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The courage and forti- tude by which they meet, face and overcome obstacles and still find energy and time for creative and positive activities ,... is testi- mony to the quality of their inner soul." I-le quoted Ralph Ellison: "If you can show me how to cling to that which is real to me, while teaching me a way to a larger society, then I will drop my de- fense and hostilityg I will sing your praises and I will help you to make the desert bear fruit." The six-foot statue now stands. The Black Madonna. be-n Q ,KK an effete corps of impudent snobs ?1 I 'nga . 1Spiro T. Agnew, Unifed States vice-president 'Q '1 H 1 .-I si as li 1 struggling through an ohio-Wide blizzard, munching baloney sand.- wiches, pennsylvania at midnight. friday afternoon in DC. walking to get a name for the March Against Death. carrying placards through the DC rush hour. Wondering if anybody really gives a damn. state lights blocking your sight of the White House. screaming your soldier's name. dropping the placard in a coffin. a discussion with Senator Mc- Govern. then, to pennsylvania listening to radio reports of "DC violence." funny We hadn't seen it that Way. . 1 11 .,"'Y' 'Y E X.. .A v 3 . f '?.f-',-'7 .-5, '- '5-.,.,,f' 4111? . "M, 'Sl 'X s fr' 1' f ' 1 :ff-OZ--, "' -"':"f .fjf,c'1. ,fi-' ,ff Q 2 ,Z X11 f-SHT? V V i-N yi .--Aj Uv. vv,s.: 4, WM. ff T1 rl 'Wil' 5, V- vf - - .1,,.: - .,. ,: 6 sl vwP' SF' .. .,-3. ' A 4 -,V . 'vu Q' .Q -U Q ' ., lr V, Alf. , s. ,:' 3 - AL '. ' H' - ' I A . ,IV ' 'gina' , Q5 4-! . , -1.5 r f , 4 vw- ' ' 1 -,r a ,f-'my' ' - . L ,fl r ' 4 'a 54 u . -W - ! I- . I -L 'L' gp. .Lf If -'V 'Q "-. 2 ,iq F' 5 A . Q , , 1 , - if if in " ' fn. 2 ' ..,'v' 1? X ' '55 N- 5 IJ f g f- J ..- a' ' '. '- x 5 ' ,A I . 3 y 'A . 4 K ,G 'W I' 3 Q x' A J' f ,la i 'v 4 1 I 5 . I' X . ,- 4. 1 , x, N "-'-- - A , pf' '. , , -L M 4. 1' f X -4 , 'i 7 " x Fi ff' A 1 X, ' fax ., if-fi . W . .iw I 5 L ,ill X, ' 5 Tqt ,- .'-v Y' ' J' I I P K ,mn ' 1 . x -Y ' P I ' a - .IJ .. .FJ In : H I - . , r xl, f J X s I , 9' . ,ff I .lr ' I 4 G3 , -1' un mgr f Q1 iq n. t- K IA 88811 "7 l K' 6.1! U bl u '-,Y --Q - Y ik. 53 pf' . I Q . 4, E Y K 1, I Lg Q 'L ,Fw K :rx I " I' f 1 V ' 'J rp ' 1 ,' xl v '2f""gfL-iff BK?,4-5 s Q 7- f 7' 'it V fi . 5 A A , . 1 . , , N., . 'gf f a A . 6 N - L '+ ' """'4 5 'ffif ,, . 'I' ,, . ' . ' 5155. D , V N 1 ,yfi 1 'AJS' J,,.f--fe.-' M5 ' Q BI R NO N "I 1 7 1 Q , ,,.:.-.IF Af' a-ig ,Q mari'- ,I -l5?!2 312l31Qmu.e5QL5Q!439:57 If ,Q , u U , ' x ' 1 li, - ' 2 I B- 'Er' ' sir tyrone guthrie, guest lecturer Essence of Shaw in green sneakers. British reserve sandwiching sharpened Wit. Symbol-maker for the global village. From his introductory remarks prohibit- ing note-taking to the final classes probing the meaning and purpose of education, Sir Tyrone Guthrie, in his unassuming manner and unpretentious style, created possibly the largest discussion group in U-D's his- tory. ' Dr. Guthrie sought to pick - and pique - the minds of his students. With vast direct knowledge of drama, he nonetheless characterized himself as "an usher in a movie theatre . . . I shine my flashlight on a seat marked Bernard Shaw and hope you'll be very happy there." An improbable six-foot-five, Sir Tyrone won't be at U-D next year. I-le's continuing on in theatre, perhaps directing, perhaps something new Che once got a strawberry jam factory goingl. 'To share with others something I my- self have gotten great pleasure from." Thank you, Sir. 36 cludley ranclall, poet in residence 38 -w .W ' an 1 ,- - as ff - "-: ff: . 'xt ' " Q 1 , 433 , 'P I 1 EWY4 flif' H + .- - .,,..-sf' v '1 nf, -' uw' 'W 'X . , H 1 'NV' - A' . -' -V 'fy-..1..' I . ,K ff, .y:5.x:"4.. JAZ3' ' f . dxf . -N L, .,.' . jhf""',' I ,JIQYNQ 1 is., " f' 'w.. tx If f. N x Q., 29- ' A .-A ., , , v W-13,-A . 0,-5 H, 'lifkgff - ...N 35. g A J M .- .ui , A ,A .V 54:-1 , . L '11 'E ' W , .wife 51' 1-vilgsi L ,v"k:P.A .Fry a colleglan tragl comedy - act I: arrests On January 22, at approximately 2 p.m., 17 students were arrested for trespassing in the Placement Oflice. The four women and 13 men were peacefully protesting the presence of U.S. military recruiters on campus. The students surrendered to the police who were equipped with two Tactical Mobile Units, several unmarked cars, the police riot bus and a paddy wagon. They were booked and arraigned on trespassing and disruption of orderly business in Re- corderls Court before Judge Joseph Gillis at 5 p.m. that evening. Judge Gillis set trial for 9 a.m. the next morning despite vehement objections by the Counselor for the Defense, James Laf- ferty. Lafferty argued to no avail that he couldn't possibly prepare for a jury trial in less than 16 hours, during which time the courts themselves would be closed, limiting preparation and preventing appeal of the case. ,,.r I --. 1 u. P L, --..,.,..,, --...Q -B-A 4. Sv xii.- '91 ga T. -f E ,K ' J ...-J ' ff'-uf -, 1 r v 4 Q X 1 v,.5 x an 'x . '-Tv . 'A' 1' if-a',-f I if M, . 'is' 1' 1 f 4 Thursday evening the Red Door be- came a "coffee house" and action for Fri- day-courtroom support and El campus dernonstration-were planned. The next morning, defense attorneys james Lafferty, Ernest Goodman and Den- nis James succeeded in obtaining a one week trial postponement. On campus, about 300 students rallied in support of student rights outside the Placement Oflice. The group then moved to the Student Union Ballroom. There they confronted President Malcolm Carron and Dean of Student Affairs Fred Shad- rick in 21 question-answer session concern- ing the events surrounding the calling of civil authorities and the arrest of the 17 protesting students. act III: confrontation Confusion, anger and contradic- tion dominated the question-an- swer confrontation between Fr. Carron, Fred Shadrick and some 200 students on Friday afternoon following the arrest of the 17. Those arrested outlined the "great pains they took to peace- fully protest within their rights." Defense attorney James Lafferty challenged the University to end its complicity with the type of kangaroo court that was witnessed at the first sessions. The week-end dissolved into an exhausting series of student and administrative meetings. On Mon- day, the University answered the seven demands, which had been drawn up at a meeting of 300 stu- dents Friday night, by referring the problem to committees. As a result, the 17 called for a student protest in support of the seven demands. A round-the clock sit-in, in the Administration Building lasted 78 hours until 5 p.rn. that Friday. With some fac- ulty support evident, the first, sec- ond and fifth floor lobbies were occupied by an average of 50 stu- dents apiece. 1215 1' ,. LfL3'gf.' -I H wg,-P' 1 :L-il ' .1 n --:if ,.. "iii, .Q" , . : . Y 45 1 ,1 The second week of activity following the arrest of 17 students on trespassing charges, saw a shift in tactics on the part of -those "concerned" The change was from open demonstrations to group negotiations. Early in the week, Fr. Carron restated the University's feelings: "The student has the right to peaceful protest, regardless of po- litical belief. Exercise of this right to peaceful protest, however, should not disturb ordinary uni- versity operations." The School of Architecture went on strike in support of the right to peaceful protest. Faculty support was visible. A group of students kept the original issue of the presence of military recruiters on campus alive through continu- ous activity in the Administration Building. The support seemed evident, but immediate decision making was bottlenecked in the usual, "future planning" and "past action" committees. Fr. Carton stressed his desire for an "immediate start on an in- terim solution to our community problem. This interim solution will stabilize our community for the next Few weeks." act IV: in committee arrests , .v-y, open forum if ,f ,fn Hoping to accomplish some positive ends in the area of re- structuring the university and the definition of "peaceful protest", a group of students, faculty and ad- ministrators gathered daily in the Union during the second week following the arrest of 17 students. The leaders of these Open Forums, hoped to draw on the ideas of both the conservative and liberal elements in the campus issues. The first meetings involved defining peaceful protest. Subse- quent meetings took up this idea as well as considerations for re- structuring the universi'ty's bu- reacracy. The meetings were open to anyone in the university's total community. w 49 ,ff- K A , . 4, 3 5- v, - rv. 1 , . 'mr' 4 7 A 51' X. M - H, ,I f f., 3. W3 ., ,f v xfmp Q TY 'v -f.-1 ff! 1 L 5 X .1 '- F . ful. 3? V, 1 Q Ar I 1. My YQ 1 . . W 1 Mm. . , opencity831-2270 openclty4425second OPSHCITYYOU In a basement in a house on Second Avenue. People - some of them from U-D, joined to- gether to build a free alternate community, operating only on volunteerism and donations, under the name of Open City. Infor- mation and service in areas from medicine and entertain- ment is provided by those involved with Open City. " . . . The purpose of Open City is to build a together, aware community where the human values are paramount . . . Every one is encouraged to participate . . . Open City adheres to no structural political ideology . . . " Open City - you dofn't "become a member" you just simply get involved. Open City you. Michael Lennon: film making N fuk wt Q5 .7 ' 5 bv . R413 g. s .xx S 'i Barry McCor-mick, Tim Sullivan, Ken Rossi: Detroit urban renewal project creative students develop counter environments Tom Dues: some-lzght jr Sh l d subterranean people Gene Current, guard, manager Tall T Productions, songwriter, pianist Specters of the subterranean world around us, surround us when we dive deep, sleep not there they live hiding their souls from slight, from sight Q they talk when they trust rare, fair and itls like the faint sounds of a jazz cadenzza outasite, right Eddie Howard, guard, jazz guitarist and drummer '7 fem :C Sn Will Gregory, 'mninfe1m11ce man, portrait artist, jazz lover 'Wim other campus' emerges after dark Y . , ff ,N -f . Q .- Q .-3--M V- ' , A' i f 57 events massively non-attended xx i wr 11. had ng Ll satis -.qu Non-attendance at university functions set new records this year. Students conscientiously a- voided turning out in large num- bers for extracurriculars - with a couple of exceptions like Dionne Warwick and BS8zT concerts. Sports contests were among the events most enthusiastically avoided. Football non-attendance records are unprintable in order not to discourage advertising and create a PR credibility gap fnot that a new credibility gap would make much differencel. Due to the fact that a near- empty Memorial Building is a fantastic echo chamber, the stu- dent body early in the year en- forced a secret pact among them- selves Cnobody knew about itl to allow almost everyone at U-D the opportunity to not hear this acous- tic marvel. UAW Executive Secretary Emil Mazey dy- namically outlineal ideas on labor and, the Viet Nam war. 60 fin Mrs. Roman Gribbs represented the mayor-elect in yre election campaigning. Defeated mayoral candidate. Richard Austin outlined his platform for Detroit-in-the-seventies during October political activities. I political speakers bring eieciioncontroversy to campus 3'tif'ci'l'ii' i Senator Philip Hart discussed the problems of the dehumanizatio-n in management. 61 all god's spades shades ...' ted loans R voices: strong and weak Joe Pala 1 Will Soltau 64 Mal Robert Puchalla 'Q Maintenance Man VV alter Kuebler Owen Love P fu administrationffaculty 67 III II IIIIIIIII I I I I, I,I II I I I IM I I I I II I. I I I 'MF I I I II 'I 'II .I IIIIII ,I II I III! I III III, XIII IIJIIIIIIIIINII II IIIIIIII I IWI' IIII M I I W IIIII I II I III. II-I IIIIIIII III II' II II VIII II I'IIIII'II 'I IIVIIIII IIIIIIIII' I' I I I I I I I I ,IIII IIIII II.III III ' IIIIIIIII I IIII I, I.I,IIIII I TI I I IIIIIIIIIII I I',IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIII II IIIII , I'II"II I'I,"'II1IIIII'II IIIIIIII-IIIIMIIIIIII II I I I v I ' I ,I I I' I IMI II I I I' III I I W 'XIII I I I I IIII I I ,I II I II-IIIIIIIIII 'I IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIINII IIIXI I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII p d University of Detroit II Donald Murray, ci I-In irector, almnni relations gh Dunn, SJ., vice president, university relut ions IIUNI!!ll NIHHIHIHI!llllllillllilllliliillliNdlllilbllil?HMIAINIllii4IllHl!ll4IlIHlllH M QIIIHIHHHMIII5N1NlllNIINiMllIIIINQHNNillNNNNW1b4WIM4IIN!lIIhNIM! W I Illlnllllllllll I mn WM L 'CZ 'lw M WWW H HI lil H H W directo lilllllllllrilliiluli uumnmmuu 1. Clarke S h lr Edward Hoban, director, institutional arch administrative affai III 'ummm ITIIHHH IHHIII 1' "WI" ''"'11''1W"'''l"''""''4"1' ""1""""" HH . XIINNWLHIIUHWIIBHWN1WHI44NNl!4IhIlN john Arnfield, vice presiden llll , WM...mMwanuunm14w..' u4sm4u 4naaawwlnnnlxnnuaawwwh za M M dhypwnumw "mf mum W M ,g 1+gp,,MM,u1 Mm15MWQNH mgjgm IHII r1uw1ruumwuwnum11uauu1amu - la F IIIII IHIIIIIIHIIIIHlillllll v www QW,,HW N H 5 I nh H H I ,Mm WU WW Mn UI A HHHHHWHIIH WWW Hi 4' 1flHlUHHlVV + ' u. .f Henry Rage II msing W+31 wfyww,mmmmmwwffyffw W + v H JH f ww unnnulmmllnn " 'mlm dire f 4 W "Wd r M 4 n wal 1 v WWW " d W f d d ' .ad , d .1m dpi11ll1In lll:b' ', james McGlynn, SJ., vice president, academic affairs Donald H ctor, placement WIH!!P llH! HUHHIIU IIIWIINUHIVMIHHIWNHUWHH'Mi K ,N 'T W 'WH' u rv mammuq iw IIN I 4 WIN QW My W WJ ny William H auck, supervisor, university press ., I HHH MM RIMM MmMmmllwwmmlmlMM Dr john Nlahoney, flea I IIIII UW Wlllll!illllllHII M , V w r umm Wm 4 homas Porter, SJ., ch llege of a Jw ,mix 1 ll ll ll ll Mlmf X 'lull'-' ' l A l llll.. E l 1 l ll l Illl lllll ll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll " l l ll l l l l l l ir WMMW, MWWWWMHWWMI WWW MWlWWQ W I l ll ll ,L air lllllllllll IIII IIIIHI llll MyaNmlmummllNlllilJHWNIMI4PPJJJWIJJNWHIPIJWIW ! V W M 4 2.91 t W mr' u 4' MMI ' TU' NIWYNI IIIIMH llfillllllllliriilminiEM- l lIMWM1NWWN4K1II1KKNlWWWIHIIIIWIIllllIPAll11amul I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIlllIIIIIIHYIIIIlllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlillIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIII Dr Tib cience 9 w l ! 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If I W M M M A r mn H H IU! ! mmm fn + " If UHill IM5WWWIImIlHHMlIIIIIIIlllllHllmllllIIIIIIUIIIHIIIHIIIIIIIIII Klinlger, chairman, elec w ,uw ww , W M 1 V Mx H J" ,1J,, f q L Dziulaa, dean, school of dentistry me ,wmmflnm ne department schoo of dentistry QQ- IIIIIII QlllUIIIIIIIIYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllIlIIHIIIlIlIllI lIIIIIIIII MHWMIlIMIIHIIMIW I'------lull-ru-I.. qu- -!-, - 1.q-- -Y f , -F fi 4UIIIWHNUHMINl aV?a1I1PIPWIPMIINIIMINMIIVHIIPMWWHHII1HII!WNlilVI4IIH1IW a . lil A 'mt -- 'IIWXIKIIWWIW aN I?llHNll!!!IINIINIIIHMII!WOVIINblI!HllIWWlIII U W IW N IIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII HL 4 M w IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII Camille Frelich, director, dental assisting department DeScl ' U IUIHNNHNIHWUHW HlUHHHHWIHWHWlHNlHHlVHlHHH1WWHHHIlWHWIHHIHHIQIVIEIHIIEHIIIMHIiIIXIIHWIIHIIIHHIIWI!!! ,N 1 ' HG ' 1 , H InWI,?Mi1Lw2i'MlR mi -J ,,. ,- 1iifu' +' IW m w X 1 W! X lr M lx l - 1 1: W1 pf mmmIlmmmnmmmmm WHV4llNllNlHWWH H1 limmn IH U n M T aw school WT ll Fl. Peter K M Mm Wwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm InIirklsluuntiuurtuuurtialliIrils1u91nIugsniualalualgnrilnnaurlmilmhlniaqnlunmluuqnu dimwulllrgplilInIiIiitlmmmiuuuiiuuhuiuiuuiunnninnhht lmlllllillllli :Lenin llllflllimilmlllllIlflflllllllllillllllIIIIIIilgllflxlllllllllllllIQIIIIMIII einuuunnluunnlzlsllel llIlilllllllllhlIIIIIIIMIIIQIIIlhfIIiIQIIIIlIilllmlllhlllmllllll r luv r A yn, MMHWM MllmmHmhwwwmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmm Uluhli IJ NIU Hr , , hu f 1,!,5.H yur rr, xl ll MU N - .'I1.r."ra' aiaum l .JL fin' X' 'lull' , I 'EQ Im N rr r - UNI !! IW" Kg 4 d' 1tI mi figs' t1 I rQ1Qwat g..ItlrQ siiilq ' H ala 4 'UH M' r W N! ,, adore Walt WN WH IHIPHI I ers, IIII4IIIIKIIIIiIIl1QIIllllllllllllillllillllhIIIUIIIIIIIIIIItIIII.iIllllllmllllmlllml I1nulnnmn-1un.I4nQIamnwnamlnnnmalmalrIuggviAolnraimlrifulltnlnaiqiN S J., director, honors program g d u a h I Dr. joseph Hitt, dean, graduate school Israel Stein, coordinator, urlmn studies fm' M 4' student affairs nu1HununHnwun4 n n wa n n rwmuu rs Ju Wm M W M 1NsKWHW "M . E ,W T' A ,A Mk W 1 N W L lf J w HJ In nw H lllwl n LM, xl xnhmllm , Ill Im lHIr..1 Uh.. Helen Kean, associate dean of students WXQN'NWX'WWWWWY"'Tfk"""WW ''''YWSW''WSWWWMWWWWHKKRWWNXW Elaine Clark, director, women's res UNNJlbllfl UYWW WT'WU" IL WW X ww HW Y WWm ersity he MW V Mila x kww W1 0 I I ruhum Hmmm umm n W W 'MH A E ,w,1n WW uq A mam UWM!!!INWIHIWIHNHHIQQIHNNNJNN ., f ,,, I. ..L,I. .Ig.'::.y'I5sj1f'-""" IIIII IIQII' II. ,I IIIII IIIII IIIIIIII' "' I"" I II ,I , I I , , 1.,. I I ,,,,, III III I.Ii HI -IIII H H: I I IIII' IIIII.IIII,I1 i'::":I::" " II..II .,.IIIIEilIi3iIgi 'VIIIIIII I . -I I I . I. I'. IIIIIIII, "IIIIIII'II II II ..i'IIIII' ' ' I. II ,I..III III III III. . I. I . . III II I I II III I . I I I fII I" 5 -I. II IIIIII, I ,I I l IQIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIEIIIIIII II i I ., ... I.. ..I,I..f'5II,.I, ,I I"":I""" I I 'II-I:III: "'4 ' " I I II I I I Fred MCEV III ..I. I. II..I..I,I..-. .III . . I I I I I I IVIYIIIIZIII II II 'LI gg: I Il I I III' 'IIIIII I I II IIIlL1:::I-I-II-IIII. I, UIIIIIIII., ,:lIIuIIIIII I . QIIIIIIIIII, I III IIIII., 'II ,,-I-1 IIIIII 7, II IIIIII .III II.I II-II., 1 I, V .. I..,.I.MI.,U. . M IIIIII III ,I ,I NL V ,M III, I Iwi, I , . .. .W ,,HI,I I I Il xl.. 'IH Y I ,I I I Ii'II'I' Z'I'I'I:'I1lIiIIiI':::I5'FII3'.'.I"'IIII III' I I I' I I 'IIIIII' ' . I III I III I. I 'II I I II ' . I IW ...... ......... ................ . III J IIII' IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII john Berkowski, registr IIIII I 'I III II I IM VW I II I I I IIII III IIII I.. III IIIII 'III lx! IIN ,Ng I III IIIIIIIIIIII Mark Storms, director, men's residence hall program W A Th k g la k d e pr 96 I I'YIw :II I IWIIIIIIIII II IIWIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I -IIq.II'III'I I I, women's association UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. First row: Claudine Elm, Judith Sledge, Mary Kafcas, Eclna Pace, Ruth Pratnicki. Second row: Sylvia Olechowslci, Claire Tanase, Helen Boyle, Marioara Manica, Rosemary O'Ptourke, Jean Chesney, Lannie Mickel, Helen Ball. 1 Third row: Phyllis Kowal, Mary Bender, Bette Slcibicki, Lucretia Sterling, Catherine Durkec, Delia Pelissero, Flora Zuccaro, Sandra Smith, Ann , Rozicli, Clarise Stovall, Virginia Braciszewski, Helen Madro, Jane Burke, Irene Sweenic, Caroline Roulier, Patricia Scott, Mary Feehan, Florence Cnocke, Ann I-Ioule, Mary Marshall, Bernice Peters, Rosemarie Fortek, Elizabeth Zimmerman. WSI community S 2' , 99 Ef -. flu. . 1' ' X13 'v p., it z ,. . - env:-l .2 Q "I, -- .. H ' . V 1 , . ,.. H Q 1 2 - y r X J .l . in Ir yi ' , QQ F 1 1 Q:--"2 4 ' W , -gf-wx --., A P .A X , -J I L , J' '51, MP4, ' xir wb k 554 s 1 Wi v fff 19 X Sfgfkaf I 5 'kf L, 'KI 'U . g I., mtl ' iii-Q.. lf, . W 7- '.. L., ni ,4,.,,,,' L. .IL J lu 5 -cg' -. in . ' :W .lp -X holdem hall lf... reno hall 'K A Q. AH gs P1-A I'-X . ' W-2 wt' Ji. h 4 m , . ' 1 l 1 . .I w Y -lfu ' IF. . I O ' x 4. .,. -,' ' V.,-, .A is w. -rx-At' " ---Y V f UIQ' 2' -se. iw 675 I 4,3-'ijE'.-H " '. - ' HJ.- J. -Q.- - -.- - x -1. 1-l W 'PG 1-f-'egg 10 " .' ,:L'9Y' , T. shiple hall 5. Jw!! fv i " 'r - 1' ' i-kv , -1 .V . . W' 1 : li' - . gf? -- .is 3, l..f'L'ff . f , 4 ffm .V Nfl?"-m . 5 9 . . 1, - 5" r 1 .X f L if , , , 1 , 3 I rl fi,-F. 2214,- W I, .4 V 1. ii , ,,g uni" V 3,,- iii . , -A 11- Q r -impressions . . . From the.,."low rent district" of the old dorms, residence housing has progressed to the luxurious. South and West Quads for men are a different living experience from Shiple and Reno, especially as far as facilities are concerned: Carpeting and quiet. Only 120 people per building. Semi-private baths. Kitchenette on every floor. A commons area joining all four Quads. A game room with a pool table. The new IRI-IG open house policy which provides for informal co-ed living, desired or not. Many wish they could play baseball on the new turf. Most of the tenants of the old dorms, prefer them because they're plain "home" Long halls are for indoor football games. -t 'P f if south and west quads if 0 Q impressions continued . . . 4 In comparison to I-Iolden and Foley the new quad oiiers, in the words of one co-ed "All the con- veniences of a Holiday Inn." Wo- men residents have moved into the East and North Quads. Those from the North Quad however hint at the idea that they would just as soon dispense with com- munity living because their tunnel to the Commons is caving in. Re- frigerators on every Hoor are an advantage. Over priced room rates are a never ending complaint, but the carpeting is nice. Holden residents seem content for now with used furniture. But they stand aghast looking at the massive glass stairvvays, waiting. and north quads 1. 5' Lv. -I -L 1 4 54 : ' igwi l i ' r z aa A r' djfwyali J -, J' -: J- f 1 ff V-w W ' si' 'E 9, . 3: . Ai . 1 X!-V: . - . wu":, xt' 4 v fvh - 1 6 1 .I i A , ,X I , 446' FF? .7504 i. . rf' I . F wma ' 2" ' 5 . . Q U Y, I I Alix A some time on a quiet afternoon A, 4941? 116 ""'i speaking, listening, 'if lust getting together I 4 Q 4 centreforneighborhooclrelationscentreforneighborhood relations 118 saturday morning is for kids fencing classes basketball on tennis courts CENTRE FOR NEIGHBORHOOD RELATIONS an agency of positive strategyg recognizing the need for Contact between the university and community CENTRE FOR NEIGH- BORHOOD RELATIONS a catalyst for grovvtlig using dormant university facilities for neighborhood benefit Project Open Upg coachili from pros and college players Basketball Clinic CENTRE FOR NEIGHBORHOOD RELATIONS schooling for parents, workers, Education Programg publicizing community programs Community Kiosk CENTRE FOR NEIGHBORHOOD RELATIONS a consultant in the community for dynamic action CENTREFORNEIGHBORHOO DRELATIONSCENTREFORNEIGHB centreforneigbborhoodrelationscentre S X 1 '-I '- ' '-M f ' I 'TEL "' --W., " , '55 Zyl 5: ig .Q ' -V ' A-on ' ' W ju ' ' "W , gn-f x V, , g f ' Q g f,,Q'F""?f"j ' .kk N-"win,,..... 0 v+! J, -, , i n relations cenfreforneighborhoodrelation sc 121 1970: year of student administrator Slowly, hesitantly at times, not sure about the limits of its power or the rules of procedure, the Uni- versity Senate has assumed its role as the highest advisory body on campus. It has accepted students in their new role as student-ad- ministrators, even electing them to chziirrnunships in two of the six councils. The Senate provides the Hoors for discussion of everything from academic credit for ROTC to budgetary decisions. Final decision making still rests with the vice-presidents and Fr. Curron. Conceivably, no longer can any student or faculty member claim that rulings are made with- out representation. -J is 1 1 l L 4 1 A l xX' -1- f-1-.val-gh,,p' gil' margaret meacl Margaret Mead, the well-known anthro- poligist, was the first speaker in a series of lectures sponsored by the Graduate Fellow- ship program. Miss Mead's speech was filled with her usual witticisin, but she failed to center on one specific topic. ln- stead she expressed her views on a varied number of things. Pointing out the changing role of the student on today's campus she said " . . . students can no longer be treated as ad- olescents, unable to handle a beer or not not old enough to vote." ln discussing the class vs. caste social system, she continued that this country is the victim of "simple snobberyf' She outlined her idea of the best definition of a social class as being "those people you feel most comfortable dining with." Though her presentation was smooth, she seemed more intent on recounting past experiences than saying anything relevant to the approximately 300 students, 'faculty and administrators present. buckminster fuller dr. spock on dissent: xdamn lucky wave young people blood sweat and tears 4. . as fwhv vu --f ' .ff x N mf' 5 dionne Warwick yd 'T ,S 2. Q ,N 4 A 1 , Nm 1 4 A 1 ,, H., R L X a 4 wr ' fm 1-M - , ' 'f:,1'-fi .W-:iff , 9 I 'ffm 'wa A. .f -' ll ' Q "s ' Jan , .KA 4 .f V -452 if ' - 1 J , ,' -t 1. W -. , 313 f i.l1i+-'- " ' ',1.,g :V A' - lv ' "" ' - -- -1 ' Yffgynprygu .4 -,g:k..,.-4 135 5th dimension leontyne price lorin hollander 4 5 'T 'M'-Q , 5 0 qwiixfbf group theatre A wrinkled green magic-mark- ered poster droops in the window of the once abandoned restaurant announcing: "The Group Thea- tre." This locale, the old time Bandits Villa, known to students as the closest coffee-house around, where the juke box gave you some rock or jazz for a nickel if you were lucky, now houses the latest edition to the performing arts in the University area. A Thousand Clowns and I-lay Fever were two of the season's productions. Resident Director Leonard Bradley and Producer Norma Moniak explain that the Group Theatre, Inc. was born out of a wish and a phone call. They hoped to create a unique experi- ence both for actors and audience in live entertainment. The atmos- phere is informal - informal be- cause the Cast delights in post- performance dialogue with the audience about theatre technique. The troupe claims that their ex- pectations for "Enthusiastic actors, technicians, workers and devotees of the theatre were fully realized." imattress' highlights summer stage THE ACTORS STOCK '69 expanded this summer and formed The RESIDENT COMPANY. After state-wide auditions, twelve company and ten chorus members were chosen. A group of Detroit area high school per- formers participated in A HIGH SCHOOL ACTOR'S WORKSHOP. Another phase of the summer program was a six week institute for high school teachers of drama sponsored by the U.S. Office of Education. Tl-IE PRODUCTIONS Performances of Once Upon A Mattress, t lei lei Little Mary Sunshine and Carnival were alternated throughout the summer season. TI-IE STAGE An after-hours cabaret theatre, the Out- side "In," located in the court of the Life Science building and Theatre 113 housed productions. I CREDITS Program Director: Dr. James Rogers Production Directors: i Dominic Missimi Alan Jorgensen Technical Direction: Michael I-luesman Costumes: Nancy Missimi n- - sis .1 2' 4 Y . F' .-..,:6.-,-'.. N. Pa .Yin -X 'xx VX .R sp, , -h. ,XT '72 -x .I" --N, 11 1 s--vu , ,2- l l xsunsl1ine', xcarnival' complete summer bill 1 CJ ' If .'!4 .x V f ' 0 LA. X' x ' in xy. 1: ": '. 1 Y. 1 A, .T - 2' lg A U, Q ' V X " 4 1" T-, "" 'K ' + C 5 V - w ' Q .A 3 .fl I ' x kip 5 --X 5 li ,Z ' s , . J ,. I. L ,gn 1 vin' 4 A , s, 1,-' fx if ' 1 . f,- .... :P ,. . U M, ' ' at 4+ . '77A:,,.-' 'IM . f" . it I '. ' , X g .1 W I A -h A 4 A ' ' I . if ml. Y-.. , I I V E, H , , ' fxu-? yy. " N ff ' .4 , 4 K f I f5l.'Ff'f.?w.:1f .' 1 A - , N nan sf.-. , . m?W!75j" af ' V f fiif' ,,cQf'?"i FL. adsl M , J' . ,W aw. ww. ,D -4 , x . -. 's. n 1. m Q... .-09? Fu , Wm ,....'g .wick 9. -153, SFR, L V4 gi Q,-'C ' If . S' 'lr 'G P -- ft-if-1 1. -. 1, "'f. "1 19 ,ll a,,,?:o' ',, , A53 'sri ,, if 4 - s -N' I 1 --. 9 ' 4-1 gr Y I Q 'U Q X, o rn 1 w .- ,i 5 "aw, fs 'VJ .r'f"?"' an H "-' ' 316 1 , QI: .M '11 yn- .x r A. 1 -x .,,.A N H v t'K , . ' J' 'far-3 'P 'Rx' K1 4' .1..-J 56-.-. ,. -1- A ,ai V rf' '!'fi?m'V,Ej l' K' everything in the garden ,s F f 1 , "4 x pri' -ff 1 J ,-41 K , L , S "' xi. U R . X O' D Xwkfsx C L. 51, ,. - SP1 .nz 11' QE -'HQ 4 'Q A LN r- an H 5,,, I 3 E -. I ' , . 2 ', '!' . 3' 1 . in 3 5 .J 4 405 u C' 5 0 X - I anhgone n' Vfs. ft: Q I .fu 'Q 1 6. .I I K' J I- Q fl , :rdf A- war' 1 V .4 ff 'fi 45 'vu D 5 C nw-'E t " ,fv -- : ' '- .4' 'A n .ul -zz: M.- Y 4 . 1 i 1' Til-- O 'fx ,YT Q 'lar ,J vii' ,V .ff ax '45 . ,Y, --3 gf HM 5-ff 5: KF' I 'f I H 48 r I H' sf?-L mf L f 1,9 G Q 4 'fi 'f fini Hx , , . 2 f al' 3.. 9 I? -. '6 . 5-1 , ' V 1 . , 'L ' 'I Q Z' 5 2 , is 551 f , t ---1. --3----.- f . -'rf-- - ra-" -A 1 .2 W f-- ,-. fd' 'V SN5",' I. -'T f-'iv N 'I Kal, v N 1.- iif - X ' S.""'M 4 - --.. ' '-' '.: ri ' - . J '9"f'9 .Pl,.'., I, .. . , , I it - " 'V ' ,I F Q ' 1 I 1 l ' 2 A 5 'Q , L , 4' 'Ex . I A 'V' 3.l:'.q A , , K.. Q . - 'Q f rv-. is N 4 3 5 P f"""Y-f-- , KQ 54 ts N athletics o 157 A- 921 1 .-, ' -ef- ir!,".'V . Y. f 4 v ,H 2""lf V 9' , . ..q. w. ,asv , ,vb f una. r .,y,,,, ii 1 JE , ..-','d .3 fx,-'jd n v.-P? , 1, ,. 1 'aff .LV YP" .rv - Txlii fr' f' I' ' . I 2 OC? 4 X ,,. M- Q' x 4. .fu L.s.i.4-'lil-t.i-, .n 158 Q.- mi. A F? X Q 1 f .5 5. 1 Mental errors cost the Titans the lirst game of the 1969 season against I-lillsdale, 37-O. The Chargers scored on a runback of a John Sirhal punt, an interception of a Jerry Connell pass and two penalties. I-lillsdale's line outweighed U-D by 20 pounds per man. Rich Ederle, handled a 304-pound Hillsdale player. Offensively, Ed 'iAltie" Taylor, was the workhorse of the backfield, carrying ten times for 27 yards and running a kickoff back for 20 yards. Dave Parker took over for injured quarterback Jerry Connell in U-D's next game, the home debut against Niagara. The Titans systematically demolished the Purple Eagles in a 32-8 rout. U-D scored five touchdowns. The Titans rolled up almost 400 yards on offense, led by Willis Marshall's ll carries for 63 yards. Parker was right be- hind witli 59 yards on ten carries. The Titans defense held Niagara to 229 yards. Ron Stier intercepted two passes and Clarence Jennings and Nate Simpson had one apiece. Offensive tackle Frank Lufty was one of the standouts, springing many crucial blocks, including one on Tim Finan's touchdown sweep. Ufv uv' A43 I ' 1 The Titans were on the road again as they faced St. Peter's in a hard fought con- test in Jersey City. An extra point con- version proved to he the difference as the Titans pulled out a 13-12 victory over the Peacocks. The Titans scored on two end sweeps, one by Lynnderek Leonard and one by Ed "Altie" Conley. Ziyad Zaidan's soccer- style conversion after Leonards tally proved to be the margin of victory. The game fought mostly on the ground ended with the squelching of a Peacock rally in the last moments of play by de- fensive end Pion Stier. VVith St. Peter's on U-D's one-yard line and less than a minute remaining, Stier crashed through the line on tvvo successive plays to drop the Peacock quarterback for losses amount- ing to 28 yards. nt conversion pulls 13-12 win against st. pete's ' I 1 "lf ,s..-i I4 ""' -Q wif-A 161 football club topples The Titan defense proved over-powering and the running of Eric Johnson and Willis Marshall led the offense as U-D romped over Canisius 20-O. The Titan offensive machine ground out 340 yards, 286 of it rushing as Tim Finan, Johnson and Marshall scored touchdowns on the ground. On the home grid for the next game, the Titans continued their winning streak and defeated Marquette 53-12. This time they amassed 532 yards and defensively held the Warriors to 159 yards, Jerry Con- nell spearheaded the offensive drive run- ning 95 yards out of a hole on the Detroit goal-line for a touchdown. Connell directed the Titans to seven touchdowns, throwing 79 yards to Kevin Elsey for a score and setting up another 37-yard toss to Elsey. joe Varley, Ed Con- ley, Lynnderek Leonard and John Gold- paugh scored the others. Defensively, the Titans set up three scores and stopped three Marquette drives with recovered fumbles and interceptions. 162 Canisius 20-O, marquette 53-12 li fa, l K st. louis grabs 47-16 The Titans sustained their first loss to a club football team this season falling 47-16 to third ranked St. Louis. The first Titan scoring action in this homecoming game wasn't until the fourth quarter when they scored on a 25-yard pass From jerry Connell to Rudy Rodau. Greg Tolston grabbed a fumble on the St. Louis ten-yard line and joe Varley carried it on the next play for a touchdown. But it was too little too late as the Bills protected their ranking hy scoring seven touchdowns. Final game statistics showed 400 yards on offensive for the Bills. U-D picked up only 29, in the Iirst half. Quart- erback Connell completed four of 27 passes and fullback Willis Marshall was held to 24 yards in 14 carries. L E K victory -'Th hs, ,g:'., 3 x I P 8 nr -if .X X , . . . 54 Z i ,Eye i ff' .. 'LQ' f N "WG 1 ' sf Y l ' . l,.,f If !"6,,,k,g v Y x ,vw r,,..g.ou-an-n0vvv"' WSW 5 .vu A , Q-ui . S .rg '1 L F' 4 5 w fran 1 ' , H X px' ,' N W , M . V. gif' fi W' ff? Q 4 of H 3.4 A gf 1" - 'Y Y . 1 I ' 1 an 4 in.. A, F lui-LL gf V.-'.' tough hardmg takes cager reins, titans win one in first three 1969-70 was supposed to be the year of the Titan in collegiate basketball. After all, All-American Spencer Haywood the nation's leading rebounder, the basketball superstar that the University had hoped for since Dave DeBusschere,' would be in his second season. There was a new coach, Jim Harding. A winner who had com- piled the best record at every school he had coached. A tough coach that wouldn't take any of the guff former coach Bob Calihan had supposedly taken from the players. There was the Titan's toughest schedule in many years. Michigan, St. Bonaventure, Wichita, Minne- sota, Marquette, Villanova, La- Salle, Notre Dame, and a few other collegiate basketball powers. 1969-70 - The year of the Titan - not quite. Haywood decided to turn pro two years early. The superstar was gone. Harding the tough coach, quick- ly earned -the reputation of being an almost brutal taskmaster. The team refused to practice once be- fore discussing grievances with Harding. The new Titan coach "made no concessions." Six players left the squad for various reasons during practice and the first two games. The toughest schedule with Haywood became nearly impos- sible wi-thout him. Yet in their first three games, U-D's club handled themselves fairly well, in spite of winning one and losing two. 167 detroit loses overtime bid tor motor city tourney ,. .LJ is - 3 . , - .. s. - .,,. p V 5 ' -9"'5l-'iris ' 1' -4, :-..,.. . b, - Q- 17- ff - - .L-...Ai -3 The Titans returned home from Illinois to host the Motor Gity Toumament. Big Ten Minnesota and Bowling Green of the Mid- America Conference made up the field for the annual event. Breaking their four game losing streak, the Titans tripped Pitts- burgh, 86-60. Russell again took top scoring honors with 20 points. In the thrilling championship, the Titans pushed Minnesota in- to overtime before the Golden Gophers finally won a 64-65 ver- dict. The game was by far the Titans' top performance against top quality competition. Perhaps fittingly it was the final game of the decade - one that started with Dave DeBusschere and ended with Spencer Haywood. The Titans were left at the end of 1969 with a 2-7 record. Aff. S jx.. - 1' ,'..a erlfv' ' W-...Lf .,3,-'- ' --nf 'fl-'. ' .. ' Wi: f . ,. J-1. N V ,Q v ,1 5.0: ,'.,, ....,:,', 1 ft :NMI Mx' fr , N5 sr ' ...,i. . .. wg,-I .vga 5111? Qu titans continue poor season U-D travelled to Buffalo Dec. 13 and was' the victim of a 75- 64 Canisius setback. Larry Moore, Mike Funnell and Scrappy lack- son all hit double figures in a los- ing cause. Moore hit for 15, Fun- nell for 14 and Jackson for 12. Gene Roberson of the Golden Griffs was the gamds top man with 18. The following Monday, Lanier pumped in 29 points, 20 in the opening half as the Titans were crushed, 97-68, by the Bonnies in Olean, N. Y. In the Illinois-Loyola Classic, the Titans met both host teams and were most cooperative guests. Illinois triumphed in the opening round, 82-65, and Loyola won the consolation round, 79-70. Milwaukee saw the Titans' first 1970 start as the Marquette War- riors paced a 81-61 romp over De- troit. In their next two meets the Titans fell 87-78, to Villanova and 81-50 to Duquesne but came back to beat Loyola of New Orleans 86-66. Erik Rucker paced U-D with 21 points. f 'x P? 17 441 171 titans split midseason games SECT 172 I ith- SECT Y In Chicago Stadium on lan. 16, U-D bowed, 85-80, to Loyola of Chicago. Two days later they moved on to their first victorious road game of the year, a 78-73 triumph over Xavier in Cincinatti. Frank Russell paced the squad shooting For 23 points. Tired from a week-end on the road, the U-D club put on one of their weakest performances of the season, dropping an 89-69 cle- cision to Dayton in the Ohio city. During a four day break in the schedule the team lost Dave Klas- sen, 6'-11" center, whom Coach Harding had called "the most im- proved playerf' The Titans then moved on to win their second game in four starts, 80-67, over Boston College. Erick Rucker, lim .laclcson and A1 Peake were key contribution to the win. ns'!'fr1f" Trl Ann? 4' ,. m Q - A4 -Q, 1 W , 1511 cagers move to On Ian. 31, Xavier sent the Titans to a 70-67 defeat. Frank Russell was top man for U-D, hitting for 11 of 14 from the field, for 22 points total. Jackson chipped in with 16 and Charlie Owens hit for ll in a relief role. New York, Madison Square Garden was the next destination for the Titans. Fordham was the opponent and the final score was Fordham 66, U-D 59. Detroit scoring was divided among De- Silva, Moore, Peake and Rucker. The Titans then held LaSalle for a 81-'77 victory. In their next game, the Titans were defeated, 69-64, by Toledo. Notre Dame then came to campus for a tele- vised game which saw the Titans lose, 95-93, in overtime. This moved the Titan's record to 6-15. 7-18 season record 5 I iii .--, 'nil iw e l 1 1 1 XX -.Avi-T 1, r I 1 .15 V "Q--J X 1 '-5 1 .. 1,1 K 1- 1 k A',1 H ,L- l -3. .. 'lr 11 n.1q-5-5 lf'-4 1 V 1. . 7. I-" 'L - 1, Q5 '. r"ff 2-. .1 v , Q , .. ,. mi fum: 7, .1 4.1 ,"1 . 'fn .1 . 1- " .'., V1 1' lf' ...H '-M .,',::. 1 ,1-1 i. ,fl ,.. 1,-V, mln- Qva .,1 IJ", :1 A lar! 1.2. 1 ,A1 3,-L -. Y ,r-' g- .W . ,,:l,,5 v f, "!:'d4.,E' ,1 . ,. 1 " -1'.::.D: 55211 u. f.1'1r?'f ',.3f?"4 . 1 Q:- L'-,, 111.4 ,, ,- J.'E'?'i.1' rv --Q: ,, ,-,. 1,1 ,A - 01' Only in its second season, the club soccer team finished with a respectable 7- 2-1 mark. Working with a two game in- crease this year, ten games were played against such foes as St. Claire of Windsor and Macomb County. Pacing the squad throughout the season were goalkeeper Bill Clavin, halfbacks Milton Nunez and Bob Hamilton, wings Mike McCrane, Mario Contini, Terry Crady, Collie Richardson and Konak Blackett. Highlights of the campaign were Clarence Trinity's three goals against Central Michigan CCMUl and two shut- outs against CMU in Saginaw. According to co-captain Bob Hamilton, plans for next year are already underway, since the team will lose seven members to co-op and graduation. Players are drafted through friends on the team or general playing interest. 177 fencers duel to slow start in season fix! . 'ffm . ' . 'P -Lv11"f"'S ix X Z -1 10 K L ' ...W ."'-'-he--L , I M ""--a. i . Y ' ' Ll...-. ' ,.l" ' ' "M-f -H A-fy I ,,. , ig: ,,,,.,-f--" - 1 ,on-3-sprv,l-D41 - i D is 1 Q 75 1 ll "'-ha-s..,g , , 7ffvw4.4.v-rv'f'5""j 0. u-Jn-.. Lag Qi: ' Y rw 1 4 A 3 W-.. ' 'Tn e f ' bi' E , -.1 M66 ' "This is the youngest fencing squad in U-D's history. Although experience is lacking, the talent that makes this team catch Hre despite all the complications we have had this year is one step short of unbelievable," says Coach Richard Perry. After the 1969 squad placed sixth in the National Collegiate Athletic Association champion- ships, the highest a U-D team has placed in any sport, they lost six seniors. The current squad has two juniors, six sophomores and one freshman. The team feels that the lack of experience has 'hurt slightly in the win-loss column, although the team has a 10-5 record with 10 meets remaining. Individual talent is an asset to this year's young but developing team. young squad has winning season .C .,. .ap 5.- ' 181 fi -sn., - MQ, I 182 I E rw..-- S L5 use, vw t hockey, team scores 5-1 record for first third of season The U-D hockey team rolled to a 5-1 record in the lirst six games of the 1969-'70 season. Under the direction of new coach Randy Curtin and club general manager Donnie Hughes, the Titans swept their first three Midwest Collegiate Hockey association foes, posted a win over Hillsdale and dumped Big Ten foe Illinois. Starting the season, the Titans romped Case Westem Reserve 27-O. On Nov. 20, a 10-3 loss to Ohio State kept the Titans from a perfect mark in the opening third of the campaign. The Titans squeaked by Toledo, 64, and returned to the Olympia ice to white- wash Hillsdale 14-O. A 13-3 whipping of Oberlin on the Ohioiansf home confines Wrapped up a successful weekend for the Titans. A twelve day break gave the icers time to practice for a tough schedule. "i s.. LV., Q 4 N S g. ' Z'W"11' - KX "wen 'Aik- An ill-fated 13 hour bus tr-ip to Cham- paign, Illinois resulted in the Hockey Ti- tans first shutout defeat, a 3-O loss to Illinois. Ed Lipinskiis goal at 17:38 of the first period was all the Illini needed to avenge their 9-2 loss to the Titans earlier in the year. Bob Torkar added a pair in the third period for insurance. The loss left Detroit with a l-2-1 record in their first year of Big Ten competition. Two MCHA games at the end of Ian- uary remained for the Titans. U-D easily handled the Miami of Uhio Redskins, 12- 1 with Dave Balagna and Ray Scott firing the three goal "hat trick." The win left the Titans with a 5-O league mark, one game away from their second MCHA reg- ular season crown. Dayton was the next visitor to Olympia and the goal-hungry U-D club devoured the Flyers, 7-1 to clinch the league cham- pionship. Balagna again scored three goals, with other Titan markers coming from the sticks of Al Bevill, Stan Shipp, Rick Re- pielcy, and captain Rick Habermas. Bill Wills, Titan netminder, had his bid for his fourth shutout of the season spoiled by Dennis 1-logan of Dayton in the second period. The Detroiters again swept the league with a 6-O regular season mark. ln overall play - playoffs and non-league games included - the Titans are 160-l against MCI-IA foes, making this their best season yet. The hockey club has existed for three years, each of them winning years, taking top league spots twice. ai- f I H. -u ' ,x,y.'5N -w: 1. , I 1 .Eff n" , .1 .-.. N 3y:,.+A , .5-'-9. if 1.:.. fa .M 1, If icers grab top pre-play-off record I . li ..1.... l After the title-clinching win over Dayton, the Titans scored their fourth shutout of the sea- son, 7-O, Feb. 6, against Oberlin. Bevill tallied the "hat trick" for iU-D while Morris Balagna, Ian- isse and Avsharian chipped in with singletons. Wills and reserve netminder Pete Mateja clividecl the whitewash. On Feb 13, the icers shutout Western Michigan, 7-0, to bring their successful season to play- offs. The league play-offs were in March CU-D defending cham- pionl and the Oberlin Invitation- al Toumey was in late February. a "EJ, baseball U-D Opponent Toledo 10 8 Michigan 3 2 Hillsdale 3 0 Michigan State 2 10 Michigan State 1 2 Notre Dame 3 6 Bowling Green 4 2 Alma 14 1 Alma 10 3 Eastern Michigan 7 12 Eastern Michigan 6 2 Central Michigan 6 15 Central Michigan 2 5 Wayne State 2 1 Wayne State 1 4 Wayne State 2 6 Hillsdale 18 4 Hillsdale 2 3 Eastem Michigan 1 6 Eastern Michigan 4 2 Toledo 7 6 Northwood ll 5 Northwood 3 2 Bowling Green 5 4 Spring Arbor 0 1 Spring Arbor 7 4 Notre Dame 4 17 Kalamazoo 5 9 season record: won 15 lost 13 football U-D Opponent Hillsdale 0 37 Niagra 32 8 St. Peter's 13 12 Canisius 20 0 Marquette 53 12 St. Louis 16 47 St. Bonaventure 20 16 season record: won 5 lost 2 fe n CI n g U-D Opponent Oberlin 13 14 Cleveland State 16 1 1 CasefWestern Reserve 1 1 16 Wayne State 11 16 Indiana Tech 17 10 Windsor 23 4 Lake Superior State 23 4 Air Force Academy 8 19 Colorado 22 5 Kansas 21 6 Missouri K.C. Division 19 8 Minnesota 21 6 Indiana 14 13 Wisconsin 10 17 Ohio State 14 1 3 Notre Dame season record up to Feb. 14: Won 00 Lost 00 cross country U-D Opponent Cleveland State 40 20 Oakland University 26 36 Toledo 27 31 Olivette College 31 28 Ferris State 27 28 Grand Valley State 33 22 Wayne State 28 27 Aquinas 35 28 McMaster College Hamilton, Ontario 40 15 season record: won 3 lost 6 SOCCGI' U-D Opponent Schoolcraft College 4 1 Calvin Ir. Varsity 1 2 Saginaw Valley College 5 1 Kalamazoo Valley 3 2 Calvin Ir. Varsity 1 1 Central Michigan 3 O Sit. Claire College 3 2 Macomb Community l 3 Saginaw Valley College 3 0 Henry Ford CC 1 3 season record: won 6 lost 3 tied 1 hockey U-D Opponent Case-Western Reservex 27 O Ohio State 3 10 Toledox 6 4 lllinois 9 2 Hillsdale 14 0 Oberlini' 13 3 Ohio State 2 2 I-lillsdalei' 19 2 Westem Michigan 1 3 Illinois O 3 Miami of Ohio! 13 1 Daytonx 7 1 Oberlin 7 O Westem Michigan 7 0 'Midwest Collegiate I-Iockey Association games season record up to Feb. 14: won 10 lost 3 tied l basketball Michigan Eastern Michigan Westem Michigan Canisius St. Bonaventure Illinois Loyola of Illinois Pittsburgh Minnesota Marquette Villanova Duquesne Loyola of the South Loyola of Illinois Xavier Dayton Boston College Xavier Fordham LaSalle Toledo Notre Dame Eastern Michigan Marquette Hillsdale season record won 7 lost 18 tlce slugs to Intramural baseball crown Tau Kappa Epsilon CTKED capped an undefeated intramural baseball season with a 10-4 victory over the St. Francis Club QSFCJ. With a record number of 40 teams in the league, four teams re- mained during the middle of'Oc- tober: TKE, SFC, Theta Xi and Xavier house. The split season runs first eliminations in the spring and the championship series in the fall. TKE defeated Xavier house in the semi-finals, 22-10, while the SFC squeaked by Theta Xi, 7-6. Theata Xi trounced Xavier house, ll-0, in the consolation game. 3 1 - Avwf EAW- '- .- ji, VL -'-unv.,,, -A L . Q ' - ' ,- " , 4' , 1 --..- .-.4 ,,-QL-fff,,x --. hiv ,i,- -- ,-y,-+',:. di-A-. .sf ,. , ' '- .sin 9' 1' ' Q.. "J" A, ' ' , ,f , 1,1 if Q its lV"b u fe..- ' 0 ,I -F 7 if .xx "'AfA. 4141 -s mL . h I '12-W-1 JV' ' - - , - ,hr I' 'iw M1135 Eng- fi 4 . ' gn qvhbi ra, .- - ' ,tp , --.- . Mi ,ry J: ,N 'fv , L, ' . , '-' diff-I1"Q P ' 9 ' I L""." ,I 'lf AN , F . 1, J Q "dlMf'P..,'5, 1 5 0 A .-1 i --f, f l.:,rwY-xy '. ' is , A- - . Ii K- . ' f.,,,K.V.- - 1, 44 -3, , 1- -Mg.-'E if-'- R. football win gives tau kappa epsilon second intramural crown -F' LT T! With a 27-20 win over Regis house, Tau Kappa Epsilon CTKEJ captured their second intramural title, this time in football. The "Crimson Tide" a tradition- al touch football power, rolled through the season and the play- off tournament with a 9-l record. Their only loss came at the hands of Regis during regular season play. - TKE returned the football crown to the Greeks from Aquinas house. The dormie team from the fourth floor Shiple were the Hrst non-Greek victors. 193 T,'44"S"- ' 9" w 7 phi kaps thump omega psi chi for im basketball championshi 194 Phi Kappa Theta ouitlasted seven other teams in the double elimination final playoffs to win the intramural basketball cham- pionship. Eight teams emerged, from the original 72 entered, that saw the Phi Kaps, St. Francis Club, Inter- national All Star Moellers, Sig Ep "I-lot Dogs", Omega Psi Chi, Leif's Raiders, the Association and the IAS "Lesser Trocanters" emerge as divisional champions. The teams then paired off for the double elimination finals. Phi Kappa Theta edged out Omega Psi Chi for the overall IM basket- ball championship. w ' x 1 I 1 1 gs yr i A A W activities 'iii H? 198 -'Q f Y: , '-162' , ' 241 N homecoming 1970 W' ..'s1 UN-'rv Homecoming Queen julie R1myo11 200 11th hour sigma pi action rescues homecoming Dick Purtmz, WXYZ disc jockey emceed homecoming float competition Below is an excerpt from an inter- view with Student Government Presi- dent joe Palazzolo conducted by the Varsity News. The interview was pub- lished in the October 14, 1969 VN. VN: What are your objectives for USG this year? Palazzolo: Our biggest objectives were exactly as reiterated in our platform: representation and responsibility. We want to represent the student, first of all, and we want to have a responsible government. As far as representation goes, we've effected that in a number of ways, and we're not going to decrease our effort . . . This is what Gene Grewe and I promised under representa- tion. VVe promised that . . . The other thing is responsibility. As indicated before, our biggest concern, maybe because l'm an accountant, is in the area of fiscal responsibility. We're sort of forced into fiscal responsibility because of the deficit there. We want to make sure that money is spent prop- erly and to the betterment of the stu- dents, if we spend money in a program that benefits two students, we have to cost that out accordingly . VN: Have you run into any major ob- 202 stacles? Palazzolo: Number one obstacle is the Student Senate. The Student Senate has really disappointed me. VN: When are you going to end this hostility? Pczlazzolor I think we've ended it right now. I'm doing as much as I can With- out bothering to go to them . . . VN: Where are you going to get the money? Palazzolo: The constitution says that the sole financial responsibility to "Secure and maintain funds for Student govern- ment" rests within the Student Senate. Which means they better find the money. This Sunday at the Student Senate meeting, I'1l go before the senate and say that our budget is x amount of dollars. VN: How much is the budget? Przlazzolo: About 37,000 lVIinor's bud- get was somewhere above Sl00,000. We've streamlined it right down to the bare bone, just bare necessities. VN: Would you be better off if USG were financed through something like a student fee or tax? Palazzolo: That would be nice, except for that kind of idea to work, the stu- dents would have to really want a stu- student governmenh dent government, and around here, they just don't care. They have to need a student government organization, and there isn't a need here. VN: Last year's USG initiated in the academic field the Free University. What other programs do you plan to implement? Pnlazzolo: Well, in the area of academ- ics we have Al Ward working for us. Al has lots of good ideas, and I think he will really represent the students in the area of academics. I think USG should take the position that it has to represent students in all areas, and es- pecially in academics, because that is the most important. USG should be concerned mainly with education. VN: What kinds of things do you think USG should be doing? Palazzolo: I think that Student Govern- ment should do whatever the student wants. Whatexfer makes them happy, we'll do. We should represent them in all areas, because that's what we're here for. VN: Given that universities are poten- tial trouble areas, do you see USG operating to reduce tensions between student factions and between other out- side groups? I think that in any conflict between students and outside groups, USC has to clearly be on the side of the students. As far as student-student conflict, Gene and I will do everything we can to prevent them, but we can really do anything only when parties bring their problems to us. We don't really have the power to interfere unless they approach us with a specific prob- lem. VN: What is your opinion on the re- cent SDS actions, specifically, the dis- ruptions of classes? Pglazzolo: I don't approve of breaking into classes, because kids pay for their education, and are entitled to get what they pay for. As far as making people politically aware of what's going on, breaking into class certainly does that, but I think there are better ways to do it. It might work in terms of getting people to read the paper every day, but it's not the best way. VN: Do you think students are more radical than they were a year ago? Palazzolo: Definitely. I think that more students are thinking about things and actually taking action on issues than ever before. VN: What should students be doing? Palazzolo: The student should be doing anything that will make him more aware of the world . . . This Univer- sity is graduating people who have ex- cellent technical proficiency, but just cannot deal with people. VN: This question has been answered on other campuses, and I think it should be answered here. Do you think ROTC has a place on a University Campus? Pnlazzolo: Well, before I state my opin- ion, I have to qualify it. I don't think that removing ROTC from this campus, or any other campus, is a means to the end of the war mongering imperialist nation. I say that ROTC has an interest to some people, as evidenced by the fact tha-t people are in it. I have no interest for ROTC, if I did I'd be in it. But that doesn't mean that I can tell anyone else not to be in it. VN: What would you describe as the most prevalent interests of students here at the University of Detroit? Pnlazzolor The student on this campus right now, I think, is concerned about keeping himself happy. I-le gets an edu- cation that isn't too rough, he doesn't have to-study too hard. VN: flow can USC become more ef- fective in temis of the type of thing which happened this summer, where SDS was refused the use of University facilities? Palazzolo: The best way we can coun- ter that is by being a really repre- sentative student organization, which we are not right now. As long as you have things like the "Forum" and the "Vigil" you'll never have a really repre- sentative and authoritative student gov- ernment. VN: I-low do you think a student gov- ernment can best communicate with its constituents? Palazzolo: The best thing you can do is to do things which physically demon- strate your presence . . . VN: In the face of the growing number of University Senates, representing stu- dents, faculty and administrators, do you think that student governments will eventually disappear, or do you think there will always be that need? Pnlazzolo: There will always be a need for strictly student representation. Stu- dents have to voice their opinion before the university community, and we have to demonstrate our power on the Uni- versity-wide plane. FIRST MEETING OF THE FIFTH SENATE The first order of 203 business was to accept Gene Grewe as temporary chainnan. This motion passed unanimously, Gene Grewe ap pointed the members of the Committee on Committees, and the Rules Com- mittee. The meeting was adjourned. SECOND MEETING OF THE FIFTH SENATE The meeting was called to order and roll was taken. The Rules of Procedure were approved and the changes read by Pete Nagrant were included. Vince Dery's suggestion to alter sections 2 - page 9 died for lack of a second. A brief recess was request- ed to review the two main changes which were ll induction of a sergeant at arms and 21 changes in the duties of the committees. The revised rules of procedure passed by a vote of 21-00. The names of the different members of the committees were read so that the committees could meet and elect chair- men. New Business included the intro- duction and second of three bills. The following are excerpts from the Minutes and Proposed Legislation of the Fifth Senate. THE THIRD MEETING OF THE Sth SENATE. The meeting was called 204 and still more student government? to order. Resolution 005-1969-O04 was proposed by Sen. Tomazic and second- ed. The bill read as follows: Be it re- solved that the University Student Senate asks the University Student Court to finish writing and have pub- lished by September registration a com- plete handbook. Sen. Casazza was named chairman of the committee to investigate the graduation ceremonies. Sen. Parrino was also named to this committee. Sen. Tomazic suggested that Sen. Urbas' Committee on Uni- versity Image be renewed. Bill O05- 1969-006 which concerned resolution for a plastic sheet for billboards was made by Sen. Tomazic. The meeting was adjourned. FOURTH MEETING OF THE Sth SENATE The meeting was called to order. Sen. Bellavary moved to sus- pend the rules of procedure and it passed I8-00. Discussion on SDS's status and the meaning of autonomous followed. The procedure of the acceptance of a group by student government was read from the handbook. Mr. McDon- ald, an instructor at the Law School spoke. He read his report of a meeting held with Fr. Carron, administrators, and three SDS members on May 13th. Scott Bradey, a regional representative- and Dennis Waldman were two of th SDS members there. Following Mr. McDonald's report, Dennis Waldman gave his account of the same meeting. He accused Mr. McDonald of being in accurate since he had recorded his ac count hours after the original pr ceedings. The press releases wer then discussed in greater detail Sen. Urbas felt that the whol matter had been taken out of the sen ateis hands and the administration onl wanted senate's rubber stamp. Sen Tomazic felt that the handbook ha not been violated since SDS had even tually complied with Fr. Carron' wishes not to have the seminar. I-I proposed . . . Pres. Palazzolo felt th proposed bill was useless since the a ministration would certainly realiz from Bill O05-1969-007 how the senat felt, Bill O05-1969-O08 would seem lik an additional kick in the face. A ro call vote was taken and the bill W defeated 8-I4-O. Senator Manino fe some sort of reprimand was in orde He proposed Bill 005-1969-009. It w ' ., of W' df t then moved to disband the special pro- cedure and continue with old business. Committee reports were given. SIXTH MEETING OF THE FIFTH SENATE The meeting was called to order. Motion that every stu- dent be given unrestricted access to all records which pertain to his stay at the University. A copy of all material en- tered into an inclividual's record must be sent to the respective person upon entry. The University Student Govern- ment suggests to the University Senate for consideration the following pro- posal: a student may withdraw from a class up to the final day of instruction without academic penalty. The meet- ing was adjoumed. EICI-ITI-I MEETING OF THE FIFTI-I SENATE Father l-Iaggennan opened the meeting with a prayer. Sen. Urbas moved to decrease the summer quorum since Sen. Augenstein and Casazza will be away for the remainder of the term. Ptoll call was taken and the minutes were accepted as corrected. Chief Justice swore in the new Senator Baugh. As a point of order Sen. Desos- toa asked whether the new bills had been presented and accepted by Pres. Palazzolo. OLD BUSINESS Crewe stated that the S.G. Sen. Bills would go to the University Sen., Sept. 17, which will be the first meeting of the University Senate which will deal with new bills. The suggestion for coffee at the Sen. meetings was given to the Fin. and Approp. Committee. NEW BUSINESS Sen. Krawford read a heartfelt letter asking for approval of OAS as a fully recognized organization on campus. The meeting was adjourned. Legislation proposed by the Fifth Sen- ate: There should be special parking fa- cilities for Senators. Passed, unanimously Bill 11005-1969-020 During the course of the meeting the secretary should distribute Xerox copies of all bills to be proposed at that meet- ing. Withdrawn. Bill H005-1969-021 Be it resolved that the office of the Bursar, upon strong recommendation from the Senate, collect a ten dollar fee from all incoming freshmen and allo-i cate the money collected to the fresh- man orientation committee for use as prescribed in the budget of the said committee. Passed, Unanimously. Bill 11005-1969-O24 I motion that a letter be forwarded to the Presidentt Fr. Carronl that the Student Senate support and stand firm behind him in any action he deems necessary toward militant or any other organized group of students that threat- en the peace and tranquility of our University. Fellow Senators, our University President must have the backing of this student government senate to adequate- ly perform his administrative duties as head of the University. As a member of a society minority, I realize that many changes are warranted and need- ed very urgently, however I personally feel that here at the University of Detroit there are adequate channels to bring about various changes, and therefore the peace and tranquility of our University need not be disrupted by violent means of a small minority whose interests lie in destruction and violence. 205 dissolve to radio-tv's montage staud lzyg quiet in the studio ready musicg ready to fade in one ready aucliog ready to cue an'mm'ncep hit music fade in oneg music to luzclcgrouml cue announce fade out music ready to cue talent cuc ialerzti ready uiusicg ready 01l7I01lHCC ready lo zlissolrc 10 lwo -music 10 Ioackgrotmd fade out sound and picture New on the Radio-TV depart- ment stall, are Frank Bennish, news director of VVXYZ-TV and Patrick jiguliotti, channel 9 pro- ducer-director. VVith tho incrcascd enrollment and development of a masters pro- gram, Chairman Fr. Iamcs Brown, Sl, is scarclting for top professional faculty. "Our objective is to turn out students who know broadcast' ingf' ll ll.I'l1. Tllursday. Student produced television, an Alpha Epsilon Rho production. Tltougltts on Montage ...... "The Drug Culturc"!"49l Wzmyfs to makc peanut butter" ..... . "Good morning and welcome to . . The music sccnc 11:29:30 ftclevision out time? Fr. Brown and A11il1o1'1y Reda, studio director 1 Copy for broadcast 8f29 Editorial on WVOD plans VVes Dubin, general manager Today, Sept. 2.9, WVOD Contempo- radio 86 premiers its broadcast year. The station hopes to move constantly toward the goal of being the "most listened to radio station at the university." By ex- tending broadcasting hours, WVOD is looking forward to bringing you comment on events and new ideas in our shows. ln addition to the ordinary musical PIO- gram fare, we will be presenting such shows as i'lVlidnite Concert" along with the Fine Arts dept., and "Cet Together" a musical variety show. Album-give-away contests are in the planning. They will be run in conjunction with the major Town and Cown concerts. 208 I wvod extends broadcast day, includes weekends ' x I I mind garden , QN, e f' U' Hg' " Wh a il' 210 I never dreamed Wlien I was bound That the price of freedom Included the tax of loneliness and the revenue of present was not past possible. -annie augenstein is .ri Will Soltuu, literary editor detroiter Mary Paden, managing editor Sheila O'Brien, news editor varsity news yf ' 1.1 '54, A ..:1.',- 7 A. . .I :gt ' :Y-5.5" . Y -sri-, .5 577 . X ish ' '-Zvi.. ' 5,15-j-::. A w .4-,. , Ffa. 'Y lim, 7 .... . Paul Frenchi, art group di- gfixl V ' 1 ' A. vt' , , .- 1 TCC f0T Bill Ternes, managing editnr 214 L1 Kathy Warbelmv, editor-in-chief jim Carravallah, news research bureau director A Yluwkvht-,,,.-f1 Sue Langenhorst, administrative assistant ..-.443 M L In conjunction with the Hon- ors Program, an Interdisciplinary Seminar was launched in Septem- ber. The Seminar met weekly and could be taken for credit or as an audit. The dimensions of toclay's so- cial problems were considered at the meetings. The nature of the Seminar was to leave the format of each session open enough to be guided by the progress of each meettingfs discussion. It was regu- larly attended by students, Faculty and administrators. .S singing titans trip to europe for uso E From Southern to Northern Europe, in a touring circle . . . Frankfurt . . . Heidel- berg . . . An international itinerary was set for the Singing Titans this summer, as the guests of USO. Prior to the tour the Titans numbered 26. Since the trip could only accomodate 15, the group was cut to 12 singers and three accompanists. Director Don Large made the selections on the basis of overall musical ability. The six-week tour averaged one show a night. The concerts were well received by audiences since they brought a little bit of "home" with them. Sore throats were .the only casualties. Hopes are high that the over-seas invitation will be extended again. 'Isl '- clinic otlers practical area ot dental study lg ' 1 Witliin the academic commun- ity one aspect of study many times gives practical experience or ap- plication of the totality demanded in the finished product. At the School of Dentistry, students in all aspects of dental studies ex- tend their classroom in the Dental Clinic. The Clinic not only offers this experience to those working, but also provides a neighborhood den- tal clinic meeting the needs of the urban area. "Dentistry is not laboratory but community action as a part of a medical health team, dealing wi-th the community." . ,L 75:3-'ET-V W' lTF'T"C?l"'1',, '- El.ff1fLi'1- ' V -if-fJ?,ifa '-Hz' 52' -' -fx -.J wx' J.. A ?"Q'? 1721. " ff-il: .g.-Pjz.--'I 1 QYl5Eg5?Lf,gQ1- Qfzgf-Q1--f.:.j -fr 51. 1 fffxii Ki ' f,'rQ7,'f , .,,',zj,-.Mg ,M iw , A , , , A , -Q, -,4.,, 1 71.42 'Q 2 ,L ' -Q-'Eff L ' 5 5 . 1.4-.r-.. 1 , -1i2"r1:":5-'. ag. .' ,:v1l:l,'.l'.g.-it-" -' v'.',3yfr',l ' .ay 'Ir f '55, A. , x ,: .5iy'J5 f'1?Z n 5' 1 -1-:.-4+ r qfm ,sg-J . 'ff v 4 , X A . : 'L' 11.1.3 , K, ,y 1. fr- 1 .v . .r -2, . WIFI l law clinic provides urban legal ai cl lv- vt, john Urso director urban law clinic To provide a clinic of legal services for the underprivileged within a vital urban areag sounds like a committee proposal when in fact it is the goal of the already existing Urban Law clinic. Ahead of most law schools with this type of service, this is the fourth year for the clinic, directed by Iohn Urso. With referrals from various social agencies, and the courts themselves, the case load is normally between 100-150 court cases. Last year the clinic suffered funding cliHiculties. greek week ffl' , -4 nv' Q2 4 Jeni' 5 ' K-, :us--' ni , , ' . A, 'f ' si..i:?.' ..A. - . 5 ' ' ' ,av- ...-.--- .fe Aw. 225 v i is 1 1 226 .Y"- .UL l -' o x., N -r N ' . 7" I' .7 .ij ,T I :'l a , ' .lg 'ff -v I X' graduates Ronald G. Acho, B.B.A., Business Sandra Adams, B.A., English Mary Lou Addy, B.A., Humanities William Aerni, B.Ch.E. Walter Alexander, B.B.A. Janice Ancypa, B.A., Humanities Kathryn Anderson, B.A., Mathematics Susan Andracke, B.A., Humanities John Antonilli, B.S., Business Peter Arkison, I.D. Larry T. Auger, B.S., Finance Beverly Augustyniak, B.A., Education Mary Ayoub, B.A., MHfi1f6111HiiCS Alberta Baitinger, B.A., Humanities Robert Ball, B.S., Management Lawrence Banion, B.S., Accounting Glen Barber, B.B.A., Management Deborah Barduca, Dental Hygiene Earnestina Barksdale, B.A., French Robert E. Barnes, B.B.A. Timothy Barowicz, B.S., Finance Monica Barron, BS., Biology Raymond Barta, B.M.E. Mary K. Bassier, B.A., Humanities Ron Battaglia, B. of Architecture Charles Baumgardt, B.M.E. Kenneth Bazner, B.B.A. Robert Beckmann, B.C.E. Linda Beebe, B.A., Humanities john F. Beirne, B.B.A. Iohn Bell, B.Ch.E. Michael Bellanca, B.M.E. William Bennett, B.E.E. George M. Bernardo, B.B.A. Paul Birch, B.E.E. 228 James W. Birmingham, B.M.E. Mary Bischoff, B.A., Humanities Lidano Boccia, B.A., Psychology Thomas Boecker, B.S., Biology Dolores Boehnlein, B.S., Business Robert Bologna, B.S., Physics George Bonamy, B.S., Management Lynda Bonucchi, B.A., History Janice Bornoty, B.A., Humanities Pauline Borslci, B.S., Medical Technology Donald Bourbeau, B.S., Biology Francis Bova, B.B.A. John Boyce, B.Ch.E. Jean Brady, B.A., Humanities Patricia Brady, B.A., Psychology Kathleen Marie Brang, B.A., History Thomas VV. Braum, B.M.E. Gerald Broniak, B.E.E. Kathleen Broniak, B.A., Mathematics Richard Browski, B.C.E. Marilyn Brueckman, B.S. Gregory Bryen, B.S., Accounting Ronald Buckley, B.M.E. james Budzyn, B.E.E. Hugo Burzlaff, ID. Gerald Busch, B.E.E. Robert Byrnes, B.A., journalism Patrick Cahill, BA., English Mary Ellen Calderone, BA., H1 c1i1 anities Joseph campau, Bs., Biology Gerald Campbell, B.S. Nancy Campbell, B.A., English David J. Canto, B.S., Accounting Karen Carethers, B.S., Biology james Carey, B.E.E. 229 Mary Ellen Carey, B.A., Radio-Television Horst E.. Carl, B.S., Accounting Robert Carr, B.B.A., Management Michael Carroll, B.E.E. Mary Casazza, B.A., History Timothy Casazza, B.Ch.E. Gerald W. Cash, B.B.A., Management Dennis I. Cassette, B.E.E. Anthony Catalflo, B.S., Management Karen S. Cavanaugh, B.A., journalism William Champine, B.M.E. Paul T. Chancey, B.A. History Sherman Char, B.B.A. Judith Chiavelli, B.A., History Dixon Chin, B.A., English Ernest Chinavare, B.C.E. William E. Chlopan, ,l.D. Larry Christian, B.S., Management Adrina Churukian, B.S., Dental Hygiene Hubert Cicchillo, B.S., Physics Carl Clark, B.M.E. Joseph Claya, B.M.E. Susan Cleere, B.A., Humanities Madylon Clements, B.S., Business Education Noreen Coakley, B.S., Biology Michael Cole, B.S., Management Vincent L. Coluccio, B.S., Finance Robert Combs, B.S., Management Edward Conboy, jr., B.C.E. Christopher Connolly, B.M.E. Ceralcline Conroy, B.A., English Mario Contini, B.A., Mathematics Ronald N. Coogan, B.S., Marketing Mary Cooney, B.A., History Julianne Cotant, BA., English 230 if Michelle Court, B.A., Humanities Richard Courtney, B.M.E. Dennis I. Courtright, B.M.E. Donald Courtright, B.M.E. Helen A. Crowley, B.B.A., Accounting Sande Csaszar, B.A., Social Work James Culcasi, B.S., Accounting james Cunningham, B.E.E. james J. Curtis, B.M.E. Marilyn Czerwinski, B.A., Social Work Raymond Czostkowski, B.E.E. John Daley, B.B.A. John Dalida, B.A., Mathematics Kathleen R. Daly, B.A., Social Work james Davenport, B.E.E. Harold Dean, l.D. Frank DeBolle, B.B.A. William R. DeClaire, B.S., Management Ronald DeCosmo, B.B.A. Anthony Deloseph, B.E.E. Anita Del.orme, B.A., English Robert Densmore, B.S., Accounting Jane Cunningham, B.A., Humanities Vincent Dery, B.S., Accounting Roberta DeSevo, BA., Theology Barbara J. Deziel, B.S., Physical Education joseph Diebold, B.E.E. Brent S. Diedricll, B.B.A., lllarketing Harold L. Diegel, B.M.E. Celeste DiFabio, B.A., Speech Charles Dillon, B.A., English Marylou Dilworth, B.A., Radio-Television David J. Dine, B.s., Marketing E, Christine Dinkel, B.S., Biology Carol Dillocco, B.A., Humanities 231 2 Gerald Doane, B.E.E. Eugene Dobrzynski, B.B.A., Business Management Michael Dolsen, B.A., Mathematics Richard I. Donakowski, B.B.A., industrial Management John Doran, B.B.A. Robert D'Orazio, B.M.E. James Downes, B.S., Accounting Gregory Druback, B.C.E. Wes Dubin, B.A., Radio-Television John Duffy, B.A., Industrial Psychology Maryanne Dunmire, B.A., History Michael I. Dunipage, B.M.E. Rita Duwe, B.A., Humanities George Dyson, B.M.E. Allan Edford, B.M.E. Gary Eisenhauer, B.M.E. Claude Elliott, B.A., Social Work Theodora Engel, B.A., History Robert Esper, B.B.A. Maria Esquejo, B.A., Sociology Robert Fairfield, B.A., Humanities Stephen Fedak, B.A., Political Science Edward Fencyk, Ir., B.A., History Ronald Fenwick, I.D. Ronald Fesl, B.S., Marketing Robert Finder, B.Clz.E. Manuel Flamenco, B.M.E. Margaret Flavin, B.A., English Susan K. Flower, B.A., Humanities William Folterman, B.M.E. Donald Fornal, B.Ch.E. Thomas M. Francis, B.S., Management William Frederick, B.S., Marketing Ores: Fylypiw, B.S., Biology Samuel Gabriel, 1.D. 32 i i Daniel Gallagher, B.S., Finance Patrick Gallagher, B.B.A., Management Gamren Gandolfo, B.S., Management Brent Garback, B.S., Accounting Joseph Garetto, B.S., Management Richard Gehringer, B.A., Mathematics Edwin Geisinger, B.S., Accounting Michael Genette, B.B.A., Marketing Robert Genthner, B.M.E. Charles A. Gentile, B.B.A. Leonard Giasone, B.A., Art David Gioiello, B.S., Physics Michael Giroux, B.S., Management David R. Glaser, B.E.E. Dennis Goedken, B.A., Geography Andrew Goldstein, ,l.D. Daniel Golec, B.M.E. Richard Goncher, B.A., journalism Joan Good, B.A., Latin Edward Gotrko, B.C.E. Marcia Grady, B.S., Elementary Education Elizabeth Graney, B.A., Humanities Arthur Grau, B.B.A. Michael Gray, B.S., Accounting Eugene Gretch, B.B.A., Accounting john I. Griflin, B.M.E. Michael Grillot, B.S., Economics Richard Grudzinski, B.S., Management Christine Guerrini, B.A., H 1i111 anities David Gundlach, B.S., Chemistry Ralph Guthat, B.S., Management Donald Gutt, B.E.E. Andrew Hahina, B.S,, Marketing Frances Haines, B.A., English Richard Z. I-lalajko, B.M.E. 233 Kathleen Hamel, B.A., English Robert Hance, B.S., Biology Patricia Hand, B.A., Humanities Stephen A. Hansen, B.A., Mathematics Jan Hanson, B.A., Humanities Sandra Harvey, B.S., Biology Edward Hawrot, B.S., Chemistry James Hayes, Jr., B.A,, History Patricia Healy, B.A., Humanities John Paul Hegener, B.A., History Deborah Henderson, B.A., Humanities Robert Hendry, Jr., B.C.E. Maureen Hennessy, B.A., History Robert Hengstebeclc, B.S., Biology Catherine Herron, B.S., Mathematics Thomas Heyboer, B.E.E. Victor Hillebrand, B.S., Management Raymond Hillers, B.M.E. Susan Hillman, B.A., English David J. Hoffman, B.C.E. James Hoffman, B.E.E. Robert J. Hohl, B.A., Latin Anne Marie Holdreth, B.A., Art Diane Holtzman, B.A., English William J. Horvath, B.E.E. Richard Hotz, B.A., History Mary Houlihan, B.A., lnalustrial Psychology Loretta S. Housey, B.A., Psychology Stephen Hughes, B.C.E. Allan Hull, B.S., Accounting Felicia Ioli, B.A., Political Science Roger Jacobs, J.D. Joseph F. Jaster, B.B.A., Management David P. Jatczak, B.A., Mathematics Charles W. Jennings, J.D. 234 1 I.. ',., Y 504 gl' CF Donald W. Jensen, B.B.A., Management Beverly Jeske, B.A., History Lawrence Jesky, B.A., Psychology Sandra Jesky, B.A., Elementary Education Barton O. Johnson, B.S., Acco z111 ting Eileen Johnson, B.A., Theology Jennifer Johnson, B.S., Business Education Rahc Jordan, B.S., Management Kenneth H. Juip, B.E.E. Lee Norman Juip, B.S., Business Kenneth Jurkiewicz, B.A., English Leonard A. Kaanta, B.A., History Dennis Kacy, J.D. Mary Kaczmar, B.A., Humanities Jay Kaiser, B.S., Accounting Joann Kalisz, B.S., Biology Diane Kaput, B.A., Humanities Thomas Kauker, B.C.E. Margaret Kazmer, B.A., English Kenneth Kazmierkiewicz, BA., Psychology Susan Kehoe, B.A., English Stephen C. Kehres, B.Ch.E. Mary Kelly, B.A., Humanities John Kender, B.A., Mathematics Edward Michael Kerns, B.M.E. James Kiner, B.B.A. Stephen Kinn, B.S., Accounting Michael Klebba, B.S., Management Ronald Klimek, B.E.E. Timothy Klucens, B.A., Social Worlc Kenneth Koch, B.B.A., Marketing Dennis Koczara, B.S., Finance Neil Koepke, BA., Radio-Television Thomas J. Kolber, B.C.E. Norbert Kolczynski, B.E.E. 235 Greg Kolly, B.A., Social Work Jim Komendera, B.S., Biology Walter Koster, B.A., Radio-Television Dorothy Kowalyk, B.A., Spanish Charles Kramer, B.M.E. Donald Kramer, B.C.E. Richard Kree, B.E.E. Mary Ann Kretz, B.S., Marketing John Krieb, B.M.E. Joseph Krochmalny, B.B.A. Frank Krol, B.E.E. Philip Kromer, B.S., Management Walter Krozek, B.A., History Richard Krula, B.S., Marketing Edward Kruske, B.Ch.E. Gregory Krzyszczak, B.A., History Thomas A. Kuliclc, I.D. James Kulpa, B.S., Biology Jeff Kulpa, B.S., Biology William Kuzenko, B.A., Political Science Donald Lacelle, B.B.A., Marketing Stephen Lagrassa, B. of Architecture Susan Langenhorst, B.A., Mathematics John Lankes, B.A., History Sheldon Larky, 1.D. George Laskowski, jr., B.A., Mathematics Joseph Laubert, B.E.E. Robert Laule, Ir., B.M.E. T. Lauster, B.B.A. J. Lavigne, ID. Ronald Lawrence, B.E.E. Michael Learned, B.S., Marketing William Lee, B.B.A., Management David Lehrnkuhl, M .B.A., lnalustrial Relations Virginia Leo, 1.D. 236 Z' Daniel Lesch, B.A., Mathematics Alexander Leus, B.E.E. Julian Levant, 1.D. Thomas Lingeman, B.M.E. Ann Dee Link, B,S., Accounting Mark Lisska, B.S., General Business Mary Lisska, B.A., Mathematics George I. Loewen, B.M.E. Kathleen Logsdon, B.A., Sociology Gerald Long, B.E.E. Mark Lownsbury, B.B.A., Management Frank A. Lubinski, B.B.A. John Lucido, B.E.E. Richard Luzenski, B.E.E. Patricia Lynch, B.S., Biology Phylis Lyons, B.A., Psychology - Paul McBeth, B.S., General Business David McDonald, B.Ch.E. Carol McGill, B.A., Spanish Robert McGowan, B.E.E. Michael Mclsaac, B.S., Economics Anthony McKenna, B.C.E. Patricia McNamee, B.A., History Wayne McVittie, B.B.A., Management Robert Maige, B.S., Biology Gerald Makuch, B.B.A., Marketing Norman Malinowski, B.A., Philosophy Joseph L. Malkowski, B.M.E. Barbara Maloney, B.A., Elementary Educatzon Kenneth Malott, B.B.A., Management Marlene Maluga, B.A., English Leo Manning, B.C.E. Geraldine Manowski, B.A., History J. T. Marcoux, B.B,A. Monica Marinko, B.A., Psychology 237 Joseph Marion, B.M.E. Maureen Marr, B.A., History Christine Marshall, B.A., English Kathleen Marshall, B.S., Business Education Arthur L. Masson, B.E.E. William Matthys, B. of Architecture Donna Matyjanowski, B.S., Economics Joseph Mau, B.M.E. Elvira Mauro, B.A., Humanities Jeffery Mawiclce, B.A., History Jeannette Mazur, B.A., English Dennis Mazurelc, B.M.E. Eric Mendel, B.Ch. E. Paul Mento, B.A., Philosophy Paul Merline, B.S., Accounting Richard Metzinger, B.M.E. Valerie Michalsld, B.A., Psychology Lanette Mickle, B.C.E. Christine Mihora, B.A., English George Milanowski, B.E.E. Wendy Milanowslci, B.A., History Teresa Miller, B.A., Journalism Richard Miltner, B.C.E. Dennis Minano, JD. Paul Minbiole, B.Ch.E. Jorge Miranda, B.C.E. Robert Mitchell, B.S., Management Christopher Mock, B.A., Psychology James Moenkhaus, B.B.A. Nicholas R. Moramarco, B.C.E. Thomas Moran, B.S., Business Administration Richard Moriarity, J.D. Barbara Moseley, B.A., English Raelene Moseley, B.A., Humanities Tim Mosher, B.E.E. 238 Ronald Moskal, B.S., Management Daniela Mucha, B.S., Marketing Sally Mueller, B.S., Marketing Marlene Muhic, B.S., Biology Dennis R. Mullins, B.E.E. Dennis L. Murphy, B.B.A., Finance Therese Nadon, B.A., Humanities Eugene Nasal, J.D. James Naurnovich, B.A., Philosophy Patti Neagle, B.A., Psychology John Peter Neff, B.M.E. David Nenno, B.M.E. Marcia Nepjuk, B.S., Biology Gerald Neubert, B. of Architecture Patrick Newton, ,l.D. Carl D. Nichols, B.B.A., Accounting David Nosotti, BS., Accounting Catherine Nothhelfer, B.A., ,Journalism Carol Novara, B.A., Mathematics Gary Novara, B.A,, History Pamela Novitsky, B.A., Spanish Milton Nunez-Garces, B.C.E. Daniel O'Brien, B.M.E. M. Jeanne O'Callaghan, B.A., French Daniel K. O'Connor, B.S., Accounting Robert O'Keefe, B.A., Mathematics John Oldfield, B.S., Business Ad1ni1-zistration Ann Olejarczyk, B.A., Social Work Norman Oravec, B.C.E. James E. Orban, B.M.E. Sylvia Oswald, B.A., Mathematics Joseph Ottoy, B.B.A. Mary Owen, B.S., Biology Thelmond Page, B.A., Social Work Richard Pakula, B.A., Political Science 239 Robert J. Pakula, B.A., Psychology Dale Palka, B.S., Economics Grace Papa, B.A., Humanities David Paruch, B.A., Political Science Io Ann Pastor, B.A., French Norman Patterson, B.B.A., Marketing Pablo Paulino, B.S., Accounting Irene Paruskiewicz, B.B.A. joan Peerson, B.S., Business Education Chris Persia, B.A., Humanities William Person, Ir., B.M.E. Robert Pesz, B.E.E. Robert Peters, B.Ch.E. Cathy Peterson, B.A., Humanities Pamela Petoskey, B.A., Psychology Nancy Petroski, B.A., Psychology Barb Phillip, B.A., Social Work Joseph Piech, B.S., Finance Patricia Pilat, B.A., English Arnold Pillar, B.B.A., Management Robert I. Pincket, ,l.D. Walter Piontkowski, B.M.E. George Piskorz, B.E.E. Edward Pitz, B.S., Biology Ed Plante, B.A., English Cynthia Plonka, B.A., Humanities Jeffrey Plopa, B.A., Political Science George Plucienkowski, B.E.E. Dorothy Popovich, B.S. David Power, B. of Architecture Suzanne Power, B.A., Humanities Sigmund Prager, B.S., Accounting Susan Pristo, B.A., English Carolyn Przybyla, B.A., Psychology Joseph Puceta, B.M.E. 240 Catherine Puleo, B.A., Art Ann Purcell, B.A., Sociology James Purleski, B.B.A., Finance Julio Puzzuoli, B.B.A., Accounting Albert Quarton, B.B.A. Thomas Quinn, B.S., Biology Glenn Rahatin, B.S., Chemistry Mary Radulski, B.A., Humanities Charles Raeder, B.C.E. Andrew Rafalski, B.E.E. Susan I. Rahaley, B.A., German Martin Ras, B.A., Spanish Donald P. Rauch, B.A., Radio-'Television John P. Rautenstrauch, B.E.E. Richard Raven, B.S'., Management Christine Reaume, B.A., English Kenneth Recker, B.C.E. Edward Redington, B.B.A., Accounting Stephen Redisch, ,l.D. Richard Rcineck, B.A., Mathematics John Reinhart, B.S., Accounting Suzanne Rensel, B.A., History Richard Repko, B.Ch.E. John Reuter, B. of Architecture james O. Ridgley, B.S., Biology Ricardo Rizzo, B.B.A., Marketing Elizabeth Roach, B.A., Industrial Psyclzologg Michael Roach, B.M.E. Theodore Rodak, B.A., Mathematics Rudolf Rodau, B.E.E. Regina Rodgers, B.A,, Mathematics Peter Roggenbaum, I.D. Carol Roginslci, B.A., Hmnanities M. Rokosz, B.S., Physics David Roman, B.E.E. 241 William Roman, Jr., B.E.E. Lawrence Rospierski, B.A., English jenny J. Rossi, B.S., Accounting Patricia Rossi, l.D. E. Rudin, B.S., Biology Robert Rudzonis, B.M.E. Gregory Ruff, B.E.E. Charles Ruifrok, B.S., General Business Chuck Salgat, B.A., History Dennis Samaritoni, B.M.E. Rubin Sanders, B.S., Management Veronica Sanitate, B.A., English William Sarnowski, M.S., Management Phillip Schewene, B.E.E. Constance Schirmang, B.A., Raalio-Television John W. Schlehr, B.E.E. joseph Schmid, B.M.E. Christine Schom, B.A., Mathematics Linda Schulte, B.A., Social Work Victoria Schwall, B.A., Humanities M. J. Schweitzer, M,B.A., Industrial Relations Isabel Scicluna, B.S., Management Robert Scroggins, B.S., Accounting Timothy Seidler, B.E.E. Gerald Selke, B.B.A., Business Management Paul Senger, B.E.E. John Shannon, B.E.E. Paul Sheetz, B.E.E. Franklin P. Sheridan, B.B.A., Management Timothy Shields, B.S., Management Stephen Shimko, B.C.E. Agnes Shoup, BA., History Anne Shoup, B.A., History J. C. Shovlin, B.M.E. David M. Shulman, B.A., Journalism 242 Iolanta Sikorski, B.A., Mathematics Robert Sikorski, B.S., Biology Rose Mary Simon, B.A., Political Science Arthur Skiba, B.S., Accounting B. M. Smith, j.D. K. Snay, B.S., Accounting Stephen Snider, B.C.E. Michael Sochalski, B.S., Accounting John Solomon, B.S., Marketing J. Soltero, B.S,, Management james Southworth, B.M.E. Paul Spranger, B.C.E. Richard Stachura, B.S., Management Edward Starnbersky, B.S., Management John Stanczak, B.E.E. Christopher Stark, B. of Architecture John R. Steele, B.B.A., Management Michael Steenberge, B.S., Management Science E. Stephenson, B.A., Humanities Raymond Stevens, B.S., Chemistry Gerald Steward, B.S., Marketing Rudolph Stimac, B.B.A. Ovander Stoner, jr., I.D. William Swiderek, B.S., A ccoi Lnting julie Szabo, B.A., Psychology Christine Szczerbinski, B.S., Marketing L. Scott Theibert, B.M.E. Edwards Thoms, B.M.E. Keith Till, B.B.A., Marketing Gary Toelle, B.M.E. Sharon Torrie, B.A., Social Work Preston Towery, B.S., Biology Margaret Tringali, B.A., History John J. Tripi, B.M.E. Damian Tryjankowski, B.M.E. 243 Terence Ulaszewski, B.M.E. Barbara Undy, B.A., Mathematics Anita Urban, B.S., Accounting Diane Urban, B.S., Business Education Sandy Urbas, B.A., Social Work John Vachon, B.M.E. Duane Van Benschoten, ,l.D. Robert C. Van Beylen, B.M.E. James Van Conant, B.B.A., Management James Van Damme, B.E.E. Terry Vanden Bossche, B.A., Humanities Mary Margaret Van Hour, B.S., Biology Michael Verespej, B.A., Journalism Edward Verkerke, B.B.A., Management James Verkinderen, B.S. Jerome Vessalo, B.S., Biology James Vitak, B.A., Radio-Television Barbara E. Vrabel, B.A., Theatre Shakti Wadehra, M.M.E. Alan Walby, B.A., English Diane Walczak, B.A., Humanities Ann Walczykiewicz, B.A., International Relations Barbara Wais, B.A., Humanities Thomas Wall, B.B.A. Martin Walsh, M.M.E. Richard T. Walsh, B.C,E. John Wanamaker, B.M.E. Lee Warmbein, B.A., Psychology Larry I. Wasik, B.S., Business Administration Mary L. Webster, B.S., Management Ted Weimerskirch, B.A., Sociology Robert Weiss, B.M.E. Martin E. Welch III, B.S., Accounting Henry A. Welker, Jr., B.B.A.J Finance Wayne Wellman, B.B.A., Marketing 244 Lawrence Wells, B.M.E. David J. Wendling, B.S., Chemistry Kurt Werner, B.S., Biology Paul I. Westcott, B.E.E. Anne Westrick, B.A., Humanities Ronald Wetjen, B.M.E. John Wezalis, B.B.A. Raymond Whicker, B.B.A., Business Administration Daniel White, B.B.A. Vincent Wilk, B.S., Marketing James Williams, B.M.E. Louis Williams, B.A., Humanities Donald Willian, B.Ch.E. Phillip Wills, B.B.A., Marketing John Wisniewski, B.M.E. Leonard A. Wisz, B.S., Marketing Jerry Wojras, B.M.E. Gerald M. Wolak, B.M.E. Mark Wollenweber, B.A., Humanities Irene Woskres, B.A., History Thomas Wozniak, B.A., Mathematics Paul A. Wroblewslci, B.E.E. Michael VVurdock, B.A., Philosophy joseph VVycech, B.C.E. Thomas Wynne, B.E.E. Bobbie J. Yancey, B.A., Sociology Patrick Yezbick, B.E.E. Anthony Youngblood, B.B.A. james Zabawski, B.S., Chemistry Frank Zajac, B.S., Marketing Michael Zajdek, B.E.E. Frani Zarnowieclci, B.A., Humanities john Zbyrad, B.S., Management john Zdybel, B.A., Psychology Mark Zebrowski, B.M.E. 245 Marie Genevieve Zepeda, B.A., Speech Judi Ziegler, B.S., Biology Carolyn Zimmeth, B.A., Mathematics Christine Zwolak, B.A., English 246 1 X 4 24R 1 1 . , "-"un ?,,,z,,,,r.., -1 ,igznxw ,, :, yr V... ,. .PV gf,-.rd-,1 :1:-- 111113 L1 --1v'1,- - .,1-'L 1.11,-3" " 11" 4 ,.Lf.-11, Y 1 V14 1 ' 1 '. 1 .H W-..Q.'1J-17 .-,J1 - '. 1111..1-,. - .1.- ' f-11-1V-Lui-w 13: S5 5.1 ' 3, 111J-UI' ' j'EL.ji'Q,.. ng1.Q,' V ,rs T 5'-'. ',bFTQ.1Q.,.l-.'I-'J 111, !,1,, .. 1 .ZJ-, . ' ,, .:.if:., 1: 1, .ll ,Y .:-qaA1Lq'- ., - 1 11 , 1 ,Q '1 1-,-,,.Y.,'.' ,r': .Lb A ,1,. - 1-Ll' 1- 11.,.,3J.-,'g5,m1-,.g M 1 Q'-'fix . 1 , 1 -.. Tm. 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X M.- ..,"'xk 1 :K 'M ' Q N1 I - W .1 " Q E l ' ' ' G fi organizations 249 nm Q ,M magma alpha ph: omega sm Jlnijym fl Ekfjikfb A gkjkflwflxgkfl - - . A- , ,hir-V-, , A A E A . 1- ,A- -is .. -. mx 1 . A vi x 4 . 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SQWRW my W W XJ timothy Crawford lawrence moon ted price clarence jenning john williams wilbert lewis jerry Caldwell wayne burke kenneth matthews carl moore charles hatts otis arcl Willis marshall william hutchinson william renwick terry wright jerry straclforcl alwin peterson fontaine sheffey 9911911 phi kappa theta paul tellers rudy wilson tom horan jim Curtis fred franzel don marengere john rnadden clenny miller mel justak click hindenach mike teagarclen frank krol mike schmidt paul reidy john schmidt tom golembiewski charles fernzmdez clenny goedken gary drainville joe lehrter joe miller sal serra john zech lenny kuhar clay farrell mike Welsh 43. al shaeper dirk huybrechts 44. john seikel walt michaluk 45. clenny krolik tom muclden pat miller tom strr fm 28 jack peluse I , 29. bill roman fl A 30. rich scala 31. hank Schulz 32. joe alli D 33. mark brylski H JR 34 tim wehrfritz H .. ,, 'N ' px 35 Phil casella n lkgj-I DN 36 john racine M' H ,. 37 jerry habuder Rik 'lx 38 clenny Cleary JT IX ID 2.56 -.L --..... 5 i 41 phi sigma kappa bill mc gill mike gearty paul zacharias russ graham bill selinsky jim schrage john hughes tony marrocco joe patyk mike kelly tom page ron kolis greg mellon larry clonahue maroun lmkim gary nova ra rock fannon Vince coluccio jim smith joe suty jim flick tony carlesimo ron grey kevin brown mike thom joe cunningham YM 1 I 4 D ' n -gl Q EKSVURJAQ SR , 211 zu in 1- as nv 14 rv rg 4' ll w ji . 411 1, 1, u 41 rf. sn. 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William birmingham charles muir darryl busser james davenport david golebiewski robert beckmann james quinn casimer marzec anthony de poseph theta tau george milanowski john dufjfy robert laule bradford light david detzel michael mamayek gerald lane I5 N in ll 11 m theta xi l Q l l on an Hn il5lflwDfli??ll'?f1 paul barlier Click heitman chuck galon john clark brian walby john bellavary bob clzmtzer jim downes ralph Schick tom clegregorio gary shovlin sam barresi larry doyle clenny brosky dan Welch Wally rudzinslii ross turner clenny Campbell bob buescher denny wolak bob combs 1-'Y 'HILL . an-nru-u.x:un :n:.1vi w s v 1 Y 4. ffl! 'gf ATCH OUR STEP AREFuL X yr U N A JA M' 1 . ' , A W Q nr an D 'WH wr , xc' f 1 s X- QUU1 fqflilgpik zeta beta tau leon hirzel 8. tom o'brien ken laritz 9. george plucienkowski jeff kane 10. fred ladd jun hineman denny rahaley Jack eclwartoski don grey 11. joe ciannataro . V'-we aiu, xp, x Q . it-4-s' Yau--' Xb., 'S N J , +35-ff 4 M I .I wt jx!" .1 -.def ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, international pre- medical and pre-dental honor society. First row: Rev. Gerald Albright, S.J., moderator, Mary Owen, Marcia Nepjuk, James Ridgley, Joseph Campau. Second row: Orest Fylypiw, Kurt Wer- ner, Tony Chambors, Vassyl Lonchyna, Dan Leskievvicz. Third row: Tom Kolderman, Jim Kulpa, Paul Manuszak, David Gundlach. ENGINEERING STUDENT COUNCIL. First row: Richard Kree, Paul Spranger, treasurer, Milton Nunez. Second row: Ken Recker, Paul Minbiole, secretary, Terry Ulaszewski, president, Jim Budzyn, Daniel O'Brien. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. First row: Steve Atkins, lst vice-president, James Clemens, Ed Plante, Paul Spranger, Robert Weiss. Second row: Brian Fannon, Ed Geisinger, Fred Ladd, secretary, Bill Wales, Mike Dolsen, treasurer, George Plucienkowski. Third row: Bob Garvey, Reginald Vander Veen, Fred Shaw, 2nd vice- president, Edd Devlin, president, Torn Elward, Mike Gearty, Rich Scala. Fourth row: John Zech, Bruce Nordstrom, Charles Galon, Rick Walter, Brad Light, James I-lineman, Hugh Baser, Michael Stefanko. INTER-RESIDENCE HALL GOVERNMENT. First row: Bill Rogatto, Sean Schade, Terry Kernen, Sue Langenhorst, Terry Martin, Ann Denver. Second row: Jane Briggs, Bob Sawicki, president, Fred Gassert, Joe Karnalay, Tony Famulare, Cheryl Ciancibelli. Third row: Nick Tallen, John Czapleski, Larry Bledsoe, A1 Saline, vice-president, Rich Kaylor, Walter Kuebler. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL. First row: Celeste Cucchi, Jeanne O'Callaghan, Jennifer Johnson. Second row: Barb Moseley, Pat Degnan, Betsy Novickas, Rita Falconer. Third row: Carol Rudy, Ann Olejarczyk, Pam Petoskey, Joan Peerson, Fran Novak. MEN'S RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL. First row: Robert Scheuermann, Ronald Schmidt, John Eclwartkoski, Jim Palazzolo. Second row: Steve Kehres, chaim1an, Ivcry Toussant, Ir., secretary, Jim Qualtcrs, Gary Krist, vice-president. WOMEN'S RESIDENCE I-IALL COUNCIL. First row: Terry Martin, Cathy Elliott, Ann Denver, Loretta DeSantis, secretary. Second row: Barb Moseley, Terry Kernen, Sue Langenhorst, Barb Yenney, Sean Schacle. Third row: Jane Briggs, Kathi Campbell, Anne Marie Minnich, Betty DesCamp, Cheryl Ciancibclli, chairman, Sue I-lanrahan, Anne Shaheen. STUDENT SENATE, legislative branch of Uni- versity Student Govemment. First row: Sandy Urbas, Arlyce Uher, Lynda Krupp. Seccmd row: David Canto, James David, Salaam Malek, Vince Dery. Third row: Chuck Salgat, Jim Parrino, Ross Turner, John Kelly. SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY EN- GINEERS. Row one: Donald Grey, Joe Marino. Row two: Chris Conneley, Henry Dambrowski, George Fritz, jim Dresbach, Tim Gordon, Carl Clark. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA, honorary sociology fratemity. First row: Barbara Wire, Sandy Urbas. Second row: Hiram Shikeab, David Lefiingwell. STUDENT MEDICAL TECHNOLOGL AS- SOCIATION. First row: Ann Zeller, Marianne Rohling, Ella Schervish, Pat Logsdon. Second row: Delia Pelessero, moderator, Evelyn Hansen, Nancy Devine, Bette Alderman, Sue Hobloclc, Eleanore Palczewski. Third row: William House- worth, Christine Fesl, Claudia McRipley, Marsha Parks, Nancy Bryll, Eleanor Rodak, president. ALPHA SIGMA NU, national Jesuit honor so- ciety. First row: Joseph Campau, Michael Grillot, president, Vince Dery. Second row: Theodore Rodalc, secretary, Richard Stachura, James Ridg- ley, vice-president, Richard Krula. Third row: Paul Minbiole, Jerry Menkhaus, Edward Haw- rot, John Lydick. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. First row: Eric Mendel, Donald Willian, Bob Peters, Fred Shaw, treasurer. Second row: Dr. David Camp, moderator, James Adkins, secretary, Paul Minbiole, president, Steve Kehres, Jack Bell. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGI- NEERS. First row: Michael Grabman, Milton Nunez, E.J. Rhomberg, moderator, Albert Griffith, Paul Spranger. Second row: Ken Recker, Norm Oravec, Stephen Hughes, Gregory Druback, Leo Manning, Jim McElheny. Third row: Paul Mc- Manigle, Dick lVIiltner, Frank Bajorek, Nicholas Moramarco, Edward Conboy, Jr., president, Steve Shimko. ANGEL FLIGHT. First row: Lt. Colonel Robert L. Conrey, moderator, Barb Wais, Nancy Dold, Luba Bilyj. Second row: Mary Horner, Barb Maloney, Pattie Winski, Mary Ann Quider, Cecilia Kieliszewski, commander. Third row: Donna Boris, Eva Patrick, Carolyn Zimmeth, Sue Radulski, Fran Trupiano, Chris Zwolak. 270 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, national Air Force honor society. First row: Lt. Colonel Robert L. Conrey, Barb Wais, Pattie Winski, Mark Walch. Second row: Jim Kearney, Vic Huber, Andy Giovannetti, Greg Frankenfield. Third row: Pat- rick McMahon, commander, Terrence Vanicelli, Lee Koski, Raymond Riesterer, Ioe LoPiccolo. BETA ALPHA PSI, national honorary profes- sional accounting fraternity. First row: Philip Czech, Terry Zielinski, Charles Dempz, Vince Dery. Second row: Brent Garback, president, Ann Link, secretary, David Prybys, Jack Reinhart, Paul Merline. ALPHA KAPPA PSI, professional business fra- ternity. First row: Vince Wilk, David Prybys, Pablo Paulino, Ralph Proctor, Ralph Guthat, David Canto, John Rygiel, Hugh Morrison. Sec- ond row: Gap Gammicchia, Jim Parrino, Paul Merline, Ed Geisinger, president, Mike Sochalski, Bill Barr, Mike Maraone. Third row: Bob Span- sky, moderator, Bart johnson, treasurer, Pete Wilhelm, Mike Sugameli, Ron Moskal, jay Kaiser, Mike Gray. Fourth row: Bob Densmore, vice-president, Paul LaRiviere, Thomas Garvey, Walter Stafford, Douglas Allan, Dennis Koczara. Anthony Lewandowski, William Svviderek. CHI EPSILON, national civil engineering honor fraternity. First row: Thomas Hanson, moderator, Nicholas Moramarco, secretary-treasurer, Emest Chinavare. Second row: Ken Recker, president, Dick Miltner, Iohn Wycech, vice-president. ETA KAPPA NU, national electrical engineering honor society. First row: George Plucienkowski, Charles Hoben, president, Donald Macs. Second row: Jack Lucido, Dan Leary, Iirn Budzyn, Den- nis Kirkwood, vice-president. Third row: George Doane, secretary, John Roselant, Donald Gutt, David Zinger, Ed Sinni. 271 GAMMA PI EPSILON, national Jesuit honor society for women. First row: Jeanne O'Callaghan, secretary, Diane Kaput, vice-president. Second row: Mary Ayoub, president, Sandy Urbas, trea- surer, Carolyn Zimmeth. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELEC- TRONIC ENGINEERS. First row: George Plu- cienkowski, president, Maurine Rose Varieur, Jack Lucido, vice-president. Second row: Paul Wrob- lewski, Richard Kree, Jim Budzyn, David Roman. Third row: David Glaser, John Rautenstrauch, John Sewatsky, Joseph Diebold, Donald Gutt. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIA- TION. First row: Patrick O'Connor, president, I-Isiad Mei Shih, secretary, Mathew Chathanatt, I Madeline Meo Yang. Second row: Wolfgang Nein, Rajendra Mohanty, Louis Rurnao, Ray- mond Wiedmeyer. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS. First row: Darryl Urclieclc, Mariane Sokolev, vice-president. Second row: Marie Helene Lawler, Patrice Lindner, Patrick O'Connor. OMEGA CHI EPSILON, national engineering honor society. First row: Eric Mendel, Bob Peters, David McDonald. Second row: Paul Minbiole, president, Donald Willian, Jack Bell, treasurer, James Adkins, secretary. LA ESTUDIANTINA. First row: Tom Claerr, Teresa Ross. Second row: Roger Hayes, SJ., Sam Vitale, Rick Hernandez. PHI BETA LAMBDA, national professional and social business organization. First row: Linda Kenderski, Christine Van Belle, president, Sue Keller, vice-president, Carolyn Gaucher. Second row: Kathie Redmond, Jane Stefanek, Linda Sever, Linda Stach, treasurer. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. First row: Terry Ulaszewski, trea- surer, Gary Toelle, Edwin Graf, president, Ed- ward Thoms. Second row: Daniel O'Brien, sec- retary, joseph Marion, vice-president, Damian Tryjankowski, John K1-ieb. PHYSICS CLUB. First row: Peter Keefe, David Gadzinski, Michael Halm, Robert Bologna. Sec- ond row: David Gioiello, Ir., vice-president, Theodore Rodak, Hugh Cicchillo, David Matzke, Ted Miller. BLUE KEY, national honor fraternity. First row: James Ridgely, Dennis Murphy, Iulio Puzzuoli, president, Kevin Woods, secretary-treasurer. Sec- ond row: Paul Minbiole, Keith Till, Thomas Collier, Eric Mendel, Glen Barber, vice-president. 273 PI MU EPSILON, honor mathematics fratemity. First row: Mary Ayoub, Maureen Lahiff, Michael Grillot, Mary Kopytek, Kathryn Anderson. Second row: John Kender, president, Tom Klamo, Bob O'Amico, Mike Grimley, Theodore Rodak, Carolyn Zimmeth. PI TAU SIGMA, national honorary mechanical engineering society. First row: Iohn Tripi, Andy Giovannetti, Ron Wetjen, Gary Werschler. Second row: Tom Vachon, Daniel O'Brien, vice- president, Damian Tryjankowski, David Nenno, Charles I-Iausmann. Third row: Bob Van Beylen, Marty Walsh, John Krieb, treasurer, Edward March, Joseph Marion, president. F F PHI ETA SIGMA, national freshman honor fraternity. Anthony Lewandowski, vice-president, Thomas Szczerba, Darryl Urcheck, David Matzke. AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION. William Meeker, Steve Staeger, George Cholo, Carl Schmidt. RIDING CLUB. Michael Regan, Barb Mitura Chris Rec, Milton Nunez. SAILING CLUB. First row: Frank Vrabel, Mary Kay Rittersdorf, Phil Allor, commander, Sheri Hirt, Milton Nunez. Second row: David Gund- lach, Ivery Toussant, Fran Novak, Jerry Long, Rick Hammer, Tom Hyatt. ALPHA EPSILON RHO, national professional radio and televsiion fratemity. First row: Kathy Murphy, Connie Taylor, Bill Freeh, national pres- ident, Mary Ellen Carey, secretary, Bemadette Fagan, James Joyce. Second row: Charles Mans- field, Donald Rauch, Tom Woods, Dave Witt- man, Jim Vitak, Richard Pacini, treasurer. Third row: Steve Mandell, Mike Rushlow, vice-presi- dent, Dan I-Ieimann, president, Bill O'Neill, VVes Dubin, Jim McKeon, J. Gordon Connelly. SIGMA PI SIGMA, national physics honor so- ciety. Hugh Cicchillo, Ned Began, Ted Rodak. LE COEUR DU CORPS. First row: Grace Papa, Christina Chopp, vice-president, Debra Risher, treasurer. Second row: Elizabeth Roach, Con- stance Schechter, Cheryl Haack. TAU BETA PI, national engineering honor society. First row: Ron Wetjcn, Jack Lucido, Tim Seidler, secretary, Charlie Hoben, George Plucienkowski, Art Masson. Second row: Bob Peters, John Krieb, Jim Budzyn, Terry Ulaszew- ski, Norm Oravec, Bob Van Bcylen, treasurer, Andy Giovannetti. Third row: Greg Ruff, Joe Wycech, Donald Gutt, president, Edward March, Marty Walsh, Gerald Doane, Tom Vachon, Ken Becker. BROADCASTING GUILD. First row: Mike Rushlow, Don Lark. Second row: Dan Heimann, Bill Freeh, Vitak. THETA SIGMA, national professional won-1en's journalism society. First row: Leslie Ziemba, Mary Paden, Sheila O'Brien, Barb Murphy. Second row: Mary Ellen Carey, Nance Caine, Karen Cavanaugh, president, Jane Briggs, Teri Miller, Sandra Armbruster. UNIVERSITY TUTOR CORPS. First row: Mary Beth Wakulat, Marcia Rittersdorf, Claudia Caramango. Second row: Jinx Joy, Eileen Joy, Annie Augenstein, William Fischer. SKI CLUB. First row: David Westheuser, presi- dent, Louise Briggs, Patty Cecil, Kathy Pfeiffer. Second row: David Gundlach, Ceasar Sharper, Mike Gallagher, Bob Pniewski, Tom Golej. SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS. First row: John Tripi, president, Harold Diegel, Ron Wetjen, vice-president, John Neff. Second row: William Folterman, Bob Van Beylen, Bill Birmingham, Dan Golec, Edward Thoms. Third row: Chuck Kramer, Tom Vachon, John Griihn, John Krieb, Damian Tryjankowski, Gary Toelle. 276 1 INDIA ASSOCIATION. First row: Mathew Chathanatt, Alexander Mapleton, Joseph Thek- kekandam, Vinod Shah. Second row: Haresh Dharia, Kiran Shah, Bipin Desai, Mahendra Shah. Third row: Pravin Shah, Indru Giclwani, Marie Menezes, Shiraz Kathiriya, Patel Himanshu R. ORGANIZATION OF AFRO AMERICAN STUDENTS. First row: Ivery Toussant, Toni Cook, Susie Atkinson, Dennis Harvey. Seco-nd row: James Bearden, Lawrence Moore, Ted Price, Ronald Quincy, Earnest Muckles, Joseph Baker. PI SIGMA EPSILON, national professional commerce and finance fraternity. First row: Richard Krula, president, Frank Zajac, Norm Schmitt, Robert Krula. Second row: Frank Ka- minskas, Theodore Michaliszyn, Mickey Zanotti, secretary, Jim Verkiwderew, Dale Palka, vice- president, Ralph Bohac. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EVENING DIVISION COUNCIL. First TOW! Gerald Steward, president, Mary Ann Kretz, Elaine Riff, secretary, Mike Iclzikowski. Second row: Keith Till, treasurer, Robert Ziegler, Joseph Beck, vice- president, Joseph Krochmalny. DENTAL STUDENT COUNCIL. First row: Lynda Plunkett, Diane Yamada, Alice Wayne, Maxine Finkel. Second row: Janet Kroth, Diane Olis, Ron Reoch, Linda Hill, Lisa Parks. Third row: Dean Summerfield, Paul Korte, Michael Moir, William Campbell, Thomas Gant. 277 5.3 lu-.Alf STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION. First row: Thomas Kulick, Sharon Collins, Virginia Leo, Grahame Capp, Andrew Goldstein, vice-president. Second row: James Anclary, Henry Policinslci, Thomas Woods, Peter Arlcison, Patricia Rossi, secretary, J. Michael Hughes. Third row: Fred Weisse, Tom McGuire, treasurer, Dennis Minano, president, John Conlon, W. Patrick Ryder, Samuel Gabriel. ALPHA KAPPA PSI, national professional busi- ness fraternity. First row: Gerald Steward, Larry Mulvaney, John Antonilli, Michael Meszaros. Second row: James Van Conant, Edgar Butler, John Beirne, Glen Barber, William Lee. Third row: Patrick Gallagher, Keith Till, president, Jim Purleski, Robert Ziegler, Joseph Ottoy, Wil- liam DeC1aire. ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA, national business honor society. First row: Howard Ward, mod- erator, Julio Puzzuoli, Jacques Boettcher, William Cantwell, secretary. Second row: Robert Unstine, Joseph Ottoy, Thomas Collier, William Peecher, Jr. Third row: Thomas Welch, Michael Mes- zaros, Carl Nichols, treasurer, Henry Pyszynski, Eugene Start. MOOT COURT BOARD OF DIRECTORS. First row: Sheldon Larky, Peter Arkison, chair- man, Eugene Nasal, treasurer, Andrew Goldstein. Second row: Dennis Minano, Philip Anderson, William Chlopan, Charles Jennings. DELTA THETA PHI, national professional legal fraternity. First row: Jim Bernhold, Eugene Nasal, Peter Kempel, Andrew Goldstein, Paul Geary. Second raw: J. Thomas McGovern, Pat- rick Newton, Frank Perri, Lawrence Banks, Michael Demchak, James Andary. Third row: Bob Lang, Daniel J, I-lenry, Jr., dean, Philip Ander- son, vicc-dean, James Davey, Richard Moriarity, Leonard Wine, James Zdanio. -L -Q- gf GAMMA ETA GAMMA, national professional law fraternity. First row: Hugo Burzlaff, Thomas Ciaramitaro, Robert Pincket, Frederick Nagher, John McCuen. Second row: Sheldon Larky, Henry Policinski, J. Michael Hughes, W. Ovandcr Stoner, Samuel Gabriel, Thomas Mc- Guire. Tlrird row: James Lavigne, William Chlopan, W. Patrick Ryder, Charles Jennings, Robert Milia. PI-II GAMMA NU, professional commerce so- rority. First row: Mary Webster, treasurer, Carole Puzzuoli, secretary, Mary Ann Kretz, Irene Paruszkiewicz. Second row: Pat Crowley, presi- dent, Elaine Riff, Catherine Cowan, vice-presi- dent, Mary Gouge, Georgette Kattula. FLYING CLUB. First row: Cessna Skyhawk. Second row: Knot picturedj Ron Jakary, president, Larry Banas, Arnold Bell, Jim Bojack, Dick Cass, Tom Dryden, Joseph Gillis, Don Haller, Bill Hanney, Tom Harvey, Paul Huber, Mike Kenny, Sr., Mike Kenny, Jr., Mike Lupton, Jim Nowacki, Tom O'Reilly, Ray Petcavage, Joe Sakai, John Soger, Bob Shoemaker, Herm Shoemaker, Mike Smigulec, Hal Harrison, Mary Pelto, Hugh VVhaley, Darian Pringle, Paul Frenchi, Chuck Dcfcver, Ted Batjer, Gary Schulte. DELTA SIGMA PI, international professional business fraternity. First row: Robert L. Mitchell, Julio Puzzuoli, Thomas Cusick, Jacques Boettcher, Louis Poulos, Robert W. Mitchell. Second row: J. Gillis, James Tomaw, Thomas Collier, vice- president, Michael Taschner, Basil Rudnak, Joseph Beck. Third row: Leo Garcia, Bill John- stow, Brmuno Mussow, George Brudnak, Michael Mayhall, John Stachowski. Fourth row: Dennis Moriestte, Gerald Selke, Jim Dries, Joseph Kroclimalny, Richard Kaminski, Manfred Rosen- kranz, Dennis Murphy, president, Jack Kennedy. Fifth row: Cy Wayman, Dave Atkinson, Chuck Stevenson, John Steele, Dick Saigli, Brent Died- ricli, Ken Koch, VVayne VVellman, Joe Gelclhof, Ed Petersmarck. IIAPPA BETA PI, national professional legal sorority. Jesse Sydnor, Virginia Leo, Patricia Rossi. 279 LEDERMANN SOUTHEASTERN OFFERS THE FINEST IN E L E C T R I C U COMPLETE MAINTENANCE 9 MODERNIZATION ' ' REPNR5 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS LEDERMANN E'-EVATOR Industrial - Commercial COMPANY WA 3-6095 Detroit - Bay City A ' TT x fl . s '. nhl' . H, .,, .Y . ' ls. ..-,, .. QX. 7++'1w. . F -W' ' 9 S , Q13 it-,Q Ts K if 1 Aix .Img -. rf' if, J -... s, 'S I S. S. White Company A division of PENNWALT CORPORATION Dental Equipment 84 Supplies Detroit - Ann Arbor Lansing - Saginaw Main Office: 24601 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, Michigan 48075 MORGAN WATT PAINTING CO 18361 Weaver - Detroit 28, BR. 2-3959 E 8. G REFRIGERATION 8. APPLIANCE SERVICE 1630 LAWNDALE Vi 2-2252 HEINEMAN 8. LOVETT CO. INC. Waterproofing Contractors 8700 TIREMAN AVENUE WEbster 3-7161 Koerts Glass and Paint Company, Inc. 501-505 Lewis Street, Flint 3, Michigan Aluminum Curtain Wall 8- Aluminum Entrances on Fisher Brothers Adm. Center Compumems of Joi-IN E. GREEN co. GEORGE F. DIEHL 60 YEARS a CIS GERALD D. DIEHL The Mimi C0mPaHY MECHANICAL CUNTRACTORS "Food Service Specialist" 825 7990 6000 Buch FI RE PROT ECTION HEATING PLUMBING "Never Fear When Roger Police Are Near" RAGER PRIVATE POLICE 510 Michigan Building Detroit Saginaw Detroit, Michigan 48226 Knowledgeable Help in Choosing a Location and Office Planning Your Litton Dental store manager will gladly assist you in selecting a location and in office planning and design. You will benefit from his long experience in many other ways. His knowledge of your needs enables him to carry adequate stocks of proven and accepted dental supplies and equipment at all times Qsome 10,000 different itcmsj. He maintains a repair and installation depart- ment. He is your friend with the know-how to help you. Litton Dental Division Litton Medical Products Inc., Litton Industries DUTCH Ferndale 77 W. Elizabeth St. 700 W. Eight Mile Rd. 962-8332 LI4-0421 From Friend JIM MUCERI 8 SUN flfllogwab jruifd 89 Qmluce 37807 VIA ROSALIE - NIT. CLEMENS, MICH. 48043 Phone 1-468-2938 Office Phone 526-2640 SMITH - SANTORO, INC. 21340 Telegraph Rd. Southfield, Mich. 48075 357-3800 Masonry - Plaster Conirocior if PURITAN ELECTRIC' CO. Northwest Detroit? Only Complete Wholesaler DISTRIBUTORS FOR-Thomas 8. Betts, General Electric Co., Bull Dog Electric Prods., Edwards L Ca., Buss Fuses, Arrow H 8. H Corp., Bryant Elect. Ca., Cutler Hammer And Other Nationally Known Electrical Products COUNTY WIDE DELIVERY UNi'e"i'y 34503 15500 WY0"'5"9 Best wisHEs TO CLASS Compliments of OF 1970 BAKER'S GAS 81 WELDING SUPPLIES mousmmi cases - wswmc eouimem CARBON DIOXIDE GAS ' FIRE EXTINGUISHERS D 0 N A L D R c W 2015 Michigan Ave. Detroit, Michigan 48216 "" WO. 2-8570 1300 Howard, Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146 "" DU. 3-5690 ASSISTANT CASHIER FENKELL-FAIRFIELD OFFICE F.J. O'TOOLE CO. Electrical Contractors BANK EJ TRUST DETROIT Detroit, Michigan TR 2-6066 2 SOUTHEASTERN TILE 81 MARBLE CO., INC. 14614 E. 9MiIe 772-8900 EAST DETROIT Michigan 48021 Ceramic Tile for University New Housing and Student Union UNivcrsity 1-3539 , A , J' . D Qfwzgfi Qyrocess Ga ui I I 1 NEGATIVES 6 OFFSET PLATES 14849 LIVERNOIS AVE. DETROIT 33, MICHIGAN PUMPING EQUIPMENT CENTRIFUGAL - TURBINE - PROPELLER - CONDENSATE R. L. DEPPMANN COMPANY DETROIT 0 GRAND RAPIDS 0 SAGINAW KOPECKY MATTRESS CO. TW I-9034 12460 Conant Detroit, Michigan 48212 Mattresses and Pillows Any Size MCCAUSEY LUMBER COMPANY 1 INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION LUMBER 0 WOOD BOXES and CRATES 0 WOOD PALLETS 0 MILLWORK GEORGE T. GILLERAN IOwnerI 7751 LYNDON AVENUE Detroit, Michigan 48238 UNiversity 1-2523 Even Before the Telephone- We Were Heofing the Homes of Defroif KOENIG FUEL 8. suPPLY co. Since 7870 . Main Office: 1486 GRATIOT Telephone WO. 'I-T584 hediing oil s +x . ' A ' fQ1 '.f w. v 1 xjiVF:' x U , I .. A I ' 'Q' 5 If? ' h . .135 v- if 5:4-1:45, - 34. ' 4,:,?uw.-,f ff W -'f t , '.-,ff l-13 35? :bi-1 I ' 1513- ' fgifi .fini ' JAH , '. . A, .' , 5:71- A ' v I L Y DR. SAM ABRAMSON GEORGE M. COHAN DR. WILLIAM E. ALTON DR. AND MRS. ROBERT E. COLEMAN DR. MAX APPEL PAUL S. COLLRIN L'55 GERVID ATKINSON DR. JOHN V. COMELLA DR. FREDERICK G. AUMANN MRS. S. GERARD CONKLIN J. CONNOR AUSTIN MR. GEORGE A. 8. JULIA COONEY DR. G. R. BAIRD R. GERALD COYLE, D.D.S. LEWIS F. BARBER, D.D.S. DR. JOSEPH A. DePERRO D'45 DR. STEPHEN BAYNAI D'57 DR. LOUIS J. DePERRO D'5O DR. ROBERT BECKER WILLIAM A. BEDROSIAN L'53 DR. NORBERT A. DITTMAR D'56 FRED BIANCO WALTER F. DROLLINGER DR. THOMAS J. BIRNEY DR. RICHARD S. FEDOROWICZ D'55 BOCKSTANZ BROTHERS COMPANY ANTHONY A. FEMMININEO HOWARD I. BOND DR. ROBERT G. FISHER DAVID E. BURGESS JOHN L. FRANCIS CAHILL CAMERA SERVICE, INC. DR. ALEX FRANK L. D. CARON, M.D. DRS. J. J. 84 R. B. FREDAL DR. 8. MRS. NORMAN K. CARSTENS DR. ROBERT FULLER JOHN R. CHAMPAGNE, D.D.S. GENERAL HARDWOOD COMPANY CHIRCO, DONALDSON, RUWART H-HAM IBB gt MUSGROVE W H. G S, JR., D.D.S. WILLIAM D. GILBRIDE DR. EUGENE CISLO BERNARD GIRARD L'43 MURRAY A. CLARK, D.D.S. 288 DETROIT MARKING PRODUCTS CORP. DR. SAMUEL GLOSSMAN H. W. GOLDSTROM, D.D.S. EDWARD T. GOODRICH DR. MEYER H. GREEN JOHN P. HAMEL, D.D.S. HARON METALS 81 EQUIPMENT COMPANY DR. SIMON HARRISON JAMES A. HATHAWAY A. T. JONES 8. SON, INC. LESLIE G. JOY, D.D.S. DR. BERNARD P. KEAN MICHAEL J. KELLY DR. RICHARD L. KELSO DR. HARRY KEMS MILTON HERMAN KIONKA JAMES ROBERT KRANZ HON. ARTHUR J. KRUTZ L'22 DR. ROBERT A. KURCZ RICHARD P. KUSCHELL DR. STANLEY LACZYNSKI DR. HENRY E. LENDEN NORMAN J. I.eVASSEUR -. v. LEVERSUCH DR. SAUL O. LIEEER DR. BENJAMIN LISOWSKI DR. FRANCIS A. LUTONE DR. B. MRS. BERNARD J. MASSON IAMES P. MATTIMOE I. BERNARD McINERNET DR. JOHN PAUL MEHALL IDR. PAUL MENTAO DR. RONALD ALLEN MILLER -OUIS c. MIRIANI DR. A. w. MOSS HENRY R. MOTE, JR., D.D.S. ROGER PHILIP MOURAD, J.D. WILLIAM MURRAY, U39 DR. RONALD BENJAMIN MUSKE JAMES NASSAR DR. JOHN O. NATSIS PHILIP J. NEUDECK DR. THOMAS I. NEUMANN DR. DAVID J. NIVISON DR. HAROLD O. NIxON JOHN F. NOONAN L'5O DR. MELVIN A. NOONAN DANIEL P. O'BRIEN DR. SAMUEL L. OLEN IRVING PALMAN PAUL PENSLER, D.D.S. DR. 81 MRS. THOMAS PERRIN MARVIN J. PETROUS, D.D.S. DR. JAMES D. PFEIFER CASS PIOTROWSKI CHESTER PODGORNY L'52 DR. 81 MRS. DONALD K. POKORNY PETER J. POLIDORI, D.D.S. DR. 81 MRS. STANLEY J. PONIATOWSKI DR. RICHARD POSLER DR. 81 MRS. JAMES W. POTTS MALCOLM P. PROPHIT L'5I HAROLD J. ROACH, D.D.S. GEORGE F. ROBERTS DR. MORRIS A. RUBIN, D.D.S. DR. JEROME SAGE CARL H. SCHMIDT COMPANY HARRY G. SELLARS, D.D.S. WILLIAM S. SHEEHY DR. LEO SHIPKO DR. GERALD J. SIKORA GERALD C. SIMON DR. 8L MRS. DANIEL J. SKONEY DR. KENNETH D. SMITH DR. ALBERT P. SPAN DR. FRED A. STEIN DR. GEORGE D. THOMAS DR. JOHN J. TOTON DR. STEPHEN WILLIAM TURANSKY TURNER ENGINEERING COMPANY PAUL M. VAUGHT, D.D.S. DR. ANTHONY J. VENET DR. DANIEL WADOWSKI RALPH R. WEISS, D.D.S. DR. J. F. WESTERHEIDE JAMES C. WETZEL JOSEPH s. AGNELLO CATES ELECTRIC COMPANY CITY TOWEL SERVICE NORMAN J. COHEN JOHN M. COTE, D.D.s. JOSEPH L. CRAIG L'53 GEORGE P. DAKMAK L'55 JULIE R. EAMULARO ROBERT J. HUMMEL L'60 DR. THOMAS w. KELLY D'54 FRANK E. KENNEY, JR., L'53 DR. B. MRS. C. s. KOGUT ROBERT L. KOPERsKI L'5o MR. a. MRS. ROBERT C. LEITHAUSER PHILIP J. MABARAK L'53 RONALD E. MACK L'5o STEWART J. MCTEER L'52 SEVERIO P. MISTRETTA DR. FRANK MONACO MONARCH WELDING COMPANY JEROME A. MOORE U55 BRAKIE J. ORR L'5I DR. JEROME R. ROCHON D'55 D. 81 MRS. FRANK SENGSTOCK D. DAVID I. SILVER D'4I DR. FRED D. STOYE D'46 BEN T. YOUNG COMPANY JOSEPH R. ZANGLIN DR. ROBERT J. ZOBEL D'54 WILLIAM C. CASSEL J. WILLARD CARPENTER CHARLES R. WILSON 290 BRENN N """' 2 BUILDI G CONSTRUCTION cz 4649 Humboldt 2 .5 fff nutty.- Detroit, Michigan 48208 i-- .if .ru-.ft-If wi-if-....: N ammo. i-.f, 'ii gol' Cl to glve 'ljlierrzfs n new national pastime: ,ITE ' 1 1 ' , 'gf nv hving.nnrl nmking evnryacmnd -" ' " ' ' count. Pepsiis part of it all, with f V, . 5- - the energy to let you live big, , A 1 and u taste thnt's bigger than life. - ' gh ' 1 Pepsi-Cola.. . it's get alot bn give. , V23 ' 0 ' ' 1 A I S1 V - 1 ' .- jimi , I, :lf 1 frank zappa mickey mouse mark rudd tony Curtis james simon kunen secret squirrel donald duck dan the moose and Capt. beefheart larry Weiss Shelly hyinarx spiral eggnog jesus li. christ john lennon toni Wolfe the crew of captain sir graves ghastly robert heinlein sid crazy horse mick jagger isaac asimov che guevara jimmy page j. patrick kenny maurice ravel lcnny bruce james joyce bob dylan uncle russ mc'5 jim morrison john plasko abbie hoffman sam the sham dirty tony of max fred shaftrick mr. wizzard Spiritual inspiration his fur people america spider mcclure jimmi liendrix pierre smirnoif jack daniel tim leary grace slick janis joplin big daddy roth ian Heming dennis hopper peter foncla pickle ray bradbury my friend Hicka moby dick archie thomas frost rocky jones valentine michael smith gorgo forrest j. aclcerman peter max king kong art iggy stoogc hell's angels barb from surf place ken kesey marshall mcluhan allan ginsburg the fugs monte rock arlo guthrie boris karloff annie fanny dick smith marcus aurelius paul klee moose missey 291 1970 tower index Acho, Ronald 228 Adams, Sandra 228,254 Addison, Butch 260 Adkins, james 270,272 Addy, Marylou 228 Aerni, William 228 Albright, SJ., Gerald 268 Alderman, Bette 270 Alexander, Walter 228 Allan, Douglas 271 Alli, Joe 256 Allor, Phil 275 Amella, Richard 252 Ancypa, ,lanice 228 Andary, James 278 Anderson, Kathryn 228,274 Anderson, Philip 278 Andracke, Susan 228 Androff, Nancy 253 Antonilli, John 228,278 Ard, Otis 255 Arkison, Peter 228,278 Armbruster, Sandra 276 Arniield, John 72 Atkins, Steve 268 Atkinson, Dave 279 Atkinson, Susie 277 Augenstein, Annie 276 Auger, Larry 228 Augustyniak, Beverly 228 Austin, Richard 61 Ayotte, Denise 261 Ayoub, lwary 228,272,274 Azello, John 250 Babuder, Jerry 256 Baitin er, Alberta 228 Bajorei, Frank 270 Ball, Helen 97 Ball, Robert 228 Banas, Larry 279 Banas, Rick 302 Banion, Lawrence 228 Banks, Lawrence 278 Baralt, A. Raymond 71 Barath, Desire 84 Barber, Glen 228,273,278 Barduca, Deborah 228 Barker, Paul 265 Barkoski, Vic 253 Barksdale, Earnestina 228 Barnes, Robert 228 Barnhardt, Charles 75 Barowicz, Timothy 228 Barr, Bill 271 Barresi, Sam 265 Barron. Monica 228 Barta. Raymond 228 Bartol, lack 262 Baser, Hugh 260.268 Bassier. Mary 228 Batjer. Ted 279 Battaglia, Ron 228 Batts, Charles 255 Baumgardner. Marilyn 261 Baumgardt, Charles 228 Bazner, Kenneth 228 Bearden, lames 277 Bechard. Sue 253 Beebe, Linda 228 Beirne. lohn 228,278 Beck. loseoh 277,279 Beck. Robert 266 Becker, Steve 260 Beckmann, Robert 228,264 Began, loe 260 292 Began, Ned 275 Bell, Arnold 279 Bell, john 228,270,272 Bellanca, Michael 228 Bellavary, John 265 Bender, Mrs. Mary 73,97 Bennett, William 228 Berberich, Dan 253 Berkheld, Sr., Rick 260 Berkowski, John 96 Bernardo, George 228 Bernholcl, lim 278 Bieber, Paul 259 Bielecki, Mark 262 Bilyji, Luba 270 Binder, Ray 259 Birch, Paul 228 Birmingham, james 229,264,276 Bischoff, Mary 229 Blakemore, Art 262 Blass, Gerhard 81 Bledsoe, Larry 268 Bloom, john 250 Bober, Norman 85 Bocchia, Lidano 229,251,258 Bodiya, Naser 85 Boecker, Thomas 229 Boehnlein, Dolores 229 Boettcher, Iacques, 278,279 Bohac, Ralph 277 Bojack, lim 279 Bologna, Robert 229,273 Bonamy, George 229 Boncyzk, Bruce 250 Bonenfant, Paul 266 Bonucchi, Lynda 229,253 Borris, Donna 270 Bork, Marlene 253 Bomoty, Ianice 229,253 Bornoty, Linda 253 Borowicz, Barb 254 Borski, Pauline 229 Bourbeau, Donald 229 Bova, Francis 229 Boyce, lohn 229 Boyle, Helen 97 Boyk, Tom 262 Braciszewski, Virginia 97 Bradley. Mrs. Carol 251 Brady, Dick 258 Brady, lean 229,263 Brady, Patricia 229 Brang, Kathleen Marie 229 Braum, Thomas 229 Brennan, lim 253 Briggs, lane 276,268,269,300 Briggs, Louise 276 Brockway. Brian 90 Broniak. Gerald 229 Brosky, Denny 265 Brower, Dave 253 Brown, Geri 253 Brown, S.l., lames 82 Brown, Kevin 257 Rrowski. Richard 229 Brudnak, George 279 Brueckman. Marilyn 229 Brumbaugh. George 253 Brunikowski, lack 250 Brven. Gregorv 229,253 Brvll. Nancv 270 Brvlski. Mark 256 Buck. lohn 258 Buckley, Ronald 229,259 Budzvn, larnes 229,268,271,272,275 Bueschen. Bob 265 Ruras. Dale 253 Burke. lane 97 Burke, Kathie 253,259 Burke, Wayne 255 Burzlaff, Hugo 229,279 Busch, Gerald 229 Busser, Darryl 264 Butler, Edgar 278 Butz, Becky 254 Byrnes, Robert 229 Cahill, Patrick 229 Caine, Nance 276,301 Calandriello, Ruth 254 Calclerone, Mary Ellen 229 Caldwell, Jerry 255 Calihan, Robert 94 Camp, David 270 Campau, Joseph 229,268,270 Campbell, Denny 265 Campbell, Gerald 229 Campbell, Kathi 269 Campbell, Nancy 229 Campbell, William 277 Canjar, Larence 86 Canto, David I. 229,269,271 Cantwell, William 278 Capossela, Ronald 264 Capp, Grahame 278 Caramango, Claudia 276 Caravallah, ,lim 214 Card, Dick 260 Carethers, Karen 229 Carey, James 229 Carey, Mary Ellen 230,275,276 Carl, Horst 230 Carlesimo, Tony 257 Carr, Robert 230' Carroll, Michael 230 Carton, SJ., Malcolm 68,64 Casazza, Mary 230 Casazza, Timothy 230 Casella, Phil 256 Cash, Gerald 230 Cass, Dick 279 Cassette, Dennis 230 Catalf-io, Anthony 230 Cavanaugh, Karen 230,276 Cecil, Patty 276 Celek, Dick 253 Cerreta, Denny 253 Cessna Skyhawk 279 Chambors, Tony 268 Champine, William 230 Chancey, Paul 230 Char, Sherman 230 Charbenau, S.l., Thomas 83 Chathanatt, Mathew 272,277 Chesney, lean 97 Chiarmonti, Laura 261 Chiavelli, luclith 230 Chin, Dixon 230 Chinavare, Ernest 230,271 Chlopan, William 230,278,279 Cholo, George 274 Chopp, Christina 275 Chorazewicz, Chris 261 Christian, Larry 230 Church, Cathy 215 Churukian, Adrina 230 Ciancibelli, Cheryl 268,269 Ciaramataro, loc 267 Ciaramitaro, Sam 262 Ciaramitaro, Thomas 279 Cicchillo. Hubert 230,273,275 Ciuflietelli, Laura 253 Claerr, Tom 273 Clark, Carl 230,269 Clark, Elaine 92 gint, Joliigr 265 ar en, at 258 Clausi, Karen 254 Claya, Joseph 230 Cleary, Denny 256 Cleare, Susan 230 Clemens, Jim 259,268 giexneiwits, lggzgdylon 230 os, im Coakley, Noreen 230 Cocquyt, Carole 254 Cole, Michael 230 Collier, Thomas 273,279,278 Collins, Dorothy 88 Collins, Sharon 278 Coluccio, Vincent L. 230,257 Combs, Robert 230,265 Conboy,gr., Edward 230,270 Conlan, ue 253,261 Conlon, John 278 Conneley, Chris 269 Connelly, Gordon 275 Connolly, Christopher 230 Conrey, Lt. Col. Robert 270,271 Conroy, Geraldine 230,253 Contini, Mario 230,259 Coo an, Ronald 230 Cooi, Toni 277 Coonen, Shelley 263 Cooney, Mary 230,251 Egsci, Joe 238 77 1 stinew, ex Cotant, Julianne 230 Court, Michelle 231 Courtney, Richard 231 Courtright, Dennis 231 Courtright, Donald 231 Cowalrg, Catherine 279 Cox, uss 262 Craine, Peter 252 Crawfortlij Timothy 255 Cross, Bo 260 growJey, 1151111515 6231 row ey, at Csaszar, Sande 231,254 Cucchi, Celeste 253,268 Culcasi, James 231 Cunning iam, James 231 Cunningham, Joe 257 Curran, rlCerr5iS2,58 Curtin, im Curtis, James 231,256 Cusick, Thomas 279 Czapleski, John 268 Czech, Philip 271 Czerniewski, Don 250 Czerwinski, Marilyn 231 Czostkowski, Raymond 231 Dahlgren, John 266 Daley, John 231 Dalida, John 231 Daly, Kathleen 231 Daly, Owen 253 Dambrovvski, Henry 269 Dantzer, Bob 265 Davenport, James 231,264 Davey, James 278 Davicl, James 269 Davis, Thomas 77 Dean, Harold 231 DeBolle, Frank 231 DeClaire, William 231,278 DeCosmo, Ronald 231 Dee, Marianne 253 Defever, Chuck 279 Degnan, Pat 268 Degregorio, Tom 265 DeJoseph, Anthony 231,264 DeLorme, Anita 231 Demarsh, Paul 258 Demchalc, Michael 278 Dempz, Charles 271 Densmore, Robert 231,271 Denver, Ann 268,269 Depetro, A1 259 DePuyclt, Dan 259 DeRamer, Andy 251 DeRosa, A. J. 262 Dery, Vincent 231,269,270,27l DeSantis, Loretta 269 Desai, Bipin 277 DesCamp, Betty 269 DeSchryver, Victor 89 DeSevo, Roberta 231 Dctzel, David 264 Devaney, Torn 253 Devine, Nancy 270 Devlin, Ecltl 268 Deziel, Barbara 231,253 Dharia. 1-Iaresh 277 Dieholcl, Joseph 231,272 Dieclrich, Brent 231,279 Diegel, Harold 231,276 DiFabio, Celeste 231 DiGiovanni, Mike 260 Dillon, Charles 231 Dilworth, Marylou 231,254 Dine, David 231 Dinkel, E. Christine 231 DiRocco, Carol 231 Doane, George 271 Doane, Gerald 232,275 Dobrzynski, Eugene 232 Dold, Nancy 270 Dolsen, Michael 232,262,268 Donahue, Larry 257 Donakowski, Richard 232 Donohue, Mike 253 Donoso, Anton 81 Doran, John 232 D'Orazio, Robert 232,259 Dorsey, Mike 250 Downes, James 232,265 Doyle, Larry 265 Drainville, Cary 256 Drake, Ocie 250 Dresbach, Jim 269 Dries, Jim 279 Druback, Gregory 232,270 Dryden, Tom 279 Dubin, Wes 232,275 Dueweke, Tom 259 DuH:y, John 232,264 Dumsa, Laura 263 Dunipage, Michael 232,259 Dunmire, Maryanne 232 Dunn, S.J., Hugh 69 Durkee, Catherine 97 Duwe, Rita 232 Dwyer, Mary 254 Dyson, Bill 258 Dyson. George 232 Dzielsky, Walter 250 Dziuba, Henry 88 Eclford, Allan 232 Eclvvartkoski, John 267,269 Eisenhauer, Gary 232 Elliott, Cathy 269 Elliott. Claude 232 Elm, Claudine 97 Elward. Tom 262,268 Emig, John 253 N 'i lg ll ,MIX l A ' P I X - in D' A Q ' X I 3 " - gg - . Xx 293 Ernprie, Toni 260 Emricle, Chris 263 Engel, Theodora 232 Esper, Robert 232 Esquejo, Maria 232 Extrom, john 253 1-agan, Bernadette 275 lfagm, Henry 93,65 l-airfield, Robert 232 Falconer, Rita 251,268 Famulare, Tony 268 l'annon, Rock 257 Fannon, Brian 268 Farnan, Bill 250 Farrell, Clay 256 Fedak, Stephen 232,250 Feehan, hlary 97 Feneyk, jr., Edward 232 Fenwick, Ronald 232 Ferguson, Dave 215 Fernandez, Charles 256 Ferri, Frank 278 Fesl, Christine 261,270 Fest, Ronald 232 Finder, Robert 232,262 Finkel, Maxine 277 Finnegan, Gregory 266 Fino, Tim 258 Fischer, VVilliam 276 Flamenco, Manuel 232 Flahie, John 258 Flavin, Margaret 232 Flick, Jim 257 Flower, Susan 232 Folley, Karl 80 Folterman, XVilliam 232,276 Fornal, Donald 232 Fortek, Rosemarie 97 Fortman, Steve 262 Fous, Bob 250 Frabotta, Mary 253 Francis, Thomas 232,258 Franke, Robert 252 Frankenfield, Greg 271 Franzel, Fred 256 Franzinger, Bob 259 Frederick, W7illiam 232 Freeh, Bill 275,276 Frelich, Camille 89 Frenchi, Paul 279,214 Frendo, Denny 259 Friday, Mary Sue 253 Fritz, George 269 Fuller, Buckminster 126 Fylypiw, Orest 232,268 Gabriel, Samuel 232,278,279 Gadala, Maria-Eduardo 252 Gadzinski, David 273 Gallagher, Daniel 233 Gallagher, Mike 276 Gallagher, Patrick 233,278 Galon, Charles 263,268 Gammicchia, Gap 271 Gandolfo, Carmen 233 Gant, Thomas 277 Gantos, Linda 253 Garavaglia, Lois 253 Garback, Brent 233,271 Garcia, Leo 279 Garetto, Ioseph 233 Garvey, Bob 268 Garvey, Thomas 271 Gassert, Fred 268 Gates, Bob 260 Gaucher, Carolyn 273 Gearty, Mike 257,268 Geary, Paul 278 Gehringer, Richard 233 Geisinger, Edwin 233,268,271 Geldhof, loe 279 Cenette, Michael 232 Genthner. Robert 233 Gentile, Charles 233 Gerlacli, lo 263 Giambra, Lennie 258 Gianino, Frank 262 l 294 1 Giasone, Leonard 233,261 Gidvvani, Indra 277 Gillis, joseph 279 Ginley, Jim 260 Gioiello, jr., David 233,273 Giorgio, Tony 253 Giovauetti, Andy 271,275,274 Giroux, Michael 233 Giroux, Tom 259 Glaser, David 233,272 Glaser, Tom 262 Glispin, james 78 Glouis, Mike 259 Gnocke, Florence 97 Goedken, Dennis 233,256 Goergen, Don 253 Goetz, Joe 262 Goldstein, Andrew 233,278 Golec, Daniel 233,276 Golebiewski, David 264 Golembiewski, Tom 256 Goncher, Richard 233 Good, Ioan 233 Gordon, Tim 250,269 Goss, Bill 250 Gottko, Edward 233 Gouge, Mary 279 Grabman, Michael 270 Grady, Marcia 233 Graf, Edwin 273 Graham, Russ 257 Graney, Elizabeth 233 Gran, Arthur 233 Graves, Charlie 250 Gray, Michael 233,271 Grebinski, Mike 260 Green, Ron 258 Grencewicz, Timothy 266 Gretch, Eugene 233 Grewe, Gene 205 Grey, Donald 267,269 Grey, Ron 257 Gribbs, Mrs. Roman 60 Griffin, John 233,260,276 Griffith, Albert 270 Grillot, Michael 233,270,274 Grimley, Mike 274 Gruber, Mariane 254 Gruclzinski, Richard 233 Guerrini, Christine 233 Guerin, Dan 250 Gundlacli, David 233,25 8,268,275,276 Guracecli, Iames 72 Guthat, Ralph 233,271 Guthrie, Sir Tyrone 36 Gutt, Donald 233,27l,272,275 Gwizdala, Maureen 251 Haaek, Cheryl 275 Habina , Andrew 233 Hagerty, Donald 70 Haggis, Alex 78 Haines, Frances 233 Hakim, Maroun 257 Halajko, Richard 233 Hall, Craig 260 Haller, Halliga Don 279 n, Tom 260 Halm, Michael 273 Hamel, Kathleen 234 Hammer, Rick Hance, Robert 234,259 Hand, Patricia 234 Hannan, Ed 260 Hanney, Bill 279 Hanrahan, Sue 269 Hansen, Evelyn 270 Hansen, Stephen 234 Hanson, jan 234,261 Hanson, Thomas 271 Hardwi ek, Clyde 84 Harper, Peggy 251 Harrington, Kathy 253 Harrison, Hal 279 Hart, Senator Phil 61 Harvey, Dennis 277 Harvey, Sandra 234,263 Harvey, Tom 279 Haskell, Bill 253 Hauek, William 77 1'-Iausmann, Charles 274 Hausser, Krickette 263 Hawrot, Edward 234,270 Hayes, Bob 259 Haves, Frederick 80 Hayes, Ir., james 234 Hayes, lohn 260 Hayes, SJ., Roger 273 Headley, Adrian 80 Healy, Patricia 234 Hedgpeth, Elvin 260 Hegener, lohn 234 Heimann, Dan 275,276 Heitman, Dick 265 Helmig, Denny 262 Henderson, Deborah 234 Hendry, Robert 234,258 Hengstcbeck, Robert 234 Hennessy, Maureen 234 Henry, Daniel 278 Herman, Bob 258 Hernandez, Rick 273 Herr, Jimmy 250 Herron, Catherine 234 Hevboer, Thomas 234 Hickner, Paul 259 Hill. Henry 262 Hill, Kathy 263 Hill, Linda 277 Hillebrand, Victor 234 Hillers, Raymond 234 Hillman. Susan 234 Himanshu, Patel 277 Hindenach. Dick 256 1-lineman, Iames 267,268 Hirt. Sheri 275 Himcl. Leon 267 Hitt, losenh 91 Hohan, Chuck 260 Hoban, Edward 71 Hoban, Nancy 263 Hoben. Charles 271,275 Hohlock, Sue 270 Hoffman, David 234 Hoffman. lames 234 Hohl. Robert 234 Holdreth. Anne Marie 234 Holm. Kathy 261 Holtzman, Diane 234,251 Hopkins, Mary 253 Horan, Tom 256 Horner, Mary 270 Horvath, William 234 Hotz, Richard 234 Houle, Anne 97 I-loulihan, Mary 234 Houseworth, William 270 Housey, Loretta 234 Hubacher, Jucly 253 Huber, Paul 279 Huber, Vic 271 Huckahay, Charlie 258 Hughes, John 257 Hughes, Michael 278,279 Hughes, 3atti 263 Hughes, Stephen 234,270 Hull, Allan 234 Hunt, Donald 76 Hunt, John 262 Hutchinson, William 255 Huybrechts, Dirk 256 Hyatt, Tom 275 Iclzikowski, Mike 277 Ioli, Felicia 234 lrelan, Craig 258 Ireland, Gary 75 Ito, Rikumo 84 Jacobs, Roger 234 Jacoby, Jack 250 Jakary, Ron 279 Janis, Joseph 72 anovec, Joe 250 aster, Joseph 234 -atczak, David 234 Jenning, Clarence 255 Jennings, Charles 234,278,279 Jensen, Donald 235 Jerdonek, Ron 253 Jeske, Beverly 235 Jesky, Lawrence 235 Jesky Sandra 235 Joans, Ted 62 Johnson, Barton 235,271 Johnson, Eileen 235 Johnson, Frank 74 Johnson, Jennifer 235,254,268 Johnstow, Bill 279 Jordan, Rafic 235 Joy, Eileen 276 Joy, Jim 276 Joyce, James 275 luip, Kenneth 235,253 Juin, Lee Norman 235 lurkiewicz. Kenneth 235 Justak, Mel 256 Kaanta, Leonard 235 Kacy, Dennis 235 Kaczmar, Mary 235 Kafcas, Mary 97 Kaiser, lay 235,271 Kalisz, Joann 235 lfamalav, Joe 268 Kaminskas. Frank 277 Kaminski. Richard 279 Kane, Jeff 267 Kanker, Thomas 235 Kanut, Diane 235,272 Kathiriya. Shiraz 277 Kattula, Georgette 279 Kauker, Tom 260 Kavulic. Agnes 261 Kavlor, Rich 268 Kaznwr. Margaret 235 Kazmierkiewicz, Kenneth 235 Kean, Helen 92 Kearney, Jim 271 Kearns, S.J., Robert 76 Keele, Peter 273 Kehoe, Susan 235 Kehres, Mike 258 Kehres, Stephen 235,258,269,27O Keller, Sue 273 Kelly, Bill 260 Kelly, John 269 Kelly, Mary 235,253 Kelly, hflike 257 Kem el, Peter 90,278 Kenclier, John 235,274 Kenderski, Linda 273 Kennedy, Jack 279 Kenny, Jr., Mike 279 Kenny, Sr., Nlike 279 Kcrnan, Peter 69 Kernen, Terry 268,269 Kerns, Edward 235 Kerr, Ginny 263 Kieliszewski, Cecilia 270 Kiner, James 235 Kinn, Stephen 235 Kirkwood, Dennis 271 Klamo, Tom 274 Klebba, Michael 235 Klimaski, Joe 253 Klimek, Ronald 235 Klinger, Eugene 87 Klucens, Timothy 235 Koch, Kenneth 235,279 Koezara, Dennis 235,271 Koenig, Thomas 266 Koenke, Neil 235 Kolber, Thomas 235 Kolczynski, Norbert 235 Kolderman, Tom 268 Kolis, Connie 253 Kolis, Ron 257 Kolly, Greg 236 Komenclera. Jim 236,253 Kopytek, Mary 274 Kornelfel, Sue 253 Korte, Paul 277 Kosiorek, Jack 260 Koski, Lee 271 Koster, VValter 236 Kostur, Nlike 259 Knvach. Edith 79 Kowal, Phyllis 97 Kowalzvk, Leon 86 Kowalyk. Dorothy 236 Kozlowski. Anthony 264 Kramer, Al 259 Kramer, Chuck 276 Kramer, Donald 236,259 ll ll lil 50'- i, iii K ngu- ' '- .- L Krebs, Bill 258 Kree, Richard 236,268,272 Kretz, Mary Ann 236,277,279 Krieb, John 236,273,274,275,276 Krist, Cary 258,269 Krochmalny, Joseph 236,277,279 Krol, Frank 236,256 Krolik, Denny 256 Kromer, Philip 236 Kroth, Janet 277 Krozek, Walter 236 Krula, Richard 236,270,277 Krula, Robert 277 Krupp, Lynda 269 Kruske, Edward 236,258 Knyszczak, Gregory 236 Kuebler, lfValter 268,65 Kuhar, Lenny 256 Kulick, Thomas 236,278 Kulpa, James 236,253,268 Kulpa, Jeff 236,253 Kummerl, Ellen 261 Kunert, S.J., Rev. 253 Kurbel, Barb 253 Kuzenko, VVillia1n 236 Laba, Robert 264 Lacelle, Donald 236 Ladd, Fred 253,267,268 Lahiff, Maureen 274 Lally, Donna 253 Landuyt, Bernard 84 Lane, Gerald 264 Lang, Bob 278 Langenhorst, Susan 236,268,269,2l-l Lankes, John 236,258 Laritz, Ken 267 Larky, Sheldon 236,278 LaRiviere, Paul 271 Lark, Don 276 Larky, Sheldon 279 Laskowski, Jr., George 236 Laubert, Joseph 236,260 Laule, Jr.. Robert 236,264 Lauster, T. 236 LaVerso, Vincent 266 Lavigne, James 236,279 Lawler, Bill 262 Lawler, Marie Helene 272 Lawrence. Ronald 236 Learned. Michael 236,258 Leary, Dan 260,271 Le Cercle Francais 272 Lee, Richard 250 Lee, VVilliam 236,278 ,. Lefhngwell, David 269 Lehmkuhl, David 236 Lehrter, loe 256 Leo, Virginia 236,278,279 Leon, Bruno 87 Lesch, Daniel 237 Leskiewiez, Dan 268 Letcher, Nlike 259 Leus, Alexander 237 Levant, ,lulian 237 Lewandowski, Anthony 271,274 Lewis, Wilbert 255 Licata, Sam 259 Light, Bradford 264,268 Lindner, Patrice 272 Lingeman, Thomas 237 Link, Ann Dee 237,271 Lintault, Bob 258 Lisska, Mark 237 Lisslca, Marv 237,253 Lockwood, Marti 253 Loewen, George 237 Logsdon, lohn 73 Logsdon, Kathleen 237 Logsdon, Lloyd 73 Logsdon, Pat 270 Lonchyna, Vassyl 268 Long, Gerald 237,275 Lonze, Bob 253 LoPiccolo, lee 271 Love. Owen 64 Lownsbury, Mark 237 Lubinslci, Frank 237 Lucatelli, Frank 215 Lucido, lohn 237,271,272,275 Lupton, Mike 279 Luzenski, Richard 237 Lydick, lohn 270 Lynch, Patricia 237 Lyons, Phylis 237 McBeth, Paul 237 McCarthy, lack 259 McCarthy, Steve 250 hlcconlty, 13013 262 McCrory, Ken 259 McGuen, lohn 279 McCully, lames 252 McDonald, David 237,272 Mc13lheny, lim 270 McEvoy, Fred 94 McFadden, John 266 McGill, Bill 257 McGill, Carol 237 McGlynn, SJ., lames 76 McGovern, Vl. Thomas 278 McGowan, Robert 237 McGuire, lim 250 McGuire, Thomas 278,279 Mclsaac, Michael 237 McKenna, Anthony 237 McKeon, jim 275 McMahon, Pat 251,271 McManigle, Paul 270 Mcixlamee, Patricia 237 Mcblaugliton, Bob 260 McRipley, Claudia 270 McVittie, VVayne 237 Madden, lohn 256 Nladden, Tom 256 Madro, Helen 97 Maes, Donald 271 Magreta, Kathy 261 Maher, Tom 259 Mahoney, lohn 78 Maige, Robert 237 Maltuch, Gerald 237 Malek, Salaam 269 Malinowslci, Norman 237 Mallcowski, Ioseph 237 Maloney, Barbara 237,270 Maloney, Henry 83 Malott, Kenneth 237 Maluga, Marleen 237 Mamayelc, Michael 264 Mangino, Edd 301 Manica. Marioara 97 hflandell, Steve 275,215 Manning. Leo 237,270 lN'lanlcowski, Geraldine 237 Manslield, Charles 275 Mansour, Ioseph 95 Manuszak, Paul 268 Mapleton, Alexander 277 Maraone. Milce 271 March, Edward 274,275 Marcoux, I. T. 237 Marengere. Don 256 Marinlto. Monica 237 Marino, loe 250,269 Marion. loseph 238,273,274 Marnell. Gerald '70 Marr. Maureen 238 Marrocco, Tony 257 Marshall, Christine 238 Marshall, Kathleen 238,263 Marshall, Mary 97 Marshall, Willis 255 Martin, George 83 Martin, Terry 268,269 Marzcc, Casimer 264 Masica, Barb 254 Masson, Arthur 238,275 Matthews, Kenneth 255 Matthys, William 238 Matre, Mike 253 Matyjanowski, Donna 238,254 Matzlce, David 273,274 Mau, Joseph 238 Mauro, Elvira 238 Mawicke, Jeffrey 238,260 May, john 252 Mayhall, Michael 279 Mazey, Emil 60 Mazur, ljeannette 238 Mazure 4, Dennis 238 Mead, Margaret 124 Meeker, William 274 Mellon, Greg 257 Mendel, Eric 238,258,270,272,273 Menezes, Marie 277 Menkaus, Jerry 270 Mento, Paul 238 Merlinc, Paul 238,271 Merwald, Frank 258 Meszaros, Michael 278 Metzinger, Richard 238 Miazga, Den 260 Michalslti, Valerie 238 Michaliszyn, Theodore 277 Michalulc, Walt 256 Mielde, Lanette 238,97 Miedzianewslci, Diane 251 Mihora, Christine 238 Milanowski, George 238,264 296 Milanowski, Wendy 238 Milia, Robert 279 Miller, Denny 256 Miller, -loc 256 Miller, Pat 256 Miller, Ted 273 Miller, Teresa 238,276 Miller, Tom 300 lhliltner, Richard 238,270,271 Minano, Dennis 238,278 lVlinl3i0le, Paul 238,268,27O,272,27 Miniclc, Tom 258 Minnich, Anne Marie 269 Miranda, X.C.F., Constancio 86 Miranda, ,lorge 238 Mitchell, Robert 238 Mitchell, Robert L. 279 Mitchell, Robert W. 279 Mitura, Barb 274 Mlinareilc, Bill 250 Mock, Christopher 238 Moenlcliaus, ,lames 238 Mohantv, Rajendra 272 Moir, Michael 277 Nlcmntatzue, Margaret 93 Montalbano, Pcta 258 Moon, Lawrence 255 Moore, Carl 255 Moore, Lawrence 277 3 lX'loramarco, Nicholas 238,260,270,27l hflorgan. Bill 260 Moran, Thomas 238 Moriarity, Richard 238,278 Morisettc, Dennis 279 Morris, Al 253 Morrison, 1-lugh 271 Moseley, Barbara 238,268,269 Moseley, Raelcne 238 Mosher, Tim 238 Mosier, Kathy 254 Mosltal, Ronald 239,271 Mucha, Daniela 239 Muckles, Earnest 277 Mueller. Sally 239,261 Muhic. Marlene 239 Muir, Charles 264 Mullen, lim 258 Muller, lohn 81 Mullins, Dennis 239 Mulvaney, Larry 278 Nlurphy , Barb 276,302 Murphy, Dennis L. 239,273,279 Murphy, Kathy 275 Murphy, Philip 266 Murray, Donald 69 Mussow, Bruno 279 Mykusz, Pete 302 Nadon, Therese 239 Nagher, Frederick 279 Nagrant, Peter 264 Nasal, Eugene 237,278 Naumovieh, James 239 Neagle, Patti 239 Neff, John Peter 239,276 Nein, Wcnlfgang 272 Nenno, David 239,274 Nepjuk, Marcia 239,261,268 Neubert, Gerald 239 Newton, Patrick 239,278 Nichols, Carl 239,278 Nielsen, Vagn 74 Nordstrom, Bruce 253,268 North, Rick 253 Nosotti, David 239 Nothhelfer, Catherine 239 Nothhelfer, Sue 263,260 Novak, Fran 251,268,275 Novara, Carol 239 Novara, Gary 239,257 Novickas, Betsy 268 Novitsky, Chris 251 Novitsky, Pamela 239 Nowacki, Jim 279 Nunez-Garces, Milton 239,268,27O,274,275 O'Amieo, Bob 274 O'Brien, Daniel 239,268,273,274 O'Brien, Sheila 276,213 O'Brien, Tom 267 O'Brien, Walter 252 O'Ca1laghan, M. Jeanne 239,253,268,272 O'Connor, Daniel 239 O'Connor, Patrick 272 O'Connor, Sharon 263 O'Connor, Suzie 263 Oess, Dave 260 O'Keefe, Robert 239 Oldhelcl, John 239 Olechowski, Sylvia 97 Olejarczyk, Ann 239,251,268 Olis, Diane 232 O'Malley, Dick 258 O'Nei1l, Bill 275 O'Neil1, S.J., John 261 O'Neil, Rick 259 Oravec, Jim 253 Oravec, Norman 239,270,275 Orban, James 239 O'Reilly, Tom 279 Orlando, Mike 250 O'Rourke, Rosemary 97 Oswald, Sylvia 239 Ottoy, Joseph 239,278 Owen, lV1ary 239,268 Pace, Edna 97 Paciejewski, Rick 253 Pacini, Dick 275 Paden, Mary 276,213 Page, Thelmond 239,240 Pa fe, Tom 257 Paliula, Richard 239 Pakula, Robert J. 240 Palazzolo, lim 269 Palazzolo, Joe 203 Palczewski, Eleanore 270 Palda, Dale 240,277 Palmer. Jim 262 Papa, Grace 240,275 Paruch. David 240 Paraszkiewicz. lrene 279,240 Parish, Bill 253 Parks, Lisa 277 Parks, Marsha 270 Parrino, Jim 269,271 Parrish, 'fom 250 Paruch, David 240 Paruskiewicz, Irene 240 Pastor, Joann 240 Patrick, Eva 270 Patterson, Norman 240 Patyk, Joe 257 Paulino, Pablo 240,271 Pauls, Dave 300 Pawlikowski, Joe 258 Payzs, Tiber 81 Peanette, Jack 250 Peecher, William 278 Peerson, Joan 24O,254,258,268 Pelissero, Delia 97,270 Peltier, Fred 301 Pelto, Mary 279 Peluse, Jack 256 Pena, 'I ony 262 Perdue, John 75 Persia, Chris 240,253 Person, Jr., William 240 Pesz, Robert 240 Petcavage, Ray 279 Peters, Bernice 97 Peters, 1-Ielene 263 Peters, Robert 240,270,272,275 Petersmarck, Ed 279 Peterson, Alwin 253 Peterson, Cathy 240 Petoskey, Pamela 240,263,268 Petroski, Nancy 240 Pfeiffer, Kathy 276 Phillip, Barb 240,263 Phillips, Margie 261 Piasecki, Dave 260 Piech, Joseph 240 Pilar, Pat 240 Pillar, Arnold 240 Pincket, Robert 240,279 Piontkowski, Walter 240 Piskorz, George 240 Pitz, Edward 240 Plante, Edward 240,252,268 Plonka, Cynthia ..4,254 Plopa, Jeffrey 240 Plucienkowski, George 240,267,271,268,272,275 Plunkett, Lynda 277 Pniewski, Bob 276 Policinski, Henry 278,279 Pollack, Jack 259 Poole, Richard 252 Popovich, Dorothy 240 Porter, S.J., Thomas 79 Poulos, Louis 279 Power, David 240 Power, Suzanne 240,261 Prager, Sigmund 240 Pratnicki, Ruth 97 Price, Ted 255,277 Pringle, Darian 279 Prioletti, lV1ark 250 Pristo, Susan 240,254 Proctor, Ralph 271 Prosser, Joe 260 Prvbys, David 271 Prvzvhyla, Carolyn 240 Puceta. Joseph 240 Puchalla. Robert 93,65 Puleo, Catherine 241 Purcell, Ann 241 Purleski, James 241,278 Puzzuoli, Carole 279 Puzzuoli, Julio 241,273,278,279 Pyszvnski, I-lenry 278 Pyzikewicz, Rich 250 Oualters, Jim 269 Ouarton. Albert 241 Ouider, Mary Ann 270 Ouincy. Ronald 277 Ouinn, lames 264 Quinn, Thomas 241 Rabatin, Glenn 241 Racine, John 256 Radice, Paul 260 Radulski, Mary 241 Radulski, Sue 270 Raeder, G. 241 Rafalski, Andrew 241 Rager, Harry 74 Rahaley, Denny 267 Rahaley, Susan 241,251 Rainone, Linda 253 Ramsey, Robert 264 Randall, Dudley 38 Ras, Martin 241 Rauch, Donald 241,275 Rautenstrauch, John 241,272 Raven, Richard 241 Rayburn, Barb 263 Reaume, Christine 241 Rec, Chris 274 Recker, Ken 241,268,27O,271 27: Redington, Edward 241 Redisch, Stephen 241 Redmond, Kathie 273 Regan, Michael 274 Reichert, Tom 260 Reineck, Richard 241 Reiner, A1 25 3 Reinhart, Jack 241,271 Reinisch, Steve 258 Renauer, Mary 251 Rensel, Suzanne 241 Renwick, William 255 Reoch, Ron 277 Repko, Richard 241 Reuter, John 241 Reynolds, Jay 260 Rhomberg, E. J. 270 Richards, Sharon 241 Richart, Jerry 253 Ridgley, James O. 241,268,270 213 Ries, Arthur 266 Riesterer, Raymond 271 Riff, Elaine 277,279 Riley, Carol 263 Risher, Debra 275 Rittersdorf, Marcia 253,276 Rittersclorf, lylary Kay 275 Rizzo, Ricardo 241 Roach, Elizabeth 241,275 Roach, Michael 241 Robinson, Mary 261 Rodale, Eleanor 270 Roclak, Theodore 241,270,273 274 275 Rodau, Rudolf 241 Roddy, Peter 78 Rodgers, James 82 Rodgers, Regina 241,253 Rogatto. Bill 268 Roggenbaum, Peter 241 Roginski, Carol 241 Rohling. Marianne 270 Rokosz, Mieezyslaw 241 Roman, David 241,251,272 Roman, Jr., VVilliam 242,256 Roselant, John 271 Rosenkranz. Manfred 279 Rospierski, Lawrence 242 Ross, Teresa 273 Rossi, lenny 242 Rossi, Patricia 242,278,279 Roth, Kim 263 Roulier, Caroline 97 Rozich, Ann 97 Rozveki, Jerome 82 Rudd, Mary 261 Rudin. Edward 242 Rudnak. Basil 279 Rudy. Carol 263,268 Rudzinski. Vlfally 265 Rudzonis, Robert 242 Rufli. Gregg, 242,258,275 Ruifrok. Charles 242 Rumas, Louis 272 Runvon. lulie 253 Rushlow. lllike 275,276 Ryan. Sue 254 Ryder. VV. Patrick 278.279 Rygiel. John 271 Rzepccki, Jan 263 2 Sabick, Thomas 266 Saigh, Dick 279 Salgat, Chuck 242,269 Saline, Al 258,268 Salisbury, Richard 95 Samaritoni, Dennis 242 Sanders, Rubin 242 Sanitate, Veronica 242 Sanke, Kenneth 252 Santoro, Peter 252 Saputo, Joe 262 Sarnowski, Williain 242 Sawicki, Bob 268 Scala, Rich 256,268 Scallen, joe 262 Schade, Sean 268,269 Schaenitz, Paul 259 Schechter, Constance 279 Schervish, Dave 259 Schervish, Ella 270 Scheuermann, Bob 258,269 Schewene, Phillip 242 Schick, Ralph 265 Schirmang, Connie 242,263 Schlelir, lohn 242 Schmid, joseph 242 Schmidt, Carl 274 Schmidt, lohn 256 Schmidt, Ronald 269 Schmitt, Norm 277 Schneble, Dan 262 Schneidewind, Henry 82 Schorn, Christine 242,251 Schrage, lim 257 Schrall, Iohn 252 Schramm, Pete 258 Schulz, Hank 256 Schulte, Gary 279 Schulte, Linda 242 Schwall, Victoria 242 Scweitzer, Michael 242 Scicluna, Isabel 242 Scippa, lohn 262 Scott, Patricia 97 Scovie, Tim 253 Scroggins, Robert 242 Sedlak, Tom 258 Seidler, Tim 242,275 Seikcl, John 256 Selinsky, Bill 257 Selke, Gerald 242,279 Senger, Paul 242 Serra, Sal 256 Sever, Linda 273 Sewatsky, Iohn 272 Shadrick, Fred 92 Shaeper, Al 256 Shah, Kiran 277 Shah, Mahendra 277 Shah, Pravin 277 Shah, Vinod 277 Shaheen, Anne 269 Shannon, lim 259 Shannon, lolin 242 Sharper, Ceasar 276 Shaw, Fred 268,270 Sheetz, Paul 242 Shefliey, Fontaine 255 Sheridan, Franklin 242 Shields. Timothy 242 Shih, Hsiad Mei 272 Shikeab, Hiram 269 Shimko. Steve 242,270 Shoby, hflary Beth 252 Shoemaker, Bob 279 Shoemaker, Herm. 279 Shovlin, Cary 265 Shovlin, 'lohn 242 Shoup, Agnes 242 Shoup, Anne 242 Shulman, David 242,252 Siegwarth, Ed 259 Sikorski, lolanta 243 Sikorski. Robert 243,259 Simon, Rose Mary' 243 Sinni. Ed 271 Sirhal. lohn 260 Sisk, lohn 266 Sitarski. Donald 252 Sitzman, Rodney 266 98 1 I Skiba, Arthur 243 Skibicki, Bette 97 Slanina, Greg 262 Sledge, Judith 97 Smigulec, Mike 279 Smihal, Chris 254 Smith, B. M. 243,262 Smith, I. Clarke 71 Smith, lim 257 Smith, Kenneth 87 Smith, Ron 260 Smith, Sandra 97 Sniyntek, Iohn 303 Snay, Kenna 243 Snider, Stephen 243 Sochalski, Michael 243,271 Soger, Iohn 279 Soisson, Bill 258 Sokolev, Mariane 272 Solomon, Iohn 243 Soltau, Will 64,212 Soltero, Jorge 243 Summerfield, Dean 277 Somyak, Mike 260 Southworth, lames 243 Spansky, Bob 271 Spidola, Ioe 259 Spidola, joe 259 Spock, Dr. Benjamin 128 Spranger, Paul 243,266,268,27O Stach, Linda 273 Stachowski, john 279 Stachura, Richard 243,270 Staeger, Steve 274 Stafford, Walter 271 Stahl, Bob 260 Stahl, Joe 250 Stambersky, Edward 243 Stanczak, John 243 Stark, Christopher 243 Starr, Ed 262 Starr, Tom 256 Start, Eugene 278 Steele, john 243,279 Steenberge, Mike 243 Stefanko, Michael 252,268 Stefanek, lane 273 Stein, Israel 91 Steiner, Barb 254 Steiner, Rick 253 Stephenson, Elaine 243 Stephenson, Kathy 261 Sterling, Lucretia 97 Stevenson, Chuck 279 Stevens, Raymond 243 Steward, Gerald 243 Stimac, Rudolph 243 Stoner, jr., Ovander 243,279 Storms, Mark 96 Stovall, Clarise 97 Straclford, Jerry 255 Sturm, Jim 253 Sugameli, Mike 271 Sullivan, Judy 261 Suty, Joe 257 Sweenie, Irene 97 Swiderek, William 243,271 Sydnor, jesse 279 Szabo, julie 243,251 Szczerba, Thomas 274 Szczerbinski, Chris 243 Szmant, Herman 79 Taddonio, Dominick 83 Tallen, Nick 268 Tanase, Claire 97 Taschner, Mike 279 Taylor, Connie 275 Teagarclen, Mike 256 Tederon, Mike 253 Tellers, Paul 256 Ternes, Bill 215 Tlieibert, Scott 243 Thekkekandam, joseph 277 Thom, Mike 257 Thoms, Nancy 261 Thomas, Edward 243,273,276 Thoms, Edward 243 Tierney, Kathy 253 Till, Keith 243,273,2.77,278 Toelle, Cary 243,273,276 Tomasik, Mike 258 Tomaw, Iames 279 Tomey, Iohn 95 Torrie, Sharon 243,254 Toussant, Ivery 269,275,277 Towery, Preston 243 Tringali, Margaret 243,261 Tripi, john 243,274,276 Trompeter, Bernie 260 Troshynski, Brian 75 Troup, Dave 253 Trupiano, Fran 270 Trupiano, Stephen 74 Tryjankowski, Damian 243,264,273,274,276 Tscholl, lohn 258 Turner, Ross 265,269 Turpish, Mark 250 Uhcr, Arlycc 261,269 Ulaszewski, Terence 244,268,273,275 Undy, Barbara 244 Unstine, Robert 278 Urban, Anita 244 Urban, Dianne 244 Urbas, Sandy 244,269,269,272 Urcheck, Darryl 272,274 Urso, lohn 223 Vachon, lohn 244,274,275,276 Vagnetti, Mike 253 Van Belle, Christine 273 Van Benschoten, Duane 244 Van Beylen, Robert 244,274,275,276 Van Conant, james 244,278 Van Damme, lames 244 Vanden Bossche, Terry 244 Vander Veen. Reginald 260,268 Van l-lout, Mary Margaret 244,251 Vanicelli, Terrence 271 Van Vlaencleren, -Ian 260 Varieur, Maurine Rose 253,272 Varley, jim 260 Verespej, Michael 244 Verkerke, Edward 244' Verkinderen, james 244,277 Vessalo, Jerome 244 Vitak, james 244,275,276 Vitale, Sam 273 Vrabel, Barbara 244 Vrabel, Frank 275 Vifadehra, Shakti 244 Wais, Barbara 244,270,271 Wakulat, Mary Beth 276 Walby, Alan 244 Walbyf, Brian 265 Walch, Mark 271 Walczak, Diane 244 VValc'Lykiewicz, Ann 244 Waldeck, Barb 253 Wales, Bill 262,268 Walsh, Martin 244,274,275 Walsh, Richard 244 Walter, Rick 253,268 Walters, SJ., Theodore Wanamaker, Iohn 244,258 Warbelow, Kathy 214 Ward, Howard 85,278 VVard, Maria 253 Wareham, Iohn 70 Warmbcin, Lee 244 Wasik, Larry 244 Wayman, Cy 279 Wayne, Alice 277 Webster, Mary 244,279 VVedberg, Lloyd 80 Wehrfritz, Tim 256 VVehring, Brian 253 Weimer, Aloysius 79 Weimerskirch, Ted 244 Weiss, Robert 244,259,268 Weisse, Fred 278 Welch, Dan 265 Welch, III, Martin 244 VVelch, Hall 258 VVelch, Thomas 278 VVelker, jr., Henry 244 VV ellman, Michael 266 Wellman, Wayne 244,279 Vtfells, Lawrence 245,264 Welsh, Mike 256 Wendling, David 245 Werner, Kurt 245,268 VVersching, Terry 254 Werschler, Gary 274 Westcott, Paul 245- Westheuser, David 276 Westrick, Anne 245 VVetjen, Ronald 245,274,275,276 Wezalis, John 245 VVhicker, Raymond 245 VVhite, Daniel 245 Widenman, Tony 259 Wid fren, Sheila 253 Wieiimeyer, Raymond 272 VVilhelm, Pete 271 Vvilk, Vincent 245,271 VVilliams, .Iames 245 Williams, Iohn 255 Vk7illiams, Louis 245 VVilliams, Matt. 259 VVillian, Donald 245,270,272 VVills, Bill 260 Wills, Phillip 245 Wilson. Rudy 256 VVine, Leonard 278 VVineman, lim 250 Vvinski, Pattie 270,271 VVire, Barbara 269 Vifisniewski, Iohn 245 Vifisniewski, Richard 266 VVisz, Leonard 245 VVittman, Dave 275 VVhaley, Hugh 279 Woitas, Ierry 245 Wolak, Denny 265 VVolak, Gerald 245 VVollenweker, Mark 245 VVoodruH3. Iames 77 Woods, Kevin 253,273 VVoocls, Thomas 275,278 Woolard, Gary 259 VVoskres, Irene 245 Wozniak, Thomas 245 VVright, Terry 255 Wroblewski, Paul 245,272 Wurdock, Michael 245,259 Vifycech, John 271 Wycech, joseph 245,266,275 Wynne, Thomas 245 Yamada, Diane 277 Yancey, Bobbie 245 Yang, Madeline Meo 272 Yenney, Barb 268,254 Yezbick, Patrick 245 Youngblood, Anthony 245 Zabawski, james 245 Zacharias, Paul 257 Zaidan, Ziyad 260 Zajac, Frank 245,277 Zajdek, Michael 245 Zakrzewski, Sue 251 Zanotti, Mick 260,277 Zarnowiecki, Frani 245 Zazzi, Gerald 266 Zvhrad, lohn 245 Zclanio, Iames 278 Zdvbel, Iohn 245 Zebrowski, Mark 2-45 Zech, Ioyn 256,268 Zeller, Ann 270 Zepetla, Marie Genevieve 246,251 Ziegler, Iudi 246 Ziegler. Robert 277,278 Zielinski,'Terry 271 Ziemba, Leslie 261,276 Zimmerman, Elizabeth 97 Zimmeth, Carolyn 246,270,272.274 Zinger, David 271 Zuccaro, Flora 97 Zwolak, Christine 246,270 Zvbrad, Iohn 259 organization in dex Alpha Epsilon Rho 275 Alpha Epsilon Delta 268 Alpha Kappa Delta 269 Alpha Kappa Psi 271 Alpha Kappa Psi 278 Alpha Phi Omega 250 Alpha Sigma Lambda 278 Alpha Sigma Nu 270 Alpha Sigma Tau 251 Amateur Radio Association 274 Amer. Inst. of Chemical Engineers 270 Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers 270 Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engineers 273 Angel Flight 270 Arnold Air Society 271 Beta Alpha Psi 271 Blue Key 273 Broadcasting Guild 276 Business Adm Evenin Div. Council 277 . . g Chi Epsilon 271 Dental Student Council 277 Delta Phi Epsilon 252 Delta Sigma Phi 253 Delta Sigma Pi 279 Delta Theta Phi 278 Delta Zeta 253 Engineering Student Council 268 Eta Kappa Nu 271 Flying Club 279 Gamma Eta Gamma 279 Gamma Pi Epsilon 272 India Association 277 Inst. of Electrical and Electronic En Interfraternity Council 268 gineers 272 Inter-Residence Hall Government 268 lnternatl. Student Association 272 Kappa Beta Gamma 254 Kappa Beta Pi 279 La Estudiantina 273 Le Coeur du Corps 275 Men's Residence Hall Council 269 Moot Court Board of Directors 278 Omega Chi Epsilon 272 Omega Psi Phi 255 Or fanization of Afro American Students 277 in Panhellenic Council 268 Phi Beta Lambda 273 Physics Club 273 Phi Eta Sigma 274 Phi Gamma Nu 279 Phi Kappa Theta 256 Phi Sigma Kappa 257 Pi Mu Epsilon 274 Pi Sigma Epsilon 277 Pi Tau Sigma 274 Riding Club 274 Sailing Club 275 Senate 269 Sigma Phi Epsilon 260 Sigma Pi 259 Sigma Pi Sigma 275 Sigma Sigma Sigma 261 Ski Club 276 Soc. of Amer. Military Engineers 269 Soc. of Automotive Engineers 276 St. Francis Club 258 Student Bar Association 278 Student Med. Tech. Association 270 Tau Beta Pi 275 Tau Kappa Epsilon 262 Theta Sigma 276 Theta Phi Alpha 263 Theta Tau 264 Theta Xi 265 Tuvere 266 Ilniversitv Tutor Corps 276 VVomen's Residence I-Iall Council 269 Zeta Beta Tau 267 299 tower tom miller, editog fred peltier, graphics editor N dave Pauls, managing 'iw ' . editor 1 H A I I I N, N. . i N W W w i' , I x W N W N W , N N W N + N R W w i N R N W W . N N 1 N 1 W 1 x N 1 N . W 1 , X W W W W W ' w 1 I w Y A 6 I M WWAA w

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