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KEY E3 Dan Pietrini - Editor Jerry Ganfield - Assistant Editor Phi Truby - Business Manager Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Three Volume Forty-Seven University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa x Qlw 4 N X 1 3' AMX -.-. Q ' 0 'I' ,ij f Table of Contents Dedication .. University ot Dubuque Administration and Stott .... College of Liberal Arts Administration, Faculty, and Stott ..,. Organizations ................ Greeks .. Athletics . . . Events . . . Students ..... Advertisements . . . Index .... 3 :,- x N: , .A Never too busy to answer a question from a student. Dedication Advisor, professor, registrar, these are a few of the ways in which Professor William G. Rozeboom is known to Univer- sity students. Mr. Rozeboom came to the University of Dubuque in l944, cmd since that time has been Professor of Music, Pro- fessor of History, ancl Registrar of the College of Liberal Arts. As head of the department of history, he has taught iust about every phase of world history but now confines himself to teaching only Ancient and Medieval World. No one who has sat in his class will ever forget the energy and enthusiasm with which the class was conducted and the great love of history that he exhibited. Enthusiasm and energy go beyond the classroom however and pervade everything he does. The office of the registrar is always open and ready to advise and consult with a student on any problem. Mr. Rozeboom's enthusiasm and love of learning is a daily example to the students of the University. His keen concern and interest in the problems of students has endeared him to all who know him. The 1963 KEY is dedicated to this man who has given nineteen years of service to the University of Dubuque, Professor William G, Rozeboom. In Memoriam ROBERT JOHNSON Chicago, Heights, Illinois Born June 14, 1943 Died Moy 24, 1963 5 s... .lg j-... lil gli 'll "rg .cpl I, Eif- rr.-, L ff. ,. . 'F .. gg . . in' :rn 'll m :gl ui IMI III Ill Ill' ' uw ---V, Q.. '!u can lil -REL lil I?-I A, ..I, 'X 'lil -.--, 21431. ,W i iii Ill .--I -'E H1 iii 'TLA' Goldthrope Science Hall, constructed in 1959, houses the laboratories, classrooms, and lec ture halls forthe Natural Science Division. -t-mgtggg:swsasws- li lilill""ll""""'lil it,ii,:iiiwlllmlli. ?l"?5,lHll"'llli!lll'l' M .,,, 'ifiwfilf ' b, ,. . ws' ,il ,,,, fllnl 1 l .4 McCormick Gymnasium, 'The site of home basketball and wrestling matches a University's swimming pool The administration building Stetflns Hall, houses, classrooms, the library, offices, and men's dormitory. Men are also housed in Severance Hall and women live in Altcheson Hall, constructed in 1962. The University . . . What is the University of Dubuque? A collection of buildings, some old, some new, some not yet completed. And yet the physical plant is not enough. The University is a staff and faculty, dedicated, well trained, willing and able to guide the minds of those who come to study. Those who come to study - the students compose the third com- ponet which makes up the University. Eager intellects seeking new knowledge, eager hands exploring new areas of research, fertile and impressionable minds ready to grasp new ideas and re-examine the old. These facets, buildings, staff, and students add up to the University as it exists today. A university that is quite different from that of fifty years ago and one that is daily changing. In the 1963 KEY, we will attempt to focus on the many factors that make up our University and life on our Campus. Our faculty, organizations, events, and ourselves, all making this a unique year at the University of Dubuque. Buildings O Q 6 -,. Peters Commons has been completely remodeled and air Condi- ' tioned to make room for the new student union. '.A14. ll - ' 15'- iw nfs- 1 si K i .. ' - ' -- ???zT " is Q ,if Wim 5 tr its ' fs :stir 1 H iii W ,,,.. .,,,..,, y R .... . - it 5 . Il I I 'FEL I i x 'A 1 S it . Y . , 1 ":::':Tgfrs,f3f-" ' ,, , if 1. M22 - ? Q' ,rg .we 433' H, ,,,,,, I W W ,. -10 1 T ,.,, i if X VL ' , :.,:...' " , L 5, A:,,. . gf' wr: ,EA xl' 4 M Q? , 'H , 1 ,5E.ifi43Ugl m ' ssw N u: :Z 1... . . -' if .QL ' :ig 7'1'f'1' ' , 'L .53 f " vf-f:1f- : g , r' Av? -mf .f . s. , 1 mn. ,. x 1, - fs fzmix X M H ,M x x - '1 X-.., f :Q -2, 1 'l,,. 8' ' n. wzdi- 'P - V r wi , . , 'W LJ. 4 N--.. . NM avi' .Ii . -,K- 'lr E, -an '- .ML 'G Lu K. I J. :FL 1 I - ffm: 5-7 . Q,,1,q1.f 53 Sf.: 'f T5 ,J lu. X, wa H ,qt its i . . ,, ' 5- 'w 'QQ 1 W Ev! 566'-5 Y - ' Z 5, 4.4. - '1-, 1 Students at Work -7 r+ V 1 ..---if-1 Y., Y Y 2-.- , - 11-1 .1-,,, 717. , 1 1-7. .. W, 1 M11 Q . , g V , f ,Q f u' ff 11 NZB'-Q2 12251251 fag 1 sz ,, 1 ,H ifiiiifaiiw M - QSSWHSW 1 figs in 5 H51 222554. fx, 1 Mg, me 111 111211511211 A -Y 113221 '-A gwf-la H 3 M- :Htl W 1., . 1 4 2, A 2,15 11 33-,,'f1zQggg573gwi3f 1 541111 5 gf 1 S H 15:1 Mis . -I '4 1 122 ' ',,,.h. af' I A B153 ,AE W If 5: Q- 5 1 ' 1 11 rf 1 1,5 1 11 zz .9 ala 'Exo - Ll s K :ol-5' :tv 11 mg, aww na 11 1 ar- '62, 'fm S. rw . . . Students at Play . . . Mb - M f .v .S Q! 13 Students r-?"" faq! :Z J p- "fW,.,IQ S 4 1 E 1' F sf' 1 Y Us 'vii-, 1-J: W1 ' alf a? , ,.. - '- 1 M. UNIVERSITY OF DLIBUQLIE President Couchman Dr. Couchman and his secretary, Betty Muir Dr. Gaylord M. Couchman, serving as president of the Uni- versity of Dubuque since 1953, has the welfare of the school as his primary aim. Goals of general academic excellence and individual growth guide his administrative policy. A native Iowan, he is a graduate of Des Moines University and holds a Bachelor of Divinity Degree from McCormick The- ological Seminary and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the University of Dubuque. Before ioining the administra- tion at the University, he served as a pastor for nearly twenty years, including several years at Westminister Presbyterian Church in Dubuque. Dr. Couchman is recognized throughout state and nation in college organizations and the United Presby- terian Church through his accomplishments in the field of edu- cation. He is a member of the lowa College President Associ- ation and a member of the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church. The President's oftice and home are always open to students and faculty who look to Dr. Couchman for friendly advice and encouragement. Dr. and Mrs. Couchman have three married daughters, Mrs. George French, Mrs. James Cramer, Mrs. Webb Chiles, all graduates of the University, They also have a younger son, John, at home. Vice President Johns - if R rg... ,,.1lg Q ll 4 lllts-Kit K' Dr. Johns with his secretary, Mrs. Donald Farquar Dr. Thomas H. Johns, Vice President of planning and develop- ment, came to Dubuque in August, 1961, from Indiana Univer- sity where he obtained his Ed.D. in higher education. He received his A.B. in social science in 1953, from Hanover College in Han- over, Indiana. Later he entered the Louisville Presbyterian Semi- nary and was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry in 1956. Vice President Johns returned to Hanover in 1955 to become chaplain and to direct its public relations program with the Presbyterian church. He was- appointed Dean ot men at Hanover in 1957. Granted leave to continue study in higher education, he attended Indiana University and received his M.A. degree. Dr. Johns is presently a member of the American College Public Relations Association and the American Alumni Council. Dr. and Mrs. Johns are the parents of three small children: Tom, Mike, and Deborah. ' Board of Directors A. D. Donnell, David B. Cassat, Paul J. Laube, Robert G. Adams, Robert W. Clewell, John A. Loetscher, Rev. George H. Swalve, Charles H. Albers, Rev. Robert N. Allen, W. M. Dillon, Mrs. EFlie E. Goldthorp, Rev. David J. Griffith, Leroy Heusinkveld, Rev. Gene Siekmann, Rev. H. F. Sinning, B. Alvin Buss, J. H. Carnes, Mrs. David Corbett, Leonard C. Ferguson, J. Rowe Hinsey, Lawrence M. Jensen, Louis H. Kornder, Robert F. Loetscher, The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Uni- versity and is concerned with every aspect of the University's Functioning. All policy decisions and plans are submitted to the board for approval before they can be implimented and the board is charged with the maintenance and endowment of the University. At Commencement time the board meets in Rev. George F. Shepherd, George Sisler, Gerald Smith, Rev. William Tiad- en, Rev. Donald B. Blackstone, Donald C. Conzett, Rev. Alvin E. Gold- horn, Ben Jaspers, M. L. Kapp, Rev. Andrew Kurth, George W. Lindquist, Ronald Meyer, Rev. H. J. Noeding, Mrs. Albert G. Parker, Jr., Rev. J. Wil- liam Wimberly. its annual meeting to conduct business. During the year, ot- fairs of the University are handled in the monthly meeting ot the Executive Committee composed of Dr. Gaylord Couch- man, Ivan Carnes, David B. Cassat, Robert W. Clewell, Dr. Paul J. Laube, the Rev. George H. Swalve, Leonard Fer- guson, Dr. William Wimberly, and A. D. Donnell. Development Council ln order to insure the development and growth of the University and gain a realistic appraisal of the Univer- sity's building needs, the Development Council was formed in l96O. The Council has been involved in estab- lishing a long-range building plan that will provide for the future expansion of the University. Dr. Raymond Gibson, to act as consultant to the Council. of Indiana University has been engaged by the University Working closely with the Council is the Develop ment Commission composed of various volunteers who work on ways and means to achieve the Council s plans FIRST ROW: Dr. Thomas Johns, Dr. Gaylord Couchman, A. D. Donnell SECOND ROW: Dean Calvin Schnusk- er, Dr. Paul Laube, Robert Adams, David Cassat. 21 12" Mr. Tupper discusses a press release with Mrs. Vera Williams who assists in the office. Mr. Adams and his secretary, Mrs. Ester Purvis. 22 Public Relations William D. Tupper serves the University as Di- rector ot Information Services. Mr. Tupper holds a B.A. degree from Columbia Bible College and a B.D. degree from the Theological Seminary ot the Uni- versity ot Dubuque. ln his iob as Director he manages the publication of the bulletin including the College Catalog, Di- mension, and the alumni editions. Revamping the College Catalog this year, he has produced a unique idea combining careful descriptions of course ma- terials and adding ot pictures with a view to give a more complete representation ot lite on our campus. Serving the University as Development Representa- tive is Mr. Harry A, Turner. He has also served in the Admissions Department and as Business Manager. He holds a B.A. degree from Park College and a B.D. degree from McCormick Theological Seminary. Business Office Business Manager of the Univer- sity ot Dubuque is Robert G. Adams, who assumed his duties in February of l96l. He holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from North- western University and holds a M.A. degree in Education with a major in College Business Management from the University of Kentucky. Formerly, Mr. Adams was Business Manager and Treasurer ot Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee. Mr. Adams has also been a cost inspec- tor tor the Navy, and an employee of Eastman Kodak Company. Food Service Since 1947 Mrs. Marge Kremer has been director ot food service. Especially interested in school and students, Mrs. Kremer often helps student organiza- tions prepare for parties cmd suppers. Mrs. Ethel Weeber assists Mrs. Kremer in managing dining room service. Responsible for the daily operation of the Oak Room is Mrs. Janet Weitz. Health Service The Health Center, built at 1919 University Avenue, is staffed by Mrs. Jeane A. VanderBerg and two reg- istered nurses who are seniors in the college, Leona Muller and Norma Bulman. Mrs. VanderBerg, a grad- uate ot Sioux City Methodist Hospi- tal, began work at the University in 1958. Besides holding office hours, one of the nurses is on call at all times, a rigorous schedule aimed to maintain good health on our cam- pus. if lf.- 23 Emery Rcmsford, University Cashier ond Bookkeeper. i University Staff 29' Mrs. Eller operates one of The Universi'ry's new busi- ness mochines. - . 135 K rgifii-,Qs iiifiw ' ' . Q 9' ' 'N ,..-2.52: I ., Q L22 X ir.: .Y j i 1 ' L' i lr V be " I' qi ' i , . N . . ., , , by A P- , . - ,, i ' 'E .r sfiv-.,..,,.f-1. f '.-figs, .gggan 4.5. ,. ,-.,,. T. K i :i'3.'Cig:-:.,i:'f .A . bi E 4 , -s if' .. Q-J, K f i , f . 5 1- i e' -Rex-4-f'P' . " wi' -1,, rr fu J ,ffsjy 'ggi -, i 'wwiafii P 1, -- ,- is s 'H-If-i..1'U e1i'a' -m . 1 ., - 1 ii ' -,g-. , , ., i . I N -i Y 2' 53. 13. f V ,. so lfi H n Mrs, Bomes, coshier, coshes o s'rudenT's check. The cooks gehing reody 'ro cook cinoiher meol. i 'ZJX 'i Fred Messing, ci member of The mcunfenonce staff. Mrs. Tiorks operofes the mimeogroph service. Mrs. Vero Williams is ossisfom' in The Public Relations Offlce. Clarence Blosch, Director of Buildings ond Grounds. 1,1 gl' Ronsford ond Mrs. Yokum, Umversify ses 51 f 1 A 5 ,, v W s" ' if .1 Ll 7 l We. .59 Q u :ang .gif QW l A A if A ,. 5 ,, ,,,, 9 , I , . f'f , ' . 3, . ',,' if 'K 1. - M . ' . .... .. f . V4 LA -. ' 13? . " Q- x V l Vix, N ivx . ""'i' :"'f ' M l ' , !-.' W -if fr ii We ggi fl, if v . ....... .Ck T, :gg gg , 0 C: vga N :Q QW' V' 3? N u 'Q we Q 5 O ...ig 0 ha SX' 'Q Q A ig! 3' 8 ' 5 . 'f . Qs. fb Si if w w w w Y , W N W , k 430 . ,Q,f" Gx ":1fh1IfK Q ' vin, H, . f. -. 5215 .jiiiiif 3' .f?'K' .1 , wsu 1, ff . 1, Q25 : . Ag if ' " 2 .wg-f:ss12Qf :fy ' . '-3 '- rmfzzff 'W' ' ' ,. ' K -'-- fr-A H ..,, - . ,V-A U., HM, Q Q- , -' 7 1. wg.. X 1 4 , 1 ,x K. VQ.,,,?"f'.1 ', 4 M . A ,M H . fc. V , .. k 5 G" I 'S . r ,W "- " .:- 'W"3 f S I 'fc ,, ' 'QT ',' f V -sa ve Q if 'E 52' fr :if 5 v iq f ffgfqy ' I fn, 1317, E, , 4--- 53 . . " V ' . ,W - vwaaw M ,Jef ,1.:.,..- , ...., Q ,,.. , . Ufwswww, , V f 490. 1 .X i K , . w I Y sr 3. +1 W ' A , V w o ' 1 W Q N Q- H CQLLEGE QF LIBERAL ARTS Dr. Pciul Ford Dovis sets the ocodemic stondords of the college. He is concerned with tcxculty ond student envir- onment, cmd with furthering relotions between the two groups. Dr. Dovis served os acting dean during the first semester ond assumed the full duties ot the oFfice sec- ond semester. Dean of the College Deon Dcvis discusses o report with his secretory Mrs Schuller 28 15 Mr. Lewis Furdo, Deon ot Student At- toirs, is heod of the odmissions deport- ment ond cidvisor to oll students of the University. .H I. A fl Ei' Mrs, Buslott, Secretory to the Deans Dean Furda ond Admissions secretory Mrs. l.eClere. Office of Student Person nel Mr. George Boumon os Acting Deon of Men, is in charge of cill Men's housing ond the plczcement bureau which he hos estololished. Mrs. Shirley Poling Kronquist, Associate Deon ot Students, holds jurisdiction over cill women students and is in chorge of their housing. Her duties also include counseling ond job plocement where it is needed. 29 OWEN P. EVANS re- ceived his B.S. degree from LaCrosse State College and his M.Ed. from the University of Minnesota. Coming to Dubuque this year, he is Director of Athle- tics, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Head Football Coach, and Assistant Basket- ball Coach. Faculty ROBERT E. BAILEY, Associate Professor of Bible and Greek, received his B.A. from Grove City College, his B.D. from the Uni- versity of Dubuque, and his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He was an Assistant Pastor in Scotland before he came to Dubuque in l956. GRACE ALLEN BOEHNER, came to Dubuque in 1956, and is Associate Professor of Eng- lish. She received her B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Missouri and her D.Ed. from Columbia University in New York City. CHESTER W. BUCKLEY is Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Head Basketball Coach, and Assistant Football Coach. He re- ceived his B.S. degree from South Dakota State College, and his M.A. degree at Col- orado State College. JOHN KNOX COIT, Chairman of the Division of Bible, Christian Education, and Philoso- phy, earned his B.A. degree at Maryville Col- lege, his M.A, at Columbia University, and his Ph.D. from New York University. Teach- ing here since l955, his work also includes being an advisor to the Phi Omicron Frater- nity. He is Professor of Philosophy. 30 CARL W. GEFFERT re- ceived his B.A from the University of Virginia and his M.A. from the University of California and studied in Ger- many in i950-51 and later in i959-60 under a Fulbright grant. He is Associate Professor of German, and has been a member of the faculty since l956. LeROY H. GILES is Chairman of the Di- vision of Education, Health and Physical Education, and Psy- chology. He received his B.A. from Nebras- ka Wesleyan Univer- sity and his M.Ed. and D. Ed. degrees from the University of Colo- rado. Professor of Edu- cation and Psycholo- gy, he ioined the fac- ulty in 1959 and is Director of Teacher Placement. DENZIL J. HAWES-DAVIS received his B.A. from the University of Dubuque after trans- ferring here from Central College, Fayette, Missouri in l96O. Joining the faculty this year, he is Graduate Instructor in Biology. His interests include golf, bowling, tennis, and ice skating. WALTER L. HOWARD, JR. is Assistant Pro- fessor of History. He received his B.A. from Baylor University, his MA. from Boston Uni- versity, and is a candidate for Ph.D. at Bos- ton University. His many interests include creative writing, especially poetry. Faculty HOWARD L. KUCERA received his B.A. from Coe College and his MA. from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. He is Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics. Wood working, tennis and traveling are among his hobbies. WILLIAM L. LOMAX received his B.S. and M.B.A. from Northwestern University and ioined our faculty in l953. Professor of Economics, his hobbies include reading, mu- sic, 81 raising purebred cattle. 31 EDWARD L. HAN- COCK, lnstructor in English, received his B.A. from the Univer- sity of Nevada and is M.A. from the Uni- versity of Chicago. Hunting, fishing, and athletics are among his interests. PARVIZ MAHMOUD is a graduate of the Conservatoire Royal de Musique in Brussels, Belgium and holds the Master of Music de- gree in composition and The Ph.D. in theory from Indiana University. He is Associate Pro- fessor ot Music and Conductor of the Uni- versity Civic Symphony Orchestra. WILLIAM E. MEDCALF is Associate Professor of Chemistry, and received his B.S. from Southeast Missouri State College, his M.S. from the State University of Iowa and is a candidate tor Ph.D. at Arizona State Uni- versity. Golf and crystal growing are his hobbies. Faculty KENNETH E. MERCER holds the B.A. degree from Simpson College and the M.A. degree from Beloit College. Associate Professor of Physical Education, he is also Head Coach ot Wrestling and Track. KENNETH H. MITCHELL is Assistant Professor of Political Science. He received his B.S. and M.S4. degrees from the University ot Utah, and is currently completing his Ph.D. disserta- tion. WILFORD P. MUSGRAVE, Chairman of the Division ot English, Foreign Languages, and Speech, is a graduate ot Huntington Col- lege, has an M,A. from Indiana University, a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, and a certificate from the University of Ge- neva, Switzerland. He is Protessor of French and Spanish. 32 ARENCE T. PETER- N received his B.A. gree from the Uni- rsity of Dubuque and s M.A. from the Uni- rsity of Wisconsin. is Professor Emeri- s of Health and ysical Education. KENNETH L. NIELSEN is Assistant Professor of Music and Director of the University of Dubuque Concert Choir. He has the Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Michigan and has spent three years working in Germany. Joining the faculty in l958, Mr. Nielsen is also advisor to the Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity. AGUSTIN A. PASCUAL is Assistant Professor of Spanish. In his second year here at the University of Dubuque, he has worked under the Board of National Missions of the Pres- byterian Church, U.S.A. in Cuba, and re- ceived his D.Ed. from Havana University. He has also taken studies at the University of New Mexico. Faculty HAZEL M. ROTHLISBERGER, Professor of Mathematics, has been a member of our faculty since l943. Having received her B.A. from lowa State College and her M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, she enioys read- ing and travel as her hobbies. REUBEN W. SANDVEN received his B.S. de- gree from Iowa State Teachers College and his MA. from Columbia University. He is Professor of Psychology and has been a member of our faculty since l95l. 33 -,Wwe - 1 ifjwlfi ,..- ,-.. l ll .. li x1 Z ,iii ah 3 Eg twill., M : CARL A. ROSS, JR., Assistant Professor of History, received his A.B. from Berry Col- lege, Mount Berry, Georgia and his MA, from the University of Georgia. Collecting military fire arms is one of his hobbies. .ily 'Well Kitty, I think Matt will pull through." Faculty Sidelights Our faculty is versatile. In these few candid shots the facu ty is caught in their daily class routine, and at their own o casions for fun. First semester a faculty talent show drew the audience to I feet with applause. The tour professors, Dr. Giles, Mr. Wrigh Dr. Steininger and Dr. Short made an outstanding contrib tion tothe show with a vaudeville quartet. The spring saw the production of "The Broken Jug" err playing a cast of faculty members and wives under the d' rection of Dr. Donald Savage. lt was an hilarious comedy hil Through the efforts of Mr. Geffert and Dr. Savage, the play ham been translated from German and adapted for presentatio in J.C. Lounge. A Short combination, Wright for the faculty talent show. 1m Marketing lO6 . . . and this little pig stayed home one's from Heidelberg, that one's from Vienna, and one's from Schnee's. Dr. Boehner scanning a newly arrived novel for the library. Dr. Grace Allan Boehner and Mr. J. Merle Sandy are pictured at their duties in their respective Helds l of English and Economics. Mr. Geftert is shown examining his collection of over 400 German beer coasters, all of which were collected while in Germany. In the role of Veit Timpel, Dr. Earl Steininger en livened the faculty ploy "The Broken Jug." 35 F. MERLE SANDY re- ceived his B.S.C. and M.A. degrees from The State University of lowa. He came to Du- buque in l96l from Simpson College and is Associate Professor of Economic Studies. Q E , , V' et I. "M dt Wh we Q e Faculty LESTER C. SHELL is Professor of Biology. He received his A.B. from Central College, and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the State University of Iowa. Dr. Shell enioys working with peo- ple and writing science articles. He has been in Dubuque since l959. RAY E. SHORT is Acting Chairman at the Division ot Economic Studies, History, Political Science, and Sociology. Having joined the faculty in l96O, he is Associate Professor of Sociology cmd Religion. He has his A.B. cle- gree from Willamette University and his B.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University. ANN MARY STANISKI receives her B.M. and her M.M. from the University of Michigan. Instructor in Music, she has studied organ in Germany and Switzerland, and has trav- veled in Europe and South America. EARL W. STEININGER received his B.S., M.S. and D.Ed. from the University of Illinois. He came to Dubuque in i960 and is Associate Professor of Education. Dr. Steininger collects and refinishes antiques as one of his hob- bies. 36 DONALD J. SAVAGE, came to Dubuque in l959. He received his B.S. from Hamline Uni- versity and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. de- grees at the University of Minnesota, and is Associate Professor ot Speech and Director of Dramatics. This year he directed Shake- speare's "The Winter's Tale," and the faculty play,"The Broken Jug." PAUL WENGER, re- ceived his B.A. from Goshen College and his M.A. from the State University ot Iowa. He is interested in ra- dio, reading and trav- el. As Instructor ot Speech, he is also Coach of the Debate Team. CHARLES TAYLOR received his B.S. and M.A. degrees from Purdue University. He is ln- structor in Biology, and is interested in out- door activities - hunting, camping, and hik- ing. DOROTHY M. TAYLOR who came to Du- buque in T942 received her B.A. and M.A. degrees from Indiana University. She is Pro- tessor of Physics, ancl is interested in garden- ing and hiking. CHARLES W. TYRRELL, Professor of Christian Education, came to Dubuque in l95l. He received his A.B., Th.B., and M.R.E. degrees from the University of Dubuque and his D.Ed. degree trom Indiana University. ROBERT W. WEIDNER, Professor of Music, is also Chairman ot the Division of Fine Arts. He received his B.S. degree from the Uni- versity of Wisconsin and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Eastman School ot Music, Uni- versity ot Rochester. Faculty 37 lt, 'T' Twffsi A . A -WT- 'ii ' - W ' JERRY S. K. YAO, is Associate Professor of Chemistry. He received his B.S. degree from Peking University and his Ph.D. degree from Montana State Col- lege. Part Time Faculty ANNA M. AITCHISON, Professor Emertia of English, came to the University in l9Q3. She received her A.B. degree from Grinnell Col- lege, M.A. from Cornell University, and Litt.D. from the University of Dubuque. She has also done graduate work at the Univer- sity of Colorado. DOROTHY CORDS BENZ received her B.A. degree from the University of Dubuque, and ioined its faculty in l96O. Mrs. Benz is ln- structor in Girls' Physical Education. EDITH M. GROFF, Instructor in Piano, be- came a faculty member in i938 and has studied under Moissaye Boguslawsky, Glenn Dillard Gunn, Josef Lhevinne, and Artur Sch- nabel, She attended the American Conserva- tory of Music, and also teaches in the Du- buque Academy of Music. SHIRLEY POLING KRONQUIST serves as Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Art. She holds her B.F.A. degree from the University of Colorado and her M.A. from Syracuse University. Mrs. Kronquist is inter- ested in research in the creatively gifted child, and her hobbies include painting and sewing. KEITH MAGALSKY received his B.S. degree from the University of Vermont. He is a mathematics instructor and is also an ex- perimental engineer at the John Deere Du- buque Tractor Works. 38 RUTH MAHMOUD received her B.M. degree at the University of Missouri and her M.M. degree at Indiana University. She has pre- viously taught in St. Louis, Missouri and Har- risonburg, Virginia. She now teaches piano at the University. DAN MIHAL, Instructor in Mathematics, is also employed as a protect engineer at the .Iohn Deere Dubuque Tractor Works. He re- ceived his B.S. degree from the University of Illinois and his M.S. degree from the Univer- sity of Iowa. WILLIAM G. ROZEBOOM, serves as Registrar and Professor of History. He holds his AB. degree from Calvin College and his A.M. degree from the University of Michigan. He has done additional graduate study at the University ot Michigan, Columbia University, and the University of South Dakota. Mr. Roze- baom's interests include music and athletics. MARGARET MCHENRY WALLACE is instructor in English in the University and received her B.A. degree from Park College. Her hus- band is Professor of Theology at the Semi- nary. STEVE TWEEDIE, Instructor in Mathematics, received his B.A. and his M.Ed. from Cornell University and has also studied at North- western University. He taught in Honolulu before coming to Dubuque in 1963. Mr. Tweedie enioys travel, the stock market, the guitar, and sports, especially tennis. A. GRIFFITH WRIGHT supervises student teachers and is an Instructor in the Depart- ment of .Education. He holds his B.A. de- gree from William Penn and his MA. degree from the State University of Iowa. He has done graduate work at Purdue University and the University of Minnesota. His hobbies and interests include art, literature, music, photography, and Iapidation. 39 Chaplain Woods can usually be found in his office late at night working or reading. Chaplain Roger Woods, Chaplain of the College and As- sistant Professor in the Department of Christian Edu- cation, received his B.A. from Missouri Valley College and his B.D. from McCormick Theological Seminary. He attended the Graduate School ot Religion at the State University cf Iowa from i958 to 1962. At present he is working on his Ph.D. dissertation. As chaplain for the college Mr. Woods is responsible tor the weekly chapel services and acts as advisor to U.S.C.A. During football and basketball seasons he serves as announcer at home games. K, 1- 22:1 ' if if f Zz.. ..-, E ... ...... E.: - . Members of the Library Staff: Joan Haxmeier, Willamino Schnucker, Kenneth Smelkal and Beverly Schack L'bra ry Staff Mrs. Willamina Schnuclcer is "pinch-hitting" as librarian this year. She has previously worked as cataloger in both the college and seminary libraries and received her Mus.B. degree from Central College in Iowa. Mrs. Schnucker has also- attended Iowa State Teachers College and the Dubuque Semi- nary. Her husband, Dr. Calvin Schnucker, is Dean ofthe Seminary. Kenneth Smeikal joined the staff as cataloger this year. He received his B.S. and M.S. in L.S. from Kansas State Teachers College. 41 1.1-Z7 Mr. Rozeboom and his secretary Marie Meyer. dmissions The office of Director ot Admissions, incorpo- rated under the ottice of Student Attairs, is head- ed by Dean Lewis W. Furda with Miss Alice Cor- bett as his assistant. lt is the responsibility of the ,ni Admissions Department to contact prospective A University students, to advise them concerning re- quirements tor admission, to conduct personal pre-college counseling, and to compile admis- sions information. The tour counselors are each assigned a speci- fic area ot the country. Mrs. Channer is in charge of northern Illinois and northeastern lowa areas, Mr. Wilson covers southern and western Iowa, Mr. Gibson handles the Chicago area, and Mr. French covers the East and Canada, Registrar William G. Rozelooom, a port of the taculty since I944, is the Registrar ot the college. The office of the Registrar keeps the records on all graduates, and handles all transcripts, class scheduling and final test scheduling. Mr. Rozeboom, who also is professor in the department of history, is a member of the Amer- ican Association ot Collegiate Registrars. Mr. Gibson and Miss Corbett check the lists ot prospective students. Q. is. iw. cm. :ii 42 ORGANIZATIQNS l Q s-1 at I 1 s Student Senate dent Association, is the representative governing equally by tour members with the President and President chosen from the entire student body Student Senate, attiliated with the National itiated this year the Campus Coordinated Actlv b of the Liberal Arts Colleges Each class is represe V It I C 'fi f ' II rt' d 'dc OI'T1i'T1l ee O OFQCIIWIZG Cl CIC IVI ISS OH CIVOI campus olticers. sociation Convention at Des Moines in October. Student Daze, Homecoming, and May Fete published the activity calendar forthe year. SEATED: Judy Hantelmann, Dave Conner, Paul Harmon. Jim Warren, Lindo Harken, Dean Kronquist, Ruth Flage, Gary Brammer. Jim Watt, Bruce Schmidt, Tom Rosenquist, Bob Johnson. Dick Fisher, Harold Knutsen. Bogdan Fabrycy, Tom Shirmong, Dave Sage, Bob Carlson. flicts in scheduling. This committee also sponsore Leadership Seminar in the spring tor all old and I Delegates were sent to the National Student is planned through Student Senate committees. A suc cesstul book exchange and semester break ski party were also sponsored. As a service the Student Senate ,F President Connor presents a new item ot business before the Senate. 46 cl Senator Robert Carlson discusses a campus problem with Dr. Couchman. This year a new iudicial system was introduced. The system is composed of a High Court and two Primary Courts. The Primary Courts have original jurisdiction with respect to the dormitory rules while the high court has iurisdiction in all cases involving College regulations and laws. It also acts as a court of appeals. Deep in thought, Senator Tom Shirmang listens to the debate in a Sen ate meeting. 47 l l SEATED: Sandra Davidson, Ruth Halstead. Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, Deon Kronquist. Marty Williamson, Carol Flage, Beverly Yonker, Nina Anzolin. Ruth Cunningham, Sue LoRash, Karen Jepson, Sandra Martin. Ruth Flage, Sandra Nelson, Laura Braoton, Carol Weber, Mary Ann Sheean. The latest addition to the physical plant of the University is the new girls dorm. The building was completed in i962 and was dedicated at May Fete. i 9 Women s House Council The Women's House Council is the governing body of the women's residence hall. This year steps have been taken to ioin the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students. A Women's Primary Court, separate from the house council has been established, thus creating a sep- eration of legislative and judicial powers in the residence halls. Open houses were sponsored throughout the year to permit alumni, triends, and interested visitors to become acquainted with the new girls dormitory. A Krazy Karni- val was planned to raise money for Mother's Weekend in April. The House Council participated in the dedication of the new dormitory on May Fete weekend. i -52 x X 4, 1:5 1' I ffl 31-ll 'Fl Ze- ggi . 217 Lil ' iff- 'A ,-,.q-1511?-'5' ,, ,N ,.-if-: 1-1'-"+ 21,47 if 3,54 if -:ig ffl .,x: 1- fi, 4.7 rg . fn- 1 lg Div Xu N 'iii T sa- '-i i ff? wg' ii 'tit 48 ..:t.v.P3i - - .Ari ., ...n QS Men's House Council Men's House Council governs activities of the men's residences and provides the dorm system with rules for better living conditions. The Coun- cil has proved helpful as a coordinating body be- tween administration and students. Primary Court was established this year to try cases ot rule infringement in the men's do-rmi- tories. It is hoped that a useful purpose will be served and men will receive justice from their peers. Peters Commons was the scene of a ioint Christmas party with the women's residence hall. Good food and enjoyable entertainment were appreciated by those attending. FRONT ROW: Jet? Baker, Vice-President, Bruce Schmidt, President. SECOND ROW: Roger Ellinger, Brad Carlson, Tommy Thompson. THIRD ROW: Jim Brady, Lewis Lehnhardt. FOURTH ROW: Woody Longley, Ron Fisher. Now that the University has two men's dormitories, Mr. George Baumann, in addition to being Dean ot Men, has assumed the task as Director. As housing di- rector, he and his wife are kept busy with student problems. Lectures are given during Freshmen Week to acquaint incoming men with the housing regulations. 49 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 1962-1963 Members lCountercIockwisel Wayne Anclersan, Junior, JeFF Baker, Senior, Gary Brammer, Senior, Mary Chiles, Senior, Jo Clark, Junior, Sandra Davidson, Junior, David Krein, Senior, David Mackenzie, Sen- ior, Sandra Nelson, Senior, Eva Smith, Senior, Sharon Wunderlich, Senior. One of the highest honors that can be given to a college student is election to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. This year eleven juniors and seniors selected. Awards were made by vote of the faculty, Student Senate, and the Student Personnel Service Committee on the basis of excellence of aca- demic performance and of service to the school as a whole. 50 FRONT ROW: Eva Smith, Gary Brammer, Vice-President, Sandi Clark, Trudy Larsen, Carol Pease, Mary Chiles, Sandy David Nelson, President, Marlene Stabenow, Secretary-Treasurer, son. THIRD ROW: Wayne Anderson, Jerry Beaver. Dean Davis, advisor. SECOND ROW: Mary Widmer, Jo Alpha Pi Omega The local scholastic honorary fraternity, Alpha Pi Omega, Members are selected on the basis of high academic scholar- held discussions on the different fields ot study on the campus ship, leadership, character, and service to the college. Their aim at their monthly meetings. They actively participated in the Fac- is to promote purposefulness among the students of the College ulty-Student discussions on current books and helped to coordi- of Liberal Arts through maintaining high standards. nate this into an all campus activity. Dean Davis examines a membership key with Jo Clark, Carol Pease, and Sharon Wunderlich. 51 FRONT ROW: Bonnie Anderson, Jerome Beaver, President, Laura Braaten, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Paul Wenger, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Wayne Anderson, Vice-President, Dave Krein, Doug Dougherty. Laura Braaten and Bonnie Anderson prepare the opening speeches for the Small College Debate Tournament. Pi Kappa Delta The University of Dubuque Lambda chapter of Pi Kappa Delta tries to stimulate an active inter- est in forensics. Debate trips and tournaments kept the members busy. The Small College De- bate Tournament and a high school speech con- test were sponsored on the campus. The chapter participated in the Golden Anniversary of the National Association in March. Alpha Psi Omega Participation and promotion of awareness in the- ater activities are the ambitions of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Psi Omega. Through various pro- ductions and an exchange with Hamline College, the members gained valuable experience in acting, pro- duction, and the technical aspects of drama. Moving costumes props, and stage equipment from Campus Lane Theater so that Peters Commons could be reno- vated consumed much of the members time. A costume party was also held in the Spring. -msg-x SEATED: Dr. Donald Savage, Advisor, Jerry Ganfield, Treus- C0vey, Char Widmer, Ken Gould Laura Braaten Dan urery Ruth Flage, President, Tommy Thompson, Vice Presi- FFUVNP- dent, Sue Blair Smith, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Frank FRONT ROW: Dave Krein, Sandy Davidson, Marlene Stabenow, Eva Smith, Treasurer, Mr. Carl Ross, Ad- viser. SECOND ROW: Wayne Anderson, Jett Baker, Jerry Beaver, Ken Gould, Jerry Ganfield. In the last analysis, and obiectively speaking Phi Alpha Theta The Delta Tau chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary fraternity in history, is located on the Dubuque campus. Phi Alpha Theta pro- vides an atmosphere of academic excellence which stimulates the study and discussion ot his- tory. Dr. Brady, Professor of History at Loras, spoke on the contemporary Latin American scene, and Dr. Jamison of Dubuque Seminary spoke about his year of teaching in New Zea- land. ln May, the chapter sponsored a trip to Grinnell College to hear Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee speak on "World Wide Social Justice." FRONT ROW: Sandy Davidson, Ruth Flage, Eva Smith, Presi- Mary Chiles, Carol Pease, Carol Weber, Trudy Larson, Mary dent, Marlene Stabenow, Secretary, Marty Williamson, Vice- Widmer, Jo Clark. THIRD ROW: Mr. Charles Taylor, Steve President, SECOND ROW: Dr. Grace Boehner, Sandi Nelson, Dodge, Dave Krein, Mr. R, W. Sandven. Dr. Ryder of Indiana University delivering the chartering address. Kappa Delta Pi The Iota Chi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a na- tional honorary fraternity for education, was chartered in May, l962, on the Dubuque cam- pus. lts purpose is to encourage high profession- al, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Meetings were held each month with speakers or panel discussions. Kappa Delta Pi and the Student Iowa State Education Association spon- sored a tea for the National Council for the Ac- credidation of Teacher Education evaluation team in March. The Spring initiation and ban- quet rounded out their first year on the campus. 55 n- - 11m-mundane: .an-ar,-usamnugeifea-i R ..- .ua-..-fr FRONT ROW: Dr. Earl Steininger, Aclviserg Karren Thacker, Secretary, Barb Weber, President, Linda Harken, Treasurer, Jerry Ganfield. SEC- OND ROW: Sheryl Weida, Sandra Gantenbein, Pat Groenwoldt, Edythe Mauer, Judy Martin, Eleanor lloyd, Myra Ryan. THIRD ROW: Tom Thomp- son, Kciren Jepson, Nancy Krein, Mary Ann Van Loh, Dianne Clark, Donna Pottinger, Ruth Ann Halsted, Joan Weber, Ruth Roys, Keith Cope- land. FOURTH ROW: Phil Norton, Paul Puls, Betsy Walters, Carol Gos- nell, Jeri Peterson, Sandi Nelson, Shirley Ackland, Sandy Davidson, Paul Winters. FIFTH ROW: Ken Jackson, Dave Sage, Rick Baal, Paul Velsor, Harold Knutsen, Dan Frump. A teaching team visits Mercy Hospital to discuss teaching techniques. 56 uni Z Student Iowa State Education Association The Student Iowa State Education Association un- dertook os a service project for the year the collect- ing ot books tor Asian students. Through this drive, 450 books were sent to the Asian Foundation for dis- tribution. Trying to build professional attitudes and interests in the National Education Association and the profes- sion ot teaching are the main goals of SISEA. Speak- ers and films relating to educational topics were pre- sented at the monthly meetings. SISEA and Kappa Delta Pi sponsored a tea for the NCATE Evaluation team in March. This was a valuable learning experience for all members involved. The delegation sent to the North East Spring Re- gional meeting in Cedar Falls enthusiastically cam- paigned tor District President and won the otiice. Delegates also attended other district and state meetings in Iowa. Student teachers. FRONT ROW: Carol Weber, Ann Meyer, Ruth Flage, Bonnie Tibloy, Donna Haines. SECOND ROW: Jim Zimmer, Marty Williamson, Marlene Stabenow, Sharon Wun- derlich, Pearl Jusfman, Jim Fox. THIRD ROW: Scott Berry, Dick Fisher, Sue I.oRash, Jane Gibbs, Tom Shirmang, Phil Almes. 1-9 L-law F v 1- ? S-I" il i ,C tlg ,rw it t 1, N s, W,qgf -.ii 1 V, , J 35ft"':4g t f V, W 1' ,,. Q ,itz S ,, 3 ' JE' ll . .,,, , si api "' 'E Bios Alpha Philos The purpose of Bios Alpha Philos is to bring biology majors together and hold functions of special interest to biologists. Speakers from the field ot biology came once a month for programs, Several groups attended science conventions at the University of Iowa and presented' pa- pers at the meetings. This year several upper classmen were involved in a research proiect under the direction of Dr. Lester Shell. The project dealing with the effect of drugs on white mice was presented at a national convention of biologists in the spring. Dr. Shell helps Dan Adler FRONT ROW: Barb Grau, Sue Hoefs, Shirley Spechi, Mary Conner, Presicleni. THIRD ROW: George Wong, Tom Rosen Hofferber, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Dr. Shell, Advisor, quisi, Dan Adler, Treasurer, Spencer Ewing, FOURTH ROW Charles Taylor, Advisor, Denzil Hawes-Davis, Advisorg David Ron Fisher, Peter MacGregor. H their research project. ef ., , -4 '--" I - , , lx ff l , 5:.:L:1:v Q AV I , .".11'g4i gf P 3-1 H ",,y-' Q, -:fir 4 in ieeflls 1 ,Q ' f l A David Conner, President, prepares o sample io be tested 4 I . ,CH T 1 32156-'-?r1"'i:' A fr T 1 '-,' Q N ,Q Q xml A "' ' a w- Ex rj e ll T 1 is gf A 7 Ein If :gui X -3,4 me jr' I If E e fl 4. H Till-i"1 j fvqf g l fig, i . l '1 l H5 i gi 4 Q vs. Q., 'Wim 25 HJ, M E .M Q ' K A yy? 'L Sai: G P --x, ' - ' L-in ' 1 x y ' '- 'Q l . 5" ' . 1 V Q ,N xi- '-v' - A ,,-' S A " ' "'- " f 1 Ev - -3 W Ib" .55 if l t ' P F anew Ax' A P? 5 H l , , 3 A ' Jn E Vw iwmfms , University Civic Symphony Orchestra The University Civic Symphony Orchestra originated with the University of Dubuque, but is now supported by Dubuque citizens interested in promoting cultural welfare in the com- munity. Qualified students and citizens of the community who meet the standards set by the orchestra may become members. Dr. Parviz Mahmoud, a member of the faculty of the Uni- versity, directs the Civic Symphony. The orchestra has devel- oped a large repetoire of standard compositions performed by maior orchestras. Guest soloists were invited to perform with the orchestra during the year. 60 University Orchestra Personnel: Craig Baker, Mary Chiles, Dianne Clark, Ruth Anne Cunningham, Stan DeLong, Ron Fisher, Jerry Garner, Judy Hanson, Judi King, Trudy Larson, Ronald Luchsinger, Andy Matter, Kay Dawn Ogaard, Robert Roussell, Mary Ann Shee- an, Merry Sweet, Fernando Venecia, Anita Ward. Members are: Paul Katner, Jerry Garner, Ruth Anne Cunningham, Bob Hardy, Eleanor Lloyd, Nina Anzzolin, Judy Rold, Merry Sweet, Nancy Wilson, Barb Tooker, Dianne Clark, Sherry Dietz, Mary Ann Sheean, Gretchen Van Hove, Jerry Ganfield, Stan DeLong, Anna Mae Peck, Tom Dr. Weidner studies a score before presenting it to the band. ,A it L? Frank, Ron Fisher, Sherrie DeKlotz, Mary Pierce, Larry Pollock, Carol Holsinger, Bob Roussell, Ron Luchsinger, Dave Sterba, Kay Dawn Ogaard, Andy Motter. Concert Band From playing at pep-rallies and football games to the formal concert in May, the University Concert Band has provided musical entertainment for the stu- dent body. Under the direction of Dr. Robert Wied- ner, the band has developed a repertoire that ranges from a Bach fugue to the music of Richard Rogers. The band also serves as a practical labora- tory for advanced students in conducting. 62 Chapel Choir A variety of sacred music was provided by the Chapel Choir to add to the atmosphere of worship in the weekly chapel services. Under the direction of Ann Stanislci, the choir has devel- oped a varied repertoire ot selections. ln addi- tion the choir serves as a laboratory in which students can study and sing music for worship. Music Educators FRONT ROW: Eleanor Lloyd, Louise Beford, Sherry Dietz, Nancy Lewis. SECOND ROW: Jim Breed, Bob Carlson. National Conference The Music Educators National Conference student chapter uates. promotes interest in musical activities. Composed of music ma- During the year, students attended surrounding high school iors, MENC heard speakers in their special fields, and in eitort contests to talk with promising musicians. lto improve their department, involved discussion with past grad- RONT ROW: Judi King, Stan De- ong, President, Mary Ann Sheean. ECOND ROW: Ran Luchsinger, Ruth nne Cunningham, Kay Dawn Ogaarcl, ob Roussell. THIRD ROW: Nina Anz- olin, Eleanor Lloyd, Judy Hanson. OURTH ROW: Tom Frank, Mary Hel- n Johnston, Anna Mae Peck, Dianne lark. 63 FRONT ROW: Anna Peck, Judi King, Bon- nie Warner, Becky Bisgrove, Kay Dawn Ogaard, Barbara Tooker, Bonnie Jensen, Joyce Sfampe, Nancy Wilson, Gretchen Van Hove, Judy Hanson. SECOND ROW: Jean Boyd, Carol Flage, Mary Ann Shee- The Choir performing at the Chrisfmas Convocation. an, Rulh Anne Cunningham, Mary .lo Lollelmacher, Ruth Halsted, Sandi Nelson,- Dianne Clark, Donna Johnson, Mardy Swif- zer. THIRD ROW: Ron McMenamin, Tommy Thompson, Norma Bulman, Rosa Cruz-Mesa, Carol Bossman, Mary Helen Johnston, Dan 64 Katner, Rusty Clark, Dave Krein, Gor- Ray, Lewis Lehnhardi, Stan DeLong, Luchsinger. Many hours of rehearsal produce the fine quality that makes the Dubuque choir so popular. Bogie Fabrycy, Paul Winters. i ROW: Bob Roussell, .lim Glenn, Concert Choir Under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Nielsen, the University of Dubuque Concert Choir appeared at several concerts and banquets. The choir members produced superior tonal qualities and a richer blend with a new and unusual arrangement, being placed individually instead of in the traditional tour sections. During semester break in January, the choir toured New York and the East, presenting concerts for churches and schools enroute. The choir op- peared at other functions also, including the Gen- eral Assembly of the Presbyterian Church at Des Moines in May. 65 Qi gi-iif2f?'1 ' ix -1'5' 5? 155 2 w, .if w x vf ' - .ff f W:-11 .,,AfLg:, 1 .KY Mm. -f Lf Q we A ,N JNL 1 , gl . - ,.L ,. 3- FV' .QNX A Na x lu.. la . df- P., ls., , Q v fn' 1 as -,N am ' W s X 2 .Wir-s,..,,, Marv " . .fn-Q 'M lui 'Tru tw'-W Yr .-mi, ' 'f O ,..l .52 , 2 1' sg 4 xl , v I 1 u wi is 1 :fe .,V 'a .B A 5" 1 'eff ,gi yy". 71 X 'Z ,K . 1 . 'if . 'o5w'1O' . , urn, ' 1 .bp r N- J f 44 . 1' f ' 3 , . ' , . ,L f' ui , 1 124. . .1 - 1-""". M f'. -M-.J-""' ' uf 3 .vuwvw . ,N ,-,,,f'.,....,,--"" at .WM . 17. sv-. M,..!"f"""""ww """"""" N5-f ' ,,, NF, "li f , QFEA' gg f If .'Elf:1i" : if ..-Q--1..-..... - .. , Concert Choir Carmen On May 25, 26, l962, the Dubuque Concert Choir presented George Bizet's opera "Carmen" in Senior High Auditorium. The four principal roles were sung by professional singers, however all the other roles were filled by members of The choir. The production was directed by Professor Kenneth Nielsen and staged by Ronald Luchsinger. Since the production was staged late in the year, it could not be included in last year's KEY, Don Jose sings of love for Carmen. Carmen schemes with El Dancario and El Remendado CAST OF CHARACTERS Carmen - Leslie Eitzen Don .lose - Ralph Nielsen Escamilla - Perry Daniels Micaela - Phyllis Daniels Frasquite -Judi King Mercedes - Bonnie Thielges El Dancario - Ronald Luchsinger El Remendado - Robert Casper Zuniga - Paul Katner Morales - Bill Day Chaplain Roger Woods addresses USCA. 'LL ,sw at An opportunity for Christian worship discus- sion, service and fellowship for all students is provided by the United Student Christian As- sociation. lt is altiliated with the lowa State Ecumenical Council and the National United Campus Christian Fellowship. Deputation teams were organized to visit the rest homes and County Farm to lead wor- ship and recreation. As a campus service sev- eral recent motion pictures were shown to make money. The principle service project during the year is the fund raising drive for the World University Service, an organization that aides needy uni- versity students all over the world. As in past years a campus carnival was held with a faculty talent show, carnival, dance and auctiong all the proceeds going to the World University Service. United Student Christian Association ONT ROW: Dr. Ray Short, Adviser, Joan Hummel, Vice President, Jo Clark, Nancy Wilson, Eva Smith, Joan Weber, Donna Haines. arol Flage, President: Saundra Gade, Secretary: Sherrie DeKlotz, FOURTH ROW: Hector Perez, Ronald McNamara, Roger Todd, Sue reasurer: Roger Woods, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Barbara Tooker, LoRash, Carol Bossman, Rosa Cruz-Mesa, Betsy Walters, Carol Gosnell, ue Smith, Judy Wild, Sonia Alvarez, Zoila Pascual, Nancy Garner, Bob Olds, Jerry Garner, Pete Skelly. FIFTH ROW: Juan Fals-Borda, haron Roderick, Raiada Teraphatanakue, Eleanor Lloyd. THIRD Vincent Hayley, Rusty Clark, Phil Almes, Craig Bowyer, Terry Witkin, W: Carol Winter, Nancy Miner, Mary Ann Van Loh, Ruth Flage, Dennis Haines, Phil Truby. Wednesday night vesper services were held in an attempt to provide students with various worship experiences through the use of dialogue and other contemporary ex- pressions. Students also organized small study groups to discuss special topics. 69 as Lefieirit xt, fgffm, . Young Democrats A successful appearance ot lowa's Democratic Governor Harold Hughes started Political Emphasis Week ofll in April. This day was jointly sponsored with The Young Republicans. Speakers informed The group on current issues and helped detine the role ot The college student in poli- tics. The group hopes to learn and perpetuate The ideas of The Democratic Party and help acquaint The campus with The divergent views in political cam- paigns. FRONT ROW: Mr. Kenneth Mitchell, Adviser: Jerome Beaver, President, Dr. John Knox Coit, Advisor. SECOND ROW: James Jef? Baker, Vice-President, Doug Morrison, Treas- urer. THIRD ROW: Dave Detwiler, Ken Jackson, Secretary, Robert Lindstrom. International Club ' Closer ties between foreign and American students Through various activities on The Dubuque campus is The hope of The International Club, The International Fiesta saw many Talented students entertain and Then serve desserts native To their several countries. Attendance in Des Moines of The iowa International Confer- ence was an interesting experience in living Tor all. A Tree ro- Tunda dance ended their activities with plans for more new proiects in the next years. FRONT ROW: Rajada Teraphantanakul Treasurer SECOND ROW: Juan Fals-Borda, Kathryn Kraut, Car ol Weber, Susan Smith, Zolio Pascual, Sonia Alvarez Vice-President. THIRD ROW: Rick Moon, Pete Skelley John Ling, Mohan C. Andrews, Rasa Cruz-Mesa FOURTH ROW: Roberta Iglesias, Manuel Nakanishi FIFTH ROW: Ben Abboa-Oftei, Secretary, Hector Pe- rez, President. ,g ge., . Wag 3 Young Republicans Young Republicans provides an opportunity for stu- dents to find political expression and recognition. They collect, analyze, and discuss information con- cerning political affairs and hope to train young peo- ple as effective workers. Political Emphasis Week brought lowa's Junior Re- publican Senator Jack Miller to the campus for two speeches. At their regular meetings, various speakers presented informative talks. Members attended con- ventions to gather and promote new ideas. FRONT ROW: Phil Truby, Mike Brock, President, Mr. F. Merle Sandy, Adviser. SEC- OND ROW: Steve Taylor, Carol Flage, Mitzi Freimanis, Secretary, Judy Hantelmann, Bob Olds. THIRD ROW: Kent Hubbell, John Voorn, John Shinn, Treasurer, Martin Mil- ler, Jeff Bitzer. United World Federalists The University of Dubuque chapter of the United World Fed- Among their activities were a number of speakers and a trip eralists has as its purpose the achievement of world peace to the National Disarmament and World Law Student Confer- through a world federation with necessary powers limited to the ence in Washington, to which the chapter sent six representa- establishment and maintenance of law on the world level. The tives. chapter is athliated with the American Association for World Peace which hopes to achieve these goals through the United Nations. man, Bill Svrluga. SECOND ROW: Jo Clark, Secre- tary, Peter Skelly, Treasurer, Leonora Young. THIRD ROW: Dr. Ray Short, Advisor, Dr. Robert Bailey, Ad- visor, Mr. Kenneth Mitchell, Advisor. 71 FRONT ROW: Vincent Hayley, Ken Jackson, Chair- Que The Que, weekly student newspaper, is affiliated with the University Press Service, the American Collegiate Press, and the Na- tional College Press Service, Representatives attended the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Detroit in January with the KEY statt members. Four pages were usually published with six page editions tor special occasions such as Homecoming and May Fete. A new lit- erary publication, The Rotunda, was iointly edited by the KEY and Que. The magazine contained short stories and poetry written by University students. J A l '2- f? .-Q FRONT ROW: Tommy Thompson, Editor, Lindo Harken, Assistant Editor, Sherrie DeKlotz SECOND ROW: Bruce Schmidt, Business Manager, Judy Neumann, Toni Pauletto, Richard Redenius Dan Adler. THIRD ROW: Jim Watt, Sandy Braun, Jim Warren, Nancy Wilson, Dave Mackenzie FOURTH ROW: Dave Krein, Carol Bossman, Jet? Boker. Picking out pictures tor another Que. f""! .q A X 's:f.Q:2,. D... . Wiq it ,Y XX. X x GMAC 72 rr 15. Baker, Mardy Switzer, Jack Shinn, Joanne Eidukas, Phil Truby, Business Manager. ROW: Dan Pietrini, Editor, Mr. William Tupper, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Linda Bein, Bon- Tibby, Vivian Morris, Jerry Ganfield, Assistant Editor. THIRD ROW: Susan Smith, Ann Meyer, Jeri Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Judy Harlan, Jean Boyd, Kay Daly, Gerri Pollard. FIFTH ROW: Key The KEY staff was enlarged and worked throughout the year to put out a summer book, a new experience for all. This enabled the KEY to portray the spring events with the rest of the year's activities. Attendance at the Associated Press Con- ference in Detroit brought calamity to the group. Their suitcases and camera equip- ment were stolen in Chicago, forcing them to attend in informal clothes, quite a con- trast in the Sheridan-Cadillac Hotel. In the spring, the KEY Staff selected ten candidates for KEY queen. The queen was elected by the student body and also was Dubuque's representative at the Drake Re- lays. The editors consult and decide on a page plan. I . i . 1 I . X 'fi li l. 73 , lvii i v v rx TQ Kudd 'This is KUDD." The campus radio station began broadcast- ing early in the second semester. Affiliated with the Intercol- legiate Broadcasting System, KUDD provided top-notch listen- ing enjoyment tor the dormitory residents. New headquarters for the station are being built in the Peters Commons Student Union which will provide increased tacilities. Under the direc- tion ot station manager, Jett Baker, and Mr. Wenger more records are being collected for a popular and classical library and an expanded broadcast schedule has been established. 4. 1, Jett Baker is kept busy catologing the many new rec- ords that arrive. FRONT ROW: Tom Frank, Jeff Baker, Station Manager, Robert Linclstrom, Program Director. SECOND ROW: Juan Fals-Borda, Bob Olds, Roy Rogers, Mike Saunders. THIRD ROW: John Marino, Mardy Switzer, Jim Glenn. FOURTH ROW: Terry Reardon, Jett Bitzer. FIFTH ROW: Rich Anderson. " ii ' ti" N 'i'iai,ii .rw ' ii!H'iiHii pil 'i 74- FRONT ROW: Tom Pumroy, Vice-President, Sue Hancock, Sec- retary, Karen Hunter, Treasurer, Woody Longley, President SECOND ROW: Judy Neuman, Janice Butler, Sandy Men- sching, Char Widmer, Chuck Witt. THIRD ROW: Roger Todd S p a rta n Cl u b f Under the leadership of Spartan Club, Peters Commons was the sight of many pep rallies dur- ing the football and basketball seasons. A pep band and skits added spirit to help rally loyal support. School spirit needs the boost given it by students with pep and vitality and contributes to the enthusiasm at all sports events. Kathy Jones, Judy Hantelmann. FOURTH ROW: Jim Watt, Al Cady, Jeff Bitzer, Bill Westervelt, Judy Harlan, Cheri Gra- ham. FIFTH ROW: Jim Warren, Mardy Switzer, Laura Dennie. Give me a D! Members ot The cost of The Swimming Show. Two ot The girls assume one ot the complicated positions used in synchronized swimming. 76 dl, FRONT ROW: Bob Noth, Treasurer, Deon Stew- art, Jim Meyer, LeRoy Button, President: Scott Berry, Vice-President, Harold Knutsen, Secretary. This year There was no organized VVomen's Ath- letic Association, but some ot the girls, under The di- rection ot Mrs. Benz presented ci Swim Show in the ecirly spring. r D Club SECOND ROW: John Renz, Dick Faust, Jim Yod- Mooney, Bill Kramer, Tom Turner. FOURTH er, Bob Hamrick, Jim DeYoung. THIRD ROW: ROW: Tom Osten, Dick Fisher, Bob Matthiessen, Sam Limperia, Lee Beck, Dave Sage, Dick Tom Shirmany, Jim Frisch. The athletes privileged to wear a "D" try to promote good which they sponser. D Club members also compiled the materials sportsmanship and Christian fellowship in intercollegiate encdun- used in the programs tor the basketball and football games. ters. They sell refreshments at football and basketball games to ln addition the members also select the candidates for Home- raise money for a closed party and the Homecoming dance coming Queen. 77 9. .a, S' 1 -' W A 1-., A N -w AK ,-as S, .nk , ww. .R W, Esc Q. 4FmP"" W ww .1 4 S ,.,d. Q. -V .1 N '. 11:1 H: . . .3 ' 1 W Agfa ,ge " A , f 1" , , e ff K fs' , 141.6 fW,,. k 2 3319 ' Ki , ,cj - - , , my " -' 4' . :M was M ,- '. i fin X ' ws .43 :W R ,Q "71HAViifP,,,,,A. 5' gr 'U' 'f' M 1 K' :ff ,,,-ww - , in .,,K,,,KKK,.' 'Q V K- 3 KK: 51: ,E f KKM K-f ir? KK W K Kg .K KJ. KW K ,gn KKK! A 2, .K , K K M? , KK , 25,2 ..'-'L' - , ., H f, 'vs 'Z W Vg' . g ' ,. me - W ia"w ' . - ,f A - ,swf 'K 5' 1 W mf . Wg ' ,Q Q ws X ful- -5 M, . '1"S'i J' ' 24. , ' 5' M V 'KF L, .sf ,. ,. ' A ,Sp . r f ,- , ,L W. 1' 1,-5,g"i A7 :ui-If " , R ev , S' 1' J' 4,2 r Ilan! "iii A "'-' W N 'ng' ,,' E ', z., 4, if Wx Mania f' YA ba - MG, , 7 A v' J 5 .-.,.,. 'Mc 15 .M11 ., an X 1 ,f fe.,.v, 5 W M, -, , A ,S -- Ku, f ' - X fig' .tif 'W 3? if I ' J1':f-gk .f .-Nf ..1:,',g,. 5 ggfxf. A A -' ' : lf, " mit? ,N 3, L, u,, "1g 111' H ff-- A 4 ff W - . AQ, I W Q , ' wif jg ., 4 by yi - xg 'aT ?9E,ffT't ' 5? ',, 'gW'??Me"Q:" ,,f'f F'l'Q'.:zwa. 'F iw! --1. 'iii ja KK! , Jai. . , T- . ,K iLiKKg.j4.K3, K-K KK gQv6QZ31KL,?Ax:,k,' Ka3KK.iK gs gi K, v 'Q H T 'wifi f -si K f. '2 f , if x' ' ff. - 'f 2' E' J- "l W' f. 2 KY ff' .,,. W ' -," "V -Qgaflftafl, W. . ,Q "'- 'Q -s,f'L?'t 1' A' fi yi, L 'Q 1" .. 'X Jw S5 ,. ... VM M ' ' , W -3 . ' 1 ' - fW.f!11Q' wi 'W fi? 5-.5 Wm 'lg' 3 " ' J. ",,, ' i ' ,, ffl' 'A 'w . 4, 7 i 'L I 'MQW' " V 'W ,MW N . JK KKj.KK,whp, Mix ,..K KK , EKKK K:..2L5KKvKw,, af :K KKK' KK? .Jiay . K KKK. Wtlixq KKKKKK xigi1KK.KKf,f '- gigs M .ln 2-Z ...KK M. "1" , A S Y ,... 5354 if M H . :Ky KK SMKSK v 1 KKMKJJ W Q ,gKKK,y 55155 ,FK K g an M I, Wifi' .4 , - 3... 2 , iw 'VK ww- L W ,wil w " .4 QEWK -rf V-321' , f ' , x " Wfzz.- U! if + " ' -ff ..y'1,5? 'Z -ffpffixg-Hr . f . wi'-ffrffrg ' F gf .H f y 4 ' N ,V " ef' 52.5-f 't fy Dm f , K' 3: fam' if N , , 29.4, sl ASX f'::,f.. 'Q -L AK, . Q .is f -Kg, Kg g '35 V ' :Nl 5 if , " Q f' yf Qf' . Q' E A I 5' 5 I f y W '11 W: 5 W V6 ' ' wiv 7- ifffigi? ,T ' ' ,. 'Y LM 35? 4 if rf" 1 if ki! , ' N , .. W' if 5335.5 df' 1 R ' V ' ' A QW ., ,, 4, - . 'L f Q' if ' M. .He Wa K f 1 if w 77 in Q 3 'L , gf 'I ' my M f . . 51,45 . -wgi?--f'Sm. 'A' 2' ,eg . i we 'A Q my ' h 'M f- X . fwsm., V 'nf ,V mp., ' gi . H ,,,WV'j g.. 1 , ' 1 ' .w fy , K we I K,-3 ,, . 53, VU'-wi 'Vip' ,M N , -fm , w 5 .X Q ,Q ' HK, W V. 5. W QW ijt K ,Q ' . ' H N 9 H" ' ' w Wi' 25 if ,QQ 'TW' 'ff' ,fifil 'Hin 1 " ff ' fi K K :JK A JK 'bf ,LK L Le- 5,E5'LK , YNM' gf! f1.5g1"XvlKKKK-U .5 gif' 3' KKK, 'W ' . ' V 1 'ff'i.,2's.f'i:... f- ' ' X f- N' 95,4 44' ,., KKK' " 'zz' .5-1 f'f,,'.,, L' 5. sf , , 'Q ff ,, fi A Wfiff EEE 25 3? .... f LJ N " if N , 'f m-Q ' g ff' Q? H, 'ik Q a ,Q f 5 ., ' f ff Mi qi " 'Q .1 T , '- ",, , f .1 ' M ,ffiwgsgg gi 52 ,Z K Q13 K Q: Kg K, 5 Kg' 3 Q ' A -A H 2 "Tw 75 1, Q' 'Qin W, "WL, 3 -?5A5N 'gf , we ' 55 2,i,fl35i Q YQ gil , gf, Q 1 .- . ,,, gf ' if , 'f ' at " I if ' .... .f.- .- 3 :K f ,fx K5 , ' ' 3 1 N ,, , ,WH K, di.. - , K Q Ki 5 I Q Z.. K 1 .,'K IK if ' .. N W ft , ' . H- sw 1 QQ' r., I A' , is T , ' f ' 43 ? , V .N X9 'Y' if' gmtif' Q: f Y 321 Y 7515 Y F1 A ,J -5 E, fy ff' R H 9 13 ' ' ., ff .wx-'Y m'M9Yff 'A '.., M - mg 1,35 F Z 1 W i 4 2 . ., ' J. - y ., ,- Wil " ' .Q if 2 1? x K n" ff' " 'f ' 5 N' W 'SM J .f . 21,4 1 ... 'f f' ..... we ' ii f V HY- ' .Z 'iv Us W TT' I f "H ff' ' M' . 4 N ' ' ' ' f ' ff' f' ' .1 , - ? . 5 ' ' 'f . , f W, ,,.. . ,,,, ,,., L KKK .K , GREEKS fx N ,.,,-we. N i -f ,, l ex A gr A1 -X -' -Ja ' 1: 1 1 ,K ,,- m 3 Y - .,,: - In U' A Wy we ll 93532, ,-.1 o 19" Melody Campbell, Presideni Judy Rold, Secretary Carol Morrison, Treasurer Laura Dennie Sue Blair Marian Panici Toni Paulefto Abigail Perez Marlene Siegel Susan Stark Marcly Switzer Delta Phi Sigma . . . Deltas became autograph seekers as they got the signatures of the football team, coach, the Homecoming Queen, and court, on a football which they raFlled ol? at the Homecoming game. Their "Real Italian Homemade Spaghetti" sup- per and several Slave Days gave the Deltas more opportunities to work and have fun togeth- er. At Christmas they enjoyed a dinner given by honoraries Mrs. Benz, Miss Aithchison, Miss Roth- lisberger, and Mrs. Boehner. The honoraries as- sisted ottlcers Melody Campbell, president, Di- ane Strausberger, vice-president, Judy Rold, sec- retary, Carol Morrison, treasurer, and Myra Ryan, Panhellenic representative, in leading sorority ac- tivities. The spring closed party took the Delta's and their dates to an oceanside atmosphere for a "clam-bake." Not present when pictures were taken were Virginia Beck, Roxy Edwards, Johnni Kane, Nan- cy Pfiester, Myra Ryan, Marcia Stegman, Diane Strausberger, Miss Aitchison, Mrs. Benz, Mrs. Boehner, and Miss Rothlisberger. Hearts and Flowers Tea opens Delta rush. Delta pledges sing out in the Commons. il. ua .ir 'mr' .U Q' A VD wld if 1 11! ,pn 1 5 if fl, Y .ii-. , x 1 .fy W .. 1 . -' Fei .5 , P 1 1' ix 111" I fd- . -M :.-- . 5 'jf .V X gg' W ,, . P AE 'D M-fi -X ' ff , '17 L 'HY ,ECE , , ' - rr , ' l A ,F ti -,:pr...1" fm 1 uf ' w " K' " ,fy .. 1.5, we. . 2 -. L ,, ' . -I . . se'-' .,.2. x .sr 'v , N ,.-11 - 0 ,1 .v A., 4 .61 MT L . .. ., . 1 1 xx. 1 ::21.a1211ss 1, .- 1, ai' fi: if 1+ t,.ev4e21'1bii1. I , gp ,.., , q.. . . ,.:,.,f- 1 l 1 z ii x 1 I lf 4 . ' K l' cu- -,uf N ' 1' J I p . .- q if " Y' ,- ,if- - 1 re- - fr' L? xy .,,- 9 .Avy A ,-r 1 us 1 ...fs- . l X . ,K2.5s:f'.i:1 16 ii 1' i1 L 1 Q X Judy Martin, President Judy Hanson, Vice-President Dianne Clark, Secretary Ruth Ann Halsted, Treasurer Becky Bisgrove Roberta Boxwell Ruth Anne Cunningham Sherrie DeKlofz Saundra Gade Sue Haefs Sue Hancock Judy Hantelmann Mary Hotterber Mary Horton Joan Hummel Sharon Martin Edythe Mauer Kay Dawn Ogaard Kendra Schultz Shirley Specht Karren Thacker Barbara Weber Carol Weber Joan Weber Charlotte Widmer Marty Williamson Mrs. Agustin Pascual Mrs. Irwin Schueller Nina Anzzolin Sandy Braun Leslie Christensen Pat Groenwoldt Karen Hayley Karen Jepson Barbara Kelly Nancy Lewis Susan Smith Barbara Tooker Anita Ward Bonnie Warner Gamma Phi Delta The Gammas began two new activities this year: singing at a sister's serenade, and forming an octet which sang at their all-school "Somewhere" dance. Homecoming was a successful event tor the Gam- mas. One ot their members, Jane Gibbs, was crowned queen, and their float "Udder Defeat" won second prize. Gammas kept the campus supplied with food dur- ing their atter-Thanksgiving tood sale, and their "Food for Thought" in Stetlens and Severance Halls during final week. They must have eaten plenty them- selves because they managed to retain the Zeta Phi Scholarship Cup. At the Gamma's Sweetheart Swirl their own Char Widmer was crowned Key Queen, to the delight of her sorority sisters, who had created the beautiful white tree ot hearts which adorned the dance floor. Officers Judy Martin, Judy Hanson, Dianne Clark, Barb Weber, Ruth Halsted and advisors Mrs. Shell, Mrs. Scheuller, Mrs. Cochrane, Mrs. Farquar, and Mrs. Pascual welcomed twelve "Gamma Toads" dur- ing Heck Week. Closed parties, picnics, and dinners tilled out the year's activities, which ended with Flunk Weekend at Delhi. Not pictured are Norma Bulman, Jo Clark, Jane Gibbs, Mrs. Cochrane, and Mrs. Shell. l Becky Bisgrove helps prepare for Sweetheart Swirl l'm a toad, l'm a toad, l'm a toad! .Z t ' ,A ,N 1 i fn as 7, 1- 1 K, , ' ,L A... . I ' 1- - S :Jr 1 f A s . a f f J ' . + so fs 9 I . I - ..,, ,gr ff" ,L vw- Q . "' gm. V .h F 1 -'- .,, -1: i X " F-'T l fx " , , Q . Lf Q ' :Y sw ii ,, ' ' P W X , is, ik? .l-4 , 5. V.: Ml FMF draw' ' Myne. 'V if 5 .Zu Q . s . V ff -V l 1 A 3 5: P wa Kar , V '-' f. ' I 2. 1 Q -5,7 1 A ,ev 1,5 1" ' i ' - w ii . .1 ,, K, , , -v 1 will, ' qi , V ' 3 - 1- ' ZF'-f V . '- - I 7, A- 'Q x E- Q 4' 1 22' 'l .. llf g U V , V or .S 7' 2 ,-fi S .S . " 4- ' , 'D ,SK 'il 'T' I .fs 2 A , if Qs V 0 1, 'fl' Q23 ,I . J.. - is ax: lily ' f " i H 5- z S , " 1 l' 1 9' S ,- -QS I - all My Y - f ,J . ff Y 1 l . . if ., , l. ,i r L 84 Sandra Davidson, President Sharon Wunderlich, Vice-President Linda Harken, Secretary Barbara Grau, Treasurer Shirley Ackland Carol Bossman Laura Braaten Mary Chiles Carol Flage Ruth Flage Mary Hansen Jean Heitmann Sue LoRash Marilyn MacDonald Sandy Mensching Sandi Nelson Carolee Sannes Marlene Sfabenow Bonnie Tiloby Mariie Wilson J eanette Yoder Mrs. Howard Kucera Bonnie Anderson Carol Anderson Sandra Anderson Li M nda Bein ary Chaffin Kathlyn Charlton ' M argie Collissan Sue Durr Joanne Eidukas Susan Fi'fzSimons Sandy Ganfenbein Kafhy Jones Sandy Martin Judy Neumann Jackie Olson Winifred Severin Sheryl Weida .lu dy Wild Nancy Wilson Beverly Yonker Zeta Phi Zetas began the year with a get-acquainted tea for faculty women and wives, after which they chose two new honoraries, Mrs, Chester Buckley and Mrs. Howard Kucera, to assist honoraries Mrs. William Tupper and Mrs. William Zuker, and otticers Sandy Davidson, Sharon Wunderlich, Linda Harken, and Barb Grau, in leading sorority activities, Gay decorations and "merry-go-round music" helped the Zeta Cakewalk become the second highest moneymaker at the USCA Carnival. "Zetaburgers" and other food provided a welcome break from studying for residents of the girls' dorm during 'final week. Playboy Lounge opened the second semester tor the Zetas. Calendar girls' from "Around the World" dis- played their charms during the floor show while "bun- nies" tended to the needs of the guests. Zetas had many opportunities to work and have fun together by participating in closed parties, infor- mal showers, suppers, and Flunk Weekend. Not pictured are Mrs. Tupper, Mrs. Zuker, and Mrs. Buckley. Zetas entertain rushees with crumpets and tea Calendar girls give "Playboy Lounge" a foreign air. 'Tx 85 kb., FIRST ROW: Myra Ryan, President, Joan Hummel, Secretary, Judy Hanson. SECOND ROW: Sandra Nel- son, Judy Rold, Melody Campbell. THIRD ROW: Judy Martin, Sandra Davidson. Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council acts as coordinator of sorority activities on campus. Composed of the president, vice-president, and a representative from each sorority, the Council meets once a month with advisors, Dean Kronquist, Mrs, Johns, and Mrs, Davis, to plan and discuss activities connected with sororities. Besides regulating rush and Heck week, Panhellenic assisted with two community service projects: administration of Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine, and a neighborhood canvass tor the Can- cer Drive. This year's Council was under the leadership of President Myra Ryan, Vice-President Sandra Nelson, and Secretary- Treasurer Joan Hummel. and Inter-frat. FIRST ROW: Dean Furda, Tom Osten, President. SECOND ROW: Warren Williams, Bruce Schmidt. THIRD ROW: John Voorn, Craig Bowyer, Tom Shirmang, Dan Adler. Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-fraternity Council, under the direction of Tom Ostin, President, Gary Brammer, Secretary, and Dan Adler, Treasurer works to regulate inter-fra- ternity activities, improve social and scholastic stand- ards, and promote co-operation among the student body, administration, and other organizations. The Council sponsors a fraternity acquaintance day in November, regulates rush, pledging, and Heck ,I Week, works with the Panhellenic Council in planning the Presentation Ball, and sponsors inter-fraternity athletics in the Spring. 87 ?4 5 ,vi I , 1 W 'Sy Y M 7' j ' A rg' H 'il ' tj. , 2 L- il f f Y C ,X W el 7 fs Q rm L . Ts '- 4 Q .. in, ,X A s- guess 5, S+'-'E"" My l '2 3 1s .W ,, ,xv .. - f 'Q l x - rl . 1 i F Tom Rosenquisf, Presidenf Mike Borkhursf, Secretary Jim Yoder, Treasurer Dan Adler Dave Conner Mr. Charles Taylor Bob Bowe Bill Case Joel Christensen Mike Downey Jim Glenn George Sf. Clair Athenaean The Athenaeans' began the year with a September party at Crystal Lake, which was the first of many so- cial functions they sponsored throughout the year, in- cluding the annual "Black Orchid Nite Club." Athenaean's rivalled Pusateri's for pizza business on Sunday nights. Their many suppers featured extra fast service and reduced prices for all pledges after Heck Week. Spring activities included the closed party at the Royal Palais Ballroom with an afternoon stag smoker, and Flunk Weekend at Baraboo, Wisconsin. OFficers Tom Rosenquist, President, Jyrnie Larson, Vice President, Mike Barkhurst, Secretary, and .lim Yoder, Treasurer planned the year's activities to pro- mote a well-rounded program of scholarship and so- cial association within the fraternity in order to achieve poise and academic success. Athenaean advisors are Mrs. Kremer, Mr. Tom Turner, Mr. Merle Sandy, and Mr. Charles Taylor. . T . V I Fa- E . ., I I ,A ,.,. .. A DA :iii waits for orders from an active to clear the table. Pizza, pepsi, and protit. ig 'I e 4 .. ,. , .wc ,. IQ is if Re.: i P ,, , ee. J 1 ir? Izx, L? 4 i 'L-Wage, ,A if . Ii V i':,.1. ,W il - .Q e fi 'ri rirri we 5 sa as 415 .A jr- .r A 1 0 . J -' :J , 6' If . vi, I We ' . Q' ' L iw' 3 Y ,, X y g -'ff L -f s .' ,- , .QQ ' i -. 5 wv.-1, ' ' J 'V V Y I Warren Williams, President Lewis Lehnhardi, Vice-President Dan Piefrini, Secrefa ry Gordon Long ley, Treasurer Jeff Baker Bill Blum Craig Bowyer Gary Brammer Frank Covey Jerry Ganfield Chuck Jones Bob Pahnke Bob Rogers Hillary Sofigast Mr. Kenneth Nielsen Mr. LeRoy Vogt Benoni Abboa-OFiei Richard Baal .- ' ' 'T 5 ? 1 Ken Bian yy LMI - y I Jam slum F iii ' Hewitt Clark y Jim DeYoung Lee Dunn V N , Fred Easker ,ga -, -',' A Roger Ellinger , ,E-jf ,Z Gary Ferb , 'I aj: ' , Chuck Hawkins Iiv, g C' izv -. " Richard Leach ii new Bob Lechman . 'Terry McDonald 'J , ii ., -H5 , -V i 90 Larry Pollock Paul Puls John Renz Roy Rogers Roberi Roussell John Scehovic Steve Taylor Gary Thompson Dirk Von Beek Fred Walter Bill Wesfervelf Mu Sigma Beta Mu Sigma Beta strives to bring out the best in each member. "As individuals and as a group we try to add to the campus life at the University ot Dubuque. As equals in brotherhood we share in the common bond of fellow- ship." So said President Warren Williams, who was assisted by Lewis Lehnhardt, Dan Pietrini, Frank Covey, Woody Longley, and Bill Blum, officers, Mr. Nielsen and Mr. Vogt, advisers. ' Homecoming Parade spectators chuckled as the Mu Sig "Honorable Outhouse-" went by. Of course, no school year is complete without a Mu Sig serenade, even though there is no ladder to climb at the New Women's Dorm. Hilarious costumes abounded at the "Roaring 2O's" closed party in November. The Mu Sigs had the distinction of having the largest pledge class of 1963, twenty-five new members were in- itiated during Heck Week. Peters Commons never looked more beautiful than at the Mu Sig "Spring Gardens" dance. The year's activities ended with Flunk Weekend at the Maples. Not pictured are Craig Baker and Jim Deckert. J ll N 'fix A L 0 bill, Woody brings them in for the Mu Sigs Ain't Hell Week fun! .1 1: 'G' fi F 5: I N 1 'R 'Ei J ik iii Mullin , ,. . Y. --. .Q , .A ...hx . be '-a HH , fl' R "1 l 6 J - ' " E fr ,- ,g 1 -1 R, Pd? Q ry' . 23 . 1, Ig H Fc Hi: 4.:,1.iI ? ' W- , y ., I., Q.. . - J lu P B Ii '- B? .. W f " we ' Q ,R X A . lit- . ? 7' .sf up m ' , 'lf r--v T, , . ,sv F9 2 'ik N. i' il R. J A me .. fr M ng- H "" 1 ya, r . e T - I W. , V:5lEgV,:i. 5 ..s,.gsi.l... . o'-1 . r e- " he ' if-J . f V, , - ,. J K .N V Q If , ST' ll., -egg' , T e i as 5 1 X -Q -. , .. . gum I .., . X I i l 4 7, Agri -3 e I 'SL Tom Shirma ng, President Dick Fisher, Vice-President Ernie Marion, Secretary Sam Limperis, Treasurer Lee Beck Scott Berry Bob Buelow Ron Fisher Jim Frisch Bob Hamrick Ron LaMour Bob Matfhiessen Dick Mooney Don Moore Bob Nofh To m Oste n Dr. John Knox Coit Mr. Howard Kucera Mr. R. W. Sanclven Dr. Lester Shell Rick Anderson Dave Bacon Robert Carlson Chuck DeFarkas Chuck Denger Don Doughty Bob Johnson Bob H. Johnson Dozier Jones Keith Kephart John Marino Jim Meyer Dan Mitchell George Priedifis Warren Reininger John Salvaggia Donald Schultz Dean Stewart Frank Urich Richard Vaughn Richard Wildberger Phi Cmicron The Phi Omicron Fraternity was established to pro- mote a close bond of friendship among a group of men. All activities are planned to involve as many members as possible in a wide range of social, as well as community service, functions. From the reunion in July through the free all-cam- pus Christmas Formal, the inclusion of two more closed parties, the initiation of twenty-two new mem- bers, a new car wash record of 210, and six serenades, the year's activities have moved along rapidly and successfully. When the privilege of being houseparents in the girls dorm was purchased at the USCA Carnival, the boys raised havoc for a day, A steak fry and Flunk Weekend at Delhi culminated the year's activities. Officers this year were Tom Shirmang, Dick Fisher, Ernie Marion, Sam Limperis, and Harold Knutsen. Phi O advisors were Dr. Coit, Dr. Shell, Mr. Sandven, and Mr. Kucera, Those not present when the pictures were taken were Jim Fox, Jim Harris, Harold Knutsen, Nolan North, Ron Ruess, Corl Schiele, Jim Zimmer, and Jim Breed. Strange things happen on dress-up day! fx -c. X 4 -91' -sq, t A J g,'i 4 Q I ng WR- H lt' , 1' 1 " 5. J L - N4-. . fur.. ' :J -- 1 , . V, 4, A A M ,, ., ., ,. ,, 1 is . ,, A 1, ci jr T' J an I I " 'f"' In -. 'ii . f,' i' if I A 6 , - K 'sr , we aqgbf 'lmawvg - 'R - -- g' k, 'w,:-5, ei I "' 'fc W I i 'Hy' 1 is 3, 'iwsaiff " " es, J t. .df wx A-.Tl was :' ssi ' if S 4' ini 1, 1 - ,R . 2, , ,-, Bruce Schmidt, President Kent Hubbell Ken Jackson Jerry Beaver Jim Brady Steve Dodge Bogie Fabrycy Dan Frump Paul Harmon Jerry Jones Roger Loney Dave Mackenzie Bob Miller Martin Miller Gary Munson Ron Pearson Jerry Petitigoue Dave Sage Jim Schneck Al Van Ifen John Voorn Mr. Robert Adams Mr, Carl Ross Stephen Brinkman Gary Comer Scott Flaig Michael Follensbee Dennis Glass Kenneth Gould Dave Rafoth Richard Schumann Bili Svrlugo Larry Thetford Thirteener The Thirteeners began another busy year with a "back-to-the-campus" party for members in Septem- ber. They soon got to work cmd presented their an- nual "Autumn Leaves" Dance. The U. of D's first movable-float Homecoming Pa- rade proved to be a good testing-ground for Thir- teener ingenuity, as their "Orbit the Peacocks" float won tirst place. Other fall activities were the Home- coming Banquet, distribution of desk blotters to the student body and selling fruitcalce to "bring home to mother!" New Officers Bruce Schmidt, president, Kent Hub- bell, vice-president, Bob Miller, treasurer, Ken Jack- son and John Voorn, recording and corresponding secretaries, were chosen at the November election. Stag parties for the four members who were mar- ried during the year, car washes, flunk weekend at Baraboo, and spring party for graduates rounded out the year's activities. Thirteeners and their advisors Mr. Robert Adams and Mr. Carl Ross found that during the year they did much to achieve their goals of brotherhood, scholar- ship, and leadership. l l i l A Thirteener pledge models the latest - direct from Paris. The first place float at Homecoming. S 4 1 J I I 1 1 p " W Www M . xv- bggx, as :ez 1 .fmfw M , ..,4,,:3y,,. , NEW 1 M 5: ww 1: 1,-.Q.x,Y .Db A-. ,, ., lggmv Z is 1 .... 2222 7, xx l- -,P - ,fe 4 1. ' ei-magma .. ,, M -..rauaf-44p...: f I 'Lf' L ' A 'L , ' await: . f'2s3g1.ff""l?'k 'V' 'ff f . W 96 "' ' ' ' ' -' wmv- . -- Q-,,,-4,,...- A-.- ' ww- ffwwff' 'nl as 'E'-H..'!Wi?! 'H' X Ag-'.:':' in ATHLETICS Football With a squad of thirty-five freshman and nine lettermen, the University of Dubuque football team opened its season against a tough Luther team at Decorah. The Spartans managed one Touchdown against a stout Luther defense which came on a 56- yard iaunt by freshman halfback Mark Beichley, while Luther depth and power pushed across five touchdowns. At the final gun, the Norsemen were on top by a 35-7 margin. The Spartans got their first victory at home by outplaying Simpson 27-7. A solid defense combined with the hard running of Scott Berry and Mark Beichley for victory. The next Saturday again brought victory for the Spartans, this time a lO-7 triumph at Mt. Pleasant over lowa Wesleyan. The two teams played on even terms with one touchdown apiece but a third quarter field goal by Jim McNamara secured vic- tory. The Spartans' score came on a 32-yard pass from fresh- man quarterback Dave Bacon to Dave Conner. I ROW 'I - Harold Knutsen, Scott Berry, Lee Beck, Richard Fischer, LeRoy Buf- ton, Tom Shirmang, Jim Meyer, Dean Stewart, Jim Yoder. ROW 2 - William Svrluga, Dennis Pogose, Richard Anderson, David Conner, Jae Croce, Mark Beichley, David Bacon, Jerry Jones. ROW 3: Thomas Weinhold, Don Schultz, Ray Gibson, Bob H. Johnson, Keith Kephart, Bob Lechman, John Marino, Joel Dieken, Keith Hensler, James Glenn. ROW 4: Robert Carlson, Ron Ruess, The Wartburg Knights inflicted the visiting Spartans' secon loss, 2l-O. An inspired line held the Spartans to IOO yard total offense, while the Knights were operating successfully o the ground and in the air, The University's Homecoming was darkened by l9-O pound ing at the hands of a powerful Upper lowa team. The hom team displayed its usual highly-determined attitude, but wa clearly out-manned. Highlight of the game was the excellen performance of lineman Dean Stewart. A trip to William Penn next proved to be unsuccessful as the mighty Statesmen emerged on top by a l2-6 score. With each team grinding out a third quarter touchdown, the game wa played on even terms until Penn broke loose for another scor in the last period. Fumbles proved costly for the Spartans, but the team began to show definite improvement. Larry Smith, Richard Meier, George Plant, James Breed, George Prieditis, Kirk Hauser, Mike Barkhurst, David Boaz. ROW 5 - Dozier Jones, Terry Rear- don, Warren Reininger, Haynes H-orbaugh, Don Greer, James McNamara, John Haines, Charles Witt, Paul Clare, 'Bob Nath. ROW 6 - Tom Greena- wald, Robert Johnson, Coach Evans, Gordon Krick, Carl Schiele, Don Doughty, Charles DeFarkas. Side line conference enables Coach Evans to guide the team to victory. The Parents Day crowd witnessed the Spartans' fifth setback, at the hands of Central, i3-6. The game looked bright in the first quarter with a strong defense supporting a touchdown plunge by scoring leader Mark Beichley, but the Flying Dutch- men came back to tie the score at halftime and went on to score again in the third quarter and retain possession of the "Victory Bell." As the last two games of the season approached, the Spar- tans' previous performances consisted of a strong defense but an inconsistent offense. This was again the case against Buena Vista as the Beavers outplayed the Spartans, 6-O. Although the score was close, the Beavers consistently dominated play and forced their visitors to fumble three times within a short period of play. i 962 Football Record Dubuque ...... 6 35 ........ . . . Luther Dubuque ...... 27 7 ... . . ...,. Simpson Dubuque ...... lO 7 . .. .... Iowa Wesleyan Dubuque O Qi . . . .... Wartburg Dubuque ...... O i9 . .. .. Upper iowa Dubuque ...... 6 T2 .. . William Penn Dubuque ...... 6 13 . .. ...... Central Dubuque ...... O 6 . Buena Vista Dubuque ...... 6 40 . . . ..... Parsons The final encounter and undoubtedly the toughest of the long season was with the undefeated conference champions from Parsons. The Spartans played well but the competition was too stiff as the Wildcats struck early and bull-dozed their way to a 40-6 victory. Lineman Dozier Jones did an admirable job in holding national small college scoring leader Nate Cradclock to shorter than average gains. Happy but exhausted, Coach Evans is pleased with the teams victory. , YA Sideline strategy is being discussed. Q . 1 ,i i in Mork Beichley on his woy To ci Touchdown Scott Berry scoots around left end To goin Ten yords. 100 Beichley rcsces downfield for cmother big goin. Spclrfon offense breaks Through The line. 16, 52, 35, hike! r le ll .W 101 UQ BasketbaH University of Dubuque's basketball team opened its twenty- three game schedule on December l with a TOO-83 loss to St. Ambrose. On March 2, the Spartans completed the season by dropping a lOO-74 effort to Parsons, the Conference champions. Between these two dates, the Spartans treated their followers to a number of exciting basketball matches. Very little was expected from the 1963 squad, since four of the five starters were inexperienced freshmen. Nevertheless, the team played brilliant basketball at times and managed to de- feat at least once all but three of the conference foes. Final league record was 6-T2 which placed them sixth in the Iowa Conference, the composite record was 8-l5. At home the Spartans were 7-5 but were unable to win a single en- counter on the road in eleven tries. The season had its high and low points. Many considered December l5 as the brightest part of the year, for then Dubuque edged the T962 conference champions, Buena Vista, in an 80- 76 overtime thriller, thereby gaining its first victory in twenty- tive starts over a two year period. Another high spot came on January ll, the night the Spar- tans downed then undefeated Central Dutchmen, knocking them out of the league lead. Lowest point of the winter came on March 1, when the Spar- tans lost to Iowa Wesleyan, 64-55. This was the second time Dubuque lost to the last place Tigers who won only three con- tests all season. STANDING: John Scehovic, Lee Dunn, .lim Burns, Frank Urich, Haynes Harbaugh, Craig Bovvye-r. KNEELING: Devon Arp, Bob Barth, Ray Perlberg, Hank Bentz, Fred Van lten. n:1:1'5's , QQUU, S5 U0 D 2 if I .4 if in Q if ll 1962-63 BASKETBALL RECORD UBUQUE 83 .... UBUQUE 67 .... UBUQUE 58 .... UBUQUE 74 .... UBUQUE 80 .... UBUQUE 55 .... UBUQUE 72 .... UBUOUE 59 .... UBUQUE 82 .... UBUQUE 71 .... UBUQUE 52 .... UBUQUE 67 .... UBUQUE 82 .... ST. AMBROSE PLATTEVILLE STATE UPPER IOWA SIMPSON BUENA VISTA CONCORDIA LUTHER WARTBURG CENTRAL WILLIAM PENN PARSONS IOWA WESLEYAN PLATTEVILLE STATE UBUOUE 64 .... UPPER IOWA UBUQUE 51 .... CONCORDIA UBUQUE 54 .... BUENA VISTA UBUQUE 63 .... SIMPSON UBUOUE 86 .... WARTBURG UBUQUE 77 .... LUTHER UBUQUE 47 .... WILLIAM PENN UBUQUE 61 .... CENTRAL UBUOUE 55 .... IOWA WESLEYAN UBUOUE 74 .... PARSONS NAL RECORD: 1 1 Sixfh Ploce - Iowa Conference 15 Composite Record I I I , H Civ? V" I of I 271. I I I ' ' Q? 1454. , T,4,.Q,, .g,M,,,, A, Q PUUI K'riTz drives horcl for Two points LZ E.,Q , ...,,, , If Vg-ff ,W 3'51N,: I QUT kt ' - Q41 fiftgwf ?:M"f s . 12: 39 I K4 N i . g:zT',i,iMf is sm, mf? LW. M , 4 f Q ,.L, A-:: I.. x + Y, . Wigs' Lv 4' ,A Kriiz jumps high To score one of his mciny gools. Couch Buckley encourages The Team in on off court conference All eyes follow The bull os Von lien hits for Two. fl wk u-Q xi is ,, N ,,s,A ,V l . ,L rg -aww k :i - ,ix "vs, V .. : 5 , W - ff -' . 105 Wrestling Bob Noth wolks off with another victory, placing him fourth in his dl vision. 1962-1963 Record DUBUOUE ...... 23 7 .... UPPER IOWA DUBUQUE ...... 15 9 . . . . . SIMPSON DUBUQUE ...... 24 5 . . . PLATTEVILLE DUBUOUE ...... 17 13 . WARTBURG DUBUOUE ...... 13 17 . . , .... AUGUSTANA DUBUOUE ...... 11 17 ... ....... LUTHER DUBUQUE ...... 19 1O ... ... PLATTEVILLE DUBUQUE ...... 19 13 ............ PARSONS DUBUQUE ...... 12 15 . . . VVHITEVVATER STATE DUBUQUE ...... 35 2 .......... ELMHURST Knox Invitotionol -tie for fifth ploce Wheoton lnvitotionol - tie for sixth ploce lowo Conference Meet - third ploce Som, Limperis eyes his opponent for o pos- Conference on the mot results in o victory for the Sportons. sible opening. ,.,, 'U sigQia -V My Yessy.. 1:,,, V4 -vmrtl.. ' , was was ,WW Bob Noth, Bob l-lamriclc, Bob Bowe, Sam Limperis, Don Doughty, and Charles Hawkins. A fifth place tie in a field of seventeen teams at the Knox Invitational Meet gave the Dubuque Spartans an encouraging start in their first meet of the season. LeRoy Button tumbled his opponents for a first place in the heavyweight division while Bob Nath and Bob Bowe grabbed fourth places in their respec- tive divisions. The Wheaton Invitational Meet saw Bob l-lamrick and Bob Bowe capture second and third places in their separate weight classes while the Spartans finished as a team in a tie for sixth. Bowe, Sayers, and Noth captured seconds, l-lamrick a third, and Doughty, a fourth place to enable the grapplers to secure third place in the rugged lowa Conference Meet. Dubuque's 39 points were only surpassed by VVartburg's 49 and Conference champion Luther's 58. Bob Nath breaks his man on the way to a pin. FRONT ROW: John Solvcnggio, Som Limperis, Bob Bowe, Bob Homrick BACK ROW Dick Fisher Bob Nofh, Bob Johnson, Geary Sayers, Don Doughty. Refurning leftermen Hcumrick, Limperis, Nofh, ond Buffon combined vvifh sophomore Bowe ond fresh- men Bitzer, Solvoggio, Doughty, Sayers, ond Johnson to form The nucleus of The feom. Solvoggio, Johnson, ond Fisher filled vocclied positions during second se- mester ond helped The Sporfons To ci 7-3 record in duol me-ef competition. The Hnol ond mosf lopsided meet for The season resulfed in five pins ond o forfeit for The Dubuque wrestlers To crush Elmhurst 35-2, Don Doughty foes up his opponent h 109 A N Moy I have this dance? Soccer :lsr swift V l 1 T l' u. 2-?g?g,?tAgn gi- pi Y... it fi reggae it Y i .fax .Q-9' ' i ,I Bogie Fobrycy, Len Echols, Frank Covey, Juan Fals Borda, .left Bitzer, Benoi Abboa Offei, and Paul Velsor. The Soccer Club's i962 season consisted of two home matches and four road matches. The team was successful once on the road and once at home. The highlight of the season came with the 7-O shutout of Northern lllinois at DeKalb. Two outstanding features of the game were a solid scoring punch that brought several early goals and a sound defense which allowed the well-coached Huskies to remain scoreless. This year's squad was captained by veteran Benoni Abboa- Offei and had a nucleus of nine returning players. New players improved rapidly and supported the solid play of the veterans as the club faced the toughest schedule of its young history. DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE DUBUQUE 1962 Record l 5... O 7... 4 4... . . . . IOWA STATE ..... GRINNEL . . . . . . PLATTEVILLE 5 l ............ PLATTEVILLE 7 O ..... NORTHERN lLLlNOlS O 5 ........... MacMURRAY Cross Country Conference Champions CHAMPIONS Terry McDonald, Jim WaTT, Paul Skelly, Jack Renz, and Dave Sage. Wifh Three refurning leTTermen, Dave Sage, Jack Renz, and Paul Skelley, Two new coming freshmen, Terry McDonald, Jim WaTT, and sophomore John Voorn who ran as a pusher aT home meeTs, The Team was off To an exciting season. Terry McDonald and Dave Sage, running in ThaT order, paced The distance runners To an unclefeaTed season of conference compeTiTion, To second place finish in The Les Duke lnviTaTional Meef aT Grinnell, and finally To firsf place in The Iowa Conference Meef. The Spantans Won The conference meef wiTh 53 poinTs edging ouT WarTburg's 61 and LuTher's 63. The Conference Championship was The high poinT of The sea- son for The Sparfans and Coach Mercer. McDonald won The meeT in a record Time of 15:O8.2 for The 3.1 mile course breaking The old course record of former Dubuque runner Pefer Boyd. Sage sprinfed To Third place, Renz, Tenfh, Skelley, elevenfh, and Waff, Tweniy-eighfh. Non-conference opponenTs, PlaTTeville and Cornell, ouT- disfancecl The Dubuque runners for Their only Two defeafs of The 1962 season. 1962 Record Dubuque 23 33 . . . Simpson Dubuque 30 27 . . . PlaTTeville Dubuque 30 35 . . . Parsons 58 . . . ..... Penn Dubuque 28 28 . . . Warfburg Dubuque 27 58 ..... ..... P enn Dubuque 21 43 ...... . . . Parsons 58 Penn lat "Kes Members are: Tom Osten, Richard Baal, Frank Urich, Bob Matthiesson. Matthiesson lines up his ball for a put. Golf The golf team featured the steady swinging of Walt Hodge and Bolo Matthiesson who set the pace throughout the season as the top two men. Despite the dismal showing in dual meets, the season had several bright spots. Highlight of the year was the District 15 N.A.l.A. championship at the Drake Relays. Walt Hodge emerged District l5 in- dividual champion as he took medalist honors for the meet with a 68. Augustana . . . Wartburg .... Drake Relays .. Platteville .... Luther ..... , . . SCI .......... Conference Meet Platteville ...., 112 RECORD 4-l l 6-9 3rd Place 5-19 6-9 6M-8b 5th Place 7-23 Walt Hodge Bob Matthiesson Walt Hodge Walt Hodge Walt Hodge Walt Hodge Walt Hodge Walt Hodge KNEELING: Jim Blum, Steve Brinkman STANDING: Jim DeYong, Eiob Pahnke, Don Moore. Tennis The University of Dubuque's tennis squad experienced a poor season in 1962, winning only two of its ten engagements after having won two consecutive lowa College Conference Cham- pionships. Although Jim Blum and Jim DeYoung, the Spartans' top men, opened the season by placing second in the Conference Doubles Tournament, they were unable to get the team rolling until its fourth outing when it won its first meet, beating Wart- burg, 5-2. The Spartans won again the next time out, down- ing Platteville, 5-2, but then proceded to lose their remain- ing five contests. As a result, the squad's final record was 2-8. However, it did manage to place fifth in the Conference Meet, May i7-18. The Spartans' only bright spot in 1963 was its number one netman, freshman Jim Blum, who won six of his ten matches during the course of the season. Date April April April April April May May May May May May May I9 20 23 26 27 i 3 7 i0 ii I4 17-i8 Record Conference Doubles Tournament .... ....... Augustana 6 . . . Loras 7 ...... SCI 5 ....... Wartburg 2 .. Platteville 2 .. Luther 4 ....... St. Ambrose 7 .... Coe 6 ......... Augustana 7 . .. Loras 6 .......... Conference Meet , . . Hunid DeYoungl2ndi Dubuque i Dubuque O Dubuque 2 Dubuque 5 Dubuque 5 Dubuque 3 Dubuque O Dubuque i Dubuque O Dubuque l lDubuque placed 5thi FRONT ROW: Terrry McDonald, Keith Hensler, Dave Sage, Keith Kephart, Gary Mittlebusher BACK ROW: George Prieclitis, John Renz, Dozie Jones, Harold Knutsen, Scott Berry, Bob Nath. Track As the snow melted Dubuque trackmen were preparing for the first indoor track meet in late February. Nine freshmen made up one half of the Spartan team and gave it a needed boost. Senior Scott Berry and freshman Terry McDonald were con- sistent performers. Berry heaved the shot put to a new record of 51' SW' in the Conference Meet, but left a mark of 52' 3" at Beloit Relays. McDonald set the pace in distance running with his two mile run of 9:40.45 at Elmhurst Relays setting a record there and at the U. of D. In Conference Meet McDonald raced to first place in the mile tying the mark of former Spar- tan, Peter Boyd, at 41218. Some other accomplishments of individuals who consistently participated well were: Bob Noth tossed the discus over 142 feet for a new school record, Dave Sage placed second in the 880 yard run and third in the mile at the Conferena Meet, vaulting a new school record at the Conference Mee Larry Polsky placed second. Also at the Conference Mee the iavelin was hurled by Bob Leachman for first place. Th composite score of the Conference Meet placed Dubuque sec ond by only one point over Wartburg. The Spartans won th iavelin, shot, and distance medly relay as well as placing in tht discus and pole vault. l At the Iowa Teacher Relays first place in the shot and place in iavelin and discus were earned by the Spartans. Beloit Re lays brought a first place in the shot and places in the iavelin discus, mile run, and pole vault. Bob Noth and Keith l-lensler were both awarded varsitf letters in track to make them each triple letter winners. W I I ir' th Breakin his former record Berr uts the shot 9 1 Y P 52' 3". Record Indoors Coe Won North Central Third Place Beloit Lost State College of Iowa Third Place Wartburg . 69W Dubuque ..... 6IV2 Augustana 7I V2 Dubuque .... 59V2 Luther . . . 98Vs Dubuque .... 32216 Platteville . 72 Dubuque ..... 59 Upper Iowa 36 Dubuque ..... 91 Polsky vaults and clears the bar to set a new school record. 1 Record Outdoors Cornell Relays Iowa Conference Relays Iowa Teachers Relays Beloit Relays Elmhurst Relays Third Place Conference Meet . . . . . . Second Place Terry McDonald, who won honors at the Conference Meet and 3 year letter winner Dave Sage sprint to place Ist 81 4th in the mile. 115 - J it X Coach Schiele adds his two-cents. Date April April April April May May May May May May Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Dubuque Record 9 l 5 2 7 O O O 9 3 2 l2 7 6 4 3 6 4 Upper lowa .... . . . 3 Upper Iowa .... . . . 9 Central ...... .. 3 Central .... Wartburg . . Wa rtburg .... . . . Parsons .... Parsons .... Luther . . . Luther . . . Platteville .... .. . lO William Penn William Penn Simpson ..... . . Simpson . . . Platteville .... . . . Buena Vista . Buena Vista . . . . . . . Baseball ln playing only their third season since baseball re-established as a varsity sport, the University of Dubu Spartans soared to a highly respectable lO-8 compo record. Although Dubuque was not highly regarded by the season experts, it compiled a winning lO-6 Iowa Coll Conference mark and challenged for the league penn late in the year. It lost the championship on the fi day of the season by .Ol8 percentage points but more games than any other team in the conference. The squad was led by its heavy-hitting third basem Bob Buelow, who batted .358 and soclced five home r and by pitcher Al Van lten, winner of seven of his ei outings. Right fielder Tom Turner also made several v contributions to the team's effort and was accordin voted the Leadership Award by his teammates. The Spartans played good ball for most of the seas They split their first three double-headers but gradu rolled into high gear, winning their final six confere engagements. Star pitcher Al Van lten congratulates star hitter F Van lten as they lead the Spartans to a successful seaso T" -L V , 'l Um ll r The powerful hiffing of Tom Turner odded needed punch To Sporfcn Vicfories. FRONT ROW: John Marino, Chuck DeForkos, Ron Defronco, Tom Turner, AI Van Hen, Keith John Scehovic, Dick Mooney, Richard Anderson, Lee Beck BACK ROW: Kramer-,Carl Sghiele Hensler, Bob Buelcvw, .lim Breed, Roy Gibson, Tom , Fred Van Ifen. 117 N Qin K ,CJ I X 1 X Y' if , my Y 7,1 W .- . Q 1,- - s I .Q .,.. dl f ......-.,i. M ,J 2 s 1 55 ,5 1" f 4 y 4 Char Widmer, Cheri Graham, Laura Dennis, Sandy Mensching, Judy Hanfelmann. ll I ll Come on you guys, UN, 5 n W N , K let s hear if! -A---4 - hw :yu an 1 ms , me . W ' 'F - ' 'xiii w, ,ri-Aww, ' 3' 'Q ii!-,,Ss2?5 m m wn"H,1'M53g3 531, W LEE? "4 vm 'sfiymsas ' W 1' - 5:11 Q1 I-93- 9-Q1 1 N X .wc "21!l.u,, -1 .:::':'.'.:.-- Kim-ww Q g if H W , lfrimggggm ' 118 Cheerleaders "Fight on Spartans down the field . . . " This familiar line was led by energetic U of D cheerleaders. Their activities began this year with a Pep Rally for freshmen during New Student Days. Succeeding rallies consisted ot humorous skits often held in Peters Commons. Under the supervision ot Mrs. Benz, they cheered at football and basketball games. ln addition they were present at wrestling matches to encourage the Spartans. The '62-'63 cheer- leading squad was composed ot tive girls and one alternate chosen by the Student Senate and the Pres- idents ot each campus organization. 3 Electrified by Homecoming spirit, Cheri Graham rallies the stu dents in a Spartan cheer. l Cheerleaders lead excited Homecoming crowd in traditional snake dance. 119 W fx WWW' N1 M, M i u i 'H J!! 3 - I ,,:v.r g ?mw Wuwiwqw Aw N .1 'Gy A . . , A W 6' W- -+1J . ,- , fi . h in ,pg gl lil l'1KIQhilQ fini " 5-1-fm-v 0""""' X A WWW ,ig .HQQQQ pa gn Yulvli indian X! 995 r-Q , ,Xf - I, I A A- G'11n.1pBe In WS,iQ5,w.,, ' In l "1 M 7011? Futui ww! V- . ' ,I Wfggliw' 1 1 College ,npr Qi1'0xnz P wi 1- - ' fix: ,, v wg vm' 'Mu 5, , ff., ,L-Fiat, 'owfuws 1 wi 1-U P 145 S-QWW" K W X a..--W " z,-:W H -iiiif 1' G' EV! ' NB SW H" , I :ami 11 ' N 52254 M11 Y' W ' ' Nw .w.,gwv X ,. , Ln, maxi- " M ,,f.,mQ3wG'N" ' ' ' fi ,J .---ax - : f' L il " 'gf smmlw:d9iWfsfga:Hr'?fEQ,,,, f ,,,A ,y,,,.-1 Q uni f X H, .1 ini Q.-.fqm - f ' H- , 1 iw . .gy -'H : 19 az-Lf rl 1- ie'-GN . mpg A if . 15,-1 -51 sw: ' , . . ' :wg Am uw, , E l , 'gm gz mv QEZWW ' H 1 HW 1 "ww, , H S , Y 2-fn ' f 2+ ' mu, 1 w!'!1zwwv!',,"' w 111 W '5fsj,,2f5'qg5P"1w H Q3 il rf , uw Nw NM, 1 Q- 6 0' tv' 4 fn' V 's. M. ,,. ww., , , 'MM .!g:5sgm,gf 51422 u Egg ,ff W a xL,5.':ii JI In "'-I I 111-'ba-rice 4 .kj Iqyvn A Acqua Deny Mg ' GEM K 'J K I1 if 7-31 'r 1-1 m bx..,,1 .af ns M X ' len J' x x" ,vw A A " Y .x E ,lp . 13 'I N X Cr 4? wiki 1 . le E s wxaagfq-qi, f JZ: 1 . wi' -W A ,W as . x . 1, . , C ,pr H M,. My 65 f - .s ' 1 5 x RQ: , qv? -an 1 y Y - ,bf , Qi' N xl' 6.4 . -5, ,,w: , Mmw- N w,.v N.. E J... 5 J- , gy A L.-Q i VV Q! A 1 iw hr? ,,. J,J.,.- PM V ' H "'j'w 44-'Q'-.f1Lf-W 'Uaf-Y-fa- .--W fW Jff'i'L.-ff' m -et V X v ...Nw V H ,bp -J r -lbjma J MJ- G L64 W,-1' M:',,., 5 ff Fl, A EE , f, 1 - v' V ,. 45 f 5 3' ' if-' FJ, ' ,H "1 ,- --f "" A "W "fm 4-'L' ,. .1 ,NIJ DU'31'C, Y-4 3? , 5f'f""A .V+-'i ff , f.r'?3' :gn-M ,Jw-P"'f -I,'5""'f,5,f-"'1 ,'..f-'f"'1.", h""'f ',!.!'v' ' J 3 U' Nfxfs-xiii' .lf 'Q , , ...fu A-f"' hiv' -- W" -..-'I' ,-lf' , M 3-'L' .4 . A is ,, 5-lp 4553,-. Y Fin? g2gd4N,g?F ,, nJ,J,4i:2lA:,7'1J-wgfihf uM,,-: Ll N J. f-flN'FA,,,.rl -4 , Y' gk.-3" ,962 3 -." ,sv'4"' SW" 'ww rl , I ff' -'WI Qlljv -. 1',.f"'. 'Jg J":i,.w-gi. ig A'L.,,mffi3':!iM..w ii' ,lf"::Ex.,., ,g,.5f,': :F f' . 61 .. .:,,.Tj'i..2,,,.' an 1 Fan,-.fir i5,,f:.i :ggtm L Muffy J,,g,.1K. My ,ffl h , : " . L f ' .5 "'f 1- "J ' -f V . jf- - 'Q JN' ,, " 'A .W , -- ff- 'fm-S ff W' :aff lf- . - f..fff"'1.,.!f1-Wfff'ff-ff' ,w"'?fN1'dav. May -- FJ K7 " -'ff "4 ifffi .il-'hd ,,j"'v 'Aj-""1.'x ,iifvp-1 " I-"W: -he 'F' fp-1 il' -I gaff' ' ' . L' 'V' "' 9 4 'g:,Z..J"' AHL' .J . Ji" '- r"'-, .,r5"f' if-" f-19? f-'Af !'t51",a 5 -- F 1...f3 ,,, . ,P . H..-: -S. 1 pf A. .W ' V- , M21 Q u- l :psf , M ff' Jwp. lNl,.,Jf S1 ,..s" 3 . V 1 .L if? x- Iv..-4? H W HU MIM.--, rl fx .6-i'LA,,ui"'f'g".,f1"' fi- ' Jw 2 - . pw' "2 " " ,rw M: ' 4,-W ,uf-4 J, A ai 1 . J 5522. iflpr- .J lm, X EH, 'Q ,liifglx yJMV,..f HJ gp' I :LN-Av 5.5. .. S 'y- if " ' , , ,, .,f" -' , ,, . , :rf f .1 .-af",-2 ...f 1 ,JH -- Aff ,w'f'fiQWi ff- W fl .J f' '-,P--ff ff-fl, ff' 415 ""g1.f W 1 ,M ngrti--'nf Jw? w Q, J.-1 gn up ,Z J .za ' rj, l rkrw, JL? A - fl'-:Lf-. If lm -,J J- LM4L,.!vjg5 JJ W -'sw-I Liga E ' y Q:3'g,w'f"' ,W "'?4g f , ,,,f'2"' k.w"r Q aw" ,3,. X Ag-a""7'. idly' " lf'fffhjflb-A,4f1'Qw2,31gfj'MQw, JhH5i""i-' A-i5'2"":ifS":""Q'f-"' f'L':"f ff" "'7l,fw1""A"-M" "JM-WT ,aff-Alf? " 'isfrvkwi - , 4 p, 'X 5, r 5 Y- Z --' f,J,'A.M ,-'i ..ig,:f',f 5:-"V 1-.3 ,, 0, 'J' .i,.-fff,,iAQ?'f21i WLT! fi, WZQJJ2, 11r "fj,4 1- M-f - j,f.:.Hf'.3 ff., R wa ,.. af - .- ,. ,gm - ,Jf ', ,g 13:9 Q, ' , - .. ',-, , may M- -Lf-Q ,fp .,,,, ,A ,H .MJ M., 1 PL wish ' ' f,yfi'f:'r,.: :7""' if 3J:,V'fJ-:pf-in 3.15f'5"7 ,, 13-f""fN'Qf ,f"Wf,i ffm ,v1.,.H, gwgls- ' 'Ei ' -F ,I sw' .ff ij,-V ',, i!"" F if-"4 - pf ., -f ,J:1Q,. Vila aS1?f,,f,f: af , we 'M ..fwY0l1,!9a 1 V -H ., qv- " ' I"'f"N:gw "M H ' xv- ,,..-. Q ,HxawM , QCSU 53 i -V e in ey W W vw 2. A-g"'3Tf4tq ' l M 7 'glam' A,-Q, iii X - Eg: ,- ,zz Q1 f .K - L.QQ4lVERSXTY CNIC SYMPHONY ,yi If CH ,,A.i N , . if -gixj f Vi I V: ' f f l- J il T i vluvgf MMIWWD. cnpdtlfln. f ' H ": ' "0U!ili v1mx's.n'skfW i , ss J. .Zigi if ,,. . NVE J' 'R wLis"1,X'g,i5mE: ,, AV :mt wg' -U L 4 N 2 Zfif 6, 0 xi' , wx 2 440 ffif M :-: -W , ' -Ae W H I, 4 wifi : UQWQZ, - A ' 5' p A ' ' 4 f' AwM my J ar QE 120 Vfw .1 x x x ..4. TI-IE: x E- R RW,-. 13115 NX 'LTCQITE CHOIR 3 uk 5 :,A., f "'V, ' :.. - E Fzsr Z :E ,F . -' -A.- . A t,i , I jj 1 '5 5l 5W z ' Q ,I N' N I . .7,. N ng.. Q3 , - ef 0f Sr :Q 5 i Us it f 1f"g T3 ,M R Y' Qs X C: X, QQEPV In EVENTS WE Quan V q AAIY, :N 'D 'gybp 15,5 0, YN M - bi 'eww Swim. , M li N' S"""1 M, 121 The Freshman look. Scott Flaig on the trampoline. New Student Days On Monday, September IO, l962, there arrived on the University of Dubuque campus individual students who were to form the class of l966. In one short week students molded themselves into the "spirit of '66," or as they were often heard to say to sophomores, "stupid, scintillating, scatterbrained freshmen." Energy plus came with the Class of '66 and that's exactly what one needed to survive the many trips from the family car to the dormitory to get unpacked. With one's belongings in his room and his parents on their way home, roommates and new friends received priority. An introduction to language by Carl W. Geffert began an intellectual quest the first evening on cam- pus, and following early the next morning an exten- sive battery'of tests greeted the freshmen. Registration made the freshmen a whole student, that is, made him an expert at standing in line and signing his last name, first name, and middle initial to endless registration materials. 122 Sheryl Weida sways the audience. 3' n Ni ,itil ,ik fm , me 1 N. . vs ZH Zi Q SKA I iksi ...Q 5 2 5 Q 1 2 ,K ..r 'RE1i,iaQr5 -N ,L lm 4 X11ia:L1l ,. Q if yi ii ibn Y' 2 g ,'1Vi5l,2i fvfiifiii 'X I5 1731- Wx' 31 ' x A 311 Q- A J -gf s -' X Lf, W Q, -- ,,,...- ..... -, 5L K. gi 1 n, 1 - xl q., WMS . 1 T A 6, N M jkyvw 9. 2 3 1 E w ' . 4 4 1 1 Q 3 s . 2 I - 1 7 A Q f Y' , i l lv",-V' , iam 2 u-3 15 'ui iff 1 .v ,Q ff' 'dl -,, ,' ' 1- . 'QV' ' J' In nfnukfni' M xv' fi . mfr-- '?"" - 'ggii' HL. h ,-- 'ws .-L. . .fn-" ..,d- Homecoming Homecoming 1962 was officially opened with the crowning of Jane Gibbs as Queen Friday, October l2, in McCormack Gymnasium. Following the Coronation, a snake dance was formed and Twisted its way to destination bonfire where the students' spirits matched qt Q the frenzy of the flames. X ln revising a custom lately 'forgotten a parade was formed in downtown Dubuque, The floats all in Y V ' g keeping with the Homecoming theme "Spartan Count- down" kept the school spirit alive and burning, r AY ready for the big game. re. A gif: if ,V s .. 1 - ' 1' 4 J ,., -'x Judy Luke, Homecoming Queen i96i, crowns Jane Gibbs Queen 1962. Applause for a happy Queen. 124 Pot Summers Freshman Attendant Ft! tt! w ' i ,J C311 Ginn x Queen June Gibbs Ruiudu Tercxphcxtcnukul Sue Hancock Becky Bisgrove Senior Attendant Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant 125 Upperclassmen Triumph in The baTTle of The bonfire. AlThough The day was "AOK" The SparTan's brillianT Takeoff was Tarnished by The final score, and The Peacocks flew home wiTh The prize. However The spirifed sTudenTs and alumni ended The day dancing aT The ball sponsored by The LeTTerman's Club. lnferspersed Throughouf The weekend's acTiviTies were many Teas and gef- 'rogeThers in The various ResidenT Hall lounges where The i962 Homecoming was discussed and where dreams were dreamT of an even bigger Homecoming 1963. Friday nighT pep rally around The vicTory bonfire 126 Scofr Berry successfully evudes The Upper Iowo defense cut the Homecoming game The Thirteener Hoof won first prize in The contest. 127 The Winter's Tale Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" opened the University's drama season in Campus Lane Theatre early in the year to become the final production in the little theatre. Under the di- rection ot Dr. Donald J. Savage, the play demonstrated the talents, hard work, and originality ot the students and director through its elaborate and original costumes and the simplicity of the set. The cast of twenty-two also took the production to Hope College in Holland, Michigan for a tvvo night stand. Hamline College in St. Paul, Dr. Savage's undergraduate alma mater, returned this year with three avant garde one act plays. With the passing of many memories old Campus Lane gave way in the spring for construction ofthe new student union. 129 x.. w mpimi l f? ' y W5i959.wIffffi9.fx., I mi 322 U, s 52 :jf2A: ' In f ms: 14,5 52532 Q , E 3, 'rf Q, , vias ----- -' I 'xfggljft L i ' ., f ' z A " " ' : ' vw "FF:::-:"2::':EEEY."E1 f ' r -,W as . H ' -az A5 , sf? Lv., We .5 'ff , 38 .N 1 2,-X ,ff ' I' F49 1 .-FE' 1 K k 'L QQ. 'V ,E ?f W X Scenes from QQ 9 if The Winter s Tale "You have mistook, my Iody, Polixenes for Leonfe-s." "Grove ond good Paulina." IS for your head?" No, no, a thousand times no!" U SCA Carnival One of the activities of the United Student Christian As- sociation was its Carnival in November. In preparation for the carnival, a World University Service Representative acquainted the Dubuque students with the work of WUS by speaking at chapel services, in selected classes, and by in- dividual discussion. The money collected and contributed by the USCA Carnival went to WUS. Friday evening's faculty talent show triggered a success- ful beginning to the Carnival's extended scope at Peters Commons. The student body found to their delight that some of the faculty have interesting talents in addition to those of teaching. The Carnival, itself, was held Saturday afternoon at McCormick Gymnasium with original booths prepared by campus organizations. A food booth and cake walk satisfied the hungry student while those who had par- ticular grievances with roommates, friends, and professors loosed their revenge by iailing or "jello-ing" them. An in- formal dance preceded the auction in the evening. Food, fish, cakes, and cooler at the USCA Carnival. Ir' 623 7'f 1 XXX- .5 If ,I ,AJ ...lig Christmas Some visual signs ot Christmas began appear- ing several weeks before vacation. Imitation stained-glass windows of shepherds, angels, and wisemen were fitted to exits of Steltens Hall and two Christmas scenes were depicted in the ro- tunda display window by art classes. They also had the task of decorating Peters Commons, where pine cones and red ribbons were hung at the entrance. Festive international greetings skirted the walls of the dining hall, and two brightly lighted Christmas trees added to the spir- it ot the holidays. The Phi Omicron Fraternity held its annual Christmas dance, "Winter's Dream," on Decem- ber 8. During semester break a ski party at Chestnut Hills was sponsored by Student Senate. Another year of skiing or falling at Chestnut Hills. "ts-. "Hove you been good this year, Rich? l Ml w My 1 H ' !J"""1'EJWYI'11j'1.1?5iWff',f1J1'fMC'' "?i"iif'52'Wf H 1 111 111 11 .1 1 1 11 mu, X Q! 11H11 11W TJ, ' 1 ,11 11 111 11 ,1 5137, 11 , SE, 1 111 we-v151,1 ' 1'-af " 11" 'ff HHUXHH 1 H 'V 5gQ111w111 111 1 if 1 1 11111 1 "ff ' '111'111 7 ' '4s1wif?i11 V Wie: 1 F , -"11f3f V 11 H f , 1 Ff' H 55576 H J 4? 5 WS 1111 11 N W . , - H A. h ' T 1" 1 V ' ' 1 E G ' sw '1 1 Tl H 'U 1 1 1 M 111 :en 1U 1111!1,,e11, 2 I" 111 . " Q - 1 1 jay:-1 1 ?,fT"i'f 1 111 miami' W - ' . 111 111 '21 . LV 1 f f Y , :za 1,,' - 7 5 2 I 1 111 '111 1 1n:11'?5w L1 1 31.1-. .115 "W f"411111"'111 11 tffzwzria 11 11 Key Queen w,1U4,11h,1 " " is 11 ee u "' W, '1-'51 ' may W 1 Q ' 'iii Q ,gf if 2 8 1 1' Y ' ig 1111 Egm111 m'.?: H1111 1111153 N113 V 111 1 1 1 il W ' 1 Y 1: 5132 ' xi 2 ' Q! ..1 ff 111 mg 151532 I 1 115511 'QE 1 Sweetheart Swirl Dancers swirled around a tree of hearts in the Valentine setting of the Gamma Phi Delta Sweetheart Swirl. Under the glittering theme let- ters the coronation of the i963 KEY Queen high- lighted intermission as Carol Flage, l962 KEY Queen relinquished her crown to Charlotte Kay Widmer, a sophomore from Winfield, Iowa. Char was one of ten candidates chosen by the KEY staff on beauty, poise and scholastic ability. Later in an all school election she was selected to reign as Queen with a court of four selected by the students. Queen Charlotte represented the University as a candidate for Queen of the Drake Relays in Des Moines. The final touch Mary Chiles Sandi Nelson Linda Harken Jo Clark 'te- "Where have all The Phi O's gone?" The Line-up. 'K E . fl li 'T 'N- Delfas in shades, sacks, and combat boots Heck Week One hundred 'ten pledges enlivened initiation ac- tivities during Heck Week, February 26 - March 3. Early morning breakfasts during the week saw long lines of pledges solemnly and silently crunching through the snow toward the commons. inside the cafeteria, however, morning, noon and night the raft- ers rang with the -choruses wrought from the "lower than the lows" by the stern actives. Dress up day, skip day, and a new innovation by the Delta pledges - skip days - highlighted the week's activities. "I wanna be a GAMMA PHI!" "Zeta Phi! 137 'M uf V, L1 -M21 F - LSB A -3335: ,gkwmm In. -::f 2 ::- .. , F, W.. ,,L . w u V, V 11 1 un X Ar- as am " 1 gn . - Vx is SIE' rf' N , A-in " !f LW . ,Q . ,, Lz'fii5'1, ,, , 2 ,4 4 af ffm N' ' we gf .2 2 w w 2 Aff .,1,.W,,,L , Q .MM ,L Hwwgfw H ,X , '32 Y? x mg. .f "The Broken Jug" "The Broken Jug," a German play by Heinrick von Kleist, was translated by Professor Carl VV. Gettert and Dr. Donald J. Savage for production in the Spring. With a cast of faculty and tacultette the play was presented in Jacob Conzett Lounge March 28-31. Since Campus Lane Theater was well on its way to become the student union, a completely new stage and set had to be de- signed and constructed especially tor the lounge. "The Broken Jug," in which the entire cast caught the true spir- it ot comedy, heralded the close of a fine dramatic sea- son. "The poor departed parts of my parted pewter pitch 139 er will never become whole again." "You spitetul thing you, you're the cause of all this!" Political Emphasis Week Q Af 140 Political Emphasis Week, which was initiated last year, featured lowa's Governor Harold Hughes and Junior Senator .lack Miller. ln convocations and open press conferences Hughes and Miller addressed Uni- versity of Dubuque students and administration, Du- buque citizens, and representatives of newspapers, ra- dio stations, and television circuits on politics and gov- ernment. Governor Hughes who visited the campus Wednes- day, April 24, spoke on individual responsibility to gov- ernment and in his press conference discussed his views on legislative matters currently in the Iowa Assembly. Senator Miller followed the same rigorous schedule on Friday and addressed students on government that dis- tinguishes us from the Communists. Both the Governor and the Senator delivered public addresses in the eve- nings in McCormick Gymnasium. B Z A. An informal discussion with Senator Miller Governor Hughes addressing student convocation. l i, l I i li is ll E. 14-1 Dr. Aifchison addressing The dedication luncheon. Sandra Davidson, President of The VVomen's House Council, four- ing The new residence hall with Dr. Aifchison. s ,f Friends congrafulaiing Miss Aifchison after The services. Dedication of Aitchison Hall Dedicated May 11, 1963, the Anna M. Aitchison Residence Hall tor Women was named in honor of Miss Aitchison, Protes- sor Emeritus of English. A graduate of Grinnell College and Cor- nell University, she has been a faculty member since 1923. Miss Aitchison, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, holds an honorary Litt. D. degree from the University ot Dubuque and was made pro- fessor emeritus in 1960. On campus Dr. Aitchison serves as an honorary ot Delta Phi Sigma sorority and currently instructs two sections of English lit- Dave Connor, President of dedication. erature. She also has taught sections ot American literature, freshman English, world literature, the Novel, eighteenth cen- tury literature and the romantic period. ln honor of Miss Aitchison's devoted service, the 1949 KEY staff fittingly inscribed their annual dedication "And Gladly Learn and Gladly Teach." In continued appreciation the new dormitory is humbly dedi- cated. the Student Senate, escorting Miss Aitchison to the formal MT 49 14-3 'Class dismissed." Student Senote President, Tom Rosenquist, congrotulotes Sondi Nelson ond vid Connor, King ond Queen ofMc1y Fete. "The envelope, please." l 144 May Fete Overcast skies warned of rain and the temperature dropped, but optimism prevailed and the May Fete coronation and program started on the Quadrangle in front ot Van Vliet Hall. A band concert opened the evening's activities and was followed by the crowning ot the May Fete Queen, Sandy Nelson and King Dave Connor, who reigned throughout the weekend with their royal court. Members of the royal court were Seniors, Ruth Flage and Dick Fisher, Juniors, Shirley Ackland and Roger Loney, Sophomores, Bobbie Hollan and Harold Knutson and Freshmen, Sandy Braun and Chuck De Farkas. Skits and entertainment by sororities, fraternities, and classes were begun outside, but natu- ral elements caused a migration to the gymnasium midway through the program. Other May Fete events included the dedication of Aitchison Hall and a dedication luncheon held at Peters Commons. Climax- ing the weekend was the spring prom, "Festival of Flowers." Carol Flage and Chuck Jones sipping one out Dancing with an oriental tlavor in "Festival of Flowers." 145 Euriclice is puzzled by Orpheus' strange behavior. Orpheus learns that he may recapture his love from death Orpheus and Euridice An improvised theatre in the Commons, a stage made up by tying wooden tables together, and lighting borrowed from the now long- gone Campus Lane Theatre, not the best conditions under which to stage an opera, and yet this spring's opera was a huge success even under these trying circumstances. "Orpheus and Euridice" is a long opera without much of a plot, but when it is well sung, the audience is carried along by the music. A hand picked orchestra, the voices ot the Concert Choir, and the skill ot Professor Kenneth Nielsen as a di- rector and conductor combined to Conquer all diltlculties. The part of Orpheus was sung by Dianne Clark, Euridice by Judi King, and Amor by Mary Ann Sheean. Ronald Luchsinger staged the production. "Our Euridice is dead." ln Elysium, Euridice sings ot the joys of para- dise. Euridice is lost forever because Orpheus looked into her eyes against the command ofthe Gods. 14-7 l Doctor Couchmon presents o diploma To his daughter, Mory. Doctor Couchmdn addressing the groducntes 148 Graduation Against the backdrop of Van Vliet Hall on the quadrangle, the procession ot graduates lead by Doc- tor George Ehlhardt, University Marshal, tiled in to hear Doctor Hancher, President of Iowa State Univer- sity, address them. The quadrangle was iammed with friends and relatives who came from all over the country to see the graduates of the college and semi- nary stand and sing the "Alma Mater" tor the last time and then receive their long awaited degree. "Learn to do one thing very well," advised Dr. Hancher, "in order to be happy in lite." 149 I l LLLL ,, ff' hr is :QE : li QW is-I I "fm ?'-hw-1 5 ti ies u g f H I ls men jlllifiig -. ,Q 'E , We ' N ' fiif q W 1 ' - ii! 5 'U wx Eid Wa.: C ni l DH H ,. .,,, "'?5,i N' 9 E ws?-I Z1 Hu MQ lv mac .M F Y, 541 ,,, H TV f' vf fn. W ag. an W if 5 N N k A ' : ff . fi .....:- ' Q J .5 A2413 151 STUDENTS Class of I963 SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Rufh Flage Thomas Shirmang Richard Fisher Gary Brammer 152 JOHN DANIEL ADLER Clinton, Iowa Maior - Biology Minor - English Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate College Judiciary 2, Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,4, Concert Choir 3,4, Adrians I,2,3, Athenaean Fraternity I,2,3,4. ROBERT ALLEN Mount Carroll, Illinois Major - Chemistry Degree - Bachelor ot Science January Graduate JEROME MATHEW BEAVER Dubuque, Iowa Maior - History Minor - Economics Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Alpha Pi Omega 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3.4, ,Pi Kappa Delta I,2,3,4, Vice-President 2,3, President 4, Young Demo- crats 3,4, President 4, NSA 4, CCAC 4, Dean's List I,2, 3,4, Thirteener Fraternity 3,4. SCOTT R. BERRY Davenport, Iowa Major - Biology Minor - Physical Education Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,4, SISEA 2,3,4, D Club I,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Phi Omicron Fraternity 2,3,4, Track l,2, 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball I,2. PHILIP C. ALMES Clarinda, Iowa Majors - Mathematics, Physics Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Young Republicans I,2,4, Treasurer I,2, SISEA l,2,3,4, SCA I,2,3,4, Que 3,4, Wrestling I,2. JEFF BAKER Freeport, Illinois Maiors - Economics, History Minor - English Degree - Bachelor ot Science in Business Administra- tion. June Graudate College Judiciary, Dorm Council 2,4, Chairman 4, Who's Who 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, KLJDD 4, Station Manager 4, Que 4, Key 4, Young Democrats 3,4, Vice-President 4, Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity I,2,3,4, Corresponding Sec- retary. 153 EARL LEROY BUFTON Marion, Iowa Maior - Business Administration Degree - Bachelor of Science August Graduate D. Club 2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Captain 4, All Conference 3, D. Club President 4, Wrestling l,2,3,4. NORMA JEAN BULMAN Waukon, Iowa Maior - Natural Science Degree - Bachelor ot Science June Graduate Transfer - Presbyterian St. Lukes Hospital School of Nurs- ing, Pi Kappa Delta I, Concert Choir l,4, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority l,4. JEAN BOYD Maywood, Illinois Maior - English Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate MENC l,2, Concert Choir 4, Chapel Choir l,2, Band I,2, WARA I,2,3,4, Key 4. GARY BRAMMER Dubuque, Iowa Maior - Chemistry Degree - Bachelor ot Arts June Graduate Student Senate 4, Who's Who, 3,4, Alpha Pi Omega 3,4, Vice President 4, Chemistry Club I,2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 3, Band 3, KEY 3, Mu Sigma Beta l,2,3,4, Vice President 3. MARY COUCHMAN CHILES Dubuque, Iowa Major - Music Degree - Bachelor of Music .lune Graduate Who's Who 3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 3j4, SISEA l,2,3,4, MENC I,2,3,4, Secretary I, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Zeta Phi Sorority l,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3, Kappa Delta Pi I,2,3,4, Concert Choir 3, Class of I963 Treasurer Q. EDWARD COCHRANE Dubuque, Iowa Maior - English Degree - Bachelor ot Arts August Graduate FRANK R. COVEY Peoria, Illinois Maiors - History and Spanish Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Dorm Council l,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 2, President 3, Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity l,2,3,4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, KUDD 3, Key 3, Junior Class Vice-President 3, Dean's List 3,4. STEPHEN C. DODGE New Hyde Park, New York Maior - History Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Transfer from Pratt Institute, Moody Bible Institute, Kappa Delta Pi 4, SISEA 4, Que 3,4, Key 3,4, Thirteener Fra- ternity 2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, Dean's List 2,3,4. RICHARD FISHER Jesup, Iowa Major - History Minor - Physical Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Student Senate 2,3,4, SISEA I,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball I, Track l,2,3,4, Wrestling 4, D Club I,2,3,4, President 3, Phi Omicron Fraternity I,2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Class Vice-President I, Class President 4. RUTH FLAGE Waukon, Iowa Maior - History Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Student Senate 2,3,4, Social Committee Chairman 4, Dorm Council 2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, Senior Counselor 4, Alpha Psi Omega I,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Sec- retary 3, President 4, SISEA 2,3,4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, USCA 2,3,4, Zeta Phi Sorority 2,3,4, Dean's List 3. ROGER G. ELLINGER Grundy Center, Iowa Maior - Economics Degree - Bachelor of Science in Business Administra- tion. June Graduate College Judiciary 4, Dorm Council 4, Young Republicans 2, Mu Sigma Beta 4. D. SPENCER EWING Arlington Heights, Illinois Maior - Economics Minor - Biology Degree - Bachelor of Science in Business Administra- tion. January Graduate Lincoln Jr. College 3, Bios Alpha Philos 3,4, Young Re- publicans 3, Mu Sigma Beta 4. 155 MIRDZA FREIMANIS Dubuque, lowa Major - German Degree - Bachelor of Arts August Graduate Young Republicans 2,3, Recording Secretary 3. DAN FRUMP Fort Wayne, Indiana Major - Business Administration Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Student Senate 2,35 Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4, Chemistry Club 4, Young Republicans l,2,3,4, New Student Days Chairman 3, Thirteener Fraternity l,2,3,4. DONNA GROOTE HAINES Holland, Iowa Major - Christian Education St English Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Young Republicans 2,34 SlSEA l,2,3,4, Chapel Choir l,2, USCA l,2,3,-4. RONALD E. HAUGEN Dubuque, Iowa Major - Business Administration Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Transfer from State University of Iowa 2. BARBARA LYNN GRAU St. Paul, Minnesota Major - Biology Degree - Bachelor of Science January Graduate Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,4, Chemistry Club 2, USCA lg Spar- tan Club l,2, Key 3, Zeta Phi Sorority l,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Historian 3, Key Queen May Fete Court l,3. DENNIS JAY HAINES Harvard, Illinois Major - Christian Education and History Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Pi Kappa Delta 2,3, Young Republicans l,2,3, USCA l,2,3,4, UWF 2,35 Pre Theology l,2,3,4, Vice President 3, Deans List 3. LOUISE JONES Allerton, Iowa Major - Sociology Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate KATHLEEN M. KAISER Dubuque, Iowa Major - Biology Minor - Chemistry Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Alpha Pi Omega 3,4, Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Chemistry Club I,2,3, Dean's List I,2,3, Honor's Schol- arship l,2, President's Scholarship 3. MARY LOU HOFFERBER Cedar Rapids, Iowa Major - Biology Degree - Bachelor of Arts January Graduate Dorm Council 3, Bios Alpha Philos 2,3,4, Chemistry Club I, Spartan Club 3, WARA 3, Gamma Phi Delta 2,3,4. MARY HELEN JOHNSTON Geneseo, Illinois Major - Music Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate MENC 3,45 Concert Choir 3,4, USCA I, Chapel Choir I,2. JUDI KING Rock Rapids, Iowa Major - Voice Degree - Bachelor of Music Education June Graduate Pi Kappa Delta 3,4, SISEA 2,3,4, MENC I,2,3,4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 2,3,4, Concert Choir I,2,3,-4, Chapel Choir I,2, Orchestra 4. DAVID FREDERICK KREIN Monticello, Iowa Major - History Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Phi Alpha Theta 2,3, Young Republicans I, Concert I,2,3, Adrians I,Q, Band 1,25 KUDD 2, Que 3, Kappa Delta Pi 2,35 Dean's List l,2,3. SUSAN LO RASH Chicago, lllinois Major - English Minor - Christian Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Dorm Council l,3,4, President 3, Senior Counselor 4, SISEA l,2,3,4, USEA l,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, Zeta Phi Sorority l,2,3,4, Chaplain 2,3. RONALD LUCHSINGER Dubuque, lowa Maior - Music Degree - Bachelor of Arts August Graduate MENC 2,3,4, President 3, Concert Choir l,2,3,-4, Adrians l,2,3,4, Chapel Choir l,2, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Librarian 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Dean's List l,3,4. :rin t ff-migjw TRUDY LARSON Seattle, Washington Maior - French Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Transfer from University ot Minnesota l, SISCA 3, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Orchestra 3,4, Deans List 3,4. SAMUEL LIMPERIS Westchester, lllinois Major - Business Administration Minor - Spanish Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate ,I Spartan Club l,2, D Club l,2,3,4, Corresponding Secre- tary 2, Phi Omicron Fraternity l,2,3,4, Treasurer 4. JOHN MICHAEL McCORMICK Dubuque, lowa Maior - Economics Degree - Bachelor of Science in Business Administra tion. January Graduate Dean's List 2,4. PETER S. MCGREGOR Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada Maior - Biology Minor - English Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Bios Alpha Philos 3,-4, USIC l,2,3, President 2, D Club l,2,3,4, Athenaean Fraternity l,2,3,-4, Football l,2, Track l. DAVID RAE MACKENZIE Des Plaines, Illinois Major - History Minor - English Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate College Judiciary l,2, Who's Who 4, Pi Alpha Theta 3,4, President 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Que I,2,3,4, Thirteener Fraternity l,2,3,4, Dean's List l,2,3,4. ANN MEYER Maquoketa Iowa Major - History Minor - English Degree - Bachelor ot Arts June Graduate SISEA l,2,3,4, Bancl I, USCA l, UWF 2,3, Secretary- Treasurer 3, Key 4. LEONA MULLER Davis, South Dakota Major - Natural Science Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Transfer from Sioux Valley Hospital School of Nursing 3. MANUEL NAKANISHI Callao, Peru Major - Sociology Degree - Bachelor of Arts January Graduate JAMES B. MEYER Dubuque, Iowa Major - Physical Education Minor - History Degree - Bachelor of Arts January Graduate Transfer from Coe College 2, SISEA 3, D Club 3,4, Busi- ness Manager 4, Phi Omicron Fraternity 4, Football 3,4. DON MOORE Freeport, Illinois Majors - Mathematics, Economics Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Chemistry Club l,2, SISEA 3, Phi Omicron Fraternity 3,4 Basketball l, Tennis 4. SANDRA NELSON Cedar Rapids, lowa Major - German Minor - French, Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Student Senate 3, College Judiciary l, Dorm Council 4, Who's Who 3,4, Alpha Pi Omega 3,4, President 4, SISEA 4, Concert Choir l,2,3,4, Kappa Delta Pi 3,4, Zeta Phi Sorority l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Panhellenic Council 3,4, Dean's List l,2,3,4. RONALD E. PEARSON Wheaton, Illinois Maior - Business Administration Minor - English Degree - Bachelor of Science in Business Administra- tion. June Graduate Dorm Council l,2, Young Republicans 3, KUDD l,2,3, Thirteener Fraternity 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Inter Fra- ternity Council Treasurer 3. GERALDINE POLLARD Chicago, Illinois Maior - Biology Minor - Chemistry Degree - Bachelor of Science January Graduate Dorm Council, Chemistry Club 2, WARA l,2,3,4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 3, Key 2,3,4. ROBERT W. ROGERS, JR. Fombell, Pennsylvania Maior - Chemistry Minor - Mathematics Degree - Bachelor of Science January Graduate Dorm Council 2, Chemistry Club l,2,3,4, Vice President 3, SISEA 3, Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3. GERALD DONALD PETITGOUE Galena, Illinois Maior - Physical Education Minor - History Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate SlSEA l,2,3,4, Young Democrats l,2,3,4, Vice Presid 3, Basketball 2, Thirteener Fraternity l,2,3,4. NANCY J. PFIESTER Epworth, Iowa Maior - Chemistry Minor - Mathematics Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Chemistry Club 2,3,4, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, Young Re publicans. Seniors JOHN H. SHINN JR. Davenport, Iowa Maior - Economics Minor - History Degree - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration August Graduate Young Republicans 3,4, Treasurer 4. THOMAS E. SHIRMANG Chicago Ridge, Illinois Maior - Physical Education Minor - History Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Dorm Council I,2, Student Senate 4, SISEA I,3,4, D Club I,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, Phi Omicron Fra- ternity I,2,3,4, Sgt. at Arms 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Freshman Class President I. ROBERT L. ROLFF Madison, Wisconsin Maior - Sociology Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate Transfer from Milwaukee Bible College 3, USCA 3,4, HILARY L. SATTGAST Mt. Morris, Illinois Major - Social Studies Minor - English Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate SISEA I,2,3,4, Spartan Club 3, Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity 2,3,4, Tennis I,2. DAVID R. SLAGHT Dubuque, Iowa Maior - History Minor - Bible June Graduate Degree - Bachelor of Arts Young Republicans 3, LSA 2,3,4, Pre-Theo I,2,3,4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 3. EVA M. SMITH Volga, Iowa Majors - Math, History Degree - Bachelor of Science June Graduate Who's Who 4, Alpha Pi Omega 3,4, Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4, Treasurer 4, SISEA I,2,3,4, Kappa Delta Pi 3,4, Presi- dent 4, USCA I,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Deans List I,2,3,4. RAJADA TERAPHATANAKUL Bangkok, Thailand Major - Economics Degree - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration June Graduate Transfer from Midway Junior College 3, USIC 3,4, Treas- urer 3,4. BONNIE G. WEBB TIBBY Maior - History Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate SISEA l,2,3,4, Historian 3, KEY 2,3,4, Zeta Phi l,2,3,4, Deans List 4. MARLENE STABENOW Dubuque, Iowa Maior - History Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate SISEA l,2,3,4, KEY 3, SCA l, Alpha Pi Omega 3,4, Sec retary-Treasurer 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Kappa Delta P 3,4, Secretary 4, Zeta Phi i,2,3,4, Deans List i,2,3,4. DEAN STEWART Cordova, Illinois Maior - Business Administration Minor - None Degree - Bachelor ot Science June Graduate D Club 2,3,4, Business Manager 4, Phi Omicron 4, Foot- ball l,2,3,4, All Conference 4. 2 PHILIP MURRAY TRUBY Westmont, Illinois Majors - Economics, History Minor - English Degree - Bachelor ot Science in Business Administration Young Republicans l,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, KEY 2,3,4, Business Manager 3,4, USCA 4. FERNANDO VENECIA Pico-Rivera, California Major - Sociology Minor - Spanish Degree - Bachelor of Arts January Graduate Transfer from East Los Angeles College 3, Orchestra 3,4, Pre-Theo 3. fcouncn 2,4, sisEA 1,2,4, KEY 1.2, Kappa Delta Pi 4, DONALD RICHARD VROON Rochester, New York Maior - Philosophy Minor - Literature Degree - Bachelor ot Arts June Graduate Transfer from Wheaton College 4. CAROL ANN WEBER Ackley, Iowa Major - English Minors - History, Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, 3, Dorm Gamma Phi Delta l,2,4, Historian 2,4, Deans List I. LYNN E. WERNLE Crystal Lake, Illinois Maior - English August Graduate Dubuque, Iowa Maior - Economics Degree - Bachelor June Graduate Phi Omicron 4. MARTY WILLIAMSON Hopkinton, Iowa Major - English Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor at Arts June Graduate Dorm Council 4, SISEA 3,4, Historian 4, USCA I,2,3,4, WARA l,2,3,4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Vice-President 4, Gam- ma Phi Delta I,2,3,4. SHARON WUNDERLICH Dubuque, Iowa Maior - History Minor - Education Degree - Bachelor of Arts June Graduate KEY l,2,3, SISEA I,2,3,4, Who's Who 4, Alpha Pi Omega 3,4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Historian 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Secretary 4, Zeta Phi I,2,3,4, Historian I, Vice-President 4, Deans List I,2,3,4. 163 Degree - Bachelor ot Arts SISEA I,3, KEY I,2,3, Zeta Phi I,2,3,4. y RICHARD C. WILDBERGER of Science in Business Administration Class of I964 JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Ronald Lo Mour Paul Harmon Bruce Schmidt Thomas Rosenquist 164 BENONI ABBOA-OFFEI Kumasi, Ghana SHIRLEY ACKLAND Rochelle, Illinois SONIA ALVAREZ Tarrytown, New York WAYNE ANDERSON Vero Beach, Florida SUSAN BLAIR Manchester, Iowa CRAIG BOWYER Ada, Minnesota JERRY CABALA Harvey, Illinois WILLIAM CASE Cordova, Illinois DIANNE CLARK Waukon, Iowa JO CLARK Des Moines, Iowa PHILIP CLARK Dubuque, Iowa SANDRA DAVIDSON Waterloo, Iowa JAMES DECKERT Dubuque, Iowa DAVID DEKKER Oswego, New York STANLEY DELONG Rockwell CiTy, Iowa DAVID DETVVILER Stockton, Illinois RICHARD FAUST Dubuque, Iowa RONALD FISHER Jesup, Iowa SUSAN HAEFS East Moline, Illinois JON HAMRIN LaSalle, Illinois AA, SUSAN HANCOCK Lost Nation, Iowa EDWARD HANKE Upper Montclair, New Jersey JEAN HEITMANN Dubuque, Iowa MARY HORTON Cascade, Iowa JOAN HUMMEL Vinton, Iowa KAREN JEPSON Elmwood Park, Illinois RONALD LA MOUR East Dubuque, Illinois LEWIS LEHNHARDT Nevada, Iowa ROGER LONEY Dubuque, Iowa GORDON LONGLEY Hillside, Illinois ERNEST MARION Chicago, Illinois JUDITH MARTIN Waukegan, Illinois JOEL MILLER Elizabeth, Iowa ROBERT MILLER Dubuque, Iowa DANIEL C. MITCHELL Don Mills, Ontario GARY MUNSON Clinton, Iowa JERILYN PETERSON Waukegan, Illinois DAN PIETRINI Chicago, Illinois RICHARD POWERS Dubuque, Iowa GORDON RAY Rockford, Illinois THOMAS ROSENQUIST Dubuque, Iowa RUTH ROYS Volga, Iowa MYRA RYAN Garden Grove, Iowa DAVID SAGE Waterloo, Iowa BRUCE SCHMIDT Freeport, Illinois JAMES SCHNECK Waterloo, Iowa SHIRLEY SPECHT Sherril, Iowa DAVID STERBA Hillsboro, Wisconsin Junior Class MARY ANN VAN LOH Ackley, Iowa MARY WIDMER Dubuque, Iowa WARREN WILLIAMS Lime Springs, Iowa TERRANCE WINDERS Dubuque, Iowa GEORGE WONG Flushing, New York JAMES YODER Dubuque, Iowa JEANETTE YODER Dubuque, Iowa LEONARA YOUNG Gary, Indiana KAREN THACKER Waukegan, Illinois THOMAS THOMPSON Crete, Illinois 'THOMAS TURNER Dubuque, Iowa Class of I965 SOPHOMORE CLASS, REPRESENTATIVES Lindo Hcxrken Harold Knufsen Bogdan Fobrycy Judith Honfelmcmn 168 BRUCE ARONSON Chicago, IIIinois RICHARD BAAL Dubuque, Iowa WILLIAM BAKER Hammond, Indiana MICHAEL BARKHURST West Liberty, Iowa LEE BECK Mt. Prospect, IIIinois BONNIE BENSON Evergreen Park, IIIinois KENNETH BIAN Chicago, IIIinois REBECCA BISGROVE EarIviIIe, Iowa ROBERT BOVVE Davenport, Iowa ROBERTA BOXWELL Cedar Falls, Iowa LAURA BRAATEN Brecksville, Ohio JAMES BRADY Rockton, IIIinois BARBARA BREKNE Dubuque, 'Iowa ROBERT BUELOW Dubuque, Iowa JANICE BUTLER Dubuque, Iowa BRADLEY CARLSON Rockford, IIIinois WILLIAM BLUNI Dubuque, Iowa JOHN BOARDMAN Harpers Ferry, Iowa ROGER BOTTAZI Chicago, Illinois KATHLYN CHARLTON Chicago, Illinois VIRGINIA COONS Woodstock, Illinois KEITH COPELAND Stockton, Illinois RUTH CUNNINGHAM Fulda, Minnesota ELROY DANNEWITZ Dubuque, Iowa SHERYL DEKLOTZ Newhall, Iowa LAURA DENNIE Davenport, Iowa ALONNA DEXTER Rockford, Illinois JAMES DE YOUNG South Holland, Illinois DOUGLAS DOUGHERTY Lemont, Illinois GORDON -ERXLEBEN Egan, Illinois '35 BOGIE FABRYCY Barrington, Illinois CAROL FLAGE Waukon, Iowa ANTHONY FREEHAUF Palatine, Illinois KARL FUNK Dubuque, Iowa GERALD GANFIELD West Liberty, Iowa RAYMOND GARRETI' Geneseo, Illinois CHERYL GRAHAM Chicago, Illinois GARY GRAYBILL Coggon, Iowa KENT HAMDORF Fort Lauderdale, Florida STANLEY HANGARTNER Waukon, Iowa MARY HANSEN Toledo, Iowa JUDY HANSON Phillips, Wisconsin JUDITH HANTELMANN Dubuque, Iowa LINDA HARKEN Burlington, Iowa CAROL HARWELL River Grove, Illinois ROBERT HINKLEY Dubuque, Iowa Sophomore CI KENNETH JACKSON Riverside, Illinois BRADFORD JANZEN Marshall, Minnesota JERRY JONES Roscoe, Illinois DIAN KAUFIWXN Dubuque, Iowo HAROLD KNUTSEN DeWitt, Iowa ROBERT LINDSTROM Chicago, Illinois ELEANOR LLOYD Cambria, Wisconsin MARILYN MacDONALD Riverside, Illinois BSS STANLEY HOSFORD Monticello, Iowo KENT HUBBELL Maynard, Iowa KAREN HUNTER Winnebago, Minnesota JUDITH MARTIN Chicago, Illinois SHARON MARTIN Dubuque, Iowa EDYTHE MAUER Dubuque, Iowa KAREN MILLER Dubuque, Iowa 15' I sf KAREN MINGER Dubuque, Iowa Davenport, Iowa ERIC MOON Wahiawa, Hawaii RICHARD MOONEY Sac City, Iowa DIANE MOORE LaPorte City, Iowa ANDREW MOTTER Whippany, New Jersey MYRON MUCHMORE Independence, Iowa JUDITH NEUMANN Davenport, Iowa ALEXANDER NIDES Astoria, New York ROBERT NOTH LeClaire, Iowa THOMAS OSTEN Northwood, Iowa MARION PANICI ROBERT PAHNKE River Grove, Illinois ABIGAIL PEREZ DARREL PIERCE Dubuque, Iowa GARY MITTELBUSHER Chicago Heights, Illinois Richmond Hill, New York THOMAS PUMROY Ames, Iowa ALEX QUAN Dubuque, Iowa PAULINE QUAN Dubuque, Iowa GEORGE READ Dubuque, Iowa JOHN RENZ Lake Forest, Illinois RICHARD REDENIUS Lake City, Iowa JUDITH ROLD Wauconcla, Illinois RONALD RUESS West Liberty, Iowa Sophomore Class PAUL SKELLY Monticello, Iowa PETER SKELLY Monticello, Iowa JOANN TEST Rock Island, Illinois LARRY TH ETFORD Dubuque, Iowa STEPHEN THOMPSON Monticello, Iowa .IACQUELINE THORSON Dubuque, Iowa VIRGINIA TUETKEN Monticello, Iowa PAUL VELSOR Sandwich, Massachusetts DIANE SAYERS Oak Lawn, Illinois NORMAN SCHUETTNER Palatine, Illinois JEAN SEARCY Independence, Iowa TERRY WITKIN Ackley, Iowcz JOHN VOORN Polos I-Ieighfs, Illinois ELIZABETH WALTERS Fox Lake, Illinois JOAN WEBER Ackley, Iowa SANDRA WHITNIEY Gary, Indicxno CHARLOTTE WIDMER Winfield, Iowa MARJORIE WILSON Riverside, Illinois FRESHMEN EDWARD ALLEN JAMES APPEL DEVON ARP VIRGINIA BECK ROBERT CHESTERMAN JOEL CHRISTENSEN LINDA CHRISTIAN NORMAN CORWIN CHARLES DENGER RICHARD DORHOLT ROBERT FRASER JAMES GLENN PATRICIA GROENWOLDT ROBERTO IGLESIAS DANIEL JOHANSEN JAMES MCNAMARA JAMES PACHLHOFER GEORGE PLANT RICHARD SCHUMANN ROBERT SCULLY MARCIA STEGMAN RUSSELL THOMAS FRANK URICH DIRK VAN BEEK FREDERICK VAN ITEN NOT PICTURED SOPHOMORES CRAIG BAKER GARY BECKER CAROL BOSSMAN GARY BURNETT MELODY CAMPBELL RONALD DEFRANCO LEE DUNN PAUL FOWLER JAMES FRISCH SAUNDRA GADE BARBARA GERLACH JAMES GOTTSCHALK KENNETH GOULD ROBERT HAMRICK HAYNES HARBAUGH CHARLES HAWKINS JACK HEBARD CHRISTOPHER HELLER WALTER HODGE KAREN KOEHLER WILLIAM KRAMER WARD MANCHESTER WAYNE MCLAUGHLIN SANDRA MENSCHING MARTIN MILLER PAUL NEWBURGH KAY DAWN OGAARD ARLISS RIEDI RONALD ROSS MICHAEL ROSSITER CAROLEE SANNES- TERRY SCHASKER WILLIAM SCHIERS PAUL SCHOLFIELD ALFRED VAN ITEN 175 JUNIORS THEODORE BRAINARD MICHAEL BROCK PAUL CLARE ARNOLD DISCHLER RUSSELL FUHRMAN RUTH HALSTED PAUL HARMON VINCENT HAYLEY SUE HOFF PAUL KATNER DOROTHY KINNEY JYMIE LARSON MARY LOFFELMACHER ROBERT MATTHIESSEN BERNARD MINERT DOUGLAS MORRISON MARY OETH EDWARD PFIESTER LARRY RABER GERALD ROBERTS DUANE K. SCHOLFIELD ROGER SCHRUNK DAVID STRICKLAND ROBERT VANDERBERG BARBARA WEBER Class of l966 . if at-5il"5T FRESHMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Robert Carlson Robert Johnson James Wott Clinton Warren 176 A D,.r S, ,ix DIANE ACKLEY Libertyville, Illinois JOHN ADAMS Chicago, Illinois BONNIE ANDERSON Dovis, Illinois CAROL ANDERSON Rockford, Illinois RICHARD ANDERSON Moline, Illinois SANDRA ANDERSON Frqnklin Pork, Illinois ULO ANT Dubuque, Iowq NINA ANZZOLIN Lockport, Illinois LINDA BEIN Evergreen Pork, Illinois JACOB BENTZ Dubuque, Iowo ROBERT BESCH Dubuque, Iowq JEFFREY BITZER Prospecf Heighis, KARL BIASI Dubuque, Iowo NANCY BLOCKORBY Dubuque, Iowa JAMES BLUM Dubuque, Iowo DAVID BOAZ Poullino, Iowo DAVID BACON Dqrien, Connecficur DAVID BAXTER Sf. Lqmberf, Quebec MARK BEICHLEY Glodbrook, Iowo izl ZONA BUTLER Dubuque, Iowa ALLON CADY Elyria, Ohio DEAN CAIN Gutienberg, Iowa ROBERT BOLDIG Racine, Wisconsin PAMELA BOOTH Dubuque, Iowa JACK BOVENMYER Winthrop, Iowa SANDRA BRAUN St. Paul, Minnesota STEVE BRINKMAN Wheaton, Illinois JAMES BREED Apple River, Illinois LOUISE BUFORD Dwight, Illinois JAMES BURNS Dubuque, Iowa ROBERT CARLSON Richfield, Minnesota MARY CHAFFIN Dayton, Ohio LESLIE CHRISTENSEN Hastings, Nebraska HEWITT IRUSTYI CLARK Hudson, Wisconsin PATRICIA CLARK Roselle, Illinois JAN COFFEE Dubuque, Iowa MARJORIE COLLISSON Alton, Illinois GARY COMER Zwingle, Iowa JOSEPH CROCE Bay Shore, New York KATHLEEN DALY Libertyville, Illinois CHARLES DEFARKAS Darien, Connecticut JERL DIEKIN Cedar Falls, Iowa SHERRY DIETZ Winnebago, Minnesota DONALD DOUGHTY Oelwein, Iowa MICHAEL DOWNEY Needham, Massachusetts BRIAN DUREN St. Paul, Minnesota Freshman Class RANDALL EICHHORN Dubuque, Iowa JOANNE EIDUKAS Chicago, Illinois GARY ELLIS Independence, Iowa EUNICE ESPINOSA Dubuque, Iowa JUAN FALS-BORDA Bogota, Columbia JUDY FARWELL Preemption, Illinois GARY FERB Byron, Illinois SUSAN FITZSIMONS Long Island City, New York I SUE DURR Nashotah, Wisconsin FRED EASKER Cedar Rapids, Iowa LEONARD ECHOLS St. Lo-uis, Missouri JUDI GILLER Rockford, Illinois DENNIS GLASS Dubuque, Iowa CAROL GOSNELL Albany, New York SCOT FLAIG Waukegan, Illinois MIKE FOLLENSBEE Round Lake, Illinois THOMAS FRANK South Holland, Illinois JAMES FRENCH Fort Lee, New Jersey SANDRA GANTENBEIN Dubuque, Iowo JERRY GARNER Hanover, Illinois CATHERINE GARRISON Libertyville, Illinois RAYMOND GIBSON Round Lake, Illinois EDWARD GOST Oak Park, Illinois SHIRLEY GRAUERHOLZ Smith Center, Kansas THOMAS GREENAWALD Monticello, Illinois DON GREER Aledo, Illinois JOHN HAINES Aledo, Illinois ROBERT HARDY Oak Park, Illinois JUDY HARLAN Seaton, Illinois KIRK HAUSER Oak Park, Illinois DAVID HAWKINS Cascade, Iowa KAREN HAYLEY Berkeley, Illinois EDITH HENRY Big Run, Pennsylvania KEITH HENSLER Morrison, Illinois CAROLYN HOLDEN Midlothian, Illinois BETTY HOLMAN Dubuque, Iowa CAROL HOLSINGER Maxwell, Iowa BONNIE JENSEN Chicago Heights, Illinois Freshman Class KARL CSTEVEI JENSEN West Caldwell, New Jersey DONNA JOHNSON Cambridge, Wisconsin ROBERT JOHNSON Chicago Heights, Illinois ROBERT H, JOHNSON River Falls, Wisconsin DOZIER JONES Albermarle, North Carolina EDWARD JONES Des Moines, Iowa KATHRYN JONES Wadena, Iowa MARY JANE KANE East Dubuque, Illinois BARBARA KELLY Dubuque, Iowa CAROLE KELSON Waterloo, Iowa KEITH KEPHART West Branch, Iowa DRU KNIGHT Cherokee, Iowa PAUL KOEHN Guttenberg, Iowa WAYNE KRABBENHOFT Sabula, Iowa KATHRYN KRAUT Cedar Rapids, Iowa i NANCY KREIN 7 Monticello, Iowa IV MI jx , 1, ,Wy ,ri , H., Y: 1 aa. PAUL KRITZ Dubuque, Iowa PAUL KUUSISTO New Hyde Park, New York KENT LARSON Pewaukee, Wisconsin DICK LEACH Dubuque, Iowa BOB LEACHMAN Windsor, Ontario NANCY LEWIS Dubuque, Iowa RICHARD LUCHSINGER Dubuque, Iowa PAT MARDEN Portsmouth, New Hampshire JOHN MARINO Chicago, IIIinois S-ANDY MARTIN Mt. Prospect, IIIinois .IFE I MARY MCCARTHY Hazel Green, Wisconsin TERRANCE MCDONALD RexdaIe, Ontario CATHERINE MCDOUGALL Peterborough, Ontario RICHARD MEIER Monticello, Iowa DOUGLAS MILLER Independence, Iowa NANCY MINER Minneapolis, Minnesota WILLIAM NELSON Monticello, Iowa PHILLIP NORTON Dubuque, Iowa ROBERT OLDS Waterloo, Iowa JACKIE OLSON Aurora, Illinois JAMES PAISLEY Wheeling, Illinois ZOILA PASCUAL Dubuque, Iowa CHARLES PATTINIAN Toronto, Ontario f-55 Tl?" Freshman Class MARY PIERCE St. Louis Park, Minnesota PATRICIA PIERCE Tinley Park, Illinois DENNIS POGOSE Antioch, Illinois LARRY POLLOCK Garner, Iowa LARRY POLSKY Winclsor, Ontario DONNA POTTINGER Peru, Illinois GEORGE PRIEDITIS Toronto, Ontario PAUL PULS Dubuque, Iowa TONI PAULETTO Schiller, Illinois ANNA PECK Springville, Iowa RAYMOND PERLBERG Franklin Park, Illinois 154 9557 GEORGE ST. CLAIR Newfon, Massachusetts JOHNNY SALVAGGIO Deer Park, New York BEVERLY SATCHELL Dubuque, Iowa DAVID RAFOTH Dubuque, Iowa GAYE RAMPS-ON Dubuque, Iowa TERRY REARDON Roselle, Illinois WARREN REININGER Darien, Connecficuf PEGGY RINGER Boulder, Colorado SHARON RODERICK Waukon, Iowa ROY ROGERS Fombell, Pennsylvania ROBERT ROUSSELL Dubuque, Iowa MICHAEL SAUNDERS Hopkinfon, Iowa GARY SAYERS Oak Lawn, Illinois JOHN SCEHOVIC Chicago, Illinois LINDA SCHILLING East Dubuque, Illinois DAVID SCHLESSER Evergreen Park, Illinois DONALD SCHULTZ River Falls, Wisconsin EILEEN SCHUMANN Arcadia, California WINNIE SEVERIN Palatine, Illinois MARY ANN SHEEAN Scales Mound, Illinois MARLENE SIEGEL Glenview, Illinois SUSAN SMITH Berkeley, Missouri CATHERINE SPEAR Golden, Colorado JOYCE STAMPE Dubuque, Iowa SUSAN STARK Sycamore, Illinois DALE STOUT Wellman, Iowa PATRICIA SUMMERS Belvidere, Illinois NT' 2 sei Freshman Class STEVEN TAYLOR Dubuque, Iowa GARY THOMPSON Kankakee, Illinois ROGER TODD Council Blufts, Iowa BARBARA TOOKER North Babylon, New York RICHARD VAN CITTERS Faribault, Minnesota GRETCHEN VAN HOVE Ackley, Iowa RICHARD VAUGHN Barrington, Illinois FRED WALTER Guttenburg, Iowa WILLIAM SVRLUGA Riverside, Illinois MERRY SWEET Durand, Illinois MARDY SWITZER Independence, Iowa 5 ANITA WARD Norrh Brook, Illinois BONNIE WARNER Rockford, Illinois CLINTON WARREN Pleasanfville, New York JAMES WATT Oak Park, Illinois SHERYL WEIDA Dubuque, Iowa WILLIAM WESTERVELT Glen Ellyn, Illinois JUDY WILD Marshall, Minnesota NANCY WILSON Dolfon, Illinois CAROL WINTER Cedar Rapidshlowo CHARLES WITI' Chicago, Illinois DAVID WORDEHOFF Dubuque, Iowa BEVERLY YONKER Rhinelander, Wisconsin RICHARD ZIEGENFUSS Dubuque, Iowa ANN CASS Cedar Rapids, Iowa JO ANN CUBBAGE Cedar Rapids, Iowa JANE DITTMER Colesberg, Iowa NANCY FOOTE Cuba City, Wisconsin Finley Nurses S, sfmsiv-'J' , .- ' :F I ' " IIIIIIIIIII KATHY KETELSEN Savanna, Illinois KATHY LONEY Dubuque, Iowa CAROL LORENZEN Dubuque, Iowa JOAN PRIEBE Dubuque, Iowa SUSAN REGGENTIN Cedar Rapids, Iowa JUDY ROBERTSON Dubuque, Iowa LEANNA SCHOEBERL Brandon, Iowa SALLY WALLER Dubuque, Iowa JUDY WHITE Dubuque, Iowa I T. L71 I ' C I f X 'K vu Y im A ' :IME i xg-, ff L 9' l ,yn-is :B I SS -x- iw ax, ,I ,III , Si' S-we 'Q -E11 Ili - -' QQ ggi. J N iv, ,, - , Y max 1--f, Ab 4 -. 5-' 1:1 .1 ll gig , ,MIIIIIM T63 I I Mo' I Ifi? Q X , ii: miilff' ,fr Y. Jiiffif j I .xx ,tl YI. I! .Lf A 1 225' F61 ,.,. . I .Ii,- .' -- .fiiiiiillii -1 vi-fn:-, 'Z' fx f A ffm ff' Li' I'E gl, ! - im, S , Jill mai f ,L .,,.., ,.M.,,B,,1- iiiaivx ,.., s.q.,I,...,,L Kgs, III:zs?sf2z:agqi,,sif3YZifHQl5. ,1,,,,-s,sm5-- , , I ss:fvzifzssfzgweiikwzifnl III vnu,-Q IM ef' f' mm I. 'Iii 1 1 ., s S .4 iglll I I 'TQ 231,-,J, 7l A ' A ,ex , MQ- SX, Q. Pe- , Sf 5 L i'i A I ' .1 I 4 , fn -as Q. . , 3 Y22 W , HEY Wilzsrfl A w. u J 725 1 , 32152K , 2" -:ms f 2 1 2 f..gtf w-:fag 15 f . W 4 3 , ,W 'LWY ' V 5352525 S I -1 Ar 2 , E 5, ...,A.. f ,ru X W ,J-N :"' ' ' 1 11 - W--an K ',-- 7,L. ya A if-few: - , 1 4' r g 1 Q, H' 5 1 -'Fw 5, , -A! Ms. 5 E991 0 " tl.- 4! . ' , ia rg I 2 Q W- 4 s 1 1 .W ,. Q? 41 . W - , , if 1, - M5325 Q ,K , ,MX V Lani' :ii , , i fy! , mi ,Q ,Q V, . u E 1' Nw X whim "J ' " r ww Sw. ES' -1 N, QQ, V E 5 xv is A W WM. QXQTYJQJ 3 pm. N md F r ' 55 c rig -,. ,QE Eagan? Pg, - .5313 .qu UM fa J uwfgfgff am '41 , Q fa 4 Q M Q 5 Q a' 3 Q .HJZ4 f' ' 4,-. W- my-.Q ww 5 N AD ERTISEMENTS DUBUQUE PRESBYTERIAN PRESS UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Note Books Greeting Cards Fountain Pens Stationery MOULD STUDIO For the Finest in Portraiture The T963 KEY Portrait Photographer "Sincere thanks for the opportunity to serve the T963 KEY and the University of Dubuque." T073 Main Street Dial 2-T983 190 3 Since 1885 Dubuque's Department Store of Quality Merchandise and Friendly Service! The Store with MORE! osheks Du buque, Iowa Dial 2-1821 Famous Names In Apparel Jonathan Logan Bobbie Brooks Tailored Juniors Evan Picone Bridal Originals Society Brand Fashion Park Don Richards Van Huesen WAlKER'S SHOE STORE 756 Main street Dial 3-7341 ED GRAHAM'S Style Store for Men 888 Main Street "Where you will find up to the minute styling in' men's clothing and furnishings at moderate prices." MONTGOMERY WARD 8th and Main Streets Dial 3-7321 University of Dubuque BUSINESS SUPPLY COMPANY Sports Equipment Headquarters The Home of " Largest Selection "Royal Portables" 1' Finest Quality Complete Line School and " Lowest Prices Office Supplies Conveniently Located Downtown At 920 Main St. tBetween Diamond's 8. Trianglej 648 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa Uptown Marine Headquarters Cruisers - Boats - Motors - Fishing Tackle 1572 Central Ave. ROEHL - PHILLIPS SPORTING coons co. F"RN"""E COMPANY for Fine Furniture Dial 3-2519 576-584 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa THE DUBUQUE MATTRESS COMPANY F. M. JAEGER HARDWARE COMPANY "Buy Direct and Save" 130 M050 622 Main sneer Services the Entire University Dial 3-5704 192 C. F. CODY CO., INC. Office Supplies 960 Main Street TAPELT-REISER Sporting Goods Co. Award Jackets and Sweater Special School Prices Wholesale - Retail T360 Central Avenue Dial 2-2321 RIVER TRAILS TRANSIT LINES Compliments of PAGE HOTEL Home of the "Back Page" and Good Food 75 East Fourth Street lRoom available for private partiesl 193 CARADCO, mc. DUBUQUE, IOWA Manufacturers of CREATIVE BUILDING I II P R O D U C T 5 . Str u ct u r a I sy n t h e t i c s - Thermosetting high pres- sure plastics. Qualitybv WOODWORK ca Patented DUREL core of chemically reconstituted Ligno-Cellulose. m e I Xi' I ll I A,,,,..x '-f' "Wd sMox:p.wn-Hllhvv U' Q ? f9,-y a.,2,L1 V Q-"TA fff "'Zf?- r am ' I- A I is liiilll -4 'Ti - '1 5- fy... Q4 ' P ""' k 2:- fr " Symbol of Flovor ond Quality m f. . ' I i 'na ' QUALITY MEATS DUBUQUE PACKING COMPANY Dubuque, Iowo 194- Serving Prog ressively AS Dubuque' s Full Service Family Bank ST unrlonnife nunuouglown ig? fl we-A-Hf'E . I I 'Ill IlI1IIIli1iI 1 J IM H 9am6HafZ0n7Ze!Vcwle" Locust at Seventh Dubuque's Newest and Finest Banking Facilities A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED Beniamin Franklin CONGRATULATIONS . . . PROTECT YOUR COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE INVESTMENT WITH GRADUATES, BANK SAVINGS. FOR A SECURE FUTURE DO ALL YOUR BANKING AT THE From your financial friends at . and" Ghntntl BANK FOR BUSY PEOPLE Dial 3-.6491 american trust and sav1ngs bank 9TH AND MAIN, DUBUQUE, IOWA MEMBER: FDIC 0 FRS SUNBEAM BREAD s w, A-ff Mbedfn Q 5 S--""" W JRS L: 9' .,o,,,.. With a Bonus of Good Health Baked by TRAUSCH BAKING COMPANY Dubuque, Iowa HENSCHEL ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CO. AL HENSCHEL, Prop. 345 Main Street Dial 3-4622 Rooting - Siding - Insulation Sheet Metal Work International Furnaces Residing of AII Types Sto-A-Co Aluminum Windows and Doors HEITZMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Contractors for Seminary Library, Smith Hall, Goldthorp Science Hall, and Aitchison Hall ,X . ,f f 1 -f -Z'-C xx ,.f "iTf5595i" X f af A I ,.-' ' 5 JI' 'fi' i f i-,ifi m,jEQc,1Tc, - H Iii, I ,f it M. 'gig yld igg . I. I ,ff 3: .,b- f I I B as mme , , ,, gi itll ti me 1.12-fe y J -H I ' Mir "Wifi 1. " N-P ? - ' - . '- jM. -': 'A. Q :-- - m-' ' ' - +-- 1 M, - ,. : - i . -, "'5" ,Wgs ,,,, ' T -evil'-f':13""g . 1- C 1 'ff' c:i.iurHU'4P " -ez., - T395 Washington Street ......... firs 4 mb D I I, ii- Dubuque, Iowa Do you dig Pizza? . . . THE RED PAGODA 206 W. 3rd Chinese 8. American Food Specialize in Cantonese Food Dubuque, Iowa Open 4 Io 4 USATERI EPPE IZZA HOUSE Air Conditioned T292 Main Sf. Closed Tuesday Dubuque, Iowa Ph. 58-2-1076 Or if you'd rather go Oriental . . . Try These! MONTE CARLO American and Chinese Food 353 Main NEW! NEW' NEW! MARCO'S ITALIAN AND AMERICAN FOOD Phone a-ooo7 2022 Central open io A.M.-2 A.M. Closed Thursdays These are for you. I DUTCH 8. RUSS CITIES SERVICE Cities Service Tires and Accessories Washing and Greasing Emergency Road Service University and Asbury KLAUER OPTICAL COMPANY Designers of "FINE EYEWEAR" Main Office: 864 Main Street Dial 3-3581 Branch Office: T298 Dodge Street Dial 3-2407 Dial 3-0950 THIRTEENER FRATERNITY fsssss 3 ffs'4:4' ' TORBERT DRUG comPANY 4 is WSH OUR cccci REMODELED PAINT sro RE Et bl' h d T836 ii' J . ' S G Is e IDubUClUe's FinestI ioo-120 Main MMIBQ mm I 362 Central Ave . .......,, ..,,,..:3: colors .loe Andracchio Dubuque, Iowa Manager 198 MIDLAND LABORATORIES HOLSCHER'S Maintenance and Sanitation Products and Equipment APOTHECARIES 2'l0 Jones Dubuque, Iowa IIOI Main Street 2297 University Ave. DIG' 3'9lIl SCHWIND'S rExAco sfkvlce TIRES TUBES 257 Eighth Avenue ACCESSORIES Dial 3-7374 TUNEUPS WASH - GREASE - REPAIR READY-NIIX DRINK of Dubuque fblfd' COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Dubuque, Iowa Plant Mixed Concrete Under the Free Bridge Dubuque, Iowa Dial 2-5487 l.AURY 8. LENGER PHARMACY I J. R. Lenger, R.Ph. 1298 Dodge Phone 3-I677 Dubuque, Iowa Dependable Prescription Service SPAHN 8. ROSE LUMBER COMPANY it One Piece to a CarIoad" Jackson at Eleventh Dial 3-6481 Dubuque, Iowa CURTIS-STRAUB CO. Plumbing - Heating CONGRATULATIONS to the I963 graduating class of the University of Dubuque from "The Friendly House of McDonald" Manufacturers of: Plumbers and Water Works Brass Pumps and Water Systems Plumbing Drainage Products Oil Equipment 22 Branches Serving the Midwest CO""f'C""5 A. Y. MCDONALD MFG. CO. P.O. Box 508 Ion Locust Street l2th 8. Pine Streets Dial 3-0804 Dubuque' Iowa KRETSCHMER INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE REAL ESTATE Broadest Protection at Low Rates under the new Comprehensive Forms 702 Roshek Building Phone 3-T736 -.3 M. Proud to Help the University Grow Plumbing Heating Ventilating ALUMNI PLEDGE OF LOYALTY I do sincerely pledge: To honor my degree as a trust. To accept my responsibilities as a mature person in my chosen vocation . . . in the home . . . in the state . . . and in the church. To humbly serve God and my fellow man. To express my loyalty to ALMA MATER through a significant concern for the total welfare of this my University. As a graduating student of the University of Dubuque, I do hereby declare my deep gratitude for ideas instilled and opportunities afforded me as a student on this campus. DAIRY SWEET UNIVERSITY AVENUE lnext to the Milk Housel THE MILK HOUSE Three Convenient Locations 2311 Windsor T875 University 423 West Locust Sweetheart Bakery Goods Dairy Products at Cash 8. Carry Prices BROOKSIDE DAIRY 80 Southern Ave. Complete Line of Dairy Products SWEETHEART BAKE SHOPS SPECIAL CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Clubs and Organizations Given Special Attention Dial 2-5437 BEST WISHES CLASS OF T963 from the 1963 KEY STAFF GAMMA PHI DELTA Compliments of a Friend Metz MANUFAUURING co MU "Architectural Woodwork" Dubuque, Iowa SIGMA KRETSCHMER TREDWAY BETA COMPANY PLUMBING - HEATING HARDWARE sooo Lucic '63 Wholesale Only Dubuque, Iowa WEBER PAPER COMPANY Quality Wrapping, Sanitary, and Printing Papers 204 KARIGAN'S HOLIDAY GRILL Best of Luck to the Graduates CORINTHIAN CAFE Proprietor George T. Vrotsos 605 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa DELTA PHI SIGMA The Voice of The Student Body THE QUE WHITEY'S SHOE SHOP Finest Shoe Repairing 253 8th Avenue Three Doors East of Locust Street PAT'S SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY "Westinghouse Laundromat" 9th and Locust "The Easy Way to Launder" We Pick Up and Deliver Watches J , G, W ', X ewe ry nts Q Kiss 3. BUTLER F All O AHEQSAKED . EALEQ, JEWELERS und SILVERSMITHS I D l27843 973 Moin Stre t R y Robey Prop. 835 Main Street Dial 2-2704 THE ATHENAEAN FRATERNITY -A H"-' E-r , MAKN 5-YP-'1 E. L. SCHEPPELE JEWELERS G ft That scfisfy' 1420 Ce t I Dubuque, lo 206 THE ZETA PHI SORORITY Congrofulclfes the T963 Groduofes Say It With Flowers "Flower Fashions" CHRlSTENSEN'S GREENHOUSE 2300 University Ave. Ph 3 8294 2635 Windsor A FI Ph e 58-3-3551 D b q I Ph FI FI THE SOUND OF THE CAMPUS K U D D 630 on your dial 207 Acknowledgements A yearbook is the product of many minds and many hands photography. working together. To acknowledge the special service rend- Sincere appreciation is extended to Assistant Editor, Jerry ered by each would be an impossible task. A sincere thank you Gantield, tor his willingness to help and the many early morn- is extended to every member ot the statt tor all the work put ing sessions spenttinishing deadlines. in this year. Finally to our unseen triends at American Yearbook Com- To our over-worked photographer - adviser, William Tup- pany and our representative, Fred Stoeker, many thanks tor per, goes a special thank you tor the long, hours in the all the help and cooperation. darkroom. Thanks also to Steve Dodge tor assisting in the Editor - Dan Pietrini Assistant Editor -Jerry Gantield Business Manager - Phil Truby Art Editor - Joanie Weber Fred Easker Section Editors University - Mardy Switzer College - Susan Smith Organizations - Jeri Peterson Greeks - Bonnie Webb Tibby Sports - Kay Daly Events -Jerry Ganfield Students - Geri Pollard Index - Ann Meyer Staft Jean Arnold Jett Baker Linda Bein Alma Boyd Mary Chatlin Joanne Eidukas Judy Farwell Joyce Finch Judy Harlan Charles Jones Winifred Severin John Shinn A Paul Skelly Fred Walter 208 Chiles, Mary Couchman 50,51 ,55,84,1 35, Abboa-Offei, Benoni 70,90,165 Ackland, Shirley 56,84,165 Ackley, Diane 177 Adams, John 177 Adams, Robert G. 22,94 Adler, Daniel J. 59,64,72,87,88,153 Aitchison, Anne M. 38,142,143 Allen, Robert 153 Almes, Philip 57,153,69 ALPHA PSI OMEGA 53 Alvarez, Sonia 69,7O,165 Anderson, Bonnie 52,84,177 Anderson, Carol 84,131,177 Anderson, Richard 74,92,117,177 Anderson, Sandra 84,177 Anderson, Wayne 50,51,52,54,165 Andrews, Mahan C. 70 Ant, Ulo 177 Anzzolin, Nina 48,62,63,82,177 Arp, Devon 102 Aronson, Bruce 169 ATHENEANS 88 Baal, B. Richard 56,90,112,169 Bacon, David 92,98,177 Bailey, Robert E. 3O,71,138,139,153 Baker, James Jettrey 49,54,70,72,73,74 90,153 Brammer, Gary 46,50,51,90,152,154 Braun, Snadra 72,82,137,178 Breed, James 63,98,117,178 Brenke, Barbara 169 Brinkman, Stephen 92,113,178 Brock, Michael 71 Buckley, Chester 30,105 Buelow, Robert 92,1 17,169 Buford, Louise 63,178 Button, Leroy E. 77,98,154 Bulman, Norma 64,154 Burns, James 102,178 Butler, Janice 169 Butler, Zona 178 Cabala, Jerry 165 Cady, Allon 75,178 Cain, Dean 178 Campbell, Melody 80,86 Carlson, Bradley 49,169 Carlson, Robert 46,47,63,92,98,176,178 CARMEN 64 Case, William 88,165 Cass, Ann 187 Chaltin, Mary 84,178 CHAPEL CHOIR 63 Charlton, Kathlyn 84,170 Baker, William 169 Barkhurst, Michael 88,98,169 Barnes, Cyril 26 BASEBALL 1 16 BASKETBALL 102 Bauman, George 49 Baxter, David 177 Beaver, Jerome 51 ,52,54,94, 153 Beck, Lee 77,92,98,1 17,169 Beichley, Mark 98,100,101,177 Bein, Linda 73,84,177 Benson, Bonnie 169 Bentz, Jacob 102,104,177 Benz, Dorothy 38,76 Besch, Robert 177 Berry, Scott 57,77,92,98,100,1 14,1 15, 127,153 Bian, Kenneth 90,169 Biasi, Karl 177 Bisgrove, Rebecca 64,82,83,125,169 Bitzer, Jeffrey 74-,75,177 Blair, Susan 80,53,165 Blockorby, Nancy 177 Blosch, Clarence 27 Blum, James 90,113 Blum, William 90,169 Boardman, John 169 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 20 Boaz, David 98,177 Boehner, Grace A. 30,35,55 Boldig, Robert 178 Booth, Pamela 178 Borth, Robert 102 Bossman, Carol 65,69,72 Bottazzi, Roger 169 Bovenmyer, Jack 178 Bowe, Robert 88,89,107,108,169 Bowyer, craig 69,a7,9o,i 02, 1 65 Boxwell, Roberta 82,169 Boyd, Jean A. 64,73,154 Braaten, Laura 48,52,53,84,131,169 Brady, James G. 49,169 154 Christensen, Joel 88 Christensen, Leslie 82,178 Chase, Paul 98 Clark, Clark Dianne 56,62,63,64,82,165 , Hewitt 64,69,9O,178, Clark, Jo 50,51,55,69,71,82,135,165 Clark, Patricia 178 Clark, Philip 165 Cochrane, Edward 154 Coftee, Jan 178 Coit, John Knox 30,92 Collisson, Mariorie 84,178 Comer, Gary 94,178 CONCERT BAND 62 CONCERT CHOIR 64,65 Conner, David 46,59,88,98,143,144 Coons, Virginia 170 Copeland, Keith 56,170 Corbett, Alice 42 Couchman, Gaylord M. 18,47 Covey, Frank 53,90,155 Croce, Joseph 98,179 Cruz-Mesa, Rosa 65,69,70 Cubbage, Jo Ann 187 Cunningham, Ruth 48,62,63,65,82,170 Daly, Kathleen 73,179 Dannevvitz, ElRoy 170 Davidson, Sandra 48,50,51,54,55,56,84, 86,142,165 Davis, Paul Ford 28,51 Deckert, James 165 De Franco, Ronald 117 De Farkas, Charles 92,98,117,136,179 Dekker, David 165 De Klotz, Sheryl 62,69,72,82,170 DeLong, Stanley 62,63,65,165 DELTA PHI SIGMA 80 Denger, Charles 92 Dennie, Laura 75,8O,1 18,170 Detwiler, David 70,165 DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL 21 209 Dexter, Alanna 170 DeYoung, James 77,9O,113,170 Dieken, Jerl 98,179 Dietz, Sherry 62,63,179 Dittmer, Jane 187 Dodge, Stephen 55,94,155 Dougherty, Douglas 52,170 Doughty, Donald 92,98,107,108,109 Downey, Michael 88,179 Dunn, Lee 90,102 Duren, Brian 179 Durr, Sue 84,179 Easker, Fred 90,179 Echols, Leonard 179 Eichorn, Randall 179 Eidukas, Joanne 73,84,179 Eller, Mrs. Darold D. 26 Ellinger, Roger 49,9O,155 Ellis, Gary 179 Erxleben, Gordon 170 Espinosa, Eunice 179 Evans, Owen 30,98,99 Ewing, D, Spencer 59,155 Fabrycy, Bogdan 46,94,144,168,170 Fals, Borda, Juan 69,70,74,179 Farquar, Mrs. Donald C. 19 Faust, Richard 77,165 Farwell, Judy 179 Ferb, Gary 90,179 Fisher, Richard 46,57,77,92,98,108,152, 155 Fisher, Ronald 49,59,62,92,165 Fitzsimons, Susan 84,179 Flage, Carol 48,64,69,71,84,145,170 Flage, Ruth 46,48,53,69,84,152,155 Flaig, L. Scott 94,122,131,180 Follensbee, Michael 94,180 FOOTBALL 98 Foote, Nancy 187 Fox, James 57 Frank, Thomas 62,63,74 Freehauf, Anthony 170 Freimanis, Mirdza 71,156 French, James 180 Frisch, James 77,92 Frump, Dan 53,56,94,130,131,156 Funk, Karl 170 Furda, Lewis W. 87 Gade, Saundra 69,82 GAMMA PHI DELTA 82 Ganfield, Gerald 53,54,56,62,73,90,170 Gantenbein, Sandra 56,84,180 Garner, Jerry 69,180 Garrett, Raymond 170 Garrison, Catherine 180 Geffert, Carl W. 30,35,138 Gibbs, Jane 57,124,125 Gibson, Raymond 98,1 17,180 Gibson, Thomas 42 Giller, Judith 180 Giles, LeRoy H. 31,34,57 Glass, Dennis 94,180 Glenn, James 64,74,88,98 Gosnell, Carol 56,69,180 Gost, Edward 180 Gould, Kenneth 53,54,94,130,131 Graham, Cheryl 75,118,119,17O Grau, Barbara 59,84,156 Grauerholz, Shirley 180 Graybill, Gary 170 GREEKS 78 Greenawald, Thomas 98,180 Greer, Don 98,180 Groenwoldt, Patricia 56,82 Grott, Edith M. 38 Haefs, Suzanne 59,82,165 Haines, Donna 57,156,69 Haines, Dennis Jay 69,156 Haines, John 98,180 Halsted, Ruth 48,56,64,82 Hamdort, Kent 171 Hamrick, Robert 77,92,107,108 Hamrin, Jon 165 Hancock, Edward J. 31 Hancock, Susan 75,82,125,166 Hangartner, Stanley 171 Hanke, Edward 166 Hansen, Mary 84,171 Hanson, Judy 63,65,82,86,171 Hantelmann, Judith 46,75,82,118,168, 171 Harbaugh, Haynes 98,102 Hardy, Robert 62,180 Harken, Linda 46,56,72,84,135,144,168, 171 Harlan, Judy 73,75,180 Harmon, Paul 46,94,161,164 Harwell, Carol 171 Haugen, Ronald E, 156 Hauser, Kirk 98,180 Hawes-Davis, Denzil 31,59 Hawkins, Charles 90,107 Hawkins, David 181 Haxmeier, Joan 41 Hayley, Karen 82,181 Hayley, Vincent 69,71 Heitmann, Jean 84,166 Henry, Edith 181 Hensler, Keith 98,114,117 Hinkley, Robert 171 Hotterber, Mary 50,82,157 Holden, Carolyn 130,181 Holman, Betty 181 Holsinger, Carol 62,181 Horton, Mary 82,166 Hosford, Stanley 171 Howard, Walter L. 31 Hubbell, Kent 94,171 Hummel, Joan 69,82,86,166 Hunter, Karen 75,171 Iglesias, Roberto 70 INTERVFRATERNITY COUNCIL 87 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 70 Jackson, R. Kenneth 56,70,71,94,171 Janzen, Bradford 171 Jensen, Bonnie 181 Jensen, Karl 181 Jepson, Karen 48,56,82,166 Johns, Thomas H. 19 Johnson, Donna 65,181 Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Larry 43,48 Johnson, Robert 46,50,92,98,108,176,181 Johnson, Robert H. 92,478,181 Johnston, Mary Helen 63,64,157 Jones, Charles 90,145 Jones, Dozier 92,98,114,181 Jones, Edward 181 Jones, Jerry 94,98,171 Jones, Kathryn 75,84,181 Jones, Louise 157 Justman, Pearl 57 Kaiser, Kathleen M. 157 Kane, Mary Jane 181 KAPPA DELTA PI 55 Katner, Paul 62,64 Kaufman, Diann 171 Kelly, Barbara 181 Kelson, Carole 181 Kephart, Keith 92,98,1 14,181 Ketelsen, Kathleen 187 KEY 73 King, Judith 63,64,157 Knight, Drew 181 Knutsen, Harold 46,56,77,98,1 14,168,171 Koehn, Paul 181 Krabbenhott, Wayne 182 Kramer, Tom 117 Kraut, Kathryn 70,182 Krein, David 50,52,54,55,64,72,157 Krein, Nancy 56,182 Krick, Gordon 98 Kritz, Paul 103,105,182 Kronquist, Shirley P. 38,46,48 Kucera, Mrs. Howard 84 Kucera, Howard L. 31,92 KUDD 74 Kuusisto, Paul 182 LaMour, Ronald 92,164,166 Larson, Kent 182 Larson, Trudy 51,55,158 Leach, Richard 90,182 Lechman, M. Robert 90,98,182 Lehnhardt, Lewis 49,65,90,166 Lewis, Nancy 63,82,137,182 Limperis, Samuel 77,92,106,107,108,158 Lindstrom, Robert 70,74,171 Ling, John 70 Lloyd, Eleanor 56,62,63,69,171 Lottelmacher, Mary 64 Lomax, Mr. William L. 31 Loney, Kathleen 187 Loney, D. Roger 94,166 Longley, Gordon 49,75,90,166 LoRash, Susan 48,57,69,84,158 Lorenzen, Carol 187 Luchsinger, Richard 182 Luchsinger, Ronald 62,63,64,158 MacDonald, Marilyn 84,171 MacKenzie, David Rae 50,72,159 Magalsky, Keith 38 Mahmoud, Parviz 32 Mahmoud, Ruth 39 Marclen, Patricia 182 Marino, John 74,92,98,117 Marion, Ernest 92, 166 Martin, Judith 172 Martin, Judith Tilton 56,82,86,166 Martin, Mr. Richard 43,133 Martin, Sandra 48,84,182 Martin, Sharon 82,172 Matthiessen, Robert 77,92,1 12 Mauer, Edythe 56,82,172 McCarthy, Mary 182 McCormick, John Michael 158 McDonald, Terry 90,111,114,115,182 McDougall, Catherine 182 McGregor, Peter S. 59,158 210 McMenamin, Ronald 64,69 McNamara, James 98 Medcalt, William E. 32 Meier, Richard 98,182 MEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL 49 Mensching, Sandra 75,84,118,144 Mercer, Kenneth E. 32,108 Messing, Fred 27 Meyer, Meyer, Ann 57,73,159 James B. 77,92,98,159 Meyer, Marie 42 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Douglas 182 Joel 166 Karen 172 Robert 166 Michal, Dan 39 Miner, Nancy 69,183 Minger, Karen 172 Mitchell, C. Daniel 92,166 Mitchell, Kenneth H. 32,71 Mittelbusher, Gary 1 14,172 Moon, Erick 70,172 Mooney, Richard 77,92,1 17,172 Moore, Diane 172 Moore, Donald 92,113,159 Morris, Vivian 73 Morrison, Carol 80 Morrison, Douglas 70 Motter, Andrew 62,172 Muchmore, Myron 172 Muller, Leona 159 Munson, Gary 94,166 Musgrave, Wilford P. 32 MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE 63 MU SIGMA BETA 90 Nakanishi, Manuel 159,201 Neilsen, Kenneth L. 33,90 Nelson, Sandra 48,50,51,55,56,64,84 86 135,144,160 Nelson, William 183 Neumann, Judith 72,84,172 Nides, Alexander 172 Norton, Phillip 56,183 Noth, Robert 77,98,106,107,108,1 14 172 Ogaard, Kay Dawn 62,63,65,82 Olds, Robert 69,74,131,183 Olson, Jacquelyn 84,183 Orpheus and Euridice 147 Osten, Thomas 77,87,92,1 12,172 Paisley, James 183 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 86 Pahnke, Robert 90,113,172 Panici, Marion 80, 172 Pascual, Agustin 33 Pascual, Mrs. Agustin 82 Pascual, Zoila 69,70,183 Pattinain, Charles 183 Pauletto, Toni 72,80,183 Pease, Carol 51,55 Pearson, Ronald 94,160 Peck, Anna 62,63,64,183 Perez, Abigail 80,172 Perez, Hector 69,70 Perlberg, Raymond 102,183 Peterson, Clarence T. 33 Peterson, Jerilyn 56,715,166 Petitgoue, Gerald 94,160 Ptiester, Nancy J. 160 PHI ALPHA THETA 54 PHI OMICRON 92 Pierce, Darrel 172 Pierce, Mary 62,183 Pierce, Patricia 183 Pietrini, Dan 73,90,166 Pl KAPPA DELTA 52 Plant, George 98 Pogose, Dennis 98,183 Pollard, Geraldine 73,160 Pollock, Larry 62,9O,183 Polsky, Larry 115,183 Pottinger, Donna 56,183 Powers, Richard 166 Prieditis, George 92,98,114,183 Puls, Paul 56,90,183 Pumroy, Thomas 75,173 Quan, Alex 173 Quan, Pauline 173 Raber, Larry 130 Rafoth, David 94,184 Rampson, Gaye 184 Ransford, Emery 26 Ranstord, Mrs. Emery 27 Ray, Gordon 64,166 Read, George 173 Reardon, Terry 74,98,184 Redenius, Richard 72,161 173 Reggentin, Susan 187 Reininger, Warren 92,98,184 Renz, John 77,90,111,114,173 Ringer, Peggy 184 Robertson, Judith 187 Roderick, Sharon 69,184 Rogers, Robert 90,160 Rogers, Roy 74,9O,184 Rold, Judy 62,90,86,173 Rolft, Robert 161 Rosenquist, Thomas 46,59,88,144,164, 167 Ross, Carl A. Jr. 33,54,94 Rothlisberger, Hazel 33 Roussell, Robert 62,63,65,90,184 Rozeboom, William G. 4,39,42 Roys, Ruth 56,167 Ruess, Ronald 98,173 Ryan, Myra 56,86,167 Sage, David 46,56,77,94,111,114,115, 167 St.Clair, George 88,184 Salvaggio, John 92,108,184 Sandy, F. Merle 35,36,71 Sandven, R. W. 33,55,92 Sannes, Carolee 84 Satchell, Beverly 184 Sattgast, Hilary 90,161 Saunders, Michael 74,184 Savage, Donald J. 36,53,128 Sayers, Diane 173 Sayers, Gary 108,184 Schack, Beverly 41 Scheovic, John 90,102,11,7,184 Schiele, Carl 98,116,117 Schlesser, David 184 Schilling, Linda 184 Schmidt, Bruce 46,49,72,87,94,l64,167 Schneck, James 94,167 Schnucker, Wilhemina 41 Schoeberl, Leanna 187 Schueller, Mrs. Irvin 28,82 Schuettner, Norman 173 Schultz, Donald 92,98,184 Schultz, Kendra 82 Schumann, Eileen 184 Schumann, Richard 94 Scully, Robert 130 Searcy, Jean 173 Severin, Winitred 84,136,184 Sheean, Mary Ann 48,62,63,64,185 Shinn, John 73,161 Shirma ng, Thomas 46,47,57,77,87,92,98 152,161 Shell, Lester, C. 36,59,92 Short, Ray E. 34,36,69,71 Siegel, Marlene 80,184 Skelley, Paul 111,173 Skelley, Peter 69,70,71,173 S.l.S.E.A. 56,57 Slaght, David 161 Smeiakal, Kenneth 41 Smith, Eva 5O,54,55,69,161 Smith, Larry 98 Smith, Susan 69,70,73,82,185 SOCCER 1 10 SPARTAN CLUB 75 Spear, Catherine 185 Specht, Shirley 59,252,167 Stampe, Joyce 64,185 Stabenow, Marlene 51,54,55,57,84,162 Staniski, Ann Mary 36,139 Stark, Susan 80,185 Steininger, Earl W. 34,36,56,132 Sterba, David 62,167 Stewart, Dean 77,92,98,162 Stout, Dale 185 Summers, Patricia 125,185 STUDENT SENATE 46 Svrluga, William 71,94,98,185 Sweet, Merry 62,185 Switzer, H. Mardeen 65,73,74,75,8O,185 Taylor, Charles E. 37,59,55,88,138 Taylor, Dorothy 37 Taylor, Steven 71,9O,185 TENNIS 113 Teraphatanakul, Raiada 69,70,125,162 Test, JoAnn 173 Thacker, N. Karren 56,82,167 Thetford, Larry 94,173 Tl-IIRTEENERS 94 Thompson, Gary 90,185 Thompson, Stephen 173 Thompson, Tommy 49,53,56,64,72,167 Thorson, Jacqueline 173 Tibby, Bonnie 57,73,84,162 Tiarks, Mrs. Hermann 27 Todd, L. Roger 69,75,185 Tooker, Barbara 62,64,69,82,185 TRACK 1 14 Truby, Philip 69,71,73,162 Tuetken, Virginia 173 Tupper, Mr. William D. 22,73 Turner, Thomas 77,1 17,167 Tweedie, Mr. Steve 39 Tyrrell, Dr. Charles W. 37 UNITED WORLD FEDERALISTS 71 Urich, Frank 92,102,112 Van Beek, Dirk 90 Van Citters, Richard 185 211 Van lten, Alfred 94,116,117 Van Iten, Fred 102,105,116,117 Van Hove, Gretchen 62,65,185 Van Loh, Mary Ann 56,69,167 Vaughn, Richard 92,185 Velsor, Paul 56,173 Venecia, Fernando 162 Vogt, LeRoy 90 Voorn, John 87,94,174 Vroon, Donald 163 Wallace, Margaret McHenry 39 Waller, Sally 187 Walters, Frederick 90,185 Walters, Elizabeth 56,69,174 Ward, Anita 82,186 Warner, Bonnie 64,82,130,186 Warren, C. James 46,72,75,J 76,186 Watt, James 46,72,75,1 1 1,176,186 Weber, Barbara 56,82 Weber, Carol 48,55,57,7O,82,163 Weber, Joan 56,69,82,174 Weida, Sheryl 56,84,122,186 Weidner, Robert W. 37,62 Weinhold, Thomas 98 Wenger, Paul 37,52 Wernle, Lynn 163 Westervelt, William 75,90,186 White, Judith 187 Whitney, Sandra 174 Who's Who 50 Widmer, Charlotte 25,53,82,118,134,174 Widmer, Mary 51,55,167 Wild, Judy 69,84,186 Wildberger, Richard 92,163 Williams, Vera 27 Williams, Warren 43,87,9O,167 Williamson, Mary 48,55,57,82,163 Wilson, Mariorie 84,174 Wilson, Nancy 62,64,69,72,84,186 Winders, Terrance 167 Winter, Carol 69,186 Winters, Paul 56 Witkin, Terry 69,174 Witt, Charles 75,98,186 WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL 48 Wong, George 59,167 Woods, Roger 40,68,69 Wordehotl, David 186 WRESTLING 106 Wright, A. Grittith 34,39 Wunderlich, Sharon 5O,51,57,84,163 Yao, Jerry S. K, 37 Yoder, Jeanette 84,167 Yoder, Jim 77,88,98,167 Yokum, Mrs. George 27 Yonker, Beverly 48,84,186 YOUNG DEMOCRATS 70 Young, Leonora 71,167 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 71 ZETA PHI 84 Ziegenfuss, Richard 186 Zimmer, James 57

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