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U 14"- ..., INETEEN SIXTY-SIX EDITOR-JOHN TURNER ASSISTANT EDITOR-PAM CLARK BUSINESS MAN AGER-LARRY CSAJAGHY VOLUME FIFTY UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE 'if' W' fx? QE Q ' nf.: M 'i v. Q W LQ? M 'n ta-0 ,qs Wi 'QM r ' .1 we f' 1- , -, f G 1, u' -.Q W, 1 if ,Sw an 1 - - ,, ' ' "EW, ' ' A PL + ,X U . M. f gs." " g I i u V , , q"v-' Q . "F," ,'l' 2'-P-'lhsuf-fq,,.4 . ggszn. ww X- Y 'V' " , uv Hg. ,uw 4 - .Q-. ., :s..emiJ.1, -- if- 4. 1. - J... .mia Awe-I" Vu K .w-smbgwyi 1' ,' 'www A .. , 2 4 v ' - I . . I I . , ,I - ' , 1. , ' . A Pd -, . - . 3 ' -. HSE' nr 1 ' , '. 1. 1 " .V 3 ffl ' ' 'hwfffw " My N . u ' A gmsn' - ,Y Af: ,+ 0- ,L .ina , , W1 .wr-xv if ' ' ".g,J1 '- Y , w , ,f fy , H - H , f- ,. f" ,, 'V ,, ' , 5 , V by " , ', A ' ,,1,,ff '4' '- "ina-H'- - -'ff . " f-wi . , . ,,',,,, Wi, A f' kjifwlf. Q Gaim 4-555. gfd, A ., Q -.'1W,?:7f3,i3 .aV3aYf"fkf A2gg,'525:."i1!Xi7?' ', gf' yffqfgwh my Nw M. - 4 - H ' fi? af - ff, K. f" ' "5-.-4-'Fifi-"-n SSH" R V-f --. I.. 4 f':.f'A"h"h"A 4 ', ' 5 '. fl. - 1 'N 4 -' Q. - if '- .1-vi, T!!-nuff. ji, ' by yr'--I ' , J . , ,,,,,., . A s . y A 4, , ,aw .l A 4. Jw, 7, 1'r.,'.-L,-... .. . Q ,L 4 bv. QE. ,.-4 , H., A-.,'Aq.', 1 f ' , '5 ' . " ' 7 ' , V ' A 9' V' " ' if ' - f ,." f ' "Y Y ,.. ,3'23 ' r 'L K ' " Zag! -:gggg 1, ikmf-ff-ig, gg-.",,,,:.'f' . ,Q 1,--. - ' - , h 4" 1 , 11135-,jfi+1'.:i 2? -G 455 27' Wim: 'J-1"..--fijgg,-I-'f1." "fl Q? fm ,, 'Sf 1. www 'fx Qjsigfmf 2-mjlm 6. -"'Q?'ff-' n Aifk' 1 jf' " ' - ' H ' r X .4 .. F .Q JA ,K 31 -,.QLi,li5,qy 4f,,AP- gpufifgw 3- Q., X a 4 -' '. -fp, , v,,..,,tY,i3',: Y .rf A 14. 71,513 pr. .515 -1. 'U , mg ik ,. is 1,15 xl I Pj' 'J' N 4 'Y " r- Qs- ' "nh F 12' . 'q' .. 'dx' " V-U, ,Q-'. - 5. 1 2' A' ,'Jaq1p,f.fQ,":-33-934600 . N A .' 1.5.51 fs---w ucv' 'W - - -. ,- , My -' .4, .,,. .-- - 3 -- ., ',H .- A , -1, . h A '- ' N fi' I 'Mag' ' ,J ,, ' g.f""' - - ., , 1 K W ,Q M' ' gi' . W W' 'Q W' , 'E' -' 'WY .1 Wbiff 4,Af bm 4,-x ,pg 'la ' f -' ,A X16 fffgosiap .V .5 'A' ff , ' filw 6"""- . ' ww- , f 4 v W 34.1, AVL!-'P ,, .l4l"'L"f"Qi. -I-4 - ' - ... B- vu- h-W-.:4-41. fiLQnuL.m.Qv45" 4' A 6 . gr 6 . X akaslvabf' K ,. A xv, i . 1 int. V' ." r K 1"'?..'f rg-fs' In - A ' ' 'K-A -I "S - A", 1 .1 I I 5 'U arts: 'iss 'I' I l K ,E 57:-vw . . fi "'+ T- Q, -1 .2 '- 'iggw 4-f A -A f A,.,f-A-r , "1 " .H-N ' kwa' 6791 v frgf' " ' . Liv, -,fig - .-fm .g - ... , ' . - E-L3-rg L.'.'Z"'Z,--, 5 2 A ' V Y, M- ,L 2: ': t 14.51 - Q, K f v IA Q, I .I ...A CONTENTS FALL ON CAMPUS 18 THE UNIVERSITY 40 THE COLLEGE 48 ORGANIZATIONS 60 CLASSES 108 DEDICATICDN The editors and staff of the 1966 KEY are happy and proud to dedi- cate this year's book to Mrs. Marge Kremer. "Marge," as everyone knows her has served faithfully on the University staff since 1947. She is at present serving as Assistant manager of our food service. Marge is ever willing to help whenever called on and all her friends here at Dubuque cherish her friendship. She can often be found helping student organizations prepare for parties and suppers. Especially piz- za suppers. 4 One of the many Specials that Marge help create. Marge at work in the kitchen 5 1.' 2-Y W4 - f :Qs .- - I H, f I ,Q ' I at ww 2' H xl' X gm 5,4 1, an mlm' I W Fall 1S one of the most beaut1fu1 t1mes of the year. Leaves of red brown, green and yellow cover the ground. It s a t1me for new students and old students A tlme of Satur day afternoon football games and Sunday morning show ers A trme for parades and partles and a rlde on the back 6 HI DUBUUUE... we're glad to have you in FACTORY AND Fill SME lows Dovolopmlm Commission New occupants of old Van Vliet Hall. Xu. mf-,,l3,,4qWEM, 1 i Welcomed sign. Seminary Library off its hooks. ' 1 I s L. H.. Work continues on new men's dorm Q I O I I T0 CO TRUCT Giant crane at work on Library. Administration surveying progress , he , 5, 1 f" wmv- as . N .... .. 2 V- N' W ,ig .1fUaf3' fm. ':.' 5? rw PM 'E' v 5 N M n A new experience. ...TI I v n A wx N if Jr 'fi-:lk-27:2'f2. g 'A ' ,i R 'W What Blue slips? Forms, Forms, Forms! ,L ,Avi 11 .. , f .1 5... 2 ...QM V FUR A performance for upper classmen. A solo performance. N TUDE 9' K . ll An appreciative audience Z. if in 1 4 Smith Hall on a warm fall afternoon. A wet evening in the alley. A FRIE DLY Two young boys meet old Van Vliet. ss , 1 W X. " An unusual sight-a deserted path. CAMPU - ' Y iw An old chapel in fall ...A SEASO 'Wifi :ses " Hll 'Na Run, Run, Run ! , . M, Y 1' X x .5-H 1' - 1 g"E1.:s:2.Ewl-Qgse. 1 -f .flsiuf " FF .,.,. , 3 N , ' Cf' :::::- '-.3 ,ffl ' . Fall means Football. w I ffm ' Q... . 1 N A winning float and a trophy. - Any napkins! Are you kidding! The great god of the Union 7 , ,W ,!XE,9LEiW1?lJRnT1fE.f,LLL,a.,...V.,EmmmlEJIli?fE '4muT ..,.m..AkLEL1.1Mlr1lUEA F A wet, wet, crowd. An important alumna meeting. A man with something to say -1--1. . 5 A 1 0, M as Mfg ' Y' Q? L , 5 FALL ON CAMPUS ...J ' .. .V , jfim ru A . V Wim, . Wwfbgmsw .N .el U 'EW' 'K H fmylwga :H Qgf fyxv- W . ,Qi-A ., w -, ,, jf Q. Q 4 , P... '1'.f'as-rw ,,'1"" :igff fu .J ILS, 4-"4 3 " - JS? P32234 in-'Y s,.,,. ,V , .-, ,fs l -,Q f1fT."',,,f r My A '- ww -Ln" aa., , ,. X 'aww f-.Q sn " "L J,-,. '51, AZT Y5. 1 pkg an WW ks -4- -- -, with: 4 -Lilbei' M EW TUDE T With a jubilant air of expectancy and enthusiasm, the two hundred and ninety-four members of the class of '69 arrived on campus Tuesday, September 7. After having moved in during the day, the new frosh were addressed by President Couuchman. His well received speech highlighted the two evening meetings that were designed to make the students aware of the processes of higher education and to present the University administrative staff. Upperclassman getting some help Mr. Sandven addressing freshmen. Only two floors to go ,LJ- But life was not all serious for the new students. The new "honor" of wearing a beanie was explained in all its detail. Work on the talent show began immediately. The Union found itself filled every night. In their dorm meeting the men began to practice for a Serenade of the women's dorm. After a week filled with academic counseling, swimming tests, registration, and literally dozens of meetings, an all school dance was held Friday night. Following it, the fresh- men serenaded Aitchison Hall. With Saturday came a foot- ball game with Platteville, and the freshmen talent show in the evening. 20 DY WT ul. - 4- ,-- .sw Some listen, Some sleep An introduction to the registration line 21 x gsxgxxg "--1 x x,,.xf15 fix il A255 ,.,,xxx:ri,L,,, , , , -vi-iff HG S Lava, E ' 24 my 12,4 He? xxx effz,-a1':+',a 5 ww xx xxx xv. N :SQELSSEEQESQL xxx f -:-' , ,aaefiy xv f 2-32"-41'fm.,,AZi,4x5SL:'ww.,.,.,,' 13, , 1 I fBf??xW 1' 3,9535 5 :.:1-fig.. ' W m,.,.,.1,.,Q..,v-w- fffl'-'ifb -- imfswx 1x:x,W,,-- xx.-xxx .r:,NM.,.,.M, me -. H545 gg M-mm mx-my me 1 me 1 sxxxif W- W - N' 'NT 1 f:1E'f?Sx?Y25:??':N .-ei ,.x- 49 JW., ,ax l-,w-ffz, f?'J'.i :"aJ'+ : xy K.. fzgxdxxxxxxf hfxfuxxxm .1,,..L .nn- C A ew' I, ws 2 4 f,.f..J AMA xx-- -ffzxfxfxfkwwf-xgzf- fx:a.w5M Y, MW? X ' xaxg Q 'Qi fri' ,. x x x Wx HOMECOMINC It was a "Big Wide Wonderful Worldn at the University of Dubuque this year. Classes were dis- missed at 12:15 on Friday, October 15, and Home- coming 1965 was officially underway. Event num- ber one on the agenda was a pep rally in McCor- mick Gym featuring a cheerleading skit complete with hula dancer, Siamese Twins, and even a representative from South Africa. The students attending the pep rally were small in number, but large in spirit, and the Spartans were inspired for their clash with Central College. Following the pep rally, lunch was served in the Commons. Fri- day afternoon found the freshmen facing the sophomores in the traditional tug-of-war, where the freshmen boys won but watched their female counter-parts go down to defeat. SUE FITZ SIMONS PAM CLARK LINDA ZIMMER fag 1 F SUE OLSON In an all-school vote, senior Jackie Olson was chosen to reign over Homecoming festivities. In an impressive coronation ceremony, Jackie was crowned by last year's queen, Miss Kathy Charl- ton. After the coronation ceremonies, Social Board sponsored a concert by folksingers Bruce Mark- kula and Sam Johnson . .. The Chi Rho Trio. Following the concert, Senate sponsored a short TGIF dance in the union. Jackie and Jim lead 05 at Homecoming Dance The members of court receive congratulations f- - N- s 1 J. Queen Jackie begins her reign. Saturday was a lunch outside The Chi Rho Trio entertains Jackie rides as royalty Mu Sig first place Hoat -F-1 F Ed Sudlow leads the Phi O float Half time show at football game f The Line-up CHEERLEADER Everyone knows the U of D has the best of every- thing, and cheerleaders are no exception. This year, the Superb Spartans searched high and low to find the best cheerleaders possible. After na- tionwide screening, Illinois proved to have almost everything Dubuque wanted. Carol, Sue, Kathy, Marcia and Kay came running when they heard that the Spartans wanted their pep and enthusi- asm. Judi rushed over from Minnesota and Cookie flew in from New York to form the group known as the cheerleaders of the University of Dubuque. Linda Bowe, from Iowa, became captain of this vivacious group-and the girls began new motions and formations of cheers for the 1965-66 season. Through the cold football games, the girls led the crowd in unison with their new cheers, "Beat Collegeu and "Hey Team F ight". Basketball sea- son came around and the girls again went out and cheered for team spirit. Without the pep and enthusiasm of our Spartan cheerleaders, we could not have had the school spirit that is so necessary for our team. What could possibly make him stand out in the rain So that's what he's looking at. Q A' it Yi'-3.1. i-. 5 1965 CHEERLEADERS KNEELING: Linda. Bowe, Marcia Mc- Cartney, Judi Storm STANDING: Sue Olson, Kathy Hasel- ton, Carol Claudon, Cookie Spencer Cookie and Sue keep up spirits DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQU1-3 DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE FOOTBALL 1965 CCBEST SINOE 1949" 1965 RECORD . . PLATTEVILLE . . . . . WARTBURG . WILLIAM PENN LUTHER . . . . SIMPSON CENTRAL . . . BUENA VISTA IOWA WESLEYAN . . . UPPER IOWA Kephart arou .r k Sl -J1 .-.wikis Lx. , Ist. ROW, Dozier Jones, co-captain, Bill Svrlugag co-captain. 21uz'. ROW, Keith Kepart, Don Doughty, George Prieditis, Chuck DeFarkas, Rick Anderson, Larry First, Dave Bacon, Bob John- son, Ken Scott, Paul Krause, Tom Blocklinger, Jim Martin. 3rd. ROW, John Palmer, Jerry Anderson, Joe Chlapaty, Ed Smith, Ben Hibbs, Rick Osborne, Jim Somerville, Don Yokas, Jake The Spartans compiled their finest record since the 1949 season with an overall record of 6-2-l and a league record of 5-2, placing them third behind winner Central College and runner up Luther. Dubuque again started the season with Platte- ville and again the game ended in a tie. The fol- lowing week, Wartburg College came to Chal- meris Field to open the Iowa Conference cam- paign. After a Hrst period touchdown by Keith Kepart, neither team was able to move the ball and the defensive unit came in to preserve a 7- 0 victory for the Spartans. The following week saw quarterback Paul Krause and the offensive team come alive with a 27-7 win over William Penn. Parent's Day provided the Spartans with their Hrst big test. Luther College provided the opposition. After leading 7-2 for four quarters, Luther was able to score with only three min- utes to go, to win 9-7. Dubuque bounced back with a 18-14 win the following week against Simpson. Central College held Dubuqueis offense Werheiser, Bob Glenn, George Parthemore, Stan Donegan, Ger- ald Richardson, jim Cougill, Gene Spickler. 42211. ROW, Dave Wick, Jay Harmon, Dick Voigts, Pete Freuler, Mel Cushing, Jerry Yoder, Gary Samp, Mike Lucas, Mike Lloyd, John Cole- man, Ed Holland, Larry Reelitz, Tom Mendez, Terry Barkhurst, John Bridle. in our Homecoming game and won 14-O. The last three games of the season saw the Spartan's offense come alive. In the last three games the Spartans scored 105 points and placed Dubuque as one of the best offensive teams in the con- ference. At the end of the season, four Dubuque play- ers were picked for the All-Conference Team. They were, Dave Bacon, Paul Krause, Rick An- derson and Keith 'Kepart. In national small col- lege statistics, Paul Krause proved to be one of the top passers and Dave Bacon ended up among the top five pass-receivers. In all, ll Spartan records were broken this year, seven of them by Krause. He set new records in total yardage in one season, total yardage in one game, total yards passing in a season, total yards passing in a single game, most passes completed in a season, most passes completed in a game, and most touchdown passes in a game. Bacon set marks in passes caught in both a season and a game while Jim Martin set a new record in pass interceptions for a career. The best offense in the conference Bill Svrluga comes out with a fractured jaw x Ballplayer too short for high ball. NAIA ALL-DISTRICT TEAM Paul Krause Dave Bacon Dozier Jones Rick Anderson Jim Martin Stopped for no gain Parthemore eludes tackle 2'8- a +g' A 675 All-Conference, All-District Krause hands off Y' .Q Larry First moves in. Ball was out of reach. 4 fa.. 'sg' '-42 Dave Bacon in the clear for a pass. Bacon gets stopped. Keith Kepart around end and heading for the sidelines. 35 CROSS COU TRY '6 Speed, stamina, and depth in new blood, characterized this fine season for Moco's Harriers. Acting Captain Milan Rad- vansky, letterman, Jim Pysanczyn, and four freshmen started the season with a loss to Wartburg, and a one point defeat by William Penn. Led in order by Pysanczyn, Lange, and Webb, the team sprinted back to victory. In a Quaclrangular meet at Rockford, the team took second to St. Ambrose, but out plac- ing Rockford and Lake Forest. The next live dual meets became victories for the Blue and White: Simpson, Platteville, Central, Upper Iowa and Parsons. Third place conference honors were captured in the record slashing run. Ist ROW, Ron Raine, Milan Radvansky, John Couchman. 2ud. ROW, Bob Webb, coach Mercer, jim Pysanczyn, Joe Lange. H , . W., .. ,,.t:-,,,. -,,,.,, r , l 1 , .,7.- --- V ,,,,..., r..s---V '-- -r- W lr- E91 55 D-. 'f-'i RUHHCIS are Off with the SUD Early in the race, a safe second Jim Pysanczyn crosses line lst. 1, DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQU11 DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE 1965 RECORD 39 20 .......... WARTBURG 28 27 ...... WILLIAM PENN 19 38 ....... SIMPSON 26 30 ....... PLATTEVILLE 23 34 . . . . . . CENTRAL 18 41 UPPER IOWA 17 42 ....... PARSONS QUADRANGULAR MEET ....... 2nd Place ti FALL LIVI G "' -6-F' 38 in-AL -,NA s., f ' 'e-L , Ml 4 f A 3 THE UNIVERSITY UPHVERSVPYCDF U I 2000 University Avenue, Dubuque, Iowa 52001 319 589 3222 John J. Agria, Ph.D. President T03 FROM I DATE RE 2 MEMORANDUM University Staff John J. Agria October 27, 1992 OVERVIEW OF THE 1992-93 REVISED OPERATING BUDGET a a Q Q a u Q a u a Q a Q a You are invited to attend an informational session on Thursday, October 29, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon in Blades Hallg At that time, Mark Watson, Vice President for Finance, and I will present to you an overview of the revised operating budget for 1992-1993. In this session, we will address the overall budget and those areas that have changed significantly from the tentative budget approved last spring. An opportunity will be provided for answers to general questions. Questions relating to specifics will be responded to within the context of your own office or area. Please make every attempt to attend this session so that we might go forward as a stronger community based on common information and understanding. -VW wa, Y N , 'm4m'+'1-- W Q H 'M ' ' .1 :" WE fff?'L ,.1 .,.. ff H 5 N K gm... , N. A WN -vs PRE IDE T OF THE UNIVER ITY The University is fortunate in having as its president Dr. Gaylord Couchman. President Couchman is an Iowan from way back and holds a D.D. from our own University. For thirteen years Dr. Couchman has served as President of the University acting as friend and adviser to both students and faculty. He is a mem- ber of educational and theological organizations in Iowa and participates readily in many pro- grams of the University. Though a busy and de- voted man, President Couchman is never too busy for a smile and friendly word to all he sees. tx 1 Q I U by ...P .Q-be s C Secretary to the President-Miss Muir 1-qi E I 9 ,f "L li BU I SS GFFICE ROBERT G. ADAMS Robert G. Adams is head of our business oliice as our Business Manager and Treasurer. Mr. Ad- ams came to Dubuque in 1961. He was also the Business Manager and Treasurer of Byran Col- lege in Tennessee. Working in our business office are also Esther Purvis as Secretary to the Busi- ness Manager, Emery Ransfor as Cashier and Bookkeeper, Helen Eller as Bookkeeper, and Mil- dred Barnes as Cashier. ,X 1. ii- Esther Purvis Emery Ransfor, Helen Eller, Mildred Barnes BCARD CF DIRECTOR l .1-:nfl V . -f Jaan Egylm The Board of Directors governs the University, and it is responsible for every aspect of its functioning. Policy decisions and all major plans concerning the life of the University must receive Board approval be- fore they can be implemented. The more particular affairs of the University are over-seen by the executive committee which meets monthly, while the semi-annual meet- ings of the entire Board handle matters of general importance. All members of the board must be approved by both the General Coun- cil of the Synod of Iowa and the General Council of the United Pres- byterian Church in the United States. 44 MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS David B. Cassat, Chairman Leonard C. Ferguson, Vice Chairman Paul Laube, Secretary Charles H. Albers Robert N. Allen Donald B. Blackstone B. Alvin Buss Ivan H. Carnes George L. Cassat Robert W. Clewell Donald C. Conzett Mrs. David R. Corbett W. Martin Dillon A. D. Donnell L. E. Felton Frank S. Folwell Alvin E. Goldhorn David Griffith Mrs. King Herr Le Roy W. Heusinkveld Richard B. Heydinger Ben Jaspers Lawrence M. Jensen Milton L. Kapp Andrew E. Kurth George W. Lindquist Robert F. Loetscher Ronald Meyer Mrs. Albert G. Parker, Jr. George F. Shepherd Gene Siekmann George F. Sisler Gerald L. Smith George H. Swalve William J. T j aden Roy W. Van Der Kamp Frank H. Bertsch Mrs. Effie E. Goldthorp DEVELQPMENT This essential part of the Uni- versity is onlyenow coming into its own. This planning committee is a vital element in the growth of our campus. The members of this group are currently working on the new boy's dorm, the gym and of course the library. L to R: Mrs. Elaine Hird, Mrs. Vera Williams, Mr. Henry Benz, Mrs. Barbara Seever. Mrs. Norman F edderly, Mr. Lawrence Warren, Mr. Harry Turner. Heading our Public Relations de- partment at the University of Dubuque, is Barbara R. Seever, director of Public Relations. Mrs. Seever returned to the University in the fall of 1964. Our Public Relations Secretary is Elaine Hird. Mrs. Vera Williams, who came to the University of Dubuque three years ago and has attended Morn- ingside College, is our Director of the News Bureau. Mr. Henry Benz attended the University of Dubuque and is now Photographer for our student newspa- per, yearbook, and for Public Relations. William Ryan, a Seminary student, and Ray Fitzgerald are employed in the Sports News Section of Public Rela- tions. Mrs. VanderBerg and Mrs. Patterson help a Univers ty student. FCCD SERVICE The Prophet Company, which is a na- tional food service management Hrm, has given the University a wider variety of well planned and appetizing meals. The Resident Manager of the food service is Mr. Robert Swallow. Assisting him is Mrs. Marge Kremer who has faithfully served the University since 1947. X HEALTH ERVICE It is no easy task keeping the University stu- dents health, but the job is done well by Mrs. Jeane A. VanderBerg with the assistance of Mrs. Eleanor Patterson. A registered nurse and grad- uate of Sioux City Methodist Hospital, Mrs. Van- derBerg has been on the University stall for eight years. Mrs. Patterson, also a registered nurse, is a graduate of the Finley Hospital School of Nurs- ing. She holds a B.S. degree from the University of Dubuque. Mr. Robert Swallow and Mrs. Marge Kremer THE COLLEGE , A X XX X --N., -, - in NXN- SX . X xx S R 'f .,.. pdww.. ,E H, xg, I L,4',1Wi"""". -W ,H,,,1,A,.,,g ' ' ,N ' ' P" "Qii,,,7525V.ifffL A W AQ TM "7-611 355235: 4 1 , 77 I M,,,1 N f' ,, ...' if Dean s Secretary Mrs Schueller DEAN GF CGLLEGE Dean Davis came to the University in 1962 with his wife and three children. He assumed the role of Dean of the College with much enthusi- asm. This vitality has seemed to invest every corner of the University of Dubuque. Dean Paul Ford Davis holds his Ed.D. from Indiana Uni- versity and traveled in Germany while Writing his thesis. M17 ff, 4 r,, QF FICE OF TUDE ,Ann ' N!!! DEAN LEWIS W. FURDA is the dean of student affairs. Dean Furda holds his B.A. from our seminary and has worked for the University at different peri- ods since 1957. Though it is often necessary for Dean Furda to work in a disciplinary capacity he is truly well-respected by all University students. ' - -1 1- 17" PER ONNEL DEAN TOM EVANS has been with us for several years but this is his first year as dean of men. Dean Evans has made many changes in the counseling system and is taking an active part in all phases of campus life. 51 Secretary to Deans Mrs. Dorothy Iwerks DEAN GERTRUDE OTTO JARVIS has been the dean of women for three years now. Her life is one of constant activity. She is ad- visor to all of the women on campus as well as a sponsor for many groups. Besides all of this Mrs. Jarvis has a full time job of wife and mother. l l 1 I JIJTV I FI EART The Fine Arts section is one of the most diverse and exciting on our campus. Hardly a week goes by when the music and dramatics people are not working on a major production. One of the main highlights of this area is the Week of Performing Arts. This past year we have en- joyed and participated in "Death of a Salesmann, "Four Centuries of French Choral Musicu, the concert by Suzanne Bloch and a display on Photojournalism. That week there was also an award wirming film on Richard III and lecture by Dr. Calvin on Russian culture. It is the specific purpose of the music department to provide us with a general cultural background, give us an outlet for expressing ourselves creatively, or train us professionally in the field of music. Pictured below: Left to Right-Diane Cackeram, Secretaryg Mrs. Ruth Mahmoudg Mr. Jack Boyd, Miss Edith Groff, Dr. Edfield Odegard, Head of Departmentg Miss Helen Pratt, Mr. Parvis Mahmoud. 52 Sip LA GUAGE A D LITERATURE ti 5 ROW I: Mrs. Wallace, Dr. Grace Boehner, Dr. Hena Nunez. ROW 2: Dr. Agustin Pascual, Mr. Louis Tabarel, Dr. Dale Welch, Mr. Rolfe Lumpert, Mr. Jack Stevens. Language and literature are the foundation upon which we build our understanding of other subjects. They are a bridge to understand- ing the past and the present, for they have taught us all we know about the past, and at the same time have given us a greater insight to the present. Through the use of language and literature we have been able to understand our own language and environment and better under- stand 1ife's purpose. 53 ED CATIO A D PSYCHULQGY 5 :ras -vw. .HRV A--1-11, ,A g and From left to right: Dr. Earl Steininger, Mrs. Helen Watts, Mrs. Eileen Ferris, Mrs. Gertrude Jarvis, Dr. Leroy Giles, Mr. Chester Buckley, Mr. R. W. Sandven, Mrs. Elizabeth Reed, and Mrs. Margaret Egli. The department of Education and Psychology prepares students for teaching and understanding the human mind. Cn the elementary level Mrs. Watts, new to the University this year and Dr. Steininger teach young people the basic skills and attitudes for teaching the child in the elementary school. Dr. Giles has charge of Teacher Placement and his main area of concentration is Secondary education. The workings of the mind is the field of Dr. Sandven and Mrs. Jarvis teaches a course in Guidance. Turning out teachers of physical education is the main concern of Mr. Buckley and Mrs. Egli. Mrs. Read and Mrs. Ferris are valuable members of this team to the faculty as well as the students. 54 a E 1 OCIAL TUDIE ROW I: Mr. William Lomax, Mr. Carl Ross, Dr. Lyle McGeoch. ROW 2: Mr. Merle Sandy, Mr. Russell Nash, Mr. William Rozeboom, Mr. John Moen. The social studies section of this division has as its chairman Dr. Lomax. Broadening man's view of his fellow man in various so- cialogical aspects of his environment is the purpose of this department. The head of the science section is Dr. Vas- quez. The members of the science division feel their function is the development of in- terest in science of students and to perfect their ability in applying the scientiiic method fully. ROW I: Miss Dorothy Taylor, Dr. Pedro Vazquez-Lopez, Miss Hazel Rothlisberger. ROW 2: Mr. William Berg, Mr. Charles Taylor, Mr. Gary Herum, Dr. Carl Osuch. 55 RELIGIO A DPHILO CPHY This department has as its purpose the enlightenment of the minds of the students. Courses in religion and philosophy reveal the thinking of the minds of many men and encourage students to delve into questions for themselves. In religion courses everyone has the opportu- nity to study the Bible and the background of Jesus. In philosophy the roads of thought are covered from Marx to Plato. Left to right: Dr. Roger Woods, John Beerling, Dr. Desiderio Demecs, and Dr. Charles Tyrrell. 56 LIBRARY TAFF The library is a workshop and research tool, in which theory and academic development are un- dergirded and strengthened. The library is at the heart of all education. Without its use, a degree can be achieved but only at the expense of bypass- ing a true education. Mrs. Wilheimine Schnucker Librarian SEATED: Mrs. Schnucker. Left to Right: Mrs. Robert Ferris, Mrs. Kenneth Rose, Mrs. Eugene Gifford, Mrs. John Winders, Mr. Kenneth Smejkal, Mrs. Walter Es- chen, Mrs. L. A. Benedict. Not pictured: Mrs. B. C. Tschudi. Q-mu.. is gk- ADMISSIO I ix YUM. Dr. Charles Cadigan The office of Director of Admissions, incorporated under the ofiice of Student Affairs, is headed by Charles Cadigan, who came to the University in 1964, from Austin, Texas. Mrs. James Kelly is the secretary of the Admissions Office. The admissions department contacts perspective University students, advises them concerning admission requirements, and conducts personal pre- college counseling, and compiles admissions information. There are six counselors also: Duane Wilson, University Office, Brian Gifford, Minnesota, Tom Gibson, Illinois and Eastern Wiscon- sin, Peter Heyel, New Jersey, Connecticut, and part of New York, Duane Busse, Long Island, N.Y. and Mike Bacon, Iowa. -me Mrs. James Kelly Duane Wilson Brian Gifford Mike Bacon Peter Heyel S' 1 58 or if John Beerling greets all with a happy smile. REGISTRAR Mr. Rozeboom is an essential and long time member of the University of Dubuque. His department is in charge of class registration, final exams schedules, stu- dent records, and of course all registration days. Mr. Rozeboom and his secretary Marie Myer 59 CHAPLAIN JOHN BEERLIN G is the new chaplain for the University this year. Mr. Beerling holds a B.A. from Mankato State College and has recently completed his work for B.D. at our Theological Seminary. C' THE CDRGANIZATIONS 1, Q A0 61 TUDE T E ATE The Senate is the governing body of, by, and for, the students of the University of Dubuque. This governing body promotes academic as well as social affairs, cultural as well as "folksy,' affairs. Each class elects and is represented by four students. The president and his three co-horts work with the other members of Senate to promote the Welfare of the school and of course the individual classes. Specific activities which fall under the auspices of the Senate Committees are: New Stu- dent Days, Homecoming, and May Fete. They sponsor many "TGIF" dances throughout the year as well. All of this is done under the leader- ship of William Stubblefield, President, Don Johnson, Vice-Presidentg Bob Johnson, Treasurer, and Marcia McCartney, Recording Secretary. ROW I: Marcia McCartney, William Stubblefielcl, Don Johnson. ROW 2: Craig Meyer, Dr. Woods, sponsor, Dean F urda, sponsorg Bob Johnson. Stubby brings the meeting order. 62 l 5'5- yr, ix WN I View from the podium. FRESHMEN AND JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES: ROW I: Marcia McCartney, Christine Kazimir, Judy Whiteside. ROW 2: John Turner, Jim Cornigans, Jay Harmon, Dan Reed, Ron Nelson. SOPHOMORE AND SENIOR REP- RESENTATIVES: ROW I: Judy Hay, Kathy Jones, Nancy Doyle. ROW 2: Dick Leach, Dick Harken, Jim Breed, Bob Johnson, Ben Hibbs. CCURT SYSTE High Court-Three years ago the Student Senate established the High Court to interpret the Student constitution and to deter- mine the constitutionality of any action by the Student Senate which tices and a Chief Justice. It has original jurisdiction over student cases involving college regulations and appellate jurisdiction over de- cisions of the primary courts. Women's Primary Court-The Women's Primary Court consists of two prosecutors, four magistrates, and a chief magistrate. The branch of the judicial system has original jurisdiction over cases aris- ing from the rules governing women's residence halls. 4 N '7 'q ' W' Men's Primary Court-Men's Primary Court has original juris- diction over most cases concerning University men. If the case is of a more serious nature, it is taken to High Court. Also, a defendent dis- satisfied with the ruling of the primary court may appeal his case be- fore the High Court. is challenged. This Banch of the judicial system consists of four jus- ASSOCIATED WOM N T DE T The purpose of this organization is to foster the feeling of unity, good fel- lowship, and co-operation among all College women. It is composed of all women college students and led by elec- ted oiiicers who direct the many activi- ties. The Big sister project helped new students to become familiar with Uni- versity life. The organization also spon- sored an Administration Faculty-New Student Get Acquainted Tea, Homecom- ing coffee for Alumni, Homecoming float, Pajama party for dorm and town- girls, and the AWS Olympics during May Fete, In order to raise money for such social functions, a dance and winter carnival were held and a Christmas card project was conducted. ,aa -,,,.....1 Qllljj Mrs. Jarvis, Kathy Jones, Linda Bein, Cookie Spencer, Judy Hay. E lotson, Sue Durr, Faith Allen, Carol Clauden THIRD ROW: Sharon Sizemore, Vicki Gibbs Eileen Hancock, Nancy Black, Alice Thomas Glenna Penniston, Barb Kelly. 5 FRONT ROW: Nancy Rogers, Bonnie Ander- son, Kathy Garrison. SECOND ROW: Jo Til- FRONT ROW: Glenna Penniston, Alice Thomas, Jo Til- lotson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Jarvis, Kathy Haselton. WOM N' HOU E COU CIL The purpose of the Women's House Council is to enact and enforce all laws for the government of Aitchison Hall, Delhi House, Senior House, Van Vliet Dorm, and the Bookstore Dorm. All counselors, head residents, floor representatives, and oflicers meet twice a month to discuss dorm rules and policies. The activities sponsored by the House Council include Homecoming Open House, Dorm Christmas Party and Motheris Weekend. FRONT ROW: Sharon Roderick, Dorothy Dauscher, Diane Vader, Linda Lowe. SECOND ROW: Leslie Barricklow, Nancy Miner, Norma Anderburg, Sandy Braun, Bonnie Anderson, Cathy Crawford. Y E 5. li I 1 FRONT ROW: George Prieditis, Dick Franzen, Jim Breed, Bruce Rogers. SECOND ROW: Bill Crandall, jim Martin, Dick Lenzen, Bob Johnson, Stan Donegan, John Zyrkowski, Gor- don Erxleben, Earl Smith. ' Mi ', w N' HOU ECOU CIL The members of Men,s House Council are representatives for all the men living on campus. This year Severance, as a freshman dorm, had its own Freshman Men's Council. Members of both councils dis- cuss matters vital to those living in the dorm and in turn establish a system of self-government. The Men's House Council also plans the annual Christmas Party and this year sponsored several TGIF dances. FRONT ROW.' Bruce Welch, Tom Harrison, Greg Jember, Greg Skinner, Ozell Hudson. SECOND ROW: Tom Sorcic, Jim Straley, Dennis Moyland, Bruce Keith, Ron Pearson, Pete Freuler, 67 Sharon Roderick, Jackie Olson, Nancy Miner, Nancy Wilson, Ruth Mansen, Marta San Martin, Barb Todd. WGME ' HEAD RE IDE T AND CDU ELCDR SEATED: Sandy Braun STANDING: Dorothy Dauscher, Pat Groenwoldt. This year the women of Aitchison Hall were un- der the careful guidance of several hand picked Counselors and head residents. These counselors shouldered the responsibility of watching over a couple of hundred girls, no easy job for anyone, with much enthusiasm and concern. They have spent many a tired night waiting for their last girl to come in or were suddenly awakened from a sound sleep and forced to run down the hall to quiet down a "party" Under the supervision of the new Dean of Men, Mr. Thomas Evans, the men's counselors and head residents have suc- cessfully organized a freshmen men's dorm and several off campus annexes. The coun- selors and head residents for both Sever- ance and Steffens were picked with care and given additional training for their jobs. Counselors meetings were held week- ly and "phone dutyi' was one designated to all Severance counselors. The head residents and counselors watched over their boys through serenades and snowball Hghts and were always avail- able as friend or adviser throughout the year. N 'S HEAD RE IDE AN Head residents: Severance-Bill Svrluga SteH'ens-George Prieditis CCU ELCR Severance counselors: Obie Saddler. Orrin Merritt, Dan Yokas, Gary Ferb, Bill Svrluga, John Turner, Craig Meyer, Lenny Weih, Dick Tripp. .df V I 5 ,, on 69 Stelfens counselors: Dave Bacon, Earl Smith, Dozier Jones, Bob Johnson, Jim Martin, Don John- son, George Prieditis, Chuck De- F arkas, Ray French, Fred Walter. I TERNATICNAL T CLUB It is the purpose of the International Club to promote friendship between stu- dents of other countries and those from the U.S. This club has for its members students from other lands who are trying to de- velop international understanding. These members plan and present programs for both their and others meetings. Ist. ROW Farah Ammari, Zolly Pascual, Marta San Martin, Warren Chow 2nd, ROW Carlos Gonzalez, Frank Casilla, Farid Saed 3rd, ROW Glenn Green berg, Ken Kamau. From I. to r. Dave Harris, Jim Applegate, Don Johnson, Dan Reed, John Turner. C.C.U. . The Collegiate Council for the United Nations is a national organi- zation created by and for college stu- dents for a better understanding of the role and function of the U.N. Each year our local chapter attends the Mid- west Model United Nations in St. Louis. This year our chapter repre- sented Japan. FRONT ROW: John L.B.J. Turner, Bonnie Anderson, San- dy Braun. SECOND ROW.' Al Parrish, John Lyons. YCDU G DE OCRAT The Young Democrats and the Young Repub- licans give members of the campus stimulation for political thought and provide opportunities for their members to work effectively in politics. The members assist in local campaigns and acquire speakers for panels and meetings. Both groups support Political Emphasis Week and work hard for its success. YGU G REPUBLICAN S l FRONT ROW: Barb Kelly, Lynne Ingersoll, Jane Leopold. SECOND ROW: Carl Bosteels, Karl Hoppe, Joe Chlapaty, Rick Coleman, Duane Cottingham, Russ Malley. it . T ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is the service fra- ternity on campus. Its members usher at chapel and other University pro- grams. They run projectors at campus movies and act as hosts for many cam- pus programs. This year Alpha Phi Omega also provided "care" packages 'during Hnals. The organization was also a big help to the Universityls drama department. This fraternity received its national charter this year and received a large pledge class. All in all, this group is growing rapidly and has proven to be a great asset to the University. l FRONT ROW: William Kinney, George Justice, David Harris, Paul Talchik. SECOND ROW: Dick Leatherow, John Zyrlcowski, Jeff Dodge. THIRD ROW: Tom Karpinski, Bob Barkhurst, Carl Bosteels, William Vierling. FRONT ROW: Gordon Erxleben, William Ciminera, Ian Menoch, Gary Hassel. SECOND ROW: Jim Corn- igans, Sandy Moldenhauer, Steve Russman, Steve Moose. THIRD ROW: Greg Jember, Roy Aydelott, Jim Gustafson, Alan Nervig, Tom Rauch. 72 Q-9 James Breed Anita Burnett Gary Ferb Pat Groenwoldt Bonnie Jensen Richard Leach Zoila Pascual Sharon Roderick WHO' WHO AMONG TUDENT IN AMERICAN COLLEGE AND UNIVER ITIE One of the highest honors that can be given to Student Personnel Service Committee on the a college student is election to Who's Who in basis of excellence of academic performance and American Colleges and Universities. Awards are of service to the school as a whole. Not pictured made by vote of faculty, Student Senate, and the is Melody Campbell. Mary Ann Sheean Merry Sweet Barbara Todd Nancy Wilson fy , ' l . :lm i 1 wil - L. Q, wtf ' , "ii V " H: ,Fi 5 I 'QNX Mtg! M 1 , ,J l 73 BETA ALPHA CHI FRONT ROW Rick Anderson, Fred Walter, Mary THIRD ROW: Milan Radvansky Gary Middlebusher Turner Pat Bryk SECOND ROW: Warren Reininger, John Schueller, Jack Renz, Carl Macioni Dick Sears Gordon Erxleben Ron Braddock, Bob Lange, Bob Harr Paul Porter. At the University, students entering the field of busi- ness are assisted by the Beta Alpha Chi Chapter. Stu- dents are helped in job placement, various aspects of resume writing and in successful manners of being inter- viewed by prospective employers. Underclassmen were aided in deciding which field interested him so that he could arrange his courses in accordance with his field and plan for the many field trips offered each member. In an effort to help the business student make up his mind about his future vocation, special activities were planned for him. Included in these activities were show business trends and talks by outside speakers surveying various industries. 74 BIOS ALPHA PHILG Biology majors gather at Bios Alpha Philos meetings to hear speakers in their own field. Some programs are also given to inform these students as to opportunities in graduate school. Bios Alpha Philos also helped to decorate Gold- thorpe for Homecoming. L TO R: joel Christensen, Bobbie Hollan, Paul Talchik, Don Johnson, Eileen Schumann Sue Durr. 75 S UDE T IOWA STATE EDUCATIO ASSOCIATIO FRONT ROW: Mary Bulman, Bonnie Anderson. SECOND ROW: Pam Clark, Gretchin Van Hove, Judi Storm, Marcia McCartney, Carol Claudon, Jane Leopold, Sue de Haas, Pat Groenwalt, Sharon Roderick, Linda Bein. THIRD ROW: Zona Butler, Cindy Kraemer, Vicki Gibbs, Pat Carlson, Kathy Jones, Sue FitzSimons, Bobbie Hollan, Sharon Hol- land, Kathy Garrison, Sandy Davis, Jackie Olson, Joyce Johnston, Bonnie Jensen, Barb Kelly. FOURTH ROW: Judy Wild, Nancy Wilson, Sally Hancock, Dottie Fossler, Glenn Greenberg, Ted Sperduto, Bob Eich, Gary Ferb, Diane Lewis, Joellyn Perry, Mary Picken, Kathy Pierre, Kathy Steele, Sandy Braun. The University of Dubuque chapter of the Student Iowa State Edu- cation Association acquaints students with the education profession and its many problems. S.I.S.E.A. begins the year with a picnic for all mem- bers. Meetings are held once a month and include guest speakers, films, and panel discussions. One of the features of this year's program con- cerned the VISTA program. This fall a large representation attended the Fall Regional at Wart- burg College. Members brought back ideas and topics of interest dis- cussed at this meeting. 76 KAPPA DELTA PI The chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, National Honor Society in Educa- tion, on the University campus is Iota Chi. This honorary encourages high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and recognizes outstanding contributions to education. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. FRONT ROW: Linda Bein, Nancy Black, Zolly Pascaul, ROW: Mary Sweet, Pat Groenwoldt, Gary Ferb, Kathy Garrison Pam Clark, Mary Ann Sheeaxi. SECOND ROW: Kathy Jones, Carol Badehloyce Johnston. Sharon Roderick, Dr. Giles, Barb Tooker, Mrs. Watts. THIRD Judy Wild Editor and 'Peg Ringer Assistant Editor. FRONT ROW: Linda Hill, Lynne Ingersoll, Kathy Pierre. SECOND ROW: Lee Plate, Jim Breed, Jim 1 QUE The bi-monthly university newspa- per was produced by much hard and prolonged work. It is a four page edi- tion Hlled with pictures and news of interest to all. Special articles and edi- tions add even more zest to the stu- dent's reading. The Que has affilia- tions with National Collegiate Press Service, University Press Service, and American Collegiate Press. Watt, John Zyrkowski, Brett Bacon, Al Parrish, Don Coey, Mike Goldberg. ,,i.o, . Tn v W' 1. f-7"-an John Tuner, Editorg Pam Clark, Assistant Editor. KEY This hard working, industrious group spent many long hours putting together this year's annual. Each student poured over lay-outs, copy, and proofs and many nights were spent in typing all that you see here. This year we were fortunate in hav- ing an excellent freshman photographer. FRONT ROW: Donna Trenholme, Marcia McCartney, Barb Sendecke, Karen Justis SEC- OND ROW: Karen Beth, Linda Low, John Zyrkowski, Larry Csajaghy, Loni Kotelman, Diane Miller. SPARTAN CLUB This year the cheerleaders tried to revive the old Spartan Club. Several pep assemblies were held throughout the year and Spartan Club decorated the gym for Homecoming. Although Spartan Club has not as yet been es- tablished as a thriving organization, the group looks to bigger and better things for next year. TZYLA-JK. xanax villa' W """R' f DW I FRONT ROW: Judy Storm, Linda Bowe, Sue Bowe, Sue FitzSimons, Judy Greer, Pat Bryk, Sharon Holland, Sue Olson, Kathy Haselton, Carol Claudon, Marcia Mc- Martha Midgley- THIRD ROW: Kathy JOHCS, Lee Cartney. SECOND ROW: Barb Sendecke, Judy Hay, Samek, Bruce Keith, Tom Measor, Carolyn Johnson. DCL The D Club is composed of athletes who have earned a varsity letter in inter-col- lege competition. One responsibility of the D Club is to compile and sell the programs for all football and basketball games. Mem- bers also serve as ushers and gatekeepers at athletic events. The Club is the sponsor of the Homecoming dance. Candidates for Homecoming Queen and her court are nominated by D Club. This year's Home- coming Queen, elected by the stu- dent body, was Jackie Olson, a senior from Aurora, Illinois. D Club works in many Ways to promote interest in the sports pro- gram at the University of Dubuque. FRONT ROW: George Parthemore, Warren Reininger, Milan Radvansky Keth Kephart. SECOND ROW: Jack Renz, George Prieditis, Roy Wicklund, Jim Martin. THIRD ROW: Ed Sudlow, Rick Anderson, Chuck DeFarkas, Dave Bacon, Walt Kaszubski. FRONT ROW: Sal Pantaleo, Chuck Moody, jim Pysanczyn. SECOND ROW: Ben Hibbs, Don Doughty. THIRD ROW: Bill Crandall, Pete Crom- well, Pete Stange. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Dodge, Bob Johnson, Jay Harmon, Jake Werkheiser, Joe Chlapathy. 81 UNITED STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSCCIATION The USCA exists to provide an opportunity for Christian worship, discussions, fellowship, and service on campus. It is affiliated with the Iowa State Ecumenical Council and the Nation- al United Campus Christian Fellowship. The USCA sponsors many events during the school year such as a membership picnic in Sep- tember, retreats, weekly vespers, Christmas car- oling, visits to senior citizens homes, and the USCA Carnival. W CLUB This newly organized group is made up of students interested in law. They do research in pre-law and law schools and have speakers of their desired pro- fession for discussions. FRONT ROW: Mr. Moen, advisor, Robert Armstrong, Diane Marsh. SECOND ROW: Brett Bacon, Dan Reed, Eric Schneider, Al Parrish, Mike LaLonde. KLUB GERMANIA FRONT ROW: Leroy Luitjens, Robert Swalve, Jim Gruhlke, Mary Anderson. SEC'- OND ROW: Al Parrish, Ron Raine, Brett Bacon. THIRD ROW: Carlos Gonzalez, Eric Schneider, Kim Wilker. FOURTH ROW: Mark Maxwell, William Weiskopf. Another new club on campus, Klub Germania is for German stu- dents. These students discuss job op- portunities overseas, show slides and have lectures on the cultural aspects of Germany. It is also the purpose of this club to provide tutorship for those needing help in languages. Jn. CO CERT The University of Dubuque Concert Choir had a busy and interesting Concert schedule this year. The choir opened its season with a concert of 'Four Centuries of French Music., Next on the agenda was a Dinner Club program presented in coordination with the drama department. This year found the choir heading south toward Oklahoma. On the tour the choir thrilled many school and church audiences with their magnifi- cent presentations. Staying in private homes while on the tour, the choir members were given the opportunity to meet many wonderful people across the country. This year a new outfit was added to the choir dress. The young women in their cocktail dresses and the men in their dinner jackets made an im- pressive sight. The choir members were arranged in an interesting formation in order to get a richer blend and superior tone. CHQIR 3948 Soprano Alto Name Amy Gabriel Ruth Mansen Kathy Oswald Mary Ann Sheean Beverly Town Gretchen Van Hove Mildred Wilder Mary Bulman Nancy Doyle Eileen Hancock Kristine John Sylvia Kinkead Mary Ann Medford Barbra Sendecke Donna Trenholme Dianne Valder Tenor Bass Director-Jack Boyd NAME Mike Appleby David Heim James Nelson Ed Poyner Ted Sperduto John Zyrkowski William Anderson James Byrne Robert Foster Greg Jember Ian Menoch Steve Moose Tom Rauch William Vierling CHAMBER SINGER 85 UE fr vs 4, er i ,, .:,,1 ' . I it V - N , it , ., . W l t a a it ' ' " - t V, 551121: -' l' V Ly". . , , ' , . L FIRST ROW: Dr. Odegard, James Byrne, Carolyn Spoerl, Kathy Edward Poynor, Larry Csajaghy, Mary Anderson, Richard Fuller, Oswald, Gary Hassel, Dale Craine, Mike Appleby. SECOND Rick Myers. THIRD ROW: Mary Hillman, James Nelson, Robert ROW: Bob Swalve, Steve Russman, Bob Manley, Carl Hayes, Foster, Ted Sperduto, Mark Maxwell. C0 CERT BAN The University Concert Band has provided musical entertainment at all our home football games this year and were well received. The band is under the direction of Dr. Odegarcl, who is the new head of the music department. Though the band is small they make a big noise around campus. 86 BRASS ENSEMBLE Richard Fuller, Gary Hassel, Dale Craine, Edward Poynor. The Band in action 87 lUIHTEH N, 53 -pn! 1 W 2" .. , A' , Q I QQ ,S gm 15? A detour during the cold winter months. A note to self-help. , H H ff, , 1 Vf?'?1Q Ffh W H w fm 55: N1 eg: ,wjw QQ. V ,, ,, W SH! E ,x ,wif fav 'ww H w w "wav: ws' 1 ,, W H' -- A H He: Vsff " wie: :sw svigiw 'ESF M , 1 ' G 'LL W M-. K ,, ,W ,Q SM ,M,,,,5?g: fl, , -- 'ng-fl .. M . My-,Q , 1 , M., 1 - H - 11 h e st:,,,.H 11 " H new-'iwxv J , Q, Y.. vyyr W , ,W W., Q ' Q ,, My - , , 4 vwfmw: J, .. ., . , mg, Fil' uw 1. :v3? :A . Z ,, ,V Wi.. . - 'rv 1, .- ' -Awww? . N: L- a-N.vyf1?--v-f-- .: A ., LM ,A , :F s,.f'aJN,,3.M,4.a1 H-5-Q , . V f , , ,iz-.,.' , .., - 3? 1 --- 1, - ,-.-L,-:g k ' A . 133 ":':r.g':55'1u!a:-1 , ,. .,.,.,. .. . K.. AT Y F .-. -..H .1-,m .- .-, V -V ,, . -5.22 , . - .,...,, H ,, -- ' .. f -.- ,1,...,.. r-F' -,in-.-... f,,,,,, -, 1 1-v 3-I. 'H - Hx - ..4, A N - . aw.. --. ' """'f F"-1'-"rv ,AA '--ff-1 - T'7:"":ff'-"" ' x , rv-.rn "L - ' , ,,. 'Q T :ff . I " - L4 E Y 1 4 ,i1l'4a?'-1-Y-"-?,1E?:?!SL'iL-fa -y 1---4 34514,-f'l"-...,4, " g' ,,, f -5.55 I ,f-? vw ' as-X' 'Z' 4 19 HT DUBUUUE... Winter is a time when we sleep through first hours. A time for basketball and wrestling. When freshmen challenge upperclassmen to a snow ball light, and sororities and fraternities plan their dances. A time for Christmas vacation and finals. Entrance to Sweet Heart Swirl. X " . '1 .. .li EH , . lgs 'I!ifSf7L .ui if,-A ' L- ' r , Time for food. Do You Cam? wish G-'E' 6' A bigger cause. M53 MQW CTMQPVM 89 Three Deltas plan a tea. KEY Queen at her throne. 4 A little added equipment for Walt. f A cold morning in January. A formal dance! A conversation with Dr. Aitchison Everyone watches intently. A misunderstanding in the Que office. 92 'UQ "-s 5 ff iii f Couples at Dogpatch Capers listen to the band. l,.A,-- I -.4 A freshmen folk-singing group entertains. , Dorm decorations at Christmas time, ' , 'Jw 4 , , K VF, ,f lu A, , E- if . .gf NANCY WILSQN KEY QUEEN ATTENDANT l 1 D PAM CLARK SHARON OGLE NANCY DOYLE On the evening of February 12 at the Sweet Heart Swirl Dance, Miss Nancy Wilson was crowned the new 1966 KEY Queen. Nancy was elected by a school wide election. She represented the University at the Drake Relay Queen con- test. CINDY KRAEMER , f .ll sf ., N 1 N... WW -:NY A ,H M V - K X --,H,..H,,!H-. H-tum, Y ,,,,w,, - , ll . , V,-M.-..,, ,.. fa- ZETA PHI PRESIDENT-Maribeth Oetken A - . Y , Sue Durr it Linda new ' "fi t Jackie Olson , .p s Judy Wild f I., Bonnie Jensen -N Sue FitzSimons W . -' 1 Bonnie-Ellen Anderson A Marge Collisson ' Kathy Jones , .N V . 7 4 ' Cathy Crawford S- ' ' , Pat Carlsen .E .I , Q ,, vvb, Q X Nancy Wilson W, 'L ' g , ' Judy Whiteside 'T 'ani WN .fin i ltmll ll V , .sen i lf l it Aw E 1. Y H, Linda Bowe ' 1 p . i " 'f-' "Hi t 1: ,V ii' in-,fi , I 4 1 T-,Q J Dianne Peterson A s a c t lf M' ' Judy Storm , , ' , C Kathy Haselton , s u p e Ti 6 A Nancy Doyle ' i T win' 'gi JK ' ' Y , Carol SHOW 1 "l IE' is f 5 ill! N L' d H'11 " ' .. W ji' NHS: Eg Cindy Kraemer V i- ll ii U U 'N -' Q ' I i Judy Hay " ' 7 Q ' I. 'All' Y Sue Olson Eileen Schumann Zetas have always been famous for their Playboy Lounge Dance held each fall. The theme of this year's dance was, "Playmates Through the Year." Sorority members modeled fashions representing each month. These outfits were fashioned exclusively for the dance by the Zetas. In addition to this dance, the sorority schedules many other events. A closed party is held in the fall which is formal. The one in the spring is informal. Throughout the year the Zetas showed movies in Zuker Auditorium. Other money-making projects included serving Saturday breakfast in bed and, "Food for Thought," during finals. This year the Zetas participated in the "We Caref' program. The sorority col- lected candy, toiletries and books to send to our men in Viet Nam. 96 DELTA PHI IGMA PRESIDENT-Gini Beck 'GH " 5- ' .5 5, 1' Ai " 1 f- Q' fe- T L- 's e - , Elaine Klingaman Kathy Pierre ' G W ,,-, K Faith Allen "ily V31 N " ' 1 JoAnne Tillotson ,, Y " if' A Q ' P Marilynn Cain ,. - , A f' X 1 I A Glenna Penniston Q Sandy Davis 'P Marcia Rodgers i Suzie McGlynn A small sorority, Delta Phi Sigma built a big Hoat for this year's Homecoming parade and took second place. Another big event for the Deltas' was the arrival of their new suits. During the Christmas sea- son the Deltas again put up their "mitten tree." Their annual dance, "Dogpatch Capersfi was again a big success. The spring brings rush and the Deltas are as hopeful as the other six fraternities and soror- ities that this will be their biggest and best pledge class. 97 GAM PHI DELTA Anita Burnett President me l M ,, K. r, .V,7 ,h i: 5 J, i , ,, J www syat l l it E Betty Bradley Mary Bulman Dorothy Dauscher Kay Douglas Dottie Fossler Vicki Gibbs t 1 Mariellyn Green 'i Pat Groenwoldt Joyce Johnston " Barb Kelly Judy Kruse Ruth Mansen Pam McMurray Gail Sannes Barb Sendecke Alice Thomas Carol Jean Woehl The building of the homecoming float and plarming of an alumni tea were the first of many activities in which the Gammas were involved this year. The actives worked with their officers Anita Burnett, Presi- dentg Vicki Gibbs, Vice-Presidentg Mariellyn Green, Treasurerg and Alice Thomas, Corresponding Secretaryg in having a rewarding year. The aim of this sorority is to broaden the social and intellectual life of its members and to establish a perpetual bond of friendship. With Fall Rush and a Gamma Tea 5 "toads,' were taken in. Also in the first part of the year the Gamma's had a closed party, a Christmas Party, and all members wrote letters to service men in Viet Nam. Sweet Heart Swirl was a great success and very rewarding for all the work the girls put in on it. One of the main contributions of this fine group of girls was of course its famous bake sales. GRORITIE APER mms 7-Af fvek' :ff 'fa Windmill and Tulips make Zeta float. 'QW THE fr f' Gammals have beauties on float. Deltafs have prize winning float. PAN-HELLE IC CCU CIL :gb Ist ROW. Anita Burnett, Kathy Pierre, Mary Bulman, Sue FitzSimons 2nd. Mrs, Davis, Jackie Olson, Glenna Penniston, Maribeth Oetken, Vicki Gibbs, Gini Beck, Mrs. Jarvis. Each sorority sends three representatives to serve on the Pan-Hel- lcnic Council. The Council is responsible for coordinating rush ac- tivities by sponsoring a get acquainted tea in the fall for all girls, and the progressive teas during Spring rush. The Council is also responsible for seeing that other activities held during the year run smoothly. Together with the Inter-Fraternity Council, the Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil sponsor the Presentation Ball, one of the biggest formal dances of the year. The advisors for the Council are Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Jarvis. 100 51- ! TER-FRATER ITY CCU CIL The Inter-Fraternity Council, composed of two members from each of the fraternities, exists to regulate fraternity activities on campus. A . , . . . mong the Councils duties are fraternity acquaintance during sec- ond semester and the regulation of rush, pledging and Heck Week. The group also works with the Pan-Hellenic Council in planning the Presentation Ball and sponsors inter-fraternity athletics throughout the year. Dean Furda was the faculty advisor again this year. Ist ROW. Chuck DeFark G F Ed Gost. as, ary erb, Bob Johnson 2nd. Ben Hibbs, Jim Watt, Roy Rogers, Y r .3 THIRTEE ER lf Jim Warren it fr President Dave Bettridge Jeff Dodge Walt Ermler Larry First Scott Flaig Jim Fowler Ray French Ed Gost Dick Harken Al Houck Chip Jackson Don Johnson John Palumbo Ken Scott Bill Svrluga Lenny Weih J im Watt This fraternity held many activities during the year. They 'distributed the "l3er', blotters this year as in the past and of course they sold the fruit cakes they are so famous for. Early in the year this group held a fine semi-formal dance on which no money was made but those who attended acclaimed as a great success. This year as in the past the Thirteener's strove for scholarship, fellow- ship, leadership, and brotherhood and seemed to succeed in all four. 102 SIGMA BETA Gary F erb President ' . Josh Been V i p M p Laffy Csaiashy Qi M ' av Bob Eich , Carl Hayes X 1':5 5' -"u i ' Ray Hill A - ,, Tom Karpinski ,ki f l I Jim Krapf ifjif ' L .Q I Dick Leach - Y' by 5 TW" , a ' - 5 "L 53 H ww i v , , N . l ll A l X N H W ,:.-in b .g-J n., if ' 'ia 1 T .,. l:,, T l Z Orrin Merritt W lllkl , Q mm...w! 3 'l ' hu 'Vy,.r...! H5 .lack RGHZ A is 7 'mlm m gf? H um N M gi 3, 1" " lv ,i ROY Rogers ".-f "Win 32,5563 :.. l1-1 3 ziiiikk. " f h f ,!':, :JLiQ',wFE --AJ ,ll f wggwv M 1 w JO H Schaa ,sr -1:. . ' 'vvw it l I X -Il ' :jf , I I, , if Clay Shelby U Q, 3 Q f ig j igi Iggy 5 Ted Sperduto ' 'fre 'Q Pete Stange 'jg ' zg' Q Y - k . V- 'E' Q- :li l fi ' TI H" . l ' Bob Unrath il 6 A' rlf""' ,W A 5 lei. Fred Walter ,i wi ll ::. M "H -- ':'l 5 Vw 1 w ry, ' Y r H Last year's winners of the Thirteener Scholarship cup was the Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity. Working along with their officers Gary F erb, Fred Walter, Ted Sperduto, Jim Krapf, Larry Csajaghy, Roy Rogers and Jim Goulding, the Mu Sigis aim is to promote fellowship, to aid the social Well being of its members as well as the entire student body, to foster intellectual accomplishments and to keep its members physi- Cally fit and well adjusted was fulfilled. The Mu Sig's float won first prize at Homecoming this year, the armual Spring Gardens seemed a Htting climax to winter. The brothers of this fraternity as in years past enjoyed several closed parties too. los 1 PHI 0 ICRO ' S?, mis ,,, A fig' an 5 1f?..e,mfei J U H. ,- . 4 PRESIDENT-Chuck DeFarkas li x fa- A.,, .. . V X ig? W 4Q,i:, , W- 1 A '. . - ms ... ,. , 'Q ,, me .+ W ' .MW . Il si? 6 s J il .L 1 it H wisp, w was i y I r- ,,g-me 'F aw H P l M5551 .W Wu A f fi we .. I 5, i .jr i, i , A 'ww .,.. '- . lm"l' fij ' 'Q' J I . , . . . . - .5533 ' fs.. e. A X' V 2255 ".- ' N 5 il? llfff . V ' f A t-H P ff. 'Q' 5' fe' I .rf fl fe -F -, ' -'. , as - . V . li :gg if Wi. ull' . X ' ll, Ai-4.,.! ' PM I A .V .2 2 " V fig! K J- 'N E ' 1 ,I 1 il 1 X -we tn 9 . Frank Urich Tom Haines Dozier Jones Bob Johnson Dave Bacon Don Doughty Jim Breed Warren Reininget Jay Thalhamer Keith Kepart Jim Apple Rick Anderson Dick Tschudi George Prieditis Rick Vaughn Milan Radvansky Walt Kaszubski Ed Sudlow Vic Albano Ed Hannemann Obie Saddler Carlos Gonzalez Bill Stubblefield Larry Moravec Jay Harmon Jim Martin John Onken Dick Franzen Dennis Dammerman Joe Chlapaty Roy Wicklund Chuck Moody Jerry Anderson The new year for the Phi Ols actually began in July with a great summer reunion in DeWitt, Iowa. Another Phi O newspaper was successfully edited and sent to friends, actives and alumni. The fall activities consisted of the Phi O's Homecoming Hoat re- ceiving third place and a hayride in November. December brought Christmas and the Phi O's Christmas Dance which was an enjoyable success, resulting from a lot of time and effort. In the spring, the annual car wash and farewell steak fry ended the year's activities. Although the Phi O's enjoy social functions, the interests of others are served by the fraternity. 104 ATHENAEAN PRESIDENT- Bruce Rogers Bob Duniield Ron Sagers Tom Cuthbertson Ben Hibbs Pete Utrera John Von Tish Harry Peterson George Parthemore Frank Casillas Jose Delgado Joel Christensen Bob Cimo Mike Downey Tom Cerami .:.,,, 1 , 'f if 1 if ' F e' le fe I H AQ L p E A 5 Q H' " i' gg ii + la A it ' fm .- e yi, 1 'QQ .,-- . . "' Si' 'K I 1- li fi 'f J I N f' ' A f r ' . , L 0' ' Y I 1 f I W . oq. H i ET" ' Q Q X 1 Famous for their Sunday night pizza suppers is the Athenaean Fra- ternity. The A's have always been noted for the closeness among their members and their advisers. This fall the A's took in three pledges and spring rush promises to be bigger and better than ever. In addition to pizza suppers the A's also sponsored a car wash, this fall the fraternity was represented by a float in the Homecoming parade. 105 FRATER ITIE Mu Sig's march in Homecoming parade. 106 Class attendants and escorts at Homecoming game. THE MARCH Phi O's "trash can" makes its appearance at game. Harry sweeps the streets of Dubuque E IOR CLASS Kathy Jonesg Dick Leach, Presidentg Bob Johnsong Jim Breed A year to relax? A year when a dream becomes a reality. A year of definite decisions of who I am and where Fm going. A year to student teach, to be interviewed, to be married. A year which brings a last football game, a last May Fete, a last first hour. A year which brings a new responsibility, a new hope and fhopefullyj a new car. A time both to remember and to forget-A Senior Year. 108 THE Q?-: WM QVER 2' ,V 1 j "N ' -, . 4. , 'uv ' if 0 1 Q an ' V , ,, - Y .- ,V 211 "H '-Q ,A -23? .45 vw - gf 1 4 N, if YEARS UIIIW JACKIE OLSO N if.Qgv f-1545 + E if ,Y X wx 3 N. i . ,C iff-L gf Q E "' K X -ef E? Tm V V ! JOHN ADAMS-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Economics Phi Omicron Fraternity 2,3,4g Social Board 45 Young Re- publicans 2. PAMELA ALLDERDICE ADAMS-Highland Park, Illinois Major-Physical Education New Student Days Co-Chairman5 Cheerleading 5 Student planning and development committee 5 Swim Club 5 WARA. is har JAMES APPEL-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Business Adm. Phi Omicron Fraternity 2,354 5 Beta Alpha Chi 2,3,4, Treas- urer 35 PEW 45 Investment Club 45 Young Republicans 2,3. JAMES APPLEGATE--Dubuque, Iowa Major-English Transfer from Union Junior College 35 CCUN 254, Sec. 45 Dean's List 2,3. BONNIE ELLEN ANDERSON-Pecatonica, Illinois Major-Spanish Primary Court 25 House Council 45 Pi Kappa Dc-lta. 1,253 Sec. 25 SISEA 25354, Vice-President 45 Young Democrats 3,4 Zeta. Phi Sorority 1,2,3,4, Chaplain 2 5 PEW Hospitality chair- man 45 Dean's List 3. RICHARD ANDERSON-Moline, Illinois Major-Business Phi Omicron Fraternity 1,2,3,4 3 Football 1,2,3,4-5 "DU Club. GINI BECK-E. Dubuque, Illinois Major-Physical Education August graduate5 Delta Phi Sigma Sorority 1,2,3,4, President 45 Swim show 3,45 AWS 45 Pan-Hel 2,45 Young Republi- cans 35 WARA 1,2,3,45 SISEA 4. LINDA BEIN-Oak Lawn, Illinois Major-English Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Sec. 45 SISEA 3,45 Que 35 Key 15 Zeta Phi Sorority l,2,3,45 AWS 2,3,45 Governing Board 3,4, Pres. 45 PEW 3,4, Publicity Chairman 3, Executive Chairman 45 Dean's List 1. BEVERLY BACON-Dubuque, Iowa Major-English Dorm Council 15 SISEA 35 Que 45 Cheerleaders 25 Spartan Club 2,45 Zeta Phi l,2,3,4, Recorder 4. LESLIE BARRICKLOW-Chicago, Illinois Major-Science in Nursing Transfer from Illinois Masonic Hospital School of Nursing. Dorm Council 45 Chemistry Club 45 WARA 3,45 USCA 3,4-. SANDRA BRAUN-St. Paul, Minnesota Major-English Student Senate 1,2, Sec. 5 College Judiciary 3,45 Alpha Psi Omega 3,45 Pres. 45 SISEA 2,3,45 Gamma Phi Delta Sorority 1,2,3,4, Pres. 35 Dorm Counselor 45 Pan Hellenic Council 35 May Fete Attendant 1 5 Que 1, USCA 1. JAMES BREED-Apple River, Illinois Major-Math Student Senate 45 Dorm Council 4, Vice-President 45 KUDD 2,3,45 Que 45 Key 35 Phi Omicron Fratemity 1,2,3,4, Parlia- mentarian 2,3, Historian 45 Wrestling l,2,3,4 5 Baseball 15 Football 1 5 Dean's List l,3,4-5 Dinner Club 3,4. JAMES BURNS-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Economics Beta Alpha Chi 3,45 Basketball 15 KUDD 1. ZONA BUTLER-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Math SISEA 45 Que 3,45 Dean's List 1,2,35 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Dinner Club 3,4. SYLVIA BRUECK-Tacoma, Washington Major-Psychology Transfer from Pacific Lutheran University 35 Dorm Council 25 Treas. 25 Concert Chorus 25 Mooring Mast 1,25 Dinner Club 45 Dean's List 2,35 Psychology Club 2. ANITA BURNETT-Northbrook, Illinois Major-Christian Education College Judiciary 25 Dorm Council 35 Dinner Club 45 Dean's List 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Que 15 USCA 25 Gamma Phi Delta Sorority 1,2,3,4, Pres. 45 Dorm Counselor 3. k MELODY CAMPBELL-Galena, Illinois Major-Biology Student Senate 45 College Judiciary 35 Dorm Council 3, Sec. 45 Bios Alpha Philos 3,4-5 Delta Phi Sigma Sorority 1, 2,3,4 Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 35 Pan Hellenic Council 35 AWS Governing Board 3. DAVID CHALMERS-Grosse Pte. Michigan Major-Chemistry Transfer 35 Lab Assistant 4. 1 YUM-WAH CHOW-Hong Kong Major-Physics and Math International Club 1,2,3,45 Soccer 1,2,3. JOEL CHRISTENSEN-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Biology Bios Alpha Philos 2,3545 Vice-Pres. 45 SISEA 3,45 Young Democrats 35 Athenaean Fraternity 2,3545 Pres. 4. 'I CHARLES DEFARKAS-Darien, Connecticut Major-Psychology Student Senate 2,35 Treas. 35 Dorm Council 45 Counselor 45 Young Republican 3,45 D Club 15253545 Phi Omicron 1, 253,45 Vice-Pres. 35 Pres. 45 Student Development and Plan- ning Committee 35 Business Club 45 Library Staff 35 Class Pres. 35 Football 1,3,45 Baseball 15Track 3,4. SUSAN DE HAAS-Dubuque, Iowa Major-History and Social Studies Dorm Council 25 Treas, 25 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Vice Pres. 45 SISEA 3,45 USCA 1,2 Sec. 25 KEY 15 Garnma Phi Delta 1,2,3,45 Sec. 25 Dinner Club 3,45 Dean's List 1,3. 3 MARJORIE ANN COLLISSON-Alton, Illinois Major-History and Elementary Education SISEA 1,2,3,45 Young Democrats 35 Cheerleaders 2,3 Spartan Club 1,2,35 Zeta Phi 1,253,415 Sec. 35 Junior Home coming Attendant 3. JERRY DAHLSTROM-Guttenberg, Iowa Major-History Transfer student 35 SISEA 3. ' -- x 5 1 5. . . N V fl it , 55, 1, LAURA DENNIE-Davenport, Iowa Major-Physical Education January Graduate5 Young Democrats 25 USCA 1,25 Cheer- leaders 1,2,3, Captain 2,35 Spartan Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 45 KUDD 1,25 Delta Phi Sigma l,2,35 Swim Show l,2,3,4, Di- rector l,2,3,45 WARA 1,2,3,4. DONALD DOUGHTY-Oelwein, Iowa Major-History SISEA 45 D Club 1,2,3,45 Phi Omicron 1,2,3,45 Football 1 2,3545 Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Captain 4. NSF' -,V GEORGE EITING-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Economics Transfer student5 Business Club 3,4. GORDON ERXLEBEN-Egan, Illinois Major-Economics Beta Alpha Chi 2,3,45 Men's House Council 2,3,45 Kudd 35 Primary Court 45 Alpha Phi Omega 4. 9 MICHAEL W. DOWNEY-Needham, Massachusetts Major-Psychology Que 3,45 Athenaean 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2, Treas. 3, Interfrat. Rep. 3, Pres. 4, Interfrat. Rep. 45 Interfrat Council 3,4-, Sec-Treas. 3, Pres. 45 Track 1. SUE-ELLEN DURR-Delafield, Wisconsin Major-Biology Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,45 Sec. 3,45 SISEA 2,3,45 Spartan Club 1,45 Zeta Phi 1,2,3,45 Sec. 45 Key 35 AWS Governing Board 45 Dean's List 3. 'rr-fri' DOROTHY JEAN FOSSLER-Cedar Rapids, Iowa Major-Biology January Graduate5 Transfer from State U. of Iowa 35 College Judiciary 15 Dorm Council 15 SISEA 45 Gamma Phi Delta 3,45 Marshal 45 Kappa Phi 1,25 Swim Club 3,45 WARA 2,3,4. SUSAN FITZ SIMONS-Long Island City, New York Major-History and Elementary Ed. Dorm Council 45 SISEA 1,2,3,45 Cheerleaders 25 Spartan Club 1,2,3,45 Key 3,45 Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Pan- Hellenic Council 45 Dean's List 35 Sophomore Homecoming Attendant 25 Senior Homecoming Attendant 4. GARY FERB-Byron, Illinois Major-Chemistry College Judiciary 3,45 Dorm Council 35 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Pres. 45 Chemistry Club 45 SISEA 2,3,45 Mu Sigma Beta l,2,3,4, Pres. 45 Dinner Club 3,45 Deanis List 1,3. LARRY FIRST-Durant, Iowa Major-Physical Education Transfer from Westmar College 25 Thirteener 3,45 Football l,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4. ANTHONY FREEHAUF-Lockport, Illinois Major-Mathematics House Council 15 KEY 25 USCA 3,45 Young Republicans 3,45 Film Guild 4. CATHERINE GARRISON-Libertyville, Illinois Major--English SISEA 3,45 USCA 1,25 Que 1,2,45 Debate 1,25 AWS Rep. 45 Schiller College 3, Yearbook Staff, Play 35 Dean's List 1,2,35 Dinner Club 45 Wahlert Foundation Chemistry Scholarship 4. PATRICIA GROENWOLDT-Davenport, Iowa Major-History College Judiciary 43 Domi Council 3,45 Counselor 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 SISEA 1,2,3,4g Phi Alpha Theta 3,45 USCA 1,2,35 Que 35 Gamma Phi Delta 1,2,3,4g Dean's List 1,2,3,4. DAVID ALLEN HARRIS-Chicago, Illinois Major-Elementary Education Transfer student 3, SISEA 3,4g USCA 3,4, KUDD 3, CCUN 35 Debate Team 33 Alpha Phi Omega 3,45 Pres. 3,4. EDWARD GOST-River Forest, Illinois Major--History SISEA 1,43 Young Democrats 3,45 Que 4 3 Thirteener Fra- ternity 3,4. SHIRLEY GRAUERHOLZ-Dubuque, Iowa Maj or--English KAREN HAYLEY-Berkeley, Illinois Major-Physical Education and Christian Education Woman's Primary Court 3,43 SISEA 3,45 WARA l,2,3,4g USCA 1,2,3g Gamma Phi Delta l,2,3,4g Chaplain 2. CAROLYN HOLDEN-Midlothian, Illinois Major-English SISEA 1,2,3,4, USCA 1,25 KUDD 1,2. BOBBIE HOLLAN-Fort Meyers, Florida Major-Biology Transfer student 25 Donn Council 35 Bios Alpha Philos 3, 45 SISEA 2,3,45 Young Democrats 3,45 Que 35 AWS Pres. 35 Co-Chairman of Homecoming 35 May Fete Queen 45 At- tendant 25 Junior Homecoming Attendant5 Senior Home- coming Attendant5 Zeta Phi 3,4. BONNIE ROSE JENSEN-S. Chicago, Illinois Major-English and Spanish Alpha Phi Omega 3,45 Vice Pres. 45 Kappa Delta Phi 3,45 SISEA 2,3,45 Concert Choir 1,25 Young Democrats 2,35 Sec. 25 UWF 2,35 Sec. 25 Que 1,2,3,45 News Editor 25 Assistant Editor 35 CCUN 3,45 Sec. 35 Zeta Phi 2,3,45 Dinner Club 3,45 Dean's List 1,2,3. BARBARA KELLY-Dubuque, Iowa Major-English SISEA 45 Gamma Phi Delta 1,2,3,45 Dean's List 1. KEITH KEPHART-West Branch, Iowa Major-Biology and Physical Education SISEA 3,45 D Club 1,2,3,45 Phi Omicron Fraternity l,2,3,45 Sergeant of Arms 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2535 Baseball 4. ,yr . 5:-3" l3t ' .-4-5:.::,,:3,Ei l ROBERT H. JOHNSON-River Falls, Wisconsin Major-Math and Physics Student Senate 4, Treas. 45 D Club 1,2,3,45 Treas. 15 Phi Omicron Fraternity 1,2,3,45 Corres. Sec. 25 Treas. 35 Inter- Frat. Rep. 45 Dorm Counselor 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Golf 152. KATHRYN ADELL JONES-Wadena, Iowa Major-Math Student Senate 45 SISEA 1,2,3,45 Alternate Cheerleader 25 Spartan Club 1,2,45 KEY 3,45 Zeta Phi 1,2,3,45 AWS 2,3,45 Vice-Pres. 4. KATHRYN KRAUT-Cedar Rapids, Iowa Major-Math SISEA 3,45 USCA 152,354-. NANCY KREIN-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Christian Education and English SISEA l,2,3,4, Historian 2, Publicity Chairman 35 Young Democrats 35 Gamma Phi Delta Sorority 25354. JOHN MARINO-Chicago, Illinois Major-Physical Education SISEA 45 Football 1,2535 Baseball 15 D Club 253,45 KUDD 1,25 Phi Omicron Fraternity 152,354-. NANCY MINER-Minneapolis, Minnesota Major-Christian Education Dorm Council 45 Dinner Club 35 Dean's List 1,35 USCA 152, 35 Pres. 3. w -A RICHARD LEACH-Dubuque, Iowa Major-History Student Senate and Class President 45 Alpha Pi Omega 3, 45 Phi Alpha Theta 253545 Pi Kappa Delta 3545 Young Republicans 35 SISEA 2,3545 Dean's List 15253545 Que 25 Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity 15253545 CCUN 35. Social Board 3545 Dinner Club 354. ELEAN OR LLOYD-Cambria, Wisconsin Major-Music Education Transfer from Wisconsin State College 25 SISEA 2,35 MENC 2,3545 Concert Choir 3,45 Chapel Choir 25 Band 2, 35 USCA 25 Gamma Phi Delta Sorority 354. PHILIP NORTON-Dubuque, Iowa Major-German and Social Studies SISEA 1,2,3,45 PEW 45 Dinner Club 45 Junior Year in Ger- many 35 Northeast Iowa Regional President of SISEA 2. ,IACQUELYN OLSON-Aurora, Illinois Major-History and Elementary Education College Judiciary 25 Dorm Council 3,45 SISEA 2,3545 Zeta Phi Sorority 1,2,3,45 Pan-Hellenic Council 35 Head Resi- dent 45 May Fete Attendant 25 Dean's List 25 Homecoming Queen 4. ,an-4 we-f GARY MITTELBUSHER-Davenport, Iowa Major-Psychology Young Republicans 45 Beta Alpha Chi 45 Social Board 45 Basketball 1,25 Track 25 D Club 2,3,45 Key 15 Co-Chairman of Homecoming 45 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Iowa Beta. TOM NEAL-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Business Administration Transfer from University of Illinoisg Student Senate 35 Young Democrats 2,35 Beta Alpha Chi 3,45 Social Board 3, 45 PEW 3,45 Soccer 3,45 USCA 25 UWF 2,35 USIC 25 KUDD 35 Que 2,35 CCUN 3,4. ROBERT PAHNKE-River Grove, Illinois Major-Biology and Psychology Student Senate 35 Bios Alpa Philos 3,45 Dean's List 3,45 Dorm Council 35 Basketball 2,35 Soccer 152,35 Tennis 2,354 Capt. 3,45 D Club 3,45 Que 35 4Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity l,2,3,45 CCUN. ZOILA PASCUAL-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Modern Languages SISEA 3,45 Dinner Club 3,45 Dean's List 1,2,3,45 Kappa Del- ta Pi 3,45 Key Queen Attendant 35 USCA l,2,35 USIC1,2, 3,45 Gamma Phi Delta Sorority 2,3,4. PAUL PULS-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Mathematics and Economics Beta Alpha Chi 3,45 Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity l,2,3,4, Treas. 3. MILAN RADVANSKY-Toronto, Ontario Major-Business Administration College Judiciary 3, Dorm Council 2,35 Beta Alpha Chi 3,43 Track 2,3,4g Cross Country 2,3,45 Phi Omicron Fra- ternity 3,4-. 'nw -me-Ki' 4 JOHN PIERSON-Beloit, Wisconsin Major-Biology GEORGE PRIEDITIS-Toronto, Ontario Major-Physical Education and Biology Dorm Council 2,3,43 SISEA 2,3,4, Dean's List 3, Football 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,4g Wrestling 45 D Club l,2,3,4, Phi Omi- cron Fraternity 1,2,3,4g Head Resident 3,4. WARREN REININGER-Dubuque, Iowa Major-Business Administration Beta Alpha Chi 3,43 Football 1,2,35 Tennis 35 D Club 1,2, 3,4, Pres. 43 Phi Omicron Fraternity l,2,3,4. JOHN RENZ-Lake Forest, Illinois Major-Business Administration Young Republicans 3,45 Beta Alpha Chi 3,4g Track 1,2g Cross Country 1,25 D Club 1,2,3,4g Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity 2, 3,4. SHARON E. RODERICK-Waukon, Iowa Major-English and German College Judiciary 25 Dorm Council 45 Who's Who 35 SISEA 1,2,3,45 Dean's List 1,25 Key Queen Court 25 USCA 1,25 Que 1,2. EILEEN SCHUMANN-Greenwich, Connecticut Major-Biology and English Zeta Phi 3,45 Bios Alpha Philos 3,4. nv!-V. 1" GA, Q PAUL TALCHIK JR.-Park Ridge, Illinois Major-Biology and Chemistry Debate Team 35 USCA 3,4, Treas. 45 Alpha Phi Omega 3,4, Fellowship Chairman and Sergeant at Arms 45 Bios Alpha Philos 3,45 Vice-Pres. 45 Chemistry Club 4. ALICE THOMAS-McDonough, Georgia Major-Biology Transfer Student5 Student Senate 1,25 House Council 1, Vice-Pres. 15 Dorm Council 45 Bios Alpha Philos 45 Dean's List 1,25 Gamma Phi Delta 3,4. f , MARY ANN SHEEAN-Scales Mound, Illinois Major-Voice and Instrumental College Judiciary 2,35 Dorm Council 15 SISEA 3,45 MENC 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 1,2,3,45 Dinner Club 3,45 Chamber Singers 3,45 Dean's List 1,2,3,45 Chief Magistrate of Primary Court 35 Chapel Choir 1,25 Orchestra 1,2,35 Band 1,25USCA 1,2 5 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4. MERRY SWEET-Durand, Illinois Major-English and Modern Language Who's Who 35 Alpha Pi Omega 3,45 SISEA 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,35 Band 1,2,3,45 Que 35 Copy Editor 35 AWS 3,45 Sec. 35 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Dean's List 1,2,35 Delta Phi Sigma 2,3,45 Treas. 3. hw BARBARA KAY TODD-Babylon, New York Major-English and French Dorm Council 35 Alpha Pi Omega 45 Treas. 45 SISEA 35 45 Concert Choir 15 Young Democrats 35 Kappa Delta Pi 3545 Dean's List 15253545 Orchestra 15 Band 15 USCA 15253545 Head Resident 45 Gamma Phi Delta 253545 Corres. Sec. 2. L. ROGER TODD-Council Bluffs, Iowa Major-English and Philosophy College Judiciary 3545 Dorm Council 35 Young Democrats 3545 USCA 1,2545 Spartan Club 45 KUDD 15 Golf 253. Major-Physical Education Major-Elementary Education SISEA 354. RICHARD TSCHUDI-Dubuque, Iowa. Football 152535 SISEA 3545 Phi Omicron Fraternity 234 RUBY VAN DORSTON-Dubuque, Iowa GRETCHEN VAN HOVE-Ack1ey5 Iowa Major-Music X Concert Choir 15253545 Band 15253545 MENC 15253545 Pres. 3. Xt' uf' 122 JAMES WATT-Oak Park, Illinois Major-Mathematics Class Pres. 13 Student Senate 1,2,33 NSA Coordinator 33 Que 1,2343 Sports Editor 43 Spartan Club 13 Thirteener 2, 3,43 Inter-Frat. Council 43 Homecoming Parade Co-Chair- man 2,33 Dean's List 13 D Club 1,2,3,4. JUDY WILD--Marshall, Minnesota Major-English Dorm Council 23 SISEA 3,43 MENC 23 USCA lg Dinner Club 3,43 PEW 3,4 Dean's List lg Chapel Choir 1,23 Que 3, 43 Editor 43 Zeta Phi 1,2,3,4, AWS 2,3,4. gf NANCY VAZQUEZ-Dubuque, Iowa Major-HChemist1'y Transfer Student 33 Chemistry Club 43 USIC 3,4. FREDERICK INALTER-Guttenburg, Iowa Major-Economics Dorm Council 3,43 Concert Choir 23 Young Democrats 33 Inter-Frat. Council 33 Beta Alpha Chi 3,4, Pres. 43 Dinner Club 43 KEY 1,2333 Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 'Tae NANCY WILSON-Dolton, Illinois Major-Biology Student Senate 1, Dorm Council 2,4 Who's Who 33 Alpha Phi Omega 3,45 Pres. 43 Pi Kappa Delta 3,43 Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,43 Young Republicans 33 SISEA 1,2,3,43 Concert Choir 1,23 Head Resident 43 Dinner Club 3,43 Dean's List 1, 2,3,43 KEY Queen Court 2,33 WARA 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2,33 USCA 13 Que 1,2,3,43 Asst. Editor 23 Editor 33 Zeta Phi 1,2,3,43 Pres. 3. l23 UN IOR CLASS John Turner, Judy Whiteside, Jay Harmon, Presidentg Marcia McCartney A Year to lead in student organization and a year to follow the catalog's list of general graduation requirements. A year to establish a major and hunt for a minor. A year to get pinned or engaged. A time of realization that within the not to distant future, you'll be out of school. A time to wonder about the draft or marriage or both. A year of serious thought and promise-A Junior Year. 124 VIC ALBANO W. Babylon, New York FAITH ALLEN Marathon, Wisconsin N ORMA ANDERBERG German Valley, Illinois ROY AYDELOTT Carpentersville, Illinois CAROL BADE Dubuque, Iowa RICHARD BARTLETT Dubuque, Iowa CLIFF BARTOLAIN Lake Bluff, Illinois NANCY BLACK Evergreen Park, Illinois LINDA BOWE Davenport, Iowa RONALD BRADAC Chicago, Illinois J IM BRADY Dubuque, Iowa MARY BULMAN Waukon, Iowa MARILYNN CAIN Guttenberg, Iowa TOM CERAMI Colonia, New Jersey PAM CLARK Arlington Heights, Illinois DONALD COEY Mt. Prospect, Illinois CHERYL CRAIG Lebanon, Ohio CATHERINE CRAWFORD Tacoma, Washington TOM CUTHBERTSON Gran Blanc, Michigan ati '-Y A ff:--w-f 'Ai 7-- ,Q fix DENNIS DAMMERMAN Grand Mound, Iowa DOROTHY DAUSCHER Buffalo, New York SANDY DAVIS West Orange, New Jersey BOB DUN F IELD Manchester, Connecticut BOB EICH Rochelle, Illinois BRUCE ELLIOTT Dubuque, Iowa WAYNE FICK Dubuque, Iowa RICHARD FRANZEN Lake Villa, Illinois VICKI GIBBS Hopkinton, Iowa BOB GLENN Jesup, Iowa JUDY GREER Aledo, Illinois CARLOS GONZALEZ Toms River, New Jersey ED HANNEMANN Clifton, New Jersey SALLY HANCOCK Lost Nation, Iowa JAY HARMON Waterloo, Iowa BOB HARR Waukegan, Illinois CARL HAYES Franklin Park, Illinois LYNNE INGERSOLL Rock Island, Illinois RICK JOCHIM Hackensack, New Jersey DON JOHNSON Lake Forest, Illinois JOYCE JOHNSTON Wyoming, Iowa GEORGE JUSTICE Pennsville, New Jersey WAIT KASZUBSKI Chicago Heights, Illinois ROBERT KOLLAR Dubuque, Iowa CAROL KNAPP Bettendorf, Iowa WAYNE KRABBENHOFT Sabula, Iowa PAUL KRAUSE Racine, Wisconsin PAUL KUUSISTO Queens, New York ROBERT LANGE Mount Prospect, Illinois JOHN LEWIS Midville, Georgia RIHO LIIVAMAA Spragville, Iowa CARL MACAIONE Chicago, Illinois SHARON MAGIERA Posen, Illinois RUTH MANSEN Burlington, Iowa DIANE MARSH Greene, Iowa JAMES MARTIN Racine, Wisconsin 9-ls , 'vi -, ' R A. Aim iff' lf., L eex . , .3 ., I-Ill" 2252: .1 Vw 19' y if -i 1 1 Q 4 inf: -qw I NY W. he ,W 3 5: WSI, Za lllllil J 9, Wm A If Q5'TiffiFfTF7?lf A fn, MARCIA MCCARTNEY Belvidere, Illinois SUZANNE MCGLYNN Gratiot, Wisconsin Jo MEKEL Indianapolis, Indiana ORRIN MERRITT Genoa, Illinois CHESTINA MITCHELL Thomasville, Georgia LARRY MORAVEC West Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM MUNDT Elmwood Park, Illinois MARIBETH OETKEN New London, Iowa JOHN ONKEN Morrison, Illinois KATHRYN OSWALD Dubuque, Iowa AL PARRISH Camden, Alabama JUDY PENINGTON Rensselaer, Indiana GLENNA PENNISTON Darlington, Wisconsin JOELLYN PERRY Freeport, Illinois DIANNE PETERSON Point Pleasant, New Jersey MARY PICKEN Freeport, Illinois KATHLEEN PIERRE Appleton, Wisconsin RUTHIE REYNOLDS Atlanta., Georgia BRUCE ROGERS Columbus, Ohio OBIE SADDLER Waterloo, Iowa SANDRA SHARPE Needham, Massachusetts MARSHA SILVERS Swarthmore, Pennsylvania CAROL SNOW West Calkwell, New Jersey CAROLYN SPOERL Elizabeth, Illinois JUDI STORM Avoca, Minnesota WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD Chicago, Illinois ED SUDLOW Madison, Indiana MONIQUE TANG Hong Kong JARLA THORSON Dubuque, Iowa DICK TRIPP Franklin Park, Illinois JOHN TURNER Seaford, New York RICK VAUGHN Barrington, Illinois LENNY WEIH Wilton Junction, Iowa JAKE WERKHEISER Stockton, Illinois JUDY WHITESIDE Chicago, Illinois DON YOKAS Roselle, Illinois SOPHOMORE CLASS The second year, the year of the "active,' and of the committee meet- ing. No beanie, no strangness, home is here. Chapel is Friday not Thurs- day and you learn how to play bridge. Those young kids are freshmen and you begin to feel old at 19. It's a year to probe deeper and a year to make decisions, what will I major in, will I transfer, will I go home for Thanksgiving? A year of deepening understanding and appreciation-a Sophomore year. 130 FARAH AMMARI Zerka, Jordan J'ERRY ANDERSON Lockport, Illinois LINDA BAKER Dubuque, Iowa SUE BARILOVITS North Bellmore, New York BOB BEARDSLEY Cedar Rapids, Iowa JOSH BEEN Park Ridge, Illinois CATHERINE BELL Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin DIANA BLOOM Massapequa, New York TERRY BLUDER Joliet, Illinois NANCY BOEKER Davenport, Iowa BETTY LOU BRADLEY Dubuque, Iowa MARY BROWER Sioux City, Iowa PAT BRYK Arlington Heights, Illinois FRANCISCO CASILLAS Union City, New Jersey JOE CHLAPATY Roselle, Illinois CAROL CLAUDON Lexington, Illinois PAUL CLAYTON Bronx, New York CHARLES COLLISSON Alton, Illinois :hi i 9, CWI MARY ANN CONZET Dubuque, Iowa SUE COONEY Glenview, Illinois DAVE COPELAND Stockton, Illinois RICHARD CRAIN Rowley, Iowa LARRY CSAJAGHY Franklin Park, Illinois JOSE DEIGADO Teaneck, New Jersey JEFF DODGE Yonkers, New York KAY DOUGLAS Viola, Illinois NANCY DOYLE Morton Grove, Illinois ELAINE EGGER Cedar Rapids, Iowa CHRIS ELLIOTT Libertyville, Illinois TOM FALDUTO Norriclge, Illinois ROYCE FARMER Waterloo, Iowa TOM FOWLER Kankakee, Illinois JUDY FRANK Crystal Lake, Illinois CHRIS FRIEDLEIN Missoula, Montana RICHARD FULLER Savanna, Illinois AMY GABRIEL Lincolnwood, Illinois MARIELLYN GREEN Lynd, Minnesota JAMES GRUHIKE Markham, Illinois JANICE GUESE Postville, Iowa MARY KAY HALL Manchester, Iowa DICK HARKEN Burlington, Iowa KATHY HASELTON Rockford, Illinois JUDY HAY Gouverneur, New York DAVID HEIM Syosset, New York LAVERNA HENDERSON Thomasville, Georgia RONALD HENN IN G Waukon, Iowa SUE HEYSINGER Davenport, Iowa BEN HIBBS Marshalltown, Iowa NANCY HIGGINS Wilmette, Illinois LINDA HILL Toledo, Ohio RAYMOND HILL Yonkers, New York SHARON HOLLAND Chicago, Illinois KARL HOPPE Teburon, Califomia AL HOUCK Waterloo, Iowa CHARLES JACKSON Riverside, Illinois JEAN JAQUINTA Des Moines, Iowa KAREN JENSEN Park Ridge, Illinois STEVEN JOHNSON Falls Church, Virginia TOM KARPINSKI Point Reading, New Jersey ALDA KIRULIS Dubuque, Iowa ROSEMARY KLESTINEC Floral Park, New York CINDY KRAEMER Franklin Park, Illinois JAMES KRAPF Hazleton, Iowa JUDY KRUSE Davenport, Iowa BARRY LECERF Martinsville, New Jersey RICHARD LENZEN Tracy, Minnesota JANE LEOPOLD Dubuque, Iowa DIANA LEWIS West Chicago, Illinois RICHARD LONG Green Brook, New Jersey VAR LORDAHL Wilmette, Illinois LEE MAURIBER Teaneck, New Jersey PAMELA MCMURRAY Des Moines, Iowa CHUCK MOODY Muscatine, Iowa SHARON OGLE Barrington, Illinois JUDY OLSON Devil's Lake, North Dakota JOHN PALUMBO Barrington, Illinois SAL PANTALEO West Babylon, New York GEORGE PARTHEMORE Ossining, New York BUCKY PETERSON Snyder, New York KAY PIERSON Beloit, Wisconsin MONIKA PREU Dubuque, Iowa PAULANNE RIDER Lake Zurich, Illinois JANICE RINGGENBERG Lake City, Iowa PATRICIA RITSON Seaford, New York NANCY ROGERS Cordova, Illinois ,IANICE ROPER Canton, Georgia CORLISS RUPP Algona, Iowa RON SAGERS Maquoketa, Iowa GA IL SANNE S Broadview, Illinois BARBARA SENDECKE Freeport, Illinois CAROL SMITH Naperville, Illinois EDWARD SMITH Blairstown, New Jersey COOKIE SPENCER Fort Salonga, New York TED SPERDUTO Milwaukee, Wisconsin PETER STANGE Wheatland, Iowa JOANN TILLOTSON Fulton, Illinois LEONARD TOMASELLO Franklin Park, Illinois BOB UNRATH Franklin Square, New York PETER UTERA Dumont, New Jersey JOHN VON TISH North Plainfield, New Jersey LINDA WEBER Evanston, Illinois GAIL WHITE Teaneck, New Jersey ROY WICKLUND Hazelcrest, Illinois MILDRED WILDER Atlanta, Georgia ALICE WING Marshfield, Wisconsin CAROLE JEAN WOEHL Manitowoc, Wisconsin WESLEY WOO San Francisco, California JANICE WRAY Cedar Rapids, Iowa ESTHER YEE Hong Kong JOHN ZYRKOWSKI Chicago, Illinois UQFD STUDENTS 1017 F RESHMAN CLASS Jim Cornigans, Christine Kazimir, Dan Reedg President, Ron Nelson The first year, filled with strange names and strange places. When a beanie and upperclassmen mean so much and the high school prom so little. When freedom becomes a challenge and home becomes its threat. A time filled with football, clothes and blue slips. A long distant tele- phone call and an empty mailbox. An introduction to chapel and "Wednesday night dress-up." A year to cry and a year to laugh, a year to doubt, a year to hope-a Freshman year. 138 BARBARA ABEL Mt. Prospect, Illinois SANDRA ALLEN Chicago, Illinois ELIZABETH ANDERSON Waterloo, Iowa MARY ANDERSON Maple Plain, Minnesota MICHAEL APPLEBY Manchester, Iowa BRETT BACON Marshalltown, Iowa GARY BAILEY Bloomfield, Iowa NANCY BESLER Sauk Village, Iowa KAREN BETH Lake Zurich, Illinois JOHN BEVERIDGE Oregon, Illinois RICHARD BINGAMAN Addison, Illinois JOLYNN BRAUHN Dubuque, Iowa BRENDA BROWNE Milwaukee, Wisconsin CHERYL BREWSTER Bellwood, Illinois ORIS BUNN Franklin Park, Illinois JUNE CANEVARI Metuchen, New Jersey RICK CARN EY Wheaton, Illinois DEAN CARR Des Moines, Iowa JENNIFER CARTER Manchester, Iowa. PAMELA CHRISTIANSEN Racine, Wisconsin f, ,pf , -of vi I fxx We E T' l. 'Nr J JOSEPH CIFRODELLA Iselin, New Jersey DONALD COOPER Freeport, Illinois JIM CORN IGANS Bayshore, New York JOHN COUCHMAN Dubuque, Iowa JAMES COUGILL Wanamaker, Indiana DENNIS COX Fond du Lac, Wisconsin GARY COX Milwaukee, Wisconsin ALDEN DENHAM Teaneck, New Jersey ROBERT DOMAN Dresel Hill, Pennsylvania SUSAN DUGGLEBY Bettendorf, Iowa MICHAEL ECKSTEIN Bronx, New York STEVE FARRIS Park Forest, Illinois EDWARD FEDDEMA Wayne, New Jersey LES FLEMING Park Ridge, Illinois GREGG FLIEHLER Waterloo, Iowa ROBERT FOSTER Nutley, New Jersey BONNIE FOX Dubuque, Iowa PETER FREULER Bound Brook, New Jersey JO ELLEN FRY Carpentersville, Illinois SHARON GARLAND Neptune, New Jersey DOROTHY GILKS Rockford, Illinois GLORIA GODENICH Marlboro, New Jersey MIKE GOLDBERG Mt. Vernon, New York MARY GRUBER Morrison, Illinois KATHY GULL Greenley, Iowa JAMES GUSTAFSON Oaklawn, Illinois MICHELE HAAS Amityville, New York JOEY HAGIST River Forest, Illinois EILEEN HANCOCK Lost Nation, Iowa TOM HANSBERGER West Chicago, Illinois JAN HARKEN Cedar Falls, Iowa GARY HASSEL Arlington Heights, Illinois JAXINE HELLER Dubuque, Iowa DAVID HILLS West Hartford, Connecticut yb. 5 H, "" We W M 5 E5 ,f f 'X ggi! ill I QwiF5 -,Q, we ,W Wm ,MQW 1 Q wi? ,. '-sitf,,1?,g??2,qg:W', ff 1 ' . ,E 'asggi' Qi H WSJ? .1 . . . 3-QQ . ll., ,, ' "EEK X . ii .ie M, , A in M ., ,sg-W jg U H, W Wm, I i5ayU'c,gj ,H W, H E OZELL HUDSON Savannah, Georgia DONNA HULLIN GER Lineville, Iowa SARA HUNT Varna, Illinois CLARK HUSEMANN Dubuque, Iowa MARGARET JEFFERSON Milwaukee, Wisconsin GREGORY JEMBER Cicero, Illinois KRISTINE JOHN Maxwell, Iowa CAROLYN JOHNSON Eldridge, Iowa DUANE JONES Dubuque, Iowa KAREN JUSTIS White Hall, Illinois NADINE KACKMAN Willrnar, Minnesota KATHLEEN KAUTZ Davenport, Iowa BRUCE KEITH Waterloo, Iowa STEPHEN KERTON Manchester, Iowa MARGARET KLEIN Dubuque, Iowa LORI KOTELMAN Oak Park, Illinois LINDA KROEGER DeWitt, Iowa RICHARD KUHLMANN Ardsley, New Jersey JANET LEMBKE Dubuque, Iowa JANET LESLEIN Durango, Iowa MICHAEL LLOYD Chicago, Illinois LINDA LOW Ringwood, Illinois ROGER LUCIER Downers Grove, Illinois FERN LUMPKIN Athens, Georgia JOHN LYONS St. Paul, Minnesota ROBERT MANLEY Preston, Iowa DOUGLAS MCPHERSON Freeport, Illinois SANDY MATTERA Rochelle, Illinois LARRY MEAD Edgewater Park, New jersey TOM MEASOR Brooklyn, New York MARY ANN MEDFORD Homewood, Illinois MARVIN MENKEN Litchfield, Minnesota IAN MENOCH Litchfield, Minnesota MARTHA MIDGLEY Yonkers, New York DIANE MILLER Marshall, Minnesota SANFORD MOLDENHAUER Teaneck, New Jersey JULIE MOLL Dixon, Illinois MARYLEE MORGAN Upper Darby, Pennsylvania mggg, 35? wigs.:-fm 'llilizili z T1+ , it 1 , if , X -wwi W 'W' M iMM'W'M M ' QTQAW' DONNA MUELLER Sherrill, Iowa DENNIS NAST Wilmette, Illinois MARTHA NELLEN St. Cloud, Minnesota JAMES NE-LSON Davenport, Iowa RON NELSON Aurora, Illinois ALAN NERVIG Boone, Iowa ARLENE NEWSOME Chicago, Illinois JOHN PALMER Orland Park, Illinois SHERYL PAYNE Rockford, Illinois RONALD PEARSON Rockford, Illinois LINDA PETERMAN Dubuque, Iowa JILL POETTER LaGrange, Illinois EDWARD POYNOR Grenloch, New Jersey BOB PRESTON W. Babylon, New York SUSAN PRICE Dubuque, Iowa LOUIS RAGO Morristown, New Jersey SANDRA RAI-IOY Pewaukee, Wisconsin RON RAINE Marshall, Minnesota TOM RAUCH Tinley Park, Illinois BOB RAYMOND Libertyville, Illinois DAN REED Islip, New York GERALD RICHARDSON Riverdale, Illinois JANETTE ROYS Volga., Iowa STEPHEN RUSSMAN Pine Island, Minnesota RICHARD RUTKOWSKI Chicago, Illinois BOB RYNER Camanche, Iowa LEE SAMEK Waukon, Iowa GARY SAMP Rockford, Illinois JANE SCHAIEFER Chicago, Illinois ERIC SCHNEIDER Riverdale, New Jersey GEORGE SCHWENGER Glassboro, New Jersey CHERYL SEIBERT Waukon, Iowa CHARLES SHAW Calhoun, Georgia FRANKLIN SHIVERS Somerville, New Jersey i -mf? - 1 a--f 1 , W I ii, ,vi W 'ff . 111 ' wiwimlii N131 I . iiiiilliiilllm' W "' " NWZSEQ M im I. "I" 'l , S 5 I H i 'v' N lg, : li "" if GL 1 faq?-LS ,ga rl him-we e A J ,K I SHARON 'SIZEMORE Mr. Vernon, New Jersey GREG SKINNER Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania GENE SPICKLER Stockton, Illinois BARRY STADE Floral Park, New Jersey JAMES STRALEY Clinton, Iowa RICHARD STRAUSS Milwaukee, Wisconsin FRED STREATER Delran, New Jersey DAVID 'SWALVE Winnebago, Illinois ROBERT SWALVE Forreston, Illinois HELEN TAYLOR Dubuque, Iowa. MICHAEL THIES Dubuque, Iowa. MARY THOMPSON Thomasville, Georgia RAY TOMARO Dunellen, New Jersey LARRY TOOKER North Babylon, New York CHRISTINE TOTH Mt. Prospect, Illinois JAMES TRACY Hamburg, New York DAVID TSCHIGGFRIE Dubuque, Iowa DONNA TRENHOLME Huntington, New York MARY TURNER Dubuque, Iowa BEVERLY UNGRY Arlington Hts., Illinois TOM UTZINGER Chatham, New Jersey L. DIANNE VALDER Des Moines, Iowa, JAMES VAN DIEN Green Pond. New Jersey PAUL VLASEK Brookfield, Illinois AUDREY WALTHER Deerfield, Illinois RICHARD WARES Bergenficld, New Jersey FRANK WEATHERFORD Rockford, Illinois DAVID WEINSTEIN Glenside, Pennsylvania WILLIAM WEISKOPF Downers Grove, Illinois BRUCE WELCH Harrington Park, New jersey PATRICIA WILD Monticello, Iowa KIM WILKER Dubuque, Iowa BRUCE WILTSE Greeley, Iowa DAVID WORTHEN Cedar Rapids, Iowa GEORGIA YElSS . Monmouth, New Jersey JEROME YODER Kalona, Iowa CLIFFORD ZAPKE Suffolk, New Jersey LINDA ZIMMER Muscatine, Iowa. gn-5 1? 147 ,vs MARY RAE BENHART Olin, Iowa ELEANOR BOEHM Chester, Iowa LINDA CLARK Lake Park, Iowa SANDY FINDLEY Elm Grove, Wisconsin DIANNE GLASS Dubuque, Iowa CONNIE LUTZ Vinton, Iowa LINDA McKAY Gibson, Iowa IERE MURRAY Wadena, Iowa. DIANNE PETERSON Point Pleasant, New Jersey MARY ANN RIDENOUR Colesburg, Iowa JANE ROUSE Jesup, Iowa BEVERLY SEFZIK Dubuque, Iowa LINDA SPEARIE Sherrill, Iowa CAROL WATERMAN Ionia, Iowa JF5 ,ga I 4-.A l All K Q .AT I ff ff-I kl, 1 ,I f . 1, ' f , 7' R f +9 S l ' 1 A " U - 5' i W 'W FI LEY URSES 1' '4142' ,' . l Y fill! ai 148 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This fall, on returning to campus, I was filled with both doubt and hope concerning the 1966 KEY. I knew that the book would get a critical appraisal by all the members of our university community and rightly so. I knew also though that I would have the assistance of a much more talented Assistant Editor than the 1965 KEY Editor had. We have changed the format slightly to present what we hope will be a more interesting and acceptable year- book. Any success due this book is to a great extent due to the excellent help of an Assistant Editor who was always present with a smile and a suggestion which was nine out of ten times, right. I must also thank Larry Csajaghy who served as our Business Manager. I don't know how he could have stood all my yelling. Mr. Jack Boyd came in to serve as advisor and did an excellent job. If you notice that the pictures are better, all credit must go to Hank Benz and John Lyons who were always helpful. Photographers at Telegraph-Herald must also be thanked for their help. One last member of the staff I can't forget is Barb Sendecke who worked harder than I did sometimes! Tmwc Editor-John Turner Assistant Editor-Pam Clark Business Manager-Larry Csajaghy Staff: Sue F itzSimons Dan Yokas Kathy Jones Sharon Magiera Alan Nervig Loni Kotelman Marcia McCartney Linda Low Donna Trenholme John Zyrkowski Ron Nelson Bob Barkhurst Sally Hancock Karen Justis Diane Miller Karen Beth Larry Csa aghy Barb Sendecke Taking my step t SYMBOL OF FLAVOR AND QUALITY f X' 5' I If I. N ' I V - , Q I '5 3?I ig? H., 1 IIII T' QUALITY MEATS Dubuque DUBUQUE PACKING COMPANY DUBUQUE, IOWA wnnev sHoE sHoP THE FINEST SHOE REPAIRING DUBUQUE 253 8th AVENUE MATTRESS THREE DOORS EAST OF LOCUST STREET "BUY DIRECT AND SAVE" akooxsms DAIRY ,80 MM, 80 SOUTHERN AVENUE SERVICES THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY COMPLETE LINE OF DAIRY PRODUCTS X .A ! l null" 'wx Ill yu 5-"""' WH ' " I N ,,,. .lm I 75 A . A Q ,QI 4 Y 4 'fs I IQ, Q" 5' "' ,, Q .f 1-I ff -I .Ia . I , L K X V df. I I ,f I . Q km um ,jk ,, I ., If' tj xxx XI 4 . M . f S I 7, 4. "IH C. F. CODY CO., INC. OFFICE SUPPLIES 8. FURNITURE 960 MAIN STREET WAI.KER'S SHOE STORE CONGRATULATIONS UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE GRADUATES FROM YOUR FINANCIAL FRIEND . . N I lf. X 1 , 2 121 , R amerlcan trust 1 and savings bank llwlll 756 MAN ST- D'AL3'734 9TH AND MAIN, DUBUQUE, IOWA uf MEMBER: FDIC ' FRS S EIYIEE SPAHN 8. ROSE GRAHAIYIIS LUMBER CO. -TONE PIECE TO A cAIzLoAD" STYIE STORE EOR MEN Jackson at Eleventh 888 MAIN STREET DIAL 3-6481 "WHERE YOU WILL FIND SKOWRUNEWS IEWEI-ER UP TO THE MINUTE STYLING "DUBUQUELAND'S FINEST" IN MENS CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS AT CENTRAL AT 18th DIAL 2-5719 IF IT'S JEWELRY WE HAVE THE FINEST MODERATE PRICES." CZWXJ z!"' Meadow Meadow Gold Gold MEADOW GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS DUBUQUE'S FINEST BEATRICE FO0D'S SERVICE JIM'S DRIVE IN OPEN ALL YEAR SELF-SERVICE ECONOMY PRICES LOCATED AT I00I CENTRAL AVE. WATCHES , in , ZQUTHOIHEED JEWELRY, GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SIBBING'S JEWELRY RAY ROBEY, PROP. 035 MAIN STREET DIAL 2-2704 DUBUQUE'S MOST COMPLETE STUDENT BANKING BANWORTH 8. UDELHOVEN FURNITURE WORLD FACILITY KERRIGAN ROAD N N 0 N A PHONE 583-4839 S I B A II K 5 DIJBUQUE, I0l -:E PusATERI Z I -, jg' PEPPE I if ' I I UH! PIZZA HOUSE IlI1II ' I V f ATI! ffi LOCUST AT SEVENTH DUBUQUE, IOWA AIR CONDITIONED T292 MAIN ST CLOSED MONDAY WE DELIVER DUBUQUE, IOWA Phone 582-1076 UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE NOTEBOOK FOUNTAIN PENS STATIONERY GREETING CARDS SAY IT WITH FLOWERS CHRISTENSEN'S GREENHOUSE PHONE 3 8294 2635 WINDSOR AVE. DUBUQUE, IOWA E. I.. SCHEPPELE JEWELERS "GIFTS THAT SATISFY T420 CENTRAL DUBUQUE, IOWA H. TRENKLE COMPANY --THE HOME OF FINE SAUSAGE DUBUQUE, IOWA TORBERT DRUG COMPANY WHOLESALE DRUGS ESTABLISHED 1836 Ioo-120 MAIN DUBUQUE, IOWA COMPLIMENTS OF THE DODGE HOUSE THE MU SIGMA BETA FRATERNITY MOTEL AND RESTAURANT A "BEST WESTERN MOTEL" SANDY'S 701 DODGE PHONE 583-9736 THRIFT 8. SWIFT DRIVE-IN SCHWIND'S TEXACO STATION LUBRICATION-CAR WASH 703 DODGE PICK UP 8. DELIVERY SERVICE A GROWING ORGANIZATION IN A GROWING INDUSTRY EST 1856 New A O MQDOITUOIJQ OFFERS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Accounting Engineering SOIes A. Y. MCDONALD MFG. CO. 12th s. PINE DUBUQUE, IOWA HEITZMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRACTORS FOR SEMINARY LIBRARY, SMITH HALL,GOLDTHORP SCIENCE HALL, AITCHISON HALL, COLLEGE LIBRARY, AND MCCORMICK GYM ADDITION T395 WASHINGTON STREET DUBUQUE, IOWA RIVER TRAIL TRANSIT LINES MIDLAND LABORATORIES COMPLIMENTS OF MAINTENANCE AND SANITATION PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT 210 JONES DUBUQUE, IOWA MOULD STUDIO FOR THE FINEST IN PORTRAITURE METZ MANUFACTURING C0- THE T966 KEY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER "ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK" DUBUQUE, IOWA "SINCE thanks for the opportunity to serve the T966 KEY AND THE UNIVERSITY." I073 MAIN STREET DIAL 2-T983 KIES 8. BUTLER FOR ALL JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS YOUR DIAL 2 7843 BANKING NEEDS 972 MAIN STREET THE BANKERS TO SEE WEBER PAPER ARE AT D.B. 8. T. COMPANY T37 MAIN STREET D B - A DLIBLIDIIE BANK and TRUST DUBUQUE, IOWA CAHADCO 1966 A PART OF DUBUQUE AND THE NATION'S HOMES FOR T00 YEARS C-TOO' Windows Patio Doors Horizontal Slider Windows Casement Windows Vertical Slider Windows Entrances Doors Super Double-Hung Unit Awing 8. Awing-Vue Units Basement Unit WILLY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY "BUILDERS OF THE NEW DORM" There s a HAPPENING 'Q-:'.. Z' Its look 66' Madly marvelous styles for swmgers' Its pow' I2 months of great looks geared to you' Its lust mlnutes from UD to a Happening' Why shouldnt lt happen to you? All year there re happenings In our Jr Shop Casual Corner GORDON'S TOGGERY TUXEDOES RENTED FOR ALL OCCASIONS 233 MAIN STREET Phone 582-5288 MARCO'S ITALIAN FOODS oPEN EVENINGS EVENING DELIVERIES Closed Thursday The Gondola Room Red Carpet Shop A X For Private Parties w ho Q' 605 V WA Phone 588-0007 AID Q, ss 4 X osheks IN DOWNTOWN . . . WHERE YOU EXPECT A FINE STORE TO BE MONTE CARLO AMERICAN AND CHINESE KUT AND KURL BEAUTY SHOPPE "WE SELL AND SERVICE ALL IcINDs OF WIGS" MARIE VYVERBERG PLAZA "zo PHONE 583-9791 KRETSCHMER TREDMAY COMPANY Plumbing-Heating HARDWARE WHOLESALE ONLY FOOD DUBUQUE, IOWA 378 MAIN HENSCHEL ROOFING AND E . SHEET METAL CO. Apothecary AL HENSCHEL, PROP. 345 MAIN STREET DIAL 3-4622 ROOFING-SIDING-INSULATION SHEET METAL WORK INTERNATIONAL FURNACES RESIDING OF ALL TYPES STO-A-GO ALUMINUM WINDOWS AND DOORS 11th and Main 1101 MAIN STREET DIAL 3-9111 257 EIGHT AVENUE DIAL 3-7374 ,,.,.:..,...,,:,,,..,,:, ,. l V'S'T OUR ROEHL-PHILLIPS III:fIf izf IE: I EEI' COMPLETELY NEW IIIIII IIIIL 1 E: FURNITURE CUNIPANY sfi -ilfzie 2 frg REMODELED ,AZZAZ he Finest Yann PAINT STORE FOR Mmm! Sim ww IDUBUQUE HNESTI FINE FURNITURE T362 CENTRAL ef::: 2 1f1 2 :fr 2 222 2 fs22 2 DIAL 3-2519 in America's H1051 d8SifBd .,,,. ..A. 2 COIOI'S t GENE SPEAR 84 JOE ANDRECCHIO MANAGERS 576-584 MAIN STREET DUBUQUE, IOWA KLAUER OPTICAL COMPANY For cIlI your eye glasses and Contact lens needs MAIN OFFICE: 864 MAIN STREET DIAL 3-3581 BRANCH OFFICE: T298 DODGE STREET DIAL 3-0950 GRANDVIEW DRUGS IWALGREEN AGENCYI KIEFER CITIES SERVICE TIRES AND ACCESSORIES WASHING AND GREASING EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE UNIVERSITY AND ASBURY DIAL 2-9385 BUTT'S FLORIST "Flowers Fashions" 2300 UNIVERSITY AVE. FLOWER PHONE 583-3551 YOUR PHONA FLOWER FLORIST PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS COSMETICS SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES GRANDVIEW AND DELHI PHONE 2-6705 AND LAURY 8. LENGER PHARMACY T298 DODGE PHONE 8-T496 TAPELT-REISER SPORTING GOODS COMPANY AWARD JACKETS AND SWEATERS SPECIAL SCHOOL PRICES WHOLESALE-RETAIL T360 CENTRAL AVENUE DIAL 2-2321 DARLENE "Dottie" KOETHE COMPLIMENTS 2600 Dodge Plaza "2O" ICE CREAI Dubuque, Iowa OF Phone 582-9272 DUBUQUE PLUMBING BUSINESS SUPPLY COMPANY The Home of 8 "Royal Portables" COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 648 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa MECHANICAL SWEETHEART CONTRACTORS BAKE SHOP SPECIAL CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Sunbeam Bread Dial 2-5437 WITH A BONUS OF GOOD COMPLIMENTS H or 1 ' AQ'-SUHLYGGN GAMMA PHI DELTA I A + 533 A A l j' a,'ff'f'N' ,, sokonnv ' ' TRAUSCH BAKING COMPLIMENTS COMPANY OF THE COMPLIMENTS OF FISCHER COMPANIES PHI OMICRON FRATERNITY ,...-, is N . '. A f ls 0 I -4 in Q. .r M. ,ia 1 1 1 I... :- ..-,. , ft - D51 ,. ' od: eq.-Q61 . . 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Suggestions in the University of Dubuque - Key Yearbook (Dubuque, IA) collection:

University of Dubuque - Key Yearbook (Dubuque, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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University of Dubuque - Key Yearbook (Dubuque, IA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Dubuque - Key Yearbook (Dubuque, IA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Dubuque - Key Yearbook (Dubuque, IA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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