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UNIVERSITY OE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE, INDIANA NINETEEN SIXTY-NINE VOLUME EORTY-SEVEN MIKE PULLIN, EDITOR CAROL KISTNER, MANAGING EDITOR PATTI BROOKS, COPY EDITOR ROBERT BYLER, ADVISER HQW MANY GOODLY CREATURES ARE THERE HERE II W III CAMPUS LIFE FACULTY SENIORS ACTIVITIES! HONORARIES FRATERNITIESf SORORITIES RESIDENICE UNITS ATHLETICS INDEX 'IO 68 96 'I2O 156 'I82 'I98 224 if IL 2 X, I A,,.-,. ,- A I f ff N, x.-.. -R ,Q , f if ,. I , X -in , x X, ,- Z - mm ww H0 BEA TEGUS A KI D IS! g I fm Q M-' , X I xv I ' 5 fs - - W 4 Q Y .Q 1 ' 5 iw ' . . f .- ' X f"2 ' fL. 1!' if . i RW - v sf v ,tw ,fs , -fr X. . ,,,, s A ... ' Q s xt?--N3 as N, . A.. rdf" 5? ef' W 'Axim 'P .y , , 'wwe , 1 ' KA A MQNWW. ,I 'Sl , ' .. f .. . 1 . if W Q Q f I .,.. N S:-mm ---1:... f ,.1,,1..x s- 7 4 ,wi .. . .. J -" "PW4fa , , Man's true beauty is a subtle one, one that he himself may never fully realize because he all too often thinks he finds beauty where it isn't . . . at all, at all. He searches for shades without color and the formless shape of the gesture that we men make, dryly. He lives a life of superficiality, and looks more counterfeit than real . . .a grand disguise. So he ambles, rambles, runs through his life, searching for some semblance of genuine beauty. But what is it? It is not the beauty of a Max Factor face, or the beauty of a Brooks Brother's suit. It is the beauty of his action. It is the beauty of his mind. It is the beauty of his love . .. and of his soul. si as 'I , ,aww f jug-. l 6 BIQA E EW WGRLD Student riots, black power, pot, war that's not war, and contradicted talk of ABM's to insure peace, liberty, and, of course, democracy. Nearly cliches, brave new words have stalked into a brave new time that dares be nothing else. It proclaims the death of God and then of sex in a-passionate faces, of Hugh Heffner love machines and Doris Day movies lt no longer trembles at wind-shaking whispers, but quakes as theater of cruelty screams protests of oppressed. The logos have become brave new war, brave new hatred, and brave new uncertainty. Students, with little patience left, seek and cry for somewhere some brave new love. 5 X 7 v'2 A rf-j, x 6 fx 0 Q4 X XX X ta.. 4? I THAT HAS SUCH PEOPLE IT. People that live and move and play and . . .are they know not what, but people a world made more than "beauteous by their being. The UE people are people of interaction, yet they like to be very much alone sometimes. They are people of pride, a pride sometimes Dantesque . . . but usually not. They are people of inexhaustible energy, but, at times, personifications of lethargy and apathy. These people are concerned, and this is perhaps unique in their generation. They give a damn... not only for themselves, but for things that matter in their world. They speak out, slumber, smile, and "chew the fat They play their self-appointed parts numbering seven from mewling infant, through the intermediate stages which they now play to oblivion. ll Q lf? 'K Q4 f 'Nw s T 3 3 th tx aw, Q .mg Q., X x I 'W ,cs x M. N ' Y .. .-Q 1 . ,Q . ui?" -K Q. Q- y'tx " fd ..wy"t"' fw-+25 is-.if ri '--X. 1 2.. . gifs flu' ,: f Q .Q VA' G af A - - Kxxvbx , is X' - S- , Y Q vQd'.Aw - K ff' Q A 2 5 EQ: - Q ffl,-1 'K . Sl, ja 1 Q Y 0 gf ,.3,t Q iq' "X, wt A 526116-Q Y W w ' A f 'W ' l , X " H ff' 'iq' . . ' f . p . K' sfijfs' .. I ' Wi.fQ'gi"Hf 5 A E l I Q Sk: 'Jaffe :af l X Q -lj' .Q ' ' 53 A L -Qi... ,'0Sf"f,M'. . f' An V Q , I hu A , in ,Z .. yy., . I . s e ,ig N f M The UE student steps outside Y, ,f ' fx 'K ' 95" nity! if ,X f 3.54 X B ' A2 ,.:: . . W 2 ' it ff 1541, a world perhaps too wide and lives four years 184 ' '-- A t. t in a miniature world: ' Sf? the BRAVE NEW WORLD of the universit cam us. if w ? , - . g v . Q 2 , He comes as a child becoming adult llv 3 V S V QM. and tries to find answers to F "What will you be when you grow up, Sonny?" Q gl 4 And did God really die? ,sw 5 4 I t 3 "' A ' ' S 2 i' XX And what is Truth? And what Beauty? Q WFS If ,Y Y 4 I: 4 if 1 K 'lf I wi V N ' Q ia S it X . y ya 1 A l7" 'li But that's not all. Standing at the doorway of a new decade, he's asking - "What's it all about?" THE WCDRLD CDF THE Ll I V CAMPUS The world of the living campus is people- exciting people making exciting things happen. lt's a busy world to match the one too wide where there are too many things to do, too many places to go, too many people to meet, and where a 24-hour day is obsolete. What's worth all this? Those precious moments when the child-become-man catches one smile in a crowded room, when he sees this snow-white, wonder-land world is his . . . created for him and his creation. af" t ff' , ,, it F 1. ' fin .. . ,. s 'Q --. ra THE IVERSITY In the darkness of a troubled age the University stands as one of the few bright lights. Here is the hope that a world plagued with darkness may find enlightenment. Yet even here the darkness persists. The darkness of Communications failures the darkness of a generation gap, the darkness of academic imprisonment, and the darkness that for many means nothing more than a darkness of skin that is somehow inferior. What is the role of the lights? Obliterate the dark? Or perhaps complement it? The University: a show of lights and shadows. 3 I l , N .N , -3 '. A I' Q Q wi- . 4 ,g,g,t',. at 1. 2. ,s . ' 4 , . , 1-:iw-1"n-E H4 Q D 5?.ksE,rYl',izg:5 Lgr. A. f1 - Q a. Y ' ,,4!:2ki5i,j7gv 4 ' A 'x'ff+'4xw4 g:,'gaQ.,55g,, fr? ' Piotr? 'JJ nazi! L . ,,:. K4-1 ,. 'v?"':. .1 ,-""'N"' NA :Grew s s a V' nfrgis I .975 -'S 'arffft ,uw an 51 t If miata? I ELCCDME FRESHME . THIS IS COLLEGE! No matter what he's heard, the freshman's first week isn't for real until he lives it. It's a big step, they said, and he discovers at least it's many-especially if he lives on a fourth floor. But-just once- thank heaven for upperclassmen-the strong ones who grin and bear his department store into his half of a 12x15 room. As perspiration drips and patience wanes, he stands in line for three days. lt won't be this way all the time he's here- just half of it. In three short days he's entered a new world, a collage of individuals, and he is one. He's changed. He'll not go home again. The next four years are his-the best yet to come. -1 e ft Z ,K , ?N,,g,Hf . Kiki ifgheiy AW as fm , ,J I5 Jw A 51 xv cfm , Pictured below are Ice Breaker queen Candidates. FRONT ROW: Helms Mason, Becky Harte, Karen Simpson, Rene Roberts SECOND ROW: Mary Hart, janet Vandewaller, and Cindy Schenk. fo 1 use Q 1 - . - T-529' 1 ' " .. fr - V- S I X W V fi " ' vt f . , 435- , if 'x-5-Tt.4Q'Z, .x 33-'LM' gfjwkg KN ff" h A, e - , - - ic 5 I ff' ' Q Ii f WZ WW Sf Q A -. REQ si 3. fe kr if 5 1 ,, fwwwwwe 'f' 1 E a fk Wt 4 - f S. 5 'Y E K. .fu 1 Q ??s' 'gulf I Y 3 '95 , E , C' v f- libs X 1 .- tl! fix? SN'T F LL UN, UN, UN! "For everything there is a season and a time for every matter..." and fall is no season or time for the UE student to spend weekends in the dorm. Fridays do come and though for some its arrival means going home, CUE a suitcase campus?l for others it means lawn parties and, this year, Li'l Abner parties at the Lambda Chi House, luaus with SAE's, go-go girls at the Sig Ep red door, TKE's return of the playmate, and Phi Kappa Tau's road rally followed by beach party. The ice breaker dance once again broke ice for co-eds early on the lurch to catch a husband but especially for Cindy Schenk crowned queen of the annual event. Was the cast built for Barb or she for it? Obviously the latter as Lambda Chi's named Barb Podorski Miss Water Melon Bust 1968. Fall? . . . Fun? . . . Uh-huh! K fi sfaq Nj . Y , 1. ff tfii Sf' '4 X i N 'z N. V ,, WL, -wa.,,N M X 5... . THE STUDE T LOVES TC PLAY Born into a world which numbers work the first of its seven deadly virtues, the UE student sometimes escapes from its "Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head" threat. Denying his pawn, no-exit life, he manages to find an hour, or maybe two, in his day of 50-minute divisors when he can loaf, goof off, play or just do nothing. It is in these rare moments- less rare for some than for others- that he becomes something, something besides activity number 47520 or meal ticket number 1793 or third row, second from the aisle. He's becoming an individual learning the rules of his life-game, accepting its checkmates, and, best of all, laughing at its losses. WV S X X I A Y , ,.-. , gi XX x'xX ' 45' - ,Rm R 5 F? ..1...,........ Y ' o ygwd' nn. is , . ,maklff M 3' ! , f 3'-v WI "' V 1 - - 'ns X N 3 .A il . X X www XS, SQ 2 S -XR' W Q X 7 ,f ,Wx X XQ, Nf m gy K w Xym WMNX my , K . .,1, X V X -MW, ., -. if , Q E S wz , -www?-fi 'ADAM . W my x S 5 . f A 3 , 5 s Q Q X Z , 5 : W - Mix NN Q 1 N .W x L 1 B T STCDPS TCD STUDY... FUR A WHILE. While play may be the object of a given moment, study is the purpose of our four-year experiment in higher education. Here is the whole realm of academic interests Cand lack of interestsi. The basics-Comp 101, Psych 121, Bio 100- are a boring snap for some. For others? The Fates that snip strung wishes for a college career. These are the courses to be chewed, digested, or gulped down raw. Once the groundwork is laid, the super-structure of learning can be constructed. What happens at this stage can be as complex or as elementary as the individual builder chooses For the builder who wants the very finest it means reading long hours into the night, searching endlessly for one obscure reference, and often ignoring housekeeping for the sake of something that must be built: a sturdy structure-"the house of intellect." :B 5 p ng, f ,?5W 1S.f'.rL:Fr ' ',-'ti f , ,J ,Z ,N '1 V , A I 'Q . n Q . V I, fm , , R4 K, , ,., 4- ' 'aw W T73 1' Qi Mxxlx x X e 7 A fl ,X -2- .Q Nxxx Q ,- , ,,, . Q, .,, ,,,..,...'-"' aff ,Zi Q N N Y 4 X H ji l 'lv THE 9-3 UE STUDE T The world of the UE campus is a different world when seen from the eyes of the commuter. lt's a daytime world for most, one that doesn't exist for him after his last class ofthe day. He enters it for that nine o'clock with maybe not another class till noon, and he doesn't really havetime to leave it to go home in between. The Union and the library fast become a haven for the times between the bells- the cafeteria or the Indian for lunch and talk with other "townies" or a few stray "dormies" and the library to pick up that book he can't come back to get at night, when this world for him has ended- till tomorrow. i , -,rw fm- 5 fn- A ,ir 'SV' ww N W . THE UE U I0 HUB OF NIVERSE A world within a world within a... the McCurdy Alumni Student Union stands as classroom for Seminar in Living 101. Here there are no dry voices but the rich, melodious sound of harmony. A charming place. A meeting place. A very good place, directed by Mrs. Louise Land in straw hat... and otherwise, programed by Nira Zuroske on phone... and otherwise. It is here that nothing is ever quite the same, and that's good! lt is here that commuter meets resident, independent meets Greek, and that's good too! It is here that the diversified elements that characterize the urban campus are given the chance to mingle in an atmosphere most healthy. And this is very, very good, quite good. This is a place where every student can be a part of a very perfect Union. X MM, ,Wmwf-N N, ,,, ,, .fix ff?rm'R3 X2 we f 1 23 bi? . f-, 3, s,.1 lf. .:.,.. . HM,- 'fv f . . 4 mf, ff f' - , I 5.4,-w ZA - 1 3 E f i 2 W ww' ,I 'V Y, r W. , sex --4244. it wk' ,THB THE UE U IO CDRKS FUR Y A billiards tournament in the games room, a bridge game in the patio, a meeting of the board in a committee room upstairs... It's a busy, busy place, the UE Union. Staff and nine committee chairmen work from fall's Campus Chatter through the annual Christmas Party to spring's Recognition Dinner, providing a place for the UE student to buy used books at the STA, to study in a quiet place, to eat, or just to play. ln. 4 fam ' I, 's 4'-5-'lf gf' , 0.3 P i . . 31,531 QW, ' i'4ym' - . ,Q , 'P' K.. ' 1, 471' av' .XJ .. --Q!! 6---,-'.'11'if 'E r 17- a ffav5L4,, '1 ".19,. MM Emcees, Rick White and janet Blue KRIGHTJ introduced the entertainment for the evening while the women of the University Apartments CABOVEJ, winners of second place limited, provided it. The Chi Omega Moon shot KLEFTJ fell short, but the men of Phi Mu Alpha KBELOWD sailed through to victory in the mixed limited category with a "time tunnel" Columbus. Various groups demonstrated "A Funny Thing" really did happen on the way to Musical Madness. ABOVE: Alpha Omicron Pi, BELOW: Lambda Chi Alpha, RIGHT: scholarship award winner, Larry Eiffler, receives prize. Becky Prince lnot pictured? received the other scholarship. FUNNY THI G PPE ED... Weeks of work and worry, lots of wonder and not a few wishes, and yet, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to . . ." the twenty-second Musical Madness. Before the biggest audience in MM's history, AOPi's proved once again that teachers always win while the men of Lambda Chi Alpha captured first in their division with a fanciful rendition of the draft. Chris Columbus made his comeback, tumbling into '68 to the tune of the fastest harp in the time tunnel as University Apartments' jack fell out of a fairy tale and onto Bosse's stage. Chi O's in out-of-this-world costumes found craters on the moon? No: nonconformity. And then? Anything goes! This year the proceeds went to Becky Prince and Larry Eiffler as 5300 scholarships. Yes, it's music and it's mad. lWho taught the judges how to add?J And-despite Trevathan's call- there really was another. . . after all. ...,..-f AV A! The winter is cold and the nights are long long long. Thank goodness for UB and the Zeta's! President's Ball and the Zeta Tau Alpha Mardi Gras come as welcome interruptions of the humdrum winter doldrums. Union Board's Prexy Ball honors all Campus presidents as well as UE's own Wallace B. Graves. A night to dress up, be presented, and feel pretty important. The Zeta's Mardi Gras is far more Casual providing a chance to dress up and act a little Crazier for a while. All this fun! And for charity too! LL-CAMPUS RUNS AW Y WITH SGA A perfect campaign to end all campaigns- this was the mutual goal of All Campus and Action parties as political wheels began to spin into the all-important spring election of SGA officers. Bargains and barters lnone dare call them bribesl bounced off and sometimes were absorbed into uncommitted but influential groups while the campus metamorphosed overnight into a living billboard. Action Party ran Dennis Brinkmeyer and jensen, Butler, Crocker, and Vote. Could they lose with iridescent license plates and bigger-than-life portraits? Yes. Six years of experience did make a difference for All Campus. In a clean but narrow sweep, we elected Barry Allred president and backed him up with Steve Creekbaum, Patti Pennington, lack Paulen, and Becky Prince to head an on-the-move SGA. W 1 'Ar i I ,X L , V' Y as W " ' , ., y 9 V we Q, X , :.. V ,, Q M my Q iff- , W W ,ai P 1 Y , W .N , U g fl 15 y f l, frjfgfgj' -I , ,Wai -f if SQ ix , X , gk z 5 jf Q Q ' S568 5 2 -5 2' fx W' I " M92 43 x S' ki if 4 X YP A WS 5' , , ' 4, fi' ' Q iw - .... fl x "' Q' 44 'I S' '4,"g. .1 f 1 1:.. 3' X"i' ,f iii 9" 5? 3 wx 45 1 " Q -A . f N X f YW 4, X 1 5 qgwff-sw M Asked 15' ' 953' ,. fi 5 1 1. V, il 1 11,1 cl + , PE I J 34 SWING! ' SPRI C-I 'WEEKE D UE's answer to IU's "Little 500" was a Spring Weekend sponsored by SGA and packed with happenings: "The Happenings" and "The Mitchel Trio" who performed in a less than packed stadium. Friday brought awards for everybody. But, best of all, classes were cancelled. Nine beautiful ladies- fair and fresh as a day in May-vied for queen. But students voted Chi O Barb Sanford fairest. Snow and ice might have stopped a strawberry breakfast, but rain didn't, thanks to Harpers. Six co-eds worked long, hard hours preparing for the Miss UE title and the Michigan City pageant. judges selected Phi Mu Bev Terhune for the crown as her sister, loyce Sander, became Miss Congeniality. It was the middle of an exciting weekend that rolled into Saturday with one event left and one question looming: the bike race and could Lambda Chi make it six in a row? l k rf - -1 SQ 1 5 'L is 1V'V,',Y.f""i if! hi ' ' g If Q fs. s sa ,,, di - x E A f sf - Q X M 'W' s , XM V l 'EA X' ,C li 3 ., . A ' X 2. Ki 4. fi, V' Q of J Yr' S anim is gf wg , -'-'will lf s- . 'G S cf f A u . 1 1 if-.-.., S -SA 5 l AD 9 ' S" W ,,,, f W V V ZZ I , K V fs-w.h .. X? if I .,,.,,.. ,, ,V J x V If lr V M 4 I C W A Q22 V , , ,fy ' f V f A , ' A ,f . , I- , .ffm L, , ,, fLQ,, 4 ,fm 533 . awww. V, BIG "39" RIDES AC-AIN! They couldn't do it. They just couldn't. After an impressive, confidence-inspiring string of five wins, Lambda Chi Alpha bowed to a stronger team from Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lost in the excitement were the other teams: SAE's, TKE's, Hale, and Newman. "Whose fault was it?" "Didn't we work hard enough?" "It had to happen sometime." "But we've always won! "There's always next year." But not this year. Sig Eps captured the Big T39 trophy with a deserving and practiced team. Chi O's backed TKE's and won the cheering trophy, but "Splash!" and Sig Ep sweetheart, Chi O Becky Cooper CCoopl goes in, while up go disappointed cries of defeat mingled with ecstatic shouts of long-awaited victory. II if F' nf' va' f. " 3. dvr.. 2 tink. by ,...-,f?L 'SEKUQ M ,W x -A . r s , .W xx 1:2 Q xv vi RELIC-I0 CGLLEGE LIFE Religion-no isolated segment in UE campus life began in September to tell it like it is. University Christian Movement studyfaction groups jumped into the "nitty-gritty" to become a real undercurrent in Campus issues and Community problems. Dr. Tex Sample was resource leader for Religion in Campus Life Week in November that short but busy week and retreat to Santa Claus Campground. During it, UE's own Dr. Paul Schlueter told us how it is- at least how it is with the literature of Henry Miller-"Rebellious Puritan." Dr. Perkins, Father Kress, and Ray Lynn, Neu Chapel's triumvirate, experimented with new forms of worship, planned sometimes by students, sometimes themselves. Neu opened its doors not only for Thursday chapel, but for Sunday and became the scene for sensitivity training for the Controversial "orgy," and for Concerned people seeking a quiet, quiet place. f x 1 , N X A , v in x wg, A 39 ,xx at .awfxmfwfff mfmm Am, www WfJ'4'..'ws'vmx X fx x is x V iw mx f ' 'W 4? f ' 55 , A P. J V ,X fy if Mfg, we if 7:11742 iif..':- 'ji Q, Q Q 2 Ni in fi wr- . 'Wi V.-PPA -lri 2 . A Wig, v, My X sg X , X Ei ' ' Q ,M is fs f,,,e3l . if A M, 1 my ' , W,ggafQ34xWg,9P"'h,,' QR," X z'3'WWf' f .. The 1968 Homecoming Queen candidates were, SEATED, left to right: Kathy Ziliak, Nancy Allen, Ellen Price, and Donna Libbert. STANDING: Nancy Elson, Donna Thorn, Judy Ellison and Diane Neal. HOMECOMI G EEKE D This was a festival of competition. Thirty feet of chicken wire... Lots of crepe paper tbuy the store outl . .. And boards Klan you hammer a nail?l . .. There were weeks of designs and brainstorms and stuffing parties. Yet it was a long day's night of UE students who hammered and stuffed their lawn displays into the wee hours of Friday Moore Hall "backed" Ellen tElliel Price all the way to the crown and the title of Homecoming Queen. For this was a festival . .. johnny Carson brought his shbw with Doc Severinsen and Phyllis McGuire. This was the competition. This was the festival. This was f aw' J ' : W? .1 1 x LHS A w 42 HOMECCDMI CELEBRITIES T 44 Homecoming is a festival of celebrities. UE alums, students, and friends flocked to Robert's Stadium for celebrities johnny Carson, Doc Severinsen, Phylis McGuire. They were greatto be sure. Their big names sold the weekend. But for some reason the most important celebrity by far is the one we pick ourselves: Ellie Price. UE's Bachelor of the Year Sammy Small, from Hughes Hall got his just rewards from Beverly Terhune UE's reigning Miss while a bevy of Basketball beauties hopefully vied for the Queen's title: Emily Bacus Debby Winkler Debbie Dearmin Karen Lunsgaard Pam Naberhuis Barb Podorski Cheryl Williams and Billie Alden. Phi Mu Winkler won the title and the also-rans waited for another time, another year, anothertitle. BACHELORS AND BASKETBALL QUEENS L. w w, Wmr S O ANCE THE KILLI G GROUN Images of excellence are often indistinct and most usually rare, but UE Theatre players David Emge, Cheryl Scammon and Ron Glass, directed by john David Lutz, found most appropriate images for the William Hanley play, SLOW DANCE ON THE KILLING GROUND. Awesome talent. Remarkable interpretation. Here is a "new" world . . . a world of violence Can we escape it? Hardly. Can we ignore it? Hanley says not. But must we succumb to it? . . . Yes. There is no other answer unless, amid the chaos of a brutal age, we can hope for, search for, and maybe find a quiet, quiet. . . place. 4llIlhwA Am I 4 I R ,x W f N ml THE MISER Emge shines again reflected in the hoarded gold ofthe masterpiece THE MISER. And the brilliance- definitely Moliere! ln humor bitter and sophisticated, savory slapstick and fatuous farce, Dr. Sam Smiley showed once more that the classics are anything but dull. It's the creative imagination of a very spirited and talented troupe that breathed the breath of now into Harpagon's greedy world. It's a world still seething with avarice, a world still more obsessed with possessions than with love. Sad. Yet, what better way to meet such a world than with an occasional smile and a happy face? ARMS A THE MAN It was "Shaw-business" for UE theatergoers primed forthe wit and pricked by the satire that is strictly G.B.S. Dr. Sam Smiley selected ARMS AND THE MAN for UE's entry into the American College Theatre Festival. He directed his company-headed by Mike Pullin, Janis Puckett, David Emgee, and Cheryl Scammon- into the number one spot in state competition, which meant a trip to Athens, Ohio, for regionals. Pullin as Sergius, who "never apologized," had no need for apologies. The half-dozen Sergiuses popped vibrantly in and out of him. By a flutter of lashes, vivacious, coquetish, precieux Raina tPuckettl pulled the life-strings of Sergius and her Chocolate Creme Soldier lEmgeel and charmed an admiring audience into her world. What a play! Was this a play! Pshaw! me -ix.-:1 x. , ' 2'-I : iv-if .A , ..,, ., '?.".EQi K. -!si4f:fL"g2- ax' 'iw ' by 'FY 1 mEl2i3f5e 'Qfwz-1:1 f'f9'5fW52:"" ,,-f.,9.1ltw:I2-,..t-g,Lf,5'Q Y.. 'w,1fQ9l'3f Lf. zz' KI Tw' P54 .' f ,u x L., ' Af viii' 4 A I I 4 if, 'Sw ' :ya 15,1 ,E M 1 i 1 1 , 1 x ' x Ev "1 s" 3 -BJ .4 x xxm THE PERSECUTIG AN ASSASSINATID 0 IEA -PA L MARAT AS PERFORMED BY THE I MATES DE THE ASYLUM OF CHARE T0 U DER THE DIRECTID OE THE MARQUIS DE SADE It was shocking, and that is understating, it was theatre of cruelty, it was rough and rigorous drama that screamed violence of revolution, of personal annihilation, and of the cruelty of sheer existence. THE PERSECUTION AND ASSASSINATION OE IEAN-PAUL MARAT AS PEREORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE ASYLUM OE CHARENTON UNDER THE DIRECTION OE MARQUIS DE SADE was all this and more. It was deformed, fiendish images of mankind as a mad animal. Or were they deformed? Dr. Dudley Thomas directed the Peter Weiss play. Mike Pullin was voted a second Sammy in his role of Sade. Terry Clark played Marat. MARATfSADE's purpose as drama? Perhaps to make its viewers see "the important thing is to pull yourself up by your own hair, turn yourself inside out, and see the whole world with fresh eyes" tMaratl. It was an audience involved, seeing with fresh eyes, immediately effected, later reflecting. "What was it about? I don't know." "Did I like it?" "You don't like things like this." 'J , X fm .fi S . K NA, xx N X K si, MfTi5,5i,t f'f:"K , sq k if 5 W X f x ,V , Q , ' 1 Nm 4, , -Ky ' 14 kv' 3 '66 of ly 4 , gf L ' f , 1 Ki? 3 " K' ""' . , 4-. il ,N , W X 1 F 1 ,, ww , 125 'xv f WX 4 1, ff ,4 . W ' PRIMARY, CAMPAIG , ELECTIO --'68 Screeching relatives and crooning Bobby Darin wooed and wowed us all last spring, atleast until May 7. What did they want? These handsome women and well-dressed men? Nothing but our wholehearted support for their party's nomination for. . . We sorta liked McCarthy-in CHOICE '68. But he left the primaries with a heavy heart- and a third place. For Nixon, Indiana meant one more happy passel of delegates for the Miami convention while Humphrey cringed as the opposition picked up more votes. But for Robert Kennedy, Indiana was a giant step into the wonderful world of political arenas that glittered with promise but ended for him with a bang... and a whimperg a world that nevertheless gained momentum whirling into November's once-in-four-years day when the nation was confronted with a third party that left the other two rocking in a scared boat. Wallace made a good showing, but not good enough We elected Richard M. Nixon, the President with a promise for unity and with four crucial years to unite. I I I fl Fi QI WW XY L'-s 1 S X. ,- U XM B . ex Yugi: v NSS rr.-ff ff-s-.-, xx S'Il'.':'w-: l ,Ev 5. f f.'vI3"'f" 1 -I-If Y 1.-,. q'--. my XR NR Ne"fTQ:7?'2':f I . Tv' 1:9 . 1 8 S in 11, JJ ,V arm , , Az .W auf nf Ri, 31 W .,.., M ,, Q . ,V wi Q WA 'Nw .1 ' . sv , , me I R w Qf 6 , , , NL ,f5:.j1w.-. 9 ,, , .ww . V2,?Z1rTM2:gg,,.,M f V f' Q . X-it A Q , ,fm'N"""' 'P , ww Nw. 56 USICAL MADNESS Some were well-known, some hardly recognized and some disguised, but every proverb in Musical Madness '69 spiced the show with ginger and variety. Phi Tau's took first in their division for an atypical skit- "Happiness is a Warm Gun," while Phi Mu Alpha walked off with a first by reviving "This is Your Life." But the Moore Hall chicks "cackled" themselves into the big one: the Bob WerneBest All Around trophy. How? By "refraining from calculating their juvenile poultry 'ere the process of incubation was completely materialized"- of course! C X x I , ,, '. w.. EL- ,UM AMW E115 x E R I L A T Q H 'Ya fx! 3 kd, xxx. K lst 4. W , . I Q J ,M l . 4 4 X? X X Qs ,I ,, 9 ,ffm ,J , , , 541- ' 'M ff! is ,, in +1 C: M 1 241 ff ff J 9' A V ' ff' , .-,-. 2 QM' 1 W +,XjQ.' QW ' 2 5845 : aww--'i QW ' 37 sp! Wi f x I s 1 v Y , I U LNG 'K . A , QA frm ' ' AN 'NYS f 3 ' X f uf U W 5 I K v X W if af X If k 2 X f' '75, ,, J : , QQ' X 4 I ,d . l . 1 . 1 4' -pu :au .f .v F , , . 04 ,Q . w v,,,' V ' ' " PK:f"'j 452151. .f ,f I 'f Y :gf QL -beg.. , W 1 1 W ff ' Las " V If ' - 3--5-'ff' N. .. - ,sv 44,.rx.,Z, Ni fy, ,. . , . . ,mf 'rf .5 .' -.A,".?'a , 'TL " 7 :,. -'4,fjij'g:I-.1 "W . V4 Q 5 ., ' N -Q. x .- M:-'z.. 1. fbi: ' " ' '?5'5ii:C v jg-'i w , sy 5 I" ' 'W , ilmi ,, , . 1. V151 A ! Pwa Nw ,A . ww Ax, 1 x A 1 + f .3 i.. ..x. 'km ,b-N x K Y ia X Xx .E "7 xl N X f I Q X X 4 Y X A X if '69 SPRI HAPPENINGS Spring and a young man's fancy turns to . .. Well, Steve Creekbaum's turned to SGA elections and a successful campaign for him, Mike Warner, Ellie Price, Susie Hixon, and Richard Dick. Other fancies turned to the Mil Ball and Queen Debbie Winkler, crowned at the Ramada dance sponsored by Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight Spring '69 at UE also saw the Lecture Series' cigar-waving Art Buchwald "witticize," satirize, and charm. The end of the year also brought the third almost-annual Gridiron starring Crescent and Pi Delta Epsilon: Profs were roasted and awarded, and everyone took a quick look back on a year that was good, could have been better, but in any case, deserves at least a laugh. MAY D Y MEANS N0 CLASSES, GTC RE IE , QUEE , ARDS, EGG TOSS ef , X ,ffgwx ,,, ' im f -,W,fw.wg- Aw SQ? , 4 . f , , ,4,f,,.s -gafy.,-1 Q f ...f --.- 14 1, yi Af, qmfv. fl ., l 'iff 4 " K A iam. " ' f" A """"" 1, , 'mv 1 , 4, , P- 1 A A I A j 151313. ' , I li' ' ,, . ,L ,,. . . gud, . ., fa -'Q M4 " 'W 4 , ' ' ' "Wi 7 'L-diff-:i'i'? f -,i i " 1' -- M W- ' I. I I,. V --4: , .1 f . .... rf, ,, 'Q' "5" ' ... 'V' - .- ' ' W V v., - f , My , EQQXZ 1 117 'f vsgigf Z 7'1" 1' , fc ,im an ,.g. , Q1 Q - .. ,jg-4 I f 'X , fi .... ,-.. 4 , I A ' 1 Hat ff-,f , ., rf v, 'B V , A. - .H 4 -f . , 4 .1 W 1.0, " 'Q ,4f,"' , fg ii 3 figs-' I ft X A 5 fc' MW No classes again? This was the question getting the most affirmative answers spring quarter as Fridays many times meant no class after ten or eleven. lSomebody up there liked nine o'Clocks?l Greek Week began on a Friday with a May Day celebration lacking only a Maypole which no one seemed to miss. Sparkling Molly Rubin became May Queen early in an on-the-circle awards Ceremony on a rare day, thoughtless of rain. Contests were the word of the afternoon and ended when "egg-tossing" became "egg-throwing" in an every Chicken for himself free-for-all where the loser truly took the "spoils," ml nv '4 .. V fs, Ax ,mf , sf 4 NW fi '1 i Kmfhg S' I 3' y 9 q 5' 1 . hiya ' Q . Q fd 'E . 4 ,gg ww- 6 5? -,ft .-,NM?AMgAL,t4 t.v,,,,,x,,'. .s.,af.n I , DEATH IS KEY ORD I SPRI G PRODUCTIDNS Summertree, summertree, summertree, summertree, say it fast and it becomes summertree, semmertree, cemetery... SUMMERTREE, by Ron Cowan and directed here by Dr. Douglas K. Hubbell, kicked off the spring Fine Arts Festival. Was it about the generation gap, or a boy, Dave McFadzean, who went to war, or his father, Curt Ball, who couldn't understand his son's love for piano, or his mother, Cheryl Scammon, who watched her garden come up after her son was gone? C-rasping the emotions of its audiences, UE Theater posed the questions in this their first production of the quarter and in their second-Arthur Miller's classic DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Dr. Dudley Thomas took the lead as Willy Loman, Pam Gilbert played his wife, Keith Langsdale, Biff, and Smithy McGinnis, Happy SPRI G EEKE D '69 Royalty led the way into Spring Weekend '69 as Billie Sue Alden's beauty and gymnastics won for her the Miss U. of E. title. Friday's rain dampened tug-of-war ground at the Audubon-scheduled picnic, but spirits remained high and dry lat least high? for the Pat Paulsen-Rosie Grier concert at Roberts Stadium. Rain, rain went away for Saturday morning's strawberry breakfast and the afternoon's mini-parade and bike race. All good things must come to an... Spring Weekend ended with Saturday night's dance in Carson Center and the awarding of prizes for the winners of a climactic afternoon. 63 BIG 39 WHEELS T0 AXA "There's always next year . . ." With a promise of "We shall return!" ringing in their ears from last year, the men of Lambda Chi Alpha made ready forthe '69 comeback they had to have. And with a more than up-for-it team, they got it. The Goodyear Blimps, rookies of the year, took second in a race that was close nearly to the finish. Phi Mu's cheered the Blimps to their second and to a first for themselves as backers. Excited . . .tense . . . nervous . .. Worth it? You know it! . . . Down to the dunking! -P R ,gf Zrir "-Q- f A tt ss rw--1-EW' - , .,Qts.:.X 'N V A X ie S' My-is I W x .. W X x mmf N... , ..... t W7 x X 5' X .A . N Q. .wax -1 -A ,,,-E Q - -Y x x x x Q V V f . ' fa' A ,. 3 A we 5 s g . sa c g . . j w it it . M S i E' 1. X bg s l 4 K 1f'. 2 A 5 ss. 1 an -. M - if W-inf, M, t I fig. I nw., x , ,f 7 t , I., C .L . I N 1 ws ' .Swv ,fl an , w w 1 W Y' sis 5 . 49 Y fr , ...A 'Y . Qt sf 1 R 'S W. N""'K-.. N , ,wghw , M1411 2 S .ins 5 . , L ' . is if A ,Q A , .LEU fi , Sf 1 f. 'KE , il 'iliilsllfir irllL 'lf?'MUP 131 S' BY Y' ' 4- 4 . il 3 hi K- E l' ' 'H ' " , 9 - X, . was bf' is ts? 1 J a , ,S 3 -X 1 ' Q , 'f A A Q ig, M Z ,Y .1 'fish ' if f- f Y V it ' t '3 f VLH " f "i 'i x 5 X f f 4 41 s , 3, ef Q I 4 ,A sms ' X f . Ss i N t I " 'ff iq "5 , Q J f 46 A Q N ' '- 2 Qgjflif' '-. A lf . xi 1, . ,S . , Q gs F . 5442 Q Q U J Q1 W X Y 5 1-f . A Ai: Qffa, N S S X ,. . ,S 4 ' Q I 1 ' ef! ' .X -V 3 ' ' ' 5 J V 517 1 fl A .- . , ' ' X 9. ' rw. '- A ' S f dv' .. ' vt It " ' , " , X , , it ,FL V x ,Iv -li? I A1 H .Q .. t X 4 ,csv ' x . V A V t ' :Q ' Q . U N 132 ,,,, .hw . , I. , Q , 6, 11 M , ,hi , , ,A W... , , V j .1 M ,,,,, 4,1 nz. f PPPPP, g ' " , V, . , 4. ms , , 1 MW gpmimv V. 9 ' K, Mow ' " LARGEST CLASS OF 7 2, GRAD ATED I '69 For some it seemed a long time, for others just a four year flash, but for all it was an opening chapter that had its last words written the night of june 8,1969, in Roberts Municipal Stadium, before proud eyes of parents and friends. A long day that began with Baccalaureate... the build-up to the moment of fingers touching diplomas that mean more than ever before... a long, hot night, waiting for an end... Eager to see what's really outside, but deep down afraid of what might be there, the capped and gowned graduate nears the threat and promise of a new world. 65 SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY- SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY- '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69 SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY- SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69 SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY- SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, NINE, SIXTY-NINE NINE, SIXTY- NINE '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, NINE, SIXTY-NINE SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, NINE, SIXTY-NINE 69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY- '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, ' '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, NINE, SIXTY-NINE '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE SIXTY-NINE, sixrv SIXTY-NINE, sixty '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY-NINE '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE, SIXTY '69, '69, '69, '69, SIXTY-NINE Webster: a period of365 days looked back anxiously over a '68 ball, once fragile, now coal-diamond hard: a ball exploded into other worlds and contracted to a span. 5 hours The great eye watched as the U.S. birth rate plunged to a record low, Pope PauI's encyclical banned the pill, and the nation's census topped 200,000,000, and blinked as mini skirts minied two more inches. 48 minutes Rolling into '69, UE enrolled 5,000 students, 5,000 bodies and minds to be challenged and then to challenge an atomized world that has nonfictioned men on the moon. 48 seconds '69 saw a man with a dream that equalness could be real tinstead of just a nice thing to talk aboutl killed by a sniper's bullet: Martin Luther King's capacity to endure equaled the dream that lived. Divided into 72 months '69, waiting for Christmas or Godot or. . . watched as surgeons' hands transplanted hearts, as the four year switch put Nixon in D.C., and as Paris became the place for peace talks- or at least a good place to argue about shapes oftables- while an ugly war machine in southeast Asia ate men alive, and yet... The time spent by the sun... Students marched against war and the draft and for more say-so in schools- here for open housing and coed dorms. And they wore "Biafra" buttons and "We Give a Damn while "What do they want?" was the feeble attempt to bridge a generation gap that is no gap at all, but a catch-all excuse for misunderstandings. . . in its apparent passage. . . '69 came, inheritor of the postulating people possessing more questions than answers but ready to harmonize the discord or disrupt the status quo. . . . from vernal equinox to vernal equinox. "People, people who need people..." We celebrate ourselves and sing ourselves but will we dare disturb the universe? ,I x . 9 . . E , .,.4, an Y iv. ' f ' . if Q iQ'-wxlff wa, 'N' 5 , S 'Ii ' Q Sf' ' " " ff isis + s ii x - fwf. X f. my vw liven , 'E QS? S A 3 Academics is a world, forming habits of mind which last through life-habits qualified by "freedom, equitableness, calmness, moderation, and wisdom"xa la Newman. But the university is today's biggest factory, rolling off of its four-year assembly line the "educated man" and the man who slid through draft-free and the man who didn't on the five-year plan. It's run by administrators, faculty, and students fwho ask why B+ must count as B J -men whose place in it is justified if once they are challenged or challenge. THE ORLD UF FACULTY ACADEM CS The classroom is sometimes the confines of kaleidoscopic ideas, exciting ideas to revolutionize a world, sometimes it is the stagnant pool of apathy where attendance is up only because attendance is taken. Some teachers won't be forgotten ever, some can't be remembered now, and some ought to be forgotten forever. But somehow despite the pressures and facades of academic freedom that isn't so free-sometimes-learning takes place. And that is what it's all about. K -4 21 ,, aw ff ' -1 Dr. Rowland VP for Development Dr. English Dr. Wallace B. Graves President of the University Dr. Brown VP for Academic Affairs Dean of College of Arts Mr. Gardner and Science VP for Financial Affairs l F"""'mi'v-1 l Dr. Wilsong VP for Student Affairs Dr. Kraftg Dean of Men. Mrs. Childersg Dean of Women. Dr. Hartigg Dean of Evening College, Mr. lonesg Registrar. XT! S -mtl' ffm M, f, ww ,, N Art is the expression of man, and sometimes the expression of the UE student is art. Whether it's a Rembrandt etching, a Calder mobile, or an Art 101 watercolor, someone has tried to express a world that is real to him. "I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like." Forget it. Art lives in a changing world: what you hate today you'll love tomorrow. Mr. Momineeg Mr. Pointsg Mr. Oagleyg Mr. Osborne, head of the A IMI' I X , ,,::s,, , gy departmentg Mr. Wright. FIRST ROW: Miss Boyd, Mr. Nolte, Mrs. Ruth, Mrs. Meckert, Miss Ramey, Miss Herron, Mr. Knapp, Dr. Shepard: Head of Dept., SECOND ROW: Mr. Dove, Mr. Luther, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Self- ridge, Mr. Kitto, Mr. Rapp, Mr. Lacey. M U S I C Dore mesolafa?...Doremesofa?... Music from caveman drums and danee to Gary Burton and Stan Getz communicates in sounds right for everybody and who's to say what is right? Mozart is beautiful, but so is Duke Ellington. And what is beauty? Whatever it is the UE student learns to create it and to theorize about it in theory classes that separate mice from music men. Do re me la? .... What if there were no beautiful sounds? If Strauss' shirt had gone through the wash? Where would the "Blue Danube" be? Or would it be at all? Oh well, do re me. 73 fe ?'1'w1 'TQ T fze is, LJ' gg, "Q it ta Li veg 1 J- 'X QRAMA "Mr. Chairman, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen of the United States of of the speech class, I uh . . . uh . . ." Oral communication, elocution, butterflies. The best way to make yourself understood is to speak correctly and distinctly. It sounds easy. Antony did it. "Friends, Americans, and... you thirty snickering faces." Gr-r-r-r Antony! The UE drama student learns Aristotle and Stanislavsky, and he practices blocking and building sets and he dreams about Broadway and hopes for the Guthrie. But, first, he discovers how to use every power in him to be someone else. Then for two months, at least, he willingly suspends disbelief for six nights of escape. SITTING: Dr. Smiley, Dean of School of Fine Arts, STANDING Dr Thomas, Head of Dept., Miss Mlady, Mr. Hubbell. x - fmy-gr: , 7 EDUCATION Another education class? Oh no! More papers and studies and graphs and theory, all theory. ls it really this way? Don't they think I can do that? How hard can it be to teach fourth grade? Music, art, math, methods classes, and how long does my skirt have to be? At least I won't begin teaching completely blind to the needs of my stu.. "Miss Baldwin, how did Groundhog's Day begs ?' "How did . . .yes, well, uh..." 'F Mic, is aussi.: "' FRONT ROW: Mrs. Francis Huff, Mr. George Klinger, Dr. Virginia Grabill, Dr. Paul Grabill: head of the departmentp SEC OND ROW: Mr. Herman McGregor, Dr. Paul Schlueter, Mr. Robert Byler. More ways of expression. How many more exceptions l do we have to learn before we get to the rules? All those books to read and terms to learn! What if Faust hadn't made the deal? Or Milton never lost Paradise? What would happen to Lit. 223? Thank God for articles, and bless the soul of Mr. Roget wherever he may be! If I quote the whole paragraph, and use wide margins, maybe the paper will be two pages. What is a footnote, anyway? 76 '-in Miss Beckerg Mrs. Gallantg Mr. Gallantg Cabovel Mr. Greer 77 I I I 0 Y A N Mr. Bauman, Dr. laebker, Head of Dept., Dr. David, Mr. Ensley PGLITICAL SCIENCE History-man's way of benefiting from the past? Gr a lesson that all we learn from history is that we don't learn from history? It is sometimes names, dates, and facts that curtain the drama of an age, the lives of people not unlike us. We learn facts, but we wonder .... Is it true that George Washington had wooden teeth? I Or that the Virgin Queen wasn't? ,i.,,,.,.aewf , 78 it ix Www, Dr. Morlock, Head of Dept., Mr. Gooch, Mr. Harl. SGCICDLCGY Finally we're able to learn about man, at least about how he lives and loves and hates -and maybe why. Soc. classes branch from the classroom to the ghetto. They talk to people and discover why "we're better than they." But "we" and "they" lose identities. A little understanding may be a dangerous thing, but it does solve many problems. What is ethnocentrism, anyway? K um, V gt r, r f Z in, ef ' FOREICI ANCI GE Achtungl How many declensions does Latin have? Finally I can read some of those books they said I'd never understand. IWho said Rome didn't have its dirty old men?I But what's wrong with good old English? What was good enough for Lincoln and Dryden is good enough for me. The catalogue says two years for liberal arts people. Could switch to education. Why couldn't Galileo, DaVinci, and Copernicus have spoken English? lCurse the Tower of Babelll Russians may need to know four languages, but why should I? Ie ne sais pas. Make English universal? I second that! F' FIRST ROW: Mm. McCarty, Dr. Ellingson, Frau Werkingp SEC- OND ROW: M. Ransbottom, Senor Talbertg Dr. Hatch, Head of Dept., Dr. Werking. 531 in Dr. Kress, Dr. Hempfling, Dr. Perkins, Head of Dept., Rev. Lynn, Mr. Bell. PHILOSOPHY D RELIGIQ Idealism, epistemology, realism, phenomenology "isms" and "ologies" with different ideas about truth. Plato made his stab at it, so did Socrates. And after 2,000 years we're still asking what it's all about, what it means to "exist," what it means to "be." A sentence written 4,000 years ago is the only thing we know of one man. Ten years from now will anyone remember me? From paganism to Christianity man has believed in some being higher than himself. Religion classes study man's move from gods to God. They find Him sometimes hidden by doubt and suspicion. He's not dead. But is He really hiding in Argentina? BUSINESS AN ECO M CS Behind everything in today's world is the complex world of business. Accounting, managing, marketing... All these form the backbone of an economy to help stabilize the country while the dollar rises or falls. Everything is a game now. But soon it will be for real. The lives of millions could be changed by one signature. Even the Country Store has to have someone who can take inventory Someday the design for an office will be important. Don't worry about typing: the secretary can do it, or the machine. No, credits and debits isn't a new card game. A D FIRST ROW: Mr. Groomerg Mr. Iuliang Mr. Henrion Mr Latz Mr. Mike Taylorg SECOND ROW: Mr. Marting Mrs Hartman Mrs. Katterhenryp Dr. Arensman: Dean of School of Business Mr Miles Taylorg Mr. Tsaig THIRD ROW: Mr. Howellg Mr Reeder Mr. Lorentzg Mr. Faustg Mr. Bessp Dr. Stoneg Mr. Chow. wm. fzfvmwxi f Q- wanna? PHYSICAL EDUCATIO 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 . . . I can't do any more. Physical fitness is great for a P.E. major, but the catalogue didn't list the prerequisite: ability to do pushups. Run around the track ten times? Oh well, anything for a grade. The worst part is the last ten minutes. Hey! I feel like I could lift a hundred pound weight. Would you believe last quarter I was a 97 pound weakling? A5 Q' FIRST ROW: Miss Patton, Mrs. Voorhees, Miss Steiler, Mr. Voor- hees, Mr. jeude, Mr. Hudson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Davies, Mr Byers, Mr. McCutchan. Q :Z Mrs. Woodyp Mr. Brooksg Dr. lohnsong Dr. Mavesg Dr. Sampson: Head of Dept. PSYCHGLCJGY I wonder why you said that. Here, like down on this couch. Now, what was your relationship with your mother? Psychology helps us know ourselves, or does it? It enables us to understand others' inner thoughts and compulsions, or does it? I pity the rat, but it will help. . . perhaps at registration: "watch the human run in circles." One good thing about that class- we do get a lot of interesting films. BIGLOGY Who'd have thought a plant was doing all those things instead of just sitting there making fruits or vegetables? Microbiology, genetics, anatomy... These will show me what everything is really made of andfor how it's made. Life created in a test tube? I'm glad I wasn't. What? Cut open that frog? Excuse me while I leave the room. SITTING: Dr. Robertsong Mr. Taylorp Mr. Winternheimerg Dr. Mueller. STANDING: Dr. Dunham: Head of Dept.g Dr. Banman. ll. W Q wr ' .ns o x Dr. Weller: Head of Dept., Dr. Manning, Mr. Kroneman, Dr. Kinsey. CHEMISTRY You mean salt is sodium and chloride? Oh, yes, I knew that. just forgot. Labs are long and usually last through dinner, and lectures are dull, but how exciting did you expect valences to be? There are memorable moments: the time you spilt acid on the new suit, and the time Souse the Mouse got out. Then there's the week you spent with purple fingers. There must be some reason for spending two hours on one equation, but what does H 25 really have to do with the price of rotten egg smells and mushroom-shaped clouds? SPECIAL SERVICES They provide a place to take a test and a place for a child to learn to read. If you have a problem of any kind, they try to help or find someone who can. Sometimes it's hard to see any direction in study, but they are quick to offer guides. Should I change my major? Should I be in school at all? They have tests to aid decision-making and to unwind entangled minds. Mr. Wadeg Mrs. Hochstetlerg Mr. Brownlie, Mrs. Fisher ws.. -, . Quq, Q5 1 . Q 4 m asse., . '-' f-fa 'MSW' it 88 HGME ECG MICS At last! I can make my own clothes. Beautiful dress! But it's a size 18. I'm a 14. Must have been the pattern. Well, at least I can cook. What? Why, a cake ofcourse! lt just looks like a pancake. 5 ,... ' . ' ,N5,.- i f mfx aifjs '. 1 N 'v s Ae M ,f .6 5, 'if S, 4, af 4' 1 rf 'iw 1 A " '..'s i .lli i Ilni Mrs. Lundquist: Head of Dept.g Mrs. Kinsey. fs' log -nf PHYSICAL SCIENCE 'fs-+ Xxxx --W-,,...,.,,,, -4 , -f-N---.Q..,m...... f! urn Interdepartmental, physical science includes physics, chemistry, and math. We travel from alpha centauri to the earth's core. We watch the diminishing of mysteries and their rise as man learns more about his perhaps expanding, perhaps steady-state universe. There are labs that are fun--and dangerous for the careless or daring: I wonder what would happen if I mixed . .. Get the fire extinguisher! gvmmaug Mr. Williamsg Mr. Schleter, Director of Physical Scienceg Mr. Purdy. f ,T its Wgwv. .,. M,r,W5-- - , M" A 1 ff ' GI EERI 1 ' . tl: 55: as :wiv 4 5 9-'w:A"g s:s.,yg:,x-44, ff , 45 gi U fs t, T X 'Ha W X f. 'Ykxx V 2 w Xxqli N X X Q, 2- 9 av gf:-2Q'j X x 6 is 3 X W ' s,.f.s , ' ' gr ,1 N? . -. ,. His P MS XSQSQQPZ 4 If s J f 'L I It x5 , 3 K 'vig xx XX: , , or 4 , X, JW ' , Ji., "fi if .. t RQ. ,Ja .-EWU -J 'WAX' hi" .JW at- f zz:- ,,.'f- a as , Thiijv- V ' Q Lt Xxx X f' W' "3 RW? P t , H. -.H-xr .. ,.-1,-ct? vfssgef,:m.fSy-if-V ff . . ,, A, Wgfs,,vt,, ,, ,Wg Q' f-:W Qt, - e':aU't4,?i41l g 4522? was gtg , I , A, , ":.5 tx A '15 f- - , ' FIRST ROW: Dr. Kusrhner, Dr. Hartsaw, Dean of School, Dr. Caslerg Mr. C. Winternheimerg SECOND ROW: Mr. Funk, Dr. Lee, Mr. Houston, Dr. Chaud- huri, Mr. Susat. ' A 't ' lt is no small leap from Lincoln Logs to building bridges, machines, factories, and all those other ingredients the go into the larger building: the technocracy. But the UE engineering student makes it maybe in four years, maybe five tif he goes co-opl. Whether he's of the industrial, mechanical, or electrical variety, he acquires skills through endless hours ata mechanical drawing board-skills to build a world taken for granted by most. But more, he has vision to erect and light tall buildings with a single blueprint. MATH A PHYSICS f-www ,M ,0 Cm ,zap gt W. xwamanrfwusrm- FIRST ROW: Mr. Baileyg Mrs. Patbergg Mr. Bueskingg SECOND ROW: Mr. Knottg Mr. Meadowsg Dr. Coleman, Head of Dept.g Mr. Brooks. Ahh nf-5 3, llf 4 , ev f qw' if WW 1, gf ,L :S ' ,H .2535 ,,4SS?'?5' . 1 NQU9' S, ' , ,-,,,w. i f f ' N 5 2 ,5 wif ff4 .QIP ,,1i11 E : mcz What does that mean, anyway? Two hours for one problem! Does he think this is my only class? The computer is fun to work- when it's working and that other guy isn't there. fl Could tell Pythagoras a thing or two about triangIes!D D Ml' H d of Ph 5,65 De t What was that about a quantum theory . GS 63 I . r ' ' Y p and a double what? ,A safes """N. X... W xsgsjlt ,A 1 93 NURSIN Sisters of mercy wearing a smile instead of carrying Flo's lamp must help a patient live and then avoid self-satisfaction when they do. A nurse's job is never done for she's continually on the run from obstetrics to geriatrics, nursing care plan to clinical conference, hospital to class, T-score to "my grade." Be understanding. Talk. Be friendly. But not too much and not too friendly. Perhaps a bit more make-up would... The greatest thing is to see birth, the worst to see death, but she must help even though the duty booties hurt and the unies don't fit. She's a UE student nurse, and you can expect more from her. ,ai i ii Est m rg I a Mivftdii v s , sv t s L ,. J A ,' . if 'lv Y i 'Z A I ii af.. ? A Z FIRST ROW: Mrs. Shrode, Mrs. Hausmann, Miss Brittingham, Mrs Ashley, Mrs. Behnke, Mrs. Stephens, Miss Clark, SECOND ROW Miss Pickett, Miss Miller, Mrs. Falls, Miss Davenport, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Arensman, Miss Broyles, Mrs. Thee. Not pictured: Dr. Smith Dean of School. Lt. Col. Loemker, Commanding Officerg Capt. Coxg Capt. Nummi Sgt. Peavey: Sgt. Whitakerg Sgt. Sloat. Drill, drill, drill... March until your legs feel dead for don't feel at alll and your backs hurt from standing straighter than usual. The first year the uniforms don't fitg the caps don't either. But ayear later . . . ah . .. a salute from a cadet alters everything. ROTC 95 Third down and one to go... No, not toward a goal post, but toward an ever-beckoning hallowed door. It stands ajar for one more year While GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY- that good job, gold band, or grad school- lures the anxious senior forward one more year. It's the year to pull up the GPA or take it easy for a while in the nearly-ended world- the world of the college senior. THE E DI G WCDRLD GF THE UE SE ICR The class of '69 saw UE grow from a "senior senior high" to a college to a university to . . . no, they won't be around to see it cluster. A lot can happen in four years: "Why, it seems like only yesterday... we watched Neu Chapel rise stone by stone." "And Hyde and Shanklin." "And girls' hours were 10:30." "Remember when . . .and when . . .' Stories will grow with memories, but nonetheless, a lot has happened since yesterday. Abbott, janet Kay Abernathy, Constance Adamson, Sa ra .get Q ,1 "':.,.'34' 432,57 Appler, Madonna Carol Arensman, Ann Clare Armstrong, Betty Arthur, Preston Allen lr. Balcitis, Carol Baldwin, loyce Baldwin, Roxanna jill Barden, Nancy leanne Barker, Sandra Barnett, Rita Louise Barrett, Gregory Ray 98 ,QS vw' Bartell, john Bastain, james Edwin ll Bauer, Evalyn Hope Beasley, Mavis Beatty, Lawrence A. Bellamy, Beth Elaine Bercaw, William R. Berger, Charles Lee Bernhardt, Vicki Bernhardt, Wayne Besing, Gerald A. 'Me-' Beumel, Ann C. Birt, Dorothy TEACHI There was the beautiful world ofshining eager faces and unexpected questions, of innocent laughter and the well-aimed paper wads. There were lesson plans too and discipline problems and a little Devil for every perfect Angel. The quarter waned and with it the supply of bulletin board ideas, coming to an end were all the frustrations and all the panicky moments, but the rewards of a wonderful career were just beginning: Student teaching. 99 W 7'7" ,N 'X st , Q A -or 1 QQ, E , 4 A , l .ing Z :fig In v , X awww., aw in M fi? Y T --'ws' 1 .atm 5 f x . "if ' Q, It meant the State Hospital f r ,fig L xi k. if and the entrance into a world at . U ' 1... s , ' ' of the irrational s...,,,,hnstN Q., 1 mm., , Q-awww . MT"N"'W-- 'W F .A with strange looks t f Q and barriers to break through ' ' -,M,lgg5w-mf, . . . . e, a K K E despite first feelings of tension. t t, Q, , A , Q ,., f . 4 There were many things to remember, T B l.-'t Mar - ' S? "' rtr ? , many topics to avoid, l 1 5 ' H nl v-v Q 5 A L .::,:1 E Q, and too few to ics to talk ab0ut l Ml y ' 1-, :,g Z , In the probing of a somehow estranged mind A , I, Illl 1, T .I X All f ..k, .2 T . ' . , P- 1-a.i., M 1 at W 5 'rtrr Q K there were feelings of friendship T """"""".".3 lm 5' 'i A ' S ,V g E and desires to understand and to help ' 5 It meantthe first tangible step into the Confused World of another at t,V-, t t-v :':" The Sociology Seminar. " Black, Linda R. ' Q I '-fl, , Black, Thomas H. III Blackburn, Laura K. ,, . 1. f . . ,',,, . L., 1 X 52 1 , 1 50- ,X A S X Brandenberger, john Ellis Braun, Edward E. Bredhold, Patricia 1 fvs as l Sf ' li .L V ..-.f 5 fr 1 X 4 f l ,J x S X tr Y X' K gf, X ' 1g'l'lk ' "" - 5 , T ',,,' 'ft, f :f if its-f-fx Www Brinkmeyer, Dennis Brooks, Kathleen Brooks, Patricia loan 100 Blackburn, Richard Stanley Boultinghouse, lane Ellen Boylls, Diana Kay Bradshaw, Rita Maxine If Ps " 1 P ,, We .. 2 I - fk 'S fs " yr eff: or X IQ. 1 5 X! Q X 5 x N X k k. BNWX S, ,ff S,S of .5 ,c ,.X,sv: SS Vx S X Q S S ? , We X X 5 fQi Sf V y S fs Sv N ws Nf Iwi Y X 1' ax xg C 'r ff :S tr at S xt S X ,K N X 'bv 5 XP Q w f S s 2 x s X, A X X , sw A . I f Brown, james Brown, jolene Dee W if S A W , Brown, Susan Stoddard L Browning, Steven Kendall 'M 1 Bryan, Sherry Lynn is Bryant, lanna Lynn X .f 3X!!1.S!"qf . , J Ml" ' " ffg ' .-QNQQA 1 .. C '1 . ax: -fs Aww rw .V , ' N , ,,,, ,n :mr I NZ twill -1 ' 1 1,9 'ill Ml- tcm Bullock, Benton L. Bunge, Charles Burger, Sabra Butcher, Sandra L. Butler, james Cheek, Marlene Ann ll Clark, Linda Faye Cl ark, Linda Kay Carlton, Mariane Carter, Michael Clayton, Glenda G. Coe, jefferson W. lll Cole, Susan A. Colson, Rhea Dawn rw 'Dv xx Crocker Mary Ann Cunningham Charles E Cunningham Mary Lou Davis, Patricia Debord, Randall Delaney, Linda F. Dudley, ludith Arline En rietto William Nelson Eaton, Sally Eichel, Ellen Sue Eickhoff, Darrell Eifler, Larry Lee Ellis, Benna Kay Ekstein, Carolyn Ekstein, Suzanne MUSIC Four years of practice went before it, four years of droopy eyes, of tired fingers, and weak lips, twelve quarters lat leastl of rugged schedules went before as the Fine Arts Building became the home away from home for the Music major- exhausted but dedicated. Then as that special day neared butterflies flew into stomachs, practice moved to perfection, and quick prayers were hot-lined before The Senior Recital. X '-sf? fi .Y--., .-F" 1 C, , 'R fn, ,... Q 'VN . as - 045--A-K K Y 4.5 In -5' ' ' -fat. ,wg-1-'y . f ,z u .ssfriwm ' 1153 -' WW rv s s. 9' K its ,pf A i ff 1, Q .aa t X , 'nw X WN WEN Farrell, Robert Michael Feigel, Angela Feltner, David L. Fenneman, Kathie Lounell at-""' . ,, t 5. t . ,cgi--,,l'. ,,,, .Q if 'js . A W, 'fx S 1 5 ts 1 W . NN 2 Q Qxfy Wo. I gs 'S V Fish,Toni , A . Fisher, christine Louise C 0 ,f Fitzgerald, William V. , Ford, Charles B. ' 1itit't' i't 1 if in 255325 1 'W' 'Q--f--,fr ill ""-t. 4 iF1.f', em L 'A l F 1. 2'--,r 7 Z' "'l E ,x M F :ff A ' "-22:74 E ... il' Fornges, Robert C. Forsythe, Cynthia K. Forsythe, Susan Lee www, , if . Frazier, Kathleen S. Fortenberry, loyce H. 11" Z. l OVE M 1 f , f W Z f 5 ffn 4,4 , 0 up ..- '- N-. M s-. - -.. ' sv, -... -.. M 'unf- Wn-Q .. w. .--n.. - x X ,,..-.- in -s There was that special world outside of books and majors and classes: the world inhabited by two and created in the special looks, the crazy moments, the shared dreams, and the cherished memories. It was filled with dances and shows and parties Cand studying tool. Its treasures were the kisses, the hands held, the seriousness of it all, the walks, the talks, i the future together, the lives together, the final year of that wonderful crazy courtship: the new beginning. -gif:-y. X Freeman, lerrell Evans Gander, Sandra lean Gates, Thomas Owen Gerkin, Carol A. gif? ,vw --or-'WY' mf Gilliam, Linda Lou Glaess, Marilyn M. Goettel, Leslie Patricia Graham, ludy Grammer, Nancy Graves, Michael Leon Graves, Sherry Green, Steven Freemont Greene, Ronald I. Greenwell, james Griese, Diane A. ,N U KWH Grimme, john Michael Groves, Frances Lucille Gulley, Tanya Marie .f' Hadley, Bill Allen Hadley, Carol Lee Hadley, Sara Rich Hagstrom, Garry Lee 'lO5 N-A Hendrix, Frank Hert, Alan Dean Hewitt, Suzanne Hines, lane B. 'Q'-an DRA He knows better than the others the seven ages, and he is them all, acting his part upon the stage. There were the lines to learn when he should have been reading Wordsworth or Tennyson or.. . There were rehearsals- some good, some . . .well, not so good- and the make-up and costumes and scenery and a place for everyone in the theater. But there was that goof that one laugh caught and immortalized in a moment, and the concentration as he pulled himself into a world all his own and shut out the one outside. There were four years of rehearsals and now opening night: the lights go up on his world stage and he at last walks on to play his part. Hobgood, Grace Starling Hodapp, Anne Lynn Hodgen, Ellen Anne Hoebbel, Alice K. A0 Ax Hollars, Chet Kenny Hooper, Diane Horstman, Kathy Lynn Houchins, Bill jf Hughes Diane Dixon , Hughes john T " QM is rf Hughey Susan lane N lr it' Hunt Mary Ann I is 59 Q yy , . ' ' is .. ,,, 4 'ff , 55-Qi, Q' XM 'ii .A 9 3 x xi' 'T E 35. T E' r X 4' 'lu Q' :SV johnson, Barbara jean B1 si johnson, Richard Allen 5 . 0 . lv Q jones, Connell j. jones, Karen Mullins W' ' jones, Patricia Kay Kessans, Darla Kay Kessens, Anna jean Kiesel, Harvey K. mme NDA ' 4. K, 'X-ro as 'Q f A, A Klusmeier, Deloris Knaebel, April Knight, james L. 33 Ii 91 . -Y ayf, . .,.. ' ,is ,J 1 .2 N . -. 7 Knrgga, Bonita Knipe, Sandra Lois Knipe, Wesley E Koch, Bonnie jean sa. 7 5 1 SERVI G GTHERS There weren't always roses and rewards in four years of pill-pushing and shots and endless hours listening to problems and complaints, to hopes and to fears. These were the four years of bed pans, bed baths, bedside manners and enemas. But the student nurse's world was more than this: it was the smile, the glow of a face, the squeeze of a hand, the gratitude, and, finally, the pin and the glow from within climaxing the last hard year of nursing. Koehler, Charles Kraft, Beverly Courtney Kraft, Karen A. Kratz, Carol Ann ,, fi' ...sw Kunkel, William Landis, Brent Lankford, layne 109 Land, Daniel Stuart Q?T""'V Kutlitch, Leo lr. Labhart, lean ,, ,. l I S' W ' ZAQ nr' 1 f f N 9 'Q Z Q I 'ls' Larson, Susan Marjorie r Wren THI KI "For seniors only," the catalogue said. Their course- enticing, like a movie for adults only- but it meant an exciting exchange of ideas an experiment in learning. It meant the broadening of horizons, the probing into Coney Islands of minds, the arguing that led from nowhere into somewhere, the breaking through to something new though "nothing is really new... nothing. . . nothing. . . nothing. . ." It meant questions and more questions, and answers-a few-and frustrations if as limitations ofthe mind closed in. F E VVVIIPP I It meant rejections Mg N , J A and suggestions j 'lg and the bouncing off of opinions :W f and the building of a person: Critical Intellectual Issues. Lautner, Willard E. Layne, Myrna Leach, Iayne Legg, Marcia Ann Leveritt, Don Libbert, Donna lean Linder, Eric Charles Linley, layne Foster Lloyd Hewlett P. Loge james Rondall Long Lucindalane v. ' Little, Earl ga? , ' it-5 sf 'M 1 Q, ,- A v., f ag-1 7 1 , f I GN... Maddix, Ora T. Maglinger, Charlotte Ann Maglinger, Gary LeWayne Loveless, Bruce Lyles, Cheryl Elaine Lynch, Thomas W. Macke, Kenneth W. 'dw ff' QF - ,in-'M Mann, Mary Catherine Marchant, David Douglas Martin, Paul A. Q? Mather, Thomas L. l , McCullough, Michael McDaniel, Beverly jean Mclntire, Sharon We fx 'Q-.sf 5 - s 2 fr l "A X 'I Legg 2- H V, ,,, ,. , McMillan, lane Mead, james Lee Meese, Carol Meyer, Wanda Matthews, William Laurent lr. 533' Ill Meiser, Marilyn Michel, jennifer L Millay, Stephen Douglas Mitchell, Gary E. hi 'Qu , "ia , 35? 1 v cy As. ,AL ,ML ,-. ,X i X A Moll, George loseph Moore, Irma lean Moore, limmie Buchanan Moore, Mary ,L 1 ml' ef I I X , f. fa 9 3 'K 7' 2 X fr gf., x ,tt if 5' sf w --.. . if , J' i, I4 ldxi- 1' '51 fm- rr W- W Y , firm , M 'Af I ,f f ,W L x, , 7 4 Q' f 1 i A s A ,.,,, Q Nm!! 3 N nn 1 ry sf- 1 xt .L Neukam, Carol Ann Newman, Cinda Louise Niethammer, Charlotte M Oskins, Cindy ,. .4-w SSM F X X Q' as bums. gs X ,,,.,r.f 'lrie eere Q 'W I x x .-.. .... , ff' K 1 D N 3 3 1 Morris, Sandra L. ,,, Naberhuis, Steven Louis Nalin, Mary Carole mn- . ...M we QQ. 14-M. C CREATIVITY Q-' GW ., I I 41-s-go' as J Q S lF4a,..,.. I L... The senior artist peers through his palette to find a four-year collage of paint and newspaper and scrufties and the challenge of blank whiteness. He has painted his four years to his taste -with oils perhaps, oils that no water can wash away. He's had the joy of creation as he molded forms and squished clay through his fingers, as he threw his ideas onto a potter's wheel and saw them spun smooth, the rough edges rounded. He was the "because" of creativityg his was the endless search for better and more meaningful means of expression, and his the desire to share it with others. N5 5 Neal, Beth T. ""'.ZZ? Q X 4 s X Pennington, Patrrcra Anne Perigo, Linda L. Peter, Martha A S, 'ff X W xv? f ,.-. -f'Qf"f'jf uw , -.fag .J- V . aj . Plank, Martha E. Pledger, john Plymate, Judith Ann Polley, Beverly Oswald Charles Overby Maryjulrane Owens lanlce Sheree Paschal jan We s 2 ,QE , 3: V . - 'Ist X 'S l lf X Q S 1 i x 'Wt Q, Q Affrtiak-uri: a ,A REL ATIQ There was a time to relax, a time to escape into the aroma of coffee and cigarette butts and the warmth of old and new friends. In the permanent-temporary neglect of books, the gossip, the anticipation of the 'IO o'clock hour, the endless talk of school, the coke cups, the feet on a dusty floor tapping to the rhythm of a loud juke box, the noses glued to books, and the laughter, the senior finds his "home away from home" is a fourth year in the Indian. . my ig' as f A an , A .Q -my-A., 7 Prince, Rebecca Ann . X Pullin Thomas Michael Purcell, Glenda Lee Rahm, Donna Raibley, Bruce Record, Martha Reed, Stephen N. VH" iff Reid, Chris Ann Hawhee Rich, Rosalie Rickrich, Lois Rinker, Norman 1 s.:fSi Roberts, Dianne Robinson, Mary Martha Roe, Robert Roedel, Trena Kae Romain, Gloria Rubin, Molly Ruckman, Charles X 7 Russ, Michael Keith Russell, Dennis K. Sachse, Harriet Wade Sakaria, Suresh Sander, Eric Sanders, Stephen A Santini, Leo H. Schapker, Alan A. Scheu,1ames Schenk, james Schitter, Patrick 1. 'Z' l f Roose, Richard Wayne . lan Schmidt, Eugene A. Schuble, David Michael Schuh, Rodney Schultze, Marjorie D. ,ge- 5-fig? ? 4. 4-U Q-f"'f7 1 -.Ei - i Seifert, Connie Lee Seiffer, layne Sensmeier, Marina Lucille Shelton, Constance lean 'fx f Sheppard, Mary Beth Siebe, Charles W. Silverman, Leayne Simmons, William ki Simpson, Karen Ann Sivert, Carolyn Elaine Skinner, David Small, Samuel Wesley 'Kim I I 'hm Wt Smart, Smith Smith Smith Alice Harold Keith Allen Steve Snider, William Thomas Songer, Gwendolyn W. Spaar, Margaret Ellen Spears, Michael Q . ,yt Starkey, Ralph R. Stagg, Charles Stagsdale, Mark Steiner, Gail ll6 we .n z -- iw "'d."'- .ab -A Ii Q:- Hu. wpmf V ,f A" Q! 114 S id ri IQ L-. H4 x. mi 'E37' ' Tallman, Larry Taylor, Melvin lr. Thayer, Linda Diane Thomas, Melenna lane Thompson, David Thompson, Stephen L. Stephens, Beth Ann Stockdale, Karen Lee Swain, Emily Gayle Sweeny, Burley Rex vm-1-msn Thorn, Donna Thornton, janet Grinnell STUDYI After high school commencement come the four short years of beginnings, of beginning to find a world in books, to like the taste of coffee, to wander about with road-mapped eyes and fact-crammed heads. There was somewhere a beginning to learn that papers get done-somehow, t'hat lesson plans and nursing care plans work-sometimes, that it pays to take good notes-always, and that mere accumulation of facts can herald an end of thought. There were the beginnings and the ends of speeches, observations, reports, and finals. And these things too passed away into burnt ends of midnight oil and the scattered ends of one beginning. ll7 'ffm L. Pu E M P' l wg 'HE' c vt 4, ..,, sw . Lvl My 4 4 "'i E 1 at as - gy, 'f , " M I Thrash,Sid . ' 'fs ...A Toy, Mary Agnes ws' R Q .f -f Tucker, Cinda Sue , V PJ, ' as xg x A .. jf vs J .x b I if 51? ' P5 .C at x in ag 1. - 4 gi-ef:z:Q5,s,, 5, 4 3 i as in ,. S, 1 ,f 4.1 f is an 3-ua XM! X fi" mc, , ,, ,,,' N, . lg. "fly 4, 2- . fit t , ,ie?x..v 4,,,,' . ' 3 W' , Tn: .ft M.. , R , as AAL' 4- Q, ' W 5'-131 wives-i "f 1 A Umbarger, Roy Martin Updike, Iohn Charles VanStone, Suzanne Graupner -wk ,Nm AEQIZT SENIGR EEKE D 4 1:27 N' ' 'ff' 'i P Vote, Patricia Ann ,"' T", Waggoner, Steven v My A walter, Patricia G. M 7 Wampler, Dianne K. Y J ,I It was a weekend to call their own when a senior queen reigned over it all. Awards were presented, and if they got an award, then four years of hard work Cwhich could have been harderl paid off. This is what it was all about? And there was a day of no school to be followed by no school ...ever again for most. And there was the bike race and the excitement of it all and the picnic breakfast of strawberry spring weather and sun, maybe... maybe rain. "You know it always rains spring weekend." "Maybe this will be different." "Yeh, maybe." This one was different: the last spark in the tallow-end of memories. ICF Ward, Mary Ann Warren, Phyllis Lee Watson, Layne Terry Watson, Melinda 118 5' Wedel, Richard Wellemeyer, Marcia S. West, Sharon Dee White, Richard 14 Wills, james Williams, Sandra K. Williams, Patricia Wilson, Ben "CID" Wilson, lack S. Wilson, Linda Carol Wilson, Louis Wilson, Phil Wolf, Mary Wolf, Michael Lee Wood, Kenneth W. Wood, Phyllis ,qt Wimpelberg, Nancy Ruth Winnebald, Carl H. Wittenbraker, Carol Gray X Woehler, Cynthia E. E' Wuster, Carolyn Sue Young, Paula lean Young, Thomas Evans 119 455 sf Q9 L? , C, 31? I vw!!! It was that need for parliamentary procedure when the lords and ladies ofthe club became disorderly. It was the despairing hope of the president when the group's apathy sounded in silence - in every discussion, every argument. And yet it was this world that became enlivened by vigorous campaigns and healthy group participation put forth to straighten out this apathetic world of studying sloths. THE CDRLD QE UE QRCANIZATICD Organization on this campus cures campus catalepsy, and this cure comes in the form of becoming involved in some kind of campus activity, be it religious or social, honorary or physical. At UE life is real, it attacks the thinking ofthe student, and the student that retaliates in some kind of reasonable way, at least in some kind of way, is in the world of UE Organization. Q L-l 4 M hm . in , ur' ,ha i- . V ,, SGA- STUDE T SENATE FRONT ROW: Patsy Grisham, Cheryl Walsh, Ruth Ann Rice, Nancy West, Patty Pennington, Kathy Byrum, Sally Toman, lane Ann Loy, SECOND ROW: Ardra Allred, Marsha Miller, Barry Allred, Steve Creekbaurn, lim Bacus, Charley Hobgood, Fred Arensman, Greg Barrett, Richard Newman, ludy Plymate, Roxie Baldwin, Kathy Ziliak. , , 5 I SGA-OFFICERS Steve Creekbaum, Barry Allred, Patty Pennington, lack Paulen. STUDE T SENATORS FRONT ROW: Bonnie Knigga, Barbara Bohnertg SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Crocker, Steve lester, lane Ann Loy. ADMINISTRATION BOARD FRONT ROW: Mrs. Childers, Dr. Wilson, Mr. Voorhees, SECOND ROW: Steve Creekbaum, Barry Allred, Dr. Perkins, lack Paulen, Dr. Kraft. I23 G x x M QP New -699 S if-3 gm IO BOARD FRONT ROW: Clare Kawarnura, Becky Carter, Joyce Sanders, Gloria Romain, Dee Atz, Nancy West. BACK ROW: Ian Thornton Bob Rhodes, Brenda Brooks, jan Craig, Glenn Gunnell. N'S COUNCIL KNEELING: Carol Balcitis, Linda Boyte, Marie Childers, Debby Pfisterer, jane Boultinghouse, SECOND ROW: Debby Skeen, Clare Kawarnura, Cheryl Green, Barb Podorski, Brenda Brooks, Ann Heath, Becky Knight. 'sa-ff' CCDMMUTER CO NCIL SEATED: Patti Stippler and Nancy West, STANDING: Ruth Ann Rice and Marcia Miller. RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL SEATED: Rita Barnett, Linda Schweiger, judy Smith, Anne Heath, Roxie Baldwin, STANDING: john Butler, Ron Ayers, john Parsons, Sharon Iohann, Carol Balcitus. Not pictured: Mike Warner, Sue Muncie, Cathy Cohen, Bill Shipton. 'QMS' 2 2 Q,.tz,3n.3, R. , ' 4w:mnwMp,1 ,Q I M5 If rl rl A X 2 L- Q X F 1 2 if A 'A S I 4 , SENICJR OFFICERS Eric Sander, Herb Jensen, Roxie Baldwin, Judy Plymate. FRESH N GFFICERS Sally Toman, Kathy Byrum, Pat Grisham, Mark Beaudway. .. , UNICDR CDFFICERS Ardra Allred, Richard Newman, jim Bacus. Not pictured: Richard Dick. - Xffqwrwf fviw' Q SGPHOMGRE GFFICERS SEATED: Debbie Winkler, Kathy Ziliakg STANDING: Mike Hob good, Fred Arensman. Q, Q f 1 I .WX Q. I CAP AND GOWN KNEELINC: Patti Brooks, SEATED: Dr. Virginia Grabill, Mrs. Muel- ler, Sandy Knipe, Ann Arensman, Beth Bellamy, Glenda Purcell. CAMPUS LEADERS FIRST ROW: Linda Schmitt, Marilyn Glaess, Becky Prince, Patty Pennington, lan Thornton, Pat Vote, Marilyn Meiser, Carol Pauli. SECOND ROW: Robert Howe, Eric Linder, Richard Blackburn, Roger Beck, Garry Hagstrom, Eric Sander, Thomas Halbig. Aw 4 l 5, M 128 'TWH Sandy Knipe, Dean Pager, Angelia Fiegel, Patti Brooks, Anne Ho- dapp, Steve Naberhuis, Cheryl Lyles, Michael Pullin, Susan Brown, Layne Watson, Ann Arensman, lack Paulen, Beth Bellamy, Bill Hadley. ' CAMPUS NGTABLES 0,0 BL E KEY SEATED: Bill Hadley, Dean Eager, Ron Graul, STANDING: Randy Rosenblatt, Charles Berger, Tim Tucker, jim Bacus, Bob Howe, Kerry Driggers, Barry Allred, Eric Sander. 129 H' tml it A had HO'S W O FRONT ROW: Marilyn Meiser, Marty Plank, Donna Libbert, Clare Kawamura, Beth Bellamy, Patti Brooks, Dee Atz, Patty Pennington, SECOND ROW: Sandy Knipe, Suzy VanStone, Ann Arensman, Beverly Kraft, THIRD ROW: lack Paulen, Barry Allred, Mike Pullin, Richard Blackburn, Charles Siebe, Kerry Driggers, Dean Fager, Bob Howe. PHI KAPPA PHI FRONT ROW: Anne Hodapp, Patti Brooks, SECOND ROW: Suzy VanStone, Ian Ashworth, Dr. Virginia Grabill, Beth Bellamy, Mar- lene Cheek, THIRD ROW: Bill Hadley, Dean Fager, Dr. Brown, Dr. Maves, Dr. Stone, Dr. Coleman, Dr. laebker, Dr. McKown, Mr. Wade, Dr. Kinsey, Dr. Smiley. ,38- QR' SCHOLASTIC HONORARY i 1 af A it I PHI BETA CHI SUENCE HONORARY FRONT ROW: james Manning, ludy Fredrickson, Sue Brown, Mrs. Lundquist, Dr. Kroneman, SECOND ROW: Steve Naberhuis, Dr. Kinsey, Dr. Miles, Craig Wiley, Dr. Robertson, Dr. Dunham, Edward Susat, Dr. Winterheimer. 5' ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA sCHoLAsTiC HONORARY ' SPANISH GLU FIRST ROW: Barbel Hacke, Marion Lachen, Suzanne Lachen, joan Williams, SECOND ROW: Ignacio LaBarces, Sherry Barth, Carl Moreno, Terry Gresco, THIRD ROW: juan Naurro, Hector Esteue, Dennis Crofts, Etta Taylor, Margarette Griffith, Ron Goebel, Mary Louise Olsen, Sue Myers, Dick Wire, john Lenn, Mr. Talbert. FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW: Diana Somheil, Ann Beumel, Midge Schultze, Car- lotte Woods, Gloria McNary, Carol Norton, SECOND ROW: Marion Lachen, Nancy Allison, Ann Wiggers, Mr. William Ransbot- tom, Suzanne Lachen, Tim Tucker, Beth Hunter, Sally Gormen, THIRD ROW: Cindy Paxton, Linda Wilson, Becky Schlamersdorf, jeff jarboe, Pat Childs, Bill jordon, Leah jones, Dennis Crofts, Rick Kennard, Larry Schweizer, Barbara Wilder, Dennis Herrmann, Bob Howe, Ardra Allred, Bill Schoettelkotte, Don Blume. lOURNALlSM HONORARY I PSYCHOLOGY CLU SEATED: Suzy Van Stone, Marcil Trissel, jackie Katz, Gary Plaford, Shirley james, Susan Brown, FIRST ROW: Dennis Crofts, Carl Baker, Michael Snyder, Dr. johnson, Daniel Henderson, Dr. Samp- son, Ronnie Stevens, Charlene Utley, Donna Bergen, SECOND ROW: Tom Lynch, jerry Hart. Pl DELTA EPSILON SITTING: Patti Brooks, Charles Ruckman, Sandy Knipe, FIRST ROW: Cathy Hinton, Glenda Clayton, Suzanne Lachen, Marion Lachen, Carol Kistner, SECOND ROW: Rick Barter, Mike Heady, Dave Longest, Mickey Spears, john Rickenbaugh. Z UNITED CHRISTIA CVE E FRONT ROW: Linda Clark, Ellen Eichel, Rita Barnett, Diane Demaree, SECOND ROW: lean Stephenson, Beckie Morris, lim Stroh, Carol Hadley, Karen Meier, THIRD ROW: Bob Koch, Dan jackson, Larry Howard, Mike Snyder, Tom Williams. BAPTIST STUDE O FRONT ROW: Linda Clark, Glenn Shelter, Rita Barnett, Donna Burke, Carol Hadley, Marlene Cheek, Angie Mathieu: SECOND ROW: Larry Howard. N M N CLLJ I TER-VARSITY CHRISTIA FELLOWSHIP FRONT ROW: lohn Agner, Pat Fritz, Suresh Sakaria, Sally Hajek, Freda Burton, Rita Smith, Connie Alexander, Sandy Fondong, Barney Ford, SECOND ROW.' jerry Danner, Skip Courter, Marsha Miller, Pam Fox, jan Ander, Peggy Wilson, Mary Meadows, THIRD ROW: Daw Fleming, Karen Meier, Shirley Goodman, Sandy Cook, Carol Shoulders, jenny McGoweng FOURTH ROVV: Bob Kock, Chet Hollars, lim Barnabee, Dave Michael, Richard Shouse, Cherie Carnahan, Lynn Hoffiezer, Pam Oldham. Y ' . a is -1. X ima I UESME- MECHANICAL CII EERS FRONT ROW: Robert Alverson, Harold Bender, Gary Hermann, Mr. Funk, Dr. William Hartsaw, Rebecca Simmons, Tom Wilson, Maddie Studer, Kerry Driggers, William Richard, jim Bumgarner, Earl Ayers, Dave Feltner, Ben Sensmeier, Lyndon Meyer, john Stockinger, CENTER: Suresh Sakaria, BACK ROW: Gilbert Souer- dyke, Larry Cox, Robert Schaffstein, Lester Morgan, Roger Hart, Dale McKibben, Robert Huebschmann, Willard Lautner, William Daugherty, john Cross. AMERICAN CHEMICAL 5oclETY FRONT ROW: joe Craig, Larry Hancock, Tom Nienaberg SECOND ROW: David Overton, Randy Rosenblatt, Alan Schapker, THIRD ROW: Dr. Kinsey, Steve Naberhuis, David Tevault. SIGMA PI SIGM ENGINEERING HONORARY Craig Wiley, George Coyle, Thom Niehaus, Russell Bentley, Brian Hearn. USTRIAL ELECTRGNIC ELECTRICAL E GI EERS Russell Bentley, S. P. Chaudhuri, Randolph Ku Craig Wiley, Max Casler, David Schultz, Tom Coyle, Brian Hearn, Steve Biggerstaff, Bill Houc lim Schenk, Mike Church. ehn, Clement Liu, Niehaus, George hins, Dan Roberts, PE O, MMA M .ei SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORARY Ewnxtdfb. . J FRONT ROW: Barbara Hornick, Midge Schultze, Suzy VanStoneg SECOND ROW: Mr. Prager, Mr. Ciooch. -NM ,J PP PI FRONT ROW: Steve Bayer, Keith Younker, john Siau, Steve Haworthg SECOND ROW: Kathleen Britton, Bonnie Koch, Sharon Bates, Cindy Simmelink, janet Coochg THIRD ROW: Mr. Momi- nee, Paul Sluder, Howard Oagley, lim Wright. H RY 138 X ilu 9 Qfffa-air 4 www, 24 1 Ny 5 ik WEVC FRONT ROW: Wayne Kline, john Denu, Terry Traftong SECOND ROW: Pam Naberhuis, Carolyn Gerlach, Ralph Bell, Mary Lasher, Larry Schweizer, Randy DeVilIez, lane Hughey, Bob leffers. FORENS C FRONT ROW: Miss Mlady, Mary Ann Mattingly, SECOND ROW: Bob jeffers, Ken Macke, Bill Kunkle, Tim Wilson. WWA Q l39 Www' 'ffl ' N TIONAL COLLEGI TE ASSOCIATIO OF SECRET RIES SEATED: Lois Friedlund, Mrs. Hartman, Beckie Morris, Sharon Weiss, STANDING: Sara Sue Koehler, Margaret Spaar, Ora Mad- dix, Sondra Morris, Esther Kleaving, Cyndi Croce. Pl SIGMA MARKETING FRONT ROW: Diana Boylls, Sara Sue Roehler, Cyndi Croce, Lois Friedlund, Clare Kawamurag SECOND ROW: Michael Spears, Don Roberts, Don Crawford, George Moll, Steve Hayford, Paul Stoja- kovich, lack Paulen, Greg Barrett, Vicki Reap THIRD ROW: Mike Carter, Gary Mitchell, Richard Williams, Steven Ziner, Ronald Faust, jack Wilson, Ora Maddix, Paul Martin, Ioe Davis,FOURTH ROW: Michael Dewbar, Phil Preece, Wayne Bernhardt, james Greenwell, Arthur Allen, Stephen Thompson, john Grimme, Keith Smith, Doug Fisk, jim Wills, FIFTH ROW: Gerald Besing, Edward Braun. mm-ka .-of umm. 140 UW! 'WW ACCOUNTI GLU FRONT ROW: Mr. Reeder, Michael Groomer, Paul Stojakovich Mike Carter, joe Davis, SECOND ROW: Paul Martin, Ronald Mc Adams, Gary Mitchell, Bill Bennett, Don Crawford, THIRD ROW Allen Bess, Steven Ziner, Dan Alvey, Gene Schmidt, Arthur Allen Robert Anstey, Gerald Besing. AMERICA A AGEME T SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Michael Spears, Ronald McAdams, Ronald Ayres, Scott Cates, Lois Friedlund, Ora Maddix, William Kunkle, Karen Fennemon, john Heldermon. 141 LPH PSI OMEGA FRONT ROW: Mike PuIIin, Dr. Thomas, Pam Gilbert, Suzan Davis, TOP ROW: Bob Wagner, Dave McFadzean, Barry Dubuque, Curt Ball, UNIVERSITY TI-IE TRE FRONT ROW: Bob Wagner, Cathy Tiernan, Curt Ball, Keith Langs- daleg SECOND ROW: Linda Lavey, Linda Dyke, Suzan Davis, Pam Gilbert, Carol Herbert, Georgia Gresham, Barry DuBuque, THIRD ROW: Ron Sauer, Terry Huber, Dave MCFadzean, Barbara Barrett, Libby Small, Arleen Martin, Mike Pullin, Ian Puckett. 4 Q .L 4 fm L UNIVERSITY CHOIR FRONT ROW: Linda Gilliam, Sharon Russell, Vicki Vickrey, Pat Grisham, Glenna Purcell, Carol Gerkin, Paula Hunsicker, Patty Pennington, jean Stevenson, Sue Gasgoine, Angela Feigel, Debbie Dearmin, Libby Small, SECOND ROW: Cheryl Walsh, Kathie Fenne- man, Chris Siktberg, Carolyn House, Nancy Nourse, Debbie Herron, Gail McGIothIin, Kay Shoener, Sue Horne, Sandy Day, Connie Crane, Paula Acker, Ian Thornton, Bonnie Hollawayg THIRD ROW: Bill Nimnicht, Ira Harris, jackie Clark, Dave Curtiss, Ray Young, Larry Lyles, Bob Irvine, lim Stroh, Roger Cooper, Steve Cain, Gary Schurz, Steve Bright, Fred Bauman, David Feagans, FOURTH ROW: Ioe Crocker, Mark Lively, Gary Irvin, Michael McLaughlin, Dave Stevens, Ron Sauer, Ron Kauffmann, Craig McCleary, Greg Saun- ders, Iohn Bennet, Gary Wagner, Ted Huppert, jim McCord. CHORAL AYRES FRONT ROW.' Vicki Vickrey, Debbie Dearmin SECOND ROW Linda Gilliam, Beth Crawford, Glenda Purcell Cheryl Walsh Patty Pennington, Carol Gerkin, Linda Thomson Prudy Stallings THIRD ROW: Michael McLaughlin, Craig McCleary Bill Nimnicht jeffrey Lindquist, Larry Lyles, Bob Irvine lim Moore jim McCord Gary Wagner, Stephen Bright. fs:ifJu! m"ff i n tw . OF E SY PHON C BA KNEELINC: David Pace, Mike Douglas, Ben Tuley, FIRST ROW: Bob Irvine, Dennis Russell, jeff Price, jeff Lindquist, Stephen Bright, Danny C.ress, Wayne Everbach, SECOND ROW.' Vernon Stover, Roger Cooper, Cary Schurz, Allen Gee, Ed Gorman, Larry PHI MU ALPH SINFONIA Lyles, jim Mead, Mr. james Bennett, Charles Terry, THIRD ROW: Larry Eifler, Randy DeBord, Rick Goodin, Ciary Miles, jim Moore, Mike Oskins, Gary Irvin, Steve Langford, john Bennett, Bob Chase. flu. SIGMA ALPH FIRST ROW Susan Gascoigne Linda Wlyer Cheryl Gross Doris McFadin Nancy Buck Tress Wilson Cheryl Bertke SECOND ROW Kay Shoener Pat Phillips Pat Pennington Hope Bissey Pam Haynes Vicki Vickrey Glenda Purcell Theresa Wichrnan THIRD ROW jane Bennett Nancy Schmeltekop lan Thornton Linda Elliott Linda Thompson Paula Hunsicker Linda Gilliam Prudy Stallings Debbie Dearmin lean Stephenson l S ' ,C I 4 ma l A aff ff W fy Q O XY' I yi! pf if ,mx M , 5 jf, ' "K ,ff I 't-' - W :rig if 4 ,, Q, 'S- l l l FIRST ROW.' Emily Garber, lean Philhower, Sue DeBaun, Sue Rowland, SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Ellis, Ellen Eichel, Linda Clark, Mary Robinson, Sue Larson, THIRD ROW: Ruth Hatfield, Ellie Price, Carolyn Wooster, Cheryl Gross, Lona Rothert, FOURTH 1 ROW: Mike Snyder, lim Stroh, Roger Murray, Tom Briner, jerry Barber, Greg Sanders, Max Fall. li g, sl I l I 1 VY 4. , 4 . .1.V. 0 3 'rig' .V, V y "' A 1, r hs V, 1 w V V' , 'W " T 1' p w ig, , ,J 7 - m e R, . . 5 A-vw, -. Jig, , 5, J . 5...,.,. ,.,..e. ., ,i , . sf A f. "ff i -um ' ii' fi' 41 -"A' 12? ' il U ' h 'f' 4 f PY! . V , '-wr. ' ij' . 2 ge 5" ' 5:51 . lv n xr -fa . , ik 1 'fi 'i"'A'7 '1 f fr .1 - ,em fi -- ' V A 1 ' Mljy-if firm I ,T FQ f is 1 B WI Q I . . 3.7-QVVV, ,fish y NV J VB V sq: ..,. .V R A . Wt, 7 'ax h ' su f, Vp i' -Ya. - Q4 F 1 ati., , ., .L wg., if - . ,if V. I f 7 E., . X f ig Q N ' ri- 4 Q. 0 . 3 'V 7 V M . Q, ,, V' ww ,hi , ,lf . ,V V . ., V. , V , I V VVV. V VV e V : :Vw V ,X V A .?iH'0 c A A vi' www 4 ffnff, ., sv UQ VV V' .T V, -. ,-,wif 41 Vi, , - wa, 1, .1 ,4x'.V.J,?lg, , 11.15 'lfg i Q , gf? , iw, Ei V., V, f,,,5f:u VV, V, W T. V z r 4 ""' ws' 'ff T 5 fl Q I' fx in X 'ls ll yi Mugs ff. c it Q 2, QM fgpgiggb EV -r ' V ' 1 ' ' . 'A ,. ' ,f ii' '-' 'wx j S' ' i f ' :il -V : E f K5 aah' ??i'g.SgVig4fe,4 fy' , bi.,VNQ x Y, Ylggg PM M V . . Q. . A ,ii VM-V 4 V EV - ,h i r W. If-.Er'2.,' S-WW4 H ,V .Ui .iz .hi f ,m f 'af A we Rf Mir MQS A T Q i , 'YY' . nz .Y , : ,, A 2 -, 2 Q 61 i f V. if .4 X EQ. X xx 3 . I V9 ' fi ,V ' ' V f " . Vp, ,. ',,,i:I,V.-:fix xr . , -H 7 CGS- fp Mya-'Vg iw FRESH CHEERLEADERS BOTTOM TO TOP: Ginny Merrell, Susie Gorman, Ruth Schwerk, Vicki Katterhenry, Brenda Winterkorn, VARSITY CHEERLE DERS BOTTOM TO TOP: Suzi Clarke, Kathy Pascoe, Billie Alden, ,3w.4li?u5 ini., Niemief. Nor p'CtUred5 AHISOH Cumm- wwf ppm-w--W il 5 Q, ,S 'I 'KS 4' " j V A 5' 5 Q sn 'Q eg sa x X .91 ,QW 'ih- YW 'wma . ,, X 1 P l . i 'lt Q 1 x ., , , 'W' X AQ A A GELS FRONT ROW: Mickie Hirschman, Mary jane MacQuigg, Margie McDowell, Cindy Robson, jerrie Bastain, janet Schrader, SEC- OND ROW: Sally Gorman, Karen O'Kane, Ruth Ann Rice, Pam Schumann, Liz Rohrer, Beckie Creech, Debbie Hirschman, Linda Huntemang THIRD ROW: Happy Sachse, Debbie Dawson, jamie Wesner, jan Millay, Beckie Gwyn, Leah jones, Ginny Slack, jenny Gwyn, Bonnie Bealer. MAIORETTES FRONT: Susan Whitsitt, BACK: Linda Wilson, Bonnie Grebe, Bev Ziegler, Nancy Prather, Margaret Ogden. .lzuli'JhZlu..., ,ITNHDIE ..isl ., - -A Kiwis x A3 ' Qin. LITTLE SISTERS OE Ml ERVA FRONT ROW: Paula Acker, Sue Wilkie, Kathy Ault, Linda Crafton, Margaret Fletcher, SECOND ROW: Ian Kessner, Pam Pierce, Iudy Hamilton, Sally Eaton, Kathy Gilles, loyce Sander and Kathy Wake, THIRD ROW: Emma Greenfield, Kathy Brammer, Gail Campbell, Sue Muncy, Barb Podorski, Lesley Lilly, Barb Erickson, Darlene Witte, Bobby Baskett. c""'1.L' Q?m4 'B ln.. i 1 A ' CRESCENTS FRONT ROW: Iudy Kercher, Frankie Niemeier, Vicki Turber, Abby Utley, lane Snyder, Kathy Byrum, and Kay Mitchell, SECOND ROW: Carla Humphrey, Emily Backus, Sandy Klueh, Karen An- drews, Pam Gardner, THIRD ROW: Susie Essig, Susan Vinton, Suz- anne Hewitt, Marcia Legg, Charlotte McConnell, Cathy Ross, Cathy Wake. GIRLS OE THE CIOLDE HEART FRONT ROW.' Cathy Samuel, Dianne Black, Ieanne Wilson, lanie Shepherd, SECOND ROW: Linda Black, Donna Strange, Allison Gumm, Suzi Clarke, Doris Stevens, Marty Carrington, Pat Waller, THIRD ROW: Becky Prince, Sally Toman, Clare Kawamura, Diane Neal, Connie Crane, lane Brand, Gloria Romain, Mary Ann Hunt, Becky Cooper. I48 X CIRCLE K YOUN REPUBLICANS FRONT ROW: Midge Schultze, Arlene Simpson, Nancy Glen, Cindy Nelson, Holly Hemmingsen, Sandra Gander, SECOND ROW: lim Bacus, Rick Wedel, Larry Schweizer, Ioe DeVoss, Glenn Gunnell. .,! NX N L".':3J 1 7 KE-:JJ 5-':."3J 55. ,. ANGEL FLIGHT SEATED: Ellie Price, leanne McCutchan, Priscilla Dickinson, Debbie Fisher, Marcia Wellemeyer, Pam Pearce, Anne Hodapp, Roxie Bald- win, Susie Essig, Allison Gumm, Pam Naberhius, Dee Atz, STAND- ING.: Marilyn Glaess, Linda Duckworth, Kathy Ziliak, lane Snyder, Clare Kawamura, lan Northcut, Pat Vote, loy Ashley, lan Paschal, Nancy Elson, Terry Goebel, Emily Garber, Pam Gardner, Debbie Winkler, Kay Mitchell, Mary Ann Hunt. AR OLD IR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Steven Dalton, Larry Baggett, Steven Green, Wil- liam Berger, Bruce Siebers, Richard Blackburn, SECOND ROW.' Keith Winternheimer, Richard Williams, Wesley Knipe, Billy Shields, Edward Kellner. 'QS- AMERICA CHILDHOOD EDUCATIO SEATED: Cynthia lourdan, Kathy Kirtley, Sylvia lourdan, STAND- ING: lean Stephenson, ludy Wellmeyer. STUDE EDUCATIO ASSOCIATIO FRONT ROW: Dr. Moon, Cathy Hinton, Beverly McDaniel, Angie Mathieu, Marlene Cheek, Keith Younkerg SECOND ROW: Debbie Kempf, Linda Willits, Diana Drake, Linda Perigo, Charlotte Wright, Judy Campbell, THIRD ROW: Nancy Moss, Rebecca Miller, Kathy Rinehart, Carol Hall. 4' ww' xe- W .. ex 'X S. X' J fix Nw - NSR T33 , Q "exif 5 :R 41 ' 3.35 2- he . " X K- vc, I ' - Vi Suzanne Lachen-Business Manager Rick Barter-Campus Editor Sally Helms-Typesetter M :jsp Q ff 54.25 A2 "Q 53'-Y , K an L34 We awww .nw ' ' ,....w ,Q 1, arf ' -o ff wfwfiw KMYKXN- Marion Lachen-Circulation Manager john Updike-Editor-in-Chief, Fall and Winter Dave Longest-Editor-in-Chief, Spring smaSim92gs'::'s1 m,mmW.f l rnfmi if fs, Mike McBride-Managing Editor 'Lb THE iv yx :go it. V .fi E V V r r Qf t t i ii i, Mike Pullin-Editor Gary Dyer-Organizations Editor Mickey Spears-Photo Editor Patti Brooks-Copy Editor -.nw- ,v-W in ' T' 1' Q 1 -S X3 lik he E ' Carol Kistner-Managing Editor 'K "WM LinC and Crescent Photographers Herb Ziegler-Sports Editor - - 1 Vi ......,,Q.., 1 xx , ' , Mf, f W -1. V' Stephanie Ligon-Greek Editor Keith Younker-Academic Editor if X a ' ,wh Q52 4-"3Pl5f1'f5-'x 239 Q ff Nw Jw ?,X 1' ,Ax . x, ww Alpha, Beta, 212 chapters in the United States... and Canada, Gamma, the Ciaylords, a local club, Delta, March 4,1852 at Wesleyan College, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta fOh noll, Iota, newest on campus, Kappa, Cross and the Crescent, Lambda, Mu, the bright red door of brotherhood, Nu, Xi, Omicron, formerly known as the Castalian Society Pi, the flower is the white violet, Rho, Sigma, the Little Sisters of Minerva, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Cardinal and Straw, Psi Omega, may I begin, Sir! THE CDRLD QF THE E GREEK The UE Greek traces his ancestry through decades of American college history to the College of William and Mary, 1776, and through centuries of Medieval heraldry to the ideals of perfection and excellence ofthe real Greeks. He stands for high but often lost ideals of brotherfsisterhood and personal conduct. He wears a glittering pin and saccharine smile. He measures out his life in the old golden goblet that brims over with that peculiar elixir that makes him gr-r-reat! i ,V-rf Wy f - i 1 we X' X 3: I wx . . A if Q ,ix SX I XS S3 JO X X xx K Y. F5 - gft ,HK Ci-IP'-T' 'hx 1 ' N3 3' X Q: X , "" 16' S ff M . 3 4, gf. f Q E W 5 J 7 W -13,9 CVS ,, fm l xx ' X X X X X Q N if ' ,5 v,,', E v' G -a ,4 -Q, "Q 4 1 4 'Up A If df lv ,. , .1 -Q, Wm ,, I-W, 5. M ix if , in 4 Q W M 2 V vnu My wah r, a ' at J. b W:"1 Mgt X 1 . W 45.6 w 4 1 5 X 4 2 N. C' .D " "' 'Wax 4 N -W Vp, , V ..,,,m, W 5 9 X Y 7 ' ' ' MW S35 H n , , , .1 S fm. 2 THE G ME 0 AN-HELLENIC RUSH ti Pan-hellenic rush is a game. There are four different teams, and the object of the game is to win as many players as possible. The AOPi's try to wow 'em with a luau . .. Nanny Chioppins "does her thing" for Chi O's . .. The Phi Mu's western theme party never fails to lasso a few . .. And Zeta Heaven beckons all rushees to pledge. The rules are ruthless and the competition more than keen. This is a game of faces and poses. But beneath it all is a unique love for Greek sisterhood- a sisterhood that means more than anything else, particularly during this game. For this game determines the very future ofthe sisterhood . . .the sorority. This is indeed a unique game. No one ever really loses? 'kg gm f I Xt Q SEATED: Gary Hagstrom, Greg Barrett, jerry jones, STANDING: Tony Mlltoef Dave Madd0n,Tim TUCl49f,llm R9ldf0fd,Wllll9 W35l1 Alexander Harris, lohn Brandenburger, Bob Merchant, Mike ington. Rogers, Gordon Amini, Mike Gilles, Rich Steedman, lim Bacus, IFC Monday, six p.m., at the Union means lnterfraternity Council for the two representatives from each fraternity and the 5 officers, headed this year by Gregg Barrett. joining with Panhellenic, IFC sponsored Greek Weekend and gave the annual james E. Morlock Community Service Award and the IFC Scholarship Award to the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Advised by Dr. Kraft, the council is responsible for men's rush and pledging and assures that objectives and activities of fraternities are in accord with the aims and practices of UE. SEATED: Marcia Wellemeyer, Diane Neal, Dean Childers, Ann Newman, Ann Barnett, Brenda Bf0Ol4S, Teena Luhrsen, Ffanni' Arensman, Priscilla Dickinson, STANDING: Emily Backus, Teana l-99d5- PA HELLENIC Wednesday, four p.m., means Panhellenic meeting for the representative from each sorority and Panhellenic president. They serve as rush counselors, and this year they joined IFC to sponsor Greek Weekend. Offering awards to the sorority with highest scholarship and to the one showing most scholastic improvement, they prove their position on good scholarship. They also stand for guarding good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving to the best of their ability. Their ideal: cooperation for futhering fraternity life in harmony with its best possibilities. 161 4- .. 4- , . N -3 ..s .,-1? QW li LPH MICRO PI "Alpha Omicron Pi, friends as the years go, loving sisters are we, loyal forever, Alpha to thee." An AOPi lives her song, and UE benefits from her sisterhood and talent: Icebreaker Queen, best director of MM, and three sisters on SGA mean a lot, but to a sister visible rewards rank a far second behind friendships and memories. FIRST ROW: M. Wellemeyer, M. Carrington, B. Creech, E. Scherer, R. Rice, S. Roland, L. Shepard, l. Shepard, SECOND ROW: L. Witt I. McCuIchen, K. Lundsgaard, K. Andrews, S. Essig, 1. Reasor, C Fry, B. Brooks, G. Edgar, M. Glaess, S. Hewitt, M. Hunt, K. Leeper 1. Wilson, ON STEPS: P. Brehob, C. Coleman, S. Gorman, I. Park B. Humfelt, 1. Hayden, L. Wahlman, B. Ciriffing, I. Plymate, C Schenk, T. Luhrsen, 1. Stewart, D. Kegal, S. Klueh, M. Meadows, L Bohlen, C. Walsh, P. Studeville, P. Wilson, C. McConnell, K jones, 1. Carlyle, S. Meddock, L, Rowland, G. Painter, P. Lindsey. 162 'HP' .f ig M153 xx K Q 1 5 'f ,Ywgw NI ffm MN N K A -v 41 'w ff ,Q gil? Ji ' iffy W Q - - Q.: if we .. V 1 -ski i 5 4,3 fx by l63 -.MA CHI CDMEC She aims at excellence in hellenic, cultural, and Christian pursuits, for goals color the fabric of a Chi O. Her successes include May Day Queen first place Homecoming Display, and two fraternity sweethearts. Her annual projects include I Thanksgiving and Christmas Kindness to the ghetto and Orphan picnic, and favorite professor. To a Chi O, success is relative. The real perfection is in the striving. ef, 'W WK EXW .C " V LP fur' fs. 'iv 4 fr lf , j C7 S 5, t f - S 13, f 3QtEff1,f if Q' - j- ,j 2- Y A X - f xi X S gt V X X ZS 1 5 4 C , ,, , v ,4 22 -uw' , tw i 3 FIRST ROW S Day N Alston P Pearce D Hirschman P Acker D Wampler S Reed B Cooper M Plank B Swain K Brammer B ff McMasters V Rideout G Saari M Mason S Toman SECOND ROW: M. Meiser, L. Life, S. Gorman, I. Snyder, S. Clarke, K. Mit chell, S. Ligong THIRD ROW.' P. Gardner, G. Nigh, 1. Brinkley, B Wilder, B. Gooch, E. Greenfield, 1. Gumm, V. Snyder, D. Neal, D. Fisher, E. Garber, C. Willett, K. Byrum. nm' xy ..,, 4 vt is .5 .al 2 s k K Y 4 Anthony Hargrove, Alexander Harris, Willie Washington, Dave Weeks. an up-to-date, first-rate college fraternity. The men of the fraternity aim to make college life fruitful and happy and the years following graduation rich in memories of college days. They regard fraternity life as an experience in cooperative group living, a process of continuous socialization. This is the meaning of "social" as applied to Kappa Alpha Psi. KAPPA ALPHA PSI Striving to obtain for its members all the benefits which can accrue from membership and from contacts with Brothers of the Bond, Kappa Alpha Psi works to maintain Qi c ' awk S g xt li Q N S S r 1 ' , fu ,W 4 i, ' md' E' X X SJ, Q X x f 3 Q s .nur ' x Q3 - 1 ,QI ,, ,pp z , N "fxo1iSWfw,w..-ua:: fawmf, .X -. Ak ,K . 4 "ies '. w1 "MWrWA M W 3' fsw- 1: fe., x xv 'f x 5 Q- ima ' -w MBDA CHI LPHA Founded as a literary society in 1869, Lambda Chi Alpha boasts 100 years at the University of Evansville. Steeped in tradition, the fraternity demands activity, involvement, and loyalty. Located in a new quarter million dollar home, the fraternity sponsors many campus dances and the annual Watermelon Bust. From the Photozetean Literary Society, to Phi Zeta Colony to LCA in 1956, the fraternity has matured. The past holds a bold reverence, for the men of LCA. FIRST ROW: W. Bohall, H. Forster, B. Dillow, D. Knapp, A. Leibun guth, G. Brown, D. Proctor, 1. jones, M. Madrid, 1. Brandenburger, S. Hayford, K. Sobbe, R. Fulmer, T. Rudnick, S. Ernest, B. McWil liams, T. Turner, D. Thompson, Ci. Ballard, R. Spillcer, R. Carter SECOND ROW: B. Little, B. Berger, G. Ciunnell, 1. Sander, Tl Townsend, C. Oswald, G. Hahn, T. Milto, C. Leggett, P. Balsley, P. DeVault, H. Smith, R. auck, THIRD ROW: R. Post, D. Miller, P. Hass, C. Stonehill, B. alther, D. Knapp, B. Slater, R. Coffey, K Smith, K. Moore, D. Wilson, M. Umbarger, F. Gilcrest, S. Yeager, K. Meyer, P. Katterhenry, 1. Siebe, P. Gunn, R. Meier, M. Short, B. Melton, B. Ross, FOURTH ROW: I. Mefford, H. Pratt, E. Sander, D. Filson, B. Gallagher, N. Rutigliano, l. Ruster, 1. larboe, P. Cooper, C. Blackford, P. Bivens, R. Brown, R. Reinhardt. S ", P fi K st. 3555?-' P WMM 'Hn X X 2' 12 2 Q2 g X , f sm I69 WMM PHI K PP TAU FRONT ROW: 1. Scheidler, B. Howe, D. Eager, D. McCane, K. Mil- ler, S. Cress, P. Childs, R. LaGrange, SECOND ROW: W. Roell, C Wilson, B. Fornges, K. Driggers, R. Handziak, R. Welman, S. Recobs, THIRD ROW: 1. Swarens, H. Keisel, I. Riedford, D. Knigga, H. len- sen, 1. Ramey, R. Kauffmann, A. Rutger, M. Ullrich, D. Thompson, FOURTH ROW: S. Hall, S. Klingerburger, S. Fox, M. Esery, W. Pur- cell, C.. Shrock, L. Bassett, A. Pfeifer, FIFTH ROW: T. Bleichroth, R Young, I. Little, G. Patterson, R. Murray, D. Stafford, D. Zengler, I Barber, B. Morrow, SIXTH ROW: D. Swart, A. Henderson, B. Ber- caw, 1. Stevian, D. Foerster, 1. DeVoss, SEVENTH ROW: G. Pershing G. Willis, I. Potts. The men of PKT, the newest frat at UE, began as Sodalitas, began as 19 men, who netted 19 more first rush and since then a gallery of awards- for quarterly scholarships, lawn display, intramural sportsmanship, Musical Madness. They've grown to 54 men and 10 pledges, trying to make real the Greek ideal. 4'NQsvx4-x a 4-'QQ - x t , A ff- - A A wx. ,N .W , '-'S 2 b : ff I f'?N.P-AMQTMN' t ,nm fn..-u.,fN ,. f , , ,. 93-Q' X' " if fly-Q r .W .. 11,3 . 5' -?'ff1"Nf' ' "I, 'Ks ,QW M 22 sh sip 'iw if wh ng, '. QL, .- L . ,I MA, 'iff ' ' ix . Y Q 1 'V nv' . , ,,. IN Q .1 N. , , .,fqpr:IIQf fsglv M ,I .qawiyx iid!! if C .33 N " , K ,A Q its uiharm 927 fm, 1- H 5 I V 06 I 5 . QS! 10. . f--- 'img' 'UUE 7 JZ M N , - K -Y' , X nf- . gf, x i X k , A x VY 1. ,K '-Wu A . Q K ER TER NITY K ff f 'A Zalfowg 6.41. my ' 1? ' --4 ' N -g . I if , , Q ' fx xi I 'S-n.,e4.Q..,.ig bww 'fgu Zlvgnl I " 'f I '- -3 12 ' , ' 7-5- 1. .ruff IL 'fffifff sf fit.,-f.:.,,,,A41I I Q ' .QL44L.z f: s.,,.,,,,. Ig 5,4 Ig Ifufgh is-6? Q .,. I .Hack gI,,I,,,, Lx, ,, -QM? 4:1'a4Qu1 g f -SIN, I I , I . , f , IN ,I ' nflf '?l'-Jl+,u.k f X' ff ' f 'f .V ,, f, ,, AUX, 1, I ' V3.9 ge, in, J. -if V I ,, v 3 ,,,, ,,, II I II I I ' 1 " I , , I 1 ff Q ,f , 3? I , ve'-mud -fahwx II ' hx ,a 'A , ,J-V 65, . .,., , X F4152 f , 47 .Y 7 ,S i f, ,I I fQil'l1V8IbUyUfWWIXLqg,q11!- v 'J 1 7 N sawn-AEG Flaw' it , cmrlz Ji M X 'L L, If ff, f fff, ,W , f, ,yy 1. Aw W F, ' -L 5 fm 'WL fl-ffvhiagoca I' I Lxymb 'ff' ' Q' Y A' "K f f, . , LM, , , lixaws-lqaif T' if? - - Q . 'gm Q rlfl f 1 -, ,f fb. ,f " ' '- ' , "MU, QI Q , A ,I Q' f W1'?f"'Y , f V mjigvifslfii 91' 4Bvm1sv1Ne I , 0, 3' gnlkxaygamau isbn? Rx V 5- 1 . , ,- f , A Q , 1 .- ,,.- ,.. 1 II , 0 I W1 K Nw? A CAAQQM4 N I ,f f Kira gets f"7M' flax' '7""'y'1-"V f' 'fu f I Ham A W MKQJMV I In Xi dvd-Axim' 07 1 I H ,,.,,. ...Nr W-, ,. ,f Nr, f,,,,.,,,, my f ,LW ' H , t A I i In 4 I I ,, A I I X R' l L x 5 .447 Ir, ., .,.,f,, ,iwf ,,,, ,,,,f,, ,, M ,.AA.4',. 1, . A A VV Q . -ns. A14-44.1 A- Q f x X , .. 1 ..,..,., . ,H .AW,,,I, IIII I,IIIAhWK f ., , I I,,I Join MI, munz wx mm: f f . , 1 ,V K '- V Q ffmf'm'Ff'3nd""a A-ffaliwrrusmh mm wlfww 2: WX xv' , "b""' 4-'1'1'-'37-MI 1 . "N" ' "'f- "..-ff ,,,,,, ' Xa' ' - ' S -1 "' 4 girl I NXS VK Mu, M1 K .v..,4,,,f,, 6, -Qlxfgfmglml Burg yxglhf , ,I IL ngjuf T,w,,,,-I I Q' Q 5 I A mf... ., . ,. ,,., ,, ,... .AI Ifhwf-,Y M71 A: i I fu nw.4 4. THJWA, In Q SW ' fjf M W w Leak. ig A ' 'NX "' V' 5, r 1, , ,' A . ' , ' '4f4"N"w f.f.xu,nsf ff. ' - -. . ,.f,,..,. H f-'Wu I - ' Eg .Ii X fytmd W, N Q I I II Ii-43:14. EI - ..v,M,, LAN g,...,:L,fA 5: Q 6 " t ' 'ff' KA L :ra 5 L an jiwu LY 'dai 'iv-4' "L, 'az-v3i!'3,g A 1' ' 5: 'i f-1-'N f1A..nLw-ev-1' V A , , I 1.1 -.. N -45 ' 1. , , ,, , 1 ' ,' 4 QI, ,IQ If, f 1 ,I-, Q , ff I' 2 ig .L.. .Q " fi 2' -'f 5' 'M f ww , Qi r.X.:1:.zfm.,vg:.fz : - salt: ,ggsvfjk . 3 . 1-1 , ,aaa-4.45 at yy M ' x ,-f I, X 3 .lf-1 E, N W. ,QI .I +I I E 'dv Img ,-awe-1af ., M ,, A W ,, 0 W ' L Nu V y . . 3-yi. f l rw. 43, - ,-. W ,K me 1 I I J.. 171 PHI MU A quiet mixture of beauty, brains, and smiles, the women of Phi Mu brighten the campus world. Sisters captured Miss UE, Miss Congeniality, and Basketball Queen titles. They served with compassion and maintained top GPA's. They sing "Happiness Is Being Together," and no one doubts their claim "I'm a Phi Mu. 'Il FIRST ROW: 1. Labhart, D. Porter, C. Redett, K. Ault, K. Bockelman I. Smith, 1. Sander, K. Pascoe, R. Hires, M. Moore, B. Bolen, SEC- OND ROW: G. Campbell, M. Carter, M. Richey, S. McMahan, S. Van deSteeg, L. Berry, D. Haines, L. Britton, A. Arensman, B. Long, THIRD ROW: L. Duckworth, B. Wilburn, B. Bellamy, K. Britton, I Effinger, K. Simpson, P. Phillips, D. Pfisterer, P. Clrisham, G. Smith FOURTH ROW: l. Paschal, M. Rubin, F. Leeds, G. Merrell, Lf Heines, I. Treat, N. Clark, C. Cuion, FIFTH ROW: K. Monts, N. El- son, K. Shoener, N. Kirkman, D. Nix, I. Craig. 1 a S J, x A X in A fi, if I 2.4 fu 3 7... . . 0' sy f X X wil' Ns viii. t , ,r :. a Q ' U m e . - ' f sfggsi KN X: ww 4a as wr' 1- 173 W--sw, gk KN X A Q gag- P' 14 'L hun' 3 WM full' v5,,, , V gfwgf-lf. X K . x sw. .. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILO Ever try to dampen an SAE's spirit? Firemen tried five times and failed. They doused five house fires, but the fraternal spark was still dry. It was indeed a hot year for SAE: a successful Playboy Party, Orphans Day Picnic, Hawaiian Luau, and building plans for 1970. "Come On Light My Fire." No chance, baby. FIRST ROW: 1. Butler, J. Spoonmore, M. Wiseman, T. Bennett, F Hoover, P. O'Malley, R. Copp, B. Schoettelkotte, C. Ruckman, B Merchant, T. Cusack. SECOND ROW: Gene Nall, G. Lucas, P Powell, C. Hopper, B. Pearce. THIRD ROW: M. Rogers, P. Cusack T. Hufnagel, C. Stagg, M. Hill, G. Amini, C.. Schlansker, D. Crane A. Studt, T. Gates, D. Davies. 175 SIGMA PHI EPSILO Standing at their red door surrounded by the new Girls ofthe Golden Heart, Sig Ep men stand for brotherhood. They're men of awards-first place in scholarship and the bike race-and of honors, three of them being favorite men of sororities. Becky Cooper is their two-time sweetheart, reigning over the Queen of Hearts Ball. They host the annual Pl party and Fireman's Fling. Their bond they'll never sever- Sig Eps are they. FIRST ROW: F. Arensman, G. Barrett, T. Russell, T. Snider, B Scales, S. Reffett, I. Tyler, S. Kuebler, C. Graves, S. Baresic, D Myers, 1. Hostetler, C. Edmondson, SECOND ROW: D. Longest, S Smith, B. McClean, R. Anderson, D. Uebelhack, E. Dunn, P. Hughes C. Koehler, D. Fisk, M. Lively, G. Matthews, D. Elliot, W. Koch, K Baggett, A. Lenig, W. Bruenig, T. Davis, T. Kates. E i Za ' 5 an mfhggqh -,sgsrh W K "ii . A I76 2 x Q: Q A rw - ' i uf :. SPNYSETNS: 'NM f, ? NL xw 'N'-f Aw 4 4 Sf 'KZ be J W3 vm, Q0 af, f +48 1 'NN W3 xv , TA KAPPA EPSILO For men of the Red Carnation, character is the key to success, fraternity stands for men, not for wealth, rank, or honor. The Teke has high ideals and Action, too, note the Easter Egg Hunt for Hillcrest Orphans. From llllinois Wesleyan came The Teke Charter, It is a standard here which Tekes proudly uphold. FIRST ROW: l. Walden, D. Clark, T. Lynch, C. Hobgood, W. Pickle V. C-odeke, C.. Moll, I. Grimme, D. Rains, I. Bartelt, D. Roose, SEC- OND ROW: D. Kinzler, I. Crocker, F. Kanowsky, D. Cohrs, L. Enlow R. Tacoma, 1. Mantovani, C.. Petro, L. Cline, S. Thompson, M. Clark E. Hougland, T. Ritter, P. Green, M. Stephens, K. Swenson, M Pillar, T. Hanna, R. Angermeierg THIRD ROW: B. Rhodes, B. Allred 1. Dice, R. Kirsch, G. Hagstrom, R. Broerman, T. Farny, R. Steedman P. Atherton, T. Storm, R. Dick, M. Gilles. n N....,,i I 'B if FIRST ROW: R. Stephens, L. Wolfe, M. Flanagan, D, Guillaum. SECOND ROW: I. LeCleer, B. Bechtel, P. jackson, B. Burns, S. Line- gar, W. Everbach. THIRD ROW: N, Comstock, S. Owens, S. Hak- ness, M. Berg, D. Creetameyer. FOURTH ROW.' M. Haughey, G Frank, 1. Spalding, T. Waitman, L. Stumph, M. Beaudway. 5 l 1 ZET AU ALPHA Enthusiasm, philanthropy and busy smiles. The women of ZTA, always active, plan a year to the hour, and seek to do more. And what they do, they do well. Mardi Gras, Panhellenic Ball, first place in University Sing, second honors in Musical Madness, State Pledge Song Victor, and impressive in sports. To a Zeta the calendar is a challenge, the next day a deadline, sisterhood a reality, and idleness a sin. The busy smiles bring life to the gray seasons and inspire action. Try to catch a Zeta, it's a challenge. FIRST ROW: K. Slade, L. Trott, S. Bryan, B. Busch, T. Langford, P Dickinson, I. Burger, C. Williams, S. Craig, S. Whitsitt, L. Thomp- son, 1. Inglehart, SECOND ROW: M. Hirschman, B. Gaines, J Dudley, I. Gwyn, B. Keller, D. Graves, A. Barnett, E. McKinney, L Kirkham, C. Muckley, D. Miller, D. Stevens, B. Walk, B. Nicksic L. lones, C. jackson, T. Gulley, S. Bronson, B. Baldridge, S. Gas- coigne. .V-,.qi,. f r' we 'i 423-2 vi-,XM 1 .jf .v VIA 1, gy, 5 r r' ,bv 'S+-M 4 ff i rj 1 N I i 5 5 -f v V' 181 w ima, Populated by 200 or more faces, some more well-known than others, but all familiar, the campus resident's world is housed in a yellow brick building-home. It is a confining world, consisting most often of one room, a desk, bed, dresser, and mirror. Bare essentials. But it is an unbound world, M breeding special kinds of friendships that may not survive, but will never be born again. THE VVCDRLD GF THE CA PUS RESIDE T The campus resident knows how to study and how to play, how to watch TV, to wash, iron, and mend, and to house lost pets without getting caught. He's a night person who watches day come while he plays cards or takes part in a bull session or talks with his roommate, and then he sleeps late, sometimes. He knows more uses for shaving cream than Gillette and a letter from home makes his day in the home he's made away. Upper right: Mrs. Redgrave-Hughes Hallp Center right: Mrs. Elliott-Hale Hallg Lower right: Mrs. Pursley-Brentano Hallg Lower left: Mrs. Clark-Franklin House. M-ff HUUSEMCDTHERS Mother to all, related to none, she listens to gripes tand gripes some, tool. She shares happiness and swells with pride when her dorm wins. And she's around to lighten defeat when it doesn't. Soothe the broken romance, kiss the new pinwoman, guide and watch over, but carefully avoid commanding: the job of a housemother. Always there, knowing where interest stops and meddling begins, she's a counselor, a friend, a mom away from Mom. V Center left: Mrs. Scheidler and daughter, Kari-Bigney House M Moore Hall 185 Lower left: Mrs. Scales-New Unit, Lower Right: Mrs. Scherzer- Isl, . ,. na, A Q. s .. e .., iz? 5 ' . , is I cv 3 16 i l 4 i l I ff 2 2 ' 1 X Wil, .Yf"',,, V Franklin House Officers. B. Knigga, C. Utley, S. Reimer, C. Balcitis. BIG EY HCDUSE FRA KLI HGUSE She crosses the busy intersection, then the apartment-living coed walks one ofthe well-beaten paths up to Franklin Hovda, Bigney, or Torbet. Living not with one but with three or four others, she shares shares responsibilities not only for cleaning, but also cooking. Her requests? just hip boots and boats for the basement stashed away for a rainy day. A place where campus communication sometimes doesn't reach . .. farther from classes inconvenient sometimes . .. a great experience always: the Apartments. J! awk . x....-f- .,...,..b-mf' 0 WNNI' 'NN Mffwwzl' A,.,,,-11-A an JK" sv wx-,A Ziyi-' W, MN w1 Tl 1... Officers: B. Halkowich, G. Kilby, M. Watson, A. Heath, R. Bald win, E. Price, E. Eichel. N W 1 1 1 e : A' N, gp,-.. 'vt f 1 ,. , N 57 f M , ' , ,V,, O0 RE HALL Moore Hall, oldest and biggest, came out of hiding this year-came out to win Homecoming Queen with pert Ellie Price, who also nosed Action into SGA for '69-70, came out for a second place trophy SAI Sing. They threw another egg into the independent pot with a first in Musical Madness '69. Come spring, a cloistered coed stepped out into the community for a pageant: Paula Young returned to Moore as Miss Evansville on her way to Michigan City for the really big one. Girls working together for a mutual goal . .. girls backing a resident in an individual pursuit. .. four girls sharing one phone: Moore Hall. Officers. B. Koch, R. Newman, M. Warner, B. Hauselman R. 'si f5"f-if iff. ?T?"5-Q s ss " 1 5 tbl ' Y' 3 N- .,. .Ae , X M, t . I .vat . Q. ...Y A z M is' Y if .3 .Q q,f,. A f-n. 2 Q fc 'Q xl f ff FD' ' 1 51,7 W X A X 4 X '-L :dpi f 2 1 X I ' X . X - Y q, This year? It was a very good year for Hughes Hall men as they tossed in a win for the once-begun, never-ending independent cause: with a pad in Hughes Sam Small charmed the female vote to become Bachelor of the Year. A feeling of unity took root and never stopped growing as the men of Hughes grew proud- proud of their hall and proud of each other. A periodic flood wets the hallsg a noisy party keeps pace with the night. A center for criticizing Birchers . .. a haven for laughter at W. C. Fields . .. a resting place on a path to success: Hughes Hall. HLC-HES HALL I, N, It l ji I l, I l p' B. Ratlif-f, K. Kirtley, P. lones. I 1 l I I 1 l Officers. SITTINC: N. Allen, L. Schweiger. STANDING: A. Allred, BRE TA HALL Second in a line of many to come, Brentano Hall is home to many girls. Its four flights of stairs leading to a possible fourth floor room somehow don't seem so long when Brentano extends its "air condition" calling card. Life assumes a typical pose for its resident: big date, hair to fix, borrow that dress from . . . whose was it? . . . hum . .. study in the sun did pay off, no time for dinner, grab a candy bar from the machine, movie tonight, stop at Frisch's later maybe, then home-home to a beautiful, envy of many, lounge, home to Brentano. MY guy. 5' 5 fm, ,, 'X W WW 1: V! X V 5 'Z f 5 X xx X x V' L, f fi Q4 I ,,...-.- R f . figiuibisff .aw 193 ,-ww., ,J ,nw W .. - ---M' qv .,. X . ,ww 2 4- mx' Z i 'N '41-.I Whig , Officers. R. Barnett, L. Wilburn, P. Overman, B. Bohnert, A. Wilson, P. Privitt .Ze n 'Z Q., 1 f , 3 fa 1. M A W- ,. :wwf ' ' L,-f Q. W k 5-, ."'S v 'X 92 QQ X . X.. ,,, , .. ix My , x X. WW' H' as x A A W, aw NW UIT Sparkling, shining, gleaming- the newest of new-and nameless. Still an infant, the New Unit is making a name for itself in the world of UE residences. It houses girls living, working, studying, playing, each deciding when and where to draw the line between having fun and getting an education and sometimes finding the two merge at the line. The New Unit woman joins her neighbors at Moore and Brentano in signing out-and in Eleven or one to two means return to a place for chatting, sleeping, meeting, seeking, initiating: the New Unit. .s J :Q yw. W gr if: ' A s ,J . if 5 X X Mei 5 4 N X Nga, I z Officers. SITTING: I. Bumgarner, M. Flynn, F. Lloyd. STANDING: I. Butler, R. Guth, R. Painter. lm xrixwffx XTZND wuff x iv 4' wx" ,w X4 ww x i X Y HALE HALL The newest of men's unit, Hale houses men of tug-of-war distinction. They worked together all year, backing their fourteen officers, then pul-led together for a May Day win. Life at Hale includes weekend outings together after living and studying together all week. An organization, but not an organization... needing definition... a crossroads of friends helping friends a place together to live and grow- Hale Hall. N . K X :N NW x Q .. X , A XQ ' S wwf I ' N N I www x XX W 1 QQXQ A Q .,... E H H .1 ,,,A,,,5,,,5-.Xx:.,., Q. .,, . Q '15 K mi' xx Xia: yyzfyr gig ' 7 , M . ,,.. P X K' rw' sg g ..,.' w an Q I, 7- -- X. - sg '-1.v5fiWQ' t a., . xc, -:, . . - xgff - . 5 w-21255 W Lv NL ST S , XNNQ ' ,V A iw .A - fc A ,, N -' gc xxtxil st N 51 , A V , c .Q . Q ws A. . f rf Q ,. - sf T K X551 VSXL . w . . Y X " 'fly i' 'fa' ' . f A r tx 7 if . . w,-V. cxfsw X , T s . 3 if sg . if-IQ.. , A . X is V' . 2 , X . . 1. Aw an, S ,t - . i 9 UE students play athlete. Play? No! Work. It's valuable training for later life, self-discipline, team work, and for giving maximum effort. The best fight for UE. The others fight for fraternities, sororities, residence halls, clubs, themselves. Some win, most lose. Try harder! "Wait till next year" they cry. LIVI G Tl-I E ATHLETES QRLD OF Hanging in the balance- sorta like life. Maybe it's ing we win . .. maybe not, we lose. But we tried. Splash, Splash, Splash. Faster, swim faster. Into the turn, stretch a little more, now you're ahead! Training pays off. SPRI Ci '68l REVIE ,lf 'i ENNIS UE Opponent 7 Kentucky Wesleyan 2 DePauw 5 St. loseph's 2 Valparaiso 0 Indiana State 6 Kentucky Wesleyan 1 Augustana 0 Ball State 7 Oakland City TRACK UE Opponent 78 Rose Poly Tech 75 U. of Louisville 45 SE Missouri DePauw Invitational: UE placed 7th of 10 Triangular Meet: U. of E. placed third Final Conference Results: U. of E. was 6th of 7 . S4 I . , 4 Q ' . S. ' 4 X v x lf s ,Q 4 Q Q 1 - s tx UE Won Lost Won Lost Lost Won GOLF Opponent Kentucky Wesleyan Western Kentucky St. loseph's Indiana State Kentucky Wesleyan Butler Lost Won Lost Won Won Lost Final Conference Results: UE was 5th of 7 BASEBALL Opponent St. loseph's 5 St. Ioseph's 2 Southeast Missouri 4 Indiana University 5 Ball State 20 Ball State 4 Indiana University 25 Indiana University 4 Valparaiso 4 Valparaiso 2 Southern Illinois 3 Kentucky Wesleyan I Kentucky Wesleyan 2 Indiana State 11 Indiana State 8 Butler 4 Butler 2 FOOTBALL L'E 27 8 3 21 44 14 36 7 22 Bradley Southeast Missouri Ball State DePauw Butler Indiana State St. Ioseph's Valparaiso Murray State 1968-69 VARSITY SPORTS SCORES BASKETBALL UE OPP. 64 SOuth Dakota 68 86 California Western 64 89 Cal Poly 65 88 Arizona 102 64 New Mexico State 98 94 San Diego State 87 93 Univ. of Mass. 73 75 New Mexico State 86 71 Kentucky Wesleyan 70 74 Southwest Missouri 101 74 St. Ioseph's 72 77 Southern Illinois 82 98 DePauw 92 85 Butler 88 85 Ball State 76 84 St. Ioseph's tPhila.l 95 86 Indiana State 90 95 Valparaiso 101 80 Kentucky Wesleyan 86 85 DePauw 98 88 St. loseph's 79 96 Butler 83 86 Ball State 80 76 Indiana State 81 83 Valparaiso 82 60 Southern Illinois 82 BASEBALL UE OPP. 10 Oakland City 1 19 Oakland City 2 2 Valparaiso 4 0 Valparaiso 5 3 St. joseph's 1 1 St. Ioseph's 2 2 Kentucky Wesleyan 6 6 Kentucky Wesleyan 7 9 Indiana State 3 7 Indiana State 6 8 Kentucky Wesleyan 2 5 Kentucky Wesleyan 3 11 DePauw 9 3 DePauw 2 2 Southern Illinois 20 2 Southeast Missouri 3 2 Butler 9 0 Butler 1 RESULTS WON LOST Football Cross Cou ntry Swimming Basketball Tennis Cio Baseball Track 3 6 0 4 ' ' 8 5 12 14 Wrestling 0 4 ' 6 3 If 4 5 9 8 2 2 TENNIS UE 9 1 1 9 5 7 0 9 5 9 2 St. Ioseph's Valparaiso Indiana State Oakland City Bellarmine Southeast Missouri DePauw Oakland City Southeast Missouri Southeast Illinois Butler OPP 0 6 9 O 4 2 9 0 4 O 5 sf. 9 , , Q , ,f .ai ,Wifi "eff ' if I 11" 3 ,g, ?,1?:v L K . 'ov 1 wrsr s ,,,,,, in K Concentration and determination by Coach lim Byers, plus bruising aggres- siveness from UE players copped a 44-7 win over Butler. 5? FRONT ROW tl to ri: Steve Maple, Don Crane, Keith Krietenstein, Wayne Kuklinski, Mike Short, Larry Merritt, Ron LaGrange, Charles Berger, Roger Mauck. SECOND ROW: Doug Atherton, Bruce Evans, Don Plemmons, Greg Hahn, Tony Milto, Butch Morrow, Richard Duvall, john Brandenberger, Mark Ashley, A. G. Taylor, Les McWilliams, Carl .Gengelbach. THIRD ROW: Mike Storm, xi Steve lerardi, james Bell, Craig Blackford, Mark Brewer, Paul Ger- hardt, Ike Mefford, Tony Hargrove, Mike Woodard, Keith McKinney, Asst. Coach Dave Davies, Coach lim Byers. BACK ROW: Freshman Coach Bob Glaser, Asst. Coach Paul Beck, Ken Mills, Gerald Seib, Bob Bannwart, Marty Umbarger, Paul Gunn, Terry Willoughby, Richard Dick, Larry Lockhart, joe Miles, Greg Hofmann. Freshman-Varsity scrimmage is a common practice at UE. A warm, sunny afternoon finds the two Aces teams in constant contact, as shown above. Ike Mefford, Soph. fullback, strives for extra yardage, but the mud causes bad footing and a messy uniform. fBelowJ. Sophomore quarterback, Craig Blackford, looks for an open re- ceiver downfield as a cross-body block is thrown in his defenseg the upper right picture depicts such an action. A run from our ten- yard line for a gain of twenty-One yards by Ken Mills was vital to the Ace's 36-0 victory over St. loseph's. fLower rightl. as ,J 22452 if if dank' ' x 'MMM A' -,Q at M WRST AND 10, GQALS T0 C-0 A good year down for the football Aces, they look forward to next year, to an even better year. A community Varsity Club holds promises-promises for Coach Byers and his squads. The ball's passed, it's caught, and the word is first down and ready to go for the '69 UE Aces. SWIM ACES SPLASH TO VICTORY Lap after lap after lap after... It takes stamina and spirit and a bit more than these for Aces swimmers for whom practice is measured in miles on lanes to perfection. The '68-'69 season brought high hopes to diver Gordon Bryant, followed by rewards when he won the one-meter diving competition in the NCAA College Division. Winning with him, Bob Lodato took the 100 and 200-yard backstroke events. FIRST ROW: Bruce Brink, Ken Miller, SECOND ROW: Tom Wulff, Glenn Phillips, Ron Hoff, THIRD ROW: Bob Lodato, Charlie jones, Coach Schleicher, Steve Smith, Gordon Bryant. GCRDON BRYANT N0.1 NCAA DIVER ONE METER COMPETITIGN . 1 W P I 1 N , I , I , I 209 E T RE LOOKS BRIC-HT OR BASKETBALL ACES, CO EERENCE CH MPS DARKHORSE FINISH AGM Nfl XJ '-M' 5 1: .Q QQ! mid-M FRONT ROW: Ron Bae, Rob Anderson, Don Barth, Bob Clayton, john Wellemeyer, Kae Moore, SECOND ROW: Roger Cruth, lim McKissic, Steve Creekbaum, Rothwell Stickley, Fred Lloyd, THIRD ROW: Dave Weeks, Layne Holmes, lim Thompson, Mike Owens, Rick Smith, Coach Arad McCutchan. They came to meet the challenge of a "super" reputation. Try, play hard, win, lose. lt was a good year by most standards, only average at UE. Upset the top dog from the South. Turn and lose a heartbreaker. And watch all the while the seldom-beaten frosh. Like a flash out of the night, our Aces bagged the conference crown twithout huge servings of Redshirt supportl. The past is glorious, today is good, and tomorrow looks even better. C-o, fight, win-reldlgardlessl ACES BASKETBALL UPSWING CROWNED '69 ICC CHAMPS Things looked up for the 1968-69 basketball Aces. They look even brighter for the future. Below, all heads seemingly look upward to the Aces upswing. Mike Owens has that look of despair as if something may hinder the upsurge. But Roger C-uth's calm con- centration and determination tell all that things are about to go up. "Luau W ala' K .MQ 5, . S Q 15, 1.2. , Q M. ,, 4 'Wva .g ,' 'Yfm " ff In . , 1 :SQL wg 6 V, . .wx I N ,,,,,: , Q, 1 A A, V . 1- ' .1 ' . . wa, A .- 'x " f 'six . ,, V' 7' in' 1-L f iff Q ' 5-W. 2 , Q1. ,, - P ' ,- 1. 5355 : M .Q A 1. fx. 4 H iirjgl W A Q, tiff! J 3, P x Q f ' ' 1 ' , -- 2, W, . v ,- 2 ' 1'3 " 'X 1 ff' S we "- T2-4 1,3143 ' ' i X , , w s 5 Q M V Q Z fi hx ' , gm- 1, , 4fXM',Nf ,M Q ,, X wx x X ww ,Q f fm W' fb- , ' 'fiziff ' f f 4,pXx,,',,N1-Aw X x x , S-'f r X ws " . fzfwf-H-' qi i ff:-1 ax K Q Wig A f K QQ , jg 4,53 , ff X ky f X xx gg ? ' ff fix N ,Q ' fvgh 4 ef 1 ff 1 W 5 riff.. ,- .41 af, , 4 v -7 ZW F sf' 'f if 'Q' Q -:F ,nw 4: I .W :: X'- , V '. x r Yxdf , 7 1 Ink, www, 1 . QW' 4,,v-ol?" 'MQ W . ...N 4 1 . 'fi my 'IW' 'NY WP' ' 74 'J , 4 . alglwxvww Some shots are carefully plannedg others are simply let fly, hoping they hit their mark. In these pictures the 1969 Aces show some of their hustle. Some shots hit their mark, others didn't. Some we won,some wedidn't. fy f 2 -'-" it J f2"Y+25'4'-.51-Zzzw -:iii te 4' 'M -V sf Z 'Y 1 valbwfvv , Q INFAN CDE E RESTLI G PRCC-R UOKST FUTURE GRCDVVTI-l ' ' ' ' I V ' 'Y g l' XY it i "Theytried harder," fat ti l X JK M1 but the wrestling team's best was somewhat less than great. Cleo Walker was outstanding at times But the growth ofthe team didn't meet expectations, and UE lost- not just matches, but also Coach Davies, who goes to a bigger school. Despite a season something less than superb, none dare call it bad for a beginning program. The future can be nothing but brighter for the fledgling '69-'70 UE grapplers. l Q. Z 6 X ,, .1 TRACK TEA T KES SHAPE AFTER YEAR OF B ILDI X SJ X . , vzf ',1f i my fl: 1 s fr FRONT ROW: Wayne Breunig, Fred Schaffstein, George Lucas, SECOND ROW: john Moon, Steve Leek, Larry Poe, Morris Clark, THIRD ROW: jackie Clark, Bob Poe, Tom Morgan, Richard Fulmer, Ierry Barber, Keith Smith, Ron Hoff, FOURTH ROW: Coach Schleicher, Brad Mcginnis, Tom Riordan, Don Plemmons, Keith McKinney, Norm Stevens. lump higher, run faster, work out longer, defy the cinders- all to beat the competition. It was a building year for UE's track team. Coach Schleicher worked hard with his team, and they returned his efforts with equally hard work. Satisfaction. Pride. Sporting one of the best all-weather tracks in the area, UE's track future looks bright. We'll break tape first. . 4 , 'i' ' if S 'V 7' u'3m"'3sf'x if l ' Q' Z 5,6 . , Q ,.,,. -suv.. X , , u k may S f 3 "' II. ss. I' N S., w ff Y if V w as " L ?lt5'l5' 2- x M ,.-N C 1' S' l . Q 1' l l l s - ,Pf t , in I. l l r Z5 l ,f Y 1 l . l fs " 7 A A ' , l R Q f l . L , 1 i 2 Q , t Q. J if -gl A 5 y - f f fi "ff N , ' C' I. 5 FRONT ROW: Don Hardin, Greg Bachert, Don Roberts, SECOND ROW: Coach Sergesketter. Voorhees, Herb Ziegler, lim Unverzagt, Roger ETTERS "f"'1' . as -r 1, S E R V E fs- L R R fiif R fc 13:3 ' 't, rr 'MM-f if 6 Q ,WW t36fr,W,v"?' N 5 , Z .- f' , 2 ,ff 3 f N , pyyliww-'fr'-r'fe'X, -Y , -z .sip re ,fl va-ur gf as ' ff- .,:' - - ' Q JW' ' i, P fvvvvwwvfmmit-41 .ff " 4- ' ,,,.1alz,tX,w 2 vfN'f', , 7 l if Q f 4'-J rr it ' Qifjii 5,2 , 'Q ," W' 'F' 6 S E A S Q N - a 'W' C t -- , i1Z"? iv f' ff , - a as , S, I '44, X-1. ,, x 1' , 1,,T?1A?5-ff sy? L. ,gr ,fa M' , :.,,,,,..t I 4' I I E l , -'QX ji-Vw: 4 ,, X VM gif, S x , . 116' "' lm. f' " if if 'gigs Yff Ak J C ' - It didn't take lon , no, not lon at all . . . ,s 1 1'--tvjvx flex , r ,151 gf!! fyx ,Il . . af A E 4g,V. With nearly new courts, tennis, i g1f?',Zi,L .lg fjaaggzgfk ' Q a nearly new sport at UE, ,." f ' X " ' 'f 5 ' ' 'W 'V' if r . li: If 5 5344 1 f X K .-K M sports a record hard to beat, Y and the team is just that. g , Q ,. A 4 ,E Coach Voorhees and his netters, :L if :U s, 33wk,:,X Q t,,,,,,,,6 sAgQ'liWZffEil1V':KQ3v'f6:l'i' filled with just enough confidence, . 'Hr-B traveled to the ICC aspiring to championship, reflections of a good season, and returned with goals for '70, experienced by one more year. 216 E CIOLFER ZND I CC BAT CIIRLS S U DIA Coach Beck's golfers made good on the links, taking second in the ICC where Bob Walther was medalist. Coach Davies' diamond men cracked out a hickory-to-horsehide season, cheered on by UE's first quartet of "bat girls." KNEELINC: K. Miller, S. Kuehn. STANDING: R. Spilker, R. Kirsch, B. Walther, S. Place, M. Pillar, Coach Beck. FIRST ROW.' B. Alden, N. Allen, L. Byers, G. Nall, B. Little, I. Har- mon, R. Schwenk, V. Katterhenry. FRONT.' D. Wilkinson. SECOND ROW.' W. Kuklinski, M. Hallas, A. Studt, T. Rudnick, M. Chastain, W. Hannel, D. Thompson. THIRD ROVV: D. Buente, L. Wilson, A. Pfeifer, M. Ulrich, G. Patterson, T. Halbig, Coach Davies. FOURTH ROW.' I. Wellemeyer, S. Welmer, D. Buse. " " w' 32 YQSYGB-v-' ' ' vfuswwf . I ..-415, f H 4. , N M It dm kwa, , ... Wa - - +3 'Z f 4 . S M" f-I wg! ESKX Ab illl, 9.8311 if' Xkpb VQCDRHEES PUTS IM RIGHT TRACK IM in 1969- Controversy, injury, program revamped. Voorhees took steps to save IM at UE. He succeeded. IM lives on to become better and better. Two student directors will help next year. Stimulating competition for all students results from IM. IM is good, thanks to Voorhees. 1968-69 I TRAMURAL RESULTS MEN WOMEN STANDINGS Flag Football LCA Sacket UEI Cross Country SPE Archery UEI MEN WOMEN Volleyball me Volleyball cbio TKE UEI Swimming LcA Swimming ZTA LCA C 'O Basketball LcA Bowling cbio 'JKT ZTA Bowling Circle K Basketball ChiO SPE Moore Hall Wrestling TKE Table Tennis ZTA Hughes Hal' Courts Tennis TKE Deck Tennis UEI 555 AOP' Decathlon PKT Badminton UEI Clfde K PM . Paddleball TKE rennio UEI Hale Hal' New UM Golf LcA Softball UEI Newman Club Blemano Hal' Softball Hale Hall Track UEI Track LCA-TKE W time IM program at UE includes many sports continuing throughout the year. Basketball and football rank highg Volleyball is also popular. All events lead to the tower of success- All Sports Trophy. The biggest of big belongs to TKE in '69. BASKET-, FCJCT-, V GLLEY-Q lT'S A BAL l 3355 X M 'ills ,'at31'fx-f Rst-rl igfgant-'kvti Sf , Q g af.fg',' ssiqtattisgargtllrtytstt r s"fsgS2fgfg25'i2t2gs:?:2f A f fwt3g,:fzyg.?:Qlf' basl' slllxfe vK,,N.,4Q2hQr5g',j Z X ok 7 ,S xaisxg new-""'d 219 H1 7 w I TRAMURAL C0 PETITICD KEE AMG G GREEKS Splash, stroke, breathe, strain, pull ahead and win. Leaving womanly wiles Cfor a whilel, this is what Zeta women did to capture the women's swimming competition. Lambda Chi Alpha put out the best effort in men's races and pulled in the swimming crown as they piled up All-Sports trophy points. - 5 si if .as , .ab - The Lambda Chi's added more points by capturing the basketball title. But TKE added to their total and went on- onto win the All-Sports trophy with wins in volleyball and wrestling. Chi Omega proved their court supremacy by a title in the basketball competition. The rivalries are keen, enthusiasm high, and the students hard players in IM sports at UE. I F13 sihaigtbfut Q TENN S, SOFTB LL VICTORS Hale Hall and UEI's Cracked men's and women's softball bats for respective championships in '69 intramural tournaments. Suzanne Lachen and Mark Pillar served up wins to UEl's and TKE's in intramural tennis. fel? rfaswwwfwww l is 3 fs, EPSIZO -'WV' .N Q 5, gfdfgigxl s X A A X Q' is ximian wnrurmwwnwww-a 'autumn W4 -an . Q, J, ish, was 45 , ,R rm gsm f-- 4 W .7 , :4.f , H153 B ' W 1 R51 ' 4' Wsv4'm um X' X k gg wma ki fr - 'Wx - Lf r.'2l'1AQ'1usuun.wm vnu Quan enum 'Exim in we Sun., ""if?'---...,,M, Q 'Q stiff . wi 'fx Yu- s Af: 92' few' ' ,vi L53 , . . f lil DXGQQB n ms a sas .s 'Q lilmxgfgaasl tabeige A XXX. Z .1 dvi' Sig W x?vy13E'EQ,,x9Sj5Q? tw -its f sadism s in ,Ay,-,skim 4- 3. v 1 'F ff' 2 we ,lyfg ,bt .vi To-.neva in 1 e Cm' 31 - ,A 4 , z - - - Q Q 2,1 v ' L Yr V 4. K tk, 3 if -Q yn in wig, S sts. A typ ., a . , , Ass 1 A. f- , . 7. t f,- A gp." + s. , K sv vs, fx- , 'Z .,,,. ld 2 me 'SQL 3 " Y f ', . ' 9 V sig AQ STN' 27 ggi' ww W if 1 xa' - r 4' .4 ' J' ., -Al '. X 4 ' gn, .,.-I, .zjgipf I .l , nj," uni A ,.-.aft ,M f i f U' nvqggg, 455 fs 71,1 f f., ' WW l Vi.. TEKES CUP IM TRACK TITLE Those few yards ahead or inches higher to victory sometimes seemed miles in intramural track competition With LCA'S only steps behind, TKE'S ran hardest and jumped highest- one more rung in their ladder toward All-Sports Trophy. it 'Tsang' , , 1-si, E 2 l S SENIOR I DE Abbott, janet lsay, B A.-Little Sisters of Minerva, Historian, Vice- President, President, Young Republicans, Spring Weekend Comm, Sweetheart or Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Adamson, Sara, BS.-Alpha Tau Delta, Aqua Angels, Pep Comm. -Illen, lanice lxav, B S. Allred, Alice Marie, BA iMSM, Moore Hall Secy. -tlvey. Mary Gynelle, B.S-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List 113, BSU, Foreign Missions Chm., Moore Hall Social Rep. Andrews, Karen L., B.S.-Dean's List 193, Cap and Gown, Alpha Lambda Delta, Aqua Angels, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pledge Class Scholarship Chm., Activities Chm., Corresponding Secy., Leader- ship Council, Musical Madness, Homecoming, May Day Comm., Union House Comm., Sophomore Class Secy., Women's Rec- ognition Dinner, james Terrill Copeland Zoology Award, Sharon Hurst Scholarship Award, LCA Crescent, Intramurals, Campus Leaders. Anstey, Robert P., B.S.gDean's List 133. Applet, Madonna Carol, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Newman Club. Arensman, Ann Clare, BA.-Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Phi Beta Chi, Dean's List 17I, Bi Sci Club, Phi Mu, Scholarship Chm., Rush Counselor, Panhellenic Delegate, Musical Madness, College Bowl, Panhellenic Secy., Union House Core Comm., Who's Who, Women's Recognition Dinner, Campus Notables. Armstrong, Betty, B.A.-Dean's List 173, Student Education Assn., Ecumenical Council, May Day Committee. Arthur, Da vid, B. S. Arthur, Preston Allen jr., 8.5.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Psychology Club, Intramurals. Ashworth, Iris lan, BA.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas., Dean's List 1113, Phi Kappa Phi, Association for Childhood Education, SNEA, College Theatre, "The Miser," Acettes, UE Prep School. Askew, Patricia, BS.-Zeta Tau Alpha, Standards Chm, Alpha Tau Delta, Union Board. Ayers, Ronald Lee, BS.-AMS, Hale Hall, Resident Assistant, AthIeticDirector. Baldwin, joyce, B.S.kDean's List, SNEA. Baldwin, Roxanna jill, BA.-Angel Flight, Information Officer, Aqua Angels, Musical Madness, Union Dance Comm., Treas. Women's Council, Moore Hall, Historian, Vice-President, Basket- ballOueen Court. Barden, Nancy jeanne, B.A.-Newman Club, Union Fine Arts Comm. Barker, Sandra, B.A. Barnett, Rita Louise, BS.-Baptist Student Union, Vice-Pres., Gamma Delta, Vice-Pres., Varsity Band. Barrett, Gregory Ray, BS.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pep Club, Vice- Pres., President, Young Republicans, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Con- troller ol pledge class, Social Chm, Vice-Pres., Musical Madness, Symphonic Band, lnterfraternity Council, Secy., President, Union Finance Comm., Spring Weekend Comm. Bastarn, lames Edwin ll, BA.-Arnold Air Society, MSM, Psych. Club, Musical Madness, Marching Band, Concert Band, Hale Hall, Homecoming Display, Financial Committee, Intramurals. Bauer, Evalyn Hope, BA-Psi Chi. Beck, Roger Bearden, BA.-Pi Gamma Mu, Student Education Assn., Young Democrats, Lambda Chi Alpha, "The Miser," "And Someday l'll Die," Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Intramurals. Br-atly, Lawrence A., BA. Bellamy, Beth Elaine, B.A -Dean's List 193, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, ACE, Mental Health Club, Phi Mu, Chapter Membership Chairman, Vice-Pres., Musical Mad- ness, Homecoming Core Committee 11967-83, Union Board Games .ind Activities, Who's Who, Campus Notables. Bc-rcaw, Williarn R., BS-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List 133, Phi Kappa Tau, Intramurals. Berger, Charles Lee, BA.-Blue Key, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List 133, Young Democrats, Football, Iconoclast, Editor. Besing, Gerald A., BS-Pi Sigma Epsilon. Beumel, Ann C., B.A.-French Club. Black, Thomas H., BA.-Dean's List 143, Chemistry Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, jazz Ensemble, Bio. lab assistant. Blackburn, Laura K., B.S.-SNEA. Blackburn, Richard Stanley, BA.-Arnold Air Society, Math Club, Young Republicans. Boultinghouse, jane Ellen, B.A.-ACE, President, SNEA, Women's Council, Vice-pres., Clarinet Choir, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Union Finance Comm., Moore Hall, Pep Chm., Resident Assn't., Outstanding Women on Campus. Boylls, Diana Kay, B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List 113, En- gineering Club, Administrative Management Society, Union FinanceComm. Bradshaw, Rita Maxine, B.A.-Dean's List 143, Alpha Lambda Delta. Brandenberger, john Ellis, B.A.-Lambda Chi Alpha, House Manager, Parliamentarian, Musical Madness, May Day Comm., Chi Omega Man of the Year, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Football. Braun, Edward E., B.S. Brooks, Kathleen, B.S. Brooks, Patricia joan, B.A.-Alpha Lambda Delta, lr. Advisor, Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, Dean's List 193, French Club, MSM, Treas., Musical Madness, General Chm., Union Entertainment Comm., Moore Hall, Treas., Resident Assistant, Women's Recog- nition Dinner, LinC Copy Editor, Campus Chatter, Campus Notables, Who's Who. Woodrow Wilson Fellow. Brown, lolene Dee, BA.-SNEA: Choir, Union Dance Comm. Brown, Nelson Thomas, BS.-Engineering Club. Brown, Susan Stoddard, B.A,-Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Cap and Gown, Dean's List 193, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Chi, Psi Chi, Who's Who, Campus Notables, French Club, Secy., Student Services Committee, Union Entertainment Comm., Women's Recognition Dinner, Intramurals. Browning, Steven Kendall, B.S. Bryan, Sherry Lynn, BS.-MSM, Zeta Tau Alpha, House Chair- man, Social Chairman, Musical Madness, Union Social Comm. Bryant, janna Lou, B.A.-ACE. Berger, Sabra, B.A.-Dean's List 173, Phi Kappa Phi. Butcher, Sandra L., B.A.-ACE. Carlton, Mariane, B.A.-Dean's List 163, SNEA, Union House Comm. Cheek, Marlene, B.A.-Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List 183, SNEA, President 2 yrs., State Secy., ACE, BSU, Social Chm, Union Board Secy., Union Dance Core Comm, Musical Madness Scholarships. Clark, Linda Faye, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List 113, BSU, Social Chm., Music Chm., Devotion Chm., Secy., Ecumenical Council Secy. Clayton, Glenda G., BA.-Pi Delta Epsilon, Secy., Bigney House, Secy., Band, LinC, Crescent. Coe, jefferson W. III, B.A.-Young Republicans. Cole, Susan, B.A.-Chi Omega, Little Sisters of Minerva, Musical Madness, Publicity Chm., Intramurals. Colson, Rhea Dawn, B.A.--SNEA. Combs, jeri Ann Boyd, BS.-Angel Flight, Chi Omega, Rush Chm,, Musical Madness, Varsity Cheerleader, jr. Panhellenic, Treas., Women's Recognition Dinner, Mardi Gras Queen, Home- coming Queen Court, Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart Court, Campus Leaders. Conaway, Robert Preston, B.A.-Phi Mu Alpha, Historian, Musical Madness, Band, Brass Ensemble, Orchestra. Connor, Kathleen Mary, B.S.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List 1113, Newman Club. Conrad, janet A., BA. Cooper, Rebecca C., B.A.-Young Republicans, Chi Omega, Asst. Scholarship Chm., Treas., Musical Madness, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart 12 yrs.3, Intramurals, Women's Recognition Dinner. Corn, Lavaun Clark, B.A,-Dean's List 143. Corne, Patricia Sue, B.A.-Dean's List 153. Cox, Larry joe, B.S.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dean's List 1103, UESME, Clifford Engineering Prize. Coyle, George Francis, B.S.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Dean's List 113, Engineering Club, IEEE, Intramurals. Cunningham, Charles E., B.A.-Intramurals. Curry, Mary Alberteen, B.A. Dailey, james M., B.A.-Dean's List 183, Phi Chi, Phi Gamma Mu. Dalton, Steven Earl, B.S.-Arnold Air Society. Davis, joseph Lee, B.S.-Dean's List 133, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Accounting Club. Delaney, Linda F., B.A.-French Club, Psychology Club, Musical Madness, Union House Comm., Union Games Comm. Dudley, judith Arline, B.A.-SNEA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chm., Intramurals Chm., Ritual Chm., Musical Madness, Marching Band. Dunbar, joseph Michael, B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List 113. Duncan, Susan K., B.S.-WHPR, UEI Intramurals, May Day At- tendant. Durkee, Michael M., B.S.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dean's List 133, Engineering Club, UESME, Lambda Chi Alpha. Eichel, Ellen Sue, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Historian, Mental Health Assn., Secy., Ecumenical Council, MSM, Publicity Chm., Secy., Kappa Chi, Moore Hall Publicity Chm., Union Entertainment Comm., University Christian Movement. Eifler, Larry Lee, B.M.E.-Blue Key, Dean's List 153, Theodore Pressor Scholar, Phi Mu Alpha, Treas., President, Campus Choir, Woodwind Quintet, Clarinet Choir, Pep Band, German Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, Musical Madness. Elbrink, Constance Faye, B.A.-Dean's List 123, Newman Club. Ellis, Benna Kay, B.A.-Alpha Tau Delta, Moore Hall Secy. Elson, David Charles, B.A.-Young Democrats, MSM, SNEA, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chm., Musical Madness Director, Union Dance Comm., May Day Awards Chm., Dad's Day Comm., Spring Weekend Tickets Chm., Phi Mu Flame, It's Happening, Intramurals. Elson, Nancy Lee Kirkman, B.S.-Dean's List 113, Phi Mu Mem- bership Chm., Assistant Panhellenic Rep., Musical Madness, Union Dance Comm., Spring Weekend Comm., Betty Coed 1967,1stRunner-up Homecoming Queen. Enos, Kent E., B.A. Enrietto, William Nelson, B.S. Fager, Everett Dean, B.A.-Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Kappa Chi, Psi Chi, Dean's List 1103, MSM, Psychology Club, Phi Kappa Tau, Vice-Pres., Varsity Track, Campus Notables, Who's Who. Farrell, Robert Michael, B.A.-Psi Chi, Dean's List 163, Psychology Club, Lambda Chi Alpha. Feigel, Angela, B.M.E.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List 193, Sigma Alpha Iota, Symphonic Band, Campus Choir, Campus Notables. Fenneman, Kathie Lounell, B.A.-Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor, Honor Pledge, Who's Who, Cap and Gown, Dean's List 123, University Choir, ACE, NEA, Campus Leaders. Fisher, Christine Louise, B.A.-Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Membership Chm., Social Chm., judiciary Chm., Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm., Union Social Comm. Fitzgeralt, William V. jr., B.S.E.E.-IEEE, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble. Ford, Charles, B., B.A.-Kappa Chi, IVCF, President. Fornges, Robert C., B.A.-Arnold Air Society, Administrative Officer, ACEI, Ways and Means Officer, Vice-Pres., Hughes Hall 2nd Vice-Pres., Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chm., Musical Madness, ACE, President, Intramurals, ROTC Band, ColorGuard. Forsythe, Cynthia K., B.A,-SNEA, ACE. Forsythe, Susan Lee, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, IANS, Newman Club, Intramurals. Fortenbery, joyce H., B.S.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List 143. Frazier, Kathleen S., B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List 173, Aqua Angels, LCA Crescents, President, Crescent Girl Court, Homecoming Queen Court, Campus Leaders. Gander, Sandra jean, BA.-Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List 113, SNEA. Gates, Thomas Owen, B.S.l.E.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chm., Interfraternity Council, Varsity Baseball, Letterman. Gerkin, Carol Ann, B.M.E.-Dean's List 173, Phi Kappa Phi, Music Educator's National Conference, Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer, Acapella Choir, Varsity Band, Choral Ayres. Gilliam, Linda Lou, B.M.E.-Sigma Alpha Iota, Choral Ayres, Acapella Choir, Campus Choir, Varsity Band, Chapel Choir. Glaess, Marilyn M., B.S.-Angel Flight, Comptroller, Informations Officer, Chaplain, Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List 143, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Treas., Musical Madness, Union Social Comm., Miss U ofE1967 Finalist. Goettel, Leslie Patricia, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Newman Club, International Relations Club. Graham, judy, B.A.-SEA, College Theatre, Publicity. Graves, Michael Leon, B.S.-Dean's List 113, French Club, En- gineering Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Musical Madness, Zeta Tau Alpha Sweetheart, AFROTC Cadet. Graves, Sherry Moser, AB. in journalism-Crescent. Green, Steven Fremont, BA.-Arnold Air Society, Treas., Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness. Greene, Ronald j., B.S. Griese, Diane A., B.M.E.-Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Campus Choir, Clarinet Choir, Varsity Band. Grimme, john Michael, B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Secy., Young Republicans, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres., IFC Representative, Social Chm., Rush Chm., Homecoming Chm., House Mgr., Bike Race Team, Spring Weekend Chm., May Day Co-Chm., IFC Pres., Vice-Pres., Student Senate. Groves, Frances Lucille, B.S.-MSM, Moore Hall Social Comm. Gulley, Tanya Marie, B.A.-Zeta Tau Alpha, Union Comm., Musical Madness, Intramurals Chm., Resident Assistant, WHPER. Hadley, Bill Allen, B.A.-Phi Gamma Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Corr. Secy., Alumnae Secy., President, Dean's List 193, Young Democrats, Hoosiers for Democratic Action, International Rela- tions Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ulysses S. Dubach Scholarship Trophy, Community Service Committee Chm., Scholarship Comm. Chm., Athletic Comm., College Bowl Comm., Pledge Class Community Service Director, Musical Madness, Choice '68, College Bowl, Campus United Fund Comm., Social Comm. of Union, Union Dance Comm., Union Fine Arts Comm., Stu- dent Services Comm., Religion in College Life Week Comm., Intramurals, Crescent, Homecoming Comm., Homecoming Dance Chm., Spring Weekend Comm., Alumnae Scholarship, Campus Notables, Who's Who. Hadley, Carol Lee, B.S.-Dean's List 173, BSU, Pres., Alpha Tau Delta, Debate Team. Hadley, Sara Rich, B.A. Hagstrom, Garry Lee, B.S.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, Chaplain, Musical Madness, College Theatre, "Midsummer Night's Dream," "The Chinese Wall," IFC, May Day Comm. Halbig, Thomas Wayne, B.A.-Dean's List 113, Newman Club Bd. of Directors, Varsity Baseball, Intramurals, Carson Scholar. Hall, Carol Lynn, BA.-Dean's List 123, SNEA, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Musical Madness. Halwes, Sharon Kay, B.A.-Coordinating Comm. of Franklin House, Entertainment Comm., WHPER Program Chm., Intra- murals. Hamilton, john M., B.S.-Accounting Club. Hart, jerry Lee, B.A.-Dean's List 133, Psi Chi, Treas., Psychology Club,Treas. Hart, Sharon Leanna, B.A. Hartley, Karen jean, B.S. Haworth, Anita, BA.-ACE, Alpha Omicron Pi, Musical Mad- ness, Union Entertainment Comm., Union Personnel Comm. Heath, Ann Louise, B.A.-Young Republicans, ACE, Moore Hall, Publicity, Vice-Pres., Pres., Union House Comm., Musical Mad- ness. Henderson, Daniel Charles, B.A.-French Club, Psychology Club. Hermann, Gary, B.S. l.E.-Circle K, Mech. Eng. Club. Herr 'Ilan Dean B 5 -SE K. Freshman Track. Hxncs l.f'tU 5 I5 S -ACF Hrnikle Michael Glenn, B A-Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List l6l, Newman Club, American Mlttng Society, Accounting Club, May Da-. Intramurals Hisgen, Marcia Louise, BA fCap and Gown, Dean's List l5I, Bi Sci, Phi stu, Musical Madness, Union House Comm Chm., Homecoming Dance Comm. Chm., Women's Recognition Din- ner, Blue Kei Dream Girl Hoback. Barbara Sue, BA -SNEA, ACE, Young Republicans, Ecumenical Council, UEI. Hobgood, Grace Starling, B.M.E-Sigma Alpha Iota, Dean's List r3I, Chapel Choir, Campus Choir, Concert Orcnestra. Hodapp, Ann Lynn, B.A.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List IIOJ, Angel Flight, Commander, Chap- lain, SNEA, Mental Health Club, Pres., Musical Madness, May Day, Moore Hall, Vice-Pres., Who's Who, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Women's Recognition Dinner. Hodsen, Ellen Anne, BS. Hoebbel, Alice K ,B A.-A,C.E. Hollart, Chet Kenny, B.A.-Kappa Chi, Dean's List, I.V.C.F. Hooper, Diane, BS.-Alpha Tau Delta, B.S.U., Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chrm., Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm. Hornrck, Barbara Ann Eberhalt, B.A.-Pi Gamma Mu, Psi Chi, Psychology Club, French Club, Moore Hall Secy. Horstman, Kathy Lynn, B.A.-Dean's List l2I, ACE. Houchin, Randalyn Lou, B.A.-Kappa Pi, Dean's List til. Hughey, Susan jane, B.A.-Dean's List l8I, Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, MSM, WEVC Continuity Director, Phi Kappa Phi. Hurst, Barbara A., B.A.-Musical Madness, Acapella Choir. lngelhart, jane Kathleen, B.A.-ACE, SNEA, Campus Choir, Bas- ketball Queen Candidate, Acapella Choir, Zeta Tau Alpha, Best Pledge Spirit Award, Standards Chm., Musical Madness, Choir. james, Shirley W., B.A.-Psi Chi, Secy., Psychology Club, French Club. jester, Stephen Charles, B.A.-Hughes Hall Pres., Dorm Council, Intramurals. johnson, Barbara jean, B.A.-Dean's List l4J. johnson, Richard Allan, BA,-Independent Campus Ass'n., Pres., Vice-Pres, Kappa Chi, Musical Madness, Debate Team, Hughes Hall Chaplain, President's Round Table, Track Team, Cross Country Team, Intramurals, WEVC, Crescent, MSM, AFROTC Photographer, jones, Connellj., AB.-Hughes Hall President. jones, Karen Mullins, B.S.-Dean's List i5I, Alpha Tau Delta, Musical Madness Comm., Moore Hall Pres., Residence Hall Council. jones, Patricia Kay, B.A.-Dean's List l7I, Phi Kappa Phi, SNEA, MSM, ACE, National Methodist Scholarship. Kessans, Darla Kay, B.A.-ACE, SNEA. Kessans, Anna jean, B.A.-Dean's List l4I, Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Pi Gamma Mu, Secy.-Treas., SEA, Psych Club, New- man Club, Activity Comm. Kresel, Harvey K., BS.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Engineering Club, IEEE, Arnold Air Society, Blue Key, Dean's List til, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Master, Pledge Class Vice-Pres., Iunior Interfraternity Council, Intramurals. Krlby, Virginia Lee, B.A.-Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List l2I, French Club, May Honors Day Comm., Moore Hall Historian, Musical Madness. Krrtley, Kathy Ann, B.A.-ACE, IVCF, Secy., Campus Choir, Univ. Theatre, Publicity Comm, Props Comm., Brentano Hall Chap- lain, Union Finance Comm., Religion in Campus Life Comm, Intramurals. Klusmeier, Deloris Ann, 'B.A.-Union Publicity Comm., Vice- Chm. Union Fine Arts Comm., Mgr. Second Time Around, Knaehel, April Ann, B.A.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Pr Gamma Mu, Little Sisters ol Minerva, Dean's List l7l, French Club, Young Republicans, Kennedy for President Coordinator, Alpha Omicron Pi, Parlramentarian, Musical Madness, Homecoming Mug- drinlung Champ, College Bowl. Knight. james L., B S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon. Knipe, Sandra E., B.A.-Pi Delta Epsilon, Pres., Cap and Gown, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List t8I, College Theatre, "Midsummer Night's Dream," Publicity Comm., Women's Council Reporter, Who's Who, Women's Recognition Dinner, Crescent, Co-editor, Campus Editor, Reporter, Gridiron Director, journalism Day, Campus Notables. Knipe, Wesley E., B.A.-Arnold Air Society, Chaplain, Inter- national Relations Club, Secy., Treas., Vice-Pres., Union Dance Comm., Second Time Around. Koch, Bonnie jean, B.5.-Kappa Pi, Secy., University Theatre, Scenery. Kraft, Beverly Courtney, B.A.-Dean's List lil, Young Republicans, French Club, Union Dance Comm. Kraft, Karen A., B.S.-Kappa Pi, Treas. Kratz, Carol Ann, B.A.-Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Band, Acapella Choir, Orchestra, Chapel Choir. Kutlich, Leo john jr,, B.S.-Dean's List UI. Labhart, Marilynn jean, B.A.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Angel Flight, Historian, Supply Officer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secy., Dean's List LII, Phi Mu, Historian, President, Musical Madness, Miss E C Pageant, Freshman Class Treas., Union Fine Arts Comm., Women's Recognition Dinner, Cap and Gown. Land, Daniel Stuart, B.S.-Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals. Landis, Brent William, B.S.-Kappa Chi, MSM, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, Secy., Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm., Student-Faculty Federation, Who's Who, Religious Life Depart- ment, Secy. Lankford, jayne, B.S.-N.C.A.S. Larson, Susan Marjorie, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List l2l, MSM, Union Entertainment Comm. Lautner, Willard E., B.S.M.E.-Lutheran Student League, Press UEAMES, Pres., Engineering Club, r Legg, Marcia Ann, B.S.-Dean's List CBI, Alpha Lambda Delta, University Orchestra, Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra. Libbert, Donna jean, B.A.-NCAS, SNEA, Musical Madness, University Sing, Bigney House Treas., Who's Who, Homecoming Queen Court. Linder, Eric Charles, B.A.-Blue Key, French Club, Phi Kappa Tau, Alumni Secy., Editor, Bachelor of the Year Candidate, "The Fresh Egg Salad Sandwich," Crescent, Intramurals. Linley, jayne Foster, B.S,-Alpha Tau Delta, Secy., Soph. Nursing Class. Lloyd, Hewlett P., 8.5.-AMS. Loge, james Randsll, B.A. Long, Lucinda lane, B.A.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List l8I, College Bowl, SNEA, SISTA. Lyles, Cheryl Elaine, B.A.-Angel Flight, Historian, Dean's List t3l, Cap and Gown, Musical Madness, Orchestra, Concertmistress, Union Fine Arts Comm., Military Ball Queen Candidate, Little Colonel Candidate, Who's Who, Campus Notables. Lynch, Thomas W., B.A.-Psychology Club, SRI. Macke, Kenneth W., B.A.--Dean's List l5l, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Debate, Vice-Pres. Soph. Class, Student Senate, Spring Weekend Executive Comm., Intramurals. Macmillan, jane Anne, B.S.-Newman Club, International Rela- tions Club. Maddix, Ora T., B.S.-Dean's List l1I, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Admin. Management Society, Pres., Dean's Student Advisory Comm. Maglinger, Charlotte Ann, B.S.-S.N.E.A., ACE. Maglinger, Gary LeWayne, B.A.-Dean's List til. Mann, Mary Catherine, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Recording Secy., l.A.N.S., Intramurals. Marchant, David Douglas, B.A.-Bi Sci Club. Martin, Paul A., B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Admin. Management Society, Treas., Varsity Band. Mather, Thomas L., B.S.-PSE, Hughes Hall Treas. IM Director, Intramurals, Hughes Hall Coach of the Year. Mathieu, Angie Carlene, B.A.-SEA, Treas., BSU, ACE, Young Democrats. Matthews, William Laurent jr., B.A.-Dean's List lil, Lambda chi Alpha, Musical Madness. McDaniel, Beverly jean, B.A.-Dean's List lil, SEA, ACE. Mclntire, Sharon, B.A.-ACE, Dean's List l8l. Mead, james Lee, B.S.-Phi Mu Alpha, Chaplain, Newman Club, Musical Madness, Engineering Club, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Cadet ofthe Month, Bachelor of the Year. Michel, jennifer L., B.A.-ACE, NEA, Sigma Kappa, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Secret Forest, President, "Plough and the Stars," Assistant Director, Social Vice-Pres. Brentano Hall. Miles, Gary Brian, B.M.E.-Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Secy., Vice- Pres., Symphonic Band, Chamber Orchestra, Drum Major, Marching Band. Millay, Stephen Douglas, B.A.-Newman Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, May Day, Musical Madness, IFC Representative, Intra- murals. Mitchell, Gary E., B.S.-Dean's List lil, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Intra- murals. Moll, George joseph, B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Sgt.-at-Arms, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Spring Weekend Carnival Booth Chm., Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Intramurals Tennis Champ, Intra- murals. Mominee, Patricia Bredhold, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List l2l, Newman Club. Moore, Irma lea n, B. S. Moore, limmie Buchanan, B.M.E.-Phi Mu Alpha, Parliament- arian, Treas., Marching Band, Orchestra, Choral Ayres, Varsity Band, Phi Mu Alpha Dance Band, Musical Madness. Morris, Sondra L., B.A.-NCAS, Secy., SNEA. Naberhuis, Steven Louis, B.A.-Dean's List l11I, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Phi Kappa Phi, ACS, Vice-Pres., Hale Hall Secy., Honorable Mention Atlantic Monthly Contest, Outstanding Frosh. Chem. Student, Campus Notables. Nalin, Mary Carole, B.A.-Dean's List l1I. Neal, Beth T., BA.-Tri Kappa, Young Democrats, Treas., SNEA, ACE, MSM, Phi Mu, Panhellenic Rep. for Pledge Class, Ritual, Union Social Core Comm., Union Finance Comm Vice-Chm., Icebreaker Queen Court, LCA Crescents, Intramurals. Neukam, Carol Ann, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, IVCF, Young Repub- licans. Newman, Cinda Louise, B.A.-Little Sisters of Minerva, Chaplain, Vice-Pres., Dean's List lil, Young Republicans, French Club. Niethammer, Charlotte M., B.A.-ACE, SNEA. Oskins, Cindy lean, B.A.-SNEA, Union House Comm. Overby, Mary julaine, B.S. Pascoe, Kathy R., B.S.-Phi Mu, Social Chm., NCAS, Activities Chm., Union Dance Comm., Pep Club, Quarterback Club, Basketball Queen Candidate, Mardi Gras Queen Candidate, May Day Queen Attndt., Musical Madness, Varsity Cheerleader. Paulen, lohn Thomas, B.S.-Dean's List l1l, Blue Key, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Treas., Pi Gamma Mu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scholar- ship Award, Intramural Softball Award, Intramural Football Award, Warden, Correspondent, Treas., IFC Delegate, Musical Mad- ness, SGA Athletic Comm., Miss U of E Comm., Religion in Campus Life Comm., Student-Faculty Publications Comm., Varsity Track, Intramurals, Who's Who, Campus Notables. Pearce, Pamela lean, B.A.-Angel Flight, Drill Leader, Executive Officer, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Little Sisters of Minerva, chi Omega, Personnel Chm., Balfour Rep., May Day Comm., Intramurals. Pearson, Ealine Nanette, BA.-ACE, SNEA, SGA Comm., Moore Hall Corridor Rep. Pennington, Patricia Anne, B.M.E.-Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chm., Recording Secy., Acapella Choir, Senior Class Secy., Moore Hall Chaplain, Publicity Chm., Student Senate, Campus Leaders, Who's Who, May Queen Candidate. Perigo, Linda L., B.A.-Dean's List l4I, Marching Band, Varsity Band. ' Peter, Martha A., B.A.-Spring Weekend Comm., Franklin House Secy. Phillips, Doris Ann, B.S.-Kappa Pi, Dean's List l5l, Union House Committee. Pierrard, Geneva Ann, B.S.-Newman Club. Plaford, Gary Ray, B.A.-Psi Chi, Vice-Pres., Dean's List 457, Psychology Club, French Club. Plank, Martha Ellen, B.A.-Dean's List l1i, ACE, SNEA, Chi Omega, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Pledge Trainer, Vice-President, Musical Madness, Campus Choir, University Theatre, Campus Chatter, Union Dance Comm. Chm., General Chm. President's Ball, Who's Who, LinC, Intramurals. Plymate, Iudith Ann, B.A.-Pep Club, Vice-Pres., Little Sisters of Minerva, Treas., Alpha Omicron Pi, Activities Director, Vice- Pres., Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class Secy., Musical Madness, Frosh Vice-Pres., Union Finance Comm., Spring Weekend Carnival Comm., Basketball Queen Court. Polly, Beverly, B.A.-Newman Club, ACE, SNEA. Porter, Donna Lee, B.S.-Pi Delta Epsilon, N.C.A.S., Treas., Pub- licity, Debate, Phi Mu, Corr. Secy., Secy., Pledge Class Social Service Chm,, Chapel Choir, Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm., Pep Club, LinC, Crescent, Miss EC Candidate, Gridiron Show, Psych. Dept. Secy., Basketball Queen Chm. Prince, Rebecca Ann, B.A.-Cap and Gown, Dean's List t3J, NEAC, Alpha Omicron Pi, Recording Secy., Pledge Class Treas., AOPi of the Month Award, Musical Madness Dir., Rush Party Chm., Leaders Council, Musical Madness, Concert Band, Marching Band, Homecoming Comm., May Day Comm., Spring Weekend Comm., Union Personnel Chm., jr. Class Treas., Student Senate, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Court, Intramurals, Campus Leaders, Who's Who. Pullin, Thomas Michael, B.A.-Dean's List ISI, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi, French Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chm., Ritualist, Musical Madness Dir., Musical Madness Ir. 81 Sr, Coordinator, College Theatre, "Chinese Wall," "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Misalliance," "Hamlet," "Ondine," "Rhinocer- os," "Plough and the Stars," "Reynord the Fox," "Tom Saw- yer's Treasure Hunt," "Eager Heart," "Arms and the Man," "Marat!Sade," Who's Who, Campus Notables, Alpha Psi Omega Senior Drama Award, Intramurals, LinC, Campus Chatter, Fine Arts Festival Panel. Purcell, Glenda Lee, B.M.E.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, l10l, Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-Pres., Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Marching Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Choral Ayres, Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. Rahm, Donna Ray, B.A.-Union House Comm. Raibley, Stephen Owen, B.A.-Lambda chi Alpha, Social Chm., Intramurals. Record, Martha joan, B.A.-SEA, ACE, Publication Chm, MSM, Campus Choir, Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm. Reed, Stephen N., B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon. Reid, Chris Ann Hawhee, B.S.-Phi Mu, Corr. Secy, Union House Comm. Rick, Rosalie, B.S. Rickrich, Lois, B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, NCAS, Publicity Chm., AMS. Robinson, Mary Martha, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, MSM, Vice- Pres., Ecumenical Council, Chapel Choir, Campus Choir. Roedel, Trena Kae, B.A.-WHPER, Pres., WRA, SNEA, Campus Choir, Chapel Choir, Intramurals Rep., Intramurals. Romain, Gloria, B.A.-SNEA, ACE, Young Republicans, Musical Madness, Union Personnel Comm. Roose, Richard Wayne, B.A.-Dean's List, MSM, Tau Kappa Ep- silon, Historian, Rush Chm., House Comm., Scholarship Comm., Pledge Class Pres., Musical Madness, Chapel Choir, Homecoming Comm., SGA Del., lnterfraternity De., lr. Class Vice-Pres. Intra- murals, Campus Notables 8t Leaders Comm., Easter Lily Drive Chm., Religion in College Life Week Comm. Ruckman, Charles A., B.A.-Pi Delta Epsilon, French Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Historian, Public Relations, Musical Madness, Varsity Tennis, Crescent, LinC. Russ, Michael Keith, B.A.--Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's Listl11i, SNEA. Russell, Dennis K., B.M.E.-Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Newman Club, Musical Madness, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, Phi Mu Alpha Dance Band, Woodwind Quintet, Inter- Collegiate Band. Sasche, Harriet Wade, B.A.-Bi Sci Club, Aqua Angels, ACE, Musical Madness, University Theatre, Children's Theatre, Intra- murals. Sanders, Stephen Alan, B.A. Santini, Leo, B.A.-Arnold Air Society, Newman Club, SEA, Mili- tary Ball Publicity. Schapker, Alan A., B.A.-Kappa Mu EpSil0f1i DBBTVS List l2lI Newman Club, Engineering Club, American Chemical Society. Schitter, Patrick I., B.S. Schmidt, Eugene, B.S. sthnapt Marian, BS-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List l2l, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chm., Ritual chm., Pledge Trainer, Pledge Scholarship Award, Musical Madness' Spring Weekend Comm., Union Social Comm., Intra- murals Schuble, David Michael, B.M.E.-Dean's List, Symphonic Band, Brass Ensemble, Campus Choir, Marching Band, Chamber Orchestra. Schuh, Rod, BS. Schultze, Marjorie D., B.A.ADean's List l3l, Pi Gamma Mu, Young Republicans, French Club. Seifert, Connie Lee, B.A.fACE, Union Publicity Comm. Sensmeier, Marina Lucille, BA. Settle, Earl Franklin, BS. Shelton, Constance jean, B.A.-Aqua Angels, Pres., WRA, Vice- Pres., WHPER, UEI, Women's Recognition Dinner. Shepherd, Richard L., B.A. Sheppard, Mary Beth, B.A.fDean's List LII, SNEA, Campus Choir, College Theatre, Union Finance Comm. Siebe, Charles W., BA.-Symphonic Band, Brass Choir. Silverman, Leayne, BA.-Young Republicans, SNEA, ACE, IRC. Simpson, Daren Ann, B.A. Sivert, Carolyn Elaine, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta. Small, Samuel Wesley, B.S.-Musical Madness, Pep Club. Smith, Harold Stevenson, B.A.-Dean's List ill, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas., Campus Chatter. Smith, Keith Allan, B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sergeant at Arms, Pledge Class Treas., RICL Comm., Intramurals, Varsity Track, Frosh Basketball. Snider, William Thomas, B.A.-Young Republicans, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Musical Madness, May Day Comm., Union Entertain- ment Comm., AMS, Intramurals. Songer, Gwendolyn M., B.S.-Newman Club, Musical Madness, Young Democrats, Moore Hall Social Coordinator, Union House Comm. Spaar, Margaret Ellen, B.S.-Aqua Angels, IVCF, Campus Choir, Intramurals. Spears, Michael E., B.S.-Dean's List, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pi Sigma Epsilon Public Information Director, Admin. Management Soci- ety, Public Information Chm., Crescent, LinC, Student Advisory Comm. to School ol Bus. Admin. Starkey, Ralph R., B.S. Steiner, Gail, B.A.-Kappa Pi, Vice-Pres., Aqua Angels, SNEA, Newman Club, INCA, Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-Pres. of Pledge Class, Musical Madness, Union Fine Arts Comm., Campus Choir, Fine Arts Festival, Halloween "Carve-In" Chm., Intramurals, Crescent, Univ. Theatre. Stephens, Beth Ann, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Aqua Angels, Union Comm. Stevian, lohn Edward, B.S.-Engineering Club, Phi Kappa Tau, Rush Chm., Pledge Class Vice-Pres., Intramurals, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Spring Weekend Comm. Stockdale, Karen Lee, BA.-French Club, Musical Madness. Stogsdill, Thomas Mark, B.S. Swain, Emily Gayle, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, Dean's List LII, IVCF, Treas. Sweeney, Burley Rex, B.S. Thayer, Linda Diane, BA. Thomas, Melenna lane, B.A.-Dean's List l4l, ACE, Young Repub- licans, Union Personnel Comm. Thompson, Stephen L., B.S.-Pi Sigma Epsilon. Thornton, janet Grinnell, B.M.E.-Dean's List l7l, Alpha Lambda Delta, MSM, Sigma Alpha Iota, Corr. Secy., Band Orchestra, Chapel Choir, Woodwind Quintet, Union Fine Arts Comm. Chm., Music Prep School Teacher, Campus Leader. Toy, Mary Agnes, B.S.-IANS, Union Personnel Comm., Newman Club, Young Democrats, Nursing Class Treas. Tucker, Cinda Sue, B.A.-Pi Delta Epsilon, SEA, Chi Omega, Social Chm., Musical Madness, Union Personnel Comm., Union Dance Comm., Vice-Chm., Intramurals, LinC. Tully, Suzanne Hewitt, B.A.-Dean's List ill, Pep Club, Secy., Aqua Angels, Alpha Omicron Pi, AOPi of the Month, Little Sisters of Minerva, LCA Crescents, President, Musical Madness, Spring Weekend, Union Dance Comm., Women's Council, Secy., Bas- ketball Queen Court, LCA Crescent Girl Court, Intramurals. Updike, john Charles, BA.-Pi Delta Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Hughes Hall Residence Council, Crescent, LinC. VanStone, Suzanne Graupner, B.A.-Psi Chi, Secy., Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List l7l, Pi Gamma Mu, Who's Who, Psycholo- gy Club, Pres., Vice-Pres., Activity Day, College Bowl. Vote, Patricia Ann, B.A.-Angel Flight, Mil Ball Queen Candidate, Basketball Queen Candidate, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Omega, Treas., Who's Who, Campus Leader. Waller, Patricia G., B.S.-Girls ofthe Golden Heart. Wampler, Dianne Kay, B.A.-Dean's List ill, Kappa Mu Epsilon, French Club, Chi Omega, Union Comm., Women's Council Comm. Ward, Mary Ann, B.S.-Young Republicans, Union Social Comm. Warren, Phyllis Lee, B.A.-Newman Club. Watson, Layne Terry, B.A.-Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treas., Psi Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Dean's List, Freshman Math Award. Watson, Melinda, B.A.-Dean's List l3l, SNEA, ACE, Delta Zeta, Moore Hall Secy,, LinC. wedel, Richard D., B.S.-Young Republicans, Pres., Circle K, Vice- Pres., Vice-Pres., Ind. Lt. Gov., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Class Vice-Pres., Action Party Chm., Musical Madness, Spring Weekend Comm., Homecoming Comm., May Day Comm., Union Finance Comm., Union Dance Comm., Frosh Track, Varsity Track. Wellemeyer, Marcia, B.A.-Dean's List, Angel Flight, Cap and Gown, ACE, Publicity, Alpha Omicron Pi, Philanthropic, Panhel- lenic Vice-Pres., Pres., Musical Madness, Frosh Class Secy., Union House Comm., Who's Who, Homecoming Queen, Betty Coed, Intramurals, Miss U of E Pageant, Co-Chm., Campus Leaders. West, Sharon Dee, B.S.-BSU, Secy., Alpha Tau Delta, Pledge CIassTreas. Williams, Sandra K., B.A.-ACE, International Relations Chm., SEA, Young Republicans, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pledge Trainer, Ass't Rush Chm., Musical Madness, C-mpus Choir, Union Core Comm., Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, LinC. Wilson, jack S., 8.5.-Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pres., Dean's List l3l, Mich. State International Mkt. Competition Team Captain, PSETTE, Editor. Wilson, john Phillip, B.A,-Young Republicans, Hughes Hall Vice- Pres. Wilson, Linda Carol, B.A.-French Club, Newman Club, Preps Comm. University Theatre, "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Chinese Wall," "Take Her She's Mine," "Taming of the Shrew." Wimpelberg, Nancy Ruth, B.A.-Dean's List, SNEA. Wineinger, Rebecca Ann, BA.-WHPER, Musical Madness, Intra- mural Rep., Intramurals. Winnebald, Carl H., BS.-Lambda Chi Alpha, Alumni Secy., Musical Madness. Wittenbraker, Carol Gray, B.A.-Dean's List t7l. Woehler, Cynthia E., B.A.-Dean's List t10J, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, ACE. Wolf, Michael Lee, 8.5.-Young Democrats, Newman Club, Pres., ROTC Sons of The American Revolution Award. Wood, Kenneth W,, B.S.-Dean's List l3l. wood, Phyllis, Bs. Wuster, Carolyn Sue, B.S.-Alpha Tau Delta, MSM, Publicity Chm., Gamma Delta Treas., Campus Choir, Union Fine Arts Comm., Intramurals. Young, Paula lean, B.A.-Dean's List, Phi Mu, Pledge Class Pres., Intramurals Dir., Musical Madness, Panhellenic, Union Finance Comm., Miss Evansville. Young, Thomas Evans, B.S.-Young Republicans, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of Pledge Class, Social Chm., Musical Mad- ness, Spring Weekend Comm., Intramurals. GE ERAL DEX A Beasley, M.-91 Abbott, It-90 Beatty, L,-91 Abernathy, C--90 Beeudway, M.-126 Acker, P.-143,148,165 Beck, R.-129 Adamson, S.-90 BeH,'.1204 Agner, 1.-135 Bell, R.-139 Alden, B--146,217 Bellamy, B.-91,129,12B,130, Alexander, D.-135 172 Allen, A.-140 Allen, I.-90 Allen, N.-40,192,217 Allison, N.-132 Allred, A.-122,127,132,192 Allred, B.-32,33,122,123,128, 130,133,178 Alston, N.-165 Alverson, R.-136 Alvey, M.-90 Arnini, G.-168,175 Ander, I.--135 Anderson, R.-176,210 Andrews, K.-90,129,148,162 Angermeier, R.-178 Anstey, R.-90 Appler, M.-90 Arensman, A.-90,128,129, 130,172 Arensman, F.-122,127,161, 176 Armstrong, B.-90 Arthur, D.--90 Arthur, P.-90 Ashley, 1.-90,150 Ashley, M.-204 Ashworth, I.-130 Atherton, D.-178,204 Atz, D.-125,130,150 Ault, K.-148,172 Ayers, E.-136 Ayers, R.-90,125 B Bachert, G.-216 Backus, E.-148,161 Backus, 1.-122,127,128,149, 160 Bae, R.-129,210 Baggett, K.-150,176 Baker, C.-132 Balcitis, C.-90,124,125,186 Baldridge, B.-180 Baldwin, I.-90 Baldwin, R.-90,122,125,126, 150,188 Ball, C.-142 Ballard, G.-168 Balsley, P.-168 Bannwart, B.-204 Barber, l.-145,170 Barden, N.-90 Baresic, S.-176 Barker, S.-90 Barnebee, I.-135 Barnett, A.-161,180 Barnett, G.-90,122,140,176 Barnett, R.-90,125,134,194 Barrett, B.-142 Barrett, G.-160 Bartelt, 1.-91,178 Barter, R,-133,152 Barth, D.-210 Barth, S.-132 Baskett, B.-148 Bassett, L.-170 Bastain, l.-91 Bastain, Jeri-147 Bates, S.-138 Bauer, E.-91 Bauman, F.-143 Bayer, 5.-129,138 Bealer, B.-147 Bender, H.-136 Bennett, lane-145,187 Bennett, john-143,144 Bennett, T.-175 Bentley, R.-137 Bercaw, W.-91,170 Berg, M.-155 Bergen, D.-132 Berger, C.-91,128,204 Berger, W.-150,168 Bergher, l.-180 Bernhardt, V.-91 Bernhardt, W-91,140 Berry, L.-172 Bertke, C.-145 Besing, G.-91,140 Beumel, A.-91,132 Biggerstaff, 5.-137 Birt, D.-91 Bivens, P.-168 Bissey, H.-145 Black, D.-148 Black, L.-92,148 Black, T.-92 Blackburn, L.-92 Blackburn, R.-92,129,130,150 Blackford, C.-168,204 Bledsoe, P.-20 Bleicroth, T.-170 Blue, 1.-20 Blume, D.-132 Bockleman, K.-172 Bohall, W.-168 Bohlen, L.-162 Bohnert, B.-123,194 Bolen, B.-172 Boultinghouse, I.-92,124 Boylls, D.-92,140 Boyte, L.-124 Bradshaw, R.-92 Brammer, K.-148,165 Brand, I.-148 Brandenberger, I.-92,160, 168,204 Braun, E.-92,140 Bredhold, P.-92 Brehob, P.-162 Brewer, M.-204 Bright, s.-143,144 Brink,-207 Brinkley, I.-165 Brinkmeyer, E.-92,32,129 Briner, T.-145 Britton, K.-138,172 Britton, L.-172 Broerman, R.-178 Bronson, S.-180 Brooks, B.-124,161,162 Brooks, K.-92 Brooks, P.-92,21,128,129,130, 133,154 Brown, G.-168 Brown, james-93 Brown, lolene-93 Brown, R.-168 Brown, S.-93,129,131,132 Browning, S.-93 Bruening, W.-176 Bryan, S.-93,176 Bryant, G.-207,209 Bryant, I.-93 Buck, N.-145 Buente, D.-217 Bullock, B.-93 umgarner, I.-136,196 Bunge, C.-93 Burger, S.-93 Burke, D.-134 Burton, F.-135 Busch, B.-180 Buse, D.-217 Butcher, S.-93 Butler, 1.-93,175 Butler, lohn-125,196 Byers, L.-217 Byrum, K.-122,126,14B,165 C Caine, S.-143 Campbell, G.-148,172 Campbell, j.-151 Carlton, M.-93 Carlyle, I.-162 Carnahan, C.-135 Carrington, M.-148,162 Carter, B.-124 Carter, M,-172 Carter, Michael-93,140 Carter, R.-168 Casler, M.-137 Chase, B.-144 Chastain, M.-217 Chaudhuri, S.-137 Cheek, M.-93,130,134,151 Childs, P.-132,170 Church, M.-137 Clark, D.-178 Clark, I.-143 Clark, L.-93,134,145 Clark, Louis-129 Clark, M.-178 Clark, N.-172 Clarke, 5.-32,36,146,148,165 Clayton, B.-210 Clayton, G.-93,133 Cline, L.-178 Coe, 1.-93 Coffery, R.-168 Cohrs, D.-178 Cole, S.-93 Coleman, C.-162 Coleman, R.-130 Collins, T.-37 Colson, R.-93 Combs, I.-94,129 Comer, D.-49 Conaway, R.-94 Connor, K.-94 Conrad, I.-94 Cook, S.-135 Cooper, B.-37,148,165 Cooper, P.-168 Cooper, R.-143,144 Copp, R.-175 Corn, L.-94 Corne, P.-94 Courter, S.-135 Cox, L.-94,136 Coyle, G.-137 Crafton, L.-148 Craig, 1.-124,172 Craig, joe-136 Craig, S.-180 Crane, C.-143,148 Crane, D.-175,204 Crawford, B.-143 Crawford, D,-140 Crawford, S.-4 Creech, B.-147,162 Creekbaum, S.-33,122,123, 210 Cress, S.-170 Croce, C.-140 Crocker, 1.-143,178 Crocker, M.-94,123,129 Crofts, D.-132 Cross, I.-136 Cunningham, C.-94 Cunningham, M.-94 Curry, M.-94 Curtiss, D.-143 Cusack, P.-175 Cusack, T.-175 229 D Daily, I.-94 Dalton, S.-94,150 Danner, I,-135 Daugherty, W.-136 Davies, D.-175 Davis, I.-94,140 Davis, P,-94 Davis, S,-142 Davis, T.-176 Dawson, D,-147 Day, S.-143,165 Dearmin, D.-143,145 DeBaun, S.-145 Debord, R.-94,144 Delaney, L.-94 Demaree, D,-134 Denu, 1.-139 DeVault, P.-168 DeVillez, R.-139 DeVoss, I.-149,170 Dewbar, I.-140 Dice, I.-178 Dick, R,-178,204 Dickenson, P.-150,161,180 Dillow, B.-168 Douglas, M,-144 Drake, D.-151 Driggers, K.-13O,128,136,170 DuBuque, B.-142 Duckworth, L.-150,172 Dudley, 1.-94,180 Dunbar, 1.-94 Duncan, S.-94 Dunn, E.-176 Durkee, M.-94 Duvall, D.-94 Duvall, R.-204 Dyer, G.-154 Dyke, L.-142 E Eaton, S.-95,148,129 Edgar, V,-162 Edmondson, D.-176 Effinger, I.-172 Eichel, E.-95,134,145,188 Eickhoff, D.-95 Eifler, L.-95,21,144 Elstein, C.-95 Ekstein, S.-95 Elliott, D.-176 Elliott, L.-145 Ellis, B.-95 Ellis, M.-145 Ellison, I.-40 Elson, D.-95,168 Elson, N.-40,95,150,172 Emge, C.-95 Emge, D.-46,4B,35,49 Enlow, L.-178 Enos, K.-95 Enow, P,-95 Enrietto, W.-95 Erickson, B.-148 Ernest, S.--168 Esery, M.-170 Essig, S,-148,150,162 Esteue, H.-132 Evans, B.-204 Everbach, W.-144 F Fager, E.-95,128,130,170 Fall, M.-145 Farney, T.-178 Farrell, R.-96 Faust, R.-140 Feagans, D.-143 Feigel, A.-96,129,143 Feltner, D.-96,136 Fenneman, K.-96,129,143 Filson, D.-168 Fisher, C.-96 Fisher, D.-150,165 Fisk, D.-140,176 Fitzgerald, W.-96 Fleming, D,-135 Fletcher, M.-148 Flynn, M.-196 Foerster, D.-170 Foland, T.-8 Fondong, 5.-135 Ford, B.-96,135 Forenges, B.f170,96 Forster, H.-168 Forsythe, C.-96 Forsythe, SM96 Fortenherry, I.-96 Fox, P.-135 Fox, S.-170 Frazier, K.-96,129 Fredric hson, I.-131 Freeman, I.-97 Fritz, P,-135 Fry, C.-162 Fulmer, R.-168 Funk, P,-136 G Gaines, B.-180 Gallagher, B.-168 Gander, S,-97,149 Garber, E.-145,150,165 Gardner, P.-148,150,165 Gascoigne, S.-143,145,1 Gates, T.-97,175 Gee, A,-144 Gengelbach, C.-129,204 Gerhardt, P,-204 Gerkin, C.-97,143 Gerlach, C,-139 Gilbert, P.-142 Gilchrest, F.-168 Gilles, K.-148 Gilles, M.-160,178 Gilliam, L.-97,143,145 Glaess, M.-97,129,150,16 Glass, R.-46 Glen, N.-149 Godeke, K.-178 Goebel, R.-132 Goebel, T.-150 Goettel, L.-97 Gooch, B.-165 Gooch, 1.-138 Goodin, R.-144 Goodman, S.-135 Gorman, E.-144 Gorman, S.-132,147,162,165 Gorman, Susie-146 Graham, 1.-97 Grammer, N.-97 Graul, R.-128 Graves, C.-176 Graves, D.-180 Graves, M.-97 Graves, S.-97 Grebe, B.-147 Green, C.-124 Green, P.-178 Green, 5.-97,150 Greene, R.-97 Greenfield, E.-148,165 Greenwell, 1.-97,140 Gresco, T.-132 Greshham, G.-142 Gress, D.-144 Griese, D.-97 Griffing, B,-162 Griffith, M.-132 Grimme, I.-97,140,178 Grisham, P.-122,1Z6,143,172 Gross, C.-145 Groves, F.-97 Guion, C.-172 Gulley, Tanya-97,180 Comm, A.-148,150,165 Gunn, P,-168,204 Gunnell, G.-124,149,168 Guth, R.-196,210 Gwyn, B.-147 Gwyn, I.-147,180 H Hacke, B,-132 Hadley, B.-97,128,129,130 Hadley, ct-97,134 Hadley, S.-97 Hagstrom, G.-97,129,160,178 Hahn, G.-168,204 Haines, D,-172 Hajek, 5.-135 Halbig, T.-98,129,217 ll.llisi,tXXlL'l'1 H -135 ii ill K 795151 Hall N-1-lil H.tll.ln1 L1 A98 llallas Nt -'ll' Haines S -95 Hamilton l '98 Haniilton ltiilx-1-125 lliittt Fisk L -136 Handiiak R -1'Ll llann.i,1 Yl'8 Hannel XX fll' H irdln D -Q16 Hargraxe l -166,104 Harn1on,lY21' Harnlck B 493 Harris it -160,166 Harris, l -1-13 Hart, j -98,132 Hart, R A136 Hart, S.-98 Harte, B -16 Harte M -16 Hartley, lx '-98 Hartman, D -98 Hass, P -168 Hattield, R -145 Hauselman, B -190 Haworth, -'X -98 Haworth, S -138 Havden,j -162 Haytord, 5 H1-10,168 Haynes, P -145 Headw, Nl,-133,152 Hearn, B -137 Heath, A -98,12-1,125,188 Heines, L -172 Helms, S.-152 Hemmingsen, H.-149 Henderson, A,-170 Henderson, D -98,132 Hendrix, F,-98 Herbert, CW142 Hermann, Ci -136 Herrmann, D.-132 Herron, D,-143 Hert, A -98 Hewitt, S.-98,148,162 Hill, M,-175 Hines, j,-98 Hlnkle, M -98 Hinton, C -133,151 Hires, R,-172 Hlrscl1man,D,-147,165 Hlrschman, M -147,180 Hisgen, M,-98,129 Hoback, B -98 Hobgood, C..-99 Hobgood, M -122,127,178 Hodapp, A.-99,129,130,150 Hodgen, E H99 Hoehhel, A,-99 Hoff, R.-207 Hofmann, Ci.-204 Hoftiezer, L.-135 Hollars, C.-99,135 Holloway, B,-143 Holmes, L -210 Hooper, D -99 Hoover, F -175 Hooper, C4175 Horne, S,-143 Hornlck, B '138 Horstman, K -99 Hostetler, j.-176 Houchins, B -99,137 Hougland, F.-178 House, C.-143 Howard, L.-134 Howe, B,-128,129,13O,132,170 Huber, R.-49,142 Huebschmann, R,-136 Hufnage-l,1'.-175 Hughes, D -99 Hughes, j,-99 Hughes, P.-176 Hughey,j.-99,139 Hunter, B.-132 Humfeld, B,-162 Humphrey, C.--148 HLH1KIClxQf,l', -143,145 Hunt, Ni,-99,1-18,150,162 Hunteman, L -147 Huppert, T -143 Hurst, B -100 l llxhlfdl, 5,-204 lnglehart, l -100,180 lfXll1, Ci -143,144 ll'XI!1Q', B,-143,144 l l.1ckson,C 7180 jackson, D.-134 larnes, S,-100,132 larboe, I,-13.2 Iarboe,jln1-168 letters, B -139 lensen, H,-126,170 lerger, L -155 lester, S.-100,113 lohann, 5.-125 johnson, B,-100 johnson, R.-100 jones, C.-207,209 jones, C.-100 lones, j.-18,160,168 jones, K.-100 jones, Kay-162 jones, L,-132,147,180 jones, P.-100,192 jordan, B.-132 jourdan, C,-151 jourdan, S.-151 K Kanowsky, F.-178 Kates, T.-178 Katterhenry, P.-168 Katterhenry, V.-146,217 Katz, j,-132 Kaufman, R.-143,170 Kawamura, C,-124,125,130, 140,148,150 Kegel, D.-162 Keisel, H,-170 Keller, B.-180 Kellner, E,-150 Kempf, D,-8,151 Kennard, R.-132 Kercher,j.-148 Kessans, D.-100 Kessens, A.-100 Kessner, j.-148 Kiesel, H.-100 Kllby, V.-100,188 Kinnaird, D,-100 Kinzler, D,-178 Kirkham, L.-180 Kirkman, N.-172 Kirsch, R.-178,217 Kirtley, K.-100,151,192 Kistner, C,-133,155,157 Kitchens, W.-100 Kleaving, E.-140 Klein, C.-36 Kllne, W.-139 Klingerburger, S,-170 Klueh, S,-148,162 Klusmelrer, D.-100 Knaebel, A.--100 Knapp, D,-168 Knapp, Dennis-168 Knigga, B.-100,123,186 Knigga, D.-170 Knight, B,-124 Knight, I.-100 Knipe, S.-100,128,129,130, 133,152 Knipe, W.-100,150 Koch, B.-134,135,190 Koch, Bonnie-100,138 Koch, W.-176 Koehler, C,-37,101,176 Koehler, S.-140 Kraft, B.f101,130 Krall, K.-101 Kratz, C.-101 Krietenslein, K.-204 Kuebler, S-176 Kuehn, R,-137,217 Kuklinskl, W,-204,217 Kunkel, W,a101,139 lxutllitch, L,-101 L LaBarces, l.-132 Labbart, j,-101,172 Lac hen, M.-132,133,153 lachen, S.-14,132,133,152 LaGrange, R.-170,204 Land, D,-101 Landis, B.-101 Langtord, 1,-180 Langtord, S.-144 Langsdale, K,e142 Lanktord, l,-101 Larson, 5.-101,145 Lasher, M,-H139 Lautner,W.-102,136 LaVey, L.-142 Layne, M.-102 Leach, j.-102 Leeds, F.-161,172 Leeper, K,-162 Legg, M.-102,148 Leggett, C.-168 Leibunguth, A.-168 Lenig, A,-176 Lenn, j.-132 Leveritt, D.-102 Libbert, D.-40,102,130 Life, L.-165 Lighon, S.-152,165 Lilly, L,-148 Linder, E,-102,129 Lindquist, l.-144,148 Lindsey, P.-148,162 Linley, I.-102 Little, B.-168,217 Little, E.-102 Little, j.-170 Llu, C.-137 Lively, M,-143,176 Lloyd, F.-196,210 Lloyd, 1-l.-102 Lockhart, L.-204 Lodato, B.-207,209 Loge, j.-102 Long, B.-172 Long, L.-102 Longest, D.-133,153 Longest, Dennis-176 Loveless, B.-103 Loy, j.-122,123 Lucas, Ci.-175 Luhrsen, T.-161,162 Lundsgaard, K.-162 Lutz, j.-46 Lylesj C,-8,103,129 Lyles, L.-143,144 Lynch, Tom W.-103,132 Lynch, Tom j.-175 M Mackey, K.-103,139 Madden, D.-160 Maddix, O,-103,140 Madrid, M.-168 Maglinger, C.-103 Maglinger, Ci.-103 Mann, C.-103 Mantovani, j.-178 Maple, S.-204 Marchant, D.-103 Martin, A,-142 Martin, P.-103,140 Mason, M.-16,165 Mather, T.-103 Mathieu, A.-134,151 Matthews, G.-176 Matthews, W.-103 Mattingly, M.-139 Mauck, R.-21,168,204 Mead, j,-103,144 Meadows, M.-135,162 Meddock, 5.-10,162 Meese, C.-103 Mefford, I.-168,204 Meier, K.-134,135 Meir, R.-168 Meiser, M,-36,103,129,130, 165 Merchant, B,-160,175 230 Merrell, G.-146,172 Merritt, L.-204 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, K.-168 L.-136 W.-103 Meyers, S.-132 Michael, D.-135 Michel,j,-103 Miles, C.-187 Miles, C.,-144 Miles, l.-204 Millay, Millay, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, I.--147 S.-103 B.-151 D.-180 Drew-168 K,-170,209,Z07,217 M.-122,125,135 Mills, K.-204 Milto, T.-160,168,204 Mitchell, C..A103,140 Mitchell, K.-148,150,165 Moll, G.-104,140,178 Mominee, j.-138 Moon, L.-151 Moore, l.-104 Moore, j,-104,144 Moore, K.-168,210 Moore, M,-104,172 Moore, I.-143 Monts, K.-172 Moreno, C.-132 Morgan, L,-129,136 Morris, B.-134,140 Morris, S.-104,140 Morrow, B,-170,204 Moss, N.-151 Muckley, C.-180 Muncy, 5.-148 Murray, R.-145,170 Myers, D.-176 McBride, M.-153 McCain, D.-170 McClean, B,-176 McCleary, C.-143 McConnell, C.-148,162 McCord, j,-143 McCullough, M.-103 McCutchan, j,-150,162 McDaniel, B.-103,151 McDowell, M.-147 McFadin, D.-145 McFadzean, D.-49,142 McGlaughlin, R.-143 Mcfilothlin, G.-143 McCiowen, j.-135 Mclntire, S.-103 McKibben, D.-136 McKinney, E.-180 McKinney, K.-204 McKissic, j,-210 McKown, Dr,-130 McLaughlin, M.-143 McMahan, S.-H172 McMasters, B,-165 McMillan, j.-103 McNary, G.-132 MacQuigg, M.-147 McWilliams, B.-168 McWilliams, L.-204 N Naberhuis, P.-139,150 Naberhuis, S.-104,131,129, 136 Nalin, M.-104 Nall, C.-175,217 Nauarro, j.-132 Neal, B.-104 Neal, D.-40,148,161,165 Nelson, C.-149 Neukam, C.-104 Newman, C.-104 Newman, R.-122,127,190 Newman, T.-161 Nicksic, B.-180 Niehau Niemie S, T.-137 r, F.-146,148 Niemier, T.-136 Niethamrner, C.-104 rsiigh, C.-20,165 Nimrnicht, B.-143 Nix, D.-172 Northcut, j,-150 Norton, C.-132 Nourse, N.-143 O Oagley, H,-138 Ogden, M,-147 O'Kane, K.-147 Oldham, P.-135 Olson, M.-132 O'Malley, P.-175 Oskins, C.-104 Oskins, M.-144 Oswald, C.-17,105,168 Oyerby, M.-105 Overman, P.-194 Overton, D.-136 Owens, j,-105 Owens, M.-210 P Pace, DQ144 Painter, C.-162 Painter, R.-196 Park, N.-162 Parsons, j,-125 Paschal, j.-105,150,172 Pasco, K.-105,146,172 Patterson, C.-170,217 Paulen,1.-105,122,123,129, 130,140 Pauli, C.-129 Paxton, C.-132 Pearce, B.-175 Pearce, P.-105,165 Pearson, E.-105 Pennington, P.-105,122,129 130,143,145 Perigo, L.-105,151 Pershing, Ci,-170 Peter, M,-105 Petro, G.-178 Pfeifer, A.-170,217 Pfisterer, D.-172,124 Philhower, j.-145 Phillips, D.-105 Phillips, G.-207 Phillips, P.-145,172 Pickering, j.-187 Pickle, M.-178 Pierce, P.-148,150 Pierrard, G,-105 Pillar, M.-178,217 Pitt, V.-105 Place, A,-217 Plaford, Ci.-105,132 Plank, M.-105,130,165 Pledger, j,-105 Plemmons, D,-204 Plyrnate, j.-105,33,122,126, 162 Podorski, B.-17,124,148 Polley, B.-105 Porter, D.-105,172 Post, R.-105 Potts, j.-170 Powell, P.-175 Prager, K.-138 Prather, N.-147 Pratt, H.-168 Preece, P.-105,140 Price, E.-40,41,145,150,188 Price, I.-105 Price, I.-144 Prince, R.-106,129,148 Privitt, P.-194 Proctor, D.-168 Puckett, j.-142 Pullin, M,-21,106,129,130, 142,154 Purcell, C.-106,138,143,145 Purcell, W.-170 R Rahm, D.-106 Raibley, B.-106 Rains, D.-178 Ramey, j.-170 Ransbottom, W,-132 Ratliff, B.-192 Rea, V.-140 Reason, 1.-162 Recobs, S.-170 Record, M.-106 Redett, C.-172 Reed, S.-106 Reed, S.-165 Reffett, S.-176 Reid, C.-106 Reimer, S.-186 Reinhardt, R.-168 Rentger, A.-170 Rhodes, B.-124,178 Rice, R.-122,125,147,162 Rich, R.-106 Richard, W.-136 Rickey, M.-172 Rickenbaugh,1.-133 Rickrich, L.-106,140 Rideont, V.-165 Riedford, I.-160,170 Rinehart, K.-151 Rinker, N.-106 Rohrer, Wilson Ritter, T. Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Robinso Robson, -178 Dan-137 Dianne-107 Don-140,216 R.-16 n, M.-107,145 C.-147 Roe, R.-107 Roedel, T.-107 Roell, W.-170 Rogers, M,-160,175 A L.-147 Woodard, M.-204 Roland, S.-162 Romain, G.-107,124,148 Roose, R.-107,178 Rosenblatt, R.-128,136 Ross, B.-168 Ross, C.-148 Rothert, L.-145 Rowland, L.-162 Rowland, S.-145 Rubin, M,-107,172 Ruckma n, C.-107,133,175 Rudnick, T.-168,217 Russ, M.-107 Russell, D.-107,144 Russell, S.-143 Russell, T.-176 Ruster, I.-168 Rutigliano, N.-17,168 S Saa ri, V.-165 Sachse, H.-107,147 Sakaria, S.-107,135,136 Samuel, C.-148 Sander, E.-107,126,128,129, 168 Sander, I.-168 Sanders, G.-145 Sanders, I.-124,148,172 Sanders, S.-107 Sanford, B.-35 Santini, L.-107 Sauer, R.-142,143 Saunders, G.-143 Scales, B.-176 Scammon, C,-46 Schaffstein, R.-136 Schapker, A.-107,136 Scheidler, 1.-170 Schenk, C.-16,162 Schenk, I.-107,137 Scherer, E.-162 Scheu, I.-107 Schitter, P.-107 Schlamersdorf, B.-132 Schlansker, G,-175 Schmeltekop, N.-145 Schmidt, E.-107 Schmidt, L.-129 Schoettelkotte, W.-132,175 Schrader, I.-147 Schuble, D.-107 Schuh, R.-107 Schultz, D.-137 Schultze, M.-107,132,138,149 Schumann, P.-147 Schurz, G,-143,144 Schweiger, L.-125,192 Schweizer, L.-132,139,149 Schwenk, R.-146,217 Seib, C.-204 Seifert, C.-108 Seiffer, I.-108 Sensmeier, B.-136 Sensmeier, M.-108 Sergesketter, R.-216 Shelter, G.-134 Shelton, C.--108 Sheperd, l.-148,162 Sheperd, L.-162 Sheppard, B.-108 Shields, B.-108 Shinnamin, T.-48 Shoener, K.-143,145,172 Short, M.-168,204 Shoulders, C.-135 Shouse, R,-135 Shrock, G.-170 Sian, I.-138 siebe, C.-108,130 Siebe, I.-168 Siebers, B.-150 Siklberg, C.-143 Silverman, L.-108 Simmalinker, C.-138 Simmons, R.-136 Simmons, W.-108 Simpson, A.-149 Simpson, K.-16,108,172 Sivert, C.-108 Skeen, D.-124 Skinner, D.-108 Slack, G.-147,187 Slade, K.-180 Slater, B.-168 Sluder, P.-138 Small, L.- Small, S.- 142,143 108 Smart, A.-108 Smiley, S.-130 Smith, G.-172 Smith, H.-108,168 Smith, I.- 125,172 Smith, K.-108,140,168 Smith, R.-210 Smith, R.-135 Smith, S.-176 Smith, S.-116,207 Snider, W. -108,176 Snyder, I.-148,150,165 Taylor, A.-204 Taylor, E.-132 Terhune, B.-34 Terry, C.- Tevault, D. 144 -136 Thomas, D.-35,142 Thompson, D.-170,178 Thompson, D.-168,217 Thompson Thompson , l.-210 , S.-140 Thompson, L.-143,145,180 Thorn, D.-40 Thornton, 1.-124,129,143,145 Tierman, C.-142 Tite, S.-129 Toman, S.-122,126,148,165 Townsend, T.-168 Trafton, T.-139 Wellmeyer, I.-151 Welman, R,-170 Welmer, S.-217 Wesner, I,-147 West, N,-122,124,125 white, R.-20 whirsm, S.-147,180 Wichman, T.-145 Wiggers, A.h132 wilbum, B.-172,194 Wilder, B.-132,165 Wiley, c.-131,137 Wilkie, s.-148 Wilkinson, D.-217 Willett, C.-165 Williams, C.-180 Williams, I.-132 Snyder, M.-132,134,145 Snyder, V.-165 Sobbe, K.-168 Somheil, D.-132 Songer, Ci,-108 Souerdyke, G.-136 Sparr, M.-108,140 Spears, M.-9,108,133,140,154 Spilker, R.-168,217 Spoonmore, I.-175 Stafford, D.-170 siegg, C.-108,175 Stallings, P.-143,145 Starkey, R.-108 Steedman, R.--160,178 Steiner, G.-108 Stephens, M.-178 Stephenson, I.-134,143,135, 151 Stevens, D.-143 Stevens, Doris-148,180 Stevens, R.-132 Stevian, I.-170 Stewart, 1.-162 Stickley, R.-210 Stippler, P.-125 Stockinger, I.-136 Stogsdale, M.-108 Stojakovich, P.-140 Stonehill, C.-168 Storm, M,-204 Storm, T.-178 srover, v.-144 Strange, D.-148 Stroh,1.-134,143,145 Studer, M.-136 Studeville, P.-162 Studt, A.-175,217 Suart, D.-170 Susat, E.-131 Swain, B.--165 Swarms, 1.-170 Swenson, K.-178 T Tacoma, R.-178 Talbert, I.-132 231 Treat, I.-172 Trissel, M.-132 Tien, L.-180 Tucker, T.-128,132,160 Tuley, B.-144 Turber, V.-9,148 Turner, T.-21,168 Tyler, 1.-176 U Uebelhack, D.-176 Ullrich, M.-170,217 Umbarger, M.-168,204 Unversagt, 1.-216 updike, 1.-153 umley, A.-148 Utley, C.-132,156 v Van de Steeg, S.-172 Vanderwalle, 1.-16 Van Stone, S,-130,132,138 Vickrey, V.-143,145 Vinton, S.-148 Volckens, B.-9 Vote, P.-129,150 W Wagner, B.-142 Wagner, G.-143 Wahlman, L.-162 Wake, K.-148 Walden, I.-178 Walk, B.-180 Waller, P.-148 Walsh, C.-122,143,162 Walther, B.-168,217 Wampler, D.-165 Warner, M.-190 Washington, W.-160,166 Watson, L.-129 Watson, M.-188 Wedel, R.-149 Weeks, D.-166,210 Weiss, S.-140 Wellemeyer, I.-210,217 Wellemeyer, M.-129,150, 161,162 Williams, R.-140,150 Williams, T.-134 Willis, C.-170 Willits, L,-151 Willoughby, T,-204 Wills, 1.-140 Wilson, A,-194 Wilson, D.-16,123 Wilson, G.-170 Wilson, I.-140 Wilson l.-148,162 Wilson, L.-217 Wilson Linda-132,147 Wilson P.-135,162 Wilson T.-139 Wilson, Tom-136 , Tresa-145 Winkler, D.-127,150 Winterkorn, B.-146 Winternheimer, K.-150 Wire, D.-132 Wiseman, M.-175 Witt, L.-162 Witte, D.-148 Wlyer, L.-145 Woods, C.-132 Wooster, C.-145 Wright, C.-151 Wright, 1.-138 Wueft, T.-207 Y Yeager, S.-168 Young, R.-143,170 Younker, K.-138,151,152 Z Zengler, D,-170 Ziegler, B.-147 Ziegler, H.-152,216,155 Ziliak, K.-40,32,122,127,150 Ziner, S.-140 1969Linc Staff . AA,.. Mike Pullin ......... Carol Kistner Editor , ,, ,H Managing Editor ,., Copy Editor ..r, ............. P atti Brooks Sports Editors i.., Herb Zeigler, lay Kent Photo Editor ,.. ,.. ......... Mickey Spears Senior Editor ..t,r..,i,.r, ..t.... M arty Plank Faculty-Academic Editor ..,, ,... K eith Younker Organization Editor i..., i...., G ary Dyer Residence Editor ,r.. .......i.... C arol Kistner Greek Editor ......r .......t... S tephanie Ligon Index Editors . .. Mary Herner, Ginny Slack Faculty Adviser ......i,.....,....t...,,.....i.,............,........., Robert H. Byler Photography by student photographers Mickey Spears, Herb Zeigler, john Rickenbaugh, john Freeman, Lee lerger, Mike Berg, Rick Barter, Sherry Ciraves, Bruce Thompson. Other photographs courtesy of Miss lean Coyle, Mr. Robert Byler, and Mr. Don C-oodaker of The Evansville Press. Senior pictures by Beverly Studio, Evansville, Indiana. 232 .Ml-iw. vunm. Q .....2E.'1':I'.Y,... J 1.116 fn- f ' 'f'-1r"mfvrr-?"'v" B I 1' " ' '-.q 'a 1 1 6 B ' ' 1 9 Q I. 1 ' 1 - O lr -Q 4 T 1 P '-1 vviw 1 'AI - Y r ' 0 Os' QL! l I , 'I 1 Q ' I U 0 . . 1 O O . A . . 0 . I 6 o G Q ri , 9 4 ' 8' 's 1 '. 0 o , . .1 B 9 L, I ... ' 'F S 4 . ,-,A -Q 1 I. , , 1. . ' I t 'Mr' -- qp 5 I Q , Y rf. ' . " 4 A' Q 'Of A v' if " . , ri Q ' , ,gy "' I ' I' ll, ' ' o l V mu- .1 :Hx ' X 1 -Q.-hu Aw' 'L - v . O A 0, Q Q 0 Q I V xr J 4 Q I u , Q 'O Q. as F V ' 0 P . V 0 M H 0 t f 'Q o C-0' , C ,I , Q P I 4 O O 0 9 v . I 0 9 ' 0 I 4 7 9 r S ,f IQ I , . "1 0 a S I O . f ' I O iv ,N . Q I Y . C .mil ,.,.' 1' V f 'f ' O ., 1 9 l 'Xl 0 y Q f 'O x Y'?ilj.QA"5V'f' ' Q i,'v,. , 1 '5m.f nb

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