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 - Class of 1933

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,K -if s f 6 J u 6 ,. I Q X n Ikif-IL .A Au 52 :gy 32 .. .il - .' 1 Q- ' 'vi n I 4 ,:'z'x jing 1 .I ,V 3 - , . ,.,'-'X 'Av 'Y Q ' ' -H-+LWffLq'f, 'L I f.. 1 .N Q-'za - .1 E'-i"'5l5a ss JK , ,, s ' ' 4 1 - 'kwa 2 ,. 1' X- 'lil fi' ,c -gi . W ' 1 I L 3 1' V . .Z , A ,wi A .T . il I 1 I 1 ij v I V P . 1415! Q4 Rx t 4 5 J 5 '1 V 1 . J 4 S '4 A , 5 I V O 3 'i 3, 5 fl Q urn' w . I. . . .s, ' x 3 'YK 3 1' 1' Q A M51- 21 -' . 'lf H f.. AV 4 L I COPYRIGHT Glen Whisler . . 4. . . .Editor-in-Chief Eugene Copeland . . . . Business-Manager Ruth Ellen Woolcott . . . Faculty Advisor Gene and Glen clo a well-rehearsed act 3 ,3 5 fill!! fin Q Q . Q' Q W 6' I u , t , :yt 5 il ' 5 4 Jl. all 4 F fx S ?N 1 lf 5 1 R I - S, Q, N 3, .3 ,Q E '. A DYWGHI E hlilef . . gfibeland , I 'MU Mana er 9 'fn Woolcott . . WIQY Advisor n-If if """"".--"Aff" ' sed ad 1' .? if THE ARGUS PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE JUNIOR CLASS 0F FINDLAY COLLEGE FINDLAY, OHIC O OUR BELOVED EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, MISS DEDICATED MYRTLE DEIvIING',,FOR I-IER LONG YEARS OE PATIENT SERVICE, EOR I-IER CAPACITY AND WILL- INGNESS T0 SI-IARETI-IE BURDENS OE OTI-IERS, EGR I-IER UNQUENCI-IABLE SPARK CDE CI-IEEREULNESS IN TI-IE FACE OE OVERWHELMING GBSTACLES, WE, TI-IE CLASS OE I934, DO AEEECTIONATELY AND GRATEFULLY DEDICATE TI-IIS ARGUS. ff ' ff PP fl j L, O if fxf iff' ,- ff X MISS MYRTLE DEMING FOREWORD E I-IAVE PREPARED TI-IIS BOOK TI-IAT IT MAY SERVE AS A TANOIBLE LINK BETWEEN COL- LEGE DAYS AND TI-IE DIVERSE WAYS OE BUSINESS LIFE. ff ff PP IE, TI-IIRTY YEARS I-IENCE, IT SI-IOULD RE- CALL TO A READER SOIVIE PLEASANT INCIDENT, OR WORTI-IY DEED, OR EOROOTTEN ERIENDSI-IIP, OUR EFFORTS WOULD. BE OENEROUSLY REWARDED. ff INTRODUCTION CAMPUS BEAUTIES ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS CCNTENTS 4' 1,4 f'.v 0 ' ' 5 J A' r xg If ay? Q 1 nl 'L by WINTER SPRING '5"Lw ixfwf' I M ik.- 5 , fx Y, f - - 4. ,-afA - '-J . Q, ,. ,.., If f In .,..' i. fig-KP. L , 'ffl u ,I . Ir. :fi f .4 f f o-in I 1 U SUMMER FALL f TN' f I- f, ff, 1 1 , X .' gi , 1 f N4 IFA N JKT? Axil , r+,.LJ Q , 1 5 'X 5: ' s LJ .D ' ' '1 F:i'S3'T, Q "W 11 35, xx,--. IJ ' x up x.5,,v . ' .-- gg s wx-fx ,wif-X . 17 FALL W If I gsfuff , X J X, -,.,1,f js! Z ' j 'nf' 5 41' ' A,-. v,.. 1,4 ' ' ji, J! 1 ff , 1 ali' ff Q. Y Q ,MV ,, Q av' - 0 fl f:41Q3?f'. '1 .1 :'1 .,, L. ,.F, -ajaw 1 ,tu 05,1 qi . xx :+gR"",y nv r , My Wy .f X, I E Q 1 i V 44 ,, f "'ig'T'f'7mA , gvygvmx' J, , ,:,g,wxy ff, yf h ,- ...N 'H,:.....- Y-"S'LJ'v " . A Nj 4 xg! GRIFFITH ARCH ,ff A X X ,MN muh , 2. xx '. :KY 6 ' x wx' w,,... Nw, N X , ,W SSOCIATION ROCK , .Q X 1 , W km Q JW , XNV X fC 1 1 xx .14 Q1 , K ' , . DMINISTRATICDN FY Q A 3 , i E. fl, 5 .Y .!' ? ,P 1 ai g -I ,V 'A . i I L s V ! is f 1 1 A E 4 1 5. Y Y' Y Y A ' ' Q , Y 5' 4" ug- --'gf' '-' ' '--A --,A Y - S i I Ei 4 , 1 v f 1 i' - ! F " ii jUNE1932 T i COLLEGE HISTCRY HERE had been agiTaTion Tor a denorninaTional college supporTed by The Church oT Cod 'Tor Two decades prior To lvlay, I88I, aT which Time deTin'iTe sTeps were TirsT Talcen. ATTer nnuch negoTiaTion, Find- lay was selecTed as The siTe, and The cornersTone was laid in l884. PP if PP The presenT campus was Then a heavily wooded secTion, wiTh'no surrounding dwell! ings. The college has since passed Through a varieTy oT diTliculTies, and iTs survival and ulTin'1aTe achieve- menT oT success is an indicaTion oT The undying loyalTy oT The church supporTing iTi Pf PP -Pr won her recogniTion TirsT on April 4, l93 I, when she was ad-, n'iiTTed inTo The Ohio AssociaTion oT Colleges: and again on April 2 I, I933 on ioining and being accrediT-1 g W ed by The NorTh CenTral AssociaTion oT Colleges and 4 UniversiTies. ff ff PP D T N - I 1 s .FE 1 .A A r gr 1 i i E HISTORY .P F f0T'Cff for a denominaioie i A Ve Church oi Qodiorf. 552, ai which 'fiinedeiz L Le' ffuch negoiiaiioniih 1 s"e and ihe cornersiohiwe '-2 Uesen? campus was' z 3- 'Nh no surroundinqfi 2 - -1- ceased 'rhrough aviie? 1,'ii3'5 and uiiimaie aciwi - 3' 152301 oi 'the urICiYiU9i5'i i - -fgfeiiiiiiiii 4 gQ3l, whcin shew -1 sssciaion of Colleqesiai ' 5 b ing aww -- 'gaining an 9 .K F Colieqew , :mggiaiion 0- 9 , D timleio Sggh Sifevens- HUH. Heiges. Dusiin, Davis, Miller icleceasedi, He-Hi BallinkhlgnjQl3ZZig.rS'Bauders, Dunafhan, Lobb, Grose, Whisier, Cunningham BGARD OF TRUSTEES A.. PRESIDENT HOMER DUNATHAN FIFTY years have conTrilouTed To The prep- araTion oT This parTicular greeTing. IT should have come lasT year. IT rnighT have corne neXT year. lT has come This year. l-lere iT is. 'P W rf l-learTiesT greeTings and rnosT meaningTul, good wishes To The Findlay College STudenTs oT The crowning year Hail To you, Tor progress made and crediTs earned. l-lail To Findlay, Tor goals reached and accrediTing won. We have lighTed a Torch. The way ahead is brighT, There are no shadows. lT is The glory as oT midday. T7 PP ff l-low Tar ahead can you see? PP PP D lsn'T liTe greaT? ff PP HOMER R. DUNATHAN PresidenT DunaThan re- ceived his A. B. aT Findlay, I9l7g his lvl. A. aT Colum- loia, l927, and is pursuing graduaTe sTudy TurTher aT Ohio 'STaTe UniversiTy. ATTer exTensive public school supervisory worlc he loecame presidenT oT Findlay College in l929, and has labored Tirelessly in her loehalT ever since. Eighteen WNATHAN "6 :rep- '.. L C. lr . IZ... .ave " ' -ec-re -. . V rs.. 1 .. .- Q-qi? .L - v.l e 'relay "Q year 3-E 3'3 EC 3"3 'EES 55 mn S , ...ry J 'ees C50 iUNATHAN 3.-if fe' A. gjfglay. 'P 1 i . , 3. Cjallm 4 ccdfswnq , . : ,Jer Bl 'L F 'lersllyl , . . :C .. owl .Me y' ju f ,385 o ' -.1929 hegesgly reg ' ' me? Slncei girlifw' Carroll A. Morey Dean A Professor of Chemisfry A. B., Oberlin College lvl. Se., Universify of Colorado Ph. D. parfial, Universify of Chicago Bernifa Dreifzler Dean of Women Professor of English A. B., Oberlin College A. lvl., Oberlin College Ph. D. res., Columbia Universify Rayrnonol lvl. Oonso Dean of Men Professor of Philosophy A. B., Finollay College A. lvl., Yale Universify Ph. D. res., Yale Universify Nineteen Roberl A. l-lonn Professor of Psychology 'A A. B., Johnson Bible College M. T. l-l., Johnson Bible College B. C. S., Soulhweslern Normal M. A., Universily of Michigan Ph. D., Universily of Michigan William C. Levan Professor of Biology , A. B., DePauw Universily A. M., Universily of Michigan Ph. D., Universily of Pennsylvania James R. Mock Professor of l-lislory A. B., DePauw Universily M. A., Universily ol Wisconsin Ph. D., Universily of Wis ' J G- ff ' X1 LZ Twentv i l , ff? I i -,-v y . Ralph E. l-leiges Professor of Polilical Science A. B., Ursinus College A. M., Columbia Universily Ph. D., Columbia Universilry Roy J. Werlheim Professor of Romance Languages A. B., Ohio Srare Universily A. M., Chicago Universily Yale K. Rools Professor of Physics and lvlalhemalics B. S., Woosler lvl. A., New Yorlc Universily Ph. D. res., New York Universily Twenty-One ' l ,. l 1 lf, l J. Russell'Buc:her Professor of Theology ancl Greek A. B., Findlay College B. Th., Princelon l lvl. Th., Princelon 1 P W. A. Bair l Professor of Educalion A. B., Findlay College P lvl. A., Ohio Slale Universily Ph. D. res., Ohio Slale Universiiy ,A V James L. Deming 1 i l Professor of English IA. N., Cincinnali Universiiy M. A., Belhany College ff lvl. A., Yale Universily ' Ph. D., work compleled al Yale ' 'iieiil l l Twenty-Two l Tvwlw Sluarl K. Holcomb Direclor of Physical Educalion A. B., Ohio Srale Universily Calherine Ellis Librarian and Eacul+y'Secre+ary I Miami Universily I B. S., Ohio Norlhern Universily Rulh Ellen Woolcoll Direclor of Dramalics and Public Speaking A. B., Wes+ern Maryland College London Universily, England TwentyfTh'fee Oliver Schumacher Direclor o1cSJrring lnslrurnenl' Blufllon College lnslilule of Musical Ari Annamary DeVeFJrer Acling Direclor of Conservalory Graduale Dunmire School of Music A. B., Findlay College B. Mu., Findlay College Wendell Sanderson Direclor of Vocal Music A. B., Nebraska Weslern . Twenty Four v h EI' ler 'Y Music Cn 1' Alberla l-lull lns+ruc+or ol: Pipe Crgan Findlay College Conservalory Isabel Tisolale lnslruclor ol Piano B. Mu., Findlay College Loiiie Wallers lnslruclor of Piano Twenty 'Five Jolwn W. Wlwisler Field Secrelary A. B., Findlay College lvl. A., Findlay College lvlyrlle Deming Execulive Secrelary Findlay College Commerce School Mable King O1CFice'Secre+ary Findlay Business College Twenty-Six uiff' E. E. lvlagoon Direclror of Commercial Deparlmenl A. B., Findlay College Clifford lvlygranl Commercial lnslruclor Findlay Business College TwentyfSeven LASSES . I r V i IF ,V r, 3 Eg if i, mf I Q 3- Q z 9' 1-P, K .14 5 , i I 5 T PV. i s W I X i X 1 5. X D 1 Y F i il X i 1' 5 .AQ I v I D 2 XDA ii SHADOWS ON THE DOOR SENICJRS Q . S ' s HE PREXY SAYS GOODBYE Presiderw SeniorClassq Chair- man Dramafic Club, 41 AH1- lelric Edi+or Argus, 33 Sfuderfr Council, 47 ArisJro+eIian LiJrer- ary Socie+y, I-2-3. ,WX C L O Y D ,BAUGHMAN 1 ,NEL ,ARM V 2, 5 1 1' i 6 e f . n Lv, I M EEe xxxx QQ oYD JGHMAN NELLE ARNOLD Y. W. C. A.. 4 yrs.: Srucle-nr Volunreers, 4 yrs.: Arisrore- Ilan Lire-rary Socielry, I-2-31 Dramaribc Club, 43 Archery Club, 33 "Pandora's Box." 4 sf F 73? l 5 'if' C 5 i X C " ,Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs., Cabinel, uf 'f 'S f :Cr e X ?"' 3'2- K .1 ! I 3-41 Arislrolelian Lilerary So- ciery, I-2-31 Pre-Siuenii Dra- mafic Club, 4, Rambling Pep- pers, 3, Presidenl Arislrols, 4, pianisl, 2, criric, Ig Sludenl Council, 2-4, Argus Lilerary Eclilor, 2, Snapslwol Ediror, 31 Glee Club, I-33 SeC'y-'l'reas- urer of Class, 3, May Queen Alrlenolanl, 3. l STA' BEF Sf.- l ,r x E l l S my Q X ff: It N ELEN All STANLEY B E A C H Foolball, 2-33 Tackle of Cham- pionship Team of l926g Bas- lcelball, 33 Allendecl Bowling Green College summers of '30, '3l, '32, Preside-n+ Aris+oJrs, 23 Chap- lin, I-33 PresiclenJr S+uden+ Volurfreers, 2-31 Peace Cra- Jrion Winner'gAxAX3g S+udenJr Council, 2-3-4. MARGARET B E A R D I"' f'I'l W I 'JJ , ' 51 E ii X3 5 HZGARET C E A RD Girls' Glee Club, Ig Arislo lelian Clwaplin, lgVarsi+y Bas lcelball, Ig Clworus, 2-33 Y. W C. A. Cabinel, 2-31 lvlinisle rial Associalion, 4 yrs., Sec relary, 27 Debale Club, 2 Peace Oralion Winner, 2. X Class Treasurer, I, Vice-Presb clenl, 3, Peranian, I-2-31 Foolbell, 4 yrs.: Baslcelball, l- Zg Baseball, I-2, Argus arlisl, 2-33 Sluclenl Council Presi- denl, 3: Presidenl Debale Club, 3, Clmorus, I-25, Y. lvl. C. A., l-2: Publicily Slaall, I- 2-3q "Ba'rrreHs of Wimpole S+reeJr.'l ' VAUGHN N QQ BLAUVEL Qf 1' ' f , S j is Q UG Hi xUVVf W i L f F 'L Z' 3 I L LYDIA BOWMAN Siudeni Council, 2, Argus I-lumor Edifor, 3: Chorus, I- 2g Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2-33 Presidenf Pi Epsilon Pi, 33 Rarnblingpeppers, 33 Arisfo- Telian Liferary Socie'ry, I-2- 33 Baske+ball, I-2, May Queen Aifenoianf, 2-33 Prei- +ies+ Co-Ed, 2-3. Varsify Baskefball, Ig Peren- ian, 4 yrs.gQY. W. C. A., 4 yrs.: Chorus, 4 yrs.: Peranian Secrefary, 23 "Second Child- hoocl,"W 23 "Pa+'s Malrrimonial Troubles," 3. A DeVOTA CUMMINS HO of' E -QS S - X 'Q VOTA MMIN5 OM DENN L .! .,.RJ w if K Lv if Foolball, I-2-3, Y. MI C. A., 4 yrs., Secly-Treas., I, Presi- elenl, 23 Sporl Ecliror Orange Peal, 23 Arislol Treasurer, Ig lvlinislerial Associalion, 4 yrs., Baseball, 4. P' ! Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs., Cabinel, 2, Vice-Presiclenlr, 3, Presi- clenl, 43 Glee Club, lg "Pan on a Summer's Day," 23 "Sec:- ond Cl1ildl'1ood," 2, Fealure Eclilor ol Argus, 33 May Queen Allenclanl, 3, Einslein Club, 3, Sluclenl Council, 3- 4, "The Open Road," 4. :F ESTHER DREISBACH l j xi V' AR f H E R SBACH W A T Minisferial Associaion, 4 yrs.: S+uden+ Volunfeer, I-2- 33 Y. M. C. A., I-2-33 Arisfo- felian Liferary Socie+y, I-2-31 Baskefball B Team, 4 yrs.: Champions, 354. I Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs.: Arislo- lellan Lilerary Sociely, I-2- 3gCap ancl Dagger Dramalic Club, 41 Rambling Peppers, 3: Varsily Baskelball, lg Rec- realion Club, lg Archery Club, Ig Secrelary of Senior Class. ' GLADYS will KIN W is s ADYS KIN L E E FREDERICK I Y. M. C. A., 4 yrs.: Cabinet 21 Srudenlr Volunlreer, 4 yrs.: Arisfof, I-2-33 "The l3H1 Chair," 23 Baskerball, 37 Or- ange Peel S+aPF, I-23 Chorus, 4 yrs. iff r 9 K f Fooiball, I-27 Y. M. C. A., 4 yrs.gCabihe+, 3gClass Vice- I President 33 Siucleni Coun- cil, 43 Eins1'ein .Club Vice- Presicieni, 3, Presicleni, 4. , f if , . f - M4 tfyyv aff K GRI f-WW AROLD MM '1 I X ROLD :MM THOMAS JORDAN Assisfanlr in General Chemis- Jrry, 23 Assisfanlr in Organic Clwemisfry, 3-41 Aris+o+elian Liferary Sociefy, 3-43 Einslrein Club, 3-43 Vice-Presiclen+ Bio- Chemical Club, 423 f ffefffz We ie Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs., Vice- Presiclenl, 43 Arislol, I-2-3: Sluclenl Council, 31 Arislol Secrelary, 31 "Pals First" 31 Cap and Dagger, 43 Ram- bling Peppers, 3-43 May Queen, 4. V E UNDENMAN S T A E S T A WDENMAN IRENE MacLAUGHLIN SX YYX.:s.s- W. C. A. Li+e-rary Soci Jry I 23 G I VarsI+y Tenni 34 l l I 1 1 l f 1 ci af-Q ll O 1 BMW' ? 411 X' fl 4: Mall , f'V'-"-'01 Foolrball, 4 yrs.: Baslcelball, 4 I yrs.: Baseball, 4 yrs.: Class Secrelary, 2: "Jean Marie," l 4: Presiclenl Cap and Dag- ger, 4: Y. M. C. A., 4 yrs.: Secrelary of Arislolelian LH- erary Socielry, 3-4. H U G H MCCLINTOCK Q' , l - 1 ! ll 1 ill 1-T FX :C E. CD G FS F J 1' -0' I ARC c Wifi? Y . I .., , Arislolelian Lilerary Sociely, I-2-33 Debale Club, 23 Good Will Team, I-2-33 Dramalic Club, 4. Gracluaring in Music: Chorus, 3 yrs.: 0rcl'1es+ra, 3 yrs.: Band,3g RmmbHng Peppem, 3: Arisjrorelian Lilrerary Soci- e+y,I-21 HThe hAesdahf' 23 "Rose Maiden," 3: Conserv- akwy RecHak,2-3gCMqan Reciral, 3. EVA :Nfl Y if:---gf ,fQ745.Lfaa Sludenl Council, 2-3, Dra- malic Club, 4, "Craig's Wife", "Wl1a+ Happened +0 Jones"g"Tl1e Barrels of Wim- pole S+ree+": Foollaall, I-21 Baslcelball, li Varsily Base- ball, 4 yrs.: Foolball Man- ager, 3-41 Peranian Vice- Presidenl, 43 Y. lvl. C. A. Cabinet I-2-37 Argus Sporl Edilror, 2. ' OBII Orclwesjrra Pianisi, 4 yrs., Chorus, I-2-3, Chapel Pian is+ I-2-3, Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs.: Peranian Liierary Soci- eiy, 4 yrs., Peranian Secre Jrary, 2, Class Reporjrer, I. C M - Q l 5 UUE RRY W ROBINSON ILMA Arisfofelian Liferary Socie-Ty, I-2-31 Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs.: Rambling Peppers, 3-43 Cap and Dagger, 4. Transfer from Jrlwe Women's College ol Jrlwe Universily of Norllw Carolina: Y. W. C. A., 41 Clfmorus, 4: Conservelory Qrclmeslra, 41 Chapel Or- clfeslra, 4. I MARTHA R OAY ER vi ge I R l l l l l l l l lf l sll l dlp llol A Q ,. .wi 5, V. E l S l BER SH' l l l l l i l l BERNICE RTHA Nfl A l Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs., Secre Jrary, 3, Cabinel, 4, Perannan Lilerary Sociely, 4 yrs., Sec- relrary, 2, Vice-President 33 Clworus, 4 yrs., Bio-Chemical Club, 43 Cap and Daqqer, 4, Treasurer, 4, Rambling Pep- pers, 3-4, Class Vice-Presh dent May Day Pxllrenolanl "Wl1a+l-lappened +0 Jones,' 2, "The Open Road," 4. Aris1'oJre-Ilan Liferary Sociefy, I-2-33 Cap and Dagger, 43 Mod Popular Co-Ed, 23 Ram- bling Peppers, 3. 1 am AH 5 .Kr QJ I 'xqnf-"' V X CAROLYN E S N O" OK X iLYN E- of0K GUYNYTH STOUGH Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs., secre- Jrary, 2, Cabinel, 2-3-43 Aris- lolelian Lilerary Sociely, l- 2-3g Secrelary, 3, Cap and Dagger, 43 Sluclenl Council Secrelary, 31 Debale Club, 23 Eclilor-in-Clwiel of The Ar- gus, 31 Prelliesl Co-Ed, 4 Rambling Peppers, 3gGrcl1es- fra, lg May Queen Allen- danl, 3. . r SML., e.a.Q,,,,,Q, Fodrball, 4 yrs.: Baske+loall, I- Z: Tennis, lg Vice-Presidenf Debafe Club, 23 Arisfdrelian Life-rary Socielry, I-2-33 "Pals First" 33 Cap and Dagger, 4. 2 ,xx ,, ' 1' xo Ng fs 4 3 r 1 gl ,ICHN TITSWORTH X QS g H N NORTH LESTER VANSANT Foolball, 4 yrs., Caplaln, 41 3 Vice-Presiolenl Einslein Club, 31 Bio-Chemical Club, 43 Cap and Dagger, 41 "Barrels of Wimpole Slree-l," 43 Base- ball, l-Zgfxrislolelian Lilerary Sociely, I -2-3. M, W 5 A i Rambling Peppers, Presi- cienr, 43 Chorus, 3-43 Band, 3-43 Y. M. C. A., 3-43 Minis- Jrerial Associarion, 3-43 "Wi1a+i-lappened ro Jones," 33 Traek, 3-43 Cross-Couniry Track, 43 lnrrarnural Basker- ball and Fooiball, 3-43 Per- anian Lilrerary Socieiy, 33 Siudeni Voiunieer, 3-4. H A R,V WAGNER, Jr EY Class President 2-31 Arislol Presiclenl, 2,1 Sluclenl Coun- cil Vice-Presiclenl, 2, Presi- clenl, 33 Class Reporler, 43 Foolball, l-2-31 Baslcelball, 4 yrs., B Tearng Baseball Varsily, l-2, Caplain, 3-43 Einslein Club, 4. E Y i ' i ,V 4. f r fi 1. , Z ? , Us ri' r nf? K. P- ' RV V rs, P if I Y. W. C. A., 4 yrs., Cabinet 9 3-4, Treasurer, 41 Arisfofe- Ilan Liferary Socie+y, I-2-33 V px. Glee Club, lg"Pan on a Sum- A1 mer Day," 23 Cap and Dag- st1 ger, 4, Treasurer of Senior rr-"--" Class, 4. I 1 . 1- , ARY r 'M WEITZ 1 i, , 1 4 4 4 4 ARYB :TZ Now ussEN zos, THESE DUES Y HERE'S A SPIRITED BUNCH ff ff ff ss HAT wiTh being responsible in The adminisTraTion oT several organizaTions oT The school, members oT The Junior class have had guiTe a busy year oT iT. This year more Than ever, has The bulk oT responsibiliTy in ac:TiviTies Tallen upon The Juniors, and as usual, They have come Through in good sTyle. 'P PP ff The class oT '34 has been one oT The besT spiriTed classes To pass Through Findlay's halls, and will leave aT graduaTion nexT year, a Truly proud record. D D D FirsT row: Mable SmiTh, Guess, Hauman, Gohlke, Gardner, Phillips, Eimas, ArmbrechT, ZumpTT, and Shank. f' Second row: Madeline SmiTh, MclnTyre, Davis, Cramer, Bishop, Halderman, Marquai-T, Royer, Marzohf, Schulfz, Zinzer, Bricker, Jacobs, HoTTman, and Whisler. " Third row: Chambers, Reamsnyder, Dukes, Correll, Treece, Musgrave, NewTon, PeTers, Snyder, Conzola, McGraTh, Haas, Guyer, and Fahl. , lxf-,N ,rigs Q XX N ns Feel' mares. bl' lf no less Than 6 expression GT scrap ol The mores beca' Tillreen minnif aT Tlie close T Spiriled Tres going job aT responsibilifl and Tasks The all il did. TT Qfeal many i arsliip, clubs, Tor leadership Conlinue To G Ollicen, who Brinker, Vic TP Gllvlsort XX -r ,Q X - S S S l " rr ll '5l'0n of several lunior class have ll T '. has The hulloT T id as usual, Tliey L y '34 has been one , fs halls, and will l i T uv ii ii , l A L -Chi, Z pit and Shall- ' l arl' Rcryriemr, Mar1olT. Sfhulllr dei: Dulres. Cowell' Tfeece' , l i l 1 l 3 the .3 V T THE CLASS OF 1934 N ITS Freshman year, The Class oT '34 sTarTled everyone, especially The Sopho- mores, by revolTing againsT some oT The indigniTies heaped upon iT. There were less Than a halT-dozen piTched baTTles aT various poinTs on The campus, as an no ex ression oT The deTiance riTe among The Frosh. The mosT vigorous imprompTu F3 scrap oT The year occurred in The Y. lvl. rooms, when The ouTnumbered Sopho- mores became panic-sTriclcen and rang in The upperclassmen. A very lively TiTTeen minuTes was enioyed by all, alThough The upperclassmen held The paddles aT The close oT The TesTiviTies. And They all wenT on The carpeT TogeTher. TT 77 PP SpiriTed Freshmen malce good Sophomores, and This class did a very Thorough- going iob oT inTroducing The succeeding class To college liTe. Tempered a biT by . . .. . Cl yes res onsibiliTy, The class plunged deeply inTo acTiviTies, assuming many u i P and Taslcs ThaT mighT have been avoided, and lending vigor and enThusiasm To all iT did. The aThleTic sTrengTh oT The Class oT '34 had proved iTselT, and a greaT many varsiTy sTaTions were securely held by iTs members. ln music, schol- arship, clubs, dramaTics, in everyThing, The class Torged ahead, Training iTselT Tor leadership. PP PP PP Now, as Juniors, This group has won iTs laurels, and will conTinue To climb To bigger and beTTer goals, during iTs Tinal year. ff D D The oTTicers, who worlced well and long, were George McDonald, presidenT3 CarlTon ' ' E lflei es, Briclcer, vice-presidenT, Zoe Bishop, secreTary-Treasurer, and ProT. R. . g advisor. up 7: as 7: nr 1-.. X w L ,X X X xx- X 1' , Q, 5 , jx I an X' x X 1, xx X. Mk xx. f X l xbYkNfE1'ivj Y 4 f ', m,1- soPHoMoREs Q f Hia 'I . I :A if I!!! QA 4 W ANS? Skis Q I ms? ig gs Qv 5 if 2? 2353535 . 1 Q! if 0. I I I 9 f' 99 I . I I S I II 4 XII ,I 'I I I QTQ7 QSC? g ,TTI I I 1 II A POTLESS FRESHMAN GETS AN INVITATION THEY HAD TO TAKE IT, BECAUSE . . . CLASS Jrhar gol The surprise of ils life was Jrhal of l935, a group whose dominance in Frosh-Soph allairs rhis year, had never been challenged. PP PP ff As Freshmen, Jrhis class had been far from subserv- ienr ro Sophomore sugqeslions, and Jrhe upperclassmen had smiled Jroleranrly and rubbed lheir hands in pleasanr expecralion when excire- menl seemed lo be in The orling. Nor were Jrhey disappoinled. PP PP Firsl' row: Troul, Funk, Burley, Block, McMillan, Perry, Copeland, Schlecly, Sloll, Mello'H, Karvasales, Kohr, and Jones. rf Second row: H. Hagqerry, L. Haggerry, Fosrer, Widen, Shuclc, Frederick, Pefers, Moore, Beck, Traxler, Caldwell, Myers, Galloway, Hybarger, Brewsler, Hoy, and Crow. 9 Third row: R. Phillips, Cole, Burr, Maiggopy Mirchell, McCoy, Dunlap, Thomas, Winger, Baker, Marlin, Behney, Fenimore, Roller, lnsley, Mauer, an e y. ' , l I ' ,V x r 1' Germ 5 ' grHf'J.i sll, . " rl V. 'fr ,r ' .T ' "-- ' , eXp6ClCd NX Q NX 1 HE slirmlf 5uhH6 UQ? rid Grief fo be prise. Bul ill combal SGW had yel beer willioul a Q0 mores louncl, Failinq in an Soplis relurn llie unlowar session inlo George Slo unevenllul y llie Sophomc -xr l l T ii X i fi of l935, a group i' . had never been r Tar from sulvserv- ' smen had smiled i 1 , iTion when exciTe- ' lr ppoinTed. rr rr T i is ia T 7 ' i lloTT, Karvasales, Kohr, and ' -fclr, Pefers, Moore, Becl, ' aw: R. Phillips, Cole, Burr, are, Roller, lnsley, Mauer, l r T r. r 2 T E li S! wr i, il il I T i Cue THE CLASS OF 1935 l-lF skirmishes beTween The Freshmen and Sophomores lasT year were more subTle and reTined Than Those which preceded Them. Being TeaTured by un- expecTed rides inTo The counTry, and long walks back, The class +il+s did noT appear To be mainTaining The TradiTional sTandard oT vigor and earnesT enTer- prise. BuT There was more rivalry Than meT The eye, and This guerrilla Type oT combaT seemed To be as poTenT an insTrumenT oT correcTion and adiusTmenT as had yeT been Tound. D rf PP The year was noT To be goTTen Through, however, wiThouT a good old-Tashioned Tussle, which occurred when a group oT Sopho- mores Tound, guiTe by accidenT, a group oT Freshmen wiThouT Their poT caps. Failing in an aTTempT To paddle The insubordinaTes in an orThodox way, The Sophs reTurned presenTly wiTh overwhelming reinTorcemenTs, and iT was only The unToward appearance oT a TaculTy member ThaT Turned an inTeresTing session inTo an inTer-class debaTe. D TT PP This year's oTl7icers: Glen SchlechTy, George SToll, Gladys lV1elloT, and Eugene Copeland, led The class Through an unevenTTul year: unevenTTul unTil Field Day, when Things happened so TasT ThaT The Sophomores were exTremely bewildered, and a Tew oT Them sTill are. ff ff k I N M E M O RI A M The Class of T935 mourns a deparTed comrade GLENN NUTTER ' Born Died March 7, I9l2 SepTember ZI, i932 W Gam? cv Xmcrfx Qixiimg JM ghd gy' 21,0-X 'X J' - , sind , VL I1 vw . 'MJQMM f X Xqf J S O , s ? 2 if Q '- WW www? , if . ,fl jf LUJ-ff , M, 7q,449tZ VXQQML Ygvivi ,X . p X Jyf X FR E S H M E INLf f 4 . ,X 1 X! 4.5 ' rj . x L ' - N ' x X Q, M , .figdfj ,X 7 : J K ff! if", . 3, '-54 '4-K Rs' Y , ' KX X I, ' ' ' Q5 X X! iifvhj Xl riff, 1 , 4 . A W wa 's ' , M ' . , Qfvfuf . K, 5, Q I,--" 'Q 1 1 0 I.. D 4 ' F X K x . - . KX 4 ,w- f , . . . 2 . . Q ' fy a Q? QQ? S-jL, 3 Q? 53 E Q1 X? Q E V 'f 1 "J A Li x . f X E ,,,,ff" 1,41 . , A fi 4 . x 1 Wa.. I. . 'sr' i nv, i A ,, ,... x J A -.1 .x. z Q. , X -v Wm. S - JN T xr' WE HATE T0 DO THIS BUT . . THESE FOLKS WERE HANDING IT OUT NE ol lhe mosl promising classes ever lo enroll al Findlay is The Class of l93o, a large group, and one lhal combines many ol lhe linesl apililies anyone could aslc. This class sprang al once inlo lhe lronl ranks in alhlelics, scholarship, music, dramalics, and in lacl, all of Jrhe aclivilies of lhe school. Nor does il appear lo have losl any ol ils enlhusiasm and inleresl, aller a year's service, il is deslined for big Jrhings. ff PP PP PP Firsi' row: Calabreese, Barlcer, Ebersole, Gohllce, Clopper, Franlcs, Kurlz, l-lullle, Richards, Wehr, Dendlinger, and Howell. 'P Second row: Rodebaugh, Bushong, Beclc, Tinsman, Agner, Glick, l-losafros, Coleman, Cole, Gaver, Tuflle, Robinson, Maxwell, Groman, and l-luslon. 'P Third row: Blackburn, Gralz, DeWeiss, Caslcey, Beach, Myers, Leonard, Plosl, Sloul, Poole, l-leadworfh, Wagner, Wilcox, Slaley. Moyer, and Schrader. 'P Fourfh row: Peck, Morrison, Biddinger, Slreef, l-lirsimalci, Lanning, G. S'rou+, Slreib, D. Ar brechl, E. Beach. Lanclerly, Knisley, Deshler, Declcard, Wells, Taylor, Wallen, Knighl, Ensign, and Clapper. Q V ie Y, xl N : -X . me X, Jl 1 ,C ff? qi-Y lf TENS TX UT fhe claf Uppefclaw bolecl on llle services, and Tlial was ile class ruslies v- ol arlislic pd even wore il when pol-lin conscienciou consoled flue worlc-oul. lf' even remove lerrecl il. AF began. The F nine sacls, ar llie Sophg W wake, Then 1 exliilnilionl admlrdlion 0 cered by P Gflfl advised THE CLASS CF 1936 UT The class had one TraiT ThaT occasioned no liTTle worry To cerTain oT The upperclassmen, TowiT: The Frosh were The meelcesT lambs ThaT ever gam- boled on The campus. They wore Their poTs, rendered The TradiTional Freshman services, and oTTered no oTTense To anyone, parTicularly To The Sophomores. ThaT was The Trouble, They were Too nice, and many an upperclass veTeran oT class rushes wagged his head and sadly expressed The Tear ThaT The Technique oT arTisTic paddling would become a TorgoTTen arT. PP PP PP lv1osT oT The Frosh even wore Their poTs during The winTer season, when They didn'T have To, and when poT-Time came, wiTh The inTerminable spring rain, There was noT a single consciencious obiecTor. BUT whaT wiTh Clean-Up Day in The oTTing, The Sophs consoled Themselves wiTh The ThoughT ThaT ThaT Tracas would give Them a liTTle work-ouT. lT'dicl! PP PP PP All barriers were down, Clean-Up Day: The proTessors even removegd Their neclcTies, when The sTudenTs poliTely. hinTed ThaT They pre- Terred iT. Aprer The campus work was done, and lunch eaTen, The class rushes began. The Frosh seT an all-Time record in The Sack Rush, capTuring eighT oT The nine sacks, ang generally discouraging Sophomore inTeresT in The oTher evenTs. The Sophs won The Flag Rush, leaving a liTTer oT Torn shirTs and Trousers in Their wake. Then The Frosh carried The day by winning The Tug-oT-War, in a splendid exhibiTion, Thus vindicaTing Themselves and Their meelcness, and earning The admiraTion oT even The mosT iingoisTic upperclassmen. PP PP PP The class was oTTi- cered by Perry Cole, Reva Coleman, Mary Jane Gaver, and George TuTTle, and advised by ProTessor Deming. PP PP PP PP rw- '- I ' ' iif ig ' ,a :HI llll Ill Ill- 1 il ?! gi Q2 ii at I 3" Vi SIA, .. al. w 'if 2' i i Q if. E wf r l I 5 E r 1 P n ,,.,., , Q. V RGANIZATIUNS J? mr. V ,vm 4 -' 12.5. ,- . :- ' , ' wg? lk, J ti I 5' . wb v P I 5 f 'nd is L 4- P DQUBLE EXPOSURE l F t row: Dreisbach, Bair, Chambers, McDonald, Guyer, Bishop, and Ealcin. 'f S d C p l d Cl W ner, McClintock, Tuttle, Grimm, Van Sant, and Whisler. Argument ond Arbitration HE Student Council is the one organization ot the school whose duty it is to discuss the problems ot the others. This body, being a strictly representative group tinds solutions tor the problems which crop up during a school year, and the current year seemed to produce a bumber crop. PP ff D More than being a iudicial body, however, the Council also directs many campus activities, chietly those ot a traditional nature. Among these tunctions were the General Jam, Leap Weelc, and Clean Up Day, the last ot which proved to be the signal success ot the year. But then, who can torget the Leap Weelc Party, and "Stu" as Little Etlie7 PFC-?SiClGh+ LL,L.,.L..,a.,s. George McDonald ViC9fPI'GSiClet'lt' .,-s,csQc,,, Tennyscgn Guyer Secretary . LLLLL L.LL LL,Lc . L Treva Chambers STUDENT CCDUNCIL Y M C A Pre-siclen+ . . .. .Tennyson Guyer VTCG-PI'GSgideI'1'i' 7 , V V U Karl Rgller Secrelary .Gerald Fenimore Treasurer G rree Gerald Slcyrme W1 Cooelmdy Q, l ' i Apple Pie and Absent Speolcers N ORGANIZATION of which Findlay College can be iuslly proud is The Y. lvl. C. A., for il 4 offers To every man in Jrhe school, a dislinclr oppor- runily for sell-adiuslmenl. Under Jrhe sponsorship ol E Professors Deming and Bucher, The Y. lvl. during The l pasl year has sei an enviable record of acriviry, pre- senling many splendid oulside speakers lo The slu- denls. ff fr D The oulsranding evenl in Jrhe worlc of Jrhis club, is The annual l-larveslr l-lome Supper, which I+ sponsors. Karl Roller, General Manager, and his many helpers, aiiorded a never-lo-be-iorgollen evening for lhe hundreds whom lhey served. Every Monday morning one hears: "Goin' To Y. lvl?" and "Surel" l Firlsf row: Crow, Mauer R. Phillips, l-l. Wagner, Thomas, Gurlca, Snyder, Guyer, Prof. Deming, Roller, Slcyrme WiUW'?r. Milchell, Bushong, and Ensign. D Second row: Cole, Wallen, Tullle, Nerhood, Baker, Franlcs, Kurlz l Rfyhfifds. Taylor, Pelly, Clopper, Wells, Beclc, Rode-baugh, and lvlarzoll. D Third row: Ebersole, Bond, Knighl lmao-r,'. Ldnninq, Laiierly. fiurley, Bloclf, Schlecry, Grimm, Bauders, Marlin, Correll, D. Armbrechl, and Myers -N A Firsl' row: Beach, B. Myers, Leonard Moyer, Pfosl, Saver, l-leadworlh, Coleman, Agner, Caskey, Glick, Tinsman Schrader, Sraley, and De Weiss. PP Second row: Miss Dreirzler, Maxwell, A. Myers, Moore, Bishop, Shafer Weilz, Widen, Dreisbach, Lindenman, Slough, Bair, Cramer, L. Gohlke, and l-lauman. PP Third row: Hoy l-losalros. Srour, Arnold, Eakin, Cummins, Smirh, Marquarr, l-lalderman, Melloll, Pelers, Frederick, Dukes O. Phillips, Traxler, Caldwell, and F. Beck. PP Fourfh row: Chambers, Reamsnyder, l-l. l-laggerry, l.. l-laggerly E. Gohlke, Shull, Beery, Shuck, Brewsler, Schullz, Royer, Mabel Smirh, Davis, Fosrer, Mclnryre, l-lybarger, and L llouf Candy Scales and Candle-Light NCLUDING in ils membership nearly every girl in Jrhe school, Jrhe Y. W. C. A. exerls a Tremendous in- fluence upon The sludenl body. Besides carrying on a lull program of speakers and special presemlalions, Jrhe girls did social service work oulside The campus, and gave programs al The Children's Home Jrwice each monlh. PP PP PP The annual Chicken Waiclle Supper, prepared by The girls of rhe Y. W., is a popular evenl wilh The Jrownspeople, as is likewise, The May Day Breakifasl and Program. The Y. W. is deserving ol much credil for relurnishing and redecoraling ils rooms, guile an underlaking Tor any group of sludenls. l l i l l i l I i I i l I i l l l l Firsl ro PI'eSidGr1'f ......... ...... E sfher Dreisbach I Vice-Presidenr .,... Vesla Lindenman Secrefary .,.... Rulh Widen Treasurer .,...,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,, M ary We-HZ Y. W. C. A. Climbs L 'Key QM T- ii io, run. ll Wi liislioo Rv., 1 B Third l 1 Freoericl, Dui Q6I'ly, Haqqerl WE. Hyfarna- A , -g.,5 I 1 l l l l 1 l I PERANIANS Presidenlr , S S ,,,Gladys Eakin Vice-Presideni i S so S Merlin Correll Corr. Secreiary 4A , G ladys Mellor Recording Secreiary is ee.eee Ruih Peiers Literature and Lyrics l-lE Peranian Lilerary Sociery voied io coniinue iis worlc ihis year, when ihe quesiion oi dissolulion came up, and weni ahead To do some very line rhings during lhe year. The enihusiasm oi iis members en- abled ihe club io carry Jrhrough iis iradirional pro- gram, holding The Annual Gold Medal Coniesi in The Spring. P9 PP PP Led by Gladys Ealcin and Richard Hoose, The Peranian Players presenied The Open Road, wilh greal success. The leading characlers as well as lhe supporiing casl oi Francis Ensign, Marion Shanlc, Treva Chambers, Merlin Correll, Rurh Pelers, Bernice Shafer, and Esrher Dreisbach, performed smooihly in iheir respeclive roles. D PP ff ff D Firsf row: Melloff, Shafer, Dreisbach, Ealcin, Mclnlyre, Smiih, and Perry. if Second row: l-loose, Cole, Peiers, Chambers, Shanlr, Cummins, Correll, Widen, l-l. Wagner, and Briclcer. 'UQ Z3 og: 20' 48-L -04' 44? 9? Firsf row: l-loy, BrewsTer, ShaTer, Cramer, Eimas, Guyer, Lindenman, Dr. Mock, Reamsnyder STough O Phillips Galloway, and lnsley. T' Second row: Glick, l-losaTros, Robinson. CUVUVUTVIS. Wells D AFbVeChl' R Gohllae Gaver, Cole, Ensign, Clapper, KurTz, and Moyer. D Third row: R. Phillips, Myers, l-lybarger I-l Wagner Agner Roller, Winger, Whisler, Fenimore, Thomas, Bond, Robinson, Maxwell, and SmiTh Bon-fires and Treasure Hunts LWAYS among Those presenT when There is worlc To be done, The Peppers have come To Till an im- porTanT place in The campus life oT Findlay College. Primarily a pep-organizaTion, This club esTablished The cusTom oT-bon-Tire rallies beTore TooTball games: sTu- denr parTicipaTion in These rallies accounTed Tor no small parT oT The success oT The Grange and Blaclc Teams. 'P ff TT TransporTaTion To ouT-oT-Town games has always been arranged by The Peppers, who led The cheering Tor Findlay. OT equal value has been The sup- porT aTTorded by The Peppers To oTher organizaTions, wiTh TiclceT drives and lasT-minuTe campaigns. TT ff TT The Ramblers do noT neglecT The social aspecT, how- ever, and have TreguenT parTies and hikes, To which someone nearly always TorgeTs Toubring piclcles and poTaTo-chips. ff D PP PP PP PresidenT .,.s.,,, ,,,,, H arvey Wagner Vice-PresidenT ,..,...c., DoroThy BrewsTer SGCFGTGFY -.,-.. ,.,.o,, M ary Jane Saver SPOUSOV -----e- ...... D r. James R. Mock RAMBLING PEPPERS liar, Slough' Q PM B. Arbreclil, R, gm! . WSU Tl. Wagner, My T l EINSTEIN cLuB T Pre-sidenT . . LesTer Van SanT Vice-PresidenT . Marion Shank SecreTary . ...Gerald Fenimore T ReporTer . .Treva Chambers ii A Telescopes ond Field Trips Gil-l social and scienTiTic is The FinsTein Club, alTer- naTing business meeTings wiTh recreaTional sessions. Qrganized To make parTicular sTudies in Tields oT maThemaTics and physics, iT has enlarged iTs scope To include oTher sciences. ln November The club made observaTions oT The Leonid MeTeor Shower, and in March, a large number oT members Treked To Dela- ware where They visired The Perkins QbservaTory. ff ff ff The club secured The services oT speakers Trom The Qhio Bell research laboraTories, and oTher scien- TiTic TeaTures which iT presenTed To The sTudenT body. ProTessor RooTs, sponsor oT The club, has done splen- did work inspiring and suggesTing proiecTs Tor The 77 57 P7 PP D Firsf row: Skyrme, T-lalderman, Chambers, Van SanT, Grimm, ProT. RooTs, Dreisbach, MarquarT, STover, W Wagner. r' Second row: Wells, D, Armbrechh Cole, Taylor, Wallen, B. Myers, Beach, STaley, Schrader, Widen Frederick, and PeTers. W Third row: Bushong, Rodebaugh, Fenimore, Jordan, lv1cGraTh, N. Beck, ZumpTT, l-loTT man, Musgrave, P. ArmbrechT, Crow, Correll, and Bond. FirsT row: Maxwell, Agner, l-leadworTh, Traxler, ProT. Sanderson, Caldwell, Robinson, Galloway, l-l. l-laggerTy, L. l-laggerTy. 'f Second row: Thomas, De Weiss, Cramer, Tinsman, A. Myers, M. Royer, SchulTz, Shafer, PeTers, MelloTT, and Correll. D Third row: Clapper, Gurlca, Winger, Mauer, Fenimore. TUiil9. LaTTerTy, Ensign, l-l. Wag- ner, Slcyrme. Insley, Ebersole, and KurTz. Solemn Litonies and Spirituols NE oT The mosT disTincTive organizaTions Findlay boasTs, is her A Capella Chapel Choir, a com- paraTively young musical body ThaT has won iTs place in musical circles. Unaccompanied eighT-parT singing is diTTiculT aT iTs simplesT, buT ProTessor Sanderson, who organized and direcTs This chorus, selecTs The highesT caliber numbers available. PP ff by ConcerTs in ouT-oT-Town music halls as well as in local churches and schools have builT up a mosT enviable repuTaTion Tor This splendid group. Every Tuesday The choir, under ProTessor Sanderson, leads The chapel singing, as well as presenTing special numbers each weelc. The choir sings selecTions Trom The old lTalian and Russian schools, as well as The modern conTemporary groups oT composers. ff ff ff D PP "0- DirecTor-,ProTessor Wendell Sanderson Librarian .... ...... G erald Fenimore CHAPEL CHOIR ll in ay sn- ace win Air, Jgni The 5 in 51d Tor der yell oir ian ips D Owayl H T FSF, Sch lh 9. LaTTerT H 3 , O R C H E S T R A DirecTor,,ProTessor Oliver Schumacher U ' fe" eff Librarian ..AAaa,AAa...AaA....Aa James Ebersole Y, Ensign, Hui-152' Concerts and Cues A T-IE ConservaTory oT Music may well be proud OT The splendid orchesTra which iT mainTains. Includ- ing musicians oT The TirsT rank, This organizaTion plays noThing buT high caliber music Trom The pens oT im- morTal composers. D PT D In iTs Pre-ChrisTmas ConcerT, The orchesTra presenTed a program OT shorTer suiTes, while The WinTer ConcerT was TeaTured by The play- ing oT SchuberT's Symphony in B Minor. In May, The genius oT masTer and pupil was combined, when Pro- Tessor Schumacher played Two concerTs in co-direc- Tion wiTh ProTessor Sidney T-lauensTein, his Tormer in- sTrucTor, and direcTor OT The BluTTTon QrchesTra. PT D TT ProTessor Schumacher's organizaTion and direcTion oT The Chapel OrchesTra was also greaTly appreciaTed by The sTudenTs. ff D D D ff T ii lg I sl' row: Beery, Bauders, Winger, Dunlap, Fredericlc, Eakin, Marzoll, R. Wagner, Professor Bucher. D Second w, Nerhood. Balcer, Wilcox, E. Royer, De Weiss, Leonard, Schuliz, Caslcey, I-l. Wagner. D Third row: Slcyrme, lvlcClinToclc, Snyder, Thomas, Schleciy, Denney, Gurlca, Correll, and Marlin. Pulpit Supplies and jail Services CST oi ihe exira-curricular worlc done by The lvlinisierial Deparimeni, ceniers in ihe lvlinisie- rial Associaiion, a lively group, banded iogeiher for Chrisiian and social aciiviiy. by PP PP Besides monihly visirs io Jrhe Couniy I-lome, and weelcly services ai The Couniy Jail, ihe Associaiion has been assisiing in re- vival services in neighboring churches, supplying for abseni paslors, and encouraging lay inieresi in relig- ious worlc. The group presenied a religious drama, The Ga're Beaufiful, ai several churches, boih our-of-Town and local. ff 'P PP Spealcers are very ofien inviied io address ihe Associaiion in iis regular weekly meei- ings, bui more oiien, ihe siudenis conduci ihe meer- ing Themselves for consecraiion and dedicaiion. ff Pre-SiClC-rrll' c,,..,.,.... ,,,,.., S helby S+raHon Vice-Presidem' ,,,,ss ,s,,,,, A ri-hur Eakin Clorr. Se-cre+ary ,s,,,,,,,,,,,, Wm, Winger SG-C'y-Treas. ,,....,c,.., Charmion Fredrick MINISTERIAL ASS'N Firsl rg :CSVEC lvlfl 5. . Professor Bucher 5 , , ', e d Ii Tl. Wagner, . Tm row: Slim' 1 CAP AND DAGGER Presideni' ....,...,., -.--,,,, H elen Bair Vice-PresidenT ,,,,, ,,A.,-,,,,,.,- M ax Eimas SecreTary ....... ,,... B ernacline Moore Treasurer ..... ....... B ernice Shafer PubliciTy ....... .,.,.... K arl Roller Play Practice cincl Point Pots RGANIZED To replace The ArisToTelian LiTerary SocieTy, The Cap and Dagger DramaTic Club has quickly Taken iTs place in sTudenT inTeresT.'Under The very capable supervision oT RuTh Ellen 'WorolcoTT, The club has enioyed iTs regular programs oT one-acT plays and skiTs, besides demonsTraTions oT The arT oT make-up, and Talks on dramaTic Technique. rr D ff The Cap and Dagger suTTered a severe blow when The BarreTTs of Wimpole STreeT, The greaT New York suc- cess, which The club had all ready To presenT, was wiThdrawn Trom producTion. D rr PP The Club provided programs oT one-acT plays Tor numerous occasions in The Colle e, as well as Turnishin dramaTic ro rams Q Q P Q Tor local lodges and organizaTions. Pr PP P' l Firsf row: BlauvelT, Musgrave, Bishop, McClinTock, Coleman, Robinson, Agner, and Bair. T' Second row: l-'loose 11 Ebersole, STough, Chambers, Eakin, Shafer, Arnold, Tinsman, SmiTh, lnsley, and Ensign. ff Third row: Hoffman Wells, Shank, TuTTle, McRill, and Rearnsnyder. Frs+ row: l-lo , Chambers, Co eland, Whisler, Roller, Dol , Brewsler, and Bish S d I l G Y P Y P Y Smirh, Pefers, Mellorlr, D. Armbrechr, A. Myers, Agner, Maxwell, and Thoma l Rushed Copy and Bromo Seltzer l-IE publicalrion of The Argus was made more diffi- cull Than usual by recurring financial obsracles. The srafl worked. hard and long and sighed deeply when The lasl' raslc was finished. ff W ff The personnel was: Treva Chambers and Zoe Bishop, pholographsg Rurh- anna Do'ry and l-lelen l-loy, wrire-ups: Dororhy Brew- srer, snap-shorsg Donald Thomas, a'rhle'ricsg l-loward lnsley, humor: Madeline Smirh, assislanr adverlising manager: Alice Myers, Gerlrrude Agner, Rurh Perers, l-Ienrielra Tinsman, Gladys MelloH, Mary Jane Saver, Rurhanna Maxwell, and Donald Armbrechr, adverlisf- ing solicirors and Esrher l-lullman, Jrypisl. if PP P5 We all wish +o Jrhank The srudenr body and Tacully for Jrheir cooperarion in making Jrhis boolc a success. Edilor .......... 4. ....... ., ....... .---Glen Whisler Business Manager ...... Eugene Copeland Adverlising Manager-.. .......... Karl Roller Faculfy Advisor ..., Rulh Ellen WoolcoH' ARGUS STAFF lnsley, Gaverj. Ai u. AUTOGRAPHS THLETICS A , 9 1 1 -'33-::f...............,-Q.- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 5 1 1 3 , 1 . in .1 -.. 1.5 . 1 .1 "5 x u l imlyf Q.. Z2:l5'QfE,i' - vI1ft:S'.,1., 1 .'1"m:.g- ' .'f'?Q?.'..- 4 Q . 1 ..' KE 4 Q - V71 . ii 't 4 -.,..,,.,,W,., -.1,4-14. .,-,- .,, ,M ,.,x.,, - ' '1 '14, ,. 25,41-3..'Eryv:, .' 5v",iWi'2U ,. ,.',,gf:, lu .JL-41,.f . -A -121-1 , Y, - 1 L:-A wiiliw' L 1 s .. 1.1, 0 .- . . .- -4:,T721fl,i,'5?: ,.,.,.--.113-. . X- 231' sms" , V A .. ,,,, , L xg. ,E 51 t g'f.j1::5i, ' . - igiiffie .' V, ,-gjQif.f1ge': , L .1"'3.-'-'2.t'3.'?. E27 QPEEQQS' 5 "' .b.l.,..,..f.L4 .,'..f.L....1M.A -1 . -H- 4, J-1 1 1 -,, A , 1 1,1 P 11 1 1 1 VAS YOU BARE SHARLIE? ,,,B- i i T 4 l l l l como UP 4 T l ia .L his year has seen Findlay College represenTed in The Tield oT inTercollegiaTe aThleTics by excepTionally sTrong Teams. The Big Orange was runner up in TooTball, and Tied Tor second honors in basl4eTball playing very sTiTT schedules in boTh sporTs CrediT Tor This splendid showing goes direcTly To Coach STuarT Holcomb who in his TirsT year aT Findlay has raised The aThleTic deparTmenT To new he1ghTs Coming Trom Ohio STaTe UniversiTy where he earned a Trunk Tull oT malor leTTers and capTained The TooTball Team STU began aT once by ouTlining an exTenslve inTramural program Coach l-lolcomb requires a high sTandard oT conducT oT his players and insisTs upon clean sporTsmanship and Tair play in boTh inTramural and 1nTercollegiaTe compeTiTion. uieT and unassuming STu is a power Tor good among The sTudenTs he and Findlay College are going up in aThleTics and They boTh have The besT wishes oT everyone I l i l l l l I DONNELL STADIUM f y COACH STUART HoLcoMB I V L . HE inlraf league. l schedule, az game was i sales, varsi' R. Cole, E4 Tollowecl if liaTTled Thr Karvasales Ralph Calf, llielf way ff Shank and 3- Pldyiing H5 Ulmosl, a 0PP0lTunih and 'Wea l i 5 of inTercollegiafe er UP TH T0oTlJall, 1boThsporTs.ii is ilcomb, who in his 'll1iS. Coming Trom and capTeined The program. T D ii s, and insisTs upon giaTe compeTiTion. 'sg he and Fihcllay shes oT everyone. QLCOMB , . I I i . i i i i . ' l l i EQ T i I 1 l i 1 i 1 l 1 T l 1 -i T T 1 l Copeland, Fadley, Coach Holcomb, Kelley, and Myers. .y l peg., ,, J I T-TE inTramural program began early in The Tall wiTh The TormaTion oT a Touch-TooTball league. The eighT Teams enTered in The league played Through a regular Two-round schedule, and were coached by members oT The varsiTy TooTball Team. When The Tinal game was played and The percenTages ToTaled, The Snakes, coached by George Karva- sales, varsiTy halTback, were The winners oT The League. The hipless ones were: Roller lcl, R. Cole, Eakin, lnsley, KurTz, MarzolT, Guyer, and STouT. 'P TT PP The baskeTball league Tollowed immediaTely, and again eighT Teams, coached by varsiTy baskeTball men, baTTled Through a Two-round schedule Tor The championship. The Monks, composed oT Karvasales lcl, Blackburn, Knisely, Funk, Deckard, CoTini, and Burr, and coached by Ralph Calabreese, varsiTy guard, Took TirsT honors. The PanThers, runners up, clawed Their way To second place wiTh Van SanT Musgrave, Ensign, MiTchell, Lanning, TrouT, Shank and McRill as The personnel. PP rf PP The TaculTy also had a volley ball TournamenT, playing iTs games on Wednesday evenings, and enioying The rivalry and exercise To The uTmosT. PP D TT The program ThroughouT was planned To include sTudenTs whose aThleTic opporTuniTies were limiTed, giving Them healThTul exercise, keen compeTiTion and rivalry, and recreaTion Tor sTudy. PP PP D T' D Q Ta'eg'Tf . .253 FOCJTBALL J ,Y . ? 7 X j ii Q Qffwfffw T kl 'Th a s lendid record A clean-TighTing, hard-hiTTing linesman, Ca Tain Van SanT, a senior, leaves his p,osiTion aT Tac e wi p . ' ' W D D J h TiTsworTh, has used his weighT and superior P Van has been a real leader, wiTh loTs oT drive and sTamlna. O V1 ' ' ' A odel oT good sporTsmanship, Johnny has Tour years oT reliable service iudgmenT To besT advanTage aT guard posiTion. m as one oT his many conTribuTions. W D D Vaughni Blauvell' played headsiup TOOTLJGTT TTWOUQTTOUT The SGGSOH and leaves a ' T T unTs, and shrewd generalship made him invaluable. iv v vw lon lisT oT vicTories aT quarTerback. l-hs uncanny placemen o p T T back. Mac's Tamous Circle Play baTTle5 even Q Hugh lv1cClinTock has played his besT ball Tor Tour years as a reserve quar er d e his asseTs W 'P D Woodrow Zinzer. Tullbock, played a hard-driving his Team-maTes7 unlimiTed scrap and en urance ar . game Through The year. I-lis powerTul ThrusTs Through The line are always good Tor subsTanTial gains. rf ww ss LOOKING BACK ON FOOTBALL l-IE T932 season oT TooTball recalls a varieTy oT emoTions, chieT among which is pride in The TighTing spiriT oT Findlay men. The season had ' iTs disappoinTmenTs, as They all do, buT iT was packed To The brim wiTh exciTemenT and punch. ff ff ff Findlay carried oTT a large share oT The d d d awards, and The Tans can well aTTord To be please an prou I honorary wiTh The record. LeT's look aT iT. P' PP PP P7 ff AT DAYToN The Orange and Black ierseys Tlashed TirsT againsTiThe UniversiTy oT DayTon, a school ThaT plays naTional championship Teams. Playing iTs TirsT game under arTiTicial. lighT, beTore a crowd oT several Thousand Tans, Findlay puT up a sTerling baTTle. P5 PP ff The score, 33-O, does noT indicaTe The splendid deTense made by STu's boys, who held DayTon scoreless Tor nearly all oT The TirsT halT. Big Jim Gardner was aT his besT, as were The resT oT The players. ' 'T n Sam' T' orTh - B v McClinTock Zinzer 'bln GTG . . 5' 0 ic. -D he FC B B EVE WB i,. 1 pr. T Qirv BYQ Ji: Qi, Oppmfdz . Ffesiihil s Qifllqg SFU Time. s , . cpm IX E. liven ,M -X - 1? 45 5 x ME- lXard.hgH 'ng linesm A is lily T DJ! ,yi y , +4 'N ii ffT"'Kn ,742 2: his - an we'9lll and i ' C5 - SUPUFIOF- B age-ers of reliable.seWiee.. .- me S V eason and leaves -. . I , a 4 5:El"T invaluable, s s , 5 3.5 ifc e T' 'e-T I Play billles even .lvl played a hard-drivin - HS. 1 hief among season had ,brim wiTl1 are oT The and proud fersiTy of g iTs TirsT and fans. indicaTe ieless TGV vereTl1C Zinzer ? if ' ' Gardner - Deckard Bricker Bish McDonald l X! AT HEIDELBERG W O SPECTATOR could have wished To see a more perTecTly played TooTball game Than The baTTle ToughT wiTh The STudenT Princes oT r Heidelberg. A brillianT sun and a cool breeze made Tor ideal weaTher, y and mosT oT The sTudenT body cheered iTselT hoarse Trom The grandsTands. D ff PP The O-O score seemed To be The only logical Tiriish Tor Two Teams so evenly maTched and playing such Tlawless ball. The Findlay Team, To a 1 . 1 man, played heady, sparkling TooTball. The game leTT a very pleasanT TasTe 3 in The mouThs oT The specTaTors. PP ff PT ff 'P l T JOHN MARSHALL T Findlay Took John Marshall Law College oT Cleveland inTo camp wiTh very liTTle diTTiculTy, To The Tune oT 4l-O. Bish played a sTellar game aT halT, and The enTire line showed up To splendid advanTage in This liTTle Track meeT. Big Jim Gardner's Tremendous physical power makes him a world-beaTer on boTh oTTense and defense. He ouTThinks The opponenT's backfield, and sTops line plays dead. A real Triple-ThreaT man. " 1' 'f Already ouTsTanding, Wilmer Deckard. Freshmah guard, sTill has Three years oT varsiTy TooTball To go. ConsisTenT, immovable, Tough, he's a wonder. P D " CarlTon Bricker, Junior end, has Tlash, speed, andAplenTy oT drive. A vicious Tackler, Brick messes up The end plays every Time. D r' W Charles Bish, Junior halTback, displayed big Time playing during The season, and sTopped many rallies by The opponenTs iusT in Time. D fr " STocky George McDonald rounded inTo a greaT end, clespiTe his heighT disadvanTage. GreaT reserve sTrengTh TogeTher wiTh- speed and drive made George an end oT The highesT caliber. ' P ' Nelson Jones proved hlmselT aT cenTer Bully is a greaT TughTer always giving his besT and Tallung IT up wiTh The oTher A T T Torward is Joe Maney whose combined bulk players l-le played sTeIlar TooTball ThroughouT The year per ec brains and spiriT make him a power in The line Cons1sTenT and sTeady Joes always There Harold Block is Th eed and we1ghT TogeTher w1Th indomlTable spiriT l-lis habiT oT snag ing rangy Type oT halTbaclc having power sp K Th Burle heaves mosT oT The passes ThaT Block caTches and besides passes is a nuisance To The opposlTion enne y holds down The quarTerbaclc posiTlon excepT1onally well Burley is Tull oT scrap and punch To The final gun Sylvesfer lc T Kohr boils TooTball down To a science and plays his man To perTecTlon AnoTher scrapper Kohr loo s orward To Two more years Tor Findlay AT ADRIAN VERY ma n on Findlay's squad goT inTo The game againsT Adrian, who Tinally managed To wheedle a Touchdown ouT oT a Team oT Orange and Black subsTiTuTes. PP ff ff ParT oT The Tield was under waTer, and The resT had very recenTly been submerged, so ThaT The oysTer-lilce ball was TrequenTly Tumbled, by boTh Teams. The varsiTy worked like The well- drilled machine iT was, and builT up a very subsTanTial score beTore The end oT The TirsT halT. PP -ff 'P ln The second Trame, Coach l-lolcomb ran in r Um lol oi be Ki P e ci every man he had in uniTorm and The waTer boy was Trying on a pair oT cleaTed shoes when The game ended. ff ff Di Blaclcburn was ouTsTanding aT quarTerbaclc-during The second halT, and splendid worlc was Turned in V by mosT oT The relieT men. The score? Ch, 27-6. PP ff if if Nh s Q . TN i ll K Xb .5 Jones lvlaney Block rley -Koi-,r O1 Cllarleg male gm M-., isqnehim Mmm. i S W if up will 5 lla ' :flwse combineil fha Harold Bl U 7 . ofl is lli. l:l.s habit of wagging Salches, and besides , IAUH, I n , Sylvwer , Ools forward 10 two ian, wlroi y Orange and lhe ball was he well- iore llre 5 ran in pair ol 'ending 'ned in .ful ' K fr' l olir f evil , ' 1-'QW is-5 Zumpll Musgrave Karvasales Blackburn Knisley ., u x K. J lil , ' .Y l JJ BLUFFTON indlay can always be sure ol a slill ballle when she meels her lradilional rival, Blulllon, and lhis year's game was more billerly loughl lhan mosl. Despile lhe lacl lhal Findlay played a superior brand ol ball, il seems lhal Blulllon did loo, and lhe well-malched opponenls ballled lo a deadlock al 7-7. PP PP PP Jones, Van Sanl, Gardner, Bish and Karvasales all lurned in exceplional perlormances, and every man who played gave all he had lor lhe viclory. ll was a splendidly payed game, and does nol hurl lhe record inany way. PP PP PP During lhe hall, Findlay's cross-counlry runners mellhe harriers lrom Blulllon, and allhough lvlilchell . ol Findlay look lirsl place, lhe Beavers held a slighl edge in poinls. PP Charles Zumpll, who plays cenler in very acceplable lashion, is anolher ol lhese sleady, earnesl boys, who are bound lo make good. A clever player, Charley, and wilh anolher year lo play. P' 'P P' lniuries lo his nose early in lhe season, kepl Oscar Musgrave from playing his besl ball, bul he was a reliable man wilhal. P' PP PP George Karvasales, chunky hall-back, is an elusive runner and a fierce lackler. l-le has lwo years yel lor Findlay, and should produce sparkling loolball. 'P P' 'P Blackburn may weil ldok lorward lo some real loolball. As a Freshman, he played some very smarl loolballg he has brains, speed, and lighl. PP PP PP Earl Knisely, a lirsl year end, gave a good accounl ol himself in games and scrimmage, and will round inlo an especially useful player during his career for Findlay. FirsT row Deshler, Bish, BlauvelT, NewTon, Maney, Van SanT, Deckard, Gardner, Jones, McDonald, Karvasales, and Myer Second row: Coach l-lolcomb, Perry, T-laas, Block, Cuisick, Zinzer, Jacobs, TiTsworTh, ZumpTT, Kohr, Barker, Bricker LaTTerTy and McClinTock. 5' Third row: Copeland, McMillan, Redding, Calabreese, STreib, Bidclinger, STreeT, Morrison Funk l-llrsimaki, Treece, Burley, T-loTTman, Shank, Burr, TrouT, Musgrave, Fadley, and Kelly. AT WILMINGTON l-TE WilmingTon game oTTers a splendid example oT meThodical aTTack, on The parT oT Findlay. The down-sTaTe Quakers puT up a sTubborn de- Tense, and due To a blocked punT leading To a saTeTy, The score remained 2-O againsT Findlay unTil The lasT Three minuTes oT play. ff ff ff The Grange gridders Tried everyThing in TooTball meThods, and were repulsed unTiI a Burley-To-Block pass, supporTed by beauTiTul Teamwork, broughT vicTory in The approved l-loraTio Alger manner. -l'haT 7-2 wih gave many a hearT some acrobaTic momenTs. D PP PP ff PP AT DEFIANCE Findlay experienced a sad leT-down aT DeTiance, due To ravages oT The Tlu and oT ThaT dread aThleTic aTTlicTion, sTaleiTis. A I9-O deTeaT on The numbing cold oTia muddy Tield was hard To Take, aTTer such a successTul Sggggnu bb an an an an .U ,X , '- s' C-is I I , .ine Ender! I L Q I I xx ,X . S' ,ss IN THE THICK GF IT C DEFIANCE Tries an end run . . . ThaT Tamous blocked punT aT WilmingTon ...Number 24 goT a Terrible iolT in This one, and so did The camera man . . . Big Jim drives Through The line . . . A Quaker passer is swarmed over . . . Kohr propping up The DeTiance line . . . Ivlac makes a Tew remarks . . . JusT anoTher muddle . . . BlauvelT punTs ouT oT a hole . . . lXlewT knocks down a E amd! pass . . .A line play sTops dead . . .A Triendly Ii++Ie gaThering aT WilmingTon ' . . . Findlay smears an end run . . . The old double-reverse caTches DeTiance Comde' TlaT-TooTed . . . The Grange and Black line doesn'T budge . . . An ouT-oT- 5-mainecl bounds play gains a yard, againsT The STudenT Princes. P D D Orange TunTil a vicTory THE STAFF a liearT QACI-I I-Iolcomb received invaluable assisTance in The shaping oT This PP OT The gn TII6 gessiful 79 Team Trom Darrell Fadley, Tormer line sTar aT Findlay, who helped coach The line and make iT one oT The sTrongesT in The hisTory oT The school. PP 2 ff STudenT Manager Eugene Copeland gave splendid service, in Taking care oT eguipmenT, and supplying The needs oT The players. TT D D Trainer Tony Myers was always among Those presenT wiTh his linimenT boTTles and adhesive Tape, ready To Take care oT minor iniuries, sore muscles, and ruTTled spiriTs. Tony' also reTereed during scrimmages. D D D Doc I-Ioward Kelly Tended To sprains and more serious iniuries, and accompanied The sguad on all Trips. TT D D "RusTy" QrndorTT served as god-TaTher To The Team and To STu ThroughouT The season, helping wiTh everyThing, and encouraging everyone. I-Ie's a regular Tellow. D PP ff TT BASKETBALL ' Pi Jr BEM-, . f - 5 " x ' vfl. . f .'::1 ,,z-Q , .A-,.1 V r.' : 'f..'.',f:f"" , i,:31Q,...5' ON THE TABLE V Lf W 9 www? 9 . ' U 1 , I P s Walson Qtzfifardner Block I Shrewd and lasl, Bob Pelers makes a' good leader lor a leam. Always cool and sleady, his inlluence over ahslipping leam is remarkable. Hisrpassing and guarding are llawless. PP 'P 'P P' " I Harold Walson is a greal ball-lollower, doggingilhe sleps ol opposing players. Wally served well as caplain several limes. l-le's a lasl passer and hard lo guard. . I Jim Gardner, pivol-man lhis year, con- sislenlly ouliumped men laller lhan he. A bear on delense, Big Jim conlribuled heav- ily lo viclories. PPP P' y 'P P' O Harold Block plays lhe sleady, reliable lype ol ball lhal makes lor good leams. Clever and lasl, Blocky accounled lor a good many poinls. PP PP 'P I The '32-'33 season gol oll on lhe wrong lool, Findlay losing a slring ol games in rapid succession. Deleals were al lhe hands ol slrong ball clubs, and lhen only by nar- row margins. 'P " PP Then came a complele reversal ol lorm, righl in lhe middle ol lhe season, and an unbroken slring ol viclories climaxed lhe year. P' PP PP Orange and Black ierseys sparkled againsl Earlham, Wesleyan, Denison, and 'John Carroll, bul viclory seemed hard lo gel. Sleady, consislenl im- provemenl lhrough lhe season resulled in a very slrong leam inlhe lasil several games. The schedule ended-in a blaze ol glory. P' ocl: O VicTories over TradiTional rivals, Bowling Green and l3luTTTon, by Two and Three poinTs respecTively, gave The season -added pep and Tire, keeping sTudenT inTeresT aT The peak. Easier vicTories won Trom Cedarville, Deiti- ance, Marion, eT al, provided opporTuniTy Tor The whole squad To geT inTo The games. PP PP PP Findlay Tied wiTh BluTTTon Tor second ConTerence honors, wilh unbeaTen Wilming- Ton Taking TirsT. The spiriT and TighT shown by The Team in every game oT The season makes The TuTure look brighT. PP PP PP NexT year should see a greaT Team on The Tloor, wiTh none oT The presenT squad being losT Through graduaTion. PP PP PP I A perTecT guard is Ralph Calabreese, whose uncanny shooTing, TasT passing, and brillianT Tloor-work made him masTer oT every siTuaTion. PP PP PP PP I Chuck Morrison's game is beauTiTul To waTch. l-le's all over The Tloor aT once, break- ing up dribbles and passes, and making quick breaks Tor The baskeT. PP PP PP I Greased lighTning has To speed up To keep The pace seT by Lawrence McMillan. I-lis specTacular work in The Bowling Green game showed his meriT. PP PP PP I A dependable relieT man is George SToll, whose work aT The cenTer posiTion ranked very high. GreaT Things are predicTed Tor by D7 xr an Morrison Mclvlillan ST l', .sf P , , -- P . if 'Peak WM?" 101 fm 7 VARSITY PERSONNEL OF THE SQUAD Firsf rowg Hirsimaki, Zinzer, lvlclvlillan, Mor- rison, and Walson. PP Second row:,Coac:li Holcomb, Calabreese, Sloll, Gardner, Bloclc, Pelers, and Treece. Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find Find HERE ARE THE SCORES: ay.-l4-3l Earlliarn ay.-29-22-,lvlarion Y. lvl. C. A. ay-.24-46--Ol1io Wesleyan M26-33 Denison ay..23-48--Wilming+on . ay-,27- I 6,,Blu1CHon ay--23-38 Olwio College of Cluiropody -22-29 Jolwn Carroll -22-I3 U23-2I 23-52 26-I8 4I-28-- 26-23-- 43-ZO-- Defiance Bowling Green Wilminiglon Cedarville Defiance Bluicllon Cedarville Jwuq -,T-g THE B TEAM - I For The Third consecuTive year, The B baslceTpall Team has won The B Champion- ship oT The NorThwesTern Qhio ConTerence. This is a splendid record, and speaks well Tor The caliper oT The reserve maTerial as well as The coaching ThaT iT received. PP PP PP Un- loeaTen in The ConTerence,iThe B Team played The preliminary games To mosT oT The varsiTy TilTs, and displayed some very high Type baslceTball To beaT ouT sTrong conTenders Tor honors Trom oTher colleges. PP PP PP Coach STu direcTed The Team in addiTion To his hand- ling The varsiTy. The Two Teams oTTen scrim- maged againsT each oTher in pracTice. PP PP PP The B Squad plays a very imporTanT role in Findlay College baslceTball, geTTing more men inTo inTei'collegiaTe compeTiTion, and serving as a Training group Tor The varsiTy. PP PP PP Players whose picTures do noT appear below, buT who saw Tull-Time service are: McDonald, Bricker, lvlcClinTocl4, Wagner. I In The picTure They are: FirsT row: Jacobs, Beck, Redding, and Deshler. PP Second row: Coach l-lolcomb, Guess, Biddinger, lvlc- ClinTocl4, and Treece. PP PP , u A .',v" --6' has-X-H+-1-2, 7? 1 ll MAJOR SPRING SPORTS X-K Q S F Y BARNEY FUNGOES A COUPLE Firsf row: Slroll, Zinzer, Shondell, Bricker, Wagner, Myers, McClin'rock, Burley, and Coach Barnharr. PP Second row: Coylcendale, McDonald, Cole, Jacobs, Block, Haas, Richards, Crow, and Fouls. HE baseball season of I932 was noi l'he over- whelming success Jrhal il mighr have been, due To no laclc oi sludenr inleresl, bui +o a combinalion of unfavorable circumsrances. The Jream playedlsome very good ball clubs, and while viclory did nolalways come Jrheir way, The boys were sure lo pui up a good ballle, win or lose. PP PP PP Coachhl-larry J. Barnharl, whose resignalion in i932 closed his brillianl career a+ Findlay, has our wishes for The besl oi luclc and Jrhe success he deserves. "Barney" exemplified in his life, Jrhe very Jrhing he urged his men lo be, a Chrislian genlleman. We wish him well. PP PP PP lnfocli. Cole. aver- e i0 n Ol ome NGYS lood iharli areel 5 the is lila- riglldfl 77 l-lE l932 Varsily Tennis season mighl be boiled down lo include merely: live malches won, Two losl, second place in Jrhe Conference, and plenly of fighl shown lhroughoul The season. Dr. lvloclcs charges played consislenl Jrennis' lhrough a very dillli- cull schedule, winning lheir besl marches as a learn, againsl l-leidelberg. D ff ff Carlin very capably lilled Jrhe lirsl singles posirion, Guess lhe second, while lvlc- Dowell and Bricker allernaled for The lhird singles. The number one doubles cornbinalion saw Guess and Schlecly working Jrogelher, and,Carlin and Whisler Jreamed for The second duo. Lellermen relurning for i933 are Guess, Whisler, Blauvell and Bricker. 'P PP 1 s J. I TJ 9 lu J S. Y' Wi, i l ,, Q 'Ft inf! i jf i 9 X! . ii J' Firsl' row: McDowell, Briclcer, and Carlin. 'f Second row: Fadley, Schlecly, N. T-.iw Dr. Mock, Whisler, and Guess. , '4 - . I 8 WI JiNr ' C . ,v l sg' N a' - 1. KN niy . f J ur ii "0 4 x 45" V an xi N 'I J L, l l SeaTed: lvlclvlillan, McDonald, Zinzer, l-l. Wagner, and R. P STanding: Shondell, Redding MeTzger, Robinson, NewTon, Baude lvl T h l and Coach BarnharT. RACK inTeresTs aT Findlay were revived in V932 aTTer a lapse oT several years in which no Teams were enTered in rneeTs. The come-back oT The Big Orange To The cinders was welcomed by The sTudenTs, and The TuTure Tor Traclc and Tield evenTs is brighT in- deed. PP PP PP The squad capTured second honors in a nneeT aT Bowling Green, Third place in a baTTle royal aT BluTTTon, and Third ribbon in The ConTerence lVleeT, also held aT BluTTTon. lniuries To The rnosT versaTile poinT-winners handicapped The squad greaTly. ff ff ff LosT by graduaTion in i932 were Robinson, mainsTay in The weighT evenTs, and lVleTzger, who ran The high andlow hurdles. ff PP D The presenT squad will lose a senior This spring, l-larvey Wagner, halT-miler oT noTe, and holder oT many ribbons. PP PP 'P PP INDIVIDUAL HCJNORS I T- IG Jim Gardner was vofed fhe full-baclc posifion I 4 on fhe honorary All Conference Team, and was I also selecfed loy sporfs wrifers fo be full-back on Day- :I E fon UniversIfy's All Cpponenf Team. I-le was furfher ' awarded fhe cenfer posifion on fhe All Conference I I I Second Team, In baslcefball. PP PP D Bully Jones was 1 I I I selecfed as cenfer on fhe All Conference Foofloall Team. ff PP PP Edgar Newfon received fheposifion af righf end on fhe All Conference Foofball Team. PP D PP Capfain Van Sanf plays faclcle on fhe Second All Con- ference Foofball Team. PP PP If Ralph Calabreese earned a berfh af guard on fhe All Conference Baslcefball Team. ff 'P PP ra R. Plulllps. ' ':- Eeuclers, Miiclmell, I' THE CHEERLEADERS I1 I H932 Lols REAMSNYDER CGFTIS 9 BIG fb l9fIT5r I ln' 3 5 in 5 royfil vleelf ,afile , 9 it lsfdl' I I high Fi 5 TENNYSON GUYER Q en P . .g. I typ' ,L.. x I - D I CDTHER ATHLETICS fw- E7 , IQ fi ,. f . 6 1 I L 1 A 7 4 1 I A s K 1 TURN YOUR FEET ' -'-'!d'p4..,.- . J ,- ,. 1 -4:----V , .n'2II:k 1 1 ' 1 Br ,gm .. N I -A ,3- 55 gf I T s ' A 'SeaTed: BrewsTer and BlauvelT. 'iaiandingz T-Toy, l-l. l-laggerTy, Dr. Mock. Buis, and Caldwell. fa T Ulll LADIES or THE CO , , . ,J .J I Y NUSUAL inTeresT was shown This year in baskeTball Tor girls, and The candidaTes ThaT reporTe,d Tor The sguad included many Tormer high school sTars. Under The coaching oT Milo Treece, The Team was quickly whipped inTo shape, buT iT had To schedule high school and semi-proTes- sional Teams Tor iTs games, since girls' loaskeTl:nall is noT used in many oT The nearby colleges. 'P PP PP The Team romped easily Through The season wiTh Tew seT.-packs, reaching iTs peak in decisively Trouncing The Wilse lVleaT Packers, a semigpro Team Trom Columbus, Qhio. D PP ff CapTain Eakin, Caldwell, lvlorehead, l-laggerTy, Agner, FosTer and Glick saw mosT oT The regular service. CapTain Eakin, who unTorTunaTely was absenT when The picTure was Taken, graduaTes This spring. ff PP ff D BLOOMERITGIRLS J 1 X D .I 1 -f T u n v i LADIESOT THE couRT l ENNIS Tor girls has guiclcly Talcen iTs righTTul place in The aThleTic program aT Findlay, and The inTeresT in Tennis is increasing wiTh leaps and bounds. ff PP D Since inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion in girls' aThleTics is l noT recognized by many colleges in The sTaTe, maTches T were scheduled wiTh Y. W. C. A. Teams oT neighbor- ing ciTies. The V932 Team won seven oT iTs Ten maTches, a very crediTable record, in Tace oT mighTy ' l sTiTT opposiTion. W P7 PP KaThryn BlauvelT, l-lelen l-lag- ' ' garTy, l-larrieTT Buis, RuTh Caldwell, DoroThy Brew- sTer and l-lelen l-loy made up The Team. lvlosT oT These players are available Tor This year's sguad, which will "W ' be coached as beTore by Dr. lvloclc. PP 'P ff i i g ,JET 7 Biooilii GIRLS Firsl' row: Moore, l-l. l-laggerTy, Agner, FosTer, Caldwell, Moorhead, d E1 and H16 Slgilxely Piiggningoxxeiggch l-lolcomb, L. l-laggerTy. PeTers, Reamsnyd 'mer liigli i 55 quiclcly ni-pFOlC5' is ,e SQBSOH .Q Wilse Caplaln gw Vflosl inl' when 77 Ji N10 oFF THE WALL ,AND I i l 1 , ,il I 71 '-1 - RESTLING, wlmile nol as yel a major laclor in llwe inlramural program ol Findlay College, is assuming an increasing imporlance as llwe inleresl in il is developing among llie men ol llie scllool. Like lumbling, il is ollered as an eleclive aclivily, under inslruclion, lo small groups. Wreslling is done under carelul supervision, so llial llmere is no danger ol se- rious iniury. ff 'P PP Boxing is also carried on in a more or less inlormal manner, allliougli il, loo, is .allracling llrie parlicipalion ol 'an increasing number ol lellows. The process ol learning-by-doing has resulled in no small degree ol slcill in some inslances, and guile a number ol llie lellows keep in pliysical condilion by regular worlc-ouls on llwe mals, or vvillw llwe gloves. P' :I 1 THE GRUNTERS i2AND eno, WALL AND INTO THE NET NTEREST This year was so high ThaT Twelve Teams reporTed Tor The volleyball TournamenT and aT The T' T This wriTing, were working Their way Through ime o The rounds To The championship. ff ff PP The Teams were ' d more evenly maTched Than is generally The case, an rivalries in The games were inTense. The percenTages TTh Teams being posTed on The bulleTin board l4epT o e - The sTudenT body inTeresTed in The ouTcomes oT The l games. D D D The annual handball TournamenT aso aTTracTed a larger number oT enTries Than usual buT The eliminaTions rapidly reduced The Tield, boTh in l G e lvlcllonald and LeTTy singles and doub es. eorg Dunlap survived in The singles, and baTTled iT ouT Tor The TiTle. D D W ,-,,,..--1-' THE GRUNTERST T AND GROANERS i 5 I 'si EATURES X XX 1 i 1 1 X .I W CF . 1 l .1 - ,, 4 -7 , ifasfgaf' E 43: T me 5 if xr 5' MAY IT PLEASE THE COURT AY DAY 1933 MAID OF HONOR 4 K! GUYNYTH S'OUGH ATTEND AIN'S-SENIOR GIRLS MAY VESTA LINDENMAN Q MOST BEAUTIFUL CO-ED ' Guynyfh Sfough 4, II Rober1'Trou+ ' MOST HANDSOME MAN MOST , POPULAR CO-ED Treva Chambers wi W, HIGH' . 1 I 4 , lg., , , xf' . 2 g iw' Qg X I I H f u H l Q Tennyson Guyer ? Mosr POPULAR MAN BEST STUDENT Dean MCG'-1raTh W W TL L1 Woodrow Zinzer B E ST ATH LE T E I - ' - .-uf"V fl V' 1 ' I I I VMI' 711' 4W'6'f .,1.4g-..f ..... ...S--4: MOST sc:-looL SPIRIT Karl Roller il'-nv H 'i' J4f:7C Jssaflt' Orion Sfreei' OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN Effigllri in T' f T 1 1 - af' CAMERA SCOOPS I Old Viclory Bell, alias 7:20 bell . . . A llash-back lo lhe Gay Ninelies . . . Pal prac- lices her slinky walk . . . Dol and Francis hard al work . . . Goin' lishin' Mr. Konkel? . . . This doesn'l look real, wilh nolhing lo eal . . . Musl be a nole lrom lhe ollice . . . Ger- lie seems lo be a climber, or does she? . . . l-lallie and Leola go slrolling . . . If lhis be war, Sherman was wrong . . . Skee gels lhe bool . . . The ollice does ils daily walk- oul . . . Treva seems lo have lhoughl ol a good 'un . . . Tenny and lhe May Day pony: lhe one wilh lhe spol is lhe pony . . . One ol lhe ioys ol house-keeping . . . Sun-wor- shippers, lully dressed . . Harvey walches a sunsel . . . A pholography sludenl lakes a shol . . . The llowers lhal bloom in lhe May, lra-lal . . . The camera dislurbs a nap . . Guessy gives 'em a horse- laugh: Bill looks mad aboul somelhing . . . Bob, lhe llule and piccolo man, seems lo have olher lalenls . . . l'rT1 G publicily man! . . . A menaC6 lo any loolball leam. "" i RA TPS alias 7:20 ack To The PaT prac- k . . . Dol work . , , inkel? . . . real, wiTh MusT he a . . . Ger- zlimber, or -laTTie and . . IT This vas wrong booT . . . laily wallc- rs To have 'un . - - Jay PONY? ,Of ig The Ie ioyg oT Sun-won d I , . 1seT - inf Tak65 ,gig ThaT 3-lal - ' ' nap ' ' ' a horse- ad ah0UT the TluT6 gms To l'fTl 5 S6 A menace 1 T' , , i. Potpourri lThe CourT receives l-Ter MaiesTy . . . A proud TaTher3 he geTs his exercise now by walking The Tloor . . . The Tam- ous Picard Twins, AugusTe on The leTT . . .Chuck and Biddy smile aT The camera . . . Frosh girls do The May Pole Dance . . . Geranium, presidenTial candidaTe, who now is sTump-A ing, or raTher bushing, in New Jersey . . . Old Hundred ex- pounds, buT iT's all Greek To Doris. . . l-lelen and Jim make a handsome couple . . . A grand old man, Dr. Griggs . . . Miss Ellis has a new haT . . . From soup To nuTs . . . Pro- meTheus siTs on PoT Rock . . . Johnny does The monkey acT . . . Four oT a kind . . . AUTO- graphs oT ProT. Picard . . . In The good old summer Time . . . Ed seems To like his label . . . The May Queen smiles gra- ciously . . . The Bare l-Tall waTer-Throwers go inTo a hud- dle . ..Skee Tries ouT a speech on The sign-board. which col- lapsed and was dragged away . . . The MinueT delighTs The May Day crowd . . . Dean Morey hnishes a day's work . . . Pals! . . . The Prexy mourns The Picards' leaving... Three oT The boys . . . May Day processional . . . Two de- mure maidens. p"' MOSTLY ATHLETICS O Sfu wanfs fo play squaf-fag . . . On fo Defiance . . . Big Jim Agobbles up fhe faclclers . . . Touch-foofball is fun . . . Barney explains a few fhings . . . Mac snags a high one . . . The boys gef fogefhe r... Johnny and Perry finish fhe cross-counfry grind . . . George before fhe camera . . . Newi' craclcs a cloud . . . Showing fhe fighfing face of Capf. Van . . . The championship-winning Snakes: Arf Ealcin plays fhe parf of fhe headless horse- man . . . Blaclmy boofs one.. . l'll falce heads . ..Two capfainsi shake hands . . . A few choice fhoughfs on fhe blessings of rain . . . The man in fhe hood is Bully Jones . . . Brr-brrl ln all fhaf snowl . . . Liffle Wilma Declcard looks fough, and is . . lf's always fair weafher . . . The Peppers do a bif of painfing . . . Harvey gives 'em a smile . . . An edifor be- comes impafienf. " D f' ' LY TICS Y squal-lag .e . . , Big he 'raclrlers is lun . . . few lhinqs gh one . . . elher . . . finish The ...George . . . Newi' . Showing Capt Van hip-winning plays The less horse- ,fs one . - -l ,O caprains few choice esSlf'Q5 of lhe hood Brpbrrl ln llle Wilma Ah' and is iir Wealller io 6 bil ol gives arvSY n eclilor be' P Y D , Personalities O This is called Hrouqhing ir" . . .iMiss l-lull disirusls 'lhe camera man . . . So l sez io The Prexy, e'rc .... lrene plays rhe parr of a scare-crow . . . The old man of 'rhe sea . . . Dol and Ellen, The sunshine girls . . . Snoolcy. champion srep-siller . . . Slumpy acls unaware . . . They wear each orher's clorhes . . . The seri- ous sislers l-laqqeriy . . . l-le dispenses seven-syllable words . . . A Balcer lurns painler... l+'s 'fun +o be alive . . . The Dean diiches his digniry . . . A Bair Ford adorned . . . She also plays baslcelloall . . . A slurdy son of Erin . . . The Frosh presidenl and his favor- ile roclc . . . Two minds wilhoul ' a single 'rhouqhl . . . Ogle Ge- nelli Phillippi al play . . . Bear up Fagenl . . . l.iHle Bill chews his Tongue, we hope.. This musl be cafchingl fr 'f' n 1 yr- T' 'ez LET'S HAVE YCDUR JOHN HANCCCK! t "-1'-'gk ..,., Y DVERTISEMENTS sa This book couid not be published without the . support oi our advertisers. They deserve your patronage. riff For Better Photographs Prof. Gonso: Yes, l'm going abroad: l'm planning +o sail on onelof +hose new sfabilized sfeamships. Dr. Honn: l+'Il cosi' you more. Prof. Gonso: Maybe, bu+ expenses aren'+ whai' I have fo keep down on my sea irips. t Dr. Mock: Whai' happened in I483? S'rude: Marfin Lufher was born. 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R.-Phone 297 Out Your Smile Residence Phone 1022-I I ONE MINUTE TRAGEDY Time: Nearly noon. Place: Chapel. lThe room was quiel, disturbed only by 'rhe shuffling of figeclly feel. On ihe cl 'rl n went info his strange inoanlation 'for platform, an exolically dresse gen ema 'rhe 'sieenlh lime: T ! Man: Tal 'tall Hoy hoy! Hoy hoyl Hoy hoyl Trrrrrrrrrr rrrrrr Voice: I c:an'1' stand any more of lhis. Gun: Bang! Ruth Anna: What clo you ihinlc of a boy who will make a girl blush? Hoose: l 'think he's a woncler. Complimerttf of . C. Penny Compan , Inc. S CLCTHES and ACCESSORIES A For the Whole Family - Thrift Pricef "We are creatures of habit. We succeed or we fail as we acquire good habits or bad onesg and we acquire good habits as easily as bad ones. That is a fact. Most people do not believe this. Only those who find it out succeed in lifef' ' -Herbert Spencer Form tt Thrift Habit . . . Trade at Pennegfs 400-412 South Main Street Findlay Ohio 1 l l W fi 150 -QC -S R X QUE ,gi On the ion for ,,,,.. its Of Most 'er Ohio E Q 1 4 Compliments of "The Electric om cm " CENTRAL OHIO LIGHT AND PGWER COMPANY FINDLAY, OHIC Ifzsumfzce Service CRYSTAL 'I' SHOE REPAIRING 228 First National Bank Bldg. Hat Cleaning Shine Parlor Phone 983 N'l B 'ld' "Spencer Service Satiffief' les ul mg , Suits ' Coats ' Hats C 011 gralzzlcztzonf KANEL'S Central Drug Store "The Best" in Merit Fzzrnifhizzgf "The Rexczll S tore" Ties ' Socks ' Underwear Bert Wifber of J ' 1MILLER'S FURNITURE S THE PHQENIX HOTEL ' Restaurant Adjoining The Finer! in Fzzrrzitzzre i Acrossffrom Court House 123 Meekis Avenue Phone 784-R Sharpe House lnmarez We're friends, arein'+ we, old pal, old pal? Second Chiseler: Sure, I've srill gor some dough. Taylor: l lhink German pronunciafion has a dirfy sound +o if. Tu'Hle: Aw, gel' your mind our of fhe guH'eral. Said fhe Prexy 'lo Dr. Mock: "l hear you gol' in a 'long war in San Francisco lasf summer." Said lhe laHer 'ro 'lhe Prexy: "Yes, l did, bur if was purely Occidenral. A French sludenl Esfopped pawing his dicfionary long enough 'roremarkz "One man's fish is anolher man's POlSSON." BARNHART KESSET-'S FUNERAL . COATS ff DRESSES HOME XMWEWHMM ,.,.,, H At Popular Pricex y In Complimerrtf of i i i lii ii WILLFORD'S MARKET Quality Mean Friendly Service Phone 490 1043 N. Main St. e 5 ES : 1 Y i . 5' EI. ei USC icisco l I. mark: ,.,-- i LT St. San-A-Pure Dairy Compan Complete Dairy Service MILK, CREAM, BUTTER, BUTTERMILK, COTTAGE CHEESE Makerx of San-A-Pure Brand Creamery Butter 21-218 Beech Avenue 1 Phone 613 Doi Traxler: When fhe prof said he was going io leciure on wading birds, and begin wi'l'h ihe siork, I iusl' laffed and laffed. Kale Headworihz Why? Doi' again: Because I knew 'ihere wasn'+ really any siork. When a chap remarked +ha+ a cowardly man dare noi iil+ a girl, our siafi punsier smirkecl: "Only 'ihe brave deserl' 'ihe fair." iii-i Siop us if you've heard +his'un:Alexander Popeiudiciously observed: "Man mus'l' be iaughi. as lhough eic., e'lc." Compliments of A. M. SMITH SL SON EIMAS DEPARTMENT Marble and Granite Works STGRE Men's Wonxen's and Childrerfs 132 W. Crawford ' Clothing l 153 Q QANTQINI iwoli-housand Annuals in lhe pasl' eleven years have selecled Canion engravings coupled wilh 'che Canlon plan of building a disiincrive Annual wifhin i+s budget Ask any edifor or manager aboui iheir experience wiih Can- ron Service. The Canfon En- graving and Elecirofypo Company. Canion. Ohio. X it A ' It 4 Foftoriox Ohio JW 1 , X Ui it CW that the last volume ot the Argus is bound and delivered, vve pause for just a moment. + + + Xltrhas been truly a real pleasure for our entire organ- ization to collaborate with the statt - Glen Whisler, Eugene Copeland, Ruth Ellen Woolcott, their corps ot assistants: and with the Canton Engraving Sc Electrotype Company in pro- ducing this edition. All ot us have endeavored to grasp and interpret the spirit ot school lite so this volume may prove a treasure chest of memories to you in the years to come. And, in these years which follow, when you have advertising or printing problems arising We hope The Cray Printing Company may continue to serve you. + THE GRAY PRINTING COMPANY Fosrolzm, oHlo Che Clrqy Prlrxtirxg Co. Dedicalion Foreword . Conlenls . Scenes . Adminislralion Board of Truslees . Presidenl Dunalhan . Facully . Classes Seniors Juniors . Sophomores Freshmen . . Organizalions . Sludenr Council Y. M. C. A. . Y. W. C. A. . Peranians '. . Rambling Peppers . Einslein Club . Chapel Choir . . Orcheslra . . . Minislerial Associalion Cap and Dagger . Argus Slafi . A+hIe+ics . . Slu and Jrhe Sladium . Coaching S+a1CI . Foolball Individuals . Foolball Squad . Aclion-Piclures . . Baskelbal. Individuals . Baslceiball Varsily . B Team . . Baseball Squad . Tennis Squad . . Traclc Squad . .' . I-Ionors and Cheerleaders Girls' Tennis Team . Girls' Baslcelball Team . Volleyball and I-Iandball . Boxing and Wreslling . May Day Scene . . Allendanls, Maid of I-Ionor May Queen . . . Popularily Winners . Snap Shols - . . Adverlisemenls . Index . . INDEX 4 6 7 8-I3 .I4 I 7 .I8 I9-27 . .28 32-64 . 68 72 .76 78 . 80 81 82 83 84 85 . 86 87 . 88 89 . 90 92 . 94 95 . 98- 0l 02 03 ' nos- 07 08 ' OIO9 .12 I3 'I4 I5 .I8 I9 . 20 2I . 23 24 . .25 .I26- 33 . I34- 37 I39- 55 . . 56 l""' ll!!! ' 4 6 7 8-I3 - I4 I7 - I8 I9-27 - 28 32-64 68 72 76 78 80 8I 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 92 94 95 I8-IOI IO2 . IO3 I6-I07 . I08 I09 I2 II3 I4 I5 I8 'II9 , 20 2l I23 I24 I25 5-I33 I- 37 I-I 55 I56 . Q: CZLAMVZVV X WM! M64 ,Mfg 4 f ' "4,v-ZZJ-vnf' GE 'Mtcaygyvmnip ' f 1 W E K 'ix mqqwkalkem Xvfniyn Q l 3 l fm MRM-Q W mf- MQ 1 nm g - W X Sgt: Y - . 5 - . figs? 5 - ,. V f F . nn.,- af, , V., f .1 X Nfl' 'J' ,f.52"t'p 1 --Q.,-..., --. ..,,,- . A--., 4 N QM U' x PXMQNQ S314 new fkamlixiiuqn Qm43m agQQqQ x bumggkmw Qaida YYQYMXQ Qgkwmigi 3 YSQQS 'mann Q www - QMS 11 wwii viivwafzf SEQBQ 'QQQQQ GWQQQ feswv 'Nm vafiqiife. G'U'+2 '10 R Q 1, +358 QAKQEW fgawmm, Qww Qwvliemg WKSAQ Q5qQ,3"'QQ,mmu 58033 QWNQ A MQMWIWQM IQSANWB 33" 'N li Q BN QQ Qz3.x'QJQQ +55 'B'--Q QQ'TngQ"3.-N kg ! s . wflbmwd QQ QWQQ P 1 -axis? F W-v-fl-an ..-,-.q-v- x P I f i 3 -mg - S 'z I I I F i ! E ! F-. P , 23 ' V :VZ g I H t, x if P !'. l i F K lr 1 W, ,. ,, H. fi w: .H I, 5 91 i wv w . li gf . fi J 11' .A ii Si ,U 1' L! i :K J 5. 1 . E 53 Pi . H m . 4 3 i AQ' , ii , 3 4 5 AV. M A., ' V X X LQ? ' 'r l an r i r 1 4 f +1 -fl I f 3 'ra .1 v' 6 2

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