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The Seminole 1912 VOLl Ml-; II! PI BUSHED A BBC ALLY BY The Senior Class OF TIIE University of Florida .rp«r CaNithmi P ln M| 1 o»r«i«| The Seminole 1912 VOLUME III PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY The Senior Class OP TIIE University of Florida i»i? Pepper PaMUfcla t rialla« t ap«« (■(Hioilllr. I lorlja Dedication The Claw of Nineteen Twelve inscribe this book to NATHAN P. BRYAN. as a token of their esteem and of their appreciation of his efforts in behalf of the advancement of higher education in Florida.Enoch Marvin Banks I)r. Hanks.was a native of Georgia. Ik graduated from Kmory College in 1897 with the A. B. degree, and for the next two years taught in tin high schools of his native State. In 1900 he received the degree of Master of Arts from Emory College. Then, after engaging in graduate work at Columbia University' for two years he became acting Profeasor of I listory and Economics at Emory College. In 1901 Ik was awarded a fellowship in Economics by Columbia University, and the following year received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from that institution, lie was an instructor in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in I9056. and late in the latter year became a student of the University of Malle. He was appointed to the chair of I listory and Economics at the University of Florida in 1907, and filled that po sition until shortly before his death, which took place at New nan. Georgia, November 22nd. 1911. In addition to his duties as a student and teacher. Dr. Ibinks contributed to the leading popular magazines many articles which dealt with the upbuilding of the South land, to whose welfare his life was devoted. He was also the author of an excellent treatise on Land Tknurr in Gkokgia.In Memoriam ENOCH MARVIN BANKS His mission to his fellow-man— “And the kinji said. ‘Know ye not that there is a prime and a yre;it man fallen this day in Israel.’" Greeting To the Students, faculty, alumni. and friends of the University, we present this volume with a mixed feel inn of confidence and uncertainty; uncertainty because we do not know whether it will measure up to the standards that their expectancy may have invoked; confidence because we know that we have spared no labor in its production; that we have utilized the limited means at our command to the best of our nbility. and that hence, despite its many possible short-coming such in- dulgence as we may merit, w ill be accorded us. and the l ook will be received with the good will that is engendered by the true spirit of patriotism that emanates from our Alma Mater, to find a safe resting place in the heart of every student, faculty-meml er. alumnus and friend. We trust that it may serve as a pleasant souvenir of “the days that are no more,' or as a suggestion of the more prosperous and. we hope, more glorious days that will be.A Group of “Seminole ,' as They An A Pair o( Industrious “Seminole " MatronsCharlie Tommie, a Seminole Chief, in the EvergladesBoard of Control The general government of the University is vested by law in the Ikicrd of Control, which consists of five members who are ap| ointed from the various j»nris of the State by the Governor. The Hoard directs the general policies of the University, supervises the expenditure of its funds prescribes the requirements for admission. with the advice of the faculty, anti confers degrees upon the recommendation of the faculty. The present board consists of: P. K. Yonge of Pensacola. Chairman. T. li. King of Arcadia. K. I.. Wartman of Citra. F. P. Fleming Jr. »f Jacksonville. NY. I). Finlayson of Old Town. J. G. Kellum. Secretary to the lioard.«1. John A. Thackston 2. W. L Flovd 3. G. Pvle 4. J. R. Ik-nton 5. Harry R. Truslcr 6. Harvey W. Cox 7. H. S. Davis 8. Robt. D. Malfby 9. I . 1 Bernard 10. C. L. Crow 11. A. A. Murphree 12. Jas. M. Farr 13. K. H. Graham 14. E. S. Walker 15. H. G. Kcppcl It. F R. Flint 17. Kdmund C. Dickinson 18. A. J. Farrah 19. W. L. SeeleyThe Fa ALBKRT A. MURPIIRKK, A. M.. I.LD.. President of the University. Princij al Public School, Blountsville, Ala.. 1886X9; Peabody College for Teachers, I8S9 92; L I.. ibiiL. 1892, Superintendent City Schools Cullman. Ala.. IH92 9.V. University of Nashville, 1893 94; A. B.. ibid.. 1891; Principal High School. Cleburne. I'ex.. 1891 95; Professor of Greek and Mathematics West Florida Seminary, 1895 97; President West Florida Seminary. 1897-1901; President Florida State College. 190105; A. M.. University of Nashville. 190. ; Meml cr of American Academy of Political Science and Sociology, 1903—; Chairman of the Cecil Rhodes Scholarship Committee for Florida. 1903—; President Florida State College for Women. 190509; I.LI).. Rollins College. Florida. 1909; present l o ition. 1909—. JAS. M. FARR. A. M.. Ph. I).. Vice President of the University and Professor of Knglish. A. B.. Davidson College, 1894; A. M.. Davidson College. 1895; Graduate Student Johns Hopkins Uni versity, 1895-% and 1897-1901; Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University. 1901; Instructor in Knglish. Randolph Harrison School. 1900 01; Professor of Knglish and German. University of Florida. 1901-05; present position, 1905—. c u 11 y EDWARD R. FEINT, B. S. Ph. I).. M. I).. Resident Physician and Professor of Chemistry. B. S.. Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1887; Ph. I).. University of Goettingen. 1892; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Massachusetts Agricultural College. 1893-99; Medical Student. Harvard University, 1899 19«3; M. IX. Harvard, 1903; Professor of Chemistry, University of Florida. 19 M 0 . present position. 1905—. J. K. BKNTON. A. B.. Ph. D„ Profev or of Physics and Electrical Engineering. Dean of the College of Engineering. A. B.. Trinity College, Hartford. Conn.. 1897; Ph. D., Goettingen. 1900; Instructor in Mathematics, Prince-urn University. 1900-01; Instructor in Physics, Cornell University. 1901 02; Special Investigation Work in Physics, Carnegie Institution. Washington, D. C . 1904 05; present position. 1905—. C. I- CROW. M. A.. Ph. IX. Professor of Modern languages, Secretary of the General Faculty. M. A.. Washington and I-cv University. 1888; Ph.IX. University of Goettingen. 1892; Vice Principal, Norfolk High School, 1891-95; Professor of tatin and Modern lainguages, Weatherford College. 1895 99; Adjunct Prolessor of Modern Languages, Washington and 1 ax University, 1899 1905; present position, 1903—. JAS. N. ANDhRSON, M. A.. Ph. I)., Professor of Latin and Greek. IX;in of the College of Arts and Sciences. M. A., University of Virginia. 1S87; Morgan Fellow, Harvard University, 1887-88; Student. Universities of Berlin, Heidelberg and Pari . 1889-90,18%; Ph.I).. Johns Hopkins University. 18 M; Professor of Greek, Florida State College. 1903-05; present position. 1903—. J. J. VERNON, M. S. in Agri.. Professor of Agronomy, Dean of the College of Agriculture. Ik Agr.. Iowa Agricultural College. 1897; Fellow in Agriculture, 1898-1900; M. S. A., Iowa Agricultural College, 1900; Professor of Agriculture and Station Agriculturist, Agricultural College of New Mexico, 1900 08; present position, 1908—. A. J. FARRAH. A. M-, LL BL, Professor of Law, IXntn of the College of Law. University of Michigan, ISM 85 and 1891%; LL. Ik. University of Michigan, 18%; Instructor in Law, University of Michigan, 1897-1900; A. M.. Cornell College, Ml. Vernon. Iowa. 1900; lX un of the College of Law of Stetson University, 1900 09; present position, 1909—. HARRY R. TRUSLER. A. M„ LU B.. Professor of Law. Arizona Normal School. 1898 1902: Principal of Schools Dragoon. Arizona. 19020.1; LL. B.. University of Michigan, 1906; A. M.. Osouloosu College, 1911; Associate Editor Michigan Law Review, 190506; prnc-till'd law. Knid. Oklahoma. 1906-08; Professor of Law, John B. Stetson University, 1908-09; present position. 1909—. EDMUND C. DICKINSON. A. Ik. J. D.. Assistant Professor of Law. A. B., Karlham College. 1905; J. D„ University of Michigan. 1911; Editorial Assistant. Michigan Law Review, 191011; Theta Kappa Nu; present position. 1911—. II. S. DAVIS, Ph. 1).. Professor of Zoology and Geology. Ph. IX. Wesleyan. 1899; Graduate Student. Wesleyan University. 1899-1900; University Scholar, Harvard. 190001; Instructor in Zoology. Washington State College, 1901 0|; Assistant Professor of Zoology. Washington Slate College, 1901-06; Assistant ZoologiM, Washington State Experiment Station. 1901 06; Thayer Scholar, Harvard University, 1906 07; Ph. IX, Harvard, 1907; present position. 1907-—. II. G. KEPPEL A. B.. Ph. D., Professor of Mathemat-k's and Astronomy. A. IX. Hope C ollege. 1889; Graduate Student. ClarkUniversity, 1892-95; Mathematical Fellow, Clurk Uni versity, I89.V95; Instructor in Mathematics, Northwestern University, 1896-1900; Mathematical Fellow, Clark University, 1900 01; Ph. I)., 1901; Instructor in Mathematics. Northwestern University, 1901 08; present position. 1908—. GKO. M. LYNCH. A. Ik, Professor o( Secondary Fdu- cation. A. Ik. Fust Florida Seminary, 1S9I; Professor of History and Civics, Fust Florida Seminary. 1897-99; Professor of Mathematics, Fast Floridu Seminary. 1899-1905; Assistant Commandant, Host Florida Seminary, 1900 05; President Florida Teachers’ Association. 1904; Professor History and Civics Normal Department, University of the State of Florida. 190506; present position, 1908—. IIARVEY W. COX. M. A, Ph. I). Ph. Ik. Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1902; Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Nebraska Wesleyan University. 1902 (M; Professor of Philosophy in the same institution. 1904-09; M. A., Harvard. 1910; Ph. IX. Harvard. 1911; present position. 1911—. W. I. FLOYD. M. S.. Professor of Biology. Ik S.. South Carolina Military Academy, 1886; Principal Clio School, 1888 89; Cypress High School, 1889-1892; Instructor in English. Fast Florida Seminary, 1892-96; Graduate Student. Harvard University, Summer School. 1903; Professor of Natural Science. Knsl Florida Seminary, 1896-1905; Professor of English and Science, Normal Department, University of the State of Florida. 1905-06; Graduate Student, University of the State of Florida. 1905-06; M. S., University of the State of Florida. 1906; present position. 1906—. A. JULIUS WKICHARDT, M. F-, M. M. FU Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Shop experience, 188083; M. F ., Lehigh University, 1887; Foreman and Instructor in the shops of Iowa Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1888-91; M. M. F , Cornell University. 1891; Professor of Mechanical En ginecring, New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. 1894-97; Professor of Mechanic Arts, Mississippi State A. ft M. College. 1898-1901; Professor of Mechanic Arts and Electricity, same institution. 1902; consulting engineering office, practice chiefly in electric-railway work. 1903-10; present position. 1910—. JOHN A. TI1ACKSTON. Ph. I).. Head of Department of Faiucntion; Professor of Secondary Ivducation and Inspector of High Schools. A. 1L. Furman University, 1899; Principal Public Schools, Nanning. S. ( , 1899-1901; Professor of Latin and Greek, FUlgefietd College, S. C., 1901-03; Superintendent City Schools McColL S. CL, 1903 06; GraduateOTHER OFFICERS K. H. GRAHAM. Auditor and Bookkeeper. T. S. TRAM HAM. Secretary to the President. T. B. BIRD, Superintendent Grounds and Buildings. MRS. S. J. SWANSON. Matron. LEONA BRAMBLETT. Resident Nurse.1. P. H. Rolfs 2. J. M. Scott 3. It. F. Flovd 5. O. F. Burger 4. II. K. Stevens fc. K. W. BergerExperiment Station Building Experiment Station Staff P. H. Rot is,M S.. Director J. M. Jkx tt, It. S Animal Industrialist and Assistant Director. It. F. Floyd. A. M.. Plant Physiologist. J. R. Watson, A. M-. Entomologist. I. E. Stevens, M. S., Plant Pathologist. S. E. Collison, M. S Associate Chemist in charge. John Helling, It. Sc„ Assistant Itot.miM and Editor). (). F. Burger, M. S., Assistant Plant Pathologist. S. S. Walker. M. S., Assistant Chemist. •A. P. Spencer, M. Assistant in Extension Work. •C. K. McQuarrie. Assistant Superintemlent Farmers Institutes, John Schnabel, Assistant Horticulturist. Warder Voorhees, Librarian. tessie L’mer, Secretary. L II. Graham. Auditor and Bookkeeper. M. Crews, Farm Foreman. •Kate Itoulware. Stenographer. L . C. Udtiu. It. S., Laboratory Assistant to Kntomolo gist. F. M. O’Byrne. A. B.. Laborator ' Assistant to Plant Physiologist. J. B. Cridith. It. laboratory Assistant to llant Pathologist. E. W. Berger, Ph. I)., Entomologist. ■Diiiill nUMi,lMM »«rt“Better Farming Special” Train The “Better Fanning Special Train made its initial trip through Florida between November 14 and Dcccm-ber 17, 191I. It was ojHrated by the Extension Division of the University in cooperation with the Atlantic Coast Line, Ixmwville and Nashville, Live Oak, Ferry and Gulf, and the Southern States Lumber Com-pany K.iilro-.ids. The total expenses of the trains including that of the crew, were borne by these railroads The expense of securing, installing and exhibiting the equipment was Iwrne by the Extension Division of the University of Florida. which also furnished twelve speakers and six assistants to display the exhibits, explain the details of the equipment and deliver the lectures. The equipment was furnished by the departments of the Florida Experiment Station, by the University of Florida, by the Woman’s College of Tallahassee, and by the Florida Citrus Exchange. Manufacturers and dealers in farm machinery, spraying outfits and garden tools supplied free of cost, the entire machinery exhibit. Publishers of agricultural literature loaned a Farmers’ Library. The train was made up with one day coach, two cars of farm machinery, one car of im- proved breeds of hogs one car of general exhibits und one car of citrus products (conducted only through the citrus region, to illustrate methods of correct packing). In the general exhibit car were arranged: dairy utensils suitable for a modem small dairy to illustrate sanitary dairying; twenty-three samples of selected com; thirty-two varieties of forage und other important farm crops seeds of several varieties of legumes; samples of raw material from which commercial fertilizers are made; a farmers’ library; bulletins on agricultural and home economics published by the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the Florida Experiment Station; models and photographs from the engineering department of the University, and a display of domestic arts and domestic science from the Home Economics Department, Woman’s College. Tallahassee. Bulletins on agriculture and home economics were distributed. In each of the implements ears the uses of the implements their efficiency and laltor saving qualities were discussed. The hog car contained representative specimens of the Berkshire, Poland China. Duroc Jersey. Tam worth.Hampshire, and Oxsier while lintds Much useful information was spread by this exhibit, by discussion and in reply to questions concerning the different animals breeds and feeds A large collection of appropriate photographs and charts was displayed in the oars One to three fifteen minute lectures were delivered at nearly every stop front either the rear of the day coach, interior of the duy coach or front a platform. A total of 125 lectures were given. The topics discussed were varied to suit the different sections and audiences. Tlte visitors were instructed as to the exhibit material on display as they p.tvvd through and were invited to ask questions The entire trip took over one month; and one or more stops were made in each of .V) countici There were seventy-one stops made, with a total attendance of 30.7M. or an average of 1.144 daily. The public school pupils were given a special opportunity to view the exhibits, and were conducted through the cars be-forc the older people. This special train has roused mus h interest in im proved agriculture among a class of people who could not otherw ise have been reached, and has proven useful in bringing to the attention of the general public the purpose and scope of the University of Florida. It it evident that the railroads of Florida named above are sufficiently interested in an efficient and prosperous rural population to lend assistance to useful Extension Work.The Alumni Association OFFICERS B. K. Oh.sos, Gainesville, Florida . President. A. S. Mu.I KK. Lake City. Florida. . . Vice-President. J. W. Bi.animnc. Gainesville, Florida ........Secretary and Trcimuer. At the close ol the commencement exercises in I'HKi, the graduates of that year organized the Alumn Association. The purpose was to keep alive a senti ment of affection for their MaTKR. unite tht graduates of successive year by a common tie of fei towship, foster the feelings of friendship and love to ward each other, promote the welfare of the University, and encourage education. All graduates of the present institution, and those graduates of former State institutions who have had their diplomas confirmed are eligible to membership.POST- GRADSE. E. MACY. M. I)., Hahnemann Medical College, Graduate Indiana Stale Normal, A.B. in Education, University of Florida. A. M., University of Florida, 191 . F. M. O’BYRNE, A. Bu, Miami University. U. C LOFTIN, Bb S., North Carolina A. ;iml M. J. a GRIFFITH. H.S..Southern College.To the Class of 1912 Tile lalxirs of the year are behind us. The reward is our own because won: Hardly learned lessons remind us Of Life's University begun— The Plodding saw only ill omen. Victory favored the Brilliant with smiles: But Victory, you know, is a woman. And full of her feminine wiles. Aurora of Endeavor is Indore us. I lope sings a sweet song in the dawn; Though fickle Fortune till twilight ignore us. Fair Hope sings as she sang in the morn. Then here’s to the Bunch forever! As we go into the world to delve. With courage and manly endeavor— The Fellows of 1912. —Wm. T. Harrison .The Combined Senior Classes T. W. Bryant.... L. A. Perkins. Jr. W. T. Harrison officers ........ President ... Secretary and Treasurcr. ........Poet.The Academic Senior Class OFFICERS T. D. Fki.ton..............President. G S. Bamberg...............Vice-President. N. S. Stouter................ Secretary and Treasurer.ARTHUR ADOLPHUS BAKER ThcooUaaaaa, Florida fbtrbrlw Jtrbarr l» .itpitmltmrt Uoeal Editor IWudi, 1X9-11; ‘Vanity Football Team. 1 10-11 It. Captain “A" Cewntf. 1 1011; I Tapp K egt; Alitor -In-Chwf IW naat. 1911-13; All-Florida Football Tram. 191 11-13: Secretary Brian Club. Airrirultaral Club; "F' Club; Athletic Editor Srtninole. iVlt; Political dub ••BAKE" IMtoUl lbe"IVtom dKooc4 ru.'-d utlu'd tonoi Elbert Hubbard, who bat aolblug but a little riiertrocr oa Hake nbro It roam to wleldUr tb good old ha in tt r. HU moctbljr powpblrt. tba IVnoaet, nlCbt w H be autakra for tb 1‘bIIUtloa n m It not foe tbu dlffrrracr la blading: and fa am tb oiler orraaliaUoat that bam eecaprd an-•calhoi. t to date but on thUr baa raw Into tbit oil world that hat artiumi up to Bake a hlfb Ideal.. aad that It Arthur A. Baker. Lett b abould nbow partiality and rlrc any buach of l roft the Joy of harlsr loo eaoellmt a • Indent under ihctn. Bake baa rKIrl-.vtly ebaarrd bit oonrt rack year. with tfc rtnnll that tb "Art' •!»; for tb y arm bit laat bopa aad. tbrrrforr. tb o « faTorrd la bit ten lor year. If w unr nailed on to dmcribe blta In ow word. It could wet! be done by the word trap. Horror, when all la ta'd and done Bake It all them, on of lie beat neo that errr rrpertented tb Oratp and Ble on tie grid-iron, Untf nltb I lie ttodmt-body aid a corking good toot I. CHARLES SHELDON BAMBERG Ju[ r. Florida «f .Vinter la KlerfrtnU K mnrU4 GalaeatllkColllliooClab; Iron! Koltl Ka(ln«rrta« Society; kite Aiv.-ljilm; lUwtall Teas. I»», 1st. l.kuwoui "If pm;, i»»ii. "HAM- AH. Cow- Aa electrical nrienr ol Hull alalora bat wltk a cotildmblf Amount i4 rnt-aaiur, taiet and uaoblruUv . bat om upon whom you can count lie It ever puivlltf tbe kloaMfr that trtrklea trow ••Iky V loMt, and aa a mult by thl time la a brilliant prtforwr oa tbe "alide role." He came to oa many, many »«ara aro. and ever Mate baa Kiowa ateadlly la --aophlatlcattoa" and know led re. but aot la alar. Haw la "aroead brre" wbro It oom to tbe ladlea: moat any aUrbt you war are him moaetlec bla wheel (by tbe way. did you ever •re aayooe elw mouatloK ld wberll) to ride away and make oem ceeawwu. THOMAS W. BRYANT Lakeland, Florida KvtrUr tV Man Farr Ijlrmrv Sorletr; Athletic Ktnrwtlre Committee; Woodrow Wilton C!«b; 1 Tapaa K.-r. President Bryan Club; AuliUtl Butt-Mwt MlUfW IVauai.l in I; Hoard of Coalrol Medal In Oratory I" junior CUM. 1911; Attltiaai Kdltoe-la-CbWf Scmmole. Wl; Political Club; Pretldnal Comblnnl Scol tr CImw. 1911 “TOMMIE" Hr nr yon K» on of Florida'! forrmotl politician! of the fain re. tbe tllrre-loarool orator of t he Oollcc . a pa.l and preecol matter la tb oobt art of Bull" a) way. ready will, a Unr that In conrlnrin . no matter wbal I ho .ubyoct or how little bit know ledfe «pon •». Ion ml , at bit record will abow. bat brbl many Important pndtfOM bece Hi It (Kipular. ilo.pll the fart that bo It a man of d«»4nd llben and din-likot. wbkh ba dora not try to eoaoeal Von harr Pf" h|" e prrto hit opinion of a crrtnln Prof, la laar a« wbkfi £ !? •r«w hit tpkodld topplr of radeariac f» U-rmt i-bkb l jr.da» a»«M "K but aIter nereeal yearn of rala endearor. bw h.---- Prof., and hit "dip" It wen CLARENCE J. RRASSELL Tampa. Florida Jbw r r nf Srtrw. in .Wrirof KwTnnrino Woodrow Wilton. Club; Lord Krirln Kniri orcein MorWty. ••BraiU" blow in here from the Alabama Polytechnic lattllnl In 1 11. Tbe « r of anythin be nerer eawlalnn, and "r all tnppoee that be It look la aftrr lilt own affalrt. If hr bat any. If any of nt know "BraMI." It hat not bece found oat be any of tbe rtwt of ut. lie In aa nnknowt .jaanllly, hot we hope to know nonnrtbin nboat him wbra he beeoman an M|lt »r. Tie city freat whirl "Mraill man baa turoUlwd ua a vnrWntoJ lot of litrlmant, hot tolt • wa aia uaaM t.. riat.lfy. Alabama wat too cold for him. to be .wtn to Florida, and will probably eel hu dayt monkeyln with elwtrir li htt m• I?! Q _0 5ijiniii GEORGE J. GRACE Cracerllle, Florid Jivin'. mf Krltmrt I'resldml IVpm flab. moil; Vice Prosldewt Y. M. C. A.. 1910 II; Mllur «l Orttaliillou SralMlr, 1912. “OBAJCNY" Cnuv halls from Ciraorvllle. to named. we arr told, bteaase Ik- «u discoverer of that far-famed metropolis Up t« the matt tin law ollan h»m v»ni«ml that Ur Into llv- wixhreru tirxc It l» ao-l fnnrnoatly a student. u l la that role he »niue». lor be la a beltevre In eoaaMl « the -tiitdairhtoleclririty. • Wlarva It rnmn ’rioclpfea of Kdneattoo lie It the with both iwt. and then aiw, on learnedly any i.haae of toe ..t vi y t ha rented ||f u reHritr dUnoeitlaa. old brtoad hU yearn. but w wbS douhtleaa come to the front a aa educator of »u u 0 ability. JOSEPH E. JACOBSON « Jacksonville. Florida KwMw . Ufcw. Farr Literary Society; Athletic Association. ••JAKIK” Um of the "Old Guaid" -ho Wha preveal at the fouodlo of oar university. and ha been laere evee sinew, save Juris a abort vacation duria his aopoomor year. At teat be appear Id hi cap and-town, with tlie uae old smile - ra la his characteristic way. Bat say. did you boar hUa ••orate" last eommeneementf If not you missed a treat. Mow ree. he will rladly ro otcc It lor yon at any time, with reasons appended a to way be did aot win the medal. It Is a sad story, and runs Ihealy; •Tommie woo the medal for lie roomed with Kate’ and Hake's brother was one of the Jsfp •• [t was a foeecoo eon-eiasloa that Tommie would win; for what Aaw could ooe po iWy Hod la that reaaools ! But "Jakle” Is a food tooot: be will not assay ooe ounce of tlcht-wad to the ton. The Senior Law Class OFFICERS M. L. Mkrsiion, I Dallas Bowers fRuugncd), ( H. A. Ff.rrki.i................... W.C Prick......................... P.W.Gmom W. S. Walkf.r ..... President. Vice-President. Secretary and Treasurer. Historian. Poet.HENRY ARCHER FERRELL SUto.kl-I.Argt (WVte f Un Alpha TaeOwe a; Matui. Joba Marshall Itobailu Society; Vw. l'rr» V«it Stator I aw OUu; ftaalooM Maetpr Xralnob I "tree Meet todcre.od Club; CU»» Port. 1 11; A Moot ate Kdllor IVn-aaat. IMI: Literary Wu«r fVmuil. Ifttl; Sj-vl l Htudnal taWreeltr at Virginia. Kx-IVtnrt | a I Chapnan High Softool. tVraaodtaa High Softool. Jefferuoa Collegia le laetUele. l»«t naclor Hwaor Tralaiog Softool (or IWbrru. Ta.lahauw aid OaUeuTtlto. I'XC l»10. Author "(tomMMtl of Plortda," adopted by SUK filiform Trmt Book Cowl—loa. Wr ha vr at groat npratr 4 I Ur a ad llnboapturrd tbW wild uoaHu carlo o-l llw wUd-tlpprd o ooft , at »bov hi »ow (or the Aral tine .•aged Id the eooflore „f thU book. "All hit triumph . tlrategean . a ad a p»ll auak to thU little nwatcrr " Hr nr U the tr arr«t nUlurc of hatofurtoai ototorata that over aretbrd aid battled wltftla the of man. HU rftolittoa tart Iron lie harmtoua raporiaga of a Ala •milted dm agorae Iw lb oaluoua roar ol a Numkitan lino. Author. 1'o. t I’oUHttoB. Aufen. Olftt"'. ■•• H : Antoi with • tOMh 4 youthful ftrr asd rolhuaiaam rirrl; wro la nor wbo ha Mt •• rated ateetr lb ftiadgeoaiagu of lb o wnerrlal world (lire hint a Ur oftew of tobacco, thro wargnt the aubjrct of ooaledrrat tradition. a«d (rota A to Z. be will proceed to JaatUy br?otd all p»« iblllly of attack aay oratmltoa that lb honorable old retmaa r aupportnl. WILLIAM PRESTON FIELDS Hosford, KlorMi »K cW « Jon Hk; IllitorUli Junior I " Cl»u; Mlt«r S» iil"«k. 1910-11; A »i (into llttlMw Manager Seminole, IMS; John Marshall Debating Society. Imi natural Ion farmer, An agriculturist by Iri4e. Hat pi tty noon 1 11 Ink up law. A oil lay the plow In tbo .hade Know all ye whom It may Pwm, that jroo an Indebted to the « woods « Liberty County, which were no liberal In firing up tbeir lo p'rr01 ° ■ » »i «- Know all bock last tacular exhibit of a Went Florida Field _______________... _ Joat a be that slttetb oo a hot store shall rise, so stall he that tram pten upon this Field fall. ,r “ Trw and faithful to tWmrr!ROSWELL KING Jacksonville, Florida IMkhr • l lr Sim.a: Mu Cbl; Theta: I. T. K.j Julio Marshall Debat-l«P Hoclrtj. Dramatic Club; Ullorol CWaaea Seminole; Vlr -I rvwtdr«l Calamity lcvmnn (Itok; Vico I •resident OooaftMaml Hall. 1911; •r • Ctnb; Maoapve Foul boll ream, 1011. "Shorty" U small l stature aad decrlvlnp lo look . II la accused of pOMratlap a tujerabumlanoe of executive a Willy He ifoos not believe la much work, but boastfully and aoocrmfully make I he by-ttaader think bit lima well employed by • •pterions mparetoeou " ••Happy-", another rharaclrrttllc name especially appropriate wlieo a trip to Jacksonville ta la view.—la morn fond of Iowa than the eampna. While on llie atrret be tafnrma the poaelpm that he haa a boat area appolataeot aretid the comer: so around the eorarr be pure, with hla bow lepa and esterase parrot toea. WUhoal paaalnp a mo meal, be land tbe uao report on that aide of the block, aid with acvrloratioe. teat a kit way oa around tbe corner to the startup point. Than be aproda hla Hate while not at work. aad thereby boMs liU friends at aach a distance that they hare ao opportunity to become Herd of. or disappointed la film. Vfltb aach rule and caauUp «ays. be aot oaly command tbe mpvi id tbe atodeaU. but baa footed tbe brat la to ha vine a pood upiatoa of Mm. BASCOM VERNANDA MATHIS I Ion if ay, Florida fbrMe y her Jobs Marat alt Hrtatln Society, Woodrow Wilton Club; FaUU-cel Club. Apr. twwelv-two; loop, lean, nod lanky, bora aad bred la tbe State of Florida: liascom portrays tbe motto. "Appropriate alienee erratata an uakaowa quantity.- With bla aJow atari aad steady paca. Batcom will ream the poal oa tbe teat day of pmce He emu the ratar Americana aa a leather nntll 1010, when, dec Idler that ha had missed Ma catllap. be ixmovrd lo the Calamity of llorida to take up the ttudy of law. Rat now Mt natme yearns for a new cal It up and wr tod him fortakliip the law for n torn awed a- carver.MELVIN ARTHUR McMULLEN I rco. Florida Hartefcv a Mmod: Woodro Wlteon Cteb; Jobs Marnball IVbattax Society. “Mm" U one or thoae I bat bollere. U the o'd tiring, that • you bare tried and bare not Muxerded. try. try train Ibnlrml the rUd ••howdy-do” to the Senior Law with him th« afocewwntloMd at traction-plea ° T«rida, brlipar MARTIN LUTHER MERSHON Galoenrllle. Florida Marbdar of Lmm Alpha Tan Oweea: Tbctn. IVt.oaot Staff. !»•. Witwr U. D. C. Medal. 1911; Uurary Kdilor Seminole. I9IT, John Marshall Debatlac Society. Underwood Cteb; ITealdent Senior Law Claaa. It read like the wandrribrn of fly uo or the of Mower hlmadf: St. Mary ’a. KHrrrrald. and Ih-iyU. la the State of Georeta. KGnlmmee. Tampa. Plant City. Frmabdlaa. ami Caltwarille to Florida. all three cltim aad oear-yUlarea claim and counterclaim tbla Ulna-trloot ao of an lllutlrioua alre. aa tlwir own. Illaetrtona, not Indue-IrtoQ . Terror, waa lb word we uwd. Soared In aa atmoepbrre of tor a I lore, he wrote a learned treattae ow •• Dilatory Ilea - at the are of wtm, but la la Ur jtrmra he baa turned hla attention to “Bnrdldc on Toeta". particularly the •«nwoA'' Modent; Mend-thrift: critic bat champion of hla frwoda. ariatorrat without aeobhinhwen a laiy ruee-horac. but under the whip, a cyclonic thoronrb bred. Mreabon can- aad eually. Wilt brfCHARLES MORRIS MOON Atlanta. Gaorgla fiuVIx « !aIV Alpha. Secretary and Twwiw John Marshall I Mating Society: Local Keillor Seminole. IMS; Woodrow Wilton Club; PUIlknl Club; IVrtal Club Two fall at" bnwijhl lo lb , rarlro « of the c bj ii a bright “Moon ', veiled la tuob gllUer iig ni-jurt! ihal the «yea ot all "err drawn u» m I.Iid and deprtted ..f Utttr ability to detect hi troperfoc-tloci . He winked bl eye. gar a broad Malle, and with abricr-tuotltr. errr-lacrraajnr rboililon or hot air. cavted U ladle lo dream of air-cattle , and hi fellow ttudrwl. to aland aatde and rate on In admiration But then came the wily IWao. and with hit drfl-k d and •killed probe, reach'd beliiad the atytieriuut Debt lo lent it renulne-• It led him on like the Will olhr-WUm. tow plainly vMbfe. now traotptrlnr. uncertain: until at la t it tetraynl lu tuloeraWe pot Mr. Moom. will yon thltk hefore you tjeak. aid kindly make jour eU dear!” Charlie ha a rood budae head, and we iiwct biro to make a food attorney. .MARTIN LUTHER O'BERRY KiMimmee. Florid ItarKrlnr W Ism John Marshall Debillti Society; lx yal Order ai Mooae; l raa« -ibroo Club; Oobblrr : rtxierwood Club; Political Club. TkU ‘•Bern" can to o fro Columbia Collar. Hr 1 Uw»ljr-OH year oU. and would bn tpolird If It «(« not for tfee Prof .’ con-otanlly ttimwlnir hot bfdcea to III path. lie I Mid to bar a c x d brad, but If be bn he o«ortis -» appear to lark t» rocrgy to ® e it. file him a portly bora aud bwrry with a fair dam»«!. or a comfortable »ke|.lnr otalr la «U t. aid to him thl world I a paradlt REDDEN WALLACE RANDELL Mail lion, Florida JHrM « Law Hl ma Itil KptUoa: Hjeia. I airmail? Gemis dob? Dramatic Club: John Mantiall DebaUar X»ct»li: Clam Wllor ot U N«—»ooU IM7, AtuaJol Watfili.ft.Mt uJ Im I ilwnllji; I'olltk-al Club; Wood-row WlUua Club; Caplalu Track Team, 1910. Aborr tht epitaph wo m A (am of noleeio mraterj. Ttw rjn leirru table coorralioic lloth paielno Berm and kladlr (miser. Tbourh BNpr ihi aMKiriil. Ill Brum dictatorial. la owtiils ineMsir. tlu and btiolc . And itiifi I be Idea Hint be talaki: Hut we who all bit art loo know IVrorlTO that tfala la done (or ibow: Allboafh la law a awe apprealke. Some liUml of cotnpoa math. iVtrlaMV. mar o’er hU hum ileal. And all hti wliter deed repeal. Tltourb not amw lo criticism, lie «oaM bo Brat la wtttktom; A »aaall Brea often eaaae much emoko, IIU laurbUr far out-«clrhi Ml »ke. Of doom , aad the ladle food. Our bold "ea-Judge" ami "weak-eyed blood" THOMAS SIMMONS TRANTHAM Tallahattrr. Florida Htrkrhr J t IV. Alpha Tan Omr; Theta: Dramatic Club: Attended Wake fowl Coiltac; I'alre rally Oermaa Club: l rc.ld«-i l John Marnball Debating Society. IVI1-19; Secretary Woodrow Hilm Club. 1911-19; A mortal tluniiwua Manarer Seetlnole. 1919; Secretary to the 1‘rmUleol cd tba I'olvrrtliy. IVIOU. I Nil 11 tail Club. "OM Tmoi" hiM to our Slate toute yean ago. a ruofb tod timid country youth, from Caodw. S. C. With a ilroor aoxaUl ud pbytkml roa.t llolloa lor a fouadatloa, and ”Socoeta" rraio eo hU brow au a motto, be mate to prn r hlmtelf (or paddllu life’ oaaoe. lUre'a bopiuir tut opportunity will not Bud him aatorp- a doeu meta-hall brrakfaat. ProrrauUuatloa and (orirrtlolorut hare become bit prolowl-aaat cbaractrrUtk . thrue coepVd with hi frwjucut rail to Tampa. ■ I lit Mftnl to the mind e4 the romantic a lout proaalc raplauatiou ol then visits than he rim. to wit: •■butlaoua " However, ww will leave to time the lath 4 anal;line hUcoodliloa. SfeWILLIAM STANTON WALKER Ja.k ooYllJe. Florida Mwhrhe- « Kappa Alpha; Theda; I. T. K.; 'Vtnlu Football Team, ltilO. Raar-ball T »». 1 11; Vloe-I'reatdeat Athletic Anoclatloa, 1911 13. Fairer-ill; (knuM Club. UnatlltClgb: Swreurr inilTmiuitrCuaiMavr meat lUll. 1 11; At oro»y (oxeral John hiarahall I Mm tin Sortety. 1 1911; Cliu iwt. Coach Scrub Football Tnh, 1 19. "F" Club; Art lid I tor Seminole. 1 1 . Politic ! Club. "Doc" Inherited bW aMc-uame. IVIor to the IN re Food not l r,ir» Art of I MM, thl. label wat mOcIcoi. Now. however, la tbe latonwt of the public at Unto, for Uw prevention of fraud and davit, we in ad-nx.oUhed tocbaarell ao aa to comply with the resulrrrtiroU of either of tlw follow la anal; am (I) •'Ckwnoa" SO per cent,-South Carolina" 40 pee OKI. "Vlrrlnia" S per evot. “Florida" S per cent. i “IXetnoo-racy" 1 per ml, "Athlctlca” 1 per cent, "Atbkth- he rf' W per oeol; but briar unable to Had a cane aufllcleally conpreheaalT to eenbody all theweeteeaeot . we hatv dev Idol to rail bin "It." and drpeod am the rnrtou InrredleaU to manifest Deawim. Well, we are toil that "Doc." bellevlar. like Wordawoeth and Coleetdce. that nature I tbc mum of all kaowledre. nought learning on a lonely •na-klaanl peak la Vleiftala Thla method faille him. be tried the method of "Ittplra-lloa." uatll I Van latere pled hU aweet. •!un.beecn»» dream with the ha rah yet romaatk- remark that. -The law la a r lon. nlttnw ." Since tble a waken In -Doe" ha »tuck to ••nothereartb." "bra lack ," and hU law book with a oral that plainly petl» “Sooccaa." Thoughts on Commencement I played like a child but yesterday, I Mini: the song of a child. I laughed and wept and for aught I could sav, I was—a child. Today I am happier far it would seem Than the day when I was a boy. But to day is tile day of a life's sweet dream: I am—a hoy. To-morrow I shall giue w ith a dimmed eye, Uncertain w hat I shall see. For the past will Ik | ent; 1 shall leave with a sigh A man, I shall Ik . —A. Kiavin Philips.The College Diad 1‘KKI.l'DK Fair Clio in dull prose her tali unfolds Appollo casts his song in rhythmic molds Unhappy Vulcan, prematurely proud. His patient anger spends upon the cloud. While Jupiter his various mood gives vent; By storm or thunder bolt his anger pent; Or when 'tis love, a pleasant season's woof. As of his godly power a worldly proof. Kach God and Goddess thus expression gives As in what creed or mental state he lives— Insignia definite, ostensible Of character, or true or prodigal. I. If Gods of old this plan embraced. Then why to-day are Gods disgraced? Behold a new -made dynasty! See first the pupae trinity. The Freshman. Sophomore, Junior, all. Are Gods of campus, class and bull. Continued)L K. Tknnky...... C. W. Hkndkrson W.G. Elliott.... T. P. Bird E. T. Casler K. C. Douglass R. P. Henderson R. I„ Jarrell 1 S. La Fine T. S. Leitoer Junior Class OFFICERS ..........President. ..........Vice-President. ..........Secretary and Treasurer. ROLL L K. Morgan K. K. While J. A. Howzc S. McIntosh C. A. Rowlett A. G. Shands 1« B. Thrasher A. Vidal R. R. Taylor F. G. Davis R. R. Wilson R. S. Blanton G. H. Turberville A. P. BuieJ. M. McCankili. S. W. B. G. Langston. A. C. Bennett L. W. Black J. J. Blackw elder A. C. Brooks J. K. Bullock A. J. Clayton I.. D. Crom B. A. Cox Mel. Christie Junior Law Class Motto “Epluribus unum" Color “Dun officers ..........President. ..........Vice-President. ..........Secretary and Treasurer. ROLL C. P. Diamond Eli Hutch J. V. Florence G. P. Garrett Jas. It. Gibson. Jr. F. H. I locker E. F. Householder W. M. Kennedy 1 N. Uschoff B. G. tangston S. W. Lawler Patti Mollies E. M. McGaha J. M. NlcCaskill C. M. Phipps Fnmk Kilierd c I.. Welch II. A. Wood(The College Diad. Continued Self made I hour'll Ik it. they arose— Successfully could none oppose. The Freshman feels his small domain. 11 is lack of learning, name profane. For “Hal" they call him. and for shame. For god he were despite the name. We see him cringe beneath the glare Of haughty Sophomore or the stare Of the unbecoming Junior train. So recent sprung from Freshman brain-lie sighs, he smiles—then what the sign? (An angel bids me scribe this line) Ixxst Ik is in pleasant trance Of when •ilE'l.l. lead the “Hats" a dance. Such dream the Sophomore doth eschew. For he’s a villain through and through; II. The post for him has held its fright. The present stands but by his might; A god full-grown he doth appear. Full of wisdom, free from fear. But really Ik is but half-grown. An addled egg—perhaps half-blown. Then strange you say is not his case? I would but bid you read his face. Nor will you there long have to seek. For guile there hid will have to speak. To tell his tale, his plan reveal— Attempting ignorance to conceal. Ilis shortened pants and striped socks And nobby lids, fresh off the blocks All lend his cause unworthy aid. While honest merchants stand unpaid. (Continued)T. J. Swanson . W.II.Crom ... Ukiki. Bi.oint. I). M. Badger N. A. Bcckcr J. J. Bennett T. B. Bird A. E. Borth H. I.. Cuppleman H. G. Clayton G. C. CrrKn 11. G. Conant A. W. Cuscaden A. IX- Winkeler W. II. Fnniss J. W. Farr J. F. Gist J. T. Grace K. L. Goulding II. W. Gxvyn Sophomore Class OFFICERS ................. President. ...............Vice-President. ........... .. Secretary and Treasurer. KOI.I. J. 11. Harris J. R. Springer J. L llearin J. Ik Sutton F. W. L. Hill F. M. Swanson 11. C. Hotightaling II. V. Swart J. H. Knowles K. B. Tanner C. C. La Roche II. A. Thalimer C. A. Martini J. C Tinney J. A. Miller I- B. Tolman M. C. McNeill 1.. NV. Traxler J. C. Price E. S. Traxler C. II. W. Reed R. N. Walker W. II. Reynolds J. Ik Watkins I.. W. Riggins D. L White II. L. Rush J. E. Williams P. C. Rader O. E. Williams G. N. Sleight. Jr. G. H. Wilson A. G. Shaw A. J. Zelrouer«(Tub Cou.bgr I)iai». Continued) The I ord knows w hat his end would be If long he rambled thus Scot-free, For well ’tis feared he’d ruin his pate lx ng ere he ranched the alumni state. So thanks to Junior—god or clown— He senes to keep this monster down. III. The Junior Cod—a nod indeed. Who drinks the spirit, smokes the weed. Vouchsafes the cause of fair I» DAMK.s In earnest hope to change one’s name— Well seeks in groups for prominence And speaks with grave breviloqucncc. Self-placed in senior company Betimes his godly form we spy. Betimes, ‘mid “Hat’ or Sophomore chaff. Pleading in one or ihe other's behalf— Thus calm and multifarious His mode is light or serious. If meteor haps to cross the heaven Or other magic sign is given. What reck you his wish would be,— For maiden's song, or minstrelsy, A summer’s breeze or leafy bower, A moon lit lake or ruined tower? For Freshman's gTin or doctor's frown. Or just for Senior's cap and gown?— Nor w ill I yet vain answer mukc What choice would suit this plumed drake. But later will I indicate The wish by which he’d bend his fate. Ambition grows in richer soil. Grows side by side with constant toil: Continued Thom as R Dkf.n. E. L IIf.nry Fkkkman. U. C Bailey F. T. Davidson L. M. Dow Henry Freeman M. W. Granger J. I . Hallows NV. O. Hatch K. L. Joyner C. C. Lacey C I). McDawall K. R. Munell A. J. Peacock E. L Ricou J. R RoIh-Ms Hoyle Pounds J. R. Tucker Freshman Class OFHCKRS President. Vice-President. Secretary and Treasurer. ROLL C T. Ward S. J. Neal. Jr. S. R. Ward F. E. Owens M. F. Brown C. B. Palmer A. 1). Campbell W. 1 Paraiine J. G. Cbcsnut T. J. Poppell J. M. Coaney K. R. Powers T. B. Deen R. Is. Riley II. L. DeWoU W. A. Southerland C. B. Cwyn W. II. Taylor. Jr. S. 11. Harm S. A. Wanish H. C Holmes T. T. Yarborough II. M. Horton H. G. Bryan F. A. Kilgore F. R. Mason G. B. Knowles C. L. Howell N. McKlya E. I.. Morgan S. F. McIntosh J. K. Ilartsfield(Thk Coi.l.F.ttK I)i.M . Continued) The Senior feels its keenest pangs. The Junior rarely crops its Ininas. IV. Now comes his grace with senatorial stride. The senior, sole embodiment of pride,— Objective pride, imputed if you please. A queer result of minor gods' disease,— With tempered soul and purpose fixed on high. Rich with a wealth that riches cannot buy, A god w ho stands as stood the Trojan wall, A god who holds another god a thrall. Mis cap and gown he wears with slight pretence. His station holds w ith cold indifference; By Soph and Freshman held in high esteem. While Junior recks his life a living dream. Mis eye he casts upon the past and weeps At sight the treasure that his memory keeps: Ik'hold, there lie the follies of a fool. The unties of a “goat" that went to school; Of one who thought himself at wisdom's feast When wisdom scarce had made of him a beast; And then of one whose sole ambition led To thoughts of what might fill u Senior's head. To idle dreams of when he’d wise ’nough be To wear the sign of Senior pedantry; And now himself he sees scarce less a clown For that he wears the modest cap and gown. A realized dream, forsooth, but like a dream. Unstable: Ik is not. but doth only skkm; At best, a sprouting seed of what might be When time unravels fate’s dark mystery. —A. Edwin Philips.Sub-Freshman Class OFFfCBRS W. A. Lan ;. Jr................... President. O. P. Hf.rndon..................Vice-President. E. M. Brannon ....................Secretary and Treasurer. E. J. Allen W. V. Albopp K. M. Bishop B. B. Blount N. T. Borland E. M. Brannon K. K. Cannon W. 11 Chandlers A. J. Cone J. C. Evans J. K. Harrison. Jr. W. M. Hatcher Kill.I. T. C Hawthorne W. P. Heajey (). P. Herndon H. S. Hester P. B. Howell E. A. Jenkins W. H. Lang. Jr. J. P. Little, Jr. T. E. McCall J. A. McKay C. M. Mitchell J. W. Mitchell G. R. Moselv A. G. Powell I. L Register I. A. Rice A. C. Rowell J. F. Sikes A. E. Stripling F. R. Weedon A. J. Williams C. L. Wilson A. J. RobinsonNote of Appreciation To Miss Mercedes Miller is due the thunks and appreciation of the Senior Class, and especially of the Art Staff of TllP. Skmisoi.f, for the many attractive and artistic color pictures that, due to her generous aid. Tint SKMINOI.K this year contains. Likewise, a debt is owing to Mr. Stewart McIntosh from the Class and the Staff for his many artistic contributions to this volume. Mr. McIntosh has faithfully served Tint Skminolp. for three years with his talent, and thus it is with the greatest feeling of pleasure that we note his recent choice by his class to the Art-Rditor-ship of the 1913 Skminoi.k.Le i? cjf "zt . s«rIK j H vjt c 1-cxal Fo»r. T.J.S WAWJC V' T LtTmxy C t ,i Ar’L s- 5r» TKK ATHLFr.c f.D,TCK ■ Military Staff COMMANDANT Major E. S. Wai.kkk. U. S. A.. Retired BATTAI.ION AND F1FJ.D STAFF Robkkt R. Tayujr, Jr.. Major. L. B. Thrasher......................1st. Lieut, and Adjutant. F. G. Davis............. ............ 1st. Lieut, and Quartermaster. T. B. Bird...........................Sergeant Major. COMPANY “A" A. G. SlIANDS Captain. L. F. Tenney........................IsL Lieutenant. R. L. Jarrell.......................2nd. Lieutenant. COMPANY “n" J. A. Howzk, Captain. LS. La Fitte.........................1st. Lieutenant. W.G. Elliott.........................2nd. Lieutenant. ButtulionAthletic Association T. I). Ff.i.ton...............President. W. S. Walker.................... Vice-President. J. A. How r.....................Secretary and Treasurer. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Professor W. L Seeley T. W. Bryant L. E. Tenney W. G. Elliott E. A. Taylor N. S. Storter J. It. Mullock K. B. Wilson A. P. Buie I E. Tenney J. M. Coorsev S. W. Uwler. Jr. A. P. Buie D. M. Buie Stewart McIntosh Wearers of the “FM IDOTBAI.L F. G. Davfo L. E. Tenney A. A. Baker it. W. Shackleford T. J. Swanson J. M. Coaney Hoyle Pounds S. W. Uwler. Jr. II. S. Hester T. E. Price T. J. Swanson W. Ik Poage R. It. Tavior W. S. Walker Alexander Shaw BASEBALL W. C. Henderson W. C Riggins R. P. Henderson A. W. Cuscaden F. G. Davis T. E. Price Roswell King (Manager) G. E. Pyle (Coach) B. G. Langston Leon Thrasher W. C. Prices'. S. Storter (Manager) D. H. McLeod (Coach) GYMNASIUM F. G. Swanson T. J. Swanson C. A. Rowlett Sam WardFOOTBALL K. A. Taylor.. L. F. Tenney. F. C. Davis___ A. I . Huio J. R. Bullock . A. Y Raker R. Ik Wilson.. J. M. Cooney. T. J. Swanson Kiirhl Half-buck. Ia'H I lull luck. Fullback. Ri«ht End. . Right Tackle. Right Guard. Left Guard. I a ft Tackle. . Ia'Ii End. Football Team N. S. Stortek (Center), Captain. Koswki.i. King, Manager. G. E. Pyi.E, Coach. K. V. Shackleford r. i Prin lloyle Pounds ... S. W. I awler. Jr. .. II. S. Heater.... John Sutton... .. J. A. Miller.... A. G. Shands..... Quarterback. Sub Line. Sub Back and Knd. Sub-Back and -Line. Sub-Back. Sub-Line. Sub Knd. Sub-Quarter and Knd.The University of Florida’s Gridiron Record for 1911 Champions or Florida and South Carolina i lorida’s brilliant rkcokd Ocl. 7ih. ill Gainesville..Florida 15. Citadel of S. Carolina i. CX't. 21st, at Columbia, S. C. Florida 6. Univ. of S. Carolina X (XL 25th. al Clcmson. S. C. .. Florida 6. Clemson College 5. Nov. Ith, al Gainesville___Florida , Columbia College 0. Nov. 11th. oi Delaind......Florida 27, Stetson University 0. Nov. 30th. at Jacksonville...Honda 21. College of Charleston 0. Florida, the undefeated, has this year made an enviable record. She has passed through her days of infancy and made the "Big Boys” sit up anti take notice. Stetson, who has l een Florida’s closest rival, and who has always claimed the championship of the State, w as ’’shown up” by a score of twenty-seven to nothing. Many of Gainesville’s citizens journeyed with the boys over to IXdaind. Florida thrice crossed Stetson’s West goal, and once paraded across her “sacred” Fast goal. The Military Boys from South Carolina came to Florida with great hope of wiping out the defeat that they received at the hands of the “Alligators’ last year, but the "Gators" trimmed their uniforms and sent them back to the Citadel w ith a ragged score of 15 to 3. Clcmson and the University of South Carolina, thinking that they needed a practice game, decided to play Florida; and Coach Pyle, thinking that he would try anything once, decided to give them an opportunity. Consequently, the “Alligators” journeyed to South Carolina and handed the University a nice little surprise package in the form of a tied score of 6 to 6. It seems that they had not heard a Unit “Dummy” Taylor; and the “mystery of the kitchen" has l ccn. how could the “Gator" catch the “Game-cock" when the latter knew that the former was lying in the road. Clemson was next tendered a lawn ■surprise-party. The Clemson Brass Band was present, also most of the student-body, and it might l e said that Florida was“then. ’ too; at least, so thought the ( alter the game. Score 6 to 5. with the pigskin in Florida’s possession. The surprise was great to Clemson, but greater still to the City ol Gainesville, which had been practicing lor several days on their "I told you soV but they had to change to. “Well, who’d have thought it.“ when the news ol the victory came. Flushed with its successes in South Carolina, the Florida eleven came home to take on Columbia College. Columbia, bringing with her several hundred rooters, came to Gainesville confident that she would return to bike City with the “ovnl.“ She put up a “game' light, but the unfailing toe ol Taylor, which on more than one occasion has stood Florida in good stead, proved too much for her. and again the “Alligators" were triumphant. The hunch from the College of Charleston took their medicine like men; they were game to the last, and put up a good scrap. The All-Florida Team as selected by “Pccwee" Forsyth, is as follows: Florida—Storter captain. 170 pounds; center. Florida—Baker 175 pounds; guard. Florida—Coarscy 170 pounds; guard. Florida—Bullock 160 pounds; tackle. Columbia—Kenningham 190 pounds; tackle. Florida—Buie 124 pounds; end. Columbia—McCord 145 pounds; end. Columbia—Morgan 155 pounds; quarterback. Columbia—Keddin 175 pounds lullb.u k. Florida—Taylor 165 pounds; halfback. Florida—Tenney 155 pounds, fullback.W. B. Chambers W. H. Grom W. O. Hatch J. W. Farr Alex. Shaw Scrub Football Team C. A. Rowi.rtt, Captain. Ccktis Cko.'i, Manager. W. S. Wai.kek, Coach. E. M. Brannon C. H. W. Reid H. W. Cuscaden R. R. Taylor F. W. L Hill II. W. Gwyn Geo. Mom.Iv Malcolm McNeill Sam Wanbh J. F. Sikes N. A. BeckerFreshman Football Team Gibbs Ciikssit. Captain F. G. Davis, » A. A. Bakkk. ' Coaches Alex. Shaw John Sutton Sam Wnnish NV. O. Hatch I. L Ricou N. McElya C. D. McDowell H. G. Clayton Henry Freeman J. II Roberts .til HelscthBaseball Team L. K. Tknnky (Catcher). Captain N. S. Stortkk. Manager H. D. McLkod, Coach J. M. Cooney .... ........First Bose. S. W. Lawler, Jr. .......Second Bose. A. I . Buie...............Short Stop. D. M. Buie............... Third Ban . u. K. Taylor.......... Left Field. W. B. Poage...... ....Center Field. T. J. Swanson____ Right Field. S. V. Riggins........... . Catcher and Sltort Stop. Alex. Skew .Pilcher. T. K. Price... ...........Pitcher. F. G. Davis............ ..Pitcher. A. W. Cuscuden............ 'Third Base.Florida State Champions in Baseball TUB SEASON’S KKCOKI) Feb. 22n l. at Gainesville. Feb. 23r l. at Gainesville. Feb. 23rd. at Gainesville.. Mar. 1st. at IX'l.and...... Mar. 2nd. at IX‘l.and____ Mar. fill, at Winter Park. Mar. 5th. at Winter Park Mar. l$ Gainesville. Mar. 19th. at Gainesville. Mar. 22nd. at Southerland Mar. 23rd, at Southerland Mar. 25th, at Gainesville. Mar. 26th, at Gainesville Mar. 28th, at Gainesville. Mar. 29th. at Gainesville. .Olympics 6, Florida (k .Olympics 3. Florida 2. .Olympics 0. Florida 1. .Stetson 0. Florida 8. .Stetson I, Florida 2. . Kollins 5. Florida I. . Kollins 2, Florida 4. . Stetson 3, Florida 4. Stetson 2. Florida 6. .Southern College II, Florida 11. .Southern College 5. Florida 7. . Kollins 8, Florida 3. . Kollins 3, Florida 4. .Southern 5. Florida II. . Southern 2, Florida 8. WHY VB Cl.AIM TIIB STATF. CHAMPIONSHIP No. College Games Played No. Won No. l.osi No. Tied Per Cent Florida .12 8 ... .3 . . 1 727 .. 8 ... .1 4 0 ... .500 (Columbia . 6 .2 3 1 . .400 Stetson S .3 ..5 o 375 Southern .. II ..3 .6 .. .. 2 333A Stride Ahead in Baseball The learn this year has without question been the best in the history ol the school. Florida with her present squad seems to have come into her own. and to have reaped the reward of her many years of struggle for dean college baseball. Her team is composed entirely of bona-fide students. In our coach. “Big Mac." we have a man that has the knack of getting out of a fellow all the baseball that there is in him. With Trice. Shaw, and Tenney as batteries, we have a trio that is not surpavsed by any in tin State. Although Price and Shaw are new in the box. they show rare form. Big Jim Cooney, on first base-, passed through an errorless season; after he has had a few more years of experience. Florida will have to turn him over to the “Big Leaguers." Lawler, on second, is a little off form at times, but the record shows that he has had a splendid season. He is good on base running, und comes in for his share of hits. In “Doog" Buie, on third, we have a well regulated piece of machinery. So well does he play up to form at all times that we never think of him as l eing capable of pulling off a “bone." Sam Buie plays a good short, and makes a cog that fits well into “Big Mac's" machine. Swanson, in right field, is a discouragement to the batter. He rarely ever lets "one" hit the ground. Poage. in center field, has had an errorless season. Taylor, in left field, has pulled down some pretty “ones", and by his timely hitting has brought in many a Honda run. Buie lieing out of condition for several games, Higgins was put in short, and filled tin place remark ably well. In the last few games of the season, he brought his batting average up to a point that placed him among the heaviest hitters on the team. Cuscaden. who assisted Buie on third, came in for his share of hitting. On the whole, the team was well rounded out. Every man was in the right place, and every man produced an article of baseball w hich, if maintained, will enable Florida before many more seasons have passed to reach out in baseball for the “Big Bovs." ax she has already done in football.Gymnasium Team G. E. I’yi.k, Director. F. G. Sw anson T. J. Swanson B. O. Bishop J. H. Wilson Stewart McIntosh J. C. Tinney G. I). Ktmc W. O. Hatch W. II. Knnis Sam Waal J. A. MillerY. M. C. A. CABINET F. M. O'Byrnr.............Prwident- U. Blount................ Vice-President. G. B. Knowub .............Secretary K. L Govijxng............. Treasurer. S. R. Ward Chairman Religious Meeting Committee. R. K. White Chairman Membership Committee. U- C lx flin Chairman Finance Committee. S. McIntosh Chairman Social Committee. J. R. Griffith Chairman Music Committee. F. R. Mason Chairman Prayer-Band Committee. II. V. Swart Chairman Bible Study Committee. R. I Goulding, Chairman Asheville Conference Committee. K. W. Berger II. S. Fawcett A. P. Spencer C. K. McQuarrie B. F. Floyd S. C. Collinson F. M. O'By me C. S. Buintx rg U. C. Ivoftin J. B. Griffith II. G. Clayton A. G. Shaw H. L Capplenuin A. J. .etrouer M. W. Granger R. N. Walker E. L. Riley P. B. Howell A. DeWinkler H. G. Bryan C. M. Mitchell J. W. Mitchell G. B. Know les P. C. Rader KOI.I. J. A. Ilowle C. K. 1 lelseth T. C. Hawthorne O. F. Burger S. J. Neal. Jr. A. E. Stripling C. Douglass L S. I.a Fine A. J. Peaax'k Ix w is Dow 1- A. Perkins. Jr. F. K. Owens B. B. Blount J. A. McKay G. II. Turberville Wm. Para ine W. G. Elliott F. R. Weeden W. M. Christie Wm. Chamber R. R. Taylor C. D. Kimc J. F. Sikes A. C Cuscaden R. R. White G. P. Garrett K. I). Jones R. L Goulding W. Hatcher J. F. Gist E. M. Brannon R. King U. Blount John Marshall Debating Society OFFICERS G. P. Garrett . President. J. M. McCaskii.i. Vice-President. R A. Cox I . W. « ISON Critic. Frank Kiiikrd FACUI.TY Dean A. J. Farruh Prof. II. R. Trailer MEMBERS Dr. E.G Dickenson T. J. Alderman II. A. Ferrell M. L. Mershon D. M. lluie Eli Hutch B. V. Mathis R. I). Rowers J. W. Florence Paul Mobley A. C. Bennett J. B. Gibson M. A. McMullen L. W. Black W. T. Harrison K. M. McGaha A. G Brooks F. R. Mocker M. L O’Berry J. J. Black welder E. F. Householder A. E. Philips L. I). Crom Roswell King NV. G Price A. J. Clavtoo S. S. Keen C. M. Phipps W. Mel- Christie W. M. Kennedy R. W. Randell E. B. Donnell B. G. Langston T. S. Trantham E. G IVVane S. W. Lawler. Jr. W. S. Walker G P. Diamond L. N. Lischkoff G L Welch W. P. Fields O. S. Miller G M. Moon H. A. WoodFarr Literary Society Colors; Yellow and White Founded November 28th. 1911 Flower: Magnolia OFFICERS K. W. Shackleford.......President T. J. Swanson............... Vice-President. L H. MORGAN... .......Secretary and Treasurer. L. A. Perkins ...............Critic. S. I.kitxkr ................... Sergeant at-Arms. ROI.I. T. W. Bryant C. A. Rime J. 11. Griffith U. S. Blanton L R. Morgan L. W. Traxlcr T. a Bird R. a Wilson J. Hearin E. T. Casler R. R. White J. E. Jacobson W. G. Elliott S. Ix itner O. E. Williams Gc k Grace S. I.a Filte A. G. I avis R. 1- Jarrell R. R. Taylor J. E. HnrtsfieldOFFICERS T. D. Ffj.tox ..................President. I). F. Tiiomas.................. Vice-President. J. A. I Iowze ........... ......Secretary. C. A. Rowlett ..................Sergeant-at-Arms. KOI.I. F. M. Swanson L B. Thrasher J. C Price (J. Blount A. Vidal II. L» Cappleman I- E. Tenney W. M. Granger C. C. l.acy I). L White P. C. Rader II. W. Reed R. L. Joiner HONORARY MEMBERS Major E. S. Walker Prof. W. L Seeley Prof. J. W. Zvllar I r. J. R. Benton Prof. A. J. WeichardtTeachers’ Club R. Lkr Goi i.i»is E. K. M MON A. E.; H. W.'Cox Edwin K. Macv R. S. Blanton K. A. Jenkins S. A. Wolfe A. P. Surrency II. C. Smith OFFICERS ..........President. ..........Vice-President. ..........Secretary and Treasurer. ..........Critic. KOI.I. Addis Mathis II. L IX Wolf J. M. Syfrett Harold Crews L. L. Blackburn I larry Cogbum W. II. Taylor G. J. Grace J. T. Thackston C. E. Helseth H. W. Cox EG ASq Lord Kelvin Engineering Society OFFICERS X. S. Stortkr.............President G. C. Crom..............Vice-President J. C. Tinnkv..............Secretary and Treasurer. C. S. Bamberg A. E. Booth K. M. Bishop W. II. Crom W. J. Criglar L. M. Dow F. T. Davidson KOI.I. F. W. L. Hill W. O. Hatch J. P. Hallows C. La Rodk Stuart McIntosh II. 1. Kush L. W. Riggins I. 1.. Kicou L P. Spencer I). M. I lorton C J. Bnusell N. A. Becker S. R. WardAgricultural Club OFFICERS I. B. Rutland........... .......President. II. G. Clayton..................Vice-President. (I. 11. Wilson ................. Secretary and Treasurer. I. H. Harris........ .......... Sergeant at-Arms. ). J. Vernon....................Critic. A. J. Zetrouer II. G. Clayton C. R. Swart . G. II. Wilson T. Nieland K. I- Morgan C. I.. Howell I). I- Means 0. C. Webb A. G. Shaw U. C. I-oftin 1. T. Gist C. E. Helseth J. A. Miller ROU. I. B. Rutland I. II. Harris . J. Vernon osenh F. Schefick V. G. Smith 1-ouis Paint II. B. Swartz F. llalma G. T. Huclsbeck Carl Schlegel F. G. Davis H. W. Gwvn R. I). Malt by F. M. O'ByrneTaylor.......... Row............ Rcade Thome ........ Skinner........ Nelson ........ Livingston..... Billy Saunders.. Songbird (a dog) Strongheart.... Mrs. Nelson---- University Dramatic Club omcats L. A. Pkkkins, Jk.......President. R. LJakkki.i............ Business Manager. W. G. Klliott C W. Henderson R. W. Shackleford I S. I .a Fitte T. S. Trantham KOI.I. Roswell King W. S. Walker R. W. Randcll J. L Hearin A. P. Buie T. E. Price W. H. Wynn S. W. Lawler. Jr. R. Ik Wilson R. P. Henderson, Jr. HONORARY MKMBKRs Miss Mildred Wagner MBs Anna Fowler Mrs. C. S. Robinson Miss Winnefred Pedrick Miss Mervin Ray Presented STRONGHEART In Gainesville. Tallahassee, and Quincy. CAST OF CM A R At .TKRS T. K. Price Molly Livingston.............Miss Winnefred Pedrick . R. P. Henderson Maud Weston..................... Miss Mervin Ray Jay Hearin Betty Bates..................Miss Anna Fowler .Herbert Wynn Dorothy Nelson .............. Miss Mildredj Wagner K. I.. Jarrell Tad Win, Hearin W. G. Klliott Josh.........................A. P. Buie S. W. Lawler Buckley......................C W. Henderson L. A. Perkins Farley ...................... R. W. Shackleford “Pup Benton....................... R. Ik Wilson T. Sw Trantham Butler ......................Wm. Buie Mrs. C S. Rol ertson Black Kagle.................. L S. La FitteFOLLIES McC. Phipps Gibbs Chesnut Ei.i Futch....... FREDERICK llOCKKK Tiiko. IIudciks . Harry Wood Edwin Philips OFFICERS Koi.r. President. MlMftr. I i rector. Kli Futch Frederick Mocker Mac. Christie Henrv Holmes HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Mercedes Miller Miss Ruth Hudgins Miss Eleanor ( rom Miss Eva Futch Miss Isabel Patton Mr. Austin Miller Presented WHAT HAPPENED TO JONES, in Gainesville and Ocala ANT OF CIIARACTRRS Prof. Goodlc y..McC. Phipps Minerva_____ Miss Isabel Patton Jones ---------- .... Austin Miller MrsGoodley . .Miss Mercedes Miller Helmn_____ . Miss Ruth Hudgins Holder, the Cop, Harry Wood Richard.........Mac. Christie Cissy..........Miss Eva Futch Bigbee...........Gibbs Chcsnut Marjorie.......Miss Eleanor Croat Alvina Starlight.Frederick Mocker Fuller...............“Cussev Bean" Bisltop of Ballarat_Edwin PhilipsUniversity Orchestra J. W. Zellar ......................Trombonist N. A. Becker.................... t'riel Blount.....................First Violinist L. |». Spencer ..................Second Violinist. T. K. Price ...................... First Cornetist. Robert Swanson ................. Second Cornetist L. W. Black . ...................aarionetist. J. C. Evans...................... Drummer.Demosthenes Club OFFICERS Ak riu k W. Cvscadkn, Tampa............ President. Wii.liam B. Poach. Tampa...............Secretary and Treasurer. KOl.l. Jerald W. Farr, Wauchula lason B. Thrasher, Micanopy John C. Tinney, Tampa Harold G. Clayton. Tampa Kelley I). Jones, Tampa Alex Shaw, Tampa Martin O'Berry. Kissimmee.A. A. Baker T. W. Bryant J. K. Bullock A. P. Buie J. M. Cbarscy F. CJ. Davis II. A. Ferrell W. H. Gwvn I Tappa Kegs E. Householder J. A. Howie K. L. Jarrell W. Kennedy Koswell Kin ; S. W. Lawler. Jr. A. E. Philips H. W. Shackleford Amid (he fumes of wine and Male cigars. Upon the floor a drunken gambler lies: His shameful history in his bloodshot eyes On his black soul an Dissipation's scars. And all of Crime seen through the prison bars. His heart is Hell, and all of Evil’s ties Have bound him then that he may never rise To gTope his way beneath the distant stars. An open locket in his hand he holds: The old love tones are lilting in his cars; Her Ix ve was not the love that scorns and scolds. Her Love, the loyal Love that conquers fears: Her Faith, his faithless faith, in Faith enfolds. The gambler's up turned face is hot with tears. —II. A. FkrkkJJ.. E. A. Taylor W. S. Walker Harry Wood.Masonic Club FRATRKS IS PACVI.TATB A. A. Murphrce .J. J. Vernon G. E. Pyle A. J. Farrah J. M. Scot! J. R. Benton R. D. Maltby FRATRKS IS USIVKRSITATR E. E. Macv M. A. McMullen E. B. Donnell A. C Brooks L. W. Black Borden WilsonT. 1 . Fulton W. C. Pricc.. F. W. Cason J. H. Harris II. G. Kcppcl Jas. M. Farr J. G.Chesnut K. L. GouWint; II. W. Wood G. P. Garrett J. T. Grace G. J. Grace K. S. Blanton B.G. I.anjrston K. V. Shackleford T. E. Price F. K. I locker Tennis Club ..........President ..........Vice-President ..........Secretary and Treasurer. KOI.I. T. S. Trtntham W. O. Hatch C. R. Swartz H. R. White D. L White II. A. Freeman E. I- Ricou II. G. Clavton II. L DeWolf A. E. Booth C. II. W. Reed M. Luther Mention T. J. Swanson W. II. Taylor H. G. Bryan N. Barrs II. V’. Swartz IX L. Means E. S. Traxler v A. J. Cone, A. J. Williams 0 G. II. Wilson J. E. Hartsfield R. D. Maltby K. C. Dickinson J. R. Benton W. S. Perry A. D. Campbell L. W. TraxlerWoodrow Wilson Club Organized (or the promotion of the candidacy of Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey for the Presidency of the United States. C. McC Phipps...............President. i. w. CAson .Vice-President. T. S. Tkantham............Secretar ' and Treasurer. J. M. McCaskii.I............Press Agent.When shepherds piped on hollow reeds. And led iheir (locks o'er hill and dale. When fairies planted mystic seeds, And Brownies raced the festive snail; When Satyrs danced in sylvan wood. And Fauns and Centaurs gamboled free; The world was young and all was good. And things were what they ought to Ik . Progress Bui knowledge came and fairies fled. And might made right, though might were wrong, KVn Fauns and Centaurs all seemed dead; They had but changed their dress and form. Then shepherds sang a sweeter song Of "Peace on Karth," that Christmas night. Now right is right and wrong is wrong. And Uve and Wisdom guide us right. —B. E. Macy.Glee and Mandolin Clubs Association (Founded 1911) Kli Futcii...... ....... President Jay Hearin...............Vice-President. D. M. Badger.............. Business Manager. R. R Wilson................Assistant Business Manager. Club 1st. Tenor C. T. Price K. C. Dickinson Patch F. M. O’Byrne Fj.i Fi tcii. leader. 2ml. Tenor C. B. Gwyn Jay llcarin 1.. B. Tolman S. F. McIntosh 1.. W. Mil! 1st. Bass R. B. Wilson C. A. Martini C. D. Kime C. II. W. Reed Mandolin Club 1st. Mandolin 11. C. lloughtaling S. F. McIntosh C M. W. Read L. P. S| enoer J. R. Stinger 2nd. Mandolin Gibbs Chesnut 11. G. Conant M. A. Freeman 1). L. Means I.. M. McF.lya C. T. Prick, 12. Leader Violin Guitar U. Blount I). M. Badger L. W. Black C. T. Price 2nd. Bass 1- W. Black I). M. Badger II. G. Conanl Mandolette T. E. PriceDo you long for something higher? For the beautiful. the true? Bravely meet all opposition. School yourself to dare and do. I)o not quail, though hard the contest, Though you sometimes miss the goal. As we grow in strength by struggle. So by struggle grows the soul. Each new day brings iis new duties. Evening’s close sees duty done. Each new struggle serves to strengthen. We rejoice in victories won. Each new day brings new ideals. Evening’s close’ blots out the past. Growth involves a constant dying. Death itself must die at last. —Edwin K. Macv.s= (0 0 r Universicy German Club OFFICERS E. A. TaYI.OR..............President. Rosweli. Kinc................Vice President. V. II. Wynn....... .........Secretary and Treasurer. R. I„ Jarrk.i.i............Floor Manager. W. Shackleford A. Perkin . Jr. W. Henderson P. Henderson, Jr. .». C. Price W. S. Walker KOI.I. A. G. Shands T. S. Trantham C. M. Phipps F. R. Mocker E. F. Cannon Mac. L. Christie A. E. Philips L E. Tenney R. W. Randell K. C. Dickinson J. G. ChesnutBarrs, Sigma Alpha Kpulon Wa Cason. Alpha Tau Omega W. McL Christie, Kappa Alpha F. G. Davis, Alpha Tau Omega K. II. Graham. Beta Theta Pi R. P. Henderson. Kappa Alpha C- W. Henderson. Kappa Alpha F. R. I locker. Sigma Phi Kpsilon R. King. Kappa Sigma M. L Mershon. Alpha Tau Omega C. McC. Phipps, Phi Kappa Pm R. W. Randell, Sigma l hi Kpsilon K. A. Taylor, Kappa Alpha L K. Tenney, Pi Kappa Alpha 'I . S. Trantham, Alpha Tau Omega W. S. Walker. Kappa AlphaSigma Cm II. G. Keppd Pm Kappa Sigma Strayed Greeks Sigma Ai.piia Kpsilon J-.iv M. Farr Newcomb Bam Pm Kappa Psi C. McC. Phipps Sigma Phi Kpsim»n F. K. Mocker Redden W. Randell Kappa Sk;ma Roswell Kinn Bkta Tiikta Pi K. II. Gruham W. I. Seeley Cm Pm Delta Upsilon Jas. N. Anderson H. V. Swartz Zbta Beta Tau Alpha Delta Pm L N. Lischkoff II. S. Davis Theta Kappa Ni K. C. Dickinson Pm Beta Kappa (IIon.) J. R. Benton I.. I.. Bernardy» 4 «. u.i Phi Kappa Phi CHAPTER ROM. University of Maine Delaware State College University of Tennessee Iowa State College Pennsylvania State College University of Florida Massachusetts Agricultural College The I hi Kappa l hi is an honor society composed of graduate and undergraduate members of all depart ments of American universities and colleges. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship in the thought of college students, to hold fast to the original purpose for which institutions of learning were founded, and to stimulate mental achievement by the prize of membership. As a secondary object, it seeks to bind more closely the Alumni to their Alma Mater, to furnish an additional tie of college friendship, and to interest its members in the promotion of a more thorough education. In order to gain these objects, membership is re- stricted to a number of students in any school or deportment, not exceeding one third of the whole graduating class, who have distinguished themselves by scholarship or intellertuul service to their college or university. These members are elected one year before graduation. Persons may also be elected to honorary memU-rsliip who have won distinction in science, literature or education. Other honor societies confine membership to some particular kind of degree or course of study; the Phi Kappa Phi by imposing no such restriction aims to stand for the unity and democracy of learning. Mem-bership in it is open to members of other fraternities.Phi Kappa Phi Founded in 1897 University of Florida Chapter Organized in 1912 FRATRES IN PACL’I.TATK Jas. M. Farr William L. Seeley John R. Benton Herbert G. Kcppel Chas. L. Crow Kdward R. Flint Elm B. Donnell Edmund C. Dickinson Jus. N. Anderson Robt. D. Maltbv Harry R. Trusler William S. Perry Albert A. Murphreo Albert J. Farrah Peter H. Rolfs Luther Lee Bernard John J. Vernon John A. Thackston Harvey W. Cox Herbert S. I avis FRATRJES IN t'NIVKRSITATK Thos. D. Felton. Civil Engineering ’12 Fred W. Cason. Law ’12 W. T. Harmon, Law 12 A. Edwin Philips, Law 12 H. A. Ferrell. Law 12. KRATKKS HONOR AKII Luther B. Edwards, Live Oak, Florida Fons A. Hathaway, Jacksonville. FloridaKappa Alpha Washington and Let University UoUerilijr of C «ori{ii toorjr College Randolph-Macon College Richmond College University of Kentucky Mercer UDlimtt; University of VlrgiBi Alibaai Polytechnic Institute Southwestern University Uoltmlljt of Tmu University of Tennessee Duldioa College I'Dlimitjr of North Carolina Southwestern University (of Texas) Vanderbilt UoltmU; Alabama Georgia Arkansas Florida ACTIVE CHAPTERS Tulaoe University Central University of Kentucky University of the South University of Alabama l outelana State University William Jewell College William and Mary College Westminster College Howard College Transylvania University Centenary College University of Missouri Millsaps College Georg Washington University University of California University of Arkansas STATE ASSOCIATIONS Kentucky Louisiana Alexandria. La. Anniston, Ala. Ann Arbor. Mich. Asheville. X. C. Atlanta, Ga. Baltimore. Md. Baton Rouge. La. Birmingham, Ala. Boston. Mass. Canal ' .one Charleston. S. C. Charlotte, N. C. Charleston. W. Va. Chattanooga. Tenn. Centres I lie, Miss. Chester. S. C. Chicago. III. Columbus. Ga. Dallas. Tex. Fort Smith. Ark. Urimo. Ga Hampton. Va. Hattiesburg, Miss. Houston. Tex. Huntiogtoo. W. Va. Jackson. Mis . ALUMNI CHAPTERS Jacksonville, Fla. Jonesboro, Ark Ithaca, N. Y. Kansas City. Mo. Knoxville, Tenn. Lexington. Ky. Little Rock, Ark. Los Angeles. Cal. Ixtulsvllle, Ky. Macon. Ga. Memphis. Teen. Mobile. Ala. Montgomery, Ala. Lrlaod Stanford. Jr.. University WnI Vlrglnl University Georgia School of Technology llampden-SIdnev College University of Mississippi Trinity College North Carolina A. A- VI. College Missouri School of Mines llethany College College of Charleston Georgetown College Delaware College University of Florid University of Ok I bom Washington University Drury College Missouri North Cnrolln Nashville. Tenn. N lchHoches. I« . New Haven. Conn. New Orlesns, La. New York. N. Y. Norfolk. V . Oklahoma City. Ok I . IVtersburg. V . 1 11 41 11 1 . Pa. Pittsburg. I . Uslelgb. N C. Iltcbmood. V S»n Antonio. Tei. Ok 1 shorn Virginia S n Francisco, C l. Savannah. G . Spartanburg, S. C. St. Ix uU. Mo. Slauotoo, Va. Tallahassee, Fla. Tallatlega. Ala. Tampa. Fla. Thomstvllle. Ga. 'A ashlngton, D. C. Wilmington. N. C.Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and University in 1865 Bkta Zrta Cii.utrr organized in IWI Colors Floxvrrs Publication Crimson and Old Gold Magnolia and American Itenulv Rose Kappa Alpha Journal FRATRKS IN PACL’I.TATP. Albert A. Murphrce George K. Pyle W. S. Pern r'RATKRS IN I NIVRRSITATK B. A. Tavlor K. W. Shackleford R. L Jarrell C. W. Henderson K. P. Henderson A. G. Shands T. It. Bird W. II. Reynolds A. K. Philips J. M. Course) J. A. McKay W. It. Chambers W. G. Klliott E. F. Gannon K. R. Powers W. McL. Christie J. R. Bullock J. C. Powers ( M Moo W. S. Walker J. M. McOaskill FRATRRS IN I'RRK S. Graham J. S. Shands C. A. Pound W. A. Shands G. Younglove J. W. Shands Austin Miller Judge J. T. Wills It. K. Williamson PROVINCE I—Ai.aiiama. Kiarida, Cij -«ia, Louisiana and Texas Alibsma Polytechnic Institute Southern University UoUmit; of Alabama I'olrmtt; of Florida University of Georgia Georgia School of Technology Emory College Mercer University Tulane University I’olvmit; of Tex a PROVINCE II—Itxixots. Indiana, Mich-man and Wisconsin University of Illinois University of Chicago How Polytechnic Institute Purdue University Adrian College Hillsdale CotWce Uolrerelty of Michigan Albion College I’nieeraity of Wiaconain PROVINCE III—Couni a no. Iowa, Kansas. Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska University of Colorado Alpha Tau Omega CHAPTER ROLL Simpson College Iona Stale College University of Kansas University of Minnesota University of Missouri University of Nebraska PROVINCE IV—Maine, Massachusetts. Rhode Island and Vermont University of Maine Colby College Massachusetts Ins. of Technology Tufts Collego Won-ester Polytechnic Institute Brown University University of Vermont PROVINCE V—New Yohk and Pennsylvania Columbia University St. Lawrence University Cornell University Muhieoburg College Washington and Jefferson College Lehigh University1 IVnnsylvanta College University of Pennsylvania PROVINCE VI—North Carolina, South Carolina and Vhrunia University of North Carolina ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Allentown. Pa. Alliance. Ohio Atlanta. On. Birmingham, Ala. California Chicago, III. Charlotte. N. C. Cleveland. Ohio Colorado Columbua. Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Dallas. Texas Dayton. Ohio Detroit. Mich District of Columbia Georgia Harvard Indiana Kansas City I-os Angeles. Cal. LoulsvHle, Ky. Massachusetts Manila. P. I. Milwaukee Minnesota Mobile. Ala. Montgomery. Ala. Nashville. Tenn. Nebraska New Orleans, La. New York City Pensacola. Fla. Philadelphia. Pa. PlUaburg, Pa. Portland, Ore. Providence, R. I. Trinity College College of Charleston Washington and las University -University of Virginia PROVINCE VII-OHIO Mount Union College Ohio Wesleyan University Wooster University Ohio State University Western Reset ve University PROVINCE V||I-TBfNEft»l9C AND. KENTUCKY State University of Kentucky Southwestern IVeabyterian University Vanderbilt University Union University University of tbc South University of Tennessee province IX—California, Wasmixu- TON AND OUKXttf University of California Inland Stanford University Uolversity of Washington Washington State College University of Oregon Reading. Pa. San Antonio, Tex. Savannah, Ga. South Carolina it I .uls, Mo-Salt Lake City. Utah Texas Washington Western California Western New York YouogstoenAlpha Tau Omega Founded in Richmond. Va., in 1865 Ami Omkoa Ciiaitkk organized in 18 4 Colors Ki.owlr Puii.ication Old Gold and Sky Blue While Tea Rose Alpha Tau Omega Palm LRATRKS IV IMVKRslTATH A. P. Buie J. L. Ilearin C. L. Wilson J. G. Chesmil II. S. Holer R. B. Wilson K. T. Coder II. C. Holmes C.T. Ward Fred W. CaMin C. 1). Kime J. BL Walkins Mosel)' Collins M. L. Mershon K. 1). Bowers F. G. Davis L B. Thrasher S. W. Lawler, Jr. II. A. Ferrell R. R. Taylor K. 1'. Householder II. W. Gwynn T. S. Tmniham FRATRKS IX I RIVK Henry Baker llarn- Ox J. A. Phifer Jas. Chesnut Glenn Slringfellow Glover Taylor G. Henry Davis . Pi Kappa Alpha CHAPTER ROM. University of Virginia Davidson College William and Mary College Southern University University of Tennessee Tulnne University Southwestern Presbyterian University I lampden Sidney College Transylvania University Kiehmond College Washington and Lee University University of North Carolina Alabama Polytechnic Institute Georgia Agricultural College Howard C ollege Kentucky State College Trinity College l-ouisiana State University Georgia School of Technology North Carolina A. and M. College University of Arkansas University of the State of Florida Millsaps College Missouri School of Mini's Georgetown College University of Georgia University of Missouri Southwestern University University of Cincinnati Richmond. Vi. Memphis. Tenn. White Sulphur Springs, W. Ya. Norfork, Ya. Dillon. S. C New Orleans, lai. I Fallas. Tex. Knoxville. Tenn. Al.l'MNI CHAPTERS Lexington. Ky. Salisbury. N. ('. Hattiesburg, Miss. Nashville. Tenn. Charlottesville. Ya. Opelika. Ala. Fort Smith. Ark. Birmingham. Ala. Lynchburg. Ya. Gainesville. Ga. Spartanburg. S. C. Charleston, S. C. Raleigh, N ( Charlotte. N. C. Muskogee. Okla. Pensacola. Fla.Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the Iniversity of Virginia in I.SMI Ai.piia Eta Ciiaptkr organized in 1901 Col ons Fi.owkk Pt in.ration Old Gold and Garnet Lily of the Valley Shield and Diamond PRATER IN KAC.TI.TATK C. L. ClOW L. K. Morgan L. K. Tenney N. S. Stoner E. I- Kilev J. B. Griffith ERATRK IN t’NIVI RSITATR J. C Evans W. S. Lang C. II. W. Reed I). M. Buie I). F. Thomas NV. F. Nottingham O. W. K.iv M. F. Brown T. B. IXrcn I- V. Biggins ERATRKS IN I RHH A. G. Vidal F. Scenes About the Campusr GreenhouseOn the University FarmStudents' Rooms Statis Brim; Facts Amht Handsomest Professor,—Zellur. with Benton running a close second. Most Popular Professor.—(I) Farr. «2 Seeley. 13) Cox. Hesl'Naturvd Professor,—41) Flint. 2 Keppel. The Prof, who has the "Biggest Line."— l) Crow. 2 Seeley. The Favorite Remark of our President,—"Gentlemen. I am deeply humiliated.’' Handsomest Boy.—(I) “Doc" Walker. 2) "Red" Farr. Neatest in Drew.—f I) Borden Wilson, 2 McC. Phi| | s. Best Dancer.—fl) Shackleford. Philip . Most Consistent Student,—(1) Felton. 2 Garrett. I test Foot I ull Player.—“Dummy" Taylor. Best Baseball Player,—41) L. K. Tenney, 2) Coarsey. Best Basketball Haver.—d Lawler. 2 Raker. Best TrackMan.—Kime. What Student Would Make the lk- t President of the University of Florida?—(I Bryant. 2 Ferrell. Biggcal Flirt.—Mac Christie. Biggest Kaiers.— 1 Mathis Brothers, 2) All Florida Messhall Team. Farr. Wood. Phipps and Jones. Biggest Liar.—(1) Jacotnon. (2) Cuscnden. Price. Laziest Student.—(I) Holmes. 2 "t’mphs"Gwynn. Funniest Student.—4|) "lx gs" Wood. 2 “Red" Farr. Most Conceited Student,— l Borden Wilson, 2» Ik O. bishop. (.It Stortcr. Windiest Student,—'Wy nn. Best Natures! Student.— I J. Bennett. 2 I- K. Tenney. Best Crammer,—411 Mac Christie, 42) Cuscadcn. 31 "Pokey" Davis. tics Peopi.B Wk Know Most Appropriate Nickname,—41 “Legs," 2) “Raineses." Would-be Politician.—(I) Ferrell. 2) Phipps. “Mamma's Darling and Papa's Joy,"—111 Southerland, •2) Perkins. Biggest Sport,— l O'Beny, 2 Kandell. Biggest latufer,— l “Doug" Buie. 2 Poage, 43) Bullock. Must Bashful Student,—(I) "Raineses." 2 C'ogbum. Sleepiest Student.— l) L I. Blount. 2 “Kelly" Jones. "Fleshiest" Freshman,—R. W alker. Moat Awkward Student.—llartsTiekL Who Gets Most out of College Life?— l Jarrell. 2 “Red" Farr. Mouthiest Student.-—Moon. Greatest Improvement for the University of Florida?— IIaxjs ; Rhstorkd. Biggest Grafter,—(1) Jarrell. 2) The Auditor. Biggest Bluffer.—“I)oog“ Buie and Reid. Best Politician.—41) Ferrell. «2» Bryant. Biggest Hot-air Slingcr,—41) Brutus, alias Mark Anthony, ALIAS Caesar, alias Marcus Aurelius, ai.ias Slager, 2) Dr. Crow. Best Drilled Man.—41) Hill. t2 Wynn. Best Musician,— |) Black. 2) “ Tubby" Price. Biggi-st Up-Tow n Ixnfer,—Poage. Biggest Braggart,— l "Tubby" Price, (2) Storter. Ik st Orator,—41) Bryant. 2» Ferrell. (3) Phipps, (4) McCattkill. Biggest Crook.— l Yurl orough. 2 Moon.Funeral Oration Dki.ivbrf.d Upon tiik Lachrymose Event of tiir Interment of Coi.t miha and Stetson Foot-Bai.i. TEAMS DP.UVF.RKI BY Ht. Rp.v. II. A. FeRRKI.I.. AND PI BI.ISIIW hy Rf.oirst of tiif. Many Fkiknds of Those Jerked Hence. Brethren, upon such a solemn and heart-rending occasion we should banish all levity and frivolity, remem-tiering that the game is to be played according to I loyle, and that for our defunct rivals Spades are the last trumps. We shall not attempt to enumerate their many shining virtues, for that would be impossible—TllF.Y HAD NONE. The most comforting thought connected with their demise is—that they are dead—beyond the hope of resurrection. Both these hopeful young innocents were reared in the Baptist faith, and though divided in life, we trust they are united in a brighter and hotter Hereafter. Christopher Columbia, born in Danville. Illinois and John B. Stetson, born in a lid-factory in I’hiludel phia, were two addled goose eggs and full of mal-odor. They came forth like the ram, and they rambled till FLORIDA cut 'em down. They fleeth also as a country canine with a tin can caudal attachment— and continueth to do so. In the midst of the season they are extremely iiors dp. combat. Where may we seek for a sucker, but of ye, oh! Stetson and Columbia, for at our score ye are justly displeased and unanimously disgruntled. Halleluiah! Hulley-balloo!!! Aufwiedersehen. Fores much as it hath pleased mighty FLORIDA in the Columbia game to take the stitch in time that saved nine, and on the Stetson gridiron to lamlust the immortal ichor out of our deceased and decomposed rivals we therefore commit their mangled fragments to the ground; earth to mirth, ashes to ashes dust to dust, punk to punk. “Hark from the tomb, a doleful sound. Twenty seven to nothing on Stetson's own ground." l.el u lift our hearts and voices in chastened invocation: Our Coach, who art at FLORIDA. I ylc is thy name; thy Roswell Kingdom) come, thy will was done on Stetson as on Columbia—ami then some. Thou gavest to us that day Fast goal and West goal—and wouldst have given to us North poleand South pole, if they had been there. Forgive us our trespasses for we sho did trespass and forw ard pass against 'em. Lead us not into defeat, hut deliver us the victory, for thine is the team, with tile power and the glory. Eleven Men!The Essence of Coolness Icebergs that choke the genial current of the soul. Himalayan snow and chill of the Boreal pole, Silurian steppes and Greenland's glacial sheet. Shivering shadow of the Scad of Sled. Thermometers, hopeless, forever and forever fall. The Universe is frozen still in crystal pall. I.ukes of Tabasco, oceans of alcohol, congealed, together run. Hell, a stupendous icicle, hangs pendant from the sun- I think of these for w armth and mop my brow. For these are fiery furnaces. Aetna's scorching breath, I vow. But super-superlative, hyper-plu perfect Antithesis of heat. And is the unspeakable frigidity of Mercer's foot ball feet. —II. A. Fkkkm.i..A Day’s Doings Hup! Hap! Rap! “Come in.” It was the postman, lie handed me a long. official-looking envelope marked “From the President's Office.” Ah! the many things that flashed through my mind as I opened it. I remembered the classes I had cut, the chickens that had come home to roost no more, the moon-light strawberry raid. and numerous other things that 1 could be summoned on the carpet for. Imagine my surprise when I mid: Mr. Unx Phersey. Campus. Dear Sir: Several of the professors of law complained to me that they found it necessary to use an unusual amount of knowledge in order to pass the seniors last month. Realizing that this has caused a drain upon their limited supply, I should like for you to observe what the above-mentioned students do during the day and report same to me. Cordially yours. Proctor. So the next night I wrote the following day's notea: 6:00 A. M. Reveille. Everything turns over for a nap. 6 JO. Breakfast -bell. 6:35. “Rig" Mathis and “Parson” Harrison race for mevdiall. Mathis hollowing “Ducks on the milk." 6M2. “Miss" Kime makes a ten-second dash for breakfast. Nothing doing. 7:15. Mrs. Alex's gang of rough-necks gradually assembles, "Au" Philips acting as vanguard. 7:30. Roswell King gets up. No wash-water, as usual. 8:00. Rike brigade arrives from town, bringing our future senators, "Mac" McMullen and "Don" Donnell. 9.00. Nothing doing. 9:13. "Shack" Shackleford collects clothes for his pressing-club during chapel. 11 JO. Dean I'urrah’s law clavs assembles in such small pieces as "Big Annie" DcVnne. I2J0 P. M. We make a rush for incsshall. 1231 Stampede la-gins, "Mutt" Thomas in the lead. 12:36. “Bogater" S lor ter on the floor,—"Battalion Atten n-t-i-o n n! I have been asked to make the follow ing announcements: ‘I am deeply humiliated by the large amount of food consumed, and the conduct of the young gentlemen in the mess-hall. I ask you not to eat any more food than possible, and not to pul your feet in it when it falls on the floor, as this makes it unit for future-use . Here afteT a fine of twenty-five cents w ill be charged any one caught taking food from the mevdiall. and tern de-merits will be given any one f« r going unde-r the table when the lights go out.’ (Signed) Chef. ‘Lady Perkins asks the Dramatic Club to meet in his room for a few minute-s after dinner. Re-st!" 12J7. "Filpott" Felton runs in competition to "Bogater" and calls the- battalion to attention for “Curly" ©'Byrne to make a Y. M.C. A. announcement.1250. “Bert" Davis buys a messhall concert ticket. 1:10. “Trant Trantham begins u search lor cigarette paper and “tobie." 22b. “Luke" Mershon arrives from town, via A. I- 2:4.V “Judge" Fields of (him Swamps gets a permit to go home and dig his “talers." 3:00. U. C. Loftin goes "hug hunting.” 3:1V “Hunt" Grillith repairs to chemistry “lab” to make an analysis of his girls’ hearts. 3:30. “Grandpa" Macv explains to the Psychology class the principle of the optical illusion. 4:00. I coalers’ brigade staris lor Miller’s. "Chandler" Ifciml erg in the bunch. 45V “Doc” Walker reviews the dress-parade, and tells how they did it at Clemson. ? :00. “Crook" Moon goes out collecting lor “Saps" pressing club. 6. N). Supper. 6:01. “Jakic" Brasscll takes all the milk as usual. 6:1.1. “Big Bake" colls tin “All-Florida" Messhull team lor syrup practice. 6iW. “Clint" Price and “Sport" O’Berry start a poker game. 7. -00. “Archie" Ferrell an l “Tommie" Bry ant stun their hot air machines going on politics. No more studying. N.-00. "Judge" Kandell. dressed for a dance, gets his complexion on crooked. KhOO. Tap . UbJO. Rocking-chair procession forms at northeast corner Buckman. "Fredie" Cason in charge. 1200. Midnight, Grand finale led by “Doog" Buie. with “Kid" I'hackston. Jr. in the chorus. 12:01 A. M. Another day begins. —U. C Ijoktin. Of4 LIS If you are looking for the best values in Gents’ Furnishings and Clothing turn your steps in this direction. We carry everything in wearing apparel for men and guarantee high quality and low prices. WHY NOT GIVE US A TRIAL? G. V . YOU INGLOVE The College Man’s Store ’•On the Square --(North Side Gainesville. Florida TEN!!The Florida Bank ol Gainesville OtlNMCIUI, KLOMID roaJtHMj from Hcport to Comf tiill«r UunJa), A pail in. Ill U MOl'HCKM Loaas__________$423,230 97 Owtdnlti....... 69.16 V»»X» and flat's. .6 4.97 Stocki aad goods 21.4 1 34 Caik ao4 D M»4 Enkaap......... 3.429.46 TOTAL......$341,916.10 1.1 Aim.i ri i:m C »k Capital— $ 73.000.00 Net Profei . .. 27,W0.3$ Bond A ««sat ... .000.00 RtdkiMMi........ 24,224.00 Dcpoocs........ 406.001 73 TOTAL_______$341,916 10 There ire many njri in which a good bank, inch is THE FLORIDA BANK OF GAINESVILLE, cin be of assistance to yon. We hive the organization, the eaperi ence. the local safeguards and the financial responsibility to render the soundest and most efficient service to you. We would like to hive an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to serve you. D». |. H IM|« w.inaxsu Sm| O HaataAaM mu r.crroiiHi LloN ln w. 1 Mi CWa D DnM CUAi A. pMMtaak On. A. CaAlnal WmLWaan WaS. HdMU D». o s c ,« wo «w MraiicWk M.OIW11-. I. ha W Hamm I. M PawJ Net Earnings Since Organization (May 18th, 19101, $39,890.35. Medical College of Virginia tSTABlISntD 1883 txcuuNi minus ior iuching Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy F«r CjliUf . Ufrrit CURISTOPHLR TOMKINS. M l) . Dean. Richmond. Va. Insignia. Medals. Badges. Secret Society Em blems. College and Class Pins. Designs and estimates furnished for special work of every description. Correspondence invited. Ulus trated catalogue of College and Class Pins furnished free on application. Greenleaf Crosby Co. Jewelers and Importers Jacksonville, Fla. 41 V. !»y St. Estat M IMAlways at the- Front E. L. WATSOIN Alachua County's Leading Real Estate Agent Calnesvllle, ■■ Elorld« Profits in a Nutshell T I.OKIDA paper shell pecans are always in demand and command the Ix-st prices. No other nut. fruit or vegetable cun compare with the peon for profits. An orchard of five acres will make you inde]H mient. There is very little labor anti N’O WORRY connected with the culture of pecans after they come into bearing. The first five vears of the life of a pecan ires requires constant cure and expert attention; after that time it's easy. We supply the orchard and expert cure. That's our business and we have the men employed that know now. The locution of our 2500 acre tract is ideal, jud six miles west of Gaittentile.«ith an elevation of 2tW feet above sea level. Small monthly payments for a few short years will enable you to reap a competency for the cars to come. ........... j INVEST IO ATE American Pecan Company Gainesville, Florida jam 0mM, % MEN’S AND WOMEN S AGENT FOR Howard and Foster Shoes The popularity of this line of Shoes is attributed to the fact that it contains everything new that’s good. South Side Square GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA J. G. HARROLD -ALL KINDS OH — Fresh Meats Poultry and Game in Season Country Produce a Specialty Wholesale and Retail . . . Dealer In . . . STAPLE AXI) FANCY GROCERIES Gainesville, - - FloridaBAIRD’S Just a Few Winners Eastman’s Kodaks and Supplies, Reach’s Baseball Supplies, Gillett Safety Razors, I. X. L. Knives. American and Ellwood Fence U. M. C. and Winchester Ammunition If it's Quality You Want We Have It BAIRD HARDWARE COMPANY rhone: 7 Gainesville, FloridaPHIFER BROTHERS MERCHANTS AND BANKERS Your Business will be Appreciated DORSEY’S Breakfast Delight Coffee LOOKS TASTES IS MAKES GOOD For Goodness Sake Drink It W. S. DORSEY CO. PURE FOOD GROCERS Gainesville, FloridaThe Dutton Bank I IS Wot Litxrtf Sired Gainesville, Florida ESTABLISHED IS7J. INCORPORATED l»07 Capital, Full Paid, $75,000.00 iMretioit vuv Surplus and Profits. $65,000 00 OFFICERS W. R. Thonrn, President C. K. Broome, In Vice-President W. B. Taylor. 2nd Vice-President K. D. Turner, Caahier BOARD OF DIRECTORS G. K. Broome M. Venable H P. Dutton J. A. Maoltsby W. R. Thomas W. B. Taylor J. B. Pad ett8. R. COLSON. ?" . F. C BOWERS. S«T'Tf .. 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PUBLISHERS OF Lawyers’ Reports Annotated Old and New Scries Intending Practitioners when purchasing a Library should consult H. C. UTLEY Florida Representative 107 Lav Exchange Jacksonville, - - Florida“Engraving for College and School Publications” THIS is our Hook of Instructions which is loan I'd to the staff of each publication for which we do engraving. It contains 1M pages, over .loo illustrations and covers every phase of the engraving question as it would interest tin stuff of a college or school publication. Full description anti information as to how it obtain a copy sent to any one interested. Halftones Color Plates Zinc Etchings Designing For College and High School Annuals and Periodicals a specialty. Also fine copper plate and steel die cmlroyscd stationery such as Commencement Invitations, Announcements, Visiting Cards, Fraternity Stationery, Etc. Acid Blast Halftones We have the exclusive rights in this territory to use the I.c y Acid Blast process for etching halftones This method insures deeper and more evenly etched plates than it is possible to get by the old tub process, and we charge no more for them than others do for the common kind. Fhe engravings for The Seminole were made by us. Mail orders a s| - ialty. Samples free if you state what you are especially interested in. Stafford Engraving Company Artists. Designer . Engravers, Electrotypers Kngravings for College and School Publications a Specialty CENTERY KMI.DINC INDIANAPOLIS, INI). Slirffarcf Cc » tna o i»I Will Please You m If you Iwvc a certain pose or picture in your mind. 1 will ex' ccutc it for you, or. just leave it to me. I produce the latest and best styles in photographic por traiture. My line of sample pho tographs will convince you of the quality I put into my work. , . Come in and Look Them Over. W. M. 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Government Land Scrip for Sale.CRAWFORD DAVIS LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STABLES Dealers in Fine Mules and Horses Our Livery Department is Complete, When in Need Call Us Up Both Phones Gainesville, FloridaBurkhim Says; If you need anything in UfMtvDate Clothing. Furnishing Goods. Hats, Trunks and Valises. SPECIAL $2.00 Hat Box Griffon Brand Clothing Society Brand Clothing Howard Hats Burkhim Shirts L, J. BURKHIM Baird New Building THE BROWN HOUSE IN THK HEART OF THE CITY Special Rates to University Studentsrvi i l. l. e: r • s From “Fresh" to “Grid" No need to remind us. Say “Meet me at Miller's." And you know where to f.nd usUnited States, State, County and City Depository first national Bank Gainesville, florida Capital.................$100,000.00 Shareholders’ Liability . $100,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits...............$100,000.00 ESTABLISHED IMS Four Per Cent. Paid in our Savings Department; Compounded Quarterly SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT JAS. M. GRAHAM, Pres. H. E. TAYLOR. Vice-Pres. E BAIRD. Vice-Pres. LEE GRAHAM. CashierFlorida State College for Women Tallahassee, Florida An Institution of the First Hank. Supported by the State, (or the Liberal and Professional Education of Florida Young Women. I. College of Arts and Sciences II- Nornul School with Kindergarten Deportment III. School ol Mutic IV. School ol Art V. School of Expression VI Extension Division in Home Economics VII. Grodujte School The NORMAL SCHOOL nd the DEPARTMENT OF ED-UCATlON oiler speeul advsn'igct 'o teacher . and pre- paring eb. in bc country, graded and h. h schools ol -he Va e ol Florida Tbr new AtmiAn rdiM BuiMi«i| n om ol 'be I tries’ and fee appointed college building in 'be Sou'h. I it equipped throughout wi"b 'be moss modern equipment A new SoO.OOO doeimvey wi'b modern hof ui in connee i«a « «n 'be course ot construction. Tuition free j other expenses very low. For cots log ue j nd information, write to EDWARD CONRADI, A. M . Ph. D. University of flortda (-iamcovtllc, flortda Supported by the State and Federal Govern' ments for the Liberal and Professional Education of Young Men. 1. Graduate School 2. College ol Arts and Sciences J. College of Agriculture 4. College of Engineering 5. College of Law 6. Teachers' College and Normal School 7. Agricultural Experiment Station 6. Extension Division Farmers' Institutes Lecture Bureau and Correspondence Study.) Excellent moral tone Wholesome indoor and out' ol door athletic Foot and baseball champions ol Florida. 302 young men enrolled during the session closing May 26th. 1912 Four more new buildings will be ready lor occupancy next session beginning Tuesday. September 17th. 1912. Tuition Free For catalogue and other information, add rets A. A. MIRPHREE. A.M..LL.D., PresidentT. V. SHANDS. V. R. STECKERT, P. .M. BRANNON. V M. BURDICK. Vict-RroWent Vict-Rrrtiitnt Cashier United States, State. County and City Depository Gt ipesviHe I);« 1 iom llk nk Capital Stock................................$100,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits . . $ 40.000.00 GA INKS VILLI-:. FLORIDA DIRECTORS WM. R. STECKKR r Vice President, Gainesville, Florida (.and (loinini»iniK-r for Cummer Lumber Co., Jacksonville F. M BRANNON Vice-President. President Gainesville Gro-ccry Company JOHN F. JACKSON Bronson, Florida A. II. BLANDING Juliette. Florida We Pay Four PerCent. Interest in our Savings Department; Compounded Quarterly Vour Business Solicited J L. . 1 EDI.IN of J. I.. Medlin A Co., Naval Stores Meredith, Florida T. W. SIIANDS President, Gainesville, Florida M. II IK-PASS, M. I). Gainesville. Florida HENRY DAVIS of Crawford A- Davis, Live Stock, GainesvilleBREDEHOFT SHANNON Tbc Home oI Good Bread and Pastry Phone • - • - 505 209 W. Liberty St. Gainesville, Florida TT itis, the htor st, Sue. J’ owers for Oucry Occasion. . ... . 36 11 . Porsyth St. iPhone 7 4 acAsonvi to, J’ or da Cottrell Sf Leonard Albany. n. ¥. Makers of Caps, Gowns and Hoods to the American Colleges and Universities from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Class Contracts a Specialty 3 Correct Hoods for all Degrees. Rich Gowns for Faculty use, for Pulpit and Bench. Bulletins, Samples, etc., on request. Meal College of the Slate of South Carolina CHARLESTON, S. C MEDICINE AND PHARMACY Seealon opens October 2nd, 1 12. end Juoe JpI. 1 13. I'oeurpaeeod Clinical tdrtoU( t offered by the Itoper lloepital, one of lb large el sad beel equipped ho , pital to the South. Kiteailre outdoor and Dieprntary eereke under control of tbe Faculty. Nine appointment each year for graduate In Medicine for lloepital aod Die-peoeary eervlce . Medical and fbanaaceuilcal I.abora-lor lee recently enlarged and fully equipped. Depart merit of Pbyelology and Kmbryology In aflUlatlon with tbe Cbarlee-ton Mueeutn. Practical work for medical and pharmaceutical etudenta a apeclal feature. For Catalogue addrva ROBIRI VM1S0N. JR.. M. D. Dean Career Qecc 4 Irskie Street CIURII SION. - . SOI IN C4R01IN4Are vou thinking of hying a Diamond? V« bat Ifco kind that wo c o fn»r»nM» Hinr . Brood . Hlkk l lu» aixl I Yallim. lo 11 ottwr Its of Jewelry you 111 Bod u «p lo d»tr. IU| lrtD( o.l Bt K»cr»vl r »|wri liy. L. C. SMITH North Side Squnrr GnlitP»wlllc The Fechheimer Bros. Co. CINCINNATI Make the U. F. Uniforms Military Uniforms and Equip' meats a Specialty Pennants, Ladies' Belt Buckles, Novelties, Megaphones, Etc. Cm Flowers. Bouquets and Decorations W’c carry the finest line of fresh Cut Rowers in the State. Our prices are reasonable. and we know how to arrange them in the most artistic manner. We pay special attention to out of town orders and have years of practical experience in shipping through the state. A trial order will convince you. Tomlinson-Key Floral Co. Phone 401 40 E. Forr»ylh St. Jacksonville, - Florida A. H. FETTING masi ram ar or Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry 2l;t X. I St., Itnltiniorc. MJ. Pactory 212 l-ittlc Sharp St. Memorandum package sent to any fraternity member through the secretary of the chapter. Special designs and estimates furnished on class pins, rings, medals for athletic meets, etc.The Thomas Company T. F THOMAS 0. H. THOMAS R. W. THOMAS “Our Specialties” John Deere Farming TooIb Shelf Hardware Agent Buck Stoves Sash. Doors and Blinds Cement, Plaster, Laths. Paints. Mantels. Tiles, etc. Field and Garden Seed of all Kinds Gainesville, Florida THE PALACE ICE CREAM AND SODA PARLOR Candies and Cigars Che friend of the University Boys H. T. BARNHARDT, Proprietor Formerly Marvin's, S. E. Corner Square Telephone ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 193 I. G SMITH BROS, New Model No. 5 Just Out Write for free Illustrated Catalog H. M. ASHE CO. Southern Dealers, 221 W. Forsyth Street Jacksonville, Florida V. M. C. A. Building, Atlanta, Ga. Wtwo wri'ing m n'»oo "Ttw S.miool«.”

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