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Copyright 1926 E. BEVERLY MANN Editor-In-Chief P. B. REVELS ButlNfe Manager  1926 INTRODUCTION A A II © EHOLD—Florida! The slate of ninny flag?-, whose historic drama is a pageant of banners, whose soil has been the bone of contcn t i o n between world powers, whose development has attracted the attention of a continent. It is but a faulty glimpse of all (his that we portray. Our Frontispiece is a vision of the past in the glowing sky of the present; the color pages to follow. a sequence group represent ing the five flags in our history. The University — A Spanish galleon on a quiet sea. Classes the foils of knowledge taught to youth by age—French. Athletics- An English Hunter. Feature—A Southern Belle of ’61. Organizations— fellowship of the Blue and the Grey under the Stars and the Stripes. And of the future, who can tell?I) 1 -1 L l U---1 1 1 1 1 the Seminole PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UN 1 VERS ITT-FL0R1 DA GAINESVILLE. FLA. ;«k FOREWORD 1 1 i IF IT be true that age is fed upon the memories of youth, may this book provide for you the meat of seasoned friendship and the ivinc of by-gone joys. i I yTv i m m DEDICATION rO THE people of Florida, living and dead, u hosc courage and sacrifice arc the foundation stones upon which has been built the structure of a great state, this, The 1926 Seminole is reverently dedicated.K. Beverly Maw EtiitorinChief I . B. Revels limitless Manager Clf AXLES K. Cl.OUCII Managing Editor J. B. Cox B. T. Douglas Art Editors Dean Boccs I.ewis Hai.l Literary Editors Frank Wkicht Athletic Editor John Allison Donald Haiiid Societies Editors Kalmi Ciiampmn Military Editor Hi;nnicltt M. A. Ito$in Organizalions Editors Charles Cko ier Feature Editor W. W. Castor B. T. Joke Editors __________ICONTENTS THE UNIVERSITY IEWS ADMINISTRATION AND FAC I l.n CLASSES SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHM N ATHLETICS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TR K MINOR SPORTS FEATURE “TO THE LADIES” ORGANIZATIONS FRATERNITIES SOCIETIES CLUBSTHE FLAGS THE SPANISH FLAG planted on Florida soil by Juan Ponce de Leon in the year 1513, bearing the quartered arms of Castile and Leon on a red and white field, is generally accepted as having beer, the first European standard flown on American soil. It was used by Columbus in 1492, Panfilo de Narvaez in 1528, and Hernando de Soto in 1539. THE FRENCH FLAG, unfurled over Fort Caroline on the St. Johns River by Rene Goulainc de Lau-donniere in the year 1561, bearing three golden fleur-de-lis on a blue field, had its origin in the legendary blue cloak of St. Martin, which he shared with a beggar at Amiens and was familiarly known as “The Chape de Martin". This standard was used as the national French flag until the birth of the tri-color during the Revolution. THE BRITISH FLAG, unfurled over Florida during the British dominion, 1763 to 1783, bearing on a blue field the combined crosses of St. George and St. Andrew (the patron saints of England and Scotland), became the first Union Jack of Great Britain by proclamation of James I of England, upon the union of Scotland and England in the year 1603, and was the only flag used over forts and public buildings in the English colonies. THE BATTLE FLAG OF THE CONFEDERACY, adopted in 1861, was unfurled over Florida after her secession from the Union on the 10th day of January, 1861. THE STARS AND STRIPES OF THE UNITED STATES, bearing the twenty-three stars for the twenty-three states of the Union, was unfurled over St. Augustine on the 16th day of July, over Pensacola on the 21st day of July, 1821, upon the ceding of Florida to the United States by Spain. Klnjr references: Fin ft Humber of the National Geographic Magazine, October. 1917; Kneyelo taedia Hrittaniea under “Flag ”; Hutches. Famous Flags of America.  DMI TSTR T10 DOT many years ago in point of linn , this The I nivcrsity of Florida, had it birth among the pines of an untouched forest. The years in their pacing have given to us the Alma Mater we know and love, and it i to that splendid group of men. whose untiring effort, whose devotion and self-sacrifice, ha e huihied from such humble beginnings so noble a structure that we owe our gratitude. “Here, in these sorry surroundings, was gathered a group of men whose sU|mtI scholarship, whose uncomplaining self sacrifice, whose superhuman courage. def expression in words. Farr, the restless, the magnetic; Anderson, the calm, understanding scholar of the humanities; Benton, whose marvellous, analytic mind longed ever for uction. like a restive steed held ever in check; Crow, the polished, cultured gentleman of the South: I will not name them all; you know them as well as I...................This little group of Cod's Own Gentlemen started with nothing hut ideals, and built a I niversity! And now. I a graduate of a once unknown Southern college may walk with pride among the sons of opulence and hoary tradition and feel that I am one of them.'Albeit V. Mi kpiihle. N.M.. I.LI). PresidentADMIMSTK TIO A. A. Mi iiimiki.i, M.A.. 1.1-1).. President J. M. KaRR. M.A„ I’M.I). I ice President K. II. GmIMM, Auditor NIim Etiiii. I,. Cowan, Registrar Mr. J. K. Johnson. ). M. C. A. Secretary G. C. Tillman, M.l)„ University Physician Mi s Cora Miltimoki. US.. Librarian Mkv Mahcarlt I'i.eiir. Housekeeper Mr . Beatrice Mi.C ark il. Matron Miss llo'A I). Crimi-v R.N., Surse in Charge Infirmary COLLEGE OK ARTS NI SCIENCES James N. Knderson. I’m.I).. Dean and Profes-or of Ancient languages J. M. Karr. I’ii.I).. Professor of English Language and Literature C. I.. Crow, I’m.I).. Professor of Romance Languages J. M. I.lake. I'll.I)., Professor of History and Political Science T. M. SlMIxiN, I’ll.I).. Professor of Mathematics T. R. I.Well. I’ll.I).. K.S. Sc.. Professor of Chemistry L M. Bristol, I’m. |)„ Professor of Economics and Sociology H. (). Knaa ALL. S.T.B.. I’ll.I).. Professor of Philosophy and Psychidogy J. S. ItoCERs. M. ., Professor of lliology and Urology U . II. Hathaway, M.A„ Asst. Professor of Spanish and English . S. I’lRRY, M.S., Asst. Professor of Physics . I'. IlLACK, M.S.. Asst. Professor of Chemistry W. II. Bfjm.LR, D.Sc.. Asst. Professor of Chemistry C. IIoiii.RTson, M.A.. Asst. Professor of English Language and I.iteratin' C. C. PlIIPPS, M.A., Asst. Professor of Mathematics . T. Jackson, I’ll.I).. Asst. Professor of Chemistry J. M. Chapman, 0.0. Professor of Expression and Puldic Speaking B. K. 1.1 KER. I'll.I).. Professor of French II. W. Chandler. M.A., Asst. Professor of Mathematics K. II. III.ATM. I’ll.I).. Asst. Professor of Chemistry (). K. ArMsTRoNC, B.J.. I.I..B.. B.M.A., Asst. Professor of Journalism J. S. Ill l.No, M.A.. Instructor in Spanish M. I). Cody, M.A.. Professor of llotany and Hacieriology S. B. CON LEY, A.II.. Instructor in Psychology and Philosophy II. . Cradit. M.A„ Instructor in Secretarial Science J. V. Day, M.A- Professor of llusiness Late J. C. Kldridck. M.A., Instructor of Economics I. . C. Karri .. M.A.. Asst. Professor of English Language and Literature W. A. Ki LLtft. M.A., Instructor in History and PtJilical Science I). C. Markin. M.A.. Instructor in Mathematics X. W. Holunonworth. I’m.I).. Asst. Professor of History T. II. Hi krill, M.A., Instructor in Hiology and Geology II. C. Oimv, I’ll.I).. Asst. Professor of Chemistry Walter I’i.tirmn. I’m.I)., Asst. Professor of Ancient Languages Karl SlIARrK, IIS.. M.B. .. Professor of Adterlising and Salesmanship S. A. SMALL. I’ll.IK. Asst. Professor ot English l M. TrRNWi, I’m.I).. Instructor in French J. II. WISE. M.A. E©., Professor in Fnglish ani.i.a SlMoNDs, I’li.O,, Professor of Roman bin I . S. Id CM an an, M.A., Professor of Speaking COLLEGE OK GKICl LTI BE WII MON Nl.WIJ.I, U.Sc., Dean and Director of Experiment Station W. L. Kloyd, M.S.. Asst. Dean and Professor of Ih.tany and Hot lit iiltnic J. K. TurlINotoN. I’ll.I).. Professor of Agronomy . I.. SlIEALY, D.N.M, Professor of I eterinaty Science Kra Ilr Hoclrs, IIS. V.. Professor of Igricullnral Engineering . W. S.ANborn, M.l).. Professor of Poultry Husbandry C. II. WlLLOl'CMHY, II. or„ Professor of Animal Husbandry and Dairying L. I.. Lord. H.S., Isst, Professor of llotany and Horticulture J. K. Coorwc. Instructor in JournalismO. (!. Km an. 1 11.1).. Asst. Professor of Agronomy John Cuv. M.S.. Instructor in Farm Management C. K. bhott, B.S.S., Instructor in Horticulture H. G. Hamilton. M.S., Instructor in Farm Management K. G. Martin. M.S.. Instructor in Animal Husbandry COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING J. I!. IIentoX. 1 11.1).. Dean and Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering I . !.. Rued. C.E.. professor of CMI Engineering Melvin PhICE, U.S.K.K., Professor of Mechanical Engineering T. R. I.KICK, 1 11.1)., F.S.Sc.. Professor of Chemical Engine,ring W. s. Perky. M.S.. Asst. Professor of Physics IK F. GaiN'Ks. H.S„ Instructor in Mechanical Engineering S. K. KmILDMAN. M.S., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering L S. Greene. M.S., Professor of Industrial Arts IXXANDER Urotii, IKS., Professor if Civil Engineering Joserh Weil, B.S., E.K.. Asst, professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering J. I . Kittle, IKS., E-E_, Asst, professor of Electrical Engineering K. S. WALKER. Col. U.S.A.. Kl«i.i, Professor of Mechanical Droning . J. Strong, professor of Mechanical Arts W. S. Him.IN'. M.K.K.. K.K.. Asst. Professor of Physics and Professor of Radio and Telegraphu Engineering G. K. Harm.' IKS., Asst. Professor of Citil Engineering T. M. I.oWE, IKS., Instructor in Citil Engineering RttHH.iTI Weaver, IKS.. Director of School of Architecture K. .. Gii.'on. IKS.. Instructor in School of Architecture TEACHERS COLLEGE .1. W. orVIAN, I’ll.I).. Dean and Professor of Education JosEI‘11 Roiuir, Pii.l).. Professor of Secondary Education J. R. Ft I K. I’ll.I).. Professor of Education W. . I .IT 11 i, M.A.. Asst, professor of English and Mathematics J. V. Day, M.S., Professor of Agricultural Education I. . S. Gicekne. M.S., professor of Industrial Education L. W. BlcHIIOLA M.A.. Professor of llible J. C. Gee. Professor of Agricultural Education COLLEGE OF LAW II IK Tri 'l ilt. M.A.. I.I..IK. Dean and Professor of Late C. W. Crandall, IKS.. I.I..IK. Professor of Lao IK S. Cockrell. M. .. LL.IK. Professor of Dean Slai.le. I.S.. 1.1..IK. Professor of IIaKRV I.. TiIOMPkON, IKS.C.E.. J.l).. professor of SCHOOL OF PHARM V I’. IK l.iii.ii.. M. .. Pii.D., Director. Professor of Chemistry . W. Sweet. M. „ Pll.l).. Director of Health and Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy W. J. Hi'A. M.S.. I’ll.IK. Professor of Pharmacy . G. TiiTon. Major. I . S. .. Commandant of (.adds and Professor of Military Science and Tactics MILITARY DEPARTMENT F. M. Brennan, ( ait. I .S.A.. lul. Professor of Military Science and tactics E. M. Yon, Cart.. I.S. .. Asst. Professor of Military Sci-nce and Tal lies C. S. WHITEHEAD. Cart. I .S. .. Is , professor of Military Science and Tactile W. V. Bawls. Cart. l‘.S.A» Asst. Professor of Military Science and Tarlice K. G. McCali.I'Tek. Kt S.r. iD.E.M.L) I). IK III nih.ey. S .t. (D.E.M.L.) W. I). Ki.ineretkh. Sct. HKEM.L.i IK DeWittk Brown. Director of R. O. T. C. Hand and I nitersity Orchestra ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Jaah I.. Willie, Director of Athletics L G. IIa'KU.I, Professor of Physical Education and Mima Sports Harold 1- Serring. Head Coach of I arsily Football W AKKEN C. Cowell. Coach of Freshman Football. Ilashrtball and llasrhnll l in 1.. Brown, Coach of I arsily and Freshman Trocl.ROM VNCE From realms where luma I things are rife I sought seance. I look to lift the nine of life And foil ml Romance. A flaming color on the grey Of circumstance. A vein of gold in souther clay We call Romance. The mountains wear their purple coat And fairies dance In greenwood glens where poets wrote To court Romance. The stern earth smiles a here warriors die And chargers prance: In soft embrace their bodies lie II ho lov'd Romance. The hauberk's dented face, the charm Of maiden s glance. Iluzza's of battle's wild alarm For thee. Romance. bid indifferent Fate begin A or fear mischance. For my emolument has been To knoti —Romance. —R. C. C PACE 26KI.I.IS O X It l) Kit PIPKK. "i,arjntr“. Fori I -aiidrtdaJe. Xrl and Science .ll. Delta T«u Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Delta. SoatilMiil .uni Made, ItliM hr . IWnlrik Club. Karr Literary Society. Flying “I." Club. Pr -i«l« nl Combined Senior Cla » M». Literary Kditnr "Swamp Angel ’ 12». "I. KiHifl , X i lanl Literary Kditor -Seminole" (3), Editor in-Cliief "K Hook" if). X ociale Editor "The Siher B m” Ml. Kir»l l.irulmanl It. O. I'. (4). HOBKItT SKA lilt OOK IIXYYXM). -«« . Si. Petersburg. law J.l). Xlpha Tau Omega. Phi Drlla Phi. Si. Petersburg Club. Pinella Count Club. Scrprnl liibUm Society. H "»k Club, John 1ar hall Literary Society, ( io« Country Trjm 230 College Foci ImII 11. 2». X icr-Pre idrnt Senior Cla . S minoV" Staff 2- ). X i tant ltu ine Xlanagrr, It.S. "The Citadel «20». F.KXING XI X COLDSTKIY "Go i iV”. Xliami. I’lii Beta Delia. Itlur Key, Pirate Club. Illark ami XX bile Xfa M|Ue, ”f Club, John Xl.u«liall Soeiely, Duval County Club, Xar»il Football 14.3, 2l. Varsity lta keih.dl 03. 2». Freshman Foot ball. Freshman Basketball, XlbSoulliem Confeiencr Football Team (23. 21. 23). Pre«idenl Xlblriic (iminril Ml. Secretary ami Treasurer Combined Senior Clio. Florida FriemUhip Council i!». Junior Flag Hush Committee I3». XIXYNXKD XDK1NS. A4d". lake Hu tier. Engineering It S.K K. I nion County Club. Ilenton Kngineering Society. Inter-College ll.i rhall. Inler-(allege B.t k-l-ball. WILLI XXI Ol X DKltSO . i r. Orlando, law. l.l .lt. Pi Kapi»a Xlpha. John Marshall Society. Serpent Itiblem SciHy, Pirate . Frr hnian Football Manager t24l, President Pan-Hellenic Society, Xlanagrr. Ita«kriball and Track. Executive Council (25 . Xar»ity Football Xlanagrr (23). PACE 28LOTH MR BENJAMIN NDREWS. £.. Hr. Bonifay. Teacher VILE. I lii Kap|« Tau, IValiody Club. Waholoosa (‘lull. Ma onic Club. Cl» Baseball. FRANK HUBERT BABERS. “Frank". Gainesville. 4 S.. B.S. Phi Kappa Phi. Scabbard and Blade, Gamma Sigma Ep ilon. Macliua County Club. I.eigh Chemical Society. Junior Prom Committer 3». Second Lieutenant. Co. I). R. O. T. C. «3•. Captain. Comanv C. R. 0. T. C. I». Student «i tant in Chemistry • I•. DONALD JAMES BAIRD. "l)on". Jacksonville. Law LLB. Sigma lpha Epsilon. Pirate . Baronets. Theta Riblron Society. President Ml. Zed . Yicr-Presi-dent t|». Duval County Club. Law Collette Football, Student Body Executive Council (I . Seminole Staff il . John Marshall Debating Society. Y. M. C. V.. Frienddlip Coun. il 421. Masquerader . CHARLES OLIN BARNES, “Saulmnet". Plant City. . and S. B.S. in Bus. Adm. Alpha Kapa P i, Sigma Phi Epsilon, llill-lx.i.. County Club. Vice-President Ml, Commerce Club. President Ml. Debating (Council Ml. Inter-Society Debate Mi. CURTIS BASCII. Mellrourne. J aw, I.L.B. Phi lpha Delta. Karr Literary Society. John Marshall Debating Society. Intcr-4iollcge Ba«-ball «3i. Inter-Class Ba ball (3l. Inter-Clan Basketball «2. 3i. Inter-College Basketball 3i, S|» »rt Editor lligator. PACE 29PRESTON ROBINSON BISIIOI . “Prrsion", Tampa Shorn . Vgricullurr. RS . Pi Kji|ni Vlplia, lpl»a Zeta, Scabbard and Bladr. Vlplia Phi Epfilon. Sigma Delta. Phi Sigma. Ihur Key, Black and White Ma»«|ue. Vgricultural Club. Mawju.rader . Serpent Ribbon Socie'y. Pan Hellenic Society, Honor Representative l3t. Literary Editor Seminole i3 , Chairman Senior Cla%» Irritation Committee. Captain. Company E R. 0. I . C. |». Ktiend«hip Council 411. Klorida-Gcorgia Debating Team 121. HAL N. BLACK. "Prof.", (iaiiwtullft «t» ami Science .B. lpha Tau Omega. TJieta Ribbon Society, Karr Literary Society lit. Senior Cap and Conn Committee. EDGAR S. BLAKE, "J Vwy". Chiplry. I .aw. I.L.B. Kappa Vlplia. Black and While Marque, “F" Club. Pirate . Theta Ribln.n Society. John Mar-liab Debating Sn-iely. Var-ily Baseball 1. 2. 3. It. Manager •"»». Vthlrtic lh jrd 3. It. Seminole organization 3». Pan Hellenic Council II, St. President IS). LINCOLN CHAPMAN BOCl E. "Ito cur". St. Petersburg. Law. LI. B. Delta Chi. Phi Vlpha Delta. Law Fraternity. Pinella- County Club. St. Petersburg Club. Seryieut BihlMin Society. John Marshall Debating .Society. Swimming Team 22. 23. 2I». Pt.-»id»- it Pinellar County Club 21. 23 , Treasurer Pinella Count) Club (23, 21». LOl IS SPENCEB BO STEF.I„ ‘7.0 ", Miami. Vrt ami Science. V.B. Pbi Kappa Phi. Vlplia Phi Kp iloti. Miami Club, Fair Literary Society. V ice- Preside lit I . Prr bknt It. Soccer l . Seminole Staff 2». V «ir tanl Literary Editor. Vi and Scirii’e Deli.iling Team '2. 3l. Vlternatr l_ S. V. Debating Team 3 . Student V»«i«lant in Phi.otopiiy and I’.ycho'ogy. Tau Kappa. PAGE MDONALD CAHK BOOTH. "Shorty”. Miami. Engineering. ILS.CI1.K. l| ha Tau Omega, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Theta Ril»!»n Society. Leigh Chemical Society. Benton Engineering Society, Miami Assistant Cheer Leader I4 . lligator Staff « I». JOHN MANN BOYD, "John Tom", Clermont. Engineering. ILS.Ch.K. (•amnia Sigma Ep»iloii. Farr Literary Society lit, Benton Engineering Society, l.eigh Chemical Society. American Chemical Society. l ake County Club. American ln«titute of Chemical Engineer , Scrub Foolltall. Cla « Football. Engineering football, Student ”i»tanl in Chemi r (3. »•. CEB l.l BREWER BKIGGS. "Country", Zephyr hill . Engineering. ILS.CE. Scabbard and Blade. Benton Engineering Society. Society of Engineer . Pa«r» County Club. Fir t Lieutenant B. (). T. C. Mi. MABMN . BROOKEK. Bell, griculture. B.S.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon. lpha Zela. lpha Phi Epsilon, Blue Key, Tau Kappa. Bela Omega, gri-cultural Club Beporter (2 . Secretary-Treasurer 42». Critic t it. Provident ML Vlachua County (.'lull • I. 2, 3». Gilchrist County Club Ml, Junior Prom Committee. Inter-Society Delating Team (2. 3•. Debating Council (3l, Honor Court 4 1 . Crorgia-Florida gricultural College Debate 2 . Junior Oratorical Tram, »i«tant Cashier of Common Ml, First Lieutenant B. O. T. C, Florida- L S. C. Delwting Team ML L01 IS DEWITT BBOWN. So. Jacksonville. Engineering. B.S.C.E. inerican ociaiion Engineer , American Society Civil Engineer . Duval County Club. Freshman Football. PACE 31FRANK ft. BRI MBLEY, “Frank”, Gainesville. Agriculture, ILS.A. Alpha (.amnia Rho, Alpha 'Aria. Kappa Della Pi. Agricultural Club. Alachua County Club. Freshman Basketball (22. 23), Varsity Track (23), Agricultural College Basketball (21. 2-"»». griculturul College Track (23. 24. 25), Alpha Cantma Rbo Baseball (25). Alpha Gamma Rlio Basketball (25, 26). Agricultural Baseball (23. 21. 23). Soccer Team (23. 21). Junior Track. Basketball and Baseball. Sophomore Track. Ba eball and Basketball. Freshman Track. i«tarit Cherc leader (23). Stock Judging Team (23. 26), Coach 2ft». Stmlent Assistant in nimal Husbandry (23), Student Assistant in Agronomy (26 . HARRY CARL RliCHA, “Major", "Maggy", Glenwood. Agriculture. B.S.A. lpha eta. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Sigma, Agricultural Club. President (4 . Aolu ia County Club (I. 2. 3». Self Help Club. Bouncer (2. 3, 4), Cl«» Baseball (I. 2. 31, College Baseball (I. 2. 3). College Baskrtlsall (2. 3), College Football (2). Xolusia County Ba«ketl all Team 2 . Xolley (bill (3). Executive Council (26). Xgriciiltural College Representative to Intra-Mural Committee, Senior Cla - Invitation Committee (26). ROBERT HAROLD III BRITT. “Hob HT, Jacksonville. Art and Science . B.S. in Commerce. Phi Della Theta. Farr Literary Society. John Marshall Debating Society, Duval County (dub, Wisconsin Club. Secretary (24. 25). President 25. 26i. Minor Spoil Committee (2 . Art and Science llaselsall Team (25). Assistant Football Xlanager Freshman learn (22 . Xar-ity, Assistant Xlanager (23. 24). Official F. II. S. X. X., Basket lull Tournament and Track Meet (23. 24. 25. 26), Intra-Alural Xtliletic Manager (24, 25). Intra-Mural Staff (25. 26). Circulation Manager. Swamp Xngel (2). Business Xlanager (3), Xlligator Staff, Contnbuting Editor (23. 26(, Assistant S|H»rling Editor. Seminole (26 . I niversity Correspondent. lampa Chsbc. Miami Tribune, Jacksonville Journal, (Juill Club (23 . Drake Knleitainmenl (Committee. Home-Coming Committee, Freshman Friendship Council III. X XN ESS REYNOLDS HI TLER. “Ian”, DeKuniak Spring . Teacher. B.S. in Ed. Theta Kappa Nu. Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Delta |»i Secretary 4). Pi Xlha Sigma, Peabody Club. Wahsdoosa Club Vice-President (3), Reporter (4), College Football, College Sn-cer, Entered from Palmer College (22 23 . JOHN P. CAMP. “Scamp”. Okeechobee. Agriculture. IbS.X. Alpha Gamma Rho, Xlpha Zetu. Phi Sigma. Kappa Delta Phi. Phi Kappa Phi. Xgricultural Club. Secretary and Treasurer (3). President (ft. Club. Clas l nolhall (3). College Football (2, 3), Agricultural College Sn-cer Team (3». Executive Council. fir-t Lieutenant R. O. T. C.. Student Secretary of Self-Help Committee. P XCE 32CARL C. CARNES, "CCT, Florahome. Teachers. A.H.E. Phi Kappa Tau. Peabody Club, Athletic Manager 12 . Putnam County Club. Secretary (2b President 13», Flint Chemical Society 121. Classical Club (3), Sophomore Football Champs (2f. Teachers Raakethall Clumps i2». Fre hman Soccer Champ (1), College ami Fraternity Rase lull 2, 3t. Mid-night Eacapador Summer School I25t. KI)CAR WHITE CARTER. “ E. B Oxford. Teacher . A.H.E. Sumter County Club, Masonic Club. Raplist Club. President of Pealiody (41. I. W HENCE CHAPM AN CASE. “Slime". St .Augustine. Uw. LL.R. Pi Kappa Mpha. Rlue Key. “F" Club. Pirate . Serpents Kihlton .Society. Football t2 years). Track 12 years I, President Athletic Association. Athletic Hoard Membrr. Chancellor Honor Court. Assistant Freshman Football Coach. Assistant Track Guch. RALPH COMSTOCK CHAMPI.IN. "Champ". Jacksonville. rts and Aciences. IIS. Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Sigma Della. Lc Fouet, Farr l iterary Society. President f4». Duval County Club. Rrefsteak Club. Astronomical Society, “F” Club. Scrub Footlull ll. 2l Cla » and College Football ll. 2». Aarsilv Footlull 13. l». Tlw Silver Row. Seminole Staff. Captain R. 0. T. C. STATEN HARLEE CHANCE. Static", Warn hula. Pharmacy. R.S. Alpha Delta. Knight of Pylhia» t2». President. Hardee County Club • 2». President, Mortar and Pestle Club. Leigh Chemical Society. Executive Council l it. Student Assistant in Pharmacy (3, 4 . Second Lieutenant R. 0. T. C 41. PAGE 33LLOYD MAURY CIIKW. "CAe . Stauton. Na. Pharmacy. US. in Pharmacy. Phi Kappa Tau. Mortar ami Pelle. Secretary Maaonic Club. 1 ni'rr»ily Debating Council U . Student »i tnnt in Pharmacognaey ami Pharmacology ‘I . A.B- "'ami I nnrr»i y. JOHN OKTON CHRISTIE, “C.hrisjir". Jacksonville. Engineering. IIS.C.E. Kappa lpha. Theta l«iSociety. County Club. First Lieutenant •• . R. O. T. C MM HIU CLONTS. 7fAer lakeland. Ian. I.L.H. Theta Chi. Mav|uerader» (23. 21 . Serpent Ribbon Society. John lar luill Debating Society. JOSEPH HIM SON COPKI.WI). Jrrry . Tampa. Nit. and Sinn.-. D.S. Sigma Nu. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Sigma (IJio.'ogicaD. Camma Sigma Fp ilon (Chemical. Pintles. Cotillion Club. Theta Kibtion Sciely. Leigh Chemical Society. ice-President CD. Tampa Club. Executive Council tit. Pan-Hellenic Council Me II. LOl IS CONNELL. "Lon ItiJdie". Intrmr- Mts and Science. Rumim— NdntinUlralioti. Kappa Sigma. Scahliard and llladr. Illur Key. “F Club. I menu- Quit. Commerce Club. Track t|. 2. 3. I» Class Itaseball. Colleg.- Ila-kethall. Lieutenant R. O. 1. t... Captain Track M . PACE 3J KI-SON. Rl IMlLPII COASAK. “WW. Sardinia. S. C. rt- and Science. V.ll. DWICHT VS. CK.WE. “Crane", Omaha. Nebraska. Aria and Science. B.S. Camina Sigma Kp-ihm. Duval County Club. Claw Football (It. Student Wi-lant in Chemistry. SILAS MORTON CRKECIL ST, Miami. rt. and Science. S.IL.V Sigma Plii Kp«i'on. lpha I’hi Kp-ilon. Scabbard and llladr. Sigma Delia. Illtie Key. |(!acL and White Masque. Karr Literary Veil (I. 2. 3l. Commerce (.lull ( |i. Secretary and Treasurer Junior Claw. Uusine Manager Florida Mlipa.or U|, Reporter Florida Vlligator (I. 2. 3l. Associate Kditor-in-Chicf Seminole (3t. Librarian WUtant I. 2. 3. 4t.»ily Delutint; Team (3t. Secretary Honor Committee 3l. Second Lieutenant “F ' Co. (3». Cadet-Major Uattaiion (tl, Auburn Debate (It. FllWk Rt SSKI.I. v N CROVI. “t'rnr ;". Gainesville. Ijh. 1.1. II. Theta Chi Serpents. Chin. Dance Committee 124. 2S». President (23. 26l. Pirates Baronets, Inter-Fraternity Conference (24. 25. 26 . Vlachua County Club. Reporter 23. 211. Vice President (25. 26», John Mar-lull lb-luting Society. IHKNTON I.. DAVIS, "7 . ,. . I ak« l.u,,|. Engineering. B.S.K. PACK 35JOHN DICKINSON. "John". Jacksonville. U . I I. II. Mpha Tau Omrp. Serpent Kihl» n Society, Cotillion Club. Assistant Manager ai itv Football Tram. Seminole Staff. Duval Countv Club. Florida Friendship Council. John Marshall Debating Society. Farr Literal) Society. THOMAS JEFFERSON EDW HI)S. JR„ "T. J.’ Cliattahouchce. Pharmacy. 1LS. in Pharmacy. Phi Delta Theta. Gamma Lamlxlu, Srahhani ami Blade. Mortar-Pestle Society. President 123, 24, 251, Serpent Ribbon Society, (Uitillion (dub. Gad dcn Gtunl) Club. "K" Club. Blue Key, College Representative in Minor Sport (25, 26), Varsity Bawhall Squad 121. 22. 231, Baseball Team (23. 2D. College Football 21. 22. 23. 21. 25 . Cla Ba . lull (21. 22. 23). (College Basketball (22. 23, 24), Qlw Soccer Tram (22. 231, College Ba elull (21. 22). I ni-versity Band (21. 22. 23. 21. 25, 26), »«i tant Manager (25. 26). Student i tant in Phaimacy (21, 25. 26», Second Lieutenant R. 0. T. Seminole Staff Organitations Kditur (23. 24). WILLIAM EDWARD FI.OOOD, A'e«F'. Weal Palm Beach. Engineering. B.S.CIlE. Phi Kappa Tail. Sigina Tau, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, mrrkan ►socialion Engineer (2, 3. D, Benton Engineering Society. Leigh Chemical Society, Palm Beach County Club, President (4». Vice-President (2). Freshman Squad, Football, Basketluill, Numeral. Ba«el all. Varsity H.t rhall. Engineer College Football (2. 3l. Baseball 11, 2, 3. I». Basketball 2). (.Ia « Baseball (2, 3, 4|, Honor Committer 3». Intra-Mural lhlrtir Committee (3t, Intra-Mural Senior Committee (4). FRANKLIN HARPER ELMORE, JR . "Frank", Jacksonville, lam. I.L.B. Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Serpent Ribbon Society, Secretary and Treasurer 21. 25, 26). Piute Club, Vke-Prrsident (25, 261, Baronet Club John Marshall Debating Society, Alligator Staff (21, 22. 23). WALTER FRANKLIN EMMONS, JIL. St. Petersburg. Engineering, IJ.S.C.E. Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Tau. St. Petersburg Club, Civil Engineers Society, Pinellas County Club. Benton Engineering Society, Reporter Alligator (22). PAGE %HUBERT DEKI.E ETZLER. "Drr . Tampa. Agriculture. BAA. gricullural (Ilul . Tampa Club. Inter-College Baseball (23), Inter-College Football (23?, Inter-Class Foot lull (24 . WILLIAM HYDE FISHER. "Biir. Tampa. Engineering. ILS.Ch.K. I’lii Kappa Phi. Benton Engineering Society. Secretary-Treasurer (2), Tampa Ilul». Leigh Chemical Society, Florida Student Chapter merk-an Institute of Chemical Engineers, IVsi-•lent (4). First Lieutenant Company F. R. O. T. C. t-l . Physics laboratory Assistant (2». Chemistry oratory Assistant (4). WILLIAM JOHN FOWLER. “Mir. Jacksonville. Engineering. B.S.E.E. lienton Engineering Society, Chanticleer Club. Intrr-f College Football 2. 3»t Inter-College Track 3». Class F.N.tbjII 12. 3». First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JOSEPH WHEELER FRAZIER. JR.. "Jor". Tampa. rt- and Science, A.IL Sigma Nu, Pirates. Zeds. Cotillion Club. Leigh Chemical Stciely. Farr Literary Society. CHARLES A. II. FKENSDOIlF, "Count". Miami. Teachers. A.B.E. K.ippa Della Pi. Miami Club. P VCK 37MILTON COOK GARDNKK. JR, “ l. (Emilia. Ga. ru and .Science. V.IL Phi Kap| a Tau. Mpha Phi Kp»ilon, Rapti«t Cluh ll, 2. 3 . Karr Literary Stfiely 11. 2 . Ila-»-Racket ha 11 2. 3t. Honor Committee 3l, Honor Court (It, Y. M. C. . Mi. ar»ity l)e hating Team 3. 0. Winner of J«ni« r Oratorical OwIM 3 . Student » i»tant in l.ihrart, Fir-1 Lieutenant K. O. 1'. C Ml. Ill IIKKT liRWES. "BtttcshcrQuincy. jtricullurr, ILS.A. Sigma Nu. Vlpha eta grieultural I. Cadnlen County Club M. 2. 3l, Flint Chemical Society ll. 2», "i tant S| ort Kditor Seminole (3i. J MK KDVYIN Cl( Ks. JK . "Hud". Quincy. rl and Scicnc.% ILS. in Bu«inr- « dmini«tralH-n. Sigma Nu. Phi Kappa Phi. lpha Kappa Pui ((Commercial . Gadsden County Club, (Commerce Cluh. Kre hman Ka-rhall 22. 2-1 . GKOKCK M.AIIYIN CKKKN, "Hicks”, Tampa. rt- and Science. .ll. Sigma Nu. Theta Kildion S« cirly, Cotillion Club. Karr l iterary Society 2-0. Leigh Chemical Society 20. A mutant Managing Editor Seminole 20. Masquerader 20. Send Lieutenant K. 0. T. c. Rat all ion. Hand 2.1, 21. 25. 2 .». GUKDON DWIGHT HAMILTON. "Hunt”. New Smyrna. rt and Science. U.S.E. Pi Kap| a Phi. Theta llihlion Society, l-eigh Chemical Society. Flint Chemical Socieiy. Peabody C ub. oluaia County Cluh. Cla Ring Committee. PACK 38WILBUR GARLAND HIATT. "CirtmuT. Gainesville. rt and Science. A.B. Alachua County Cluh 23. 21 . Band •2.' . 261. Orchestra 2.». 26 . •IIAKOLD WILLIAM HILLS. "Hills", Winter Hawn. Engineering B.S.C.E. I’lii k.ippi Phi. Sigma Tau 1 Engineering . ntrrican Society, « ( Civil Engineers. Benton Engineering Society. Polk County Cluh. Engineering Ba hetl»all 2 . Secretary Sigma Ian. i NICHOLAS HODSIK)N. "Vie ". Miami. n» and Science . IIS. Sigma Lambda Tau. Karr«-rar Strict). Leigh Clirmical.Society. Secretary-Treasurer. Simp aon Mathematical Stcirty. Miami Cluh. Baptist Cluh. Cla« Stecer. JOHN ROBERT HOLT. "Jack”. Wr t Paint Beach. Vn and Science . .B.S . Vlpha kappa P»i. Commerce Cluh. Pa’m Beach County Club • 3 . I imeeitx «»f Illinois. Delta k.ippa l|.'. of l.t. Della Sigma l.ain!tdfl (U. "f |. , Illinoi Inion. II RRN HONEYWELL mllorr%“m CainesviPv. Ngriculturr. B.S. . PAGE 39'.Si JOHN M. Ill l)N VLL. Hudnair. Gainesville. Teacher N.B.E. Pledge Sigma Delia. President Georgia Club. Staff (a iTf»|»i»n lfni Jacksonville Journal. Correspondent International New Sen ice. Slaff Feature Writer Florida Digest. Menilwr Nlligator Staff. Lake County Clul . i tant Publicity Bureau. I tmcr«ily of Florida. Student N» i tant in Journalism. U. F. FREDERICK MALCOLM IVEY. "FredT, Gainesville. l-aw. I.LB. I’lii lpha Delta. Phi Kappa Phi, John Mar hall D "baling Society, Secretary •Treasurer 1.1'. Nice-President (4), President (4i. LELANI) KDW KD JEFFERIES. “JefF. l-akr lifted. Ngricullure. ILS.A. Alpha Camilla Kho. Nlplia eta. N rioiiltural Club. ice President (!•. Polk County Club. Student Assistant in Horticulture (3, 4). JOHN WHICH! JENNINGS, 7fe«T. Sarasota, law. LI IS. Nlplia Delta. SaraniU County Club. President, John Marshall Society. Gymnastics and Wrestling, Nolunlary Gymnasium Instructor. as Assistant. Graduate of the (niversily of South Carolina La School 1923. Taking Graduate and Post-Graduate Work in Law. JESSE WILDER JOHNSON. “Commodore", Clearwater. Ngricullure. B.S. . Kappa Sigma. Nlplia Zetu. Ngriculturjl Club (I. 2. 3. ft. Pinellas County Club (I, 1?, 3, 4», Agricultural College Football t2. 3t, Debating fiounril, President (ft. PAGE 10NATHAN JORDAN JOHNSTON. W. Gainesville. rts and .Sciences. .lfS.S. Delta lau Della. Scablurd and Blade, lacliua County Club. Military Editor Seminole l3t. Pistol Tram (3». Second Lieutenant Infantry 0. R. C. TIMOTm M CISTIN JOHNSON, "rim". Clearsatrr. Teacher . R.S.K. Peabody Club »2. 3. D. Pinellas County Club 1. 2. 3. It. I nivendly Rand 2. 3. It. I ni «-r»iiv Orchestra 2. 3. It. Lyceum Council (31. President f•!». EDGAR CHARLES JONES, "F.dT, Jacksonville. U«. LL.II. Kapa I pita. Sigma Della Psi. thlrtic National, Blur Kry. Black and White Masque. Pirate .. Serpent Rildnui Society. John Marshall Deluding Society. Masquerader . Duval County Club. Varsity Footfall «2. 3. It Captain 'It. Varsity Basketball 2. 3t. Captain-Manager 2. 3i. arsity Track (3t, Freshman Footfall 1» Captain and Manager • 1 . ice-President th!c:ic Council (31. Vice-President F” Club 2. 31, President Freshman Class. Junior Flag Rush • 3t. President Southern Federation of College Students (2- . 26 . Representative to Suith-m Federation College Student (3), Ml Sotilhern Conference Football Team «3i. DONALD Rl SSELI. Jt OKI NS. "Doc", largo. rts and Sciences, .B. Mplia Delta, lpha Kappa l' i I Commerce , (iamma lambda (Musical . Pinellas Omiily Club. Baptist Club. Commerce Club. Secretary Ml, Masqueraders. I niversily Band. I niversitv Orchestra. DeMolay. WILLIAM JAMES LAKE. "Itiir. Sanford, law. J.D. Kappa Mplia. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Delta Phi. PandMIenie Council m. Pirate . Thetas. Chairman Theta Dance Committee, Law College Football Team, Inter-Fraternity Rasefall. ILS. Degree. David-on College 22 . PAGE IIDAN II) LAMKK. "Datr Madinin. Vrt ami Science . ||. . Fair Literary Society. Executive Council (2S, 2 »». RUSSELL 1.0WELL LAYMON. "Skrttri". Miami. rt and Science. ILS. Sigma Nu. Gamma Sigma Lp il n. Phi Sigma. Serpent ItiMmmi S ciet , Miami Club. I1'1"' Lieutenant R. 0. T. (!. Hi. ADDISON SIU’LKR LAIRD. "CrcrArc". St. Matt! - . S. C. Xgrioillure. IIS.A. Alpha Gamma Rho. Xgriculture Club, Frr hrnan Have ball. X ar il lli eball. Xg-i«iilturc Col-lege Football t2». Junior Prom Committer, Holder of Xmrrican Gn!f t.lub Fr I Ion hip. X i t a :il in Experiment Station. Department of Forage Crop and Gra« lnvc«tigation . JOHN RICHARD LEONARD. "J. K. . Gainesville. Engineering R.S.C.E. Kappa Sigma. Civil Engineer Soriely. Renton Engineering Sci-t . meric an uciatiou of Engineer . FRWK I. Ill RNETT. Madl-on. S. I).. r; and SeVnre . .R. 5§S PXGE 42PARK KOI. AND I.KW IS, "I.mis", Fort My r . Traclier . K.S.E. Fort Myers Cluh. PcuImmIv Cluh. Defiance College 11, 2». l| ha Kappa, ur ify “IF . CHARLES J. LON VOKN, “Jofko", Okwluilirr. Ru inrs. Administration. IJ.S.II. Delta Tan, Fair Literary Society (I, 2'. Commerce Cluh 2, 3. ft. Okeechobee Tril •Hie Chief' til, Inter-Cla-s Track 2. 3. I . Intcr-Claa S»ccer 2 . Inter-College Track i.3». Cheer l-eader 4 . JOHN R0REK1 McCI-l RE. Pensacola. Art ami Science . IPS. Theta Chi. Pirate . Karo nets. Max|ucraiier . Scrjient KiI.Im.ii Society. Cotillion Cluh. EDMl M) ROBERT McCII.U "Jerry”. Waldo. Art ami Science. A.R.S.S. Della Tau Delta. Illack ami White Ma-quc. Rluc key. Alpha Phi Epsilon. Tail Kappa. Farr Literary Society. Heel Steak Cluh. Macliua County Club, F" Club. Pan-Hellenic Council. Florida L. S. l:. Debating Team 2. 3. It. Farr Literary Debating Team tl». Frr hman Track lit. Aar«ity Track «2, 3. It, Captain 31. President of ll»e Student Body I I . Cbairmm of Executive Council III. thlelic X »ociati«n 3i. Secretary-Treasurer Soplroinore Cla . Florida Alligator 1. 2t, The Silter Bow. Business Manager • D. Captain Company "B" K. O. T. III. Fre»hman Declamation. Secretary-Treasurer. A ice-Prrsident. President of Fair Literary Society. President Junior Military Association. Rhode Scholar Fleet f«»r State of Florida enter Oxford. Oelolier. '26. GLENN TILLMAN MAGII.L. “l oggir". I.„ lidlr. Engineering. B.T.E.E. Sigma Lambda I'au, Flint Cliemical Society 111. Rc| iilrr lYnlon Engineering Seirly I II. Di e President l3i. President l l». Simpson Matliemalics Clul. l|». KresJiman Relay I'rain l|». Freshman Foot ha 11 l|t, Rand l3t. First Lieutenant It. O. T. C. tit. PAGE 43PHII.IP JAMKSON MANK. hillio", Miami. n an.I Science . IIS. in llu inr-» «lm. Sigma u. Scabbard ami lllatlr. Serpent Kihlxm Swirly, Alpha Kappa P»i. (Commercial1 Commercial Club. Miami Counly Club. Kifle Train 11. 2, 3l, Captain Ml, i«tanl Gymnasium Instructor. Inter-Mural Basketball ami Ba cball. Fir»t l.iratrnant K. 0. T. C. 3. |l. OK ION AI.FKKD M . Fort Meade. Teachers. K.S K Sigma Phi Kp«i'«m. IV.iImhU Club. Polk County Club. President Mi pah (.lub. President Alligator Staff. ««i‘tanl c « Kdilor. Krohnian Friendship Club. l.MINHOl.h SPII.I.KK l MtStl I.U Tallahasw. Art ami Science, IkS. I lpha Delia. Scabbard and llladr. Sigma Delia P-i. President Mi. I .run Gninty Club. Irak 1 • “• '• 'r,% •,r" Sconce Track Tram. Kxeculive Council Ml. Kami «I. 2. 3i. Captain IIOKACh I.. M I Hh S. "Horace". Hawlhoine. Art ami Science . .lk •SAMI KL C. MK A S. Tim . Fort White. Agriculture. B Phi Kappa Tau, Agriculture Club. PACK UJOE KNOX MKRKIN. “Joe”. Plant City. Engineering. BS.C.E. Kappa lpha. Scabbard and Blade. F Club. Ham City Club. Footlull 22. 23. 21•. Fir t Lieutenant II. O. T. C. KOI.I.XM) E. Bradenton. Engineering. B.S.Cll K. Sigma Tail, Camma Sigma Kp«ilmi. MARTIN Xl.EXXNDKK MILLING. " W Philadelphia. M,«. Engineering. B.S.CK Xinerican Society of Civil Engineer , Benton Engineering Society, Student X»«i»tant in Physic . MONT II. MOORE, " Monte", London, Canada. Vgriculturc. II.S. Vlplm (lamina Klio, Phi K.tppj Phi. Mplia Zeta. Xgricultiire Club. X lilt.II. M. NEWTON, JK, "HeM". Tainpa. Xrt and Sciences X.BS.S. Phi Delta Theta. Serpent Ribbon Society, Black and White Illue Key. ”P' Club, ar»it Basket ball. «21. 25. 26». Tampa (.‘lub. Secretary I3l, Freshman Foot lull. R.i knb.'ll and llaM'ball 22. 23 . N ice.President Sophomore Cla»» 2.3, 20. lhlrtic Editor Suninolc 21. 25». I nivei-ily Page Editor. Cainr ville Sun 23. 261. Publicity Manager Mawpieiad 26). Chairman Flag Kuril Committee 21. 251. PACE 15WLS1.KA W III) MCIIOI , ".VW, Mi'IIhuiiui- Reach. Kniiinreiinii. ILSXh E. Benton engineering Society, American Institute of Chemical Kngineert, Student A»»i«lani in Phytic 23. 21. 2S . J.AMhS ARLOS (Mil!. “Dr. Off". Clruvulrr. Art ami Science . B.S. (lamina Sigma Rp il«n ((Ihemicill, Alpha Kappa P i (Profr« ional Commercial). Pmidcul 21. 2.r ». Secretary 25, 26 , Leigh Chemical Society. Commerce Club. A’ice-President 21. 25), Pinclla County Cluh. JOHN KDWIN PKARCK, “Johnny", Newberry. Knginrering. B.S.C.K. Della Tail Della. Scahhai l ami Blade, Mi pali Club, Alachua County Cluh. A-ice-President 2 , President 3. -It, Benton engineering Society. American Astocialion of Kngineer . American Society of Civil Engineer . Suamp Angel Staff. Second lieutenant, Officer Reserve Co.p Infantry. XAILLIAM ORTON PKARCK. JR., “Itiir. Ban»w. Agriculture. B.S.A. Kappa Alpha. Serpent Kihl»oii Society. KR ANCIS COOPKR PKI.OT. “Frank". Manatee. Art and Sciences, A.B. Si lima l.ainhda Tau. Farr Literary Society. John Xlui«hall Debating Soriety. Commerce (.luh. Manatee County Cluh. A at»il Soccer 2. 3. It. Qnw and College Sweer. Declamation Conte-I 2 •. Kiral Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). P ACK V MAX PEPPER, M Pep", Miami. rts ami Science. B.S. IMii llela (Vila, Phi Kappa Phi, Alachua County .lul . Mortar ami Pentle (lluli. rt an l Science Champion Football Tram (21 , rt ami Science Ba eball Championship Team «2I». TONY I . PERZI , "Tony". Tampa. Pre-Medical. ZAREH M. PIKENIAN. l. , Gainesville. Engineering. ILS.CI1.E. Sigma l.amlNia Tau. Phi Kappa Phi. Gamma Sigma Ep ilon. Benton Engineering Society. gri-culture Gluh. Ixrifsh Chemical Society. Secretary-Treasurer «3». President (It, Simpson Mathematical Society. President (3», Chemical Engineer Club. National Treasurer Gamma Sigrnt Epsilon. Cosmopolitan Club. Student Assistant in Chemistry (•!». Student »i»tant in French (3i. Instructor in Mathematic ( I , Delegate G. S. E. Convention « D. Vmerican Chemical Society. ROLI.IN U. POSTON. "K. II.". lta com. Teacher . II.S.E. Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Kappa IMii. "K Club t2l . Peabody Club. Student i«tant in Sociology 123 •. THOMAS WINSTON RAMSEY, T. » ", Tampa. rt and Science, .ll. Sigma Nu. Phi Kappa Phi. lpha kappa P i, Scabbard and Iliad , Commerce Club. Hillsborough County Club. Theta Ribbon Society, Karr l.iterary Society, Executive Council, Entertainment Committee. PACE 17LAWRENCE II. REEI). "Lurry", (iainrstillr. Engineering. ll.S.C.K. Sigma Chi. Sigma Tau. Phi kappa Phi. . .E.. la«hua County Club. CHARLES JAMES KECEKO. " W'. kmimraee. lav . I.UI. Camilla lambda. President (22 . Newman Club. President (201, (iiMOopolilan Out . Srenv I ary-Treasurer (231, i lant Rami Dim-tor «22. 23, 21. 25i, Rami Manager 20. 21. 22. 24), Awittant Cheer Leader 211. LAWRENCE WILLIAM ROGERS. "Larry". Pensacola. Uw. I.I..R. Phi Uplia Delta, laiv Fraternity, John Marshall Debating Society, Secretary-Treasurer I'. Pensacola Club. S’ice-President (4t, Rand (It. Track CD, Mligalor Stall ll. MARION R. SESSIONS, "Huir, Live Oak. l av . LI..R. Alpha Tau Omega. John Marshall Debating Society, Theta Ribbon Society, Dance Committee (4), Episcopal Club. President. DALTON JENNINGS SHAPO, "IK Miami. rt ami Science . .R. Tau Epsilon Phi. Farr Literary Society, Dice Club. arsity Debating Team l it. First l.ieuteiun: R. 0. T. C.. (dee Club. (University of Tennesscel (1. 2. 3i, Chi Delta Society (I . of T.t, President. Menorah Sx-iely. (I . ol T.t, (3t. Blue Pencil Club «2. 3), 1 . ol T.t PACE 18JAMES GIBSON SIIAKON. Jr„ "Jim". Sanford. Ian. LUL Pi Kap|u Phi, Thru Kihlion Society. Dance Committee (3. It. Pan-Hellenic Council (i . Baronet . Beef-Steak Club, Swimming Sipiad fit. Seminole County Club. Secretary-Treasurcr 2». President (3). JOHN MILTON BRYAN SIMPSON, "(ouboy". Kissimmee. |j«, LL.IL Kappa Vlpha. Phi Della Phi, Pirate Club. Class and College Football. RICHARD HENRY SIMPSON. "Dick", Montirello. prieuliurr. B.S.V Sijtina Nu, Jefferson County Club. President t It, Transferrer! from Purdue I imersity in 1925. WILBUR RITCHIE SMITH, “Snuffy". Si. Marys, Ca. rt and Sciences. V B-S-S. Karr Literary Society, rt and Sciences Ba cball tl, 2t. First Lieutenant. Fir»t Platoon Company “F’ R. 0. T. C. f it. NTHONY WILLI M ST1 MPE. Stumpe". Palatka. Enpiieeiinc. B.S.M.K. Benton Engineering Society, Chanticleer Club. Putnam County Club. Inter-College Football 2. 3t, First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.. Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau. mer»can Society of Mechanical Engineer . PACE 49CHARLES IIKXRY TAYLOR. J 1C.. ‘‘Shagt . I1 nl City. Vgriruliutr. ILS.X. Alpha Gamma Rho, Xlplu Zrta, Phi Sigma, Agriculture Club, V»ce-Prr idrnf, Cnivrr ity Stock Judging Tram, (I, 2. 3. 4). HIGH LEE THOMSON. Tommy”, Miami Reach. Art« ami Science , .It. Ikdta Tau. Sigma Drlla, Miami Club, “F" Club, Kjrr Literary Society. Flint Chemical Siciely, Aar»ily Ba»ketl all 2, 3. It, Tcnnb tit, lntcr-Cla» Ra«chall ami Tennk Inter-Fraternity lla-c-ImII. Inter-College Track ami RaM l all, Sporl Editor Alligator 3, It, Srcoml l.irutrnant R.O.T.C. Rifle Tram (3t. DOYAL EDGAR TIMMONS, Tim". AVauchula. Teacher . IkS.A.E. Phi Kappa I'lii, Kappa l rlta Pi, Treasurer l». IValtody Club. President t il, llarilrr Corin') Club. Atlilrtic Manager, College Rao-ball (3», College Trnni tit. Intra-Mural Athletic Council. XX ALTER G. TROXI.KR, Dick”, Ocala. Art and Science , A ll. Kappa Alpha. Theta Kihln.ii Society, Srmimdr Staff Executive Council (26. 271. OHIO BENJAMIN Ti ll BYFILL. Turb} . Caineaville. Engineering. ILS.E.E. Sigma Tau (Honorary Engineeringt, Trea»urer (4t, Phi Kappa Phi, Benton Engineering Society, American ln titution of Electrical Engineer . (.Iiairman lit, Inter-College Debating leam •! . PACE 50JOHN WILLIAM USIIEB. JIL. BUr. Miami, law. 1.1.H. Delta Chi. Phi lpha Delta. Blue Kr . Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. Miami Club. Prcaideiit • 26 . John Mai'lull Debating Society, Managing Editor, Florida Alligator 121. 25). Florida Vila-gator t|. 2. .1 . Delegate F’loiida Stale Inter •College Pre»s Contention. Tallahassee (25). CLINTON B. VAN CLEKF, "Dutch", Clenwood. Agriculture. ITS. A. • 2 ». M.S. . 2 ». Agriculture Cluh, (Graduate Club. Student Assistant Flxperiment Station 21. 26 . IIABOI.D ANSON AA ABD. JIL. "Montgomery". Winter Park. Engineering. BS.K.K. Sigma Tau. Phi Kappa Phi. Benton Engineering Society. President Orlando Cluh. American Institute of Klectrical Engineer . College F'oothall. W. Ct’RTIS AA ABB FIN, "tihink". Tampa. Ait and Sciences, BS. Sigma Nil. Seahlianl and Blade. Phi Sigma, Theta Bibliori Niciet . President Tampa Cluh 2 . 26), Captain Companj A. B. O. T. C. 21. 2S . FI. SPENCFIU AA FIBF.B, Grand llapid . Michigan. Engineering. ILS.C.E. American Civil F‘.ngineer« Society Student Chapter), Transfer red from I imrr«il of Alichigaii in 1921. PACE 51DAVID EINTKANl'B. “ lare". Key Wc t. |JH. Monro - County Ilnl . John Marshall Drifting Socirly, I.. S. |. |),-|Mlr KTI1UR 1.0WELL WEST. -Dj ". Tampa. Engineering. 1LS C E. Phi Della Theta, Srabliard ami Blade Society. Civil Engineering Swielv. Ilriiton Engineering Society. Gainesville Coif and (Country Cluli, Golf Tram. Intrr-Fra'.rrnily Ba«ehall. ln:rr Cla« Ba-ehall. Captain Company D" H. (). T. C. PALI. OKI. MM) W lie, "H. or. Fort Lauderdale. rl« and Science. B.S. Siemu Chi, Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Ep«ilon. Phi Sigma. Cla » and Fraternity Basketball 21. 25. 2ht. Represent alive Inter-Fraternity (ionfrrrncc «2.», 2 »t. L II. WILSON. Jacksonville. Engineering. BS.C.E. Scabbard ami B!a«k-. Benton Engineering Society. American Society of Civil Engineer . Boxing. Writer Weight Champion of H. O. T. C. at Camp McClellan i v . Captain of Company -A". WILLIAM l)A ID WILSON. "Wowlrvm". F»ri 'lyrr». U, LLB. Tlwta Chi. Phi Kappa Phi. Ft. Mycr Club, Vice-President John Marshall Debating Society. Graduate U. of E. I|6», Student Liw School Harvard I iiiver-ity 2A. 2S . ity Superinlemlent Fort Myer Public S-lmol t20. 23 . PACE S2JAMES A. WINFIELD, “Cooler „ Palatka. Engineering. B.S.C.E. Kappa Sigma. President Student Body. 22. 23», President Soplrotnorr Cla » i20. 21». dver-lining Manager Seminole 21. 22 •. HEN It Y KENNETH WIN IKK. Gainra". Oakland, griculiurr. B.S.A. Alpha Ojiiiiim Klin. gricultiire Club. Orlando Club. WILLIAM HANNAH WOLFE. “BUT. Pensacola. Ijh. LL.II. Phi Alplia Delta. • Honorary UkI, lplia Phi Epsilon, Jolm MarMiull Debating Society 21. 25». Pensacola Club 21. 251 Prmidenl 21. 23», Baptist Club 21. 23 President 21. 25l. Honor Court 25. 26), Inter-Mural Sport Committer It, John Marshall Debating Tram 21. 25'. President 25. 261. I.EMI EL PHILLIPS WOODS. “I.rm", Tampa. Art and Science . ILS. lpha Tau Omega. Theta KiblMui Society 1. 2. 3, l». President 3». Pirate- 2. 3. I». President K. Blue Key. Black and While MaM|ue. President l». Episcopal Club, President 3», l.unp.i Club. Masquerader 11. 2». Theta Kildion Society Dance Committee l2». Srciety Editor Seminole 3►. Junior Prom 3i. Chairman of Convention Soutliern Student » oriatinn (3». Ill ItTON NATHANIEL WOKK, Nardttork . DcKuniak Spring . Pharmacy. B.S. in Pharmacy. Phi Kappa Tau. Karr Literary Society, Treasurer 0. Waholoo a Club. Treasurer 3t. Pt idem tit. Leigh Chemical Society, Mortar and Pestle Society. Treasurer •! . Mligator Rc|iorter 3», Student A i«lant in Pharmacognosy ami Pharmacology l3t. Palmer College (I. 2 . PACE 53 FRANK Sl'MNER WRIGHT. "Senator", Jacksonville. Nit and Science , I1.S. in Commerce. Phi Delia Theta, Srahliard and Blade. Sigma Delta. Blue Key. Cotillion Club. Ma«|oera lcr» 1. 2. 3). Student Director il», Pan-Hellenic Council 3, -I•, Serjwnt Ribbon Society. Karr Literary Society. Duval County Club. Secretary and TrraHirer (2, 31, Inter-College Football tl, 2», Inter-CIa llaw-hall (1, 2, 3i, Manager Boxing Team (It, Manager Coif Team (4». Intra-Mural Society, Publicity Manager (3, 4), Seminole Staff, llilriic Editor ( t». Spoil Editor, Gainesville Sun «2. 3». Publicity Representative 1. of F. 3 . ev »|iaper Correspondent 2, 3. ti. Freshman Friendship Council ill. Drake Kntertainmcnt Committee l3i. Cadet Ndjutant. R. (). T. C. (41, Second Lieutenant 3», Chairman R. 0. T. C. Dance t I). MARTIN GREENE YOUNG. '‘Former", Nero Beach. Agriculture, ll.S. . Phi Kap|Ki Phi. Kappa Delta Pi. Agriculture Club. Palm Reach County Club (1. 2. 3». Baptist Club, Fly Weight Boxing Champion «1 ►. Vgricultural College Track Team (2 . Second Lieutenant R. o. T. C.. Stock Judging Team. Southeastern Fair. Nllanla (41, Florida State Fair. Jacksonville and South Florida Fair, lainpa 2. 3, 4). PACE o4MARCUS IIOMKR BROUN, "Tommy". XXe»tvillc. Teacher . M. . in Education. Pi Xlplia Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Drllu Pi. Pmidrnt (5t. Waboluosa Count) Club, PcjImmIv Clul». Xlhcnian Literary Society, Vice-President Cla«» «2 . AI.KKKI) F. (i(K)KK, "C.ookie", Pitt-buig. Pennsylvania, B.S. (Penn Slate College. Xlplia (•amnia Rho, Graduate -«i»tant Instructor in llorticulilirc. Graduate Club. Club. RAYMOND XI. CROWN. "Hay". Gainesville. Teacher College. B.S. X.E. Delta Tuu, Baptist Club. Graduate Club. Xgricultural Club, “F Club, Varsity Track. BOY LEW IS CI NNINGIIXXI, "Trrhnii ur". Summitville. Indiana. Xgriculture. B.S.X.. XI.S. Kappa Della Pi. Xgriculture Club. Friendship Council, Xlasonic Club. Graduate Club. JOSEPH B. DICKEY. "Jor". Xuburndale. Engineering. ILS.Ch.E, MS. Delta Tau. Gamma Sigma Kp ib»n. Secretary-Treasurer Benton Engineering Society. Four X«-ai» Track. Inter-College. Cla Track. BjsvIuII. Soccer. Secretary-Treasurer Graduate Class. PACE asI.OIJIS El GENE 1)1 PONT. “Dukr", Daytona. Art and Sciriwe . M.S. l)r|ta Chi. Gamma Sigma Ep»ilon. Graduate (.’lull. President. Volusia County lul . N rcer Tram. Gaptain. Executive Council. Discipline Committee. Chemical |{e eaich Krilov 121. 26i. LVMON A. FONDA. “JW Gainesville. Ph.C, 15S.. Ph. (Purdue I niver»ity . College of I'liaimacy. (luiluatr Club. Moiiar ami Pestle Scifly, Ma on. Instructor in Ptiarmacy. . I KTI Kl WELL '’Funny". Iluuliugton. V. 15.S. tCoinrll I niversilyl. lplia Gamma Kim. Pi Vlpha i. gricultural Club. Assistant llorticulluri«t to gricullttiil College. Graduate Club. JOHN GKAY. “ Vo . . Gainesville. M.S. iVitnwin University). Mplia Gamma llho. Sigma i. Phi Sigma. Mplia rla. Ma»oii. Agricultural (Hub. l’ro|r »)r of Plant Pathology and Entomology. II WIEI.I) EDWIN II A AIMAK. "liar. Miami. Art and Sciences. M S.. I5.S A.. I5.S.A.K. Mplia (iimma KIm . Blue Key. Mplia Zrta. Kappa Delta Pi. Sigma Della. Sebring Club. Ai««-President (2). Leigh Cliemical Society, Highland County Club. Vice-President D. Miami Club. Graduate (dub. Vice President (5). Agriculture Club. Vice President (3). Junior (da . Scrub Football, grirultural College Scrub Football (3). Executive Council (2S. 26), Chairman Election and Bills Committees. Committee on Kevision of Student Government Hi. (Graduate Class. ice-President IS). Mligalor Staff. .distant Managing Editor Mi. lumni Editor Alligator (3t, First Lieutenant K. O. T. C. liata 11 ion Executive Officer t|). Student i«iai.t in Agronomy (3. 4). Graduate A i»ianl in Soil and Pan lime Instructor (Si. i«tanl Secretary Alumni X «H ialion (Si, Graduate Taxidermist. PAGEKENNETH W. I.OUCKS. “Km", (ijinmilk I5.S. tlniverdty of I(r 4-art li Frllo in Pathology. Graduate Club, Phi Sigma. ItUKTON J. OTTE. "Oi ie". Gaineaville. A.It. ICaHrion Co!leg?». Vila and Science. (iimma Sigma Ep ilun. laugh Chemical Society. Ma»on. mrrican l.rg'on. Mnrriran Chemical Swirly, Graduate Club, Curator Chemistry l e| artn»ent. JOHN S. SMITH. Smilty Bo r ille. Ga. lt.S. . ll iiivmily Georgia . I.S. . :pha Gamma Rho. Graduate »v lant in Agronomy griculluial Club, Graduate Club. Mawi ERNEST r. 11 IIK, 'Emir Gaimoillc. Ha II lnbn.i: .. Ncl.i.iAa igiJCJw MS. in Pharmacy. Pliarmacy College Head Drug Garden. Infractor in Pharmacy. Registered Pharnnci»t. Gradual Club. 1 CII MILKS CARROI.I. SWOOPK. Outs'. Nrw Smyrna. Engineering. II.S.Ch.F... MS. Pi kappa Phi. Gamma Sigma Ep«i'on. Sigma Tan. Scabliard and Blade. ' du.ia County Club. y 'T Flint Chemical Society. laugh Chemical Sociely. yj C- 1 P VGK 37PACE 58N ItOHKKT C PAKKF.K President" Law TallahaMce, Fla. MAIIIO A. CAM.TON “I ice-l'resident" nr ami Scii:n :»: Warn-hula. Fla. THOM AS S. KICK “Secretary-Treautrer" Auucn.Tt k». Jacksonville, Fla. JOHN M. M.LISON Law Gainesville. Fla. EMOKY S. KKH. IAN I.VVA Orlando, Fla. F. M. A LI.KM AN »IT A Nl» SciUMI Orlando. Fla. II. S. KAYNAKI) RT AMI Sell.NCI Si. Petersburg, Flu. CLYDE W. TKI SON Law Tailaha««rr. Fla. PAGE 60THOMAS L. BMUIINEM . JR. Amiicolti iik (inn alt . Fla. MANSION RATES Arts and Sailer. Ft. I.ainli’rildlc. Fla. JOSEPH F. BAY A Law Tampa, Fla. CHARLES B. BACCOT Ackicvlti r»: Dover. Fla. FRED R. BAISDEN Law Fi. Lauderdale. Fla. ALBERT E. BERRY HI AMI Sdl.NCF. Tampa, Fla. HOW IU) W. BISHOP III MM.v l V|IMISTRATlo Caiiraville, Fla. CH MILES G. BILL UT AMI SCI» NO Jacksonville, Fla. PACE 61 . k. m ck Law l.ak« City. Fla. IIAKKA II. BLAKELY lll AM) SaiACE Safely Harbor, Fla. MRS. I.. G. BLACK S ftcciur Lake Cilv, Fla. WILLIAM l . BOY I) . (.Kicri.Ti'K : Jacksonville. Fla. ALTER A . HR ADEN Law Si. Pdcrubuii;. Fla. ROWLAND C BRANDT "Teachers” Gaino illc. Fla. LIONEL R. BROTHERS Am ami ReiKliek. Fla. M.AIER LEE BRADFORD Aiii and Aliami, Fla. PAGE 62X F.l) RI) F. IIH WDT Law Gaiiimville, Fla. RALPH It. BROWNING HuiNtniNc Gainesville, Fla. GARLAND M. Ill 1)1) Law Miami. Flu. WILLIAM K. bra Law Tampa, Fla. J. S. IU RWKLL KGB ART . Ill SUCK I're-Mis BriMtUvillr. Flu. BYRON F. CAMPBKLI. llT AM SdKNCE Hilliard. Flu. OSCAR IIY It I) Kncixeerim; Lakeland. Flu. A PACK 63LEON RI) c c: unw incur »:rin«; Larkin, Fla. MONKOE CAMPBELL JR. Ahciiitbcti hi; Penaacola, Fla. WILLIAM R. CLARY FnCI.NKKRING Aulmrndale. Fla. CHARLES E. CLOUCll Arts a no Scjknck Jacksonville, Fla. ALFRED W. CLARK Law Bee Killer, Fla. (). S. CI.Y VTT Law Lakeland. Fla. SHELTON CI.Y IT “Teachers” Ft. Meade, Fla. JAMES . CLUCK PrixMkd Lakeland. Fla. PACE 61JOHN ;. COLSON Law Gainesville. Fla. J. II. COX. Jit. “Trackers' Fl. Myers Fla. II SCO Mil I . COI.K “Pharmacy” Miami. Fla. I) S. CRl l kt ami Science Harlow, Fla. KY NS L. CHARY Law Tampa, Fla. CARLTON C CRKNSH Enc.ineeiiim; Jacksonville. Fla. ROIIKRT II. CRANFORD Law Sale City, Ca. YLLAN T. CRAIG “Teachers” Dade City, Fla. PACE 65iirydley i. dwsry “Pharmacy” Rrddtck. Flu. WILEY K. DANIELS Law Tarpon Sprinp . Fla. WILLIAM II. DAMDSON Fm.immum; Tallabawf, Fla. WILLIAM II. DAVIS KT' ami Si. Pclrr»lMiru. Fla. CLYDE I) VMS Encinojum. Jacksonville, Fla. CAR KOI. F. DEWEES Law FRANCIS l DEAN Encincuunc Delray, Fla. R 1.1 11 I). DICKEY Aciuct lti m. Aul»iirii ialc. Fla.II UIOLI) mitl.IKKK Lad Miami. Fla. WILLIAM KDKLSI KIN Kncimikkinc Gaincwille, Fla. KUBEKT . HI.I.MS EnCIMMIINC Jacksonville, Fla. KICHAHI) W. IKY IN Law TalluhaMre. Flu. WILLIAM J. FEUIIEI. Kncinkerinc We l Palm I(cacli. Fla. KTHl II G. EIIW l Aomiculti mi: Anthony. Fla. CM MILKS E. FISH EH Law St. Petersburg. Fla. LI Til Ell C FISH Ell rt and Science Milton, Fla. PACK 67FREDERICK W. FLETCHER Law ■Saruoli, Fla. W 11.1.1 AM W. FLOl UNEA "Trarhrn." DrFuniak Spring-. Fla. WILLIAM I). GAMHLE. JR. Hi -tM — AliMIM-INAIloN .Miami. Fla. CLAYTON T. FRA LICK Law AA inirr Park. Fla. JOHN II. GELSTOX Acriculti k»: Gainr»villr, Fla. J INKS H. GARDNER Ant- and Science Galloway, Fla. AA ALTER J. GEX, JR. Law Ray Si. I.mii». Mi .. ALYA K. GILI.IS Law Ponce l)e Leon, Fla. PAGERALPH COWER Acmculti mi: Tampa, Fla. JOHN O. GINTER Law Jack«oinil|r, Fla. JOSEPH W. GRAFF Emcimeekimc Palm Beach, Fla. JOHN C. GRAll M Ai«t amd Science Saraooia, Fla. TOM I . GREEN Acmiculti mi: Gainesville. Fla. CARL R. GREEN ktv and Science Si. IVicrohurg. Fla. I.HTIIER C. GRACY Law Gaine»villr, Fla. WILLIAM L GRAY. JIL Law Sanfor«l, Fla. PACE 69HERBERT C. Cl Y mt' am Science St. XuRiiMiiH . Flu. CHKSTKK C. CRIDLEY Law I mat ilia. Kin. T. WADE II Kill SON rt ami Science Palmetto, Fla. MERLIN K. IIEIlllOD Engineering Caincxvillc, Flu. KERMIT T. II MIT III MM S DMIMnTKATION Tampa, Fin. CLIFFORD IIAWI.KY. Jll. Law Lakrlaml. Fla. W ILLIAM C. II KKIS iu m» Science Key Wr%i, Fla. HMIOI.I) N. HASKELL Ai.Kir.i t.Tt hi: Gainesville, Fla. PACE 70JOHN M. HUSKY Hi ine nil i m tk atio n Toiniuno. Fla. WILLIAM HAWKINS. JR. Ahts and Scii:m:»: Cainr-villt , Fla. RON M l) J. HKHHICK Kncimiiiinc Palm Urat'li, Fla. J. I.KW IS II AI.I. kih ami Scii:no: TallaliaMer, Fla. 01.1 Y EK W. HEWITT “ Teachers" Si. IVtrrsliuip. Fla. LICIEN 0. HAZKN kt ami Sen:no: Hrotikrr. Fla. WILLIAM L IIILL llT .M» Scicnci: Gaiiirtvillc. Fla. WILL J. 11 ELS ET11 Km.immiinc Win Hracli. Fla. PAGE 71HI RTON IIKNDKA Kncincemimc fi';nii;i, Fla. WILLIAM A. HEMPHILL Achiculti kb Tampa. Fla. WELLINGTON . IIEl STKI). JIL E oi i:mung Fi. Myers. Fla. MERTON S. IIORKELL Law Gainesville. Fla. SAM II. HUFFMAN "Teachers" Naples, Fla. VERNON L. Ill NT Encimimiinc Lrt'ol'iir;:. Fla. Ill HER C III RST Law CaineMillc. Fla. IIENRY K. HUDSON "Teachers" Jay, Ha. FACE 72ROBERT G. IGOU Bl 'IM.« VOMINISTKATION Winter Haven. Kla. F. G. JANES. JR. Law Wanrlmla. Kla. T. SOMERS JOHNSON Enmnmjiinc imlemcrc, Kla. RTHt R IL J VCkl.KA kt ami Science Aiihurniiale, Kla. LISTON S. JONHS Pbc-Mxd Pensacola. Kla. JETT M. JENKINS K.VCIM.IUtINC Green Cove Spring . Kla. WILBER I). JOBE Law Reaver Kails Penna. ALTER IL JACKSON Bt IM ' llMIM TII VTION IM.aml. Kla. PAGE 73KOIIKKT S. KNOWLES ' Teacher »" Gainesville. Fla. KON l l . Jl I I N Law Lakeland, Fla. WCl S M. I MKD AHT AMI Sat.xct: St. ViuIu-av. Fla. A A KON M. KVNXER Law Orlando, Fla. KOIIKKT LEACH. JIL Ai;t ami Sut. c»: Clearwater. Fla. JOHN l. KIRACOFE It EX E. LEE Kncim'.kxinc Center, Hill, Fla. J WIES C. KECK Enumxrivc Gainesville. Fla. P CE 74NVII.IH l{ I. I. WSON Law Ikcrcliolxv. Klu. JANIES L LKVV IS "Tt'achers" Fi. Mvrn . Fti J. It. I.IN IXGSTON Law St. I’dmburn, FI . S. KENNETH LOVE Nkt and Scicnck St. Prtcnburg. Fla. KICK KI T. Lt XDV Kncinkekinc Hrjitmtiin. Fla. K. IIEVKRLY MANX Aiu and Sen; no: Saint Cloud. Fla. TOM M MISIIALI. Law J.trk'onvillr. Fla. JOSEPH NN. MENCK Architect iii: Ft. Myers, Fla. FACE 75GKOItGE MKRKIN ACRICt LTl'RC Plant City. Fla. EDVS Mil) II. lc. D. M ENGINEERING Pensacola. Fla. sam c. McCormick III '|N» YDMINIVMATIo.N Palatka. Fla. J. J. McCKAME Ltv Jarkwnvillr, Fla. ROYN K. McDOW M l. Teachers” Miami, Fla. Ill (ill K. Mcl.ALIGIIIN "True hers" Okeechobee, Fla. KENNETH F. M,Mil l NX Akt- am Science t MmcMmc, Fla. II. K. Me Ml I.I.KN "Teachers" Clearwater, Fla. PACE 76, 4 till Mil ES J. M. DOW M l Kv.IM MlINl. Cainesville, Kla. I) Mil) C. McMIl.l. W Okeechobee, Fla. KMANI El. MII.I.MAN I.MV Newark. N. J. CORDON S. MOm.F.V. JR. Kncin»:m(I c Jacksonville. Fla. Ill N II. MONROE h r ■ wo; Tampa, Kla. WYNNE II. MOKCAN irr wo Scion: Miami. Kla. VI.TON C. MORRIS "Teachers” Palm Reach. Kla. Cll RI.KS K Mol NTS "Teachers" epliyrliills. Kla. PACE 77C. E. MORRIS nr . am Suva Rirruin liam. Mil. A. C. MORRIS "Tcachrrs" Weal Palm llriicli, Fla. JOHN W. MUSKOFF Law Neva nr. Ohio RICHARD M. NAYLOR Law lakeland. Fla. RALPH W. NIMMONS Arts am Si. PrtrrMiuri;. Fla. HD WARD F. NORTON I AW Wauchula. Fla. CIIARI.KS K. NORTON Art am Science Jacksonville, Fla. ALTON R. ODOM Acriculti hi: Muiwm, Fla. PACK 78 K. El'CENE PACE Art ami Sacnci. Wakulla. Fin. . DKKW C. PATII.LO Law Port Oranjjc. Fla. JOHN II. PA NK Trochrrs" Dowling Park. Fla. JAMES P. PEEKS Pre-Mrs Sarasota. Fla. COKDU.N P. PETTEWAY Law llr Mik«villf. Fla. WILLIAM II. POWELL JR. IldMNC'N A»mim tkatio. Gainr villr. Fla. W. II RRIS POWERS Arts ami Science Ocala. Fla. ST I RT . PRATT Arts and Fciencc Parker. Fla. PACE 79CARL . PRICE Kncimmiiv. V «••»! Palm llrjch, Kla. george ii. prime, jr. Encimkrim; Sara oia, Fla. JWIKS W. PR ITCH RI) Law Homestead, Kla. ROSS F. (,M IXCV Law Gainesville, Fla. JOHN M. gi IW Law Si. Petersburg, Kla. CLARENCE N. RAIINKR III M l" l VIINl! TRATION Gainesville, Kla. PERO II. REN ELS Law Flora home, Kla. K. II. REEDER KnoIM IKINC N elaka, Kla. PACE 80I.ELXM) I.. KKGKEIl Law Winter Havel), Fla. I.INTON V. KICH XKDSON AcRtctiLTim: O'Brien, Fla. LANGE C. itICIIItOl KG Law Cre t ieu. Fla. XLIIKEY KOWK Law We?! Palm Beacli. Fla. SIDNKY l . KOBEUTS Pharmacy Trenton, Fla. II. k. KOBEKTS Lad Soclioppy, Fla. COKWIN G. KOBEKTSON L «.im:»:kin ; Ortega, Fla. M XKCl S . ROSIN Law Arcadia, Fla. PAGE 81ROBERT ROSS F.m.imxkim; Gainesville, Fla. SAM W. KI SS Law Tampa, Fla. F. L. SANDKL LEWIS B. SASLAW Tampa, Fla. BRYAN T. SAl US Law W aucliula, Fla. JOSEPH R. SAl NDERS Ai«t ami Scihxck Tampa. Flu. JOSEPH SCHW RT . Law Miami, Fla. PAGE 82 RAYMOND C. SIIELKOFSKY Enginkkkino Jacksonville. Fla.W. U.LACE Ml AFF.R Law Haim City, Flu. HOWARD C SIIIPP Knci h:hi ; Tallaliuwrr. Flu. RALPH SI AS STKPHKN K. SIMMONS Law Manatee, Flu. ARTIIl K . SIMPSON Art and Scicvci: Orlando, Flu. NORMAN . SKEEI-S Kncinixrinc I)« I.UI|||. Flu. RICHARD K. SLADE Akt ami Suknci. Jacksonville, Flu. ALFRED . SMITH ia ami Sai: ce Fruitluml Park. Flu.EI)W KD K. SMITH Fncim ruing Jacksonville, Fla. IIKYIH K I). SMITH "Trackers” Oncco, Fla. I'M L . SMYSOR Law CozaiMale, Ohio CI.U DE J. SPARKMAN Anr ami Science Miami, Fla. LTEK II. STANWIXIIVY Engineering Jacksonville, Fla. VERNON C STEEN Engineering Gainesville. Fla. JXCKSON E. STEW KT AGKICULTL'RE Frostproof, Fla. GAKI. C. STRODE "Trackers" Green Cove Springs, Fla. PACE KlHI GH M. SUTTON Law I'miii| :iii« , Fla. r C TAYLOR Law Tampa. Fla. TAYI.OK m SCAN C. Til RIN “Freshman" Vbt and Sen Palm K ach. Fla. OLIVER II. TRIIM.ETT Law FoM, Mi . LINDSEY II. TROXI.KR .NIC( LT« KK Ocala, Fla. BENJAMIN F. I)K Law I’alnu-ito, Fla. page «.» SAM WALLACE llT AM ScilXCE Gainwtvillc, Fla.SAM WEBIt XoKICI'LTt m: Clearwater, Fla. MILTON WEIMIKUGEU Law Jacksonville, Fla. CONK A I) J. IEKSTEINEK Law St. Petersburg. Fla. K i ll I K It. WKISSIM.F.K Hncineehinc (;akdi fk w. welch kts am Science Gainesville. Fla. CHARLES V. WEST kt- m» Scieno MARION II. WEST Law Mjrianna, Fla. WILLIAM II. 11.SON Law l-ake City. Fla. PACE H6CAI.FFREY I). WILDER Acricui.tiinr Tampa, Fla. ROBERT I . WII.KERSON Kncini.kinnc Kii'liiu ll. Fla. JOSEPH E. WILLIAMS "Trarhrrs" Ukc llrlrn. Fla. CH MILES II .WINGERT Law Cainr»ville, Fla. RICIIARI) S. WOODRl FF I.AW Orlando, Fla. LEWIS T. WRAY Law ()»M-n«ln»ro. Fla. I.TO.N I . YEARWOOI) Arts ami Scik c»: Fl. Mrsdr. Fla. OTTO E. ZIEIIE Jacltmnvillc, Fla. PACE 87BREAD ND BUTTER ) r iron ruling Gods of paste. Of grease and crusts ye muddy fac'd. curse the days I slave for you! The lime I serve to fill your due Are jewels of my life laid waste. On Romance fed. at lover's price: Your blomly altar. Hell's device To lure Ambition from his goal And buy with food his priceless soul. () Beauty, born for sacrifice! ) e robbers of Earth's goodliest gift IT ho steal our loves, and set adrift Ideals of youth on seas of wage. ) e boastful tyrants of this age That smothers dreams with tallry thrift. Ah yes. rejoice: the mob ye awe: A world exists to feed your man. ) et men there are. a small defense. Too brave to live for sustenance. H e scorn such (Axis -defy your law! —R. C. C. 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SCOT n lAARO M FMAfffol fllSIt'ARW ncw PAGE 96PACE 93PACK 99PACE 100PACE 101NC C m'3 HTmroeo Wvfl» llY ■ .WAUJtA r tiro w amoi PACE 102w t HUCh 5 JOMkION KU mutit AXCIt %wr cCCO ''.CM otO PACE 103PAGE mMl tV l»I M'M WSM CNIlC Cuinrrc «Ot»stx PACK 105« «'• Ui)0« I DVJP»t FRICC N H PACE 106PACK 107 PAGE 103 PACE noTHE F" CLUB Football Jones Goldstein Merrill Chaplin Davis Harry Burnett Oosterhoudt Stanly Bishop Todd Bryant Beck Pet ron is Lester Livingston Green Proctor Scott Sarra Brown Birig .Whittaker Anderson Williams Champlin Baseball Sarra Merrin Logan Porter Simmons Merritt Busbee Huggins Cliaplin Gamble McFatter Basketball Sarra Seay Newton Walker Brown Decker Igou Kirccofc Ix’tzcus Smith Track Connell Dickey Jones McGill Robertson Ijcwis Smith Zicbe Monroe Petty way PAGE 111Jami:s I- W HITt, llhlctic Director II. I Smikinc.. Head Coach COACHING STAFF H. I- “Turn” Scbring. develojied one of I hr greatest no easy lank that confronted difficulties and nl» laclr« mounted and Florida pro-through one of its mutt iron career . former Missouri Mar. parlmenl in early fall, from Auhurn. lie ren-building I he rugged Ga-was so conspicuous in hilion during the year. Scbring that he will nol 1926. While | ent considerable bring tougheM problem ends, and hi coaching of moM valuable. Major commandant, and former wa a great aid to Honking the line. Major Tip-aid in the coaching of two serving hi second campaign a bead coach of vanity football, machine that ha ever represented the Orange and Blue. It via •the youthful mentor” when the season rolled around, hut the many were courageously ur-reeded to “carry on” colorful and vivid grid-Herliert Hunk et. joined the coaching dehaving come to Florida dered brilliant service in tor line defense, which many of Florida exhill i a hig lo» to Goacli have Hunker hack in Athletic Director time in coping with Sent early season, that of the wing candidate wa G. Tipton. II. O. T. C. West Point All-American, er in their work of coach-ton ha given invaluable great Gator eleven . W. ). Ammjoon. Manager F1ACF 1121925 FOOTBALL RECORD October 3--Florida 21; Mercer 0. (At Giinnvillrl. Oclolier 10—Florida 9; Siuthern 0. ( At Gainrorillr). October 10 Florida 22; llampden-Sidney 6. (At Ciain ill« ». Oclolier 17—Florida 7: (Georgia Tech 23. (At Atlanta . Oclolier 21 Florida 24; Wake Forest 3. At Gainesville Homecoming . Oclolier 31—Florida 61; Kollin« 0. (At Gaine ville . November 7- Florida 12; Cletnson 0. (At (Denison, S. Cl November 11 Florida 0; Alabama 31. ( At Montgomery. la. November 21 Florida 12; Mississippi A. and M. O. (At Tampa . November 26 Florida 17: Washington and II. ( t Jacksonville . Total. 8 victories in 10 games. Florida points. 218, Opponent points. 80 1926 FOOTBALL SCHEDl LE September 2S- Southern College, at Gainesville. Oclolier 2—University of Chicago, at Chicago. Oclolier 9—University of Mississippi, at Gainesville. October 16—Mercer at Macon. October 23— Kentucky State, at Jacksonville. Oclolier 30—University of Georgia, at Athens. November 6 Clemson College, at Gainesville. (Homecoming . November 13 University of labama, at Montgomery. November 20 llampden-Sidney. at Tumpa. November 25 Washington and, at Jacksonville. VARSITY FOOTBALL 1925 HOOTIIALL. king of college sports, and the greatest thriller in I niversitv of Flordia athletics enjoyed a successful season in 1925. despite defeats by Georgia Tech and ilte University of Alabama. The record of the “Fighting Gators , and certainly that is a most fitting title for our gridiron s |uad of la l year, goes down in athletic history as an impressive one. In many ways are we qualified to stamp in glorious appreciation, the word “Success" on the football activities of 1925 a season that will long be remembered. The season of 1925 was successful l»ecau«c eight victories in ten game were registered. It was successful l rcau r several notable step forward in the general football policy had been taken. It wo successful because of the team a good one. composed of splrndid college players, and splendid college grntrlrmen. And it was successful because after the disastrous Alabama defeat, the "gang" came hack with that wonderful Florida spirit, which humbled Mississippi A. and M. in Tampa, and repelled the undefeated Southern Conference top-notcher. Washington and Ixc. in the most spectacular football liatllc of the entire season. It wa successful in that Florida learned, and improved. Fandom can have but little on which lo complain. for in ever so many ways, the 1925 season established a new record, a precedent, and a success that ever true Floridian covets. King football marched onto hi throne in early October when Mercer came to Gatorland to feel the revengeful claw of the 'Gator as he erased memories of the Hear’ 1921 victory in Macon. Sebring'a men took opportunity to jah the Ilapti ts hard for their | oiling of a great record the year before, and live season's opening attraction found the Florida student liody loudly proclaiming a 21 to 0 triumph. i agf: inThe campaign that followed witiHwrd a long wrir» of victories, colorful, thrilling and mighty, interspersed hy only two defeat . Tech and Via luma, and the season hrought to a whirlwind climax with n magnificent 17 to 11 win over the General of W. and I., the season « finest and most brilliant spectacle in football Jacksonville had ever witnessed. On October 10. the Orange new in football by playing two double-header attraction gave give hi reserve strength a teal string men against Southern ntent. Southern wa downed 9 hrr debut on the Florida vclie-hut was compelled to start back end of a 22 to 6 count. Then came the invasion of Floridian . Fandom was ur-Georgia Tech recorded on that had expected too much of the neither Florida nor Tech had and 7-7 dead-locks resulted, cot gridiron combination in the Tornado wa at it l c»t. played strong team and con . -valuable exjwrienre. Seining' Grant Field psychology, and ex-calibre displayed later. Ivowed loyalty to the Orange and llliie opinion and real of the home chieftain. Kdgar Jone . the Ga-mud of Grunt Field that gray a white-wash victory when a Chaplin acr« » the Tornado goal. Ed. Jomd and Hlur inaugurated something game the same afternoon. The Coach Sobring opportunity to and o he pitted hi second-College in the premier engage-to 0. Hamiwlrn-Sidney made dule in the concluding contest, toward irginia on the mail tlanta hy thousands of loyal prised at the 23 to 7 victory memorable October 17. Imi iliey ‘Gators. In 1923 and 1921. Iwen able to show superiority llut 192$ found one of the great-Tech history ami on Octolwr 17 She also had been hit , had ipirntly had an advantage of men. slowrd hy that historical hihiting hall much below the in hitter submission. Supreme had built up an over-estimated cause. Led hy their gallant lor fought like mad in the red afternoon and Tech wa denied last minute spurt sent Tiny Homecoming in Gatorland was celebrated with a victory. Wuke Forest from North Carolina taking her annual lieating a old grad and friends of the University looked on. October 2-1 was in some respects also a dedication day. for the finest football field the University ha seen, looked a rich and green a a picture of the keenest turf, and the new steel bleachers were packed to capacity. Rollins College gave the campus collegians their last prep of fool- l»all, hut game as were lire gridder Irom Winter Park, their efforts were crushed beyond recognition a Florida swept arm the field at will, piling up her greatest score of the season, 61 to 0. Sebring and company journeyed to Clcnt on. S. C. for the first of the difficult November battles. Captain Jones found Kigg Field to hi especial liking and starred in Florida large •12 to 0 victory. It wa» the first Conference triumph for the Gator , and an impressive one. Tlic final hlur of the 1925 Florida gridiron record wa live hitter 31 to 0 drubbing handed out hy the Southern Conference champions, the I niversity of Alaluina, in Montgomery. Novemlier 14. The Crimson Tide for two consecutive seasons, undisputed rulers of Dixie footltall. on New Years Day defeated the |M»werful Pacific Coast champion, the University of Washington, with a result that the nation's most eminent football authorities placed Alabama in a tic with Dartmouth for liaving tin- greatest team of the year. So Florida was losing to a wonderful array. She played Alabama a great gutne. one that the score really underestimates. Captain June- and Sarra. two o»g of vital strength, were early injured and lost to the cau e. Cold-trio. playing with a broken fool, performed amazingly in the line, smashing counties Alabama drive . Florida’s defense was superb in every Department except the air and it was Alabama passes, long and short, mixed with a wide, swift running attack and a battery of trick stunts, which hrought jbout the most severe lo— Florida sustained. PACK 115I.amak Sakha Max Goldstein Dick Brown Tlic Gators came l ack beautiful!) in ilieir concluding two engagement . Mi i »ippj . and M. started off like a sure winner down in Tampa on November 21. but Florida «hortly unloosed her real force and with Captain Jones scoring for the second time, all the game” point , won 12 to 0. fully 11,000 South Florida fan getting thrill upon thrill a the hitter engagement was fought. Words fail in an attempt to justly describe the spectacular conte t in Jacksonville on Thanksgiving Day when Florida closed her campaign by defeating Washing ton and Ijcc 17 to 14. a forward pass, Itishop to Jones in the closing minutes of the game, giving the ‘Gators one of the richest football rewards in her entire athletic history. W. and I,, was undefeated in the Conference until she huckrd Coach Sebring’s men before a thrilled audience of 15,000. Flay of the entire Florida team was magnificent, but Captjin Jones again chalked up each of his team's 17 markers. MERCER DEFEATED, 24 to 0. The curtain of the 1925 season was hoisted when Stanley Robinson brought hi Mercer Bears to Gainesville on October 3. The battle wa referred to a a “grudge till" for the Macon contingent in 1924 whipped the Gators 10 to 0, |M»iling an almost | erfcet record. “Horse" Bishop, the “find" of the 1925 season and starting hi fir»t game of football, crossed the Mercer goal line within the first fne minutes of play. Brown adding the extra point. I'ntil the third quarter, the score rrtnained at 7-0. hut Dick Brown kicked a pretty goal from field, and William fell across a Mercer fumble behind the line for Florida second touchdown. Brown Itooting for seventh point. Cecil Beck tallied the final touchdown in the PACE 116Burkett Proctor Bishop la l »lana, Captain Join adding tin point. It war a good opening gain.-, intrrr.ting and fast. Florida played well throughout. IIWIPDEN 22 to Southern Col B ..n i .M t ii f ii • • ii ;'™£r» iln second game Fuller dropped the twin-hill srrvrd hark t register j J BL up I'" grid IJU- »i «'iii ”i th- ” B Ki.-ndi luit.ik.-r •' ••" i'rpte.1 a Nmlli tii » v ' “''c V f.j more trim. n.ippi.-t pa in the lint.I BfikX .ip|--.ii.iri. «• t h .i n period ami rao-d t ’ -- “ ” Vtye ,'■ IIjiii|m|.'H • Sidu«- , 20 yard for the j v. it and they ga»e FIoi- lone touchdown if Pi.tmoM ida a mighty g.»od the game. game loo. Captain June Brat dinted the (coring card with a neat field goal in the fir t quarter. In the next period. Sana blocked a punt, recovered and ran 10 yard for touchdown. Burnett adding the extra point. Chaplin carried the oval aero -, the irgiuia line in the third «piartcr. while Jones lugged the pig kin 22 yard for the fourth quarter touchdown. Ilainpden-Sidney corcd on the Cator when Atkin picked up a Florida tumine and outslprinted the t.ator pursuer for 10 yard . It wa a fa»t, nappy game, with lot of good football and thrill . The Florida line howni strength and the team functioned nicely. TECH WINS AFTEK 2 YEARS, 237. Into the huh city of the South on October 17 |M»urcd several thousand Floridian to wit PACE 117MM the third conflict Iwtween the “Fighting Gator " and the Golden Tornado. For two straight 7-7 deadlock had l»een the outcome of the gam,... and unprpcrJrn, | interr t evolved around this classic. Grunt Field wa alnilost packed with the higg,.„t crowd of her entire , a »n. The field wa l«»w lie,au r of a long drittle which preceded ||„. c|a.|,. Tech, by virtue of having plated more and much stronger team than had Florida, was in more polished driving form, and thin factor wa a deciding one. I) AVI llltK CnMA coff got through for a touchdown in the first quarter, and William tcored a field goal the next | eriod. The Tornado led 10 to 0 at the half. Thirteen point were added to the Tech •core in the third stan a a the Gator defence wa penetrate,! by the swift driving Yellow Jacket . Florida regintcred the only wore of the final period when Chaplin crashed the Tech line for touchdown, preventing a shut-out defeat. A pa , Jonea to IJvingMon for 20 yard , and Jon.- 26 yard run. preceded Chaplin’ ma hing over. Jone kicked for extra point. Florida that day met a wonderful team the l»ya plaved furiously hut tliey were not effective. It wa a had defeat, one not exactly anticipated. Tech put up a great exhibition, and were de erving winner . It wa hoped the two team would meet in 1926, but Tech, even though Florida had visited Atlanta lor three competitive season . would not come to Jaclc onville for the fourth game, hence no contract were igned. GATORS DOWN WAKE FOREST, 24-3. On October 24, alumni and friend of the institution in commemoration of “Homecoming’ , gathered for the Florida-Wakc Forest duel, which resulted in a 24 to 3 triumph for the Orange and Blue. Wake Foreat, a a consequence of Rackley' field goal, held a 3 to 0 lead at I ho end of the fir»t period, hut Jone ' touchdown, hi extra point, ami goal from field, gave the Gator a comfortable lead at the intermission. A pa . Hiirnett to Jonea, gave Florida another »core in the third »tanu. and Jonea, finding a hole at tackle, crossed the Deacon' line again in the final quarlrr. It wa quite a feat for Gaptain Jone to personally account for each point Florida cored that day, hut in heralding thi achievement, we must not loae night of the grand play of hi mate , who were »uch poirnt factor in the »uccr » of the eleven. ROMJNS SW AMPED, 61 to 0. October’ run of footlull wa closed on the final day of the month when Hnllin plucky, hut untried little hand came up to Ihiw in complete submission to a walk-a-way attack h the Gator . Sebring’% men scoring at will and rolling up 61 point to a thin goose-egg. So utterly were the Tar put to rout that the first quarter saw Florida leading 26 to 0. Ilrown, Bishop and Jones each getting touchdown , the latter two. The “youthful mentor” gave a great portion of PAGE 118T' 0 Scott Buyaxt hi squad plenty of action Iiirinj: the game. ami cadi candidate rrmicml a creditable exhibition, •hough Kollin wa ntiahlr to furni h the calibre of opposition the team needed to lu»w it real strength. CI.KMSON CETS WALLOPING. 12 to 0. In olden ila . Florida and Clcmwn mixed since the Gator and the Tiger met in conduit until hi troupe to Kick Field to give real Florida footluill. Cleinson wa half, holding tin- Gator to a 60 quarters produced a different story, rout. “Horse" Bi liop played the •■coring three touchdown , two on of .10 yards. Hi defensive exliibi- ;«»jrh Sehring Captain Jone ' co-star with Bishop. tli patchc from ing they had not een a Ivackfh-bl of Jone in many year . The lin-a Cleinson did. they could only-wall of William . Go!d tein, Stew-lone touchdown of the fir t quarter sorrel-I hatched halfluck. Florida ALABAMA GETS Florida tooke her fir t confer were unxioii to re|M at at Montgom-lor had not figured on running niidulile teams. Alaluiua in 1923 tor and BickwtMMl Field will long feat Florida handed out. In 1921 the Crimson Tide “just had" to even Wallace Wade' champion of drive and Florida, early crippled by jiirir . wa forced to a battling tie-tack by tin Alabamian , led by th genrral. Ilulwrt. Through the 'Gaiter air attack wa entirely t«w» deadly, formed in near super-human ly!e. “Big rather frequently, but it wa quite a while 1925. November 7. wrlien Coach Sehring carried S»uth Carolina fan a ta te of nme a bit successful through the firM margin, but the third and fourth and the Tiger were put to neir greatest game of hi rnlire carrer. intercepted |U e followed by run lion wa lauded unusually loud by manv brilliant run . stamped him a the .South Carolina gridiron dcclaV |K-rformrr anywhere near the merit wa more !urdy than ever anti try get four first down through the art. Davis. Sarra anti Norton. The wa registered by Dick Brown, made 21 first downs. VKKDICT, 34 to 0 rnce scalp from deration, ami tliev cry on November 11, hut the Ci-into one of the nation' most forfeit the Ming of the invading 'Ga-rememlier that crushing 16 to 6 dr-the team tlid not meet. » in 1925 the count. 192! were on their championship the In of Jone anti Sarra hy in-frn ive again ! a wondrou air tt-Srr.vrAKT demon. Mack Brown, ami the crafty tor line. Alabama wa hr|p|e s hut Go!dy” Goldstein. playing with a crippled foot. |«er-Gy” William wa another lineman who fought laluma PACE 119hack from the line in a manner hr liu«l not displayed before during I hr eason. Sirri'» work u.i» uncanny, and dcfcn ively the Irani pla rd {treat, hut their offensive effort were in vain, and Mopping lahama pa»»r wa omrthing that couldn't !»•• done. Jame Scott received a kickoff on hi» own 5-yard line and evaded the entire Maltama learn hut after racing 70 yard wa nin down from Itehind hy the fleet Mack drown. Scott’ •print wa one of the game' feature . It wa an exhibition that the corr hardly ju»lifie a Florida’ fight wa much l»rtler than the outcome apparently indicate . AGGIES TAKE DEFEAT, 12 to 0 Tampa turned out 11,000 on November 21 for her annual collegiate gridiron cla ic and hr wa rewarded with a great engagement. The hard driving Aggie from Mi »i ippi gave Florida a grand old (rattle, hut Seining’ men, fighting for their coach, their rhoo|. and fighting their wav bark into the good grace of fandom following the Alabama defeat, turned hack the Mi i ippian 12 to 0, (Captain Edgar Join once ugain accounting for each point rrgblered during the game. The Aggie opened with a 45-yard drive through the Florida team that wa interrupted only when Captain June recovered an A. and M. fumhle on hi own 30 yard line and raced hack 20 yard . It wa a corele n. bitterly fought opening |uarter. hut Jonr from the 27 and •10 yard line , hooted field goal to give the Gator a 6 to 0 lead at the intrrmi »ion. I IVINCSTOX Anmobox WllITTAKIJI FACE 120Stanley Champus Mikmin Joaci v»mi over tackle for the first and last touchdown in ihr third period. The offered a ni »t Mtibhorn fight. I » « peach of a scrap, one that delighted and thrilled each of the 11.000. Jone . Goldstein. William-. Notion. Sarra. Beck. Chaplin and living-ton. played well. FLORIDA HEATS W. ND L 17 to M. Filtering their Thank-giving Day classic with V. ami I... an undefeated leader in the Southern Conference, and with two win- ami two defeat a her own record in the Conference. Florida had the l atlle of the ea on and l.v.000 fan- who crowded the new municipal -ladium in Jacksonville, perhaps Mill feel many of llte countie— thrill which that memorable -kirtni-h packed. Florida won. 17 to It, the team coming front liehind after trailing II point and winning by a three point margin. The fini-li wa a spectacular a- one could po »ibly want to see. and until the end. when lli-hop form'd that never to Ire forgotten pa— over the goal line into the waiting arm- of Kdgar June . Florida wa fighting viciously for the victory. Washington and Lee made desperate effort to -core in the final three minute-. Sarra’- interception of two passe featuring this eleventh-hour mad da h. Not since the 1923 Mahama game ha- Floridu participated in a more brilliant, thrilling ami colorful football game a the Turkey Day cla—ic. Jone»’ field goal from the 29 yard PACE 121linr Kivr Klori«l.i fir»t quarter, hut down gave the 3 advantage when at intermi.ion. A which Spoil held finger a lie ca-yards put V. and ahead and it lire camp of the Hut fight Team d o not ueh a handicap what did Captain carry over for a the third peri-14 to 10. Then waging fiercely minute to go- through and I. punt, putting scoring distance. Mill the goal wa Then a itenaltv. It Ihric II aim y war. fourth down when a pa . Hi hop to Jone Rave a 3-0 lead in the Palmer’ touch-Ceneral’ a 7 to the rival retired forward pa on thr tip of hi reened mer 25 I.. Mill further looked di mal in "Fighting Calor .” th» »e Gator did. often recover a 14 to 3, hut Jone do h u t touchdown ju t od wa ending; with the battle ami h u t three i I I i a m get »ma he a W . ami Florida within Several trie , hut a few yard away. Florida a 17-14 victory. THE IIONOK KOI.I. OF 1925. Trihute wa paid the greatest numlier of football men the It.;.________________________.. .... honored when in 1925. the coveted eight inch "F“. yml olir of t|„. in'.,' ',y i °r" ’ .tW' can obtain, wa. awarded to 26 men. h, l,rM laur’’1 a" ■lh,rtc It in unjurt that each of the var.ity men who lain,red day in and day out for the football ca«.M- of Florida. acr.f,ced much, cannot Ik- g.ven ,Hr onal tribute commemorate th ir valiant emce . Space doe not permit heMowmg upon the brow of each man the wreath of laurel of which lie i o de erving. Few know of the trial and tribulation , the acri-fice . the hurt and the ordeal experienced hy men who give their alf during the grilling campaign on the gridiron. E pecially i thi true of the men who place theii houlder on the line, take the brunt of the opposing team’ attack and open the hole for their »|»ecd mate to da h through it i thi rank and file of athlete the line who grt the leaM recognition for their service . In game o often we watch the man carrying the lull and little consider that it’ the boy up front making po ib!e the cla» run. Hear in mind lho e imlividual and pay thrin de erving trihute. Six of the letter men were decorated for three year of gloriou «er icr. Captain F.dgar Jone . Dick Itrown tla t ea on‘ alternate captain . Clyde Norton. E. 'I. GoldMein. Hutton “Cv" William , and Spic Stanley. Tho r of two year' var»it enice awarded letter included Captain-elect l.amar SatiJ. ltemate-Cap:ain-elect. Tiny Chaplin, Edgar I odd. Jack Stewart PAGE 122and “Bods" Davis. Cridmen receiving iheir first football "F” w.-rc James Scott. John Burnett. Klmer Ihrig. "Ked Rrvunt. loin Green, Howard lli-ltop. Archie Livingston. Glenn Whitaker, Gregory Petronis. Ed Harry. George Merrin. Ralph Proctor. W. F. Anderson, Ralph Champlin. George l.cMcr, ami Manager Hill Anderson. "TIGER” SAKHA. CAPTAIN-ELECT At the fifth annual Gator banquet gi en in the White House Hotel. December 7th. hy Pnesi-dent Murphree, “Tiger" Sarra. peerless Florida athlete and for two years one of the moat outstanding centers in Southern foothnll, was elected to captain the 1926 Galore. Lamar Sarra i a Pensacola youth, one of the most popular figure on the campus and as brilliant an all-round student and athlete a the University a ever produced. James “Tiny” Chaplin, plunging fullback, and pride of Miami, was named as alternate captain. Chaplin is a great player, a hig figure on the campus and u good student. The Sarra-Chaplin regime succeeds the Jones-Krown administration which piloted the 1925 Gators to their foot lull I successes. GOLDSTEIN THRICE ALL-SOUTIIERN To that popular athlete. E. M. “Goldy” Goldstein, sensational guard-tackle for three varsity seasons, goes the unique and distinct honor of capturing the season’s greatest reward for his stellar football play. Goldstein garnered the magnificent distinction of MbSouthern guard for his third »ucce . sive year, Iteing one of perhaps two or possibly three heroes of the gridiron who have received the highest approbation in Southern football each year they were eligible for the great honor. In 1923, “Robbie” Robinson. Ark Newton and Goldy (Goldstein were placed in the South’s hall of gridiron fame. In 1921. Elgar Jones and Goldy Goldstein were Florida’s contributions to the eleven all-star Southerners, while la-t fall. Goldstein alone was the Gator representative on the mythical pick of the South’s greatest gridmen. PAGE 123Further renown In iowcd upon Golilrlrin when at the annual hampsei tendered ! I r«— i«l« nt Murplirec. the Pepper trophy, significant of the most valuable player to his team of the year, was awarded the pcerlc lineman. nd it was fininc that tin courageous. able ami eminent Goldstein, who battled o brilliantly all season, should receive the signal honor a hambome bron c football trophy, the gift of Mr. V. M. IVpprr. "The most valuable player to the Florida team in 192-V i a magnificent tribute, and the committee on selection reached a unanimous vole in naming K. M. Coldstein as ||lr winner of the sterling decoration. RAWLS ELECTED MANAGER Vernon Rawls. of lakeland, for two years an assistant manager of football, wa honored recently by the athletic council by l»eing selected manager for tile 1926 gridiron forces. Rawls is a popular, bard working Itoy, and friends and players join in complimenting him on his achieve, ment. He succeeds Bill Anderson, of Orlando. 124FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SEASON SI CC ESS Ft L Though somewhat surprising, considering how gruesome the outlook was at the beginning of the campaign, the 1925 University of Florida freshman football squad swept through their schedule without a defeat, and a tie with the Georgia Bullpups in the final engagement was the lone factor preventing them from a just claim to the frosli gridiron title of the South. Coach Warren Cowell was again at the helm of yearling athletics, and his brilliant handling of the squad is considered the outstanding reason why the freshmen responded with the success they attained. The frosli football situation looked dark ami gloomy four days before the opening game with Oglethorpe in Jacksonville. October TO. Coach Cowell’s problems seemed too tremendous to overcome, hut in a final effort to secure a workable combination, shifted four ends into his hackfield. these transfers proving to be a vital cog in the offense that hitherto had Itccn no offense at all. ()glethor|H opened the game with a bang, Talifcro receiving the kickoir and dashing uninterruptedly through the "Baby Gators ' for 65 yards and touchdown. But led by their peerless leader. Captain Goof Bowyer. the Young Gators came back, Bowyer getting a touchdown, and a pass, Truby to Townsend, on which tin latter ran 2 yards, accounted f« r the other. Both teams made two touchdowns, hut the Gators managed to boot one between the uprights for the extra point, so the final verdict was 13 to 12 in favor of Cowell’s aggregation. It was Florida's game after the half, though the battle was waged furiously. Bowyer, Stanley, Harris and Townsend played great ball. On oveml er 11, the freshman turned in another great victory, a 6 to 0 triumph over the I niversity of North Carolina yearlings. The young Tar-heels came to Likeland highly rated and undefeated in their section of the country, hut the touchdown pass, which became one of the famous plays of the season, Bowyer to Stanley, was completed for 10 yards in the scond quarter, and the Gators won by that margin of victory. Cowell’s men were greatly outweighed, but their gameness, team fire and dash, put them through a most creditable triumph. Mercer’s crack eleven came to Gatorland Wamkn CoW't.LL Coach PACE 125Kmi.miman Football Squad for the next engagement hut to meet a gallant Florida team and to have a wonderful wuon's record spoiled. Mercer’s frosh had been “burning up Georgia”, hut she met Cowell’s men at their l e t and were defeated 21 to 7. Price scored two touchdowns, Drysdale one ami New lands hoisted a field goal. Bowyer and Owens adding the extra points after touchdowns. The undefeated Georgia freshmen were met in Bainhridgc and a 7 to 7 tie re-suited from a hard fought contest. Had the frosh won they could have laid a lair and just claim to the freshman championship of the South. Georgia scored in the first quarter, hut the Cators reserved their touchdown for a final |K riod thriller. Price crossing the line in the closing moments of the hectic and momentous struggle. With a defeat or tie depending upon Bowycr’s effort to add the extra point, the plucky Florida backficld ace placed his toe squarely in the pigskin and sent it straight between the bars to render a tie decision. Closing their colorful season the Wednesday Indore Thanksgiving, the freshmen invaded Orlando to hand the Kollins College yearlings a I f to 0 defeat. 'I he team played well ami the victory gave them the freshman football title of the slate. Coach Cowell was rendered able assistance during the season by Coaches Gee. Gee, Jim ami George Merrill ami Lawrence Case. flic team had few sensational ami spectacular players, hut built success around its unconquerable spirit and fine team work. Twenty-two numerals were awarded players, not including the award given Manager How ard Cromer. They were Captain Bow yer. Owens. Mcnzie. New lands. Price. Allen. Townsend, Truby. Trogdon. Goldstein. Harris. Stewart, Hunt-man. Martin. Merrill. Johnson, Pies-. Stanley. I)r sdale, Smith. Hall and Clemons. PACK 126 ARSITY BaSKKTBAI.I. S l AD VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD 1925 January 8—Florida 48; Freshmen 18. (Al Gainesville) January 9- Florida 25: So. Jax Greenback 30. (At Jacksonville) January 15—Florida 48; Kollins 13. (At Winter Park► January 16—Florida 24; Stetson 23. (At DeLand) January 22—Florida 34; Fort McPherson 22. (At Gainesville) January 23—-Florida 46; So. Jax Greenbacks 22. (At Gainesville) January 30—Florida 39; Seminole Canoe Club 16. I At Gainesville) February 1—Florida 38; Kollins 14. (At Gainesville) February 4 Florida 26; Cincinnati Y. M. C. A. 12. ( At Gainesville) February 8—Florida 21; Mercer 26. (At Macon) February 10—Florida 27; U. of Georgia 55. (At Athens) February 11—Florida 22; U. of S. Carolina 29. (At Columbia) February 13—Florida 6; I. of . Carolina 42. (At Chapel Mill • February 16—.Florida 16; I", of Havana 37. (At Gainesville) February 18—Florida 29; Seminole Canoe Club 28. (At Jacksonville) IOTu.: victories in 15 games. F lorida points. 149; opponents points. 137. PAGE 128VARSITY BASKETBALL 1925 aNDKK I hr tutelage and guiding hand of Coach Brady Cowell. the Florida quintet rounded out a Kawn. that while not replete with win , at lea t showed that Florida wa Iteginning to lake an intern! in the hoop game, and to show rome sign of dcvel-oping a championship team in the future. Coach Cowell called his first practice just Itefore the Iwdiday and from more than a score of aspirants. Ouch Cowell narrowed his squad down to alxtut three teams of approximate equal strength. Captain lannar Sana, and Bob Igou. Ia«l ear’s guards. |{rd Newton and Bed Smith, forwards from la»t season, ami Tommy Thompson were the nucleus of letter men around which Coach Cowell had to huild his squad. I.a«t years freshman quint furnished the major portion of the squad and such men as Johnny Kirecofe, Ion Walker, . K. Brown and hltoy Decker were to form important cogs in the active squad. The first half of the Gator quint sclredule gate evidences of Florida’s having a champion-ship aggregation, they losing but two games out of eight played. The first to the South Jacks !-ville “Greenbacks” to a tune of 30 to 25. which defeat, however, was wiped out when the Gators won the return engagement by a 16 to 22 count. The second game l st wit to the fa«t and thrice world champions, the Cincinnati V. M. C. ., by a score of 12 to 26. in a game that was a fight from start to finish. The form that Florida showed in these first games must have lieen superficial, however, for when they entered on their mad trip into Conference territory. »t seemed to ruh off. ami they left a disastrous line of defeats in their wake as they journeyed across Conference territory. After leading Mercer by 17 to 7 at the end of the first half, the Gator were m» cd out for a 26 to 21 win by the Bears. The University of Crrorgia hail no trouble in annexing the next conference game of the Florida quint by the somewhat lopsided score of .VS to 27. The South Carolina Gamecocks had a tougher struggle in taking the next game of the mad trip Irom the Gators by a 29 to 22 score. The Carolina contest must have ap| ed the energy and strength of the Orange and Blue quint for the North Carolina Conference champs humiliated tile Gator with a crushing defeat, running up 12 markers to Florida's 6. Upon returning home, the Gators met and lost to the University of Havana’ fa«! and brainy five. The 37 to 16 score «h e not give any idea of the thrill with which the game wa replete. The season was brought to a colorful and whirlwind close by the varsity' close win over the Seminole Canoe Club, at Jacksonville, Florida hardy nosing out the i'addler for a 29 to 28 win. Alfred “Bed’’ -Smith, Johnny Kirecofe. Cupt. I-a mar Sarra and Ion Walker were the most outstanding men on the squad. Bed Smith was high |»oint man of the season ami could always be counted upon to ring hi assignment of hoop . Capt. Sarra played cool steady ball all season was a clever floor general. His guarding, with tile aid of Elroy Decker, a freshman “find , was superb. He could also be depended u|»on to ring a few when the qq ortunity granted. Diminutive Ion Walker was another dependable forward ami hurled them in frequently. Kirecofe and Walker were usually the starting pair at the forward l crth ami performed well together. Kirrcofe was second high-point man « f the season and wa also a good defensive player. Ervin Seay. Joe l tzrus, Brown ami Decker all delivered the goods when called upon. Decker, a sophomore, showed up well at guard, playing a fine defensive game tliat promise to he of value to Florida his last two years. Taken all in all. Florida’s 1926 ! a kell all ea» n. while not a success from number of games won. might Ik said to have lieen a success from tin fart that it wa . at Ira !, a rejuvenation of basketball at Florida. The team had plenty of fight and siprit ami carried on through-out the entire season, despite disastrous losses near the finish. There wa no disbanding hi broken-spirited di mav in mid ru oii, but the entire squad, under the ea|»ahle guidance ami driv-ing will of Coach Cowell finished out the entire season, forecasting a new era in l»a krlhall for the University of Florida. Upon recommendation of Coach Cowell the Athletic Council awarded ten letter ami sweaters. The following men received their letter : Captain Sarra. Bob Igou. Elroy Decker, A. E. Brown, Alfred Smith, Ion Walker. Ervin Seay, )• « lartzcus, Johnny Kirrcofe. ami Manager Tom Fuller. PAGE 129FRESH M BASKETBALL 11 H nearly two-score candidates oul for Freshman Basketball and no place in which lo hold practice, Couch Herbert Bunker molded a fairly sucre- % I J ful team from the material on hand and in spite of the handicaps that con fronted him. bek of a court in which to practice kept the Freshman quint from getting into early form ami when the first call sounded they were a more or less ragger bunch. Coach Bunker waded through the herculean task of selecting a team from the numerous aspirants under such conditions and schooled his proteges in the Missouri Valley type of play that the varsity got under Coach Cowell. Such harsh conditions ami lack of practice told on the “Frosh”, however, and they went into action against the fast and brainy quintet from Cordon Institute, almost doomed to loose. The first game of the season was dropped to the Institute lads by a 35 to 18 count and the second by a score of 31 to 23. These two contests smoothed off the rough spots and the Frosh came back to take the next two contests with a spurt of energy ami some show of form. The Y. M. II. A. quintet was the first victim of the rats, losing a fast game in Jacksonville. The Duval High School was next defeated in the I niversity gym in what was probably the best cage exhibition the rats gave during tin season, in which they nosed out Duval with a 30 to 28 score. On a trip down state. Bunkers men copped one game from the Stetson fresh-men ami then finished up the season with a pair of losses, dropping one to the Bollin's Baby Tar , ami another to the Southern freshmen. A return game with Duval in Jacksonville brought the freshmen’s season to a close, a season not very successful from point of games won, but the circumstances can Ik mitigated to a certain extent when the handicaps under which the squad had to work are taken into consideration. Coach Bunker developed some likely material that no doubt will be of value to the varsity next year. Abe Kothstcin anil Felson were a pair of guards that showed rare possibilities. Captain Townsend and Truby were good at the forward berth ami should prove of value next season. Bunker ami Trogdcn at center were also valuable aids to Coach Bunker. The following Freshmen were awarded numerals for service rendered during the season: Captain Townsend, Manager-player; AIm Kothstcin. Bill Truby, George Trogdcn, Potter, Mills, Bunker. Black, Menzle, Calli-cut and Toole. Most of these men will be available for the varsity next year and with the completion of the new basketball gymnasium, Florida should have her most successful year in the game of basketball. PACK 130Varsity Uamjiall Sgi o Top Row: Sealed: 1. Charles McAuley, Mgr. 1. James aughn 2. Dick Porter 2. Egbert Rusbcc 3. Harvey Huggins 3. Robert Parker 4. Tiny Chaplin 4. J. H. Ligan 5. George Merrin 5. Rill Gamble 6. T. K. McFatter 6. Nwl Porter 7. Richard Merritt 7. Lunar Sarra 8. Curtis Simmons 9. James L White, Coach PACK 132Locan, Captain WlltTK, Coach Samka VARSITY BASEBALL DO CHEAT 9uccc»s was registered by the varsity nine during the spring of 192.) in baseball. The schedule did not reveal any large number of eon-tests. none in the Southern Conference, and the altitude toward the national sport was not the very best to be sought. Coach White had fairly good material, but the team was weak in several spots. Captain John Henry Logan played an abb game at first base. l)ink " Merritt at Mkkmitt McFattkr Hiccins Poktkr. Captain KC-rt PACK 133third Hu ihr onl) oilier man in the infield lo slum any marked signs of ability. Nc l Porter was the are of ihe hurling corps, with Tiny Chaplin offering a high clarification among the mound-men. The season o| cnrd late in March with Mercer taking three games out of a series of four. In the opening tilt. Giptain lx gan smashed out a home run with the bases jammed, hut the 4-0 lead was overcome by the balling Baptists. Coach White took his team out into the western part of the state for a short series and also went into South Georgia. State opposition crumbled under the Gators, but the season was minus any extraordinary accomplishments in the baseball world. Simmo.xs lltxcixs I’akmji Chapux The varsity players included Merritt. 3b.; Vaughn cf.; Huggins. If.; McClendon and Gamble, 2b.; Porter, rf.; I.og.m tCt lb.; McFaddcr, Sarra, c.; Porter, Chaplin, Graves. Simmons. Dei Ion and Mobley, pitchers. In the spring of 1926, varsity busehall. with I .mice Itichhourg at the helm, o| ened in a gram! manner—bnce, an old Gator captain and star, now cavorting in the big tent, worked wonders with the team and Florida, when the curtain rolled up, had the earmarks of the greatest varsity baseball team in her history. I pon Lance’- PAGE 134Mikiun Busuke Gamble Valciin retirement late in March, Mr. White took over the reins. A schedule of some 20 games was announced. On a week’s trip to Cuba, the Gators won three out of four games, blanked Cedar Keys 7 to 0. and lost to the Giants 11 to 3, and Senators T to 3. in great exhibitions. Mfor Todd fllhlelic Council 'Sr k- Stanly PACK 155Fiii 'ii man Ham.mix Sgi ai FRESHMAN BASEBALL HEN .1 freshman liull club lcp$ up and wins 12 games, loses but live, F I smashes (lie horsehidc for an average of .300, fields al .980. then you VP have a neat little club to reckon with. That's exact I what Warren Cowell had for bis “Baby Gator" diamond combination in the spring of 1923 the material that was destined in 1926 to furnish the I niversitx the lines! ball club she lias known. Key West, Duval. Cedar Keys. Quincy. Pensacola Air Station are numbered among the “rats’ " victims. Captain “Cotton" Trowell was stationed at third base where In played a great game. Other members of the “frosh" club are Norton, rf.; Burnett, ss.; Beck, cf.; Turner, lb.; Helvenston, c.; Drake. If.; Norris. 2b.: Marsh, p.; Rhodes, lb.; Thorcwr, 2b.; McColskey. p.; Boney, p.; Boswell, p. The freshmen ended the season by taking a series from the varsity in the battle for the campus championship. John Burnett’s great slugging was one of the oustanding features of the season’s play. P GE 136VARSITY TRACK TEAM Standing (l.rft to {ifilit): Manager Kenl, John Burwcll, Ham Marshall, Coui-Connell. Olio Ziebe. Eduar Jones and Coach Tom Scbring. Kneeling: V. H. Casscls, Corwin Uobinson. Jimmy Peers. . A. Anderson ami AI Smith. Silling: Joe Dickie. Cyril Bradley. Captain Jerry McGill. Jimmy Hayden and Balpli Dickie. PACE 13$TRACK IN 1925 RACK ami field athletic failed to produce any unusual advancements M J during tin spring of 1925. The previous year they captured the Florida Open Track and Field Championships hut in 1925 were forced into sec ond place with -11 points when the formidable Atlanta Athletic Club scored 61 markers. Mercer invaded Cutorland for the opening of the season ami it was a complete “clean-up” for Coach Tom Scbring's sprinters. Florida won even first place hut one, and monopolized even the second places, the Gators taking all hut two. Capt. Jerry McGill, Cyril Bratley and IzMiis Connell carried the Orange and Blue to Atlanta for the Tech Belays and the trio did well when pitted against the track and field cream of the South. Coach Sebring carried his party into Cuba for a triangular meet involving Florida, Havana and the University of Georgia. The hospitality extended the Gators was something never know n before by Florida athletic teams. I lie meet was held on May 16. but Florida took third place, being unable to “crack through” with the victory she expected. Athletic officials awarded 17 letters for the 1925 season, numerals being extended to eight frosh athletes and Manager Bawls. Coach Sebring was heavily burdened with track ami spring football at the same time. He worked diligently and faithfully, but the sport suffered because of general lack of interest. Officials are striving to secure better schedules and hopes of elevating the campus opinion and interest that arc certain to come with the next few years. Florida with her marvelous climate offers the possibilities for the greatest track and field combinations of any college in the country, and no hopes will be abandoned until the Orange and Blue predominates the South in this sport. Henrv Camp, brilliant fresbman athlete, was the individual hero of the Open Track and Field Championships when he amassed 13 points. Gimp is a hurdler of phenomenal ability, and a sprinter of no mean s) ccd. The seventeen athletes standing by track during the 1925 season who were honored with the major sport “F” inciude Manager Kent, Capt. McGill. Connell. Jones, Smith, Casscls. Petteway, Anderson. Ziebe, Robinson. Marshall, Dickie. Hayden. Bratley, Burwell and Peers. Freshmen awarded numerals for track service were Camp. lz tzkus. Smith. Mahannah., Ihrig. Ormsby and Bardin. As the 1926 Seminole goes to press, the University of Florida is well under way with her spring athletic program, and track, much to the joy of its followers, is scoring a success. Chigger Brown, former Scwance star, is piloting the varsity and freshman teams and seems to be doing well. Luc in March the varsity again invaded Cuba for the annual meet with the University of Havana. This year the team emerged victorious by a point score of 71 to 60. PACK 139FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM Standing (Left to Right): Coach Scbring, Ihrig. Hardin, llunnicutt, (lamp and Manager Rawls. Sitting: I.c%ku:s Long, Gibson. Wilson and Mahannah. PAGE 1MSOCCER IN 1925 GII ihe I niversity did not produce the strongest soccer team in her M u history, tin 1925 aggregation was one of much power. After three years under (loach Harry Metcalfe without a defeat to mar a perfect record, the Gator kickers lost a close engagement to Grovcland. It was the lone reverse of the season and a light measure in considering that the team chalked up seven triumphs. Soccer at the University of Florida was introduced, and huilt. In that inimitable figure. Harry G. Metcalfe, a true Scotchman, whose untimely demise in the midst of the soccer season, cast a cloak of gloom throughout the entire institution and handed soccer a blow. Who will he elected to carry on the brilliant work of Coach Metcalfe has not been announced, hut the grim, fighting, sportsmanlike, manner of the late mentor. Metcalfe, will stand with his unblemished record of three years as a living testimonial of his masterful construction of soccer on the fields of the state university. After opening the season here with a Montvcrdc victory, the team went to Five Oak to record another triumph. A four days road jaunt gave Florida victories over Kustis. I mat ilia ami Montvcrdc, hut Grovcland on the third day took advantage of a poor field, and an off-day for the champion collegians and administered the first and only defeat in four years. Fust is and Umatilla later bowed in defeat, but the remainder of the schedule was called off. this including a game with Mercer, on account of Coach Metcalfe s death. I«ouis Dupont captained the team for his second successive year, l-ellermcn and outstanding players of the year included Ted Johnson, Crow. Driggers. Ilux. Brothers, Hclse.h. Pavne. Pelot, Cannon, lav and Spencer. Socceh Squad PAGE 142T»:nm T»w TENNIS HUGE SUCCESS 'HE year 1925 witnessed l hr greatest irhinrnirnU in tennis I he University lu ever recorded. No minor sport hold forth in the realm of Gator athletic a doe thi colorful game of tennis. Victories Kere chalked up again ! the Jacksonville Public Court team. Kollin College, Orlando Country Cltib and a draw Kith St. Petersburg. Florida entered the Dixie tournament at Dari Island and tl e Southeastern tournament in Jacksonville. gain«t the greatest net player in the country, the Orange and Blue racquet men made an impressive •bowing. Lorimer Blilch «a open school champion, lie i now holder of lire Mate single chain pion«hip. Tom Slade, captain-manager, numlier two man. i now a joint holder of the state's doubles title. Wilburn Cleveland ranked third and i holder of the double championship with Slade. Flo d Bowen, only member of the high ranking quartet not from Jacksonville, hailed from Chipley and played several year of brilliant tennis on Gator court . Janie ||ouv r wa elected president of the club. The 1925-26 season opened Kith several tournament and a greater interest than ever lie-fore in tennis. Both the Dixie and Southeastern tournament Kerr entered, and food showings made, and in the Stair Intercollegiate tourney. I »m Slade sun the 'ingles title. Kith Slade and Noyes Long copping the double . The Ormond Beach tournament found llarri and Slade taking the doubles eharnpioifhip. and in the Daytona Beach Open Championship . Slade son more laurel in annexing the single title. The Slade-llatri duo Kill enter the Southern Conference tournament at Atlanta in May. In the order named, Slade, llarri . lamg and Baymond Marsh, are th«- year" foremost Florida tenni men. Captain Slade hj elected president of the I), of F. Tennis Club and a successful year i reported. PAGE 113 K m SwiMMIM. Tl M INTRA-MURAL IntmiMi km. Coi m:ilCoi.K Tkam Fr» HMan HA'KI.TIIUI. TkAM, INIKR-Ci (III A'll'IoN r ;k rsTheta Chi. Ba'Ki.tiiali. Champions Ac. Coli.ixi; IIa»kctvail Champions PACE 146Theta Chi. Tennis Champions Phi Delta Theta. Swimming Champions It Section. Tiiovias. Play Groino Champions PAGE 147Boxing Team Gym Cuss I.».u»jis PACE 118GOLF HE I niversity is fast realizing llir vast need of more representation in llir m field of golf ami all athletic officials promise on impetus to the sport in the next seasons, starting with the 1926 27 year. Mongin Brumby captained the team in 1925 which was a very formidable one, including Bill Beverly, Ben Wade, Frank W illiamson, Henry Gimp and John las sing. The Gator linksmen journeyed to the West Coast and participated in several matches, always making a creditable showing. Captain Brumby was the outstanding player of the year, and one of the finest golfers to ever tred the Gainesville course. In 1926. a new era in golf was realized. More interest than ever was taken by the students and with a good line-up of golfers in the fold the prospects looked bright. Ormond Beach and St. Augustine played hosts to the Floridians and the results showed Florida to possess a crack college golf team. The Gainesville Country Club furnished numerous matches. Ben Wade, veteran player, was elected captain for the year and his performances in the various matches were excellent. The team in 1926 included Charlie Ball, brilliant golfer from Alabama. Thin ton Davis, Henry Camp, Arthur West, Berry Bryan and Bill Truby. Golf is destined for a big portion of Florida's athletic attention in the future.PACE 150ATHK SELECTION OK THE WINNERS l THE BKAI T CONTEST FOR THE 1926 SEMINOLE W n M |)E m CII MILKS DAVIS MITCHELL WHOSE ILl.l STKATIONS FOR STORIES IN COLLECE Ht MOR NI) OTHER MAGAZINES HAVE KEEN SO INIVER. •S'LI.V POI'lLAR. HIS LETTER FOLLOWS: CHARLES DAVIS MITCHELL THIRTEEN HUNDRED AND NINE LOCUST STREET PHILADELPHIA February 22 19 2 6 S. Beverly Mann, 3ditor "The Seminole", Gainesville, Florida. Dear Sditor:- It haa beon a pleasant but most difficult task, selecting but eight prize beauties from so large a collection of potential rinners. The following are my selections: Misses Reita Frances, Martha Kowrey, Alma Townsend, Helen Cu’oberly, Dorothy Lyles, Myrtle Carter, Violette Cahoon, and Tinston Hall. I thank you for the opportunity of viewing so many fair ladies of Florida. Sincerely, THE SEMINOLE STAFF IS DEEPLY CRATEFl I. To MIL MITCHELL FOR III" KINDNESS IN SO NSSISTI.NO I S. NI M.SO TO THOSE MI N IN THE STI DEN •' RODY WHO SI IIMITTED IMCTI RES IN THE CONTEST. Alma, ZownsenxZ,  FLORIDA BEAI TILS REITA FRANCES Si. Petersburg MARTHA MOWREY Si. (.'loud I.MA TOWNSEND Ocala HELEN CUBBKRI.Y Gainesville DOROTHY LYLES Gainesville MYRTLECARTER Mulberry MOLETTE CAIIOON Jacksonville WINSTON HALL Miami PAGE 161PACK 162STUDENT BODY OFFICERS L. R. Mc(fii.i................................................................. President Oun E. Wato Vice-President Raymond O. Burk ....................................... .... .Secretary-Treasurer CHEER LEADERS PACK 164PACE 16Sf ' i LAVREKCf CASE CHANCCLLOA tlABROOKER «V» CLtAK W.HWOI E matmmmrnmrn ZXTLHCOGte' . ■ I m JH MARKUP V-.T-W?It! _ - Vi4 Pl? S ’E«rr“V ATKINSON TLMRKWf M6CAKDtfR . jiha ursc omkui uoun Honor Cockt PACE 166Vicihxcf. Committee PACK 167£ B. Mann P ii A«w i PACK 168THE SEMINOLE STAFF E. Beverly Mann .. I B. Revels ....... Charles E. Clough .... B. T. Douglas J. B. Cox j.......... Dean Boggs Lewis Hall j ....... Frank Wright Robert Burritt John Allison Donald Baird Ralph Champun ...... Reece Hunnicutt ) M. A. Rosin f Charles Crozier .... W. W. Castor ( B. T. Douglas j Wallace Shaker ..... Richard W. Ervin Robert Parker Carl Price Joseph Swartz....... .................Ed it or-in-Chief Business Manager ............. Managing Editor ...................Art Editors ...............Uterary Editors ............. Athletic Editors .............. Society Editors ..............Military Editor .........Organ izalions Editors ...............Feature Editor ............... Jokes Editors Assistant Managing Editor Assistant Business Managers ....Assistant Athletic Editor PACK 169Alligator Florida GATORS WHIP GENERALS 17 TO 14 PAGE 170Angus M. Laird ... L Lewis Hall...... Claude J. Sparkman Silas Creech ..... C H. Branch .... Powell Majors .... P. C. Woolf .... K. C. Pratt .... .. .. B. II. Enclisii .. Heese Hunnicut Harold Dublirer ... Curtis Bascii .. l. . Rosin Cari. Wideli... ... Sam Byrd ......... K. P. Padgett .... Pete Norton ...... Orion Mann THE LLIC; VTOK EDITORS ............Ed it or-in-Chief ............ Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor Easiness Manager issistanl Easiness Manager ......Ci rca la I ion Man ager Calendar Editor .... Copy Editor ..............News Society and Clubs ..........4lrocities ............Sports ............Makeup .........tlumni ....... .. Military .........Exchanges Feature Assistant Editors ...jV eus L R. Toy Monte L Engel John W. Fox Edwin I.. Miller Ralph Read REPORTERS B. C. Thornal, Jr. Amnion McClelland James M. Show (diaries Ausley Ralph I). Merrill II. I). Aihin Dillon Crahani, Jr. II. P. Smith PACE 171THE SILVER BOW R. E. Barfield i R. McGill ............Editor Business Manager Associate Editors E. Beverly Mann K. Gardner Piper Advisory Board I)r. J. M. Farr Dr. T. M. Simplon Prof. C. A. Robertson Charles E. Clough Kalph C. Chainplin PACE 172COfiARNES uspmm Rr.ouiNcy J.WJOKNSON LKCHEW C.E.M0WTS F.A10SSING. THE DEBATING COt NCII. Jesse . Johnson, President, Representative of (Allege of isrioulltno. Ilou K. Quincy, irp-Pmiidml, Representative of College of Law. Claude J. Sparkman, Secretary, Representative of rt- ami Science College. Kay A. l o sing, Reporter, Representative of Engineering College. Charles (). Barnes, Representative of School of Business Administration. Charles K. Mounts, Representative of Teachers College. Lloyd M. Chew, Representative of 0 1 lege of I'liarmacv. L. M. Bri lo!, Chairman of Karullv Committee. PACE 173I fclTOh MOKKiS V Cf - PAIS jc( scars sect Y-n-CA BOti PArtHt A TRCS MCOAKDNfK IEWIS flAlL ANGUS LMPO C A- Rif R HAN OCAf WHt TC n zc DON COSHtlNM PACE 171PACE 175 Flomda Gux Cu bI MVERSITY OF FLORIDA GLEE CLl I MEMBERS First Tenors Anderson. J. I.. Austin. II. S. Dodson. Chat. Kordham. M. I-. I tenderly. k. I). Mann. O. A. Morris, A. C. Shapo. I). J. Pnov. J. S. Second Tenors Ferguson. K. H. Krai irk. C. II. Hooka. II. K. Hunt. V. L Kennedy. Roger Silw-rt. J. I . Hi CKO. Director First llass Alliton. J. I). Bolien. m. Huterlvaugh. K (•raff, J. W. Join . W. I-Miller. J. B. Monroe. Hun Claude Murphrre, 1st Pianist. II. K. McMullen. 2nd Pianist. Second How Bird. I . I). Clayton, . I.. J. Curter. H. Johnson. II. J. Shaw. J. M. Tyler. W. I.. Warner. C ||. Yeala, Kohl. W. W. Castor. Honjo, The movement to organize a Glee Cluh culminated in a call i« ued by Jerry McGill, president of the student body Octolier 29. for a meeting f all who wished to make a place in this musical aggregation. About one hundred and twenty five reported. I.avr tryout were held and the aitovc thirty men selected. I niver ily of Florida Glee Cluh hail long l»cen needed ami up to this time had failed in itw endeavor to become organized. hut thi year under the committee composed of Hun Munroc. R. II. Ferguson and Prof. Bueno the clu! wa« perfected, and hccamo an estahlished fact. After practicing faithfully upon various selections of music the (Huh made its dchul. with a sliort concert at the chapel hour in the Auditorium. December IS. The reception given thi concert proved that the efforts of Prof. Bueno to Idend this group of songsters into .1 harmonious organization had proved successful, and that the interest shown by the memlvcrw themselves was proving fruitful. An unsuccessful effort to secure a permanent director wa» followed by the acceptance of these duties by Prof. Bueno. Practices were held twice weekly. Great progress w.i shown in the dub development. Talent was continually being uncovered and developed. In the mean time, concert trip were planned throughout the state. The lirst regular concert of this year was given in the uditoriuni March 9. with an overwhelming success. Concert at Tallahassee and Jacksonville followed. Several radio program were hroa lca t from which many favorable comment have Iwen received. In every respect the Glee Cluh has established a prestige in the slate which shall stand .i« a challenge to «uch an organization in the future. Vocal music in the University of Florida ha received a distinct impetus by the formation of the Glee Club and it successful season. PAGE l"6THE UNIVERSITY QUARTETTE Cbas. Dotson, First Tenor Roukrts Ybats. Baritone R. II. FkrgL’SON, Second Tenor II. J. Johnson. Bass Here is one combination of four that united t«» render it talent and service in a way that brings an harmonic feeling to the soul as well a the ear. From the Quartette thi year comes that same satisfaction which has always been appreciated. and ever ready to fill the gap that would otherwise be left open, that could not in any other way Ih substituted. As usual appearances have been made by the Quartette at the various occasions on the campus, and programs have been given in several of the largest cities of Florida. Being affiliated with the Glee Club the Quartette gave excerpts from its rcj»e toire to assist in the renditions of its programs, accompanying the (dub on its trips over the State.WKvJMMN-MU i OOJlAO«n t •» CVftKY JAJ 3AWt|K w.t Ll£ K Hf. HOOK} J . •0 r«t;c t CT« N»«,fOC W A l»CAIN C A.O IJCOIL « C BtArtt ROft't HOLrttJ! M HWAU ACT rs 6LANT0N kttUN Floiiida Fishman Kuikmimiii Council PACE 178PACE 1H0 LPHA OMEGA CHAPT1 R ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY Founded September 11. 1865, at V. M. I. Colors J k Blue ami Old Cold A. P. Black J. A. Phifer M. C. Stringfellow B. E. Thra-her John Dickinson William I). Morgan William J. Sears. Jr, Marion B. Sessions Harry J. Watrous. Jr, la muel I . Woods Juniors John M. Allison Charles E. Clough Charles E. Morris Henry S. Baynard W. Franklin Hobbs Sophomores Murray W. Overstreet Alex M. Balfe Mercer Helms Balph E. Proctor Bohert II. Brown Clifford T. Inglis 1 1 nee Bichhourg Eldon Dickson l ewis M. Johnson Allen L. Smith Bohert L. Hughes Robert E. Oliver. Jr. B. James Bevan, Jr. Freshmen Charles W. Tucker. Jr. Murray Bryan Walter Cowart Carl L. Owenaby Connor J. Bryson Gerald Gerrard Harvey W. Phiel William A. Buhner Frederick L. Gunter David C. Bowe G. Bevis Butler Harrington Hall Charley A. Tutwiler Stephen Cas caux W. Fred Her long Gerald Ludwig Thomas A. Watrous Flow er White Tea Rose K. II. Barnes II. F. Blackwell Bichard Bowers W . C. Thomas Eighty-five Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1901 Members in Faculty Dean Harry B. Trusler Harry L Thompson Members in City James Chestnut Z. H. Douglas Henry O'Neil Members in I mversity Seniors Bohert S. Baynard Hal N. Black Donald C. Booth Bichard k. Brown Bavmond O. Burr PACK 181PACE 182BETA ZKTA CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Founded iii 1866 at Washington ami Lee I Diversity Installed at Florida October 1 1WI Flowers Magnolia and Red Rose Dr. A. A. Murphree Fratres in Facultate . S. Pei i y Dr. C. A. Robertson Colors Crimson and Old Gold Captain F. M. Yon A. C. Brown F. W. Buchholz E. F. Cannon L. W. Graham A. L Browne E. S. Blake J. N. Christie S. E. Cobb. Jr. T. L. Davis F. H. Elmore, Jr. W. D. 1 lenderson Fratres in Urbk R. E. Hardee C. A. Pound J. S. Shands W. A. Shands W. R. Thomas, Jr. Fratres in Univkrsitate Graduates . J. Like J. A. II. Murphree Seniors E. A. Taylor C. S. Thomas B. F. Williamson G. M. Younglove J. K. Merrill E. C. Jones J. K. Merrill W. O. Pearce, Jr. J. M. B. Simpson W. G. Troxler E. S. Akcrman H. Bishop W. 1). Cockrell W. II. Davidson, Jr. S. Broome, Jr. J. Borland W. Cantcy C. S. Auslev J. Bay a B. N. Butler W. Fisher Juniors J. E. Funl L C. Gracy, Jr. G. Merrill W. II. Powers J. II. Randolph, Jr. Sophomores T. P. Drake T. Fuller A. K. Holton, Jr. Freshmen B. I). Iliers, Jr. L L. Knight E. A. l-ake R. A. Miller J. C Robinson A. A. Simpson L B. Troxler ;. . Welch N. Long G. W. Yenawine A. A. Murphree. Jr. J. W. Randolph J. Troxler C. R. Walpole PAGE 1K3PACE 181ALPHA ETA CHAPTER PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY Founded al I Diversity of irginia. March I. 1868 Installed al Florida .November 7. 1901 Flower Lily of the Valley John Dial Colors Fratres in Faciltatk Dr. C. L. Crow (Garnet and (odd Fratres in True John Powell R. M. Boring Falcon B. Johnson Fratres in I'niversitate Frank Anderson Cyril Bayly Carl Brumbaugh Preston Bishop Harold Pennell Dean Boggs Granville Bryant Lorraine Dwyer Dlenn Dugger Maxic Dell Stuart Estes Harold Fields Dillon Graham Richard Ccicr Elmer I brig Delkin Jones Charlie Jackson William Lyle llarton Mabry Herbert Messer Frank Phipps Jack Pedrick Waller Sciutti James Scott Marvin Mitchell Jame McClamroch J. C. McCraw Sidney Nelson J«w Norton Cyril Pogue Joe Pomeroy John Schirard William Seybold Edgar Todd Stanley Vcrnay Samuel Wallace Richard Woodruff Leslie Wall John Wyatt William Powell John Brumley J. T. Atkinson Plei ges Warner Scoggan Wesley Redding Frank Chase BACK 185PACE 186FLORIDA I PSILON CHAPTER Flower Violet SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY Founded at I diversity of Alabama. March 9. 1R56 Ninety-five Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1915 Colors E. B. Hampton F. J. Hampton l)r. J. M. Farr J. H. Markham Resident Members W. E. Jordan R. L. Stanly Members in Faculty Prof. C. 11. Willoughby Members in University Graduates Seniors I). J. Baird Juniors Royal Purple and Old Gob Dr. Wilbur Limiter Rev. W. Stoney Prof. C. W. Crandall R. S. Pierce C. Crenshaw A. Livingston J. J. McCranie E. F. Norton J. Otto A. G. Pattillo A. Rowe W. A. Stanly G. A. Buie W. G. Burch J. H. Burnett II. Y Camp M. A. Coogler J. T. Wear J. L. Ballard T. 0. Berry hill E. J. Bowyer P. N. Bryan J. P. Brown K. F. Coyle D. K. Stanly Sophomores F. Howatt R. B. Hens I y E. L. Megathlin Jas. Messer R. P. Smith J. Johnson Freshmen G. (). Davis A. R. Frederick W. L Huntsman J. K. Judy M. M. Lindclle A. I. Maderia F. Toole J. Markham I). A. McKinnon M. W. Nelson A. E. New lands C. L. Shipp E. C. Shipp L Thomas PAGE 187TAl CHAPTER THETA CHI FRATERNITY Founded in 1856 at Norwich I diversity Forty-three Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1916 Flower Carnation Resident Members It. M. Ogilvic Members in Faculty Dr. J. It. Benton Dr. F. II. Heath Colors Red and White L G. Fogg Dr. It. W. Ruprccht Members in I niversity Post Graduate E. E. Mason Seniors F. R. Crom J. It. McClure B. C. Williams Juniors W. I). Wilson A. It. Clients C. I). I.inehaugh C. B. Mobley W. 15. Daniels It. E. McDonald, Jr. J. W. Menge It. C. Barker W . . Ileusted F. W arren O. S. Clyatt W. W. Shafer, Jr. E. C. Boozer I). C. Chittenden J. G. Hottel I). 0. Robinette J. II. Clemons (.. I). Middleton S. D. Short W. B. Truby J. B. Culpepper J. L. Hall Sophomores J. I). Caw them C. J. Hancock J. K. Holsbury T. O. Robinson Pledges C. A. Eaton B. T. Douglas L W. Knighton J. E. Amos L. A. Jones T. E. Duncan W . J. Childs W. S. Shafto It. B. Marsh F. I Harris II. A. Hendry C F. Collins J. B. Hutson W. G. Newsom W. Jennings (). It. It. E. Maiden, Jr. PAGE 189PAGE 190EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER of SIGMA NT FRATERNITY Founded at Virginia Military Institute. 1860 Colors Black. White anti Gold Flower W liiti Rose Resident Members O’Neal Cox Frank Ilartsficld Claude Barco Members in Faculty K. W. Klacklock James L White C. C. Phipps Members in Iniversity Seniors Curtis Warren T. W. Ramsey G. Marvin Green Russell L Liymon J. Rryson (Copeland H. Palmer Tyler W. D. Gamble, Jr, G. C. Robertson Hubert Graves J. Edwin Graves Philip J. Mank Richard II. Simpson W. Sanders Gramling Joseph Frazier Juniors F. Monroe Allemnn Norris Baskin Charles E. Fisher James B. Chaplin Sophomores Ion Walker William Mason Cecil Bock Ervin Seay Magnus Swift Jack Justice Brent W atson Allan C. Ramsey John F. Yandcripc, Jr. Ililman Boswell John Richards Stewart Simpson O. . Tyler Freshmen Compton French Rolx rt Bishop Currie Witt (airlos Edwards John Allen Royal I ntreiner Robert Mathis John Chryst Elbert Shelfer Francis Ramsey Joe Mason Richard Graves William Boswell Thomas W atson John Markham Lynn Ilollinrake Robert Cornwall Marion Martin Berwick Anderson Walter Ayers PACE 191PACE 192KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY Founded at I Diversity of irginia, 1 JW 7 DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1922 Flower Lily of tin- Valley l)r. j. M. Ja ake Dr. A. L. Shoaly B. W. Ames A. IL Caro C. J. Harris II. L. Connell Hoy Brook? Egbert Busbee Carl Green . k. Black . L. Gr.i IL G. Igou Francis Bull II. L. Butler J. R. Dillon G. R. Hclvcnston B. M. Hosford A. L. Anderson . B. Brannon I). W. Black Y . Brown W. W. Castor B. F. Cooper Ed Beasley Members in Faculty Dr. T. M. Simpson Dr. J. L. Boemer Resident Members L. A. I amt . Ralph Stoutamire Seniors A. B. Hutson J. R. Leonard Juniors Colors W liite. Scarlet ami Green Dr. Union Newell Coach Herbert Bunker B. A. Thrasher Alec White J. A. W infield J. W. Johnson A. M. Laird E. B. Mann Roy Thompson 'Tom Marshall E. E. Page J. M. Quinn L. L. Reeker Sophomores Halbert Ives W. A. McLendon Webster Merritt M. 11. O’Neal Freshmen F. M. Daugherty L. J. Desjardines W. II. Huffman R. I). I.aird M. E. Lucas G. IL Moore L C. O’Neal Brecse Provost V. C. Rawls M. S. Savage II. B. Smith G. M. 'Turner K. II. Reeker K. Sappington C. Thompson E. E. Thomas W. G. Tye J. J. Walker J. E. Waugh PACE 193i6i aovdalpha epsilon chapter of pi kappa phi fraternity Colors Cold ami hite Faculty and Resident Members Dr. Walter II. Beisler William II. Fisher J. P. Shealy Chapter Roll Flow br Red Rose Charles G. Rill J. Owen Route Paul C. Bradley Edward L. Rridgcs George Coe George Cook Samuel C. McCormick Marshall I). Meadows Clyde II. Norton Thomas A. Owens Rill Parsons Joseph II. Pearce. Jr. Kerimt W. Callahan James W. Chambliss L. Evans Crary Roy E. Crippen Robert C. Carpenter Charles E. Crozicr Harry A. Edwards Gilford Grange George Holbrook G. Dwight Hamilton A. Sidne) Her long. Jr. Fred A. LeSucur Douglas R. I eigli Beryl R. Lewis S. A. I.eonard, Jr. W illiam H. Dodge Mitchell M. Permenter James I). Renfroc Joseph L Roberts Charles Rogers Paul J. Sanders, Jr. Scldcn I). Steed Robert E. Scholze James G. Sharon. Jr. Alfred W. Smith Charles C. S woo pc William E. Swoo|m Jr. Frank R. Thrower James W . Wilkerson Edlo W. Wright Ernest M. YanLindingham Pledges Delmar II. Plocckclman PAGE 195FACE I'MGAMMA THETA CHAPTER SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY Founded at Miami I diversity, June 28, 1855 Eighty-four Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1924 Flower White Rose Colors Mine and Cold Prof. P. E. Reed E. A. Havnic John A. Bouvier. Jr. L. B. Reed Fratres in Facultate l)r. T. R. I igh Fratres in I rue J. K. Mattocks Fratres in I mvkrsitatk Seniors Monroe Campbell, Jr. Prof. L W. Burhholx Paul Wiig K. G. Ilurne Juniors C. II. 11. Branch, I). S. Crum W. I.. Hill Kol ert Leach E. II. Me Ad am Don Mitchell John Mu scoff John Graham Sidney I). Roberts II. M. Sutton, Jr. John iig G. P. Pelteway B. F. Williamson Carroll Dewees Ben Culverhouse George Dean George Douglass George Lester Jack Boogs Ed Burnes Hugh Gibson I). F. Harris Russell Heath Henry Menzie James Gartner Sophomores McAdam, Charles B. Ringling, Henry E. Robertson, Gilln-rl E. Stone, F. J. Anderson. Ed., Jr. Freshmen Glenn Pless Cy Potter Alden Smith Duncan Tharin L M. Wiig Jack Wise James Irish PACE 197PACK 198 FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER THETA KAPPA NU FRATERNITY Founded al S|trin rfiel l. Missouri. June 9. 1921 Forty-two Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1921 Fi.otv hr Colors White Rose Silver, Black and Crimson Faculty Member Prof. J. S. Bueno Graduate Member Oliver II. Hauptmann Class of 1926 Charles H. Warner an R. Butler Class of 1927 W. Walton Flournoy, Jr. S. Kenneth Love H. Hilhurn Blakeley Ralph Sias Girl C. Strode Bascomh I . Cole James G. Keck Rex Lee Jett McL. Jenkins Class of 1928 Alva K. Gillis Charles H. ingert James H. Gardner Mahry A. Carlton Clayton H. Fraylick F. Ellis Wray Earl P. Wingert R. Clyde Simmons Thomas J. Rivers John S. Pina ire F. Carlton Cole El wood P. Padgett Ralph J. Buterbaugh Robert II. Ferguson Kenneth M. Hancock William Decgan. Jr. Class of 1929 Walter F. Jenkins R. Franklin Black PAGE 199PACE 200Flower Fink Rose ALPHA GAMMA KUO FRATERNITY Founded ;il I niversities of Illinois and Ohio. 1905 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Installed January 19th, 1925 Colors Green and Gold PUBLICATION Sickle and Shealli Fratres in Faclltatk Dr. 0. C. Bryan Prof. John Gray Prof. Frazier Rogers Prof. J. G. Gee H .G. liamillon C. E. Abbott J. F. Cooper A. M. Funnel I Graduates in I niversitate Ilarald E. Hammar Chaffie A. Scarborough Jake S. Alexander Alfred F. Cooke Members in L'niversitate Seniors John P. Camp H. kennett Winter Frank W. Brumley Leland F.. Jeffries Mont B. Moore A. Shuler Laird (.has. H. Taylor. Jr. William A. Hemphill Fred K. Ebcrlien Linton A. Richardson Albert G. Driggers George L. Stearns Lucius M. Moscly Huey I. Borders . Duke Camp II. B. Johnson Juniors J. Tucker Harris Tomm L. Barrineau J. Herbert Gclston Lewis Fraser Sophomores Fred K. Baelzmann laiwrence J. I .arson Pledges John C. Graves Lisle S. Townseml J. S. Smith C. I). Wilder PACE 201I CE 202DELTA CHAPTER PHI BETA DELTA FRATERNITY Founded in 1912 at Columbia I diversity Twenty-five Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1925 Colors: Mine and Cold Member in Faculty Jo: epli Weil Resident Member Burton F. Bcrlack E. Max Goldstein Seniors Max Pepper Aurcl Rosin Sain Silverman Juniors Milton Weinberger Sophomores Nat Williams Freshmen Albert Price Martin Kelson Paul Markovitz Mark Jean Goldstein Abe Rothstcin Harry Mensli Heimev Fishier Barney Sliorstein George Sellerr Pledges S. Sandy Ro.scnl crg PACK 203PACE 201TAl ALPHA CHAPTER TAU EPSILON PHI FRATERNITY Founded in 1910 at Columbia I nivcrsih Twenty-seven Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1925 Flowers Colors Lilies of the alley and Violets Lavender and White Memiiers in University Juniors Joe Schwartz William Edelstein Aaron M. Kanner Joe Shopiro Dalton Shape Sophomores Morris Salmon Mitchell Shapo Charles S. Wax Freshmen Sidney SegaII Philip Neuwirth Albert Dubbin Marcus Goldhamuier Harry Kaplan Philip Finkelstein Sheldon Dubler lister Roth Nathan T. Dubler Pledges Emanuel Millman Jack Ijcvinson I. I). Arnct Max Kotkin Phil RedlerPACE 206DELTA ZETA CH PTEIt DKLTA TALI DELTA FRATERNITY Founded at Bethany College. IB59 Seventy-three Active Chapters Installed at Florida, March 2« . 1925 Flower Pansy J. C. Matthews Coach . C. Cowcii Members in City E. W. Mi Mican Members in Faculty l)r. II. 0. Enwali Members in I niversity Seniors Colors Purple, liitc and Cold S. M. Strom l)r. G. F. Welter II. M. Braddock M. T. Campbell T. F. Carter N. J. Johnston II. Y. Knight E. It. McGill J. E. Pearce E. G. Piper A. E. Berry. Jr. Juniors J. M. Kiracofe J. S. Burwell J. P. Peers I. B. Anderson F. W. Fletcher Sophomores J. Y. Letzkus F. Auger C. M. Mahannah 1). P. Evans II. Y. Maine C. K. Johnston M. 1). Miller It. C. Ixszczynski C. E. Meade C. A. Barber it. It. Head Freshmen It. . Ousley E. II. Beardsley A. A. Itiddlchergi C. W. Dopson F. L. Itickard It. L Hall W. F. Paxton E. L. Decker Pledges J. G. Thompson V. 1). Gainey J. M. Whitner V. It. Kirkwood PACE 207FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRATERNITY Founded in 1901 at the I Diversity of Richmond Fifty-four Active Chapters Installed at Florida, March 28. 1925 Flowers Colors American Beauty Rose and V iolct Red and Purple Resident Memiiers I)r. T. . McCaul. B.A . M.A.. Th.M. Grinolle Hughes Virginia Alpha and Eta Florida Alpha Members in Faculty James V. Day. B.S.A., B.S.F.. A.VI. J. Hooper Wise, A.B.E., A.M. Missouri Alpha Florida Alpha Rudolph Weaver Washington Alpha Members in University Seniors M. A. Brooker S. M. Creech 0. A. Mann Juniors E. L. Sarra A. C. Morris H. C. Hurst . 11. Jackson N K SkeeU T. I . Crecne R. K. Faucelte W. M. Davis J. K. Stewart E. A. Clayton W. J. Helscth T. R. Strawn. Jr. M. J. Hall R. P. Jenkin.H, Jr. C. J. on Kacnal C. . Burke R. R. W illiaius (J. C. Carter R. T. Hume Sophomores J. C. Maultshy W. W. Judge W. J. Bullock S. II. McCullough A. B. While D. C. Smith R. P. Majors Freshmen C. F. Stewart R. II. Fraze W. A. Dade, Jr. R. S. Yeats . B. Creech E. S. Eggc Pledges I). I). Fusscll Y R. Cousar A. (). Brown C. A. Widell E. E. Turner C. G. Smith Y A. Potter R. . McCullough R. I.. Sample L W. Wallace, Jr. I GE 209 PACE 210I I.ORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY Founded Deeemlier 26. 1848. at Miami I nivcr ity indy •three Active Chapters Installed at Florida in 1925 Flow ku White Cariuilion Judge R. S. Cockrell W. P. Arnold O. K. Watts James Clark B. F. Jor lan Joseph S. Butts Robert II. Burritt T. J. Edwards Fuatrks in Fvcultatk Major B. C. Riley FlIATItKS in I IUIK W ilbur A. Cleveland Janies R. Boyd. Jr. FlMTKKS in I NIX KKSITXTK Class oj 1926 Walter F. Emmons irgil M. Newton. Jr. Frank S. Wright Class oj 1927 Colors A iire and Argent Prof. M. I). Cody Forest Smith Charles V Ball W. M. Pepper, Jr. Richard Ball Wilburn F. Robinson Arthur I.. West Glen (). W hitaker Clyde Davis Thomas S. Kirk T. Wade Harrison Wynne II. Morgan Ralph W. Nimmon- Charles E. Norton Stephen E. Simmon-R. Kirven Slade Ben F. Vi adc, Jr. Fred Curtis Micky B. Harrison Class of 1928 Thomas . I low e. Jr. Floyd II. Nein Bernard I . Zoller Thomas B. Slade Edwin II. Vrieze, Jr, Earl R. Baden Samuel A. Byrd James II. Brinson Daniel Boyd G. J. Cordray Class oj 1929 Henry F. Curry C. Heard Field Pins, ms Ijenoir l aucctte l«ouis A. Fleming Marshall L. McClung Robert W . S. Musgrave George R. Trogden John 0. Ginter Robert Smith PAGE 211PACE 212FLORIDA CHAPTER DELTA CHI FRATERNITY Founded in 1890 al Cornell University Thirty Active Chapters Installed at Florida. February 15. 1926 Flower Colors While Curnation BulT and Red Faculty Member Prof. A. H. Reyer John S. Gunn. “A Walter H. liradrn. Jr. “C" J. William Usher. Jr. “B” Byron T. Sauls. '! ’ J. B. Livingston. “F" Masters Decree Class of 1926 Lincoln C. Bogue John S. Gunn William I’sher Robert Hodge Class of 1927 Byron T. Sauls J. B. Livingston Vernon L. Hunt I). Clifton Ijiird Walter II. Braden Ted Johnson Burton llendn Alex Stephens Morrison Pourcr Preston Woolf Joseph Fickling Frederick Gardner Ralph Merrit Powers Taylor George Thomas Class of 1928 J. Graeme Ashcnhurst Pl.E( CES Spencer Ruff Paul Boardman Irvin Fernald Drew Walker Ralph Fdmiston Maynard Johnston Julian Nildack PACK 213PACE 214ALPHA ETA CHAPTER PHI KAPPA TAU FRATERNITY Founded al Miami I Diversity, 1905 Installed at Florida. March 9, 1926 Flower Colors Red Carnation Harvard Red and Old Gold Fratres in Facultate Professor Hurley V. Chandler Fratres in I nivkksitatk L. B. Andrews Curtis Busch Carl C. Carnes Lloyd M. Chew Juniors Seniors W. K. Flood Milton C. Gardner S. C. Means Burton N. Work Boland W. Bryan J. Grady Colson Allen T. Craig Richard Ervin Ono L. House Samuel II. Huffman l-awrence L. Ijctvis Theodore Lundy II. E. McMullen John II. Payne Percy B. Revels W illiam II. W ilson, Jr. Robert 11. Cranford Sophomores Clifford Lyle William II. Easton Jim McCullough Wilbur 1). Jobe Jame- B. Roger- William T. Ballou freshmen Harold C. Farn-woi Warren W. Connor All ert J. Ivey Albert C. Dccn Jennings Reins inkle Monte L. Engle T. II. William- James F. Bottoms Pledges Frank I Peterson Holland Herrick Warren L Tedder PACE 215PACE 216DELTA TAU (Local Fraternity) Foil min I 1923 Flower Uni Carnation Membkk i Faci lty W illiani IL Hathaway ('. !.OK Uni ami Green Me.MBEHS IN I NIVERSITY Hugh L Thomson Graduates Joseph B. Dickey Class of 1926 Charles J. lx vvorn Byron F. Campbell Ralph I). Dickey J. l-ewis Hall Frederick L Sandel Class of 1927 Carl A. Price W. Clyde Atkinson J. 0. KcCZcl L. C. Fisher James R. Hayden Class of 1928 Horace I). Aikin Charles H. Anderson Roger E. Phillips R.i'com F. Mi elle Wilmcr M. Stoner Walter Anderson J. Loomis Anderson J. Keener Mizell William II. Sims Douglass Brokenshire Fred C. Wodler Vincent V. Owen Herman McLain W. Horton Ruchun Frank Johnson S. Foster llancy Herbert . Roberts Class of 1929 Charles R. Wedding Hope Riggers Edward . Stratum John Harwoor James K. Kcezel Cordon S. Adams II. W. Overstreet George Scruggs PACE 217PACE 213ALPHA DELTA FRATERNITY (Ix cal i Founded 1921 Pe'itioning Phi kappa Psi Colors Flowkr Green and While White Carnation FraTRKS l I MVKRS1TATK Staten H. Chance Seniors John W. Jennings Ben S. Hancock 1 enholf S. Marshall Donald R. Judkins Ned S. Porter W. Raymond Clary Juniors Richard M. Naylor Clifford 1). Hawley George W. Parks, Jr. Ronald A. Julian Wilhurn 1. Lawson Addison F. Marshall Ed. T. O'Donald Chester II. Ferguson So thotnores Marion I). Perkins Stunlcy II. Ferguson Bertram W. Walton Kenneth C. Pratt Henry T. Bouev Adam E. Reid Marshall M. Harris Alex 1). Reid M. Frank Chapman C. Howell Janes Freshmen Ralph W Lord Pete Smith William Anslcy Garland Weeds Edward Nusbaum Horace S. Williamson Edgar Curry Walter W. Johnson LI ward Driscoll T. K. Smith William Kirhv PACE 219PVOK 220SIGMA LAMBDA TAU I Local) K iiin lc l 1921 Petitioning DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Flower ' Colors Red Hibiscus Crimson an l Emerald Fratres in Facultate l)r. F. H. Heath Prof. F. L Prescott Fratres in L'niversitate arch M. Pirenian Frank C. Pelot William F. Anderson Class of 1926 Nicholas liodsdon Collier P. Ferrell Glenn T. Magill Class of 1927 Frank B. Reeder Vernon C. Steen Ralph R. Browning Liston S. Jones Oliver W. Hewitt Walter II. Stanwix-Hay George B. Prime Maynard V. Ouimhy Richard L. Kelly Volney A. Ixonard Robert C. Liggit Class of 1928 Reese llunnicutt Orren L. Valkenhurg (Gregory A. Pctronis Leroy C Uvc June Y Garner Benjamin G. Thornul Class of 1929 Thurman W. Bozeman Jerome A. Connor Paul I). Bird Jay II. McVcy PACE 221ALPHA X! FRATERNITY (local Hi koi.ttk Ct vn: II. C. M.%ttmkw J. R. Montoimuy F. II. Crowr . . President Vice-President Treasurer Treasurer Jus'o J. Fa In eg a J. I. Meek J. V Spencer L. C. Ha en R. Krnnr lv 1.. L. Sited ey W . W. Finnrrrn K. B. Webtfer C R. Allen . C. Crahani K. Fillingim . K. Stuart Max Helton C. C. Cox R. M. Slimier I{n|i lluu«lun. Honorary Member PACE 222PACK 223 PACE 224PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Edgar Todd president Henson Markham .................................. Secretary-Treasurer A. T. 0. I cin P. Woods Joe Sears K. A. John A. Murphree Hill Like Pi K. A Edgar It. Todd Preston Hilltop S. A. K. Henson Markham E. Mcgalhlin S.N. J. B. Copeland J. B. Cleaplin K.S. It. Thompson Iceland Keeker T. C. K. McDonald Prank Crom S. C. J. W. Wiig P.dward I). Hume P. k. P. James G. Sharon C. Bill 1). T. 1) E. It. McGill G. Piper, Sr. P. 1). T. Prank S. Wright S. Simmons S. P. P. E. A. Clayton W. M. Davie I CK 225CT.W.Day WCFLake HA. C ayton 2[HAtorkhorn 7 Af S mpson (TfA Allison H.C. Hurst PACE 226INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OF PHI DELTA PHI COCKRELL INN Founded in 1869 at the I'nivcrsity of Michigan Forty-three Active Chapters Resident Members F. J. Hampton E. B. Ilumpton Members in tiie Faculty R. S. Cockrell C. W. Crandall II. R. Trusler II. L Thompson J. W. Day Members in tiie I mversity J. M. B. Simpson . H. Wilson J. H. Markham J. M. Allison J. Otto J. A. II. Murphree R. Naylor Seniors F. II. Elmore Jr. K. S. Baynard John C. C. Watson Juniors R. S. Pierce II. C. Hurst E. A. Clayton Freshmen 01 in Watts Marion West PACE 227P GE 228FLORIDA CHAPTER ALPHA ZETA (Honorary Agricultural Fratenityt Founded at Ohio Slate I niversity, 1897 Colors Flower Old Cold and Sky Blue Pink Carnation Fratrcs in Facultate Dr. J. K. Turlington l)r. Wilmon Newell Maj. W. L Floyd Dr. O. C. Bryan Dr. A. L. Shealy Prof. C. II. Willoughby Prof. Frazier Roger Prof. James W. Day Prof. Giarles E. Abbott Prof. II. G- Hamilton Fratres in I riie Bert Clair Riley John M. Scott A. P. Spencer Jake S. Burton W. Ames Homer E. Brat Icy laince C. Richbourg Alexander Fratres in I xiversitatk llarald E. Huminar Charles H. Taylor, Jr. Preston R. Bishop Marvin A. Brooker Herbert Graves Harry C. Bucha Frank W. Brumley Willi Inland E. Jeffries John P. Camp Jesse W. Johnson Ralph D. Dickey T. L. Barrincau Mont B. Moore Sam G. Webb A. Hemphill PACE 229PACE 230SCABBARD AND BLADE National Military Fraternity Founded at the 1'niversity of Wisconsin. 1901 Company II. 2nd Regiment Established 1920 Fratres in Facultate Dr. A. A. Murphree ('apt. F. M. Brennan Col. K. S. Walker ('apt. E. M. Yon Major A. C. Tipton Capt. C. S. W hitehead Capt. W. M. Rawls Fratres in L’rbe J. 0. Cox J. N. Anderson Fratres in I mvkrsitate J. K. Merrin F. S. W right J. II. Markham F. II. Babers J. S. Butts T. W. Ramsey C. C. Swoope W. 1). Henderson W. C. Warren R. L Black N. J. Johnston A. L W est J. E. Pearce II. 1). Smith S. M. Creech T. J. Edwards E. G. Piper P. J. Mink A. II. Wilson S. 1). Wallace II. L Connell L S. Marshall J. S. Gunn F. 1 hissing G. B. Briggs C. V. Rainier P. R. Bishop J. R. IxNinard PACE 231PACK 232GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON BETA ALPHA CHAPTER 1921 Colors BIih and While Fratres in Faclltate l)r. T. R. Leigh |)r. W. 11. Beisler Dr. F. H. Heath Dr. V. T. Jackson Prof. A. P. Black Dr. H. G. Oddy I). E. Bishop R. M. Smith Fratres in I rue R. Stanly E. M. Sanders L. E. Dupont I. B. Dickey C. C. Sivoope J. B. Copeland Z. M. Pircnian P. 0. Wiig F. H. Babers R. E. Miller R. I.. Lavnion J. M. Boyd B. J. Otic M. B. Mat lack Fratres in I niversitate W. E. Flood I). W. Crane J. A. Ogg S. K. Love L C. Fi.-her L. B. Troxler R. C. Chninplin II. II. Blakeley R. F. Sins V. L. Hunt R. A. Carrigan N. A. Skeels 1). C. Booth Flower Hyacinth PACE 233PACE 2341)1 NCAN I . FLETCHER CHAPTER PHI ALPHA DELTA LAW FRATERNITY Installed at Florida, 1923 Colors Old Gold and Royal Purple Fratre i Kacultate l)r. A. A. Murphrcc Fkatkes in Iniversitate F. M. Ivey W. II. Wolfe L. W. Rogers Clyde V. Atkinson J. T. Harris Pledge Gordon I'. Pcttevray Lincoln C. Rogue J. W. Usher A. C. Busch Robert C. Parker G. M. Rudd. Jr. PACK 23S ssMPACE 236FLORIDA CHAPTER BLUE KEY Founded at the Inivcrsity of Florida, 1925 Motto: “Serving I live” Flower Colors Daisy Rtue and Cold Murray W. Overstreet ................................................ President J. Henson Markham Vice-President W %lla e W . Sh IFER Secretary K. Black Treasurer Mkmukrs Major Bert C. Riley Raymond 0. Burr J. Hooper Wise Erwin A. Clayton Frank S. Wright Silas M. Creech l 'in P. Woods Lawrence C. Case Egbert A. Busbee Ixmis II. Connell Robert E. Barfield llarald K. Ilammar Preston R. Bishop Ergar C. Jones Marvin A. Brooker Angus M. Laird Chili E. ('.lough Max Goldstein W. C. Cowell E. Beverly Mann Thomas J. Edwards. Jr. Edmund R. McGill J. Lewis Hall irgil M. Mew ton Rolx'rl 1 bulges W. Joe Sears. Jr. Robert C. Parker J. William I slier E. Gardner Piper Olin E. Watts E. Lunar Sarra Fuller Warren H. L. “Tom” Scbring PACE 237PACE 233ALPHA PHI CHAPTER ALPHA KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY i Professional Commercial» Founded in 1901 at New York I Diversity Fourty-four Active Collegiate Chapters Light Active Alumni Chapters Installed at Florida in 1926 Colors Him and Gold Fratres in Facultatk l)r. L. M. Bristol J. E. Grave J. A. Ogg I). IL Judkins I". . Ramsey M. I). Perkins FRVTKKS IN I NIVERSITATK Class ol 192(1 C. o. Barnes C. . Rainier P. J. Mank . P. Hic kman A. . Saarinen Class of 1927 II. II. Lipliam j. R. Holt C. W . Barnes M. F. Chapman Class oi 1928 I). L. Wall R. P. Major' James Messer, Jr.PACE 210PHI SIGM (Honorary Biological) l' miii lr l at Ohio Slat University 1915 Colors Flower Yellow, Green and White Shasta Daisy Fhatres in Facultate Prof. J. S. Rogers Prof. H. B. Sherman Prof. T. H. 1111hi11 Prof. John Gray Prof. M .1). Cody Prof. G. F. Weber D. M. Bates Preston Bishop II. E. Brat Iy J. 1). Camp J. B. Co|H land K. . Loucks FlMTKKS IN UniVEKSITATE R. I., luiymon II. C. Iliicha R. K. Miller C. II. Taylor II. I). Smith W. G. Warren P. 0. Wigg PAGE 241PHI KAPPA PHI HONOR FRATERNITY Officers 1925-26 .....President .Vice-President .....T rcasurer Secretary Resident Members 1925-26 A. P. Black 0. F. Berckr B. W. Ames C. E. Abbott J. R. Benton E. W. Berger A. P. Black 0. F. Burger V. W. Bucbholz L M. Bristol II. G. Clavton II. II. Colson II. S. Cockrell C. I.. Crow J. It. Cunningluini C. V. Crandall J. W. Dav J. M. Farr W. L Floyd J. R. Fulk F. B. ilam| tou II. A. Hall W. B. Hathaway J. M. Leake A. A. Murphrcc T. II. Leigh J. S. Rogers W i I moil Newell J. V. Norman W. S. Perry P. L Reed Joseph llocmer Frazier Rogers II. W . Ruprcclit J. M. Scott T. M. Simpson A. I Slica Iy A. P. Spencer Rudolpb Weaver II. R. Trawler J. E. Turlington Albert Vidal J. II. Watson (!. II. Willoughby B. W. Ames A. II. Caro B. C. Riley W. H. Beislcr A. W . Sweet F. H. Heath E. West Elected During Summer Session, 1925 Miss Loraec Peeples Miss Bernice Dew James Marline Pearce r.NDKItCIUDt ATKS Elected 1925-26 Iris and Science I. . S. Bon-tcel J. B. Copeland • J. W. Frazier J. E. Graves E. G. Piper L M. Chew F. II. Babers Max Pepper T. W. Ramsey F. W. Brumlcy H. S. Bucba Agriculture J. P. Camp Hubert Graves M. B. Moore M. G. Young II. W. Hills . M. Fireman Engineering W. E. Flood 1.. B. Reed A. W'. Stumpe ). B. Turbvfill II. A. Ward F. M. Ivey W. J. Ia«kc Late J. W. 1 slier David Weintraub Teachers V. II. Butler It. II. Poston 1). E. Timmons C. E. Mounts J. P. Prevail PACE 242Bi.ack and Wiiitr. PACK 243SIGMA DELTA PSI HONORARY ATHLETIC FRATERNITY Members Edgar Chas. Jones Ned S. Porter L S. Marshall W. F. Anderson Mark Mahannali G. 0. Whittaker Faculty Committer Frazier Rogers I . L. Reed Capt. E. VI. Yon J. L. While, Jr. II. L Haskell, Ml). Alumni R. I). Newton O'Neal Cox Cyril (). Brnlley P VGK 2MVlpiia Pill KrMLON PACE 245S|CM Tai PACK 216KAPPA DELTA PI (Honorary Educational Fraternity) Founded ul University of Illinois 1911 Thirty-two Active Chapters Fkatres in Faclltate Dr. J. W. Norman l)r. J. R. Fulk Dr. Joseph Roomer Prof. W. A. Little Prof. S. K. Kshlcman Fratres IN M. II. Brown Frank W. Brumlcy V. M. Butler I). E. Timmons John P. Camp M. C. Young NIVKRSIT TK llarald I laminar It. H. Shihl It. I Cunningham It. II. Poston Chas. A. II. Frensdorf Allen T. Craig PACK 247■I Ki.owkk Chrysun’.henium SIGMA DELTA FRATERNITY (Honorary Journalise) Petitioning Pi Delta Epsilon Organized at tin Cniversity of Florida in 1921 Colors Black and White Roll ok Mkmiikks E. Beverly Mann—EH.-in-Chief Angus M. Lord. Man. EH. Ilarald E. I laminar Hus. Mgr. Gardner Piper J. W illiam Esher Hugh L. Thompson Mahrv J. Francis Coojier. J. I wi» Hall Preston K. Bishop Wallace Shafer A. K. Black Krank W right A. Carlton Jr. Prof. Armstrong Silas CrriN-h Pl.KIM.KS Chili Clough Claude Sparkman Bohert Barfield PACK 2WROTC UNIVERSITY FLORIDA 1925-1926 J PACE 249Battaijon Omr.utsCurry Mojor Sil sMCretck L.«mF S WrijjKt. dJuant CaptRCChM W C pt HOSmxtK Cadkt Battalion OrrtCERs PACE 251l Lieut-Hervm Green w PAGE 2T»2Omj’.w PACK 255 Capt CRMcGiU Jr V; ' 1J5 i kw Ist L eut E G P j er Miss M artK T« urncr V 4 I: I' % a 1st Lieut AW Stumje 2' ‘LieutG TMdjill PACE 254Company B BACK 2SSCdjitFH Babers MmMacy Herne l5JLieutGBB rices I ut PJ 'Mld V ly- L CutAH DamsCoMPAM C I CE 2S7Ist Lieut J SGunn PACE 258Company I) PACE 259ok ao «i l?v Lieut WTRamseCoMrANY K PACE 261CoptWDHend «raon At.ssV »55 V irpi'n la lows On 'Z V nr] . |JtLitut WJ Fowler 2n Lieut H LThompson 2r,1Lteut5 HChme FACE 262Com pam F PACK 263PACE 26tSERPENT RIBBON SOCIETY An Inter-Fraternity Social Organization OFFICERS Frank R. Van Ckom ......................................................... president William Anderson ...................................................... Vice-President Frank H. Elmore, Jr............ ......... Sect'y.-Treat. I). NCK COMMITIKK John MIimui. A. T. 0„ Chairman John Dickinson. A. T. O. Clui». Fisher, S. N. Logan Hill. S. . J. M. B. Simpson. K. A. Raymond Marsh. T. X. Pete Norton, Phi I). T. Kdgar Todd. P. K. A. Roy Thompson. K. S. Frank darter. I). T. I). Andrew Pallillo. S. A. C. Cui Rill. P. K. Phi William Judge. S. P. K. Lincoln Rogue. I). X. Mi»« dlara Tucker. Ki‘ immec, Sponsor P C;F. 266Mewbob Vlimia Tat: Omm;a John Alli on Richard Brown ('has. Tutcwilcr Jack Itowe Henry Haynard Joseph Saunder Cliff Inglis Jerry Garrard Roliert Hay nard Joseph Sear llop Phirl Fred Gunter John Dickinson William Morgan Richard Hold Karra Amt a J. M. B Simpson Joseph Bay a W illiam O. Pearce. Jr. louit Knight A. A. Simpson Wm. Harn« Power Bryant I). Ilier . Jr. William Fisher. Jr. Edgar C. Jones Frank II. Elmore. Jr. L. C. Gracy J. W inthrop Randolph W in. Harper Davidson Trusten Drake Stockton Broome Sam E., Jr. Pi Kawa Vlmia C. K Pogue H. E. Field. J. T. Atkinson Maxie Dell II. B. Bennett E. It. Todd J. C. McCraw J. M. Pedrick P. R. Bishop C. L. Hrumhaugh Dick Woodruff SlCW A Altiia Emi.ox Menton Markham Jimmie John«on John Burnett Archie Buie Andrew Patlillo Hoh. Hensley “Dutch" Stanley Perry Brvan “Punch" Megathlin Archie Livingston J. J. McCranie "Buck" Frederick Ed. Norton W illiam Stanley Ernest Howyrr Theta Chi F. R. Crom E. E. Mason C I). I.inehaugh II. A. Hendry R. B. Mard. J. E. Hols berry J. W. Minge W. It. Newsom J. R. McClure W. J. Child C. It. Eaton R. T. Douglas. Stew a Nit Ion Walker Bussell Clark Palmer Tyler Tommie Watson Phillip Mank Stuart Simpson 0. . Tyler Brent Watson Hill Caml.le J. B. Chaplin Currie Witt Jack Justice Irwin Seay Charles Fi her Compton French Johnny Markham Karra Sicw Cy Savage Roy Thompson Eugene Page Jean Sappington Herbert Huller Carl Green Arihur Anderson 1). W. Black Egbert llutbec Breese Provost Maurice l.uca Johnny Walker Pi i Karra Pm Sam McCormick Chas. C. Bill Charlie Crozrr Edlo Wright James Chambliss Marshal Meadow Gifford Grange Roliert Scholia Kermit Callahan Paul Bradley Paul Melson Delmar Joe 1.. Robert Fred Le Seur Mitchell Permenter Stow a Chi Hardin Branch Ben Culvcrhouse Carr«d Dcwee Alden Smith George 1.ester Monroe Campliell Duncan Tliarin Jimmie Gardner Robert Leach Henry Bingling Hugh Gilwon Logan Hill Dana Crum Buxton Mitchell Edward Anderson Pm i Dixta Tiieta Edwin Yrirxr Frank Wright Henry Curry Ralph Nimmons Pete Norton Charlie Ball John Ginter Virgil Newton Fred Curti Sam Byrd Wade Harrison T. J. hat ward. Olin Wall Floyd Nein Kirven Slade Dick Rail Tom Slade Slew i Phi Kpsilox Hilly Judge l.anur Sarra Powell Major Delta Tat Delta Frank Carter Jimmie Peers Italph Head . E. Berry Jr. . Hiddlelterger Jack Thon.|»son F. L. Rirkard It. N. Ai.tlry Dixta Ciii John Gunn Byron T. Soule Joe Kickling Jimmy shenhur t Walter Hraden George Thomas Burton Hendry Lincoln llogur J. B. Livingston Morrison Pearce Power Taylor Dean llouk PACK 267PAGE 268THETA RIBBON SOCIETY Donald Baikd. S. A. E......... ..................... ... . ’resident Raymond Daniel, T. X.................................................... Vice-President IIAltitY WATHOLS, A. 'I'. O................................... Secretary and Treasurer Da no Committki: W illiam Imke, K. A. Chairman Marion Session . A. T. O. William Powell. I . K. A. Carlton Crenshaw. S. A. K. Karnn»t McDonald. T. X. Bryson Copeland, S. N. I.eland Becker. K. S. Janie Sharon. I . K. I . Dale llunir, S. X. Sloe Simmon . I . I). T. Julian Kant. k. . William Davis, S. I . K. Glen Meade. I). T. I . Alpha Tau Omkca Charles Clough Murray Ovcnircrt Marion Sessions Frank Hobbs Edgar Blake Norton Christy Gardiner Welch Julian Fant Joe Pomeroy l.orrainr Dwyer Alex Balfc Donahl Booth lam Wood Hal Black Kappa Kolvert Oliver James Be van Harry Walrou Waller Cowart Alpha Noyes UnK William l.ake Richard Merrill William Canley Pi K.i Waller Sciulli William Powell John . Murphree James l(an iolph Waller Troxler Tom Fuller Alpha William Lyle Delkin Jones SlLW A VLTHA Kps I LON Donald Baird William Burch Carlton Cmuliaw Aubrey Howe Jock Hollel Wesley Shaflo Marvin Green Winston Ramsey Bryson Copeland N. W. Brown Halbert lve» A. I). Hutson James Sharon Kvans Crary Clyde Davis Glen Whittaker Paul Wiig Sidney Roliert Raymond Daniel Cordon Mobley Joe Frazier Curtis Warren Allen Ramsey A. K. Black Bert Ames G. R. Ilelvenston Kdward Bridges G. I). Hamilton C. H. Field B. I), oiler Dale Hume John W ii|t Frank Kuwait Henry Camp Tiilta Cm Wallace Shafer Kmest McDonald Sigma Ni: Norri» Ba«kin llultert Crave William Mason Kappa Sicma M. II. O'Neal Iceland Becker Brantley Brannon Pi Kappa Phi II. A. Kdward A. W. Smith Pitt Delta Tiicta Ben Wade Jerome Cardray Sigma Ciii Jack Judy Franklin Toole Melvin Nelson Kdward Maiden Lauren Jones John Vandcripe Joe Mason Max Daugherty William Gray George Holbrook Sidney Her long I.. G. Fleming Waller Kmrnon M. L. McClung George Dean Jack Wise Finley Williamson Sigma Piii Epsilon William Davis A. 0. Brown E. Kggc N. A. Poller R. P. Jenkins E. K. Turner Delta Tau Dllta C. K. Meade T. W. Fletcher I). P. Evans R. C. In zczyn ki W. P. Paxton Kevi Butler Tom Walrou Jack Bryson Fred Wood George Venawine Charles Au ley John Troxler W addie Murphree Smart K le Herbert Messer Ire Ballard Busier Brown Dudley Chittenden Clyde Middleton Robert Bishop Royal Lnlriener Duncan Spencer Wi I liter Huffman K. Beverly Mann Kenneth Becker Tom Owen Douglas |n igh Sieve Simmons Jimmy Clark Kdward Burn George Douglas Dick Fraze I). I). FumcI C. W. DopMin PAGE 269PACK 270THE PIRATES Founded at I lit I Diversity «f Florida, 1921 SPONSOR Miss Clementine Baker Lem Woods ...... FRANK Ki.moue ... Archie Livingston Joe Frazier .... Donald Baird Bill Lake ....... .....................Ca plait. First Male Second Male Third Mat ’ Chairman Dance ConvniUee Cabin Hoy Tiie Crew Woods Buh McClure Ernest McDonald Frank Crom Bill Childs Joe Sears Frank Flinore John Allison Harry Walrous Archie Livingston Murray Overstreet Bill take Donald Baird Jin Bcvan Charlie Tucker Charles Clough Joe Frazier AI Fields James Randolph El Blake Ed Jones Spic Stanly Jack Simpson Lawrence Case Gardiner Welch Jack Justice Goldy Goldsti 'in Bill Burch John A. Murphrec Pat Palilla Bill Mason Fdgar Todd Cracker Crenshaw Allan Ramsey Jinunie Peers Bryson Copeland Dinky Merritt Bill Powell J. M. Simpson Punch Mcgaihlin Boh Pierce PAGE 271PACE 272BARONETS Kappa Sigma Roy Thompson Bill Cray Sigma Alpha Epsilon DoikiM Baird Archie l.ivingaton Drury Gimp Spit Slanlv Pi Kappa Alpha Dick Woodruff Kap ta Alpha Frank Elmore Jack Simplon Theta Chi Frank Crom Boh McClure Sigma Phi Epsilon Billy Judge Alpha Tan Omega John Alli-on Chili Clough Cliff Inglis Phi Delta Theta Charlie Ball Phi Kap m Phi Dofcy Bridge-Jim Shanon Sigma .Xu Bill Gamble Jack Justice PACE 273PACK 271Hi nton Kncinukminc Society I CK 27 Hk.nto.n Kncinkkkinc Socirn PACK 277PACK 27HCOMMERCE CLUB First Semester Charles 0. Barnes Officers Second Semester James E. Craves, Jr Donald R. Judkins S. A. Pratt. Members in Picture T. W. Ramsey Henry Fratcr I . R. Majors Kenneth Howell W. T. Hicks P. J. Mank M. M. Harris M. 1). Perkins K. T. Hart H. B. Smith D. L Wall R. H. Ferguson C. V. Rahner Harry Tubbs M. R. Hunnicult H. L. Mulispaugh J. A. Ogg C. W. Barnes J. R. Holt C. W. Thomas Members .Not in Picture M. R. Harrison W. B. Creech 11. II. Uipham E. L Miller W. 1). Judge T. . Harrison James Messer, Jr. C. H. Bardin W. J. Cowait N. J. Scribner R. II. Burritt A. M. Swift S. M. Creech T. A. Ilouzc W. 1). Gamble, Jr. L B. ShullingDi val Countv Cm b I CE 2801)1 VAL Col MV Cum PACE 281FaIIH I.ITIIvMO Society PACK 2H2Far I.itkraky Socnrrv PACE 283John Mak'Iim.i. Dibntinc Soacrv PAGE 284John Maiimi.vll Duatixc Socii.ty PACE 2 r PACE 286 LAKELAND CLUB The Lakeland Cluh at the University of Florida was organized with the following purposes in view: First to promote good fellowship among the Lakeland hoys attending the school; Second to interest every hoy graduating from Likeland High School in coming to Florida; Third to boost the “Skyline City” on the campus as the lies! town in the state. Miss Evelyn Wilson Dick Naylor ...... Raymond Clary .... Ronald Julian .... Dillion Graham ... .....Sponsor .....President Vice-President .....Secret ary .....Reporter PACE 287 UrtCMlM COUNTY CLUB A A i. nii Ooi n Cm ii PACE 288A . Coi lkm: Cluh PACE 289Haptij-t Ci.r» PACE 290S A.PRATT PRES. BTCOLEMAN 3EC.-TRFA. ROY LAIRD V-PRES. n MISS, llva raffield DOUGLAS BARROW sponsor H.E.PERMNS CLYO PELHAM ANGUS LAIRD Bay Coi my (.'m b PACK 291OB. UCCS-7RIAS. Kl XfjtStXM' Cmi. Km.imijiim. Sociim PAGE 292VktfWj, III MEMORWI ------------------—--------------- ------------------1-: .-__________ ___ X Antiqmus Antiquis —__ li e ift'Ryiii: Classical Cluh PACK 293Con Mci Coi n Cm H PACE 2 lrr- Tl — Bauflai Kc 5u«»i' J . K»wiLH». M 4V ' » « Fort I.m huu'M.i: Cu n PACK 295Fort Mymo Cldm PACK 296JL COMPTON Jr LWMOON MISS EDITH STONE PC l Jfr.JOC xrd YYTWAHITCIVA mm MCCLELLAN m% th - TOM WENS , m TT NED FORTE ncEdnfjjr. MiSS LOUSE MESSINA A»TAt.M» COl.A Cult and Fkankun Cm b PACE 297Harm; : On Nn Cu « PACK 298Indian River. St. Uae and Martin C«i ntv Cub PACK 299MiSS Mint JcKnson Spenser K.R. Lillians Reporter MISS Mildred Sch Spoaser JirroiMN County Club R.H. Simpsor. Pres. W. J? BullocK Vk« Pres. M.H McLeod PACK 300I,Men Chemical Socikty PACE 301 I.kon County Club i PACE 302toe HDVcns , l ? TAxta . Miami Ci.iiii PAci 304LUFTW jmniiiN B.uweay vtufpsrr KWOT IAQM S?W H.J1EN5H JLJ.CAM R.H.3WA1N Mortar ni 1’i;mu: Stwn.TA PACK 305Newman Cm ii PACE 306PACK 307A.T.CfMC PRES. EIPHLLSBURV RB HENDERSON $£C-7Rm f Gwmrn v-ras. WffSDORGWfflBfr SPONSOR. LnsMy MIHL PEW LEWIS FRASER LP SPENCER MISS VERA GILBERT. SPON5CR LH.MEETM LGIOS IZ W MJR I’anco Coi ntv Ci.i is I VCE 303PACE 309PAGE 310T.jUOWeOK dll wm snRMR. ■limns M5-2 msm Lmm ainm SEC. iUJQ04£5 MMI Peabody Club PACK 311Poi.k Coi mv Chib PACK 3121 1 TV M Col MV Cl.HB PACE 313Sarasota Cm h PACE 311HCY to NU3CAOH HARVEY Ptfk. HK WALLACE JAY fl'VE Y W 6 AN HEY 9 BOARDHi K HANCOCK WAITER Jlt«lN5 H PEARCE h fUMSbicn Sr. Peters nine Clib PACE 315Semi.noli: County Ci.u PACE 316Taylor County Club PACK 317Volusia Courty Club PACE 3186l£ HOVd ll;IT) V«00'IVM() UVV - rv'|i»|| vuxiv.w 001VHVA ■■Wisconsin (4.111 PACE 320M.QBLUE SECY- TREA. A.L.HARDY V PftES. tu MISS LORENE-POSTON SPONSOR MERCER COX W. H.SWINDLE WASHINGTON Coi'NTVjUgti I w JoV T. Cowy L,UU CW (Him C StoAVc F WVUtt Okecciiuhu Trim: PACE 322x Kloi nt tci»v. Cu b PACE 323M171 Ml r.U K PACE 324SEMINOLE HALL OF FAME ANGUS I.AIHD. i» whom, for his vacillating temperament, the power that Ik should award a silver loving cup. Iliw chiltli«h editorial nuke him worthy of the A'alionat It. Y. V. Weakly. LEWIS MALI.. Who ha applied for a niche a» a | olitician. We regret that this place has already been reserved for Percy Revel . FULLER WARREN. One of the great unappreciated men on the campu . In a fit of terror he rescued the University from the la»h of l.r Fouet hy revealing it perpetrators to the dmin-instration. Save himself from the ordeal of having an opinion hy agreeing with everyone. Cover hi stupidity with a horse laugh. MURRAY OVERSTREET doesn't lielong in this Hall of Fame because listen. Iniv . this i a bad Hall of Fame. ROBERT T. MILLED— “Dumb Boh". The only pure-bred Florida ruor hack ever registered at the University of Florida. E. BEVERLY MANN, the only man in school who has no mirror on hi dresser. Instead Bev ha a picture of a blond Ai ol!o with clenched fi l bleeding, standing knee-deep in knock outs and interrupting hi recital of the Kuluivat to shout that word un niilingly ► to the horde who are afraid to "Come on!” From the gallery, a cluster of l eautiful faces, comes the remark. “Ah! Hut he is a great lover!” I. M K SAKHA— Never yet lu found a time when he couldn't think of the correct expression to w-rar. I.ommie is a good boy and a plucky athlete allowing liiin clf to wither and shrink over the fire of his own zealous opinion. KILL I So long a Gerald Bee was with us Bill obtained office a hi Ijpdog. Now lie ha assumed the lifetime task of converting a farmer into a lawyer. 11111.1 1.01 (.11. the only legitimate reason why . T. O.' should continue to foster Florida “dramatics . MARVIN BKOOKEK had !»een an honorable mail for four year , hut in hi fading days lie lost hi virtue in order to dish dirt for the new “unorganized" party. LEM WOODS, committeeman, needed honor o, with the help of other elf-pieked illustrious Seniors, lie made the Black and While Masrjue. JOHN DICKINSON, hatch worthy of mention. PRESTON ItiSIlOP chief of the tril c of Pi Kapfu Mplia hy right of seniority. No other brave ha survived four years of grade sheets. “Dt KE” IH PONT. Has three hig failing : shine women, and song lie indulges only in those two. however, which a a chemist lie can afford. GARDNER PIPER. When not fleecing -omeone he »pcnds his time laughing at tin ir opinion of him. Ha no cruple . hut cover the cavilv with a thick curtain of discreetness. I on the inside of nearly everything because lie i apt to do less harm there than outside, lie i so PACE 326curiously fret frum rfo!iun that we are afraid there i some catch in it. IVrliap he is concealing that al»o behind hi Ml) mine countenance. EDGAR JONES. Florida can utter on!v praise. between her buw» to an enviou South, for harboring the halfback that is a part of Ed’ endowment. We are sorry, however, that lie thot he could walk R'carily into office—just because he deserved it. I.A VS HENCE CASE. Vnolher hit of "undirected efh rt”. He i- a great -ucce at nothing in particular. Has left two monument in lire choo| annals: lie named the Student Activities Building and edged llen-nn Markham out of |.ord High Chancellor. VS II.I.IE MORGAN. Gctzen- tool. So crooked that he hold a gun on himself to that he won't ateal hi own "share" of the Ihh»:v. lie admit that hi temple m-ed bathing, hut neither lie nor an one else ha ever been able to find them. RALPH CIIAMPI.IN. Big in physique, mind, and ego. Hi po e i that of a cynic hi habit, criticism -his ambition, Bohemian. Take pride in lieing different he i«! JEKRY Mebll.l.. Fortune’ mannekin. Boo-ied into office by the Beefsteak Club; aided and aliened by the Ed Jones split in the opposition; born lucky- think it' ability hi self-assurance, o far, has never been unjustified and he i too simple to er that it can’t la«t forever. HOI! HODGES. Ha never done anything really good and i too dumb to do anything very bad. Most of his harm is done in a negative way; in fact he i completely negative except, of course, hit very positive qualities a an as . LOLLS HONSTEEL—Egotistical. arrogant, boastful, petty, unmannerrd. snobbish, hypocritical, affected, and assinine these are some of hi characteristic . Other will lie mailed (in plain wrapper) upon request. MAX GOI.OSTEIN. ide from having justly earned the award for "Florida’s most valuable player”, Goldv it well wotlhy of mention. College has made him lose rather than given him an interest in the fine art ; but we don’t Iwlieve that Gohly will reach the Babbitry he i headed for. "STON'EMU ISE” ANDERSON— most versatile of the mediocre , lway attribute- hi failings to the villainous plots of "politic ". One of the men who do Florida much good, hut by their very nature make it impossible to reward I Item. Page Mr. Cartwright, please. RAYMOND III HB, he most inefficient Secretary-Treasurer with which the Student Body has ever hern afflicted. To know him is to love him. Nobody knows hint. JOE SEARS, has all the aspiration- of u | olitician with a painful shortage of success. For two year he has run on a coincidental block ticket which was the result not of politic , hut of the happy choice of goodwill and fellowship among his friends. HENSON MARKHAM, naive Reefstcaker- a tickled over his election to Student Body President as a Ivaby over a new pink rattler. In his chapter house he holds weekly cla c in courte»y; up to date his course has not taken with the brothers. Hi face reflects his personality clean, hut perfectly blank. SII.AS CREECH, politician plenipotentiary, business manager beneficial, peanut-fed wonder. A shining example of what Florida can do for a South Georgia fanner boy. SAM ROLL-WEEVIL WALLACE, tombstone buddy of the Gainc-villc police force. Gives it season bid to all University social function . PAGE 327 Elevator Girl: “Going down! ’ Stcwd: “What a coincidcnsh, sho’in I”! Frank Horsey: “I’m going out for the Masqueraders. Willie Morgan: “What do you want to lie, the background” 1st—Go to Hell. 2nd—I'll lie damned if I do. Ike—Do you know Mahlc? Mike—Yes, she's abroad, you know. Ike—Say “in Euro lie” man, it sounds better. Nit—What ho, old bean, why so huffy? Wit—Haw, I say, Archie, I am rather confused. The traffic officer on yonder corner told me to slow up, and the one on this corner told me to slow down. Quite exasperating, and all that, what? There arc two kind of blind dates. No. 1—Did you have a blind date last night? Yeah. AND No. 2—Did you have a blind date last night? O-h-h-h BOY! Samln (at explosion of shell)—-ImIWiI)’, Hell done laid a uig! First Liar—W here I come from the mosquitoes were so thick you could swing a pint cup around your head ami catch a quart. Second Liar—Say, where I come from the mosquitoes arc so thick that when you want to talk to a fellow you have to throw a rock at him ami talk through the hole. LITTLE HIT OF LOVE COES LONG WAYS. Patron—W hat kind of pie have you? Tony—We haf two kinds of eppic pie, plain epple and pine cpple. He—What is a metaphor? Him—To keep cows in, you sap. Nil—Whatche got to drink? Wit—I got gra|»e. and coca cola, and orange, and gra|»e. ami ginger ale. and. and grape. Nit—Gimme a grape. Wit—Aain’t got no grape. Oy—W hy was Jerry kicked out of school? Yoy—Cheating—he started sneezing during a Russian exam, and they shipped him for conjugating a verb. First stage hand—The act can’t go on. the contortionist broke his arm. Second stage hand— (low’d he do it? First ditto—Got drunk and stepped on it. Fair—I d love to go on the house party- W armer—That’s how most girls gel there. Diner (surveying alleged ham sandwich — Hey waiter, shuffle 'em again, will you. I got the joker! Total—How do you like Kipling? Loss- I don't know, how do you Kipple? PACE 328DIG IV BY Dl (; A dingciou pr»|N %iiioii i a 'hallow girl playing atuuiiil deep water. Our »addc t thought r of ill millcnium ami the poor dcxil who will Im- in ihr Ja»i Krr h-nun cla . It u»ed to l»c that a girl slapped a fellow when hr got fa l. now hc kick- him if hr d«w n't. But that »a» hack in tin day when the llnd n Super Six na considered a k mh| auto-mobile. Who started that applesauce alxmt College professor Itring aliM'iit minded? They say a grocer know hi onion —wonder if a roo lrr know hi egg ? Kipling says you never can tell about women. You can. but if a good way to g. t hot. The night watchman in a college town may not hr much of a scientist but In- ha thrown light on wmc mighty interesting oiuff. The Y. M. C. A. pledge ! more men thi year than any other National on the campu . A “wow” i» a girl who doesn't very often, but when lie iloe WOW! Statistic how that for every girl who leap from a peeding ear at midnight, there are fifteen who ought to hut don't. A thing of beauty keep one broke forever. Life and love are game , death end one, marriage the other. The po um i a tnall American animal. The O'possum i the lri h specie of the amr family. Shhlih—There often a lip twixl the dress and the hip. Sin is imagination pin action. Diplomacy i» all right—a long a it get the diploma. You don’t have to lie crazy to do the Charleston, but it help . When it come to covering a multitude of sin . Charity i a |w or second to Darknew. PACE 329THE LAST CLASS Titus by D.u dkt Lyiucs by Ihvinc K MOTION IIv Hkck It wan I hr last class of tlir year and a heavy silence Iiiihr over the room. Occasionally it diml into the professor's spittoon with a resounding splash. All the scholars strained to keep hack their tears having done this they restrained them; there was really nothing else to do. Old Professor Pooker sat at his desk, his head sunk low into his vest pocket—it was the Iasi class of the year and few if any would come after it. Hut to appear cheerful and maintain the morale of his dear charges he related the witty remark that Caesar made to Lincoln when the latter offered hint a Camel. But they re-fused to 1m- comforted. A pool of tears spread on the floor large enough to hold ducks—tear duels, if you will 1m funny. The kindly old professor was uitahlc to stand more, and turning to a map of France he tore out the town of Poisson and ate it greedily. With wails of sorrow the class filed by his fallen form, each taking from his pocket a piece of money as n souvenir; then they departed. moist and crushed, like a drove of injured cream puffs. It was the last class of the year. Ike- How did the party end? 'like Don't know. I wa on the wagon. Ike Water? Mike —Police. Wise—I’ll say Jimmie i plenty fa t. Dumb What dors lie play, quarterback? Highbrow How do you like Krritlcr? Low Brow -Fine! Fast pick up. eighty horse power, smooth running, ami twenty miles to the gallon. Senior Can any of you rat spare a piece f pie? Chorus of Pledges No. sir! •Senior—Then pass me one you can’t spare! The girl (for the fortieth time)—Kiss me. The boy -What do you call tliose things you’ve lieen getting all evening? Mary—I don’t like the Charleston. Jane—1 can’t learn it either. Oh mother, look at that tramp with that piece of wrapping | aprr. Hush darling, that’s not a tramp, that’s a college graduate with his Diploma. ’27—1 was talking to your girl last night. ’26—If you were talking, you're wrong, it wasn’t my girl. Stcwd What time is it? Boiled—Thursday. Stcwd Maybe we’re two other fellers. No. I Coming to my wooden wedding? No. 2 Thought your girl wooden marry you. No. 1—She wooden, that’s what we’re gonna celebrate. Co-ed I’d like to leave school for the week end I want to visit by brother. Dean talrsent mindedlyt—How long have you known him? Co-ed (worse) About two weeks. Tom—Didn’t I see you at the Tech-Ceorgia game? Jerry—No. I go to Washington and Tom Must have been two other colleges.MODERNIZED MASTERPIECES OF LITERATURE LAI NCEI.OT AM) ELAINE Scene The East veranda of Astolat. Elaine i scaled in a rocker, reading College Humor and sipping a highball. Enter Launcelot. Elaine: “Sweet man. I love vou!” Liuncelol: “Turn off the draft woman. our old man is in the front room!” Elaine: “Let us wander in the garden.” Lonnie: “You’re already wandering in your mind.” Elaine: “Marrv me. I love vou.” Lonnie: “Cowbells, that Scotch has got you loopin’. My motto is ‘stay single. and teach vour children to do the same’.” Elaine: “Just to In with vou always would make me happy.” Lonnie: “Well, if you're hintin' at a week end date—’’ Elaine: “You’re not as dumb as you look after all.” I iuncelot (overcome with emotion): “Kiss me!” Elaine (overcome with Scotch): "Hie!” Exit I iuncelot and Elaine. SCENE TWO CENSORED THE DUELING SCENE FROM HAMLET Scene—Boyles Thirty Acres. Hamlet and Ijiertes are in their corners. The gong sounds. Hamlet leads a stiff left to the jaw. I aertus counters and covers up. Hamlet rushes him to the ropes. The King: “Attn baby! Knock him for a goal!” The Queen: “Work on him Hammy!” Hamlet floors Lierte with a right hook. Royal Rooters: ‘Tear im down! Put ’irn to sleep!” Hamlet: “Come on, you hum, fight!” laiertes rallies and Hamlet goes down from a mean hook to tin wind. Royal Rooters: “Foul! Foul!” Hamlet is on his feel at the count of eight. Hr dives into a clinch. The King: “Break! Break!” Osric: “Bring up yer right! Bring it up!” 141 cries staggers Hamlet with a wicked uppercut. Hamlet recovers ami hammers Liertes against the rojies. They are both groggy at the hell. The King declares the fight a draw. Hamlet: “A draw? Why you big ham—!” (Knocks him for a loop.) COITAIN PACE 331lie—What i that around your neck? She—Thai in a necklace. He- You're »o durned high hat I thought may hr it was your gutter. BLISTER I.NE MIGHT HAVE PREVENTED THIS ! ! ! ! She thrilled v%ith anticipation. He was a new man, and raid to be plenty keen. Tall and handsome, with dark eyes and a alow, easy smile, he followed her into the waiting car. He necked wonderfully. Hi arm ten»ed slowly about her and his lips trembled when they pressed her . Snuggled close to him. she was filled with little warm tremor . She was in Love. She ran lightly up the steps of the club to the dressing room. Joyously, she did all those fussy and highly important thing which women do in dressing rooms before a dance. With laughing eye »he stepped down into the ballroom. He was coming toward her, with his eyes alight, that same boyish smile on his lips. Suddenly the light died from her eyes; a bleak spasm of anguish convulsed her face; with a dry sob she turned and stumbled from the room. Her dreams—gone, shattered, vanished! He had a "white coat collar!" She You're smothering me. He—Better be glad they’re kiw and not onions. Love me? No. (Five minute later. • I vote me? NO! Then sit on your own lap! Rat—Gimme a package of sin-sin . (Jerk—Heard you the first lime. She—Will you ever love another? He—Lord no, never! Fiesh— Mary and I gave a party last night. Fresher - at so? W ho all came? Fresh—Ju«t me and Mary— Football coach—Men. the game begin in five minutes—are you going to fight or are you going to lay down? The team—We will; Coach—What do you mean? The team—We will not! Coach—That’ the old Florida spirit! More in sorrow than in anger. I gazed upon her heavily hennaed tre e«. “You are too young to dye!" I said. “And loo beautiful," she murmured. Whatcha gonna do with a girl like that? He—Mary doesn’t kiss anybody but her friend . It She doesn’t seem to have any enemies. iWc heard one something like this before.! Junior— Where did you get the black eye? Senior —You know that woman whose hu» band i in New York? Junior—Yeah. Senior—Well, lie ain’t. Fir ! Chinese—Thy prince i an uncouth blackguard. Second Chinese So’s your old mandarin. PAGE 332r WOMEN Then? arc women--and women. There arc women who speak to you on the street ami high hat you when they ri«ic hy. Their are women who high hat you anyhow. There are women who smoke. women who almost smoke, ami women who don't even perspire. Tliere are women who chew gum in theatre ami think the captain of the footlull team is "cute.” There are women who | et. women who say “don’t." and women who mean it. There aie women who drink (but none in Tallahassee of course!. There are women wIk “would love to but I can’t stay out that lute.’’ There arc women who dance like fairies and women who dance like jwdar hears. There arc women who arc Iwautiful ami women who are dumb. There are wom n who are Iseaiitiful ami dumb. There are ideal women Hut I’ve never seen one. She- I just adore foreign language , lie I’m rather fond «f Scotch myself. CEOMERTY FOR BEGINNERS (And Quitters) The shortest distance between two pints i the width of the trousers’ seat. No one is square in an eternal triam i?. hypotenuse i» absolutely worthless as a pipecleancr. Your ungle is always the right angle. To describe some circles perlectly requires the use of unprintable word . Parallel lines never meet, and if they did they ptohaldv wouldn’t |wak to each other. r. C. . Cl IUOSITY Curiosity is the l»oinl hurled into the midst of conventionality with devastating results The dirt flies! Curiosity i- the nasty little cat that go- creeping along the garden wall at midnight. Life is a seesaw. Curiosity swings the plank. Curiosity causes girls to Ik Chesterfields in-trad of Camels. Curiosity is the reason why! new gill caine to town. They aid she was a prude, too serious, narrow minded, hypersensitive, strait-laced, underdeveloped, inexperienced, unsophisticated, abnormal, thin skinned, all wet in other words, she was decent. Dumb Kiosh (to co-ed who is leaving the room May I come too? Co-ed You’ll never come to. unconscious. Curious old lady (to one armed man) I see that you have lost un arm. Man Well, darn’d if I haven’t! Collej- Is thi the Girl's Kefonn School? Voice on the phone—Yes. Collej—l)o you try to save had girls? Same voice—Yes. Collej- Well, try and sate me one for to-niotrow night, will you? Small brother- Mother said to call you. Kig brother (sleepily) — Three aces, whateha got? College widow—What are you trying to pull off anyhow? Fast 29cr—You ought to know; you’re old enough to dress yourself. Ho—Does Fay pet? Ho -You said a lapful!! The l.a s I went for a ride with Hobby la t night. The Lad How far slid you go? The lais None of your business! Hcebc— Did you know that women were in politics many thousands of years ago? Jeebr No; wltcre did you get that? Well, it stated that Salome’s motion wa received by tin- house with loud app’ausc. Orange Oul. PACE SUSAMSON: THE FIRST ACT THAT EVER BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE I LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN FROM HER Haul knew that I was poor but proud. I told her that with Uf it would have to be love in a cottage for a number of years to come. She said that her life would l»e devoted to mending my socks, and gatliering rambler roses around the front door. Oum was to he the perfect lore. Hard confided that once upon a time, she had “fallen" for a particular flame named Oswald. However, we decided that it had licen a case of puppy love. So we got married. Then one morning they published Oswald's income tax return in the paper. I have never seen Hard since. Don't lie misled by the name Hard. She was named after a nut. hut alas, there are lot? of girls named Olive who aren't so green. -Red Co . THE OLD-FASHIONED SWIMMING PARTY Ur sure to bring your Imlhing suit The party's chaperoned. Ga. Tech Yellow Jacket. T. C T. Many are the cans that are opened tonight. Covered with evening dew; Many are the kids that are howling tonight; Many are the black-flies, too. For we’re Tenting tonight, tenting tonight. Tenting on the old camp ground! There’s a pup in the midst of the apple pie Ind Grandmother’s knickers are torn. Oh. the back tire’s flat and the gas tank’s dry .Ind we wish that we’d never been born! Tenting tonight, tenting tonight. Tenting on the old camp ground! Oh. the girl in the car from Calumet Is flirting n ith poor uncle It ill. Oh. the canned heat’s gone and the beds are wet Hut we’re saving a hotel bill! For we’re Tenting tonight, tenting tonight. Tenting on the old camp ground! Gather ye glances while ye may: Short skirts are growing shorter And the man in the streets is more blase Than an aged I'ullman porter. So be not coy. but do your stuff. And here’s a tip as a starter: ”If you’re not attracting attention enough Just hang a bell to your garter.’’ Ilucknell llelle Hop. PAGE 334Doctor—“Say, you’re going to ruin yoor stomach drinking that Muff!” I Vint grad “'Sail right. Doe, '»all right, i: won’t show with my coat buttoned." Have you kissed the bride? No, hut I think I could. She Doe my hair bother you? lie You said a mouthful. ‘98 In my day I ran the hundred in ten aeeondn flat. ’28 What did they time vou with, a nun dial? And how alKiut the girl who wan so dumb •he thought a bacteria wu the rear door of a cafeteria? I(at ( in Gainesville Grocery Store! Where i your head cliee«e? New clerk lie just stepped out for a minute. lie Kd Jones i» going to kick off. I: Oh how terrible! I didn't know le had been hurt. Jack—He left the dance early so he could g t her liome in time. Jill—How far doe she live? Jack—Two block . Jill—Oh! We couldn't print this one It was on Doe Murphree! Married »iude (helping out wifie)—I want a pound of mince meat and cut it off a tree, tender young mince. We know a fellow mi swell headed that hi friend- threw puffed rice at hi wedding. Soph That’ the spice of life. Hat W bat i»? Soph Wine, women and song. Kat — What kind of wine? Soph- -Cherry. Kat—What kind of women? Soph None of your dam bu ino». PACK 33SIN APPRECIATION production of this. The 1926 Seminole, lias been an undertaking filled M £ ) with difficulties and with disappointments in the fulfillment of a-pira-lions for its excellence, hut filled, too. with much that is precious in the memories arid experience of those who have so luhored. The association of the staff members themselves, ami of each with the men whose aid and skilled knowledge have made possible that measure of success which we have attained, has been an experience invaluable in itself. In attempting to thank the people who have contributed materially to the growth of this book, so many names stand out in our memory that it is impossible to include each one separately. W e have found nothing but the kindest interest ami cooperation in all our dealings with the people of Gainesville, of Florida ami else-where, and to all of these we extern! our sincere gratitude. To the Art staff, which is so much a part of. and yet so distinct from the regular staff, particularly to J. II. Cox ami II. T. Douglas, whose tireless work has added so much to the value of the book, we offer s| ecial praise. Jahn and Ollier, whose engraving work has l»een a feature of the Seminole for so many years, have excelled even their splendid record in the quality of their work and in the personal service they have rendered this year. Without the advice and assistance of Jahn and Ollier many of the features of this book would hn o been impossible. Not only for the excellent service rendered, but for the e |H rt advice given and tin- pleasure of |K rsonal association, we extend our personal thanks to The Pepper Printing Company, and especially to its manager. Mr. C. W. Welch. For the efficient and friendly cooperation of the Marahle Studio in the handling of the photographic work of the annual, we have only the highest praise and appreciation. W'c owe to them a debt of gratitude not only for the splendid service in the ordinary sense, but for extra hours of painstaking work in the interest of a better SEMINOLE. We wish once more to thank Mr. Charles I). Mitchell for his kind service in selecting the winners in our llcauty Contest. We wish also to thank Mr. Al Harris, of Hclicvers in Jacksonville, for hi- kindness in providing the background used in the icw Section. Finally, to all the many who have contributed towards the production of the book, the business men who have supported it with advertising patronage, and those others whose advice and assistance helped us over the difficulties of the wav. we extend our deepest gratitude. We are grateful, too. to the student IhmIv for the priyi-lege of building what will be, y e hope, a worthwhile memory book of the college year of 1925-26. THE STAFF PACE 336High Grade Annuals Over twenty-one years experience, together with adequate equipment and a working force trained in the production of high grade work, make our serv- r r ice desirable to High Schools and Colleges. Our service extends to all phases of the work and advice is available during all stages of production. Insure the success of your Annual hv contracting with j — Pepper Printing Company Gainesville, Florida PACE 338UNIVERSITY MEN ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR STORE Interesting Offerings in Men’s Clothing and Furnishings PROMPT MAIL ORDER SERVICE COHEN BROTHERS “The Big Store ’ JACKSONVILLE OPTOM ETRIST GAINESVILLE. F"t_A We Grind Our Own Lenses 365 Davs m per year of Service Makes this the busiest store in Alachua County c pilifrr;; “The Complete Department Store" I VGE 339The Most Contented Man Living lives in Gainesville, Florida and here are his own words. I live in the finest country in the world and in the finest State in that country. I live in the best town in that State and on the nicest street in the town. I own the best home on the street and occupy the finest room in the house. I dress myself in the best fitting, best valued suit I can find. It's a Globe suit, needle moulded and fitted to my individual measure. Made by the Globe Tailoring Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, and handled exclusively by BURNETT THE CLOTHER Nuff Scd LYRIC THEATRE The Best Motion Pictures GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA PAGE JtO“Where Thirst is Unknown COMPLETE LINE OF COLLEGE SUPPLIES COLD DRINKS. CANDIES, CIGARS. CIGARETTES AND TOBACCOS We make your boy feel at home here He is always welcome to our stores LOCATED IN THE VERY HEART OF GAINESVILLE ALACHUA CLUB SANDWICHES THE PHIFER STATE and our BANK PRIME WESTERN STEAKS GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA with our SUNDAY CHICKEN DINNERS A Home Institution, owned by ARE MAKING THE Home People ALACHUA CAFE We promise you courteous atten- Famous tion and good service Gainesville’s Best Place To Eat Telephone 507 Gainesville, Florida THE PHIFER STATE BANK PACK Mli CLOTHES Are A Man's Shop Window! A Man’s clothes are the shop w indow of his talents. If his clothes are better than his talents he’ll be found out. But if his talents are better than his clothes they may never even be discovered! Because unless a shop window is attractive people won’t go inside to buy the merchandise. We respectfully invite you to use our abilities to create the proper shop window for yours! Kuppcnhcimcr ✓ Styleplus ✓ Hickey - Freeman Clothes KENT WARREN CO. 15-17 Laura St. Jacksonville Florida GOOD ROADS AND PROSPERITY The dominance of the Good Roads issue was never more clearly demonstrated than at present. Florida’s agricultural and industrial expansion is directly dependent on the extent and character of her arteries of travel Asphalt Block Pavements Provide to a unique degree the essential qualities of the highest class streets and roads. Florida Asphalt Block Paving Company Tampa Florida PACE 312 “Send It To the Laundry CITIZENS BANK TRUST CO. GAINESVILLE LAUNDRY OF TAMPA, FLA. COMPANY, Inc. “The Rig Hank at the Rig Building Capital $1,000,000 Phone 40 Gainesville. Florida Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $600,000 COMPLIMENTS Knight, Thompson and Turner After College-Wliat? Some of you FELLOWS Are Going to own Citrus Groves and Vegetable Farms. ATTORNEYS WEST COAST BRANDS will make the profits greater Peter 0. Knight, C. Fred Thompson, A. G. Turner and P. 0. Knight, Jr. Write for price list West Coast Fertilizer TAMPA, FLORIDA Company 303 Krause Bldg. TAMPA. FLA. PAGECOLLEGIANS E1NI) THE NEWEST STYLES AM) BEST VALUES AT POUTER’S Our service to college men is based on an intimate knowledge of correct, refined style—notable for its elegance rather than bizarre treatments. In Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana, Porter’s is headquarters for college men. who look to us for their clothes in a matter of course way that tells of the absolute confidence in our stores. We are exclusive agents for EDENHElMEK-STKIN CLOTHES HIKSCH-WICKWIRE CLOTHES KNOX HATS HOYDEN SHOES All of which are lines famed for their quality and style distinction. Moderate prices prevail. Make Porter’s your headquarters. Glad to have you drop in any time. ♦ V PORTER CLOTHING COMPANY JACKSONVILLE BIRMINGHAM NASHVILLE NEW ORLEANSJUST RIGHT FILLING STATION Cor. W. Main and Masonic Sts. 1 E X A Vulcanizing Greasing C o G A S Tire Repair Washing 0 1 L S Phone 137 The Kexall Store TOILET ARTICLES. PERFUMES United Cigars Agents Liggett s and Norris’ Candies Opera House Block Corner East Main and Union Sts. Phone 141 Going and Leaving College are two events eagerly antici| ated by every student—You’ll need Clothes in both Events HART SCHAFFNER MARX and WOLF BROTHERS’ Clothes are the Clothes giving long service—Good Style of course Remember Us— WOLF BROTHEKS 808 Franklin BOB Twiggs TAMPA. FLORIDA PICTURES AND PICTURE FRAMING Crepe Paper and Favors Greeting Cards for All Occasions J. W. McCOLLUM COMPANY DRUGGISTS N ORAH ORTON OVELTIES PACETHE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ‘The Old Reliable Capital ................................$100,000.00 Surplus and Profits ....................$175,000.00 Oldest Bank in Central Florida Your account, whether large or small is solicited 4% interest paid on time deposits compounded quarterly Look for the Checker Board Pumps THE WHITE HOUSE GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA WHITE I IU.INC STATIONS ■'i w I'a n-Am Caroline Texas Oil Kerosene Crease Cnodrich and (■oodycar Tires Accessories Batteries Automotive Equipment Distributors PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 6 STATIONS IN GAINESVILLE One of Florida’s Best Hotels We invite you to make use of our large and comfortable rest rooms at any of our stations while in Gainesville Phone 1343 PACECentury Clothing Store 63 East Flagler St. Men’s and Young Men’s Clothes and Furnishings of Quality At Most Reasonable Prices The Store where service, quality and low prices go hand in hand. Rack Of The Well Dressed Man- Muse's ATLANTA rhe Style Center of the South—The store of the Southern College . The latest collegiate clothing, furnishings, hats and shoes. “What You Huy We Stand By WATCH FOR THE MUSK SHOWINGS AT THE U. OF FLA. ------------------------------------------------------ First — in neu gathering and publication in entertaining feature and comic in circulation unthin it trade radiu in editorial zeal for Tampa and Florida in local advcrti»ing lineage in the c teem of South Florida reader The Tampa Daily Times "Florida's (treat Home Daily“ PAGE 3 7 TAKE NO CHANCES Send it to OTTO F. STOCK Tailor, Dry Cleaner THE THOMAS CO. SPORTING GOODS FISHING TACKLE The best equipped cleaner in the city Men's Clothing a Specialty One Day Service HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS SEEDS Phone 354 GAINESVILLE, FLA. GAINESVILLE. FLA. Phone 22 GAINESVILLE MILLS FURNITURE COMPANY THE FLORIST, Incorporated Vietrolas and Records 42 West Duval Street Complete Home Furnishers Phone 86 JACKSONVILLE Gainesville, Fla. “Say it with Flowers" PACE M8BAIRD HARDWARE CO Wholesale—Retail KODAKS AND FILMS GOLF SUPPLIES ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT On the Square East Side BE FAIR TO YOURSELF Buy only nationally advertised Garments. TAMPA DRUG COMPANY Home of Society Brand Kuppenheimcr nothing Service wholesalers and manufacturing pharmacists MALLORY HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS PHOENIX SOCKS Proprietors of the well known Poinsettia label. NEW LINE FURNISHING GOODS TAMPA. FLA. L. J. BUKKHIM P CE 349T The H. W. B. Drew Company EuM.tM ISAS Jacksonville, Florida Headquarters for Spalding" Athletic Goods Kodaks " Films ' Developing Radios and Radio Accessories Stationery and Books Engraving I I Lithography 'Always at Your Service Printing Before You Rush Away SAVE A DOLLAR Think of the things you’re apt to want tomorrow, today! At the head of the list—straws! The United At the foot—cool socks! Shoe Store Between—Summery suits, shirts, ties, sox, everything. Including sporting clothes. 125 West University Avc. SrntihfHxtcper Feet Hurt? See Our Graduate Practipcdist PACE .ISOTHE MIAMI HERALD Florida's Most Important Newspaper The Miami Herald has lead the field in the number of prizes won for its make-up. editorial page and general news features, and is the best newspaper published in the state of Florida. You will find the news of the world covered by the Associated Press and other news agencies, and also numerous pictures covering the news of the day and events of interest to Floridians. Every student should read a newspaper every day for its educational value and you can buy none better than The Miami Herald. HAILEY MILAM HARDWARE COMPANY COLLEGE MEN Miami. Florida • SPORTING GOODS Demand “Society Brand” Clothes, Baseball—Football—Tennis— Knox Hats. Manhattan Shirts Golf Hanan Shoes Two entrances 27 West Flagler Street 20-28 N. W. First Street HENRY GIDDKNS CLOTHING COMPANY BRANCH STORES at Tribune Building 1172 West Flagler Street, Miami. Phone 2267 Tampa. Fla. Florida, Coconut Grove, Florida Buena Vista, Florida PACE 3S1Collegians Visit Palatka's best clothing store, Mrs, Ramsey's Boarding House Browning-' Fearnside Clothing Co, Pa»latka, Fla. "Home Cooking for College Boys" Reasonable Rates 77IITII school days over and worn out text books thrown aside, there is a new kind of book to begin using. It is a (tank Book. Its | ro| cr use during the active years of youth will mean success or failure in later life. One of the finest things about a Savings Account is the good habit it fosters. V Quality Jones Bros, Co, WE PAY i % INTEREST — COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY The Home Furnishers V Che Exchange national Bank Tampa, Florida 317 Main Street Jacksonville Florida pack as2At Graduation give her a Perfect-cut Duval M DIAMOND AK.E this day the happiest of her life by giving her one of the many beautiful gems which we have at prices that range from 25 00 to 10,00000 We Have the Most Complete Line of Diamonds in Florida FOREIGN OFFICES Antwerp I Rue Van I.erius Amsterdam — Ileum oor Diamanthandcl STORES Jacksonville Miami Tampa 15 West Bay St. 20 West Flagler St. 203 Twiggs St. Orlando St. Augustine West Palm Ileach 13 Watkins Block 16 Cathedral Place Fagans Arcade WDiarrtond Club’ Z 15 W. Bay St. 15 W. Bay St. Not Connected with Any Other Store in Jacksonville Convenient Terms Can Be Arraigned PACE 353m ia — mt QUA L ITY ms Am; mrf always will be the worlds safest investment CREENLEAF CROSBY CO. JEWELERS cn£ IMPORTERS yfotrtJoy Qualify VMMOMKU SELECTION PACKAGES SENT UPON REQUEST £ . i THE SYMBOL OF SERVICE Since Our tock of REACH and STALL AND DEAN Sporting Good and Athletic Equipment is indicative of the very finest and mo t complete; o it i with the balance of our merchandise. 1884 For forty-two year of honest, capable, con cicntiou merchandising of hardware have brought the people of Florida the knowledge that we ell onty the best of Housewares - Sash and Doors - Fishing Tackle Marine Hardware - General Hardware - Builders’ Hardware - Electrical Supplies - Mill and Mine Supplies Seminole Brand Paints - Automobile Accessories and Agricultural Implements WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LAFAYETTE AND TAMPA STS.. TAMPA, FLORIDA PAGEI I Students of the Florida U niversity Always Find A FI e a rt y Welcome at I I | Burdine’s I The Largest Department Store in Miami AT THE boRENO St. Petersburg. Florida W’c regard it as a rare privilege to enter tain as guests those who appreciate the quiet luxury and contact with others of kindred interests. Opening DecemberTwelfib. we look forward to welcoming those who liavcenjojed our hotpinl-lljr in the post, and other who »rrk the indoor comfort of perfect cuisine and ervicc w ith a until »ocial life and all outdoor «porl . Every advantage of waterfront location onlTam pa Hay. Two hundred and fifty room , each with bath. At the SORENO Soren Lund Son, Owners Frank S. Dodge, Mgr. San Carlo Hotel Pensacola, Fla. Leon Hotel Tallahassee, Fla. Walton Hotel De Fun U Sprirvo . Fla. Harbe»on Hotel Camp Walton. Fla. Cherokee Hotel HARBESON SYSTEM European Plan Every Room With Bath Omy Tuff-tU oAUAty C0NZAIEZ SANCHEZ HAVANA CICARS SM £vtryu htrt Mcrerr e«rK(i- K«ONttui. ru. Tallahassee Florida PACE assFlorida State College for Women TALLAHASSEE For the higher education of the young women of Florida The College comprises the following divisions: The College of Arts and Sciences The School of Education and Normal School The School of Home Economics The Extension Service The School of Art The School of Expression The School of Music The Summer School Sixteen units or graduation from a four-year high school are required for entrance. Surroundings are healthful and beautiful—expenses are moderate. For catalog or other information address THE REGISTRAR Right Materials Riglil Proportions Perfect Blend Field results prove the superiority of IDEAL BRANDS W ILSON TOOMER FERTILIZER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Established 18911 PACE 356I niversity of Florida Students! We have in our “Town Within a House" Soda Fountain. Smokes, Felt Goods. Stationery School Supplies. Drug Sundries. Barber Shop. Post Office Your wish is our wish Your good will is our success THE COLLEGE INN W. McKee Kelley Co. REAL ESTATE Wc know values—over twenty-five years’ experience. Offices in Florida: St. Petersburg Gainesville, Urfo Perry TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE Florida's Greatest Paper Full Associated Press And Universal Wire Service PACE 157KNOW YOUR FLORIDA Subscribe Now to the VANDERBILT FARMER Published Every Wednesday ONLY SI A YEAR Carries All Agricultural News of the State—All Farming: Activties, etc. ADDRESS SUBSCRIPTION TO ILLUSTRATED DAILY TAB Miami. Florida music store can thrive unless it serves both the modest and the pretentious home. We offer a long line of inexpensive pianos""and we offer all pianos [both the great and the neapgreat], with monthly payments over a period of ycars Cbickerin 'AMi’icO'Brevvstcc 7 ARNOLD-EDWARDS PIANO COMPANY 127 West Adams Street Jacksonville. Fla. PACE xxBEAUTY LIES Sometimes on the surface Sometimes beneath the surface Either way a real photograph can interpret it. But it takes skill and experience. Twelve years’ official photographer for this publication MARABLE’S STUDIO COMPLIMENTS Of STANDARD CLOTHING CO. H. I.. COVINGTON. JIG 17-19 W. Bay St. Jacksonville. Fla. PAGE 359They All Like Tfcixwell jfcouse Coffee and 7Jea Good to the Last Drop ASK YOUR GROCER QUALITY MERCHANDISE— TRUTHFULLY ADVERTISED ZHatbi erf l-tabgrdasbgr Inc THE HOUSE OF KUPPENH EIMER GOOD CLOTHES Tell Your Friends Who Cannot Attend College That they can take — High School College Commercial Teacher Review Civil Service Agricultural Reading and other special courses by Correspondence Study Through The General Extension Division University of Florida Gainesville PACE 360Hendry and Knight Co., Inc. (Est. 1892) Rents Collected Estate Management Tampa WONT YOU HAVATAMPA One Hundred Million Smoked Annualy Eli Witt Cigar Co. Tampa Jacksonville Miami Daytona St. Petersburg Orlando West Palm Beach Hillsboro Hotel Tampa, Fla. "Top O’ the Town” Dining Room Seventh Floor Battle Creek Baths in Basement on Twigg Street. Health Baths PACK 361Any Direction You May Look. Is CL In nearly every city of Florida ever ready to serve you—are our Gas and Electric Plants. CL We have in stock the better make of Gas and Electric Appliance, eager to serve you, to help you with the plans of your new home. Florida Power Light Company 47 West Flagler Street Phones 7601-3161 MIAMI “The Logical Place to Buy" PACK 362“Gulf Brands ’ of Fertilizers The Best For All Crops Results are Remembered Long after Price is Forgotten Manufactured hv The Gulf Fertilizer Co. P. O. Box 2790 -• Tampa, Fla. PACK 363"The Finest Department Store in all the Southland" Miami MUM! PorviAR srow. Florida North Miami Avc,, Cor. 1st Street Carved Stone and Tapestry Brick. Nine Floors. Six Elevators. Two Moving Stairways. Typhoon Cooled Throughout. Pneumatic Cash System. Customers' Spacious Rest Rooms. Completely Equipped Hospital Room. Many new departments offering the worlds best goods. A visit to Miami is incomplete without seeing this big store. j BAILEY | The Clothcr Tampa’s Style Store for Men Hickory-Freeman Clothes Fashion Park Clothes Dobbs Hats and Caps Manhattan Shirts— j Pajamas and I Underwear Nothing Too Good For Our Customers A Consistant Performers For thirty-three years The Tampa Tribune has proven a good advertising medium, producing satisfactory results on all classes of business. This is l est evidenced by the continued patronage of local and national advertisers. Continued patronage is influenced by results, and The Tampa Tribune has a deep-rooted winning habit of producing 100' on every advertising investment. PACE 361LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Florida’s Oldest Hank Began Business in 1856 Resources over $2,000,000 A good general education is one of the best assets a man can have Senior W hat wa Hill hipped for . ’ Junior Cheating in Hihle. V i«« How dor your girl like your new moustache? Crack—ll ju t tickle her to death. (Geology ProfoMr-Whil i the large ! diamond? Dreamy Soph—-The See. Nur - Your wife ha prevented you with triplet . Ex Prr»idcnt of Student Hody I demand u recount. Ike—llow did the party end? Mike Don’t know, I wa on tlie wagon. Ike-Water? Mike Police. If -die wear hlack locking . he' white. If idle wear white slocking . she hlack. If he wear cotton Mocking . Ih ‘ green. If die look young. he’» old. If she look old, he'» young. If she look hack follow her. TEXT BOOKS SANDWICHES AND DRINKS University Book Store Basement Language Hall AGENTS FOR REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES PACE 365Open Evenings A Jeiuelry Store Rated for Service 0. £.$acc6iis(p: . Jcneteas roa SO nr vj University of Florida Men When you come to Miami a welcome awaits you at the COMMERCIAL BANK TRUST COMPANY Next To Post Office Ilarrcll Clolliin" Company Pulutka. Florida “The Young Man’s Store” Hart Schaffner Marx and Michaels. Stern Clothes Mallory Hats Tyson Shirts “FLORIDA” we are for you One price—always the lowest— for cash PACK -V.6“JAHN OLLIER AGAIN-” FINR annuals, like brilliant victories, arc brought about by the co-ordination of skillful generalship and trained effort. Thejahn ! Ollier Engraving Co. is America's foremost school annual designing and engraving specialist, because in its organization are mobilized America’s leading creative minds and mechanical craftsmen. THE JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Flack and Colors 817 V. Washington Blvd., ChicagoSPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFER j To Students of ! The University of Florida While attending ihc University, student who reside in Miami and Dade county, Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Broward county, are offered a special subscription rate by “Florida's Fastest Crowing Newspaper” The Miami Tribune. Regular subscription rate: $7.00 a year: $3 50, six months; $1.75, three months. Student price: $3.50 a year; $1.75, six months. 0c, three months. To student residing in West Palm Reach and Palm Beach county, Okeechobee and Okeechobee county. Stuart and Martin county, one half subscription rate to The Palm Beach Times is offered. Regular subscription rates: $10.00 a year; $5.00, 6 month : $2.55, 3 months. Student rate: $5.00 a year; $2.50. b months; $1.30, 3 months. Make a memorandum of this and start the newspaper of your choice ! eginning next term and keep up with the news “Back Home.” FRANK P. FILDES, Publisher PACE 368  

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