University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL)

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University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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3-S 'Q w X Q 4 ef -fmqwffw V eww,,g:w,2M,,,. , ., - wk , Kvf'2'K1'f".f."f,,' W , 7 ' 5 , , ff Campus Life Going away to college for the first time is exciting, confusing, hectic, a little sad and a lot of fun. For most freshmen it's the first time to live away from home, and goodbyes are hard to say to family and old friends. But, at the same time, a whole new and different life awaits you. New friends, new environments and a world of knowledge and experience. The University of Florida, tracing its roots back to 1853, is the states oldest and largest university located on 2,000 acres in mid-town Gaines- Dr. Robert Q. Marston, president of the Uni- versity of Florida, director of the national Insti- tutes of Health from 1968 to 1973 and former Rhodes Scholar, came to UF in 1974. Q X S X w ai., 'R k sf I Q5 wie: X 1 .QQ x ' 1? ' -ao 1.-. .. I v , .ff uw ff I SWA- Q ' . ,Z .M-f .em x . N A. ', i. Ng- A . . pww x cm., in 1 Q- W S, - A -R .... . y-M: Q. V ff 2 ' r 31 ',T' . ' "f's.' "' J.. ' 4 ' 9 . ','5. ' n f, 'A U' 4 ., 1 N 1 Q , ' 4,,4,y1-f3i3 wif, ., fa: 4.2 .- 151 'x M , I g ' V LP' Q V ix 2 jigfx 4 fix: , .A,.,Wf. ,ii f V u f2?f5923?gL 5 , .' ' gh ' '1 , ag, . Q Q1-W ,Y J i 7 QV 1 1 W. ' , V 4- Eff' j if 2 1: 9' " 45 , ,J ,f ' I 3. , 5 -. OHM Q xx v, , m V ,Iv ' ' P 2 , K I ' 7 U U f I I I f f fWQWfW,?Q-,4,e ' 1 . 'cf Q Nt? ' WJ I , 35 z 4, 4 9 ' ' 5251 ff" ,td ' , n L f ' f 5 i 4 .A JLV, ,V A,,, V, . -CW ff 4 if-faif f i L A , Y Q f ' ' 15 , , V 'y , 1 1 1 Vw, A H 1 Q ,,, , 'f' A , ' , " Q 5 f f E .Q " 4 Q " ' g v. X ' A In short, the University of Florida is a residential campus with rich re- sources available because of its size, that provides a learning and living en- vironment for the whole person. Daily contacts-in class, clubs, between classes and in dormitories and apart- ments-with other students from all walks of life and with virtually every career goal known to humanity. Daily opportunities to attend concerts, the- ater productions, art shows, seminars, athletic contests, lectures and a myr- iad of other events featuring national- ly and internationally known talents. Daily communications with a faculty that is comprised of some of the na- tion's leading scholars in their fields, working in laboratories and libraries among the best in the nation. Students attending the University of Florida come from every county in the state, every state in the nation, and last year from 90 foreign coun- tries. Eighty percent of its entering freshmen earned admission test scores above the national average. Thirty-eight percent of the undergrad- uates are transfers from community and other colleges. They experience no difficulty competing academically with students who begin their work at UF. The University of Florida ranks sixth among state universities and 18 among all universities in the nation in the number of National Merit and Merit Achievement Scholars who choose to attend. But the university is not elitist. Ten percent of its limited beginning fresh- men spaces are held open for stu- dents who do not qualify academical- ly for admission to a state university. These students and others who desire are offered special instructional pro- grams to help them progress scholas- tically. These programs have the cen- tral goal of equipping students with the ability to complete their degrees. Perhaps above all else, the Univer- sity of Florida offers its students lead- ership training and experience. Its re- sults are proven. More than half of Florida's Cabinet members, including the Governor, are UF graduates, as are 19 of 40 state senators, one-third of the members of the state House of Representatives, seven Floridians in the U.S. Congress and three state Su- preme Court justices. Half of ten per- sons named in 1978 as Florida's most influential governmental, professional and business persons had attended the University of Florida. Thousands of other Florida graduates occupy key positions in every known profes- sional endeavor throughout the state, in the nation and in many parts of the world. The contained campus-in a larger community whose principal focus is on the University-provides thou- sands of leadership opportunities. Student Geovernment at UF is one of the nation's most independent and in- fluential. Every college has its own student council. Almost every com- mittee for governance of the universi- ty as a whole have student members. The university turns many of its ac- tivities over to students to implement. Students serve on advisory boards and councils in city and county gov- ernment. hundreds of students are employed in career-developing posi- tions and serve internships in Gaines- ville area institutions. More than 300 student organizations, plus fraternities and sororities, require full slates of of- ficers. Virtually every academic offer- ing provides opportunity for member- ship in chapters of national student organizations. - V . X - Y. , f-.' tri it F.. ,gk W. . t ...N up ...X Churches and civic groups in the community provide special programs and opportunities just for University of Florida students. More than 500 participate in a student volunteer ac- tion organization, providing compan- ionship and assistance to children, the elderly, the handicapped, the incar- cerated, the underpriviledged and the lonely in 14 separate programs. It is the largest student volunteer action group in the nation. A nationally rec- ognized Student Services Office of- fers counseling programs for dozens of special students problems, both academic and personal, as well as leadership traning programs. - 2 fri 5 ,V V w Va WV Q, ,H if Vs. ? AV , 4' V WV M gi'iV1v:V fi , ry I. H7 YZ M I nl' 1 ,-4 V ,:VVi,b, .sk Q, J 'f Y" X ' HRA - 21? 2 Y 'v 0 M U ' Z X ,V W'-Q. 12.3, QV? 1' J Q E 4 1 I A , 1,5 ' ,V ,A,: , 11,11 I ,. Q W f4 V , ' 4, 'V A gf , - X? M! ,Vi 1 .iw 'L 7 W A ,. N V2 if 1 X 3. ,f sf 29 , fm, k V-L X- ' ,ri XV , V 6 , Q V V k Vrf, I 7 , , A N as I 1 I K - ,V M: 3 V, ff V SV 2.-1 ll.-,Ig-:V ? V ' .4 A V' 9 ' 5 5 A ,I .5 122, -Q' 41 V Q' A xi M5 1 -1 Q ff 'f-if f V " f f . V 'N W xx A Y MN 2 mm ff. Q V I x V V, is if V ' ,J 1V i G , Q X ,i , I Q nf VT' ,Q I V,, ni M 4 . E A 1 A 5 , x L' , 5 'E 4 ' 2, . 42 g ' f .Q W I 5' ' , V 3 fg + V W x 4 A' AV, 'V' grmgw .. ,, n ' VVVVV . ff',fVff1':'if"' ' fW?'W::f'V71" hifwlgiv- ',' 4 Q V, J ' ., V V VV V The University of Flroida believes students should have fun while pursu- ing their degrees. First, students en- joy their studies. Ask almost any stu- dent "What's with you?" and the greatest chance is that he or she will respond with a comment about course work. Second, students enjoy one another. The way they live, in residence halls, apartment complex- es, fraternities 8: sororities, and as a dominant population group in the larger community, guarantees that. Third, the University and the commu- nity provide recreational and social opportunities by the scores. Outdoor recreational courts, pools and fields abound, not only on campus but through the community. More than 1, 500 persons are able to engage si- multaneously in eight athletic and recreational activities in the new Ste- phen C. O'Connell Student Activities Center. Entertainment of every de- scription is nightly and every week- end fare, both on the campus and in the community, which gears itself to student interests because of the pre- ponderance of students in it. A full program of men and women intercol- legiate athletics insures one or more major spectator games per week. More than seventy-five percent of the Student Body participated last year on 1,401 intramural teams. Gaines- ville is in the heart of Florida's rolling woods, lakes, springs and river coun- try. And it's only an hour's drive from fishing and boating Gulf Coast and the swimming, surfing and beaching Atlantic Coast. Big name music stars and their bands are brought to campus for concerts almost weekly by Student Government Productions. Students themselves have numerous opportunities to perform in local mu- sic groups and stage plays, to exhibit their arts and crafts, to write for sev- eral student operated publications and to pursue hobby interests of ev- ery description. - X ,, W V ,. N. 1-'K Q vw , if . ,N . . Fghwfr ,x x . is -- ., -+ 1 ' .A if W Q X . X X Q fy . kv 1 Q R -L NS, tijwir ,F Q, . iiix.:5" 1 L :Q A A .Lg X Q. Avia., . fv-'M X ir yx f 1 K' C' .2 X- N ' 'Kr V 1 . - 'X X' f "'15 4 fa f ff ,X wi? W 315' , 1 Q . , xy x X L-my 4 ,V f, 5, S-ffl K ' O 'TN-3 4- . 2 -kg, ai f sv .wi Q..-0 1 Ffa! 56" ei S if eg. .. ,. , . 1 Q.: - ,wi k ,ew . . 5535. ,Q U-'M B3 ' X S .r,.t1X ,Q - WJQ K' LyQf1k,f .W . . ,f -M ,,, .1-. N ,S v' .Tggw I Q fg1'm3N"Q' ' "x'L'n.0- Q Q1 N Q . X - L A 9- Abu 'Sa .hh x Sl A -f 41 is - RQQE, k 1 fc x X v5 .Q X., 1'-Q-" - Q.. 1f,.,,g., x k rp ' ,W 1,..fq Ltkx Q ,fu 4' THIN w x- 5 'QC-f.. X' f '- na-,,4,.. 1: 'Q 1-yum X41 if XTQ' 1.15 . 0' xx" X 5 'eff ' :ff 1 Au, .ff V! K ,w g T xxx, h 'K 2 huh 1 N V ,Q 'I ' ,,. saw Greek Life Greek friendships last a lifetime. They are built on feel- ings of sharing, caring and understanding. These feelings grwo with time through pledgeship, active membership and alumni involvement. A sorority is an idealistic extension of family living with members selected for this purpose. All sororities promote ideals of leadership, high scholarship and personal develop- ment, but each has its own unique personality just as each family is uniquely different. Many freshmen feel that sororities fill a gap in their lives by providing social activities, help with studying, friendly encouragement and the opportunity for leadership and ser- vice to others. The activities which sororities participate in are numerous, and the chapters stress individual talents and unified goals. an XI4-L. NN X K I W5 W uw I . 0 an X 1 iff Q, 20 'gk Fraternities have always played a major role in the development of the well-rounded college student. The or- ganization of the fraternity gives the individual student an opportunity to participate in a multitude of activi- ties-from football to parties for handicapped children to mixers with sororities. In addition to providing ac- tivities, fraternities provide friendship and help in reaching personal and scholastic goals. Fraternity brothers are especially helpful to freshmen in choosing classes, registering and studying. Brotherhood is unique to fraterni- ties and it is born out of tradition, shared feelings and mutual goals. The greek system is very well re- spected organization at UF with func- tions scheduled all during the year centered around Greeks. And al- though fun is a major factor of Greek life, there is a lot more to it. The So- rority or Fraternity house you choose to join will become your home away from home, with living expenses most often cheaper than those in the dor- mitories. Of course these are only a few of the benefits you'll find as a Greek- the list could go on and on. Greek Life has a lot to offer. The choice is yours! MARTIN W. ABBATICCHIO Plantation, Fl Football, Golf Engineering DIANE H. ABEL Bradentow, Fl Music, People Pre-Med WENDY P. ABERWALD Orlando, Fl Crafts, Tennis Pre-Law TRACEY L. ACKERMAN Plantation, Fl Music, People Journalism JULIE J. ADAMICH Seminole, Fl Piano, Student Gov't. Business JOYCE D. ADAMS Melbourne Beach, Fl Animals, People Engineering LAURA E. ADAMS Daytona Beach, Fl Animals, Math Science WALTER P. ADAMS Reston, Va Baseball, Soccer Engineering WILLIAM R. ADCOCK Lantana, Fl Gymnastics, Running DEAN B. ADELMAN Music, Swimming EDEN P. AGNEW Camping, Hunting MONICA R. ALBERT Swimming, Volleyball SHARON R. ALBURY People, Publications LOUIS L. ALDERMAN Baseball, Hunting CHARLES L. ALEY, III Guitar, Hunting RICK W. ALLAN Hiking, Scuba Diving RICHARD E. ALLSOPP Hockey, Tennis ROSARIO ALVAREZ Languages, People RICHARD K. AMES, JR. Hunting, Scuba Diving FREDERICK L. ANDERSON Basketball, Reading JEFFREY L. ANDERSON Football, Softball KENNETH W. ANDERSON Jazz, Music MARIANNE D. ANDERSON Horseback Riding, Running NANCY E. ANDERSON Bicycling, Crafts SCOTT M. ANDERSON Data Processing Miramar, Fl Psychology Miami, Fl Pre-Law Falls Church, Va Music Opa Locka, Fl Journalism Sarasota, Fl Agriculture Orange Park, Fl Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce, Fl Engineering Orange Park, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Psychology Plantation, Fl Engineering Orange, N,J. Business Naples, Fl Business Dunedin, Fl Humanities Plantation, Fl Business Ormond Beach, Fl Computer Science Hollywood, Fl Photography, Weightlifting Pre-Med SUSANNE ANDERSON New Smyrna Beach, Fl Dancing, Horseback Riding Journalism VERNON R. ANDERSON Miami, Fl Basketball, Music Engineering PAMELA J. ANDICH Miami, Fl Art, Bicycling Art VICTORIA E. ANDRE' Camping, Math GONZALO ANDUX Basketball, Soccer DIANE M. ANZALDI Bowling, Debating Keystone Heights, Fl Psychology Jacksonville, Fl Political Science Melbourne, Fl Physics JANET M. ARCHAMBAULT Tampa, Fl People, Skiing Physical Therapy JACQUELINE ARENCIBIA Fort Lauderdale, Fl Bicycling, Dancing Pre-Med JULIE A. ARENDAS Hollywood, Fl Art, Cheerleading Nursing REGAN T. AREOLA Pensacola, Fl Bicycling, Swimming Engineering BRENDA M. ARMENTROUT Starke, Fl Bicycling, Music Business ANDREW K. ARNOLD Lake Placid, Fl Bicycling, Tennis Business DEBRA C. ARRAS Orange Park, Fl Debating, Reading Psychology DORIS V. ARTEAGA Cartagena, Colombia Tennis, Volleyball Agriculture BRENDA E. ARTEMAN Cheerleading, Swimming NADER P. ASHCHI Dancing, Swimming JAMES W. ASKEW Basketball, Bowling JAN C. ASPURU Basketball, Photography DEBORAH AUGUST Baseball, Jazz JOHN G. AURSLAND Camping, Fishing ROBERTA A. AUTORINO Animals, Baseball TED A. AVELLONE People, Water Skiing TOFIGH V. AVVAL Film, Soccer JANET A. AXELROD Music, Publications REBECCA S. BADDERS Bowling, Music DOUGLAS M. BAER Bellflower, ll Auburndale, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Guaynabo, P.R. Engineering Miami, Fl Accounting New Port Richey, Fl Pre-Med Lakeland, Fl Nursing Hallandale, Fl Pre-Med Roanoke, Va Engineering Annandale, Va Music Largo, F l Liberal Arts Jacksonville, Fl - N , ,.,, N , as 'fi- A Surfing, Swimming Accounting X wn.l.iAM E. BAGNELL Negaunee, Ma .. ..- ' i Basketball, Bowling Engineering CONNIE D. BAILEY Gainesville, Fl Basketball, Math Accounting SAM W. BAILEY Fernandina Beach, Fl Guitar, Skiing Engineering HEATHER L. BAIRD Vero Beach, Fl Q. Bicycling, Camping Business 3 MARCIA A. BAIRD Boca Raton, Fl . ' l..,, Q, Camping, Gymnastics Business Q .La PHILLIP H. BAKALCHUK Miami Beach, Fl Camping, Mt. Climbing Business CYNTHIA B. BAKER Falmouth, Me Drama, Music Communications DENNIS A. BAKER Margate, Fl Camping, Scuba Diving Business ERIC M. BAKER St. Augustine, Fl Astrology, Reading Science MIMI A. BALCH Miami, Fl Animals, Bicycling Pre-Med ALICIA B. BALLARD Yalaha, Fl Choir, Glee Club Pre'Med RICHARD W. BALLMAN Gulf Breeze, Fl Chess, Piano Engineering JIM C. BALTZELLE Fort Lauderdale, Fl Music, Photography Journalism IDOLIDIA M. BANDRAGEN Miami, Fl Music, People PATRICIA M. BARBEN Student Gov't., Swimming Liberal Arts Avon Park, Fl Business SUSAN J. BARDWELL East Greenwich, N,Y. Music, People PRESCOTT A. BARKOW Football, Scuba Diving DORI L. BARNARD Bicycling, Music FORREST H. BARNES Football, Wrestling LAUREN B. BARRETT Running, Skiing MICHAEL L. BARNETT Baseball, Fishing STEVEN J. BARUCH BIRSU M. BASCILLAR Psychology Miami, Fl Longwood, Fl Pre-Vet Kissimmee, Fl Architecture Miami, Fl Business Jacksonville, Fl Recreation Clearwater, Fl Mt. Laurel, N.J. Art, Music Architecture MARK S. BASILE Atlanta, Ga Bicycling, Golf Architecture CLAUDE C. BASS Miami, Fl Choir, Golf Business RANDY P. BAST North Miami Beach, Fl Bowling, Water Skiing Pre-Med VICTOR BATAN Miami, Fl Bowling, Track Business MICHAEL R. BATEMAN Cape Coral, Fl Bicycling, Football Engineering MARK A. BATTISTE Gainesville, Fl Bowling, Music Science WILLIAM E. BAZEMORE Forsyth, Ga Baseball, Basketball Architecture KAREN M. BEAL Ocala, Fl Music, People Psychology KIMBERLY L. BEAL Palm Harbor, Fl Choir, Swimming Business KARL F. BEALKE Orlando, Fl Soccer, Tennis Engineering MARK A. BEBERMEYER Art, People ROBERT J. BECERRA Football, Science STEWART L. BECK Golf, Music BRENT R. BECKER Football, Politics CHARLES E. BEDELL Basketball, Football RHONDA K. BEHNKE Bicycling, Photography ALTORIA L. BELL Bicycling, Tennis LAURIE J. BELL People, Reading PATRICIA L. BELL Dancing, Photography RUTH E. BENATAR Swimming, Tennis DAVID C. BENGTSON Scuba Diving, Water Skiing VAUGHN B. BENNER Animals, Music JEFFREY C. BENNETT Art, Camping GEORGE H. BENTLEY People, Tennis KIMBERLY P. BERGLUND Horseback Riding, Water Skiing LORI A. BERKSON Basketball, Dancing JANET S. BERNSTEIN Piano, Tennis G. LYNN BERRY Basketball, Bicycling BRADLEY S. BESSANT Music, Photography STEVEN M. BEST Orlando, Fl Architecture Coral Gables, Fl Science Lake Forest, ll Engineering Largo, Fl Political Science Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Med St. Pete, Fl Nursing Jacksonville, Fl Journalism Orlando, Fl Nursing Tyngsboro, Ma Psychology Atlanta, Ga Business Ocala, Fl Architecture Lakeland, Fl Pre-Med Jacksonville, Fl Architecture Tampa, Fl Business Plantation, Fl Education Miami Beach, Fl Business Hollywood, Fl Liberal Arts Moline, Fl Engineering Plant City, Fl Data Processing Jacksonville, Fl Animals, Photography Wildlife Conservation MICHAEL A. BICHARD Animals, Bowling SUSAN J. BISER Animals, Reading JENNIFER C. BIZZELL Dancing, Languages JANET A. BLENNER Music, People ROBIN M. BOGAN Gymnastics, Photography SCOTT A. BOGAN Football, Golf PAULA E. BOGOSIAN Art, Drama ARTHUR C. BOLEN Basketball, Debating Orlando, Fl Pre-Vet Ft. Myers, Fl Pre-Vet St. Petersburg, Fl Business Rotonda West, Fl Engineering Fort Myers, Fl Business New Orleans, La Accounting Vero Beach, Fl Architecture Gainesville, Fl Political Science ,....-M nn. 5'5- st LINDSEY M. BOND Tennis, AFROTC WILLIAM BOOKHAMMER Politics, Scuba Diving ARTHUR D. BOOTH, III Guitar, Swimming ARTHUR BOTER MARIA E. BOZA Horseback Riding, Travel CHARLES S. BRADHAM Stuart, Fl Engineering Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Political Science Clearwater, Fl Business Gainesville, Fl Miami Shores, Fl Political Science Jacksonville, Fl Baseball, Running Accounting KARL A. BRAKO Hialeah, Fl Bowling, Track Business RUY C.P. BRANDAO Fort Lauderdale, Fl Camping, Politics Engineering ELIZABETH BREEDLOVE Keystone Heights, Fl People, Water Skiing Sociology OSCAR A. BRENNAN, JR. Miami, Fl Animals, Basketball Pre-Law TERRANCE M. BRENNAN Plantation, Fl Animals, Basketball Business MICHELLE D. BRESSLER Boca Raton, Fl Dancing, Politics Pre-Law MELANIE J. BRETHAUER Sarasota, Fl Art, Baseball Business GERALD L. BREWINGTON Inverness, Fl Choir, Music Architecture DEWIE W. BREWTON, Ill Ocala, Fl Art, Football Agriculture SUSAN BREZENSKI Kenilworth, N.J, Horseback Riding, Student Gov't. Architecture MARTINA M. BRITT Miami Lakes, Fl Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet BRENDA S. BROCK Titusville, Fl Animals, Swimming Business D. PAUL BROCKMILLER Farmington, Mo Baseball, Football Building Construction ERIC G. BROMAN Plantation, Fl Basketball, Camping Engineering DARYL L. BROWN Nichols, Fl Art, Basketball Engineering DAVID C. BROWN, IV Fort Myers, Fl Camping, Mt. Climbing Engineering LISA M. BROWN Daria, Fl Cheerleading, Dancing Engineering MARJORIE A. BROWN Jacksonville, Fl Reading, Student Gov't. Engineering MELANIE J. BROWN Sopchoppy, Fl Dancing, People Business STACIE L. BROWN St. Petersburg, Fl Ballet, Jazz Psychology LESLIE V. BROWNING Cocoa, Fl Fishing, Running Architecture STACY L. BRUCE Orlando, Fl Choir, Horseback Riding Chemistry ELAINE J. BRUCKNER Art, Crafts KURT R. BRUDER Baseball, Football SANDRA L. BRYSON Animals, Bicycling BRYAN C. BUCHANAN Scuba Diving, Tennis MARY J. BUCKLEY Languages, People New London, Ct Architecture Oxford, Oh Business Goodland, Fl Business Jackson, Oh Engineering Atlanta, Ga Humanities DAVID N. BUDENSTEIN Treasure Island, Fl Scuba Diving, Skiing ERIC BUFFKIN Photography, Water Skiing MARLINDA E. BULLOCK Horseback Riding, Swimming JOHN A. BUNKER Camping, Tennis BRYAN E. BURCHERS Football, Scuba Diving LESLIE B. BURGETT Dancing, People MELISSA A. BURKE Dancing, Drama MICHELLE C. BURKE People, Softball DEAN J. BURKEY Drama, Guitar JAMES T. BURNETT Basketball, Bowling RAECHELLE A. BUSCH Cheerleading, Dancing STACEY L. BUSH Indian Choir, Drama WILLIAM H. BYRD Bicycling, Chess ELIZABETH J. CACCIATORE Dancing, Reading NICOLETTE I. CAMERRA Horseback Riding, Skiing HEATHER L. CAMPBELL Animals, Choir Pre-Med Shalimar, Fl Engineering Tampa, Fl Journalism Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Punta Gorda, Fl Architecture Merritt Island, Fl Advertising St. Petersburg, Fl Liberal Arts Boise, Id Business Lakeland, Fl Business Orlando, Fl Architecture Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Law Rocks Beach, Fl Accounting Orlando, Fl Agriculture lndialantic, Fl Business Davie, Fl Pre-Med Stuart, Fl Pre-Med R. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL Newtown Square, Pa Music, People ALFRED G. CANAL Choir, Golf ONELIA M. CANO Bicycling, Running RANDALL CANTILLO Film, Mt. Climbing LINDA T. CARDONE Art, People AMY L. CAREY Bowling, Dancing ANNE K. CAREY Crafts, Student Gov't. Pre-Dental Gainesville, Fl Business Miami, Fl Business Miami, Fl Engineering Hollywood, Fl Liberal Arts Brandon, Fl Business Fort Lauderdale, Fl Engineering is E CHARLES E. CARHART Dania, Fl Hiking, Scuba Diving Engineering SUSAN A. CARL Ft. Walton Beach, Fl Horseback Riding, Music Pre-Med RICHARD A. CARLTON Brooksville, Fl Golf, Hunting Pre-Law MAYDA M. CARMONA Longwood, Fl Animals, Scuba Diving Pre-Med LISA H. CARO Titusville, Fl Drama, Music Journalism FRANK R. CARRERAS, JR. Tampa, Fl Baseball, Basketball Engineering PATRICIA L. CARROLL Cape Canaveral, Fl People, Racquetball Nursing MICHAEL E. CARRUTH Largo, Fl Swimming, Water Skiing Pre-Med NICOLE E. CARUSO Merritt Island, Fl Dancing, Student Gov't. Pre-Law SHERRI L. CARVER St. Cloud, Fl Bicycling, Horseback Riding Nursing SANDRA M. CASHIN Orlando, Fl Art, Bowling Business KYLE W. CASON Clearwater, Fl Skiing, Soccer Engineering JOSEPH F. CATALANI, JR. Pensacola, Fl Basketball, Golf Business ANNE M. CATOTTI Gainesville, Fl Jazz, Mt. Climbing Engineering DARREN R. CAVANAUGH Stow, Oh Science, Skiing Engineering DONALD W. CEARNAL Cooper City, Fl Football, Music Business REGINA K. CECIL Venice, Fl Student Gov't., Swimming Engineering RICHARD E. CHAIT Miami, Fl Basketball, Football Engineering MEREDITH A. CHAMBERS Jacksonville, Fl Bicycling, People Business JON P. CHANDLER Coral Springs, Fl Baseball, Horseback Riding Engineering GARY E. CHAPMAN l Jacksonville, Fl Music, Photography Business KIMBERLY L. CHAPPELL Big Pine Key, Fl Bicycling, Running Pre-Med SARAH F. CHARLTON Tampa, Fl Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving Business BANE W. CHEEK Davenport, Fl Football, Music Horticulture MONICA L. CHERRY Sarasota, Fl Astrology, People Communications AMANDA J. CHEVALIER Lake Worth, Fl Bicycling, Drama Communications TAK K. CHEUNG Sarasota, Fl Bowling, Swimming Pre-Med WEI M. CHEUNG Miami, Fl Bowling, Fishing Data Processing CAROLYN D. CHILDRESS Bicycling, People ANN K. CHOJNACKI Gymnastics, Politics SI-IAVON H.S. CH00 Animals, People CARLA V. CHUMNEY Mt. Climbing, Music DIANE C. CIESIEL Bowling, Piano TONY M. CINOTTI Football, Music FELICIA J. CLAPHAM People, Student Gov't. AMY C. CLARK Art, Horseback Riding RANDY C. CLARK Basketball, Scuba Diving SUE R. CLEARY DOUGLAS A. COHEN St. Homestead, Fl Business LaCrosse, Wi Pre-Law Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Med Avon Park, Fl Science Seminole, Fl Pharmacy Petersburg Beach, Fl Engineering Winter Park, FI Education Orlando, Fl Liberal Arts Venice, Fl Clearwater, Fl Pompano Beach, Fl Jazz, Student Gov't. Pre-Law BRIAN R. COLE North Miami Beach, Fl Film, Golf Accounting MARIBETH COLLER Winter Park, Fl Fishing, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet CAROLYN L. COLLINS St. Pete, Fl Art, Cheerleading Pre-Med LAURA L. COLLINS Vero Beach, Fl Softball, Tennis Communications VICTOR M. COLOM Crystal River, Fl Art, Bicycling Architecture CHRIS C. CONARD Evansville, In Baseball, Basketball Engineering LORI A. COOK Camping, Debating LAURA E. COONER Art, Publications ANDREW B. COOPER Basketball, Football ROBERT S. COOPER Math, Music GEORGE J. CORNETT Piano, Reading LINDA M. CORPACI Softball, Swimming Fort Myers, Fl Physical Therapy Tampa, Fl Liberal Arts Miami, Fl Business Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Lynn Haven, Fl Pre-Med Cooper City, Fl Medical Technology LEE F. COSTELLO Altamonte Springs, Fl Basketball, Bowling KRISTEN L. COTNOIR Camping, Horseback Riding LINDA C. COUCH Horseback Riding, Travel CYNTHIA A. COUET Animals, Horseback Riding CHRISTINE L. COX Cheerleading, Drama Business Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Engineering West Point, Ga Engineering Miami, Fl Pre-Vet St. Petersburg, Fl Sociology ex ! PATRICK F. COX Hockey, Scuba Diving SUSAN A. COX Running, Soccer SUSAN C. CRANE Animals, Horseback Riding MARGARET D. CRARY Animals, Hiking CARLENE M. CREANE Bowling, Dancing KAREN A. CREEDEN Bicycling, Horseback Riding EMILY J. CREMATA Math, Music JULIE L. CRIDER People, Student Gov't. SHARI M. CRIPPEN Surfing, Swimming DAVID C. CROSS Baseball, Basketball MARGIE C. CROTEAU Running, Swimming GORDON G. CROZIER Scuba Diving, Surfing MARGARET J. CRUZ Basketball, Travel MITCHELL A. CRYSTAL Animals, People DAVID G. CUPKA Basketball, Dancing ROBERT A. CURTIS Chess, Fishing JONATHAN E. CYR Math, Running ELIZABETH A. DAAB Art, Crafts MAYUR S. DAFTARY Running, Tennis ELIZABETH A. DAIGLE Football, Music JOSEPH T. DALE Vero Beach, Fl Miami Shores, Fl Nursing Hallandale, Fl Pre-Med Century, Fl Agriculture Pompano Beach, Fl Journalism Titusville, Fl Pre-Med Winter Park, Fl Engineering Tampa, Fl Business Bal Harbour, Fl Business Winter Park, Fl Business Potomac, Md Engineering Pembroke Pines, Fl Science Gainesville, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Vet Satellite Beach, Fl Engineering Gorham, N.Y. Engineering Rockledge, Fl Engineering Tampa, Fl Commercial Art Pensacola, Fl Engineering Lakeland, Fl Medical Technology Nashville, Tn People, Scuba Diving Engineering DON A. DALLAS Boca Raton, Fl Photography, Softball Communications THOMAS M. DALTON Dunedin, Fl Animals, Film Pre-Vet MARK N. DALY Wisconsin Rapids, Wi Basketball, Golf Business TOM M. DANAHY Tampa, Fl Scuba Diving, Skiing Pre-Law MARK B. DANIELS Palm Bay, Fl Drama, Languages Engineering MARK D. DANIELS Middlesboro, Ky Baseball, Fishing Engineering MICHAEL L. DANZE Plantation, Fl Running, Science Pre-Med JOHN E. DEVER Fishing, Hockey Villas, N.J. Engineering LEONARD R. DARLING S. Daytona, Fl Bowling, Drama Architecture R. CECILIA DATOR Ormond Beach, Fl Choir, Dancing Pre-Med DANIEL S. DAVIS Coral Springs, Fl Football, Skiing Business LORI A. DAVID North Miami Beach, Fl Art, People Business CHARLES L. DAVIS, III Fort Myers, Fl Bowling, Swimming Engineering RANDY L. DAVIS Bicycling, Bowling WILLIAM T. DAVIS, JR. Bicycling, Drama STUART J. DAWSON Music, Photography JULIANNE K. DAY Music JAMES S. DAYCOCK Jazz, Music AMY L. DAYTON People, Church Plantation, Fl Physical Therapy Miami, Fl Science Tampa, Fl Engineering Ft. Pierce, Fl Nursing Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Business Chesterland, Oh Data Processing STEPHEN J. DICKERSON Dunedin, Fl Baseball, Music JEFFREY E. Denon Golf, skiing Business Sarasota, Fl Pre-Med RAMIRO F. DE CARDENAS Coral Gables, Fl Hockey, Soccer RAYMOND M. DEE Fishing, Golf LISA M. DEGLMAN Student Gov't., Swimming DEBRA M. DE GORI Horseback Riding, Publications Business St. Petersburg, Fl Business Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Science Orlando, Fl Journalism SALLY E. DE IANNI Palm Beach Gardens, Fl Glee Club, Horseback Riding Computer Science JORGE A. DE JESUS Football, Gymnastics ROBERT A. DELIN Photography, Scuba Diving SONGPHOL DELONG Music, Travel NANCY A. DEL PIZZO Photography, Piano RONALD F. DE MEO Running, Science RUSSELL E. DENSLOW Gymnastics, People FRANCIS P. DE PAUL Astrology, Bicycling DAVID R. DERUOSI Golf, Softball KAREN A. DE SIMONE Publications, Travel Yabucoa, P.R. Pre'Dentistry Oceanside, N.Y. Business Melbourne, Fl Business Paterson, N.J. Journalism Davie, Fl Pre-Med Clermont, Fl Engineering Fort Lauderdale, Fl Science No. Providence, R.l. Pre-Dentistry Satellite Beach, Fl Engineering X QQ I!! MICHAEL K. DIAZ Stuart, Fl Scuba Diving, Surfing Pre-Law SHARON A. DICKERHOFF Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Astrology, Music Education JAMES R. DICKIESON Dearborn, Mi Camping, Music Psychology EDWARD J. DIMBERO Nassau Bahamas Scuba Diving, Swimming Engineering DIPESH M. PATEL Irvington, N.J. Chess, Skiing Engineering CATHY A. DOBSON Vassar, Mi Languages, Travel Health Related Professions PATRICIA J. DODD St. Augustine, Fl Ballet, Science Pharmacy PATRICIA E. DOGGETT Ft. Walton Beach, Fl Film, Music Journalism PAIGE E. DOHERTY Bokeelia, Fl Poetry, Running Science LISA A. DOIG Ormond Beach, Fl Languages, Science Anthropology EVELIO J. DOMINGUEZ Hialeah, Fl Science, Chess Engineering NANCY L. DONALD Nassau, Bahamas Photography, Swimming Business MICHAEL P. DONALDSON Birmingham, Mi Animals, Basketball Pre-Law PATRICIA L. DOOLITTLE Vienna, Va People, Softball Communications CHERYL A. DORN N. Miami Beach, Fl Dancing, Jazz Psychology ROBERT A. DORRIS Hollywood, Fl Football, Music Engineering ANNE N. DOUGHERTY Chelmsford, Ma Baseball, Politics Pre-Law JOAN M. DOUGHERTY Camden, Me Dancing, Gymnastics Architecture FRANK P. DOYLE Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Football, Softball Business SARA A. DOYLE Cocoa Beach, Fl Debating, Softball Nursing LESLIE J. DUDA Oviedo, Fl Cheerleading, Horseback Riding Sociology SAMUEL D. DUDA Oviedo, Fl Baseball, Fishing Business PAMELA J. DULANEY Jacksonville, Fl Animals, Cheerleading Nursing MARGIE DU MOND Lighthouse Point, Fl Animals, Bicycling Education DOUG M. DUNCAN Atlanta, Ga Football, People Business JUANITA I. DUNN Ocala, Fl People, Reading LESLIE W. DUNSON Fishing, Hunting M. CHRISTIAN DURDEN Track, Aeronautics Physical Therapy Winter Haven, Fl Agriculture Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Liberal Arts LESLI B. DURFEE Languages, People KORI J. DYER Golf, Languages KIM K. DYKES Drama, Music THORPE J. EARLEY Hunting, Surfing DARREN K. EDWARDS Music, Poetry ROBERT S. EDWARDS, JR. Basketball, Football MARIANNA L. EHLERS Golf, Horseback Riding JONATHAN G. EICHNER Drama, Boxing GAIL S. EINSTEIN Crafts, Dancing KENNETH R. EKBERG Scuba Diving, Softball LAURENCE B. ELGART Music, Skiing KEVIN N. ELLICOTT Drama, LaCrosse JOHN E. ELLIS, JR. Choir, Glee Club DAVID C. ELLIOTT Choir, Dancing ELEANOR H. ENGLISH Camping, Horseback Riding MARY G. ERICSON Skiing, Swimming VICARI S. ERWIN Bicycling, Swimming MADELYN A. ESPINOSA Art, Music JEFFERY H. EVANS Drama, Scuba Diving NANCY K. EVANS Dancing, Horseback Riding WENDY G. EVERTZ Cheerleading, Drama LINDA P. FABRITIUS Music, Skiing JOHN J. FAIRCLOTH Fishing, Football TERRI A. FAIRCLOTH Animals, Horseback Riding MARC A. FALCO Hunting, Skiing DINO D. FARFANTE Bowling, Golf J. CHRISTIAN FARIS Hunting, Reading KEITH R. FARRELL Surfing, Tennis Ocean Springs, Ms Naples, Fl Liberal Arts Satellite Beach, Fl Journalism Orlando, Fl Pre-Med Lauderhill, Fl Journalism Plant City, Fl Business Aberdeen, Md Veterinarian Sunrise, Fl Pre-Law St. Petersburg, Fl Mathematics Clearwater, Fl Engineering Lauderhill, Fl Pre-Law Seminole, Fl Pre-Med San Diego, Ca Business Louisville, Ky Vero Beach, Fl Engineering Clearwater, Fl Physical Therapy Tallahassee, Fl Education Bartow, Fl Pre-Med Coconut Creek, Fl Business Tampa, Fl Psychology St. Petersburg, Fl Veterinary Science Winter Haven, Fl Nursing Tampa, Fl Business Largo, Fl Animal Science Clearwater, Fl Business Tampa, Fl Pre-Med Tallahassee, Fl Pre-Med Cooper City, Fl Business x Nik Rs S Iss x . SCOTT L. FARRELL Golf, People MICHAEL B. FARRIS Baseball, Basketball FABIO M. FASANELLI Chess, Football ROGER J. FEEDHAM Basketball, Math MARIE FEEHAN N. Miami Beach, Fl Business Crystal River, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Ramstein, Germany St. Cloud, Fl Horseback Riding, Water Skiing Computer Science HOWARD M. FEINBERG Miami, Fl Basketball, Music Communications ANDREW J. FELDMAN Merrick, N.Y. Guitar, Music Science ROBERT R. FELDMANN Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Football, Tennis Accounting JOE W. FENWICK Orlando, Fl Drama, Guitar Engineering RAUL T. FERNANDEZ Pensacola, Fl Basketball, Music Engineering JAMES T. FESENMEIER Mobile, Al Student Gov't., Tennis Pre-Med JAMES S. FIELD Panama City, Fl Photography, Scuba Diving Engineering JOHN R. FILLINGIM Clermont, Fl Baseball, Fishing Engineering DEBBIE L. FINK Pittsburgh, Pa Dancing, Tennis Business WILLIAM F. FINK Boca Raton, Fl Baseball, Reading Pre-Dentistry LISA S. FINE No. Miami Beach, Fl People, Tennis Business BONNIE A. FISCHER Melbourne, Fl Photography, Travel Journalism JOSEPHINE L. FISHER Boca Raton, Fl People, Photography Business SHERI L. FISKE Hollywood, Fl Skiing, Travel Business CHARLES M. FITZGERALD KRISTEN D. FLEISCHMAN People, Reading JEFFERY B. FLOOD Bicycling, Hockey WILLIAM R. FLOXES Basketball, Music WALTER K. FLOYD ROSE FLYNN People, Student Gov't. MONIQUE FORMAN Dancing, Drama DANIEL W. FORTNER Hunting, Science A. EUGENE FORTUGNO Photography, Surfing Clearwater, Fl Gainesville, Fl Business Valrico, Fl History San Juan, P.R. Journalism Lakeland, Fl Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Pre4Med Sarasota, Fl Manalapan, Fl Pre-Med THOMAS A. FORTUNE Music, Student Gov't. ROBERT W. FOSTER Scuba Diving, Soccer LISA J. FOTORNY Animals, Gymnastics KEITH R. FOUNTAIN Basketball, Hunting LISA Y. FOXWORTHY Drama, People KAREN J. FOY Choir, Politics ROBERT D. FRANCIS Bicycling, Volleyball JOANNE E. FRANK Animals, Horseback Riding ALLAN B. FRANKLIN Art, Hunting RAYMOND P. FRAZEE Camping, Music WILLIAM R. FRAZIER Music, Soccer DeLand, Fl Stuart, Fl Business Hollywood, Fl Business Winter Haven, Fl Science Indianapolis, In Sociology Miami, Fl Political Science Hialeah, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Business Tallahassee, Fl Architecture Plantation, Fl Computer Science Indialantic, Fl BRYAN FREELAND lndian Harbour Beach, Fl Chess, Music Engineering CATHERINE E. FRICK Jacksonville, Fl People, Softball Education ANN M. FRIEDENBERG Plantation, F1 People, Tennis Psychology MARC J. FRIEDMAN Ardsley, N.Y. Film, Music Communications MICHAEL B. FRISKEY Ormond Beach, Fl Basketball, Music Business RANDY E. FUCHS Roslyn, N.Y. Art, Publications Journalism SHARON V. FUCHS Old Greenwich, Ct Art, Photography Advertising REGINALD W. FULWOOD St. Petersburg, Fl Math, Politics Engineering FRANK A. FUTERNICK Miami, F1 ROBERT J. FYVOLENT Tampa, Fl Film, Music Communications GREG A. GALLAGHER Maitland, Fl Tennis, Water Skiing Architecture MAUREEN C. GALLAGHER Ocala, Fl Animals, Horseback Riding Business STACEY M. GANGE Art, Film DONALD F. GARCIA Fishing, Golf FRANCINE A. GARCIA Film, Softball FRED CARTAYA Basketball, Math TRACY A. GARICK Horseback Riding, Swimming Belleair Bluffs, Fl Liberal Arts Wauchula, Fl Pre-Law Tampa, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Engineering Vero Beach, Fl Data Processing 525 L... r"'i'? ..-...K MARK L. GARRETT Orange Park, Fl Crafts, Music Engineering LAURIE J. GAULRAPP Sarasota, Fl Choir, Dancing Computers GAIL GEDAN Plantation, Fl Music, Publications Journalism RANDALL D. GEHLE Lake Worth, Fl Bowling, Music PresMed ROBERT L. GEIGER Orlando, Fl Hunting, Surfing Science GINA I. GELDBART Sarasota, Fl Running, Swimming Journalism ANTHONY D. GEORGE, JR. Stuart, Fl Debating, Politics Political Science JOHN E. GERRARD, JR. Miami, Fl Football, Tennis Business WILLIAM A. GIBERSON, III Jacksonville, Fl Math, People Architecture CHERYL L. GIBSON Miami, Fl Drama, Politics GINA S. GIBSON Cheerleading, Dancing JAMES E. GIBSON Bowling, Golf SUSAN L. GIGLIO Cheerleading, Jazz JANE L. GILBERT Film, Music JOHN W. GILBERT Hunting, Softball ALLEN J. GILL Camping, Hunting BRENDA GILLEY People, Student Gov't. Political Science Beaufort, S.C. Pre4Med Key West, Fl Pharmacology Tampa, Fl Engineering Havertown, Pa Pre-Law Tampa, Fl Pre-Law Chattanooga, Tn Political Science St, Petersburg, Fl Business GREGORY O. GIORDANO Cocoa Beach, Fl Basketball, Surfing ROBERT M. GIORDANO Bowling, Golf STACY P. GIROUARD Tennis, Water Skiing LOUANNE GISONDI People, Photography CATHLEEN L. GLOVER Languages, Student Gov't. BONNY L. GODBEE Choir, Golf HARALD R. GOHREND Jazz, Music YVONNE A. GOITIA Dancing, People E. CHRIS GOLDSMITH Music, Scuba Diving Business Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Data Processing Winter Haven, Fl Stuart, Fl Education Fort Pierce, Fl Pre-Law Naples, Fl Coconut Creek, Fl Engineering Arecibo, PR. Business Lakeland, Fl Pre-Med MICHAEL E. GOMEZ de MOLINA Miami, Fl Bicycling, People PABLO L. GONZALEZ Pharmacy Miami, Fl Camping, Horseback Riding Engineering STEVEN L. GOODWIN P People, Running ADRIENNE S. GORDON Animals, Music HELENE A. GORMAS Bicycling, Hiking ANA M. GOTAY Horseback Riding, Tennis MICHAEL J. GOURLEY Basketball, Football JEAN M. GRASTORF Bicycling, Photography SYBIL G. GRAYSON Reading, Student Govlt. GERALDINE A. GRECO Ballet, Dancing DAVID K. GREENBERG Bowling, Horseback Riding alm Beach Gardens, Fl Pre-Vet Miami, Fl Pre-Med Deerfield, Fl Liberal Arts San Juan, P.R. Data Processing Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Med Wellsville, N.Y. Pre-Med Lloyd, Fl Political Science Boca Raton, Fl History Coral Springs, Fl Business MICHAEL H. GREENBERG Boca Raton, Fl Math, Science DAVID A. GREENAWALT Football, Golf MARGARET S. GREGORY Dancing, People MARIA L. GREGORIO Animals, Music JEFFERY C. GREIMANN Bowling, Chess SHERRY L. GRESKO Bowling, Math TERRI S. GRESSINGER Camping, Tennis RALPH E. GRIFFITH Football, Math RICHARD M. GRIFFIN Drama, Music TODD C. GRIFFIN Baseball, Scuba Diving ERIC S. GRIMM Jazz, Water Skiing JEFFREY GRITZ Animals, Horseback Riding VICKI D. GRODNER Dancing, Football DEANNA D. GROSS Cheerleading, Dancing KAREN M. GROVES Skiing, Tennis JOHN T. GROW Swimming, Travel JONATHAN G. HAAS KEARNY P. HACKER Bowling, Chess HOLLY E. HADDOCK Ballet, Music Engineering Plantation, Fl Business Pompano Beach, Fl Education Largo, Fl Pre-Med Seffner, Fl Engineering Hollywood, Fl Business Belle Glade, Fl Business Niceville, Fl Engineering East Brunswick, N.J. Business Kissimmee, Fl Science Willingboro, N.J. Liberal Arts Miami Beach, Fl Pre-Vet Plantation, Fl Pre-Law Miami, Fl Business Beaver, Pa Engineering Jackson, Oh Engineering Key West, Fl Pensacola, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Architecture 4' P .sv KRISTEN M. HAGEL Melbourne, Fl Swimming, Tennis Engineering KIMBERLE A. HALL West Palm Beach, Fl Choir, Film Business STEVEN B. HALL Citra, Fl Bowling, Fishing Business SHARON E. HALLIHAN People, Tennis HOLLI A. HALLMARK Music, Swimming MARCY B. HALPER Art, Music JULIE A. HALPERN Basketball, Drama Springfield, Va Physical Therapy Altamonte Springs, Fl Nursing Orlando, Fl Interior Design Pensacola, Fl Liberal Arts MIGNONNE D. HALPERN Cape Canaveral, Fl Crafts, Politics ADREN Q. HANCE Music, Swimming JULIE E. HANEY Bowling, Math SUSAN M. HARAM Bowling, Reading JOHNETTE L. HARDIMA Art, Music KAYE D. HARMAN Animals, Dancing JOHN L. HARRINGTON Music, Swimming DIANE M. HARRIS Animals, Horseback Riding GENEVA R. HARRIS Dancing, Languages SHARON E. HARRIS Math, Music SHERREE L. HARRIS People, Student Gov't. TONYA T. HARRIS Bicycling, Student Gov't. WILLIAM G. HARRISON. Skiing, Student Gov't. JAQUELINE D. HASSINE Animals, Art LAURA P. HAUBRICH Horseback Riding, Jazz GRETA V. HAUGABOOK Baseball, Basketball WILBERT S. HAWLEY Football, Golf BRIGIT C. HAZLETT Basketball, Politics WILLIAM O. HEAGY Baseball, Reading DAVID J. HEBERT Golf, Travel JODEE L. HECHT Tennis, Travel Nursing Ashland, Va Music Orange Park, Fl Pre-Law Tampa, Fl Engineering N Ocala, Fl Pre-Law Winter Haven, Fl Nursing Jesup, Ga Pre-Law Bunnell, Fl Agriculture Gainesville, Fl Liberal Arts Palatka, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Computer Science Eustis, Fl Broadcasting JR. Panama City, Fl Pre-Law Miami, Fl Pre-Med Hollywood, Fl Architecture St. Petersburg, Fl Engineering Sparta, ll Engineering Coral Gables, Fl Pre-Med Shingle Springs, Ca History Lake Park, Fl Business Fairfax Station, Va Mathematics ALICIA B. HEDLESTON Bicycling, Horseback Riding GRANT A. HEESCH Basketball, Surfing KENNETH R. HEGE Dancing, Gymnastics RONALD S. HEINKEL Basketball, Soccer SUSAN M. HEITZMAN Camping, Glee Club JENNIFER HELLEBRAND Publications, Softball MICHAEL A. HENCEY Football, Rugby MICHAEL D. HENNES Music, Photography ANDREW S. HENSCHEL LISA L. HERMAN Art, Bowling CHARLES HERMANN Math, Music JAMES H. I-IERRINGTON Animals, Fishing ALICE F. HIGDON Art, Running JULIA C. HIGDON Music, Running DENNIS D. HILL Science, Flying MICHELLE L. HILL Bicycling, Hiking SUSAN A. HILL Animals, Softball JANET M. I-IINKLE Basketball, Skiing DAVID A. HINKLEY Animals, Basketball CAM HINTON Ballet, Dancing RUSSELL P. HINTZE Camping, Chess LAWRENCE R. HIRSH Basketball, Soccer LARRY M. HIRSCH Running, Soccer DARYL M. HIVELY Basketball, Football BETH A. HOAGLUND Music, Swimming KATHLEEN M. HOBAN People, Reading JULIA A. HOBBS Bicycling, Crafts KURT A. HOBSON Art, Math Merritt Island, Fl Business Melbourne, Fl Engineering Whiteville, N.C. Architecture Orlando, Fl Engineering Hollywood, Fl Pre-Pharmacy Satellite Beach, Fl Physical Therapy Palm Harbor, Fl Pre-Med Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Engineering Hollywood, Fl Lakeland, Fl Business Largo, Fl Pre-Dental Orlando, Fl Science Quincy, Fl English Quincy, Fl Pre-Law Sarasota, Fl Long Valley, N.J. Nursing Dunedin, Fl Pre-Vet Cincinnati, Oh Miami, Fl Pre-Vet Pensacola, Fl Engineering Bradenton, Fl Pre-Med Marietta, Ga Business Coral Springs, Fl Engineering St. Petersburg, Fl Journalism Bradenton, Fl Mathematics Seminole, Fl Business Merritt Island, Fl Pre-Med Sparr, Fl Architecture DEANNA R. HODGE Basketball, People JOHN W. HODSON Football, Swimming GAYLE A. HOFFMAN Animals, Bicycling NATALIE S. HOFFMAN Scuba Diving, Tennis NEDRA A. HOFFMAN Drama, Music RENEE M. HOFFNER Baseball, Basketball JAN L. HOGGARD Animals, Horseback Riding JEFF A. HOLDING Baseball, Basketball KENNETH R. HOLLON Debating, Politics JULIE A. HOLMES Art, Gymnastics JANE E. HOLTGREFE Bicycling, Gymnastics GARY E. HOLTON Camping, Scuba Diving DAVID R. HOPKINS Golf, Student Govft. MARK L. HOVEN Crafts, Scuba Diving ANN HOWARD Animals, Bicycling KELLY A. HOWARD Art, Jazz REBECCA J. HOWARD Dancing, Skiing KIM A. HOWARD Piano, Softball ANDREW J. HOWE Golf, Swimming Niceville, Fl Pre'Med Sarasota, F l Business Ft. Pierce, Fl Science Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Pre-Med Hollywood, Fl Liberal Arts Haines City, Fl Business Tampa, Fl Science Galva, ll Marketing Chipley, Fl Engineering Norfolk, Va Dental Hygiene Longwood, Fl Science Ft. Myers Beach, Fl Architecture Pierson, Fl Business Miami, Fl Business Miami, Fl Engineering Tampa, Fl Education Orlando, Fl Pre-Law I.aBelle, Fl Business Dunedin, Fl Engineering GARY L. HUDDLESTON Ft. Walton Beach, Fl Baseball, Basketball PAUL C. HUESTIS Animals, Fishing St. Petersburg, Fl Engineering RANDOLPH J. HUGENROTH Pensacola, Fl Math, Running ROBERT P. HUGH Bicycling, Fishing DAVE W. HUGHES Baseball, Basketball MICHAEL B. HUGUENIN Basketball, Music GEORGE D. HULSE Golf, Softball TERRY A. HUNT People, Running THOMAS R. HURD Jazz, Scuba Diving Engineering Miami, Fl Business Ft. Pierce, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Journalism Toms River, N .J. Broadcasting Orlando, Fl Nursing Margate, Fl Business DOUGLAS J. HUSBAND Football, Tennis DAWN D. HUTCHINGS Bowling, Horseback Riding SHERRY L. HYRE Dancing, Drama JEANNA M. IANIERI People, Swimming SCOTT H. IGLEHART Baseball, Hockey EDWIN T. ILANO Bowling, Science ILENE R. INDYKE Choir, Music MICHAEL O. INGLETT Surfing, Motorcycling LAURA A. IONATA Dancing, Photography E. LIZETTE IRIZARRY Animals, Dancing ROBERT W. IRWIN Football, Science ADAM S. JACKSON Camping, Soccer JULIE A. JACKSON Music, People ANDREW S. JACOBS Basketball, Football CAMILA JAEN Swimming, Tennis EVAN JAGODA Animals, Camping LARRY JAMES Basketball, Math SHELLEY D. JAMES Music, People MIRIAM H. JANE Dancing, Music CARLTON W. JANKE Photography, Science ANNE E. JARVIS Photography, Running Fort Lauderdale, Fl Construction Atlanta, Ga Pre-Med Daytona Beach, Fl Broadcasting Jensen Beach, Fl Political Science Davie, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Med Sunrise, Fl Education Holly Hill, Fl Engineering Dunedin, Fl Broadcasting Bronson, Fl Education St. Petersburg, Fl Engineering Deerfield Beach, Fl Business Atlanta, Ga Business New Orleans, La Business Miami, Fl Business North Palm Beach, Fl Science High Springs, Fl Pre-Med Orlando, Fl Science lndialantic, Fl Winter Haven, Fl Engineering Delray Beach, Fl Liberal Arts KIMBERLY A. JASKOLKA Pompano Beach, Fl Bicycling, Photography ARCHIE 0. JENKINS, Ill Football, Rugby DREW D. JETER Music, Soccer RICHARD A. JOHANSEN Animals, Camping CARMEN D. JOHNSON Football, Science EDNA H. JOHNSON Camping, People JAY L. JOHNSON Chess, Reading Data Processing Jacksonville, Fl Warrenton, Va Architecture Melbourne, Fl Humanities Molino, Fl Pre-Med Palm Springs, Fl Economics Noblesville, In Physics E9 'i Q. X sv xx wg sv.. was W5 KDS.. N VB' Qtr? JEFFREY A. JOHNSON Basketball, Science JEFFREY D. JOHNSON Photography, Water Skiing KENNETH A. JOHNSON Fishing, Music L. COUNTS JOHNSON Politics, Scuba Diving MARK A. JOHNSON Music, Publications CALVIN S. JOHNSTON Football, Student Gov't. CATHERINE S. JONES Math, Music JOHN M. JONES Music, Politics KAREN A. JONES Drama, Poetry M. JOELEE JONES Reading, Canoeing RONNEY V. JONES Music, People SANDRA L. JONES Camping, Piano WILLIAM T. JOPLIN, JR. Scuba Diving, Shooting CHARLISSA R. JORDAN Horseback Riding, Reading JONATHAN D. JORDAN Bicycling, Hiking PETER L. JORDAN Golf, Science ROBERT J. JOYCE Bicycling, Cheerleading JANET M. JUNOD Jacksonville, Fl Science Jacksonville, Fl Science Tampa, Fl Engineering Tampa, Fl Political Science Coral Springs, Fl Business Savannah, Ga Pre-Law Tampa, Fl Mathematics Punta Gorda, Fl Pre-Law San Francisco, Ca Communications Ft. Myers, Fl Pre-Dental Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Haines City, Fl Nursing Satellite Beach, Fl Pre-Law Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Pre-Med Tampa, Fl Engineering Dover, De Engineering Boca Raton, Fl Wildwood, Fl Softball, Student Gov't. Pre-Law LINDA M. KANAMINE Ft. Meade, Md Photography, Piano Journalism JIM A. KARRH Swainsboro, Ga Golf, Music Communications JAMES KATEHAKIS lndian Harbor Beach, Fl Fishing, Travel Business NORMAN A. KATZ St. Petersburg, Fl Bicycling, Soccer Business PAUL KATZ North Miami beach, l'l Bicycling, Drama Business BESS KAVETSKY Art, Horseback Riding MARGARET A. KEDIK Hallandale, Fl Liberal Arts Spring Hill, Fl Music, Publications Nursing CAROLYN A. KEE Miami, Fl Dancing, People Accountant BARBARA A. KEENAN Alexandria, Va Cheerleading, Horseback Riding Architecture CAROL E. KELLY Punta Gorda, Fl Animals, Poetry Pre-Med GREGG B. KELLY Horseback Riding, Boxing LORRI A. KELLY Cheerleading, Travel MICHAEL MCL. KELLY Football, Running SCOTT J. KELLY Film, Wrestling THOMAS E. KEMPER Baseball, Golf DEBRA L. KENT MARJORIE A. KEPP Crafts, Dancing PAUL W. KEPPO Film, Photography TED A. KESMAN Golf, Music DOWD M. KIESLICH Bicycling, Football MARK P. KIMBALL Art, Music ALLAN W. KIMBLE Photography, Astronomy SHELLY L. KIMMERLE Animals, Bicycling JAMES D. KING Art, Chess KENT S. KING Fishing, Skiing AMY E. KINSER Basketball, People KARI S. KINSEY Bowling, Crafts DANIEL L. KIRBY Piano, Running MICHELLE B. KLARMAN Music, People MARY E. KLUG Crafts, Music GLEN A. KNAUST Fishing, Football PHILIP J. KOCHAN Chess, Debating PHYLLIS R. KOENIG Crafts, Tennis DEBORAH L. KOESTER Art, Track KIMBERLY A. KOIVU Swimming, Tennis JUDITH A. KOLARIK Piano, Water Skiing WARREN S. KOLBERT Photography, Running KAREN L. KONDOLF Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Copiague, N.Y. Business Vero Beach, Fl Business Boca Raton, Fl Broadcasting Coral Springs, Fl Building Construction Lauderhill, Fl Marco lsland, Fl Journalism Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Lakeland, Fl Accounting West Palm Beach, Fl Pre-Med Tampa, Fl Business Brooksville, Fl Physics Pompano, Fl Pre-Med Nokomis, Fl Computer Science Tampa, Fl Business Nashville, Tn Physical Education Titusville, Fl Pre-Med Pensacola, Fl Chemistry Lauderhill, Fl Business Winter Haven, Fl Pre-Law Belleair Bluffs, Fl Engineering Tallahassee, Fl Engineering Stony Brook, N.Y. Science Newton, N.J. Business Orlando, Fl Pre-Med Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Data Processing Plantation, Fl Pre-Med Lakeland, Fl Art, Camping Occupational Therapy H- ou! Xlf.-2' K. KOPELOUSOS Green Cove Springs, Fl Bowling, Football Business JEFFREY S. KORN Hollywood, Fl Bowling, Drama Business DAVID F. KOWKABANY Jacksonville, Fl Animals, Photography Pre-Vet DEBI S. KRONENGOLD Hollywood, Fl Running, Tennis Pre-Med JEFF A. KUBUL Elk Point, S.D. Bowling, Golf Science AMY L. KYREAKAKIS Boca Raton, Fl Glee Club, Music Business TONY A. LA CERVA Sanford, Fl Bicycling, Photography Engineering JAMES A. LAING Palm Beach, Fl Animals, Fishing Pre-Vet CHARLES S. LANDERS Bradenton, Fl Running, Softball Business DAVID A. LANDERS Bradenton, Fl Fishing, Music Biology JOHN A. LANDRY Delray Beach, Fl Baseball, Basketball Engineering TEDDI S. LANE Fort Walton Beach, Fl People, Skiing Engineering JAMES M. LANKFORD Jacksonville, Fl Fishing, Football Business STACY S. LASHER Sarasota, Fl Camping, Scuba Diving Pre-Med RICHARD J. LAVERY Lake City, Fl Chess, Football Engineering DE FOREST LA VOY, III St. Petersburg, Fl Glee Club, Rugby Engineering RHONDA A. LAWLESS Coral Springs, Fl Dancing, People Nursing PATRICIA S. LAWRENCE Greenwood, Fl People, Swimming Business DAVID J. LAWSON Delray Beach, Fl Baseball, Music Business RANDY C. LAWTON Houston, Tx People, Skiing Engineering DARREN E. LAZAR Lauderhill, Fl Fishing, Running Business JOHN F. LAZARCHIK Largo, Fl Bicycling, Bowling Science PATRICIA M. LEARY Choir, Drama CLAIRE M. LE BRUN Swimming, Tennis JOHN D. LEE Music, People LINDA C. LEE Camping, Music THOMAS J. LEE Hunting, Soccer DIRK J. LEEWARD Photography, Skiing Coral Gables, Fl Liberal Arts Boca Raton, Fl Liberal Arts Rumson, N.J. Liberal Arts Ft, Myers, Fl Engineering Sanford, Fl Agriculture Ocala, Fl Business DEBBIE A. LEGGIERO Vestal, N.Y. Running, Softball Business LAURIE J. LEI-INHERR North Miami, Fl Dancing, Poetry Science JENNY A. LEISTER Art, Music ALLEN D. LEONHARDT Fishing, Hunting RENEG. LE nouzss, n Basketball, Football CYNTHIA M. LESCHER Art, Guitar Punta Gorda, Fl Liberal Arts Orlando, Fl Pre-Law Summerland Key, Fl Business Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Liberal Arts LIANE E. LESHNE Tenafly, N.J. Art, Golf Pre-Law VERNON M. LESLIE Boca Raton, Fl Photography, Scuba Diving Engineering MARK J. LESSOR Chambersburg, Pa Football, Running Engineering TRANG TM LE Woodbridge, Va Bicycling, Languages Mathematics REGINA Y. LE VERRIER Pembroke Pines, Fl Guitar, Music Pre-Med ANDREW S. LEVINE Long Beach, N.Y. Music, Soccer Business GEOFFREY R. LEVINE Sarasota, Fl Bowling, Football RON C. LEVITT - Miami, Fl Math, Tennis Pre-Law SUSAN A. LEVITT Tampa, Fl Football, Horseback Riding Pre-Med ARTHUR M. LEVY Margate, Fl Basketball, Film Journalism HOPE A. LIFTON Davie, F1 Art, People KIMBERLY K. LIGHTHALL Brandon, Fl Swimming, Track Business TIMOTHY D. LIGHTHALL Brandon, Fl Camping, Track Engineering DAVID B. LINKER Coral Springs, Fl Basketball, Football Pre-Law ROBIN L. LIPNACK Plantation, Fl Dancing, Swimming Pre-Med MARC C. LISLE Gainesville, Fl Art, Music Art CAROLYN L. LIVELY Panama City, Fl Bowling, Math Engineering JAMES R. LLOYD St. Petersburg, Fl Animals, Politics Humanities KATHERINE S. LLOYD St. Petersburg, Fl Running, Sculpture Agriculture DIANE L. LOAR People, Softball ROXANA L. LOCKEN Ballet, Dancing ALAN J. LODINGER Animals, Football Winter Haven, Fl Physical Therapy Groveland, Fl Liberal Arts Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Nh-Ai J.. as ri.l'Li.i5 DEBORAH A. LOFTUS Football, Languages KRISTIN A. LOFTUS St. Augustine, Fl Liberal Arts Scituate, Ma Bicycling, Camping Business SUSAN J. LOFTUS Falls Church, Va Music, Reading Education CHARLES W. LOGAN Apopka, Fl Math, Music Science MARY C. LOHMAN Cincinnati, Oh Cheerleading, Gymnastics Accounting CARLOS A. LOPEZ Belle Glade, Fl Fishing, Soccer Engineering LOURDES LOPEZ Miami, Fl Photography, Racquetball BARRY LOTT Guitar, Running THOMAS A. LOULOUDES Football, Scuba Diving ROBERT N. LOVE Swimming, Tennis WM. MICHAEL LOVE Skiing, Soccer TRACY M. LOVITT People, Newspaper DAVID A. LOWE Basketball, Gymnastics STELLA M. LOZANO Bicycling, People GERARDO J. LUGO-JANER Basketball, People MICKEY J. LUKER Science, Tennis DAVID L. LUNDEEN Music, People KEVIN C. LUNSFORD Music, Scuba Diving TERRI L. LUPO Politics, Tennis ROBERT E. LUTHER Running, Track West BRENDA K. LYNCH Camping, Debating THOMAS F. LYNCH Art, Drama KATHARINE V. LYON Dancing, Drama Ft. lnterior Design Temple Terrace, Fl Business Anna Maria, Fl Business Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Homestead, Fl Journalism Mt. Dora, Fl Pre-Law Miami, Fl Pre-Law San Juan, P.R. Pre-Med Pensacola, Fl Engineering Clearwater, Fl Liberal Arts Lauderdale, Fl Business N. Miami, Fl Pre-Law Palm Beach, Fl Engineering Stuart, Fl Pre-Law Port Orange, Fl Vero Beach, Fl History WILLIAM H. MAC ARTHUR Falls Church, Va Drama, Football MARY J. MAC DONALD Liberal Arts Tallahassee, Fl People, Student Gov't. Nursing JOSE J. MADERA St. Petersburg, Fl Music Architecture ILEANA M. MADRIGAL Boca Raton, Fl Dancing, Science Pre-Med HAROLD I. MAGAZINE Sunrise, Fl Art, Swimming Pre-Med PY' LISA A. MAGEE Ft. Lauderdale, Fl N People, Running Business YAY!! Q DENNIS F. MAHER Orlando, FI Animals, Swimming Pre-Vet KAREN L. MALNIK Miami, Fl Photography, Soccer MOLLY A. MALONE Liberal Arts Jacksonville, Fl Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet DAVID R. MARCEL N. Fort Myers, Fl Guitar, Running Architecture KENNETH F. MARCKS Chelmsford, Ma Basketball, Golf Engineering WILLIAM H. MARCUM. III LaBelle, Fl Art, Music Architecture MICHELE R. MARGULIS Plantation, Fl Camping, Hiking Psychology DENISE M. MARINI Bicycling, Track LOU ANNE MARKLE Wilmington, De Physical Education Middleburg, Fl Ballet, Cheerleading Pre-Med ELAINE T. MARKS Pompano Beach, Fl Music, People Pre-Med STEVEN G. MARLOW North Miami, Fl Magic, Frizbee Communications LISA A. MARMUREK Miami, Fl Dancing, Horseback Riding Pre-Law KERRI L. MARMUREK Cooper City, Fl Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving Science LISA L. MARSCHALL Winter Haven, Fl Animals, Music Pre-Med KAREN E. MARTEN Lakeland, Fl Bicycling, Camping Business MICHELLE L. MARTIN Andover, Ma Ballet, Skiing Architecture SCOTT S. MARTIN Guitar, Track STEVEN R. MARTIN Student Gov't., Tennis Mount Laurel, N.J. Liberal Arts Orange Park, Fl Business JOSEPH MARTINELLI Palm Beach Gardens, Fl Music, People ISABEL M. MARTINEZ Art, Ballet Business Miami, Fl TIMOTHY A. MASHBURN Merritt Island, Fl Soccer, Water Skiing Science DEBORAH C. MASON Sarasota, Fl Basketball, Science Engineering GLENDA MASSENGALE Gainesville, Fl Reading, Water Skiing Psychology JON E. MATCHEN Ft, Lauderdale, Fl Baseball, Guitar Communications WENDY M. MATHEISON Windermere, Fl Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet JODI R. MATTES Deerfield, Il Dancing, Softball Pre-Med BERNARDO B. MA, Miami, Fl Football, Running Finance s X -crrff' LISA M. MAUER People, Politics MARY M. MAY Guitar, Gymnastics NANCY H. MAY Dancing, Horseback Riding SHARON L. MC ANLY Math, Music TONY R. MC ARTHUR Scuba Diving, Water Skiing HILLAREY A. MC CALL Dancing, Swimming TRACY L. MC CALL Basketball, Volleyball PATTY A. MC CARTHY Bicycling, People JEFFREY W. MC COY Plantation, Fl Accounting Tampa, Fl Business Fort Walton Beach, Fl Architecture Dunedin, Fl Computer Science Orlando, Fl Pre-Med Titusville, Fl Pre-Law Hollywood, Fl Physical Education Bristol, Ct Physical Therapy Madison, W.V. Languages, Piano Pre-Med ROBERT G. MC CUNE St. Petersburg, Fl KAREN E. MC COLLOCH Longwood, Fl Art, Guitar Art VIVIAN M. MC CORMICK Temple Terrace, Fl Jazz, People Business WAYNE T. MC COSKEY Fort Lauderdale, Fl Animals, Baseball Pre-Vet CARLA D. MC COY Williston, Fl Bowling, People Pharmacy PAMELA A. MC COY Allison Park, Pa Animals, People Business SHIRLEY A. MC COY Melbourne, Fl People, Reading Business JAMES D. MC CURDY Brandon, Fl Golf, Surfing Engineering JOHN M. MC DONALD Springfield, Va Guitar, Soccer Pre-Law LYNN E. MC DONNELL Ridgewood, N.J. Gymnastics, Photography Pre-Med JOHN B. MC DUFFIE, Ill Lutz, Fl Football, Politics Pre-Law NEIL S. MC EACHERN Doctors Inlet, Fl Baseball, Camping Engineering KERRI L. MC ELROY Miami, Fl Dancing, Jazz MARY B. MC ELROY Miami, Fl Crafts, Horseback Riding Engineering JEFF R. MC ELYEA Winter Park, Fl Camping, Gymnastics Engineering JOHN H. MC GEE Tampa, Fl Baseball, Scuba Diving Business BETH A. MC GUIRE Brandon, Fl Art, Reading Journalism JAMES B. MC GUIRE Art, Soccer SHAWN R. MC INTYRE Bicycling, Camping Delray Beach, Fl Cape Coral, Fl EARL F. MC JETT Upper Marlboro, Md Fishing, Science Science DEBRA M. MC LAUGHLIN St. Pete Beach, Fl Skiing, Softball Business ROBERT M. MC LEAN, JR. Baltimore, Md Math, Piano Engineering MARK K. MC LEARN Coral Springs, Fl Golf, Basketball CYNTHIA L. MC LEOD Palatka, Fl Cheerleading, Drama Pre-Law MELANIE J. MC MAI-IAN Jacksonville, Fl Dancing, People Pre-Law KIM A. MC MAHILL Winter Park, Fl Animals, Water Skiing Pre-Vet WANDA R. MC NAIR Orlando, Fl Dancing, People Pre'Med PATRICK J. MC NAMARA Crystal River, Fl Baseball, Golf Pre-Law KATHLEEN A. MC NULTY Coral Gables, Fl Cheerleading, Horseback Riding Business DAVID J. MC TARNAGHAN Tallahassee, Fl Basketball, Football Business ROBERTA N. MEADE Deltona, Fl Dancing, Horseback Riding Science RUTHANN I. MEADE Deltona, Fl Music, All Sports Pre-Vetem JACKIE L. MECOUCH Lutz, Fl Swimming, Volleyball Agriculture WALDO I. MEDINA Miami, Fl Camping, Soccer Pre-Med JEFFREY L. MEEHAN Titusville, Fl Basketball, Football Health MICHAEL J. MEESIT Haines City, Fl Tennis, Water Skiing Engineering BLANCA S. MEJIA Coral Gables, Fl LORI A. MELENDI Tampa, Fl Cheerleading, People Business LISA MELLAS Greenport, N.Y. Basketball, Bicycling Pre-Law MICHAEL J. MERADA St. Petersburg, Fl Football, Volleyball Engineering RICHARD J. MERRIMAN Tampa, Fl Camping, Math Engineering GARRY K. MERRITT Stafford, Va People, Running Therapeutic Recreation JOHN M. MERWIN Jacksonville, Fl Bicycling, Swimming Engineering ARSENIO A. MESTRE Lake Alfred, Fl Basketball, Science Pre-Med DAVID D. MEYER Jacksonville, Fl Art, Horseback Riding Architecture FRANK G. MEYER. JR. Largo, Fl Music, Scuba Diving Engineering MONICA L. MEYERS Camping, Track Clearwater, Fl Engineering DAVID A. MICHAUD CURTIS P. MICHEAL Dancing, Gymnastics MELODY A. MIDDLETON Basketball, Track JAMES E. MIELKE Basketball, Tennis CAREY L. MILANI Bicycling, Dancing JAMES M. MILES Chess, Soccer KARINNE A. MILLER Art, Swimming LEE N. MILLER Film, Soccer MARK E. MILLER Photography, Skiing MICHAEL G. MILLER Fishing, Football PATRICIA A. MILLER Dancing, People LORI E. MILLS Animals, People BINA P. MIRCHANDANI Drama, Reading LARRY A. MISHLOVE Bicycling, Scuba Diving NANCY A. MITCHELL Animals, Horseback Riding R. CLIFF MOBLEY Baseball, Politics DANIEL J. MOFFITT Guitar, Soccer JOHN R. MOFFO Running, Surfing DEBORAH L. MOLINA Bicycling, Music Coral Springs, Fl Lakeland, Fl Business St. Joseph, Mi Business Lake Placid, Fl Business Boca Raton, Fl Pharmacy N. Miami, Fl Engineering Brentwood, Tn Fine Arts St. Petersburg, Fl Cinema Jacksonville, Fl Science Savannah, Mo Engineering Miami, Fl Business Light House Point, Fl Pre'Med Miami, Fl Broadcasting Miami, Fl Pre-Vet Perry, Fl Zoology Key Biscayne, Fl Pre-Law Orange Park, Fl Engineering Stuart, Fl Business Ocala, Fl Music Education CHRIS J. MONAHAN Indian Rocks Beach, Fl Animals, Fishing Pre-Vet JORGE A. MONTEAGUDO Hialeah, Fl Bicycling, Student Gov't. Business STEVEN MONTEMAYOR Pompano Beach, Fl Camping, Music Engineering BRUCE R. MONTGOMERY, JR. Belleview, Fl Music, Swimming Engineering TIMOTHY S. MONTGOMERY Jacksonville, Fl Chess, Politics Engineering CAROL A. MOORE Tampa, Fl Dancing, Music Communications DAVID S. MOORE Ft, Myers, Fl Bowling, Water Skiing Architecture JERRY D. MOORE Dunedin, Fl Football, Soccer Pre-Med MARCELLA I. MOORE Fort Lauderdale, Fl People, Swimming Education ROBERT M. MOORE Photography, Water Skiing WYNNE E. MOORE Animals, Scuba Diving MARIA A. MORAITIS Astrology, Bicycling ED J. MORALES Skiing, Soccer MARYPAT P. MORGAN Tennis, Water Skiing ANDREW J. MOROG Scuba Diving, Surfing LISA Y. MORRIS Skiing, Travel LORI F. MORRIS Poetry, Reading MARY C. MORRIS People, Scuba Diving SCOTT B. MORRIS Bicycling, Skiing TINA M. MORRIS Animals, Ballet BERNARD R. MOSELEY Drama, Languages DAN W. MOSES Basketball, Guitar JESSE C. MOSES Hiking, Soccer PAUL J. MRAZ Bicycling, Photography Ft. Myers, Fl Pre-Med Memphis, Tn Pre-Med Boca Raton, Fl Business Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Winter Park, Fl Pre-Law Pompano Beach, Fl Engineering Dade City, Fl Liberal Arts Bowie, Md Journalism Tampa, Fl Science Fort Walton Beach, Fl Engineering Jax Beach, Fl Pre-Vet , JR. Punta Gorda, Fl Pre-Law Beachwood, Oh Pre-Law Auburndale, Fl Engineering Ft, Myers, Fl Computer Technician MIGUEL MULLI, JR. Harbor Bluffs, Largo, Fl Bicycling, Music VICKI E. MULLEN Dancing, Horse Showing NANCY M. MULLIGAN Dancing, Gymnastics JULIET A. MURPHY Art, Languages TANYA K. MURPHY Basketball, Photography DEBORAH A. MURRAY Animals, Bowling Pre-Med Gainesville, Fl Business Hollywood, Fl Liberal Arts Miami, Fl Pre-Law De Funick Springs, Fl Pre-Med Fort Wayne, In Accounting PATRICIA K. MUSSELWHITE Plant City, Fl Piano, Soccer MELANIE L. NABORS Animals, Swimming SAM J. NAJIM Basketball, Hunting MICHAEL T. NARGI Baseball, Fishing MATTHEW J. NAVIN Basketball, Camping LISA J. NEELEY Drama, Horseback Riding ERIC R. NEIBAUER People, Skiing Physical Therapy Miami, Fl Engineering Highland Heights, Oh Pre-Law Plantation, Fl Pre-Med Boca Raton, Fl Accounting Miami, Fl Broadcasting Stevensville, Mi Engineering is an BARRY M. NELSON Baseball, Basketball KERRY P. NELSON Math, Soccer TERESA A. NELSON Cheerleading, Gymnastics Akron, Oh Computer Science Tampa, Fl Engineering Titusville, Fl Business JOY T. NEUBERGER North Miami Beach, Fl Dancing, Reading NINA NEWTON Bowling, Softball MYHONG NGUYEN Languages, Science JODI L. NICHOLS Animals, Softball Liberal Arts Gainesville, Fl Business Orlando, Fl Engineering Edgewater, Fl Agriculture STEPHANIE A. NICHOLS West Palm Beach, Fl Drama, Swimming JAN E. NICOLETTO Dancing, Music SANDRA L. NIXON Drama, Music SEBRINA E. NORDGREN Art, Music JOSEPH T. NORDMANN Art, Bicycling Political Science Tampa, Fl Science Vero Beach, Fl Business Brooksville, Fl Engineering DeLand, Fl Pre-Med KIM E. NORHEIM Indian Harbour Beach, Fl Horseback Riding, Photography Pre-Med SUSAN M. NORRIS Cheerleading, Running DAVID A. NORWOOD Bowling, Dancing MARIANNA NUNNERY Music, Swimming EILEEN J. O'BRIEN Basketball, Music VALERIE F. 0'CONNEl.L Astrology, People ELLIE C. O'CONNOR Gymnastics, Swimming CLAIRE C. OGLE Art, Photography DARLENE C. 0'HARA Horseback Riding, People DAVID L. OLINGER Football, Guitar ERIC E. OLSON Golf, Photography MARGARET E. OLSON Drama, Photography WILLIAM N. ORCUTT Art, Basketball SI-IERYL F. ORENSKY Dancing, Skiing MARY M. ORR Guitar, Horseback Riding KATHY A. O'SI-IEA Math, Reading Honolulu, Hi Communications Macon, Ga Business Gainesville, Fl Pre-Med St. Thomas, Vi Engineering St. Petersburg, Fl Pharmacy Orange Park, Fl Engineering Plant City, Fl Journalism Orlando, Fl Psychology Satellite Beach, Fl Pre-Law Sarasota, Fl Business Haines City, Fl Commercial Art Miami Lakes, Fl Architecture East Brunswick, N,J. Business Memphis, Tn Science Indiantown, Fl Business LANDON L. OUSLEY Homestead, Fl il Chess, Scuba Diving Engineering JAMES R. OWEN Tampa, Fl " Bicycling, Photography Pre-Med in K V MICHAEL W. OWEN Shalimar, Fl ' Bowling, Chess Mathematics GREGG A. PAGE Winter Park, Fl Baseball, Football Pre-Law ...MY TOM D. PAPPERT Bloomfield Hills, Mi Guitar, Scuba Diving Pre-Med JULIE B. PARCELL Camping, Horseback Riding Lakeland, Fl Wildlife Biology LISA C. PARENTI Rockwood Park, N.Y. Animals, Gymnastics BONNIE J. PARRISI-I People, Politics JULIE A. PARSONS Art, Photography Pre-Vet Coconut Creek, Fl Pre-Law Clearwater, Fl LESLIE PARSONS Jacksonville, Fl Horseback Riding, Skiing Pre-Law CAROLYN L. PARTIN Bronson, Fl Bowling, People Pre-Med SUZANNE M. PASZKOWSKI Winter Park, Fl People, Reading Nursing THOMAS L. PATE Kissimmee, Fl Art, Baseball Engineering ANNE PATTILLO Ocala, Fl Ballet, Cheerleading KELLY F. PATTON Lakeland, Fl Animals, Art Pre'Vet SUSAN J. PAWLAK Orlando, Fl Music, People Business TERESA L. PAYNE Burbank, Ca Bicycling, Running Accounting NANCY H. PEASE York, Pa Photography, Swimming Engineering CHARLES C. PECK Coral Springs, Fl Camping, Scuba Diving Pre-Med H. GREG PEEBLES Houston, Tx Science, Swimming Engineering LEONARDO R. PENA Miami, Fl Photography, Running Pre-Med JOAN L. PENSKY North Miami Beach, Fl Art, Math DIRK E. PENZIEN Coral Springs, Fl Fishing, Golf Engineering JENNIFER C. PERDEW Richardson, Tx Dancing, Water Skiing Pre-Law MARTIN L. PERRY Hanover, ln Basketball, Golf Business VICTOR A. PEREZ Rio Piedras, P.R. Animals, Guitar Pre-Vet .1AcQuEuNE A. PERRY Jacksonville, Fl Cheerleading, Water Skiing Physician's Assistant DEBBIE S. PESTI Port Charlotte, Fl Math, Tennis Computer Science KATHRYN L. PETERSON Fort Myers Beach, Fl Baseball, Bicycling Physical Education PAUL A. PETERSON, JR. Delray Beach, Fl Baseball, Football LYNDA D. PETO Animals, Bicycling NANCY J. PETRIE Bicycling, Languages GERRY A. PHILLIPS JAMES V. PIECORA Golf, LaCrosse MATTHEW N. PIERCE Art, Drama AMY L. PING Piano, Reading JODI S. PINSKY Animals, Art CLINT C. PITTMAN Animals, Science REUBEN J. PLANT Photography, Scuba Diving SUSANNE S. PLEDGER Art, Scuba Diving RUSSELL A. PLENKERS SANDRA J. PLOEGERT Cheerleading, Running SYLVAIN G. POIRIER Bicycling, Hockey MARIA T. POL Photography, Publications ROBERT L. POPE, JR. Hunting, Wrestling PAUL W. PORTAL Art, Golf JANET L. POST Running, Swimming JAYNE M. POST Swimming, Tennis LISA M. POTAMI Bicycling, Languages JENNIFER F. POTTER Reading, Skiing GREGORY S. POWELL Basketball, Camping DAVID J. PRIDGEN Animals, Fishing KATHY E. PROCTOR Cheerleading, Dancing DANIEL R. PURVIS Music, Swimming JOHN J. QUALMANN Choir, Student Gov't. SARAH E. QUEHL People, Skiing Business Miami Lakes, Fl Business Fort Lauderdale, Fl French Brooklyn, N.Y. Engineering Port Orange, Fl Pre-Med Gainesville, Fl Somerset, Ky Communications North Miami Beach, Fl Journalism Clearwater, Fl Pre-Med St, Augustine, Fl Science No. Palm Beach, Fl Pre-Med Pensacola, Fl Big Pine Key, Fl Business Hollywood, Fl Pre-Dentistry Miami Beach, Fl Pre-Med Jacksonville, Fl Business Wauchula, Fl Architecture Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Business Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Business Altamonte Spr., Fl Pre-Law Clewiston, Fl Nursing Dayton, Oh Business Clearwater, Fl Pre-Vet Virginia Beach, Va Education Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Lighthouse Point, Fl Engineering St. Petersburg, Fl Business SAUREL QUETTAN Miami, Fl Debating, Publications Engineering SUSAN M. QUILL Merrick, N.Y. Skiing, Swimming Business RUTLEDGE L. QUILLIAN Coral Gables, Fl Bicycling, Debating Pre-Law FRANK A. QUINN Plantation, Fl Baseball, Science Pre-Med MARCIA R. RABIN Lakeland, Fl Bicycling, Water Skiing Education EDWIN B. RABIN Lakeland, Fl Soccer, Swimming Pre-Med JEFFREY A. RABIN Miami, Fl Scuba Diving, Tennis CAROLYN E. RADCLIFFE Orlando, Fl Animals, People Education MOHAMMAD H. RAI-IIMY lstahan, Iran Publications, Science Pre'Med JAN M. RAHNER Tampa, Fl Business CONSTANCE L. RAMBO St. Petersburg, Fl Piano, Tennis Science COSME F. RAMIREZ Key West, Fl Music, Piano Engineering LORIE D. RAMOS San Juan, P.R. Art, Dancing Engineering MARY K. RAMOS Miami, Fl Dancing, Math RAMON B. RANCANO Computer Science Coral Gables, Fl Languages, Poetry Engineering JILL P. RAPAPORT Coral Springs, Fl People, Publications Communications JAMES B. RATH Tavernier, Fl Choir, Hunting Forestry JANE A. RATNER Boca Raton, Fl Music, People Business JULIE RAULERSON Okeechobee, Fl Animals, Cheerleading Pre-Law MATT G. RAUSCH Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl Bowling, Football Science SAUL H. RAVITCH Philadelphia, Pa Wrestling Science WILLIAM E. RAY, II Clearwater, Fl Bowling, Camping Science PATRICK F. REA Lake Worth, Fl CAROLE H. REDSTONE Miami, Fl Dancing, People Business JACQUELINE S. REESE Languages, Politics D. DOUGLAS REHMAN Chess, Golf JEFFREY R. REISS Baseball, Basketball GAIL M. REITINGER Swimming, Tennis Winter Haven, Fl Political Science Palm Harbor, Fl Engineering Merritt Island, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Pharmacy , ,,,, SHIRLEY K. RENUART Lighthouse Point, Fl Math, Science WILLIAM B. REYNARD Golf, Hockey CATHERINE G. RICH SELENA R. RICHARD Dancing, Jazz CHERYL A. RICHARDSON Horseback Riding, People LYNN F. RICHTER Animals, Poetry EDWARD A. RIKANSRUD CHARISSA D. ROACH Piano, Running LEO B. ROBERSON Animals, Baseball LISA L. ROBERTS Crafts, Publications MICHAEL A. ROBERTS Engineering Towson, Md Liberal Arts Reston, Va Ocala, Fl Psychology Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Business Titusville, Fl Physical Therapy St. Petersburg, Fl Miami, Fl Pre-Med Jacksonville, Fl Science Jupiter, Fl Physical Therapy Winter Haven, Fl Hunting, Water Skiing Agriculture MICHAEL C. ROBERTS Gainesville, Fl Bowling, Bridge Engineering LESLIE C. ROBINS Tampa, Fl Baseball, Basketball Journalism ANGELO D. ROBINSON Pensacola, Fl Bowling, Photography Pre-Med DEBORAH L. ROBINSON Hollywood, Fl Choir, Singing Psychology LAWRENCE G. ROBINSON Lakeland, Fl Basketball, Scuba Diving Pre4Med LOVELL R. ROBINSON Dover, De Baseball, Basketball Engineering PATRICIA A. ROBINSON Quincy, Fl Bicycling, Poetry Liberal Arts STEVE B. ROBINSON Miami, Fl Scuba Diving, Skiing OLGA H. ROBLEDO Manizales, Colombia Dancing, Horseback Riding Business ANDREW C. RODE Fort Lauderdale, Fl Animals, Science Architecture DAVID S. RODEMANN Maitland, Fl Bowling, Mt. Climbing Architecture ALDO D. RODRIGUEZ Boca Raton, Fl Baseball, Fishing Engineering LINO O. RODRIGUEZ Altamonte Springs, Fl KATHY L. ROGERS Swimming, Tennis PATRICIA L. ROGERS Bicycling, Cheerleading ANNE E. ROLLINGS Camping, Running KEITH E. ROLLINS Frisbee, Auto Racing Hollywood, Fl Pre-Med Miami, Fl Engineering Orange Park, Fl Engineering Sarasota, Fl Engineering LESLIE I. ROLLINS Tennis, Water Skiing WENDY J. ROMAINE Drama, Music RICHARD L. ROSE Science, Skiing SAM M. ROSE Animals, Math KELLY L. ROSEN Running, Swimming SIMONE I. ROSENBERG Dancing, Piano Delano, Fl Pre-Law Franklin, Ma Journalism Bethesda, Md Pre-Med Hollywood, Fl Engineering Cheltenham, Pa Pre-Dentistry Miami, F l Pre-Law MICHAEL P. ROSENBLATT Middletown, Ct Animals, Horseback Riding HOWARD W. ROSNER Animals, Horseback Riding ALAN L. ROSS Guitar, Hockey ROBIN E. ROSSUM Bicycling, People JOHN S. ROUSE Scuba Diving, Soccer CHERYL L. ROW Dancing, Photography MARY L. ROWELL Math, People JACK F. ROWLAND Jazz, Music MARIE T. ROY Bicycling, Running MICHAEL E. RUBLE Basketball, Photography ALDEN E. RUDOLPH Horseback Riding, Languages ERWIN R. RUIZ Hunting, Photography DAVID A. RUNYON Bicycling, Horseback Riding RANDY S. RUPPEL Art, Drama CHRISTINE ROSCHMEYER Drama, Swimming DONALD J. RUTH Music, Reading JEFFREY L. RUTIG Running, Swimming SCOTT R. RYALS Golf, Politics BARRY J. RYAN Soccer, Student Gov't. DAVID C. RYDEEN Photography, Swimming JULIE L. RYDER Camping, Hiking PAUL S. SAFKO Music, Surfing Engineering Bay Shore, N.Y. Pre-Vet Miami, Fl Wildlife Ecology Longwood, Fl Business Deerfield Beach, Fl Science Marion, Oh Business Fort Lauderdale, Fl Engineering Largo, Fl Applied Music Melbourne Beach, Fl Advertising Oviedo, Fl Bradenton, Fl Pre-Law Miami, Fl Engineering Somerset, Mi Political Science Clearwater, Fl Business Port St. Lucie, Fl Nursing St. Petersburg, Fl Engineering Leesburg, Fl Pharmacy Ormond Beach, Fl Pre-Law Hollywood, Fl PreaLaw Melbourne Beach, Fl Engineering Longwood, Fl Liberal Arts Holmes Beach, Fl LUIS J. SALDARRIAGA Chess, Guitar MANUEL A. SANCHEZ Bicycling, Football GARY L. SANDERS Piano, Publications ERIC B. SANDLER Math, Music GAIL M. SANDSTROM Gymnastics, Music PHILIP A. SAPIENZA Bowling, Science MARGARET L. SARGENT Math, Swimming GRANT B. SATTERLEE Math, Science NANCYE SCALAMANDRE People, Running JAMES SCHAAF Football, Track MARK S. SCHERER Baseball, Hockey SCOTT S. SCHLOSSER Art, Choir LAURA G. SCHLUMPF Music, People DAVID G. SCHMIDT Baseball, Basketball SUSAN L. SCHRAGER Languages, Tennis PHILIP G. SCHRAM Running, Science Miami, Fl Engineering Hialeah, Fl Engineering Hialeah, Fl Pre-Med Hollywood, Fl Pre-Med Miami, Fl Nursing Miramar, Fl Pharmacy Dade City, Fl Business Orlando, Fl Pre-Med Boynton Beach, Fl Science Sparta, N.J. Business Hollywood, Fl N. Lauderdale, Fl New Canaan, Ct Health Education Plantation, Fl Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Psychology Hollywood, Fl Engineering ROBERT W. SCHRAMM Highland Beach, Fl Baseball, Fishing Science JENNIFER M. SCHRODER Lighthouse Point, Fl Camping, Horseback Riding CI-IERYL A. SCHRY Ballet, Tennis TAMMY L. SCHUBIN Liberal Arts Miami, Fl Liberal Arts Coconut Creek, Fl Music, Publications Journalism BUDDY SCHULTHEIS Naples, Fl Baseball, Football Business MARK S. SCHUMACHER Miami, Fl Art, Bowling Accounting RUTH A. SCHUTZ Sanford, Fl People, Reading Business MARC P. SCHWAIT Coral Springs, Fl Music, People MARK D. SCHWARB Pompano Beach, Fl Baseball, Scuba Diving Business ROBIN A. SCHWEICKERT Pinellas Park, Fl Animals, Bicycling Veterinary Medicine CAREY E. SCHWEIZER Winter Park, Fl Animals, Camping Science RICHARD L. SCOLES Cocoa, Fl Bicycling, Football Business ALAN G. SCOTT Baseball, Golf DAVID W. SCOTT Baseball, Football KAREN S. SCOTT Animals, Horseback Riding GEORGE L. SEAY Animals, Astrology KATHERINE E. SEEDS Animals, Languages MIKE A. SEELIG Camping, Scuba Diving DAWN L. SEIBERT Choir, Football STEVEN G. SEIFF Camping, Music MARK R. SELLERS Baseball, Math STEVE M. SERENO Football, Soccer BARBARA M. SHARP Drama, Jazz ROBIN K. SHAW Bicycling, Swimming DEBBIE J. SHENKEL Bicycling, Music JOAN M. SHEPPARD Publications, Student Gov't, DEBRA J. SHERIDAN Bicycling, Guitar ERIC P. SHERLINE Camping, Running MARK G. SHERMAN Animals, Jazz PETE J. SHERMAN Gymnastics, Horseback Riding CHARLES P. SHIPP Scuba Diving, Volleyball CHARLES W. SIEBRECHT Basketball, Golf KAREN L. SIEGEL Basketball, Tennis PAUL A. SIEMS Animals, Hunting DONALD L. SIKES Photography, Reading SCOTT A. SILVER Fishing, Water Skiing MICHAEL J. SILVERMAN Film, Guitar Palm Coast, Fl Engineering Lakeland, Fl Business Marianna, Fl Science Vero Beach, Fl Pre-Med Gahanna, Oh Science Mt. Dora, Fl Architecture Brandon, Fl Physical Therapy Plantation, Fl Pre-Law Niceville, Fl Mathematics Plantation, Fl Business Fort Myers, Fl Liberal Arts Lighthouse Pt., Fl Pre-Med Miami Shores, Fl Liberal Arts Seminole, Fl Meridian, Mi Pre-Med Clearwater, Fl Architecture Stuart, Fl Bal Harbour, Fl Pre-Med Oak Ridge, Tn Engineering Palm Beach, Fl Business Memphis, Tn Engineering Orlando, Fl Agriculture Wildwood, Fl Science Plantation, Fl Pre'Dental Hollywood, Fl Motion Picture MICHAEL A. SIMON North Palm Beach, Fl CHERYL L. SIMS Bronson, Fl Basketball, Football Education ELLEN T. SINGER Howard Beach, N.Y. Bowling, People Pre.Law AMY C. SLENTZ W. Melbourne, Fl Cheerleading, Softball Business STEVEN J. SLOSSER Satellite Beach, Fl Football, Languages Engineering E BONNIE F. SLYN Louisville, Ky People, Reading Business AMY SMITH Orlando, Fl Math, Skiing Education CHRISTOPHER S. SMITH Winter Park, Fl Running, Scuba Diving Science CURTIS M. SMITH Gainesville, Fl Bowling, Camping Engineering DAVID A. SMITH Annandale, Va Baseball, Basketball Engineering DAVID T. SMITH Thomasville, Ga Animals, Hunting Pre-Vet GENE C. SMITH Rockville, Md Scuba Diving, Science Science f-NRNN' LESLIE E. SMITH Art, People MARY ELLEN SMITH Bicycling, Horseback Riding VERNETT SMITH Basketball, Bicycling MICHAEL D. SMUCZYNSKI Baseball, Bowling DAVID M. SNOW Bowling, Chess BRUCE S. SNYDER Basketball, Drama DANIEL T. SNYDER Dancing, Politics MARIANE H. SNYDER Drama, Photography I.ORI A. SOCHIN Dancing, People DAVID S. SOLOMON Camping, Guitar SUSAN K. SOMMERFIELD Art, Softball Roswell, Ga Liberal Arts Hallandale, Fl Nursing Haines City, Fl Engineering Naples, Fl Engineering Brooksville, Fl Engineering Miramar, Fl Pre-Dental Palm Bay, Fl Pre-Law Sarasota, Fl Liberal Arts Miami, Fl Psychology Coral Springs, Fl Pharmacy Golden Gate, Fl Liberal Arts SUSAN C. SORRELLS Arcadia, Fl Music, Swimming Pharmacy ELIZABETH SOTO Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Reading, Softball Pre-Med ALBERT SOUD Jacksonville, Fl Animals, Art Engineering CAROL A. SOWERS West Palm Beach, Fl Cheerleading, Gymnastics Psychology DAVID R. SPEARS Auburndale, Fl Scuba Diving, Surfing Business MONICA H. SPEER Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Hiking, Music Engineering SUZANNE L. SPENCE Delray Beach, Fl Animals, Choir Business ROBERT T. SPENCER Tampa, Fl Hiking, Surfing Business PETER J. SPENNATO Basketball, Football HELEN L. SPIL Dancing, People JOSEPH C. SPOTO Camping, Football CHRISTINA E. STAHL Bicycling, Swimming NEAL A. STALLINGS Bowling, Golf SCOTT A. STANLEY Camping, Fishing CHARLENE J. STANTON Gymnastics, Horseback Riding FRANK X. STANTON Student Gov't.,' Racquetball TAMRA A. STANTON Tennis, Volleyball Largo, Fl History Miami, Fl Business Tampa, Fl Pre-Med Ormond Beach, Fl Pre-Med Lakeland, Fl Pre-Dental Orange Park, Fl Science Jacksonville, Fl Computer Science Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Med Lakeland, Fl Pre-Med CHRIS A. STATHOPOULOS Boca Raton, Fl Scuba Diving, Swimming SARA L. STAWECKI Publications, Reading RICHARD R. STEBBINS Skiing, Tennis SHELLY A. STEELY Football, Track MARC S. STEINBERG Football, Skiing MARC J. STEINBERGER Football, Running DAVID M. STEINER Basketball, Bowling PAMELA S. STENGER Horseback Riding, Swimming STEPHEN C. STEPP Fishing, Swimming DAVID B. STATE Bicycling, Debating CATHY S. STEVENS Art, Tennis SCOTT B. STEVENS Skiing, Swimming DEBRA C. STEWARD Bicycling, People LARRY C. STEWART Baseball, Basketball THOMAS G. STIERS Basketball, Bowling JOSEPH F. STINCIC Basketball, Bowling CHERYL A. STINE Camping, Travel ROBERT A. STIPANOV Water Skiing, War Gaming GLEN P.W. ST. JEAN Music, Soccer Engineering Ocala, Fl Journalism Winter Haven, Fl Physical Education Morrisville, Pa Psychology N. Miami Beach, Fl Pre-Law Canandaigua, N.Y. Business Miami, Fl Business Bartow, Fl Architecture Miami, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Science St. Petersburg, Fl Interior Design Huntington, N.Y. Pre-Med Orlando, Fl Pre-Med Plantation, Fl Pre-Med Clearwater, Fl Deerfield Beach, Fl Business Orlando, Fl Sociology Belleair Beach, Fl Pre-Med Palm Harbor, Fl Engineering sag rx S2 is JIM J. STOCKMAN Golf, Music MARY K. STOEKER Music, Tennis MICHELE A. STOKES Bicycling, Camping JEANNE M. ST. ONGE Languages, Travel STEVEN A. STOVALL Basketball, People MIKE P. STRASINGER Baseball, Basketball JEFFREY R. STRASSER Football, Golf CRAIG J. STRICKMAN Basketball, Football VERNON STRICKLAND, III Debating, Politics DIONISIO SUAREZ Basketball, Water Skiing ROGER S. SULLINS Art, Fishing GREGG V. SUMMERS Bicycling, Music MARGARET E. SUMMERS Languages, People ROGER A. SUTTON Art, Science KATHERINE C. SWANSON Ballet, Student Gov't. SUSAN F. SWARTZ WILLIAM J. SWATZELL, II Animals, Volleyball ROBERT V. SWOYER Photography, Student Gov't. JAMES D. SYKES Basketball, Bowling MICHAEL D. TADLOCK Art, Math CHRISTINE B. TALBERT Camping, Cheerleading JOHN R. TANKE Basketball, Swimming A. LYNN TANKERSLEY Baseball, Bowling DALE D. TAPIO Bicycling, Dancing VIVIAN G. TARANCO Guitar, Horseback Riding BRADFORD A. TAYLOR Coral Springs, Fl Engineering Sarasota, Fl Music Coconut Grove, Fl Communications Miami, Fl Engineering Columbus, Ga Engineering Nashville, Tn Science Pensacola, Fl Engineering Atlanta, Ga Pre-Med Pinellas Park, Fl Pre-Law Miami, Fl Engineering Blacksburg, Va Architecture Dunedin, Fl Engineering Plantation, Fl Business Ocala, Fl Engineering Clearwater, Fl Business Gainesville, Fl Bradenton, Fl Science Miami, Fl Biology Gainesville, Fl Pre-Dentistry St. Augustine, Fl Engineering Titusville, Fl Education Winter Haven, Fl Pre-Med Destin, Fl Engineering N. Ft, Myers, Fl Business Plantation, Fl Liberal Arts Shippenburg, Pa Debating, Scuba Diving Pre-Law DUANE E. TAYLOR Philadelphia, Pa Football, Publications Communications KELLY A. TAYLOR Stuart, Fl Art, Swimming Pre-Law LEIGH A. TAYLOR Cocoa, Fl Piano, Science Medical Technology ROBERT E. TAYLOR, JR. Jacksonville, Fl Bicycling, Hunting Engineering WILLIAM J. TAYLOR, III Monterey, Ca Basketball, Hunting Pre-Med ELIZABETH A. TEEGEN Melbourne, Fl Animals, Scuba Diving Pre-Law RODRIGO A. TEJEIRA Panama, Panama Photography, Soccer Engineering ANDY TEREZAKIS Fort Pierce, Fl Camping, Scuba Diving Engineering DAN T. TERRELL Jacksonville, Fl Chess, Debating Business TERESA A. THARP Satellite Beach, Fl Ballet, Dancing Education MARK J. THOMAS Hollywood, Fl Animals, Fishing Pharmacy SHEILA A. THOMPSON Jamaica, N.Y. Bowling, Glee Club Pre-Med VICTOR W. THOMPSON Titusville, Fl Basketball, Fishing Accounting CHANNING D. THORNTON Brooklyn, N.Y. Basketball, Drama Business MATTHEW E. THORNTON Gainesville, Fl Football, Golf Science PAUL A. TIBMA Tampa, Fl Scuba Diving, Softball B,C.N. ELAINE TIERNEY Miami Lakes, Fl Gymnastics, Poetry Pre-Med C. BRNTLEY TILLIS Tallahassee, Fl Skiing, Weightlifting Engineering EDWARD M. TIMMINS Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Baseball, Basketball Pre-Med RICHARD C. TOBER Music, Sports GARY I. TODD, JR. Fishing, Music JAMES H. TOLBERT Animals, Chess SUE G. TOLMACH Drama, Skiing VIRGINIA J. TOMAT Animals, Languages MARK A. TONEY Football, Hunting DON L. TOPP Music, People JORGE L. TORRES Jazz, Photography JORGE A. TORUNO Basketball, Football STEVE K. TRAMMELL Football, Skiing TRUC T. TRAN Guitar, Science Gulfport, Fl Physical Ed. Indianapolis, In Communications Bluefield, W.V. Pre-Med Miami, Fl Liberal Arts Venezuela Microbiology Glen St. Mary, Fl Pre-Med Pensacola, Fl Broadcasting Miami, Fl Architecture Lake Wales, Fl Medical Tech Sarasota, Fl Architecture Jacksonville, Fl Engineering 5 Y :Xa WILLIAM J. TREDIK Palm Beach Gardens, Fl Golf, Skiing DAVID C. TREMMEL Bicycling, Camping STEVEN R. TRISCHKA Wrestling, Soccer DAWN M. TRITSCH Film, Gymnastics JAMES C. TROMBLY Camping, Languages ELIZABETH S. TROPF Bicycling, Softball TERI L. TURCONI Gymnastics, People GAIL G. TURLEY Animals, Art LORI L. TURRELL Cheerleading, Surfing HILARY D. UNGER Running, Travel ROBERT H. URBACH Guitar, Tennis ISRAEL VAINSTEIN Photography, Scuba Diving PAMELA R. VALENTINE Crafts, Dancing JEFFREY J. VALERIOTI Math, Science AUDREY S. VALKO Cheerleading, Swimming MICHAEL T. VALLETTI Animals, Baseball MICHELE A. VAN FLEET Gymnastics, Student Gov't. ERIC M. VAN METER Basketball, Football VICTORIA VAUGHAN Ballet, Jazz DAISY VENTURA Film, People CRISTINA L. VICKERS Languages, Tennis JOSEPH P. VICKERS Bowling, Chess KATHY A. VITAL People, Travel DIANE M. VOLKMER Bicycling, Music DAVID E. WACHTER Politics, Student Gov't. Architecture Port Charlotte, Fl St. Petersburg, Fl Engineering Coral Springs, Fl Business Dunedin, Fl Engineering DeBary, Fl Health New Galilee, Pa Business Longwood, Fl Pre-Vet Boynton Beach, Fl Pre-Law Miami Beach, Fl Louisville, Ky Pre-Med Miami, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Science Margate, Fl Engineering Deland, Fl Accounting Boca Raton, Fl Liberal Arts Seminole, Fl Pre-Law Largo, Fl Pre-Med Enterprise, Fl Science Miami, Fl Liberal Arts McLean, Va Liberal Arts Jacksonville, Fl Engineering Coral Springs, Fl Business Plantation, Fl Education Winter Park, Fl Political Science THOMAS R. WACHTSTETTER Davie, Fl Football, Body Building Business SHIRLEY A. WALLITSCH Miami, Fl Bowling, Photography Accounting CHRISTOPHER R. WALTON Lighthouse Pt., Fl Art, Camping Graphic Art HELEN T. WARCHOL Branford, Fl Math, Science Engineering JOHN S. WARD Lebanon, Pa Guitar, Music Architecture MARY A. WARD Brooksville, Fl Bicycling, Cheerleading Education SUSIE M. WARD Sarasota, Fl Art, Photography Business JOHN C. WARWICK Jacksonville, Fl Golf, Math Pre-Med JOHN M. WATSON Pensacola, Fl Baseball, Fishing Agriculture CYNTHIA J.F. WEAVER Cheerleading, People KURT R. WEAVER Baseball, Football TIMOTHY D. WEBB NELSON C. WEEKS Fishing, Golf ROBERT T. WEEMS Fishing, Scuba Diving KATHY L. WEHRLE Bicycling, Horseback Riding JEFFREY R. WEIDNER Hiking, Reading CHRISTINE A. WEIGAND Tennis, Travel BEN WEINER Baseball, Football RONALD M. WEINSTEIN Baseball, Scuba Diving AVI A. WEINTRAUB Photography, Scuba Diving DEBORAH W. WEISFELD Dancing, Science Orange Park, Fl Political Science Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Engineering Cleveland, Oh Ocala, Fl Architecture Coconut Creek, Fl Engineering Bonita Springs, Fl Science Jacksonville, Fl Science Deltona, Fl Travel Orlando, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Pre-Vet Miami Beach, Fl Engineering Miami, Fl Pre-Law DIANE E. WELLBORN Clearwater Beach, FI Horseback Riding, Photography Liberal Arts TERRIE L. WELLER Virginia Beach, Va Publications, Student Gov't. SUSAN L. WERNER Horseback Riding, Travel Business Clearwater, Fl Animal Sciences DONNA M. WHEELER Miami, Fl Horseback Riding, People Pre-Med REBECCA J. WHITE Sarasota, Fl Art, Choir Nursing ROSALYN L. WHITE Tampa, Fl Languages, Music Pre-Med THOMAS G. WHITE Jacksonville, Fl Geology, Political Science Geology RITA WIELATZ Tampa, Fl Bicycling, Film Engineering SUZANNE WIENER Miami, Fl Music, People Communications MARIA A. WIGGINS Maitland, Fl Scuba Diving, Skiing Pre-Med . x GERALD W. WIGHT, JR. Photography, Water Skiing BUNA J. WILDER, JR. Surfing, Water Skiing LORETTA A. WILEY Bicycling, Choir High Springs, Fl Journalism Gainesville, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Liberal Arts TOD K. WILEY Indian Harbour Beach, Fl Baseball, Tennis EDWARD J. WILKINSON Basketball, Bowling DAVID P. WILLIAMS Art, Track DEBORAH D. WILLIAMS Languages, Piano JAMES M. WILLIAMS Baseball, Basketball LEE A. WILLIAMS Photography, Publications LEROY E. WILLIAMS Dancing, Soccer REBECCANNE WILLIAMS Swimming, Travel TIMOTHY J. WILLIAMS Film, Science KEN W. WILLIAMSON Basketball, Football VERNON W. WILLIFORD Basketball, Tennis STEWART L. WILLIS Bowling, Golf GEORGE D. WILSON, JR. Horseback Riding, Hunting VICTORIA L. WILSON Animals, Photography LYNN WILTSHIRE Animals, Horseback Riding JAMES M. WINEMILLER Soccer, Swimming RANDY S. WINGER Golf, Hockey ERIC R. WISHNIE Drama, Film MARGARET K. WOLFE MARK F. WOLLARD Gymnastics, People GARY A. WONG Camping, Fishing PAGE A. WONG Gymnastics, Horseback Riding CARVIS R. WORKMAN Choir, Drama KIP E. WRIGHT Music, Photography SHARON E. WRIGHT Drama, People Engineering LeHigh Fl Business Madison, Ct Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Political Science Jacksonville, Fl Pre-Med Boca Raton, Fl Journalism Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Engineering Gainesville, Fl Humanities Plantation, Fl Engineering Brandon, Fl Computer Science Jacksonville, Fl Business Fairborn, Oh Engineering Winter Park, Fl Pre-Med Brooksville, Fl Agriculture Fort Myers, Fl Animal Science Venice, Fl Psychology Pensacola, Fl Pre-Law Clearwater, Fl Journalism Orange Park, Fl Pre-Med Tarpon Springs, Fl Advertising Miami, Fl Data Processing Miami, Fl Pre-Med Madison, W.V. Architecture Montclair, N .J. Business Montgomery, Al Liberal Arts LORI E. WRUBLE Publications, Skiing DAVID A. WUNDERLICH Running, Scuba Diving HARLAND J. WURSTER Scuba Diving, Water Skiing MICHAEL A. YAGER Art, Guitar DAVID N. YAMASHITA Golf, Music CAMERON S. YANCEY Music, People SUDA L. YANTISS Choir, Dancing MARC A. YEBER Running, Student Gov't. JANE D. YEOMANS Drama, Running Miami, F1 Science St. Petersburg, Fl Science Ocean Ridge, Fl Pre-Dental Clearwater, Fl Pre-Med Tampa, Fl Engineering Jacksonville, Fl Science Safety Harbor, Fl Graphic Arts Hollywood, Fl Engineering Fort Myers, Fl Liberal Arts TAL Y. YO Seoul Korea Bowling, Mt. Climbing Engineering DENISE A. YOUNG Miami, Fl Tennis, Badminton Pre-Med JARL T. YOUNG Pensacola, Fl Basketball, Math Engineering LISA M. YOUNG Lauderdale Lakes, Fl Cheerleading, Dancing Engineering SCOTT A. YOUNG Brooksville, Fl Debating, Languages Pre-Med DOUGLAS J. YOVAISH Alt. Spgs., Fl Math, People JANINE M. ZACHARY St. Petersburg, Fl Cheerleading, Gymnastics Pre-Law WENDY J. ZALKIN Hollywood, Fl Bowling, Camping Business ADOLFO P. ZAMORA Miami, Fl Camping, Scuba Diving Engineering MARK M. ZANECKI Bloomfield Hills, Mi Student Gov't., Surfing Pre-Med JAIME L. ZAPATA Miami, Fl Math, Running Engineering CHRISTINE E. ZEISLER Alexandria, Va Running, Travel Engineering MARTIN G. ZILBER Bay Harbor Island, Fl Football, Politics TIA K. ZIMMERMAN Political Science Vero Beach, Fl Music, Softball Business JACQUELINE A. ZIPPILLI Hallandale, Fl Ballet, Film Communications TERRY A. ZOBEL Plantation, Fl Bicycling, Camping Business LEE A. ZUCKER Hollywood, Fl Dancing, Surfing Pre-Law LEWIS G. ZUCKER Music, Water Skiing SHARI B. ZUCKERMAN Gymnastics, People No. Miami Beach, Fl TV Production Miami, Fl ' Y PQ TED J. BLOUKOS Music, Skiing CAMERON A. BOSS Basketball, Golf KARIN C. GIPPS Dancing, Soccer Boca Raton, Fl Business Lake Worth, Fl Forestry Fort Lauderdale, FI Pre-Law K J f SOME OTHER EW STUDEN SHARON M. BEATTY Boca Raton, Fl Art, Dancing Fine Ai-15 DAVID C. BEAZLEY JR. St. Petersburg, Fl Chess, Tennis Engineering STEVEN M. BECK Miami, Fl Basketball, Scuba Diving Pre-Law DEBORAH BECKER Green Cove Springs, Fl Drama, Photography Sociology JOSEPH T. BECKNER Bradenton, Fl Bicycling, Bowling Engineering JOSEPH E. BEGLEY Basketball, Music GEORGE G. BENTLEY WILLIAM BERG Jacksonville, Fl Birmingham, Al Political Science Sarasota, Fl PERRY M. ADAMS Hollywood, Fl Football, People Pre-Med WALTER P. ADAMS Reston, Va Baseball, Music Engineering CLARK W. ALEXANDER Corinth, Ms Math, Soccer Computer Science LISA L. ALEXANDER Largo, Fl Music, People Journalism DAVID C. ALVAREZ Middleburg, Fl Animals, Baseball Pre-Vet PETER F. ALWARD St. Petersburg, Fl Animals, Art Education SUZAN A. ANDERSON Ft. Walton Bch., Fl Choir, Languages HERBER ANGULO Miami, Fl Debating, Math Aviation TONI L. ARPALA Bradenton, Fl Glee Club, Jazz Pre-Law GLENN ARRINGTON Jacksonville, Fl Camping, Surfing Business SAMUEL E. ARTHUR Sarasota, Fl Guitar, Gymnastics Engineering STACIA K. ARVAN West Palm Beach, Fl Basketball, Math Data Processing DAVID C. ASSCHERICK Houston, Tx Poetry, Politics Liberal Arts FRANCISCO A. AZCUY San Juan, PR Basketball, Running Engineering JUANITA C. BAIAMONTE Key West, Fl Bowling, Dancing Psychology DAWN M. BAILEY Bradenton, Fl Camping, Piano Accounting DORIS D. BAKER Gainesville, Fl Art, Reading Sociology ADRIENNE B. BALL Satellite Beach, Fl Animals, People Pre-Med JEFF L. BALLARD St. Petersburg, Fl Scuba Diving Engineering LEE M. BALLARD Miami, Fl Baseball, Bicycling Business BONNIE A. BANGE Miami, Fl Crafts, Guitar Business WILLIAM B. BARBER Gainesville, Fl Hunting, Softball Pre-Law ROMONA A. BARNES Panama City, Fl Cheerleading, Softball Pre-Med JOHN B. BARON Piscataway, NJ Music, Travel Science LISA A. BARRETT Coral Springs, Fl Horseback Riding, Math Pre-Law MITCHELL BAXTER North Miami Beach, Fl Music, People K Liberal Arts Football, Golf Business LESLIE C. BERKE Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Art, Tennis Nursing RICHARD E. BERMAN Miami, Fl Scuba Diving, Surfing Pre-Med ADORACION BERNAL Bogota, Colombia Dancing, Jazz Liberal Arts CYNTHIA M. BERTOSSA Orlando, Fl Music, Photography Nursing ROBERT M. BIESKE Deland, Fl Bowling Science CINDY M. BISHOP Lutz, Fl Art, Swimming Liberal Arts CARRIE A. BLIWERNITZ St. Petersburg, Fl Volleyball, Water Skiing Education R. H. BLOOMBERG No. Miami Bch., Fl Art, Drama BRIAN O. BOATRIGHT Orange Park, Fl Bowling, Guitar Architecture CHARLENE M. BODZIAK San Diego, Ca Animals, Skiing Occupational Therapy DAVID J. BOLAM Fort Pierce, Fl Jazz, Music Engineering MARIANNE E. BOLAM Venice, Fl Bicycling, Film PHYLLIS J. BOLLING Bowling, Languages RONALD E. BOLLING Art, Basketball Phys. Therapy Pensacola, Fl Pre-Med Pensacola, Fl Political Science MICHELLE J. BONO Jupiter, Fl Animals, Art Communications DALE S. BOSSELMANN Tampa, Fl Guitar, Scuba Diving Architecture WILLIAM L. BOURLAND JR. Melbourne, Fl Animals, Art Science MICHEL R. BOWMAN Jacksonville, Fl People, Running Pre-Med LISA BOYCE Key Largo, Fl Guitar, Soccer Engineering I. ROSEMARIE BOYD Titusville, Fl Dancing, People Public Relations ERIN L. BOYER Lauderdale Lakes, Fl Animals, Music Psychology THERESA A. BRACELAND Sanford, Fl Dancing, Gymnastics Physical Therapy KIMBERLY BRADLEY Chattahoochee, Fl Baseball, Bicycling Education PAUL E. BRANNAN Lake Worth, Fl Guitar, Softball Agriculture TOM L. BREIDING Orlando, Fl Baseball, Running Engineering KATHY BROADSTONE Northfield, Oh Ballet, Crafts Engineering PATSY D. BROWN Lake City, Fl Scuba Diving, Science Engineering SCHERICE R. BROWN Horsham, Pa Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet TINA M. BROWN Pensacola, Fl Pre-Med WALTER J. BUKOVECKAS Mexico, Me Photography, Tennis Engineering MICHAEL C. BURNS Plant City, Fl Basketball, Fishing Agriculture MICHAEL W. BURROW Orange Park, Fl Bicycling, Running Data Processing WAYNE A. BUSCH Juno, Fl Travel, Surfing Pre-Med WENDOLYN S. BUSCH Shreveport, La Dancing, Reading Journalism-Broadcasting CAROL A. BUSHONG Titusville, Fl Scuba Diving, Swimming Science BILL C. BUSSEY Palm Beach Gardens, Fl Hunting, Running Agriculture TIMOTHY B. BUTTERFIELD Miami, Fl Fishing, Scuba Diving Engineering LESLIE K. BUTTS Melrose, Fl Animals, Horseback Riding Data Processing ELIZABETH L. BUZZELL Annandale, Va Ballet, Languages Pre-Med TERESA A. BYRON Ft. Walton Beach, Fl Horseback Riding, Math Business DENIS R. CAGNA Maitland, Fl Debating, Politics Business VIRGINIA D. CALLENDER Pensacola, Fl People, Poetry Advertising CATHY M. CAMERON Belle Glade, Fl Bicycling, People Public Relations BARBARA L. CANAL Neptune Beach, Fl Reading, Softball Pre-Med 64 N VINCENZA C. CANDELA Jensen Beach, Fl CAMILLE A. COLSON Jacksonville, Fl LINDA D. DICK Miami.. Fl Languages, Music Education Horseback Riding, Tennis Building Construction Camping, Horseback Riding Nursing TIMOTHY G. CANN Delray Beach, Fl COLLEEN S. COMSTOCK St, Pete, Fl MELANIE D. DODSON Bradenton, Fl Golf, Hockey Agriculture Dancing, People Psychology Art, Camping C0mm9l'Clal Aff ONELIA M. CANO Miami, Fl CYNTHIA L. COOK Homestead AFB, Fl THOMAS W. DORT Mattoon, ll Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Med Baseball, Football Engineering KIRK T. CARDONE Titusville, Fl ANDREW L. COPLIN Longwood, Fl BARBARA S. DRESCHER Orlando, Fl Basketball, Tennis Basketball, Golf Business Soccer, Water Skiing Health Related JACQUELINE CARDOZO Lake Worth, Fl BETSY R. COVILLE KATHY L. DUNCAN Sanibel lsland, Fl Bicycling, Hiking Pre-Med Animals, People Humanities Camping, Hiking Geology DOUG N. CARLSON Greenville, SC KIMBERLEY J. COWLING Miami, Fl SHERYL L. DURAN Arlington Hts., ll Basketball, Football Journalism People, Publications Broadcasting Basketball, Bowling SUSAN E. CASWELL Miami, Fl JAMES R. COX Dade City, Fl JAMES W. DYCHES JR. Naples, Fl Languages, Photography Pre-Med Math, Science Engineering Hunting, Scuba Diving Engineering ANNE E. CATALANO Hollywood, Fl MARGARET N. COX Gainesville, Fl JERRI A. EGGLESTON Hialeah, Fl Music, Piano Nursing Math, People Art, Politics Journalism DAWN L. CAUDILL Ashland, Ky ROBIN P. CRAWFORD Key Largo, Fl DAVID W. EHLE New Britain, Ct People, Poetry Journalism Art, Fishing Liberal Arts Golf, Hiking Pre-Med ALFONSO CHAO Hialeah, Fl KEVIN M. CROCK South Florida, Fl WILLIAM H. EICHHOLZ Orange Park, Fl Dancing, Publications Architecture Camping, Crafts Engineering Baseball, Camping Pre-Med ROBERT L. CHAPMAN Toms River, NJ CYNTHIA A. CRUSAN Miami, Fl STEVEN C. ELKIN Hollywood, Fl Golf, Water Skiing Liberal Arts Astrology, Drama Liberal Arts Soccer, Student Gov't. Pre-Law ELIZABETH T. CHEA Ft. Lauderdale, Fl MANUEL A. CUETO Miami, Fl MARY E. ELLIOTT Birmingham, Al Reading Data Processing Photography, Running Engineering Poetry, Running Liberal Arts MARCIA L. CHESTNUT Tampa, Fl CHARLES R. DAGGS JR. Lake Park, Fl STEPHEN J. EMENOVIL Manchester, NH Music, People Liberal Arts Basketball Racquetball Computer Engineering Bicycling, Camping Engineering CHIN F. CHIN Greenville, Ms BASSIMA M. DANDAN Gainesville, Fl DONALD O. ENSIGN Plantation, Fl Cheerleading, Piano Pharmacy Languages, Math Nursing Baseball, Golf Pre-Med LIPTON S. CHINLOY North Lauderdale, Fl JAMES G. D'ARCANGELIS Fort Plain, NY ANDREW ERICSON St. Petersburg, Fl Chess, Fishing Engineering Bowling, People Pharmacy Art, Music Architecture PAT N. CHRISTIANSEN Cortez, Fl MARK R. DAVIDSON Seminole, Fl STEVEN B. ESQUINALDO Key West, Fl Art, Travel Science Bicycling, Camping Pre-Med Baseball, Bowling MEI S. CHUNG Taiwan LAWRENCE A. DAVIS Lake City, Fl CAROL A. EVANS DeFuniak Springs, Fl Dancing, Swimming Data Processing Basketball, Dancing Business Animals, Piano Occupational Therapy DAVID A. CRAIN Ft. Lauderdale, Fl MARTI E. DAVIS Orange Park, Fl KATHY M. FAY Cherry Hill, NJ Bowling, People Engineering Bowling, Piano Business Reading Body Building Engineering MICHELE T. CLARKE Lakeland, Fl MONICA M. DEAR Hudson, Fl MICHAEL E. FEINBERG St. Petersburg, Fl Camping, Student Gov't. Pre'Med Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet Baseball, Basketball Business JAMES H. CLINTON Clinton, Ct CAMERON V. DECKER Berwyn, Pa ELINA I. FERNANDEZ Miami, Fl Art, Film Liberal Arts Bicycling, Soccer Engineering Ballet, Jazz Pre-Med MICHAEL L. CLIPP Ormond Beach, Fl DON D. DECKER Melbourne, Fl ESTHER C, FERNANDEZ Hialeah, Fl Hiking, Reading Business Basketball, Track Engineering People, Travel Business EUGENE M. COHEN Miami, Fl LORI DEICHMILLER Jacksonville Beach, Fl JOSE A. FERNANDEZ JR. Leisore, Fl Baseball, Hockey Business Choir, People Journalism-Creative Writing Baseball, Camping Architecture SUSAN D. COHEN Rumson, NJ DEBRA L. DE JONG Plantation, Fl LAURA M. FIALKO Flora, Ms DBUCUIQ, Reading Nursing Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Med NELSON H. COLE Ft. Lauderdale, Fl NORIS M. DE LA TORRE St. Petersburg, Fl DAWN M. FINCH Albany, NY Art, Bicycling Engineering Guitar, Jazz Pre4Dentistry SCOTT A. COLE Bonita, Ca KAREN L. DELEGAL Live Oak, Fl YVETTIA E. FINNEY Gray, Ga Football, Politics Pre-Law Animals, Languages Pharmacy Basketball, People Pi-e.Med JOHN E. COLEAN Pt. St. Lucie, Fl LISA L. DEMMI Tampa, Fl MICHAEL FISCHER North Miami Beach, Fl Fishing, Golf Pre-Optometry Art, Music Journalism Running, Scuba Diving TV Production MARY J. COLLAZO Hialeah, Fl FREDERICK J. DENTON Miami, Fl DEBORAH A. FISHER Deland, Fl People, Volleyball Speech-Pathology Languages, Politics Business Basketball, Camping Education CLAYTON T. COLLINS Miami, Fl DEVRY E. DEWAN Jacksonville, Fl THELMA J. FISHER Melbourne, Fl Hiking, Horseback Riding Engineering Basketball, Fishing Accounting Dancing, Music Dietetics J f DAWN E- FITZGERALD Sef21S0fe. Fl JASON D. GOLDMAN Ft. Myers, Fl KAREN B. HEGSTROM Homestead, Fl Dancing, Student GOVT. Pre-Law Guitar, Music Engineering Animals, Football Zoology RUSSELL F. FLANAGAN Coral Springs, Fl AYDA GONZALEZ Miami Beach, Fl DONNA S. HEIMOWITZ Cranford, NJ People, Publications Special Education People, Science Pre-Med Dancing, Softball Business J. S. LUCAS FLEMING St. Petersburg, Fl MARC E, GOODMAN Plantation, Fl LAURA HEINERMANN Pompano Beach, Fl FO'-Uiliall. Piano Engineering Fishing, Football Business Running, Scuba Diving Liberal Arts ALAN E- FLETCHER Tarpon Springs, Fl MARY B. GOODSON St. Petersburg, Fl KRISTIN L. HENDERSON Gainesville, Fl Camping, Travel Engineering Camping, Tennis Business Music, Travel Journalism BRADFORD A. FLETCHER Shalimar, Fl RANDY W. GORNTO Welaka, Fl KAY E. HENRIQUEZ Tampa, Fl Bridge. Guitar Pre-Med Animals, Baseball Agriculture Crafts, Reading Mass Comm. INGRID T. FORBES Kingston, Jamaica NINA J. GREEN North Miami, Fl KELVIN B. HENRY Miami, Fl Ari. Music Architecture Choir, Drama Business Football, Math Engineering ALAN J. FOSTER Winter Springs, Fl RICHARD B. GREEN Orlando, Fl JOHN A. HERRERA Boca Raton, Fl Bowling, Reading Engineering Piano, Tennis Pre-Med Fishing, Music Accounting MARSHALL S- FOX Miami. Fl KATHERINE A. GREGORY Bradenton, Fl WILLIAM A. HERRERA Miami, Fl Baseball, Bowling Business Dancing, Music Audiology Golf, Skiing Business THOMAS H- FOX Coral Springs. Fl GIOANNA M. Gmlaco Miami, Fl JEFFREY A. HERSHMAN Tomofao, Fl Fishing, Scuba Diving Art, Football Interior Design Drama, People Communications ALAN J. FOXMAN Tegnesta, Fl MARCY C. GRIFFIN Neptune Beach, Fl HARVEY A. HESSELL Miami, Fl Reading, Scuba Diving Science Ballet, Horseback Riding Marine Biology Music, Scuba Diving Pre-Law JAMES R- FRANKLIN Lakeland, Fl BRUCE W. GROSS Potomac, Md OWEN C. HICKS Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Politics, Scuba Diving Political Science Music, Skiing Business Debating, People Business ELINORE L. FRESH Green Cove Springs, Fl GLENN R. GROVES Cherry Hill, NJ ANNA C. HIGGINS Jacksonville, Fl Basketball, Photography History Hiking, Horseback Riding Sociology Baseball, Bicycling Business CIIERYI- L- FRIEDMAN C0l0fnB. Mi SHEE J. GRUSHKA Winter Park, Fl CYNTHIA L. HILL Jacksonville, Fl Cen'lPing. G0lf Architecture Bicycling, Poetry Pre-Law Horseback Riding, Math Engineering DEBBIE L- FRIEDMAN Island Park. NY TODD C. HAAS Naples, Fl RONALD M. HISLOP Coral Springs, Fl Drama, Publications Public Relations Basketball, Track Mathematics Fishing, Golf JOYCE ERICA FROFI Suffern, NY PATRICK HACKETT Fort Walton Beach, Fl JEFF S. HODAPP Coral Springs, Fl Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet Guitar, Photography Engineering Guitar, Music Business JAMES D- FRY Largo, Fl RONALD F. HAGBERG St. Petersburg, Fl BRIAN P. HODDE Boca Raton, Fl Photography, Rugby Business Football, Golf CATHERINE E. FUEREDI Naples, Fl DEBORAH L. HALECKY Coral Springs, Fl CATHY HOFFMAN Davie, Fl Ballet. Tennis Business Dancing, People Business Film, Music Psychology CHARLES B. FULTON Jensen Beach, Fl JAIME 1-iA1.PEn'r Hollywood, Fl ALVIN D. HOLTZ Miami, Fl Jail, Music Engineering Scuba Diving, Soccer Pre-Med Baseball, Bowling Business TINA M- GAMRII-L Belle Glade. Fl JEFFERY D. HALSEY Clermont, Fl PHILLIP S. HOLTZMAN Largo, Fl Animals- B0Wling Pre-Med Animals, Camping Liberal Arts Animals, Fishing Computer Science 4 I RISE S- GARCES N- F011 Myel'S, Fl TOMM L. HARDEE Medford, NJ KEVIN L. HOOK Buadenton Beach, Fl Ballet, l'l0i'Sel'JaClt Riding Spanish Bicycling, Photography Pre-Med Bowling, Running Engineering PATRICIA A- GARLAND Lakeland, Fl GREGORY R. HARDEN Valrico, Fl JOHN P. HSU Largo, Fl Crafts, Deneing Pre-l-GW Basketball, Bicycling Pre-Med Bowling, Football Science DEIRDRE 'I- GEDDINGS I-alie WaleS. Fl CAROLINE M. HARTWELL Lake Park, Fl JUDY F. HUFFORD Nashville, Ga Cheerleading. Deneing Education Guitar, Poetry Public Relations-Comm. GIODI L- GELFMAN North Woodmere, NY LEA D. HARVEY Lakeland, Fl YVETTE R. HUGHLEY Columbus, Ga Dancing, Languages Political Science Bicycling, Camping Architecture Basketball, Photography Engineering W. M. GILLENWATERS Bonita Springs, Fl JOHN C, HARVILL Seminole, Fl MAVRA E. HURWI1-Z Miami, Fl Basketball, Golf Pre-Dental Math, Science Engineering Music, People Liberal Arts TOM E- Gil-I-ESPIE Sf- Petersburg. Fl MICHAEL J. HAYWARD Melbourne, Fl BERNIE G. HLYGHE Jacksonville, Fl Camping. Hiking Engineering Fishing, Photography Engineering Soccer Science RICHARD J- GINSKI Largo- Fl THOMAS HEAGNEY Spartanburg, SC RENEE M. INSLEY Winter Park, Fl Animals, Fishing Animal Science Animals, Running Fife-Med Publications, Soccer Nursing STEVEN J. GITTIS Havertown, Pa BENNETT J. HEBERT Jacksonville, Fl JULIA C. JACKSON Manitou Beach, NY Golf, LaCrosse Engineering Swimming, Tennis Science JEAN M. GOLAY Hollywood, Fl JOHN F. HEGGY Miami, Fl GARY S. JACOBSEN Madeira Beach, Fl Camping, Horseback Riding Liberal Arts Basketball, Softball Liberal Arts Camping, Hiking Engineering K N ENRIQUE JAUREGUI Key Biscayne, Fl MICHAEL J. KONDZIELA Key West, Fl JOYCE E. LOESER Clearwater, Fl Basketball, Tennis Business Fishing, Hunting Zoology Animals, Horseback Riding Pre-Vet CATHY JAZWINSKI St. Charles, Mo SUSAN J. KOPLO Pembroke Pines, Fl GEORGE A. LODD Balboa, CZ Art, Bicycling Humanities Debating, Swimming Pre-Med Hunting, Music Engineering DAWN M. JOHNSON Gainesville, Fl JEFFREY E. KREAFLE Orlando, Fl HECTOR E. LORA Miami, Fl Dancing, People Dietetics Football, Running Data Processing Art, Bicycling Pre-Law JULIE E. JOHNSON Soccer, Tennis Lakeland, Fl Liberal Arts WILLIAM W. KRUGER Animals, Drama Columbus, Ga LAURIE J. LOUIS Music, Swimming Sarasota, Fl Liberal Arts R. O. JOHNSON, JR Jacksonville Beach, Fl L. MIYO KUBOTA Oak Ridge, Tn DAVID W. LOW O'Brien, Fl Football, Skiing Business Dancing, Gymnastics Liberal Arts Music, Photography Engineering JANICE C. JOHNSTON Ormond Beach, Fl GARY M. KUPFER Jacksonville, Fl JILL R. LOZOW La Jolla, Ca Art, Baseball Architecture Camping, Music Science Dancing, Tennis Recreation ANGELA M. JONES Daytona Beach, Fl KEN D. KURTZ Palm Harbor, Fl DONNA-MARIE H. LUE Miami, Fl Music, Piano Engineering Football, Scuba Diving Engineering Bowling, Crafts Liberal Arts IAN W. JONES Seminole, Fl KELLY P. LAFFERTY Longwood, Fl JULIE P. LUKOSKI St. Petersburg, Fl Bicycling, Chess Engineering Art, Choir Journalism Cheerleading, Jazz Business KENNETH W. JONES Miami, Fl MARK E. LAFON Panama City, Fl MAURA MACHULES Maitland, Fl Drama, Guitar Pre-Dentistry Football, Hunting Engineering People, Swimming Business KELLY R. JORDAN Melbourne, Fl JACQUELINE R. LANCE Shelborne, Vt ROBROY M. MAC INNES Miami, Fl Languages, Music Business Bicycling, Skiing Education Animals, Basketball Science MARIANNE JURACSIK Boca Raton, Fl DEIDRE M. LASH Plantation, Fl ELIZABETH A. MADDEN Maitland, Fl Fishing, Scuba Diving Humanities People, Skiing Accounting Tennis, Water Skiing Engineering VERONIQUE H. KAISER lnterlachen, Fl ALAYNE C. LASHER Okahumpka, Fl JEAN PIERRE F. MAGUIRE Key West, Fl Languages, People Pre-Law Fishing, Swimming Pre-Med Guitar, Reading Public Relations BERNARD V. KAISERIAN Alachua, Fl CHARLIE LATORRE San Juan, PR LAURA E. MAGUIRE Ocala, Fl Bowling, Football Science Music, Volleyball Science Art, LaCrosse Architecture-lnterior Design DAVID N. KAREN Orlando, Fl KWONG-HON LEE Hong Kong, HK JANE C. MAHLER Osprey, Fl Skiing, Soccer Pre-Law Fishing, Gymnastics Engineering Astrology, Bicycling Data Processing TIMOTHY A. KASPER Ft. Lauderdale, Fl WAYNE A. LEE N. Miami, Fl WENDY E. MAHON Orlando, Fl Fishing, Football Business Hunting, Scuba Diving Business Art, Hiking Conservation MARSHA S. KAUFMAN Miami, Fl THEANA J. LEFERE Ft. Laud., Fl SEAN P. MAHONEY Lakeland, Fl Animals Pre-Vet Reading, Swimming Business Football, Hockey PreAMed KELLEIGH L. KAUL Mclntosh, Fl GAIL A. LEIDIG Myers Beach, Fl ERENA T. MAJOR Key West, Fl Art, Tennis Business Dancing, Football Humanities Bicycling, Dancing Engineering GEORGE KAZAKOS Fort Myers Beach, Fl EDWARD J. LEOTTI Glenolden, Pa STEVE C. MALTBY Jackson, Mi Football, Running Pre-Dent Chess, Running Agriculture Baseball, Camping Engineering KEVIN S. KEIMEL Plantation, Fl MINDY S. LEVIN Miami, Fl RANDI J. MARCUS Medford, Ma Golf, Surfing Engineering Gymnastics, People Data Processing Running, Water Skiing Journalism DAVID A. KELLEY Jacksonville, Fl SETH LEVINE Hollywood, Fl KELLY L. MARTIN Satellite Beach, Fl Bicycling, Bowling Computer Science Bowling, Running Mathematics Drama, Horseback Riding CHARLES H. KELLY Seminole, Fl BRIAN W. LEWIS Damascus, Md JOHN O. MARTINE2 Miami, Fl Music, Photography Phy. Therapy Golf, Photography Communications Drama, Running Liberal Arts DAVID M. KENNEDY Boca Raton, Fl JAMES A. LEWIS, JR. Alahua, Fl JOHN P. MASTERS New York City, NY Camping, Gymnastics Engineering Basketball, Football Business Music, People History VIRGINIA M. KENNEDY Hallandale, Fl JOYCE I. LEWIS Plantation, Fl JEFFREY J. MATTHEWS Clearwater, Fl Animals, Bicycling Business Bowling, Crafts Accounting Horseback Riding, Tennis Pre-Law SUSAN E. KENNEY Winter Park, Fl KIN-YEUNG LI Bradenton, Fl ANGELA G. MAYEA Hialeah, Fl Bowling, People Pre-Med Guitar, Travel Data Processing Bicycling, Guitar Psychology THOMAS R. KIGGINS Belleair Bluffs, Fl DAVID S. LIEBER Miami, Fl DANIEL P. MC BATH Dade City, Fl Basketball, Running Data Processing Baseball, Basketball Business Football, Golf Pre-Med JOHN H. KINNEY JR. Vero Beach, Fl LORI R. LIEBMAN Miami, Fl FREDERICK C. MC DERMOTT Miami, Fl Golf, Math Engineering Dancing, Music Psych. Music, Scuba Diving Engineering MICHAEL T. KIRNER Coral Springs, Fl RICK LIPMAN Naples, Fl JOHN D. MC ELROY St. Augustine, Fl Drama, Poetry Philosophy Basketball, Photography Business Hunting, Scuba Diving Engineering DAVID W. KNESKI Punta Gorda, Fl NERI M. LIORENTE Plantation, Fl LAURIE J. MC FADDIN Lake Wales, Fl Basketball, Fishing Agriculture Reading, Swimming Psychology Music, Skiing Public Relations-Journalism J C. E. MC GRATH Pompano Beach, Fl HENRY A. MOORE Bonita Springs, Fl JAMES R. PATTERSON Miami, FI Animals, Crafts Nursing Bowling Roller Skating Business Camping, Politics Political Science MARGARET E. MC GUIRE South Miami, Fl PETER T. MOORE Singer Island, Fl RACHEL L. PEREZ Miami, Fl Animals, Bicycling Recreational Therapy Fishing, Softball Pre-Med MICHAEL D- MC INTYRE CaPe C0i'al, Fl JOHN R. MOORMAN Lakeland, Fl WILLIAM E. PERRY Gilbert, WV Baseball, Golf Accounting Art, Crafts Business JAMES R. MC KAY Tampa, Fl MAYRA M. MORENO Miami, Fl KURT A. PETERS Miami Lakes, Fl Film, Reading Nursing Drama, Golf Business ROBERT MC KINNEY East Greenbush, NY LEO J. MORRISSEN Philadelphia, Pa ANGELA M. PETRAUSKAS Clinton, Md Baseball, Golf Engineering Art, Bicycling Liberal Arts Bicycling, Gymnastics Pre-Med JANET K. MC KINNON Arlington, Va ELIZABETH D. MOSQUERA Miami, Fl GARRETT L. PETTINGELL Miami, Fl Horseback Riding, Music Science Math, Science Engineering Camping, Photography Pre-Med JOSEPH S. MC LAUGHLIN Plantation, Fl WILLIAM T. MOSS Tangerine, Fl IVAN C. PHAM Miami Beach, Fl Hiking, Math Engineering Baseball, Jazz Music MARK H. MC MANIS Gulf Breeze, Fl BERNARDO MOTOLA Miami, Fl SHERYL L. PHILLIPS Hollywood, Fl Jazz, Swimming Engineering Debating, Football Philosophy Paddleball Political Science DONALD R. MC MILLEN Sarasota, Fl MYRIAM L. MURPHY Venice, Fl GERALD M. PICKHOLTZ Miami Beach, Fl Bicycling, Hiking Business Mt. Climbing, Running Engineering Baseball, Basketball Pre-Law JOHN L- MEENA JBCliS0nVille, Fl RICHARD L. MURPHY Goshen, NY SUZANNE M. PLOVRDE Tequesta, Fl Basketball, Politics Agriculture Skiing, Soccer Business Art, Photography Communications DAVID M. MELVILLE Winterhaven, Fl TIMOTHY J. MURPHY Pensacola, Fl STEVEN A. POLLACK Jacksonville, Fl Basketball, Rugby Engineering Skiing, Travel Pre-Law Football, Jazz Building Construction ALEXANDER A. MENOCAL Miami, Fl JOHN B. NASBY W.P.B., Fl AARON POLLOCK Altamonte Springs, Fl Music, Photography Engineering Basketball, Bowling Business Music, Scuba Diving DAVID R. MENOR Lake Worth, Fl MARTHA R. NAVAS Casselberry, Fl LISA J. PORTELLI Palm Harbor, Fl Golf, Music Science Music, Reading Business Animals, Hiking Science JOEL R. MERCER Jacksonville, Fl BARBARA L. NEUWALD Nanuet, NY ALISON S. PRESS Miami Beach, Fl Bicycling, Chess Engineering Publications, Skiing Art, Politics Business KEITH A. MERWIN Palatka, Fl JEFF A. NEWBERY Miami, Fl DAVID P. QUERING Ft. Myers, Fl Hunting, Scuba Diving Engineering Film, Music Communications Football, Pop Art Engineering JENNIFER A- MILELI-I Por! Si- Lucie, Fl PHAN NGUYEN Orlando, Fl MOHAMMAD RAJAEE Gainesville, Fl Drama, Publications Journalism Photography Engineering Soccer, Track Pre-Med BARRY MILLER Deerfield Beach, Fl KENNETH A. NORBERG Lantana, Fl GEORGE M. RANK Dunedin, Fl Photography, Water Skiing Business Scuba Diving, Softball Data Processing Music, Softball Engineering JOHN E. MILLER Tamarac, Fl WENDY R. OATEN Hollywood, Fl JAMES B. RATH Tavernier, Fl People, Student Gov't. Pre-Law Ballet, Dancing Business Animals, Basketball Agriculture MATT MILLER St. Petersburg, Fl C. F. 0'BRlEN Tarpon Springs, Fl CHRISTOPHER A. RAYMAN Tequesta, Fl Camping, Tennis Engineering Golf, Running Engineering Basketball, Bowling Engineering KENT D. MINICH Tampa, Fl JENNIFER OBSGARTEN Ft. Lauderdale, Fl EDWARD L. REES Exeter, Pa Football, Track Mathematics Fishing, Hunting Science MAUREEN II- MINTER M0fi'iSf0Wn, NJ JOSEPH R. OLIN Hollywood, Fl CHRISTINE E. REINSTROM Sarasota, Fl Ballet, M'-lSiC J0Ul'naliSfn Choir, Drama Political Science Languages, Music Communications YVETTE L. MIRANDA Tampa, Fl DANIEL P. O'MAHONY Winter Park, Fl WILLIAM G. RESPESS Titusville, Fl Dancing, Horseback Riding Pre-Law Tennis, Travel Business Reading, Skiing Pre-Law KAREN M- MITCHELL Sebring, Fl MARK L. ORNSTEIN Orlando, Fl JOHN REYNOLDS New Smyrna Beach, Fl Crafts, Music Liberal Arts Karate History People JOHN E. MODERACKI Bradenton, Fl DONNA M. OWEN Longwood, Fl SANDRA L. REYNOLDS Ft. Walton, Fl BiCYClin9, Math Engineering Camping, Gymnastics Health Related Bicycling, Math Engineering C- A- MONTEFF-RANT E Pompano Beach, Fl MARISELA PALAclos Hialeah, Fl RALPH s. RICHARDSON coral Gables, Fl Languages, People Speech Pathology Photography, Scuba Diving Photo Journalism Bicycling, Running Pre-Law MICHELLE R- M006 Atlanta, GH CHRIS J. PALAZZOLO Wantagh, NY TAMI M. RICKETTS Boyertown, Pa Dancing, Hiking Fashion Merchandising Languages, Music Pre-Med Basketball, Cheerleading Business CARLA D- MOORE Green Cove Springs, Fl MARYANN M. PALINO Cooper City, Fl TIMOTHY G. RICKETTS Lake Wales, Fl Football, People Education Basketball, People Pre-Med Fishing, Guitar Engineering CHRISTINE D- MOORE Tampa, Fl ELISA I. PANE Sea Isle City, NJ JUAN C. RIESCO Miami, Fl Bicycling, Guitar Pl1ySiCian'S Assistant Animals, Camping Education Football, People Architecture K N ROLAND RIGAUD JR. Miami, Fl DANIEL A. SCHAUER Boca Raton, Fl PAUL D. SMITH Arcadia, Fl Science, Student Gov't. Engineering Fishing, Golf Pre-Med Running, Swimming Science GREGORY T. RISKI Tampa, Fl ANGELA L. SCHAUFELE Hialeah, Fl ROBERT G. SMITH Pembroke Pines, Fl Football Agriculture Cheerleading, Languages Communications SCl0nC2, Swimming Pharmacy THOMAS RITTENHOUSE Oak Ridge, Tn SANDRA J. SCHILE Lakeland, Fl EUGENE F. SOLE Fort Pierce, Fl Camping, Bridge Liberal Arts Camping, Jazz Music Baseball, BaSli9fball Pre-Law STEVEN H. RIVERA Tampa, Fl DORIS E. SCHMECK Homosassa Springs, Fl JOSEPH J. SORCI Orlando, Fl Football, Tennis Pre-Med Art, Music Architecture JAMIE P. ROBERSON Lafayette, La 1-mini 5, SCHMUTZLER Miami' Fl BERTI-IA SOROGON Miami, Fl Travel, Poetry Pharmacy Guitar, Music Edugation Bowling, Tennis Data Processing MARCIA L. ROBERSON Ocala, Fl RICHARD K, SCHNEIDER Wood,-nere, NY EDWARD A. SOUZA North Palm Beach, Fl Crafts, Drama Business Camping, Hockey Business Football, Running SIMON B. ROBERTS West Palm Beach, Fl LINDA L, SCHOENTHAL Fi, Lauderdale, Fl JOHN R. SPENCE St. Petersburg, Fl Baseball, Politics Pre-Law Bicycling, Scuba Diving Nursing Hiking, Music Science REBECCA J. ROCKE Hollywood, Fl STACEY M, 5011305953 Vgfo Beach, Fl TODD W. SPENCER Tampa, Fl Animals, Art Pre-Vet KIMBERLY J- RODGERS Annandale, Va SHARON SCHWARTZ Ngfth Miami, Fl K. SPENGLER indian Harbour Beach, Fl Piano, Swimming Engineering Art, Dancing Business Surfing, Water Skiing Ci-ARA L- RODRIGUEZ Miami. Fi 'rom it. SCHWARTZ Dobbs Ferry, NY LISA G. SPINELLA Sarasota. Fl Camping, Jazz Education Choir, Dancing Art, Gymnastics Education FELIPE A. RODRIGUEZ Gainesville, Fl EDDY L, SCQT1' Trenton, Fl ROBERT P. SPIVEY, JR. Jacksonville, Fl AnimalS, Basketball Pfe'Med Camping, Fishing Science Music, Piano Political Science JULIA A. RODRIGUEZ Miami, Fl LISA M, SECUNDA Daytona geacny Fl STEVEN P. STANSBERY Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Dancing, Drama Theatre Ari, Music Business Camping, Science Engineering MYRA G- ROMAN Les Lomas, PR CALVIN s. semen winter Park, Fl JOHN M- STAR!-ING Orlando, FI Camping, Languages Business Bicycling, Film Advertising Bowling, Tennis Engineering ROBERTA J- ROSEN Miami, Fl THOMAS T. SESSUMS, JR. Tampa, Fl DAVID M. STEINGRUBEY St. Louis, Mo Bicycling, Drama Engineering Camping, Debating Pre-Law Animals, Bicycling Agriculture STACY L. ROSEN Miami, Fl MARK N. SHAINBROWN Jacksonville, Fl CYNTHIA M. STEPHENS Lake City, Fl Animals, Bicycling Business Basketball, Student Gov't. Drama, Politics Psychiatry KRIS K. ROSENHAUER Satellite Beach, Fl DARLENE L, SHAW Miami, Fl JEFFREY R. STEPHENS Cincinnati, Oh Art, Bicycling Engineering Art, Cheerleading Business Baseball, Bicycling Mathematics DAVID RUDERMAN West Palm Beach, Fl KAREN E. SHAWN Mary Esther, Fl CAROLYN STOPHER Sarasota, Fl Baseball, Skiing Business Art, Guitar Fashion Merchandising Drama, Piano C0fi'imURlCatl0R5 THOMAS J. RUSSELLO Tampa, Fl CARQL A, SHAWN Mary Esther, Fl SIBYL C. SULLIVAN Coral Springs, Fl Hunting, Scuba Diving Pre-Med Guitar, Music Broadcasting and Cgmml Camping, Horseback Riding Data Processing TRACY M. RUTH St. Petersburg, Fl DAVID M, SHERRELL Orlandgy Fl STEVEN B. SUTHERLAND Gainesville, Fl Dancing, Music Pharmacy Languages, Math Engineering Photography, Scuba Diving Engineering DAVID A. RUTLEDGE McMurray, Pa CARY W, SILVER Hollywood, Fi WILLIAM D. SUTTON Jacksonville, Fl Photography, Softball Business Art, pcopic Pre.LaW Camping, Football JOEL SAFIRSTEIN Miami Beach, Fl AUDREY G, 5iLVERMAN Mia,-ni, Fl BRAD A. SWAVELY Stuart, Fl Guitar, Jazz Engineering Art, Drama Educafign Scuba Diving Weight Lifting Psychology JON B. SAGE Miami, Fl DEBORAH L, SIMPKINS Ocala, Fl FRANKLIN G. SWINDLE Perry, Fl Camping, Music Pre-Law Chess, Poetry Science MICHAEL J. SANCHEZ Miami, Fl FRANK E. 5KlRLO Miami' Fl NAJI TOUFIC TABET Aley, Lebanon Animals, Fishing Pre-Vet Guitar, Math Engineering Bicycling, Hunting Pre-Med REBECCA 5AI-AME Plafifafi0n. Fl RON S. SLATICK Deltona, Fl WAYNE J. TALAMAS Coral Gables, Fl Piano, Student Gov't. Nursing Debating, Science Pre.Mecl Camping, Horseback Riding Pharmacy CRAIG A- SATER C0C0a B9aCl1, Fl ARCHIE M. SMITH II Bradenton, Fl AMY C. TATE lndialantic, Fl Camping, Photography Pre-Dentistry Bicycling, Phoiography Psychology Dancing, People Business RICHARD A- SATER C0006 B2aCli, Fl HOLT H. SMITH Sarasota, Fl AMY H. TAYLOR Naples, Fl Camping, Math Physics Music, Tennis Business HELEN P- SAUNDERS Planiafian, Fl IRVIN L. SMITH Orlando, FI KIMBERLY A. TAYLOR Coral Gables, Fl Softball, Student Gov't. Criminology Guitar, Reading Guitar, Student Gov't. PreaLaw CAROI-YN SCHAEFER l0Wa City, la JEFF J. SMITS Dunwoody, Ga CINDI L. TEELON Pt. St. Lucie, Fl Running, Skiing Liberal Arts Guitar, Music Pre-Med Animals, Ballet Psychology J f PAMELA L. TERESI St. Petersburg, Fl SERENA M. WANFORD Miami, Fl STEPHEN 1', WILLIAMSON Gainesville, Fl Animals, Bicycling Education Animals, Fishing Bl-lSineSS Bicycling, Football Data Processing TAMMY L. THOMAS Adelphi, Md KENNETH L. WARD Longmont, Co DEE JAY WILLIS-HALL Miami, Fl Hiking, Poetry Journalism Math, Science Engineering Dancing, Swimming Occupational Therapy STEVE F. TOMICICH Quincy, Fl NORMAN WARREN JR Winter Haven, Fl KIMBERLY A, WILSON Tavares, Fl Basketball, Fishing Pharmacy Basketball, Golf Business Animals, Music Business MARY M. TOMLINSON Sarasota, Fl EDWARD J. WATERS Boca Raton. Fl MARK D. WILSON Jacksonville, Fl People, Publications Journalism Fggfball, Track Pre-Med Film, Golf Psychology' GABRIELLA TORELLI Ft. Lauderdale, Fl TODD D, WATTLES Clearwater, Fl MICHAEL K, WILSON Jacksonville, Fl Ballet, Music BuSin2SS Music, Soccer Golf, Reading Pre-Med MICHAEL K. TOTTY Birmingham, Al BRIAN D. WEBB Satellite Beach, Fl MICHAEL M. WILSON Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Biskelball. PubiiCaii0n5 -i0ufnHliSn'l Reading, Scuba Diving Business Horseback Riding, Running Pre-Med MARK S. TRACY Richmond Hts., Oh SCOTT M. WELLS Shell Point. Fl SANDRA R. WILSON Huntington, NY Horseback Riding- Scuba Diving Pi'9'M9d Football, Scuba Diving Engineering Basketball, Bicycling Recreation BRIAN P- TRIANA WGSY Palm Beach, Fl ROBERT A. WEST II Burlington, Ontario CARA E, WINKLER Sr, Augustine, Fl Animals, Tennis Veterinarian Medicine Bicycling, Reading Nursing JODIE H. TUNIS Marawan, NJ THOMAS B. WEST Ormond Beach. Fl LOUIS M. wiN1'Ens si. Petersburg, Fl Bicycling, Film Business Baseball, Football Engineering Golf, Photography Pre-Med CAROL L- TUFF BOCG Raton, Fl EZEKIEL E. WESTFALL Pinellas Park, Fl 1'0DD N, WISSING Largo, Fl Art, Volleyball Liberal Arts Art, Chess Engineering Football, Publications Journalism JACQUELINE E. VALAREZO Gainesville, Fl BEVERLY J. WETZEL Cocoa, Fl DAVID G, WOOLLEY Clearwater, Fl Art, Languages Engineering Dancing, Publications Broadcasting Bicycling, Film Engineering MARCIA VALENZUELA Fort Lauderdale, Fl ANETTE M, WHALEN Dunedin, Fl PATRICIA A, WOMER Lake City, Fl Camping. Languages Education Camping, Scuba Diving Photo-Journalism Bicycling, People Business PATRICIA R- VARNAD0 JaCl'fS0nVille, Fl SUSAN E. WHALEN Boca Raton, Fl DAVID WONG Fort Lauderdale, Fl Cfafis. Music Liberal Afis Animals, Horseback Riding Liberal Arts Dancing, Gymnastics Business ROBERT K. VEAZEY JR. Winter Park, Fl LINDA J, WI-IELAN Melbourne, Fl JONATHAN R, WRIGHT Dania, Fl Piano, Surfing Business Camping, Dancing Business Languages Math Engineering BARRY P- VERMEYCHUK Nokomis. Fl CHARLOTTE F. WHITCHER Naples, Fl SHARON M. WRENCH Syracuse, NY Hiking, Hunting Science Crafts, Reading Engineering Art, Dancing Speech Pathology-Audiology BILL 'L VIGGIANO Amawaiki NY STEPHEN D. WHITFIELD Blountstown, Fl JUAN A. 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Swimming Engineering Animals, Astrology Engineering Animals, Basketball Pre-Vet FREDDY WALKOVER Palm SPi'in9s- Fl STEVE A. WILLIAMS Bartow, Fl PAUL D. ZUCCARINI Key Biscayne, Fl Basketball, Jazz Science Baseball, Football Pre-Law Fishjngy Sogger Pre-Med MARCIA L- WALLACE GainesViiie- Fl BRYAN O. WILLIAMSON Tampa- Fl C. A. CREVASSE Signal Mountain, Tn Cl'affS. Tennis Agfieuliufe Camping, Running Science Mt. Climbing, Photography Business K 1 V I

Suggestions in the University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) collection:

University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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