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,r 4310" 'fl Puffy 'GQ 'F ,, . 4. f QJIN, 311-6 , Pl!! 5' 5- -Q-f 'Sf' 5-iff' . 'ff bi gh lv' -L' "V 4 V. 'f' r: 1. V ,, 'Ar if ' Nvx, ibm, a uw, I'-'- N 5,3 Q Q A Qwf gnj g f 3 1 'Q' 'mf me, wi , 'J A A 3 0 , if E f W W , W Z . 1 5.1 5- mhvglgquvfx "" A ,.,.i ., , ' , fx - f 'W""" I 4 ' - 44 - M + x -4 , W ' n r A ,- ' .rf-ga Q iv 11:7-?4Z""W. 1 . ., 5 ,,,., -up an AV ,f -ff-Hfwf ww.. l ' , 'uc . :fy-I 'ff' , ' ' a- . - --r , , , f w 1 .gh JJ 1 'JW-'N - V-k H 1 1 1970 LINC 4 ...TUB .TUB .TUH. Carol Kistner Editor 7 Table of Contents TURN! TURN! TURN! CTO Eveything There is a Seasonl Words from the Book of Ecclesiastes Adaption and music by Pete Seeger TRO-CQCOpyrig1lt 1962 MELODY TRAILS, INC., New York, New York Used by Permission Campus Lite Academics . . Creeks .... Residences .... . . . Organizations Sports .... Seniors . Index . fw'.2ga wg" 10 88 116 140 1.36 IT-1 206 nog 'W' 'Wa To Every To Every Thing. Each thing. Each one. Everyone. All kinds of people, doing all kinds of things. Different people. The sharp guy, the tough chick. The fraternity man, the sorority girl. The long hair, the joe College. The independent the dormie the commuter. All different kinds doing their own thing. Actions make people alive. What actions? Any actions. A No matter what you do, 3f with whom A3 or in what wav and bein is livin . i g S it A U of E therels a lot of living. A A lot of people doing things- lots of things. Studying, learning playing, thinking. Teaching, administering - counseling or maintaining. Lots of living. But being at U of E makes living a little better, and that makes things here great. doing is being, -I W! QW ' U , N " , ' m, '+V3',,ff' , , ' ,f'1?2'7UW"W it EW: - IW' M434 I ,Q V, K Y ' :Af - 5.12312 ' ' 'z , X Lf ' LW " . if Y 'K Q If A I N' NW" , Vu Wfinm lv ffffffffff W, ,', ' mf f faiif f ' 'V 35 gf AW N' V Jr' wp. ' ga 'f m CONCERT My W' ' V , ' fn , ,, ' ' '. ' "':f5g,2 My if ,,.,, frlcif Wm MM Wm. , Mn-an "N -4 f'f".'k A 1 ,I . Sf! 5. ' iv 2 5 2 f W . vv ,ff L, 4+ . 5 X Nw, WAI , X . I .311 , I , " f fin i" , ' ' 'ff ' ' ' Q4"ifi-sl' O bg tvs-111' - V A , ,, Ju my , 'fiw i -wx. 53' " W , , Nbvx -N .B if W MIM B --4 'f !,f, ' UT ii f VLH X . ' I I f, '5 E LA 5 . V . W iv, ps Amy? A fl Auf" -elif" T Y, il' Hiagwm' Q, ,A iii 7? f '-' - , ' M36 7, wh If .- 1 A M 'ffw . ., :AN A ww-Af ' Q IH' mn :- I i 4 E Q U. 6,' J 5 v'v 'Q . . e', fan Tim aw -1. .9.f 'za' P 9-', I I iljsl' an 3 v.b . 1 Q Nl ' 1, 1 M ,. ., '1 wif NK X in J it ' JV' WA -I , A- , f .f' P .yn .v,, - Z ,. 2' -1.93 ,wif 424 1 " -- ge:-5522 75 ffl-5 Si 11- - ,r ' - if gggawlxiisei ,T if if 'iii 'M f 1 r ,V ,tl 'J 'T' J f ,w 'g we , rw A JN' J, dh 1 ,uv ,, NE :if ff :iz in on ll f 42 v 9 552 ,145-M, if + Pfwffw- liifm Qffbzn WMM. :INV fha. fl. Hi Ei? vw V' ll UI Jw Z6 FA 5 5 1 HWW'Wl A"',7'20f'-Q fd, Jfffjayrw, JI, W545 ' , 7,1 f -vs X ' ' 4? f " ' Y A' I ,.,..- ffwwn . 2 fur, ,H J? ' 11 11- ,, ww-W ,M 7 Wf. fr m, fQH 'f5gL Ji if ' f' if ff 3 1551 7' QP' 'll w .f , 111' 1' ' " ,-111 ' ' 1zf",,1" 'I 1 W' 1 1 '.1 f 51 ..,, W ff ' -111,47 " -.hir ,,,,,,,, K W . H N 'mm' 'XR 1- 1 ' 1 My 1" H.. 1:11-f ' fi' h ' . A, 1 ' - K. 1,1 1 . 1 x 1 , . 1.1 ,...u5'f" . . A1111 z1tiI116111r t'Yt'l'1 131111313511 11111111' 1111811 1 111111 1'Il, 1111, 111 1Lttlgl11, 111.11 111' 111. l11111- 111113191 U11 51111. I1 8 fr 6 cl U 6 rl 1fri11111'11ig11t1111t11it11t1111g111111. ' 11 811111111111 11ig11t 111110. 5111161111 Ill0I'll1Ilj.f 1-1111p1'1. Q 1111 t1111 11 Illil11JC 1111' 111111' Ll 1itt11' 1 11111gs 7 1 1 1 11111-, L' 111' If 11111111 111111115 tu 111- 1111111111 1111- 1111 2111-1115.111 X1'1'it11 11111tt1-11111 11111111511 1111 1111111111 111111 i11X1Ll15 s1111111t11i11g L'X't'l'1 11111. 1111 11111tt111' X1 11 t11c1'e is Llt1IHC1Uf 111'111'1' I7lll'p115C 111111111 t1'1'. 11111 111111' 11-'11's. 11111. 1,1112 is11111111-1 11112 1111111 111111 18 s11111't, 1-111111g11, 1 B11ts1111111111 111, s111111'11'111, CIT 1lL'LtX'l'll. 1 N 7. I 2- Y . 'i -. K: 1 1 I ' 2 2 . . . , ' J . ' '0."'v"' ' M 1'-"5" ,,, I, M- ,,9f:"-- Q , ,WM .1 1'7" A -' - 1 2 v f ' ff," 'V Li 1 r' 5 in ww ya -.V -7 L,::nqH,g.:' W Y NW Y W W A K f 'F .- 'U' ' an' W gi"'? 'fi' Wa' 6 Q., Q yi: " , g ilk 1. it Ni J' W- I 1 ,C , ' 1-4 -L , ix A K - w"..,.55 1 M- m4 ' ' F fw' 1' . ' " jw , ,W , ,K .' 7 . , ,. ff 1 1. fx K, 5 I A ' Ulm g git. N . 4 ny ' X-1:4 QM' 4 If - 'J-'H 1. ' I ' ,mlifff X f . ' f . wg 'ff' M' N51- ff M X-r "fY?'if"?1?E ,N : '2'TS:"- , ' 1-24.1 , , 5- - ' .,-,.-Qrbfzs: ff ' - -' J .,N, is . uf X -Q2 .auf-15:6-i A 'lfxi ' ' -New 5 1 V .421 ' 1 , W , Wm . it .W 5 N . WM- W V , ...sig , if WW- Q Q ,f-1 .-A1211 9'a-iff fir.. .' Q lv, 'V ,I - - - gl N-ix ,f af --' .. . nf f fi,,k j 28, .f 4, 5555 1 A 4 2, V ,mi Q- 35 1 1, M, f ,NPL N 1234- zfvwiwiwr-W-a+' ' 1 ,f ., . , . . -H X M' V' "W fw, .U 'ff W ' f , -M, , ,. f ,gzjfwwv 'L-m:'fTi"7TL""""N""HW '-of" mxltwl, ..,, ,.f ,,, , 1, , 7 vw- www L! 1 M H, ,y .g,:,Q,,y ,,,f1,,,q-'-fm rm u . . . ' N " 'WF M135 we 1 . W.,-1. 4519, fl .- ' , f 71 rw., yy W N nm A . .,...,x vby, I ... In H 5 1 , . W Q X . 1 41 -H -- .nik I f 5, ,M -,wwwgm '28 .nh ..-J , . ..-- , . I llwre., 'irfffiiln Y, . .,, 'I 1"' ,H .,, ,,f , ', ',f,f"'w' " -fr, .,. 1,14- 4-... ,. P. 1 1 i i , mn 1 , ' ,WL-,21' , -N rw , 5. ,R l , AHLQXQ14 .HW ., .- lgrwx I f. - V .. 5 -n u-. .- ' ,Q-34..-4.7.5-.-A,"A-'gl '- no cd ,ffl A Time You May Embmeeg A Time to Refrain from Embracing Campus Life T1 " 3Elf .:-ml .J M We pro 'Nr f' I U ff . , i r .A Q f ls X X 'x . , .1 N Wuxi 1 T A Time You May Embraceg A Time to Refrain From Embracing. In life, as in love, there is a time and a place for everything. A time to embrace close friends a time to embrace studiesg a time to embrace fun. Quiet times to embrace nothing- or everything. A time to be sad and a time to be happy Always a time and a place for everything. s At U of E we embraced a lot of things in 1969-70. We embraced a good football team who had an average season, and a similar basketball team. For the first time there were protests-- protests of the war in Vietnam on Moratorium days-- protests of Kent State deaths later. tested for open visitation-and we got it. We began to think and care. and some things changed. Other things we didn't embrace. But theres always next year. , fig! as -u7a3?"' ' M J,-,mf ff hx, Vi' . ,wif "-. if 3 Y Un ,Q W 4. N 'ff nl 7 I-'Jul'-an wif' 1 55 3 .M 1 pf ff ., 'Q' M- ,A wiv ' "kg , x 4 f .fu ."'- fx-M. , f 1 ' gpg' if , .- , V,..,,,f , , A ,,- f". a 4 -3' 4 ts 19590 "fin 5 is ' , ,xy Y. P' 'Ef- r - qu . Qay s 1 , , ,R W 3 QQ S541- 'lfx r.-1,1135 'Q'AfQxV,. 'f . .L :M V, '-qv ffl'-372' 93" "ii, 734 ?Q?3's': :M -- gifqffkgix a 1- 2 -Q ,ff 'gqgvfaw M.,-1 ... - ,. 5335" 4 ,s -Q. gi ' " wy 4 QV. w- V . y is 6 , v , ,.,.f.h V V- HX ww. cy vw 4-J' '-PSMM - !'gq'f'f?'3'3?' " fp ? 46, A ....?1v 5' , 'Y Q Wild: f 4 ' if , gx..if, dz.. ' ,gf 9 was af - Q :ff I . If " ' . 9 S A f' ' ' 3 Q " 1 1 ff V ' . - A A 4 M- ' '43 A A , . t. +C A 2: 9 Z 1' ' x g fm ' A w . .1 ' g ' 51 ig ,461 gc: V, ,ww-if Ag? .'fiff?' S:f xg: 4 - 2 H gy :Qui . J K: ,N -71 J 'J 3 -will 'Y t , n ,rf . .af P , H ,i , , 1 J -mfr: ' ,V RMK' by M bf K tm f, ,X :fha f-Q: fm vi lg , ix Q' v i ,gs ,zz ,fir -" if .7'W'i'- 4,1 'tk J' Qi -44 , X5 ggi if qcikfi. .A X fn ff ,V ,L .1 ,di +1-Q 1' me 78 ,A 4- A, 1 Au-If Y 9 es J' -.., QM-rw r f WSSS W QRS itz ' Q 1 'iff XJSKYQI Bn Q, 5 ffa , if '1- , 4 1 ' . 'mv XM My was 9 f W 4 W 4, A 'Q Q23 1' "' g Q,A V 5? ' 1 - "Rf A 4 is f"""""""5 Z uv' avril . Orientafion Begins with 'hw -. Move in, A Pienie, Campus Chatter That long axx alted dax gomes and otl to sthool Not planning to talxe ex erx thing just the nece ssltics Parents sxx ear it xx on t lit in one dorm room but somehoxx it does Once in there s a barbecue lor tht tirst meal The food is good and the cooks work hard- exerxbodx' enjoys it- E exen the flies To acquaint the trosh with L ot If orientation begins Campus Chatter offers a Chalice to find out what U of E is like from the leaders here XX f W J' W Registration is Easy as 123'456'789'77 Introducing President and Mrs. Graves +-QW...- -.Si Presidentis Reception The eard came weeks ago. Said come here at 9 a.m., and you may register. I got here a little before nine, and I'm still here. Itls getting close to noon now, and a sandwich would taste good, but they say this registration, is very important. Now let me see. Ive filled in all 174 lines, answered all the questions. had everything checked. Now all I need is Class cards. 'Sorry, hut that Class is closed, Back to the drawing board. There must be an easier way. I hear that next quarter. I can pre-register- I suppose. Gee, were being received bythe president tonight. Cotta look sharp. I suppose all the administrators will be there to meet us. NVe'll probably have punch and some Cake or cookies- Cee, it's my first night out in college. ,f l WR '-'f:1 wi., Fresh Eridure Another Presideritis Convoeatior Cheerleaders Instill First U of E Spirit The long line of rohed people moved slowly into Carson Center and took seats in the gym. The Presidents Convocation A had hegun. As President Graves spoke most listened attentively. A few found something to giggle ahout. Others stared hlankly at the wall or floor or ceiling. Some took a nap as heads hohhed. The President spoke about the University and the students T and their relationship to the world. The cheerleaders were given a Cl'l3I1CC to teaeh the frosh some U of E yells. And afterwards we felt a little more a part of U of E. 5 1 5 I X 1 hr il . iii 1 fs -, -, 7332, vw ' , -M. 9. JKT. -fm :3,,x,,f' M E 'Y' 9 1 f 10" . . ., .. . Y 11.1.3642 .-I A 5 K 'a tain 5 I :, x e e 1 i Us Q ' 1 if-A.,. 1 :Hx sl 555,35 I, yfu s 3 4 ' Tn :axe Y 'Q .. 1 .Q Q bl INR t -'K f'f?f iff F, , fa. 2 if gig. , .4 f I 'sw ,iid ',: 'xg - 4 . 0 4 . L L 1 H If 117' f 1 wx" ii fi Y' l 'f.Ia. '-if J1"1:,, , iegixx, :QTY ifiwiafiml E B5',g,'C'n xi2if" -. 315153522 'f niigeziivggg, g '53, i - . ilwfxiwxw ' :hui .v'g.u,, U, Hai .'492'Qpfyu,'1 if .Q ri, A , S421 ' .,4,t2,-55 1'1- M .I' W 5 C' . ' R - Q Q... Nm, 543 P,1 , l., ft. ,V if' ,. ' TK. IH, L x ggi l y il? Y , X 'Qi' V i A Q , 'F E .V A X nh .Q fr ' 'K Q9 "'f'Qg 'il W . am Q., W wtlwx W . f. 4 ,fl N, slifyq! s A M ' ' I 9 YY Im .Al xvri sf' mp Rwglnrg 5 A.. Y P I r g vii' fi ,KK rr f I Q E N 3 MQ , pw iffy -Y , f .Q - 1 X A- ,.f,'i'3 K 1 '- -v Sv 1. f-N, Q Q I, wi M fy, , - ,M sf ,iff ,W k.x ,,,. 5. , n9?4?Qk 4 If 1 f f f""" i af! is -U! 1 H 1 L " , Q X , 4 ,fig aff ..x. I 1 4 ., - 'Q -2 A ., 1 'Jr ua N'-, ., V M Q .wi ,fav . ' fx' 1 ,iff , MM, 3 fag, 5 xX , Xivigmt 3 . , X A Q in , ' 'K - Q 521 ag A R., 3 L , A -1 ,g . 11 'QQ' .W is u A I 3 X ,J S 1- EA.: s 33. 5' , M 3' E "Qui .- A,,,ol' 'QQ gf 4,--:".' ' nv' . ..o4'::.,. Q, Q"',4O" 4. V' .fo j QV, X wi: W, if . ' 'X ' 1 , .04 ,5-1 2- W5 3'5- JQ s 'kj , Kvjgp sa 4' 5 rw' - 4-OO" , ZU- . ,M 000 9-uf 4 V- ,W 3, 4 f fast-aes-alll? milf J. f , fi 4 I N-.51 . 6 l Al Q Elnhiiylf X Z I .- 7 .li Q Yin? I f a-.All ,.,? iv we-N, gg I . 3 A N- ,SN - 13393 N -1 U. E. Theatre: Winter Quarter Loveps Labouris Lost Brought from relative obscurity by modern repertory companies, 5' Loves Lahour's Lostn became U of Es winter quarter production. john David Lutz put his brilliant ability to work and directed what is one of Shakespeaies least famous plays. The audience seemed to be caught up in the action which took place in the King of Navarre's Park. Though not a well-known play, U of E's drama department turned it into a sterling performance. N . ,, ,- 1f:. 71" n '4 515 11 2 1 Z u 4 Q 1 I fr U 1 is lx J E, Theatre- Glass Menagerie Spring Quarter Y , ls K f z, R ' fi: N ' 'YI 5 Teiiiicssee Xifilliuiiisi "Class Nlciiugei'icH was L' of li drniiiii ciepai't1iient's first spring prmiilctioii. Douglas Hubbell ciispluyccl his clircctiiig talents iii the modern tmglecly. Turn Shiiiiiaiiiuii, Pam Gilbert, Suzan Davis and Bob -lcffcrs cmiiliiiiecl to mzike the DCI'f0I'IIli1I1CC Ll iiieiiiomlmle one Director Dudley IVIIOIHZIS guided thc cast of U Fleiim thrmigh ii jet-paced cmiiic iiiustrwpicce by Fwiicli uutlior Georges Fcycieaii. Iligliliglite xx ere Daw- NlcFuclxcaii's dual roles as biisiiivssliiuii and half-xx itteci lieu-I ciiipluyec: ai clisiippcuriiig lx-cliwmiii on ut1ii'iitziblc, and zesty pci'fm'iiiuiiccs by all iii this guiiiey bcclromii faire. 1, , Q i , z A , 5 'X-Q ,4 , rw i .., gf J ' 5.1, Gi .A 3. x 4 I I Law' 'Wi in A Flea in Her Ear mar, - , Q ffvwfr -- I 9 v- -qx - I X G ,X .51 . x AA bi M bi 5, A r " --1 - Q, 1 ,.-:L-"5 H ' ? s a ' 1 Bl in- ZPQNL-'i .rf--'S .i n if N N , . E en oahisfie enge Didnit ampen omecol W-c Mah M- ff-52: Q WW my , it W 1 M L' J W vi W 1 its 'ful Uv ,Q p A' . 2 1 'bn ug- ' Q ' 1 ,, 'Y ,, D T -nf ' H , A ,, 1 . . 1 'ww H--We-Q --A-Q ,v H - V .mf ' f w wwmff : www 'W s 'l i ' ' J " ' ' I, H' 'if' 1 fb' vf 'Iv'-" IM" '4 , J ' f r " , ' r f , f fw.f,,. .f,...'f,.t,," ., " ww " H W A I I l.: t ,- H . , ,f,,,,,. ,,,,,,'1Ww.,,,,f:if,w xy., .nfwjlgl .X .. -GM? . l . f V y N we i WW- it p V M , 'fe-z 'dl W ,M ,J Uffffferif, in N l.,,M.,t,4-gp, , -v'knw,i, ,. y- Q -M3 I i Q' r 1 M p .M, ,p W .p f 7 falwf' , ' ,MW , Mig, , fran , "', 'fa X ,. A M Q., .N jf - g -'1. V ' , 1' 'A W r- 'E ' MFAMQ 1 if 1- A. if Sm., L 2 'lt f 555' i ,gif iw- f 'fil,.,.i..,-a ffiw ai t 'J ' 'fl ,rw W, KM ,,,,..q,.wx!Ql M532 wir M l"f"'fiPl'7flfV.3:lAb1 A,a,.i.'i,4 gill' M , if 1 'g,,:..ff'f'L :MPM Hall0ween,s witchery wrought the imprint of devilment during Home- coming's regaling weekend of spoof. Butler's jaunty bulldog suffered supreme embarrassment in the eyes of Hughes' clever inhabitants whose "One Little Step" captured first place in Men's Unlimited. Hales aqua-pigmented practioner of the black- arts held careful gaze upon the symbol of Hinkle to take first place in Limited voting. The entangled spider of Alpha Omicron Pi drew plaudits as did Tau Kappa Epsilon's floral timepiece. ming Spirit As The Aces Sauk Butler In The ud , L' X-M., T 7 i Z ii ss' 'FM ram"-i-r W muh it 'f'tf"ff5 N . Ne, ffl' I' 'I i fr .4- ..r T N 'O . 4: ' M : B Q .ifiiih fr 'LN vi ' "-'L ' ., spiffy v ful Ili, vu M.. 1 l L f.'9-ZL1i'IZ8,-H-' "7 i - .r 'wif 4 -x' 1' :ff , 9' gem . '1 I ., N V6.9 igi,,,,gha 4954 ' , i gi.. .. M, 'rl' J Q l . . ,,,--i2,iQg -A , , ' 4, ' Q G -, ff 4 ,1- ' 'T' fifw T' 'i "E ia:-amr,Qs:r .W Wa MJ .w-fvffi., ,J . ' .i f "limp-i9,n.-ic. M,:WV1l"7l4 ,www w wi' N 5 , ,W A ,. .i . , . f 4 Mi, an I ,N it VI ofa f i if if , 'i -' " ,if f i i That blustery day atop the lonely plains of eomhat on Beit! Hill lhey sloshed through the goo and slime but the Aees summoned up murder instinet tiom some distant loothall hloodline outsplashing from 'I ony Hinlyle s diligent men hom Butle rl ind 14 9 Lanlyy C raig Blaelytord The Golde n Arm and the C ardhoard Ixnees filled spaee with 155 perfect bullets ineluding an 8-yard strike whieh nestles softly 'in Ike Meffords Airms for '1 touchdown. Mudhen Doug Atherton later jogged 13 yards for TD which sounded the Bulldog death- knell and sent the Purple partisans home contented. jim Bye rs' perseyering attaelae rs we re not without their hacking on that hone-cold Autumn day. Cheerleaders Billy Alden and Ginny Merrell were among those who lent vocal support as the Purples slugged it out on their way to a tie for the ICC title. FRE' SFF AQKW fu ' -1' 'R 1, ,. W Ng ,V 7,1 ww , ,NW , T N My , ,,,II, mu M W , , WWA 4 ., tl "-lt" -FW A it "W lla' 'lp 'llltniiiall-fill., .. 'W 'V W it 'Pt .My wiv-, A A 'vt i.n'fLwi . JT- Huw it I 7 A 4 Homecoming ueen Linda unteman Q1 ,M 'J' -'v' ' l w l wwug l We we fi '---.1 Homecoming. Highlight of fall quarter. The time when the prettiest of pretty, is chosen to reign over activities as queen. p 1969 eandidates were no exception, to the tradition of beauty. , joli Treat, Teana Newman, p Anita Kimes, Linda Hunteman, , p SallyGor1nan, Emily Garber, ' and Sandy Boley, eomposed the roval eourt. When all was said and done, Miss Hnnteinan polled the most votes, and wore the erown. i 1 E 1 l 4 ii l i S i l l I I v i l I is Pl ,i 4 l 4 n l I i l l il ,1 i l l l l ll l l l 1 I lieigned ver Weekend Festivities y i t g . l l J 'i M ii ii V li ' l' l il l l l Fall, foothall season, and Friday. This was election day for Football X Homecoming Queen. Campaigns were T over, tension high and fingers 'l crossed. That night the lucky one was named at a gala affair which featured , five girls surprisingly not candidates 'l themselves. They provided entertainment in the true sense of the word while the tension mounted. Cheerleader i Billie Alden pleased the throng with i a vibrant dance routineg the trio of Judy Brewster, her sister Jeannette """w, l and Anita Fisher set the audience swaying to folk rock numliersg and Pat Grisham received a thundering reception for her specialty-singing. Unpaid volunteers, the girls set the audience in motion, they caused laughter, tears and feet to tap. They were indeed Fd Mc-Nlahonish in priming and turning the audience for the highlight of the evening- the crowning of Linda Hunteman. l I I r i The Magic f jose Felieiario Turned on The Homecoming Crowd They lecl him to his ehuir. His fingers chmeed on strings and lnniclecl him his guitar. like spring rain on roses. Then this hlincl man east He created his own light his nmgie over the unclienee. and shared it with all. Felieianos magic nnicle For a time inany persons Homecoming something speeiul. became one beneath his magic. Pel'ha1pS it tzlliw ll lllillll Illllll Felieiuno did more than entertain, to see the worlfl LIS it iS. He brightened life with music. sult. 'ir m1rffi vwmwuwwl " if.-1:1010 ll 1- ' "' n-. .,..f- -., ..,f.,g3-Vg, nf.-f, '5,1.-,W-- ' ,.-1.1 M--J3fgT MB,-In ,xt -- -' v.-'1,'w:,:--is-xgf, ', 4 K ,,,.5,1j, .3 X49 .:g,,3!,.,, ., 'V-14 Q. :v,'Qx,:.1,1'-avr. 11: ' , .2 -L' '-fu."v..:4.'f1:2-' 1 -- I. ,vvhg QL Lg - -, .1 f.,4. pd.: mv.,-, ff -11-.1 .vm--- ,. ..,--,-'..- ..-.2 mp, .fz'i1f5,g-',,u:g,.,- .. . . 5-":j3L-5-, jgnail-f,' u iwijg-',g2'f.,'g7fl', .1----5 , f L- -',, ,,..4.. f.::1.,.'-1,--fl .Qu-.aC - hp.: 1'1,:,.-V ' 57 52, :b.:Y'f.11j, ,- . " -'V J" vlf--'31-V-.-. we-vhs "ff , . f 5' . , I . ,.fp.faf-fzwyif 4. 9 -mu v.'ef21fwf+L --- A wr-3' f3'41ff+'fffii"r'i ,gg-nm., 5.4 VA. A Q., ,Q ., ' ' , I ,F .. al.,'S':1Q Q ,ix 1.1, 4. '- ,':, 'Q ,.,,q,.. x.,,,,,, L:-'e ':l4'i" ' ::','1l'x 1 -JI' .73 V, ,j-1,5 ssffalzf -gg-'fa gb, I '- 'MV - ,'...:,-- .-.a,+Y.Q.,gg 1' gf. g-,-4-1, if-5-,q5f':":-51.1.6-.Ac - ,-qhgk, .. -A :A '.3'l E. .44'.' ' Y ,, K H1 . . .,wQ,:,-, A , -N . ,Qs -fJ'5f' ., ,nf - fifll? ' A!5':'iI." 731, ', ,af-' ' -.. l :sk -. P A , V..,,....,....v-.-.-'. -- 39 is . X 6 . ., ,.f' 4. PH. E, ,fix .5 1- t- '- lffff J T' ?f l'5q -V 7 ' if 'f A -PTF V933 , I ,. 3.4 2 f : z 6, 415, 1 H7 , 3, H, 'fmzf , ' 795 - D i V0.0-nw 'F' Soul-All Came Together At The Union NVE nl Q' Although respectful of L' of Eis 50-year eelelnuitiuii, the l'niun did not present an image of being dated, old-fashioned. ur restrained. If anything. the Union turn, turn, turned the eluelx ahead and pulsed with the Peppermint Raiiihmx and The Teardrops und the sounds of the TOS. The XYnnclen Indian, minus Princess Hupesltaxx, Continued as hcnne to emninuters and Union sponsored events like the Union Birtliduy Party. the Casino Party and the lee Czirviiig Contest kept the wurcl H Students in the titlt Student Union Building. i f. - lil- lf' SY ,W V' 1 lefty, J ', t H it, ililw I V N' 1 31 W , W W 3 4 Q ,ml W X Q fx W M Q A vm tk 'N A X 6 Q' 14 , uw ,xxx , .' X". , Wg 4? ga B Kim N- ' 1 N S Q tp A t V x N Ja 5 , s. Mun Mx YQ 1' if an ,A ' W is Ga 'K if 'u Wy, if X , . ,.,.,,,-, ,N 7 The Union - the place that gives students at L' of lf that HS0I11CtiliIlQ.IH to do. The Union, besides providing a place for meetings. or for a card game, or ping pong, or 21 snack in the Indian, provides dances, contests, organizations and parties. It s .1 union of students for students. L f kiwi .rLu9 X" fh ' W L QT.- 'SED w N, 3 'N 'E . mlsfx N P i L N-we 4. Ns M , ,M v, J "- 1 -' AY' 1, 11 , ,,1,1 ,f,f 1: .. 2 'I tw E' ,uv lA ff-ff' l Acti ities Day in the Union iff! 5185 :1l"f"l 31 nk 2. af' N' v X f , 'W gf ,3 .. J f Q . -A 1 I e 1 0 if -.ff ' y xv, ' 5, , fl ff 3' , ,...,,-via Q? -- 1 'fl . , A 4' fo ' 'f"?"' ww-ee '........ ul I A 4. . x s x X 3 9 a I .QV . , .1 Q ' I ... - S unctions To honor our presiclcnts- from Prcsiclcnt CL1'axlcs cloxxn to the smallest group on campus- for their xx orlx at L' of H throughout the xcar. A gala hall at the Clixic Cfciitm' proxiclcs an cxcning of fun and honor for our lcaclcrs on campus. The L'nion also oliicrccl xarious films ancl moxics. Une group xxas Qallcil xliinctic Art Films and featured art in motion. Aiiotlici'-swiss xx as thc L'nion Fine Film series. Such cliaracters as Charlie Chaplin XYCI'6llCL1lflll'CCl in the flicks ranging from xerx' olcl to fairlx' rccvnt. Egg rf -1' Wig 114 , sz 4. 1,6 A 'if R H' Sam " .4 V .Ju ' 'a 4. 'Q if-9, rl' .. ,wx . J f v 'Z x i"f' 'f,, 51? , r 4 A . ,1- 11.- ' 5 uf Q :..- y 1 Qi ' gala' . ,,.r . . , -. o- gi, - l 4 f if V 'Q ai-" M DW- .aiw mv 'Ma The University celebrated its past by look- ing ahead to the next decade. The governor, trustees, and friends of the school convened for a gala celebration breakfast and heard President Graves reveal a dramatic S40 million educational blueprint for the L' of E in the 705. The plans include a cluster college in Newburgh, an academic mall, a college of arts and sciences buildings, and a learning center. The magnitude of the plans and the present growth of the L'niversity mirror the progress of the schools titty years in Evansville. The school came to Evansville through the efforts of con- cerned citizens, and in this spirit the academic community again responded favorably to the school by accepting the plan. Officials claim the plan, which re- flects a trend toward uniqueness, will save the University from the stagnant existence of many other small private in- stitutions, The plan with its anniversary timing was also apparently a defensive measure to insure U of Es position as number one in the city-a real goal because of west side competition-ISUE. niversity Celebrates Golden Anniversar f WEN ,wa ,nv if ,iff QS ji' Clayton Crowns Snyder at Halftime Y' .AML Bob Clayton continued the independent domination in the annual Bachelor of the Year contest. In an election of female students Clayton was tabbed the most eligible man on campus. After his title was bestowed it became his duty to crown the 1970 Basketball Queen at U of E. Chosen from a group of beauties jane Snyder, representing Chi Omega, reigned as queen. fi -af' Q"Kl'lf KM 'lx 43 Q 1 is . 5 ,.. 010 ' i Q A W "Q, , . N t 9.3 V' . K ,I . .N w k 2 .H 4 P ,gy Y . ,,. I Q Q .. K 4' -'f4.nl4'-- 29" f 3 If I nn, " f ' 'vs f x ji . , Q I V. "5 U if-. I n 'Q -v"' X I I ,f Q 1' 2, 1 If 57" ' 04 I iff 'X .. M21 ,gf 1 ' I 1 S. D .5 N I :N 5, Lx Q 24 fl fb 5 i NWL' dz 5 55:6 my l 1' 5 'Arn' '- 1+ www. W1 x SQ. 0 5 A ' Q ,au J '5"' 'A if if in gg Ji ,Q N G' W' ff, 4 1' K 91 if a Q 4 A 4 if F' A f wi W Q i 3 , 1 1 Q x4'r 'sfYQ U la -vs ll ,'4, Al 1 ' s fir -'Y' Na J 1, f K N l X 1 X! 'D X , I Z. its Q, P E . w K X ,, ,K I' f Q. , Z9 'U l .-I' 'K 2 5' J 1, I , 2 Z AY 'Q- U? sq 5, mf he Hninvraitg Glrvarvnt V0l. 51. N0- 21 The University of Evansville Ma,-ch 6, 1970 Student Support Guest Visitation . . . President Wallace B. Graves was burning the midnight oil olll Gllllllllg early today after a busy night talking to students about the heated guest visitation policy. Future Action Delayed For Verdict "Drastic action must be ta- ken if the answer is 'no' on the 21st tMarchi was the call Fri- day morning from a gathering of the men of Hughes Hall. The men had gathered in the TV lounge of the dorm follow- ing a special mass meeting of students in the. girl's dorms par- king lot. A meeting had been planned in the lounge at ll p.m. at which time SGA officers would explain the situation with the proposal now before President Wallace B. Graves re- questing open visitation rights for U of E residence halls. How- ever, the earlier all-campus mee- ting accomplished that purpose Warner said. However, the men met un- officially to discuss the issue. Warner was called on to speak and he asked the men to con- tinue to support SGA in its attempt to settle the issue. He pointed out that "At this time I cannot speak for SGA until we meet and form a plan of ac- tion." Some of the men made var- ious proposals. including pie- ketting campus buildings, mar- ches, demonstrations, letter wri- ting, telephone calls, and others. DePauw Plan Then one student Suggested that dorm residents here follow the same plan that students did at DePauw University. It was explained that a similar propo- sal was made at DePauw in the issue of open ivisitation and was denied by the administration. Residents of campus. housing then seceeded from the Univer- sity and declared open visitation. Apparently the plan was never bucked by the administration there and the policy is still in effect. This proposal received al- most unanimous approval of those in attendance. Warnercom- mented that, "All I ask is that you support SGA until March 21. After that if it fails, you are open to try whatever seems ne- cessaryf' No actual consideration was given to the feasability of such a move at U of E and it was noted that a move like this would require serious consid- eration and study before action is taken. The talk then turned to what students should do about the situation in the meantime. The mention of picketting and mar- ching received only partial sup- port from the group. The pro- posal receiving the most sup port was one which called for the writing of letters to trus- tees informing them of student support of the matter and as- king them to vote affirmatively on the issue when it comes be- fore them at the March 21 meeting. One student noted that the letters "should be factual and rational, explaining the student reasoning behind the proposal and other information the stu- dent feels is necessaryf' This too received nods of approval from most in the room. The group then began to drift away or break into smal- ler groups to discuss the issue. Some students expressed fear that "after tonight nothing more will be done." Others felt that action was eminent, "one way or the other." ln general most agree that some action will be taken, how- ever, many fear the answer will be "no". General agreement was also present on the need to write letters to the trustees, ad- board members and administra- tive officals. The mood of the meeting started in a rather hostile man- ner, but as frank discussion took place, it settled to one of hope for the future, but tinged with some fear of defeat. Talk then turned to the mee- ting that most of those in at- tendance had just returned from. "Graves said nothing," one student commented. War- continued on page 3 GrovesC ites 'A l ternotives' Some 200 residence hall students gathered in the girls' dorm parking lot Thursday night to hear Student Govern- ment Association officers and University President Wallace B. Graves explain and answer questions concerning the con- troversial guest visitation policy. The lO p.m. meeting was called by SGA "in an attempt to clarify the policy, clear up any rumors, and'receive student comments of the policyf Before President Graves' ar- rival at the meeting, SGA of- ficers read a lettser distributed to resident students Thursday by Dr. Robert Wilson which ex- plained the policy and stated that the Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Robert Wilson has been requested "to make immediate search for add- itional rooms, both general and special, in the residence halls as a short-term solution to the problem." tThe full text of the letter is reprinted on page lj The proposal passed by the Student Senate. and the Ad- ministrative Board allows that there be a policy of visitation in all campus approved housing on Friday nights from 7 p.m. to midnight and Sunday after- noons from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. to be adopted with each unit's approval. President Graves arrived at the meeting shortly after ll p.m. escorted by a campus security officer. He began his appearance before the students on a light- hearted note grabbing the mega- phone and saying "Now Hear Thisf His tone, however. changed markedly from calm to determined self defense as students fired questions at him. Graves stated that the school should do more homework on the policy and more useful alter- natives sought out " 'We need more time, Graves said.' Ed Wal- continued on page 5 This special edition of the University Crescent compiled early this moming was pub- lished by staff members as a service to the academic community to infomi and comment on the present stu- dent-administrative contro- versy over the Pl'0P05ed guest visitation policY- ...QM-.-W n V, my i ' ' e W 2 in X , 3' if f i I Q- YQ X K I: . N , V - ' A . Q M 44 f it H G I 2 1 a 1 . - :Q uf Q A 5 6 5'xJ 6 f 'Y .3 sxf- 'T-V 1' Q Y Q ' H-., 4 G' , 'i'f f ' 4.4 XI? , K 'W Y' A K L 'x" 4' D lf tba! 7 i 1 Y 5 i Lf! ,' A N -Ji 3, F xc .1 5 1' I 7 Y U Qi' H sz ' 3, wap, 33? F if K-gifij is M is K Y" Q U -Q v " I Q1 V A 5 hi fifv' 9 v' f, 3 'J 9 'E ' 6 3 ' nga wr A . F ' wi" , x V. A I - ag. W t A I iw 'A a wx 4. , Q.. ' , f ,4 my 'Q' 5-9' ' 1 f ' Q f 'V ' h 4- ff Y ., , Y J v - E' X wr 111 1, 3 Q A G A 4 D v f 4 ' ' 1 A ' " 1 : Y A r 1, J W we 9 3 f ' ' 'V ff Q .. . q M. Qf W ' , . + I fix .L b , X u 5 .. k YI? , 1313! p , , ,yg gfw y p-Q4 ' 5 "!' 37' 'M I n f' N J .5 sf , u l vl1' QA f,--', si ' 'Q' 'Lt " r A , X fff'.f'i A ,. . jf" ?'?,G ' his 1 ff T' "fx ' 'f' , - 5 ' 'A W 'il' ivvb' 5 .' if i 'L igrgs P G'f.guQ."f fsff'i?f- f 351-,'i""A+ ' . It A f ,I Q -L sv if - Wggf- . Qxq'ff'.m1,!f1. , W Riagg. - ,xnxx rv Q V. , v-F X , , A- ' -.' , 'ffl :n M,, 'YU' 'Y .Qu Q, 1 , Z , 4.2 V' .,:f q. x 'gi Agn' Zhgki Nw 8 ui HQ! ,, ,, iw. 5 :1 I I n 7.4 damn. ' gr, K g A Y ia, a. Y ' U AIA., vf Ll nv 1 -Q..-+ ' '. . , N . 'x-4-F6 ,Q rl- Q sf ..-al!! 5 1 it ff' .ef Sf? Cf' Cx fy, in 'QQ fd il,-n-x From London they came to America to perform. The troup of 40 presented two rich dramas- G' Mother Courage and Her Children" was presented quite skillfully. " Romeo and Juliet" provided a second nightis superb entertainment, A friendly crew, they made friends on campus quickly. Traveling aboard a bus they lived out of suitcases and ate lots of hamburgers, but they seemed to have a good time. Their hair was a bit longer and their bells were a bit bigger and also longer. They answered lots of questions and asked a lot as well. Some things they didnt understand and they had many doubts about the war and the race situation here- but then again, so do we. 61 as-W, f-""' ,KW a 0 :san 1 -y 1-Inrnm,.,,,,,, iivllsarfs- Vw with Todayis Religion Neu Chapel, U of Els religious Center, eame alive with the religion of today' in 1969-70. Such groups as the Howard Hanger Trio presented worship services quite different from traditional styles, hut nevertheless, meaningful and real. Dr. Paul Crahill gave one of the yearis most poignant messages as Neu Chapel took on new meaning. sf, Nye f' .1 .2 1-f :gh A 5 ,, ,- if ft' 4 g 7 1 2553 5 .uf I S, "" .rr I ,x i ,yur QF , 5, dpf"'!W' f if ,ay wma 1 Ni ' 41 'I law ,X , ,Y y, r f? WW EM! mg W WW . -V5 Y fu m, '::,AA ' 1 W 3 .AA'M' k, gg, X' If . g x gill, fy . 1 if V V X A' A v h' , 2.4 M ,faiwf 5 "'f?w N 1 3 - W 1' x -Q I WAR fy 5 5 1' " ,A 3, A ,A Qs My fu , wiv f K. iz rf or , my 1 ' ,' ' 1 1! 5 21 5 'Q K4 sf , . ,Ark 0 1 ,W X' 2 ,I up e + 4. MIA - S 4' 52 Qm X A 5 " ,Mis H , 'fa 4 of 4 ' ,, - 4, Q x K .Mgr 1 ,N '73 ' c 1 Q . v ,Q X .nn p -. - 1 ' , 'fi 4 Q i"' 1 4 ' J, fig. .3 A Q , .fn is ... uifirt is . Q 0 ',L, I 1 1 I- I I I ' -w U h i I 1619. 2 5 5 fx, X w, Nh U of E Memorial Services Honor Kent State 64, Our campus was calm amidst national violence but feelings ran deep nevertheless, about the war, unrest on other campuses, racial injustice and other divisive issues confronting the nation. 7 7 These feelings were expressed in memorial services on the front lawn for the students slain by National Cuardsmen at Kent State University. The services were without incident except for a dispute over whether the flag should be flown at half-mast. 6 1 i - -v ,Q-fi., 'iiiilfllll -L 5 J' - 'I' fe. 4 X ffl "l, ' Y' ' 4 V Q? y' "'.7f ,ffj5 -f fffi i gif: VL fl: gl wi -aj .dl lg, 5' 1 'i '- W , F231 x H? , mf, "',r "'r ' '53 V ' 'ti he M . 'x ' he in ,ol K ' r lf? 7 ,f ,aw ' or ., K , ' , n P F www ' it S ' ns: . r Y D " : V gs - -, vi n ,A - I ,-, lx id ,L -eq, "xJtX' 5 -y - 1 '16 tif N. -1 Sq w""sr " X7 X. ,A g 4 Q .-.1 1 Q '1 V Greek Weekend Creek XVeel4encl, that annual time, xx ben tlic hats and sororities combine forces to make for a fun time. Games and contests clete 1 mine xx lio can eat pie fastest, inn sack races best. ricle trikes fastest and baxe tlic all aronncl best time. It s itimt xx lien being Creek is especially fun. One x onng man xx bo xx on the pie-eating contest chose .1 cute blonde for further entertainment. Crazy costumes, crazx' games, a good xxeekencl at L' of E. Brought u 4995 X n and Games to U of -.-we-f . I fe vom ' If l - -. J' Xy- E. if wa 1 'xy' Q N. in- -aw. .-.J -Muir' -N. 1-un. mv-5 h. ug., at 5' l A 5 i I E I I 5 i 1 Q 4 I e I I I 1 a I , ,ffm 1 . E . I I 1 l , U, B+- K 1, '- iw he iv ,.. Awaken, it x '11 A- ,W N1-wg, WI In 5 ' 1 Nw .i li 13 a 5? 584599 v ,K v 59 Uv' -I u. 42 1' wif. isfaxap Lgsx. , in x :sk l Sega X , .xx ,ii x., , S1 W X, f 's s .A gg ,I .X 52? 4 X nv., 1 5 ! n ws ww Xe fx V 'l ,wif B. V140 A I 1 I A uess Who?Score Hit .ai-J' Midway through Spring Week U of E students gathered at the Civic Center to hear four modern musicians ply their art. When it was over the Guess Who had won a place in the hearts of U of Elers. From the opening song to the dying last phrase of "American Womanf the shaggy-haired masters of rock entranced the audience with their acid beat. Puffing on a curious-smelling cigarette, the lead singer, who obviously did little to dress up for the occasion, portrayed in song everything from the troubles of young lovers to the problems of our society. U of E was fortunate to have a group of such great stature. But for the first time in years, the spring event was a financial success. alll Spring Week Rocks Campus Spring Week at U of E, expanded from a weekend, proved a success. From the Miss U of E pageant to the Mancini concert, events were well-attended. The ROTC review. for which cadets and Angels had worked for weeks, was marred by a group of students who claimed to be sunbathing. They just happened to choose a spot in the line of march. With tact typical of U of Els ROTC group, they simply changed their line of march and gave the sunbathers nothing to complain about. By Friday night all was in harmony, and the campus rocked to the sounds ofthe Buckinghams in a steamy Carson Center. It was a good week. ,f x 'v-h 1, 4 1. S 'P' f' i'd??5's . gs 1 ,V, is 1, O gr K Q5 ,J ,, ., 1 w ' f ' . 1 Q .D se y gk 6 K . K' ' as i MQ 'A 2 n U xv, v A gui . Q 1 Q Y W' Aff ra" ' 1- x W.. ,qv .- ,'. "si, 7' jk .. Q N l . , - 1 13:31 ri if ' w' ' i V. 3,3 . ,QE , A IP , "" A I' B ex,-iv ' X3 up ix-ski :SYM +5 'X "' N13 . SKYA, hmm.: 'Q 1 . 41 .K 4 ,yy 51. W .151 ,2- .fl A lb' v ggi' Audubon ffered Fun in Sun S Pa, -H., V ,mf ml W M ya' 3 y. ' 'Sei' -in ' Ka- 1 J' . 1 I 5 1 5 1 I I 'We' Classes were off for Friday of Spring Week and we all went to Audubon Park in Kentucky for games, contests and plain old summer fun. The guys built human pyramids while the girls had a boat race. There was time for hiking, or just plain relaxing in the outdoors. The ladies from Harperls came up with a good picnic lunch and we all went back with a sunburn. 52' WV, in A- 4 Qs .uf Wgsxfgtf , ' inii, Jr: :M Wh' ,:"'n aiaxgj -- A L 3 W ,f 11 1. 'vt lfl!!!ff" ' III -.,. fm... A..---., ,- ,Q ,f',J wwf- . ...ff 4 49-1 an ., , nv if ,A .Q-Q... . W .zifwffwi 'X "Tx ' 'ls- M 4. r-ff' JJQN X I 'I S -QE i X 5 :WW I AXA Reigned Supreme Again In 7 the Annual'Big 39' For months they practiced everyday. Must have ridden halfway around the world. They peddled and peddled . and then peddled some more. Every evening and sometimes in the morning you could see them riding, riding, riding. And on the big day it all paid off. The men of Lambda Chi Alpha proved their supremacy on the bike track one more time. From the time our Congressman started the race to the time they were handed the checkered flag, there was never much doubt who would win. As was the case throughout the year TKE battled the Chiis for the lead, but Brandyis men refused to give in. And for another year they reign supreme. 'M x 4 . 1 ' , -fwxfa 4 I 2 11 S V ? 5, ei FT? mm, ,W A ii skmez-ff f iii V5 2' , , 'L J 'I Q fil"' be x I E K Cp 5 'f 4, Ee MY 3.473 x 5 S35 , gi. ,5- 'itz l A i li N. I ii I l. l l it F ll . - 'hifi Roasts Faculty and Administration The journalism division and Pi Delta Epsilon, national journalism honorary, took time out from publishing and put on its annual Gridiron. Numerous faculty and administrative personnel were roasted. There were skits, and a slide show about the decaying Office Building, original songs and finally a long list of awards. It was fun and nobody was burned too badly. raduation Features Several of E 6 Firsts, More than 800 students achieved their goals as the '70 class graduated at Roberts Stadium. Standing especially tall were the first four sunima cum laude students - Randall Rosenblatt, Cathy Ross, Kay Roberts and Elizabeth Shetler. Mike Beeler became the first M.R.A. Nine registered nurses were first to complete the special BA. program in this field. Larry Lancaster was the first male graduate in nursing, and four received the first associate degrees in law enforcement, The weather, as usual, was hot for graduation day, but graduates, faculty and parents fanned through the ceremonies and were glad that the long-awaited day had come at last. ,J fx? fi., X' Y ' ' Xi - fv- g 1 Rl rj, H , it 0? Ny i ,si ,. , Q f ix ' . ,xi ,.f i l 1 ,X ,VV S H... 4 u' ' 59? 3 N Q . 1, 3 .I x W F' fy El 'X fha. K aff U of E Honors 50 Famous Hoosiers Fifty men and women who have brought distinction to Indiana through their careers were honored by' the U of E at commencement. The Universityis Medal of Honor, created for the occasion, was presented to 18 ofthe notables who came from across the land to receive well-earned citations of praise from grateful residents ofthe state in which they were born or worked. The honorees were feted at lunch in the Great Hall, presented their medals at commencement time, then given an opportunity to chat and relax at a reception in the presidentis Home. The illustrious 50 are these persons: Louis 'lf Bcnefet, uniyersity administrator j, lryyin Miller, industrialist, philanthropist CI Curry Bohm, artist Reulien H Xlueller, religious leader Frank Borman, astronaut Rohert L Brokenhurr, layyyer, ciyil rights leader Richard Xl Brumfield, industrialist james l.. Cliftord, scholar :Xndreyy W. tlordier, educator, statesman Maurice Day is, religious leader lrene Dunne, actress Daniel F Fy aus, businessman Ford C. Frick, haselmall eonnnissiont r .ytndreyy C. Crutka, religious leader Clifford Nl. Hardin, educator, statesman Tlicodore Xl, Heshurgh. uniyersity administrator Paul D Hinkle, haskctliall coaeh Frederick L, Hoyde, uniyersity administrator Francis M. HlIglll'N,li1XXyl'l' .Xustin S, lLfl0llL'ill'l, Sr., industrialist D. Tylead johnson, industrialist Percy I.. julian, scientist Herman CI, Ai Ellnora Krannert, industry be philanthropy Frank Leahy, tootlmall player bi eoaell David F. Lilicnthal, scientific administrator l-Ili Lilly, industrialist bi philanthropist Ernest IK. Lindley, journalist 61 statesman Herlmert Xluller, teaeher, yy riter, statesman Buren H Xletformaek, puhlisher john NlcCreey'ey. play yy right Frank E. ML-Kinney, businessman statesman jane B. Oyycn, philanthrnpist Raymond VV. Pence, educator Herman H, Pyeler, industrialist Andrey A, Potter, educator Nelson Poynter, journalist, puhlisher I. S. liaydin, me-rlieal scientist Cordon N. Ray, foundation l'Xl'L'llliVl' Kenneth Reyroth, author, critic, painter Paul A. Samuelson, economist Day id M. Shoup, military administrator Curtis C. Shake, layyyer Harris Fl, Shumaeker, jr., medical scientist Richard B. tiled J Skelton, comedian I7ler Solomon, orchestra conductor Fldo H. Stonecipher, industrialist Elsie l. Syyeeney, philanthropist Kurt Vonnegut, jr , journalist bi yy riter Herman B. Wells, uniyersity administrator jessamy n West, yy riter Mug, -,W 3. ' '3' Hd. 1 -.XT ,l ,ix :if f , L' if Q-JY' Au-X.. .Wi Q Q-+f"? ' IQ, - , x A 1' 5 6 'LQ ' . W1 as W A , Y' RQ! 'AZ 4 Ax. ' va 'w g W .4 1 'U' ,po y. fi"'if5 Rf 4 l"'f1T'N fi 'S 4 4 Q ' 'D M .' 4 ' - f 35'-fvfs' - , , v of i df X4 f'?',.:..s9 ' llllt lost tile ICICI L'0lllbCl'CIlL'C. 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At I, if . . -wk ' at zw , I Av wha 4,1 X. W. , , ,M "Sv th a D , ar 8 I Q -1 2, 7 Wg t QQ. I if I ' , gs ss f- . s In . ,W ,fl ig .E5f1 ,., ,'A f X sri ig 5, 5- X ,V X QS D I nf f ,," ffm... .. e ctr CW . 1 if fix., W fi In f sy, . iff' . A time to plant, A time to reap. Learning knows no season and can blossom with each theory planted, Book read or experience known. Our minds are like struggling saplings bending, twisting, striving forthe light-truth. Our timber is the desire to match wits with the sky, to spread, climb, grow and know. We are constantly reaping the fruits of each thought. VVe will never be cultivated. but always cultivate. This perennial phenomenon is Academics. It is a time for planting new ideas and a time for reaping success. Academically, U of E gained new prestige with graduate degrees in business and nursing. Political and computer science departments were announced. A two-year police program was initiated. Departments planned for future growth in the 70s. An academic blueprint set goals. Course offerings grew in step with increasing enrollment in both day and night schools. Recruitment went nationwide in search of the best. This small private institution was not dead, but just started to bud and bloom and reap its proud heritage. Competition became the key word and academically, U of E remained supreme in the city and Tri-State. ,P P QQ u ,... . t 1, milf 1 f K- A ' X: K fx A w .. 'X V ,- .. 0 .aff 'J nf 'W .. 4 I "' 'KX N as ' 1 w ,. , 1 f Q lg 1' ' F F9 3 A I 'F 'S ' 6 I f "NCQ wi y Z., 3 Q was 4' r Av f--. ., vf' 7 p I ' : K I 0 7 i President Wallace B. Graves- an About Campus 'Ik-H -e President Graves was a stubborn, but not unyielding schizophrenic in 1969-70. He not only battled daily administrative woes but diligently planned for the future campus. He spear- headed the Academic Blue- print, and refuted any myths about a dying private institution. His courage in supporting the school reached epidemic proportions in its impact on the community. He withstood fire from both students and trustees when he compromised a suitable plan for guest visitation. He was a mild-mannered gentleman and a determined activist wrapped handsomely in a "Botany 500.', As a mirror of the institution, the President reflected an im- pulsive spirit of involvement. 5 ' r 1 R' 4 Q ,,4r""' ang, 4-5 Robert R, Rowland Robert L- WilS0n Marie E. Childers ay KV5 Q ai W 'M 'f Q J, L4 George W. English Marvin E. Hartig Robert E. Pollock Earl M. Tapley qi: 'Y' 1'?"3'W ,"""'-In-. ivmf I."-4""f."f' ,ff Ray Arensman William A. Hartsaxx 2, lf l .0 .X.W, Xen! Helen Smith Carl Gardner 1 x k 1 K. 1 L 'E- '40 8.6 ,X J W? 1 wr 4 C My f ,,w'E 'Kam Q"'T J 4 - - ' wgww , W mf 58 , ...N n V, .1 qi if ii if 4 f ... ' 'rl ' h Q K E S +5 t L ,W . wg 4 gl rf h H. JP ' -4, ..... ., .sl james N, O'Leary VVilliam Shipton Sherman M. Tite- us df? I' 1' Q11 'QM Thomas P. Zminkowski A, C Bigg5 Charles E. Dunn V -. - -. , ..,, ' ,--f-my K K . f i 'fn Thorton B. Patberg i l- j. Donald widdick Paul I. Estep 1+ ' manma-un Bruce T. Bauman v. C. Bailey Paul Beck Arthur B. Aarstad Helen M. Arensman rf' if FQ-.N Willard R. Banman Sue R, Anderson 'WW' ,fda mmf' 'tw m- Marcia F. Ashley Q6 ' l S ,QQ f 4 ...B 4'1- -ew WE- ' r - fm f 2 rr -it x wwf .Z any :,- , . 1 . , , V- ., .- J'fi'9Q A " ' rf r.,, ,fd ,W Q, 9 -v, 5 ,go A A f.. Eulalie W. Blesch M45 Gene W. Bennett ff"d af' Sandra E. Botkin .. 'Rf' :,!'A'jij iliaagfm 55,L374'9'5?5f.J f .f:.'-GW ' . have B :awe f , Wm., M so,9'w.- fM'.,a:.,x , B B , 1 W " A: ' . Y Q T' - 'A . ' QQ w wmgg KH, W il ,fs -1" A-Q' A' Q 0 Mona 1. Boyd " 1 wwf 'lf I 1 . 1 2 mm af, , , - . , . - A 1 . 1 ' , . U ' A kv' W . -se 5? 0 ' ' 3 - . gina-'V' sl ui " 1 s!!-n james R, Bennett JP' ,A Qt 1' M' . I Allen B. Bess 4' 'f J- B I Wayne Boultinghouse Ivan D, Bell Carol A. Brennfleck E i 1 QQQWOVTVT 3 ,Q rm Qunwf r l xi' . w, Nr if 's :lil 9 , ' L ,x vs, Rexel E. Brown Robert W. Hudson Robert A. Brooks qf . fi" W Clarence E Brooks Rosemary W. Brune I ,aw-sq :gf '45 jimi' 'dx L., 'Madelaine W. Burns Helen C. Broyles Thelma Brittingham james A. Byers l jk i .V 3 5 fs t r .a ff Margie Ann Clark -...W Robert H. Byler 4? Michael Carson i 5. Paul D. Cameron Syama P. Chaudhuri . 'awry , Af. -.1 55' Max S. Casler Ann S. Carlson Www. Ralph H. Coleman David W, CQX Galen W. Clough ' ' Paul T. Dove E lf Vwlan L. Davenport ,ffl ' 5 Leigh H- DSNOOH Ronald L. Devaisher Davicl I,. lflclrvclgc jean S. Falls dw 6 Philipfl. linslc-5 N-ddr C., I C X N ,,,,, gg Q.- Paul E. Funk William M. Felsher Thomas C. Fiddick ,M IW x wa- ! 1' ' ,I Christine C. Gallant Mary R. Ellingson Donald W. Dunham 4'- 0 Richard C. Hall 'Jai Virginia L. Grahill I pl Robert F. Garnett Paul E. Grabill , B' gt Q Dorothy N. Grill S. Michael Groomer james T. Gallant Warren M. sr' 'N-1 ::r""' Cleo P, Hayden Mary Hodor Birk C. Harl Patricia Hochstetler Dorothy M. Hausman Donna K, Harris an-M Tw A. Herron Harold T. Houston Dell P. Hartman Y Charles W. johnson Paul Huff 7 .J V ii g l Douglas K. Hubbell George C. Klinger Armand W. Kitto Orville j. jaebker gf 'ml W g . -.1 Laura Hubbell james A. julian Lewis D. Howell jr K M A+ is lv! j. Bruce Langford xgw Lois L. Latshaw james R. Kroneman 775 '-5 , RQ 'fx U, i, . 1,3 , ng Q.. . I . MV V Z 1'ifgi'f Q. My L ' fl F ,Q A4 ff Q r is 4'- john R. Knott Edwin V. Lacy Robert L. Kress joseph B. Kushner Clifford W. Kraft SE? William M. Knapp i. uw 'Q f- 1 . , ...Q i . . Q21 , . r, ., ,, X awk, fr N , fl Fred H. Loemker Corian R. Lundquist . 'rf - Frankie E. Lennon f 4, Q V 45, ,. 4"'g?i,r . P? Robert A. Luther Royce A. Lorentz Theodore T. Latz 41 106 Bung Chung Lee john D. Lutz ' 'fi L W' Darrell C. Megli Herman S. McGregor 'lp J, Vivien W. Maves cliff Ruth S. Meckert Robert F. Martin Virginia R. McCutchan james A. Manning Kelley Miles qw.-.X Sm., ,mm K1 Lynne j. Mlady Leslle Mnley jr. john W. Mominee ' x Yves R . ,. f james E. Morlock ii , Emily Nett ww' , , Delma F. Miller , ,, A v. -6 Wayne P, Mueller C. Paul Nolte Leland W. Moon R. Wayne Perkins ami ........... if Philip W. Ott ... -.. . 1 . M B" + .5 5 1 . , .i, . ur sf i: Q, .... , mx Bw, , J 49, " 'Q 5 ff , . Q 'I f?Qb gg 1. 5 - 'be' AK. ff' 'M fw- Q. 1 ,Y Q, A-+ 'N 4 .f N ' 1 -A . .3 v 3 Richard I. Nummi . wr .Q K Q' if f Y .1 . I , J L .5 Mclbaj, Patberg M Iwi Millard W. Pace 'iv Q is 0 K. Marcia A. Mortimer I hm William A. Olexilc ? rv-'.':?N .Win Howard E. Oagley Davrd B. Reeder jr. Lois D. Patton Franklyn A. Rhodes Z Y 'iw 1 Ludwig A. Petkovsek jerry W Pomts Robert M Rapp 'HN' Nr ,nw A Tod L. Lehman Harriett J. Pigkett Enrica M. Ramey If Charles W. Robertson Ralph F. St. Louis '1' Delbert 1. Sampson ,,""' .4-""r A Ralph Royster Paul C. Schlueter Henry A. Schleter mms any . Donald R. Richardson Sheila S. Rhodes Richard C. Schleicher Dennis M. Sheppard james Dawson 9-sz fa., 5- 1 Wilma C. Shafer Gloria J. Smokvina O. Wesley Shepard Michael Taylor Helen Shrode ,ui McCutchan I je, -1. vw" M: ,gg 325' 47 53 V , Q .N ,A , 315:3 5 'X f wwf, W--P 3,r'v?,,1E-g 5,2 wi. 1- pf 4 v 1 ,, , if 114 XX Dudley S. Thomas Michael C. Vlaisavljevich 'ss S 'eff William T. Perry William R. Tonso james S. Voorhees 4 Q ,'2 gh 'K z ,N 5 4 -, ,.l ., I Y ,sgsf ff f g F-ff-Jiausiffg .. we if , 'A H ' Y? V 34414, , ' ,,.' . V . 'fb A , f mi, " ' '19, self- w':'3..'N .5 eg? s -Q if fxisfbfjl 15 'M .WRA ,, la, . nf, A ff. T34 Sl Mau Sung Tsai Jerry Linzy la. 4 R. i Q V . . . 1 P. Louis Wmternheimer Clarence C. Winternheimer F. Woody Werking li A QW fr We QQ is 53- ., yd ul 'Tl' fs . W K 'M' 1 v Lowell E. Weller William C. Wesley Mary P. Werking 0 Nick S. Voris Leo M. Weeks Nita Voorhees Q x xr i I . ,,,Q:,A I fi' 'S-. 4 1 1 4,, , 1. x 1 K ' ' . x ' X' 'I' ' ' I J, . 1,1 V . . .XXL . f ' V'.1' 1'f 1 ' UI!-ff M '. N v 4, 4 f. G ', . 1 I 7 I Nr , 1 , , '4 rt. 1 1 . v , ' I .l. , , , ,,s .1 4: v 1 .u , Y 4 .g, .1 4 . 'n , . ,. .5 . Y Q x ' f I , 'x ll .QW .r xi ,. I 9, I , Q Q 'Y Q 'TA Ig. i ' ' J ' "' N X K 3, f 'gr , 73 795, f 1 5 View .Lg V 7. ita :."' f y' z' ,gy 1 'S' ' P , P' 1 ul 4 x 1 + 'A ' u 'A' in , v o sw j A 3 I 1 , YY 4 . H. . .1 . N , x! an FS I L ? Y, 1. 1 B al . , f is A-mu' I a 5 I WL S? M l ' .I ggi , . f A 1 V, i O f .,,x SK .4 M nk 1 'L J. 4 "?lg,F3 95' dwmm' 5 y new K, 1 -l is 4U".3 i."Jv Qi. iv, few Symbol of sisterhood and achievement at U of E. Three sisters were named frat syyeethearts for 1969-70. A red rose the symhol of AOII means hard yyork for chosen girls- girls chosen to he AOlI's. But all is not yyork. As sisters depend on and help each other-in the name of womanhood. Parties, dances, ballgames-fung and the AOII s are part of it all- an integral part. Bottom Roxy: Sherry Meddock, Barh Humlield, Donna Russell, Linda Bruhaker. Mary Meadows, Sally Corman. Second Roxy: tfyelyn Scherer, Peggy XVilson, jeannc NYilson, Ruth Ann Rice. Madclyn Dayyson, judi Hayden, George Ann Griffin, Nancy Tygart. Third Roxy: Cathy Coleman, Carolyn Patterson, Linda Shepherd, DelihieIxhlattson, Susan Schroeder, Pam Lindsey. Fourth Row: Leanne VVahlman, Lynn Royyland, Brenda Brooks, Kathy Ziliak, Susie Essig, Sue lfllen Leighty, Marty Carrington. Fifth Roxy: Carlcnc Painter, Barlmie Carroll, Lynn Witt, jeanie Mc- Cutchan, Connie Crane, Patti Meyer. Sixth Roxy: Patti Meyers. Becky Creech, janie Shaeffer, Jeanie Allen, Paulette Tacoma. Charlotte McConnell, Lois Finneran, Cindy Schenk, Janie Shepherd, Marcia Raeher, jerri Morr, janie Carlile, Katie Leeper, Sue Rowland, Bey Criffing. 119 S551- it M, 120 vw Q PWW 'av' 'Y 'ir-w 3195 Bottom Row: Kathy Lappe, Cindy Muckley, Doris Stevens, jane Risch, Sharon Bronson, Barb Nicksic, Paula Perlitz, jenny Maier, Diane Rei- mold, janet Bugher. Second Row: Charlene Birchler, Karen Floyd, Ann Shepherd, Linda Trott, Deanna Miller, Tari Langford, Becky Baldridge, Suzi Craig, Cheryl Cross, Danielle Leftwich. Third Row: Darlen Graves, Karen Slade, Teana Newman, julie Baldridge, Diane Darrow Nancy Stackhouse, Barb Busch. Fourth Row: Bonnie Keller, Cindy Rob- son, Rabbit Dickinson, Elaine McKinney, Chris Harman, Libby Rosen- feld, Beth Robbins, Anne Barnett, Cheryl Williams, Paula Myers, Elaine Miller. ,, 3 1-.. msn-1, . Ah any 'iw-xr ' ,wg4"' aw 'W wk , V fy J' f 1,1 "IX Q? 1 x ls! 714. ' mf ii' Ns. 1-ef' 122 . I ' ' ww 4 Q lb, D .b '- , , Q-M: K-'V!"" 'Ln - ' - 'NC' px 59 ww J .sv-' 'H A 5 vm mv' A S w Nz-gmgzw M1 ,ylixwtgp xEy'gpv s UK -,Tv"""35 vs., , :hw ik.. ul sd- ,a -4' ' -Jr K yi' 0 "' AW xjb-Q ba -4 uv 'YQ 92.1 'Q' K uf K f 71 ww. s 1 B f. I f.Q.,i rr 'll 'x Un 1 Ak 0 'Sy N Mg, 'V W -.4 ff wk Q ., ?'T'4g , J f, , XQN: 0. 5 A vii-iyxwg-' 1,' . , , ga 0W,Pbv szyfakn ,M A , 4 , -xl PA .2A"rv -ffxflu Aa 'V ,. 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A bi pledge class swelled the Washington, Tony Hargrove, Herman Oliver, Odell johnson, Mike ranks, to several times t e previous membership. Woodward, and Ron Bell. u Uniquely different in many ways, but sharing a common Greek brotherhood, Kappa put it together in '70 and came out near the top. The future brightens for this group of young black men as campus respect grows. The new actives' hair is growing now, just like enthusiasm and pride, As Kappa Alpha Psi takes its rightful place in the mainstream at U of E. 5 V .u 1. H, I4 H',,H3-, Au. hisn. A' , 'li -.27 -Q .5456 l M' Q " I 4 N.. A Q? .,, 'ff' 2:2525 :.".:'9f."e'x it. , Mfnnw l 'M yu 5- . T nw cf'f?i'W ax NH UH-4 JI' r ' R' K ap fl QQ' .mm"lv me , L' W lr 4' sf Ynnyhiw, 5' , of 4' ,, s-l'q:jQe33 ' if .ut 44' sr' Q, " s 'ga :""" -.,,. ff sxq- -f A as .qw 4 'H' g 'jjfgjilrii 2 5, W 1 123 Q by QM, ,mm , a 4 1 ,, r I , MQ L J Q ,M-W l ,V .3 , - if , 7 iv f K ff Z V x , , 4 I A ,' , V 5, M 'JU QQ J JE .. ,Jr 5 232 -rf 1 , , I M fr QMS? wt ' ,ay M Y. -a. ,WM m , gg, A ' ,, wax 4. Av. +0"""""4' naefemw' Right from the start, with the VVatermelon Bust, through the whole year, the men of Lambda Chi Alpha, working together, sharing the brotherhood of their fraternity, striye to be the best. Cheering together at football games, having a kegger, a bull session, or building a winning Homecoming display, the brothers work for U of E and Lambda Chi Alpha. Work, play, study, help each other, and their school, all a part of Greek brotherhood. . -+. NQPYA, ,K "x M me N., .., Am, ,W Bottom Row: Rick Meier, Pete Balsley, Daryl Knapp, Dick Schellhase, Bob Deluca, Greg Hahn, jim Gilcrest, Bill Gallagher, Bob Gibbons, Drew Miller, Carter Taylor, Dick Lynch. Second Row: Mike Humphrey, Richard Rust, jack Hughes, Glen Gunnell, Gary Robinson, Mike Madrid, Mark Ashley, Lester McWilliams, Mike Short, Rick Spilker, Phil Katterhenry, Randy Mattingly, Keith Meyer, Steve Yeager, jim jar- boe, Chuck Sallee, Pat Fearheiley. Third Row: Paul Gunn, Craig Black- ford, Nick Rutigliano, Spike Bell, Frank Gilcrest, Gomer Fulmer, Albert Schweizer, Rick Coffey, Bill Berger, Doug Thompson, Bob Manis. Fourth Row: Rick Carter, Ken Sobbe, Bob Carithers, Dan Proctor, Butch Little, Todd Rudnick, Chuck Stonehill, Bob Dillow, Rick Fulmer, Ike Mefford, Randy Reinhardt, Ron Little, john Taylor, Tom Laughlin, jim Ruster. 125 1 I Wig wawfh I .-"R x' A an V' S Q32 Q. 4 A . gf Q' ml fo Q G A X 4 'JT wx Q 'S 'ef q'-. an -UQ - .: I . ' J.. ' :A ' X r I 'Az vb '35 , :lf .. if . v Q V Q ff, ' A X I ' ' ' 3552+ 'gig i if gy' 3 -fa ' If ,Q W Q Qllv, ',15, 'r , , f qi " ff! K ZV, ,, 5 Ai, ...Y l Q ,W Aa ' pf mil f fy WA if ' ' I H --,. Af 5 ,f A ,ii ' ' 4 ' f R 5 iff t ,., In it h X B, I .. . 2' , Q u Q' J. if we gs! Kg ' Ffsw, Q., M-Saw? Q axljgi, 8 mf IQ X f 1 W 'Sd' xx M 8, ... fm I 2 2 '? E 9 I L4 PIO' 5 'Win . m X' 6 X ws 'i 0. x H ,M A --il iz My S.:-.QX,?' " ' ik Q i 0 ' M - 'rv JJ 'A -l Q' sf ' .Q A4 1 . t , Q W 2 3 .f Se 1 . Mx IX gm M .. W, N x S Q , ""'K j Lk A ? J M f K xy 4' :W ,,. 4, f 'W .X M ,EQE Mau 'S .XM 'lst' " xy! - .X Kb f W , - . - A fa ,,f3.-qnulvrx, fum, A. ,, Swv, M v an A f L ,W--1 , 4 5 A + f' .,.-u, . 29 Y .A 4- "'e Q4 Q Q xx...-., " .X . -N 'W 'M 'M up It-me 'M X' A A 'ww WW . . N 1 ' N -mf vg-wQ4xVf"f 1 ff 'U if nfl.: x Q Mn, Mm ,.-,v4t""'fs5,,,: 'Hmmm ' ...A,W,5gw N gjfffmfwizf fijilrzfu ,Fi-.:N".:,'5Tg,, WWE. YG-5-K, ,M ff -up 'F' ,,4-F05 WW gin, -fr' H 'BW '- . f , J NW' Af-, W , ,, . Wi.. X n , 1 -, ...,. N65 " MT -T ii' , wu- L 1 - ,, - ,X .,fes..vww-AW, ,,.--nv , . -WV .M M MW... -nf-W ,M v., P x ,M,,, '2'i'.'t?i4iff v .."'."", ,W Y .-..-- yur. ,-,Q M" "",,.,A,..v9"""xbv 31- fwgw 'M ,.,' - ,wi 5 ,f H . ,4 "' ,., ,,., , Mm 1, ...vw , ,W -- M 1 Mn-M +0 ,. ......., ., 4 w M "',,..,..-.-ul-':::"' fu' ,ffwwf ,1 A ,. . wus. L. 9 than ,,.-vw' 1 ' Y-.uf Q ,, ,, ,M .,.,,,.w4 ... .x -, .-4-1-Q"-'ff Is"""" A - '.. Lf. 'bl ' - - -- fu? ah, bw- "' ,l I gi . "" ' w"""- X vi, . , .. V ""' "' """ ' Q 1-fa-, ,wg ' xi' ,-.'1'."xf,.l :Q v"1Y4:,' - 'Q W-. M ff a ff :ww Gfffw-'N-l W f , -6 ... A, ,,,,,..,.. M, vff , . J - ' Q- - 6-'A K .,1W, CL A., , ., L .,- Kmxh I ip N. Q W H ,19- as--X M ' ,-, um, W ,wir ., an N '15, M " " , W, ,um A ' A V.: " 4 .. , x . Q H 'H wt",-Munadw' "4" "i' I! 44" , X" ' I 4. x x 'v "Q M 'ii w -. ' ff -W W- - W ,Q-K",""', fr ,. .44 . 6 5 K , 4 . -Mi I ,uf makpgs xi iubb' . - 4 y Q.,allll"", A . , --.. ,K mx ' gm' .t D' ,wr ' 'N' M ,h', 'wh ,A ..--,,,,,ns, um ,ggbaxgrv . ' , -X' 'f J' W Q, -W ' 4. ,.,. 'ff " S -1' r'4l"""" 1-P' Aw. ' ' H' Y A 7' - V "" - , naw, 0 .1 A ' X x MW, A - . x 1-dawg A wghhh , 136 , G-A"-Q M7-.Q---' 2' 'wwf' .N uni?- '3W1"-z,'leK'gkgg-ffg--3.,.,, , M- w , Q. , N W A , ,"'f 4 "' if 'Tf'j,.y-qw '-3 .ixgmg -9117" QT' Qqqqfnr 'hqgwwwfhmm .rx was .M .tlrwww ,,,.,.,mun dl,,,.udlll'zgx4M Kwai .. Q x4d,GmwZg,w ,Q max A, 'ff ' xgkv- -M V' M ,rf eq- x q"h-Nw. 4- ,,v M. A ,q x Mm W fx agua' 'al -kf1wn1'w,,15m maui'-H"" was ,,,M,. "m,"""""f -W KZ-es .- K ' - 'zz 'W' new ,fam , pw vf . -4 Q7"q' W -.U x Q .N eg 9595 M 141W W flu.: Nb nz' !"'lwk'!U"' W " f X id 'WX "S- 'MWWM' f .. , ' ' 'L wmy"k1'5'w- 'WW . 1 Q . fx Q.. , M-N-'H-if-2' . 'wk Wm! We fy W mlb 45 441133 mi' f -9, -. f , , IW' ' ' v . 'F 21' .www-Xv..,,.. x Q .5 5 X W, I X V . V . ,Mx W,h.,,,,a- S M- we 7' ,wf'.':-" wb ,A 3. at Q Z ,,f NA N 'Wk Awwtlo -,Wx F, 3,56 A N , X xv. WN 4 sh' X is " K K V J, x -M , 4 f- ' 3 bk fl, ' , 2w"fg,,5 .. ' E' , 6' V .2 t , , 1, x , ' "Y ' N , """"' f X ,X ' 5 XY-, N 9, if ' V M. 9 1 J- J q ig'-E , 1 C mix l ig 'Q QQ, B 'x 1 ' ' n fa ' O' Q. 'MV' ' 'qu rr .V ., Q. I H M -i."!-v :f-Wig, v- 1 Q Q' w 5 59' ,t Aw K 'W 'W PW M gitakaz 1 1? I til! s +- ' - Q 4 v f 1'-if S 3 'Q "W 'ww N 'N 2 ' .11 .Q ., -.-"M: 5' .l5??w. . z , .,-J , Aww . :M 4 . , 2 ' . S ff: 'Q' V , , X QQTRQI 'if ' A, -.,'1yg,ir:5 1- - - -,ww Q i ,f hi- . - . l 4: 6 . '21 - I , an -'ff f 0 A yjw , ,,m..!f.1. 24 "1 ... if .s""Y,,." 1- " -2 . C - . 1 A . - ' . -151, 'R ' 4 ' - 1 I, 14 B "ff, .f -uv. " 'A' NR. - Ni-M' - i 7 , 4-., A A i " -:jr M , S 'ik 'nan ,gmgnrw 0 I I unq- i -, In ' 'M 1-Rf? f . Q' K ' U Q .,gY.,,.S,- ' gf? f' w v . 1 Q - 1 "' mfwf-vw'H""' f 1,1-'fini' 'iv-i!9'igY . , Q-w - - . Q . Z f N . :W -3 - QA. 'lr M A f ,., - . N 8 Q f -qw f K 1 , Q3 , . , - vw, , ns f L 'JP Q f -uw -' ' al,- ' "' fb 4 a . " 'nh Vx? 3' ' fy , 1 K I 1 f 0 'Mg ff l ""W7?w,e Q, ,Q 144' y I2 -fa' ' ling-L.-A 1 1, 1 I L ,U - fi if Af, Q Xp if .1 'f P Y p -', JL I 4 . ' 1 i Q , - 4 1 if gli Q tb V 'av lr """" 1 If if if M4 , if- r,-,Q , f 453'-.1 f ' J- if ,.. 4 "" L'i'n ' l 4 5. j'.2L 'Tv' 5 M- HW' RQ? 1 1 '74 i A '44 X7 Q C .X.- K .'l 1 4 f fr a " P '41 , qs' 0 'L A, , .9 LN ' , f ffl 1 . Qu.-un' I gi' V g V, 4,:n f 'J-' , gil!! V 4' , , ,f X L , ,alll qw' lj! K c ., Uv M 1, ' sd 4 f ,wmffj .5 1 I 1"'Q 1 s wg 3111! Z5 1 .P qty i . ' wa. sw t Q 511410 r ,,,, " 'wa . I ff .125 Q. 6 ,,. ,Q . it 2 JI From their stately old house, the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon carry on the proud tradition of their fraternity. Promoting enthusiasm with their bell and truck, staging lawn parties, entertaining orphans. All a part of being Teke, and all a part of being Creek at U of E. The fraters work for their school and for their community, and in the process manage to have a great time, as they strive for the all important-an education. Being number one is a habit with Tekeg In spirit, and in everythin TKE moves on in '70 K-4. , Bottom Row: jeff McDaniels, jeff Noah, Mike Dick, Pat jackson, Bob koehl, jon D. LeClere, Mike Kessans, Max Higgs, Wavne Overbach. Top Row: Rich Steedman, Herman Kost, Mark Beaudwav, Bob Rhodes, Tony Elder, Tonny Bitter, Lou Wolff, Greg Miller, Mike Haughex' jim johnston, Mike Berg, john Spaulding, Mark Stephens, Steve Harkness. jerry Sims. g 131 5 132 views-ann-S -. . .Assam E:2,xqv,,.fvW.,f ,pg it Qt 'Koo' f' In its short time at U of E Phi Kappa Tau has grown into a respected group of young men. Working together for their frat and for the University, events like the Road Rally serve the entire campus. The brothers of Phi Kappa Tau, take the lead to establish precedents- not afraid to admit brothers of all races, a move most Greeks shun. Looking to the day when they have their own house, the men of Phi Kappa Tau work together. 2 1 I g. 1 Bottom Row: Sam Banton, Simon Naas, Greg Wilson, Ken Miller, Dave Stafford, Bob Howe, Ed Whitey. Second Row: Gary Willis, Wayne Dersch, Al Henderson, Wayne Hurst, Greg Patterson, Rob Hons, Dean McGane, Dale Thompson, jerry Barber, Third Row: Woody Pershing, Kerry Driggers, Sam Shake, Walt Purcell, Steve Klingingberger, Hartley Kidd, Ron Kauffmann, Steve Cress, Ron Sauer, Pat Childs, Mike Esarey, Steve Fox, Al Pallas. Fourth Row: Wayne Roell, Mel Ulrich, jerry Schiedler, Ron Handziak, Dan Kneer. Fifth Row: Pete Gychulski, Mike Furlong, jon Ramey, Gary Pershing, Gil Souerdyke, Ron La- Grange, Bob Welman, Dan Schwart, Larry Bassett. Sixth Row: Bill Mullen, Bill Kintner, Tom Sanders, Bill Nimnicht, Al Pfeifer, Don Forester. 133 ff? K, WJ was 9 tl O 'Q Of C OO Am 5 134 i, 41451 'sn " -I5 ? X. .3 'ia ww ul lib 'hit Y Q The pink and white pod on the head ol a girl at Ll of E means she has heen chosen- a selected one- to represent Phi Mu. To enjoy' the sisterhood and sense ofaccomplishment1 to work and play as she learns to become a lady: The Christmas Bazaar and Good Ship Hope project- all a part of growing and learning, sharing and loving as a Phi Mn. Bottom Row: joyce Sander, Marcy Richey, Sharon Bergen, Kathy .Xnlt, Pat Grisham. Second Roxy: jane Biedy, joyce Whitsman, Carla Leighty, Ramona Hires, Dehhie NYinlxler, Brenda Xlinterltorn, Sharon Britton, Susie Yan de Steeg, Dehhie Pfisterer, Cindy Hoffman, Chris Redett. Third Bow: Marcia Perigo, Barh Hoff, Melinda Lower, Kay Schoener, Gina Gorgrant, Gail Smith, Linda Britton, Pat Phillips. Fourth Bow: Barh Long, Linda XYilhnrn, Pam Meyer, jan Craig, Cindy Storl-tman, Barb Nix, Ann Divine, Nancy Elson, joli Treat, Franny Leeds, Ginny Merrell, Brenda Bolen, Pam Elxels. Fifth How: Suze Ann Dill, Dehhie Haines, jndy' Smith, Mary Kay' Carter, Lnann Berry, Diane Sachs, Sherry' O'Snlliy'an, judy' Effinger, Gail Campbell, Lonna Dayis, Mary jane MacQnigg. vf-an x sf" I A 4 135 3 E if Klip 'Q i It 'ik Q wtf, 136 x ux'Q a. 3 md ' a I I ' x u s' Y 1 . X Q 1 -'Qs .,,. un Q I '-1-I lib' I X Rl' ' c ,o P32741 Is'fff2t',-""f 7'2'i"'ff 253' 1 Q ' f':fw 1' f -3 lgld tg, .L .4 4 , .. ..-af.-V ...l .. Q!,5g.A,f - A, . L .A jsxv- wr- A 1' X x'x- ' " ann L 2 A J ' Q, 1 I " ' dfn-f'1" '-fx' "" " f' fff4 2- -f- W' W if 'if as . gw 4, ,,.ff.A ,, Q A 1 K f rp af 8 f' Y' sv.-J x A 'Q I "A . - , O., 4... ,Qimx I ff, , s 1 -. r "vu 5 K 'fa X .lfsf -f.'3" V "IN . a 8 xv? 'r.Q-.J jf " 1 4' ' " v , 1 '- 2 - , Q , iff .' , .. HW af f mb 0 V N :4 I ! S x f. Q. A- .,,Q-w . f W . W '- ..p..,, rm --f-W' - - 4.1. I we it fm: 1' , 'wir ' .QIEIHQ -- f' f "'J:H,J "-,Q W V-Q5 af ,rw vi 52" ,Q Ii '23 Q sy 3 0' .4 kV, ef-if? ' WQFQLQ ,ax bg 'imgiqf' If-1-' ' A V , Q ha, 'V ' 2, A fy T vu f - -1-'f' ",,,,,6f.,-5 2'-.5 ,- 'rg if .fqifff Qt Q NXSQA A -11.-r x ,- 3'f-x v . 'Mgr' A K 'D " l I 1 I ' Y A vxxx . ' J. Q' 'A 4 Q- N ' f- . mu. i 4 I' 'll . I Kg K: Q X 1 I x . , 9 xi? ,. ,H q .KQV ,- Q . Rx 4 a H+ 1 A54 'H , ,Q ' 1 . ,. 1.5 if Q 2 S A . ", - s "'f' ., ,,.s A ia 1- ' 4 ' ' .x',,., Y N if 'l , ' ' 'RYA - ' S' 'W 'Wi 'X fx 'Y' Y ,4 "A it A5 I 2-W B lg Q ., yivhi i , .jtv a .f 1 A A51 . 5 4 N35 ' , 1 'y 1 'hi-2' 'mg ,qs ' Q g A . ' 1. X Q? . . ,,.., 1 9 A R Q , 'D s ' x v N Q xl Y,t , ? ,V v 'KQV' K xP- ' ' "' 'six N ,N , V ' xy, 1 . . L , 1 ' Q 9 3 , ll--as - -. . , . Wu ,, , N .. k -'QHK 'q,.'4 'fN lx , ix . x . 'CY 0 'Q is . , Q 1 J? W ,A ' s A K ' 'H 1 5' Y' X1 -. . 1 1 . s ,. . ' .-Y' Q , 1.f W g - - 5 7 N Q xi ,. ' .X X :sb 'N 1 -'K .'g xx 1 3 ,V A f v L 'Y 6- ' -' -K y uf, P 3 . 5 - i,,3, ' xg!! - y ,x I - iw ! ' 9 A Q 'D , l . - 5 'N' , uk 'xg . D px 'x ' 8 W . 1' 'f -F 4 M, -'t,N,,, , A A N K 5, M x1,,.. , - H -,ww - - Q - wx 5-- ' at ' W. . '- .. +' . - -M ' ' - H ..'T' V wr J v U , kv R h , ,K 'li 0 .. A 5 s 1 K r Q ,. rl. r 3 i 'tp n - 'tis 4 J X , V ' ' ' . - I , V l iv XS , y , Q H . Q' ' i . J A 'f ' ' 3 ' -5 3 4 ' v . 5 xh , In ,, Y .F . .b 1' . 'aux' xx R55 1 1 I , QR J K. ., - 43, , sg- ,, V 3. u .N .f ,gb QA , E ' ' lu N2 . 7' -5' I -- 4 -X Aux. x -' A 'lbs P ' - x wma X My " ww . ,, 'king f Lffiilif , 47,5 x 1 1 .xg X '92-,K+ 4 x ,. 141.2 iff I- 4 '- ,mv .f - 'ig Q X s tnisgg W MK 5 X, X ix N PWS n 'U A 'Sf 1, .fgbils te'e..:.::.:.:.:q...: ,S Q, .,,. qqlqq N I-fwafxiylwix x . . , ,I Yu , SEAN -A .QQ fy , H- si 11 w 13: M Ma, 'Q was , 2712 i Nicki ,ft 0.-M -x 4- N fo fu' :U I 'V :iriv- Y 'sf- 3?!'!E?f: 'QQ 1 ' Eff-'S ' A f,, iw U R' rg 6-- . KV' , Gif 'mf A Wim ,wx .flex ,,.f ,fjpf w ,ygwlny , Kp. W 'A .- -.,.: . I ? f I' f Q 0-1,4 fa , Q . , . " ,,....-www I ff' ,, a ,.....--f' - n .wi-, - an --Q.. gf ,.f. X fy f 'fQif94l'Qf,,-.,, , ff .,'X,a2,,f x JCQVV, QV'-D 'X 5150 Q45 77 . n ,wil cy. K, bw 7 7, , Wx V 1 N 'f ff X z M , Q X Q- ' . . so QR X on f f Q I s 44 N d'3"'M 44. ', ww, , ,Q K A ff' 'S K 'mix' , 'X :V ' 253, 1 ' Ki V ' 'a . f, Af gf!-+" ' 'f , f'..5:f, , w x Z: 'z vw Kg ,nfq ., If 1. f 1 'f2751.'. ffiS5lf"wi 'A M.:-ew: W. , I an .. My - Q ,,of' i' A time to rend A time to sow College comes at a time in life When old things are cast off: and new seeds of the future are sown Mom and Dad are left behind to hold a warm spot in our hearts We go to begin what shall become our own lives Like the new spring flower we poke our heads into the big world and look about What we see influences our entire life And as we start to college and are placed in dorms v we meet the people who are to have a hand in our future. Together with our fellow dormies we take our first steps. Dorm life at U of E, offers much to all involved. Itis a place to live, and a place to learn. With those around us we share our happiness, and our sorrow. We communicate, with people like us. We study, work, laugh and have fun- together. More than a mere room, the dorm becomes an integral part of our lives. It is here we complete the rending of our infancy, and sow the seeds of our future. a 141 'xx.1'. . 2 , A.. 2 ' e., ,Mjpifp -4.120 , , v-, XXS Sw ggor 1 'I , A ,1 Q I, r ', I 1 -,,2""Z!p s 5, , -. fb . X Y . . J, ,4 Z an .A W-,sg Q ' ,N ' as 'WSI '41, ff Q if ' M , -uw 'Mas , 'M 5 , M- fr" 4 ' A. t . ' if ., WEMH ,513 119' :aw Y 4 :mx A 'hkmvuzfw 'wnnrfw el -PLAY, ya-A iii 'r' t ZWKHVW if A V Q qw 5, fy fr ,Q .0 . ,an- f ' 1' if i if W ,i i"g5JT.. n ,af . i. I I - V 0 F 34 C159 wi' Q a- fe' A 'gi' 1 b 'aw . A 'R ly ' 0 , n , "Wai f .. ff' 6' ex W Q . Q: if' lb ,JO i f ' ',xi!,q. jg1'fY'f: : 21 ,'V 1 l ,QQP p1',3l,3ij,fv . 0 f ' Y M' 5 .. 5' . ! W v .. ,, I If -5-I 3 E ? 5 .. ,-'32 ' W 41. f' if ,ix 1 ,A . 1, Q, 'I 2 bf - 1 v 'till ' 1 ,eq , 4 4- Q' Z-. A rx A ,rtxl ' Adi VP I . ad .. : 3 4 -F .22 V .f ' Lx 2 . s 5' . x ' . .3 n'. AL, ,cz 1 Q ,V 9 afrnfr Y qu vrgwv 3" 44- hw .. ,. P 1,1 x . dd' .ffm ' . Mya' ' ', gf 'A N' K. 1 'fa-1. . -1 1 1 la U 5 K r fb if 1 -...Q ,- I0 1 '4 we A, , ,,,,,4f ' fm1'::f'cv 'J 4, v , we ,fy 1 l 1 xv J 5 nf f 2 Q. Ji, '.v,v I 4 'Tv X. H 4 W X -2 f - x it 1 ,f f, . .Mk Q, ! x 4 H5 Yin fi 4 X Y r S . 1, MWI' ,,. iff, , I I ,' H 1 L I .h M, j i , " ' I 1 W . 5A ,xi 0? , W I ,ggi PM M6 g 6, g , 5 lk 213 . K 51:4 5 Vi r www, X , S W E-sf N gtg' nf, A ""'5 'x W . gk, , .l wk. 5 1 at 'iii ' '. I 1 'V .v wwf! ,wx . w Jtgsfrja Of, f .es 32 tw tif gg gv :sg 4 Q v 5 Br Q Q ft , X 54 A il A A f 1 iw 'it Q vi 1 , at as y Y .. w A I J oore I1aH They always say, a home is what you make it. Thats a basic truism baby, and the girls of Moore Hall are really making it. In intramurals, theylre great. Wlien it comes to queens, you can count on Moore Hall to get it together. VVhether itls building a homecoming display, or working for their candidate, or simply playing, Moore Hall girls Come out- on top. They have a way of getting things done, and baby, they do it well. These girls have made their home what it is- and anyone can tell you, Moore Hall is tops. ' WN, if 0 W. m-f., J, A" .. Q ffwfslf-9 F-F' . U ,1 im, A 5x':?g22',A,347 PM ,, 4 F I ,,.. ,5 4 kr A J 5 f 1 1' 9 1 'K 5 Nw "' N 4' If ,A 4' 'v- 'i' 1,55 5 5 a f eg' af' 'af 8+ v-mms Quinn- 32 4 gy HA -,, x, My, +- fm, f '81 .M ffib-:V ,. ASW' in Im, q I 2 1 V N ,.' vii, xxrr 1' 'wg 35,2 gg" 5" fjf A 40' 4,54 s , Q Y Vi 'N .2 t Era. x,nv9? f 3535- Z,f"'f ,, . if 5 K I A :J aff -xwsp' 'M f 3 ff.. fi . . . ,Y Q. if X S .7 llyj' if ' , , V 1, V, fy, , ., V., ,, 1 I y I F x . WMA, K ' Q W A 29" N l "' .. -' as ' , i, F HEP' lik 'EL ' 13 X ll 1 Ag 3 1 tk w ' 1 fi x n , i s l 34 x-S'i if 'ir 1 1 ew Unit Everything, they say, has a name. Everything that is, except New Unit. Some clay, someone, will Come along and donate a goh of money, and presto, New Unit will have L1 name. Until then, the lack of one, seems to make little difference to the girls who live there. They go right on, T x, working, studying, playing, for New L nit, for themselves, and forthe University. if i ff' 44" "',,. YM! 1 '4,,f" 5525 it -W, I 'X 1,-4-an-qv--a 1 I XM ,Wi , ' J . 'X gg Wssl' ff 49" X. Y, I il .L' if 9Qh . W, 5 Q , ff! fyf ,nf-I-"" ,X ,Z l A A s I 151 A 12 , N .281 in W' T' Itls a struggle to be married and still go to college. But it can he done. The families in the Apartments prove it. Set up like almost any other apartment, married couples find their busy lives filled by cooking, housekeeping, as well as studying. Up at seven, fix breakfast, pick up a few things around the apartment, then itls off to classes for awhile. Back in time to fix hubbyls lunch, run a few errands, and make the afternoon classes. In the evening, after dinner, It's time to hit the books, and finally prepare for another day of family life, in the University Apartments. University ll.: TN 7 Qi, "'4lllwvw 'X A3 2 F' E v 7 I J Q JM partments R+....,Z L Y f ' .1 F- 2 7 ,e J ilrqnusi L'L,.f4r': 1 , i E E Harperis Dining Center 7x J .M 'W A Q , . ' ' Mawr ' ..,N, i M ' i Q8 . , a.. Aww ming! W is av Wmwmmmwhm .J ,NM K I 3 E .. s ,, . i , M, A-M. l 'if' 4 K1- A meeting place, to gather first thing in the morning, half way through the day, and again at eventide. But most of all, a place that nourishes the University. Harper Dining Center, more than just a feeding bag. joe Witsken and his staff work to make meals more of a happening. Events like Chinese night aclcl to the variety. After the last meal, a snack, a chat, a card game, or friendly conversation, can be found at Dantes Inferno. Harperls-more than a place to eat. 5 ,l z C I 5 4. X Q, " YY , l Q 455,312 l 'X A ',3ti1 154 7 iq f- "HQ S 0 ' , A vii. si r, ' 'H in ,CL Jw.. pls 1 ix fi' f'n?f-5.1 x 1' ' X1-T56 -2 4? vs 1. N '- vi . Aff' X ms, ...sf 5 "Ju-sq A Time T0 Cast Away Stones, A Time T0 Gather Stones Together. Organizations ,X 5. ,, f 1 ,, , . f .n,fi'- '!'1A 1 f if "I nl? ' qv ' ,V ka ., A ,'1,fffL551x .Sr , I x J.: x ,'qXf.,' ?,A:26x yy ,fn .2 z 54" f . 52' be- za 4 x ,Auf grae-lggigggg, ,Q 1 ,SA N "ij, gi .ge my-iff' I yvmf f Q , j - "fly, f.g,,,.,,f3,9 1741,-1:7 5,1 if W1 w vs - 'Q' A ff: 1 fx V N 5 ., - wi .5'1M:s.Q'x sf 'iff 1 + 73511559 31 . 93 f f t ,, , mf X , I ,-f-,545 Y , 'pxfgv' 1 i Y 'fn .rf M 11':'ff3f+'1E1ix' Q 4 ,3 kg ,W 5?'f4 W "'g? ' 7 2 ' ' , - ' WMV? ' '."7m ' gjkl' 3153531 x x . A , 4' ff A 1 ' 4 3 if +51 ,f M sf 5 X Y f., , , .ffqi wb , , N ,.-,ia . 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' 'R .?X"" Dave Harmon Marian Helle Carol Herbert Max Higgs Wayne Kline joan Koshewa Mike Mclntosh Richard Painter jean Philhower Barbara Ratliff Charlene Sollman Steve Emerick Bill XVildman Jeanette Brewster Ginger Copp Janice Himmelhaver Bonnie jo Angus Bill Bennett Mary Boyce Becky Carter Don Cork Mary Lou Ellis Sue Gauck V187 Ki' Dee Atz janet Bugher Marty Carington Arlene Corn judy Deer Susie Essig Ramona Hires Emily Melton Deanna Miller Cathy Ross Sue Rowland joyce Sander Linda Schweiger Susan Smith Ann Wiggers Barry Allred Dee Atz jim Bacus Sharon Bronson Brenda Brooks Cordon Bryant Martha Carrington Rebecca Clark Randy DeYillez Richard Dick Carolyn Iissig Emily Garber Ron Craul Bob Hanselman Sue Hixon Bob Howe Deborah Kempf Wayne Kline Dave Longest lirnily Melton Kae Moore Sue Roxylautl Sharon Russell joyce Sauder Linda Schweiger Richard Stecdman Mike Warner john VVellernc-yer Anne Wfiggers Debbie Winkler Carlotta Woods Kathy Ziliak if Dr. Robert Wilson Dr. Robert Pollack Dr. R. Wayne Perkins Dean Marie Childers Mr. james Voorhees Steve Emerick Richard Dick Mike Warner Sue Hixon Ellen Price X. Q. 1 : Wayne Breunig, Robert jeffers Tim Lewis john Mantovani Mark Pillar Pat Tucker Dean Marie Childers Dean Robert Pollack 52 is ' M li----N Pam Gilbert Suzan Q, Davis Alan McGinnis Tom Shinnaman Cheryl Scammon Keith Langsdale David MCFaClzean Edu ard Moore Cu en Olexik Kathy Parks IX I r. Douglas Hubbell Mrs. Laura Hubbell Mrs. john Ballard Dr. Dudley Thomas l Mr. john David Lutz 159 Sandy Fondgng l ? E , l S gf 5 I F l i l r I l l :sf . , E 31 ,E li- 5 s L l 5 fl 5 or ii it 160 Barry Allred Fred Arcnsnian jim Bacus Bill Berger Bay Copp Bill Daugherty Richard Dick Dave lflliot Nlikc Gilles Bon Cranl Bob Hanselman Steve Haworth Bulb Howe Bon Kcllem Hartley Kidd Harvey Kiesler Eric Linder Dave Longest john Nlantmani Lcstci' Morgan Mike Oskins Dan Proctor XYay nc Hncll john Sauer Mika? Short Hit-lnml Stccdman Mark Stephens Hay 'lliconia Daw 'l'cx'anlt Tim Tucker Boh Xlliitehonsc Debbie Ford Larry Howard George Hughes Nanette Kcpfer Vicki Mathieu Steve May Mona Netherlands Caroline Owensby Gloria Peters Lynn Shelton 'P rs fat fi V j g 'J , we , M! Emily Bacns Frances Leeds Teana Newman Brenda Brooks Pam Gardner Diane Neal joycc Sander Marty Carrington Priscilla Dickinson jim Bacns john Branden berger Cordon Amini M lke Gillis Gary Bartley Greg!-Iahn T0z1yH,Hargxix1ve Bit! zvfaddefi Wayne Roeil Gary Schlansker r Rich Slfeedmatfl Chuch Stonehill Willie Washington Diana Demaree jan McMnnn Shari Bates Becky Brier Kon Gran? Norma Wyber Bettysimmons Ray Young Rick Shonse Darryl Bose Mary Bloesch Dick Bradley Margie Coetzinger Cary Gottfried Leslie Hauer jennie Cittings Vicki hlatlneu Aiiebbie Nlartiing, Lisa Kamplain H Steve Fuchs ll' Bharati Rogers lNiairy,,LonWEllisi Karen Meier at B A Tom Sandegg f . jana Telfer MQ 1 non Uranl Dan jackson Emily' Garber Karen Meier Mary' Boy cc Becky' Brier Mike Snyder Tini Tucker Bickarcl Bust john Bakel Torn Osborn Clary Haering Charlotte Thompson john .ygner janice .Xncler Phy llc-ne Backart Darryl Base Slleri Bates Dick Braclley jainic Briclgcr Freda Burton Cherie Clarnalian .yrlene Corn Clary Ciornyy ell Skip Cloiirtcr jerry Danner Sandy lfonclong Pain lfoy Sue Cauck jennie Cittings Dan Cllcining Sliircly Clooclrnan Pat Crit! Sally llajck Bob Koch jan Mchlann jenny' Xlcfloyycn Karen Meier Dave Michael Marsha Miller Pain Olclliain Paniela Priritt Debbie Proctor Bey llookstool Bob Sclialfstion Xlallcr Sclnneiclicl Pain 5L'llllIIILlllll Terri Sealyy eachter Carol Shout llita Smith Xlarti Sniclcr Dayc 'll-yanlt l'L'L13Ly kklilxrrll XX llSlll in joycc " 1 llll'I'S .M Beth .ynn yVay ne Mike Singleton Day c Eckert jack Bnrgclorf Mike Will john Bakel Alan Ziliak Dennis Herman Roger Sergeslietter Barb Short Carol Hughes Ty' Bragg Debbie Ford Pam Dale Lincla lfringer Nick Adler john Geier jackie Katz Carl Salzman Dave Stippler Steve Mooney Diane lloetlingcr Mary iynn Loelir Barb Xycber Peggy Kleenian Karen Eaton Mike Cruz Blioncla XYickcr Mary Beth Brenner Kathy jarboe Paul Cerharalt Era juclt Bobby Colcl Cathy Sieiners Sherill qyclkins Pain Costello Tim Sullivan Mary' jude Becker Dan King Mike Scales 161 ra , ly 2 f 1 K heryl Bertlxe Kim lfillingiin john Xlael.ean Sue VVhitsitt llldl' BVGWSWV Linda 5ChW9igel' X ielti Chandler Yernon Stover Bay NlaeLean Debbie NleDaniel Carl' DPU' Mike Snldef ' N iney Buck Robert SL'llI'llCl6I' Geoffrey Price Zalea Duval Nlflfj' LOU Ellis jim Stroh Bry an Hoyt Marsha XXI-hh jndy Negangard DUUHH Mills l Q ffm any 'Mx Becky Ashby' Fred Bauman jane Bennett Brnee Bippns jucly Brewster Steve Bright Phil Bullock Roger Cooper Beth Crawford Xladelyn Creedon joe Croelier Sley e CresS Sandy Day is it ,f ' K l Ls- Dehhie Dearmin 1 Emily Carher Susan Caseoigne David Cirton Pat Grisham Cheryl Cross Mary' jane Hahig Nlarlc Hatfield Bonnie Hollayvay' Carolyn Hoos Yieki Hoover Sue Horne Bob lrvine Ken johnson Bon Kauffmann Anita Rimes Paula Luster Betsy' Nlateer james McCord Susan Nloffitt Charlene Moman Charles Moman Bill Nimnieht Grace Pendley' Ellen Price Sharon Russell Ron Sauer Nancy' Sehmeltekop Kay Sehoener Cary' Schurz Laurie Sheclden Chris Silitberg Brenda Smith Michael Snyder jean Stephenson jim sfmh Gary Wagner Linda Willits Lois Meekel Sharon Russell Debbie Dearmin Nancy' Buck Nancy Hope Bissey Doris MCF Cheryl Cross Susan Pat janiee Gress Linda jean Stephenson jane Bennett Linda Weyer ' -X., 'sa Conductor: William Knapp Flute Ann Devine Ciby Koehnen janet Prusz janice George Linda Lauman Richard Bernhardt Gwen Olexik Clarinet Mike Douglas Mary Hicks Doris NlcFadin janice Hopkins David Pace Nancy Nester Ronald joy Glenn Gunnell Kathy Georges Charles Benner Beth Crawford Chris Harmon Oboe janice Gress Carla Leighty Susan Long Bassoon Diana Tillersou jan Tolliver Saxophone Fredica Fuchs Bob Chase Steve Lankford Steve Walker Lynn Daniels Cornet jeff Lindquist Rick Gooden john Mac-Lean Wayne Thomas Ken johnson Linda Elliott Trumpet Bob Schrader Alan Gee French Horn Dan Gress Nancy Buck Virgil Miller Leonard Brown Vernon Stover Cheryl Bertlce Trornlione Kim Fillingim jeff Deig Geoffrey Price Ed Gorman Baritone Ray Nlacl.ean john Seitz jim Gootln in Tuba Kay Xlalcolin jan Drury David Blake Bryan lloyt String Bass Susan Whitsitt Percussion Ben luley Boli lloeflinger Deliliie jones David james Les Tomlinson Stex e Bright "Situ 4' Iheryl Berflce Stn Haynes 'i Walsh Schoener fuefifiorne rfdy Stallings atsy Grisham ' in esa Fletcher ,I Slwillits riffBoley ,ma Elliott 'resa Wilson 'laryjane Habig 'her 'awichman s ,f 1' ' ,X . 1 - Er ' X, D V, . , 1 as A ff' john Bennett Stephen Bright Bob Ghase Roger Cooper Wayne Everhaclt Alan Gee Edward Gorman Daniel Gress Robert Irvine jeffrey Lindquist Lawrence Lyles Geoffrey Price Raymond Mctllean Vernon Stover Steven Lankford Richard Gooden Gary Schurz David Pace john Tuley Michael Douglas 163 Paula Acker Connie Alexander Neale Allengree Nancy Allen Robin Allman Ardra Allred Peggy Amos Delilah Atz James Bakel William Bettag Patricia Block Kathryn Borman Glenda Boyd Mary Bretz Deanna Brown Janet Bugher Chuck Burdette Paul Burnham Elaine Buttrum Ramona Camp Judith Campbell Martha Carrington Rebecca Carter Barbara Collins David Comer Arlene Corn M ida Creekmur Angelyn Davis Carol Davis Sarah Dean Judith Deer Pamela DeWeese Linda Dike Barry Dubuque Linda Duckworth Carolyn Duke Donna Duvall Margaret Edwards David Elfreich Judy Ellison Edna Engleman Carolyn Ennis Nancy Ensinger Cynthia Forbes Patricia Fritz Jack Frost Terry Goebel Jeanne Goen Janet Gooch Shirley Goodman Judy Graham Barbara Grant Darlene Graves Tonya Hafele Glory Harmon Sara Hanselman Pamela Haynes is as ga 4 Sharon Bates Janet Brinkley Patricia Bruce Janet Craig Nancy Ensinger Beverly Griffing Janet Gooch Gary Haeiing Jean Hergenrother J. Killen Warren McCullough Stella Moran Z. Steven Morgan Jeff Mulkey Martha Oakiey Roxan Parham Catherine Samuel Jon Siau Cynthia 'Simmelink Kathleen Stephens Rexana Stephens Karen Troth Keith Younker Jerry Points Cheryl Heathcott Deborah Helm Betty Hill Cathy Hinton Juanita Hinton Ramona Hires . Sharon Hoehn Marian Hopper Beverly Howell Barbara Hudson Linda Hudson Terry Hughes Sheila Hungerford Linda Hunteman Beverly Ingram Vella Johnson Joyce Jungemann Linda Kirkham Michael Knight Clara Kress Janet LaGrange Thomas Long Harold Matthews Mary Meade Sheila Meyer Karen Modesitt Nancy Moss Marsha Muth Diane Neal Walter Neal Mark Newein Mary Niehaus Mary Nixon Jan Northcut Delois Numley Martelle Nussbaumer Pamela Oldham Shirley Parrish anyway i,,:,,,f Deborah Pfisterer Brenda Plassmeier Larry Poe Lindafruden Virginia Ramsden Barbara Ratliff Susan Reed Kathy Rinehart Lonna Rothert Janis Rothert Janis Russell Higgs Pamela Russell Jeanne Sakel Janet Schrader Bonita Schroering Linda Schweiger Janet Scott Mark Seeger Robert Shelton Patricia Shewmaker Carol Shoulders Cynthia Simmelink Betty Simmons Elizabeth Six Margie Skelton Judy Skinner Judith Smith Dick Spicer Don Stansbery Patricia Statham Gayle Steele Robert Taylor Alan Thomas Mary Tomlinson Ronnie Tompkins Bonnie Thompson Linda Trott Abbey Utley Joyce Verley Wanda Walker Frances Waller Marvin Ward Katherine Weber Nancy West Ann Wiggers Linda Willits Rick Winiger Deborah Winkler Charlotte Wright Jane Wulff Glenn York Keith Younker Patricia Morrow wifi! Z f' A fff' 'M , W t 14 2 if asia A fwr Mm cam iwwi my a H .,,., "-A t .a V-H mm f , , ,L wi, 51' Ti T HIL, auf r--1 ff- ,w.5,,w'w ., A 5 2 ' it .g,,x- W ew ,sv 1' X 9 Judy Althoff Judy Burns Maria Carr Susan DeBaun Rebecca Dennis Deborah Dierker Pacquine Effinger Mary Lou Ellis Thelma Finch Mary Ann Hallam Kay Hathaway Linda Hicks Melissa Hubbard Barbara Humfeld Margaret Kays Lucille Kelly Sarah Kozicky Fisk Nancy Kuhlenschmidt Kate Leeper Nancy McFadin Karen Meier Bonnie Morrow Cynthia Muckley Lee Noecker Cissy Parker Leslie Rinehart Becky Roethemeier Elizabeth Rotramel Jill Snyder Elizabeth Shetler Rita Smith Nancy Staubitz sion Mrs, Dell Hartman Cindy Cecil Cyndi Croce jo Ann Daly Pat Fritz Barb Grant Mary jane Habig Esther Kleaving Barb Long Beckie Morris Brenda Patton Becky Seibert Beth Watson Sharon Weiss t'W"'wi Patricia Becker Marcia TriSSCl Deanna Miller Lynn Martin Sandra Fonclong janice Dalton Martha Ellison Jacqueline Katz Sally VValltcr Connie Springston Brenda Purltiser Rosella Fuchs Anita Fisher a Linda Walker Susan Westrick Denise Cormier Priscilla Dickinson joan Kuhlman Rebecca Baldridge Deborah Schroder jackie Steele Patricia Adler janice Ander ' Theresa Angermeier Mary Sue Ash Sharon Bergen Brenda Bolen Marsha Boyd Freda Burton , S' Kathy Church' Pamela Creedman Eva Darr Suzanne DePue Gayle Eakins Leona Etienne Peggy Genwick Sandy Floyd Paula Fontana Cinda Gonterman jan Cries Rebecca Gwyn ' Dorothy Hasnouer Sue Hixon Arlene Hohl Sandy Leibundguth ,aff U 1. a . . .Q 1 ' , - lu ' 8. - Hz. s"s .f,, Teena Luhrsen Carol Miller janis Patterson lean Philhower Laura Reich Marcy Richey Sandra Shake Suzanne Slaght Rebecca Swain Linda Swank Pamela Thompson Gayla Walton Glenda Williams Darlene Witte Jill Workinger Pledges: 'ir fi' fi' ' 4 Mary Kay Behounek Lois Bengston Becky Beyer Becky Bickett Virgetta Boatman Carolyn Bush Kathy Cartwright Sandy Cook Karen Cronk Carol Dungan Alitha Calk Harriet Goffinet- Sandy Greer Debbie Haines Marian Helle Denise Higgins Lynn Hoftiezer Sharon Irwin Bonnie Keller Marylyn Kelly Nannette Kepler Brenda Kirkwood Sharon Kress jo Ladley Marjorie McDowell Tammy McQueen Patti Meyers jan Miesel Marsha Miller Tanya Miyasahi Teana Newman Cheryl Powell X, f Pamela Privitt Lois Randall Evelyn Scherer Pam Schuman Pam Smith Marti Snyder Juliana Steffen Beverly Terhune Pat Tucker Lou Ann Yaal Stacia XYilliams Kathy Vl'ood H u ..- '- 'f Jie 5 E E .1 U i 'Ki 1 i N 165 Dick Bradley Ronnie Stevens Deanna Miller Trent Tucker Steve Edwards Beth Herman Carolyn Owensby Lynn Rowland Larry Gleitz Nleritlith Patton jerry H. Hall Debbie Hirschman Mary Ann Meyer Steve Xlinters Carl Baker Bev Tookstool Diane Darrow Becky Carpenter Sally VValker Connie Springston Anita Fischer jerri Lynn Borr Robin Shepard Pat Becker Bruce Davis Sue M cCool Rich Shouse C. A. Leggett Diane Hammond Rhonda McCord Lois Burton Pat Kempf Carolyn Howe Cindy Nelson Madelyn Dawson Dennis Herman Debbie jennings Mary Hill Sue Gleichman Nancy Tygart jackie Katz Harold Everett Sherry Meddock Carlotta Woods jeri Bastin jamie Bridger Genevieve Chiodini K . Becky Creech Alice Ernie Sally Gorman Becky Gwyn Sherry Heathcott Debbie Hirschrnan Linda Hunteman Mary jane MacQuigg Mary Martin Peggy Martin 166 Debbie Pfisterer janie Carlile Sandy Day janie Sheppard Becky Creech Ann Arensman Helen Mae Arensman Ray William Arensman Clarence Brooks Clarence Buesking Ralph Coleman jean Coyle Wade David Donald Dunham Bob Garnett Paul Grabill Virginia Grabill William Hartsaw Marvin Hartig Orville jaebker Charles johnson Philip Kinsey . aww joseph Kushner Bung-Chung Lee Vivien Maves Arad MCC-utchan Edgar McKown Kelly Miles Leland Moss Wayne Mueller Melba Pafberg Wilma Shafer Helen Smith Clifford Stone Karl Tapley Lowell Weller Fransis Working William Wesley,' 'lrnvfu-6 ab, vghly , 51's plum fgql gm? ,Lu '. ', W. 3. 'N I-f 4411.1 ,.,, Dudley Thomas Galen Clough V. C. Bailey Arthur Aarstad Max Casler Harris Erickson Mrs. Larry W. Griffin james Morlock V David Reeder, jr. C. 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Bartholomew Kathy Bosse Kathy jo Byrum Becky Creech jeanette Davis Lucy Coffinet Sarah Gorman George Griffin Glenda Hauschild Sherry Hudson Marsha jackson josie johns Nanetie Kepler joan Koshexx a Mary Lasher Tamara McQueen Patricia Meyer Alta May Phillips Brenda lieidenhach jacqueline Rc-itll Lynn Rowland Diane Scheidigger Becky Seibert Karen Simpson jean Stein janet Spencer Patricia Tucker' Lana Turner Louise Vaal Nancy Zolhnan Lynn Hoftiezcr Anita Kirnes Charlotte Nlcflonnell Hyacinth Heitznian Beth Horstnian Catherine Caesser Brenda Simpson Deborah Niittenhraker f! ff x., if' Paul Stojakovich Otis Carter Bob Clayton john jaques Pat O' Malley Don Abbott Dan Alvey Wiiliam Bennett Steve Davis' Steve Gubler 'Dave Harmon Fred Katterhenry Frank l.Qanowsky, A . V., AVN . A , f, , ff' if -i, img t ff, s.,.!m x W 7! 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Dayis Alan McGinnis Thomas Shinnaman Ed Moore I-Id Stone Chuck Bateman Suzan Dayis Georgia Gresham Cheryl Scanunon Pam Gilbert Keith Langsdale janis Puckett jeff Sparks janis Qing Marilyn Noah Vicki Forston Cathy Hinge Daye McFadzean blL1TSlltlVVfigllt Barb Barrett Shirley Cowles Mark Williams Sherry Crawford Mike Singleton Gordon jones Sue Horne Linda Schmitt Paula Luster Susan Ellenstein Elizabeth Rosenfeld Susan VVeayer Peggy Oyerman Roxi Parham Barb Carroll Arleen Martin Gisele Cook Bob Gallas Barry Dubuque Pat English Kathy Parks Gwen Olexik jeanne Smith Linda LaVey Pete Swaim Leslie Carmin Douglas Hubbell Laura Hubbell joan Ballard Dr, Dudley Thomas john David Lutz Donna Harris Mary Louise Olsen Beth Hunter Ann Wiggers Barbara Schmitt Timothy Tucker Dennis Crofts Marcia Raeber Kathy jarboe Nancy McCalment Barbara Wilder Trent Tucker Bill Schoettelkotte Don Blume Pat Childs Alex Bell Mark Seeger Eileen Zollman Cyndi Croce Carol Guion 168 Cathy Ross Abby Utley Brenda Robbins Ginny Edgar Linda jones Susie Essig Kay Mitchell jane Snyder joyce Sander jay ne Biedy Chris Betlett Charlotte McConnell joyce Adams Cathie Wake Cinger Copp jo Anne Fehsenfeld Carla Humphrey jill johnson 1' ,LQ A11 I ""'ffa.....,. 1 if V'-i Z i i Larry Ashby William Siiva Michael Bone Stuart Fulkerson Robert VVhitCb0use Thomas Melchior Phillip Barnett Steven Barnett Thomas Barnett Russell Bentley Madeline Studer Daniel Thompson Gary Whitledge as Edwar Whitley Richard Broerman Randy Farmer james Havens Larry jeffers' Clement Liu Grover Moore Mervin johns Randolph Kuehn Edwin Pelter Fred Pendley Claudio Pens David Schultz 1, . is X, , ,yu Robert Stepan t Robert Shanks , Gary Shrock T ' Gilbert Souerdyke ij Emruiiah Soyugenc l Roger Yourgans l Robert Voss l Bill Si-Ilya Dr. Max Cassler l Bob Leilata Dale McKibben ' I s L f T ssis Patsy Onley Mike Snyder Lisa Kamplain Sharon Rogers Linda Britton Laila Turner Marion Harden Mary jo Nixon Cindy Paxton Robert Voss jean Partusch Sandi Horvard Nancy Elson Dennis Hermann Al Pfeifer Debby Kempf Sue Lachen Glenna Millay Kathy Ault Bobby Baskett Kathy Brammer Gail Campbell Linda Crafton Margie Fletcher Kathy Gilles Beth Gooch judy Hamilton jan Kessner Leslie Lilly Sue Muncy Susie Wilkie Darlene Witte Gary Robinson jana Telfer Becky Bartholomew Dennis Crofts Gary Gottfried Garry Farr Mark Metilees Mary Louise Olsen Ignacis Labarces Magarita Taylor Kathy Franks Nanette Lipler Brenda l'lasnices Cindy Cecil Anne julian Carol McCormick Steven Knight Daye jones Larry Boenigk Tom Quinlan jay McClintock Margie Goetzinger 1,15-1: ll'-215' 1"5' 7' 3 J W Mmm aancos A TODO? ,525 ,G IS MARES . 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Bailey Cene Bennett Clarence BllCSlClllg Max Casler Ralpll Coleman Ronald Devaisher Donald Dunham Marvin Hartig William Hartsaxv Harold Houston Philip Kinsey joseph Kishner Bung-Chung Lee Kelly Miles jo Anne Mueller Wayne Mueller C. XV. Robertson Edward Susat Lowell Weller james Krone-man james Manning Darrell Megli Clarence Willterrlheimer P. 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'Win jim Cox P Stan Hallam David Hess Rick Meier Q M F212- Dee Atz Kathy Bram mer Debbie Dearmin Rabbit Dickinson Nancy Eison Susie Essig Debbie Fisher Emily Garber Pam Gardner Patsy Grisham Debbie Haines Susie Hixon X Clare Kawamura Betty Martin Mary Meadows Kay Mitchell jan Northcut Ellie Price Pam Schuman Karen Simpson jane Snyder Stacy Straeffer Sharon Weist Debbie Winkler 5, 171 172 Herb Ziegler Lee jerger Max Fall Mike Freeman . Bruce Burchfield Mike Berg B Dave Longest Wayne Kline Mike McBride Greg Thomas Bob Carithers joe Ellert Suzanne Lachen Beth Hunter Suzanne Hunt Cindy Cecil! Stella Moran Clay Meffutchan Torn Armstrong Cathy Hinton Robert Byler, Faculty Adviser N ,421 ?A"""" W6 X ! 'W .twin 1i1iii.z,mUfll inli- Ray Burk Carol Kistner Sue Lachen Marion Hardin john Rickeribailgh Cathy Hinton Herb Ziegler Dave Longest Y Rick Barter Mike Heady M Mike Freeman B Stephanie Liggm Cary Dyer W ww' f Q W, ,,f, , ll 2" 'n st virgo st 5:0515 Greg Thomas Mary Herner Bruce Burchfield Cindy Updike SuzannesHunt Wayne Kline Max Fall Steve Emerick Bob Carithers Mike Madrid IOC Ellert , Vys' A ,ii jtihn Bryant Hunter , 9, Carol Kistner Gary Dyer Rick Barter Marion Hardin Mike Madrid Stephanie Ligon Becky Knight Lee jerger Theresa Crawford Mary Hefner ygy tt . 1, 6? r "uv we Dr. George Klinger Mr. Kelly Miles Randy DeVillez john Denu Mary Lasher Ralph Bell Bob Voss Larry Schlachter Stephen Emerick john Bryant Pamela Russell Paula Luster Bill Townsend jerry Muller Alan Harder Ron Bell james Wilson Marsha Wright Linda Willits 173 A Time to Build Up, A Time to Break Down Sports EW' M MW' ei., F iiiif we W.. 7 e S x -39740 ,ff Q Q I Q 'Q WV 0 U f. vll. . Nklmx P A time to build upg a time to break down. To build bodies toward perfection in order to break down toes. Athletics playa key role at all universities- especially Evansville. The spirit created by sports can infest an entire campus. Sport contests are some of only a few things that can bond groups together. If for no other reason, that makes them important. Athletics at U of E sometimes act as a drug on the city of Evansville. Especially basketball. Thousands come to see the famed Aces play. Spirit has never been an "in" thing at L' of E, but sometimes, just sometimes, it rears its head. Remember DePauw? 1969-70 brought good and bad memories- but nevertheless, memories. 175 ,Sy Yi i ff 1 5' mwiwitxamza qgwmi ww 41 'Z ' ,EEL A A ,. , we vu ,,. 6, 1 33: if i fy , xi If ig.: T, gr S 3' L Wffl Q ..Yfa'!'v! ff W 4f5i5?Qk ff" ,?w ' ,.-I J X, IW 'Y - ' -is ew' ,Q 4, fy f ...ff Z D as -D j, 4 l - +--v' 9 I S l'n Q, Y S 20, ..- W5 gr- . R if w R 71 ,,. Q GQ ff ywf Nz' !t.,,2?g" ' A ' ,, Q tif Q4 M " Wm ak' ,-4 4,,6.,, M Mug., ,six iw .X-, .ns A -mn. .wx ,- 'I we If f fix' 'F r 4,1 4 'W .5 , -1, ., 71 8, "0 Q' X1 Q Q 0 stil gi . F .V r 1? M , 'R 1 U. V W A f if xl ,I .J X Q bk' lv QQ' 9 'W -. .Q jj, N ,Q v ,iff ff! A r 4 k Af ie V86 ei? , Q xl 'SSHW we -M Q "' '3 nl' " 5 :Z 5 7 f.. -11 A-:Q ff ' vi 1 1 1 .av- 1' 'Um if: rr-fd" KI OU 6, kr ffv ,7 QA xg, . f . N 1 """N Li? " 'V sr. 0-Eg' l , 4 ay. . its x 5 n , .7 xi, Q.: '- ' 1., 4 Q' ' A Q M ,K . fwlfs . X fi' fr. M -J R . , 0 ' v . V an 'Xl - 3 U X a J' " TIM. ,.1 SDF!!! aww' r il Q Q AOCGIGQSNW -f ... iw ,o if 4, A? , x W2 A W 9 f s f 5 PD I B 0 8 I Wd 'if Aw 'Miha- ffgw ,A M' WW """'2'4Y' Wim dx 4 QR 'il Y' 'lu 5 I I Q .Q ' - 'f y ft ...X " 'G S! A4 .... Ov Y "' wwlw 'J an , g X ' Q Z! A 3 . AQ Q z M341 Q 27 1 F 1 ,i ' Q , ?"' Q' ,V '54 ir ss , Q gl 3 in :QHHUQ 'I 11 l o CC Co-Champions 180 Left to Right Bottom Row: Steve Linegar, Gene Ballard, john Brandenberger, Don Plemmons, Ron LaGrange, Mike Scheu, jeff Noah, "Pook" Prasarttongosoth. 2nd Row: Frank Gilcrest, Mike Esarey, Doug Atherton, Greg Hahn, Pat Ryan, Keith Krietenstein, Doug Catt, Mike Short, Spike Bell. 3rd Row: Coach Paul Beck, Coach Bob Glaser, Mark Brewer, jack Hawes, Butch Morrow, Mike Pegg, Louis Gallagher, Steve lerardi, Coach Wayne Boultinghouse, Head Coach jim Byers, Coach Nick Voris. 4th Row: Pete Rupp, Paul Gerhardt, Paul Gunn, Craig Blackford, Ike Mefford, jim Ruster, Mike Flynn, Keith McKinney. 5th Row: Gerald Seib, Randy Miller, Terry Willoughby, Richard Dick, Lester McWilliams, Bernie Hogans and Cleo Walker. 1969 Season Record UE Opp 49 Bradley 18 8 Indiana State 14 24 Southeast Missouri State 31 26 Valparaiso 31 0 Ball State 38 22 DePauw 21 14 Butler 9 49 St. joseph's 24 16 Murray State 42 Left to Right: Paul Beck, Bob Glaser, Nick Voris, Head Coach jim Byers, Wayne Boultinghouse, and Paul Huff. New v,vh?5"', 0 In ff? A A jiswi .5 sq 8' Q: I Ei X , A . ., Q ' i C' fig I fd- 1' ' - Y-hu' 'an' :Kirw- . ' vvv' 'V' - 1 sggfrfzivllf ",.,..w-W' -Q K ,...... . Q--V. UE Harriers Run or Purple Arid White ike Champions Churning, moving legs. just aim your hody for some faraway distance. And run till you get there. Thats cross country. Three miles is along way. Most can t walk it, hut the harriers must run it. Run over logs, around trees. jump ditches and outrun dogs. It's all a part of running cross country forthe Aces. Like most spring sports it went on unnoticed except to the few who ran it. They were aware of it. i ,wx V., 15"-5 .M 'S,1"' A 141 -- ef., .v , M. fb- "M fr 4 .1 Wg 101' ' '5,35'w 22,53 " Fh- X , 1 iz fi "- A 5 W'- Aff ' ff ' " . wg, Ji' Lodato Best H Countrd , Tankmen ICC Runners-u Y' z if Q5 '?a ,fx 182 5 A close-knit group. Together every day. each with his own personal goals but sharing a common bond' the desire to make their team and their school number one. Many hours of labor, sweat, try harder, do it over. The swim team at U of E working together working as individuals. The result- four places in the NCAA finals. Glen Phillips does his thing freestyle, while Charlie jones finds his mark V with the breast stroke. Bob Lodato, the nationfs best, 7 7 1 v a gf , . is at home on his hack. 5 , -I ' " '. 5 , -" ,. . , ,, . . Ron Huff flies, .K - . . Y - A . as Y right off the hoard, through the air, and ' vp - , P Q." . -1 splash. 8 ' v xl n 3 .lf uf xiii. if':N Y xl' I 5 . H. - , , "wg, , 1 'In f in W , ga . xi , - 3 Xi g up ,ii ,FG Q, fs 45? ww M L W V Y W' M wi, lk . f 1' 'A aw fl l 31,5 . KZ., - fn, 4 f A 'wr ,ssl l ra if. if n'?.4' K' Q' i4HA"i1"f-gli ' as rf Sf rf 'f 'vii 'ts ik ' "2-fa., ' : X J. ga - 1, A 'Y' f ft.: ' f ., , -.a, , ag ,Sm , . 'Q' 'Vik ' Q a T T "av g - ,Q 'ap 9 j 1. ' ,, f-QM 1 if .. ,r ff-1' " , 'A '- ' hi?-'T V . .F V0 4 X 'f B i L 'KA-ip. . ,fu fu it 3 br ,Q ' A L i A 'Q' ' ' f?M44i'2'1l?' 3 , Q 2 f 1 ' 'fl T "4 th ' W ffl? 'at .., v "' . ' ' . 1' ' . , X. 4 .J al p, lf . -I ff , I L2 ll. 'Q :gf .ig ' .5351 , H. 015' 353, Qnfzvgfvr 'ash A ,,, p H.. .,ik5.:,i..s.gQ-.glv AM-588 pq if f f was 183 . T - erswatffsaia- T we re fm Q., - -farf . f J fu, , .,.4 . ,Q,f,,Wg,,,,..,jM- , V , . , '-' ' .V-'Lift in ,, V' .J-'.1:,2f' I " 'f f ,A .gin 'if fffilla fa.. "' T E' .a 4'rr . E i. ' 1:53121 'Mg 1' ' yi 1 an W: he H .-,,., 4? it, l if Wh' 1 5 af , -H. I' 1' .M f ' "1 ' - 'Sr' 'SE-' .1 .' 'h A uf t mr? 5 ' .ff r 1, edges!-.,. V Y , gi. x 91 V i l f Q -- fic I Q N - fa? 11 ali' -V 'Q I f-EY.-3-11 Q 4 ' 1 w 6 . - - amz 1.'. .- A l 4 in QW ,,, 4 M. l, E I it ,E ,ls s eclley Rela Team Take ational onors tf"3.t N,,5v .1 5 Q s- Q r . Us A ,, ,dt , ii E E 1, 'I nw ,wx Sixty laps the length of the pool at Carson Center. More than most students swim in a year. But thatis only one day's practice for U of E swimmers. Hard work, long hours of practice, though it wasn't their best season, the payoff came in the NCAA finals as U of E swimmers copped four places. Our own Bob Lodato is the best backstroker in the entire country in small colleges. Congratulations swimmers. MX SJC 3' A aff, X L4 WX "Q, 19 5- 8 awk 2 1+ A , S .M QE, " Q 3 5 iw, ,f-: 5 Sa fi 4 I Q'U' l 1" F 7? A 1 f Q ' I 'V' 9 X X ,X J Y I , P A as in Q Q? gif, , , 4 . 1 M fi i W 'J' V Q is A - YP , A W x I Q ,gk V Q 1 . J W' 1 -F 'f' 1 9 91' 1 . ' ' Q ,,"g'Q2 f N ' X .ma 2 - ' if 1, 1 w 1 3 I "f I , .az N u -A e 'V 13 E GQ 1 1 .A. i Ii '- Y ,, Q ,Muay Q Y Q .., X il ,n '-V,-v i 'Awww ,gs-Q wi .sr-'Q"'1'l .Jiff- ai is .. H, 4, Y 'gs-. Their mercurial style left enemy brows lined and ridged though the Aces were forced to hear the heart-aches of a spasmodic campaign. But not even disillnsionment of defeat could squelch the deep-running pride which gilded the losses and enhanced the victories. laik ,I-4 ,153 ' . ' 21 3 X , 1 Q- , JU' ,H f w A Q21 A "" '35 51 Ii 'XXX ,, ma. W 'Suun- il S Mb, .. 1- w ' 1 H54 -' L ' - , Y " 'L - i .1- , M.: we ff . L, ' ' - ' N2334- .WA . - - " erm- .M , , ' ' ' r 1 . ' we Y " R. .Nh - c, "auf A M , ' , '- A ,,..x 4 ja 'G , ' S 7 ' -Q 1. , , nf , - ,jmf , . - A A ' , w JCL: W 5'-! ,MQ WH A u , A ' nf . - ' -+ . . u.- - , mqmq , . . M-H.. I - ,, , . , ,..., ,, . ' Q , .Q , . 'f3'l41k.W-MQ H l , 1 ' -.,,,,mWh '?,w'm,,, ' ' i ffwfae, 'll 'A ' , ' ' """""'- M" vm---, 4' 'I-"' A 'lf VV" M? -ffl ' A-' , ,,-M . Q n. ' Q 0 O 2 , W . A ' 1 . w-u x uf -A-T 5 Q if 3 is w ,gg li, z 7 x . Q Y 'RL M '. . X hr XM! W ... 5 1- gl' J' 4 ' - -'K' 1' 40' ' J , 'QU 1' We Xp!! I' -"',.1 UE OPP 91 Whittier 70 98 University of Nevada 109 66 Colorado 97 75 St. joseplfs tPA? 73 7-1 Kentucky VVesleyan 80 80 Purdue 78 78 Fordham 69 70 jacksonville 100 24 American International 96 73 Southwest Missouri 92 79 St. josephis 86 59 Southern Illinois 66 79 DePauw 82 88 Butler 94 105 Ball State 88 88 Indiana State 87 92 Valparaiso 82 82 Kentucky Wesleyan 81 89 DePauw 104 78 Michigan 7:3 97 St. Josephs 101 QOTD 87 Butler ' 99 87 Butler 99 81 Ball State 89 98 Indiana State 102 101 Valparaiso 97 67 Southern Illinois 81 1969-70 Season Record Left to Right: Standing-john Wellemeyer, Head Coach Arad McCutchan, Bob Clayton, Kae Moore, john Couch, Steve Welmer, Rick Smith, Roger Guth, Mike Owens, Don Buse, jim McKissic, and assistant coach Wayne Boultinghouse. Kneeling: Monte Stebbins and Rick Coffey. l I fi I .. t I xl- U of E Grapplers erked Before I1 Empty House ,an , 0 ' . ' A It 'wifi Xgmii, pain and turment are ti xx restier s hnrclen. Pmetmwe he git es it up they are intimate triencis. L' of ES grapplers learned this. They sweutecl. grmnied and learned through the year. They huteci it. and iuxeci it. They xx'ui'i4eci relatively iiiikiimxn. Tiioiisumis ciicln't xxuteh them and iiexvsptipers cliclnit praise them. But they xx orkecl itll the same. XYrestiing is sportspiii'gLt1toi'y. It eun lNL1iit'Lliltbyklllltlli, and it can niake a man ti boy. L' of E turns out men. gr Ml tm . , , .Q 3 X A X wi Mr' 'lla It was a tough season for U of E's netters. Their biggest and toughest opponent was Mother Nature who denied them numerous practice days and sent strong winds out during five matches. The Aces overcame the disadvantage and fought their way to a third-place finish in ICC competition. At the ICC meet Roger Sergesketter earned first place for No. 2 man in the state It was the first time for a U of E netter in recent memory. Q Sergesketter and jim U nversagt combined for a nearly unbeatable twosome, losing only two matches all year. Don Roberts did an admirable job at the third position while Greg Bachert held down fourth. Herb Ziegler battled in the number five slot, while Don Hardin rounded it out at six. It was a good year for U of E tennis, and next year looks equally promising 191 L I '-113:-' "-. . , xv, as half the team returns 1 f . X if 'f' it . I . I for another season. . '- ' . - '- ' L' " 'rrrriwsu ."jf, 'Irs -J ' f 1.64.5 " ' '-J .1222 ' I ' ' 55 43 -x Xiifn 4. .1 3 A Y s . A ff .... 1 g A I A X at N 'f 1 . 2 ff ff , . ' . '.-Q .- " N TMR" I in rx " ZX-3' 'Z yi' 'Alisa be in I rf. iiagwsis-QSM Wiiwlumkiglf' its me is iw W Www f 'Sie , ...-QI11. - ... ., '-ff 1 , .-1? ' f X ,,.. i A 7.3 :sf Q-33353 0 J . as ...aff ,Q'2g,"Tf ,- , fax,-,c-7'-':':,,.,f' W " ,,fff' ' ,,.4' -'K F, , ..,. 4 .:,,,m... g 4 .,,, 4 , - 1- I f ,, 4 -1 , f A . . 'ss v ' u 'se r' ' . y Y.. I 4 X Ace Netters Third in ICC As . W 'awk . we I . ,E ..,.., Z V L., 5,2 A A 593' XSL Sergesketter Cops First 'H-rf. 5 'i , , , x Tk fm Sk .J an -' IQQQQLQQQ Q may QW, 1-., W-W-A-f +' f W ,Z fe-if 'en f-arm . x 'fm 2 , we 51m-:Az -Baa Xfcg xx -.Q -.Q 1 2g.'Q7.:f1 J. ,E gmw- W , . 1 , ., 3 . ,EZ 5 F L, 1 , 9 46 f T ' ' b x ff A-X 5 - 5 Q ff' b ' , V in : gg it S l K . ,A gf fwf- i' " ',: ab , K 0 5? f"-Q wg ,.f, 4 , Aces Nine Struggle To 8-12 Sea J 5 .39 x ,ps if-vi ' f 5 4 3 4 GH Ln, v , 5 wiqfjp fm-Zf W , , wr f if A' -----N. Determined plunges to white sacks kept the attention of Acels baseball head man Wayne Boultinghouse riveted on the field with pensive anticipation. The solid thump of slick-hewn oak ramming against Mr. Doubledayis spherical invention produced L' of If base knocks in machine-gun rapidity with Steve tThe Wfhalel XVelmer and Todd Rudnick depicted galloping to safety after clouts in victories over Oakland City and arch-enemy Kentucky XVesleyan. In other veins, catcher john Haley hangs his head in expressing a mixture of physical exhaustion and the mental anguish resulting from an 8-12 recordg while righthanded hurler Denny Robbins eyes the diamond proceedings with singular concentration. The frustration of a losing campaign was somewhat relieved when sluggers XVelmer, john NVellemeyer and Don Buse were justly rewarded with berths on the All-ICC squad. Record Xaifapw , ,,, X , f . A 3 1, ' ,yfwqf , f ' mf. ,, fwkm,-wwf g 4, 'Ss' ,t Q5 A 5,1 fm 1, X 'F f a ' ,V "7 . ., ' v ,,,,..WM x ' , My Aw,-M-WWW , x I I x L,,,NM,+ "' gmqwgvzyfvw' ' ' ,,,, ,QW . K K l V k g f,f::sn1M f ' "Mw. 1 . ,X YL? ' , f ,ff ,,,,,.,,,,x ,w!, y ,vXX523M35f,,Qmg? h t , , H ,W . M gk , x I , W' ' f-Q X' 'iff' ' ' I W W, - W " f 1: 1 K K ,I . ,Md V95 M K, xy' 3 any K , A L , .,,,,-.1-1 ' 5 , J, iw . 'Q -,s O . Cinder Aces D'splay arked J' ff' Flashing spikes and flexed musculature of straining trackmen gave the Aces well-earned improvement at Carson Centers rubber-core field of combat under the guidance of Dick Schleicher. Sprinter Morris Clark drew the most significant laurels by breaking the U. of E. mark in -140-yard run competition, but others added their names to U. of E. cinder history with commendable performances. jerry Knight slides over the cross-bar in the high jump, an event which matches the inevitability of Newtonian Law against manls insatiable dream of flight. Bob Koehl extends fully in the long jump, another specialty which pits gravity against well-drilled muscle. Dean McCane utilizes the bulky physique of the weightman to heave the 16-pound lead ball in the shot put, while Richard Poe sprints and jumps to clear the barriers in the high hurdles. Frosh jim McClain throws the last ounce of his endurance into the stretch strides of his event, the 440. Improvement dw .awfbw M t,,,.,,,,, In - 1 . ' 1 lf Q' ' 4 A FY 4 ' V' . ' 5 , 1. Y Ei: 45 Q' L42 32.7 WA , A WN A,,.,wo- Q ' A sy xl S Sf J 'fi X .41 1 My 3' at -ff ,L x x A QM-W .g, 'pw ,, X . f fi ,Xi -'fart ack in 1 - X ,Q V P W X, , . ,, .1 X .t ,Q H Q , W t ,VJ , in 5 A ' W Q hNfQ'?' N- . :. . A W A M MQ? 4, uf '. ' ' A f Q J- Syl' WWW A aw' if 1 , fi . ' ,. Q9 Ly MQQQQ' -- ' Q is - 1 , Q, ' ,W i - S Xnkwmxszw "" E ? x. F L F L E P H :E .2246 198 XA dges TKE in Golf For All Sports Trophy fx if W, S3 , 'P ,Wi f Q ,TQ '- i .An -Q 1-vi-itfn' - f - a ,' .f ., -Q-. ,Z-. - f . , 9' ' 1 - . 'if-.f f'Q',ivf-19""4'a Y' VL 1, 3:4 gh V XY 4 ,. E ,i . .. f ty.-, Qu '. "" ' 18 - -N , .1 n ..-'EM V '-5 'E' ' ... W , 16-1 Av rv '.. A I ' P" I i . A., - v . .. 9 g ""'l ,fs 4, 1 Bob Clayton captured honors in the IM decathalon, while Moore Hall diamond girls posted a softball victory, TKE proved tops in men's baseball. Though !XXA's Greg Hoffman was top man, TKE proved top team in the decathalon. But on the track, AXA reigned supreme. In girlis competition jean Stouffer led L'EI's to victory. The golf course was the scene which sent the All-Sports trophy tofXXA. 'UCS .,,M-' Us 4.-35. rn!-fs..- .,LW,..,, .q, as J5,az2mWw, 1 B 1 A .4 -5113 T4 'iv.lf:". 1' Vi' 5 Xa , I cp i :?g,.!,3.g,-faii ganna ft K Only a few athletes qualify for varsity competition. The rest turn to U of E's intramural program for competitive play. Hours of practice lead some to victory, others to defeat. And in the end, the group with the most wins cops the biggest prize of all- the All-Sports trophy. 1 A' 145 Q in Cli12iF+xst1Q'Ba!'i!i. lg 'ANI' 1- 4 Q-xxx .s-K", 4 ' ' "' K , r, .',4'..2,'1F4gf',f', fx -x S U ii is 1 l 1 Tennis . . . Archery . . . Volleyball . . Swimming . Bowling . . . Basketball . Badminton . Ping Pong . Deck Tennis Track .... Womenis Results Moore Hall . . . U.E.l. . . . Chi O Moore Hall . . . . ZTA Moore Hall Moore Hall ....ZTA ,...ZTA ...U.E.1. Moore Hall rechecks the men's standings. Z Softball . . . ' Paul Cunn discusses intramural results 'ii with womens I. M. director, Susan Smith. Moore Hall 1790 1' Chi O 1607 U.E.l. 1590 3 ZTA 1480 H AOPi 1295 ,W Phi Mu 975 New Unit 895 Brentano Hall 676 ii , l XA H 11 C 1 I ' tl li , oore a op . . 1 es Bob Gardner, menis I. M. director, Menls Results Cross-Country LCA .,,, me Flag-Football TKE V A Volleyball LC A Swimming LC A 1 Bow ,ing LCA fl Basket Dall TKE ' Wfrest ing THE if Tennis LCA H, Decathlon TKE Q Paddleqiaall TKE 1 Soft Dall TKE , Colf LCA Track LCA A LCA 2-100 T K lf 2350 P KT 1593 , sms 1155 EQ Hughes Hall 1065 . 1 sfxii 91:3 li . ' 1. .al 1 N 1 200 l .aunrfxlff il l and the riiggcci spirit of cuiupctitimi cha , ar ,. ,- ' . . Tau Kappa Iipsilmi, sporting a solid dt-tense lllliiklfiLlSi1j'UifCllSC, 1, x played the rougiu-st, toughest, bt-st LM. iuothaii ill 1969-TU and walkcd away with tht- title. Many of faiiis Saturday iiioriiings saw hiiiri'y-cycci L' of Hors ciiccring cm thcir tcams i1idamp,chiily wcathcr. The hittcmcss of past years was QOIIC, rcigiicci. ln fcmthali, as in all I. Nl. sports, L' of If students cienionstratvci tlicir spoi'tsmaiiship, as well as ahiiity, in tht- intramural program, which only a slim-t time ago if m-ariy ciicci, -!,,..,,-,., t . .,, Xa N NM ' .1 QW hut furjim Yum'i1ec's, " tha man ot mon, Q 125, xvho has made the I. Nl. program ' 6 what it is tmiax -great. , 1 , s 1 , ilgiflfgf 532119. .af Q, I , lptyi I 'V 1, J 5 f ' 7 3' ' Q iv SL' Z,gf ?,3t 1 V30 - :'uj'f, 3' i Ti t a f if Q we i Q , i 3, " if' it Z 'N if iff ' X A Q . ., Q A Q 5 T .. 4 1 I 'ng zT.4lx.s , K 'I' 'I' F t Q I K E7 k b : S a e oo 21 , it Archery To U. E. .3 " Cy cf 3' O49 f. ,,..:E'-lr 'xg ' AM El mv? S , 4 ...A W Fulmer Sets Record oore Chl S Wln Swlmmmg 'LR Cf K F s vi , Qin 54+ s 3 ,, N f . Nr- 'X 'X fix 2. f., 4 Rs ' fa .A I - ,su , M .K , N gin, 1. s, -. LQ gym,-Y, W ,, if R ,,...-.4 "" Lambda Chi proved dominant in IM swimming. Phil DeYault and Bob C-ibbons led the effort. Again in volleyball Lambda Chi came home ahead of the field. In a final hitter battle, Lambda Chi edged Tau Kappa Epsilon. Running three miles is no easy task but Richard Fulmer did it in record time to lead Lambda Chi to a point victory over Sig Eps in Cross Country. Cindy Medenwald and jo Ann Fehsenfeld were stars of IM swimming as Cindy led Moore Hall to a narrow victory over Chi Omega. 4? - as -f A ' if , un , I' 4- if i. ,mfr fn. His!! MMM. ?'1f1nWx3"'wa-Ft AQ-I-1lA.d0u!5 Tennis Slam Lead by oore, llf MQW? Q pf ,gil-ii L , v 511 , . wfiffk ' ,1 if 1: Wynn, - 'Q-f ,W V wig, Snzuiiiiv Lachcn rvigm-cl siiprn-ine one inure tinic in IM tennis, Chuck Sallcc broke llxlt tcnnis clniiiiiiuiicc' and gliicln-clfXX.iX to INI tennis victory. Tlinngli iiiicic-fcutccl in i'cgi1la1'play', 'l'KEfcll tuAX.X in toiirncy action. clvspitv Craig Nlcisvrws lnickvt, Chi Uincga and TKH L'L1ptlll'CLl INI him ling. Put jackson and Mike FOITIIC lic-lpccl givc TKIC INI wrestling xx ins. l'l,l'1' nr' C ,r'1vwsP' 'plaitv A ., W 57:9 W VAUIYAV Wt 'ooooaacou s e in-sq Q, 435, AM IQGPF li YJ 'nw , 4 .. , 3, W WX 175' ' if Q'-wx ' gf L-.- ' ff ' I f Qu -7 ' U qv 4 xfs A Q A Time to Gain, . M .nv ' ,wk ' v. O 1 f' A Time to Lose. Seniors ' ff Av mfs Fw 7 M 'Wg qv if 'F " x . 49' Q Q V, Y' 1- 3' H337 Q -f Q .S- Q ff lu-3 , 3 W W , Q.. 'Y , N - , vm 1 Q V :G - ,Q F if fi'-Q V ,QI -x-uf' -3 9 53: , x Q A S KSRKZMW A , ,X NX x QL X, at xx tx Q. ,.' mv. 4 X 1 -Q W Q Q -4 5 Af 1 W wa 5 3 y K fn- '87 WAV G xg r I rr Q , 1' t ll ,ww ,K 3 N S "sassy 4. K C9 60 , K , Y' 1 L' ' F 'I f 0 6 Y I ' ff ,f X O O10 G .t ' ff S Q' .six K p P 1 asm li EM V151 X.. .ww , - is xx k Q sy XA s X k 1 Q. L K A bm s X ' XX -f L 'Q Ndticxxlal S XS i rm, .4 IAfvx3,,t5:ftiC nt milf' X R. i N" Y""' N'-' va Y C M lN'U2vit'u Appl K' NAME - K ADDRESS Mi hh- W iiminwlxx' 'QN' V SCH0oLLwx SWQM-A-A-isnxk STATE I ' tx '--"Mit rc git-mm A time to gain, A time to lose . U aliasing? tm, some bmw ""- Graduation means that sought-after goal is ours 4449 9 ,,, ai xx a , L x Fw H 95 'UQ to become 6 Camt0 -jescribe yn At last education means more than a distant, hazy word WS Marketing :Z We have gained much in the past four years-linowledge it is true, but also good friends and happy times As we pass through the doors- out of the college community and into the world we lose much in the form of friends and college life But the gains outweigh the loss as we have achieved the key to the outside- tothe world and all thats in it We have lost our infancy, but have gained adulthood After four years, and hours and hours of study and standing in line to register. and standing in line at the hoolqstore and standing in line at Harpers and standing in lines we waitin the last line-the graduation line Before us lay the unconquered world behind us untold good times We shall never again congregate in the Indian we shall never again flock to Danteis Thatls over now The sophisticated world awaits us Though a little scared of our gain, we enter therein 207 Acker, Paula Allen, Nancy E. Allison, Charlene Kay Allred, Ardra K. Allred, Barry Lee Alsop, Valda Althoff, judy Anderton, janet Scott Ashby, Larry Ashley, Mark Bacus, james Barker, William Bachert, Greg Barnett, Teresa A. Bartsch, Nancy Sue Beadles, Dennis Bender, Harold Bennett, jane Bennett, VVilliam Berger, William Biggs, joseph Black, Dianne Black, Linda Blackburn, Richard Block, Patricia Bone, Michael Borman, Kathy Bretz, Mary Bronson, Sharon Brooks, Brenda Bruner, Betty Brunetti, Lee Noecker Bugher, janet Bumgarner, jim Burdette, Chuck E. l 4 ,T- Burk, james Burk, Bay Burnham, Paul Burns, jane Burns, 'Indy Buttrum, Elaine Byers, Gretchen Byers, Larry Camp, Faye Campbell, jndy College fArts And Science Solidifying The Path To Knowledge R f w wxxxy ? uf! ,ii .4v' fl,,f',!W,ff,ff M ,fiffffm M 1 A ENNXXXXXNX . C C emu is . t X 3 -X -"rd" fill: Carrington, Martha Carter, Becky Cartwright, Cindy cheek, Nancy Childs, Pat 3' l'tf Q7ffl'4'- B f f JQ?Tf4ff!ffA?4ZwW4g'Z!ffw51,I fffffr lfffli w 209 ga i E. f School Of Business Administration Adding Up The Gains Of Prosperity l 1 QE? I5 ti E EE i A1 ie i is I ii E i e 5 , i l 1 v 210 2 Church, Michael K, Clark, Morris H. Collins, Barharajo Collins, Stephen Madison Connnens, Mary jo Conaway, Nancy Conley, Marcia Trissel Cooling, Phyllis j. Cooper, Roger Corn, Arlene Ann Coulter, Thomas A. Craig, joe NVQ-ndell Craxx ford, Theresa A, Creekhanrn, Emery Stephen Curtis, Hitajo .11 J Ii.f Uliillw 5 :gil iii Q f" we fi, 45'- gan WL. vw, X-, , BME Ww- 'lky RY?-I A With' bo 1'---, C7717 .p -U-'55, 'W' , Zee' 17 - s 'D- +G, we-'Q in if 'Iva A , N 4 '15, A l 'Q .ps W ,4 lyk ur' 4 Daugherty, VVilliam Daniel Davis, Augelyn VVilson Davis, Robert A. Dean, Sarah Susan DeBaun, Susan L. Deer, judith Loye Demaree, Diana Dayle Denu, john L. DeX'ault, Philip N. Devlin, jim DeVillez, Randy DeWeese, Pamela Sue Dice. jeffrey N. Dickinson, Priscilla jane Dierker, Deborah Driggers, Kerry Lance Dunham, Gerald Pitman Edgar, Virginia Lee Edwards, jill Ann Edwards, Margaret Lynn Effinger, Pacquine R. Ellis, Mary' Lou Martin, Elliott Ellison, Martha Lee Emberton, Ronald Wayne Erickson, Barbara Pi. Essig, Caroly n Sue Finch, Thelma Irene Fisher, joyce Evely n Fisk, Douglas Fisk, Sarah R. Kozicky Fondong, Sandra Ruth Francis, Richard Y, Fritz, Patricia Ann Gardner, Robert B. 211 Gehlhausen, Julia Ann Gentry, William Gerhardt, Paul Kenneth Gillum, Judith Louise Goebel, Ronald R. Goen, Jeanne Elaine Gooch, Patricia G. Gorman, Edward Leroy Grant, Barbara A, Graul, Ronald Wayne Graves, Chris Graves, Darlen Deanne Gress, Daniel Eugene Gress, Janice Keach Gries, Charles R. Griffing, Beverly Ann Groves, Diana Kaye Gumm, Lee Alison Guth, Roger Alan Guthrie, Terry Waihela Hafele, Tonya Wittmer Hagedorn, Jack A. Hahn, Jr., Maurice Hahn, Sherry Noyes Halbrooks, Darryl Hallam, Mary Ann Hamilton, Judith Hardin, Donald L. Hargrove, Anthony E. Harkness, M. Steve Hart, Roger Allen Hasler, Terry Alan Hathaway, Kay Eileen Hauselman, Robert E. Hauselman, Sara E. ,,,,,.,, ,sf fd' Wa .aww :QL ff ,J fp .uma , 1 4 fv- f ' iffy ich 1 ,L 'h Q w KQMVQ ', Q' If QQ 7901 'X , .... if 1 V wg' f ' 2 '5 f f Q.. 'Q' ' f . I-4 KJV? u, . ' ' o -sf' . 1, H A fr: i Q ff? 'N I 'V f if ' I ' 'f J y A we ,sa zz s ,, ,, , if K iw is l "1 I .im f iw 4 1:5 4, " 4 X A FUN- J 'is Q .JNP"'e,, ig""X Y""'Y N'--., 43' ,a-f" 'nn in fm W-Q arg' V X 1 V ,Alf il , v 1 Q 1 X .-if ." ' '- ivuliw i School Of Education YI' N 'fa Havens, jim Hay, Terry Heacly, Michael Alan Heathcott, Cheryl Lynn Helm, Deborah Keeney Helm, james Vincent Hermann, Mary K. Herner, Mary Virginia Hinton, Ann Hinton, Cathy S. Hires, Ramona L. Hockman, Mary Crowcle Hoehn, Sharon Irene Hofmann, Greg Hopkins, Ann Charylene Shaping The Masters Cf Tomorrow F ' f ' 1,1 , V fig 'gp' f' R"tff"X ,. 'gy' fi I f' up Z 'I 4' fl: , f .r I X 0' if If 1 ,Q W 1 A th I X 96 ' f ' Y I I 99' if If fif,,,, X 7 f 'yn' aj X' A lain- ' f jf" O, ou, f if ol 7 1' I Hopper, Marian Louise Horinutb, Mary jo House, Patricia Helen Howe, Robert Snyder Hudson, Barbara jean Huett, Terry Russell Huey, Mike Humfeld, Barbara Sue Huntsman, Leslie Don Irvin, Cary Wayne Irving, Susan Carlisle Isaac, Amy E. jaques, jolin -Iarboe, james Frederick jarboe, jeffrey D. X sqrw' , . 5 i ,I .thaw , A 1 . jf I if I -,,,, M X I 1 I ' s ' I : VT A , Q - ' I , l -r D . 0- 1 ' 405 ' v 1 i f 5V , Q. -5 Q ar, - -w il . f I rs . 5 -2, . 3 ,.,. , ii ii 'lx V K it ,KM ., fm ' 'ix 17? A . v , :xiii n"2+'5, ' ,,.v?,-1, L-,.q,.v-vii as-we nf fff. -Q-wsfzw nil-finffi f ,fi 'iii' , 5 -sf - 1 ' , 1 .7 'P' ' 1 M' f 'N , L 1 I ' 3 -X N ls - . , l Q' Y' 'Q' 11. If .frm 4- ACE -ahh QQ--J? ...f ei ,e f 3 .Q 5 3 iff -U" 1 4 X rig 8 x ,Q 'ax I Ai r 9? 2 , Q WV I f V . if M X. School Of Engineering alibrating The Dreams O Civilization 5 f'-fi 'Q GL- 1!T"? ' ,4-1 ix -9? 'U' 4 , iswfz YBSZL -Q 'VN GX f.Q ,43,5 1 -'V 3:35523 0--' . ' 2 N i Q73 jvllvrs, liolwrt VY. johnson, join-1'Cll'ullulll jUllllSUll, X vllai l,. JUIIVN, fic-ruhl K. .Inm-s, Susan f,urfrl jurdun, XYilliun1CI, jllIlj.f0IIl21lHl,10500VV. Kathi-, ,Inn Kl1lll'l'llCllI'f. Philip ll. Katy, 'l2.lL'llllClllli' H. KL1lllIIlllll,jUllIlll. Kuuliniun, Linda CI. Kangh, li. Xiu-lim-I Kan znnnru, Clara- Tukcko Kuys. xlL1I'j.1Lll'Clj2.lllL' Kccling, junicc Fay Q Kelly, Lncilh' S. Kctchinn, DL-an Kiclcl, Hartley C. Kieslcr. Pmlwrt Oncn Kinzlvr, Dux icl l,. Kinzlcr. jnunm- Kirsch, Runulcl ll. Kisscl, Iinnulml F. Ki5tnc'r, Carol Linn Kling,unlx-rgcr, Stn-phcn li, Knapp, Dcnnis Knight, Gary Leo Knight, Michael Wayne Koch, XValter G, jr, Koenig. Ccrulcl P. Kraft, Bc-x crly Kratz, Hoge-r A. Krietcnstcin, Conley Kc-ith Kronemun, Ruth 215 216 Krush, Leland Kuebler, Harold S. Kuehn, Randolph G. Kuhlenschmidt, Nancy Kaye Kuhlman, joan Elizabeth LaMar, Kimberly Landis, Brent William Lanlcford, Stephen Ray Leach, Roma A. Leeper, Kathleen Leggett, Charles Allen Leibundguth, Alan Henry Lene, Pam Lennartz, john M. Lewis, Timothy Brian Lilligan, james E. Lilligan, jayne E. Reasor Lingo, jr., Max L. Liu, Clement K. Lloyd, joe Fred Logsdon, Burnice Long, Thomas E. Longest, james David Loy, jane Ann Luzader, Kenneth B. Mascher, Searoba Meade, Mary A Meddoclc, Sherry Meier, Karen Pauline Melton, Emily Backus Melton, Victor Brandon Meyer, Shelia Meyer, Wm. Keith Michael, Sharon Kay Michel, Carole Ann . ,s if' , 5- , Q'f7 .K fr: .ma r Txz xal , ., ,.qq - fini, F f. . J 4 -' .. it , 1, is .BCG '- j ' 'QP Q I f R ,. L ll o-...L 'iv- WV .7 -as xr M Url it., mf ' x i 'CW 7- si ' 5. ji Nw 1' YF 105 415 X 1-nf" ff I Miles, Carla Marie Miller, Deanna Kay Miller, Drew Miller, Marcia Ii, Miller, Selma College Of Fine Arts Einhelishing The Soul ankind ff My-VY!" 21 Q :YJ 'i f"9 J Q hav' ,ff v '19 hr' N is-2 Minton, Elmore Allen Mitchell, Kay Moore, Kae F. Morgan, Lester W. Morris, Rebecca Ruth Morrow, Bonnie E. Morrow, Charles W. Morton, Sarah E. Moss, Nancy Ann Muckley, Cynthia Ann 217 l lf if l oi i 3 it li l .gf .M 5355, my iii 4 fr 37553 T A lr C4 , f.-, W , Muehlenbein, Wayne C. Muncy, Priscilla Sue McCann, Hoger P. McConnell, Ronald C. McDaniel, Larry .f ,z Q. 52, if , X 6 it McGlothlen, Gail ' McCrew, Deborah jeyn 'I L- jg' 1 McWilliams, Charles Eugene 2 Y if Nall, Gene Bearden , , . Neal, Diane Sue X 3, - 'f 'g Z' .,' '.9 3 3 . . 0 0 . ' X School ursing Ser ing Man In H's Hour 0 Pain 'H-" 3- 'Uh ,,. .mf Q Y- -vrws'-f-2fQ.,.- 1 ,sm--?.fwx', f,j 1 lb". i, - of if 's it e 'X nil' ,A . . uf 'K ,xvxux 1. E, ,gf ,.. 15 , rr., 11 gi l Ql- ri. J 7.1. J Q r. 1 ,A . 1 A, X E' 1, T f E 'S 1, jr, ll' wi , uf. f 1 waz ,r V, 'z'SL.", X Y 1 ., ,X '1 ,s -f, 'xr .tWfn,4. ,ox ff lx ,V , . 1' Kr., V 5 4 1 ., , 4,,k,X "' rf, ,y Mira. iff J, 1, ,,,x V Ef AJ, . , ,' . , za.xx'vz. -322' N- A ,. 4.193 V ,-, ,,, 5 , fr I ff , 1, ,, ,,i,, r, AQ, M. fini.-af 'E l in V xl l it 1 l ' all ll if I it ix lg 218 Neumeier, Nancy Lynn Newhouse, Scott Newman, Teana Marie Nicksic, Barbara Ann Nixon, Mary jo Hunt .J QE- l Q int, .,. 5 'uf l J .5 I ,wa ...,ou A l i 483 r s,N YT -'1 . 1 1 , N " -H, -A ' 2 2 x ' 5 f ,Nw I ag. ', f ff A Z'-ni' .vf-Lx ww., 'a rf 0'-7 New in i...,,, 41- S '36- .J,,,..'!-1 Muff 4,4-14 C x 'v 'Q L. gh'-v psf Nordhoff, Ralph R. Northcut, jan Oldham, Charles William Oldham, Pamela Annette Olsen, Mary Louise Olvey, Sanndra Oskins, William M. Overton, Daniel Earl Owen, Leslie L. Park, Nancy jill Parker, Narcissa Leone Phillips, Barbara Ann Poe, Larry Pons, Claudio Proctor, Daniel C. Pruden, Linda Lee Ramsden, Virginia S. Ratliff, Barbara Lynn Reed, Susan E. Reid, joseph Rexing, Kenneth R. Rice, Ruth Ann Rinehart, Kathleen Ann Rinehart, Leslie A. Reine, Denise Cormier Robbins, Dennis W. Roberts, Don Roethemeier, Rebecca A. Ross, David Larry Rothert, Lonna Kay Rowland, Suzan jean Russell, Pamela Naberhuis Russell, Sharon Sue Rutigliano, Nicholas J. Sander, jeffrey David 219 220 Sander, joyce E. Sauer, Ronald j. Schaffstein, Fredrich j. Schaffstein, Robert W. Schellhase, james A. Schellhase, john L. Schlachter, Larryj. Schmitt, Linda D. Schriber, jack Bryan Schroch, Cary Schroder, Deborah V, Schroeder, Donna j. Schroering, Bonnie D. Schuler, Richard A. Schlundt, john Schultz, David Earl Schurz, Cary james Schweiger, Linda K. Seib, Richard C. Shaffer, james C. Shaw, Patricia Adele Scheckfee, Carolyn Shelton, Robert Keith Shetler, Elizabeth A. Shewmaker, Patricia Short, Michael Terrence Shoulders, Carol jean Siebers, Bruce Allan Singer, Kathryn Lynn Skelton, Margie Ann Skinner, judith Ann Smith, judith Lynne Smith, Rita joyce Smith, Susan Vinton Snyder, Michael Allen 'NK 05: YM ly 3 , ,M X Q , , 5 ' 44 C WX li ,, , t- S J 5. J , , ., V fs 2 fi tex W 'sr K ff 74X gb A 'Z in 'If Q N, 1 3 S I A niversit Evening College Adapting Darkness To Trutlfs Gleam , V v f'f'o':' 0 O 5 'D 1 1 ,i 4 5'- 05 4 1 s 0 1 9:-:fu A - ' ' S S '1 LQ - ' 3. 5 Umm Davey Us 5 0 Q O N "'130'6.o' -.-bw DOO.. s sT.Q 'tx K" s - X 5 5 X , liffflu 'ian 4 A53 ,V .Sagas . dag b .I ,kj .W 4, 5-N-q, pg lb aye! I6 af Sollman, Charlene june Sollman, Sandra Gail Spiller, Greg Spindler, Irvin Ray Spindler, Louise Ann Sproatt, Ronald Owen Stallings, Prudence L. Staubitz, Nancy jean Steele, jacqueline S. Stevens, Ronald L. Stickley, Marion Elizabeth Stiffler, Nan Elaine Stojaltovich, Paul V. Swenson, Kenneth B. Taylor, Margarita Lloyd 221 is ,, f r lx l it Z l l i i i i l l 1 1 I Terhune, Beverly 455 Tevault, David Earl Thomas, Stephen Thompson, Dale j. Tomlinson, Nlary Lee 'fb- s Division Of Graduate Studies oning The Edge Di Intellect 'lu 'Ulm "- 2? l I A 3? if l l if 222 il lil .l U ll x 2,541-f ,, xl ,riff if L, - My 4, f . - -Q 1, twig? MW glns 'N:, f Quai , , Q .9 , VZ, mis wx, 'qs if H7 -ag y 1 ,L an f .,,jM,W,,q p f ' ag? 'I if V 5 n M sail if Tompkins, Ronnie C. Trott, Linda Ann Turner, Timothy Lowell Uebelhaclc, David Keith Updike, Cynthia DeTor0 Utley, Abby jo Voss, Robert S. Wagner, Cary Wagner, Richard A. Wahler, Lois Ann 'Qs amy, s ,wt-,lf 4, 5 QW 1A AQ sf? amafx, ,M frat W' QON Walker, Linda jo Waller, Frances R. Walling, Stephen E. Walsh, Edward F. Washington, Willie Wasitis, William Weatherford, Kathleen Webb, Gerald R. Weiss, Sharon Wells, Brenda West, Nancy Elaine Westrick, Susan jane White, Doris Whitley, Edward A. Wiant, Janice L. Wiggers, Ann Elise Wilclman, William L. Wilhelm, Gregory Alan Wilkie, Susan E. Willoughby, Terry Wilmotte, Marallee Wilson, Daniel R. Wilson, Phillip Wilson, Thomas H. Wilzbacher, Donald j. Winiger, Rickey Lee Winkler, Deborah Kaye Woods, Carlotta Wright, Charlotte E. Younker, Keith C, Yonker, Pennae Yourgans, Roger 224 Aclrer, Paula Virginia, B.A. - Chi Ome a Sorority, Little Sisters of Minerva, ACE, ACE scholarship, INEA, Acappella Choir, Musical Madness, Dance Committee of Union Board. Allen. Nancy E., B.A. - SEA, ACE, Vice-President tSociali Brentano Hall, L' of E Bat-girl, Quarterback Club. .tlexandim Connie Lea, B.A. - Deans List, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Allison. Charlene Kay, B.A. - MSM, WHPER, Union Board Committee, Vice-President of Breotano, L'EI's, Student Education Association, Inter-Residence Hall Council, Intramurals, Campus Chatter Allred, Arzlra K., B.A. - Deans List, junior Class - Secretary, Brentano Hall Historian, Aqua Angels, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, SEA, SNEA, Chapel Choir, Theater-costumes 61 sets, Student Senate, Social Committee. Allred. Barry Lee, B.S. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, Blue Key, Deans List, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sgt at Arms, Y-President, President, Del. to 1967 National Conclave, Pledge Scholarship Auar , Zeta Beta Outstanding Service Award, Musical Madness-Co-Chairman Hughes Hall, Freshman A Sophomore Class President, SCA Lily Sale Gi Spring Weekend Comm, V-Pres. 61 President of SCA, lnterfraternity Council, Administrative Board, Student Senate, Presidents Round Table, Who's Who, IM Sports - Basketball. Ifootlvall. Volleyball. Alsop, Valcla, M. Althoff, juflith Kay, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Social Chairman, Varsity Board. Andert0n,janet Scott, B.S. Ashby. Larryjoe. B.S. - IEEE, secretary-treas. Ashley, Mark Atz, Dee, B.S. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Dean's List, Angel Flight, Commander, Comptroller, Phi Kappa Phi, Student Education Association, Musical Macness, Promotion Manager, Union Board Public Relations Chairman, Homecoming Tickets Co-Chairman, judges Chairman 1969 Miss U of E, Resident Assistant, Who's VVho, Women's Recognition Dinner, Intramurals. Ausenbaugh, E. Terry, B.S. - Administrative Management Society, Intramural Basketball. Bachert, Gregory D., B.S. - Secretary Hughes Hall: Varsity Tennis. Bacus, james, B.A. - Blue Key, secretary, Deanis List, Phi Beta Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush c r., secretary, IFC representative. Wm. Lazelle Phillips Scholarship, OBX, Musical Madness, Dad's Day Chairman, President. .lunior Class, Pres., Senior Class, Pres.. Inter- fraternity Council, Student Senate, Presidents Forum, Intramural, Football, Wrestling. Tennis, Paddleball. Barber, Sandra Lynn, B.A. - Alpha Psi Omega, Humanities Club. Barker, jr., William L., B.S. - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chairman Golden Hearts, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties. Barnett, Teresa A, Barter, john F., B.A. - Pi Delta Epsilon, French Club, Gridiron, journalism Day. llliillgv Committee, Crescent Ed.-in-Chief, Campus Ed., Mgn. Ed., Reporter, l.inC Copy Ed., Cres- cent-LinC Photographer, journalism Day Scholarship, Carson Scholar. Bartsch, Nancy Sue, B.S. Bassett, Larry, B.S. - Phi Kappa Tau: Chaplain, Musical Madness. Beadles, Dennis W., B.A. - Deans List, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Phi Kappa Delta, Pres EC Forensic Forum, Captain EC Varsity Debate Team, International Relations, Presidential Cane didate for SIP, Student Independent Party, Feature 61 Editorial writer, EC. Cresent. Becker, Patricia, B.A. - Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Deans List, Psychology Club, Secretary, Psi Chi, President, Womens' Recognition Dinner. Beierlein, Deborah jean, B.A. - Union Board, Social Committee, ACE, Student Education Association. Bender, Harold Basil, B.S. - UE Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive En- gineers, President: Carson Scholar. Bennett, jane Louise, B.A. - Sigma Alpha Iota, Musical Madness, University Choir, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Campus Choir, Chapel Choir, Womens Council, Presidents Forum, Residence Hall Council, President of Bigney House, Womens Recognition Dinner, Bennett, jr., William Gayot, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Administrative Management Society, President, Young Republican, Accounting Club,'SGA Representative, Hale Hall, Executive Vice President, Richard E Gi Oma A Meir Scholarship, Intramurals, Football, Softball, Volleyball. Bentley, jr., Russell I., B.S. - Sigma Pi Sigma, President, Deans List, Kappa Mu Epsilon, IEEE. Berger, William Robert, B.A, - Blue Key, Arnold Air Society, Administrative Officer, Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alumni Relations Sec., Musical Madness, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Brass Ensemble, Campus Chatter, American Legion Funkhouser Post's General Military Excellence Award, Varsity swimming, Intramurals, Swimming, Cross countryky Basketball. Biggs, joseph Alan, B.S. - L' of E Society of Mechanical Engineers, Varsity Baseball. Black, Dianne Elaine, B.A. - Union Board, WHPER, Girls of the Golden Heart, Social Chair- man, Chi Omega, Pledge class V-President, Intramurals Chairman, Rush Chairman, Activities Chairman, Musical Madness, Intramurals. Black, Linda Carol, B.A. - Union Board: WHPER, Chi Omega, Pledge class sec., Activities Chairman, Intramurals Chairman, Social Chairman, Girls of the Golden Heart, Rush Chairman, Musical Madness, Intramurals. Blackburn, Richard A., B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, American Management Society, Young Republicans. Block, Patricia Ann, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Chi, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, Deaifs List, SEA, Chemistry Club, Sec.-Treas., judicial Board, Womens Recognition Dinner, Chemistry Lab Assistant. Bone, Michael Borman, Kathryn Ann, B.A. - ACE, SEA, Musical Madness, Orchestra, Social Committee, Union Board. Bretz, Mary, B.S. - ACE, Womens Recognition Dinner. Bronson, Sharon Kay, B.A. - Dean's List, ACE, SEA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge class V-Presi- dent, Betty Co-ed Candidate, Social Chairman, All-Cam us Mardi Gras C airman, Corre- sponding Secretary, ZTA Best Member Award, Musical Madness, 1969 Spring Week-end Co-ed Sponsor Chairman, University Sing, Union Board, Social Committee, Who's Who, Brooks, Brenda Kay, B.A. - Alpha Omicron Pi, Panbellenic, Treasurer, Union Board, Social Chairman, Delegate at Large, Women's Council, Musical Madness, Campus Sing, Women's Recognition. Brown, Deanna Mae, B.A. - Dean's List, Student Education Association. Bruner, Betty L., B.A. Brunetti, Lee Noecker, B.S. -:Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List. Bugher, janet Y., B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Cap 81 Gown, Treas., Dean's List, ACE, SEA, Zeta Tau Alpha, V-President, Membership Chairman, Ritual Chairman, judicial Chairman, Musical Madness, Union Social Committee. Bumgarner, james Marshall, B.S. - KME, Hale Hall, Treasurer, UESME, Engineering Club, Hale Hall Homecoming Display, Intramurals. Burdette, Chuck E., B.A. - Dean's List. Burlcjames Stanley, B.A. - Dean's List, ACE. Bark, Ray A., B.S. - Pi Delta Epsilon, President, Treasurer, Circle K, Young Republicans, Gridiron, Crescent, Bus. Mgr., LinC. Organizations Ed. , Burnham, Paul A., B.A. - Dean's List, Musical Madness, Floor Representative, Hughes Swim- Team, Coach. Burns, jane Burns, judith Ann, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Pledge Marshal, Intramurals, Co-Chairman, Mu- sical Madness. Butler, john B., B.A. - RHC Representative, Hale Hall, President, Intramurals, Musical Madness. Buttrum, Elaine joan, B.A. - Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta. Byers, Gretchen Doerner, B.A. - Alpha Omicron Pi, Activities Chairman, Musical Madness, Intramurals. Byers, Larry David, B.A. - Varsity Baseball. Camp. Ramona Faye. B.A. - ISEA. CUIIIjIl1?ll.jIldlllIAIIII, B.A. - WHPER, Secretary, SEA, Young Democrats, L'El's. Carrington, Martha Ann, B.A. - Dean's List, Cap di Gown, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, SEA, Aqua Angels, Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush Chm., Song Leader, Ass't. Pledge Trainer, President, Girls of the Golden Heart, Musical Madness, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, judicial Board, Intramurals. Carter, Randy L., B.S. - American Managerial Society. Carter, Rebecca Sue, B.A. - SEA, ACE, Methodist Student Movement, Musical Madness Ticket Chairman, Union Board, Finance Chairman, Treasurer, RHC, Brentano Hall, Social Vice- President. Cartwright. Cynthia Rae, B.A. Cheek, Nancy, B.A. Childs. Pat, B.A. - Dean's List, French Club, KME, Phi Kappa Tau, Parliamentarian, Musical Madness, Intramurals, Softball, Bouling. Church, Michael Kenneth, B.S. - Engineering Club, IEEE, Vice-Chairman, Engineering, Physics, Physical Science Lab Assistant. Clark, Morris H., B.A. - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Track, captain. Collins, Barbarajo, B.A. - SEA Collins, Stephen Madison, B.A, Cornniens. Maryjo, B.S. - Dean's List. Conairay, Nancy Maritim, B.S. Conley, Marcia Trissel. B.A. - Psi Chi, Deans List, French Club, Psychology Club, President, Psi Chi, V-President, Union House Committee. Cooling, Phyllis j., B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Deanls List, SNEA, University Christian Movement, Intramurals. Cooper. Philip S.. B.A. - Lambda Chi Alpha. Cooper, Roger. B.M.E. - Union Board, Fine Arts Committee Co-Chairman, Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary 61 Regional Scribe, Acappella Choir, President, Manager, Marching Band, Musical Madness, Union Board Variety Show, Campus Choir, Varsity Band, Opera Workshop, Chamber Chorus. Corn, Arlene Ann, B.A. - Alpha Tau Delta: Cap is Gown, Dean's List, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellou ship, SEA. Coulter. Thomas A., B.S. Craig, jloe Wendell, B.A. - Dean's List, Student Affilates of American Chemical Society, Presi- dent, C emistry Lab Assistant. Crawford, Theresa Ann, B.A. - Dean's List, ACE, Moore Hall Scholarship Award: Moore Hall Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman, University Sing, LinC Staff, Senior Editor. Creekbaurn, Emery Stephen, B.A. - Sophomore Class President, SGA. Vice-President, Presie dent, Spanish Clu , Sigma Phi Epsilon, Guard, Best Pledge Award, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Cross Country, Musical Madness, Costume Chairman, Athletic Board, Library Committee, Undergraduate Programs Committee. Curtis, Ritajo, B.A. V Marching Band, Intramurals. Daugherty, William Daniel. B.S. - Blue Key: Phi Mu Epsilon, UESME. Davis, Angelyn Wilson, B.A. - Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, SEA, ACE, New Unit Chap- lin, May Day Attendant. Davis, Robert A., B.S. - Dean's List, Economics Club, Administrative Management Club. Treasurer. DeBaun, Susan L., B.S. - Dean's List, Alpha Tau Delta, Chapel Choir, Young Republicans Deer, judith Loye, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, V-President, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Phi, Cap 81 Gown, Dean's List, Math Cub, V-President, SEA, Women's Recognition Dinner. Dernaree, Diana Dayle, B.A. - Kappa Chig' National President, Local President, Dean's List, University Christian Movement, Student-Coordinator of Tutoring, Executive Council, Urban Affairs Involvement, Musical Madnegg, Denning, Frank L.. B.S. - Mechanical Engineering Club. Dennis, Rebecca Sue, B.S. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List, Union Board. Co-Chairman, Musical Madness, Usher, Union House Committee. Denu,jolin L., B.S. - Program Director of WEVC. DeVaiilt, Philip N., B.A. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman, Musical Madness, Campus Chatter, Varsity Swimming. Deulin,jim.. B.S. DeVille:, Randy, B.A. - Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List, WEVC Station Manager, Floor Representa- tive. DeWeese. Pamela Sue, B.A. - Dean's List, Phi Kappa Phi, SEA, Honorable Mention Atlantic Monthly Writing Contest. Dire. jeffrey N., B.S. ' Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Alumni Chairman, Spring Weekend Committee Chairman. Dickinson, Priscilla ane, B.S. V Dean's List, Angel Flight, Alpha Tau Delta, A ua Angels, Pep Club, Youn Repu licans, Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Girl of the Year, Pled e Class Pres., Musical Magness, University Sing, Student Senate, Soph. Class Treas., Basketbalf Queen-Chair- man, Spring Weekend Committee, Panbellenic, treas., Campus Chatter, Rush Counselor, Bas- ketball Queen Candidate, Intramurals. Dierker, Deborah j.. B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Student-Faculty Committee, Intramurals, Volley- ball, Tennis. Driggers, Kerry Lance. B.S. - Sigma Pi Sigma, 'Blue Key, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Class Pres., Domain Conf. Representative, Engineering Club, President, UE Mechanical Engineers Society, University Theatre, Musical Ma ness, Asst. Director, Lecture Series Committee Chairman, Who'sW o. Dunham, Gerald Pitman, B.S. - Dean's List, UESM E. Edgar, Virginia Lee, B,A. - Alpha Omicron Pi, Activities Chairman, Social Chairman, Spring Weekend Committee, Chairman, judicial Board, Musical Madness. Edwards, jill Ann, B.A. - Dean's List, ACE, SNEA, Chi Omega, Union Board Dance Commit- tee, Aqua Angels. Edwards, Margaret Lynn, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, SEA. Effinger, Pacquine R., B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Student Committee for Parties of Student Government. Ellis, Mary Lou, B.S. - Kappa Chi, Treasurer, Alpha Tau Delta, Historian, Dean's List, Meth- odist Student Movement, Sec.-Treas., UCM, Moore Hall Secretary, Residence Hall Council, Musical Madness, Director, University Sing, Chamber Chorus, Nea Chapel Choir, University Singers, Student Faculty Council, Intramurals, Ellison, Martha Lee, B.A. - Psi Chi, Sociology Club, Emberton. Ronald Wayne, B.S. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, IEEE, ROTC, Distinguished Military Cadet. Erickson, Barbara R., B.S. - Dean's List, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Alpha Omicron Pi, Philanthropic Office, Little Sisters of Minerva, Cheerleader. Essig, Carolyn Sue, B.A. - Angel Flight, Administrative and Executive Offices, Cap 81 Gown, Historian, Brentano, Social Director, Alpha Omicron Pi, Standards, V-President, Pledge Trainer: Musical Madness, Choir, University Sing, Women's Council, SGA Spring Weekend Executive Committee, Women's Recognition Dinner, Military Ball Queen, Homecoming Queen, Crescent Girl, Miss Armed Forces. Feider, Charles,,B.S. Finch, Thelma Irene, B.S. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, jr. Advisor, Dean's List, Baptist' Student Union, Student Faculty Council, Chairman, Alpha Tau Delta, Pledge Class President, Vice-President, President, Marching Band, President of Nursing Class, Intramurals, Volley- ball, Basketball, Softball. Fisher, joyce Evelyn, B.S. - Newman Club, Musical Madness, Marching Band, Residence Hall Council, Union House Committee. Fisk, Douglas, B.S. - Deans List, Pi Sigma Epsilon, President, American Management As- sociation- Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller, Assistant Comptroller, House Manager. Musical Madness. Fisk. Sarah Reed Kozicky. B.S. - Deans List, Alpha Tau Delta, Girls of the Golden Heart, Corresponding Secretary. Fondong, Sandra Ruth, B.S. - Kappa Chi, Vice-President, Psi Chi, Deans List, Inter-Varsity' Christian Fellowship: Union Board. Francis. Richard V.. B.S. - Deans List, Economics Club, Sigma Nu, Soccer Team, Pistol Team. Fritz, Patricia Ann. B.A. - Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, National Collegiate Associa- tion of Secretaries. Historian, SEA, Vice-President, Crescent Reporter. Gardner, Robert B.. B.A. - Deans List, Spring Week-end Committee, Track Team. Assistant Director Intramurals. Gehlhausen,ju1ia Ann, B.S. - Musical Madness. Gentry, William. B.S. - Phi Beta Chi, Deans List. Gerhardt, Paul Kenneth, B.S. - Quarterback Club, Pres., Varsity Football. Gillurn, judith Louise, B.A. - Bi Sci, Musical Madness, University Sing, Torbet House, President. Glolhlin. V, Gail. B.A. - Campus Choir, Chapel Choirs Marching Band, Symphonic Band: University' Choir. Goebel, Ronald R., B.A. - Spanish Club, Theater, "Billy the Kid", WEVC. Goen,jeanne Elaine, B.A. - Deans List, SEA. Gooch, Patricia G., B.S. Goodman, Shirley Suzanna, B.A. - Inter Varsity' Christian Fellowship, Secretary, State Secre- tary',SEA. Gorman. Edward Leroy, B.A. - MENC, Phi Mu Alpha, treas., Musical Madness, Symphonic Band, Pep Band, Intercollegiate Band. Grant, Barbara A., B.A. - Deans List, NCAS. Secretary: SEA: Newman Club, Finance Com- mittee, UEI's Intramurals. Graul. Ronald Wayne, B.A. - Kappa Chi, Blue Key. Alumni Secretary, Deans List, University Christian Movement, President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, "Big 39", Co-Chairman, Senior Class. Vice-President, Student Senate. Gra1:es,ChriS.B.A. Graves, Darlen Deanne, B.A. - SEA, ACE, Aqua Angels, Zeta Tau Alpha, Education Chairman, Musical Madness, University Sing, Intramural Sports, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Sacketball, Union Board. Social Committee. Crest, Daniel Eugene, B.S. - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Deans List, MENC, Pres., Musical Mad- ness, Band, Vt'oodwind Quintet, Orchestra, Campus Choir, Brass Choir, Musicians Club Award. Gress, janice Keach. B.S. - Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, Sec -Treas., Band, Symphonic 61 March- ing, Orchestra. Campus Choir. Cries, Charles R.. B.S. - USEME. Griffing, Beverly Ann, B.S. - Kappa Pi, Treasurer, French Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian, Scholarship, Musical Madness, Campus Sing, Personnel Core Committee, Ice Breaker Queen Candidate. Groves, Diana Kaye, B.A. - SEA, ACE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Cumm, Lee Alison, B.S. - Angel Flight, Girls of the Golden Heart, President, Musical Madness, Varsity' Cheerleader. Guth, Roger Alan, B.A. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dorm Treas.. Dorm V-President, Varsity Bas- ketball. Guthrie, Terry Waihela, B.A. - Union Board Entertainment Committee. Hafele, Tonya Wittmer. B.A. - Deans List: SEA. Hagedornjack. B.S. - UESME. Hahn,jr., Maurice. B.S. - IEEE. Hahn, Sherry Noyes, B.A. - Deans List, Pi Sigma Nu, NCAS, Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Halhrooks, Darryl Hallam, Mary Ann, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Deans List. Hamilton,judith L., B.A. - Little Sisters of Minerva, V-President, Musical Madness, AAHPER. Hardin, Donald I... B.S. - Hale Hall. Vice President, Freshman Tennis, Varsity Tennis- Hargroce, Anthony E., B.A. - Kappa Alpha Psi, lnterfraternity Council, Treas., Varsity Foot- ball, Intramural Wrestling. Harkness, M. Steue, B.S. - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramurals. Hart, Roger Allen, B.S. - UESM E. Hasler, Terry Alan, B.A. - Deans List, SEA, Young Republicans, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Most Improved Scholar, Musical Madness. Hathaway. Kay Eileen, B.S. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Deans List, Aqua Angels, Secretary, Alpha Tau Delta, Womens Recognition Dinner. Hanselman, Robert E., B.S. - Deans List, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Blue Key, Senior Class Treas, V-Pres. Huglhes Hall, Residence Hall Council, Library Comm., Social Comm., Homecoming Comm., Ric ard E. 61 Oma Meier Scholastic Award, Intramurals. Hanselman. Sara E.. B.A. - SNEA, Brentano Hall Treas., Ice Breaker Queen Candidate, May' Day junior Attendant. Havens, jim. Hay. Terry. Hayford, Stephen LeRoy, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, V-Pres., President, Deans List, Admini- strative Management Society, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman, Outstand- ing Active 69, Spring Weekend, Bike Race Chairman. Hegdy, Michael Alan, B.A. - Pi Delta Epsilon, Debate Team, Intramurals, Hughes Hall Gover- nor. Dorm Council, Crescent Sports Editor, journalism Television Programs, 1 Heathcoit. Cheryl Lynn, B.S. - Dolphin Club, ACE, SEA, Union Board, Independent, Intramural, Sociology Club. Helm, Deborah Keeney. B.A. - SN EA, Campus Chorus, Varsity Band, Concert Band. Helm. james Vincent. B.A. - Sociology Club, Intramural Director Hughes Hall, Intramurals, Wrestling, Swimming, Track, Basketball. Hermann, Mary K., B.S. - Phi Kappa Phi, Deans List, Womens Recognition Dinner. Hefllff, Mary Virginia, B.A. - Pi Delta Epsilon, Musical Madness, University Sing, Intra- murals, LinC, Index Ed. Higgs, janis Russell, B.A. - Deans List, SEA, ACE, National Collegiate Assoc. for Education, Sec., Delta Kappa Gamma Award. Hinton, Ann. Hinton. Cathy S., B.A. - Kappa Chi, Pi Delta Epsilon, SEA, V-President, President, Inter- Varslty Christian Fellowship, Gridiron, Union Board, Social Committee, Public Relations, Core Committee, Union Recognition Dinner, Crescent Staff, Reporter. Hires, Ramona L., B.A. - Cap 6: Gown, 'Phi Kappa Phi, Deans List, Brentano Hall Award, Alpha Lambda Delta, SEA, ACE, Phi Mu, Treas.. Mary B. Merritt Scholarship, Musical Mad- ness, Union Board, Entertainment Committee. Hackman, Mary Crowder, B.A. Hoehn, Sharon Irene, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Chi, Deans List, SEA, Brentano, Treas., Womens Recognition Dinner, Hofmann, Greg Hopkins, Ann Charylene, B.A. - Deans List. Hopper, Marian Louise, B.S. - Deans List, SEA, ACE, Commuter Council. Horrnuth. Maryjo, B.S. Home, Patricia Helen, B.A. - SNEA, Humanities Club. Hone, Robert Snyder, B.A. - Blue Key, Deans List, French Club, Phi Kappa Tau, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Class President, Phi Kappa Tau of the Year, W o's Who, Campus Leaders, Intramurals Hudson, Barbara jean. B..-t. - Deans List, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SEA, University Christian Assoc., Worship Committee for Nell Chapel, House Committee, Union, Brentano Intramural Director, Procurer. Huett, Terry Russell, B.A. - Deans List, SEA, Vice-President. Huey, Mike Hughes, Terry Wayne, B.A. - SEA, Crescent. Humfeld. Barbara Sue, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Orchestra. Huntsman. Leslie Don, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Deans List. American Management Society. Ircin, Gary Wayne, B.S. - Phi Mu Alpha, Psychology' Club, Musical Madness, A Cappella Choir. Irving. Susan Carlisle, B.A. - Deans List, Phi Gamma Mu, Union Board Public Relation Com- mittee, Core Comm., Newman Club, Musical Madness, Campus Chatter, Moore Hall Repre- sentative to Action Party. Isaac, Amy E., B.A. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, SEA jacques, john jarboe, james Frederick, B.A. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Education Committee, Corre- spondent, Musical Madness, Intramural, Bowling. jarhoe, jeffrey D.. B.A. - Deans List, jeffers, Larry Earl, B.S. - Deans List, IEEE, Sigma Phi Epsilon. jeffers, Robert W., B.A. - Deans List, Delta Sigma Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Assistant, Debate Vice-President, Chief Announcer 8 Program Director for WEVC, judiciary' Board, College Theater. johnson,joyce Ann Graham. B.S. johnson, Vella L., B.A. - Deans List, French Club, SNEA, College Theatre, "Chinese Wall", "Silver Whistle", "Billy The Kid", "Hamlet", "Ondine". "Rhinocerous" jones, Gerald K.. B.S. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, Treas,, Accounting Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Constitution Committee, IFC, Intramurals, Football, Swimming, Softball. jones, Susan Carol, B.S. - Phi Beta Chi, Deans List. jordan, William C., B.A. - Tau Kappa Epsilon, French Club, Musical Madness, Bachelor of the Year 61 Basketball Queen Committee Chairman. jungeman,joyce W., B.A. - Phi Kappa Phi, Deans List, French Club, SEA. Kathe.jim Katterhenry, Philip R., B.S. - Accounting Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Frosh Basketball. Katz, jacqueline R., B.A. - Psi Chi, Deans List, Psychology' Club, Treasurer, Sociology Club. Kaufmanjohn R.. B.A. - Varsity Golf. Kaufman, Linda Caduullader, B.A. - SEA. Kaugh, R. Michael Kauamuru, Clare Takeko. B.S. - Deans List, Angel Flight, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Secretary, Girls of the Colden Heart, Musical Madness, General Chairman, Union Board, Entertainment Commit- tee, Core Committee, Soph. Class Sec., wnmt-ns Council, Treasurer, President, Who's Who, Womens Recognition Dinner, Resident Assistant, Moore. Kays, Margaretjane, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta. Keeling,janice Faye, B.A. - Deans List, Alpha Lambda Delta. Kelly, Lucille S., B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Deans List. Ketchum, Dean, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Deans List, Accounting Club, Management Seminar. Kidd, Hartley C. B.S. - Sigma Pi Sigma, Blue Key, Phi Betta Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Deans List, Engineering Club. Treasurer, UESME, Phi Kappa Tau, Scholarship Chairman, Homecom- ing Display Chairman, Musical Madness, Intramurals. Kiesler, Robert Owen, B.S. - AMS. Kinzler, David L.. B.S. - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sgt. at Arms, Musical Madness. Kin:ler,joanne. B.S. - Deans List, Kirkham, Linda Diane. B.A. - SEA, ACE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Corresponding Sec., Treasurer, Musical Madness, University' Sing, Union Board Social Committee. Kirsch, Ronald H., B.S. - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Bi Scholarship Chairman, Varsity Golf, Kissel. Ronald F., B.A. Kistner, Carol Linn, B.A. - Pi Delta Epsilon, Pledge Class Secretary, V-President, Publica- tions Committee, Campus Chatter, Musical Madness, journalism Day, Gridiron, Bigney House Treasurer, Intramurals, LinC, Editor, Managing Editor, Crescent. Klingenberger. Stephen R., B.S. - Hughes Hall, Treas., Phi Kappa Tau, Rush Chairman, IFC Representative Knapp, Dennis Knight, Gary Lee, B.S. - Arnold Air Society, Information Officer, Comptroller, Campus Chat- ter, Chairman. Military' Ball, Intramural Basketball. Knight. Michael Wayne, B.A. - ISTA, ACE. Koch Il, Walter G., B.A. - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hist., ZTA Sweetheart, Musical Madness. Koenig, Gerald P., B.S. Kotluxjanies R., B.S. Kough, R. Michael, B.A. - Deans List. Kraft, Beverly, B.A. - Deans List, Young Republicans, French Club, Union Dance Committee, Who's Who. Kratz. Roger A., B.S. Krietenstein, Conley Keith, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Varsity' Football. Kroneman, Ruth M.F., B.A. - American Chemical Society. Krush, Leland, B.S. - AMS. Kuebler, Harold S., B.A. - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain, Musical Madness, Intramurals Basket- ball, Cross Country, Volleyball, Track, " Big 39" Bike Race. Kuehn, Randolph G., B.S. - IEEE, Chairman. Kuhlenschmidt, Nancy Kaye, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Deans List, Secretary Nursing Class. Kuhlman, joan Elizabeth, B.S. - Deans List, Alpha Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club, Program Committee. Lakamp, Nola M., B.S. LaMar, Kimberly, B.S. - Young Republicans, SNEA, Theater, Costuming, "Arms Bi the Man", "Marat Sade". Landis, Brent William, B.S. - Deans List, Who's Who, Kappa Chi, Union Board, Co-Chairman Finance Comm., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec., Chaplain, Musica Madness, Director, World Univer- sity Service Fund Drive, Chrm, Lankford, Stephen Ray, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Treas., AMS. Leach, Roma A., B.S. Lezyrer, Kathleen, B.S. - Alpha Omicron Pi, Standards Chairman, Alpha Tau Delta, Thermonilor Sta f, Musical Madness, Varsity Band, University Sing, Union Board Social Core Committee, Spring Weekend Committee. Leggett, Charles Allen, B.A. - ROTC, Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Varsity Swim Team. teyjnrndgutli, Alun Henry, B.A. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Director, Frosh Foot- a . Lene, Pam, B.S. Lennarts, john M., B.S. - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Chaplain, Iuterfraternity, Council Representative, Intramurals. 225 226 Lcu'i,s, Tinmtlnf Brian, BS - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman, Musical Madness, judicial Board, Spring Weekend, Facility Evaluation Committee, Winter Concert, Student Affairs Com- inittcc, Intramurals, Member Student Housing Committee, National SCA Convention, Repre- scntatiye. Lilligan. blames E., B.S. - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramural Director, Varsity Swimming, All Aint-rican, Lilligan. jaifnc E. Hcasor, BA. - Alpha Ornicron Pi, Asst. Rush, Reporter to Dragina, Musi- cal Nladnesm jr. Panhellcnic, President. l.ingu,1r., .tlax l. . BA Lin, Clcmcnl lx., HS. - ll'.I',lz. Llourl, jr.. jot' Frcrl. B.S. - Administrative Management Society, Treasurer, judicial Board, Bzmlectlmall l.og.sflon. Hurnicc. B .X Long, Thomas E . BA, l.on,gc.xl. james Ducizl, B,.t, - Pi Delta Epsilon, Yice'President, Blue Key. l'nited Fund Co- Clhairnian. Publications Committee. Parents Weekend, Board of Trustees Retreat, Charles 'Dick' Anderson Memorial Scholarship, Cfrcsccnl, Editor, Campus Editor. Sports Editor, Lint' Staff. Loy, janv Ann, B..t, A SEA, Mental Health Assoc., Student Senate, Asst. Head Resident Brentano. Lu:adcr, Kcnnclli Brafllcy. B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, AMS, Michigan State Lniversity' Marltet- ing Team, Hughes Hall Dorrn Council, Resident Assistant, Intramurals .tIarr1n, EIImz1E.. B.S. - Deans List .tla.xcl1cr. 5l'Ul'IliIll. B..-l - Phi Theta Kappa. Mcazlc, Mary, B..t. - SEX Medtloclc, Sherry Lynn, B.S. - Deanis List, Psychology Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, Actiyities Chairman, Public Relations Chairman, Musical Madness, Freshman Class Secretary, Spring Wecltcnd Chairman. Resident Assist. Mcicr, Karen Pauline. BS. - Kappa Chip Alpha Tau Delta, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, L'niyersity Christian Movement, Y-Pres., Baptist Student L'nion, Mental Health Club, Treasurer, Lniyersity Christian Tyloyement. Delegate at Large, Mellon, Emily I. Buclcm. B,.t. - Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta: Cap 64 Cown, Deanis List, Panhellenic Council, President, Crescents. Chi Omega, President. Panhellenic delegate, Musical Madness, College Theater, "Ondine". "Billy The Kid", "Colden Touchii, Presidents Round- table, Womens Hours Committee: Parents Weekend Committee, Women's Recognition Dinner, Basketball Queen Candidate, Crescent Girl Mellon, Victor Branllnu, BA. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Yice-President, Outstanding Pledge, Out- standing Brother, Delegate Management Training Seminar, Varsity Swimming Team, Water Show, Bike Race, Publications Committee, Social Committee, Cadet Airman of t e Month, Chief Instructor. .tlcy4'r. Sliclia. But. - SEA. ACE. Hcycr. William Keith, BA. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman Micliull, Sharon Kay jones. BA. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List: SEA: ACE, MSM, Alpha Omicron Pi, Philantrophic Chairman, Musical Madness Miflicl, Carole Ann, B..-t. - WHPER, Y-President, SEA, ACE: Secret Forest, L'nion Board, Social Committee, Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman, Panhellenic Alternate, Asst Pledge Trainer. Pledge Trainer, Concert Band, Brentano Creek Representative, Intramurals, IAHPER. Miles, Carla Marie. B.S. - French Club, IM Director, Intramurals, Miller, Deanna Kay, BA. - Cap 61 Gown: Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Deans List, French Club: Psychology Club, Union Board, Social Committee Chairman, Little Sisters of the Laurel, Zeta Tau Alp a, Songleadcr, Chaplain. Secretary, Musical Madness. Director, Intramurals. Millar. Drcu, B.S. - Arnold Air Society, Lambda Chi Alpha. Millcr, Marcia Elcarnn, BA. - Commuter Council, Chairman. Student Senate. Constitution Committee, Spring Weekend Ticket Committee, Entertainment Committee Union Board. Millar. Selma Minton, Elmore Allen, BA. - Track, Milcllcll. Kay, B..-t. - Angel Flight, Rush Chairman, Crescents, V-President, Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Musical Madness, Spring Weekend Comm, Basketball Queen, Crescent Court. Honra, Grocer. Tliomax. BS - IEEE. Moore, Kuc F., BS, - Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Homecoming Lawn Display Chair- man, Spring Weekend, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Cross-Country Morgan, Lester W,, B.S. - Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Beta chi, President, Deans List, LESME, President, Blue Key, Y-President, Musical Madness, Campus Leader, Presi- dents Ball. Morris. Rebecca Ruth, B.S. - NCAS, President, MSM, Church Choir, Campus Choir, Chapel Choir, Yarsity Band. .llormuy Bonnie E., B.S. - Dean's List, Alpha Tan Delta, Aqua Angels. Y-President. .tlurrnup Charles W., B.S. - Phi Kappa Tau, Yarsity Football. Morfbn. Sarah Elizaballi, B A, Moss. Nancy Ann. B.S. - KME, SEA, President, Intramurals, Union Board. Muvlclcy, Cynlliis Ann, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Deans List, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Class Secretary. Secretary, V-President, Musical Madness, University Sing. Muclilenhein, Wayne C , B.S. Mmzcy. Priscilla Sue, Bat. - Little Sisters of Minerva. McCann. Roger P.. Bal. Mcffmniell. Ronald C. B.S. - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Board, Activities Chairman, Intra- murals McDaniel. Larry M4-Clnzhlen, Gail McCrcu'. Deboralijcyn, BA. - Union Board, HPER, Treas., SEA, Track. Mclfadin. Nancy, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, .tlcXary. Gloria Dean, B.A. - Nifty Nine Social Club. President, Blaclt Student Union, V-Chain man. M4-Williams, Charles Eugene, B.A. - Marching Band, Varsity' Band. Nlalf. Cena Bcardcn, BA. - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Baseball. Neal. Diane Sue. BA, - ACE, Panhellenic, Y-President, Girls of the Colden Hearts, Chi Omega, President, Musical Madness, Homecoming Queen Candidate, SCA, Student Services. Neumcier, Nancy Lynn, B.S, Nl'lL'lI0liSK. Scoil. BA. Neuman, Teanu Marie, B.S. - Deans List, Alpha Tau Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Corr. Secretary, Panhellenic Delegate, Musical Madness, Miss L' of E Pageant, Campus Sin , Panhellenic Sec- retary, Army' Reserve Queen, Armed Forces Queen, Homecoming Queen Cantidate. Nk'kxic, Barbara Ann, BA. - French Club, Zeta Tan Alpha. Hist.. Philanthropic Project Chair- man, Secret Forect, V-President, Musical Madness. Director, Best Director Award, University Sing, Director, Union Board, Social Committee, ACE. Nixon, Maryjo Hunt, B.A, - SEA, French Club. Nordliojf, Ralph B, - AMS. lVOHllC'IIf,-fllll Oldham. Charles William, B.S. - Economics Club. Oldham, Pamela Annette, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Resident Assistant. Olson, Mary Louise, BA, - French Club, President, Spanish Club. Treasurer, Newman Club, SNEA, French Lab Assistant, Olney. Sanndru, B.A. f Deans List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Resident Hall Council, Oskins, William M., B.S, - Blue Key, Secretary, Deans List, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Musical Madness, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Varsity Band, Chapel Choir, Indiana Intercollegiate Band, Band Librarian, Recording Engineer. Overton, Dalziel Earl, B.A. - American Chemical Society' Student Affiliate, President, Chemi- cal Lab Asst. Ouwi, Leslie L.. BS, - UEASME. Y'President, UESAE, Resident Assistant, Hale Hall. Park, Num-y jill, B..-t. - Alpha Omicron Pi, Musical Madness, Campus Choir, Creek Repre- sentative Brentano. Parker. Narcis.xul.e0r1a, B.S. - Alpha Tan Delta, Dean's List. Paxmn, Cynthia jean. B.A. - French Club, SNEA, Union Social Committee, Resident Assistant Brentano, Intramurals. Phillips, Barbara Ann, B.A. Poe. Larry, BA. A SEA, Track Team, Cross-Country, Intramurals, Basketball, League II Champs, Pans. Claudio R.. B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, AMS, Engineering Club, IEEE. Poucll, Humld T., BA. - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eminent Chronicler, I-louse Manager. Proctor, Daniel C., B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Deans List, Blue Key, Alumni Secretary, Pi Gamma Mu, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Musical Madness, "Big 39" Bike Race: Chariot Race, IFC Scholarship Committee, Intramurals. Prudvn, Linda Lea, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List, SNEA, French Club, Rmusden, Virginia Snnmicrs, BA, - Angel Flight, Phi Mu. Social Chairman, Pledge Trainer,' Outstanding Member Award, Dean's List, Musical Madness, Frosh Cheerleader, Varsity Cheer- leader,'L'nion Board Dance Comm., Who's Who, TKE Sweetheart, Betty Coed, Military' Ball Queen, Basketball Queen. Ratliiff. Barbara Lynn, B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, Brentano, Social V-President, Sec- retary, President, RHC, Campus Choir, Chapel Choir, Reed, Susan E., B,A. - Deans List, SEA, ACE, Chi Omega, Secretary. Re'id,jasepl1,B.S.- Deans List, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Rexing,Kwinetl1R.,B.S.- UESME. Rice, Ruth Ann, BA. - Deans List, Aqua Angels. Outstanding Member, SEA, ACE, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Parliamentarian, Ritualist, Assistant Treas., Homecoming Displays Co-Chairman, Rush Workshop Chairman, Musical Madness, Campus Sing, May' Day' Chairman, Student Senate, Spring Weekend Committee, junior Class Treas., Union Board Dance Committee, Commuter Council Representative, Ice Breaker Queen Candidate, Intramurals. Rinehart. Kathleen Ann, BA. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec., Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List, SEA, ACE, Inter-Varsity' Christian Fellowship. ' Rinehart, Leslie A,, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, IVCF, Union Board Dance Committee, Lecture Series Committee, All-Campus Committee Chairman. Heine. Denise Cormier, B.S. - Newman Club, Alpha Tau Delta. Robbins, Dennis W., B,S. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Athletic Director, Varsity Baseball. Roberts, Don. B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Sgt. at Arms, Administrative Management Society, Publicity' Chairman, Varsity Tennis. I Roetlienzeicr, Rebecca Ann. B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Deans List, Newman Club, Musical Mad- ness, Union Board House Committee. Ross. Cathy j,, BA. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap 61 Gown, Phi Beta Chi, President, Dean's List, Crescents, President, Womenis Recognition Dinner, Biology' Lab Assistant, Ross, David Larry, B.A. - Kappa M u Epsilon, Arnold Air Society, Ross. Robert Randall, B.A. - Lambda Chi Alpha. Social Chairman, Varsity' Swimming Team. Rotlicrt, Lunna Kay, BA. - UCM, MSM, SEA, Varsity Band. Rotramel. Elizahetlzju, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Musical Madness. Roulund, Susan jean. BA. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap :Si Gown, President, Deans List, ACE, Secretary, Alpha Omicron Pi, Fraternity' Education, Recording Secretary, Neu Chapel Choir, Musical Madness, University Sing, Union Board, Personnel Core Committee, SCA, Commuter's Council, Lucille jones Award. Russell, Pamela Naberlunls. B.A. - Deans List, Angel Flight, SEA, WEVC, Campus Chatter, Union Board Social Committee, Brentano Treasurer, President, Basketball Queen Court, Russell, Sharon Sue, B.A. V Sigma Alpha Iota, V-President, President, Newman Club, Vocal Varieties, Band, Acappella Choir, Choral Ayres. Rutiglianu, Nicholas j., B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Michigan State Marketing Team, Lambda Chi Alpha. President, Social Chairman, V-President Lambda Chi Alpha House Corp., Chairman of Student Services, Campus Human Relations Committee, SCA, Sanrlcr. Jaffray David, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, Ritnalist, Scholarship Chairman, Correspondent, Musical Madness, Intramurals. Sllllllvf. inure Elaine, B,A, - Dean's List, WAHPER, Phi Mu, President, Crescent Girls, Uni- versity Sing, Musical Madness, Union Board, Dance Chairman, PresicIent's Council, Cap di Conn, Secretary, Miss Congeniality in Miss L' of E Pageant, Intramurals. Sauer, jolin Raua1d..B.A. - Blue Key, Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer, Chairman of Public Relations and Housing Committee, Acappella Choir, University Theater, Musical Madness, Who's Who. Sflldlfkf, Randal Ray, B.S. - UESME, Society of Automotive Engineers. Scliaffsicin, Frcllrickj.. B.S, - Varsity Cross-Country, Varsity Track. Scliaffslain, Roller! tt'aync, B.S. - Newman Club, Treasurer, Y-President, UESME, Varsity' Cross-Country, Varsity' Track. ',janic.s Alan. B.S. - Accounting Club. Sl"ll'Il,IUSl'.f!ll1ll'rence, BA. Sclilaclztcr, Larryj., But. Sclmiiil. Linda Schllnidtjolm Gordon. B..-t, - Musical Madness. Sfllfilvvf. ,luck Bryan. BA. - Alpha Psi Omega, Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, Speech Association of American, University Theater, Young Republicans, SEA, Sociology Club, Debate, Sclirocli, Cary Schroder, Dcimrali Van.Ves.s, B,S, - Alpha Tau Delta. Sclirnccler, Donuajean. B.S. Scllmcring. Bonnie, BA. - SEA, ACE, Scliulcr, FIicliarcl.X.. BA. - New man Club, Circle K, Secretary, Carson Scholarship. Sclinllz. David Earl, B.S. - Deans List, IEEE, Vice-President. SC'llIIIdI,jUl1lI Sclnlrr., Caryjarncs, BA. - Phi Mu Alpha, University Choir, SCIlll.'f'fgE'f. Linda K., B.A. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President, Cap ly Gown, Y-President, Dean s List, AGO Scholarship, Residence Hall Council: Housing Comm., Brentano, President, V-President, University Singers, L'niversity' Choir, Neu Chapel Organist, SAI Alumni Scholar- ship, Parents VVL-eltend Committee, Senior Class, Secretary. Seili, Rin-liar1lC.. B,A, Sllllf'-fl'f,iIlll7lL'S Carlan, BA. Slzaug Patricia .-tdcle. B..-t. Slieckfvv. Carolyn, B.S. - Musical Madness, Intramurals, University Sing. Shellun, Robert Keith, BA, - Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List, SEA, Law Internship. Slivlllcr, Eli:.abc1l1 A., B.S. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List, Women s Recognition Dinner, Cap 61 Gown Award. SlIl'lt'l7Illkl'l'. Patricia, BA. - SEA, ACE. Slilock, Gary. B.S. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, Engineering Club, IEEE, Phi .Kappa Tau, Recording Secretary, Slmrl, Barbara. BA. - Kappa Chi, Newman Club Publicity, Sliorl. Michael Terrance, B.A. - Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List, Lambda Chi Alpha. Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer, May' Day' Chariot Race, Frosh Football, Varsity' Football, Intramurals. Shoulders, Carol jean, B.S. - Deans List, Inter-Varsity Christian Felloyyship, Secretary, Missions Sec., SEA, Secretary, Treasurer, Musical Madness, Union Board, Co-Chairman of Personnel Committee. Siebers, Bruce Allan, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon: Arnold Air Society, Information Officer. Singer, Kathryn Lynn, B.S. , Deans List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Union Board Entertainment Committee. Skelton, Margie Ann, BA. - Dean s List, SEA. 5kinner,judith Ann. BA. - SEA. Smith, judith Lynne, BA. - Young Republicans, SNEA, ACE, Phi Mu, Pledge Class Treasurer, Aglaia Re orter, Pled e Director, Outstanding Member Ayyard, Musical Madness, Uniyersity Sing, Fresllman Cheerleader, SCA Representative, Union Board, House Committee, Soph. Class Sec. Candidate. Smith, Rita joyce, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Inter-Yarsity Christian Fellowship, Brentano Hall Secretary, Resident Assistant. Smith, Susan Vinton, BA. - Cap Gi Gown, Phi Kaplpa Phi, Deans, WHPER, Chi Omega Sorority, Musical Madness, Campus Chatter, Pan elleuic Y-President, Womens Recognition Dinner, Crescent Girl, Intramurals. Snyder, Michael Allen, BA. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pledge Class Y-President, Deans List, Psychology Club, Treasurer, French Club, Circle K, Youn Democrats, Humanities Club, Chairman, Worship Planning Task Force, State MSM Y-Presicllent, MSM Y-President, Hoosiers for Democratic Action, University Christian Movement, Executive Council, Chairman Urban Affairs Involvement, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, University Choir, Chapel Choir, Univer- sity' Bell Choir, Director, Campus Chatter, Union Board, Y-Chairman, Personnel Committee, Core Committee, Hughes Hall Dorm Council, Covernor, Resident Assistant, Scholarship Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, Presidents Forum, Its Happening: The Iconoclast, Managing Editor, Editor. Sollman, Charlene june, B.A. - Brentano Hall, Chairman Sisters Weekend, Administrative V-President, Residence Hall Council, Transfer from Vincennes U. Sollman, Sandra Gail, BA. - Deans List, SEA, Union Board, House Committee. Spiller, Greg Spindler, Irvin Ray, B.S. - Deans List, UESME. Spindler, Louise Ann, B.S. Sproatt, Ronald Ouxen, BA. - Deans List. Stallings, Prudence Louise, BA. - Sigma Alpha Iota, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Choral Ayres. Stanbitz. Nancy jean, B.S. - Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List, Alpha Tau Delta, Custodian of Pins. Steele,jacqueline Sue, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta. Stephens, Mark, BA. - Blue Kev, President, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Deans List, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, Pledge Trainer, Musical Madness, Intramurals, Homecoming Display. Stevens, Ronald L., BA. - Psychology Club, Young Republicans. Stickley, Marion Elizabeth, B.S. - Bigney House, Wing Representative. Stiffler, Nan Elaine, BA. - Deans List, SNEA, Sociology' Club, Tutoring, Its Happening. Stojakocich, Patil V., B.S. - .Deans List, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Accounting Club, President, AMS, Y-President, Hale Hall Intramural Director, Intramurals. Stroud, Byron, BA. - Campus Kiwanis V-President. Swenson, Kenneth B., BA. - Biology Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Musical Madness, Spring Week- end Committee. Taylor, Margarita Lloyd. B.S. - Spanish Club, Sec., Neyv man Club, UCM. Terhune, Beverly, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta, Deans List, Phi Mu, Rush, College Theater, 'iHam- let", SGA Spring Weekend Committee, Miss University of Evansville, TKE Calendar Cirl. Tecault, David Earl, BA. - Deans List, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Blue Key, American Chemical Society. Thomas, Alan Michael. BA. - SEA, Hughes Hall Dorm Representative. Thomas,john Andrew, B.S. - Deans List, Musical Madness, Intramurals. Thomas, Stephen Thompson, Dale j., BA, - Administrative Management Society, Phi Kappa Tau, V-President, Assistant Treas., Musical Madness, Chapel Choir: Campus Choir, Dorm Council, School of Business. Thompson, Douglas L., BA. - Deans List, Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals. Tomlinson, Mary Lee, BA. - Intramural Co-Chairman, SNEA, Homecoming, Intramurals, Musical Madness, Intramural Div. II Champs. Tompkins. Ronnie G., BA. Trott, Linda Ann, B.A. - Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List, ACE, SNEA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Social 6 Activities Chairman, Musical Madness, Band, Orchestra, Intramurals. Tucker, Timothy W.. BA. - Bluc Key, Deans List, SNEA, Young Republicans. French Club, V-President, Treas., Phi Kappa Tau, Corresponding Sec., Musical Madness, IFC Turner, Timothy Lozcell, BA. - Deans, Phi Beta chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Correspondent, Secretary, Musical Madness, Executive Committee Spring Weekend, Campus Chatter. lnion Board Publicity Committee, Intramurals. Uebelhock, David Keith, BS - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Senior 61 junior Marshal, Pledge Educator, Musical Madness, Bachelor of the Year, Alpha Omicron Pi Fayoritc Cuy. Updikc. Cynthia DeToro, BA. - Pi Delta Epsilon, Crescent Staff. Utley, Abby jo, BA. - SEA, Crescents, V-President, Chi Omega, Personnel Chairman, Social Chairman, Musical Madness, Executive Committee Spring Weekend, Lnion Board Publicity Committee, Ice Breaker Queen Court, Intramurals Voss. Robert S., BS - IEEE. Wagner. Gary Wagner,Ric-l1artl.t., BA. - Deans List, Commuter Council, Quarterback Club II'ahlcr, Lois Ann, BA. Walker, Lindujo, B.S. - Alpha Tau Delta. Waller, Frances R., BA. Walling, Stephen E., BA. Walsh, Eduard F.. B.S. - AMS, PSE. Washington, Willie, B.S. - Kappa Alpha Psi, Y-President, Black Student Union, President: Nifty Nine Social Club Syyeetheart. II'a,sitis, William, B.S. - Deans List, IESME. II'eallierfortlpKathleen A., BA. - KME, Math Club, SEA, Intramurals. Webb, Gerald R., B.S. - AMS. Weiss, Sharon, B.S. - Pi Sigma Epsilon, AMS, Sec., National Collegiate Assoc for Secretaries, Y-President i Wells. Brenda. BA. - Sisters of the Laural, Hist., Honorable Mention in Atlantic Monthlys Short Story Contest. Nest, Nancy Elaine, BA. - Deans List, SEA, Young Republicans, Secretary, ACE, Student Senate, Commuter Council: Union Board, Secretary, Special Events, Spring Weekend Commit- tee, Dorm Officer. Vlestrick, Susan jane, B.S. - Alpha Tail Delta, Corresponding secretary, Student Faculty Coun- cil, Deans List, Musical Madness. lI'hitc, Doris Whitley, Eduard A.. B.S. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Tau, Engineering Club, Treasurer Wiant,janice L.. B.S. Wiggers, ,Inn Elise, BA. - Phi Kappa Phi, Cap Bi Goyyn, Reporter, Deans List, Alpha Lambda De ta, French Club, Secretary, SEA, Womens Recognition Dinner. Wildman, William L., B.A. - Hughes Hall, President, Constitution Committee, Homecoming Committee: Dorm Council, RHC, Human Relations. Open House Committee Wilhelm, Gregory Alan, BA. - Deans Wilkie, Susan E., BA. - French Club, Little Sisters of Minery a, Treasurer Willaughly. Terry. BA. - Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Frosh Football. Vl'ilmotte, Maralee, BA. - Angel Flight, Executive Commander, Chi Omega, Assistant Secre- tary, Musical Madness, Intramura s. Wilson, Daniel R., B.S. II'ilson, Phillip. BA. - Hughes Hall Y-President. Wilson, Thomas H., B.S. - UEASME, Y-President. II'il:bacher, Donaldjohn, BA. - BA. Winiger, Rickey Lee, BA. - Deans List, SEA, Cresent, Reporter. Winkler, Deborah Kaye, BA. - Deans List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Angel Flight, Officer, Little Major, Area Little Colonel, ACE, SEA, Phi Mu, Pledge Director, Soph. Class Treasurer, Bas- ketball Queerl: National IWSS Spooky, Military Ball Queen, Womens Recognition Dinner. Woods, Carlotta, BA. - French Club, Psychology Club, Nifty Nine Social Organization, Treas- urer, Black Student Union, Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart. Wright, Charlotte E., BA. - Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi, Deans List, SEA. Yeager, Richard E., B.S. - Student Affiliate AGS. Younker, Keith C., BA. - Kappa Pi, Treasurer, SEA, Historian, Commuters Council, College Theater "Ondine", Union Fine Arts Committee, Crescent, l.inC Staff, Faculty-Administrative Editor. Younker, Pennae. B.S. Yourgans, Roger 227 I11'L1ll1IL'llI11'F1l1'I'. I. 1611.182 228 A .X15151111,D 1157 .1L'I11'r. P 115-1.171.208 .11I21l1lN. j. 1158 11111111x, 8, 1151 ,X1I11'1'. K 1154 .11IIl'1', 11 1151 ,X1.1111'r,I 1151 .KI1I1'Il. B 1157 .XI1'x 1111111-1.11 115-1 ,XI11'gr1'c. N 115-I .1111-11.1 1115.139 .KIIl'1I, N 115-1.2118 XII1s1111, 12 2118 .111111.111. 11. 115-1 ,1II1'1'1I. X, 115-1.2118 11Ir1'lI 15, 159.11511.1711. 2 118 X11r1-118 158 1II11'1'8. 8 1159 .xIS1111,x. 2118 .x1N1l1II, N, 137 ,111111v11.1 115-1.2118 ,X111'x, D 1157 .X1111111.1L. 126.11511 M11I1ll.I 1159 ,Ml115x. I' 1154 .KII1Il 111111 111111 111111 .xllfll -r.I 1151.115-1 '1'S111I, 11 129 'r11511,I 2118 'r1111'11'1'. '14 115-1 11, I1 151.158 Xr1'11s111a11. I" 129.158,11511,11515 11'I1I81I'11IIjl,1I- 172 1sIl.XI 1154 1xI1I1x. 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I6-LITI llllIll'I'. 'I'. I69 II11tIsu11. B. Il'H,2I4 Ilnmlsmi, I.. I6-I II11cIsnn.S. I6T II111'!I.'I'. 2I-I Iluvy. M. 2I-I llllflli1j1l'l, R. I26 Ilnglivs. KI. I6I llllf1lll'5.fI. I60 II11gI1cw.j. l25 Kuinpluin. I-I. I60.I68 KLIII1IXXhlQy,l'A. IGT Kutlu-,j. 2I5 KilllL'l'll0llI'I,l"1. I6T K31lfL'l'IlL'lIFI. P. I25,2l-5 Ki1lll'FIl0.'llI'I, Y, I3T,I6T Ku!z.j. I6I,I65.Ifili,2I5 Killllillllllllll. R. I!32,l6:2 KiIlIlllli.llI,l 2I5 Killlllllilll. I. ZI5 KLIIILZII. M ZI5 KllXXLlllllll'3.l,fI ITO.ITI.2l5 k.1y..x1 164.215 Kon-Ii11g.j. QI5 KL'IIL'Ill. R I60 Kcllvr. B. I20,I64.Ih9 KL-II1. I.. 2I3 KL-II1.Nl. Ili-I KL-mpf. D I5SI,I6H,l6H Kcpicr, N. I3T.I64l, Ili-LIIST KUSNLIIIN, NI I33 KL'SNIIl'I'.l H59 Kl'll'IlLllII. D I6T.2I5 KicI1I.lI. I5'I2.If30.IT0.2I3 Kim-sling. NI 1411 Kivslvr. R. II'Nl,2I5 KiIIL'n.,I. Iii-I Kimvs. .X. I5H.I62.IfiT King. D. 1111 Kintncr. W. I32 KintzI1'r.D. I52.I53.2I5 Kintvlvr. j. I52.I53.2I5 KIFKIILIIII, I.. I6-LI69 Kirluxnuzl, R. I6-I KIrsL'II. R. ZZI5 Kim-I. R. 2I5 KIhlIll'l'.fI. IT2.ITf3.2I5 Klcuxinig. lf. I63 Klum-111u11. I' IGI Klinv. W. I-IT.I5H.I3FI,IT2 I.i11cIw1.P. II9 I.i111-gur. S I82 l.IlIj11r,NI. 2I6 I.ipf1-r. N I69 l.ir1I1-. H 125 l.111I1-,R. I25 ff. I6SI,2l6 I.l111cI,I. flfi I.mI.11n,R ITO I.nvI1r, NI. I6I 1..,,l1-1.12. 166 I.ngs1In11.R ZI6 I.llIlIl. II H55 IJIIIIL. K Ifii l.u111L.'l' I6-I.2Ifi l.4lllLfl'Nl, D I29 l.1YlI5jl'Sl.,I I-59, Ifiil. I TI.IT2.2I6 l.KK'HCllL'UIllD, R I26 I.o111'r. M I3-l,I6SJ I.u1.j ZZIG I.IIlll'Nt'II..I- I6-I I.11sIL'1'. I' Ili2.I6h,IT3 l,IIlLItll'l'. K ZI6 I.1I1's. I. H13 l.XIIL'II, 'II I25 M XlLlL'Il'UII.'I. l62.Ih:3 Xlui-I1-un. R I62.IIi3 XIucQ11igg.XI I3-I.I5I.Ihh Xluclmli-11. W. I29,I6U XIucIri1I.M. I25.ITU,IT2.IT53 XIuI4'r.j. IZU Xluln-uni. K. I63 XIa111ix.R I25 XIu11tmu111.j I5?J.IIiU NIur!il1..X I675 Xlurlin. B. ITI 229 230 Martin. D. 160,170 61i1f111l,1., 165 Martin, M. 166 Martin, M, 1, 166 N1LlSL'1lL'l',S. 216 Mateer, B. 162 Mathieu, Y. 160,170 Matt11ews,C, 169 Muttllen s, 11. 164 Xiuttingly, 11. 125 6l1l11SO11,TJ. 119 MLN, S, 160 11,-31111,-, 11, 172 MeCa1n1ent,N 168 MeCane, D. 132,198,199 McCann, 11. 218 X1Cf11CQ1Il, 11 163 X11-Clues, Xl. 169 N1L't111111Ol'1s, 129, 169 MeCio1111eI1.1i, 119,167,168 McConnell, 11. 218 Meflool, D. 166 Mefforcl, 13. 162 McCord, 11. 166 N1CCHF1111C14,f.. 169 MCCor1rliL'k,S, 170 McCoy, D. 137 N1CCI1111l111l11, VV. 164 61Cf1ll1L'11k111, C, 172 61Cf1lI1C11L111, 119, A1QDulliel, D. 162 MeDanie1,1.. 218 MeDanie1, R. 131 158 61L'1'7L1ll111,1J, 162,163 Mel-'adin, N. 164 MeFadzean, D, 159,168 111-ct-1-, 1. me ML-Cinnis, A. 126,159,168 MeC1uth1i11,1'. 218 MeCo11en,1. 161 MeCrew, D. 218 Melntosh, M. 158 N1L'K11111C1,1':. 120 N1CK1I11ll'1, K, 182 MeKissie,1, 192 51CB1i.1Il11,.1. 161 MeMasters. B. 137 181CB1lll111,1, 160 N1CQl1t'L'11,'11. 164,167 Me1Vi11iams, C. 218 MeWi11ian1s.1.. 125,182 Meade, M, 164,216 Meadow s, M. 119,171 Meckel, 1.. 162 Meddoek, S. 119,166,216 Metford, 1. 125.182 Meier, K. 160,161,164,216 Meier, R. 125,170 Me1el1ior,T. 168 Melton, E. 159,160, Melton, Y. 216 Mere11ant,B, 126 Merrell, M. 134,167 170,216 Morrow, B. 164,217 Morron, C. 182,217 Morron, P. 164 1S1l71'1t11I,5. 217 Moss, N 1 64.217 Mnek1e1.C. 120,164,217 011Il'1l1L'lll1l'111, W, 218 M111ke1',1. 164 611I1ll'l1,m1, 132 61ll11t'l',c1. 173 Meyer, K. 125 Meyer, K. 170 Meyer, M. 166 Meyer, P. A, 134,167,169 Meyer, P. I., 119,164,169 Meyer, S. 164,216 Meyer, W, 129,216 Meyers, P. 119,167 Miehael, D. 161 Miehae1,S. 216 Michel, C. 216 Mit-su1,1. 151,164 Miles, C, 217 Mi11ay,C. 158,168 Mi11er,C. 164 Miller. D. 120,158,159,165,166, 169,171,217 Miller, Dreu 125,170,217 Miller, G. 131 Money, P, 169,218 Moth, M. 164 1111-rs. P. 120 N Naas, 11. 167 Naas, S, 132 Nall, C. 126,218 Nas11,C, 158 N1-aI,k. 137,160,16-1,171,218 Nt-u1,W. 16-1 NL'1Lt1111l21l'l1,1. 162 N1'1Sll11,c:. 166 Nester, N. 163 Netlierland, M. 160 Nenn1eier,N 218 NCX1C1Il,61, 164 Nen l1011SC, 218 NC11l11UI1,'11. 120,160, 164,218 Nieksie, B. 218 N1L'11l1llS.N1, 164 Nigh, cz, 137 N1Y11111L'111,11', 132,162 Nix. D. 134 Nixo11,M. 164,168,218 Noa1l,1. 133,182 Noah, M. 168 Noeeker, 1,. 164 Nord11o11,11. 219 N01't11L'1l11,1. 164,171,219 Nl1111L'1,D 164 Nl11'1'L'1113l'I'11,f1. 167 N11ssha11mer.M. 164 O Oak1e1,M 164 Oing,1. 168 Oldham, C 219 Oldham, P. 161,164,219 O1exik,C. 159,163,168,171 Oliver, H. 123 Olsen, M. 168,169,219 o1v.-1.s. 219 O'Ma11L'1, P. 126,167 On1e1,P. 168 Oppenheimer,1. 129 Oshorn, T. 161 Oskins, W, 160,219 fJ1Sl1l11V21ll,S. 134 Overhaeh, W. 133 fJVL'1'111L111,P. 168 Overton, D. 219 Owen, 1,. 219 Owens, M, 192 f,Wl'11S171',f7. 160,166 Ox1ey,D. 129 P Pace, D. 163 Painter, C. 119 Pal, P. 126 Pallas, A. 132 Painter, R. 145,158 Parham, R, 164,168 Park, N. 219 Parker, N. 164,219 Mi11er.E. 120 Mi11er,K. 132 Miller, M. 217 Mi11er,M.1., 158,161,164 Miller, R, 182 Miller, S. 217 Miller, V, 163 Mi11s.D. 162 Minto11, E. 129 Nliteliell, D. L, 129 Mitehell, D. E. 137,168,171.217 Miyasaki, T. 164 Moclesitt, K, 164 Mottitl. S. 162 N10l11il1l,fl. 162 Moman, C. 162 B1fYt1l1L'1,S, 161 Moore, lf. 159,168 Moore, C. 168 Moore, K. 159,171,192,217 Moran. S, 164,172 61Ill'j.ll111,1,. 160,171,217 Morgan. S. 164 Morr, 119 Morris, R. 165,217 Parks, K. 158,168,171 Parrish, S. 164 Parte11o,C. 158 Partnseh, 168 Patane11a,D. 169 Patterson, C. 119 Patterson, C. 132 Patterson,1. 164 Patton, B, 165 Patto11, M. 166 Paxton, C, 168 Payne,1, 167 Pearee, B. 126 Pegg, M. 182 Pe1ter,1'I. 168 Pendley. F. 168 Pend1ey,C. 162 Perigo, M, 134,158 Perkins, D. 126 Pershing, C. 132.167 Pershing, W. 132 Peters, G. Ptfiter, A, 161 132,168 Pfisterer, D. 134,166,168 Phi1hower,1. 149,158,164 Phillips, A. 167 Phillips, B. 219 P11il1ips,P. 134,162 Pillar, M. 159.170 Piper, 1. 167 P121SS111L'1t'1',D. 164,169 Plt'111!1111l1's,D. 182 Poe.1.. 164,219 Pons, C, 168,219 Ponell, C. 164 Prasarto11gosoth,P. 182 Priee, tf. 159,162,171 Price, C. 162,163 Priee. 1. 158 Privitt, P. 161.164 Proetor, D, 125,160,171,219 Proetor, D. E. 161 Pl'lIC1t'l1,1,. 164,219 Prnsv, 163 P11ekett,1. 168 P1IFL'L'11,1V. 132 Perkiser, B. 165 11 11ae1Jer,P. 129 1'1ae1Jer, M. 119,168 11amey,1. 132 112lIT1SClCll,1'. 164.219 Ranr1aI1,I.. 164 Rat1if1'.B, 142,158,164,171,219 Redt-tt. C. 134f168 Reed, S. 137,164,219 11e11it, M. 129 Rein-11,1., 164 Reid, 1. 219 1'1C1C1L'l111llG11, B. 167,169 11ei111, 1.. 167 11eimo1d,D. 120 Reine, D. 219 Reinhardt, R. 125 1'1enner,C. 163 Rexing, K. 219 1'1eynolc1s, C. 123 Rhoads, D. 129 Rhodes, R. 133,158,169 Rice. R. 119,158,166,171,219 Richards, P. 167 11iCl'1e1', M. 134,164,169 Riekenhangh, 172 Riec1y.1, 134,168 Rinehart, K. 164,129 Rinehart, 1.. 164,219 Riseh, 1. 120 Ritter, T, 131 1'1o1'D17in!s, D. 219,196,197,201 11oh11ins, M. 120,219 Roberts, D, 219 Robinson, C. 125,169 11o1'Jinso1l.1. 158 11o1'rso11, C. 120 Roell. W. 132,160 Roethemeier, R. 164,219 Rogers, M. 126 Rogers, S, 160 11ohrer, E. 166 11ookstoo1, B, 161 11osente1d, E. 120,168 11055, C. 159,168,170 Ross, D, 170,219 Rothert, 1.. 164,219 Rothert,1. 164 Rotrame1,1'f. 164 RONY12111C1, 1,. 119,166,167 t1ow1anC.1, S. 119,158,159,170,219 R11h1e,M. 166 1'1l1C11l1C1K, K. 125,201 1111pe,1. A. 137 R11pe.1, P. 182 Russell, D. 119 l'111ssell, P. 164,173,219 1111sse1l, S. 159,162,171,219 Rust, 11. 161,125 1111ster, 11. 125,182 Rntigliano, N. 125.219 Rm, 11. 132 S Saari, V. 137,169 Saehs, D. 134 Sake1,1. 164 Sallee, C, 125,204 Sa1lman,C. 142 Salzman, C, 161 Sam11e1, C. 164,170 Sander,1. 219 Sander, 1. E. 134,159,160,168,17l, 220 Sanders, T. 132,160 Sal1er,1. 132,160,171,162,220 Scales, 11, 161 Seammon, C. 159,168 Sehaffstein, F. 220 Sehaffstein, R. 161,220 Seheidegger, D. 167 Seheicll Sehellh Sehellh er, 1. 132 ase,1. 220 ase,1. 1,. 220 Sehcllliase, 11. 125 Schenk, C. 119 Scherer, E, 119,164 Sehe11,D. 182 Sehlaehter, l.. 173,220 Schlansker, C. 126,158,160 SC111l1l'1C1'I1.'1,1V. 161 Sehrneltekop, N. 162 Sehn11tt,B. 168 St-11111itt,l., 168,220 Sehoettelkotte. W. 126,158,168 SL'1'10L'l1L'1',K. 134,162 Sehrader,1. 164,166 Sehratler, 11. 162,163 Se11riher,1. 220 Sehroeh, F. 220 Schroder, D. 164,220 Schroeder, C. 220 Schroeder, S. 119 SC1'11'l1l't'1I1j.I, B. 164,220 Sehnler, 11. 220 Sehnltz, D, 168,220 Sehn1t7,1. 220 SL'11ll1l1L1l1l1,P. 161,164,171 Seh11r7,C. 162,163 Sehnart, D. 132 Sellneiger, 1.. 158,159,162,164, 170,220 Seott, 164 Sealneaeher, T. 161 Seeger, M. 164,168 Sei1i,C. 182 Seih, 11. 220 Seihert, 11. 165,167 Seitz,1. 163 Selva, B. 168 Sergesketter, 11, 161 Shaetfer, B. 119 Shatfer,1. 220 Shake, S. 132 Shake, S. S. 164 Shanks, R. 168 Shants, S. 129 Shaw, P. 220 Sheektee, C. 220 Shedden,1.. 162 Shelton, 1.. 160 Shepard, 170 Shepard, R. 166 Shepherd, A. 120 S11ep11erd,1.. 119 shepht-nl, M. 119 S1'1eppard,1. 166 Shetler, E. 164,220 She11'maker,P. 164,220 shields, B. 145,167,170 S11111l1lIm81l,-17. 159,168 Short, M. 125,160,161,171,1S2, 207,220 Short. 1. 70,71,167 s1'10ll1C101'S,f1. 161,164,220 Sho11se,R, 160,166 Shroek, C. 168 Sia11.1. 164 Siehers, B, 170,220 Sien1ers,C. 161 Siktlmerg, R. 162 Silva, W. 168 S1mI11L'11111i,f1. 164 Simmons, B. 160,164 Simpson, B. 167 Sims,1. 131 Singer. K. 220 Singleton, M. 161,169 Six, 1'1. 164 Skeen, D. 149 Skelton, M, 164,220 Skinner,1. 164,220 Slade, K. 120.171 S1ag11t,S. 164 Smitll, B, 162,169 Smith, C. 134 Smit11.1. 168 smi1h,j, 1.. 164,220 Smith. P, 134,164 Smith, R. 192 Smith, 11. 161,164,220 Smith, S. A. 129 Smith, S. 159,166,167,220 Smiler, C, 129 Snider, M. 161 Snider, M, 168,220 Snycler,1. 137,163,171 Snyder,1. M. 164 Snyder, M. 162,164 Snyder, 161,162,171 Snyder, T. 129 Sobbe, K. 125 So11man,C. 221 Sollmun, S. 158,221 Somheil, D, 169 Sonerd yke, C. 132,168 Soyngene, 1-1. 168 .J-an Spar11s.1. 168.171 Spa1111Iings,1. 131 51'X'11L'l'l'.1. 167 Spin-1-r.11. 16-1 Spil1wr.11. 125 Spillvr. C. 129.221 Spimllcr. 1. 221 Spincllvr, I. 221 Spm111111or1',1. 126 Spri11gsto11.C. 165,166 Sprua11. 11. 221 S1z1C1il111llSL'.N. 120 Stafford, D. 132 511111111111 P. 162.221 Staiislx-rr1,D. 129,164 S12lf11L1111.P. 16-I Staulmitv. B. 164,221 Steblvins, M. 192 S1t't'i1111i1l1,1'1. 131,159,160 'I1t'1'111IllL', B. 16-1.222 714L'VLlll11,D. 160,161,222 1'11iL'1. 11. 126 '1'11u111as. A. 164 '1'11011121S,f1. 172 '1'11u111us, S. 222 1'110111L1S, S. W. 170 I-1111111L15, W. 163 1'U111171i111S, 11. 222 1'11o111pso11,B. 164 121111l111lh1111,c1. 161 1'l1umps11n, D. 1. 132,168,222 IIIIUINPSUII, D. I.. 120 1'11u1npso11, M. 222 1'11u1npsn11, P. 164 1'11mnpsm1, S. 124 1111111'I1131'11, C. 129 1'i11L'rso11, D. 163 imma. M. 129 Stem-11-.CL 16-1 Sree-10.1. 16-1.221 516111-n,1. 164 Stei11.1. 167 Ste-pa11.11. 168,170 S1C'p11L'I1S, K. 164 Steplu-11s,M. 131,160 Step11v11s,11. 16-1 S1t'p11c11s,71'. 166 Ste-p11c11sn11,1. 162 Stcvviis, D. 120,170 S1SYL'l1S, 11. 166,221 Skickluy, M. 221 Stifflvr, N. 221 Stipplcr, D. 161 Sknjalwvicll, P. 166,I67,171,221 S1l7l1L'.1':. 168,171 Sto11L'11il1,C. 125,158,160 St01'L'1i111dl1,c1. 134,158 Stuvcr, Y. 162 S1'rz10f1L'r, S. 137,171 Strangu, D. 170 Strn11,1. 162 S1l1l1L'T.lN1. 166,168 Sll1I1Villl.S. 167 S1111iva11,'1'. 161 S11ai11,P. 168 Swain, 11. 137,151,164 SWCIISUII, K. 221 T Tacoma, P. 119,160 Taylor, D. 137 Taylur. 1. 125 '1'ay1nr,1.A. 125 Taylnr, M. 169.221 Taylor, 11. 164 Telfc r, 1. 160.169 Liu- 1111111-r.,l. 163 'I-Ol11L111, S. 137 '1'nn11i11su11, I.. 163 ,1.111111111S1!11, M. 16-1 1'on1pki11s, 11. 164 ,17lKl1iN1I1111, 11012 166 'I-IIXXIISCIIL1. 11. 173 '1'rva1.1. 1334 '1'r1ssvl,M. 165 'I'rut11,K. 164 '1'r011, I.. 120.16-1,166,171,222 ,1.llL'1iL'l'. P. 159,164,167 '1'1IC1iL'1',T. 160,161,168.171 '1'11c1wr, T. CI. 166,168,170 '1I1l1t'1,1. 163 ,1.111'1101', I.. 167,168 Tygart, N. 119,166 U Llt'1'7L'11121C14. D. 222 1'1ric11, M. 132 LlI1l1L'fX101K1, M. 137 l.l111LL'1111lIT1,S. 170 Upc1ikc,C. 169,172,222 Lltlm-5.11. 137.16-1.168.222 V Vaa1,1.. 164.167 vLlIll1L'S19C'1l,S. 134 Yer1c1,1. 164 Voss, 11. 168,173,222 W WHgl10T,c:. 162,222 1Vug11cr,11 222 Walilm-r, I.. 222 VVu1l1l11ul1, I.. 119 V1lLl111llLl1l,1'1. 129 V1'alw,ff 168 11'.1la11.1. 166 1vL1I1xL'f,f1 123,182 V1'a1111'r, I. 164.2253 1W'u11xL'r, S. 165,166 V1'a11x1'1'. 5. I". 16-1,223 V1'aIl1L'r, W. 16-1 Walla-r, If 164,223 Wa11i11g. S. 223 1VL11S11,1I. 162 Walsh, Ii. 223 1'1'a11o11, C. 164 1Vart1, M. 164 VviJI'I1l'F,1. 158,159,171 v1l1151111111l,11111, W. 123,160,223 Wasitis. W. 223 AV211Nll11,A1. 165 VVL1111U,B. 161 AVl'L1111C1'111I'C1, K. 223 1Vva1cr,S 168 VVQIJIQ, 12. 223 We-1111, M. 162 We-111-r, B. 161 1VC1wr, K. 16-1 W'ciss, 5. 165,223 1A'C1s1, S. 166,171 1.AlC11i'I11L'1l'1', 159,190,1F11Z.1 197 1Ve11s,I1. 169.223 11'e1111a11,11. 132 We-Imcr, S 190,192.196,197 1161, N. 164223. Westric1c,S. 164,223 VVe11'r, I.. 162 W11vu11111, 11. 126 Whirv, D. 2223 1V1111l'11111ISL', 11. 160,168 V1'11111Cc1ge', C. 168 1V11it1c1.1f. 132.168.2255 1.V1111S111. 8. 162,163 V1l11I1N11lL1l1,1. 134 Wian1,1. 223 AN1C11111i1I1,'11. 162 Wicker. 11. 161 Wiggcrs, A. 159,16-1,166,168,171, 223 Wi11111r11,I.. 134 1N11t1L'r, B. 137,168,170 1rV11K1l11dI1,xV. 147,158,223 1v111101111,c1. 223 V1'i11ii4.', S. 169,223 w11I..11. 126 11. 161 1fVil1iams,C. 120 Wi11iams,G. 164 Wi11iams,X1 168 1Al111111l11N,5 161 11'1111s,C 1512 X1'i11ix,1 ms 11'11111s. 1. 162,16-1,1733 11'i11n11g11111,'1'. 182,223 1A'i1111utIc, X1 2251 1'1'i1s1111,1 173 11'11s1111,1 1151 11'i1su11. 1" 167 11'11x1111, 1.. 132 11'i1s1n1. N1 119,161 A1i11S41I1, I". 223 11'1ls11ll,'1I 223 11'11su11, '1i.1 162 A1411l11L1L'11L'1', D 223 1'1'1II11.fCl', 11. 164.2253 111111111-r, D. 13-1, 1311, 16 Wi1111-r1mr11, 11 1:34 11'i111cr11111-11111-r. K 170 1141111c'rs,8 166 11'its111a11,1 151,161 1'1'i11.I. 110 1111112 I2 16-1.160 V1'111l'l111TLl1xl'f, D 167 116111. I.. 1311 11111111, K 164 11'111v11s,1f 159,166,225 116111111 artl. X1 123 11'1vr11i11gcr.1 164 11'r1g111,1f 164,170 11'rig111. X1 168,173 VV11111, 164 1'1'111cr,1 160 Y 1atcx,1 129 Yeager, M. 125 1'or1a,C. 16-1 101ll11.f, N1 170 Yllllllfl, 11 160 1m1111ccr,1'f. 164,223 1121111111-r, P. 223 Ymirgans, R. 168,223 Z Z1-11111-11,1. 171 111-gh-f. 11. 172 Zi1ia1i.A. 161 Zi1ia1x,K. 119.159 Zimmcr, D. 126 Z11'14L'111LlL'11,1. 126 Z011111i111,N. 167,166 4171223 231 2 iw?- 5: ' w E' 'f We 1 M fi? E3 4 af Qi K f, s, z ,E 2? E? if Q. il L , P N V ji-X K N5 1 5 "S3'V"' .11Fwm5f'. .335 L:-, J' ' . ,sn O O O A Tzme 0 Hat i Yi 1? 'kg v Q 'f W N 1 1 il 5 ' H L ff . '-we X f,- F' 1 ,xii- ..'4 J 34 'lf' ffl raid? 'fs-tp, if 1 ol fx 'f ' tk 1A ' V fl! 3 g ,fl la V ,Kt.:'.e fav 5 ,a 1 - 1 V 15 " 'J Y ' ,.' X, . RSV: " '4 lbw, f sfl ' xi' f f rf-Q 41' 423 3- 4 f 5 f s m 1 , I '. o f 4 J ' A 6 9 il you ,V ff 4 S -v-J W 5' ' . 1 ,,, f ur , In ,A I 3 " " 4. , 4 .1 '2- x Q, Q, , , ny . . 'f lv '- "' r,-518 r . -' M1 fr-X . 'fqiawtg . v ve. sf, ,C Q ! pr QB fa? A, '53 1 1 . 12- 'ya' -,vz, , '5- 53 Q29 if 4. -- -Q. I A .3 Oni, , 4. 'nfl , It .1 . was 1 ,K . 111- ' us' f 3 'sz ' 4 fn., if? A W , 'A 1 . A - t ,- ' 16" A 144 . , , A , .y 'V r i u .3 ,Jx 5 Q y . I 5 E if K .. ' W ' 3 k S 1 5 'I i h i r if Q , 14? HJ' ' ' 1? 'wr' 3, 4 gag bw' 4' M' 4 fu my W1 , A ' M 1 A A ...A - a ? .wh t' ' f X I V F ,. ! , MVA .. MLM , wx. f , kk , una-.WH ' rw W pg NW, 'ww v N. iw-' 'A ,.-.., NA I f K ,,,, , I 1' ffl . I , M 4 X M., I il' ,W W V """"' ' N"-n. - L W, QR, x Z M, L W4 .W 'X , ,,,V,Wf Q., x M' , so f 'Wm HV! xg ..,,,, .," .M f - , .N 'I ,,,,,.X W- 'Qs-M N ?,,.-M ..-, K W W I mm. 13, vw XA' ,,, ,, f,,..,, Q 5 M , in by , x I 4 W Q 5 , W A ,M " ' 1 N , M 'sf '51 , - HY" if E! 3 xr 5, 5 ww, , N ff M X W Q1 ' f f W Av.. V Mm 1- Mn. .uf mm -dbh , , ,W , M mf Q ww 'fu' 5 1 "' X P xi Q W- , X if M' f 3 3 x 5 f 5 F i Y -v- .uv- 4 1970 LINC STAFF Editor-in-Chief Art Editor Photo Editor . . Copy' Editor . . Sports Editor . . Creeks . . Residences . . Academics Seniors Organizations . . Index .............. Carol Linn Kistnei Cary Dyer Herb Ziegler Rick Barter Mike Madrid Stephanie Ligon Becky Knight Marion Hardin Theresa Crawford Lee jerger Mary Herner Photography by student photographers Herb Ziegler, Lee jerger, Mike Freeman, Max Fall, Carol Kistner, Wayne Kline, Mike Berg, Bruce Burchfield, and Rick Barter. Other photographs courtesy of Miss jean Coyle, Robert Byler, Bill Adkins and Sonny Brown of The Evansville Courier. and Randy Dieter of The Sunday Courier df Press. Copy written by Rick Barter, Dave Longest, Mike Boaz, and Dave Rutter. Faculty Advisers: Robert Byler, Howard Oagley. Senior portraits by Stewarts, Washington Square Mall. Cover design by jerry Points. WALSWORTII 240 Marceline, Mo., U.S,A. I' ' I .f ., -'T I ' ' JH' .J Af' l V ' ,r- , Q Q-Ps. , , , . 'F ' I 1 , A -4 , Y g f-I .' 4 a f n , A ' . 1- . , . 1 - , r e - r . . 1. 1 n 2 , .V x n . n 1 -. ,. , . 1, ,L - , F. . x 4 -. . A ' f 1 i - ,. v w , 1 X .' v ., a 4 1 5 I 1 ' 4 r r v r 1 I -1 I i x 1 , , .. O.- gh . -Q 1 n , . lf. .,lV .x , v A' . I v vi: 'Q 'H A r X 51' Us I I 1 ull? I7 I Q. ' 111 -Q ' ' .., ,.w,no... .--In 1 Y. WE . fa . , , .. B I I ' , 1 5 . . , " L .ggi-: .' V V' 'J ' 'Q . . . ',,, . I lr . 1 ". 47 - ' ., , 11? . , . , ' 'J 'ful wi .n' 9'T'f,'m E1 ' Y n I .fl IR, f-. Yr -2 , O 4. 4,723 af"-. .4 533 my Ad- f,l,J,,,,,,Qg,,,,i,,f,,.fy',-,f'fWu1WWlU'rff" Mem' mf IQ'ai'r ' ri' . a- , 7911, ,N 1 ' ,. 3'1- ,gmfgf"'f- W4 '- 5 . ea, ,1 1 E V ,,,,. 'WET -- . Q- if M' ' ffl-"f'SVfi A iw? Ng- 4 f- .w 4f'f,pf,',??'f-Mlffii. '- A -'44 .xx 5 'Wp5,fM,.,WMmlwi.7Q 544- , AK" MWEHFHZ if -'fi 'f ,Lf V A ff' ,, A - ' 4 , Q! "" ,,,.,.1'zj,MP?E3q.fNgN1 " H , , . ,V ,,, W FH ., .J ,,,,.. ,W mf, V HW. - "H W r- ., .... 4,5 fx, K Al I K Yu J 'Aw- ,r 4310" 'fl Puffy 'GQ 'F ,, . 4. f QJIN, 311-6 , Pl!! 5' 5- -Q-f 'Sf' 5-iff' . 'ff bi gh lv' -L' "V 4 V. 'f' r: 1. V ,, 'Ar if ' Nvx, ibm, a uw, I'-'- N 5,3 Q Q A Qwf gnj g f 3 1 'Q' 'mf me, wi , 'J A A 3 0 , if E f W W , W Z . 1 5.1 5- mhvglgquvfx "" A ,.,.i ., , ' , fx - f 'W""" I 4 ' - 44 - M + x -4 , W ' n r A ,- ' .rf-ga Q iv 11:7-?4Z""W. 1 . ., 5 ,,,., -up an AV ,f -ff-Hfwf ww.. l ' , 'uc . :fy-I 'ff' , ' ' a- . - --r , , , f w 1 .gh JJ 1 'JW-'N - V-k H

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