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"-7 "-x 4 1 x A 1 1 , -- .. f -.uf w..-f -f 4 .4 G ' ' 1 1 4 ' ,Y 'QM Q, 4 f f A - , X f t R Evansville College The Evansville College seal ville College students. Within a circle, found the doorway ing seven lighted lows: uChrernata,U velopment and which has a the left is central and tion," signifying candle is spirational ing "social section of the larger and signifying the Just beneath the of the Ohio river, indicating the Evansville, Indiana a the Evansville. Volume XL """"""l special meaning to all Evans- college and city, is candlestick, hold- to right is as fol- in economics de- "recreation," candle from life. The spiritual aspira- The next cultural and in- mean- a cross- meaning L'health" outline of the bow bend lLllNC QQDW5 Dean McKown Dedication 3 A Editor. ........... Kathy Compton Managing Editor ..... Gary Stampfli Advisor ......... Mr. John H. Boyd Lf, 'N I f Q l xgli f i is f v5 -A Th There is one mythology which is most deeply rooted in our world today: the mythology of the Greeks. It existed as a religion Hve hundred years before the birth of Christ. But from it and from the life which produced it have come a great part of our language, our ideas of beauty, and some of the most beautiful and poetic stories ever dreamed or imagined. Hardly a day passes that you do not hear or see something which remains to us from that ancient, beau- tiful time. This is why we, the editors chose "To The Greeks" to be our theme. How often have you seen the figure of the winged god, Mercury, or Hermes, as the Greeks called him, with wings on his feet and on his hat, carrying a staH1, which is topped with wings and sur- rounded by entwined serpents? This was the god as the Greeks pictured him, swifter than thought, the messenger of the gods. To this day hex is used as the insignia for many messenger services be- cause his name stands as a symbol of speed and movement. 6 L ff I Qui- l sq 4. f x 'x l 1 all ' ,l' .fm A has Q'-1-..-f' Greeks fl xv 'I tv' f7x I i is - .4 l' Just as the name Aphrodite stands for love and beauty, we as- sociate strength with Hercules and wisdom with Athena. If one would take a look around, he could see the things which represent the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that the gods lived upon a mountain of great height and beauty - Mount Olympus. There they dwelt together in a community of light and pleasantnessg a society with its own laws and hierarchy. This custom of the gods is represented right on the Evansville College campus, where we form our own little community with its laws and governing authority. Throughout this book there are brief descriptions of these an- cient Greek gods. They are no longer powerful in the minds of men they are only names. Let us not worship them but let us be 0 0 0 Q 4 5. 5, 4 'ZH J my: V41 xulx llf "Isl If l J ea. X 1' L aware of that which they represent. , , 4" - ', 1 ' 1 i' ', . lkatlffgg, sl 1, Vg, l 3 A ' 1 , I X, . ' I I, 1. ni' 64' x . D 1. 7 HEBE . . . GODDESS OF ETERNAL YOUTH Hehe, daughter of Zeus and Hera, is known as the "goddess of eternal youth." In the Greek mythology this goddess typihed eternal youth and joyousness. She was a comely maiden, with sparkling eyes and rounded forni, ever smiling. Hehe is symholie of the campus life at Evansville College. As Hehe freed men from their honds and chains of trihulation, our campus life helps free the students from the strains of studies and exams. The rites to Hehe were celebrated with unrestrained merriment to keep the other gods free from their troubles. This ties directly with our soeial life at Evansville Col- lege, where we have dances, parties, and the friendship of our fellow students to get more enjoyment out of our College career. mpus Li F Section Editors Jeane McKenzie R. B. Carter f fu,-M i A V dr-u 9, - 0 f A , , .472 is mwwvk' ' :nun-. Af ,MM .11, H 1-1,v-'v M.,-1, 1u-v' , M- VA myfiwgvnwggmmummmfwwQfSQiM,wMw,,-3-1, W 1 M , ' o n f . i f i 1 ' 'r' M,k , - ' : -. , Our Campu H iw ,., K ',,,, 5 L 1 vi use - Q? iisfig fi' wi: " - i his' jgflfg-i W-.M 5, -. ,at i 1. ?4..,.q ,png '0 Q .T :Lin L- 'fif krivflfee' ' ii"i5'i- ' W: xl-E'H'vQ?+i-:F i ' if if lic K MW. -ix I 2 't 'fw.,,,WwWmiM, A V . ,Q 1 .,.' .,- 3, h 5, A swf ' - -5611, . ik ' ' ,J 4 A :"'7 lf' 2' ti. i ' "w r r' s 4 im is K' ' I 2 'V -W L . K -QA f 4 "" 'W 'D H ' E Qigwxigw .L , " zgkirr , EE My fu 5 all On this page are pictured the Union Building, and the Library. These two build- ings play an important part in the recrea- tion and study activities of Evansville Col- lege students. Rex DePriest and Don Hudson find Z1 game of chess relaxing before they inust return to classes. i" i ' 1 Q' i Hmm 'fwfr ,Qf3!2i.'Yk,QiEf 1 M 51517. Quad if A Don Larson, freshman, was Called before iiKl1HQilT0O Courtfl His punish- ment - Carry a sign around the Campus concemiiig the price of Coflec in the Hlndianf' Www, A rainy day does not dampen the spirit of Evansville College students. s .iam Q v, K-4 , , A ' ,l -5 ' I -A .it wr emu 'Y- -4av One rarely stops to notice the beauty that enhances our campus. Evansville College has one of the most picturesque surroundings in this part of the mid-west. We think these scenes will show you what we mean. fn' ffm LE Homecoming t i - I96I 1. M 'i The Lambda Chi's took first place in the men's division with their dis- play of a purple Ace launching a Leatherneak. N... he Chi O's captured first place in lawn displays with eir stork and the nameline "We're expecting a victoryf' 5323 5--a Ann Burton of Alpha Omlcron P1 Sorority was the 1961 Homecoming Queen. In her court, left to right, is Linda Watson, Dora Tsai, Shar- on Crawford, Queen Ann, Diana Blackbum, Peggy Suh, and Nancy Stofleth. E l' 'E The biggest event at Evansville College each year is Homecoming. The festivities this year began with a bonfire in East Side Park, and then was moved over to the Union for the Queen election and pep dance. A tricycle race was also held Friday night, with Sigma Phi Epsilon pedaling to victory. Saturday morning a series of Inter-Campus events were held on the front lawn. There was a tricycle race for women won by Alpha Omicron Pi, and a pledge balloon throwing contest, with the balloons filled with water. The annual tug-of-war between the women was won by Moore Hall. The preparation for Homecoming takes a lot of work for most of the people at E.C. Lawn displays were put up by fifteen various organizations, from Weinbach to Kentucky. Lamda Chi Alpha and Chi Omega came in first with their displays, while Kappa Pi, hon- orary art fraternity, and Alpha Omicron Pi came in a close second. This was the high event of the day. Other activities that were held Saturday morning were the stilt race won by the men's dorm, a sack race won by the sophomores, the tire race won by Hughes Hall and the womenis drinking con- test. After these contests were over, there was a motorcade from the campus to Bossc Field. . . . and the day rolled on. The Homecoming jinx was not broken that afternoon and the Purple Aces went down to defeat by the score of 26-0, adminis- tered by thc Leathernecks of Western Illinois. Halftime ceremonies gave EC. their 1961 Homecoming Queen, lovely Ann Burton of Alpha Omi- cron Pi. The Jerry Lewis Orchestra pro- vided the music for the anm1al Homecoming dance Saturday night in the Armory. This years theme was Nl' image rosef, Bottoms up! The pause that refreshes . . . Q at . . Us 1 st f Nanvy Stofleth, Punky Pounds, Annabelle Grabhorn, "Cookie" Dunn lead our school spirit. Annette Tapley, and .W wig, V ,fi if J-Jil?" t ii i f at W X if W m 16 Dancing provides our halftime entertainment -wif' Charlie Madden was drum major with majorette captain, Jeane McKenzie, Barbara Brown and Barbara Thompson. N ' A.- Q ,L 1' 5 1 1 - 4- 17 Lambda Chis wait for their new fall pledge class. On September 23, 1961, Virginia Ahrens was crowned Queen of the annual lce- breaker Dance. Frank Haskett, Don Hess, Chuck Leach, Doug Baskett, and Tom Tuley do a bit of clowning for the cameraman while taking notes between classes. Mr. Edward Meredith, father of John Meredith, receives his trophy after being named "Dad of the Year." ,18 SGA Elections TRYPS, The All-Campus Slate swept 4 of 5 ofhces in the 1961-62 Student Government Association in the spring elections. Ron Brown was elected President, along with Torn Tuley - Vice-Presi- dent, Bob Hunt - Treasurer, and Carolyn XVilson f Delegate-at-Large, all of the All-Campus Slate. Nora Fisher was elected Secretary from the Student Slate. PLPXCY SQAINTM STM! PMS. RQN VP Tom T Georganne Knittle reigned over thc l96l Mfay Day festivi- ties. Awards were presented to outstanding students in the vari- ous departments, and Dr. Biol'- lock was selected as the i'F21VOI'lll' Profcssorf' After a picnic lunch, the fraternities competed in nu- merous events. 9 .l XL if .vw Q ul av.. fx LL. Typifying May Day . . the College thc visitors, hats the award me- HUGHES HALL, STANDING, l to r: J. Holmes, L. Mc- Court, D. Dnhn, Wlilliams, L. Diehl, VVilson, J. Goen, J Larson O C'1rri'1 C' Curtis T Taggart Gw n S Allen, E. Wagner. SECOND ROW: Q. Blome, D. Zielin- Hovda STANDING, l to rt C. Brown, L. Feldmcyer, P. Schneider, R. Aekennan, W. Krause, L. Bender, S. Wallace, J. Bren- ton, D. Bennett, R. Bennett, D. Sypolt, Bertelson, J Karr, S. Ferry. SEATED: J. Hunter, L. Richert, W. Boul- nf? ski, B. Spurling, D. Armour, D. Andrews, K. MeAtee, R Merideth, W. Goodman, L. Roberson, S. Ave, B. Todd FIRST ROW: T. McCullough, E. Maquire, N. Bennett M. Harrison, D. Bosse, L. Hornback. House tinghouse - Secretary, Treasurer, J. Meredith - Counse- lor, B. Jones 7 President, M. Pruett -- Vice-President, A. Wade, J. Miller, D. Cunningham. an ml.. fy, M455 mir' 'N-PM Life in the 2 Danny, John, and Bob take time off to discuss the world situation? :zz ,WL is 33 isp, if N 5132 Jr 'xi 'ti JI eg an ,ii fl Turn off the light! Ol'mS Just one more hand and then we will study. There goes :mother whxte Shlfi N10 I thmk lt IS 9 '75 Bridge is a popular ca ' :pf 3-Q . iziqw A si 1+ Y -J, yr - 'wi - ' li, ' 'Q The organizations on campus gave baskets of food to needy families as their Christmas gift to the community. '43 Q nfl .5 .. C ,I I L k 'w,Al g 'Q 4, ,Q ff, Q .gdllv r -f , 9 01 1 u.B'1Ii-313' N , y. , "EJ if One of the reasons that Violaters are so few 28 Spring pledging found the SAE,s braving the Feb ruary weather outside the auditorium. The Sig Eps, under the direction of Phil Price, sang their way to Hrst place in the Men's Division with the songs "Same Trainw and 'LBattle Hymn of the Republicf' Sigma Alpha Epsilon. under the direction of Tony Ouellette, was runner up. of Sandy Smith. Phil Price and Mary Ellen Rauch receive their trophies for a performance well done. Vocal Varieties I 962 The Phi Muis walked off with both the Hrst place trophy in the W'omcn,s Division and the Qver-All trophy for the best performance in any division for the evening. Mary Ellen Rauch was their director. The Chi O's were second in the Women's Division under the direction ,-.tag ua.. '- Thornton Patbv:-rg gobbled his way to victory in the faculty watermellon eating Contest. The AOPi's and ChiO's line up for the tricycle race. I it Linda Campbell was Lambda Chi Alpha house. selected "Miss Watemielon Bust" at the Watermelon Bust held at the chapter Best Dressed Contest Miss Kathy Rosborough won the 'iBest Dressed Girl" contest held in February, Second place went to Suzanne Walk and Mary Ann Rothkopf was third. Basketball Court Wlth these pretty gxrls who wants to watch the game? k""M'N'MW2iWW?W5W"'W Senator Homer Capeheart visited the Evansville College campus this year and gave students an opportunity to ask him questions. The "Twist" is everyway. All in a day s work sw-wMu..,..,.M This new Lambda Chi pledge is l'Brandy Chi." He out-weighs and out-eats almost everyone in the fraternity. The progress of the Fine Arts Building is being sized up by Kathy Compton and'Gary Starnpli. 3 2 EH -2'9i""'i" ew ki Union HESTIA - GODDESS OF HEARTH Hestia kept an eternal fire burning so there would always be a meeting place for the gods. This Greek god was represented in ancient Greece by an eternal burning flame, not by her statue. At Evansville College she is represented by our McGurdy Memorial Union Building. As the name "union', implies, the building is a meeting place at all times for college students. It is a building dedicated as a meet- ing place for our student leaders and as a meeting place for social and recreational groups. 5 , Q is 'KQ6 iv 4 416 ' C i X x ' x X..- l " Sf W '- yu ll if ' ll Some students enter in the Fall . . . And stay . . And stay . . . To exit in the spring 35 The gallery Art exhibits attract many students. Cultural displays of wide variations are offered throughout the year. The dining facilities are used by stu- dents as well as many persons in the community. Cver 2500 students and guests use the Union Building daily. The Union offers din- ing, recreational, and meeting facili- ties in pleasant, wcll cared for sur- roundings. fs yi get t A i 5 is 3 if 5? ag? 'E ., gww - ,,,, -f . to , t , 3 yi Ig ood SCYVICC ...ff Cloak Room Personnel Miss Judy Lockwood Social Director t 4-CCSP Mrs. Owen Asst. Director -xg Herbert r l Officers President Sandy Smith Vice-President Annette Tapley Secretary Mary Ann Conaway Fine Arts Sally Hadley Personnel Mary Ann Conaway its-.,, , Games Annette Tapley Entertainment Susie Trovillion House Sandy Smith K B M The Union Board is the governing body for all activities that take place in the McCurdy Alumni Memorial Union Building. Board Members are elected annually by the student body. A student must work two or more years on a Union Core Committee to be eligible to run for one of the positions on the Board. L Publicity Ron Frankenberger Social Martha Lockwood Dance Annabelle Grabhorn PUBLICITY Publicizing all Union events and Union committee actions is the main duty of the Publicity Com- mittee. S E A T E D.' Ron Frankenberger STANDING: A. Burton, H. MCDOI1- ald, and C. Carstens. x 'I . N Z. M M 'K- it 'ff'-'QQ 5-1.- Q x. a . ef, V" Si ik. . Q if if ,fum GAMES Pinff onff tourncvs. ol tour- 5 D 1 neys, Ladies' Day in the pool room 3 all of these are provided for the students by the Union Games Committee. f...,,,? SEATED: A. Tapley. Stofleth. STANDING: G. Bricker, C. Ed- wards. uv-""' .. swf HOUSE The Union House Committee is in charge of the Browsing Room, Activities Day, and taking the building count. This committee also decorates for Homecoming and Christmas. SEATED: C. Meyer, S. Smith. STANDING: S. Shaw, F. Dormeier. 39 'Fw FINE ARTS Promoting cultural events on campus, such as the Clothesline Art Sale, is the function of the Union Fine Arts Committee. Jam sessions, photo contests, and art exhibits are sponsored by this group. SOCIAL The Union Birthday Party is one of the events sponsored by the Social Committee. Others are the Vesper Teas and The Union Leadership Conference. STANDING: C. Umbach, D. Ferris. SEATED: C. Applegate, J. Johnson, W. Young. SEATED: L. Emge, D. King, S. Hadley, P. Gallagher. FINANCE The Union Finance Commit- tee prepares an annual budget for Union committees. They sell Vo- cal Varieties and Musical Mad- ness tickets, as well as mums for Homecoming. SEATED: J. Tetrick, J. Hochstetler. 40 DANCE The Union Dance Committee is responsible for record hops, the Commencement dance, and Mus- ical Madness. SEATED: G. Byers. STANDING: C. Wilson, P. Langhorst, and A. Grab- 'JZ' horn. ENTERTAINMENT The Entertainment Committee of the Union has charge of the Christmas Party and Vocal Vari- eties. PERSONNEL 5 SEATED: J. DeToro, Robb. The Union Personnel Commit- tee supervises the Union Work- shop in the fall, The Union Board Elections, and Union Rec- ognition Dinner in the spring. Also this committee takes care of the Union personnel records. SEATED: D. Ellerbusch. STAND- ING: B. Friar, M. A. Conaway, and S. Himsel. t f JOHN F. CARSON MEMORIAL GREAT HALL CAFETERIA HASTINGS BROWSING ROOM I . mv! Floor .l PRIVATE DINING ROOM JAMES EADES MEMORIAL MUSIC ROOM STUDENT-ALUMNI LOUNGE 42 if ALUMNI OFFICE I E E I Ml- ..VM. I .. Q 2 2 Semfm' F100 G1 020262, Floor TT, I ' I POWDER ROOM ' , , M W n ACTIVITIES ROOM IO L I I 25323523 I 1 BILLIARD AND TABLE TENNIS ROOM TABLE GAME ROOM A 43 l E CLUB ROOM -fx If I' I I ' H fi db mi h Union Birthday Party The Union celebrated it's elev- enth birthday this year. Cake and coffee were served at the birth- Birthday 5'i....M""":if if feeeeteteei it,i M TJ ' ,tx if if in e,e,Lt.,,, L h V V iw ,W GMM, t U ise...,....,,uz2f, , E.C. students enjoy themselves after EC. - Wesleyan game. 0 LI n I 0 n It must be a Yankee Twist Part Yankee casualty, Bob Worth, gets sympathy from cheer- leader Annette Tapley. -'lrzvmwfffwlwuf wiirewisilagw ' Section Editors Barbara McGregor Nora Fisher Quee APHRODITE - GODDESS OF LOVE AND BEAUTY Of all the goddesses of ancient mythology none was more widely venerated than Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. She was the daughter of Zeus and was the most beautiful of all the Greek goddesses. In Greece she had the powers over natural as well as human beauty and she could grant or take away a woman's beauty. The queens and sweethearts, that are elected to reign over cer- tain festivities, represent the beauty at Evansville College as Aph- rodite represented beauty in ancient Greece. These girls were elected mainly because of their beauty, but also because of their interest in the arts and surely because of their wisdom. a4TY ' X x 1 fl' I SN bla? A I lt T init ' ' 4, gggixiix l 48 Beauty Reigns Supreme Virginia Ah rens Chi Omega X Xe. WM ? i mls , i iiii iw'fN5'ii . '-Xiiim H X ii my i ICE .4 ., , Vzvj i iiliii 'iii fire, .D Queen 'PH Linda Branaman Virginia Ahrens was crowned Icebreaker Queen at the annual Icebreaker dance on September 23, 1961. She is a freshman and a member of Chi Omega. Linda Campbell, Linda Branaman. Sandra Phipps and Ma1'y' Ann Rothkopf. were members of her court. and Court 51 if fm uw-M' Linda Campbell Sandra Phipps 4,1 4 ,ff Ann 5 Burton Alpha Omicron Pi W 5 2 ' Queen ,f""' 'fi-Q ya- is Nancy Stoileth Sharon Crawford Dora Tsai Ann Burton was crowned queen at the annual Homecoming Day festivities on October 28, 1961. She is a member of Alpha Omi- cron Pi and senior class secretary. Her court consisted of Nancy Stofleth, Chi Omegag Sharon Y Crawford, Phi Mug Dora Tsai, Franklin Houseg Peggy Suh, Moore 'lrf"X Hall 5 Diane Blackburn, Beta Sigma Omicrong and Linda VVatson, Independents. Diane Blackburn 4-H" az Peggy Suh Linda W'atson and Court 53 ll H! -wg-,g.,A.x.,v .,y1 '-' .- '.. ',,1,". -' ' , - ". U14 'N Qiiebf ASKETBN Q' ' ' . , . ,, 1 , , , . -, 'J ' , jg?" fr ' . ' ' 4 , I, A,. .n 'Y :,y,J':, ' , .f -' I , Z ',,'.'j.lz7f' ' ,. 1 -"':,t1v.,,. Josette Adams Chi Gmega Queen qw ' HHN A 1z1nn Him. ,l ,. Sl L e SC .Ioclylxiinni """" Xrlifvtx- Kfary Ann Stahlhcrg Josette Adams was Crowned Basketball Queen on Janiiary 13, 1962. She is a sophomore and a mc-inlms-1' ol Chi Omega. Members of her court were Peggy Lzinghorst, Alpha Omifron Pi: Mary Ann Stahlberg, Phi Mtiz Billie Sue Stirn, Nloore Hall: Jody Kimm, Beta Sigma Ornicrong Suzanne Himsel. Franklin House and Linda Watson, Independent. . . and Court 55 Peggy Langhorst fb. Sh, Billie Sue Stirn ,.- Linda YV:itson I , ff. 9 1 I s M Q1 X1 ... , .4 I ,f 5 ai: ,fu , -. I 5' 'Me Wfiif Wh W Y 1? ' R : X i W Ch xg 3 3 t N X 6 1 EW 1 f 1 ' " 5 v Dixie Kiornj Lant i Omega Queen ,MV Nora Fisher Dixie Corn Lant was crowned Military Ball Queen in March, 1961. She is a member of Chi Omega, Icebreaker Queen in 1958 and a member of Angel Flight, The entire ROTC and Arnold Air Society of Evansville College chose Dixie as their queen. Her court consisted of Nora Fisher and Linda Waggoner of Chi Omega. . . and Court IX. be-x 1'-'f-. Linda Waggoner Georgianne Knittle F Chi Omega Queen B .A Karen Brizius Georgianne Knittle was crowned queen of the May in May, 1961, She is a member of Chi Omega and a secondary education major. Her court consisted of Linda Perkins, Alpha Omicron Pig June Bartlett, Beta Sigma Omicron and Karen Brizius, Phi Mu. and Court FN .-2.15, ' YR . V Mm Www if "Sit A2 fe sg afgsgim if K R . ,I 1 J x, X .. g Y t Ms .7 ' 4 3 V , K f :q,2:?'2::., ' f 1 L ' - Q t V,k.,k,V A get N, I 111, 'X .,- f , ' , f '?f?Z?AEfflifff"i',?" ' i15W55'f1i?f,7? 5 ' f, :'..f:-'.'L,a , 35 Milf' ,- II - ' .- ,A :::x, . , f . .,,k , ' Q t Yi I V 1 4 , 5 5 Linda Perkins fs. fls -,ga - June Bartlett Lambda Chl lpha Crescent Girl The Lzunbda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl is Nfary Ann Conaway, a junior, who is a ineniber of AXA's social affiliate. Chi Orncga Sorority. The Crescent Girl is elected on the basis of hr-r beauty, poise, and popularity with the Incn of Lambda Chi. Her duty is to serve as hostess at Lgnnbda Chis social functions. Rlcinbtvrs of Nfary Ann's court were Annette Tapley, Jeannie Hull. Sandy Smith, and Linda Hays Kinkle. 60 ar nn Conaway Chi Qmega Barbara Ca pin . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Bliss liarluara Cfapin was clccitccl to be the Swvctliczirt of Sigma Alplia Epsilon Frat:-miiy for tlir- year l95l-l962, The iumiilucrs of SAE comiclm' loyalty and scrvifv to the fraternity and College the most important points in Choosing tlivir Swc-ctlivart. Barbara. a sophomore. was also Cliosou for lim-1' beauty, personality, and popu- larity. Besides lx-ing lionorccl at the BAE Armual Spring Formal, Barbara also rcccivccl the SAE swvctlicart pin. 61 v Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Sigma Phi Epsilon Chose Kliss Carol Day as their Sweetheart for this yezir. Carol. Qt senior and a member of Phi Riu Sorority, was chosen for her heauty. poise, popularity, and Contributions to the ehztpter. Rleinhers of Carolis Court were Karen Harpe, Pain Dyer. Sunny Gootlnizln. and Peggy Langhorst. 62 Mary nn Scott . Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Tau Kappa Epsilon chose Bliss Blary Ann Seott for their Sweet- heart. The rnen of the l111te1'nity Consider poise. hezuity. popularity, :ind service to TKE when voting on their Sweetheart. BI2111' Ann was given the traclitionzil sweetheart pin at the Red Carnation Ball. 'l'he nienihers ol Nlary Anirs Court were Judy Starkey Presley, Carolyn Ziegler, Carolyn Schner, Blary Ann Sl21l1llJCI'Q', and Sharon rllttpley. 63 Arm "She Must Have Been a Dixie ' A' L W Mary Ann C. Carol 1 Josette , Beautiful Baby' ' Mary Ann S. Barbara lun Fine Arts r X "i w no ll? Ml THE UMUSES5' i .ff lliifliu I llilmil . ii GODDESSES OF SONG AND FINE ARTS 1 Originally, the Muses were unnamed goddesses who lived on Mt. "I i ' Olympus, the home of the gods. They entertained the other Greek -f.-. gods and goddesses, each representing a specific part of the fine arts. One of the Muses' represents voice, as does the Evansville Col- lege choir. Another goddess, carrying a flute, represents our instru- mental music. There was a Muse for comedy and poetry which rep- resents the speech and drama departments. The rest of the Muses represented a certain type of song or drama. ' i 1 S ' I A The Fine Arts Department at Evansville College is closely re l j lated to the teachings of the arts by the Muses. in 1 Z Si . W ii . A i 66 The three Con-artists The Alchemist The Cast Subtle . . . . David Shelton Face ....... .... l lyron Ihle Dol Common . . . Laurel Prokop Dapper ........ Bill Davidson Drugger ...,. Dennis Schneider Loyewit .......... Greg Server Sir Epicure llammon Jim Clark Pertinax Surly .. John Adamson Tribulation lllholesome ..,.... Chester Blayflower Ananias ...... Doug Sehuessler Kastril ............ Jim Butler Dame Pliant Rosemary Shireman 'The Alehemistf a comedy, re- flects the medieval morality play in its characters and foreshadows of Cozners and gulls leon men and their vietimsl. Alchemy is a complex study in symbology in which one legend may simultaneously state Ntruthsu about metals, men, and nature. Q Rage seene ,K Prophecy of Drugger Zuss and Nirkls-5 looking down on S.1mh and ,dy 4 God in heaven, Nifklfxs on "dL1r1g-heap Tha- rasl tzxkus ll bow Nickles . Mr. Zuss Sarah .. JB. . . . Mary .. David .. Ruth . . . Jonathan Rebecca The Cast . Sam Smiley . Paul Grabill janet Brashier David Shelton . Mary Koch .. Gary Isaac .. Sue Swope . Mike Eakins Laurie Butsch hir. Zuss and Nickles decide to put on their own interpretation of the ie f g .E story of Job. The play, occurs in the interior of a traveling circus. Two unemployed ac- tors, one old. the other young f f B111 Zuss and Nickles H- had been reduced to sell- ing balloons and pop-:om in the circus playing the Old Testament story of the suffering Job. Dissatisfied with the interpretation of the story. they make up their minds late one evening to play it themselves as they think it should be played. Nir. Zuss casts himself as God. Nickles is cast as Satan. The story, however, comes to life and takes on the action itself with a present day American interpretation. The Godmask and the Satanrnask found in a battered wardrobe speak the lines of the Bible for themselves. 69 CAST Bernarda Alba . . . Sadye Morgan Angustias ,..... ......... C oco Ihle Magdalena .. Maria Josefa . Amelia . . . Martirio .. Adela ....., La Poncia . . . Prudencia .. Barbara Feuerbach . . . Joyce Johnson Catherine Brauin Barbara Main . . . Eva Kinnaird . . . . Sally Hadley .. Victoria Karch 'lThe House of Bernarda Alban was presented by the Evansville College Theatre on February l4,l5,l6, and 17, under the direction of Paul Talley with David Shelton as his assistant. The play is a study of frustrated womanhood, for its characters never reach maturity and was written by Federico Garcia Lorca. "The House of Bernarda lba" 70 The Evansville College Band is very versatile. Besides giving concerts here at EC. B d and around the state, this band is also the marching band everyone sees at halftime a n at the EC. football games. The band is directed by Mr. WVesley Shepard. Senior Recitals The climax of four years of hard work for music students is their annual senior recital. After weeks of practice, each stu- dent must present a full recital before he can graduate. 71 The Madrigal Singers under the direction of Lbs, selection of songs throughout the year for both the lklargaret Shepard are Chosen for their voice quality College and Concert tOu1'S- and general music ability. They present a varied Concert Choir The Convert Choir under the direction of Mr. Wesley Shepard are Ohio. On campus, the Choir sings at Vcsper Services, convocations noted for their excellent programs throughout Indiana, Illinois, and and Chapel programs. 72 ' f:5rffff1:f',j The Philhzirinonic' String Quartct. Klr. Frcd Clmn. Mr. Ronald Hudson. was vynploycd by the Collcgf' Nfrs. Ennna Anne Clcin. Kirs. Nanfy Hudson. and xIllSlC'Df'1JL11'IIT1CI1YOI1LlDL1l'T.IiIIlClJ2lSiS. Orchestra The Evansville Colin-gv Chmnber Orvhcstrn, clircwtc-cl by Mr. E. D. Tlioinpson. give-s studmits an opportunity L0 vxpn-ss their musical talents. 73 Gene Niednagel has served as editor-in-chief of the Crescent for' three terms. On his shoulders rests the bulk of the work in putting out the paper. He must see that the stories are written and the deadlines met. 0F EVANSVILLE GULLEGE Filling the position of managing editor were Temme Patterson, winter quarter, and Peggy Langhorst, fall quarter. Their job was to assign stories and read proofs. ---...,....-...nm-Q gy' if As advertising and business manager of the Crescent, Judi Kavanaugh had a big job. 5-. Mr. John Boyd, as adviser of the Crescent, supervises the work done on the paper. A few members of the Crescent staff, Anneitta Moore, Carole Carstens, Phil Potter, Jean Bohleber, and Doug Baskett, take time out from their duties of writing stories. , ..,t....,,,,,,,,.....w-.-- Caroline Wilson is one of the Byron Moellenkamp and Chuck Leach view a Columnists of the paper. basketball game of the Aces. 75 Steve Sanford makes anet Walsh Carol Meyer and Stan Shaw dxscuss the Fine ffifil ,. ,.., Y V ' Ny, 'Pe K,-Q fisgifisfw ' 'mfgmmffafzeaif ' K' fb . ffl f' ?'fzi,,'9 s,'f5Q,wr ff: ' 1 fggtxju fn -A , me, we Anna O'Reilly, with brush in' hand, works as staff art- ist. T Gene Brrcker, ROTC, Carole Carstens Greeks and Don Hayes, Union, look over an old yearbook. lf is ii cwsi' I 'Km 'A f I , X .Q LinC editor Kathy Compton sorts pictures in her own office. Gary Stampfli, associate editor, demonstrates how to draw lay- outs. Photographers Trent Strickland, ABOVE, and Lowell Scott, RIGHT, were swamped with work as can be seen by looking through the year- book. A tx, Judi Kavanaugh, advertising manager, draws lay-outs when not having appointments with advertisers. TT TW Ill Mr. Robert L. Osborne, head of the Art Depart- ment criticizes the work of Ron Frankenberger. Bob Worman works on his project for the art display. Students have an opportunity to buy art work at the an nual Clothesline Sale. "N, X Carolyn Ziegler and Tom YVestfnll use their Creative ability in art Clzxss. Roger Karvh works on his tapestry in thc art room. gig jj, A ..,:K N L - 1. y wi ,ig be . 4, i ig, 3, works on his own painting. f mr.5w:K ww: 14: Mr. Robert L. Osborne Ei - -H -squ- Xe? Q H as 1 "Q, Y V ff if 7' G. www- fw . ... te, ff' 79 . vwxw 'xx J KH , 1 s wx, Gary Blum, above, Carries his painting to the Union for display. ,wmv David Matthiesen, engineer and disc jockey, is looking over a script to be used on his show, AC Under the direction of the station manager, Jim Mosier, WEVC has ad- vanced to a more well-rounded edu- cational, public service, and musical station. Members of the radio station staff are SITTING, Phil Goldberg, Don Rakow, David Matthiesen, Ron Siebers, Jack Brevnton, STANDING are Ted Foster, faculty advisor, Richard Frette, Jim Mosier, and Richard Ingebrand. Section Editors Fred Dormeier Gene Bricker RQT I' I ll f' 0 4 5' v. '. X G 15' i J' lf I' f . l Q G Q-41 1,Q l 1" JS-Y ARES - GOD OF WAR Ares was worshipped as the leader of all wars and all of the Greek warriors prayed to him before going into battle. It was be- lieved in ancient Greece that the spear and shield, which Ares carried with him, had fallen from heaven and therefore was very powerful. The Greek men were trained as they thought Ares was trained, so they would be able to win every encounter. E. G. doesn,t have a Greek god to train its men, but they have a much more powerful group in the Air Force R.O.T.G. This unit of the Air Force trains our students to be leaders in the defense of our country. Just as Ares led the Greeks to war and peace, so will the men of the United States follow oflicers trained by the R.O.T.G. to defend our country's peace. 82 The Group Commanders This Y 2 .5 1 is x, 5 1 SF' 'uk 'S nz .., uv: 5 in YW 1 J K- .,.a.,WgYm., ..V,L. .M .W I -, ..M.fmm15 .. . , 33sif4is.s5wfcfv-Hitwise. fs' A-we , ,. sq. JEE, if ,, A gt4f4:::,,.,.f5-yf . N ,i X Winter Fall CfColonel Robert Engelbrecht C!Colonel Fred Bosse iw ., k K t W K 7 fa .. ' 9313! " 'H . 31342 H t -2- 1 ,X , gfg5d,iXwgfr1w.1ggi '1" ' .L W, E Jw ,Wh ggi, a v . Qwt,.. : Nf,. 6 K t wss-Ms, W up 1 it 3 f , . ,W vi V A , ' , fw6"'Lf"'. J .. ,.,i,, .,,i,,,., ,EN ' - -- Bal' .,,, as-M, f HM ' ' f .3 F A -.A- .,. ,Q X xi A if ' 1 ' 5:31 'Rib wi . V .1 his .1 f Q - , Y . U ,SEE 5 Y an L 5 S ef lf , ..... i,..y ,..., 5 ,gh .,,ft-g::g:,::-,N-rf.+s......W , ,,,. .K .A,5, . T., .e-.' .-: : :.,, ..-:.: . fk. , . M. P : K ff.. 1-, , it . - . . . , ' ,. M .V,,,,.. .M . .. . fwfmfi ,N t .. 31.715 i..-wi' - -1 .1. W . A it +szsMzf2,- . -. ff L f 5- " f 4' , vm", gf.. .1 New ,ig,f.f.,,-sg,-jk K .. 7.3 3, - jf.,-5 in Z? ,S Q5 ' W f , . .N . , W A.. Spring C!Colonel Gene Bricker The Detachment Band STANDING: Schwartz, J. Clark, J. Eskridge, J. Glezen, G. Heubschmann, D. Miller, W. Minnis and Band Commander P. McLain, KNEELING: C. Geisler. L. Ashby, T. McCul- lough, Kennedy, Rimstidt, Missing: D. Cassidy, W. Davidson, R. Brandenstcin, D. Eler- brook. I x SfSgt Ed LaChance explains format C!Capt Bill Blevins to The 240thls team basketball 83 Qi The Angel Flight STANDING: l to r - K. Sims, K. Compton, Risley, S. N. Fisher. FRONT ROW: K. Kraft, NI. Gossman. G. Sav Cooper, B. Schrader, P. Langhorst, J. McKenzie, K. Kast- age, S. Smith, N. Niorris. Not present: Annabelle Grab ning, S. Hayden, P. Carter. J. DeToro, B. Stirn. CENTER hom AF Commander, N. lViliams, G. Ahrens, R. Girton ROW: J. Berry, Graul, S. Crofts, D. Blackbum, C. Hall, The Arnold Air Society STANDING l to r: M. Hatcher, G. Heubschmann, L. Op- G. Bricker, R. Engelbrecht, J. Lacefield, R. Albin, F. perman. L. Nunn, S. Fischer, C. Simpson, D. Land, G. Bosse, L. Batch, D. Alvey, R. Raybum. Reasor, N. Abemathy, G. Schulz, C. Rice. FRONT ROW: Each year the Amold Air Society sponsors the mote the interests of the AFROTC and the USAF. Military Ball. The Society admitted select sopho- Parties were held with the Angel Flight several times mores this year for the first time in an effort to pro- during the year. 84 240th AFROTC Major Victor P. Sinclair Professor of Air Science Detachment Staff Captain Robert C. Ingram Commandant of Cadets Instructor for ASI and II cadets T!Sgt. Robert J. Prather Supply NCO ima, 'vtrfiiqfiiww .tkx-f Captain James H. Morgan Instructor for AS III cadets 85 Captain William G. Waters Instructor for AS IV cadets TfSgt. Frank C. Emery Sergeant Major Ste Fall Program ' 3 5 2 f Major Sinclair recognized Flight D as the winner of the Fall Drill Rodeo Contest. Cadet Captain Larry Batch is the Flight Commander. Captain Waters, Captain Ingram, and Major Sinclair con- gratulate CfCol. Robert A. Engelbrecht, outgoing Group Commander for fall quarter and incoming Group Com- mander CfCol. Fred Bosse. Among other activities this fall, the ROTC had a number of drills and parade reviews. Taking part in parade review - officers center are Cadet Majors Steve Heeger, Phil Price, and Dick Albin. -igeiiitm .RWIQRN ll Left to right, FIRST ROW - L. Halbig, C. Rice, meier, Rimstidt, W, Scott, D. Miller, C. Homback, Weber, J. Saviola, C. Darvin. SECOND ROW 4 D. S. Slaton, R. Folz, Geisler. Albin, G. Hambley, Blome, F. Bosse, H. Rosen- Record: Wins 4 Loses I Captain Waters points out a few interesting details concern- ing parade review. For the first time this year, the Angel Flight Oflicers were in the review stand. From left to right - Capt. Waters, Kathy Compton, Deputy Commander, Peggy Langhorst, IFO, Cindy Hall, Treasurer, and Sandy Smith, Secretary. Not present - Annabelle Grabhorn, Com- mander. The Drill Team performs with perfection 87 :ir CXM-Sgt John Saviola is helped into the T-33 jet trainer by the pilot and instructed on emergency procedures. . ., , . . . J . - - . ferzwfwf f w - Vmky L"VV .:,' F57 i - .,' A , .:-. . '.,. :-. i R. A -4 me -' A .,., 1-H L. . . .iffilffw -- - .,pr, it 'V ',a: "::V ':" . .:. 1 .. .5 2.432 . , Q The Drill team meets several times a week to practice for its shows at pa- I J 4 rades, ball games, etc. BACK ROW: Herendeen, Darvin, Nlann, Armstrong MIDDLE ROW: Vogel Schenetzke, Donnelly Gentry, Jackson FRONT ROW: Lisembee, Nunn, Sandefur, Wiseman C!Captain Max Hatcher was DT Commander for Wlinter quarter. t h e 2 4 h The pilot soon learned the line of cadets wanting to go up reached all the way to the cadet orderly room. ROTC flew to Barksdale AFB, a SAC base in Louisiana. .' 314 1 Z' ,rt . at N .:- ,, , 5 U53 1 Major Victor P. Sinclair, PAS, explains the use of the ejection Seat to cadets who are in line to receive orientation fiights in the jet. We cheered for the Aces at the Homecoming game until we were hoarse. .a --'M ,aww i.,..,. .. . Greeks Section Editors Nita Sims Carole Carstans ZEUS and HERA -- OVER ALL GREEKS Zeus, the king of all Greek gods, and Hera, the queen of heaven, were the leaders of the Greeks and are represented at Evansville College by the fraternities and sororities which take the lead in cam- pus activities. Fraternity life makes leaders of followers, and men of boys. The marriage of Zeus and Hera represents the lifelong bond acquired and shared in Fraternity Life. Q t " . 1 V. il "Zeus spake, and nodded with his shadowy 'lu' ' , browsg l Wazxed on the immortal head th, ambrosial locks, And all Olympus trembled at his nod." Homer 90 5 W 41, N. dw, ,ful z i 1. 'Q-www" A afbndli-. um N effffsfy t Wm I' V . M 'F nm ' wg 4. if H g ff 4' 4: s 'N 'NJ 3 'M aff' V M ws. ' 1' , BL Qlqa A Q :za rifle J' 5 '5 s kai? Q. LM iw uangumn 691,44 'Ulf' .as- 5015: 'N .. nl . Q-h Q 'ss if W L, J - -. M , " -f ff 9. 5 . dv 4 -f " 1: " ,, ' " " ' ' ' :,. 3' 5-. ' .. ' ' 2 -. ., a . W . ,.:- 15" I " jr, In " in J J V if , W. . wi' ng' "" ,, ff' sf -Z"2?9'.,:ig.i F f K ' '12, M 5 l wf . ' , ' 1 ' I 5 A 4 , ...M , f' if 2 i . E is 91 Omicron I f -ir f ' 'F ,... 5 " My 5, 5. Q sg 3 " ' w ' ii. Kecalling their pledge pictures in the scrapbook are the officers from left to right: Nancy Beyer, Barbara Grote, Sandy Droll, Carolyn Lauer, and Nancy Riecken. Another successful year began for the AOPi's when they pledged 14 girls after formal rush. Very capable of leading the chapter through a good year were Nancy Riecken, presi- dent, Judy Graul, vice-president, Nancy Beyer, correspond- ing secretary, Sandy Droll, recording secretary, and Carolyn Lauer, treasurer, Other important girls to the chapter were Carolyn VVils0n, rush chairman and social chairman, Kathy Compton, panhellenic representative, Cara Lee Habegger, standards chairman, Nita Sims, song leader and scholarship chairman, Jeane McKenzie, philantrophic chairman, and Ann Hillenbrand, historian. 5 - 5 I l rl li 'Q Legg. -gil!" r Homecoming was a happy time for the AOP's for their Ann Burton was crowned queen and a second place trophy was won for the lawn display. Carol lNIeyer and Nita Sims were in charge of building the display. The pledges also won first place in the tricycle race. Conducting the business for the pledges were Judy Taylor, president, Barbara Brown, vice-president and panhellenic representative: Peggy Langhorst, secretary, and Barbara Goerges, treasurer, AOPi's holding oflices in school organi- zations are Judi Kavanaugh, S,G.A. Athletic Chairman, and advertising manager for the Crescent and LinC, Kathy Compton, treasurer of Panhellenic and vice-president of Angel Flight, Judy Graul, Womenas Council secretary, and Above: Did you say you had a class in T.V. re- pair? Right: Pledge trainer Judy Graul holds one of the candles the pledges made for their money making projects. The pledges working on the candles are Malinda Sutherland, Judy Taylor, and Peggy Langhorst. Caroline Wlilson, S.G.A. delegate. Class officers include Ann Burton, senior treasurer, Caro- line Wlilson, junior treasurer, and Judy Graul, sophomore secretary. M., -. 1 I Y 1 N454 Q f l .1 . Qu ai . . 12214. 1.2 ' - -f-f ., iffzzz' .r,2f.i,vJ,.,, ,fx '9- up-gf 519' LJ 4f5r . i"'-1 O gA 15' M v HI. , .. .. N .,, ,ki if 1 ,pf Wx an QE F af 1 Q2 . Q 4 .- 4 gl H . M .r : . J 1 is 41535 is-f Q Q? X .df as 'iv-' is -if 5 K H 1: lk af Wy- .f,:. .Q 'M' X M WSF i ,A 'if 'ai at : ,Jef 'Nl VWXZ? ' A git f ,.,.., LVKV I Vx I V A aww . X7 LQQ L .gp-fy swf We '0l""'? Left to Right: Ist ROW: Barbara Grote. Mary Helen Gossman. Ann Hillen- brand, Carolyn XN'ilber. Judy Graul, Gayle Wilson. Carolyn lNICCullouQh. 2nd ROW: Xlary Decker. Barbara Brown. Judi Kavanaugh. Ann Burton. Manda Young. Carolyn Lauer. Barbara Coerges. 3rd, ROW: Nita Sims. Mary Brown. Sharron Crofts. Nancy Beyer, Cara Lee Habegger. Carol Meyer. Judy Taylor. 4th Row: jeane NIcKenzie, Sandra Droll, Caroline Wilson. Joy Hanl-tins. Cynthia Clarke. Malinda Sutherland, Becky Brumfield. 5th ROW: Barbara Matz, Janet Walsh. Diane Pfeifer. Nancy Riecken. Lee Wooden. Kathy Comp- ton. Ann King. 6th ROW: Peggy Langhorst. Carole Carstens, Rfaureen Fitzgerald. 93 Beta Sigma Gmicron Hurry! It's a man! fe em ill Looking over their scrapbook are the Beta ofhcers from left to right: anie Barnes ff 1 XX - fig -' , , Judy Mominee, Judy Williams, and Jody Kimm. 5 2 PLL D BOOK NY X ftu I s Il, If 44: 'I '.'t K K K als. Kath 1'3Q?r X mi 'Q' 'jfs' XX 1 4 Beta Pledges clean up the suite's kitchen as part of the work of pledge training. From left: Joanne Stanley, Gloria Rob- inson, and Cecil Townsend. KNEELING is Pam Goldsmith. ,,, -Q-if x , ' , V X 4' I ' gilii ifie 1? W After a busy rush season, the chapter gained 11 new girls. Elected to lead the pledge class were Carol Applegate, president, Pam Goldsmith, vice-president, Alice Chance, secretary, and Bonnie Friar, treasurer. Other important positions held by the pledges were Nancy Morris, Junior Panhellenic representative, Cecil Townsend, editor, and Gloria Robinson, house manager. Wfhen open rush started, Betas again pledged three girls. Betas are proud of their five girls who were named to Who,s Who. They are Martha Lockwood, Jody Kimm, Ninalea Savage, Karen Thomas, Judy Mominee. Many Betas participated in school functions and held offices. Among these are Carol Umbach, vice-president of M.S.M., Jo- anne Stanley, president of Sigma Alpha Iota Pledge Class, Nancy Morris, president of Junior Panhellenic, Cindy Hall, treasurer of Angel Flight, Janie Barnes, corresponding secretary of Newman Club, and Martha Lockwood, chairman of Union Social Commit- tee. Judy Williams was named Miss Student Nurse of Welborn Baptist Hospital. Holding social functions was part of an exciting year for the Betas. In the Spring, a family night was held for parents, actives, and pledges. The Motherls Club had the traditional party and dessert for seniors. The last day of school, the Betas spent sunbath- ing and picnicing for the final event with the graduates. 94 AL me ftzuuxgwn we -- is -fm., -:f, 'ff . - Mies 1. ' xxrf ff ,WF 1 qi W' if no . , .H-g. ,:. me , iswzzwt feisty,-f . , eu., 'Ely lk Kai """" HW? l From left to right: Ist ROW: Karen Thomas, Janet Berry, Pam ROW: Laurie Prokop, Rita Ficker, Martha Lockwood, Janie Barnes, Goldsmith, Doris Ferris, Carol Ann Applegate, Judith Williams. 2nd Barbara Bottorff, Cecil Townsend. 5th ROW: Ninalea Savage, ROIVJ Joyce McCulley, Joanne Stanley, Bonnie Friar, Carolyn Farr, Joycelyn Kimm, Betty Mitchell, Gloria Robinson, Nancy Morris, Judy Kay Smith, Carol Bass. 3rd ROW: Cindy Hall, Diana Blackburn, Mominee, Alice Chance, Carolyn Schnur, Carol Umbach, Kay Kraft. 4th 95 t 3, E ' 3 . is L .. 3 1 y Ziff 1, zv' " fig? 4. we il ., 5, if ' fx K , ...- M 'P Entertaining themselves around the piano are the Chi Omega officers from left to right Ann O'Reilly, joy Saddler, Suzy Schaad, and Judy Johnson. The Chi Epsilon Chapter of Chi Omega began their year by electing Suzy Schaad president, Judy Johnson, vice-president, Joy Saddler, secretary, and Anna O'Reilly treasurer, Dixie Corn Lant personnel, and Nora Fisher pledge trainer. Mary Ann Conaway was named Crescent Girl, and Georg- anne Knittle Hemmer was elected lXIay Queen. Last spring the chapter placed first in llusical Bladness with Nora Fisher winning best direc- tor. Sara Van Scyoc conducted the group to win Hrst in the women's division of Vocal Varie- ties. Holding offices in campus or- ganizations are Annette Tapley, president of Panhellenic, Nora Fisher, secretary of Student Gov- ernment Association, and four members of the Union Board. Scholastically the chapter re- ceived the Scholarship Trophy at State Day, Starting the fall with a bang, the Chi O's pledge 19 girls with Mary Ann Conaway receiving credit for being rush chairman. The pledge class sponsors are: First Sponsor Elizabeth VVeiss, Second Sponsor Barb Thompson. and Third Sponsor Susie Graul. At Homecoming time, the Chi O35 won First prize in the women's division of the displays. Sally Hadley was chairman of the dis- play. Named to XVho's lVho are Suzie Schaad, Judy F. Johnson, Nora Fisher, and Mary Ann Conaway. Chi Qmega Getting punished by pledge trainer Nora Fisher for stealing the trophies are pledges Tammy Young, Barbara Thompson, Linda Branaman, and Carolyn Graul. .4-W" V, . if Q is, lf: Below: And During finals, we . . . , 1 X If 5 A . any R -QJUI 5 an " L. is .fb ' Q1-' . we , 4 3 .i L.. 'KJ' . cl? 4 xv 3 , 6-. ' asf in-1' . . TT? .- . 1 -.g.x'g, - H . 1, if . A 5 if J as. ,. 'QR f' Sn.- QA 'N' -rw LIS: """"'- Q--v An.. W' I 4 hw '.' if fw'gs FN Q!! N. -S., . 1:-iv ' . .,-wr' , -nv-5 if? 'gun -we-f SHN! -ewwr 'C""" . 77 N. 45 ,ff ,.Z: p .. as-aa L AL 'F' YT' in 1.5-7 QS lf' www 5 Ist ROW: N. Fisher, S. Hadley, M. Sampson, 2nd ROW: Shafer, T. Young, R. Terry, N. Stofleth. L. J. Witherspoon. 4th ROW: K. Sims. S. Bentley. J. Hull, B. Morlock. 5th ROW: C. Graul, V. Ahrens, Sacldler, K. away. 31d ROW: L. Campbell, A. Tapley. J. Adams. Johnson. 6th ROW: S. Walk, N. Fox, D. 'iCorn" Lant, B. Thompson. 7th ROW: S. Smith, S. Chapman. 35? f' N .. :XE f at A' if 3 A . . , P' E. W'eiss, Bohleber, Johnson, S. Cooper. Waggener, L. Branaman, M. Con- Ritter, D. Harris, A. O'Reilly, S. Vickery, C. Fraker, S. Schaad, V. Rinckle, J. DeToro. G. Graper, J. Palmer, M. Guiney. S. Savage. Al Phi Mu ,Q Iiik .1 , , f"' f,"'t 3 mx 4 l' . sl, xlhil J l . 5 Getting together before their meeting are the Phi Mu officers. From left to right, they are Mary Ellen Rauch, Carol Day, Gail Savage, and Mary Ann Stahlberg. YVith new oflicers in reign, Phi Mu looked forward to rush and prospective rushees. Leading the group were Mary Ann Stahlberg, president, Carol Day, vice-president, Gail Savage, treasurer, Mary Ellen Rauch, secretary, and Annabelle Grab- horn, pledge trainer. In charge of rush was Susie Geier. She and the other actives gladly welcomed 12 new faces on pledge day. A slumber party was held for the pledges in the Sig Ep house. Elected to head the pledge group were Judy Innis, presi- dent, Judy Price, vice-presidentg Barbara Slaughter, secretary, and Barbara Andrews, treasurer. This group was proud of the three new pledges taken in open rush. They were Kathy Ros- borough, Carol Daniel, and Carolyn Boyd. This new course is really great! Homecoming brought on many exciting activities and hard work, with Sharon Crawford being in charge of the display and also the candidate for queen. A few weeks later, Phi Mu's gladly claimed Susie Geier for Miss United Fund. Christmas holidays meant the annual house cleaning party and tree trimming party with the Sig Eps. Phi Mu presented a silver dish to the men to show their appreciation of the successful afhliation with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Phi Mu placed three girls in class oHices during the class elections. Elected were Sandy Bates, sophomore treasurer, Gail Savage, junior secretary, and Carol Day, senior secre- tary. Mary Ann Stahlberg was chosen president of YN'omen's Council. 'rx fi? Wen! Au. 1 ,t Q..- Kzf' 6 ' + 3 Qu K kyy. .3 M 'mmgdf ull! :Q av-0 Af' W 1A It - ,,1A i B X. -if -.wr as fig' 'M .4 J A L , """s. .nf""X QL -y 1'-"'f3" W viii, Q -: Ywww' axe, QTY nv L ff' f , 4. . 2, . I f ., y S If fm "' 3 41" we 4 fam fl' uf' 1 ,puma M, 1 , .. .M K awaf A ir rr. .it .K qw. , , .37 X L A .5 A 'W 5, K 1 ,fam X ag fl K W at YW QQ . 5' Alvz. .idk W vi fi ,N 'E W ff 2 'Tv' S ix f ma s XA-0 l 1 YJ' Y " E: e 3 ,f 'ie N-tt.-ff l,.,..-M' From left to right: Ist ROW: Sharon Scheller. Jackie Ferguson, Gail Savage, Pat Sirkle, Pat Gist, Sharon Crawford. 2nd ROW: Bennie Foster, Shannon Dutton, Linda Kerby, Mary Ann Stahlberg, Rosie Dauby, Connie Turner. 3rd ROW: Susan Geier, Barbara Slaughter, Barbara Andrews, Sandra Bates: Nancy Colby, Nancy Bowers. 4th ROW: Donna Walton, Judy Price, Annabelle Grabhorn, Nancy Drompp, Kathy Rosborough, Carol Sanders. 5th ROW: Margaret Grimm, Gretchen Persons, Nancy Williams, Vicki Jaquess, Judy Innis, Jackie Thompson. 6th ROW: Bonnie Schrader, Carol Daniel, Barbara Kirsch, Kay Koob, Sharon Tapley, Janet Williams. V53 - 1- at iii if -f vw JSE? , ,Q y ff 2 Q 5 Standing outside the Lambda Chi fraternity house are the oflicers from left to right Ron Tepool, Delbert Pace, Steve Sanford, and David Koehler. fO00 235 AX Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha had a very productive and successful school year under the leadership of David Koehler. presidentg Delbert Pace. vice-president: Steve Sanford, secretary, and Ron Tepool. treasurer. Other top officers were Mike Sims, pledge trainer: Bob Blemker. rush chairman: Joe Rohleder, ritualist: Greg Server. social chairman. and Charles Hern- don. faculty advisor. The Chi's started the year off by having an all-campus watermelon bust. Linda Campbell was chosen the watermelon bust queen. Contest, dancing. and entertainment were the main activities for this event. Fall rush was again successful giving the fraternity 17 new men. During the homecoming weekend. the Lambda Chis won the men's division of the lawn displays competition. Phi Zetas. Lambda Chi alumni. were present for the Phi Zeta alumni breakfast. The winter and spring formal, Sadie Hawkins Dance, and open house parties were highlights of this years social activi- ties. The Crescent girl for the 1961-1962 school year was Mary Ann Conaway. Honored at the spring formal were Jim Sanders for outstanding senior, Ken School for outstanding pledge, and Clifford Kraft for outstanding alumnus. Numerous awards were given to the men of Lambda Chi. Pledge Gary Edward was elected freshman president and Del- bert Pace junior vice-president. Ron Tepool was named to lVho's lVho and also received most valuable player on Ace's football team, the Kiwanis Award winner. and all I.C.C. con- ference end. John Meredith was named outstanding lineman of the 1.C.C. and David Koehler received the Central Tur- ner's scholarship based on scholarship and athletic achieve- ment. Joe Rohleder won the Mr. United Fund contest. "Maybe I missed my calling by coming to college." 100 Getting ready to clean the actives' shoes are pledges from left to right George Porch, Dave Little, and Barry Gilland. Ln'-.if 9 ,Q ,uf- .vqq 'fm S A . J Ni' Z . J . . 4 R . 2 5 1Q -.rt J .W . J fl J kj 1 . J A QW A . Q ., B T J " e" . is 1 at n I all A 1 A Q. .9 my J Q ..yJ J K Ti Q if: T.. Q ,xi sa-7. 'rf ' , . S :ra 5 'E' A A 'X P 'J ' iii. :rf S 4 I ... n 1 is D Al' it , ., . . ff fzwvffzff.-f--. . . M: wfwswussff- z f .. x N ' gj em-.Xn..2..S -. . -r r ' f ' 1 1 1 t ,rh ... T SVGA Q2 . . . Se S L..,.w . AVA I A, Q iz, ff 5. nw-'V ,A Yi M -' , . f ., S. F " . ..,.' li .,,. f v 5 ' T' 't K V . ta.. - B .af ' J. M VALKV M. 'E Vw- , ,v-MA-,, I . 'cr-s-Q-sri" - ke if . ' f . A Q I' K 'a:- A . ' I A C L A ' "f t-. Ew...... , ff h 4 SK.....e f' ' .sw .. JFK 0 -':. Q. - ' .X , .iw . 2 Q 1- Wi 7' A ia. 5, R tba' . r V7 3 , .f t . . M Ss., - V W Y J . I' . .sk -1 2 au., .--.-. ,. U , VIZMV9 .. 1 :za -ti? it QL-wg ,. .x A ' A 5. ..-.i f Q, ,H mx 'N K -Br' Ng . 5 - . , .T ' ' 2" W. f -W-S all - ,.L. ... f grim- E - Y ' .....-., mr D Q , 1 Y 15 , -, T -V I V ji . .ukxigiil if I K i B A A . i in ai f NE 'iwf si w K AML ' K J, K V' Y. -f V E33 Kgu - . I tl fl . I - I Y ' Y V -Pix . '9-"XD .1 Q .K . 1' . , 5 f' Lt. B W H", M r Q' 2? i h is 4 ,I I A-f" , it 5 of L iw- . 'PTI' . 7 Lzz' W ws' . -f .. LV LVV. '- ,,.. ,, LA lr 1 qbzzl A . J f':'A L L . H .I . 8.1 A 1- 'I I t. AM! .. A l ROW I: B. Carter. B. Parrish, D. Smith. M. Sims. E. Pace. D Wink. R. Tepool, G. Powell, S. Sanford. ROW 2: W. Canup, R Stegmaier. S. I-leger. E. Bartlett. G. Stampiii. W'althall, J. Kinkel. J. lklurphy. R. Frette. ROW 3: D. Kennedy, R. Smith. P. Nufler C. Hills. XN'ehher, W'right. F. Dormeier. S. O,Hanian. Egnew. ROW 4: C. Schulz. D. Koehler. M. Barth. NI. Gerard. L. Batch, J. Kammon. J. VanFossan. D, Sharkelford, Rea. ROH7 5: Wer- 7 ner. B. Blemker. J. Allender, C. Otte. Meredith. G. Server. WN Meier. S. Aufderhar. Rohleder. ROW 6: C. Conterrnan. G. Porch, A. Koester, D. Zielinski. G. Edwards. N. Abernathy. B. Frey- Inuth. B. Gilland. D. Little. ROW 7: K. Scholl. T. Patterson. XY. Heller. M. Marsh. D. Hudson. D. Johnson. R. Deljriest. T. Boni- fielcl, R. Brown. ROW 8: D. Land. D. Pace. T. Williams. l.. Junker. J. Kelly. C. Herdel. B. Baumann. C. Herndon. Mrs. Thum - House Mother. 101 Sigma Alpha Epsilon This year's top officers are from left to right Larry Pond, Bob Engelbrecht, Bill Toy, and Lew Schwering. The 1961-62 school year has been another outstanding one for the men at Indiana Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Sig Alphs, who celebrated their fourth anniversary on the E.C. campus on Dec. 7, has leaders in nearly all phases of campus life. Heading the list of campus leaders was senior Tom Tuley, who is a past presi- dent of the fraternity, was president of the senior class, and vice-president of the Student Government Association. During class elections in the fall, Gary Seiler was elected vice-president of the sophomore class and Paul Utley won the ofhce of president of the junior class. The chapter - 61-members strong - also had other leaders and big events to keep it in the limelight of campus affairs. Bob Engelbrecht was the top cadet in AFROTC during the fall quarter, serving as commanding oflicer. Later inthe year, both Tuley and Engelbrecht were named to VVho,s VVho. Larry Pond co-ordinated college intramural athletic activities, heading the Stu- dent Government Athletic Committee and serving on the Student Senate. Frater- nity president Bill Toy also held the job of president of Inter-Fraternity Council during the Hrst half of the school year. In athletics, the chapter also had some outstanding competitors. Danny Phil- lips, an end of the Aces football squad, led the Indiana Collegiate, Conference in punting for the second year in a row. ,lim Horstketter and Ron Magness also saw considerable action in football. Marty Herthel, Paul Utley, Lynn Mautz were round ball players. The SAE's were making a strong big for the All-Sports Trophy when the LinC went to press. They took Hrst place in football and cross-country, and were doing fine in basketball. In March the chapter presents its SAE-Philo Blackouts with Don Hess as the coordinator. Below: Come on out pledges, you can,t hide during "help', week. Below: Pledges cleaning out the fire place are Dale Miller, Ron Magness, Jack Ken- nedy, and Tom Thiel. ing. 94? sg, 3 F. 1 i f as Qi ,Q-W. som H 4 A B-M ,dl V its ls ... i . ' L A., - 'W' T "' .f ,. ii... , .1 ,fx .XY M.. ll A 1 . M- .. W ii. ' gi- i iis. . 2.-:.. L4. 4 . an-D I ws! pus WSI?" L yr 'QM'-'V . - .fs 'fi' qw 'Y Why' fs ""'f':'- 12 'Tl ff: is T - T ww-an 3. Y. V"'f'l . . -fc.. :ff elk'-in my-' 41 ' A 'W' 9' iv' -n....,. 5... ri f was Aus: 2 ... .O 1 ll Ist ROW: Russell, R. Blondin. J. Neff. C. Leach. K. WVendt. C. Smith. T. Tulvy. B. Toy. 2nd ROW: R. Titzcr. D. Daugherty. G. Byers. L. Mautz. R. Freeman. Mentzcl. L. WN'illiz1ms. ll. Horstketter. 3rd ROH7: S. Kfudd. T. Thiel, B. Liscinlmv. Kvnncdy. Bru- baker, D. Miller, B. Brazelton. YV. Cole. -Hh ROW: R. Karvh. B. Bragassu, B. Moc-llenkamp, NI. YVithrow, L. Pond. A. Speicher. F. if if 14' Sl Staton. Xfoorc. 5th ROH7: R. Engelbrecht, L. Nunn. T. O'C0n- nor. L. Wilson, R. Miles, J. Hunt. D. Phillips. J. Tubbs. 6th ROW R. Tubbs. D. Baskctt. D. Shagaloff. G. Sciler. R. Magncss, KI. Barn mer. M. Walters, M. Andrews. 71h ROW: B. Dodge. XV. Ward. L. Schwering. M. Hcrthel. B. Jones. C. Young. P. Utlcy. M. Paco. 2 s ,, W. A I -M Qjlgjy' 3 Xml' gk ,,w.....,:-.. Cleaning house is part of the weekly duty of Sig Ep pledges. . 1 N i 1 T l 1 ai ffylff 312'-...wr A.Q.f 5 W' Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon completed its 7th successful year as the first National social fraternity on this campus. Leading the chapter was Charlie Hayse, president, Larry Hockstetler, vice-president, Gene Bricker, secretary, Jim Rogers, comptroller, and Max Hockstetler, historian. VVinning trophies was part of the big year. Sig Epis placed first in Vocal Varieties, second in Musical Mad- ness, and first in the tricycle race Homecoming. Many Sig Eps contribute to other campus organiza- tions. Ron Brown served as president of Student Govern- ment Associationg Ron TenBarge, homecoming chair- man, Jerry Hockstetl, chairman Hnance committee and member union Board, Chester Mayfiower, chairman of welfare committee and national treasurer of Kappa Chi, Bill Balsbaugh, president of choir, and Jim Lewis, treas- urer of Phi Mu Alpha. Elected to class officers were Carl Schroder, senior vice-president, and Dick Inglebrand, sophomore presi- dent. Gene Niednagle was editor of the Crescent and served as president of Cantibury Association. Gene Bric- ker was a Crescent staff member and on the R.O.T.C. group staff. Norman Long held the office of president in A.A.R. Sig Eps are active in the community as well as on campus. This year, they will again help with the annual Heart Fund Drive. The fraternity house had the addition of new closets and new curtains, provided by the Mother and Wlivcs Club. The interior was brightened up with a new paint job. Alan Savage, social chairman, saw to it that the broth- ers had plenty of social functions. There were several combo parties, theme parties, such as the Dog Patch Drag, and the Stone Age Stomp, and the annual spring formal. ,-f"" 104 Taking a break from their meeting are the Sig Ep officers, from left Yea, She's pretty sharp, but what do you think about her? to right, Larry Hockstetler, Gene Bricker, jim Rodgers, Charlie Hayse, Max Hockstetler. M' . ,rw -ff .. vm , - .,,,,,L 4 U K 'NK 'L C 1 QM-e. 1 f mf- f - . 'S im... 8 M K we Q ' . , I :H -1 5 f .1 .. f- 1 .. K ggi? Q, .n-,ml Q31 Q 5. J. 're fa-1 we sf f 'Y .A .x g-: fe .f f J j k . Q. -2' , .1 4. is I Q E .. ss 5 1 WZ' Y - f' J 'J :' ' ' Qifk my ig' - - H 1 4 5 2 Zzzzu new S rw -fe ' . f ' QVQA .. In . 4: - TM A- J or 4 A .. . Q ,,,, V Alqz .I bN,, X J ,J if ' 'Y i . f . L -1,-. ' LA. ,, 1 . e g ' ig . ' . . , W 'll . s 1 if 5 . fr' 5WQ.:2FRi ' " f .e' a'fk i75Q ever? F 2..- . W R ,,Q. J... f-f.. . fs-W M i 5' yo., J M N-.ff 'five V. W..-, . o Z or , 1 ' . ff . . , ,ZA . S- - L lJ ,,,, , W: - L l is 1 'ev L . 'W 'B K LA' B S 44" iz. 5 ig 1 S J., 5:1 ii k.,...w , W , I ,. f .ff fx ,EL V nfs' f , .. 4. :: L. .4 I h4 h IL 4 67 ,7 1 5 I AQ, W V, ,Er .fL' I -V-k - .J in A ii . , " I . , , , J 1,,KQWJf 4,- ., J, A L Q - AA A p L l . ,Ph kf:, :V :N i i ag :N K ,VVL . ,nm I i.,..:l- ::E Q nw 7 A.T-Ma S6 Qygk ig I N 2 ' ag... V- Li, Z? . QW Q 4 si. i K, ' V , - if-1 'LM' .ei :P-Q. 7 'X-fm? f . f l 4. Sif y K K. ..k, . it V, K I ,V -.,. O -. ..,I Wei' wer i ie. e-f i.e reg :e ,a J J s i . . I ii in Ak-vi ,V Lggi V ii J' :,, Q , , . . . L Q Ist ROW: S. Fischer, D. Ellis, M. Ellis, Eskridge, L. Wiseman, Cv Huebschmann, Brenton, B. Mazzier. 2nd ROW: B. Faul, G. Beau- lieu. C. Powers, A. Savage, Rodgers, G. Sitzman, R. Berridge, J Adamson. 3rd ROW: D. Meyers, R. Nance, L. Hochstetler, T. Hochstetler. L. Stephenson, D. Breidenbach, J. Gadau, D. Gann. 4th ROW: B. Georgeson, N. Long, G. Morris, D. White, Harrel son, W. Kerney, R. Kaetzel, Lewis. 5th ROW: D. Ingehrand, C Schroeder, E. Diekmann. K. Clark, M. Kelly, E. Nic-dnagel, Hochstetler, R. TenBarge. 6th ROW: R. Brown. L. Keller. C. May- flower, Lawson, C. Hayse. G. Bricker, Hall. R. Bonds. 71h ROW: B. Longtine, M. Schroer, K. Ellis, W. Ellcrbusfh. J. Kimm, D. Biggs, YV. Balshaugh, R. Lehrnkuhl. Sth ROW: B. Stock. J. Bauer, Kidwell. D. Schaefer, S. Morris. 105 Tau Kappa Epsilon Standing around their trophy case are the officers from left to right Ronald Ruminer, Brian Presley, Don Hayes, and Roger Gooclson. Leading the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity through another K-I 7 year were Brian Presley, president, Donn Hayes, vice-president, Ron Ruminer, secretary, Roger Goodson, treasurer, Ken Flittner, historian, and Mark Campbell, pledge trainer. This year an extensive house remodeling program was put into operation. The house has been repainted both inside and out. The furniture has been replaced and new carpeting put in the CN gn living room. The fall pledge tiled the upstairs and downstairs 11 halls of the house. Meals are now being served for those members living in the house. In charge of Vocal Varieties and Musical Madness for the TKE's was Charles Jones. Pledge Bob Swartz won the HUgly Man" contest held at the United Fund carnival and dance. Mark Campbell was the lucky person to be in charge of the homecoming display in front of the house this year. The Red Carnation Ball was held at the Evansville Country Club once again. The TKE's were fortunate in having the na- tional executive secretary speak at the annual Founderis Day Ban- quet which was held at the West Haven Gun Club. TKE pledges, l to r, Jack Wright, Bob Schwartz, Stan Weinstock. "Hurray, he's herel' 106 4'0""""w X98 g-u.,....,.- ,Wm ,.,,,, ,,-,.. -ff- 'Worry MQW -7 ,4- in-.dr S313 From Left to Right: Ist ROPV: Mike Loewen, John Wright, Ronald Ruminer, Warner Brizius, Charles jones. 2nd ROW: Brian Presley, Lee Ernge. Stanley VVcinstoCk, Mark Camp- bell, Russell Roth. 3rd ROW: Steve Walton, Donald Paul. Robert Hardesty, Bill Davidson. Robert Schwartz. 4th ROW: Dennis Schneider, Roger VonGoodson, Donald Hayes, Edward Susat. 107 . r,t- W MPP' x Xi' A-""' 'N : J, .Ma 9 H W AN 'TQ Section Editors Carolyn Wilson Judy Graul Sharon Crofts Qrgani ation THEMIS GODDESS OF ETERNAL LAYV AND ORDER Themis was the servant or companion of Zeus and her chief responsibility was to summon the assemblies of both gods and men. She assisted Zeus with advice and she helped organize all the work and recreation for the Greek gods. just as Themis organized the work and recreation on Mount Olympus, the organizations on the Evansville College campus are responsible for the most of the activities throughout the school year. just as Themis provided the etemal law and order of the Greek gods, the Evansville College Student Government is respon- sible for the law and order of its students. These organizations provide a sense of leadership to the students and help the students with their advice as Themis helped Zeus. 110 g Veep ""llF iid if iff, 3 - Fran Wahler Pres. - Vivian Morlock !"" r Treas. - Annette Tapley Gamma Delta Alpha Lamba Delta This is the first year that Alpha Lambda Delta, scholastic fraternity for freshman women has been found on Evansville College campus. Originally this organization had been known as Alpha Phi Mu. The first part of this year the organization became a national fraternity known as Alpha Lambda Delta. Lia Sec. - Margaret Grimm lg Gamma Delta is a social organization for freshman girls through which they become orientated for college life. Officers for Gamma Delta are from left to right: Karen Horiuchi, secretaryg Betty Calcer- ano, presidentg Billie Stern, vice-presidentg and Pat Mitchell, treas- urer. Kappa Pi E . Kappa Pi, the National Honorary Art Fraternity, won second place in the Homecoming Display Contest. Pictured above is their display. Offirers of Kappi Pi are SEATED: Anna O'Reilly, secretaryg Ronnie Frankenburger, president: STANDING: Jerry Points, treasurerg Mr. Osborn, sponsorg and Bob Worman, vice-president, Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon, national journalism fraternity, is for students who of this fraternity are SEATED left to right: S. Hadley. S. Tapley, P. Langhorst. C. lN'ilson, B. Grotte, L. Ayers. SECOND ROIV: have worked at least one year on a school publication. Nfembers L. Pond. J. Kavanuagh, K. Compton, C. Leach, N. Sims. A. Tapley, B. McGregor, M. Conaway. L. Scott. THIRD: J. Kinkel, N. Patton, T. Patterson, R. Rowland. G. Ncidnagel. YY. Shipley, S. Evans. G. Bricker, FOURTH ROIV: R. Olmsted, B. Moehlencamp, and D. Follet. .G.A. Committees The SGA Athletic Committee is concerned with the running of all intramural athletics, pep assemblies, and the selection of cheer- leaders. Co-chairman of this committee are Judi Kavanaugh and Delbert Pace. Social Life This SGA Committee sponsors the Ice-breaker Dance and the crowning of the Basketball Queen. Members of this committee are: J. Graul, S. Crofts, S. Geier. BACK ROW, l to r: R. Frankenberger, R. Lemkuhl, Points. Athletics 35 2712 Welfare The SGA Welfare Committee serves to investigate and consider applications for appropriations from the Stu- dent Relief Fund. Recommendations are then made to the Administrative Board.. Members are Bob Long- tine, Lee Wooden, and Chester Mayflower, chairman, who is not pictured. STANDING, left to right: Dave Koehler, Susan Schaad, Sharon Frohbieter, and Ron Brown. Not pictured are Donna Hagedorn and Karen Thomas. Campus Notables, chosen from the Senior Class, rare students having demon- strated outstanding leadership in one activity and having maintained at least a 3.0 average for the four quarters preceding selection. These students are selected by the faculty from a list of nominees chosen by a student-faculty committee. Also chosen from the Senior Class by the faculty and this committee are the Campus Leaders. A Campus Leader shall have demonstrated leadership qualities as a member of various organizations and maintained a 2.5 average during the four quarters proceeding selection. As of LinC publication, these students had not been announced. 114 SGA Publications Comm. Publications Committee of SGA has general supervision of the college publi- cations and is responsible for the editors and business managers. SEATED left to right Don Follett Arthur Wardelman Dr Orville Jaebker, John Boyd. STANDING D Gann P Langhorst K Compton M A Conaway, C. Umbach, and G. Canterbury Club Kappa hi 1, . ,iq Kappa Chi is a ministerial fraternity for those men and women planning to enter full-time Christian service. Left to right: Brooks Harding, presi- dentg Jim Butler, veepg Sandra Hamblen, secretaryg Linda Bowers, treas- urer. STANDING from left to right: Gene Neidnagel, president, Don Smith, vice president, Donna Walton, secretary. 115 Q .. .,,, K 'V -. A - s -1 wid if N S. li .,-. I- . 1 si s'5EE.l'2Q::gQffEP'i? . 'Q , ., ".e. ,i--. 4 , Circle "K" Circle "K" is an organization for young college men who want to know about Evansville. The members also sec first hand how the local Kiwanis Club operates. Officers from left to right: K. Scholl, secretary: Jerry Rhinehart, presidentg Allender, vice- president. V xii vw Y... fm. Ivan-. A.C. . Association for Childhood Education is the organiza- tion for all elementary education majors. lt is part of the Future Teachers of America organization. Of- ficers are from left to right: Jackie Tetrick, Publicity: Nancy Pickett, Secretary: Janice Kraft. President 1 Dave Ellerbush, Treasurer. Not pictured is Carol Um- bach, Vice-president. 'mr K 'QQKTZSP' Ve? K.. fir '.. .t.. . 1. Franklin House Franklin House is the new living quarter on campus for women. Officers are: SEATED from left to rightg S. Himsel, wing representa- tiveg C. Havens, Wing rep.g S. Morgan, Historian. STANDING: M. Scott, presidentg S. Beanblossom, Secretaryg M. Sampson, vice-president. Not pictured J. Johnson, treasurer. .ff 2 z..w s .. .sh Q s 313535555 ? ig vets fs i S2 'SLM Men's Dorm Hughes Hall is one of the housing quarters on campus for men. SEATED is Mrs. Irene Ogden, Head Residentg STANDING from left to right are: John Robb, vice-presidentg Bob Hunt, presidentg and John Fulling, secretary-treasurer. Sr. Panhelleni N...-1' S Y hx . , X 1 B ,Q 5 4 Jr. Panhelleni Jr. Panhellenic is composed of representatives from each of the four sororities. Oflicers are, left to rightg Barbara Brown, social chairman: Judy lnnis, secretary-treasurerg and Nancy Morris, president. XJ Sr. Panhellenic is composed Z, ,if 2 4 W 1: K ' f'....r 1 of the president and the Panhellenic representative of each of the sororities. STANDING from left to rightg M. A. Stahlberg, M. Lockwood. SEATED are S. Crofts, K. Compton -Q treasurer, S. Geier, vice- secretary, and M. A Cona- way. I . .. ,,.., ... ' president, A. Tapley 4 president, Dr. V. Grabill - advisor, D. Blackburn - SGA Homecomin Committee "S Q QF' nr von- Homecoming Committee, sponsored by SCA, is composed of various committee 'Xml chairmen. These chairmen have charge of all Homecoming activities, including the campus display, bonhre. tricycle race, tug- of-war and the Homecoming dance. Blem- bers of this committee are: A. Burton, R. TenBarge, M. Scott, D. Widick, M. Samp- son, G. Server, S. Savage, S. Bates, and R. Karsch. Ann Barton and Ron TenBarge were to-chairmen of this committee. The purpose of the Ncxnnan Club is to provide religious, educational, and social activities for Catholic students on other than Catholic school campuses. By such a program, a student is able to increase his knowledge of the Catholic faith. STANDING from left to right: Bob Draim, Mary Jo Wirthwein, Bill Me- Guire, Father Robert Woerdcman, Char- lotte Stoltz, and Jane Barnes. Newman Club un ll we gf... 554 . ,143 ry 2.37 , fi" X ..... E ty w e 1 vs' . 2 iff it il eff -wa ut, as N Fine Arts The SCA Committee on Fine Arts studies and recommends plans and projects for the cultural advancement of our college life in nal' ' music and drama and the equipping of buildings with works of art, Members of this committee are: Mr, Robert Osborn, faculty sponsor, V. Morlock. Bill Kearny, chair- man, and Carolyn YVeller. . 1 'P' 5 ,WWW , ro Ofliccrs for INCA this year are: FIRST ROW, left to right, Jackie Totrick, sec- rctaryg Noah Shouse, treasurerg Ed Sclmautz, president. STANDING are two mt-mluvrs of INCA, Tom YVcstfall and Don Schwcikarth. : "' "W' !,. 'WMM Y W., Tlic lmlc-pcfiiclvnt Campus Association is in its filitli yvtii' on the Campus. INCA, as it is cxillvtl. pzirtivipzitccl in varioiis school functions tliis ycar. During llcmiiiwoiiiiiig. tlio lNCA's sponsorvcl 11 clisplziy and 21 cziucliclzltc for Homvvomiiig Que-t-11. Tliey also spoiisorccl a czmcliclatc for llziskotball Queen. INCA is foiiuclvcl to cricotirzigt' iiiclci- peudent stiiclvuts to participate in cum- pus activities. FIRST ICOIV. lvft to right: Rf. iloliiisoii. Cl. Sflfieclc. C. Bom-. l,. Siisott. Xi. Pmiloy, SITC- OND ROUY E. St'li1m11t7. Trtrirk. S. Doi'- mey. TIIIRD ICUIV: ll, Daniels. T. lY0s1fnll. FOURTH ICUIVJ N. Sliouse. D. Scliwcikni-ili X F is-W-'X O 0 O 4 Religious Life The SGA Religious Life Committee guides religious activities, including the Campus Conference on Christian Living, the Vesper Services, and Chapel Services. Members are, 1 to r: Dr. Mavis, K. Seiffert, D. Frctte, B. Harding, G. Niednagel, Williams, B. McGuire, Mr. Rapp, and Dr. Mansure. Inter-Fraternity Coun il IFC creates better relations among fraternities. The primary duty of the council is the formulation of rush rules and policies. Interfraternity ac- tivities are sponsored by this group. SEATED, 1 to r: S. Sanford, Neff, 1 D. Shagaloff, M. Campbell, D. Hayse, B. Toy - President, B. Bonds, C. Schroeder, R. Berridge, M. Gerard, and D. Kanady. .ww x'-nw, fm-Pg, ,QQ S f. , , ." M M A Q "RTW V i W . - . if -if ' P- t ,. , rf' "tra My '12 X as I N S., 4 . .,,. 'Q y. ff , VICE-PRESIDENT Delbert Pace TREASURER Caroline W'i1son f1sml9'f Ii The Debate Club develops skill in intelligent, effective, and responsible speaking in a free society. Members of the Debate Club are SEATED, left to right: Chester Mayflower. Barbara Main, Bill Davidson, Kenneth Sanders. and C. Y. Allen. ' Wom n's Coun il Women's Council is in charge of lVomen's Recognition Dinner each spring. It also sponsors Gamma Delta. Oflieers are M A Stahlberg, presidentg J. Graul, secretary, Not pictured are J Kimm, treasurer and S, Sehaad, veep. SCA urses Assoc. The Nurses Association is the governing body for the Department of Nursing at Evansville College. They enforce rules at the Nurses Dorm. Carol Anpelgate, vice-presidentg Joyce Johnson, treasurerg Bonnie Schroeder, secre- tary. The President, Shiron Sehuessler is not pictured. IV VK j""fs vs, l fini? 'PHI' Student Christian Association is afhliated with the YYVCA and YMCA. It provides weekly wor- ship services on an interracial and TDlCl'ClCIlOIT1ll'121llOI'1ZEll basis. Officers of SCA are: Noah Shouse. Pulnlirityg Nunry Albin, Treasurer: Jerry Bertelsen, President: Rosemary Shirernzm, vice-president :ind Deanna Tuley, secretary. ai xx MSM The olmjeet of the Rfethodist Student lNIox't-inent is the intel- lectual. inorul. and religious care and instruction of young people who are students in the commu- nity, especially those who are ad- herents of the lNIethodist Church. SEATED. left to right: Sue Tro- villion. secretary: Dick Frette, treas- urer: Barbara lNIartin. vice-president, Carol Appelgate. president is not pictured. ,ff-ng, PRESIDENT Gary Edwards Freshman Linda Brzmaman SECRETARY 4 VICE-PRESIDENT Liike Ellis Class Officers R Jim Armstrong TREASURER vi 4 fi E E BE Q ? 5 , 6 .X ! ::--: - zqz 124 ' ms, fl 'F gg E E L ' if , sssh. U f " ' 112Szssiz1sffis "kk WH- ? s Z f gf-g - s Q . , ' 2 Im ,s,. V. :fins 1- , E s s ss'-. sf iv Ms QQ if if W-fm, my sf was 32152 E :.-- Ysss ss l sssf E E Qxs 9 4 1s-my 13ms:w.w .swufssssvaaw ' 'WMKWYQ K 'wr' mme. 'M PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Dick Ingcbrand Judy Graul Gary Scilcr Sandy Bates TREASURER TREASURER 72 x. W if 1 525 me- S? Q J-P' "N SA ,nu Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a IIICIIS fra- ternity dedicated to the advancement of music in America. The organization, of which Jim Miller is president. is known to the campus chiefly through the per- formances of its dance band. In addition. the fraternity sponsors recitals a.nd en- deavors to contribute in any way it can to the musical life of the campus and the community. Officers are: Jim Miller. president: Gordon VVerremeyer. vice-president: Larry Feldmeyer. secretary: -lim Lewis, treasurer: Steven John- ston, alumnae secretary. STANDING from left to right. Don Campbell, historianq Clifff Mer- rick, warden: and Vern Rager, chaplain. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national pro- fessional fraternity for women in music, Its purpose is to form chapters of music students who will uphold the highest ideals of a music education. Monthly' musicales, publishing of a yearbook, and the promotion of na- tional projccts are zunong the obliga- tions. Ofhccrs arc: J. Wolter, editorg B. Foster, Chaplaing M. Boyd, presidentg Genevieve Crane, corresponding secretary and M. Munclell, vice-president. Not pictured are A. Howe, recording secretaryg Deana Self, treasurer: and Ruth Niehaus, sergeant at arms. Phi Iph y Engineering Club The Chemistry Club promotes interest in chemistry on the E.C. Campus. Some of their activities include taking Field trips to surrounding areas, partici- pating in the Homecoming Display Contest, assisting with the Science Fair and the chemistry testing program. BACK ROW, left to right: Dr. Kinsey. P. Barnett, F, Hopf, D. Berges, B. Barnes, R Hardesty, E. Folz, and Dr. Weller. FIRST ROW: D. Knaap, Allan Campbell - veep Marygayle Oskins - Sec-Treas., Arthur Kushner - President, and Hisker. hemistry Club The purpose of the Engineer- ing Club of Evansville College shall be to stimulate the interest of engineering students in the en- gineering profession and to broaden their understanding of the opportunities in various fields of engineering. Sponsoring the Annual Engineering Picnic and touring plants of major interest in the Tri-State area are included in the activities. lpha Psi Omega ham Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary fraternity for those in- terested in dramatics. To become a member, one must have con- tributed IOU or more hours in college dramatics. L to R: Eva Kinnaird, president, and Sally Hadley, secretary. Not pictured is Janet Patton, veep. dbxg 2 , .,...iV 4 0 President President Ron Brown enforces the Constitution. presides over SGA meetings and Student Senate meetings. and ap- points eornmittees not provided for. Ron is a senior major- ing in pre-med. and is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Officers The Student Government As- sociation gives students the op- portunity to participate in the life and work of Evansville Col- lege. It enables the student body, as a group, to eo-operate with the Faeulty as a group. Vice-President Tom Tuley, vice-president, as- sists the president in his duties and presides in his absence. Tom is a senior majoring in English and is past president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. .rg , 1: JM? J' fz Secreta ry Secretary Nora Fisliefs joh is to take minutes in SGA Aclministrzxtivc- Board and Student Senate meetings. A member of Chi CUIIIPQZI, Nora is 21 junior majoring in English. X ,ay Delegate Delegate-at-large is Caroline Wilson. Sho is in charge of public rc-lations for the Student Senate, Achninistrativo Board, and SGA. Carolina' is Z1 member of Alpha Omicron Pi and a junior major- ing in speech. 'WJHP' Treasurer Bob Hunt svrws as treasurer of SGA. His duly is to lx- in clmrqe of Finances under rules estab- lished hy the Aclu1inist1':1tix'c- Board ol' the Student Faculty Aduiinistrution. President of the mens dorm. Roh is 21jLlI1lOI'II1L1j01'lHQ'lI1PII'-l21XN'. R-'-,.,, 5 President's Roundtable Student Senate FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Tuley, Ron Brown, Caroline Wlilson, SECOND ROW: Bob Hunt. Nora Fisher, Mary Ann Cona- way, THIRD ROW: Ronnie Frankenberger, Richard Freddie, Bill Kerncy. FOURTH ROl1".' Judi Kavanaugh, and Chester May'- flower. SEATED left to right: Annette Tapley, Janice Kleitz, Susie Srhaad, Sally Hadley, Nancy Riecken, Mary Ann Stahlberg, and Mary Ann Scott. STANDING: Lowell Scott, Bill Toy, Ron Thomas, John Helmbock, Byron Moellenkamp, Tom Tuley, Ron Brown, Bob Hunt, Bryan Presley, Ronnie Frankenberger, Dave Koehler, Charles Hayse. Not pictured are Nora. Fisher and Caroline Wlilson. SEATED around the table from left to right: Dr. Robert Thompson, Tom Tuley, Bob Hunt, Nora Fisher, Dr. Edgar NIC- Kown, Ron Brown, Caroline Wlilson, Dr. James Morlock, and Dr. Virginia Grabill. dministrative Board a,,,.s5xssi"m ,, mi Efarxiggim Section Editors Lee Ayers Sandy Bates Faeult - 374, VI X , HECATE 3 GODDESS OF DIVINE POWER Hccate had the power of bcstowing or withholding her blessing of learning. She rules over the other gods and goddesses in their wisdom, and they could obtain their knowledge only if she wanted to grant thein the power of wisdom. At Evansville College: Hecate is represented by the faculty. They grant the opportunity of gaining wisdom, it must be our decision to accept it. The faculty inenihers lead us, just as Hecatc led the Greek gods. YVithout the faculties' guidance, we would surely not have gained the wisdom wc did at Evansville College. 1 f 1: E2',1.".--"-'l'f'?f:ff5' wwf. - Hi '61 N ll- lla 'ff 1 Ei .vw AL' 1-I I x 6 Q- Q xl X if' 'lifl - -'1e?""'- .Q M l'm'...,:e:5yiI 2 Ulllllllilll Y' 'xfiiiiff ,J-I al'-no 132 President Melvin W. Hyde From the founding of Moore's Hill to the present Evansville College. this edu- cational institution has been expanding and improving steadily. We who are in attendance here in 1961-62 are privileged to witness the expansion of facilities and growth toward university status. The completion of the Fine Arts Building and the Physical Education Building will represent an increase in stature, among compa- rable colleges, that reflects much credit on those who have led Evansville College during the years directly preceding this addition. Foremost among these leaders is Melvin WV. Hyde, who has been President of Evansville College since 1956. The building program now nearing completion should be a source of great satisfaction to him as an objectification of his hopes for Evansville College. 133 DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Dr. Edgar McKown Left to right: Barbara Adler, Mrs. Esther Hittner - Secretaries to Dean's. DEAN OF MEN Dr. james Morlock Deans Y Dr. Robert 'lll1OlIlIDSOl1. Dean of Students. is advisor to thc fratcrnities and is in charge of Freshman orientation. having Conducted Freshman Convoration for several years. Left to right: Betty Gibson, Ann Adams, Mrs. Mary Gooch, Miss Pauline Hollingsworth. Dr. Virginia Grabill. Director of W'omen's Counseling. holds one of the most multi-faC- ctcd positions in College administration, Besides being advisor to the four Crt-ek social sorori- ties, she is counselor to the students living in Moore Hall and teafhcs rlassvs in literature and grammar. Ei r 'iw wwf 1- ns? 2 fr' VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE - Dean Long AWN'-vu. 'T . ' 3 , REGISTRAR - H, Owen Long r 32,7 . Q75 A ww? s Sf 1,1 .KM -rum ww, DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS - Don Widick hem Physics PHYSICS DEPARTMENT - Dr. R. T. Dufforcl QDGDI. Headj, K. C. Milos, Travcr Sutton. Left to Right: CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT - Dr. Clifford G. Shultz, Dr. Weller fDept. Hcadl, Mr. Shores, Dr. Phillip Kinsey, T. L. Pickett. A Qij,iQ.. Math MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT f Dr. R. Coleman QDept Hcadj, V. C. Bailey, C. Bucsking. 137 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT - Left to right: Mr. Robert Nforris, Nlr. Paul Talley, Mrs. Snepp, Dr. Mildred Nlunday, Niiss Karlecn Redle, Mrs. Rettke, Iwir. Ted Foster. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT g Left to right: Mrs. Olmsted, Dr. Paul Grabill, Dr. V. G 3, . '.l' ' '-, .J . O Logan Dr V1rg1r11aGrab1ll MISS LarolynK1Ls Mr ohn Boyd HISTORY DEPARTMENT 1 Left to right: F. Kendrick, Dr. WV. Davis CDept. Hcadb. Dr. O. jaebker. MUSIC DEPARTMENT 4 Left to right: W. Shepard. H. Nolte, P. Rapp, Miss M. E Nicdcraucr. Miss Herron, Biargarct Shepard, C. B. Staplin. P. Thompson, R. Nchcr, R Cody CCG-Heads: Shepardsj. V- X ff ll .,"' - , as Business Manager. Ralph Olmsted, and his staff are among the hardest-working members of those who see to the Complicated business of getting students registered and ready for a new quarter. Students irritated with having to pay a parking fine often forget that with4 out the Careful handling of records by the people in thc Business Olive their College ca- reers would bo inurh less smooth. G22 22 we' Left to right: Mrs. Dorothy Wyatt. Jerry Kemp, James Yocinn, Robert Cravens. W. Marvin Lundy, Mary Jo Fellier Qnot pivtlirecl. Nlrs. Ann Neherj. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION - Arthur Mansureg Rev. C. T. Schoettclkotte, Dr. Edgar McKown, partment head, and Dr. Harris Erickson. Y. Dr. de- HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT - Vlrs Corian Lunclquist .cgi A -I DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS - STANDING SITTING: H. W'itCo1nb, V. Anderson, M. Breden- left to right: L. Anderson, E. Hauswald, D. Allen, R. Arensman, A. Wardelman, W. Hahn, Dean Long. kamp, and R. Martin. Head of the Dept. Arensman. isR l E . J., E w.f..f Repainting the interior of the Oflice Building kept Maintenance men busy. Replacement of worn out furnishings is as important as care of existing facilities. Wear and tear from student traf- fic is kept to a minimum by plenty of work. was sifu,s . -mmf i1v Dorm students haven't so Wide a choice, but they avoid the cash register tangle. Ring up another Student Plate! Another reluctant customer digs up 104' for a cup of coffee. f i'Hi Y But surely they aren't all offered only at ten! Without help from the secretaries in the Registrafs office, we'd still be filling out class cards in July. ,W ,amwsww Whether you want paperback books or paper clips, the book store will be glad to supply what you need. Section Editors Mary .lo Wirthwein Charlotte Stoltz niors The daughter of Zeus and Metis, Athene was the goodess of wisdom. She was of a more masculine than feminine structureg she had thoughtful eyes, compressed lips and a firm chin. She had the power and influence of a great warrior, but she won her victories by her wisdorn. Athene, like the students at Evans- ville College, attained her knowledge and skill from trying to learn more than the average person. Athene is represented by the graduating seniors, who surely must have attained their wisdom by careful, deep thought and study. 146 -vsaww CAROL DAY: B.A., Phi Mu, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Vice-Presi- dent, Panhellenic Vice-President, Dean's List, Musical Madness, Di- rector, Union Dance and Entertain- ment Core Committee, Gamma Delta, Senior Class Treasurer, May Day Co- Chairrnan, Student Senate, Women's Athletic Association, President, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, 1961. THOMAS WAYNE TULEY: B.A., English, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presi- dent, Vice-President, S e c r e t a ry, Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chair- man, SGA, Vice-President, Chair- man Athletic Committee, Dean's List, Musical Madness, President's Roundtable, Pi Delta Epsilon, Treas- urer, Crescent Sports Editor, Fresh- man, junior, Senior Class Presidents, May Day Chairman, Student Senate, Chairman Athletic Committee, IFC, Vocal Varieties. ANN BURTON: B.A., Sociology, Al- pha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic Repre- sentative, Deanis List, Musical Mad- ness, Presiclent's Roundtable, Union Publicity Committee Core Member, Gamma Delta, Homecoming Queen, 1961, Secretary Senior Class, Home- coming Decorations Chairman, 1960, Co-Chairman of Homecoming, 1961, Historian Moore Hall, Panhellenic Treasurer, Vocal Varieties. 147 CARL SCHROEDER: B.S., Busi- ness, Sigma Phi Epsilon, IFC Repre- sentative, Social Life Committee of SGA, Vice-President of Senior Class, IFC, Secretary. RICHARD ALBIN: B.S., General Businessg Arnold Air Society, Baseball, All- Conference 1961. L A W R E N C E ALTEMEYER: B.S., Electronivs Club, Young Re- publirans. MELVIN RAY ANDREWS, JR. B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PER OTTO ASKIM: B.S. MARGARET V. BAILEY: ROBERT BANDY: B.S. BA., Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT BARNETT: B.S. Mechanical Engineer- ing, Engineering Club, Secretary g Football 5 Football Scholarship. LARRY BATCH: B.A,, Seeondary Education, Lambda Chi Alpha, Chairman, By-Laws Comm., Parlia- mentariang SEAg Arnold Air Soci- ety: History Club, Vocal Varieties. RONALD BROWN: B.A., Psychology,- Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-Presidentg SGA, Treasurer, President, Deanls Listg Presi- dent's Roundtable, President, Union Dance Comm., Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Young Democrats, Student Senate, Treasurer, President. BRUCE BARNES: T "4-U-1-1 FRED BOSSE: B.S. BYRON BATTEIGER: A.B.,' Signia Pi Sigma, Vice President, Engineering Club 5 Baseball. 1 , NANCY BEYER: B.S., Nurxingg Alpha Omicron Pi, Standards Committee Corresponding Secre- tary, Musical lvladnessg Crescent, Gamma Delta. MONA BOYD: B.M.E. EUGENE BRICKER: B.A. BERNARD W. BRAUN: B.S., Busi- nesx Administrationg Newman Club, Social Chairman. ROBERT BLEMKER: B.S., General Buxinessg Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, Treasurerg Musical Madness, Homecoming Commit- tee, Vice-chairman, IFC. NORMA BROMM: B.A. JAMES BRAMBLE: B.S. DONALD CAMPBELL: B.M.E. MARY L. BROWN: B.S. RICHARD BYARD - A.B, 7 Sec. Ed.,' Student Education Associationg History Clubg Circle K. JOHN BUCKLEY: B.S. Wm. C. CAMPBELL: B.A. CLYDE CARTER - B.A. - Secondary Educationg Deanls List 3 Young Democratsg SCA 3 MSMg SEAg Inter-varsity Fel- lowshipg ISTAQ Freshman Football. RUDOLPH COLBERT JUDITH FRANCES CHANCE - B.A. - Elementary Educationg Newman Club. WILLIAM C. COLE - A.B.,' Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Social Chair- mang Musical Mad- nessg Union Dance M Comm.g Pershing Rifles 5 Vocal Varieties. ROBERT B. CARTER ll A A.B.g Lambda Chi Alphal IFC Corresponding Sec. Union Decorations Comnml LinC, Homecoming Comm. History Clubg Young Repu licans. 5 I K 2 JERRY CROWE: B.S. ANNE CULBERTSON - A.B. - Elementary Educationg ACEQ Academic Scholarshipg INCA. BARBARA L. DAUGHERTY B.A.,- Union Finance Comm.5 A Cappella Choirg INCA. TARIJON DAVIS f A.B. r Elementary Educationg iCEg Alpha Omicron Pi 5 Dean's List. SANDRA LEE DROLL - A.B. - Elementary Educationg Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush and Social Chairman, Recording Sec.5 Musical Mad- nessg Union Dance and House Comm. g Gamma Deltag Young Democratsg ACEg Vocal Varieties. THOMAS DOUTHITTg B.A. LARRY DUNCAN - A.B., Ele- mentary Educationg ACEg Varsity Football. RAYMOND ELMORE: B.S. ROBERT DRAIM B S Marketing: Newman Club Treasurer. Vx W' -If JACQUELINE J. FERGU- SON: B.A.,- Phi Mu, Vice- President, Rush Chairman, Song Leader, Reporterg Musi- cal Madness Directorg Presi- dent's Roundtable g Union Presidentg Dance Comm.g Chairman, Personnal Cornm.g Gamma Deltag Homecoming Courtg Dad's Day Co-chair- mang May Day Co-Chairmang Homecoming Cornm.g Panhel- lenic Secretary 3 Womenls Recognition Dinnerg Vocal Varietiesg Angel Flight, Sec. and Commander. JEROME E. ELPERS: B.S., Electrical Engi- neeringj Deanls Listg Phi Beta Chig Sigma Pi Sigrnag Engineering Club. MARY ELLEN EMIG: B.A., Secondary Educationj Dean's Listg Kappa Pig Sec.-Student Education Associationg Homecoming Comm. JAMES PAY: B.A. RITA R. FICKER: B.A-,- Beta Sigma Omicrong Dean's Listg Alpha Phi Mug Pi Gamma Mug Newman Clubg SEAQ INCA5 Angel Flight. MARTHA JEAN FITCH: B.S., Nursingg Deanls Listg Alpha Phi Mu, Treasurerg President of Fr. and Soph. Student Nursesg Secretary and Vice President, E.C. SNA 3 Welborn Hospital Scholarship. KATHRYN FREELS: B.A. MARY E L L E N FRANK: B.A. Ele- mentary Educationg Union Dance Comm.g Union Publicity Comm., Vice-Chairmang Gamma Deltag ACE: Peo Club. B.A. ROBERTA FRITZ : WILLIAM HOWARD FOULKES, IV: B.A., Educa- tiong Student Education ciationg ACE. l i Q Association. G. GORDON: B.A.g s Listg Student Educa- CHARLES GREENE: B.S. RICHARD GINGER: B.A. ANNABELLE GRABHORN: B.A.,' Phi Mu, Chaplain, Histo- rian, Pledge Trainerg Who's Whog Musical Madness, Directorg Un- ion Dance Committeeg Gamma Deltag May Queen Courtg Dad's Day Cornmitteeg Angel Flight, Commanderg WAAg Cheerleader Captaing Vocal Varieties. HAROLD GRIESE: B.S. ROBERT GREEK: B.A. ROGER V, GOODSON: B.S., Mechanical Engineer- ingg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Social Chairman. MRS, DOROTHY GRILL: B.A., Ele- mentary Educationg ACE3 Deanls List. STANLEY GREATLINE B.S. DONNA RAY HAGEDORN: A.B., Liberal Artsg SGA, Vice-President, Deanls List 5 Who's Who, Musical Mad- ness, Director, lNCAg Pi Gamma Mug Alpha Phi Mug FRED GROSS: B.A. BARBARA GROTE: B.A. CARA LEE HABEGGER: B.S.,' Alpha Omicron Pi, Philenthropic Chair- man, Standards Chair- man, Fraternity Education Officer 3 Union Dance Comm. 5 Gamma Delta, Vice- Presidentg Nursing Class, Senior Vice- President. INCA, Vice-President, Stu- dent Senate, Treasurer 5 Member of House Council and Judiciary Board 5 Schol- arships, Carl B. Hart Memo- rial, Endowment g History Club, Secretary, Young Re- publicans. GLENDA SUE HARDESTY: ROBERT HARDESTY: B.A. B.A., Alpha Psi Omega, Plays, Vocal Varieties 3 W0men's Dorm. ELMER HARVEY: B.A. LINDA HAWKINS: B.S.,' Beta Sigma Omicron, Vice-President, Rush Chairman g Musical Mad- ness, Director, College Theater, SEA, Homecoming Comm., An- gel Flightg Debate. CLEO HAYDEN: B.S. JOHN P. HARRELSON: B.S., Businessg Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Vice-President, Alumni Relations, Musical Madness, Union Comm., May Day Chairman 5 Young Demo- cratsg IFCQ Pep Club: Stu- dent Senateg Beta Beau, 1961 5 Vocal Varieties. DEAN HENDRICKSON: B.S. LARRY HAZELWOOD: B.S. STEPHEN E. HEEGER: B.S.,' Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritualistg Deanis Listg Phi Beta Chi 3 Kappa Mu Epsilong Math Clubg Arnold Air Societyg IRE 5 International Steel Scholarship. MRS. GEORGIA HENDRICK- SON: B.A., Elementary Educa- tion. LARRY HULL: A .B., Psy- chologyg Lambda Chi Alphag Un- ion House Comm. g Dean's List. HELEN HOWE: B.M.E. JOHN HEIMBACH: B.A.g Dean's Listg Pi Gamma Mu, Presi- dentg Samuel Orr Scholarshipg History Club, Vice-President. MRS. CAROLYN HUMPERT: A.B.g Dean,s Listg President's Roundtable 3 Women's Council 3 Alpha Phi Mu, Presidentg Gamma Deltag SCAg Women's Recognition Dinner. FREDERICK HOPF: B.A I J ANN L. HUMPHREY: B.A. JUDITH HYDE: B.S., Nursingg Inter- varsity Fellowship, 3 years. NELSON HUNTER: B.M.E. CYNTHIA JACKSON: B.S. JUDI JOHNSON: B.S., Nurs- ingg Chi Omega, Vice-Presi dent, Panhellenic Rep., Dean's List, Who's Who, Musical Madness, Gamma Delta Homecoming Queen '59 Freshman, Treasurer, Sopho- more, Secretary, Panhellenic Methodist Scholarship, Vocal Varieties. PHYLLIS KAYS: B.S., Nun- ingg President Nursing Class, Jr., Hughes Hall Treasurer, Soph. yr. g Kappa Kappa Kappa 3 Vocal Varieties. JACK KINKEL: B.S., General Businessg Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman, Pi Delta Epsi- long Young Democrats. MICKEY KINKADE: B.S. EVA KINNAIRD: B.A., Physical Edu- cation, College Theater, Vice- President, President's Roundtable g Union Dance Comm., Alpha Psi Omega, President, WAAg Physical Ed. Majors and Minors Club, Secretary. JOCELYN EARL KIMM: B.A., Secondary Edueationg Beta Sigma Omicron, Editor, Recording Sec., Vice-Pres., President, Dean's List, Presi- dentis Roundtable, Women's Council, Treasurcrg Alpha Phi Mug Pi Gamma Mug Laurels Honor Socictyg SEA, Panhellenicg Boetticher Schol- arship, History Club, Treas- urer. ARTHUR S. KUSHNER, B.A., Chemistry, Who's Who, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Math Club , American Chemical Society, President, Vice- President, Circle K, Treas- urer. JAMES KLOTZ: B.A. DIXIE CORN LANT: BA., chi omega. DAVID ALLEN KOEHLER: B.A.,' Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman, Pres., Musical Mad- ness , Young Democrats, LinC Staff, IFC, Football, Central Turners Scholarship , History Club, Vocal Varieties. .WWW JOHN LACEFIELD: B.A.,- Ar- nold Air Society, History Club. LARRY LANT, B.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, JANICE KRAFT: B.A.,' Beta Sigma Omicron, Warden, Treasurer, Musical Madness, Presidentis Roundtable , Union Finance and Enter- tainment Committees , Gamma Delta SEA, ACE, President, Vice- President, Vocal Varieties, Yoimg Re- publicans. CAROLYN LAUER: B.S.,' Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer, Stand- ards Committee Homecoming Display Chairman, Musical Madness, Union Committees, House, Finance, Entertain- ment, Gamma Delta, May Day Committee, SGA Election Com- mittee, E.C. Alumni Scholarship. THOMAS LANGLEY BS Business Administration New man Club, Evansville Federal Savings and Loan Scholarship Intramural basketball PETER LINTZENICH: B.S. MARTHA LOCKWOOD: B.A.g Beta Sigma Omicron, Pres.5 Who's Whog Musical Madnessg President's Roundtableg Gamma Deltag LinCg ACEQ Angel Flightg SGAQ Pi Lambda Theta Scholarshipg Vocal Varieties. DON LOEHRLEIN: B.S. GERALD LUDWIG: B.A . GEORGE MCFARLAND: B.S., Electronies Engineering Engineering Club. EUGENE LUTTERBACH5 ALBERT MAYHAN: B.S., B.A .,- Football. Marketing. JERRY MCGLOTHLIN: B.S., Marketingg Young Democrats 3 Crescent Staff 5 New- man Club. BARBARA MCGREGOR: B.A.g Chi Omega, Secretaryg SGAg Dean's Listg Musical Madnessg Pi Delta Epsilon, Vice-president 5 Basketball Queeng LinC Staffg Sophomore Class Secretaryg Angel Flightg SGA5 Vocal Varietiesg Women's Athletic Association. WILLIAM MCGUIREZ B.S.g Presidentls Roundtableg New- man Club, President, Treasurer, Religious Life Committee. CLIFTON MERRICK: B.M.E. DONALD MCKINNEY: B.A. ROBERT MORRIS, B.S. ,MTN DONALD McNAIR5 B.S., Gen- eral Businessj Tau Kappa Epsi- long Historiang College Theatreg Musical Madnessg Union Dance Committeeg Crescent Staff, Car- toonist. JAMES W. MILLER: B.M.E.,- Deanis Listg President's Round- tableg A Cappella Choirg Bandg Phi Mu Alpha, Executive Alumni Secretary, President. HERB MOSHER: B.S., Business Administration. Ku' JOHN W. MEREDETH: B.S., Business Administra- tiong Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainerg Musical Madnessg Footballg ICC Most Valuable Player 5 Vo- cal Varieties 3 Counselor for Hovda House. GARY NALE: B.S., Electrical Engineeringg Dean's List. sqm , , use , if if-f i , wan?" BYRON MOELLENKAMP: B.S., Business Administration,- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cor- respondent 5 SGAg Young Democrats 5 Presidenfs Roundtableg Pi Delta Epsi- lon 5 Union Committees 5 LinCg Crescent Staff, Sports Editorg SGA Committees g Pep Clubg Pi Delta Epsilon, Pres., Treasurerg Vocal Vari- eties. 'Nuugqgv' RUTH NIEHAUS: Dean's Listg A Cappella Choirg Band g Sigma Alpha Iota g Sergeant-atArms. ROBERT NAU: B.S. Electrical Engmeermg Engineering Club. WALTER NEAL: B.A. MK 3- 55111,-maui mmm SAMUEL O'HANIAN: B.S. DOROTHY OSBORNE: B.A. Electrical Engineeringg Lambda Chi Alphag Dean's Listg IFC. EDWARD OUELLETTE: B.S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplaing Musical Madness, Directorg Union Entertainment Committee 3 A Cappella Choirg Bandg Choirg Debate Teamg History Clubg Vocal Varieties, Director. ROBERT PACE: B.A. ,d"' K og EUGENE A. NIEDNAGEL: B.A.,- Sigma Phi Epsilon, House Managerg College Theatreg Who's Whog Musical Mad- nessg Presidcnt's Roundtable 5 Pi Delta Epsilong LinC Staflg Crescentg SEAg President of Canter- bury Clubg Crescent Editor-in-Chief, Copy Editor. Es iw me as T use ygfial' ' 1 ,sf 1 Wire 1 252: 5 w K Fli1'T5'5?1'af' iz i iii fE.-S5zr55E95i5E5ff ' img f g- ' 'A :fs . DIANE PHEIFERZ B.S., Nursingg Alpha Omicron Pi 5 Gamma Delta. MARYGAYLE OSKINS: B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon Secretaryg American Chemi- cal Society, Office Secretary Newman Clubg Math Club, GLADYS POSTLEWEIGHTg B.A. JAMES PHILLIPS: B.A. LAUREL ANN PROKOP5 B.A.,- Beta Sigma Ornicron, Warden, College Theatre 5 Dean's List 5 Musical Madness 5 Alpha Psi Omegag Vocal Varieties. NANCY PICKETT: B.A. PHILIP MICHAEL POTTER: B.A.: College Theatre g Alpha Psi Omega, Crescent Staff, Column- ist. MARY ELLEN RAUCH: B.M.E.g Phi Mu. LARRY POND: B.A., Englishj Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of pledge Class, Recording Secretary, SGA, Pi Delta Epsilon, Young Democrats, LinC5 Crescent Staffg Editor and Sports Editor, SEA, Student Senate, IFC 5 Intramural Athletics, AOPi Favorite Guy - '6l. ROBERT J. RAYBURN: Rs., Mechanical Engineer- ing, Dean's List, Phi Beta Chi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Engineering Club, President, Ar- nold Air Society. ANDREW PRESENT: B.A Plays, Construction Crew. 'Qnwwrv JERRY RICH: B.S. D A V I D B R O W N REEDER, JR.: B.S., Business Administration, Dean's List, James H. D u n c a n Scholarship, State Board of Certi- fied Accountants of Indiana Scholarship. EDWIN J. REHRMAN: B.S., Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, V-Pres, Warden, Chairman SAE-Philo Blackouts, 1960, Musical Madness, Young Democrats, Pres., Campus Club for Kennedy, Newman Club, IFC. JAN REIDHAAR: B.A., Dean's List 5 Gamma Delta, New- man Club, Correspond- ing Secretary , Dadas Day Comm. NANCY ALENE RIECKEN: B.S. Nursing, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. Pledge Class, Rush Chairman, Musical Madness, Panhellcnicg Vocal Varieties, Miss Student Nurse of Evans- ville College 196O, Candidate for Miss United Fund 1961. JAMES M. ROSE: B.S. JOY SADDLER: B.S., Nursing, Chi Omega, Social and Civic Serv- ice Chairman, Secretary, Musical Madness, Union House Comm., Gamma Delta, Methodist Scholar- ship, Vocal Varieties, Indiana Student Nurses Association. gs!!! av.-sw' 'Q'-'QL . K 1, -JQ In I ii'1 V B,- J J, JANE RITTER: B,A. KENNETH SANDER: B.S. JOE ROHLEDER: BA., Secondary Education, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, House Manager, Ritualist, Musical Nladness, Newman Club, SEA, Track, Football, Baseball, Athletic Scholarship, Vocal Varieties. i"'-v-.. H 3 E s s t 2 Q Q 5 i RONALD SC HWARTZ : B.S., Mechanical Engineer- ing, Engineering Club, I.N.C.A. SUSAN SCHAAD: B.A., Chi Omega, President, College Theatre, Deanis List, Who's Who, Musical Madness, President's Roundtable, Union House Committee, Women's Council, Vice-President, Kappa Pi, Gamma Delta, Freshman Class Treas- urer, ACE, May Day Committee, Chairman, Pep Club, Secretary, Wornenis Recognition Dinner, Vocal Varie- ties. BRADY SHAFER: A.B. Dean's List, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Chi, Laurels , Math Club, Debate, Scholarship. SHARON SCHELLER: B.A., Phi Mu. GENE SEIDER: B.S., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, President's Round- table, Engineering Club, Elec- tronics Club, IFC. THOMAS SHARPE: B.A. Chem- istry, Dean's List, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Phi Beta Chi, Laurels, Math Club, Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society, National Guard Scholarship. SHARON SCHUESSLEL: B.S. ROBERT SHERLOCK: B.S., Business Administra- tion. GREGORY DALE SERVER: B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec- rectary, Social Chairman, Col- lege Theatre, Forensic League, Union Committees, House and Dance, Young Demo- crats, Homecoming Commit- tee, IFC, Debate Team, Anna Bosse Scholarship. RICHARD SMYTHE: B.S. Business Administration. LARRY SIMPSON : B.A. MICHAEL SIMS: B.S. JERRY SKELTON: B.B.E.E.,- Dean's List, Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi, Treas- urer Sigma Pi Sigma, Engineering Club, Edna L. Brentano Scholarship. P. DAVID SPEARS: B.S., Business Administration' Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Coordinator 1961 Blackouts, Scholarship Chairman, Musical Madness, Crescent Staff Artist, Vocal Varieties, Young Republicans. GEORGIA STEIN: B.S., N ursin g. CHARLES KENNETH SUN- MICHAEL JOHN STERC ZER: B.S.: Arnold Air So ciety, Secretary. DERMAN: B.S., Industrial En- gineering, Who's Who, Arnold Air Society, Deputy Commander, AFRO-TC "Commander" Senior Leadership Award, Engineering Club, Intramural, Football, Soft- ball, Basketball, Young Republi- C2.I1S. DANIEL S. SULLIVAN: B.S., Business 5 Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Athletic Chairman, Musical Madness, Young Democrats, Newman Club, SGA Comm., Athletic Chairman, IFC, Vo- cational Rehabilitation Scholarship, Vocal Varieties. SHARON TAPLEY: B.A., Soriologyg Phi Mu, President, Secre- tary, Reporter, Ass't Ritualistic Chairman , SGA, Whois Who, Musical Madness, President's Round- table. Union Vice- Chairman, Dance Comm., Core Member, Gamma Delta, Young Democrats , LinC Staff, Crescent Staff, Pep Club Panhellenic, Pi Delta Epsilon, Student Senate, Dadls Day Co-Chairman, Womenls Recognition Dinner, Vocal Varie- ties. 'HOMAS TURPEN: B.S., larketingg Intramural Bas- KAREN JEAN THOMAS: B.A., Beta Sigma Omicron, Rush Chairman, Panhel- lenic Representative5 Deanis List5 Musical Madness 5 Director 5 Union Dance and So- cial Committees 5 Gamma Delta5 Home- Coming, Military Ball, Queen of Hearts Candidate 5 Junior Class Secretaryg SCA5 ACE5 Angel Flight5 Pep Club 5 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheartg National Methodist Scholarship 5 Vocal Varieties. CLAUDIA GAYLE WALLACE B.A., Dean's List 5 Union Personnel Committee5 SEA 5 History Club. SUSAN TROVILLION: B.A., Entertainment Committee, Vice- Chairman 5 Dance Committee 5 Gamma Delta5 MSM Secretary5 ACE5 Pep Club. DIANE WADE: B.S. BETTY WATKINS: B.A., ACE. STANLEY TROYER: B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha 5 Engineering Club 5 Young Republi- cans, Treasurer. LINDA WAGGONER: B.S., Chi Omega, President of Pledge Class, Assistant Secre- tary and Treasurer5 Dean's List5 Musical Madness 5 Gamma Deltag Homecoming, Military Ball, May Queen, United Fund Courts5 Angel Flight5 Secretary of Nursing Class5 Cheerleader5 Welborn Hospital Alumni Scholarship5 Vocal Varieties. FRANK WEATHERHOLT : B.A. CLEMENT J. WEBER: B.S., Electrical Engineerj Dean's List: Phi Beta Chig Newman Club: En- gineering Clubg IRE. CHARLES T. WELP: B.S.: Dean's List: New- man Clubg Engineering Club. JERRY WELLS: B.S. KENNETH WIDICK: B.S. PAUL L. WILKINSON: B.S., NANCY WILLIAMS: B.A., General Business. JEROME WINTER- MAN: B.A. Elementary Education: Phi Mug Angel Flight: ACE: Musical Madness: Vocal Varieties. FRANKLIN V. WITHERSPOON: B.M.E. Lambda Chi Alpha fPhi Zetajg Phi Mu Alphag A Cappella Choir: Band: Choir: College Or- chestra: Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra. JAMES M. WITH- ROW: B.S. TERRY WILLIAMS: B.S fund' JAMES WRIGHT: B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, ROBERT WORMAN House Managers Bands Newman Club g Vocal Varietiesg Musical Mad- nessg Varsity Football. JERRY BATEMAN DIANNE PATE - B.A. Elementary Edu- cation. RONALD TENBARGE LARRY ZIMMER- MAN: B.S. Marketing. LARRY DAVIDSON: B.S., Mathematics. GRADUATING SEN IORS NOT PICTURED Eric Al-An ...... Rhonda Alldredge . . John Arbogast ..... Helen Arensman . . . Carl Banks ...... Charles Bareba .... Mrs. Nera Blakeley .. Howard Blesch ...... Leo Baeglin ........ Carl Bohrer ............ . Michael Von Bonewitz Theadore Cetnar .... Max Davidson ...... Paul Damon . . . Allen Day ....... Dennis Dewey .... Ronald Fuhrman . . . 'David Fioyd ..... Larry Gates .... Gary Goad ...... David Graham ..... Martha Graham . . . Linda Hawkins . . . Randall Heath . . . Ruth Hines ...... William Hobson .... Bill Jensen .......... Bettye Lou Jerrell .... Patricia Kavanaugh .... . Caroline Koehler .... Robert Koehler .... Hugh Lilienkamp . . . Larry Luig ........ James Martim . . . Roger Merkel .... Judy Mominee . . . James Nassett .... Diane Pate ...... Thomas Porter . . . Steve Poland ..... Glen Phillip Price Ralph Roberts . . . Ninalea Savage . . . Ruby Schraeder . . Elaise Seiffert .... Russ Seiler .... David Shelton .... Donald Sheridan . . . Larry Simpson . . . Sanford Singer . Jerry Skelton .... Richard Slade ..... Richard Sowerwine . . . James Stagg ....... Suzanne Staker . . . Robert Titzer .... Ron TenBarge . . . Bill Toy ....... Stephen Tsai . . . Ron Uhl ........... James VanVorst ..... Judy Werneke Harmison . .. . Larry Wheelock ......... Richard Woolington .... Barbara Wright ..... . . . . B.S. Medical Technology .. B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Industrial Engineering B.S. Nursing B.S.Bus1ness . B.A. Business Administration B.S. Industrial Engineering B.S. Marketing B.S. Secondary Education B.A. Secondary Education . . . . . . B.A. Physical Education . . . BA: Elementary Education . . . . . . . B.S. General Business . ...,....... B.S. Accounting . . . . B.S. Business Management . . . . . . B.A. Physical Education B.S. Marketing Sc Management . . . . . . B.S. Business Management B.A. Elementary Education . . . . B.A. Secondary Education .. B.S. Mechanical Engineering . . . B.S. Elementary Education . . . . . . B.S. General Business . . . . . . . B.A. General Business B.A.LiberalArts . . . B.A. Elementary Education . . . B.A. Elementary Education . . . B.A. Secondary Education . . B.S. Electrical Engineering . . . B.A. Secondary Education B.S.Bus1ness B.S.Marketing B.S.Nursing B.S. Secondary Education . . . B.A. Elementary Education B.A. Liberal Arts . . . B.S. Secondary Education B.A. Secondary Education . . . . . . B,S. General Business B.A. Secondary Education . . . . B.A. Secondary Education . .. B.A. Elementary Education . . . . . B.A. Physical Education B.A. Secondary Education . . . B.A. Secondary Education . . . B.A. Secondary Education B.A. Secondary Education . . B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Finance . . . . . . . . B.A. Liberal Arts B.S. Marketing B.A. Secondary Education . . B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.A. Management B.S.Marketing .......... B.A. Liberal Arts B.A. Secondary Education B.A. Liberal Arts .. . B.A. Elementary Education . . . . B.S. Electrical Engineering B.A. Secondary Education B.S. Nursing LinC Honorary APOLLO + GOD OF LIGHT Apollo was the god of light and of youth and manly beauty. He occupied the highest place, next to Zeus, among the Greek gods. No god was handled with more respect by the poets and myth- makers than he and his communication with these men was through the prophets. Apollo was also a great Olympian and had great wisdom of all things as he was the lawgiver of the Greek states. The students chosen and honored in this section of the LinC are represented by Apollo because of their leadership ability at Evans- ville Gollege. Whether it was in an organization, fraternity, or Stu- dent Government, these students were always willing to help while also keeping up their grades. 4' 1 Q y lf: f 5 . f 170 if On the following six pages are men and women of this year's senior class who have displayed their leadership throughout their four years at Evans- ville College. These students were selected by the staff of the 1962 LinC and are but a few of the many outstanding senior students on the E.C. campus this year. Dave Koehler Bob Engelbrecht Outstanding in many fields, Bob has been selected to Who,s Who. As a member of the AF ROTC he was chosen as the Ca- det Colonel of ROTC last fall. Bob is the past treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and is currently serving as the president of the SAE,s. Versatile is the word that describes Dave as he has taken part in numerous activities on campus. He has been president of the History Club, an IFC representative, and a member of the SGA Social Rules Committee. Dave was president of Lambda Chi Alpha and has served on the LinC staff. 171 Gene Niednagel As the Editor-in-chief of the Crescent Gene spends most of his time in the Journalism office. A selection of Whois Who he has also served Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Epsilon, the Canterbury Club, and the President's Roundtable. K .4 W. 1 Judy Werneke Harmison Judy has served as secre- tary of the Union Board and chairman of the SGA Social Committee. Because of her many achievements and honors she has been elected to Who's Who. Judy is past president of Alpha Omi- cron Pi social sorority. E ,. L M u f 1 r . t,,, , ..., . V . - ,X x it M Sharon Tapley An industrious individual, would be the phrase to describe Sharon. As a member of Phi Mu she has been their president and secretary. Her ad- vice has been valuable on the Presi- dent's Roundtable, Student Senate, and the Union Dance Committee. A member of Pi Delta Epsilon, she has been active on both the LinC and the Crescent. Karen Thomas Karen's energetic personality has made her a popu- lar choice of the LinC Honorary. She has represented Beta Sigma Omicron as their Rush Chairman, Pan- hellenic representative, and Musical Madness director. Her charm has won her honors as she has been a Queen .candidate for both Homecoming and the Mili- tary Ball. Phil Price , iil'i' f we1:f1:'--QQ. siwlgigfwftx F' ' :esmfvr at -'fr-xffiifemef. as serr- v i f 1', f 7 : f 5. ' gg P at if Ah g aw r Q fe 3 fl i R Wd r 4 w Speak of the AFROTC on this campus this year and you speak of Phil Price. Phil has been Deputy Com- mander of the ROTC group and was 'Commander of the Pre-Summer training unit. Phil is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity and has been di- rector of Musical Madness for the last two years. Cheerleader Captain, Angle Flight Commander, and Who's Who are a few of the responsibilities that Annabelle has held down. As a dedicated individual she has supported the Phi Mu's as their Chaplain, Historian, Musical Madness director, and Pledge Train- er. Annabelle Grabhorn r 1.1. 'V u Larry's talented toe carried the Aces to several football victories. He was on the var- sity football team for three years and made the all-ICC second team. His talents are unlimited as he is a member of the varsity baseball team and a selection of W'ho's YfVho. 174 Jodi, president of Beta Qigma Omicron sororitx is 1nx olx ed in ac tivities too numerous to mention odi who is '1 secondary educa tion major has made the Deans list ll consccutixe timts as the LinC went to press Qhe has also selxcd on the YVoman s Council and was a candidate for basketball queen this year Tom Tuley Martha Lockwood Leadership and personality are traits that make Tom outstanding on the EC campus. Tom has served his l classmates as Freshman, Junior, and Senior class presi- dents along with being SGA vice-president. Tom, a selection to Who's Who, has also served as president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Greg Server Known around campus for his work with Lambda Chi Alpha, Greg is a person with many individual talents. As a speech major he has the reputation as an excellent speaker on the Debate team. Versatile and dependable, Martha has achieved membership in the LinC Honorary by her ability to do any job well. She has served Beta Sigma Omicron faithfully as well as serving on many com- mittees. 175 As an education major, Susie has taken an active part on many committees. She has received recognition by being selected to VVho's Who. Susie has also served as president of the Chi Omegas. Donna Hagedorn Wfith desire and determination Donna has represented Susan Schaad Holding down the office of SGA president, Ron has shown his ability as an excellent leader. Ron is a member of Signaa Phi Epsilon. He has also been named to Whois Who. INCA. She has been SGA vice-president as well as being on the Student Senate, Pre-sident's Roundtable, and the Administrative Board. Ron Brown Section Editor Temme Patterson Sports 1 1 E11 ,gi Q N V,-1 is 'lj N JN f .1 pl G4 Q 4 ,J I I HERCULES GREEK HERO OF SPORTS Hercules was thc iiispiration to all mlilvtcs in the time of the Greeks. His lCZ1Cll'I'Sl1lIJ and ZlClliCX'CIl1KXI1iS in sports made him Z1 lc- gend and a Greek god. At Ex'z111sx'illm- Cfollcgv. Herculcs is I'L'IJI'C'SCIlfL'd by the Athletic Dcpa1't111cr1L which hvlps 111z1kQ 1111-11 ol' hoys hy giving them thc opporturiity L0 COIIlI7l'lC with tc11111s ol' high czxlihor zmcl with cz1c'l1 othcr, and givcs 'Llltxlll the 0ppo1't1111ity ol' sliuriiig their kriowlcclgci of sports. Hercule-S zlcliivw-cl his liLl1I1L' tlimugli lnii' play. strcrigili, and SIL1111- iria, and our zitlilm-tvs use thc SZIIIII' lIll'll1OClS i11 bvcoming lx-tu-1' players and tC21IIlIIll1ll'S. l l is 3. l I l Q l 178 Eg Q WS yi Mft 0 if f V A Mm A fm 0 -Lf .Wx ,S L I + W7 5 V WK ,Q fr Bei Members of Evansville College's football team are from left to right, in FRONT ROW, Elbert Pace, Huddie Mardirosian, Quentin Mer- kel, Gene Schulz. Don LeDuc. Ron Nlagness. Jim Greer. John Ara- mowicz. and Delbert Pace. SECOND ROW, Dave Bennett, Larry Duncan, Dave Koehler. Jim Wright, Jack Webber, John Meredith, Jerry Leach. Cecil Raymond. Charles Grimm, and Joe Rohleder. THIRD ROW, Todd Clark, Bob Will. Chris Herdel, Jim Horst- ketter, Dan Phillips, Charles Zausch, Bill Stuc' '. Richard Bennett. Harley Heim. Butch Barth, and Garry Sitzman. BACK ROW, Paul Beck, Lemois Wise, Ron Tepool. John Titzer, Gene Lutterback, Jim Morgan. and Ray Bawel. Aces Drop Last Four in 4-5 eason Evansville College's gridiron forces posted a mediocore 4-5 record for the 1961 football season. A downhill slide at the end of the season, which saw coach Patil Beck's troops lose their last four games was the main factor in a disappointing season. YN'ith returning lettermen John Meredith, Ron Tepool, Dan Phillips and place-kicking specialist Larry Duncan in the Aces line, the purple and white figured to be exceptionally tough on defense. But three times in the last four games, Aces' opponents went over the 25 point total. After an opening 26-O win over Hanover, the Aces were upset by a lowly Vila- bash team 1237. Evansville then bounced back with close wins over DePauw, St. Joe and Indiana State by a total of live points. But then came the downhill journey as Valpo put together 22 points in the opening nine minutes to bury the Aces 29- 12 and Wlestern Illinois spoiled the Aces, Homecoming with a 26f0 rout of the home forces. Stopped Five times inside the 20 yard line, the Aces then dropped a 6-3 decision to Ball State at Muncie. To wind up the season the Aces took their customary beating from powerful Butler 30-7 as the upstate Bulldogs scored 16 points in the closing Hve minutes to win by an impressive margin. Although it was not a winning season, the Aces did manage to land several berths on the all I.C.C. team. Guard John Meredith and end Ron Tepool were selected for the first team, Larry Duncan was voted second string end, while center Jack Wlebber received honorable mention. N ,vpn 1 1.4. -m'hsa1:iL.'1dmg,,gg"" A .35-I , QJwwwffFi?1Q 2l ,, 'i'l , 7 1-. "Ar UK ,Layla ,lx v4i"71Q 1 -. new., v WV W 7 - , +5.19 9 , A f'. , - 'Tx-1 .- . eq., " , . f, ,.f'2si :i""" 1 1 ' ' ,.J-:,i?Z4:f1'-4 A ' A V 5'-lm .. m ' ---- ------- , A E R' N-----"' 'N-, - ' -14 If 4 xxx -- x -1-4,8 1, , N N N x R I 1 ' YW Y c . N - ,W r. ' 'L X au n,I'1r7' ' ,473 l , f 26 0 Hb, . . , I df.: 7 N. 1' ,f 9 7 mlb? 1 Joe 15 13 61 ww 15 14 X f . X 12 29 J,--f-.IL .F V A , Hanover . . . ' " WVabash .. DePauw . . . ' St. U A Ind. st. .. Valpo .. , W. Ill. . N Ball St. . A 'fm ,.-xk Butler . . "1.:- u h . . J L' by I' , 7 . . , . Captain Don LeDuc , A' V . 1 , m e .1 3 1 1 Z' i R E9 ' -c:f'a- rv-?7f.j1.,, , q'f13'?f'??2'1, , . - 'fa ' fm A Record "'v,fQqa 'E THEY . O 26 . 3 6 . 7 30 J - .2 1 , I 1 1 " 5'7" 4.7 l - 7.-,. ,vu , , ' cT'ffw'v ,Q-,.h. ,1 , ' " .:j.',1w 1-M... . .-K-.XJ 1--1 Co-Captain John .. Q... :E- . . ,.,,, f Meredith E S i fi l K l , W l i if l if 1 .ic ., l w ,, .1 S ,. ,qv ,K LL ,,, ,gm ,--,.igfivi1- fil ls - gi -1 '-f fm gig 1, was '-1 4 ,,, Vg if gi, . ' ,jgggf"' ,A - ' gsMsiQ'?s S155f ' A f if V K" 'A " ff 'V ' if. -s " Y. rr,-Q".ii7 , V-JMB .5 ..:' AGL' i ' f,..4'.2 Q, X Q , - 1 'W - v 'E-"' .-'T' M ,. 5' 'EW +52 3--Q..-: '1?" .. "3f"": L' 3 :5 751 " fi-Q W - ' K iff I ., H '- ggek ' ,, 5' -' ' .mm I ,vEggg,s4:.f?-3435-iz fl YY fzkswiigs-Allygezf:'f-2 4, , KW, . gigizfwwf if1,a..,,jef f5'W'fY5Q' ' w-ff-eff - gfpffs-'wf:4z1 2:1 1 ,gsgf gs, ' 1 f fl X f- i mx K, 1 S Y f ' Gi V f' i 5 - is ,- VW " 7 MT 1'if3Gf51'a'si2s :mf I 4 wwf F , K M, , sf". W ii'j,y Lizilivix-'. f' " V332 i gf- :gf ,sxmelgwgl ' :,i52g:1f'?: w2iw5f ,' ,gi Z ga. ig: ' my . if 5 K y , 2?1-wifiw'if2?fl,'ri2s7f2vfs1-an -W Msg? -f . --aw ,. ' ,ii 5 f W- .i .,,i Dun Philips gets off a Illinois. s 44 yard punt against XvUSl0l'Il ipf , - , 1 Coarh Paul Uvvk talks lOBl1U'l1 Barth during thc Bullci ,zulu fj f 1 N Quentin lN1crkf-l svn-ins to ll11VC thru' arms hut this St. Juv dm-fender has three legs to even the score. The Arcs won this opening' home contest 15113. 182 Shown above is Evansville's 1961 freshman football team. In FRONT ROW left to rightg Ken Hansen, Steve Ricke, Larry Ca- vins, Joe Bammer, Tom Gerkin, Mike Madriaga, Bob Beck, Mike Mad- riaga, Bob Beck, Mike DiSisti, and Joe Cook. SECOND ROW, Lee Keihl, Jim Boyd, Jim Ross, Charles Harmon, Barry Gilland, Larry Robertson, Dick Foreman, Larry Bender, and Ed Wagner BACK ROW, Rudy Kalkwarf, Paul Jolly. Pat Gallagher. Jerry Latham Chuck Dannheiser, Gary Pfender, Sam Asberry, Bob Ringham Stony Ave, Kim DeVault, Bob Glazer, and Coach Don Ping Madriaga eads Top Freshman Squad Coach Don Ping's freshman Aces had one of the best seasons ever completed by an Evansville College freshman squad. M and M seemed to be the thing this year with Mantle and Maris so coach Ping came up with his own M. and M., in the person of Mike Madriaga. Playing a three game schedule, the frosh Aces scored a 46-7 victory over Wabash and tied In- diana State 13-I3. The freshmen then traveled to Carbondale, Illinois to upset powerful Southern 10-8. Madriaga, an Evansville North all-state athelete led the Aces over SIU as he scored all ten points on a touchdown, a field goal, and an extra point. Gary Pfender goes high to pull down a Bob Glazer pass for the freshman Aces. 4 lilly? X f we i l 'M -er' Q X X V Q4 , M, N Athletic Business Manager, Bob Hud- son, and his two as- sistants Lucille Hud- son Cupper rightl and Valeda Collins have the bull by the horns for the coming year. Avcs frush attempt inbouucls play liamson and Eddie Coleman QSQD. is Freshman Basketball olm Wfilliamson goes high for tip-in against Wlvslt-yalt lmsll. Dave Cox slmots patculvd jump-shot. 185 against Ky. XVCSICYZIII, Evaltsvillc play- ers are Larry Denton C3-lj, john Wil- Larry Denton gets a tip-in against Oakland City. 2-6 Record Evansvillels freshman Aces fin- ished the season with a modest 236 record with their lone wins over Oakland City and Southern Illinois. Their losses came in pairs to Wesleyan and Indiana State and a lone loss to SIU. The big highlight of the season was the win over a tough SIU team that beat the Aces one time. Mike Volkman fires a jump-shot as Aces defeat Oakland City. Frosh Aces huddle around coarh Ray Bawel Golf '6I ,,,..f' . Q.,-li Ron Wannemuhlcr, Keith Kuhlcnsfhmidt, Jack Mentzcl, Bob T1tzcr Larry Galloway and Captain Morgan. On left, Jack Mentzel tees oFf on the first hole at Helfrirk golf course. On right, Ron Wanncmuhlcr at- tempts to sink a putt on the scr- ond green at Helfrich. That is rain water on his pants. 187 6 O 9 Ron Ruminer awaits return as his partner prepares to serve. Rick Bell returns serve from deep in corner. Ten ni '6I 5" , ,, "i wx! , :iii-ifliffigfdifa-+..,, XEWXLL HT.Y'taff+a++f-L..1' 1 1 . i 'frr-'Me+a++.:L-..Y,,- , 'fe'f . 5 F L -i ,. X -F, . V ,- f ,Q , ...tin +.f'f+4.3,,,4.nijf + y Z 5 7 f 5... M ' uw A yu wf,ftAiVi V ' eq,-.,,,,4 'i . . W N., v , -N -Iv.,XmtY".LQEi!ffyY-.,?miW,Ait'-tiff' -... 'pf --Q , , Y ,g , 1-JEQWW 1.U't'1 M . . If ' ' + + A :lf ' 7 'Ni ""' .' I ' ' - +R X" " W 'r I v '..,5'g" 2+-4'x1 xf.'e4-,' f,,X"'f"'vf, v 4vL,' , "" ""'-e,g'i"b'sf,0 "ro,8 W v','. +v.,'. Q,t, W , ' . , ro, G., , , 'v,,. 'o.,',, 'o,,' fa ff no tt, o,,, Q f..." v,..A v n 4 , "v,V- "fra Barry Johnson prepares for return. , o u... . + 'kwa 5 Byron Buckley stands son serves. 1 T' 'P--are A 4 ready as his partner Barry John gum. ' W M ,,,,, 0,5 img H as 1'-Q .E , lm M . -.,,, .n ' ...,. M hw Q. 4 nw 5 ' U ,-.X 1 V? kr: 5 agua' - v "" A 5 b W., 9,1 R L , M- W.- yww, r 1 ,qM.3e,,.,. , fn ' 3 L . x N51 Z A ,Ml - ' L . 1' r f. 5 . , . ' ' , v ?,,?Wis,.?H1..,,T,,, . 3, , , Qwwi 1 g 5 3 pf g -.M a Hx , ,pq : A -f ,N g . f , LW ,M ,M . ' . Y Spf 5 Q . , , iii ,,,,. a..,,g,s+NL4 7 'Q 'ff . , LLVL f , i 1 1 ' 'TW Q AQ . , , , v A A l+"l'me5f.L,Q ,,,, agp, W 2 'L T W"" 'f -0+-L, ,,,l,e,Q ' lg Q ' - +1 4 ga l ' f 4 w+w+.l+slm l "ef ffw'flx'x""'fn . . J , 4 A ysss , l l Y'L""'WT"s3'e'Li's 4W'9i.,1 f , s l l M - l Q - is Q l wfge y , a . K Z y .Q,4.,Wv A . I f , an YM, L wk 2 , , 5 i My , ' 7 Q f , Q . 4 . Q-, 'skip is ,.., 1, 1, 6 Q W v ai r ,Q l 1 , L 5' nl 1 , ' Q , M 1 I 3 . g ls- K ,R , A l f .s H W A wry' MM, , , s 'ffW+4fi , la , f 1 s awww, , ,M - I "'w'+wLM., Q., , ' v X A A-fh we 23 ,ag . ' r . . Q , 'f + w -4- . K X , ' Lv . ' ' . , ' + KWH ,.L, ' 4, ,Y , it tk ' 'M-sr , g v ' . , ew 4- ' ' -r V-o . 4 ,, Q r , Wi , ,VW ,y , 5 E N . i Q ,P , ' ' ' I 1 -f 1 ' '-nv y T. V 7' we , ' ' 1 , . ' f Q ' , , 'W ' ' f 4 Q mv1zw:e,w,i'7l?i"'gm'g'-ey 1-N, k Q ' ' ' . H+-ffe-ef-w.,sfffff, ' v 4. fl , we Byron Buckley C on netmen. leftl and Barry Johnson Rick Bell prepares to serve. go for return of fine placed shot by Indiana State xx . lx Q S 0 i as s if Bell goes after return. 4 ff g 'W y , ll .1 V 1 5' ,ax ,, E sae if . Nl W i 4 ,gm ,qw . , I 'J v'-, , l 1 C: ..' U fn 8 1 l Hlgislrgllzkifi-WT 5 ' 'P' 'Y "re Y V we .,l,' mqiaefmye ' 1 ,ss, WA Y' W' 7 s 4. L H s ,. ' K 'H .. - W' Ma, 'H -' - 'F w ' ,F ww, W ' V ,Mfg ' f 11 Q, v f 1 '?f"if' e K 'ff .. 1 TT Q g 5' y "s+la?f3 y 'fx , ff Q .EA f " ,kygwp 4, A ' f 2 f' '5 HQ..." K 4 ' 'A 'ighiw 5 '?"w.f,.u Bell fires ball back. Intramural League fa-- 5 vga v -sn, , 1 J' NL. . Y 5 i a ' ' j R 3 1 V 'Q m ."' ,, 1 ..,-:' if .,,' Z FW K :lk t K L..f- 71' A . 1 Wg' ' wx K 190 Bowling Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity emerged as bowling champs this past year, In FRONT ROW from left are Qfaptj Temme Patterson and Dave Kennedy. In BACK ROW, Joe Kammon, Joe Rohleder, and Don LeDuc. The independent team was the all-around bowling winners this past year but are not counted in the intramural race because they did not participate in enough sports. In FRONT ROIV from left, Jay Wlaigand and Oscar Bohn. In BACK ROW, Dirk Nlorris and Wlayne Bell. 191 Osrar Bohn rarried the leagues high- est average this year. Lambda Chi Out for Third Straight Championship How They Finished Football Basketball SAE HERB'S BOYS ROTC SAE LCA LCA DORM ROTC SIG EP SIG EP TKE DORM TKE Ron Tepool QLCA 405 and Curt Smith CSAE 85 try to keep ball from going out of bounds. Don Hess QSAE 95 watches in back- ground. Chris Herdel CLCA in white5 and Toni Tuley CSAE 65, go high to get rebound. Rex DePreist QLCA 125 moves in on action. On left, Curt Smith QSAE5 attempts to keep ball away from Rex DePriest KLCA5. On right, Jack Webber QLCA in white5 drives around two SAE defenders. Tom Tuley, No. 6 and Don Hess, No. 9. 5. ' 1 193 'lm FRONT ROW from left, Paul Bullard, Walt Henry, Jim Green, Alan McCutchan, and Lynn Mautz. BACK ROW, Smith, Wayne Boultinghouse, and Marty Herthel. SECOND Ed Rolen, Ed Zausch, Bob Hermeyer, John Neidig, Buster ROW, Jim Newcomb, Paul Utley, Marv Pruett, Dave Briley, and Coach Arad McCutchan. A young Evansville College team, with only two regulars returning from last yearls squad, finished the season with a respectable 14f11 record against some of the toughest teams in the country. The Aces opened with live straight wins including the Hrst win ever over a Bib Ten team, as the Aces downed Iowa 65-59, Coach Arad McCutchan's Purple Gang then hit a rough spot and dropped six of their next seven games before pulling out of the tailspin with tive more straight wins. Sophomore sensation Buster Briley was the bright spot for the Aces as the Madison bomber used several 40 plus games to finish with a 20 point average and make the All-NCAA Regional team. Bliley bettered Ed Srnallwood's Held goal total for a single game as he dropped in 19 against L.A. State and 19 again against North Carolina A SL T in the NCAA tourney. Marty Herthel was again the big rebounder for the Aces as the seasoned junior was as steady as Harry Gallitan's de- fense at SIU. Junior letterman Marv Pruett carried the sec- ond highest average at 15.5 and was over the 20 mark several times. Pruett's driving improved 100 per cent over last year's effort and his shooting was it's usual tremendous self. Sopho- more Paul fBulll Bullard was just that as he led the Aces with his rebounding power early in the season. An ankle in- jury cut down on his effectiveness quite a bit but he'll be around two more years. Sophomores Wayne Boultinghouse, Lynn Mautz, and Jim Smith all played at the other guard position while big Ed Zausch jumped center for the Aces and had a tremendous game at St. Joe. Walt Henry shot like gangbusters in almost every game he played. There's not a senior on the squad and the Aces have a Fox up their sleeve for next year. Q A Jerry Sloan type F ox.j Record I 4- EVAN SVI LLE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE EV ANSVILLE EVANSVILLE Evansville EVANSVILLE Evansville Evansville Evansville Evansville Evansville EVANSVILLE Iowa San Diego L.A. Sr. San Diego Valpo PURDUE L.A. St. YALE PITTSBURGH BALL ST. BUTLER KY. WESLEYAN DePauw Ed Zausch goes high for rebound against Yale in holiday tourney. Buster Briley fires patented shot as Pittsburgh defender Hies through air. EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE Evansville Evansville Evansville EVANSVILLE EVANSVILLE Evansville EVANSVILLE Evansville Indiana St. Ball St. St. Joe Valpo BUTLER KY. WESLEYAN INDIANA ST. DePauw St. Joe NOTRE DAME N.C.A. 8a T SIU rl Paul Bullard pulls down a rebound against Iowa. J' sf 196 Aces Upset Iowa Marty Herthel goes high for a rebound in Aces upset win over Iowa. Aces carry Coach McCutchan to the dressing room after first Big Ten victory. Wayne Boultinghouse rests on the floor after taking a hard spill against Valpo. Buster Briley is involved in some of the rough Contact during the Valpo contest. 197 Aces Stop Vaipo in Rough House Briley Fires his patented jump shot. Basketball Hi hlights ll.. ..f i Aces celebrate win over Iowa for first Big Ten victory in EC. history. 321, its Briley is congratulated by Larry Humes after his 42 point performance against L.A. Humes is an all-state performer at Madison High School, Briley's alma mater. 198 The Aces faced the tallest college ball player in the country in L.A.'s Bill Ensinger. 1 'es-sbwzsmiw Paul Bullard goes after a rebound against San Divgo, The Ares stopped thc wc-st toast tvam 111 F 7 u zlh W 7'g ' 1: ,M S3533 i Brilcy 1 Us .rail ' 4 FL. f.f',j if: 'a'.m+fa,. - 1 55, Q- -rs.. s215a"---:- . E35 , if E. i W R - f' - sg- - KS, 5. 4 r '51 1 Pructt 45' two times during the 61'-62' season. Q fi W - f ef Buster Brilcy drives around 21 L..-X. i101-Flldlxf, 199 ,s c 3 - A A K Y ,,.. .',-- wit f '- fx if -. Bullurcl is or ?t M, Al. Hcrthcl ,sf .. M -,gif K , ,f. ,, , ws- , LM 5 if Q W? Smith My Sincere Thanks . . . To Mr. John H. Boyd, who sacrihced much of his time to assist the LinC stall and myself. The '62 LinC could not have been complete without him. To Mr. Bob Sakel, American Yearbook Representative, for his valuable time, con- stant attention and advice. To Mr. Covert of Covert Studiois, for taking the Greek pictures. To Beverly Studiols, for taking all the senior pictures and queen pictures. To Mr. Rowland, for assisting me with the dedication. To Mr. Ralph Olmstead, who not only saw that these yearbooks were paid for, but also helped me with the copy for the EC. seal. To President Hyde and the administration for their interest and patience. To Don Follett, who assisted me with some pictures when I ran short. To Doug Baskett and Steve Loewenkamp, who helped me with the sections and theme, but who's names were left out. To Mrs. Emma Schrieber, for the use of her cap and gown. To all the staff, the best group of workers I know. To the advertisers for their generous ads. Best Wishes . . To the Senior Class and all the LinC4 readers. I hope you experience as much pleas- ure from the ,62 LinC as I have had in preparing it for you. 200 any 1 um Q 4 1 ww 2' W -'Q 'UI G 'lf or gif' 'Y ik E I 5 E 7. if 5 r Q ,Wu VN 4 VL, Uvffp, IIIIP'-fa RHF OMR TV CLEA I-'wi Q A ,.41ll IIIIED I IM - ' ARTIST SUPPLIES ' PICTURE FRAMING ' WALLPAPER ' GLASS ' MIRRORS New RED spor is located G+. . , RED SPLIT PAINT AND VARNISH C0. IIO-II4 MAIN STREET MEAD JOHNSON TERMINAL CORPORATION I820 W. OHIO STREET EVANSVILLE 2, INDIANA "When The Great Scorer Comes to write against your name. He writes not thatyou won or lost, But howyou played the game." IA . . l At THREE COINS, our success is measured by how well we play our 'game' of serving only the finest foods in a manner that makes dining a S '-'e'-1 g truly delightful experience. You'll agree THREE 55? ' COINS is "Ace High." Nm .l ,, i l 1' lllll L 5 fff W 7 f .X Z I S STEAKS SEAFOODS It, I ITALIAN-STYLE DINNERS KOSHER-STYLE FOODS COCKTAILS IJ I for those who think young I Compliments of GENERAL INSULATION COMPANY L sl W yyely .yz 609 N. weinbncn Avenue llat Evansville, lndinnn ll .tyyyeg d 7 . 4' 5 l . f Compliments of I I' 3 BOETTICHER AND KELLOGG Cll., INC. an Q Wholesale Hcrdwore ,4.,...,,, . . ,gm ,,-vi? k".. i Fulton Avenue ,z all l X Au 55 highway 41 north :ii LEARN T0 SERVE Learning doesn't end with graduation from college. You have spent I6 years to qualify yourself for a big opportunity. Now you must Learn to Serve. Your future service to your employer, your community and your fellow man will determine the value of these years you have invested in an edu- cation. HBRINGING BETTER SERVICE TO MORE PEOPLE" . . . is the obiective set for the Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company by its 8,498 owners and their 762 employees. By establishing a similar goal in your career, you can help make your education pay bigger dividends. THE SOUTHERN INDIANA GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY Evansville, Indiana Compliments of 7 The Syerup S YOUR TRI-STATE MERRY-G0-ROUND DRIVE-IN I "Home of the Dilly-Burger" DINING ROOM - - - CAR SERVICE Appliance Dealers comme CARRY our ssrevics ' Holl and Korn Furniture and Appliance Co. Phone HA 340005 ' Moutoux Auto and Machine ' Trend Supply und Service Co. QIOI Highway Al North Evansville, Ind. . . 0 Finke Furniture wow WW H Locally Owned ' THE BRIDE 4 I L I P who selects her 'furnishings 'For he 0 E S , First home from Finlce's FEATURING NATIONALLY ADVERTISED P "Grace Walker" Shoeshr Women 1 R fjohn C. Robertsn Shoes jbr Men "Kz'ngswayv Shoes pr Men and Bcyzs "Red Goosen Shoesjnr Children LAWNDALE SHOPPING CENTER WASHINGTON AT GREEN RIVER ROAD . I ' X "37 Steps Op From Main 534410 ,N , . on 7th" I WZ! 1 . Q! - FREE Parking H8.H Muslc SERWCE' 'NC' eal 'l1l'lll'S'l1' U9I'tCl1Bt'l . Kimball and Knabe Pianos .b.VV.,., V p-, E .- Conn and Selmer Band Instruments .,.. A COMPLETE Music SERVICE I H 1313 Washington Avenue "Across From Bosse' I iv L E' " l E ,,.. ., 1 .,l., S j " 1' A""' . . t1E1:2:r:1:1: , l. I -,,., ...,.....,.,, , ,Sc A , N25 . ..v., Q, , fs., , -. Qijgfffrii ' 'H M 'sSags-.-.-,-.-.-.,,.,, Q ,:.-:- . Manga, gs - 5704!-35' "41E22:,. :2-:' - ....... . .............,. .........,,. . 5 , .. Ea 1 -. 3 Nothing does it like Seven-Up! THE NEW 2 13 X , 6 , G, - T Esc E of , ,f 'T f je' A- liffalll 'l lff l-4 Wuxi ings' llfihg' Q' WAX ' Xftll " It l RESTAURANT Dedicated to ' dining 2' - 4 7' '51-f',n ,J-nf V -0, f . U -4 f .' - 1, I 7 X I 'ff' jtfijf r A R I , 4 .X - N f- . -J 5 4 1 . 'I K 4 -P-""4 c ""'o , AM ' 'I , , V - .-,-l-"'1il,M-,If-ei g, LWB- I hw .ii-E. . .:.,, .. llqdli 2 fd TT gum mi' w if vw wx- sm slll " " .S fl , In mu mi we F'1"5:'-W- E.. - , ,,,. U. S. 41 SOUTH HA 3-5443 . .. ,.., . :-7-Ii-'5"34!5:7:" '--. 5:5:?:5:5:' - -4.1" .-:J ' 'ff 1' -'-'-' 5 "-'-' - -1- 'fr 'S He: w e wing, 7, U' iff 5 ilk TI? Xb .ew lv' X swqrg k 'SIM 'TEA ,fe ,s .f M M X. f if F we 'W f' -f? 4 ll art fy. Z ,XM - fe Iv sfiiffl f 2.13- -Fits nm Je 'rift wks fl' I N0 IT 3 9 ,fy ol Ilne amp K CIXQ he E-'on cl e n n nv'-'ed O xa we HS e F '- 4 4 I l r :- , . , H arf. f' I ' 'vm Nj: I .' i ifiq, -,' r., fi bv. A lr: f In ,n 1' '- Qi! , ff: 'ii f 3 .-" .- . , . .- 51 ,ff y LJ -, .. , - ,. x,, Y K , q. - Af ,W :fb-.J , - vt X . . 3: f I- 'ill ' I ' ..a' I I' ' 'I f.- '- I r f W K I 1 h. april: ..wga,,,, 11" ef., Q' I , .f"' " ,XQLLZE ff? 'X f'5vfQ-.- "' JL-' .I -'f - 'fl .X Lt' '4 1" Ili ,urn f wt . le, 'Q -nw' ' . ' I AV-19 f' ' V E- 'f I p,f' , A , . , , .1 Q.: ,, 2 w- - - 4, h r. I -,-4 af.. Lllali .,4' -sf' ' fr-., lgfh I r .Af . -, .. ,gi .-me v, - ,yzfpyff - f X ' f ' .4 - i , f - ',f'-- '.,:-I--if 'X -f' . ,. I .,.,. If rt, ' , "rt-f,.H."ff' ,-iu.."f1" 9' , 'bi ' I I-' 'vt-'P '- .f. 1- - 5 f- 5' -f..,f.' Q, . ,.-- ,, r45' sl inf. ,sqm g f , Q, 7 gig-XXX x. ,?,,,,, 'I Q.: , 5' I gs mb' 43- -.. 5.2 ' Lf.. A ' K-F' ff I1-K 1 3317 , f E 2 .Mi 1 41 . , ff' . . -,l HV 5 A ,K f . 5 Y,-tif M ah, ,fl e gg, X A4 X, rj , . .X .. it k ' " '- ,. " V 1, gi xx 'A -. g f' ,H -'A ,,,--.f.,r1" sag QQ ,ja 1 4. - I.-, nf? t. karl "YI Z . x ' . thi ' 'N V A-if ,.f:j ! A ff - "- 31 - vt LLM. 'f f en" N s-"fr --'Z X I i . Q11 . Lf- .fffr .f 1 -aZ.,w'f.W-f - ' ' u - t' ,f" I .ff " ,ist i ,. y, ff' v 4 M,."' 4144" . " . , wg A. " 'A ,I 3 5,-gf f' u ' ,lf "' , ,, ' ,f -.x7.,fQ ,iff I " 'Ada 'run 5 ' .-,M "M 3 , " 'NQ I ff' ' ' I ,, 'fr' 'X , ,141 -. ,, ' ' ,gf Li? ' ' . lg JH.. n 6,1 WL'--v lf- r.-1'1" ,Y f I In I 1 , . Mm, . ' A-4 2 M f I ' .A -, if-i '. :L 3, xg V. gm I .af 'LL X f N , b X I 'I ' ., A., 5 . 765 I .- y,.g1:.N -.N E . 9 4? , -,V . at . X! Illix x fini V K 1 . gr . V ' 'A ff 'f , Iif' " W' 5 " Y, ' " ti", - ' I " .ft-.2723-Giii' ,,1.-,., fl f . i lr V :ft-lf. Zf"A'if ix ' Y , "' . fx -3, . I., I . If , . , .rs y ff, fwfr, , I X od- . ffw , me V 1 ,.., , -X. 47, . f.. Xt! .ng Ro U vw' " C SIOCI ., , v, X, ff I 'I . ' e ' If rn wesl SI - , Q 'X Ks Co BUI ine fr . 0 e , Svxrke T BAUER BROS. GENERAL Allied Erection 8 Conveyors, H 8 R Floor Covering Industrial Contractors, Inc Inc. Evansville, Indiana fSteel E reetion Q Architectural Building Products, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana fAlumz'nurn windows, doors, jrames, curtaznwoll glass and glazingj Newcomb Excavating Co. Evansville, Indiana Cottage Building Company Evansville, Indiana fMz'llworkj Vincennes, Indiana fTerro5.zo Acoustic, Materz'als, Resilient Floorsj Evansville Concrete Co. Evansville, Indiana Concrete International Steel Co. Evansville, Indiana fStruetual steel, steel joists, steel stazrsj Evansville, Indiana fltorying C99 Sheet Metal Workj Concrete Supply Co. Evansville, Indiana Concrete Blocks McNeeIy Stone Company Ellettsville, Indiana Cut and Trim Stone l New .5l., SQ UI P i R i it X Egxgsg X x XX W X Q , 6 X ax- 65, po l co 'I Of th -x X, Wal,-,uf Sf S new y col Edu Xxx n BU ld I7 6 Ud 5" 7, J 'D 1 I t .4 ' ,J 52215 Ljgx 5 ' f V lx ii if , . t -'W asf--eil-sc, A ' f elif sflfsss-21? , S Ski- X., ' , Nxbj X-Q 533-Q1 N b '- ' Xe f., C 'I XX we f f . " 1 , , A l i I, X '1 45 I --'Q I "ig -ig' . l 'E BEEN-liff C 5 H I E "N, i 'ri :Kr . H -, x 'FBQQNQCK ,, ""?' "E-o-C -. K ' I A 1 er Ri, X X ' -wx' ,Q -V X .51 , V nl. X g A., A E , E E cali.-. secs 1- Y xx -1:..1'-rikitn: ' -X ' I a, P 'LA Xxx .: N f Q7 ' Q 31 ' : xx'-SM' I f E . "if:-1,, - 7 ' C .S 5fde 'NYSA in ' We of f ,t E e. , the r lo 1' 'X-M.. "F ' ' I FUCIU lo xxx I f, f A--. 9 P NN, Wir s P-: f s ree, h si X-1 il- Coffo . I M, 527 I i f 9, Th b N ' . In . 9 I S COl'I3f,-uct d e o n the south CCN-I-RAC-IORS, INC. Subcontractors for the Physical Education Building Allied Erection S Conve ors, Cott B 'ld' C Inc. Evansville, Indiana y age ui ing ompany International Steel Co Evansville, Indiana Evansville, Indiana yMZ'lyw0rkj fStruetual steel, steel C Steel Ereetzonj Architectural Building Products, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana C A lurnznum windows, doors, james, curtaznwall, glass, ana' glazingj Newcomb Excavating Co. Evansville, Indiana joists, steel stazrsj H 8 R Floor Covering, Inc. Vincennes, Indiana Industrial Contractors, Inc Evansville, Indiana fTerra.z.zo, Acoustic, M aterials Resilient Floors, Marble, Slate and Tzlej Evansville Concrete C Evansville, Indiana Concrete Cltocying CD9 Sheet Metal Workj Concrete Supply Co 0. Evansville, Indiana Concrete Blocks Qi BOWL Couswfulvhvw DIAMOND LANES, INC. 24 Lanes No. I Family Sport Complete Line of Equipment Ace and AMF Balls Phone HA 4-4677 Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant Steaks - Chicken Try our Famous Charco-Burger Beautiful HGQIIWH Room Now Available For from o i HOLIDAY INN ',:.', and ,o'i 9MITTY'9 RESTAURANT 2508 Highway 4I North HA 3-1186 Congratulations and Success to the Class of '62 and E.C.'s Under-Grads The Store for Men and Boys Sports-Town Shop for Women and Misses A, in X Banquets - Meetings - Wedding Receptions HA 3-0697 2400 Highway 41 North Diamond Avenue E. C. SENIOR RINGS BOOKS PAPER BOOKS JEWELRY STATIONERY STROUSE 8. BROS. Main ot Second SUPPLIES SOUVENIRS SPORTSW EAR - Emma J. Schreiber MANAGER EVANSVILLE'S PROGRESSIVE HOSPITALS Are All Stotted by College-Troined People WHO HAVE PERMANENT VOCATIONAL SATISFACTION IN THE FOLLOWING FIELDS: ' Business Administrotion '55 ' Medicol Records Librories I "'t 4 ISI 4 I ' L borot r T I1 I iii if-sv i 0 o y ec no ogy ,ms Sn: Lg o Personnel Administrotion ' X- Roy Technology ' Nursing Educotion , . ' Engineering S V ' Phormocology rt ' Sociol Educotion A lin wat? PROTESTANT DECONESS HOSPITAL WELBORN MEMORIAL BAPTIST HOSPITAL 610466 PROFESSIONAL ADVICE 404494 -With- PERSONAL SERVICE SCHULTHEIS INSURANCE 0 1 , 1 4 1 A I 32 N. Weinbach Avenue Call GR 7-5379 1' A: 'li . I , M e have happily served as your head- quarters for photography and school needs during your long school term . . . ay we continue to serve you now as you become adult citizens. SMITH 8. BUTTERFIELD 305 Main sf. sence 1866 HA 2-3261 Y Icdezws I-lam Fashions "WHERE BEAUTY IS AN ART" Lea Klein - Owner Phone GR 7-5551 LAWNDALE A F Itfcllf Kenny Wendt, Carolyn Lauer, Sam O'Hanian, and Mary Ann Stahlberg enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola before their second hand of bridge. COCA-COLA BOTTl.lNG WORKS OF EVANSVILLE, INDIANA 927 Pennsylvania CONGRATULATIONS and Q ' OUR VERY BEST WISHES THE JOAN SHOP "Between Main and Sycamore" HOISERY - LINGERIE - SPORTSWEAR "Quality and Service" 23 N. W. Fourth St. Phone HA 2-7535 CHARLES LEICH AND CO. Wholesale Druggists Since l954 EVANSVILLE, INDIANA I I IQIQI Ten Reasons Why You Should Bowl at ' Lanes "Sixteen Lanes of Luxurious Bowling" Jim Gerhardt, Prop. II00 S. Weinbach Avenue Phone GR 7-5323 A CAREER OPPORTUNITY with Interstate Finance Corporation is the topic uppermost in the minds of Business Maiors Byron Moel- lenkamp and Bob Bragassa, Class of '62, as they discuss the possibilities with Interstate Finance President Leland M. Feigel, Class of '29, and a trustee of Evansville College. ln- terstate's Management Training Program offers an excellent career opportunity in Consumer Financing to the young man with an eye to the future. INTERSTATE FINANCE provides a sound consumer financing service for the families of mid-America through its nearly I50 of- fices in thirteen states. Founded in l920 in Evansville, its expansion has created career opportunities for nearly 800 present em- ployees. gf? 7' Jw' f"TFfw..,. ll 1' L l,:- 2 ' W " P Q l 'mh 1 SEEING DOUBLED L X 9 1 u V C role and Cathy DeGroote enioy a Double while doing their h k ciul 'll' Mel Holder and J Bohleber watch the ope h J. . Krieger-Ro d DOUBLE COLA 1300 West Fra kl Now operating 4 web offset presse for greatest printing economy KRIEGER-RAGSDALE 81 C0., INC. E II I d "COEofvPfcInwA 109 S.E. Second Street For Beauty, Originality and Satisfaction . . B0 Sww F175 aw OHIO VALLEY HOME C. A. FRANK, PRESIDENT ol-no VALLEY Homes, mc. I THE EVANSVILLE MUSEUM The museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in Evansville. lt is an institution of interest and learning to be enioyed by everyone. Tllofep Cons Ca.: Iwo. ww I 1 I 5 ' Amerluco n Da I r y 4 7 I f J diff I5 ICE CREAM-Ml LK PORTRAITS COMPLIMENTS OF COMMERCIAL WEDDINGS "A Better Place to Dine" l7SE S d St E II l d 7-ls S E. THIRD STRIQET EVANSVILLE s INDIANA Evansville College Students and Stal? Find WOODS DRUG STORE At Lincoln and Weinbach Headquarters for PRESCRIPTIONS and ALL HEALTH NEEDS LM It ' h d f Dan H to decide what to eat g' A petuous gl ce H.A.Woods because hef' d Il h f d g d Carol Meyer Bu30Jv'S Guide METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. 2420 Washington Avenue Lloyd W. Broome, Manager NUSSMEIER ENGRAVING COMPANY 23 S.E. Second Hlwifaitioas md " EVANSVILLE OFFICE MACHINES 316 N. Main Street HA 4-3506 GORDEN'S 2415 Washington "Yowu mmm College Shop" M 8: S FIRE AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT 1161 Division HA 3-1560 DUBL. "R" DRIVE-IN On Division at Green River Road "WIwwCweb Qwwiwis nobwQideIiw" AN EVANSVILLE TRADITION Weinbach and Ravenswood GR 7-1518 NEWMAN PLUMBING CO.. INC. 211 S.E. Fourth Street HA 3-3141 RABEN TIRE COMPANY 420 N.W. Fourth Street "I-Iona 06 Safety! Discs" BEVERLY STUDIOS 28 S.E. Third HA 5-1117 'wlwwswiwpfctuws 60'-fE.O. wwwtoleuf' 951 if R U -0 L I L nf T" F QW' Upmws ,r E F looking ki Wwwfalwwab .V for ve ry best? ' No greater value anywhere! E Sears Look for the "Sears Best" Eg: best sign of quality throughout 555: is your Sears store. 3? Satisfaction Guaranteed BE C: 1m buy Y M yBa k N' I in Downtown Evansville . THANK YOU EVERY ADVERTISER, FOR THE TIME. EFFORT AND EXPENSE THAT YOU PUT FORTH TO MAKE THIS 1962 EVANSVILLE COLLEGE LINC POSSIBLE. TlwLimC Qta66famdfEuamsuiUwCoUegoQh1devits C337 iw Q

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