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.wg f 'N L OLLF f 'MM x QA vgnikw ' x 'tl what 1966 LinC Evansville College Evansville, Indiana Volume 44 O E , ' " . , f 7 1 " 'S v I .uv v y --w, - , f QX 5 . ' ' Q, '1 . 5 5 . ' 4 u in f" - fb -s Q- - -. Nba.-1 f- 5-A " " tlu-1'-"yr fi' ' ' J 57? ,1 .5 U' '.'f J., A' I. 'K 3 J... J 'xgyyfh .5.+. .HQQTSKQ wat. -".", N. '- Ag. 4 ,. ' , . jg .I a S ,' b 1 1 . 1 ' n 1 . air as - gf N16 . . .. f' . . . ' - . 1 , . 4 I A . ' , ' s R- , 3 0, he X .. f w YV , A- P". n Q 'Q !' ,vw x- B , sb M - Q I 'GK 0 If ' X px ' 'sw' nb? -'Q p 0 u i L Q ff dr., f , . 1- A ix 8 325 5 :A N x - , 9 '- .A 3 X ,tray ig' .30 4 .5 i ,rvklxu . ' -,,-. 8 ' ' ' 1. . - ' - - ' . J . , v nf- .f M -'. wg, H :Hum w r- -- .. ' f- -Q2 , .+.,..- U A 1 - -L-W. --1: W: ' .'wm,..-. 'ff wg. . .4 v 1 .. k -- 4 Q ,fgyni .. ' i J 4 0 jk :M " ' .14 " ' , ,' ' . Q- l N K w - X --. . - y I Y l 1 K, - 5 . w -'J 'ff s' ff " . 'L-W f. - . - 1-..-1 Q - N ' . A R . -' .1 .. t!7"'L:'i.'b'.Tr1iJ 'ffj'-"t'l.- 7 . V' '-M:i-'M'- - -s" f 'Q,-1' ' 'Q 'Q'.. ff- 115' -'r -51? " ' ' 3 L Y Sgr! K X l . ' f - , . ' r A Q V, ,' ,I A nf I.. X ' - A v f A ,Q . A . 5 - , . Yyx - -, , -' 5 ' 4 -4' N' .', U P . I Uglmi, 0 HX.. x x- v' . -Vx,-, . . 'iw' ab fk, Q Z6 I 1 1 s lf 'M Qnf , , J:-.fix F - ' 4 . 2'-'N 'Mx ' ' " ' 5"'u" - ' 'f'4'V "I 1. 5" lx 1 'O' - - ' O ' A " Q L, f- - . 1 x. , . - 4 -,gy-,W .gg-. A 4, A ff if .W 5- . 4 x -' - , , ,Q , Y 5 ' x A , ' w- - . ', ' Q , .M 4 ' at - ' Al' xfly, ,' wg' ' 'E A K, yn . f' is X. bf?"-14 1- isis!! is ev , , W Q23 ' X' ' ,, F ' - ' Q. w h 5 f '- " . LW.. f- - -3 0 ', H41 5- .A , C , 'K '15 "a. ' A' . 1-"ff ' ... ' ' ' ." 'F' S, 1 W A A me ' 95 ' ' -ifiakx a.--"' .' - X 'T 'J f ' fl F- Y. lk ,4 Hs- Q. wxm "K 'fx f- Q - - - - NW ,ff rr- , iv- V lull: N K Me ' ' gy I o ' ' g, 'V h Q ,, 'ff' ,, 1 I, J x '- Aj ..- X 1 Q ' 5 fq , :Q ws? , A .4 . if ft-. 'H f:g,. Q X Ji t Q. by 4:5 su. if! 4 A 'Q ' O5 r ' ' 2 I . xii' 4 Q 3 - Lx Ax ... , X A , W W, . , fswi, ' X SN: 'as -r , P I I 1 5'1va'lbi.o' ' xlf J 1 "" I 5 ' .4 'Q' Q -'... "' Q --aff 1 ' 3 f 'W W N 'assi X " ,vff F 'Y L 5 X xt, 5 ,A ' N 1 xi Q f '..x 4 ' f 'R 1 .g J' k W.. , ' , ,ilk 5 y' A .xx A ,, 5 Q jaw. 5 1 - W , x, , a 0, x 1 ef -,M - vf'4..'-arf w , . A 4' . 1' -ni' - '!s 1 'B 3."+ 1 xl .5 I I em Q N , w M iff' , ir Nl .V af gl ff Q X 6 , ,gg 4' . h' xx 1 if EFX X"f'fY' ,. 1 Q X Q 4 Y' 'I Aa' f. xx . 1 X6 Z 'Off' 1 ig Y v , ' Q an BK Z X Z wifb-' ii UP , ff 41 Ya W -s..,, -..4N'n" 1 V -- iw 5 'grip X".-' M-k....,:' "' Q ' gg-Ml - aw- M" ' -..., 22-Q, 4-'sn , , 'Q ,. "':..-Q - A-4 'Wu- "'!s.f"' '.,"YQP"' Q1. '54 'mf' J z Va-1 Growth U l',I . . .11 Ml ff 'ly' . ' f-' "N--1 . .. f X. Q 7' x ',u "I 'speet I Growed. D0n't Think Noboajf Never Made Me. 1"u 4 "Il, .I ' , t""'l, 4 .. ' 'lil 'Illlull 1 A 47:15 4- " V. QJWM X . . 4" ..... Y A 'I I' " , x y r"'I A ll' ' 1 qs ' u ,U ir"'i - 1---' Y 51 .11, :in li fd Jill -UNCLE Toiws CABIN ' - Harriet Beecher Stowe DP U2 N LTI U' ro "1 N P14 SD "S P+ U2 o O Pi ill na UQ urn Fl 4 SD I3 U1 4 I3 F14 rn O O Z rn UQ rn VJ rn rn 77' CD PP O give students adequate breadth and depth of understanding of and act i civilization and culture, to aid them in their adjustment to life and society, to enrich their personalities, to enable them to think ntelligently, and to aid them in choosing and preparing for their life's work. Students come with different hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Each person has his own ideas and ideals, and each has a goal. For some this goal will one day become a reality while for others it is one never to be realized. College causes most peopleis world to change in its scope. Things become more real, education more meaningful, friendships more genuine. While in college a personis life is transformed for it is here that he passes from adolescence to adulthood. No one can say when this metamorphosis takes place and few can say why, but even fewer can deny it. It seems like such a short time ago when, fresh out of high school, we entered college. Maybe we were "green", but we didnit think so at the time. But since then, a lot has happened. We have grown up. 3 1 W ,X . '34, X2 . ln ,-Sl' uf, . 'Sz-, ,N 3, 1. 1 - 1 rf , 4 ,fx f f J ,f , 7 5 ' 4 x f.f f gl , ' 2 -Xxffd , 2 . ,, N I ,- ffzf QS, f' -1 1 W 1 Q. Y, ..,. H M . , m" , S' ' Y' 1 A f 2 Af, " V ' ' x ff 'fa j. ' 3 'xr if 1 Qi, - ik ? X x ly' 4 Af gif! N 5 ge I N L7 Mxvb . -1 .in lllllllllllllll llllllllllillllll lllllllllllllllifll I nmmmm lllllllllllllll' T:2Tf VVa . Knowledge Our most obvious growth is in knowledge. It is the reason college exists, and it is the reason we come. Most of us are serious, some indifferent, in the pursuit of knowledge. We pursue it variously, in depths of night and solitude, in huge crowds, in intense groups. Knowledge without effort is impossible. 2700 different study habits help the student acquire his education. Study lamps come on early in the evening and, one by one, go out until only a few remain at dawn. Cramming is common, complete preparation is rare. There is always more to learn but never enough time. College gives us knowledge more important, less transitory, then mere facts. It gives us the knowledge of the power of learning. The concepts we learn become a part of us. They will remain even when facts fade. Such is our growth. 5 ' 5 jffo w I 3 '.'x,'9 ",-...If - ' Q ' l'l " f f J gy' gr' ,CW JY' Q .F .4 : n Q . 5s "f' t ' . . , , . I .p sr' . . N.. Q .. - Q I , J 4 -o'?1QQn' Al v nw-- X l 4 ,W X K f 2 ' 1 M , .,,.... nw .,, 4 a Personalit We come each year, linger awhile, and leave by our separate ways. We linger for only a year, two years, four years . . . but all of us have walked through the whiteness of snow and under trees colored with the magic of spring. Evansville College is a source of many memories, some rewarding, some burdensome. Even outside its classrooms, college nurtures our growth. Of the many students who attend college, some desire more than a classroom education. Personality development is association with people, it includes parties, dates, and occasional sessions in the Indian. The campus offers opportunities for participation in various organizations and activities. These are inevitable parts of our growth. 7 'W TRAN VAN DINH, Viet Namese dip- lomat, soldier, author, and journalist. Evansville Press Photo A-' Q' 4 h-.4l FF IIIIHI I I I If IFIII I 'Il-I Gi PM NX ig. . .ri- m hu : I l ! - i" I -. ef"E:"-21.3 .'I :nf , 7 u r r I . i I I I lo , , NA! ful 4 .nllllllll ll ll 'ZIEIIIIIIII ulture In college there is constant activity-study, research, technical experiments, and meetings. But there are also opportunities for the artistic, talented, and culture-minded. One is free to participate or enjoy, create or criticize. Becoming a well-rounded person involves more than an academic education. In addition to the fine arts, a lecture series provided by the Interstate- Finance-Richard E. Meier Foundation has made it possible for students to see, hear, and visit with some of the world's important men and women. Some make the effort to attend and are rewarded as their horizons expand. Others remain at home, unaware of the challenge of cultural appreciation. More of us come each year. We develop our knowledge, personality, and culture, and we leave better persons than we started with new outlooks, new perspectives, and new goals. College does not complete the whole of our growth, but it starts us seeking it. 9 v 4 5 ow' C 1- I . ,-V V O M gg., 4 3- Fi 5 A ,X if X MA 'sr mi' '14 ff 4 , , Q 'Q Q' Jpv. "Ki qi' eos 1' N Y f ,.mQ 1 .1 I wr I iffy, 12 ' av V Vwwwq W 1 1 We ' 5 5 N Z XQ 9 f , f ei' rg ,W , ,, , as .4551 9 xx. I 66 Table of Contents Sports ........ Faculty .... Seniors .. Greeks ........ Organizations .. Residences .... Index ..... nl' A street dance on the college parking lot began the so- of whom attended the dance. CPhoto by Charles Cul- cial activities of orientation week at E.C. Gayle Grim ley, Courtesy of The Evansville Sunday Courier and and John Rogers were among the 800 freshmen many Pressj Marsha Wellemeyer and Richard Blackburn, foreground, attended the counseling session for education majors at Wheeler Concert Hall during registration. CPhoto by Frank Lodge, courtesy of The Evansville Sunday Courier and Press.D 9 So This s College! Orientation was the time for getting acquainted with the campus and its buildings and for catching a Hrst glimpse of college life. The social activities of orientation began with a street dance in the college parking lot. Before regis- tration, the freshman were submitted to SAT tests and chest x-rays. Jan Paschal, freshman, was voted Icebreaker Queen by freshmen attending the dance, in Carson Center. In the Queen's court were Millie Goody, Chris Taylor, Sandy Sharpe, Barbara Horst, Linda Topper, and Pam Keith. Freshmen numbered 1040 out of the total enrollment of 2772 for the 1965-66 school year. The enrollment was an increase of 297 over the registration of the 1964-65 school year. "ny-X X .s iff .il-, Students worked their way thru the maize of registration lines as the new school year began ,blasts Nav 's fl 'gif' ' V nllgl.: f I These weary students approached the end of the line as they waited to pay their bills at the Business Office. Jan Paschal was crowned freshman queen of the annual Ice Breaker Dance by SGA President, Jerry Linzy. I3 9 1 5 .-ef' W 32 0 ,P- .63-U ,Q ff. 'fo M69 0 ' Llgx I 115- f is 1 27 fg -Q fd! 'Pk wma-ww!! QQ iwbbv iw' Yessy-wg. XRB Ni Q HN ft , -7 '-'faq hs' 9, Qu F91 z ' my WWF 3? - kb? 3 as im My til' We fgwyff f ,,.. my ,msfl ' 1 - 1 , 'tw . f 4,.,u,,,jg5!ves,,,... V W ,W AL, .. . 1- I. Al' n I 1 1. ifiiig-W A FQ' ' . .Wei 1 .ep sid n t .41 The faculty turned out in academic dress for the annual President's Convo- cation for freshmen. ' President Hyde listened as Leonard Licly, Father of the Year, spoke during the Dad's Day festivities. John Lidy, freshman, heard his father speak. .mol 'gTurn Up the Lightsl' was the subject covert-il by President Melvin Hyde in the 1965 Presidents Convocation for fresluuen students. The convoca- tion was the first formal introduction to the faculty for the freshmen. It marked the beginning of many intellectual events for the new students. Convocations . Lectures . ore Convocations Tran Van Dinh, Washington Bureau Chief and Corre- spondent for the Saigon Post, spoke on October 15 in the Interstate Finance-Richard E. Meier Foundation Lec- tures. I5 r......, y W.-,.,,.......-.. ,- ....,.- --Q-aw-...-M--...Q ...............,.c,-,.......,. B, l...t, ......-.-..-.-.... . .. .., ., . ,, :Z M: ..,, -M H" -"" . -""f'r:r- N' Y A 5' f """.g Q A--JL-Q: ... lx 7 A gf 511 R ' Q- . 41,4 3 V x 5 'grills Betty Kolb, Rush Chairman for Alpha Omicron party. Out of 174 T01 5 A 41 Nga fm . he girls who signed up for rush, Pi used a Hawaiian luau theme for their informal 56 became pledges. A O Pi pledged 16. All Sororities Came Awa app Chi Omega's Rush Chairman, Kendra Beesley, chose the "Wizard of Chi Ozl' as theme of their informal rush party held in the suite at Moore Hall. Chi Omega pledged 16 on October 3. uw. V ..,, -we , W H, N9 N-...Q 0 7 ,NL 1. 1 Afififlffwllxif iw' fi 'fxlhif XXX 6 vu ' 'if ,L 'Wm was V22 5--..... D Vi'-'If'7i"' E M" " XJ f' , I X- ..v,.. Phi Mu Sorority used a japanese theme with man, Darlene Harrison. Fourteen Coeds were "magic shoes" and kimonos for their informal pledged by Phi Mu in formal rush. party to carry out the plans of their Rush Chair- Themes Ranged from Spiritual to Oriental "The Littlest Zetan invited rushees into "Zeta Heaven" to fit the theme chosen by Rush Chairman Vicki Hay. Ten girls were pledged by the Zeta's on October 3. 'K s X ,fs 5, ln' ' Nxxxv -. 1 .r My A K ' ' 1 ,lr ' Ji, , s Q lb 1 ' dis' 8 Sgt' A ,. x xxxs-gn x 5.5 KNKX ,v Tom Cook, president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, spoke to the prospective pledges at a dinner during fraternity rush. 7 Men Pledged The five national fraternities on campus, Kappa Alpha Psi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Tau Kappa Epsilon, pledged 97 men Nov. 1 during informal ceremonies at the Union Building. Pledging ended a month of banquets, smokers and par- ties for men going through rush. The Inter-Fraternity Council sponsored a smoker for all rushees at which time the men met their future brothers. When the bids were issued and accepted, the Kappas, the newest fraternity, pledged four, Lambda Chi, 29, SAE, 24, Sig Ep, 21, and TKE, 19. In January, the rush book was again opened for the spring pledge classes. Members of the five fraternities yelled and cheered happily as their new pledges came through the Union Building doors to meet new brothers. it ? o iv . .32 . f ., .tr -. ai.. ft ,U One hundred and thirty-five men participated in fall Banquet and at parties and smokers given by individual rush with 97 men pledging. Rushees met the fraternity fraternities. men during the Inter-Fraternity Smoker and Rush 19 Nvl'14YU at EN K. X Left to right, Dan Schellhase, sophomore class, Action Party CAPD, Jim Browning, junior, AP: Winston Evans, senior, AP, Doug Henry, senior, All-Campus Party QACPjg Tom Cook, junior ACP, and Jim Domina, sophomore, ACP, were the presidential candidates. Dan, Jim Browning, and Doug were elected. Barry Allred, freshman, was elected president of his class, but did not run on a ticket. Action, ll- ampus Split Votes With the help of campaigners, the All-Campus party swept Doug Henry, Dale Hennessey, Nancy Roser and Ceorgianna Bland to wins in the senior class. Action Party members Jim Browning, Herb Williams, Pat DePriest and Julie Low, juniors, were elected. Dan Schellhase, Nancy Jordan, Connie Cartwright, Acion Party, and Mike Harper, All-Campus Party, are sophomore officers. Freshmen ofticers, not in a party, are Barry Allred, Judy Plymate, Marcia Well- emeyer and Jean Labhart. J ii "" ' ' -"i'5V"'i X w i ' Contemporary Faroe Seasonjs First Play The 'cChinese Wall," a play by Max Frisch, was the First play of the season, and had an exceptionally large cast. The contemporary farce starred Ron Glass as the Con- temporary, Joy Sisk as the Chinese Princess, Dave Emge as the Prince, Rand Ihle as the Master of Revels and Ormin Brown as the Emperor. Also in the production were Nira Zuroske, Cindy Doty, Ann Latham, Pam Keith, Sharon Overman, Steve Bayer, Louis Clark, Skip Borre, George Newberry, Barry Dubuque, Myrna Lane, Kerry Driggers, Rick Cohn, Terry Clark, Ju- lie Gerard, Mike Flaherty, Jane Thompson, Charleen Moore, Bobbie Autra, Cherie Meyer, Paula Powell, Pam Hogue, Gary Bayer, Marilyn Noah, Jack Duarte, Mike Pullin, Milt Butterworth, Vella Johnson, Gary Spencer, Dave McFadzean, Larry McCourt, Roger Hartup, Gary McCullough, Tom Morgan, Garry Hagstrom, Dennis Dou- gherty, "Mike', Anderson, Bob Borders, Linda LaVey, Vic- kie York, Lisa Ritz, and Linda Hayward. Sam Smiley directed the production. ii Dave Ernge, the Chinese Prince, was ignored by Joy Sisk, the Chinese Princess, in the November production of "Chinese Wallf' Contemporary Ron Glass, who received the Sammy Award Skip Borre, while in the court of the Emperor of China, for his performance, turned away from the Executioner, Ormin Brown. Q is 5 Fwy A s if iydsfg i s qw, MYIINHHA ,r ' -L. ,J 'eo' 2 , , rf X 9 117 Z! 5 44' ,,f, i Q fy ff W f .ff J'f"A Carolyn Bentley, college apartments, Jan Bierod, Moore Hall 5 Donna Boyd, Zeta Tau Alpha, Connie Cartwright, Chi Omega, Gail Mohrrnan, Alpha Omicron Pi, Betsy Ross, Phi Mu, and Nancy Utley, Women's Recreation Association, were candidates Gail Mohrman Reigns at 196 Homecoming Gail Mohrman was congratulated by her AOPi sorority sisters after being named Homecoming Queen during the contest Friday night in the Great Hall Connie Cart Queen Gall rode in a parade around the wright and Betsy Ross placed also. football field at the Homecoming game Gail Mohrman, sophomore representative of AOPi soror- ity, was chosen by student vote and judges to reign over 1965 Homecoming activities on Nov. 5 and 6. Winners in the intra-campus events which took place on Saturday morning were Hughes Hall, menis bicycle race, College Court Residences, womenls bicycle race, Zeta Tau Alpha, basketball relay, Hughes Hall, tug-of-war, Sigma Phi Epsilon, men's horse and rider relay. Other winners were Zeta Tau Alpha, womenls bubble gum blowing contest, Tau Kappa Epsilon, men's water balloon bust, Chi Omega, women's wheelbarrow relay, Hughes Hall, stilt race, Alpha Omicron Pi, mug draining contest, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, men's yo-yo contest, Chi Omega, womenls yo-yo contest, and Hughes Hall, parade participation. Awards for contests, lawn displays and Mr. and Miss United Fund were presented at the Homecoming Dance, '4Fantasia,l' Saturday night at Carson Center. Julie Walton, AOPi, won the title of Miss United Fund and Gary Fuquay, Sig Ep, became Mr. United Fund after the fund drive which totally collected 86391. A tug-of-war, wheelbarrow relay and bubble gum blowing contest were part of the competition on Saturday morning during the Homecoming activities on campus. 1, ,Ka ln' N r Lambda Chi Alpha won first place in the AA men's division for lawn displays for the 1965 Homecoming. A fire-breath- ing dragon backed the slogan, "Scorch 'em Aces." Lambda hz C122 O Wzn Dzsplay A arab Flatten em Aces was the wmnmg slogan for the women were judged on Friday but trophies were not given until ."m..,:,,.- 1 , g V , K .. N QQ' f ' - , A w "- ,IJ gp. I' 'N'x'4-rm.. '.:f-..g- V X NP 'L.,.mfA ,g..:s s, v -. M ,A fred, M .M pf H1-W. .N :frm 1, WT, -A -ff' f -' v-. :X . , ' ' - ' . 4 ,,-1-ff-fn' '- "75'i.f-.1 Y, 'Va . L. W':'? 1' 59 K , Z1 5 "4 M in ' " V . 1" ff l r 3-. E N 'nf X , 1 ...A?j.v'fQfr 2 . Q -i ' 3"+,x 4' r' r , f ,xp . f. ,. . , 'fl m : ' 1 J" ' ' .fs . f' ' l, ij, 94 sr 6, ..4 . A ur Y 4" ' ,. lf ,ft , r At the right, the second place menls AA division winner backs the Aces against the Valpo Cru- saders. Sigma Phi Epsilon built the display. Above, Phi Mu took womenls AA second place with "Knight Fall for Valpof' At the right, Hughes Hall's display won iirst place in the A division judging of displays. HRIVER mn Basketball player Gary McClary received a Randy Cooksey had to wait in a much longer line before he reached Kenneth Jones, tremendous get-well wish when hundreds of registrar, where he received class cards during winter quarter registration. concerned students signed a scroll to boost his recovery in a St. Louis, Mo., hospital. all, inter uarter Activities Include Lectures, programs, drives and projects were among the activities of the student body during a very busy fall quarter. 'With a letter students wished basketball player Gary McClary a speedy recovery while he was in the hospital in St. Louis, Mo. They also gave money to CARE for the purchase of school books and supplies for South Vietnamese children. This was sponsored by Indiana Sen. Birch Bayh and netted S105 here. Students helped address Christmas cards to be sent to servicemen in Viet Nam also. During the quarter, students had the opportunity to hear a speaker on Extrasensory Perception. Dr. G. Pratt, Duke University psychology professor, spoke on Nov. 12. High school students were welcomed to campus on Jour- nalism Day, Oct. 16, and High School Day, Oct. 23. Journalism Day featured Ralph Holsinger, associate pro- fessor of journalism at Indiana University, as speaker. Two S150 scholarships in journalism were awarded to Kathy Britton, a North High School student, and Darrell Chris- tian, a Henderson High School senior. Jane Jaris of Mt. Carmel, Ill., was alternate winner. Religion In College Life Week, Oct. 25 through 30, had as guest speaker Dr. Chester Pennington of Minne- apolis, Minn. RICL Week ended with a Retreat at Santa Claus Campground, Dale, Indiana, for the students. Steve Rothschild, left, Gayle Grim and Barry Hart gave support to the campaign to raise funds for school supplies for South Vietnamese school children. Help Projects l 'P' 1 5' X ' I, 1 1 .. 15 - Y it f I ,fl "E Dr. Edgar McKown, director of religious life, gave the First address in Neu Chapel on Jan. 6. The Chapel was dedicated March 15. W ms, if tm it I Dr. McKown loaded a sleeping bag into a car before leaving with Mary McKown, Karen Jensen, Becky Hauselmen, and Scott Kates for the RICL Week Retreat at Santa Claus Campground. ' 'Q YP 1 as ,fy gigs H 3' 815' 5 FN 'R Santa Claus Comes to Campus Santa Claus, Tom Snider, listened to all the requests for faculty and student dance was held. Christmas toys made by children belonging to members of The Christmas Decorating Party on Nov. 28 and the the faculty, staff and married students at the All-Campus Holly Ball, sponsored by Newman Club, were also in the Christmas Party on Dec. 3. After the children's party, a Union Building. Frank "Herb,' Herbert, Union Games Room supervisor, is a The McCurdy Alumni-Memorial Union Building celebrated its friendly pal to the students who stop in the Patio for snacks or to 15th birthday with punch and cake in the Wooden Indian on Jan play games. 21. nion elebmtes 15th zhfhday Mrs. Louise Land, director of the Union Building, met with presidents of the campus organizations on several Sunday afternoons throughout' the year for Presidents, Seminars sponsored by Union Board. Cheerleaders are, FRONT ROW left to right, Karen Norris Betty Martin, Captain Gayla Dame, and Connie Hughey. STAND- ING, are Jackie Garner, janet Schlosser and Connie Krause. Thirteen EC Coeds form the Ace-Ettes, who do routines for halftime programs at the ball games, are from left to right in the FRONT ROW Pam Haynes, Jan Ashworth, Nira Zuroske, Pat Vote, Millie Goody and Darlene Harrison. 5 'n if 14" I s ff 4 f Cheerleader Connie Hughey leads the crowd in a cheer at a basketball game at Roberts Stadium. Cheerleaders Boost Spirit at Ball ames In the BACK ROW are Toni Fish, Susan Harkins, Connie Shelton, Jean Petr, Susan Kleinschmidt, Linda Nice and Alanda Schneider. 41 The Majorettes who are going through a march routine are, from left to right, Nira Zuroske, Karen Adams, Lynn Hajenseiker, Gwen Cadick, Susan Harkins and Pam Haynes. John David Lutz, instructor of speech and drama and former ECT member, worked with the play casts and crews throughout the year. J it fe t Wt-li fist- , t S as sg' W ,5 2 s .s.-M iw to I Rand Ihle,tthe fox, got caught in a trap in the Children's Theatre Play, "MygFriend the Fox." Gary Bayer also starred with Mike Pullin, Jicai Allen, Dave Emge, Donna Meek and Ormin Brown. x kg 13, my -x . Q .- Nm.: sr i 1 .iw n Jil X3-.., g t ..,N. ii jj: 'I .. val, 5 s.' ", ,M "+A in I P , 1'- r"9 iz 1 H 2 l CI' 'L Y, Candidates for the title of 1966 Basketball Queen were from left to right, FRONT ROW, Susan Palmer, Phi Mug Bonnie Chase, college apartments, and Gayla Dame, Chi Omega. In the BACK ROW are Donna Carol Smith, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sue Blaine, Alpha 11 s 5 , 2 ,,........f-mn fi f E Q I l 5 a 1 3 l X 1 1 s I 2 f i i I I X. f Qmicron Pig Gina Voight, Moore Hall, and Delores Bischmann, Women's Recreation Association. BELOW, Sue Blaine reigns as Basketball Queen at the EC-Ball State game on Jan. 22. Sue Blaine Reigns at ame Sue Blaine was crowned 1966 Basketball Queen by Jer- ry Linzy, Student Government Association president, during half-time ceremonies at the EC-Ball State Basketball game on Jan. 22 at Roberts Stadium. She also reigned over the 4'Basketball Bounce" dance after the game in Carson Cen- ter. Attendants were Janet Boyer, Donna Mackey, Marcia Hisgen, Susan Elder, Barbara Winnett, Nira Zuroske and Mary Scea. Marilyn McCutchan and Pete Golightly were the queen contest co-chairmen. Shakespearean Pla Scores a Hit MA MIDSUMMER Night's Dream," a Shakespearean comedy, scored a hit for Evansville College Theatre at the end of the winter quarter and was taken on tour to Tri-state schools. The play was performed for more than 15,000 area students. Leading roles in the play were performed by Julie Gerard as Titania, Ron Glass, Cberong Rand Ihle, Puch, Gary Bayer, Bot- tom, Leanne Howerter, Helena, Mike Flaherty, Lysander, Dave Emge, Demetrius, Mike Pullin, Theseus, and Joy Sisk, Hermia. Other players were Ormin Brown, Sandra Ethridge, David Mc- Fadzean, Steve Bayer, Ed Moore, David Comer, Bob Wagner, Jack Schriber, Gary Hagstrom, Mark Koch, Sharon Chandler, Nira Zuroske and Ann Latham. Sam Smiley was director with Pam Hogu-e and Linda Cizsek assisting him. John David Lutz was designer, Dudley Thomas, costume and light designer, Milt Butterworth, stage manager, and Cindy Doty, costumer. N ,ff Y with Faq VZ,-J B if U . ,. at ,, A et r lfill y 5 "UQ ax X 6, 0 f -I Ron Glass, who played Oberon, king of the spirits, wore eerie makeup as a symbol of the spirituality of his part. Anne Latham, Cobweb, and Nira Zuroske, Moth, are dressed in the colorful costumes of the characters they played. The costumes were paid for by the Evansville Junior Service League. 'N Y, WG!! ll! Ru, Carson Center was the scene of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon "Bleed- in', on Feb. 4. The 197 pints of blood donated by students and faculty were sent to the aid of Americans wounded in Viet Nam. At left, a student gives blood to the drive. A blooclmobile crew from St. Louis, Mo., was in charge of the operations. SAE Steve Dinnsen was Bleed-in chairman. Carl "Doc" Severinsen, trumpeter regularly featured on the "Tonight', show was guest performer with the EC Concert Band Feb. 13 at the North High School auditorium. if Above, Judge William H. Miller spoke on "History of the Jury Systeml' at one of a series of coffee hours Feb. 3. He is Vander- burgh County Circuit Court Judge. At right, John Hall, Sigma Phi Epsilon, was selected "Bachelor of the Year" for 1966 by an all-women's vote. He was given the trophy during halftime of the EC-Valparaiso game Feb. 19. Six candidates for "Bachelor of the Year" are pictured in a local clothing store comparing notes on campaign dress. Candidates, left to right are Ed Ziemer, Lambda Chi, John Hall, Sig Ep, John O'Neal, Kappa Alpha Psi, Steve Markwell, SAE, Doug Henry, TKE, and John Love, Hughes Hall. . 5 . ,, , ' 1 Q wi- rxmqrg f Q, , . ', ' 'til , ,I ' ' . s . ini, 15 s- .ng .g fr " 4 . ,- , zzff '. ' -' ' 1' 1' .1- , ' , N 1 X-1 'q i J x uf Yum" Q , ,v -sn' I grid X- , , pal, x .-,,.i,w, .i. a N, -I , v' x 1 X , v 3. X 1 R Q ,ix My x i '11, 'Vi' -sf, -31 it , 1 i is t .- ' V. K sr. 2 1 s. -3 . . x . f -, . .' X ' '-' 5' . f 'E ' - r' ' flu 3 1 I if R A 2, X ' .if , J ' ig 'H-, I ' "A if Y' s r' t N 5 -B The Cast of the 20th annual Musical Madness production mem- bers assembled for the finale at Bosse High School auditorium on Mar. 4. Groups participating were AOPi, Chi O, Phi Mu, ZTA, Lambda Chi, Sig Ep, SAE and Independent Campus Association members. Judi Keneipp was general chairmang Jerry Linzy and Waverly Eakins, student coordinatorsg Mrs. Judy Fiddick, ad- visorg and Ed Ziemer and Barbara Robinson, master and mistress of ceremonies for the program. Musical Madness Theme Chi O director, Kendra Beesley, received the Chi Omega sorority won first place in the women's division with "Cabin 20', de- trophies for her organization from senior stu- picting a typical day at Camp Chop-A-Tree. They also won the best over-all trophy. dent coordinator Jerry Linzy. ,. 5 - 2:32 ,,,, s Maman. -v Phi Mu sorority took the second place in the reducing salon. Jackie Garner, Phi Mu director, women's division with "Club 2O," a skit about a received the award for the "Best Directorf' Lambda Chi Alpha received men's division Sigma Phi Epsilon men won second place in the men's division for "A Deep, Probing first place under Paul Black's direction. The Analysis of Certain 20th-Century Characteristics, Or, Protesting Can Be Fun." Kirby Chi's skit was U20 Meals a Week," a take- Wilson was their director. off on Harper Dining center. L X X M' V , '-I! Ml' ff ' sl' if 2 A WTS A3 I L . w L ,J QL.. ' 5 mfr!-wal-ia...... ...amp -fm Bonnie Washington, Kendra Beesley, and Sharon Ross were the queen candidates for "Twilight Mist," the 1965 Military Ball at Carson Center on April 24, 1965. Kendra was chosen to reign at the dance as the 1965 AFROTC Mil Ball Queen. At the right, trophies are being received by Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and Chi Omega sorority representatives for being win- ners of the annual Lily Sale Contest. A total of 31,030 was col- lected by the students for the Evansville Rehabilitation Center. Left to right are Jim Conn, jim Browning, the local Easter Seal Child, Helen Caradine, Marilyn Nonte, and Miss Deane Mc- Gurk, Lily Sale sponsor. Sandy VanArsdall, 1964 Military Ball Queen, placed the crown on Kendra's head as President Hyde looked on. Radiant Queen Ruled F RQTC Militar Ball While Lily Sale Served Good Purpose , - ft , .v S sf. if 44 3 Yliiq N I ii Actor Hans Conried entertained an audience in Carson Center with his dramatic readings. Mr. Conried was brought to the cam- pus as a part of the Interstate Finance-Richard E. Meier Lec- ture Series. Indiana's U. S. Senator Birch Bayh discussed current political problems with students during a morning coffee hour in the Great Hall. 2 oted Speakers Presented Viewpoints 'M Harlow Shapely, Harvard Ob- i servatory director emeritus, spoke on the aerospace program during a lec- ture series program. ,.. , ,,, , N, . , V, J Y Q I Tilt., ,EJ ,je g !' ww... 1' S' I . , mi-, . , 4 .1 ' 4 , . af : qt fa A Qi f ,9 , -. 1 ,Lv ' 1. fx-yn I aiu Judy Taylor, Alpha Omicron Pi, reigned over the May Day festivities on the lawn of the campus. She was chosen from among the candidates pictured below. The senior girls are Mary Lee Montgomery, Phi Mu, Car- olyn Vargo, Franklin House, May Queen Judy Taylor, Pat Jefferson, Chi Omega, Winnie King, Moore Hall, and Nancy Morris, Zeta Tau Alpha. Ron Eberhard, shown with Judy on the right, was her escort. SGA President Earl McCurdy crowned the queen. Festivities included presentations of honors and awards, ROTC review, Yrs, , LAWS nurses' capping, a turtle derby, tug-of-war, clothes relay, tire race, chariot race, and an egg throwing contest. Mr. Millard Pace was named favorite professor and Mrs. Audrey Porch, mother of students George and Betsy Porch, was elected Mother-of-the- Year. A 0 Pi Wore College's May Day Crown if WWW . All Campus art Elected The All-Campus Party swept its candidates into four of the five Student Government Association offices in the Spring election. Jerry Linzy, presi- dent, Dick 1Werking, vice-president, Doug Nelson, treasurer, and Judi Keneipp, delegate-at-large, won ofhces. Kendra Beesley, secretary, was the only Action Party member who won the election. Losing candidates for the oHices were Ron Johnson, presidential candidate, Winston Evans, vice- presidentg Carol Nunn, treasurerg and Anthony Brooks, delegate-at-large, for the Action Party. Marilyn McGutchan, candidate for secretary, was the losing All-Campus candidate. Union Board committee chairmen were also voted on during the election. Those elected were Georgianna CPetej Bland, Hnance, Gordon Stien, line arts, Ann Kinnaird, personnel 5 Vickie Hay, social, Judi Keneipp, dance, Pam Brown, games, Ann Fisher, publicity, and Ramona Kiefer, house. Louise Land, entertainment, maintained her committee chairmanship. Women's Council candidates who were elected are Susan Caylor, pres- identg Bonnie Washington, secretary 3 and Sue Blaine, treasurer. s s I L r r 4 1 At the left SGA presidential candidates Jerry Linzy and Ron Johnson waited for voters on the steps of the Lmon Building. Above students stopped to talk and campaign for their party 1n front of the Union Building ,- I 3 X . 1 From left to right Sue Ann Stout Leanne How Cartwright vied for the title of Miss Evansville erter Donna Mclilderry Rose Luther Connie College of 1965 in bathing suit competition Brandywine Beauties Produces Wild Weekend Miss EC On the right, Leanne was chosen as Miss EC. She rep- resented Evansville in the Miss Indiana Contest sum- mer, 1965. Dave Little, master of cere- monies, announced that Bet- sy Ross, left, was first run- ner-up and Connie Cart- wright, right, was second runne'r-up. ROTC escorts Bill Lisembee and Vernon Mann. The pageant began Sprock- et Festival Weekend activi- ties. 42 N x nm , 2' , , ,S , 'P , Fans cheered their favorite teams OU to ViCt0l'Y- Riders completed the pace lap to start the 1965 "Big 39" bicycle race. E jim Clark gave a pep talk and briefed competing teams on rules of the race. 44 Eight teams competed in the third annual "Big 39W bicycle race at the Boonville High School track. Lambda Chi Alpha cut ten minutes off the track record with a 2:03.95 to win the race for the third consecutive year. Hughes Hall I peddled in for second place, with Sigma Alpha Epsilon third, Sigma Phi Ep- silon fourth, Hughes Hall II fifth, Hughes Hall III, sixth, Tau Kappa Epsilon seventh, and Snipers eighth. . -.. Steve Bauman completed exchange to Bob Albright to carry on for the Sig Ep team. I Each riding team was boosted by another group. This year Phi Mu C C 3 9 7 7 Sorority won Hrst place with their "Mary Poppins" theme. Earl McCurdy gave Lambda Chi's Steve Murray the checkered Hag at the finish of the "Big 39',. IR ,munvQ, """'i . ' egg-'wen'--. V , M ws . y f - . A , 1 54 54, Q! 0 'f if r Q '.X'Aai4,g 4 'K ,, 4 Lg' 'vt . f fri-7 ,llqxglfil ' ggi", 'M . 'H X Q ' ,V , '. - Q ,Qc ' ' ',5Q5f'f'232gg1,i, new ww' 4 S .. A -'K x ,V aaa uf A if ., wif 1 he vm ,f Q Y. 3 ff .- . f X k Q ,. f, Ki -K 2,93 , . , - ug Y ,Y K mJn,.,.,f I 5' 45 si, BICYCL n4ll1.l ' ' mis. 'Q' ooo -33 -'Q A trio of bright-eyed college coeds peered out a dormitory window in Cindy Doty, Michael Flaherty, Dave Ernge, and Pam a scene from "Take Her She's Mine," which was directed by senior Miller portrayed four college students in a nightclub Liz Weiss. ECT presented the play during the month of April. date scene from "Take Her, Shels Mine." Evansville College Theatre Cave Us Emmett Whitmeyer QRand Ihlej receives a stern reproach from his father Qjim Popel as Mollie Mi- chaelson QCindy Dotyj and Mollie's parents fMar- cia Bennett and Ormin Brownj looked on. The play was written by Phoebe and Henry Ephron. 46 M HWEAVE A WOODEN HORSE" By William Weber Evansville College Theatre's production "Take Her, She's Mine", written by Phoebe and Henry Ephron, was produced by Sam Smiley and Directed by Liz Weiss in April. "Weave a Wooden Horsef, winner of the Evansville Broadway Theatre League's National Playwriting Contest, was performed by Evansville College Theatre in May. The play had never been produced before in any form. The productions were held on the East Classroomls thrust stage Cthree sidesj which was transformed from a college town in "Take Her, Shels Minen to a Greek setting in "Weave a Wooden Horsef, C' ake Herb and fcHorse" Mary Koch plays the part of Penelope, wife of Ulysses, in 'Evans- ville College Theatre's production of "Weave a Wooden Horse" by William Weber. -UQ-NN fa 7 in 'A' ,. 4 s Duane Campbell, as Ulysses, tells Liz Weiss, as Menea, about his experiences in the Trojan Wars in the prize winning play "Weave a Wooden Horse." Laertes, Atroculous, and Menea, played by Jim Yeiser, Jim Clark, and Liz Weiss, plot against Ulysses. QPhoto courtesy of the Evans- ville Press.j KN' Y WA, 1:3 ' .- ' 'xv -du if ll Evansville College's largest graduating class in its history received diplomas during the Commencement exercises on June 14 at Roberts Municipal Stadium. Dr. Myron Wick, general secretary of the Division of Higher Education of the Methodist Church Board of Education from Nashville, Tennessee, spoke to approx- imately 4O0 graduates on "The Heart Has Its Rea- sons." Bishop Roy Short, resident bishop of the Louisville area of the Methodist Church, was guest speaker at the Baccalaureate Services on june 13. For Seniors-Cnce in a Lifetime 48 2. 2 g at Y in Q if In S a 5 E F ti 5 I iw Y ' Q . . v 9 Q 4 I as ' 4 " . 1 an . Q- - - 5 . 4 4 i' 1 I- Q , C w o F- A 4. -1 -5 e s o Q... I n. ' Qi P -1 .- 6 ' 'H -0 x 4, L Q - 1 I , 1 ' n- 1 45 - Q -A ,P ' Q K-I' .:A7:'. haf Ll rfaih' jg 55 E , sm. , f, , 4. ,fx Q ,. QQ . flu E f -- E 5 -Q. 5-.4 .eh ., 55' ' , R 'Qf fi fwg """ Q ,M , WT? ,H K4 ,, 5 Guard Jirn Beck C675 and end Matt Hatcher C305 put the rush Fullback Matt Hatcher eludes three Indiana State defenders to on Valpo quarterback Dick Raddatz, center Ccenterj. pick up valuable yardage on an end sweep. vt gd? Q K N999 FIRST ROW: Scales, Loge, T. Lidy, J. Lidy, Havill, Dean, Beck, Byers, Don Ping, Coach Paul Beck, Beasley, Buedel, Hurst, Harp- Carson, Hays, Burke, Hybert. SECOND ROW: Phillips, Inzerello, er, Cheaney, Heiden, Bannwart, Jaffray, Carrarra, Lauer, Groves Grams, Per, Hatcher, Markwell, Wagner, Rutigliano, Grannan, Assistants Marty Amsler, Lemois Wires, Bob Glaser. Minnette, Merrick, Snyder, Miller. THIRD ROW: Assistant Jim 52 Dlck Mlnnette the Aces 165 pound sophomore quarterback, is about to be sandw1ched between 285 pound D1ck Orban and 200 pound M1ke Klrby of Ball State. 1965 Record Bradley . . Southeast M1ssour1 Ball State Un1v DePauw . Butler .... Indiana Sta St. Joseph's Valparaiso Murray .. 'NO' ts-'sg 'wr . E ff E ,..w-'tt' 'Q ik- Matt Hatcher, the Aces' hard-running fullback, heads for the right side of the Indiana State defense after taking a handoff from quarterback Rusty Scales C165. A familiar sight during the EC-Valpo Homecoming tilt was Evans- ville defensive stalwarts Gordon Jaffray C775, Jim Havill C245, and John Lidy C145 closing in on the Crusaders' talented halfback Jim Larson. Guard Ed Wagner C615 flies through the air in an effort to help John Lidy C145 and Jim Buedel C645 stop the progress of Ball State's rugged fullback Jim Reeves. 'VW 'Wav -an-xx Gordon Jaffray 177D and Larry Hybert f26l contain Valparaiso halfback Jim Larson while teammates Jim Havill C245 and John Lidy C145 close in. Sophomore Jerry Snyder the Aces tight end races to haul in a To Cain Winning Season Evansville College's football Aces rebounded from a mid-season offensive slump to register their second straight winning season. The Purple and White, coached by Paul Beck, closed the season with a 3-3 Indiana Collegiate Conference record and a 5-4 overall mark. The Aces opened the season by surprising two highly touted teams, Bradley, 15-14, and Southeast Missouri State, 26-6. The Aces then dropped three of their next four games against ICC opponents before they upended conference foes St. Joseph's, 28-6, and Valparaiso, 14- 10. The victory over Valpo marked the Hrst time in the last six years that Evansville was able to celebrate Homecom- ing on a happy note. Several performers consistently stood out for the Aces, including guard Steve Markwell, linebacker jim Havill, end Beasley, halfbacks Alan Per and John Lidy, and fullback Matt Hatcher. Per was the teamls leading rusher with 4.3 yards per carry average, while Lidy Hnished as the conference's third best punter with an average of more than 40 yards per kick. As a team the Aces averaged 219 yards total offensive per game, while yielding 263. After the season Coach Beck, who guided the Aces through eleven seasons, stepped down after compiling a 44--52 record. He was named ICC Coach of the year after directing the Aces to a share of the conference title in 1964. pass against Ball State 55 EZ 2 YEQEZW' 'f 1'. . fy A mf fi ,, if ' 4- .VL r. ,- , Q ft ,14 .Q rw. f' ., 1,11-my 3 My, 4 in , 4 , X, '- ' ' W 'W' 5 : f . XA 6.17 29 I fbu w , V wig, , X , . , gg. ' 4' 5 Q n n 3, .Q if 5 fig! 1' z :R 1 0 65 Y K ,A it MN Q Iqvzwylx' ""' xx 4 X Q . fb. 1 M , - fi . 4- Us ' 4JV 15 Q?-"ig vi '- 'Q . M A 1 , , Q ,B 15,3 1 W VP- y X "n, ' .1 4 Sw Y , 'fa-Ta va-fy' 4' ' 13 HSV f2"f xlf f--fx f-nn, ,u I ,, Q. ,walin 1 44-'59, it .,.. K 'Ax N". f M, yy .. 0'g ..- :nm w""fSZJ1. 'Vw , ,Q by 1 ,Q 1. ,v X Q wk 'www 'Ji-l no W-is ' A sf jj i Evansville, Indiana State Q Share I.C.C. Basketball Crown Below: Members of the 1965-66 Purple Aces Basketball Team are -FIRST ROW: Ron Johnson, Rick Kingston, Don Jordan, Don Wagner, Dave Riggs, Ron Bae, and Terry Atwater. SECOND ROW: Coach Arad McCutchan, Woody Gordon, Roger Miller, L s -reef ,, tl- ' , sas f , , ' we QA s t, ,cgi X s, ,f Q 5 s sr . vs A- Q 5 5 I 1 Ni X Nc Herb Williams, Bill Simpson, Jerry Mattingly, and assistant Wayne Boultinghouse. THIRD ROW: Assistant Dave Fulkerson, Dar- rell Adams, Sam Watkins, Howard Pratt, Larry Humes, Gary Mc- Clary, and assistant Roger Kerr. f 1" , Q- Z.. f t i f ,,.3?lf' K A V . .: , 4 , ' ' ' Q Q A., 'ff if W' .,.. A . 3 X , , - 143' -1 XX ,, f' ,' s 1, .1 , f sf tif? A . 5 if W- X , ,Q X V Qi, ' it is A f ugfg g gi - Q R A .X s '- -M., -f i New E B sf' Y i tl M ll- meriean umes Leads Aces- I.C.C Larry Humes, All-Ameri- can from Madison, Ind., drives for the basket, edg- ing out his man for two of his 29 points in the 103- 90 win over St. Joseph's at Robertis Stadium. Humes, a senior, was named to the Sport magazine's small college All-American team by a vote of Nation- al Basketball Association scouts this year. Sam Wat- kins, senior from Louisville, Ky., was high point man for the game with 33. CPhotos courtesy Sunday Courier-Pressj Rick Kingston, junior from Evansville, who Filled the starting spot left by mono-stricken Darrell Adams, grabs a rebound from Stew Miller of Ball State. it Howard "Lurch" Pratt, 6'6" sophomore from Shoals, Ind., is head and shoulders above everyone else as he goes up for two points against St. Josephis, and is fouled by John Flick f35J. Herb Williams looks on. -'sw' Darrell Adams, sophomore from Patoka, Ill., struggles with big George Peeples, Iowa center, for possession of the ball. CPhotos courtesy Sunday 'Courier-Pressl Junior Herb Williams, Gentralia, Ill., jumps high in the air to nab another rebound in the St. Joseph's game. Jerry Mattingly, sopho- more from Evansville, dribbles in for a lay-up, while Sam Watkins and Ron Johnson follow the action from the back- Court. Sam Watkins, Aces' num- ber two scorer, is fouled as he jumps for a shot in the Ball State game. Humes, Mattingly and Gordon anticipate a re- bound. Dave Riggs, sophomore Ace from Evansville, makes a futile attempt to block a shot during the Aces-St. Joe game. 59 "Woody" Gordon grimaces as he is fouled rebounding A H K Wx U Q .4 N5 S R71 .J ff' ,f - v .4 1 f at F f . N, K W9 , N .- A f SL ,t W"".. 5 , 5 'Q 1- I f5"5'l'f'm'?,f1,w,,f,Q., . ' Woody Gordon lunges for the ball a split-second too late, as Pivotman Howard Pratt leaps high to fire in two points in the a Ball State player intercepts. Aces' 103-90 win over St. Joseph's. Aces Post 18-9 Season Record Herb Williams starts around his man enroute to the basket in the Aces' 105-85 rout of Ball State at the Stadi- um. CPhotos Compli- ments of Sunday Cour- ier-Prcssj -g.. Above: Larry Humes, the Man of A Thousand Moves, appears to be at a loss for movements . . . or words . . . as he sits beside his coach for the last time. Below: The Vampire Five, composed of: Dave Riggs, Jerry Mat- tingly, Ron Johnson, Roger Miller, and Woody Gordon, watch the action from the sidelines just before entering the game against Lamar Tech. in the N.C.A.A. Regionals at S.I.U. Team Record 73 .... ..... 100 89 81 .... . . . 97 97 89 114 88 74 104 73 . . . . . 103 65 105 95 82 89 83 95 89 87 86 98 75 111 .... .... 77 .......... Wfon 18 Lost Iowa ................ San Fernando . .. Catholic Univ. .. Mt. St. Marys .... Purdue ......... Toledo ......... San Diego State . .. Kent State ........ Marquette ......... Kentucky lfVesleyan , .. Butler ............. Valparaiso ........ St. Joseph's ........ Southern Illinois Univ. . Ball State .......... DePauw .......... Indiana State ....... Kentucky Wesleyaii .... Butler ............ Valparaiso ...... Ball State .... St. Joseph's . . . DePauw ........... Indiana State ......... Southern Illinois Univ. N.C.A.A. Regionals Lamar Tech ......... Southern Illinois Univ. . 9 61 R ya.,,.wauuiiuH E. C. DI MC DME PC T -15 SEASC RECCRD SN , 'S fa , S W! hay, 'Nw . at Na h Rick Kingston hustled a throw to first base to complete a double play in the 1-0 victory against Oakland City which closed the season. ,B Worried coach Don Ping paced the's box during a close contest with nearby Oakland City College. STANDING: john Lidy, Ralph Payne, Bill Carr, Paul Smith, Bob Glaser, Ron Martin, Bob Gray, Jim Raper, Mike Beard, G' Coach Don Ping. FRONT ROW: Mike Madriaga, Tom Kep- 3 pen, Jim Harl, Mike Oliver, Rick Kingston, Tom Gerkin. , f- , x ' 'i M, ,,,:dL' "" 1' - f. '65 Spring Practice Showed Beck Some Good Prospects Kim DeVault, four year EC spiral ace, ran the team through spring practice to develop high-stepping techniques. I' .wvvx ...V .,f"" Sophomore Gordon "Gordo" Jaffray trained in the spring for a first string position fall '65, Jaffray, from Chicago, Ill., proved to be one of the most valuable players on the EC team. 169 Turnovers are a part of rigorous training for development stamina. 63 Jim Beck, Evansville, gave that extra bit of effort during spring practice to impress coach Beck. Court Aces Took Season Loss it ' " 1 y , Ji., .. ,. ,,.,,,,.mM Anthony Brooks, the Aces number two singles man, concentrated on lobbing the ball over the head of an opponent during a tight contest. Aces number four man, Sam Wat- kins, followed through after return- ing a serve to a teammate during practice. "3l,.,... The EC tennis squad ended the season with a slightly under par 2-6 record. They went on to place fourth in the ICC. Coach Voorhees commented, "The loss of Ray Denton, our number two man this year will definitely be felt. But, of the five top men this year, Brooks, Koch, Watkins and Sergesketter will be returning for an- other year of action? it f 3t,'i .4-.,m,0,1r,,,,,,, ,wr x Mimi W N V sw f T A A i ff 0 .f 'Wff mf? .Ns A bw ' z if T T AGP' .Q w -iqpxvf , 6, ,, If AWK.. , W ,,, if , Q . Q-JSE Snipers Proved Superior Entries in Intramural Track Meet 'WRX ng.: t"' to if , Dave Cox, Kokomo, Ind., set a record of 20' 7" while representing Hughes Hall. Dave also finished second in pole vaulting. Since EC. had no track team in 1965, would-be track men entered the intramu- ral track meet. A team of these men, the Snipers, walked off with the honors at the IM track meet, leaving second place Hughes Hall 57 points behind. Jumping-jack Herb Williams goes high to win the high jump for the Snipers. ff Evansville Wins ICC. im Cro X, Q -- '- V bsfi' "' s . .53 -, MW A I 2- ' , . ,Y ll xr - . V fs 2.15. 312, Y 1 X ty, -Vg Ng, az-g l gi, - Q Q , W 'xl X- p i .. asf- - I if , c A as W - I -s f ,g ,r , X ,I,,, A . 1 - ' H midi' p , ' w is if , ' 1 if " if-f -- P . -as - , ' "'N'45:Qfv - it ,- ish-4 . ..,' ffllllll 1 ape IWC! gg ff if 4 1 a 'W "' . A,.w-vw we M . we . We . A f-vs , .we f ' ,, , ' f . , w,,. a.. Q ' A-: W k 'oh ' Q,5,,.Jlm p 0, ef, M A .. -1142 ,,,,, ,, . 's,,, .N 45-fi W Ji ffl' HW Q '. ,-frgndhu ,. N A: AA' I' 'I . , - ,x 4, f NX Q Aces Mike Enlow and Dave Schlansker perfect their breaststroke techniques in a practice session at Carson Center. i mb L W, Tom Wolff comes to the side breather. sv' 66 9 2 . Qi ,,.,,,..f--+-H'-' , ., .,...,.-, - ...W of the pool sz ...,......,v. -1 for a s ,,,..,...v.-- Amummn, .,,,,,,,,,....---- W..--v-lv-' Ka-M-,.,,,,,,,.,,., .i., ,., , , - --H 'N 'avatar-0 - '- - '-ww V, .Ji T . 5 iii. EC 29 . . . . . . Southern Illinois Univ. . . . . 65 46 . . . . . . Arlington of Texas . . . . . 47 52... ...Tulane ....... ..42 55... ...Ball State.... ..39 61 ... ... Indiana State .. .. 30 67... ...Principia...... ..25 60... ...Alabama ..... ..35 69 . . . . . . Morehead State . .. . . 26 57 . . . . . . Eastern Kentucky . . . . . . 38 29... ...Illinois ........ ..66 20... ...Iowa ......... ..75 77 . . . . . . Southeast Missouri . . . . . 9 54... ...DePauw ....... ..39 ICC Conference Evansville 93 Indiana State 68 Ball State 48 DePauw 40 Valparaiso 31 CBelowj Freshman Mike Lodato caught in an underwater action shot. K 'Q F!! CAbovej Mike Enlow, who set an Indiana pool record in the 200 yard breaststroke with a time of 2:28.5, prepares to dry off, while coach Jim Voorhees and teammate Marty Wilson watch the action in the pool. Members of E.C. ICC recordbreaking 400 yard Medley Relay team are: Ron Watson, Mike Enlow, Bryan Rathke, and Tom De- Fur. Their record-breaking time was 3:57.4, which was also an Indiana State record. Intramural Records Men First Football Sigma Alpha Epsilon Volleyball Tau Kappa Epsilon Cross Country Hughes Hall Swimming Hughes Hall Basketball Tau Kappa Epsilon Bowling Hughes Hall Wrestling Sigma Alpha Epsilon Women First Volleyball Chi Omega Swimming Moore Hall Badminton Alpha Omicron Pi Basketball Chi Omega First place winners of Moore Hallls winning IM Dugan, Ginny Kilby, Mickie Hirschman, Pam swimming team are: Caroline Parker, Marty Pearce, and Judy Plymate. 68 Second Lambda Chi Alpha Hughes Hall Snipers Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hughes Hall College Courts Hughes Hall Second Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Alpha Omicron Pi Women's ntramurals Members of Alpha Omicron Pi's championship IM badminton team are: Susan Kelly, Sandy Van Ars- dall, and Nancy Roser. v 3 ,f 5 5 E as Members of Chi Omega's championship volleyball team Karen Adams, Cheryl Becker, Mary Jeanne Shafer, Gayla are from left to right: Rosie Buchenberger, Linda Topper, Dame, and Suzi Clark. 69 1 au h I1 'Yin U' :Q 'tv :: I QD- - N. 'Y 1 J' RX ei Lys.: Above: Hughes Hall's winning intramural cross country team was composed of: Ron Ozbolt, Al Studt, and Dennis Avery. Left: Members of the Hughes Hall championship intramural bowling team are-FRONT ROW: Denny Armour and Russ Edmonson. BACK ROW: Dave Hornick and Grover Cleveland. enjs Intramurals Members of the Hughes Hall championship swim- BACK ROW: Dave Meyers, Dick Shannon, Stu ming team are-FRONT ROW: Frank Ballard, Parks, Dave Groves, and Jim Helm. Bill Silva, Al Studt, Norm Tully, and Glenn Lohn. Members of the SAE intramural football championship team are-FIRST ROW: Dale Miller, Pat Cusack, and Larry Polster. SECOND ROW: Doug Baskett, Tom Young, Rick White, Carl Ritzel, Bob Weber, and Dave Klingle. THIRD ROW: Tom Gates, Dave Pflug, Mike Hirsch, Ted Field, and John Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Jack Paulen, Larry Tallman, Ron Eberhard, Ken Mills, and Chuck Winings, coach. ws, to-ffl ff av' Members of the winning TKE intra- mural basketball team are-FRONT ROW: Alan Bender, Don Ramsden, and Dick Minnette. BACK ROW: Art Shoener, Bob Graper, Alan Per, Gary Rice, and Bob Roe. Not pictured are: Malcolm Miles, Mike Harper, Bob Kelley, and Bill Haverstick, coach. Members of Tau Kappa Epsilonls intramural volleyball champions are-FRONT ROW: Dick Minnette, Alan Bender, Mike Kurtz, and Gary Rice. BACK ROW: Bob Graper, Art Shoener, Joe French, and Don Ramsden. 1,21 We Y an n if f' . ,XL ix A Q 'Q ik ,W .f' Q is naw, if 3 ln , A s r why, V .Q ,mf g ... A ' ,ja W. ' Vu X Q mg-14,383 15. ysxf ' lf! 'fy f., , :, Y W ,f L' ilk fu A 7 .,f aw, , ' 5 .A ,fl F.,- mg W A . '-' ' 'Svc' p ve, ff J A ,A H f U' .W . 'by -1 w , V I , J 1 Libby A2 W ff' V, . Af "V 294'- fav Aff N -1 n. l ,, A N 4' '3 if 'V fgr, W. Administration, Faculty and Staff As a small private institution, Evansville College can offer more of its faculty to students than any large college or university. The EC student of 1966 can say he is still an individual and not just a number on an IBM card. This is because he has closer personal contact with educators who can be more easily involved in the student's goals and ambitions. More than 150 strong, EC's faculty seeks to prepare students to think and act intelligently and to develop an awareness of the basic social, economic and political problems of the day. Open discussions, free expression of ideas, and intellectual independence are encouraged in the pursuit of knowledge. With this in mind, EC has purposely combined the high ideals of the university with the practical advantages of a small school to offer a unique and rewarding education for all. 75 Long, Dean-Vice Presi- dent and Director of Adult Education Brown, Nicholas C.-Dean of the College Wilson, Robert L.-HDean of Students Schnakenburg, Luise F.- Director of Women's Coun- seling Morlock, James E.-Dean of Meng Head of the Dept. of Sociology Kraft, Clifford W.-Direc- tor of Men's Counseling Baker, J. Wayne-Assisb ant Librarian Beavor, Thomas F.-Man- ager, Harper Dining Cen- ter Bell, Mary Louise-Man- ager of Duplicating and Supply Services Biggs, A.C.-Superintend- ent of Buildings and Grounds Blackburn, Diana L.-Ad- missions Counselor Brooks, Clarence E.-As- sistant Director of Ce-nter for Special Educational Services Croft, Pauline F.-Library Cataloger and Director of Technical Services Estep, Paul I.-Director of Purchasing and Personnel Fiddick, Judith L.-Pro- gram Director of the Stu- dent Union Lauderback, Mary Jane- Secretary to Librarian Harding, Thomas S.-Li- brarian and Professor Harris, George M.-Assist- ant to Director of Com- munity College Hartman, Paul W.-Assist- ant Director of Public Re- lations .'f""' --Q , MX-I 4? A ,4 Q7 -"A,.--,-............ f""KTk.. Holt, Joseph T.-Director of the Center for Industrial Relations Hudson, Robert W.-Busi- ness Manager of .Athletics Jones, Kenneth H.fRegis- trarg Assistant Professor McGurk, Deane-Assistant Director of Women's Coun- seling Land, Louise M.-Director of Student Union Nenneker, Mabel D.-As- sistant Registrar Olmsted, Ralph E.-Busi- ness Manager Patberg, Thornton B.-Di- rector of Admissions Rowland, Robert R.-As- sistant to the President in Charge of Public Relations and Development Schreiber, Emma J.-Boolv store Manager Tyler, C. Arthur-Finan- cial Aids Widick, Donald'-Direo tor of Alumni Affairs -ffnwwwMlP'f'W'f' 'FH 35 fd we x .ff 4. f Mfg A l",, 4. we-' -+A!!! -t MMM te ,Lf,,.z ,Q W wwf M A wr sv: ' K 94? w' in sf. 3, X .. l, . was' s ,. ' x, W.,,, l Dale, Nancy L.-Ofiicei Manager Harris, George M.-Assist- ant to the Director of the Community College Hartig, Marvin E.-Direc- tor of Community College Milton, Thomas R.-Super- visor of Computer Center Bess, Allen B.-Associate Professor of Accounting Kinsey, Philip A.-fProfes- sor of Chemistry Wesley, William C.-Pro- fessor of Education Houston, Harold T.--As- sociate Professor of En- gineering Lee, Bung-Chung-Associ- ate Professor of Engineering Doering, J. Frederick- Professor of English Ellingson, Mary R.-Lec- turer of Latin and English Hodor, Mary ,Iean-In- structor of English s .., M. im., QL -lIUir3-.- LP' +433 wav-Q Lawburgh, Charles-Assisb ant Professor of English Bennett, Gene W.-In- structor of Mathematics Byers, James A.-Instmc- tor of Physical Education Kerr, Roger D.-Instruc- tor of Physical Education Roll, Rachael C.-Instruc- tor of Physical Education Gibson, Lawrence A.- Leeturer in Music Lee, Chia-chuan-Instruo tor of Physics Miles, Kelly G.-Head of the Dept. of Physics Lutz, John D.-Instructor of Speech and Drama , .ff Q f, V' , Prix, . ,ba A ,J ,..-nn. ,ff -lin, SB. If 2 'P if 2? i 4, fi . i bag Wwwmw-vw ,rg a- v-My WT Taylor, Miles E.-Profes- sor of Air Science Hartman, Thomas A.-As- sistant Professor of Air Sci- ence Kearby, Jean A.-Assistant Professor of Air Science Peake, Robert L.-Assistant Professor of Air Science Miley, Leslie-Instructor of Art Oagley, Howard E.-Visit- ing Associate Professor of Art Thompson, Helen M.-In- structor of Art Dunham, Donald W.- Head of the Dept. of Bi- ology Mueller, Wayne P.-Assist- ant Professor of Biology Robertson, Charles W.- Professor of Biology Winternheimer, P. Louis- Assistant Professor of Bi- ology Anderson, Lawrence W.- Associate Professor of Eco- nomics I Arensman, Ray W.eAHead of Dept. of Business and Economics Faust, Ronald, M.-In- structor of Management Julian, James 'Associate Professor of Management Krueger, Jerome R.-In- structor of Accounting Martin, Robert F.-Assist- ant Professor of Economics Pace, Millard L.-Assist- ant Professor of Marketing Pickrell, EvelynfAssistant Professor of Secretarial Sci- ence Rodman, Frazer-Associate Professor of Management Tsai, Maurice M.S.-As- sistant Professor of Eco- nomics Schultz, Frank D.-fVisit- ing Instructor of Economics Hathaway, C. T.-lnstruc- tor of Physical Science Shores, Richard D.--Assist- ant Professor of Chemistry I 4 ,flu viii X 82 Shultz, Clifford G.-Asso- ciate Professor of Chem- istry Schoene, Russell L.-Visit- ing Instructor of Physical Science Susat, Edward C. Dir. of Cooperative Training, Asst. Prof. of Engineering. Tapley, Earl M.-Director of Graduate Studiesg Head of the Dept. of Education Irving, Eugene R.-Assist- ant Professor of Education Shafer, Wilma C.-Direc- tor of Supervised Elemen- tary Teachingg Associate Professor of Education Moon, Leland W.-Profes- sor'of Education Hartsaw, William O.-Di- rector of School of Engi- neering Casler, Max S.-Professor of Engineering l Devaisher, Ronald L,-As- sistant Professor of Engi- neering Kushner, Joseph B.-Pro- fessor of Engineering Winternheimer, Clarence G. -Associate Professor of ' Engineering p .11 Grahill, Paul E.-efHead of the Dept. uf English Clough, Galen W.-In- structor of English Ellwood, Gracia F.-In- structor of English Grabill, Virginia L.-Pro- fessor of English Klinger, George C.-Asso- Ciate Professor of English MCCL1tChHIl, Virginia- Lecturer in English Meeks, Marcia C.-Leo turer in English Royster, Salibelle-LeCtur- er in English Olmsted, jane-Lecturer in English Strueel, John J.-Instruo tor of English Stuart, W. Ann-Instruo tor of English Welsh. Margaret L.eln- struetor of English L 1- ish G sfv,gf.w9 '-:3.,, 5 1'- .rf X . . , lf. g i , 'maxi .sil l Q 'G mi: 3: gc wax is ' - Qs, 'mg , MMM, Wig. 'yllgwvl , . ' .Zz - se Q . f ,fi wg x K Werking, F. Woody-Head of Dept. of Foreign Lan- guages Koch, Jane Anne-Lecturer in French Leich, Gertrude E.-Assist- ant Professor of Foreign Languages Seyffert, Peter H.-Assist- ant Professor of Foreign Languages McCutchan, Arad A.- Head of the Dept. of Phys- ical Education. Beck, Paul H.-Football Coachg Assistant, Professor of Physical Education Ping, Don-B a s e b all Coachg 'Professor of Physi- cal Education Stieler, Ida M.-Associate Professor of Physical Edu- cation Voorhees, James S.-Swim- ming Coachg Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Educa- tion Jaebker, Orville J.-Head of Dept. of History and Po- litical Science Aarstad, Arthur B.-Asso- ciate Professor of History and Political Science David, Wade D.-Profes- sor of History and Politi- cal Science Fiddick, Thomas C.--Aln- structor of History Lundquist, Corian R.4 Head of the Dept. of Home Economics Young, Jean-Instructor of Journalism Coleman, Ralph H.-Head of the Dept. of Math- ematics Bailey, V. C.+.-Xssociate Professor of Mathematics Becker, N. Glee-Asst. Prof. of English Curlovic, Donald structor of Mathematics Stone, Clifford E.-Asst. Prof. of Marketing Meadows, Roy W.-Asso- ciate Professor of lNIathe- matics Shepard, Margaret T.+Cn- Head of the Dept. of Music Shepard, Wesley-Co-Head of the Dept. of lNIusic Botkin, Sandra Ellengln- structor of lN'Iusic Herron, Allene-Associate Professor of Music Haynes, Margaret S.-As- sociate Professor of Music Inglefield, Kenley P.-In- structor of Music Nolte, C. Paul-Assistant Professor of Music Mains, Michael L.-Visit- ing Instructor of Music Rapp, Robert M.-Choir Director, Associate Profes- sor of Music Savage, N. Gene-Visiting Instructor of Music Selfridge, Cecil B.-Asso- ciate Professor of Music Thompson, E. D.-Assist- ant Professor of Music Boeke, Mildred C.-Direc- tor of the School of Nursing McKown, Edgar M.-Di- rector of Religious Lifeg Head of the Dept. of Phi- losophy and Religion Erickson, Harris D.-Pro- fessor of Philosophy and Religion Shoettelkolte, Charles 'lf fLecturer in Philosophy and Religion Talbott, Norbert G.fLec- turer of Philosophy and Religion Dufford, Ray T.'--'Profes- sor of Physics Sampson. Delhert J.-eHead of the Department of Psy- chology Johnson, Charles W.-eAs- sociate Professor of Psy- chology Mayes, Vivien W.-Profes- sor of Psychology Prince, Albert I.-Associ- ate Professor of Psychology Harl, Birk C.--Instructor Of Sociology Petkovsek, Ludwig A.4As- sociate Professor of Sociolo- gy Smiley, Sam M.--Head of the Dept. of Speech and Drama O'Connell, Sandra E.---Vis- iting Instructor of Speech Thomas, Dudley S.AAssist- ant Professor of Speech and Drama I4 , ,,,,, , , Q... ,ww-f,, 'WWW -Mr! lv, .c I0 s Please Send Ten Dollars Extra- M il' .Wy . 3 ' , 'Y' - wa, v 4: gs X R f I ' ' ' as 1' xt X . ., 3 'F-sa. is wg t W 'ffm- 4,4-7 BARTLETT. SHARON L. BARTON, FREDERICK EUGENE B.A. Arnold Air Society: Sigma Phi Epsilon, recorder: College Theater, "Banners of Steel": Men's Glee Club: Musical Madness: Varsity Cheerleader: Interfraternity Council, secretary: Union Publicity Committee, core committee member: Intramurals: Editor of I.F.C. rush brochure. BASHAM. BARBARA LEE B.A. Dean's List 5 times: Phi Beta Chi: Phi Kappa Phi: Cap and Gown: Sigma Pi Sigma, secretary: Alpha Lambda Delta: Math Club, vice-president: S.N.E.A., treasurer: Gamma Delta, vice- president: Alpha Omicron Pi, scholarship chairman, treasurer, AOPi national scholarship: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: I'nion Dance Committee: Wl5IIICDiS Recognition Dinner. BASKICTT. DOUGLAS L. BATE. LINDA E. BAUER, DONALD EUGENE B.S. National Collegiate Association for Secretaries. BAUMAN. JANE ANN B.A. Sigma Alpha Iota, editor: Young Democrats: A.C.E.: Concert and Marching Band: Choir: "Eagerheart", 1961. BAUMAN. STEPHEN E. BAUTE, CHARLES I Think Iill Attend Comme ADAMS, ALLAN ADAMS, MARIE CATHERINE B.A. National Secretaries Club. AHRENS, JAMES R. ALDRIDGE, MARY JOYCE B.A. Mrs. Club, corresponding secretary: S.E.A.: Publication in A.C.E. ALLARD, JEFFREY MYERS B.A. Dean's List 1 time: Bi Sci Club, president: S.N.E.A.: Intra- murals, swimming and softball: Lab assistant for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy: Tutor for Biology. ANDERSON, LOUISE LYNNE B.A. Sigma Alpha Iota, president, vice-president, music chairman: Dean's List 1 time: Methodist Student Movement: Newman Club: Music Educator's National Conference, vice-president: In- ternational Relations Club: Zeta Tau Alpha, music chairman: Musical Madness: Concert Band: Marching Band: College Or- chestra: Concert Choir: Choral-Ayres: Brass Ensemble: Union Board Fine Arts Committee: Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra: Indiana Intercollegiate Band. ANDREWS, WILLIAM PHILLIP B.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon. ARNOLD LARRY G. ASHWORTH, PAMELA JEAN B.A. Dean's List 6 times: Kappa Chi: National Collegiate Association of Secretaries: S.N.E.A.: I.N.C.A,: Union House Committee: Women's Recognition Dinner: W.U.S. Fund Drive. BACON. LARRY W. BARNETT, LANA CAROL B.A. Angel Flight: A.C.E.: Alpha Omicron Pi, assistant rush chair- man, recording secretary: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Pom Pom Girls: Union House and Dance committees: Basketball Queen candidate: Intramurals, bowling. BARTELT, MARY ELIZABETH B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon: A.C.E.: Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary, editor, pledge class treasurer: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Union Games Committee: Union Publicity Committee:'Linc, section editor: Crescent: Book Review Committee. BAYER, GARY L. BEADLE, RAYMOND jr. BEARD, MICHAEL L. B.A. Lettered in varsity baseball. BECHER EARL BEESLEY, KENDRA ANN Dean's list: Angel Flight, chaplain, executive ofiicer: Secretary of Intramurals: Pep Club: Bi Sci Club: Chi Omega: rush chairman, activities chairman: Gamma Delta: Musical Madness: Glee Club: Varsity Cheerleader: Secretary of S.G.A.: Secretary of Stu- dent Senate: Administrative Board: Miss Evansville College: Military Ball Queen: Honorary Cadet Colonel: Ice Breaker Queen Court. BENTLEY, CAROLYN A. BERKEMEIER, SUETTA M. BIDDINGER, SHIRLEY ANN B.A. A.C.E.: Methodist Student Movement: International Relations Club: Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge class treasurer. chapter treasurer, historian: Gamma Delta: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Choir: Intramurals: Union Personnel Committee. BISCHMANN. DELORES ANN B.A. Dean's list: Young Democrats: S.N.E.A.: Pep Club: W.R.A., secretary, treasurer: Gamma Delta, vice-president: Homecoming Committee: May Day activities: Union Dance and House Com- mittee. BLAND, GEORGIANNA B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon, historian: S.N.E.A.: Phi Mu, vice-president, homecoming co-chairman: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Union Board, chairman of Finance Committee, vice-president of Union Board: Student Senate: Senior class treasurer: Crescent staff: Line, editor-in-chief, campus editor, organizations editor: Spring Weekend publicity chairman: Bachelor of the Year co- chairman: Club 39: May Day publicity chairman: Journalism Day co-chairman. BLOME, QUENTIN WILLARD B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Interfraternity Council: Arnold Air So- ciety: Young Republicans: Musical Madness: Chicago Tribune Gold Metal. CAFROTCJ. BOGGESS, JOHN E. BONENBERGER, ROBERT QI. BOOTS, DAVID WAYNE B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon: Lambda Chi Alpha: Musical Madness: Intra- mural volleyball and basketball. BOREN, SARAH B.A. N.E.A.: A.C.E.: Phi Mu, ritualist, social service, pledge class chaplain, Panhellenic representative: Musical Madness: Ace-ettes, co-captain: Union Finance Committee: Homecoming committee: Ice Breaker committee. BORDERS. GERALD D. BOSSE, STEVEN W. B.S. Arnold Air Society. commander: Dean's list 2 times: Group Com- mander, AFROTC Cadet Group: Intramural football and bas- ketball. BOWMAN. HENRY BRANDENSTEIN. RICHARD BROOKS. ANTHONY BROOKS, JEAN B.A. Dean's list 2 times: First place in A.A.U.W. Poetry Contest: Wm. Boetticher Scholarship: Sam'l Orr Scholarship. BRUNER, GLORIA BUBENZER. SELMA M. CARADINE, HELEN B.S. Angel Flight. information oflicer, drill team: Dean's list 1 time: Alpha Tau Delta: Jr. Panhellenic. president: Evansville Associa- tion of Nursing Student. vice-president. secretary: Chi Omega, personnel. vice-president: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Women's Recognition Dinner: Easter Lily Sales, highest collec- tion in womenis division. CARR, WILLIAM CARSON B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha. ritualist: Varsity baseball: Intramurals. CARROLL, CHARLES L. CARSON. MICHAEL JOSEPH B.A. Dean's list 5 times: Newman Club: Varisty football. CHAMPION, PATRICIA GAYLE B.S. Dean's list I time: Baptist Student Union, vice-president, enlist- ment chairman: E.C.A.N.S., president, recording secretary: Women's Recognition Dinner: Homecoming Queen candidate: Nursing class secretary and treasurer. CLARK. CARROLL RAY B.M.E. Concert Band: Marching Band: Feature twirler: Drum major: Glee Club. CLARK, RITA KAY B.S. Aqua Angels: W.R.A.: Inter Residence Council, secretary: E.C.A.N.S.: program committee: Gamma Delta: Gamma Delta homecoming display chairman: E.C.A.N.S. homecoming display co-chairman: American Journal of Nursing: First Place National Writing Award for Army Nurses: Varsity swim team: South Dis- trict Indiana Association Nursing Student, first vice president. CLARY, BOBBYE SUE B.A. Chi Omega. pledge class secretary, athletics chairman, activities chairman: Angel Flight: Co-chairman of lawn display for home- coming: A.C.E.. committee chairman: College Theater: Dean's list: Union committee. CLEVELAND, GROVER A. Phi Kappa Phi: Blue Key, recording secretary, treasurer, presi- dent: Pi Gamma Mu: Dean's list 6 times: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasurer: Musical Madness: Big 39 bike race: Dormitory treasurer and secretary: Freshman basketball award: Hughes'Hall Athlete of the Year Award: Intramurals: Union Dance Committee. COLE, BARBARA LOUISE B.A. Angel Flight. comptroller: A.C.E.: Alpha Omicron Pi: Homecom- ing committee, co-chairman of activities. CONGLETON, JEROME J. COOK. JOE H. COOK, ROBERT WAYNE B.S. Newman Club: Young Democrats: Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge class president, pledge trainer: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Union House Committee: Baseball, letter: Intramurals. COOK. STEPHEN B. COOKSEY, RANDAL DEAN B.M.E. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. secretary: Dean's list 2 times: M.E.N.C.: Concert Band: Concert Orchestra: Choir. COX. KENT G. CRAWFORD, JAMES CURTIS B.A. Blue Key: Pi Delta Epsilon, secretary: Dean's list 3 times: Evans- ville College Theatre: S.N.E.A.: Crescent staff, photographer, campus editor: Line staff. CRON, VIRGINIA GALLOWAY B.A. CRUM, STEPHEN EDWARD B.A. Arnold Air Society: S.N.E.A.: Musical Madness: WEVC, sports announcer: Letter in cross country. DAME, GAYLA JEANE B.A. Angel Flight: S.N.E.A.: Chi Omega, social chairman, personnel: Varsity Cheerleader: Captain of Varsity Cheerleaders: Musical Madness: Big 39 Steering Committee: Military Ball Committee: Pep Club: Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl 1964-1965: Wo- men's Recognition Dinner: Ice Breaker Queen: Honor Attendant for Chi Omega Basketball Queen Candidate. DANIELS, CHARLES B.A. History Club: Sigma Phi Epsilon, social chairman. DANNHEISER, CHARLES C. B.S. Arnold Air Society: Lambda Chi Alpha: pledge class president: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Intramurals: Freshman Foot- ball and Basketball: Varsity Football. DECKER, JUDY ANNE B.A. Dean's list 2 times: Cap and Gown, secretary: Phi Beta Chi, president: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Newman Club: American Chemi- cal Society: Student Affiliates, secretary, treasurer: Wornenis Re- cognition Dinner: Lab Assistant in chemistry. DEFUR. EARL T. DiGESUALDO, FRANK DEVINE, WANDA F. DILLS, JERRY DUDLEY, DORINDA ANNE B.A. Dean's list 2 times: Angel Flight, area information ofiicerg Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Delta Epsilon: Chi Omega, president, Pan- hellenic representative: Musical Madness, director for Chi Omega: Union Board: Panhellenic, secretary: Dorm, counselor: freshman class vice-president: Whos' Who: Women's Recognition Dinner: Homecoming Queen: Ice breaker Queen. DULL, RICHARD F. Engineering Club: Young Republicans: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Union Board: Intramurals, swimming, track, football, basketball, softball, volleyball: Engineering Lab Assistant. DUNCAN, ALBERT G. EBERHARD, RONALD O. EDMOND. MARILYN JANE B.S. Dcan's list 1 time: Angel Flight: Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president: Choir: Womens Recognition Dinner: Basketball Queen candi- date. EDMONDSON. RUSSELL D. B.A. S.N.E.A.: Bi Sci Club: A.C.E.: Intramurals. bowling, softball: badminton. EDMONDSON. STEPHEN G. e B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, vice-president. pledge trainer: Dean's list 1 time: Glee Club: Hughes Hall intramurals: Hughes Hall steering committee, homecoming display chairman: United Fund chair- man. EGAN. MARYANN ENGLISH. DAVID C. EVANS. WINSTON CHARLES B.A. Arnold Air Society, administrative officer, deputy commander: Blue Key. alumni secretary: Dean's list 2 times: History Club: S.N.E.A.: Musical Madness: Varsity Cheerleader: Union Publi- city Committee: Student Senate: Sophomore class vice-president: Junior class president: Homecoming activities day co-chairman' Dad's Day co-chairman: Military Ball decorating chairman. 5 FISHER. ANN MARIE B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: Dean's list: Cap and Gown. publicity chairman: S.N.E.A.: Chi Omega. president. treasurer: pledge class president, scholarship award: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Union Board. chairman of Publicity Committee: Union Board secretary: Woman's Council, treasurer: Women's Recognition Dinner: Line staff. section editor. FREITAG. SARAH E. FRY. KAREN ANITA B.S. Dean's list 7 times: Noma Award: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Gamma NIL1: Newman Club. FUCHS. LULA MAE B.M.E. Alpha Lambda Delta, vice-president: Dean's list 2 times: Sigma Alpha Iota, chaplain: Baptist Student Union: Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship: Vocal Varieties: Intramurals: Band: Brass Choir: Choir. FUQUAY, GARY HAROLD B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon. secretary: Arnold Air Society: Engineering Club: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Musical Madness. GAMBREL, TOMMY D. GARCIA. OSCAR A. GARRETT, LINDA KAY B.S. Kappa Chi: I.N.C.A.: M.S.M.: E.C.A.N.S.: Gamma Delta: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Aqua Angels: Indiana Stu- dent Nurses Association. GARRETT. LYNN D, GILBERT, DWIGHT L. B.S. Dean's list 1 time: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Engineering Club: I.E.E.E.: Circle K. GILLASPY. JOHN L. GOEN. JAMES M. GOERGES. PETER L. GOLIGHTLY. PETER SIMPSON B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon: Young Republicans: Circle K: Pep Club: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. vice-president. secretary. parents' weekend committee: Musical Madness: Spring Water Show: Union house committee: Dad's Day chairman: Basketball Queen committee: May Day committee: Spring Weekend committee: Homecom- ing committee: Varsity swim team: Intramurals, swimming Crecord holderj, football: SAE Leadership School. GRAVES. PAT GROENINGER. KATHERINE LOUISE B.A. A.C.E.: Jr. Panhellenic: Beta Sigma Omicron, pledge class presi- dent. warden: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Union Board, chairman of Finance Committee. GROOMER. STEPHEN MICHAEL B.S. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, treasurer: Pi Sigma Epsilon, treasurer: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Symphonic Band: Orchestra: Percussion Ensemble. GUNTHER. JEFFREY A. in " 1 ' lst., . -x tl f r? 1' HAAN, CHRISTIAN NICHOLAS B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-president, pledge trainer, house mana- ger, outstanding active, assistant pledge trainer. assistant treas- urer, Interfraternity Council, president, treasurer: Intramurals. HAHN. STEVEN E. HALPIN, PERRY B. HANSHOE, PAULA KAY B.S. HARMEYER. GERALD L. HARMON, NANCY B.A. Angel Flight: recipient of service award: Deans list 1 time: Methodist Student Movement, president: Chi Omega, pledge class secretary, Panhellenic representative, Vocal Varieties: Musi- cal Madness: Women's Clee Club: Panhellenic, president, vice- president, Moore Hall, vice president, social chairman, floor counselor: Women's Council, treasurer: Who's Who: Women's Recognition Dinner. HARRIS, SUSAN HARRISON, MARK R. B.A. International Relations Club: Young Republicans. HARRY, MARGARET ELLEN B.A. Dean's list 2 times: S.N.E.A.: College Theatre, costumes for "Weave a VVooden Horse," "Chinese Wall", .Assistant director, "Mesalliance". HARTMAN, PATRICIA LOUISE B.A. Dean's list 5 times: Phi Kappa Phi: A.C.E.: N.E.A. HARVEY, JOYCE B.A. Alpha Omicron Pi: Social Committee: Pep Club: Pom Pom Girl: House Committee: Dance Committee. HATCHER. JOHN MICHAEL B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon. secretary, sgt. at armsg Musical Madness, Co-chairman of homecoming display committee. Evansville Press Photr six, , - V 'x lsr sr I QW w X f Q ,A I x .' .-:- I 4 Ll ' S L .lx HATFIELD, JOHN B. III HAWK. FRANCES KAY B.S. Dean's list 1 time: E.C.N.A.: Phi Mu, fraternity education chair- man, secretary: Gamma Delta: Musical Madness: Vocal Varie- ties: Union Finance Committee: Intramurals. HAWKINS, BARBARA B.A. Deans list: A.C.E.: S.N.E.A.: I.S.T.A.: Gamma Delta, home- coming committee chairman: Zeta Tau Alpha, ritual chairman Panhellenic representative, vice-president of pledge class: Musi- cal Madness: Vocal Varieties: Evansville College Theater: Union Fine Arts Committee, core committee member: International Re- lations Club. 7 HAWKINS, ROBERT L. HELMS CAROL S. HENNESSEY, DALE JOSEPH B.A. Blue Key, vice-president: Sigma Phi Epsilon, president, ath- letics chairman: Musical Madness: Big 39: Senior class vice- president: Chairman of homecoming committee: May Day ac- tivities chairman, AOPi Favorite Guy: Intramurals, football, volleyball, swimming, track. HENRY, DOUGLAS GRAY B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon, Dean's list 2 times: Tau Kappa Epsilon, histo- rian, vice-president: president: Interfraternity Council, presi- dent: Student Senate: Sophomore class president: Senior class president: Who's Who: Crescent staff, sports editor, campus editor: managing editor, editor-in-chief. HOLDER. SHIRLEY B. HOLLCROFT, BARBARA M. B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: Dean's list 12 times: S.N.E.A. HORNICK, MARY ESTHER B.A. Cap and Gown: Dean's list 3 times: A,C.E.: S.N.E.A.: M.S.M. Vocal Varieties: Moore Hall, Hoor counselor: Women's Recogni- tion Dinner. HULL, MARY ANNA B.A. May Day committee: Bi Sci Club: Womens' Recognition Dinner: Miss Armed Forces: Miss Air Force Reserve: Dean's list 7 times: Angel Flight, supply officer: Cap and Gown, vice-president: Al- pha Omicron Pi, vice-president of pledge class, assistant treas- urer, scholarship officer: Gamma Delta: Musical Madness: Jr. Panhellenic: Young Republicans: Pep Club: Pom Pom Girl: Vocal Varieties. HUMES. LAWRENCE L. Q HUNT, CAROL J. IHLF., RAND R. JARVIS, JERRY A. 1 i My , X gs at -.gk 'et JOHNSON, MARY F. JONES, ARTHUR KAUFMAN, BETTY L. KEITH, CONNIE LEE A.C.E., Young Democrats, M.S.M., S.N.E.A., Gamma Delta, Vocal Varieties, Union Entertainment Committee, core commit- tee member, Franklin House, president. KELLERMAN, JAMES S. Jr. KENDALL, MARILYN ELAINE B.A. Kappa Chi, secretary, Dean's list 3 times, M.S.M., International Relations Club, Intervarsity Christian Association, House coun- selor of Franklin House, S.N.E.A., Young Democrats, Vocal Varieties. KENEIPP, JUDITH RAE B.A. Pep Club, Young Republicans, secretary, Phi Mu, standards chairman, Panhellenic representative, pledge class secretary, so- cial service chairman, Musical Madness director, Spring Week- end Committee, Homecoming Committee, Union Board, chair- man of Dance Committee, Sophomore class secretary, Adminis- trative Board, S.G.A. Delegate at Large, Student Senate, Ice Breaker Court, Basketball Queen Court. KIDWELL, JOHN R. KIEFER, RAMONA M. fi Nearly 4 O Expected to Graduate KIEFFNER, ROBERT KINNARD, KATHLEEN ANN B.S. A.C.E.: Glee Club, Gamma Delta: Vocal Varieties: Glee Club: Union Finance Committee. KISSEL, STEPHEN RONAL B.S. Dean's list 3 times, Arnold Air Society, I.E.E.E., chairman. KISSLING, JAMES E. KLINGLE. DAVID EDWARD B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. chaplain: Musical Madness, Interfra- ternity Council: Union Games Committee: Intramurals. KOERTGE, HELEN FAYE B.M.E. Sigma Alpha Iota, corresponding secretary: Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship, Music Educators National Conference, Vocal Varieties: Concert and Marching Band: Choir, Girls' Glee Club. KOLB, BARBARA B.A. Deans list 4 times, Kappa Mu Epsilon: Newman Club: S.N.E.A.: American Chemical Society. KOLB, BETTY ANN B.S. Alpha Omicron Pi: Activities Chairman, Recording Secretary, Rush Chairman, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties: S.G.A. Homecoming Committee: Intramurals. KOSER, MARTA LYNN B.A. Young Democrats, N.E.A.: A.C.E.: Pep Club. publicity chair- man, Ace-etts. KOUTS, CONSTANCE E. B.A. A.C.E. KRESS, DEANNA ROSE B.S. 7 Newman Club, E.C.A.N.S., secretary, Gamma Delta, Nocal Varieties: Union House Committee, Moore Hall, treasurer. KROEGER, NINA MARIE B.A. l 1 LALLEY. RONALD LANCE. RlCl-I.-XRD K. LAND. SARAH LOUISE B.M.A. Sigma Alpha Iota. honors activities chairman. program chair- man: Young Republicans: Evansville College Theater, "The Good Woman of Setzuanu, "Banners of Steel": Symphonic Band: Choir: Choral Ayers: Women's Clee Club: Union Board, chair- man of Entertainment Committee: Union Board president, vice- president: Franklin House wing representative. LATHAM, JEROME B.A. Varsitv football: freshman football. LAWSON, NANCY E. LEWIS, MARILYN JANE B.M.A. Sigma Alpha Iota, choir director, assistant treasurer: Dean's list l time: Music Educators National Conference, secretary, treas- urer: Concert Band: Cappella Choir: Concert Orchestra: Flute Ensemble: lvlusicians Club Award. LINE, BARBARA JOAN B.A Alpha Lambda Delta, secretary: Phi Kappa Phi: Dean's list: Cap and Gown. treasurer: Phi Beta Chi: Kappa Mu Epsilon, secretary: S.N.E.A.: Chi Omega, pledge class treasurer, assist- ant treasurer, scholarship award: Musical Madness: Union En- tertainment Committee: Women's Recognition Dinner: Intra- murals. LINZY, JERRY ALLAN B.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian, president, outstanding service award: Jr. and Sr. Coordinator for Musical Madness: S.G.A., treasurer. president: Co-chairman of Spring Weekend: Whols Who: Union Fine Arts Committee. LITTY, NANCY J. LOCHMUELLER. ROGER P. B.S. History Club: International Relations Club: Young Republi- cans: Phi De'ta Theta tHanover Collegel. LOVE, JOHN R. LYLES, DEBRA M. MCCOURT, LAWRENCE F. McCURDY. EARL F. B.S. Pi Sigma Upsilon: Student National Educational Association: Circle K: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treasurer, correspondent, scholarship chairman: Musical Madness: May Day Chairman: Homecoming Morning Activities: Student Senate: Junior Class President: Union Board: Who's Who: Varsity Basketball: Intra- rnurals. McCUTCHAN, MARILYN B.A. Pep Club, committee co-chairman: Alpha Omicron Pi, histo- rian, treasurer, rush committee, correspondent to national maga- zine: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties: Panhellenic treasurer: Sophomore class treasurer: Student Senate: Intramurals: Line section editor: Crescent reporter: Homecoming co-chairman: Co- chaimian of basketball queen committee. R S. L l fi 1 I ii : yx MCELLHINEY, JANET McCIEL, MARY MCLEMORE, SHAYRON P. MACKEY, DONNA R. ' B.A- Dean's list 2 times: S.N.E.A.: W.R.A.: National Collegiate As- sociation for Secretaries: Young Democrats: Union Dance Com- cittee: Women's Recognition Dinner: Intramurals: Business and Economics oflice. MACKEY, PHYLLIS C. MADRIAGA, MICHAEL BIA. William V. Slyker Memorial Award: Varsity football: Varsity baseball: All I.C.C. Baseball. MANGEL, RICHARD LEE MANN. VERNON MARTIN, MARLENE DIANN B.A. Deanls list 3 times: History Club, program chairman and treas- urer: Bi Sci Club, vice-president: W.R.A.: Franklin House, his- torian. MARTIN, RAYMOND MARTIN, RONALD MASVIKENI, ROD GWINYAI B.A. International Relations Club, vice-president: Bi Sci Club, Meth- odist Studcnt Movement, Kappa Alpha Psi, College Theater, "The Good Woman of Setzuan". MATHEWS, CAROL LEE B.S. Deanls list 1 time, Phi Mu, fraternity education, Gamma Delta, E.C.A.N.S., Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Union House and Finance Committees, Junior Attendant for basketball queen, Intramurals. MATTHIESEN, ERIC E. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, secretary, Forensic Forum, program director, Young Republicans: Club 39, treasurer, Inter-Residence Coun- cil, vice-chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilon, secretary, best pledge award, activities chairman, pledge board: Musical Madness: Varsity Debate, WEVC announcer: Union Fine Arts Committee: Greek-Independent Conference. MELTON, PEGGY MELVIN, MARCIA E. MEYER, CHERIE FAYE B.S. Dean's list 2 times, Alpha Psi Omega, secretary-treasurer, Angel Flight, song leader, Evansville College Theatre: secretary: Chi Omega, song leader, Musical Madness, Assistant director for "The Rainrnakerw: Women's Recognition Dinner, Union House Committee, core committee member, Publicity co-chairman for Military Ball, secretary for business and economic department, secretary for speech and drama department. MEYER, JAMES MEYER. VIRGINIA A. MEYERS, MARK E. B.A. Bi Sci Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Vocal Varieties, Musical Mad- ness, Union Entertainment Committee, vice-chairman, Co-chair- man freshman party, Chairman of special equipment and dec- oration committee for May Day, Lighting committee for Ice- breaker Danceg Homecoming decoration and activities commit- tees. MILES, MORGAN A. MILLER, DALE EDWIN B.S. Pi Delta Epsilon: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Arnold Air Society, Circle K: Young Republicans: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president, vice- president, correspondent, chaplain, parents, weekend chairman: Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, AOPi Favorite Guy: Inter- fraternity Council, Presidentls Roundtable, Union Games Com- mittee, Basketball queen committee: Dad's Day committee: May Day committee, Intramurals, Crescent staff, Line staff, M.S.M., SAE Leadership School. MILLER, EDWARD MILLER, LA VONNE MILLER, WILLIAM E. B.A. Kappa Alpha Psi, vice-president, S.N.E.A. MISER, JERRY W. MITCHELL, M. SUZANNE B,S. National Collegiate .Association for Secretaries, treasurer, New- man Club, Young Democrats, N.E.A. MOBLEY, DAN W. MOEHLENKAMP, CHARLOTTE MOORE, STEPHEN H. B.A. Beta Theta Pi fHanover Collegej: Alpha Phi Omega CHanovcr Collegej. MORRIS, DOROTHY L. B.A. N.E.A.: A.C.E.: Mrs. Club. MOSS, ROBERT A. MOSSBURG, ELAINE CATHERINE B.A. A.C.E., N.E.A., Newman Club. f '10 x 3 fx I S NUNN, CAROL SUE B.A. Young Republicans: Zeta Tau Alpha, secretary: Musical Mad- ness, Band, May Day Queen Attendant, Union Dance Commit- tee, core committee member. OHLROGGE, MARILYN B. O'REILLY, CHAROLETTE F. OSBORNE, JUDITH LEE B.A. Dean's list 2 times, Mrs. Club, vice-president, A.C.E., S.N.E.A. OSTERMEIER, ROBERT LOUIS B.A. Dean's list 5 times, Methodist Student Movement, president, Andrew J. Bigney Scholarship, Kappa Chi. OWEN, ELIZABETH LU B.S. Kappa Chi, I.N.C.A., secretary, M,S.M., worship committee, Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, Choir, I.A.N.S., Women's Recognition Dinner: Union Fine Arts Committee, core commit- tee member, Women's Council. OWEN, JAMES K. OWEN. JERRY M. PAMPE, ANNE ELIZABETH B.A. Dean's list: Pi Delta Epsilon, pledge class secretary, Young Re- publicans, secretary, S.N.E.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, homecoming display co-chairman, assistant pledge trainer, fraternity educa- tion chairman: Vocal Varieties, Musical Madness, Cheerleader, Union Publicity Committee, core committee member, Intramu- rals, Line, editor-in-chief, campus editor, section editor, Crescent, managing editor, staff writer, Co-chairman of Bachelor of the Year Contest, Who's Who. PATBERG, MELBA JEAN B.A. Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Chi, Women's Recognition Dinner. PAULEY, MICHELLE PECK, GARY PETR, JEAN B.A. 113i Mu Acettes, Union Board, Choir, Sig Ep Sweetheart, Gamma elta. PHILLIPS, RONALD EUGENE B.A. American Chemical Society, vice-president of the Student Af- filiate Chapter. PLUMMER, DONNA B.S. Dean's list 2 times, E.C.A.N.S., Women's Recognition Dinner, Senior nursing class, treasurer. MYERS, GARY RAY B.A. Bi Sci Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Musical Madness, Union Dance and Entertainment Committee, Co-chairman for homecoming activities committee, Co-chairman for homecoming decoration committee. MYERS, SHARON MYERS, THOMAS NANCE, DONNA GOODWIN B.A. Dean's list 6 times, Alpha Phi Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, A.C.E., N.E.A., Mrs. Club. NELSON, DOUGLAS B. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Circle K, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pledge class president, warden, Musical Madness, Union Committee, S.G.A., treasurer, Dad's Day committee, Spring Weekend committee, Co-chairman Basketball Queen committee, Intramurals. NELSON, SANDRA LYNN B.A. A.C.E., N.E.A., Union Publicity Committee. NEWKIRK, NANCY B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's list 5 times, Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship, vice-president, president, E.C.A.N.S., treasurer, Vocal Varieties, College Theater, Women's Glee Club, Novice Debater, Social and Personnel Committees, vice-chairman, Franklin House, treasurer, Who's Who, Cap and Gown, R.I.C.L. committee. NIEDERMEIER, THOMAS PAUL B.A. Young Republicans, Bi Sci Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, pledge trainer, best pledge, Musical Madness, United Fund, Heart Fund, Intramurals, football, track, bowling. NIEDNAGEL, HARVEY A. . ., ,, iz. E S .,,i 1- A Q f Sh' I -L" T i. ' " , In if ts 4 If rs ,,.,,, , sin at s E We PLUMP, WAYNE EDWARD B.A. Arnold Air Society. PORTER, WINQNA RUTH B.A. Dean's list 1 time, History Club, S.N.E.A., Franklin House, social director, vice-president, Moore Hall scholarship award. POWELL, GARY D. PURTELL, THOMAS P. B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. QUEEN, JAMES T. RADEMACHER, WESLEY W. REASOR, THOMAS W. B.S. Arnold Air Society, operations officer, Dean's list 1 time, Dis- tinguished ROTC Cadet, Chicago Tribune Award, Air Force Association Award, Intramurals, basketball, Intramural Basket- ball All-Star Team. REID, RUTH WHITE B.A. Dean's list 1 time, Mrs. Club, secretary and treasurer, A.C.E., S.N.E.A. RENNER, MICHAEL J. RICKETTS, JUDITH D. B.S. Dean's list 1 time, S.N.E.A., W.R.A., Bi Sci Club, vice-presi- dent, Aqua Angels, Young Democrats, I.R.C., Disciples Stu- dent Fellowship, Ace-etts, College Theater, Choir, Women's Glee Club, Musical Madness, Union Fine Arts Committee, In- tramurals, WEVC script writer, Biology lab assistant. RINSCH, ARNOLD M. B.S. Engineering Club, secretary and treasurer. RISELL, LYNNE RUTH B.S. M.S.M., E.C.A.N.S., Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president, pledge trainer, standards chairman, Zeta Lady, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Jr. Panhellenic, Union Social Committee. RITZEL, CARL B. ROBINSON, BARBARA F. ROBINSON, PHYLLIS JEAN B.A. A.C.E., Baptist Student Union, Young Republicians, A.C.E.I. branch chairman, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties. ROELL, SUSAN KAY B.A. Deanis list 1 time, M.S.M., Pep Club, Young Democrats, A.C.E., publications, secretary, Zeta Tau Alpha, song leader, treasurer, president, Panhellenic delegate, scholarship chairman: Gamma Delta, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Intramurals, Glee Club, Clarinet Choir, Band, President's Roundtable, Union Fine Arts Committee, core committee member, Who's Who. ROHLFER, CHARLES RANDOLPH B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, Circle K, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, chaplain, scholarship chairman, best pledge, Musical Mad- ness, Union Games and Entertainment Committees, Intramurals, football and basketball. ROSER, NANCY L. B.A. Dean's list, 10 times, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cap and Gown, Alpha Omicron Pi, Ass't Rush Chairman, Rush Chairman, President, Highest Grades Award, Musical Madness, Musical Madness Best Director Award, Vocal Varieties, Novice Debate, Union Board, Panhellenic, President's Roundtable: Student Senate, Fr. Class Treasurer, Jr. Class Secretary, Sr. Class Secretary, Pi Lambda Theta Award, Lucile Jones Award, Who's Who. -..- i We Y -V-41 "'r uf? .ar 'fn ROSS, SHARON LEE B.A. Dean's list 2 times, Angel Flight, drill commander, chaplain, Miss ROTC in Armed Forces Day, Alpha Omicron Pi, assistant standards chairman, assistant pledge trainer, social chairman, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, May Day Awards Chairman, Dad's Day, decorations chairman, S.G.A., delegate-at-large, Who's Who, Miss United Fund. RATHGEBER, HARDIN RUCKMAN, ANITA MAE Kappa Pi, National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, presi- dent, Dean's list l time, Alpha Omicron Pi, social chairman, scholarship chairman, historian, reporter to national magazine' Musical Madness, Union House Committee, Sigma Alpha Epsii lon Sweetheart, Women's Recognition Dinner, Miss Congenial- ity in Miss E.C. Contest, Intramurals. RUSSELL, GEORGE BLAINE B.A. Arnold Air Society, Dean's list 1 time, Young Republicans, treasurer, International Relations Club, Varsity baseball. SANDERS, CARLOS R. SATIN, MAURICE S. SCALES, WILLIAM D. B.A. Dean's list 4 times, Newman Club, S.N.E.A., Math Club, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, Musical Madness, Union House Committee. SCHEIDLER, THOMAS CHARLES B.A. SCHLACHTER, LEO Letls Pause for a oment of Silence for SCHMIDT, SANDRA S. SCHNARR, RICHARD L. SCHNEIDER, JAMES C. SCHUTTE, CAROL JEAN B.A. Kappa Chi, S.N.E.A., National Collegiate Association of Sec- retaries, College Theater, house committee, M.S.M., Dorm cor- ridor representative, Union Personnel and Publicity Committees. SEARLE, POLLY SEXTON, JUDITH ELLEN B.S. Dean's list 1 time, Angel Flight, information officer, secretary, rush chairman, pledge trainer, E.C.A.N.S., M.S.M., Gamma Delta, treasurer, Co-chairman of decorations committee for Mil- itary Ball, Women's Recognition Dinner, Union House Commit- tee. SIEFERMAN, JANET E. SIMMONS. RONALD GENE B.S. Deanls list 1 time, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Intra- murals, basketball, track, volleyball, softball. SMITH, DONNA CAROL B.S. Newman Club, house and social committees, Psychology Club, Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge class president, secretary, president, Musical Madness, Union Games Committee, vice-chairman, Union Social Committee, core committee member, Intramurals. SPENCE, SAMUEL LEWIS B.A. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, treasurer, president, outstanding pledge, Blue Key, Dean's list l time, S.N.E.A., Phi Mu Alpha Dance Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Concert Band, Brass En- semble. STAMLER, BRIAN R. B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pep Club, Musical Madness, Hughes Hall, historian, steering committee, Intramurals. STANDLEY, BARRY L. B.A. Pi Delta Epsilon, president, Cfescent, photographer, Editor, Lino, photographer. M . , fgiitfi 2 1 ,Q t 4 '--' I -. ' W' I ' ,, ' sk STEWART, ARROL P. STRATMAN, JUDI ANN B.A. Dean's list 1 time: National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, S.N.E.A., Alpha Omicron Pi, pledge class philanthropic chair- man, rush committee, publicity and public relations, reporter to Dragmag Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Union Dance and Social Committees, Intramurals, Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, OCA Shorthand Award and Pin. STRAUB, JOAN B.A. Deanis list 4 times, Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club, Union Social Committee. STRICKLAND, VONDA FERN B.A. Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Cap and Gown, presi- dent, Dean's list 8 times, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, treasurer, prayer chairman, S.N.E.A., Franklin House, treas- urer, Womens' Recognition Dinner, Student tutoring service. SUTHERLAND, DAVID MAX B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Musical Madness, Pep Club, Hughes Hall, secretary, Intramurals, Candidate for Bachelor of the Year. TALIPS, CAROL LORRAINE B.A. Kappa Pi, S.N.E.A. TERRY, LAURA L. TINDLE, LARRY CARL B.A. Young Democrats, Lambda Chi Alpha, athletic chairman, Mus- ical Madness. TODD, MICHAEL A. Those Who Failed Their L f'-P, 'ffzr .. ' f, 1, . f I 'f , Aww ff, .- , - ,Y f V4.5 English Proficiency TRAPP, RAYMOND HOWARD B.A. A.C.E., Sigma Phi Epsilon, athletic chairman, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Union Dance Committee. TROUTMAN, PATRICIA LEE B.S. E.C.A.N.S., M.S.M., program planning committee, Young Dem- ocrats, Program committee for Indiana Association of Nursing Students. TUBBS, KAREN H, TURNBLOOM. BRENDA G. TUTTLE, RICHARD L. UTLEY. MICHAEL KIRK B.A. Arnold Air Society: Intramurals. UTLEY, NANCY JO B.A. Dean's list I time, W.R.A., president, Candidate for football queen, Intramurals. VANARSDALL, SANDRA ALICE B.S. Deanis list 1 time, Angel Flight, Comptroller, chaplain, Alpha Omicron Pi, door keeper, parliamentarian, vice-president, pledge trainer, Vocal Varieties, Musical Madness, Union House Com- mittee, Military Ball Queen, Homecoming Queen, Miss Armed Forces Day Queen, Wornen's Recognition Dinner, Intramurals. VANCE, BARBARA L. VANCE, JANET E. VANHOOSE, RICKY D. VARNER, MRS. MARILYN ANN B.A. L-s NF' . P . Q, :,a2i"'4 as 11 4- '-Ao 1 ' I x V 1-I-1-' ' ' n-.Mii I' ""e VINGIS, MARY JO B.A. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dean's list 1 time, Young Democrats, W.R.A., Union Board, chairman of Games Committee, Moore Hall Intramural Director, Intramurals, first place in swimming, field, track, basketball. WAGNER, EDWARD WAGNER, JEAN DEZELAN B.S. Dean's list 1 time, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, Homecom- ing queen candidate, Tau Kappa Epsilon National Sweetheart candidate, Ball State University transfer, S.N.E.A. WAKE, ROBERT D. WALTON, JACQUELINE RAE B.S. Dean's list 5 times, Cap and Gown, B.S.U., Bi Sci Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, assistant suite manager, suite manager, assistant rush chairman, scholarship award, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Union Publicity and House Committees. WARGEL, ROBERT JOSEPH ' B.A. Phi Beta Chi, Dean's list 3 times, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Newman Club, chairman of house committee, American Chemical Society, president, Union Dance Committee, Student tutoring service. WARREN, HERMAN N. WASHINGTON, BONNIE JANE B.S. Dean's list 1 time, Angel Flight, area information officer, local information officer, local deputy commander, Angel Flight drill team, E.C.A.N.S., treasurer, Pep Club, Chi Omega, pledge class president, assistant pledge trainer, Musical Madness, Vocal Varieties, Womenls Council, secretary. WATKINS, SAMUEL E. WATSON, WAYNE E. WEIKEL, JEROME WELLEMEYER, MICHAEL L. Musical Madness, Union Games Committee, Intramurals, swim- ming, bowling, softball, basketball, football. WERKING, RICHARD H. Pi Gamma Mu, president, Blue Key, corresponding secretary, Phi Kappa Phi, Deanls list 10 times, Young Democrats, co- chairman, History Club, president, Sigma Phi Epsilon, vice- president, pledge educator, Clifford Scholarship chairman, public relations chairman, B. Scott Scholarship Key, most active broth- er award, Musical Madness, Debate, Forensic Forum, Intra- murals, Who's Who, Hal Burkhartt Award, Student Senate, S.G.A., vice-president, Icebreaker Dance co-chairman, State Legislature Intern Program. WHITTEN, ANNA MAY B.A. Dean's list 1 time, National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, Young Democrats, S.N.E.A., M.S.M., Gamma Delta, Vocal Varieties, Union Entertainment Committee, core committee mem- ber. WIIST, STEPHEN VANSVILLE COLLEC WILEY, BLANCHE Z. WILHELM, WARREN J. B.A. Psi Chi, treasurer, president: Newman Club, Bi Sci Club: Psy- chology Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon, alumni chairman, publicity committee, Ice Breaker Dance, chairman of publicity and chape- ron committees. WILL, CORNELIUS R. WILLIAMS, MRS. MARY JANET B.A. Mrs. Club1S.E.A. WILLIAMS, NANCY JO B.S. WINGERT, SUSAN J. WRIGHT. JOYCE A. YONKO, BOBBIE JEAN B.S. E.C.A.N.S.g freshman representative to executive board, corre- sponding secretary, vice-presidentg Moore Hall, public relations chairman, President of the South Indiana Association of Nursing Students. ZACHRITZ, KATHLEEN C. ZIEMER, EDWARD B.S. Pi Sigma Epsilong Young Democrats, Newman Clubg Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge trainer, chairman of United Fund drive: Mus- ical Madnessg Master of Ceremonies for Homecoming Queen contest, Union Publicity Committee. ZIMMERMANN, ROBERT ERNEST Pi Sigma Epsilon, president, Newman Clubg Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals, football and paddleball. i It tiff! ss fn yu I 105 M ' M In as A, e I O 46 Q r W , J Big 'Q NY A 1 Q ZX 1 mv x E f ""u-un,"-" 1 A ,gf gi A A l.F.C. officers met to plan future business. QLeft to Rightj Jim Domina, secretaryg Ed Bradley, vice presidentg Tom Cook, presidentg and Gary Jossa, treasurer. ". . . That the fraternity should promote conduct consistent with good morals and good taste 5 That the fraternity should create an atmosphere which will stimulate sub- stantial intellectual progress and superior intellectual achievementg . .. That the objectives and activities of the fraternity should be in entire accord with the aims and purposes of the institutions at which it has chapters." Fraternity Criteria National Interfraternity Conference '49. ,Q w fur r ' sg ,Q Nzefl ,,,.,,,1vf- ,ff 1'- tex The I.F.C. Council included representatives from all five Cook, Sig Epg Gary Jossa, TKEQ Mike Oliver, Lambda fraternities. ISEATED Left to Rightj Dave Klingle, Chig KSTANDINGQ John O'Neil, Kappa Alpha Psig SAEg Jim Domina, SAE5 Ed Bradley, Lambda Chig Tom and Will Campbell, Lambda Chi Alpha. 'IOS Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Coordinate Sororities and Fraternities NPC Officers discuss plans for next year's rush. Cleft to rightj Marilyn Mc Cutchan, treasurerg Nancy Harmon, presidentg Darlene Harrison, vice-presi dent. "We, the Fraternity Women of America, stand for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special privileges but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service." From the Panhellenic Creed NPC Council-fSEATEDj Marilyn McCutchan, AOPig Robinson, Phi Mug KSTANDINGj Darlene Harrison, Mrs. Schnakenburg, advisorg Ann Fisher, ChiOg Barbara Phi Mug Nancy Roser, AOPig Nancy Harmon, ChiO. 109 UW! L Lfflll V17 The .-XOPi's chose an Old 1Nest theme for this years Homecomin Queen Campaign. They roped a winner! l . Karen Andrews Lana Barnett Barbara Basham Delia Bigger Sue Blaine Nancy Burns Pam Celania Barb Cole in Barbara DeFrehn Diane De -Ionckheere Karen Doerner -Q Connie Doughty Peggy Ferriel Marilyn Claess Joyce Harvey Mary Anna Hull 1 AOPYS Win National Scholarship Award The Chi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was chartered June 19, 1951 at Evansville College. The national social sorority was founded January 2, 1897 at Barnard Col- lege. The Chi Lambda Chapter won the McCausland Cup for the highest scholarship average among all AOPi chapters at their biennial convention last summer. Miss Gail Mohr- man was 1965 Homecoming Queen, Julie Walton was named Miss United Fund, and Judy Taylor was elected 1965 May Queen. The AOPi Sorority color is Cardinal, and the Hower is the Jacqueminot Rose. The sorority's National Magazine is To Dragma. Faculty advisor for the chapter is Mrs. Corian Lundquist, Professor of home economics. A . N gs s, 'Pi t "l Q v 5 -A o . V T rl L.: 73 chapters . . . Founded at Barnard College of Columbia University, 1897 Chi Lambda Chapter established 1951. President: Nancy Roser. A' J 5-vw., ihmjih X I X X ...M :iw ,rig . if . 5 K , 'ini ,I " A - I u H :A tg ,AIA up . ... , c 1 M . 9 3' Q73 QU' X . if! t -...Q The AOPi sisters swarm to congratulate Gail Mohrman following her crowning as the 1965 Homecoming Queen. ' 4. Nancy Roser Ccenter, seatedl, President of Alpha Omicron P1 was aided by her ofhcers. CL to RJ Connie Doughty and Lana Barnett, secretaries: Sandy Yan Arsdall, vice-presidentg and Bar- bara Basham, treasurer. 1. K Q ji .X M f at Q a . L ' , A s 15 . 5 . ' f. , W, ,- QD? 'A' ss I , x 2 f 3 V' 13' Q' X XA! 7, X V ,iffy MM? N , . V 5 0 Z Q 8 hlary Ann Hunt Jeannie jones Susan Kelley Ramona Kiefer April Knaebel Mary Koch Betty Kolb Karen Lippoldt Jeanne McCulley Marilyn McCutchan Janie Mengon Ginny Meyer Gail Mohrman Sylvia Nenneker Tamara Neu Karen Norris Ann Pampe Nancy Roser Sharon Ross Anita Ruckman Mary Seca Sue Schelosky Robin Schlundt Terrilee Smith Judy Stratman Connie Sturm Sandy YanArsdall Cheryl XValsh Jackie Walton Julia VValton lklarcia Wellemeyer Sandy Williams hi Omegajs Build Best Homecoming Displa The Chi Epsilon Chapter of Chi Omega was installed at Evansville College in 1951. Nationally, the sorority was founded April 5. 1895, at the University of Arkansas. Traditional events included a spaghetti supper, a trip to a city orphanage. an Easter egg hunt for faculty chil- dren. and a Spring Formal. In addition, each spring a So- cial Science award is presented to a deserving senior wom- an. The owl is a symbol of Chi Omega, the white Carnation is the sorority flower, and the colors are cardinal and straw. Mrs. Katherine Long. wife of Dr. Dean Long, is faculty ad- visor. Karen Adams Judy Ansburg Cheryl Becker Kendra Beesley Cindy Boswell Jeri Boyd Maralee Buchenberger Rosalec Buehenburger ff . . 1 g 1 dt 5 as E X .. . 'M A Helen Caradine Connie Cartwright Suzi Clark Bohbye Clary Becky Cooper Barbara Criswell Cayla Dame Pat DePreist gi I f 4 A ss in yum The Chi Omega fall pledges received an enthusiastic welcome on pledge day. elgiaih .Xu A 132 chapters .. . Founded University of Arkansas, 1895 . . . Chi Epsilon Chapter Established 1951. President: Ann Fisher. f. .xx M4 J W ,Q a 'ls X X The Chi O oHicers meet to discuss business for the next meeting. urerg Ann Fisher, presidentg Helen Caradine, vice presidentg and -N CLeft to Rightl Pat DePriest, Secretaryg Charlotte O,Rei1ly, treas- Ann Kinnaird, pledge trainer. ., ,,,,, - -Q V ,. Q ,..,. g , ,in .. i,., f ii A i wg Q ".,V F X 'QQ f " wi 'Vi :iai X I C ,Q li. si rn im , X au a ae is gy , ,Mae .. Yak' 'M , A Pat Dissette Dorinda Dudley Beth Edwards Maryann Egan Ann Fisher Millie Goody Nancy Harmon Janice Huffman Connie Krause Barb Line Martha McChesney Donna McElderry Shayron McLemore Betty Martin Cherie Meyer Charlotte O'Reilly Marty Plank Tina Porch Donna Prell Sarah Richardson Barb Sanford Mary Shafer Sandy Sharpe Becky Snyder Linda Topper Sharon Tucker Pat Vote Karlena Wallace Bonnie Washington Shirley Williams Betty Wilson I 1 L Betsy Ross was chosen first runnerup in the 1965 Miss E.C. contest. She was also in the Homecoming Queen Court. Karen Allen Alice Augustus Georgianna Bland Sarah Boren Pam Brown Sharon Brown Kathy Conduitt Susan English Jackie Garner Darlene Harrison Cris Hawkee Kay Hawk Marcia Hisgen Cindy Hudson Sue Hudson Jennifer Jones Judi Keneipp Brenda Knowles Ann Latham Nancy Madden Phi Mu was hi u Theta Sigma, a local sorority on the Evansville College Campus, was chartered as the Delta- Lambda chapter of Phi Mu in 1952. Traditions with the chapter include a Presentation Ball held in honor of the fall pledge class, and a Spring Formal. Phi Mu's take an active part in campus life. They have an of- ficer in the Senior Class, Student Government, and hold four of the nine positions on the Union Board. Phi Mu has two varsity cheerleaders and members in Acettes. The Pink Carnation is the Phi Mu flower, and the oflicial colors are pink and white. Project Hope is the National Social Serv- ice Project. Dr. Wilma Shafer, associate professor of education is faculty ad- visor for the chapter. 51-1.e5X'y's 9 yr ,Qs as fr a, J, QLSI-ffl V -uf!! sp' founded at Wesleyan Col- lege, Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852 . . . 90 chapters. k"lKg."in -T' 1' 'T ? P' 1 X 'S'- f an 3 ,Qu ' we at 4, . ' gf-5 - i 4 var X . H4 . l...AQ. ' f " Phi Mu officers pictured in their suite are Cleft to Kay Hawk, secretaryg and Karen Allen, pledge di- rightj Barbara Robinson, presidentg Darlene Har- rector. rison, rush chairmang Colleen Wedeking, treasurerg 115 Carol Mathews Linda Nice Marilyn Noah Susan Palmer Kathy Pascoe jean Petr Jo Pheasant Kathy Reeder Barbara Robinson Betsy Ross Molly Rubin 'Sharon Schmitt Alanda Schneider Sue Ann Stout Ginger Summers Carol Vaught Pam Vaught Judy Voris Colleen Wedeking Phyllis Wheaton Lynn Whittington Nancy Winternheixner Paula Young Connie Zehner The Zetas entertain guests at their formal rush party. Nancy Akin Louise Anderson Mary Bartelt Mary Bass Tonya Beauchamp Shirley Biddinger Pam Blessing Donna Boyd Janet Boyer Sherry Bryan Ruth Buesking Jane Bunner Sharon Chandler Vicki Combs Jane Dahl Sheryl Fell Toni Fish Christy Fisher Phyllis Haas Barbara Hawkins Vicki Hay Diane Hooper Edwina Jordan Nancy Katzenberger Julia Low Mary McQueen Carol Nunn Lynne Risell Susan Roell Marion Schnapf Suzanne Small Donna Smith Carol Stotler Linnea Stula Linda Thomson Linda Uncles Kathy Whetstone Teresa Whitsitt Janie Wulfl' ,.,o'o oo N .omt !c5WASg fl ., qv 202:44 Zeta Tau Alpha founded October 15, 1898, at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia . . . 109 chapters. Beta Sigma Omicron was nationally absorbed by Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority on September 28, 1964, at Evansville College. Zeta Alpha chapter was the fifth Zeta chapter to be installed in Indiana. At state day the Zeta Alpha chapter won a trophy in the area of original song competition. The Zeta's fall pledge class sponsored two girls at the Hillcrest Children's Home as a social service project. The sorority's colors are turquoise blue and steel gray. A Spring Formal and Pledge Dance are traditional with the chapter. Miss Ann Stuart of the English Department serves as the Zeta faculty advisor. -s Q .1 mi, y '-- A ' ci S- I l Q 1 1 , . ' " :wi E ' . f , l ' ,2 'tai 1 3 1 Mr... az., -- - :,-'ell' :JIT , G 1,131 1? WEL 1 , 1, . ff, - lu , , 4 , 46 sag. t, ,. L if , , . J W . , 2 T' J 4 f . 114 E. Z, fi 5 ' Ly , , i 1 5. fe - . f iff fi ,V iw3f::W"' , . 5' fi! 5 V ' V i c ' ,ij ' Q .' f 1 ' , f. ,ffl ' i 5 'W'-" 1 '."'.i ,Q 2. gif if eif 'L 5, ' It I' ,ffm A 5, , 3 ,lf .1 f .. 'ff-'fff 'fit wg, , 4 ffff' A . - ' 'P , ' A KN , w - I MI' -J' , ' , "' . fig, A 4 y y fa., pb' l I V .Z Pam Blessing portrayed the Patron Goddess Themis in the ZETA formal rush party skit. II7 The ZETA officers are Qleft to right, Lynne Risell, Vice-Presi- dent, Barb Hawkins, Ritual Chairman, Donna Smith, Presi- dent, and Shirley Biddinger, Historian. Blanche Wiley, Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart, met with the officers of the fraternity. The officers are KSTANDING left to rightl Walter Robinson, assistant secretary, Ter- ry Atwater, chaplain, Sam Watkins, vice-president, John O'Neal, sergeant-at-arms, ISEATEDj Herb Williams, secretary 5 and Anthony Brooks, president. Rose Cole, the first Kappa Alpha Psi sweetheart, was presented with a fraternity paddle at a dance held by the Kappas. ll8 Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi was founded at Indi- ana University in Bloomington, Indiana . . . 113 chapters. In October of 1964, the Gaylords, a local club, became a colony of Kappa Alpha Psi national fraternity. During this colonization period, they were known as the Scrollers. On April 3, 1965, the Scrollers became chartered mem- bers of Kappa Alpha Psi. Annually, Kappa Alpha Psi sponsors the "Megatons of Funl' dance. They also have a Sweetheart Dance and a Spring Formal each year. As a service to the public, Kappa Alpha Psi sponsors the Guide Right Movement, to help students interested in different Fields of study. The Kappa's have two members, Herb Williams and Sam Watkins, on the Evansville College basketball team. Blanche Wiley reigns as Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart. Terry Atwater Anthony Brooks Matt Hatcher Arthur Jordan Rodwell Masvikeni Bill Miller Lorenzo Murdaugh John O'Neal 'WW Bernard Robinson Walter Robinson Sam Watkins Herb Williams Michael Woodard . f" 4" ' :H a B H9 November 19, 1955, Phi Zeta social club of Evansville College became a colony of Lambda Chi Alpha. Phi Zeta became the Iota Mu chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha on November 17, 1956. The local chapter has won the Big 39 Bicycle Race for three consecutive years. Lambda Chi has also won first place in the judging of homecoming displays for the past three years. Each fall, the Chi's spon- sor the Watermelon Bust, an all-campus dance. This year, Sue Schelosky reigned as Miss Watermelon Bust. The chapter has ranked first in schol- arship among E.C.'s fraternities during the past three years. Dean Robert Wilson is faculty advisor for the chapter. Dean Robert Wilson Alan Apfelstadt Tim Baize Scott Baumgartner Roger Beck Steve Bell Paul Black Garry Bledsoe Don Blemker Dave Boots Earl Borre Ed Bradley Dennis Brinkmeyer Jerry Brown jim Browning Jim Buedel Don Burke Will Campbell ,W Bill Carr Jim Conn Bill Cook The Lambda Chi Oflicers and their Sweetheart reviewed the events of the year in the scrapbook. The oflicers are ISTANDING, left to rightj Bob Cook, pledge trainer, Ed Bradley, social chairman, Bill Carr, ritualistic chairman, Virgil Van- dever, rush chairman, KSEATEDQ Jim Browning, president, Terry Hartmen, sec- retary, Marty Endress, Sweetheart, Don Vann, treasurer, and Nick Haan, vice president. Lambda Chi Alpha 1 .?i?+'s,. 1 gif New Ii? srl gf Lambda Chi Alpha founded March 22, 1909, at Boston College in Boston, Mass . . . 158 chapters. tw 120 Bob Cook Joe Cook Charles Danneiser Jim Dawson Bob Dishman Tom Dunning Joe Edwards Dave Elson Dave English Don Euston Jerry Freeman Jim Gabriel Rick Gibson Jack Cillaspy Rich Gilreath Charlie Given Tom Goergen Steve Green Tom Grim Nick Haan Steve Hahn Bob Harper Terry Hartman Brian Hearn Tom Helmbock Frank Hughes Rick Hohmier Larry Hurst Tony Inzerello Jerry ,Iarboe Ron Johnson Van Kaiser Gary Katterhenry Rick Kingston Dennis Knapp Paul Krohne John Lidy Rich Martin Gary McClary jim McCoy Mike Minton Steve Murray John Nail Dave O'Hanian Mike Oliver Jim Owen Dave Pelton Bob Phelps Russ Post Ron Powless Howard Pratt Paul Ramey Dave Riggs Rick Risemas Rick Sanders Alan Sartore Danny Schellhase Gary Stampfli Dan Steinke Chuck Stieler Tom Thornton Larry Tindle Roger Tindle Virgil Vandever Don Vann Ken Vickery Terry Vincent Phil Winfield Chip Winnebald Mark Youngblood Ed Ziemer Bob Zimmerman 'DME ff? 3? Sigma Alpha Epsilon founded March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 147 chapters. 9 The Indiana Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was chartered on the Evansville College campus December 15, 1957. When SAE chartered the Pi Epsilon Phi local fraternity at Evansville College it absorbed not only one of the oldest local fraternities in Ameri- ca, but the oldest local group ever granted a char- ter by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The purchase of an additional house during the summer of 1965 was the first step in the develop- ment program now underway by the SAE's. At their National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, the Evansville chapter was a top con- tender for the Most Improved Scholarship Award. They were in competition with 146 other chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Traditions with the chapter include the Moth- er's Day weekend and Casino Party. The fraternity colors are gold and violet, and the official flower is the violet. Mr. Millard Pace is the chapter advisor. Dave Ash Bill Barthel Doug Baskett Dave Baughman Bill Beck Quentin Blome Jerry Borders Dave Bower Pat Cusack Steve Davis Steve Dinnsen ,lim Domina Mike Donnelly Jerry Eagleson Ron Eberhard Ted Field Oscar Garcia Jim Gardner Lynn Garrett ha' ,. '40, "4 ,aff -, 'Q Q Q 1 if Carol Blackburn, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, posed with the chap- ter oH'icers. KSTANDING left to rightj John Shatzer, secretary, John Johnston, chroniclerg Dale Miller, president, Earl McCurdy, treasurer Doug Nelson, warden, Steve Dinnsen, corresponding secretary, KKNEEL- INGQ jim Kissling, house chairman, Carol, and Carl Ritzel man. wen... I 22 social chair- Sigma Alpha Epsilon SAE's football team gathers around intramural trophy. f-.4-4' 123 The SAE's sponsored a Playboy Party complete with Tom Gates Pete Golightly Mike Graves Jim Havill Mike Hirsch Mark Hosterman John Hughes Tom Jaco John Johnston Jim Kissling Dave Klingle John Mandeville Steve Markwell Earl McCurdy John Mettling Jim Meyer Roger Milam Dale Miller Mac Millhone Roger Morris Doug Nelson Dick Paulen Jack Paulen Dave Pflug Gene Poinsette Larry Polster Carl Ritzel Randy Rohlfer Charlie Ruckman Mike Rumsey Dave Schlansker John Shatzer Jerry Snyder Earl Stanfield Larry Tallman Ken Wedeking Rick White John Williams Charles Winings Tom Young The Sig Ep officers showed their Sweetheart, Rosie Buchenberger, the fraternity trophies. The officers are Cleft to rightl Tom Cook, vice-president, Jim Kohlmeyer, secretary, Fred Barton, recorder, John Kimm, controller, and Dale Hennessey, president. Maury Rohleder John Adamson Tom Akin Bob Albright Keith Bagget Bob Bannwart Steve Baresic Mike Barnett Greg Barrett Fred Barton Steve Bauman Dick Brandenstein Ron Cochran Dave Collins Tom Cook Chuck Daniels Floyd Darke Mike Dean Bob Deckard Bob DeKemper Ed Dunn Jim Dye John Ellison Bob Fisher In October of 1954, a group of college men formed the local organization of Sigma Ep- silon. March 12, 1955, they became a char- tered member of Sigma Phi Epsilon national fraternity. Sig Ep ranks third nationally in number of chapters. The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon have won the James E. Morlock Community Service Award for the past two years. They have also won first place in men's competition in Musi- cal Madness three times in the last four years. A tradition at every Sig Ep house is a red front door. The violet and the American Beauty Rose are the fraternity's flowers. The official colors are purple and red. Dr. Ralph Coleman, professor of mathematics, is faculty advisor to the chapter. Sigma Phi Epsilon founded November 1, 1901 at Richmond College in Rich- Bob Fowler Jim French Jack Frick Gary Fuquay Ron Giles Ed Grammer Alan Gumberts Bill Hadley John Hall Steve Haworth Dick Hendry Dale Hennessey Alan Hungate Doug Huston Terry Ising Gordon Jaffray Jim Jansen Lee Jennings Glen Jourdan Bob Keil John Kidwell John Kimm Jerry Kirves Bill Kitchens Jim Kohlmeyer Bill Lateulere Dan Lauer Denny Lauer Dave Long Vernon Mann Rick Matthiesen Mick McLaughlin Gary Meyer Mark Meyers Steve Millay Mike Montgomery Tom Niedeimeier Jeff Radnor Tom Rice Lloyd Shaffer Tom Snider Dick Shrader Tony Starks Ray Trapp Wayne Trevathan Dave Uebelhack Chuch Vanvorst Bob Wake Chuck Watson Dick Werking Ed West Warren Wilhelm Kirby Wilson Mark Wright Wayne Zinn Mrs. Scales Glen Augustine Jim Beck John Bartelt Alan Bender Tom Black Bernie Blessinger Ron Chudada Jerry Congleton Larry Congleton Paul Dassell Tom Defur Wave Eakins Joe Ewbank Mark Falkenstein Bill Foley Joe French Vic Gallagher Pete Georges Steve Georgesen Bob Graper John Grimme Torn Haines Mike Harper john Hatcher au appa Epsilon The TKE officers, gathered in the living room of sen, vice-presidentg jerry Linzy, presidentg and Gary their house are Cleft to rightj Waverly Eakins, Konsler, treasurer. pledge trainerg Gary Jossa, historiang Steve George- fb 126 The Zeta Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was char- tered on May 25, 1957, thus giving Evansville College its third national fraternity. The TKE chapter here has been revamped and reor- ganized by a succession of forceful leaders to take its place in the chain of a strong national organization. The purchase of a Monticello style home in the spring of 1965 highlighted the T KE's calendar school year. The Tekes are presently the only greek organization on campus able to accommodate all of its members with housing. The Tekes sponsor an all-campus lawn party each year in the fall, and close the year with their Red Carnation Ball. The red Carnation is the official fraternity flower, and the colors are cherry and gray. Mr. Burk Harl serves as the TKE faculty advisor. .A XT-QW rg, X Tau Kappa Epsilon founded January, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois 212 chapters. 'Q' JH ww 'ti' 5 X271 gn-uw Bill Haverstick Bob Hawkins Doug Henry Curt Hicks Rudy Hoefling Tom Hyde Gary Jossa Bob Kelley Gary Konsler Mike Kurtz Jerry Linzy Ron Martin Dave McDonald Gary McDowell Phil McGuire Malcomb Miles Dick Minnette Ron Newman Dave Nowak Don Perigo Alan Per Phil Pyle Tom Raben Don Ramsden Bob Reising Ed Rhodes Gary Rice Steve Riepe Bob Rowe Mike Russ Rusty Scales Terry Schultheis Steve Shawiian Art Shoener Don Steedman Dick Summers Tom Sergeskettex Ed Wagner Howard Woods Alan Ziliak ,A . , Y, ,Q .., 1' .3 fQ'.!9""' v-4 .WW f f VA? A- -M, 'MZ Lk, ., Q. if ' 1 lard. ,ZQB0 fu- 672- N .. my , '91 ew if M A -if ef J if 'ff ' a ax wt 5,9 4, A' 3 may M, X '-sf ,. wk x ,vs 4 fi g ,, Q I wi yi W ,gig ,, , 2"WQEu?fE?' A i I American Chemical Society AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY is open to all chemistry majors on campus. The group holds monthly meetings with special speakers, Films, or plant tours. They participate in the Chemistry Contest and the Science Fair. SITTING: Cary Hillenbrand, Dr. Philip Kinsey, and Bar- bara Kolb. STANDING: Susie Mitchell, Ronald Phillips, Robert Wargel and Judy Decker. Whois ho WHO'S WHO in American Colleges and Universities is composed of 34 Evansville College students from the junior and senior classes. Their selection is made by the faculty and administration each fall and those selected are judged on scholarship, leadership, and service to the school. SITTING are: Nancy Harmon, Kendra Beesley, Ann Kinnaird, Bobbye Clary, Sharon Ross, Sandra Van Arsdall, Barbara Basham, Marilyn MeCutchan, Judi Keneipp, Helen Caradine, Nancy Roser, Lula Fuchs. STANDING are: Janis Bierod, Marcia Mel- vin, Ann Fisher, Winston Evans, Steve Bosse, Doug Henry, Dale Hennessey, Jim Browning, Dick Werking, Jerry Linzy, Gary Bayer, Anne Pampe, Diane McCarty and Louise Anderson. Sigma Pi Sigma A professional society for physicists. SIGMA PI SIGMA is open to faculty members, junior, and senior physics majors with 30 hours of physics courses with a 3.0 or above average. The organization is instrumental in providing advanced students in physics with an opportunity to meet and be- come acquainted with members of the faculty and guest speakers. The only national physics honor society, Sig- ma Pi Sigma was established at EC in the spring of 1949. SITTING: Kelly G. Miles, Barbara Basham, Bung-Chung Lee, and Chia-chuan Lee. STANDING: Bill Sheckfee, Charles Higdon, Norman Richards, Gordon Hurst and Frank DiGesual- do. ap and Gown SITTING are: Ann Fisher, Julie Walton, Judy Decker, and Garo- lyn Bentley. STANDING are: Mary Anna Hull, Diane McCarty Ann Kinnaird, Nancy Roser, and Barbara Basham. SITTING are: Dr. Virgil Bailey, Dr. Clarence Buesking, and Dr Nicholas Brown. STANDING are: Ron Giles, Fritz Kiechle, Jim Jansen, Terry Ising, Grover Cleveland, and Dick Werking. Ushering and serving at various college activities, and sponsoring panels and discussions on various subjects of in- terest to women on campus are some of the activities of GAP AND GOWN, scholastic honorary for senior women. Selection is made by unanimous vote of the outgoing chap- ter, and members must have a 3.3 cumulative average to be considered. BLUE KEY honor fraternity stresses service to the col- lege as the primary goal of this scholastic honorary for men. Each year Blue Key members participate in campus tours, freshman orientation week, and sponsor a Blue Key Sunrise Dance in the spring. All prospective members must have a 3.0 cumulative average and must demonstrate their willingness to serve the college through their active partici- pation in campus activities and organizations. 132 SITTING are: Georgianna fPetej Bland, Anne Pampe, Linda Uncles, Mary Bartelt, Marla Miller, jeannene Seeger, and Jean Coyle. STANDING are: Mike Anderson, Doug Henry, Barry lpha si mega SITTING are: Cindy Doty, Jim Yeiser, Milt Butterworth, Cherie Meyer and Jim Pope. STANDING are: Mr. John David Lutz, Rick Cohn, Ormin Brown, Mr. Dudley Thomas, and Mr. Sam Smiley. j Vs' 449 Standley, Scott Hill, Lloyd Shaffer, Dale Miller, Jennifer Jones, Donna Powers. Pi Delta Epsilon PI DELTA EPSILON, a national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity, seeks to establish a code of ethics among the staffs of the college publications. ALPHA PSI OMEGA, national dramatics honorary, was organized on the Evansville College Campus in 1955. There are twelve active members and four pledges. To be eligi- ble, a person must have the required number of points, be a junior, and receive the majority of votes of the active chapter. During the year Alpha Psi Omega sponsors one- act plays and dramatic readings. "V-3' f r TC? S3 W--1' Pi Gamma u I hi Beta hi Phi Beta Chi members SITTING are: Dr. Phillip Kinsey, Barbara Basham, Judy Decker, Mr. Louis Winternheim- er. STANDING are: Mr. William Hartsaw, Robert Wargel, Dr. Charles Robertson, Dr. Ralph Coleman, and Mr. Ed Susat. Pi Gamma Mu members SITTING are: Grover Cleve- land and Dick W'erking. STANDING are: Dr. Vivien Maves. Mr. Arthur Aarstad, and Dr. James Morlock. 134 PHI BETA CHI is a natural science honorary originated at EG in 1932. To be considered for membership a student must earn "A" credits in at least one-half of his major field, and an average of "Bn or better in all related fields. PI GAMMA MU is a national honorary organization of social science.' Students are elected to membership after having been nominated by faculty members from the social science divisions of the college with 90 quarter hours, thirty hours in so- cial science, a UB" average with twelve hours of "Aw grade. Founded nationally in 1924, the Alpha chapter of Indiana Pi Gamma Mu was or- ganized on June 6, 1929. PI SIGMA EPSILON, national profes- sional fraternity in marketing, sales mana- gement and selling, strives to promote, en- courage, and stimulate an interest in pro- fessional careers in business for its mem- bers. i Sigma Epsilon SITTING are Jack Hockman, Dean Long, Clifford Stone, Wayne Seifert, Dave Todd, Allan Adams, Larry Miller, Ed Zie Brad Fleig Robert Zimmermann, President, Stephen Edmond- mer, Jim Kellerman, Max Sutherland, William Wesselman son S Michael Groomer, Gary Fuquay, Brian Stamler. and John Abell, Tim Mooney, Jay King, Wayne Watson, and Dale Pete Golightly STANDING are: Dave Bower, Sam Stiles, Miller. si hi 'A' ,- l ' -Q4 'S 1 I a 5 SITTING are: Connie Doughty and Joyce Charles Johnson Warren W1lhelm Peter Morri White. STANDING are: Maurice Satin D son Stephen Strange and Dr Delbert Sampson PSI CHI is a national honorary in psychol- ogy. To join, one must be a psychology ma- jor or minor and must exhibit high standards of personal behavior and academic require- ments. Formed on campus in 1964, Dr. Del- bert Sampson serves as faculty advisor. ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD is com- posed of the Student Government oflicers and school administration in hopes of coor- dinating campus activities and faculty-stu- dent relationships. Eligibility for membership in ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, scholastic honorary society, is fulfilled by attaining a 3.5 average while carrying 15 hours or more for any one quarter during the freshman year. As active members, the sophomores' purpose is to promote scholarship. Mrs. Luise Schnakenburg, Dean of Women, was initiated as an honorary member last fall. 136 '57 dministrative Board GLM N '-,Z-.Q mug fwwfwaw, ...W ,V,. W, " 3 SITTING are: Jerry Linzy, Judi Keneipp, Kendra Beesley, Doug Nelson, and Dick Werk- ing. STANDING are: Dr. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Louise Schnakenburg, Dr. James Morlock and Dr. Nicholas Brown. ROW I: Sue Williams, Anne Hodapp, Marilyn May, Sherry Elzer, Karen Doerner, Suzanne Wil- son, Pam Vaught. ROW 2: Ruth Barr, Barbara Wright, Rita Lawrence, Nancy Jordan, Emma Lee Robinson, Robynn Schlundt, April Knaebel, Judy Voris, Jean Labhart, Brenda Knowles. ROW 3: Nancy Winternheimer, Carol Richardson, Linda Kay Clark, Anna Mae Ballard, Diane Lynn Kis- sel, Pamela Oldham, Patricia Guest, Barbara Per- kins, Marcia Legg, Joyce Fortenberry. 137 lpha ambda Delta X AUM Angel Flight pledges SITTING are: Nancy Jordan, Pat Vote, Gayle Goebel, Mary Hunt, Jan Paschal, Terry Reutter, Donna Gayle Grim, Sandy Sharpe, Delia Bigger, Marilyn Glaess, Jeri Boyd, Marilyn Labhart, Betsy Ross, Donna Preh, Pat Dissette, and Boyd, and Marilee Buchenberger. STANDING are: Diane Dixon, Martha Zorn. ngel Flight Angel Flight SITTING are: Connie Hughey, Barbara Cole, Mari- lyn May, Judy Sexton. Mary A. Hull, Kendra Beesley, Jan Bierod Sara Cook, Barbara DeFrehn, Sharon Ross, and Monzelle Zaick STANDING: Gayla Dame, Rosie Buchenberger, Ramona Kiefer, Sandy Tychsen, Lana Barnett, Bonnie Washington, Nancy Har- mon, Bobbye Clary, Helen Caradine, Sandy Van Arsdall, Pam Celania, Diane Dejonckheere, Mary Koch, Peggy Ferriel, Pat De- Priest, and Cherie Meyer. Arnold Air Society SEATED: Marcus Sherrill, Thomas Wil- motte Blaine Russell, Steve Bosse, Thomas Reasor, Vernon Mann Richard Shrader, Joseph Corfield, Jr. STANDING: Ernie Wilson, Scott Baumgartner, Steve Cook, Fred Barton, Oren Wil helm, Charles Bleckmann, Michael Renner, Stephen Cook Ron alcl Stewart, Roy Shrote. rnold ir Society As an auxiliary unit of the ROTC, Angel Flight serves to further the cause of the U.S. Air Force by promoting interest in the ROTC program on campus. Assisting in fall registration, campus tours, Dad's Day dinner, Baccalaureate and Commence- ment exercises are some of the many ways Angel Flight members serve Evansville College. This fall twenty-one girls were pledged by the Angels from over two hundred applications. Arnold Air Society is composed of thirty-four men who have done outstanding work in the AFROTC. During the campus year the Arnold Air Society sponsors the annual Military Ball and cooperates in social activities with Angel Flight. To become a member, all candidates must be in good standing in RCTC, to be regularly enrolled students, have a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 in all college subjects, have an average of 2.5 in RCTC subjects, and be nominated for mem- bership by an active member and approved by a live-sixth vote of the active members. Those not pictured are Jim Browning, James Domina, Joseph Gore, Harvey Kiesel, Larry Stolz, Larry Arnold, Steve Crum, Winston Evans, Gary Fuquay, Charles Given, Steve Kiesel, Bill Kock, Gary McDowell, Dave Reuber, and Ernie Wilson. Q Sigma Alpha Iota members SEATED are: Linda Thomson, Car- ol Gerkin, Helen Koertge, Sherry Elzer, Pat Pennington, Paula Hunsicker, Glenda Purcell, Angela Feigel, Barbara Wright, Ruth Ann Ritchie and Marce Bradley. STANDING are: June Wiggens, SIGMA ALPHA IOTA is a national music honorary for women music majors or minors who have a 2.5 grade point average for the quarter pre- ceding pledging and who have auditioned before the active chapter. Each year the organization pre- sents monthly musical and co-operates in an all- American recital. Officers this year are Louise Anderson, presi- dent, Dianne McCarty, vice-president, Mary Tim- pe, secretary, and Lula M. Fuchs, chaplain. Mrs. Margaret Shepard and Mrs. Wilma Baumhofer are Donna McElderry, Lynn Hegenseiker, Linda Boyte, Darlen Sul- livan, Mary Ellen Timpe, Lula Fuchs, Dianne McCarty, Louise Anderson, Sue Williams, Joy jackson, Marilyn Lewis, Diane Su- therlin, Mary Zuber, Jan Thornton, Laura Hayes. the faculty advisors for Sigma Alpha Iota. PHI MU ALPHA is the national music hon- orary for men. Performing at local dances, giving recitals of American music, and ushering for cam- pus recitals are some of their many functions on campus. To become a member, students must show an interest in music, a 2.5 cumulative grade point aver- age of 2.5 for the quarter preceding initiation. Mr. Wesley Shepard is the faculty advisor of Phi Mu Alpha. Sigma Alpha Iota hi u Alpha Phi Mu Alpha SEATED: Steve Bell, Jerry Owen, Sam Spence, Steve Cooksey, Randy Athey, Terry Beasley. STANDING: Randall DeBord, Larry Eifler, Robert Conaway, Michael Mc- Laughlin, Gary Miles, Curt Wambach, Tom Carroll, Gorden Stien. W" 141 5 "X X x n-nu-:np Q r" -Q, E 7 ,ll 4. CAMPUS LEADERS are ROW I Gayla Dame and Barbara Robinson. ROW 2 Anne Pampe, Kay Hawk, Debra Lyles, Nancy Newkirk, Helen Caradine, Barbara Line, and Nancy Roser. ROW 3 Winston Evans, Mike Todd, Jim Wooten, and Steve Bosse. Fred Barton, Ann Fisher, Nancy Harmon, Rand Ihle and Jerry Linzy were not present for the picture. Leaders and otables Each Spring the faculty of Evansville College selects whose seniors who have demonstrated leadership and scholarship for membership in Cam- pus Leaders and Campus Notables. To be nominated as a Notable a student must have maintained a 3.00 average for the four quar- ters preceding election and must have shown leadership in at least one activity. Campus Lead- ers must have maintained at least a 2.5 average for the four quarters preceding their election and have displayed leadership qualities as a member of various campus organizations. CAMPUS NOTABLES are ROW I Judi Keneipp, Kendra Arsdall and Grover Cleveland. Doug Henry and Robert Oster Beesley, Marilyn McCutchan and Carolyn Bentley. ROW 2 meier were not present for the picture. Sharon Ross, Bonnie Washington, Dick Werking, Sandra Van- 3-Vw 5 'E ,Ti an 'V SITTING are: Dr. Orville Jaebker, Dr. Nicholas Brown, Dr. Virginia Grabill, Nancy Roser, Dick Werking, Dr. Melvin W. Hyde, Dr. Charles Robertson and Mr. Arthur Aarstad. STANDING are: Dr. Lowell Weller, Dr. Marvin Hartig, Dr. Phi Kappa Phi Each spring quarter new members are elected and ini- tiated into PHI KAPPA PHI, national all-college honorary. The main purpose of the honorary is to honor the College's highest ranking students. It differs from all other honor societies chieHy in the fact that it is open to all student and faculty members in any department. The local chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was established at EC in the spring of 1963. Thomas Harding, Dr. Ralph Coleman, Dr. Kelly Miles, Dr. Clarence Buesking, Dr. Vivien Maves, Dr. Philip Kinsey, Dr. Virgil Bailey and Dr. James Morlock. Kappa Pi KAPPA PI art honorary is open to all art majors or minors or to any student who is interested in art and has a B average in all art courses. Each year the Beta Xi chapter of Kappa Pi sponsors the annual clothes line art sale, a homecoming display, and art Elms on campus. Kappa Pi members SITTING are: Donna Lochmueller, Mr. Leslie Miley, sponsor, Kay Anne Robertson, Barry Ed Miller, Jeanne Sexson, James Goodridge, President, Britton, Nancy Ensinger, Randalyn Houchin, Teresa Linda Waren, Bonnie Koch, Barbara Criswell, Karen Markley, Sally Westfall, Linda Ross and Janice Miller. Kraft, Gail Steiner, and Steve Ritzel. STANDING are: Wulf ll ll ll nlll 1' SEATED: Judi Keneipp, Delegate-at-large, Kendra Beesley, Secretary. ROW 2: Doug Nel- son, Treasurer, Dick Werking, Vice President, Jerry Linzy, President. The Student Government Association CSGAQ oflicers, elected each spring quarter, represent the students in the Student-Faculty Federation. After game dances and the selling of used student text books are some of SGA,s year round activities. This year a letter, signed by students, which was sent to basketball player Gary McClary, was sponsored by the Association, SGA also undertook to send Christmas cards to local men in the Armed Forces who are stationed in Vietnam. The Student Senate is formed by the SGA officers and the class officers. The class officers serve in an advisory .G.A. capacity to the SGA officers and together they formulate student policy to be presented to the Administration. The Union Board is made up of the nine students who are the chairmen of the Union Committees. They are: Pete Bland, Finance, Ann Kinnaird, House, Ann Fisher, Publicity, Gordon Stien, Fine Arts, Romona Kiefer, Per- sonnel, Judi Keniepp, Dance, Louise Land, Entertainment, Pam Brown, Games, Vicki Hay, Social. These students are elected chairmen of their committees on the basis of the service they have given in the past to their committees. SEATED Georgxanna CPetej Bland Judi Kenelpp Doug Henry Dale Hennessey, D1ck Werkmg ROW 2 Juha Low Dan Schellhase Nancy Roser Kendra Beesley, Marcia Welle Pam Brown. ROW 5, W l 7f3'Ql?' iv' Nd ,v-7 1-Y' Senior Class Oifticersz Dale Hennessey, Vice Presidentg Nancy Roser, Secretaryg Doug Henry, Presidentg Georgianna CPetej Bland, Treasurer. lass flicers, Elected Each Fall, Act as Junior Class Officers: Jim Browning, Presidentg Pat Depriest, Secretaryg Julia Low, Treas- urer. Herb Williams, Vice President l46 IWHN "Na w""""""'---.-.......,,... Sophomore Class Officers: Connie Cartwright, Treasurerg Mike Harper, Vice Presidentg Nancy Jordan, Secretaryg Danny Schellhase, President. Class Representatives to Student Senate Freshmen Class Ofticersz SEATED: Judy Plymate, Vice Presidentg Jean Labhart, Treas urer. STANDING: Marcia Wellemeyer, Secretaryg Barry Allred, President. if Rf..-gf 1 Crescent Editors Enlighten Students SPRING AND FALL EDITORS: Tom Dunnving, Campus Editor, Anne Pampe, Managing Editor, Doug Henry, Editor. FALL AND WINTER SPORTS WINTER EDITORS:-Steve Dinnsen, Campus Editor, Barry Standley, EDITOR: Scott Hill. Editorg Jean Coyle, Managing Editor. JQ f MTL, as f 1 3 2 f ., . 3 Zmhliiiuuiint D, -'Ln 1 lr K'----Q , .A . 'px C CRESCENT STAFF SEATED: Linda Perigo, Busi- Morey, Tom Clinton, Steve Dinnsen, Julia Low, Marla ness Manager, Jean Coyle, Linda Uncles, Jennifer Miller, Donna Powers, Dale Miller, Karyl Kleitz, Mike Jones, Michelle fMikej Anderson. STANDING: Graham Mathias. 'sxs ' 5 5 EDITOR: Georgianna CPetej Bland MANAGING EDITOR and Business Manager: Nor Mrs. Jean Young, Faculty Advisor. V g, r., --- L1nC STAFF SEATED Mlchelle fM1kej Ander- Barry Standley, Jean Coyle, Steve Dinnsen Jenmfer son Karen Allen Lmda Uncles Donna. Powers. Jones, Susan Hession. STANDING Jeannene Seeger Glenda Clayton, -1-3 H kr' Lin Staff Captures Student L1fe -7 ROW I: Doris White, Mr. George Klinger, Faculty Advisor, Rudy Ennis. SEATED: Vella Johnson. STAND- STANDING: Ed Yarbrough, Gerald Berry, Bob Harmon, John Story, Gary ING: Steve Crum. nternational Relations SEATED: Mary Toy, Leslie Goettel, Leayne Silver- man, Chris Taylor, Mary Robinson, Patti Brooks, Mary Ann Ward, Linda Lancaster. ROW 2: Sylvia Nenneker, Kay Anne Robertson, Blaine Russel, Roger Lochrnueller, Charles Cook Jr., Layne Watson, Hank Walker III, Paula Powell, Mary Ash- burn Koch. ROW 3: Mark Harrison, Dick Henry, Fouad Roufeh, Wes Knipe, Secretary-Treasurer, Hardin Rathgeber, Vice President, Rodwell Gwin- jai Masvikeni, Paul J. Niemeier, President, Thomas C. Fiddick, Faculty Advisor. V 150 ROW'I: Joy Sisk, Linda Hayward, Vella Johnson, Mike Pullin Tom Morgan, Nira Zuroske, Mary Carol Ritz, Ormin Brown ROW 2: Linda Ciszek, Myrna Lane, Vickie York, Lisa Ritz Mary Pfender, Steven Bayer, Gail Doyle, Jack Duarte. ROW 3: Mr. Sam Smiley, Barry Dubuque, Pamela Keith, Paula Powell Jack Schriber, Catherine Schmidt, Happy Sachse, Ron Glass Evansville omen's Council STANDING: Sue Caylor, Bonnie Washington, Sue Roell. SEATED: Carol Vaught, Barbara Cole, Sue Blaine. X 3 John David Lutz. ROW 4: Gary Bayer, Dudley Thomas, Mar- cia Bennett, Rand Ihle, Margaret Harry, Julie Gerard, Jane Thompson, Sharon Overman, Cindy Doty. ROW 5: Jerrell Freeman, Skip Borre, Jica Allen, Larry McCourt, Milt Butter- worth, E. K. Moore, Dave Emge, Marilyn Noah, Linda Lavey. College Theatre f 5 2 fi 5 'em' ng fi ,M is i .23 .Sy SM H . xx fs 1' 'K , X -ffl- SEATED: Debbie Milner, Ann Kemp, Carol Eric Matthiesen, Herb Jensen, Miss Sandra Hadley, Barbara Wright, Susan Kleinschrnidt, O'Connell, Director, Webb Gaskins, David Feltt- Sandi Tychsen. STANDING: John Boggess, ner, Bill Baus. Forensics ircle K ROW I: Tom Morgan, Vice President, Graham Morey, Layson, Douglas Nelson. ROW 3: Steve R. Dinnsen, President, C. Roy Minton Jr., Treasurer. ROW 2: Pete Golightly, Randy Rohlfer, Rick Sander, Dave Chester Fenwick, Dale Miller, Stephen Johnson, Bob Pierce. 'TPM ,HW 152 N 'lf wi .--vf 'ZT7 AQ. 1"""'?, f. M yds, N STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION SEATED: Barbara Jo Kolb, Secretary, Barbara J, Line, President. STANDING: Steve E. Crum, Susan H. Shackelford. A. AMERICAN CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SEATED: Sharon Ross, Treasurer, Jeannie Jones, Susan Roell, Secretary, Vicki Hay, Vice President, Peggy Ellerbrook, President, Mary Bartelt, Phyllis Robinson, Nancy Roser. STANDING: Barbara LaPlante, 1 f ': , , + A ai-fq fx e if ff N 'S A r .'iw:,-1,,--sw 1- ,..-..f4la,. , ,rw Q ' .a r f Alina Km- f ,,. si-, vyssff as , fri C.E. . .E.A. Sandra Nelson, Ann Kinnard, Janet Vance, Larry W. Bacon, Russ Edmondson, Mary Esther Hornick, Shirley Biddinger, Jane Ann Bauman, Barbara Hawkins. ,W A ,, ,kv Q-Zi' af" xv 153 ff .19 METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT ROW I: Jan Bierod, Ruth Ann Ritchie, Garol Schutte, Sue Prevo. Judy Jones, Linda Jamison, Marilyn Ken- dall. Kay Garrett, Betsy Owen, Sharon Bartlett. ROW 2: Sheryl Fell, Secretary, Mary Esther Hor- nick, Ellen Eichel, Richard A. Johnson, Martha Rec- ll fi ord, Patricia Shannon, Floyd Alexander, Becky Hanselman, Bobbie Yonko, Nancy Harmon. ROW 3: William Smead, Kent Williams, Dean Fager, Karen Jensen, Lorenzo, Murdaugh, Vice President, Scott Gates, Norman Rinker, Patty Troutman, Wayne Goodman, Robert L. Ostermeier, President. Religious Organizations Provide KAPPA CHI SEATED: Pam Ashworth, Sheryl Fell, Secretary, Kay Garrett, Betsy Owen, Carol Schutte, Judy Jones, Treasurer, Kathy Williamson. STANDING: Dean Fager, Richard A. Johnson, Don L. Walters, Nor- iss K 'L 'Mkt Jf.,fy5,,f ,fry l54 man L. Rinker, T. Thomas Morgan Edgar M McK0wn Wesley Rademacher, Vice President Brent W Landis Robert Ostermeier, john Hall President INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP SEATED: Ramey, Kent Williams, Vonda Strickland, Nancy Montgomery, Nancy Newkirk, Steve Schrader, Marilyn May, Barney Ford. Sandy Gumm, Kathy Kirtley. STANDING: Judy Jones, Gayle Swain, Marilyn Shain, Shirley Spiritual Activities for Students BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SEATED: Mar- Steve Cook, Vice President, Gynelle Riley, Mary tha Targgart, Emma Lee Robinson, Secretary, Lin- Ann Owensby, Gayle Champion, Ida McDowell, da Faye Clark, Sharon West, Diane Hooper, Carol Phyllis Robinson. Hadley. STANDING: John E. Boggess, President, 155 ROW I: Paul Ewing, John Pledger, Dave Cheaney, President, Father Terrence Gerkin, Ray Martin, Sam Stiles, Treasurer, Ruth Eflinger, Secretary, Martha Peter, Carol Balcitis, Martha Zorn, Sharon Schutte, Gwen Singer, Leslie Goettel, Mary Toy, Linda Weber, Marian Tenbarge, Linda Thompson, Ken Macke, Cin- dy Emge, Martha Willett, Susie Mitchell, Carol Taylor. ROW 2: Bill Gray, Jerry Mattingly, Maria Carr, Newman lub ROW I: Sharon Schmitt, Judy Decker, Barbara Kolb, Ruth Buesking, Jimmy Chambers. ROW 2: Jim French, Wayne Zinn, Ron L. Giles, Larry J. Cox, Lindon Meyer, V. C. Bailey, Sponsor, Gene Bennett, Secretary, Mike Groomer, Don Curlo- Janet Trible, Tom Halbig, Marian Schnapf, Anne Nord, Bob Hoefiinger, Phyllis Warren, Irvan Boeglin, Mike Ehrhardt, Bill Kanowsky, Nancy Heck, Les- lie Ford, Bob Schaffstein, Graham Morey, Terry Van Bibber, Mike Wolf, Larry Eberhard, Alan Hungate, Otto Hoffman, Dennis Thomas, Jane Macmillan, Paul Jarboe, Charles Bunge. ath Tlub dent, Fritz Kiechle. vic, Faculty. ROW 3: David Sears, Ralph N. Coleman, Mi- chael McCullough, Don King, Ron Emberton, Robert D. Cundiff, James Jansen, Jack Troth, Hardin Rathgeber, Presi- .al 156 SEATED: Jeff Allard, Mary Anna Hull, Judith D. Ricketts, Jim Pickrell. STANDING: Mark Meyers, Gary Meyer, Russ Edmondson, Torn Carmichael. Bi-Sci Club ngineering lub ROW I: James Mead, John Bennett, George Coyle, Diana Boylls, C. Hartsaw, Bill Sheckfee, Treasurer. ROW 3: Don Lisman, Thomas L. Hewitt, Norman Richards, Don Hotz. ROW 2: Wayne Charles Hargis, Douglas Huston, Secretary, William R. Brooks, F. Smith, Robert H. Petersen, John C. Ramey, Michael Todd, Larry Herron, Jerry Schmidt, F. E. Northern, President. Vice President, Bob Layson, Michael K. Magruder, Joe Cook, W. l57 ..1..-.-l- KV' C7 15' X ,f ff L SEATED: Marie Adams, Phyllis LaFferty, Jane White- house, Karlena Wallace, Anita Ruckman, Joy Hanna. ROW 2: Mrs. Evelyn Pickrell, Donna Mackey, Charlotte O'Reilly, Carolyn Bentley, Edwina jordan, Judy Strat- Secretary Club man, Pam Ashworth, Marsha Jett. ROW 3: Don Bauer, Sue Mitchell, Anna Whitten, Carol Schutte, Marla Mil- ler, Pat Fuller. Woman's Recreation Assoc SEATED: Teresa Markley, President, Clara Curts, Gwendolyn Hatcher. STANDING: De lores Bishmann, Secretary-Treasurer, Marcia Werle, Connie Shelton, Vice President, Donna Mackey. ? ,Sie-X 3 SEATED: James Schneider, Jan Bierod, Win Evans. STANDING: Dick Werk- ing, Charles Daniels, Torn Thornton. istor lub Independent ampus Association SEATED: Linda Lancaster, Carol Schutte, Barbara Wim- President, Robert Simeres, John Hall, Treasurer, Richard A. pelberg, Donna Weber, Patricia Shannon, Betsy Owen, Johnson, Jeffrey Day, Floyd Alexander, Kay Garrett, Mary- Secretary, Gail Steiner. STANDING: Tom Morgan, Vice ann Wessel, Stephen Atherton, President. 9'-W,-,,,.,,,,m Vrnr- F W' m.w.w..v-I "S-fm., XM -3, R Q2 1 is 4 QQ W8 'Q' '05--x, SEATED: Carol Balcitis, Anna May Whitten, Connie Collins, John Updike, Professor Arthur Aarstad, Keith, Marilyn Kendall, Co-Chairman, Carolyn Bent- Wayne F. Smith, James Lantrip, Professor Ludwig ley. STANDING: Dick Werking, Co-chairman, David Petkovsek. Young Democrats Young Republicans ROW I: Melinda Harman, Sharon Stoneburner, Carol me, Mark Harrison. ROW 3: Blaine Russell, James Zell, Donna Thorn, Pat Pennington. ROW 2: David Co- Schneider, Sandra Gander, Thomas Northenor, Lon mer, Ed Dunn, Greg Barrett, Mary Scea, John M. Grim- Youngblood. Gamma Delta ROW I: Janet Wulff, Jean Lab- hart, Sue Gustafsen, Ann Hodapp Dorothy Birt. STANDING: Mar- lene Cheek, Mary Ann Crocker, Hazel Holder, Carolyn Wuster, Nan- cy Winternheimer, Rita Barnett, and Miss Deane McGurk, Faculty Ad- Psychology Club SEATED: Ralph N. Raley, Bobby G. Carey, Bar bara Eberhart, Audrita Mast, and Dr. Delbert Samp- son, Faculty Advisor, STANDING: Maryann Egan Connie Zehner, Sharon Myers, Jack Hockman. ,,,,.a.w. .M 1 Z 2 . U is . x 7 RYE, visor. Jack Frick, Crescent, Bruce Thompson, LinC. Absent: Joe Edwards, Crescent, Norma Augustine, Barry Standley, Charlie Salerno, Bob Wake, Donna Datzman, LinC. LinC. - basl L54 ff was-,ma , mi is had I Na ww y cle., 1 CORAL AYRES SEATED: Joyce Jackson, Cheryl Walsh, Glenda Purcell, Sandra SirHendrey, Carol Gerkin, Jane Jefford, Susan Cannon, Louise Ander- son, Sara Butler. STANDING: Daniel Kinnaird, Ken- neth Lewis, Jimmie Moore, Thomas Rueger, Richard Holmes, Richard Wilson, Tyrone Bragg, Alan Alsop, Michael Cannon, Dennis Dougherty, June Wiggins, Accompanist. M usic Organzzations Feature CLARINET CHOIR SEATED: Linda Hetrick, Marsha Rich- Randy Athey, David Feagans, Tom Russell, Larry Eifler, ards, Nancy Nadler, Pam Haynes, Eva Jo Lanman, Diane Randy DeBond, Tommy Carroll, Dennis Dougherty. Griese, Linda Thompson. STANDING: Kenneth Lewis, is 162 t -- -- "' " "' V' P TTT'-,-1 V V W A .i 41. , lp fx EVANSVILLE COLLEGE CHOIR ROW I, Right to left: Linda Gilliam, Lois Bricker, Sandee Thompson, Margaret Burden, Laura Hayes, Judy Cron, Ruth Ann Ritchie, Cynthia Hudson, Diane Jump, Lois Hunt, Diane Sutherlin, Barbara Wright, Barbara Hurst, Bonita Stisher, Louise Land, Mary Timpe, Lynn Whittington, Robert Rapp, Director. ROW 2: Sharon Bozell, Mary Erickson, Kathie Fenneman, Roberta Sullivan, Mary Gottman, Linda Boyte, Patricia Pennington, Helen Koertge, Glenda Purcell, Lula Mae Fuchs, Carol Ger- kin, Mary Zuber, June Wiggins, Marilyn Lewis, Alice Augus- tus, Paula Hunsicker, Patricia Somers. ROW 3: Cheryl Walsh, Sandra SirHendrey, Jane lngleheart, Leslie Ford, William Gray, Dan Kinnaird, Larry Rose, Thomas Rueger, john Kidwelli, Jacques Linder, Rick Van Hoose, Dennis Dough- ertyg Ralph Athey, Jane Jefford, Sue Williams, Anne Smead. ROW 4: Marce Bradley, Joyce Jackson, Randal Cooksey, Dennis Brink, W. Harold Lathom, Gary Plaford, Michael Mc- Laughlin, Howard Blades, Waverly Eakins, J. William Keith, Tyrone Bragg, Jack Beanblossom, David Stien, Diane Kissel, Louise Anderson. A Students In Campus Ana' iyf Programs THE EVANSVILLE COLLEGE BAND directed by Mr. Kenley Inglefield appears at all home games during the football season. A ,tk QW sl N s f SEATED: Randal Cooksey, Steven Bell, William Os- Howard Blades, Louise Anderson, and Mr. Kenley kins, Michael Fox, Gary Miles, Lula Mae Fuchs, David Inglefield, Conductor. Schuble, August Block, and Jerry Owen. STANDING: Brass Ensemble Engineering Co-Cp Students ROW I: Dick Blandford, Larry Birchler, Patrick King Doane, Bullock, Steve Thomas, and Conley Crawford. Row 4: Mr. James Blair, Albert A. Barnes, and Darrell L. Ash. ROW 2: Edward Susat, Faculty Advisor, Dan Daugherty, Terry Atwater, Maurice Hahn, James Lemoin Woods, Stephen E. Schulz and Paul E. Funk, and Michael K. Church. Larry C. Sollman. ROW 3: Urey Miller, Jerry Wilson, Benton Wliyfgmf' SEATED: Jan Abbott, Karen Allen, Ginger Summers, Ann Wallace, Sally Eaton, Karen Nor- ris, Peggy Ferriel, Connie Zehner, Barbara Vance. STANDING: Carol Sue Blackburn, Anita Ruckman, Jan Paschal, Kay Crause, Rita Hardy, Karen Lippoldt, Carol Nunn, Suzanne Hewitt, Judy Plymate, April Knaebal, Diane Dejonckheere, Libby White, Barbara Helfrich, Marilyn Noah, Pam Brown. ,.i,,g,sg1x,2X-i-15. ic .,. .,,,i ,f . L.,v..w!f ,. 1, seafm , VMS2, v.,c.,.. ,.n,.f. .K ' .1 2 Y if ,gp WXQNN N L. v if 'RH ai? ff 11:9 '-.' A- ,. ,..x..,,w, N -' fm' JJ. Adi'-vmvfa-vvf' x 1 f 24 M 'YQ 5 if 8' N is :MLK X X , J , . .Jew x , vm S ,K ,. A, Q , xs 'QF .Q . mf-' Hmnefrm VW, v 'Q-fn 7 ,W . qw 1 , fi, f , ,, ,X ff' 1 ff f ,My .- f klfwfy ,. H , W V, -vm? 1 qmgm' W WW. fx if me ww-W :f " 51. A M Y x E ' Dorm life is a new experience for most college students. It is the beginning of individual responsibility, a part of the process of maturing in college. At Evansville College, students learn to share, to live with others cooperatively, and to be responsible persons. The six residence units are Moore Hall, women's dormi- toryg Hughes Hall, men's dormitory, Bigney House and Franklin House, women's apartments, and Hovda House and Torbet House, menls apartments. In the dormitories, there are two students to a room, in the apartments, four or five to a room. Resident Students Enjo Campus and Dorm Life Cindy Hudson and Mike McLaughlin return to Moore Hall after a date. Pictured above, left to right, Gordon Jaffray, Alan Hungate, and Cindy Brown chat while waiting for the fourth member of their party. This year, because of the increased number of out-of-town students, some have lived in private homes in the com- munity and others in the nurses' dormitory at St. Mary's Hospital. F ifty-one student nurses live in alternate quarters at the W elborn Hospital nurses' residence and at the Evans- ville State Hospital. All of the housing units participate in various campus activities. Intramural sports and homecoming contests are two such areas. Resident students this year havegsponsored candidates for several contests. The candidates for Home- coming Queen were Jan Bierod, Moore Hall, and Carolyn Bentley, Franklin House. Bonnie Chase, Franklin House, and Gina Voight, Moore Hall, ran for Basketball Queen. Hughes Hall sponsored John Love as a candidate for Bache- lor of the Year. W" NN47 I ,,.,. ' 19- At Bigney House, Glenda Clayton, left, dries dishes as Debbie Hooi-Chang Tan, a Bigney House resident from Malaysia Cantrell finishes the supper plates. operates the residences' switchboard of the College Courts while Glenda Clayton looks on. College Courts Pictured below is a view of the College Courts apartments area, which faces South Weinbach Avenue. S , 's L . if .3 K up E Pictured above is a wide-angle view of Moore Hall, womenls dorm. FW! oore Hall and Hughes Hall Boast Full The most exciting part of Moore Hallls annual Halloween party is the appearance of a black-shrouded phantom who roams the dorm with her well-known crooked cane and unblinking glare. Shown here is the witch, Louise Anderson, before her make-up and costume are complete. HK 4.3 Oflicers of Bigney House were: Cheryl Mueller, presi- dent, Judy Voris, vice president, Glenda Clayton, recording secretary, Becky Hauselman, treasurer, and Jean B-inns and Dixie Wood, wing representatives. Connie Keith was president of Franklin House. She was assisted by Winona Porter, vice president, Carol Cumming- ham, recording secretary, Clara Curts, treasurer, Sarah Yaggi, social chairman, and Louise Land and Dianne Mc- Carty, wing representatives. Presiding over Moore Hall residents was Ruth Ritchie. Other ofhcers included Judy Zwayer, vice president, Bar- bara Eberhart, secretary, Becky Conaway, treasurer, Karen Norris, publicity chairman, Ellie Hayes, faith chairman, and Judith Vosburgh, historian. 170 X A Hughes Hall resident deliberates over tomorrow's problems in engineering. Hovda House men elected Bryan Rathke president, Torn Wolff vice president, and Jerry Owen recording secretary and treasurer. Leading Torbet residents were Dick Martin, president, Ed Miller, vice president, Phil Terman, recording secre- tary, and Ed Wilhelm, treasurer. Phil Kemp was chosen president of Hughes Hall, with Frank Ballard, vice president, Max Sutherland, recording secretary, and Brian Stamler, historian. Houses-Two New Dorms on the Way Facing Weinbach Ave., Hughes Hall houses more than 250 men who come from twenty-eight states in the union. val Q-!,,.....-2 if is V r" Q I L X 'I-' W Pictured above, Moore Hall ground Hoor wings, left to right, are: Pat Shannon, Lynne Wer- ner, Libby Hale, Elaine Porter. oore Hall Pictured below, Moore Hall first Hoor main section, left to right, Susan Larson, THIRD ROW, Gail Schilling, Martha Targgart are: FIRST ROW, Pat Pennington, Jonnie Eccles, Nancy Mont- Carglyn Siveyt, Bev Alles, Linda D, Jamison, FOURTH ROW gomery, Beth Ann Stephens: SECOND ROW, Candi Cresswell, Phyllis Kraushaar, Barbara Hurst, Connie Winings, Carol Gerkin Linda Faye Clark, Sharon West, Beth Sheppard, Kathy Kirtley, , ,I iww W X 2 f ,,,.-mf . f- wi nt.: . tw as me I . L 'J ff1WjgZ,,.,""'v:-V, f' NiiZZZ5QZf?f2?,3"' .,.,.:,::,,'g1,1,- V --tex-fy - ,7fxNM?f-1 if 'WL W ,i K QA, M , ' N W s fi M -.f l Pictured above, Moore Hall first floor north and south Donna Porter, Juanice Millerg THIRD ROW, Joan wings, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Glenda Lee Pur- Krentler, Jane Ann Bauman, Carol Werner Nancy Bor- cell, Ruth Ann Ritchie, Mary Timpe, Chris Hawhee, den, Diane Marshall, Carol Schutteg FOURTH ROW: Debbie Milner, Janet Schlosserg SECOND ROW, Mary Joy Reagan, Linda Hayward, Connie Stoeltiing, Jimmy Jo Vingis, Marce Bradley, Michelle Prelepa, Susan Elder, Chambers, Sheila Tichenor, Karen Sneed. oore Hall Pictured below, Moore Hall second fioor main section, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Sharon Stoneburner, Judy Graham, Saundra Campbell, Angela Feigel, Janice Hager, Jane Thomas, Ellen Eichel, Jacqueline Sterle, SECOND ROW, Anne Hodapp, Bobbie Joe Hertel, Joy Ashley, Dorothy Birt, Rita Barnett, Carolyn Wuster, Betty Fisher, Martha Record, Jan Harmon, THIRD ROW, Judy Wells, Carol Zell, Connie Seifert, Cinda Newman Mary J. Overby, Marty Dugan, Ann Heath, Mary Ann Crocker Mary Robinson: FOURTH ROW, Nancy Heck, Mickie Hirsch- man, Karen Mullins, Midge Schultze, Donna Thorn, Pamela Old- ham, Melinda Harman, Gwen Songer, Jane Hughey, Sue Gustafson T-' ,1'Ml- Elf'-.':.1' s 1:2-1 'ff.'...."'i nv-:I-1-1 1 i- Pictured above is the site of the new men's residence hall, where construction has been going on since the fall of 1965. oore Hall Pictured below, Moore Hall second Hoor north and south wings, Lois Ann Bricker, Katherine Fox, Linda Hanson, Donna Ramsey, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Diane Jump, Karen Anderson, FOURTH ROW, Louise Anderson, Phyllis Haines, Rebecca Cona- Brenda Knowles, Jodi Leisure, Brenda Miller, SECOND ROW, way, Jo Ann Kramer, W. Jane Williams, Mary Esther Hornick, Jane Karin Nelson, Rita Hardy, Marcia Werle, Phyllis Bray, Nancy Nad- Ellen Boultinghouse. Ier, Jane Ellen Price, THIRD ROW, Patsy Ellis, Caroline Parker, a shggi im 9 ? vw 5 'KVI T7 G ' - J '45 17 'r -- l nt, , . 1. fu ,., , V . -. , 4 "i. 1:-'f . f "' tl 'tv' , 5 4 l 1 , ' ef-1 'X ': 'Q ' 1' . , Q , 'L ' V A 4 L-. - 1, .- . 1 2 fy A it J it L Q I 'T -gl' il 2 Q Yi L 2 t L 2. 'S .. Q A Q M i Z 5' Pictured above, Moore Hall third floor main section, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Janice Hougland, Cathy Mann, Joanne Wasik, Benna Ellis, Edwina Jordan, Shannon Clark, Betty Armstrong Patti Brooks, SECOND ROW, Alice Smart, Judy Patterson, 7 , t t , we , f f , 'if"'fj7fZ . f 1 .L ' QW? ROW, Sally Eaton, Carolyn Scott, Cayla Williams, Carol Ann Neukam, Jan Thornton, Barbara Horst, Elaine Pearson, Sally Mayfield, Marsha Richards, FOURTH ROW, Candi Cantrell, Cindy Davis, Ann Kemp, Debby Davis, Suzanne Hewitt, Mar- Karon Hegewald, Shirley Murdock, Susan Forsythe, Roxanna Baldwin, Janet Taylor, Martha Praay, Linda Delaney, THIRD garet Spaar, Karen Lynch, Diane Kissel, Pam Pearce, Carolyn Roth, Ginny Kilby. . " lf f ,r ,Tj x:j'i,f: aff W KQQQXS1, X . N , , HW'-SM LLQT. My it Wag: M ,f sfiewzf' We 'f?M Wffwefrisswfa-qzfamw"-"" 0' fi A- " " 'T "- wgylifwty l, ,Ml . A , W ,,.. . an . sw fi t f- i' fb i i V, - ' in 2 3 4 k n L I fs: -A ai n " H E JE I T I I I I I ly N. as is PM A ........, , 1 A Pictured above is an artist's conception of what the new men's of Weinbach Avenue. A women's dorm will be built in the same dormitory will look like after completion in the fall of 1967. The style on Walnut Street. residence hall, which will house 200 men, will face the drive off 175 Pictured above, Bigney House residents, left to right, son, Kay Hawk, Judy Vorisg THIRD ROW, Sheryl Fell, are: FIRST ROW, Marcia Legg, Ginger Maze, Karen Sandy Paddick, Cheryle Mueller, Jay Jackson. Simpson, Carol Mathews, SECOND ROW, Sara Adam- B' H Pictured below, Bigney House residents, left to right, Marcia Melvin, Tonna Keith, Carolyn Pickle, Rosalie are: FIRST ROW, Karen Stockdale, Sue Prevo, Becky Rich, THIRD ROW, Susan Kaye Helkewa, Jayne Lank- Young, Patty Jones, SECOND ROW, Susie Cannon, ford, Becky Hauselman, Gail Weil, Karen Jensen. VN Q""P Pictured above, Moore Hall third Hoot north wing, left ROW, Judy Zwayer, Jane Jefford, Paula Trabelot, Carol to right, are: FIRST ROW, Ann Wallace, Judi Vosburgh, Shoulders, Ellie Hayes. Paula Hunsicker, Jan Bierod, Judy Plymateg SECOND Pictured below, Moore Hall third floor south wing, left Mary Woodall, Sherry Rengers, Jean Haverkamp, Connie to right, are: FIRST ROW, Linda K. Clark, Patti As- Nordan, Lois Schwartz. kew, Dianne Wyrick, Linda Collinsg SECOND ROW, E 1 AZ IUAXARH Y"""I I I I '5 i-1 Pictured above, left to right, Joy Reagan, Joan Berry, Chris Hawhee, and Debbie Milner relax while watching a television program in one of the Moore Hall lounges. Bigney House Pictured below, Bigney House residents, left to right, are: FIRST Virlee Fleck, Patricia Mayer, Glenda Clayton, Lumelia Baxter, ROW, Bonita Knigga, Phyllis Wood, Deborah Cottrell, joan Kathryn Jane Long, Sharon Hart, Rebecca Spurling. Cochrane, Lynn Junkel, jane K. Inglehartg SECOND ROW.. 3 5 2 55 . f e s ii a l 5 E 4 f ,l 3 xg.-1 J I 1 :K 3 , 1, . 1 , if relax H T., f Pictured above, left to right, Joan Berry sadly surveys her ironing task, while Debbie Milner and Chris Hawhee discuss clothes-washing procedures. Franklin House Pictured below, Franklin House residents, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Marilyn Kendall, Linda Sanders, Gail Haner, Barbara Winnett, Anita Jones, Linda Carr SECOND ROIV, Carolyn Bentley, Clara Curts, Happy Sachse, Darbey Jo Lutz, Martha Peter, Vonda Strickland, Winona Porter. 9 Q - if ai V Go it X. 1 if M u. ,' Q ' ' 1' i u I Q4 wb rx I vmn "' ,J Pictured above, Franklin House residents, left to right, are: FIRST Rene Nichols, Connie Keith, Carol Balcitis, Sarah Louise Land ROW, Pam Alvis, Carla Estes, Linda Staser, Janet Conrad, THIRD ROW, Anna May Whitten, Vicki Calvin, Jaynee Leach Cynthia Forsythe, SECOND ROW, Lynda Koertge, Linda Cavins, Linda Thomson, Janice Mauck. Franklin House Pictured below, Alan Gumberts and Fred Barton wait at the desk while switchboard operator Linda Jamison rings for their dates. Pictured above, Dorothy Neyhouse and Tom Bowman enjoy a cozy chat in one of the dorm lounges. Franklin House Pictured below, Franklin House residents, left to right, are: FIRST Hacker, Carole Ricketts: THIRD ROW, Darlene Gottman, Dar ROW, Nancy Jordan, Jane Russell, Judy Dudley, Helen Koertge, lene Sullivan, Mary Zuber, Lula Mae Fuchs, Diane Sutherlin Dianne McCarty, Sue Williamsg SECOND ROW, jan Huff, Veronica Hsiung,Hooi-Cheng Tan. Linda Thayer, Nansie Kelley, Jo Overby, Tanya Gulley, Linda ls v'Q' Q '67 Pictured above, Hughes Hall ground floor north OND ROW, Dave Boring, Don Jordan, Scott Cates and south wings, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, David Bardes, Hugh Martin. Tom Kleinfeldt, Marty Wlilson, Bob Kincaid, SEC- Hughes Hall Pictured below, Hughes Hall first floor main section, Stephen Edmondson, Ron Embertong THIRD ROW, left to right. are: FIRST ROVV, Dan Morris, Chip James Morrison, Michael Wellemeyer, Larry Prather, Sanders, Richard Johnson, Thomas Mather, John Brian Stamler, Duffy Sharp, David Groves. D. Hall, SECOND ROW, Jim Lovell, Charles Baute, A A A .A mg-m.rm S i ?3T A I w QSM,-.v.-M ' " Pictured above, Hughes Hall first floor north and lin Ballard, Dennis Avery, Paul David Meyers, Lar- south wings, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Ber- ry Rauscher, Dan Musselwhite, THIRD ROW, Chuck nard Schrader, John Updike, Bob Pottinger, Lon Stagg, Ken Swenson, Howard Pratt, David Boots, Youngblood, SECOND ROW, Dan Steinke, Frank- William McCall, Jackie Matthews. Hughes Hall Pictured below, Hughes Hall second Hoor main section, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Mike McCammon, Winston Evans, Richard Kopp, Cornelius Epple, Eric Linder, Dave Metz, SECOND ROW, Larry Tallman, Russell Bentley, Jr., James E. Bastain, William R. Rich- ard, Bill Silva, Doug Rains: THIRD ROW, Allen Studt Tom Wilson, Harold Smith, Allen Holman, Ron Oz- bolt, John Holdermang FOURTH ROW, Bob Howe Joe DeFur, Doug Jaques, Dave Edwards, John Keilholz Ron Martin. . ss . 1- X1 Uk' fr-- Q..-w C7 M ' www -M Mn., iK.83QW?QW Pictured at right, Hughes Hall third Hoor main section, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Wayne Dersch, Thomas Hewitt. Donald Townsend, Jon C. Rarney, Robert Weaver, Gary C. Henning, Richard Lee Mangel, Harry D. McKinstryg SECOND ROW, Arrol Stewart, Brent Landis. Eddie Sullivan, Larry Enlow, Bernard Dick, Larry Miller, Dale McKinley, Thomas Northenor, James Helm: THIRD ROW, Don Lisman, Lawrence Winkler, Bill Taylor, jim Moore, Connell Jones, Jerry Velders, Barry F. Allred, Mike Oskins, Michael Kinnett. 184 Pictured at left, Hughes Hall second floor north and south wings, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Brute Loveless, Steve Longden, Ronald Ayers, Tony Asher, James L. Mead, Tim Hallg SECOND ROW, Steve Haines, Fred Lloyd, John Love, Bruce Turner, Sam Stiles, Dean Fager, Keith Smith, Sid Thrash: THIRD ROW, Dennis Nutty, Norm Rinker, Richard Elliott, Glenn Lohn, Lon Gilbert, John M. Gnimme, Mike Dinwiddieg FOURTH ROW, Don Folke, Max Sutherland, Grover Cleveland, Paul Ewing, Jeffrey Boxer, Randall DeBord. ughes Hall 3 LLM? A Q ... - A Pictured above, Hughes Hall third floor north and south wings, left to right, are: FIRST ROW,, Terry Jones, Rob- ert H. Petersen, Richard Roose, George Coyle, Chuck Hustedtg SECOND, Bill Scherzinger, Herb Brown, Nor- man Richards, Jack Troth, Ken Hollingsworth, Sam Smallg THIRD, Bill Gatheridge, Garold Ashley, Gary Schulte, Steve Sarles, John B. Brown, Jerry Nord, Ronald Saunders. A Hovda House Pictured below, residents of the ground floor and second floor, left to right, are: FIRST ROW, Terry Otten, David Aston, Jimmie Butler: SECOND ROW, Doug Eyles, David Comer, Joe Corfield, Jr., Carroll Ray Clark. 44 rs Q 1 4 Pictured above, Hovda House Hrst floor, are: FIRST ROW, left to right: Alan Kemp, John Morrison, Scott Cummins, Jim Talaga, SECOND ROW, John Yates, Peter Morrison, Lee Leinenbach, Keith Muller. Torbet House Pictured below, Torbet House, left to right, are: FIRST Hartley Kidd, Steve Naberhuis, Bill Simpson, Dick Martin ROW, Terry Lidy, Allan Adams, Conley Crawford, Wesley Dave Smith. Rademacher, Ed Millerg SECOND ROW, Alan Thiery, 187 Nltttlct K jr X .tliliott l.1nct K F1 Xliliott l,,t1'1'y R l'1 .X11e1l,ii.t1't YY jt .X11el1. john 1' 11' . 131 .Xtlants .X11.111R Sr , 187,135 .ttltttnx .Xt1.ttns l1.t1't'c11 12 So , 59,56 K.trt'11S It 31,119,113 .Xtlanis M,tt'11'tI Sr 158 .X1l.1n1s, Ruliert W Nt .Xt1.tn1so1t, john R N1 , 12-1 .1tl.t111so1t,N,11'.1j 1-1 . 170 ,Xdtot k. B11ss,M.try 1. jr . 116 B.1st11111, j.t111esl'. lst' . 1143 B.ttc, l.i11tl.1 1-. Nr B.1ue1',Do11.i111l'. S1 158 B.1u1n.tt1.j1t11e .X S1 153,173,N1epl1c11L jr ,-15,124 Brtttmztnn Russt-ll 1. So't, Eugene F So Bauntgitrl. ltmotliy I Sr B.1t1n1g.trtner,Norm.tnW No B11u11tg.t1't11er,Stott 11 So , 120,119 B.1t1s,jt1seph1S'.j1' 152 Bitute, Charles H jr , 182 .1ddlng11ir1,Lt'sltt'D N11 Xdelman. Dorotht Fr .Xt1ler.Mc1r1e E jr Ahrens,james R Sr Ak1n,C '17 jr , 124 Akin.N11neyC Fr,116 .Xl-A11 Ertt Mbrtgltt, Robert L jr ,-15,124 .tldrttlgtyjoseph M Fr .XIdr1tlgc,Martj Sr Alexander, Donald E Sr Alexander, Floyd X jr jr,15-1,159 Allard, jellret M Sr , 157 Alldretlgc, 1'reva A S11 Allen, Ct ttthttt C So Allen,j.1nite K. Fr Allen,jtcaj So ,31 Allen, john M, So Allen, Karen L jr , 14,114,149 Allen, Ronald R, Fr Allen, Stephenj Fr Alles, Beverly S, Fr , 172 Allred, Barry L Fr ,20,147,184 A1mon,james D. Fr Alms, Donald R So. Alsip, Charles R Fr Alsop, Alan L So , 162 Alvis, Pamela A Fr 180 Amsler. C. M. Sr. Anderson, Ann E.jr. Anderson, Barbaraj So. Anderson, David L So, Anderson,james L. So Anderson,jane E,jr Anderson, Karen L So,,17-1 Anderson, Louise L Sr , 1 16,131 ,162, 163,164,171,l,174,1-40 Anderson,Michel1ej So,,48,133,149 Anderson, Richard K, So Anderson, Sue C jr Andrews, Karen L Fr, 110 Andrews, William P. Sr. Ankrom, Gary W.jr Ansburg,jud1th G.So.,112 Anstey, Robert P, Fr Antey, Ronald L. Fr Aplelstadt, Alan C So , 120 Appelgate, Carol Fr. Appler, Madonna C Fr, Arendell, Martha R jr Arendt, Mary C,jr, Arensman, Ann C, Fr Armour, Dennis K.jr,, 70 Armstrong, Bettyj Fr,,175 Arnold Larry G Sr Arthur, Charles C. Fr, Ash, Darrell L jr. Ash, David E.Fr.,122 Ashby, Thelma L. Fr Asher, Tony H, So- 184 Ashley, Garuld W, So Ashley,joycelinG Fr., 173 Ashley, W'111iam E,jr Ashtvorth,lr1sj Fr., 30 Ashworth, Pamelaj Sr,,15-1,158 Bttvtt-1,Ceorgc R 7 Baxter. Lun1t'l1.1M Fr , 178 l B.1yer,Cary 1. jr , 31,J1,l31 B.1yer,8teven L. Fr Beatlle. Raymond,S1' , 91 Beztnblossonrjack K jr , 163 Beard, Mithacl L jr , 62 '71 Beard, William S Fr Beasley Beasley ,j1mn11eA, Sr , 52 ,Mavis M Fr Beasle ', Terry L Fr, 1 Beattie. Stephen D ,So Beauchamp, 1'onyaj. Fr , 116 K Bt-teller. Earlj Sr., 71 Beck,james A jr., 52,63,126 Beck, R ogerB Fr , 121 Beck, William A.Fr.,12Z Becker. Becker. Cheryl B. So , 69,1 12 Suzeue A 86, Beckham, Michael L, Becking,john A. Sr. Beesley, Kendra A.jLL16,3'6,38,91 112,131 ,l37,l44,145,l38 Beh1er,Brianj.jr. Behme,john A Bell, Doris G. Bell, Steven A. So., 120,164,141 Bell, William T.jr Bender, George A. Fr , 126,71 Bender, Harold B, Fr, Bender, Vernie R,, 11 So, Bennett, john A. Fr Bennett ,Marcia L jr., 46 Bennett, Nathaniel E Sr Bennett, Ralph G jr. Bent,john W. 11So Bentley, Carolyn A, 22,91 ,132. 158,160,179 Bentley, Russell 1.jr, Fr , 183 Bercaw, William R Fr. Berger, Tamara N. Fr, Bergquist,G M.jr, Berkemeier, Diane K.jr,, 91 Berkemeier, Suetta M jr. Bernhardt, Richard C.jr. Bernhardt, Wayne Berry, Deane E. So. Berry, Gerald L. Fr, Berr oan E, Fr 178179 Askew. Patricia Fr , 177 Aston, Davtdj So., 186 Atherton, Stephen R. So., 159 Athey, Ralph R. Sr,, 162,163,141 Atkinson, Michael S, So, Atwater, Terry V So., 119,57 Augustine, Glenn A,jr , 126 Augustine, Normaj jr 149,161 Augustus, Alicej. Fr , 114,163 Austin,janice L. Fr, Autra, Bobbie Fr Autr Darr 'I D r Damm, Roger N. So, vt i J Avery, Dennis T. So , 183,70 Ayers, Earl L, Fr. Ayers, Ronald L Fr , 184 B Babcock, Ronald R. So Backes, Roy W jr Bacon, Larry W,jr , 153 Bae, Ronald P Nt ,57 Baggett, Larry K, Fr , 124 Bahn, Gary A, So. Baize, Timothy B,jr , 120 Bakel, Donald L, Fr. Baker, Paulette M. So, Baker,j Wayne Balcit1s,Caro1j. Fr,, 156,160,180 Baldwin, Roxannaj Fr.,175 Ballard. Anna M. So , 137 Ballard, Charles M Sr. Ballard, Franklin F, So., 70,183 Balsdon, Gerald B So. Baltimore, Gerald A Fr. Banister, Timothy F. Sr Bannwart, Robert A So., 52,124 Banta,Guy R Fr Baptist, Peggy R. Fr ,Yt.l 1 .. . Bestng, Darvtn B.jr. Besing, Gerald A. Fr, Besing, Thomas D.jr Best,james P.jr, Beumel, Ann C. Fr, Beyer, William L, So. Biddinger, Shirley A. Sr., 91,116,153 Bierod,janis E jr,, 22,131 ,l54,l59, 177,138 Bigger, Delia W. Fr., 110,138 Biggerstaf1,S, M So. BiggerstaH', Stephen P. Fr, Biggs, Brenda D. Fr Biggs, David C. jr Biggs,joseph A. Fr Billings, Robert D, Fr, Billings, Robertj. Fr. Binns,jean K. So. Bippus, Raymondj jr. Bippus, Richard M, So Birchler, Larry E, So. Birt, Dorothy L Fr., 161,173 Bischmann, Delores A. Sr., 32,91 ,1 58 Black, Gregory F, So Black, Paul E, So,, 120 Black, Rebecca S. So. Black, Thomas H., 111 Fr., 126 Blackburn, Carol S.jr., 122 Blackburn, Laura K Fr Blackburn, Richard S. Fr , 12 Blades, Howard M.jr., 163,164 Blaine, Susanna M. So., 32,110 Blair, Charles L.jr, Bland, Georgianna Sr., 20,91 ,1 14,133, 145,146,149 Blandford, Dick K.jr. Bleckmann, Charles A.jr , 139 Bledsoe, Garry M.jr., 43,120 Blemker, Don A jr ,43,120 Blessing, Pamela So., 116 Blessinger, Bernard E rr., 126 Block, August A. So , 164 Blome, Boe lin Quentin W Sr., 91,122 rvan L Fr , 156 g , , Boggess,john E, Sr , 91,152,155 Bohleber, Larry W. Fr, Boink, David K. So, Boink, Thomas Fr Bond, Lynne A. Fr Bonds, Mary A. Sr. Bone, Michael L. Fr Bonenberger, Rolmertj. Sr , 91 Booth, William P. jr. Barber. David C. jr. Barchet. Carl D, So. Barclay Barden Bardes, Baresic Barker, Barker. Barnes, Barnett Barnett Barnett Barnett Barnett . Paul D jr Nancyj Fr , 173 David T So , 182 Stephen T. So, 124 Rosemaryjr. Sandra K. Fr Albert A jr, .Charles D Fr. Lana C jr , 110,138 . Michael R.jr., 124 .Phillipj Fr. . Rita L. Fr., 161,173 Barnett. Thomasj, Fr. Barnett, William E, Sr Barr, Patricia D Sr , Barr, Ruth A. So., 137 Barrett, Bernie R, Fr Barrett, GregorylR,,Fr., 124,160 Barrett, Robert jr Bartelt,j0hn R Fr , 126 Bartelt, Mary E, Sr , 116,133,153 Barter,john F Fr, Bartle, Rayna L jr Bartlett, Sharon L Sr , 154 Barton, David W, Fr Barton,Frederick E. Sr , 124,180,139 Base-y,judith A, Fr Basham, Barbara L Sr ,ll0,131. 132,134 Baskett, Douglas L Sr ,7I,l22 Boots, David W. Sr., 91,120,183 Bootz, Mary L. Nc Boren, Sarah Sr , 91,114 Borders, Gerald D. Sr , 91,122 Borders, Robert E. So. Boring, David W. So., 122 Borneleld, Gary M, So, ' Borre, Earl W jr jr., 21,43,120 Bosse, Bonniej. So . Bosse, Steven W. Sr , 91,131,139 Bossing,janice L. So, Bowell, Cynthia M. So., 112 Bottomley, Lanaj. Fr Bottomley, Robert M jr. Boultinghouse,jane E. Fr , 174 Bowen, Frank R.jr Bower, David A.jr , 122,135 Bowman, Earl R Fr, Bowman, Henry K.,jr,jr. 92 Bowman, Thomas L. So,, 181 Boxer,jef1rey E. Fr., 185 Boyd, Donna E So,,22,116,138 Boyd,jeriA, Fr , 112,138 Boyer,janet R. So, 116 Boyer, Marjorie C. Nc. Boylls, Diana K, Fr Boyle, Linda K Fr , 163,140 Bozarth,james T. So Bradley, Edward L.jr., 108,120 Bradley, Marcella D So., 163,173,140 Bradley, Sharlot W Bradshaw, Rita M, Fr. Bragg, '1 yrone M 14r.'162,163 Brantlenbe1'ge1', john E Fr Brttntlenstetn,Rith1i1tlSr172,124 B1aun,tlh.11'1t-sl-1., lr Bri1un,Co11r.ttlC jr B1'ay,Nor111aj Fr B1'.ty,Pl1yl1isj So , 17-1 Bretlholtl, P11t1' let Brennz111,Suellt:11jr Brctz, Charlotte R ji B1-itz, Mary ti Bt'ttke1.Lo1s.1jr.163,174 Brill, Frank L, So. Brtner, l'hom.ts L. lfr Brink, Danny M So Brink, Dennis M. So., 163 B1'1nke1',Nan1'yK , Fr Brinkmeyer, Dennis L. Fr , 120 Britt,Stephen F So Britton, Barry L So., 143 Brockriecle, Darlenej jr Brooks, Anthony M. Sr., 64,92,1 19 Brooks, Dennis E. Fr Brooks, Gary D. So Brooks,jean F Sr., 92 Brooks, Kath1een,Ft Brooks, Patriciaj, Fr , 175 Brooks, Thomas D.jr. Brooks, William R. So., 157 Broom, Caroljr, Brown, Cynthia M. Fr., 168 Brown, Herbert L.,jr Brown,john B,,jr. So. Brown,john D. So. Brown,john R. So. Brown, jolene D, Fr Brown, Nelson T jr Brown, Ormm E, Sr ,21,46,133 Brown, Pamelaj,jr , 114,145,164 Brown, Sharon L. So,, 114 Brownexjames A. Fr Browning,james W,jr,, l4,20,38. 120,131,146 Bruce, Michael G, Fr Bruner, Gloria S Nc., 92 Bryan,james W jr Bryan, Sherry L. Fr , 116 Bryant, Gordon A. Fr Bryant,janna L. Fr Bryant, Nancyj. Fr Bubenzer, Selma M, Sr., 92 Buchanan,john G. So. - Buchenberger, Maralee So , 112,138 Buchenberger, Rosalee,jr.,69,112,124, 138 Buedel, Charles R. Buedel,james N, Sr,, 52,541,120 Buesking, Ruth E.jr.. 116,156 Bullock, Benton L. So, Bullock, Gladys M Fr Bumgarner,james M Fr, Bunge, Charles H Fr Bunner,johnG Fr Bunner, jane 1 16 Burch, William R Fr. Burden, Margaret L. So. Burger, Sabraj So Burgess, Stanton E. Fr Burgette, Nita D So. Burkd0ll,james M, Fr Burke, Donaldj, So- 120,52 Burkhart, Richard M Fr Burkhart, Terri L So. Burns, Gary L. So. Burns, Ltzette E. So. Burns, Nancy L Fr , 110 Burton,john P. Fr. Burton, Richard W. Fr. Bustion, Francesjr. Butcher, Sandra L. Fr. Butler,jimmie L. Fr,, 186 Butler, Sara E. Fr., 162 Butler,Wi1liamj ,111 Fr. Butt,joseph L Ne Butterfield, Annejr. Butterworth, Milton T jr , 133 Buttrum,jane E, r. Byrd, Samuel C , r, So. C Cadick, Gwenda L. Fr , 31 Campbell, Houston,jr. Fr, Campbell, Kenneth H. Sr Campbell, Saundra R , Fr., 173 Campbell, Wilbert G So , 108,120 Cannon, Michael E Sr,, 162 Cannon, Susan A, Fr,, 162,176 Cantrell, Candi D. Fr., 169,175 Capes, Paul R So. Caradine, Helen M. Sr., 38,92,l 12, 131,138 Carey, Bobby G, So., 161 Cariens, Kathleen R Fr Cartens, Richard T. So. Caringer, Kenneth C.j. So. Carl, Davtdj So, Carlson, Gary Fr. Carmichael Thomas L, So., 157 Carr, Linda F Fr. Carr, Maria T. Fr., 156 Carr, William C. Sr., 62,92,120 Carrara, William So., 52 Carroll, Charles L. Sr , 92 Carroll, Frank E.jr. Carroll, Thomas F. So., 162,141 Carson, Michael Sr ,92,52 Carter,jerry L. So, Carter, Robert A. So Carter, Roy L.,jr,jr. Cartwright, Connie C. So ,20,22,42. 112,146 Cates,james S. Fr., 182 Cavins, Larry E, Cavins, Mary L, Fr., 180 Caylor, Susan D.jr. Celania, Pan1elaj.So., 110,138 Chambers,james K.jr, Chambers,jimmy E.jr.,173 Chambers, Timothy G. So Champion, Patricia G. Sr., 92,155 Chancellor, Steven E. Fr. Chandler, Donald W So. Chandler, Gary L. Sr Chandler, Sharon A, So., 116 Chapel, Gary T. So. Chase, Bonnie K. So., 32 Chattin,joA. So, Cheaney, David M.jr.,156 Cheaney, Edwardj. So., 52 Cheek, Marlene A. Fr. Chisler, Lawrence G. Fr, Choate, Eric D. So. Christein, Petrinej, So. Chudada, Ronald A.jr,, 126 Church, Michael K. So. Ciszek, Linda A. So, Clark, Carroll R. Sr., 92,186 Clark, Hubert So. 188 Clz1rk,L111d11F Fr , 155,172 Clark,L1n1la K Fr., 137,177 Clark, Louis A Fr Clark,M1.1rciaA.So Clark. Clark. Clark Clark, Michael E Fr, Rita K Sr ,92 Robert M Fr Shannon R Fr , 175 Clark, Stephen C, Fr Clark, '1'errente'1' Fr Clarke, Carla S. Fr , 69 Clary, 138 Bobbych Sr , 92,1 12,131 Clayton, Glenda G. Fr , 149,160 Clayton, Pamela S So. Clcek, Ruth A Fr. C1em,Cy11eth 1 . Fr Clements, Lucille M. Fr. Cleveland, Grover A. Sr ,70,92,I 134, 185 Cline, Nancy S Fr Clinton, Thomas 12.511 , 150 Cobb, Frances A. jr Cochran, Robert M M.jr , 124 Cochrane,joan Fr,, 178 Coe,jay W, Fr, Coe,jayne A, So, Cohn, Richard K So., 133 Cole, Barbara L,jr.,9Z,110,139 Cole, Donaldj Fr Cole, Philip A. So. Cole, Rose M jr. Cole, Susan A Fr. Coleman, Ronald E. So. Collins, David A. Fr , 124,160 Collins,jerry L.jr. Collins, Linda K. So,, 177 Collins, Stephen M So. Colvin, Vicki L. Fr. Combs Combs .GregoryW Fr, . Vickie L.So,,116 Comer, David K, Fr , 160,186 Conaw Conaw ay, Rebecca L jr., 174 ay, Robert P Fr. Conduitt, Kathryn A 5o,, 114 Congle Congle ton,jeromej. jr,, 92,126 ton, Lawrence L, So., 126 Conn,james B. jr,, 38,120 Connor,jenniler R. Fr Connor, Kathleen M Fr Conrad,janet A, Fr., 180 Cook, Charles H. Fr Cook,joe H. Sr , 92,121 ,I 57 Cook. Robert W, Sr,, 92,121 Cook, Sara Sr. Cook, Stephen B, jr , 155,139 Cook, Stephen P.jr Cook, Thomas L. jr ,139 ,,18,20,108,125 Cooksey, Randal D Sr., 26,92,163, 164, 141 Cooper, Lee K, Fr Cooper, Rebecca C. Fr , 112 CorF1cld,joseph W.jr.jr , 186,139 Corn, Lavaun C. Fr. Corten, Carl T. Fr. Cosgrove,james G. So, Cotteriall, Robert L. Fr Cottrell, Deborah L Fr., 178 Covington, Maryj. So. Cox, Dave B. Sr , 65 Cox, Kent G. Sr, Cox, Larryj, So., 156 Coyle, George F So., 157 Coy1e,jean M jr , 148,149,133 Crane, Robert R.jr, Crawlord, Charles P So. Crawford, Conleyjr., 187 Craw1'ord,Donnaj.S0 Crawlord,-james C Sr., 93 Cresswell, Candace P Fr,, 172 Criswell, Barbara C So., 112.143 Critchfield, Allred So Crocke Crocke r. Mary A Fr , 161,173 tt, Doris M. Fr. Cro1't,joe'H.,111jr Cron james C. So. Cron,judith M.jr., 93,163 Cron,V1rg1nia G. Cross,john N Fr Crum, Stephen E. Sr., 93,153 Cummins, Scott W. Fr,, 187 Cundifl, Robert D So., 156 Cunningham, Carol A. So Cunningham, Charles Fr, Curts, Clara M So., 158,179 Cusack, Thomas P,, 11156 , 122,71 D Daener,jack,jr So. Dahl,jane M Fr., 116 Dailey, Sarahj, So, Dalton, Elizabeth C. So. Dame, Gaylaj Sr., 30,32,69,93,l12, 138 Daniel, Donald j, Fr Daniels, Charles M. Sr , 93,124,159 Danner, Arthur F, Fr. Dannheiser, Charles C. Sr , 93,121 Darke, Floyd R, So., 125 Darvin, Charles H. jr. Dassel, Daryl W. Fr. Dasse1,Pau1R.jr,126 Datzman, Madonnaj. Sr,, 161 Dauby, Larryj.jr, Daugherty, William D. So. Daves, Laurence M, So, Davis, Cynthia A, Fr., 175 Davis, Deborahj, Fr,, 175 Davis, Donald W, Fr. Davis,joseph L, Fr. Davis, Michael L, Fr. Davis, Patricia L, Fr. Davis, Richard A. So. Davis, Stephenj. So , 122 Dawso Dawso Da wso n, Agatha R. Fr, n, Bryant,j. So, 121 n, Charles R. Fr, Day,je1Trey A. Fr., 159 Dean, Donald M. So., 124,52 Deatrick, Patricia A, So. Deboer,john D. Fr. Debord, Randall W. Fr,, 162,185 Deckard, H. j. So. Deckard, Robert E. Fr., 124 Decker,judy A. Sr., 93,130,l32,l33, 156 Deer, Richard E. So. Delrehn, Barbara L. So., 110,138 Delur, Earl T Sr., 67,93,126 De1ur,joeW. Fr., 183 Dejonekheere, Diane E. So., 110,165 138 Dekemper, Robert S. Fr,, 125 Delaney, Linda F. Fr,, 175 Dclinger, Lee T,jr. Delzell, Mary D.jr Deming, Cheryl Fr, Dt-nn1ng,Mttl1.te1 1' jr, Denton, Larry N Sr DenLer.Sus11njr Deppen, joseph W. So DePriest, Patritia A jr ,20,1 13.146, 138 Derrington,Ll1rit:d.tVV.So. Derrtngton, William T. Sr Dersclt, Wayne W. Fr , 184 Devault,josepli K Sr., 63 Devine,Wattt1a F,jr , 93 Dewig, Thomas E, So Dick, Bcrnarcl L. Fr , 184 Dickhart, Steven A. Fr Dietz, Arthur G. So. Digesualdo,Franc1sj Sr , 131" Dike, Linda K. Fr, Di11ehay,Stephcn L. Fr Dills,jcrry W. Sr,, 93 Dinnsen,john S.jr , l22,l48,149,l52 Dinwiddie, Michael il' Fr,, 185 Dishman, Robert C. Su , 121 Disney, Poley H.jr Dissette, Patricia A Fr,, 113,138 Dixon, Annejr Dixon, Diane L. Fr , 138 Dixon,Shero1yn R. Fr, Dixon, Susan R. Fr, Dixon, William C. Doane, Patrick K, Dodds, Shirley F. So, Doerner, Karen L. So., 110,137 Domina, james A. So., 20,108,122 Don, Charlotte S. Fr. Donnelly, Michael A, Sr,, 122 Donovan, Karen L. Fr. Dooley, Ronald N, Fr Doty, Mary C. So,, 46,133 Doubiago, Alexander jr. Dougherty, Dennis R So., 162,163 Doughty, Constance G,jr., 110,136 Downs, Phyllis M Fi Downton, Gilbert C, 1-r, Doyle, Gail j. So. Drake, Barbara C. Fr Drennan, Larry K. Fr Dress, Richard S,jr Driggers, Kerry L. Fr. Drone, Donald, Fr, Drone, Hubert B,,jr. Sr. Duarte,john B,, ll Nc Dubuque, Barry L, Fr Dudley, Dorinda A, Sr , 93,1 13 Dudley,judith A. Fr., 181 Dugan, Margaret E. Fr., 68,173 Dull, Richard F. Sr., 93 Dunbar,joseph M, Fr. Duncan, Albert G. Sr. Duncan, George P. Fr. Duncan,jerome L. Sr. Duncan,joetta F. Fr Duncan, Susan K. Fr. Dunham, Gerald P So. Dunn, Eddie R.Fr.,124,160 Dunn, Ronald W So. Dunning, Thomas E. So,, 121,150 Dupin, Grace E, Fr Durkee, Michael M. So, Duvall, Dennis M. Fr Dye, Donaldj. So., 124 Dyehouse, Linda F,jr. E Eag1eson,jerryW,jr., 122 Eakins, Waverly T,,jr.jr , 126,163 Eaton, Lj. Sr. Eaton, Maryj. jr. Eaton, Sally L, Fr., 175 Eberhard, Larry 1-1.Fr.,156 Eberhard, Ronald O. Sr., 71,93,l22 Eberharl, Barbara A. So., 161 Eberhart. Robert W. Sr. Eberhart, Ronald P, So. Eccles,jonnie D., Fr., 172 Edmond, Marilynj. Sr. Edmond, Marvin, Sr. Edmond, Thomas M, So. Edmonds, Dennis E. So. Edmondson. Russell D, Sr , 70,94,153 157 Edmondson, Stephen G, Sr ,94,135. 182 Edwards, Beth L.jr., 113 Edwards,john D, Fr , 183 Edwards, Mary E. Sr., Edwards, Ronaldj. So,, 121,161 Edwards, Steven B. Fr. Elfinger, Ruth C,jr,,156 Egan, Maryannjr,, 94,1 13,161 Ehrhardt, Michael D. Fr,, 156 Ehrmann, Kenneth Eichel, Ellen S. Fr., 154,173 Eickhoff, Darrell E. Fr, Eifler, Larry L. Fr., 162 Ekstein, Carolyn M, Fr Ekstein, Suzannej. Fr. Elaman, Michael O. Fr, Elder, Susan E. So. 173 Ellerbrook, Pcggyj. Sr., 153 Elliott, Richard L.jr , 185 Ellis, Benna K. Fr. Ellis, Kent D, Ellis, Michael R. Sr Ellis, Patricia S.jr,, 174 Ellis, Thomas F.,jr, Ellison,john G, Fr,, 124 Ellison, Lamont R, Fr Elson, David C.Fr,121 Ely, Rodney W, Sr Elzer, Barbara A.jr, Elzer, Sherrilyn R, So., 139,140 Emberton, Ronald W. So., 156,182 Emge, Cynthia R. Fr., 156 Emge, David M, Fr., 21 ,31,46 Emge, Melvin R. Sr, Endicott,janet S, Fr. Endress, Martha L. So., 120 English, David C Sr., 94,121 English Susanj, So., 114 En1ow,john M. Sr., 66,67 Enlow, Larry E. Fr , 184 Ennis. Rudolph L,jr. Enos, Kent E. Fr. Enrietto. William N. Fr, Ensinger, Nancy E. So, 143 Epley, Marsha A, So Epple, Cornelius G. Fr., 183 Erickson, Mary L.jr.. 163 Erler, Charles M.jr. Estes, Carla R. Fr,, 180 Ethridge, Sandra L. Fr. Eu1er,jerry N, Sr, Euler, Samj. So. Euler, Thomas M,jr, Euston, Donald E.So.,121 Evans,johnnie L. Sr. Evans, Mary L, So. Evans, Winston, C. Sr,, 20,94,131,159 c C Graham, Hummel, Frank W jr 183 Evinger, Kenneth M, l'r Ewbanlojoseplt M Fr , 126 Ewing, Nancy L. S11 Ewing, Paul W 156,185 Eyles, Dougl.tsG So , 186 F F1tger,EterettD Fr,,l5-1,185 Falkenstein, Mark Y So,126 Famous, Suzanne M Fr Farley, Kenneth M Fr Farley, Susie C, Fr. Farr, Linda D. Sr Farris, Loyal K Fr Farvar, Mohammed 1 . Sr. Faust, Willretl H Fr Feagens, David L Fr,, 162 Fechtmeister, Mary A jr. Feidcr, Charles M. Fr Feigel, Angela Fr , 140 Feldhaus, Sharon G Fr. Fell, Sheryl L. So., 1 16,154,176 Fenneman, Kathie L Fr.,163 Fenwick. Chester So., 152 Fenwick, Htllenj. Fr Fenwick, Terence L So Ferguson, Richard A. Fr. Ferriel, Peggy A, So , 110 Fickas,john H Fickes, Maryj. So. Field, Ted W. So , 122,71 Fields, Faye Fr Fields, Kenneth 1. So, Filson, Douglas M. Fr Fischer, Donaldj. So Fish,john N. So, Fish, Toni M Fr , 30,116 Fisher, Ann M. Sr., 94,109,113,13l. 132 Clacss, Marilyn M. lsr , 110,138 Glass, Ronald lx. So , 21,33 Gobble, Sandra M Sr Gotlare, Martlynj So Goebel, Andrew E Fr Goebel, Gary A Fr Goebel, Melony G. So , 138 Goedde, Michael A, So Goen,james M Sr. Cot-n,jeanne E Fr. Got-rgen, George T. So , 121 Gnerges, Peter L Sr , 94,126 ioettel, Leslie P Fr , 156 oll Wi ne K r ll.trr1s,1.int1.tS,Fr Harris, Sarah K. So Harris, lhomas P Ft' Harrison, Darlene A 17,3tl,1tI9,1 14 Harrison, Mark R Sr Harry, Margaret E Sr Hart, Barryj, Fr .27 Hart, Carol 1. Stn Hart,j1:rryl.,l'r. Hart, Roger A Fr, Hart, Sharon 1. Fr , 1711 Hartley, Karenj Fr. Hartman, David A Fr Hartman, Dell P, Fr 1 , .y - V j , Goldberg, Philip M jr, Goldenbergjttmes M Fr Gnltghtly, Peter S Sr , 94,l2'1,13w,1w2 Gnllnick, Micha1elS So Gooch,janet R. Fr Goodley, Bennie E So. Goodman, Samuel W Sr , 154 Goodridgejames F.jr , 143 Goodwin ,William B So, Goody, Amealta S Fr , 30,113 Gordan, Harold 13.56 Gordon, Woody 57,60,61 Gore, Beverly, So Gore,joseph K Sn. Gosnell,judith A Fr Gottman, Mary D. So , 163,181 Gough.j ames H. jr. So Graham,judy A Fr., 173 Norman W. So. Hartman, Patricia L. Sr. Hartman, Terry Sr , 121 llarlup, Roger '1. Fr Harvey, David G Fr Harvey,-joyce A Sr ,95,11t1 Harvey, William B. Fr Hatcher, Gwendolyn C jr , 1514 Hatcher,john M, Sr,, 126 Hatcher, Matthew D,-lr., 54,119,52 Hatfield, Eritj Fr Hatf1e1d,john B Sr., 96 Hauke, Gerald A. So Hauke, Steven A Nc. Hauselman, Rebecca S. So., 27,154,176 Hauswald, Darryl E. So Hauswald, Larry R,jr Haverkamp,jean So, 177 Haverstick, William M So., 127 Havtll,james F. So , 54,55,123,52 llorst, 1-1 .171 llorton, Dav11lM l't llosterntan, Mark A So , 123 1lntz,l1on.tlt1W So llotz,C1enn N jr Houehttt, Rantlalyn 1-r llouehins,john E 511,143 Ht:ugl.tnd,jan1ce S So , 175 Huwartl, Keith B.jr. Howard, Russell H Fr llowe, Robert S Fr Htiwerter, Leanne, So, 42,183 Howerton, Lynn D Fr llstung, Veronteajr , 181 l'lubbard,Charles 1' So llubele, Alma D So Huber, Gene D Fr. Hudson, Charlene S Fr , 114 Hudson, Charles Fr Hudson, Cynthia A jr , 114,163,168 Hudson, Melvin E jr H udsun, Terry L. Sn Huehschman, David So Huey, Michels D. Fr Huey, Norman L. So Hu1T,jantce R So , 181 HuHma Hulfma n, Dave K. Fr, n,janeA,jr , 113 Hughes, David T So Hughes,john H. Fr , 123,71 Hughes, Miller F Fr.,121 Hughey, Constance L jr , 30,42,138 Hughey, Susanj, Fr , 173 K.tnowsky,Wtlltan1G Su , 156 Kasulijtik, tlarule j 811,42 K.ttterht-nry , Mary W jr , 121 Katttnan, Orrtun W ,jr Su K,tllenltt'rger,Nan1y l, Fr , 116, Betty 1. Sr , 97 Kavanaugh, Marie ll So Keenan, 1' D jr Keller, Gail M jr Kell. Rtiliert A Sr . 125 Ketlhol1,john G l'r , 183 Kt-tth,tCtmn1e1. Sr 117,160,180 Kc-tth,j.1mesVl ,jr 50,163 Ki-1th,1'.tme1a P Fr. Keith, lonna S Fr , 176 Kellerman,james S , jr Sr ,97,135 Kelley, Lyn M Fr Kelley, Mary S So Kelley, Michael E So Kelley, Nanste R jr , 181 Kelley, Robert B jr.127 Kc-llo, Andrea Fr, Kel1n,St.tnIey D jr Kelly, Dolorcsjr Kelly,ja yC1Sr Kelly. Lucille S S0 , 69,1 11 Kemp, Alan L Fr , 1117 Kemp, Ann E Fr , 52,175 Kemp, Barbara E So Kemp, Philip L jr Kendall, Marilyn E Sr ,97 160.179 Kenc-tpp,jtidtth R Sr ,97,1 14,1 31. 144,145,137 Fish Fish Fish ,145 er, Bettyj Fr.,173 er, Christine L. Fr, 116 er, Robert V,,jr,jr , 124 Graman, Barbaraj. So Grannan, Stephen M. So., 52 Graper,judith L So. Graper, Robert E. Str, 126,71 Graul, Gerald R, So. Graves, Maryj. So Graves. Michael L Fr , 123 Graves, Patricia H, Sr ,94 Gray,john R. Fr. Hawes, Robert D Sr Hawhec, ChrisA Fr , 114,173,178,l79 Hawk, Frances K. Sr., 96,1 14,176 Hawkins, Barbara Sr., 96,116,153 Hawkins, Doris A. Fr. Hawkins, Michael L. So Groening Fitzgerald, Michaelj So Fitzgerald, William V Se Ftt2patrick,janet A. So Flaherty, Michael S. So,, 46 Flamion, Diana K, Fr. Fleck, Virlee l. Fr , 178 Fleig, Bradford R.jr., 135 Fltnt, Lois Fr. Floyd, Walter H. Fr Foland, Theodore B So, Foley, Walter W So,, 126 Folke, Donald L. Fr,, 185 Folz, Charlotte A Fr. Folz, Richard W. Sr, Fo1z,Robertj. Fr. Ford, Charles B. Fr., 155 Ford, Leslie B So., 156,163 Foreman, Paul R.jr. Foreman, Stephen P,jr Fornges, Robert C Fr. Forsythe. Cynthia K. Fr , 180 Forsythe, Susan L. Fr., 175 Fortenberry,joyce H. Fr , 137 Fortune, Robert E jr. Gray, Ro bert F So., 62 Gray, William R So.,156,163 Grebe,judy M So Green,john W. So. Green, K evin B So Green, Steven F ,Fr , 121 Greene, Ronaldj Fr Greenfiel d, Larry M jr Greentvell, Audrey S. jr Greenwell, Barbaraj. Fr. GreenweIl.james D. So Greeson, Guy A So. Greubel,john R Sr. Gries, Charles R. Fr Griese, Diane A, Fr , 162 Grim,Gayle A.Fr,,12,27,138 Grim, Thomas M. Sr., 121 Grimm, David S. Fr. Grimm,john E Fr, Grimm, Marilyn F. Fr. Grimm, Virginia A, Sr Grimme,john M. Fr,, 126,160,185 Grismore,-lerry W. So er, Katherine Sr , 94 Fow Fow Fox. Fox. Fox. Fox, ox ler, Clarajjr. ler, Robert H Fr., 125 jack D. james L.jr. Karen S.jr,,174 Katherine E.jr, Michael W r 164 F , ' .j .. Franke, Phyllis A,jr. Franks, Ernest E. Fr, Frazier, Kathleen S. Fr Fras er, Sandra S Fr Franks, David Fr. Groomer, Stephen M. Sr,, 94,156,135 Grossman, Robert Fr Groves, David L. So , 182,70 Groves, Frances L. Fr. Groves, Teddy W jr., 52 'Grubbs,james C. Fr Guest, Patricia A. So , 137 Guillaum, David W. Fr. Gulley, Tanya M, Fr., 181 Gumberts, Alan E. So., 125,180 D Gumm, Sandraj. Fr., 155 Gunkel, Donna L Fr, . e1Ters. Ha enset J Freeman,jerrell E So., 121 Freeman, William M. Freeman, Nicholas E. So Freitag, Sarah E.jr , 94 French,jimmy R.jr , 125 French,joseph So., 71,126 Frenzel, joseph M. Fr Frey, Barry W Frick,jackA. Sr , 125,161 Friedman,joan A. Fritz, Steven W. So Fritz, Susan D. jr Frost,jack So Frost.jack So Fruits, Dennis Fr. Fry, Karen A. Sr , 94 Gunther,jeFfrey A jr , 94 Gunther, Gushwa, Linda L. Fr. Margaret A jr Gustafson, Gerald C Gustafson, Susan L. Fr , 161,173 Guzman. George L Fr Gwaltney, Kenneth W. Fr H Haan, Christian N Sr., 95,121 Haas, Ph y1IisA.So, 111. Hacker, Linda R, Fr., 181 Hadley, Arthur R So. Hadley. Carol L. Fr , 152,155 Hadley, Charles D. Fr Hadley, Bill A. Fr., 125 ker L nn R. Fr , 140 Fuchs, Lula M. Sr., 94,131 181,140 Fuchs, Stephen C. Fr. Fuelling, Stephen C. So. Fuller, Patricia A. Fr., 158 ,163,164, S 1 Y Hager,janice A. Fr,, 173 Hagstrom, Garry L. Fr. Hahn, Maurice W. So. Hahn. Steven E. Sr., 95,121 Hahn, Steve R Fulling,john K. Fr. Funk, Paul E.jr. Fuquay, Gary H. Sr., 23,94,125,135 G Gabriel,jamesN, Sou 121 Gadau,james P. So Gallagher, Victor R. Nc., 126 Gambrel, Tommy D. Sr., 94 Gander, Sandraj. Fr., 160 Garcia, Oscar A. Sr., 94,122 Gard, Linda O. Fr Gardner,jim K. So., 122 Garner, Charles L Sr Garner,jacqueline S So , 30,114 Garrett, Linda K. Sr., 154,159 Garrett, Lynn D, Sr , 94,122 Garrett, Rebeccaj. Sr Garwood, Richard C. So. Gaskins, Clyde W, Fr., 52 Gates, Thomas O, Fr., 71,123,154 Gatheridge, William R. So, Gatlin, Terry L. Fr Gehlhausen,john B. Fr. Geier, Betty H. Sr. Genglebach, Carlj. Fr, George, Michael George, Rose S. Sr, Georges, Roger V. Fr. Georgesen, Stephen D. So., 126 Gerkin, Carol A. Fr , 162,163,172,140 Gernon, William M. So. Gerth, Albertj. Fr. Gibbons, Robert W. Fr. Gibbs, Gary M. Sr. Gibbs, Spencer L. So Gibson, Loral., Fr Gibson, Robert L.,jr. Fr., 121 Gilbert, Dwight L. Sr. Gilbert, Lon R.jr., 185 Giles, Ronald L. Fr., 125,132,156 Gill, Gregory L. Fr. Gillaspy,john L. Sr., 121 Gilliam, Linda L. Fr , 163 Gillick, Edward M. Fr. Gillis, Cherry V. Fr Gipson, Richard, L. L. Fr. Given, Charles E. Sr., 121 Gladish, Ronald W.jr. Haines, Phyllis E. So., 174 Haines, Steven R. So., 185 Haines, Thomas B. 126 Halbig, Thomas W. Fr , 156 Hale, Elizabeth L. So , 172 Hale, Vic kie K, Fr Halkowtch, Patricia S.jr. Hall, Carol L, Fr Hall, David E.jr. Hall, Gary R. Fr. Hall, jun nD.jr., 154,159,182 n M,,jr. Sr., 125 Hal1,joh Hall, Timothy T. So , 185 Hall, Woodrow Fr. Hallam, Gregory S. Fr. Hallas, MichaelG Fr, Halpin, Perry B. Sr., 95 Halwes, Sharon K. So Hamilton,Allen R Sr Hamilton, Michael S. Fr. Hamilton, Paul D.jr. Hancock, jerry M.jr Haner, Gail L. Fr., 179 Hannajoy E, So., 158 Hansen, Roger W, Fr. Hansen, Sara K, So Hanshoe, Paula K. Sr. Hanson, Linda A. sa., 174 Hardesty, Glenn C. So. Hardy, Rita K. Fr,, 174 Hargis, Charles H.jr , 157 Harkins, Susan E. So., 30,81 Harmeyer, Gerald L. So, Harmeyer, Larry G Sr Harman, Melinda L Fr., 160,173 Harmon,janice A.Fr.,173 Harmon, Nancy Sr,, 95,109,113,l31, 154,138 Harmon Pamela A r. - -.1 Harmon, Paulajjr Harmon, Robert D.jr. Harpenau, Paul L. Fr Harper, Lowell D. So Harper, Michael H. So., 20,126,147,52 Harper, RobertT. So., 121 Harpole. August P.jr,,jr. Harris, Alexander D. Fr Harris, Dorcas M. So Hawkins, Robert L, Sr ,96,127 Hawkins, William H.jr Haworth, Stephen K Fr , 125 Hay,Vtctor1aj.jr , 17,116,153 Hayden,john 'l' Fr Hayden, Robert W. jr Hayes, Eleanor A.So,,177 Hayes, Laura S So, 163,140 Hayes, Ronald S. Nc. Haynes, Pamela I. Fr., 30,31,162 HaysLCarlC , 1lSn , 52 Hayward, Ltndaj. So., 173 Hazelwood, Richard L So Heal, Susanj Fr Hearn, Brian D. Fr., 121 Heath, Ann L Fr,,173 Heck, Nancy L, Fr , 156,173 Hedges, Kenneth E Fr Hegewald, Beulah K Fr , 175 Heiden,jaclt E. So., 52 Hein, DaleG So. Heines, Mari E. Fr. Helfrich, Barbara R jr., 164 Helfrich, Edward S So. Helkema, Susan K Fr., 176 Helm,james V. Fr , 184,70 Helmbock, Thomas A. Sn , 121 Helms, Carol S. Sr , 96 Hemenway, Gregory K. Fr Hendrickson,james W. Fr Hendry, Richard A. So , 125 Hennessey, Dalej. Sr., 20,96,125,131, 145,146 Henning, Gary C Fr , 184 Henry, Andreaj. Fr Henry, Charles R. So. Henry, Douglas G Sr., 20,96.127,131. 145,146,150,133 Henry, Warren D So. Herrmann, Gary C. Fr. Herron,john L. So. Herron, Larryj. Sr Hert, Alan D. Fr, Hertel,R0bertaj.Fr.,173 Hess, Ronald, T. Sr Hessian, Susan S. So , 149 Hetrick, Linda M. So., 162 Hetzel, Emerson W.jr. Hewitt, Suzanne Fr , 165,175 Hewitt. Thomas L. So , 157,184 Hicklin, Connie K, So, Hicks, Leonard G.jr , 127 Hicks, Sandra L, So, Higdon, Charles E.jr., 131 Higgins, Mary L.jr Higgs, Larryj Fr Highley, Polly A.jr Hightower. Karen K, Fr. Htldenbrand, Hermanj. Fr. Hill, Scott P. Sn,, 148,133 Hillenbrand, Gary F. So , 130 Hillenbrand,jean So Hildenbrand, Lynda Fr, Hillenbrand, Robert S.jr Himmelhauer, Ronald G Fr Hines,jane B Fr Hink1e,Micltae1G Fr Hinton, Carolyn S So. Hirsch, Henry M., 123,71 Hirsch, Rosemary V, Fr. Hirschelman,john E. Fr. Hirschman, Michaeline Fr., 68,173 Hisgen, Marcia L. Fr., 114 Hoback, Barbara S. Fr. Hobgrxtd, Grace S. Fr. Hobgood, Ronald A Sr Hocltman,jack L.jr., 161,135 Hodapp, Anne L. Fr,, 173,137 Hodgen, Stevenj Fr Hoebbel, Alice K. Fr. Hoelling, Rudolph A.jr., 127 Hoeflingcr, Robertj. Fr., 156 Hoff, Sara E Sr. HoFfman,james M, Sr. HoHman,judith A. Fr. Hoffman, Ottoj,jr,, 156 Hofmann, Allenj, Fr , 183 Hofmann, George S.jr. Hofmann. Greg K. Fr Hoggard.joseph P. So. Hogue, Pamela A. So. Hohimer, Rickj. Fr , 121 Holder, Hazel A. Fr., 161 Holder, Shirley B.jr., 96 Holderman,john E. Fr., 183 Holland, Terri L. Fr, Hollcroft, Barbara M Sr , 96 Hollingsworth, Kenneth So Holmes, William R. Fr , 162 Holt, Larry D Fr. Holtz, Albert K.,jr. So. Ho1tzapple,Lynne R. Nc Hooper, Caro D. Fr , 155 Hooper,jerry L. So., 116 Hoover, Alan A, Fr. Hopkins, Stephen Hornick, David L.jr,, 70 Hornick, Mary E, Sr ,96,153,154,174 189 Hukill, Dorothy F. So Hull, Mary A jr , 96,1 10,157,132,138 Hume, Leslie A So Humes, Lawrence L Sr , 5lt,96,56,61, 57 Humphrey, Dun R jr Humphrey,jerry W Fr. Humphrey, Stephen R, So Hungate, Richard A Sn,,125,156,168 Hunsicker, Paulaj Fr , 163,177,140 Hunt, Beverly S So Hunt,Car01j Sr , 96 Hunt, Mary A, Fr , 1 1 1 .138 Hunt, Robert F. Fr Hunteman, Paul B Fr. Hunter, David E. Sr Hunter, David W. So Hunter, Marcia M jr Hunter, Robert L.,jr So llupler, Clarence G Fr Hurley, Kermit L S11 Hurley, William M. Fr. Hurst, Barbara Fr , 163,172 Hurst, G.j. Sr., 131 Hurst, Larry D.So ,121,52 Hurst, Marte P jr Hurt, Raymond L Fr Husk,john W Fr. Hust,james P, Sr Hustedt, Charles D. So Huston, Douglas A.jr . 125,157 Hutchison, Donald Fr. Hybert, Lawrence H So., 55,52 Hyde, Thomas S,jr , 127 l lgleheart, Diane F. Nc lnglehart,jane K. Fr., 163,178 lhle, Rand R.jr., 31,46,96 lnman, Don C, So. lnzerello, Anthony T. So., 121,52 lsing, Terry R.jr., 125,132 J jackson, Darrylj. jr jackson, Gary M. Fr jackson,joyce L So,162,163,176,140 jaco, Thomas B. So , 123 jaflray, Gordon W So , 54,55,63,l25, 168,52 jaggers, Kay F Fr jamison, Linda D. Fr , 154,172,180 jansen,james M.,jr jr., 125,156,132 jaquess, David W So jaques, Douglas L. Fr ,183 jaquess. Teddy L. So jarboc. Paul L ,jr Fr , 156 jarboe,Thomasj.Fr.,121 jarvis,jerry A Sr , 96 jarvis,john R. So Larry E Fr jelTord,jane F. Fr., 162,163,177 jenkins, Raymondj. So. jennings, Norwood L Sr., 125 jensen,julia K So., 27,154,176 jensen, Herbert A. Fr. jCll, Marsha A So, 158 jodka, Eric C So joest, lv larianna jr johnson, Diana L. Fr johnson, Mary F. Sr. johnson, Nancy C. Fr johnson, Ralph E. Sr johnson, Richard A. Fr , l54,159, 182 johnson, Ronald L jr ,41,59,121,56, 61,57 johnson, Stephen W. Fr. johnson, Vella L. Fr johnsto johnsto johnsto n, Dixie L,VSo, n,john H. So., 123 n,john R. So jotner, Marolyn S.jr joines, Bobbyj. Fr. jones, Anita C Fr., 179 jones, Arthur L.jr. jones, Connc-ll,j Fr , 184 jones, David L. So. jones, Gordon E Fr jones,j jones,j jones,j jones,j eannieS So., 111,153 enniferA.jr,11-1,148,149,133 erald M, Sr., 96 oe E, Fr jones,judy M jr,, 154,155 jones, Leah Fr jones, Patricia K. Fr . 176 jones, Ronald E So jones, Terry L, So , 186 jordan, Arthgr Nc., 119 jordan, Donald E.jr jordan, Edwina. Fr . 116,158,175 jordan,janet A jr jordan, Nancy 1 So , 20,146,181 ,l37, 138 jossa, Gary VV So.,108,127 jourdan, Glen P. Fr , 125 julian, Donald W. Fr. jump, Ruth D jr , 163.174 jungem K ann,-joyce Nc Kaetzel, Steven G.jr Kahn,Samue1 H, Sr, Kaiser, Kaiser. Elizabeth A. So. Van E jr , 121 Kennedyjohn W Sn Kennetlyjoyce M Fr Keppen, Fhotnas R jr .62 Kern, Brenda j So Kern, Stephen V So Kessens, Annaj Fr Kessler, Thomas R Fr Kidd, Hartley tl. Fr , 187 Ktdwell,john R Sr ,97,125,163 K1echle,Diedrith W Fr Ktechle, Frederick L So , 156,132 Kiefer, Ramona M.Sr,97,1l1,1-15, 138 Kiellner. Margaret F, jr , 97 Kterlner, Robert R.jr. Ktesel, Harvey K Sn Ktesel. Stephen R Sr Kight, Samuel W Fr Kijovsky David W Fr Kilby,.V1rginta L Fr , 68,175 Ktllion. Robert L Sr Ktmm,johnA.,jr.Sr ,125 Kimmel, Maxine W So Kimsey,jtm R So Kinca1d,Bobbyj Fr , 182 Kincaid, Stephen M Fr. King, Donald W Su , 156 K1ng,jayP,jr,135 King,joy G jr King, Kenneth W, Fr Kingston, Carl R ,jr So , 58,62,121. 57 Kinnaird, Ann B. Sr ,97,131,145.153, 132 Kinnatrd, Danny W Fr.,162,163 Kinnard, Kathleen A, Sr Kinnett. Michael L. Fr , 184 Kinney, Margaretj. So Kirby, Sallie W Fr Kirk, Gary E. So Kirkwood, Kathie A So Kirtley, Kathy A Fr . 155,172 Kirves,jerry L jr , 125 Kissel, Diane L Fr ,97,l63,l75,137 Kissling,james E,jr , 97,123 Kitchens, William R. So , 125 Kleiman, Barbara So Klein, Carolj Fr Kletnfeldt, Thomas E. Fr . 182 Kle1nhenn,joyce A So Kleinschmtdt, Susanj So , 30,152 K1eitz,Kary1e K So, 150 K1tngle.Davtd E Sr , 97,l08,l23.71 Klusmeir, Deloris A, Fr, Knaebel, April A Fr , 111,165,137 Knaebel. George N. So. Knapp, Dennis L. Fr , 121 Knapp, Edward R So Knigga, Bonitaj. Fr , 178 Knight.janet K So. Kntpe, Wesley E Fr Knowles, Brenda E. So., 114,174,137 Knuth, Laurie S. Fr Koch, Bonniej So,, 143 Koch, Mary A. So ,47,1 1 1 ,138 Koch. Robert D So Koch, William E.-jr. Koehler, Charles W Fr Koehler, David E So, Koertge, Helen F. Sr,, 97,163,181,I40 Koertge. Lynda M. Fr , 180 Koester, jerome L. So. Kohl, Thelma C. Pg Koh1n1eyer,jamesA,jr,125 Kolb, Barharaj Sr , 97,153,156,130 Kolb, Betty A. Sr , l6.97,1 11 Kolb, Frederick L, Fr Kolb, Sylvia D. So Konsler, Gary L jr., 127 Kopelwilz, Andrew Fr. Kopp, Richard R Fr , 183 Koser, Marta L Sr ,97 Kouts, Constance E Sr . 97 Kraas, Michael, Fr Kraft, Karen A. So , 143 Kraft, Sharon M Sn Kramer.joannj So , 174 Kratz, Carol A Fr Krause, Consuelo M, So . 30,113 Kraushaar. Phyllis C. Fr , 172 Kreke. Kenneth L. So, Kreke. Richard R So Kremer, Lawrencej. Kremer. Thomas N Fr. Krentler,joan M. So , 173 Kress, Deanna R Sr ,97 Krietemeyer, Stevenj Fr Krietenstetn,jerry W. jr Kroeger. Nina M Sr , 97 Krohne. Paul W Fr . 121 Kross,jerry H. Fr Kruse,james M So Kuehn, RandolfG Fr Kuhlenschmtdt,james A, So Kunkel, William B Fr Kurtz, David S Fr Kurtz, William M So , 127.71 Kuykendall, Robert D. L Labhgt. Marilynj. Fr , 20,145,147 161 ,137,138 LaFfertLPhy11tsj So,, 158 Lamar, Cherij Fr Lamb. Donna I So laitiipsoti N11s.1n M Nt l..1n1.1s1 cr.L1111l.1l' l't' IW I .111te'R1th.11il K 11 '38 l..1t1d 5.111111 l. N1','lH,l-39 103,180 l..1ntl1s B11-111W lfr , 134 184 l,.1ne Nltitml. Fr l..1111,gIinrs1 ll.111ni' R lr l..1nkI1-itl, I.1v11c l'1' , 170 l,.1n111.1t1 1.1.11 1-1 102 l.1n11'1p j.1111es11 lr Nu 100 l..ipl.1n1e H.1rl1.11'.1 L Sr . IU l,.1rwn N11s.111M let 172 l..1slt'i lzinethl Nu l..1sIt'x itnethl No l..ts et' dth.X To l I lu 1 lt l..1lt'ult'1'e.1Y1ll1.11t1xl 511 123 l..1th.1t11, .Xnnr M Fr,33,11-1 l..11h.1m l..1tha111 kleroiiu- ll Sr ,911 . Robert 1' l..1thom. W1ll1.111i H Ir,1o1 I.1lc,tia1rv D lr v l..1udcrt l ..1uer, Daniel 1. Sn V1-5 Lauer, Dennis R jr.125.5' l .auer 1 Jwen .X Ni l..1utne1'. W'1lI.1.rt1 E No l..11ey,L1ndalQ So L.1 wren L.1wrcn ce. 1111.11 les Q1 bo ce, L.11'1'x L lt l..1wrence, R11.11J Nu , 13' Lawson NL11'1t1'l', Sr , '78 l..1ytie,W1ll1.i111l So l..1yson, Robert P So , 152.157 Lt-.1ch,Jaynee M Fr . 1811 Le.1thers,W1lt11.1l. Fr Lee, Bobbvkl No Lee Larry N Fr Donna R. So ,-12,113,140 Legg,Mare1aA l'1' 170,137 Lehr,G:1ryR.P1 Leinenbzich, Lee L 50 , 187 Leisure. Carol I Su , 174 1.e1th,L1nd.1l-,jr l.et11.11th,N1tl1olasD Fr Lema1re,1V1Il1.1mH lr Letnmons, Kenneth XV Lewis, Katoyaj So Lt-w1s,Kennethj Sn lol l.ew1s.M.i1'1lynl Sr , 98,1411 l.1tlV,J0hn L lt' , 15.5-1,551,112,121 L1d1.Terrenccl Su , 187,52 Lilligan, james E Fr Lilly, Mary L Fr Lindenschmtdt, Vtolette bo Linder Erir C Fr,183 Linder jacques L jr l.1ndser,jan11c K Su Line, B.1rbar.1l Sr , 98.111153 Ltnley, Jayne F Fr L1n1y,jerrv.X Sr , I3.36.41,'J8,127, 14-1,1-1J.13l.l37 L1pk1ng,Dav1tlM lr l.ippnldt.K.1ren S jr , lll Io-1 L1sman,Dont1ld L 511. 137 184 Little flub.1D Nt l.1tty, Nancyj .1198 Livers. Margaret A. Fr Lloyd,joe F ,-lr Fr 185 Lloyd,John B jr Lobeck Karen T Fr Lmhniueller, Donna G So , I-I3 Luchmueller Roger P br ,UB Ludato. Michael Fr ,67 Loewenkanip.Ri1hard L Fr Logojames R. ho Livgexloe W So , S2 Lohn, Glenn lt jr . 185,70 Long, David W Sr . 125 Long, Kathrynj Fr , 178 Longden,btephe11 R Fr., 1,84 Lord Rita M Fr Lriveulohn R Nr 08,185 Loveless, Brute A Fr , I8-1 Nlatliet, l'hom.1s L. l"r., 182 hl.l1hCws.lidr0l t., Sr ,1w,115,170 Mathews, Marilyn A 11 M3th1et1,Ang1eC l't Mathias, Michael 1. ,lr ,150 Mnth1s,A11onLj. Pg M.1tthews,j.1rkte W ho , 183 M.1tlht'ws, 'liimotlty So Matthews, William L Fr M.1t1h1esen,Lr1t L S1 110,125-,152 Mattingly, Gerald L lr ,311 M.1tl1nglV.Jernn1uD 511 , 01,57 Mattingly, john Fr Alautk,Alan1te K F1 , 1811 Maurer. Roger M Ma1',M.1r1lynA So , 155,137,138 Mayer, Donald l. jr Mayer. P.1trit'1.1Fr , 178 Mayheld, Sarunne l'r Mays,Will.1im G. 511 Maze, Ginger l l"r,17b M1:Xdt1n1s,D.1rrellkl bo McC1.1ll,1V1ll1an1R l'1',l81 Mcflttninion,M1cht1elA Fr , 183 McCIarlv.D1t1nne K hr , 181,131,131 l-111 Mrllhesney, Martha C, ho , 113 MtCl..1ry, Gary W jr , 121,57 Mtlilelldn, Thomas li 511 McCluskey,1V1ll1am M. Fr McCourt, Lawrence F jr ,015 Mtlloy,-james E. So , 111 McCoy, Michael W. Fr MrCullc'V,jeanne 5, jr , 111 Mtflullough, Gary W bo. McCullough,Micha1:l'I. Fr , 150 Mcfiunejack D Fr Mctlurdy, F E Sr ,4i,98,123 McCutthan, Karl S Fr, Mcflulchan, Marilyn Sr., 98,1091 I l. 131 McDaniel, Beverlyj Fr McDan1el,Billyj bo Mitchell, Ronald L So. Mitchell, Ronnie D. jr, Mitchell, Thomas L Fr Mobley, Dan W Sr .99 Modesitt, Larry D Fr. Mochlenkamp, Charlottejr., 99 Mochlcnkamp, Michael C Nt. Mohl,Ka1hryn E.jr Mohl, Laverne Mohrman,G.1il E. bo ,22,ll1 Moles, Kennethj So. Mon1gomery,Gary N' Fr Montgomery, Michael K. So., 125 M0ntg0mery,N:1nfy M. Fr., 155,172 M0n1gomery,Sandra K jr Mooney, Timothy C jr , 135 Moore, lrmaj Fr M0ore,j1n1n11u li Fr , 162,18-I Moore, Manson D So Moore, Nancy B jr Moore, Stephen H Sr Moore, Tommy E. So Moreland, Barham E Jr, Morey, Graham D jr , 150,152,156 Morgan, Lester VV So. Morgan, Titus 1' So., 152,154,159 Morris, Cheryl L. Fr Morris, Danny R So., 182 Morris, Dorothy L hr ,99 Mnrr1s,Nantv L Fr Morris, Roger L So , 123 Morris, Sondra L Fr Mnrrison,,1ames N. Fr., 182 Morrisonxluhn P Fr,, 187 Morrison. Peter K r., 136,187 Morse, Waltesj F Moss. Robert A jr , J r 99 Mossburg, Elaine C Sr ,99 lvltbunt e, Carol S. Sr, Mowson,jan E M roth, james A So. Muelle Muelle r, CheryIeS So., 176 r, Mary 'I Fr McDonald McDonald , Gary D jr , Patric W jr McDonald. Thurman D. Fr MtDowe11,Garv E So , 127 McDowell, Gary L jr McDowell, lda L Fr . 155 McElderry. McEl1resh, Camilla F So McGinnis, Bradley H Fr. McGinnis, Susan E So McGuire, Phillip R Fr , 127 Mt-Guyer, Michael'G jr Mclntire, Sharon G Fr Mclntosh, Charles R. bo McKinley, Dale W, Fr , 184 McK1nley,jan1ce K, So. McKinney, Ronald R. jr Mclitnstry, Harry D. Fr , 184 McLau ghlin, M1thaelT bo.,125. 163,168,141 McLemore, Shayron P. jr., 98,1 13 McMurtry, Mary C jr, McNee ly, Prentice R So. McRae Marilyn D McQueen, Mary M bo , 116 Meacham, Marietta K So Mead, Dave M. Sr. lX1ead,james L, Fr., 137,184 Meade, Robert Fr Mecklessel, Mary A So Meek, Donna M. Fr , 31 Meentemeyer, Roy P Fr Meese, Carol A Fr Meier, Brian H jr. Meiser, Marilyn L Fr. Melion, Margaret L. Sr., 90 Melv1n,Marc1a E Sr , 90,131,170 Mengon, Maryj So , 111 Meyer. l.ovell,james W Fr . 182 Lovin. Cheryl L So ouw, 149 l,ov1ng,Ljames W So l Julia L lr,2U,l16,l-15,1-16,148 Lucas, George M .11 Fr l.uetk1ng,kj.1ne1.'X Lundy, David W No Luther, Rose- Xl jr ,42 Lutz, Lutz, LutZ. Lutz Lyles. Lvles. Darbcvl Fr , 1741 Kenneth H Fr Larry W Fr Nlarshall G ho Cheryl 1: Fr Debra M Sr ,178 Lynch, Karen N Fr , 175 Lynch Thomas, W Fr l.11in.HughG No M Xlabrex .Xlartane 1- r Mercer, Marilynj jr, Merrick, Randy E. Sn , SZ Met1l1ng,john G. So., 123,156 Me1L,john D Fr., 183 Meurer, Randall F Fr Meyer. Cherie F. Sr ,99,1 13.131138 Meyer, Gary R,jr , 125.157 Meyer amesW Sr '19 123 .J .1 . , Meyer, Lindon D bo , 156 Meyer, Madonna D 50. Meyer, Virginia A jr ,99,1l1 William R Fr Meyers, Mark E Sr , 99,125,157 Meyers, Paul D So , 183,70 M1chael,Sue A. jr Michel, Robert H. bo. M1dkiI1, Danny R. So M1lam,Roger C. Fr , 123 Miles, Gary B, Fr , 164 Miles, Linda M. So N1.1ce.l,1nda 8 So Macke Kenneth W Fr , 156 Mackey. Donna R Sr ,-18,138 Mackey Phyllis C, Sr .08 MatM1llan, lane.X Fr , 136 X1a1MiI1an, Mary C bo Madtlen,Nan1y K Fr , 11-1 Maddix,Or.1 l Fr N1adriaga,M1ke E Sr ,o2,'1lS Maglinger,Ch,1rIotle A Fr Magllnger, Gary L Fr Xlagruder,Nl1thaelK Fr , 137 Maguire Everutlfl Sr Mahtme1,R M Fr Ma1kranz,N11fhael L. N1ain,Stanlt-y. R So Xlalarkv, john 14 jr Mallory Eleanor Fr Malloy, Charles R Fr, Mandeville,-john '1',1r Fr , 123 MangeI,R1thard L jr , 98,184 Mann, Mary C Fr , 173,139 Mann, Vernon R Sr 08,123 Mann1ng,Evulyn K. so Maple, Stephen l Fr Marchant,D.1v1d D Fr Margagliano, Frank bo Margtneylane H Sr Nlarkley, Teresa R 511,158,143 Markwell,john S jr , 123,52 Marshall,D1ane L jr , 173 Nl3I'5l1dll.1VIll1ii1'l1D jr Martens, Gary W Fr Marttn,Bel1yl 50,110,113 Martin. Hughj Fr , 182 Mart1n,janet Fr Martin, Marlene D Sr ,98 Mart1n,Norma M jr Martin, Richard L jr 121 Martin Richard L No , 187 Martin. Ronald Cllr , 62,119,127 Martin Ronald li l71', 183 Marx, Roy A Sr Mast,Audr11.1 101 Masvikun1,Rn1lwellG Sr ,UU 110 Miles, Malcolm l. So , 127 Miles, Morgan A Sr , 99 Milknvich, Karen L, Fr, Millay, Stephen D Fr , 125 Miller, Brenda K. Fr , 174 Miller, Carolyn L Fr M1114-r,Da1e E 51,11-1,123,141s,1s3, 13fl,l35,71 Miller EdwardE r So 99 , ,J . . Miller, Edward P 143,187 Millcr,jack, R So Mille-r,james R Sr M1114-r,johnO Fr Miller hlillcr Miller uanice r.,1-43,173 . -J 'JJ Millerhjudy E. Fr Larry A 184,135,52 Lavonne K Sr xtiiieflmariajso,150,158,133 Miller, Mary N. Miller. Richard T So Miller, Robert L, Sr Miller, Ruger A. ho., 61,57 Miller, Urey R.So,1o4 Miller, William E. Sr , 110,119,152 Mtllhone, Malcolm M jr , 123 Million, Robert B Fr Mills, Murl W Fr Mills, Ronald E So Milner, Deborah A,Fr.,173,178,170 Milner, Norma E.jt Milton, Thomas R Sr M1nnette.R1chardJ I So, 53,127. 71 ,SZ Minton, C R.,jr ,jr , 152 Minton, Michael D So.,1Z1 Miracle, Delbert E Fr. Misc-rmlerry W Sr Mtlthc ll, Betty E Sn Mitchell, Cheryl So Mitchell, Eleanor W Fr Mitchell, Gary E Pr Nlltthell, Mary 5. Sr ,99,1 56,158,130 Mitthcll ames O Milche Mtlche -J ll,Phill1p H jr 11, Randall R Mueller, Susanj, Fr Muller, Keith L bo., 187 Mullins, Karen L. Fr , 173 Murdaugh, Lorenzo H.jr , 119,134 Murdock, Shirley A. Fr., 175 Murphy, Martha Su Murray, Mark A, Fr. Murray, Steven K So ,-13,451,121 Musselwhite, Daniel P, So., 183 Muth, Marsha P. So Myerskjames L, So, 100 Myers, Sharon A Sr , 100,161 Myers, Thomas L. Sr , 100 N Naab, Frede1'1t'kJr Naherhuis, Steven L, Fr., 187 Nadler, Nancy L,-jr , 162,174 Na1l,John 550,121 Na1in,Danielj Nt Nalin, Mary C Fr Nance, Donnaj. Sr , 100 Nau, Richard R So Neeley, Rondztle S. Fr, Nelson, Douglas B Sr,1UU,123,14-1, 152,137 Nelson, Karin A, So , 174 Nelson. bandra L. Sr , 100,153 Nenneker, Sylvia M jr., 111 Ncu, Tamara E,jr.,111 Neukam,CarolA,Fr,175 Newbury, George A Fr. Nesvcombnjames B. jr Newkirk. joseph A. Sr Newkirk,Nan1y E Sr., 155 Newlin.Will1am T. Fr Newman,Benjam1n E., ll So. Newman. Ciinda L, Fr , 173 Newman, Margaret Fr Newman, Ronald A So.,127 Neyhouse, Dorothy-1 jr , 181 Nice,L1nda L 50,313,115 Nichols, R. R Fr,,18U Nicholson, Glenn Fr Niedermaye-r,Al1red Nr Niedermeier, Thomas P Sr , 100,125 Ntedhammer, Frankie R So Niednagel, Harvey A Sr., IUU Ntehaus. Thomas R, Fr Niemeier, Carlene E Fr N1emeier,Paulj.5o Ntethammer, Charlotte Fr Ni1es.Constante S bo. Nixon, Gaylon K. jr Noah, Marilyn Fr , 115,104 Nolen, Gary 'L Nc. Nolling, Billyj Fr Nord, Anne Fr Nnrd,jerry W So Nordan, Constance K, So , 177 Norclhaus, 1fV1Il1am E. Jr. Norman, Natalie Nr. Norris, Karen R So.,30,1l1,164 Northcut, Lynn E jr Northenor. Thomas A So , 100.184 Northern, Forrest E So., 157 Nnwak,Dav1d M.jr., 127 Nunn, Carol S 5r,, 100,110,164 Nurrenbern, Gerald W. Fr. Nutty. Dennisj. So, 185 O Uberhausen,Jaen r Obermeter, Donald R. So Obert, Gregory A Fr Othsner, Bill R So. U'Connor,john D. Fr O1'1'erman, Nancy L. Sr, Uhan1an,Dav1d E jr , 1,21 Ohlrogge, Marilyn B Sr., 100 Oldham, Pamela A, Fr , 137,175 Oliver, Robert M So,,62,11I8,121 O'Neal.jnhn E So.,'108,I19 O'Neil, Karen L Nc. Oppenheimer, Doris M. jr O'Re1llv. Charlotte F, Sr, 100,111 158 Ursburn, Dorothy V,Jr. Osborne,ju1:lith L. Sr., 100 Osborne, William H ,jr,, So. Osbourne, William E Fr Oskins. Cindyj. Fr Osktns, William M Fr , 164,184 Ostcrmetcr, Robert L 100,154 Oswald, Blaine R. Fr , Otis, Roland H.,Jr ,Sr Otten, Terry L, Fr, 186 Oursler, Leonard L ,jr. So. Ovcrby, Marthaljr , 181 Overby, Marykl. Fr., 173 Overman, Sharon S. So. Overton, john W. So Owen, Elizabeth L, Sr., 100,154,159 Owen,James K Sr , 100,121 Owen,Jerry M Sr . 100,164,141 190 Owensby, Mary A So.,155 Ozbolt,Alames R Fr , 183,70 P Padd1i'k,SandraJ So , 176 Palmer, Susan R. S11 , 32,115 Pampe, Anne E. Sr,, 100,1l1,150, 131,133 Pangburn,CharlesA jr Parish. Lloyd 15.511 Park, Fred W jr. Parker, Bettyjane bu Parker. Caroline V. So., 68,174 Parker, Garyj. Nc Parker,james W,jr Parks,S1uar1 E.So , 70 Parmley, William R ,jr bo Parrish, William F ,jr ,Jr Parsons,john W. 'Fr Partington, William S Pr. Paschal,-leanetta M, Fr., 13,164,138 Pascoe, Kathleen R. Fr., 115 Pathcrg, Melba Sr , 100 Pattcrsun,judith A Fr,175 Pattie, Mark L. So Pattison, Mary L Su Patton,'lanetS.F1'. Patlomjeanette M So Pat1on,judith A. Fr Patton, Robert G. Fr PauIen,john T, Fr , 123 Paulen, Richard W. So , 123,71 Pauli.Cart1l B. Fr. Paulson, Sharon F jr. Pavichevifh, Dennis Fr., 125 Payne. William R jr , 62 Pearce, Pamelaj Fr,, 68,175 Pearman, julia A Nc Pearson, Elaine N Fr , 175 Peck, Gary G.jr , 100 Pelton, David W Fr , 121 Pendley. Curtis W Fr Pennington, Patricia A Fr , 160,161 172,140 Pepper, Frank R Fr Per, Alanj. So., 127,71,52 Perigo, Donald R. Su., 127 Perigo, Linda L Fr Pe-r1gt1,L1nda S. So , 150 Perkins, Barbaraj. So , 137 Peter, MarthaA Fr 156.179 Peters, Donald E. Fr Petersen, Robert H.jr , 157,186 Petr,jean A.jr., 30,100,115 Pfafflin, Sherry Plender, Mary R Fr P1'lug, David D, Fr , 123,71 Pheasant,-loC, So , 115 Phelan, Vickie L, Sr Phelps, Robert E. Fr , 121 Phillips, Carolyn S, Fr, Phillips, Darryl W Sr , 52 Phillips, Doris A Fr. Phillipsxlantce L. Sr Phillips, Ronald E. Sr , 130 Phipps, Michael H. bo. Pickle, Carolyn R. Fr., 176 Pickrellulames W.jr , 157 Pierce,Dav1d E. So, 152 Pierrard. Geneva A. Fr Pike, Anthony R , Fr Pinkston, Karen 5,511 Pio, btephen D. Fr Pitts, Constance L. bo. Plalord, Gary R Fr.. 163 Plank. Martha E Fr , 113 Pledger. john D Fr , 156 Plummer, Donnaj br , 1U0 Plump, Wayne E Sr , 101 Plymate,judith A. Fr ,20,68,147,16-1 177 Poelhuis, Lori A Fr Rains, Douglas L, Fr., 183 Rakow, Donald E.jr Raley, Ralph N Fr.,161 Raltey, Earl W Fr. Ramey,jon C Fr,, 157,184 Ramey, Paul E, Sr , 121 Ramsdcn, Donald E.. So, 127,71 Ramsey, Donna L. Sn., 174 Ramsey, Maryj. Fr. Raperulimmy L jr,, 62 Rapp, Stephen H. Sr Rathgeber, Hardin L. Sr , 156 Rathke, Bryan F.jr ,67 Ratlif1,Mar1lyn K.jr. Rauscher, Larry L, So., 183 Rawlinson, Richard A. So Ray, Dean K, So. Raymjames A Fr Raymond, Gordon, A. Fr. Rea,james R. Fr. Rea,jane B Fr Reagan,Joyjr,173,178 Reasor, Gary P So. Reasor, Thomas W, Sr , 101,139 Reaves, Freddie D. Fr Record, Marthaj Fr , 154,173 Redding, Jimmie D. Fr. Redden, Sandra R. Fr Redman,jul1aj. Fr, Redman, Richard Fr. Redmon, Thomas L So Reed, Cnnstancej. So, Reed, Michael W, Fr Reed, Victoria L, Fr Reeder, Kathleen S. So., 11: Reeves, Danny L So ReFlett. Barbara D So, Reffett. Stephen L. Fr Reich, Harriet A. So Reid, Ruth W.Sr.,101 Reidhaar, Stephen P, Fr. Reine, Thomas A.jr, Reiners. Carol L Sr Reising, Robert L.. bo., 127 Reiter,Gary W So. Renfrow, Barbara G Fr Rengers, Sherry-1. So., 177 Renner. Elaine Renner, Michaelj Sr , 1U1,139 Renner, Mehl W So. Renshaw, Maxie E jr. Retlig, Roy R So Reuber, David B. Sr Reuber, Stanleyj So Reutter. Tuyzanne Fr , 138 Rexing, Kenneth R Fr Reynolds, lrisj jr. Reynoldsklames W,,11Fr. Reynolds,jane1 L.jr. Reynolds, Stevenj. Fr. Rhodes. Edward C.jr., 127 Rice, Garland G. So , 127,71 Rice, Sandra L. Fr Rice, ThomasW -jr.,125 Rich, Richard C. Fr. Rich, Rosalie Fr , 176 Richard, William R. Fr , 183 Richards, David W. Nc Richards, Marsh K. Fr.. 162,175 Richards. Norman P.jr., 157,131 Richardson, Carol L, Fr., 137 R1chardson,CharlesJ So. Richardson Richardson Richardson .Cynthia A. jr . Roger P. So. . Sharon A. Fr Richardson, Sarah C So., 113 Richardt. Thomas E. Fr. Richmond, Evelyn B. Fr. Ricketts, Carole R. So., 181 Rickettsulohn E So. Ricketts. judilh D. Sr , 101,156 Poinsetle, Gene 123 Pointer, Robert E Fr Poland, Patricia A, So Pulley, Beverly A. Fr. Polster, Lawrence R Fr., 123,71 Pope,J Porch. Porter. Porter. Porter. Porter. Post, R ames H,Sr,-16,133 Christina M Fr,113 Donna L. Fr , 173 Elaine C. Fr , 172 Michael L.jr Winona R. Sr , 101,170 ussell A. Fr , 121 Pottinger, Robert G Fr , 183 Potts,jamesA Fr Powell, Allen T. Nt Powell, Gary D. br., 101 Powell, Paula L jr. Powers, Alanj. Fr. Powers, Donna K So , 148,149,131 Powers,john M. Sr Powless, Ronald R. So , 121 Praay, Martha E Fr., 175 Prater, Terry M.Jr Prather, Larry K. Fr , 182 Pratt, Howard W. So , 58,121,181 60,57 Preece, Phillip P Fr Preis, Richard M. Fr Prelepa, Michelle L. Fr., 173 Prell, Donnaj. So., 113,138 Prcske, Lois A. jr Presley, Meredith Nt Press, Daniel E bo Prevo,SueC.b0.l5-1,176 Price,jane E. Fr , 174 Price, Frederick T. Sr Pride, Gary L. So, Prince. Rebecca A. Fr Pritchard, Elizabeth A. Fr, Pruiett, Anthony R. Fr Pugh, Steven R. Fr Riepe, Stephen S. Fr.. 127 Riggs, David W. So.. 43,59,121,61,57 Riley, Charleslljr. Riley, Diana S. So. RiIey4 Mary G Fr.,155 Riley, Stephen L Fr. Rimstidt, james P.jr. Rinehart, Richard R. So Rinker, Norman L. Fr., 154,183 Rinsch, Arnold M. Sr., 101 Riordan, Kathleen Risell, Lynne R. Sr,, 101,116 Risemas, Richard L. So., 121 Ritchie, Ruth A So,,154,163,173.140 Ritz, MaryC So, Ritz, Merrill A. So. Ritzel, Carl B br.,101,123,71 Ritzel, Stephen K. So , 143 Robbins, Keith M, So Roberts, Brenda E Sr Roberts, Daniel C. Roberts, Evans, S. So Roberlson,judy K. So. Robertson, Kay A Jr,,143 Robertson, Lola E. Fr Robinson, Barbara F.Sr.,1111,10'J,115 Robinson, Bernard, R jr , 119 Robinson, Emma L. So, 155,137 Robinson, Lyndell K Fr Robinson, Mary M. Fr , 173 Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Phyllisj. Sr., 101,153,155 Walterj.So.,110 William Nc. Robling,j1mm1e Lxlr Robuck, R uth C. Fr. Rode, Ralphj Jr.,jr. Roe, Conrad L. Fr. Roe, Robert A. So., 71,127 Roedel, Trena Roeder, Robert C. Fr. Roeder, Wesley D Sr, Roell, Susan K Sr , 101,116,153 Pullin, Thomas M Fr , 31 Purcell, Glenda L Fr , 162,163,140 Purdue, Barbara L. Fr , 173 Purdy. Purdy. Purtell Louise C. Fr Thomas A. Fr ,Thomas P.jr.,101 Putt, Irvin D. Fr. Pyle,john G. So Pyle, P hauip 13. So , 121 Q Qualls, Larry A. So Queen,james Tjr , 101 R Raben,jane H.jr. Rabcn, Tom 127 Raber,john E. Fr Rademacher, Wesley W Sr , 101,154, 187 Radnor,je1Trey A. So , 125 Raeburn, Douglas Fr. Rahm, Donna R. Fr. Raibley, Bruce D. Fr Raibley, Stephen O Fr Roettger, Alvin G. So. Roettger, Rae A. Fr. Rogers, Helenj. Fr, Rogers,john S Fr,,12 Rogge, Rose, C. So. Rohller, Charles R. Sr., 101,123,152 Romain, Gloria J. Fr. Roose, Richard W. Fr., 186 Root, Wesley D. Fr. Rose, Larry E. Fr., 163 Roser, Nancy L Sr , 20,69,101,109, 111,131,l45,146,153,143,l3Z Ross, Betsy C.So,,22,42,114,115,138 Ross, Linda L,Fr,,143 Ross, Robert R. Fr. Ross, Sharon L. Sr., 38,102,111,131, 153,138 Roth, Carolyn S. Fr., 175 Rothschild, Stephen T. Fr., 27 Roufeh, Fouad Fr. Row, Richard D. Fr. Royster, Robert A.,jr.jr. Rubin, Molly L. Fr., 115 Smith, Rulrush, jnnivs1..ji'. Rui1unLin,,.Xnil.l 51 Sr,1112,111,I3t1 164 Rurklnan, lI1i.n'les.'X, Fr , 123 Rm',,jan1z's.'X,Sn, Rucgcr, junkie R Sn Rucgcr, '1' , 102,103 Rullln, Sandra Ruggicr. Ruth U jr Rumblm-,1Jzi1cA.Fr Russ, Nlifhaul K Fr , 127 Russell, Dennis K, Fr RusscIl,1JonaId1.,hr , 102,162 1iussf1l,Ua:0rgcB.Sr , 100,139 Russc1l,Aj.inl: A Fr , 181 Russc11,'1'hnm.isj lfr Rusl, Henry CI. Fr. p Ru!ig1innr1,17r.ink1inD jr ,17 Rymhcncr, Lynda S. Fr S 5a1hse,HnrriclW.1'r, 1711 Salurno,CIhar1n-s H jr., 161 S.1nrIcr,Eri1j 15r,, 111,132,182 Sanclvrs. Carlos R jr , 102' Sanr1ers,,jack l.. Fr. Sanders, Linda R, hu., 170 Sanders, Su-phcn,-X Fr Sanders, Toni A. Fr. S.1nI'nrr1. Barbara A. Sa, 113 Santini, Leo H. Fr Sar1cs,james S. So Sarlore, Alan IZI Salin,N1aurlcc 5.jr , 102,136 Sauuer, Sheryl L. Saunder5,Ron:.i1dj Fr. Sralcs, R.l1phW .jr,,S-1,127.52 Scales, William 13 5r,,102 Scarborough, Phy11isj.So Sfea, N1uryR 50,111,160 Schac1er,,juelA Sr, Srhuffstcin, Ruhcri1Y Fr , 156 hchapker,A1an A. Fr Scheidler, Thomas C1 Sr , 1112 Srhc11hasv:.Danlc1j So., 211,-13.129, 147 Schelosky, Sue A. So , 1-1,111 SChe1p,StuarlA. Fr Schenlgjames L Fr Scherzinger, William R Fr Srheu,-james R So. Schiele, Marc H. Fr Schilling, Gail A Fr , 172 Schl.1chler,A1berl L.jr., 1112 Sch1a1nsker,David L j 511,127,123 Schlcnsker. Glen R Fr Sch1osser,janelC Su, 30,173 Schlump1,Wi1li.1mj j,Fr Sch1undl,Roberla L,5o , 111,137 Schmidt, Carol A. Su Schniidt,Cal1ginewX,jr. Schmidt. Lugcne A, Fr Schmidyjarnes E So Schmidyjcrry W, 157 Snhmidnjune E Fr Schmidt,Nei1A Fr. Schmidl,Sanr1ra S, Sr , 1112 Schrniuxjoseph A.-jr. Schmitt, Linda D. Fr Schmitt, Sharon A. So , 115,156 Schnapl, Marian L. Fr , 116,156 Schnarr. Marilyn Kjr. Schnarr, Richard L, Sr., 102 Srhneck, Cheryl L.jr Schneider,A1anc1a L. Fr,, 30,115 Schneider. Donna M Fr Schne1der,Ccra1d A, So. Schneidenjamcs C, Sr, 102,150,100 Schrader, Bernard L So., 1133 Schrader, Stephen R. Sr., 155,139 Schreiber, Bruce A. So Schreiber, Mark E. Fr. Sehriherujack B, So, Sehrieler, Victor V. Sr Schroeder, Frederick C Fr Schuble, David M Fr , 164 Scl'1u11e,Gary M. jr. Sfhullheis, Terry A, S0 , 127 Schultze, Marjorie D, Fr,, 173 Schulte, Sharon R. Fr Schulz Ste hen E Fr 164 , p , SchuKle,Caro1j br.,102,154,158,159, 173 Schwartz, George L Fr Schwartz, Loisj So , 177 Scott, Carolyn So , 175 Searle. Polly A,jr , 102 Sears, David B, So., 156 Seegenjeannene So., 133 Seibujames N.jr Seidl, David So Seifert, Connie L, Fr , 173 Seifert, Wayne E. So., 135 Seller, Leonard S jr, Sensmcier, Arthur G So. Sc-nsmeier, Marina L Fr. Sensmeier, Melvin R 50. Sensmcier, Ronald K So Sergeskeller. Charlesjr Sergcsketlcr, Thomas W, Fr , 127 Server, Sandra L jr Settle. Earl F. Fr, Sexson, Carolyn R, So. Sexson,jeanne 12.50 , 143 Sexton,judirh E, 102,133 Shackelford, Susan Sr . 153 Shalenjudilh Sha1'er,Maryj. Fr,69,113 Shaffer, Lloyd A. So , 125,133 Shain, Marilyn S, Fr . 155 Shannon, Patricia M, Fr , 154,159,172 Shannon, Richard N, So ,711 Sharp,john F, So,, 182 Sharpe, Sandra 1,,Fr., 113,138 Shalzenjohn H,jr . 123 Shaw, Larry G. Fr. Shatzermjnhn H,xjr.,1Z3 Shaw, Larry G Fr, Shaw, Michael R Fr Shaw, Susan L. So. Shawhan, Steve M. So., 127 Shearer, Blanchard H. Shec1e1ee,Wi11iamjr, 157,131 She11ner,Rulh E, Pg. bhekell, Steven L. jr She1lon,Conslancej,Su , 30,158 Shellun,jerry R. So Shelmn, Stephen T. Fr. Slirplmral, Rmgrr' K 1' r Nlwphurrl, Kcnnvlh NI Sn Shuphcrrl, Ruin' li, jr Nlu'pp.lrrl,Nl.1ry 11 1"i , 112 Shcrri11,N1.1rmua1, 811,139 hhocncr,lXrlhur1, Su , 117,71 Slnnulzlrrs, Kfaroljj 1'r , 177 Shnurrls, N1uh.1clW Fr Shmlmlc, Carl 11 Sn Shrarlcr. RiLhzu'111J,.jr , 123 Shrmlc, jullannc jr Shrnrle, 1.awrcnu' W 50. Shruiu, Ruy -1. jr , 11'1 Sliulllujohn li Fr Nhulc, Bonnie li Fr Ni1h1lns,l'hyl1ls Mxjr N1-1'4:rn1:in,Aj:nnul 12,81 , 1112 Blgnurc. Mit hacl No Srlv.1,W' 5 Fr . 183,711 Silver, Pi-.1rl,Ljr Silvs-r,'1'urry D Su hilvcrmnn, lid.: L Fr Slnirnrinsnjeljrcy D Su Slmnxuns, Rnnalrl G hr , 1112 Nimpkins,Rn1xurlL ji . 139 himpkins, Ruger N hu, Sin1psnn,GarvP,Ajl 5lmpsnn, Karen A 151' , 170 Simpson, Stephen K ho. Sin1psun,1N'u1li.m1 R hn,12'17j7 Sims, Kenneth R Fr Sipus, Garry C Fr Srrhendrcy,5.inr1ra K Sn , 162,103 Siskhjoy R jr., 21 Silzman. Gregory D Fr. Siverl. Carolyn E, Fr , 172 Skinner, Ralph Sr, Slagler, Arlhul 1V So h1aion,SlephenD jr Sma11,Samue1W. Sn Small, Suzanne L Su , 110 Sm.-111, William D.jr Smarl,.'k1ime N1 Fr,17S Smead, Anne L 103 Smead, William L Fr , 15-1 Sn1ilh,B:1rbar.iS Sn Smith, Christine E. Fr Smith, David R Fr . 187 Smith, Donna C. hr . 32,102,116 Smith, Forrest H ,jr So Smith, Harold 5 Fr , 183 Smil1i,jerry A hr Smllh,jerry C Fr Keith A, Fr ,185 Nlru k1.im1, Yrinrla 1" Nr , 1111 135 17'1 Nlrn-lc-1, ltrlk W Nh Slrrnmv, lrvrlm-14 hu Nliunsc,Smil1i 1'r Nllirkvy,K1-nm-11111 jr Nluall,Rnh.irc1.-X Fr,1H3,7lI 511114,1.ll1l!1'.1W,Ljl',110 Sturgeon, lhnnglas W lfr Sturm, Clnmlnruujj jr , III Sturm, Rnhurl 11,811 Hugg, Wvhsicr Sullrlmrinrnh,Rn11crlfX 15:,Nv.il1i Fr . 11141411 Sullivan Ru1n'rl.i11 841,101,181 Numrncls,RiL11.u'r1l jr , 127 Summers, Stephen A Fr Nurnrlwrs,Virginia1. Fr , 113.1011 Sum1L'rnml1,Eru,j Sn Susull,Ru1icrIiI Fr Sutherland, Dravid M Sr , 1113,I1'1i, 135 5u1hcrl1n,l1.1rn111511 101,181,140 Nwalrn, Peter M 90 Swann,1irnilyG Fr , 153 Nw.iy1n', Slcphun A l'l 5wcul,fT.1r1R Sr Swanson, Kenneth B Fr 1113 Nwllm-r, Nllrhacl U Fr I. 1.ilag.i,-janics 11. Su , 187 1a1ips,fI.:mI1. 5r,1l13 1a11uy,Run.11r1N1,5u '1'a11man,Lluwrumeli Fr , 113,183 1'an, Hum C 501011181 larggari. Martha A Fr , 153,171 1a11nr,CT.xrn1,X Su 151: 1.1y1nr.Chrisline E lfr 1.iylur,h1.lrv.j Fr.175 1.iy1ur,N1elv1nlI,xjr Fr laylnr, Myra hu liaylur, Rnhcrl CI Sr li.w1nr,5lvphcn L So lliylur William L Fr,1B-1 1ed1urd,.jcrryW Su 1en1'i.irg0,N1arianA Fr,, 136 liernmn, Philip R Nc '1icrry,Ch.ir1es B. Fr 1'crrx'. Laura L .jr , 1113 lc-vuull, Donald lihziyrr, Linda D Fr , 181 1hlcry,A1an F Fr , 1117 1'homas. Dennis R Fr . 150 lihomas, Mznlhuw W So Smilh, Paul D jr ,02 Smith, Rita K. Fr Sm1th,S.indra L jr Smith, Steve C Fr. Smith, Tcrrilec Fr., 111 Smith,1Vaync F, So , 157,160 Smith, William T Sr Smilher, bnarnn S Sn Sneed, Karen S Su., 173 Snecd, Robcrl D Sr Snider, William T, Fr ,2B,l25 Snydenjames L So, Snyder, Rcbecc.1j.Fr , 113 Snyder, R0berlj.Sf1., 5112352 Soellner, Ronald L. Su. Sullman, Kenneth E jr, Sollman, 1,.irryC Sr , 164 Somers, Patricia M, 50 , 163 S0nger,Gwcnd0lyn M Fr 156,173 Sonnlag, William K bo Sovern, Roberlj, Spaar, Margaret E Fr . 173 Spaulding. Rudy Fr Spechl, Carol F Fr Spechl, David R Sr. Spenrc, Samuel L Sr , 102,141 Spencer, Allen Fr Spencer, Gary L Fr. Spicer, Richarrlj. Fr Spray, Donna L, Sn SpindIcr,1rv1n R Fr Sprinkle, Rirhard K. Sr. Sprinkle, Robert F Nm Spurlxng, Rebecca A Fr., 178 Spurling. Warren W A Sl. Clair, Kathryn L Sr biacey,james D Sr 1'humas,N1cIennaj. Fr , 173 Thomas, Stephen B. So, Thompson, Bruce 161 fhompsnn, Qannyl G So, lhompson, David L Sn, 1'h0mpsnn,james F Fr Thompson David L Su 1'hump:on,jamrs F Fr '1'hompson,,jane A jr Thompson, Sandra E So , 103 Thomson, Linda K Fr , 11b,156,1b2, 130,140 Thorn. Donna K Fr , 160,173 '1'hornton,janc! G Fr ,175,1-10 Thornton, Thomas G So , 121.159 lhhorpe, George E, Sr '1'hrash,Sidneyj Fr , 185 Thrasher, Virginia Sn '1'hurman.Gary R. So fhursmn,j.1ckic E Su, Tlbbals. Richard A So. biagg, Charles E Fr , 1133 Slalnaker, David E. Slamlcr, Brian R.jr,10Z,182,13fw Siamplii, Robert Sr , 121 Standley, Barry L jr , 102,150,111 Stanheld, Earl L bo., 123 Staplcmmjamic L So, Starkey, Ralph R Fr, Starks, Slaser, Norman L 125 Linda K Fr,18U Steedman, Donald L. So., 127 Sleelajacqueline S. Fr Steiner, G1u1So., 159,143 Steiner. William D, Fr. Sleinke, Daniel, C. So., 121,183 Stephens, Beth A Fr,, 172 Stevens, William D So Stevens, William F Fr Slevinnujohn Fr. Siew.1rI,Arro1 P,jr , 184 Stewart, Ronald K.jr , 139 Stewart, William P So, hlieler, Charles C Fr , 121 Brien, David V Fr , 103 Slien, Gordon '1 So.,14,145,1-'11 Stiles, Samuel E.jr,, 150,185,135 Minson, Donna E, Fr Stisher, Bonita F Fr , 163 Stockdale, Karen L. Fr , 176 Siockrlerh, Martha A jr. Slocklon,john E Fr Smelting, Connie B Sn , 173 Slogsdill, Thomas M Fr Stolz, Larry G, Su 5lone,C1i1lnj Sr, hloneburncr, Sharon S. Fr , 160,173 Sloryujohn M jr Sloller, Carol A. So 4 110 Stou1,Sue A So., 42,1 15 Strange, Stephen D jr , 130 Slralmanujudith A, Sr ,1 Straub.-jean E, Siraub,joan A. Sn, 103 Slrcmming,Nca1E Fr Strickland, David D. Fr. Strickland, Lloyd D jr 1,153 03,111,158 liibbs, Anita K, jr Tichenor, Sheila R. Sn., 173 Tiemnnn, Robert D ,11jr. liighe, Thomas U jr '1'1mpC.1N1ary E jr , 163,172,140 l'ind1e,LarryCl Sr , 103,121 '1iind1c,Ruger L 50,121 lite, Sherman M Fr '1'odd,Davld N jr,,135 Iiodd, Michael A Sr , 103.137 Tompk1ns,Chrislinejr '1'nmpkins,Nad1nexj So Tompkins, Ronnie G jr, '1'opper,Lmda L Fr , 69.113 1'opper. Stephen W. Fr Townsend, Bobbie W. bo. Townsend, Donald D Fr , 184 1'0v, Mary A Fr , 150 17l'3bCl0l, Paulaj Fr , 177 1'rabi1s, George A. Fr Trapp, Raymond H. Sr , 103,125 Trevalhan, Paul W 50,125 Triblujancl E Fr., 150 Tromly, Kathryn M jr. '1'roth,jack E.jr , 150 Truurman, Parry L Sr , 103,154 Tsai, Leora Y jr Tubhs, Karen H. Sr., 103 '1'ucker,Cinda S. Fr Tuckcrmjames M. So. Tucker, Sharon L jr , 113 Tuley, Mica! A. So. Tullyujohnj jr Tully, Norman P Nc , 70 Turnbloom, Brenda G Sr , 103 '1'urner,BruceW' Fr . 185 lurpin, Herschel W. So. 1'ull1e,RiLh.1rd L Sr , 103 Tweddell, Ralph S, Fr 1nychsen,Sandra L, So , 152,138 Lv Uebelhack, David K Fr.,125 Uebe1hack,jon A So Umbarger, Roy M, Fr. Uncle-s, Linda S jr,, 110,15-11,133 Upr1ike,johnC,Fr100,183 Lilley, Michael K Sr. Utley, Namyj. Sr., 22,103 V Yanarsd.11l,5andra.'X Sr., 38.60103 111,131,138 Yanbibber, Terry L Fr., 156 Vance, Barbara L, Sr. 103,104 Vancczjanct E jr , 103,153 VanCIcave,jan1es A, jr, VanDcveer, Melissa L Sr 1'anDever, Virgi1G 121 VanHoogs1raal,jill YanHoose, Ricky D 5r,1U3 Vann. Donald G Sr., 121 YanSlone, Kenneth W Sr YanSlone, Paul R.jr, Vanluyl, Elaine Fr, 191 Yan X mx1,1'11.n'11-x15 Sr , ljw X.n'm'r, K1.lrilyn,K Nr , 1411 Nnuqhnn, jf-rri1W Ni 1 .umghl Clirnlj jr 115 1'.mg1il. l'.mn'1ln S 5-1,113,117 X L-lrlrrx, jc-rry .X 1'r , 184 X z'n.i1:I1-s, j.rm1'a -X N1 YcrW.iym- Rulmrzl 1' 1"v' 1'u4lu'rj,KcIl Xnllnm-s,Wi1h.1mW 121 Xnncunl, 1"r.inlvs. Nui Xinu'nl,1'h11llp 1 jr 121 Niriv4l:,N1.1ry j Nr,111-1,171 X rigrl, Stephen H Sr Yniq1il,Rcl41n.r,'X Sn 12 Mill, Kaye A No, X ull, Rita CL 1'r 1'nnrhcL's, Nilaljr 1.uris.,juclilh1r 1"r ,113,117,17Ii Xnslmrg1i.jua1ll1i.X jr , I-1,177 Yule, Lindsey Nr 1uIC,P.l1l'ItId X l'r 311,111 1311 Nnylcs, lrlarmnn 1' 1'r W Wade, Mary 11 jr 1Vaggunc-r, Steven R Su 1Vasgner, Dun j 50 , 37 w Wagner lirlwarrl L, Sr , f-1,111-1,127,vZ Wagner, jean .X 111-1 Wagner, Margaret S 15r Wagner. Robert G Fr Wagnrr, Sanzlm K Sn Waguner, juhn j jr Wahnslcillvr,1'alhL-rinc Sn , 31 WahnSicc11cr,W,.i1lcr1i jr W.nh1r, Yvrnon Q ,jr Fr Wake, Robert ll jr , 111-4,1Z5.1b1 Wa1kcr,Hcnry B 1Va11.1L'e, Alan C So . Wallace Ann Fr , 10-1,177 Wa11afe,j.smes li Sr. Wa1lare,K.ir1ena L 50 , 113,153 Wallcnhrock, Peggy .X Fr Waller Patricia G Fr Wallcr, Susannah G VValsh, Cheryl S Fr,111,1h2,1b3 Walters. David P Fr Wa1lcrs,D0nn L, So , 154 Walther. Robcrl R. Fr Wallonxjarqucline R Sr , 104,111 Wallonmjulia SIL, 23,1 1 1,131 Wambarh. Kuri Sn , H1 Wampler,-johnny P Fr Ward. Mary A Fr Ware-n, Linda C.jr , 143 Wargc1,Roberlj Sr 1U4,1 311,134 Warren, Herman N, Sr, Warren, Phyllis L. Fr , 150 Warren Sam C Sr . 1114 Washington, Bnnniej Sr.31'5,l114.113 138 Wasikkjoanne T Fr,175 Waters, Karleen 1Valkins, Samuel E. Sr , 59,114.10-1 119,511.57 Watson. Charles R jr.. 12w Watson, Donald E So Wlalson, Layne '13 Fr Watson, Ronald D. Su ,117 Watson, Wayne E Sr , 104,135 Wayne, Beverly A Fr Wealhers. Larry E Sr 1Neavcr, Robert H Fr . 184 Webb, Gerald R Fr Webb. Paul D, Sr Weber, Dnnna M 50 , 159 Weberujarkie D jr Weber, Linda L. Fr , 150 Weber, Robert C 50 . 71 Wedeking, Colleen Nxjr , 115 Weds-king, Kennelhjr , 123 1Vedc1, Richard D Fr Weeks, David C Fr. Wegcrr Bobby F Fr Weideman,.jame5 P.jr Wei1,Gai1.-K 50,170 We1nLap1e1,jamcs A, hr We1nzap1e1,Kennelhvj So 1Veisling,A1lre M jr 1fVeisling, Charles H Fr Wellemeyer, Marcia N Fr , 11,211,111 145,147 Wellemever, Michael L Sr , 104,132 Wells, Carol A. Fr 1Ne1ls,judilh M 50,173 Wells, Norman E Fr Welsh, Margaret , Wempc, Kenneth L jr Werking, Catherine E Su Werking, Richard H Sr , 111-1,123,144 145,159,I00,1-13,137,131122,134 Werle, N1arLiaA 50,158,174 1Verne,jamcs A bo. Werner, Beuyj Fr Werner, Carolj jrn 173 Werner, Lynne A, So , 172 1fVerncr. Mary E Nc 1Verner, Thomasjhjr, Werzner, Robert A S0 Wesscl, Mary A jr , 159 Wessel, Raymond A. Sr. Wessclman, William CI jr , 133 West, Forrest E Fr , 125 Wesl,juhnG Fr West, Lanny K br. 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Dianne So 177 1 Yaggi, Sarah K 1.imagufhi,X1lLhiyu Yarbrough. Edward G Sh, 1.1tes,john E 50,1157 Yeager, james L Hn Yearwnud, jean Fr 1 cisfrxjames D jr , -17,133 1nnku,Bobbie.j Sr 105,134 1nnts,Ray G Fr Yrirk. X ulnria L Sr Young, Nlaryj Fr Young,Pau1aj Fr . 113 X hung Peggy L Su Young, Rebqrra A 50 , 171- 1uur1g,SJr31i Sr Xuung, lih-'xmas li Fr ,123,71 Yuungbluorl, Linda U Fr Xrmunglylund, Xlarlus L Sn , 12'J,1lr11 183 Ynurgans, Ruger F jr Yunker. Terry P hu Yuska Margaret E jr Z Zanhrilz Kalhlecnff Sr 1115 Zaharakn. Elizabeth A jr Z.ricL11,N1onvc1le1. So . 138 Zchner, Connie 5 Su , 115,101,113-1 Zc1I,CI.1ro1 L Fr , 100,173 Zicmer, Edward R jr 1115 121.135 Znhak .X1an1. 127 Zimmer,N1iahae1B So Zimmermann, Rohn-rl E Sr , 1115 121, 135 Ziner, Claude 5. 50 Zinn, Wayne 50,123 131: Znrn,N1arrha S Fr , 1361314 Zuber. Marx K. Sn , 103,181,140 Zuroskc, Niraj jr 311,31.33113 Zwayer judnh N1 50,177 Editor-in-Chief . Campus Editor Managing Editor Sports Editors . . Faculty Editors . Senior Editors . . 1966 Lin Staff .. Georgianna qpaey Bland Julie Low Terry Vincent, Lloyd Shaffer Norma Augustine .. .. . Jeannene Seeger, Susie Hession Connie Zehner, Ann Fisher Greek Editor .. .... ............... K aren Allen Organization Editor .. .............. Donna Datzman Honorary Editors .... . . . Jennifer Jones, Donna Powers Resident Editor . . . ................... Jean Coyle Index Editor .. Michelle Anderson Art Editor .. .. Gary Matlinger Copy Photographers Glenda Clayton Jim Myers Donna Datzman Bruce Thompson Steve Dinnsen Sherry Saucier Jim Kohlmeyer Bob Wake Jack Duarte Linda Ungleg Charlie Salerno Barry Standley Scott Hill jim Crawford Norma Augustine rgamzatlons Index .X- H- Pi Beta Chi 13-1 .-Xce-ettes 30 .-Xdministrative Board 134 .Xlpha Lambda Delta 13 .Xlpha Psi Omega 133 7 American Chemical Society 130 .Xngel Flight 138 Alpha Omicron Pi 1 10 .Xrnold .-Xir Society 139 .Xssociation for Childhood Education 153 B- Baseball 62 Basketball 56 Baptist Student Union 1 Bi-Sci Club 157 Bigney House 176 Blue-Key 132 C- Campus Leaders 142 Campus Notables 142 Cap and Gown 132 Chi Omega 112 Circle K 152 Class Oflicers 146 Crescent Stall 148 lu- Engineering Club 157 Engineering Co-ops 164 Evansville College Thea pf lfaculty 74 lfflfblllilll 52 Forensics 152 lfranklin House 179 fi- Cainnia Delta 161 Craduation 48 54 1 trc 151 History Club 159 Homecoming 22 Hovda House 184 Hughes Hall 184 It Independent Campus Organization 159 Inter-Fraternity Council 1 08 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 155 International Relations Club 150 K- Kappa Alpha Psi 118 Kappa Chi 154 Kappa Pi 143 L- Lambda Chi Alpha 120 LinCStaF1l49 Little Sisters of Nlinerva 1 M- Math Club 156 May Day 40 Men's Intramurals 70 Methodist Student Moven Moore Hall 170 Music Organizations 162 Musical Madness 36 N- Newman Club 156 O- Orientation 12 P1 Panhellenic 109 Phi Kappa Phi 143 Phi Mu 1 14 Phi Mu Alpha 141 192 65 tent 154 Pi Delta Epsilon 133 Pi Gamma Mu 134 Pi Sigma Epsilon 135 Psi Chi 136 Psychology Club 161 R, Rush 16,18 S- Secretary Club 158 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1.22 Sigma Alpha Iota 140 Sigma Phi 124 Sigma Pi Sigma 131 Spring Weekend 42 Student Government Association 144 Student National Education Association 153 Student Senate 14 5 T- Table of Contents 11 Tau Kappa Epsilon 126 Tennis 64 Torbet House 187 Ll- Llnion Board 145 VV- WEVC 150 Wh0's Who 131 Women's Council 151 Women's Recreation Association 158 Y- Young Democrats 160 Young Republicans 160 Z- Zeta Tau Alpha 116 151 mnncm vu:-noon couunv LM ..... ,,,,.,, 1 NWN '1 i ii gi sunk, ,J I 0 Vqmg "1?"'5""'NQ"'8 iv xg ., X t 'NM A W IQ 1 fs n if X if 'F N, :+ A ' fy, is Q X A ,Q h 5, , ., , ,, f V i 1 1 ' Q' , 2 Ah - f ' , - XX 1 ff 1: s f :M - 1 fp wm a 2 1 ' ' F 'f Q ww 4 Q J I x 0 ,, Wfqgf . Q fu ,. . N,,m'?f R 'lf x , 1342 , Y,,, K V, f X., 3 . af, N A , Q ,wgqwgxi ,, Q XX , , 'gg fmrgrlralk.- . M ' 'ww 3 wwm 4 ifglgv 1 X295 ii ,. W-H, .:k.,,, am 3 Af, , , Q Z fffi,-,Q P LV if "' im ,swag Q f 1- ,Q ,v W' ' N' Q wash wr 6 X A ' I 3 t -P Vwxw J .wg f 'N L OLLF f 'MM x QA vgnikw ' x 'tl what

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