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.1-51ff1:ii':'fv. ,ft f' ,Q 1 . ' X V . A , . X V 1 .X x 'x ff: , , , -- X Run... -, ..,... -- mm vw-s .1 zz- A- -. ' , '- 1 ,I,gg,-x.4-1- ,, ': 1 .- v 1 "mn ag--.Qc-y 'HQ , .. , - Q M V ft. .X J' Iv' ,, K.. "'f N2 'K N I X 1 'H , X , ..,,., f.. : .-'f- , m Q N .-.Lau -X 7--z'5.1"': - . - .., X -ix I KX. v,.,, 'Q .3 , 1 -. ,qt fv on 000 N as X f RX XXY X x. X X Xfwisf COPYRIGHT RUTH E. SHANK Editor-in-Chief JAMES Ni. GUYER Faculty Advisor v P I ADGUS DEDICATION To PROFESSOR ERASTUS F, LoUCKs In sincere appreciation for his helpful friendship and tireless effort, his patience and kindliness-this volume of the ARGUS is affectionately dedicated. 1929 ADGUS PROFESSOR ERASTUS F. LOUCKS 1929 Foe ADGUS F OREWORD AIN 1 - if 'MF V- . -.J ig A Quit Jul V i . 9YlfN7'lA 11.0.5 090 3 L-WE' gf gl' Y To preserve a clear and vivid picture in the untried future of past and . . . . the cherished college days and events, is our intention in presenting to you ' ' - sed only by your ARGUS pleasure. of 1929-may it meet with an approval surpas 1929 Six A Y Y Y V I Eight ADGUS ALMA MATER SONG PINDLAY CoLLEGE HYMN Alma Mater, faithful Mother, Children of thy love are we, Raise we now with hearts and voices Songs of praise sweet melody. Here we come from every border, Seeking wisdom's truth to know Truth that in the time of conflict Counsels us the path to go. CHORUS- Findlay Alma Mater Findlay Thou our Mother Guardian Friend: May God's blessing e'er increasing Smile on thee till time shall end. Smile on thee till time shall end. Mother Findlay, faithful Mother, Breathe thy blessing ere we part: Send us with thy benediction Thine approval on our heart. Then We'll forth to fields of service Forth to work, to serve, to fight And we'll never cease our efforts Till the world is crowned with light Faithful Mother faithful Mother, Mem'ries ever round thee cling- Thoughts of happy hours together Under they protecting wing. When the World is dark and dreary, And we're lonely for thy cheer Be thou then our strength and comfort Alma Mater Findlay dear. 1929 7 -xx' ..,.J 3 X + M f - i 4 J' f...-'XX r,- ,, ,XV . I i QQA .... V W -, . , ssszzfwg -, , ' ., , ..,, 5 ,Z A W 354' my W, V -,..,., ,, ' if ,, my--mf WN- , " ' M- ' .' -, ,- nw W 1. 41 f -:fu . -:,4.4-- , ' ' '-' ff ! -iI'FQ'j1'ji'- .Y ,-g'- -- V 24: 3 , ,. , -L 1 L. if J w A .J V . s,ii,.i:ff1fW.1:-sg-I-1: --J 1 . .. - - ,-,,- . ,, ,M W . jqbgqrdl X -'lu' I H-f--rf X " ,mm ' cg. 47 - . , -, ,. - ,Q S . .ai .... t. -V grill - 7 '- A 12- V.- ,1 if , ' 1-Q :WE-K , I ,e--, ' V LJ. N' gd, . . ---Vw - - : Y - - ' 2 , , . i , ' Y Q- ' N Y"" -...' -' L- -r3':Q4Y, -1- .- --W - ...M V . ,......c. .......-, lzigrif - H T- Pgj-5'-4 Y ---E V -7- I, L H y ,, 1 I, ,, ,V 4 10- - -- , ..,- ....m,4af,.-f- f - HY... , If --- " kv- 54: -'zfvi' - '- Y f5g::,?fpE?-?g-..1:....QA- - f-v-4----- - A-4 V - - - .-.. .....-...,.......... .. .. -...-- ..:-,,.-.u' Lui A. - .-..,........f,,.',4 ,, ,- f - 2 3,3542 Q.4L,.:4g1 I V - 1 , 1 , 'L:SWE-..xf-Qfiff,-Fmfsfs-. Nj'-.1",' " j U' , P' 1 V f n.', ' U" 1' -sf' .Q .Lf '-j..',.,a..., ,K . , - , , Q zz . f., . , ' ,, lf -. . "'- :- - - i A ' - - fu -A34 ,. wh. -, uv,-.f.-,-,L-J,-53 JA- I-,. ' . - 1. ., gl. , H ,,.. ' .1321 HA' 1 .J ,,-Lf? -, A W Q AQA, ,higvg-L.M ,4 Y A- gil gwgwi iv ,Jg ,- 6Z6l SH9GV AIQGIJS 29 IQ AIQGIJS I929 L J. L. UPDEGRAPH. . .A C. G. MILLER.- W. E. TURNER W. L. H. B. HOVIS. ,R,RR,., FRANK CUSTER V. BARRETT EEEE,, .- F A. TINSMAN ....,.E G M. PAxToN---- EE.. W. S. MILLER ...,.. H M. ANGLE ...... SPEVENS. ....... W. GETZ. ......... K. DUSTIN ....... W. SAXTEN ..,...... .- E. HELTIBRIDLE. ..... .. ADGUS BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1929 Preszdent -,,,L--..-Vice-President -- ........... Secretary ---------------. Treasurer ------Ohio City, Ohio ----,-,.Fz'ndlay, Ohio --,-----.F1'ndlay, Ohio -------.Marlz'nsuz'lle, Ill. -----L-.Assumpl'ior1, III. -------..Sh1'ppensburg, Pa. -----------.Pittsburg, Pa. -----.-----------,--.York, Pa. Columbia City, Ind. ----.HagerstouJn, Md. ,-Grundy Center, Ia. S Elyhfvvrz ADGUS OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION HARVEY L. ALLEN Presidenl CHARLES T. Fox Dean WILLIAM A. BAIR Dean of Mm BERNITA DREITZLER Dean of Wfomen OLA M. HARTSHORN Asst. Dean ol' XVomen MYRTLE DEMINC, Execuliue Secretary and Regislrur ERASTUS F. LOUCKS Librarian H. S. BRINSER Curator ol' Museum MABLE KING Office S crreiary MRS. FRANK MARVIN Nlatron of Henderson Home FOREST BEERY Head-Residenl Bare Home WILLIAM HOWER Superintendent of Printing GLEN KONKEL Custodian of Buildings and Grounds 1929 ADGUS HARVEY L. ALLEN President 1929 Twenty AIQIBUS OUR DEAN CHARLES T. Fox NE OBLIVISCARIS Vandyke has Written a very interesting and instructive book, Art for Art's Sake. His legitimate contention is that art or beauty. aside from illustrative and ethical consideration, has its own particular contribution to make to life. Beauty, a peculiar synthesis of form and significance, representing "the adequate and harmonious expression of some phase of man's life in true relation to the whole," legitimately can have but one comprehensive, universal appeal, viz. its significance for life. There is but one fundamental question imperatively demanding an answer at the very threshold of every one of our earnest questsiuwhat will my choice contribute toward 1ife's enrichment?" This was the paramount burden of the Masters supreme ministry-abounding life. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it abundantly. not in the comparative but absolute degree. Herein lies the hnal purpose of all education. History science, literature, philosophy. art each and all have but one dominant purpose, the enhancement of life's values. If they would fulfill their true province in life's economy, they must lift the mere sordid, groveling for the things that perish with their using to the earnest inquirer from a suit for abiding values-values that increase with their using. Like diamonds which glitter be- cause they are ground, portant, at the present need of the ideal than Would you realize the a Joseph's integrity shines more brilliantly with use. "lt is more im- time," says Victor Hugo, "to bear in mind that the soul has still greater the real. It is by the reil that we exist: it is by the ideal that we live. difference? Animals exist: man lives." It is not that the real is unim- portant, but that the perishable is only a means, never an end. Eternal values are true ends. There are no others. As "only to the closed eyes is there the true vision" so only in the realm of the ideal is there an ultimate goal for worthy aspiration. "The night is far spent the day is at hand." Let us get rid of that morbid, mawkish, would-be-realistic travesty on what Goethe call.d the eternally CConrinucrl on Page Forty-Fourj CHARLES S. RICE Prufuxxor of Education J. RUSSELL BUC1--11311 Profcssur of Grcvk uml liihlfml Exvgvxix MADELEINE O'BRIEN Frofcssur of Lulfn and Spanish - ADGUS FACULTY :'.I'1 'L V V :::' ::':' , .. s:, 'E' Ss.,-,-,.,. W. A. BAIR Professor of Arm-rifun Hislory :md .Nlzzllwvmalirs BERNITA DREITZLER Professor of English and Dmn nl' Women ,-:V ? , : :Q TL? CARROLL MOREX' Profvssur of Clwnuislry 1929 A s s CLODEN W1XUGH Profcssor of Bfolnyy H. BRINSER Profcsxor of Erluruli-'ln LAVADA PULMER ixlanl Profussor of Eng I1'sl7 TLvcr1!y-One AIQGIJS F. F. EVERSMAN ANNAMARXDE VERTER WALTER WII-LlHNGANZ Diruclor uf thc Comuruumr!l Plano llrnfyxxur uf Orclnuzlrul lnsfrumenzs OLA PIARTSHORN Profruxur ul' 1"rcm'I7 ESTHER BOUGHTER flssiumnt l'i:mu lnxlruclor CLIFTON MYGRANT Axsixrunz Dirvclor of Cumnzurrial Cuursus Tusunl y-Two RACHEL CRUME Lmir'n's Plvgfsicul Director JAMES M. GUYER Pl rfvssur of Europvurz History' anal Economics GRACE FREET llnxlrurmr in Puiufic' Speulzing HARRY J. BARN!-IART VIOLE'I'T'E JORDAN l'rufv:as0r of Piano E. E, MAGOON Dirvrlor of Cnmnwtrciul Courses MYRTH HOSLER D511-clor uf Plrysicul Exlufuliun and lnslrurlor uf Physiml Eduralinrl Curlfh uf Allwlclics. ADEUS STUDENT ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS Presidenr ...T..T ,,,,.,,, , , A,,,7.,,., ,LLLNORMAN AUNGST Vice-Prcsidenf .,.A .LL ......T ,...,.. O SCAR CALDWELL Sccrvlary .,,.... -. ..,,. .... E LLEN KooNs Treasurer ,,,,.. L ...... .,vv, F RANK GIBSON ROLL RICHARD BEARD PAUL BECK CATHERINE BOWEN MA RY KATHRYN BOYER GEORGE BUTTERMORE DoRo'mY CRAMER S. C. HUMMEL RALPH WAGNEIQ 1929 HELEN KOONTZ MARTHA LOCEY RUTI-I SHANK CLYDE SORENSON .IOSEPI-IINE STOUGI-I HELEN TEMPLE FIERN THOMAS Tusnnlg-Thr ADGUS I STUDENT COUNCIL ACTIVITIES Our representative body acquaints the new students with General Jam sees that the Sophs carry on a reasonable CU Frosh supervision for an indefinite period and are protected thereafter-that no Fords are parked in or about tl e I halls-also having complete charge of Clean-Up Day-being then-the in- terpreters, defenders, developers, and protectors of our liberty. May honor follow them for they have Well discharged their duties for '28 and '29, 1929 4 t SENIUIQS AIQGUS 1929 , 71 SENIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES The Class of Twenty-Nine-all hail-the largest class which ever gradu- ated from our Alma Mater. Truly illustrious men and Women Cin the mak- ingj. All this and more we endeavored to impress upon our fellow students in our Senior Chapel service. Then the day we "sneaked"-we did justice to the occasion-and howl At three o'clock Sunday afternoon June second the baccalaureate service was held in the college chapel. Our class night was said to be the most elaborate and successful of its kind. On June sixth this class which has given illustrious scholars, athletes. campus and class room leaders, and which has Written a glorious history here passed on to greater tasks, 1929 ADGUS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ,.,...... -..LWOSCAR CALDWELL Vi'ce-Presidem L,,,. , ,.....LL.... . .,.. RUTH SHANK Se-eremry .,v..,..,L L.L.L . LL.L., D oRoTHY CRAMER Treasurer .........,,,.ee.,,,..,.... ., ee.L.,e E LIZABETH MooRHEAD Student Council Representative, V- .e.....,e.e.Le, FERN THOMAS COMMITTEES RING AND PIN COMMITTEE Ruth Shank, Josephine Stough, Norman Aungst CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Catherine Bowen, Marjorie Dings INVITATION COMMITTEE Fern Thomas, Galen Bame, Margaret Richardson SPEAKER COMMITTEE Tobie Tucker, Clayton Wiscley, Mary Kathryn Boyer DIPLOMA COMMITTEE Dorothy Cramer, Edith Tucker, Elizabeth Moorhead MEMORIAL COMMITTEE Marilyn Bright, Mildred Kinsinger, Mabel Buck 1929 Thing AIQIEUS Candidate. Y. W. C. 1929 l SENIOR INDEX OSCAR K. CALDWELL, A.B. 228 E. LIMA ST., FINDLAY Varsity track CU. CZJ. CD: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet CZJ. CBJ. Sec'y. CAN: Chorister C431 Peranian Chorister CBD. Treas. C421 Orangemen Quarterte OJ. C4J: President Senior Class: Student Council C-H: Chemistry Laboratory Ass't. CZJ, C4D: Rhodes Scholarship DOROTHY CRAMER. A.B. 212 ASH AVE., FINDLAY Editor "Orange Peril" C-U: Pcranian Recording Sec'y. C-H: Sec'y. Senior Class: Student Council C411 "Craig's Wife." JOSEPHTNE STOUGH, A.B. R. F. D. No. 7, FINDLAY Bluffton C11 : Aristotelian Chorister C3 J. Critic C-H. President C411 Chorus CZD. C32 C-lj: Glue Club Sec'y. C31 : May Queen Attendant C314 'Student Council C-11: "Feast of the Little Lanterns": Pi Epsilon Pi Presi- dent C47: Argus Stall' C451 Slohic: ELIZABETH MOORHEAD, A.B. R. F. D. No. 7, FINDLAY Y. NV. C. A.: Pcranian: Slohic' Geneva Delegate C4jg Varsity Basket- ball CID, CZD. CBJ. C411 Treasurer Senior Class. CATHERINE BOWEN, A.B. NEW CUMBERLAND, PA. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet CZJ, Sec'y. C3 J. President C41 : Pcranian Critic 4111 Student Volunteer Sec'y. OJ. Vice-Pres. Northern Ohio Union C41: Varsity Debate C l 1. C21 2 Glue Club' Student Council: Class Scc'y. CZJ. Treas. CJL ADEUS NORMAN AUNGST, A.B. ENHAuT, PA. Puranian Sec'y. 135. Pres. 143: Chorus 142: Glen Club 132: Slohic: Varsity Baseball 111. 13J, 143: Y. M.. C. A. Cabinet 131, 141: Student Cnuncil Pres. 141: Junior Class Pres: Argus Stall 13j, 141. MARILYN BRIGHT, A.B. R. F. D. No. 2, FINDLAY Slohic: Peranian. MRS. HARVEY L, ALLEN A.B. Y. W. C. A. MARY KATHRYN BOYER, A.B. Wittenberg 132: Aristotelian Prrs. 142: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 125: Pi Epsilon Pi: Glue Club 111, 123, 13J. 145: Cheer Leader 1ZJ: Student Coun- cil 143: "The Thirteenth Chair." PAUL LESTER BECK, A.B. HARRISBURG, PA. Pres. Freshman Class: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 1lJ. 121. 131: Pres. 141: Peranian Choristcr 121, Vice-Pres. 131, Pres. 1-H: Cheer Leader 113, 121. 133. 149: Student Council 112. 125. 131. 1-U: "Orange Paul" Stall' 135: Argus Staff 1-H: "His Majesty Bunker Br.-an": "The House by the Side of the Road": "Cmig's XVife": Most Popular Man: Student with most school spirit. 1929 l l l Thing-One ADGUS Thirrg-Two GALEN BAME, ALVADA. OI-no Pcranian Literary Society: Y. M. C. A.: Football CZJ. 145. MARJORIE DINGS, A.B. SYLVANIA. OHIO Pres. K-417 Y. W. A. Cabinet CSD I-H: "Nothing But the Truth": gate 131: Chorus 142. MABLE BUCK, A.B. MT, PLEASANT, IA. Student Volunteer Pres. CUZ Minis- terial Association Trcas. KZJ. GJ: Y. W, C. A. Trcns. C412 Student Council Trens. 14-J: Aristotelinn Chap lain C-U. MILDRED KINSINGER, A.B. HARRISBURG, PA. ' Otterbcin KID: Peranian Pianist CZJ, A OJ, K-U: Choristcr CD. C432 Glee Club 121, Pianist OJ: Chorus Pianist 131. UU: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C3-D. Sec'y. 141: Student Council Sec'y. K-U: Slohic. EVERETTBORTZ, A.B. 333 FRAZER ST., FINDLAY 1929 Sec'y. Junior Class: Pvzraninn Vice- Slohic CIP- f2J. f3J: Geneva Dele- ADGUS MERRILL FIRESTONE. A.B. MIDDLETOWN, PA. Y. M. C. A.: Ministerial Association: Aristotc inn Sergeant-at-Arms 125. QED: "The Thirteenth Chair". MARGARET RICHARDSON, A. B. CON R AD, IOWA Y. W. C, A. Cabinet fl Sec'y. CZB. Pres. CU: Slohic Reporter Cl D. 151. Vice-Pros. 123: Class Trans. fll, f5l, Pres. KZJ. Reporter frllz Aristotclian Sec'y. Q15 : Trustee f l J . f23. Critic Pianist QZI. C3 . ALICE HOOVER, AB. RISING SUN, OHIO Pcranian: Y. W. C. A.: "Nothing But the Truth": Slohic KZJ, UD. GLADYS PHILLIPS. A.B. RISING SUN, OHIO Puranian Chaplain C41 : Ministerial Association CZJ. CN. C4J: Slnhic Corresponding Sec'y. CZQ. CD: Glen: Club fll, f2J. CBJ, DU: Chorus Manager 131. f4J. JOHN C. ROBERTS, A.B. 631 E. SANDUSKY ST. FINDLAY Pernnian Literary Society: Student Council flj: Varsity Football CID. f2l. CBJ. UID: Varsity Tennis UD 147 1929 Tllirly-Tllrcls Thirly-Four ADGUS TOBIE TUCKER, A.B. 127 FRAZER ST., FINDLAY Peraninn Chaplain 121. Treas. 131: "The I-louse by the Side of the Roadn: Student Council 121. 133, 141: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 125. 13J, 143: Class President 121, 132: Glen Club: Chorus: Orchestra: Ministerial Associa- tion Pres. 131: Slohic ViceAPrcs. 131 EDITH PARK TUCKER A.B. Destiny." 127 FRAZER ST., FINDLAY Peranian Sec'y. 113 : Class Treas. 111. 121: Slohic: Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net 1Zj. 131. 142: Glec Club: Chor- us. VERA SCHWAB, A.B. 700 TIFFIN AVE., FINDLAY Aristot. Y. XV. C. A.: "Thread of FERN THOMAS, A.B. 208 COLLEGE ST., FINDLAY Pi Epsilon Pi: Peranian Sec'y. 125. Critic 141: "Fol de Rol": "Nothing But the Ttuth": "Feast of the Little Lanternsn: "Craig's Wife": Y. XV. C A. Cabinet 121, 131: Vice-Pres. 145: Geneva Delegate 132: Slohic Sec'y. 131: Student Council 141: Glcc Club Trezls. 141: Chorus Pres. 14D: Track 1lJ: Basketball 123. 13D. 140. Cap- tain 133: Most Popular Coed. CLAYTON WISELEY, A.B. ALVADA, OHIO Peranian Pres. 131: Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class: Argus Reporter Jun- ior Class: Student Council 137: Chor- us 11 D: "House by the Side of the Roadu: "Nothing But the Trulh"7 Wife." 1929 "His Majesty Bunker Bean": "Craig's ADEUS ARTHUR DAYMON, A.B. 206 SHINKLE ST.. FiNDLA':' Aristotelian Literary Society: In- stmrtor Findlay Vocational School. FERN WAYNE, A.B. PAYETTE. IDAHO Aristotelian Chaplain 1l1, 131. Critic 121: Geneva Delegate: Student Volunteer Sec'y. 1I1: Y, W. C. A. Cabinet 111. 121. 151. 141: Minis- terial Association: Charter Member S.oh:e VIRGIL HITE, A.B. MT. BLANCHARD, OHIO Denison University 111: Varsity football 1l1. 121. 131. 141: Varsity baseball 111. 131. 141: Track 1l1: Varsity basketball 131. RUTH Si-IANK, A.B. 210 E. LINCOLN ST., FINDLAY Class Vice-Pres, 111: Y. VV. C. A. 121. 131: Slohic: Peranian: Argus Literary Editor 131: Chorus 141: Chairman Senior Ring and Pin Com- mittee 141: Editor Argus 141: Orange Pcal Stall 141: Student Council 141. 1-IARCLD H. CASTOR, A.B. ARLINGTON. OHIO Aristotclian Literary Society: Varsity licfotlmll 111, 121. 131, 141: Varsity Basketball 111, 121. 131: Varsity B.xscb.t.l 111. 121. 141: Y. M. C. A. 1929 Thirty-Five y Aneus KENNETH WILLIAMS, ' E A.B. 420 MCMANNESS AVE. , 1 FINDLAY Varsity football UD. f2l. 135. 141. Varsity basketball Ill: Varsity tuck CH: Owl's Club: Y. M. C. A.: Varsity "F" Club. SPECIAL GRADUATES ANNAMARY DE VERTER B.M. HARRISBURG, PA. ISABEL TISDALE, B.M. 116 W. PEARL ST., FINDLAY ESTHER DREISBACH, Expression LIMA ST., FINDLAY 1929 BAYLESS, AILEEN BECK, KATHRYN BIBLER, ZOLA BUCKLES, CLOVIS CLARK, EST!-IER DENISON, DOROTHA ECKER. DOROTHY ENRICHT, JESSIE FREY. MARJORIE GEORGE, MELFORD GINN. HELEN GROMAN, DELLA HEMINCER, JACK Aneus COMMERCIAL GRADUATES HOSAEROS, FLORENCE 1929 HUMMELL, DONALD HUSTON, HILDRETI-I KNIGHT, HAZEL KUHLMAN, IRENE LINGER. VIRGINIA MITCHELL, MARY MOORE. RAYMOND PRICE, EARL REIOLE, IRMA TICHE, MARIAN VANLUE, PAUL WACCONER, RALPH ZEI-IRBACH. HELENA Irlg-S Thirly-lfigh ADGUS IN MEMORIAM LILLIAN FLEMION Gone like a spring time flower That droops its fair head too soon Having drunk in all the brightness Of the sun that shines at noon. Sleep like a spring time flower With dreams that a night will bring Of 3 WHIIITICI' Ellld ITIOIC COl'1Slf3.I'1t Sllfli An ever-lasting spring. Gone-like a spring time flower, Leaving a fragrance behind Of memories of a loving heart A smile that is sweet and kind. 1929 JIJNIDIQS ADGUS 'fog lfLff.1-11.7 1929 Iforlv ADGUS JUNIQR CLASS OFFICERS Presidem' .,,.. Y .,..., ...,,,, ,,,Y,f...,..,.. - . ,...., H ELIEN KOONTZ Vice-Prcsideril .,,,.,.,, ,,Y. ,..,,,,,. ,,.. . W E IR l'lAR'I'MAN Sccrelury-Treasurer .,... .,.., D OROTHEA REAMSNYDER ACTIVITIES By our faithfulness as Juniors we have at last reached the distinction of Seniors. It has been a journey-full of hope, caution, fear, and trembling. Many a good pony has been Worn to a frazzel by our attempts to trot through the maze of exams. assignments, lectures, notebooks. parties, gir--er--and other things so that now it is with relief that we anticipate. 1929 ADGUS Hclcn Koontz YN'cir Hartman Harold Hamilton. Mnrrlm Lacey. Lois Dcllnys, Margaret Bair Willis Shade. Esther liarlholvnmcw. Dorothy Blakcslcy. Joe Ibsrer Mildred Frederick Ellen Koons Harold Smith 1929 Forty'One Ferry-Two AIQGUS Ronald Porch Revn Bishop Homer Scugcr. Dorthen Reumsnyder. lislhcr Snusser. Martin Micl-ey Annnmary DeVerzcr, Esther Copcnhnver. Margaret Mackey, Florence Vlnugh Ruth Ellen. Woolcott Gretchen Powell David Weis: 929 ADGUS SDDHDMDIDES g , . Vx x 5 Z.L,ffdAl7. N 3 4 N 3 X X X . xl X Q? N N 4 xx X 4, , Q x P ' X X X X X X Y x. I X X X xx x , X -J 1929 v ADGUS SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES Sophomoresl No longer does this word convey to the mind a mere group of onlookers, for this class has entered whole heartedly into all school activities during the past year. Through the constant assistance and support of the class of '31 many school and social functions have been made a success. It has shown a splendid college spirit and has had the opportunity of demonstrating the talents of its members on various occasions. We, of the Sophomore class, have put forth every effort to initiate the Freshmen into "Real College Life." As a result of our efforts not only the Freshmen but Findlay as a whole were all aware of the initiation. The Fresh- men were all introduced to "Pot Pockf' and many of them were compelled to visit it more than once, With the arrival of vernal days the Sopho-mores are again doing their duty toward the Freshmen. NE OBLIVISCARIS ffoiitiriiietl from Page Twentyl womanly, and we should add-the infinitely manly-that is selling its birthright for a "mess of portage." Virtue is neither cadish nor prudish. Virtue is womanliness. manliness. It is strength. heroism not driveling. neurotic weakness. Faith is choice, will. victory--not defeat. Faith, life's dynamic, is ever transforming and transnguring itself into the approximate ideal. Christian nur- ture is a crown of glory. Love is the infinite realizing Himself in finite form. These are omni- potent, omnipresent. triumphant verities which "Never turned their back. but marched breast forward," 'ANever doubted clouds would break," "Never dreamed, though right were worsted Wrong would triumphf' "Held that we fall to rise, are baffled to light better," "Sleep to wake!" This is life, the sword of sir Galahad, the sling of David. the armor of Savanarola. The will of the Eternal Jehovah is the best for all his children,-life, abundant, glorious, triumphant life. ln the same strain sang the greatest of the Hebrew prophets at once realizing the true sub- limity of life and, at the same time, protesting against all lower, groveling aims:- "Wherefore do ye spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which satisneth not. Hearken diligently unto mc, and eat that which is good," ..... "and your soul shall live." Knowledge, temperance, integrity, faith, crowned with friendship, are basic in abounding life. All things are good only as they contribute to this fundamental and highest glory which is man's. All other goods in comparison are insignihcant tawdry. Even technical training with- out true culture and abiding character are vanitas vanitatum. Life's one real problem is life itself. 1929 Furry Pour ADGUS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ,..,..... Vice-.President ,,.,,-m Secrelary - Treasurer ..., .,.,.,....A.,,.,,, BAILEY. BETTY BEERY. FOREST BISE1., ERMA BISHOP, REVA BOYD, DON BUNNELL, CLIFFORD BUTTERMORE. GEORGE CARLIN, RALPH COOK, ESTI-IER COYKENDALE, ALLEN EAKIN. EVERETT FOSTER, JOE FOUTS, HAYDEN' GLASGOW, KENNETH GONGWER. RUSSELL I-IELWIO, CLARENCE HCWER. WILLIAM HUTTON, ROBERT JENKINS, ALBERT JONES, MIXRJORIIE KERN, I-IIRAM HARPER, GRACE MYER, EDWIN GEORGE BUTTERMORIE ,,----.-.. EVERETT EAK I N ,UYGHAYDEN FOUTS NEFF, RUTH NUTTER, DOROTHY ORWICK, RUSSELL RICE. MARTHA SCHLENCHER, CLARENCE SCHWAB. ANNA MARY SNYDER. ELSWORTH SORENSON, CLYDE TAYLOR, MARJORIE VERMILLION, LEWIN WEAVER, PATTERSON- 1929 Forly-FIU ADGUS FIQESI-IMEN X 5wmN5mQD X 1929 FRLCHX N r f 1' K XXX ,hqxg .fu rv rv NX C""f"S"'- XL . - Q xx We ""'rX 'x , Iii' Xi 5 x X , X X xX X Xi X X X , 'x X ADGUS FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES We comprise the largest group of workers in the institution and by co- operation, Well directed efforts, and college spirit have consumated some notable achievements. Forensic activities Were stimulated by the prominent role which freshmen played in debates. The negative team met the University of Pittsburg, Adrian, Defiance, and Heidelberg. The Freshman class prides themselves in the participation in athletics by various members among both the boys and the girls. Our class was represented in the dramatic productions staged by the Peran- ians and Aristots. Cur members have put forth the utmost efforts in seeking to surpass the ideals and standards attained by former freshmen classes. We express the sincere hope that each new class will accomplish even greater deeds for the betterment of Findlay College. 1929 Presidunl L ....... Vice-Prvsidrsnl ,,,., Secretary . ,A..,. . Treasurer W-.- BEAM. ELIzC'I'A BEARD, RICI-IARD BEARD. MAROARET BLAIJYELT. VAUGHN BUIS. SAM CARL. LUCILLE DAVIS. MARY ELLEN DIISTSCH, Cl-IRIS FREDERICK. LEE GOFI4. HELEN GOEE, WII-LIAM GRIMM, HAROLD ADGUS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ROLL H1-QADLEY. DANA HUSTON. LEONA JONES. ETHEL KROST. DAVID MACLAUOHLIN. IRENE METZGER. LEO MOORHEAD, TOM MYERS, ANTHONY PLIRDY. RICHARD RADABAUGH, DORIS RICE, ELEANOR RICE. MARY .....,.RICI-IARD BEARD ,-L--..RICI-IARD PURDY -,--..WILLIAN1 GOEE -.-DLI-IELEN GOEE ROBINSON. OSCAR ROBINSON. AVILMA SCI-IOENBEROER. MAIKY SHULTZ. STANLEY SOLT. HELEN STOVER. FRANCES NIARY TAYLOR, CLOYCE TEMPLE, HELEN TEWELL, PAUL VANDERSALL. CAROL PORCH, EDWARD 1929 Furry-Nin 4 J ADGUS PERANIAN LITERARY SOCIETY President. ,,,...,.. Vice-Presidenl A,... Critic ..,. -..., .... ,.,,,,,-.,. Reporting Secrelaryhn. Recording Secrelary , ,,.. Treasurer .... -,, ....,... . NORMAN AUNGST ESTHER ISARTIIOLIEIK-IEW PAUL BECK RICHARD BEARD FORREST BERRY IELZA BEERY DOROTHY BLAKESLEY CATIIARINIF BOWEN MARILYN BRIGHT OSCAR CALDWELL RALPH CARMANY FSTHER COOK DOROTHY CRAMER WAYNE CRAMIER RACHAEL CRUME MARY F.I.I.EN DAVIS MARJORIE DINGS ANNAMARY DIE VIERTER LOIS DE I-IAYS JOE FOSTER HELEN GOITIZ WILLIAM GOITF OFFICERS First Semester ,NORMAN AUNGST -.....LOlS DE HAYS ..e...CA'I'I-IERINE BOWEN ...WDOROTHY CRAMER ,WESTHER COOK .,I,,,OsCAR CALDWELL ROLL IIAZIEI. GRITER WILLIAM HOWER GRACE HARPER WEIR HARTMAN MARJORIE IIARTMAN LEONA I-IUSTON ALICE I-IOOVER EMELINE KIEMPI-IER MILDRED KINSINGER MARGARET IVIACRIEY ANTHONY MEYERS IEDDIIZ MEYIERS MARTIN MICKEY IRIENIZ MCLAUGHLIN IiLIZAI3ETI'I MOORHEAD RUTH NEFF' DOROTHY NUTTER GLADYS PHILLIPS RONALD PORCH EDWARD PORCI-I GRIITKIIIEN POWELL RICHARD PURDY Second Semester PAUL BECK Lols D15 HAYS FERN THOMAS IVIARY SCHOENBEROER VJEIR I'IAR'I'MAN OSCAR CALDWELL DORIS RADABAUGI-I MARY RICE I5I.I-iANOR RICE .IOI-IN ROBERTS ISSTHER SAUSSIER CLARENCE SCHLENCHER MARY SCI-IOENISERGER IIOMIER SEUGER RUTI--I SIIANK HAROLD SMITH HIiI.IEN SOLT CLYDE SORENSON HIELIEN TEMPLE TOBIE TUCKER EDI'I'I'I TUCKIER IIIERN THOMAS VERA VANDERSAL CLAYTON WISELEY RENNETI-I NVILLIAMS PATTERSON WEAVER DAVID WEIST 1929 Fifty-Three ADGUS PERANIAN ACTIVITIES PLUS ULTRA I PERANIANS! Under the efficient leadership of Norman Aungst and Paul Beck, 1928-29 proved to be a very successful year for the Peranians. The year was rightly be- gun by receiving the majority of the Freshman Class as new Peranians. The society also sponsored "Julius Caesar" which was given by the Stratford Players. The annual Peranian Play was "Craig's Wife" by George Kelly which was a real Peranian success. The programs of the past year were truly Peranian being both lively and literary. And so as we close this outstanding year we feel that there has been and will be "Plus Ultra." 1929 ADGUS ARISTOTELIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Preszdenth A....... ,C ,,,,, ,mm Vzce-Presrdent ,.,...,A,,.,.,, L ,.,.,,.. , Recording S ecretary. ..A.....,., AC-, Corresponding Secrelary .,.., ,..., Crztlcs ..., ,.,..A. L ............A.A - C, ---L Chaplum ,,,, .. ,,., - Librarian ,,,,,.,,, ,,,, , ., Sergeun!-rl!-Arms ..,....,... C, ,,,.,,, , Assisi-an! Sergeant -at -Arms, .,,,..A ChorIsler,,,. A,,-.. .,,,,,,,,,,,., C ,,,., , Pzamst ,A,......,,,, NELLIE ARNOLD BETTY BAILY MARGARET BAIR ELECTA BEAM DON BOYD MABLE BUCK CLIFFORD ISURNELL GEORGE BUTTERMORE MAX CRANE LUCIILLE CARL ALLEN CIOYKIENDALE HOMIER DENNY ELAINE DUNLAP EVERETT EAKIN MERRILL FIRESTONE LEE FREDERICK MILDRED IIRLSDERICK RUSSELL GONGWISR OFFICERS First Semester JOSIEPHINE STOUGI-I HAROLD HAMILTON ERMA BISEL MARTHA HALEY I ELLEN KOONS I MABEL BUCK FERN WAYNE MERRILL FIRESTONE DON BOYD WILLIS SHADE MARGARET RICHARDSON MARY LOU MCCARTI-IY ROLL KENNETI'I GLASGOW MARTHA I-IALEY HAROLD HAMILTON DANA HEADLY BETTY HIEISTAND BOB l'lUTTON ALBERT JENKINS NELLIE JENKINS ETIIEL JONES MARJORIE JONES GLENN KONKEL ELLEN KOONS HELEN KOONTZ MARTHA LOCEY DONALD MORRELL MARY LOU McCARTHY TENNYSON POLLACK PEARL QUARTZ DOROTIIEA REAMSNYDER Second Semester MARY KATHRYN BOYER FERN WAYNE WILLIS SHADE RUTH ELLEN WOOI-COTT S DANA HEADLY IJOSEPHINE STOUOH MABLE BUCK DON BOYD HAROLD HAMILTON IVIARTI-IA LOCEY MARTHA HALEY MARGARET RICHARDSON OSCAR ROBINSON MAR'l'I'lA RICE MARGARET RICHARDSON WILLIS SI-IADE JOSEPIIINE STOUGII FRANCES MARY STOVER CLOYCE TAYLOR MARJORIE TAYLOR PAUL LEWELL PAULINE TURNER LIEWIN VERMILLION FERN WAYNE EARL WILKINS RUTH WOOLCOTT MARY KATI-IRYN BOYER ANNMARY SCIIWAB VERA SCIEIWAI3 ELLSWORTII SNYDER 1929 Fifly-FIIJIA r I ADGUS ARISTOTEIIIAN ACTIVITIES History repeats itself-and so another illustrious page is added under the caprion Aristots. Those events for which we are famous were repeated in bigger and better fashion-and the torch of achievement is passed on undimmed. Indeed its flame is more bright and its ray is a prophecy-but We speak only of the present-here we find satisfaction, gratihcation and realized dreams. So has it been in the past so may it be in the future so is it now-Aristots cum laude! 1929 ADGUS Y. W. C. A. CABINET President ,...... Vice-President ,., Secretary , ,,.. Treasurer .....,v,,...., Finance Chairman ,,.... Conference Chairman U. R. .,..,,,.....,,....., Meetz'ngs Chairman - Social ..,,........,,..,.,,.,,, , ,..e, KATHERINE BOWEN -,L-,.----.-.FERN THOMAS MILDRED KINSINOER -----------.MABEL BUCK ---HMEDITH TUCKER -..----.MARGARET BAIR -----.-----.-.MARJOR1E DINGS ,,,,,.MARGARET RICHARDSON ---,--,-,,,,,,lVIARTHA LOCEY Publicity Chairman ,,,,OO Social Service .....,.,,,, Music Chairman .,.... World Fellowship .,,. -.,.-.EsTHER COOK ELLEN KOONS HELEN KOONTZ RUTH ELLEN WOOLCOTT 1929 Fifty-Seu ADGUS Y. W. C. A. ACTIVITIES Here the Findlay College girl linds recreation, fellowship, understanding and an inspiring comradie. Here too she sees and finds a clearer vision. And memories! The candle light service, the Christmas bazaar, echoes from Geneva, Edith begging some one to- tend the candy stand, the breathless rush of preparation and Hnal triumph of May Day-be with us yet! And we love each other better After we have worked together, Misunderstandings and petty things Fly off as if helped by invisible wings. Even our faults both yours and mine Drw tighter the bonds of Auld Lange Syne, For the friends who love us and really care See the heart beneath the mask we wear. And life seems more sincere and true When you know me and I know you. 1929 flmf-Ely!! ADGUS Y. M. C. A. CABINET President' .,....... ...... P AUL LESTER BECK Vice-President .... ....,, . LWEIR HARTMAN Secretary .,,. ,.. L .,, OSCAR CALDWELL Treasurer -- ....., .HAROLD HAMILTON 1929 ffqV Sixty ADGUS Y. M. C. A. ACTIVITIES Under the capable leadership of Paul Beck, the Y. M. C. A. met all standards heretofore established, not only in crediatably discharging the duties connected with the traditional social functions, but in wielding a strong un- seen spiritual influence among the men of the campus. This organization has endeavored in the past year to create a religious atmosphere in Findlay College through their Thursday morning devotional meetings which were of the high- est type. Through the effort of the Y. M. C. A. Sherwood Eddy was brought to our campus and for that alone the student body is grateful. As we close this year's work we feel that this association has played a vital part in student life and has been one of the most progressive organizations on the campus. 'ALet us not be impulsive, unreliable shirkers, But be steady, earnest, and constant workers." The Y. M. C. A. seeks to serve. May it serve you? ' 1929 AIQGIJS MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President. .....,,.,,., - ...... ...,.. F RANK GIBSON Vice-Presidenl .,.,.,, .. v,,,..,. C. F. HELWIG SCCFEIIIFQI-TFOUSLIfL'f - .. L. E A..A.. ,.,., G LADYS PHILLIPS ROLL PROF. H. S. BRINSER PROP. J. R. BUCHER RICHARD BEARD ELZA BERRY FOREST BEERY' HOMER DENNEY EDWIN MYERS FRANK GIBSON C. F. I-IELWIO WTLLTAM HOWER RM' HUDSON GLADYS P1-HLLTPS ROYAL P. SMITH PAUL LEWELL TOEIE M. TUCKER RUTH ELLEN WOOLCOTT 1929 ADGUS MINISTERIAL ACTIVITIES The Ministerial Association is an organization of the students who are preparing for the ministry or other religious work. Its aim is to encourage and enrich the lives of students While they are engaged in college training, and to seek in every Way to promote their interest in the Kingdom of God. This Association meets each first and third Tuesday evening of each month. Cutstanding ministers address the meetings from time to time, and members discuss questions of current interest to ministers and students. The aim of these meetings is to instruct and prepare ministers in the work into which they Will soon enter. STUDENT VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES The Student Volunteer Association began its Work for '28 - '29 by study- ing the Jerusalem Council. One Sunday in each month was set aside as Mission- ary Current Event Sunday under the direction of Nellie Arnold. During the past year the group presented a number of interesting programs at Ruck Run, Ohio City, Fort Wayne. and Columbia City. Three delegates were sent to the fall retreat at Heidleberg College and seven delegates attended the spring retreat at Mt. Union College. Representatives will also attend the General Eldership of the Churches of Ciod at Martinsville, Illinois, in June. 1929 ly-Two ADGUS STUDENT VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION President ,,,. .... Vice-President Secrvlary ,,... Treasurer ..,. FERN XVAYNE OFFICERS ROLL ELLEN KOONS RUTH ELLEN WOOLCOT1' NIARTIN IVIICKEY CATHERINE BOWEN LUCILE CARL MABEL BUCK ESTHER SAUSSER ESTHER COPENHAVER NELLIE ARNOLD ELIZABETH HIESTAND MARGIXRET BEARD CAROL VANDERSALL ..,.,WEL1.EN KOONS .,.-,.-.ESTI-IER SAUSSER ESTHER COPENHAVER .. ,,,,.,,... NIARTIN IVIICKEY HELEN TEMPLE LEE FREDERICK PAUL LEWELL ANTHONY MYERS ETHEL JONES PEARL QUARTZ 1929 Sixty-Threr ADGUS AFFIRMATIVE DEBATING TEAM QUESTION: Resolved lhat the Jury System should be abolished. The affirmative debating team of Findlay College lost to Adrian in a de- bate on the jury system and participated in a no-decision forensic meet with I-Ieidleberg. Both teams were coached by Bernita Dreitzler, head of the English Depart- ment, assisted by Professors Guyer and Waugh. PERSONNEL MARTHA LOCEY, KENNETH GLASGOW, RALPH CARLIN. FORREST BEERY 1929 ADGUS NEGATIVE DEBATING TEAM QUESTION-Resolved that the Jury System should be abolished. With this question before them our negative team lost but one debate which was scheduled with Pittsburgh University, The team was victorious over Adrian, Dehance, Ferris Institute, and Heidleberg. PERSONNEL HELEN TEMPLE. NIARY SCHOENBERGER, LEE FREDERICK .....-, xl 1929 , an TE me Tffgzf sag: :lg 'fi el 1 I S I ADGUS CHORAL SOCIETY Presidem ....... Vice-President .,,,, Secretary .,..,,.. Manager ....,,.,..,.A Assistant Manager Treasurer ,,....,,.... I-IOLLACE ARMENT FORREST BEERY DOROTHY BLAKESLEY MARY KATHRYN BOYER WADE DILLER MARJORIE DINGS ANNAMARY DE VERTER WlI,LIS GREER WILLIAM HOWER LEONA HUSTON OFFICERS ROLL MILDRED KINSINGER, DOLLY KNIGHT MARTIN MICKEY TOM MOORHEAD RUTH NEFF RONALD PORCH STANLEY SHULTZ R TTH SHANK HELEN TEIVIPLE FERN TI-IOMAS .-,,.,.- FERN THOMAS ELLSWORTH SNYDER ,LWMARY KATI-IRYN BOYER L- GLADYS PHILLIPS .-...TOBIE TUCKER .....,.FORREST BEERY ACC. PAULINE TURNER GLADYS PHILLIPS CLARENCE SCHLENCHER ELSWORTI-I SNYDER JOSEPHINE STOUGH VERA SCI-IWAB ANNAMARY SCI-IWAB TOBIE TUCKER EDITH TUCKER DAVID WEIST Sixry-Six 1929 EMELINE KEMPHER ELLEN KOONS Slring Buss HOLLACE ARMENT Srlxaphone Vxll LI. IAM GOF1: Barilone FORREST BEERY ADGUS ORCHESTRA Violin DANA 1-IEADLEY REVA B151-IOP Oboe PROP. CARROL MOREY Cornet ROY S1--IANK FRED SALSBURY Drums Ross FELLERS CAROLINE SNOOK LA VADA FULMER Clarinet MERLE SAUSSER Trombone WEIR HARTMAN Piano ESTHER BARTHELOMEW 1929 Sixly-Su:,'L'n I l J w AD6US Xskg x K2 x ' l f-553.3 f S U X122-7 W x - J f 2 I ' SW l929 J-I ly-Two ADGUS COACH Some ' , . g , Joye an athletic prowess sec- ond to few in the state Due princi all t h . p y o t e work of one man, who hiniself had been 'an outstanding athlete during his undergraduate days at Findlay College. Hfteen years ago Findlay Colle e en' d A time came when this man, in the upward climb of his chosen profession, left his Alma Mater. Since that time the Or ange teams have enjoyed only a medium of success. In 1927 this man returned to our midst after a high degree of success in the field of physical education. With his return, Findlay College has enjoyed the eminence of success as witnessed by our last basketball season and the ac- celeration of school spirit. This f p mans ip and physical educa- tion, A type that builts for the future. Instead of tramp athletes we now have men who will graduate and hono ' ' r our school in scholarship as well as in ath- letics. To him we owe our success--meet H. J. Barnhart. man has introduced a new basis of s orts h if ix .fs W K -Ki li HARRY J, BARNHART 1929 L V P ADGUS HITE TAYLOR HITE AND TAYLOR g U d the leadership of Captain Virgil l'Pete" Hite. the Orange enjoyed a n er comparatively successful season culminating in the Defiance Victory. The baton d has been passed to Cloyce Taylor, who has of captaincy of the 1929 squa roven himself an able successor. We wish you luck, Cloyce. LETTERMEN Denny Ccj, I-lite ftj. Roberts Cgj, Taylor Ctj, Dietsch CO, Vermillion R A ' ' hbj, Hutton Chbj, Fouts fel, Gongwer Qej, Williams Cqbj, Buttermore C Cfbj, Siler fhbl. Honora Ce? . ble mention: Bunnell Qcj, Robinson Cfbj, Metzer Qej, Glasgow 1929 Iy-Th I5lI5l 35 Boyd, Krost, Hamilton, Fouts. Robinson, Grimm Coach Barnhnrt, Bame, Blauvelt, Siler, Buttermore, Williams. Hutton, Poll'ck. Weist, Shultz, Schlencher. Metzger, Taylor. Deirch, Glasgow, Bunnell, Site Ccnptj, Denny, Roberts, Vermillion Gongwer. Vance, Weaver. C. Myers, Snyder. Shade, A. Myers. EDCI SVI ADGUS FOOTBALL GAMES '29 SCHEDULE Findlay Opponents 6 0 '30 SCHEDULE Omgfbgin fthercj Sept. -Case at Cleveland. Dayton Qtherej 0 66 Oct. 5-Concordia at Ft. Wayne Toledo U Ctherel 9 34 Oct. ll-Toledo, here. Adrian Cthercj 6 12 Oct. -At Bowling Green Bluffton Cherej 6 26 Oct. -Defiance, here. Ashland Ctherel 3C Nov. --Rio Grande, Rio Grande. Dehance Ctherej 13 6 Nov. -Adrian, at Adrian, Bowling Green Ctherej 0 19 Nov. -Bluffton, there. FOOTBALL The 1928 football season opened when the Orange journeyed to Otter- bein. Here they won by the score of 6 to O. On the following Saturday at Dayton they were not so fortunate and lost 66 to 0. At Toledo, again we lost 34 to 9. On our only out of the state trip we lost in the last few minutes of, play, when a 65 yard run made the score l2 to 6. At our home-coming game the Bluffton Beavers took our measure 26 to 6. Then to Ashland, another loss 30 to 0. Then we upset the dope and took Defiance across 13 to 6. Big- gest upset in the state. Our last game was played at Bowling Green where We lost 19 to O. Although not a championship, a great improvement over last year. 1929 Seventy ADEUS HUTTON VERMILLION HUTTON - VERMILLION Playing under the superb leadership of Captain Robert "Bob" Hutton, the Orange enjoyed the most successful basketball season for a decade. The responsibility for continuing this record has been "Louie" Vermillion a conscientious hard fighter. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. M 'r Mar. S I -Six 5 10 16 23 25 28 2 5 BASKETBALL '29 12 16 22 23 25 28 F O -OHQEQL11 .,.Chq.e,1...i2.L2.9e -Defiance Cherej F 3-QLLAQZ we Jmgmm -Ceffifille.,,,,,.CherQJAQ4l.2...: .1-1 . -Toledo Ctherel 30 - '35 -Ashland Cthereb 31 - 52 -Bluffton' here 327 - 29 -:B.:G,.TZ..:l.L11ere'J 33 - 30 -,JQLeg1,Q,,-W Cherej 48 .--23 -St. Johns Ctherel 51 - 21 --Cedwrville ftherej 48 - 38 -Antioch Ctherel 67 -. 21 -Dehnnce Ctherej 37 - 40 -Bluffton Ctherej 37 - 34 2-Ashland Cherej 40 - 51 4-Antioch Cherej 61 - 24 692 - 525 1 '30 Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 1929 placed in the hands of Lewin BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 20-Case, here. 3-Capitol, here. 13--Ashlwnd. there. 17-At Bowling Green 24-Toledo. here. 28-Ar Defiance. 3-Deliance, here, 8-At Bluffton. 14-Bowling Green, here. 18-Ashland. here. 21-At Toledo. 27-Here. ADGUS BASKETBAUQCMENSD LETTERMEN Hutton ffj, Buttermore ffj, Taylor CCD, Robinson CCD, Fonts Cgj Vermillion Cgj, Pollock ffl. HONORABLE MENTION Moorhead Cgj, Metzker CgD,Weist ffl, Blauvelt CFD, Schultz ffl. 1929 Seventy Esther Cook ,,.,, ADGUS BASKETBALL UNOMENSJ Betty Bailey ,..,..,.......... Florence Hosafros Hazel Greer ..,A...,, Marjorie Jones .,... Jan. 2 3 Findlay Findlay Feb. 8 Findlay Feb. 22 Findlay Jan. 30 Mar. 2 Mar. ll College College College College Findlay College ..,. Findlay College ..r, SQUAD Center, Capt. ,.--.,.Forward ......,.Forward Forward -......,.Forward Fern Thomas ..,..,,,. Doris Radabaugh .. .... ,,,,.,,,,,- ,,,.,,, Elizabeth Moorhead ..,., - ,...,..,,.... . Martha Locey ,....... 7 Eleanor Rice r..,.. SCHEDULE 25 .W l 9 - 24 ,.-- l 7 27 40 -1929 Cedarville O. N, U, l-ima Y. W. ...,. Cedarville .... O. N. U. .....,,. . Lima Y. W. .... . BARNHART-Coach Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Here There Here There Here There -Eighl 1929 J f '..' W DUB" FOUTS 'rw-H-'na' vii ADGUS BASEBALL The destlnies of this year's baseball team were in the hands of "Dub" Fouts. who proved himself a capable leader. I BASEBALL MEN INFIELDERS FoU'1's BLAUVELT 'FAYLOR WEIST BUTTERMORE MEYERS VERA-111-1.1oN HUTTON OUTFIELDERS AUNGST DEITSCH ORWICK GONGWER GLASGOW METZGER SCHULTZ , 'QFYV' sk' 1929 Seo:-my-Nine Eighiy "JOHNNY" ROBERTS ADGUS TENNIS The success of the tennis season was largely due to the efficient leadership of "Johnny" Roberts, who has faithfully represented the Orange for four years in sports. TENNIS MEN Roberts Ccj Smith Robinson Hamilton Carlin Shade 1929 Apr. May May May May May May June ADGUS BASEBALL -Toledo U. Chcrel . Bowling Green Ctherej . 10-Bluffton Chercl - I7-Bluffton ftherel. 24- 28-Deliance fhereb. 3 I-Toledo Crherej. Bowling Green Chereb, -Defiance Ctherej. May May May May May May May June June TENNIS Bowling Green Qtherej. -Bluffton fherel. -Ashland Ctherel. -Bluffton ftherej. -St, John's fheref -Bowling Green fherej -Defiance Cherej . 3-Ashland Cherej. 5-Defiance Crherej. INTER-CLASS BASKETBALL The inter-class basketball championship was won by the Sophomores. The A'Sophs" lost only one game of the entire schedule and this was due to a forfeit. In their playing they presented an attack that could not be stopped. Fellows who represented the Sophomores were: Glasgow, Bunnell, Boyd, Vwfeaver, Schlencker, and Gongwer. The final standing is as follows: Sophomores ..... Seniors ........... Specials .... Freshmen rr.. 1929 W L 6 l 5 2 4 3 3 4 Highly-O Eighl ADGUS HITE ROBERTS XVILLIAMS ROBERTS, WILLIAMS, and I-IITE These three men have donned the athletic uniform of the Orange for the last time. In their graduation the varsity has nothing but regrets. I-Iere's to you Johnny, Kenny, and Pete, may you be as successful in your chosen pro- fessions. 1929 y-I' 'T 'Z'- .,- ,. AIQIBIJS fviv uxmnus ACTIVITIES m i 'w1'f' , W ,' I , 4 - .Q L Ml: 'P Wil' 1 I tgjk V. I ww W w z il, fn I' ,gl 1 1' 3 mfg! a K A , l ,N AK Q -: W W f51QfLy 'fx g lwhvl J f- l Qllll u 1 ADGUS HOMECXMHNG The Y. M. C. A. sponsored our traditional homecoming once again and met with unsurpassed success. Over five-hundred persons attended the Harvest Home Supper which was served in an elaborate style. Following the dinner the guests were delighted by the Royal Entertainers who gave one of the finest per- formances of their career in the college chapel. The comedy "Squaring Himself Vxfith the Boss" kept the audience laughing from start to finish. The following day was the Bluffton-Findlay homecoming game which although not a victory was a demonstration of a ine brand of football. Of course we'll all remember the "Big Parade" before the game which was held at the Donnell Stadium. Many alumni returned for the affair and the fellowship between today's and yesterday's students will long be remembered. Such is the spirit of Findlay College. 1929 ADGUS DODGE In view of the fact that a Dodge in the possession of our president Allen fell to "rack and ruin"-in the service and interest of our Alma Mater-tlle student body in general and the listed organizations in particular felt it to be a most fitting and opportune act to replace the same with a new Victory model which was formally and excitedly done November 25. PERANIAN LITERARY SOCIETY. ARISTOTELIAN LITERARY SOCIETY. BOARDINC1 CLUB. Y. M. C. A. 1929 L7hyI' ADGUS ARISTOTELIAN PLAY CAST THE 13 th CHAIR" Spencer Lee .,............ ....................,...,.,,,,..., ....,.. E l lsworth Snyder Inspector Donahue Edward Wales ....... The Landlady ....... Helen O'Nei1 ...... Billy Crosby MT-- Roscoe Crosby ...... Mary Eastwood ....... Philip Mason .,,.,.,. Mrs. Crosby ...-,.. Helen Trent ...... Bradish Trent .....,. Grace Standish ......,.., Elizabeth Erkskine Howard Standish ..... Pollock ............,......,. Madam La Grange Sergeant Dunn .s....,, Fred R. Wise ---.--r--.,e,Russell Orwick ------------, Mildred Frederick ---,---.Mary Kathryn Boyer Willis Shade --,,r,---.-,-----,,,-,-------.Elmo P. Tyner - ....,.a..,.., Ruth Ellen Woolcott Harold Hamilton ----,--,Margaret Beard rw--- Helen Koontz ---,-------,- Lee Fredericks ,,,,-,r,,-,,,--------.Erma Bisel Dorothea Reamsnyder Dana Headley -,-------.Merrill Firestone r-----,Martha Locey Snyder LjhJS IQZQ' Miss Austin ,...,,, Mrs. Harold v,ss... Mazic ..,.,,s,.w Nlrs. Craig ..,-sw,,. Ethel Landreth Walter Craig or Mrs. Frazier Billy Berkmire Joseph Catelle Harry .................r, FADGUS PERAN1AN'PLAY'CAsT HCRAIGS WIFE" Eugene Fredericks ....r,r . .r... Fern Thomas ,,,-,,.Lois De Hays -v,.,,,,Leona Huston Dorothy Cramer , .o,, Helen Temple --------,-,,Paul Beck Helen Goff Clayton Wiseley ...... ---Bill Goff e-,,...--Tony Myers Richard Purdy l 1 1929 L ADGUS MAY'DAY The May Day festivities were in the form of a pageant entitled "Youth's Academic Seasons" written by Martha Locey and Mary Kathryn Boyer-very original and entirely different than the festivities of other years. Margaret Richardson was crowned Queen of the May festival by her maid of Honor, Catherine Bowen in a beautiful and impressive ceremony. The breakfast despite the constant rain was a huge success and the dining hall also displayed a new feature being decorated to represent an old tavern. The success of the occasion is due to the earnest efforts and cooperatioln' of the committee and participants in the May Day program. 1929 ADB-US MAY QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Tern Thomuw Mary Kathryn Bovcr Culnrmr Baum Mwrxlyn Bright Mildred Kmungcr Mxrgarcl Rlchudson Dorothy Cnmcl Marjorie Dmgs Ruth whmnk Joscphxm Slough 929 r Elqhty Nine ADGUS ORANGE PEAL STAFF Last year, the Findlay College Publication Department initiated and spon- sored a new activity, the production of a weekly newspaper entitled the "Orange Peal." The paper found great favor among members of the college students and Floyd Lyle, initiator of the publication was re-elected Editor for this year. Mr. Lyle, however, did not return to Findlay College last fall and Miss Dorothy Cramer was chosen by the student body to fill the chief position. Due to subnormal conditions in the size of the student body this year the paper was of necessity limited to a bi-weekly publication. However, even then, it has proven an interesting and important factor in the accounts given of intra- mural activities. The students enjoy reading of their own extra-curricular af- fairs and we sincerely hope that next year the "Orange Feal" may be re-estab- lished as a weekly issue. STAFF Editor-in-Chief ....... ,,,,r,,vrw, V, -Hw,,-- Vljofothy Cramer Assistant Editor ,'w,-------------.g4----AA-A,4,, Lois Del-lays Society Editors ..,. .rr, M ildred Frederick. Lee Frederick News Editors .av- . ....... Richard Beard, Erma Bisel Chapel Editor ...... ,-,w,,, , L ,,4,----,-- ,Dana Headley Sports Editor .,... ..... K enneth Glasgow Forum -------------f-4--fvaaf ......g........a............... R uth Shank Circulating Managers ....,,, ,,,,,,, D ororhy Blaksley, Helen Goff 1929 N u l ADGUS ORANGE PEAL STAFF Cmrncr. Beard. DcH:lys l.. Frederick, Goff. Blakcsley. Glasgow M lwrulmrick Hmdly Biscl, Shank 1929 Ninety-On ADGUS THE 1929 ARGUS In the interest of our Alma Mater and friends We the Argus Staff have endeavored to embody in these few pages many scenes of our college days, the happy events that marked their course, and a lasting impression of friends we have made. We sincerely ask your forbearance for error and inaccuracies and we solicit your praise for any success which might be ours Editor-in-Chief ..,o Business Manager W, Photographic Editor Literary Editor ........ Sport Editor oo,ro. Advertisers Art Editor Joke Editor ...., X I I' ARGUS STAFF Ruth Shank Norman Aungst Josephine Stough Ruth Woolcoatt Kenneth Glasgow Patterson WC8VC1', Richard Beard, Richard Purdy 1929 Mary Lou McCarthy Paul Beck ADGUS ARGUSSTAFF Aungst, Shank. Stough McCarthy, Buck. Glasgow Woolcott, Purdy. Beard 1929 Ninvly-Thrrc ADGUS CoLLEGE PRINTING sHoP WILLIAM HOWER EDITOR OF 1930 ARGUS Superintendent of College Press COLLEGE PRESS At this time we wish to take opportunity to express to you our apprecia- tion for work which came to this department. Cur aim has always been to please our patrons by doing good printing at a reasonable price. We wish to say that all have been good patrons and we have appreciated that fact, and have found a real pleasure in our efforts to serve and please all. To those who have not been fully acquainted with the department we might say that it is being operated by the following persons: Professor James M. Guyer, Faculty Manager: Williani I-lower, Superintendent: assisted by Edward Porch, Harold Grimm and Paul Tewell. It shall be our aim and policy to serve you in the future, if possible better than we have in the past. 1929 Ig-Four ""' ' ' "V I v , 1929 AIQGIJS ADGUS WHO'S WHO IN FINDLAY COLLEGE Most Beautiful Co-ed .... . ...... M argarer Richardson Most Handsome Man ..... ..... Oscar Robinson Most Popular CO-ed. .,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,,Fern Thgmag Most Popular Man ...,,..,...... ,,,,,,,,,, ,Paul Beck Most Popular Faculty Member .... v,v,,.n-, . James Guyer Best Student .....,..................,..... ,s..,. . Clayton Wiseley Student with Most School Spirit. ,.,.. u...,,.... P aul Beck Best Athlete, ,... .. ..,,,.,,.. . .,.. ...,...,.,, ,.,,r. . . .Hayden Pours 1929 ADGUS My PM 71" ' 13f5'f'iW' '1 f-smvselw-if , 'fu Mg fx 4, ---W A" my, -1 5--,-'J ji uw, gf 'g,,f.- 21:-'-uv ws E,-fs,-'v mf " X '-J' ' ' ,ASH wwiwfsfy H? " , 1. ' im 1 1 . ,. .11-I ,J -43, H' 55 N , A ,sw wg:-. W 5, ,- A . G ,1 L ' ,XJ 51" K ' " , f . , W , l Mf . ' 1 1, 'fe 10' 3' ' 1 ' . es' . -If - I ' ' W 1 ' . f, , A 'W X W - . f Z ig! y, E xygfa- ,.f-3 , . 7 , Y fg:vQ,LWif,, , L W A S , 'M Ax 5557 .f 4 , , 5? 4 1,, ,, , R , ,Ig W I M 1 f g l , -f' 3 - 1 I , -. ' rffcf., " k -1' -M533 5 V? 4 ' , .?ff:Lwfx': . ' 2651- " r ,V ,cjikrfiig ,iffamf 4 .gf ff-jf 114539 iw A -1 gg,:,5gJ vu, :,-'I ' r ,J':'af' . ., isa , "', L-9fL.1g, gyfijfvfgl--m,,. ,, V V, - ,i?f.g,:iy,:,11 Ei .is R FI4cKl5'rii'tc fszimf-..1 , "'fQ'fgf. ' ' ' ' ' , fy- Riga 3- ' H 2lg,:3l.',,,15?,:5':3'f'1f Q-.'::f,1 :L , ., ' Fg,,3'5wgf4 F " .xg 1' -' 1L.h3-,FY-A 1 f ' ,. 25, ,ff- ,ggi xi-Zfgf' M1 :ii if , - ' ' f ixanf . , 1 Thonms, Richardson Wiselcy. Robinson. Fouls Guyvr. Beck 1929 sly-Nine ADGUS L15-we QT ' r gx . , . ..' dh v "7" 2 I: ,A Qll: , f. N! 6 Q t Yi I .gpw gf-g',i5m 'if .,.' 'pk ' , mai, 'i,,,,,hz 'wyii' nl fain " ' vfudl li X 6' A41 li Y I ,..1'2iv.5 QTY' I I Mi. M . X15 ww w? F M 54 1929 ADGUS IWPRESSIONS 2 E XPRES3 u0Ns 4 . O F GUR FACULT2! N QV ZL r- J' Q Q h IS H nrt' T k,-1 ww- if A Tufssmdgfk ,Q I And D076 Fovglf bn-e-linker PuTs Tie.. ' Mm pow-rx? v ff 'N ff lm, V THAT R A " Q. ' W HJGZZJQ HIHT? Qi -- 4 WWW -w I Pmzmqr' ' X V x 2 x l, eg f 9 yy ' 77 N ll If , we v .. 9 , , , Co ' 'NTRH7:v 96:32, 1929 Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. ADGUS "ORANGE AND BLACK" ' CALENDAR 17-Frosh Register-Oh boy! 18-Frosh reception. 20-Upper-classmen register-same old story-Y Reception. 21 -Classes begin-they always do eventually. Sept. 22-Game with Otterbein. We won. Some team! I Sept. 24-General jam - - Cree Paul Beck. Frosh boys should wear bow ties. Sept. 26-Dot Cramer editor of Orange Peal-"Ring Out Wild News"Y Sept. Z9-Ciame with Dayton-Tough! Education Tests-Tough! Oct. l-Frosh pajama parade, etc. Cespecially etc.j Oct. 3-Soph Stag for Frosh-bucket brigade. Oct. 5-Y. M. Conference. Ciame with Toledo - - shucks! Oct. 13-Adrian-Findlay game. Too bad! Oct. 19-Harvest home - - A'Soup's on"! Oct. 20-Harvest home game with Bluffton - - dog-gone! Nov. 3-Ashland-Findlay game - - aw gee! Nov IO-Defiance-Findlay game - - Hot Dog! Nov 11-Armistice Day-no classes. CIt's Sunclaylj Nov. 19-Herbert sleeps in coal bin - - Henderson home. Nov. 20-Herbert moves to Bare Hall. Nov. 21-Herbert has no dog license - - off to the country. Nov. 22-Sherwood Eddy on campus. Nov. 23-Frosh debate - - great stuff. Nov. 24-Julius Caesar - - sponsored by Peranians. Nov. 25-Prexy's new car - - A'Spirit of Findlay College." Wonder if it needs a new battery. Nov. 27-Y. M. entertain Y. XV. at "Little Chef." Nov. 29-Thanksgiving vacation. Dec. 12-Prof. Bair visits Bare Hall - - hearts are trump! Dec. l5-Spanish Club - - Christmas party. Dec. 18-Miss Hartshorn misses 7:30 class. Dec. l9-Final Exams start - - Chere's our finishlj Dec. 20-Ditto - - 'fraid I'm not getting through. Dec. 21-Know it. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. l-I Hrmly resolve - - 12-Dorm girls make candy. CNo the Y. W. is 16--Bowling Green-Findlay game - - Cieel 17-13th Chair on chapel platform. 18-The same. 21-Beck new Peranian president. 28-Kate Boyer - - Aristotelian president. 21-Dr. Van Tyne I I 1929 n't holding a bazaarl O H rzdred und Two Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Nlar. Mar Mar. Mar. April April April April April April April May Bday Bday Bday Bday June June June June June June P.S.- I8 19 22 15 17 24 ADGUS l-Pitt wins debate by small margin. 5-Blauvelt has good English paper. Cwho is his better half now?j -Chicken Waffle supper. -3rd Floor makes whoopee! -Vacation - - somebody's birthday. 4-Hoover in office - - classes in chapel. 13-Exams. Gee don't time fly? 18-Pay bills in office. 21--Esther Sausser goes to study nursing - - good luck! 23-Tea for Ohio Northern visiting students. 28- Mrs. Jameson on the campus. 29-Clean-up Day - - lots of work and Whoopee! 31-Easter - - Why does it always come on Sunday? l 4 5 10 -A fool there was. -l'Craig's Wife" - - and ho-W! -Same - - only more so. -Y. W. Cabinet held dinner. ll-Mr. Arron of India visits campus. 18-Y. W. hike - - Hot Dog! 29-Wild West Parade - - 3 hours late. 8-Isabel Tisdale - - Graduation Recital. May 14-May Day Breakfast - - glorious day for umbrella sales. Fes- tivities postponed. -Esther Dreisbaugh's graduation recital. -May Day Festivities. -Junior and Senior Banquet at Elk's Club. 30-Decoration Day. 1-Exams begin. 2-Baccalaureate. 3-More exams. 4-Conservatory Recital. 5-Class Night. 6-Its all over - - or has it just begun! June 8-School of Commerce banquet. 1929 H cl dTh r N X I ADGUS LITTLE CHEF T-ROOMS Phone: Main 210-VV 108 W'. Front Street FINDLAY, OHIO Private Dining Room for Sorority and Men Club Dinners BIRTHDAY AND YYEDDING CAKES - - FANCY I'AS'lIR.IES . , ,. And now we have the Scotchman who DRIJCBS SODAD took his Wifc's false teeth with him to work. Toll ET XPTICI TS so sbc wouldn't eat while he was gone. , .. 4 J x A 2 t This one is attributed to Sherwood Eddy , f -h I d'Ff' l '1' ' h DI. WOEISZ tirce most 1 icut lll1'lgS in t e Live up to an introduction. D1-ug-gist Climb a fence leaning toward you. Kiss .1 girl leaning away from you. FINDLAY, OHIO what-S Wrong bmi . . . "It uk r '. First Corner bonth of Bridge 1 es one hour 0 cook and Serve Sm people." An Ideal Recitulion Prof. Guyer-"Mr, Borts do you think France justihcd in her revengeful spirit to- Q lganker ward Germany after l37l." "Tubby"-"Yes Cconlidently: she might have been Cwith trepidationjz probably she ? was Cdoubtlz I guess so Qgropinglylz no, I believe she wasn't Creturn of confidenccl but then, maybe - Cdcspairinglylg I don't know Quttcr collapse of all prctenself' ' Prof. Guyer fgrufflyj-"Maybe 1 can get f th.t." ,, , , an answer 114 5. Blain Street Beck-"Hold 'cr Newt." Glasgow-"VJhere's her Newt?" COM li' IQ I M ENT5 THE PAGE DAIRY CO. FINDLAY, OHIO 1929 One Hundred and S n ADEUS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES TI-ICMAS Se COMPANY 235 S. Main Street Jewelry Ek Wfzttches Diamonds BEAGLES BEAUTY SALQN 28-Z9 American-First National Bank Bldg. FINDL AY, onto Phone Main 519 So Robo says- I know I ain't no shining star. I know how ugly my face are. But I don't mind it, I gets behind it. Folks out in front they gets the jar. "Some chicken. eh?" "Yeh, almost fowl." -Sun Dial. "I thought there was a slip somewhere." said Gretchen as she searched the bureau drawer. YE SWEET SHOPPE First Last and Always Drinks, Candies, Nuts Brick Ice Cream for Entertainments Corner Front Sz Main Streets VVC extend our Best Wislies to the nianagement for long life and pros- perity of Findlay College. THE PARKER LUIVIBER COMPANY XV. Crawford Street Phone 42 Findlay, O. Fern Thomas says-"Isn't it odd-no matter what else may happen if one's name is not in the joke column they think they are a flop." V Aileen Cbeing lectured by Grzmdmal "Well, anyhow I've heard the girls of your period set their caps at men." Grandma-"But not their knee caps." Kate-"Oh, bother! They haven't put enough hooks on this dress." Martha-"Dont worry there will he plenty of eyes on it." KA Clothing fo "Griffon" Read EUS r Young Men y-to-Wear Clothes Wilson Bros. Furnishings 1929 mired and Eighl ADEUS Get a load of this-Once upon a time six co-eds met in thc gab-room and talked for one hour and never once mentioned the word "hc." Little Gretchen-"Mama, I have such ri surprise for you!" Mania-"What is it, darling?" L. G.-"I've swallowed a nail." Frosh-"I-Iavc you any thumb racks?" Second nit-wit-"Naw, but I have some linger nails." Ready to Serve You NVQ curry one of the largest and most complete stocks of Diamonds, VVatehe5 and jewelry in Findlay. Drop in and see for yourself. O. B. MARVIN SL CO. Opposite Court House THE CHIC FARMERS INSURANCE CO. OF LCROY, OHIO OI-lIO'S OLDEST AND BEST COMPANY J. C. SPENCER, Local Agent 228 BUCKEYE-COMMERCIAL BANK BUILDING Phone 983 Findlay, Ohio DCDGE BRQTHERS MCDTOR CARS TRUCKS Kc COMMERCIAL CARS A. E. BRANDEBERRY 124 East Main Cross Street FINDLAY, GI-IIO Phone Main 325 Branches Fostoria, Upper Sandusky 1929 One Hu d er! and N AIQIEUS 3 ooo g Save the BARNHART ffm -f fio wn Coupons FUNERAL HOME ,f ""IqLJ, and '- pglklil get free 5 ff,2d"YC0ff,ifR'sPi"ffi, : Coffee Roasted fresh daily BY FINDLAY COFFEE TEA AND SPICE CO. ASK YOUR GROCER Friendly Service Kidwell E Publishing U N I Q U E C""'Pa"y AND MDDEDN DDI NTI N G PLYMQUTI-I FARGO TRUCKS CHRYSLER "65" - - "75" - - "Imperial" MQDERN MCTOR SALES CO. 208 XY. Crawford Street Phone 2352 1929 AIQGUS Compliments of THE GHIO OIL CGMPANY 1929 ADGUS LYCEUM A thousand thrills in every show VVhat true American doesn't like action anti out-door pictures I I I They help you through your business worries ! l l Norm Cpassionatelyj-"I must marry you - - - beloved." Ruth Shank - "But have you seen mother?" Norm-"Yes-often-but I love you just the same." Tobacco is a dirty weed. I like iti It satisfies no normal need. I like it! It makes you thin. it makes you lean, It takes the hair right right off your bean Its the worst darn stuff I ever seen- I like itl Are You a Thunhardf- Il' a male goose we call a gander. A male moose must be a mander. If one who fails is a failure. Then one who quails is a quailurc. If a female duke is a duchess. A female spook must be a spuchess. If drinking too hard makes a drunkard. Then thinking too hard makes a thunkard. --Boston Transcript, which credits the first of the above verses to "Exchange" G. R. THOMPSON SL SON Diamonds, Vlfatches, Jewelry and Optical Goods -IEWIELERS :-: OPTICIANS 107 COURT PLACE, FINDLAY. O. To the Graduate: Accept Our Congratulations CENTRAL DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Now we know what ails Buttermore-- "1-Xltho there are many diseases prevalent in this country, by far the commonest is high blonde pressure."-Jack O'Lantern. Roses are red. Violets are blue. When apples are ripe: Onions have an awful odor. I-lah! Hah! Caldwell- I eat my peas with honey, I done it all my life: They do taste kind of funny But it keeps them on my knife. -Christian World. A drink in time will save nine, if it's Wood alcohol. Give a girl an inch and she will make a dress of it. Whom the juries would acquit they tirst make mad. Gold digger's version: Nobody loves a flat man. Blood is thicker than water, but neither can touch post-oflice ink. From the maxims of a cave man: Faint clout never won fair lady. An honest confession is good for the soul. also for a front-page story.-Boston Tran- script. THE TURNER-CROSBY SHOE CO. FOR GOOD SHOES "W'e Fit Your Feet First" 1929 Om: Hundred and Twelve TRADE U L D Cleaner ADGUS COMPLIMENTS OF David Kirk Sons Sz Co., Ltd. We carry a complete line of ATHLETIC GOQDS ,gli w ,.i1z.ff??'a mf on the popular priced HOOVER BUCK 'EYE HARDXVA CGIVIPANY AH I l I Barber-"I-Inven't I shaved you before. sir?" Helpless-"No, I got those scars in France." Beauty is often only skin dope. RE "Card sharks," observed a saucy sopho- more, after a ride with one of her boy friends, "aren't by any means the only peo- ple who must sometimes hold bad hands." Use Cooper Tires MADE IN FINDLAY The Cooper Corporation 1929 OHLIIITI Alaeus T U R P O TH E TURPENTI NE OINTM ENT and DR. DRAKE' GLESSCO KEEN Sl-IAVING KREEM Three Reliable Products Which Help Make Findlay Famous THE GLESSNER CO. Harvesting the Howler Crop.-From schoolboys' science papers: The earth makes a resolution every twenty-four hours. The difference between air and water is that air can be made wetter and water can not. We are now the masters of steam and ec- centricity. Things that are equal to each other are equal to anything else. Gravity is chiefly noticeable in the autumn, when the apples are falling from the trees. The axis of the earth is an imaginary line on which the earth takes its daily routine. A parallel straight line is one which if produced to meet itself does not meet. Electricity and lightning are of the same nature, the only difference being that light' ning is often several miles long while elec- tricity is only a few inches.-Boston Tran- scripl. The Tron! 53 06763077 0. 411 SOUTH BTATN STREET '23 THE HOME OF GOOD FURNITURE SINCE 1886 1929 O7 ll imlred und lfourlt' n AIQGIJS FlllNl LAY CC LLEGE ' FINULAY, oHIo COURSES OF STUDY Classical Scientilic Theological Business Academic Music Oratory Religious Education Ministerial 'NVQ-YEAR COURSES ARTICULATING XVITH Tl-IE LEAIJING UNIVERSITIES Pre-I..ztw llre-llfledic Pre-Dental Pre-Agrieultural Pre-Engineering l'1'ofession:Ll 'lSCZlCl'lCl',S Course Approvecl by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, leading to the Degree- of Bachelor of Arts H. L. Allen, A. B., Ped. M., M. A., Pres. 'lllie Largest Faculty in the History of the College and livery lY',l'U'l-CSSQJI' Holding Z1 Master of Arts Degree Good Facilities Send for Catalogue Om' Hundred n nd Fifi ADGUS SWITZER BROTHERS TWIN LOAF CAKES DAWN DONUTS ROLLS PASTRIES 532 S. MAIN ST. PHONE MAIN 18 "Ask Your Grocer" "One of us is a cheat." "What do you mean?" "Wh t I F' ' I h d The Crystal a say. ive minutes ago a a Hfth ace in my pocket and now its gone." "Milly changed her mind last night." "How do you know?" "She came back from a car ride with shoe muddy." Bama: "What do you do when in doubt about kissing a girl?" Roberts: "Give her the benefit of doubt." Shoe Repairing ODE Hat Cleaning Shine Parlor h t Q Niles Bldg. E. Sandusky sf. Send your sweaters here to us, Save the bother and the fuss- NVl1at a joy it is to know Sweaters can be cleaned just so! BIS H o ws Q ' 255- K, 1 1 - CLEANING woaxs GIS-SOUTH MAIN STREET-619 Es It isn't the girl with a rep. Who turns out to have lots of pep, It's the girl who is shy That you'l1 find when you try, VVho snuggles up close 'n says, "Yep." Who made Lydia Pinkham the big pill that she was? He told me he was a big frat man from Penn State and last week I found out the State Pen wants him back. 1 PERF CANN USE ECTIO ED oooos Good Quality Low Price THE A. E. DORSEY COMPANY 1929 ndrrrl and Sixteen ADGUS Commencement Activities require dresses and accessories that help to make the occasion memorable. May we suggest that you PATTERSON S Dl.Sfl-VICIIIUE Gifts for Commencement Plotts and Sausser ' Service Battery and Electrical VVork 210 E. Sandusky St. Phone Main 402 SERVICE WITH A SMILE Family Washings and Curtains A Specialty THE BUCKEYE LAUNDRY co. 200 E. CRAWFORD ST. PHONE 75 A Short Story Bidding good evening night after night, She saw him growing more polite. She watched the dying of a dream. And mingled tears with cleansing cream. Sweet Young Thing: "Did you make the football team?" Blauvelt: "No they had it." "This is Gus." "Gus who?" "Ohl Can't you Cius who?" Schultz: "Didja see that girl smile at me. huh?" ' Weist: "Yeah: and its darn funny she didn't laugh out loud." Buttermore: "Do you believe in hypno- tism?" Martha Rice: "Oh! You don't need to go that far?" Russ: "That girl that just passed us lives next door and you didn't even tip your hat." Dub: "Gee, l didn't recognize her when she was dressed." QUALITY ABOVE ALL l-IERFF-JONES COMPA Y SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY INDIANAPOLIS OFFICIAL JEVVELERS TO FINDLAY COLLEGE 1929 One Hundred and Sui. t ADGUS FREE TIRE SERVICE PHONE 554 ACCESSORIES TIRES RADIO THE DIXIE TIRE SHOP, Inc. 316-318 N. MAIN STREET SCI-IAEEER SUITS 325.00 - 035.00 WVea1' Longer Better Fits HUGHES CARIVIENT CLEANING CO. 112 NVest Front Street Whafs Wrong With This? "Heres a painting of Lady Godiva." "Gee, boy, isn't that a beautiful horse." Louie: "Do you know that a woman is relatively stronger than a horse?" Dub: "Can't say. I never dated a horse." Burglar-Where ya' been? Partner-Robbin' a frat house. Burglar-Lose anything? If love makes the world go 'round no The Co-eds Lament A guy we hate 'Tis Oscar Scribs He always tries To count our ribs. He: I can read you like a book. She: Yeah, thanks to Braille. Norm: "Witlaer away with them shears?" Beck: "Cuttin' classes today, goofl" Say, Borts, remember cabbage is a food: wonder Paul Beck acts dizzy. don't smoke it! Compliments of the BETA PHI SICS 1929 O lluld dlfll AIQGUS COMPLIMENTS of of BRICKBTAN and LEYAN Buckeye Bank Bldg., Findlay, O. THE ATHLETIC SUPPLY CO. High School and College Outftters Toledo and Columbus Miss Dreitzler: "Mr. Hutton, what is an "How did the wedding go off?" octaroon?" "Fine, until the parson asked the bride if Bob: "An eight sided cuspidorf' she'd obey her husband." -1 "Then what?" E Love me a little, love mc lots: "She said, 'Do you thing I'm crazy? and I'll throw you flowers, the groom. who was in 21 sort of daze, re- In flower pots. plied. 'I do'." SALES SERVICE THE HANNA - PORE COMPANY WHIPPETS -- WILLYS KNIGHTS PHONE l6U2 215 YN. MAIN CROSS ST. LYBARGER MOTOR VVALL PAPER XVe feature Quality, Service and Price- Pztint Products and Art Supplies Studebaker Automo 1es lil' KELLY'S PAINT AND 531 S. Main St. Arcade Bldg. FLNDLAY, OHIO 628 S. Main sl. Tel. Main 343 1929 Ollld IN AIQIEUS HARRIS THEATRE FINDLAY'S FINEST PLAYI-IOUSE SHOWING X!VOl'lCl'S Greatest Motion Pictures AND VITAPHONE AT POPULAR PRICES Canary Birds Florsheim CAGES and SUPPLIES Frlendly EWG ,, . . Lion Brand .lry Our Special Mixed Canary Seed TIPPIN'S S H 0 E S ' For Men and Boys SEED STORE I ' ARNOLD BOOT SHOP Fmdlay 01110 536 s. MAIN STREET To be poor is no disgrace-provided no , one knows ir.-Life. C0mp11mentS Voice over counter-"Gimme the pro- prietor. please." Tony Cabsentlyjr "On white bread or Advice to Seashore visitors-never hit a of rye?" mam when he is brown. 1E122C??'fexgEliii'iiiifiii-f" A ce RESTAURANTS K. DEAEVIS Compliments District Agent The Northwestern Mutual of Life Insurance Company 212-214 Ewfng Building FINDLAY, OHIO An Alumnus 1929 O II I1 Il ADGUS Oomphments RUMMELL S GARAGE AND AUTO SERVICE Packard Hupmoblle SWILS Sou ICC I C1 y PORTRAITS The Nwbh I,1Xll'10StOl'I SILICIIO 10113130 01110 201 417 5 THE NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY PRODUCERS OF HIGH QUALITY LIME 1 INISHIIXK MASQNS M RICULTURE NND CRUSHED STONE FOR ALL PURPOSES ILANIS XT I ULXRUS LEW ISI URC' I IM X I INIJI XI I INC ION RIWIPP I IUI'I PON 1929 of 7 OO. an A' hh Y - I. II7- 19 East SZIIICIIISICY Fin Ia , Ohio by J. C i . 7. D . Tcl. -'XIJHIIIS 1 ummit St. GENERAL OFFICES, FINDLAY, OHIO 7 1 ,, 7,2 'I' 1' O1 H 1' II ' , C.-XRICY -S W f 17 Q 5 1, , ,f 71 ,AY 5 Q,1I1f' -T 1 Lx 3, "T" " L one shaft ADGUS Sk 5-4 "":'22m,qtgS4-X XA l ' O sllrrerrl' once may of lurk. 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L. ......., .LL Cooper Corporation ...,..,r Crystal Shoe Parlors ..,.. David Kirk and Sons ,........ Davis Insurance Agency ..,.,..,.r Dixie Tire Shop .......r, LLL .,,,.... - Dorsey Co. .................., L ,.....,,.,,.... Findlay Coffee. Tea, and Spice Co. Findlay College . .......,......,...,.rr..,,.. . Findlay Printing and Supply Co. .... . Glcssner Co. .,....................,..,......, . Hanna-Pore Co. ..... ........... . Hanna Drug Store .... LL .,..... . Harris Theatre . ....,... . Herff-Jones Co. ........ .L Hughes Dry Cleaning LL .,......,. .L Kanel's Clothing Store ,,..........r,.... Kelly's Wall Paper and Paint Store Kidwell Printing Shop ,,,,.....,....,.-, Livingston's Studio ........,..,,,,...... Little Chef T Rooms .t....... Lybarger Motor Sales Co. ..... . Lyceum Theatre ................ O. B. Marvin ,,t. ...,....Y..... Ohio Oil Co. Owl Club .,..,...,..... L Page Dairy ,.... , ......... . Parker Lumber Co. .......,..., L Patterson s .,....,.......t..,........,. Platt and Banker Millinery ...... Plotts and Sausser .........,..,..,....,.. Rumrne1's Garage and Sales Co. .L Sanitary Dye and Cleaning ....., Spencer Insurance Agency ..... . Switzer's Bakery .....,..,..,..,,. . Thompson's Jewelry ..,,.....,.,. Thomas 8 Co. ,...,.....,. LLLLLL Tippin's Seed Store ...,.. L L ....., Trout and Jackson .... Turner and Crosby ..,. Ye Sweete Shop ..... L 110 L 108 L 118 -L ,....... ...,. 1 1 6 LLLLLL LLLL 1 1 9 LL .....,. L. 1 1 3 L 117 L 120 L 122 L 112 L 110 L 113 L 116 - ...... ..,...., L I.....,. . - 113 L 120 . ..,..... 118 109 L 110 --.---LL--L -.--... --. LLLLLL LLLL 115 1929 1 23 LL- 114 LL.L ...... . L 1 1 9 L 107 120 LLLLLL ........ ......,,v,.. L ,..., 1 1 7 L .,...... L 1 18 L 108 L 119 L 110 L 121 L 107 L ..,.,... L 119 L 112 100 L 111 L 119 107 108 117 L 107 117 L 121 L 116 109 LL L ,.....,. L ,,1,... L 116 L .,..,..... LL .LL....L L 112 L 108 L 120 114 LLLLL 1 1 2 L .... 108 Hundrcu' and 'I'uJt-nly-Th AIQGIJS AUTQGRAPHS 1929,

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