viiviMAiat JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Phone 5-0376 B. K. HALL, Proprietor One Block from Post Office THOMAS B. HAMBY j. CLOVER TAYLOR 2 Yra. In JafkaanfilO 3 Year In Ik K«al Ktltlr Cnlf r»lty THE HAMBY-TAYLOR CORP. REAL ESTATE, RENTS, LOANS. INSURANCE LET US MANAGE YOUR JACKSONVILLE PROPERTIES llambjr Building 325 W. Forsyth St. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. DONALD DONALDSON i. C. GILKRY DONALDSON and GILKEY MEN’S FURNISHINGS DISNEY HATS STRATFORD CLOTHES 205 Laura St. Elk’s Club Bldjf. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDASEMINOLE 1927 AMERICAN BAKERIES CO. Bakers of MERITA PRODUCTS CARLING HOTEL JACKSON VILE, FLA. THE LEADING HOTEL THE CAMERON BARKLEY CO. Official Headquarters for Florida University Athletic Teams and Alumni MILL SUPPLIES PLUMBING SUPPLIES ROOFING MATERIALS Direction Dinkier Hotels Company Dispensers of True Southern Hospitality JACKSONVILLE TAMPA MIAMI PAGE 369SEMINOLE 1927 Southern Bread and Cake Made to suit the Southern Housewife TAMPA ORLANDO JACKSONVILLE MIAMI DAYTONA COMPLIMENTS OF WINDLE HOTEL JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF JACKSONVILLE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA PACK 370SEMINOLE 1927 HENRY GEORGE HOTEL “WE GIVE THE MOST FOR THE MONEY AND CATER ESPECIALLY TO COLLEGE GIRLS AND BOYS.” Corner Julia and Adams Streets JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF 1$. E. IIARDACRE COMPANY JACKSONVILLK. FLORIDA READ THE FLORIDA TIMES-UNION PACE 371SEMINOLE 1927 CHE direct double-track, automatic signal equipped route between Jacksonville and the cities and resorts of the “American Riviera”. A high standard of rapid dependable train service combined with the travel comfort of oil-burning locomotives, a smooth easy riding roadbed and the finest Pullman equipment. Famous Hotels of the Flagler System PONCE DE LEON St. Augustine Mr. Robert Murray, Manager ALCAZAR St. Augustine Mr. James K. Hyde, Manager ORMOND Ormond-on-the-Halifux Mr. L. R. Johnston, Manager BREAKERS Palm Beach Mr. John W. Greene, Manager ROYAL POINCIANA Palm Beach Mr. H. E. Bomb, Manager ROYAL PALM Miami Mr. Joseph P. Greaves. Manager LONG KEY FISHING CAMP —Ix ng Key Mr. George G. Schutt, Manager CASA MARINA Key West Mr. L. P. Schutt, Manager FLORIDA LAST COAST RAILWAY FLAGLER SYSTEM J. I). KAIINKK WM K. KKNAN. Jl , Grn«ral Pa.. i r r Acrnl PfMUtnt ii. n. KonrsiiAt'cii VWr-rr«iM nt PAGE 372SEMINOLE 1927 I THANK ALL MY CUSTOMERS FOR THEIR PATRONAGE COMPLIMENTS OF TONY, The Original O. P. WOODCOCK CO. Phone 5-9798 34 W. Forsyth Street 121 Duval Building Next to Nunnally’s Candy Shop JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA I am back at my old stand where we first started Builders of Library. New Enjri- SHOE SHINE PRESSING SHOE REPAIRING HAT CLEANING neering Building and other University Buildings. THERE IS NO COMPROMISE FOR SAFETY. SO THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ICE. FLORIDA ICE COAL COMPANY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA PHONES: 6-3643—6-3130 PACE 373SEMINOLE 1927 ttONCb 34 11 3424 GOING AND LEAVING COLLEGE arc two events eagerly nnticipnttd by every student—You’ll need clothes in both Event HART SCHAFFNER MARX ANI) WOLF BROTHERS’ Clothes are the Clothes giving long service—Good Style of Course Remember Us— WOLF BROTHERS 808 Franklin TAMPA, FLORIDA 303 Twiggs A REAL BUSINESS FUTURE AWAITS THE COLLEGE MEN WHO DECIDE TO MAKE THE INSURANCE BUSINESS THEIR LIFE WORK—TIE UP TO A FLORIDA COMPANY AND GROW WITH THE STATE VICTORY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF FLORIDA Home Office: TAMPA BACK 374SEMINOLE 1927 After College—What? Some of you FELLOWS Are Going to Own Citrus Groves and Vegetable Farms. WEST COAST BRANDS will make the profits greater Write for price list West Coast Fertilizer Company 303 Krause Bldg. TAMPA. FLORIDA FIRST-- i i I in new gathering and puhlieaton I in circulation within it trade radio in local ad erli»ing lineage THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES "Florida'a (’.real Home Daily" T i i j ■i - Tampa’s Style Store For Men Hickey-Frceman Clothes Fashion Park Clothes Dobbs Hats and Caps Manhattan Shirts— Pajamas and Underwear Nothing Too Good For Our Customers in entertaining feature jiiiiI comic in ediloral seal for Tampa and l lorid.i in the cteeni of South Florida reader PACE 375SEMINOLE 1927 WHEN IN TAMPA VISIT ONE OF FLORIDA’S FINEST JEWELRY STORES OWEN-COTTER JEWELRY CO. 609 Franklin St. TAMPA, FLORIDA QUALITY MERCHANDISE TRUTHFULLY ADVERTISED £lathiA S H a bo'■Jabber to THE HOUSE OF KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES TAMPA, FLORIDA THE SYMBOL OF SERVICE SINCE Our stock of REACH and STALL and DEAN Sporting Goods and Athletic Equip ment is indicative of the very finest and most complete; so it is with the balance of our merchandise. 1884 For forty-two years of honest, capable, conscientious merchandising of hardware have brought the people of Florida the knowledge that we sell only the best of Housewares—Sash and Doors—Fishing Tackle—Marine Hardware—General Hardware—Builders’ Hardware—Electrical Supplies—Mill and Mine Supplies—Seminole Brand Paints—Automobile Accessories and Agricultural Implements WHOLESALE and RETAIL Knight e Wall Co. LAFAYETTE and TAMPA STS., TAMPA. FLORIDA PACE 376SEMINOLE 1927 (ZttGryJhffri TteciAU rt, C0NZAIEZ SANCHEZ 1 HAVANA CIGARS Sold Cvtrytohtrt MCTMY4«mui jKOcmuf n HARRIS CLOTHING COMPANY Tampa Theatre Building 711 Franklin St. Telephone 3274 TAMPA. FLA. t i i | MORE POWER TO YOU Florida Power Corp. St. Petersburg—Clearwater Tarpon Springs L_ -i COLLEGE MEN Demand “Society Brand” Clothes, Knox Hats, Manhattan Shirts Hanan Shoes HENRY GIDDENS CLOTHING CO. Tribune Building Phone 2267 TAMPA. FLA. CITIZENS HANK TRUST CO. OF TAMPA. FI.A. “The Big Bank at the Big Building” Capital $1,000,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $600,000 PAGE 377SEMINOLE 1927 N. W. HENSLEY, President P. R. HENSLEY, Secy. Trra . Mgr. Insurance Dept. E. W. HENSLEY. V. Prc»t. Mur. Rental Dept. Micr. Ileal Estate Dept. HENSLEY BROS., INC. HEAL ESTATE. RENTS. INSURANCE TAMPA. FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF THE HORSE SHOE CIGAR STORE AND HILLIARD PARLOR TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE 44A Regular Place for Regular Fellows. TAMPA, FLORIDA TAMPA. FLORIDA PACK ;»7HSEMINOLE 192? Look for the Checker Hoard Humps WHITE FILLING STATIONS Sinclair Gasoline Texan Oils Kerosene Greases Accessories Batteries A utomolivc Equipment Goodrich and Goodyear Tires Distributors PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 6 STATIONS in GAINESVILLE BROWNING FEARNSIDK CO. PALATKA. FLORIDA COLLEGE STYLES for MEN WHO STAY YOUNG We invite'you to make use of our large and comfortable rest rooms at any of our stations while in Gainesville HROWMNG-FEARNSIDE CO. A Good Clothing Store Phone 4343 WE HAVE PUT PLUMBING IN A NUMBER OF THE UNIVERSITY BUILDINGS— StnJ if LET US FIGURE WITH YOU C. V. SIMPSON CO. PI.UMBERS GAINESVILLE LAUNDRY COMPANY, INC. Phone 19 GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA P CE 379SEMINOLE 1927 r “ High Grade Annuals Over twenty two years' experience, to gethcr with adequate equipment and a w orking force trained in the production of I high grade w'ork, make our service desire i i able to High Schools and Colleges. i Our service extends to all phases of the w'ork and advice is available during all stages of production. Insure the success of your Annual by contracting with PEPPER PRINTING COMPANY ] Gainesville, Florida | J PACK 380SEMINOLE 1927 “JAHN OLLIER AGAIN FINE annuals, like brilliant victories, arc brought about by the coordination of skillful generalship and trained effort. The John Ollier Engraving Co. is America's foremost school annual designing and engraving specialist, because in its organization arc mobilized America’s leading creative minds and mechanical craftsmen. THE JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers. Artists and Makers of Pine Printing Plates for Black and Colors 817 V. Washington Blvd.. Chicago PACK WlSEMINOLE 1927 The following concerns have a great interest in the Seminole and are contributors: BE FAIR TO YOURSELF L. C. SMITH CO. Gainesville Huy only nationally advertised Garments. GAINESVILLE CANDY CO. Gainesville GAINESVILLE BUICK CO. Gainesville KELLEY MUSIC CO. Gainesville JOHNSON MOTOR CO. Jacksonville YOWELL-DREVV (X). Orlando SEND YOt'R CLOTHES TO Sanitary Cleaners and Dyers SPECIAL STUDENT RATES Home of Society Brand Kuppcnheimer Clothing MALLORY HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS PHOENIX SOCKS NEW LINE FURNISHING GOODS L. J. BURkimi COMPLIMENTS OF Hutto Sclioenhorn SODAS—LUNCHES—CIGARS Service — Quality 508 Franklin Street GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA TAMPA. FLORIDA LYRIC THEATRE I he Best Motion Pictures GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ONE OF THE PUBLIX-SAENGER THEATERSSEMINOLE 1927 YOUNG MEN LIKE OUR STORE AND THE CLOTHES WE SELL YOU MOVE QUICKLY—make quick decisions. You like clothes that emphasize your alertness. YOU LIKE WIDE-AWAKE, friendly service. YOU LIKE TO FEEL POSITIVE that whatever you are shown is correct, and new. AS A TEST, stop in to see the new spring clothes and furnishings that are ready for young men who care to dress well. “WHERE STYLE AND QUALITY PREDOMINATE" Bay and I tura Streets JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDASEMINOLE 1927 WIIKN IN TAMPA STOP AT TIIE Campa] terrace hotel O pern ted by TAMPA TERRACE OPERATING COMPANY —VISIT— GLEN SPRINGS SWIMMING POOL Large ! Pool in Central Florida GATOR S TRAINING POOL GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA TO NEW ORLEANS BY SEA Cheapest and Most Direct Route to New Orleans and Western Points! SeheduloJ to Mil frets Tamp every Tur. lay at 31:00 P. M. Kn oy the ileliirhta of a ea vnyaee It hoir at aen, Tamp to New Orleans. Steamers elcvantly ejuipted throughout with all modern ron enlenee . PARES (Inelu ling meal aivl berth on ■teamrr) To New Orlran and return . ... _ One Way $31.30 To Chicago . ... .. $11.00 Tu 8t. U«U ................................... $30.0? To Memphis . . ..... . .. ..$33.00 Correspondingly low rate to Cincinnati. Louisville. and other southern and western point . GULF SOUTHERN STEAMSHIP CO. G. W. Bartlett. General Agent Marl Harper. Cammercial Agent C. W. Rancher. Tirkel hit BIGHT AND PASSENGER OFFICES TAMPA TERRACE BUILDING TAMPA. FI.A. PHONE M 3311 PAGE 381SEMINOLE 1927 EST. ta+B QUALITY EVER SINCE JACKSONVILLE. I-'I.OI{I DA ENGRAVING. LITHOGRAPHY. PRINTING. RUBBER STAMPS The largest Rook Department in the South Fine Stationery, Fountain Pens, Greeting Cards Sporting Goods, Kodaks. Gifts, Pictures, Toys Engineers’, Architects’, Artists’ Supplies OFFICE FURNITURE, FILING DEVICES. OFFICE SUPPLIES “Efficient Mail Order Scrcicc ’ W ILL YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT SIXTY-FIVE? Two questions govern the amount you ought to save each month, if you are to reach your financial goal: (1) How old arc you? (2) What amount do you want to reach? With interest on your savings, compounded quarterly at Florida National, you only need to save the monthly amount indicated on the following table: Amount to 1 rrarhrtl at 65 20 22 21 2« YOUR AGE 2 30 AT PRESENT 32 31 36 38 10 45 50 5.000 RSI 3.01 4 02 4 44 l.« 5 46 6.08 6 89 87.6J 8.58 9.71 13.6) 29.27 10.0)0 C6: 7.29 8 0 . t» 89 9.85 10 91 12.17 116) 15 24 17.16 19.42 27.21 40 54 li.on 9 A 10.94 12.07 11.34 14.77 16.4) 18 26 23.40 22.87 25.7 4 29.13 4)82 6081 20.0(0 11.25 14.59 10 10 17 79 19.70 21 87 2 4.35 27.20 10 49 34.33 3-8.8 4 54. 42 81.C8 25.000 1657 IS.24 2 .12 22.24 24.63 27 34 30 4 4 31.00 38.11 42 91 48.55 68 01 101 35 30.(00 19.8 21.89 21.15 26 68 29.55 32 Ml 16.53 40.8) 45.7 4 51.49 5.8.26 81.64 121 62 40.000 2 1 29.19 12.23 35. IS 39.40 4.1.75 48 71 54 40 63.99 6 66 77.69 108 85 162 17 50.100 11.14 10.49 40 25 41 4H 49.26 51 69 63.89 68,00 76 23 85.83 97.11 134.06 2)2.71 SAVE SOMETHING REGULARLY—WITH ASSURED SAFETY! DEPARTMENTS: F L o R ] [ D A lUnkiiur Tr«»l N A T I () N A L B A N K lUiw! Sating. CoMairrrial Srr.irr Jacksonville “A FINANCIAL STRONGHOLD”SEMINOLE 1927 BUILT TO LAST is the house or other building constructed with our lumber. We sell the best of each grade. Our prices are always right. T. W. Ramsey Lumber Co. l hone Y-1219 Phone 6th Ave. 17th and 18th Sts. TAMPA. FLORIDA M. L. PRICE MUSIC CO. Home of the Checkering Tampa, Florida ARAGON HOTEL JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA PONCE DE LEON CHASE COMPANY ORLANDO, FLORIDA MIAMI. FLA. GOOD HOTELS GROWERS AND MARKETING AGENTS SPECIALIZING IN SLNNILAND AND THRIFT ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT TANGERINES IN GOOD TOWNS PACK :w.SEMINOLE 1927 THE FLORIDA ONE OE THE P U B LIX THEATRES JACKSONVILLE'S NEWEST AND FINEST THEATRE— Presenting for you a do luxe program which is made up of the pick of the picture —The best in stage presentation and novelties—Music that charms rendered by a symphony orchestra and a wonder pipe organ. An $80,000.00 Cooling and Heating Plant keeps this Theatre at a comfortable temperature the year round. PALACE THEATRE COMPLIMENTS OF B. F. KEITHS VAUDEVILLE For More Than a Century TEMPLE THEATRE £ Times Daily J ROAD SHOWS— M 3:00—7:45—9:15 PICTURES OF THE BETTER KIND POPULAR PRICES JACKSONVILLE, FLA. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. PACE 387SEMINOLE 1927 The Palm Beach Post Palm Beach County’s Leading Newspaper COMPLETE DAILY NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL NE WS FEATURES IN THE REALM OF SPORT. SOCIETY, POLITICS, INDUSTRY AND FINANCE. COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS BANK of WEST PALM BEACH WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF EDWIN BAKER, Inc. INCORPOKATKD IlnnH Tailored Clothing Tuxedo Sport Coatx Trouser Shirts Cnderwcar Furnishing Hats Shoes for Men and Women PACE 3XH WEST PALM BEACH. FLORIDASEMINOLE 1927 “JL Ve” — Up-to-the-minute news plus local pictures by Herald Staff photographers—ALL are in Miami’s ONLY morning newspaper. Breakfast lacks zest —isn’t complete without the Miami Herald! The HERALD is the only newspaper in Miami carrying complete Associated Press Service both daily and Sundays. )t iWtamt S)eralb Florida . Most Important Newspaper FRANK B. SHUTTS, Publisher COMPLIMENTS OF Bailey-Owens Co. «r INSURANCE AND SURETY BONDS ORLANDO, FLA. COMPLIMENTS OF GENTILE BROS. CO. PRODUCE ORLANDO. FLA. PAGF. 389SEMINOLE 1927 “It’s June Iii Miami” hotel McAllister MIAMI'S BEST MODERN—EUROPEAN—FIREPROOF 550 ROOMS 550 BATHS A la Carte Service CUISINE UNEXCELLED MUSIC and DANCING GUSTAV MULLER. Pros. GUY LAVENDER. Mgr. GET THE FINISHING TOUCHES AT Southern Brothers Miami Business I Iniversity 3rd Floor Townley Bldg. Miami. Fla. ONE OF THE MANY SOUTHERN BROTHERS INSTITUTIONS Capital and Surplus $2,100,000.00 CONSTRUCTIVE SERVICE TO OUR DEPOSITORS OUR CONSTANT AIM. Member Federal Reserve S tem THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MIAMI PACK 390SEMINOLE 1927 The HEFTY PRESS, Inc. PRINTERS—STATIONERS—BLANK BOOK MAKERS Miami, Florida 45-17 S. W. First St. Florida State College for Women TALLAHASSEE For the higher education of the young women of Florida The College comprises the following divisions: The College of Arts and Sciences The School of Education and Normal School The School of Home Economics The Extension Service The School of Art The School of Expression The School of Music The Summer School Sixteen units or graduation from a four-year high school are required for entrance. Surroundings are healthful and beautiful—expenses are moderate. PACE 391 For catolag or other information address THE KEIGSTRARSEMINOLE 1927 WHEN YOUR TEAM PLAYS GAMES IN MIAMI STOP AT THE HOTEL EVERGLADES Miami, Elorida EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATIONS CAN BE ARRANGED 8AN (WKI.OS IIOTKL I’tniMoU. Fla. WALTON IIOTKL I «Funiak Sprint . Fla. I.KON HOTEL IIA ICHKSON IIOTKL Y ll lwu «. FU. Camp Wallan. Fla. CHEROKEE HOTEL IIARBESON SYSTEM EUROPEAN PLAN EVERY ROOM WITH BATH TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA trot along down Sunshine Way! fflrni the members of the Palm Beach Club when they start for home. C3 I.M BEACH and West Palm Beach extend greetings to the University of Florida and to the Palm Beach Club- THE GREATER PALM BEACH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Palm Beach West Palm Beach “WHERE SUMMER SPENDS THE WINTER” PACK 392SEMINOLE 1927 WHEN IN TALLAHASSEE WITHOUT YOUR CAR WHEN IN OCALA FOR THE NIGHT—STOP AT SEE US U-DRIVE-IT HARRINGTON HALL HOTEL TAXI SERVICE or OCALA HOUSE TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Excellent Service Reasonable Rates Coffee Shop in Connection VISIT WONT YOU OCALA In “The Kingdom of the Sun ’ HAV-A-TAMPA One Hundred .Million Smoked Home of the Famous SILVER SPRINGS Annually OCALA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OCALA. FLORIDA ELI WITT CIGAR CO. TAMPA JACKSONVILLE MIAMI DAYTONA ST. PETERSBURG ORLANDO WEST PALM BEACH PACK 393SEMINOLE 1927 going south WHEN IN TAMPA ENJOY THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE OF EATING A REAL SPANISH MEAL ON YOUR LEFT AT THE LAS N )VEI)A I )ES RAILROAD CROSSING R. BRUCE MEFFERT Special 75c Chicken Dinners YBOR CITY STOP AT OCALA AND EAT AT DAVIDSON’S RESTAURANT L. G. BALFOUR CO. America's Foremost Fraternity Jewelers ATTLEBORO, MASS. Nine out of every ten Fraternity Pins are made by Balfour District Manager, Atlanta. Ga. PACK 391SEMINOLE 192? GOOD ROADS AND PROSPERITY The dominance of the Good Roads issue was never more clearly demonstrated than at present. Florida’s agricultural and industrial expansion is directly dependent on the extent and character of her arteries of travel. ASPHALT BLOCK PAVEMENTS Provide to a unique degree the essential qualities of the highest class streets and roads. Florida Asphalt Block Paving Company TAMPA. FLORIDA STUDENTS FROM CENTRAL FLORIDA Should have a copy of the— EVENING AND SUNDAY REPORTER STAR sent them in order to keep abreast of the news from home. Sent by mail any where in Florida for $liK) Three Months $3.75 Six Months $7.50 Per Year REPORTER-STAR PUB. CO. ORLANDO. FLORIDA T--------------------- i I I Students of the Florida I University ■ Always find I A Hearty ■ Welcome at i i I BURDINE’S The Largest Department Store in Miami PACK 395SEMINOLE 192? WHEN YOUR TEAM COMPLIMENTS OF PLAYS IN LAKELAND COLLINS - RODGERS STOP WITH US CORP. HOTELTHELMA LAKELAND, FLA. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATIONS INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE LAKELAND. FLA. DON’T FORGET THE FOUR FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORES THE THREE FRIENDS FURNITURE CO.. In Jacksonville THE THREE FRIENDS FURNITURE CO. of MIAMI. In Miami THE THREE FRIENDS FURNITURE of ORLANDO, In Orlando THE THREE FRIENDS FURNITURE CO. of LAKELAND. In Lakeland COMPLIMENTS OF JOSEPH E. BYRNES JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA PACK mSEMINOLE 1927 DODGE BROS. MOTOR CARS GRAHAM BROTHERS TRUCKS E. C. WILLIAMSON MOTOR CO. ST. AUGUSTINE—:—JACKSONVILLE—:—WAYCROSS BANK OF SARASOTA Russell Thompson Company SPORTING GOODS Sail and Fresh Water Fishing Tackle Motor Boat for Hire OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK IN SARASOTA COUNTY Competent Guide for Hunting and Fishing SARASOTA. FLA. TEL. 2086 PAGE 397SEMINOLE 1927 GAINESVILLE AUTO SUPPLY PARTS CO. DISTRIBUTORS OF GENUINE PARTS 615 West .Main Street North «© 265 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Phone 70.1 The Only Exclusive New Parts Jobber in Alachua County New Parts for All Cars. ALISON - FRYER COMPANY 917 W. University Ave. TEXACO GASOLINE AND OILS SEIBEKLING TIRES AND TUBES ACCESSORIES, WASHING. POLISHING AND GREASING —On Your Way to Town— STEINWAY WEBER, STECK. STROUD, PREMIER, FRANCIS BACON AND THE FAMOUS PHI I PITT BUILT FOR FLORIDA PIANOS DUO-ART REPRODUCING PIANOS ORTHOPHONIC VICTKOLAS AND RADIO COMBINATIONS VICTOR RECORDS SHEET MUSIC S. ERNEST PHILPITT SON pack m WK8T PALM HK4CII JACKSONVILLE MIAMI DRACII MIAMI OKI.ANDO st. iT:ri:nsiirK«. TAVIPASEMINOLE 1927 FAITH IN GAINESVILLE THE FACT that the University of Florida is located at Gainesville largely influenced the North Florida Realty Co. to make its extensive investments in the University City. This is equally true of the purchase of 20 pieces of business and semi-business property and n tract of 424V4 ft-res as it is true of the construction of Hotel Kelley, the ten-story, fireproof structure on West University Ave. The first unit was designed to provide 12G rooms, each with a bath and the second unit is designed to add another 120 rooms, each with bath. The foundations for the second unit are in and its construction can be effected without disturbing business in the first unit. The North Florida Realty Co. has one object in view and that is to sene Gainesville and its institutions to the very best of its ability. The University of Florida is one of these institutions. Construction of Hotel Kelley is only one of the concrete evidences of the faith of the company in Gainesville, and, likewise, an evidence of its faith in the future greatness of the University of Florida. The North Florida Realty Co. investments are of the highest order. Interested buyers will do well to analyze any or all of them. They all provide the mnximum of safety for the principal invested and offer real profit opportunity. NORTH FLORIDA REALTY COMPANY W. MrKKK KKI.I.KY. I»rr«id nt Addrrui ('•ipmunlolion, ftr krlU Club. lift Kut I'liiitftllr Avf.. (Uinnilllr, or tit Control A«r.. St. I'rUri'.irr. (•AINKSVII.I.K‘8 8MARTKST DRY GOODS STORK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Shirts — Ties — Underwear — Suit Cases —Always the Very Latest Styles— RHEINAEUR CO. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA CLOTHES FOR THE COLLEGE MAN UNIVERSITY HEADQUARTERS OPEN ALL YEAR OCALA. FLA. PAG?. 399SEMINOLE 1927 HOYS FROM PALATKA KEEP UP WITH THE NEWS OF YOUR HOME TOWN READ THE PALATKA DAILY NEWS Daily and Sunday FULL LEASED WIRE SERVICE SUBSCRIITION PRICE. 1 MONTH 65c; 1 YEAR. $7.00 THE H. W. DAVIS CO. COLLEGIATE CLOTHES FOR THE COLLEGE MAN ST. AUGUSTINE. FLA. STOP AT EMPIRE HOTEL W. CENTRAL AVE. ORLANDO. FLORIDA EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ALL THE COOKE SHOE STORE 209 E. Main Street South PRIMROSE GRILL REAL HOME COOKING SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN GAINESVILLE. FLA. Shoes For the Entire Family BANQUETS AND PARTIES 322 W. University Avenue “Pie Like Mother Make" JOS. J. SEYKORA COMPLIMENTS OF EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL 232 E. Main South GAINESVILLE CRANE HALL University of Florida Phone 107 Gainesville. Fla. PACK tooSEMINOLE 1927 GOOD FOOD FOR STUDENTS RUN BY STUDENTS REASONABLE RATES MRS. HAILE 1119 West University Avenue LOUIS PURE ICE CREAM CO. 736 So. Virginia GAINESVILLE, FLA. SHERBETS. BRICKS AND ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Harvey Waits, Inc. m DEALERS IN REAL ESTATE GAINESVILLE. FLA. We Cooperate Vith You, Why Not You With t'»? WE HAVE WHAT YOU WANT—SEE OUR LINE AND BE CONVINCED. UNITED SHOE STORE 125 W. University Avenue GAINESVILLE. FLA. COMPLIMENTS OF GAINESVILLE GAS COMPANY DOMESTIC GAS GAINESVILLE PLANING COFFIN CO. LUMBER MILLWORK PACE 401SEMINOLE 1927 COME to JACKSONVILLE Jacksonville has a friendly welcome for all new-comers. It is the cosmo-polis of America—The most American city in the United States. The last census reveals that over ninety per cent of Jacksonville’s population is made up of native born Americans; and families from practically every community in the country have adopted Jacksonville as their home town. That is why you can always find a home town friend in Jacksonville. METROPOLIS OF THE NEW SOUTH Because of her strategical location as the dominating port on the South Atlantic Seaboard, Jacksonville is recognized as the Metropolis of the South. Jacksonville has forged ahead as the leading center of industrial, agricultural and commercial development. INDUSTRIAL GROWTH Outstanding in the record of development is the expansion of the city's industrial activities. Exceptional distribution facilities explain this. Jacksonville is served by five trunk line railroads and forty-two regular steamship services. All other attributes of successful industrial operations are available:—low-freight rates; ample raw material, within easy access; financial facilities; low-power rates, satisfactory labor conditions; and a rapidly increasing market CLIMATE IDEAL FOR WORK AND PLAY No city in the South can surpass Jacksonville as a center for sport and recreation. Nature has endowed the city with a happy combination of gentle climate, ocean beaches, inland waterways. and a country-side fnvored with ull the essential attributes for golf, motoring, fishing, hunting and all other outdoor sports. STEADY PROGRESS The following condensed tables indicate an uninterrupted forward march in the city’s progress. Rank Clearings Year Total 1923 .................. $ 652,380,323.73 1924 ......-............ 808,093,771.41 192ft 1926 ................... 1,505,427.662.53 Postal Receipts Year Total 1923 ................ ...ft 823.664.19 1924 ....................... 889,968.63 1925 1,134.726.32 1926 1,322.041.78 You can realize your ambitions in Jacksonville. Write for specific information to Tilt Atlverlisinfi Committee, City Council, Jacksonville, Fla. The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville. Fla.SEMINOLE 1927 LIGHT Light and education lift the human nice out of darkness, superstitution and fear. Light and education are the advance guards of n greater and more progressive civilization. Through these two important mediums comes a bettor understanding that establishes confidence and good will among men. The function of the Florida Power Light Company is to furnish home, business and industry in every community it serves with dependable power and light, that bring confidence, good will and prosperity. FLORIDA ROWER AND LIGHT COMPANY I ICE 403SEMINOLE 1927 GAINESVILLE INVITES THE RELATIVES AND FRIENDS OF THE MEN AT THE UNIVERSITY AND ALL OTHERS TO VISIT "THE UNIVERSITY CITY" TO LEARN MORE OF YOUR UNIVERSITY Gainesville C hamber oi: Commerce PACE 401SEMINOLE 1927 A Beauty Spot JUST the sheer natural beauty of Sarasota—the Bay and tropically picturesque islands—has ofttimes led enchanted first time visitors to compare this beauty spot of all Florida with Mediterranean grandeur. That this entrancing natural beauty should be adorned rather than spoiled by the hand of man. unstinted expenditures of money and talent have been made by scores of residents to beautify their homes. Everywhere in Sarasota, along the waterfront boulevards, across the water on the beautiful islands or in the heart of golden orange groves, one will sec such homes and they are all beauty spots because of the setting they occupy. The season is at its best right now. Golf—tennis boating — fishing — horseback riding — motoring — daily band concerts—they are all here for you. Each and every day is an ideal day to enjoy them. SAKASOTA FLORIDA Where Summer Stays and the Nation Plays PAGE 405SEMINOLE 1927 Members of The KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL CLUBS of The State of Florida Send Compliments to All The Students of the University PACK 406SEMINOLE 1927 SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFER TO STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA TAMPA MORNING White attending the Unlremlty. tulent» who reside (a Miami and Date county. Lauderdale. Hollywood, and Broward county, are o.tercd a • pccial auUcr.ptlon rate by Tlorldi' Faatctt Crowing Newspaper —The Miami Tribune. TRIBUNE Regular ut crlptk n rare: 7.00 a year; $5.50 •ix month : $1.75 three month . S.uient price: 14. SO a year: $1.75 aix month : 90c three month . Florida’s Greatest Paper THE MIAMI TRIBUNE A People • New pa per In the Public Interest To ttudenU residing in W’ett Palm Reach and Palm Reach county. Okeechobee and Okexhobee county, Stuart and Martin county, one-half subscription rate to The Palm Reach Time I offered. Regular ub rription rate : 110.00 a year: IS.CO 6 month ; $. M S month . Student rate: 14.00 a year: 17.50 ( month ; $1.50 5 month . Full Associated Press THE PALM BEACH TIMES and Devoted to the Beat Interest of South Florida Make a memorandum of thl and atari the new pa per of your choice beginning next term and keep up with the new "Rack Home". Universal Wire Service FRANK P. FII.DKS. P blither VISIT SILVER SPRINGS Nature's Undenrater Fairyland OCA I A, FI.A. Only 36 Miles from the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA PACE 107SEMINOLE 1927 THE ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CLUBS of Florida Send Compliments THE STUDENTS of PACE 408 THE UNIVERSITY OE FLORIDASEMINOLE 1927 UNIVERSITY PRESS BASEMENT LANGUAGE HALL UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT COMPLIMENTS OF BAYNARD BROTHERS REAL ESTATE ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. SIIEPARI) COMPANY ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. EXCLUSIVE YOUNG MEN’S WEAR FLORSHEIM SHOES Hirsh Wickwlrc COLLEGIATE CLOTHES FOR THE COLLEGE MAN FRANK RAY MIAMI. FLA. PACK K)9SEMINOLE 1927 “GULL BRANDS” of FERTILIZERS THE BEST FOB ALL CHOPS RESULTS ARE REMEMBERED LONG ALTER PRICE IS FORGOTTEN .ManuTact tired by TIIE GULF FERTILIZER CO. P. O. Box 2790 Tampa, Fla PACE 410SEMINOLE 1927 HOYS OF WEST PALM BEACH VISIT DANIELS' WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. Most Exclusive Young Men's Wear in Smith Florida NEW YORK LAUNDRY ONE DAY SERVICE JACKSONVILLE, FLA. TAMPA DRUG COMPANY Service Wholesalers and Manufacturing Pharmacists Proprietors of the Well Known Poinsettia Label TAMPA, FLORIDA HAILEY MILAM HARDWARE CO. MIAMI, FLORIDA SPORTING GOODS BASEBALL—FOOTBALL—TENNIS—GOLF Tw. falriMH 27 W«( Plash 8«re.» 2 -2 N. W. Pir.t Slrr.1 BRANCH STORES at 1172 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida; Coconut Grove, Florida; Buena Vista, Florida Member Federal Reserve Bank You ran save while young without much strife ami he a rich man the rest of your life. MUNROE CHAMBLISS NATIONAL BANK OCALA PACE 411SEMINOLE 1927 COMPLIMENTS OF GAINESVILLE ICE CREAM CO. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA C. E. Perry, Manager RALPH’S, Inc. CLEANING AND DYEING PLANT 349 Ernst 8th Street Phones 5-7990 5-4799 JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA COMPLETE HAT CLEANING. MIIOK REBUILDING BLOCKING DEPARTMENT MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO HAV-A-TAMPA CIGARS Distributed by FRED BROOKS CIGAR CO. WHOLESALE CIGARS, TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS KNIGHT, THOMPSON AND TURNER ATTORNEYS Peter 0. Knight. C. Fred Thompson. A. G. Turner and P. O. Knight, Jr. TAMPA. FLORIDASEMINOLE 1927 THE FIRST NATIONAL RANK LEESBURG. FLORIDA G. G. WAKE, President GEO. H. RAST, Au't. Cashier E. K. BUTLER, Cashier and Vice-Pres. J. C. ROGERS, Ass’t. Cashier College Men Demand the Bent in Men's If ear WE FEATURE ""HART SCHAFFNER MARX SUITS ANI) OVERCOATS STETSON ANI) KNOX HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS AND UNDERWEAR CROSSETT SHOES LEE TAYLOR MASONIC TEMPLE BUILDING LEESBURG, FLORIDA PHONE 127 P. O. BOX 84 II A R I) W A R E F U R N I T U R E DBM KD IB! i MERC IIAMHSi: LEESBURG. FLA. DEPENDABLE SERVICE I«akc County’s Greatest Store HOTEL WINDLE - y r llight Iteside the City Hall RATES—$2.00 AND VP JACKSONVILLE PACK 113SEMINOLE 1927 ATTENTION UNIVERSITY STUDENTS WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WE APPRECIATE YOUR PA-TRONAGE AND ALSO YOUR COOPERATION WITH THIS THEATRE LYRIC THEATRE GAINESVILLE. FLA. II. J. WATSON. Manager r. «E mSEMINOLE 1927 Leesburg Sand and Supply Company, Inc. I’KODL'CEKS OP LEESBURG DOUBLE-WASHED SAND WIIOLBSALE DEALERS IN SLAG AND CONCRKTK STONE LEESBURG. FLORIDA FOR A GREATER UNIVERSITY (EDUCATION la Ibf obligation thU r»Mr»llon owe. to generationa yet to com . WE IIKMKVK in greater Unl«r»ily in mil ila department K t ecially the Agricultural. Florida ha greater ■ pportunitira mrvd more problems than other »Ut«. We mu«l aolve the one to embrace the other. EDUCATION la the solution. From it will form- a greater Stale arxl are will »ell more real catale because of better economic com! It km . WRITE US and find how eaay it ia to own a hem or a farm in I.ake county, the Land of Dream Come True. LAKE CO. LAND OWNERS ASSOCIATION D. W. A. MaeKKNZIK. Prea. FKUITLAND PARK. LAKE CO.. FI.OKIDA llanking in Leesburg Continuously Since 1HH6 LEESBURG STATE BANK Memter Federal Keierte Syatca LEESBURG. FLORIDA K. F. K. COOKE. President F. P. WEBSTER. Vke-Prea. GEO. W. WEBSTER. Caahirr O. RAYMOND SKILKS. Vlce-Pre . A. H. IRWIN. Aaat. Caahier. We Believe in the University of Florida COMPLIMENTS OF WOODFORD JORDAN DRUG CO. taesburg, Fla. STUDENTS. STOP AT COMMERCIAL HOTEL TALLAHASSEE. FLA. Special Attention Paid Students of University of Florida PAGE 415SEMINOLE 1927 HEADQUARTERS FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND ATHLETIC TEAMS TAMRAS NEWEST COMMERCIAL HOTEL 400 OOM» MATCB 5 no -O { .5 0 PtR OAV BATH HOTCL COOwaCM AM or I«i Oomo B. B. ChuTT.MAm ««m TRUE HOSPITALITY TO THE COMMERCIAL MEN Tam pa. Florida COMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN GROCERY CO. JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA PACE 416SEMINOLE 1927 A. W. “BILL” BRENAN •TAILORED CLOTHES OF CLASS” TWO STORES 122 S. Orange Ave. 62 W. Church St. ORLANDO COMPLIMENTS OF SWEET SHOP 132 North Orange ORLANDO. FLA. GATORS: ANY TIME YOU WANT A REAL PANAMA HAT SEE US. WE ARE THE LARGEST IMPORTERS IN THE SOUTH. H. W. CLARKE HAT CO. 410 Tampa Street TAMPA, FLA. COMPLIMENTS OF STUDENT BODY UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI STUDENT COUNCIL PACE 417SEMINOLE 1927 At Graduation DIAMOND MAKE this day the happiest of her life by giving her one of the many beautiful gems which we have at prices that range from $25.00 to $10,000.00 WE HAVE THE MOST COMPLETE LINE OF DIAMONDS IN FLORIDA New York Office—10 W. 47th Street FOREIGN OFFICES Antwerp—1 Rue Van Lcrius Amsterdam—Beuravoor Diamanthandel Jacksonville 15 West Bay St. Orlando 3G Pine Street STORES Miami 20 West Flagler St. St. Augustine 62 Cathedral Place Tampa 203 Twiggs St. West Palm Bench Fagans Arcade 11-113 Main St. Lynch Building Jacksonville's Jewelry Palace “Rest—While You Shop” YOU CAN OWN THE FINEST JEWELRY AND SCARCELY FEEL THE COST Bv Our TREASURE CHEST Gift Purchase PlanSEMINOLE 1927 COLLEGIATK STYLE'S WOLF BROTHERS 808 Franklin 303 Twiggs TAMPA. FLA. I ON THE I THRESHOLD OF LIFE TODAY you members of the class of 1927 are prepared to take your places in the world. YOU have completed in four years—more or less —the prescribed course of study and your masters have rewarded your efforts. IN LIFE as in school the measure of your success will be your application and your perseverance. MAY each succeeding year bring you greater happiness and greater wealth and fit you for greater service. THE LAKELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE II. Hudson I rwiM, Manager PACE 419SEMINOLE 1927 POSITIONS OPEN IN ALL SECTIONS OF FLORIDA IF YOU are in search of employment, one of Florida’s largest institutions will probably be able to place you in or near your home—or in almost any section of Florida that you desire. COMPENSATION (salary plus commission): liberal and commensurate with your ability and industry. ADVANCEMENT: There is a large number of positions of authority and most of these are now filled by men who at one time worked in the ranks of the Company. Our policy has been, and will continue to be. to promote men from within the Company. This means that if you have the ability your chances of advancement are excellent. Communicate with our following District Managers: Jack on«lllr. Fla.. J. H. Carter. 519 IVnln.ular Casualty Hide. Kay Wr»t. Fla.. O. 8. I.onr. 500 Firming Slrwt. Tampa. Fla.. J. E4w. Do,I . 701-2-5 N«« I’rnin.ula Hide. 1‘rn-arola. Fla.. W. It. Andrr on. 202 Amtrican National llank Hide. Miami. Fla.. Wm. 254 Larraint Aread Huildinr WhI I’alm Reach. Fla.. ( tnr Mathia. 510 Citiiena Rank Raildlnc. Tallaha.-rr, Fla.. W. II. Carter. I.i««ly Huildinr. I.amroill . Fla.. J. .1. Ilukkard. 6 llotrl Hide. Orlando. Fla.. H. C. Johnton. 202 Smith Huildinr. St. Peter.burr. Fla., J. II. Tfdnrll. Or write directly to the Home Office: C. E. Clarke, Jr., Asst. Sec’y., Peninsular Casulty Co., Jacksonville, Fla. THE PENINSULAR CASUALTY CO. C. K. CLARKE Pres. Florida’s Large ! Insurance Company J. R. ANTHONY Sccy-Treas. PACE 120I ; iy

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