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University of Florida College of Medicine - Retrospectroscope Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Www WL x ,,,, H fi WE - ,ffl ,EEK pgs WTS Q, .rf - ,bg -,x.f,,4 Zi IM: Y Y 1 s5,...,.,.A. ..Z:53:E5.E55:72-'I:i':3f:HZZi3?':i,ZI:'E:2:I-"CiiE'-E 35' .,,.,,, ,, ,.,., ,,.., ' 5 . I+:- Now. as men oT medicine, we The Class of I964, wiTh The naming of The TirsT yearbook honor our mosT valuable hypoTheTical insTrumenT, The ReTrospecTroscop'e. The reTrospecTroscope is indeed a remarkable insTrumenT. by Tar The mosT valuable in our vasT armamenTarium. As we progress in medicine, each of us becomes more cognizanT oT how essenTial iT becomes To scruTinize preceding evenTs' periodically. lT is aT These Times ThaT The reTrospecTroscop'e performs iTs mosT valuable Tunc- Tion, cleverly bringing inTo Tocus Those TacTors oT imporT and obliTer- aTing The TrivialiTies. IT is Through The reTrospecTroscope ThaT we are able To see each TaceT oT medical knowledge in iTs proper per- specTive. IT is sincerely hoped ThaT each member OT The Class of I964, and all who repuTably profess The Science and ArT oT Medicine, will learn due respecT and regard Tor The reTrospecTroscope, as iT will Truly enrich one's experiences in medicine. RETROSPECTROSCOPE UWZiV6VfZilDf of Florida Coffege qf Medzkzhe G.4zz'1f1e.mfz'llg Fforzkfaz Vofume L 1964 THE FOUR ACTIVITIES 9 eff , in I. an A f . S4 A se E I Q' .Y s -Q f ,,, , g : -5 v11v 1 P - W FOREWORD Very much like a 'fine medical insirumeni, a published worl: demands ailenfion and an appreciafion of ihe inienf. Wifh This, fhe firsl' of whef we hope To be a long and memorable series of yearbooks, if has been our purpose To porlray in more of a picforial essay rafher 'rhan in words whaf 'ihese loaf four years have meanl' To all of us. This book sfarled in a few minds as an idea, grew 'io forfy pages. and has since developed info fhe presenf volume. lf has been my good forfune To oihers on ihe sfaff have been willing fo pul' forlh fha? exira fo make fhis firs+ scope possible. We would like 'lo acknowledge 'For fherr in making ihis idea a realily: Mrs Miss Janei' Bill Breeze . David lllusfrafions and 'lhe fume muh'-fe if army? Annu' Q ' new s J if 1 I M. H ,xvf , f 'f ,4,n, M A, w 4: num. u, ,K ,I Mn , mfg, .XP xx- sf Ny F' M N X, 4. L, -l Wil 15 'L , !'.v.k?!v it at ,K 7, fx -. fn,-ag x x rf 1 v Lf Q '. h .K t . . Eifla 1 'W W-vwvt-Hk1L.f X3 V Viv Mfr 6 1'--"',f.fe,'F?45' .fx 'Q xv,,.'x4 1 x , f., fx . x A x X , X 'wish 'K U MEN, MH.: ,mfg-f'f'X ' , x-:""f.f 1 YH: A X Q gsm Wix 'F an .2 . g A f ,mf Q, ,ll ggff,'.',' Hs., saw 5 . '. v , . A ,Q .. 1: ,- 1- 'ii' C A 4 , '. , uni in .1- n. w .-4, 'Y - My. wg '55-1' wi ...Mi 'ryw .... A , 'milvea wmq' ' WE , U Mlwm 'Wm . . 2' .2 , y f ,gn 1 .1 ff' , ,fa ff, ' f w , 4 Mx Q V+ 1 ,9 ,MX . ' ,A ,s wlswwa Wu. ew mm -4-f .A M, ,CV t, E R 3 E K 2 .W ff f Y 1 15 'mf ' 162255553 gn grefeful eebowledgmenf of Lie efforfe in furfleering meoheel educalion, emo! in appreciation of Lie eonfirmeol wLoleLeorfeJ inferesf in our Personal welfare, we ole.heefe Mis tyeerloori fo an oufslanehng eeholer, Pltyeieion, eeieneiof, feacAer em! aalminisfrafor, our mean, george fl Jferrell Ju 23. fjze Wefrospecfroscopc sahfese Jve College is greafer Mem Me sum ef its feacAcrs. fwe greafgy C!PPYCCioTfC .1 man's eiilihfiy fo sAare effeefieeQ .mel vigor- eiisfy Lis experience .mef flereiigi seienii,Ge Lnewfeefge WMA sm- clcnfs. .gn rccognilion ef fAeir efforfs .mel clevofion fo eeLieei,.c.7 igese geeifs, we safufe fAe felfewing. DR. HUGH M. HILL DR. GEROLD L. SCHIEBLER DR. W. JAPE TAYLOR DR. WILLIAM E. ENNEKING DR. J. ROBERT CADE DR. DONALD C. GOODMAN DR. MELVIN GREER DR. JAMES A. OLSON DR. ROGER R. PALMER DR. WILLIAM C. THOMAS, JR. ggiife . ...,. 3 if .' , .--.- w:-:4::- ..I :2'fk.I.1fI.5QE,:i-151 ' : - '--'Exams:QE-E--I-5I:Iz1I'I?x s.S:I'-" -'iff' ' -9 2.22 -Il -i- ?'S-awww: ' 323299 n .9 Oa fn of ifalaocra fed ,f"'4"?"7fa1QQ., J Awear Ly .fdppollfo fne pny 27mn e4cufapiuA, am! Jlggeia, anJl9anacea, f Zyf n ima' 1 ann! aff fne oalgf anal aff fne oclcfleaggzg-63,425 e fnem m 'ual e.4-fnaf lnia mine ouflz 9 9 gg gf 9 ant! fnia my wriffen engagement .9 r aa power anal cliacernmenf anaffle mine. Wffi?7V'N ?4fe ff f ' .Mm wno faugnf me fnia argbmzjwiffen figyigfeuen my parenldg Ae 4nafff1arfuLe o m Auehnoozl unac I in wanff ag wif! re ara! Ab i.45ue cu m Lrofn- 5 M9 ' 2 , g y em, and wif! feacn fnem fnid arf gugemenf iffney anaffwigin fo Aarn if. ff W, ,,,,,? o e me wi!! give inafrucfion aff ofner waygi, fo my own Aond, fo ieg me efmemfnoe e fnoae of Aim wno faugnf me, ea wriffen engugemenf anal aworn accorvling fo WW " '4.,, J ,cv 'rf rneulicaf faw, anal fo no olner V iff, Zz, 3 'Weqnfi 9' .go far ua power ana! Ji4c 'enf Anafgggeamine, .9 wizfjey auf regimen for fne Lenehf rr' ' 16 ' ,,,,.,, o lne .HCL unc! wif! Lee Mei? jagrgn ?7ofvZoWfeQflwi!f JI iue a clean!! alru , , r K 9 r 9 M ,M zrrfrf' euen Johcifeei nor ofkr counf' 4 w0men give Cl. ll2.4fI'uC' ff4ferQeXeewm2QwW' I Q 7 I ,. ,HT I A, I live Auppoaiforyg Auf my ann! my arf. .9 wiffcuf no one W, ., f ,Q ,, , X , IAAA , wnafeuer for ine alone, giugg o f fnigs pracfice. W4 M 22 A n f 4 2 ew , 3 .gnfo wnalaoeuer Aouaea 04749 f' i ,ff , 'M wwf We M We? M W., M ' fne Lenehf of fne dick afoofhom affuog , ,fwffnm w W unfary wrong anal corrulafion,Z5W!ueJing uenegeiZ?McZcll2A?Mfi7aliQ1lQAfYfne Locliea of Amagd unc! :nada wnefner Lee or Afuued. M!Aaf5oei!i!i g praclice .9 anal!! dee or near, 2 er eff Twff ami!! fne Aued of men, wnicn ougnf nof Le fo lAi5 .9 ufiffleep Aihnce, Aofahng ,,,,,,, W ,f,, M Jucn fningd un iffing fo Le ww my Jana, now i .9 finally uri!! fnia if nof, ma fne ruifd o e uncle arf 1, , 5 Le mine, may .9 Ae Aonoreo! of aff men lne oppodife, if .9 Analff franagreid and Le !0l'95lUOI'll . THE FDUR YEARS 6? H AFTER PUTTING TOGETHER A SECTION of fhe yearbook fhaf was designed fo porfray our four years, if readily became obvious fhaf an adequafe job would be difficulf. Should if be humorous, serious, frivolous, inspiring, frusfrafing, safirical, reflecfive or simply a compendium of evenfs? How can any one maferial fhing accurafely porfray all of fhe numerous emofional sifuafions fhaf arose in our four years? No picfure or words could recall for each of us fhe feeling of even fhe firsf day, lef alone four years. A senior looking back on his freshman year has cerfainly repressed a greaf deal of whaf he felf: a freshman could only fanfasy whaf fhe nexf four years hold. Recall fhe close groups of friends and fhe division of fhe class, in parf due fo individual choices, in parf due fo fhe mere design of fhe laborafories and fhe alphabef. New experiences for a new form of educafion occurred every day. A nofe sysfem and non-fexfboolx lecfures were folerafed, and fesfs fhaf never seemed fo cover fhe maferial, buf required us fo fhinlc for a few hours, and complain for days. Some of us and our families could nof endure fhe new experience and a vacanf seaf remained for four years. COULD A SOPHOMORE loolr baclr on more fhan whaf a senior would only call fhe "basic sciences?" We were fold fhaf we were nof in a "counfry club" and Safurday or Sunday rarely was a Sabbafh. How quiclrly all our new diseases suddenly disappeared wifh each new secfion of pafhology. So whaf if camels have oval RBC's? All of us could have designed a beffer educafional program by our sophomore year, buf somehow we passively agreed fhaf someone musf lcnow whaf he was doing! Besides we would soon become iuniors and really be "docfors." The fransifion fo a junior - how can anyone porfray fhis - cerfainly a differenf meaning fo each of us. Now fhe faculfy required a lof less fhoughf from us fhan did fhe problems a single pafienf could presenf. An insecure iunior always has an answer for a pafienf's quesfion, or a pafienf's family. We Icnew how fo diagnose and freaf, buf fhe inferns always seemed fo need one more lab fesf. We were required fo deal wifh five areas of medicine, buf fhe forfhcoming senior year leff fhe burden of choice on us. By fhis fime our image of fhe "docfor" had been alfered only fo allow a more realisfic image fo grow. And so, fhe seniors became a group fhe freshmen wonder if fhey will ever become, fhe sophomores wifh fheir vasf amounf of esoferic informafion ponder whefher fhey remember camels have oval RBC's, fhe iuniors wifh fheir daily confacf are sure fhose lazy seniors never had fo worlr as hard. THIS SECTION OF our bool: can only affempf fo allow a more vivid recollecfion of some of fhe places, sifuafions, and experiences we have been fhrough, cerfainly nof very differenf fhan our under-classmafes now experience. If ma'H'ers Iiffle who is in each picfure, for mosf of us have been fhere foo. Many picfures will arouse emofions. The capfion under if will never affempf fo capfure fhose emofions, buf rafher incife a liffle laughfer so fhaf one will remind himself fhaf his serious problems foday will seem humorous in refrospecf, if his confinuing educafion allows him fo find a solufion. M if, 'Wk n , W Thank God for 'the nofe sysfem . 6 1 Q R ' T355 'J-1 5' ,,M,,g Z- V525 , fig? - -I5 5.2: -:Z-If: aig Eff 'Z 53? .. and 45 -.v-Aw L E 1 5 Gif asf Xa Wg? bw F Eff SR gs!! Egg E K- AQ T111 2513 'iii wx-5' ff Y K , X 51.53 we 1- Q. ,4 Q wi gf, -' - 212: - , .sis ' .- i sg :- gg -fy ez ,. .: '::.-::. ., : 55,15 3- g g :- fa-'S ...,.,. ., .. V 4 4 f' Q X J? ' -.g: Honor Sysiem! You say you can'+ find Hue bone in slide iflb? Sam, don'T look now, This is las? Ji-IMHC admission of ihis 12 buf your fiy's openpk A liffle more Vermoufh. Mmm . . . noi' bad. Q M 4 3fg?Q Y A sn.. laxefive foo gl FIRST WEEKS DriTTing Through The unreaIiTy of days Surrounded by grey walls And sTained glass biTs of naTure's iigsaw puzzles, I am hidden among seekers aTTer The body's secreTs And chemicals ThaT burn and coalesce Behind The high sharp walls. Almosf TorgoTTen are The places where IiTe's soughT In painT or Iove or in wild music And when I meeT The oTher seekers my Tongue sfumbles For lack oT pracTice in Their words. Dr. Flynn. I don'T Think you know your TecTum Trom a hole in The ground. FIRST YEAR - MARCH How many springs. Then. shall I lose in sTudy As paymenT Tor my aspiraTions? Days limp by, here in This heavy air Thick wiTh The smells of sleepless nighTs And old wiTh libraries. OuTside is Ioveliness - And Though The blinds are closed, or rooms buiIT windowless againsT Their coming, The sunIighT bends round corners To Touch my shoulder And new-Ieaved Trees, like children, call To me To puT away my books and come To see The sky. I cannoT join Them, being no longer child And bound To dreams ThaT can find subsTance only Here in a world of smooTh, blank walls and men. And I who loved The glowing colors oT spring Will live years, yeT, here in This neuTraI season Before I can give someone else a spring Joyous as Those I losT. Ellen MoskowiTz QF? J The hand bone's conneded 'ro +he Foulweber and The s+e+hescope's connecfed +o 'rhe head bone. Funny, E+ was running fhis morninq. Hey fellas, look whai's on demonsfrafion. if 'Q vi :M any li, - k if IW W Of HE The lecfurers became more cuffing 1 , , beqan wifh a BANG! f' flwe parffes wilder 'i-1 We , ' f if fhe food more 'rasfeless and fhe sfuderzfs more wifhdrawnl fffx "1PQvlQ w fav' VH show you mi , ' you show me yours. Who qlves a damn! Q pv., 5. wkgfmzb , Q1 QQ, . couldn'f look! ai Q24 PNN. 345 Mgnnp Hwa-......i..,, ,MM V' ...- iii A, 2' 6 y ,-yq ff H 0 A- : M , L j, ,1 . A ,V.,. I N' it 1 , I P' , mx ,5 I yr I iff I M Q.. Ev' TI1aI's funny, I can'I find any Some counfry club This is! qamma I-M I9 S macrogIobuIIn5, Idon"r wan? any ice-cream I Icnow, buf I'I1e answers are wriffen on fI'1e desk Iop. I wanf my mommy. as Em. if ww 1- A hare in The hand is worTh Two in The bush. l'll be damned if l'H leT him do a bleeding Time on me again! emi 9 Who Told you ThaTf7 Burp! IIN Xu H ,. : ' iifii , Q ,.:., Vg I M ,Q , W VW -'-"-5 '--- P"- 1 In The beginninq, There was Gree-r. K 6 f " l NEW 00LS XM-my lv Hun.. U., Q ww 3 2 This 7:00 A. M. Scul' work is Can you really see fonsils wirih lhese? qellinq worse each year. EW ENTERTAI MENT Teach me, Toniqhf. Phallic symbols Teach us Psychiafry. 'Ill' ul Vljimglf WWW 0 Whal do you mean you can only name I9 llver funclion Tesla? I 'fold you llne scenery was qood lwere in Radiology. Somefhinq iusl came up dear. and Guess who does flue CBC if The lab's closed? l'll have To work lafe fonighf. as me 1 Y?-lv! ll 1 s l --my ,ky s :flag l l 2 'f', - K Q X .TW fu ,KTM ,:, in ' Q 1 X ah? if I 5,1 A W., fy i l Maw, vis Q W X an V wg ' K 23 J! .- I , 59" 24. Alright who pu? a shaff in my can? Mmmm, fasfes good . . We p-chemisfs have a wonderful Hme. r Q., V Any quesfions? W ff' Okay you fwo, do fem more duck waddlesl There's an AOA meefinq in 'Hwe bafhroom. ,Q J, 1 2' 2 c" 5 A Z5 -a Jus? don'+ fell my wife ,,.....-f 1,4 W ,-f N,,,....,....f if ,. uv, V , , '41 3 A .. V Tom, W ' 'Qi 26 x i L -.,: , , '- .. '2" 1 b "-- 'W ' my "--. A "'Q e 35' Fi I Y' ' V I+ says, "I-ielp! l'rn 'rrapped in an EKG machine." why do I keep needing more? KX ,me if E s gf . 2 Wg , N g ' A i " Ss if 5 .,'. v A ST w wt 5 fi iw ff X sf V fi-1 55 1" W. 'FL e . , -'Za HW. Kms i syn he 52 .Sw me MW Www -'-- ' ,W a . Q .7 'M JAC No Sun! Dr. Schiebler said if was in The 5H'1 ICS 2 cm lefi' of fhe MCL and da? murmer was a lneavinq, and if youse come back ai' one in de morning he'll 'fell you all aboui' if. Oooh, don'T sfop now, if hurfs so qood. Hello earfh! fo" ,- gf in f M411-P' fe 2 a if is 2 X And analyzing whar you said under anesfhesia T. G. I. F. You musf presenr a more professional fron? before your paiienfs ,U as Fred We fhree men of Orienf are fi-' 3 God! This one's sfill alive Q A W if km Wai? 'fill 'ihey find ou? Th using disappearing ink. N ey're 2, 345 .i.,.,A . Q if 4 , ,Q gi 1 Q iii if 323: ,,, ' yy ,.1NgxgE- :,.5 - ui? 4 J . 5 W ' S 5 :Q s . 'ik Gifs' -Q ' I K y A k E ..... '. -. as x my-.. Boyl, The 'fable looks funny Throuqh This hole. Le1"s see. how deep do you go on Hwe firsf cuf? Y S fusf 'Hip a c Six fimes a nigh? for five yearsl? Shep, faecalis, from your nose, Laird? ,5 W ww-an-mr"' wear an an Q. "S, X Kaya' tiki LSVS 569. is ll' befween C l-2 OI' C 2-3? Haven? l seen you on lelevision - Cunning Ham? Does if always lake you 8 sficlcs? . . and eller ihaf she called me a liflle deal. 32 'X ,fr W We ' 2 -Hi Pweeze mishah, yore iziffinq on my hoose. Terry! Whaf do we dc now? l ' :L ' A 1 Imagine Thai, Pefe only one pelvic and she fell IU Iove wuih me. y, l'H 3 'Aw If you fhink l'rn h I' Croffy aqreed wifh me! Who said ave isfened +0 your wife. laborafories in The men's rooms. ' HUZNWW can'+ si? on fhe pafienfs beds? If you fhink fhe pafienfs ar crazy, look af our Dris. serious, you should Whaf an opporfunify. a hospifal wifh M 2, f In iusr a shorf Time our amafeurs will become professionals. As you can readily +ell 'rhey have been well prepared. Nofe Their somber faces, +heir slalure - proud men all! And so The Class of 64 prepares To +alce wi+h 'lhem whaf lhey learned af J. Hillis Miller Healrh Cenfer fo con- fribufe if 'lo 'rhe resf of fhe medical profession. Anyone of 'lhem could someday become a leader in The profession. Bul' for now, le+'s iusf pray for The hospifal 'rhaf marched fhem for in+ernsl 3 s gi wi i W: wgsgge V ,gy s. , wwswzwmfwissg , si imwwm W , gi .f-ii Q? if i ,,:1,:,, ..... A ,gr fw ACTIVITIES 61. CRGANIZATIONS we , Q rw-3-A. RETROSPECTROSCOPE STAFF QAbove, L 'ro RJ Mike Hase, Perry Berman, George lkeler, David Wesfmark, and Charles Peferson, Edifor-in-Chief. fLef+D Perry Berman and Tom Lamb. '98 110' SENIOR WIVES, I964: QSfanding, L io RD Pal Laing, Burlefla Wafson, Berry Redding, Becky Linlon, Marilyn Crolly, Sherry Bellino lihlfd Yedfl, Joan Flynn, Cecilia Moore, Sue Lloyd, Sandy Smiflw. and Barbara Weslmark, fSeal'ed, L io RD Slwirlene Flelcher, Marlene Lieberman, Riia Lamb, Linda Sleinleld, Joanne l-lase, Barbara Sullivan, Biis Bryson, Laurie Nelson, and Leyinia Eluly. fNo+ picfuredj Shirley Brohamer, Barbara Crowder, Connie Farmer, Becky Hellman, lrene Jones, Marqarel Marlowe, Joan Peferson, Joanne Ryals, and Bessie Van Tassel. Ellie Hniuernitg nf Elilnriha Ramen pruuhlg :rmfers the hegree uf ua-shing uhhg mlirnuglq upmi o 0 fuilly all the rights zmh privileges tliereunin appertuining. Jn witness mlierenf, ihis iriplnma, hulg signeh, has been iss-usb ani! the seal nf flge Qiniirersitg Eames affixeh. Qllssueh hg the Zgnarh uf the Qaniuereitg Fumes upnn .fngnitiun nf lyer lngal suppuri, anh xmfailing patience inliile Qpueliing Qluhllg fffhrnugli at fgainesuille, this ihe bag nf QP. .pu of .af - 6 44 .Q ., 1' - if 'Za e ent, uersitg of 31' 'ha X may K T Q9 5? , M4 51m lx? - ,BQ-kg Qolps -. R935 2151-esiheni, Qllnitxereitg Eames A lecfure by Dr. McKerns always drew a iarg . . and I said, 'iusi a minufe There, Jape. crowd. fair' l don'+ lcnow where I found him. Dear, buf could I brinq him Home for dinner? wm.i.. if K Did you say 'wa+cl'1 fhe birdie' - or, 'look ou? for flwai' bird'? Bu? David, whaf will llwe ol'l'1er people eel? Free Enovid!7 my WSF? M'-'U 1.1 Dammit Wafson, would you sfop goosing Farmer and loin In Hue song! WIN I dEdn'+ see Hwose cypress knees, did you? .sc Am : . ,- , ,, "' ' X ' -Awww M , . il 5 I A of? K f Q5 A,,1'.:wff W . -veg if... ag .. Gef Iosf 2' i ww vw Q 5 sf GF 5 nw Al, I've been raped! Smile, you're on canned camera. l wislw +lwey'd slow llie music down a bi? Slop slarinq, Honey - le'r him live a lifile if ii sfill say if Tasfes like spleen. The 'Firsf year is Hwe hardest mammal- -wmv-Vfm,,,,v,, ,,,. Mvsgfmw fs m1wwmmu.,mmu.u4,wmnmMarmww.aam,:mwwm.. fmwwnmmwm :Mm A Qnnmfe, V ,W mm ,MM wuM,5maw.....v,f. .X H Don'+ look now, Rod, buf your 'Hy is open. Fred, Baby, you'H never pass inspection WIH1 a beard like Thai. He swallowed his ciqar, rw, ,S s , M MJ? if Q Q fix .Qfgi fi Us few! iii ai! if if A 3 wh.-W Dammit Bryson, sfop dipping your finger in I+, and 'rake a drin . . buf Dr. Jordan said iT's only regional. You jus? fold Dr. Edwards fo whail? 4' STUDENT BODY 3 CLASS OF 1964 PERRY ALLEN BERMAN Miami Beach, Florida B.S., Universily of Florida Relrospeclroscopei Slaff Universily of Kenluclcy, Lexinglon, Mixed lnleresl: Psychialry RODNEY LEE BRlMl-lALL Jacksonville, Florida Universily of Florida Union Memorial, Ballimore, Rolalinq lnleresl: lnlernal Medicine RICHARD "RICK'l JOHN JUDE BOYLE Chicaqo, Illinois B.A,, MA., Loyola Universily Universily of Florida, Pedialrics lnleresl: Pedialric Neuroloqy FREDERIC BROHAMER Miami, Florida Ph.B., Universily of Delroil S.A.M.A. Chapler Presidenl Tropical Medicine Scholarship Duval, Jacksonville, Medicine lnleresl: Psychialry "Ei -if W ,mmm M G lg? Sf? Mimi. 'H' s. 4 ANDREW LAIRD BRYSON Sf. Pefersburg, Florida B.S., Universify of Florida Union Memorial, Balrimore, Medicine lnreresl: Infernal Medicine THOMAS ALBERT BULL Jacksonville. Florida B.S., Wasliinqfon B1 Lee Universily S+. Elizabeilfs, Waslwinqion, D.C.. Rofaiinq GARRETT JOHN CROTTY Winrer Park, Florida B.S., Rollins College lnfe re sl: Psycliiarry Presidenr Al lia Ome aAl lna I964 . D Q p Barnes, Sf. Louis, Surgery lnferesi: Surgery BENJAMIN MACLIN CROWDER JAY HUGH EHLY Coral Gables, Florida Universify of Florida Jaclcsonville, Florida B.S., Universiry of Florida Presidenf, Freshman Class Alpina Omega Alpna Cliarlolfe Memorial, Roiarinq lnieresrz General Praciice Jaclison Memorial, Miami, Medicine lnieresrz Psyclwiarry GARY WAYNE FARMER Flialealw, Florida B.S., Universiiy of Miami Upslare Med. Cenfer, Syracuse, Mixed RONALD BARRY FLAM Miami Beach, Florida B.S., Universify of Miami lnferesfr lniernal Medicine Jackson Memorial, Miami, Medicine lnreresrz Infernal Medicine CHARLES TERRY FLETCHER Branford, Florida B.S., Universiry of Florida Union Memorial, Ballimore, Medicine lnreresrz lnrernal Medicine ff-is' X .cw :UUV"Mf Y LEO MICHAEL FLYNN III Pensacola, Florida B.S., Auburn Universiiy Avalon Scholarship Presenled Paper "Aniigens in Bone" - Chicago "AnIigens in Bone" - J.B.8fJ. Surgery Hillman Clinic, Birmingham. Mixed lniereslz Or-Ihopedics PERRY ALBERT FOOTE. JR. Gainesville, Florida B.A., Universily of Florida Princeion Theological Seminary Medical College of Va., Richmond, Mixed ROBERT CYRIL FU LWEBER Ravenna, Ohio B.S., Universiiy of Florida Inieresiz Surgery Ben Taub General, Houslon, Medicine Inieresiz Surgery NED McMURRY HARDY Bradenion, Florida B.S., Universify of Florida ALVIN ABRAMS HARDMAN Jaclcsonville Florida B.S., Universiiy of Florida Kings Couniy, Brooklyn, Mixed lnieresfr Obsieirics 8: Gynecology Hillman Clinic, Birmingham, Medicine lnieresi: Infernal Medicine JAMES EDWARD HARRELL Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Universiiy of Florida Reirospeciroscope Siaif Chariiy, New Orleans, Roiaiing Inieresfz Obsieirics 81 Gynecology MICHAEL FREDERICKHASE Quincy, Illinois B.A., Culver-Sioclcron College Reirospeciroscope Siaif Kualcini, Honolulu, Roiaiing Inieresi: Research LLOYD EUGENE HOFFMAN, JR. Mi. Morris, Illinois B.A., Coe College Lailer Day Sainls. Sail Lalce Ciiy, Rofaiinq lnferesiz General Praciice GEORGE RAYMOND IKELER Sf. Pelersburq, Florida B.A., Florida Slafe Universify Relrospecfroscope Sraff Hillman Clinic, Birmingham, Mixed lnleresi: Ear, Nose 8: Throal OLIV ER DAVID JOHNSON Tampa, Florida B.S., Universify of Florida Siewarl Thompson Memorial Award Smilh, Kline Presidenf, Sophomore Class Roche Award 81 French Foreign Fellowship Alpha Omega Alpha Univ. of Penna., Philadelphia, Rofaiing lnferesl: General Praclice NORMAN EARL JONES Akron, Ohio B.A., Kenl Srale University M.S.. Universily of Florida Alpha Omega Alpha Church Home 81 Hosp., Balrimore, Medicine lnieresiz Radiology C VERN ODEAN LAINC-5 Van Werf, Ohio B.S.. Universiiy of Florida incinnari General, Medicine lnlereslz lniernal Medicine THOMAS HENRY LAMB Gulf' Breeze, Florida B.S.. Universily of Florida Refrospeclroscope Slaif Lacklancl AFB, San Anionio, Roiafinq lnferesiz Infernal Medicine LAWRENCE JOEL LIEBERMAN New York, New York B.S., Cilv Colleqe of New York Union M emorial, Balfimore, Medicine lnieresl: infernal Medicine WILLIAM ROBERT LINTON, JR. Jacksonville, Florida B.A,, Duke Universify Union Memorial, Baliirnore, Medicine Inferesi: Infernal Medicine HARRY DAVIDSON LLOYD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Davidson Colleqe Charloile Memorial, Rolaiing Inleresfz Pediairics if WILLIAM FRANKLIN LYTLE. JR. For? Mull, Soufh Carolina Wofford College Alpha Omega Alpha Norfh Carolina Memorial. Chapel Hill, Medicine Inlereslz Academic Medicine DAVID MERRITT MacMI LLAN Winier Park, Florida QW an B.5., Rollins College Presidenf, Junior Class Union Memorial, Ballimore, Medicine CARL HERMAN MARLOWE Miami, Florida Universify of Florida Kaiser Foundalion, San Francisco, Rolaling InI'eres'r: Psychiafry Inleresfz Surgery JOHN AGUSTINE MOORE Miami, Florida B.A., Universiry of Florida Allergy Foundalion Research Scholarship Ncrfh Carolina Memorial, Chapel Hill, Pediafrics JOHN FRANKLIN NELSON Shipshewana, Indiana B.S.. Universify of Florida Pensacola Educafion Program, Rolaling lnleresfz Psychialry Inlereslz Pediafrics CHARLES AUGUST PETERSON Gainesville, Florida B.S., Universily of Florida Edilor-in-Chief Relrospecfroscope Universily of Florida, Surgery RICHARD ELLSWORTH REDDING Columbus. Ohio B.A., Ohio Slafe Universiiy Jackson Memorial. Miami. Medicine Infereslr General Pracfice lnleresfz U rology JOHN RICHARD 'lDICK" RYALS San Maleo, Florida B.S.. Universily of Florida For? Benning, Georgia, Rolalinq Inferesf: U.S. Army 'iv -1351 ,gg 404- 'WH' SANDY KENT SANDERS Aflanfa, Georgia Universify of Florida Universily of Kansas, Kansas Ciry, Pedialrics Inlereslz Pedialrics HARRY LECHNER SAUERS III S+. Pefersburg, Florida B.A., Emory Universily Hillman Clinic. Birmingham, Mixed In'reresl:,Oph'IhaImology FREDERICK OLIVER SMITH S+. Pelersburg, Florida B.S.. Universify of Florida Union Memorial, Balfimore, Rofalinq Inferesf: General Fra dice LOWELL ALVIN STEINFELD Daylona Beach. Florida B.S.. Universily of Florida Duval, Jacksonville, Medicine Inleresfz Infernal Medicine PAUL VINCENT SULLIVAN FI. Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Universify of Florida Pensacola Educafion Program, Infereslz General Praclice Rofalinq PETER VROOM VAN TASSEL Darien. Connecficul B.A., Lafayeffe College Naval I-Iospifal, Sf. Albans, N. Y.. Rofafing Infereslz Underwaler Physiology and Hyperbaric Therapeufics PAUL ADOLPHUS WATSON Hazard, Kenfuclcy B.S.. Universiiy of Kenluclcy Charlolle Memorial, Rolaling Inleresl: General Praclice DAVID OLIVER VVESTMARK Pensacola, Florida B.S.. Tulane Universiiy M.S.. Universily of Florida C. V. Mosby Scholarship Award Pfizer Scholarship Alpha Omega Alpha Presidenf, Senior Class Relrospecfroscope Sfalf Naval I-Iospifal, Belhesda, Rolaling Inlereslz Academic Medicine M-Q, 19? aim UPU' WW 'Wi 2' Q, sf 'I NYY' S w 4 Jail' K S . 5, ,,, K1 ' R 1,254 6' CLASS OF 1965 . -sa:-z-'r '. . . ., My .,.. Ha ww new rf was ls lr' :F LQmf L in -1.,.. 4. in rrn ' i C' C f ' " Edgar Ballard Charles Boring Reber? Casey Jack Copperman Fred Couringfon Jerome Cunningham Brian Davis James DeFord Georqe Dinler Mark Easfland Georqe Finlay Frank Freeman Harold Gerlner Samuel Gresham Donald Hall Gerald Hazouri William Hewson Larry Holder Ronald Julian Marlin Kornreiclm Waller Lane Henry Messer Jon Miller Richard Parlcer Joe Perez Carl Reddersorw Robb Ross David Scales Edward Schleln Meredirh Scoff Bernard Sheperr Edward Shmunes Shirley Simpson James Spencer Joel Siein Richard Sleinboolc Marlin Siern Harvey Thalblum George Turmail Cluarles Walker George Warren Anderson William: Howard Willson Thomas Vfyall ,L I, -Y L rr ' . , il 9 ,r r g' Q ir L W: 41. 1 ' .'-r Q. Q ri' I r ,. Q ,, f M 1 a ,kyfy re xx i "-br rams 0 X If 44 Nr gf' 'v wvfw Aw ,W ,pnw..,, LJ si LZ! , -V 'kg K VA .3 L S H Q ig fc: . me , in-j. ' xl R J R R .:: ,.-V 4' J is-s,fx C . , ::v , C X I ,,,, vfihvgs x. I H 27 51, I I l v-- I ww Y. is A.,A:: .,,:...,-. X "--:1 f - ., ,. , v'g"gI5: I 5"I5 sig- M ' -- - ' if 1 . if' I 1 'Wi i C, '.,-, C. '1-- A'. . . Q ieiii is W ....,. 'W ' Q 51 i si R is - V. is . ., .,,. 5 155:--:.:..,:? ,.,,:,, , , - 5 M .. in xii:-ESL? 'A . W 2 Q ix ji S is , in W G as if Q 5, CLASS 0F 1966 Edson Andrews Alan Barlel Roberi Baiey Roberf Bellinc William Benneif Marlin Bialow Roberl Blackwood William Boggs Roberl Bonduranf Earl Carr Kennefh Carroll Richard Caspari Charles Chesfnur William Cobb Richard Conard Denny Cook Cleo Courinqion Mary Cromer Harry Delcher Douqlas Deurloo Norman Diichelc John Fadial Susan Fellner Rheh' Fredric Milo Gerber Waller Graham Joseph Haddock Henry Harden Sherrard Hayes Joseph Jackson Samuel Johnslon Richard Jones Richard Julius George Lillle John Loveioy William Mcfxllisier James McCauley Chrisiian Mogelvang Jose Monleneqro Gordon Onslad Rosilie Osrerbind Laurie Pardee Donald Pairiclc Waller Ray George Riclcelson Thomas Righelii Ronald Rorhslein Roberl Schimpfl Ernesl Serrano Marian Solowy George Spooner Alfred Sfanley Nicholas Szabo Eusiace Thomas Dave Warringfon David Whilialcer Charles Wilhelm Loys Williams Richard Zachman d"i""2"'X 1' ii' F R of i. A Q' 1 Q- ' f ef . A y 141-1,0 i l A 1 . J .iJ.., A wciu M Q- as ' J If .B if i o r ,ig L rsr JJ J o ,rif f JW xml' X, g' .' ti? mi xl. , ng 4. an an , G1 gv- , K :L 2 X 'Zh K- . e xif' x an J, 'C f ,,i" V ':'f' if f we f of 2 Al? 5 J ,i , Y ARM, IIE W .,: A J W .J wi I A an I 9 A X? li'i iii S 7 page 393, mins ., GM 1 . X H V . f, in E .. .-A. Q F if so CLASS OF 1967 TQ, i gg Emi.-R in fem M, fa an l ' ' 5' i ii i 'i if -,K-' 3 "' 4 v,.,v Q 6 is-W 1 ...Q . -A Altl I NA . .,,-v, 5 1 ,,- -- A 5? , Q. M ,Qu Wm ' rw , ig um 5 ' ii, Vs in 'Y'-r . 1 , 4 y .,,. V , Q A A - ' j vu Y 1 e r fr .- K if ' Um RW ig :ml Q in .. h x L53 in -' ff .. 4 M y Q. we 'W Qi 3, V . , ,gf f ' 3 ar i H In A 1. I I , .. k X 4, V M 'V-fr az' W.. J. ff. , ,QW 'W A A 1 X A Z il i Barney Barron John Bax? Terrell Bounds David Bryan? David Burnsed Donald Campbell Paul Claylon Ray Columbaro William Colvin Georqe Cravey John Edmunds Ronald Fischer Kay Gilmour Edward Golli Dudley Goulden Roberl' Greenberg Roqer Hall John Hendrix Paul Hoffman Ronica Kluge Michael Kohen Joel Kreps Kennefh Lasseler Palricl: Lawrence Joe Levi Frank McBride Mercer McClure Lamberf McLaurin William Malzone Burfon Marsh Maxine Moody Sam Moorer William Morgan Ellen Moslcowilz James O'Leary Joseph Onne James Penrod John Perchalslci Michael Peskin Joan Peferson David Powers Dennis Pupeillo Lee Purcell Roberf Rhoades Jeffrey Rubin Kennefh Saflro Marcia Schmid+ Vicfor Schneider John Shippey Bernard Simbari Russell Simbari Joe Sfeele Marlin Sfeiner Sfephen Vogel John Wallon Barry Weckesser Sfephen Zellner Q . . 4 ::s,: E A I I an .:,:-ss x E my in QM W ,. A-.:-V I Q t 11 H i,QVV ,. f 39- J i a in Q JS! 'Q - iii, H al 5 it 1"2 I M" E A , s w ' f K All A ,mm FM . Y -W V A We iQ. MA im gn- W s We 4. 14. In ' A :,: " A 'Z N ii ' A , I , "'i'.-2., z '- VAIA g IAI, Qj 's" :E liib . A L A - ':iiiii'i" .zzs E i t r . It H 558- ili' v " iw' Q We :Z Q is if Q' 3, , - 41" s ,Q is rigs P . A i r rr J M J QF 2 , AQiI 1 .1 is A. '15 ,. gsm E' L In -'-' . .. -..... 5 l 6 1 f i f W A i A N 2 1 M 71 3 al .,.:. 3, .,,, i S . , 3 i ik N a , vi at air w E " fm? ,5.i. . .'..:,:, . E Z DECEMBER GRADUATES Lell' fo Righl: Sherry Koniver, Doflie Wiedemeyer, Linda Tremlin, Linda Kassel, Sandy Shulrls, Sandy Linebarger: 2nd Row: Jane? Creech, Judy Johnson, Karhy While, Carol Depenbroclc. Cynrhia Randall: 3rd Row: Gini Gvowan, Toba Ulman, Sandy Kindred, Barbara Jones, Susie Eschleman. Phyliss Glover, APRIL GRADUATES Leif 'ro Righl: Elizabefh Plafr, Sally Jones, Arlene Barnell, Jean Hodgson, Nancy Beaudeli 2nd Row: Sandra Holdeman, Vivian Dielz, Cleo Conslanl, Val Broderson: 3rd Row: Nancy Slralhie, Karen Ayers. 1' 'L . S M14-aasuaw-.f 1 gym IIE? -,-. .,..... - . M VMMSX . ' ' "-I ziim:-:Ei-'i:I , ik Q ASW fm. . P55215 H , ,ao S L' ,, Don'f Ho Ho me, you dirfy old man! Shu+ up and deal! Y 72 Tonighf - in Hue downsfairs bafhroom BLM' -- you jus? gave FACULTY WILSON. J. G. Pf'1.D. Prof. 8: Head of Depf. ANATOMY em prix? CALLAHAN. W. P. GENNARO. J. F. GOODMAN. D. C. JOHNSON. E. M Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D.- Ph.D. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. Prof. Assf. Prof. PUTNAM. F. W. Ph.D. Prof. 8: Head of Depf. uma rv' 'www DEMPSEY, W. FRIED, M. KOCH, A. L. OLSON, J. A. ROOP, W. E. Ph.D. Pf'1.D. PI'1.D. Ph.D. M.D.. Ph.D. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. Prof. Prof. lnsf. W X, OTIS, A. B. Ph.D. Prof. 8: Head of Depf. , A ':,' f ":'Q 5 If-Q' 1... CASSIN, S. FREGLY. M. J. OTEY. E. Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Assf. Prof. Assoc. Prof. lnsf. BATES. H. A. Ph.D. Assf. Prof. CEBRA, J. J. Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. SUTER. E. M.D. Prof. 8: Head of Depf. g . 3 .1 S' gg. Q -an .,... V. . '-E..-::: 'Z f . . STAINSBY, W. N. WRIGHT. E. B. Sc.D. Ph.D. Assf. Prof. Prof. CRANDALL, R. B. G-IFFORD, G. E. HUNTER, G. W., lll LINDENMANN. J. H. Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. M.D. Insf. Auf' Prof. Lecfurer Inf. Assf. Prof. ?..,,....f.W..... f. WAWXMWWWMWNNWQMM. W...MW,. 5 2 1 3 WE 1 E 1 f QE? I 3 1 . 4 w w 54 - - .,.,,,. ,. h WS E hw. W. Q .5559 w g.. I . ggi Q . ga .W " .N,.z ,. . 4, -, 4. an 1... Q ,Aff.f.W .. - . ':'.:.'ii'-f2fF:::.:i..-Isl?:::. m -:::'-5-::':. :s:1-. -: , eww W - 4: '7Qgwg'Sw. 2051 wi? w H' gm -. . 1 -f-: gf. ff .M Q " Q -"' 1 '- 'P 4 ' 5 .. 'F' Q 4 zz ,, 2, Q 2 9.2 41 Q' W 1 'Q it M' 3 A M qw . . M. Q3 55" '53 5 , w A A vie' .. If rw , .:..-g,. 5.--5- ..:.5::.-.. Z 3.5 -. . in vw me WWW... W...,.M... .N................,W M... WWNN.--M ... w.........W..v...a W... 5,.g,..fg..5 -M ,. ,- ,N,,AN , - . .. .. . .. W3 SM' Af 4,1-15.26 . 2322? ig? 4 we . :ai flees . 5315 J Mg. , ,fish 232 ' . .. ."f'2g:E.::.'-:f: ' , MAREN. T. H. NM " I:.-I " -2 '. S55 if-fgvg f w . 5. .. M D W if -.1 I. -,,:jI-Qig., I .I:5'g"iq-:,':..'.Qf5gQ':"- M 0 , ' ' Q f 2 3 .ai zixgwgiizffiib ff ...vwgvwfgw Wiiiiizwfiiifib N .E..g..... 1 .Aw . .. MW, Q21 ,-, Q . New g.e,g:.,sww ?:E ' 'N:z2?E'z::2fff2g 1 2 eff: figs: f ll - . Swfazmsff W wifi W ww 1 .mzaifi 2 A H PM ...W WW... www' .am Uwfzar..ww iwiagiz, 122 Eifzwiilfwzn V 2.22221 . .. e,.Q.....g1-M Eigwggiggiilffgggflilkvfiii? 2:5513153552D?5?2?i..w53i2Y2iiff gw wwgz. ZQWEQZEZ? QQanHwzefirg.meiwemwavwafswfaaw7 zz Weisz! we, :mimi Ti .0a.m:.w BYVOET, P. MUTHER. T. F, PALMER, R. F. TRAVIS, D. M. Pf1.D., M.D. Pf1.D. M.D. M.D. Assf. Prof. Insf. lnsf. Assf. Prof. EDWARDS J L Prof. x. Heal! Lf Depf. Q 4 5221211aiifiilesiiiiziih1 Emi 68 AREAN. V. M. CESTARIC, E. S. COLUNS, G. H. HACKETT. R. L M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. Prof. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. HENRY. J. B. HOOD, I. SHANKLIN. D. R. M.D. Ch.B.. M.B. M.D. Assoc. Prof. V Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. REEVES, J. D. M.D. Prof. 81 Head of Depf. Deceased 3-6-64 AGEE. O. F, COWAN, G. A. B. DUNAVANT, B. G. M.D. M.D. PI'm.D. Insf. Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof. FITZGERALD, L. T. MAUDERLI. W. MAYER. A. A. WILLIAMS. C. M M.S. D.Sc. M.D. M.D. Inf, In5+, Assoc. Prof. Inf. Insf. Assf. Prof. SCHMIDT. R. P. M.D. V Prof. 81 Head of Dept BIRD, E. M. CADE, J. R. COC-GINS, W. J. CREVASSE, L. E. FLEET, H. M. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. I Inst Asst Prof. Asst Prof. Assoc. Prof. Inst l 33, if- blll- .. I ., gifgm -.-:: ., K 2 I J . K GREEN, J. R. KNIFFEN, J. C. MARTIN, S. P. MELENEY. H. E. NEVIS, A. H M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. PI1.D.. M.D. Asst Prof. Inst Prof. Emerifus Prof. Asst Prof. .,. , A QM sy? f 70 NEWCOMB, T. F. NOYES. W. D. SHIPP, J. C. TAYLOR, W. J M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. Asst Prof. Asst Pro.. Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof. ,. '25 THOMAS. W. C.. JR. WEAVER, R. A. WRIGHT. S. S. M.D. M.D. M.D. Prof. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. SMITH. R. T. Prof. 8: Head of Depf. :,:. bqbll ... . ' . , P :f5 E: :-.259 Ebay' ' X I J ,,,. 1 V it EITZMAN. D.V. ELLIS. E. F. EVANS. J. C. GESSNER. I. H. GREER. M. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. Assoc. Prof. Insf. Insf. Insf. Assf. Prof. KROVEIZ. L. J, LORINCZ. A. E. PEARSON, H. A. SCHIEBLER. Gi L. WEIL. W. B., JR M.D., Ph.D. M.D. M.D. M.D., PI1.D. M.D. Assf. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Assf. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof. WOODWARD. E. R. Prof. 8: Head of Depf HW QE is , -"'V. f "-.f: ANDERSEN. N. B. ANDERSEN, T. W. BARTLEY, TL D. COPENHAVER. R. DRYLIE. D. M. DRAGSTEDT. L. R M.D. M.D.- M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D.. Ph.D. lnsf. Assoc. Prof. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. lnsf. Research Prof. EISENBERG, M. M. ENNEKING, W. F. FRY. R. M. GARCIA- GRAVENSTEIN, J. S. JORDAN. P. H.. JR. M.D. M.D. M.D. BENJOCHEA, F. M.D. M.D. lnsf. Prof. Assf. Prof. M.D. Prof. Assoc. Prof, Assoc. Prof. s A... .oror Mors fsfs ..-.- "" srrr-r M JURKIEWICZ. M. J. KAUFMAN. H. E. MILLER. G. H., JR. PERKINS. H. M. ROBERTS. H. L. RUBIN. M. D.D.S.. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. Ph.D., M.D. M.D. Assf. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Prof. Assf. Prof. Prof. Assf. Prof. SINGLETON. G. T. STEFFEN, T. N. TETLOW. A. WALTON. B. E. WHEAT. M. W., JR. M.D. M.D. MD. M.D. M.D. Assoc Prof 1' . . Assf. Prof. Insf. Ins . Assoc. Prof. PRYSTOWSKY, H. M.D. Prof. 8: Head of Depf 'ev 2 o ff if " ix 5 i V CHRISTMN- C- D- HEINE- M- W- HILL, H. M. MCKERNS, K. STENGER. v. es. M-Du PHD- MD- MD. Ph.D. MD. A5513 Prof- A5517 PVOF- Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Assf. Prof. BEACH. R. O. Assf. Prof. Head of Dept MEDJLLUSTRATIONS 'ATR Prof. 8: Head of Depf. REGAN. P. F. ' V..,.,,, .15 :VV I , - A QVV, I I ""' " .f I- ,. ADAMS. P. L. AINSLIE, J. D. ANTOEI, A. H. BEACH. S. R. CLEMMONS. R. S. CODDINGTON. R D M.D. M.D. P .D. M.S.W. M.D. M.D. Assf. Prof. Assoc. Prof. Assf. Prof. Insf. Insf. Assf. Prof. Se i z ,.-.- 2 s ..,..,..- "'L' ? ':'-' . , ..-- - .1 COGGINS, D. R. FABRICK. A. L. HUTCHINSON, H. W. JONES, M. B. NEWMAN, G. OFFORD. D. R M.D. M.S.W. PI'1.D. PI1.D. M.D. M.D. Insf. Insf. Assoc. Prof. Assf. Prof. Assf. Prof. Insf. 2 - I. . .1 If '-'A Mrfs A. .MMM rsrs . AA A . I -.--, A R f'A" fr. f IAL :II .,., V. PATTIPSHALL. E. G. RUFFIN, W. C.. JR. SCHWAB. J. J. VAUGHN. R. N. WILLIAMS. R. L. WILSON. D. P .D.. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. M.D. PI1.D. Assoc. Prof. Assf. Prof. Insf. Assf. Prof. Prof. Assf. Prof. LECTURES COME FROM MANY SOURCES! , fwfr'-'li' f in ' as ian 4 1 M v ag 'V .' 'af , 5 5 ' V, - Qgijg .. an 3 R ' 1 l sg KM 3 fi 3 Ready Vincelli? , . . Ready Vince? . . . Ready Vince!? . . . Damn IH Whai' do you mean a monkey could do fhis. If YOU Canlf Pick YOUV Sfiff. Did! YOUF mm t 'vs 'Um 'J we wi gf . s5x,mg,L:f' 5 ,, A ya Y ff , ., mia K z Nw Tb Tw W-,mi WPwaT'y'a mean eld Q55 1 Q , fi W, N U 9'lY'? Sme yedll pass Anaicmyl Ifchy, qffchy - Gccp. 0ur Deep Appreciation to Those Wlm Have Patronizell 0ur 1964 RETRDSPFCTRUSCUPE Adams, Paul L., Ph.D., M.D. Ainslie, John D., M.D. Anderson, William H., Jr., M.D. Andrews, John W., M.D. Brady, Louis P., M.D. Brill, Thomas M., M.D. Bufscher, William C., M.D. Campbell, Roy E., M.D. Coker, John L., D.D.S. Collins, George H., M.D. Copenhaver, Richard, M.D. Denham, Sam W., M.D. Dragsfedi, Lesfer R., M.D., Ph.D. Edwards, Joshua L., M.D. Emmel. Leonard G., M.D. Enneking, William F., M.D. Flefcher, John C., M.D. Fregly, Melvin J., Ph.D. Fry, Richard M., M.D. Gilliland, Charles H., M.D. Goodman, Donald C., Ph.D. Graham, Henry H., M.D. Greer, Melvin, M.D. Henry, John B., M.D. Hill, Hugh M.. M.D. Hun+er, Ingram Ingram Kissam, Knauer Kniffen, George W., lll, Ph.D. James M., M.D. William, Jr., M.D. Edward B., M.D. William J., M.D. Jared C., M.D. Lorincz, Andrew E., M.D. Lucas, Howard C., M.D. Marfin, Samuel P., M.D. McClamroch, James M., M.D. Miller, George H., Jr., M.D. Moore, Marlin C., M.D. Newcomb, Thomas F., M.D. Offord. David R., M.D. Ohlwiler, David, M.D. Palmer, Roger F., M.D. Regan, Peier F., M.D. Schieloler, Gerold L., M.D., Ph.D Schmidt Richard P., M.D. ScoH, Thomas E., Jr., M.D. Shanlclin, Douglas R., M.D. Shipp, Joseph C., M.D. Smiih, Richard T., M.D. S+anford, F. DeWiH', M.D. Sfenger, Vinceni G., M.D. Taylor, W. Jape, M.D. Thomas, William C., M.D. Thomas, William C.. Jr., M.D. Turner, Gary E., M.D. Van Arnam, Carl, M.D. Vaughn, Rufus M., M.D. Weigel, Walfer W., M.D. Weil, William, M.D. Wheai, Myron W., Jr., M.D. Williams, Roberl L., M.D. Wilson, James G., Ph.D. Wolfson, Sorrell L., M.D. ADVERTISING Congratulations to the Class oi 1964 from the Pharmacists oi Gainesville Canova Drug Company lVlcCollum Drug Company Canova Prescription Center Medical Pharmacy City Drug Company Thirteenth Pharmacy Florida Pharmacy Vidal Drug Company Gresham Drug Store Westside Pharmacy Hoffman Pharmacy Wise's Drug Store Liggett llexall Drug Store Wise's Pharmacy Surveying village health needs, an SKGF Foreign Fellow examines a child in Kurali, near New Delhi, India. INDIA TANGANYIKA IRAN GUATEMALA At hospitals and medical outposts a long way from the classroom, medical students learn to cope with unfamiliar diseases, help to provide much-needed medical services to people in underdeveloped areas of the world, and contribute to international under- standing and good will. This unusual opportunity to work and study in for- eign countries is offered to students through the Foreign Fellowships Program of Smith Kline St French Laboratories. Administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the program has enabled 123 students to work in 40 different countries during the past four years. Junior and senior medical stu- dents are eligible to apply for Fellowships, which provide for an average of 12 weeks' work abroad to be completed before internship. Students who are interested in Fellowships should apply through the deans of their schools. Smith Kline 81 French Laboratories A ISHES OR H o MACEUTICAL E TION RARITAN, NEW JERSEY Tampa Gdl'W65W.!!6 .xgnclemon Surgicaf sgtftldldfy Company cisieruice jo .7412 Wechcaf prokaoion jar Wearfy a .Nay aenfurg 7, fl PKIEVIZYMVCQ Orfamdo n Compliments of Ralph G. Smith, Jr. Representative Warner-Chilcott Laboratories Morris Plains New Jersey KEY PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. MIAMI 37, FLORIDA Florida's Leading Ethical Drug Manufacturer NITROGLYN PROTERNOI. CARBAIVIINE TI-IEO-NAR AIVISUSTAIN SPASTICOI. , HYASORB PENICILLIN THE HOUSE OF SUSTAINED ACTION MEDICATION DR. JAMES C. MUNCH .,....' I BERNARD FRIEDLAND Medica, Dhedo, A? Assistant Medical Director ITT ijt- V :fir L5 Congratulations Class of 'B4 Joseph Panello, Jr. 3144 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville 7, Florida Schering Corporation Bloomfield, New Jersey Cl BA WAN., IQWCA JJ 74.2 jmfrrfon Robert G. Kopp 5424 Sanders Road Jacksonville 11, Florida Hospital Barber Shop Patient Care Room H-I4 Ground Floor ours 8-5:30 FHM. Mon. h S M6Kz'nnQ1-Green, Inc IQQJ gifafe Worfgagea .xdlofara bag genefaf .9ll5llJ'al'lCe 1010 Mniuerdify .fduenue Plane 372-3617 as TIIE CIINCEPT 0F ESTATE AND FINANCIAL PLANNING lfan it he applied to you now or in the future? Is it possihle to save taxes-Estate. Gift, or Incolne? ls your will out of date, or do you have a will? Shouhl you conduct your practice as an individual, partnership, or corporation? Can the Iieogh Ilill or the Florida Professional Service Corporation Act help you? Yvill it ever? Nlore than 25 combined years of service to physicians can answer these and other questions that you nlay have in ternls of yollr situation. EXCLFSIVE REPRESENTATIVES 0F NATIIINAL ASSIICIATIIIN 0F RESIDENTS AND INTEIINS PIIYSICIANS PLANNING SERVICE COBeI'0IIAeTION Louie Il. Yvood. C.L.I'. Giles F. Toole. l'.I..I'. Stephen F. Forenlan 200-212 Ilaas-Ilowell Bldg. 2I9 S. falhoun Street .'i0lA First National Atlanta. Georgia. IHIIHII Tallahassee. Florida llrlando. Florida Phone: -IA I-l2l2 Pllone: 221-2II-I Phone: 4211-8000 86 Bank MOTEL and RESTAURANT COMPLETE FACILITIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS OFF PREMISE CATERING THE GENERAL GAINES STEAK ROOM Motel Phone Resfaurani' Phone FR 2-3311 FR 6 8266 N ff an 'R-N,3-NLPLQP V ' X I 1 ,Sr ,-. ev 4 W x . unlvetglf F'+. , lvl ll -1. I - -K ' I fy , '--1 "'?',- A 1-vi k -'-L ---,f rg hu 1 V-1 I Q qv- w vAcANcv .lllllllee "I.:.,a!::f1 ummnnumuneuuuu numum Q El V . E H 'E 1 'I 'I' 'F - 'Mg , ! My 5:5 . ras. 5:15 AI.: 1 1 1... ""!L. I sf' R R R 1 .22 ' W 1 M a V . I E5 1 fi 1 - A -me , I wir I Wi . I -QF!!! E' ' --5 .r v .-e- t2,, I. 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Sfaff Service Cenfer for fLe xHealfA Center Services xgncluvle Complete 1300A Service miCroSCOpeS enflecbcal Supphes Sfudenf Suppkes reefing Carrls fprofessional Coafs lmofo qQellinisAing V,.fs'z:5:s:::.,- V5-M55 ,,,- Q-2555555251 "ver: ,--v-' ., flzi Ir ' :.::j ijlfj' f2'r: 5: ':':'A' 53:52-:I5Q5Qr:EgE:f" -- ,. .,A,. ,A 5.:,-g21::,iEE5:g:,:..: ::.g:g:.:.::5:5.5.:g:53 . 5512 , rgvgszzgrg:-' '-tgzfk, 1.j.2.--2,2511 .grf:'r-'- .5" " 'i:f:3:5:':f '3::'. .. '::':5f:EE5:-,25'234521,:,:Q:::Q:,:,.:.,:5E5..,,,. ,1 , , oe A " ' if """ V,--,'-. 'XX ' 6. : -"' + -,. " ..f-fyfg Q 3:11 -.,.. ,.I555:asE555:pg45555555555535525251512251251 ,.,., 1 ,... l"'4 I ,, A o ,. W o, A if ,,A. . . V " ii- . ., 1 - :1 5f f5 " ' : ",' ,,'.. ooooo o e e o 5 1- A "Favorite Among People R ES Tl ll R A NTS 1,3 Who Are Going P1aces" 2310 S.W. 13th Street Gainesville, Fla 6995 S jlgl JJM ., jim Ofigznaf Jltafan Samlwicl Jcng .Size SanJwicLe4 gzvmp ae, 819 Yflniueraify PAW 372-6582 .xduenue Sm, EBAUZI' fl Be Sure To Take My Pulse Whenever You Come In, 66Saves Me Doctor Bills, You Knew." Best Of Luck To All GPF? E5 14 S. W. lst Street OFIJQPAOMJQ FR 2-2405 C pl t l LEWIS JEWELRY COMPANY u 7' all ' gaine5Ifi!L2 oZl2az!ing Jewekrd ' Q 'fa 30" OW' -fa Quaffef Century Most Desirable Apparel for Mew and Women WATCHES DIAMQND5 225 W. University Ave. Gainesville, Florida JEWELRY EXPERT REPAIRING 200 W. University A Ph FR 24-IO6 phone 376-3502 Best Wishes Class t I964 Comphmenfs of 5:2223 fjlom xjfarolman Clarfls Sgell Service gresAmanE SMP .Dome CAemicals gnc. Charles Clark Wepresenfaf 2- -..- gg, .,,,,, 11 , '.'- 2 ...E ,.,,, I -, ' " -1 We Le V f5 O V1 je we le V5 .:i. 5"'E':'l . digg 211 w. UNIVERSITY Ave. GAINESV Ll..E. FLORIDA JONES-JOHNSON FUNERAL WILLIAMS-THOMAS Harold A. Johnson REGISTERED FUNERAL DIRECTOR Nt. rgigtfigha 404 North Main puma ee I icinus '97QtQf:?5r' Gainesville, Florida 4 Hour lAir Conditionedl Ambulance Service . . S Al b af Fkanklln 6-561 '?W""f5I . M W W. sour:-I MAIN AT FOURTH AVENUE SMVVUMWHIZWCQ CUWWI GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 53,165 yggg Best Wishes from Citizens Bank of Gainesville, Gainesville's progressive bank on the go. Our friendly staff will be glad to explain our full bank services and how We may best serve you. For bmafemcg on Ike ga G0 Wzfb Czfzienr CITIZENS OF GAIN Member F.D.l.C. IO E. University Ave sr:-nu-ww " wma 1 W1 M495 2""!.'55f4915SZS1 W' a 2 Z S f 2 E 5 -,M..W..W,,.w My Q , 1 , Lb. w,,,,w..,,.w.m.f.-1-,,. WWW. ,.-Mm1m.-ymfuwmmi,M..-.,..,.,.,.,W,,V,1M, ,NM T , J-Hiww J,m,,,,,,,,,,,W,,,,mw, ,

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