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Y Win X ., O iamll Editor ..,...,,,....,....,,....,. ......... H ester Thorpe Business Manager .,,,.., .,....,,, J ack Slade ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Keller-Crescent .... ...... P hoto-lithography Walden Studio ..,....... .......... P hotographs Ed Rech Studio ...,..,.... .......... P hotographs Mr. Karl K. Knecht P'WF""Swg1 ' ICATICN In appreciation of the 'wonderful help and service he has rendered Evansville College, we dedicate this 1935 LinC to Mr. Walton M. Wheeler. As trustee and friend he has held the interest of our college uppermost in his mind and affections and has worked unceasingly for its welfare. Mr. Wheeler is treasurer of the board of trustees and chairman of the executive committee of the board. Through the years he has given generously of his time, ability, and professional service as legal adviser and coun- sellor. Not only has he consistently refused to accept re- muneration for such services, but he has given generously of his own means to the financial support of the institu- tion. In Mr. Wheeler Evansville College has a friend for whom all of us are thankful and whom all of us admire. We are happy, by this dedication of our LinC, to pay tribute to him in terms of appreciation and aiection. ' M 'Q mm 1 5f f t i 1 5 M . ww.-s -f 'SW : 3 A "wr: 'vw ln-,.,4-1' ' mf- 4 'ff -ww w mz,-3 a,1m",,. " , MR. W1-KI,TON Nl. WHEELER ALL REMEMBER There will come a day When I shall find Here In this book Names almost forgotten, Faces I no longer see. And I shall remember Words that were spoken, Hard words harshly spoken, Happy words and gentleg But the hard words will be softened, Their sharp edges gone, The happy words mellowed Into cadence and song. Wahnita DeLong. W gi? EE M U15 7' we QA ig: fra w Pk ie' :sw 9,3 EU 1"'1' H1 Sf" ti, .. .V 7,72 ,. ni' Q ff, in fx ,,qf'j' y "" :rf H ' :FQ I 'fr 3? 51, ' fl 'A' N .-5 if ff" w vw . ,I , 1 v 1 1 .V Q,v A, , 1 . , ', p:?.'4',,vi'- " L 3, V 3' ff, QF!! ,x is ' 1-"aft 'f 4'fw3Z'3'i f ,ss x whtlff V, 'ity ' 5-Vw? . M'-in Ark fx J Q3"'?i" .- ,ff Syl ,qiff4.s's' ' t fb ,F 1 I gh-vip I , ., Q Q, -. gf, dffwgyiix .1 13, 'S in , 1' f' P' 4. 1,5 ,fs ,sl I .O k , . . 'B , gf: i H5 . sts? -, is if .zn- E' un . s SA FFORD MEMORIAL v Rfb'-"W Y if-1 .X L, ,g T F, W .1 ,, , 3 YA 1,3 . 1 1 ' f J ig W' w , 35 V21 ff. .. ,A ' l". , Q ' J. M, Hr , .W x 'wwf W ftf i ' 1. ,PSE Je! 253: M X' fi 5 M Si V E" ' f 4. X rn 51 .aff 1 , wb if i W 7 7' e A If 1.9 Q.: 'xv U M 'ff""' ' n3,fa:!11'M' ,mimi ffrfwww t , SAFFORD MEMORIAL H i S E553 S: E as 4? 35' ws I ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fred J. Bernhardt ......... - . Bishop Edgar Blake.. W. A. Carson .............. Mrs. G. S. Clifford .......... ....................Evansville .........Detroit, Michigan ....................Evansville ..................Evansville The Rev. S. T. Cross ......... ......... S eymour, Indiana Dr. 0. W. Fifer ......... Charles Ford ............. A. G. Hahn .................... Dr. E. L. Hutchens .... J. Giltner Igleheart ........ W. T. Jones .............. Dr. H. A. Keck ....... Downey Kerr ............. Henry Kleymeyer ........ Clarence Leich ....... T. M. McDonald ........ Richard McGinnis ........ T. J. Morton, Sr ......... Val Nolan .................. Samuel L. Orr .............. Dr. W. 0. Patrick ........ Richard Rosencranz ........ Isaac Salm .................... Dr. J. T. Scull ......,.. Dr. J. M. Walker ....... A. J. Wedeking ......... Dr. J. Y. Welbom ........ Walton M. Wheeler ........... .........Cincinnati, Ohio ........NeW Harmony ....................Evansville .........Seymour, Indiana ....................Eva.nsville .........Indianapolis .........Evansville .........Evansville .........Evansville ....................Evansville ........Princeton, Indiana ................Evansville ............Evansville .........Indianapolis .........Evansville .........Evansville .........Evansville .........Evansville ...........................Evansville Bloomington, Indiana ............. Dale, Indiana .............Evansville .........Evansville Dr. Warren W. Wiant .......... ......... I ndianapolis DR. EARL E. HARPER, S.T.B., D.D. PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE -3-f"!fi"' 5154.71 1, 'VERY vl. lfbff In spite of the fact that the past year has been a hard one for our college, it has been a successful one only through the untiring devotion of our presi- dent. He has given unsparingly of his time and services that Evansville College may be the highest type of school and that its students may come in contact with the truest ideals and standards of liv- mg. STUDENT- FACULTY FEDERATION The student government organization at Evansville College has been very successful during the past year accomplishing the desired high quality of cooperation and understanding between the faculty and student body of the college in regard to all problems of the school life. The Student-Faculty Federation at Evansville College functions through the Administrative Board and the eight committees. These eight committees consist of three faculty members and three student members. Each committee takes charge of all activities falling under the head of their particular group, such as: Athletics, Fine Arts, Promotion and Public Occasions, Pub- lic Speech, Publications, Religious Life, Social Life, and Wel- fare. One faculty member in each group serves as a chairman for that group with one student member serving as vice- chairman. This past year has been an unusually active one. Due to a crisis when the president of the Student Association withdrew from school after the first few weeks of the fall semester, several amendments to the Student Association Constitution were passed remedying the situation and providing that no such situation would arise in the future. One of these amend- ments provides for a special election to be conducted by the Student Council, the student members of all the various com- mittees and the oflicers of the Student Association, in the case of a vacancy in the presidency. Another amendment provided that both candidates for the Student Association oiiices should be elected in the primary instead of one of the two being ap- pointed by the Election Board, composed of the outgoing ollicers plus the defeated candidates of the last election, as was for- merly the case. The third amendment made it possible for any ineflicient Student-Faculty Federation Committee member to be removed from a committee upon the majority vote of the mem- bers of that committee. Several by-laws were also passed deal- ing with details of these amendments. The committees themselves also had a very active year. New contracts with the various social societies upon the dancing question, a new program of matinee dances, and new men's pledging rules were the outstanding contribution of the Social Committee. The recognition of debate and oratory activities in the form of gifts of five dollars to all eligible students for the entrance fee to Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary oration and debate fraternity, was passed by the Public Speech Committee. ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD The Administrative Board composed of the three deans of the college, the three otiicers of the Student Association, and the President of the college, serves as a connecting link be- tween the faculty and the Student Association. As an executive body, it receives reports of all committees established by the Federation and has charge of all general administrative and disciplinary matters in the life, work, and government of the college. lt is therefore a Board of Review and a Court of Appeals. Any action of this board is subject to the referen- dum by students and faculty. President Earl E. Harper Dean Charles E. Torbet Dean Wahnita DeLong Dean Howard F. Legg Thomas Ingle Marion Todrank Marion Roth .., gn. x :L+-Q 4-I 1 ts 4 ,ti the it , -us- eiig 6 I ,- W 3335 ig ' COMMITTEES fr-X ,ag We r.g l"f-P' 1 is ' Y 3 Dean Long, Chairman William V. Slyker Joe Graham, Vice-Chairman Guy B. Marchant Constant Hartke Maxine Kennard ,- . 4 E S 2 Q 5 3 Q 5 5 5 , 1 Q . 5 ,- E F -:V 3 fi 4 s Q r M as fu 3 5. il H 3i.m.m...,,,Ww,M, fmwsmnsra , ' FI Imri Blackburn, Chairman I I U Gaylord Browne Thomas Nickels,-Vice-Chairman Lucille Jones Paul Oberst Faye Kingsbury l COMMITTEES Alvin Strickler, Chairman AND Howard F- Legg Dorothy Neu, Vice-Chairman Gladys CUNY Harlan Logsdon Mildred McCutchan skew f 1, ,,.....N, V nW,w Ernest VanKeuren, Chairman A4 X V V Y Heber Walker Paul Scheips, Vice-Chairman b". i i"' 5 if 'AA' Anna Louise Thrall John Surbeck K ' ' ' L Olevia Davis Miki-Ky wr.: ,f:1,g,1,5,.,g5-gy.. . 1 6 filifgilffg 'iii' Ss Je-'iii Y 3if 5i9fw:12.15,-xi 41 , ,WN COMMITTEES .25 - 'E' fa- 1 Y ay. 1 " .Q Q, , , nb I .rn ' ' 2, Q' I Dv I 4 L 2 Pearle LeCompte, Chairman Karl Schaaf Isabelle Reeves ., I --f , Charles Zapp, Vice-Chairman Louis Ritz Evelyn Behrens -agen -ws ilk' if gr was Olaf Hovda, Chairman Floyd Beghtel A. B. Cope '50 li' K f 5' 2 if Miriam Patrick, Vice-Chairman Ruth Kilbert Myron Herrell COMMITTEES 36 I Wahnita DeLong, Chairman Hazel Rodgers Mary Gleason, Vice-Chairman James Morlock Karl Schuessler Colby Pollard 9, K ' rv ' I g. T' 'T' 1, I ef 6 +3 M" M "f Charles E. Reeves, Chairman Irene VV. Place Ima Wyatt Faye Gilpatrick, Vice-Chairman Mildred Eissler Marvin Bennett DEANS WAHNITA DELONG, A.M. Dean of Women, English Dept., A.B., Ohio Wesleyan U.g A.M., Ohio State U. HOWARD F. LEGG, A.M. Dean of Meng Professor of Bible and Philosophy, A.B., Wesleyan U.: B.D., Drew Theol. Sem.: A.M., Boston U.g M.R.E., Boston U. CHARLES E. TORBET, A.M. Dean of the College and Professor of History, A.B., Ohio Wesleyan U.g A.M., Ohio Wesleyan U. FLOYD E. BEGHTEL, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Biology, Head of the Department, Indiana Central Col- lege, A.B., Indiana University, A.M., University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. IMRI M. BLACKBURN, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Latin and Greek, Act- ing Head of the Department, Indi- ana Central College, A.B., Mus.B.g Indiana University, A.M.: Indiana University, Ph.D. GAYLORD H. BROWNE, B.Mus., M.Mus. Acting Head of Department of Mu- sic, American Conservatory of Mu- sic, Chicago, M.Mus. ALFRED B. COPE, A.M. Professor of Education, Campbell College, A.B., U. of Kans., A.M. GLADYS CURRY, M.S. Instructor in Home Economics, Marshall College, A.B., Columbia U., MARY T. FLEMIN G, B. Mus. Instructor in Piano, Bradley Poly- technic Institute, B. Mus. CLARA LIEBER HARPER, B.F.A. Instructor in Voice, Nebraska Wes- leyan University, B.F.A. OLAF HOVDA, A.B., Ph. D. Professor of Physics, Head of De- partment of Physics and Mathe- matics, University of Minnesota, A.B., M.A.g Gottingen University, Ph.D. FACULTY 43 45, FACULTY W?- LUCILE JONES, B.S. Assistant in Education, Columbia University, B.S. PEARL LeCOMPTE, Ph.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech, Uni- versity of Chicago, Ph.B., North- western University, M.A. DEAN LONG, A.B., M.B.A. Professor of Economics and Busi- ness Administration, Head of De- partment of Economics and Sociol- ogy, Simpson College, A.B.g Har- vard Graduate School of Business Administration, M.B.A. GUY MARCHANT, B.S. Assistant Professor of Engineer- ing, South Dakota State College, B.S. JAMES E. MORLOCK, A.B., M.A. Instructor in Sociology, Evansville College, A.B., Indiana University, M.A. RALPH OLMSTED, A.B. Instructor in English, Evansville College, A.B. IRENE W. PLACE, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor in Modern Languages, Russell Sage College, A.B., University of Illinois, M.A. ISABELLE REEVES, B.S. Assistant in Education, Evansville College, B.S. CHAS. E. REEVES, A.M,, Ph.D. Head of Department of Education and Psychology, Huron College, B.S., University of Chicago, A.M., Columbia U., Ph.D. HAZEL RODGERS, B.S. Assistant in Physical Education, University of Cincinnati, B.S. KARL SCHAAF, A.B. Assistant in Chemistry, Evansville College, A.B. WILLIAM V. SLYKER, M.A. Professor of Physical Education and Athletics, Head of Department, Ohio State University, LL.B.g Co- lumbia U., M.A. ALVIN STRICKLER, M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, Head of Department of Chemistry and Home Economics, Michigan State Normal College, A.B.: University of Michigan, B.S.: University of Michigan, M.S.g University of Wis- consin, Ph.D. ANNA LOUISE THRALL Librarian, Evansville College, A.B., Library Science, Illinois University, B.S. ERNEST VAN KEUREN, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English, Head of the Department, Cornell University, A.B., Harvard University, A.M., Cornell University, Ph.D. MARIAN ARMSTRONG VINING Instructor in Piano, Graduate of Fox-Buonamici School of Piano- forte Playing. FACULTY 'cv -4-ir? FACULTY afi- iz HEBER P. WALKER, A.M. Professor of History, Head of De- partment of History and Political Science, Indiana University, A.B.g Indiana University, A.M. WALLACE F. WHITE Assistant in Biology Csecond se- mesterl, Butler University, Zool- ogy and Chemistry, B.S.g State University of Iowa, M.S. IRMA S. WYATT, A.M. Assistant in Biology Cfirst semes- terj, Evansville College, B.S.g Ev- ansville College, A.M. O ' Q OFFIC E STA FF GRACE CRASK Secretary to the President LENA GRABHORN Bookkeeper GERTRUDE JONES Secretary to the Executive Secre- tary MARJORIE WEBSTER Assistant Registrar CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OF 1935 Upon looking back, the past four years have not been uneventfulg rather, it has been a period of great progress for us and for the college. Our entrance in the fall of '31 marked the iirst year that E. C. was recognized as an accredited college. In our sophomore year the present Student-Faculty Federation Association was adopted. Other important events during our stay here have been the organization of two new societies on the campus, Pi Kappa Mu for the women and Alpha Beta Tau for the men, the introduction of the new Department of Music into the curriculum, and the erection of the Men's Lounge. Ours has been a well rounded development according to the ideals of our college seal, and we have had outstand- ing leaders in the various lields. To the faculty and administration we express our deepest appreciation, and to our fellow students we extend our sincerest wishes for continued success in future years. The Class of '35. President ............. ............ W alter Riggs Vice-President ....... ................... J oseph Theby Secretary ............. .....,... M ildred McCutchan Treasurer ......... .......... H erschel Dassell WALTER RIGGS, PRESIDENT RUTH BAIN A. B., Social Science, Sociology. Castalian. LaSalle Seminary, Boston. Indiana University. EVELYN MERLE BEHRENS A. B., Language and Literature, Latin. HKM Sergeant-at-arms '32-'33g Treasurer '33-'34g President '34-'35g Freshman Speedball Team '31-'32, Basketball '31-'34g Y. W. C. A., Treasurer '33-'34, Crescent StaE '33-'34, Thespian, Business Manager '34, Secretary-Treasurer '35g S.F.F. Welfare Committee, Vice-Chairman, Secretary '33- '34g S.F.F. Committee on Public Speech, Secretary '34-'35, Student Council '33-'34g Inter-Society Council '34-'35g Library Staff '34-'35, Campus Notable '35. MARGARET BRITTAN B. S., Secondary Education, Music. DePauw University. Valparaiso University. Evansville Symphony Orchestrag Y. W. C. A. MILDRED BROWN A. B., Language and Literature, English. FEE Vice-President '35, Thespian, Trojan Wom- eng Secretary S.F.F. Fine Arts Committee: College Choir Accompanist '31-'35, Campus Notable '35, CHAR LES CON RAD B. S., Secondary Education, Biology. HECD Treasurer '33-'34, Basketball '33-'34, Base- ball '33, '34, '35g Student Athletic Manager '33-'34, Thespian, Eager Heart '33, '34, '35, "E" Clubg Andrew Johnson Bigney Biologi- cal Society. MARION COOPER A. B., Social Science, Sociology. SENIORS SENIORS 'fe' ITS WILLIAM DALY A. B., Social Science, Economics. Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. HERSCHEL DASSEL B. S., Secondary Education, Mathematics. fl? Z3 QD B X Associate Editor of Student Directory '34- '35g Y. M. C. A., Publicity Chairman '34-'35. KARL M. DETROY A. B., Social Science, History. ABT Double Alphag Y. M. C. A. Cabinet '33-'35: Campus Notable '34. NOEL L. DIKE B. S., Secondary Education, Biology. QD Z "E" Club. ARMAND EMRICH Pre-medical Indiana University. MILDRED EISSLER B. S., Elementary Education, Education. 92 Secretary '33, '34, President '35g Welfare Committee, Secretary '34-'35g LinC Staff '34, '35g Inter-Society Council. my ft, ,,..f..-,-V.-,. .,...,,.m,1..fl,,,,.. as 'iii?-Sys,-:Hr-f57,fwg:fxr?,i,s Y iw' .1 fi, Q 'Q3-.fgPe'a-..1., " . ' 1'--. ' f Q1f::'1."La ne 22-1 .4-'H' eva,-.. ,,.. .C va, Y L .A SENIORS MARTHA JANE FEIGEL A. B., Social Science, Sociology. Castalian. MacMurray College. Championship Soccer Team '33, May Fes- tival '33. WINIFRED GEORGET A. B., Language and Literature, Latin. Class Basketball Team '33. 1 FAYE GILPATRICK A. B., Language and Literature, English. Castalian. Critic '33, Treasurer '34, President '35, Y. W. C. A. Secretary '33, Vice-President '35, Library Staff '34-'35, S.F.F. Religious Com- mittee '33-'34, Welfare Committee '35, 1 W.A.A., Campus Notable '34, '35, Inter- p - Society Council '35, LinC Staif '34, Bigney Biological Society. MARY GLEASON A. B., Physical Education and Health, Physical Education. -iff' Castalian. Chaplain '32, Librarian '33, Social Chair- man '35, W.A.A., President '34, '35, Bigney Biological Society, Thespian, Trojan Wo- men, Eager Heart, Campus Notable '34, '35, Orchestra '31-'32, Athletic Instructor '33- '34, Tennis Manager '33, Basketball Man- ager '33, '34, Inter-Society Council '35, S.F.F. Athletic Committee '34, S.F.F. So- cial Committee '35. JOSEPH E. GRAHAM B. S., Secondary Education, History. Tl E CD Vice-President '33, President '34, Tempor- ary President of Freshman Class, Football '31-'34, Captain '34, Basketball '31-'33, "E" Club, Vice-President '33, '34, Chairman S.F.F. Athletic Committee '35. DAISY ELIZABETH HARMAN F A A. B., Language and Literature, English. DePauw University. Thespian, Trojan Women, College Choir '33-'35, Male Quartet Accompanist '33-'34, Crescent Staff '33-'34. ,, ,,,i.,.,...,,..z. . -fi: .- 2..'M'- . H v .L 1-.rf. '5.. ff E Q, , , , . . , . . - .fake , -' fe +.,g.a.v ., -?w.W::a5E3if.r "u'Z"L: iiff' sae . 'rs SENIORS CONSTANT HARTKE B. S., Secondary Education, Mathematics. QDZ Treasurer '33-'34, Secretary '34, President '35g Athletic Committee '34-'35, "E" Club, Basketball '32-'35g Football '33, '34, Campus Notable '34, '35, LinC Staff '34, '35. MARION HEMMER B. S., Secondary Education, History. OZ Secretary '32-'33, President '33g Inter-S0- ciety Council '34, Women's Council, 1st Vice-President '33-'34, Secretary '34-'35, S.F.F. Committee on Publications '33-'34, Student Government Council '33-'34, BAK.: Editor of Student Handbook '34, Campus Notable '34-'35, THOMAS HOLMES HOUSE A. B., Social Science, History. l'lEfD Chaplain '35, Double Alpha, Secretary '31, Associate Thespiang Y. C. A. Cabinet '31, Band '31-'32, Football '32, President of VVrestling Club '33. RUSSELL HUFFMAN B. S., Education, English. A B T President '35, Double Alpha, Vice-President '33-'34, President '34-'35, Y. C. A., Cam- pus Notable '35. THOMAS HART INGLE B. S., Business Administration, Economics. CID Z Vice-President '32, Prosecuting Attorney '33, President '33, President of Student Association '34-'35: Vice-President of Fresh- man Classg PGM, TKA. Varsity Debate '33, '34g Thespian, Allison's House, VVild Duck: Senior Gift Chairman: Assistant Business Manager Crescent '33, Business Manager of Crescent '33, LinC Stalf '35, Campus Not- able '35g Fine Arts Committee '33, Public Speech Committee '32, Senior Orator '35. KENNETH P. McCUTCHAN A. B., Language and Literature, English Composition. CDZ Critic 34, Social Committee '32-'35, Col- lege Choir '31-'34, Male Quartet '33-'34, Thespian, Trojan Women, Everyman, Cres- cent Staff '32, '33, '34, LinC Staff '35g Campus Notable '34. MILDRED McCUTCHAN B. S., Secondary Education, Biology. O Z Treasurer '33, '34, secretary '35, Y. W. C. A., Social Service Chairman '34-'35, S.F.F. Public Occasions Committee '34-'35, W.A.A., Vice-President, Secretary Senior Class, Bigney Biological Society, Intramural Bas- ketball. MARJORI E MEADOWS A. B., Language and Literature, English. Castalian. Social Chairman '33, Vice-President '34, '35, S.F.F. Social Committee, Associate Thespian. EA R L MO N RO E B. S., Business Administration, Economics. 4192 College Orchestra '31-'33, Band '31-'32, Associate Thespian, BAK. DOROTHY NEU B. S., Secondary Education, Home Economics. OZ President '34, Vice-President '35, Rush Cap- tain '35, Home Economics Club, Secretary '34, President '35, Thespian, W.A.A.g In- ter-Society Council '35, Vice-Chairman Pub- lic Occasions Committee. THOMAS R. NICKELS A. B., Language and Literature, English. fDZ Vice-President '34, 'Critic '35, Editor of Crescent '35, Vice-President of Junior Class, Football '34, Tennis Team '32-'35, Student Council '35, Vice-Chairman S.F.F. Fine Arts Committee '35, Campus Notable '34, '35. WALTER R. RIGGS B. S., Secondary Education, Physical Edu- cation. CDZ Vice-President '33, President '34, President of Junior Class, President of Senior Class, "E" Club, President '34-'35, Secretary- Treasurer '33-'34, Basketball '31-'35, Foot- ball, Baseball, Campus Notable '35. SENIORS 499' 'lr SENIORS A L F R E D ROS E B. S., Secondary Education, Mathematics. fIJZ Vice-President '35, Football '31, Basketball '31-'35, Thespiang LinC Athletic Editor '34, '35g Campus Notable '35, "E" Club, Letter Man '35. . MARION ROTH A. B., Language and Literature, English. 92 President Women's Council '34-'35, Presi- dent Inter-Society Council '33-'34g Treasur- er Student Association '34-'35, Recording Secretary Administrative Board '34-'35, Eager Heartg LinC Staff '35, Secretary Junior Classy Campus Notable '35. EVERET SANDERS B. S., Secondary Education, History. Men's Council '34, '35. PAUL J. SCHEIPS A. B., Social Science, History. QJZ Vice-President '33, Critic '33-'34, Prosecut- ing Attorney '34, Secretary '35: Men's Council '34-'35, S.F.F. Publications Com- mittee '33, Vice-Chairman '34-'35, LinC Business Manager '34, LinC Staff '35, Cres- cent Columnist '34-'35, TKA, State Orator '34, Debate '34, '35, Campus Notable '35. EDWIN SHAKE A. B., Language and Literature, French. A B T Campus Notable '35. EDITH SILVER A. B., Social Science, Sociology. FEE Crescent Staff '31, '32, Editor '32-'33, TKA Pledge, Debate '32, '33, Liberal Club. AARON STILL B. S., Secondary Education, Biology. QDZ Thespian, Vice-President '34, The Contrast, Eager Heart '32, '33, '34, Everyman, Tro- jan Women, Wild Duck, The Wind And The Rain, College Choir, '34, Public Speech Committee '34-'35, Student Council '34-'35, Baseball '32-'35. JOHN F. SURBECK A. B., Science, Chemistry. CIDZ Thespian, Michael And Mary, Business Manager of The Wind and the Rain, LinC Staff '34, '35, S.F.F. Publication Commit- tee, '35. JOSEPH THEBY B. S., Business Administration, Economics. HECD President '35, Vice-President '34, Football '31-'34, Captain '33, Kiwanis Award '34, Basketball '32-'35, "E" Club, Vice-Presi- dent '32, President '33, Treasurer of Junior Class, Vice-President of Senior Class, Cres- cent Business Manager '34-'35, S.F.F. Wel- fare Committee, Campus Notable '34, '35, Men's Council '34-'35. HUGH THRASHER B. S., Secondary Education, Physical Edu- cation. ' ABT Secretary '34, Vice-President '35, Band '31, Orchestra '31, Football '32-'35, Baseball '34-'35, Basketball '31-'35, Y. M. C. A. MARION TODRANK A. B., Language and Literature, French. FEE President '35, Pledge Mistress '34, Critic '33, Secretary '33, Secretary Student As- sociation '35, Secretary Administrative Board '35, Women's Council '34, '35, Y. W. C. A., President '35, Cabinet '34, Inter-Society Council '35, Crescent Staff '33, LinC Staff '34, Library Staff '34, '35, Campus Notable '34, '35. BERNARD WEIRAUCH B. S., Secondary Education, Mathematics. 11923 Crescent Staff '32-'34, Y. M. C. A., Secre- tary-Treasurer '33-'34, BAK. CDBX SENIORS A--.. ll-Kei Sn..- ,MH ,Y 19" Y SENIORS MARTHA WILLIAMS A. B., Science, Biology. Tl K M Vice-President '34-'35g Rush Captain '35. CHARLES E. ZAPP A. B., Social Science, History. A B T President '34-'35g Double Alpha, Vice-Presi- dent '33g President Freshman Classg Presi- dent Sophomore Classg President Student Association '33-'34g Men's Council, Execu- tive Board '33-'35, Executive Secretary '34g College Choir '32-'34g Male Quartet '33-'34g Varsity Debate '33, '34, '35g S.F.F. Execu- tive Committee '31-'32: S.F.F. Athletic Committee '32-'33g Public Speech Committee '34-'35g Campus Notable '33, '34, TKA. C H A R L E S M A R X B. S., Industrial Science, Economics. TIECD NO PICTURES HAROLD HUNT KATHERINE LONG, A.B. CHARLES STOCKFLETH, B.S. EVELYN ARMSTRONG Home Economics LOIS ASHBY Secondary Education LOUAN N A BAKER Home Economics JEAN BITTERMAN Science OSCAR BOHN Secondary Education EDWARD BON HAM Social Science BETHEL BOSTON Social Science MARY LUCILE BOWMAN Secondary Education RALPH CONNOR Secondary Education MAURICE EICHOLZ Religion 8: Philosophy EDGAR ENGELBRECHT Business Administration GENEVA FORTUNE Social Science JUNIORS JUNIORS ANN ETTE GLASER Social Science LEWIS GOWDY Secondary Education DAVID HALL Pre-Law VIRGINIA HASSE L Elementary Education MYRON HERRELL Religion Kz Philosophy BERT J ACO Business Administration MAXINE KENNARD Physical Education 8: Health RUTH KILBERT Language Sz Literature HARLAN LOGSDON Science MINNIE MAGAZINE Social Science GLENN MILLER Business Administration PAUL OBERST Language 81 Literature MIRIAM PATRICK Social Science COLBY POLLARD Secondary Education BERNARD RENNER Social Science LOUIS RITZ Social Science MARTHA SCHERER Elementary Education KARL SCHUESSLER Social Science JACK SLADE Business Administration RUSSELL SNOW Science CLARENCE STOTLER Science EDWARD TAYLOR Secondary Education HESTER THORPE Language 8: Literature OTTO THUERBACH Secondary Education JUNIORS JUNIORS 'Ji 17:?l?,-.f3'.,? ' w,,,,,we,',g1 ' 2--Ifijdn ,Jr J f ROSS TOOLE Language 8: Literature DAN TWEEDALL Pre-Medical ELIZABETH VONDER OHE Secondary Education CHARLES WALLACE Secondary Education LOUISE WILSON Secondary Education HELEN ZISS Language 8: Literature WILLIAM NATION ' Secondary Education MARY ELLA VOGEL Education NO PICTURES FRANK BUTLER PAUL LEWIS Language Sz Literature THOMAS GORE VINCENT PARKER Pre-Medical Science LOREN BAILEY RUSSELL BASHAM ROBERT BECKER MARVIN BENNETT CHARLOTTE BLOOD JANICE BITTERMAN BETTY BONHAM ANNE LEE BOWER LORAZE BRACKETT HILDA BRACKWINKLE GLADYS BRUNER MARY ALYCE CAREY SOPHOMORES ' - . '- NZM!-. ' W- EW' L if .,j,fffF'jQ-Qffif-' J' ' L' Lf, f f ,fr +,.f 3,,s,,f-' f ,Q : 40- SOPHOMORES 'EA MARJORIE , CARTER DOROTHY CLEAVELIN LILLIE COX OLEVIA DAVIS EDWIN DEUSNER JOHN ENGELBRECHT ROBERT FENNEMAN JANE FREEMAN LOUISE FREEMAN ELIZABETH FROMAN THOMAS GLEASON FLORENCE HANLEY LESTER HARGAN EMERSON HENKE JACOB HENN FAYE HENRY ROBERT HOUSE MAUDE HUGGER THOMAS HUTCHESON FAYE JOHNSON ANNE KEOWN FAYE KINGSBURY CARL KNERR DOROTHY MAE KOCH SOPHOMORES 'QC- -1- -'hu-4 EVELYN KRAMER ROBERT LEDBETTER MARY JANE LENSING MARION LUMLEY JANET MAJOR MISSY MASON ALFRED MATTHEWS SARAH McNUTT FRANCIS MELLEN JEAN MEYER LaVERNE MILLER WILLOUGHBY MONGOMERY FRANK MORGAN HELEN PFISTER HERBERT ROBERTS ANNA ROTH DERRIS RUTTKAR RUTH SHRIVER ESTHER SMALL HELEN THOMPSON MARY THRASH JOHN WALTON KENNETH WILHELMUS WILLIAM WILLIAMS SOPHOMORES NO PICTURES FLORENCE BOCK EDWARD BUFKIN RICHARD DENBO ROBERT DOERR DICK GROENINGER PHILIP HATFIELD FREDERICK KIECHLE ELOISE PETERS WALTER SIMPSON CARL ADAMS MARJORIE ALLDREDGE LEWIS ANGEMEIER BEATRICE ARNEY ROBERT BASKETT MARJORIE JEAN BEELER LUELLA BERGMAN ANNA BLACKER DOROTHY BONER JOHN H. BORGMAN CARL BOSECKER RANDOLPH BOUTWELL D. T. BRIDGE ARNOLD BROCKMOLE LAWRENCE BURDON PAULINE BUSH DOROTHY A. CLEWLOW MILDRED R. CHANDLER ANNAMAE CHANDLER WALLACE CAPEL ANNA M. COOPER MAXINE CRAIG WILLIAM CROCKETT JOSEPH DANNETTELL FRESHMEN Fig 15 EDWARD DARUM RAYMOND DICKERSON THOMAS DUNCAN EWING DUPONT PAUL EGLI WALTON EMMICK ALMON EPPERSON ROBERT FINK MILDRED FRENCH GARLAND FRESHLEY DORIS FROMAN ROBERT FROST JEANNETTE GENTRY HELEN GLASS MARJORIE GOODMANN VIRGINIA GRIFFITH CHARLOTTE HANKE ELIZABETH HARRELL JOHN HAWKINS GRACE HELFRICH REBA HENDRICKS WILLIAM HENNING WILLIAM H. HIGHSMITH CECILE HOVDA 5 V as ,'H,,.. M: X, 4 ff! . , ,,,.-Mn., A c Q? 1, Q YY FRESHMEN LAWRENCE MILLER GRACE MONROE DOROTHY MORLOCK LELAND MORRISON LILLIAN NEWCOM MARJORIE NORCROSS MAURINE OVERFIELD BERNARD PATBERG FREDERICK PHILLIPS ROBERT POLK MIRIAM PORTER JACK PRIDE ZERAH PRIESTLY EMILE RAVDIN ALBERT RITZ VIRGINIA ROBINSON EARL ROESNER VIRGINIA ROESNER DUNCAN ROWE HAROLD SANDER GENEVA SANSOM MABEL SCHAAF HAROLD SCHELLHASE ROBERT SCHELOSKY OTTO SCHNAKENBURG CHARLES SCHNUTE WILLIAM SCHNUTE MELVIN SEEGER MOZELLE SHAKE JANE SHUTE WOODROW SIMPSON DOROTHY SKELTON EILEEN STEINBACK GILBERT TAYLOR ELWOOD TENISON ANNA MAY THEBY MARY LOUISE THOMAS ARTHUR THURMAN BEX A. TRIMBLE LAWRENCE VOGEL DORIS VOSS CLAUDE WALTERS RUTH ELAINE WALTERS ROBERT WENNER HARRY WHETSTONE WALTER WOODRUFF CYRUS WORRALL GERALD YEAGER i FRESHMEN 1? in FRESHMEN GEORGE WIMPLEBERG MARY DURELL Graduate Work RUTH E. SIMPSON Graduate Work NO PICTURES ROBERT ATKIN LEROY BARCLAY MARY BLACK MALCOLM BRUNER JAMES CAMBRON ROSCOE EBLE BYRON FIELD ROSE HEIN .IESSIE MAE KELLAMS BRUCE LOMAX MURRAY MARSHALL ROBERT MILEY JOHN H. MOORE HAROLD MURPHY EDVVIN OING ELAINE OLMSTED PAUL QUICK ROBERT SAYRE HAROLD SELM HOWARD SELM MARVIN SNYDER JENNIE SPEARS CARRELL STEPHENS ROBERT SUHRHEINRICH RALPH WATERMAN ETHEL L. WELLS CHALMER WEST GORDON WILLIAMS JOHN WOLFORD OFF CAMPUS CATHERINE DEANE, A. B. IRMA C. MARTIN, A. ALMA MARTIN, A. B. UNCLASSIFIED NO PICTURES BERNICE BRUNER Graduate Work VIRGINIA COOPER Graduate Work IRENE J. ERLBACKER Graduate Work WILMA ESPENLAUB Graduate Work OLIVE HASTINGS Unclassified CHARLINE HINKLE Graduate Work EVALINE KARGES Special Work GERTRUDE R. KERR Graduate Work CLYDE LEAF Graduate Work ESTELLA L. ROBERTSON Unclassified ,RAYMOND ROESNER Graduate Work ESTHER M. VOGEL Graduate Work GRACE E. WOOD Graduate Work ACTIVITIES THE LINC STAFF Editor ,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,....... H ester Thorpe Business Manager ,,,.,,, ......,..,,, J ack Slade we-i We, the LinC Staff, a Much time, work, and energy have gone into its making re happy to present this 1935 LinC. but many friendships and good times have also resulted. lt has only been through the cooperation and good fel- lowship created between the editorial and business staffs that this book has been able to grow and develop into its finished form. We owe many thanks to the loyal support of the student body, and also to Mr. Larry Coley, Norman Muth, Ed Rech, and Neil Walden for their help and services in producing this year's book. May the next year's statf be as lively, interested, and wholeheartedly enthusiastic as this 1935 staff has been. 1935 LINC STAFF W i I 7 it I A 225227 BETTY BONHAM F " Assistant Editor JACOB HENN 5 Assistant Business Manager ' ELIZABETH FROMAN 1 WILLIAM SCHNUTE ,V , Art 1- THOMAS DUNCAN Photography X MARION ROTH , X OLEVIA DAVIS Activities qt MILDRED EISSLER KENNETH 1VIcCUTCHAN Classes I RUTH KILBERT ' CECILE HOVDA Features CONSTANT HARTKE ALFRED ROSE Athletics FAYE KINGSBURY THOMAS INGLE Societies and Fraternities PAUL J. SCHEIPS JOHN F. SURBECK Business Staff was 6- X X ii- THE CRESCENT STAFF Gs' "Cf" Tom Nickels Editor Joseph Theby Business Mgr. Tha- , my , Under the editorship of Tom Nickels a new editorial column titled 'Dear Ed' was inaugurated in the Crescent this year. The purpose of the column was to allow space for and to encourage student opinion, and to gain interest in the editorial policy of the paper. Columns of athletics, editorial and news comment, crea- tive writing, Prexy Says, and feature material were written by staif members selected by the editor at the beginning of each semester. Particularly commendable this year was the unusually successful balance maintained between the editorial de- partment and business department headed by Joseph Theby. CRESCENT STAFF Paul Oberst Asst. Editor Oscar Bohn Asst. Business Mgr. Minnie Magazine Secretary to Editors Reporters: First Semester Betty Bonham Wallace Capel Marjorie Goodman Jacob Henn Cecile Hovda Ruth Kilbert Francis Mellen Louis Ritz Paul J. Scheips Karl Schuessler Mary Thrash Reporters: Second Semester Beatrice Arney VVallace Capel Dorothy Ann Clewlow Robert Fenneman Cecile Hovda Ruth Kilbert James Kirtley Francis Mellen Louis Ritz Paul J. Scheips Karl Schuessler A S sf mi- Y , 4, ,V x fi I Q Q. 'V I, 5 ,- "" va. if f F if 5 if 1-.ZA J Q- B 0- 1 'N 9- 1 Y.W.C.A. President ..,.,,,.,,... ,,,,,. M arion Todrank Vice-President ,,,,,., .....,., F aye Gilpatrick Secretary ,,,,7,AA, ..,,..,. B etty Bonham Treasurer ,,....,.,,..,,....,.. ......,.. H ester Thorpe Program Chairman ....., ,...,,, M iriam Patrick Social Chairman ,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,, M innie Magazine Music Chairman ............... .,......... J can Meyer Art Service Chairman ,,..,.,...., ,........ G ladys Bruner Public Affairs Chairman ,.,,,,,, ,..,,......,... R uth Kilbert Social Service Chairman .....,.......i,. Mildred McCutchan Faculty Advisor ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.ii,,,r,,.. Miss Wahnita DeLong Membership in the Y. W. C. A. is open to any wom- an in the College. The association tries to provide educational, inspirational, and social contacts not atforded by other organizations on the campus. To this end, varied programs are presented at weekly meetings. Every active member of the Y. W. C. A. has an opportunity to serve on a committee headed by one of the cabinet members. Representation on the Indiana Area Committee of the Geneva Region of the National Student Y. W. C. A. Movement and participation in various state conferences has helped to make it a more active organization. Y.M.C.A. OFFICERS President ,,,,,.,...... ,,.,.,,,.,,.........,.,,,,,,,,,,..., M yron Herrell Vice-President ,.A...,...,,.,,A,,,,., ,,.A,,,........ L ouis Ritz Publicity Chairman ,,,,,..,,,,,,,.. .,.... H erschel Dassel VVorld Outlook Chairman ,,,,.C... .,,,,.C.C.,.. K arl Detroy Social Chairman .,.,Y,.,,,,,,,..., ,......,,,...,...,.. O scar Bohn Fellowship Chairman .,,,,,r,,,.. ..,,,,,., R obert Fenneman Student Directory Editor. ...,,, ,.............. G lenn Miller Financial Secretary .,,,...........,...,,,,u,l...u.... Robert House The Young Men's Christian Association of Evans- ville College is an organization open to all men on the campus. The purpose of the organization is as follows: 1. To offer to every man in college the opportunity to participate in a program for a well-rounded de- velopment of Christian personality. 2. To promote among ourselves a fellowship in Christian living and service, and to participate with other colleges in a world-wide fellowship. 3. To encourage the study of campus, community, and world-wide fellowship. 4. To make an organized attempt to influence the thinking of the college toward a Christian solution of such problems. f M T- - , ,..-f' W., ..., di The projects undertaken by the Y. M. C. A. upon the campus the past year have included such things as: a survey of the campus organizations, a study of the Youth Movement and the world problems with which it deals, the aiding of Freshmen at the be- ginning of the school year, and the publication of the Student Directory. WOMEN'S COUNCIL , 6 is f ff 4 OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,AA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., ..,,,, ll Iarion Roth First Vice-President ,,,,,, ...,,, B ethel Boston Second Vice-President ,,,,A., ...,,, I4 'aye Kingsbury Secretary ',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.i, ,.......... ll larion Hemmer Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....... Evelyn Armstrong Y. W. C. A. President ,,,..,.,........ Marion Todrank Upon enrollment into Evansville College each woman student becomes a member of the Women's Council. This organization came into being thirteen years ago to further the social, intellectual, and moral interests of every woman. The Council has sponsored a number of social events for women during this last year such as, a treasure hunt with the Gamma Deltas as special guests, a 'Thanksgiving Tea Dance, and a series of informal teas at the home of Mrs. Harper. The Council sponsors the election of the May Queen each year, the annual May Day Festival, and main- tains the Women's Lounge which was furnished as a gift by the Women's College Club of Evansville. MEN'S COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD First Semester Second Semester Executive Secretary Charles Zapp .,.,....,........,,,.7,,.,...,.,................,,.7.. Paul Oberst Alpha Beta Tau Charles Zapp ...........,,l.....,..,,...............,...,s,.,,, Myron Herrell Harlan Logsdon ,,,...,......................,.,,..,.,,..r Russell Huffman Pi Epsilon Phi Colby Pollard ........ ,......,..............,.....,,,,......,. C olby Pollard Joe Theby .,......... ,,...................,,..,.,. K enneth Wilhelmus Phi Zeta Paul Oberst ,,,.....,.. ,.,7..............,...,...,Y,,.,,....... P aul Oberst Paul J. Scheips ..........,.,,.............,..,,,....,...... Karl Schuessler Unorganized Bernard Renner ............,..........,,...,............. Bernard Renner Everet Sanders ....,,.,.,....................,............... Everet Sanders Moderator: Professor Howard F. Legg The Men's Council was organized in September, 1933. It has as its purpose the promoting of all interests, not otherwise provided for, which adect the life of the men of the college. Its functions are thus similar to those of the Women's Inter-Society Council. Every regularly enrolled man is a member. The work of the Council is administered by an Execu- tive Board which consists of the dean of men and two representatives from each of the men's social societies, plus two from the unorganized men. The Council and the Board have two officers, a mod- erator, who is the dean of men, and an executive sec- retary, who is elected each semester from the student members of the Board. Half of the Board members hold office for a year, the other half for one semester. 5 In 1934 the Council sponsored a movement to provide a lounge for the men but it was unsuccessful at that time. This past fall, however, the Council reinitiated the movement, and Charles Zapp was appointed a com- mittee of one to investigate the possibilities of erect- ing on the campus a separate frame building for that purpose. The present lounge, built by the men of the college, is the result of that effort. The Council this year also drew up and saw adopted by the Administrative Board a set of pledging rules for the three men's societies. 'C' INTER-SOCIETY COUNCIL , N 5, l " 0 , f ' if , 4, if - 6 'G' C ,J it .5 , Qi T First Semester Second Semester Castalian Faye Gilpatrick ,,,,,.,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , Faye Gilpatrick Helen Van Cleve, ,,,,,......,,.,,,.,.,..,.....,,,.,,,, Anne Keown Gamma Epsilon Sigma Marion Todrank ,,,.,,,,,,.,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Marion Todrank Annette Glaser l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..l...,,..,.,,l,, Evelyn Armstrong Pi Kappa Mu Evelyn Behrens .,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,.l, Evelyn Behrens Bethel Boston ,.,..,...,,,,,,......,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gladys Bruner Theta Sigma Marion Hemmer ,,,.,,,,,,....,,...,,,,t,t.,,,.,,,,,,, Mildred Eissler Dorothy Neumg .,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,.,.....,.. ll Iildred Chandler The Inter-Society Council is composed of two members from each of the women's societies, one of whom is the president and the other, who is elected, serves for one semester. The purpose of the organ- ization is to discover and solve the common prob- lems confronting the women's societies and to regu- late the affairs of mutual interest among them. This year the Council has passed several very important rules pertaining to rushing. They limited the bid list in terms of a quota of 30 members, and they changed the penalty in regard to the violation of pledging rules from a society punishment to a personal penalty. The Council also sponsored an Inter-Society Playday and picnic May 14 on the college campus. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President ..,,.A.,...,,,...,... .....,7,,.,.,. D orothy Neu Vice-President ,,,,,......,.,. .....,, M ary Ella Vogel Secretary-Treasurer ....,.,,.......,,,l,,,,. Mary Jane Lensing MEMBERS Marjorie Alldredge Evelyn Armstrong Louanna Baker Bethel Boston Hilda Brackwinkle Mary Durell Virginia Jeffries Eloise Jones Mary Jane Lensing Marion Lumley Janet Major Grace Monroe Dorothy Neu Maurine Overfield Ruth Shriver Mary Louise Thomas Mary Ella Vogel The Home Economics Club was organized in May, 1930, to promote interest in Home Economics among students majoring or minoring in that subject. In September of the same year, the local club became affiliated with the state and national Home Eco- nomics organizations. The outstanding project of the Club during the past year was a watlle supper to which all students were invited. Meals were served to other groups, includ- ing the college trustees. s L, E 1- " V 4- 'H' 1 ' L A Q' '5- n, Z f any Q' R Jw:-:2f' 'N -fl , "' :gf 7 H 15 sa, K C M A R.: ,rf it - ' V A Y 0,6 .. A 'sc' 15" , i it THE CHOIR The Evansville College Choir is composed of twenty- four voices, chosen on the basis of competitive try- outs, and addresses itself to the study and perform- ance of the best forms of choral literature. The choir not only furnishes music for certain Col- lege functions thruout the year, but also presents many set programs before high school and church audiences. This year's activities include local ap- pearances in or near Evansville, as well as extended trips to all parts of Southern Indiana. Outstanding in the year's work was the performance of Van Denman Thompson's oratorio "The Evangel of the New World" by the combined choirs of Evansville College and DePauw University. The per- formance was given under the baton of Dean R. G. McCutchan of DePauw, with Dr. Thompson, the composer, at the organ, and with a quartette of professional soloists. The choir members are: Bethel Boston Ralph Waterman Louise Wilson Carl Bosecker Daisy Harmon Kenneth McCutchan Faye Kingsbury Robert Baker Cecile Hovda Robert Ledbetter Mary Black Cyrus Worrall Mabel Nenneker Vincent Parker Margaret Rose Koch Karl Schuessler Jean Meyer Jacob Henn Geneva Fortune Thomas Hutchinson Miriam Patrick Aaron Still Luella Bergman Mildred Brown, accompanist Dr. I. M. Blackburn, director THE ORCHESTRA The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra was inte- grated with Evansville College in the fall of 1934 when Professor Gaylord H. Browne, Head of the Music Department of the College, became its con- ductor. Beginning with a nucleus of 35 members the orchestra has grown and has been able to present two public performances during its first season. This group of 60 players is composed of musicians from the public schools and the College as well as pro- fessional musicians of the city. This organization has been considered a college activity for it offers to the college student one half credit hour per semester for attendance at rehears- als. To all others who take part in its activities the or- chestra, under the direction of Professor Browne, offers the opportunities of studying and taking part in the interpretation of the finest symphonic litera- ture. THESPIANS 2 .4 QF .5 J ze QQ "' y Q' Q A an ' ' f r r 24 r 15 ' 'F gf r i ' ' Qi . A X X kr 'E K7 , is it OFFICERS 1934-35 First Semester Second Semester President Paul Oberst ...,.,...........,,........................... Karl Schuessler Vice-President Aaron Still ......,.,................................. Evelyn Armstrong Secretary-Treasurer Evelyn Armstrong ................................ Evelyn Behrens Playreading-Mildred Brown The Thespian Dramatic Society presented a varied and interesting series of major and minor produc- tions during the 1934-35 season. Included in these was the annual Christmas Festival play, Eager Heart, given in connection with the college choir. The Thespians returned to the contemporary theater for the first production of the year, The Wind and the Rain, a charming comedy of university life by Merton Hodge. Late in March rehearsals were begun for the pro- duction of Moliere's comedy, Cto be given in the fallj The School for Husbands, presented in a clev- er adaption in rhyme 'by Guiterman and Langner. Mrs. Harper and Professor Browne directed the music for the presentation, and Miss Rodgers helped with the dances, assisting Miss LeCompte, dramatic director. ln addition to the productions, the society's activities included playreading meetings and informal social gatherings. THESPIANS ACT Paul Oberst Evelyn Armstrong Charlotte Blood Evelyn Behrens Mildred Brown Charles Conrad Robert Fenneman Elizabeth Harman Jacob Henn Elizabeth Froman Faye Kingsbury Robert Ledbetter Kenneth McCutchan Miriam Mason Dorothy Neu IVE MEMBERS Alfred Rose Karl Schuessler Bernard Smith Clarence Stotler Aaron Still John Surbeck Marjorie Beeler Carl Bosecker Thomas Duncan Virginia Robinson Marjorie Goodman Richard Groeninger Cyrus VVorrall Cecile Hovda ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Miriam Patrick Ruth Kilbert Louis Ritz Herbert Roberts Marjorie Meadows Mary Gleason Hilda Brackwinkle Minnie Magazine Thomas House Martha Sherer Charlotte Hanke Marvin Karsch PHI BETA CHI OFFICERS FOR 1934-35 President .................................................................................... Louise Gentry Permanent Secretary-Treasurer ....... ......... D r. Alvin Strickler FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Olaf Hovda Dr. F. E. Beghtel Miss Gladys Curry Dr. Alvin Strickler Prof. Guy Marchant Mrs. Ima Wyatt Mr. Wallace F. White Phi Beta Chi is the honorary natural science fraternity at Evans- ville College. Its admission requirements include: a major in one of the natural sciencesg at least Iifty per cent of the grades attained must be Ag a student shall possess marked creative ability. Elections are made during the senior year. The fraternity was organized in March 1932 with twenty-two charter members. It incorporated under the Indiana State laws in November 1933. Mabel Inco ............. Lawson March ....... Ingle Trimble ....... CHARTER MEMBERS .-.....1923 .......1924 .......1925 Lois Mueller .............. ....... 1 925 Gilbert Schroat ........ ....... 1 925 Perry Streithof ........ ....... 1 926 Flora Hanning ........ ....,.. 1 926 Jane Brenner ............ ....... 1 927 J. Walter Hudson ........ ....... 1 927 Virginia Torbet ........ ....... 1 927 W. Hughes .....,....... .......... 1 928 Donald Paton ........ Omer De Weese .... J. A. Ashby .......... Robert Gore .......... Vinita Brizius ...... Esther Torbet .,.... D. Deisinger .......... Claude Abshier' .... Herman Watson.. Louise Roth ............. ........ Alma Burtis .,........ STUDENT MEMBERS Helen Mathews ........ .,........ 1 932 Eugenia Warren .......... ....... 1 932 Karl Schaaf .............. .......1932 Louise Gentry .............. ....... 1 932 Olive Hendrickson ................ 1932 Alfred Moutoux ........ .......1933 Lowell McNeely .................... 1933 Doren Covert ........ James Wilkinson.. Martha Boeke ........................ Dorothy F. Finch .................. Ralph Seifert .............. ........ John Behrens ....... Clyde Leaf ........ Ida Berger ........ Vlrl Spradlln .......................... 1933 Bernard Wierauch ................ 1935 1928 1928 1929 1929 1930 1930 1931 1931 1931 1931 1931 1933 1933 1933 1933 1934 1934 1934 1934 PI GAMMA MU Floyd Beghtel A. B. Cope E. E. Harper Howard Abbott Hazel Alexander Howard Alexander Russell Armstrong Joyce Ashby Walter Aylesworth Rosalie Bennett Norma'Bicking Andrew Bigney Cdec'dJ Lela Cope Boerner Anne Boleman Edward Boston Esther Torbet Boswell Richard Branch Gladys Brannon L. Talbert Buck Mary Baughn Cope Paul G. Cressey Charles C. Delano ' MEM BERS Faculty Lucille Jones H. F. Legg Dean Long James Morlock MEMBERS Irene Erlbacher Wilma Espenlaub Leland Feigel Osborne Fischback Hazel Flentke William Folz Esther Grimm M. W. Grinnell Marybelle Hargrave Florence Harris Shelley Harris Oscar Hedges Louise Heim Thelma Hall Hudson Homer L. Humke Mary Lois Humke Alice Karch James Kelley Ruth Kinne C. E. Reeves C. E. Torbet Heber P. Walker Marie Karch Miller Rosemary C. Miller Harry Oakley Walter G. Parker Beatrice Paton Clara Reller Ina May Ruminer Donald Schaaf Clara Scherllius Meta Schlundt Alvin Seebode Harvey Seifert Oscar Glenn Stahl L. D. Thompson Ruth Todrank Leo Warren James Wilkinson Marjorie Wilcox Victor Will Thelma J. Eberhardt Joseph Lewellen Eloise Wright Gilbert Eberlin Emily Erk Lockwood Davis Yates Myrtle McKown NEW MEMBERS 1934-35 Thomas Hart Ingle ' Esther M. Vogel Edith Silver Marion Hemmer The Indiana Alpha Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, national honorary social science fraternity, was organized at Evansville College. in June, 1929. Requirements for membership are: ranking in the senior college, an average grade of B or better in all social science subjects, with at least eighteen hours completed toward a social science major, at least twelve hours of which must be of A grade. OFFICERS 1934-35 P1-egident ,,g ,,,,,,,,,..,,, ,,....,,....,,.....................,.............. W ilma Espelllllllb Vicg-president ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,.................... G ilbert Eberlin Scribe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, .......... R osemary Causey Miller Secretary-Treasurer ......... .... e ............ H eber P. Walker E 9 Q fy-17-.lx 5.9 .4 Cx 'WS' i Q". 1 7 mwviy' VARSITY DEBATE Six intercollegiate debates were held during the de- bate season upon the subject, Resolved: That all collective bargaining should be negotiated by non- company unions, safeguarded by law. The debating team was composed of Louis Ritz, Herbert Roberts, Paul J. Scheips, Robert Fenneman, Oscar Bohn, and Glenn Miller. Two one-man teams were organized to debate before local groups: Thomas Ingle and Paul J. Scheips dis- cussed the munitions problem, and Louis Ritz and Herbert Roberts debated the question of collective bargaining. Herbert Roberts represented Evansville College in the Sixty-first Annual State Oratorical Contest which was held at Franklin College. His subject was "Emotionalism and the World of Tomorrow." TAU KAPPA ALPHA Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary oration and debate fraternity, was or- ganized at Evansville College in 1928. Membership requirements to the organization state that students must participate in an inter- collegiate oration contest or two inter-collegiate debates. OFFICERS 1934-35 President .............. ..................................... ................. C h arles Zapp Vice-president .......... ............... M axme Kemmrd Secretary ........... ....... M iss Pearle LeCompte Treasurer ....... ............... H erbert Roberts MEMBERS Faculty, Honorary E. E. Harper H. P. Walker H. F. Legg R. E. Olmsted Pearle LeCompte ' MEMBERS Hubert Kockritz Mark Lockwood William Folz Glenn Wingerter Emanuel Baugh Reese Turner Leo Warren Maurice Lenon Wayne Paulen Anson Kerr Margaret Miller Mary Flo Siegel Kathryn Wolcott Paul Greig Dorothy Welborn Mary Lois Humke Mary Frances Hollis Lorine Zuelly Daisy Newman Amos Boren George Ranes Russell Armstrong Harvey Seifert Angelyn McCarty George Besore Gilbert Eberlin Charles Zapp Dorothea F. Finch Herbert Roberts Paul J. Scheips Maxine Kennard Thomas Ingle QUALIFIED FOR MEMBERSHIP 1934-35 Robert Fenneman Louis Ritz Oscar Bohn Glenn Miller S ooo Q9 A :QTKZQQ Ks' ,ka W GAMMA EPSILON SIGMA OFFICERS ' First Semester Second Semester Marion Todrank ........... President ........... Marion Todrank Evelyn Armstrong..Vice-president ......... Mildred Brown Miriam Patrick .... - ....... Secretary ,............ Maude Hugger Minnie Magazine ......... Treasurer ......... Minnie Magazine Ruth Kilbert ..................... Critic ..................... Olevxa Davis Mary Thrash .................. Chaplain .................. Ruth Kilbert Olevia Davis ............, Serg't-at-arms ........ Miriam Patrick Hester Thorpe ...... .... R ush Captain ........... Hester Thorpe Faculty Sponsor-Miss Gladys Curry MEMBERS Katherine Long Carolyn Lukemeyer Marjorie Alldredge Evelyn Armstrong Beatrice Arney Charlotte Blood Mildred Brown Pauline Bush Dorothy Cleavelin Lillie Cox Olevia Davis Elizabeth Frornan Annette Glaser Helen Glass Elizabeth Harrell Maude Hugger Evelyn Kramer Ruth Kilbert Minnie Magazine Jean Meyer Dorothy Morlock Maurine Overlield Miriam Patrick Helen Pfister Virginia Roesner Mozelle Shake Edith Silver Helen Thompson Hester Thorpe Mary Thrash Marion Todrank Doris Voss Louise Wilson 2 Q aw QQ lf 9 372 if 52 GAMMA EPSILON SIGMA Motto-"Pluck the laurels from the mou t t p of sci 1' nded t Moores Hill C ll g -1857 R g ized at Evan 'll C ll g -1919 THETA SIGMA av-, qi-it lg . iz Q?" OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Marion Hemmer ........... President .......,..,,. Mildred Eissler Martha Scherer ......,. Vice-president ............. Dorothy N eu Mildred Eissler ..........., Secretary ..,, ..Mildred McCutchan Mildred McCutchan .,... Treasurer ............ Martha Scherer Helen Ziss ........................, Critic ....,................ Marion Roth Dorothy Neu ......... .... R ush Captain ....,....,.... Dorothy Neu Date of THETA SIGMA Motto-"Summa Summarum" Founding at Evansville College--1923 FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Pearle LeCompte Mrs. Howard F. Legg ACTIVES Mildred Eissler Marion Hemmer Mildred McCutchan Dorothy Neu Marion Roth Martha Scherer Helen Ziss PLEDGES Anna Mae Chandler Mildred Chandler Maxine Craig Betty Lumley Christine Mathys Ruth Meier Loretta Mertz Eileen Steinbach Eloise Jones gif. 9 P .SQZ ol- ,O 1 N C A S TA L I A N OFFICERS Second Semester First Semester Helen Van Cleve..- ....... President ............ Faye Gilpatrick Marjorie Meadows..Vice-president..Marjorie Meadows Martha J. Feigel .......... Secretary ........... Loraze Brackett Betty Bonham .............. Treasurer ....... -.g .... Betty Bonham Geneva Fortune ............ Chaplain ...... Q. .... Geneva Fortune Faye Kingsbury .....,......... Critic ............... Faye Kingsbury Dorothy M. Koch ...... Rush Captain ...... Dorothy M. Koch J MEMBERS Ruth Bain Nellie Hurt Dorothy Boner Maxine Kennard Betty Bonham Anne Keown Mary Lucille Bowman Loraze Brackett Faye Kingsbury Dorothy Mae Koch Dorthy Clewlow Martha Jane Feigel Geneva Fortune Mary Gleason Faye Gilpatrick Marjorie Goodman Charlotte Hanke Florence Hanley Cecile Hovda Mary Jane Lensing Marion Lumley Janet Major Missy Mason Marjorie Meadows Virginia Robinson Anna Roth Ruth Shriver Jennie Spears Mary Ella Vogel Faculty Sponsor-Mrs. Ima Wyatt fx ' kk .. .' g t 7 0 T 3 4? 1 5' , 1 N 1' 1:aQX?Ss V la ' Q A Q " . 1 f 1 s , f l ,.. W - " ' x , a 9 "' ' Q c A, Q 4' ,QQ ,, ,314 9 5 . be s CASTALIAN Motto-"Vincit Quae Patitur" Date of Founding-1905 at Moores Hill College Reorganized at Evansville College--1919 S3 4: I 4, K I tv S icc c G , 4-rv' W, 145 ,Q fi,-' 71. 0 A-v, .Q ' . PI KAPPA MU vc- ' 'W T ,iw , 4' h Motto-"Esse Quam Videri" Date of Founding-1932 at Evansville College Faculty Sponsor--Miss Lucille Jones OFFICERS 1934-35 First Semester Second Semester Evelyn Behrens ......,..... President ....,....... Evelyn Behrens Martha Williams ...,., Vice-president ,,... Martha Williams Bethel Boston ............... Secretary .,,....,,....,, Bethel Boston 1 Esther Small ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ' freasurer .,,,,,.....,.... Esther Small Gladys Bruner ...... ........... C ritic ,.........,,...... Gladys Bruner Esther Vogel i..... ..Y, S ergeant-at-arms ....,.... Esther Vogel Bernice Bruner ........,..... Chaplain ............. Bernice Bruner Inter-Society Bethel Boston ....... ,Council Member., ,....,. Bethel Boston Martha Williams ....,. Rush Captain ...,.. Martha Williams MEMBERS 1934-35 Evelyn Behrens Elaine Olmsted Bethel Boston Geneva Sansom Bernice Bruner Esther Small Gladys Bruner Esther Vogel Helen Felker Martha Williams ALPHA BETA TAU Motto-"Character, the fulfillment of Life" Founded 1933 at Evansville College President ..,.....l,... ..v..... I iussell Huffman Vice-President .,..,,..,...... ...,..,, M aurice Eicholz Secretary-Treasurer ........................77....7..... Edwin Shake FACULTY SPONSOR Dr. Ernest Van Keuren FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. I. M. Blackburn Professor H. P. Walker n 6' . V. 'Q gl 1. K in AFM: H' .X ji , If , ffl L tv ' ' H , I .y F 4 -1: Ai. G STUDENT MEMBERS Russell A. Huffman Charles Zapp Myron Herrell Karl Detroy Edwin Shake Hugh Thrasher Maurice Eicholz Harlan Logsdon George Wimpleberg Bernard Renner ,. ,..J5,Y V , V Pl EPSILON PHI PATRON Dr. Alvin Strickler FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Floyd Beghtel Professor Dean Long MEMBERS IN THE COLLEGE Karl Schaaf Ralph Olmsted Founded at Moores Hill College-1856 Reorganized at Evansville College-1919 Incorporated-1931 SCHOLARSHIP 0 LOYALTY 0 SERVICE ' FRATERNITY Lewis Angemeier Russell Basham Robert Becker Marvin Bennett Oscar Bohn Ralph Connor Charles Conrad Robert Doerr Edgar Englebrecht John Englebrecht Thomas Gleason Joe Graham PI EPSILON PHI HIL bfi, it 3 2 , , f:f'tV'H VV 1, ' L i f f A J V' 9 ii! " ,Q ll ' ' f E ,Xl 5, . V N V I NN 9 Q , E E 16. . T W C All fl All z is It A . is A i n . lv , 4- 5, A if fi - out R V w ax, , , I f L5 X V E ACTIVE MEMBERS Richard Groeninger Vincent Parker Philip Hatfield Colby Pollard Robert House Thomas House Thomas Hutcheson Ronald J aquess Fay Johnson John McCutchan Alfred Matthews Laverne Miller Leland Morrison Jack Neucks Derris Ruttkar Richard Sampson Harold Selm Howard Selm Edward Taylor Joe Theby Otto Thuerbach Charles Wallace Harry Whetstone Kenneth Wilhelmus V r 3 , 'si ' F ff 'i2":"d1'Mlf3L1 ff WTI. 1' PHI ZETA i'f'.D if ref" Q i -c .4 g W f ra 1 vs-if 1 f xr ,N A 2' i E F Ji 'fb fl E": 'F"'i' iigwggif , fini , ..- ffm 5 55 F 3 CN ' L ff, -at 'F sw Q5 L' i1 riff ' ' -er' 1 44 Motto-"Find a way or make one" Date of Founding-1869 at Moores Hill Reorganized at Evansville College-1919 OFFICERS 1934-35 ' First Semester Second Semester Walter Riggs .....,..,,....,. President .... Constant W. Hartke Thomas Nickels .... .,.Vice-president ,,........,.,. Alfred Rose Constant W. Hartke .,.. Secretary .......,.,... Paul J. Scheips Jack Slade ,..,...,..... ,.,,,,. T reasurer .,.....,..........,,, Jack Slade Robert Ledbetter ,,.,,,Y...... Critic, ...........r,. Thomas Nickels Prosecuting Karl Schuessler ..,,,,,, Paul J. Scheipsu, Paul Oberst ,,,,,..,,r,,,,, Clarence Stotler. ,.,,..Men's Counc1l.,.,.... CTerm Rep.J Men's Council C Year Rep.J ,...Chaplain..,. ,.,.Attorney......O. Herbert Roberts Karl Schuessler Paul Oberst ...,...Jacob Henn PHI ZETA MEMBERS 1934-35 Carl Bosecker Randolph Boutwell Arnold Brockmole Edward Bufkin Lawrence Burdon Wallace Capel Herschel Dassel Raymond Dickerson Noel Dike Thomas Duncan Robert Fenneman Robert Fink Lester Hargan Constant W. Hartke John C. Hawkins Emerson Henke Jacob Henn William Henning Thomas Ingle Bert Jaco Wilford Jarboe Alfred Johnson Grester Kemp Raymond Kirkpatrick James Kirtley Carl Knerr Robert Ledbetter Clyde Leaf Harold Leonard Kenneth McCutchan Francis Mellen Glenn I. Miller Earl Monroe Frank Morgan Member in Faculty W. O. Montgomery Thomas R. Nickels Paul Oberst Alan Parsley Bernard Patberg Fredrick E. Phillips Robert Polk Emile Ravdin Walter Riggs Albert Ritz Louis W. Ritz O. Herbert Roberts Raymond Roesner Alfred Rose Paul J. Scheips Otto Schnakenburg Karl Schuessler Melvin Seegar Jack Slade Bernard Smith Marvin Snyder Aaron Still Clarence Stotler John F. Surbeck Gilbert Taylor Leete Thompson Ross Toole James Webster Bernard Weirauch Robert W. Wenner William Williams Walter L. Woodruff Cyrus Worrall Gerald L. Yeager Mr. James Morlock Faculty Sponsor-Dr. Olaf Hovda DOUBLE ALPHA CLUB OFFICERS President ,...,..,,........,.......................... Bernard J. Renner Vice-President ...,..... ............... M yron Herrell Secretary .......,...... .,....., M elvin R. Seeger Treasurer ....,,.....,,................................A.. Arthur Thurman pf . x a .4 FACULTY MEMBERS President E. E. Harper Professor Legg Professor Blackburn HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Jennie Headen Reverend B. A. May The membership of Double Alpha is composed of students preparing to enter the ministry and of ministerial faculty members. The purpose of the club is to promote Christian fellowship, mutual help- fulness, and spiritual inspiration. The Double Alpha programs for this year have cen- tered around the Aims, Curriculum, and Organiza- tion of Religious Education. One lecture by an out- side speaker, two book reviews, and a discussion of each of the three subjects by the students is the manner in which each of these subjects were pre- sented. Several social nights were also included in the activities of the club. The outstanding activity of the club is the Holy Week Services which were conducted by the mem- bers of the club. It is the hope of the club that these services will be made a traditional feature of the yearly program. MEMBERS Frank Butler Harold Leonard Richard Denboe Glenn D. Miller Karl Detroy Robert Wenner Maurice T. Eicholz Charles Zapp Russell Huffman Paul Lewis Glenn H. Kaetzel Edwin E. Deusner Grester Kemp Thomas House ATHLETICS COACH WILLIAM V. SLYKER r 5 ' To our coach goes a great deal of the honor for his diligent elforts in producing the strong teams and arranging the hard but interesting schedules. The close of the 34-35 school year saw the Aces in possession of the best football record and one of the best basketball records in the history of the school. This is more appreciated when we remember that the schedule was harder than ever before. More power and success to Coach Slyker in the fu- ture at Evansville College. FOOTBALL CAPTAIN The new system of choosing a captain at the end of the season enables the players to select a man who has displayed a high degree of leadership, cooper- ation, and inspiration. Joe Graham was chosen by his team-mates as being this type of a fellow. Joe played four years of hard, clean, driving football for Evansville College and he truly deserves the honor that was bestowed upon him by being elected cap- tain of the '34 football team. BASKETBALL CAPTAIN Walter Riggs, the only four year varsity man on the 1934-35 basketball team, was elected captain of the speedy Purple Ace quintet. Walt lead the team to a successful season against probably the strongest schedule of opponents in many years. Rigg's driv- ing speed and clean playing was inspirational and stimulating to his team mates. He gained and kept close cooperation between the players, which is an important factor in a winning team and one that can only be obtained by a natural leader. E-CLUB MEMBERS w ,i QC' 1 k i 6 sua '4"fk'Af 2 ' ,rj L A 3-, Q T -1 5 L- K rg, Vice-President . , , , Secretary-Treasnrer ,, Eclw ard llufkin Ralph Connor Charles Conrad Noel Hike Edgar Englehrecht John Englebrecht George Freeman Joseph Graham Richard Groeninger Constant Hartke Presldentn ,, , ,, ,, , H , 'F' J fo J .e -v OFFICERS . ,.... ,, Walter Riggs , ,, Colby Pollard ,Hfltto Thuerbach Fay Johnson John fllcCutchan Colby Pollard Walter Riggs Alfred Hose Harold Selm Jack Slade Joseph Theby Hugh Thrasher Otto Thuerhaclm FOOTBALL SUMMARY E. C. Opp. 0 ..,..... ,,,...,. l ndiana State ....... . ..... 20 0 ...,..,. .....,.. D ePauw .....,.....A. .... 7 0 ........ ......A, V alparaiso ..,.,,.., .,,.,,,, 1 9 19 ...,.... ........ 0 akland City .,....,. .... 0 25 ......., .,,...., R ose Poly Tech .....,,. 7 0 ........ .,....A. W abash ...,.,...,.,.. ......A 0 0 ..,..... .,.,..,. H anover ........., ,,,,,,, 2 6 26 ....,,., ..,..,., F ranklin ,...,..,. ,A,, 0 Following are the names of the players on the picture of the 1934 football squad. CFront row, from left to rightj James Kirtley, guard, Hugl. Thrasher, guard, Chris Maglaris, halfback, Thomas Nickels, center, Ed Taylor, guard, John McCutchan, center, William Graham, halfback, Roy Perry, halfback, Thomas Bridges, guard. CCenter row, from left to rightj Faye Johnson, center, Ralph Connor, halfback, Otto Thuerbach, end, Joe Theby, fullback, Joe Graham, halfback, Ed Engelbrecht, tackle, Connie Hartke, quarterback, Jack Slade, quarterback, Norman Ramsey, tackle, Colby Pollard, end. CStanding, from left to rightj Oscar Bohn, guard, Coach Wm. V. Slyker, Almon Epperson, guard, Karl Schuessler, guard, George Freeman, fullback, Earl Broeker, end, Walter Le Mon, end, H. Selm, end, Richard Groeninger, tackle, Bex Trimble, tackle, Ed Bufkin, guard, George Perkins, tackle, Loren Hailey, end, Malcolm Bruner, tackle, William Grote, halfback, Joe Walsh, fullback, Robert Gold- smith, halfback. FOOTBALL 1- V. V Q, V' Mix V 'f""f?l1 .'., V EDGAR ENGLEBRECHT Guard FAYE JOHNSON Center GEORGE FREEMAN Fullback JOSEPH THEBY Fullback NORMAN RAMSEY Tackle WILLIAM GROTE Halfback EDWARD BUFKIN Guard RALPH CONNOR Halfback FOOTBALL FOOTBALL ' ff A' CONSTANT HARTKE Quarterback COLBY POLLARD End OTTO THUERBACH End JOHN McCUTCHAN Center ROBERT GOLDSMITH Halfback JOSEPH GRAHAM Halfback JACK SLADE Quarterback RICHARD GROENINGER Tackle FOOTBALL BASKETBALL SUMMARY Basketball '34-'35 "'-t Evansvllle Opponents DePauw .,,,,.,,,,....,,. , ..... . Oakland Clty ........ ..... Franklln ............ ..... Indlana State .................... ..... , Hanover ................................. ..... Western Kentucky State ............. Case ......l.,..,...................,....... ..... Centenary ................,......... ..... DePauw .............................. ,..... Indlana State ........................ .,..., Western Kentucky State ............. Wabash .....l........................ ..... Ball State ....... ....... ..... Ball State .......... ...., Valparalso .,......, ..,.. Wabash .............. ..... , Oakland City ........ ..... , Franklin ..,,.... Won ........., ........ 1 1 Lost ............. ....,.,... 7 Percentage Evansvllle-Average points per game ...........,...... .....,. Opponents-Average points per game ........ There There Here There Here Here There Here Here Here There There Here There There Here Here There 31 1 29 1 JOSEPH THEBY Guard WALTER RIGGS Forward OTTO THUERBACH Guard BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Y 'J . Vg 'W COLBY POLLARD Center CONSTAN T HARTKE Guard LOREN BAILEY Forward WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President .7A.................,,,.,....,A....,.. Mary Gleason Vice-President .,..,..........,,, Mildred McCutchan Secretary-Treasurer .,.,...,..,. Mary Ella Vogel The purpose of the Women's Athletic Association is to foster a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship, to teach creative use of leisure time, and to pro- mote recreation and physical development among the women of the college. By including a variety of sports in its program the association hopes to interest every girl on the cam- pus. Among the regular sports included each year such as: soccer, field hockey, volley ball, basketball, speedball, swimming, track, and tennis, the two new sports of deck tennis and archery were introduced this year by Miss Hazel Rodgers, the director. Representatives of this organization attended the State Play Day held at Earlham College this year. Another project undertaken by them this year was the creation and production of .the dances used in the annual May Day Festival. CHEER LEADERS Bob Fenneman and the Freeman twins Jane and Louise were chosen at the beginning of the school term to organize and direct the cheering of the college students and supporters at pep assemblies and football and basketball games-a task which required inspirational leadership and concentrated effort on their part. May we extend thanks and ap- preciations to these capable three. They worked hard to produce the very best organized cheering possible. FEATURES CAMPUS LEADERS MARION TODRANK MARION ROTH FAYE GILPATRICK Since all three women Campus Leaders have taken their major work in the Department of Lan- guage and Literature, the women have not had as varied fields. It is interesting to note however that both Marion Todrank and Marion Roth served on the Administrative Board in '34-'35 as secretary and treasurer respectively and that all three are members of ditferent so- cial societies and have served as presidents of their particular groups. Faye Gilpatrick has been president of the Castalians, Marion Roth of the Theta Sigmas, and Marion Todrank of the Gamma Ep- silon Sigmas. They have all three been outstanding in scholarship as well as leadership. CAMPUS LEADERS THOMAS INGLE THOMAS NICKELS JOSEPH THEBY The three men chosen by the deans this year as Campus Leaders were outstanding in very different fields. Thomas Ingle, a Business Admin- istration student, has been most active in the field of college gov- ernment. Thomas Nickels with his major in English, has made his in- fluence most strongly felt through journalistic activities. Although Joseph Theby has taken an active part in the Business Administra- tive Department, he has been par- ticularly outstanding in athletics. It is interesting to note that all three of these men have held im- portant positions on the Crescent Statf. Thomas Ingle served as busi- ness manager in '34, Joseph Theby as business manager in '35, and Thomas Nickels as editor in '35. ,3 ,fi KLM uggvv-M 'ir MEN CAMPUS NOTABLES Economic Thomas Ingle Jack Slade Aesthetic Appreciation William Nation Edwin Shake Health Walter Riggs Joseph Theby Social Fellowship Thomas Nickels Paul J. Scheips Recreation Colby Pollard Constant Hartke Religious Aspiration Myron Herrell Russel Huffman Intellectual Development Louis Ritz Alfred Rose WOMEN CAMPUS NOTABLES Economic Development a Marion Hemmer Minnie Magazine Physical Well-being Maxine Kennard Florence Hanley Recreation Mary Gleason Hester Thorpe Social Consciousness Marion Todrank Marion Roth Intellectual Development Evelyn Behrens Faye Kingsbury Artistic Appreciation Mildred Brown Faye Gilpatrick Spiritual Aspiration Miriam Patrick Ruth Kilbert nd Welfare THE CALENDAR Ladies and Gentlemen: Life is a process of disillusionment and I am about to disillusion you. I see you leaning against the walls or sitting down under a tree in the Retreat or something, reading and en- joying this LinC. Ladies and gentlemen CI re- peated that. Aren't you flattered?J do you know that what you are now reading in June was written on March 27th? And do you know that Hester told me with her own lily white hands that if I didn't get this calendar in by Friday, she'd wring my neck? CPleasant weather we had in Septembenj And that re- minds me, this is a calendar. Let me transport you back to September. Remember how we said, "Vacation was very nice, but we'll be glad to get in harness again" -but how glad we were that school started a week later than usual? And how the Frosh enrollment doubled? Profs yelled, "Hurray, we eat!" The campus-walker-acrossers were little dismayed at the "brass rail" in front of the Ad Bldg. Clf you Frosh have learned that that means the college, your year will not have been spent in vain.J Everyone was much ex- cited over the survey tower on our front lawn. Some thought oil had been discovered. Annual campus party finally came off again. Pres. Baker outlined his 16 point program to sell EC to the dear publick and then resigned to sell pickles. Football got started. CPlease turn to sports sectionj Oh, lots of things happened in September, tra la, tra la. So October came. And so did the pretty pic- tures from the Schurz foundation. And every- one laughed so much that one of the pictures said, "Going Home." Senior men came forth in milk white cords, and then did all they could to get them to match their grey sweaters. Ingle was elected President of student asso- ciation. His triple entente was very much pleased. Our new Prof. Browne organized the Philharmonic Orchestra. One, order for one white carnation for his buttonhole. Classes started organizing with Riggs, Prexy of our dearly beloved seniors, and Herbie got the Soph gavel. Any number of freshmen got ex- cused from English Comp. The YW cabinet went up to Indiana Central to the training school and got a brilliant idea to edit a pam- phlet. Hallowe'en parties were very enjoyable. October is a very nice month but is used most- ly in preparation for Homecoming in Novem- ber. So November came. It c0uldn't help itself. Browne Cmentioned in Octoberj gave his duo- violin concert with Mr. Walters. The third was Homecoming, with Philos being the top as far as the stunts were concerned, and neither EC nor Wabash being the top as far as the score was concerned, but everybody feeling like a top at the dance. The "Howling Hundred" were pretty swell-but the rope for the tug of war wasn't. This was the month when the plans for the men's lounge were begun. Did those men feel cocky! The YM held a series of talks on the various organizations of the sdiool. Ho hum, more orientation, said the Frosh. YW had a very profitable silver tea on the 21st and sent all the silver to China. Freshmen were THE CALENDAR acquainted with their first mid-terms. The eter- nal war-peace question started the riot again. Miss Dimmet was here from India to talk, so the Harpers left for Mexico. And speaking of French, Frau Place had her all-American French plays again this year. Football ban- quet by the Castalians. YM and YW cabinets had a party. Philos had a dance so I heard. Prexy got an offer to be Prexy in Oklahoma, but aintcha glad he stayed here? So in December Scheips and Ingle debated armaments. Football awards were awarded. Basketball season opened. Philos all decided to advertise themselves by wearing emblems. Wasn't Beeler a honey in Eager Heart? And didn't Theby deserve that Kiwanis medal? The old rounds of Gamma Delta parties commenced. Societies were having Christmas parties right and left. That Olde English chapel was a dilly. Well, at least the pop-corn was good. Prexy arrived home with grapefruit and visions of silver candelabras. Phi Zetas and Sigs gave a dance or so I was informed. YW sold holly to balance that budget. Several of the profs went South--I mean to Florida. Lots of people went lots of places and did lots of things, except study over them there holidaze. So what? So January came. A new year. A new prof. Since Wyatt left, White stepped up to bat. Our varsity team played good ball but not half as funny basketball as the Phi Zeta-Philo teams. Campus Notables were noted by the Thetas. Pat Mellen won a Chevvy, the lucky so-'n'-so. The LinC contest ended with Slade's team the winnah! And after all the work I did! I'm disgustipated. Gamma Delts and Fac- ulty Dames pledged to help furnish the lounge: while in spite of consistent prodding the men thought that Mr. Schultz could do a better job of it than they could. So they continued to decorate the front hall. Harpers had a talkie for out-of-town students. Verra nice. The weather was verra cold, or did I just have cold feet because finals finally finalled. So we took a long breath before February came. And then we all plunged into the new term, rushing, pledging, pledge dinners and first degree. After that we studied a bit. CProfs please take notice.J 0. Herbert Roberts, college orator, tried out his speech on us before he went to Franklin. Central Hi established a scholarship fund by giving a play. That great big choir trip finally came otf. Debate team went to Manchester and came home again. Please understand that all this time the bas- ketball team has been playing basketball and it was darn good basketball too. Well, if noth- ing else happened, remember that this was a short month. So. Oh my golly, all the plays that happened this month. March that is. The Shakespeare plays were grand and the long-looked-for Wind and Rain arrived with rain on raincoats but -sans wind. Hurray, we have a new librarian. The assistants were very glad to get a boss even if it did mean Thraldom. Mrs. Schultz took over the T-hut and did we like those cakes and stuff. Sigs had their annual basket- ball banquet. The dancing problem was dis- 14' A, v AE' THE CALENDAR cussed at a mass meeting of societies. Phi Zeta initiation was something of a riotg many thought on entering the building that they had mistaken it for Woodmere. Formal Lenten services began. The Fleming-Vining recital was a wow, if we can use that term on any- thing as aesthetic as it was. YW gave another of those infernal silver teas, and WC gave one you didn't have to pay for. The Sophs devel- oped that most annoying habit of walking out on assemblies. New prof started new chess club on new idea to have a tourney. I didn't know there were so many chess-nuts around here. In the spring the tennis club sprouts out as fresh as the forsythia, but blackberry win- ter came. So April and with it the spring rains and the Heckler. Will you ever forget it-the Heck- ler, I mean. And will the staff ever live it down? Well, the men's lounge had its official opening on the 12th. I doubted if I would ever get to write that in these hyar pages. Holly- hocks and forgetmenots to those who made it possible. Philos had their formal on the 12th and Phi Zeta on the 27th, decorations predom- inating in both. A bunch went to Play Day at Earlham and TKA went to Cincinnati. Easter vacation. Whoops! Biology majors took advan- tage of it and went to the Smokies. YW had a big rummage sale. And the biggest event of the year, ladies and gentlemen, the financial drive, 550,000 worth. At the time this is being written no results are yet known. To be on the safe side, fill in one of the blanks: CU I will attend EC next year. C25 There will be no EC next year. Thetas had an alumnae tea. Those matinee dances seem to have gone over pretty big. So May-be this will be done pretty soon. Se- nior reception had all the seniors getting Em- ily Post out of the library to see how to write those RSVP's. Maybe formals had something to do with the added circulation too. Sigs, Thetas and Castalians all held theirs. With this new human interest department in our curriculum enrollment should double. Poetry festival on the 11th. Mother's Day teas given by both Castalians and Thetas. Nice idea. And now after mentioning such nice aesthetic things, maybe I'd better say something about elections. I suppose the best man won. Con- gratulations whoever you are. The 22nd saw the crowning of the May Queen and Rodger's May Fete. So finally the month came that we've looked for since September, and the seniors have looked for since September four years ago. Class day on the fifth, with Tommy Hart In- gle as class orator. And finals for all except the seniors. And commencement especially for them. They certainly deserved it. And speak- ing of just desserts, this section of the LinC, in behalf of the entire LinC wishes to each and every member of the graduating class a nice. big, fat, steady job, with gobs of whipped cream and a cherry on the top. And you may do the same for me next year. RUTHIE. Mr. Karl K. Knecht, artist on the Evansville Courier and Journal Staff, chose the four Linc beauties for this year. Mr. Knecht has made a study of, and has done much work in connection with, the professional stage and screen and with amateur productions of all kinds. In judging the four most beautiful Evans- ville College girls, Mr. Knecht selected first from photographs, but saw the girls in person before making his final decision. The points upon which he chose these girls were regularity of feature and general attractiveness, rather than type or person- ality. Mr. Knecht's selection was based upon, first the most beautiful girl and then the three next most beautiful with no order as to preference, with the exception of the first choice. KARL K. KNECHT VIRGINIA ROBINSON Chosen the most beautiful by Mr. Knecht Y Q DOROTHY BON ER MARION RUTH MARGARET ROSE KOCH This group of nine girls is the final group from which Mr. Karl Knecht selected the four most beau- tiful girls of Evansville College. These were the same pictures he used in making his selections, and it was this group that he saw personally before giving his decision. V I :V I k I 2 Marjorie Alldredge Dorothy Boner Elizabeth Harman Cecile Hovda Grace Helfrich Margaret Rose Koch Lillian Newcom Virginia Robinson Marian Roth 1 i il FROM THE RETREAT f V K I w ADMINISTRATION BUILDING J W V ONS Dr. E. Conover Jerome Beeler Dr. John Zubrod Welborn-Walker Hospital Koenemann-Riehl 8z Co. Elbert Typewriting Service Kleiderer Bros. Schultze's Cloak House Weingarten Fur Shop E'ville Stamp and Supply Co. McKinnon Beauty Shop H. Hermann 8z Co. Dillingham's Cafe Claremont Tea Room H. E. Bacon Co. H. Fendrich Co. Clyde M. Hesmer 8 Co. National Battery Co. F. w. 'cwk co. Ideal Pure Milk Co. Dr. Wm. H. Field Mr. E. S. Blackman Dr. C. C. Sutter 0. Boyd Allen Dr. Victor Jordan, Jr. Keller-Crescent Co. Burkert-Walton Co. Dr. Bruce Beeler Dr. D. C. Dassell Walden Studios Inc. Ed. Rech Studios Dr. G. C. Johnson Thos. E. McCane Bon Marche The Hub Blackman and Lukenheimer Yokel and Sons So. Ind. Gas and Elec. Co. Dr. Victor H. Knapp Hotel McCurdy Dr. H. L. Stanton Strouse and Bros. Dr. C. J. Nenneker A. Bromm and Co. H. A. Woods and Co. J. H. Iglehart Dr. A. R. Ficken Mrs. Heber Headen Smith and Butterfield Bunnell and Combs ' Kruckemeyer and Cohn Thomas, Bootz and Thomas Walk-Over Boot Shop J. F. Stephens Inc. Emge Grocery Co. Baynham Shoe Co. Froelich Glove and Hose Co. Snyder Corset Shop E'ville Luggage Shop Coca Cola Co. Mead Johnson Terminal Dr. Ruddick The T-Hut , , ww Q Z1 Q

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