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-ri- 1 FD -QFL V"1l 1 1 --1. .1 ,"'a4- .V .- A , 2' 'A 4 X , ' e 1 " , ' 'iw " 'J-""'t"" 1, ' f""g"A-au HA 111- , 1 --1 1 ' g 11: -1 - , . Q' 1.1,l',., -A L ' ll ."1' v1'f , 1. 1 -' A L., ,qw X X , rd . . 1 1 ' - 1 P v 1 1 , ., r ' Q I 1' 1 43? A X .1 . X Q Q' XX. 1X1 XL1, X' 1 ,, r " Ag., p, 1 1 ',. . 4" v .v'-1 ' '1 tl i J h W 1" 1, -- f 1 14 by 'fi . X A. 4 A 1 , L 1 5' 1- H 17 f U 11 P ,f- :K X 'Q 1 . .f " 1 ' ' fy, ' 1195 '1-"71. 'Q '1 ' 'v 11-1.1 .1':', "1'1',1 , ..,. .- ' 15 x., XX 1 .s 1 . 11: 4 9 X 1 , 1 lb 4 1X, Zi 1 f 1 1 1 1 1! .-I J' X sg. 1. L1 111 I X17 ,eXX,XXV.f4 .2 " 1. lx I .' ,11f,9f1f1'm1 ' J J A 1 .-, ,L v 1 A L w,. 1 T' ' if-rm:-' ' - 1' '11 11? 'x X.X1 7 1 . 1,- -, 1 1 1 ,X1 18.. 1 14' 1: 111'-1 1"1 11, 21, gi N11- 1 x. X1X 1 1 JT' v ' . 1.-K :M , 1 'ffl ' 11 IX 1 - I ff 1 1 ' 'VWL1' " 5. 11 X1 X ' ,1 . X:. 4.55. 9 ,WY ' 1. NVQ " I 1 - 1fTN1,' 1 X,:X XX1,l1.A . XX1.:,1 4 .1 1 -.11.,,X W - 1. --55.11111 13. 1 ' " -Hy' 5 'I 1XX4, 1' "1 vmr W YK 1 1 o-'-'- Sq 1 he LiI1C 196 University of Evansville Evansville, Indiana Volume 45 Julia Low, editor-in-chief Susan Kifer, managing editor Donna Powers, campus editor Mrs. Jeane Young, advisor lun-as QI' .Y E1 5 'is vial, 'X 0 'asus 1 -. x ,aftli n n 5, ,,,, ' p v , 9'5" ni ......... l Ad ministration Building There are certain high points in each person's life which he tucks away in an obscure corner of his mind and remem- bers only on special occasions when something happens to remind him. The life of a college is much like that. The events which make a college grow are tucked away in the college history and forgotten until something special comes along to revive it. Something very special has happened this year-Evansville College has become the University of Evansville. So what more appropriate time could there be than this to search the obscure corners of the University's history to discover what events made the school grow. Ill-nm! ,Wm 0 3? :gr iv 2 aol C ' Nineteen hundred and sixty-seven is a proud year indeed for the school because it is the year Evansville College became the University of Evansville. The milestone in our history came when the 1967 Indiana Legislature in session at Indianapolis passed an act amending the college charter to read Hthe University of Evansvillef, The college did not come of age over night, nor did one or two events make the difference. Rather, one hundred and thirteen years of growth and development, physical and scholastic, made the University what it is today. Our growth into a university began. over a century ago at Moores Hill, Indiana, in Dearborn County. In the autumn of 1853, Reverend W. W. Snyder, a member of the Southeast Indiana Conference of the Methodist church and agent for Brookville College, went to Moores Hill to solicit funds for Brookville College. He obtained a pledge from John C. Moore, son of the pioneer settler of Moores Hill. Mr. Moore became interested in a similar institution near his home. The idea of a college grew in Mr. Moorels thoughts and he invited friends and neighbors to discuss the matter. By Decem- ber 20 articles of association were drawn up at the local Methodist church and signed by interested citizens. On jan- uary 10, 1854, a charter under an act of the state legislature was granted marking the founding of the Moores Hill Male and Female Collegiate Institute, the first co-educational col- lege established. A three-story brick building was constructed on land do- nated by john C. Moore and Morton justice. Classes began in the uncompleted structure on September 9,1856, and the building was Finished on December 1. The college had two courses of study, classical and scientific, for its students. sl Administration Building and Evansville College sign That first year there were eight faculty members for the 197 students, 66 in the college department and 131 in the pre- paratory department. Reverend Samuel R. Adams was the first college president. jane S. Churchill Kahler, the First graduate of Moores Hill, received her degree in 1858. Laying the Administration Building corner stone www It lu. Y ff! all V D X X 1, I ,M fa Kam, "' The school was just beginning to grow when the Civil War interrupted. The volunteer call for the army took most college men leaving Moores Hill little more than a girls' school. Times were very difficult for the new college, but the school survived the war only to face hnancial and enrollment problems from time to time for the next 50 years. In 1887, the college changed its name to Moores Hill College. The college saw a succession of presidents during those years. After President Adams left his ofhce, Robert F. Brew- ington took his place for a few months in 1863. When Presi- dent Brewington joined the army, William O. Pierce hlled the ofhce. Following presidents were Thomas Harrison, Dr. john H. Martin, Francis A. Hesterulohn P. D.hIohn,J. H. Doddridge, L. G. Adkinson, George P. jenkins, Dr. Charles W. Lewis, Dr. Frank Clare English, Dr. William S. Bovard, Dr. Harry Andrews King, Dr. Andrew Bigney and Dr. Alfred F. Hughes. Among the advancements made in spite of financial trou- bles was the organization of a normal department for training teachers during a four-year course in 1870. Annual enrollment began to increase to 200 or 225 students each year. Equipment was improved, a gymnasium was built and a girls' dormitory was purchased near the turn of the century. In 1903, a fourth building was purchased for a science hall. Student enrollment rose to 234 in 1907 with a graduating class of 26, the highest in the history of the college. The in- stitution, at last, seemed to be progressing smoothly. Plans for a new 337,000 college building were formulated. To Hnance the building, an appeal was made to Andrew Carnegie, the steel manufacturer, to donate half of the cost, 818500, which he willingly contributed. With other addi- tional funds, the new building was dedicated on june 18, 1908, and it was named Carnegie Hall in honor of the major donor. The next school year classes were transferred to the hall. A short time later a president's home WaS EllSO completed. Moores Hill College campus with Carnegie Hall Center The curriculum of the college was extended to 14 depart- ments to meet the standards of the University Senate of the Methodist Church. But the limited number of faculty mem- bers were unable to cover all departments adequately. Two of the largest departments established were in the areas of home economics and agriculture, for which a tract of land was purchased. Once again financial difiiculty caused the college to con- sider seeking aid. In October, 1915, it was suggested by the Methodist Board of Education that the college seek affiliation with DePauw University. A meeting of olficials of both schools was held a year later at Indianapolis to formulate plans for the affiliation. Moores Hill College was to be con- trolled by DePauw it was decided. The college was to con- tinue as a junior college with normal courses, music classes, Bible, economics, domestic science and agriculture. Plans for the change were still underway on an eventful day, November 4, 1915. On that day a fire burned the main building beyond repair. After it was determined that rebuild- ing the building was hopeless, negotiations with DePauw came to an end. The Class of 1916 was the last one to com- plete a four-year course at Moores Hill College. The next fall, Moores Hill re-opened in the remaining buildings as a junior college with a few special courses in music, domestic science and agriculture. The trustees voted to start a 3100,000 endowment campaign in order to con- tinue as ajunior college permanently. But in the meantime, George S. Clifford, an Evansville businessman, convinced the local Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Benjamin Bosse that it would be beneficial to the city to bring Moores Hill College to Evansville. However, rep- resentatives of Seymor, Indiana, had the same idea. After both cities presented their proposals to Moores Hill administrators, Dr. john Hancher, director of financial cam- paigns for the Methodist Board of Education, was invited to Evansville to discuss the possible move. On March 11, 1917, the Chamber of Commerce was able to pledge to raise 3500,000 if the Indiana Methodist churches would raise an equal amount for the college. To further convince the representatives of Evansvillefs need for the institution of higher learning, Mr. Clifford made a map showing colleges within the Tri-state area, each with a circle around it with a radius of 50 miles. This map showed that not a single circle touched the Evansville area, already a well-populated city. After hearing the report of the Moores Hill representative, President Alfred Hughes concluded that Moores Hill Col- lege should relocate at Evansville. He further proposed that the standing structures be given to Moores Hill for community school use and that one building on the new campus QMoore Hall Residence for Womenl be named for john C. Moore, founder of the college. In june, 1917, the junior college graduates were given Associate of Arts degrees and the campus doors were closed at Moores Hill, Indiana. A total of 487 men and women were graduated from the college over 61 years. Guided by President Hughes, the Evansville Chamber of Commerce successfully raised the cityfs proposed funds be- tween March 30 and May 3, 1917. With large donations from the Rosencranz family, Francis Reitz, members of Trinity Methodist Church and with the efforts of Mayor Bosse, the fB500,000 was raised. Next, the First Congres- sional District, surrounding Evansville, began to raise the second portion of the total. The total financial campaign including the matching funds donated by the Indiana Con- ference ofthe Methodist Church ended December 20, 1917, with a grand total of one million dollars. At last a campus site could be purchased. After much con- sideration, the 70-acre tract of land on which the University of Evansville is located was purchased. Meanwhile, a charter was granted to the newly located school, named Evansville College, by the Indiana Legislature and signed by Governor james P. Goodrich on February 17, 1919. The following September classes opened in temporary quarters in the downtown area. Rooms in the Adath Israel Synagogue between Fifth and Sixth Streets on Vine, the Y.M.C.A. and Central High School were used for classes. A few resident students were housed in Sweetser Hall for Women and Excelsior Club, a dorm organized by men. CD9 .1 Nine professors were selected to compose the faculty: An- drew Bigney, Charles Torbet, G. R. Franklin, Lucy jenkins Franklin, H. L. Goumez, Olaf Hovda, Elizabeth Cowan, C. W. Shumway, Eugene McCartney. When the college opened on September 16, 1919, there were 104 students registered. By the end of the first year, 303 students had en- rolled. Governor Goodrich formally opened the college during ceremonies on November 20 and 21. The first issues of the student newspaper, "The Crescent," which first appeared on October 21, carried stories of the opening festivities and published that the State Board of Education had accredited the department of education as a normal school for teachers on a two-year program. Another story informed the students that the late Levi Gilbert's 2,800 books had been given to the college to start a library. Even as school started, plans were well underway for the Administration Building on the east side campus. It was dedi- cated on june 16, 1922. The four-story Indiana limestone building cost l5300,000. A Mayor Ben Bosse, center, and james Scarborough, architect, break ground for Administration Building on May 5, 1921. The year 1922 also brought recognition by the State Board of Education of ECI as a standard four-year college. The l,inCI, meaning Life in College, also came into existence that year. The annual was edited by Ralph Olmsted, now business man- ager ofthe University. The school continued to grow under the administration of President Hughes, who resigned in 1927. Dr. Earl Harper succeeded him and served until 1936. During Dr. Harper's administration, the curriculum was re-arranged into three divisions: humanities Cfour departmentsj, science Cfive de- partments, and social science Cthree departmentsj A gift of Mr. and Mrs. john L. Igleheart made possible the erection of a president's home on Rotherwood Avenue. It was the only building constructed on the campus between 1922 and 1947 though some temporary frame buildings were moved onto the campus in 1947. Gov. james Goodrich signs charter of Evansville College Feb. 17, 1919. of ns , Q - , , , f aa. ll f- , -,. ,.,. .,-.. .. -. .-.-n - ,....,.. ....... --. N. ...-..f- f..-1-qu--,..-.,.f,., . -. . ,,-in .M at ,fl f f V . ., , .. U , . I .- , , Q ty ,, 4 ,. , ,. ll ll I ll I Blk I1 llt ESE? 2. President's Home Dr. Marion Smith was president from 1936 until 1940. His term was a difhcult one for once again financial prob- lems faced the college. As a result, suggestions were made to give the college over to municipal control or to come under the direction of Indiana University. In 1940, Dr. Lincoln B. Hale became president. Under Dr. Hale's leadership a large advancement came to EC in the form of the establishment of an -Evening College, now the Community College. For years some professors had met in in- formal class groups in the evenings if the students chose to do so. The Evening College at once became a strong tie between the adults of the community and the college. During World War II, enrollment dipped again. In 1940, there had been 527 students. But 1943 found only 286 enrolled. By 1945 there were 456, and attendance jumped to 1,502 the very next year. A rapid building program began in 1947 with the con- struction of the 3750,000 Engineering-Science Building. About the same time alumni and friends of EC decided that the students needed a student building to replace the TUB or Temporary Union Building, a former Red Cross canteen lo- cated where the new classroom building now stands. Funds were raised and construction began in November, 1949, on the McCurdy Memorial Union, which was to be a living memorial to honor students and alumni who gave their lives in World War II. After President Hale resigned in 1954, Dr. Melvin W. Hyde came to the campus. Dr. Hyde, who has resigned effec- tive this September, has seen the greatest number of changes take place on the campus. The succession of buildings has been rapid: Clifford Memorial Library, 1956, Hughes Hall Residence for Men, originally occupied by women, 1958, Bookstore and cafeteria addition to the Student Union, 1959, Moore Hall Residence for Women, 1960, Hovda, Franklin, Bigney and Torbet Residence Houses, purchased in 1960, Krannert Hall of Fine Arts and Wheeler Concert Hall, 1962, Carson Center for Health and Physical Education, 1962, Harper Residence Dining Center, 1964, Neu Chapel, 1965, Shanklin Theatre and Hyde Hall, 1967, Hale Resi- dence for Men, 1966, and Brentano Residence for Women, 1966. Functioning only as an undergraduate school until 1965, EC took a step toward university status when the Division of Graduate Studies was established in the summer session of 1965. The program included courses for elementary and secondary teachers in 12 major areas, and will be expanded in the future. The graduate faculty includes 31 professors under a graduate council including Dr. Ralph Coleman, Dr. Nicho- las Brown, Dr. Marvin Hartig, Dr. james Morlock and Dr. Earl Tapley. Engineering-Science Building At the present time buildings on campus have been con- structed at a total cost of approximately 11 million dollars. And plans for still more construction are under consideration. The marked stafii increase is also a visible indication of the growth of the University of Evansville. The faculty has in- creased from nine teachers in 1919 to 154 in 1967. Enrollment increased from 1,624 students in day school in 1960 to 2,859 in 1967. In addition to the day students, there are 2,016 students enrolled in the Community College this year. The growth in all areas at EC came intosharp focus on March 15,1966, when President Hyde explained the decision of the Board of Trustees of Evansville College to change the name of Evansville College to the University of Evans- ville. Dr. Hyde said, "We are now larger than a number of schools which call themselves universities. A university ...izl Ju! ms. represents a group of colleges and that is what we have. 'lOn several occasions in recent years I have referred to the future plan for changing the name of Evansville College to the University of Evansville. I have pointed out that the major diliierence between a college and a university involves size as well as the number of administrative educational units. "Last fall the college enrolled about 2,800 full-time and 2,200 part-time students. We have a School of Engineering, a School of Nursing, a Community College, and an ac- credited masteris degree graduate program for the training of teachers. Other areas where there are possibilities for ad- ministrative changes include Liberal Arts, Business Admini- stration and Economics, Fine Arts and Education." Dr. Hyde went on to explain that 'luniversityn now accurately describes the school. Yes, 113 years after its founding the University of Evansville has come of age in the world of education. Bookstore f -,jf "-- ' 'a fl' 3 40" sesmfsssfw PM-Mllavssm - """lM Campus Life Sports A A Faculty , , Seniors , , Organizations Greeks . Residences . . Index . . . A 10 50 72 88 106 142 166 188 Student Life Pam Yzturght and Bill La- tculerc found each other even hclore removing their masks. Zeta 'Iliu Alpha sponsored the Nliirdi Gras dance lor the entire cam- pus. Spring Brings Pat Depriest, senior, was crowned honorary Cadet Col- onel by President Melvin Hyde at the Military Ball. A member of Angel Flight. other candidates were Janis Bierod, senior and Sandra Tychsen,,junior. james Farmer, a founder of CORE, spoke in the Great Hall as part of the Richard E. Meier Lecture Series. ,k . 4 , A . ultitude of Event Q- wet vf A.. Informaljam sessions proved very popular to the student body, especially those living on campus. The Aqua Angels presents a water show entitled L'Fr0ntier Daze" in Carson Center. Q5 fu- Q77 iw my ,Cav 51 all l WS f w M wt zz! ' . I ve af' A M X Y ,llll , ,xv 44 wig X X., 'is QS? 1' P MN 3' f 2 4' wa, WW.. 2, W id ,NN Xi v mia gg Salas ips. W Two New Political Parties Challenge Established Coalitions ln the spring a student's thoughts turn to elections- Student Government Association elections, that is. The SGA elections are held each spring as the students chance to voice their opinions in the governing policies ofthe school. This year two new parties were formed as a result of dis- satisfaction with present administrative decisions. AWAKE and the Student Independent Party were formed by groups of EC students who felt that more representation was needed in school politics. These new coalitions contended with the es- tablished parties, the All-Campus Party and Action Party. Dick Werking, senior, declares his political views on the Soap Box on the Union Building steps. iz? ., My 4. .,. ,f,f .Y 2' YE? 'J' 'ff Liza' .gl L., ,I Gorden Stein was the presidential candidate of the newest political party, AWAKE. Dennis Beadles led a slate of candi- dates for the Student Independent Party, while Steve Dinnsen represented the All-Campus Party and jim Browning was the Action Party Candidate. Pre-election polls showed a majority of students splitting their votes among the four parties, but actual poll results de- clared the Action Party the winner. , 'fe ,ga 'xi 'rms My ., ,a,, :VH 1 I t if Y .,., ,KL V S' , an my mp.. 'wwf-naw 'wsu' Steve Dinnsen and Sue Blaine, All-Campus candidates for president and treasurer re spectively, discuss campaign strategy. Four parties, two of which are new coalitions, nominated candidates for SGA President. They are from left to right: Dennis Beadles, Stu- dent Independentg Gordon Stien, AWAKEg Steve Dinnsen, All-Campus andklim Browning, Action, Steve Baresic campaigned for All-Campus on election day. ttf jim Browning discusses the Action Party with his campaign manager Dennis Brinkmeyer. ccMisallianee," c'Summer and Smoke" ' , ,... V Paula Powell. portraying Lina Szchepanowska. is lifted into the air by Mike Pullin, old Lord Summerhays, in "NIisalliance." Paula paints a scene for Lord Summerhays in the comedy presented this spring in the old East Cllgissroom Theatre, which closed at the end ofthe sea- son with the construction of Shanklin Theatre. Close Old Theatre "Summer and Smoke" and "Misalliance,', two plays deal- ing with the social problems of a past era, were the farewell productions in the old East Classroom Theatre building. Tennessee Williams' g'Summer and Smokel' deals with the continual struggle between the spiritual and physical aspects of life and love, while George Bernard Shaw's "Misal- liance" pokes fun at the social class structure of England and the problems of parent-child relationships. Marcia Bennett, senior, received the best-performance-of- the-year award for her portrayal of the role of Alma Wine- miller, a lady torn between Puritan ideals and love for a young doctor,john Buchananjr. J wi' e l-wif .i': 1 A-l"'.a I i :,i,r 'f-' 1 l o.i- , X , t . X , . V Y rx 1' ' a it r fl JZ at 4,0 ai. G h 1' I Q ' a v 'H 0 AV' . if t 3 "Q Julie Gerard portrays the sensuous Rosa Gonzales, who is one of the barriers between Alma and john Buehananjr. in "Summer and Smoke." Rosa's father, Everett McGuire, threatensxlohn, Ormin Brown, waml. Alma talks to young John Buchanan played by Steve Bayer, in a prelude to Ormin Brown pleads with Marcia Bennett, Alma, but his words are not heeded. the play which was presented in the "theatre-on-the-round" fashion. v " f-A X. 5 t. J, s .. D . , N f ff I 1 4?-W if If 'CFA' if.. Q w W X1 ,gimme Q 9 .,,,,....,.Q wwWe"""- 7' . iuxxg , N 9' - 'V' 2 -S Sw z ,ag at wa QQEWQQN ' Z t . 4, t- . V Q -, - , , . . .. ks. ..'-is-a.?1'-1,.w ' 'ss f iv- ts, '20 as.-J. ,N if WK , W , X ffafivxw, ,Nga Q 111-ww .Nana T ,gas Connie Hughey was crowned Miss Evansville College after winning the Miss Congeniality award which is pre- sented bythe other beauty contestants. Spring Weekend on Campus A 5'2" physical education major who believes that the American people should take care of what is unearest and dearest to us firsti' captured the Miss Evansville College crown during the fourth annual Sprocket Festival on cam- pus. Miss Connie Hughey, a senior from Carmel, Ind., was chosen over twelve other co-eds for her poise, personality, beauty, and intelligence. As Miss Evansville College, Connie was the official hostess over all the Spring Weekend activities and was the Evansville representative in the Miss Indiana contest. Immediately following the beauty pageant, an informal kick-off dance was held in the main parking lot. Saturday afternoon the Lambda Chi Alpha team won the "Big 39N bike race for the fourth year. Saturday evening the activities drew to an end with another dance in Carson Center featuring semi-professional talent from Indiana University. Www --ff V' pk? ,V , . fat:--F I :fb '. ws, ,. 'L 'sf Happiness to Don Blemker, Gary Bledsoe and Skip Borre, Lambda Chi's is being dunked in the pool after win- ning the "Big 39f' Cphoto CCBig 3977 For the fourth straight year Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity captured the "Big 39" bike trophy at Boonville. Lambda Chi placed fourth in the qualifying runs and started out in fourth position. They kept up with the leaders at the beginning but did not wear themselves out. After a few laps, however, they moved into first place and never relinquished the lead. Finishing second in the race was Dorm ll. Other teams were Tau Kappa Epsilon, third, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, fourth, Sigma Phi Epsilon, fifth, Dorm I, sixth, and Kappa Alpha Psi, seventh. The riders on the Lambda Chi team were Don Blemker, Bill Carr, Skip Borre and Dave Riggs. Their catcher was Gary Bledsoe. , aw' if s' 5 V' 5 X ",.x 5 0 5 -t' 'lu Dave Collins, a Sigma Phi Epsilon rider, was injured in an exchange. He was treated and released from the hospital. Large crowds gathered to cheer for their favorite teams at the Boonville track. new ,Jia t N N 0- .slr emit T A Q, 6, Q. 'I N' . Vrtz- . Y -'1-" 3 ya. 10' 5 - -M A 4.1 S. ...ff 'fre'-2-,,' if f' it 'ff A exe 1 Q , W ' ' f . 'N test as nn. 'E gd, A '. -ll , " lx 21,415-il . . t t 9,18 -A P QP MQ: if it '-'N 1 v-J' -nd E U T. 7 ' :fs A we- .4-F' .lm " Ofhcials wave the Hag and they're off and pedaling. 0 Some changes were smooth , . , . . . and others weren't The AOPi,s cheered for the Teke team. I f Aftermath ofa bike race. ., . -t. t N '-r fb. 2 gs XE rf A vi Q, E 21 'ii ' 'f 'ff' 546 "4 XE. Tm ,J i' ueen Crowning, Bike Races Highlight May Honors Day W9 M Darlene Harrison, Panhellenic president, presents the Panhellenic award. AOPi Sharon Ross sits on her throne reigning over the May Day events on the front lawn of the campus on May 3. f A .pw 5 , , L f I Y ,Za The sorority girls enter into the festivities during the bike race and other races on the circle during the afternoon. I H E 1 I u I 9. 4 I , E X l a 5 r S Q s 5 Q I ' Ii! 108th Commencement Largest Ever The class of 1966, the largest ever in the history ofthe school, assembles in Roberts Municipal Stadium to receive their diplomas-the end product of four years effort. Not all graduation exercises are formal. 44 45. "A-""i - x 11'F Q QQ wan 1,2 l Q ' x ,Ki i if mpav K A-f K as 'A viii ' is e we gif 4 M ' 4 .0 4 S V .,,,,, . "' Q gs' , v A NN!,,,, .,,Q,, A 4 X x X In ,Riga Richard E. Meier's commencement address was 'gFreedom's Holy Light-in the year 2000" Mr. Meier is president ofthe Interstate Finance Corporation and the main contributor to the Richard E. Meier Lecture Series fund. Addressing the Class of 1966, Richard E. Meier advised the graduates tojoin together with the enlightened "free men of your generation through- out the whole worldl' and to become a "hinge of history." If this generation can be wise enough and strong enough to keep HFreedom's Holy Light" burning, we may lead mankind from disaster to a New Age of Man where all will live peacefully for thousands of years. R 25 Larry Humes, all-American basketball star, returns to the Stadium for the last time as a college student. The only difference is that this time he is handed a diploma, not a basketball, Richard E. Meier addresses the class. We . iss .W 'V' . . W eans urr Up and Wait Students, students everywhere-you'll find them stand- scholarships, and financial aids. Several hours later and less ing in line, waiting to be advised, and taking time from composed than before, the student emerges from fall regis- hlling in class cards to meet new people. Freshmen and tration as a member ofthe largest Evansville College student upperclassmen alike stand in six lines to receive class cards, body in history. The hnancial aids office moved their ofiice temporarily into the registrar's ofhce to meet the How of students as they received their tuition payments for fall quarter. All of the lines were long and slow-moving, including the station where students payed their tuition and hous- ing bills. Campus Activities 1 r ,. 4 x . Ian Abbott was chosen Miss Watermelon Bust Queen at the Lambda Chi Alpha's Mr. Bruce Jaffray is presented the Dad of the Year trophy by Dr. Melvin annual social opener. 'Z , flu Qfy:ffA flbftjjllfz gf nllcfl' xf'J!'!lfl W. Hyde as Jim Browning, SGA President looks on. Mr. Jaffray is the father of Gordon W.jafTray who is a member of the Aces football team. Kathy Kirtley and Barney Ford, members of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship hand out information to prospective members dur- ing Activities Day in the Union. Reflect Variety of Student Interests Dr. David Dressler, professor of sociology at Long Beach State College, lectured on the effects of LSD at the Union as part of the Richard E. Meier Lecture Series. -I S i i Y. 'fi-1-M.. Mr. Alan Brentano spoke at the dedication ceremony of the residence hall for women which was named after his late uncle, Gus Brentano, Members of his family, Mrs. Nel Pursley Csecond from lefty, housemother, and Dr. Melvin W. Hyde were also present, The Icebreaker Dance is the First social dance of the year on campus and is designed to acquaint the freshman with EC, Karen Hicks, Beverly Grifhng, Abby Utley, Nancy Freyburger, Sara Ehringer, Beth Neal, AlisonGumm, and Terri Goebel were Icebreaker Queen candidates. Nancy was crowned queen byjim Browning President of SGA. xvfw' 'YV We 45, SGA Election Cover Campu All-Campus won the top three of- hces with Deena Butler winning the office of treasurer, The trees are decorated, but not for Christmas I Wulf aff 103 MEMS 3 L!- Aha , -.. , X 4 1. '5?Z,',i"mw - , -f ,.1f1Li""" " ,l , . W, r L ' 'I 4 , ,, i , ' MQ' -'Ti ' 'iw' 1 4. an 1 . - 12' . .- A ,, J at wg 1 'S 44 -1 K 5 . ' ' , , , f , 5-,5"""'j" ?"' M1-2..g.' s H. 9 T' - '- ' 1 r Q- y . , . ' . X ,.. Y!-.L,,--I, f'-f ' " - 1-uw - - I, .' 1 - , V,-Vw . Q.. J 1 , .lf 4... ,rr . Nm, ,glar- . , 4, k . x x . gr , , , Vg A 9 . ,. .A . 1, , 4 V J . . .114 5 U 0 14'-Q Y, x . .te-Q.n'm,IJ' ' ima. .""f. 'F 4.- 1 ' J tgzv .Y Q Qi-I fl? X.?.T Students stand outside the Union Building waiting for prospective voters to enter. Split tickets and near ties characterized the voting as Paul Black CAc- tionb won the senior class presidency over jim Havill CAll-Campusjflarol Werner was elected vice-president, Patty Halkowich took the oflice of senior class secretary and Sue Blain won the ofhce of treasurer. Junior class president is Tom Bowman of Action Party. The All-Campus coalition won the other offices with Jim Domina, vice-president, Gina Voight, secretary, and Betsy Ross, treasurer. Freshman class ollicers are W. Steve Noblitt, presidentg Thomas Hayden, vice-presidentg Sherry Meddock, secretaryg and Greg Brown, treasurer. 3l Construction Continues at Rapid Pace With workmen still walking the halls of Brentano and Hale Dormitories, students moved in for occupancy at the start of the fall term. During the hrst weeks of school there were small inconveniences such as a lack of hot water and drapes, but somehow all survived the ordeal. Hyde Hall was completed for winter term with new class- room facilities for the education, drama and business depart- ments. Shanklin Theater will feature a revolving stage and a seating capacity for 500 persons. All of the buildings are air-conditioned. The mst to Walk the Corridors are the Construction Crews. A necessary part of all building is those things which will never be seen when completed. Shanklin Theater before opening night. A symbol of progress is the harmony ofthe past blending with the present and future 33 hi and TEKE Cop Top Honors VVhile the annual Homecoming parade dominated the late morning activities. in the afternoon of the final day of the Homecoming celebration attention shifted to the traditional football game. The first place display honors went to Chi Ome- ga and Tau Kappa Epsilon, but despite their efforts to boost the Aces spirit the St. .joseph Pumas defeated U of E by a score of 14 to 7. In the evening, the special events of the Homecoming celebration were brought to a close with a dance in the Univer- sity's Carson Center. " sg. , ,L f 4, Ama nm.. Chi Omega urged the Aces to "Spin out a Victory" against the St. joseph Pumas. Cries of victory Filled the air as students gathered around the traditional bonfire, one of the first events of Homecoming Weekend. FS x K .9 H s vfif 'K E' X S ' .4-O""' Q g X ff 'uf-' . if 'C i .1 A J fi 4. 1 u' -sf. 1 M" H u 2 ,Au-"" it -9 ,,, Va? M I iz ,. If ' J! i , ,qv f rg ' ' s fr 41,1 I - Two neighborhood boys examine the size of the Teke display that featured a giant aluminum foil Aces elephant. W YZ- Kd , , 99 V . X? wig 1 f-.J Couples danced in Carson Center at the annual Homecoming Dance, the official end ofthe weekend. 'ls or in 1 f lm., , 5,721 Q iv ,HA , ' F Newman Club captured a Hrst place division with their display featuring Huckle berry Finn. fl! I Homecoming Was Busiest Ever . . Marcia Reigned Gver Festivities Marcia Wellemeyer sailed away with the Homecoming Queen crown with the aid of her Alpha Gmicron Pi crew. AOPi sorority sisters borrowed sailor suits from the Naval Reserve and a mobile ferry boat from the West Side Nut Club to help Marcia's nautical oriented campaign. Nlarcia, a sophomore elementary education major from Huntingburg, was selected over seven other candi- dates. Patty Dissette, representing Chi Omega, was first runner-up, and Jan Boyer of Zeta Tau Alpha was second runner-up. Honored by the EC Marching Band during half- time ceremonies at the EC-St. Joe football game, Queen Marcia also rode in the motorcade to Reitz Bowl. Other queen candidates were Jeanne Binns, College Court Apartmentsg Rose Cole, Alpha Tau Deltag Jackie Garner, Phi Mug Anne Hodapp, Moore Hallg and Mary Timpe, Brentano Hall. Marcia is escorted from the platform in Reitz Bowl where she wasjust crowned 36 Homecoming candidates are: Rose Cole, Mary Timpe, -Ian Boyer, and Anne Hodapp. .S'l:'C.'U.VlJ ROW: Pat Dissette,-jackie Garner Marcia Wellemc-yer, and Jeanne Binns. a The student Union Building becomes the main campaign base for Homecoming Queen hopefuls on election day, W' 4 gi: an ., E' " L 5 ., 1 y 5: 7 " '75 :Z 4 M, 5 S R1 Mary Koch, portraying the queen in "The Sign of jonahf, makes an entrance in a one-act play presented by the Evansville College Theatre. ECT produced three one-acts to fill gap while Shanklin Theatre was being Finished. One Act Plays Fill oid Until Shanklin Theatre Opens with 'CHam1et" saw! Wwawwfffgfw-.. Q X jim Yeiser hammers a boot, one of many pairs worn by actors in "Hamlet," the opening ECT production in the new Shanklin Thea- tre. The opening of "Hamlet" was delayed by construction, but dra- ma students opened up a cobbler shop and used their time out of production to make 16 pairs of boots and many elaborate costumes. L", - , -3 sg., I H: 'A Nqafiu- ix P 1117 "' Q. V57 ,sr - Q. Thomas Dygard, chief ofthe Indiana Associated Press, spoke on campus House Minority Leader Gerald Ford CR-Michj told students it was time january 27 under the sponsorship of Pi Delta Epsilon journalism frater- for the voting age to be lowered when he spoke on campus. Ford spoke on nity. behalfof Rep. Roger Zion CR-Indj, seated, then a candidate for his office. Varied Events Available to Students The Student Union celebrated its "Sweet 16" birthday on january 17. The Union birthday was observed with cake and punch for the students served in the Wooden Scott Baumgarmer was Chosen Master of Clerernonies for Musi- Indian. Union Board member Jane Anderson, extreme right, cheeks the cake sup- cal Madness presented in April. Betty Wilson was general ply. chairman of the program. ' 2 V1 Y 11 .ikidlik 'i.'l"' .I Informal Hours Will Endure as CcGood Fung' Rush parties, sorority walkouts, and informal bull sessions are those things that will be the fond memories of college life. Phi Mu pledges 'fkidnappedw active Betsy Ross and left for Indianapolis where the college was playing Butler that weekend. The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon conducted mock funeral services for their fictional fraternity brother Pat Murphy during the first frat party ofwinter quarter. Pat Murphy mourned Informal sessions that can start off as gossip often end in song .,J y Betsy Ross took an unexpected trip to Indianapolis -1 'Us rt ,,r 1 Legg l V? '. K' -, -4 -s -v l. ,whey , kk- Tl aswz slat J, ,lx 1, 32" M nrwfmfgflff' f-I vfswf .ff s S' in gXgQZL3,m,ivn-4 - JV! uw' ,fe --4 J., N. ,fy . Any self-respecting Groundhog wouldn't dream of showing his face, let alone look for his shadow. An unexpected Cold wave hit Evansville and transformed the usual sunny campus into a winter wonderland in a matter of minutes. Groundhog's Day ,67 was a cold one. 41 Governor Roger D. Branigin, center, signs the bill which changed the name of Evansville College to The University of Evansville on February 17 Witness ing the signing in Indianapolis are, left to right, C ouncilman William L Brooks representing Mayor Frank McDonald Rep Charles Abshier Rep Mrs Elsie Barningg Senator Elmo Holder, Senator Sidney Kramer U of E Board of Trustees President Samuel Orr U of E President Melvin W Hyde U of E Board of Trustees Treasurer Leland Feigelg Rep, Orville Huett and Rep Thomas Toon Une of the most obvious changes to be made around campus was the concrete sign facing Lincoln Avenue. Al Espenlaub, Nick LeMaieh, Leayne Silverman, and Miehelle Anderson de- vised a temporary U. of E. sign to replace the familiar landmark, T ' EC,s New Name, New President Highlight 1967 Bill H-1037 in the Indiana House of Representa- tives, introduced by Rep. Thomas Toon and Rep. Charles Abshier, began the steps to change the name of Evansville College to the University of Evansville. The Bill passed the House with a vote of 85-0 on January 26 after a speech by Rep. Toon stating that EC was the second largest private school in Indiana, second only to Notre Dame. On February 13, the Bill passed the State Senate 39-0. Then on February 17, the 48th anniversary of the chartering of Evansville College by Governor james Goodridge, Governor Roger D. Branigin signed the Bill which oHicially changed the name of the school. To more than 450 seniors of the class of 1967, the change means that they are the first graduates of the new university. in I. Ji' lf 3 vainly 'ft 1 K . , JW' 4 in Dr. Wallace B. Graves, President-elect ofthe University of Evans- ville, is scheduled to take office in September. In the midst of the change of the college status, students are saying L'Good-byen to President Melvin W. Hyde, probably the person most responsible for the change of status of the college to a University. President Hyde initiated plans to change the school name a year ago. When President Hyde leaves the campus this sum- mer to go to his new home in Colorado, Dr. Wallace B. Graves, Vice-president of Academics at the Uni- versity ofthe Pacific, will take his place as President, it was announced in January. University Vice-president Dean Long and Busi- ness Manager Ralph Olmsted are also planning to retire after many, many years of service to the Uni- versity. l Ro alt Reigns Supreme During Basketball Season An all male vote proved that Phi Mu sorority was right then they said, ult takes a lot of Ginger to make a good recipe." 'l'he male population on campus voted Ginger Summers, a sophomore from Evansville, the 1967 Basketball Queen over six other candidates. As B-ball Queen, it was Ginger's duty to Crown Dave Uehelhack the Bachelor ofthe Year at the stadium. A pre- dentistry student from Mt. Vernon, Dave was the popular Choice ofthe Coeds. Candidates for Basketball queen were Carol Hart, Nloore Hall, xlira Allen, College Courts, Suzanne Hewitt. Alpha Omicron P1 SFC UND ROW are Sharon Chandler, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ginger Summers, Phi Mu, jane Inglehart, Brentano Hall, and Pat Vote, Chi Ome a 'AZIZZZW 'iii . Tw? 44 The Coeds' choice for Bachelor of the Year was sophomore Dave Uebel- hack. iPhoto courtesy ofthe Evansville Sunday Courier and Press.D H .K .- .- 1-'fi .42 in if ' la A' " x QW be -Kawai As basketball queen, Ginger had a front row center seat for the game. Bachelor of the Year candidates receive pampered attention, the desire ol every male, They are Scott Baumgartner, Lambda Chi Alphag -jim Werne. College Courts. SECIOXD ROW: Dave Uebelhaek, Sigma Phi Epsilong Mike Harper. Tau Kappa Epsilong and Barney Osborne, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. - Formally clad students and faculty dance to the music of Bud Yaser's Orchestra in Carson Center on February 25. First Prexy all Held on Campus President Melvin W. Hyde and Mrs. Hyde were honored by the University of Evansville students, faculty and administration at the First Presidents Ball, which was in Carson Center on February 25. During the evening, the presi- dents of all campus organizations and their escorts were formally presented to the President and First Lady of the University during the March of the Presi- dents. The Union Board sponsored the gala affair with Bob Dishman, Marty Plank, and Betty Wilson serving as coordinators. The school colors, purple and white, were carried out in decorations. Mrs. Dean Long serves punch to Karen Norris and Dave Schlansker. Nick Haan and Chi O president Nira Zuroske are honored during the March of Presidents. Sxx sentors were chosen by the faculty this sprung as Campus Notables students who have demonstrated outstandmg leadershxp and have matntamed 1 3 00 average for the four quarters preeedtng electron The 1967 Not tbles are julie Low Ron ohnson Nl trctt Faculty Selects Campus Notables and Leaders from Semor Class of 6 Faculty members named I9 semors students who malntamed at least a 7 5 average and demonstrated leadershlp tn school actlvlttes as C tmpus l eaders ROW ONE Lxnda Waren Mary Ttmpe Rose Cole V1ek1 Hay Norma Augustlne ROH 1 ll O Rosalee Buthenberger N1ra Zuroske C onme Dough ty Sylvla Nenneker ean Coyle Ruth Bueskmg ROH YHREE Terry Ismg 1m ansen oe Corheld C Ray Winton 1m Brom mng Not ptttured , QR I N has Qs gt-as.. Stud Is Continuous . . . Fall inter, Spring, Summer Regardless of class or scholastic ranking, every student on campus must come to the realization that studying is an important prerequisite for any course. It is not unusual to see classmates 'gcrackingl' books in the library, union, or anywhere one can find a little solititude. The frenzed atmosphere of the Indian or dorm room may give an incoming freshman the idea that very little studying is being done. just wait, finals come every 12 weeks-youlll see. i 1 S' Ya I mv . ,H ,,,,. .Hp ..,, W W, E 1 Q ' v f o V4 if xi a t Jw 9 El .. , Q gf: 1 S , V , K,-. Amy Long hours of contemplation occur in the Library. 49 M ff.. ,4 f -Z W x, 1,0 ,4 ,, , ,, Q .Q , , 'UV7 Wh Sz' X vii 'V yzfy , , " if V f :.41+:--ff fs- V. .Ns Q 1 , f wi W: ' ' Af A "f ' 'Aff ,' W 1 X 15' J' Ve! 1 :kv x J ll l 1 i ? W .. iw' xii .- 'SEL'-7 - ,, f 'Navarr- EC Sponsors Top Intramural Program up ,. E - S, .r L , J R4 Q' X ' ' ' W""' ' . 9' ' QW g a......,...,,,,..... vi' A .. .li 'trun- 'un' Lambda Chi Alpha s Flag Football Champions ROW erry Jarboe, Doug Raeborn, Rich Risemas, and Brian ONE Dan Stankie Skip Borre Ccoachj and Eric I-learn. ROW THREE: Don Blemker, Steve Raibley, Sander ROW 7110 Paul lxrohne erry Freemand and Garry Bledsoe. Lambda Ch1 Alpha ms Flag Football Trophy, Ch1 mega Tops 1n omenls Volleyball LCA survived the rugged Hag football season unbeaten with a perfect 6-0 record by getting by second place TKE in the First game ofthe season 19-7. Chi Omega Sorority also proved themselves unbeatable in volleyball competition by posting a 7-0 record to a 6-1 for second place Alpha Omicron Pi. LEFT' Members of Chi O's Volleyball Champs: Rosie Buchenberger, Diane Black, and Linda Black. SECOND ROW: Mary Shafer, Gayle Brooks, Becky Snyder, and Linda Topper. BACK ROW: Cheryl Becker, Suzi Clark, and Suzan Vinton. '--Q-.,,.' Tau Kappa Epsilon's First place swim- ming team. FRONT? Mike Kurtz, Kenley Gore, Mark Stephens, Bob Roe, and Brad Wambach. H.'lClx': Bill .lor- don, joe DeFur, Mike Hughey, Dan Frick, Tom Haines, and Garry Hag- strom. Not present was Chuck Leggett. 1 i j V ix- 'B' TKE-ZTA Win Swimming Awards i Tau Kappa Epsilon nipped the Lambda Chils in the last event of the meet to win 65-60. Hale Hall was close behind with 54 points. Zeta Tau Alpha's I-M Swimming Champions. FRONT' Linda Trott, In the Womens, division, Zeta Tau Alpha Won handily Nancy Gregg, and Pat Askew. ON LADDER: Leah Jones, Leanne OVCF SCC0l'ld place Chi Omega 5l-35 Howerter, and Judy Dudley. Not present was Mickie Hirshman, tc. ...., . H Aix 9 Y' l 'Q Ns. ,...-. -L.. Brad Wambach and Chuck Leggett, both swimming for TKE, prepare to dive in Carson Center Pool during intramural action, Leggett, who collected three blue ribbons, was the outstanding individual in the meet. 'S X 'xx J TKE's Basketball Champs are: Bob Roe Ccoachl, Alan Bender and Dick Minnette. ROW TWO: Don Ramsden, Bob Graper, and Art Shoener. TKE finished the season unbeaten with a 7-0 record. J . TKE Rules I- Basketball TKE's Bob Graper goes up for two more over the arms of LCA's Doug Raeburn. Norm Tulley, Marty Umbarger, Dick Minnette and Barry Allred are in the background. Yx. X lf f fm A T "M ' Q- 54 X .-N Greg Hofmann of LCA C182 and Dick Minnette battle for a re- bound in the championship playoff game won by TKE 54-46. Marty Umbarger 1295, Art Shoener Cleftj and Al Bender Cfar rightj follow the action closely. Chi mega ins Tennis Award Cheryl Becker of Chi Omega won the Womens' Tennis Cham- pionship. VCV,-4-e" Q - George Whitfield, wrestling for LCA, has the situation well in hand minutes be- fore he pinned Jim Helm of Hughes Hall. Whitfield has not lost a match in three years. I-M Record MEN Flag Football Cross Country Volleyball Swimming Basketball Bowling Wrestling Decathlon"' Golf "' Tennis 1' Softball "' Track lk WOMEN Volleyball Swimming Badminton Basketball Archery Bowling Softball "' Track "' for 1967 FIRST LCA Hale LCA TKE TKE LCA LCA Hughes LCA TKE TKE Snipers Chi O ZTA College Ct. College Ct. Chi O Chi O Chi O Chi O "' Denotes Spring of 1966 SECOND TKE LCA TKE LCA LCA TKE TKE KAP SAE LCA LCA LCA A O Pi Chi O Chi O Chi O A O Pi College Ct. A O Pi A O Pi ' x One of the toughest matches resulted in the 185 lb. class when Mike Dean CSig Epi and jim Domina CSAEQ paired off. Domina, on bottom in this shot, came out on top 4f3. INTRAMURAL WRESTLING First-Lambda Chi Alpha Second-Tau Kappa Epsilon Third-Sigma Phi Epsilon INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 125 lb. - George Berry 135 lb. - George Whitfield 145 Ib. - Bob Mills 155 lb. - Schlauch 165 lb. - Doug Rains 175 lb. - Don Crane 185 lb. - Nick Rutigliana 200 lb. - Larry Baggett Heavy - Tony Hargrave Referee Dave Davies signals an escape by Steve Ritter CSig Epb, but Steve Maple of TKE seems to be in control. Maple went on to win. 72 42 39 Kappa Psi LCA TKE Indep. Hale H. SAE Hughes H Sig Ep Kappa Psi L. wi UU, J, ff' fglsig -' 4 ,W , ,.. S ' "M" - 'l'-svvlf W? . 1 1 'f I? is EJ .fl - 1 , V - li' 6 ' w jim Butlenjohn Hughes and Don Crane, members of SAE's Lambda Chi Alphals undefeated volleyball champions. ROW ONE, Eric Sander, Paul Krohne, volleyball team, battle to return a slam during action in and Dan Stankie. ROW TWO: Rick Kingston, Darrel Adamsmlerryjarboe and Roger Beck. Carson Center last fall, TKE-LCA Win - hampionships Tau Kappa Epsilon won the I-M softball championship with a 7-1 record, defeating LCA in a play- off game. SEA TED: Steve Shawhan, Rusty Scales, and Tom Haines. STANDING: Alan Per, Bob Roe, Art Shoener, Curt Hicks, Don Ramsden, Jim Beck, and Ed Cheaney. NOTPICTURED: Bob Hawkins, Bob Grapenjerry Congleton, Bill Haverstick, and Gary jossa. 56 Bob Hawkins, below, demonstrates the form he used to lead TKE in the pitching department by Firing two no-hitters and 7-0 over-all. 4 tn e as E.C. Swimming ACES 1966-6 J" 'o O 9' 1 lla " 'o i. Illmr I ,Q fy, i V5 5 mx 4. 5' W fs Members of the Evansville College Swim Team. ROW ONE: Gor- don Bryant, Blanchard Shearer, Marty Wilson, and Tim Cham- bers. ROW TWO: Mike Lodato, Bob Ross, Bill Kansowsky, Rick Evansville College swimmers have built quite a record for themselves since they began varsity com- petition back in the fall of 1963. Coach jim Voorhees gave up his position with the University of Minnesota and came here in 1962 after the completion of Carson Center. Since then he has put it to good use. Five men, all since graduated, followed Voorhees here from Minnesota without promise of aid. These men, Terry Foran, Jim Hauser, jan Pearson, Dick Schleicher, and Paul Jensen, formed the nucleus of that First team in 1963-64 which posted a 6-3 record and came in second in the ICC Conference. The next year they won the title and sported a 10-1 record, losing only to SIU that year. Over-all, the swim Aces had a 25-8 record going into this years competition. A They are 12-1 in ICC competition thus far. Against Southeastern Conference opponents, they have a perfect 6-0 record after three years. In the NCAA Finals, they have placed thirteenth in 1964, eighth in 1965, and fourteenth in 1966. .4 at--we 'lt Cohn, Bryan Rathke, john Shatzer. and Ted Foland. ROII THREE: Bruce Loveless, Steve Smith, ,lim Lilligan, Ron Watson, David Schlansker, Tom Wolff, and Steve Allen. Below: Swim coachjim Voorhees QQW' l 'Y- . TTS- ...Sys 'xt Xx- Coach Voorhees times Ted Foland in a practice session at Carson Center the day before a meet. Foland won his event, the 200 yard individual medley, all but once during dual competition. fRightD Bryan Rathke gives teammate Steve Allen a helping hand after a hard workout. Both are freestyle swimmers. Rathke broke his own 100 yard freestyle record with a time of 51 .1. The 800 yard free style relay team which placed Sth last year in the NCAA Finals consists of Jack Shearer, Tom Wolff, Bryan Rathke, and Ted Foland. F I ff" 591 -nil ex M. A it Q :v-1 ' if .------"'1!v ww 21--'T' University. 58 jim Lilligan fleftj and Gordon Bryant Crightj performed the diving chores for the Swimming Aces this year. Lil- ligan set a new team record in diving by gathering 150.5 points against Principia. Bryant defeated the Missouri State Diving Champ in the University of Missouri meet by scoring 246.25 points. Both Lilligan and Bryant de- feated the highly rated Rick Barnhill of Indiana State rv 4 4. .au1, firm 4'1"- .Q U of E s butterfly swimmer Mike Lodato turns on the steam in the 200 Members of the 400 yard medlay relay team are Bob Ross Steve Allen, Dave Schlansker Ted Foland Bryan Rathke and Tom Wolff 1966-67 Swimming Record EVANSVILLE Evansville EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE Evansville EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE Evansville EVANSVILLE Indiana State University Western Illinois , . . . UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Ball State University Indiana State University Principia . . . . University of Missouri . . . . Union College SOUTHERN ILLINOIS . . . . University of Alabama . . . . Virginia Polyteeh Inst EASTERN KENTUCKY . . . . DePauw University WON-9 LOST 3 Graduating seniors from this years squad include Rick Cohn Uni ersity City Mo john Shatzer, Ballwin, Mo.g Bryan Rathke, Austin Minn Tom Wolff Wilmette Ill.g Dave Schlansker, University City, Mo and Marty Wilson Marshalltown Iowa. lr' L M rf at ex v 1' I 'I L f,f., J urple Aces End Season with Too an Close Ones Record First Losing Season Since 1960 Members of Evansville College's Basketball Team. ROW ONE: Darrel Rick Kingston, Don Wagner, Don Jordon, and Terry Atwater. ROW Adams, Roger Miller, Herb Williams, Dave Harvey, Dave Riggs, and THREE: Coach Arad McCutchan, Dave Weeks, Doug Fillson, Tom Nie- Woody Gordon. ROW TWO: Fred Lloyd, jerry Mattingly, Ronnie Bae, meier, Howard Pratt, Roger Beck, and assistant coach Roger Kerr. 60 The Ace's big three-Herb Williams, Tom Niemeier and Howard Pratt-control the rebound in a win over Ball State. Dave Riggs moves in to help out. QPhoto courtesy ofthe Sun- day Courier and Pressb. jerry Mattingly, who moved into a starting role when Darrel Adams injured his knee, begins a break for the basket with 6 9 Tom Niemeier closing in on the scene. iPhoto courtesy of the Evansville Pressj. L .ll Coach Arad McCutchan in a moment of deep contemplation. CPhoto cour tesy ofthe Sunday Courier and Pressb. Howard Pratt goes after the ball as the Ace's Tom Niemeier, Ron john- son and jerry Mattingly look on. CPhoto courtesy of the Evansville Courierj. Basketball Record 8-175 U. of E. Opp. 109 .... .... C entral Missouri St. 80 105 ...4 ..-. N otre Dame 99 CO.T.D 83 . . --.- San Diego State 105 90 . - ---. San Fernando Valley 101 71 - . ---- Catholic University 73 89 . . ---. Seattle University 93 CO-T-l 72 . . --.- William and Mary 74 78 - . - .,-- Rutgers University 85 87 . . .... Ball State 90 CO.T.J 66 . . .--- Kentucky Wesleyan 68 73 . . ...- Stjosephls College 84 41 . . ---. Southern Illinois 55 75 . . .... Butler University 71 70 . . .... Valparaiso 69 87 . . . . . Ball State 84 90 . . ...1 Toledo University 100 78 .... .... D ePauw University 71 100 .... .... I ndiana State 101 10-T-l 61 . . . - . Valparaiso 71 96 . . . . . St.bIoseph's College 35 61 . . - - .Kentucky Wesleyan 74 65 . . . . -Butler University 68 84 . - - - -Indiana State 86 53 . . 1 . -Southern Illinois 30 73 . . . . .DgP3uW 70 Tom Niemeier goes up for two of the I3 points he scored in his first appearance for the Aces. Wesleyan's All-American Sam Smith attempts to prevent it. CPho- to courtesy ofthe Evansville Pressl. ,I X, sg. -.--gp'-. Dave Harvey Qbelowl has a determined look on his face as he at- tempts to get out of the close quarters he finds himself in. iPhoto courtesy of the Evansville Sunday Courier and Pressb. Dave Riggs fleftl goes in for a lay-up as Darrell Adams guards his way. fPhoto by Evansville Pressj, Herb Williams frightj led the Aces in scoring this year with a 19 point average and was a top performer in the ICC. Playing his third and last year as a starter for the Aces, Herb joins Ron johnson and Rick Kingston at graduation this year. iPhoto cour- tesy of the Evansville Courierj. I 3 I 2 v K 2 E .KA Maw Frosh Aces Unbeaten, Await Next Year The Aces freshmen recorded a 7-O record and had some real talent. Mike Owens, Kae Moore, Rex Morgan, Steve Creekbaum, and Roger Cuth are several of the outstanding frosh on the team. FRESHMAN RECORD 92 Harrisburg Jr. Col. 89 74 So. Illinois 70 97 Indiana U. 83 97 Bellarmine 78 76 So. Illinois 58 89 Indiana State 74 81 Kentucky Wes. 69 P52 Mike Owens frightl attempts to block a pass during action in the freshmen's 97-83 win over the highly rated I.U. frosh. Tom Collins moves in to help. if T, .zvw It 4 Football Aces Finish 4- -1 in lose Battles Evansville's gridiron squad broke even in the won-and- lost column and had one tie CBall State, 21-21, in their first season under head coach jim Byers. Byers, assistant coach last season, took over when coach Paul Beck stepped down. Dave Davies, former coach in the Bloomington, Ind., secondary schools, became assistant coach. The Aces finished fifth with a 2-1-3 mark in the l.C.C., which was won by Ball State. The loss of fleet ball carrier, Alan Per, who was injured in an auto accident, plus other playing injuries and ineligibilities hurt the Aces' cause. Four EC players won honors in the I.C.C. Halfback john Lidy won the punting title with a 39-yard average. Named to the all-conference first team were guard Steve Markwell, tackle Gordon Jaffray and Lidy. Sophomore halfback Don Crane received honorable mention. Four of the Aces' games were close battles. Besides the Ball State tie, the Aces stopped Bradley, 7-6, lost to In- diana St., 20-18, and beat Murray, 14-12. fLeftD Quarterback Rusty Scales reaches for pass. Halfback Steve Maple is snared after receiving punt. www slfq' Fullback Ken Mills struggles to evade Murray Stale tacklers. Halfback Larry Hybert breaks through hole opened by fullback Ken Mills C275 and tackle Bob Barmwart C751 an 'Q Larry Hybert finds rough going as Murray tacklers close in. we fa? . . Wow wnas,,.,A- J W Team Members: ROW 7-Hybert, Floyd, Beck, Hayes, Crane, Burke, Brandenherger, Maple, ROW 2-Loge, Scales, Hofmann, Domina, Mills, Merrick, Dean, Havill, Burkhart, Lidy, Winings, ROW3-Coach ,jim Byers, Mankwell, Inzerello, Cengelbach, Otten, Carrara, Minnette Groves, Meurer, Umbarger, line coach Paul Beck. ROIV-1-Bob Crane Jaffray, Cook, Catlin, Banniwart,,Crannan, Hurst, Snyder, Harper, asst coach Dave Davies. Team Record Team Record EC Opponents 7 Bradley 6 0 So. E. Mo. St. 21 21 Ball State 21 14 Depauw 7 7 Butler 26 18 Indiana St. 20 16 Valparaiso 7 14 Murray 12 14 St. Joe 20 44-4-13 CLeftJ EC Hallback Don Crane gets away from it all as Murray tries for the extra-points after touchdown in the hnal seconds. The score then was 14-12, Aces. Murray missed its chance. , ff Q . .1 ,avg -if QL, J ': ,gqiwi my my Q: aww' ff V 290 , Fullback Ken Mills tries to fight ofT Murray defender. 5 4 i 67 I 4 Q by SV!! it gtsvf QXQSVQ we K Q yt SV 1 I vyly 1 N45 X X 1 EC Diamondmen Are: ISEA TED! Terry Lidy, Mike Oliver, Rick Kingston, Mike Harper, Tom Keppen, john Lidy, Gordon Jones. STANDING are Coach Don Ping, Tom Goergen, jim Brown, Cary Sipes, Paul Smith, Roger Tindle, Ken Weinzapfel, Dick Minnette and Oscar jeude, assistant manager. Other team members not present when picture was taken are joe Loge and Dan Schellhase. Rain Mars Aces, Baseball Seasong Nine Tilts Canceled Team Record 13-89 ACES Opponents 2 Ky. Wesleyan 11 0 Ind. State 3 1 Ind. State 3 10 McKendree 6 1 Butler 2 6 Butler 7 3 St. joe 4 5 St. joe 2 7 So. E. Mo. 4 6 Ball State 8 1 Ball State 5 68 Baseball coach Don Ping retired in '66 after a long and fine career with the Aces. Ping coached baseball from 1947 until 1966, I-Ie was athletic director 16 years, 1946-62. I-Ie also washhead football coach, 1946-54. Before coming to EC, Ping coached all sports at Memo- rial H,S., 1930-46. it Ma ,Wm-QNX 5 ' VI ' . I . ,, 1 tif?-,,f,.:'wv. :if X yi I X f Z Wm, it W 141- as . 'Ph ' j f- t . wit. w S. I , - L' ' eg I if ' V : , 1 " ywf 1 Wyzfe "if "i , r f aww '31 1'2,.Q..g ' . . t ff ,'5'1m.'?1e5-1139 mms .... f Ionferenee Meet Conference Meet DePaw Ball State Ind. St. Evansville Butler Valparaiso St. joe N etters Mark 5-4 Season, Finish Fourth in I.C.C. Team Record EC Opponent 6 Ky. Wesleyan l 5 Valparaiso 2 6 St. joe 1 6 Butler 1 6 Ky. Wesleyan 1 0 Indiana St. 7 O DePauw 7 3 Ball State 4 1 Purdue 6 Individual Records QDual Matchesj Sam Euler-W 4, L 5 Tom Tighe-W 6, L 3 Tom Hyde+W 5, L 4 Bill Koch-W 5, L 4 Tony Brooks-W 4, L 5 EC Tennis team members are: KSTA ND1NGj Bill Koch, CoachjimVoorhees,T0m Hyde, and Anthony Brooksg and fKNEEL1NGj Tom Tighe and Sam Euler. 22 20 16 10 8 8 7 74,2255 '34 Q' MJ ,KA 1 Q6 ' ! ... .. . . 4 First EC Track Team akes Bid ,.--....,.,,-ss Evansville fielded its First track squad in 1966. The First- year cindermen finished 2nd in two triangular meets and lost one dual meet. Another dual meet with Louisville was rained out. Roger Kerr, 25, formerly assistant track coach at the University of Iowa, heads the EC squad. Kerr is also assist- ant varsity basketball coach and head freshman basketball coach. Miha. X3 Highlights of the first EC track season included 3rd- ' 5SK"lrt ft place I.C.C. finishes for Woody Gordon Qavelinb and Dave Q Stein Qpole vaultj. An arm injury held back Gordon's chances for a better position in the conference. Dashman Alan Per took 2nd place in the Little State Meet with a 10 Hat clocking in the 100-yard dash. yds Team Record Triangular Meets-Vincennes Clstb Evansville Qndl Oakland City Grdj Vincennes Clstj Evansville Qndj :M Lincoln CIll.D Ordj. Dual Meets-Wabash Clstj Evansville C2ndj. Little State-1 lth C16 teamsj. we Dash Man: Alan Per prepares for start in 100-yard dash. 2 5 I Track Squad: ROW 7-jim Dye, Larry Grant, Steve Crum, George Whit- fieldg ROW 2-Mike Dean, Dick Williams, Matt Hatcher, Woody Gor- E don, Gary Henning, mgr.g ROW 3-Sam Byrd, Coach Roger Kerr, and Matt Thomas. C. - V, j'f':' s T. " 74' ' V' .Ar i Wife -17' ' , fn.. V. I , ' ' . H " -.,4g'fv1, -' 1: -as it L Q? if Y, f f . '24 ff, f 5 4, A A 5 If 895 ,I 'W' ,r li s "1 'Q PF' is K ng . w aff f , I t f . Z-x Iv if 72 My jx A ik' .Jn ? .. Y. 5 'dfiff ...I ' wf' ' xr' ., Q .YI M .!,,4j,,:,z, .YJ 'jf' , 'php' x, 7,1 V11--if ,ii-ve-7 ' s1f,"W4"f A,-,. ' f?'1'jf'fkg,fif" rfvigg fn,-, f '19-'ni' 4.5.1, 'fgsff' T554 M p A 'fK..'1-Q . v, ,3 , ,-.1..-f ,- i, 'ff , 4 .. ' vii, i . E4 6 ig C 'fm BE Q ,Q Q, QR 5 2 f .J EC Golf Team Posts 6- Slate Coach Paul Beck's golfers stopped four con- ference foes and finished fifth in the I.C.C. In- diana State won the conference crown. Members of the golf squad are: KSYHNDINGJ Mike Hoff- man, Bob Royster, and Bob Benderg and fKNEEl,I.VGj Steve Hopkins and Rich Martin. "iff, . 4.5.91 Zfigili 1-fi '17 Team Record Team Record Won Lost Wesleyan fKy.D Western Ky. Valparaiso Louisville Depauw Ball State Ind. State Butler C25 St. joe Ind. State Chicago Teacher's College Ky. Wesleyan Bob Bender pulls back to blast one out of tall grass. ww Moores Hill faculty members Richard Rosencranz, President Hughes, W. E. Cissua and an unidentihed faculty member pic- tured about 1917. Alfred Hughes, Hrst Evansville College president .,,.-mw.yw,- ,,.-., 'Inu ' Y, X7 ,, ,,jwg.'f159WM- 1,mf17'g, , ' ,aff ', vifffwiw-'2mmm,A-MQ:-':1"' W L.-, A MMA ,.,, W ,V ,e'm.,,'- WZ,Qwe43,,iag-ff':.q:wdfJKmMfzgxygd asf, as 4fifgQg:2', " -W24"H5511Lf?-l.gV:'1g?Wy1f,'?"-'jifiiif, M W Ci, ,,y,eff,2:- jeg X153 V ,xwff Pg X .3 ?"5f-ff" Q X' m"'f"aLCJ'-'aww:,nf'J!FLw"'? 1:,x nu 4, ff,f.'zz-mf uf. zias,-,mmffA,gLEw,,.ragwf 2 :AN '41 w,:h1tffe2:' cw' ws' Wm J 1 ,. TR 11 , t .f Wiazfv ix ,fwmwzvf n ,nw :QI 'ffm :L 'wf.zE.'f' .fem-M-:--: 1 'A " . gf. 91.201 'JJ' 1,,n",1M.1f2v-5 .mf :,' ',,i' 21,3 5 5 , 6 ,573,233 ,W,1.W,, any ...,. . ,, A' V I '1 'A U nf?-ff' Qi?" " Wx, - ' 75?- ? V ,u'fi1ff"!f! H ifsmzie , ' 'Sr'-miwl .mv-vw ,, mf QQ pw- V' ' -,1 ,f ,, MM, , J, ww Mfpaab 1 ,. ,,w,,uf M , W ,,,. ,, ,K ,,, , . , , , ,G Wm x,,3.,m, ,f mp f,X1,,1.W,,,.,, ,Qff,.5..,, -wwf. , Q- U. , ,yy ,MA SQ i . , A k , r. , vm -1 :wiQz'f' 'K-lwH'1f"1c..:-ff ' X511 U -., f L l- Q Q 4 ' , .V ' ' ' M amp.,gg:'ff?Wf:qfafQQwX?1f,,i Q 2,512 .img K a.:1, :4w9q.3e,:,r'-V .f wuff k:ds..,2'.',, f,l:e1-iilw v Leaving behind many memories as well as a Hedging university, Dr. Melvin W. Hyde will end twelve years as President of Evansville College, now the University of Evansville, when he leaves in Septem-- ber. Under his guidance a college campus which consisted of only three major buildings has boomed to university status. Evansville Collegeis Hfth president, he has sponsored a building program which includes four dorms, a Hne arts building, physical education center, library, theatre, and classroom building, a three- story building named in his honor. Added to the impressive list of physical development are achieve- ments such as increased enrollment, a larger faculty and a graduate school. In short, President Hyde has built the college into a university. It is with gratitude and much thanks for 12 years -of service to the college that the campus says good-bye to Dr. and Mrs. Hyde as they leave in September for their new home in Estes Park, Colorado. President and Mrs. Hyde pause in front of Hyde Hall named in his honor and opened the first of the year 74 if wx as fi ,W X X ,f N 'QM 'wfcx ' 332, X Q K .T fx ef' 2' E , ,QV Q, X 46 f x ff x 41. 'fav 1 1 . X Wy, 'inf ' mm, au... F114 ,ur ,A BY ' 'land -Owns. 'r :M 'S Q... X 8 M. -fn.. 'lu-owmqzu. 'lit vhwomqiigm argl nu? vo. P 1 ' -fiA'4..i'.Ql4X ,m.....,,,,L,g ,1VL "-W4-0 au- gymw ' . if 5 Qufufwm . 1 I and Hina: ' . gf I W M17 ,J Z N !,ff.!..., ,,,,,,,,,,- 'I W, A Y 1 1161, 'QVQWAN . , ' 'Z ,- MW' ',, V V ' ' N 'B 'wffgg f if H? M' 53 A ' ' 5, and aw',f"2-wr. ,, .I "" if I ""f'7" f"'9'W wW'9fmwQ f 1 ' 4 X UQ-F' its w- Q M If 2' ,x ' ""'Mw4ls-M, A 0' Wwdww-M 2' f-'ff eg W-VPM,,Ifvy AX, . " f W! ' M , if if V HM, f K, , l 4, w . ,MX Nm, Q nvw' QYWMW my-y. 3 73" JA- : 'MW""""-'- '11, , ,H M- ,J W! WJ 'ff 44 f K V if " Ylvtwaw, ? - M -J M, ,Munn I xf- ,HA ,W I. 4 jg , fwffvw. :WK ,Aw fmwaww ,,,,W,A, ' A , M S! 6 6: 3 ,in 'W dv 1 X, Q. A W if X nqpimuq - , ik I Www f ..-,f,,,,,.j W ' f f . N . adsfvrw, ' ' I Q f' 1 " "U" fn Nw ' 'f , .W QS xl K W7 W" mmwumw -zwwizf y' ' " " -ff -ff ff ,X.X.if' ' T x i ' ,E Z1 fc at , 4 I """ 'H-M 1 .. viy, , X y 0 A X ,. X ,,,,,i,.,M,, ,ff-,,X,,kr y , f f !'w,.M,j y , - W, 'HQ X , .Q X U M .,.,. ., Y' I V Y X K., ,X jyw' ,X if X ,X .'.,Xl:. YJNU4 ' ' 1 , , K Y ,..f.,,M.w.-W...-h.,,,X Q- ,wwf ,X X-...X 5 ,f , 1 ' x ' rwwffnmWxX.4w,. - XX In N 7 " 'warmly .- af ,901 40:4 xmmnwfx , ,W X , , qw, N. X, 'f'fHl5i..HfslNt1Q " ' 3, V - ,fffgff . , A 1 X A 0 , ,z,.,YA,., wr 4.3. f M--vM...., X, .Q , ,swim wt ,wwf ,V ,X , ,M , ' J M1 . 7 V ,Nm 4 Qialfgf '?fI'XMf?',n'f?",fQg4'. , 4 f , X' y My M , 'Mya X ,Q W , M, ,X ,,wx 'HN K A f 11,255 :wf'1Z,.v.g,r hi 4 4 ,X , Saiasfmnnnw , . .X M f , W A mf ,AN , "K ' M 1 - i Q 45 - 'fif-Mia , , ,r 0 I' , I' A mf 1 4 " ' al . .ones ,r: , V b , , 5 rf is ,af 'V f i . ,,.f- WV, r ,AQ Wi' 7 X .Q .5 X " Y A . X , f 1, " .1 pi, iw" , M, 01' , X ,V ,W ,ff MN X . ,..b .X,..v,W , ,ff F- . W r ,, F MAXIM-,Q f .LXXQM-Q aww' AX xr xivkw x .- if 4.5 ,MW ' ,Nm , yi, Mg,-9 V X Mwhr- MA' ff'-F X XXX! X ,my Q.-mr W ax., 75 Dr. Dean Long has announced his retirement as vice- president ofthe college after 38 years of service to the school. Dr. and Mrs. Long plan to travel after he leaves ofllice in August. Then he may continue to teach his Corporate Policy Management Seminar in the Community College as he has done for the past 14 years. Vice-president ofthe college for 17 years, Dr. Long has also been acting president ofthe college from 1954 to 1955, assistant to the President and Head of the Department of Business and Economics, Director of the Evening College, chairman of the Athletic Board of Control, and director of Adult Education. Dr. Dean Long Vice-president of the College, Director of Adult Education, Professor of Business and Economics Long, lmsted Retire After Devoted Years of Service Ralph E. Olmsted Business Manager ofthe College Ralph E. Olmsted was appointed business manager ofthe college in 1928. But he was a part of Evansville College from the day the college opened when he was a fresh- man in 1919. When the First newspaper on campus, The Crescent, was established that year, he was editor. In 1922 he edited the First LinC and was active in campus life. After his gradua- tion he taught in public schools until 1925 when he came back to campus to be the first journalism instructor. Three years later he became business manager. In August, Mr. Olmsted will also retire after 42 years of devoted work. During that time he has also been perhaps the most active member of the Evansville College Alumni Association. Mr. Olmsted receives an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from the University of Evansville this june. QI? Dr-.James E' Morlock Mrs. Luise F, Schnakenberg Dean of Men, Head ofthe Sociology Department ljirecwr of W'0men'S gjnunseling Dr. Nicholas CI. Brown Dean of the College Cliffgrd W. Kraft Dr. Robert L. Wilson Director of Men's Counseling, Assistant Professor Dean of Students, Associate Professor of Education , t is 77 Arthur B. Aarstad Lawrence W. Anderson Ray W. Arensman Miss Beverly Backstrom 2 WG wwfmvfe . wuexxwbrwfwvvf Wfwwnwr i ,il S Virgil C. Bailey Wayne Baker Thomas F. Beavor Paul Beck 'S Q Miss Glee Becker Miss Clare Bedillion Miss Mary Louise Bell Gene W. Bennett 1 '15 I 'X , mf' i .nn l Allen B. Bess A. C. Biggs Miss Diane Blackburn Miss E111-?1liC BlCSCl'1 78 Miss Mildred Boeke Miss Sandra Botkin Wendell E. Boutwell Clarence Brooks ' W . Anim- Ye-. W s . ka 'L A--vang,-ab-V yi W .ul Mrs. Rosemary Brune Clarence W. Buesking james A. Byers Mrs. Ann Carlson - Mmm A 5 i 7' -1 Q wa: nw Q. 3 ' s W Q, ws., Max S. Casler William A. Chandler Miss Ann Clark Galen W, Clough , . ,W ww H' 5 , Ralph H. Coleman jan R, Culp Donald L. Curlovic Migg Nam-y Dale 79 P Mix Fx ,fi 'V Mrs. Vivian Davenport Wade D. David David W. Davies Clarence G. Davis MQ'Ws ,,,,,..s'Tg .wid-if .1 - Q K Ronald L. Devaisher Frederick Doering Ray T. Dufford Donald W. Dunham I Q ' Mrs. Sandra Earnest Mrs. Mary Ellingson Harris D. Erickson Paul I. Estep 'E' MVS- ,lean Falls Ronald M. Faust Thomas C. Fiddick Robert F. Garnett 80 ' f QD QQ, -Lcd' joe T. Gooch Paul E. Grabill Dr. Virginia Grabill Miss Pat Greves Mrs. Margaret Griffin Birk C. Harl Mrs. Margaret Harper George M. Harris iw A ifwawvm Marvin E. Hartig Paul W. Hartman William O. Hartsaw Claude T. Hathaway . -,..,...,i Nu-m..r.fa..., Mrs. Cleo Hayden Mrs. Margaret Hayden Frank X. Herbert Miss Allene Herron 81 fx at 4:-'lu' 'Q' Miss Maryjean H0d0r Thomas E. Holland joseph T. Holt Harold T, Houston .lu 8 me ffl Robert W. Hudson Kenley P. Ingerfield Eugene R. Irving Orvillejjaebker -X1 My Mrs. Mary jean Charles W. johnson Kenneth Hklones james A. julian f W. ' W 5 . 1 . X. x x Lt, Coljean A, Kearby Roger D, Kerr Philip A. Kinsey john E. Klinger 82 - - i i Q' .if 1' 2 H Jerome R. Krueger T.fSgt. Edmundlj, LaChance Mfg, Louise Land Charles H, Lawburgh A A 1 nf I V M 3 Q "-..'5'Qy.Y 4 've V f A V "MP , ' ' 216 f n ew " . ff f X . . L Bung-Chung Lee Royce A. Lorentz Mrs. Corian Lunquist john D. Lutz 1: z .25 .1 Z9 f ty . e f , f. f f , a f Robert F. Martin V. W. Maves Arad A. McCutchan Mrs. Virginia McCutchan Robert L. McGinnis Miss Shirlou McKee Edgar M. McKown Roy W. Meadows 83 3 Kelly G. Miles Leslie Miley Wilbert A. Miner Miss Lynn Mlady Leland W. Moon Mrs. Christy Moore Wayne P. Mueller Mrs. Mabel Nenneker Q Paul Nolte Howard E.. Oagley james N. O'Leary Robert L. Osborne 1 M. Millard L. Pace Thornton B. Patberg Miss Lois Patton Capt. Robert L. Peake 84 an - 'ri Estel B. Penrod R. Wayne Perkins Ludwig A. Petkovsek Miss Harriett Pickett 1 Z s 4 Williamj. Ransbottom Robert M. Rapp Mrs. Naomi Rea Miss Bette Ringrose Charles W. R0bCl'ISOn Frazer W. Rodman Robert R. Rowland Ralph R. Royster Miss Salibelle Roystfr Delbertj. Sampson N. Gene Savage Thomas C. Scheidler 85 vs Q Charles T, Sqhoenelkone Mrs. Emma Schreiber Cecil B. Selfridge Peter H. Seyflert Dr. Wilma Shafer Mrs. Margaret Shepard Wesley Shepard Miss jane Sherratt Richard E. Shores Sam M. Smiley Mrs. Helen Smith Carl B. Staplin Miss Ida Stieler Mrs. Florence Stien Clifford E. Stone Johnj. Strucel 86 G 1 Q f Edward C. Susat Norbert C. Talbott Earl M. Tapley Charles E. Taylor Lt. Col. Miles E. Taylor Maurice M. S. Tsai C. Arthur Tyler james S. Voorhees 5 fl . 5 si? l 5' -te? uv! Arnold Wade Miss Margaret Welsh F. Woody Werking William C. Weslev f"X 1-1, l J. Donald Widick Clarence G. Winternheimer P. Louis Winternheimer Mrs. xjeane Young 87 1, ,sv ' ' :vm 55,14 QE:- J' gf fxxrj. 3, 3 :'Jf,wff.,,,':' V . f- git ' 'Q Q f :f?5.1 IFE: 1 'fi -' T. ,,.1'., w x , xxs all First Graduates of University of Evansville ABELL, GARY WAYNE B.A. Young Democrats, Lutheran Student Union, Student Assistant. ADCOCK, SHIRLEY B.A. Dean's List 1 time, Biology Club, S.E.A., Bacteriology Lab Assistant. ADLER, MERRIE lklklklk ALEXANDER, DONALD EUGENE B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Engineering Club, I.E.E.E. Club. ALLEN, KAREN LEE B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon, A.C.E., Pep Club, Phi Mu, pledge class sec., pledge trainer, chaplain, historian, Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, Union Board Fine Arts Comm., core mem., comm. chair., LinC, Little Sisters of Minerva, sec., chaplain. ANDERSON, ANN ELIZABETH B.S. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta vkvklklk ANDERSON, JANE EVELYN B.A. 4 A.C.E., Young Republicans, International Relations Club, Musical Madness, promotion manager, Union House Comm., Union Publicity Comm., co-chair., chair., Union Board, vice president. ANDERSON, SUE CAROL B.S. Dean's List 3 times, Alpha Tau Delta. ANKROM, GARY WAYNE B.A. Speech Club, basketball, Crescent. lklklkbk ARENDT, MARY CAROLYN B.A. INCA, secretary, Musical Madness. ARMOUR, DENNIS K. B.S. Pep Club, Young Republicans, Union Dance Comm., Musical Madness, Cheerleader. ASHLEY, GAROLD WILLIAM B.A. Psychology Club, M.S.M., International Relations Club, Homecoming Comm., Musical Madness, Hale Hall, admin. vice president, Itls Hap- pening, Ass't. Ed. Ikllfbklk AUGUSTINE, GLENN AUGUSTINE, NORMA JEAN B.A. Dean's List 4 times, Pi Delta Epsilon, sec.-treas., Alpha Lambda Delta. Cap and Gown, treas., Shaw Scholarship, Moore Hall, publicity chair., Gridiron Show, Womenls Recognition Dinner, Who's Who, Crescent, campus ed., photographer, exchange ed., man. ed., LinC, man. ed., Mental Health Association president. BAIZE, TIM B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge trainer, Musical Madness, College Theater, "Hamlet", "When the Sun Sets", I.M. basketball, English and German tutor. 90 BENNETT, MARCIA B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Alpha Psi Omega, Dean's List 2 times, College Theater, sec., Womenis Recognition Dinner, Who's Who, William Gumbertls Drama Award. BENNETT, RALPH GEORGE B.S. I.E.E.E., Engineering Club, Musical Madness. BERGQUIST, GEORGE BERKEMEIER, DIANE B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dean's List 3 times, Accounting Club, Union Publicity Comm. Plilkllfik BESING, DARVIN B. A.B. BEST, JAMES P. B.S. Duncan and Boetticher Scholarships, Pi Sigma Epsilon, MSU Mar- keting Games, Accounting Club. BIEROD, NIANIS ELAINE B,A. Dean's List 8 times, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, president, Pi Gamma Mu, Angel Flight commander, area executive, M.S.M., sec., Bi Sci Club, Gamma Delta, sec., Union Board Personnel Comm., May Day Comm., Sophomore Class Sec., Moore Hall, vice pres., Hoor counselor, senior counselor, Women's Council, vice pres., Who's Who, Women's Recognition Dinner, His- tory Dept. Sec., Sociology Dept. Sec. BLACK, GREG vklkflfik BLACK, PAUL B.A. Pi Gamma Mu, Blue Key, Deanls List 3 times, Phi Mu Alpha, chap- lain, Young Democrats, Lambda Chi Alpha, vice pres., Musical Mad- ness, director, Band, Orchestra, Soph. Class Pres., Sr. Class Pres., Who's Who. BLADES, HOWARD MALCOLM B.A. Dean's List 6 tlmes, Phi Kappa Phi, Band, Orchestra, Choir. BLAINE, SUZANNA MARY A.B. A.C.E., Alpha Omicron Pi, pledge trainer, activities chair., vice pres., Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, Aqua Angels, I.M., Women's Council, treas., Union Activities Comm., Sr. Class Treas., Student Senate, Basketball Queen, Women's Recognition Dinner, Little Sisters of Minerva. BLAIR, CHARLES LOREN B.A. S.E.A., Baptist Student Union, Lambda Chi Alpha. Hklklkik BLAIR, JAMES BLECKMAN, CHARLES ALLEN Arnold Air Society, comptroller, commander. BLEDSOE, GARRY M. B.S. Psychology Club, vice pres., Lambda Chi Alpha, pres., vice pres., house mgr., new house chair., pledge class social chair., Musical Mad- ness, Big 39 bike team, May Day Coordinating Comm., Presidentis Forum, I.M. football, volleyball,wrestling, paddleball, softball. BLEMKER, DON B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, Homecoming Display Chair., correspondent, Outstanding Athlete Award, Musical Madness, Icebreaker Dance Co- Chair., I.M. track, basketball, volleyball, football, bowling, wrestling, paddleball, All-I.M. Football Team, Big 39 bike team, Fastest Qualifying Time. BARBER, DAVID C. B.A. A.C.E., vice president, Huges Hall, Hoor counselor. BARKER, ROSEMARY B.A. M.S,M., Nursing Club, Pep Club, Mental Health Unit, comm. mem. BARRETT, ROBERT R. B.S. ' Lambda Chi Alpha, varsity baseball, I.M. lk if ik lk BARTLE, RAYNA LYNN B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List 5 times. BASS, MARY BAUS, WILLIAM Hkllflkvk BEANBLOSSOM, JACK BECK, JAMES BEHLER, BRIAN J. Bs. Phi Mu Alpha, alumni sec., band, orchestra, I.IvI, golf, I.E.E.E. Student Research Paper Competition Winner. ff J WK' M ,045 lj i 91 HS 'X wa i Q ,Ls ww 'WSW' BOOTH, WILLIAM P., JR. B.S. Dean's List 2 times. BOWEN, FRANK RICHARD A.B. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List 1 time, Union Fine Arts Comm. BOWER, DAVID ANGLIN B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treas., Musical Madness, Dad's Day, Union Board, I.F.C. xnxx BOWMAN, DOROTHY NEYHOUSE B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, senior advisor, Dean's List 7 times, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Chi, Aqua Angels, treas., Bi-Sci Club, Union Finance Comm., core comm., chair., Foreign Language Lab Ass't., Moore Hall, Hoor coun- selor. BRADLEY, EDWARD LINN B.A. I.F,C., pres., vice pres., Lambda Chi Alpha, social chair., Musical Mad- ness, Phi Mu Flame I966, Who's Who, AFROTC. BRAUN, CONRAD CARL, JR. B.S. llrrkikfk BRETZ, CHARLOTTE RAE B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List 6 times. BRIDGES, MARY BROWN, HERBERT LYNN B.S. Plsfklkfk BROWN, JERRY BROWN, PAMELA JANE B.A. A.C.E., Phi Mu, pledge trainer, house chair., arts and activities, Little Sisters of Minerva, vice pres. BROWNING, JAMES W. B.A. Arnold Air Society, operations officer, Blue Key, Young Democrats, New- man Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, pres., athletic director, Outstanding Pledge, Outstanding Active, Musical Madness, Jr. Class Pres., Student Senate, Spring Weekend Comm., Big 39 Chair., Dad's Day, co-chair., S.G.A. Pres., Who's Who, Zeta Tau Alpha Sweetheart. ' xxx: BRYAN, JAMES BUCHENBERGER, ROSALEE B.A. Angel Flight, S.N.E.A., Chi Omega, athletics, correspondent, rush chair., lawn display chair., S.G.A., Sec., Musical Madness, Homecoming Chair., Tickets Co-Chair., Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, Whois Who. BUESKING, RUTH ELAINE B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, pres., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, Dean's List 7 times, Bi-Sci Club, sec.- treas., Zeta Tau Alpha, corr. sec., scholarship chair., Homecoming Tic- ket Co-Chair., Women's Recognition Dinner, Who's Who. Hklkfkbk BURDETTE, JESSIE BUTT, JOSEPH BUTTERWORTH, MILTON THOMAS, JR. B.A. Alpha Psi Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha, College Theater, "Banners of Steel", l'Chinese Wall", Stage Manager of "Taming of the Shrew", "Ham- let", 'lMidsummer Night's Dream", "Weave a Wooden Horse", and l'Eager Heartw, Sammy Award, Musical Madness, Choir, Union Decoration Comm., Varsity Swimming, Hovda House, pres. Hklkflffk BUTTRUM, JANE ELLEN B.A. Dean's List. CAPES, PAUL RAY B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon. CARMICHAEL, KATHERINE B.S. Dean's List 3 times, Cap and Gown, Alpha Tau Delta, vice pres., Gamma Delta, Women's Recognition Dinner, Moore Hall High Scholarship Award, Student Service Award, Assoc. of Nursing Students, corr. sec. Award, Student Service Award, E.C.A.N.S., corr.sec. Iklklkrk CARMICHAEL, THOMAS CARROLL, FRANK CARTER, JERRY LEE B.S. Deanis List I time. CAYLOR, SUSAN DIANNE B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List 6 times, Cap and Gown, Phi Kappa Phi, Canterbury Club, Alpha Tau Delta, Gamma Delta, Womenis Coun- cil, pres., Union Entertainment Comm., Union Fine Arts Comm., Womenis Recognition Dinner, Moore Hall Scholarship Award, Moore Hall Floor rep. CHAMBERS, JIMMY ELAINE B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, treas., Phi Beta Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, vice pres., Dean's List I time, Math Club, Newman Club. CHUDADA, RONALD A. B.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian, Easter Lily Sales Comm., Bike Race Comm. Jkllfifik CLEEK, RUTH COBB, FRANCES ARLOWYNN B.S. Dean's List 3 times ECANS ublicif chair Intervarsit Christian Fel- v 1 P Ly -i Y lowship, Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta. COCHRAN, RONALD H. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Musical Madness, I.M. football, baseball, paddleball. bk ik 'll lk COLE, ROSE M. B.S. Alpha Tau Delta, editor, historian, Gamma Delta, Nursing Class, viccf pres., Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart, Homecoming Queen Court, Whols Who, I.M. CONAWAY, REBECCA LOUISE B.A. Moore Hall, treas., Choir. COOK, SARA WINIFRED B.S. Angel Flight, M.S.M., Zeta Tau Alpha, pres., corr. sec., Alpha Tau Delta, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Women's Glee Club, Miss E.C. Can- didate, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Union Board House Comm., Pan- hellenic Council. Hkllslkvk COOK, STEPHEN P. L.A. Arnold Air Society, chaplain, B.S.U., I.M. COOK, THOMAS LEROY B.S. Sigma Phi Epsilon, pledge educator, house man., vice pres., pres., I.F.C., pres., Musical Madness, Sr. Class, vice pres., Varsity Football, I.M. vol- leyball, softball, basketball, track, Alpha Omicron Pi Favorite Guy 1966, National Conclave Delegate. CORFIELD, JOSEPH WILLIAM, JR. L.A. Dean's List 2 times, Arnold Air Society, deputy commander, Newman Club, AFROTC Gold Medal and Scholarship,Debate Squad, Crescent, editor, Whois Who. lkfkikflf COVINGTON, JEANETTE Y. B.A. COVINGTON, ROBERT COYLE, JEAN MARIE B.A. - Cap and Gown, Pi Delta Epsilon, pres., Dean's List 5 times, WRA, Bosse Scholarship, Academic-alumni scholarship, Gamma Delta, INCA, vice pres., Basketball Queen Attendant, Musical Madness, Orches- tra, Union Social and Games Comm., Who's Who, Crescent, editor, man., man. ed., LinC, honoraries ed., dorm ed., Spring Weekend, stage comm. chair., Spelling Bee. lkvkvkilf CRANE, ROBERT R. B.S. Varsity Football. CRON, JUDITH B.S. Choir. DALTON, ELIZABETH CUMMINS B.S. Ikrkikfk DASSEL, PAUL R. B.S. Dean's List 5 times, Accounting Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, rush chair., treas., vice pres. DAUBY, LARRY DAVIS, STEPHEN JAMES Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Freshman Swimming Team. Pkikfkik DAWSON, BRYANT JAMES B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Freshman and Soph. Football. DAWSON, KAREN ADAMS B.A. Kappa Pi, pledge trainer, Student S.N.E.A., Chi Omega, ass't. treas., social chair., Musical Madness, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Majorette, Cheer- leader, Union Publicity Comm. DELINGER, LEE THOMAS B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, MSU Marketing games. 93 DELZELL, MARY DARLENE B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List 8 times, Phi Kappa Phi, ECANS, Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, custodian of pins, Band, Moore Hall, director of religious lile, Women's Recognition Dinner, Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship. DENNING, MICHAEL T. B.S. College Theater, DENZER, SUSAN lk Pk lk 'lf DEPRIEST, PATRICIA A, B.A. Angel Flight, rush chair., A.C,E., Chi Omega, sec., vice pres., pledge class treas., Musical Madness, Homecoming, co-chair., jr. Class Sec., Basketball Queen, Military Ball Queen, Who's Who. DISHMAN, ROBERT C. B.A. A.C,E., Lambda Chi Alpha, sec., Musical Madness, Spring Weekend, May DAY, Homecoming, lawn displays chair., Union House Comm., chair., Union Board, pres. DIXON, SHEROLYN ROSE B.A. Dean's List. lk Ik lk 'F DOAN. MARTHA ARENDELL B.A. Dean's List 2 times. DONALD, PATRICK DOUGHTY, CONNIE GALE B.A. Psi Chi, pres., Pi Gamma Mu, vice pres., S.N.E.A., Pep Club, Psychology Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, pres., corr. sec., standards, sec. of pledge class, outstanding pledge award, Musical Mad- ness, Cheerleader, Pom Pom Girl, Union House Comm., Union Dance Comm. Jr. Panhellenic, President's Forum, Homecoming Comm., Who's Who, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Court,Women's Recognition Dinner, I.M. bowling. Cap and Gown, reporter, Hey, Look Out, orld, Here They Come! 94 DYEHOUSE, LINDA B.S. Alpha Tau Delta, Deanls List 2 times. EAKINS, WAVERLY THOMAS, MIR. B,M.E. Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledge trainer, Phi Mu Alpha, Musical Madness, jr. and Sr. Co-ordinator, Choir, treas., Chapel Choir. EDWARDS, BETH LOUISE B.A. A.C.E., Chi Omega, herald, Varsity Cheerleader, Musical Madness, Soph. Class Treas., Homecoming Comm., co-chair., Union Comm. fkrkikfk ' EFFINGER, RUTH CAROLINE B.A. Newman Club, vice pres., sec., province vice chair., Religious Chair., Wom- en's Recognition Dinner. ELLIOTT, RICHARD LEE B.S. ELLIS, PATRICIA SUE B.S. Dean's List 2 times, A.C.E., M.S.M., Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Union House Comm., core comm., Moore Hall, I.M. Chair., I.M. basket- ball, volleyball, bowling, softball. 'K lk HF ,lr ELY, SANDRA ELZER, BARBARA B.S. Dean's List 2 times, Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta. ENNIS, RUDOLPH LEE B.A. History Club, WEVC, station mgr,, program dir. Ikvklklk FECHTMEISTER, MARY ANN B.S. B.A. Dean's List l time, Newman Club. FLEIG, BRADFORD R. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, I.M. basketball. FOLEY, WALTER W. B.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian, alumni chair., Musical Madness, Bike Race Chair., Freshman Football. GOOCH, WENDEL B.A. Dean's List l time. GOODRIDGE, JAMES GRAPER, ROBERT E. B.S. ' Tau Kappa Epsilon, sergeant at arms, community service chair., Musi- cal Madness, I.M. football, basketball, volleyball, softball, track, cross country. Plifkvklk GREENWELL, AUDREY GROVES, TED WAYNE B.A. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, F.C.A., Whols Who, Varsity Football. GUSHWA, MARGARET ANNE B.S. Alpha Tau Delta, historian, ed., Dean's List 2 times, M.S.M., ECANS, Gamma Delta, Union Social Comm., Moore Hall, Mother's Day Comm. fkfkikvk HALKOWICH, PATRICIA SUSAN B.A. Spring Weekend Comm., Easter Lily Comm., Miss E.C. Comm., Moore Hall, pres., Union Board, Sr. Class Sec., Icebreaker candidate, Basketball Queen candidate, I.M. volleyball, baseball, basketball. HALL, JOHN DALE B.A. Kappa Chi, pres., INCA, treas., pres., M.S.M., pres., SNEA, Musical Madness. HALL, TIMOTHY T. B.A. I.M., Computer Center Lab Ass't. Hlffkiklk HANCOCK, CHARLES EDWARD B.S. Biology Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, chaplain, Vocal Varieties, Musical Mad- ness, Union Finance Comm. HARMON, PAULA JANE B.S. Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, Choir, Corridor rep. HARMON, ROBERT DALE B.A. Dean's List, Canterbury Assoc., Who's Who, WEVC, news dir., program dir., station mgr. 95 FOREMAN, PAUL R. iss. FOREMAN, STEPHEN P. B.A. FOWLER, ,JANE lkfkvklk FOX, KAREN SUE B.S. Aqua Angels vice pres., Alpha Tau Delta, Gamma Delta, Union Dance Comm. FRENCH, JIMMY ROGER B.A. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Math Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, chaplain, ,junior mar shal, Musical Madness, I.F.C. GATHERIDGE, WILLIAM ROBERT B.S. I.E.E.E., MSM. Pk Bk lk 44 GEORGESEN, STEPHEN DALE Tau Kappa Epsilon, pres., vice pres., pledge trainer, Musical Madness. I.F.C., I.M. football. GIBBS, GARY MICHAEL B.S. Accounting Club, Internat'l. Relations Club. GIVEN, CHARLES E. B.S. Arnold Air Society, Dean's List 3 times, Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Spring Weekend, Freshman Basketball, I.M. football, basket- ball, volleyball, AFROTC Vice Commandant's Award. Hklklkvk GLADISH, ROBERT GOFF, WAYNE KAY B.A. GOLIGHTLY, PETER . W, , .. 3 -all 'J - 2'- X . an 'C-7' HARPER, MIKE B.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice pres., pres. of pledge class, Soph. Class Vice Pres., Yarsity Football and Baseball. HARRISON, DARLENE Dean's List 2 times, Pep Club, Phi Mu, ruch chair., corr. sec., doorkeep- er, Panhellenic Rep., Musical Madness, Acettes, Union Entertainment Comm., May Day Co-chair., Homecoming Comm., Pres. and Vice Pres. of Panhellenic, I.M. bowling, team high, HARTMAN, TERRY B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, sec. wk lk ik ik HAUKE, JERRY B.S. HAUSWALD, LARRY HAVILL, JAMES F. B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pres., warden, pledge class pres., John Moss Award, Musical Madness, Who's Who, Varsity Football, co-captain, Hardnose Award, I.M. baseball, All-I,M. second baseman. Hlslkvkbk HAWKINS, WILLIAM H. B.S. HAY, VICTORIA JEAN B.A. Dean's List I time, A.C.E., treas., vice pres., Union Social Comm., chair., Zeta Tau Alpha, sec., membership chair., Lucille Jones Aea Award, Musi- cal Madness, Who's Who, Spring Weekend Dance Comm., co-chair. HELFRICH, BARBARA B.S. Little Sisters of Minerva. . 4. -sf HICKS, LEONARD C., JR. B.S. au Kappa Epsilon. HICKS, RON HIGDON, CHARLES EDWARD B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, vice pres., Dean's List 4 times, I.E.E.E., Engineering Club. Hllllflklll HIGGINS, MARY LINDA B.S. HILLENBRAND, GARY F. HINTON, CAROLYN SUE B.A. A.C.E. Ik Ik ik Ik HOCKMAN, JACK B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, sergeant at arms, Psychology Club, A.M.A. HOFMANN, GEORGE S. B.S. Dean's List l time, Young Republicans, C.E.A., S.E.A. HOGGARD, JOSEPH P. B.S. Accounting Club. ikikikik HOLTZAPPLE, LYNNE RAE B.S. Dean's List 8 times, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, M.S.M., ECANS, Aqua Angels, pres., Alpha Tau Delta, marshal, pres., Women's Recognition Dinner. HORNICK, DAVID LEE B.S. "Midsummer Night's Dream", stage crew, Swimming Team Mgr! HOWARD, KEITH B. B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Iklkikik HSIUNG, VERONICA B.A. A.C.E. HUFFMAN, JANE ANN B.A. Dean's List 4 times, Alpha Lambda Delta, A.C.E., Chi Omega, treas., Union Publicity Comm., Icebreaker Dance, co-chair., Lawn Display, co-chair., Women's Recognition Dinner. HUGHEY, CONSTANCE LOUISE B.A. Angel Flight, drill captain, S.E.A., Phi Mu, pledge trainer, campaign chair., song leader, Gamma Delta, treas., Phi Mu Personality of the Month, Musical Madness, Cheerleader, captain, Union Dance Comm., Miss Evansville College, 1966. 96 Av' sv" 45 f W X . mm JOHNSON, RONALD L. B.A. ' Blue Key, Dean's List 2 times, Fr. Class Treas., Lambda Chi Alpha, College Theater, "Good Woman of Setzuan", "Banners of Steel", Who's Who, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, JOHNSTON, JOHN JOINER, MAROLYN SUE B.S. B.S.U., ECANS, Academic Alumni Scholarship. Ill lk wk if JONES, JENNIFER ANNE B.A. Pi Delta Epsil0n,.Pep Club, co-chair., A.C.E., Phi Mu, pres., vice pres., standards, reporter, activities chair., Pres. of Pledge Class, Homecoming Chair, Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, A cappella Choir, Icebreaker Comm., Homecoming Comm., Panhellenic, Jr. Panhellenic, Union En- tertainment, Finance, and Dance Committees, I.M. volleyball, bowling, LinC and Crescent Staffs, LinC Section Ed. ' JONES, JUDY MONROE B.A. Kappa Chi, treas., Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, Choir, Corridor Rep. JONES, RONALD Pl! ik lk PF JORDAN, DONALD E. B.S. Blue Key, Phi Gamma Mu, Psi Chi, treas., Dean's List 3 times, Inter- nat'l Relations Club, Varsity Basketball. JORDAN, JANET ANN B.S. Dean's List 2 times, Aqua Angels, pres., Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, College Theater, "Antigone", "Take Her Shefs Mine", Majorette. JOSSA, GARY fkfklkfk JUMP, DIANE R. B.A. Sigma Alpha Iota, treas., chaplain, Deanfs List 2 times, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Orchestra, Choir, Cho- ral-Ayres. KELLY, NANSIE KELLY, ROBERT B. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon,Tau Kappa Epsilon, sec., Musical Madness, I.M. foot- ball, volleyball, basketball, softball. Fklkvkvk KEMP, PHILIP L. B.A. S.E.A., Hughes Hall, pres., I.M. football, tennis, softball, volleyball. KENDALL, BEN KEPPEN, THOMAS ROGER Dean's List 1 time, Varsity Baseball, I.M. HUNTER, MARCIA HUNSON B.S. Dean's List 2 times, ECANS, pres., Alpha Tau Delta, pres., ECANS Outstanding Member Award, Women HURST, JAMES GORDON B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma. HUSTON, DOUGLAS A. B.S. Sigma Pi Sigma, Dean's List l time, Phi Epsilon, Best Pledge Award, 1964 HYDE, THOMAS Y' " ISING, TERRY RAY Bs. 's Recognition Dinner. Engineering Club, sec., pres., Sigma ,Musical Madness. FY ik Sigma Pi Sigma, sec., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dean's List 7 times, Blue Key, pres., sec.-treas., Engineering Club, I.E.E.E., Sigma Phi Epsilon, sec., community service chair., activities chair., Musical Madness, Icebreaker Dance Co-Chair., Homecoming Comm., Union Entertainment Comm., Freshman Orientation Chair., Student Tutor, Mr. United Fund 1966, Who's Who, Academic Alumni Scholarship, Clifford Orr Scholarship, Anne Bosse Scholarship. JANSEN, JAMES M., JR. B.S. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Beta Chi, pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List 9 times, Blue Key, vice pres., I.E.E.E., Sigma Phi Epsilon, recorder, rush chair., scholarship chair., homecoming display chair., Musical Madness, Whols Who, Clifford Engineering Award, Com- puter Lab Ass't. Hklkalfik JENKINS, RAY JENNINGS, DIANA SUE RILEY B.A. Dean's List, Gamma Delta, vice pres., College Theater, "Good Woman of Setzuan", "Play Boy", A cappella Choir. JENNINGS, NORWOOD LEE B.A. Arnold Air Society, Biology, Sigma Phi Epsilon. mv' vu-sup rw yu ,Y X fl!-... f . 97 Studying, Meeting Friends in the Indian ss,,1..yamgi,,,a'i ' " 0 ft 'lftfw If - . 1 " .2 ""V --,, . ,,V- M f ' if Wt' 'Wikt- KIDWELL, JOHN RICHARD B.S, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Engineering Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, house mgr., song chair., guard, guide, Musical Madness Co-Chair., activities chair., Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Band, Choir, Glee Club, Union House Comm., United Fund Student Chair., May Day Sub-Chair., I.M. football, track, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cross country, Bike Race, Physics Lab Ass't. KIEFFNER, EULINE Franklin House, historian, A.C.E. KIFER, SUSAN DARLINE FRITZ B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon, Dean's List I time, S.N.E.A., N.C.A.S., Crescent, LinC, mgr. ed., Business and Eonomics Ofhce Sec. KING, JAY P. B.S. I I 'I I Pi Sigma Epsilon, MSU Marketing Games. KING, JOY GAY B.A. A.C.E., Pep Club, co-chair., Gamma Delta, Phi Mu pledge, vice pres. and chaplain of pledge class, Musical Madness, Homecoming Comm., May Day, co-chair., Icebreaker Dance Comm., Union Entertainment Comm., chair., Union Board, sec., I.M. bowling, badminton. KINGSTON, CARL R., JR. B.A. ' Lambda Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Base- ball, Honorable Mention All I.C.C. Baseball Team, William V. Slyker Memorial Award. Hkfkikvk KINNEY, EVELYN R. B.A. KOLB, SYLVIA DEUTSCH B.A. Dean's List 9 times, A.C.E. KONSLER, GARY LEE B.A. Dean's List 6 times, Tau Kappa Epsilon, chaplain, treas., outstanding scholarship, Musical Madness,S.G.A. Bookstore, I.F.C. fklkfkvk KRAMER, JO ANN JOYCE B.A. Moore Hall, vice pres., May Day Honor Attendant, I.M. volleyball, basketball, softball. KUEHN, CONSTANCE JO B.A. Kappa Pi. KURTA, WILLIAM B.S. Young Republicans, Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian, social chair., Student Senate, Union Entertainment Comm., S.G.A. Rep., May Day Awards, co-chair., Spring Weekend Sat. Activities Comm., chair., Greek Week Entertainment Comm., chair.,Joe College and Betty Coed Dance Comm. NYY -if-"dvi avg, , . J, Ni , l Y , .,. 5 X- Qs. .t . .. LITTLE, CUBA D. B.A. Dean's List 6 times, A.C.E. LLOYD, JOHN BURNETT B.S. LOEWENKAMP, SHARON TUCKER B.S. Dean's List 2 times, Union Board, Club 39, Bi Sci.Club, Pep Club, Chi Omega, ass't. pledge trainer, homecoming display chair., public relations chair., Easter Egg Hunt Chair., Musical Madness, Miss E.C. Director, Icebreaker Queen Candidate, Homecoming Dance Tickets Comm., Ice- breaker Dance Comm., chair., Academic Alumni Scholarship. ik 1' Ik ak Lov1NG, JIM B.A. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, LinC, photographer, Crescent, photog- rapher, bus. mgr., campus ed. LOW, JULIA LARRAINE B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon pledge class pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Deanis List 5 times, Young Democrats, S.N.E.A., Zeta Tau Alpha historian, reporter, membership chair., Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation Grant, Musical Madness, Student Senate, Jr. Class Treas., Union Personnel Comm., Spring Weekend Publicity Comm., Icebreaker Queen Comm., co-chair., Who's Who, LinC campus ed., editor-in-chief, Crescent staff, Dick Anderson Memorial Scholarship. LUTHER, ROSE MARIE B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, historian, Dean's List 3 times. lkikiklk MADDEN, GERALD EDWARD L.A. MAQUIRE, EVERETT CRANE B.A. College Theater, Crescent. MALARKY, JOHN FRANCIS B.S. Accounting Club. ll: ik Ik Fl' MARGAGLIANO, FRANK MARKLEY, TERESA MARSHALL, DIANE E. B.S. Gamma Delta, Union Publicity and Fine volleyball, Director of Women's Basketball. Arts Committees, I.M. LAMPSON, SUSAN M. B.S. Dean's List I time, Kappa Delta, education chair., Alpha Tau Delta Basketball Queen Court, LANTRIP, JAMES W., JR. A.B. Blue Key, alumni sec., Dean's List I time, Young Democrats, vice pres LA PLANTE, BARBARA B.A. S.N.E.A., 41114111 LATHOM, WILLIAM HAROLD B.S. I.M. football, A cappella Choir. LAUDERDALE, GARY LAWRENCE, LARRY Hklklkik LA MAIRE, WILLIAM H. B.A. LILLY, MARY LA NEEL B.A. UNDER, JACQUES B.A. Phi Mu Alpha, pres., historian, Dean's List, Band, pres. and vice pres Orchestra, Choir. LINDSEY, JANICE LIPKING, MICHAEL LIPPOLDT, KAREN SUE B.A. lklkflivk Little Sisters of Minerva, treas., Dean's List 2 times, S.N.E.A Alpha Omicron Pi, corr. sec., sec., activities chair., homecoming display co chair pihilanthropic and activities chair. of pledge class, Musical Madness Union Dance and House Committees, Homecoming Queen Comm., co chair Icebreaker Queen Comm., co-chair., Icebreaker Publicity Comm. ,K .f-fy favs 'ww 'TFP' 'Ng -1-1:1-'ff Kass ps. as Q MARTIN, NORMA M. Dean's List l time, B.S.U., A.C.E. MATHEWS, JACKIE MATHEWS, MARILYN ANN Sklklklk MATTINGLY, GERALD LEE B.S. Newman Club, vice pres., Accounting Club. MCCARTY, DIANNE K. B.A. Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, senior advisor, Cap and Gown, his- torian, Phi Kappa Phi, Whois Who, Sigma Alpha Iota, editor, sec., vice pres., pres., Vocal Varieties, Choir, Chapel Organist. McCLARY, GARY WAYNE B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Basketball. fkikikik MCCULLEY, JEANNE B.A. Alpha Omicron Pi, song leader, fraternity education, standards chair., Musical Madness, Alpha Omicron Pi Musical Madness Director, Union Dance Comm., Women's Council, pres., Miss E.C. Pageant. McDOWELL, GARY LEE L.A. Arnold Air Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon, AFROTC Drill Team, Union Finance Comm., General Dynamics Convair Award. MCGUYER, MICHAEL GENE B.A. if Ill IF IF MERCER, MARILYN JUNE B.A. MEYERS PAUL DAVID B.S. MICHAEL, SUE ANN B.S. Dean's List 2 times, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta. Hklkiklk MILLER, JUANICE B.S. Kappa Pi, Young Democrats, Gamma Delta, Union Fine Arts and Pub- licity Committees, I.M. volleyball, tennis, coach of women's basketball for Moore Hall. MILLER, LARRY A. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, vice pres., Psychology Club, Accounting Club, Union Entertainment Comm. MILLHONE, MALCOLM M. B.S. Young Republicans, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treas., Musical Madness, I.M. Turkey Trot and Track 880 records. Hkfkikrk MILNER, NORMA EVELYN B.S. MINTON, C. RAY, JR. B.A. Dean's List 2 times, Circle K Club, treas., pres., S.N.E.A., Union House Comm., co-chair. MITCHELL, RONNIE DALE B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon, chaplain, Business and Economics Dept Asslt. lkfklkllf MONTGOMERY, SANDRA MOONEY, TIMOTHY CHARLES B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, pres., Newman Club, Accounting Club. MOORE, NANCY BRENTALYNN B.S. B.S.U., ECANS, Pep Club, Gamma Delta. Hklkikik MOREY, GRAHAM DENBY B.S. Pi Delta Epsilon, treas., Circle K, pres., treas., delegate to 2 international conventions, Newman Club, Accounting Club, First Gridiron Show, Union Finance Comm., core comm., vice chair., President's Forum, Crescent, reporter, LinC, senior section ed. MURDAUGH, LORENZO H. B.A. Kappi Chi, executive council, M.S.M., vice pres., Kappa Alpha Psi, chap- ter charter member, treas., College Theater, "Banners of Steelw, Debate, Spring Weekend Parade Comm., chair. MUSSER, LINDA ELAINE LEITH B.S. ECANS, Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Delta, Union Finance Comm., Junior Weekend, co-chair., Homecoming Comm., Moore Hall, corridor rep. l0O NALIN, DANIEL JOSEPH B.A. Dean's List l time. NENNEKER, SYLVIA MAY B.S. Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta, vice pres., jr. advisor, Dean's List 1 time, Cap and Gown, N.E.A., Internat'l Relations Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, pledge scholarship chair., public relations, philanthropic, Musical Madness, A lcappella Choir, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Union Dance, Personnel, Entertainment Committees, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweet- heart Court, Who's Who. NEU, TAMARA E. B.S. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Chi, Cap and Gown, vice pres., Dean's List 7 times, Alpha Lambda Delta, sec., Alpha Omicron Pi, pledge social chair, philanthropic chair., scholarship chair., Ruby'A' winner, Musical Madness, Union Entertainment Comm., Homecoming, co-chair., Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Court, Who's Who. lklklllfk NEWCOMB, jAMES B. B.A. NIEDHAMMER, FRANKIE RAE B.A. Kappa Pi, Mrs. Club, Old National Art Scholarship. NILES, CONSTANCE SUE B.A. Hkikfkik NORTHCUT, LYNNE ELAINE B.A. Sigma Alpha Iota, Band, Orchestra. NOWAK, DAVID M. B.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon. O'HANIAN, DAVID I.E.E.E,, Lambda Chi Alpha. Sliikbkrk OLIVER, R. MICHAEL B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, athletic chair., Musical Madness, I.F.C., Varsity Baseball, I.M. football, softball, Pep Club. O'NEAL, JOHN OSBORNE, WILLIAM H. 41124211 PARKS, STUART EDWARD B.S. Hughes Hall, steering comm., Musical Madness, Big 39 Bike Race, I.M. swimming, volleyball. ' PAULSON, SHARON PER, ALAN iklklkfk PETERSEN, ROBERT HAROLD B.S. Pep Club, Engineering Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, I.M. ten- nis, Big 39 Bike Race, Freshman Swimming Team. PINKSTON, KAREN PRATER, TERRY Ik :lr lk Ik PRICE, FRED POWELL, PAULA RABEN, JANE if 4' Il! ik RAMEY, PAUL E. B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, outstanding active award, alumni sec., Musical Mad- ness, S.G.A. Election Comm. RAMSEY, DONNA LOU B.A. A.C.E., M.S.M. RAPER, JIMMY LEE Dean's List l time. IOI ' .... ffl it Q Vs-EZZY KJ V ,A s-22. s :BEE ' 5 , s X ' "-g:'1f- - X M TK QNW '. - 'Wai 1 RATLIFF, MARILYN B.A. Internat'l Relations Club. REAGAN, JOY B.A. Vocal Varieties, Moore Hall, treas. REEVES, DAN L. L.A. Debate Team. Hkvklk REFFETT, BARBARA DIANE B.A. Newman Club, vice pres., corr. sec. REINE, THOMAS A. B.A. Newman Club Youn Re ublicans S.N E.A. y g P I - REISING, ROBERT LAWRENCE B.S Accounting Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Ikfkvkllf REUBER, DAVID B. B.S. Arnold Air Society, Engineering Club. REYNOLDS, JANET RICE, THOMAS WALTER B.S. wk l Dean's List 2 times, Biology Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Band, Orchestra, I.F.C. pf' Thousands Later, 15 More for a Diploma J' W...-1 f"veh4 "'I'f"'?9 RICHARDS, NORMAN P. Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Deanls List 1 time, Arnold Air So- ciety, Engineering Club, American Ordnance Assoc. ROTC Award, ROTC "Falcon" editor. RICHARDSON, CYNTHIA ANN B.S. ROBERTSON, KAY ANNE B.A. Kappa Pi, pres., Dean,s List 3 times, Newman Club, Internat'l Relations Club. lk Ik Pk Pk ROBINSON, BERNARD ROBLING, WANDA LEA B.S. ROYSTER, ROBERT ALLYN ik if Ik lk RUEGER, SARAH KATHERINE HARRIS B.A. Kappa Pi, pledge pres., Union Fine Arts Comm. RUGGIER, RUTH OERTWIG B.A. S.N.E.A. SALERNO, CHARLES Ik PI' lk Ik SCALES, RALPH 'RUSTY' B.A. Dean's List 2 times, Tau Kappa Epsilon, May Day Activities Comm., chair., Varsity Football, Turners Athletic Scholarship. SCHLANSKER, DAVID LYNN, JR. B.S. Engineering Club, Young Republicans, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chronicler, scholarship chair., I.M., Big 39 Bike Race, Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm., Homecoming Comm., Welfare Comm., chair, Who's Who, Varsity Swimming, lettered. SCHNARR, MARILYN KAY B.S. Dean's List 1 time, Alpha Tau Delta, Duncan Foundation Scholarship, M.S.M., ECANS. 102 SHEPHERD, ROYCE ELAINE LUCKY B.S. Gamma Delta, Marching Band. SHRODE, JULIE B.A. SHROTE, ROY L. B.A. Arnold Air Society. llfikllflk SLATON, STEPHEN DALE B.S. Accounting Club. SNEED, KAREN SUE B.S. Kappa Omicron Phi, Alpha Beta Alpha, Home Economics Club. STEVENS, WILLIAM DOYLE B.A. Deanis List 1 time. Ikiklillk STEWART, RONALD K. B.A. Arnold Air Society, information officer, Pi Delta Epsilon vice-president, Crescent, reporter, mgr. ed., editor-in-chief, Religion in College Life Comm. STILES, SAMUEL E. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, treas., Accounting, Whois Who. STOLZ, LARRY G. B.A. Arnold Air Society, Newman Club, Young Democrats, publicity chair. Ikikvkfk STROUD, THOMAS STROUSE, IRENE STUCKEY, KENNETH BRUCE B.S. Engineering Club, I.M. basketball, football, track. lklklkvk STUCKEY, MARILYN DIANNE B.A. A.C.E., S.N.E.A. STULA, LINNE B.S. Dean's List 1 time, ECANS, treas., Zeta Tau Alpha, Musical Madness, Marching Band, Union Finance Comm., Union Social Comm., core comm., vice chair. STURM, CONSTANCE JO B.S. Alpha Omicron Pi, pledge class activities chair., Alpha Tau Delta, Musical Madness, Union House Comm., Union Finance Comm., May Day Queen Attendant, I.M. SCHNECK, CHERYL LEE B.S. Alpha Tau Delta, ECANS, Gamma Delta. SCHRADER, RICHARD D. B.S. Arnold Air Society, Military Ball Program Chair., Young Democrats Sigma Phi Epsilon, marshal, I.M. basketball, Musical Madness, director Big 39 Bike Team Coach, Cannonball Classic Chair. SCHRIEFER, VICTOR V., JR. B.A. Biology Club. lklllikik SCHULTIES, MARILYN C. B.A. Dean's List 4 times, A.C.E., Phi Mu Alumna, SEILER, LEONARD STEPHEN B.A. SERCESKETTER, KEVIN vklklkfk SEXSON, JEANNE ELIZABETH B.A. S.E.A., Kappa Pi, Union House Comm., Drama Dept. Paint Comm. Psychology Dept. Secretary, Kappa Pi Art Sales. SHATZER, JOHN H., JR. B.A. Psychology Club, Student Religious Liberals, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chap lain, sec., proctor, Swim Show, Union Dance Comm., Varsity Swim ming, lettered. SHECKFEE, WILLIAM B.S. Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi, Dean's List 2 times Engineering Club, treas., I.E.E.E., Physical Science, Physics, Engineer ing Lab Ass't. 121211 w a SUMMERS, RICHARD IRVIN Tau Kappa Epsilon, sgt.-at-arms, May Day Comm., Spring Weekend Comm., Musical Madness, Homecoming Comm. SWENSON, KEN TERMAN, PHILIP R. A.B. vkiklkvlf TIMPE, MARY ELLEN L.A. Sigma Alpha Iota, recording sec., Dean's List, Homecoming Candidate, Franklin House, sec., M.S.M., A cappella Choir, Orchestra, Sigma Alpha Iota All-American, Who's Who. THOMPSON, JANE ANN B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List 9 times, Psi Chi, Pi Delta Epsilon, pledge class pres., pres., College Theater, "The Chinese Wall", 'IA Mid- summer Night's Dream" and "Summer and Smoke", publicity director, First Gridiron Show, Academic-Alumni Scholarship, Crescent, reporter, literary critic. TOMPKINS, CHRISTINE JO B.A. Hlfikikvk UNGETHEIM, SANDRA RUFFIN B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List 5 times, A.C.E., UNESCO Co-Chair., B.S.U., Union Personnel Comm. VAN CLEVE, JAMES VAN STONE, KENNETH X Jkikfklk VAUGHT, CAROL JEAN B.A. A.C.E., Phi Mu, rush chair., arts and activities chair., Jr. Panhellenic Rep., Women's Council, vice pres., Icebreaker Dance, co-chair., Home- coming Co-Chair., Union Finance Comm., Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Court, Crescents, Aux. to Lambda Chi Alpha. VOGEL, STEVE VOSBURGH, JUDITH ANN MARIE B.A. Choir, AC.E., publicity chair., historian, Moore Hall, historian, Newman Club, Internat'l Relations Club, treas., Union Fine Arts Comm., core comm., Holly Ball. 19 VOTE, LINDSEY B.A. WADE, MARY DAWN B.A. Dean's List 2 times, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pep Club, S.N.E.A., Gamma Delta, Union House Comm., Homecoming Comm., Crescent, staff, LinC, faculty section. WALLACE, JAMES E. Dean's List 1 time, I.E.E.E., Sigma Pi Sigma. Pk FII Ulf lk WARREN, LINDA WEBER, DONNA MAE B.A. Dean's List 1 time, INCA, treas., S.E.A., Musical Madness, Crescent, business and circulation mgr., Pi Delta Epsilon. WEBB, PAUL DARWIN B.A. lkvkfkflf WEDEKING, COLLEEN B.A. Kappa Mu Epsilon, N.E.A., A.C.E., Pep Club, Phi Mu, registrar, ass't. treas., treas., Best Pledge Scholarship, Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, A cappella Choir, Icebreaker Dance Decorations Comm., co-chair., Union Entertainment Comm. WEDEKING, KENNETH WEINZAPFEL, JAMES A., SR. B.A. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi, Dean's List 1 time, Math Club. Skvkvkill WERNER, CAROL JOANNE Zeta Tau Alpha, sec. of pledge class, Musical Madness, May Day Queen Attendant. WERNER, LYNNE ANNE Freshman Class Vice Pres., Gamma Delta, Moore Hall, Chair. of Mother's Day Weekend. WEIDEMAN, JAMES 104 1 Q L :Q WILZBACKER, ROBERT WOLF, THOMAS WOOD, DIXIE RAYE B.A. AAUW Poetry Contest-Honorable Mention, WEVC. Hlfvklkfk WOODS, MICHAEL WRIGHT, JENNIFER L. B.A. Dean's List Z times. WRIGHT, SHELBY MARKLAND, II B.A. Psychology Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hkvklkfk YOUNGBLOOD, MARCUS LON B.S. Young Republicans, Lambda Chi Alpha. YUSKA, MARGARET ELIZABETH B.S. Alpha Tau Delta, Aqua Angels Gamma Delta, Water Show, I.M. swim- min . ZAISIARKO, ELIZABETH ANN B.S. Dean's List 4 times, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Tau Delta. UI! if ll! lk ZEHNER, CONNIE S. B.A. Dean's List 2 times, Pi Delta Epsilon, Psi Chi, Psychology Club, treas., pres., Phi Mu, reporter, public relations, rush counselor, Musical Madness, Union Finance Comm., Jr. Panhellenic, pres., President's Roundtable, I.M. basketball, LinC, senior section ed., Little Sister's of Minerva., ZILIAK, ALAN B.A. Newman Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sgt.-at-arms, Finance comm., chair., Musical Madness, I.M. football, basketball, paddleball, I.F.C., All I.M. Football Team. ZUROSKE, NIRA JEAN B.A. French Club, Chi Omega, pres., social and civic service, publicity chair., Musical Madness Director, Symphonic Band, Clarinet Choir, Majorette, Acettes, captain, College Theater, house mgr., "Playboy of the Western Worldn, "The Chinese Wall", "A Midsummer Night's Dreamw and "Eager- heart", Union Publicity Comm., President's Forum, Who's Who, I.M., Miss E.C. second runner-up. WESSELMAN, WILLIAM C. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, treas., Accounting Club, Musical Madness, MSU Marketing Games. WHITE, JOYCE DARLENE B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, sec., Psi Chi, sec., Dean's List Ill times, Phi Kappa Phi, Debate, Religion in College Life Comm., Womenls Recognition Dinner, English Dept. office girl. WHITTINGTON, MARY LYNN B.S. Phi Mu, standards chair., vice pres., songleader, Musical Madness Direc- tor, Choir, Acettes, Musical Madness Best Director Award, Union Board Games Comm., chair, Campus Leaders and Notables Comm., Home- coming Queen Election Comm., chair., May Day Comm., co-chair, May Day Honor Attendant. if X if Pk WILEY, ROBERT E. B.A. WILHELM, OREN EDWARD B.A. Arnold Air Society, Accounting Club, Torbet House, treas. WILLETT, MARTHA I. A.B. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List 5 times, Newman Club, French Club. Iklkiklk WILLIAMS, HERBERT E. B.S. Newman Club, Kappa Alpha Psi, chapter charter member, vice pres., sec., Union Fine Arts Comm., I.F.C., Soph. Class Vice Pres., Jr. Class Vice Pres., Varsity Basketball, I.M. softball, track, volleyball, paddleball. WILLIAMS, ROBERT KENT INCA, M.S.M., Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Musical Madness. WILLIAMS, WILMA JANE B.S. A.C.E. lk Sk lk :lf WILMOTTE, THOMAS WILSON, BETTY B.A. Aqua Angels, Gamma Delta, pres., Chi Omega, Musical Madness, Choir, Musical Madness Chair., Union Dance Comm., core comm., vice chair., chair. WILSON, MARTIN PAUL B.A. Kappa Pi, Musical Madness, Water Show, set design, director of clown diving, Swimming Team, lettered, Track Team, lettered, Big 39 Bike Race. 1 I Lf qu v is-it Y ii ,, R A 2 7 5 1 S5121 f 2 4625: g 4, i at-m 4' li V wt ax. WF? I 'uv ? 1 . nv: 9' 'Q R 5' ki if-'ie Q gffa--M .. 3 . . Xi 3 , f 4 nigh 'Q J' mx fan ,f .f -. ,I , W, . K, ,VH 4 . , 'O Y L a f ' .1 M .4 J' 'QA' 1 d ,fl P I. , . vfpri ' A 40' .h 1 I 'K ' ' WW. - f 1, , -2 5 fl P' 1 9 Q 'O 2 V 'wan ' in .Q . , if , ." all n Q . Q4 A Asif ,J u Q S. Q I 1, ' ,,. fm 4 4 ' xA,t1f'Z'7" A ', i X 1, E if M! ' :Fix "sf '?",, E Q ff ff .r ,frivi I 5 1 il' .f ,. 5 r f'1W4f 'I if b gf My .awe ff ' 2515341 Q 'A . if L Q 1 Vlfiio. ,, ', A 9- .mf A ,gf ' 5 5' Q .. . Q , 3, V Q, 1 ,, A Q. g f , u V I ' 1 Q . A 1 " P M g fy 2 ,I ' f ff f ,Fx AI Q45 E fi ' fa ' ig MQ! i 'I . , Z -1 1. ' ? - X f I A ,f5Sz:Qmiz1. X4 Q J -W , W sg fu W X' 9 'Q " x sggmzri 3 ay -, MM ,W X59 .XX. ,A 0 ami. iw' X fi r-- ---- ,QW x 'Q kyjyu , ,XQMAQ-xigi iiiiifk ?,4g,3,:', ffl "gn, ,VH- . X fimxsi, . , e ,X .gl ffm fff.,,'if'X .faifigf X -W'---Y XX x 3 ,Q 4 vzj x X Q ,U Harm -ff 'mmm x rwfnwm N W' 'Of .' ,X 1. .Q f Q W QQ 'W-v 'L 1 '- 'V 4 f 'fix x f W 'Ziff W , V X? ,. X , wh D 4 0 ff, 2 ww f Xf--1'-'f N , 2:'Q1-2: ww ff w g ' f 4 3 439- f 1,1 V T12 :RWM V' V iv ' N1-'f fi, A K XJ ., fy? 7'i' X W "x f 179 X - ilvizf' X fiivz-'f 5 1- -. 3' ,iw -' x xx' .1WfY'x5! 'W9244 z' Q?f 2m , x .fxli-.1 f, Q' fy. if QM? , M y RQ , Y fx v wwf., - .gf:',,-ya,-,-L x gffxi N fx, ' 4, 2' ,ffJfjvJ"' - ff I I y V W.,N,y . 5 U vw , C,w,, , fi, - L R' ' f . A , O ,V ,. , f f 'Rim-fl' ' if fwfr '4:2A'LJ..,f?MfV Q x-Xflfsiwzw 'C mf :ff , f ffa . f 12541 -Q ' ' f X - x y if s ' - 1 X Q x,'.wf,3,g, Wy vim, mm m., -X,,,5gwfw3g3M, ' W we . f .,...-m'.1f513fiiEfv, '94, iw Y . , Q ' x ' -QNA SE ," Ib, A139 jg' W , . 1 , , u M ..,A PI DELTA EPSILON is a national collegiate journalism honorary, dedicated to establishing professional ethics in college publications. Membership is ob- tained by working on the student newspaper or yearbook for one year, and by maintaining a specified grade point average. Membership in PSI CHI is achieved by being a psychology major or minor and establishing high standards of personal behaviour and academic requirements. Organized in 1964, Dr. Delbert Sampson serves as the faculty advisor. SIGMA PI SIGMA, physics honorary, is instrumental in offering advanced students in physics with an opportunity to meet and become acquainted with faculty members and guest speakers. Requirements for membership include 30 hours of physics courses with a 3.0 or above average. v Psi Clhi members are: R011 UXI1' Connie Doughty, Con- nie Zehner, Bob Carey. RUW TIVO: Ur. Vivian Maves, Peter Morrison, Dr. Charles johnson, William Stevens, Dr. Delbert Sampson. 108 ,if 1 Service in ajor Field Criteria for Membership Pi Delta Epsilon members are: ROH' ONE: Susan Kifer, Karyle Kleitz, Mrs. Qjeane Young, advisor, Jane Thompson, Sandy Ethridge, Karen Lobeck. RON' TIVO: Susan Hession, Dawn Wade, Ronald Stewart, Graham Morey, Wayne Trevathanjulia Lownlean Coyle, Donna Powers. W-,,...... .,, KU' ...A-edt' 'flip Sigma Pi Sigma members include: ROW ONE: Dr. Phillip Kinsey, Steven Waggoner, Charles Higdon, Susan Westfall, Terry Ising, and Bill Sheckfee ROW TWO: Dr. Kelly Miles, Dr. Ray Dufford, Gordon Hurst, and ROW THREE: Dr. Ralph Coleman, Charles Williams, Doug Houston, Jim Jansen and Norman Richards. lO9 Cldest and Newest Honoraries Draw Student Participation The Beta Chapter of KAPPA CHI was formed in 1928, making it the oldest honorary on campus. The elected members include all those who are preparing for full-time service in the Christian held. Dr. R. Wayne Perkins, Director of Religious Life, is the faculty advisor. ALPHA TAU DELTA, nursing honorary, was established on the Evans- ville campus last winter was formerly known as ECANS CEvansville College Association of Nursing Stuclentsj To become a member, each nursing student must maintain a 2.5 average in all classes and be an upperclassman. 110 l 'Ni' Q Kappa Chi members are: ROW ONE: Betty Simmons, Richard A. John- son, Kathy Williamson, Judy Jones, Mary Ann Crocker, Dean Fager, Diana Demarll. ROW TWO: Norman Rinker, Steve Jester, Ron Saver, Ron Graul, Barry Hunteman, Ben Wilson, Donn L. Walters, Raymond Young, Dr. R. Wayne Perkins, Brent Landis. Alpha Tau Delta members are: ROW ONE: Caroline Parker, Kaye Volz, Rose Cole, Mary Delzell, Lynne Holtzapple, Carolyn Scott, Sheryl Fell, Susan Caylor, Becky Young. ROW TWO: Frances Cobb, Dianne Wyriek, Peggy Yuska, Katherine Carmichael, Cheryl Schneck, Margaret Gushwa, Paula Har- mon, Barbara Elzer, Sue Michael, Karen Fox, Susan Lampson, Janice I-Iougland, Betsy Zaharako. ROW THREE: Marilyn Schnarr, Gayla Williams, Martha McChesney, Gail Weil, Linda Hanson, Marcia Hunter, Sue Anderson, Janet Jordon, Betsy Anderson, Linda Musser, Carol Statler, Connie Sturm, Sandy Goodwin, Constance Nordan. III Cap and Gown members are: ROW ONE: Sylvia Nenneker, Connie Doughty, jan Bierod, Tammie Neu, Joyce White, and Ruth Buesking ROW TWO: Marcia Bennett, Katherine Carmichael, Lynne Holtzapple, Dianne McCarty, Mrs. Luise Schnakenburg, advisor, Susan Caylor, ulia Low and jean Coyle. Blue Key members are: RO W ONE: Ron L. Giles v jim Lantrip, Terry Ising. ROW TWO: jim Brown- ing, Fritz Kiechle, Dave Riggs, Dr. Clarence Buesk- ing, Dan Schellhase, and Paul Black. hi' nh Mba www-fm. Students Cited for High Achievement v i L Who's Who members are: ROW ONE Nira Zuroske, Donna Prcll, Jan Bierod, , Mary Ellen Timpe, Jan Boyer, Sarah Yaggi, Nancy jordan, Rose Cole. ROW TWO Rosalee Buckenberger, Pat DePriest, jean Coyle, julia Low, jim Jansen, Terry Ising, Vicki Hay, Tammi Neu, Connie Doughty, Norma Augustine. CAP AND GOWN is a scholastic honorary for senior women. Selection is based on unanimous vote of the out- going chapter, and members must have a 3.3 cumulative average to be considered. Cap and Gown members usher and serve at various college activities, and sponsor panels and discussions on various subjects for all women on campus. Outstanding scholarship and service to the college is the main concern of BLUE KEY scholastic honorary for men. All prospective members must have a 3.0 cumulative average and show willingness to serve the university through partic- ipation in various activities. WHO'S WHO in American Colleges and Universities is composed of juniors and seniors. Their selection is made by the faculty and administration each fall and is based on scholarship, leadership, and service to the school. .- V .,...,-s- sg 2 ,. Q fam. . D rnold ir Society and ngel Flight ssist in Campus Activities ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is a branch of the AFROTC unit on campus. Membership is based on an overall 2.5 aver- age, and nomination and vote by the present members. Dur- ing the school year the Society sponsors the Military Ball and aids the student body at fall registration. W ANGEL FLIGHT is an auxiliary unit of the ROTC and is organized to further the cause of the United States Air Force. They assist in fall registration, campus tours, Dad's Day, Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. To become a member, the girls go through a period of formal rush and are voted on by ROTC Cadets. MWA 2 Arnold Air Society Cadets are: ROW ONE Bernard Robinson, Gary Bahn, Lawrence Stolz, Steve Smith, Charles Bleckmann, Oren E. Wilhelm, Bill Wessel man, josoph Core, Ron Emberton. ROW TWO Wesley Knipe, Norman Richards, David McConald, Don Ramsden, Bill Keith, Robert Fornges, jerrell Freemanuloseph Corfield,jr., Marcus Sherrill, Harvey Kiesel, Tom Bowman, Alvin Roettger, Stan Reuber. 5 K1 Xl Angel Flight pledges are: ROW ONE Susan Slade, Nancy Freyburger, Alison Gumm, Roxi Baldwin, Sue Wilson, .joy Ashley, Anne Hodapp, and .lan Boyer, ROW TWO Clare Kawamura, Jenni Ansburg, Gina Voight, Karen O'-Neil, Pam Pearce, Marcia VVellemever, Beverly Hunt, Susie Essig, Chervl Lvles. Marv Shafer, Carol Hart, and Susie Clark, Angel Flight members are jan Bierod, Donna Boyd, Nancy Jordan, Deena Butler, Sandy Sharp, Jeri Boyd, Donna Prell, and Connie Hughey, Rflll' TIVO Cave Goebel, Pat DePriest, jan Paschal, Jean Labhart, Delia Bigger, Connie Krause, Capt, R. L. Peake, Marty Zorn, Marilyn Glaess, Patty Dissette, Rosalee Buchen- berger, and Maralee Wilmotte. ,- ,if if K A ,,, usie, Art Students Constitute embership in Honoraries Membership into SIGMA ALPHA IOTA and PHI MU ALPHA, national music honoraries for women and men respectively, is acquired by maintaining a 2.5 cumulative average and vote by the active chapter. During the school year these students present monthly musicals and usher for campus recitals. In addition, Phi Mu Alpha performs at local dances. Mrs. Margaret Shepard and Mr. Wesley Shepard, co- heads of music department, serve as faculty advisors to Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha respectively. KAPPA PI art honorary is open to all art majors, minors, or interested students who have maintained a "B" average in all art courses. Each year the chapter sponsors the annual clothes line art sale. WQSXK. Q xexk RF YW? PHI MU ALPHA members in ROW ONE: are Roger Cooper, Thomas Carroll, Dennis Russell, Michael Fox, Kurt Wambach and Iaques Linder. RUIV TWO: Larry Eifier, Edward Gorman, Randall DeBord, Robert Conaway, Steve Fritz and Steven Bell. ROW THREE: William Mike Oskins, Charles I-IatF1eld,jim Moore, Cary Miles, Kenneth Lewis andjames Kruse. it Kappa Pi members are ROW UNE: Karen Eaton, Mary Griflith, Cynthia Simmelink, Kathleen flariens, Marie Kavanaugh, Barbara Clriswell, xluanice Miller, Ann Pesoat and -Ieanne Sexson. RUN' TWU: Donna Lochmueller, Paul Sluder, Fred Reaves, Bob Hawkins, .lim NIc'Kinley, Tom Farny, Barry Britton, Matt Hatcher. Bonnie Koch, Steve Ritzel, and Gail Steiner. Sigma Alpha Iota members are RUH' UNE: Sherry Elzer, Pam Haynes, Diane jump, Carol Kratz, Cinday Hudson, Angela Fiegel. Glenda Purcell, and Linda Gullian. ROW TWO: Sue Williams, Grace Hobgood, Jan Thornton, Linda Boyte, Darlene Sullivan, Marty Zuber, Dianne McCarty, Marty Timpe, Marcella Bradley, Diane Blades, Carol Gerkin, Nancy Nadler, and Barbara Wright. I ' Scholastic Achievement, Leadership Recognized by National Honoraries The purpose of ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA is to pro mote scholarship among freshman and sophomore women. Membership is acquired by attaining a 3.5 average while car rying 15 hours or more for any one quarter during the fresh man year. The main purpose of PHI KAPPA PHI is to honor the school's highest ranking students and professors. The local chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was established on campus in the spring of 1963. KAPPA MU EPSILQN is a mathematics honorary open to all math majors and general students who meet the aca- demic requirements. Alpha Lambda Delta members are:ROlV ONE Betsy Zaharko, Kathy Conner, Patti Brooks,judy Patterson, Carol Richardson, Nancy Winternheimer. ROW TIVO Sally Eaton, Candy Davis, Dotti Neyhouse, Jean Labhart, Cindy Woehler, Kathie Fenneman,jan Ash- worth, Angela Feigel, Glenda Purcell. ROW THREE Mrs. Luise Schnakenburg, advisonjulie Low, Marcia Bennett, Sandra Unget- heim, Joyce White, Mary Delzell, Ruth Buesking, Lynne Holtzapple, Sylvia Nenneker, Susan Caylor, Tammie Neu, Anne Hodapp, Dianne McCarty, Linda Kay Clark, jan Bierod, janet Gooch, Marlene Cheek, Beth Bellamy, Sue Don, Ann Arensman, Dr. Virginia Grabill, advisor. Bill Shecklee, Pam Alvis, klimmy Chambers. George Coyle, Ron Emherton, Steven Waggoner. RUN' TIVU Paul llarhoe, Layne Watson, Terry Isingulimjansen, Nor- man Richards, Harvey Kiesel. Barry Allred. 3..:.:.:,:5.,- ....-e , ...EQ 'WNW 'Ai i it f-WW? ,,..,,. . :,, j 58 Z 9 wx yr 1 r 1 J f '11, Y? TW? if WW Phi Kappa Phi members are: ROW ONE Julie Low, Susan Caylor, Lynne Holtzapple, Dotti Neyhouse, Ruth Buesking. Mary Delzell, Dianne Mc- Carty, Sandra Ungetheim, Charlotte Bretz. ROW TIVO Dr. Earl M. Tapley, Dr. Edgar M. McKown, Dr. Lowell E. VVeller, Dr. Y. WL Maves, Dr. Wayne P. Mueller, Dr. R. T, Duflord, Mr. Clarence G. Winternheimer, Rayna Bartleujoyce White, Dr. Virginia Crabill, Janis Bierod. RUI1' THREE Dr. F. W. Werking, Dr. Nicholas C. Brown, Mr. Clarence E. Brooks, Dr. Harris David Erickson, Dr. Kelly G. Miles, Dr. Ralph H. Cole- man, Dr. Ray W. Arensman, Dr. Arnold Wade, Dr. Grvillej. jaebl-ter, Dr. Philip Kinsey, Dr. Charles VV.hIohnson. H9 Kappa Mu Epsilon members are: RUII' UNI: Honoraries omplirnent Efforts in Chosen Fields of Stud The purpose of PI SIGMA EPSILON is to promote, en- courage, and stimulate an interest in professional careers in business. A national honorary for marketing, general busi- ness and economics majors, membership is acquired by vote of the active chapter and required academic standards. PHI BETA CHI membership is composed of students and faculty members. To be considered for membership a .... .L 41. ... student must earn "A" credits in at least one-half of his major field and an average of HB" or better in all related fields. Faculty membership is by invitation. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY is open to all chemistry majors and minors. The society holds monthly meetings with special speakers, plant tours, and guest speakers. cf? ,it--it 2 :f 1 ,X .L",I"- Pi Sigma Epsilon members are ROW ONE: Frank Bowen, Larry Miller, Bob Kelly, Art Shoener, Mr. Ron Faust, Brad Fleig, Randy Rohlfer, Lon Gilbert and Dr. Ray Arensman. ROW TWO: jerry Carter, Dave Schlansker, Don Steedman, Ed Bradley, Dennis Edmonds, james Best, Al Schlachter, Tim Mooney, Wayne Seifert, Gerald Mattingly, Ben Kendal, Dave Bower, Paul Niemeier, Sam Stiles, Lee Dillinger, Rich Martin, Tom Hayden. American Chemical Society members are ROW ONE: Dr. Philip Kensey. Veronica I-Isiung, Mical Tuley, Bob Michel, Dan Nalin, Fritz Kiechle, and David Overton. ROIV TWO: Glen xjourdan, Steve Naberhius, jim Kuhzenschmidt, Melvin Sensmeier, Arthur Sensmeier, Jerry Koester, and Ronald Sensmeier. Phi Beta Chi members are ROI1 ONE: Urey Miller, Bung Chung Lee, Elaine Chambers, Ruth Bues king, Tammi Neu, Bill Sheckfee, and Richard Shores, ROIV TIVO: Dr V, C. Bailey, Mr. R, L, Devaisher Mr. Edward Susat, Mr. C. G. Win- ternheimer, Rob Michel, Dr. C, W Robertson, Dr. Ralph Coleman Jim Jansen Dr. Philip Kinsey, Mr P. Louis Winternheimer, Mr. Wil- liam Hartsaw, and Dr. Wayne Mueller. Xf' 'Q-nv 'T i4"""'1 "W" i Y' ie-f' 'er' gfh .G.A. This years officers are SEA TED: Frank Ballard, V.P.g -jim Browning Pres.g STA.YDl.'VG.' Klan Boyer, Tres.g Nancy jordan, Del.-at-Large and Rosie Buchenberger, Sec. im Browning Presides Uver Student Governing Bodies Student Senate Student Senate members are SEA TED: Steve Noblitt, Paul Black, Rosie Buchenbergerhlim Browning, Nancy lIordan..Ian Boyer. Barry Allred. Sfi-l.YDI,YC: Sherry Meddock. Greg Brown. Karen Andrews, Gina Voight, Deena Butler. and Ken Macke. Government Leads Campus ffairs nion Board Anderson, V.P. Womenis Council The Members of Women's Council serve as advisors to Gamma Delta, the fresh- man women's honorary. They are SEA TED: Nancy Winternheimer, Sharon Chandler. STA.VDI.VG.' Cheryle Mueller, Sandy Ethridge, and Donna Prell. Union Board members plan all activities that concern the Union Building. This year they are SEA TED: Jeannie Jones, Lynn Whittington, Betty Wilson, Dotti Neyhouse, .S'Yl-l,X'IJ- ING' Kathy Whetstone, Fritz Kiechle, Bob Dishman, Presg qloy King, Sec-g and ,lanic ' Q...-., X, Administration Board px The Administration Board meets with faculty members to decide campus policies. They are Mrs. Otto Schnakenburg, Robert L. Wil- son, Frank Ballard, Rosie Buchenberger, Nicholas C. Brown, Jim Browningulames E. Morlock,LIan Boyer, and Nancyklordan. 123 V95 Senior class ofhcers this year are Sue Blaine, treasurerg Patti Halkowich, secretary, and Paul Black, president. Tom Cook is senior class vice-president, pictured below. Posters, signs and campaign promises came early in the year with class ofhcer elections on October 14 in the Union Building, The senior class members elected Paul Black, Tom Cook, Patti Halkowich and Sue Blaine to ohfice. Tom Bowman --....-f was elected junior class president while Jim Domina was e chosen vice-president. Gina Voight was voted in as secretary w1g4,,f,W,,g and Betsy Ross as treasurer. Sophomores chose Deena Butler, Karen Andrews, Barry Allred and Ken Macke to lead their class. Sherry Meddock, Greg Brown, Tom Hayden and Steve Noblett received the majority ofthe freshman class votes. Throughout the year the officers have governed the stu- dents through the Student Senate. 124 mln 3 'fqjjj' 'wif gm. YW In M" 'F 'F 3 Sophomore class ofhcers are Deena Butler, treasurerg Karen Andrews, secretaryg Barry Allred, president, and Ken Macke, vice-president. Freshman ofhcers are Sherry Meddock, secretary, Greg Brown, treas- urerg Tom Hayden, vice-president, and Steve Noblett, president. Www W? Am.. "5"v-L" 5-PJ lion-du 'War 1 1 1 K 3 , . 'l Q! X., Youn Democrats W5 .Ml f-.7 .., Us K i I--4 "hx --lv 0.3 g 5-. ' 'Q Q K., c-S-'lo D- The Young Republicans also help during elections and sponsor a booth on Activities Day. .S'1YiYY.YCl: Margie Skelton, Sharon Kraft. Bar- bara Hoback. Donna Thorn. Dianne McCarty, Eva Lanman. Midge Schultze. ST,l.YIJ1.YG.' jim Schmidt, -john Nlettling. David Hunter. Llovd Shaflierc Frank Ballard, and Davidljones. The Young Democrats sponsor films for the students and help during elections. SEA YED: jan Endicott, jane Ellen Price, Cheryl Lovin, Gwen Songer. S7H,YlJl.YG.' John West, Dennis Avery,jim Lantrip, and Paul Black, Young Republicans 126 tlssl , . eff' it-4-f r '.p'u 9,3 'I' ,- P -H e ,'-!62.vf'.' rv' Sensmeier, and Miss Cllgirc- Bt-rlillion, Circle K Members of Circle K are SEA YFD: Bob Layson, C. Ray Minton, Don l-lotz. STANIJ- 1 ING: jim Schmidt, Bob Werzner, Graham Morey, Rick Wedel,1Iim Wills, Mike Knight, Stevejones, and P. D. Sluder. sychology Club Psych Club members are ROW 7: Pete Morrison,Rae Ann Roettger. Connie Zehner,Bobby Carey, john Shatzer. Rllll' 2: Teresa Whitsitt, Betty Wilson, Deborah Piper, Shirleyjames, Arthur Allen. RUIVJ: Larry Shorde, Suzy Van Stone, kludv Miller, Sandy Butcher. Layne Watson. ROII' 1: Jerry Hart, Jim Bastain, Kenneth Weinzapfel, Leah Jones. HOU' 5: lNilliam Stevens. Dr. Charles johnson. and Dr. Delbert Sampson. Secretary Club members :irc l'cgigx' W'zillcnlmr'ovl4, AI.inict l KlHlCy, Shilnnffrl fllilrlvlloriiigi Porter. llorst.l Nl ir ini Varsit Cheerleaders - S R ,M 3 35 X' ' we .e fest, n l Varsity Cheerleaders are Betty Martin, Kathy Pascoejackie Garner, Ginger Summers, Connie Krause, and Linda Youngblood. aj orettes Majorettes this year are Nira Zuroske, Susan I-Iarkins, Lynn Hagenseiker, Gwen Cadick, and Pam Vaught l28 1ttle SISTCFS of M1nerva The Little Sisters of 'Vlinerva ire the olhtnl hostesses for Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity They are Sl' 4 llfli Pxm Broun in Xbbott Karen Norris, Sally Eaton, Karen Allen 1NDINf Ann Wlllace Plschil I ihlmy W'hite, Diane flf.fIflf1t'lil1C'CFi', :Xpril knfiebel Iudy Plymtte Suzanne Hewitt ind Rita Hardy. -if' ,t,,,,,W,t Aqua ww AH g els it' if! The Aqua Angels are girls interested in swimming. They help at all swim meets. They are .S'lffl7'ED: Klan jordan. Lynne Holtzapple, Harriett Saehse, Pat Mayer, Margaret Spaar .5731 XDIXG' Miekie Hirschman, Karen Fox, Becky Xoung and Gail Weil. French lub French Club members are RON' I: Bev- erly Baker, Martha Willett, Susan Brown Dotti Neyhouse. Robynn Sehlundt Susan Hession, Betty Wilson. ROW 2. W, Ransbottom, Linda Dike, Faye Melllfresh, Sally Eaton, Eva Lanman jane Falleth, Nira Zuroske, Tim Tucker ROW 3: April Knaebel, Steve jones Bob Townsend, Tom Jaco, Ron Cole- man, andj. William Baus. C' W I FY 1 l.. K. V , CBI 2 ACE members ROW ONE: L. Schweiger, S. Cole, R. Schlundt, S. Williams, S. Elder, D. Powers,j. Anderson. ROW2.' J Redman, Lindsey, D. Ramsey, K. Rinehart, M. Cheek, jones, C. Wedeking, B. Conaway, S. Ungetheim. ROW3: S Cornett. P. Haas, Ashworth, I. Reynolds, M. Owensby, Williams, M. Beasley, C. Niethammer, P. Ellis, King, J Boultinghouse, B. Hobaek,j. Conrad, C. Forsythe, M. Record. ROW-J: S. Rengus, D. Riley,J.jones, M. Schulties, C. Little, D. Williams, C. Niles, M. Bretzul. Mauek, M. Cavins, and K. Norris. A.C.E. Teaching Majors oin Forces SNEA members ROW 7: K. Rinehart, Low, Inglehart, C. Estes, B. Carter. ROW 2: T. Crawford,xI. Lindsey, K. Fen- neman, A. Mathieu, M. Cheek, H. Holder, L. Clark, A. Hodapp, C. Richardson. ROW3: G. Doerner, D. Wade, B. Britton, K. Whetstone, M. Knight, C. Cabbage, M. Hunt, B. Hoback, C. Forsythe, D. Libbert, K. jones, B. Moutoux. ROW J: P. Block, R. Bartle, D.jones, D. Musselwhite, D. Avery, M. Recordhl. Mauck, A. Vollmer, K. Weatherford, and S. Hoehn. ., , mx: , 7, x ot fb as f 7 'Q . Q I s S.N.E.A Mfwvgiggq. cv- 4. ngineerin g lub The Engineering Club is made up of interested campus students. This years members are ROW 7: George Coyle, John Stevian. ROW 2: Robert Petersen, Russell Bently, Tom Wilson, Forrest Noveheon. ROW 3: Ed Whitley, Hartley Kidd, Norman Richards, and David Metz. Electronic and Electrical Engineers The Electronic and Electrical Engineers Club is for persons with an avid interest in advanced engineer- ing. Members are SEA TED: Bill Sheckfee, Charles Higdon, Sue Westfall, Ralph Bennett, George Coyle. STANDING: Terry Atwater, jim Blair, Brian Behler, Bill Fitzgerald, Ron Gladish, Charles Williams, and Robert Cochran. l3l W as 51: it 'Y . y ' 4 Accounting Club members are SEA YED: Allen Bess, Paul Dassel, Ken Van Stone, Graham Morey, William Wesselman, Steve Slaton, Jerome Krueger. STA.YlJ1.YC.' Gary Gibbs, Wayne Seifert, Sam Stiles, John Pyle, Lon Gilbert, Larry Prather,joe Hog- gard. Larry Miller, andxlohn D, Huelster, Professional Sponsor. Accounting Club The newly organized Chess Club members are Bill Simpson, Don Peters, Mike Dinwiddie, Steve Reynolds, Pat Childs, Herb Jensen, jim Morris, Steve Cress, Dave Patterson, Chuck Coflin. SE.-l TED: Scott Cates, jim Bumgarner. IWW! lx L! Independent Student Association INCA is an organization lor Independent students. Members are Sli,-l YEDJ Kathy VVilliamson, Rirhardtlohnson. Marie W'il- son. .S'T,'l.YlJl.YCl.' Betty Simmons. Steve Atherton, and Alulie Redman. Evansville College Theatre Members Compose Casts for College Plays Evansville College Theater members are ROW 7: Beverly Terhune. Linda Schmitt. Bob Wagner. Ron Glass, john Mettling, Dave Emge, Vella Johnson. ROW 2: Dianne Abbott, Cindy Dbty, Sharon Overman, Nira Zuroske, Rhonda Stalder, Terry Brown, Tim Baize, Pam Gilbert. ROW3: Kerry Driggers, Mike Flaherty, Alex Rue, Dave McFadzean, Barry Dubuque, Marcia Bennett, jim Yeiser, Dave Comer, Milt Butterworth. ROW J: Steve Bayer, Gary Bayer, jerry Free- man, Mike Pullin, Skip Borre, Sharon Chandler, Suzan Davis, Harriett Sachse, and Everett Ma- guire. Religious Groups Give Methodist Student Movement members are RO W 7: K. Williamson, P. Brooks, Y. Shinozaki, N. Staulrtz, C. Kistner, M. Timpe, D. Atz, M. Crocker. RUW2: R. Johnson, A. Allred, B. Simmonsml. Bierod, D. Demaree, P. Ellis, B. Hudson, A. Corn, L.jami- son, S. Cress, B. Landis. ROW3: M. Record, M. Robinson, Hughey, F. Groves, Thornton, B. Weir, C. Coffin, T. Tucker. RUIVAI: H. Reich. P. Nimnicht, M. Ellisul. Hall, R. Young, P. Shell, L. Okma, Sxlester, D. Fager. ntervarsit Christian Fellowship Intervarsity is composed of persons of all religions. SEA TED: Marilyn Iddings. STANDING: Sandra Fandong, Gayle Swain, Connie Alexander, jim Davis, Irma Moore, Steve Schrader, Kathy Kirtley,judyJones, and Linda Snowberger. 134 Students Spiritual Support A, 4 i a, M t , I " '.,' , NY, 2 Ky X' 1, E "1 in l fi 'f it few , r," i iw? t 4 f of A ly Baptlst Student UHIOH t ,Mig . - , . sv A E ' ,t Q i raq1.,.,,,, 1. Baptist Student Union is for Evansville students who are Baptist and wish tojoin with other students ofthe same faith, ROW 7: Linda Faye Clark, Yoneko Shinozaki, Emma Robinson, Ida McDowell. ROM' 2: Hazel Holder, Karen Meier, Mary Louise Bell, Bill Simpson, Mary Ann Owensby, and Thelma Finch. Newman Club is for the Catholic students at Evansville College. SEA TED: john Pledger. STANDING: Gerald Mattingly, Ruth Effinger, Paulette Baker, Barbara Reffett, and Bob Schaflstein. 135 Newman Club i 'X - S .. IN 0 ASG , .. ...... . - A Cappella Choir Campus Choir Choral-Ayres Choral-Ayres, directed by Mrs. Margaret Shepard, are SEA TED: June Wiggins, Joyce jackson, Linda Gilliam, Glenda Purcell, Laura Hayes, Carol Gerkin Jane jefford, Linda Thomson, Prudence Stallings, Jo Ellen Stallings. STANDING: Mrs. Shepard,jimmie Moore, Gilbert Miller, Kenneth Lewis, Ira Harris Ray Young, Thomas Rueger, Richard Holmes, Dale Miller, jack Beanblossom, Daniel Welling, Tyrone Bragg, and Dennis Dougherty. Evansville College Band Varsity Band Chamber Urehestra A New DIMENSION ,N "'ur,,u. ' . 'N -1... ff NR X X .Iulie Low, senior, is the editor of the 1967 LinC. julie is shown with some ofthe pictures to go into this year's book. Susan Kifer, senior, is this year's managing editor for the Linfl. Susan is laying outa page to go into the book. The LinC is the yearbook of the school. The editor and staff do their best to give a pictorial view of the campus events of the year. All interested students are urged to help with the LinC. Each year a theme is chosen for the LinC and through the use of copy, pictures, and art, the theme is carried throughout the entire book. 138 Lin Staff Records Year's ampus Events N VEARBOUK5 'ww-.25 Bu mum- .ww 5.- ft ' rt . .. ,t A Pj was 'N' 9? ,'t 1 ,r X, if: .twm asf' ' f 1' N-.M 'Q' r Zu W Helping the editor of the LinC is the staff which compiles seetions of the yearbook. SEA YED are Susan I-Iession, Glenda Clayton, Dawn Wade, Karyl Kleitz. STANDING are Wayne Trevathan, Trisha Robbins, Melinda Harman, Donna Porter, Graham Morey. Cindy Brown and Paul Niemeier. MFSYJCHDC Y0UT1g,,10UFl'l3llSm1l'1SU'UCf0f advises the YC21Yb00k 21nd UCWSPHPCF Donna Powers, junior, Covers the campus events throughout the year in her Stags- position of campus editor. l'EZf--,,,.,,"' ""'-Q-n.,Qg' ,pw 'T' ,f 52. Q 1 Ai L ,f Crescent Staff Collects URTERS REP X T5 joe Corheld. senior, was the editor of the fall quarter Crescent. joe continues to write a column for the paper, The Crescent is a weekly paper put out by Journalism majors and any one else that is willing to help. The Cres- cent staff tries to publish the paper for the student. Included in the eight pages ofthe Crescent, one will find editorials, sports, feature stories, and letters to the editor. With the help of Mrs. Young, faculty advisor, the staff tries to edit a paper that will interest the students as well as inform them. The Crescent has won the Pacemaker and All-American Award for College Newspapers. ...,, "s'-- f-ur V f K ,I ,M I ,gf , , , ,....a-wwmggg, Wayne Trevathan was fall campus editor. Along with jobs on the paper, Wayne also writes columns for the Crescent. Karen Lobeck assumed duties as campus editor winter quarter. 140 , ampu News, Informs Students 5 lllll I 'P-5? 5 Z5 .. 5132, Ron Stewart, senior, is the editor-in-chief for the Crescent. Ron was managing editor ofthe paper fall and spring quarters. Norma jean Augustine was winter quarter managing editor. 5 sw-' gil Us l ' ' .mx s-1 , i wt' ,x i""'1 GPA wwf 1. av., , "?'..E'f" in M Helping the editors of the Crescent is the staff. They are SEA TEDr Glenda Clayton. jane Thompson. STA.YDI.YG: Karyl Kleitz, Graham Morey. and Dawn Wade. Many other students write regularily for the weekly newspaper. Donna Weber, junior, is the business manager lor the Crescent, Donna keeps tab ofthe expenses for the paper. Ned Martin covers circulation for the newspaper. l4l ,f ..,, mum' ' "Q 1 L.. -lun-, "' ...RL , mm 25345 X 1 4, W T ff W-A , - M ' Q ' Q Q I .. XA. , ,K " an V 1 I , J I. J 5 QA , v"4.ff'.,K Eff-ff. , V- if 9' " - E. , ,X , P Q EI ' 1 .Q E . 3, 4. tg 'Rf zu' f'f'. I 'qui ' Q M :"ff""w" x L, .A ' E ,duff my -.-U. ,V , 1 X A, L ,A M Ax -A .15 'XJ X ,. .4 b ' N Pi., x il! ' 'Q' A fi' " -YY G ,TW K A is , , - 4 . ,, as . JW! gm? 'N-nil xf' L ft . A QW lf 3 '7 1 f 5 ,A 6' fl! Z Three Sig Ep pledges were the first to emerge from the Great Hall during Fall rush pledging. Sigma Phi Epsilon took 22 pledges. Gathered around the piano in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority suite are four pledges learning sorority songs with the help olehapter president Yieki Combs. AQ K ' gms hx, 5,3445 3 Q: V v I 9 1 Mig , ef .W 'X X The symbol of Chi Omega is the owl. This Chi Owl went to high extremes to illustrate the point. I44 Greeks Laugh, Sing, Cheer, ork As Sisters nd Brothers Chatting informally are Alpha Omicron Pi sorority sisters Connie Doughty left, and Suzanne Hewitt. Connie was AOPi's 1966-67 president. s SS? ' ,sw f Pledging time is a joyous time as the brothers welcome their prospective members. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was out with banners and hugs during fall rush. l45 Two men from each of Evansville College's five national fraternities meet each week to see to it that the fraternities cooperate for the betterment of the individual groups and for the college as a whole. Dean Clifford Kraft is the faculty advisor. President is Ed Bradley of Lambda Chi Alpha. The presidency is rotated among the fraternities. ntcrfratcrnity Council Interfraternity Council is the governing body of the male social fraternities on campus. It sets the dates for men's rush in the fall and winter. Each of the five fraterni- ties, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Psi, and Lambda Chi Alpha, has two representatives on the Council. One of the duties of the organization is to see "that the objectives and activities of the fraternity should be in entire accord with the aims and purposes of the institutions at which it has chaptersfl This year the organization promoted a full-scheduled Greek Weekend. At least two new fraternities are being aided in colonizing on campus. President is Ed Bradley. The faculty advisor is Dean Clifford W. Kraft. I46 Sorority Representatives Govern Activities Through Panhellenio Panhellenic Association is the governing body of the soror- ities on campus. The organization sets pledging requirements and rush dates. It is divided into junior Panhellenic and Senior Panhellenic. Pledges form junior Panhellenic and initiated members form Senior Panhellenic. Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha sororities are the member groups. This yearls officers were Darlene Harri- son, president, Pam Blessing, vice-president, julie Walton, secretary, and Pat Dissette, treasurer. Mrs. Schnakenburg, Director of Women's Counseling, serves as advisor. Panhellenic members during the year were Cleft to right, Pat Dissette, treasurer, Julie Walton, secretary, Marsha Wellemeyerg Darlene Harrison, president Donna Boyd, Pam Blessing, vice-president, and Gayle Grim. Absent from this picture were Paula Young, and the advisor, Mrs. Schnakenburg. 147 Marsha Wellemeyer made her AOPi sisters proud as she walked to her throne at the EC vs. St. Joe football game to reign as 1966 Homecoming Queen on Oct. 29. V it.: ' N.Ll,fg ' f' Kwf g rg or W Tom Cook Dea Abbott Pam Alvis Karen Andrews jan Austin Delia Bigger Sue Blaine l Nancy Burns Marty C2iYFif1glOr1 Barbara DSFFCM Connie Doughty Barbara Erickson Peggy Ferriel Marilyn Glaess Ggye Goebel Andy Henry Suzanne Hewitt Mary Ann Hunt Diane Dejonckheere Anita jones jeanniejones I48 ' Alpha micron ' F35 Alpha Omicron Pi, founded at Barnard College of Columbia University in 1897, formed Chi Lambda chapter at Evansville College on .june 2, 1951. After winning Homecoming Queen title three consecutive years, AOPi retired the traveling trophy in 1966. Some of the honors received by AOPi are Miss United Fund Qthree yearsj, May Day Queen Cthree yearsl, Basketball Queen, Panhellenic Scholarship Trays, and material scholarship awards. AOPL has a Winter Formal, the Red Rose Ball, which honors pledges, and a Spring Formal. Tom Cook was the AOPi's Favorite Guy. Twas an inside luau that brought these soror ity sisters together. 'C 'I' V Q6 A Susan Kelley Joyce Kleinhenn April Knaeblg Mary Koch Karen Lippoldt Jeanne MCCUIICY Sherri' Meddofk M7511 5? QTF. Janie Mengon Gail Mohrman Kathy Nelson Sylvia Nenneker Tammi Neu Karen Norris judy Plymate 'Sm V.,-i aww, fy 1'+i377 Becky Prince jane Reasor Sue Rowland Sue Schelosky Robynn Schlundt CHr0lyn Scott Connie Sturm Gina Voight Julie Walton Gail Weil Marcia Wellemeyer Sandy Williams Linda Wilson Becky Young 149 Members of Chi Omega Land posed lor this picture, The sorority's symhol, E the owl, is represented on the lelt. The Chi O pods are not necessarily f , Q representative ol' pledgesg Chi U President Nira Zuroske displays one in the from row center. W' Chi U pledges are shown outside of Hughes Hall as they fulfill one of their pledge duties- taking trophies home to clean. Paula Aeker Cheryl Becker Dianne Black Linda Black Cindy Boswell Jeri Boyd Gail Brooks Rosie Buchenberger Connie Cartwright Suzi Clark Becky Cooper Barbara Criswell Pat DePriest Pat Dissette Beth Edwards Jill Edwards X W, they Peggy Edwards Gayle Grim Alison Gumm Janie Huffman Millie Goody Carol Klein Connie Krause AI'lCnC Martin I50 45551 . 30. 1 0 h1 Omega The Chi Epsilon Chapter of Chi Omega was installed at Evansville College in 1951. Nationally the sorority was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. There are presently 132 chapters of Chi Omega. Traditional events include a spaghetti supper, trip to a city or- phanage, an Easter egg hunt for faculty children, and a Spring formal. In addition, each spring a social science award is presented to a deserving senior woman. This year Chi Omega took first place with their homecoming dis- play 'fSpin Out a Win", and Miss Pat Dissette was first runner-up for Homecoming Queen. The pledge class also won a plaque for outstanding school spirit. The owl is a symbol of Chi Omega, the white carnation is the fraternity Hower, and the colors are cardinal and straw. Miss Nira Zuroske has served as president during the year, and Pat DePriest has been her vice-president. F J -N, n-up Q- L, 'I IW' 1' I I President Nira Zuroske, Pledge Trainer Shirley Williams, and Rush Chairman Rosalee Buchen- burger, attended Chi O's national convention. Betty Martin Martha McChesney AA. Donna McElderry Marilyn Meiser Sherry Noyes Pam Pearcg Marty Plank Tina Porch Donna Prell Barbara Sanford if 'fI""v uw 'EDP' Mary Schafer Sandy Sharpe Susan Slade Becky Snyder Val Sorenson Linda Topper Cinda Tucker Susan Vinton L. Pat Vote Karlena Wallace Dianne Wampler Barbara Wilder Shirley Williams BCUY Wilson Linda Youngblood Nira Zumskf' l5l . ii., . 0 As--Q. :' 1 - s ,z nv: -N 1 1,1 1 , or '52, 52 . RQLX: :Xl sg Karen Allen Karen Anderson Ann Arensman Beth Bellamy Kathy Britton Cindy Brown Pam Brown Shiiffm Brown Gwen Cadick Susie Cole Vicki Colvin jane Downey Beth English Susan English Nancy Freyburger Suzellen Gall 'KZ' S f 4 "" Cf mx 4 it t Q- . v- if jackie Garner Darleen Harrison Chris Hawhee Ramona Hires Marcia Hisgen Cindy Hudson Connie Hughes JCYmifCF,l0l'lCS Nancy Kirkman Brenda Knowles jean Labhart Peggy Livers Nancy Madden Susan Palmer jan Paseal Kathy Pascoe jo Peacock Mary Peck jo Pheasant Donna Porter Kathy Reeder Betsy Ross Molly Rubin Sharon Schmidt .Iudy Smith Ginger Summers Carol Vaught Pam Vaught Judy Voris Coleen Wedeking Marcia Werle Phyllis Wheaton l52 1. 73242 N- ,5 ' y I ff. -+3 G ?1,fu if t if, f 0, X, f J ' xt .May-,' ff' Y , 'flsirf f Miss Evansville College for 1966 was Phi Mu's Connie Hughey. Here she receives congratulations from some of her sorority sisters who were also in the contest. Miss Hughey also was named Miss Congeniality. Evansville Collegeis chapter of Phi Mu sorority has piled up a list of activities and honors for the organization and its members. The sorority this year had a Presentation Ball, Spring Formal, national philanthropic project HOPE, sponsored an orphan, senior recognition banquet, fraternity exchange parties, summer workshop, and philomathean hours. Five sorority sisters are members of Angel Flight, four are members of Little Sisters of Minerva, two are members of Crescents, Betsy Ross was junior class treasurer, Nancy Freyburger was Miss Icebreaker Queen, Ginger Summers was Betty-Coed, and Lynn Whittington was chairman of the Union Games Committee. Lynn Whittington Nancy Winternheimer Paula Young Connie Zehner 153 ,,o'ioo Q zWA S Y! a if A li mi y Hifi X q J. ., xayms., V Nut ,WN we K An Evansville College football player on top of the world won second place for Zeta Tau Alpha in the homecoming displays. Zeta Tau Alpha begins each year with its annual pledge banquet. Other chapter traditions include the initiation banquet, senior breakfast, the White Violet Pledge Dance, Spring Formal, and an all-campus Mardi Gras dance. Zeta's homecoming queen candidate was second runner-up this year. Last year the sorority backed Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the HBig 39" Bike Race. Also that spring, Zeta won the ofhce of Student Government Association's treasurer. At the Spring Formal, Mike Graves of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was named the chapter's sweetheart for 1966-67. Zeta Tau Alpha l i E t e i E l l i l Zeta's Sharon Chandler was first runner-up in the 1966 Miss Evansville College pageant. She performed a dance in her "Canadian Sunset" cos- tume. M 1' .N QV' was s.- , Q ""' TN -. y 1 xx CF' L4 .NJ Yrxv' ix Patty Askew Nancy Akin Mary Bass 'llzinyzi Beauchamp Pam Blessing Donna Boyd .Ian liover Wir I' ., 4 A A' r X s i , -, XJ L Sharon Bronson Sherry Bryan Martha Buesking Ruth Buesking JHHCI BUgl'l6F Sharon Chandler Jeanne Chaney Shannon Clark Vicky Combs jane Dahl Judy Dudley Sheryl Fell Christy Fisher Nancy Cregg Pl'1YlliS H2138 the ibfkbr' dn: QPF' E44 Mickie Hirshman Diane Hooper Leanne Howerler Leahjones Linda Kirkham Mary McQueen Carol Michel Vickie Hay 300 Deane Miller Diane Mueller TCHHH Newman Barbara Nicksic Debbie Piper Minnie Schnapf Debbie Shroder Gail Steiner Carol Stotler LHDOHIIE1 SIFL1Cl'l Linnea Stula Linda Thompson Linda Trott Kathy Whetstone TCFFY Wl1iISiIl Sarah Yiiggi l55 Kappa lpha si In Uctober of 1964, the Gaylords, a local club, became a colony of Kappa Alpha Psi national fraternity. During this colonization period, they were known as the Scrollers. Un April 3, 1965, the Scrollers became chartered members of Kappa Alpha Psi. At that time, they ,joined Evansville College's lnterfraternity Council. Kappa Alpha Psi sponsors the "Megatons of Fun" dance. They also have a Sweetheart Dance and a Spring Formal each year. As a service to the public, Kappa Alpha Psi sponsors the Guide Right Movement, which helps students interested in different fields of study. 156 4, my . A Terry Atwater George Berry Anthony Hargrove Alexander Harris Art Jordan Irving Marshall Larry Murdaugh Bernard Robinson Walter Robinson Davenya Sanders Willie W21ShingI0n Dave Weeks William Whitticker Herb Williams 157 1 ohn Dennis Mike Greg jim Milt Will Brackett Brandenberger Brinkmeier Brosey Brown Y' hi' A fx - ' ' Lambda Chi Alpha November 19, 1955, Phi Zeta social club of Evansville College became a colony of Lambda Chi Alpha. Phi Zeta became the Iota Mu chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha on November 17, 1956. Last spring, the local chapter won the Big 39 Bicycle Race for the fourth consecutive year. Lambda Chi has also won first place in the judging of homecoming displays during three of the past four years. Each fall, the Chis sponsor the Watermelon Bust, an all-campus dance. Dean Robert Wilson is faculty advisor for the chapter. This fall, the fraternity started construction on its new home on Weinbach Avenue. During the construction period, Lambda Chi met in the Union Building. f-Q 2233 ohn Bo Scott Roger Steve Paul Gary Don Skip Aufderhauer Barrett Baumgartner Beck Bell Black Bledsoe Blempker Bon-C mama' Q g' K B0 B0 Mike Dave Don C after D1Sl1m21r1 Durke Elson Euston Filson FOl21n Freeman 158 Browning Butterworth Campbell Doug Ted jerry Tom Carroll Jim Gabriel i i A 3 6 he Brad Don Steve Terry Ron Bob Brian T0m Dick Garrett Gibbs Green Hartman Hatfield Harper Hearn Hclmbach Iii-my ff' h Rick Frank Mike Ron Gary Gary Rick Bill Paul Hohimer Hughes Hughey .l0l1DS0I1 'jones Katterhenry Kingston Koch Krohne john Rick Phil Hugh Bill john Roger Mike JOHN Laforgue Lowenkamp Mangin Martin Nlatthgwg Miller Miller Minton A Nail Steve jerry Mike Chuck Jim Ron Mike Russ Howard Noblitt Norris Oliver , Oswald Owen Palace Poland Post Pratt Dan Rodney Norm Doug Steve Tom Dave Rich Denny Proctor Quick Tulley Raeburn Raibley Rickhart Riggs Risemas Robbins 'QQ Tom Bob Rick jeff Chuck Bernie Harry Dan Chuck Rogers Ross Sander Sanders Scherer Schrader Smith Starkey Steeler '25 1 ......-- ' "rf I Bryan Steve Marty Virgil Benny Rick Chip Phil Tom SUUSOU Summers Umberger Vandever Watson Wedel Winebaugh VVinlield Youngblood l59 "Fanny, De Cirque de Yinqtiemem was the title ofSigmz1 Alpha Epsilnn's skit in Musical Madness for I966. The fraternity eopped third place in the men's divi sion for its production. ,,., 'f f f X Wi 3 Q? ' ff ' X f ssl .. ,A te V 17 4 , , 1 if X sf Q ,X 0 f xi 1: ' tw 1, f D'iVid Ash Willi'1m BCCR Thomas Bennett David Bower immie Butler Don Crane Tom Cusaeh . A L 1 J K james Domina Douglas Eyles D. L. Feltner Jim Gardner Lynn Garrett Mike Graves Peter Golightly David Havill Mark Hosterman David Huehsehman john Hughes Tom Jaco Dougjaeques Ericjodka 160 fi' Ak ohnxlohnston Sigma Alpha Epsilon On December 15, 1957, Pi Epsilon Phi, the oldest local fraternity in the nation became a chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Fraternity. Last year the Indiana Epsilon chapter sponsored a bleed- in. They received more than 200 pints of blood which were sent to our fighting men in Viet Nam. A hrst on Evansville College campus was the formation of the Little Sisters of Minerva, an organization of girls for the support of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The fraternity honored them at the 1966 Spring Formal by making them all sweet- hearts. Last year the Sigma Alpha Epsilon's took first place in intramural football, golf, bowling, and wrestling. Traditions with the fraternity include the Mother's Day Weekend, the Playboy party, and the Hell's Angel's party. Mr. Millard Pace is the chapter advisor. Rick Kreke Steve Longden Brad McGinnis Roger Me-land Dennis Nutty john Pauler Richard Pauler Bruce Pearce Larry Polster Harold Powell Joseph S. Reid Charles Ruckman Charles Salerno David Schlansker ohn Shatzer james Shea Earl Stanfield Larry Tallman Charles Taylor Richard White Tom Young 161 ft Sigma Phi Epsilon CP Sig Ep men are proud of their brothers who contri- bute to the strength of the varsity football team. ROW ONE: Randy Muhrer, Mike Dean, Tom Cook. ROW TWO: Gordon Jaffray, Steve Gran- nan and Bob Bannwart. Sigma Phi Epsilon national fraternity, chartered here fraternity HS their sweetheart. March 12, 1955, was founded nationally at Rich- During the year the men have received several cam- mond CVa.D College and has168 chapters. pus honors. The chapter received the scholarship tro- The fraternity brothers renew fellowship and re- phy fall quarter and tied for it winter quarter. Last view their ritual several times each year at Camp spring the Sig Ep Musical Madness skit won second Carson during weekend retreats. Several brothers rep- place. resented the local chapter at a national leadership A lawn display featuring Snoopy and entitled school at Indiana University last September. HBomb'em Aces" won second place during homecom- Sandy Williams, an AOPi, was chosen by the ing activities. X , , . -415 - ' 5 Q I f Ray jim Keith Bob Steve Bill Greg jay Avels Bacas Baggett Bannwart Baresic Barker Barrett Brewer V I . ,,,,t X rir it C Tom Mike Bob Ed jim john Alan Dave Jim Cook Dean Deckard Dunn Dye Ellison Espenlaub Franks French 162 Sig Ep executive committee members are Alan I-Iungate, comp- troller: Jim Jansen, recorderg Tom Cook, presidentg Terry Ising, secretary, and Bill Kitchens, vice-president. if K 1 ,iff ' 1 A W gf if We ? Q7 jc 02.2. L ff Ron Ed Chris Alan Bill Ed Steve Tom Alan Giles Grammer Graves Gumberts Hadley Hancock Haworth Hayden Hungate ' 1 0 fin- ' .. ,c,, ,, f W f an 1" KL tm my in -' 4 i asf, 5' , ,.:, :if-' ' ii in-2 , i-1' 1 lynn, 2' 'Wh' W r 13. X 'YV X el ' t K it t . V .AAA A . va .L Doug Terry GOFd0r1 Larry Glen john Bill Charles Dan Huston Ising Jaffray Jeffers jourdan Kidwell Kitchens Koehler Lauer Mhz . grey KA Y Au.. a L - .L Tim Mark Steve Gil Mike Randy Dale David Mike Lewis Lively Millay Miller Montgomery Muhrer Overton Overton Phipps 2' 1 ' so :,, in t L A f :f-f t jeff Steve Tom jerry Steve Larry Tom Bruce Gordon Radnor Reflett Rice Rich Ritter Rose Russell Schreiber Schlundt me 115' Tom Mike Gary Wayne Dave john Ed Mark Mike Snider Snyder Thornborough Trevathan Uebelhack Walling West Wright Zimmer 163 - eb- ,. . ,, , , 'N' r N f y 1 ff fx H6 , The action packed bicycle race had Teke's and their backers to their feet as a rider is helped. Q' X ,. 52 NX julie Mrs. Jessie Barry Ron Walton Scales Allred Angemeier YW Tau Kappa Epsilon The Zeta Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was chartered on May 25, 1957, thus giving Evansville College its third national fraternity. The TKE chapter herethas been revamped and reorganized by a succession of forceful leaders to take its place in the chain of a strong national organization. TKE led the fraternities in intramural sports last year with first place in volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, and paddleball. The Tekes began the 1966-1967 school year with pledging 35 men and a Hrst place in the AA division Homecoming displays, along with winning the overall display trophy. The Tekes sponsor an all-campus lawn party each year in the fall and close the year with their Red Carnation Ball. Mr. Birk Harl serves as the TKE faculty ad- visor and Mr. A.C. Biggs serves as their chapter advisor. Mrs. Jessie Scales is Tau Kappa Epsilonis housemother, and Miss julie Walton is the Sweet- heart. l john jim Alan john Richard Edward Ron Bartelt Beck Bender Bent Brgerman Chganey Chudada ,.,,.,. , A . Q Donald Paul joe Dennis Waverly Steve Kem, Joseph Com Dassel DeFur Duvall Ea kins Edwardson F arm French fi . 'I, X P5 -an A m,,,,e 3 -3 0 if E 1 H A Z fl ah Steve Kenley Robert john Gary Tom Mike Frank Georgeson Gore Graper Grimme Hagstrom Haines Harper Hayes Curt Mike Tom Herb William Gary Don Bob Hicks Hughey Hyde Jensen jordan jossa julian Kelly l IQX vzllll .,: ,fy 4' , ,fly W 1 e X ' N S ' 4 If S' R ' Mike Brent Jim Steve Ken Malcom Robert Richard Kurtz Landis Lillisan Lindauer Macke Miles Mills Newman W my . J Q Ronald Paul David john Dan Alan Don Phillip Newman Niemeier Nowak Parsons Pauichevich Per Perigo Pyle Don jim Steve Gary Robert Richard Rusty Steve Ramsden Reeder Reine Rice Roe Roose Scales Shawhan NN --auf -ff Art Forrest Donald Mark Ken David Howard Alan Shoner Smith Steedman Stephens Swenson Thompson Woods Ziliak 165 7 'X -X X s W QQ i X w I -rx. I V x K ' 5 k w , I "N in N. - KK, 'A A 5 VQYA I ,K NX 5 1 y, -N, NX. Rx , W, . 4 'M ' , A 1 gwqkw, N X -M, 4' M-LK -. E . - xx? Y lv. A kk K x hs. . xxx. x.xNRl7YMLNN t 'GTK Mx ' 'xx , ,g 3 V 2 "Sm, 9 4 -Q. f wk ' v, X ' X- .N G 1 'Nw f r 1 3 , v. -.. K V 2 Sw 'NX Q N' , wmyw f 'v...,, ag MN . 1, V 4 -. H? " ' gm v ' '01-..,,,h.,5.J sM , .. Q N" gwww-.4, MM- 1 ,Q x h 'W-H .ymww "'wn,,,-M mq,..m ,,, XM AQ-:maj x 45 V 'N,.7,,,.x.-w.u.ff H "Qi-QQ., 4 . N'-...M www -v-+44 -ww. PW'-m. K+... Dedication of Brentano Hall Carnegie Administration Building at Moores Hill eside:r1ces Brentano Opens with ull House Brentano Residents are: ROW ONE Connie Seifert, Petrine Chris- Petr, Pam Oldham, Mavis Beasley, Terry Whitsitt andjuanice Miller tein, Susan Shaw, Diane Marshall. ROW TWO Susan Hession,jean 168 ? li .erm X ROW ONE Glenda Clayton, Thelma Ashby, Patty Jones, Susie Jones, Carla Estes, Cathy Ross, Gayle Swain. ROW TWO Judy Gosnell, Donna Porter,Jane lnglehart, Ann Wallace, Mary Timpe, Lyn Butler, Kathy Kirt- ley, Marian Schnapf, Lumelia Baxter. ROH' THREE Jayne Lankford, Betsy Cox, Rosalie Rich, Kathi Brooks, Pam Alvis, Patricia Mayer, Gaye Goebel,-Judy Plymate, and Beth Sheppard. Brentano Hall ROW ONE Karen Simpson, Jeanne Chaney, Jane Downey, Linda Sch- weiger, Shirley Schiewe, Susie Hixon, Rita Smith. ROW TWO Marcia Learned, Nancy Keil, Pat Block, Barbara Ratlifl, Beth Neal, Barbara Hud- son, Melissa I-lubbard, Andrea Parr, Pat Daniel, Marcia Werle, Brenda Knowles, Sherril Adkins. ROW THREE Nancy Mangus, Susan Cornett, Kay Fredricks, Linda Hicks, Barbara Brown, Charlene Allison, Kay Jones, Joyce Sander. ROW FOI 'R Norma Peterson, Kate Leeper, Brenda Brooks Susie Essig, Cindy Ludwig, Barbara Weir, Cynthia Muckley, Nancy Mc- Fadin, Leslie Rinehart. ROW FIVE Karen Meier, Susan Poindexter Saunie Rickenbaugh, Connie Anderson, Marcia Legg, and Prudence Stal lings. CT? 'hev' 'gm- I Q.: Q "9"t Brentano Residents are: ROW ONE Pat Bushman, Carol Greene, jill Park, Linda I.. Brown, Marietta Meacham, Dee Atz, liecky Carter, Judy Smith, Debbie Dierker. ROH' TIVOklane King, Pat Taylor, Diane Baker, Mary jo Hunt, Sharon Hoehn, Barbara Thomas, Deborah Keeney, Pat- ricia Barnett, Sandra Fondong, Connie Lea Alexander, Jane Ann Loy. ROI1' THREE Gretchen Doerner, Sue Muncy, Irene Kuczynski, Ardra 5114? Q Allred, Donna Boaz, Susie Clark, Carolyn Kuhn, Lynn Snouffer, Cheryle Andersen, Nancy Allen. ROW FOUR Susie Cole, Ramona Hires, Sharon Weiss, Beckie Morris, Sue Gishler, Sara Ehringer, janet Schrader, Pam Naberhuis. ROW FIVE Irma Reed, Marilyn French, Phyllis Cooling, Bonnie Schroering, Karen Lundsgaard, Karen Caywood, Lynn Okma, Carol Oldberg, and Nan StifHer. QUIK .f-'f Y-" Hale Hall residents are ROW ONE Ronald Dunn, Dean Fagen Jerry lard, W. William Volckens, Bill Taylor, Norman Rinker, Dennis Avery Tedford and Dan Morris. ROW TWO Spencer Gibbs, Franklin F. Bal- and D311 MUSSCIWIWC- Hale Hall ROW ONE Robert Cochran, David F. Brooks, Eric C. Linder and Ron Emberton. ROW TWO Richard N. Shannon,john Keilholz, David Bardes, Bill Fitzgerald, Gus Sipes, Bob Howe. M""m psy? Vs up-ms, 'HN E ,s .aww GS SN """"W l7l "ww prix 'Wf Hale Hall residents are: ROW ONE Richard Macy, Larry nolds. ROW THREE Garyj., Schurz, Roger Guth, Rayne Holmes Prather, john Pyle, Chuck Cunningham, ROW TWO Tim Hall, David Splittoffandxlim Bumgarner. Ronnie Carter, Paul A. N1artin,xIames M. Connolly, Rex McRey- Hale Hall residents. ROW ONE Chuck Hustedt. .George Coyle, Bill Fred Park, Larry Miller, Doug Rains, Jim Fox. ROH' THREE Ronald Gatheridge, Rex Morgan, Robert Petersen, Kerry L. Driggers, Kae Moore. L. Ayers, John Holderman, Steve Smith. Ron Martin, Steven Waggoner. ROW TWO Dave Metz, Steve Hodgen, Norman Richards, Harvey Kiesel, H1161 SICVCJ- Reynolds. en Occupy New ale Hall ROW ONE O. Edward Wilhelm, Hartley Kidd, Charles Stagg, Bill B Bercaw, Richard C. Rich. ROW TIVO Lawerence Winkler, Ed Whitley Gary Henning, Allen Studt. ROIV THREE jim Stroh, Steve Naberhuis Lon R. Gilbert, Steve Creekbaum, Donald L. Lisman, and Mike T. Dinwiddie. - 1 Y 7 173 If l Moore Hall residents are ROW ONE Susan Shaw, Theresa Crawford, Jill Pickering, Carolyn Sheckfee, Judy Jones. ROW TWO Carla Miles, Susan Hession, V'rginia Crosier, Judy Gillum and Judy Frederick- SOR. Moore Hall Women Gather Qften for Floor Meetings, Parties, To Study I74 Moore Hall girls above are ROW ONE Amy Vollmer, Alice Cagle, Nancy Neumeier, Jeanne Thorsen, Sue Isenhower, Betsy Zaharako. ROW TWO Bev Alles, Sarah Kozicky, jan jordan, Marcia Hunter, Karen Fox, Sue Michael, Susan Lampson. ROW THREE Mary Lou Ellis, Susan DeBaun, Lynne Holtzapple, Sue Anderson, Betsy Ander- son and Mary Helen Best. ROW ONE Nancy Staubitz, Linda Delaney, Cathy Mann. ROII' TIVO jane Thomas, MidgeSchultze, Carol Zell, Marty Dugan. ROIV THREE Donna Thorne, Ann Heath, Melinda Harman and Gwen Songer. Moore Hall residents are ROW ONE Pat Pennington, Paula Hunsickenjaniee Hougland, Carol Kistner, and Donna MeElderry. ROW TIVO jo Anne Laufer, jan Bierod, Carol Schrader, Sue Hess, Gayla Williams and Nira Zuroske. ROW ONE Mim Ratlifl, Becky Conaway, jo Ann Kramer and Pattie Halkowich. ROW TWO Diane jump, Judy Cron, Rita Hardy, Carol Meese and Sandra Ely. oore Hall Women df-x 5 Residents of Moore Hall are ROW ONE Marce Bradley, Yoneki Shinozaki, Susan Davis, Pamela Gilbert, Leslie Goettel, Benna Ellis. ROW TWO Faye McElfresh, Mary Davidson, Betty Fisher, Lee Tomlinsonjane Ellen Price, Martha Record, Karen Mullins. ROWTHREE Brenda Ashby, Frances Groves, Jody Burghardt, Darla Kessans,Jane Hughey, Jane Boultinhouse, and Gaynelle Alvery. 177 Moore Hall residents ROW ONE-Linda Collins, Susan Larson, Linda Jamison, Mary Robinson, Irma Moore, Patti Brooks. ROW TIVO Ellen Eiehel, lVIary Toy,Jan Harmon, -jan Endicott, Brent Moore, Cheryl Branch, Jackie Steele. RUIVTHREE Marty Zorn, Margaret Spaar, Mary Woodall,-jan Thornton, Roxie Baldwin, Linne Stula. 178 li Moore Hall residents are RUI1' ONE Frances Cobb, Rose Cole, Tonya Wittmer, lili zabeth Rotramel, Anna Kessens, Shannon Clark, Sally Eaton, Susan Forsythe, Judy Patterson, Martha Praay, Jonnie Eccles. RU W TPVU Margaret Gushwa, Joy Urban Brenda Wells, Cheryl Schneck, Bonnie Bealer, Judy McMullen, Elaine Pearson, La Donna Stein, Jan Taylor. ROW THREE Susan Irving, Donna Simpson, Becky Roe- themeier, Suzanne Small, Marilyn Schnarr, Alice Smart, Cynthia Davis, 'I'erry Wa ihela, Ginny Kilby, Carol Neukam, Marsha Richards. RUW FOl'R Mary Delzell Betty Simmons, Janie Dailey, Carol Wood, Donna Jean Lamb, Lynne Craper Cathy Werking, Thelma Finch, Sally Mayfield, and Carolyn Roth. oore Hall tt. X V77 Hughes Hall residents are. ROW UNE Earl Agers, Richard Lorenz, John C. Updike. ROW TWU E. K. Holman, Thomas L. Mathek, and Ronnie Watson. W7 7 Residents of Hughes Hall Rllll' UNIL' Steve Harkness, Ronald Kellem, lion Palme, Richard A. johnson, Steve Hess, W, David Jones, Steve Klingerherger. RUN' 'l'l1'U Kenneth Luzaderulohn Petrie, Andrew Thomas, Stephen Wiggins, Dian Walker, Mike Sh0rt,Kjay W. Kent, Greg Baehert. ughes Hall 181 'IIN ,gn-ug, IH51' ROW ONE John Denu, Frank Denning, Alan Rudolph, Ronald Sevier, Gregory Terry, Paul Rodgers, and Bruce Love- less. ROW TWO Ray Adams, Drew Miller, jim House, Elmer Brames,john Henry,jim Simmons and Leland Krush. 182 mfr? ,fm-'f ROW UNE Charles Pedersen, Patrick Cffvlalley Ill, Mike Cashman, George Hein, Clement K. Liu, RON' TWU Ron Vogler, Fred Lloyd, Dean MeCane, Tom Pease, Ron Fresh., ughes Hall 183 RUIVUNE Wayne Wells, Charles Schantz, Stevexlester,-lim Morris, Pat Childs. R0 W TWO William L. Gentry, William R. Berger, Emin Soyugenc, Terry Hasler, Raymond L, Young, Mike Warner. R0 lV7'HREEJohn Ronald Sauer, Philip Coopenjeflrey Dice, Robert C. Fornges and Michael A. Heady. Hughes Hall ROW UNE Thomas Kleinfeldt, Wayne Dersch, Dennis Woodulim Helm,Jon C. Ramey, Eddie Sullivan. ROW TWO Ron Handziak, Doug Townsend, Bill Scherzinger, Sam Small, Larry Enlow,Joe Zilch.RUWTHREE Dean Ketcham,John B. Brown, Connelljones, Michael Kinnett,jerry Nord and Alan Henderson. -...f 'Q ,vnu- Franklin House women are ROW ONE Sarah Yaggi, Nancy jordan, Judy Dudley. ROW TWO Clara Curts, Barbara Winnett, Martha Peter, Linda Koertge, Sharon Wast. ROW THREE Sherry Rengers, Darbeyjo Lutz, Harriet Sachse, Linda Graves, Carolyn Sivert and Linda Thayer. Some Choose Apartment Life in Franklin ROW ONE Charyle Mueller, Jeanne Binns, Becky Hauselman, joy jackson. ROW TWO Mary Linda Cavins, Carol ham, Hooi-Cheng Tan. RO W THREE Phyllis Wood, Virlee Fleck, Veronica Hsiung, Tanya Gulley and Sue Williams. Ann Cunni ng- Yu 'YF fm X Q if 1 ,K wi: ' Y-1...f QP., 'Q all ""5 'QQ Q If gf WW' YI ' 1? AU' N' eva 'vid' v-ri' gi 5 ,Q K? K wma . M Rf i f V,,M+1 ' l it ff f w N sk Tiff fi l X f 0 W f X ! I , Y 'yiwwvnw ff ti Wa. ? Q it r 2 Bigney House Women are ROW ONE Barbara Hurst, Margaret Kays, Susan Westriek. ROW TWO Karen Hunter, Becky Holtegel, Mary Kriegbaum, -Ioyce Fisher, Judy Brand, Betty Schkibaum, -Ianet Lasley. RO W THREE Beth Stickley, Carol Shoulders, Shirley Goodman, julia Gehlhausen, Judy Wells and - Iudy Hammond, Bigney House RO W ONE Melinda Watson, Donna Libbert, jean Kessner. RO W TWO Marie Stewart, Becky Wineiger, Patricia Nimnicht and Darlene Wooley. NVQ "ll"""Sn f"Q 4""'..?8' .-MZ' Q6 C ng- 'QF' 41-s. Representing the men who live in Hovda House are in ROW ONE Dick Martin, Kent Enos, Steve Clark and Michael Denning. ROW TWO: jim Anderson, Ron I-Iimmelhaver, George Lucas and Chuck Feider. 1 Hovda House Dixon, Sherolyn R 94 2 ,X e Abell, Gary 90 AlwlJot1,Di.lI1e E 148 Almlio11,Di.1nnel, 133 Alwbottglaliet K 28,129 Acker, Paula Y 150 Adams, Darrell C 158,56, 011,63 Adams, Raymond 'l' 182 Adcock, Shirley R 90 Adkins, Sherril l, 169 Adler, Merrie E911 Agers, Earl 180 Akin, Nancy C 155 Alexander, Connie L 170, 134 Alexander, Donald E 911 Allen, Arthur P,Ir 127 Allen,,Iica-144 Allen, Karen L 152,911,129 Allen, Nancy E 170 Allen, Stephenj 57,58,59 Alles, Beverly S 175 Allison, Charlene K 169 Allred, Ardra K 170,134 Allred, Barry L 119,122, 164,125 Alvey, Marv G 177 Alvis, Pamela A 148,119, 169 Andersen, Cheryl 170 Anderson, Ann E 152,90 Anderson, Betsy 111,175 Anderson, Conniell 169 .Anderson ,james 187 Anderson,Jane E 90,123 130 Anderson, Karen L 152 Anderson, Michellej 42 Anderson, Sue C 90,1 1 1, 175 Andrews, Karen L 148,122 125 Angermeier, Ronald W 164 Ankrom, Gary W 90 Ansburg,Jennifer L 115 Arendt, Mary C 90 Arensman, Ann C 118 Ash, David E 160 Ashby, Brendaj 177 Ashby, Thelma L 169 Ashley, Garold W 90 Ashleyhloycelin G 115 Ashworth, lrisj 118,130 Askew, Patricia 155 Atherton, Stephen R 133 Atwater, Terry V 151 ,60, 131 Atz, Delilah L 170,134 Aulderhargjohn D 158 Augustine, Glenn A 90 Augustine, Normal 90, 112,113,118,108,169,47 Austin,janice L 148 Avels, Raymond R 162 Avery, Dennis T 126,171, 130 Ayers, Ronald L 173 LB- Bachert, Gregory D 181 Bacus,james N162 Bae, Ronald P 60 Baggett, Keith 162 Bahn, Gary A114 Baize, Timothy B 133 Baker, Diane 170 Baker, Beverly 129 Baker, Paulette M 135 Baldwin, Roxannall 115,179 Ballard, Franklin F 122, 123,126,171 Bannwart, Robert A 65,66, 162 Barber, David C 91 Bardes, David T 171 Baresic, Stephen T 15,162 Barker, Rosemary 91 Barker, William L 162 Barnett, Patricia E 170 Barrett, Gregory R 162 Barrett, Robert R 158,91 Barteltgjohn R 164 Bartle, Rayna L 91 ,1 19, 1311 Bass, Mary L 155 Bastain,,Iames E 127 Baumgartner, Scott H 158,45,39 Bausgloseph W 129 Baxteruludy 169 Bayer, Gary L 133,47 Bayer, Steven L 17,133 Bealer, Bonnie E 178 Beanblossomhjack K 136 Beasley, Mavis M 168,130 Beauchamp, Tonya 155 Beckulames A 65,164,56 Beck, Roger B 158,56,60 Beck, William A 160 Becker, Cheryl B 150,52,54 Behler, Brianj 91,131 Bell, Mary L 135 Bell, StevenA 158,116 Bellamy, Beth E 152,118 Bender, George A 164,54 Bender, Harold B 71 Bennett, Marcia L 17,91, 111,118,133,47 Bennett, Ralph G 9,131 Bennett, Thomas V 160 Bent,,Iohn W ll 164 Bentley, Russell Iklr 131 Bercaw, William R 172 Berger, William R 184 Berkemeier, Diane K 91 Berry, George 155 Besing, Darvin B 91 Bess, Allen 132 Bestkjames P 120 Best, Mary H175 Bierodulanis E 91,111,113, 115,118,119,176,134,47 Bigger, Delia W 148,115 Binns,Jean K37,185 Black, Dianne E 150,52 Black, Linda O150,52 Black, Paul E 158,91 ,1 12, 122,124,126,47 Blades, Diana 117 Blades, Howard M 91 Blaine, Susanna M 14,124 Blair,james LJr131 Bleckmann, Charles A 114 Bledsoe, Garry M 19,158, 52 Blemker, Don A 19,158,52 Blessing, Pamela A 147, 155 Block, Patricia A 169,130 Boaz, Donnaj 170 Booth, William P 92 Borre, Earl Wxlr 19,158, 52,133 Boswell, Cynthia M 150 Boultinghouse,jane E 177,130 Bowen, Frank R 92,120 Bower, David A 160,92, 120 Bowman, Dorothy Newhouse 92,118,119, 123,129 Boyd, Donna E 147,155, 115 Boyd,jeriA 150,115 Boyer,janet R 155,113, 115,122,123,37 Boyte, Linda K 117 Brackett, William T 158 Bradley, Edward L 146, 92,120 Bradley, Marcella D 117, 177 Bragg, Tyrone M 136 Brames, Elmer F182 Branch, Cheryl L 179 Brandkludith A 186 Brandenbergenjohn E 158,65 Braun, Conrad C 92 Bretz, Charlotte R 92,1 19 Bretz, Maryj 130 Brewerulay R 162 Bridges, Mary 92 Brinkmeyer, Dennis L 15, 158 D Britton, Barry L 117,130 Britton, Kathleen G 152 Broerman, Richard F 164 Bronson, Sharon K 155 Brooks, Anthony 69 Brooks Brenda K 169 Brooks, Kathleen 169 Brooks, lN4ary G 150,52 Brooks, Patricia 1 18, 179,134 Brosey Michael L 158 Brown, Barbara A 169 Brown, Cynthia M 152,139 Brown, Gregory S 158,122, 125 Brown jerry N 92,133 Brownhlohn BJr184 Brown, Linda L 170 Brown Pamelaj152,92, 129 Brown, Sharon L 152 Brown, Susan S129 Browne,james A 68 Browning,james W 15,28, 158,92,112,122,123,47 Bryanujames W 92 Bryan, Sherry L 155 Bryant, Gordon A 57,58 Buchenberger, Rosalee 150,92,113,115,122,123, 52,47 Buesking, Martha S155 Buesking, Ruth E 155,92, 118,119,121,47 Bugher,janet Y 155 Bumgarnerhjames M 172, 132 Burdetteulessie 92 Burghardt,Joette,I 177 Burke, Donaldj 65 Burkhart, Richard M 66 Burns, Nancy L 148 Bushman, Patricia H 170 Butcher, Sandra L 127 Butler, Deena S 115,122 125 Butler,jimmie L 160,56 Butler, Lynn 169 Butt,joseph L 92 Butterworth, Milton T 158,92,133 Buttrumklane E 92 Byrd, Sam 70 -CL Cabbage, Cathy S 130 Cadick, Gwenda L 152,128 Cagle, Alice L 175 Campbell, Wilbert GJ 158 Capes, Paul R 92 Carey, Bobby G 127 Cariens, Kathleen R 117 Carmichael, Thomas L 92 Carmichael, Kathryn Fox 92,111,112 Carrara, William 66 Carrington, Martha A 148 Carroll, Thomas F 158,116 Carter,Jerry L 92,120 Carter, Rebecca S 170,130 Carter, Ronnie W 172 Carter, Robert A 158 Cartwright, Connie C 150 Cashman, Michael R 183 Cavins, Mary L 185,130 Caylor, Susan D 93,111, 112,118,119 Caywood, Karen 170 Chambers,jimmy E 93, 119,121 Chambers, Timothy G 57 Chandler, Sharon A 154, 155,123,44,133 Chaneyhleanne G 155,169 188 Cheaney, Edwardll 164,56 Cheek, Marlene A 118,130 Childs, Patrick L 184,132 Christein, Petrinej 168 Chudada, Ronald A 93,164 Clark, Linda F 130,135 Clark, Linda K 118 Clark, Shannon R 155,127, 178 Clark, Steve 187 Clark, Susan L 150,115,32 170 Clayton, Glenda G 139, 141,169 Cleek, Ruth A 93 Cobb, Frances A 93,111, 178 Cochran, Robert M M 93, 171,131 Coffin, Charles F 132,134 Cohn, Richard K 57,59 Cohrs, Donald E 164 Cole, Rose M 93,111,1 13, 37,178,47 Cole, Susan A 152,170,130 Coleman, Ronald E 129 Collins, Linda K 179 Collins, Thomas D 20 Colvin, Vicki L 152 Combs, Vickie L 144,155 Comer, David K 133 Conaway, Rebecca L 93, 176,130 Conaway, Robert P 116 Congleton,jeromej 56 Connollynjames M 172 Connor, Kathleen M 118 Conrad,Janet A 130 Cook, Sara W 93 Cook, Stephen P 66,93 Cook, Thomas L 148,93, 162,124 Cooling, Phyllisj 170 Cooper, Philip S 184 Cooper, Rebecca C 150 Cooper, Roger 1 16 CorField,LIoseph Wjr 93,114,140,47 Corn, Arlene A 134 Cornett, Susan A 169,130 Covington,jeanette Y 93 Covington, Robert 93 Cox, Elizabeth M 169 Coyle, George F 119,173, 130 Coyle,jean M 93,109, 113,47 Crane, Donald M 160,66, 56 Crane, Robert R 66,93 Crawford, Theresa A 174, 130 Creekbaum, Steve 172 Cress, Stephen E 132,134 Criswell, Barbara C 150, 1 17 Crocker, Mary A 111,134 Cron,judith M 93,176 Crosier, Virginia A 174 Crum, Steve 70 Cunningham, Carol A 185 Cunningham, Charles 172 Curts, Clara M 185 Cusack, Thomas PIII 160 -D- Dahl,xIane M155 Daileyulane 178 Dalton, Elizabeth C 93 Daniel, Patricia A 169 Dassel, Paul R 93,164,132 Dauby, Larryj 93 Davidson, Mary L 177 Davis, Candy 118,178 Davis, Donaldj 134 Davis, Stephenj 93 Davis, Suzan Q 177 Dawson, Bryantj 93 Dawson, Karen S 93 Dean, Donald M 66,70, 162,55 Debaun, Susan L 175 Debord, Randall W 116 Deckard, Robert E 162 Defrehn, Barbara L 148 Defur,joe W 164,53 Dejonckheere, Diane E 148,129 Delaney, Linda F175 Delinger, Leo T 93 Delzell, Mary D 94,111, 118,119,178 Demaree, Diana D 111,134 Denning, Frank L 182 Denning, Michael T 94, 187 Denunjohn L 182 Denzer, Susan 94 Depriest, Patricia A 12, 150,94,113,115 Dersch, Wayne W 184 Dice,je1Trey N 184 Dierker, Deborahj 170 Dillinger, Lee 120 Dinnsen,john S 14,15 Dinwiddie, Michael T 172, 132 Dishman, Robert C 158,94, 123 Dissette, Patricia A 147, 150,115,37 Doan, Martha R 94 Doerner, Gretchen S 170, 130 Doninaujames A 160,66 Don, Charlotte S 118 Donald, Patrick 94 Donohue, Larry A Doty, Mary C 133 Dougherty, Dennis R 136 Doughty, Constance G 145, 148,94,108,111,113,47 Downey,jane E 152,169 Driggers, Kerry L 173,133 Dubuque, Barry L 133 Dudley,judith A 155,185 Dugan, Margaret E 175 Dunn, Eddie R 162 Dunn, Ronald W 171 Durkee, Michael M 158 Duvall, Dennis M 164 Dye, Donaldj 70,162 Dyehouse, Linda F 94 -E- Eakins, Waverly Tjr 94, 164 Eaton, Karen F 117 Eaton, Sally L 118,129,178 Eccleshlonnie D 1 78 Edmonds, Dennis 120 Edwards, Beth L 150,94 Edwards,Jill A 150 Edwards, Margaret L 150 Edwardson, George S 164 Eflinger, Pacquine R 94 Efhnger, Ruth C135 Ehringer, Saraj 29,170 Eichel, Ellen S 179 Eilier, Larry L 116 Elder, Susan E 108,130 Elliott, Richard L 94 Ellis, Benna K 177 Ellis, Mary L 175,134 Ellis, Patricia S 94,130, 134 Ellison,John G 162 Elson, David C 158 Ely, Sandra K 94,176 Elzer, Barbara A 94,111 Elzer, Sherrilyn R 117 Emberton, Ronald W 114, 1 19,171 Emge, David M 133 Endicott,Janet S 126,179 English, Mary E 152 English, Susanj 152 Enlow, Larry E 184 Ennis, Rudolph L 94 Enos, Kent E 187 Erickson, Barbara R 148 Hinton, Carolyn S 96 Espenlaub, Alan L 162,42 Essig, Susie S 115,169 Estes, Carla R 169,130 Ethridge, Sandra L 109. 123 Euler, Samj 69 Euston, Donald E 158 Eyles, Douglas G 160 -F- Fager,Dean 111,171,134 Falletti,jane 129 Farny, Thomas C 117 Farris, Loyal K 164 Fechtmeister, Mary A 94 Feider, Charles M 187 Feigel, Angela 118,117 Fell, Sheryl L 155.111 Feltner, David L 160 Fenneman, Kathie L 118, 130 Ferriel, Peggy A 148 Filson, Douglas M 158,60 Finch, Thelma I 178,134 Fisher, Bettyj 177 Fisher, Christine L 155 Fisheruloyce E 186 Fitzgerald, William V 171, 130 Flaherty, Michael S 133 Fleck, Virlee I 185 Fleig, Bradford R 94,120 Foland, Theodore B 158, 57,50,59 Foley, Walter W 94 Fondong, Sandra R 170 Ford, Charles B 28 Foreman, Paul R 95 Foreman, Steven 95 Fornges, Robert C 114,184 Forsythe, Cynthia K 130 Forsythe, Susan L 178 Fowler, Claraj 95 Fox,james D 173 Fox, Karen S 95,111,129, 175 Fox, Michael W 116 Franks, David 162 Fredricks, Kay E 169 Frederickson,judith A 174 Freeman,jerrell E 158,1,14, 52,133 Frenchhjimmy R 95,162 Frenchuloseph 164 French, Marilynj 170 Fresh, Ronald L 183 Freyburger, Nancy L 29, 152,1 15 Frick, Daniel R 53 Fritz, Steven W 116 ,G- Gabriel,james N 158 Gall, Suzellen 152 Gardner,jim K 160 Garner,jacqueline S 152, 37,128 Garrett, Bradleyj 159 Garrett, Lynn D 160 Gatheridge, William R 95, 173 Gatlin, Terry L 66 Gehlhausenululia A 186 Genglebach, Carlj 66 Gentry, William L 184 Georgesen, Stephen D 95, 164 Gerkin, Carol A 117,136 Gibbs, Donald E 159 Gibbs, Spencer L 171 Gilbert, Lon R 120,172, 132 Gilbert, Pamela E 177,133 Giles, Ronald L 112,163 Gilliam, Linda L 136 Gillum,judith L 174 Gishler, Sue 170 Given, Charles E 95 Gladish, Ronald W 95, 130 Glaess, Marilyn M 148,115 Glass, Ronald E 133 Goebel, Gaye 148,115,169 Goebel, Terry L 29 Goergen, Tom 68 Goettel, Leslie P 177 Goff, Wayne K 95 Golightly, Peter S 160,95 Gooch,Janet R 118 Gooch, Wendell L 95 Goodman, Shirley S 186 Goodridgeulames F 95 Goodwin, Sandra K 111 Goody, Amealia S 150 Gordan, Harold D 70,60 Gore,joseph K 114,165, 53 Gorman, Edward L 116 Gosnelluludith A 169 Graman, Barbaraj Grammar, Ed 163 Grant, Larry 70 Graper, Lynn 178 Graper, Robert E 95,165, 56,54 Graul, Ronald W 111 Graves,john C 163 Graves, Lindaj 185 Graves, Michael L 160 Green, Steven F 159 Greene, Carol L 170 Greenwell, Audrey S 95 Gregg, Nancy E 155 Griffing, Beverly A 29 Griffith, Mary L 117 Grim, Gayle A 147,150 Grimmeujohn M 165 Groves, Frances L 177,134 Groves, Robert A 66 Groves, Teddy W 95 Gulley, Tanya M 185 Gullian, Linda 117 Gumberts, Alan E 163 Gumm, Lee A 29,150 Gumm, Alison 1 15 Gushwa, Margaret A 95, 1 11,178 Guth, Roger A 172 -H- Haas, Phyllis A 155,130 Hadley, Bill A 163 Hagenseiker, Lynn R 128 Hagstrom, Garry L 165,53 Haines, Thomas B 165, 53,56 Halkowich, Patricia S 95, 124,176 Hall,xIohn D 95,134 Hall, Timothy T 95,172 Hammond,judith A 186 Hancock, Charles E 95,163 Handziak, Ronald E 184 Hanson, Linda A111 Hardy, Rita K 129,176 Hargrove, Anthony E 151 Harkins, Susan E 128 Harkness, Steve 181 Harman, Melinda L 139, 175 Harmon,janice A 179 Harmon, Paulasj 95,111 Harmon, Robert D 95 Harper, Michael H 66,68, 165,45 Harper, Robert T 159 Harris, Alexander D 151 Harris, Ira L 136 Harrison, Darlene A 22, 147,152 Hart, Carol L 115,44 Hart,jerry L 127 Hartman, Terry 159 Harvey, David G 60,63 Hasler, Terry A 184 Hatcher, Matt 117 Hatfield, Charles A 116 Hatfield, Ronald S 159 Hauselman, Rebecca S 185 Hauswald, Larry R 96 Haverstick, William M 56 Havill, David E 160 Havillmlames F 66 Hawhec, Chris A 152 Hawkins, Robert A 56,117 Haworth, Stephen K 163 Hay, Victoriaml 155,113, 47 Hayden, Thomas S 163, 120,125 Hayes, Frank H 65,165 Hayes, Laura S 136 Haynes, Pamelall 117 Heady, Michael A 184 Hearn, Brian D 159,52 Heath, Ann L 175 Hein, George C 183 Helmulames V 184,55 Helmbock, Thomas A 159 Henderson, Alan 184 Henning, Gary C 70,172 Henry, Charles R 159 Henryhlohn 182 Hess, Steve R 181 Hess, Susan R 176 Hession, Susan S 109,129, 139,168,174 Hewitt, Suzanne 145,148, 44,129 Hicks, Karenxl 29 Hicks, Leonard C 165,56 Hicks, Linda L 169 Hicks, Ronald E 96 Higdon, Charles E 109,130 Himmelhaver, Ronald G 187 Hires, Ramona L 152,170 Hirschman, Michaeline 155,129 Hisgen, Marcia L 152 Hixon, Sue A 169 Hoback, Barbara S 126, 130 Hobgood, Grace S 1 17 Hockman,Jack L 96 Hodapp, Anne L 115,118, 37,130 Hodgen, Stevenj 173 Hoehn, Sharon I 170,130 Hoffmanhjames M 70 Hofmann, Allenj 66 Hofmann, George S 96 Hofmann, Greg 54 Hoggarduloseph P 96,132 Hohimer, Rickj 159 Holder, Hazel A 130,135 Holderman,john E 173 Holman, Edward K 180 Holmes, William R 172, 136 Holtegel, Rebecca S 186 Holtzapple, Lynne R 96, 111,112,118,119,129, 175 Hooper, Carol O 155 Hopkins, Steve 71 Hornick, David L 96 Horst, Barbara A 127 Hosterman, Mark A 160 Hotz, Donald W 127 Houglandulanice S 111, 176 House,Jim W 182 Houston, Doug 109 Howard, Keith B 96 Howe, Robert S 171 Howerter, Leanne 155 Hsiung, Veronica 96,121, 185 Hubbard, Melissa L 169 Hudson, Barbaraj 169, 134 Hudson, Cynthia A 152, 117 Huebschman, David 160 Huey, Michels D 165,53 Hufifmanklane A 150,96 Hughes,john H 160,56 Hughes, Miller F 159 Hughey, Constance L 18, 152,153,96,115 Hughey,Mikej159 189 llugheyglane177,134 Hunsicker, Paula-I 176 Hunt, Beverly S 115 Hunt, Nlary A 131 Hunt, Mzirynl 148,170 Hunteman, Patil B 11 1 Hunter, David W 126 Hunter, Karen S 186 Hunter, Marcia M 97,1 1 1, 175 Hurst, Barbara 186 Hurst, GUI 97,109 Hurst, Larry D66 Hustedt, Charles D 173 Huston, Douglas A 97,163 Hybert, Lawrence H 65,66 Hyde, Thomas S 69,97, 1 65 LIL lddings, Marilyn A 134 Inglehart,-lane K 44,169, 130 Inzerello, .Anthony T 66 Irving, Susan C 178 lsenhower, Sue E 175 Ising, Terry R 97,109,1 12, 113,119,163,47 ,JL lackson,K1oyce L 185,136 laco, Thomas B 160,129 Iaffray, Gordon W 66,163 lames, Shirley W 127 lamison, Linda D 179,134 lansen, james M Ir 96,109 t13,1'1o,t21,4t Jaques, Douglas L 160 larboe, Paul L-Ir 119 larboe, Thomas-I 52,56 leffers, Larry E 163 lefifordglane E 136 lenkins, Raymondll 97 lennin lennin gs, Diana 97 gs, Norwood L 97 lensen, Herbert A 165,132 Iester, Stephen C 111,184, 134 leude, Oscar 68 lodka, Eric C 160 lohnson, Richard A 111, 181,133 lohnson, Ronald L 159,97, 134,47,62 lohnson, Vella L 133 lohnstonhjohn 161,97 gloiner, Marolyn S 97 jones, Anita C 148 xllones, Connellj 184 jones, David L 126,181, 130 jones, Gerald K 159,130 nlones, Gordon E 68 .1 OIICS .1 1 lones, Iones, Iones ones,Jeannie S 148,123, 130 jennifer A 152,97 onesii1udyM 97,174,134 Leah 155,127 Patricia K 169 Ronald E 97 jones: Kay 169 ones, Ml lones, Stevenhl 127,129 Susan C 169 ilordan, Arthur 151 jordan, Donald E 97,60 hlordanxlanet A 97,111, 129,175 -Alordan, Nancy I 113.115, 122,123,185 Mlordan, William C165,53 glossa, Gary W 97,165,56 glourdan, Glen P 163,121 glulian, Jump, K Donald W 165 Diane 97,1 17,176 Kanowsky, William G 57 Katterhenry, Gary W 159 Kavanaugh, Marie B 117 Kawamura, Clare 'il' 115 Kays, Margaretj 186 Keeney, Deborahj 170 Kc-i1,Nanry 1,169 Kcilliolxulohn C 171 Kelleni, Ronald L 181 Kelley, iN1ary S 149 Kelley, Nansic R 97 Kelley, Robert B 97.165, 120 Kemp, Philip L 97 Kendall, Benjamin C 120 Kent,,1ay VV 181 Keppen, Thomas R 68,97 Kessans, Darla K 177 Kessens, Annayj 178 Ketcham, Dean R 184 Kidd, Hartley C 172.130 Kidwellnlohn R 98,163 Kiechle, Frederick L 112, 123,121 Kieffner, Margaret E 98 Kiesel, Harvey K 114.119, 173 Kieth, Bill 114 Kifer, Susan D 98,109,138 Kilby, Virginia L 178 Kingulane E 170 King,l1ay P 98 Kingmloy G 98,123,130 Kingston, Carl Rylr 159, 67,98,56,60 Kinnett, Michael L 184 Kinney, Evelyn 98 Kirkham, Linda D 155 Kirkman, Nancy L 152 Kirtley, Kathy A 28,169. 134 Kissner,ljean 186 Kistner, Carol L 176,134 Kitchens, William R163 Klein, Carol 150 Kleinfeldt, Thomas E 18-1 Kleinhennuloyce A 149 Kleitz, Karyle, K 109139, 141 Klingenberge, Stephen 181 Knaebel, April A 149,129 Knight, Michael W 127, 130 Knipe, Wesley E 114 Knowles, Brenda E 152, 169 Koch, Bonniej 117 Koch, Mary A 149,38 Koch, William E 159 Koehler, Charles W 163 Koertge, Lynda M 185 Koesterulerome L 121 Kolb, Sylvia D 98 Konsler, Gary L 8 Kozicky, Sarah R 175 Kraft, Sharon M 126 Kramermloannll 98,176 Kratz, Carol A 117 Krause, Consuelo M 150, 115,128 Kreke, Kenneth L 161 Kriegbaum, Maryj 186 Krohne, Paul W 159,52,56 Krueger, David H 132 Kruseulames M 116 Krush, Leland A 182 Kuczynski, Irene K 170 Kuehn, Constanceyj 98 Kuhlenschmidt, ,james A 121 Kuhn, Carolyn A 170 Kurtz, William M 98. 165.53 LLL Labhart,Mari1ynn,j 152, 115,118 Lafarguemlohn CI 159 Lamb, Donnakj 178 Lampson. Susan M 98. 111,175 Landis, Brent W 111,165, 134 Lankford.,Iayne 169 Lanman,Evak1 126.129 Lantrip,,Iames1N -lr 98, 7 176 11-, - l,.ipl.intc, Barbara 1, 98 Larson. Susan M 179 l.aslev,.lanet M 186 Lathom, 1Yilliam H 98 lauderdale, Gary D 99 Lauer, Daniel l. 163 Laulier,-loA 176 lawrence, Larry L 99 Lavson, Robert P 127 Learned, Marcia A 169 Lceper, Kathleen 169 Legg, Marcia A 169 Leggett, Charles A 53 l.eMaich, Nicholas -12 Lemair, NN'illiam 98 Lewis, Kennethll 116, 136 Lewis, Tim B 163 Libbert, Donnaml 186, 130 Lidymlohn L 68 Lidy, Terrence-I 66,68 l,illigan,llames E 165,57, 58 Lilly, Mary L 99 Lindauer, Stevenkl 165 Linder, Eric C 171 Linder,.lacques L 99,116 Lindsey,kjanice K 99,130 Lipking, David M 99 Lippoldt, Karen S 149,99 Lisman, Donald L 172 Little, Cuba D 99,130 Liu. Clement K 183 Lively, Mark S 163 Livers, Margaret A 152 Lloyd, Fred 60,183 Lloydulohn B 99 Lobeck, Karen T 109,140 Lochmueller, Donna G 1 17 Lodato, Michaeltl 57,59 Loewenkamp, Richard L 159 Loewenkamp, Sharon 99 Logexloe W 66 Longden, Stephen R 160 Lorenz, Richard C 180 Loveless, Bruce A 57,182 Lovin, Cheryl L 126 Lovingklames W 99 Low,.Iulia L 47,99,109, 112,113,118,119,138, 130 Loy,JaneA 170 Lucas, Georgejr 187 Ludwig, Cindy 169 Lundsgaard, Karen S 170 Luther, Rose M 99 Lutz, Darbeyj 185 Lutzululie Gerard 17 Luzader, Kenneth B 181 Lyles, Cheryl E 115 DME Macke, Kenneth W 12, 165,125 Macy, Richard W 172 Madden, Gerald E 99 Madden, Nancy K 152 Maguire, Everett C 99, 133 Mangin, Philip E 159 Mangus, Nancy F 169 Mann, Cathy 175 Maple, Stephen T 64,66, 55 Margag1iano,Frankj 99 Markley, Teresa R 99 Marlarkly,john 99 Markwell,John S 66 Marshall, Diane E 99, 168 Marshall, Irving E 151 Martin, Arleen F 150 Martin, Bettykl 128,151 Martin, Hughj 159 Martin, Ned E 141 Martin, Norma M 100 Martin, Paul A 172 Xlartin, Rit'l1tlt'Cll. 71,120 Martin, Richard L 187 Martin, Ronald 'l' 173 Mather, Thomas L 180 Mathieu, Angie C 130 Matthews,AlackieW 100 Matthews, Marilyn 100 Matthews, W'illiam L 159 Mattinglyulerome D 100, 60,61 ,l20,l35,62 Mauckxlanice K 130 Mayer, Patricia 129,169 May1ield,Saranne 178 McCane, Dean W 183 McCarty, Dianne K 100, 112,118,119,117,126 McChesney, Martha C 151,1 1 l McClary, Gary W 100 McCullough, Gary W McCulley,xleanne 100 McDowell, Gary L 100 McDowell, lda L 135 McElderry, Donna R 151,176 McElfresh, Faye 177 McFadin, Nancy K 169 McFadzean, David C 133 McGinnis, Bradley H 161 McGuyer, Michael G 17, 100 McKinley,,lames W 117 McKinley,MIanice K 127 McMu11en,judith K 178 McQueen, Mary M 155 McReynolds, Rex 172 Meacham, Marietta K 170 Meddock, Sherry L 149, 122,125 Meese, Carol A 176 Meier, Karen P 169,135 Meiser, Marilyn L 151 Meland, Roger 161 Mengon, Maryj 149 Mercer, Marilynj 100 Merrick, Randy E 66 Mettling,.lohnG 126, 133 Metz, Dave 173,131 Meurer, Randall F 66 Meyers, Paul 100 Michael, Sue 100,111,175 Michel, Carole A 155 Michel, Robert H 121 Miles, Carla M 174 Miles, Gary B 116 Miles, Malcolm E 165 Millay, Stephen D 163 Miller, Drew 182 Miller, Deanna K 155 Miller, Gilberthl 163,136 Miller,james D 136 Miller,John L 159 Millerhluanicexl 100, 117,168 Millerhludy E 127 Miller, Larry A 100,120, 173,132 Miller, Roger A 159,60 Millhone, Malcolm 100 Mills, Kenneth S 65,66, 67 Mills, Robert C 165 Milner, Norma 100 Minnette, Richardj I. 66,68,54 Minton, C. R Jr.100, 127,47 Minton, Michael D 159 Mitchell, Betty E Mitchell, Ronnie D 100 Mohrman, Gail E 149 Montgomery, Mike 163 Montgomery, Sandra 100 Mooney, Timothy C 100, 120 Moore, Irmaj 179,134 Mooreulimmie B 116,136 Moore, Kae F 173 Moore, Brent 100,179 Morey, Graham D 100, l09,127,139,1-41,132 Morgan, Rex T 173 Morris, Danny R 171 Morris,,lames B 184, 132 Morris, Rebecca R 170 Morrison, Peter K 108, 127 Moutoux, Barbara A 130 Muckley, Cynthia A 169 Mueller, Cheryle S 123, 185 Mueller, Diana K 155 Muhrer, Randy 163 Mullins, Karen L 177 Muncy, Sue 170 Murdaugh, Lorenzo H 151,100 Musser, Linda 100,111 Musselwhite, Daniel P 171,130 -NE Naberhuis, Pamelaj 170 Naberhuis, Steven L 121, 172 Nadler, Nancy L 117 Nail,john S 159 Nalin, Danielj 101,121 Neal, Beth T 29,169 Nelson, Kathleen D 149 Nenneker, Sylvia M 149, 101,112,118,47 Neu, Tamara E 149,101, 111,113,118,121 Neukam, Carol A 178 Neumeier, Nancy L 175 Newcombulames B 101 Newman, Ronald A 165 Newman, Teana M 155 Nicksic, Barbara A 155 Niedhammer, Frankie R 101 Niemeier, Paulj 120,139 Niemeier, Thomasj 165, 60,61 ,62 Niethammer, Charlotte 130 Niles, Constance S 101, 130 Nimnicht, Patricia G 186,134 Noblitt, William S 159, 122,125 Nordulerry W 184 Nordan, Constance K 1 1 1 Norris, Gerald C 159 Norris, Karen R 149,129, 130,46 Northcut, Lynn E 101 Noveheon, Forrest 131 Nowak, David M 101, 165 Noyes, Sherry K 151 Nutty, Dennisj 161 -0, Ohanian, David E 101 Okma, Lynn O 170,134 Oldberg, Carol A 170 Oldham, Pamela A 168 Oliver, Robert M 159,68, 101 O'Malley, Patrickj 183 O'Neal,john E 101 O'Neil, Karen L 115 Osborne, William H jr. 101,45 Oskins, William M 116 Oswald, Chuck 159 Otten, Leej 66 Overman, Sharon S 133 Overton, Dale E 163 Overton, David E 163 Owen,xIames K 159 Owens, Michael 63 Owensby, Mary A 130,135 190 WP, Page, Donald A 181 Palace, Ron 159 Palmer, Susan R 152 Park, Fred W 173 Park,Jill 170 Parker, Carolyn V 11 1 Parks, Stuart E 101 Parr, Andrea L 169 Parsonsxlohn W 165 Paschal,jeanetta M 152, 115,129 Pascoe, Kathleen R 152, 128 Patterson, David M 132 Patterson,Judith A 118, 178 Paulen,,lohnT 161 Paulson, Sharon F 101 Pavichevich, Daniel 165 Peacock,Joellen 152 Pearce, Bruce E 161 Pearce, Pamelaj 151,115 Pearson, Elaine N 178 Pease, Thomas L 183 Pedersen, Charles A 183 Pennington, Patricia A 176 Per, Alanvl 70,101,165,56 Perigo, Linda S 165 Pesoat, Ann I 117 Peter, Martha A 185 Peters, Donald E 132 Petersen, Robert H 101, 131 Peterson, Norma L 169 Petr,jeanA 168 Petrie,John L 181 Pheasant,JoC 152 Phipps, Michael H 163 Pickering,jill M 174 Pinkston, Karen S 101 Piper, Deborah 155,127 Plank, Martha E 151 Pledger,john D 135 Plymate,judith A 149. 129,169 Poindexter, Susanyl 169 Poland, Mike 159 Polster, Lawrence R 161 Porch, Christina M 151 Porter, Donna L 152, 127,139,169 Post, Russell A 159 Powell, Harold T 161 Powell, Paula L 16,101 Powers, Donna K 109, 139,130 Praay, Martha E 178 Prater, Terry M 101 Prather, Larry K 172,132 Pratt, Howard W 159,60, 61,62 Prell, Donnaj 151,113, 1 15,123 Price, Fred 101 Price,jane E 126,177 Prince, Rebecca A 149 Proctor, Daniel C 159 Pullin, Thomas M 16, 133 Purcell, Glenda L 118, 117,136 Pyle,johnG 165,172, 132 -Qi Quick, Rodney M 159 -R- Raben,Jane H101 Radnoruleffrey A 163 Raeburn, Douglas 159-,52, 54 Raibley, Stephen O 159, 52 Rains, Douglas L 173 Ramey,jon C 184 Ramey, Paul E 101 Ramsden, Donald E 114, 165,56,54 Ramsey, Donna L 101, 130 Rapernlimmy L 101 Rathke, Bryan F 57,58, 59 Ratliff, Barbara L 169 Ratliff, Marilyn K 102, 176 Reaganuloy 102 Reasor,jayne E 149 Reaves, Freddie D 117 Record, Marthaj 177, 130,134 Redmanujuliaj 130,133 Reed, lrmaj 170 Reeder,xIamesM 165 Reeder, Kathleen S 152 Reeves, Danny L 102 Refilett, Barbara D 102, 135 Refliett, Stephen L 163 Reich, Harriet A 169,134 Reidxloseph S 161 Reine, Thomas A 102, 165 Reising, Robert L 102 Rengers, Sherryyl 185, 130 Reuber, David B 102 Reuber, Stanleyj 114 Reynolds, lrisj 130 Reynolds,janet L 102 Reynolds, Stevenj 173, 132 Rice, Garland G 165 Rice, Thomas W 102,163 Richulerald M Sr 163 Rich, Richard C 172 Rich, Rosalie 169 Richards, Marsha 178 Richards, Norman P 102, 109,114,119,173,130 Richardson, Carol L 118 Richardson, Cynthia A 102,130 Richardt, Thomas E 159 Rickenbaugh, Saundraj 169 Riggs, David W 159,112, 60,61,63 Riley, Diana S 130 Rinehart, Kathleen A 130 Rinehart, Leslie A 169 Rinker, Norman L 111, 171 Risemas, Richard L 159, 52 Ritter, Steven L 163,55 Ritzel, Stephen K 117 Robbins, Dennis W 159 Robbins, Trisha 139 Robertson, Kay A 102 Robinson, Bernard R 151,l02,1 14 Robinson, Emma L 135 Robinson, Mary M 179, 134 Robinson, Walterkl 151 Robling, Wanda L 102 Rodgers, Paul A 182 Roe, Robert A 165,53,54 Roethemeier, Rebecca A 178 Roettger, Alvin G 114 Roettger, RaeA 127 Rogers, William T 159 Rohlfer, Randy 120 Roose, Richard W 165 Rose, Larry E 163 Ross, Betsy C 152,40 Ross, Cathyj 169 Ross, Robert R 159,57,59 Roth, Carolyn S 178 Rotramel, Elizabethj 178 Rowland, Suzanj 149 Royster, Robert A jr 71, 102 Rubin, Molly L, 152 Ruckman, Charles A 161 Rudolph, Alan R 182 Rueulames A 133 Rueger, Thomasj 136 Rueger, Sarah K 102 Ruggier, Ruth O 102 Russell, Dennis K 116 Russell, Thomasxl 163 -3- Sachse, Harriet 129,185, 133 Salerno, Charles H. 161, 102 Sander, Ericj 159,52,56 Sander,jef1rey D 159 Sander,Joyce E 169 Sanders, Davenya M 151 Sanford, Barbara A 151 Sauer, Ron 184 Saver, Ron 111 Scales, Ralph W 66,102, 165,56 Schaffstein, Robert W 135 Schantz, Charles P 184 Schellhase,Danie1j 112 Schelosky, Sue A 149 Scherer,John H 159 Scherzinger, William R 184 Schiewe, Shirley A 169 Schlachter, Albert L 120 Schlansker, David L J 161,102,57,120,46,59 Schleibaum, Betty L 186 Schlundt,JohnG 163 Schlundt, Roberta L 149, 129,130 Schmidtulames E 126, 127 Schmitt, Linda D 133 Schmitt, Sharon A 152 Schnapf, Minnie 155,169 Schnarr, Marilyn K 102, 111,178 Schneck, Cheryl L 103, 111,178 Schrader, Bernard L 159 Schrader, Carolxl 176 Schradenjanet K 170 Schrader, Stephen R 103, 134 Schreiber, Bruce A 163 Schriefer, Victor V 103 Schroder, Deborah V 155 Schroering, Bonita D 170 Schulties, Marilyn C 103, 130 Schultze, Marjorie D 126,175 Schurz, Garyj 172 Schweiger, Linda K 169, 130 Scott, Carolyn 149,111 Seifert, Connie L 168 Seifert, Wayne E 120,132 Seiler, Leonard S 103 Sensmeier, Arthur G 121 Sensmeier, Marina L 127 Sensmeier, Melvin R 121 Sensmeier, Ronald K 121 Sergesketter, Kevin C 103 Sexsonmleanne E 103, 117 Shafer, Maryj 151,115, 52 Shaffer, Lloyd, A 126 Shannon, Richard N 171 Sharpe, Sandra L 151, 115 Shatzer,LIohn H 161,103, 57,127,59 Shaw, Susan L 168,174 Shawhan, Steve M 165, 56 Shea,jamesj 161 Shearer, Blanchard H 57,58 Sheckfee, Carolyn 174 Sheckfee, William 103, 109,119,121,130 Shell,James H 134 Shepherd, Royce E 103 Shepherd, Beth 169 Sherrill, Marcus L 114 Shinozaki, Yoneko 177, 134,135 Shorde, Larry 127 Shoener, Arthur L 165, 56,120,54 Shores, Richard 121 Short, Michael T 181 Shoulders, Carolj 186 Shrode,julianne 103 Shrote, Roy L 103 Silverman, Leayne 42 Simmelink, Cynthia A 117 Simmons, Betty A 111, 178,133,134 Simmonsmlames L 182 Simmons, William W Simpson, Donna K 178 Simpson, Karen A 169 Simpson, William R 132, 135 Sipes, Garry C 68,171 Sivert, Carolyn E 185 Skelton, Margie A 126 Slade, Susan 151,115 Slaton, Stephen D 103, 132 Sluder, Paul D 117,127 Small, Samuel W 184 Small, Suzanne L 178 Smart, Alice M 178 Smith, Forrest Hxlr 165 Smith, Harold S 159 Smith,judith L 152,170 Smith, Paul D 68 Smith, Rita K 169 Smith, Steve C l14,57, 173 Sneed, Karen S 103 Snider, Tom 163 Snouffer, Marilyn S 170 Snowberger, Linda K 134 Snyder, Michael A 163 Snyder, Rebeccaj 151,52 Snyder, Robertj 66 Songer, Gwendolyn M. 126,175 Sorenson, Valda M 151 Soyugenc, Emrullah 184 Spaar, Margaret E 129, 179 Splittorff, David E 172 Stagg, Charles E 172 Stalder, Rhondaj 133 Stallings,LIo E 136 Stallings, Prudence L 169,136 Stanfield, Earl L 161 Stankie, Dan 52,56 Starkey, Ralph R 159. Statler, Carol 111 Staubitz, Nancyj 175, 134 Steedman, Donald L 165, 120 Steele,jacqueline S 179 Steeler, Chuck 159 Stein, Ladonnaj 178 Steiner, Gail 155,117 Stevens, William D 103, 108 Stevens, William F 127 Stevian,Joh 131 Stewart, Maire A 186 Stewart, Ronald K 103, 109,141 Stickley, Beth E 186 Stiflier, Nan E 170 Stiles, Samuel E 103,120, 132 Stinson, Bryan L 159 Stolz, Larry G 103,114 Stotler, Carol A, 155 Strohulames F 172 Stroud, Thomas R 103 Strouse, Irene F 103 Strueh, Ladonna K 155 Stuckey, Kenneth B 103 Stuckey, Marilyn 103 Studt, Richard A 172 Stula, Linnea W 155, 103,179 Sturm, Constancej 149, 103,111 Sullivan, Eddie 184 Sullivan, Roberta D 117 Summers, Richard I 104 Summers, Stephen A 159 Summers, Virginia L 152,44,128 Swain, Gail 169,134 Swenson, Kenneth B 104,165 -T- Tallman, Lawrence E 161 Tan, Hooi C 185 Taylor, Melvin C ,lr 161 Taylor, Patricia A 170 Taylorulanj 178 Taylor, William L 171 Tedfordulerry W 171 Terhune, Beverlykl 133 Terman, Philip R 104 Terry, Gregory A 182 Thayer, Linda D 185 Thomas, Barbara A 170 Thomas, Andrew 181 Thomas, Matthew W 70 Thomas,xlane 175 Thompson, David L 165 Thompson,,laneA 104, 109,141 Thomson, Linda K 155, 136 Thorn, Donna K. 126,175 Thornbro, Gerry M 163 Thornton,Janet G 117, 179,134 Thorsenuleanne M 175 Tighe, Thomas O 69 Timpe, Mary E 104,113, 37,117,169,134,47 Tindle, Roger 68 Tomlinson, Lynn 177 Tompkins, Christine 104 Topper, Linda L 151,52 Townsend, Bobbie W 129 Townsend, Doug 184 Toy, Mary A 179 Trevathan P Wayne 109, 163,140,139 Trott, Linda A 155 Tucker, Timothy W 129, 134 Tuley, Mical A 121 Tully, Norman P 159,54 LU, Uebelhack, David K 163, 45 Umbarger, Roy M 159, 66,54 Ungetheim, Sandraj 104,118,119,130 Updikeklohn C 180 Urban,joyA 178 Utley, Abbyj 295 -V- Vancleaveulames A 104 Vandever, Vergil 159 Vanstone, Kenneth W -104,132 Vanstone, Suzanne 127 Vaught, Carolj 152,104 Vaught, Pamela S 12, 152,128 Vinton, Susanj 151,52 Vogel, Steve 104 Vogler, Ronaldj 183 Voight, Regina A 149, 1 15,122 Volckensnlohn W 171 191 Vollmer, Amy E 175,130 Volz, Kaye A 111 Voris,,Iudith L 152 Vosburgh,,ludithA 104 Vote, Patricia A 151,44 LW, Wade, Mary D 104,l09, 139,141,130 Waggoner, Steven R 109, 1 19,173 Wagner, Donkj 60 Wagner, Robert G 133 Waihela, Terry L 178 Walker, Dan 181 Wallace, Ann 129,169 Wallace,james E 104 Wallace, Karlena L 151 Wallenbrock, Peggy A 127 Wallingulohn R 163 Walters, Donn L 111 Waltonululia S l47,149, 164 Wambach, Brad 53 Wambach, Kurt 116 Wampler, Dianne K 151 Waren, Linda C 104,47 Warner, Mike 184 Washington, Willie M 151 Wast, Sharon 185 Watersuloseph C Watson, Benny 159 Watson, Layne T 119, 127 Watson, Melinda K 186 Watson, Ronald D 180, 57 Weatherford, Kathleen 130 Webb, Paul 104 Weber, Donna M 104, 141 Wedeking, Colleen N 152,104,130 Wedeking, Kenneth W 104 Wedel, Richard D 159,127 Weeks, David C 151,60 Weideman,james P 104 Weil, Gail A 149,111,129 Weinzapfelulames A 104 Weinzapfel, Kennethj 68,127 Weir, Barbara A 169,134 Weiss, Sharonj 170 Wellemeyer, Marcia S 147,149,115,36 Welling, Daniel D 136 Wells, Brenda G 178 Wells,judithM 186 Wells, Wayne E 184 Werking, Catherine E 178 Werle, Marcia A 152,169 Werne,james A 45 Werner, Carolj 104 Werner, Lynn 104 Werzner, Robert A 127 Wesselman, William C 105,114,132 West, Ed 163 West,john G 126 Westfall, Susanj 109,131 Westrick, Susanj 186 Wheaton, Phyllis M 152 Whetstone, Katherine A 155,123,130 White, Elizabeth A 129 Whitekloyce D 105,111, 118,119 White, Richard A 161 Whitfield, George D 70, 55 Whitley, Edward A 172. 131 Whitsitt, Teresaj 155, 127,168 Whitticker, William L 151 Whitting ton, Mary L 153,105,123 Wiggins,,luneA 136 Wiggins, Stephen P 181 Wilder, Barharall 151 Wiley, Robert li 105 Wilhelm, Oren E 105, 114,17 Will, Nei 2 l 59 Willett, Martha I 105, 129 Williams, Charles N 109,176 Williams, Dorishl 130 Williams, Gayla F 111, ,Herbert E 151, 105,60,61,63 Williams Williams, Richard D 70 Williams, Robert K 105 Williams, Sandra K 149, 130 Williams, Shirley A 151 Williams, Sue A 117,185 Williams, Wilmaj 105 Williamson, Kathleen R 111,133,134 Wills,jamesA 127 Wilmotte,Maralee115 Wilmotte, Thomas M 105 Wilson, Ben W 111 Wilson, Bettyj 151,105. 127,129 Wilson, Linda K 149 Wilson, Marie P 133 Wilson, Martin P.57,59 Wilson, Susanne 115 Wilson, Thomas H 131 Wilzbacher, Robert W 105 Wineinger, Rebecca A 186 Winebald, Chip 159 Winfield, Phillip W 159 Winings, Chuck 66 Winkler, Lawrencej 172 Winnett, Barbara G 185 Winternheimer, Nancy D 153,118,123 Wittmer, Tonya M 178 Woehler, Cynthia E 118 Wolff, Thomas H 105, 57,58,59 Wood, Carolj 178 Wood, Dennis O 184 Wood, Dixie R 105 Wood, Phyllis 185 Woodall, Mary E 179 Woods, Howard B 165 Woods, Michael T 105 Wooley, Darlene F 186 Wright, Barbara S 117 Wrightujennifer L 105 Wright, Mark 105,163 Wyrick, Dianne 111 -YL Yaggi, Sarah K 155,113,185 Yeiser,James D 133,39 Young, Paulaj 153 Young, Raymond L 111, 184,136 Young, Rebecca A 149, 111,129,134 Young, Thomas E 161 Youngblood, Linda D 151,128 Youngblood, Marcus L Youngblood, Thomas 159 105 Yuska, Margaret E 105, 111 LZ- Zaharako, Elizabeth A l05,lll,118,l75 Zehner, Connie S 152, 105,108,127 Zell, Carol L 175 Zilch,Joe 184 Ziliak, Alanxl 105,165 Zimmer, Michael B 163 Zorn, Martha S 115,179 Zuber,N1aryK 117,128,176 Zuroske, Niraxl 151,105, 113,129,133,46,47 Lin slzziiilsjoi' Lincoln, fha avenue ivizle Un zvliiehfroiifs lhe eainlhus, thelielfl ofourprifle. C means not only the College zvepraise-'l7oolZ1'e zvill love fhroughoul all our days- Hut Clifhml, fhemlather, a truepioneer ll 'ho blazed out the via-y with a ivsioii clear. 1. in C reailarighf, Life in College aplbears, Love in College translate il, ifthal suils your years. Hui though C slanflsfor College and Culture, 'lil true, 'Tis fhekfirst part of City. Community, tooq flna' uihile u e Lin C up each year to lhelbasf, Forging a chain tha! ufill hold us allfast. lVe mean to Lin C, also, our life here in school To life in Ihe zvorla'-lhough opposed to all rule- That ure may givefreelny of our very hes! To the Cily which touches our floors on the ufesl, A na' that il in ils lurn may leach us to knovi Hou' to best serve ourfellouis as through life vie go. Thus ofzvhaleverphase ofour College vie think, Il is all to be found in one uiorrl-the Lin C. Wahnita Delong Written for the first LinC in 1922 The 1967 LinC Staff Editor-in-chief . . . Managing Editor . . . Campus Editor . . . . Faculty Advisor , . . . . Sports Section . . Senior Section . . . Greek Section ........ . . . Organization Section . . . . . Residence Section . . . Honorary Section . . . Index Section .... . . Faculty Section . . .. . julia L. Low . . . . . Susan Kifer . . Donna Powers Mrs. Jeane Young . . . Darryl Autry Paul Niemeier . Graham Morey Cynthia Brown Wayne Trevathan Melinda Harman . Glenda Clayton Susan Hession . . . Barbara Huff Norma Augustine Susan Elder . . Karen Lobeck Joyce Kleinhenn Dawn Wade Photography by jim Loving, Norma Augustine, Jeff Kratz, Gary Dasse, Charlie Ruckman, Bruce Thompson and Julia Low, student photographers. Other photographs courtesy of Mr. Paul Hartman, Mr. William Adkins, The Evansville Courier, The Evansville Press, and The Evansville Sunday Courier ana' Press. Senior pictures by Beverly Studio, Evansville, Indiana. l92 E7 mzmcm vunoon counnv .1 .1 4 .11 "' "-1. 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Suggestions in the University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) collection:

University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of Evansville - Linc Yearbook (Evansville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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