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6 4 if Y. L 1 V. 5 , , E 1 1 x I Q 3? EI E 1 3 f-.....1,-- ,. ,-...f,,,..-- . V, ' :0 S V 1 :VSV 1 5 1. i 54. ,fu f- . P kr A It . 3' 5 H , . 'fi 5 " H '12 1 , ' - Fi, 5.4 A ' wth K 'WP'-. if .. f , A -. . v, ...- 1 zigi5Q"aFf if-1 - 1. 4. -1-fa,?,f:, ,, .. i , wifi' Jw: - ,if -'.,. 1' .-A sl'-Ae' ' ' nw. .V ln. ' U, - .,-rg .. g Q ' ' 'iw K :I 2 a q H A 1 ., 1 t V I , x , 4. K , l . H7 1.3 N- x bl . e' ii' 1 5 A P 53 ,f 7' JXWQ. . 1' . , -i, 4 ,.-.-.T-MQ! 'Q Lv w 1 1 s W :',? ' fl ,A . 'Rig 'GIS' Q, 1 ' 1 K R " 1 1 -n 2 g' AAQ' X If 5 . ,, ,, ' mf 'L H 4 ' . ' ' M- Jafwf , - A . an ' M23 ,i 4, - . A + . 1 ' mi , 1 ' 1 - . . if ' - I " ' 41 ' my - , ' .f , K' -f N 11- f' ,N :fir Q-. 4 , , 7, "ff i -A ' ' 4 1 ' v i ' 4 , F - A , . , ns- ' ' . ,. , ,,-X 3 , ,-., W l v I I. , df K . 5' V if 54,4 v in x P 'ii Ji , 34 F 1 H 11 Q ' ' . I' 1 1 . 14? .' ' 'N' Lp 4 ,V ,. F N ' ' ,H 4- '51 " ' ' Q x b 2. , 'A , A SH: If . . . 4 ' i '44- Y' J , fu mhz' A . 5 . 1 - . 1 L V Q V 4: 1 an ,.,x-w.59, k,,' 4 ' Z ' -, ' 'f ' . ' " QS . ' ' , -- . -.K -- "M ' ' " ' t .ing . if V - . fi'-Lg ' -fffg '-' ' + u Q14-ft, '. " f .L ,jfipff f 'E' , . 'X L'-. ' " X aim . ' - ii 'Q , ' .' F15 ' ' . 4 . " ' 95' , ' ", "U Se , fx, f-1 ' .5 ' 4 z., -au-'J - -. my , 4 l 3 ,a5g- X I . ,nf V "f ., . . jg' ' , , 'V "'4n'.. . '15 'fn' . la, ' gm , Rl . . -,fx V ,. -I 1 6. V I .52 M' -.YL : Q J, ,tx . t .f., . , ' ' '- A,L,-.. .A1..L.A-.,,..L.,nAA,i,,A,,k,,g4M .J, , s.-gp , gyQ , f A -l...4u...L . -X'-:H w-.- ..f' -' - , v-1 4 uv, ..,. if University of Dubuque THE KEY Volume 41 THE 1957 KEY ' VOLUME 41 University of Dubuque Dubuque, Iowa RICHARD STRICKER, P bl t Advertising M g CHARLES L. IVIORNINGSTAR Edt n-Chief FOREWORD The University. of Dubuque-- Opens the door to a .better education and a better way of life through study, worship, fellowship, counsel, and academic excellence. This is its story-- CONTENTS The Hill Called Home ......,,.. Guidance and Government .... . C enee rning Studies ..,........ Those Who Are Called ..... The Parchment Parade ......,..., Progressing-to a Certain Degree There Will Be a Meeting ......., . Welcome lnto the Fellowship ..... . The Co-eurrieular Revue .... .. Cheers and Challenges .. Aida to College Living ....... X THE HILL CALLED HCDME IT ALL B GINT H six . H If R Ii . as frosh take their entrance exams HERE as freshmen Leo Wells, jim Cramer, and Jim Conner get the inside story from senior advisor Helen Del-laven 1 5 ...HIiRIi..... . .as Paul Mitchell and Alle .Iaspers get an assist from their parents ..... SEVEN eight H E R E . . as sophomore prexy Bill Jensen "crowns" Diane Malmberg cluring Freshman Days . . ANlJ Pllflllf... . . . . as couples "go square" in frosh "mixer Irl WAY INCLUDE A BIT OF THIS.. the concert choir gives an apt background for Faith and Life Week services in McCormick Gym . . 1 1 ..ORF1HIS.... . . director Lejeune leads the University orchestra in practice QSQJ :IS OR THIS .... Carol Wilhelmi and Ann Flickema lead the way through "chow line" at Severance's Hpajama party" .... . ..OR'1'HIS.... . students lay aside books to catch a TV show in the campus "snack bar M' Q .OR THIS .... some enjoy b doing, as in this scene y from a varsity football scrimmage NOR HVISNTHIS .... . others enjoy by watching, as in this crowd shot at a University wrestling match . . eleven ..BUT EVERYONE ENDS UP SPENDI TINIE IN THIS LINE ..... IS LINE ..... . .as students wait in the Commons for a noon meal from the kitchen .... 15.11 ,..AN IN THIS LI D If V Ii N T U A N If tht GUIDANCE AND GOVERNMENT 52 F A .. Since his acceptance of the presi- dency of the University of Dubuque in I935, Dr. Gaylord Couchman has Worked diligently to maintain the student-faculty balance necessary for the complete worth of education. His "open door policy" invites anyone with a problem to drop in for discussion and counsel. A Des Moines University graduate, he holds a B.D. degree from McCormick Theological Seminary. DR. GAYLORD M. COUCHMAN THE PRESIDENT AND HIS FAMILY Dr. Couchman's Family-Mrs. Couchman, Johnny, Barbara, Mary, Dr. Couchman, and Carol I The Executive Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors, and headed by President Couchman, is designed to take action on matters which come up between biannual Board meetings. Meeting monthly, the Committee studies administrative policies to see that they follow the University aims, and reviews the monthly financial re- port of the University. THE EXECUTIVE CONINIITTEE HIS BOARD OF DIRECTORS i , t DR. WILLIAM B. ZUKER Newly appointed as vice-president of the University in 1956, Eugene Siekmann vacates his post as assistant to the president. Mr. Siekmann earned his B.A. degree from the Uni- versity of Dubuque in l937 and grad- uated from the Theological Seminary of Dubuque with a B.D. degree in 1951. ght Now completing thirty-six years of service at the University of Dubuque, Dr. William B. Zuker serves as profes- sor of chemistry, is chairman of the College Division of Natural Sciences, and chairman of the University Pro- grams Committee in addition to his many and varied duties as University vice-president. Dr. Zuker assumed the responsibilities of Acting President from l925-l927, and again from l935-I936. After graduating from Highland Park College, he received his lVl.S. from the University of Chi- czgo, and the D.Sc. degree from the University of Dubuque. MR. EUGENE SIEKMANN Former admissions counselor and director of admissions, Mr. Harry Turner serves as business manager of the University. A graduate of Park College and McCormick Theological Seminary, Mr. Turner came to the Uni- versity in l945 and has handled the finances for the last four years. DR. LEO L. NUSSBAUM f,.,.....w"'5 MR. HARRY TURNER As Dean of the College, Dr. Leo L. Nussbaum administrates the academic area of college life. ln addition to his work in this field, he is faculty adviser to Alpha Pi Omega, honorary scholas- tic fraternity, and serves on the Chapel and Student Aid committees. Dean Nussbaum received his B.A. and lVl.A. from Ball State Teachers College, and Ph.D. in education from Northwestern University. I-le came to the Univer- sity in l952 from Huntington College in Indiana. t WILLIAM G. ROZEBOOM Registrar and Professor of History and Political Science, lVIr. Rozeboom came to Dubuque in l944. Gradu- ated frorn Calvin College with the B.A. degree, he later received the lVI.A. de- gree from the University of Michigan. Mr. Rozeboom's work as Registrar has been exemplified by efficient and con- scientious consideration of all problems brought before him. " ' ::'::2:2:':':.- REUBEN W. SANDVEN As newly-appointed Dean of Stu- dents this year, Mr. Sandven has been employed as counselor, coordinator of student activities, and the student's guide in all types of problems. .As Associate Professor of Education, Dean Sandven teaches courses in the regular college, and is an active mem- ber of several campus committees. CALVIN SCI-INUCKER As professor of Rural Church and Director of Rural Church and Life for the Seminary, Dr. Schnuckcr came to the school in l94Z. Newly appointed as Dean of the Seminary, he is a grad- uate of Rutgers University and holds his B.D. from New Brunswick Theo- logical Seminary. MRS. GRACE BOEHNER As a new addition in the field of counseling, Mrs. Boehner assumes the position of the new Associate Dean of Students for Women. Mrs. Boehner, who holds a B.S. degree in Education and a M.A. from the University of Missouri, was Dean of Women and as- sociate professor of English at West Liberty State College in West Virginia. MRS. LUCILLE DUNCAN A native Virginian, and trained nurse, Mrs. Lucille Duncan is complet- ing her fourth year as resident head of Severance Hill. Mrs. Duncan came to the University from Huntington Col- lege in Indiana, where she was resident head of a boys' dormitory. Her duties include service as advisor to the House Council, and a sympathetic ear to any problems. TONY SCHAVONE Resident head of Steffens Hall, Tony Schavone has carried a double burden for the past two years, as he was head basketball coach, and conducted courses in the college. An alumnus of the University, Tony has worked to- wards a Master's Degree at the Univer- sity of Indiana. Tony runs the men's dormitory from the second-Hoor apart- ment where he and his wife Alyce live. lwellly-Oil! ly-1. MISS BERNICE HEADINGS, IVLA College Librarian GEORGE B. EHLHARDT, PH.D Seminary Librarian CURTIS T. LEAF, PH.D. Director of Teacher Placement MRS. LEONARD KRAMER Dietician and Supervisor of the Dining Hall MRS. RICHARD SNYDER, B.A. Director of Public Relations DURWOOD BUSSE Alumni Secretary DUANE WILSON, B.A. Admissions Counselor ty twenty-f Dlll' TOM GIBSON, B.A. Admissions Counselor fpart time, MRS. TOM GIBBONS, B.A. Admissions Counselor fpart time, THE UNIVERSITY NURSES: Kay Edmonds, Barbara Craig, and Elizabeth Pew Secretarial Staff: Miss Marilyn Hirsch, assistant bookkeeperg Mrs. Gerald Brown, secretary to admisionsg Mrs. William Allen, secretary to the Dean of Stuclentsg Miss Betty Muir, sec- retary to the presidentg Miss Marie Meyer, rec orderg Mrs. Esther Purvis, secretary to the bus- iness office. Seated-Miss Irene Hussey, clerk in the business officeg Mrs. lrvin Schueller, secretary to the dean of the collegeg Mrs. Mary Bookout. College Library Staff: Mrs. Fred Messing, reading room library assistantg Mrs. Calvin Schnucker, college catalogerg Mrs. Charlesuflqyrrell, audio-visual library assistant. Seminary Library Staff: Mrs. Kenneth Baule, Miss Betty Ann Smith, Nliss Lillian Staigers, Mrs. Lillian Ostrander. l N twenty-five Mrs. Tom Turner, switchboard operatorg Emery Ransford, cashier and bookkeeperg Mrs. Her- man Tjarks, multigraph operatorg Earnest Halverson, butcher. Mrs. Durwoocl Buckheim, secretary to the clean of the seminaryg Mrs. Beulah Larson, secre-- tary to the music department: IWIS. Ed. lanky, and Mrs. George Yokum, post office clerks. Kitchen Staff-Nlrs. Alvina Hill, Mrs. Louis Schmitt, Mrs. U. Kaune, Mrs. Leo Fonck, Mrs. Mary Zemenek, Mrs. Pearl Coates. twenty-six 1 i 9 3 Milton Jaeger, Director of Self-Help, Mrs. Emma Schenk, Mrs. Leo Fonck, Mrs. Leona Lester, janitresses. Tom Turner, carpenter, Fred Messing, electrician, Steve Thilmany, Hremang Howard Mc- Cutcheon, night watchman. s a e f -'-' b f 12- -'.. 1 ii fe sffii .QE - George Yokom, Floyd Topp, Roy Koster, janitorsg Oda Davis, fireman. Mrs. janet Weitz and Mrs. Milton Jaeger, Oak Room attendants. twenty-seven PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Standing-R. Stricker, Mr. Sandven, I... Morningstar. Seated-K. Corson, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Boehner, J. jenkins. University Pictured on these two pages are six of the student andfor faculty committees of the University and College. They serve as coordinators and intergrators of the overall campuq program in their respective fielcls. It is these committees which are always behind the scenes, seeing that each activity is in its own way complete and contributive to the overall welfare of the University. PERSONNEL SERVICES COI'-fIMIT'1'EE EDUCATIONAL POLICIES COMMITTEE Back Row-D. Busse, Mr. Sanclven, N. Stenzel. Dr. Zuker, Mr. Coit, Dr. Musgrave, Dr. jaenke, Dean Front Rowilvlrs. Duncan, Mrs. Boehner, Mrs. Kra- Nussbaum, Mr. Rozeboom, Miss Taylor, Dr. Leaf twenty-eight mer, Miss Rothlisberger. Committees Other University committees are the Admin- istrative, University Programs, Communica- tions, and University Archives Committees. Cther committees of the College are those dealing with Library, Scholarship and Student Aid, Athletics, Admissions, Academic Stan- dards, and the Iowa Inter-Collegiate Athletic Conference. CHRISTIAN LIFE COUNCIL Standing-Mr. Martens, Mr. Carlson, M. Gibb, Mr. Coit, B. Taskek. Seated--Dr. Berger, H. Blunlc, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Tyrrell. TEACHER EDUCATION COMMITTEE CHAPEL COMMITTEE Mr. Rozeboom, Dr. Musgrave, iMss Aitchison, Dean Back RowiMr. Coit, H. Blunk, Mr. Olbricht, Mr. Nussbaum, Dr. Leaf, Mrs. I-Iartel. Martens. Front Row-C. C0uChIIIan, Mr. Marbufger, G. CITUCS' ing, D. Zollars, H. DeHaven. twenty-nine CONCERNING STUDIES f? NN' ef-' ff' .9 l',7l Q 1 W FQ' COLLEGE DIVISION OF FINE ARTS DOY M. BAKER Division Chairman Professor of Music MRS. ALICE CARLSTON Instructor in Art EDITH CROFF Instructor in Piano FRANK J. LEJEUNE BONALD MARBURGER DONALD W. PRINDLE MRS. HARRY SLICHTER Asst. Professor of Music Asst. Professor of Music Asst. Professor of Music Instructor in Voice thirty-two CUI,LIiGIi DIVISION OF LANGIIAGIi, I,ITIiRATIIRIi ANNA M. AITCHISON Division Chairman Professor of English MRS. GRACE BOEHNER Instructor in English MISS JANET GROH instructor in Speech DR. JOHN MCCAINE Asst. Prof. of English :fu I al' MISS MARGEURITE REU LLOYD STRENG THOMAS OLBRICHT DR. WILFRORD MUSGRAVE Asst. Prof. of Spanish Instructor in English Asst. Prof. of Speech Prof. of French, German, and Spanish ihlrty-three COLLEGE DIVISION OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGIO M ""'ex. WW -'Na N ,, .1 JOHN KNOX COIT BAILEY D. ALAN MARTENS CHARLES W. TYRRELL Acting Div. Chairman Asst. Professor Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Bible and Greek Bible and Christian Christian Education Philosophy n Education thirty-four COI,I,EGIi DIVISION UF IQDIICATION ANU PSYCHOLQGY CURTIS T. LEAF Division Chairman Professor of Education KENNETH E. MERCER Director of Athletics Associate Professor of Physical Education LEO L. NUSSBAUIVI Assistant Professor of Pfychology 1 TONY P. SCHAVONE REUBEN W. SANDVEN MISS GRACE RYAN CLARENCE T. PETERSON Instructor of Physical Associate Professor of Instructor in Education Director of Physical Education Education EClLlC8fi01'1 Basketball Coach Professor of Health and Physical Education thirty-tive COL E DIVISION OF SOCIAL STUDIES DR. IRMA BUTNER Assistant Professor of Sociology FREDERHCK CCCNEY Instructor in Economics MRS. WALTER GUSTAFSON SYLVAN F. JAENKE WILLIAM L. LOMLX Instructor in Economic Division Chairman Professor of Economics Studies Assistant Professor of thirty-six Soc. Studies VVIl.LE.kM G. ROZEBOOM Pr: f:ssor of History and Political Science COI,I,IiGE DIVISION OF 5 NATURAL SCIENCES MRS. JEANETTE ALLEN Instructor in Biology ELDRIDGE M. BERTKE Assistant Professor of Biology FRANK EDWARDS Assistant Professor of Chemistry MRS. PAUL HARTEL Instructor in Home Economics WILLIAM B. ZUKER DOROTHY M. TAYLOR HAZEL M. ROTHLISBERGER DAN MILHAL Division Chairman Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Instructor in Mathematics Professor of Chemistry Mathematics thirty-seven THOSE WHO ARE CALLED forty Department of Biblical Studies Joseph Mihefic Professor of Old Markus Barth Professor of New Testament Testament Department of Systematic Theology John Kncx Coit Instructor in Arthur C. Cochrane Professor of Systematic Theology Philosophy To know the Bible, the record of the acts of God, is one requirement of men preparing for the Christian ministry. To have an orderly understanding of Christian beliefs, is another. The seminarians carefully examine the doctrine of God, the work of His creation, as Well as the doctrines of providence and reconciliation. As micldlers, the seminarians make detailed exegetical stud- ies of the various Biblical books ancl as seniors, they may choose to do re- search of their own. Department of Church History Charles Carlston Lecturer in Church History Department of Christian Education Doy M. Baker Lecturer in Lecturer in Church Music To know how Christian beliefs have affected the lives of Gocl's people in the Church is the purpose of seminary students taking courses in the Department of Church l-listory, which includes a detailed examination of Christianity from its beginning to the present. To present the message of Christ to chil- dren, youth, and adults requires the learning of the techniques of teaching as shown in the Department of Christian Education. Discussion, story-telling, clramatization, and visual aids are various techniques that are considered. Charles W. Tyrrell Christian Education forty Thomas H. Olbricht Q' lnstructor in Speech .M-MADE. Department of Homiletics 'Sv-as David l. Berger ' Professor Of Preaching Department of Rural Church Calvin Schnucker Professor of Rural Church Director of Rural Church and Life William Jamison Associate Professor of Rural Church Wayne Hoffman won high honors in the Seminary Scripture Reading Festival, followed by Harold Rambo frightl and Dayton Hultgren Qleftl. f ty-two BROTHERHOOD Left to right-Kenneth Lester, George Pike, William Meyer, John Pettit, Edwin Manning, Harvey Wirtz, Vvilliam Tammern, Dean Johnson, Warren Hoffman, Gene Straatmeyer, Harold Rambo, Keith Trembath. JY NEVV DORNI FOR THISOLOGIANS f ty-th forty-four Seminary Student BURTON BLAIR Winnebago, Minnesota DAVID CASTRODALE. Minneapolis, Minnesota YUN CI'-IURL CHANG Seoul, KOICH DONALD COOPER Cols, Ohio JOHN EASTMAN Fergus Falls, Minnesota FRANK ELLIOTT Ottumwa, Iowa ROBERT EVERHARD Milwaukee, Wisconsin JIM FORKNER Central City, Iowa DONALD GOWAN Cleghorn, Iowa JOHN GRAHAM Washington, D. C. ROBERT GRUPP Mason City, Iowa DOYLE HANSEN Odehclt, Iowa DAYTON HULTGREN Hoople, North Dakota WAYNE LAWRENCE Crosby, North Dakota JEROME LOFGREN Isle, Minnesota EUGENE McCORlVIACK Victoiia, Illinois forty-five DWAYNE MERRY Dickinson, North Dakota MARVIN MILLER Storm Lake, Iowa KAY MILLS Greenville, Iowa MERVIN NELSON Lamont, Iowa WILLIAM OSICK Omaha, Nebraska LOREN PARKER Malcom, Iowa GEORGE PIKE Chatham, New jersey MARVIN POTTER Eclelstein, IIIinois HAROLD RAMBO Apple River, Illinois JAY RUSTHOVEN St. Paul, Minnesota WILLIAM SNYD ER SeattIe, Washington HARVEY SENECAL Burr Oak, Iowa AARON SHARP East Liberty, Ohio ROBERT SPELLIVIAN Minneapolis, Minnesota ALVIN STRAATIVIEYER Lennox, South Dakota THOMAS WILLIAMS St. Louis, Missouxi ARNIE ZIEGLER Dubuque, Iowa forty-eight SEMIN Y MIDDLERS Front Row: Edwin Manningg Richard Kauppineng William Tammeng William Meyer: Carl Orr. Second Row: james Hearn: Arthur Connorg Robert Oramg Kenneth Lester: Melvin Reth. Third Row: William Lecknoneg Kerby Wahlg Lowell Alleng Warren Hoffman: Rudolph Middleton: Robert Thorson: Harry Nelson. Back Row: Laurence Gaiihcrg lvan Rundusg Robert Falconerq Stanley Farmerg Dean -Iohnsong james Coates. Class of I9 8 The middler for second ycarl class of the seminary has grown to thirty-two this year, with a large number of its members holding part-time pastorships in churchcs in the surrounding communities. This student-pastor program enables both the student and the church to gain valuable cxpciicnce and to remain self-supporting, while the student pastor completes his formal training here at the seminary. Most of these student pastors remtin at the church of their training after graduation, at least for some time. SEMINARY .I UNIQRS Back Row: Wayne Hoffman: Kenneth Dean: Robert Bgooksg Maynard Brassg Dean Johnson: Donald Hyer: Russell Snyder: Randolph Nledclletong Roy Fox: Arthur Conner. Third Row: john Moore: Hyo Keun Ryug William Schlobohmg Gene Stiaatmeyerg Lloyd Nluilenburgg Charles Bushnell: George Haumang James Jackson: Wilber Quiclcstaclg Carl Orr. Second Row: Roger Petersong Benjamin Talledgeg john Pattitg Keith Trembathg john Spaulding: Glen Pol- zineg William Tammeng Edward lanky. Front Row: john Douglas Uhlsg William Tupperg Nadfm Saikalyg Lowell Browng Lloyd Alamshag Kenneth Jenson: Harvey Wirtzg James Weiss. Class of l959 The junior for first year, class, numbering forty is of course the largest class at the Dubuque Theological Seminary and is indicative of the rapid growth of the seminary enrollment in recent years. The members of this class are striving for the maturity, moral strength, and psychological understanding so necessary in a good pastor. The complete development of personality and to show the relation and meaning Biblical studies give to human problems are primary goals of the seminary. forty-nine THE PARCHMENT PARADE A Y The End Result Senior Class Qfficers Kenneth Pease ,..,.... Vice-President Esther Sorensen ..........,......... Secretary Arla Selberg ....,--,.,,,,,,,,-..,,,, Presldent Richard Koos ....... Treasurer fifty th fifty-four Seniors ROBERT BARNES DUIJUQUC, Iowa GERI BEITZ I-Iopkinton, Iowa PAUL BROWN Chicago Heights, Illinois CLIFFORD BUNTING Martelle, Iowa JOHN BUSCH Palatine, Illinois MARVIN CAMP Dubuque, Iowa ALICE CORBETT Epworth, Iowa KAY CORSON Waterloo, Iowa HELEN DE HAVEN Winthrop, Iowa PHYLLIS DE NEUI Holland, Iowa ROBERT DIRKSEN Minonk, Illinois JOHN DOTZEI.. Galena, Illinois LAVERN FLAGE Waukon, Iowa LEWELLYN GENUNG Oregon, Illinois MARY GIBBS Earlville, Iowa DANIEL HANSEN Oclebolt, Iowa Mty -live fifty-six MARJORIE HANSEN Dubuque, Iowa RAYMOND HARBRECHT St. Paul Park, Minnesota DUANE HINES Dubuque, Iowa WAYNE HOFFMAN Benton, Wisconsin MILTON HOOD Dubuque, Iowa RICHARD KOOS Davenport, Iowa RUTH LAUTERBACH Dike, Iowa CHARLES MORNINGSTAR Marion, Iowa DONALD NEELY Bettendorf, Iowa ROGER PATTON Manchester, Iowa KENNETH PEASE Jesup, Iowa ELIZABETH P'EW Parkersburg, W. Virginia HENRY PILLARD Dubuque, Iowa WILLIAM REID Aledo, Illinois EDWIN REMALY Bloomington, Wisconsin MARY SCI-ILOBOI-IM Dubuque, Iowa fifty Mty-sigh! ARLA SELBERG Waukon, Iowa RICHARD SIAS Dubuque, Iowa BARBARA SKAIFE. Dubuque, Iowa JOYCE SOKOLIK Aplington, Iowa ESTHER SORENSEN Dixon, Iowa RICHARD STRICKER lVIt. Carroll, Illinois NANCY VON DOEHREN Fleoleiicksburg, Iowa VIRGINIA WINTERS Scales Mound, Illinois JAMES WORKMAN Cincinnati, Ohio JANET ZIIVIIVIERIVIAN Hanover, IIIinois DAVID ZOLLARS Dubuque, Iowa SENIORS NOT PICTURED BARBARA BEALE RONALD BUENING LARRY DAVIS RICHARD DUTY ROOSEVELT HARVEY ARMON JOHANNSEN MARGERY POLLITT LOREN RUDDLESDIN NADIIVI SAIKALY SYLVIA SEARIGHT RILEY SPONABLE RICHARD VAN ITEN llfty-nin PRDGRESSING TOA CERTAIN DEGREE s x, ,763 4-wi ' sixty-t uuior Class Qfficers William Harrison .iii.i ,.,,,.. V ice-President William Thomas ..... l.,.,. . .A ...... President Helga Tjarks .....,..... ...... T reasrure Vivian Meyer .. ...,... Secretary 1 9 uniors HUBERT ACKMAN Edgewood, Iowa C. WILLIAM ALLEN Dubuque, Iowa JAMES ALSIP Dubuque, Iowa ARLINE. AYALA Dubuque, Iowa IVAN BENEDICT Monticello, Iowa HENRY BLUNK Imperial, Missouri SHIRLEY BULMAN Waukon, Iowa DAVID BUSSE. Monona, Iowa .IOHN CARLTON Dubuque, Iowa KEITH CARTER Sac City, Iowa BARBARA CRAIG Shullsburg, Wisconsin JANICE EDIVIONDS Dubuque, Iowa ty-th ty-f MARCIA ELI-IART Aledo, Illinois LOIS FOX Dubuque, Iowa BARBARA FRENCH Dubuque, Iowa GEORGE GRIM Kiiksville, Missouri NORMAN HALTMEYE Manchester, Iowa ROBERT HARRISON Lombard, Illinois WILLIAM HARRISON Lombard, Illinois GUS HERMAN Dubuque, Iowa WAY'NE HERMEIER Wfaukon, Iowa NANCY ,IAMISON Wyoming, Iowa BETTY .IANKY Dubuque, Iowa HARRY JANKY Dubuque, Iowa GERALD -IOI-INSON Estherville, Iowa WAYNE KAIVIIVI East Dubuque, Illinois DELORES KELLY West Burlington, Iowa LELAND LANGENBERG Grundy Center, Iowa KENT LARSON Waukon, Iowa JANET McCUTCHEON Dubuque, Iowa DAVID lVIcNABB Joliet, IIIinois DORIS Menegas Galena, Illinois THOMAS IVIERRITT Dubuque, Iowa VIVIAN MEYER Aplington, Iowa GLORIA IVIILNER Alexis, Illinois DORIS OLSON Chicago, Illinois gixty-iivq y-six PATRICK O'ROURKE Galena, Illinois BARBARA OVERHOLT Park Ridge, Illinois WILLIAM PARISH Dubuque, Iowa PATTIE PETERS Cedar Falls, Iowa RAL.PH PFIESTER Hammond, Indiana ' KEITH QUIRK Elmhurst, Illinois NORMAN RATHJE San Diego, California SHIRLEY REINHARDT Dubuque, Iowa DARRELL RODC-ER Estherville, Iowa SALLY ROSS Coal City, Illinois LESTER SCHOl"T"ELIVIA Lennox, South Dakota SANDRA SILKA I-Iazelton, Iowa WAYNE STEENSEN Clinton, Iowa NORMAN STENZEL Palatine, Illinois BEN TATE Downers Grove, Illinois ROGER TI-IIEDE Ocheydan, Iowa FRANK THOMAS Warren, Illinois CALVIN VANDERWERI: Aplington, Iowa SUE VINING Clinton, Iowa YVILLIAIVI WALKER Chicago, Illinois WILFRED WELLINGTON Dubuque, Iowa MARILYN ALAMSHA WAYNE BRAMMER JAMES CRANGLE JEAN ANN DATISMAN WILLIAM DONALDSON ANN FLIKKEMA KENNETH GORDON FREDRIC HAYES IRENE HILL JUNIORS NOT PICTURED JAMES KAUFMAN ARTHUR KEARNS JOYCE KOERSELMAN JOHN KUDRON LANITA MANUS SHIRLEY MULVEY JOHN MUNCHOFF MARILYN' NOESEN LOIS QLJADE KEITH REISEN CHRISTINA RICH RAY SPIELMANN LOIS TANGEMAN HELGA TJARKS MARRILEE UHLS BETTY WARD RUSSELL WATTS GEORGE WEITZEL sixtyseven E Sophomore Class Qfficers David Williams ......, Vice-President Bill Jensen ............... ....,,.. President Bill Galliart ....,, ............... ...... ....... T r e asurer Jacqueline Jenkins ,,,,, ....,., Secrelmy Sophomores JOHN AGORO Lira, Uganda JANET ARDUSER Dubuque, Iowa FLOYD BARKAU Cedarville, Illinois WAYNE BARKAU Cedarville, Illinois DOLORES BARNES Joliet, Illinois ELAINE BARNHART Greene, Iowa TRACELEANOR BATTEAST Chicago, Illinois JUDY BECKER Stitzer, Wisconsin SUSAN BELLINGER New York, New York LARRY BLOOM Estherville, Iowa DORIS BOLDT Western Springs, Illinois GLORIA BOWARD Winnebago, Illinois xty-ni seventy BETTY BOYD Clarksville, Iowa JOSEPHINE BUNNELI.. Jesup, Iowa JOSEPH BUSCH Palatine, Illinois EDWARD CAMPBELL Arlington Heights, Illinois RICHARD CARSON Waterloo, Iowa ELEANOR CHALIVIERS Dubuque, Iowa DUANE CHRISTOPHERSON Dubuque, Iowa HOWARD CHURCH Corbettsville, New York ROBERT DE NEUI Wellsbtlrg, Iowa IVIAXINE ELSHEIIVIER West Union, Iowa CARIVIEN EIVIIVIONS Albert Lea, Minnesota KENT FOYER Chicago, Illinois PAUL C-ABRIELSON Dakota, Illinois VVILLARD GALLIART Dubuque, Iowa GRETCHEN GLUESING Waukegan, Illinois w l DENNIS C-UERRIERI Chicago, Illinois LOUIS HAASE. Chicago, Illinois ROBERT HARR Rochelle, Illinois NANCY HASSELBERG Rock Island, Illinois PHYLLIS HAYUNC-A Baileyville, Illinois RUTH HOELTING Cuba City, Wisconsin THOMAS IRVINE. Chicago, Illinois CHARLENE JAY Colo, Iowa JACQUELINE. JENKINS Waukon, Iowa ' seventy-one IOVMIIYIIWU BILL JENSEN Lockport, Illinois SHARON KAISER Paullina, Iowa DONALD KLEIN Elmhurst, Illinois JOYCE KURTH Green Island, Iowa RICHARD LA BARGE Chicago, Illinois FRANK LARSON Dubuque, Iowa ARNOLD LINDEMAN Wellsburg, Iowa IRENE MENEC-AS Galena, Illinois DON MEYER Elkader, Iowa MICHAEL MIHALAKIS Dubuque, Iowa MARILYN MILLER Martelle, Iowa WILLIAM MILLER Rochester, Minnesota WILTON MOATS Savanna, Illinois RONALD NEIL I-lopkinton, Iowa DALE N IELSEN Manilla, Iowa NOLAN NORTH Jesup, Iowa EDWARD ORTELL Pasadena, California MERLIN OSBORN Dubuque, Iowa CHARLENE PANEK Cedar Rapids, Iowa DOUGLAS PEARCE Cuba City, Wisconsin ,IERALD PHILIPP Floyd, Iowa LEE POLESKE Westside, Iowa LOIS QUADE Dubuque, Iowa JOHN RASKE. Grundy Center, Iowa ty-three seventy-four JOHN RAY Galena, Illinois DOROTHY REITER George, Iowa PI-IYLLIS REMINGTON Martelle, Iowa EVE RUTLEDGE Waterloo, Iowa EDWARD SHEPPLEY Dubuque, Iowa DARLENE SIETSEMA Ackley, Iowa GILE SIEVERS Iowa City, Iowa BARRY SMITH Ryan, Iowa RALPH STEWART East Dubuque, Illinois LEONARD THOMPSON I-Iopkinton, Iowa ELEANORR WALTERS Mt. Pleasant, Iowa WINIFRED WARREN Kenosha, Wisconsin JOY VVIEDERKEI-IR Rock Island, Illinois CARL WILLIS Chicago, Illinois MARTHA WINKLER Sac City, Iowa JAMES WIOSOBA Miles, Iowa VIRGINIA ZOLLARS Dubuque, Iowa MAURICE BONE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JEAN BUTLER Greene, Iowa RONALD I-IOLTZMAN Montreal, Canada BIKIAN MCGREGCR Quebec, Canada SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED SUSHILBALA CHRISTIAN UTTAMPRAKASH CHRISTIAN LOIS DE MOSS CAROLE FRANK RICHARD GLIDDEN LOREN HARTLEY JEAN HENSCHEL DICK HIGASHI HERMAN HILLERS WILLIAM HUTCHINGS LEO JAEGER GARY KEMPTHORNE DONALD LAUBE DAVID MARCHI DARRELL MECKLENBURG ,IARET MURRAY NORMAN NEUBAUER SALVATORE PONTILLO VERNON RAY ROBERT VAN ITEN DAVID WILLIAMS Freshmen Class Cfficers Harold McFarlin ,...... .,,,,,, P resident Joyce White .,,. ...,,,. N fice-President Sara Busse ...,........ ..,,.. .A,,,.. S e cretary Everett Cherringtcn . ..,.., Treasurer Freshmen JAMES ALLEN Ollatxn, lllinois RONALD ALLEN Sabula, lovin CHARLES BAILEY Aurora, lllincis JACKALINE BALDXXY II'lClCpCIldCI'lCC, lowa MONICA BEALL Apple River, Wfiiconfin ELDON BENEDIQQT Monticello, lowa PATRICIA BLASER Reynolds, lllinois RICHARD BLICHIVIANP Dubuque, Iowa KAREN BROCKMAN New Lenox, lllincis DOROTHY BUEHLER Emery, South Dal-znta CHARLES BULS Cedar Rapids, lowa BROOKS BURKHART IIICICPCDCICIICC, lowa E ELDON BUSCH LaMotte, lowa SARA BUSSE. Monona, lowa JOYCE. CAMPBELL Montfort, Wisconsin PAT CARROLL Ceclar Rapids, Iowa D. RODNEY CARSON Waterloo, Iowa DONALD CARTEN Midlothian, lllinois EVERETT CHERRINGTC Bettenclorf, Iowa MURIEL COE Dubuque, lowa CHARLES COLLINS Chicago Heights, lllinois ANITA CONE lnclepenclence, lowa JAMES CORBLETT Dearborn, Michigan CAROL COUCI-IMAN CRAMER Dubuque, lowa JAMES CRAIVIER Cowansville, Quebec VANGINE CUNNINGI-IAIVI Assumption, IIIinois ROBERT DAVIS Dubuque, Iowa BARBARA DE BERG Kesley, Iowa NANCY DENTON Maywood, Illinois ALFRED DINWIDD Chicago, IIIinois SHARON DULL, Dubuque, Iowa ANNA ENGELKES Grundy Center, Iowa GARY ERNST Iowa City, Iowa FREDDIE. EVANS Chicago, IIIinois IE DUANE FENSTERMANI' StanIey, Iowa MARLENE FIET Waukon, Iowa S' BETTY FISCHER Clayton, Iowa DARLENE FISHER Aurora, Illinois RICHARD FISHWILD Wyoming, Iowa THOMAS FREY Dubuque, Iowa ROBERT GANFIELD Cascacle, Iowa LOIS GIBBS Earlville, Iowa DALE GIESLER Savanna, Illinois RICHARD GOERNE Park Ridge, Illinois DIANNE GOMBERT Lost Nation, Iowa DONNA CREENFIELD Freeport, Illinois CAROLYN GUENZLER Elizabeth, Illinois CAROL GUSSE Albany, Illinois MILDRED HALSTED Savanna, Illinois MARY HARLAN Dubuque, Iowa JACK HARRIS Burlington, lowa ALLEN HERMEIER Waukon, Iowa MIRIAM HOELZER Babylon, New York GAIL HOWARD Des Moines, Iowa JOHN HUDSON Den Mills, Ontario l lCAROL HUGHES iBellwood, Illinois ALLE JASPERS Steamboat Rock, Iowa LEONARD JENTZ Dubuque, Iowa N LEONARD JERZYK lCl'1icago, Illinois JIM JOHNSON Belvidere, Illinois eighty-one ghty-two RICHARD JOHNSON Forreston, Illinois SALLY JONES Elgin, Illinois RANDY JUDGE Dubuque, Iowa BILL KELLEY Dubuq ue, Iowa KAREN KILER Walker, Iowa NANCY KLINK Maxwell, Iowa MARY KLOPP Cedar Rapids, Iowa RUTH KOLKER Guttenberg, Iowa SHIRLEY KOOGLER St. Petersburg, Florida LEAJANE. KRAMER Garnavillo, Iowa JUDITH LAFROIVIBOIS Green Bay, Wisconsin JYIVIIE LARSON Dubuque, Iowa FLOYD LAWRENCE Dubuque, Iowa HARLAN LECLERE. Coggon, Iowa RALPH LEMMER Dubuque, Iowa MARY LINK Kirksville, Missouri DIANE MALMBERG Chicago, Illinois DARRELL MATTHEIS Dubuque, Iowa BEVERLY MAXWELL Robbinsdale, Minnesota HAROLD MCFARLIN Milwaukee, Wisconsin LORENE MEESTER Grundy Center, Iowa GLADYS MELLOR Monticello Iowa J. BRUCE MERIWETHER Taylorville, Illinois EARNEST MILLER Martelle, Iowa eighty-three ghty-f JANET MILLER Davenport, Iowa GLORIENE IVIILROY I-lopkinton, Iowa PAUL MITCHELL Silzley, Iowa SANDRA NELSON Apple River, Illinois ARLINE NEMEC Chicago, Illinois JOHN NEVE Vinton, Iowa KATHLEEN NOTBOI-IIN. Olin, Iowa LARRY OCKELMANN Teeds Grove, Iowa NANCY OHME Ottawa, Illinois DOROTHY OPIE Scales Mound, Illinois WILLIAM PECK Marion, Iowa JOHN PIERCE Rochelle, Illinois PRISCILLA PILLARD Anamosa, Iowa JANET PILSON Kent, Illinois JOHN PREST EMON Waukon, Iowa ARTHUR RAMOS Miami, Arizona MAX REED Bellevue, Iowa JAMES REINER Chicago, Illinois LOIS RIEDEI.. Dubuque, Iowa - GEORGE ROQUET Maynard, Iowa HAROLD RUST German Valley, Illinois JANAAN SACKETT I-Iopkinton, Iowa STUART SCI-IEPPELE. Dubuque, Iowa PHILIP SCI-IIELE Downey, Iowa eighty-ti eighty-six RONALD SCHNEIDER Jesup, Iowa HANS SCHWANTJE Dubuque, Iowa MARILYN SEWARD Bettenclorf, Iowa LOIS SHIVELY Sioux City, Iowa JOHN SIBLEY Dubuque, Iowa CATHERINE SIEKIVIANN Albert City, Iowa PHILIP SKELLEY IVIonticeIIo, Iowa DONALD STEINER Westside, Iowa LEE STEVENS Dubuque, Iowa IVIAXINE TAYEK McGregor, Iowa KENNARD TAYLOR Mt. Morris, Illinois ROBERT THOMAS Warren, Illinois MARGARET THOMPSON Aplington, Iowa LARRY TIBBY Locla, Illinois ,IANICE TINDALL Sberrarcl, Illinois RICHARD TODD Cedar Rapids, Iowa THOMAS TURNER Dubuque, Iowa ELAINE TYRRELI.. Dubuque, Iowa SYLVIA TYRRELL. Evansville, Indiana NORMAN UHDE Davenport, Iowa RUTH VAN PUTTEN Grundy Center, Iowa WALTER VERDEN Lansing, Iowa WILLIAM WADINGTON Northbrook, Illinois FRANCIS WARD Colesburg, Iowa eighty 'Wynn DANIEL BENSON JOHN BLACKMAN RICHARD BROWN ROBERT BULLARD PHILIP CATE DENNIS CHRISTENSEN JIM CONNER ED CROW ghty glut FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED PATSY EDWARDS RICHARD EWING ROBERT FERREE DONALD GRAFF ALBAN HANSON RONALD IVEY JOAN MAAS DOROTHY WATTERS Oak Park, IIIinois MICHAEL WEATHERBE Kings, Illinois DAVID WEBB Rock Island, IIIinois LEO WELLS Chicago, IIIinois JOYCE WHITE Washington, D. C. PATRICIA WIEGAND Dubuque, Iowa CAROL WILHELMI Atkins, Iowa MARY WIRTZ West Bend, Iowa FRED MOSER CAROLYN SCURLOCK RICHARD SHIELDS IMA JEAN TJEBKES DONALD WILCOX NORMAN WOODALL fl... to R.,-Lyle Bainbridge, R. Palmer, M. Kickbush, G. Larson, B. Kipp, M. Kellogg, A. Kruse, F. Feri- manis, G. House, C. Smith, B. House, P. Baughman, C. Saefkow, M. Frank, M. Kuehl, K. Peterson, Faust, Brunning, E. Stalnacker, Frederick Phelps. j. The Nurses Kay Peterson Petra Baughman Calline Saefkow Mary Frank eighty-nine There Will Be A Meeting Mmwll' xaljxa -9 N C A-A 5 1? Back Row: B. Van lten, D. Todd, N. Stenzel, Presteman, D. Van lten, D. Zollars, D. Busse, D. Higashi. Front Row: Baldwin, L. Fox, L. Gibbs, G. C-luesing, B. lanky, K. Corsen. Officers Richard Van lten ..... . Dave Busse .... Dave Zollars .... Maxine Elsheimer .. Dean R. V. Sandven ..... J. Knox Coit .... ninety-two Student Senate ........President Vice-President .Treasurer ...Secretary ......Advisor ......Advisor Established to co-ordinate student activity and control of student affairs in the school's govern- ment, the Student Senate was a synonym for activ- ity this year. included in their work were the Home- coming activities, which resulted in one of the most colorful Homecomings in years, the collection of more than S150 for the United Fund Campaign, and co-sponsorship of the Christmas Dance. They were instrumental in an educational policies discus- sion, leadership seminars, administration policies and philosophy discussion, and establishment of a Student Affairs Committee. Other projects on the past agenda included re-organization of the Senate and the May Fete program. Back RowkMrs. Duncan, K. Corson, E. Sorensen, G. Milner, S. Tyrrell, H. DeHaven, N. Von Doehren, il. Wiederkehr. Front Row-M. Link, R. VanPutten, P. l-layungs, G. Beitz, K. Edmonds, E. Rutledge, T. Batteast, M. Wink- ler, M. Elsheimer. Severance Hou e Council The Severance House Council is the governing body of the women's resident hall. Duties of the organ- ization are to formulate house regulations, to foster the feeling of good fellowship and cooperation among college women, and sponsor social activities. The annual open house was held in October, this years decorating theme being the months of the year, September through June. Other events in- cluded a Christmas slumber party and a Spring breakfast. Officers Nancy Von Doehren .......... President Kay Corson ...., ...... V ice-President Esther Sorenson .... ..... S ecretary Maxine Elsheimer ............ Treasurer ninety-three Established in 1945 to stimulate the growth of the highest ideals of professional relations, to study the organization and activities of professional as- sociations, to foster active cooperation between stu- dent groups in this teacher educating institution, and to develop professional attitudes within the members of the lowa Future Teachers of America Officers has had an extremely busy year. Clifford Bunting ----- ----4---- P resident The group attended the northeast regional meet- ing at Ellsworth Junior College in lowa Falls in Hubert Ackman ---.-----, Vice-President early fall and then assisted with the University's Prospective Teachers Day in November. Partici- Marilyn Miller ---.-- Secretary-Treasurer pation in the Thanksgiving Basket program, and a December Christmas party rounded the first semes- ter's activities off. ln February delegates were sent to the State Con- vention at Des Moines. Attendance at the regional meeting at Upper Iowa, and a May picnic at Eagle Point Park followed by election of officers finished up the group's year. Iowa Future Teacher's Association Back Row-J. Ely, H. Rust. A. I-indemany C' Miller, N. Haltmeyer, R. Dirksen, N. North, K. Larson, D. Duty, T. Dotzel, D. Sias, Kudron. Third Row-K. Carter, E. Campbell, G. Philipp, C. Bunting, E. Ortell, L. Haase, G. Herman, K. Quirlc, Carlton, L. Langenberg, N. Denton, M. Gibbs. Second Row-A. Selberg, H. Ackman, G. C-luesing, 5. Kaiser, C. Beitz, C. jay, P. DeNeui, R. Lauterbach, S. Bulman, E. Barnhart, L. Kramer, S. Busse, Campbell, M. Tayek, lVlcCutcheon. Front Row-j. Bunnell, D. Sietsema, N. Klopp, D. Watters, D. Kelley, D. Olson, D. Reiter, M. Miller, P. Remington, R. Hoelting, D. Buehler. ninety-four Back Row-P. DeNeui, M. Fiet, M. Winkler, K. Edmonds, R. Lauterbach, S. Bulman, S. Ross. Third Row-Nl. Schlobohm, D. Olson, M. Elhart, White, S. Tyrrell, l..aFrombois. Second Row-D. Kelly, D. Barnes, S. Jones, M. Pollitt, R. Holting. Front Row-Mrs. Bailey, C. Rich, G. Milner, E. Walters, E.. Tyrrell, D. Buehler, Dr. Tyrrell. Iota Chi Sigma Organized to encourage Christian fellowship in service, study, and Worship among undergraduate college wcmen R' ho are committed to or interested in church vocations, lata Chi Sigma also seeks to enlist undergraduate women students in church vo- cations. The year's activities included such things as a talk by Nladhu Patel and Barbara Skaife on "Life in lndiau, a Homecoming Float, and a box social "Western Style". The members made stuffed toys for Hillcrest Baby Fold and at Christmas gave a dinner to the family who received the Thanksgiving basket. The formal banquet, with Dr. Berger as the speaker, a talk on the use of painting in worship services by Mrs. Heyclinger, installation of officers, and Flunk Weekend round out the year for the group. Officers Margery Pollitt . . . Doris Olson .. Joy Wiederkehr ..... Shirley Bulman Advisors Dr. Charles Tyrrell Mrs. Robert Bailey Mrs. Keith Magalasky .....,..President Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . .Treasurer ninety tive Back Row-B. Harrison, I. Benedict, E. Benedict, B. Davis, Carlton, M. Weatherbee. Third Row-N. Haltmeyer, lVl. Osborn, P. Slcelley, G. Philipp, D. Zollars, E. Sheppley, D. Cioerne. Second Row-D. Boldt, E.. Walters, E. Chalmers, A. Corbett, S. Silka, D. Reiter. Front Row-J. Busch, K. Carter, T. Batteast, D. Sias, W. Harrison, D. Stricker, B. Calliart. Young Republicans Officers Richard S138 .,...............,..,. President William Galliart ........ Vice-President John Busch ....,, Recording Secretary Traceleanor Batteast .........,.,,....... ....,.........Corresponding Secretary William Harrison .,......,..,e. Treasurer The University Young Republican Club was organ- ized during the l955-l956 school year, February 22, l956. There are four mrin objects of the Club and reasons for organizing it. Thcy are: fll To bring young people into the Republican party and to provide an opportunity for them to find political expression and recognition. C25 To train young people as effective political Workers and co-operate in the election of the Republican party's nominees. f3D To foster and encourage the activities of the Republican party and to promote its ideals. f4J To collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate informa- tion concerning political affairs. ninety-six During the past year the Club sponsored the ap- pearance on campus of various outstanding political dignitaries, including Governor Leo A. l-loegh, and Congressman Henry O. Talle. The Club took an active part in local political activities during the re- cent Presidential election. Various outstanding people of the community have spoken to the group at its monthly meetings. Republican party leaders in the Dubuque and northeast lowa area have also met with the group. The highlight of the entire year, however, was the appearance of Governor Hoegh at dinner with the student body in Peters Commons, and the standing ovation and warm wel- come given the past Chief Executive of the State of lowa. Back Row-K. Pease, G. Johnson, D. Mecl-rdenburg, P. Brown, Workman. Front Row-Dr. Bailye, S. Reinhardt, D. Menegas, Mr. Coit. Young Democrat Established this fall as the presidential campaign was just beginning to roll, the Young Democrats Club was instrumental in the organization of an all-school primary election to see the way the campus was leaning in the forthcoming election. Organization members also helped out at the polls on election day by handing out ul Have Voted" tags. Officers Jim Workman ,,,,, ........ P resident l Roger Peterson ........ Vice-President Gerald johnson..Secretary-Treasurer ninety-seven Officers William Reid ....... President Milton Hood .... ...... V ice-President Roosevelt Harvey ...... Rec. Secretary Daniel Hansen ........ Corr. Secretary Richard Duty .... .,.... T reasurer The purpose of the D Club is to promote, encourage, and sustain among the students and alumni of the University an interest in sportsmanship, honor, and the welfare of athletics. This group, composed of outstanding athletes at the U, is responsible for soliciting advertisements for the football and basketball programs. They are also in charge of the publication and distribution of these programs. The sponsoring of the annual Homecoming dance as well as the selection and presentation of the Homecoming queen and her attendants falls into the hands of the D Club. At the close of the school year, the club presents athletic awards to the outstanding freshman, senior, and four-year sportsmen. The group also awards D Club jackets to those who are eligible and Uni- versity of Dubuque blankets to the captains of the various teams. D Club Back Row-D. Rodger, D. Hansen, A. -lohannsen, R. Harbrecht, R. Patton, H. Pillard, Dotzel, B. Tate. Third Row-J. Busch, B. McGregor, T. Merritt, W. Steensen, E. Ortell, Kudron, C. Zollars, l... Morningstar. Second Row-D. Klein, D. Guerrieri, S. Pontillo, R. Spielman, N. Stenzel, R. Holzman, R. Harvey. Front Row-B. Parish, H. Ackman, K. Gordon, W. Harrison, M. Hood, N. Rathje, D. Giesler, B. Reid. ninety-eight Chi Gamma Iota, the Greek letters which represent X-GI, was organized in the spring of I954 by a group of veterans on the University campus who felt the need of a group through which veteran prob- lems could be discussed. The purposes of this organization are to inform the veteran of the rights and benefits which are his, and to alleviate the burden of the administration by ad- vising ancl discussing within the group curriculum changes and graduation requirements of both new and returning students who have served in the armed forces. Chi Gamma iota is not a social fraternity, but seeks only to aid the veterans and the administration. Chi Gamma Iota Back Row-L. Flage, R. Thiede. Middle Row-B. Walker, C. Bula, N. Neubauer, R. Harvey, G. Herman, D. Pierce. Front Row-A. Ramos, W. Hermeier, D. Mecklenburg, D. Meyer, D. Webb, R. Fisher. ninety-nine Back Row-Nlr. Olbricht, E.. Sheppley, Mr. lVlcCain, D. Van lten. Front Row-D. Zollars, D. Laube, D. Stricker. Pi Kappa Delta Officers Richard j. Stricker ..........,. President David Zollars .......... Vice-President Donald Laube .... Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Olbricht ....,. Corr. Secretary Honorary Members Dr. John lVlcCain Miss Janet Gorh one hundred The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta, National Honorary Forensic Society, is to stimulate as well as reward progress in intercollegiate speech activities and com- munication in an effort to provide functional leader- ship for life and at the same time encourage a spirit of fellowship and incentive for achievement. The lowa Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta at the University of Dubuque was founded in I947. This year the University of Dubuque's teams met in competition teams from many schools represented at Bradley University's Annual Invitational Tourna- ment, the largest such tournament anywhere, at Normal University, Cornell College, Dekalb, the University of lowa, and attended the National Con- vention of Pi Kappa Delta which was held this year at the South Dakota State College at Brookings, South Dakota. This year also saw the enlargement and improvement of the Annual l-'ligh School Speech Tourney sponsored by the University. Back Row-B. Harrison, D. Striclcer, A. Selberg, K. Carter. Front Row-Miss Croh, D. Hines, Nl. Gaflclis, R. Patton, B. Calliart, L, Ruddlesdin, D. Laube, N. Stenzel. Alpha Psi Omega This organization is pledged to develop dramatic talent and the art of acting, to cultivate a taste for the best in the drama, and to foster the cultural val- ues which we believe dramatics develop. We, therefore, provide opportunities to develop dra- matic talent, offer recognition for outstanding work, and help in the production of all University plays. This year's activities include the presentation of two one-act plays in "theatre in the round" style, the sponsorship of a one-act play contest, the awarding of Alpha Psi Omega scholarships if anyone is eligible to receive them, and a spring banquet and initia- tion. Officers Loren Ruddlesdin ..... ..... P resident Norman Stenzel ........ Viee-President Willard Galliart .... ..... S eere t ary Robert Harrison .... ..... T reasurer Advisors lVlr. Thomas Olbricht Miss Janet Groh one hundred one Back Row-l. Benedict, l.... Schoffleman, M. Bone, B. Tate, D. Nielsen. Front Row-C. Milner, E. Walters, L. Tangeman, K. Carter. Student Christian Association Officers Gloria Milner .... ......,.. P resident Keith Carter ...... ...... V ice-President Dorothy Reiter ....,.. Secretary Jackie jenkins ...,, ....,, T reasurer Advisor John Know Coit one hundred two The purposes of this organization are to deepen the spiritual life and strengthen the Christian fellowship among the members of the Dubuque family, to gain a fuller understanding of Christian faith and dis- cipleship, to discover Gods will for our lives and do it, and to lead students to accept the Christian Faith, according to the Scriptures. Activities this year included a Homecoming float, the annual fund-raising SCA Carnival, sponsorship of the annual Thanksgiving convocation and basket giving program, a clothing drive, plus the weekly services each Wednesday, the saying of Grace at the evening meals, and a large number of Gospel teams. l Back Row-Dr. Jaenke, B. Schlobohm, Dr. Elhart, N. Stenzel, Dr. Rozeboom, K. Carter. Front Row-B. French, D. Sias, K. Pease, S. Schmidt, Mrs. Butner. V Phi Alpha Delta Tau Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary history fraternity, was founded at the Uni- versity of Dubuque in lVlay of I953, becoming the second school in the state of lowa and the l2lst in the nation to pass its very rigid qualifications for membership. The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to recognize ex- cellence in the study of history. Since the first chap- ter was founded in l92I some fifteen thousand, in- cluding many on the basis of their excellence in graduate study, have been honored to wear its key. Individual members' reports, discussions led by pro- fessors, visiting points of historical interest, and at- tending conferences at other colleges were some of the activities of this year. The only national scholastic honorary group on the campus, Phi Alpha Theta has been endeavoring to raise the level of academic work in its particular area of concern. Theta Kenneth Pease .... Richard Vanlten Stanley Schmidt ....... Richard Sias ..... .. . , .President Vice-President .Sec.-Historian . .Treasurer one hundred three Organized in l952 by a group of young men who loved to sing just for the sake of singing, the Adrian Singers present a program of music designed to carry a message to Christians in all walks of life. The Adrian Singers have sung for a large number of groups throughout Dubuqueland and nearby Iowa and Illinois communities. They also made a four- clay tour of the Midwest, which coverecl several churches and schools in Iowa and Soutli Dakota. Under the able direction of Thomas Somerville, and functioning through the Student Christian Associa- tion Outreach Commission, the group's repertoire includes hymns, anthems and spirituals. Adrian Singers Back Row-D. Williams, B. Tate, L. Muilenherg, D. Meyer, B. Dirksen, C. Vanderwerf. Third Row--H. Church, B. Thomas, C. Johnson, Workman, W. Kamm. Second Row-W. Wellington, D. Koos, E.. Benedict, H, Rust, R. Steiner, G. Phillip. Front Row-A. jaspers, I. Benedict, P. Mitchel, D. McNabb, B. Casper. one hundred four Also under the direction of Thomas Somer- Using anthems, hymns, early chants, and ville, the Chapel Choir has provided choral choral prayers, the group has presented a num- music for college worship services throughout her of worship-through-music services, includ- the year. ing the music for the Thanksgiving Basket As- sembly. Chapel Choir . Y y 1 gri pr ' w s Y E .2 L Yi 1 li Back Row-M. Reed, lVl. Fiet, W. Peck, Reiner, E.. Miller, A. Nemec, C. Bailey. Front Row-sl. Tindall, Nl. Beale, Nl. Uhls, A. Cone, D. Buehler, D. Malmberg, V. Cunningham, A. Engelkes, C. Hughes. one hundred five Concert Choir Founded in l926, the Dubuque Concert Choir, composed of sixty-four University students, completed two separate tours this springg the first, shortly after the turn of the semester in January, included Rock Island, lllinoisg St. Louis, Missouri, Kirksville, Missouri, and Waterloo, lowa. The second, be- ginning just before spring vacation, covered the surrounding states, with the nearby towns booking the choir on the Sun- days between tours. Becoming increasingly recognized as one of the top college choirs in the Midwest, the Concert Choir spends at least one full hour of every day fMonday through Friday, in rehearsal, with numerous weekend concerts throughout the spring. The Choir presents a one and one-half hour program with H songs by such well-known composers and arrangers as Schu- DONALD W. PRINDLE man, Christiansen, Kuhnau, Luvaas, Palestrina, and Bach. Director of the The variety of music ranges from classics, to deeply religious, , . . . Concert Choir to splrltuals, to carols, and into the realm of the very modern in "Time and Space" by Paul Christiansen. Back Row-D. Christopherson. H- Rust. D. Neely, B. Thomas, T. Somerville, D. lVlcNabb, L. Morningstar, D. Hansen, l... Langenberg, B. Dirksen, B. Moats, G. Grim, D. LaBarge, L. Schoflelman, A. Lindeman, Neve, P. Slcelley, W. Verdon, l. Benedict, D. Zollars. Third ROW-J. Kuflihy M- Hoelzer, I-8Ff0I11l3OiS, G- Mellor, S. Sillca, M. l-lalstead, S. Busse, S. Bulman, D. Busse, G. Payne, K. Larson, B. Tate, B. Walker, H. Mclrarlan, l-l. l..eClere. Second Row-ul. Bunnell, M. Wirtz, L. Reidel, Pilson, R. Vanputten, P. Peters, H. DeHaven, V. Meyer, C. Wilhelmi, D. Fisher, H. Hasselberg, M. Gibbs, S. Koogler, M. Gibbs, Thoeni, R. l-loelting. Front Row-l... Fox, S. Dull, Koerselman, White, G. Winters, N. Van Doehren, G. Milner, N. Ohme, M. Elhart, D. Opie, l... Shively, E. Sorenson, G. Bowarcl. one hundred six XQ3 Luxurious buses provide smooth transportation for the Choir as they travel be- tween points of engagement. A few moments of relaxation and quiet after a brisk warm-up precede each evening's concert. one hundred seven THE DUBUQUE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA FOLLOWING THEIR MARCH CONCERT Dubuque Symphony Orchestra The University of Dubuque Orchestra presented three concerts in the Peters Commons throughout this year, with Frank Le ,Ieune conducting. Their December concert, with guest soloist Gerald Smith of Northwestern University, presented works by Schubert, Khachaturian, Couplin, and Norman Delle Joie. lVlr. Smith was featured in works by Ravel, Morand, and S. Bach. The March concert included incidental solos by Mr. Lejeune, Rose-Marie Baker, Donald Prindle, and Robert l-lumiston from S.U.l. in works from Co- relli, Mendelssohn, Bales, and Sibelius. h ndred eight FRANK J. LEJEUNE Conductor Back Row--B. Harrison, D. Williams, N. North, L. Morningstar, C. Bailey. Second Row-S. Kaiser, B. Overholt, V. Zollars, S. Koogler. Front Row-M. Elsheimer, N. Denton, V. Cunningham, C. Panels. Spartan Club Officers Nolan North ..... ,.... P resident Charlene Panek ........ Vice-President Sharon Kaiser .......... Sec.-Treasurer ln a school such as ours there is a need for a club to promote interest in all campus events, whether they be athletic, artistic, dramatic, or of other forms. This year the Spartan Club arranged for transporta- tion to the Luther and Parsons football games, and to the Cornell basketball games as well as sending telegrams to the Buena Vista and lowa Wesleyan football games with over l50 student signatures on each. They also provided the campus with Christ- mas color through their Severance l-lall door dec- oration contest, and their co-sponsorship of the an- nual Christmas Dance in Peters Commons. one hundred nme Back Row-J. Datisman, B. Ward, L. Gibbs, N. Jamison. Front Row-M. Wirtz, C. Howard, L. Manus, Mrs. Hartel. Cmicron Mu Officers Jean Ann Datisman .... President fist Sem., Lanita Manus ,... ..... P resident 12nd Semj Betty Ward .... .,... S ecretary Nancy Jamison ..,..,.. Treasurer one hundred ten To further homemaking as a social and educational art, Omicron Mu, the home economics club, was or- ganized at the University in l940. Activities of the club this year included displays and demonstrations on fashions. Also the Valentine dance, the Sweetheart Swirl, was held by Omicron Mu in conjunction with the Publications, and car- ried out a cupid theme for this girl-ask-boy affair. Back Row-D. Boldt, L. Meester, P. Hayunga, R. Van Putten, B. Boyd, A. Engellces. lVliddl-Q Row-G. Gluesing, C. Jay, G. Boward, C. Emmons, Arcluser. Front Row-C. Panelc, Nl. Wirtz, N. Klopp, M. Miller, P. Remington, G. Nlilroy. WARA To provide a wholesome program of physical activ- ities for women at the University has been the pur- pose of the Women's Athletic and Recreation Asso- ciation since it was organized in l922. Open to all University of Dubuque women, WARA works closely with the physical education department. During the year it promotes the women's intramural sports program. Points toward letters are awarded to members for participation in these sports as well as for choir, band, and orchestra membership. This year an intramural tournament schedule includ- ing nine sports was one of the main activities of WARA. These tournaments, open to both mem- bers and nonmembers, included team and individ- ual sports such as archery, volleyball, and the in- ter-class basketball competition. Officers Gloria Boward .. ......... President Phyllis Remington ,... Vice-President Carmon Emmons ..... ...... S ecretary Charlene jay .... ...... T reasurer one hundred eleven Back Row-D. Van lten, D. Sias, K. Pease, l... Davis, B. Barnes. Middle Row--l. Benedict, M. Schlobohm, A. Corbeett, Dr. Nussbaum. Front Row--K. Corson, E. Sorenson, V. Winters, M. Gibbs, B. -lanky, L. Fox. Alpha Pl Cmega Officers Kenneth Pease .... ........ P resident Esther Sorensen .... ...,. V ice-President Virginia Wainters .... ..... S ecretary- une hundred twelve Treasurer Alpha Pi Omega, honorary scholastic fraternity, is made up of members with a 2.l grade average plus the qualities of leadership, character, and possibili- ties of future success. Evaluated by current members, the dean of students and the dean of the college, the group represents a fine cross-section of the scholastic talent on campus. Selection by members of the University faculty and student senate of the eight students whom they felt best represent the University, resulted in this year's addition to "Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities". Selection was made from a list of eligible juniors and seniors which was submitted to the Student Personnel Services Committee and then narrowed to a ballot of twelve. Juniors needed a 2.l grade average and seniors needed a l.75 grade average. Who' Who Back Row-D. Sias, V. Winters, L. Fox, K. Pease. Front Row-B. Janky, Nl. Gibbs, E.. Sorensen, K. Corson. one hundred thirteen i 1 V? Norm Stenzel, Editor Jackie Jenkins, and Dorothy Vfatters che k a paste u of the coming issue of the Cue prior to sending lt to press Filling a necessary gap on any campus is the student newspaper, and the Du- buque campus is no exception. Under the editorship of jackie Jenkins, the Cue has brought the news of the cam- pus before the eyes of each and every student. Personality interviews each week provide an insight into the lives of campus leaders. Complete sports coverage, book reviews, and previews and summaries of events of interest to the students make up the body of the paper, with editorials on pertinent sub- jects to finish up the paper's copy. As Publications Advertising Manager this year, Richard Stricker had the job of procuring advertisers for both the Cue and the Key. His work involved calling on hundreds of Dubuque bus- inessmen as prospective advertisers, and informing them of the advantages of University publication advertise- ments. one hundred fourteen Selecting the top events of the school: year and bringing them back as outstanding memories in future years is the main objective of the school annual. This year's book attempts to portray the story of life at Dubuque, not only this year, but in every year past, present, and future. The buildings change, the faces change, but some things must continue, such as routine of registration and pomp of graduation. The Key brings these things into the View of all the stu- dents from the views of a few. Ginger Zollars checks with pic- ture editor Betty janky on the lay-out of class pictures for the annual. Ed anky photographer for both publications, is shown check- ing wlth Key editor Larrv Morningstar on the suitability of a picture for the face plate of the book. one hundred fifteen WELCOME INTO THE FELLOWSHIP X ,- Z 6 Q ig B4 We cgi I 1 X Back Row-lVliss Rothlisherger, Mrs. Boehner. Second Row-S. Reinhardt, V. Winters, S. Kaiser, H. Tjarks, G. Boward. Front Row-A. Ayala, B. Overholt, H. Del-laven. Punhellenic Council Officers Barbara Overholt .... ..... P resident Arline Ayala .,...... Secretary-Treasurer one hundred eighteen The Panhellenic Council was organized to work to- gether for the good of the University, to further fine intellectual accomplishment and sound scholar- ship, to compile rules governing rushing, pledging and initiation on this campus, and to cooperate with the college administration in the maintenance of high social standards. Panhellenic started the year with a pajama party for the women in Severance to acquaint them with the sororities, then published a booklet acquainting all the women with Panhellenic, its advisors, the in- dividual sororities and their purposes. During spring rushing, they set up the rules for rush- ing, pledging and initiation. They were sent out to each rushee and sorority members. The group also was co-sponsor of the lnter-Fraternity dance which was held the weekend following initiation. Inter-Fraternity Council Representatives of the four fraternities meet to dis- cuss fraternity problems ancl to coordinate and reg- ulate all fraternity functions. This group organizes the inter-fraternity athletics, and with the Panhel- lenic Council plans the annual Presentation Dance. This year the Council revised the rushing and pledg- ing schedule to a plan similar to that which had been discarded several years ago. Officers Ken Gordon .. ......... President Ray I-larbrecht ...... Secretary-Treasurer one hundred nineteen Zeta actives entertain prospective pledges at a tea at the home of Dr. and lVlrs. Zuker. Zeta Phi Officers Helen DeHaven ...... ......,... P resident Betty Ward ......,.. ...... V ice-President Virginia Zollars ...... ...,....,. S ecretary Sushil Christian .... ......, T reasurer Zeta Phi was founded in May, 1923 to pro- mote among its members: Altruismg Loyalty to the Universityg a high moral standardg and a higher standard of scholarship. Winning second prize with their Homecoming float-"Our Key to Victory-B," was the first of many Zeta activities this year. Participation in the Thanksgiving basket program and a Christmas project of clothing for the Hillcrest Baby Fold saw the Zeta's active. Zeta's "Food for Thought" in Severance Hall during final weeks and a "New Year's Resolution Party," to which the other sororities were in- vited, kept the members active. Rushing ac- tivities during both the fall and spring added I6 actives who joined the other members for a wonderful time on Flunk weekend. Back Row-lVlrs. Princlle, S. Bellinger, P. Peters, C. Panek, lVl. Elsheimer, Honorary Mrs. Zulcer. Second Row-H. DeHaven, Sokolik, G. Beitz, S. Christian, H. Von Doehren. Front Row-K. Corson, l... Nlanus, V. Winters, B. Craig, T. Batteast, V. Zollars. one hundred twenty Back Row-M. Seward, N. Klink. Second Row-J. White, S. Busse, S. jones, R. Van Putten. Front Row-N. Denton, Arduser, D. Reiter, I... Gibbs, P. Pillard, M. Beale. 5 s I Zeta Pledges dance a lunch-time jig in the Commons. one hundred twenty-one Gamma Phi Delta Officers Arline Ayala ,.... .......... P ICSlCl6nt Helga Tjaiks ,,4,, ......... V ice-President Lois Tangeman ............,... Recording-Secretary Barbara Couchman French ...... Corresponding- Secretary Eleanor Walters ..., ....... T reasurer ,,,. Gamma actives entertain at a pre-rush tea. To establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendshipg to develop a strong and Womanly characterg to broaden the moral and the intellectual lifeg and to assist its members in every possible way is the aim of the Gamma Phi Delta sorority. The Gamma's social season started in Septem- ber with a reunion, and progressed on to the forming of an Alumni chapter. Other activi- ties included the participation in the Thanks- giving basket program, Snack Time in Steffen Hall during final week, rushing activities and concluded with a weekend of fun at Lake Delhi during Flunk Weekend. Back Row-E.. Barnhart, P. Hayunga, B. French, H. Tjarks, S. Bulman, G. Cluesing. Third Row-J. Wiederkehr, B. lanky, l... Fox, lVl. Gibbs, S. Silka, M. Schlobohm. Second Row-Nl. Pollitt, E. Walters, l... Tangeman, N. Hasselberg, Kurth. Front Row-Honorary Miss Groh, A. Ayala, Nl. Alamsha, B. Slcaife, Jenkins, Honorary Mrs. Cochran. one hundred twenty-two Vw F Q 5 s Gamma Pledges B. Maxwell, M. Fiet, L. Meister, A. Engelkes. Gamma pledges entertain with a tender love ballad at the lunch-line Ufolliesf' one hundred lwen ty-th Delta actives entertain at a tea for prospective pledges in February. Officers Barbara Overholt ..,,. .......... P resident Sharon Kaiser ..... .,,.... V ice-President Judy Becker .... ,.,....... S ecretary jean Butler ..., ..,.. T reasurer The object of the Delta Phi Sigma social so- rority is to band its members together into a closer social relationship and to promote a higher standard of scholarship. The sorority was organized for' the pleasure of its members, to help and work together in worthwhile pro- jects for the betterment of the school and the sorority as a whole. Activities for the year included participation in the Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas gifts for Hillcrest Bahyfold and their special Delta Slave Day. Their activities closed for the year with a wonderful Hunk Weekend at Lake Ge- neva. Delta Phi Sigma Back Row-J. Butler, L. Quacle, S. Kaiser, S. Reinhardt, D. Seitsema. Front Row--A. Selberg, B. Cverholt, E. Rutledge, Becker. one hundred twenty-four Back Row-D. Menegas, D. Fisher, N. Ohme, C. Emmons. Middle Row-l... Reidel, L. Shively. Front Row-J. Baldwin, M. Hoelzer, V. Cunningham, Nl. Siekman, G. Mellor. Delta pledges go for a "cruise" of the dining hall during Heck day. one hundred twenty-five Officers Ken Gordon ..... james Kaufman john Kuclron ..... john Dotzel ..........President ............Vice-President . .Secretary .. . .Treasurer Organized in I9 l 5, the Thirteen Fraternity is an out- growth of a group formerly known as the A.D.P. lts purpose to promote Christian fellowship and brotherhood on the University campus is carried out by its active participation in Homecoming, the Thanksgiving program, ancl other activities. The group was in charge of finances at the Presentation Ball this year and plans on a full weekend at Flunk Weekend in the spring. Thirteen Club one hundred twenty-six Back Row-G. Herman, W. Steensen, Dotzel, T. Merritt, Kaufman. Front Row-P. O'Rourke, Kuclron, D. Pierce, F. Hayes. gmc' P A M 16 W1 ,i MW Thirteener pledges Ron Allen and Dick Shields give each other the traditional ice cream shave uncler the rotuncla in Steffens. Thirteener Pledges: R. Allen, D. Nlarchi, D. Shields. Front Row-R. Thiecle, N. Woodall, Benson. one hundred tw enty-seven Officers Richard Duty Richard Koos George Grim Robert l-laar Bill Thomas . ..........President ..Vice-President .. ...Secretary . , ,. . . .Treasurer .........Historian- Parliamentarian .,-.- Established to promote friendship among its mem- bers, good will on the entire campus, scholastic ef- fort among its members, and the sovereign will of God, the Phi Omicron Fraternity is the largest frat on campus this year. Their activities have included the making of the third place Homecoming Float, sponsorship of a victory dance after the first home football game, a large fall closed party, and participation in the Thanksgiving basket program. Their pledging activities, the Inter-Fraternity Dance, and Flunk Weekend round out the schedule for the year. Phi Omicron Back Row-B. Thomas, D. Hanson, B. McGregor, B. Jensen, R. Patton, A. johannsen, B. Tate, Third Row-Dr. Leaf, S. Pontillo, T. lrvine, G. Grim, D. Duty, Mr. Coit. Second Row-B. Haar, D. Nielsen, D. Koos, Agoro, D. Higashi, B. Harrison. Front RoW4D. Busse, B. Van lten, W. Harrison. one hundred twenty-eight Phi Omicron pledges present a picture of mis-matched membership as they pose on Heck Day in full regalia. Back Row-W. Moats, N. North, H. Janky, G. Sievers. Second Row--P. Mitchell, D. Carten, Cramer, B. Burkhart. Front Row-B. Walker, N. Uhde, D. Giesler, C. Schiele, R. judge. one hundred twenty-nine Officers Donald Neely ...., .......,.... P resident David Williams .,,,..,.V,.. Viee-President Edward Ortell .,i,,, Recording Secretary Richard Stricker ..,,,..,,... Cor. Secretary Jerald Philipp ,.... ...,. T reasurer With the largest number of returning actives this year, the Mu Sigma Beta Fraternity took part in University activities at Homecoming and May Fete, as well as holding a closed party at the beginning of the fall term. They also added the name of Mr. Bailey, professor of Greek and Bible to their list of honoraries. Mu Sigma Beta Back Row-l... Jaeger, D. Mecklenburg, E. Ortell, B. Dirksen, K. Larson. Third Row-L. Cenung, D. l..aBarge, L. Haase, D. Williams, K. Quirlc, Philipp. Second Row-E. Campbell, M. Osborne, D. Hines, l. Benedict, D. Striclcer. Front Row-A. Lindeman, D. Neely, R. Sponable, B. DeNui. one hundred thirty Couples twirl at the Presentation Ball in Peters Commons following the presentation of all the new sorority and fraternity members by Riley Sponable, president of the Mu Sigma Beta fraternity, and the Inter-Frat Council. Mu Sigma Beta Pledges-J. Raske, B. Miller, NI. Bone, B. Davis, R. Neil, D. McNabb. one hundred thirty-one Officers Rry Harbrecht John Flage .... Marvin Stewart., Dennis Guerrieri john Busch ,,.. ..........Presiclent .......Vice-President ....... Rec. Secretary ..........Cor. Secretary . . , . ,Treasurer fn-.,-...-. Founded in 1920, the Athenaean Fraternity strives toward greater social opportunities, and a more com- plete sense of brotherhood through the promotion of several events throughout the year. These include active participation in the Homecom- ing activities, organization of the Minutemen dance band which played at several dances throughout the year, and participation in May Fete and flunk Weekend activities. An event of unique and singular importance is the annual "A" Dance held in Galena in the spring which reunites actives and alums of the fraternity at a social hour, dinner, and dance. Athenueun Fraternity Back Row-M. Stewart, E. Sheppley, D. Guerrieri, C. Buniing, D. Klein, L. Ruddlesdin. Front Row-L. Flage, B. Reid, L. Morningstar, Busch, R. l-la1hrecht, Nl. Hood, D. Zollars. Not Pictured-R. Harvey, Marble. one hundred thirty-two Onlookers cringe as President Ray Harbrecht prepares to drop the contents of a raw egg into the waiting mouth of pledge Norm Neubauer. CL. to R.,--Norm Neubauer, jim Allen, Milt Reisen, Larry Ockleman. one hundred thirty-three THE C0-CURR CULAR REVUE New Students Get Settled Carol Wilhelmi and Miriam l-loelzer put the finishing touches on their new bed before tack- ling the pile of boxes in the background. Before the official opening of the academic year, freshmen and transfer students arrived on campus for the New Student Days activities. During this busy week, the students became acquainted with the University as they participated in orientation meetings, tests, pep rallies, and a picnic. The talent show, made up of new talent from the incoming freshman class ended the first week of college for the new students. A freshman girls quartet, composed of Sylvia Tyrrell, Judy Lalrrombois, Winifred Warren, and performed at the New Student Talent Show. one hundred thirty-six One of the unusual events this fall was the appearance on campus of the governor of the State of lowa. Sponsored by the Young Republicans Club, Governor Leo Hoegh is pictured above with Dick Sias, John Busch, Dick Stricker, Bill Galliart, and Keith Carter at the evening meal in Peters Commons. Mr. Hoegh gave a short address at the meal, and then addressed the Club later in the evening. I Politics Get Student Attention Aiding at the polls on election day was one of the projects of the political clubs on campus. Kent Larson and Sally Ross Utagn Mr. and Mrs. George Ketoff of Dubuque as Dr. Jaenke looks on. one hundred thirty-se en Candidates for Homecoming ueen Picked Seated fl... to Becker, Arduser, G. Gluesing, G. Beitz, H. Del-iaven, Sokolik, A. Seiberg, I.. Quade, B Ward H Tjarks Standing-M Siekmann D Fisher P Pillard Thespians Present i'The Winslow Boy" The 4'Winslow" cast watches as Miss Janet Groh adjusts the headwear of Mary Gibbs. hddthlght Frosh Win Beanie Dispute Sophomore Class Cops Parade Award Above is the tune "The Railroad Runs Through the Middle of the House" as put forth by the Sophomore Class. This year's Homecoming parade had as its central theme 'ilVlusic Mania," with the organiaztions to design their Hoats and decorations in some sort of depiction of this. The result was a va- riety of extremely colorful floats, showing much hard work, and a more polished parade than has been the case in the recent past. With nearly twenty campus organizations making floats and several high school bands, it was a parade befitting the best of schools. nc hundred thirty-ni dre omeconzlnq M6612 Miss ARLA SELBERC. Senior d forty Queen Arla from Waukon, Iowa, preparing for a career in secondary education, has a major in physical educa- tion, and a minor in English at the University. Arla, is an active member of the Spartan Club, and the Delta Phi Sigma Sorority. Aria's time is also pretty well occupied with the duties of her office as Senior Class President this year. The Queen and her Court Watch Spartans Roll to 21 Homecoming Victory fl... to RJ-Darlene Fisher, Dick Todd, judj Becker, Bob Vanlten, Betty Ward, Dick Koos, Helen Del-laven, Dave Zollars, Queen Alla Selberg, Dave Busse. Fall Pledging by Sororities P pective fall pl dg enyoy th mselves t of th 't' h g Faith and Life Week brings Dr. Watermulder to UD Dr. Watermulder conducts discussions cluring the week with the residents of the two dormitories. Box Social Has W estern Theme A most unusual skit was the featured attraction at the annual Iota Chi Sigma box social. dred SCA Carnival Crowns King and Queen The crowning of Queen Lois Tangeman by Keith Carter, and of King Bill Peck by Gloria Milner. David McNabb writes down the calls, as Sonny Bone ancl Les Schoffelman directs the Chinese Auction. Providing music in a completely different vein was this Uquaint old C-erman band." one hundred forty-th Students Give Thanksgiving Baskets to Needy Families The Yule Brings ..... The annual Christmas Dance co-sponsored by the Spartan Club and the Stu- clent Senate. A Tree Elaine Tyrrell ancl Bob Harrison clance at the Christmas Dance be- fore the huge silvered tree in the Commons. and Carolers Steffens men receive a Zeta Phi Christmas surprise package in this bit of caroling. Also Watchers and more Carolers Steffens men return the compliment by seranacling the women's dormitory following the Steffen's Christmas Party. one hundred forty-five KEY UEEN ANNGUNCEI Key Queen candidates catch a glimpse of the advertisements to be displayed for advance ticket sales. Darlene Fisher, Armon Johannsen, Jackie Baldwin, and Dave Busse enjoy a snack at the Sweetheart Swirl. ie hundred forty-six Professor Frank Edwards does the honors for a smiling Darlene. AT SWEETHEART SWIRL Queen MISS DARLENE FISHER FRISSHNIAN, AURORA, ILLINOIS ght IVIRS. BARBARA FRENCH Junior, Dubuque, Iowa 7 Eg M6622 5 MISS JACKALINE BALDWIN Freshman, Independence, Iowa MISS TRACELEANOR BATTEAST Sophomox e, Chicago, Illinois Selected by the student body from a group of seven University cceds, IVIiss Darlene Fisher was presented as the I957 Key Queen at the Sweetheart Swirl. Proceeding to her throne through a heart, Queen Darlene was followed by her six royal attendants. vga mmf MISS LOIS TANCEMAN junior, Dubuque, Iowa MISS JACQUELINE JENKINS Sophomore, Waukon, Iowa MISS VIRGINIA ZOLLARS Saphomoi e, Dubuque, Iowa Mr. Frank Edwards, assistant professor of chemistry, of:ficiaIIy crowned Darlene I957 Key Queen and named her as Dubuque's Drake Relay queen candidate. Following her coro- nation, Queen Darlene and her escort opened the second half of the dance to the music of the Minutemen. Class Play Competition Play directors Lois Gibbs, Hubert Ackman, and lVlaurice Bone gaze enviously at the trophy held by winning director Roger Patton, senior class. The "winner's circle" is pictured here with Dick Duty on the left, Gladys Mellor in the center, and Roger Patton at the right. one hundred fifty The senior class production "Last Flight Over," directed by Roger Pat- ton, won the annual one-act play con- test, sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary clramatics fraternity. Best actor award went to Dick Duty for his work as Dave in the senior pro- duction. Best actress award went to freshman Gladys Mellor for her part as Old lVlrs. lVlo0re in the play "Three on a Bench." Won By Seniors l N i Senior Cast 1 "Last Flight Over" 1 Mary Junior Cast 1 "Saturday Supplement" 1 Eel Gibbs, Daniel Hansen, Loren Rucldlesdin, Sheppley, Betty lanky, and Norman Stenzel. Arla Selberg, and Dick Duty. Sophomore Cast 1 "The Glorified Brat" 1 Freshman Cast 1 "Three on a Bench" 1 Sharon Kaiser, Joyce Kurth, Paul C-abrielson, Nancy Ohme, Gladys Mellor, Bob Davis, and ancl Winifred Warren. Elclon Benedict. one hundred fifty Time and Space in Paraffin Freshman Follies planning committee consisted of N. Denton, M. Weatherbee, Harris, M. Hoelzer, E.. Benedict, S. Busse, D. Watters, W. Peck, E. Cherrington, and class president H. lVlcFarlin. Scenes from the Follies show the A'Westward Ho!" and the modern interpretive dancing moods set up by frosh players. ed fifty-two The Junior f Senior Prom The Fabulous Mr. Bobby Christian as he leads his nationally famous orchestra at the Prom. Graduation and Home Again may ,,,s?qi, 3 e, Scenes from Graduation ancl what necessarily follows round out the school calender for an- other year, as the University bicls goodbye to the olcl, ancl prepares to make room for the new. one hundred fif CHEERS AND CHALLENGES W iw J- Football SHORTHANDED SPARTAN SQUAD POSTS 3-3-2 SEASON The University gridmen began practice under the hot September sun without the benefit of any opening day optimism. With only thirty-five men reporting, and fac- ing a schedule of exceptionally rugged potential, there was little to look forward to. The first hurdle was l..uther's powerhouse eleven, un- beaten since 1953 with the Spartans as definite under- dogs, but the UDee eleven 'ljelledf' and drove Luther to a 7-7 tie to stun the state. Trailing 7-0 early in the fourth quarter, the Spartans drove 67 yards to the Norse- men's three yard line, with Tom Merritt carrying around end for the score. Pillard's conversion gave Dubuque the stunning 7-7 deadlock. Dubuque .... ........ Parsons ....... ..... Dubuque ....... Buena Vista Dubuque ..... ...... Dubuque ..... ,..., Central .... Dubuque ..,.. ....i RECORD --Luther .,.. . ---Dubuque ..... . Upper iowa .,.. ..,. ---Dubuque Wartburg ..,,,...... ,... Iowa Wesleyan Dubuque ......... .... Simpson ..... COACH MOCOW MERCER The l956 football squad-Back Row fl... to R.,-A. johannsen, Dotzel, H. Pillard, R. Patton, D. Rodger, D. Cuer rieri, B. Hutchings, D. Klein, B. McGregor, R. Harbrecht, N. Stenzel, Manager Cramer. Middle Row-T. Merritt, R. Spielman, W. Steensen, R. Watts, Wosoba, D. Giesler, D. Carten, B. Thomas, E. Sheppley E- Donaldson. Front Row-L. Thompson, L. Wells, F. Hayes, S. Pontillo, D. Higashi, Captain Norm Rathje, B. Parish, C. Schiele D. Nielson. one hundred fifty-six l 1 V, V-H in Dale Gieiler moves for the pitch-out from quarierback Armon Johannsen as Dubuque smacks Xvcsleyan. The Spartans then moved on to face Parsons College, and an attempt to pick up more pres- tige. They more than met their match, however, as Parsons rolled over the shaky Du- buquers by an impressive 26-7 score, with Dubuque! lone tally coming early in the opening minutes of the second half on a short plunge by captain Norm Rathje, and a conversion by Pillard. The Nlcrcermen got back on the right side of the ledger in their home appearance, how- ever, on an Armon lohannsen to Ray l-larbrecht pass play which gave them a 7-0 win over Upper lowa. But their joy was shozt-lived as the fol- lowing wcckend Buena Vista's jerry lbach tallied four touch- downs to dump Dubuque by a whopping Z7-6 score. The University's only score came when end Ray Harbrecht blocked an attempted punt and went through to recover the ball in the end zone. Captain Norm Rathje leads the team onto Chalmers Field at Homecoming. Cheerleaders-Vangine Cunningham, Maxine Elsheimer, Sharon Kaiser, Nancy Denton, and Barbara Overholt. one hundred fifty-seven The Spartans climbed back to the .500 record mark with a resounding 20-0 triumph over Wartburg in a game that saw Dubuque score on the opening play of the game on another Johannsen to Har- brecht pass play that covered nearly sixty yards to grab a 6-0 lead. A third quarter scamper around left end by Fritz Hayes and an extra point by Hank Pillard increased the score to I3-0. The final tally came in the fourth quarter as .Iohannsen and Harbrecht again found the range for twenty-five yards and the score. Pillard's conversion wrapped up the Homecoming victory. iii? Xa s Dubuque's defense shines as Johannsen, Harbrecht, Klein and Parish descend on unidentified Simpson player. one hundred fifty-eight 1 R , i + X 5 Capt. Rathje bulls his way to a first and ten as Dubuque wraps up their Homecoming game. Riding high after their 20-0 Homecoming win the Spartans went on the road to try to tip over Iowa Wesleyan's unbeaten bandwagon at the Tiger Home- coming. The Spartans made it a dismal one for Wesleyan as Norm Rathje's intercepted pass and touchdown runback, and Hank Pillard's thirty-five yard field goal gave the UDee grid- ders a 9-0 lead at the close of K the first quarter. The Spartans tallied again in the middle of the second quarter on a fifteen yard pass play from ,Iohannsen to Dale Geisler. Pillard con- verted, and the Blue and White led I6-0. The final Dubuque score came near the close of the second period on a twenty yard run around left end by Fritz Hayes and a conversion, by Pil- lard to give the Spartans a 23-0 halftime lead. Wesleyan's only score came on a forty yard run- -' back of a blocked punt in the final period, as Dubuque came home with a 23-7 victory. lVlore defense as Harbrecht, Steensen, Rathje, and Parish turn back the advance of Upper lowa's Peacocks. The next week was a different story, how- ever, as the Central Dutchmen clinched the conference title with a I2-0 victory on two pass plays fone for forty-nine yards, the other for thirty-nine yardsl from Don Morehead to Lavern Boelkens. Costly fumbles sent the victory bell to Central for another year as the Mercermen eyed their final game against Simp- son. And the unpredictable Spartans closed the season the same way they opened it-with a tie CI4-141 to give them a season record of three wins, three losses, and two ties, and fifth place in the confeence. Trailing I4-0 at the close of the third quar- ter, the Spartans collected on a pass from Johannsen to Harbrecht with Pillard making the conversion. The tying score came as time wan running out for the Dubuquers on another pass, this time from freshman Leo Wells to Brian McGregor. Pillard's all-important extra point was good and the game ended I4-I4. Lettermen for the year were Giesler, Mc- Gregor, Pontillo, Klein, Guerrieri, I-ligashi, Rodger, Spielmann, Steensen, Watts, Parish Hayes, Merritt, Stenzel, Rathje, Dotzel, Patton, Johannsen, Pillard, and Harbrecht. Cross Country Team Almost forgotten in the rush of football every fall are the few who spend their days running cross-country. This fall the team was honored with a banquet at Eagle Point Park. Shown with Coach Mercer are John Hudson, Ev. Cherrington, Dick Goerne, Al. Dinwiddie, Ron Holzman, and Rim Harvey. one hundred fifty-nine it 1. 'W' ' TWO PLACED, FOUR 01 HER CITED Two University gridders were named to positions on All-Conference teams, and four others were given honorable mention. Ray l-larbrecht was named as a hrst tean! end and Norm Rathje was listed as sec- ond team fullback. The four honorable mentions weer Armon Johannsen, Roger Patton, John Dotzel, and Hank Pillard. one hundred sixty ,,,...-mi PILLARD AND HAYES HONORED BY TEAMMATES Hank Pillard and Fritz Hayes were given special recognition by their teammates at the annual foot- ball awards assembly. Pillard was chosen as the outstanding senior football player on the squad and was later presented the Kiwanis Club Sportsman- ship Trophy. Hayes was elected to lead the Spar- tan squad next fall as he plays out his senior year. Senior Ray Harbrecht, offensive and defensive star at the end position for the Spartans was given the added distinction of being named on the hon- orable mention list of the Little All-American Team. ln addition to scoring five touchdowns, Ray played outstanding ball on defense. Busketllcjl L. to R.-K. Quirk, Manager, Alsip, D. Van Horne, Wosoba, N. North, H. Blunk, P. Brown, D. Rodger, Coach Tony Schavone, Captain Milt Hood fkneelingj, Busch, Cu- Kempthorne, T. Merritt, B. -lensen, B. Meriwether, B. Reid, M. Stewart, Marble, Asistant Coach. During Tony Schavone's last year as basketball coach, he was heading a team of scoring threats. This year, the first time in the history of the Uni- versity, two players, Paul Brown and Bill Reid, soared over the I000 point mark for their college careers. Brown scored II67 points while Reid scored l l54. After losing the first road battle to Cornell, 73-47. the Spartans came back to flatten Platteville Tech, l l3-6l on the Wisconsin floor. ln their home opener the Dubuque squad was upset 88-62 by Platteville State Teachers. The early minutes of the second half proved to be the down- fall of the Schav-one crew. Coach Tony Schavone and Captain Milt Hood talk over game strategy in one of the team's daily work- outs. At Decorah, Dubuque took its second road game cle- feating Luther, 66-62. Tony, experimenting with newcomers, kept last year's leading scorers, Reid and Merritt, on the bench as the game began, but called upon them in the later minutes of the game to spark the team to victory. Reid led the scorers with seventeen points closely followed by Brown with sixteen. Again on the road, the Spartans caught up with Buena Vista's Beavers with ten minutes left and went on to register a 75-72 victory at Storm Lake. Spear- heading the Dubuque attack was junior guard Tom Merritt, who wrote 33 points into the record books including I3 free throws. SE.ASON'S RECORD WON LOST Cornell ......,,..... ...... 7 3--DUBUQUE. ........... DUBUQUE ,... ...... I l3---Platteville Tech .,... Platteville St. ...... 88--DUBUQUE. A'DUBUQUE. ..,. ...... 6 6--Luther ............. ALDUBUQUE. .,,. 75--Buena Vista ..,... DUBUQUE. ..,. ..,... 7 5--Platteville Tech ...., .... 5 0 xwartburg 74--DUBUQUE .... aswesleyan ,,,,., .,..,. 7 9--DUBUQUE ..... ...... . ALDUBUQUE .... ...... 7 7--Simpson ....... ....-. 6 0 ,"Upper lowa .... ...... 9 I--DUBUQUE ..,,.. 'fparsons ,...... ...... l 09--DUBUQUE ,.... '5Wesleyan 73--DUBUQUE ,"DUBUQUE .... ...... 8 9--Luther ...... 'FDUBUQUE .,,, 76--Central ......... Platteville St. ,,,.,. 98--DUBUQUE t'DUBUQUE. .,,, ...... 6 5--Buena Vista Afwartburg ...... 83--DUBUQUE. .... . "'Central .,., 73--DUBUQUE ..... '5Simps0n ,,,., ....,, B 4--DUBUQUE. ..... '3QUpper lowa ,.,, ...... 8 6--DUBUQUE. ..... ..... . 'FDUBUQUE ,,,, ....,. 9 7--Parsons .............. ...... . one hundred sixty-one Tom Merritt and Jim Alsip fight for the rebound in losing effort to Platteville. The Dubuque five lost a thrilling 9l-82 decision to the Peacocks of Upper lowa. The Peacocks' 6 foot 8 inch center, Ron farms, proved to be too much for the Spartan squad. The University of Dubuque cagers lost tivo conference games on a weekend trip which dropped them close to the cellar in conference standings. The first tilt was with Parsons at Fairfield where they dropped a 109-68 decision. ln a clash against the Wesleyan cagers of Mt. Pleas- ant, Dubuque took their second defeat with a score of 73-45. After this double conference loss, the Spartans came fighting back to rack Lu- ther's Norsemen, 89-67. Reid's jumpshot was very effective for him, earning the high score of the game with 23 points. one hundred sixty-two ln their second non-conference tilt vxith Platteville Tech, Dubuque walloped them 75-50. Reid scored twenty points against the Miners with Brown fol- lav. ing with eighteen. 'lhe UDee cagers suffered their first conference loss at the hands of XVartburg's Knights, 74-63, at Wa- verly, and then went on to lose their second consec- utive game at the hands of the Tigers from lowa Wesleyan in a game which was nip and tuck all the way. Vifith eight minutes left, the Peacocks gained and kept the lead to defeat the Spartans, 79-64. The Redmen of Simpson failed to stop the Spar- tans' thirst for victory led by the spectacular hook- ing and shooting of center John Busch and forward Jim ftlsip. The Dubuquers finished off the Red- men with a 77-60 victory. Busch led the scoring xx ith nineteen points fpllov. ed by Alsip with eighteen. Paul Brown and John Busch look on as Milt Hood drives for the bucket against Platteville. The Dubuquers shattered the hopes of a high and mighty Central team by walloping them 76-67. Reid again walked off with a high score of 23 points. The Spartan five then offered little competition against the tall Platteville State team who took Dubuque for a 98-74 ride. The UDee cagers came through with a 65-60 victory in their second contest against the Beavers of Buena Vista. The Spartans main- tained their lead assisted by the able shooting of Alsip and Reid. The Knights of Wartburg left their mark by thrashing the Spartans 83-68 in a real thriller. At the end of the contest Reid had scored six- teen points for top honors. Central and Simpson took another dual week- end cage meet from the Spartans, beating them 73-67 and 84-76 respectively. The Simpson game was especially decisive since both teams were fighting for fifth place in con- ference play. Nolan North and Tom Merritt wait expectantly as Bruce Meriwether is harried by one of Central's Dutchmen. t ,........-N.,-.,,,,xs M Top Scorers-Paul Brown and Bill Read be- came first University players to shoot over l,000 points in their college careers. At Fayette a capacity crowd saw the Dubuque cagers bow to the Peacocks of Upper lowa for a 85-56 loss. jarms, Upper lowa's 6 foot 8 inch center, plagued the Spartan crew once again. ln the closing tilt of the season the Spartans overthrew the Wildcats cf Parsons in a 97'-75 victory. Even though Brown had suffered a knee injury in the second Simpson game, he played as spectacular as ever. Milt Hood, the team captain and Uplaymakern of the team, continued his fine maneuver- ing for scoring positions as he had clone throughout the entire season. Reid and Alsip pumped in buckets while Brown and Busch captured the rebounding honors. Among those who saw action this year and promise to be of considerable help next season are Gary Kempthorne, 6 foot 5 inch sophomore centerg Marv Stewart, 5 foot I0 inch sharp- shooting sophomore guard, Jim Alsip, 6 foot l inch junior jump-shot artistg Tom Merritt, 6 foot 2 inch speedster, a jun- ior, Bill Jensen, 6 foot 2 inch sophomore forwardg Nolan North, 6 foot 3 inch sophomore centerg Darrell Rodger, 6 foot 4 inch junior center, and Bruce Meriwether, 6 foot l inch freshman and a playmaking guard. Four men, Milt Hood, john Busch, Paul Brown and Bill Reid finished their intercollegiate basketball careers with the sea- son's close. one hundred sixty-three Wrestlers Finish with 8-I Record Back Row-B. Harr, R. Patton, E.. Ortell, H. Pillard, N. Rathje, S. Pontillo. Front Row-D. Nielson, D. Marchi, B. Harrison, l... Thompson, C. Willis. The University of Dubuque matmen, under the direction of Coach Moco Mercer com- pleted another highly success- ful season of wrestling with an 8--I record. The grapplers began the season by walloping Coe College of Cedar Rapids, 24-IO. Then followed in their list of tri- umphs Loras College, l6-ll, William and jewel College of Kansas City, Missouri, 25-7, Wartburg College, I9-IZ, Be- loit College of Beloit, Wiscon- sin, 30-5, Augustana, 20-l0, and Bradley University of Peoria, Illinois, I7-l 3. Luther College handed the UDee matmen their only loss ofthe season, l6-5. The Spar- tans ended the season by tri- umphing over Loras College, I9-9. one hundred sixty-four mv" 4-ur' Hank Pillard and Roger Patton look over their unblemished records at the close of the season. U defeated Roger Patton goes for the pin as he rolls 345 lb. Dissel Hoff of William d Jewell College around the mat. INDIVIDUAL RECORDS W I23 lb. Bill Harrison ....... ...... 6 I30 lb. Bob Harr .......,.. ...... I I30 lb. Cail Willis I37 lb. Dave Marcbi .,.. ...... 5 I47 lb. Ed. Ortell ......,..., a.,... 5 I57 lo. Wayne stoooooo ....,,.,... .5 I57 lo. Leonard Thompson ..... .0 167 11o. Norm Rathje ................ 7 177 lb. Henry Pillard ...... ....... 9 HVYWT. Roger Patton ,-,..-.---.- 9 L D 2 I 0 0 0 I 3 I 4 O 3 O I 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 Norm Rathje led the squad in pins with six, while I-Ienry Pil- lard, captain of the squad, closed out with an undefeated season. Another graduating senior, Roger Patton, closed out the season as probably the best small college heavyweight in the lVlidwest. Norm Rathje picks up two points on a reverse against Coe. one hundred sixty-five I956 Truck Team Wins The Dubuque cindermen maintained their domina- tion of the lowa Conference in i956 by again being crowned conference champions and in addition, successfully invaded some small college track strongholds displaying some of the finest competi- tion in the Midwest. Gpening the season early, the Spartans finished fourth in the Division II of the perenially tough Na- perville Relays. Norman Stenzel, in the 60 yard hurdles, and Gary Kempthorne, in the high jump, were first place 'winners for the University. Next stop was the Des Moines A.A.U. meet where varsity members of lowa State College, Drake, and the University of lowa teams competed to make the Held exceptionally strong. Canadian George French, captain ofthe track squad, placed first in the mile run with a time of 4237.3 over an indoor course. r V l l I956 Track Team-Back Row-E. Crtell, G. Kempthorne, B. Miller, H. -lanky Middle Row-D. Williams, R. Holzman, D. Nielson, H. Ackman, L. Bloom, B. McGregor. Front' Row-G. Turnbull, N. Rathje, N. Stenzel, M. Thorne, G. French, R. Harvey, C. Willis, R. Duty. Not Pictured-A. Johannsen, D. Feuerhelm, Agoro, Busch, l... Morningstar, R. Harbrecht, D. Klein, D. Hansen. one hundred sixty-six 6th Consecutive Championship Hurdle: Norm Stenzel displays the form that makes hlm a top confer- ence threat this year. The UDee cindermen faced conference competition in their next meets and copped first place in a quad- rangular called the Central Invitational, nosing out Central MM to SOVQ. The Spartans next kept their undefeated outdoor dual meet record intact from i948 by defeating Luther on the home track, 79-52. Also an easy victim for Coach lVlercer's men was Upper lowa in a dual met, 80-I 3. Fine competition and preparation for the Confer- ence meet was provided by the Elmhurst Invita- tional in which the combined team effort earned first place. The Conference Meet was held at Simpson and the Dubuquers again displayed their dominance of lowa Conference track by winning their sixth consecutive first place in this meet. Thus the fitting climax to a highly successful season. The Cornell Relays started a string of trophies for the 1956 season as the dis- tance medley team of Danny Hansen, Hulzert Ackman, Rim Harvey, and French finished in first place. At the Conference Relays, in Peila, two trophies were won. The mile relay team of Mervin Thorne, Ron Holzman, Brian lVlacC1regor, and Hansen placed first as did the distance medley team again. The lowa Teachers Relays highlighted the presentation of the trophy for the coveted lowa Mile to George French. Distancemen Rim Harvey and John Hudson polish up their pace-work preliminary to the beginning of the outdoor season. one hundred sixty-seven U Dee Golf Team The third year was the charm for Dr. Sylvan Jaenke, golf coach of the Spartans, as his pro- teges' capped a dual meet season record of 6-I, and the I956 lowa Conference Golf Championship. Starting with a strong nucleus of lettermen in George Weitzel, Bob Barnes, Ken Gordon and Doug Taylor, the team picked up added po- tential when Dave Zollars transferred from Iowa State College. Supporting team strength Won DUBUQUE .... I 4 DUBUQUE. .... I 0 - DUBUQUE ..,. I 0 M- DUBUQUE. .... 7 M- DUBUQUE .... I 4 Platteville State 9 1 DUBUQUE. .... I2 1 came from Larry Morningstar, Sol Pontillo and Bob I-Iarr. High point of the season for the linksman was their first place triumph at the Conference meet. A 4 man team total of 31 I, or an av- erage of 77, turned the trick for the Du- Iauquers. Zollars and Weitzel were second and third medalists respectively with scores of 75 and 77. Lost Wartburg ...,........ I Rockford ............ 2 Platteville' State .. 4M Wartburg ............ 4 M Coe .................... I DUBUQUE ....,.,, 6 Rockford ..,.. .... 3 1957 Golf Team-C. Morningstar, Coach Jaenke, B. Barnes, D. Zollars, K. Cordon, G. Weitzel, B. Burk- hart, S. Pontillo, B. Harr. h ndred sixty-eight ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Ed .lanky-Photographers The CUE-jackie jenkins, Editor Mrs. Eloise Snyder-Public Relations Schuster Printing S. K. Smith Cover Company Yonker's Engraving Company Hruska Photographers AIDS T0 COLLEGE llVING W 0 l W, Q A 029, , I if it ' Q ' 'fu I sv 1 A x 'o, 0.6 W 'Q 20234. i , , . u f ll ix Prawn-Q h ddsevet COMPLIMENTb OF MEADOW GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY DUBUQUIL 2167 CENTRAL AVBNUI1 IOWA Sunbeam 'Energy ---- 'ffirsl 41481. 109113 195 lasting SM! wifsunb Of 'O -ff" J',':1.,' X ,f ,UH - , Q ' :fin 5 N DD ,,,!fM if 'Wi KXTW 1 5, I i v ' -1 ", """'g 5:6239 4 freshness 5 N Sqfqlgzam 1? if' Trausch Baking Company UUBUQUE QUALITY MEATS UQUE P CKING CO. DUBUQUE, IOWA . wel' BU'gi1hsll.1' wsu. W on UIURH no. v. s. uv. on. h 'W ' e- WINDOW UNITS, Double-hung, Awning Casements, Basement, Storm and Sci' CABINETS, Kitchen, Multiple-use, Wardrobes, Storage, Vanity-Lavatory and V I Counter-tops. DOORS, Interior, Screens and Combination. 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THE HOME OF "ROYAL PORTABLES" COMPLETE LINE SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES 648 MAIN STREET DUBUQUE, IOWA hundred eighty-f Midland Laboratories Maintenance and Sanitation Products and Equipment 210 JONES DUBUQUE, IOWA DIAL 3-1787 Weber Paper Co. F. M. Jaeger Hardware Co. QUALITY WRAPPING SANITARY AND 622 MAIN STREET PRINTING PAPERS DIAL 3-5704 136 MAIN STREET Myers-Cox Co. Klauer Optical Company Distributors of Roi Tan and La Fendrich Cigars . Designers of Cigarettes and Tobacco HFINE EYEWEAR,, Schrafft and Brach Candies General Merchandise 401 American Trust Bldg. MAIN and DODGE Dubuqe, Iowa Dial 3-3581 RADLOFF'S CITIES SERVICE H. Trenkle Co. U. s. ROYAL TIRES and ACCESSORIES The Hgme gf Fine Sausage WASHING AND GREASING University and Asbury DUBUQUE, IOWA Dial 3-2407 h d d gh Schvvind's Texaco Service TIRES TUBES ACCESSORIES Wash 0 Grease 0 Repair 2297 UNIVERSITY AVE. The Dubuque Bread Co. BAKERS OF BAKER BOY BREAD A Supplier ofthe Unifversity of Dubuque 423 WEST LOCUST - DIAL 3-1159 Lange's Insurance Agency Serving the Public Since 1907 705 American Trust Building DUBUQUE, IOWA Ketoff Ice Cream 'fQuf1lity Ice Cream 1 106 University Avenue DIAL 3-3307 HaItenhofI's for Flowers Your llforld WIIGIE Telegraph Florists 1081 MAIN STREET DIAL 3-1797 I Sweetheart Bakery Special Cakes for All Occasions McCauley Pharmacy PRESCRIPTIONS Clubs and Organizations Given Special Attention 1040 University Avenue 1130 Iowa Street DIAL 2-1067 DIAL 2-5437 Kretsch mer Insurance Agency Broad Protection - Low Rates First National Bank of Dubuque "I0fwa's Oldest Alational Bank FIRE REAL ESTATE UTOMOBILE A 93 Years of Service 702 Roshek Building FIFTH and MAIN STREETS DlAl.. 3-1736 EASY TO PAINT Kl'8tSCl'lI'l1Bl'- with Tredway CO. MAUTZ Dubuque, low: 1362 CENTRAL AVE. WHOLESALE ONLY DIAL 2-2210 MAUTZ PAINT and VARNISH COMPANY PLUMBING HEATING HARDWARE hdd ht Compliments of Farber and Sons FRUITS and VEGETABLES 64 MAIN STREET DIAL 3-1503 Sears Roebuck 8. Co. 520 MAIN DIAL 3-6441 Cecilia Gehrig Insurance Agency 405 Stampfer Building Dubuque, Iowa City Food Market MEATS AND GROCERIES Wholesale and Retail Dubuquefv Larger! hlome- Ofwnea' Nfarket For Thai Special "f1fter-Ilze-Dance" Get Together ana' Good Food Karigan's 4th and Central Avenue Kies 81 Butler JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS DIAL 2-7843 9 72 MAIN STREET Dubuque, Iowa d U Pat's Sell-Service Laundry "Westinghouse Laundromat" 9TH and LOCUST The Easy Wfzy' to Launder- :ht Giunta Bros. Wholesale FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS 1248-1 256 Iowa Street De Luxe Motel Recommended by Duncan Hines AAA Highway 20 2660 Dodge Street DIAL 3-8581 -I N W' Sa FE if fffxu E 41 IW, YW WWW nu U 2' A A Nothing Does It Like 7-Up' Boe Distributing Co. DISTRIBUTORS for LEADING MANUFACTURERS Dial 3-5795 1605 Rockdale Road Faber Music Company 464 Main Street Dubuque, lowa Nationally Advertised Brands Pianos - Musical Instruments The Hoermann Press "Traditionally Fine Printing" Main at 5th Street Dubuque, xuwu Be Popular Learn to Dance the "ARTHUR MURRAY WAY" Fox Trot - Swing - Mambo DIAL 2-7259 for FREE DANCE ANALYSIS AND TRIAL LESSON Higley-Meyer Electric Co. Metz Manufacturing Co TWO GREAT STORES "ARCHITECTURAL wooDwoRK" 962 MAIN STREET 22ND and CENTRAL AVENUE General Electric Dealers Dubuque, Iowa 11 4.l-nlpr ddg hty BEALE., BARBARA A. New York City, New York, Sociology Gamma Phi Delta 3. BEITZ. GERALDINE M. Hopkinton, Iowa, 'Math Orchestra 4: Pep Band I, 2, 4: Zeta Phi 4: I.F.T.A. 4: Severance House Council 4: Band I. BUENINC. RONALD Galena, Illinois, Music BUNTING, CLIFFORD D. Martelle, Iowa, Physical Ed. Athenaean Fraternity 3, 4: I.F.T.A. 3. 4: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: Spartan Club I, 2. BUSCH, JOHN E. Palatine, Illinois, Economics, Psychology Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3: Athenaean Fraternity I. 2, 3, 4: D Club 2, 3, 4: Young Re- publicans 3, 4. CAMP. MARVIN Dubuque, Iowa, Pre-Theological CORBETT, ALICE M. Epworth, Iowa, Philosophy-Religion CORSON, KAY A. Waterloo, Iowa, English Student Senate 3, 4: Concert Choir 2, 3: Sev- erance House Council 4: Zeta Phi 2, 3, 4: Alpha Pi Omega 3, 4: Who's Who 4: Chapel Committee 3:gh1-istian Life Council 3: l.F.T.A. 3: S.C.A. . . 3- DAVIS. LARRY Dubuque, Iowa, Science Research DE HAVEN. HELEN H. Winthrop, lowa, Music Concert Choir I, 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2: Zeta Phi I, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader I, 2: Severance House Council 3, 4: Chapel Committee 4: Publications Committee 2. DE NEUI, PHYLLIS Holland, lowa, Elementary Education DIRKSEN. ROBERT H. Minonk, Illinois, History Concert Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Mu Sigma Beta I, 2, 3, 4: Adrian Singers 3, 4. DOTZEI... JOHN A. Galena, Illinois, Physical Education Football I, 2, 3, 4: I3 Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4: D Club I, 2, 3, 4: l.F.T.A. 4. DUTY. RICHARD L. Morrison, Illinois, Business Education Football I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: D Club 2, 3, 4: Phi Omicron Fraternity I, 2, 3 4: Student Senate 2: Publications Committee 3: Spartan Club 4. Senior Index FLACE. LAVERN Waukon, Iowa, Medicine Athenaean Fraternity 3, 4. GEHUNC, LEWELQLYN G. Oregon, Illinois, Chemistry Mu Sigma Beta GIBBS, MARY E. Earlville, Iowa, English Gamma Phi Delta I, 2, 3: Panhellenic 3: I.F.T.A. 2, 3, 4: Alpha Pi Omega 3, 4: Concert Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Student Senate 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Who's Who 4: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: Best Actress in one- act play contest 3. HANSEN, DANNY P. Odebolt, Iowa, Psychology Track I, 2, 3, 4: Concert Choir I, 2, 3, 4: D Club 3, 4: Clas Play 2, 3: Best Actor 2: Home- coming Play 3: Alpha Pi Omega 3, 4: Student Manager of KUDD 4: Chapel Choir I, 2: Phi Ome- cron I, 2, 3, 4. HANSEN. MARIIORIE Dubuque, lowa, Sec. Education HARBRECHT, RAYMOND St. Paul Park, Minn., History D. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Athenaean Frater- nity I, 2, 3, 4: l.F.T.A. 4: Interfgraternity Coun- cil 4. HARVEY, ROOSEVELT M. Ca ry, Indiana, Mathematics Track I, 2, 3, 4: Athenaean Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4: D Club 2, 3, 4: Band I: Chi Gamma Iota 3: I.F.T.A. 4. HINE5. DUANE E. Dubuque, Iowa, Chemistry Mu Siga Beta I, 2, 3, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. HOFFMAN. WAYNE M. Lennox, South Dakota, Speech Concert Choir I : Debate 4. HOOD, MILTON A. Troy, Illinois, Chemistry Athenaean Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3:-15D Club 2, 3, 4. JOHANNSEN. ARMON D. De Witt, Iowa, Economics Football I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2' 3, 4: Phi Omi- cron I, 2, 3, 4: D Club I, 2, 3, 4: l.F.T.A. 3, 4. KOOS, RICHARD H. Davenport, lowa, Economics-Math Phi Omicron I, 2, 3, 4: Adrian Singers I, 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2, 3. LAUTERBACH, RUTH D. Dike, Iowa, Christian Education S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Iota Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4: l.F.T.A. one hundred ninety-one ,Ly .: ,H .' Senior Index MORNINGSTAR. CHARLES L. Marion, Iowa, Physics and Math Editor of the Kay 4, Athenaean I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, D Club 2, 3, 4. NEELY. DONALD L. Bettendorf, Iowa, History Wrestling I, 2, 3 ,4, Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Adrians I, 2, 3, Student Senate 2, 3, Alph Psi Omega, Mu Sigma Bet I, 2, 3 4, D Club. PATTON. ROGER D. Manchester, Iowa, Philosophy Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Theater Board 3, 4, D Club I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Messengers I, 2,Track I, 2, Chapel Choir I , Young Republicans 3, 4, Phi Omicron Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4. PEASE, KENNETH R. jesup, Iowa, History Adrian Singers 3, Alpha Psi Omega 3, Cue Staff 3, Who's Who 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4. PEW. ELIZABETH Parkersburg, W. V., Nursing PILLARD, HENRY P. Anamosa, Iowa, Physical Education Football I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, D Club 2, 3, 4, I.F.T.A. 4, Chi Gamma Iota POLLITT, MARGERY M. Avon, Illinois, Christian Education S.C.A. 3, 4, Gamma Phi Delta I, 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra I, Band I, Iota Chi Sigma 3, 4, YM-YW District Representative 3, 4. REID, BILL Aledo, Illinois, Business Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, D Club 2, 3, 4, Athe- naean I, 2, 3, 4. REMALY, EDWIN G. Bloomington, Wisconsin, Bible Student Pastor I, 2, 3 4. RUDDLESDIN, LOREN F. Manchester, Iowa, Speech Athenaean 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. SAIKALY, NADIM Dubuque, Iowa, Ministry SEARIGHT, SYLVIA Galena, Illinois, Nursing SCHLOBOHM, MARY W. Rock Falls, Iowa, Christian Education Iota Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4, WARA I, 2, 3, Gamma Phi Delta 4, IFTA 3, 4, SCA 3, 4. ' SCHOFFELMAN, LESTER D. ' Lennox, South Dakota, Sociology ' Concert Choir 4, SCA I, 3 4, Pre-Theological Club 3, 4, Messengers I. SELBERG, ARLA Waukon, Iowa, Physical Education Delta Phi Sigma I, 2, 3, 4, Best Actress Award 3, House Council 2, Student Senate I, 2, Homecoming Queen 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 45 l..., SIAS, RICHARD T. Dubuque, Iowa, History and English Young Republican Club 3, 4, IFTA 3, 4, Phi Alph Theta 3, 4. SKAIFE, BARBARA A. Dubuque, Iowa, Sociology Junior Year Abroader to India 3, Gamma Phi Delta 4, Iota Chi Sigma 4. SOKOLIK, JOYCE Aplington, Iowa, Sociology Concert Choir I, 2, 3, Chapel Committee I, Zeta Phi 2, 3, 4, Severance House Council I. SORENSON, ESTHER Dixon, lowa,, Music Education Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 4, Alph Psi Omega 3, 4, Zeta Phi 3, Band I, 2, Chapel Choir I, Severance House Council 4, IFTA 2, 3, Who's Who 4. SPONABLE, RILEY Dubuque, Iowa, Chemistry-Biology Cut Staff I, Mu Sigma Beta I, 2, 3, 4, De- bate 4. STRICKER, RICHARD Mt. Carroll, Illinois, Economics Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4, Publications Adver- tising Mgr. 4, Young Republicans Club 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Cue Starr I, 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, 4, Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 3, Mu Sigma Beta I, 2, 3, 4, Spartan Club 3, Board of Publications 3, VAN ITEN, DICK Peatone, Illinois, History Phi Omicron I, 2, 3, 4, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Kappa Delta, Who's Who, Alpha Psi Omega, Forensics 2, 3, 4, Adrian Singers 3, Tennis 3. VON DOEHREN. NANCY A. Fredericksburg, Iowa, Music Concert Choir 3, 4, Severance House Council 3, 4, Zeta Phi 3, 4, IFTA 3, 4., WINTERS, VIRGINIA P. Scales Mound, Illinois, Music Concert Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Zeta Phi I, 2, 3, 4, Severance House Council 2, 3, Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, IFTA I, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Committee 2, Who's Who 3, 4, Honors Scholarship Recipient 4. WORKMAN, JAMES G. Cincinnati, Ohio, Philosophy Adrian Singers 4, S.C.A. 4, Young Demo- crats 4. ZIMIVIERMAN, JANET, Hanover, Illinois, Sociology ZOLLARS, C. DAVID Dubuque, Iowa, Economics Athenaean 3, 4, Student Senate 4, Debate 3, 4, Golf 3, 4, Young Republicans 3, 4, Concert Choir 4, Spartan Club 3, Chapel Committee 3, 4, D Club 3, 4, Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4. one hundred ninety-two Student Index A Ackman, Hubert-63, 96, 150, 166. Agoro, John-69, 128. Alamsha, Marilyn-122. Allen, William-63. Allen, James-79. Allen, Ronald-79, 127. A1sip,,1ames-63, 161, 162. Arduser,.1anet-69, 109, 121, 138. Ayala, Arline-63, 118, 122. Bailey, Charles--79, 105, 107. Baldwin, jackaline-77, 90, 125, 146, 148. Barkau, Floyd-69. Barkau, Wayne-69. Barnes, Dolores-69, 93, 112. Barnhart, Elaine-79, 122, 123. Batteast, Traceleanor--69, 91, 94, 120, 146, 148. Beall, Monica-79, 105, 121. Becker,.1udy--69, 124, 138, 141. Beitz, Geri-54, 91, 120, 138. Bollinger, Susan-69, 120. Benedict, Eldon--79, 94, 102, 151, 152. Benedict, lvan--63, 94, 100, 102, 106, 112, Benson, Daniel-127. Blaser, Patricia-79. Blichmann, Richard-79. Bloom, Larry-69, 166. Blunk, Henry-63, 161. Boldt, Doris-69, 94, 109. Bone, Maurice-69, 100, 131, 143, 150. Boward, Gloria-69, 106, 109, 118. Boyd, Betty-70, 109. Brockman, Karen-79. Brown, Paul-54, 95, 161, 162, 163. Buehler, Dorothy-70, 93, 105. Bulman, Shirley-63, 93, 106, 122. Buls, Charles-70, 97. Bunnell, Josephine-70. Bunting, Clifford-54, 132. Burkhart, Brooks-79, 129, 168. Busch, Eldon-79. Busch, John-54, 94, 96, 132, 137, 161, 162. Busch, joseph-70. Busse, David-63, 90, 106, 128, 141, 146. Busse, Sara-80, 106, 121, 152. Butler, jean-70, 124. C Camp, Marvin-54. Campbell, Edward-70, 130. Campbell, Joyce-80. Carlton, john-63, 94. Carroll, Pat-80. Carson, Rodney-80. Carson, Richard-70. Carten, Donald-80, 129, 156. Carter, Keith-63, 94, 99, 100, 101, 137, 138, 143- Chalmers, Eleanor--94. Cherrington, Everett-80, 152, 159. Christian, Sushilbala-120. Christopherson, Duane-70, 106. Church, Howard-70, 102. Coe, Muriel-80. Collins, Charles-80. Cone, Anita-80, 105. Corbett, Alice-54, 94, 112. Corbett, James--80. Corson, Kay-54, 90, 91, 111, 112, 120. Couchman, Carol-80. Craig, Barbara-63, 120. Cramer, james-80, 129, 156. Crow, Ed-81. Cunningham, Vangine-37, 81, 105, 107, Datisman, Jean Ann-108. Davis, Larry-1 12. Davis, Robert-81, 94, 131, 138, 151. DeBerg, Barbara-81. DeHaven, Helen-55, 91, 106, 118, 120, DeNeui, Phyllis-55, 93. DeNeui, Robert-37, 70, 130. Denton, Nance-81, 107, 121, 152, 157. Dinwiddie, Alfred--81, 159. Dirksen, Robert-55, 102, 106, 119, 130. Donaldson, William-156. Dotzel, john-55, 96, 126, 156. Dull, Sharon-81, 106. Duty, Richard--128, 150, 151, 160, 166. Edmonds, Janice-63, 93, 95. Elhart, Marcia-64, 95, 106. Elsheimer, Maxine-70, 93, 107, 120, 157. Emmons, Carmen-71, 109, 125. Engelkes, Anna-81, 105, 109, 123. Ernst, Gary-81 . Evans, Freddie-81. Ewing, Richard-81. F Fenstermann, Duane-81. Fiet, Marlene-82, 93, 105, 123. Fischer, Betty-82. Fisher, Darlene-37, 82, 106, 125, 138, 141 Fisher, Ronald-97. Fishwild, Richard-82, 152. Flage, LaVern--55, 97, 119, 132. Folkers, john-71. Fox, Lois-64, 90, 106, 111, 112, 122. Foyer, Kent-71. Fratnk, Carole--71. French, Barbara-64, 101, 122, 146, 148. Frey, Thomas-82. 25, 157. 138. 141. o 146,147 one hundred ninety-three Student Index Gabrielson, Paul-71, 151. Gaddis, Marcia-71, 99. Calliart, Willard-71, 94, 99, 137. Ganf'ie1c1, Robert-82. Genung, Lewellyn-55, 130. Gibbs, Lois-82, 106, 108, 121, 138, 150. Gibbs. Mary-55, 90, 196, I11, 112, 122, 138, Ciesler, Dale-82, 96, 129, 156, 157. Glidden, Richard-71. Gluesing, Gretchen-71, 90, 109, 122, 138. Goerne, Richard-82, 94, 159. Gombert, Dianne-82. Gordon, Kenneth-96, 119, 168. Greenfield, Donna-82. Grim, George-64, 196, 128. Guenzler, Carolyn-82. Guerrieri, Dennis-71, 96, 119, 132, 156. Gusse, Ca ro1-83. Haase, Louis-71, 130. Halsted, Mildred-83, 106. Haltmeyer, Norman-64, 94. Hansen, Daniel-55, 96, 106, 128, 151. Hansen, Marjorie-5 6. Harbrecht, Raymond-56, 96, 132, 156, 158, 159, 160. Harlan, Mary-83. Harr, Robert-71, 128, 164, 168. Harris, Jack-83, 152. Harrison, Robert-64, 94, 99, 119, 128. Harrison, Wi11iam-64. 94, 99, 107, 128, 164. Harvey, Roosevelt-96, 97, 159, 166, 167. Hasse1berg, Nancy-72, 106, 122. Hayes, Fredric-64, 126, 156, 160. Hayunga, Phyllis-72, 93, 109, 122. Henschel, Jean-72. Herman, Gus-64, 97, 126. Hermeier, A11en-64. Hermeier, Wayne-72, 97. Higashi, Dick-72, 92, 128, 156. Hillers, Herman-72. Hines, Duane-56, 99, 130. Hoelting, Ruth-72, 93, 106. Hoelzer, Miriam-83, 106, 125, 136, 152. Hoffman, Wayne-5 6. Holzman, Ron-72, 96, 159, 166. Hood, Milton-56, 96, 132, 161, Howard, Gail-83, 108. Hudson, John-83, 159, 167. Hughes, Carol-83, 105. Hutchings, Wi11iam-72, 156. I Irvine, Thomas-72, 119, 128. J Jaeger, Leo-130. Jamison, Nancy-64, 108. Janky, Betty-64, 92, 111, 112, 122, 143, 151. Janky, Harry-65, 129, 143, 166. Jaspers, A1112-83, 92. Jay, Charlene-72, 109. Jen1cins,Jacque1ine-72, 122, 146, 149. Jensen, Bi11-73, 128, 161. Jentz, Leonard-83. Jerzyk, Leonard-83. Johannsen, Armon-96, 128, 146, 156, 157 160. Johnson, Gerald-65, 92, 95. Johnson, Jim-83. ' Johnson, Richard-84. Jones, Sally-84, 93, 121. Judge, Randy-84, 129. 9 K Kaiser, Sharon--73, 107, 118, 124, 151, 157 Kamm, Wayne-65, 92, 143. Kaufman, James-126. Kelley, Bill-84. Kelly, Delores-65, 93. Kempthorne, Gary-73, 161, 166. Kiler, Karen-84. K1ein, Donald-73, 96, 132, 156, 158. K1in1c, Nancy-84, 121. Klopp, Mary-84, 109. Koiker, Ruth-84. Koogler, Shirley-84, 106, 107. Koos, Richard-56, 92, 128, 141. Kramer, Leajane-84. Kudron, John--96, 126. Kurth, Joyce-73, 106, 122, 151. L LaBarge, Richard-73, 106, 130. LaFrombois, Judith-84, 95, 106, 136. Langenberg, Leland-65, 106, 143. Larson, Jymie-84. Larson, Frank-73. Larson, Kent-65, 106, 130, 137. Laube, Donald-73, 98, 99, 138. Lauterbach, Ruth-56, 95. Lawrence, Floyd-84. LeC1ere, Har1an-85, 106. Lemmer, Ralph-85. Lindaman, Arno1di73, 106, 130. Link, Mary--65, 91. Mccutcheon, Janet-65. McFar1in, Harold-85, 106, 152. McGregor, Brian--73, 96, 128, 156, 166. McNabb, David-65, 102, 106, 131, 143. one hundred ninety-four Student Index Malmberg, Diane-85, 105. Manus, Lanita-108, 120. Marchi, David-127, 164. Mattheis, Darrell-65. Maxwell, Beverly-05, 123. Mecklenburg, Darrell-73, 95, 97, 130. Meester, Lorene-85. Mellor, Gladys-85, 106, 125, 150, 151. Menegas, lrene-73. Menegas, Doris-465, 97, 125. Pew, Elizabeth-5 7. Pliester, Ralph-75. Philipp, Jerald-75, 94, 102, 130. Pierce, john-75, 97, 126. Pillard, Henry-5 7, 96, 156, 160, 164. Pillard, Priscilla-86, 121, 138. Pilson, Janet-06, 106. Poleske, Lee-75. Pollitt, Margery-95, 122. Pontillo, Salvatore-96, 128, 156, 164, 168. Meriwether, Bruce--85, 161, 163. Merritt, Thomas-65, 96, 126, 156, 161, 162, 163 Meyer, Doni74, 97, 102. Meyer, Vivian--65, 106. Mihalakis, Michael-74. Miller, Charles+05. Miller, Earnest-85 . Miller, janet-05 , 138. Miller, Marilyn?-74, 109. Miller, William-74, 131, 166. Milner, Gloria-66, 93, 95, 100, '105, 106, 143. Milroy, C-loriene-86, 109. Mitchell, Paul-86, 102, 129. Moats, Wilton-86, 106, 129. Morningstar, Charles-56, 96, 106, 107, 168, 132. Moser, Fred-8 6. N Neely, Donald--57, 106, 119, 130. Neil, Ronald+74, 131. Nelson, Sandra-86. Nemec, Arline-74, 105. Neubauer, Norman--97. Neve, John--06, 106. Nielsen, Dale-74, 100, 128, 156, 164, 166. North, Nolan-74, 107, 129 163. Notbohn, Kathleen-86. 0 Ockelmann, Larry-86. Ohme, Nancy-86, 106, 151. Olson, Doris-66, 93. Opie, Dorothy-86, 106. O'Rourke, Patrick-66, 126. Ortell, Edward--74, 96, 130, 164, 166. Osborn, Merlin-74, 94, 130. Overholt, Barbara-74, 107, 118, 124, 157. P Panek, Charlene-74, 107, 109, 120. Parish, Williain-66, 96, 157, 159. 8151561314 Patton, Roger-57, 96, 99, 12 , 0, ,. 6' , 165. Pearce, Douglas-75, 138. Pease, Kenentlm-57, 95, 101, 111, 112. Peck, William-86, 105, 143, 152. Peters, Pattie-66, 106, 120. Prestemon, john-8 7, 94. Q Quade, Earl-75. Quade, Lois-124, 138. Quirk, Keith+66, 130, 161. R Raske, john-75, 131. Rz..hje, Norman-66, 96, 156, 157, 158, 159, 164, 165, 166. Ray, John-75. Reed, Max-87, 105. Reid, William-57, 96, 132, 161, 163. Reiner, James-07, 105. Reinhart, Shirley-66, 95, 118, 124. Reiter, Dorothy-75, 94, 121. Remaly, Edwin-57. Remington, Phyllis-75, 109. Rich, Christina-93. Riedel, Lois-07, 106, 125. Rodger, Darrell-66, 96, 156, 161. Roquet, George-87. Ross, Sally-66, 93, 137. Ruddlesclin, Loren-99, 132, 151. Rust, Harold-87, 102, 106. Rutledge, Eva-75, 91, 124. S Sackett, ,1anaan+87. Saikaly, Nadim Schepple, Stuart-87. Schiele, Philip-87, 129, 156. Schlobohm, Mary-57, 93, 101, 112, Schneider, Ronald-87. Schoffleman, Lester-58, 100, 106, Schwantje, Hans-87. Scurlock, Carolyn Searight, Sylvia 122, 123. 143. Selberg, Arla-58, 99, 124, 138, 140, 141, 151. Seward, Marilyn-8 7, 121. Sheppley, Edward-75, 94, 98, 132, 151, 156. Shields, Richard-127. Shivley, Lois-08, 106, 125. Sias, Richard-58, 94, 101, 111, 112, 137. Sibley, John-88. Siekmann, Catherine-88, 125, 138. Sietsema, Darlene-76, 124. one hundred ninety-five 1, Student Index Sievers, Cile-76, 129. Silka, Sandra-66, 94, 106, 122. Skaife, Barbara-58, 122, 123. Skelly, Philip408, 94, 106, 143. Smith, Barry-76. Sokolilc, Joyce-58, 120, 138. Sorensen, Esther-58, 91, 106, 111, 112. Speilmann, Ray-+96, 156. sponable, Riley-130. ' Steensen, Wayne-66, 96, 126, 156. ' Steiner, Ronalcl-88, 102. Sterizel, Norman-67, 90, 96, 99, 101, 151,.156, 166, 1674 Stevens, Lee-88. Stewart,.Ralpl1-76, 132, 161. 511161.66 Richard-50, 94, 98, 99, 130,,137, l38.., -ii? I Ti? Tangemai-1,L13is-100, 122 9143, 146,:349. aw 132 106 12 Tate, Ben-67, 96,4100, , , . Tayek, Maxine-08. ,n Ta ylor, Kennard-v-08. Thiecle, Roger-396, 97, 127. 1 Thoeni, JoAnn-106. Thomas, Frank-63 106, lm . Thomas, Robert-388, 102, 156' Thompson, Leonard-1-W6, 156, 164. 8 Thompsa1,y'larg:1-xr?-80. 3 Tilaby, Larry-88. -P Tindalkgfjanice-Sb, 105. 4 i- Tjarks, Helga-118, 122, I38.' "ZLL Tjebkes, lma .lean g 1 Todcl, Richard-89, 90, 141. Turner, Thomas-788. Tyrfgfiiiaalaine-89, 95, 143. Tyrrell, Sylvia+'89, 95, 95. I ' U 'fi Uhcle, Norman-76, 129. Uhls, Marrilee-105. ' D 4 1, ii V if Vangerwkgf, Calvin-67, 102.3 Van orne, We-09, 161. ' Van Ggliqgl, Richard-90, Q, 1 12. K Van lten, Robert!--76, 96, 128, 141. 11' if gg -1 W- Van Putten, Ruth-89, 95, 106, 109, 121. Verclen, Walter-89, 106. Vining, Sue-67. VonDoehren, Nancy-58, 91, 106, 120. W Waclington, William--89. Walker, William-67, 97, 106, 129. Walters, Eleanore-67, 94, 95, 100, 122, Ward, Betty-108, 130, 141. Ward, Francis-89. Waiffbn, Winifrecl-76, 136, 151. Watters, Dorothy-89. Watts, Russell456. :'. ,1 Weatherbee, 1v1161aa11L69, 94, 130. Webb, David--89, 97. Weitzel, George-67, 168. Wellington, iyilfred---6'7, -102. wen., Leo-90, 156. White,Qoyce40, 93, Y06, 121. Wiederkehr, jqy-76, 93, 122. Wiegancl, Patricia-90. Wilcox, Donaicl " Wilhelmiigcarol-90,1 106, 136. Williams,iiDavid-76, 102, 107, 130, 167. Wiuii Carl-67, 164, 166. w1..1.1e.,, Martha:-6 7, 93, 95. 152. Winters,ihVirginia-59, 106, 111, 112, IIE, 123. Wirtz, lVlary4-90, 106, 108, 109. Woodall, Norman--77, 127. Workman, James-59, 95, 102. Wosoba, james-77, 156, 161. U 2 z Zimmerxzxn, janet-59. ' Zollars, David-59, 9Qi 94, 96, 98, 106, 132, 141, 168 " al Zollars, Virginia-77, 107, 120, 146, 149. D' , Q P L I one hundred ninety-six

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